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I f, V BELMONT STUDIO 214 ' 2 North 18th Street Birmingham, Ala. 35203 n To the students of Gardendale High School desiring to survey their recent past and to those who have graduated and want to review their former history, may the Rendezvous serve as a reminder of all that was learned and all that was profitable. In our 1970 Rendezvous, we have tried to show how new ideas abound at Gardendale. It is the spirit of transition of the " new generation " which the 1970 Rendezvous has tried to capture. The purpose of our annual is to show that we are the leaders of the future, and as leaders we will defend God, our country, and our school. Editor-in-Chief Beth Guthery Vocational Editor Rickey Hinkle Advisor Mrs. Linda Gregg Vocational Advisor Mr. David Little They say that students never think anymore - But what do they know? We say that they are wrong . . . We think . . . most of the students at GHS seem to . . , We think now more than ever before about our school, our country, our future, our purpose. We spend a great deal of time thinking about our school. GRAND SUM ■OLE HAM 44 WEfif WORKING SUrPORT rowi awir TV m M SUPPORT SLOPPINES ' •KIW mrun •WV " o Mf.nM ' iniarts r tamp out " report curds WITH " TRUE Gf T f4f 1 f) WWMN 5 t KISS ME, ' W ■UTTOM What makes a school like GHS? Is it the changing times ... is it the changing people? Is it the establish- ment ... or is it the anti- establish- ment? Is it the intellectual atmo- sphere ... or the social at- mosphere? Is it the mo- ments when our hearts, like a brook, bubble with joy ... or is it the times that we taste and accept bitter defeat? Is it individual achievement ... or working together to re ach that goal? Is it shared friendships or that moment when we need privacy Is it that time of year when every- thing moves smoothly ... or that " first day of school chaos " ? Is it getting to the game on time to get a good seat ... or is it missing 6th period because you waited in line 20 minutes for the greasy steak pattie? " - - it ■•••HiH ( feRH VOTCMIKITO Is it learning to make decisions and govern ourselves ... or is it doing it the old way? Is it having our eyes fill with tears when we salute the flag ... or rebelling against the system? 13 Is a school just buildings or is it the people who enter and leave its halls? 14 Changing times and changing people . . . Yes we the students of GHS think! We will never be afraid or humiliated to have other people know that we think ... to know that we dare to be different ... to know that we believe in God, patriotism, and ourselves. We especially believe in our school and will try to make others believe in it too. And we will try to make them think ... to think that we are a fine generation, the leaders of the future - and with our background at GHS - a great future it will be! 16 Introduction Academics Features Athletics Cluhs Activities Classes Advertisements. page 1 . page 18 . page 40 . page 60 . page 96 . page 128 . page 144 . page 208 VV f p- r 4 ■ ' t 1 • 1 : t ' 5 V V i. Astronaut Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr., lunar module pilot de- scends steps off Lunar Module ladder as he prepares to walk on the moon. He had just egressed the Lunar Module. This picture was taken by Astronaut Neil A. Armstrong, commander, during the Apollo 11 mission. The 1970 Rendezvous Staff pays tri- bute to the courageous astronauts, Michael Collins, Neil Armstrong, and Edwin Aldrin, by dedicating this sec- tion of our yearbook in their honor. 17 18 ACADEMICS 19 MAIN OFFICE MR. JOHN O. SUDDETH Principal MR. HAROLD LAYNE Academic Assistant Principal MR. CORRY M. HUT CHENS Vocational Assistant Principal 20 MRS, DOROTHY BUNTYN Academic School MRS. BARBARA FOWLER Assistant REGISTRARS MRS. NORMA GOWINS Assistant MRS. MARY KENDRICK Vocational School MRS. MAVIS VINES Assistant GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT MISS JEWEL VAUGHN MR. ELTON OTWELL MRS. FRIENDLY MOORE MR. DONALD MOON MR. ROBERT COLE 21 ENGLISH MRS. MARY GRIMES MISS JEAN McCAY MRS. RITA BUSBY MRS. MKIE NAIL MRS, NANCY SMITH MRS. LOIS CHAFRN 22 f- ' DEPARTMENT y MISS SARAH MUELLER MRS. MYRTLE GLAZE MISS LOIS MARTIN MRS. MARY STEWART MR. JAMES PARSONS MR. OLIN KELSO MRS. SONIA SMITH MRS. KATHY GAUBERT MR. MORTIMER JORDAN MR. ALLEN THOMAS MRS. LITA CLARK MISS UNDA BUZBEE 23 SOCIAL STUDIES MISS BARBARA DIXON MRS. JANICE BECK MR. DAVID LITTLE MR. MIKE WILUAMS MR. LARRY HORN 24 DEPARTMENT MRS. BETTY BAKER MRS, JUDY ALLRED MRS. URSULA SALISBURY I r MR. KIRBY HOWELL 25 SCIENCE MR. HARRY SLAGLE MRS. MATTIE T. McCAIN 26 DEPARTMENT MRS. DALE HUDSON MR. WILLIAM MEADOWS MISS MILDRED SWIM MR. RICHARI MOON MRS. DONNA WEINARD MRS. LIND. BECKER 27 MATH MISS ANNE REESE MR. JOHN ROGERS MISS CREOLA D. GARY MRS. JANE GOOPER MRS. LINDA LeDUKE MISS DONNA HULLETT 28 DEPARTMENT MRS. PAT CHILDRESS MRS, CAROLE PIERCE MRS. ANGELON CREEL 29 BUSINESS EDUCA 30 MRS. MARGUE- RITE EGGE MR. HORACE HA GOOD TION DEPARTMENT MRS. MARGARET MUSSLEMAN MISS MARTHA HUFF MRS. JOANN ADAMS MRS. TERESA MONROE MR. ROBERT GREGG MRS. DEULAH SNOW 31 FINE ARTS MR. ANDREW KORMANY MRS. CARLA KING MR. JAMES WALLACE MR. SPENCER SHAW I. FOREIGN LANGUAGE MRS. LINDA GREGG MR. MONTY BRAKEFIELD 32 LIBRARY MRS. CHERRELL BURKETT MRS. JACQUEUNE GODFREY MRS. LILLIAN GREER MRS. EL LA McCAIN MRS. BETTY SUDDETH 33 HOMEMAKING DEPARTMENT MRS. LINDA BEVILL 34 k ' MISS PEGGY LAMBERT MRS. JARETTA McNUTT MRS. CATHERINE INGALLS COSMETOLOGY MR. WILUAM MRS. ERA JONES SPRUILL HORTICULTURE iiT.vj MR. SHERRILL WHITE 35 PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT COACH DENNIS LOVE COACH JUNIOR DAVIS MRS. JANET SMITH COACH ROY HOLSOMBACK COACH MONTIE BRAKEFIELD MRS. JOYCE WILUAMS 36 DATA PROCESSING MR, CHARLES MR. NOEL SELF SANDERS ELECTRONICS MR. NOLAN PARSONS MR. CHESTER CHRISTENSEN RADIO AND T.V. MR, UlLUAM WELLS REFRIGERATION AND AIR-CONDITIONING MR, ALLBRITTON RICE 37 AUTO MECHANICS MR. C. W. TULLY MR. RALPH WINGO MR. TERRY UDUKE 38 MACHINE SHOP MR. JACK MR. DOUGLAS BRYAN EMERSON DRAFTING MR. JOHN STRICKLAND MR. C. C. TAG G ART T AND I CO-ORDINATOR MR. JAMES BARGER SHEET — METAL MR. T. L. COPELAND MR. JAMES MR. ENOCH MR. BILL GARRISON ALDRIDGE McGRADY WELDING ELECTRICITY MR, ROBERT KING 39 FEATURES MISS RENDEZVOUS Gloria Tate 42 43 ' 2nd ALTE ' ■ ' :1 t ' ,1 , ? " ' T«a» ' 1 1 1 - amsmeti a Neely SALLY KENDRICKS SUSIE DIAL PATRICIA COTTON FAVi 48 TERRl TROTTER --e -• ' -itr t ' J. - ■ " i- ■7 . . J- ■ _. -T " " . JL - ' fo. J«klAl«10l " - JAYNE BAILEY ORITES 49 MISS RENDEZVOUS PAGEANT Anxious moments, fun, excitement, and relief describe the 1970 Miss Rendezvous Pageant. i:p| 1 ' .■.■.■....: ' ' . .N; 51 B.M.O.C. David Sylvester - Big man on Campus was selected by the popular vote of the senior class. David is active in football and on the annual staff. HOMECOMING QUEEN Sally Kendricks 53 SUSIE DIAL CELESTIAL DEBBIE MADARIS PAM ARCHER 54 DELIGHTS SUSAN JOHNSON DONNA LESSENBERRY The Celestial Delights were chosen by the popular vote of the senior high schooL The annual staff selected the semi- finalist. The Celestial Delights, a new feature in the RENDEZVOUS, were selected for their vivaciousness, popularity, and charm. DONNA DEAN QUEEN OF HEARTS Sandy Camp DENTAL CLINIC QUEEN Mary Linton y -A m I i I Debbie Madaris and David Stewart CAREER FOR A DAY SOUTH CENTRAL BELL Carolyn Griffin and Phillip Terry FREEDOM FORUM AT SEARCY, ARKANSAS LeAnn Harden and Mike Mayhall One of eight in eight counties to be selected to present a resear ch paper before Alabama Academy of Science - F reston Graves. 5i.. CITIZENSHIP REPRESENTATIVE TO MONTGOMERY Alfred Compton N.S. F. - SUMMER PROGRAM - LOYALO UNIVERSITY Mark Belcher D. A.R. GOOD QTIZENSHIP GIRL Kathy Ogletiee QTIZENSHIP TOUR TO WASHINGTON Steven Schmitt MATH TEAM MATH TEAM 2nd PLACE B. U.S. MATH TOURNAMENT GIRL STATE - Debbie Madaris BOY STATE - Kenny Oaig 59 1 6C ATHLETICS FOOTBALL Gardendale 18 Tarrant Gardendale 20 Mortimer Jordan Gardendale 6 Hewitt-Trussville 27 Gardendale 26 Warrior 22 Gardendale Mountain Brook 38 Gardendale 20 Shades Valley 34 Gardendale 6 E. B. Erwin 37 Gardendale 12 Tuscaloosa County 28 Gardendale 8 Hueytown 6 Gardendale 8 Minor 10 62 The outlook for the Rockets 1969 season was one of the most perplexing ever. The talent was there but most of it came off an undefeated freshman team and graduation had left gaping holes in the offensive and defensive lines. Roy Holsomback and his staff did a tremendous job of preseason coaching and by the time Septem- ber rolled around the Rockets appeared to be another powerful football team. In the opener against Tarrant the Rockets un- veiled a hard-nosed defense and a powerful rushing offense as they walked past Tarrant 18-0. Against Mortimer Jordan the Rockets overcame some sophomorish mistakes with a ball- hawking defense that recovered five fumbles and held an arch rival to only 79 total yards. 63 The following week against Hewitt- Trussville an unprepared Rocket eleven was surprised with a furious Huskie on- slaught. Mike Myers ran 69 yards from scrimage on the first play and that was all for the Rockets as they fell 27 - 6. A major shake-up followed. Senior jack- of-all-trades Terrell Morgan was returned to his original position as Quarterback for the Warrior game. Morgan ' s passing was certainly a factor in the Warrior game, but it took a super- human effort by Bruce McCain to lead a furious Rocket comeback to edge Warrior 26-22. McCain rushed for 141 yards in 29 carries and scored all 26 of the Rocket points. Then came, perhaps, the low point of the season, as Mountain Brook scored at will to spoil Homecoming 38 -0. hti-.); P }9 i The Shades Valley game look- ed like a replay of Homecoming as Valley scored three quick times on Rocket mistakes and led 21-0 before Rocket comeback led by McCain and Morgan cut the lead to 21-20. The Mounties scored twice late to barely pull out a 34-20 thriller. Against Erwin the injuries that had been piling up all season finally came to head. %- 66 Rocket team, missing seven starters including Myers, McCain, and linebacker Tommy Smith, was simply outmanned as Erwin coast- ed home 37-6. Things began to look up as the talented Tuscaloosa County Wildcats came to Gardendale. Smith was back and he led a Rocket defense that looked improved but the Rockets fell 28-12. Late in the game. Smith picked up a blocked punt and raced 55 yards to score. Against Hueytown in a driving rain, all-county punter Morgan kept the favored Gophers backed up in a hole, and Smith, an all- county linebacker, played his best game ever as the Rockets edged Hueytown 8-6. Then came Minor and a Rocket team that had gotten off the mat to fight back time and again gathered itself for one last supreme effort. The Dental Clinic-bound Tigers scored first; then the Rockets marched 97 yards on Morgan ' s passing to go ahead 8-7. A Rocket defense held firm against the onslaught until a field goal allowed Minor to forge ahead. The Tigers held on to win 10-8, There were two key words as the Rockets ended the season - pride and dedication. A small Rocket squad fighting inexperience and a staggering total of injuries had to dedicate itself to produce one of the most stirring chapters of Rocket football. 67 DEBBIE MADARIS, Co-Head CAROLYN GRIFFIN 68 PEGGY FREW DEBRA WALTERS SUSIE DIAL. Co-Head LIBBY EDWARDS KATHY GREER SALLY KENDRICK SUSAN JOHNSON 69 CHEERLEADERS WIN HONORS AT ]AX STATE 70 k FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS Joy Parks, Patti Smith, Judy DuBose, Patti Moore, Sherry Easley, Libby Moore, Susan Goodall, Robbin Green, Kim Madaris - Mead, and Katliy Lindsay - Head. 71 SUSAN MARTIN KAREN BRYANT 72 MAR GIR BETTY CORNELIUS, President LINDA BROM SANDY CAMP BARBARA PARKER BETTY JAMES PAM MYRICK KAREN BAILEY i GARDENDALE MARCHING BAND 74 Dtut Tk.mSMmi tmm AWBSPOVSOR 1969-70 MA]ORETTES CHERYL MILLER DIANE HEADRICK VICKIE GLAZE Rocket Band in homecoming parade. Steve Osborn and Martha Densmore. 76 TERRELL MORGAN All County Football; Most Valuable Back; Captain, Football Team. ROCKET LEADERS JERRY CHANDLER Most Valuable Lineman TOMMY SMITH Captain, Football Team; All County Football PHILLIP SAMPLE Lettered in Football, Baseball, Basketball. BRUCE McCAIN All County Football HANK BELCHER Principal ' s Award MIKE MYERS All County Football JERRY HAIRSTON Lifetime Batting Average .433 77 " MOST EXCmnG TEAM EVER If you had to assign a title to the 1969-1970 Rocket basketball season, it would have to be " The Year of the Heart Attack. " This year had to be the most exciting season ever as a hustling Rocket five played seven games in which the point spread was three or less. The Rockets won three of the seven games and even this was surprising. Early in November of 1969, Rocket basketball fortunes looked extremely bleak. With a new coach and little talent returning from a 12-12 squad in 1969, insiders were predicting four wins for the 1970 team. But a confident group of Rockets refused to listen to the predictions and finished with a surprising 10-10 record that included several upsets and near-upsets. That 10-10 record also contained a stretch run in which the Rockets won six of their last eight g ames against the toughest teams in the county. The Rocket cagers were one of the shortest teams in the county with 6 ' 2 " sophomore John Goolsby the tallest starter. The other starters were 5 ' 7 " guard Kenny Brown, 6 ' 0 " guard Marty Hawkins, 5 ' 11 " forward Terry Garner, and 5 ' 11 " forward James Livingston. To compensate for this height deficiency, the Rockets emphasized speed and su- perb ball-handling to produce a team that not 78 ROCKETS 48 80 44 70 82 63 82 44 59 70 47 79 86 80 70 74 72 84 78 75 Hueytown Minor Jones Valley Tarrant Mortimer Jordan Berry McAdory Berry Mountain Brook Hewitt Hueytown E. B. Erwin Mortimer Jordan Tarrant Jones Valley Warrior E. B. Erwin Minor Phillips Hewitt OPPONENT 60 78 54 61 60 68 37 48 78 73 61 67 76 70 71 73 74 72 79 73 79 ROCKETS HOLD OWN AGAINST STATE POWERS . . . only won, but won in one of the most exciting fashions around. For instance, the Rockets were badly out-rebounded in the 79-67 upset against Er- win, but shot 67% irom the field in addition to run- ning circles around the taller, slower Eagles. The 1970 version of the Rockets produced a team with no individual stars, but one that seemed to rotate the opportunities for heroes. Terry Garner hit a pressure-packed shot with five seconds left to beat Warrior; James Livingston went 9 out of 11 from the field to score 26 points in the startling upset of Erwin; Marty Hawkins hit 25 points against Phillips to lead a furious comeback that brought the Rockets from a ten point deficit with two minutes left to a one-point loss. Kenny Brown had such nights too often to recall but a few are: 38 and 36 points in the two wins over Minor, 30 points in the second Hewitt and 16 points in half a game (foul trouble) against Phillips. But perhaps the most startling set of heroics came when seldom-used senior center Mike Vines came into the Hewitt game, his last game as a Rocket, with the Rockets three points behind with five minutes left and in an odd half- awkward, half- graceful fashion scored five clutch points, blocked a pair of shots and pulled off sev- eral key rebounds to lead a comeback win in two overtime periods. BOTTOM ROW, left to right; Kenny Brown, Da bo Johnson, Coach Monte Brakefield, Ted Dial Thomas Graves. TO P ROW: James Livingston, John Goolsby, Mike Vines, Hal Minor, Marty Hawkins, Steve Schmitt, Terry Garner. 80 Vines came into the Hewitt game, his last game as a Rocket, with the Rockets three points behind with five minutes left and in an odd half- awkward, half- graceful fashion scored five clutch points, blocked a pair of shots and pulled off several key rebounds to lead a come back win in two overtime periods. Congratulations should go to Monte Brakefield and his team for their unexpected success. The five seniors who graduate, Marty Hawkins, Terry Gar- ner, James Livingston, Mike Vines and Steve Schmitt, will be missed but with a host of under- graduates back next year, plus the cream of a TALENTED B-team, the road for the Rockets leads nowhere but up. 82 84 PLAYER OFF. REB. DEF. REB. F. G. M. F.T.M. PTS. AVG Kenny Brown 23 39 123 99 345 17.2 Marty Hawkins 23 53 93 89 275 13.7 John Goolsby 44 75 81 25 187 9.8 James Livingston 35 77 83 79 245 12.2 Terry Garner 26 31 45 9 99 5.2 Ted Dial 5 11 45 20 110 6.4 Dabo Johnson 7 17 20 14 54 4.1 Steve Schmitt 4 8 9 10 28 3.1 Mike Vines 3 9 8 1 17 2.1 Thomas Graves 1 4 3 6 12 3.0 Hal Minor 6 5 7 1 15 3.0 Bo Howell 5 2 3 7 2.3 Mike Sizemore 1 2 1 5 5.0 TEAM STATISTICS BASEBALL ' 69 It ' s a sunny afternoon spent at the baseball field across from the parking lot, drinking a few cokes and getting a sunburn and freckles. This is a typical baseball afternoon at Garden- dale. Coach Norris Hamer helped to lead the Rockets to a 6 - 4 season in 1969. Opening the season against the Blue Devils at Jordan, the Rockets were victorious. Later in the season Phillip Sample pitched a " no-hitter " against Warrior. Losing only 4 games, the season was climaxed by winning both games in a double-header against Winterboro, here at Gardendale. COACH HAMER 9 Jordan 10 Warrior E. B. Erwin 7 Tarrant 6 Jordan 11 Warrior 1 E. B. Erwin 4 Tarrant 2 Winterboro 5 Winterboro Opponents 6 4 7 4 1 1 1 b.? , -r - ., Eat man tries to hide. 88 G-CLUB 89 WRESTLING Wrestling, the most grueling individual sport ever devised. When a participant walks onto the mat he knows that all that matters is him and his opponent. Here is where men are built. This is the first year Gardendale has had a wrestling team. Even though the victories were not many, the mo- rale was always high. Coach Davis said, " We didn ' t expect to win a lot of matches, it was main- ly a year of building our wrestling program here at Gardendale. " ABOVE - Coach Davis, Steve Mitchell, Brent Dubose, Bobby James, Jerry Chandler, Sherman Humber, Cliff Sylvester, Ricky Crawford. TOP RIGHT - Bruce McCain, Rocky Hicks, Dennis Stephens, Pat Lawley, Tony Moncrief, Jimmy Wallace, Bob Yarbrough, Johnny Douglas, Kevin Atchinson, Eddie Bowman, Ronald Key, Kerry Otis. RIGHT - Randy Otis, Tommy Morton, Randy Schultz, Gary Burgett, Johnny Dean, Mike Lopez, Jay Clifton, Tommy Abies, David Geer, Frankie Nelson, Terry Bailey. 90 91 . . . Here ' s to you Mrs. Robinson. Attention everybody! Excuse me, attention everybody! ! Laney ' s pick-up service. •- 5t ---i H V ' H ;g jf m L Ml ■ ■ ■ 92 It sure is lonely at the top. This is just a disguise, really I ' m Mr. Clean. but you can call me Lolita. ) •J „ ' ►, My girdle is killing me! You ' re a fat man! I may not be a human fly, but my legs are just as hairy. 94 ii- r - If you think I ' m fat, you should see my brother, the Goodyear Blimp. Don ' t you dare call Coach Holsomback a fat man! What ' s that, coach? They ' re calling you a fat man again. Aw shucks, I bet you say that to all the red-haired basketball stars! 95 96 CLUBS i 97 I «.vV ART CLUB Sponsor - MRS. KING President - TERRY LEE Vice President - GARY MATTOX Secretary - PATTI JONES Treasurer - SHARON RUSSELL 100 GARDENDALE ROCKET TIMES ' - «»ij«iij,_ G.A.V.S. ROCKET TIMES Editor - JVMALAN MOIX.A: Sponsor - MR. THOMAS 101 CONCERT CHOIR it.itiyyy Director - MR. KORMANY President - TOMMY SMITH Secretary - DEBBIE WOODS Vice-President - ROCKY HICKS Treasurer - BECKY SHUTTLESWC«TH 102 SENIOR HIGH CHOIR Sponsor - MR. ANDREW KORMANY Chairman - DANNY WHATELY Secretary - DIANE DOZIER Assistant Chairman - SUSAN JOHNSON GREG O ' REAR Treasurer - WAYNE INGRAM 103 JUNIOR HIGH CHOIR Directed by - MR. ANDREW KORMANY All choir members are selected by private voice auditions. 104 LIBRARY CLUB Sponsors - MRS. BURKETT MRS. GODFREY President - JYMALYN MORGAN Vice-President - BETTY BEASLEY Secretary - LINDA BROM Historian - LINDA COOPER 105 MATH CLUB Hill Mill J IJM l•■ - iffly President - SUSAN MARTIN Vice ftesident - AMY DAVIS Secretary - LE ANN HARDEN Treasurer - JENNIE HARDEN Sponsor - MR. JENNINGS 106 NURSES CLUB President - GLORIA TATE Vice President - JAYNE BAILEY Treasurer - JANET GORFF Secretary - PAT THOMPSON Sponsor - MRS. INGALLS 107 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Maik Belcher Helen Cargile Al Compton Amy Davis Maltha Drummonds s; ,:_ L£ y4 .. Jimmy Graham Kathy Greer Beth Guthery LeAnn Hardin Ruth Hutchins Brenda Hyatt Joan James Susan Martin Pat Miller Steven Schmitt 108 Mike Vines Kathy Watson Allen Whitaker Mrs. Glaze lUNIOR NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY President - SCOTT AWTRY Vice Resident - PATTY MOORE Secretary - BECKY MORTON Treasurer - LINDA HOGLAND Chaplain - RANDY TURNER Sponsor - MRS. BAKER 109 PEP CLUB President - KAREN BAILEY Vice-President - AL BRADY Secretary - KATHY WATSON Treasurer - YEVONNE WILLIAMS no • T i ■«• " m •■ ■!• ■ " »» •• HiT W»l « SCIENCE CLUB President - PRESTON GRAVES Vice-President - RICHARD BOW EN Secretary - ANN WILLS Treasurer - AMY DAVIS III PROJECTION ( 112 CLUB President - BILL BROOKS Vice Resident - LAI Y CUTHREY Secretary - ANN WOODS Treasurer - NANCY HOLMES Sponsor - MR. SLAGLE 113 1 STUDENT 114 ■ t4 I BOE CO-OP CLUB 1 President - BRENDA HALE Vice-President - KAY HUMPHREY Secretary - PAT PERRY Treasurer - DONNA HALL Business Office Education Co-operative students are those students who have elected to enter the business world upon graduation. During their Senior year of high school these girls attend class for one-half day and work at local busi- nesses the remainder of the day. 118 CAMPUS LIFE ' ' CHRIST IS THE ONLY WAY . . . " ■ President - SANDY CAK4P Vice President - SANDRA MOON Secretary - JUDY LANEY Treasurer - BETTY JAMES G.A.V.S. 119 DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUBS OE AMERICA 120 The primary aim of the Future Farmers of America is the development of Agricultural Leadership, Coopera- tion and Citizenship. President - MIKE MITCHELL Vice President - EDWARD LOWE Secretary - RODNEY COSBY Reporter - RANDY MASSEY Treasurer - LARRY HARPER Sentinel - RICHARD LONS Sponsor - MR. SHERREL R. WHITE FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA 121 FUTURE SECRETARIES OF AMERICA ' SSailWlfci g BBJlxt President - DELLA HALL Vice President - CAROLYN GRIFnN Recording Secretary - CANDICE McNEILL Corresponding Secretary - DONNA HALL Treasurer - PAT PERRY Advisor - MISS HUFF Co-Advisor - MRS. ADAMS 122 TEMPERATURE TAMERS Our main goal is the advancement of our knowledge in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. President - LARRY LITTLE Vice President - MIKE STANFORD Secretary - DALE CRAWFORD Treasurer - MIKE LOEBLER Reporter - TONY MONCRIEF Advisor - A. G. RICE 123 A VI uusr: rt ii ' m n r " " J 1 ■ii -- — 1 ■ - - - — 1=: = — — — ■■= 1= = 1 ■■ = 11 Li I .. ' 51 ■• v f:w • i ' V M ' fe ..4c1h i CA l. G.A.V.S. Campus Life decorates Christmas tree. 126 n t r Campus Life leads G. A. V. S. in morning devotional. Mr. Slage shows a box-office film. Annual Staff busy at work. Pep Club shows school spirit in Homecoming Parade. ' ■ji,. 128 ACTIVITIES RODGERS AND HAMMERSTEIN ' S The many hours of hard work put into the performance of the musical " Oklahoma " made it an event sure to be remembered at G. H.S. The musical was presented by the Fine Arts Dept. at G. H. S. and the cast played to sell-out audiences at both performances. Mrs. Lita Clark and Mr. Jim Garner directed the play. Mr. Spencer Shaw directed the G. H.S. band and visiting members of the Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. " Oklahoma! " is the story of a young girl, Laurie, who falls in love with Curly, a bow-legged, curly-haired cowboy. Jud Fry, the villian, threatens to spoil the otherwise happy ending by forcing his attentions on Laurie. After a near-calamity caused by Jud ' s death, the entire chorus joins in a joyous send- off for a happily-married Laurie and Curly. i " The farmer and the cowman should be friends. ' Poor Jud is daid, poor Jud Fry is daid people will say we ' re in love. 130 OKLAHOMA! " Oklahoma! When the wind comes sweepin ' o ' er the plains AUCTION " I ' ll give $50 fer it. " ... but mine was the last bid! M V T t 711 HI Tri -ri I ' l I Curly Mike Myers Laurie Betty Cornelius Ado Annie Betty James Aunt Eller -- Karen Bailey jud-- Tommy Smith Ali Hakim Benton White Gertie Cummings Brenda Evans Foit STUDENT COUNCIL ELECTIONS Nervous excitement filled the auditorium as student council candidates were nominated by an open assembly. A week of campaigning followed with colorful posters, appealing speeches and the usual campaign promises. A poll was taken, votes counted, and results posted: President MIKE MYERS Vice President PETE HALL Secretary KATHY GREER Appointed by President: Parliamentarian BENNY THOMAS Chaplain KATHY WATSON ' tt«(Jy ••■■ . " - " -J ■mmn ' m - • • - • iGUfK V HONORS DAY Students can choose their favorites in various ways each year. Teachers, however, have very few ways in which they can do this. In the spring of each year, the faculty assembles and decides on the students most deserving for special awards. Not only do they consider grades, but also the student ' s attitude toward his fellow students and the activities involved. Along with academic achievements, quali- ties such as school spirit, pride, friendliness, and courtesy are con- sidered. These awards include the Spirit, Citizenship, and Outstand- ing Student Awards. Only the students who have received any of these awards can express the pride that is surely felt when one is awarded such a great honor. (33 DON AARON DAY PRESENTS . . . ... An 1890 ' s day complete with homemade ice cream, long skirts and mustaches, and lots of fun and entertainment for everyone. A regular school day made into a day of surprises? Is this all Don Aaron Day was? NO! It was much more. It was a feeling of well-being for all who participated. It was a day set aside by students and faculty to raise money to help pay the medical expenses of Don Aaron. It was a day that proved how much Garden- dale cares - Proved that we do reach our goals - and top them! Oh yes, it was much more than just a fun day for G. H. S. ? It was instead one of the most meaningful days in our school ' s history! 134 PATRIOTIC DAY RED! WHITE! BLUE! The love and admiration for America was shown by all students at Gardendale on Patriotic Day. Our feelings were that of oneness and membership in America and devotion to our native land. The colors of red, white, and blue were brilliantly displayed. Speakers from our armed forces completed the day with a cheering assembly. 135 HOMECOMING Homecoming Week was a busy one for everyone - floats had to be built for the all-important parade on Friday and a queen and her court had to be chosen. Each grade voted on the list of lovely girls each homeroom had nominated. A maid was chosen from each grade plus a queen chosen by the seniors. The results were as follows: 7th Sharon Camp 8th Judy DuBose 9th Pat Malone 10th Gay Hamilton 11th Debbie Woods 12th Kathy Greer Homecoming Queen Miss Sally Kendrick The 1970 Homecoming Parade began at 1 o ' clock when stu- dents were dismissed from classes to watch their hard work being displayed. After the parade left the school, the students went to the gym to await the excitement of the pep rally. The Queen and her court were introduced and the winners of the best float and best car were announced. The Senior Float won first place and the winner of the best car was the Rendezvous Staff. The game that night was highlighted by the crowning of the 1970 Homecoming Queen at half time. After half time, the Queen and her court engaged in a parade around the stadium. The game against the Spartans was a thrilling one even though the mighty Rockets lost. 136 WEEK-1970 The 9th Grade Maid, Miss Pat M alone with 10th Grade Maid, Miss Gay Hamilton. 12th Grade Miss Kathy Greer was es- corted by Philip Sample during the crowning of the Queen and her Court. 11th Grade Maid, Miss Debbie Woods and 12th Grade Maid Miss Kathy Greer, as they appeared in the Homecoming Parade at the same. The 7th and 8th Grade Maids, Misses Sharon Camp and Judy DuBose in the Homecoming Parade. 137 " The rains came and the float fell . . but the seniors came through in fine form on the ' 70 Senior Class Float. Crowds of students line the parade route to get a glimpse of the Sophomore Class Float. " Don ' t Let the Spartans Bug You " was the theme for the unique Junior Class Float. The colorful Freshman Class Float was crowded with zealous sophomore Rocket fans. 138 ' ID » ,r Looking forward to college brings different feel- ings of anticipation and a feeling of fear and loneli- ness for the first time. Representatives from various colleges visited Gardendale on College Day in hopes of showing the Seniors the real college life they each had to offer. The day ended with a reception at which the students talked Informally with the repre- sentatives about their oncoming college life. COLLEGE DAY 139 1 MISS RENDEZVOUS I I The search for Miss Rendezvous began as over 120 girls were chosen from homerooms and clubs. These girls were screened by a group of teachers, resulting in the selection of 50 charming and delightful girls. On November 22, the Miss Rendezvous Pageant was held. In the af- ternoon, the contestants were interviewed at the Ramada Inn. The judges were Mr. and Mrs. Hinton Mitchum of Albertville, Mrs. Susan Looney from Pizitz and a representative from Alverson Draughn. They became familiar with the girls as they spoke to each separately for five minutes. At 7:30 that evening, the Pageant began with the " Beauty Walk " followed by judging on beauty, poise and personality as the girls walked one by one on the platform. The highlight of the evening was the crown- ing of our lovely queen. Miss Gloria Tate. 140 BEAUTY PAGEANT 141 - " ' - ■ - " Good-night Mis. Calibash, wherever you are. He wouldn ' t be doing this if I didn ' t have chocolate-covered hands. Visit Joan ' s canteena The mad hatter strikes again. f? ' I. I 142 You cute little Huckleberry you! Our lunchroom ladies, or 1,001 ways to disguise hamburger meat. Paris fashions sweep Gardendale. Which one is the tuba? ' . M :.iV r: j,iaa-L " Vi i lvf:j .j5CL.A;i,«. J ' :iii My feet are corn ier than these jokes! 143 144 CLASSES 145 CLASS OF ' 75 Kathy Aaron Tommy Abney Debbie Adams Teresa Archer Kevin Atchinson Jill Bagwell Darla Bailey Karen Bailey Terrell Bailey Vicki Bailey James Barnes Carol Bates Kelly Baty Linda Belcher Mike Belcher Melvin Bible Cathy Billings Nancy Bland Kay Boatright Pam Bodine Debbie Bolden Eddie Bowman Debra Brake Roy Brock Teresa Byrant Danny Burks Mike Butts Percy Byrd Van Calvert Sharon Camp Glenn Carroll Shirley Carroll Robbie Carter Jarose Caudle Darrell Chambers Ricky Champiom Mike Chandler Debbie Chatham Tommy Clevenger Patsy Coalburn Mike Cornelius Toni Connel Leisa Cornett Bob Cox Colleen Cox Vicki Crawford Dee Cutcher Jeff Davis Jacqueline Davison Maxine Davison Renee Dean Robert Deason Jackie Dial Sonny Dodd Linda Dye Roy Ellis Connie Epperson Curtis Farmer Pam Farmer Karen Fault Pam Ferguson Helen Fields Linda Fields Terrell Fields Jackie Fike Vicki Fines Carol Frew Karen Frew Sharon Fulgham Terry Gambrel Tina Gann Amanda Glaze Roy Glenn Jimmy Godsey Bruce Gohn Jerry Graham Butch Graves Kenny Graves Danny Gray Ricky Green 146 Tom Green Debra Green Patricia Grigsby Mark Grimes Ricky Gutherie Teresa Hale Steve Hancock Debra Hand Linda Hand Mattha Harden Mike Harrison Tim Hatfield Eddie Hays Paula Hays Kris Heinl Jill Heptinstall Tim Herring Cynthia Hicks Tammy Higginbotham Ray Hill Kenneth Hines Mike Hinkee Barbara Hodges Mary Hodges Ricky Hogeland Dianne HoUis Donna Holmes Hayden Holt Steve Hubbard Jean Hudson Patti Hudson Kathy Hulsey Mike James Sherry James Bill Johnson Linda Johnson Renne Jones Ftandy Karrah Judy Kendrick Ronald Key Faye Kinny Tim Kinnard Sam Krotzer Donna Lagg Herby Land Gary Large Billy Latta Walter Leroy Karen Lindsey Ruth Lingo Vicki Lingo James Lowery Brian Malone Fred Malone Mike Malone Anita Manning Donna Marcus Mike Marler Ronnie Marsh Steve Mayfield Lee Ann McAnnally Eric McCoy Pam McCarty Richard McCravy Layne McCurry Audry McGowan Dale McKinny Sylvia McKinny La Claire McSpadden Kevin Merchant Anthony Metcalf Denny Miller Debbie Moody Gregg Moore Libby Moore Terry Moore Vicki Moore Kay Moon Phyliss Morgan Mitch Muncner Lamar Myrick Dianne Neal Renee Neely Diane Newman Jack Nix Donny Noles Billy Norwood Cheryl Nunn »47 Sonya Oden Kerry Otis Carol Owens Danny Pannell Gary Pannell Reba Pannell Sandy Parker Joy Pate joy Pate Donna Pennington David Pennington Debra Pollard Frank Posey John Pursre Mike Ragland Mike Reeves Derelene Rhoades Anita Richardson Bobby Richardson Peggy Roper Steven Royster Richard Russell Richard Russell Bruce Rutherford Debbie Salters Kathy Sanders Mike Sanderson Eddie Scarborough Ramon Sharritt Diane Sibeft Butch Singelton Kathy Smith Micheal Smith Michele Smith Patti Smith Sharon Smith Russell Smitli Connie Stewart Natalie Stewan Sandra Stewart Phillip Streetman Tommy Stricklin Greg Swan Diane Swan Teresa Swann Carol Sylvester Debra Taylor Donna Thomas Laurie Thompson Manuel Thrash Teresa Tisdale Vicki Todd Craig Tolbert Carol Travis Debbie Travis George Tray wick I ' at Trimni Ronald Vaughn Joy Vines Inell Walker Clarice Wall Steve Watts Renette Watwood Debra Weary Phyliss WeeKs Harold Whaley Joan White Tim White Andy Whitlow Debra Whitson Tommy Wideman Connie Wilkerson Rose Ann Willis Lane Wilson l?andy Whitlow 148 EIGHTH GRADE HAS PROBLEMS WITH NEW MATH AND TEACHERS Douglas Abbott Sherry Abbott Randy Adams Angela Alexander Carolyn Alexander Kim Algood Jan Allen Ron Allen Teresa Archer Steve Armstrong David Aycock Cindy Bailey Karen Bailey Jane Baker Linda Baley Elizabeth Ballard Melissa Banks Debra Beard Pat Beasley David Belcher Teresa Belcher Pam Blackwell Randy Bolden Don Boley Larry Boone Len Bragg Carey Brasher Skip Brazeel Leisa Brewis Gary Briscol Connie Bristol Randy Brock Barry Brooks George Brooks Doug Brom Cynthia Brown Debra Brown Brenda Bunn Steve Burgett Sherr) ' Calvert Leigh Camp Keith Campbell Lee Campbell Wade Carmach Linda Carroll Lynn Carroll Jeff Childers Tommy Clark Deborah Clay Keith Cornett Steve Crocker William Crystal Marsha Cumbie David Cupps Kenneth Daniels Marlene Davis Rhonda Davidson Beth Dail Charlone Dobbs Clint Doss Judy DuBose Evelyn Duncan Mark Eddys Rodney Estes 149 Stanley Eubanks George Ferris Karen Fettner Gary Flowers Donna Freeman Mark Fountian Susan Fruitiger Tim Fulton Turner Gibbs Marty Glass Alvin Goldby Mike Goode Cathy Goodwin Richard Go wins Al Graham Janice Graham Myra Graham Cynthia Gravlee Robin Green Wesley Greer Susie Gregg Vickie Gregg Randy Gunner Jeff Hadaway Brenda Hale Allen Hall Barbara Hamilton Curtis Hammons Doug Hand Terry Jarbison Bonnie Harris Steve Harris Mickey Hathcock Gary Hays Danny Hearn Larry Hodges Ronald Hodges Ronald Holley Sandra Holt Teresa Hood George Horsely George Horton Chuck Huffman Tim Hudson Bam Hughes Robert Ingram Mike James David Jarvis Betty Johnson Karen Jones Ricky Jones Sharon Jones Doug Kennedy Joyce Kilgore Kenneth Kinard Terry King Vicki Krotzer Paul Lais Susan Lakey Douglas Large Debra Leopard Kathy Lindsay Randall Lingo Clydie Little Michael Long Debbie Love Bruce Lowery Stanley Luna Randy Manning Troy Matthews ' Jan Mayfield Lynn Mayfield Randy Mayfield Jimmy McCleny Judy McCrary Steve McKeever Robert McKinney Wilma McSherdon Anita McSpadden Charles Mezzell Becky Miller Donna Miller Renee Miller Debra Montgomery Mike Moman Randy Moon Susie Moon Guy Moore I 150 TAM Mike Moore Stewart Moore Tina Morgan Sheila Muncher Burt Myrick Wayne Ne sanan Jacfcie Nichols Percy Norwood Debbie Oden Judy Pannell Joey Patruzella Sheila Pinyan Donna Pitts Charles Parker Maria Pounders Teresa Pugh Edward Ragland Margie Rosco Carol Rawding Mark Ray Robert Reed Ricky Reynolds Ronnie Rnoades Vickie Richardson Ronny Reid Teresa Rogers Alfonso Roper Jerome Roper Kathy Ryder Don Sanders Robert Scarborough Pam Schnittker Norma Schultz Connie Sharitt Curtis Shipp Teresa Shirley Paula Sims Joe Smith Rocky Smith Gary Speegle Edwarcl Stell Lynn Stefl Dixie Stinson Kenny Stripling Stanley Sorenson Donna Sylvester ' esley Sylvester Stanley Tankersley Mark Tatum Regina Taylor Dennis Terr Linda Townes Pam Verdier Marsha Waddell Jimmy Wallace Brian Ward Kenny Ward Mark Ward Jeff Waters Philip Webb Sharon Wheeler Linda White Shelley Vv ' hite Randy Wilheight Dale Wilkerson Donnie Wilkerson Lynette Wilkinson Cindy Williams Denise Williams Donnie Williams Debbie Wills Ronnie Woods 151 FRESHMEN DISPLAY THEIR TALENTS jSL: i.i ;ii «s:-: " ; ' ; ' : ,i!„iB:;tEri. t Jeffery Aaron Janet Absher Randy Ackers Debbie Alexander Jenny Alexander Randy Allinder Kay Archer Scott Awtry Cindy Bailey David Bailey David Bailey Gleijda Bain Rhonda Baker Mike Banks Terri Barr Susan Bean Dennis Bates Richard Belcher Horace Benton John Biddle Paul Billings Janet Bland Teresa Blossingame Calvin Boone Mike Boone Shelba Branum Mary Brazeel Ferns Brown Debbie Burns Randy Bush Lee Carey Becky Cato Dale Champion Deborah Champion Lori Chandler Jan Chumbler Denise Coalburn Dwight Coggins David Cooper Donna Cupps Wayne Cutcher Yolanda Deason Drennan Defnanstall Tyron Dial Dennis Dicky Beverly Doss Yolanda Downey Bradley Drake Phil Driver Marc Duncan Stanley Dye Steve Dye Sherry Easley Judy Eubanks Debbie Fields Janice Fike s s 152 Mmmm Mike Fountain Nancy Fountain Randy Gohn Wayne George Sparks Freeman Susan Goodall Lee Ann Goodwin Barbara Graham Debbie Gray Emily Grimes Kathy Grooms Dennis Gutherie Darlene Hagland Jimmy Kale Clayton Hall Pam Hancock Rebecca Hannah Chuck Hardin Millie Harris Janet Harrison Danny Hayes Jeannie Hayes Bill Haynes Johnny Henley Don Heptinstall Mike Hill Randy Hilliard Rex Hodges Donald Hogeland Linda Hogeland Myra Hollis Aurelia HoUoman Peggy Hood Joan Hooten James Horton Greg Hudson Nancy Huffman Scott Hughes Sherman Humber Debbie Hyatt Debbie Hyde Mike Hyde Randy Jackson Sherry Jackson Alberta Johnson Dabo Johnson Steve Johnson Latricia Johnson Marie Keedy Delois Kelly Randy Kelly Martna Kelso Philip Kinnard Alecia Lace Ester Lacey Joe Layne Mike Leatherwood Eddie LeCroy Janet Little Harolda Littrell Carol Long Denis Lowery Wesley Lowery Kim Madaris Carol Malcolm Pat Malone Jan Mann Karen Martin Howard Mayfield Terry McAnnally Ronnie McCarty Allen McClenny Ricky McCoy Bobby McCravy Cyntnia McKinney Rita McKinney Alier Miller Jack Miller Jerry Miller Janice Mitchell Ernie Moman Beth Moore Patti Moore Randy Moore Darby Morgan Janet Morgan Becky Morton Trina Motte 153 Debbie Narramore James Newman Larry Noles Danny Oden Davia Owens Roland Pace Greg Pffir Pam Parker Joy Parks Mike Parsons Denise Payne Debbie Perry Janet Pitts Chuck Powell Tommy Reed Danny Reid Terry Reid Charles Rhoades Hughie Rhoades Ken Reimer Jenise Roberts Randy Roberts Dale Robins Jan Pochette Sherry Roper Dennis Samford I andy Schultz Gene Scott Mildra Shipp Debbie Simpson Allen Sims Van Singeltary Jim Smith Patti Smith Randy Smith Renee Spinks Bill Stewart Debbie Stripling Clifford Sylvester Richard Sylvester Steven Tankersly Nyonoaka Tatum Tim Tatum Bonnie Thomas Greg Thomas Paul Thomas Rhonda Thomas Teresa Thrasher Joan Tidewell Vickie Thomas Clellan Travis Vickie Trotter Randy Turner Jim Vandergrift Debbie Voce David Waits Scarlett Wall Ann Walters Mike Watts Leander Weary Lynn Webb Denise Weeks Mike Weems Cindy Welshem Randy Welshen Basil Wheeler Sharon Whitten Rita Wilkerson Larry Wilkerson Annette Williams Joe Williams William Williams Victor WilUngham Dennis Wilson Lynn Wilson Sharon Wilson Becky Wise Dean Wise Gail Wood Larry Wood John Woodford Randy Woods Steve Woods Danny Wynn 154 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President, DANNY GRIFFIN Vice President, STEVE BLANE Secretary, PAT THOMPSON Treasurer, PATRICA COTTON Student Council Representative, GAY HAMILTON Marty Airhart Randy Alexander Karen Atchison Roger Bailey Terry Bailey Becky Baker Jo Ann Barbour Dale Barr Billy Barron Steve Blane Rodney Blanks Bobby Bowen Richard Bowen Pam Bowman Steven Break Mike Briscoe Paul Brock Linda Brom Randy Browning Steve Burford Franklin Bryd Larry Camp Steve Camp Tom Campbell Brenda Carlisle Ricky Cato Becky Clark Dan Clark Debbie Clay Jay Clifton Leisa Collins Patrica Cotton Ricky Crawford Dale Creel Lynn Davidson 155 David Densmore Ted Dial Chuck Dobbs Sophomores await the time when they will be Seniors. Jeanie Fike James Fines Billy Franklin Allen Frew Bob Frew Debbie Frew Mike G afford Sharon Gaithess Gordon Gargus Vicki Glaze Ginger Goodall John Goolsby Eileen Gowins Becky Green Pam Grier Danny Griffin Nathan Hale Gay Hamilton Stephanie Hancock Debbie Hansen Judy Hargreeves David Harris Sharon Harrison Steve Hawkum Sheila Hays Sue Henley Ricky Herring Rod Hicks Vicki Hodges Janice Holcombe David Holliss Nancy Holmes Gary Hopson Sue Horseley Benny Howell Bo Howell Glenn Huckabee Nacny Hudson Lynn Hughes Randy Hughes Bobby James Lee James 156 Write on his cast and he 11 follow you anywhere Jerry Johnson June Johnson Susan Johnson Marie Kassaw Ren a Kelly Carolyn Key Randy Latta Lori La :rence Tim Lindsey Lisa Linton Melba Lipsey Harry Livingston Norman Loebler Steve Lollar Debra Lyons Charles McAnnally Robert McCarty Teresa McClendon Mike McDowell Mark McMinn Randy McPherson Eddie Meads Cyndy Merchant Cnarlone Mezzell Debra Mitchell Pat Morgan Tommy Morton Kay MuUins Jack Myrick Debra Neely Marilyn Nix Davia Odem Gary Ogles 157 I Greg O ' Rear Randy Otis Darrell Pollard Cathy Purser Larry Quick Patti Ratliff Thomass Reagan Jan Raid George Richardson Jerold Roper Sharon Russell Jimmy Sanders Connie Scott Patti Shalling Kathy Simpson Donna Smith Danny Stewart Debra Stitcher Scotty Swak Mike Tate Pat Thompson John Trimm Anita Vines Gary Waters Billy Whaley Susan Wilkerson Eugene Wilkerson Ann Wills Mobo Witcher Bob Yarbrough " I was Miss Fultondale Jr. High 1964 " 158 J u N J O R C L A S S OFFICERS: President, Van Kilgore; Vice Presidents, Sandy Camp and Karen Bailey; Secretaries, Kathy Crawtord and Jeanie Harden; Treasurers, Jane Barton and Glenda Howard Joan Absher Dennis Alexander Ricky Allred Jackie Ayers Jeff Bailey Karen Bailey Chipper Bargainer Mike Barnes Jane Barton Anthony Bateman Riley Bibb Johnny Borden Larry Bradford Helen Brazeel Bill Brooks Kathy Brown Gary Burgett Mike Busn Roger Calvert Rodney Camp Margaret Campbell Glenn Cargo Larry Carlisle James Carroll Ricky Carson Richard Chambers Cathy Clay Richard Coggins Linda Cooper Betty Cornelius Edwin Creel Gary Cuthbertson Johnny Dean Rose Ann Douglas Richard Dye 159 Mac Eddy Jimmy England Kathy Gober David Godsey Bill Gogguns Tim Gowins Mary Graham Annette Grant Thomas Graves Jimmy Green Mike Green Janice Greer Joy Griffin Sue Gunn Larry Guthrie Mary Hardesty Angle Haley Lorna Hall Edward Hamaker Vickei Harbison Jennie Harden Mike Hawkins Ronny Harden Johnny Helms Rocky Hicks Terry Hogeland Donnie HoUie Rhonda Howard Terry Hughes Cathy Hunter Harold Johnson Keith Johnson Iris Jones Ted Kelly Beverly King Betty Lamon Vickie Latta 160 X Gwen Law 1 i Pat Lawley Terry Lee Steve Legg Donna Lessenberry Kathy Long Mike Lopez Skip Lowery David Marler BUI McCormick Denise Mc Curry Robin McCurry David McKinney Hal Miner David MitcheU Diane Mitchell David Moman Albert Moore Cindy Moore Mike Moore Jymalyn Morgan Susan Morgan Dajwanna Motte Wayne Murray Frankie Nelson Betsy Nunn Octavia Parker Steve Parks Cathy Patterson Lu Ann Penn Ricky Pennington Steve Pitts Mike Quick Betty Ray Richard Ray The Junior Float is a big success. 161 Diane Rawding Lee Raybon Andrew Reagan Elaine Renshaw Bob Rhoades Hugh Richardson Terry Reid Gary Bobbins Sharon Robins Susie Roland Allen Rubley Gary Shultz Steve Scott Becky Shuttlesworth Cynthia Simmons Ann Simpson Donna Singleton David Smith Johnny Sorenson Dennis Stephens David Stewart Doneva Stricklin Tim Swan Rex Tolbert Gary Townes Terry Trotter Kathy Tuntstill CliffVeal Richard Waddell Debra Walters Jerry Warren Robert Weber Benton White Linda Wheeler Sharon Wilkerson Yvonee Williams Judy Wills Debra Wingard Anne Wood Debbie Woods Phillip Winnett William Yarbrough HAtU Jeanie Harden entertains at Miss Rendezous contest Ri-t) D t » ' CANDID CLASSES 163 AIR CONDITIONING AND REFRIGERATION Warren Barnwere Dwight Box Harold Brandon Dale Crawford Danny Cunningham Eddie Dutton Conrad Doss John Downey Terry Duke Perry Garret Bruce Hawkins Alan Lockhart Larry Jones Eugene Huett Kenneth McCain Tony Moncrief Gary Nail James Newton Arron Reno Cliff Seibert Dewain Smith Edi;ar Smithson Alien Swann Terry Watts f P " " I i ■ V AUTO BODY REPAIR Danny Averhart Johnny Benefield Melvin Campbell Byron Cobb Randy Davidson Rodney Doss Jimmy Dunaway Jenny Ellard Johnny Faulkner Charles Gillam David Haynes Danny Howard Bob Jordan Terry Kelly Van Kilgore Ernest Marks Dennis Miller Jerry Payne Gary Sansing Dale Smith ' Billy Tluasher Roger White David Worthington f) P m o W-- 164 AUTO MECHANICS X f m G.A.V.S. NO. 1 IN THE NATIONAL PLYMOUTH TROUBLE-SHOOTING CONTEST Brandy Acton Steve Adams Johnny Armstrong Wayne Brasher Eddy Butler Jimmy Coffee Rick Carty Mancil Cogin Frank Cook Cecil Cox Michael Crowley David Dial Dennis Eakers Wayne ElUson Donnie Foster Walter Genstacker Brent Glide well Mike Goodson Ricky Goodwin Oneal Hardin Mike Hayes Gary Herring Harold Herring Barry Hodges Terry Hog an Thomas Hollis Danny Hudgens Gene Imber PhilUps Jones John Kruse Tommy Love Jimmy Madison Jimmy Martin Jimmie Mayfield Rip McBee Roger McBrayer Andy McCalen David McCleney Randy Miles Danny Morgan John Moulin Daniel Murphrey Billy Myrick Jerry Parker Mike Parker Gary Payne Albert nigh Mitchel Quinn Virgil Rice Barry Richard Steve Rogers Dogle Sadler Roger Sammons Johnny Sands Charles Scogin Jerry Sharp " Melvin Sharp Terry Sharp Eddy Sheelor Jerry Sorenson Antnony Starichag James Station Perr} ' Stone Gary Taylor Maurice Thompson Gerald Wesson Butch Wiklerson 165 BASIC ELECTRONICS Paul Cummings Kenny Deauere Harold Dill Tommy Durden Richara Graves David Harding Denny Harris Kim Hollis Thomas Hyde Jimmy Inglett Steve Johnson Allen Lais Jimmy Levan Danny Malone Vann Marsh Mike Merrill Harold Moore Mike Merrill Harold Moore Mike Moore Larry Moses Steve Pickle Michael Pridmore Andy Roper Ban Smith Lynn Smith David Vance Danny Whately Randall Wicks Ronnie Woodward BUSINESS AND OFFICE OCCUPATIONS Carol Acton Terri Allen Jennie Aycock Nancie Baird Vickie Barnes Jean Bartlett Marcia Belcher Pat Bice Charlene Bloodworth Becky Booth Darlene Brown Kim Brown Veronica Brown Margaret Burchfield Sheila Burks Kathy Burnes 166 M t ft fii Aiflfii 1 : Mu mfffS. Beverly Butler Joy Chandler Kathie Chapman Diane Clark Debra Clevenger Carol Cowart Tim Cox Diane Crav ford Kathy Crawford Debbie Davis Karen Davis Bobbie Davidson Donna Dean Marylin Dean Sanara Denny Rosemary Deonna Sandra Dickinson Carol Douglas Gail Downs Kathy Easter Diane Farmer Onita Flowers Vickie Forsman Betty Franklin Donna Franklin Sheila Franklin Debbie Gaither Rhonda Gambrel Joan Garner Donna Goodwin Donna G cols by Debbie Graham Alice Grayson Bonnie Hall Brenda Hallmark Kathy Hallmark Linda Hallmark Gwen Hays Johnny Hayes Diane Headrick Karen Hinkle Margaret Hodges Donna Holt Glenda Howard Barbara Huett Marcheta Isbell Debbie Jacks Jayne Jackson Cindy Jeager James Jones Jane Keedy Evon Kinard Mary King Sherr) ' Knight Linda Little Pat Loebler Lenora Lowe Luann Lowell Kathy Long June Malone Debbie Martin Barbara Malone Gloria Martin Cathy _Klayfield Margaret McCarn- Priscilla McCart) ' Judy McCleny Deb Die McCory Kathy McCravy Teresa McCreless Terr ' McCreless Thelma McGee Gail Melvin Sharon Merrill Carol Miller Carol Montgomery Gail Montgomery Wynnell Moon Kay Moore Susan Moore 167 Rita Morgan Valleria Murray Harriet Odom Kathy Oscner Sheila Owens Laura Page Judy Parks Patsy Parvin Lana Perry Rhonda Pilkington Debbie Poe Kathy Presley Pam Purvis Mary Rascp Brenda Reeves Diane Reynolds Clarence Rickett Wanda Rickmon Terry Ridley Diane Roberson Paula Sample Linda Sanda John Schmitt Debbie Scott Debra Shav Rita Sherly Donna Shore Jonnie Singleton Brenda Sprieell Debbie Smith Diane Smith Gay Smith Jane Stewart Nancy Streetman Lucy Swann Mary Taylor DebWe Terry Janice Tombrello Teresa Vinson Judy Walker Mary Walker Jesse Walters Pat Whatley Pamela Whaley Beverly Whitlock Brenda Whitley David Wisdom Ellen Wise Sherry Williams Gwendolyn Wooden 168 G.A.V.S. BEGINS SECOND CHAPTER OF F.S.A. IN JEFFERSON COUNTY CARPENTRY AND CABINETMAKING ■ ' M M p ■ 5 Thomas Bartlett Martin Blair Danny Boyd Rodger Brasfield James Burgess James Clay James Crim Jerry Denton Mike Gibson Glenn Gober Tim Graham Rickey Gregory Steve Hawkins Larry Hurley Marvin Leigh Frankie Rich Randall Riddell Micheal Smith Larry Wads worth Walter Williamson CHILD CARE AND GUIDANCE Janice Boone Vicki Greathouse Becky Hall Faye Long Jana Myrex Vickie Myrick Bonnie Rich Donna Ridgeway Barbara Smith Dottie Snow Cluistina Stough Jane Suggs Pam Thompson 169 COSMETOLOGY Tetuanda Baker Clarice Bice Gail Brasfield Connie Brock Diane Burrell Connie Busby Kathy Butler Denise Cox Nancy Deese Diane Dozier Brenda Elofz Lena England Larue Estes Wanda Fulton Loretta Gilland Jane Glaze Barbara Glover Donna Guneclman Teresa Hadley Shirley Hall Beverly Harland Susan Harrison Paulett Hosch Cathy Huett Brenda Hull Barbara Jones Cathy Jones Lynda Jones Jonletta Kelly Glenda Kirkpatrick Linda Kirkpatrick Sue King Diane Knott Brenda Morgan Shelia Myrick Linda Pennington Altheathea Peoples Lou Ann Priest Margie Rorro Donna Sharp Eva Smith Wanda Stewart Debbie Taylor Jody Turmer Bessie Walters Beverly Williams Rence Willbanks Anita Wood Joyce York Vickie Wren Ann Wyatt DATA PROCESSING Edna Bonino Sandy Camp Johnny Douglas Rhoncia Greer Danny Monk David Montgomery Elner Moore Vanesse Phelps Danny Riddlesperger Terry Russell Patti Rodger Bill Thomas Sam Williams Joan Writesman 170 DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION John Adams Rosennae Huff Linda Lee Connie Mitchell Terry Moore Rocky Vice Danny Weaver Terry Whiley DRAFTING Wade Arwood Alan Arwood Johnny Bills Gerald Bums Curt Busby Mike Evans Randall Faught Ricky Ford Rollin Fortenberry Joel Fredrick Adrian Garrison David Geer Kenneth Gla ;s Mike Green Phillip Harper Wesley Johnston Joel Kendrick Butch Key Jim Lee Tony McCombs David Moore Chuck Newell Bruce Page 171 Robert Reynolds Richard Russell Terry Scrwiner Reggie Terry Wayne Terry Danny Tolbert Frankie Tombrello Pete Tunner iL P ELECTRICITY Steve Deese James Gambrel Ernie Gray Steve Gray Ronnie Hays Tommy Howard Ricky Love Charles McAnnally Bobby Burgess David Eagan Ricky Gatlin James Jones Tommy McGinnis Gary Miller Charles Odom Ricky Startley Bruce McCain Roger Moody Buster Wings Paul Wise Tim Wise ELECTRONICS COMMUNICATIONS Randy Studdard Don White 172 FOOD PRODUCTION AND SERVICE Janet Buchanan Rogenia Busby Shelia Hill Jane Jolly Janice Killy Debra McBray Ruth McKerley Martha Mitchell Sandy Gamble Wanda Stack Brenda Thomas INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS - 4 Larry Coker Thurston Hulsey Mike Piteo Allen Roberts Terry Scarbourgh Joe Shirley Roger Walker MACHINE TECHNOLOGY Galen Anderson Joe Anderson Ronnie Armstrong Gary Bonham David Busby Johnny Busby George Celott George Davidson Wrendon Davis Steve Dennis John Densmore Fred Faith Eddie Glass Danny Guthrie Kimmie Harbison Larry Keedy Robert Lewis Eddie Little Archie McNamee Don Mitchell Steve Mitchell Randy Myers Danny Price Mike Richards Bill Russell Randy Thomas Billy Thompson Bob Toner Mike West Michael Wiley Ronnie Wiley Randy Williams 173 a ' _ A ' i I ORNAMENTAL HORTICULTURE Carl Abernathy Wade Bentley Rodney Cosby Jason Drake Stephen Hendricks Bobby Hicks Richard Lange Randy Massey Tommy Lang ford Bruce Myrick Larry Parker Jerry Phillips Randy Riley Jerry Roberts Susan Roberts Charles Waldrop Rosiny Wilson SHEET METAL Donald Abney Greg Bailey Paul Brooks Charles Brown Stephen Clark Larry Goodwin Mark Griffis William Heaton Wayne Keedy Dennis McConney Steve Miller David Mitchell Warren Neely Grady Rhodes Jerry Robertson Larry Ryder Ricky Sians Freddie Small James Storey Joey Whitehead Phillip Willoughby 174 WELDING r n ri i Bob Adams Donnie Armstrong Hayward Bailey Jerry Best Robert Carroll Roger Coker Horace Crow Charles Davis Carl Duck Charles Field David Fowler Larry Franklin Dale Hester David Hudson Cecil Gunn Edward Johnson Jeff Jones Ricky Justice Steve Hendrick Martin Kerr Henry Killy Dale Kittle Randy Kittle David McAuley Don McCrary Robbie McSherdon Lester Mixon William Mixon Charles Ratliff James Rector Fred Robbins Joe Robertson Wilber Sammon Donald Shaw Dennis Sims Randy Singleton Fred Smith Robert Smith Tommy Stephens Ben Stubbs Donnie Tavel Mickey Taylor Keray Townsend David Thomas Randy Whisonants James Young 175 SENIOR AMY DAVIS - National Honor Society; All-State Band; Math Team; Math Club; First Place - Gardendale Science Fair Chemistry Division. MIKE VINES - Math Team; National Ho- nor Society; Varsity Basketball; Science Club; Geometry Award. BENNY THOMAS - Senior Class President; Student Council - Vice President and Parliamentarian; Junior Classical League; Pep Club. BLANCHE EASLEY - Student Council - Treasurer; Volleyball Team; Pep Club; FTA; Junior Classical League. ALFRED COMPTON - National Honor So- ciety - President; Outstanding Student Award; RENDEZVOUS Staff; Math Team; Second Place, Pure Physics Division, Cen- tral Alabama Regional Science Fair. JIMMY GRAHAM - National Honor Society; Honor Math Club; Campus Life Club; Ala- bama Conference on Citizenship; NSF-SSTP Loyola University. KENNY CRAIG - RENDEZVOUS Staff; Opti- mist Club; Pep Club; Spanish Club; Science Club; Boys ' State. 176 SUPERLATIVES STEVEN SCHMITT - Vice President of National Honor Society; Latin, English, World History, and American History Awards; Representative to Jefferson County Citizenship Tour. HANK BELCHER - Honor Math Club; Trigo- nometry Award; Math Team; Jr. Classical League; Football. KATHY GREER - Cheerleader; National Honor Society; Secretary of Student Coun- cil; Math Club; Senior Homecoming Maid. MIKE MYERS - President of Student Coun- cil; RENDEZVOUS Staff; Parliamentarian of Junior Class; Oklahoma Cast; Drama Club; Football. DEBBIE MADARIS - Cheerleader; RENDEZ- VOUS Staff; Girls ' State; Celestial Delight; Pep Club; Class Favorite. TOMMY SMITH - liama Award; " G " Club President; Captain of Football Team; Con- cert Choir I ' resident; Oklahoma Cast. 177 . r Ji _ « - President BENNY THOMAS SENIOR OFFICERS i Vice President ALLEN WHITAKER Secretary KATHY WATSON «- ' « - Treasuier PEGGY FREW Parliamentarian TOMMY SMITH 178 THE SENIOR YEAR BRINGS MOMENTS TO REMEMBER AND SYMBOLS OF SUCCESS DON AARON ROGER ABSHER BECKY ADAMS RICHARD ALEXANDER LESLIE ALMOND MAC ANDERSON JAYNE BAILEY BETTY BEASLEY HANK BELCHER MARK BELCHER LARRY BREMMERMAN KATHY GREER, SHEILA HOLMES and TERRY GARNER ROGER BROM KAREN BRYANT LONNIE CARDWELL HELEN CARGILE SENIOR FAVORITES JERRY CHANDLER ALFRED COMPTON SUSIE COWGILL KENNY CRAIG AMY DAVIS SUSIE DIAL 180 I JUDY DODD MARTHA DRUMMONDS BLANCHE EASLEY LI BBY EDWARDS w f a ' k SHIELA EDWARDS NANCY ELUOT CHARLENE FRANKLIN PEGGY FREW ffl r. s JQ c ■- m m I F=— - - It ' s amazing what you can get away with in Mrs. c.laze s fifth period Lnglish class. 181 DENNIS GAMBLE TERRY GARNER RODERICK GLOVER JANET GORFF JIMMY GRAHAM WILLIAM GRANT VANN GRAVELEE LARRY GREEN SENIOR FAVORITES KATHY GREER FRANK GREGG 182 DEBBIE MADARIS and FRANK GREGG STEVE GRIMES DANNY GUTHRIE BETH GUTHERY BOBBY HACKNEY " Did Mr. Little really ask you what a candid is? ' JERRY HAIRSTON PETE HALL PAT HAMILTON LEANN HARDEN DARLENE HARRIS NANCY HATHELD MARTY HAWKINS MELISSA HAYES 183 s F E A N V J O O R R I T E S SUSIE DIAL and STEVE SCHMITT NELLIE HEISTAN LARRY HOLCOMBE SHIELA HOLMES RICKY HOWELL DAVID HUDSON FRANCIS HUNTER RUTH HUTCHENS BRENDA HYATT 184 I SARAH INGLE JERRY INGRAM JOAN JAMES ALAN JOHNSON ROY JOHNSON PATTI JONES SALLY KENDRICK MICHEAL LEE 185 JULIA LEONARD UNDA LESSER BRUCE LINDSEY DEBBIE MADARIS REGGIE MARCUM SUSAN MARTIN GARY MATTOX VIRGINIA MAYFIELD SHERRI MAYFIELD MIKE MAYHALL LAMAR McCRARY FAVORITES PEGGY FREW and GARY OSBORN 186 JANICE MEZZELL PAT MILLER Your Friendly Garbage Pick-up Service. STEVE MITCHELL TERRELL MORGAN MIKE MYERS FRANK MYRICK PAM MYRICK PAUL NEELY RONNIE NICHOLS CLIFF NORRIS KATHY OGLETREE GARY OSBORNE 187 BARBARA PARKER JOAN PARKER FRANKIE PAYNE STEVE PRESSNELL Reggie contemplates college to avoid the draft. KEITH QUICK 188 REJEANA RAY MIKE REID KAREN RUSSEL Seniors work hard to make College Day a success. KERRY RUSSELL PHILLIP SAMPLE STEVE SCHMITT DEDEE SCOTT JILL SMITH TOMMY SMITH DAVID SYLVESTER 189 ♦ GLORIA TATE DALE TATUM BENNY THOMAS JOEL TILLMAN 190 DEBBIE TRAYWICK MIKE VINES JACKY WADE LESLIE WALL SHELA WALKER ELIZABETH WALTHALL KATHY WATSON SHERRY WEEMS ALLEN WHITTAKER jiM WHITTAKER WALLY WITCHER The Three Stooges. 191 SENIOR m - PAM ARCHER - " Celestial Delight; " B. O. E. Co-op Club; V.l. C.A. Club; Student Coun- cil Rep; Senior Class V. P. KELVIN MOORE - GAVS RENDEZVOUS Staff, Lab Editor; Student Instructor; Electricity Award. FARA POUNDERS - F. S. A. Club; V. I. C. A. Club; Student Council, Alternate; NBET Typing Award; GAVS RENDEZVOUS Staff. Business Manager. RICKEY HINKLE - Student of the Month; GAVS RENDEZVOUS Staff, Editor; Senior Class Pres. ; Campus Life; Data Processing Award. DELLA HALL - F. S. A. Pres. ; GAVS Student Council, Treasurer; " Celestial Delight; " Senior Class Favorite; Homeroom Officer. DAVID BRANHAM - V.I. C.A. Electricity Sub-Club, V. P. ; Homeroom Officer; " B " Honor Roll. 192 i SUPERLATIVES , .. . „ - SUE WILLIAMS - Senior Class Sec. ; B. O. E. Co-op Club; V.I.C. A. Club; " B " Honor Roll. HARRY PARSONS - V. I. C. A. , State Par- liamentarian; Student Council, V. P. ; Senior Class Favorite. GARY ELKINS - Student of the Month; Stu- dent Council, Pres. ; V. I. C. A. , V. P. ; Welding Award; Pep Club. PATRICIA PERRY - F. S. A. , Treasurer; B. O. E. Co-op Club, Secretary; Band; Social Studies Award. MICHAEL LOEBLER - " Temperature Tamers " Club; V.I.C. A. Club; Refrigeration Award. CAROLYN GRIFFIN - F. S. A. , V. P. : Cheer- leader; Student Council Sr. Representative; Pep Club; Career Day; Homeroom Officer; B. O. E. Award. 193 I o V s s Q ' 1970 O President - RICKEY HINKLE Secretary - SUE WILLIAMS Vice-President - PAM ARCHER Treasurer - LINDA RICE Chaplain - JUDY LANEY 194 DAVID ABNEY D.E. KAYE ABSHER Data Processing KENNITH ADKINS Ref. and Air Cond. PAM ARCHER B. O. E. Co-op JACK ARMSTRONG Welding BILLY BAGWELL Welding DIANA BAILEY Cosmetology MICHAEL BAILEY Welding rrrrnnnnnp CLASS FAVORITES Johnny Tupkelewicz and Teresa Travis 195 CYNTHIA BLACK B. O. E. Co-op WANDA BLANKENSHIP Cosmetology EDDIE BOONE Drafting DAVID BRANHAM Electronics RAYMOND BROOKS Electronics DAVID BROWN Auto Mechanics FLOYD BROWN CONNIE BURKS GARY BUTLER CAROL BYRD B. O. E. 196 ALLEN CAIN Data Processing BECKY CARLISLE B. O. E. Co-op BOBBYE CARY B. O. E. RHONDA CLARK Cosmetology J. M. COBB T. and I. WANDA COCKRAN B. O. E. JACK COLLINS B. O. E. Co-op DONNIE CONN Welding LYNDA COX B. O. E. PAULETTE COX B. O. E. Co-op DIANE CRAWFORD B. O. E. I A THY CUPPS B. O. E. TOMMY DENEKE Auto Mechanics MARTHA DENSMORE B. O. E. EUGENE DILL Ref. and Air Cond. BUTCH DODDS Drafting 197 DOUG POSS PraftiniT DONNA DUNN Child Care f A E. O. EVAN ' S Mechanics DEBBIE DOWNEY B. O. E. CAROL DRAIN B. O E. LYNN DRISKELL B. O. E. GARY ELKINS Welding ED FORD ' LASS FAVORITES IX-lla Hall and Rodney Vance MLLEX FREEMAN !iistributive Ed. LYNN GIBSON T. and 1. BOB GILBERT Distribulive Ed. KENNETH GOODWIN Ref. and Air Gond. 198 BETTY GRAHAM Cosmetology KENNETH GRAHAM THOMAS GRAVES Drafting CAROLYN GRIFFIN B. O. E. EDMUND GRIFFIN Auto Mechanics DIANE HACKNEY B. O.E. Co-op BRENDA HALE B. O. E. Co-op DONNA HALL B. O.E. Co-op PAT HAMILTON B. O. E. CHARLES HARBISON Electricity CLASS FA ' ORITES Hnrry Parsons and Sherr ' Johnston 199 DEBBIE HARDIN B. O. E. ROBERT HEATON BKHNDA HELTON VIRGINIA HILL Electricity B. O. E. B. O. E. RICKEY HINKLE Data Processing PAT HOLMES B. O. E. JANICE HOLT Cosmetology LEON HUDGENS Electronic Comm. SHANE HUMBER Drafting KAY HUMPHREY B. O. E. Co-op JANICE HOPPER B. O. E. DELLOYD ISBELL Auto Mechanics BtiTY JAMES B. O. E. ROBBIE JOHNSON B. O. E. SHERRY JOHNSTON Data Processing DEBBIE JONES B. O. E. 200 Now, which BUTTON am 1 supposed to push??? MICHAEL JONES Drafting MICHAEL KELSO Machine Shop MARTHA KEY B. O. E. Co-op DON KING T. and I. WANDA KNIGHT Child Care LEWIS LACEY Drafting JUDY LANEY B. O. E. MARQA LAWRENCE B. O. E. Co-op 201 CHERYL LEATHERWOOD B. O. E. MARTHA LEATHERWOOD B. O. E. r LARRY LITTLE Ref. and Air Cond. DONNA LITTRELL B. O. E. Co-op EDWARD LOWE Horticulture JOYCE LOWE Cosmetology TOMMY LUNA T. and I. KATHY LYNN B. O. E. LINDA LEE D.E. MARY LINTON B. O. E. Co-op MICHAEL LOEBLER Air Con. and Ref. SHARON LOVE B. O. E. Co-op CLASS FAVORITES Guerry Rutherford and Debbie Harden 202 KATHRINE MALONE B. O. E. KATHY MALONE B. O. E. ■Be sure to buy an annual this year, since WE did it! ' STEVE MARSH Electronic romm. RHONDA MARTIN B. O. E. Co-op SHELIA MASON B. O. E. Co-op DEBRA McANNALLY B. O. E. MARCUS McCLAlN WANDA McCLENEY Electricity B. O. E. SUE McCi)Y Food Production TOMMY McClNNlS Electronic Comm. DIANE McoLilkK B. O. E. ROSEMARY McKINNEY B. O. E. Co-op 203 CANDICE McNeill B. O. E. RICHARD MELTON Auto Mech. CHERYL MILLER B. O. E. DAVID MITCHELL Sheet Metal STEVE MONK Ind. Elect. PAULETTE MONTGOMERY B. O. E. SANDRA MOON B. O. E. KELVIN MOORE Electricity DONNA MORRMANN Child Care JOHNNIE RUTH MURPHY Cosmetology PAT MURPHY Shop JANICE NAIL B. O. E. Co-op GREGG NIX Machine Shop RUSTY NIX Drafting DON PAGE Machine Shop HARRY PARSONS Electronics Comm. 204 EVELYN PATCHEN PAULA PERKINS B. O. E. Data Pio. FBCl f ITY M -- m WL m Ml And they complain about students! ! ?? ! ! PATRICIA PERRY B. O. E. Co-op BILLY PIERCE Welding BRENDA POLLARD B. O. E. CONNIE PRICE B. O. E. FARA POUNDERS B. O. E. RICKY POWELL Auto Body DENNIS QUICK Drafting ALLEN REID Machine Shop ELIZABETH REID B. O. E. SALLIE RHOADES Date Pro. 205 LINDA RICE Cosmetology SANDRA RICE B. O. E. CHARLES RJNGFLIED Welding ANN ROBERTS Child Care ANNIE ROBERTS Cosmetology GUERRY RUTHERFORD Mechanics GARY SANFORD Auto Mechanics JACK SELF Drafting CI.AhS F W ' Ol.i i ,,.. Allen Reid and Martha Densmore SHARON SMITH Data Processing WILLIAM SNIDER Machine Technology 206 MIKE SANFORD Ref. and Air Cond. NAOMI STARKS B. O. E. GENE STARTLEY Drafting STEVE STARTLEY Welding MARK TERRY Electricity PHILLIP TERRY Electronics Comm. KAREN TIDWELL B. O. E. BRENDA TRAPP B. O. E. Co-op TERESA TRAVIS B. O. E. JOHNNY TUPKELEWICZ Mechanics RODNEY VANCE Drafting DAN VANN Auto Mechanics FRANK VANN T. and I. JEROME VICKERS Drafting SUSAN WALKER B. O. E. Co-op TIM WALTHALL Drafting 207 « DEBBIE WARD Child Care JOAN WILKERSON B. O. E. SUE WILLIAMS B. O. E. Co-op LARRY WILSON Drafting SHEILA WILSON B. O. E. Co-op ANITA WOODS Cosmetology RANDY WOODS Ref. and Air Cond. ALLEN WORTHAM Carpentry CLASS FAVORITES David Webb and Donna Hall KATHY WYNN B. O. E. 208 " Next year, I ' ll start on Broadway, won ' t I Benton . . . WON ' T I BENTON! " f -ni ?fc ' If) 01 1 2 fl A ' A UM »M 00 Ol If A ft A CO 01 00 01 l ' A A A 00 OCi 00 00 1 2 s 00 00 on 00 I ? Some people have all the luck! O.K. Mrs. Ingalls, you may answer this one. ' Little Egypt came a struttin ' 209 1 ADVERTISEMENTS i lf tU iiU AT THE STORE AT YOUR DOOR DAIRY PROtUnS 212 FULTONDALE ENCO SERVICE CENTER Highway 3 1 North Fultondale Phone 841-8872 £nco FULTONDALE PHARMACY o Fultondale Plaza - Phone 841-Z764 3 .. ML • ■Hi T " Pharmacist - BOB FORMBY DOWNTOWN • 1911 IHIBD Arf£NUE NORtH ■FIVE POINTS WEbT " iJie COU8T v iROtBUtK ShOPPING CENTEB BIRMINGHAM ALABAMA 213 THRIFTY DRUGS FULTONDALE FLOWER AND GIFT SHOP PINE BOWL For Family Fun and Entertainment Highway 31 North in Fultondale Phone 841-4353 HALL DRY WALL Fultondale, Albania CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS OF Ph. 841-6146 Compliments of WATSONS TEXACO EXCELLENT SERVICE MT. Olive Road V. J. ELMORES 5 10 ROGER FASCINNA - Gardendale Shopping Center EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE 215 J. J. DRUGS fJIEIigNsl, Gardendale Shopping Center Phone 631-2231 MT US FILL YOUR NEXT PRESCRIPTION KEITH ' S STANDARD SERVICE P.O. Box 189 Fultondale, Ala. Phone 841-8816 LO-RAYS RESTAURANT Hi-way 31 North Fultondale, Ala. Phone RIDDLE ' S BARBER SHOP ' WE NEED YOUR HEAD IN OUR BUSINESS " Main Street, Gardendale Rt. 3 Box 704 217 Burlington (M Cop ® STYLE 7943 ORLON NYLON A 1 X 1 nb crew with heel and toe Shield reinforced with extra Nylon. 75% Hi-Bulk Orion " Acrylic, 25% Stretch Nylon. British Country Tones: 55% Orion Acrylic, 25% Stretch Nylon and 2 0% Herculon ' Olefin. Packed on hangers. $1.75 MENS AND BOYS ' WEAR GOLDEN GLOW DONUT SHOP Fultondale Plaza Phone " ' i ' tM , PORKY ' S BARBEQUE Highway 31 North Gardendale BHR-BE-aUE SRMWICHES 218 GARDENDALE PHARMACY DRUGS THE COMPLETE DRUG STORE Ronnie Payne: Owner Gardendale Shopping Center Phone 631-2611 ilCHtS M THRIFTY FOUNTAIN SERVICE - gpggg- I ' TTffl r- T T DRUGS RAMADA STANDARD SERVICE STANDARD 0„ L, WRIGHT Phone 220 SWANSON HARDWARE 613 Main St, Gardendale ComiDliments of HOOVER MEMORIAL Highway 31 Noi ' th Gardendale GARDENDALE FABRIC CENTER BRAND NAME FABRICS AT A DISCOUNT jl srHWAr j Compliments of BOB BRANTL EY REAL ESTATE AND INS. CO. 977 Main St. G ' Dale Plaza WA ® ' ' " " ' " ■ ' ' C ompliments ED BRASWELL FURNITURE 27th St. N. B ' ham W. A. ADAIR TIRE CO. 3016 Stouts Rd. Fultondale, Ala. 221 MT. OLIVE DRUGS Mt. Olive Drugs - Mt. Olive CURTIS FLORENCE: Pharmacist Phone 631-4611 FULTONDALE AUTO SALES 222 Compliments of SANDER ' S T.V 1 V AUTHORIZED FACTORY SALES AND SERVICE FOR Mt. Olive Road - Mt. Olive GARDENDALE FLOWER AND GIFT SHOP Across From High School Phone: 631-3202 STATI FARM INSURANC I JOHN R. BAKER, Your Friendly State Farm Insurance Agent in the Gardendale Area. SENIORS, NOW IS THE TIME TO PREPARE FOR THE FUTURE CONTACT LIBERTY NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE CO INSURANCE For Protection - For Investment P.O. Box 5367 No. B ' Ham Station B ' Ham, Ala. 223 You ' ll Be Fit for a Queen When You Outfit At. . . BURCH AND TANT FORMALS FORMALS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 4th Ave, Zlst St. N. Phone - 323-6319 224 You Always Save More at OUTLET Shop Where Your Friends Shop Gardendale Plaza Open Nites Till 6:00 P. M. Compliments of B. R. NATION DRILLING CO. c::t£ i Rt. 1 Box 122 Gardendale FABRIC N ' FASHIONS HIGH SCHOOL RINGS BUSCHES JEWELERS FULTONDALE SHOPPING CENTER Fultondale, Ala. Ph. 841-5458 2909 N 27th St. Official Headquarters for High School Rings. Come in and Choose Yours QUALITY FABRICS AT DISCOUNT PRICES 225 LLL RESTAURANT 716 Main Street Gardendale, Alabama Open 7 Days a Week 6 AM - 10 PM MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT LLL Phone 631-9030 BENSON ' S PURE OIL STATION BE SURE WITH PURE 226 GARDENDALE DRY CLEANERS Corner of Mt, Olive Rd. and Fieldstown Rd. HOME SUPPLY COMPANY 3022 N 27th Street COMPLETE LINE of " WHIRLPOOL APPLIANCES No Down Payment Easy Terms Compliments of REPRESENTATIVE ROBERT (BOB) GAFFORD 592-0102 LONG FURNITURE COMPANY 3110 N. 27th St. 251-0887 JIFFY FOOD MART MT. OLIVE RD. 631-4054 227 RAIN, SLEET, OR SNOW MAY STOP PICTURE - MAKING But NOT OUR FRIENDSHIP WITH BELMONT STUDIOS NICK COTTIS, Owner 324-5026 Special Thanks to: BILL LAWRENCE 228 ' BUY YOUR FURNITURE FROM " CLAYTON-SEARS FURNITURE " HOME-OWNED and OPERATED ' JIFFY CHEK Gardendale, Alabama Open 7 Days 7-1 1 Fresh Farm Eggs Hot Bar B-Q Sandwiches CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS F, R O M GARDENDALE FLOORING CARPET - TILE - HARDWOODS ORIGINAL FLOORS REFINISHED FIND US IN THE YELLOW PAGES 229 ARWOOD SERVICE STATION " SHELL " P.O. Box 527 Fultondale, Alabama NUBY ' S PURE OIL STATION Gardendale, Alabama HINKLE SUPPLY CO., INC. COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND OF YOUTH 230 GREETINGS HOWARD HALL COMPANY WE SALUTE THE 1970 SENIORS! FULTONDALE POLYCLEAN Laundromat Fultondale, Ala. Shop for Values at DIXIE SUPER STORE Values - Groceries and Top Value Stamps Gardendale, Ala. ii-i - ' MACK ' S MARKET Mount Olive 231 MACK ' S MARKET Mt, Olive Road - Mt. Olive Phone 631-4311 MAYHEW ' S SHOES Gardendale Shopping Center Phone - 631-5221 DR. H. JEAN GAYLE Warrior, Alabama 232 Phone - 251-5676 PERKINS JEWELERS Watches and Diamonds Wedding and Graduation Gifts 3004 N. 27 Street Birmingham, Alabama WESTERN AUTO Western Auto Associcrte Store Gardendale Shopping Center E.W. HUGHES - Owner Phone - 631-3647 OLLIE ' S RESTAURANT Z520 30 Aven 322-9545 EXCELLENT SERVICE Phone 324-4887 BRINTON JEWELRY CO. s v n r 3010 N. 27th Street North Birmingham 7, Ala, 233 SR. I - A - MRS. MUSSLEMAN ' S HOMEROOM ' W ' ' ■■ Go Class of ' 72 - BEST Seniors of 1970 GARDENDALE CITY HALL JAMES YARBROUGH - Mayor 234 FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF GARDENDALE A Friendly and Growing Church in the Heart of Gardendale Sunday School - 9:30 A.M. Morning Worship - 10:55 A.M. Training Union - 6:15 P.M. Evening Worship - 7:15 P.M. CITY OF FULTONDALE FULTONDALE GAS COMPANY CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR GRADUATION! Gas Grills, Lights, Appliances Sold and Installed. Mayor: JAMES L. ARWOOD City Clerk: MILTON W. STUCKEY Assistant City Clerk: STELLA C, WHATLEY Police Chief: GUS HAMILTON Gas Supt. : B. L. DAVISON Councilmen: W.I, COMPTON W.J. ALEXANDER J.T. FIELDS G.N. GOODWIN J. R. FREEMAN Phone for Service 841-7511 841-7512 235 FLYNT ' S LITTLEBIT Tarrant Road - Gardendale CORNELL STANDARD OIL STATION STANDARD) 236 J. H. BERRY REALTY GOOD BUYS 323 - Fieldstown Road Gardendale, Ala. COMPLIMENTS OF WOOLWORTH ' S IN ROEBUCK SHOPPING CENTER BUDDY SPARKS HARDWARE 2520 31st Ave. N. Phone 251-0561 Your Furniture Needs " Will Be Satisfied at ED BRASWELL FURNITURE No. Birmingham Phone 251-1577 251-7852 COMPLIMENTS OF JONES AND ARWOOD MANUFACTURING CORPORATION P.O. Box 225 Fultondale, Alabama Phone 841-1771 237 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF ' 70 FROM FREW RUG SERVICE EXTRA SAVINGS FOR YOU WHEN YOU CARPET YOUR PRESENT HOME OR BUILD THAT SPECIAL DREAM HOUSE 2024 12th Ave. N. BirminghaiTi, Alabama Phone - 322-1734 238 MOBILE HOMES BILL BAILEY - President P.O. Box 5 Gardendale, Alabama Phone 631-2911 AMERICAN OIL SERVICE STATION Gardendale Shopping Center R.G. DOSS - Owner 24RLc.« " ' Compliments of FULTONDALE RADIO T.V. SALES Hi Way 31 North CHUMBLER FLORIST Tarrant, Alabama 239 MRS. GLAZE ' S HOMEROOM " Home of Myrtle ' s Magic Box " Philip and Paul Do Their Thing GO ' 70 240 VINES KILL " (Not Joan ' s Ear) NEW NOW OPEN GARDENVIEW ESTATES Off Moncrief Rd. and Benson Rd. - G ' Dale BEAUTIFUL BRICK HOMES BEAUTIFUL BIG LOTS THE NAME OF THE GAME IS LIVING IN YOUR PROFESSIONALLY BUILT NEW HOME C- ' INCREASED VALUE p-o NOW is the time! $20,000 One Year Financing Available FHA - VA - CONV. Call or See GRAYSON LUMBER CO 715 No. 39th St. Birmingham, Ala. Ph. 595-1131 D.S. WALKER 251-00Z4 JACK TOLBERT 833-335! 241 MRS. LEDUKE ' S SENIOR HOMEROOM OFFICERS P re sident STEVEN SCHMITT Sec retary SUSAN MARTIN Treasurer PAT MILLER FAVORITES STEVEN SCHMITT SUSIE DIAL t IT V ' ■ 1 ED MOLLISON CHEVROLET GET A Honey of a Deal! 3228 North 27th St. , No. Birmingham Phone - 252-9011 JAMES WARD REALTY AND INSURANCE AGENCY Residential and Commercial Plus All Fornas of Insurance. P.O. Box 485, Fultondale Business: 841-6530 Residence: 841-6295 Automobile - Life - Fire Group - Health TOY ' S BURGER N ' RUN Box 532 Fultondale WALLER ' S BARBER SHOP Mt. Olive Road " You Tell Me How You Want It. " 243 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS From MILLER ' S WOOD AND METAL Rt. 1, Box 706 Mt. Olive, Ala. 244 MRS. McCAIN ' S HOMEROOM SR. II D iW5 rl 1 1 A 4 f Z ' Ai fe ' oV 245 G.H.S. BOOSTER PAGES 246 G.H.S. Projection Club Mr. Meadows Mrs. Le Duke Roll Tide Don Boley Sandra Holt Marlene Davis Debra Brown Gary Briscoe Leroy Orville Funkeljerk Nancy Holmes Peggy Roper Ernie Moman Denise Payne Gloria Tate War Eagle Benny Thomas P.M. J.L. G.P. Ronnie McCary Plymouth GTX " Big Ole " War Eagle Harry Livingston Mildre Shipp Doyle Sadler Mrs. Janet Smith Stanley Sansing Wesley Greer Don Aaron Roll Tide War Eagle Go Rockets Mrs. Myrtle Grendel Glaze 6th Period Physics Grovelton High School Don Aaron Yea! Greg Pair Mrs. Carey Mrs. Baker Tide No. 1 Don Heptinstall Betty Beasley Phyllis Glenn Donna Batt Annette Williams Cyndy Merchant Elmer Snodgrass Doug Brom Bruce Lowery Patty Shaling Michael Sanders Randy Turner Becky Adams Clint Doss Anita Vines Melissa Hayes Robbin McCurry Mrs. Donna Weinard Kathy Billings Carol Owens Coy Lippeatt Kathy Simpson Debbie Chatham Darla Bailey Debbie Adams Sherry Easley Kim Madaris Michael Butts KDW 70-9257 Sandra Bain Vicki Bailey Debra and Terrell Steve Latham Steve Latham Steve Johnson Yvonne Williams Bill Franklin Larry Green Darleen Harris Danny Griffin Joy Griffin Wally Witcher Sharon Fulgham Paul Thomas Ronald Hodges Dwight Coggins Semaj and Yrrehs Revolg Kciredor Carol Raw ding Debbie Salter Bobby Jean Robertsori Sharon Smith Jackie Fike Kay MuUins Kathy Tunstill Peggy Frew 3 Stooges Jeanie Waters " 72 " Sylvia McKinney Roll Tide Linda Kesler Steve Osborn Kyle Slagle Harry Slagle. Ill Tommy Slagle Beechwood Bubbas Larry Bummerman Chicken Pot Pie Curtis Farmer Karen Bailey Roll Tider Raybon Susan Johnson Vickie Harbinson Mrs. Hudson and " The Dirty Dozen " David Belcher Mrs. Musselman Down War Eagle Mrs. Bowman Coach Moon ' s 6th Study Hall Fish says " Roll Tide " Paula Hayes Stephanie Hancock Dennis Bates Janet Little Debbie Madaris Human Flame Sharon Wilson Sharon Waitter Alen Sims Gay Hamilton Frank Myrick Joan Hotten Rita McKinney Emily Grimes Shelia Hayes Yolanda Downey Terri Johnston Semaj Noaj Lee Edwards Tidal Wave ' 69 Steve Blaine Libby Moore John L. Rogers Class of ' 70 Sam Krotcher Roll Tide Nancy Fountain Randy Wilhite Jack Nix David Duffner Neo Facist Pinko War Mongle Jackie Wade Donna Smith Percy Norwood Turkey and Bobo Jeanie and Dan Wandola Barfarkle Lives T. Bailey and J. Kilgore Mr. Kormany and his Korales Randy Bolden P. Jones and M. Reid Rube and Pinko Pig J. and H. Muttonfu tcher Mr. Layne Hank and LeAnn Go Georgia Tech! Benton White Ricky and Carol D. Sylvester and S. Wilson K.K. and Sally Rhonda and Ken S. Dial and P. Sample Melba Lipsey Janet Gorff Janye Bailey Tony Knit Janice Holcomb Judy Dodd Susie Gregg Lonnie Cardwell Pete Hall 70 Ricky Pennington Frankie Nelson R. Latta and M. Linton Mac Anderson Rhonda Howard David Stewart Keith and Lisa Tommy Long Vice President ' 70 Mayhall and the Mop Deborah Neely Mrs. Fowler Mark Tatum Dennis Teer Greg Thomas Roll Tide Randy Bush Lee Gary John Riddle Jack Miller Hot Mama Clutch Cargo Larry Noles Billy Haley Lives Greg O ' Rear Linda Fields Drennen Defnall Carol Malcolm Mark McMinn Deb ra Beard Shirely Carroll Tom Jennings Donis Lowry Connie Bristol Mary Graham Lorna Hall Go Slippery Rock M. Fountain and M. Nix Class of ' 73 Huckleberry Steve Pitts Hollywood Jim Smith Melissa Freeman Dejuanna Motte Dennis Guthrie Vickie Linco Mrs. Glaze ' illimu Ricky Carion Teresa Mvres Steve Mitchell Pat Morgan Steve Pressnell Susie Cougill Tommy Morton Teddy Dial Randy Schultz Sharon Robbins Kathy Hunter Charlene Johnson Nancy Hatfield Sheila Holmes Kathy Greer Sally Kendrick K.K. Russell Dam the Tide Willy Don Shut Up Chirp Mayfield Turtlehead Hockeypuck Mother Worried Liesa Collins Steve Brake Becky Baker Lori Lawerence Esther Lacey Rebecca Hannah Cynthia McKinny Sarah Mueller War Eagle Joan Parker Connie Shanitt Roll Tide Martha Kelso Karen Bailey 8th Miss McKay Johnny Henely Donna Lessenberg Eddie Ferguson Gravellwhong Mike Hawkins Richard Coggins Gary Robbins Ray Johnson Joyce Kilgore Brack Marty Hawkins Pam Grier Patricia Cotton Martha Drummonds Albert Moore Mrs. King Mrs. Grimes Gart Schultz Debbie Woods Gary Ogles Debra Champion ' ickie loves Riley Clarice Wall Mark ard Diane Xeuman Stanley Eubanks Class of ' 71 Brent DuBose Roll Tide N. W. Barbara Xorthcutt Cliff Sylvester Ann Geagoudas Stud Go Tennessee- Ricky War Eagle-Ken Auburn Karen Bryant Debby Stripling Denise Payne Susan Goodall Pegg Hood Stanley Dye Beverly Doss Ricky and Karen Charlene Franklin Teresa and David Yea! Elaine and James Diane and Tom! Mrs. Powers R. Calvert and Mrs. Powers S. Blane and D. Arwood A. Whitaker and J. Mezzell Karen Bailey Robert McCarty Patti Ratliff Mr. Spencer Shaw Gary Hayes Hawk and Jane K.K. War Eagle Steve P. War Eagle Donna Freeman Trina Motte Donna Cupps Karen Fault Helen Darleen Brazeel Bill Barron Joy Pate Jimmy Simpson Ricky Fines Jill Heptinstall Sharon Camp Jane Baler Robin Green Danny and Pat Mobo Witcher ' 72 Lynn T. McCain Freddie Faggott Sugar Britches Jerry Warren Jerry Ingram Bob Yarbrough Sharon Russell Randy Browning Mike Moore Mide Briscoe Richard Bowen Becky Greene Mike Mayhall Cindy Moore Hugh Richardson Mrs. Diane Ragland Betsy Nunn Donna Singleton Debbie Hansen Larry Carlisle Gary Townes Tim and Betty Anne Reese Ferris Brown Dixie Anderson Mrs. Buntyn Kevin Merchant Jarose Caudle Kay Boatright Pam Bodine Ronnie Rhodes Frenchee Atchison Joy ' ines Debbie Travis Ronald ' aughn Pussycat War D. Fagle Dede Scott Phili? ' inett Steve Scott Marcum Gary N ' attox David Hall ' ar Eagle Mike X ' ines Barbara Parker Class of ' 83 Jill Smith Kenny Craig Rachel Smith Judy Wills Glenn Carroll Paul Neely Nynoake Tatam Roger Brom Linda Cooper Sheila Walker ' ' .nc ' i Rrakefield 247 Debra Stitcher Joan lames Kathy Ogletree Bobby James Frank ' " ' tegg Elizabeth Walthall Joy Parks Jimmy Graham Big Al Compton Annette Grant James R. Carroll Judy Dodd War D. Eagle Rejeana Ray Stody Jymalyn Morgan Latricia Johnson Denise Weeks Mrs. Lawson Daryl Pollard Donna Holmes Philip Kinnard Joe Kendrick Ruth Hutchens Mark Belcher Ricky Allred Brenda Hyatt Jane Barton Roger Calvert Beth Guthery Libby Edwards Linda Gregg Buddy Gregg Sherry Weems Ginger Mayfield Mike Goode Gendel Charlene Franklin Debbie Clay Terry Harbinson Greg Moore Vickie Hodges Mrs. Hullet Terry Reid Jeffery Waters Marty Glass Debbie Odom Miss Dixon Dale Tatum Betty Lamon Vicki Latta Tammy Higginhotham Sandy Parker Blanche Easley Cathy Hulsey Jo Ann Barbour Sue Henley Bruce Lindsey Sue Gunn Katy Cargile " Red " Schmitt Patti Smith Dennis Dickey Hawk Ken Reimer Rhonda Gowins Sherry Calvert Jasper Meriwether David Moman Jerry Graham Beverly Doss Steve Parks Sherry James Roderick L. Glover Andrew Kormany Kathy Lindsey Ball Hawk and De b Sherry Roper Shelba Branum L.L. Larry Gutherie Jimmy England Roll Tide Linda Brom Teresa Belcher Patricia Beasley John Trimm Mike Gafford Pam Ferguson Renee Dean Karen Frew The Three Musketeers Darleen Rhodes Janet Absher Rhonda Baker Gary Hopson Debbie Frew Kathy Grooms Donna Sylvester Sue Harsely Kathy says - Yea Jr. Cheerleaders Tennessee Vols Wheelchair Man The Human Flame Karen Martin Fay Kenny Ronnie Marsh Mike Bush Glenda Bain " Big O 67 " Becky Morton Billy Whaley Prince Roll Tide Mrs. Allred Anne Wood Danny Odom James Newman Susan Goodall Skip Lowery War Eagle Pam Blackwell James Lowery Debra Pollard Mrs. Carey Gary Burgett Joy Vines Denise Wall Frankie and Susan Laura Thompson Debra Wingard Joan Absher Ann Simpson Roll Tide Mrs. Ingalls Walter C. Hutchens Dennis and Karen Karen Atchison Alisa Lais David Worsham •83 ' WE ' RE THE BEST THAT ' LL EVER BE WE ' RE THE CLASS OF 70 248 G.A.V.S. BOOSTER PAGES Gary Elkins Kathy Crawford Donna Dean Jean Garner Wanda Cochran ' 70 " The Saint " T. G. Johnny Douglas " Lurch " Mr. Bryan Tim Young Ricky Williams Grant Roper Mike West Deloyd Isbell Mr. Wideman Roger Sammons Donnie Renfrew Ronnie Renfrew David Webb Mr. LeDuke Gary San ford Larry Siniard Mr. Jetton Johnny Benefield Dale Smith Jerry Payne Jerry Ellard Randy Davidson Guerry Rutherford Danny Hudgens Charlie TuUy Brad Moore Sharon Love Mrs. Gaubert Mr. Kelso " Calhoun " E. O. Evans Ricky Gregory Roger Farley Mrs. F. B. McCain Mrs. Suddeth Janice Boone ' 71 Barbara Smith Mrs. Salisbury Shane Humber Mr. C. C. Taggart James Burgess Mrs. Janice Beck Mrs. Smith Mrs. McNutt Mrs. Stewart Sandy Rice Mr. Christensen Mr. Nolan Parsons Miss Martin " Mouth " Tommy Goodwin Robert Louis Dennis Sims Mrs. Bevill Mr. Emerson Mr. AUdredge Mr. Hutchens Mr. Moon Mr. White Mr. Hagood Mr. Billy McGrady Betty James Mr. Otwell William Wills Jr. Steve Gray Karen Hinkle Fara Pounders Janice Hopper Gloria Martin Rhonda Martin Tim Cataldo Shron Love ' 70 East B ' s The Creator D.D. Randy Studdard Falstaff Seymour Ryder P. R, Linda Rice Paula Sample Robert Gregg Jeanie Class of ' 72 Shelia B.. Class of ' 72 Tim Cox Ann Roberts ' 70 Shelia Ownes Carol Acton Diane Farmer Margaret McCarty Allen Reid Michelle Reid J. V. P. Kay Humphrey Wanda Rickmon Judith Ann Laney Mr. Wallace Joy Banks Mike Miles Paulette Montgomery Janice Hopper Gomer James Crim " War Eagle " Seymour Michel Loebler Why Me? Johnny Bills " Chopper " Dobbs Ford Rules " 55 Chevy Rules Kingbird Bailey Santa Claus Diane Crawford ' 70 J. O. Suddeth Donnie Conn Joey Whitehead David Benson Romer Copcland James C. Jones Wade Arwood Allen Cain Debbie Jones Miss Kathy Jones Paulette David Mrs. Becker Charles Odom Steve and Brenda Steve and Brenda Steve and Brenda Steve and Brenda Steve and Brenda Steve and Brenda Steve and Brenda Steve and Brenda Steve and Brenda Steve and Brenda Steve and Brenda Steve and Brenda Steve and Brenda Steve and Brenda Steve and Brenda Steve and Brenda Steve and Brenda Steve and Brenda Steve and Brenda Steve and Brenda Steve why not 40? Fara and Joe Pat and Bruce Billy and Barbara Paulette and Louis Bruce and Diane Marcia and Kenneth Corn and Kat Carole and Ricky Bruce and Kathy Marcia and Virgil Brenda and Steve Becky and Buster Sue and Jerome Pam and Buiel Debbie and Me Linda and Gary Van and Leisa Sears and Firestone Mike and Debbie Snake and Sandy Larry and Becky Stanley and Helen Terry and Yevonne Alvin G . and Deb Glcnda and Dennis Pete and Donna C.C. ' s + M.L. ' s + P.H. ' s + R.M. ' s Sherry and Gene Gary E. and Debbie F. Chris and Lynn Phil and Joan Don and Debbie Harry and Sue Donnie and Dianne John and Bobbye Pat and Candy Kat and Jimmie Mark and Tommie George and c:heryl Let ' s Go J.O. The Offbeats. Big Al The Offbeats, Big Al The Offbeats, Big Al Patricia " Murphree " Perry Joanie Singleton " Granny " Siniard got 5 points Larry Home " The Beard " Mrs. Scoofer Peoples Big Mouth - Judy Debbie Garden Huff ' s A Go-Go Mr. Hoyt Sanders Laura Class of ' 71 Big Al, Hannah Peace and Love, Larry Rosemary Deonna " Rosie " Get ' um Buster and Steve Go Jacksonville •63 Biscayne Rules, Andy B. Conceited Miss Martin SS1600V.W. R.E.W. " Clyde Cool " Cornelius And Uh, Uh, Uh, Cindy Black Essex Best P.D. and P.H. Pudge Goodwin Kennith Adkins " Noses " Starkley Robert McFarland 111 Bear Meat 100 per lb. Allen Wortham V.W. Raymond Brook Rules ' 57 Chevy, Gene Startley ' 56 Chevy, Don McCrary Fords Eat Chevys, Frank Cook Big Mama Allen Wortham Flip flops in the treetops Who Goosed Luke? Give Peace a Chance, Andy Ford Eater, D.R.B. P.B. R. " D " Cunningham Giv ' em Hell, East B ' s Donna and Rnady Moorman Delores and Glen Farris Janice and Lanny Noel Drag-A-Bag, Harold Roger Eugene White Phillip Jones Thurston and His Mean Machine Mr. John Strickland S S 396 War Buzzard, David W. " Roll Indians " Candy " Roll Tide " McNeill " Get ' um Tide " S. L. " Get Those Fagles, Tide " Diane Linda Little, " Roll Tide " Sherry Knight, " Roll Tide " " Yea Tide " D.M. and S.L. " War Eagle " Mr. Little " War Eagle " " Red " " Roll Tide " Debbie Doney " War D N Eagle " , Ernie G. " Look Out " G.E. " Roll Tide " , Candy Playmates Brenda and Junior Ricky Love Wig loves Cheryl Sandee Moon loves everyone To Vicki With love, Don C ' onnie loves Harold, Always 249 r V.S. BOOSTER NAMES Donna loves Ricky Debbie loves Kenny Charles loves Janice Doyl loves Meldra Randy loves Pat David lo -es Teresa Clyde C ' s ' 53 Floyd loves Lorraine Thomas loves Vickie David loves " Perky " Jimmie loves Be erly Paul loves Dottie Martha loves Cheryl N - GARDENDALE T.V. AND APPLIANCE Phonograph; Ste r eos Sales and Service T. V. Repair Color TV ' s Radios Phone No. b3 1-3801 J orhes idtnibutinq ( o.3nc. .ii rbRBESDISTRIBUTIN6 COM PANY [j I-:il.i!l,1 «D:0 iNDUSlRiSL SUPPLIES -il,; p. o. 1416 4th AVE. so, - BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA 35201 DISTRIBUTOR FOR Aero Switches Alpha Wire and Tubing A m p e r e X Belden Cable B o g e n Burgess Batteries Cla rostst Delco Transistors Electro- Voice Electrons Inc. Tubes Fidelipac Tape Cartridges General Electric Tubes -Semi -Conductors Wholesale Only Panel-Meters Milwaukee Relays Ohm it e RCA Simpson Sprague Switchc raft Plugs Sylvania Triplett Unegar Soldering We liar Xcelite Tools V )lt-Pack COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND 250 HATS OFF TO GARDENDALE 1970 SENIORS GARDENDALE SADDLE CLUB HAPPY TRAILS TO YOU! 251 r--»«,p T-f MRS. HUDSON ' S 9. ' p r t-p t) jt ' -X ' - lA OldR V ' SENIOR III HOMEROOM MISS HULLETT ' S HOMEROOM 253 SIGMA TAU 254 GAMMA I 255 SIGMA TAU GAMMA MEMBERSHIP Co-President PEGGY FREW Co -President SALLY KENDRICK Vice-President KATHY GOBER Secretary DEBBIE WOODS Treasurer SHEILA HOLMES Parliamentarian KATHY GREER Chaplain BLANCHE EASLEY Historian LIBBY EDWARDS Historian JUDY LANEY SANDY CAMP CAROLYN GRIFFIN DEBBIE MADARIS PAT MILLER SUSAN MORGAN KAREN BAILEY MISSY FREEMAN DEBBIE FREW BETTY CORNELIUS SUSIE COWGILL PAM MYRICK SHEILA EDWARDS GAY HAMILTON NANCY HOLMES rat HOLMES FRANCIS HUNTER SUSAN JOHNSON DONNA LESSENBERRY SUSAN MARTIN CHERYL MILLER JYMALYN MORGAN DAJWANNA MOTTE BETSY NUNN KATHY OGLETREE terRIE TROTTER DEBBIE WALTERS KATHY WATSON WITTICHEN SUPPLY COMPANY Refrigeration - Air Conditioning Heating Parts and Supplies - WHOLESALE ONLY - 1600 3rd Avenue South Phone No. Z51-8203 . . Saluting the Gardendale Seniors of Seventy ! CASSCO CAPITOL AGRICULTURAL SERVICE AND SUPPLY COMPANY P. O. Box 550 - Wetumpka Highway- Montgomery, Alabama Phone 272-2140 Alabama-In-Watts 800-392-5773 Your Southern Headquarters for Greenhouse and Nursery needs - Yoder Plants, Jiffy Pots and Containers, Acme " Floral Breeze " Cooling Sys- tem, Supplies of all Types - In Gardendale MY LADY BEAUTY SALON Featuring High Styling Wig Care Three Operators to serve you. Open Thursday Night By Appointment Gardendale Plaza 257 CHARLIE BURNS ALLSTATE INSURANCE CHARLIE BURNS Your Allstate Agent in Gardendale Family Home Health Car FOUNDED BY SEARS Business I ' m ready to help you get a fast service and sensibly priced Insurance for your. . . In the Gardendale Shopping Center WON SECOND PLACE IN THE BATMAN LOOK- ALIKE CONTEST I DIXIE Malts Shakes Sundaes Hamburgers Bar-B-Ques French Fries DAIRY CREME Open 7 Days a Week Hwy. 31 North in Fultondale, Ala. 841-0001 Shop All Over Alabama Then Come to - 309 3rd Ave. , W. Only 20 Minutes From Gardendale Save $50 to $300! ! on a Brand new CENTRAL MOTORS Chrysler, Plymiouth, Valiant, Renault Phone No. 3Z3-4531 " Where we service what we sell, and sell as advertised. . . " 258 V. 2nd-RDW: PaM-Ctiirnniii! 3rd ROW: Donnie Armstrong, Geor 259 MRS. SNOW ' S HOMEROOM © f •K- i ' y-V: vO-; MRS. SMITH ' S HOMEROOM TOP ROW: Byron Cobb, Danny Whatley, Jerry Ellard, Fred Smith, Charles Scoggin, Van Marsh, Mike Moore, Thomas Hyde, Gary MiUer 2nd ROW: Cynthia Shelton, Shirley Hall, Clyde Cornelius, Jerry Payne, Steve Lynch, Steven Hendricks, Jimmy Martin, Mike Cover, Mrs. Smith 3rd ROW: Rosemary Deonna, Edna Bonino, Jonletta Kelley, Judi AlUson, Carrie Tunner, Kathy Butler, Teresa Hadley, Linda Kirkpatrick 260 MR. KING ' S MORNING LAB ELECTRICITY BACK ROW: Robert King, James Cambrel, Roger Moody, Kenneth Gartmann, Al Brady, Ellis Cornelius FRONT ROW: Tommy Howard, Ronald Hays, Ricky Love, Paul Wise, Steve Deese I still don ' t see what those boys get out of PLAYBOY! ! Diana Bailey, Virginia Hill, Karen Tidwell, Gayle Barr, Kathy Lynn " A typical G.A, V.S. student - teacher relationship! Connie Burks, Kay Humphrey, Ricky Hollis, Andrea Benefield, Lynn Gibson, Elizabeth Reid, Center Unknown " Don ' t cry! It ' s the new ' No More Tears ' formula! " Kathy Wynn, Dana Reed, Janice Nail, Paulette Montgomery, Sue Williams, Jerome Vickers (in Sink) " Mr. President and his advisors??? " Thomas Graves, Jack Collins, Marcus McClain, E. O. Evans, Mike Kelso (Body) 261 mUm Hi W m OFFICERS: President - STEVE MONK Vice-President - RAYMOND BROOKS Secretary - MICHAEL PITEO Treasurer - PHILLIP TERRY 262 MRS. MOORE ' S HOMEROOM 2nd ROW: Gwen Hays, Roseanne Huff, John Faulkner, Jerrell Lance, Eddie Sheelor, Ellis Cornelius 1st ROW: Wanda Richman, Pattie Ryder, Carol Montgomery, Thelma McGee, Barbara Glover, Linda Little, Sandy Gamble MISS HUFF ' S HOMEROOM MRS. BECK ' S HOMEROOM Resident - DON WHITE Vice-President - BOBBY HICKS Seaetaiy - PAULA PITTS Treasurer - MARY WALKER Representative - DEBRA MARTIN ' ■ kr Resident - BOBBYE CARY Vice-ftesident - DAVID BRANHAM Secretary - KAT MALONE 263 MRS. EGGE ' S HOMEROOM OFFICERS: President - DEBBIE JONES Vice-President - CANDICE McNEILL Secretary Treasurer WANDA CAMPELL DAVID WEBB STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT: 1st Row: Betty Graham, Martha Leatherwood, Sue McCoy, Helen Freeman, Connie Price, Debbie Jones 2nd Row: Mrs. Egge, Larry Siniard, Candice McNeill, Donna Hall, Glenn Hall, Rusty Nix, Eugene Dill 3rd ROW: Donald King, Mark Terry, David Webb, Gary Elkins, Leon Hudgens, Jack Cobb 264 MACHINE SHOP - LAB OFFICERS: President - BILLY SNIDER Vice-President - TOMMY GOODWIN Secretary - E. O. EVANS Treasurer - RICKY WILLIAMS Reporter - GRANT ROPER Parliamentarian - ROBERT TONER OrnCERS: President - ALLEN REID Vice-President - RANDY WILLIAMS Secretary - DON PAGE Treasurer - KENNITH SCOTT Reporter - MIKE McCLURE Parliamentarian - GARY BONHAM 265 MRS. POWER ' S HOMEROOM SR. Ill D JL ft oJ H k B Bo ' 1 f 1 1 MM 11 ||B 1 y 266 G.H.S. FACULTY DIRECTORY ALLRED, JUDY MRS. , B. S. , Auburn Univ. , 7th grade Social Studies BAKER, BETTY MRS. , B. S. , Univ. of Montevallo. 8th grade Social Studies HUDSON, DALE MRS. , B. S. , Auburn Univ. , Physics, Chemistry, Science HULLETT, DONNA MISS, B. S. , Univ. of Ala. , Math BOWMAN. SUE MRS. , A. B. , Samford Univ. , Math and Algebra BRAKEFIELD, MONTE, B. A. , Birmingham-Southern College, Latin, P. E. , Basketball Coach INGALLS, CATHERINE MRS. , B. S. , Univ. of Ala. , Home Economics, Home and Family Living JENNINGS, TOM, B. S. , Univ. of Ala. , Advanced Mathematics BURKETT. CHERRELL MRS. , B. S. , M. A. , Samford Univ., Univ. of Ala. , Librarian GARY, CREOLA MISS, B.A. , Miles College, 7th grade Math KING, CARLA MRS. , B.A. , Queens College, Institute of European Studies, Univ. of Ala. in B ' ham. , Art LAWSON, RUTH MRS. , B. S. , Univ. of Ala. , 9th grade Social Studies CHAFFIN, LOIS MRS. , A. B. , Florence State Univ. , 11th grade English KORMANY, ANDREW, B. M. , Westminster Choir College, Choral CLARK, LITA MRS. , B. S. , Univ. of Ala. , Speech and English COLE, ROBERT, M.A. , Univ. of Ala, New Mexico State Univ. , Vocational Guidance Counselor COOPER, JANE MRS. , B. S. , Mississippi State College for Women, 7th and 8th grade Math LAYNE, HAROLD, B.S. , MA. A. , Florence State Univ. Univ. of Ala. , Assistant Principal LEDUKE, LINDA MRS. , B. A. , Birmingham-Southern College, Unified Geometry LOVE, DENNIS, B.S. , Jacksonville State Univ. , P. E. DAVIS, JUNIOR, B.S. , Univ. of Ala., Drivers ' Educa- tion, Football Coach, Wrestling Coach DIXON, BARBARA MISS, B.S. , M.A. , Univ. of Monte- vallo, Univ. of Ala. , History McCAIN, LYNN MRS. , B. S. , Un iv. of Montevallo, Biology MEADOWS, WILLIAM, B.S. , Ala. A. and M. College, Science GLAZE, MYRTLE MRS. , A. B. , M.A. , Birmingham- Southern College, 12th grade English GODFREY, JACQUELINE MRS. , B. S. , Univ. of Ala.. Librarian McKAY. JEAN MISS, B.S. . Jacksonville State Univ. . M.A. , Certificate, Univ. of Ala. , English and History MILES, CHERYL MRS. , B. S. , Stillman College, P. E. GREGG, LINDA MRS. , A. B. , Birmingham-Southern College, Spanish MOON, RICHARD, B. S., Livingston Univ. , 7th grade Science GRIMES, MARY MRS. , B.S. , Jacksonville State Univ. , English HOLSOMBACK, ROY, B. S. , Univ. of Ala. , P. E. , Head Football Coach HOWELL, GEORGE, B.A. , David Lipscomb College, American History and Social Studies MUELLER, SARAH MISS, B. A. , Birmingham -Southern College, English MUSSLEMAN, MARGARET MRS. , B.S. , Troy State Univ. , Personal Typing and Bookkeeping NAIL. MICKIE MRS. , B.S. , Jacksonville State Univ. , 7th grade English 267 f POWERS, LINDA MRS. , B. S. , Univ. of Ala. , Govern- ment and Economics, American History REESE, ANNE MISS, B. A. , Birmingham-Southern Col- lege, Univ. of Ala. , Reed College, Mathematics and Algebra I ROGERS, JOHN, Univ. of Ala. , B. S. , Business Math, Bookkeeping SLAGLE, HARRY, B. A. , Auburn Univ. , Biology and General Science SMITH, JANET MRS. , B. S. E. , Athens College, P. E. SMITH, NANCY MRS. , B. A. , Carson Newman, 9th and 10th grade English SUDDETH, JOHN O. , A. B. , M. A. , Samford Univ. , Univ. of Ala, , Principal SWIM, MILDRED MISS, B. S. , B. S. , M.A. , Univ. of Ala. , Science but I still don ' t see why you need three cameras. TAYLOR, DORTHY MRS. , B. A. , Bennett College, Geometry, History, Algebra I THOMAS, ALAN, B. S., Auburn Univ. , English VAUGHN, JEWEL MISS, B. A., M.A., A. A. , Samford Univ., Peabody Univ. , Univ. of Ala., Guidance Coun- selor WEINARD, DONNA MRS. , B. S. , Univ. of Ala. , 7th grade Science WILLIAMS, JOICY MRS. , B. S. E. , Delta State College, P. E. WILLIAMS, MIKE, A. B. , Samford Univ. , 7th grade Social Studies YARBROUGH, GAYLEMISS, A. B. , Birmingham-Southern College, 8th grade English 268 G.A.V.S. FACULTY DIRECTORY ADAMS. JOANNE MRS. , B. S. , M. A. , Univ. of Mon- tevallo, Univ. of Alabama, B. O. E. I, II, III ALLDREDGE, ENOCH S. , Vocational Education, Jeffer- son State, Univ. of Alabama in B ' ham, Welding and Layout AUXFORD, YERBY T. , B. S. , Uvingston Univ. , Special Education BARGER, JAMES C. , B. S. , Livingston Univ. , T and I Co-op BECK, JANICE R. MRS. , B. S. , M.S. , Jacksonville State Univ. , Related Social Studies BECKER, LINDA R. MRS. , B. S. , Jacksonville State Univ. , Related Science BEVILL, LINDA MRS. , B. S. , Univ. of Alabama, Child Care BRYAN, JACK W. , Univ. of Alabama at B ' ham, Machine Technology CHILDRESS, PATRIQA MRS. , B.A. , B ' ham Southern College, Related Math CHRISTENSEN, C. A. , Jefferson State, Industrial Electronics COPELAND, TALMAGE L. , V. I. E. , Univ. of Alabama, Sheet Metal CREEL, ANGELON MRS. , B.S. , Univ. of Alabama, Related Math EGGE, MARGUERITE T. MRS. , B. S. , Auburn Univ. , B. O. E. EMERSON, DOUGLAS, Univ. of Alabama at B ' ham, Jefferson State, Machine Technology GARRISON, JIMMY C. , Type II Certificate, Univ. of Alabama at B ' ham, Jefferson State, Welding GAUBERT, KATHLEEN MRS. , B. S. , Master of Educa- tion, Louisiana State Univ. , English GREGG, ROBERT W. , B. S. , Florence Univ. , Univ. of Alabama, Distributive Education HAGOOD, HORACE M. , B. A. , Sanford Univ. , Howard College. B. O. E. HORNE, LARRY R. , A. B. , Birmingham Southern, His- tory and English HOWELL, KIRBY R. , B. S. , Sanford Univ. , Social Studies HUFF, MARTHA V. MISS. B.S. , Jacksonville State, Bookkeeping and Shorthand HUTCHENS, CORRY M. , B. S. , Master ' s Degree, Univ. of Alabama, Area School Supervisor JETTON, POPE, Associate in Science, Univ. of Alabama at B ham, Jefferson State, Auto Body Repair JOHNSON, JEROME B. , Carpentry and Cabinet Making JONES, ERA MRS. , Cosmetology JORDAN, MORTIMER, B. A. , Univ. of Ala. , History and English KELSO, OLIN, B.A. , Sanford Umv. , English KING, ROBERT, Type II Certificate, Univ. of Alabama at B ' ham, Industrial Electricity LeDUKE, TERRY, Univ. of Alabama, Auto Mechanics III McCAIN, ELLA BYRD MRS. , B. S. , Master of Science in Library Service, Alabama A M Univ. , Univ. of Michigan, Librarian McGRADY, WILLIAM B. , Welding McNUTT, JARETTA MRS. , B. S. , M. A. , Univ. of Alabama, Food Production and Service MARTIN, JEANETTE MISS, B. A. , Univ. of Monte vallo, Speech, Enghsh MOON, DON M. , B. S. , M. A. , Jacksonville State Univ. , Counselor MOORE. FRIENDLY MRS. . B.A. , Master of Education, Miles College, Alabama State Univ. , Counseling and Guidance at Univ. of Chicago, Tennessee A 1, Kan- sas State College, Univ. of Alabama, Counselor MOORE, LINDA MRS. , B. A. , Jacksonville State, Sam- ford Univ. , Communication OTWELL, ELTON H. , B. S. , M.S. , Auburn Univ. . Counselor 269 PARSONS, JAMES R. , B. S. , Univ. of Houston, Reading Improvement PARSONS, NOLAN R. , First Class Certificate, Univ. of Alabama at B ' ham, Jefferson State, Electronics WHITE, SHERRELL R. , B. S. , Auburn University, Ornamental Horticulture WIDEMAN, CLYTE, Type II Certificate, Univ. of Alabama at B ' ham, Auto Mechanics PIERCE, CAROLE MRS. , B. A. , Birmingham Southern, Related Math WILKENSON, MARGARET A. MRS. , B. S. , M.A. , University of Alabama, Special Education RICE, ALLBRITTON G. , V. 1. E. , Univ. of Ala. , Refrigeration and Air Conditioning SALISBURY, URSULA A. , B.A. , Livingston Univ. , Social Studies SANDERS, NOEL E. , B. S. , Jacksonville State, Elec- tronic Data Processing SELF, CHARLES W. , Attending Univ. of Ala. , Unit Record and Key Punch SMITH, SONIA L. MRS. , B. S. , Jacksonville State Univ. , Communication SNOW, DELIAH MRS. , B. S. , Univ. of Alabama, B. O. E. 1 SPRUILL, WILLIAM, Attending Univ. of Ala. at BTiarn Jefferson State College, Cosmetology STEWART, FRANCES C. MRS. , B. S. , Birmingham Southern, Communication STRICKLAND, JOHN, Univ. of Ala. Center, Drafting II and II and Related SUDDETH, BETTY MRS. , Alverson-Eraughn Business College, Library Assistant TAGGART, C. C. , A. B. , B. S. , Univ. of Ala. , Draft- ing THOMAS, EUZABETH P. MRS. , B. S. , Master ' s, Alabama A M College, Home and Family Living, Communications TULLY, CHARLEY W. , Univ. of Georgia, Automotive Mechanics WALLACE, JAMES B. , Howard, Samford Univ., Tech- nical Illustration WELLS, WILUAM, Type I Certi ficate, Univ. of Ala- bama at B ' ham, Electronic Communications WINGO, RALPH J. , University of Alabama at Birming- ham, Jefferson State, Auto Mechanics I 270 G.H.S. SENIOR DIRECTORY ABSHER, R. , Academic. ALEXANDER, R. , Academic. ANDERSON, D. , Acad. Football; Basketball; Baseball; G-Club; Pep Club; Track; Concert Choir, Vice- pres. BEASLEY, B. , Adv. Acad.; RENDEZVOUS STAFF; F.N. A.; Library Club; Marching and Concert Band; Pep Band. BELCHER, H. , Adv. Acad. Football; Basketball; Jr. Classical League; Homeroom Officer; Honor Math Club; Math Team; Trigonometry Award; Pep Club; Senior Superlative. BELCHER, M. , Adv. Acad. ; RENDEZVOUS STAFF; Science Club; National Honor Society; Math Team; NSF-SSTP Loyola University New Orleans; Math Club; Jr. Classical League; National Merit Scholar- ship Finalist. BREMMERMAN, L. , Acad. Ushers ' Club; Baseball. BROM, R. , Adv. Acad. , Jr. Classical League; Pep Club. BRYANT, K. , Acad. Pep Club; F. T. A. ; Maroon Girls. BURGETT, T. , Acad. , Jr. Classical League. CARDWELL, L. , Acad.;F. T.A. CARGILE, H. , Adv. Acad.; National Honor Society. CHANDLER, J. , Acad.; Pep Club; Ushers ' Club; G- Club; Football; Wrestling. COMPTON, A. , Adv. Acad.; National Honor Society; Student Council; Senior Superlative; Alabama Citizenship Conference; ' 68- ' 69 Outstanding Stu- dent Award; Math Team; Math Club; Jr. Classical League; Pep Club; RENDEZVOUS STAFF; Home- room Officer. COWGILL, S. , Acad.; Pep Club; RENDEZVOUS STAFF; F. T. A. ; Drama Club. CRAIG, K. , Adv. Acad.; Math Team; Science Club; Spanish Club; Pep Club; Student Council; Boys ' State; Senior Superlative; Math Club; Optimist Club Representative; RENDEZVOUS STAFF. DAVIS, A. , Adv. Acad.; Senior Superlative; National Honor Society; Marching Band; All-State and All- County Band; Science Club, Treasurer; Math Club, Vice-pres. , Math Team; Top-five AMTS. DODD, J. , Acad.; Art Club; Pep Club; Spanish Club; RENDEZVOUS STAFF; Ushers ' Club. DIAL, S. , Adv. Acad. ; Ushers ' Club; Pep Club; Celes- tial Delight; Miss Congeniality; Miss Rendezvous Pageant; Cheerleader, Head; Yearbook Favorite; Spanish Club; Class Favorite. ERUMMONDS. M. , Adv. Acad.; F. T. A. ; Jr. Classical League; Band; National Honor Society; Math Club. EASLEY, B. , Adv. Acad.; Jr. Classical League; Pep Club; Student Council, Treasurer; Red Cross, Treasurer; F. T. A.; Homeroom Officer; Senior Superlative. EDWARDS, S. , Acad. ; Concert Choir; Pep Club; All- State Chorus; Spanish Club; Homeroom Officer; Pianist for Concert Choir. ELLIOTT, N. , Acad. ; F. T.A. ; Marching and Concert Band; Pep Band; All-County Band. EVANS, D. , Acad.; F. N. A. , Pres. ; National Honor Society; Jr. Classical League. FRANKLIN, C. , Acad. ; Art Club. FREW, P. , Acad. ; Concert Choir; F. T.A. ; Cheerleader; Senior Class, Treasurer; Class Favorite; Homeroom Officer. GARNER, T. , Acad. ; Football; Basketball; Pep Club; Class Favorite; Homecoming Parade Marshall. GLOVER, R. GRAHAM, J. , Adv. Acad.; National Honor Society; Math Club; Math Team; Jr. Classical League; Latin Award; Algebra II Award; Chemistry Award; NSF-SSTP Loyola University, New Orleans; Ala- bama Citizenship Conference; Senior Superlative. GRANT, B. , Adv. Acad.; Jr. Classical League. GRAVELEE, V. , Academic. GREGG, F. , Acad.; Pep Club; Ushers ' Club; Drama Club; Class Favorite. GRIMES, S. , Academic. GUTHERY, B. , Adv. Acad.; RENDEZVOUS Editor; Band; National Honor Society; Latin Award; Jr. Classical League; Pep Club. GUTHRIE, D. , Acad. ; Football; F. T. A. ; Ushers ' Club; Pep Club; Homeroom Officer. HALL, D. , Adv. Acad. ; Jr. Classical League. HALL, P. , Adv. Acad. ; Pep Club; Red Cross; F. T. A. , Historian; Football; Student Council Vice-pres. HAMILTON, P. , Adv. Acad.; Student Council; Jr. Classical League; Homeroom Officer; Red Cross; Girls ' Choir. HARDEN, L. , Adv. Acad. ; National Honor Society; Spanish Club; Honor Math Club; F. T. A. ; Pep Club; Concert Choir; G.H.S. Ensemble; Title III Honors Program; All-State Chorus; RENDEZVOUS STAFF; Citizenship Seminar; Student Council; Girls ' Volley- ball Team; Cast of OKLAHOMA and TRIAL BY JURY. HARRIS, D. , Acad. , Pep Club; Art Club; ROCKET TIMES Staff; F. T. A. ; Spanish Club. HAIRSTON, J. , Acad.; Baseball; Senior Play; Transfer: Homeroom Officer; Baseball Letterman; Auto-Safety Club; Pro-Baseball Contract. HATFIELD, N. , Acad.; Band; All-County Band; Title 111 Honors Program; Samford Honor Band; Homeroom Officer; F. N. C. ; B. O. E. ; F. S. A. ; ROCKET TIMES Staff. HAYES, M. , General Form A Diploma; F. T. A. ; Concert Choir. HEISTAN, N. , Transfer: Ubrary Club; 4-H; F. H. A. ; 271 km-8732-272 Latin Club; Homeroom Officer; Pep Club; J. A. HOLCOMBE, L. , Academic. HOLMES, S. , Adv. Acad.; F. T. A.; Math Club; Class Favorite; Homeroom Officer; RENDEZVOUS STAFF. HUNTER, F, , Acad. ; F. T. A. ; Band; Ushers ' Club; Volleyball Team. HUTCHENS, R. , General Form A; Art Club; Pep Club; F. N. A. ; Spanish Club; National Honor Society. INGLE, S. , Library Club; ROCKET TIMES Staff; Drama Club; F. T. A. ; Pep Club; Volleyball Team; Sr. Girls ' Choir. INGRAM, J. , Acad.; Ushers ' Club; Football. JAMES, J. , Acad. ; F. T. A. ; Spanish Club; National Honor Society; RENDEZVOUS STAFF; Homeroom Officer. JOHNSON, A. , Adv. Acad.; Art Club; Ushers ' Club. JOHNSON, R. , Adv. Acad. JONES, P. , Acad.; Art Club, Treasurer. KENDRICK, S. , Adv. Acad.; Cheerleader; Homecoming Queen; Jr. Homecoming Maid; Yearbook Favorite; Spanish Club; Homeroom Officer; F. T. A. ; Pep Club. LATHEM, S. , Acad. ; Concert Choir; All-State Chorus; Red Cross; Homeroom Officer; Pep Club; Diama Club; ROCKET TIMES Staff; Oklahoma, Publicity Manager. LEE, M. , Academic. LEONARD, J. , General Form B. LESSER, L. , Acad.; Drama Club; F.N. A.; Choir. LINDSAY, B. , Adv. Acad. ; Jr. Classical League. LINTON, D. , Adv. Acad.; Spanish Club; RENDEZVOUS Staff; Cheerleader; Ushers ' Club; Pep Club. LONG, T. , Acad. ; Pep Club. MADARIS, D. , Adv. Acad.; Cheerleader, Head; Pep Club; F. T.A. ; Spanish Club; Girls ' State; Career for a Day Student; Class Favorite; Celestial Delight; Senior Superlative; RENDEZVOUS STAFF. MARCUM, R. , Adv. Acad. ; Jr. Classical League; Marching and Concert Band; Pep Band; Band Mana- ger; All-County Band; All-State Band. MARTIN, S. , Adv. Acad.; H omeroom Officer; F.T.A. ; Spanish Club, Vice-pres. ; National Honor Society; RENDEZVOUS Staff; Math Team; Maroon Girls; Math Club; Spanish Club; Pep Club. MATTOX, G. , Acad.; Art Club; Ushers ' Club; Student Council. MAYFIELD, S. , Acad.; Jr. Classical League; F. T. A.; Youth for Christ; Red Cross. MAYFIELD, V. , Adv. Acad. , RENDEZVOUS STAFF; Campus Life; Red Cross; Jr. Classical League. MAYHALL, M. , Acad.; Title III Honors Band; Samford Honor Band; All-County 4 years; All-State Band; CitizensJiip Seminar; Band Manager; Student Direc- tor; Drama Club; Science Club; All-State Ensemble. MILLER, P. , Adv. Acad. ; National Honor Society; Math Club; Maroon Girl; RENDEZVOUS STAFF: F. T.A. ; Ushers ' Club; Pep Club; Student Council; Concert Choir; Citizenship Award; Sr. II English Award; G. H. S. Ensemble; Homeroom Officer; All-State Chorus; Spanish Club; Cast of OKLAHOMA and TRIAL BY JURY. MITCHELL, S. . Adv. Acad.; Football; Pep Club; Ushers ' Club; Jr. Classical League. MYRICK, F. , Acad. ; Pep Club. MYRICK, P. , Acad.; F. T.A. ; Maroon Girl; Pep Qub; Homeroom Officer; Ushers ' Club; Student Council; Concert Choir. McCRARY, L. , Acad.; Pep Club. MORGAN, T. , Acad. ;Pep Club; Jr. Class, Vice-pres.; Basketball; Baseball; Football; Ushers ' Club; All- County Football; G-Club. NEELY, P. , Pep Club. NICHOLS, R. , Academic. NORRIS, C. , Adv. Acad.; Concert Choir. OGLETREE, K. , Acad. ; Campus Life; Homeroom Offi- cer; RENDEZVOUS STAFF; D. A. R. Good Qtizenship Award; F. T.A.; Spanish Club. OSBORN, G. , Acad.; Concert Choir; Jr. Classical League; Football; Class Favorite. PARKER , B. , Adv. Acad. ; Maroon Girl; F. T. A. ; Pep Club; National Honor Society; Spanish Club. PARKER, J. , Acad.; F. T.A.; Pep Club; Drama Club; Sr. Girls ' Choir. PAYNE, F. , Acad. ; Football; Basketball; Concert Choir; Pep Club; Ushers ' Club. PRESSNELL, S. , Adv. Acad. , Marching and Concert Band; All-County Band 2 years; Pep Band; Student Council. QUICK, K. , Acad.; Football; Baseball; Pep Club; Ushers Club. REED, M. , Academic. RUSSELL, K. , Acad. , Pep Club; Jr. Classical League; Football. RUSSELL, K. , Acad. ; F. T. A. ; Jr. Classical League; Red Cross; Pep Club; Ushers ' Club. SAMPLE, P. , Acad.; Ushers ' Club; Pep Club; G-Club; Football; Basketball; All-County Baseball; Home- room Officer. SCOTT, D. , Acad. ; Pep Club; Volleyball Team; Trans- fer: Raiderette; Girls ' Letter Club; French Club; Homeroom Officer; Inter-Club Council. SCHMITT, S. , Adv. Acad.; Basketball; Baseball; Jr. Classical League; National Honor Society; Senior Superlative; Homeroom Officer; Senior Favorite; Jefferson County Citizenship Tour; Jefferson County Optimist Club, Youth Week. SMITH, T. , Acad.; Football; G-Club, Pres. ; Baseball; Homeroom Officer; Concert Choir, Pres. ; Cast of OKLAHOMA; Drama Club; Senior Superlative; Drama Award. SMITH, J. , Acad.; F. T. A. ; Jr. Classical League; Drama Club. SYLVESTER, D. , Adv. Acad.; Football; G-Club; Span- ish Club; Science Club; RENDEZVOUS STAFF; Concert Choir; Pep Club; B.M. O. C. TATE, G. , Acad.; Band; Girls ' Chorus; MISS RENDEZ- VOUS; RENDEZVOUS STAFF; ROCKET TIMES STAFF; F. N. A. , Pres. ; B. O. E. Club; Homeroom Officer. TATUM, D. , Acad. ; Science Club; Campus Life; Art Club; Art Award; ROCKET TIMES; First Prize Science Fair. THOMAS, B. , Adv. Acad. ; Jr. Classical League; Student Council, Vice-pres. ( ' 68- ' 69), Parlia- mentarian, ( ' 69- ' 70); Senior Class Pres.; Senior Superlative. TILLMAN, J. , Acad. ; Marching and Concert Band; Pep Band; All-State Band; All- County Band; Title 111 Honors Program; Assistant Student Director. WATSON, K. , Adv. Acad.; Student Council, Treasurer; National Honor Society; F. T.A. , Secretary; Span- ish Club; Honor Math Club, Secretary; RENDEZ- VOUS STAFF; Spanish Award; Pep Club. Secretary; Ushers ' Club; Senior Class Secretary. WALTHALL, E. , Adv. Acad.; Art Club; Campus Life; Title III Honors Program. WADE, J. , Adv. Acad.; Art Club;Campus Life. WALL, L. , Acad.; Pep Club; Jr. Classical League; Concert Choir; Drama Club; MISS RENDEZVOUS, 1st Alternate ' 70, 2nd Alternate ' 69; Cast of OKLAHOMA and TRIAL BY JURY; ROCKETS TIMES. WILSON, D. , Acad.; Jr. Classical League; Ushers ' Club; Library Club; Campus Life. WHITAKER, A. , Adv. Acad.; Math Club; Jr. Classical League; National Honor Society; Lions Club Mont- gomery; Y-Camp Representative; Homeroom Officer; Senior Class Vice-pres. WHITAKER, T. , Adv. Acad.; Pep Club. VINES, M. , Adv. Acad.; Basketball; National Honor Society; Math Club, Pres.; Science Club; Geo- metry and Biology Awards; Senior Superlative. GREER, K. , Adv. Acad.; Cheerleader, National Honor Society; Secretary, Student Council; Senior Super- lative; Christmas Seal Princess; Senior Homecom- ing Maid; Pep Club; Concert Choir; Spanish Club; F, T.A.; Vice-President, Homeroom; Junior Class Secretary; Class Favorite. 273 G.A.V.S. SENIOR DIRECTORY ABNEY, D. , Voc. ; V.I. C. A. ; P. E. ABSHER, K. , Gen. B. ; V.I. C. A. ; Campus Life. ADKINS, K. , Voc; V.I. C. A. ; Refrigeration Cluh, Pres. ARCHER, P. , Voc.; V. P. Sr. Class; Senior Superla- tive; Student Council; V. I. C. A. ; Galaxy s Grandest; B. O. E. Club, V. P. ; B. O. E. Co-op; Paper Staff; Pep Club. ARMSTRONG, G. , Voc.; V.I.C. A.; Welding. BAGWELL, B. , Voc. BAILEY, D. , Gen. B. ; V.I.C. A.; B. O. E. Club; 4-11 Club; Glee Club; Art Club; Sec. Asst. BAILEY, M. , Voc. ; V. I. C. A. ; V. P. , Welding; J. A. BARLOW, A. , Voc. BARNETT, S. , Gen. B. ; Homeroom Officer; G.A.V.S. RENDEZVOUS Staff; Pep Club. BARR, G. , Voc; V Club; T. T.A. ; B. O. E. ; Sec. Asst. BELCHQ , T. , Voc; V.I.C. A. BLACK, C. , Voc.; B. O. E. Co-op Club; NBA Typing Award; V. I. C. A. ; Paper Staff; Sec Asst. BLANKENSHIP, W. , Voc. BOONE, E. , Voc BRANHAM, C. , Voc. ; V.I.C. A.; Homeroom Offi- cer; Senior Superlative. BROOKS, R. , Gen. B. ; 4-H Club; Basketball; Foot- ball; Track; V.l. C. A. ; Student Council. BROWN, F. , Gen. B. BROWN, F. , Gen. B. BRUCKS, C. , Voc; B. O. E. Co-op Club; Pep Staff; Glee Club. BUTLER, G. , Gen. B. BYRD, C. , Voc; B. O. E. Co-op; F. S.A.; Typing Efficiency Award. CAIN, A. , Gen. B. ; Red (Yoss; Pep (Tub; V.I.C. A. CARLISLE, B. , Voc.; B. O. E. Co-op Club; F. S.A.; V. I. C. A. ; Pep_ Club; G. A. V. S. RENDEZVOUS Staff; Red Cross; Ushers ' Club; Sec. Asst. CAIALDO, T. , Gen. B. ; V.I.C. A. GARY, B. , t en. B. ; B. c E. Club; F. S.A.; Student ( :ouncil; V. I. ( ' . A. ; Pep (Tub; Campus Life. (. LARK, C. , Cen. B. ; Science (:lub; Football. CLARK. R. , Voc COLBURN, R. , Gen. B. COBB, J. , Voc; Art ( lub; I.A.; lli-Y Cluh. COCHRAN, W. , Voc ; F. S. A. ; F. T. A. ; Pep Club; V.l. C. A. ; Sec Asst. ; ( " ampus Life. COLLINS, J. , Gen. B.; B. O. F. Club; Pep (Tub. ;ONN, D. , Gen. B. ; V. I. C. A. ; 4-11; Football. COOK, L. , Voc COX, L. , Voc; B. O. E. Co-op Club. ( " OX, P., Voc: B. O. E. Co-op (Tub; Paper Staff; Majorette; Band; Choral; Soph. Beauty; Pep (Tub. DAVIS, R. , Gen. B. DENSMORE, M. , Voc. ; Band Sponsor; B. O. E. Club; Class Favorite; V.I.C. A. Club; Sec. Asst.; Campus Life; F. S.A. Club; F. T.A. Club; Pep Club; RENDEZVOUS Staff. DILL, W. , Gen. B. DOBBS, B. , Voc. DOSS, D. , Gen. B. DOSS, Y. , Voc. ; Transfer: Student Council; Red Cross; Pierian Literary Society; D. E. ( lub. DRISKILL, L. , Gen. B. ; F. H. A. Club; Homeroom Officer; Pep Club; Choral; V. 1. C. A. ; J. A. DUNN , D. , Gen. B. ; V. 1. C. A. ; Sec. of Lab. ELKINS, G. , Voc ; V. I. C. A. ; Student Council, V.P. ; Pep (Tub; Senior Superlative; Student of the Montli; Welding Award. ELLARD, G. , Voc; V.I.C. A. EVANS, E. , Gen. B. ; V. I. C. A. ; Football; Baseball. FASSINA, K. , Voc. FOTTE, S. , Gen. B. ; Basketball. FREEMAN, H. , Gen. B. ; D. E. C. A. Club. GIBSON, L. , Voc. GILBERT, B. , Voc.; D. E. C. A.; V.I.C. A. Club; Science (Tub; Math (Tub. GOODWIN, K. , Voc; Homeroom Officer; Pep (Tub. GRAHAM, B. , Voc.; Campus Life. GRAVES, T. , Voc.; State V. I. C. A. Club, P;iilia- mentarian; Ikimeroom Gifficer. GRIFFIN, C. , Voc. ; B. ( E. ; Honor Award; Cheer- leader; Student (AHincil; Homeroom Officer; F. S.A. (Tub, V. P. ; Senior Superlative; Career Day; Office Asst. GRIFFIN, E. , Gen. B. ; V.I.C. A. Club. HACKNEY, D. , Voc; B. O. E. Co-op Club; Pep (Tub. HALE, B. , Voc. ; B. O. E. Co-op Club; V. I. C. A. Club; Pep Club; B. O. E. Club; F. T.A. (Tub; Red Cross; Sr. Rep. HALL, D. , Voc. ; F. S.A. , Pres.; Homeroom (Officer; Class Favorite; Student ( ouncil, Ireas.; Sr. Superlative. HALL, D. , Class Favorite; Red (Yoss; Library Club; Pep Club; (YT-op (Tub, Treas. ; F. S.A. (Tub, B-Team i hcerlender. (Tub; Football. ( " orresponding Sec ; ( hoir; HALL, G. , Gen. B. ; V.I. C. A. HALL, J. , Gen. B. HAMILTON, P., Voc; B. ( E. Library Club; IVp (Tub. HARBISON, C. , Voc. HARDEN, D. , Gen. B. : B. O. E. HEATEN, R. , Voc HILL, V. , Gen. B. ; Pep (Tub; . I. ( A. HINKLE, R. , Senior Class, FYes. ; (Yimpus Fife, Pre Senior Superlative; V. 1. C. A. ; C. A. V. S. RENDEZVOUS Staff, Editor. IH LLIS, R. , t eii. P.; Senior (Tass, Pres; Football; Club: V. I. C. A. (Tub; Choral Club. 274 Baseball. HOLMES, P. , Gen. B. ; Red aoss; B. O. E. ; Pep Club; Sec. Asst. HOLT, J. , Gen. B. HOPPER, J. , Voc. ; B. O. E. ; V. I. C. A. ; F. S. A. ; Pep Club; F. T.A. HUDGENS, L. , Voc. ; V. I. C. A. HUMPHREY, L. , Voc; 10th grade Homecoming Main; B. O. E. , Pres. ; Pep Club; Glee Club; Homeroom Officer. ISBELL, D. , Gen. B. ; V. I. C. A. JACKSON, D. , Gen. B. ; V. I.C.A. JACKSON, M. , Gen. B. ; Science Club; Hi-Y Club. JAMES, B. , Voc. ; Student Council, Chaplain; Cam- pus Life, Treas. ; Homeroom Officer; V.l. C. A. ; F. S. A. ; Concert Choir Award; Choir; Maroon Girl; Pep Club; B. O. E. JOHNSTON, S. , Voc. ; V. I. C. A. ; Choral; Pep Club; Reading Award; Class Favorite. JONES, D. , Voc; V. I.C.A. ; Homeroom Officer; F. S. A. ; B. O. E. JONES , M. , Voc. ; Hi-Y Club; V. 1. C. A. KELSO, M. , Gen. B. ; Baseball; Basketball; Red Cross; Homeroom Officer; V. I.C.A. KEY, M. , Voc; V.I. C. A. KNIGHT, W., Voc, V. I. C. A. LACEY , L. , Gen. B. ; V. 1. C. A. LANEY, J. , Voc. ; B. O. E. ; V. 1. C. A. ; G. A. V. S. RENDEZVOUS Staff; Sr. Class Chaplain; Home- room Officer; F. S. A. ; Campus Life; Student Council Sec. Rep. ; N. B. E. Award; Pep Club; Sec. Asst. LAWRENCE, M. , Voc; B. O. E. ; Co-op Club; F. S.A. Homeroom Treas. ; Pep Club; Homeroom Sec. ; B. O. E. LEATHERWOOD, C. , B. O. E. LEATHERWOOD, M. , Voc; Campus Life; B. O. E. Club; F. S.A. Club; Club Reporter. LEATHERWOOD, W. , Voc; V.l. C. A. Club. LINTON, M, , Voc. , Dental Clinic Queen; B. O. E. Co-op Club; Pep Club; B. O. E. Club. LITTLE, L. , Voc ; Pres. of Temp. Tamers; Chair- man of Activity Comm. ; V. I. C. A. ; Homeroom Vice -Pres. LITTRELL, J. , Voc; B. O. E. Co-op Club. LOEBLER, M. , Voc. ; Ref. and Air Cond. Honor Award; Treasurer of Temp. Tamers. LOVE, S. , Voc ; B. O. E. Club; B. O. E. Co-op Club; Pep Club; G.A.V.S. RENDEZVOUS Staff; V.I.C. A. Club; Sec. Asst.; NBET Typing Award. LYNN, K. , Gen. B. ; B. O. E. ; 4-H Club; School Choir. MALONE, K. , Voc; Science Club; B. O. E. Club; V.I. C. A. Club. MALONE, K. , Voc; B. O. E. Club; Pep Club. MARSH, S. , Voc. MARTIN, R. , Voc. ; B. O. E. Co-op Club; V. 1. C. Club; Sec. and Treas. of Homeroom; Pep Club; B. O. E. Club; Art Club; Sec. Asst. MASON, S. , Voc; B. O. E. Co-op. McANNALLY, D. , Gen. B. McCLAIN, M. , Gen. B. McCOY, C. , Voc. McCHESNEY, J., Gen. B. ; V.I.C. A. Club; D. E. McGlNNlS, T. , Gen. B. McGUlRT, D. , Gen. B. ; B. O. E. Club; F. S. A. Club; Pep Club; V. I. C. A. Club. McKINNEY, R. , Voc. ; B. O. E. j F. S. A. Club; B. O. E. Co-op Club; Pep Club; Art Club. McNElLL, C. , Voc; B. O. E. Club; F. S.A. Club, Rec Sec. ; Sec. V.I.C. A. Club; Homeroom Officer; Pep Club; Sec. Asst. MELTON, P. , Voc. ; Plymouth Trouble Shooting Contest; Science Award; Auto Mechanics Award; V.I. C. A. Club. MILLER, C. , Voc. ; Majorette; Band; Campus Life; G.A.V.S. RENDEZVOUS Staff; B. O. E. Club; V.I. C. A. Club; F. S. A. Club; Pep Club; Home- room Officer. MITCHELL, D. , Gen. B. MONK, S. , Voc. ; Ind. Elect.; Pres. V.I.C. A. Club. MONTGOMERY, P. , Gen. B. ; B. O. E. Club; F. S. A. MOON, S. , Voc; Campus Life; Pep Club; B. O. E. Club; G.A.V.S. RENDEZVOUS Staff. MOORE, K. , Voc; Elec Award; Senior Superlative; RENDEZVOUS Staff; Student Instructor. MOORMAN, D. , Gen. B.; Transfer; Library Asst.; Library Club; Red Cross; Youth for Christ. MURPHY, J. , Voc. MURPHY, P. , Gen. B. NAIL, J. , Voc; NBET Typing Award; B. O. E. Co- op Club; Campus Life; Pep Club; Art Club; B. O. E. Club; Paper Staff; Sec. Asst. NIX, G. , Gen. B. N IX, R. , Gen. B. ; Art Club. PAGE, D. , Voc; Honor Student; V. I. C. A. Club. PARSONS, H. , Voc; State Pari, of V.I.C. A. Club; Vice-President of the Student Council; Senior Superlative; Senior Class Favorite; Pep Club. PATCHEN, E. , Gen. B. ; F. H.A. Club. PERKINS, P. , Voc.; Art Club; G.A.V.S. RENDEZ- VOUS Staff; V. I. C. A. Club; Pep Club. PERRY, P. , Acad.; Homeroom Officer; Band; Lib.; Social Studies Award; B. O. E. Co-op Sec. ; F. S. A. Qub, Treas. PIERCE, B. , Gen. B. ; Baseball, Asst. Coach. POLLARD, B. , Gen. B. ; V. I. C. A. ; Treas. of Homeroom; Pep Club; B. O. E. Club; Girls ' Choir; 4-H Club. POUNDERS, F. , Voc; G.A.V.S. RENDEZVOUS Staff; V.I.C. A. Club; F. S.A. Club; NBET 275 Typing Award; Senior Superlative; B. O. E. Club; Pep Club; Campus Life. POWELL, R. , Gen. B. PRICE, C. , Gen. B. ; B. O. E. Club; V. 1. C. A. Club. QUICK, D. , Voc. REED, D. , Voc. REID, A. , Voc. REID, E. , Soph. Queen; Student Council Sec. ; Pep Club; V,I. C. A. Club. RHOADES, S. , Voc; English Award; Library Club; V.I.C. A. Club. RICE, L. , Gen. B. ; Campus Life; Senior Class Treasurer. RICE, S. , Gen. B. ; Campus Life; Senior Girls ' Choir; Student Council; B. O. E. Club; V. 1. C. A. Club; Pep Club. REID, A. , Voc; 4-H; Pep Club; V. I. C. A. Club. RINGFIELD, C. , Gen. B. ROBERTS, A. , Gen. B. ; Student Council; Ushers ' Club. ROBERTS , A. , Gen. B. ROBERTS, D. , Gen. B. ROPER, A. , Gen. B. ; Art Club. RUTHERFORD, G. , G.A.V.S. RENDEZVOUS Staff; V.I. C. A. Club Reporter. SANFORD, G. , Voc.; V.I.C. A. Club. SELF, J. , Voc. SHARPE, L. , Gen. B. SINIARD, L. , Gen. B. SMITH, F. , Gen. B. ; V.I. C. A. Club. SMITH, S. , Voc. SNIDER, B. , Gen. B. ; Pres. of Machine Shop Lab. STANFORD, J. , Gen. B. ; Vice-Pres. of Temp. Tamers; V.I. C. A. Club. STARKS, N. , Voc; V. 1. C. A, Club. STARTLEY, G. , Gen. B. ; V. I. C. A. Club. STARTLEY, S. , Voc. TERRY, M. , Gen. B. ; Baseball; V.l. C. A. Club. TERRY, P., Voc; Treas. oflnd. Elec ; V. I. C. A. Sub- Club. TIDEWELL, K. , Voc. ; NBET Typing Award; V. I. C. A. Club; Glee Club; Pep Club; Sec. Asst. TRAPP, B. , Gen. B. TRAVIS, T. , Gen. B. ; V.I.C. A. Club. TUPKELEWICZ, J. , Gen. B. VANCE, N. , Gen. B. VANCE, R. , Voc. ; Draftiig Award; V. I. C. A. Club; Senior Favorite. VANN, D. , Gen. B. VANN, F. , Gen. B. VICKERS, J., Voc; V. I. C. A. Club. WALKER, S. , Voc; V. I. C. A. Club; B. O. E. Club; B. O. E. Co-op; Lib. Asst.; Lib. Club. WATHALL, T. , Voc. WARD, D. , Voc; V. I. C. A. Club, Treas.; Pres. of Child Care Lab; V. I. C. A. Club. WILKERSON, J. , Voc; Pep Club; Choral; NBET Typ- ing Award. WILLIAMS, S. , Voc; B. O. E. Co-op Club; Senior Superlative; NBET Typing Award; Salesman- ship and School Spirit Certif. of Achievement; B. O. E. Club; F.N. A. Club; V. I. C. A. Club; 4-H Club; G.A.V.S. ROCKET TIMES, Editor; Senior Class Sec. ; Homeroom Officer; Sec, Assistance. WILSON, L. , Voc WILSON, S. , Voc. ; B. O. E. Co-op Club; Pep Club; Concert Choir; Cheerleader. WOOD, A. , Gen. B. ; F. T.A. Club; Home Ec Club; Pep Club. WOODS, R. , Voc. WORTHAM, A. , Voc; Pep Club; Safety Committee. WYNN, K. , Gen. B. ; V.I.C. A. Club; F.S.A. Club. YORK, R. , Gen. B. ; V.l. C.A. Club. 276 The end of another year and the end of another edition of the Rendezvous has come. Oui task was to offer something you would like now and appreciate later. We tried to take the everyday things - the little things that maybe you don ' t really think about as being a part of you and also the moments that time erased as quickly as they had been created - and place them neatly into the pattern of your life here at Gardendale. I would like to give my thanks to the 1970 year- book staff and especially to Mrs. Linda Gregg for helping me collect these once-in-a-lifetime things into a book of memories. itK) Mttt u. TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY " The World ' s Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made " J

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Gardendale High School - Rendezvous Yearbook (Gardendale, AL) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


Gardendale High School - Rendezvous Yearbook (Gardendale, AL) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


Gardendale High School - Rendezvous Yearbook (Gardendale, AL) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


Gardendale High School - Rendezvous Yearbook (Gardendale, AL) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


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