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. 1593? wx? l QW HK Q3 -.,,.f At. 4l'4 VL Q','Kj4 4' , I f I XQ XIX J X, VHXNX ffm! fl ,L f Xiu -1 if KJ Y --fx f 1 , - Q -2 - 3 W1 WL f fi Ni, 4-ilbfx' K4 xx -. ff 'fu J W Lf A 4 CM ,,,h. ,Q q. NCQ, pa K1 U Y, M JU I ' U -lb 1 C1, dQ" - M5 .ks rf J C ' JUMQJ5 E, gif ' vx,,.f3 X ' X3 ' fax is X A - R52 , xkqffbrl ia , MIA? F 'x72Kf5'?QfwWm W Ok we 'iff jk W wif af? X ok P? A mb gg? S XE Nw lg g Q V gi S Nm Z . S ,X X .1 xr' cl? 7?fffAE - iN 1 S ' Ku Q VK . X X Q ws gag? A A . w ' , ' 'X My A ' 'Q 'X "l E E Q gi fi jJff2Q Q 70f,fz,Q , . QAX P 3 x A 6 XX S N I I -I g 45 53 3 QE is N SQ W WW ffffilew 5 'E f X3 gms! 470 ffffffff ,xxx E flZ'5'74? .4729 1512.5 L4- !ffi 4 .1 z,Q!,, f "73z9'fvW1'ffZ v g,j-jg , A . Q - L wg- A P .- . - , gn A rw ,V -, 1 Q. . ' , ' 131gQgQg1wf1 ' A , . .1 V A V , '. ,V Q. wif: iT?ggS?'5 si I- -A 4, - - g ff. 5' , ' . - - -mea, - ygagfd 5, '-f-,nv-4, .. X, f,-, my .-fv. , ,lx , 3 , tg, 'N W, s -Q ,ny Jvljifw 45, .- xl.. , Q . ., , .. fi-:LG,,,-.jgmgf W, .Qmwahwf , 31,1 , 5 UT 'V fuk, Vgfwxfx tpbdt SU- " A xii L NWA Ln Q3 S ,A Q CWM by ax wf Q' WNc5 9 V V X' 1 U ' N x 1 .Q.,y-QQQL-f6'9f Liihx xisomg Urrgipj R' U 'NX' :Nil ME ' mf, JIU me 'vw W wjnfs L , . Yr-ff 'Jw ' fn ,qyfffj , ' -W W' ff- A QW .QSQW M by myv 69 SXIXSOJ IQ. .X Nui WXJU XMQS .xx I U . F SXXXX h XNSXN, 4 ' X ,vu W ,-,NXXXX X XQJ A gf v . U PY XJ Ur 26131 , may L igxxfl X LN-UK, M55 E 050 . N ALXNCQS yd XXXL! U37 ' ALM' M5591 N 'X A X WM I 24,5 ttwpifijg ,Q xy' 1?,j,XX,U'NX Lu M Qfxgx B' Ffv K . 1. X' xv :V Ng. wg , 34 5 .X NY. N , .4,-,,. X " s JJ' fy , Q . , , f , .,,,.g : .-gf X -" , :lik ' ,auf ,' 3 -' JF? X-'.ll "' W . 1'-5, 1 -, A I .5-sq .. .V 'iff - r ?g,3iA fr 1 4 Lv- 'iii . ' 5 ' .-.1 an .9 N , f'1-3555-z SQ - jd ' - A .,. . ' '-ga V f-Em. , . 3 ', it-fjZ,,:'n-, - 5,-a vian ' -4: " A-1-:g 1 -,3 , A 1., , , f'1,1 af'x1" YV -Q11 f K ,-,fhzzp ', J N " !fK."- 7" .fi '--fE352'1 ' -r 'fy' Q2 213,55 wk? ,1-4, ,Q ,,f,1g"?'M' 5114 1 9-f--Ml' "3-W? 4:5 1' 1 'VV -,Z N. 'Z ' , H-. r- N y' I EL '.5- '15.f'i,E3 sz' ,ef J 'wp . 31,1 fl 22353 L - H ' L - "MQ: 4 1 av Q1-J'-' in' ' : -gf T 1 T' . '?"' 3-1' S. M un ,if ' .1-W -L",,' ' 157 F. -, ' ' fi Qx gdffwz . x wif' ,4,. 'V g I - l 1. Sta K -" -I M' ,s 1 xf', M v -. 1 if 5 1 , ,. , gn me. ' - . 1 '1" We-5-4-'iff' ' .,,.::J, vXM?,., WH. , 1 " 1 '4 'wv.f'5,'.' Jv "k"XSi:i Y .Tig .. gym: ff W vb Ml 5 I 1 2 BREAKING TRADITION H . -il ,X- f X If If X , f ff X ff lr, f ' if " fx' fx , ' f f f f f I 7 f I X Y f fl X ff X f X ff ff., 12 X- ,f ! I I I I I 1 I I C07 f X' ' BREAKING TRADITION 3 f! 1 f' I Q' V very nmportont peopl ' 1 AQ 1 2 4i'I, - '.L , fe A f' ' .' 5 - -' l W ff: RDS FROM OUR S' V NISO FIRST IMP guidance MFMB FRS ON' . WAV 'Fl FN G I' rl MFDAI ISTS umportcsnt people and peop i'llGrll lCrll' 1 IASTINQ :Wa-'rsslf wo .un Q JH? FND' I ed" 1984 A ' I xx" . nf It and feel the. Influence . . I 6 I v Y Q . HJ., 7 S 1 I ' O. L ff I Q 1 Q 9 s , ' ' , 4 C ' X I .F 0 ' 7 ' ' s. 0 n 4 I , QQ 1 J S " 'V ay 0 ' I . W 'I .g Q M 1 ' 4 f . I, W 1 . ,1 I , A , F .Fi -f 4 Q 1 , 4 . I' 'Q ,I ' ' A 'TA ' 'fy I-HW ,ph f 5 N ' 3 - I 9 o Y' , i 0 , Q. 3 Q 59 5 ,a 1 .vs I v ,I I I I ' M H ' 0 5 ' . . I' N 2 ' x S 5 S ' 1' T. . 5 ' . . . Y . A' . Q I ' A IMPACT 1984: BREAKING TRADITION cj THEME EXPLANATIUN .gl 9 A D ,:'?F,?t V . 541: . 0 , - 1 , , 4 FIRST IN PQESSIONF ' ,gj?. ,V , , n wt! , ,J -I .. E. fx :- W ',. w ,l v M '-:. 5 -4-1 f Q 313 4 , 1,65 L , V. , 'I ' A' 1 K Q J V33 4 W W" l. A l H W , W fa h 4 1 H was iifwg treva gray W 1 i 1 i 4 1 1 1 P 1 i 1 f M ,N ,,7- M . , ,1 A . ,1 -A-aw , 11,5fj'l51fi?52E?9ii5Si11?i-K ff? S n lv' '5 :F ' fe . 11105,-' Hffhgffi. ' "S5'?fi my 'L 2 ,411 rl., wx 'Q-,1. 1 4 A ,K it M2190 ,wg.::f . fw' hw ,, 1-1 f f M A -, '49 A 1 wwf .A F Q EQ ' 1 -"-'::,w.1w'.+? 11:35. fe.-W1 1, 11 A1 1 -Q11 , 3 X 1 19 xx 1 gi k . 1 4 1 .J W , W1 L G 5-1 ' 5 'Q , .. ' -I " in 1 , H fig, - 1 .H 1 , 1 .T 1 QW 3' X. , U , LOOK TOWARD THE FUTURE . . . 'E F Tw IWW' ' Am. E+' .ir 'A' 1? ,ag , Q Q V fv 'C .sm f , . . ,AQ , T mM,d,,,.v"' 3V f'v1?H FIRST IMPRESSIONS 9 i 1 T f N N T i 9 3 ! L j 10 FIRST IMPRESSIONS L ggi v 1 vat.. gf, X Xawrorn . P, Y P. , gf Q x..... X -A L- 'V 1 W-Q+'.'I..1 ' ' : , lfrfi ' Wm' F" E ,V X N 1 sw 4. . fi g V - 1 fgjw 2 'C' ,K 2 V Es .v ww 33' :.'mey SWAL ' wr-IZ LSP'-"-294' N-wwfhfp rx-M M 52 "W ar- Aa in X ' ' ,rx '11 ugmkir W ' u. al 'V , V'C'.ff 'J -' .'9'ff K -. in 1, 4 x s - , Nw W 1, v , --- F !. BUT OT SO F R "WQ1iiQkr21??i5f K ,HM,,M,,.. , . , .Mffh-f, V M f 1' , . ., y R. b 3 12 FIRST IMPRESSIONS if P- W .xg., 4 A 1.1 W.. 4' ' if' MAX Q31 f f f v'f'P. I. "1 ' v J' -"r ' n'. " , 4, P q,5,,,k tfjf' WM ,lf tmq A. , NJANM, W , n. L 715: .VV N V yur.. 4 .W - Wag? ' A-Sui :Wg 'Q gjq 5'5h, V1 J'-E, .. ,gq.',q,' - .I .A -u.. . S4 A 6 f- YY, F L- ' , '-w ' --D, ,,g. V, -,TT ' K . M , I' x"5" lf," v M V ' . 'X ff " WN ' A - 4 N ,fy . - Pg, 1- 4 + V ,V x,-gt, VY aa W1 ,. mg., fig'-M. I Q. ' ' 1. ' - ' '4 ' ' 1541. V ' P-' K lv ,.'a.n" my I X mumm- 1 , K, Mg Q vs-K, .V ,Y rw: - :' ,fqfw 1 snr, fa Q 14 THAT YOU CAN'T SEE TGDAY . . . Q john hinton Xiu- .2 -n P4 'wk ,f Ma J 'H if ,jflfc FIRST IMPRESSIONS 13 I .. V WBT . N , G1 ' , MNH N X, J Qu -, Q5 :O INCGJY! N, 'V k ix ,9' 5' A - N! L yy -www' 3, ,V X Xffi?fN u 23 ,X 'L XNWMW SX X X B ' J' Q xx fJJ" , X .9 sb q I S S 5 5 guidance quarters- Q 'L I I i GQ - It has been responsible for the educational excellence of our student body. No, it wasn't the magazine, but our yery own GUIDANCE QUARTERS, alias faculty. Forming the framework this year was a varied array of dedicated people including teachers, administrators, counselors, and aides. The supporting column was in the form of a new principal, Mr. Charles Stewart, who was the former principal of Bancroft lunior High in Hollywood. impressed as to the degree of skill our faculty possessed, he said, IIOur teachers have the right combination of abilities and skills. I am proud of the outstan- ding staff at Gardena High school." From Back-To-School Night to Graduation Day, the faculty guided us through the year, preparing us to meet the challenges of tomorrow and beyond. ka Savoring the flavor of noodles in a Z. + M--.R A c,---""' .. Y -ww cap... ----an--me Q . Xi f- K . x T . E . t . ' t " ' A f. 4 s -v"-'!"'. sss, A N A VVDRD . . . DISTINGUISHED as Lg.. in ,, .c Caught in the act! Ayako Motoyasu displays an unknown side of her role ltting Hteacherf' around the Vegamobile, Luis ,Vega prepares to go, cruising A.-it -.. 1 'Ss , I6 GQ gslurps up his lunch contentedly. CHARLES STEWART Principal LOUVONIA HALL Assistant Principal TAKESHI FUKUSHIMA Assistant Principal sf S4 1 r :" wif 13 CATHY NEWMAN N Administrative Dean ,1 ,E CHARLES HEALY Head Counselor GQ 17 DIANA AMANO Counselor M N WM! ws 2, X Q 4 ' R 2 of A 4 . , is ff 32 13 il Y RICHARD CODY Counselor IANE COFFELT Counselor 'QSFQ' AVALEE HORN Counselor 18 GQ CLASSY COUNSELORS Pa' so SUE CUTLER Counselor N-litf Rf v,. Q Qq', j ' s l s . A re" " ' f WM. PARTRIDGE Counselor Y Q f 1- . I:-f " h curing l 1 sh' Slip ,Figs R if fc? M E wi 'Q 'Nm f ' 'N ., J . ng ug.. 158 'A "" 1:k LLm-1 L1: qx XkA t WALTER WOODEN Counselor K ..,...1E m1" N i Counselor ,f:' OE CARO I IACQUELINE FURBY Dean , Dean ... , f .l " f l ' gg Q ,M ,Z EM ,,,, f t A' MAURA TAMAYO T Dean , kr is ""' lk-,M H , m ,L..L. I, ., ,.,: ' , s- 'L Dean - fg':Q1j'fTl, 5 ' 'I , 3? W V if ROBERT LEGINGTON GQ 19 rw KJ Oni A ? ., T. Q MARYLC1-gi AMATO I- w X -t N S r T3 TAK AOKI Basketball Coach, History 3 A Christmas breakfast with our faculty family. ALICE AOT0 PARKER ARAKAW Spanish Accounting, Typing WALTER BANTA Practical Writing, Composition CHARLOTTE BEAMON Typing, Business IANIS BERGES Geography, History EVELYN BLAKE ER 20 GQ x . ., ,Q - S rrrr s' E ., -:. 1: , , BRENT BELANGER AL BELL CHARLOTTE BELLAM' Mathematics Mathematics American Literature, English st J .--- MARIORIE BOOKER MARGARET BRADLEY IACK BROOKE Composition, English RSP DHH RONALD BRUTTI Literature, Composition LINDA COHEN EH oi u ' f W, 'if aww 'ff ag it if Q fi IANET CASTELLANO WILL CHANDLER P.E, U.S. History KATHY CHRISTOFFERSEN Composition, English, Science Fiction BOYD COOK ROBERT CRAWFORD ROBERT IZALIGNEY P Chemistry, Physics, Humanities Composition, English BRADEN ESHELMAN History DELFINO CISNEROS Spanish CHARLOTTE DUDLEY Biology CHARLES EVANS Machine Shop tf.,,,,, C, A ei- ' XX .p a R MOST FORGETFUL RAUL HERNANDEZ THOMAS FINDLAY Auto Mechanics Government, History They forgot to take the picture Ng EERE S 3 Q J ,PE 5 f. xx s- S y 3 IERRY FLORES Computers, Math WHITLEY GRAZIANI DALE HIRAYAMA 1, French Guidance, Health, Football Coach wi ,M IANET HIRONAKA Composition, English ,7,,L, ,Z ,.V H O, - - " ' 555 X HA. , , n g f' - , E Voo o I M4144 I G if! 'gfzigfggg , ' A wx MARVIN FOLLETT KYOKO FURUMOTO DON GAEDE WHITLEY GARDINER japanese Math Chemistry, Physics RSP si i BRENT IESSEN BEST PERSONALITY Wood Bob Sween and Marylou Amato I X Q xk.Q I A -X , ji S' I in C at . M 3 A gh 5 . ,,. . 85 ,W Q, I NN as E as st .. , C X is Q 1. H 1 .fi ' A , - LORENZO KARBACH ROBERT KARBACH VIRGINIA KELLER HARTLEY KERN YOUNG SOON KIM English, Band Biology, Health, Basketball Coach Literature, English Psychology, Guidance Composition, English 22 GQ l f ' M- , , .. , M 'P , I I ., GEORGE KISSINGER ANNETTE KUGA CARMEN LEDESMA SIL LEDESMA TRUITT LOWERY Government, Ecology Textiles Hospital Occupations, Musical Skills Graphic Arts Accounting, Office Procedures, Shorthand .nw-,W c,,, W.. 49, I U 'W ULDIS LUSIS MARILYN MARDESICH Computer, Math Math MOST LIKELY TO BE MISTAKEN FOR A STUDENT CAROL MCDANIEL PHILA MCDANIEL joel Okada and Cheryl Nakata An' Yeamook M NANCY MCDONALD Art, Guidance ROBERT MCHUGH Mathematics .fx IACK METALSKY SEITARO MIYANO AYAKO MOTOYASU Tennis Team, English Driver's Ed., Football Coach ESL GQ 23 ki V' MILO MYHRE Physiology, Biology .t C, K. K .f K Q .. . s fx st . ' Q . -2 . KAZ OGAWA Computers, Mathematics 2 v fir LOIS PADDOR Public Speaking, Humanities, Forensics QB' SHEILA PORTER English, Composition, Literature 24 GQ CHERYL NAKATA P.E. IOEL OKADA History Government .J. ,! -5, .,. in - i::i.:i3"'. : L EQ fx. t fi I KEITH PERSON Mathematics IAMES REICHART Drafting X ROBERT NEWSOM ETHEL NISHIOKA Composition, Practical Writing Secretarial Office Occupations, Typing, Shorthand Assad'- CZ? MAUREEN O'DONNELL Government, History BEST SENSE OF HUMOR Thomas Findlay and Virginia Keller ROBERT REINHOLD MEG ROLAND PE., Health Aphasia at " PHYLLIS ROTHROCK College Advisor I Kgs I A 1 of TERRENCE RYAN Mathematics, Physics Q 1' ' g ti +1 ,f Y W .1 is 51 , 1 I wtf Mu MOST DEDICATED 4 Robert McHugh and janet Hironaka B'0'OgV IOHN SAYER MIKE SAKURAI Football Coach, P.E. I I M. .S:'Q.t, WH I " ,st yt: DESLYN SCHUTT Business, Shorthand ff' DOUG SMITH SYBLE SMITH Biology, Health Mathematics DIANA SPENCE DONNA SPRINGER BEST CANDIDATE FOR "THAT'S INCREDIBLE!" DHH 50f'0'0gYf "SYfhO'0gY Tak Aoki and Phila McDaniel ,I Wi , 'W' F DENNIS SULLIVAN WILLIAM SWEATT BOB SWEEN IUNE THOMPSON ROBERT THORNTON Chemistry, Biology Basketball Coach, History Biology History, Consumer Law Health, Driver's Education DAYG1 y RENE TREVINO HELEN TOBIN - K - nv RSP S LOS ANGELES V w t' ' V, Q A S Q Q S is LUIS VEGA Automobile Trultt Lowery and Lots Paddor MOST IMPRESSIVE le S f' LURA WALLACE TED WEBBER WENDELL WHITENER CHERRY WILSON Composition, Latin Agriculture Mathematics Chamber Singers, Choir, Advance-dfBeginning Piano, Band A ., '75 'Q J, , Football Coach, English CORENNE WALKE First AidfDPR, Health ALAN YOFFEE English i gi? fs Ei i t 2 IEAN ACREE HERRACIA BREWER MELVIN COOPER ROBERT DAVIS Librarian Nurse Plant Manager Security Aide I T' IANET HIRONAKA IANE ASAMOTO, LUCETTE COHEN, AND MARTHA AZZAM LOUISE NASH Gifted Coordinator Secretaries Cafeteria Manager ttat A SH Ep , X. is, sf? 'Q ,ef if 3 Q Y. 5, 1 A 2: I E x R ill , Fiji A Xi . Q 3 S if g sii' ,K A . S I Q f A ' A 1495"-f at Q I X ei ,!' .. AUDREY SMITH BOB SUGINO ROBERT WILKINS ROBERT YEE Work Experience Coordinator Activities Director, Leadership Advisor Security Agent Security Agent GQ 27 28 co i u. u. 4 l- V5 I .Jael 5, ' y f is Y ,J A 'W RUBY FUHZAWA Front row: Elizabeth Potter, Marie Masushige, Matsuko Okada, lean Nojima, Mae Morita, ORLANDQ GREEN Attendance Office Hilda Pegg. Back row: Carolyn Harris, lrene Sakai, Nancy Kaneshiro, Sandy lshihara, Willie Financial Manager Taylor, Mary Ann Lynch, Darlene Lucas, Irene Takayama, Agnes Hattori, Louise Nash. ,rdf f.-.rv WW 3? IV sf QE? K ,.i t We W PATSY HAMBRICK lIl.I.IAN KOSHIRO ROSANNA LUIAN SACHIYE TERADA Book Clerk Grade C enter Grade Center Credit Clerk u. u. 4 , in V , an "' ' A .. W B , 7 E , C fi' ,, ' , 1 'rii ilfirff " L' , ytsgugig, y 'ih' L ll YUKI TOMOMATSU L-R: Theressia Robinson, Lillian Iones, Vertice Scotton, Williemae Franklin, Alvin Butler. VERA YOKOI Computer Operator Attendance Office BRAINSTCDRM - ACADEMICS REDEFINED 9 E 1 ,, rpg , - L' fi I :ff : 5 I 'ik ' , . ,f 3 ff 5 ! ,s .t.f . v S 3 fifp xii I I E I . 3 X Q, 3 3 Q 3 ' gi. Ve f I K s A I' I fi. E ly A Q 55. c y I N . in ' , I 'fn Z Q, .., .1 My X. 1 . 1 Q jx V .f . 6 , V, an .jg gg 5 A., I s mms' Dear Diary, My English teacher told me to keep a journal for this whole year. This semester I have only five classes, but I'm going to get to take six next semester! It's a new rule they added - just like they've been adding new programs and classes to keep up with the changing times. It's kind of like the word Ilacademicsw being redefined . . . in Grandma's time they would have never encouraged public speaking or job pro- grams! I guess they want to thoroughly prepare us for the cruel world out there. Oh well, until tomorrow night . . . sweet dreams! GQ 29 gli . tl4QfxXA ,f as ...., "'Cfi? - .., 2. ,.:, ..- . . 2.355 ......... 5-'E 1 THE CAD TEAM Left to Right: Mary Ann Limbos, luan Carlos Gutierrez, Mariko Alimento, Mario Rivas, Kathleen Fujino, Glenn Kim. November 19, 1983. Another Satur- day for the rest of the world, a day of exhausting examinations for the members of the California Academic Decathlon team. With the coaching of Mr. Tom Findlay and weeks of prepara- tion behind them, they competed against the intellects of high schools in the LA. district, in an often over looked aspect of life - Academics. Math, fine arts, essays, interviews, and several other subjects bombarded them, but they took the challenge of beating the best. December 7, 1983. Another Pearl Harbor memorial day for the rest of the world, a day of recognition for the CAD members. Entering the awards banquet at the Biltmore Hotel with a touch of nervous hope, they left with wide smiles and symbols of achievement . . . gold, silver, and bronze medals. Fine arts and math proved to be their best subjects - they proved to be our best subjects: the select six of the decathlon team. After all, it's quality, not quantity, that counts! lT'S QUALITY :l -i ,fl "Spiffed up" Coach Findlay beams with pride 1 while patiently waiting for the ceremonies to f begin. 30 GQ 5 . t ffl we 'gr-f. .m..,::A-.r.4w- A K K :V -K K., ,.,.-J' fill! "Me first" Mariko Alimento takes a study break with juan Gutierrez by telling jokes. 4 wx, rl!!! i ,A . "Let's study derivatives" says Mario Rivas to Kathleen Fujino as they review the math section. Second place English winner Mary Ann Limbos teams up with first place essay winner Glenn Kim to give a pep talk before the decathlon, the cod members Moriko Alimenro Kothleen Fujino Juon Corlos Gutierrez Glenn Kim Mory Ann Limbos Morio Rives the olrernores Edwin Koshimofo Donny Kuriyomci Gino Loyo GQ 31 ESL AND DHH I" ESL may have stood for 'English as a Second Language," but it should have stood for l'Excellent Student Learning," because that's exactly what it was. Arranged for foreign students who didn't speak English, the program successfully taught students of dif- ferent races enough English in order to attend regular classes, With Mrs. Motoyasu in the role of Preacher," the ESL students prepared to pass the SHARP, WRITE, and TOPICS tests to graduate and pro- ceed towards even higher learning, with the advantage of a strong beginning. if . fr A e gr' Making Christmas decorations . . . Rolando Palala and Guillermo Estrada show us their original hand- shaped ornament. EXCELLENCE Many of us take hearing for granted. DHH did not. In the world of sound, the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program did not turn lla deaf ear" toward those with hearing impairments. . . It was HELPFUL: it provided special classes which taught communication through sign language and lip reading. It was CONVENIENT: for those who attended regular classes, an interpreter was available. lt was OPTIMISTIC: by sponsoring the Sign Language Club, it enabled teachers and students to learn the llIanguage" of the DHH. But most of all, it was UNIQUE. Not many would have taken the time to en- courage others and give them a brighter future. DHH did. 32 oo BACK T0 BACK With messy fingers . ., Virna Santandrea prepares thi bread dough for ESL's special holiday activity. Using their sign language techniques . . , Arthur Brown and Veronica Lopez carry on a friendly and in teresting conversation. y . :Q LEAR THE ROPES: N 5' Heavy metal . . . Bruce Wright does the wright" stuff with his metal machinery. l ORK EXPERIENCE 84 ROP Counseling students on their career choices vvas Mrs. Horn who played a vital role in organizing the ROP pro- gram. As for Work Experience, Mrs. Audrey Smith was responsible for giving credit where credit vvas due. Together, Mrs. Horn and Mrs. Smith aided students in ulearning the ropes" for future careers. Pit Stop . . . Kimio Fernandez and Ramon Pacion ser- vice every car with care and efficiency. Timely answers to 1984's tough job market were the ROP and Work Ex- perience programs. They taught students the ropes which enabled them to gain valuable training and experience for future careers ROP tRegional Occupational Pro- gramsl allovved seniors and juniors to take courses in a variety of occupational training areas. Over 300 students met on Saturdays, late afternoons, or in the evening to learn job skills taught by the personnel of companies ranging from small businesses to major industrial complexes. Work Experience enabled students to take a step into the adult work world. They had the opportunity to work 18-20 hours a week, 3 school days, and were expected to turn in 10 assignments pertaining to their specific field. With precise measurements, Amara Ros works on yet another architectural masterpiece. Pi A GQ 33 1""' lr -22,1 g, ,..--f"" E-K ,,....":ss. r,,, f at ,1 xt ,rw 34 GQ P PROGR M: ONE STEP BEYO D BIOLOGY CALCULUS DRAWING ENGLISH EUROPEAN-HISTORY LATIN PHYSICS STUDIO US-HISTORY lf you were a college bound student who wanted to finish college courses in high school, you were in one or more of the advanced placement classes above. PROS: Receiving an 'AH meant five points instead of four, you could have a gpa over 4.0! If you passed a test at the end of the course, you vvouldn't have to take that subject in college. CONS: The studies were harder and more challenging. If you wanted to try for college credit, you were required to take a three-hour long test quoted by Cindy Ninomiya to be, 'one of the hardest tests I ever tooklf' 1 'They dont make them like they used to' Teaching her calculator a little discipline is Debra Phillips, AP Calculus student finishing touch to his entry for the collection in AP Drawing 1. A 2, 3. 2. Picasso junior - Warren Nozaki adds the 4 - 4. 5. 3, Future microbiologist Steve Tamura takes a peek at the germs residing in Bread Mold Motel. 4. This is preparing for the AP US. History Test? Scholar Rod Stanley piles mor history books onto classmate Terri lames' aching arms as they take the familiar stroll t room GG6. 5. Taking a break from their busy schedules enjoying a satisfying meal afte challenging the minds of their AP pupils are: Front row: Lura Wallace, Tom Findlay Phila McDaniel. Back row: Terence Ryan, Charlotte Dudley, and Carol McDaniel. 'USC or UCLA?" Concerned about his future, Ken Williams consults Mrs. lothrock about the necessary entrance exams, l- l.l.l l.l.l The select few . . . Aside from being privileged with its many athletic and forensic victories, Gardena was chosen to take part in setting the new national norms for the PSATXNMSQT lPreliminary Scholastic Aptitude TestfNational Merit Scholarship Qualify- ing Testl. 621 sophomores and juniors spent one October morning boggling their minds to enable themselves to be eligi- ble for the National Merit Scholarship as well as the National Achievement Scholarship for Outstanding Negro Students and the National Hispanic Scholarship. For seniors, the plot was typical. The College Entrance Examination Board and the American College Test became familiar words through the months of October to lune, in hopes of being ac- cepted into a college of their choice. rn X QD EITI D EIEI all Wl'l"l iw '-L , ma, it E A L The dreaded Saturday A group of seniors and juniors work to improve their chances for admission into the college of their choice. Burning the midnight oil . . . Evelyn Hechanova takes a snooze after a night of cramming for the big exam. SCHOLASTIC APTITUDE TEST DATES OF i983-1984 October 15 April 7 November5 May 5 December 3 lune 2 lanuary 28 CQ 35 f ff! X I I l +l I,l I I I I I I I I I MEMBERS ON !I! I II ff' ' ,1 C ':: , ,A fi S 47 fy ff fri ' l ,Q , L 4... 6, . I W J 'lf JY! VM 5.11 71 - 7 2. Z? 5' Q9 f f 4 x t T If K xg. wf 'Q 1, ' , ,,,, , rw E -I N sg' ,,,,,. , .,,, ' fm Z ,, I ff fi' Uffmi.. J i f A ., JW, ,V X 1 f , , 23,9 fl f ' 'ITCL5 :H gfww ff , ,,, H f QW ww' ff - M' W mmf A ,. Vl,,VVV V AV 1 . f, , k 5, . ,W il i 3 2 W f , f W Z a I W X 1 fm .4 , 1 4" XA ,..,, 35 'Q ,, 2" 'fl ,I , K V K Jw--fww:ff.w2 3,19-22ffff1,z2H2" '-.Em -1 J H ,view L' 2 , 7 ,W - VIIV lgvg M ,, .asm 5' , I M ,,:,M:w,, W Q Eg 1 ff Ef f , ,w wf , .,, ..AA ff ff if .0 '1 L Q ' 'W 4 I ,, I 7 -152' .uf f f :uf ' ff , ? , M - Qfzy-1 ffwka ' Ms ,ff f 1 f QOX x0 M if A X ' uf X A .,m2 m:. 1 w f A , A f , 7 1 M 3 2,4 f 6 if Q Q' ff ,, X f f Z f ., 1 W Qk "ej,42z' bv 'fl' 'f 'F 1442 ff f ,2 6 fy 4 L F 113311 ? v ff 21+ PM fy ,, ,r - , l, , i 5 W 5-4 "-- gf QE? . ' can be 59. me YWJYX Sdxooxgciifiixx 009582 X0 Rei' many NNBYSGHQYS no qxaxxijfsi gwe QQNN c,XasSY00v?e 'xnkovmawe' OW: 3 , bgwevhxencgs- - ' 'ei- Svnarxhi, . gp Y espgnsmm U0 C99 des ed pxc, . ONOSX8 Qgcxwiy W g0aNS , ver geachxng 0506 Mmg, q5xsc0 ZVV me O SK 50 UNA , 'yu O ers bv ff' emb , f4,,, ..:' .ix , ferr ' I fa M f WW' f my Sf M gf f 5? 14 E52 I 4' .NW . Q, :,,w,,7 .ff 'ff V Y ' QWM f': vm ,,,,, Q, ,,,, ,. MEMBERS QNLY ' ,lim 5. ,, 39 Ami, los loureos . . lg. 7 l ' Q 'gy ' W ,,,, .Mi nh , 1'N vi sk 4 ,li M ,I ii gi , li .. ond TS nigh Kim Akashi Naoko Akita I l li R53 wt: Terry Yamamoto ..f, : yi ,Tm Conquering all Danny Garcia reaches the top of his mountain. Clifford Yamamoto Etsuko Uyehara 5 Q ,Wy , I limmy Baker Sonya Barber Stuart Bruers TWO ,-Q '. wa, ,xg . Rachel Uyama Adding just the right touch . . . Mary Ann Limbos prepares for the coming guests, r l ii , .l Candice Uemura Noreen Tamashiro 40 MEMBERS ONLY V .4 , W- W- 1 .4 ,W . At, i -wi a Erik Takayesu Mike Song Christina Shin "3 l 'it 2, 2 Fred Chow Kathleen Fujino 1434, Once upon a time, about 50 years ago, two clubs were formed - the Knights and the Las Laureas. Their purpose then was to serve the townfolk of Gardena High and even today they uphold their traditions by helping with registration, usher- ing, and hosting the annual winter dance, 'Silver Bells." The Knights and LL's also Mr, an , ,gi , ,,, , ,, rl Earl Shimabukuro Victor Selag of is X l R Cheryl Fujioki Danny Garcia The cozy nook loanne Ida and Donald lshihara pose for a friendly shot, strengthen- ed by their membership inthe clubs 1. NI-EY ventured into town regularly to visit the patients at the Keiro Nursing Home and to take Sellery School children on a journey to the L.A. Zoo. With the advice of their fairy godfather and godmother, Mr. W. Wooden and Mrs. A. Motoyasu, they made many dreams come true . . . and they lived happily ever after. 'W if i . "1 ' lil 5 I, 1 5 f gfv 4 d I . , ff, if , 1 4, , ,,,, f M J . , V, vzll fgwff iftl Wgi w7 f Atiiii iiit fi it A ' ,fc Q Stephanie Gibgon Pamela Haghimoto Chris Hwang loanne Ida Donald lshihara KIND i rl . . aa Edwin Koshimoto aww ww sii 5 Q gv 532 ,Q ew as Qgiw wg gm ? 5. MQ U . ., 5 awnwmwe a Kg With her blinding smile . . . Sonya Barber '1i1- I brightens up any meeting. lennifer Lim Howdy sir! Andrew Oshiro gives the gift of love to patients during a Halloween visit. Mary Ann Limbos N- L. 'W' ' .ww W Tuong Mai A: W H 1 V 8 uk if i ',,' i f 5 Y K, '1' I I i,,,iif M l. I . Sammy Pyon Andrew Oshiro Sheri Osato lohn Ogata Elmer Noche Cindy NiI'1Off1iY3 Martha Nakasawa MEMBERS ONLY 41 eycwb. k ease? " Cl. N O ,Dawg . :i"Q "' mfb n 1 'Uma Y' 133 nga Q, 'U -.3 Q rnf'DU, rngfb, 1-2. 5-'Q' Wm:-5 '-"Iv-V3 "We've been working on the railroad!" Keyclubbers team up to keep Normandie Avenue free of trash. as Q. , is N Ei reee f 9 With the sly eye . .. David Tominaga shows a tinge of embarrassement after being caught almost going into the girls' bathroom. 42 MEMBERS ONLY They were certainly hard workers - always opening new doors for others with their unselfish s ices. They're the key , , , dub, ts were not unco of having t": '-t-: wn free ti 4 s ru to .-lthem. '. oo - Foun H .,,-2 ist , Wefe . .9 ,,., .,,, " ' gg: 9 mthe 4 iff. ul 8 But the V- fy, l,,, . r gl ple I I 'before ple 5 W ey in- teracted the tw 'u"'o"i the results to be quite rewarding. -4 O OPEN DCDORS Alibabasl No, it's Keith Taylor making good use of his greer thumb. ng ' KEY CLUB Front row: Mari Nakayama, Rosetta Palmieri, Susan Ikuhara, Lety Avalos. Row 2: Dudley Fukunaga, Rene Rivas, Clayton Tamura, Stacey Taguma, Lance Maeda, l'lggy" Maki. Row 3: Diron Lai, lon E Woo, Neil Nakao, Riki Umekubo, De Morris Walker. Row 4: Ken Umekubo, David Tominaga, Alan A. Mimaki, Tim Yoshinaga, Keith Taylor, l'Sad-Cat" Taniguchi. A ILE shi' V N R M Mx X---may ,,M V, V , V , L ,..w,, 71' a!',??, ' Bw.9.,,a - ,,,, , , ,W VY, v,,,, . ,, .,,, , ,,,, , ,,,, ,M , , . ,,,, WW. z...,,M,,ft , z.,m.v,,w,f.twwwww,aawf,mq14a " lx' E-TQ-t, OD ' spa -'ff We COEDS Front row: Keith Nakakura, Lance Matsumoto, Ronnie Matsumoto, Chris Inouye, Kirby johnson, Lee Tonai, Mark Oshima, Chip Hino, jeff lkemiya. Row 2: Val lge, April Nishioka, Sandy Kaneoka, Taco Alimento, Cindy Yoshida, Teri Nakamura, Regina Mendoza, Kelene Oura, Karen Taira. Row 3: Rennie Tonai, Diane Toyofuku, Pam Murray, Kathy Nakata, Tracy Lew, Karen Nakamura, loni Suzuki, Karen Hard, loy Iwamizu, Row 4: Hiroko Yoshida, Lori Iwata, Michele Miyakoda, Sharon Nishikawa, Sue Fukunaga, Lee Ann Webster, Arlesha Lee, Tami Kita, Lori Nishikawa, Lee Ann Goya. THE CO-ED CORNER Madness , . . thatfs what Coeds is all about: a bunch of fun loving girls and SUYS i:l':"':EEl A ":"i' jg and all the 7 : - gf". WE' : QZIN ::EEFf:-,E.I J fftiifug 'Z:A..,. gf and dre Q -,Aff 5: .:', ij ought co ezl, ' mi letoe L ,,rei...... 3 .,.:'Q. 9 F .b-b.:V: a C91 they rnd, K aasa t 'Wai firr, 'jfig 2,, .,'. Q .,.,,Q',E ,.. E88 Sale. i'i ':""lt':f:I"f ' ":2r-:" i 2 :'2' 'Q 4 ":2, :'ff I I rzrl .::'2 ifr "1' I -21Q- f Eiifi .'i,f I Not ,yQ,,lq did they I ii: in bright OVHUSS .,.,,, E., ,,.,, out in their dedication and craziness. X it -Me What do you say to that? Diane R Toyofuku asks for her friend Pam Murray's Q opinion. A pinch of this and a pinch of that . . . Arlesha Lee and S., Z - Sue Fukunaga combine the right ingredients before their X s ' What's cookin' . . . Michelle Miyakoda guests arrive, t .tt L tt-,e t L 1. helps cook at their annual spaghetti dinner. MEMBERS ONLY 43 --1 wsnmmw- - f. , Q S ire squ QQ? DNC 29 wg! 'Gmc 332' 2'5" was Em 5,-cr U12 23 ha-1 55 is io ia o DJ: Q-5 3 fb? 25 5? LAVD -I 577 3C ,Zl'l'l ET gi- :HC lT'l ,::Q,. : ,: . Sf E Q.: K !'ll' U m li . SQUIRES Front row: Lisa Ann Sugimoto, Mary Awaya, Kathy Hirakavva, Shirley Omori, Terri Chun. Row 2: Sharlene Hirabayashi, lulie Sasaki, Allen Sueoka, Sabrina Brenette Moore, Michelle Morimoto, Yunike Kawano, Naomi Kawano, Lynn lsozaki. Row 3: Kris Moriyama, Charlane Abe, Kim Tsutsui, Russell Mano, june Kishishita, Mae Watanabe, Tracy Murakami, Sandy Tanimoto, Deanna Shiroma, Sharon Shiroma, Laura Oshiro, Liane Sorakubo, Row 4: Kevin Oshiro, Monica Hashimoto, Kevin Kawai, Darrin Aoyama, Alan Lee, David Haley, Kevin Thompson, Kim Van Herk, Tracy Dehlin, Rae Miyamoto, Rick Hashimoto, Scott Aoyagi. NAME: Squires ADDRESS: Room H4 BROTHERS AND SISTERS: Coeds, Interact, Key Club, Knights, an aureas L 0 GUARDI :ff.i "l' :Hee 3 toff gk SPECIAL De , o Lgygf- I 1- isfhss lil X W HOBBI f 1 ,- .' "-' I ::'2 C EMPLOYS' .::. " :" ERI SCE cafe- Car ena alley YWCA, football games FAVORITE COLOR: Royal blue ..,, Kuff r ---: a '. d I : , .::.L.,. I d :HQ miifik' -,tasg--vsgessik' Wifi-1.: 'asf 2 3 a f 'T ' .t1'..:::, " 1f+.5::i:'i' ',:5,f- ., in ww ,:w,:- , it .... r Q L if Im? Saws af K . , T Ik.. . r efs, Q ,ga l . 55 ,rags - .ia fs ,if tw A f l N S? gf Q Two burritos, one punch . . . It's just another busy afternoon in the Moehut for Kelly Fujio. 44 MEMBERS'ONLY The Buddy System . . .Melissa Kim, K E Q 7. L , A.. Wh Getting a lift . . . Steve Tamura helps his fellow V lnteracter Liza Nakakihara on her way to class. ge. ' f,icv .2 'Z L in T? ' BLUE 2 Hi! T ' i , V r Ei, f i i f , C 1 5 I A '1 i ' ? .- X . . we 1 Q Q Q A -X ft A if i i K 5?- .tt., s,'.' ::.t .:f..: : R 'Yi 1 - ' f ef' i , ' , C ,ny , c ,J as fri 'W . I vii H rv 4' 'B Q fi .. I K M R 1-gs ,Y - F L Q G " '-f.. L Q " wi, S ' . J K ,H K' iv X in .t L it bww' Q G 5 , My y Kg . Y 4 g L, . K I -I 5 'fi NN 3' ii - it K . it f r M ' A it ' . X - F .4 gf! X 'I xl f X i K X ev , tc K L -Cf in - i X N - s K 'x x. . 4' Q , ' gf X' if 2' N IA' Q6 , .A INTERACT Front row: Gary Suzuki, Cherie Oshiro, Doug Moromisato, Tracey Kamehaiku, Kevin Moore, Karen Yoshiyama, Ronald Uyema. Row 2: Craig Higa, Naomi Matsukawa, Fran Tatei, Debbie Lahm, Chiyeko Sherman, Vickey Bright, Lloyd Moromisato, Dean Akiyama. Row 3: Darin Dohi, Liza Nakakihara, Melissa Kim, Vince Capati, Ricky Tanisaka, Darren Shinyama, Scott Mametsuka. Row 4: Gregg Tak, Glenn Augi, Marlo Miyashiro, Terri Sato, Craig Yokoi, Roger Sato, Sharlene Wada. Row 5: Richie Ota, Doug Murakami, Darin Tomita, Craig Iwata, Kimi lmamoto. Row 6: Steve Tamura, Chris lnouye, Darrin Ike, Greg Higa, Lee Watanabe, lohn Schlegel, Karen Yoshiyama, and Vince Capati show the social side of their club. lil! .IS ' DO lt can get pretty busy serving both the school and the community, but the lnteracters didn't seem to notice. They were able to balance study and service while still ' creating the best i fn es for them L izii ' fn, E ff. G 4. 'll V E at -fig" Cro "" L. zen's . , eau, an .ff ay up Mfg ss hours fy ring But fi? ,lli ract did. ".i -f 1- .5 --v - veal thenf'g" "" 'P A' i.. is ti'.f With 'i,, - el and Fran Tater .' - ig,-Q-g,,,ia' . A h advisors Mike "Sak" Sak r J o Cheryl Nakata, the students in the light blue jackets made a name for themselves - one which took a great deal of 'service above seIf'f to acquire. MEMBERS ONLY 45 Q S-R L f' 'Nfl 4- f 'N V ,- N3 N ,. .:fz X ws , TRIBE Front row: Fontella Missy lacobs, Vickey Bright, Rochelle Stroud, Kim jones, Dana Caples. Row 2: Therris Williams, Tina Simmons, C'Artis Blevins, Cessical Campbell, Sonya Barber, Felicia johnson, Raymona Baker, Angie Gonzalez, Row 3: Daphne Terrell, Deneen Stokes, Eva Garrison, Rochelle Lewis, Crystal Inge, Anthony Creighton. Row 4: Eric Carrasco, Maurice Blevins, Lyndon Earley, ,Alesia Barnett, Shaun Harris, Edward Lawson, Not pictured: Regina Brown, Bridgette Horan, Luana Garrison. 1' :' . - i . . 5 J ' X. ' V. L -m l ':+'.,-,Q '- , -i is ,, 1.-- . G in -v Q , :Ie ,. ' T X 'N mv 'X-f if , 5 Q Q, If it's for Gardena... , w ig -3 g gi if Q5-Q, ,, Rochelle Stroud and j' W g Q' Q r' A-gs" Denise Rhine gladly f i. take time out to keep r i S" - Q T'-L' f , the campus clean, '--fir .1 if 5'-kef"S:"i 143, ' 3' WANNA BE STARTIN SOMETHING The Tribe, always in Mohican Spirit, started something by sweeping up litter S' at school and participating in caroling n during Christmas. But along with the work, they were able to have fun by going out and just being with each other. With a positive attitude and teamwork, the Tribe coped with the many problems of growing up and helped to boogt the morale of Student "We're number one!" . . . Fontella lacobs, Eva Garrison, and Alesia Barnett are body all in total agreement over which is the best club on campus. 46 MEMBERS ONLY ummm--'--N grunt-Nun 1 , W' mfhlii 1- s 5' . L ww . wif? X . . A ff p- ,.-,.. Please pass the salt Romans feast on their sumptious banquet. Give me a chance . . . Brian Kobuke seems to say as he plays Roman slave for a day. 41 LATIN CLUB Front row: Cherie Kuwahara, Aileen Sie, lon Woo, Vince Capati, Mary Awaya, Marie Waiss, Martha Nakagawa. Row 2: Mrs. L. Wallace, Sharlene Hirabayashi, lanalyn Caliman, lean Kim, Kim Watson, Elise Watanabe, Brian Kobuke. Row 3: Darlene Fukunaga, Earl Shimabukuro, Ginny Wilson, Susan Kim, Hyon Kim, Mi Sun Lee, Yvan Cabrera, Laura Higgins, Hyo Yi. Row 4: Ronny Song, Robert Cuevas, Glen Prosise, Keli Lee, Gloria Chavez, Viztor Selag. '-'Q 'Q' "UQ" O Ull 03 FRIENDS ROMANS MGHICAN5 Latin Club was off to a busy start this year by hosting the Roman banquet which was attended by all the surroun- ding cities' Romans. ln addition, they held bake sales and other fund raisers to ease the costs of their annual Latin Con- vention, held this year at Hoover High. With the leadership of l'Consul" lon Woo and their sponsor, Mrs. Lura Wallace, they kept the traditions of the ancient Romans alive. MEMBERS ONLY 47 ' UK l . Q? T D 5 TJ GJ 6 C of O L O. 5 s 9, i !"':?'fff7"" F . i T 1 y 1 ABlvcCou1Uo Q - X l J We i , ...A,.A - Nihongo Trevor Rouser demonstrates his mastery of japanese characters. japanese learning lapanese - classmates tutor each other in perfectingthe difficult language of their ancestors, ll Destination: The Learning of lapan: Culture and Language Departure: September 1983 Arrival:lune1984 W I The warning bell rang and all the T llii members boarded the classroom under 1121 Y ' the supervision of head-conductor Mar- , ? vin Follett-san. Some people took along 3 l copies of 'lMomotaro" and 'lKaguyahime", famous Japanese folk tales. During one of their stops, Yoshida llgakusei" tstudentsl joined along the y journey to knowledge, bringing along suitcases packed with culture and vary- ing ideas. Those who wish to master japanese - all aboard! . .,,,,, f ...fuk IAPANESE CLUB Front row: lanice Weld, Cherie Oshiro, Gwen Yonamine, Tracey Kamehaiku, loy lwamizu Row 2: Dana Takamoto, Craig Honda, Karen Taira, Chip Hino, Lee Tonai. 48 MEMBERS ONLY x. A 'X KOREAN CULTURE Front row Mike Song Susie Shin Min Hur lill Hwang Soma Lee Row 2 long Chol Pak Christina Shin Chae Sim Ki Park Peter Ho Mike Kim Ted Kang Kay Kim Row 3 Ronny Song Bob Kang Robert Chang Ho Sup Shim Woo lae Choi Thomas Yoo Chris Hwang Hyok Ho fa.. run'- V WFRENCH CLUB Front row: Soledad Castellanos, luan Treminio, Connie Heosta. Row 2: Monica iLopez, Anna Kawahara, Michelle Smith, Melody Wilson, lose Racho. Row 3: Hung Nguyen, Maria Rodriguez, Ellen Kuo, Sophirie Khep, Tony Lange, Darrin Horikawa, Chi Khuong. Row 4: Olga Ceron, Elva Nunez, Hoa Nguyen, La Shaun Sherow. Row 5: Sovannarith Nou, lose Diaz, Maria Zuniga, Maribel Nunez, Olga Reyes, lamie Fong, Maria Trujillo, Hyok Ho. Row 6: Edward Thistle, Nick 'Cuaresma, Darrell Moore, George Bojorquez, Raul Lemus, Hiroki Gomi. Not pictured: Synthia Acuna. YIN AND YANG An Yong Ha Seyo . . . Most people would give you a puzzl- ed look if you said this phrase. But if you said it to a member of the Korean Culture Club, they would say hello and probably shake your hand. The KCC stood as an oasis of culture for many Koreans who had recently arrived here in America. Through various social and work projects, the KCC introduced the flavors of America without forgetting the pride and heritage of their Korean background. What's planned for this weekend . .. jill Hwang and Sonia Lee schedule out the month's activities THE FRENCH CONNECTION lnterested in the French way of life? Do you find the Eiffel Tower and bright lights of Paris fascinating? Then maybe the French club is for you. With Madamoiselle Craziani, they discovered the rich culture of France and explored the ways of France and its people by dining at French restaurants and writing to pen pals living in the country of romance. -h -1 FD D 0 3' Q C O' R I 0 O MEMBERS ONLY 49 l wi- th U Listen up . . . Mrs. Rothrock points out important scholarship in- formation during a meeting. Money just doesn't grow on ears anymore CSF Fall Treasurer Mary Awaya collects dues from Lance Maeda. l'l'd like to call this meeting to order . . . On today's agenda we have . . begins an enriching Friday afternoon by Fall President Mary Ann Limbos. CSF Athenians exchanged information on colleges and scholarships which aided many students' academic futures. Every week they offered tutorial ser- vices for those who wished it. With the support of the sponsors, Mrs. Phyllis Rothrock and Mrs. Diana Amano, they marked the installation banquet and the Huntington Library tour with the Yoshida Exchange program on the an- nual Athenian Calendar. ln addition to various yearly activities, CSF extended their services to the South Bay Keiro Nursing Home where they donated a Christmas tree decorated with hand made ornaments. Crowding around . . . Students show their support to CSF at the Food Fair by purchasing home-baked goods. May I help you? . . . Mrs. Diana Amano offers her assistance to the Athenians with a smile. 50 MEMBERS ONLY 2 F 4 E 5 , Y . . 3 1' .. L.. ,. C t -alms, f- is :-. X -3 Q W, -1 i-wif' B A L. Fwy , .R at -W Ji-NSA. K . . .. F "' it Q. . i . " X . W . 'E CSF 12th GRADE Front row: Edwin Koshimoto, jamie Fong, Lori Iwata, Hiroko Yoshida, Teri Nakamura, Mary Awaya, Mary Ann Limbos, lill Hwang, Christina Shin, Denise Coates, Row 2: Vince Capati, Mark Oshima, Sharlene Hirabayashi, Kris Moriyama, Aran Kang, Rachel Uyama, Lulu Chen, Chau Tran, Kathleen Fujino, Bruce Lee, Etsuko Uyehara, Andrew Oshiro. Row 3: Cindy Ninomiya, Kenneth Williams, Glenn Kim, john Schlegel, lon Oganeku, Clifford Yamamoto, johnny Wong, Terry Yamamoto, Wen Chou, Kevin Oshiro, Dan Huang, Hiroki Gomi, Deneen Strokes, Tomoya Akita. CSF 11th GRADE Front row: Candice Uemura, Anna Park, Shannon Chin, Gina Nakamura, Diane Toyofuku, Pam Murray. Row 2: Diane Sakoda, Beth Saldana, Tammy Wong, lulie Sasaki, Allen Sueoka. Row 3: Cheryl Fuiioki, Noreen Tamashiro, Alan Mimaki, lon Woo, Lance Maeda, Wesley Anzai, Kevin Kawai, Kim Van Herk. , vw, CSF 10th GRADE Front row: Teri Shirota, Lynn Oshita, Marie Waiss, Liane Sorakubo, Mi Sun Lee. Row 2: Cheryl Aceret, Christine Imose, Karen Hard, Tracey Murakami, Hyon Kim, Row 3: Rae Miyamoto, Ruriko Kusumoto, lose Diaz, Kristi Miyamae, Lee Ann Goya. l'l'I C :l Z II Nl H El'I'I N SEI Z rn Z T m Z U7 O Z r-' -4 U1 4 CS OTGOSI f So you see Mr. Birch . . . Sydney Cornelius presents his side of the story to his at The elements of Forensics Fontella lacobs introduces us tentive listener. the world of public speaking lt's tough always being at the top because everyone is out to get number one. That's why everyone was out to get Gardena's Forensic Team for the sixth year in a row! Mrs. Paddor s Varsi ty and Novice teams dominated oratory tournaments left and right - and left everybody speechless. These garrulous gabbers spent hours and weeks memorizing, reciting and ac ting out their scintillating soliloquies so as to devastate any opponent in Southern California. Mrs. Paddor seemed to know that the things kids do best was to talk So she turned this necessary evil to al the other teachers - into an art that led this school to have the best speakers around. I guess you would say that they were the talk of the town! Now children Melissa Kim entertains Sandy Kaneoka and Connie Champion with her specialty - storytelling 52 MEMBERS ONLY is D40 NFL First Row: Eva Garrison, Melissa Kim, Pamela Stewart, Felicia Brisco, Mariko Alimento, Sandy Kaneoka, Alesia Barnett. Row 2: Hiroko Yoshida, Briga Harris, Corina Vigil, Shellee Ayres, Chris Polanco, Lori Holland, Michelle Morimoto, Kathy Hirakawa, Trudes Tango, Sheila Williams, Karen Hard. Row 3: Miranda Weathers, Rosie Fernandez, Bridget Horan, Rochelle Stroud, Dana Caples, Fontella lacobs, Vickey Bright, Connie Champion, Monica Brown, Donna Cole. Row 4: Terri lames, Cessical Campbell, Ginny Wilson, Toi Allen, Carla Briggs, Sue Davis, Michelle Conde, Marva Riggins, Margie Anthony. Row 5: Lois Paddor, Edward Lawson, Donald Sutton, leff Murray, Ron Bazer, David McPhan, Evelyn Hechanova, Brian Bailey. With deep concentration Mariko Alimento demonstrates the hand motions of a Pacific Island dance. Now listen to me . . . Lori Holland and Miranda Wealhers practice their dual interpretation for an up- coming tournament. MEMBERS ONLY 53 ' U1 EV? is S IU its W '80 9 il an IS my thing . . computer keyboard as What's one world did it do? J S ww .I John Davis, Benjie Knox, Willie Richar ' w ' d Norville. Ro 3. Andrew 2: Debra ouis Smith, N M 6 if i Laln"hn ' WHS several the MESA the fields science future. Sponsored by Mr, offered tutor u 54 MEMBERS ONLY r the most of took several careers they mmer emp much what Tito Cruz, Olga Ceron, Benjie Knox, anders, Derwin Porter, I. R. Flores. Porter Sabrina 'OUOGCODOOIll00001:an-lonovn-:awwoeousus-dooqvnna S S 53,3 so 5 f so we Q my - S fi . X 5 L ,s , r lwk N Maw seam. My .f-' GN if TQ' 2 ri- -is wf I fggisff --gyisf AAN W' X, we 1 we ..x- - A ft V ,ws-4--il' , EU HJ., Q is . .N lil Q Q ... 1 3 Q ss ,512-A -L lu ihe ighaedow 5flhe,l1ighl Mosaic rug Mosmc Front row: Skip' Sutton, Edwin Kgshimorgssmafsosiawfas, Sandras oem,eiaff:YgmmQi0,s1Lm:sif Kan? strixieilldifiniiii Story - Sugimdfnj feiian Gutierhezfrilffiroko Yoshida., Cindy Ninomiya. Row Terry Yamamoto, Mary Awgya, Qin before glggiydgifldeliinlg-E .i g1QnVI1i!g1Qqs,gAyr3dige Lg four, Danny Garciag Vince Caipati, Chau Tran, Kay Kiniyf Row 3:'Diqvid Feeneyg J X" 5' ii r 1 N I iTeriNalcarhk1ra,Slieila Portk-ir,D3yid McPhanQSuseanClark,Stephanie Wallacejlow 4:Glenr1 Kimi I ggib' rrrr c c ., X- is rrrr 1 M c Xrrrr. . i QARDENAX the rrx c 5 y M cameyftoc as closehk Mosaic members school newspaper,The Lafli, was an- WWE s . .. is .. .. 1 X..rx .:S.. X .. A MAX KE Q xcwgfx ,gOSgAlQ y reflected on?jhelr y acxcoympflishmentsh nounoedthiseSieptember.bycsponsor is i ,Q with mogste outstanding being 'ther Mr-s Kim arid ediiflf MQW ANN Um' X lf out 1 fifqigf manyfarricfess whichfweiefssubmixted bosihesplans weqecytocbighlighrmain , s gg, Qt to Q hehehe QHTQEYIEZ9l'EV3ffSY ?'iN8WSiQ'l'r GVBDYS Of The Sfhool and C0mmUNlfY- Q hcdsbsencdiffiQuirsirQhQid For me Sfafff if Offered me Oppor- W is do cregulgair emgeetingsh allin all,eit was a tunity to demonstrate journalistic 1 Q 1 K i K , . Q s 637-1-5 S rewardin ex erlence with future talent: forthe studentbodyyit served is i VEC S. 51 "WND -'nv eyes " . 4 --:. fl--rf: -e , .E or Z . 1. l Q as l ..2k it K K L,, cc g Xi fi ieu r Q ff rirr , L 535253114 sore RE,g,fg!.. B. X :ss in L fi ii-wi l, Q if su. J f ra :..u.,. 3 X Q :flaws fi: ' ' :iii - .V u I 1 ,sirius dui iaif . . so . was dim THE LARK Front row: Danny Garcia, Mary Awaya, Teri Nikamrrrai Hsa Arm-Sligxmoto, Mary Ann Limbos, Crub out! Evelyn Hechanova and Skip gutton , Edwin Koshimoto, Evelyn Hechanova, Michelle Morimotol RcfW?'2SCindy Nimmiya, Mario,VR.jvas,ZC3liifi5rdi theigiitdsibg bfudsgbyrgyjgoyjgggjurghihkiilgeiisg ESE Yamamoto, Glenn Kim, Terry Yamamoto, VinceCa5ati5iu3niS3iflos GiJtierfezfSkipSutton.-5 2 -Ligfylogic pigza bust. ,qs A-fssfifi Wm - L. ' cfmQszS.,i is i A i isa i M . X A , , A l e . E 5 Maw mi? as Siisisisrse mfiisfw eeiiwiirfzfi. Sm? as Sho rr Vgilbnjzg H-iiiswwf xm,.i.,.,... mwnnq? 3 Iqlgi.-'e ' K ' I'- l"l'l -I -4 O C 7 .sg FWS O FINGERS DO 'C O O. D U . ,., U Hovv can vve communicate without O . . . - speaking or writing? The members of Q Sign Language Club discovered that " their hands were vital instruments for o. , 8 the deaf and hard of hearing. -C Learning the alphabet all over again X for high school students takes much pa- GJ tience, yet the determined members, gn vvith the direction of sponsor Ms. 3 Hagan, each signed until they were fully O5 able to communicate with each other 6 without speaking a word. What would - you Say to that? SIGN LANGUAGE Front row: Manuel limeuez, Elaine Gonzalez, Cory Turcotte, Randy Coffman, Lai C Chan, Veronica Lopez, Benjie Knox. Row 2: Miss Hagan, Debra Phillips, George Navarret, Chris O1 Stanislavsky, Anthony Thymes, Michael Hutsell, Kellisa Anderson, Wanda lohnson, luan Perez. 'Fm Getting carried away . . . Mrs. Ledesma is wheeled away to the hospital by Wilfred Sabio and Kevin Moore, hopefuls in the medical profession. CARING . . . lT'S ,,. i CONTAGIOUS FUtUfeFl0rer1Ce Ni8hfif182il9S?PG'fhaPS ,,,, if one day in the future, but this year the L L i X M...-M" V , L fx members of Hospital Occupations 7 Qi L A 6 s I learned the skills that they'll need in a g . ,,,,, i an ,I X g I career of nursing. Q L f. 1' , . , x ' Y ' if With on the job training at a local hospital and the medical knowledge of Mrs. Carmen Ledesma, they practiced A 3 L " 5 things such as taking vital signs, making it A W ! ,T I 2 4 'I , I 6 1' V L , a beds, and other skills needed for the , .Li A E M s J care and comfort of the patient, which - , L' L , , L . in the future may be You. L L L ,L 5 ' f ' L , . 4 - H 5' ' ' -pal L i ., ' ea ' 1' 'f ae- L .-.i.-A-as ,, i , HOSPITAL OCCUPATIONS Front row: Mrs. C. Ledesma, Ruth Martinez, Bonita Corley, Therese Price, Yolanda Lee, Renee Hampton, Capri Wilson, Ronnie McFarland, Michele Maloncon, Gwynette Hazzard, C'artis Blevins, Sylvia Montenegro. Row 2: Vo Sa Tien, Eva Mora, Elva Nunez, Leonor Duran, Maria Guer- rero, Reichelle Stallworth, Sheela Perera, Maria Escobar, Alma Higuero, Tracy Davis, Lorena Esquivias. Row 3: Aleta Bell, Micah Paige, Pamela Washington, lo Ann Hill, jackie Watts, Taunja Hall, Verra Campbell, Vicki Hernandez, Ava Herbrick. 56 MEMBERS ONLY 43" I3 !5l9 Q0 360 ff iii! as Chad Wilhelm, Martin Padilla, john Sandoval, Hector Magana, Salvador Gonzalez, Mr. Weber. --MO., lT'S NO fb B.. O ciuCk,CiuCk...f' 5 E I FFA Front row: Tracy Dehlin, Francisco Alanis, Myles Westbrooks, Christina Herrera, Charles jackson. Row 2: Benny Douwes, Old Mc 'lWeber" had a farm. And on his farm he had enthusiastic students who tilled the land, weeded, took care of animals, and studied the various con- cepts of agriculture. With care, the FFA learned by first hand experience, the steps and responsibilities of agriculture. Z FU N l EIH OD H Y S S Rf 36 A Y it J S 852 ' 35" 5.5.33 56"- 922' mm ga. Q3 li 1 2: ii nf 1 gg ai. U 353 U5 E n I- C W 'H 'I O E. -. O E Z 2 N Q B5 3 3 'S G23 - Q. is TT O' 5' Q, 5 V1 G' E 2- 5 5 :1 1 5-' 55 rn N U1 E E E. 'D 8 N lli o 'J Dashing through the snow On a shiny pair of skiis Over the hills we go Gliding all the way . . . Ski Club members brushed up on techniques and safety with sponsor, Ms. S. Porter, so they could hit the slopes. The thrill and excitement of going down a slalom course was all a reality for ski Ramirez. Row 2: Marva Riggins, Arlene dela Fuente, Lori Holland, Michelle Bourret, john jackson, Sonya Barber, joAnn Garcia. Row 3: Glenn Kim, Andrea Owens, Ululani Smith, Chris Hutchinson, Ronny Deleon, Mike Fujino. MEMBERS ONLY 57 E pri?"-ag: L -, 2 - vw"'--H'---'-'rf MVC! I. il ,., M.,-., ..-,- ...Q ... - .,. - . . lf iii :snug a-ma.-J gn-in BAND Front row: Sharon Crowe, Stacey Bacon, Amanda Bryant. Row 2: Shaun Harris, Nathan Livingston lr., Margo Sperling, Kevin Fujikami, Lauren Miyaguchi, Emma Sabio, Hyon Sim, Mary Davis, Darren Tamanaha, Noreen Tamashiro, Hilo Osawa, Cynthia lge, Laurie Harvey, Ryan Butler. Row 3: lohn lackson, Dean Akiyama, Georgie Gordon, Danny lohnson, Edward Chain, Bonita Corley, Elizabeth Mumms, Sheree Scott, Shawnie Workman, Syndi Acuna, Susan Small, Charles Coleman, Mr. L. johnson, Tammy lones. Row 4: Darren Shinyama, Phil Tanioka, Brian Wong, Kevin Anderson, Dino Smith, Ray Del Rosanio, David Feeney, Kevin Hall, Leotis Russell, Paulette Carr, Sheila Brown, Harold Williams, Row 5: Lenard Tarver, Glenn Kawate, Tommy Lee Bush, lr., Edward Lawson, Gilberio Aceves, Tito Cruz, Peter Katsumata. i4 Showing their versatility the Band served as the orchestra at the annual Christmas program. On the swing Enthusiastic band members keep their instruments in time with the music. 58 MEMBERS ONLY' ,bp : : ,, 12:30 1:00 1:35 2:11 5:00 7:00 7:30 10:35 0 XY W W y 1 , :: ,,,, ,Ulu 4"-will ai' ,Y iff: . vlftglizm'-itlnlrl W0 ' 2 t ' 1 'f ' 11:50 P 1 ,Q g f fb Q1 " g Q H f Q f 1' t : ' Get into uniform Load everything onto bus Leave school finally Arrive on enemy territory Cheer on the BEE team Varsity team starts Half-time show! Game over . . . a Mohican victory again Get back on bus and head for Gardena Stop for a midnight snack YAWNl time for bed . . . Whew! lt may have been a grueling eg schedule, but it was nothing out of the ordinary for our mighty Mohican band. Playing to the beat of conductor Loren- zo johnson, the band performed week- ly at pep rallies and football games and even displayed their talents at Dodger Stadium and the Garson Parade. Give me a "G" Members proudly form the Dena Pride letter out on the field, And 3 009, and il UNO - - -MF fOhf7SOf1 gets his act together at the program. Read the notes carefully. . .Peter Katsumata plays for perfection! MEMBERS ONLY 59 3 1. Q 1.2 l'Tl GO T ,yy If ' by p Q-1 :A .1 G , I W A 0 1 W: gb I Q A ,,f U Y 'hi , C l , X 9 , y Q , Lt , V M V! E N J p ,W , H, , , I' , M L- my -,i - V, 2 f gi .K - ' K if , ,. , V V I I in ' ' ' ' . t. 'A ' , -' 1. ' ' . 'O l ,' " ' 5' ' 1 t' -4' , i in , S 1, , U iii i v r V X Rl 3 g HJ! It Wt, 5 Q 1 bv f 1 Q 5 1 4 iv f 4 1221 if . DRILL TEAM Front row: Denise Rhine, Myisha Williams, Denis Alderson, La Sonne Littlejohn, La Wana Hull, Maria Hubbard, Stella Arce, Cessical Campbell. Row 2: Trina Simmons, Erika Smith, Syledra Hart, La Vinia Watson, Tina james, Sharon lackson, Stephanie Gibson, Charita Crawford. Row 3: Martha Col- bert, Cartis Blevins, Danielle Hughes, Debbie Davidian, lanalyn Caliman, Donna Cole, Chrislyn Turner, Felicia McCullough, Andrea Polee, Verra Campbell, Dawna Douglas. Row 4: Yolanda Spencer, leni Smith, Capucine Hernandez, Haunani Reynolds, Andria Rogers, Vickey Bright, Shadra Wallace, Fontella lacobs, Missy Jacobs, Wendy Stanton, Teresa Noto, Kimberly Dorsey, Marcia Mottley, Deneen Stokes. THE "A" Dazzling the crowd with their fancy footwork, the Drill Team helpedgkeep our spirits high all season long by perfor- ming at pep rallies and during half-time at every football game. With the help of their sponsor Mrs. Furby and captain Shadra Wallace, the team strove to perfect every routine by staying after school daily, But their dedication paid off and showed in the results - a carefully choreographed routine, performed without a flaw. , me 0 v- M ,X .,,,w 'rm . X N S s , K K I -- wwtygfh . Battlezone Bravely challenging all opponents, , if 3 S , S ttt, W, Q '--- i ,sf me Drill Team f d I it it S prepares ora ue. , I tt, , E . , X M- w:asmws,,.: , S . 60 MEMBERS ONLY 1' Saying grace? .. . No, it's just Drill Team putting their all into another Friday Pep Rally. Gettin' it together . .. The Drill team stirs up the student body for a game. Electricity . . . Cessical Campbell ignites the crowd with her energetic cheers. MEMBERS ONLY 61 FS r singe- l-N3 oirfchombe .C U CHOIR Front row: Robin Smith, Sheajuana Hunter, Angelina Marie Cilyard, Valencia lohnson, Tammy jones, Tammie Pitman, Dolly Harper Row 2: Shirlel Watson, Lisa Baker, Quennette Marshall, Sidra Hart, Sonia Age, Latrice White. Row 3: Penny Burris, Anita Shaw, Margo Sperling, Kelvin Bryant, Vincent Pier son, Richard Harris, Margie Anthony, Dawna Annise Douglas, Sheila Brown. ,aw ..,.--f ii P' 4 62 MEMBERS ONLY JUST A NOTE . . The auditorium was filled with awestruck audiences at Choir and Chamber Singers' rhythm and harmony. They shared their talented voices not only with Gardena students, but vvith senior citizens and nursing home pa- tients, as they sang in Christmas programs. They added a warm cheer on cam- pus as they caroled down the hallways of school led by Mrs. Cherry Wilson. They certainly earned every cheer and applause for giving our school the gift of singing. "Music is my business" reveals Sheri Wilson as she leads the choir into a parade of Christmas carols, farm, 6 ia' s lg ,J-f ' i N ' ,' f'WT fr IL l 1 I tt ffl: J! ACTA! "HaIIelujah!" Accompanied by the piano, the chamber singers keep the rhythm going strong. KF W-WHY ff' -I' ,, .Q . si- CHAMBER SINGERS Front row: Dana Caples, Hei Young Ko, Angie Gonzalez, Angela Washington, Terrance Love, Andre La Tour, Roscoe I. Morris, Gary Mason, Laketcha Boyd, Micca Gollins, April Turner, Leatrice johnson. Row 2: Tracy Davis, Lisa Pollard, Sharon Gibson, Bridgette lacobs, Tommy Willoughby, Glen Willoughby, Vincent L. Pierson, Kevin Anderson, David Pearson, Fransetta McConico, Felicia Winston, Maruisha Brovvn. Not pictured: lohmel Charles. MEMBERS ONLY 63 . . r socieryforr production OO ho Clfl' N2 5:- -12' its 52. 2,5 3 UQ? 'OS OG. 2. ,,. ,. VS G. Da D2 3 3 ln C US. 3 O L O a C FX 3' FD VX C 'O 3' FD 1 i art lartj n. skill in performance, acquired by experience, study, or observation. hon or, hon our lon erl n. 1. a mark of respect, as a title 2. esteem due or paid to worth. so ci e ty iso si e-til n. a voluntary association of individuals distinguished by certain interests or standards. art hon or so ci e ty a collective group of young people at GHS who share in- terests in the applied arts, sponsored by Mrs. Phila McDaniel. PRICELESS COLLECTION Who arranged the Gallery? Who decorated the auditorium, painted ban- ners and assembled show cases? Who else, but Art Production. School would look dull and grey if it weren't for their creative adornments. So next time you walk by a work by Art Production, remember Mrs. Phila McDaniel and her company spent many hours working on lt. 0 ,wk 4' N sn -. semi: - ----- 'X'- We t r. 64 MEMBERS ONLY PERSONAL TOUCH ART HONOR Front row: Tracy Lew, Cheryl Kakurai, Regina Mendoza, Armando Torres. Row 2: Lisa Ann Sugimoto, Tiffany Hanes, Lai Chan, Lee Ann Goya, Naoko Akita, Paulita Sudario, Mrs, P. McDaniel. Row 3: Phosay Khensouvan, Mario Castaneda, Dan Bowman, Kevin Oshiro, Wendy Brown, Don Tran. 4 '11 ,M 1:51.44 ART PRODUCTION Front row: Tracy Lew, Cheryl Kakurai, Regina Mendoza, Mrs. P. McDaniel. 2: Kevin Oshiro, Armando Torres, Paulita Sudario. FALL INTERCLUB COUNCIL Clockwise from top: lohn Schlegel llnteractl, Dudley Fukunaga IKey Clubj, Robert Hashimoto ISquiresJ, Stuart Bruers IKnightsJ, Mary Ann Limbos tLas Laureasl, Rennie Tonai ICoedsJ. 'MQTQTWQ rainy SPRING INTERCLUB COUNCIL Clockwise from top: Keith Taylor tKey Clubj, Teri Nakamura lCoedsI, Scott Aoyagi lSquiresJ, Krissy Moriyama lCommissioner of Clubsj, Fran Tatei tlnteractj, Fred Tanaka lKnightsI, Stephanie Gibson ILas Laureasj, Rochelle Stroud lTribeI. QOIDJSJUI D UGO l!3 . Lid our ' I For ifflll "We've got the club for you!" Coed Rennie Tonai and Squire Krissy Moriyama advertise for pro- spective members. . AND ALL FOR ONE! Dear CHS, Know-a-club week just started and things are getting really busy for us now. With the help of Mr. Sugino, we were able to bring out unity among the service clubs by discussing club issues. The Winter Food Fair brought in dollars for the student body. We were able to assign a month of campus cleanup to each club to keep our school spic 'n span. Oh no, it's time for our monthly meeting at the ICI. Gotta run. See ya around! Love, I N T E R C L U B COUNCIL MEMBERS ONLY 65 ls orboo YE' IIVIUHSTZEXIKELIRII 1984 Yearbook Staff 1st row: Amara Ros, Alice Matsubayashi, Lori Iwata, Steve Tamura. 2nd row: Kirby lohnson, Iennifer Lim, Cindy Ninomiya, Chris Inouye, Liza Nakakihara, Michele Miyakoda, Terry Yamamoto. 3rd row: Val Ige, Brenda Gipson, Kevin Oshiro, Kimi Imamoto, Howard Nakase, Sharon Nishikawa, Ronnie Matsumoto, Hiroko Yoshida, 4th row: Quoc-Trung Wright, Ken Nagata, Therris Williams, Paul Van Gundy, Lisa Ann Sugimoto, Warren Nozaki, Clifford Yamamoto, Edwin Koshimoto, and advisor Mrs. Carol McDaniel. It was a cool morning, 'bout 4530 a.m. l'd been up all night working on my section. My NaugIe's hamburger tasted like an old Zane Grey novel. I was on a case. It was to uncover 288 miss- ing pages of the 1984 El Arador. In the dim light, I mulled over a stack of photographs. Too dark . . . too light . . .out of focus. 9 My partner sat across from me, typing up a .copy sheet. I could feel it in my bones that this case would soon be over. He said to 66 MEMBERS ONLY Supporting our class is Carol "Atlas" McDaniel. ad- visor of the yearbook class. me, "There's no way we can make this deadline." "Listen kid," I said, "you're good. You're dedicated, and you've got brains. We'll make it all right." Then, I ask- ed myself, 'IWhy am I here?" I was there because being a part of this family meant a lot to me. Don't underestimate us. We often have a mistaken identity. We're not just a class . . . we have class. I said to Sam, I'Soon, IMPACT 1984 will be distributed."p Until then, 'here's to you, sweetheart! Z UDENTHTY 'They could be In their usual abstract Our faithful by a cone heady, and subject, but instead on Val ge, and editor Hiroko Yoshida look over a copy in Yamamoto, Ken Nagata, Howard Nakase Kas substituted Terry Yamamoto never seem to focus on the main Y 3? 4:-is ,Q if 34 H a . ,imw U J l """'lnu., C u 'Q 'lu - After a hard day's work, the section editors manage to give the camera one more smile. I I MEMBERS ONLY 67 C fi ill!lIl"L',".',' W W I NG I rl MW ff we lost both Beach Boy Dennis Wilson Breshnev, Barney leader, viet So and receive first man to Clark became the el' onica Pi M heart, the Santa an artificial .2 if Pac the f l'T10 botto the sank to first her had Princess Diana Ocean, COlT1pUI6I'S COUFSQ, of child, and, rage. became the latest DE: ODAY'S EPISO INT Sarajevo s held in Winter Olympic The cv .C l'- 'fl D Q.: .C .., L O '6- Eh ... C cv 5 w .2 ti were op LA, held in be pics to m r Oly Summe 722 5... '02 QE o.E lo :U QJSI5 3 C .,,.Q NU 41.2 ga.: U U13 C Rm V150 .22 EN oi I-8- QQ. popularity DS gai ge Geor Boy 85 media Ss .+: To E .EP L O .C oo 3 O L .C 4.4 USSR or the States I the United Wil wil win Who s? world politic inate dom N-.C EP: Q? CT: 275 GJ -U3 C N 5 go .E 9 .Q 5 Eg g N C.C .Sz 33 'ha-4 Q12 GJ E3 X. :- FU 3 Q3 'S .E no .E 'U C IS KD pons 98 W nuclear in ered W be ans will F9 m0 this and All RLD WO AS THE f , the next episode o TURNS. S C FU .Q GJ -J 2 E QJ Luth SE Q? D-ua '-ucv 5.5 qw -'E 1. Dv? O 3 Z l ,::' .I I llllll I ll 'Ill I lllll .. umm Ill mr un III: I ii? ii WAVELENGTHS .mil .mi EW' lllllmll nulillll waimiiifil EM 1lIlll'Ill llIIll'IlI 55222232553 ll:'ll::ll ll:'ll::ll 55335555 llllnll, llllnll, SMH! ws A a gf' my T1 Q1 E, 5 I-15 I ms- w My Q 523 ff ,sf 7, fy' f ff A f 1' M sl f Y 1' Z9 an f Y 4 V, -qv' 3 I 4 , . irffmmgf iyi, .. , W i,,k.U,, , . W ,Tl g , . mah-.Mf ff M 4 f' f f . 4 4 .. Q -. .ight W ,K f' W M , ,z , fi 4-, f Q 'Q 4 if 1 V' wan W H, ,f ,, '21 ., f i ,M in .7551 V JA My a V ,. X Y ' fi ' i' "-rf a , W,,, W ' f' "' 1 ' I JA- '-F' ' 524 'W . 4 'A 00 K fi-7"'gW5r1 AQ' ,V ' me u S198 Agams PLuPAunpf our aql 102 s,aH L41!M '71 Juepqselj go Suglaag aql sn saAgS 4. 'a My first day of driving lessons , . . I'm having a little trouble reaching the brakes. WAVELENGTHS WM Pl EIU ' peru uoJeq5 Ll5'N F6 Ba S I J With uplifting spirits . . . Bill lohnson proves his worth in gold as he meets his great expectation. M "Gotta yWsPhiI Mahre,xeaQ,hNfiskiis 'i' 'if y 2: .-ma.. EL as t f it v . Y 1 X 'L if fx QW Tr tffwixs n N 311355 swf., ... 1 ' t at r s s so nn. Q 4,-Sl HQ, it sl. qw Q ..t""k 5' 5 K iq," if . as .six t t ggi Y V A vfvi t ,.e2.ft'r -,5-4 TI" .f is -s in SH' 5 bu to -X EF 5- 'f ' 'm 'meg' l if sw- 55,--tk K iii V k-Q. sq N Q N i X -- i "Waves of expectations" are what the Americans give on the opening day ceremonies of the Winter Olympics. - gig M MT V ' Z :xg ts...t,--- ,F ,F fu :.:"f:: 2: ' , V 1- v N, ,, rrr,t r ,,rr, WAVELENCTHS ,fr fi i ' Q X i ttsf X PHA5lsfligi5t3atel NX 5 ' ER fe c rtmg po ss e evo, e icans -slss - d'dl3'Ye'l- d'Sk Ar ghd 35teve Car- not placegg b en Neal . ." Q - Ped tiger e Nym- piad. QEEP! that hlings ete ly. Ikggrec S Los Ange br ni x s tates, in luly of t timei. Massive remodelingiofgLAX. BEEP! . . N . Fifty two years srnceggtsggiympics held this sss ' ' is lg BEEP! BEEPFV' so a t , Miracle workers - Peter and Kitty Carruthers show graceful talent during freestyle competition, c: .Q E Z SS parad Cana on c ,SE 'U Q 55 EI 2: Ee -5m LL ea .2 E o E O Z wfwliff in L- L :Z E fa: I -. 9 t, i ,,,tl l h .tttt ff' M' eit- "' llltli"l!llllllil"' sef , s - ill 1 . p i 'E survey taken at Gardena High School FAVORITE ACTRESS 1. jennifer Beals 2. lane Kennedy 3. Meryl Streep 4. Nei Carter 5. loan Collins FAVORITE SINGER 1. Michael jackson 2. Pat Benatar 3. Anita Baleck 4. Billy Ioel 5. Donna Summer :I ' ,Zi-S RUMOR HAS IT uri mill! FAVORITE SONG 1. Beat It 2. Thriller 3. Karma Cameleon 4. Don't go 5. Save a Prayer ,i,l , FAVORITE ACTOR 1. Eddie Murphy 2. Al Pacino 3. Emmanuel Lewis 4. Tom Cruise 5. Clint Eastwood FAVORITE MOVIE FAVORITE GROUP 1, Scarface 1. Duran Duran 2. 48 Hours 2. Debarge 3. Flashdance 3. Police 4. Risky Business 4A Culture Club 5, Angel 5. Midnight Star A N 2 I Ti . WAVELENGTHS I rl RH PNUIV r , L xv X M Q N wap .agp-5 psy M 952131. B5 NM V, Um p Q A M x V F506 we N fx ez, u. N J LG we Lf wp- N ' x O Q x , K D fx N I f M QV V, ,-gp IA Ny, JK NN R, Nap! RVN mix KJ L Mm 0, 2 N xl Q 43 mvsyx l N I if W Fefe W i 9 very important people- 4 llllll ' tm will nga fl9iWi if Backstage when not performing, the 55 team member humanities often have llfamily reunions" to discuss the next assignment. All those who enter Humanities in September are labeled students. They learn human nature, not through tex- tbooks, but through personal experience. By staging Ucorpus terminations" and producing their own synchronized syn- copations with pots, pans, and other household paraphernalia, Humanities explored the depths of Cubism, death, and depression. With the eccentricity of Boyd fGeorge?J Cook, and the speech talent of Lois Paddor, these ordinary students l'culminated" into highly talented and complete persons. And that is how they left the class in lune. ff""Mj if f ,N ik f ,fi if tw MM i Q jay M? g 19 K ,V w Ms ...hwy mm MVWLw,,v-f 'fN,,V,,,,wW,v.,wwf 78 VIP ff ii"1sat'x" "KneeI!!" exclaims leff Ikemiya as Ariel Felx, Sandy Mukai, and Rachel Uyama go down 0 x 5 ., H "W J ff' ff " ffff? 'ff' CN ffm ff i fi' no O t ,f- G pi I O ' if li 1 I . U S l 3 ,D 1' r fi i I. ,x ll 2 K -,MW Wawmwc , 2 .WMM mw.MW.m. 5 Q 5 3 5 i ,t , 3 2 a E 3 i "The eye of the tiger" . . . "Pad and Cook" show a more serious side teaching during a play evaluation. ..t.0., A ,.s.,..,.i , , Msg? 5 5 i .i i 2: 5, , if it K X Q Z' s if 5 i E s 4 3 2 5 2 5 .l-...-WWW "Hold on!" luan Gutierrez and Mario Rivas courageously polish the abstract fountain which humanities revived this year. "I get no respect!" cries Shellee Ayres, portraying a grandmother, while surfer Cyn Yamashiro minds his own business pumping invisible iron. VIP 79 HEAD QF THE CLASS a i www-Q iwwmuhn '-..,,.Qv 'rumah M fb-..,.. h-.Man uv.,-Q , in '7o '90 XX 655, 94 Cz, 'iv 1, 'I' e'9f':"0a5 XX 5542.164 XX 03, af . ' 60 G 8,0 iz, Lv 022 191-O, 36. XX ,fr an ,,m3,,w-0 J! 07 eaoggos r56f6J-fg H, ,G WWW W YYVY Y - - YY -A1 W -V -1 - Y SENIOR 1983 FALL CABINET Counter Clockwisez Vice-President Lee Ann Webster, Treasurer Angie Gonzalei President Eva Garrison Secretary Kim jones, and Historian Glenn Kim. M AW T A Y Y vw- 74 777 V YV v-"dn .-""'A . 0-"" .f-"J Q-f"""p ...v""" .w-"""' 1 ,WM Mm 1 A, rm W, 1,7 1 A ww, W W VVVV I ii i i i SENIOR 1984 SPRING CABINET Top to bottom: President Eva Garrison, Historian Deneen Stokes, Vice- president Crystal Inge, Secretary Kim lones, and Treasurer Angie Gonzalez. 80 VIP 25 f 6700. O Z 461562. .beiwecz ff as ,Xxx 99 gxcfibo O' Z0 .os qc 0 Q5 9' X59 La P f Q fl be ef-1 42969 x CLASS QF 19 4 QM' IW MA ,OW Hr, 'Is- '21, Q W in , X Nj X7 8 ?Y', svl 6 QI 6.1 MN W5 0' 'Q . .4" 'fyiiqr l .....4.....A,..L...........,.....4,, 44 , ,. ,,g,4,.............Hs 3 J W itil if iw Darryl Aceron Yosh Amano ill liaslti-iluaii Cixmrmstits New im- Umm lapani-w C Mm lose Alfredo fi f Irma Aceves e. , Gerardo Amaro M, . Mariko Alimento - A '-A frat-:ls His! NH XP IX Baslwl' ffm we jf' 5 mai x xx mit :si :Aw c ini, 4' llwtlse in Reps 'Y is Tenaya Akins Ry Donald Anderson ,Q Toi Allen V Mairnrt-Liv Qapt, Prom Cnriirvi Si-i lliiliwmkvps Nil ! Tomoya Akita Lamar Anderson 'ij IX Baskvrlmaii 1 sf Esther Almaraz Shezzell Anderson Laura Andrade ASIS Sen , IX Voile-ylmail llouse ut Ri-ps Fri-in li Y iulx Hector Anguiano A Richard Angulo 3 Cheryl Anthony S lJrili11M.i1nJrf'lI4' M Glenn Aoyagi lHlt'V.1lllDlr 'yi Stella Arce V! 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Svc , X -XR Baske-tball, N'-KR lrack VIP 83 Benay Blakely a, f"' W Vernita Blaylock gif C'Artis Blevins X' Tribe, House ot Reps , Drill Team, IVSotll1aIl,f.holr HK X, , RC DP - F Maurice Blevins ' 'A Christina Bloemsma VIP Orlando Boligan Sherye Bonnett Vlckey Briyght 'tr House ot Reps Url! Team Co' Capt, Interact, Tribe, Student league Pres , lr Llass Hlst Carla Briggs NFL, House of Reps , French L lub Angela Brooks tfw lJrlliTean1, rat k, Cross Country Kimiko Booker '-f "!A David Bouza Kadur Brooks Dwight Brown Q B Football fi Kenneth Brown Marrisha Brown Vf Chamber Singers, Choir, Drama Club ReTgina Brown Band, rtbe, VP, VAR Lheerteader, Prom. Comm Rodney Brown 5" VAR 8. EE Track Stuart Bruers Knights Cmdr , Head Usher Rep , NH, House or Reps , tnterciub Council, VAR Tennis Tammy Burrell ,, ' Penny Burris ' limmy Bush Detra Byers as r lmdynflainan ons: Team, Latin club, MESA New Life Club Cessical CamPbeII P 4- Ps-pf lub lrilw Drill Pam NFL Richard Canjura Vince Capati if interns! llireitur CSF C was Lounlrv lnlxn C,lulm,fNAusalc VP Dana Caples ' I lmfnlwr Smgerx Choir, lrilme X KR Smllmll, X 'NHC lwefrlemlw .il lesus Cardenas Paulette Carr Band lose Castillo if X' Most Popular I Derek Carr Sl" BEE lwollmll f 1 mf 5- f V 1 x, or Azmendarez af ' Ann Garcia C Eric Carrasco 4 N -XR looll1.rlI,l,1rk Trilu- f ' . Pedro Castillo Roger Castillo E, Gerania Cerra W, Connie Champion VAR Sottball, VA 81 Nolleyball, Volleyball, House Reps ,Ski Club, NFL af IV of Rex Chandler iff Melvin Ching VIP 85 Woo lae Choi Wen-Cheng Chou Fred Chow VAR, W, BEE, CEE Basketball, CSF Ana Elise Cloonan of NaI'I Art Honor Society, Art Pr0d,ROPC Denise Coates ' cy K Corlethia Conedy Fred Copeland V A E Bonita Corley Dull Team, Band, House of Reps, HOC 'K Sharon Crowe f' Drill Team, Band, House of Reps . Band Majoretle Umberto Da Silva X W Luther Dale Mark Cooley 1 V I Wlllle Culpepper nf A 'af he ' h , , W9:rra2,2k1.E5f'S 'on MDM 86 VIP . . . Andrew Oshiro and Mary Ann Limbos Felancia Deas 9 Tracy Dehlin ,ff 3 .,-q Edgardo Del Rosario is Arlene Dela Fuente of X KR Mascot N RR lvnms, NAR Nrultballi apt , lr Urns VP Rachael Delgado V if Esmeralda Diaz Uriil 1 f" Alfred Dickerson if ,l' Kimberly DorseyV, Driil lvdm Sq Leader, llousz- nl Reps 'XJ llrlli Pres Dawna Douglas K lfwxm Sq leaf er, L our Pvpi Mil: lonathan Dunbar KornpulPrfiL1lJPrf's 4 lames Dungey if Bernard Dupree Elizabeth Duran X A1 Myron Dye La Dreana Edwards Mike Emery A Douglas Erwin Lucelena Escarpita 'ff Maria Escobar if lacqueline Esposito 1 ' 4 Ana Facundo g,f"' Ariel Felix Prom invwn lr:-as llousi- ol H1-ps Cimipuler C lull lerome Felix Dorrice Ferguson 5,- .sin 5 Kimio Fernandez VIP X Robin Fitzgerald 5 Sophia Flores gf lamie Fong French Club, C. F Tina Ford VAR Track Capt, Tribe, P Club, Drill Team f 9 P Toni Fox Patrick Frank J' Kathleen Fujino Las Laureas Hlst, CSF Sec. Mosaic, Smoke Signals, CAD Dean Fujita Docella Fuller Choir Margarita Gamulo Danny Garcia Knights VP, Mosaic Pres, House of Reps, Smoke Signals, Year- book Set Ed , CAD ,V lo Ann Garcia V Homecoming Prinress, Key Club Sweetheart, VAR Softball, ASB VP, lr, Class VP, Prom Comm, Coeds, Choir VP, Drill Team Ina Foster 5 Sylvia Garcia if VIP Drill Team, House ot Reps , Sign Lang. Club, Computer Club, Choir f Eva Garrison Tribe, House of Reps, Sr. Class Pres, Prom Comm Pres., Cheerleader Mgr , NFL Carolyn Gilyard Brenda Gipson 3' VAR Trafk, Drill eam, Vear- book, Cross Country, Tribe Stephen Glowacz BEE Basketball Geary Godinez Hiroki Gomi Tennis, CSF, French Club Angie Gonzalez bf VAR Cheerleader, Drill Team, Pep Club, Choir, Chamber Singers Treas, Tribe, Sr Class Treas lose Gonzalez Maria Gonzalez Miguel Gonzalez Track Felipe Garcia lavier Garcia Toni Graves a Gaston Green Q VAR Football, All City, All Pacific, All American League, VAR Track Norman Grundy 7 r"' Band, VAR Track Felix Grisb Computer Club iam. Cesar Guerrero - Maria Guerrero 4 ' HOC ,an-mg. P- F' V .e nil Melinda Gumpal Drill Team, Tribe luan Gutierrez CAD, Boys' State Rerx, Mosaic Smoke Signals, Lat1nC ub Shelby Hall BEE Football Kwon Sop Han 5 Kita' il Debbie Hanan ' Dolly Harper VIP 89 0 X Shawn Harris 5 Veronica Harris Monica Hasimoto Squires Dir., lapanese Club, Rep , Yearbook, VAR Tennis, House of Reps W 7 Evelyn Hechanova ' ASB Chief luslice, CSF, House of Reps., Smoke Signals, Latin Club, New Life Club Lola Hector Drill Team, Pep Club, Choir Ronald Henry Robert Hashimoto uires Pres, CSF, VAR Tennis, Sq Track, lapanese Club Lisa Hector Drill Team, Choir Ava Herbnck lx CSF, Sgt at Arms, lapanese Club Rep. Belen Hemandez Paul Hemandez Ricardo Hemandez Vicki Hemandez X! House of Reps,, HOP Gwynette Hazzard lf Karen Hefner Cindyclglferrera 90 VIP HOC Craig Higa Greg Higa lapanese Club, New Lute Club BEE Basketball ,Yr in-rx Wendy Higa Interact, VAR Sottball David Hill f lohn Hinton , Sharlene Hirabayashi Squlres Treas, Latin Club Pres VAR Tennis Co-Capt., ASB Hlst CSF Wayne Hirokane Ung Ho Lori Holland gy NFI, C ornputer Club! Nancy Hum Celeste Hunter V Drill Team, Pep Club . of ,I 6 , N- , . Y, :- dr , K Chris Hutchinson g, ' H IV Basketball, VAR Track Michael Hutsell A ,.-' CSF, New Lute Club, Sign Lang Club, Thesplans lill Hwang loanne Ida Las laureas, CSF, Natl Art Honor Society, Art Prod , French Club Valerie Ige Coeds, VP 81 Hlst, Yearbook Asst Ed , CSF, lapanese Club lefflkemiya BEE Football, BEE Basketball, In- teract, Coeds, Comm ot Publzt Relat , CSF, lapanese Club Kimi Imamoto Interact Set IS lllr, Iapanese Club VP 81 Rep, Yearbook Sensor Sec Ed Crystal Inge 2 Student League Pres, VAR Cheerleader, Majorette, Tribe, PepCIub Chris lnouye V Coeds lllst, Interact, Yearbook -Kd Set Ed, BEE Basketball, CSF, lapanese Club Robin lseri VAR Basketball, VAR Soltball, lapanese Club was fd' Donald Ishihara knights lreas, CSF, Var Tennis, lapanese Club Keri Ishii Y -' VIP 91 Lisa Ishii Lynn lsozaki Lori Iwata Coeds Sec., Yearbook Student Life Sec. Ed., CSF, lapanese Club Craig jackson ..1' ' Darryl lackson V VIP N. lohn lackson ' Band, Drum Major, Choir, CSF, House of Reps. Alexander laco V' VAR Football Brigette lacobs J, Choir, C amber Singers, Pep Club Fontella lacobs I Drill Team, Tribe, House of Reps -i' Alan laramillo df I Monica lemison V if Alondra lohnson V! VAR Football, VAR Baseball Felicia lohnson W Soph. Class Rep., Drill Team Capt,,MF5A Kirby lohnson Coeds Sgt a Arms, VAR Cross Country, VAR Track, lapanese Club, House of Reps. Rodney lohnson 'ff' Ronald lones Stac o ce VAR Lgkelball Tatia lohnson f I 4 -. Clifford lones VAR 81 IV Basketball Kimberly lones V I Pep Club, Sr. Cass Sec, Tribe Sec., House of Reps 4. Geogina luarez VA Volleyball Luz luarez Rv' Kevin lue Neal Kakimoto Cheryl Kakurai IV Basketball, Nall Art Honor Society, Iapane-se Club, Art Prod 9 loann Kamada Squlres Chap lapanz-se luh, V-XR Tennis Scott Kanemura Sandy Kaneoka Coeds Svc , NFL Sec , lr Sxxvelhsuxrl l'rlv1cs-xx CV, ldparwsei lull Candice Kasuyama VAR Basketball Aran Kang LSP Hlsl ,Latin Club VP Shinichiro Kawano Karen Keland Bfib Kang Elizabeth Kelly Drama C lub Sonya Kempf Phosay Khensouvan I Shelly Kikuyama 'lf' Ann Kim KU ,Signing Klub Glenn Kim Presidential Llassroom Rep , Sr Claw Hlsl , Mosmt VP, lil A Sen Ezl lluuw ol Rt-ps Chl VIP 93 Hui Chong Kim KCC, French Club, ew Life Club Kay Kim if New Life Club Sec., Tennis, Mosaic Melissa Kim interact Treas. 81 Dlr., NFL Treas., VAR Tennis Co-Capt. Alphonso Kimblelt-f' H Glen Kiyohara 94 VIP lamille Knight "Af Choir, Chamber Singers, Pep Club La K ' hl W VARIZYBEE lgbglball Vickey Knowles LV, House of Reps., Volleyball, Tribe, Prom Comm., Spanish Club Hei Young Ko New Life Club Sec., Chamber Slngers lo Anne Kobuke Acey Kohrogi Edwin Koshimoto Knights, Yearbook, Nat'l Merit Commended Student, Latin Club Sec., CSF Treas., Mosair Treas. 81 Sect. Ed lolyace Kubo lf VAR 81 IV sketball, VAR 81 IV Volleyball, lapanese Club, Mosanc Chou Seam Kouch Daniel Kurlyama Comm of Health 81 Welfare, Coeds Sgt. at Arms, House of Reps ,BEE 81 CEE Basketball, CAD Anthony Lackey if ' Deborah Lai Sherise Lamar Evelyn Langit Michael Lau Ski Club Donna lecoure Arlesha Lee Bnice Lee CSF Sgt. at Arms, Knights Sgt at Arms, japanese Club, Tennis, KCC, VAR Cross Country Choon la Lee lohn Lee Sonia Lee CSF, lapanese Club, New Life Club, KCC Trac Lew Coeds, BEE Jweerleadgiz Art Prod, lapanese Club Pres., Sk: Club 1' 1' Rochelle Lewis V Band Majorette, VAR Cheerleader lennifer Lim Las Laureas VP, Hd. Usher 81 Dlr , CSF, Yearbook, Latin Club Mary Ann Llmbos Las Laureas Pres., Chap 81 Rep., CSF Pres , Mosaic Ed., Girls' Stale Rep ,Smoke Signals Ed , CAD 5 e.5' L Lamar Lofton Arsene Looney lf VAR 81 BEE Footbal - Kathy Lopez lf", Drill Team, Band, House of Reps. Tony Louis Melva Luggn if Nal'l Ar! Honor ciety, Art Prod., ROPC, Chamber Singers Kevin Lyons Lisa Lyons 'lf Steve Maciejewski VAR 5. BEE Football, ces Track in Grace Magana V! Pep Club, So lball Rod Maldonaldo Michele Maloncon V HOC, Softball Mike Marcotte Gildardo Martinez lose Martinez L Richard Masuda Todd Mathes VAR 8- IV Baseball VIP 95 Gloria Mathews if Drill leam Alice Matsuba ashi X -XR Suttlmll, IX Milli-xmll X -XR A IX li.zskell1.ill, Comm ul Hlth 81 Wllrz-, Yrlmk Sports Eli , KJYL, CAD Srnokm-Signalx Elsiw Matsui Ronnie Matsumoto Cul-mis, VAR 64. IX l5.1sketlm.1ll CSF laptmese-C lull Shawn Matsunaga VIP Steven Maxey X, -XR llaxelmll Kristin McCoy VARlmck,PvpL.lul1 Shelvey McCray X1 AR lrackl .lpt ,House ol R4-ps Maureen McCreery VXRGx,r1iimNllcx Vince Meda V-XR liaselyall X. 'XR Buxkellzall Neal Megata Fredy Mendoza Regina Mendoza A Natl Art Honor Society CSF V-XR Srmltball, Prom Lumm Maria Menendez Kelly Milliton V VAR 81 IV llasketlmll ,4 Darnell Moland l , 3 Antonio Montecalvo Marshall Millsap Neal Miyake Latin Llub Traci Miyamae Maria Monteverde l- Tony Moore " 5 ' Baskellm.1ll,Fooll1aII F Velta Moore lJr1lI Team, MP5-K Robert Moreira jf Michelle Morimoto Kris Monyama SCIUWWS VP, VAR Tennis, CSI Yearbook Comm ot Ext-nts and Ass:-vviblys Carl Morris VRR iiasl-wlbttll, X -XR Track, km Club, Band Ali Muhammad X -XR Fouttmli Sandy Mukai Interact C hap , lap.1newC.Iub .7"' 1 Arcella Murillo wk ,f X 1 Keith Nakakura Coeds Chap, LSP, iapaness' C.iuiv,SkiLlul1 Teri Nakamura Coe-tis Lhap Comm tn! Athielics, frailhiaze-rx, CSF, Mosaic VP, lapanese Ciutn leqwan Murphy iff VAR Tmtk, Tribe, Computer Hub Bryan Nagata Ken Nagata RyarrNakafuji Liza Nakakihara Ima-rant His! 84. Dir iap.uu-we Club Svc , IQ R4-51, CS x i L ...f .mi F , Susan Nakasone Mari Nakayama C meds, key Ciuim Svwvtiwari, 1 SF, NAR 81 IM Baskc-thall David Navarro VIP 97 lames Neal VfXRFoollm.1Ii .msn Leslie Newbty Hours' or Reps M S-X Dana Nieves l' 'lea Ken Nishio Elizabeth Nogueira Richard Norville ' x Cindy Ninomiya Las laurr-as Chap, CSV, Mosaic Hisl 8. Sm , Yearbook Club Sec Ed Elmer Noche knights, Band Sharon Nishikawa ROYCE Nolen 98 VIP Warren Nozaki Yearbook Carlos Nunez Elva Nunez Y VAR Sovllxall, House or Reps French! iub HC X. Ronald Oda v lon Ociianeku If Kath! Ogata IX, liaxkellva ,lapam-Re Clulv Stacey Ogawa Nall -'xrl Honor .mclery S .mllmall ltlpam-se Llulx fxrl Prod Rodney Okano Scott Okazaki ldpanefw Clulm Kevin Oliver key L lull lavier Olmos Shirley Omori panew-C lub xfnilrm Stanley Omori Nancy Ono S ark Oshlma fmrlx X Xlx lil li: lwllxxll lime Num- Rep M xrlmuuk wr ' .wlmll llll A I Ll Nupll Rvp , Shui lilr Sqlllrm llrxl W. flwap Nirl Xrt rw lapam ke Club Hrs! 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J Antoinette Pinkney V Christina Polanco J ASB Treas, Ir Class Sec 81 Hlst Drlll Team, House of Reps Flnance Comm Lisa Pollard V Choir Pres, Chamber Slngers, Drlll Team Chere Price ,ty Sandra Quan New Llle Club, Mosalc, CSF FrenchClub Rhonda Ramirez -J, Erwin Ramos lessica Ratliff Trlbe Kimberly Rawls let Re esv Track, gloss gountry Tammy Riser Marlo Rlvas BEF Track, BEE Football Capt, New Llle Club, Latln Club Set , CSF, Smoke Slgnals, MOSAIC Vickie Roath iv Carol Robinson MESA, Drlll Team, Pep Club Randaline Robinson IV Basketball, lV Volleyball, Tribe House ol Reps. Maria Rocha el fill . :L Lloyd Rollins ll 1 B E Football Tracy Roquemore 3, A Frances Rosado f Gary Roundtree lose Sanchez W lose Sanchez Asbert Sardina VAR Football lohn Schlegxel Interact Pres 81 Dir, FL, VAR, BEE 81 CEE Track, Stad. Crew, CSF Kuoch Seam ff Anita Shaw Choir, Chamber Singers, Sign Lang Club, Drill Team, Pep Club, Tribe Paul Shaw Kyle Sheperd Eddie Ruiz Bill Schneider Ramona Sherow E AIX Armando Sanchez Gustavo Sanchez A 'I - Ho Sup Shim Warren Shimada VIP 101 f L+ Susie Shin lapanese Club, KCC Treas Gail Shinsato interact Eric Shintaku l Deanna Shlroma Squires Set , lapanese Club Tina Simmons W0 Trlbe, House of Reps 102 VIP , . lf Hyun So V" ' 'cl U ll' Michele Smith French Club l .K 9' Kakurai Han Kwon Sop Drill Team Mary Alice Soto Vp Comell Speights if VAR Track, BEE oot all, Com- puter Club Chris Stallworth VAR at IV Basketball Ross Stanton BEE A css Basketball, VAR Football Susan Steamun ly Pamela Stewart ttf Drill Team, NFL Hist, Dennen Stokes W Drill Team, CSF, Sign Lang, Club Rochelle Stroud ff muse' ut R4-ps Intmm- Pres P t N A: NH Iru k Mgr In-ns w t Paulita Sudario f IX X nik-xtmalt lanis Sugawara x W A IX Mmrmwm lim Sugimoto Lxpam-set Mtv is Lisa Ann Sugimoto Nqtllrvs HN Huh -XVI -N Uvwiuts Nw M1 Xtumu PM-s M11 W Xrt Huvu1rNs1rwEx CSV in-'www I Mm wt N Donald Sutton H Ivnms C h.11ntxerSmge-rs Paul Sutton Velisa Swangj' X 'XR Ima k X 'XR ES.1skeltu.1lI X Eric Sweets james Tabar ,ff ludy Tabata Donna Taguchi Lxpavn-wt Mm Tom Takahashi lanis Takemoto Gregg Takeuchi Inlw-rant Iapam-st-C MH: Hmm- ov vw SML hm .. 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C ass Treas Lawrence Tumer ff, Linda Tumer ss' Pep Club, MESA, House of Reps Volleyball, Spanish Club Lisa Turner , Tennis " Anarella Uesugui IV Softball, Iapanese lub Sang Um Da Silva Umberto T, Ken Umekubo Key Club Pres 81 Hist, IV Baseball, ASB Chlet lusllce, japanese Club, IV Tennis TyroneUpshaw BEE Track, Choir, Chanlber Singers, Tribe Etsu ko Uyehara Las Laureas Treas., CSF Paul Van Gundy Yearbook Facully Sect Ed. Blanca Vasquez Kristina Urias 'V' Bryan Van Gundy Track Rachel Uyama Monique Varela Las Laureas, CSF, Latrn Club Marina Villacreses French Club Chris Vlahos , ' NFL, Yearbook lf San Tien Vo Sharlene Wada Interact Dir Shadra Wallace - House of Reps , Drill Team Cap , Sign Lang. Club Trevor Walls 'X VAR a IV Baseball, VAR A BEE Football, Tribe VIP 105 Latonia Walton , Robert Warren W VAR Football, VAR Trac lc Shirley Watson tif Miranda Weathers :lf Pep Club, NFL Naeem Washington Pam Washington if Mae Watanabe Squires Sgt .tt Arms, tSl, lallrri lull IO6 VIP Lee Ann Webster tj' Cot-rls, IV t heerleader, Sr Class VP llrlll leam Sq lerlr, VAR Football Stats ,Tribe Rod White' yi Michele Whiting iris Cheryl Whitlock if Drill Team Calvin Williams V-KR Football Earl Williams Kenneth Williams V CSF Lamar Williams Steve Williams Lark Fd In Lhtel 84 Sports Sect Ed, Smoke Signals, CSF, Yearbook Therris Williams Drill Feam, Pep t.lub, VAR Trac k, Tribe Hlst , House of Reps Filtrick Willis -wi? 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J K " V,. - at xg i' l va ur 4 , v 1 1 l s at S ggi J ,M ...Q .x H . - K V game prayers . .. the Gardena team gets together for a pep talk before facing the phins. g A g g K ts -xt g. KICK-OFF! Sullivan Smith starts off the game against Palisades with his best foot forward. V-Vl- V-l-C-T-O-R-Y . , This is Dina Pride, coming to you live from Mohican Stadium to recap this evenings events. Although the stadium is now empty, a few hours ago it was filled to maximum capacity with eager fans awaiting the outcome of tonight's game, and the announcement of the new Homecoming King and Queen. Partridge's Mohicans handed the Palisades Dolphins a solid loss Q26-171 as Gaston Green scored three touchdowns and gained over 200 yards rushing. Fine performances were also turned in by defensive players Alex laco and Sullivan Smith. At halftime the King and Queen for 1983 were announced with Danny Woods and Sonya Barber taking the honors, A great halftime show preceded the an- nouncements which helped lighten everyones spirits. Once again, this is Dina Pride, signing off as the 1983 Homecoming festivities come to a close," cuoq DS LUO acuo6 6ui MEDALISTS 113 114 rsity footbo VO o MODERN MGVES When football season comes around most people are content to watch the games at home in front of their TV sets. The comfort and excitement that these fans find in vvatching the professional or college games often deter them from seeking out the local teams and vvat- ching them play. This year the Mohican team pulled the local arm chair athletes out to the stadium to watch them tackle some of the toughest teams in the South Bay area. Even though they didn't win all of the games, they proved to be tough competition for all, placing a respec- table fourth place in the Pacific League. The coaches in the league must have recognized the talent that led the Mohicans this year, five Mohicans were named to the All-Pacific League team lCaston Green, Alondra lohnson, Sullivan Smith and lrs. Lyndon Earley and Mauricio Gutierrezj and three of these five were named to the Times' All-South Bay team lGreen, Earley and lohnsonl. Whatever the reason, the Varsity prov- ed that they're a team to be reckoned with. af Z LW ',.,, , Q f i ff' wr!" Dogpile! . . .Kevin Copeland, 47 and Ali Muhammad, 77 tackle a Canoga Park Player. Up in the air Michael Wimberly just gets off the pass before he is hit by the defense. TR ,,Lm xy 'af '15, , wa W, I WV, , , M MEDALISTS if ,,., W ' V " '1 , 1. ' ' t f ,fa , . w f xv I .4 fi' waiaae will G3 , 51 Q 5 s33 40 3?"'1tt a ,A Y r 'dx A l way , V57 JA 4-33. En.W,m gi -,A-Q46 of .. WW Wife, Liege My ,. ., Lil, ,, . W , Ma .eading the Mohicans, All-American Gaston Green streaks toward yet another touchdown. to Double Trouble Robert Bell, 48, and Ali Muhammad, 47, run V Q, down a Canoga Park player. ' A X Getting his first taste of stardom Gaston Green takes a 5' " minute to 'say a few words" to the listeners of station KGFI. MEDALISTS 115 score took a W Wa W W' Wm, W aww , Q sk r ' r H W WWW wwf ww- UWM W' WW my KW M iw ' y .af W my Wm W , li WW mw nwg A-yn, g aw 'ww 'll 'WPHYGJ W W WW W ww um wa ranked H Mit fm ,'I' aww first' M W V MW 16 awmg QWKYMKM Mwimvf WVU we got ii',,,, i'. , rtt W i rrrr rrll t dont lif AEarIey letisfld E: WH f aw fr Q, H iw. ,,,4. ,, ,A ,fawifys I ,LM 6 i ,K 9 ' "" f I ,, , as ., , an Wa- lt, Hiwfffr 'ffiifaifmw ,, aw QW f out of the Wolves by chalk for and 2 touchdowns while tmwwvwmh ' to the went aafougiwtheaftaawlgwsaista Chapman also asf caught 6 passes for 68 yardsQ 67-klthodg an air attack was yy Mmm ,,,,,,,.W.l strengtpi W gefense. Arsen Looney 645 Muhammed and compan sophomore Lamar Clark added 67 yards and 1 touchdown the offensive line led by All League Guard Mauricio Gultierrez dominated the line of scrimmage from the opening kick off The defense also ferociously stalled the Wolf attack. ln the future, the Mohicans hoped to maintain this level of consistancy which they displayed in this game. This kind of performance was necessary in defeating the powerful opponents in held Monroe outside of our half of thu field and brought the game to a satisfy ing conclusion. league play. -'Nztaczf' 5 o ':'i" 'u siiilll 4' "' ' I"n"i1"- J' is 11's 1 it W iw f l l c W , We ,V M. V V - W Wzvifll wicnafirvwiraeihtlkriwg it prwmfwqysmsr- warm of V, L I ,, E, A1 , V fwvw1irM'IQi'w:4ww ' , ,, J o another! action-p u ua' , IOQ wg 1'fff ' , , , , . D A I L , 'Y' t Cep- V , ral' the GU' to be 41 , 11911 'Holme 2 ifwwzemrr wwe at 2 V E Mg gg ir,?MW L iw, ,ge M fi 5 fiist eagijei V 46 if Maw V Q my Wm With the fb teen, list nam :Nom W imma zum angel ' f 4 i r to San Tll lftekr-final pla?of!fmgame'rw Thea game j oke upfielda fe? ickoff rreturn f oonoohtyrned igto afderfierisiikileiimttlewaftgrmclu 6 lfirsrrfrpira .rtmeiwkerr ' . K Ifff ii my atv Eli- at at V"' efemglgl were rw iw ,,,, f ,, -W H V Y . V Z : gvor Qfgan FernaPU6Wg eallat the Sanllfermwo a5Zfu vas driving for the artunately WaM VcostlyMinterception ion 45 V eifeiyeaied Y the Wigerfsr victory 2 With we dreams of a one, Gardena came lefeat. ' rf ' H . 4 I! " Game by Came courtesy of Mark f Jshima vnifm of area nd prospects Gram "'Wllf"" ,Miami hh than I . wma, wi ,t .3 mfr is ' ig Q 1 x mil raw' wud rim r M1 We 1 Yam Wiswf M wr pu'lBnamqi51 miami aw mmm Yrmr mm h9f l 5W MMU with vnvtizxmg in W ,, , ff, I X , Q WM mm ra :mm man fwzzmwri we pfmtmwy an mm mmm I lam l 1 tl-ree' WWW H166 HQQQQQQQYQ Gardena was context ffherfirst seejsaw iiaitiiiie that saw the lead mwd'?i'ZfS5QefZfg meow feirejncewn mas 21-mwaaorvrhe ed Qpecsrasulerr syafdss QU Tightend iii trik9uted f with M N a yi s ,,Ee2 in M igi jg ln the California, tiebreaker, looked dim asf thejvl ed up to their ovvno l5'yard line 13t'nr play from scrirfinfnage. qlreamluthe With playeproved game breaker, on this? WHY, back Mike Wimberlyr hefted a pass to Gaston Green, who sprinted upfield to complete ia touchdown play. This gave victory, and a place in Qamena game off l the N' H ,, MEDALISTS 117 ,,-,' U Q 7 'S' ! Q r -'55-'PSN in 'Q M Triumph rings . . . as Demetrius Smith forges ahead, leading his team to victory. W.---A . 5 , I iii W-N '-W1 ww 1. 'S S HThe C BEES" . . . After the C- average, no fail rule went into effect, that is all we had left. So, with our Wall of BEES on defense and our BEEwilder- ing offense, the "B" Team showed others that intense effort and good sportsmanship would produce high quality athletes. Five very talented players were honored by being selected as members of the All-League Team of 1983. They included Cedric Mims, Yancy Hawkins, Rodney Brown, Kyle Remolino, and Demetrius Smith. First year BEE keeper, Mike Sakurai, coached the Mohicans with the most in- novative key plays ever derived in BEE history. Despite 'being hampered with Eli EITII SEIEI K devastating injuries early in the season, Gardena's BEES averaged 21 points per game and the defensive unit - under the direction of Sei Miyano - stung their opponents to a season average of only 17 points per game. unBEElievable! 'S mx, 5,3 K-ff KRW 539117 , 1,53 E' P: s..s " -'Q PEE FOOTBALL Front Row: Kyle Remolino, Franco Benitez, Albert Limbrick, Fred Freeman, Rodney Brown, Amara Ros. Row 2: Deon Thomas, Derek 'urner, Sammy Pyon, Cedric Mims, Dereck Coleman, Raovaun Purdie, Scotty Noyd, Romon Freeman. Row 3: Jerry Woods, james Chambers, Coach lobert Wilson, Coach Sei Miyano, Coach Mike Sakurai, Coach Darryl Lewis, Kenneth Dotson, Yancey Hawkins. Row 4: Glen Procise, Frank Blanco, Lrian Brown, Mario Mottley, Iimmy Maciewiewski, Utelu Tefele. Row 5: Montery Childs, Demetrius Smith, Glen Vargas, Brian Hamilton, Deron Larkin, ric Moore, Kenneth Taylor. Z rm U JP fi 5 -'l C17 .i ..x KD I Q F g , it .K FS XX erleode cv " .C U 'kv' be 3: E O bee ond v ky Definitely bad news the fans at the Gardena vs. Carson basketball game decide to catch up on their reading as the Carson team enters the gym faided by the cheerleadersj. with a gives a new meaning to i'Dena Style an I4 K i Dana Caples ,ii I I 1, 'Y' .. gk f V, Atiyt y . - 5 at g L 'vw .M i Q 1 1 1 ,f N f .raft x ff i i if if' 4 'ff at gf V K I , I TH., .itz :,,..,:t:.. .gn H fi V + qi imfrigrv Bynum ' fi' ,.. ' f wf r ' 'fe 3 ,tt a .1 xx dt, A ff VK f 'Sf X Q1 N f 9qs'v W sv? der cheerlea ff" arsity . V CK "DANA RO K ,Wi f A 4 N CD Z F71 U 31 F' G -I uw f.-1 lr' '1:7'Cri A ,r +R-'MZ S Q A ,, a V Q 'salezuog agSuV neweg egsalv :oniq M03 'amuang elap auapv ziugngg 'U-1 5U3qV31U33l-D MISUVA Clap your hands . . . Angie Gon- zales claps to the ryhthm to one of the pep rally's songs. QA' CF: V gif? :uh 35 55? 3'1- wi-rs - cub N22 mx Om 3.'T I K. Q'H gs 52. 53 PE uw :r m 1 02 7 DJ 3 I' ro ru IP 3 : ro CT V5 ,. rn I' E 6, vw 5. 5 U 6' :r :J ru -4 ru -. -1 1 -4 S '1 O E Way up high . . . IV cheerleader Naomi Matsukawa leaps into the air at the end of the pep rally. iiiw.. 4-x . 5- of CHEERINC5 GARDENA'S FINEST TO VICTCDRY. Shake that skirt! Cardena's cheerleaders do that, and so much more. They set up pep rallies, paint posters, choregraph half-time shows and practice long hours in their effort to fire-up the Gardena crowds. They ride the bus along with the players, but they don't receive the credit they really deserve. So cheerleaders, take your - bows, but watch those short skirts! MEDALISTS 121 is. D0 G ys' r bo 1-w.y..a, O x . . . TENNIS, ANYCDNE? Looking good. With new players, new uniforms, and, more importantly, a new coach, the boys' tennis team adopted a new outlook on the sport while emphasizing the old ideals of sportsmanship, dedication, and spirit. Led by Stuart Bruers, Donald lshihara, Andrew Oshiro, and Chad Wilhelm, the team coped with intense league com- petition. After playing another season, the tennis team showed how fun tennis is . . . tennis, anyone? ff m ig? 1984 VARSITY TENNIS L-R, Front row: Donald lshihara Sammy Pyon Kevin Oshiro Yoshitake Kawano Back row Coach Hiroki Gomi, Wilfred Sabio, Robert Hashimoto, James Baker Stuart Bruers 122 MEDALISTS ,,i Backhand that baby!!! . . . Chad Wilhelm shows the top form which has kept him on the Varsity team for the past three years. Home run .. . Stuart Bruers, "ace extraordinaire" slams one home fover the fencej. K 'RS',X1f'x'5.. It x x r NA s ya.. V Watch the birdie: Kevin Oshiro fires a shot - closing his eyes first, of course. sk sg Q' I .E .k-!! - it 4 kk ts K , N. s !.,! t ' Ig , ,... " K .i . Q,-. !Amw,t,,,t uosmg U 2. S' Mo 'wo 'sllog iii9 qs, uog us on 1oqs Mol e 19 sa8unl meqi amp uiog Juiod 9 time Z l'l'! U J' E uv -'I uw 4 N w There is only one word which could describe the 1983 Gardena High Girls' lg Tennis team: fault-less. Although the C team seemed to be lacking in seniors, 5 being made up of almost all juniors and 4- sophomores, that fact didn't l'set" the is team backg as it sailed through a very -t successful season. O3 The first sign of success came when the tennis team completed all the prac- tice games with a string of victories, and continued the streak into the League matches. Even though they lost two games, that didn't stop the team led by first year, coach Metalski, from advanc- ing number one singles player, Stacy Lavilla, and the number one doubles team of Sharlene Hirabyashi and Melissa Kim all the way to the semi-finals. Alas, in the finals, they were stopped by Car- son by a slim point. But watch out, Carson . . . the Mohican team will be back next year. FAULT-LESS . . . Odd Couple Sharlene Hirabayashi plays a match without her usual partner, Melissa Kim. With all her might, Kathy Hirakawa delivers a smashing serve to her opponent. 111 , . . singles player, Stacy Lavilla easily picks up a line ball. 124 MEDALISTS 5, Q Q Qt T? A if? fx Q? CV, 3 .ng wry X t Criss. Esxxklxxx llsssiixl-1' 8111! xxxxx KY Kg it XX Kxlxklylxkxgv , sy! txxyx Yxiklxfkf iaixyacxxawxfxwgfi xXl'xx'waKs1'111x1 itxxxxxi t I 'R I , ii,'Il: lil! ! li Sk 5? -'sf u ..,.v+f""I s a,,,s.,.a-QAJO' J UP Q . .mx .,,,,..-s-nw-Q A-.. ..g...fw-J" .. Qi I l 'J -'S l ,Lux GIRLS' VARSITY TENNIS 6 7 7 3 5 7 7 2 6 5 3 League NARBONNE BANNING WASHINGTON CARSON NARBONNE BANNING WASHINGTON CARSON Quarterfinals FRANKLIN Semi-finals HUNTINGTON PARK Finals CARSON Beal it Traci Sonoda steps in to intercept the ball before it bounces out of bounds. Us F fl 2 GIRLS' TENNIS L-R, Front row: Sharon Noguchi, Kathy Hirakawa, Martha Nakagawa, Charlane Abe, Sharlene Hirabayashi, Melissa Kim. Row 2: Bich Le, Akiko lida, Stacy Lavilla, Hiromi Yonemoto, Holly Konno, Laura Oshiro, Chisako Suga, Hyon Kim, Cheryl Fujioka, Emma Sabio, Traci Sonoda. Not pictured: Sharon Shiroma. MEDALISTS 125 Your face! Craig Honda of the Cees puts Upda Shot in the face of 3 Crenshaw player BEE BASKETBALL L R Ron Vasquez Chris Inouye Tom Fukumoto Richard Salter Darrel Moore Gary an Scores' Suzuki jimmy Matsubayashl 1983 BEE BASKETBALL Non-league VENICE SOUTHGATE CRENSHAW BELL League BANNING LOCKE SAN PEDRO CARSON NARBONNE BANNING LOCKE SAN PEDRO CARSON NARBONNE A as asmlnsW""' C. K X R ' xx Q' SYN" a ,M 1 "Play two . . ." Point Hfgo calls the shots for the Cees, setting up for two points. B Alley-oop! Bee forward limmy Matsubayashi leaps to tip the ball in for a bucket. CEEING IS BEELIEVING! Talk about getting up early! While the 7 o'clock calculus class vegetated in their chairs, the BEE and CEE basketball teams were running drills up and dovvn the lacquered floor until their bodies reeked like the morning breeze. Improving from last year, the BEE's, coached by Robert Karbach, were led by guard Chris lnouye and center Darrel Moore to a good season. For- wardfcenter Tom Fukumoto was MVP. The CEE team had an exceptional year, going 9-5 in the season. Sparked by guard Lee Tonai, who held a 21 point average, and point guard Chipper Hino, the team excelled to unexpected heights - because height is what they didn't have. This 7 member team was coached by alumni Rick Trevino and Kevin Hughley. 1983 CEE BASKETBALL Non-League VENICE SOUTHGATE CRENSHAW BELL League BANNING LOCKE SAN PEDRO CARSON NARBONNE BANNING LOCKE SAN PEDRO CARSON NARBONNE la l i ""' 'I CEE BASKETBALL L-R: Tony Shumato, Lance Mat- sumoto, Craig Honda, Rance Fountain, Roger Sato, Chip Hino, Lee Tonai. MEDALISTS T27 Kelly Fujio starts the 4 '-we qi w 'vs Make a break for lt' Cherie Oshiro whizzes past In for two Sharon Masuzuml scores for the IVs. THE BALL IS IN OUR COURT miil 'El ss. .ff ii Dear Mr. Webster, On behalf of Gardena High School, l'd like to take this opportunity to ask your publisher, and yourself to recon- sider your definition of the vvord 'dominancef' Here at Gardena, we feel that it should include something about our Girls' IV Basketball team. You see, theyfve won five league and four city championships in the last seven years - all under the same coach, Lionel Onomura. That's pretty darn good, in my opinion, for girls whose average height had to be less then 5'5'fl And although the girls have changed over the years, coach Onomura has kept a running game as his trademark - and as a major reason why they win so many games. Speeding downcourt, guard Gina Nakamura leads a Mohican fastbreak that's almost a sure tvvo points. OJ GJ .-I uf .E OD E3 D1 FU D . 3 'Q J N 3 V1 S GJ .E C .Q 3 f J Li. Z IIIBY ag O .': .C lll O .Qi - GJ L U -I 5 S2 EE 5 In ATJTWS LH ... . at L U1 E E01 gi x O .--ss t . '11 U , -c: O4 Although the season is novv over, l'm sure that if you'd seen this year's team in action you'd have been impressed, Led by sophomores Cherie Oshiro and Sharon Masuzumi, the lV's demolished nearly every team that stood in their path. The bench also stood by Coach Onomura, and they proved to be the difference in many of the games. ln closing, l would just like to ask that you seriously consider my proposition. You can reach me via Gardena High School. Sincerely yours, Marvin Mohican MEDALISTS 129 tbo ke S bo uni mums msm strlllifffi mini Llkblli llllhfllm na ONE FROM THE HEAR "Swish . . Kell Lee shows the form for a perfect free throw. jv In X . L O .O 130 MEDALISTS 3 on 1. Even under heavy pressure, Ronnie Shaw fights to keep the ball in Gardena's name. age 312 U1 5123 Behind every successful Varsity tear there's always a hardworking luni- Varsity team. And so it was wi Gardena. They worked tremendous hard to learn the Varsity's offense ar defense so next year they would be ft ly prepared for the advanced compe tion of Varsity play. This single minded devotion didr lead to lots of tallys in the win colum but this didn't faze Coach Dwayne Ta nall, who preferred to define a su cessful season as one in which all of l players learned everything they had st out to learn. And that's what they gax - 1102 all the time - a season tht usually leads to a good year for the ne years' varsity team. an ' an M Elllll TQ? 1983-84 IUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM: Byron Flournoy, lames Swayer, Rodney Bonner, Alex Castaneda, Keli Lee, Gerald Duncan. 9' ? ,. Q, X my Nun! U, 3 2 ig-2.3! efense! Byron Flournoy and lex Castaneda work as a team ,o execute the effective trap for turnover. 'E fi , .11 by Va f iq, "o J D fo,a?0p,b Qyxo 8 Qi, fo 1 0 'Q :pow Q, f'+q9,,bs 06' OOO Cao Of: 64 Number 41 Eric Ellison reaches high in the sky to dominate the tip. 4 MEDALISTS 131 2 fa Xe C00 xaym 3 en 9 team andice O Sleveue adam 2115 N veteran .ooundln e the Spna a an QSLLC 'ew ad O gue wks delenfawes X an TL Shooting ensxve BVQWS lwelxnes OUKSXCX acxous O Ubo Onsvate S e Q96 O xo ge as de am xt f e' A d LG X 67 32 46 47 32 42 39 ss ze ze 54 46 GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL A GARDENA LEAGUE OPPONENT: Verdugo Hills 36 Crenshaw 50 lefferson 33 1 Banning 37 X Fremont 7 1 , Carson 47 1 Manuel arts 57 X lefferson 31 Banning 45 Fremont 62 Carson 45 , Manual Arts 63 N 39 Chatsworth 56 PLAYOFFS ff, EMS 5 "N-M., 'Q' Witherspoon is suspended in mid air as a shot. the score. Slippip away Candice Kasuyama skillfully evades an opponent for a quick bucket. f0HllZ CNS WEE? - ,, ' ' , fi 3, , slc , 2 N s f of IIRIS' VARSITY BASKETBALL L-R: Rennie Tonai, Monica Brown, Frances Witherspoon, Tricia Blackwell, Sue Fukunaga, Candice lasuyama, loyce Kubo. Not pictured: Yevette Bratten. 'AN' , Nix I i ,. ' 2 rl, xxx S "Laying it in there", loyce Kubo makes two and evens MEDALISTS 133 i rbo we bo rmy VCI boys The cheering crowds await the Mohican team as they enter the home 8Ym- Gliding past the opposition, lr. Steven Lucas lays in two points for Gardena. 'gb " wa! A 5 5. ggw oss? QXQOS Q N 85- it SSW? weif Q-Q05 .xi'6:'55'8, kb 55519500 QOW . 64 3555 594134-O Q. Tgesr v-'sr 06 Agra STU? Ng- 501 'mfs' M65 C? is Y as ", M WH The trap . . . Danny Woods and Michael Thompson try to smother a Toiler guard and force a turnover, I is s ss C ON A SCALE CDPITA NE TO TEN A , Q PRESEASON DENA OPPONENT 68 Reseda 57 97 Marshall 60 78 Fairfax 54 57 Westchester 59 57 Cleveland 62 58 Palisades 39 TOURNAMENTS Bosco Tech 57 Arcadia 49 62 Murphy 44 55 Bosco Tech 70 55 Muir 50 Torrance 54 Mira Costa 56 71 leuzinger 48 59 Miraleste 58 72 Crossroads 51 LEAGUE DENA 43 Locke 58 63 Banning 68 52 Fremont 51 49 Carson 47 44 Manuel Arts 71 41 Locke 75 63 Banning 50 65 Fremont 70 73 Carson 56 43 Manual Arts 44 PLAY-OFFS 47 Taft 56 93 Crenshaw 62 PThe team of the week this week is Gardena High's Boys' Varsity Basketball Team. Directed by Coach Tak Aoki, the team placed third in the tough Pacific League. On the whole, the players turned in consistently exhilarating performances. Especially notable were the perfor- mances of Roderick Dyer ias the For- wardj, Mike Thompson las the Guardj and Chris Stallworth ias the Centerjg their playing earned them All-League status. Rounding out the cast, as the other principal characters were Danny Woods, Steven Lucas and Stacy Joyce. Cast in suEporting roles, these players, along wit Ron Matsumoto fanother veteran of the Mohican arenaj and the others played important role in bringing the Mohicans to the high point of the season a win against one of the best teams in the South Bay, the Banning High Pilots. Overall, the team had a great season with lots of excitement and thrills. And on the Mohican scale of one to ten, ten being best, this team rates a definite 10 " Against all odds: center, forward, guard Chris Stallworth aces one for two points, 1 Up the middle . . . Michael Thompson shows the winning form that got him chosen All-League. Joining him are Stallworth, and Rod Dyer. MEDALISTS 135 'E o ca, vomn ...E X y H J qi TAKE ME OUT TO Tl- Eye on the ball 3 year veteran Steve Maxey watches the pitch before belting out to left field. I got it! Catcher Darin Tomita, after calling for the pitch, prepares to catch a fast ball. , , i H ff' 5 wife' ,IT at 4 2 , t,1, f tcty f 1984 VARSITY BASEBALL, Clockwise starting from Coach Sakurai' Dave Hanson Alondra 'Block" lohnson Eddie Perez Darrin Tomita Steve Maxe , lim - , i i f Y subayashi, Lee Tonai, Mike Thompson, Kyle Remolino, Pat Theohar, lon Woo, Anthony Dickson, Darren Uno, Robert Bell, Lennis Tarver, Vince Meda, T Mathes, Hiding fried-upj in the trunk: Mark Oshima. MEDALISTS BALL GAME Up, up in the air Kyle Remolino lfar lefti rockets into the sky to stab at a fly ball. He's out! Todd Mathes itop righti makes the tag to pick off a Carson baserrunner. Vince Meda, Mike Thomp- son, Dave Hanson, lbottom righti find that the waiting's the hardest part as they wait for their turn in the line-up. In the beginning, Coach Mike Sakurai formed a baseball team. But the team was without players, so He held tryouts the first day. And he worked them hard, training them with windsprints, and drilling them in the ways of baseball. But he saw no fun, So Sak said, let there be fun, and there was fun. And he saw the fun, that it was good, yet something was still missing - Sak then divided the enthuaistic players from the apathetic ones. And Sak called the enthusiastics uteam," and the apathetics he called 'lcut." And Sak said, let this team have talent in the form of power, experience, and speed. And it was so. And he called the power Robert Bell and Alondra lohnson. And the second day Sak said, let there be leadership, so Steve Maxey and Mark Oshima appeared. On the third day Sak said, let there be cLuickness and agility, and so it was in t e likes of Kyle Remolino and Mike Thompson. And on the fourth day he said, let there be youth and scrapiness, and up stepped Lee Tonai, Darrin Tomita, and Darren Uno. And on the fifth day Sak said, let there be pitching, and Pat Theohar, Todd Mathes and Vince Meda threw themselves upon the mound. And on the sixth day Sak said, let there be heart, and he created the bench. Thus the Monican Varsity Baseball team was completed. And on the Seventh day Sak rested and said, 'This team is playoff bound." Fire it in there, boy! . . . Pat Theohar lfar leftj lets one fly and strikes one out to end the inning. Almost out . . . Robert Bell takes a lead off first and is almost caught off guard, but luckily for him, it's a bad throw. MEDALISTS 137 ww 'Q f, i Q 2 w .1 lk, V f,.M 5 1' I VK UY7' ,V pg HW -L 5 3 V -,,, W. r "Here it comes . , pitcher jason Ceesey concetrates on another strike-out t " 'R "Squeeze play . . Darren Shinyama bunts a sacrafice ball to ad- vance a runner. Made it!!! stretching it to make the third out is Raul Rodriguez. 138 MEDALISTS . . +.....- MISSICDN MOHICAN my Lam g . l ll ll ll A A, ' f we Y 2,0 sl S' .23 265 G ,V 4 U G ig! BOYS' IV BASEBALL 1984 Front row: Robert Le Master, Callen Moril, Gary Ballenger, Dennis Amemiya, Dean Akiyama. Row 2: Ron Bazer, Scott Cadispodi, Edward Lawson, Franco Benitez, Darren Shinyama, Gary Suzuki. Row 3: Salvador Gonzalez, Raul Rodriquez, Ranfred lohnson, Todd Sproski, lason Geesey, Nate Morris. Fade in. The scene - a dark, dank, musty hole- in-the-wall. Enter Mr. Trevino, a teacher here at school, stage right. He ap- proaches an old, warped tape recorder, reel-to-reel type, and scans the room to check if anyone is watching him. He then proceeds to activate the ancient machine. The recorder starts with a whirr and a buzz, and a slight hissing sound is heard in the background. After a few seconds Trevino hears a deep monotone voice. uGood morning Mr. Trevino. This is Marvin Mohican. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to take a rag- tag group of boys whose ages run from 14-17, and turn them into a reasonable facsimile of a baseball team. With all of the raw talent you have, you should, barring any major catastrophe, have a championship calibre team soon. If any of your IV team members strike out, drop a fly ball, or commit any other un- pardonable act, the principal will disavow any knowledge of your ac- tions. The message will self-destruct in 5 seconds. Good luck." Trevino accepts this news stoically and exits stage right, just as smoke starts rising from the recorder . . . Out of my way! Third baseman Gary Suzuki is determined to keep his opponent from scoring. MEDALISTS 139 frbo O vorsity s Q N 1984 VARSITY SOFTBALL Front row Cheryl Aceret Tracey Murakami Linda Kosaka loy filed under "S" for Softball in the MOHICAN file - .. Submitted for your approval, one Cheryl Nakata, alumnus of Gardena High School, returned to her alma mater. She is about to give a lesson in teamwork, strategy, discipline and fun- damentals. But this will be no routine softball season-for she and her team are about to enter the MOHICAN ZONE!" "With Coach Nakata as a guide, the team was led through different dimen- sions - dimensions not only of sight and sound, but of mind. Diminishing mental errors was a major stumbling block, one that was reached by practic- ing late-well into the middle ground bet- ween light and shadow. Leading the girls through the dangerous terrain in- herent in competititve sports, Dana Caples and Arlene dela Fuente proved that spirit was the main key to keeping ahead of the competition. With much of the burden resting upon the shoulders of sophomore pitcher Cheryl Aceret, the girls' team proved that they were more substance than shadow, competing ably with the best of them." . . . And so ends a tale of wins and losses, of errors and truimphs, and of homeruns and strikeouts proving that no one is out of the reach of the MOHlCAN ZONE. s I983-1984 VOLLEYBALL TEAM Front row: Georgina luarez, Misty Conde, loyce 2 Ioach Cheryl Nakata, Cynthia Holley, Michelle Conde, Ululani Smith. League Gardena vs. Opponent 0 Banning 2 2 Locke O 0 San Pedro 2 2 Carson O 2 Narbonne 1 2 Banning 1 2 Locke 0 0 San Pedro 2 2 Carson 1 2 Narbonne O Quarter Finals Kubo. Row 2: Volleyball, a sport which is taken too . lightly, has become a very competitive O sport among the team players. Enter- ing the season with 'lteamwork" as their key motto, the squad was able to demolish the Pacific League and enter into the play-offs. Led by co-captains Misty Conde fMost Valuable Playerl and Georgina luarez fMost Inspirational Playerl, the team was able to parade through the play-offs and enter into the quarter finals as one of the top eight teams in the city. Com- ing out of the quarter finals and being ranked third in the Pacific League, the group showed that their motto llteam- work" can really pay off. Ending the season with an excellent record, Coach Cheryl Nakata expressed her feelings by stating, 'xThis is one of the best teams that Gardena High has ever had." i a I , , 1 A ,,W,a.-ff 6 in OA Qfiall IIU suieSe luiod .iau1oue tueam aut saAgS AalloH e1qJuA3 ,,gg3u1eqM,, 93 OSJ i-r 'u Gardena vs. Opponent 0 Palisades 2 X Ayggg g Mwwg l . VWith her eye on the ball . . loyce Kubo sets the , ,, V all up for a perfect play. O V .x -In ..i ys' rrock . bo 3 1 Faster than a speeding bullet . . . more powerful than a locomotive . . . able to leap tall buildings with a single bound . . . Look-out on the track! lt's a bird . . . it's a plane . . . no, it's Carl Lewis! Carl Lewis at Gardena High School? Hardly! After a double take it looks like Gardena's own - the Mohican track team, led by Coaches Daligney and Par- tridge. Running their windsprints, throwing their shotputs, and jumping their hurdles, sandpits and vaults, the Mohican CEE, BEE, and Varsity team members prepared for their meets by practicing long, hard hours. Led by long distance runner, Kirby johnson, and sprinters Gaston Green and Lyndon Earley, the team took on all competitors ably, with each member determined to reach a goal - that of a true Mohican - To come out ahead of the opposi- tion. The boy's team did this, and more and who knows, maybe the next Carl Lewis will have Gardena as his alma mater. 142 MEDALISTS ,S M ,,, 3 1. Scratching the sky, Amara Ros vaults to higher heights. ' 2. "Giving it his best shot," Robert Warren catapults boulders of steel. 3. Overcoming all obstacles, Lyndon Earley ef- fortlessly clears the bar, 4. "Coming in the final stretch," Roger Castillo meets the last lap around the track with great determination. 5. Conquering the Colts, Wes Anzai shows off his unique style. hf"'Y.:5 V . 'ffl W cW"W-'M-'e"'-f"'HFfs'sMfe H " ,, "' H , -- ", 'H ., it Y .tu i M A ,M tg M T , , s if 1 W ap? iw 'A A li' my "' mil g.ib Q "1 J.. W W L Q-we V 2, BOYS' TRACK Front row: Danny Diaz, David Feeney, Antoine Williams, Ronald Stagg, William lisdale, Mike Street, DeMorris Walker, Wesley Anzai, Roger Castillo, Tim Higa, Hugh Dayton. Row 2: lllya Avery, Quoc- Trung Wright, Yvan Cabrera, lim Maciejewski, Darryl lackson, Craig Honda, Kevin Hall, Emada Clemmons, Bryant Sanders, Pote Pigulsawas, Djawed Qudoos, Gerald Willard, Glen Prosise, DeMonte Walker. Row 3: Robert Warren, Eric Green, Ira Smith, Leo Norfleet, Brent Havens, Kyung Kim, Bernard Dupree, Gaston Green, Lyndon Earley, Kevin Moore, james Neal, Lenard Tarver, Eric Milsap, Earl Williams, Sean Williams. Not pictured: Lamar Clark, Keith Gibson, Arsene Loony, Mauricio Gutierrez, Asbert Sardinas, Paul Kenn, Michael Champman, Michael Wimberly, Mark Williams, Nathaniel Brown, Kirby johnson, Cornell Spieghts. ck s' fro girl This year the Girl's track team was fast. Boy, that is trite! g This year the Girl's track team was awesome! But that's an understatement. This year the Girl's track team was loaded with talent. But everybody knows that. So I guess all you can say is that Claudius Shrophshire put together, with the help of Mr. Finch, the most devastating group of girls that ever tore up the track. There, that almost sums it up. But when they beat every team in the league, one begins to wonder if anyone can stop them. Last year they won and again. Led by Captain Shelvy Mc- Cray, hurdler Tina Ford, high jumper Trian Blackwell, and miler Glga Ceron, this team was incredible! So if you are looking for some fast girls, go down to the track and watch them streak. Marine League, and they'll do it again I 144 MEDALISTS g .B .tc X l 1984 GIRLS' TRACK Front row: Verra Campbell, Shelvey McCray, Patricia Blackwell. Row 2: Stephanie Wallace, Antonette Williams, Diana Nieves, Barbra Thomas, Brenda Gipson, Leticia Reyes. Row 3: Coach Shropshire, Kim Mitchell, Sharon Kisu, Denise Rhine, Leticia Alvarado. ,L ,,3n9"" F' wi' V Taking 3 demanding lead, senior -ff runner Brenda Gipson takes off on ,W her leg of the mile relay. , gi 1 Striding it out in the W mile race, Diana Nieves, Shelvey McCray and Oga Ceron pace themselves to a strong finish. . u. sf i it I- in .I Ll.I I- ! 1 Q 5 fslki, Neff, N I s- I 1 Q., 1 - vzwu. Q K' . gy X A -SIX, g ..?.',.::12 r , s r -' 1--x t as , ,XX ,rgasgxxsia ,I 5 ' 'H ri.. '- - - 4 tr D! 1 y 'ff-iff ,Rag . 'S' 5 , R, 1 AF. sv i. - g . 9 8: i t t - -s sw.- . 1: is ' 'Q ar!-tan 1 S 'X A' is M 1 - Qfhx Yrs Q3 Qqxr if 25:1 kr iq , A .swf a s 1iit,:-f er' V- rxkiw it Q ' 'L ,-' . - Q' xt H at . if -, .,, ' 1 1 -'Q-.essex , E as 2. m.,-gv ggk Q- y :ff , . ' ,Q m "' QQ?--,ft Q: Q - X' nfl, NJEX1, :Q L is -xvh P- wQ.j ,J ,. at fx 'QA , .CQ Q .Q I L 3 S :sg W ' X x Q, V A " ' 9 - 'W 'E' K., 1 it if M it . A WN t the finish, Velissa Swan and Kristine McCoy sprint towards the finish. 3H"',r'u M t , -if lf' . I 1, .- y Lf' 4, 'QM 16,2 W awe ,f1,, 19' t s mmf" W' 'W ioking to see where she will land, Shelvey McCrae makes an im owing at the long jump pit. pressive With ease and agility, Tina Ford clears the hurdles. if :Fx '!' A .:... we t xyfwb- kkiv A y 3 , f , Q, A M ,,,.. ws. Step by step, top Varsity Sprinter Kristine McCoy leads the way. D.. Ll.I I- Ll. Ll.l Lu .I MEDALISTS 145 . CROSS COUNTRY RUNNERS unfry CO CTOSS 5',,55g3G2U2: n3:rnrn"i8l"m3,-+ O in FDD, " 3' O 3 -.-,O O-1 3- 4 O mmgiaoyfgiglfr ZSCQQQRQQ am 20:2 wo.'912o.oCg -ITD mf-ffDC3-A DH-r'DfD"'m S 3-M '-'5' -3':.f-+ worn Q33 mnOg1:F,'5 2,82 Q.fL?nE'L'. 2 3913- Fwo-'gig 3 f'D'U3,.f'D1 :TW 'mmm 9354 270 3 FD 13 , jo- o.w o. 2,o.,D ...G-1 , Q,-, FP Q. rn N f-+- fbm 3' f-' O j-.9 OHS- Q-Q. ,.,Tf'Df'D O -rs-'FDU -' -n f-f 44 ,.. :.Of'lQ,fD 3539 2-fbrb-19' as 5' O- M3 2. QFD: 2-3 SLC 3:30 lux- -13 qs X FD FDFDUQFD' FDVH N g.t.f,,MA if , :fir sf Rig' ,K . . 4 T vt gk xg, 4 S555 f. Q' xg, -HA, lu., he preferred to run for his own satisfac- tion. And that's vvhere it all paid off. 1 f f gg -ff With four different squads Warsity, ' R if' ..,tt P 'S ' IV, 10th Grade and Girls'l putting in 4 , , , , H A A ' Runmng in prime form, Rene Rivas conquers lust cruising along, Kevin Moore eases toward the finisl times the effort, a respectable 4th place in the Marine League Finals came easily. the course. after a grueling race. Q Ready . . . set . . . gone! The IV team starts off strong against stiff competition and places 3rd in the Marine League. MEDALISTS as lags . 1 RE 5 QWQQSTSIX Z gs? . ., f stti -55 wtf' N Showing her stuff, Dianna Davis proves she's 2 top runner. BREED APART. Pulling ahead of the competition, Kirby johnson races through the rough terrain to the finish line. Senior Varsity runner Bruce Lee stretches out before he runs his race. ,4 if fr MEDALISTS 147 47 47 4nv V L .1 5 X f' 5 importorit people cmd people- f l -ffi ff -. Q x ef, .R - A .:" Frances Aiken Robin Akamine Naoko Akita Francisco ,::q,+.: Alanis me Orlando Q gp ,w .S p , f X it ST Q Alcaraz ...S 1 zz- Q Q X ir- , . ,Q fs F' x ll X' LX' 'If ,. X . I' .:::' , ik ti i J Hr, X . hi, .. A ,. . . -I 5,35 , Kellisa Anderson Elizabeth Andrade Sergio Andrade Sonia Anguiano Margie Anthony ic iiirilf xg? nog W Q , 55 be ' 1 s X K x 4' 2 if X . I 1 iii TY Amold Scott Arroyo Derrick Adkins Lety Avalos Illya Avery Sim X ' se ,Q f 5 . 3 Q Sean Barkum Delphine Barnett Leticia Barrera Herman Becana Robert Beck A EWS jnuiimicvvifs junimicvb Hams juuiimicmfs juuiimieb ft H ' Charlane Abe Lori Aceron Christina Adams Felipe Aguirre Ruben Aguirre 150 IP xg A I . i g ! Q3 vt ,. W .,,A , a 4 A Cecil Alderman Denise Alderson Guadalupe Alfaro Kevin Almazan Rosaria Alvarez it , ,I--:fm fi 'il' if t , A , Wigs , is X x we -Q , ir. Ligaya Antiporda Wesley Anzai Scott Aoyagi Darrin Aoyama Ralph Armenta 1 4 I i,4N S4 d fn-f 4 -':: zz .tx 1 RQ k I S I Daniel X Charlie ,' - Avila A -1 Bell 5 rw A - - K ' Brian Q A Yolanda Bailey , Z . Benitez lames Beth I Baker Bernal Tanya David Ball Blakeslee Pedro Bonnique Ballesteros Blue 9 F. a:.' Eric Bobb George Boiorquez Ricky Boltares J L T, I If ,' D, Y R M8020 'V Vzz, Bradley V B' Kevin 1 32 ' Brookman W R Alben ' an Brooks David Brown Donald Brown Karen Brown 413 'Ei ' 4 . n. Q fn. A 7 4 4 7 Shawn Bruers Kelvin Bryant Gary Buchanan S Sparkling like gems, the Fall lunior Class Cabinet: Kelly Fujio, Sheri Ingram, Sabrina Moore, julie Smith, and Gina Nakamura introduce us to the 1984 underclass. rf: f Q I l NW' .I J Ir Kimikv elnr'2l ll' Kaduf Booker K Brooks jf, Linda ' Yusef ' Bonner Brooks B y Q Anthony Arthur if ,ffkf ,girr ,Vi Bradley . Brown ' 54 rrr' W we K l -W: A "Wa, ,, ,. ' .ja ,,-, Q H5 Q AA, sf 4' , in 'Z 5 L f Q f I N I ' .f W af ,' lorl of Monica Brown Rebecca Brown Sheila Brown 2 W ' 4 ,Mmm an iffliillt' if , Z l Iggy 7 J Ng i l x 3 . T 1 X N Q- l f 4 1' f SN' ,f i ,, K l ,',, ,, 1 W i 'li v Sf ,i ,ex ' ..,: Tuan Bui limmy Bush Tommy Bush Vaughn Byers Yvan Cabrera Tracy Cacatian De Anna Caesar Michael Calderon Verrazano Campbell Shelly Cathcart Antonio Cervantes Michelle Chamberlain Rex Chandler Paul Chang gg-gf . J A R 1 s , fy X5 xl sq. 45, Z ' it Q, i T .: - 1 'FS K l X i if IP 151 r X w 4 1 S, , L at bah 152 IP Michael Chapman Carlos Chavez luan Chavez Reginald Cheney Shannon Chin Yoon Cho Hyun Chong Terri Chun Carmen Chustz Maria Ciborowsk Lee Claibome Matthew Clark Gladis Clavel Randy Coffman Z3 ,,,, W P1 i xi N '- 1 K , 'Htl' 'S WM J' me 'Q ,f 2 if i se ,, x yi? 2 A Bradford V' Cottor1 ne' 7 I w l '- A, Q ' Dashan I Craft f Tina Crandle Charita Crawford Dondre Crichton Tito Cnrz Cressie Daniels X A X sa .f- X4 e yyy, , R ' 1 "" , , , 5 1 I ,la xiii' A l rr- R - ' t V xx 11 M x ' 5.2 , h A . K4 f Martha Debra Colbert Davidian Derrick DGFQH Coleman DHVIS leff lohqnv Collins D3V'5 Micca SUSQH Collins DBVIS Dorothera Gentfl' Conedy Dawson Patricia luis Contreras DB li Rosa Roberto Ronald Contreras D9 Leon Michael De Rosa Paula Delgado Michelle Di Napoli Claudia Diaz Dan Diaz Rosa Diaz Sandra Diaz 4 A 1, 1 ' ,, x 1 ' ia, QM! ,va ff I M ,312 , 5 li ,gf i 2 ,, 5, MZ K Q ali -el R uf ,Lg 'Q5:'Wf ' 1 yf:.,,,, , Y , . w - x KV I? l" , 7W 5, , is , eff f i Vg? 4 X ff 'fl ,f ., Z.. f ii. 1 'K , Nancy Diggs Willie Dillard Rowena Dimaculangan Anthony Dixon Khanh Duy Do Thuan Doan Darin Dohi 4 3 ,yyy . ' f WNW W ,A ag I V my M w I I fa ,ff in 4 7 ff 'W Mwlffliefii ,, ,WA ,Vw A nz 1 MM 'WM aa ' , qi ff or JM , ff ,tt Y ff? , if ng 4' ?6"fQ '-if ' J as 4 , 1 , Q ,, 1 ,,.gQ,az?Q,,?i,f.. fi 'M ', "if f W 0521! nk VL wr , I ,, v -. ,V Vg A wr, . I , 1 Kawai ' ,ylilmarf gwpfiwam 'M ,V at-wy' fx W4 "1 if . t f fifvi H , ' Ji ' was 'w W .,,, W V g ,4. A LH ax' " V A A at H243 L 1 H a W 7f mv-M W 4 1. V W. f fm "3-fM",3' 'V a,ff,,iW?n 'R 1 at , P , K 0 . I., so , ,,,, 'LM' ' High energy . . . Victor Selag breaks in the amp. Shawn Doucette Eric Dukes Geiald Duncan Kevin Duncan Elizabeth Duran Norma Duran Lyndon Earley f ff' ff ,V iii 44 lx W N Lg fi f f Y NS. 5, 1 ' , T ' qi r,.? V -f 1 v a N i H x fy , , . , Q' 'lvl 9 Q W , , if xxx ei X 'I A f Walter Edwards Michael Emery Laura Enosara . ,,,, A oscar ,Q ., F I ' Escobar Lorena Esquivias Stephanie Estrada Steven ., Estrada ai' , 'S' i' , 1 1 , mi' W ,,r.r,tt, Tofili ,. Eteuati 'R X Craig Exe ii Evans Leslie Faber K Marv 5+ Facundo . I W Audra f L i Faircloth .Wi lerome Felix A Barry ' Fields ,, A Q if, .,,?, ' Q .4 A'i'L , , '-i I 'Ru , ian if , A R 'Q ' I ,si f M l 1, . 4 Q M 1 Wi 'E M-vi 4 D 4' .: 4 2 W, S5 .wa Sandra Fleming Sophia Flores Bryan Flournoy Andrea Ford Eric Ford Robert Ford Edison Forward f A 1 u i 4 9112, v, , if? f f 2 K I, 'FF' H Reginald Foster Shebry I Franklin Peter 1 A Frederick A ' Richard 'J A Freeman 2 H Aaron I Fuiimoto Marianne Fujimoto Michael Fuiino ' I ' I i..' 'K' " a A R ' Q ,xv J .V f 4' 1 "' gif,-Q ' Q 11- W ,' " 'V" A F 4 V 'L 'IMH I ,...f I ..y:, 4 2 7 ,ff 5 51 V ,fin A , Kelly Fujio A '- ery 1 ruiioui IX - V Lori E. I Fukugawa Tom 3 Fukumoto . H Darlene ,Q V Fukunaga A Dudley Fukunaga V I Susan M Fukunaga 'XXL I me IP 153 r if ' s l f Stephanie Gibson Leroy Gipson Adriana Gomez ? GA f S i i S K, Q ' iz Q i Y, K if I S 5 0 I 'N in J .Q The Ultra look of '84 . . . Wesley Anza! shows us the epitome of specialfeffects sportswear. 154 IP Leon George Dawn Gerber Sharon Gibson luan Gonzalez Manuel Gonzalez Beven Gordon Malgorzata Gorski Kevin Goya Raquel Garcia be in 1' I lsfn, 2 ybxx zr, x I , ,V,, , V M V. A .-"' s is if iii G ,MX ,, lr,,,.. ,QQ-fi: 4- ' ,, I Oufluu Grant Thelisa Gray Treva Gray Eric Green Treamell Green Shawn Grissom Carmen Guerrero Maria , Vaf' Guerrero ff 'Z Regina Q ' ' fff: , Natalie V Habash 54 Kimberly Hairston Selma '...,'f',, 5 -1 iir I E521 ":"' W fiiiiil-M1-' Velma R Hale . an ' Kevin Hall rrrr r ' Q My L .yy y iw ,',: E .,i1 ' 'i H I 'Vt Z "1 ,,---i G A 4. N , i ,ft ,,, k i 4 y , a E Ricky if X Hall N Wayne A, Hamilton Renee Hampton ' J.. Yoon Mi i Han f as i 'fffyl 'fi David A Hansen Norman Hansen .fff 1 f2,5,,p Kevin H ' Harbor Sylvester Harris Sidra Hart Pamela Hashimoto Valerie Hattori William Hawes Gerald Hawkins lacqueline Hayes i Q J 1 ,, fi! Y' if ' i .. . . 45, 2, 'G Q xx V f ii' W 4, iw WI v www , , il ,dh 1 Gwynette Hazzard Connie Heam Richard Helmick Leandra Hendrix Marshon Hendrix Keith Henry Isabel Hemandez if., Christina Herrera Liliana Higa Nathan Higashigawa Laura Higgins Toy High Alma Higuera Ioann Hill i 5? Y, . , H gg, A Q Todd Hiraoka Mario Ho Yending Hoang as f if f f -if , ,I Vl, l li V -V , 7!f 'x 5 Verland Hooker Bridget Horan Darrin Horikawa M X , Quality is what Dawn Gerber strives for in her Architecture class. David Hilliard Robbie Hino Kathy Hirakaw 3 L , , EY ,f - ffm U I 41 4 4 1' , sf -Jr X S' 3' 325 , ,,,, N , ff' Sheaiuana Hunter Min Hur Huyen Huynh Chris Hwang Carolyn Ikari Darrin Ike Susan lkuhara ia, ia, 4 ff V I if 1 13 f gnu 5 ,KJQM f ff Ayn! Oscar lacquez Shawn laeger Terri lames Alan laramillo Devin lenkins Robert lenkins Thomas lemigan XX f, lm? 2 iiii ls , u w, J. E3 . Aff f -1 1' Q l fi h eau , VZ 4 iw :yas H 4 W 'E ,Q Patrick if X 3 7 Hodges 7 Mayumi . ,N Horiuchi , r " 7,4 Derek ? ' ZW t'-'l Hulbert an iw Teresa 3 rili H Cindy g li Q' Houston H . Ma Holley 5 ' Carla Howard ,, Maria ,eg IV., Hubbard a iii A we Donielle ' J Hughes W I5 A Kenny ' W Laketta , Hunter ' l x 'ff l , f Roberta Sheri lngram "', 'I' 'L lngels A , 5 Q , 4? W Sean lrby David lwamlzu Adrian lzanhour Silvia lacinto Davon lackson IP 155 is ,. ww f 1 A P :fa I X AQ 'F if s April lones Derick lones Kimberly lones Michelle lones Rhonda lones Ronald lones Tamara lones v fy W' l u " f 2 5 if Q - nv v M V, , J -s. Bertha loa Katrina lohnson Leatrice lohnson Mario lohnson Shawnse lohnson Trevia lohnson Yavetle lone IP Q ' v cv, V T3k3YUki ' ' Les ' Kang V .. ,',, 7 V Paul if 1 Kang Frances T ,QL Katsumata Kevin Kawai 5 W , v fi. "The Galibre of Success" is all the , Q study. 'N Teresa lones F '15 ig, i A V A -' T' Q Tracy ' ,,-w g loseph K R Rocio I W ' luarez ya . , 6 K x . A wi, inspiration Ron Bazer needs to Sandra Kang Wansuk Kang ' , I Karen . 1 xg, Kannas 4 2 f 5 GTZ 'T sf if i if ,, .4 M151 D, ,, .- is 5 Rh Z ! 3 W5 lx ' 4 . 1 l we . x . '1 Yoshitake Kawano Yunike Kawano Kelly Keamey Nanette Keeler Sophirie Khep lin Kyong Kim Susan Kim Sungeun Kim Lisa King Roslynn King Shoichi Kinouchi lune Kishishita Tami Kita Ronald Klasson f Ji ,,,.J,.MM'Zf-359 4' . Q 1-fl ii f 6. . Z fn ' -xi ts, li ff ,. W . J' , R I, ,Q ,, g if f V . Z 3, M 4 if 'Q ? !' Q 2 5-3 .- S as 3 '7 'S b' 5 X7 'E xc , ie ll '15 1 54 ii P Linda Kosaka Wayne Kronbergel Ellen Kuo Cherie Kuwahara Anthony Lackey Shawn Lageman Debbi Lahm Diron Lai Herbetta Lamothe Lisa Lampley Andre La Tour Diane Lavenburg Adrienne Lawson Edward Lawson iii, 'W f X , if X, a.a tr if i we nt 4, ii Q - r is B: ff , , ,r 7 , its is "5 f ff Q sr Q, ., , L is 2 45 Ji I A Laa a A fn s Td,, ,,.. I QV V, W N Dennis ,A Layman V Ngoc-Bich Le Alan 6 vv,,: i e A , Myung ' i 2 lee ,gm Robert A Lemaster Qy???ef i ' L" " A Rhonda Lemelle Raul Lemus Q L laa f X Barbara Lewis Wen Li Andre Lilly Albert Limbrick Valerie Little lavier Lopez Michael Louis Az- if 4 rw sf thru , L-a Teresa 1, Robert Macias A - Marbury Cesar ii Mario Maciel 1 Q. Marin Darrin ee tt ,AAL , Arnold Madison Martin 9 1' N ,f,' A 4 rw V r E 4 , J 7, iikiifa 1 ,- w iii, :Q ml Q Pele II . . . 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Perez -"' -::,,afs,,, W SllVl3 1 K jr? ,, Perez ' li A Walker V7 L Perry , w if Aj .4 Derrick Nfhif, ' J, A 3 Fenway A A AAA Tamela Teresa Debra Pitman 'f , Price Phllllps 5 ,A Harp, a Mya Eric A Q Polls A I Pneto Phillips 51 W Z 'oe' ,A Aaron A ,J Pollack Pritchard g AA lljg , ' ' fs, fe we AM ' X., ., .A A "' A as 5, . c a ...fa or dcd , l 9 aaaha -Q -la.. ayay A aa R A A r e jg After a hard day in the cafeteria, Charlane Abe grabs a cheese toast -. ". forasnack. Ax Ph""P5 Q , Porter V ' 2 iii 2 Richie - Shawn " f . Phillips 'S Powell ' g y y 3' A 44 Bpbbv , J Deshdn , - PIOIIOWSKI Pfee mf llll . 'AM HW, A My AA ',,, A :i A AN lu A A A lf IP B Q . an K -' 4- , ,. V, LQ. . s.. rr, I way to study. Glen Prosise Ed Prothro The look of a true scholar . . . Earl Shimabukuro shows us the Wight" - 160 IP Seung Pyon Latonya Rabner Angela Ragland Franchesca Ramirez Vai! Laura Razo Lewis Reed Benita Reese Riva' QV sv: a , T- 2, 4. im f W5 1 'S -be J iii Mg.. 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V h --" A 5 ' ' luan ' Diane Rojas - H Sakoda Roberto yas" Beth Romero Saldana Sigfredo Gary Romero Saldana Kimberly " , Erika Rondeau 7 Sampson Amara 9 . ,V john Ros 3 "' , Sandoval Virak V jose Ros Santiago Andre julie Rounds yi zyy Sasaki R Richard Satter Sheree Scott Victor Selag Chiyeko Sherman Earl Shimabukuro Gregg Shimabukuro Sheri Shimokochi . - , 5 Wm 5, if r Y' ti F , if 5 fr 1 i 1 M X 'Q 'fr i X we ' X fa sf k 1 -Xxx E " 'FI -"1' ' we i .3 Q' F: , K . Si J l xx' 5 es A F X Y R V if if' ,I X Xml. , . . . ,.... .. Rod Silva 4 A .. iff Chae .55 . Sim A , Q Trina lik " Simmons 'Pg Z M Z, fs , ?' ,V ,I ., ,. 1, J? 'K If 4 Mario Simuel Susan Small Dino Smith Opting for homemade food, Faye Williams and Michelle Tarnell skip the long cafeteria lines. Brian - Shiroma W Sharon S 3 Q 4,, Shiroma ' ,qw -W H522 ff Aileen Sie M, Anthony Simms Sean Simpson Andre Sims ,Vg . i2 , 4 Z W 5 ,L , K-1" ix Y Iwi 59 ia za Q s Hs ., , -. 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Tlmmons 2 so ,I Rodney Turner Candice Uemura Pedro Uesugui ev sa- sf- E Finding some free time . . .lim Baker and Tito Cruz manage to get in a few words during lunch, luan Treminio Tonya Trotter Maria Trujillo aff Chrislyn Turner Lisa Turner Pamela Turner , W 4 JI 1 1 2 ,f 1 ff! , J 31,65 if 'Z I' ig-V Q e M 4 f - ,V ff I is wig Dara Uno Darin Uno Abraham Utu Ron Uyeda Kimberly Van Herk Rita Vasquez Hugo Vasquez lose Vega Renaldo Victoria Corina Vigil Ofelia Villacreses Donald Vonner Staci Wada Donna Walker il: 5 l gm ,, ts ,t X rx Au. X. :QA I:- ,a. B 'P- Jwfai ig X 3 Q V K Ks Q X Y Y 5' N . :Ps swam is Sl Q' 5 X .?.K ,.., as ' e f l? A X if Sis - szsssysz - N .. X Y f ggi? S -is Q 'X 4-. V if .. 'k?i ff5:QW V-"'K 1 'fl' E EE . T, x x X Angela Washington David Washington Robin Washington Kim Watson lacquelinee Watts Kellie Weaver Tim Welch Christy West Nathandra West Myles Westbrook latrice White Stacey , Wilder Bri ette Willims Craig Williams , Ks ,it If" ...Y si C Q in ' N 6 -Q - X X x F -,. tw . 'Y x X ' e w gewgse st ii' ' " .X x F K all 1' .A ' tt, -f gs.. K W1 'S ikwif toasted 2iQ L ' v 'AX . Darryl Williams Derrick Williams Fa Wllliams Sonya Williams Tracy Williams Victor Williams Beverly Wilson 7 F A 2 55 ES ig 25 E? EW EQ ,, f 2 ag gs 2 Sa gg gi ga , V M' so e. Miki 22 3 on 5 Q2 5 3-4 ' " , an 5.9 -i'i ssss iii . sf' Sis .tee . I fi' ig X .E ill, - Q? EE Q' . - w: cfs retea 1 K Q. V :khh 'i+ C gr D K L' f f t e 'I Annette D V Rosa Yanai Yzquierdo Lainie Maria Yasui ' " 3 Zuniga Regina ii V Rodney Yates A ll Zy Too hip Stephanie Gibson, Sheri Ingram, Sabrina Moore, Daphne Terrell, and Lety Avalos 'lspring" into the junior class cabinet with style. Patty X Cindy ' Yamanashi is Yoshida g, Bryan 1 S.. Karen ii is Yamashita - Ibg Yoshiyama lan N larita N Yamauchi 'f Young X is 'M 5 R so -,1t:: We N 1 Q- its 1 iw .Q W . 5 4 IP 164 P f ff 4. Q rv t o ,e Steven lrown ,sid ,r ,W Terrence Brown 7 ai ,fn if .- wgw. 1, M Daniel Buchanan Cheryl Shaq, Cam Q Franco e Abrapano H Amenuya , Baker . , Q 'L 'emu f 'L ' 1 '-V 1 , I K ' ' "" i f 'V ., 1, lx, , -A W ge: V ' - iso 5 51 ' ' . ,, "Q 11 - 1 De Victoria Q ' , Beatrice ' B 3 AMIB0 rg umm E h A n., f Cheryl N jul . Toya Makeio Aceret Ando Baker Bennett A if FK gin naf ' ' o Leticia H lame! R Dunn' re A Alaro N" Arrnstrorg I Barnett R K.. :.. 2' - clnen Duke 1W" Carohle' L 2 mm Aceret AIIQID ,L Baldonado J Bentien . , 1,5 ff: L. .. 4 fig w ,,,L , ., LV, , 'I A xy at , V An enterprising group .. . of underclassmen, hold , 1 5: - G ":' ,"." ' their first annual locker sale. " - Lend. ,V .e l Q few' jennifer , Mundo X 1 Amold I Barrel! ' ' A -.sq ' f' ""' C . D .' , . an uw H6 . 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X Elizabeth y Cervantes Camren MF, George Camrichael Chavez Cllaidel 5 ' t 7 'Sao' Laslrawn K iik ,khk I Gloria' Carpenter of Chavez g V A ,,,. Q Edward Q, 0-in 'Q3 , fi if . 'lf J s, , ., C Mereuim E, 3 Ho Carter Chay X ESI" . f Kathy Will! Casimiro A Germs X. f v,. .. ,,,.,, - , ' Alex ' laurie Castaneda 1, Chidress ' Rohm D ig, r E D chan! H, ,, Y 5.5. e Soledad Monyerrv Castellanos N ,WU Childs if-N, ' tgonchang , :.1:i ff Monique TIQK-'le Castillo Childs mu i Chao f X iil il S? , Olga - Denise Ceron N, , Chinn Luis lfff gem. Cho We . .,s,,?ef:. K. 2 lin Clark N Ax K 4 24..2:s , 1 stir Shannon Clans ' '-5:1513 . - Susan Clark , it C is . .. 1, X., it D Emada Clemmons .J Yumico Clemons ef v Donna Cole Miguel Contreras .Q Antiew Corlett 0 .M ay Carolyn Correa s s Gina Cortez 1 Darrell Crain QM , Oliver Crawford , Roberto Cruz E fl KA . A Nidiotes Cuaresrna lsr Robert Cuevas w' W David Cumnings , Sa Anthony Dantuono fur. pf fl ,ttgs ,Eg Eddie Davila x . Qwgzytfg K Cra' Davlrs xx 5 A 'P Debra Davis Keith Davis s Keith Davis A -Us wr-is X ri: e Mary Davis . D . is L . TIIYVOUI '2 " Davis 3 i s 5 ' ve b Ernesto Y DeLaMora H , Dawkins A M Gerardo DeLaMora X J 111 Ni Dayton ' Corri Dehlln Tamiro Debose Phone home . . , Kelene Oura makes a long distance phone call to E.T. P 165 166 P :- -is ,LD .. A Ji- I.. ij QL - A Q x Cynthia , cn' - vw 'ff Demosifio iff is Dongs 'i I' Enoinoto I t if E f H ,Y Fe K M ,, ssr E v 1: F Beverly Pill' David Dixon Downhour peeney Percival Samuel fi' il william Delllosario i we Dorrough : ' gpm A N - 'g i f wg TU008 Kenny ' Tedd Dov' Durazo Hannigan 1 .,:- . Dmeaeo ik limes D Frank Offs- Dorsey P g Esquivel mx . A it J ii ki 5 ir W, E K my S 3-few PIU' i Debbe Cynthia DDWY Easter Fleming ir lame' W Kenneth ICS!! A Ddld' c , Dotson if Q, Esqrivias N ' '-if ,, 'cw 2' - .za ,,,k + -Q 1 .1 .X X ' 5 N. he-. "":,: I 4,,' X Eli: Patrids Bessie 1 Dogma Y Domm V Eastem Fwd lose Nicholas GUIi2HYl0 I 1 Q Dial Douglas Estrada i. . . .,, ,. E . nnlz K . ltanc 1, - Q Fountain K, ..A, .Q A Mafia ' 1 ..t,: . Estrada t 5 1' Y Sherri Y Franks Stacy 'N Estrada a . Ramon Franco Evans K ig -.f t 7 ix Leslie ' Fraridin Alicia ' , Facundo . -1 gi V' . A Mohican bears a distinct characteristic - even 'ie when walking from class to class! R0"""' Freeman Anna Fruge QL. E. ' Kevin Fuiikami 1 Stephanie Fumkido Derek Funrtani IW Patrice Gaines H.. m Galicia ,tw , if S? lacquelyn Galloway Bertha Garcia Dora Garcia Q wr f ky .. , Q R Y is is Norma S- Gomez ts K 3 Ramon Garcia Elaine ii 'A Gonzalez Rolan i Garcia Ellen ' ,Q , Gonzalez luana - Garrison Salvador . bl Gonzalez 2 , V lason X 5 Geesey . - :sig ' e L Gordon 35 Rachel ' Leeann - E Goya QR! .HRX 'Wx Felicia XX Givens .V 3 Shannon ' ,,,, CHM JL- i :W :. ..S3Ezk.:, y --'f .ggi 3 S lliiiil Lonnie Givens Toni Gant I 2 's ssmi , Q i 5, it Charles Glowacz ' 3 . Vigil 1 Gray il lulio Gomez Sherri Hamada Chris G'9B0"Y .f Brian Hamilton A ,gc Nelson Guillory Robert Hampton if' .fx-A 1 lane 'U Gumpal i ii i Danita , Harnptonie :i a , 'f i . 1 Andrew 'i"' V ' Gurewitl Lk.. usa Q f , s r K , -3 Antonio M Gutierrez 1 Tiffany k-:: M Hanes A ii? .N 3,-if H lo' Gutierrez K... 4, Henry I-laraway , ff 0 J A Karen E Ham Elena Hall Bnta Hams Galen Hall ,2. in 1 If , f, , Wi?1,,Q A -r ,, X I7 Michael Brian ' Hatter gy Hirabayashi Q . gig- ,,,,,,,,, My A - mi 2 cmisrine X rnamp 1' Steven Hll'l'iS Hendrix Hood i Monique H Cindy 0 Q Hawkins Hindu ' ' t, sow-ia ve-ref M K-1'-'een uma Herbert Q e i Hon vmcv 4 Hyok i Hawkins Ho A A 3 17 0 Q i gyledn 5 M Capucine 'V Felicia Han , 1 Hemandez Houston 1 X 'ef ,,,.i ' ' " iii i 4 Carrie U9 ' ' Hayashida Hodge 5 ,VM x 2.5-ff Mgfk In Norma X: Roben Hgmma Hemandez V Houston V Roy. Randy A .4 Hayashrda Hogan E ,,,, I ,,,.. f, P ' 'P' ' . 2 . ? ' 'hw X la Shawn Gilmer in . Billy Hg'-ygy Herrera ' V Howard ' ' creveimu , Aretha A ,mga D" Hayes I M Holliday V V A Q- "" ff X rr ' it ,D .4 Laurie X Marcos Caryn Harvey ' Herrera A Howard U Cheryl A Tomisa 'ii Heath - Hollis , f ,I ,.,, , V gr , 'JL' 4 vu r H Ay 1, lon - Timmy 'N A luis Hashimoto V Higa W Huerta I V x A ,, " Henderson , , Holmes Pi 1' ' A Ji ., Tr. H 5 L' L n Deanna lowph e , H Hasnimmo Hinckley "mls - I Mi Kal ' Crlrg i7 D Henderson M U Honda A ,, V V ' of sm, Darlene chip Stephanie Hataye Hino Hughes All dressed Charming. ., 4 - V Connie Huizar 41 ri Q Xu v lawana Hull 1, 1 ,saw William Hull . i Q 4 , X n i Valdine Hunter Keita Ichizuka with somewhere to go, Regina Sharo ' as f X i ' 5 f en' Sal ' Ingrid ltopo 1 lackson 1 1' "'i lov i f f lwamizu A j 4 52' W' 5 W fling.. , M I V Cynrhi, , Katrese Ige larkson cms V .,,, . ii: - Iwata N w, F K5 5 , , Akikq 5 T Sharon Iida jackson Dawn , . n Q lackson ', 3 2 ' Christine f ,V lerald Imose YE Q lamerson Debressia '7 'P lackson W an , C Karen ' Darren Inouye a lames . f Vg 'M ' .rf ,, Gay.: lackson I xg' 4.1 x Q o 2 in to Paul M350 lshikawa llm95 n awaits for V. , ' 'ii' if Tina lames . ii'i 7 Q Karen lelks 4, xi W Daren leter , ,M . V A-1 .. Manuel limenez Eric lohnson her prince 1 Rachelle lohnson A ,F 1 3 Ranfred lohnson 1 ' ,, 45 41 4 f - V, 'f Qi Samantha lohnson A ' if 4 1 Sherdrick lohnson ,Eli Stephanie lohnson , 3- if Wanda lohnson P 167 168 P -1 A W Q A i I-UTY loiner Rf 5. it :Nat Angela jones a g J. lustiia lones is as Y X, Paul lones K R i , Clarence lordan il 13 . if . Denise jordan Mine lordan my ,-iialsd , 1 Monica lordan Paula lordan el Robert lordan i 1 L ., Q MJ! A 11 Tracey Kamehaiku f s Tm Kms '51 1 ,- Peter Katsumata Anna Kawahara Kevin Kawano A s r Naomi Kawano I t I Glenn Kawate Q 5 David Kay 5 g. 4 Tin Keller wc?-2 x CIW Kemper ,:e,,:kk Mi , fe Derrick Kennedy ir :se-5 ' at ix i t L L Regina Kent vm ' v 'S Dushawn Key Chi Khuong A Allen Kidwel Crystal Killman 5 mi? : NX Q, loohee Kin K N Kyung Kam Michael Kim Mike Kin QE Pong Km I Bridget Km is if - Lana iflls Beniie Knox N. V ',, sl ' " 2 KCWY 1 1221? Kobayashi is w ar- f1-- ii: Daron lalisil -.Q sii . if Brian Kobuke 1 L V latricia F um fi Holly Konno ,Q to L 1 8 X ' Anthony Latour Muy . Kuodi NA 'E ' , Dennis Lau Run'ko i Kusurnoto Stacy Q Lavilla lalrentz , A ,i fl. R Q ' . Richard X 1 Lawson me . semi! Lamar F ' 1 1001422 Lee Theodore , xL,.. lane "S Keli Lee Langarcia Aiikk 5 Mi Sun lee b . Sf Michael Lee -K Yeo Lee Dawn Legaux fs.yf": ' - Q ,jg,js.f?, A f? I iq lavem lewis ,, .. ,A , we fa. Doris Lim K ws at-,PFRTY UFC' Brent Linbricls Q . Lil' .- si Lasonne littleiohn ft Nathan Livingston if X X Y Charade Lofton .W 1 -' F S HL. 4: Kendall lofton 'N lerron Lollis lohn Loo fire Roberto Lopez .X ,W ibn ,xy Secundino Lopez Veronica Lopez S Penyatta Louie B f fs- 8 My l.iIIian Luian Bertha Macias A if I George Macias jim Macneiewski --me ., l.: S N. x .X rf' V Rhodora Magalong 'S .. Bertha Magana 144 RX exit- - Q Q- t uf .."", Mike Maier X N 7 5 4 IOGY Malrabenla gl. Kyle Mald ,- X like ly if xl Rosario Maldonado ,L in - s R' I Sandra Maldonado .Na .J .K NI Q U, ruisin the quad . . . a stu- ent skater dashes to her lass. , F' :Q is Byron Maloncon if Sharon Malone .. lenaro Mares sr-A Darlene Marquez 8 1 'ISF Keith Marlow se e f S tg tix. , . ,, X --.-s, Matasha Martin - 1 L Fennin Martilez X x ,T 6. i s u Ki A . lack Martinez 'ik sz.. i ' loseina Martinez Q .. X , . L Z Ruth Martinez x is X Tony Martinez N Marcus Massey Sharon Masuzumi x 4.5,- Ken Matsumoto . x 4. 5. Lance Matsumoto Susan Matsumoto .N . Penny Matsumura x Cecilia Matsuoka .. Toshiyuki Matsuzaki xo mf Kimberly Maury lack Mayekawa 9 5 Emie Mayfield 4 N 5 . john Mayner -M5561 lose Meda S Kin Megotna . xi. Val Melgosa " :-P: . m Marla Mellott , . es Alma Mendez ' -i is s , fm Fennin Mendoza a K .k Q -3 Nik -s w- Carleton Meredith X s Q viii' v, Tomlka Miles '33 , V , . we. Don Mills as- s m e Tanya Mirnms .- Q. ' 1' .. xy . is Albertina Mielez X Claire Mitsushima l , ..EE E 'ie lauren Miyaguchi Y Kristi Miyamae or ssssy, V., -ex Marlo Miyashiro Cecilia Monteverde X , , an 'hi' Meloney Moody 'egg sl Darrell Moore 1 - K arksf sz, Danielle Moore is K I . . Q ez, ii ' ge F -My . e - ' - Eric Moore fs: R , ' ss K T Lisa Moore Q Q ask -- -4 ,. . ga Rhonda Moore Paula Morales Callall Mori Lloyd Moromisato Natharial Morris X Q I V... R Patricia Moms Toscaleneo Morris .K N .. . - -X -like f A 5 Q 'I Leroy Moss Q 1 Mario Mottley losefina Muiica Elizabeth Mumms r K V..,,. - Y s . rv ii' s Q '1 l Silvia Munoz !YX Tracey Murakami .t wg: , , K Karen Muramoto is Kelvin Murphy s V Yvette Murphy V Kimberly Murray ,, 34 ss? '44 x 1 x Latrice Murray x 'BA Toni Musulin w e Q is l Mygfg . so fx S 5? Q s ii use is Q , Katrina is ' ' McMillan Egg K Myers X' - 4 1 ' S ,kb Kay Nagamine McClellan I Erina Nagata Felicia ' xv s - Bryon Nakahara Lavot is. .. xi.: X A M Lyann Nakakura uma ' McGregor - , K' S ' . laura his Nakamatsu Demetrls S McGuirie , ,Si s . Paula .1 . Nakamatsu ,--.z N' I--ie MCKQQ . ,1 tix 3 james ' Nakamura Dorothea McMahan V A George Navarret P 169 170 P si Emeslo Shgrrade L x Y . xx Hazel SCUUY Nelson N0Yd Vima Cynthia s. C E I N x 4 , f I-hu Nell Nguyen t 5 OglSlWill Veronica will .lofi Navarro Nlshirawa C g ' 4 if . .. f if ' QL. V 2,3 f . Huns Chns Nguyen Okamolo ' ' ,,, I yum, ps i .crm E X Navia 1 N-sh-v--n , f x... . y S ' Huy K Shirley Nguyen Oliver Palridl leo Neal Norlleel :Klan Q ,Q Nw New .1 ry a. s.... ,J :--- .Q . ...L in x U 1,5 Nia The second time around for Brita Harris representative. ska 9 WX. ,K A - , . 'ia Fi N 1 .gg . Eric Oneal as eg, r Hein On if R X' . Melvin Orr Hilo Osawa Cherie Oshio S 3 pg 4 I .- 1. rf 1 1 1 sv . 6 as -'ff-HR ni if Shannon Phlips A K Q. Andre Herson X Pole Pigllsawas T . , , A 1 cawig rom: 4 Amie: Polee 3 in 1 5 Mia P0P9 I Derwin Porter AS Vis re Sheia Porter AL I rm. X ' ii laura 5 X ii L Mrk Oslio r 3 Pamel lil 1 Richard ' in M - ivfsvl is ,.:. L -' Qs 'F for S , Ronald ,N Sindy Oshio C Parry ' . Oyadoman H .l,s - , -1-r I x Q wl- a .C bxiq -- J L l 'iii lames osyriia Pale k --rfriiffi ,"-i oyn 'mum W f is , sg Keith! ' , flifl Oura 'Na , Paul Shfv Ozawa H A W '3 .514 .I ! Penn X E V-.,,: ,ig lasqin Paaon H I.W, C ' rf V Steve f N W P901 3 jesus fd., Padila ,,,,.,,,.. .V M, gy - 'Q Curtis ,, 'WY ram. ,V , 3, 4 X I Pang 'S f E ff ' I ' Mai Phan as the 1984 Spring semester sophomore xx A"!.i'2'.!"' L, sf ff -my 'Q uw I an 'E' Sharon Rainey x vw ,Q eg, Carlos Ramirez we ,- hwy Jxigj PIKE k x David llunos 5 , Sean ' Pryor ' ' .: f Rises J i 1 R llaovaun i j P I. b , ., Reed Q' i , , ,, 23? r ,r,. .. rr r Reed Z,.,, suq Blanca " ' Quevedo llenn , ,z ,ff , -V l W C 'X -, Quelada 5, C if lllblrl - '-:- Lesie llabago ,Q om Reyes , " ' 2 '21 lose Racho ,Qs 1,1 A :fs Xt , ' . ,fl E' -st Brushing up on the rules of the road, Lee Tonai anxiously studies for his final in Drivers Ed. Haunani Reynolds X Hilton Reynolds it , I gy S1 lohn Reynolds Chris Rice 'N ffsi, -sr . lee Richardson 2- irq iv' , tg . fff. 3 :ies . , Ls ek A Aaron Riley Victor Rivera . ra lisa Robert , s..X sig' ' LF ii i Eva Robertson bavid Robinson ff S Deven Robinson 4 ., f iitf iv - ,::. R ssss ' fir A f Kelvin Cambridge Robinson Ross N Mme i.. - Rodriguez ' g Q .V . V t , ,Q fi? ' 1 N' if? Teaunia , 'E Benjamin Robinson L ' Russell mr. K Rogers Rita N- Krystal Robledo Russell .. Roldan ' '- i f-S S r Geraldo " S Rosa Rodriguez t Ruvalcaba ze.: ,:: K1 Aman, figs ,..,. 1 V .. wi Ros ai :ik ' Q 2" 12 'NN Q -5 ti f s gg., it ' Kesha ' Emma Rodriguez .. Q Sabio .4 A- U Row . I Maria Michael Rodriguez Sailri E ugh: Bob Sailinuu Dawna Saito Maria Sanchez tl 'r 2 ? Stella Sanchez . .. FF rt s H I in S t. Brian Sanders 1 3:4 -'-- Bryant Sanders if 1 f-1 1 Derluinn Sanders f ui.. Eusebio Sarabia Q . Qi Lt ' in Wit Dean Sasaki 5 .1, W K . laime Sasaki if if V letf Sato 6 1 . V, X Roger Sato , lames Sawyer Env 1 Damion Sayles Bill Schneider X ' - 1 K Patti Schwartz .in . 4 Rochelle Scott Enrique Sepulveda 1:1 'K 1! lavier Sevilla lisa Sexton "'fw eaaf: 4511- C iw ,hy f , Rasheedah Shaltoor Rene Sanure W, -f Elrondo Shaw O ik .Q SS Michelle Shelton X., .,:, in 4' Robert Sheppard we Lashawn Sherow ,,ii V Kisu Shin Dan Shintaku f 1- .. ., 4 ff .,,,, io Darren Shinyama .,ifa:iff,,,, f ,A Teri Shirota I lltfv Shobe f'f,c Marlin Silva Q X Shirorni Silva 'O X Tunowa Silva :ses I x ,a Hyon Sim 9 louisa Simmons Yi Kenneth Sims .ifawmf I Michael Sims i f. . gg 5, '27 af Anthony Smith , Qi is Q 'FE '1 3 if lir- Bunnie Smith xi.- N F, N .,:, I X Charon Smith if ' 'I Demetrius Smith ' -If lennifer Smith F ex Louis Smith fi xv 1, Michelle Smith T Rhonda Smith 1 A Robert Smith 5 vga SK 4 'rr 'l X Robert Smith Q Y Robin Smith X N a 'FLY Sharon Smith 'Slit' 35 L sez, lie Hwan 5008 Traci Sonoda Liane Sorakubo P 171 , 2-- K .f Q ' N, Q Q! bf! 25 sa X1 A 3 f , 0 Arthur Sorrell SP4 . 5 -fa- Tltltlli Swami S7-'22, . I ,N N it S. ff? 'K Q Danny Svisw Ronald Shss '25 V Wi , rl! 'N- K 2 .R Ticia Stanford Chris Stanislansky ',:: S , - Yin - X -. Wendy Stanton 172 P Robert Stephens 2 I - -at V.-4 pr f Shelton Stewart Donna Stone :,,-- V. T Mite Street 'K ' . 47, gi 3: 31 'E Tracy Strickland ...J , Shanta Stringer W l E wi 'tr Maria Suarez S ., 'T fx GCN Suzuki fYX Desire it IQUY Sypnrewibl Pamela Tabar X , es Karen Taia sk Q b we on Nuff Dana Takamoto Yuki Takano Q ., Alan Takusli We x Karen Tamai Darren Tamanaha Naomi Tandre :,qf, ml lanice Tanaka Z' w ma f laura Tanaka lk' T eu Kevin Tanguchi Shelley Tanjudi ' ' Sarnia Tanimoto , t Phi Tarlioka ,gg - Victor Tanisaka ww I if "x lee TIN!! li . Y! lenard Tarver his rg TYEVOII Tate lohn Taylor V ,tea i :GF-R x W 'ELS .LA Becky Terry ,Kaya-ef' ladhna Thenarse Edward Thistle Deon nltlllli - 'mae H. .. " 'LVN f it in uw- .fr , X I Q 33' Tiana Thomas , as V Y g g at Alison Thrash Anthony Thyme: 2 Iaa Q lee Tifith 115 ds Mesmerizing the day away, sophomore David Haley waits for an afternoon rendezvous. rx -". png ,w" n 9 if r 'S - .R V! NX . Qi-'gf V Wiiam . "' - .TX H. I D . I Torres S Tuner Xa? 'T .. ' we r' 1 ' 1" :Lf e A I 'T ., Herbert Aaona Todd - ' Tmdo 1,1 X osvuuo W y Tanya ' 'P 12 Torres hifi ffm' Turi 'zzg' ' ' i f ,fi A . " X S, 9 .la 5 mix as ,- 5. Knqr' ' Howld '3 Tomomltsu D TFOUCI 4 Torres I Urnelubo ' -"' . f as ' Q W 'lllr ' Lee ' new f Tonai Tsdslrawa i 'Wm ,J ails gn A g TOSllllilSU Upshur e l i's?i1:. f - f ":' J :ff ,,,, I I N' i :,: ki 1 rg . ., Damon Vaaiva f Toregano ' Tdele T r, Tovowd xi Un" Darlene Cory Torres Tlrcotte .S lanlce UYei0 Consuelo Vargas 2 . Glenn Vargai L K S-21 " Liga: if! Ronald Vasquez ldala Vazquez Q A. 'C- Urlel Vazquez X Q Elzabeth V99 Ai tx , et Ruben V09 Xa. x w e X sms Vesl we il 'IS David Vicente Fi , .Z ,e G Kevin A Q Wade . C ll if 4 1.. 'WUWI' f C Viveros ' . ki I I Wagoner 1:- I ., Hoan 4 3, Vu i n 5-,X S. rw . Waiss erin " Wacker Deirdre Walker Darren Wada De Monte Walker X s De Morris Walker sq I1 X X , K Lamarr Walace 1' -K- Stephanie Wallace r..L,,? Teri Wallingford W LZIIYBIICE Walton Elise Watanabe Sean Watkins Q if R, is Cynthia Watson Elias Watson Lavinia Watson Patricia Watson Kurt Watts Terence Watts N . 5 35 St Q M is e . . , it 5 K- .- it J V , , Up, up, and away , , . Tanya B, hopes to lift her spirits after a long days work, by taking hold of a mob of balloons te . K Lx.. S4 l S De Shawn Wayne Felicia Weary William Whitaker fm I Fred White Shefese White Andrea Whitfield if , I1 Don Wilkes Gerald Willard ,.,.. Anthony VWIIiams ss Antoinette Wiliams I Wagltriils , - 1, Claudio Wiliams fe E. Y Donald Williams A 1 3. Edward Wiliams Kamila Williams Keith Williams wiki Michelle Williams Myisha Williams .. ' F -'fi , X Qi. Shemlanita Wiliams Q " , 2' l V Steven Williams Q ia? ' ,, x . . . lar, Wits 335525 "L , 1 Af vgffi' Capri Wison Shaman Wilson ' 'Y 7, ': l I Yvonne Wilson A Kimberly Winfrey Frances Witherspoon XL Mike Witte ar..-e l0dY Wyatt i ll' 4 Y 1 Shawn Wyatt -if' 2 .rr Q Erica Womack Xl If in Aff, Brian Wong gl Bmce Wong N' , MIY Poa Wong , vs. I , Tammy Wong Kelly Wood gr 1, 3 IGWY Woods tt. ., Shawnte Workman Ti gg T? r iii' . i in Wendy Wynne ,. 5 t.....i , X fxg V4 Lori Yamagishi E' H AQ 5 leffrfv Yamallata Mark Yamanaka Sambi Yamanoudri ,:.. ,Q 1 Kathy Yanaga ,W ,UW 1 f 3,1 sss v Carl Yeomans if r fig, Hyo Yi 'Q Craig Yokoi ll I Gwen Yonamine . .. Hiromi Yonernoto Nora Yoshida Shelor Young my wgz., 4 a J , f , 4 f 3 X NNY Younkin ,, fs L ,aws ' 8 Guilermo Zambrano M' uel Zam'grano P 173 X V IIIIIII-P i-IPI'-G i-ILI Gi-IT S L V .Q , Ze' , ,nga i4?+q:: . R. Y ,Q , , . . Q V V w x ,, M va - :ws , 5 f Q Q ' .. ,,if'?L"V L? - K I - :MM if -X W' . f W' J 2 - . H fff f mfr- mmfw " , -"' ff'-1, -Q ?,:,, ,f , 3 ,, K L i . G , ,v1mg-q.,L.,f-wxMy fy 7 L- , 1 . m, " ,,,,, a e ., - ' M53 . fi nl 1 gif " ' ' ,Q V-'hz ?11w"i 'T .. A , f' ' - '- V , 111 W .. . 1' ' . ' i,,',fa ff " v,,,. Q J ' ,, m"- fg uf' , 544 2 4 -if f. V 1 iff 5515655 'if ,H 11 . , fa 2 4 , W , - f il j- Z ' , , if J if , R Y ff fi 'K c iff- if f 4' M if Wi' f ,f hawk 7, or 17 4 f V N wig. ,, MK is 1 f W 4 V W ' + Qi Wg, Y , W L HMM . M ,fy M f , Y ff W 5 'J me A Y 1 f , A W je in M A1404 WF? wa f 6 wjygw, yr A M Alfrgu- ' 4 9 4 X M Q Lf arf' A' f Jr' xg ' H x My an F3 f 15. 'W QW, 42' ff , ff Kr 6 fl P, M Z' Q V . mg: QPZW ' ii J. f Q , X 8 W L ,,,w2fi.2 6 'I , Q K . L k 31, .,a. uni: ig 4 ' Jw zz, T J':: a f ,, .X':g if , ,QV 'L' i' Q fn L H Jtffiw' if - If 'LWL I K n 2- ml! J"- 1 K 176 HICHLIQHTS M , 1 ,W 'gf ' K ...aiu ,. K 'W' V f ", H .'.:f.9 WY, 33 .nf .E 3, 1225947 , f '47 'KA N g' W LM Q fi - -1 K f, ' 'I' 3 muff ff , ,Kgs W0 doc, ww okk . Xeeq, okx. e cis Y- as so 7, K, h Z ,. i L1 A 1 fbovvdfx Oessjweifx oseqoocz ' S xdxe. V50 Xwyxoac, Noeqxken e Nflove OQ xo see Wvziwwlas ivlexo Qxfgpx. Xe-3c3fXsx4odv0e X664 . X9f,xK?,fyo0f,QX4XaXe,f' Xwogqjnv qoxq 'issxkooi chases Xdxedxo sxm coosdoos, xm zkgeoxebooov- Q0 gag:-Q goe'se6ow,eooe. evfxoexfxox, snow , OMYNGYG ' Kxoox Q02 eo Xvaoxo NN 'fxedxv Xoofgei eogie 0 ' R00 6e'66e ' 6 ok qoox fb GW oo eex 0? be GX X we Q xexo omo ax ovQ0e OYGQ Xe-dxf, was 30 xx GCA KXQ, do xNmSxo6eo ""' ' ,253 AAAV M, ,f, ff .iky 4237 Jw EQ' W Aly? -15' If 'G ff .' 'Q H 2,5 W ' Q '4 y A f . QV .,w,6-4, '--: :,:1- ,, lv. fn . L W ff ff ,,,,mf, f inf: ,, :,i, , , A,,, L Aa Q , W '21-,, H H W 224 , ' ,M ' V y r '45, H 55,53 ,, H4 vi - K A 244 if 7? 7 fv f W' 4 326 MAY W W u DCS ns do ki 3 O .C .Q 'o 0 U1 Every time is a perfect time for a Dena-style hoe-down with music by Rising Sounds. 178 HIGHLIGHTS GIRL ASKS BOY E .. O Q. U5 Q. CU .. O. 919 be O Qc : O U V1 'ci Eo vm: .sg Ill .O E2 "GJ C wi' -:O :E 320 50C .EAD "'.Q Em an.-E 'Wrapped Around Your linger" . . . Groom jeff lkemiya presents his new bride, Sandy Kaneoka with a Hshining band of gold." .Tlvfv m -- is st J. . 5. S - .... 'Oo , S s S ... . 1: cr if in 'J 1 Z xx! Time sure Ries , . . the dance ended with a flash for Lisa-Ann Sugimoto as she handed out cones and cones of fresh, hot popcorn to her kissing cousins. IVO A night of Family Feud is fun when Squires Naomi Kawano and Kim Tsutsui set up the divorce booth. Country bumpkins there's no couple like a Sadie Hawkins couple! Sadie Hawkins, Sadie Hawkins, How do Mohicans dance? With hands up high and knees down low And crouched in a freaking stance. This is what the hoe-down of this year was like. Organized by the Squires, this dance attracted many a freckle- faced lass. Dressed in plaid, with ban- danas around their necks and straw hats atop their heads, couples danced to the pulsation of Rising Sounds. And if they really liked each other, they could get married for three of four hours, then hit the divorce booth at the end of the night. HIGHLIGHTS 179 TS GD ud ST exchange " O 025: 'DEQ mfg Zio-- fem? So 3 95. N5 Il Q-ru 'HB 5.5 In M57 Qin, Ei O. H. 0-4 ooo 1U'1 WET UQ. mb-I SLE moo ,.,3' 29. 25 22. 2,V' 3 UQ!! i-Qi 3-Q mr so FDU1 ,TC OE 3? Made in japan That's pretty funny . . . Lee Tonai and Tomohiro Suzuki understand that comedy is universal. "How do you read this?" Yasumasa Suzuki spends his first night in an American home trying to figure out how to read a magazine. HIGHLIGHTS 7X977a?,t3'j' WE LOVE AIVIEFRICAH What was the headline when Mr Nee fell into poison ivy while watching a pretty girl run through the forest? ltchy Nee Saw She Go That s stretching it a bit but so is fly ing 8000 miles to a new continent where people don t understand a word you re saying' So it was with the ten Exchange Students from Yoshida High School in lapan After visiting San Francisco and getting to know the interior of a bus quite thoroughly, these students Trojan- ed at USC, made movies at Universal Studios, pigged out at Farrell's, and of course Mickey Moused at Disneyland. They ate hamburgers and hot dogs until the relish ran out their ears. And when it finally had to end, they had much to relish indeed - four weeks of friends and ten new American families that won't soon be forgotten. In Search of . .. lapanese Club sponsor Marvin Follett plows through his files for information on the exchange program. YOSHIDA STUDENTS Front row: Hiroko Suzuki, Emika Sugimoto, Kaneo Tamura, Rieko Suzuki, Masahiko lkegaya. Back row: Noriko Kato, Noriko lshima, Makiko Tohno, Tomohiro Suzuki, lkuo Kuroyama, Yasumasa Suzuki. HIGHLIGHTS 181 Q W le spring .yall f Q 1 fgg ,, S iw, The key to success. Leadership advisor Bob Sugino meets Key Club Rep. Keith Taylor. Athlete Clubs HR. Comm. of Athletics Ululani Smith, Comm. of Clubs 81 Organizations Kris Moriyama, and Comm. of Human Relations Cyn Yamashiro. 182 HIGHLIGHTS Travel, Gavel, 84 Unravel. Comm. of Traffic 81 Safety Rennie Tonai, Chi lustice!Coed Rep. Teri Nakamura, and ASB President Sonya Barber. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Lark Rep Mary Awaya, Squire Scott Aoyagi, and ASB, Sec, Vicky Brght. .Nb Nw... i il' "rk.!a?f if Wwe st FAIRY TALE ONCE UPON A Once upon a time a man named Bob Sugino lived in a cottage called H6. He was very sad for he had no children to love. One day a Fairy Godfather named Charles Stewart came to H6 and blessed Bob with many wonderful children each with the gift of being a leader. He was very happy and renamed his cottage "Leadership" Then one morning the King rode to Bob's cottage to tell him that someone had kidnapped Princess School Spirit. Of course Bob was very upset. He and his children decided to rescue the Princess. They valiantly fought Wicked Witch Time and soon recaptured School Spirit. Then Bob and his children returned to 'lLeadership" where they lived happily ever after. A night to remember. Knights Rep. Fred Tanaka charms ASB Historian Gina Nakamura and LL Rep. Stephanie Gibson. .ep- wy. gn The VP, the teepee, and the sleepy. ASB VP lo Ann Garcia, Tribe Rep Rochelle Stroud, and Comm. of Elections Lee Ann Webster. One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready and four to blow. ASB Tr, Kelly Fujio, Comm. of Events 84 Assemblies Kim Mitchell ln- teract Rep, Fran Tatei, and Comm, of Health 81 Welfare Larry Turner, HIGHLIGHTS CS don CIFTS ai .C 4-1 cu cv 3 V1 Cooling down after some heartwarming dancing, lovers loaf in the lounge. Like a flock of tourists, yearbook photographers and club historians shoot the sweethearts court. Pictured from left to right: Nikon, Minolta, Canon, 81 Kodak. 184 HIGHLIGHTS Sweethearts Court 1984 , , . junior Princess Daphne Terrell, Queen Fran Tatei, and Sophomore Princess Claire Mitsushima. 41 IVIOHIGAN IVIGVIE RHF. QM'-'S I The law of Signs: If you want it done right, have Regina Mendoza make it! Y Oops, wrong girl! 18th runner up Terry "Eileen" Yamamoto gets a taste of what it would have been like to be Queen. ,. GHS presents Sweethearts "Love in a Special Way" a Coed Production starring Fran Tatei as Sweethearts Queen and Daphne Terrell 84 Claire Mitsushima as'Princesses Produced 84 Directed by Coeds Music by Rising Sounds Photography by Glenn Wong Playing one night only, February 24, at the Ken Nakaoka Memorial Community Center. Q 1984 All Rights Reserved HIGHLIGHTS 185 S . Irie riv me fi D F1 QQ., .Xxx I Always looking for an easier way to open her locker, Sandra Quan uses the "purse-strap" method. ' In an independent taste test, 9 out of 10 fences preferred pizza for lunch. BEYOND THE BUFIFIITO INGREDIENTS: 2547 Students DIRECTIONS: 186 HIGHLIGHTS 1 cup Pep Rallies 2 tsp. Club Meetings 3 cans Socializing 1 pkg. Relaxation Pour all ingredients into a large mixing bowl. Stir in miscellaneous Leadership sponsored activities. Bake for 38 minutes. Eat for lunch. Serves one. What's black and white and terrorizes kids during nutrition and lunch? lf you don't know, you'd better be on the lookout when in the Quad. i Q? ini Crowd pleaser. . .Mauricio Gutierrez, the winner of the best legs competi- tion, shows off his sexy legs to an enthusiastic crowd. The next Michael lacksons, the cheerleaders, "beat it" during a pep rally at lunch, Fire it up drill team excites the , , crowd before a football game. M , if A :X HIGHLIGHTS ' Multiple Choice Caption Exam iSelect the ' best onej ' A. Intelligence and leadership . , . but enough about Mr, Kim, Oh, and Mary Ann, well she was Girl of the Year. B. 1984 Girl of the Year . , . Mary Ann Limbos ee-Is 3 wins this honor. C. Audacity Mr. Kim scornfully removes - the lei from Mary Ann after an unexpected t disqualification. D.Mr. Kim's thoughts UI wish this was Phoebe Cates. " E. Mary Ann's thoughts l'l wish this was Tom Selleck, " S mi 'xt t ,... Q ,, ,ca 453 Filled with a group of selected girls and their teachers, the social hall was the setting for this year's girls' week luncheon 188 HIGHLIGHTS WANTED: Grl W! an xlnt acdmc bkgrnd E 81 many xtracur activities. Ldrshp qualities req'd. For more info see Aya ' Motoyasu. Gifted in many aspects, Mary Ann Limbos, Girl of the Year, more than fit this ad. National Merit Fina- list, CSF President, Lark Editor, and Las Laureas President were only some of her many accomplishments. Fulfilling the theme of "Young Women Achieving and Pursuing Excellence," Mary Ann and fifty other distin- guished dollies of dashing deeds, each with more items on their brag sheets than there are letters in the alphabet, led the city and the T school through a day of su- perior leadership. 4 These girls may one day run the of- X fices which they were entrusted with on this day, O Who could possibly do a better job? Sometimes the best man for the job is a woman . . . and any of these excep- tional girls could be that woman. if Z Q. "Qw.i Sketching away, citywide Girls' Week poster winner Rosa Yzquierdo produces another masterpiece for GHS. "Breaker, Breaker", asks Police Chief Martha Nakagawa, "are there any cute guys out there?" HIGHLIGHTS 189 n Q ls LIVE FHCDIVI r bel VE' sil . ,,. HNEWSFLASHH Mari Nakayama has just been crowned Silver Bells Queen and Angie Gonzalez and Gail Shinsato have been crowned Princesses. Good evening. This is Dina Pride, Channel '83 news reporter, on location at the annual Silver Bells Dance. l am standing in the Gardena Community Center which the Knights and Las Laureas transformed into a 'Tantasy in White." Happy couples are dancing to the sounds of the band Flashback. Knights Commander Stuart Bruers has just crowned Mari and her court. They are now dancing with their proud dates to llThrough the Eyes of Love." This is Dina Pride reporting from the Com- munity Center. Merry Christmas and good night. HIGHLIGHTS Silver Bells Court 1983 . . . Princess Gail5hir1sato, Queen Mari Nakayama, and Princess Angie Gonzalez. at .aa i Taking a break . . . Teri Nakamura, Arlesha Lee, and Karen Nakamura drink a toast before returning to worlw as Coed hostesses. Adding it up . . . Knights Commander Stuart Bruers, Charlane Abe, Knights VP Danny Garcia and Lisa Ann Sugimoto carefully count the ballots, With a bouquet of roses Danny Kuriyama congratulates his date Mari Nakayama. With a smile juan Carlos Gutierrez presents his Silver Bells bid to LL Rachel Uyama. S 'E S 3 M Conversation piece . . . The punch bowl was one of many details the Knights and LL's tended to, With not a Bozo in the group, Flashback sets the mood perfectly for a 'lFantasy in White." HIGHLIGHTS 191 9 fr Rennie Tonai, and jeff X gig. ' ,f ii sq . K . A scary sight After seelng has test scores lohn Schlegel turns into a Straight from the cradle Angle lone Judith Armstrong, and Carmen Shotz regress back mto childhood Ihe dashing Humphrey Bogart, Danny Kuriyama, ponders for a moment about his atest leading lady. vt-I-N-N-I-E M-O-U-S-E . . . Sharlene Hirabayashi shows her school spirit by posing as a vtouseketeer. XXXL i Q, i I- V3 . 6 3 . East meets West . . . Samurai Kirby lohnson battles gunslinger Andrew Oshiro, X-F11 ti V is ' 'K - i.'t eggs tf 2 fe , Q c N 7, L,V.. .i..k M THE IVIASKED IVIOHICAN After gobbling down my Wheaties, I dashed to school, stopping by a phone booth on the way. I changed my clothes and resumed my walk. People stared as I passed by, but I didn't care. Usually a mild-mannered Mohican, on October 27, Halloween Dress-Up Day, I discarded my 501's and transformed in- to the Masked Mohicanl Boldly battling second derivatives and frog dissections on other days, I promis- ed to uphold the principle of fun on that one special day. After an exciting, yet exhausting afternoon of rescuing damsels in distress, I reluctantly remov- ed my costume until next year, when once again I will become . . . The Mask- ed Mohican! HIGHLIGHTS 193 fl- 3 .Q .C E GJ 'O O GJ O wi- FALL-ING INTO LEADERSHIP Doing their parts, Commissioner Michelle Morimoto and ASB VP lo Ann Garci jokingly rid the campus of Comm, of Health 81 Welfare Danny Kuriyama l Hood ornament! Comm. of Traffic 81 Safety Mark Oshima poses for Gardena Rep Andrew Oshiro and Comm. of Human Relations lefflkemiya. x u'Www.,,,,t,, , ,lv- .,,,-W- M-sm 4 f'f , , gun If you were to think what it would be like to be in classroom in vvhich: the teacher was only an advisor, there were no tests, and you could plan school activities, you would be thinking about Fall Leadership. But like other classes, everyone had their responsibilities: one stu- dent was MADDly involved with drunk drivers, others planned breaker exhibition noon dances, and the vvhole class became waitresses and bus boys for pizza night. Sound familiar? Perhaps not, but all of the above and much more made up Fall Leadership. Order in the court! Chief lustice Ken Umekubo tries to get the attention of ASB Historian Sharlene Hirabayashi and Coed Rep. Rennie Tonai. l94 HIGHLIGHTS Eagerly accepting homecoming nominations are ASB Treasurer Christina Polanco, Iomm, of Events 81 Assemblies Kris Moriyama, and ASB President Sonya Barber. .eadership advisor Bob Sugino plans a hot date for ASB Sec. Regina Mendoza and Qquires Rep Robert Hashimoto. 5+ Q N - , ' Q " 1 E loin our club! Knight Stuart Bruers and Mary Ann Limbos set up for know-a-club week with the help of Comm, of Clubs 81 Organizations Mario Rivas. I , Stranded . . . Interact Rep john Schlegel, Comm. of Athletics Teri Nakamura, and Key Club ' ' Rep Dudley Fukunaga cling onto the goal post as they watch everyone leave. '27, N--1 9' 2 9 1 1 ta My VN A w , ,,., A , fy". 'K' V gi, Xi' ' , v -Y .-33,4 , sf r'--""" -if 74145411 i ff?-' -1 :J U i s ' V A ,1 4, i 3555? A wx gf fw 'wi' ' L. VA ml, I ,.f, . ua - p Alakyl Y V 5 I M ' Q: I W r HIGHLIGHTS 195 , roger Sato N eg UA 196 LASTINC IMPRESSIONS LASTING IMPRESSIONS aywixzsams LASTING IMPRESSIONS f' 5 I' Q II 4 3. xa""'-L fL'?w" 2 f SOME THINGS IN LIFE ARE SO SPECIAL AND UNIQUE . . erm aoyagi X W4 Tfgb , if M J -., Isllampabcock I5 Q-I 1 nb ,I ' , 1. Q A I , M , ff M. 4 V QQ V i .I Zim f M, I H, S II A , . - rf I 1 0 W. . I wif ' - 1' 5 ""'m'-lr-,. 1 AA.:-...-e .pulnnpmw ,Af yy, I I if 'fs I ,a i' :' N m I3 , If 4' xr , 2 5 as 44 'N I 'f .Ma l ASTINC IMPRFSSK DNS UM THAT THEY NEVER CROSS OUR PATHS AGAIN I 1 f 200 LASTINC IMPRESSIONS i if 0 S Qi ir u gxqawnsdv - "':' 410111 in N .K Q 'E Ax , N W YM IMPACT 1984 HAS BEEN SUCH AN EXPERIENCE E C In 95 l'rI- INSIDE STORY 'il' 'F ' '- i 5 i X QP thg editgr o the assistant EdItOI' ' the associate editors: And Now 5034.9 Words From Our Sponsors ......... CHRIS INOUYE GO ,....,......,...,.,..,..,.,......... PAUL VAN GUNDY Highlights ........,,,..,....,....,.,.........,,.,. LORI IWATA Ip 84 P ..,...., ..., L ISA ANN SUGIMOTO Medalists ......., . . . ALICE MATSUBAYASHI Members Only .... .,... C INDY NINOMIYA VIP ........... Q ....,,. . . . ,.....,.. KIMI IMAMOTO Wavelengths . . . .........,.....,...,...,,. DANNY GARCIA the photographic staff: TERRY YAMAMOTO KEN NAGATA IOEY IKEMOTO HOWARD NAKASE IIM VAUGHN CLIFFORD YAMAMOTO GLENN WONG I the layout designers: MELISSA ARROYO LIZA NAKAKIHARA BRENDA GIPSON SHARON NISHIKAWA KIRBY IOHNSON ' WARREN NOZAKI EDWIN KOSHIMOTO KEVIN QSHIRQ IENNIFER UM stevie TAMURA RONNIE MATSUMOTO THERRIS WILLIAMS MICHELE MIYAKODA QUQC TRUNC WRIGHT the graphic artists: LISA ANN SUGIMOTO AMARA ROS the advisors: ' CAROL MCDANIEL WHITLEY GARDINER LOUVONIA HALL STEVE EDDY the publishing company Taylor Publishing THE INSIDE STORY 204 ji! 4 .1 ff a!!.!lll 5" ll! J V . . 1... 7 1, ""i!!aEii'fl7 AFZEMQHEQW? , E., W S geaih aw, 1 4'!iii'imE!!!J!?,!! Q NH !!4!7 3 flnimaarr X l' ' 7' , rw, , I X P' gh X7 f,,,.. X 206 AUTOGRAPHS 3 41 'CA 1 V W X 'V . lil ,ff X J Z L Mu? 1 ,, I, ! lj U fb' . J I' I 1, ,,fWff f'iI3,I'!W' QPMCWZ! 1 X if, J V I f 'W r ,1 t 1' ' f XJ. ' , iw , JW pl if 4 f f 1 'Mk , M Mfjlf . ' H f CM W HG ' f' f"' l ' f X 'UV i K74-L DH XX X, Q ,X JX jf, , Gy IMT QQ W M .ff X X, fffxixyrv Abu iff' WM J fx 'Q f mmwV Q V W yf X 7 ,XIW Hd A :VJ 'LN Q AUTOGRQXFQHS 207 , f U 'f r W g , few, . f . 1 , 7,4,f!Z:l7,7z7,W,7fM!Mf,4-jWfWW,MQ W ,QM W WM Mr 409 M M, THANK YOU 209 A ND NOW 5 31 I VI RD! AAA A-One Flower Shop ...... Abe 81 Co. Dental Laboratory Action Auto ....,.,..... Adachi, Dr. Ronald M. . . Akioka, Kevin ......,, Alvarez, Mario .......... American Pacific Trading Int'I Inc ............., Art's Discount Fishing Tackle Asahi Fancy Koi ......... Awaya Mary . ....,....., BBB Bannai 84 Makamura Travel Agency ............. Beach Hut ,..,........ Boutique Ken ........... Brent's Coachworks, LTD . . Burnt Tortilla .......,.. CCC CSF Athenians ....... Cake Dec Inc. . . . Calpis Food Corp . , . . Cameo Chair Inc ,,....... Champion, Connie!Conde, M Classic Travel ........... COEDS ......... . . Cohen, Nace B. Inc , . . . Collins Firestone ,......,, Contempo Shoes ,....... isty ' 225, Contemporary Center Furniture . . Creative Cuts .........,. Crenshaw Lumber Co .... Custom Trophy ...... DDD Decorative Engineering 84 Supply Inc. ...,..... . EEE E. L. Pearson 84 Associates . . Eschbach s ............. Eskimo 84 Indian Fine Arts Gallery ...........,, Eye Medical Group . . . EEE Fish Bowl .,...., Flowers By Sara .... Foreign Body Works . . Fukunaga, Sue ......,.... CGC G.P. Designs .... , ,..,.., Gardena Datsun ..........,.. Gardena Bowling Center Inc. . Gardena Florist .........,,r.. Gardena F.O.R. Senior Division Gardena Glass .,......... Gardena jewelry 81 Loan .... Gardena Mower Works ..., Gardena Pet Shop ...... ..... Gardena Pharmacy ..... Gardena Radiator .....r..r... Gardena Sporting Goods ....... Gardena Valley Music Center ..., Gardena Valley News ...... George's Barber Shop . . , Gilb, Charles E. Co. . . . Gonzalez, Angie ..... Goodyear Tire Center , . . GuiIIiano's Delicatessen . . . HHH H 81 K Shell Service .... H. Salt Fish and Chips . . . : Hako Sushi ........ Hairoshima .....,. Hair Unlimited ........ Harbold Auto Electric ..... Harry's Aloha Chop Suey .... Hawaiian Hut ..r...... Hernandez, Paul .... HiIl's Pet and Feed . . . Hirano, Julie .....r Hirata Camera .... Hiro's Hair Fashion . . lge, Val ....,.... . . . Ikeda, Bakery , . . . . Ikemoto,Ioey . . lmamoto, Kimi .... . . , lnouye, Chris ........ . . , Interact ..,............ International Speed Print . . Ishigo Bakery .,........ Island Automotive Center , . . Isobe, Tak ........... Iwata, Lori .......... JJJ I 81 T Copy Service , . IFC International Inc. . . . Iack's Union Service . . , leans Pacific .......,.. lim Kres Oldsmobile .......... limmy Oshiro's Automotive loAnn's Italian Restaurant . johnson, Lorenzo ...,... luno Pharmacy ..... KKK K 84 Y Nursery, Inc. . . . KMA Racing ........., Kam's Auto Body ...,......,. Kaulana's Flowers 84 Leis . . Kawahara, L.D.D.S. 81 Hiroshige, K.D.D.S. . . Key Club ..........,. Kikkoman Internationl Inc. . Kiku Florist 81 Gifts ....., Kim, Melissa ....... Kim, Y.S. .......... . King's Hawaiian Bakery . . . Kiyo's Cleaner ,........ Knights 84 LL's ......... Koby's Appliances Inc .,.. Koshimoto, Edwin ..... Kozai, Texaco ...... Koyama, Ryan Dr ....,. LL L L 84 V Floor Covering . . . Laox ............. Lazar, Howard . . , I . Lee, Arlesha ...... Lerner, Melvin ..,.,. Let's Knit Yarn Shop . . . Lim, jennifer ......... Little Giant Drug Store . . . LomeIi's ........,. Lorri's ........,. Lucky Nursery .,.... Lucy's Beauty Salon ..... Luna Custom Upholstery . , Lynn's Hair Design ...... IVI WI IVI MaIcolm's Ski 84 Tennis . , . 211 221 24. 23. 211 271 241 211 271 24? 241 262 251 262 23' 22' 232 241 259 264 272 253 25' 233 27C 265 261 24 25 26 25 23 22 26 25 26 26 23 23 25 24 25 7' OM V U? SPV NSJRS. . , . I- Aane Event ....... Aargie's Shiseido Aarukai Corporation . . . Aarutama Co,,Inc. . . . Aas 81 Kiyo Inc. .... . Aatsubayashi, Alice ,,.. Aayflower Nurseries Inc. . Aedical Center Pharmacy Aeiji Pharmacy ......i, Aerit Muffler ...... . . Aerit Saving 81 Loan Association ..., Aidori's Gift Shop . . Aissile Bowl .,.,..,. Aitt's Barber Shop . . . Aotoyama Market . , . Aurata Pearl Co. . . . AcDaniel, Carol .... AcDonaIds ....,,, AcMillian Mortuary .... NNN Jakakihara, Liza ,..... 222, 2 lakatani, Dennis .... Jaomi's Restaurant . . . Ja Pua O'Hawaii . . . Jewman, Cathy ..... linomiya, Cindy ....... Uisei Oriental Gift Shop , , lisei Travel .,....,... lishikawa, Sharon . . . lishioka, April ..... . . Jobi's Beauty Salon ,... CGC Dkazuya Tropics ....ii Dldsmobile, lim Kresl . . . Dno, Nancy .......... Driental Express Restaurant Jriental Gift Shop ...,,, Dshima, Mark . . . Dshiro 81 Friends . . . Jshiro, Andrew ....,,, Dshiro's Automotive ,... Jtera, Paul i......i. Jtto's Mechanics ,...., PPP '. Dote 81 Co. .,i.. , 'ablos Custom House . . . 'athfinder Trucking . . . 'enthouse Clothes . . , 43, Petite House . . Photo Express , , . Pie Kitchen .... Pit Burger . . . Pola ............, Presto Prints .,....i.. Porgressive Produce Co. ....,, . Pup N' Taco r..,..... PPT? RST Construction .i.., R.T. Limousine ....... Rich's Carpet Service . . . Rocket Cleaners ...... SSS S 81 B International Corp . SIIYA ,......,.,.... Sabri, Mazin Q ..i.... Sakura-Ya ...,,, Schlegel, lohn . . , Season Fashions . . . Seibundo ........ Seiko ..........,. Sekigushi, Kenneth T. , , Sell Rite Nursery . . . Shoe Pavilion ...,, Silhouette Designs . I . Sogo Take-Out ,.... Solar Glass Tinting ..... Song's Chevron ....... South Bay Paint 84 Tool Co. ,..i . South Bay Photo ...... Southwest Bowling Supply Special Forces ....,,.. Spider Records ..,.... Spoon House . . . Squires ,.,......,,.i Studio Art of California . . Sugawara, lanis ....... Sumida 81 Nakamatsu Optometry I Super Shears ......,,, Sure-Pak Industries, Inc. , . , . . I Suzuki, loni ......... Sweatt, William ,.... ,,,. 2 64, Sween, Robert D. ,.,. . TTT T 81 G Company 4,.. Taguchi, Ddnna ,... Tamashiro, Noreen ...A Tatei, Fran i.,,.... 261 268 247 261 215 261 230 274 213 229 234 231 252 275 250 217 253 250 273 216 237 244 278 231 244 278 225 239 256 249 260 214 262 273 237 237 279 262 262 278 273 220 244 215 247 249 Teriyaki Hawaii iiii..i., Tidicks Creative Trophy . r . Tijuana Inn Cafe .... , . Tokyo Sushi ,i..,...... Tool Shack ..,.......... Townsend's Appliances Inc. . Toya lewelers .......... Trans-Continental Investment Co., Ltd .............. Tropics Okazuya . . . Tsukahara, Paul Yr . . Tsuruta,lohnK . . . Tune Dynamics ..... U.S. Army ....... rr. Ugimore, Herb . . . Uyeda,limmie , . . , . , . . ivvva WWW Wade, Sharlene ........ Wada Nursery . . . WiIson's Music . . . . Wong, Glenn ....ii.t.. YYY YMCA ...,......... Yamada Co.,lnc. . . . Yamasaki, Robert I . . Yamato Gift Center . . . Ya's Market ....., Yoko .....,,,...,,., Yorita, Tamie ...i.ii..i, Yo's Custom Rod's 84 fishing Tackle .i.i......,.,. Yoshida, Hiroko .... . . Yoshiyama, Karen ,.,. . . Yuki Restaurant . . Yukon Liquor I . ,- 2 In loving memory . . . CARLQS GGDINEZ january 25, 1965 to November 14, 1983 With Love From All Your Friends Q' MAJOR N A conP0PgggS,,NG cAnE ERS AN ggi. What nf you could earn a comfortable mcome work hours that suited you and do work you enjoyed? BENEFITS company car earfy retorement major medical and hfe msurance tax savmg benefits 8. crednts Shakxlee 2133 327 3182 f21 31 327 9591 ADS 213 WEDDINGS - CORSAGES BLOOMING PLANTS HOSPITAL - FUNERALS WW, .9 xy, WE DELIVER 828 W. IB2ND ST. AT WESTERN AVE. RITA H0 - OWNER INEAR LUCKY MARKET TEL. C2131 532-4833 TORRANCE, CALIF. 90504 Friends . . . how I wish that we could stay together forever. You ve all contributed so much to my life. Bette: You've gotta be the sweetest person I know. Miss Color Coordination: Hope you become a Bruin in- stead of a Bear. Chick Who Knows Tom Tarkoff: Thanks for all the crazy times we had in Orinda. Mrs. Washington: Glad I met you this year. Picasso: Thank God I met you in '78, Miss Piggy: You made my senior year. Thank you all for being who you are! Love, Me 214 ADS na 5 A Br Vi! jfoob fo-india auf- - .T Q-. 'T 1950 'Girainaofcaflx 1 f- Zzgezfiong:-.S 524 5054 afillfillllflllvi 12131329-6191 16328 So. Western Ave Gardena. Calrl. 0 90247 To all the special people who made my high school years the best: Sharon "l'll tell you later" Nishikawa for being such a buddy. Hiroko "Sorry to bother you" Yoshida for being so supportive. Terry llAsk me if I care" Yams for always coming through with pictures. llStupid" Photographers Cliff, Howard, 84 Ken for printing court, birds, and punch bowls so many times without telling Terry. Coeds for years of friendships and "Madness" Vince llBoy of the Year" Capati for making me laugh all the time. Mark l'Do you have any Kleenex?H Oshima for winning so much. Chris l'Will you just shut up?" Inouye for being around to fight with. Kirby 'lCopywriter" lohnson for always having a bad pun. Teri l'l just don't know" Nakamura for having off-the-wall dreams. Sue llYou never listen to me!" Fukunaga for always having good advice. Val "What?" lge for being my very best friend. Love, Lori I II D202 ICJ, , W2 MOCIQ I15,ICCIV1-gflxi believe W-21122 920113 QIQCICNCLIIIFQ 7 892 Post QQUQS 1'I'1OI"Il'V2 Icrurwn gm mvg IOQWI -mg 3QeoIzQT and Q13 Iwfpe WQII ulwajs emo- Pne 5291 of Fr-2I2IiIg.I x1QI'yv0N.I0f'-2,a.I7"U IZII W wIwT 1 wwe N' c1IwLI,w2II W4 Wm woe-egg cmd mfvpnrjeei Um, yymfevfozz gm dc .WPI-fuse orxfufvefz I frmgef MQ. , Ivkacuwaawk IQQPIWTWU1. Lvvf: WWW, 'UI' Puma Ishmo I' www' Y- Im-,V I. Ijigagvw, , MQW , , , P' III1 I f I I I1 M F 7' H IIII I, , ,IIIwIIfI?IIfrIII I I H I I W ff 4 9' -vm ,-. ' f v I' 'y I I JM, an 4 o s I a I 9 1 XI s A 1 1 1 s ps, I Qoinzncoo I I I I FAIRIIIQ , , on .W 5I'5vW 5 'f Fkiiiu VV VIxm'Ill7v,1T1 ' fh'1i'.'hT-23. M I' , 'Y-F' Aff?" -P ' gsaiwffgf .Ia ight ,' -,rar W5 my qg?'v,f: 1' 1 'f ,E -' 15 3 'f 722.61 if 47'IEvQ1r'.'f wg. 5. GARDENA FOR. SENIOR DIVISION CONGRATULATES THE CLASS OF 1983 Ibm' 11 KIYO INC S Normandie Ave X321 9832 YAMABUKI MISO AMERICAN PACIFIC TRADING INT'L, INC Da dM M yosh O H B TRANS CCNTINENTAL INVESTMENT CO LTD B oad ay PI za Kyoto PI 7CO S uth Flo S r et 15112 South W st rn A e Su te 2200 5 I9 200 Los Angeles CA 0017 Garde CA 90247 12131 622 9162 I213J 327 7790 770 6698 'HN K' ' A 9 A Q ..-0 - ...Iv ' Q A I FI . ., 1- . 2 , Q .2 C941 I 411 7' C. K 1 '..,,, I '71 ., 'L , Q. W v g ev- Lsevvs.. ZZ." Q . as A , . vi . 1' i Chairman fT. e card - ., . Internanonal Investment Consuhants I' W B 323 ' 0 ' wer t e 'e e v nue i U1 A , . 9 na, . - - o - ADS 215 V J N 9 f JXA C Jfsrrrhc -frbahiis who gave so mvih TO xg N V W K' N r , xl. , x ... LDVE, 3 , 1 'S SEIK To ahve graduating GMAC GF M' CorQra+uiaJriOos 4 TO. VE' all 2 DEI IIISEI travel u . We il Demeio 1CQF9e+ We memories. n3g1geggS'cggfg'gng'ggg4, -I-ranks. RDP Svspywing 213l327:51T0 ihe best- oi muck +G :iii 211230 veil miss you 'Woke care .,.- I - .sw aki mano 'C ownerfcon It I mer. meow T.-Tarmf. kathy N-- SEIKO 0 thanks those Gardena High School students who contributed their hard work this past summer, as part of our Adopt-A-School program We look forward to many years together Congratulations GHS graduates!!! 15204 S. Western Ave. :ardena Ca 90249 .mmf Gifts ai Accessories 12131 32:1-4890 216 ADS THE Huallilliillilicilf CIQIDIIRTIFIIIIILQLA. 11'D0O4NRES7AURANT BEER wiNE Fooorooo PHONE 327-0644 M 1725 REDONDO BEACH BLVD. - GARDENA CA Closed onday japanese Confectionery IU I ? E NAOMI Japanese- Restaurant Sakma-ga CLOSED MONDAY MASAYASU FUJ ITA PHONE 15351 SO. WESTERN AVE. 12133 515-9483 GARDENA. CA 90247 TEL 323-7117 16134 SO. WESTERN AVE. GARDENA. CALIF. 90247 Congratulations STORE HOURS Monday 9-6 Tuesday Closed Wednesday thru Sclurday - Sunday 9- 4 Mark Sasaki lohn Teraoka Ken Nagata Steve Nakawatase David Lara Mrke Ohara Pat Tamae To the Class of 84 TO Greg Yosh Keem Gregg Fran Sharon N Tammy Mark Bagel Chrls Hiro Val Lorl Melrzzard Terry Bltty BRIGGS B STRATTON U WISCONSIN KOHLER HONDA SALES 8 SERVICE TECUMSEH KathyF KevlnO Kirby Monica Krissy Rachel Congrats on your Graduation' So what are you golng to do GCVZKJEIZG CJWOHIEZ 4 HARRY SAKATA - OWNER 1609 W. REDONDO BEACH BLVD. - GARDENA, CYAL. now? Are you going to QAJ loin the army QBJ Take off your cap and gown ICJ Travel around the world IDI Have klds lEl Go back to school IFJ Meet at Carrows QGJ l don t er-:1'. NORMANDIE a WESTERN Cafe FACULTY "'-756 DAV's 4'6'3' We wlsh you all the luck and happiness at whatever you decide to doll HAND A POWER MOWERS - G R E EDU P Love your Anteater Buddies from UCI AIR COOLED ENGINE SPECIALIST If 0 I Good Luck to All Il ADS 217 SENIORS . . . Are you disappointed with your senior portrait? lf you are, you can have your senior portraits retaken at J. I. Photography Studio. We cannot replace the photo which goes into your yearbook, but you can give your friends and relatives the best quality portraits at our discounted prices just for seniors We spend a great deal of time with each senior approximately one half hour One change of clothing is welcome And girls we also have a fur piece avallable for a more classic look Dont get stuck with the revolving door type portrait Call the studio EARLY for an appointment and well give you a portrait with the class and style of 1984 V329 9 L9 Cpliotognaplng A .Z Joey lkemoto Torrance CA 90504 42133 327 7247 ou cam rreturwn to the pllace but mot the time Gun plrotognaplig rs the bridge oven the streams o tufvie 18212 S. Prairie Avenue CU , il ' - 218 ADS . . ...gag Q... i 'W S i P K ' 5 gffinffwissseafj . . f 55.Hvnf3QQN mmm 'L A 3Sm,Sd L 1 W Randall S. Tsuruta John K. Tsuruta Insurance Agency 16128 South Wcsrem Annu: Gardena, Cllifornia 90247 Phone f213l 532-2070 For your insurance need: Auto. Fire. Life- Truck- Commercial "'7' P093 Sharon Kimi CJHPIS VGLJ Cd L-17,61 . . 1 ' ' P J: F' Q, Q UMKITDRQ Fw CMAQ 3, if X HW! Y ' ' LD 5 mrnmww, . f 5 Q. CPA g I Q? UN CLQQ. i -- - UD C wal? Wag -1 2 C A 131.105 ' Q30-L f 1,5 PlJ9l.Jj - A04-Sf! LIN or: v Va Lon v M raends arcv for promnses and sfiaz-mg . .7fie2 Love! we' vef kno um, Should, never S 1119! o our Separaivf ways' Q' always be' f5reve2' fizencls' love! Karby v Shar v Mofmca fgkcoeag ' TOYA JEWELERS C Vf. 9 247 P 327-0967 ' ANGEL CONTRERAS L ' I ' ' ich , . . . . . . . .... Z0 'IL 1 . xx Il! II32 Gardena Blvd. Gardena, an O hone Diamonds Wafches Repanrung Mounhng ADS 219 Personalized and Promotional Entrance Mats -I-O Nm' Sales - Repair - Steam Cleaning The most Iovellest sister a brother Could Magnetic Signs - plastic Signs have May your future at Gardena be full of Joy and happiness Good luck' swEEN 5 CUSTOM CARPET SERVICE Love Cubb ROBERT D. SWEEN owner ox 2252 12133 327-2392 90247-0252 If ,ff -a"" MAYTAG MAVTAG WHIP POOL A A RED CARPET MAGIC CHEF C LORIC RANGES SERVICE USED APP IANCES TOWNSEND S APPLIANCES INC SALES AND SER ICE PHONE 327 0262 CHUCK TOWNSEND CARL TOWNSEND W IRLPOOL 15725 S NORM NDIE A E TECH C RE GARDENA CALIFORNIA SERVICE E LEATHER GOODS SACHIKO SAWADA Ilidari 5 gzft Shop PC ICSQA 1630 W. REDO D0 BEAC B GARDENA CA 90247 213 327 I 139 220 ADS kvg rlnh H4 Ihankg for my years the best Yve ,. lori vjenrmferv shoforw Q hmoko 1 Pen 0 mr-by Jgftmyffe so mvcff for Qgwvvvlna me W?w1+4YvG fnenqg reolw are tm, newer omg tv forget? vv Us weve -ha vt r ond, crzeo tv e+19t2r.zMf M492 + se pl'e0.f:v5,HmDS- mf MU km Jo. Love and eoubless tu 392 3 W tp babie o3fdowveIvesUcnil! QWVGU3 Ee 4' ,LU . UAIQJDQ 5 A,JJa.1, Q uuo D511 A Ajgw 4 :wow Q o 5.25. From the class of 'Sl -- to the class of 'SA ----- You were 31 then, and you are ssfl mow. Fly best. to yeu always ---- tw S. ,E X . LE1QAx bgtbel 2' Dear Interact, thing ttfat 222 ADS L mw- Y BEST WISHES AND GOOD LUCK IN THE I-UTURE TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF '84 FROM THE FORMER GHS STUDENTS AT MURATA MURATA GEM QUALITY PEARLS SEXISATA ' COMDXNY Thousand 0als The Oaks 1005! 491-6650 Gardena Pacific Square Center 11l3l S31-1ll0 Nofthrllge fashion Center QIIMII6-4500 Orange Mall of Orange 11l4b990-0610 Torrance Del Amo Fashion enter 11l 3b 541-4Il3 Dana Polnt Mariners Village UM! 496-3331 508 1 D kill 1 Y ' ledoodo leach FIsherman's VII e 1l3 319-49lS la Unlverslty Towne Center 6l9 45 0 San Pedro Port 0'CaII 11l3l l3l-1031 San Diego Mission Valley Center 16l9b 19 I 3 San Ilaneleeo lapan Center MIS! 911-0666 Dalai Northpark Center Q1l4j 360-3694 " ' GlendaleGlendale Galleriqg'gy501-03l0 loni, Being with you has brought so many special things to my life. You have added something very special to my life Something that I know will remain with me forever, You are such an important part of my life. I know that I can always depend on you because you are always there when I need you, You will always be a special part of my life because you are my shining star Love BEACH HUT 3920 Highland Ave 545 P1917 Manhatten amen cilx 90266 'FEE 224 ADS TOKYO SUSHI 11 AM - 10 PM 0 OPEN 7 DAYS 1831 W. REDONDO BEACH BLVD. GARDENA, CALIFORNIA 90247 PHONE 12131 516-0499 111 MZ. RESTAURANT 18206 South Western Avenue Gardena, California 90248 12131 532-9870 amafo Q ft denied of Gardena Pacrfrc Square West Mall No 9 No 10 1630 W Redondo Beach Blvd Gardena CA 90247 JAMES s KANAGAWA Hrnoxo HAsHlMoro 42137 770 0279 0 Mr NCT 0 lnrle Meocegel-o GGY TGNI-1 FOR SQHSQ r luv ya " Hove 0 mfully Neuro Sum-ren 6v+-hevvoy wneree one DT s prowrw-rf" 690 Lovei rmewuri Ponevell 011199 Youn Bm Song, dba C"e"""' Song's Chevron Service S 16403 So. Normandie Ave., Gardena, CA 90247 Telephone l213l 532-1732 IL-3 DK LAOX Video S Sound 1 630 VV. Fledorwcio Beach BIvd.ff'l'l Gardena. Calrfornma 902417 f2'l 131538-21 SQXIQW 131770-41 28 . F Z,Q- I Q - 3 3 ' Y fe Q 'P X ji ge is-ga.1u'. Y ,- r r' 'f' I my flu 533 , . ' - r fi so ' U do-n1ia,1 2. Comulimnity PQ lm szueefvo OPC-3, Tum: ILHQRBVXQ JooN2Y,QHe421Sr-emo, Beam 4 MGT Nan: Hove wood Cn 7eon"Hovel-uw 4 ff'HfC0'QQ" Gardena Valley , f L 00 MC? 'pin .V Hoe 8Q91QC'T'1LfU9ND nv-n-re woe WHILE WHIP!-0 "" v l 1 n ' I 1 J . ADS 225 uni A K F N X if ar' .51 .5 U X Q N N , xx, WW M Q Q f 3 lil- Q af- 13' , ,. K ui f ' -wef' :, 3, A 226 ADS Mariko Alimento :-' Keith Nakakura L PK M 60 TUNE UP COMPLETE CAR MAINTENANCE BRAKES if OF CHAIRS AND SOFAS it I H 81 K Shell Service -. ! ' Reupholstering C94 1 R UAL. 8' Reproductions' Bon ohlafzg Bfaagis BUFORD HERRON Bus. 327-0790 or 327-5932 15700 so. WESTERN AVE 16501 S. Western Avenue, Gardena, CA 90247 GARDENA- CAI-IF 90247 12151 515 9555 To the Graduating Coeds of 1984: Even though you'II be going your separate ways, we'll always remember and cherish the special memories. We'Il never forget the crazy outrageous times that we've shared. Congratulations and the best of luck always . . . We love you!! lo Ann Garcia Val lge jeff Ikemiya Chris lnouye Lori Iwata Kirby johnson Sandy Kaneoka Teri Nakamura Mari Nakayama Sharon Nishikawa Mark Oshima Rennie Tonai Lee Ann Webster Hiroko Yoshida TRULINE - SABRE - DAIWA - FENWICK - LAMIGLAS YO'S CUSTOM RODS and FISHING TACKLE ' Telephone: 532-1376 ' ieizo souTH wEsTEnN AVENUE .. ISHIGO GARDENA, CALIFORNIA 90247 Hours' T sFri,11..t8p,rn.vSat.10,.t8p,. Su d y1Oa.m.lo4pm. OAST WARRANTY STATION American, 'japanese 8. Hawaiian Pastries 81 Cakes 15934 S. WESTERN AVE. GARDENA CA . . 90247 PH. 327-6358 PH. 327-0118 H 1 7:00 AM-6100 PM CLOSED MONDAY s Nmw: 8:30 AM-4:30 PM ADS 227 91 1 A XX if R. 'R A D I I XEROX 12131323-2763 I Copy - I Service ' I I 2114 W. Rsoo no BEACH BL.. TORRANCE. CA 90504 l 1 1 - I 15300 5. Western Avenue fl Gardena, California 90249 Telephone: f2l3l 327-9676 I I Dentist I Robert N. Yarnasalq, D.D.S. ' 228 ADS Mon.-Fri. 9-5:30 Sat. 8:30-6:00 GARDENA PET SHQP "If your dog is unbecoming to you he should be coming to us" All Breed Dog 81 Cat Grooming 81 Boarding No Caging or Mixing Pet Food Pet Supplies Phone for Appointment 324-3941 16102 S. Western Ave. Gardena, Calif. 90247 YWHAII -'Z' '74 Hawaiian Hut li T FOOD TO GO U CATERING SERVICE 12135 324-asoa 16608 CRENSHAW BLVD., TORRANCE, CA 90504 ,le R. T. COMPANY PREFERRED LIMOUSINE SERVICE RALPH BOUCHEY i266 EAST Sixvn STREET o Los ANGELES, CA 90021 MOTOYAMA MARKET EI KAMAYA PRESIDENT 16135 S. Western Ave. Gardena, CA 90247 12133 538-9518 cu' 1213! 516-7976 oo Vlllll lllllil 'llI'llllE LL? VIDEO mms sms O3 3592 REDONDO BEACH BLVD. 0,3 ADMIT ONE TORRANCE, CA. Dear Keith, The memories of all the times we shared together will always be cherished and with me forever. You've been and always will be a special part of my life. I just wanted to let you know wherever you are, far or near, you will always be with me deep in my heart. Take care and remember l LOVE YOU . . . With all my love - Me ADS 229 CONGRATULATIQNS CLASS GF '84 'MAIESTICS' PRSGRESSIVE PRODUCE CU. XXWHERE PERFORMANCE WILL CQNTINUE TO OUTSELL PROMISESH 1266 East Sixth S Los Angeles, CA 900 Av YMBQY GQ ng BRENTS Qlnarhwnrksa, Elth. Perfection in Body Work Painting and Colour Matching BRENT H. TAYLOR Owner 18000 South Vermon! Avenue Gardena, California 9024s l213l 327-5244 LINDBERGH S KAWAHARA D D S INC KEN K HIROSHIGE D D S GENERAL DENTISTRY PAC F C Sou RE TOWER l6OO W REDO DO BEACH BLVD SUITE 306 323 2842 GARDENA CAL E 90247 M Dear Coeds Thanks for rnaklng our hugh school years the greatest Your love and frlendshlp has been so important to us Even though we wrll all be go Ing our separate ways, you vvrll always be In our hearts Keep up the splrlt and keep the club 'Happy Stars and Rainbows " Love, Tern, Lon, Val, 84 Hlroko ' W g ygyggg ADS 2 I P I GOURMET MEAT WE SPECIALIZE IN SALJSAGES PLANT I-IILDESIA AND MAIN Sronz SAUSAGE 81 MEAT Co. 18045 S. WESTEHN AVE. 658 N. TLJsTiN AVE, GARDENA, CA 902-'IB CDR-'.Ni.:E. CA 92667 1213i 324-1376 1714, 538-2230 BRIGGS B1 STRATTON ' WISCONSIN KOHLER HO A 5 81 SERVICE TECLVISEH GG'ZdL'f2C1 C!VIOl,UC'Z QUOTE! HARRY SAKATA - OWNER 1609 W REDONDO BEACH BLVD. - GARDENA, CAL BET. NORMANDIE at WESTERN FACULTY 1-1756 DAVIS 4 6131 I Br O R MOWEWS - GAR E QU P COOI ITD ENCINE SPECIA I T MELVIN LERNER, DDS., INC. Dentistry RDBERT BORDEN, DMD. Dentistry Van Ness Professional Building 321-6371 14015 South Van Ness Avenue 327-8612 Gardena, California 90249 Idafv-1 know inet.: A-wings ora -gehhoe bg .Ni-,en You v-and +-vxisnm-... we had 'L 341-5015 QIQ1- og, UPG A downsp we have 0. xU+ oy, wxemof-C15 1-Q show Fo1'i+, I -.vixicvxsv-Q51-1 rxqosow-far-New-ia, For 'PWC re5+ ah my Ngo. Icon-4+b0cyv1 No i-Q11 you hood much you Qhovsged vvsy1iQq hui' 'Ono-nl Yov gov-wxowciv-103 V-we ,-eGyg.LQ+v,G+. -1-Inq, vu-xo3+ Irv-pox-+orx-I' pew-50h in ,Nut gf Q 15 ri-xsfSG'XQ. YDUW1 OnMA,g,x'5 be MY SQQCQG-j .SOYYXQOAQ A06 dOf"'+- Q01-c51r.z'N +1-ta+ IW... DAVJCLYS Love VCU, WI.hnobMYu,,,,f+ ESY3-forge-men" Cfemembena 232 ADS -f-we : ,l... 1 fy Q, R l E1 'Hz Qi' Easy to Handle The Price is right IKKOMAN ND BP-:EW 5119- KIKKOMAN 40 OZ BOUIIG A KIKKOMAN A International Inc. " sr., LA, chicago, New York, Aiiama, E 'II in F.. 'Hyip is il ll M l 1 .F 1 s L1 ! f vm 1- 'Q ,fi 1. ,. ff, ga . 'f 4 exp, 614 if Q v. 'Lv if 5 E1 ls fe I 5 L gl Jv I JACK'S UNION SERVICE JACK SEITOKU OSHIRO UNION OIL DEALER I.II1IC':9I'l TUNEUP - BRAKES TIRES - BATTERIES 1301 REDONDO BEACH BLVD. 0 GARDENA. CALIF. Pi-ion: 327-4290 1 1 1 I - 3. SPECIAUZING IN ORIENTAL K' D HAIRCUTTING BLOW DRVING ' UNIPERNI - THE NATURAL LOOK .-1 Q ' F -I FOR GUYS bi GIRLS ew LILLCLXE bEL'lLLEL! :Safurz PH 327-5259 1858 COMPTON BLVD. OPEN TIJES - SAY 9-5 GARDENA, CA 90247 CLOSED SUN 5. MON. HAYES ENTERPRISES E.S'II'IMO AND INDIAN FINE ARTS' WIIIERY 16122 S. Western Avenue Gardena, California 90247 Telephone C2131 327-68 50 Homes or Commercial Built or Buildings Remodeled 011141122 77. Zlgecla GENERAL BUILDING CONTRACTOR SI. Lic. 415194444 17910 Evelyn Avenue 12131 321-5150 Gardena, California 90248 ADS 233 3: , S S -5 ,:, an 234 ADS -7 l i HERBERT UJIMORI Realtor M, IAL I 1 J STAFF Kay fvlitsunaga fBrokerl Kogen Yamashiro Russell Honnaka Lamberto Yen lohn Muraoka Charlotte Tamashiro - I NITS Robs and Vinnie - We've made it! . . . couldn't have done it without you . . . thanks so much for everything. Good luck and best wishes towards the future . . . hope it holds the best. Love, I Alice I- ADS 235 'I BETTY H OSHIRO ' 4-.lp C Proprietor N U R S E Fl Y I , .gfnerchdbfhfy ht fgwund gonna jujflmi Ugazuya Hawaiian Food Saimin 8. Pigfeet Soup NOBORU MARUYAMA KEN MAHUYAMA BUS. 12131329-0153 249 E. GARDENA BLVD. Telephone '434 WV G0'de"0 BW RES. 12131 547-5601 GARDENA, CALIF. 90248 32742374 Gafdefwf CG- 90247 14 ' H1 may U'-it 1 L 1 six: iavzw? 2 Qfr dx 2244514 Q4 '12 8 ctr, 1 who tj M 2 ugly x Atv nv Eg ,f -I N! K ,W ,,iJ'xYn GQ' 1,3 2 '2 ff' imoae ,Hi monlfe hr cnwogs bemg 'Xfwmfw ' were ww-h oil 4-he love cmd support 4 MNC' . negdvd H- LOVE GIWOKJS1 1051 W. l9OYh STREEI mb- GARDENA. CA 90248 236 ADS RAMONA MCINTYRE our Secretary - Treasurer 9 Studio Grt of Qcxlifornia THEFlMOGFiAPHlC 0 PRINTERS -CL-J l'T'lNJ E.. '02 S.. 23 ms 'Yi 36 171' mm Po 82 OP I'1'1 Eff? Sei 'SS z SGS Tao wo 470 NJI- bl! :fpr- Dear Vince, Danny, Rick, Donald, Neal, lon, Andrew, and Terry: Thanks guys for always being around to talk to or to have around to cheer me up. Thanks for all the fun times at football games, dances, parties, movies, and at school. I vvish all of you the best of luck!! Live life to the fullest, cause you guys deserve it! You guys are great. Love, lanis NK ill Y 5 4 'rf' mann 'V ...ww N191 f . W an an . wb, We ,wx - ,renin 'Lf' ,, if ART'S DISCOUN 809 W. Gardena Employee 9 12131 329-9403 in lkzfua 05 M 71m any nccarmlz. Suzy if Zfawanan Jfyfef. llJlfA bvaufzfzff 16316 Western Awnut. "NIU f'fUii'L'!'s uf Hawaii! flL1I'LlL'IlLl, CA 90247 Qee f 6 7 4 F' Sting ' "UU1v..4 -lf ll ,fam-i """""-l KENNETH T. SEKIGUCHI, D.D.S., INC. GENERAL DENTISTRY frvsfr flowers or fem N I Telephone 1600 Redondo Beach Boulevard 532-8262 Pacific Square Towers, Suite 203 770-3046 Gardena, Calif. 90247 ADS 237 "I TERACT" W .. 4, . .Q , H- ix 'Q i ' K gn i' ll in 238 ADS 'Q 2 ik. k g - 5 s s Mi SOUTH BAY PAINT 81 TOOL CO. 17311 South Western Ave. Gardena, California 90247 Congratulations to the Class of '84 PAUL OTERA, D.D.S. 323-9926 321-1817 As the year comes to an end, we just wanted to say . . . Congratulations!! Thanks for all the special times we've shared throughout the years. We will always remember your warm smiles and understanding. Even though we won't be seeing you as much, you will always in our hearts and memories. Take care always - We'll miss you . . .A lot!! Glenn Aoyagi Vicky Bright Vince Capati Wendy Higa jeff lkemiya Kimi lmamoto Chris lnouye john Schlegel Gail Shinsato Gregg Takeuchi Tammy Tamanaha Fran Tatei Sharlene Wada I Lee Watanabe GEoRoE's BARBER I HAKO susm 5H0p . 1914 West Compton SUSHI OCOMBINATION PLATE 8: BENTO 0 I To TAKE OUT Gardena, Calif. 90249 15212 So, Western Ave.,Gardena, Ca. 90249 ln the Spot Market . 323-0354 Appointment Only ADS 239 324-7085 323-6988 jbrzmy Uakiza if e4atamaticfe LUBRICATION, BRAKES TIRES, BAT ETC. SPECIALIST IN 16824 S, WESTERN AVE ELECTRONIC TUNE-UP GARDENA, CA 90247 DR. DENNIS NAKATANI, 0.D., INC. 2202 Artesia Blvd. l I l 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 9814 Mo ,r Q- z 001 Allen, Loi A nderson, Kevin A nthony, Cheryl Brown,Davidl Bryant, Amanda Carr, Paulette Coleman, Charles Corley, Bonita Dawson,Shawn 10. Hall, Kim Co ngratulation t from Mr. Suite A h Torrance, CA 90504 L' 'lo nw H' Telephone I l213I 327-4878 I A fr v U "f3Q'.,1 'S Q 'v -2-A Y? D I CHING 9' 11. Harris,Shawn 12. Jackson,Davon 13. Jackson, John 14. Lopez, Kathy 15. Palmer, Gregory 16. Soto,Gregory 1 7. Williams, Harold 18. Wynne,Harold 19. Bacon,Stacey 20. Crowe,Sharan o graduating seniors Congratulations Class of '84 IT is NOT the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stum- bled or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actu- ally in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantlyg who errs and comes short again and again, who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, and spends himself in a worthy cause, who, at the best, knows in the end the triumph of high achievementg and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat. THEODORE ROOSEVELT G RDE A JEWELRY AND LOAN - 240 ADS To the following people l express my deepest gratitude: Dan and Schleg - Thanks for being my brothers for the past 3 years. Let's stay that way in college. To my college friends: tesp. Dean, Kev, Eric, Lance, lill, Steph, Vic, Kev Shin, Paul, Lisa Toyo, 81 Tairaj - Thanks for guiding me in the right direction. You've made high school more fun. Ren, Mari, Sandy - Thanks for always putting a smile on my face. Debbie - Thanks for being my llsister" You were always willing to listen. Hiroko - Thanks for giving me advice and helping me through all of my classes - Coeds - All you people-have brightened my life. Thanks for the memories. Sak, Fuk, Gardener, 84 Sugino - Thanks for having faith in me. Chris and leff - Thanks for being long time buddies. Mom, Dad, 84 Irene - Thanks for always being there. Love Mark igfffkf' ,ju ,',?,,q ff. jxz-r, I l213l 321-1848 12131 3230346 1.3f1.21-:iff-fsifzgw "K4 T NOLAN H. FUKUWA V O, Comptroller f f., 5, I QB HAYFLUWEII enlllvnurseries, ine 16908 S. Normandie Avenue Gardena, California 90247 ' 324-1244 ff' 321-8392 Gardena Bowling Center, Inc. 15707 SO. VERMONT AVE. JOE AMENTA GARDENA, CALIFORNIA lT'S THE SOFTEST SOFT DRINK EVER! dned rmlk CAl.PlCO1xcullurec1 4 llyll d 191. s ,Q 11 kb lv llh 1 1 1 s 1 lCA P co 1 1 q 1,1 1 M1 A- q 11 11 k ING A ly d 1 9 C111 1 ,011 F, H 1 p me, of 5 11 9 1 , g l ALPZCO 1 11 p 1 1, klhe v ll 11 y ys 'Q ' Y " d Y 5 1 1 h d 1 11 9 11 CALP1CO 15 vhe ml-2515911 drmk crounc' Non curbanaved and no m11l1f1ul preserwqnlves 1ncA1v1Sroo:1N311srnv :O J: CALPIS FOOD CORP ADS 241 , - Congratulations Knights, Class of '84 Keep the tradition going. Andrew I M M, ' , PHONE DA is 4-4694 " ' FAcu TY 1 0268 I 1. 1 R- 1-'1.oxx1 11 511012 fig' 2009 WEST COMPTON-Bou1.EvARD V Fluor C5Ul'L'l'I'lINl,7 Cnnzpzzfzzf Q 4-Q' , GARDENA, cAL1F. 90249 ' 3 ' " tw 14005 Van Ness Ave. Gardena, CA 90249 L ' 12131327-3371 12131754-9588 13224 Danny A ittt Pensormizeo ssnvics opeu SUNDAY 323 3924 e-'IS 515 9379 ,lfigiffw in 1, W' S 9 I ' Hiro s Hair Fashions YOUI' DBVDYQC1 T'me 1836 W. 182nd ST. .-i.2..,,-.,..i.-. fORRANCE, CALIFORNIA 90504 QCorner 182nd St. 8- Western Ave. - Lucky MkL1 5'- CUSTOM TROPHY Award Specialists 1825 Artesia Blvd., Gardena, CA. 90247 321-8830 Q 242 ADS Best Wishes From PRESTO PRINTS MEL FUJIMOTO lvlanaaer General Service Tune up - Brakes - Qadiafor Repair Engine and Auto Transrnission Overhaul 15935 SO. Western Ave. - Gardena, CA 902117 - i2l3J 327-36410 Kimi Thanks for being a friend and a sister to me. You helped me grow and learn in my ex- periences and gave me memories that l can treasure for a lifetime. Your friendship, will forever, have a special place in my heart. Take Care and God Bless You Always. Love, Liza Ken lnose, President 16325 South Avalon Blvd. I Gardena, California 90248 K K Y NURSERY, INC. 12131324-4718f324-1145 Wholesale Only LUIVIBER CO. CRENSHAW ieeo WEST seem STREET GARoENA.cALiroRNiA 90247 DAVID M. REEVE RESIDENCE PHONE 2' 32'.'55O K 3l 323-1337 1 I ADS 243 12131 323-3549 4779 ' if T-4 lfilfi f SQQQATHHEAQAUT Natural Style Cooking 'Brown Rice 'Chicken ond Fish 'Juices squeezed lo order 'Vegetables 16124 S. Western Ave. Gcirdeno. CO 902417 Michelle Schlegel, Mark, Chris, Lee and Glenn, Even though you guys will soon become 'memoriesf' we'll always treasure the good times we've shared with you. We'll always remember lohn's racing car Salmo T, Mark's 'll'm not hum drum," Chris' 'Atta baby," Lee's 'iHmm?" and Glenn's precious brush. We wish you the best in everything. You guys will always be special to us. Love always, Debbie 81 Karen 244 ADS 121193246972 Sell ite NuRsERv,iNc. ORNAMENTAL TREES 84 SHRUBS 17609 s. wesremv Ave. RON OKAMO-I-0 cArzoENA,cALiFoRNiA9o247 T 8 G COMPANY Custom Silk Screening Advertising Specialties Pens ' Calendars ' Matches ' Key Chains T-Shirts ' Jackets ' Etc. 16518 S. Western Ave. TOM TSUTSUI Gardena, Calif. 90247 121 31 515-7265 IFC INTERNATIONAL INC Congratulates the Class of '84 Q INTERNATIONAL INC. E 4353 Exchange Ave. Los Angeles, Calif. 90058 I Tel. l213J 587-3900 To Las laureas and Knights thanks for all the special times I'll never forget. lennifer - always listening to me and giving me that extra needed hand . . . Thanks Hiroko for your special smiles! And to Mary Ann - always understanding. VVe've gone through so much together, I Can't express enough on hovv much you mean to me I wish you all the happiness and luck, Love, Cindy PS. Thank you Mr. Kim for EVERYTHING!! I. .. .. 'iE'c4'i"1I9x5" " 'SE:,:, ...!.S!!S!ITS PACIFIC SQUARE 1610 WEST REDONDO BEACH BLVD. GARDENA, CALIF. 90247 327.3034 FROM LA: 770-4545 Congratulations Class of '84 P THFINDER E. C ,gn 111 X- 0 qw TRUCKING I DENNIS WOERNER I 1206 East Sixth Street Los Angeles, Calif. 90021 ll 246 ADS Abe G Co. Dentol Loborotory CROWN 8- BRIDGE - CERAMIC RESTORATIONS PRECISION ATTACHMENTS 1600 WEST REDONDO BEACH BLVD. SUITE 308 GARDENA. CALIF 902417 I213I 515-0607 tzgund y MERIT MUFFLER cur . - it AND ii y Auro senvlce I 1 '36 fi. I lint .Ig I SER ICE 3' ' ,I K 15406 S. WESTERN AVENUE GARDENA. CALIFORNIA DA 3-8200 I l- 2 W' I L' - - , if I I i K I PHONE UAH-Piss I C324-74375 I THE PIE KITCHEN TASTE TANTALIZING PIES I I 1427 W, REDONDO BEACH BLVD. GARDENA, CALIF. - K - FREE ESTIMATES OVER 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE N fgll CUSTOM FURNITURE E UFHOLSTERING g Q I lf, ' S Quafom. c:I7lousz-: DRAPERIES - CARFET5 I 1820 W. COMPTON BLVD. PAUL MENDEZ GARDENA, CA 90249 FREDA MENDEZ PHONE 532-9103 7 J I 51 I 44. 1 2 1 1 EXOTIC GIFTS FRCIM THE CJRIENT gif? K. . NISEI ORIENTIIL GIFT SHUI' l5lI2 5. WESTERN Ava., GARDENA, CALIF. 90249 TAD uvzmunn 327-9520 The 1983 LL Honoraries would like to thank the members of Las Laureas for making our summer memorable. By giving us so much love and care, you made us feel like we belonged. Love, always, Norren, Sheri, Aileen, Martha, 84 Myung ADS 247 W,., l -fl I ,fauna f Q. . Q:- 4 248 ADS 'I HARBOLD AUTO ELECTRIC 722 W. GARDENA BOULEVARD GARDENA, CALIFORNIA QO247 PHONE 324-1981 Dear Gregg, This year sure went by quick. Sometimes I wish it would have been a little easier but I think it made us a lot stronger. I hope you know that you're very special to me 84 nobody can ever take your place. lust remember that l'm always here if you need me, even as a friend. Thanks for all the beautiful memories. God Bless. I Love You A RAY E. HARBOLD TOM L. HARBOLD y I Lot . . . Me PRESCR PT'ON 213 321-4226 FRED EAs'rwooo OWNER ' CPIIATOI SOUTHWEST BOWLING SUPPLY JUNO DHAIQMACV 22fZDl1'fZTSl'7Z0'iZ1D' 16016 S. WESTERN AVE. IZV2 BLOCK! WEST or WEIYIIN, GARDENA' CA 90247 10:30 A.M. 1-o 6:30 P.M. DA'-E MIYADI- PROP- SAT. 10:30 A.M. vo szoo P.M. CLOIKD SUN- Q MON. lq--A--klg 327-2223 ud,ll QUE WON. Q gig, FISH CAKE MAC. MARUTAMA CO., INC 623 6077 714 Towne Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90021 ADS 249 Kimi, Liza, Fran, and Gregg, We just wanted to say thanks for everything, and that you guys made our first two years in high school very special. , We'll always remember the laughter, good KAM S AUTO BODY times and hard times that we've gone through Body Repairing 62 Complete Painting together. Take care and we wish you all the best in the years to come We re really going to miss ygull George T Kamlmshl 15903 So. Western Ave. Ph0He 1213? 329 4333 Gardena, CA 90247 Love always April Debbie and Karen JEASGN IMSHIUNS MAZIN Q SABRI M D., INC. Orthopedic Surgeon Lufom final ons 1 umagmg 5 11 E H Cfsan ng 5' Afaunzfzy 5 1 1: zrnm ng U51 ocg ng 5 Button 0 5 LENELI. E. ROUSSELL CPN. 18036 S Western Ave 714 625 2394 Office Manager Phone 12133 532 9534 Gardena CA 90247 Gardena Clagg 1971 ADS CHARLES E. mu: comrnnv af if The sponsor of I'his adveriisemenl is engaged in I'he fresh fruil ancl vege'raIoIe induslry. If you value your heaI+h you will value +he food you eaI'. We soIici'I' your supporl' of our incIus+ry by buying fresh fruiis ancl vege+abIes al' your fa- vori'I'e shopping place. NATIONWIDE DISTRIBUTORS OF FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Los Angeles ADS 251 lt's easy to prepare an exotic oriental feast at home with our ten S 84 B Sunbird Oriental Seasoning mixes. , , 0 , .., n, v...v:.z::- "!::3:::.1mu.. :..L::-:1-.' ' 5 , ..... .1 V . ,, V 12131532-2151 o 321-6558 FREE PICK-UP 18318 S. Western Avenue 8- DELIVERY COMPLETE RADIATOR 8 AUTO AIR-CONDITIONING SERVICE 6dRDEIM RADM TUR, INC. AUTO 0 TRUCK CLEANING 0 REPAIRING . nizconmc fain 5 in NEW MODINE RADIATORS "T" it BE A Ex ORTIZ F525-. A 32 N OFITIZ L ""t 72 - "5 N . '-of fu A it 'fiflh ' if 1-,:sf::sx:f.-,-f:s.Q:,i.:e''-,-ia-.fg14'.af-ifZ, 76,-.V 251 fir, . 271 6-s?lQQ.""D92aa 114975 V .f fvffifa wi f ..-' .1-'Zigi ,L .-"Q Q 1 .Q -- iq I . +"t A ig -h ,J f ,145 i. - .- 1 '4- Q 5 av A ..... . ,. S 9 'OO ..,t1 i " I4 -1,4 1 I ,. , o I xg? -V , HOURSl 3416? ff' Mon ThurS1000 TQ soo ONE STOP ,I 'V W ni woo roam pET SHOp Dog Food E W W Sai 1000 TO 600 Small Animals I it sunnoorseoo 616.2549 I S 8 B W Rosecrans Ave Nnw1hom.ClIll90250 E. L. PEAFISDN S. ASSOCIATES INCCJPIPDFIATED CIVIL ENGINEERS LAND DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANTS 1555 W.REDONDO BEACH BLVD C-iAFIDENA,CALIFCJRNIA 90247 l2'I3l 13211515 l213J 329 4125 Andrew Cindy Coeds Lisa Lori Mark Mary You guys are the very special ones who will ALWAYS be in my memories of high school. I know you've heard this before, but there's no bet- ter way to say it, thanks for your never-ending friendship, love, and support. l would've never had as much fun fand would've never made itl without all of you! l'll miss you all so much . . . Love and friends always, Hiroko MaryAnn Mr. Kim Neal Terry Val Vince 252 ADS te I! 1 ,Z Y al' .--1: i mu, 323-5823 Phones 321 -4687 GARDENA GLASS INC. AUTO GLASS, WINDOWS AND TABLE TOPS Thliifpks d D d F hh om an a - or everyt ing 16213 S' Western Ave' Gardena' CA 90247 Mark and Danny - For always being there when I needed someone to talk to, you guys are the greatest! Karen - For listening and most of all being my friend! SWEDE KERN Debbie - For your honesty and just being you. Shar and Fran - For adding something to my life that I can never return. Lee - For being a great friend and a real chief. Kimi and Liza - For helping me be president, without you guys I would have lost my mind. Chris - For coming out when no one else was and ,J I21 31 412-4927 all your help. T- 1 ii: 11111 Interact - For making high school great! lt '99 -'-' Q I will always remember all of you guys, you are the 'I best friends anyone could ask for! LUNA CUSTOM UPHOLSTERY 20 Years of Experience Love, lohn 121Vz S0. Fir JOHN LUNA Inglewood, CA 90301 Free Estimates Tl DlCK'S creative trophy Custom Trophies of Dlutlnctlon I 1104 W. REDONDO BEACH BLVD. GARDENA, CA 90247 l213l329-1169 12131 329-3901 f2l3l 327-1430 Paul Y. Tsulmlim, D.D.S. Dana I 115300 Smal- Warm Am... G.f.l...., C.laIama. 90249 ADS 253 Knights and Dear Mr Wooden and Mrs Motoyasu You left us alone to make our own decisions yet you were there when we needed you Our hearts shall never forget the fond memories we have for you Love The Knights and Las Laureas ' Wx tv sk y 254 Aos E sw L Congratulations to the Class of 1984 ADS 62135321-0636 South Bay Photo 37"85H C2135 532-4013 DECORATIVE ENGINEERING ond SUPPLY, INC. E JAMES GATES lndusrriol Sproy Equipment SE FRANK L. MILLER 17000 iwestem Avenue SALES - SERVICE - REPAIRS - RENTALS Gordeno,Colifornio 90247 21143 H wfnoim B - Toe E. CA 90503 ..MITTS,, BARBER SHOP Compliments to the Class 2iZRx-Ni?z:1::2,i::Dy- of '84 I 5,5 94 7 YUKON LIQUOR I Q 1 1 - Congratulations Class of '84 I and 256 ADS Thank you Mrs. Rothrock and Mrs. Amano for your constant support. ESE Continued Activities Since 1921 To Arlesha Lee swasiFi lt is in dreaming the greatest dreams . . . seeking the highest goals . . . that we build the brightest tomorrowsf' May all the talents you possess bring you joy and true success in each and every goal you strive to meet. May life always bring the things most worthwhile - The courage to greet each new day with a smile, A purpose to work for, A challenge to meet, And real satisfaction to make life complete! Wishing you success, Mom, Dad 81 Anthony Your Great Grandparents: Charley 84 Madge johnson Grandparents: George 84 Thelma Lee Deltha 84 Willie lernigan Felix 84 Margurite Carter Lisa 84 lohnny Francile 84 Edwin Lathion Wenonah Drummer Marylou Ghapa Carl 84 Ellen Horie Robert 84 Sandra Thorbourne Ulysses 84 Marie Harris Travis 84 Sharron Balmain Henry 84 Doris Bhang ADS 257 2569 E B30-4804 L CW fi.Ol'I. 5. 5 LLQLCZ 5245 1' ide KIYOSHI SUGIMOTO LIJOSITI Rav I 5090 You ll 323 OH4 GLVVLSO fl neva you make n-,Q I xgg-e vou TNQKQ me Iomignr: e Rf QD C'o4o-Pom .gffgfgrb Yowve been Such 3 5PQuaI pam- 0.52 mv hge and I JNCI' Wah-I-'I'b gay, Thahx For Q always sTay sweet and mam begig NI speu me-her' SPODDY Ciugarl 7 JQRQ, C8855 120984 Cqzncn KELL1 'ROKO Sl-+lm.aY 9HSb'l'1 fum 9 83 Spec ai z ng n the major b ands of 'Wbaex 0 s 1138 W REDONDO BEACH BLVD GARDENA CALIFORNIA 90247 258 ADS YOU FHQFQ UIQ happy Yvumalfumg I I2 Mrk' WWW so SPQCJGIFQQ puggfpvi uvswev dw ovvumlu X.-Ijnwabipy 3 ghihng :abd Y S942 lbe Pnengi 2+ Cough W-Wd WWW XFXQHO .Y I I .X 'N Wi Milam ww' Crm WT 0 'K A X559 com PIPE QXWOYSX N296 0 5 'O Q' -MQ Qs gow :mfs Owmowow XG 04956 9 xg' 0 Y13VQf WN bes ,gn x Q, Q 6 W 391125086 our 56.02 gioriends- - Sk8. en s equ pment SALES RENTALS REPAIRS FULL SHOP SERVICE Skl Wear 213 532 6202 532 6205 erin Krishna nobuko jet-omQ A U wma mis Kexliga . gpgogfsin .. Jon soybean mr.qraUuH4r.fmuu c0Qp0QQ1ruI0n PO Box zeao GARDENA CALIFORNIA 90247 4213, 538-4025 C ST P NE I I 90510, I X ' O. NNESTERN AVE. V! GARDENA. cAx.lF. 90249 .famous on ru zumzmfi SALES' gfff.'2i' 535222 AMPS - I I N I Se I 1 I ' ' ' f v 'Te . - . . A . ' . 9 I IW ' ' I 'IW ' ' I ' RM . . , W , :Sq - . 1 , K A 0 . ' - 3 J n - - ' n . ,, 0 E, 2. in ' ww was H' , 24- 6502 ' fc ' , www N 'Kp vb " fa wg 5 1 . sf if filw W MQ if I I HQ. 'kia SI? -K Y I nd d ' Wet- , Q M I Z I I U' 12. . 0 S I I I 0 Q92 - ' I i i I ' r i T ni i , S s mx 'PK Y AS n N JJ Jo - X X PI 'X- G TERIYAKI HAWAII TER: HAWAII TERIYAKI SAIMIN SANDWICHES SHAVED ICE ICE CREAM PACIFIC SQUARE ISIC VV. REDONDO BCH. BLVD. NO. 5 EAST or MEi.Ji MK1' 0 327-0307 0 GARDENA. CA MYLES 8: HARRIET YONEKAWA , . 12131532-2220 Q, fi I jennifer, You've been my best and dearest friend since the fifth grade, wow eight years! You've listened when l was totally down and shared in my moments of happiness. l know that wherever we go or whatever we do we will always stay as close as we are because we have that priceless bondage of friendship. Thanks len . . . for just being you. Love always, Melis ACTION 16622 Ken Nagar ILE DX LADX Video S Sound I A ' ' " "Nia W n fllm '-,I ?i5iiiii5fifffffiiiii:fffffijjif " 3 15718 SO. MANHATTAN PLACE GARDENA' CA"'F0"""A 90247 1 630 w. QE-nomo Beach Blvd. 811 Gardena California SOE-417 j DARRYL LEWIS I21 3151363321 52ft31 131770-41128 .'1 to . 'I X qf",, 5 i 3 I is I iz it Eli l l I T' I a gi QQ I 3 Q S il? l l lf .M till, i.5Ii51 'pf ekll 'i A , ,l "K, I 3 .., bl -wif -m ADS 2 :SPEBML " F!.HiBE.i3 " Jbllliilii i'3Yii'IEMii IX 5:5 J' EJMJ3.. Pill1UlJB'IJi1M in Vr:,', m,Jm PUB JMFU j clasi of- slxiid:-,12i1S21nn Y g COMPLETE AUTO SERVICE DOMESTIC 8. FOREIGN TUNE DYNAMICS 15020 I gle ood A 90260 J Ak rn e 64 3966 L d I AI Sh abuku 644 3656 I gle Od M G d T e ce a ea D y8. Ng tShf1s 3272403 ever have' Love always, 8 ' LawndaIe,nCaI:ornia ve To the best friend a person can 182nd LARRIE 8: BUS. 538-2129 CHARLIE HIGA RES. 966-4708 MONARCH COVINA INC FINE QUALITY JEVVELRY DIRECT FROM HONG KONG 16010 CRENSHAW BLVD. " " GARDENA CA 90249 I-'IAPP NESS IS JENNELRY FROM NIONARCHH NH O, Oo ill AI-IFORNIA BAKERY at RESTA URANT - I . EJ I O I 4 UI V5 F1 1601 W. Redondo Beach Blvd., Gardena, CA 90247ft213D 538-0376 262 ADS TUFFEE TOTE PLASTIC BAGS -. . SLI RE PAK l"'f lmousrmtis :Nc 1635 W 135th St P O Box SOO Gardena CA 90247 12131323 3710 121313219634 Melissa Today I wlsh for you all ofthe happlness that you are so deservlng of lwlsh that all of your dreams will be fulfllled and that sunshine and laughter wlll follow you wherever you go I vvlsh you all smlles nevv adventures new fnends and success ln everything you do I wlsh you the best of everythrng to match the best ID you And one more wish l have more for me than for you I wish l could be there vvlth you to see all of these wishes come true Love lennlfer ? 1 qt l - 1 I li MANUFACTUFERY. OF FLEXlBlE PULYFWWLE N1 PAQ K-M.l"v1 . I . . . . . I ' 1 1 I , . 1 1 1 I ORIENTAL - HAWAIIAN FOOD I fri 1 . Lonnvs ig-54" - FOOD TO Go - CA, 18400 S. WESTERN AVENUE ,. l GARDENA. CALIFORNIA i PHONE: 329-4441 TOOL SHACK QUALITY TOOLS - DISCOUNT PRICES MAJOR BRAND NAME TOOLS 8 EQUIPMENT FOR HOMEOWNERS, PROFESSIONALS AND INDUSTRY 15237 CRENSHAW BLVD. 5404 CHERRY AVE. GARDENA, CA 90249 LONG BEACH, CA 90805 12131675-1605 12131422-2744 Steve, You've made my life so very special something really worth living for. Our laughter and our tears are treasured memories which will be locked in my heart forever. Steve, you will be the only one to hold the key to my heart. l love you Together Always and Forever! With all my love, Me 213 329 4911 llpll ll RAPIVA QAMHERA Cameras and Sound Equipment Pacific Square 0 West Mall H9 l63O W REDONDO BEACH BLVD GARDENA CA 90247 Q H Beauty Solon f - - i . I - 5:1-ii flik fi Iliff? ADS 263 l213l 321 4091 l213l 323 9333 MISSILE BOWL OMAT Q LING LANES c KTA gf GE GAME Room corrse sHoP LARRY EX 1280 W REDONDO BEACH BLVD MANAGER GARDENA CA 90247 Eye Care For You ARD E SCWGHNA HQO OP Qpn Jennlferg edwln 0 mr ks' fl 1 irlof 4 A:tarj6r4a,c'Jff fvm-Q, '7"'4MC 41441-fnu.,4fm,va, 381 Jw ,vw lcv-c, A : if ..',, . 3, l - 'Congratulations Seniors" G Dr. , Dr. . D. L Dll. , 4 , . ' I ' 1 ' ' lS" . , ' ' I 1044, , 264 ADS C l A Basketball 83 84 The Little Team That Won Big Yvette Bratton fCaptain All Leaguej, Candice Kasuyama tCaptain All Leaguel Sue Fukunaga QAII-Leaguel, Joyce Kubo Patricia Sticks Blackwell, Sonya UBones'f Williams, Frances Magic Witherspoon, Sheree Scott, Shawnse johnson Rennie Tonai Janis Sugawara, Monica Brown See You At The Sports Arenal' From Coach Sweatt Ryan Y Koyama lohn Y Koyama jerry Wake Wayne Yoshioka tometrists TIJUANA inn cdre OPEN 7 DAYS 1029 Redondo Beach Blvd. Gardena CA 90247 12131 323-0409 .Z .Q Q, ii. Q ,:f ,Y Q 47 HREF- 1 -nk wx it ii' sm ' E v ,M vnu'-1 -'fi I if ...,.-,-vw-- V , 1 M' if Q M3216 4 3 1 1 ... A A L wc Q au 65, Ave.f323-2740 ADS 265 F' 'W W' ,XZ K' . 6'.:35i?iQQ5QeQi'??HfQ5 J? A yfPQj'j,oQ+if?j,is2sjf9sai ffsqayga was -' CQLCB-fig? X C559 SQCJQXQ Q'KQx ff, THA K Y0 sg fa Us QSO diff gg Qiffisgf f' Q3 if 532 czboc O XQQQJQQQAZQQ 00. 5 9 X 0 QQ X Q' O 522509 Q Q99 Q X a gg eagle x .Q 9 .Q YQ X O 0 0 N4 w M iff NGZSQ Ga QsaQs3XOf,Nf142 X'cCO5d" X55 , odfgv Q9 gf Q0 ffl? QQ' 965 Zpqqoaqswif 54960 OQQO Q. Q 45090 O NQXQQ, db S ggi' 'bios Aioczbexqqd GZ 'X CQQQQQ 9 Qdjgflyggfg 4213?-03231-79G3 ' I 32 -99 O Congratulations Class of 84 Iomega William RESTAURANT B. ZZZHEVSINSST IN ITALIAN FOOD 3 . EDONDO BEACH B D. E. GARDENA. CALIFORNIA 9 LOS Angeles, CA 90021 'Nzsfzissxrirfss CARLO MEL. WINE PAUL. LOMELI 266 ADS X gf "Later Daze G.H.S." 1. I tGlenn Aoyagi tDarin Dohi lffjraig Higa tNeal Higa tNeal Kakimoto l "Scott Kanemura tNeal Megata Wim Mochizuki tKen Nagata tParker Ono tfvlark Sasaki tliric Shintaku tlohn Sugimoto Him Sugimoto tTom Takahashi tlerome Tanibata ,flee Watanabe tfjardena, CNC ADS 267 odak IVORY CALBERT GDDDKPEAR 1339 VV, , . CA 90247 327-4110 G.l.A. Track '84 84 MARINE LEAGUE CHAMPIONS Shelvey McCray fCaptainj Tina Ford fCaptainJ Patricia Blackwell lLeague High lump Champj Kristin McCoy Brenda Gipson Barbara Thomas Therris Williams Velisa Swan Nathandra West Roslyn King Diana Davis Shawnse lohnson Sheree Scott Michelle Whiting Angela Brooks Sandra Bailey Lety Reyes See you at the State Track Meet From: Coach Sweatt 268 ADS 'ku if o af? 5 xg: luck ol the irish L6 ga to the class ol C5 ,O ,. MCD0l18ld'S 94 4Q'Qls F 46,4 P44f6g M610 664 POA! M46 5 9 5 555, Q 5 5.5.5 Management Opportunities Now' 1747 W El Segundo Blvd 1419 W Redondo Beach Blvd 15810 Crenshaw Blvd 'IA AND 9 O S... .,Q 9 Q, 9 5 Q, 9 5 Q, 4 Zigi Iiwxlfn JJJJ I ll LUSH I I I I I I ' 115224151 X- ,: I iiiiiiii' " 0 ff., xB ll , , MAR KQALIMENT HTTFIIEHS SEFILUFS UHEJEEH QMARYAWAYALILLI subject 2 student pnuertg N Dfg UUHEBNUBI incate hidden LYNFUKUNAGAGEAQYGQD ifgggufg INEZGREGHIGAWAYNEHIRU FESUH. Cash pi-E825 KANENANCYHUMVALIGEDAVIDI ' " ' WAMIZULORIIWATASANDYKANEQK arldfun ACANDICEKASUYAMAKYLEKIMURAGL ggll5lB-QSUQ ENKIYQHARADANIELKURIYAMAMICHEL LEMOFZIIVIOTOKFZISMOFIIYAIVIASANDYMUKA , IBRIANNAGATAKEITHNAKAKURAMARINAKA YAIVIASHAFRONNISI-IIKAWARODOKANOKATHYOK IIVIUFIANANCYONOMARKOSHIIVIAFCAIVIONPACIONS ANDRAQUANERICSHINTAKULISASUGIMOTOYUKATA KANODIANETENIOPATTHEOHARETSUKOUYEHARACHRIS VLAHOSANNEYAIVIASAKICYNYAMASHIROHIFZOKOYOSHIDA Szspecial thanks to:TOM TORII STUDENT AID. It takes more than brains to go to college. It takes money. For tuition, room and board, and books. The Army College Fund is designed to help you get that money for college while serving your country. lfyou qualify, you can join the Army College Fund when you join the Army. For every dollar you put in, Uncle Sam puts in five. Or more. So, after just two years in the Arm , you can have up to 515,200 for college. After three years, up to 520,100 To get your free copy ofthe Army College Fund booklet, call or visit your local Army Recruiter. It could be the most important book youlve ever read. SERGEANT CLIFFORD FOSTER 323-6342 ARMY BE ALLYOU CAN BE. Q'7"" mi wwf! fUlll""""3 TAK ISOBE STUDIO 1124 W Gardena Blvd Gardena CA 90247 324-8941 321-2375 SENIUR PORTRAITURE SPECIALIST ADS 'viii l - - - G.l.A. TRACK '84 Congratulations to the . . . '84 MARINE LEAGUE CHAMPIONS Shelvey McCraylCapta1nJ Tlna Ford lCapta1nl Patrlcla Blackwell lLeague Hugh lum Champl Knstrn McCoy Brenda Glpson Barbara Thomas T errrs Wllllams Vellsa Swan Nathandra West Roslyn Kung Dlana Davls Shawnse johnson Sheree Scott Mlchelle Whltlng Angela Brooks Sandra Barley Lety Reyes See you at the State Track Meet' From: Coach Sweatt NCONGRATULATIONS CLASS GF 1984 SAM mtl esmwkk Mlt. HAEL G WHl'llf W l Regis alma Engl, lll Slfllltvi Htl l CM ll' llhllwllll lll lflli SEIBUN DO 12131532 7871 Kung ll Hawaiian Bakery Was! lm: Dm I 'W ll W5 Awww 'MW WW' JAPANESE BOOKS AND STATIONERY HIRATA a. vosHlDA 2212,lQRQ22QSQA2Q-Q4 ADS 273 PUP N TACO 16323 Western Ave Gardena CA 90247 327 4011 SERVING SINCE 1912 McMzllan Mortuary MARLOWE D DEBBAN MANAGIR We help you make your wrshes come true' mann smncs AND LOAN ASSOCIATION am gi S z rn UI l NI 1' -I 5 Ill I HI 2 -4 S z an V1 x M E -1 VI r S z rn V! I HI Z -4 V! :- S z ca U! I NI E -4 Vi n S z cw 01 YS DNAYS M N SDN LU IAPS ISDN .LIU SDNAYS SDNIAYS UUSN IIIYS SNAYS HSN SON 1016 WEST 164TM STREET GARDENA CALIFORNIA 829 6888 IL AI 3218011 LOS ANGELES TORRANCEIGARDENA MONTEREY PARK FULLERTON 3 F 85055 W I995S A N If 7 32 930 766 10 17 V570 B65 COMM!! LN!! NJNIIIVS All!! SUNIAVS LINEN SDNIAYS LINEN SONIAVS AIHBN SEJNIA YS SON 3 HIE TAL EXP ESS IOI4 Hermosa Ave Hermosa Beach CA 274 ADS . , . 0 I 5 1 m 5 2 K A 3 5 . . Q M f : ' 'f' Q I . Q , , - ' 1 Q I T4 ' I . . Q 74 Il ' ll . X .. Ill . . I . g "V ' 72 . . 3 u Q 1 ! m 2 , S 1 mmm Ave :wanna sum 300 menu Sr S 52 3 7 I . II UI I . . . . . ADS 275 r L . . ..,....,. , s 5 E 1 276 ADS NM is nf 'fs' M vp-f it su J 'var ww., .... X 'L ll, "' ,, 3 Q in W wr X" VKV' 1 X -ff ,NE FM, M H ,,,v.,..W.W...,., ...W Wm...,,.,..-....M,..,.,,..,.,...n,...,..H....,...g 5 A 1 4 1 1 12 E, iz 12 is , 42 E5?fi'rEF9IiiE TF: .,., AW-, ff ?i 2553 asia Q: m1Y:i:.,y,1f ,a 2' ,J-211 E D.: Q , ,V , gg: Ji, 5 H - i 1 i i L i E ADS 277 Chrrs, Your honesty, your understandmg your carmg, and your smcerrt Have brightened my days and grven My llfe a special glow Thank you especially for lust belng you and always remember You mean more to me than words can ever say I Love You SOLAR VFLASS TINTING 1213, 770 8094 12135 770 8051 Free Estimates 164105 Figueroa Los Angeles CA 90248 ssG!'5' MEF! Phone 324 4231 278 ADS HARRY'S ALOHA Cl-IOP SUEY ' 1721 W Redondo Beach Blvd. synergies WH Gardena, California 90247 Shiseido Cosmehcs FOOD TO GO AND CATERING Closed MOVWUGV 2200 PM - Tuesday Closed rex:-so 5. WESTERN Ave. Bus. 323-9511 Wednesday thru Sunday 'I'I AM to 8 PM GARDENA- CALIF- 90247 Ras. 547-2508 - 'fm - - ' T suMmA and NAKAMATSU ' N optomfmv Q A s M t0 f0 xfflexx g We Jef A l mia ' 'f fl ff' MB ad ld! in Paul M Sumlda O D Mlke Nakamatsu O D U K "" 1 0 1839 w Redondo Beach Blvd ' S Gardena CA 90247 770 0361 C Thank you to everyone who sold ads and especially to everyone who bought ads Hlroko Thank you for always being there to answer all of my questions Thank you also for your support and advice you always helped me no matter how tied up you were Val Thank you for never being too busy to help I would ve never made It without you Thank you for being your happy cheerful self But most of all thanks for keeping me going through all of the deadlines Sharon Thank you so much for all of your work and dedlcatlon You were always there when I needed something done Thanks for being such a special friend Michele Thank you so much for adding your special touch to our sectlon Your wllllngness to help was exceeded only by your dedication to work Thanks for belng that terrlflc person you are Kevin The ad sectlon wouldn t be complete wlthout all your hard work Thanks for running my errands and dolng my artwork You dld an outstanding job Edwin Thank you for all of your effort Thank you for being wllllng to work all times l ap preclated It very much Terry Howard Ken and Cliff Thanks for takin and developlng all my ad pictures You guys dld a terrlflc job you were all very dependaile Lon Thank you for all the help you gave me you were always wlllnng to help even though you had your own section to complete jennifer and Klml Thanks for lending a helping hand You drd a fantastic job Mrs McDanlel Thanks for all of your support ' ::' 'Z ' .' -xx I N., X Q .. -ff 0 "F ' A .: :iw , '::: ' ..II . 'IZ gE::enm:af : .frmi:E ' :?wnL1:::. :"5fe2,Z ' f ' 3 ADS 279 AAA Abe, Charlane Tome 14,125,159,191 164 Abrajano, Cheryl Cudal Aceret, Cheryl Aceron, Darryl Curtis Aceves, Gilberto Acuna, Synthia Adviento, Winona Age, Sonia Lenese Aguilar, Marco Antonio Aguilar, Walter Omar Akashi, Kim Akita, Naoko Akita,- Tomoya Akiyama, Dean Alanis, Francisco Alderson, Denise Lynn Alexander, Bruce A. Alfaro, Leticia Alimento, Mariko U. 7, 27, Allen, Toi L. Almaraz, Esther K. Alvarado, Leticia Alvarado, Patricia S. Alvarico, Raquel Keikila Amado, Rumonda Amano, Yoskihiko Amaro, Gerardo Ambriz, Rosario Amemiya, Amemiya, Anderson Anderson Ando, leri Dennis Shirley , Donald Lee Kellisa T, Kevin Anderson, Anderson, , Shezzell T. Andrade, Laura Anguiano, Hector Manue Angulo, Dulce Maria Angulo, Gloria Angulo, Richard Anthony, Cheryl L. Anthony, Margaret Elai Anzai, Wesley Aoki, Daniel Michio Aoyagi, Glenn Seichi Aoyagi, Scott T. Aoyama, Annette Aoyama, Darrin L. Arambula, Elizabeth V. Arce, Stella Albea Arceneaux, Monte Carl Armendariz, Edward Armijo, Victoria Rae Armstrong, lamel Marcu Armstrong, ludith Ann Arnold, Ty Clinton Arrizon, Eduardo Lopez Arroyo, Melissa Ashley, Becky A. Ashmead, Kathy Michelle 280 END-EX 16,96,116, 51,164,140 82 58 47,58,164 164 62 164 164 40 40,64 82 45,58,139,164 57 60 82 164 30,31,43,50,82 259 53,82 82 144 164 164 164 82 82 164 139,164 164 82 56 58,63,82 82 164 82 82 164 82 82 82 11,53,62 51,143,147 164 82,198,247,267 44,65,182 164 44,213 164 60,82 164 85 164 164 82,192 115 164 29,83 164 164 Aspray, Sheri L. Austin, Angela Denise Avalos, Leticia Avalos, Ricardo Averett, lames Elbert Avery, lllya Modnroe Avina, Christina M. Awaya, Mary Natsuko 29, 44, Ayres, Shellee Monique 164 83 42, 163 83 82 143 140, 164 47, 50, 51, 55, 83, 182, 189 53, 79, 83 Babcock, Lillian Caroli Bacon, Stacey Bailey, Sandra Marie Baker, Carri Lene Baker, lames Edward Baker, Lisa Baker, Toya Balalong, Stella S. Baldonado, Caroline A. Baldonado, Melanie Ballenger, Christenia L. Ballenger, Gary Baltazar, Catalina Barajas, Walter A. 83, 198 58 268 164 40, 162 62, 83 164 83 164 83, 102 164 139, 164 83 164 Barber, Sonya L. 41, 45, 46, 83, 105, 112, 113, 182 Barefield, Tammra 164 Barnett, Alesia Carine 46, 53, 83, 112 Barnett, Betrice 164 Barnett, Diandre Darnel 164 Barrett, lames M. 83 Barrett, lennifer 164 Battle, Rikya Leumone 164 Bazer, Ronald S. 72, 139 Be, Rawy 83 Beatty, Walter Collins 83 Bedolla, Salvador 164 Bejarano, Ana Maria 164 Bell, Aleta Antoinette 56, 83 Bell, Latanya Denise 83 Bell, Montoya 164 Bell, Robert Stephen 83, 113, 115, 136, 137 Beltran, Alfred 164 Benitez, Franco P. 139, 164 Bennett, Makeiko Dupre 164 Bennett, Scott Gordon 83 Bermudez, Sergio 83 Blackman, Coleman Andre 164 Blackwell, Michael D. 164 Blackwell, Patricia D. 13, 83, 133, 144 Blakely, Benay Latese 84 Blakely, Eddie lames lr. 164 Blaylock, Venita M. 84 Blevins, C'Artis D. 46, 56, 60, 84, 140 Blevins, Maurice R, 46 Bloemsma, Christina M, 84 Bobb, Eric lason 151 Bojorquez, George 47, 151 Boligan, Orlando Nicolaspers 89 Boltares, Ricky 15' Bonner, Rodney T. 13t Bonnett, Sherye 81 Booker, Kimiko Ann 84, 15' Bourret, Linda Michelle 15' Bouza, David Salvdor 81 Bowman, Dan Edward 61 Boyd, Laketcha La Von 63 Bradley, Anthony lerome 151 Bradley, Maceo 15 ' Briggs, Carla 5 3, 84 Bright, Victoria L. 45, 46, 53,60, 84, 182 Brisco, Felicia 53 Brookman, Kevin 151 Brooks, Albert 151 Broooks, Albert lr. 84, 268 Brooks, Kadur N. 151 Brooks, Yusef 151 Brown, Arthur Villanuevare 151 Brown, Brian l. 119 Brown, David lerome 151 Brown, Donald C. lr. 115, 151 Brown, Dwight Anson 84 Brown, Karen Denise 151 Brown, Kenneth I. 84 Brown, Marvisha Lett 63,84 Brown, Monica 13, 133, 151 Brown, Rebecca 151 Brown, Regina F. 46, 84 Brown, Rodney Otis 84, 119 Brown, Sheila 58, 62, 151 Brown, Wendy Lee 64 Bruers, Shawn David 151 Bruers, Stuart 40, 65, 84, 122, 183, 190, 191 Bryant, Amanda 58 Bryant, Kelvin Lamar 151 Buchanan, Gary D, 151 Bui, Tuan Minh 151 Burger, Richard 165 Burleigh, Candrea D. 165 Burrell, Tammy Marie 84 Burris, Penny Sue 62, 84 Bush, limmy 84, 151 Bush, Tommy Lee lr. 58, 157 Butler, Shawn M. 165 Byers, Amber Lenez 165 Byers, Detra Michelle 84 Byers, lules A. 165 Byrd, Tori Renate 165 Cabrera, Rogelio Cabrera, Yvan Rick Calderon, Marcus Calderon, Michael Angel Callegari, Theisa Calloway, Kuliema A. Campbell, Cessical G. Campbell, Randy William Campbell, Verrazano ladedri 165 47, 143, 151 165 151 165 165 46, 53, 61, 85 165 56, 60, 144,151 Campos Masimiano M. Canacho, Alicia Ramirez Capati, Vincente D. 12, 13, 45, 47, 51, 55, 85 140 Caples, Dana Yvette Cardenas, jesus G. Cardenas, juan Alberto Carmichael, Carmen M. Carpenter, Lashawn E. Carr, Paulette Carrasco, Eric George Carter, Meredith Y. Casimiro, Kathleen R. Castaneda, Alexander Castellanos, Soledad Castillo, joseph W. Castillo, Monique A. Castillo, Pedro Castillo, Roger Cathcart, Shelly L. Ceron, Olga Mariela Cerpa, Luis Cervantes, Antonio Cervantes, Elizabeth Chaidez,'Edward Chain, Edward William Chamberlain, Michelle Chambers, james A. Champion, Constance Mary Chan, Lai Hing Chandler, Rex A. Chang, Won Chang Chao, Rika Chapman, Michael Charles, johmel Lamar Chattman, Floyd Chavez, Carlos Chavez, George Thomas Chavez, Gloria Leticia Chavez, juan Carlos Chay, Ho Deuk Cheney, Reginald D. Cheung, Wing K. Childress, Laurie A. Childs, Monterry Childs, Tracie Yvette Chin, Shannon Marie Ching, Melvin P. Chinn, Denise R, Cho, jeffrey j. Cho, Yoon Choi, Woo jae Chong, Hyun Soo Chou, Wen-Cheng Chow, Fred Chun, Terri Lyn Chustz, Carmen Leigh Ciborowski, Maria Elena Claiborne, Lee D. Clark, Lamour Clark, Matthew H. Clark, Shannon F. 46, 53, 63, 58,85 130,131, 7 85, 1 , 47, 144, r 7 52, 53, 85, 56, 64, 115,116, r r r 7 47, 86 51, 86 45, 86 7 7 Clavel Gladis Yolanda Clemmons, Emada Lewis Clemons, Yumiko Marie Cloonan, Ana Elise Coates, Denise M. Codispodi, Scott Coffman, Randy Lee Colbert, Martha Coleman, Charles Coleman, Derrick L. Collins, Micca Conde, Michelle Patricia Conde, Misty Lynee Conedy, Corlethia Contreras, Patricia M. Cooley, Mark Erik Copeland, Frederick d, Copeland, Kevin O. Corley, Bonita Milissa Cornelius, Sidney Cotton, Bradford Crain, Darrell l. Crawford, Charita L. Crawford, Oliver Ray Creighton, Anthony T. Cruz, Roberto Cruz, Tito Cuaresma, Nicholes Cuevas, Robert Culpepper, Willie j. D'Antuono, Anthony E. Da Silva, jose Umberto Dale, Luther Davila, Edwardo Davis, Craig Anthony Davis, Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Debra , Dianna joyce , johnny Randolph , Keith Erik , Keith Montrell , Mary , Susan Lynn , Tracy I. , Trayvon Lador Dayton, Hugh R. De Bose, Tamikko, Michelle De jong, james De La Mora, Gerardo Deas, Felancia V. Dehlin, Corri Dehlin, Tracy D. Del Rosario, Cynthia D. Del Rosario, Edgardo Del Rosario, Percival R, Dela Fuente, Arlene Delgado, Darlene Angel Delich, james M. 143,165 51Q86 7 r 7 r 101,141, 114,115 56, 58,86 , 6,, , r r 54, 86 7 1 56, 63, 86 44, 57, 86 'ND nv Diaz, Esmeralda Diaz, jose M. Dickerson, Alfred Andre Dicksen, Anthony Dillard, Willie C. Dixon, Anthony Douglas Doan, Tuong H. Dohi, Darin jiro Donald, Patrick O. Dones, David Chris Dorrough, Samuel Dorsey, james Andrew Dorsey, Kimberly Lin Dotson, Kenneth Doucette, Shawn D. Douglas, Dawna Annise Douglas, Nicholas Douwes, Benjamin Downhour, Paul Dukes, Eric Dunbar, john Clark Duncan, Kevin Duncan, Gerald Bernard Dungey, james Wayne Dupree, Bernard Howard Duran, Elizabeth Ann Duran, Leonor E. Duran, Norma Isabell Durham, Vince Lomanta Dye, Myron Devaul Dyer, Roderick 7 60, 87 119, 166 60, 62, 87 54, 87 ,131i153 7 f 7 r f 4 Earley, Lyndon Bernard 1 46, Easter, Debbe Ann Eastern, Reginald Lavann Edwards, La Dreana Lee Edwards, Walter T. Ellison, Eric Adrian Emery, Michael Lee Enomoto, Victoria L. Enosara, Laura M. Epps, William Sean Erwin, Douglas S. Escarpita, Luz Elena Escobar, Maria Escobar, Oscar Rolando Esposito, jacqueline Esquivel, Francisco Esquivias, Lorena Elva Estrada, Guillermo M. Estrada, Stephanie Nicol Estrada, Steven Craig Eteuati, Tofili Evans, Craig Andre ,115, 1 , 143, f 56, 87 56, I' I' N -in , 155 , 152 9 155 165 87 86 166 85 87 155 139 136 165 55 152 115 155 50 152 115 58 166 85 119 152 45 267 155 152 166 165 53 141 166 165 243 166 47 165 86 166 85 152 155 86 85 86 153 43 147 151 166 155 52 57 155 152 166 151 165 153 155 50 140 165 155 115 153 58 155 4 86 134 130 151 155 87 119 155 58 152 8f 143 243 47 155 87 153 155 47 155 56 151 152 153 Chang,PaulChuo-Kang 151 Cunwnmgs,Dawd 165 EkW8Z0fKenn9U1 166 165 115 116 155 87 152 134 135 63 155 155 152 86 155 86 47 155 155 114 423 152 155 166 155 155 166 152 146 147 87 165 54 153 155 155 131 119 155 155 87 153 155 58 155 166 51 152 53 85 153 140 155 155 lg? 155 143 165 87 152 155 166 152 155 133 86 165 155 44 152 133 152 155 153 152 87 153 152 155 153 115 116 87 140 153 152 155 155 155 155 143 147 Clark, Susan E. 55, Diaz, Dan C. f 5 END-EX 281 Faber, Leslie Michele 153 242 Hamada, Sherri T. 166 Facundo, Alicia 166 Garcia, Dora 166 Hamilton, Brian Keith 166 Facundo, Ana Rosa 87 Garcia, Fernando C. 153 Hampton, Renee 56 Facundo, Mary 153 Garcia, lo Ann 85, 88, 112, 183, 227 Hampton, Robert 166 Faircloth, Audra 153 Garcia, Ramon F. 166 Hamptonie, Danita Marie 166 Feeney, David G. 55, 58, 116, 143 Garcia, Rodolfo 153 Han, Kwon Sop 89 Felik, Ariel 78, 87 Garcia, Rolando 166 Hanami, Lisa C. 166 Felix, lerome Angeles 87, 153 Garcia, Sylvia 88 Hanan, Deborah Rochelle 89 Ferguson, Dorrice Lamar 87 Garrison, Eva Dorine 46, 53, 80, 88, 93 Hanes, Tiffany Renee 64, 166 Fernandez, Kimio M. 33, 87 Garrison, Luukia Luana 46, 166 Hansen, David Mark 136, 137 Fernandez, Rosalba 53 Geesey, lason lamie 138, 139, 166 Haraway, Henry Lee 166 Fields, Barry Lamonte 153 Gerber, Dawn Lee 161 Hard, Karen M. 51, 53, 166 Fitzgerald, Robin lanine 88 Gibson, Sharon E. 63 Harper, Dolly Ruth 62, 89 Fleming, Cynthia Renita 166 Gibson, Shelrice Dene 60 Harris, Brita 53, 166 Fleming, Sandra Regina 153 Gibson, Stephanie 65, 183 Harris, Christine 167 Flores, Sophia Rendon 88, 153 Gilyard, Angelina M. 88 Harris, Richard 62 Flournoy, Bryon Steven 130, 131, 153 Gipson, Brenda Lee 66, 88, 144 Harris, Shaun Raphiel 58, 90 Fong, jamie 47, 55, 88 Giron, Rachel Desiree 116 Harris, Sophia Lavonne 167 Ford, Donna Ann 166 Givens, Felicia Evette 166 Harris, Veronica A. 90 Ford, Eric Deshon 153 Glowacz, Charles 166 Hart, Sidra F. 62 Ford, Robert Anthony 153 Glowacz, Stephen P. 54, 88 Hart, Syledra M. 167 Ford, Tina Yvette 88, 145 Godinez, Geary 88 Haruma, Mark S. 167 Forman, David Kenneth 54 Gomez, julio Cesar 166 Harvey, La Shawn 167 Forward, Edison L. 153 Gomez, Norma Serafin 166 Harvey, Laurie A. 58, 167 Foster, lna Sheri 88 Gomi, Hiroki 47, 51, 88 Hashimoto, lon Michael 167 Foster, Reginald Dwayne 153 Gonzalez, Angelica C. 4 3, 80, 88, 190, Hashimoto, Monica Y. 44, 90, 97, 235 Fountain, Ranc B. 127, 166 197 Hashimoto, Robert R. 65, 90 Fox, Toni Lynn 88 Gonzalez, Anthony 166 Hataye, Darlene Misa 167 Franco, Ramon 166 Gonzalez, Elaine 56, 166 Hatter, Michael D. 167 Frank, Patrick Vernon 88 Gonzalez, lose De lesus 88 Havens, Brent Arthur 143, 147 Franklin, Leslie D. 166 Gonzalez, Maria D. 88 Hawkins, Monique Lashawn 167 Franklin, Shebry' 153 Gonzalez, Miguel A. 89 Hawkins, Yancy Garrett 119, 167 Franks, Sherri Ravene 166 Gonzalez, Salvador 57, 139, 166 Hayashida, Carrie Akemi 167 Frederick, Peter Curtis 153 Gordon, George B. 58, 166 Hayashida, Roy K. 167 Freeman, Richard 153 Goya, Lee Ann K. 43, 64, 166 Hayes, Cleveland R. 167 Freeman, Romon 119, 166 Grant, Shannon La Mont 166 Hazzard, Gwynette Elma 56, 90 Fruge, Anna Marie 166 Grant, Tonia lean 89, 166 Heath, Cheryl L. 167 Fujikami, Kevin Takeshi 58, 166 Gray, Treva Y, 7 Hechanova, Evelyn G. 53, 90 Fujimoto, Aaron Kikuo 153 Gray, Virgil 166 Hector, Lisa R. 90 Fujimoto, Marianne 153 Green, Eric 143 Hector, Lola Cassandra 90 Fujino, Kathleen Mieko 30, 31, 48, 51,88 Green, Gaston Alfred 89, 93, 105, 113, 114, Hefner, Karen loyce 90 Fujino, Michael W. 153 115, 116, 117, 143, 231 Henderson, Deshia D. 167 Fujio, Kelly lo 44, 128, 151, 153, 183 Gregory, Christopher 166 Henderson, Mi-Kal Kia 167 iruiiokil Qneryi Kirniko 5 5, 125, 1 5 3 Grigsby, Felix 54, 89 Hendrix, Phillip 167 Fujita, Hirosni Dean 88 Grundy, Norman Edward 89 Henry, Ronald Van 90 Fukagawal Lori gurnie 1 5 3 Guerrero, Cesar 89 Herbert, Dexter 167 izukurnorol Tom yi 126, 1 5 3 Guerrero, Maria R. 56, 89 Herbrick, Ava Sue 56, 90 irukunaga, Dariene N, 1 5 3 Guillory, Nelson W. 166 Hernandez, Belen 90 Fukunagar Dudley i-ir 65, 153 Gumpal, lane B. 166 Hernandez, Capucine 60, 167 irukunagar Susan Lynn 13, 43, 132, 133, 153 Gumpal, Melinda Basilio 89, 199 Hernandez, Norma L. 167 Fuller, Doeeiia Shomone gg Gutierrez, luan Carlos 12, 30, 31, 79, 89, 191 Hernandez, Paul lohn 90 irurukido, Stephanie Rr 166 Gutierrez, Mauricio Z. 114, 115, 116, 187 Hernandez, Vicki M. 56, 90 Furutanil Derek 166 Herrera, Christina L. 57, 155 Herrera, Cindy Olga 90 Hale, Orance R. 166 Higa, Craig Katsumi 45, 267 Gaines, Patrice Michelle 166 l'l3l9Yf David Alan 44 Higa, Greg 45 Galicia, Georgina N, 153 Hall Elena C. 166 Higa, Liliana 155 Galicia, Miriarn Nr 166 Hall, Galen Hamilton 166 Higa, Timmy K, 143, 167 Calloway, Latonya R- 153 Hall Kevin Mark 58, 143 Higashigawa, Nathan S, 72, 155 Garcia' Bertha 166 Hall, Shelby Lamarr 89 Higgins, Laura B. 47, 155 Garcia, Daniel lavier 40, 55188, 191, 102, Hall, Taunja Geneen 56 High, Lysonda Etoya 155 282 END-EX johnson, Valencia 62 johnson, Wanda Diane 56, 167 joiner, Larry Gene 68 jones, Angela Monique 168, 192 jones, Clifford Dwayne 112,134 jones, justina 168 jones, Kimberly Marie 46,80 jones, Paul j. 168 jones, Tamara P. 62 jones, Tammy Renee 58 jordan, Clarence jr. 168 jordan, Mike Dennis 168 jordan, Paula Victoria 168 jordan, Robert j. 168 joyce, Stacy Levell 134 juarez, Georgina 140, 141 Kakimoto, Neal 93, 267 Kakurai, Cheryl Akemi 64 Kamehaiku, Tracey L. 45, 168 Kanemura, Scott Kiyoshi 93, 267 Kaneoka, Sandy Michi 43, 52, 53, 172, 227, 247 Higuera, Alma A. 56, 155 Ike, Darrin Taro 45, 147, 155 Hill, joann 56, 155 Ikemiya, jeff Kazumi 43, 78, 192, 178, 227, Hill, Steven joseph 115, 116 247 Hilliard, David jr. 155 Ikuhara, Susan Mieko 42, 155 Him Hifomi 155 iinornoto, Kimi Lynn 45, 66, 234, 248, 284 Hinton, lvhn W95l9Y 13 lmose, Christine Naomi 55, 140, 167 Hirabayashi, Brian K. 44, 47, 51, 124, 125, ingo, Crystal Monique 46,80 167 lngels, Roberta E. 155 Hirakawa, Kathryn N. 44, 53, 124,125, 155 Ingrarn,Shei'ify1, 151, 155 Hiraoka, Cindy K. 167 Inouye, Chris T. 43,'45, 66, 126, 127, 227, Hiraoka, Todd H. 155 247 H07 HY0k 47, 167 Inouye, Karen S. 167 Ho, Mario Yossinobu 155 Ishii-iai-a, Donald 40, 122 Hoang, Yendlng l55 Ishikawa, Paul 167 Hodge, l-l5a 167 lsozaki, Lynn Seiko 44 H0d895i Palfldf 155 lwamizu, David T. 155 lHolbert, Derek Winston 155 iwainizu, ioy Akemi 43, 140, 167 Holland, Lori Latrice 53 iwaia, Craig T, 45, 167 Holley, Cynthia Ann 141, 155 Iwata, Lori K. 43, 55, 66, 227 H0lllClaYf Aretha l57 lzanhour, Adrian Lamar 155 Hollis, Tomisa D. 167 Holmes, Leslie V. 167 J J Honda, Craig A. 126, 127, 143, 167 J Hood, Steven E. 167 Hookelf Vefland l55 jacinto, Silvia D. 155 Horan, Bridget Yvette 53, 155 jackson, Cnaiios, Eugen 57 Hoflf Kathleen Y- 167 jackson, Darryl Desha 143 Horikawa, Darrin Yoshio 47, 155 jackson, Davon 1 5 5 Horiuchi, Mayumi 155 jackson, Dawn 167 Houston, Felicia E. 167 jackson, Debi-ossia 167 Houston, Robert j. 167 jackson, Qayi L, 167 Houston, Teresa R. 155 jackson, ingiio B, 167 Howard, l3lllY 167 jackson, john Wesley 58 Howard, Carla Lorraine 155 jackson, Katrese Simone 157 l'l0Wafdi CafY0 Ameda 167 jackson, Sharon G. 60, 167 l'lUbbafdi Mafia Sllawma 50 155 jaco, Alexander William 113, 115, 117 Hueftaf lUl5 AA 157 jacobs, Bridgette L. 63 Hueftasi JOSE-ph E. 167 Jacobs, Fontella ciarioe 46, 52, 53, 60 Hughes, Donielle Lashawn 60 155 iaoquoz, Qsoai W, 155 Hughes, Stephanie Denise 167 iaogoi, gnawn Wiiooii 1 5 5 l'lUlZaVf C0n5U9l0 167 james, Darren Keelan 167 Hull, La Wana 60, 167 james, Marlo Antoine 167 l'lUllf William T' 167 james, Teri Lynette 53, 155 Hum, Kenny Chong-Ho 155 iai-nos, Tina 50, 167 Hunter, Laketta L. 155 iaranaiiio, Aian 155 Hunter, Sheajuana 60, 155 ioiks, Karen D1 167 Hunter, Valdine Renee 167 jenkins, Devin L, 155 Huff Mlm YOUH8 47 155 jenkins, Robert Eric 155 Hutsell, Michael james 56 lernigan, Tnoinas 155 HUY0l"f HUYQN T' 155 jeter, Daren Darrell 167 HWan8f CWS KYU 155 jimenez, Luis Manuel 56 Hwang, lilll0f18 Won 47, 51 johnson, Aiondra 89, 114, 115, 116, 117, 136 johnson, Danny 58 johnson, Eric Dwight 167 johnson, Felicia 54, 98 lfllllukaf Keira 167 johnson, Felicia L. 270 Ida, JOHNS C- 40 johnson, Kirby Loren 43, 66, 101, 147, 193, lfopo, Oscar 167 200, 219, 227 l89f CYmllla 58, 167 johnson, Rachelle 167 lge, Valerie Akemi 43, 66, 72, 219, 227 ionnson, Ranfieo 139, 167 lldaf Akiko 125,167 johnson, Samantha A. 167 lkaflf Ca"0lYn Y- 155 johnson, Sherdrick 167 Kang, Aran 51, 55, 93 Kang, Bob 47, 93 Kang, Ted 47, 168 Kasuyama, Candice I. 13, 89, 93, 133 Katsumata, Peter T. 58, 59, 188 Kawahara, Anna M. 47, 168 Kawai, Kevin Hiro 44, 54 Kawano, Keith Richard 168 Kawano, Naomi 44, 168 Kawano, Shinichiro 93 Kawano, Yunike 44 Kawate, Glenn Risaku 58, 168 Kay, David F. 168 Keland, Karen Christine 93 Keller, Timothy R. 168 Kelly, Elizabeth B. 93 Kemper, Gary j. 168 Kempf, Sonya Lee 93 Kennedy, Derrick 168 Kent, Regina 168 Key, Dushawn 168 Khensonvan, Phosay 64, 93 Khep, Sophirie Khieu 47 Khuong, Chi H. 47, 168 Kidwell, Allen Thomas 168 Kikuyama, Shelly Sumie 93 Killman, Crystal Ladee 168 Kim, Ann 93 Kim, Ari 168 Kim, Glenn Chang 30, 31, 55, 80, 93 Kim, Hui chong 47 Kim, Hyon Soo 47, 55, 125, 168 Kim, Hyun Kyung 47 Kim, joo Hee 168 Kim, Kyung Sup 143, 168 Kim, Melissa 45, 52, 53,124, 125,239 Kim, Michael Kelly 168 END-EX 283 Kim, Pong Y. 168 Limbos, Mary Ann P. 30, 31, 40, 51, 55, 65, Matsunaga, Shawn 96 Kim, Song Un 47 86, 95, 188, 246 Maxey, Steven Scott 96, 136 King, Bridgette 168 Limbrick, Albert Lee 119, 157 Meda, Vince 96, 136, 133 King, Lana Dean 168 Limbrick, Brent L. 168 Megata, Neal 96, 20? Kishishita, lune M. 44 Little, Valerie Helena 157 Mendoza, Regina Maria 43, 64, 96, 140, 183 Kisu, Sharon 144 Littlejohn, La Sonne 168 227 Kita, Tamiko Michele 43 Livingston, Nathan 58 168 Menendez, Maria Elena 96 Knox, Benjie Leatrice 54, 56, 158 Lofton, Charade Leshun 168 Mercado, Leticia Rojas 157 Ko, Hei-Young 63 Lofton, Kendall 160 Michel, Ramon 157 Kobayashi, Kelly M. 168 Lofton, Lamar Rondell 958 Milliton, Kelly 96 Kobuke, Brian Kiyomi 47, 168 Loo, lohn 168 Millsap, Eric 115, 143, 157 Konno, Holly D. 125, 168 Looney, Arsene E. 95 115 Millsap, Marshall Ray 9 Kosaka, Linda Kiyoko 140 Lopez, lavier R. 157 Mimaki, Alan Takeshi 42, 51, 15 Koshimoto, Edwin Takuzo 29, 31, 51, 55,66 Lopez, Katherine 95 Mims, Cedric B. 54, 119, 15 Kubo, loyce Sachiko 13, 133, 141 Lopez, Monica 47 Miranda, Alma L. 15 Kuriyama, Daniel H. 9, 31, 73, 90, 112, 191, Lopez, Secundino 168 Mitchell, Eric D. 15 193 Lopez, Veronica M. 32, 56 168 Mitchell, Kimberly 144, 15 Kusumoto, Ruriko 55, 168 Louie, Penyatta D. 168 Mitsushima, Claire F. 18 Kuwahara, Cherie Akemi 47 Louis, Michael Troy 157 Miyaguchi, Lauren N. 5 Love, Terrance 63 Miyake, Neal Yasuo 9 Loya, Gina Rennee 31 Miyakoda, Michele Kay 43, 66, 158, 25 Lucas, Steven 134 157 Miyamae, Kristi A. 5 Lujan, Lillian 168 Miyamae, Traci M. 9 La Frentz, Christine L. 168 Lujan, Melva M. 95 Miyamoto, Rae Mie 44, 5 La Mothe, Herbetta l. 157 Luyando, David 157 Miyashiro, Marlo 4 ' La Tour, Andre Dachon 63, 157 Luyando, Steven 157 Moland, Darnell 9 La Tour, Anthony 55, 168 Lyons, Kevin Lajuan 95 Montecalvo, Antonio Fton 9 Lai, Deborah Ann 157 Lyons, Lisa Anne 95 Montenegro, Nancy P, 15 Lai, Diron Bert 42 Montenegro, Silvia L. 5 Lamar, Beatriz 168 Monteverde, Maria 96, 15 Lampley, Lisa Lynette 157 Moody, Fred 15 Lane, Theodore L. 168 Moore, Danielle L. 12 Langarica, Katia D. 168 Macias, Teresa 157 Moore, Darrell 47, 12 Larkin, Daron 119, 168 Maciejewski, lames Frank 119, 143, 168 Moore, David Melvin 15 Larks, La Trisha Sabora 168 Macieiewski, Steve 95, 'I15 Moore, Dawn B. 15 Lau, Dennis 168 Magda, Lange Teljl 42, SO, 51 Moore, EflC EUFOD 11 Lavenberg, Diane 157 Magalong, Rhodora E, 168 Moore, Kevin L. 45, 56, 143, 146, 147, 15 Lavilla, Stacy K. 124, 125, 166 Magana, Bertha Alisia 168 Moore, Sabrina Brenett 44, 151, 158, 16 Lawson, Edward C. 29, 46, 53, 58, 139, 157 Magana, Grace 95 Moore, Tony Cornelius 9 Layman, Dennis A. 157 Magana, Hector 57 Moore, Velta C. 54, 9 LB, Ngoc-Bich 125, 157 Maki, Kyle Manabu 42, 168 MOF3, EVE 56, 15 Lee, Alan 44, 157 Maldonado, Roderick M, 95, 163 Morales, Fredy Eduardo 15 Lee, Arlesha Darnell 43, 59, 90, 179, 190, Maloncon, Michele Marie 56, 95 Morales, Victoria Ann 15 227, 257 Mametsuka, Scott Kenji 45 Moreira, Robert 9 Lee, Choon la 95 Mano, Russell Kazumi 44, 155 Morimoto, Michelle T. 44, 53, 97, 24 Lee, Chul loon 95 Marcotte, Michael 95 Moriyama, Kris Kayko 44, 51, 65, 97, 182 l-96, loo Hee 168 Marshall, Quenette B. 62 23 ' Lee, Keli Hiroshi 47, 130, 168 Martinez, Qildardo 95 Moromisato, Douglas Y. 45, 58, 23 Lee, Ml Sun 51, 168 Martinez, loge Franqigqo 95 fVlOFOl'T1lSalO, Lloyd Yasuji 4 Lee, Myung Hee 157 Martinez, Ruth Susana 56 Morreira, Ross T. 15 Lee, Sonia Sun 47, 95 Mason, Gary D, 63, 157 Morris, Carl Lewis 9 Lee, Yeolonda 56, 168 Masuda, Richard Tekeshi 95 Morris, Nathaniel 115, 13 Lemaster, Robert Scott 139, 157 Maguzuml, 5haron F, 128 Morris, Roscoe lames 6 Lemelle, Rhonda Kaye 157 Matheg, Todd Preston 95, 136, 137 Mottley, Marcia loy 60, 15 Lemus, Raul Efren 47, 157 Mathews, Gloria R, 96 Mottley, Mario Anthony 118, 11 Lew, Tracy Patricia 43, 69, 95, 227 Matsubayashi, Alice 66, 96 Muhammad, Ali Karim 97, 114, 11 Lewis, Barbara Rene 157 Matsubayashi, lames M. 126, 127, 136, 157 Mukai, Sandy l. 78, 97, 23 Lewis, Lavern 168 Matsui, Elsie Matguko 96 Mukai, Susan Atsuko 15 Lewis, Rochelle Yvete 46, 95 Matsui, Richard T, 155 Murakami, Douglas Aki 45, 15 Li, Wen Ming 157 Matsukawa, Naomi Mariko 73, 157 Murakami, Tracey L. 44, 51, 140, 16 Lilly, Andre 157 Matgumgto, Lance M, 127 Muramoto, Karen 16 Lim, Doris 168 Matsumoto, Ronnie A. 43, 66, 96, 134, 227, Murillo, Arcelia 9 Lim, lennifer L. 66, 95, 214 236 Murillo, Lino lose 15 284 END-EX viUFill0, ViCiOI' Manuel 153 Neal, Eric Ryan 158 Oshiro, Cherie A. 45, 128, 170 ViUVPhY, Daniel 97, 200 Neal, lames R. 98, 115, 143 Oshiro, Kevin Masaichi 44, 51, 64, 66, 234 viurpliy, Kelvin 169 Neal, Mavian Leon 115, 158 Oshiro, Laura A. 44, 125, 170 ViUfDliYf YVeiie Clafii 169 Neal, Patrick La Von 170 Oshiro, Ronald Seizen 170 viurray, Jeffrey K- 53, ii5 Negrete, Gregory 158 Oshita, Lynn Emiko 51, 170 viurray, Kimberly D- 169 Nelson, Hazel lean 170 Ota, Richie Takahiro 45, 159 WUFVHYI Lattice Marie 169 Newby, Leslie Norine 98 Oura, Kelene C. 158, 170 viufray, Pamela 5Ue 43, 5l 158 Nguyen, Bichnghia Thi 158 Owens, Richard Edward 170 vtyers, Douglas C. 169 Nguyen, Hau Duc 170 Owens, Vaughn R. 115, 159 viyers, Gary Scott 158 Nguyen, Hiep Duc 158 Oyadomari, Donna Nasako 170 vtyers, Gina E. 169 Nguyen, Hoang Tran 158 Oyama, Derek T. 170 vtcClellan, Bonnie K. 169 Nguyen, Hung Phi 47 Ozawa, Stacy Eriko 170 vtcConico, Fransetta 63 Nguyen, Kimhoa Thi 29, 158 Ozeki, Edward Noboru 159 vicCoy, Kristin Dai-Nel 96 Nguyen, Phuoc Van 158 v1cCrary, Monique S. 158 Nguyen, Vuong Huu 159 vlcCray, Shelvey Denise 96, 144, 145 Nichols, Sherarade A. 170 vtcCreery, Maureen 12, 96 Nichols, Yolanda 159 vicCullough, Felicia D. 60, 169 Nieves, Diana 144, 159 Pace, Velvet D. 159 v1cDaniel, Lavot D. 169 Ninomiya, Cindy Miki 34, 55, 66, 97, 200, Pacion, lasmin C. 176 v1cFarland, Gregory 56 214 Pacion, Ramon C. 33, 102, 112 v1cGee, Tony Eugene 158 Nishihira, Cynthia 170 Padilla, lesus 170 NAcGreggor, Darrell L. 169 Nishikawa, Lori K 43, 176 Padilla, Martin A. 57, 159 v1cGuire, Demetrius L. 169 Nishikawa, Sharon 43, 66, 98, 227, 236 Paige, Micah Francine 56 vlcMahan, Dorothea M. 169 236 Paine, Pamela Lynn 159 NAcMearn, Ingrid 158 Nishimura, Cheryl K. 176 Pak, long Chol 47 NAcMillan, lames Edward 158 Nishio, Ken 98 Pak, Sang Min 159 McMillan, Katrina L. 169 Nishioka, April Maki 43, 159, 225 Palala, Rolando 32, 170 NAcPhan, David E. lr. 53, 55, 158 Noche, Elmer Abueg 98 Palmieri, Rosetta C, 42 Noguchi, Sharon Takayo 125, 159 Parga, Rudy Peter 159 Nogueira, Elizabeth 98 Park, Anna 51, 159 lxl lxl lxl Nolen, Royce 98 Park, George Yoon 159 Norfleet, Leo 143 Parnell, Teresa Michell 170 Nlagamine, Kay T, 169 Norville, Richard Alan 54, 98 Parry, Sandra May 170 Nlagata, Bryan T. 97 Norwood, Elisa 159 Paul, Fritz Gerald 170 Wagata, Erina 169 Noto, Teresa 159 Paulin, Steven Dale 159 Nagata, Ken 66, 97, 259, 267 Nou, Sovannarith 47 Pearson, David Carnell 63, 159 Nlakafuji, Ryan Kenji 97 Noyd, Harvey Scott 119, 176 Peart, Lisa Nicole 159 Nakagawa, Martha M. 47, 125, 158 Nozaki, Warren Goro 66, 98 Penn, April laviene 170 Nakahara, Bryon Minoru 169 Nunez, Carlos Agustin 98 Perez, Angelica 159 Nakakihara, Liza Tamiko 45, 66, 97, 239, Nunez, Elva Z. 47, 56, 98 Perez, Eduardo L. 100, 136 248, 284 Perez, luan lose 56, 100 Nakakura, Harry Keith 43, 72, 97, 225, 227 Perez, Richard l. 159 Nakakura, Lyann E. 169 Perez, Sheri Dee 100 Nakamatsu, Laura T. 169 Perez, Sigfredo 54 Nakamatsu, Paula M. 169 O'Neal, Eric Darryl 170 Perez, Silvia 159 Nakamura, Gina Rumi 55, 129, 151, 158, 182 Oganeku, lon T. 51, 98 Perry, Curtis 170 Nakamura, lames Toshiakibi 169 Ogasawara, Neal N. 170 Perry, Walker 159 Nakamura, Karen Ayako 43, 158, 190 Ogata, Kathleen T. 98 Pettway, Derrick D. 115, 159 Nakamura, Teri Akemi 43, 51, 55, 65, 97, Ogawa, Stacey Keiko 228 Petty, Yolanda Eileen 170 190 Okawa, Seileen P. 159 Phan, Mai Trang Thi 170 Nakao, Neil Tetsuo 42, 158 Okamoto, Chris 176 Phillips, Debra Ann 54, 56 Nakase, Howard Makoto 66, 158 Okamoto, Gary Takeo 159 Phillips Eric 159 Nakasone, Donna Kae 158 Okamoto, Glenn Takeo 159 Phillips, Herman Lamar 159 Nakasone, Susan Yoko 97 Oliver, Shirley Denise 170 Phillips, Myrna lean 170 Nakata, Kathryn Kiyomi 43, 158 Omori, Shirley Reiko 44 Phillips, Richie L, 159 Nakayama, Mari Kamille 42, 90, 97, 190, On, Hien H, 170 Phillips, Shannon C. 170 191, 227, 236 Ornelas, Ana Rosa 159 Phung, Phuong Chi 100 Navarrete, lorge 56, 169 Ortiz, Rudy 159 Pierson, Andre 170 Navarro, David Rodriguez 97 Osato, Sheri Y. 159 Pierson, Vincent Lemar 62, 63 Navarro, Ernesto Tello 170 Osawa, Hilo 58, 170 Pigulsawas, Pote 143, 170 Navarro, Maria Arnparo 158 Oshima, Mark M. 43, 51, 136, 137, 192, 227, Pinkney, Antoinette M. 100 Navarro, Veronica 170 244 Piotrowski, Robert l. 159 Navia, Veronica 176 Oshiro, Andrew Charles 41, 51, 86, 122, 193 Pitman, Tamela Renee 62, 159 END-EX 285 Polanco, Christina Dian I6, 53 100 Richardson, Lee Marvin Santandrea, Virna Pinedaesl 32 Polee, Andrea Dashon 60 Riggins, Marva L. 53, Sardina, Asbert 101 115 Polis, Harry lr. 159 Riley, Aaron C. Sasaki, laime M. 51 Pollack, loel Cardenal 159 Riser, Emmett Deandre Sasaki, lulie Laura 44 160 Pollard, Mona Lisa 63 100 Riser, Tammy L. Sato, Roger Nobuo 45, 127 196 Poloai, Calvin T. 170 Rivas, Mario H. 30, 31, 55, 79, Sato, Terri E. 45 Porter, Derwin Udell 54 170 Rivas, Rena A. 42, 146 Satter, Richard Leon 126 Porter, Leshawn M, 159 Rivera, Alfredo M. Sawyer, lame Anthony 130 Porter, Sheila Veronica 170 Rivera, Raquel M. Schlegel, lohn D. 45, 51, 101, 192, 239, 247 Powell, Shawn Montel 159 Rivera, Victor M. Schneider, William 101 Preto, Angelique Mary 170 Roath, Victoria Scott, Rochelle . 58 Price, Chere 100 Roberts, Karen Selag, Victor Nicdao 40 Pric e, Theresa 56 Roberts, Michell M. Shaw, Anita Enevea 62 101 Pric e, Willie Therea 159 Robertson, Eva W. Shaw Paul Anthony 101 Prieto, Marta 159 Robertson, Terry La Nairu Shaw Ronnie 130 134 Prtic hard, Aaron lohn 159 Robinson, David M. Shepherd, Kyle H. 101 Prosise, Glen Lance 47, I 19, 143 160 Robinson, Devon Sherman, Chiyeko U. 45 Prothro, Edward 160 Robinson, Kelvin W. Sherow, Ramona Delisa 101 Pryor, Sean Marcellus 170 Robinson, Teaunia S. Shim, Ho Sup 47 101 Purdie, Raovaun 170 Robinson, Vandaline L. Shimabukuro, Earl H. 40 Purera, Sheila 56 Robledo, Rita Shimada, Waren K. 101 Pyon, Seung 160 Rocha, Maria Shin, Christina 40, 47, 51 Rodriguez, Geraldo Shin, Susie Chong H. 102 Rodriguez, Kesha Shinsato, Gail M. 102, 190 239 Q Q Rodriguez, Maria Elena Shintaku, Eric M. 102 257 Rodriguez, Marie Mercedes Shinyama, Darren Y. 45, 58, 138 139 Quan, Marshall 170 Rodriguez, Norrine Ellen Shiroma, Deanna E. 44, 102 179 Quan, Sandra 55, 100 186 Rodriguez, Raul 138, Shiroma, Sharon Takako 44 125 Qudoos, Mohammad Djawed 143 Rogers, Andria leneen Shirota, Teri Masako 51 Quevedo, Blanca 170 Rojas, luan Albert Simmons, Tina Marie 46 102 Quezada, Silvia 170 Roldan, Ricardo Simmons, Trina Denise 60 Rollins, Lloyd Charles Smith Demetrius D. 119 Romero, Robert Smith Dino Randy 58 Rondeau, Kimberly Ann Smith, Erika loy 60 Ros, Amara , 66, 119, Smith, Ira 143 Rabago, Leslie T. 170 Ros, Amarong Smith, lulie Diane 151 Racho, lose Frankie l70 Ros, Virak Smith, Louis Frederick 54 Ragland, Angela Vedale 160 Rosado, Frances Zoe Smith, Michelle 47 102 Rainey, Sharon Yvette 170 Rose, Sherman Maxie lr. Smith, Robin Monica 62 Ramirez, Franchesca Regi 160 Rounds, AndreV. Smith, Sullivan 113, 114, 115 117 Ramirez, Leticia Isabel 160 Rountree, Gary R. Smith, Ululani Lois 140, 141, 182 Ramirez, Rhonda C. 100 Rouser, Trevor lames Sonoda, Traci 125 Ramos, David 170 Rozadilla, Vicki Lynn Sorakubo, Liane Mae 44 Ramos, Ella A. 170 Ruelas, Maria Margarita Sorrell, Arthur lames 172 Ransfer, Anthony G. 160 Ruiz, Eddie Soto, Mary Alice 102 Ratliff, lessica Lashaun 100 Russell, Leotis 58 Speights, Cornell Andre 102, 270 Rawls, Kimberly Rochelle 100 Speights, Tamara C. 172 Razo, Laura Lynn 160 S S S Spencer, Yolanda 60 Reed, Angela Denise 170 Sperling, Margo H. 58 172 Reed, Lewis Gregory 160 Spigner, Daniel lohn . 172 Reese, Benita Ann 160 Sabino, Lupe Sprosky, Todd Edward 115 139 Reinhard, lohn Kurt 160 Sabio, Emma L. 58 Stagg, Ronald L. 143 172 Remolino, Kyle Blair 1 1 I 19, 136, 160 Sabio Wilfred Lopez 56 Stallworth, Chris Lamont 102, 134, 135 Renn, lames M. 170 Saenz, Elias A Stallworth, Reichelle 56 Renn, Paul Dirksen 160 Sakamoto, Kristine K. Stanford, Ticia Chalon 172 Reulein, lohn Albert 196 Sakoda, Diane Miyeko 51 Stanislavsky, Chris E. 56, 172 Reyes, Barbara 170 Saldana, Beth Ann 54 Stanton, Ross Orlando '102 Reyes, Leticia C. 144 Sampson, Erika Kimberly Stanton, Wendy C. 60, 172 Reyes, Olga L. 170 Sanchez, Armando Starks, Darnell 115 Reynolds, Haunani 17 I Sanchez, Gustavo Stearman, Susan Marie 102 Reynolds, Hilton Foster 17 1 Sanchez, lose Alfredo Stevens, Spencer A. 115 Rhine, Denise Michell 46, 60, 160 Sanders, Bryant C. Stewart, Pamela Eileen 53, 102 Rice, Christopher Ray 171 Sandoval lohn Patrick 57 Stewart, Shelton l. 172 286 END-EX Stokes, Deneen Marie 51, 60, 80, 102 Tarver, Lenard 58, 143, 172 Toyofuku, Diane Nobuko 43, 51, 162 Stone, Donna L. 172 Tarver, Lennis 115, 136, 162 Toyosaki, Dina M. 172 Street, Michael D. 143, 172 Tashima, David Masaru 162 Tran, Chau Kim 51, 55, 104 Strickland, Tracy Sophiacont 172 Tate, Trevon E. 172 Tran, Dong Q. 64, 172 Stringer, Shanta 172 Tatei, Francine Yukie 45, 65, 103, 183, 237, Tran, Kim-Hai Thi 162 Stroud, Rochelle K. 46, 53, 65, 103, 140, 183 239 Travanty, David Sergio 47, 162 Suarez, Maria P. 172 Taylor, lanice Kay 102 Trocio, Aaona Ann 172 Sudario, Paulita T. 64, 103 Taylor, Keith Noland 42, 65, 162, 182, 201 Trotter, Di Sean L. 172 Sueoka, Allen T. 44, 51 Taylor, Kenneth Roland 162 Trotter, Howard 162 Suga, Chisako 125 Tenio, Diane Consuelo 104 Trujillo, Maria Marvella 47 Sugawara, Ianis H. 54, 103 Teraoka, Iohn M. 104 Tsurusato, Randy Kei 162 Sugimoto, lames A. 103, 267 Terashi, Carolyn S. 104 Tsutsui, Kimberly Akemi 44, 162 Sugimoto, Lisa Ann H. 44, 55, 64, 66, 103, Terp, Patricia Marie 162 Tucker, Shonnarick Devon 115 179, 191 Terrell, Daphne F. 162, 163 184 Tufele, Va'Aiva L. 172 Sutton, Donald William 53, 55, 103 Terry, Rebecca I. 172 Turcotte, Cory Allen 56, 172 Sutton, Paul Wayne 103 Thenarse, Ladrinna M. 172 Turner, April Larine 63, 162 Suzuki, Gary L. 45, 126, 139, 172 Theohar, Patrick Iames 104, 136 137 Turner, Chrislyn Dannelle 60, 162 Suzuki, loni Reiko 43 Thich, Co Vi 162 Turner, Darwin E. 119, 172 Ewan, Velisa 103, 145 Thistle, Edward S. 47 Turner, Derrick 104 Sweets, Eric Christopher 103 Thomas, Barbara Elaine 104 144 Turner, Larry Darnell 104, 183 ykes, Desiree Roxanne 172 Thomas, Byron Donnell 162 Turner, Linda Dennell 54, 104 ypniewicz, lody Marie 172 Thomas, Crystal Latrice 162 Turner, Lisa Dawn 104, 162 Thomas, Deon L. 119 172 Turner, Pamela 162 Thomas, Errick Vincent 104 Turner, Rodney Allen 162 -l- -l- -l- Thomas, Ginger 104 Turri, Tanya I. 172 Thomas, jennifer D. 104 Tabar, Iames E. 103 Thomas lonee Antionette 162 Tabar, Pamela S. 172 Thomas, Shuntain 162 Tabata, Iudy M. 103 Thomas, Tijuana M. 172 Taguchi, Donna Yoshiko 103 Thomas, Tina 162 Uesugui, Anarella V. 140 Taguma, Stacey Ichiro 42 Thomas, Tracy La Nell 162 Uesugui, Pedro lavier 162 Taira, Karen H. 43, 172 Thompson, Cathy Ann 104 Um, Sang Kyung 104 Takahashi, Tom Kenji 103, 267 Thompson, David W. 104 Umgkubo, Ken 42, 105 Takamoto, Dana L. 172 Thompson Kevin 44 162 Uno, Dara Lynne Magako 162 Fakano, Ross Matsu 103 Thompson, Michael 134, 135 137 Uno, Darin Kiyoghi 136, 162 akano, Yuki 172 Thompson Ron Bayfield 147 162 Upghavv, Tyrone Edgar 105 akayesu, Erik Tadao 40 Thrash, Alison Celena 172 Upghur, Sharlene L, 172 akemoto, lanis Y. 103 Thymes, Anthony lerome 54, 56 172 Urara, Crg-1ntT, 172 aKeUCl1l, Gregg M. TO3, 229, 239 Tien, Vo Sa 56 Uriag, Kristina K, 'IOS Vakushi, Alan T. 172 Tiffith, Lee Andrew 172 Utu, Ape-raamo 162 Tamae, Patrick Sigeshi 103 Timmons, Antoinette 162 Uyaina, Rachel Yognlko 40, 51, 78, 105, 191 Vamai, Karen M. 172 Tisdale, William Bernard 143 172 Uyeda, Ronald lgao 162 Tamanaha, Darren Y. 58, 172 Todd, Herbert 172 Uyghara, Efguko Anon 40, 105 iamanaha, Tammy Sanae 103, 239 Togia, john W. 115 Uyejo, lanige Magaml 172 Tamashiro, Noreen K. 40, 51, 58 Tominaga, David 42 Uyema, Ronald fviifguo 45 Tamura, Clayton Ichiro 42 Tomita, Darin Iohn 45, 136 162 'amura, Iade L. 103 Tomlin Deborah lean 162 V V 'amura, Steve K. 45, 66, 248 Tomomitsu, Kristina 172 V 'anabe, Naomi P. 172 Tonai, Lee Higashi 43, 127, 136, 155 172 'anaka, Fred H. 65, 103, 183 Tonai, Rennie Terue 13, 43, 65, 104, 112, Van Gundy,Bryar1 105, 202 -HYTEIKH, l8T1lCE Michiko T72 133, 182, 192, 227, 244 Van Cundy, Paul 66, 105, 202 'anaka, Laura Ayako 172 Toregano, Damon 172 Van l-lark, Kimberly D, .44, 162 af1gO, -l-FUCl9S Keiko 53 -l'OFlClTlg3l, SUSGT1 l'l. T04 Vafgla, Monique I-Ouigg 'IOS anibata, lerome 103, 267 Torii, Thomas Leo 104 Vargag, Conwelo 172 aniguchi, Kevin Takeo 42, 172 Torres, Armando 64, 104, 147 Vargas, Glenn P, 119, 172 aniguchi, Shelley lseyo 172 T0VV95f D-30909 T72 Vasquez, Blanca Digna 105 animoto, Sandra N. 44, 172 T0ff95f Gabflel T62 Vasquez, Ronald Arcaina 126, 172 anioka, Phil S. 53, 172 Torres, Miguel A. 172 Vazquez, Hugo A. 162 anisaka, Ricky George 45, 162 T0VV95f O5Vfild0 T72 Vazquez, ldalia Maria 172 anisaka, Victor Koji 172 TOFVGS, Susana T72 Vazquez, Uriel 172 anouye, Mark Glenn 103 Torres, Yolanda T62 Vega, lose Luis 16 apia, Walter Frank 162 TOVUHO, D-Hlfl6fY C- T62 Vega, lose Manuel 163 arver, Lee 172 TOSl'1lrTIllSU, Bryan C. T72 Vega, Ruben ' 172 END-EX 287 Vega, Saul Vela, Vaglia Verdugo, David Vincent Victoria, Renaldo I. Vigil, Corina Denise Villacreses, Marina Y. Vlahos, Christopher H. Vo, Sa Tien Vonner, Donald Ray Wacker, Erik S. Wada, Darren M. Wada, Sharlene Wada, Staci Lynn Wade, Kevin Wagoner, Edward Waiss, Marie Chun Walker, De Monte Walker, De Morris Walker, Donna Michele Wallace, Lamarr Wallace, Shadra Yvette Wallace, Stephanie R. Wallingford, Teri L. Walls, Trevor Walton, Latonia Roshal Walton, Laurence Warren, Robert A. Washington, Angela M. Washington, David Washington, Naeem Washington, Pamela D. Washington, Robbin R. Yoshiyama, Karen S. Watanabe, Elise Y. Watanabe, Lee T. Watanabe, Mae M. Watkins, Sean Connery Watson, Cynthia Denise Watson, Elias lr. Watson, Kim Watson, Lavinia Yvette Watson, Patricia Watson, Shirley Mae Watts, lacquline Renee Watts, Kurt Allen Watts, Terence Lynell Wayne, De Shawn L. Weary, Felicia A, Weathers, Miranda F. Weaver, Kellie Ann Webster, Lee Ann A. 43, 80, Welch, Timothy Donald West, Christina West, Nathandra Z. Westbrooks, Myles G. Whitaker, Anthony B. White, Frederic Barry White, Latrice I. White, Roderick Vincent White, Sherese M. 288 END-EX Whitfield, Andrea D. 173 Whiting, Michelle L. 106 Whitlock, Cheryl Marie 106 Wilder, Stacey M. 163 Wilhelm, Chad lay 57, 122 Wilkes, Don Lonell 173 Willard, Gerald 143, 173 Williams, Anthony Lemont 173 Williams, Antionette R. 144, 173 Williams, Antoine Patrel 143 Williams, April Renee 173 Williams, Bridgette I. 163 Williams, Calvin Gary 106 Williams, Claudio Martin 163, 172 Williams, Demetrius 163 Williams, Derrick 163 Williams, Donald Lucious 173 Williams, Earl 106, 143 Williams, Edward 173 Williams, Fay R. 161, 163, 197 Williams, Harold 58, 98 Williams, Kamila D. 173 Williams, Keith David 173 Williams, Kenneth 173 Williams Kenneth Van 106 Williams Lamar Devon 106 Williams Michelle L. 173 Williams Myisha 60, 173 Williams Sean 143 Williams Sheila R. i 53 Williams Shermanita O. 173 Williams Sonya 163 Williams Steve S. 106 Williams Steven Randall 173 Williams Therris Dionne 66, 106 Williams, Tracy Denise 163 Williams, Victor 163 Willis, Floyd lay 173 Willis, Patrick lerome 106 Willis, Rodney 106 Willoughby, Glen Anthony 63 Willougby, Thomas Henry 63, 106 Wilridge, Bridgette 173 Wilson, Beverly A. 163 Wilson, Capri 56 Wilson, Genevieve M. 53 Wilson, Melody Maria 47 Wilson, Rachel L. 106 Wilson, Sean 115, 163 Wilson, Yvonne L. 173 Wimberly, Michael L. 115, 117 Winfrey, Kimberly Rochel 173 Winston, Felicia L. 63, 107 Witherspoon, Martin Fran 13, 133, 173 Witte, Michael james 173 Womack, Erica Lynn 107, 173 Wong, Brian Gene 58, 173 Wong, Bruce Gene 173 Wong, Helen 163 Wong, May Poa 173 Wong, Tammy 51, 173 Woo, lon Eric 42, 136, 147, 163, 217 Wood, Kelly I. 173 Woods, Danny Leanard Woods, David Everett Woods, Ierry L. Woods, Steven Workman, Antoinette T. Workman, Shawnte L. Wright, Bruce Fredrick 47 Wright, Quoc Trung 66, 107 Wyatt, Iody M. Wyatt, Shawn M. Wynne, Harold Dwayne Wynne, Wendy Roni Yamagishi, Lori A. Yamahata, Jeffery Scott Yamamoto, Clifford K. 40, 51, 55, 66 Yamamoto, Rodney S. Yamamoto, Terry 40, 55, 66, 107 Yamanaka, Mark I. Yamanashi, Patty H. Yamanouchi, Sambi Yamasaki, Reiko Anne Yamashiro, Cyn 79 107 Yamashita, Bryan Kiyoshi Yamauchi, lan M. Yanaga, Kathleen Kyoko Yanai, Annette N. Yasui, Lainie Yates, Regina Yates, Scottie Earl Yeomans, Carl Williams Yi, Hyo Goo Yokoi, Craig 45 Yonamine, Gwendolen Yonemoto, Hiromi 125 Yoo, Kyung Woo Thomas 47 Yorita, Tamie T. Yoshida, Cindy M. 43 Yoshida, Hiroko 43, 51, 53, 66, 107, 21' 227 24 Yoshida, Nora L. Yoshinaga, Tim Y. 42 1C Young, Erin S. Young, Larita Yvonne Yzquierdo, Rose Maria Zuniga, Maria Piedad OZ Y? 1' ,M-xg! C? ,? 'pf X .,.. ixbb. 1 ' bccff' IQ? . XZQ 7' UCCQ' - .f' N SW! 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