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--,f ' , .,,. . V: V. X-.H 1 " ..J-1. -w-.W X -. -1 5- , ..-v :.f.mi7::,.T.'? .:.-... ..I,, They searched for a route to the Orient The Pilgrims crossed in the frail Mayflower And found the American Continent And built a land of wealth and power ln American and English confusion Our first government was a confederation, Our ties were broken in revolution but o republic built cl stronger nation Co-Editors JUDY GIULIANO IRENE NAKAYAMA Illustrators MIKE DOUGLASS VICKI YAMAGAMI Cuplet Writer JOYCE KELLN ER Q Advisor MR. GENE CATTERMOLE .mllllfmw .,.. 52 IV' EH' E.. Emmmn - H 'fm X Sill' qi Ei g-i ' q g "-'Q-1 ULN' gn, sm A .L ,: 1 L .1 . fx H,.,. xvi, ' ' It '?V5 w,V if 5'i . ' -f AA 1 " I4 v - ' - . .P ' t -2 B -fi tif- ff" n :Qi -'-x I if 1 5,5 5 913 s -s 'i' , ' ' bf- 1 , iii!--iiv, -Q I-W-, . 5 I 'P -,"'.f-I-1. "-v - M - .tCk"f'j' xf',-..':.-l'.,g.-U, 1 -7, - ,Qs 2- . ,1jx"ff'-'lf 'gig-41'!: 4 5' --?"?:,, -1 ' ff- --V ri -.ii sg ' LT"-Y L '-.f . 4 l :f.:g,1,1,.:p- X fl,-' Q :, .g' -,- 1' l':+ Ai: fi "' .g l.1-1F-:T' . V 3,4 f--,,- ?i,..,.,...--T ., ,- ,At A M , - 1" fn li' n. WW? 1 l c AFX D I Q N X X yejf X 'J Ni 0 g U. gxixqgyjw ffli 0 W! gh H1 A M X 0 C LX, K , I 1 KU ' he N 0 ll! A QQ O 1 D -X Ry' l gb-.xiii V 0 V o X ' A 0 v ' . 0 0 TX 0 o 0 0 QQ - O S , b X xg I . 'ra-us Ameaucmw WAV vs -me GARUENA WAY',.WHE?EBY EAU-I msmvaounz. we ABLE -T9 EXPRESS HWMELF A-es HE 5655 PUT L THIS WAS OUR WAY ORGANIZATIONS 68 SPORTS 98 ADVERTISING 136 "To PERSONALLY UNDERSTAND AND I MMDB MAINTAIN TI-II: AMERICAN WAY or LIFE X "1S..L.I F If F1 'X J iii 'X V Q' Jgulnll U :L P' U: 5 'f ,. ' , If gg '4 In ull Q ' 1111i ' if -' hd! V "lv I ,.J,:3':4a',. ' U MUUQUUW I I 92: ' " ' ' Wh .TI 'I .. 2' ' -f ,I I 7757 iv K. V. 31 J ,. 1 2 . 1 i V , 'n ,X K. . 7 I 1 7 1 Tl-ns IS oun Q '-. nude ll l f 'WWW b b 2 A X YJ' ffm X 'li KX ,'- I' QR I wx A W N? f x ix K rf y X ,T l x A N k I , X 'I Nu 1 f H gags!- B- shk X 5 'lk M" f K ' N 'ff 1 'X sl X g x yy 5 Ssx tv i 1 ,QNX . . X , .av x - - 21,34 l l l Napoleon of France sold us land American history bears the mark To make our boundaries expand Of the explorations of Lewis and Clarlc l A WORD FROM THE WISE Everyone is aware of the need for technical training. Also, everyone is aware of the great demand for profes- sional training in a large variety of fields. After achieving the desired training, success can come only with MR. D. BEISELL, registrar, and MRS. E. LINDSAY, head counselor, are caught arriving at school discussing a few of the duties concerning their positions. Among these duties are the maintaining of attendance records and the guiding of student programs. 'N-1,.,,, i the development of skill and ability in working with people. We hope that your three years at Gardena High School has provided, in addition to a sound educational foundation, an in- creased understanding of people and a genuine desire to work harmoniously with them. - A0 J. L. ABBOTT, Principal, Gardena High School. MR. R. RAGUS, Boys' Vice Principal, and Knights spon- sor, finds pleasure in discussing responsibilities with MISS K. McGUlRE, Girls' Vice-Principal, and sponsor of Las Laurens. Their job gives them the opportunity to gain the friendship and respect of everyone on campus. Frequently, students find them understanding individuals of guidance and comfort. WE BELIEVE IN . . Anderson Leora Annan V' ' ' B 'I Mathematics English Arts Mathematics lrggxslighm ey Knights' Advisor Elildbefll Block Wesley 3fGdl2Y George Breindel Virginia Buchanan David Campbell Eugene Cattermole Sclence E"'Ql'5l'1 E"'9llSl'l lndustrial Arts Science Phyllis Christman Delfino Cisneros Boyd Cook Leah Cunius Edwardl Dahlen Robert Daligney Girls' Phys. Educ. Spanish Science Hearing Industrial Arts BOYS PlWY5- EduC. Bent Davis Joe Dudley Everett Eaton Driver Education Art lndustrial Arts Mr. Ledesma, print shop instructor, is responsible for seeing Emmeg that the Smoke Signals is printed and ready for distribution Business Education Industrial Arts Social Studies on Fridays. THE GUIDANCE WE ARE GIVING .- . 'E Marlene Ezratty Don Gaede I-one Gamrat' Social Studies Science Business Education Psychomotrist Louis Goodman BUSW16 Science Social Studies Mrs. Gray offers Latin students a background in Roman Culture by showing slides of Ancient Rome. John Goodwin Michael Grady liz? :img Leone Hamilton Dorothy Hamm Morse Hazelrigg Science English Lam? Cab Social Studies Home Economics Science David Heap Selena Isaacs Martha Janes Bernard Johnson Robert Karbach Cherie Kimball Science Business Education English Industrial Arts Science Girls' Phys. Educ. Tennis B 8. C Basketball G. A. A. George Kissinger Kenneth Knowlton Louise Krappe Shirley Krizmanich Eugene LaVanciI Adele Ldwrence Social Studies Industrial Arts Home Economics Girls' Phys. Educ. Art Photography Art Pep Club Masque and Pallet THE WORK WE ARE DOING i. . . Anselmo Lemfm Marion Lewis Thelma Littrell Sheldon Loughborough Raymond Maggard slllggszrihldiwsa H?3rRfSfEEZ2gTgCS Girls' Phys. Educ. MOfl'1emC1flC5 BOYS' PhV5' Educ' BOYS' PhV'5- Educ- David Marsh Phil M0755 RO'-'eff MCHUSI1 George McKenna AvaLee Metcalf Jclmny Millcli. Science English Mathematics Mathematics Business Education Business Education Athenians Miki Neill Cl-iq,-leg Niles Gi ISM12' Soggduc Stephen Owen Mickey Panovich Keith Person 503255 Social Studies Iliodemy Dance' Social Studies Boys' Phys. Educ. Mathematics Laurence Pitcher Wilma Poe Martha Porter Industrial Arts Business Education Home Economics Mrs. Lawrence, art instructor, and Tom Sulser look-on. as Paul pcsscmclc Judith Rader Ruben. Reinhold IU Tom Vollick adds the final touches to his abstract painting. English Home Econgmigg Driver Education i Boys' League i AND OUR ABILITY T0 GET RESULTS . . DESIYH SCIWN' Genevah Sharples Norman Shultz Business EduC0'fiOf1 Social Studies English F. B. L. A. Student Government Robert Smith Industrial Arts x Thym Snyder Julius Spiuirri Admiring the finished product, Mr. Emmes, woodshop ri Music Hearing structor, explains the value of high school woodshop to Viscount Dennis Schroeder. Nancy Stuart Julieta Tarot Robert Taylor Elsie Todd Irene Trondle Mervlll Waite Girls' Phys. Educ. Language Partially Seeing English SOCIOI Studies Mathematics Drama Club Carer-me Walker James Wqrl-ren Theodore Weber Emestine White Wendell Whit-ener Jean Whiteside Girls' Phys. Educ. Industrial Arts Agrigulrure English Mathematics Business Education F, F. A lone School Nurse Business VGIUIC HICKS ier Librarian CAMERA SHY David Campbell Richard Cody Gerald DeMond Ralph Gambino Margot Kelly Lelia Krache Gene Lawler William Milla Stanley Smith Donna Spinger Wanda Swett Front Row: L. Plant, L. O'Hair, F. Strubhar, E. Richardson. Row 2: M. Onsfoft, O. Coleman, A, Reed, M. Groves, M. Campbell. ALWAYS ON THE JOB .V . l X M .ANL Front Row: L. Koshiro, E. Jorgenson, S. l-laslam, P. Peck. Row 2: D. Brashear, R. Amundson, A. Keeney, A. Cade, E. Anderson. l 1 Front Row: R. Sanford, E. Newell, O. Grisseft, W W. Reed, I. Hawthorne. Row 2: J. Burkhaster, 1 C. Farmer, A. Johnson, S. King, W. Cobel, l L. Nelson. 1 l l MoH1cAN STAMUM SPECIALIZING IN A FIELD HIGH SCHOOL BOWL: Diana Graff, Bruce Pettit, Ann Pennington, and Brian Galvin. Harbor Junior College's advanced placement program provides high school seniors with the opportunity to take one class at the college while still fulfilling the requirements of their high school curriculum. In order to subscribe to this program, students are checked for high grade point averages and they must pass the regular freshman college entrance exam. NATIONAL MERIT SCHOLARSHIP FINALISTS: Barbora Rosenbaum, Leroy Lauer, Robert Gulliver, and James Harrison, Not pictured is James Harrison. K? i . f's'2QY N Recently established, the High School Bowl, a C. S. F. activity, is a quiz contest matching teams in interscholastic competition. The teams, each consisting of four C. S. F. parti- cipants, give their free time to engage in this additional function. All rules and regulations are patterned after those of the television pro- gram, College Bowl, with all questions sub- mitted by the contending high schools. Gar- dena's team this year ranked third in their division. 'S HARBOR STUDENTS: Betty Sugimoto, Leroy Lauer, and Bill Teysko. Barbara Rosenbaum, Leroy Lauer, Robert Gulliver, and James Harrison are among the l0,000 students who received top scores in the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. The purpose of this exam, which is given to all interested high school seniors, is to encourage those students who demonstrate unusual promise of intellectual achievement, by awarding them scholarships. The nomes and scores of these l0,000 students are listed in a brochure which is widely distributed among colleges and universities. Also, the names and scores of these students are sent to their first and second choice colleges. 13 STATERS PLOW FERTILE FIELDS OF DEMOCRACY California Boys' State 1962 was held at the California State Fair Grounds in Sacramento, June 16 to June 23. In progress since 1936, the purposes of the convention, sponsored by the American Legion, were to promote good citizenship, to propagate an interest in governmental affairs, and to beget enlightened citizens. The activities of the convention consisted of the electing of city, county, and state officials, the simulating of all official duties, and the hold- ing of mock arrests and trials. While in Sacramento, the six representatives from Gardena met over 800 boys from the state of California. They spent a day at the Capitol, where they 'witnessed the inauguration of their elected governor, and acquainted themselves with a few of the many functions of their state capital. They also visited historic Fort Sutter. Although a great deal of time was spent in prearranged activi- ties, there also was time for rec- reation such as softball, football, volleyball, swimming, and ping pong. Girl State Representative for 1963 - Linda Yeurgin Representatives to the CALIFORNIA BOYS' STATE were Francis Ota, Edward Dewey, Owen Tsuchiyo, Dick Burt and Keith Watanabe, Every year, a post of the American Legion Auxiliary is allotted a candidate to the California Girls State Con- vention, held each year at the University of California, Davis campus. This year's representative from Gardena attending the 19th annual assemblage of high school seniors, held June 18 to June 25, was Linda Yeargin, The purposes of the convention, consisting of 521 California girls, were to promote a feeling of responsi- bility, to produce informed individuals, and to stimulate a concern for future leadership. The first three days of activity centered around the electing of county and city officials, while the last few days witnessed the election of all state representatives. Linda ran, and was elected a judge of the District Court of Appeals. One day was set aside for o visit to the State Capitol, during which time the girls toured the Capitol grounds and viewed first-hand the numerous offices composing the well-known building. NICK AND DICK HEAD STUDENT BODY FDR '62-'63 S'63 President - Dick Burt During Nick Polizzi's term as Student Body President of Gardena High School, many im- provements were made in the organization of student government. Among these were reor- ganization of the Student Court, complete re- vision of the point system, and strengthening of the House of Representatives. "Being President was the greatest achieve- ment of my high school career. I shall always remember G. H. S.: the faculty, the student body, and the days I spent there. They were the greatest days of my life," W5 Since his victory in the election of officers S '63, President Dick Burt has brought to our student body an interest in international af- fairs. This year, students of Gardena's Inter- national Relations classes represented Nigeria at the model United Nations at Loyola Uni- versity. Through the efforts of Dick, G. H. S. will have its first foreign exchange student since 1960. Among the other accomplishments of Dick's term are the organization of the Speech and Debate Club, the revision of the Student Hand- book, and promotion of school spirit through the "spirit program" and spirit week. "My high school career reached its high- point when I was elected Student Body Presi- dent of Gardena High School. As President, I tried to execute the various functions of my office in the best interests of the student body and in a manner befitting that esteemed office. It has been a great honor." I - W'62 President -- Nick Polizzi STUDENT GOVERNMENT SI-IAPES POLICIES l DICK BURT CHARLOTTE BLODGETT TRUDY EPPLE JANET HOEL N Vice President Secretary l"liSf0ri0r1 Treasurer l 'W S E.QTT l i Bovs LEAGUE SWS LEAGUE STUDENT COURT-Harold Payne, Boys League President, Paula Soupe, Chief Justice, Pam lkejiri, Girls League President. ff , 'Unit' The Student Court receives its powers from the new Gardena High School Constitution, which has been re- vised this year by Student Senate. Formerly the Court consisted of six judges and a Chief Justice. In order to cut down on many disputes, the new constitution provides for a judicial power of three judges. Student Court is organized to provide remedial in- struction to students who have broken school rules.t Knights, Las Laureas, and Coeds issue citations to stu-l dents in this category. A hearing is held where the case is heard as in actual court situations. Appropriate measures are then taken by the court to prevent further violations of school rules. cfs, ' The Student Senate is composed iof activity leaders and is presided over by the Student Body President. The purpose of the senate is to formulate ideas lot service and interest into plans that will benefit the student body. W This year the Student Senate insti- gated a spirited program to arouse in- terest in student activities, revised the student handbook, proposed new book covers, and sold sweat shirts to be worn at sports activities. l A novelty this year was the exchange senate with Hawthorne High and San Pedro High where students observed other senates in action and gathered in- formation to improve their own senate organization. On the agenda for next year will be the foreign exchange program which will enable students of foreign nations to visit our campus for a year. WINTER SENATE-Row 'I: T. Epple, D, Burt, N. Polizzi, C. Blodgett, J. Hoel, C. Schmitt. Row 2: L, Weems, P. lkejiri, C. Bentley, D. Horn, J. Martois, K. Moldenhauer, L. Inose, i B. Fein. Row 3: L. Henderson, R. Garst, H. Van Herk, E. Dewey, D. Mayhew, H. Payne, ' M. Douglass, B. Burt. FOR HIGH SCHOOL SOCIETY Bob Burt Vice President Donna Deschner Historian EXECUTIVE OFFICERS PLAN AGENDA: Dick Burt, President, Lana Oversfreef, Secretary, Bob Burt, Vice President. l Lana Overstreet Secretary Trudy Epple Treasurer SUMMER SENATE: Row 'l: D. Deschner, B. Burt, D. Burt, L. Overstreet, T. Epple. Row 2:,S. Folkrod, P. lkejiri, P. Saupe, J. Murawski, M. Brown, C. Auzenne, J. Hoel, S, Geib, L. Yeargin. Row 3: N. Campbell, J. Uyeda, G. Koyama, E. Dewey, H. Payne, D. Byrd, D. lhara, B. Medford. .5 wfVf'3H"Wi?3"f-A331"1 'i 'Wi f-fi1vy5E,?KP55S4 V 293 1.235 V2 fl EW? . ,Q WL: 7,,1.g5,wf W K fwlv wf,,4.ff,.G7 , s he ,, , -awcifzfv-' K ,, we ,..,fi,Wf fv - YK ' ,ff J 0, W A., , K YW, iw? ,V S' ' L-Ha-. I 'ff S ' I gi .,.r, aff 4 hu. Hg, if f-gg X, , , f flax 5,2 ,Q wk 4 E W,,..'f wfww -M-ww 1 'S r F- ,, 'k ll' 'A' THIS IS OUR 4 X 5.5 fl'?2'. . WUVAL' R. ' , fm .Q VL fl!-0 ,S--:al flffiwl "l NNN is . QQ A 1 M! XXNTQ l x, 'f ' 1 ED GM ' E Md ep GGL N Q7 f x Jfxmjx M , 1 A mr. 4 2 X J Y X f y x K if W X ww x X fjf' f J X REAT HERITAGE VW f 147 Wy, I Z x NRL ff' ' 1 X ' L 0,1 1 ,?f4vNx f '91 ' , w wf., ff l? I' X eff 'tux ' i Q 13' ' If-,I 15 X 1 N fafpw ff ' If ' lg X K4 may - a il N f j H lliiv 1 IIN' WIS X , X' 1 ' W Nt Jw f ' ' . fr V71 XZ d um 1, ly ll 'ix E 5 fl QI . fs K" yf ,i. X Q 'mlm "Q ' if f 1 N fe! " Q My ' lg , 2 ,4 fe af gi 41 A fl? V: L 7. -Y 1,233 ix xg f',R f-9'-1 I. "' W! flat! ' f 1",XEiQ.,,,.,,y filqlf fi I .,, 1 ' i V ' "iwf1f 4' -'f 2,2gfA 4L+ 'A 5 'if' 52559555 I 4 ,R -.x,,f,.,..Q, H. ffm, , img , E i 4 P wh QM '5 ' 1 , R YE . JL 7 if E Q HZ! .N R 'f ,5i , mg 1 , '- ' xl ,H vii' Q 1 W W V i, 'LMS' ' E 4 ' I. X- I V, L 'Six M "IH 535 f T I5.p,3,mwim- I qw, ,ff - - ., -W1 . P' 'f' X '- .zf?fff:e?'2' ' T-4 'L 2, Www?"-J.. , Y Q"g f SQ A ff 1 V 4 . . 1 SEQ-57 X X 7 Xxx I V U '-2 ,, I' I 1. l w Never did the stagecoach fail To California they came -to 1 To transport passengers and mail Gold in the rush of '49 ENTI-IUSIASTIC LEADERSHIP INSPIRES SPIRIT! ligi I gi, T VISCOUNT OFFICERS, left to right: Vice-President Stewart Horn, President Don Horn, Secretary Karen Svee, and Treasurer Lana Jacks. This Viscount emblem was designed by Jett McCoy. The colors are purple and white. The word Viscount is French meaning a nobleman next below an earl or count and next above a baron. The title became hereditary, with ten- ure of land, under the federal system, but now carries simply noble rank. GREAT SPIRIT:Quite a combination represented by the Viscount Cheerleaders, from lett to right: M. Cox, C. Heelstone, B. Riccardi, L, Barck, E, Winter, N, Potter. INTELLIGENCE AND SERVICE G0 TOGETHER The four students given the honor of member- ship in the society of Ephebians were chosen on their scholastic achievement and their service to school and community. ln the Ephebian society this outstanding service will be continued in cam- munity activities. Nick Pollui Neil Minami PHGDIUH Ephebian Jim Harrison Bob Guliver Ephebion Ephebion Gold Seclbeorer Gold Seclbeorer Wayne Kobata Gold Sealbearer The five Gold Seal winners of the Viscount class were accorded the honor of highest academic rank in their class. A Sealbearer must be in the Athenians, a California Scholarship Federation club, for at least five semesters, one of these semesters in the senior year. Carolyn Reiss I-GMI Jacks Gold Sealbearer Gold Sealbearer GREATNESS BORN OUT OF INTEREST . . . VISCOUNTS W'63 MGYY AWN' Toni Acuna Carla Ainsworth Donald Allen Donna Andenon Gary A,.in9fon Girls' LEGQUQ Gwls' League Club Mohiw-1 Club MOh'f0"S Pep Club, G. A. A. Club Mohlcons G'flS' LEUQUC Club Mohican Yvonne Bullllfd Linda Barck ROMIY Buspolino Jerry Beck Charlotte Blodgett Kathleen Branch Pep Club, G. A. A. Girls' Leggue Club Mohrcon Club Mohicon Larrn Club, G.A.A. Pep Club, G. A, A. Club Mohicans Lettermans Club Football Varsity Pep Club, Drill Team Club Mohlcans Pug B,-own Sally Carter Latin Club Glrls' I-weve Club Mahlcan Lois Clark Rudy Courrielche Marsha Cox Steve Cox Club Mohrcarl Club Mohican Girls' LEUQUE Club Mohican, Varsrty Football DGHHY Cfuowell Joe Damiano Melinda Dane Larry Dick Mike Douglass Kay Drury Club -MOhICOH, Club Mohiggn Glrls' Leggug Boyg' League Knight Commander, F, B. L. A. Spanish Club Key Club Dock Ellis Stanley Emery Larry Erickson Larry Eskew Fred Farkash Terry Fernandez Lettermarrs' Club, VUVSITY Track, Club Mohrcon, Club Mohrcan Club Mohican, Girls' League Boys' League Lettermans' Club Chess Club Eleclromcs Club In "COUNT VI" INSPIRES CLASS COOPERATION Sharon Fritz Wesley Fryar Atsuko Fukanaga Carol Galbreath Gary Galiger Reina Garcia Latin Club, G. A. A. F. F. A., Smoke Signals Girls' LEOQUS VICC PVESIUCFWTV P-S-. Key Club, Lettermans' Treas., Pres., Sec., I'-list., F. B. L, A., Modern Dance Staff Modern Dance Club, Basketball F.B.L.A., G.A.A. Ed Gofan Bob Gulliver Corky Haight James Harrison Jerry Hayashi Carol Heelstone Club Mo 'con Lt. Gov, Key Club, Boys' League President Athemans, Bays' League Class Cheerleader, Kniahts, Cheerleader Knights, Key Club G.A.A., Drill Teami l Larry Henderson Sharon Herrick Don Ham gfuaff Horn Barbara Howard Meredith Hqwqrd V0f5'lY T9"1VllSf KEY PSD Club, F-B-L-A-, Knights, Varsity C1055 V-pr Bee and Miss Football Princess, Glrls' League Club, Athenians, Knights G,A.A., Club Mohicani Fogfbqll, A-12 Pres, Vmsny 'pomboll l962 Robert Ingles Lana Jacks Robert Jacobson! Gymnastics, Football Las Laurecs, F.B.L.A., Boys' League Class V.P. and Sec, Excitement and class cheer, shown here by a group of Bax! 635221 CILiik,gQ:gg:1abg:XaA CiU2A?dg,i2O':cage!:A enthusiastic sensors, presided at Color Day. Represenmfwe House of Repregenfafivgs ' ' ' ' 22 AND ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENT FOR 125 GRADUATES l Darlene Kinda Joe Kline w'Yne Kabul' FQBLAAI Vice-Pres., Varsity Tennis, Knights, Athenians, Club Mohicqn Kev Club, Pen Club PGP Clllbf THICK l john Kulluk .Rita Leavitt Jeff McCoy Even the teachers seemed to have been affected by the V0lSlTY GYYTWVUSTICS, G'f5jOG'eeCft1bf ACER? 'VWC:"i:Gh"'dH senior spirit, as Mr. Loughborough receives some harassing by Club M0h'CO"' mo U Gprs Miss Kimball. Bob Burt and Mrs. Lemon look on. Judy McElgunn Linda McGuire Gmnf MCMlCk9fl Sherron Manyik James Mmfuls RON-'lld MGSI-IClCl Pep Club G.A.A., Pep Club' Latin Club Girls' League Knlghfs, Tennis, Boys' League Orchestra Comm- Of Elec., Athenians Elaine Matsumoto Dennis Mayhew Delbert Mercure Alam Milleff Neil Minami Terry Mast- G.A,A., F.B.L.A. Chief Justice, Student Justice, FIB-L-.Ar pres' G-AIAA' All Marine League Esquires, Club MOhiC0f'l Class Treasurer Key Club, Knights Drill Team, Madrigals Football, Knights Bruce Mallee Michael Neal Karen Patterson Robert Perez l-Ufhe' PGHY Dalfid Piff Band, Chess Club, Boys' League Smoke Signals Staff, Football Truck Vice C0mm0l'!d9l' Boys' LGGQI-le Club Mohiccin G.A.A., spanish Club Club Mormon' Knights, Football, Mr. Opti-Mister VISCUUNTS PROCLAIM THEIR ACADEMIC POWER. . . 7.4 Edward Plummer Track Baseball Lettermens Club A-12 sponsors, Mr. Dudley and Mrs. Black, discuss the senior activities for the fall semester with Viscount President, Don Horn. Nancy Potter V,P. FBLA, A Cappella, Drill Team Nick Polizzi Dolores Portillo Student Body Pres., G-A-A-1 F-B-l-,A-, Class Pres., Knights Pep Club, Club Mohican Ronald Rabe Carolyn Reiss B-12 Pres., Pep Club, Athenians, l-list., Treas., Madrigals F.B.L,A., G.A.A. l l S l l l l Beatrice Riccardi Linda Roberts Francisca Rodriguez James Ross KGYHY RYUH T0l"l sf- OHS? , Club Mohican, Girls' League Girls' League Track, Cross Country F,B.l-.Aw GAA. Smcke 5iQI'1C1lS4EdIT0l',I Health Representative Las Laureas, Drill Team Danny Sasahara David Schenck Dana Schodt Dennis Schroeder Nancy Shimano Gary Skifstrom Varsity Football Boys' League G.A.A., Pep Club Boys' League Girls' League Rotarg CIubD AWGFU, oys' ay Sandy Skipper Laura Skok Darryl Smalley Mary Jane Smith Lonnie Snavely Stewart Club Mohican Pep Club Pres., Boys' League Girls' League BOYS l-SUQUG G'flS' l-EGQUG Class Vice Pres, 24 A-I2 Justice . . . STRONGEST WINTER CLASS IN SCHOOL HISTORY Judith Strickland Ernie Suschnick Karin Svee Michael Tibbs Bob Trygstad Bill Valdez Atheniansf G-A-A-1 Track, Football, Class Sec., Cheerleader Bays' League Varsity Football, Club Mohican Chess Club, Mohican, Club Mohican Baseball, Key Club Hans Van Herk Joe Venecia Theresa Vita David Wall Milo Wall leinda Weems Captain Varsity, Cross Pres., A Capella, Girls' League, Club Lettermens' Club, Club M0l'1ICUf1 Miss Football, Las Country, Knights Spanish Club Mohican Gymnastics, Football l-GUVGUS, G-L PFES- ClYd9 Wi'-'lfig Elflih'-1 Winfef Ronald Withrow Simone Woods Bryan Wooldridge Carol W01'-Illli Football, 01955 Club COIEEHPQFSIUEUTI Club Mohican Club Mohican Cross Country, Track Club Mohican ri eam Elaine Yamane Lawrence Yamane Suzan Yoda G.A.A, Starpoint, Varsity Tennis, Athenians, Coeds, F.B.L.A., Club Mohican Basketball, Mohicans G.A.A., Spanish Club 5 I 4 A ill fl Q 4 Elaine Yom Richard Zum'-e Linda Weems, Girl's League President, and her mother, Spanish Club, G.A.A. Smolce Signals Staff, Mrs. Weems, are being served refreshments by Ann Pennington K""9l"'Sf Kev Club at the Senior Tea which was held in the social hall November 27. VISCOUNT BUILDING BLOCKS MOST LIKELY TO SUCCE BEST PERSONALITY BEST DRESSED MOST ATHLETIC Life is a trial to test man's ability to cope with problems. Not all are able to, however, many possess the vital traits necessary to overcome them. Educational achievement, oneness, social adaptability, discriminantness, good physi- cal health, and personal good grooming are essential for a successful life. The Viscount class selected those most representative of these characteristics. Those chosen are: Toni St. Onge and Robert Gulliver for "Most Likely to Succeed," Sharon Fritz and Robert Trygstad for "Best Personality," Karin Svee and Stuart Horn for "Most Popular," Beatrice Riccardi and Pat Brown for "Best Dressed," Dolores Portillo and Luther Petty for "Most Athletic," and Linda Weems and John Kulluck for "Best Looking." MOST POPULAR BEST LOOKING i THREE YEAR TRADITION UPSET Bl f- .V Y lljfi, yy mtg Lamears Mary Jo Piscascia, Sandra Miller, Helen Hughes, and Lynn Thomas display strength and determination during the tug-of-war event. Viscount volleyball skill is demonstrated by Eddie Don Horn gives encouragement to the Viscount team Plummer- as it trails in the final minutes at Color Day. . f I Lamears show enthusiasm and pride as they break three- KOHTW SVEE 0Td Don Hom' hope U contenders' prepare year precedent by defeating the Senior A Viscounts at for l e l ree' egged race' both Color Day and Field Day. l I SENIOR B s AT COLOR DAY AND FIELD DAY Stuart Horn shows his skill and agility during the Color Day volleyball game. Viscounts jubilant with excitement and enthusiasm during Color Day. Larnears prepare for the relay potato race in which they were victorious. Bob Trygstad and Sandra Skipper match steps to victory at Field Day. Lamears show anxiety and tension as the final minutes of Field Day tick by. With feet fastened and hands clasped, Harold Payne and Jo Ann Hongslo are ready to go! NOW FOR A TOUCH OF LEADERSHIP AND SPIRIT Af1fiCiDGfir1g the location of their senior plaque are the Lqmeqr ofhcefsf pfesldenf. Gerry Koyama, Vice-President, Judy Giuliano, Secretary, JoAnn Hongslo, and Treasurer, Vern Stewart. Six Lamear promoters of spirit are Kathy Abernathy, Head Cheerleader, Vicki Yamagami, Susan Ball, Diane Brokenbough, Connie Benning, and Terry Schroyer. Being creative, energetic, and hard working are just a few traits found in a good cheerleader. The girls pictured at the right are gifted in that they possess these necessary qualities. Each noon hour, these girls are found prac- ticing new cheers and songs. Their hard work was rewarded when the Lamears were victorious at both Field and Color Days. .Mg ., ,?,,.-...c,.i,,. ,, 1' T ' 1 e ta' ' lf "T na, 5, L , xiii Hi- 3-ff 1 l' 142 W -ggi? Q - it 53? A ,wi-:E .2 iff' -4-7.f'zQ I ,fm - 'Q f 4"f'f55f" , rpm, AML, J '- rms . . V' 'img' .,Ex"IIyQi7"'f ' J"P'S!f24f'!539i - "i4'JJ'fZ' ' ' A rfgrsxgwge, 'iss-.ff ' 4 I-3 of r V 'i:d?293f': is 11 - , ft. .gf W I .fr-..f.f-1sfr1,.,,n ,J S I LE SW Qs, Q , is I ' t-, I -'wfgfyfg 32 ' f w-?'l7-1, . fpifffff ,Zn Af.. ' -elf,-'WI - 'J' fx wwqs'-.x V R-,N . L1- 4, l -15 ' ,.,,,f2, . fi' 'it 'X 'sig Jah-.-if'-, Q 21' 'f2f5"3f392ff-:Q A Q?" LEADERS OE THE FUTURE Bruce Pettit Bob Burt .l Susan Geib Linda Yeargin Pam lkeiiri Ann Pennington Ed Dewey Dick Buff Judy Guiliano These eleven students were chosen to represent their graduating class for membership in the Ephebian Society. The Ephebians are elected by the faculty and the senior classes of the Los Angeles high schools. They are selected on the basis of their scholastic ability, leadership, and char- acter. Ephebians is a society that greatly encourages gradu- ates to take part in civic leadership, civic betterment, and community service. The members of the Ephebians are selected in the ratio of one to every forty graduates. These eleven students who have accepted Ephebian membership have an obligation to enter into civic work. Fra ncis Ota Gary Koyama Snanish Club 32 , it C LAMLIARS SETNEW TRADITIUNS BY DEFEATINl5 Kathy Abernathy Jo Ann Ables Thomas Adams Class Cheerleader Club Mohican, G. A. A. Esqulres Girls' League Recordinc- Secretary, G. A. A. Lamear President, Gerry Koyama, arranges letters on the new school Irene Aguirre Larry Allen Max Allen marquee, a helpful addition to the school. His cabinet, Vern Stewart, Glfls' Lwguv BOYS' Leogue AMMO' Stott Judy Giuliano, and JoAnn l-longslo, assist him. Club M"l"'C0r' Madeline Alongi Eileen Altman Helen Amsico Rodney Aoto Bill Afkenbefg Cowl Al-11911112 D"'ll T'3Cm'C2l?lO"' Girls' League Club Mohiccxn Boys' League Gymnastics Comm. ot Election Cocflsf pep Uh J.V, Football Honor High Stepper Student Court Nonettc, G, A, A. Thamos Baca Sharon Baker Gloria Baldwiez Cheryl Baliski Susan Ball Marilyn Balman F-FA-I FM"-B GFl?Sz.E:Cs:Li?Ssa., , S,:3L'2:Q'21zb Drill Tcam, Club Mohtcan Cynthia Baptiste Bernie Bender Kafhie Benner, Robert Bennett Russell Beflheff Club Mohicans Football-Bee Girls' League Latin Club, Esautreg ESCIUIVCS, MOTH Club PED Club Varsity, Latin Club Club Mohican 5C'9"lC9 Club 'SENIOR As III OOLOII AND FIELD DAYS Shane Berry Linda Bingamen Roland Biscaluz Comm. of Athletics Girls' League Football-Varsity Club Mohican Pres. Leftermen's Club KeY Club. Peo Club Tracy Bohne De Wayne Booker Leslie Boone Club Mohicans Lettermen's Club Drill Team, G. A. A. G.A.A., F.B.L.A. Varsity Basketball Latin Club, Pep Club Pedaaogues Larry Boswell Larry Bradshaw Charlene Brewer Charles Briles Sandie Brissinger Diane Brokenbough BOYS' l-909119 VGYSWY Basketball All'l9f1lOI'1s, F.B.L.A. Theater Arts Culb Pres. Pep Club, F.B,L.A. Athenians, F.B.L.A. Honor Marcher, Coeds Club Mohican, G.A.A. Class Cheerleader Honor Marcher, Coeds Gallant Brown Genie Bruns Diana Buchanan BOYS League Club Mohicans Girls' League DUVE BYU! Pqul Cgesqr Gregory Caldwell Varsity Track and Cross Latin Gab BOYS' League Country, Letterrnens Club Mohlccm Club, Comm. of Ath. Andrew Callahan Frank Cgllergg James F.F.A,, Boys' LCGQUC Iv. Football Key Club, Comm. Bays' League Rgbert Burr Richard Burl' Sharon Butler Knights, Athenians KV1lQl1TSf All'l9nl0VlS Club Mohlcon, S. B. Vice-Pres., Boys' S. B. President and A CUDPSHG Clwlf gyms' C1055 pres, VgCe.Pre5,, Bgys' 57519 Noneftes, Annual Staff Lamear classmates, Linda Yeargin, Bob Burt, and Midori Nakawatczse, comment on a homework assignment between classes. 33 MINUTE or MONARCH - LAMEAR COLOR DAY Danna Deschner Ed Dewey Ronald Dikes Marvin Dixon Paul Dorin Linda Downes Student Body Historian Knights Commander "B" Football, V, Trggk Boys' League Boys' League Girls' League Pep Club Smoke Signals Editor, Yell J, V, Bqsebgll King, Lettcrmen's Club Ronald Dunham Linda Ellenberg Robert Escobar Alan Evans Janet Evans Robert Evans Club Mohlcan Club Mahlcan Boys' League Varsity Foatbal' LUSALGUFHOS, Nonettes BOYS' LEUQUE Vgrgity Truck Latin Club, Madrigals G.A.A., Pedagogues Earline Fair Steve Faye Barbara Fein Arlene Feldhandler Merle Fishman Flannery Girls' League Bays' League Theater Arts Secretary Girls' Leggue Cgeds, G,A,A, Lqlin Club ATHGYWIOUS, GRA-PM Girls' League Red Cross Comm. Health, Welfare . Ken Florer Susan Fortin F,F.A,, Boys' League Girls' League lgeorrge PFranzen GJaxni2e Eredewriaks Jitsuo Ftirusawa Lamears enjoy the lunch break in the senior court to relax from nig ts, ep CI b, . . ., eat ep. ays' eague ' ' Key Club, Comm? of Club Mohlcan the ngors of Studies' Traffic, Club Mohican LAMEARS GIVE CAREFUL CONSIDERATION Don Gablehouse Karen Gadsby presg-on Garg- Varsily Baseball Latin Club ' Cross Country Club Mohicun Football. Club Mohican Le1fermen's Club Mrs. B-laejk lfectulkes to her American Problems in Government classi KnighE:",gY cgffgfp gif, ?-UHGY S ,iugnb Gif: I Q re ' 4 , ey u res. :rs eague ponls u, enlans qulre C OSS or gmducmon' Latin Club, Football Coeds, Drama Club, Boys Leaque Treasurer Pedagogues Carol Gosseff Melvin Goto James Gray Paul Greco Karen Grieco Frank Griffin F- B' l--AA, G. A. A. Football, Club Mohican Club Mohican Boys' I-QUQ'-Je Girls' League Club Mohican, Football Annual Staff House of Reos. Diqnq GI-off Dennis Gruyer Donna Guasfi Sharon Gullage Tammy Gunsaulus Paul GUIMCI1 Las Laureas, G. A. A. Gymnastics Miss Mohlcan, G,A,A. F. B,L.A. V G.A.A. BUSRETU-Ull, BUSEUUH Athenians, Spanish Club Boys' League Ren, Drama Club, Pep Club Girls' League Rep. Girls' League Rep. Masque 8. Paleffe 36 FOR SELECTING BESTEST AND MOSTEST EleGn0I' Hfldief Tom Hall Lynda Hqllber Halleen K Club. 5D0f1'5l'l Football, Boys' League Girls' League 9 A Choir, Madri- Chaglii, lilgorgggond Coeggillpticiuzghggb E255 G.A.A.-Carr. Sec. Jeannette Hansen Karin Hanson Kenneth Hara Barbara Harris Muff Hg.-ri . s LeOQue Athsnigns, F,B.L.A,, G, A, A, Bro Bosketboll G- A. A' Boysy League Sm 2 'Q'10'S Sffffff Latin club, Mohicans Latin Club, Pep Club elle' Gloria Hernon League League G A Cappella Choir Kev G. A. A., Club Mohacon Science Marilyn Club Janet Hoel Carmen Hofeling Patricia Holland L05 LUUYEUS' Pep Club M0"Ch"'9 Bond Mary McCartney, voted Most Athletic in her graduating class, Pep Clublpres' demonstrates her skills in tennis as Miss Christman observes her form. S. B. Trcas.-Cheerleader 37 faSE'l-1' .i:,a TAKE CAP AND GOWN MEASUREMENTS LgAlerrlhlelr:zslg2b Charles -lanes Sandra Jones -109 JUUW1 , Shirley Kadoguchi susan Kohn Varsity Basketball B539 Fgjolliyclln H Mqdflgols . Avciggeelflggbhocilr Sglenc-ehcgbb Girls' League Key Club, V. Bcsebull Varsity as e a A Cappella Choir Mohiconsl Chess Club Club Mglalglggnl GLJAA. Ron Kamiyflcl b Sharon Kaiiwara Coealsfrlggs Kang A Jgrhn Kearny Darlene Keller MhJ9Yce llfecllne' Ath ' , l-Ufln U G. A. A.-MOr1Clgel' . ' 'C ' ' ' Oys' F.B.L.A., D 'll T emansi, 5 UQOQUES Eirggngasketball Latin Club, Sdence Club' eogue Club Mohicghl Gifmv Club Mohicans, Coeds Colleen Kerr HI K' ll ' G.A.A., club Mohican een 'yo am sham" Km' F-B-L-A G- A- A., Svanish Club M0SClue and Palette Club Mohican Kent Knierim Janice Kohama Gerry Koyama Bee Football Girls' League Athenians, C lass Pres. B. Basketball, Pep Club Kathie Kramer Henry Kumagai Bob Kunlelman G, A. A., Cl b M h' B 1 L Club Mohican U O 'Con Cys eugue Boys' League Rep. T'--3' NUHCY Kimborough Ken Kimura Jim Kirk F, B, L. A., Pep Club Lettermen's Club J- V. Basketball G. A. A, Varsity Football Club Mohican Varsity Baseball Seniors, Irene Nakayama, Janet Evans, and Ranay Garst, choose their graduation announcements from the wide selection offered. 39 THE LAST WEEKS OF SCHOOL FOR LAMEARS ARE 'r-rf M. L Theodore Laborte Larry Lacken Kathy Lange Boys' League Boys' League G. A. A., Journalism l - Q ' i',7:'t S f:4l??L!PiL1z Ken Mitsuhata and Kathy Murphy help publicize senior activities, Michael Lara LeRoy Lauer Fred' Launer as Ken Kimura and Fumio Otsu give their approval of their artistic CHESS Cl'-'b 5P'J"'Sh C"-'bfdM5"l' BOYS League talents. Club, Science an rama Club, Cross Country, Track Alex Lee Dennis Lingwall Gretchen Laayenga Boys' L League Club Mohican Girls' League Pep Bee Football James Macksoud Mme .Malone Carolyn Mangl-Im John Manor Boys' Lgggue Club Mohican, Track Club Mohican Club Mohgccnl Track 0055 Counffv Varsity Football, F.F,A. Chess Club John Marcil CUP' M'-'Yk0Vif5 DUFFY Maffinel Mario Martinez A M t cl L Q Q , V . , nn a su a ana Mausl- vursny Basketball BOYS LSUQUS J Q,'S'I3Yo5EiQQ5l Scvovs' Dance Bond G.A.A., Club Mohican Mom Club SPENT IN MANY HOURS OF PRACTICE FOR GRADUATION B,""'Y Mag George Mazey Mary McCartney Ray McCary Carol McDade DOUGH MCNUIYY BOYS League ep' F. F. A. Treasurer Athenians, Las Laureas Club Mohican, Track Girls' League A-eIfe""0ef1'S Club Foofball Monuaer GAA. Pres, Nonettes Basketball Club Mohlcon, Football Coeds, A Cappella Choir TVGCKV SDOFTS Edlfill' Pe99Y Meadow Clifford Mears Bruce Megenhardl- Ronald Mil-z GI0dYS Mikl-'IWC DOH Miller PSD Club' G-A-A Varsity Gymnastics Varsity Football Club Mahlean l-Qflfl Club, G-A-A. Atherlions. Lofin Club F-B-L-A-'SSCTGTUVY Junior Achievement Drlll Team, Mohlcans Orchestra, Theater Arts F, B, L, A, Annual Staff Club Mohican Glenn Miller Saundra Miller CI M-Igggie Mig-eng G Begty GMlitcliellgue Kfgileyzmtfgil-37:50 De::3wli1-lziutgltzre B 'L G.A.A.-Ba l' Manage GSS feflswer, ep lub . . -, WS 90 DVS weve Clubwhknogwiccn ' Boskefbon Princess Football, Baseball Club Mohican, G. A. A. Larry Moore Bee and Cee Track Joyce Morioka G.A.A., Pep Club Club Mohican Dianne Morishila Twjllo Mullenaux Dennis Munsey Physiology is one of the interesting courses open to Seniors. Here, G-CA-SY ?0"'0f Glfl l-Uflfl Club, G, A. A. lvetrertl-lelS's tiki? Mr, Hazelrigg instructs one of his students, Diana Graff, as Mary OE S l'eGSUfel' OYSI Y OO U ' ' ' Latin Club, Chess Club Bays' League Rep. JO P'SCC'S5'0 and I"e"'d Observe' 41 MEMORABLE MOMENTS ARE SHARED BY Ronald Murakami Toshie Muranaka Kqfhie Murphy Boys' League Drill Team, G. A. A. pifhe,-lions, G,A,A, Latin Club Ed Dewey and Ann Pennington utilize the school library for their Phillip Nabonne Nakahira Noboru. Nakamura many class assignments. Merle Fishman, student librarian, aid VC"S'ly -Eiggfcsllcs VVU"51jlYFT"i1gkII them in the check-out area. ms' Y Oo G IF?- Tsuyashi Nakamura Judy Nakano Midori Nakawatase Vickie Negrefe BOYS' LSOQUG? G. A. A. LOS l-UUFEUSI V-P- AQIUPOF Club Club Health Rep. CIL-' Triana Nelson Francis Nestor Brian Neuiahr Joan Neusfedl' R0M1i6 NiCl'l0lS -lim NOI'W00ds G.A.A., Club Mohican Boys' League Varsity Cross Country Club Mohican, G.A.A, LV- Football Lettermerfs Club, Track Madrigals, Spanish Club Varsity Track Girls' League Rep, Club M0l1lC0I'1, FO0fbGll Shirle Oden Tom 0'DonneII Diane O omori Sandra 0'Hara John 0leSllY Jose h Ornelas Y 9 , P Girls' League Boys' Leggue Drill Team Honor Marcher G. A, A. Club Mohican Key Club, Leffermeyfs 42 Pedagogues,See.8.Treas., J-V- TEVWN5' Club, Varsity Football G.A.A., Spanish Club J.V. Cross Country LAIVIEAR CLASS BEFORE GRADUATION lfx Francis Ota Furnigx etsu Erich Paarsch Barbara pmmen Eortland Parks Kuff, 5"'ks Key Club-Pres., Treos. Club o ican , G.A.A-' CI b M ' ettermen's Club ' ' ' Athenians, Boys' State Athenians Bei Uacggogjugowfnfan U ohmon Varsity Trggk Mosque 8' Palette VP' llar. Baseball, Knights B-Basketball - ' J B-Football Jon Pastor Harold Payne Ann Pennington Science Club Boys' League Pres., Athef l-GS l-GUYEFJS. Afl'lef1lUl'1S Bee Football nians, Knights, Lettemen's Spanish Club Club, Football Track Orchestra and Band Pres. Mary Picsascia Lance Porter Drill Team, G. A. A. Boys' League Annual Staff Club Mohlcon Louie Piazza Football, Club Mohican Judi Reeves Ray Reiff Dennis Reis Ammo' Staff Club Mohican, Band Boys' League A Cappella Choir Drama Club, Madrigals Albert Rhodes Harrison Larry Peterson Bruce BOYS' I-eogue Athenlans Club, Math V. Track, Cross Sandra Pevetoe Masque 8. Palette Spanish Club, G. A. A sa' Lynn Purkey Donald Ream SUSGII Reed Boys' League Boys' League I-Gfirl Club Football Princess Health Club LW Oub' CIUD Mohimn Boys! League Ann Pennington is helping Ed Dewey discover a new and more fasci- nating way of eating a pie. 43 LEAVING TURQUOISE SWEATERS FOR CAPS AND Robert Rl'-75 , Charles Robertson Linda Robertson Lloyd Robertson Gary Rooker BT-"baL"-7 Rosenbaum Pomona, Club Mohlcun Key Uubl Truck, Club Mohimn Boys' I-Rogue Club Mormon QS, GUYQUSI Coeds' Basketball Athenrargzipaqnlsh Club John Roskam Marilyn Ross D' R th ' Jim Rowe Kathie Ryan Club Mohicqn G, A, AA Cihzngohigon slg:32leLelggLl1e' Savoy's Dance Band Pep Club, Club Mohican Theatre Arts Club Club Mohican, Football Annual Staff, G, A. A. Danny Norman Sagawa Robert- Saul Clarence Scarborough Roger Schaible Bill Scheurer Boys' League Football, Basketball Science Curb A Cappella Choir Health Representative Boys' League Gymnastics Gymnastics Football, Track Photo Service Sandra Schimmel Paul sdlmldf TSFYY 5Cl1"0Y9" Jack Seghetti John Seghetti Arlene Seitz Drama Club, G. A. A, Mohlcans, Track Class Cheerleader Boys' League Boys' League Glrls' League Club Mohicans Ar'lf1l-'Ol Smff, A Cappella Chonr Marilyn Serafin Gary Shade John Shanahan Waddell Sherman Richard Shigaki Bob Shimada Club Mohucan, Bays' League Boys' League Boys' League A-ll Class President Axhenians, Math Club Athemans, Latin Club Knlghts, Boys' Day Rep. Latin Club G. A, A., F. B. L.A. Bee 81 Cee Basketball GOWNS, LAIVIEARS EAGERLY RECEIVE DIPLOIVIAS 3 Lorna Shrum Beverly Silvius Latin Club, Drama Club Club Mohican, Pep- Club Club Mohican Band Drum Maior Douglas Solomon Lilia Sotoyu Chess Club Drill Team, G. A.A. Joanne simka chrisfane snags Lois smith Shawn 5m'?h Girls' League F. B. LA., ciaa Mohican Peaagaaaes, Drama Club Noneflesf M0d"9C"S Club Mohiccms Annual Staff, Mohicans A Cappella Choir, G.A.A Ronnie Sowers Bays' League John Sporgo Cross Cauntry Ronald Stork Janis Stevens yen' slewml' Kuff Sfocklla Daniel Strickland Boys' League Basketball Sweetheart Cl53n'92f?Q Lgfgigmfpe AARZiElGgIiJbL0gi11egiTIbf Crass Couflffv PED C'Ubi G-A-A Basketball, Baseaaii Basketball, Track ' cub Momcon Betty Sugimoto Mary Sugita Tom Sulger G. A, A., Latin Club G. A. A. Club Mohicg,-t Ronald Tanaka Kuniko Taneno Robert Tarumoto Club Mohican Girls' League Club Mohican, Bee Football ""-vlluu Steven Takeo Boys' League a e fgck Bill Teysko Varsity Bee Truck Atheniaris, Knights, Varsity Basketball Mflfh Cl'-lb, Journalism Edleen Stapleton Club Mohican, F. B. LA Journalism, G. A, A. Ken Taketomo Bee Football Varsity Basketball Club Mohican 45 AS A CLASS, LAMEARS UNITE FUR THE . ' 1 f Ray Thomas Boys League Ken Taketomo's effort to explore the Senior Fountain proves in vain, Terry Tig-low when Joyce lchinotsubo adds a slight handicap. Varsity Football Jimmy Tom Diane Tomita Douglas Tomren Jeannette Townsell Club M0l'llCOl'1 Drill TCUTTL P9d0Q0Ques Athenxans, Moth Club G.A.A., Smoke Signals G.A,A,, Spanish Club Rifle Team Smoke Signals Richard Tl-lfllef Bob Turpin Charlene Upham Anthony Urban BOYS l-EUQUQ Varsity Basketball Coeds, Pep Club, G.A,A. Club Mohican Leslie Van Orsdel Vidal Vargas William Venfi Sharon Vidas Theater Arts Track, Cross Country Bays' League Club Mohican, G. A. A. House Of RGDSV Annual Staff Dorvfhv Thompson William Thompson Club Mohican Boys' League G. A. A., F. B, L. A, Charlotte Todo Frances Tvsuchi Alhenlans, F. B. L. A. F- B- l-A A- Roberf Trasporf Sharon Tronsier Latin Club, Band G,A.A., Modern Dance Club Mahican A Cappella Choir Gayle Uyeno Albert Valdez Coeds Chaplain BOYS' l-GGQUG G. A. A., Spanish Club Tom Vollick Linda Vorhes Boys' League Drill Team G.A.A., Club Mohican LAST TIME AT THE ALL-NIGHT PARTY Nancy Vosburg Sue Vuch Jeannie Waddell Karen Wadsworth Fusako Wakamota Silencer Waldo Drill Team, G. A. A, F. B.L,A., G. A. A. Girls' League Girls' League Athegianj, Sgaxislgx Club BOYS' League oe s, . . . Jon Ward Betty Warmelin Patricia Warshaw Keith Watanabe Jim Welt Charles Wenschlag Bee F00Tli?0ll, Club Club Mohican Girls' League Athenians President Bee Football Boys' League Mahican Girls' League Knights, Boys' State Math Club President Dennis Wernli Juanita Westbrooks Warren Westbroaks Jeanette Whitworth Doug Williams HCYYY Williams Lettermen's Club Pep Club, G. A. A. Varsity Track Lettermen's Club I-9TfFfm9f1S Cllib Basketball, Baseball Football, Club Mohlcan BOYS LSGQUS-HISK Track, Cross Couritrv 1--Mi ul I u:-l.: V-.....--..! l.-..- V..---il---- Linda Yeargin Calvin Yingling Masa Yoshinaga Arlen Zollatuchen stan, Kozicki CUYOIYH T079 Las Laureas, Athenians Club Mohican. G. A. A. Hist., Coeds Lettermen'sClub BOYS League Gills' League Latin Club, G. A. A. Boys' Leggue Rep, F. B. L. A., Club Mohican All-league Gymnastics Football, T rack 47 LAMEARS SOCIALIZE AT APPLE BLUSSUIVI TIME I Pleasant smiles flashing back and forth exhibit the air of friendliness at the LA- MEARS' APPLE BLOSSOM TIME. 'Vw' X 4 , VXI, figfi 3, X-'V -' fx I A little skeptical as to whether to fix her hat, ar take some refreshments, is Bobbie Gillis, who waits for a cup of coffee being served by hostess Susan Folkrod. At the culmination of the Senior Tea activities, the announcements af the class Bestest and Mostest were made. The honored students of the class of S '63 are: Most Popu- lar, Gerry Koyama and Judy Giuli- ano, Best Dressed, Richard Shigaki and Jo Ann Hongslo, Best Looking, Dennis Munsey and Susan Dalrym- ple, Best Personality, Harold Payne and Susan Reed, Most Athletic, Fred Hannon and Mary McCartney, Most Likely to Succeed, Dick Burt and Pam lkejiri. 48 Displaying its musical talents, this Mohican quintet, headed by Lamear Harold Payne, performs for the SENIOR TEA. ki-ii. . simon TEA ff, :ty It ntl A-2 Pleased over the announcements given at the SENIOR TEA are the prominent Lamears, whose names shall go down in the school library as the Bestest and Mostest of S '63. The LAMEAR reception line greets Janet Evans and her mother as they enter the Senior Court, site ofthe l.amearATea. Changing very little down through the years, the Senior Tea has become a traditional ceremony. The Lamear class added a new feature to the cele- bration, thus the custom was changed. Having special entertainers for the tea's program, the Lamear class rated another first in its fast-growing collec- tion. irr, 2 1 or 4 Observing the decorations as well as getting refreshments are Penny Alongi, and her mother, Mrs. Alongi, while the LAMEAR in the family, Madeline, watches on. sn- ' f' if- ... f nun Titian? li jf G itll! ,K r if tees! VI' v PROMINENT LAMEARS Don Franklin alid Kent Knierim are served coffee by hostess Judy Lee LAMEAR BUILDING BLOCKS MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED BEST PERSONALITY 1 These are the Lamear Bestest and Mostest. Each La- mear nominated ten girls and ten boys for each category in the Leadership, American Problems and Government, and International Relations classes, these nominations made up the first ballot. On the second ballot the actual voting began. From six girls and six boys in each category, every Lamear voted for one girl and one boy in each group. The following day run-offs were held to determine the final winners. The results are: Pamela lkejiri and Richard Burt: "Most Likely to Succeed," Susan Reed and Harold Payne, "Best Personality," Judy Giuliano and Gerry Ko- yama: "Most Popular," Jo Ann Hongslo and Richard Shigaki: "Best Dressed," Mary McCartney and Fred Han- non: "Most Athletic," and Susan Dalrymple and Dennis Munsey: "Best Looking." MOST POPULAR BEST LOOKING BEST DRESSED MOST ATHLETIC W '57 S '57 - Phoroohs Imperiols I 5 '57 W '58 Imperiols Mcinhottons + W '58 S '58 Monhottons Montereys S '58 W '59 Montereys Premieres W '59 S '59 Premieres Chonfels S '59 W '60 Chonfels Vikings W '60 S '60 Vikings Sentinels S' 60 W '61 Senitnels Choncellors W '61 S '61 Chancellors Tohitions S '61 W '62 Tahifians Marquis W '62 S '62 Marquis Shorvells S '62 W '63 Sharvells Viscounts W '63 S '63 ' ' 1 Viscounts Lamears S 163 W 164 by Y . ...'.... Lamears Monarchs mi ' " LF" Q Prior to the cioss of S '58, there wos no com- U petitive Color Day octivi- Q? v. ties. Winners set in bold , face type. f. 1' f' 5 S Y 1 ga W '57 S '57 Pharaohs Imperials wiv S '57 W '58 Imperials Monhottons W '58 S '58 Manhattans Montereys S '58 W '59 Q Montereys Premieres S S W '59 5 '59 'V"r is Premieres Chontels S '59 W '60 " Chantels Vikings , 1 W '60 S '60 L if, ' We Vikings Sentinels S' 60 W '61 Sentinels Chcmcellors W '61 S '61 Chancellors Tohiticms S '61 W '62 Tahitians Marquis W '62 S '62 Marquis Sharvells S '62 W '63 Sharvells Viscounts W '63 S '63 , V imhl M Viscounts Lamears rf, .r,,,,, , kiwi S '63 W '64 f fs Lamears Monarchs A wp, K A , Y --NA? . . , A J' - Monarch Cheerleaders, pinnacle-of pep and per- sonality, are, from right to left: Barbara Tillman, JoEllen Myers, Lily lnose, Karen Mclntyre, Kay Wilson and Martha Garcia. l l BRILLIANT SWEATERS MARK B-12 CLASS OFFICERS Neil Campbell ................,....,...,.,................ President Owen Tsuchiiya ...... ....... V ice President Irene Nozawa ..... ............ S ecretary ' Judy Lee .,........ ......... T reasurer Monarchs, Winter Class of I964, have chosen red, black and white for their class colors. On February 21, I963, these vibrant colors were dis- played for the first time at Color Day. Due to the efficient leodershiip of last semester's l cabinet, the Monarchs received their sweaters earlier than any other senior class in the history of Gardena High School. Mr. Cook and Mrs. Lewis, Monarch Class Spon- sors, have shown their loyalty through their moral support and guidance concerning the senior activity. l Front Row: J. Ryozaki, A. Sakai,l, Nozawa, D. Nakamura, J. Asai, L. lnose, H. Sprankle. 'Row 2: G. Hair, l J. Mormann, J. Anderson, C. Landmark, L. Kohler, B. Harris, N. Campbell. Row 3: S. Huff, K. Mclntyre, .T. Foker, J. Tirado, E. Contreras, J. Isaacson. Row 4: R. Kikawa, J. Miller, S. Chandler, B. Chung, E. Archibeque, O. Tsuchiya, R. Nakagawa, J. Giibbsuson. WINTER CLASS OF 1964 Front Row: K. Wilson, S. Ryle, M. Murakami. B. Hamlin, B. Abel, M. Garcia, B. Bruhanski. Row 2: A. Aiso, J. Lee, E. Yokoyama, A. Matsuno, Y. Toni, B. Vitello. Row 3: C. Green, M. Brickey, L. Crowell, R. Tsukomoto, N. Lyon, J. Vita, J. Cronon. Row 4: P. DeForrest, L. Shimano, P. Dye, R. Arnold, R. Camou, S. Blalock, P. Rotman. Front Row: C. Kenney, S. Barbera, C. Aulf, C. Newport, B. Poh, ,C. Ono, R, Branch. Row 2: R. Johnson, R.'Flygare, R. McPherson, R. Robbins, R. Aranyos, N. Olguin. Row 3: C. Laface, J. Bushee, D. Welser, R. Henson, ji. Eallsback, J. Hight, G. Fidgett. Row 4: V. McMicken,, T. Karsh, D. Johnson, R. Nelsen, L. Leffler, R. Lopez, . arnes, Front Row: J. Layer, B. Tillman, M. Fletcher, K. Cross, J. Myers. Row 2: P. Baldwin, S. Folkrod, P. Tibbs, R. Hitchcock, R. Colahicci, J. Horvotli, M. Fitzpatrick. Row 3: K. Daniel, S. Allbee, K. Housepin, J. Smith, J. Lloyd, K. Williams, M. Brownell. Row 4: D. Uyekowa, K. Knott, E. Wheeler, K. Osborn, D. Fettig, C. Kozak, N. McKennedick. 53 Front Row: C. Sanada, T. Sacalar, T. Nishimura, P. Nor- ton, R. Holer, A. Logan. Row 2: R. Alcaraz, T. Dorter, E. Fredet, R. Booze, E. Peck, G. Toku- moto. Row 3: K. Ellis, R. Usitalo, L. Rydell, S. Ross, R. Petrosinelli, P. Moore. Row 4: R. Van Herk, M. Teson, R. Reynolds, S. Reese, F. Brooks, J. Cole, J. Rhodes. Front Row: C. Wakayama, J. Cates, L. Knutson, A. Vega, E. Freres, J. Hayashi, L. Kimmerle. Row 2: S. Snead, M. O'MaIley, M. Manurlyn, A. Good, P, Cost- low, D. Minami, J. Mori, K. Sogabe. Row 3: G. Hata, B. Hill, J. Hazelrigg, C. Smith, C. Shat- tuck, M. Kirk, G. Bowen. Row 4: P. Hogan, C. Kim, P. Smith, T. Mohn, R. Jeter, R. Baird, T. Faith, J. Twiford. Zo GRADUATING CLASS OF S '64 Front Row: S. Slauta, S. Good son, N. Vuch, M. Thompson P. Hosaka, J. Girdner, D. Sus- chnick, G. Hernandez. Row 2 A. Mantegazza, R. Yoshiki, D Tomio, C. Petty, L. Seghetti J. Serio, C. O'Haver.' Row 3 A. Rutkowski, W. Block, S Crenshaw, K. Gray, S. Ander- son, J. Pfeiffer, R. Pushad, G Rosenberg. Row 4: S. Westfall, D. Wagner, E. Stevens, J. Smith S. Hoby, J. Burton, J. Barrie, J. Spears. r -. . Y r, 47:5 ,,4',f"l l ,xl- Front Row: D. Lafontaine, M. Marquez, S. Peffer, G. Hold- ridge, J. Moilan, C. Hamada, J. Caniglia, G. Grossman, R. Ruesler. Row 2: L. Arney, D. Quarles, C. Barchengers, R. Coortney, D. Garrett, A. Bryant, T. Stover, C. Yamada, W. Men- dibles. Row 3: B. Castillo, R. Salazar, D. Booker, B. Deerks, M. Long, F. Phillips, C. Emens, L. Bartlett. Row 4: L. Wayne, B. Brown, J. Calladhan, W. Warren, D. Chapman, S. Dailey, C. Rodriguez, R. Lamping, G. Nichols. 1 GRADUATING CLASS OF S '64 Front Row: S. James, D. Wise, R. Perez, C. Burch, M. Gusman, L. Reynolds, S. Tarumoto, C. Taniguchi, B. Miyakawa, K. Evans. Row 2: D. Welsh, B. Valle, O. Tiedy, B. Hall, E. Law- less, B. Chavez, M. Hale, P. Carter, S. Toda, L. Buchanan. Row 3: G. Bryson, B. Wilson, QC. Ono, D. Parr, M. Oliplrant, D. Hill, C. Nelson, R. Leo, D. Johnson. Row 4: J. Dillion, J. McFadden, T. Brewer, J. Thr- lner, T. Brannon, N. DeMouIin, B. Schneider, M. Escalante, B. 'Marshall, G. Encinas. .I""'7f Front Row: E. Fujita, M. Burns, E. Foster, K. Tate, L. Bernhard 1 T. Dynice, J. Freeman. Row 2: J. 'Lombert, D. Greene, S. Ben- der, C. Richardson, K. Stewart J. Nakano, R. Erickson, Jf Esparzo. Row 3: D. Cott, R Clark, R. Miller, D. Heath, J Nisewaner, B. Anderson, S: Finch. Row 4: T. Yates, L Tracey, D. Brown, G. Fietz, M Peterson, J. Kvilvang, R. Rolen, B. Davis. I Front Row: J. Masuda, G. An derson, K. McCartney, S. Ben son, J. lno, A. Yamada, L Jacks, C. Koyama. Row 2: J Uyeda, B. Barnes, D. Kobata iJ. Jenkins, A. Adams, L. Shaw: YJ. Ellis, M. Mccias. Row 3: K Geib, C. Adam, G. Sweet, S. Smith, M. Petino, V. Knouse, D. Iverson, G. Doi. Row 4: L. Overstreet, Y. Okano, V. Daddi T. Eiser, J. Collier, T. Elstran D. Thomas, S. McQuinn. Front Row: J. Gurski, L. Yokota V. Madrigal, A. Moniz, C Schiada, S. Bogosian. Row 2 S. Gorham, J. Marcil, J. Hill B. Byrne, K. Buning, C. Wiste M. Furusawa. Row 3: J. Troyn R. Reiss, R. Clemens, R. Eng- land, J. Woodward, R. Moto- naga. Row 4: B. Hansen, A Wren, E. Penton, L. Withrow R. Rector, J. Ayers, M. Mociel GRADUATING CLASS OF S '64 Front Row: T. Nash, L. Thorpe T. Heath, P. Decker, L. Wiener T. Barnes, C. Vore, C. Howard J. Beckham. Row 2: M. John son, D. Blakley, K. Hood, F Harvey, J. Richardson, L. Men chaca, S. Matsumoto, C. Gil bert. Row 3: S. Melton, M Swanson, S. Maxley, C. Shep Aherd, M. Daro, S. Hays, S. Paa vaka, G. McGuire, B. Rister. Row 4: G. Allen, K. Tatro, S. Schmahl, C. Kroger, L. Brown G. Boson, D. Tanamachi. Front Row: F. Skowron, S. Shi- mizu, L. Harkink, D. Nestor C. Frilot, J. Lyon, M. Ludwig P. Pendleton, J. Aoki. Row 2 M. McLeod, M. Grundstrom H. Wong, B. Faren, B. Harris L. Kawauchi, P. Miller, K Walker, S. Ensley, G. Erkel Row 3: G. Moore, S. Davis, J Williams, C. Cook, M. Welser D. Freau, B. Allen, S. Davidson V. Moore. Row 4: M. Speny, R. Bartell, P. Duckworth, D. Bastian, D. Casson, G. Miller, B. Fredrickson, D. Baldwin, R. Watanabe. 56 Front Row: D. Howell, L. Her man, K. Dedrnon, C. Williams L. Holm, E. Largarticha, M Ayala, L. Langan. Row 2: M Custodio, F. Parker, R. Caul- man, S. Carter, D. Engle, L Baldwin, D. Langacre, S. But- ler. Row 3.: S. Langley, D. Bain L. Swearingen, J. Flushman R. Cunna, C. Fujita, D. Noda C. Noles. Row 4: B. Simonson M. Loupe, J. Grant, F. Johnson J. Keller, T. Carr, R. Clemson S. Yarbrough, S. Harvey. Front Row: B. Belcher, l. Mo- rales, M. Ortega, K. Watanabe L. Hunt, P. Hart, S. Keiko, S Matsuba. Row 2: H. Lauzon A. Lauzon, M. McGerr, C. Riv- ers, G. Stokes, S. Patterson, L Peck. Row 3: P. Garst, R. Boyd L. Dutton, T. Coates, D. Thorn- ton, R. McNamara, A. Martin Row 4: J. Matta, J. Vasquz, H Franklin, l-l. Shofnco, R. Lee R. Romersheuser, G. Serrano. 1 1 1 1 1 1 Front Row: F. Brown, C. Poa- rich, D. Humphrey, D. McNair, L. Yoshida, R. Cohen, S. Har- per, S. Viersen. Row 2: P Thoms, C. Mosley, D. Mendell P. Neff, L. Patey, J. Rouse, D Garrett, J. Bozora. Row 3: R Fleeman, E. Cdruer, V. Manto, L. Smith, F. Turner, E. Spell- man, K. Moldenhauer, E. Brown Row 4: J. Stockwell, B, Davis, J. Crist, V. Tanaka, B. Doug- las, D. Wanderpass, J. Ran- dazzo, P. Leedy, E. lto. I Front Row: R. Shimizu, W. Leach, V. Rath, A. Nakayama, P. Saupe, E. Kyer, R. Lackman, D. DeArman, D. Muauda. Row 2: W, Hondo, P. Figueredo, K. Kiyomuro, N. Rott, C. Wade, S. Snow, C. Linck, S. Antonelli, D. Cabell. Row 3: K. Bownran, B. Takaoka, D. Amemiya, J Nichols, E. Rada, F. Roeder, K. Bouma, S. Shenbarger, H. Cels. Row 4: C. Teel, J. Key, J. Fran- cis, R. Winkler, B. Lockhart, M. Alihoy, R. Callella, R. Kun- kel, S. Glackman. GRADUATING CLASS OF S '64 Front Row: J. Puskas, C. Mallin, K. John, C. Soto, R. Mansfield, J. Snyder, R. Jono. Row 2: T. Epple, M. Barton, C. Schulte, M. Trumble, R. Rios, F. Hotmer, R. Ouse, G. Miguel. Row 3: S. Sato, P. Normandie, N. Rob- ertson, F. Swift, L. Hernandez, C. McDonald, B. Paniagua, R. Wilson. Row 4: D. Williams, J. Weidenheimer, R. Oylear, T. Sweeney, C. Harris, D. England, E. Yessmann, D. Lancaster. Front Row: C. Publico, P. Mil- ler, L. Apoluca, B. Tuarez, G. Sunter, C. Epstein, S. Cotter, E. Yakoyama, S. Nimerfro. Row 2: M. Jones, C. Moran, L. Noguchi, M. Desanto, I. Ox- ford, G. Johnson, G. Murrieta K. Lund, S. Watts, A. lshino. Row 3: D, Pittenger, R. Estrada R. Johanson, D. Benjamin, E. Dubui, L. Evans, C. Young, K. Graczyk, P. Jouce. Row 4: R. l-lanes, R. Vincent, M. Hase- gawa, L. Gonzales, V. Bosha, J. Westcott, C. Gertner, S. Tay- lor, J. Canavia, D. Silacci. 1 1 57 1 it 5 5 E E 5 E iw. I , '41, I., 1,1 R Q! x is . ,L .V -. V t Q. f ,. fgjw. 1, ra .Rf L- A ffl' XX X . ? 1" x, in ff-5' f za, 1 .341 '5+"" . , ,' if-jx. - Pe 'Y 14" JJ. gm Q X A ,El 'QQ , 5 'W Q X It nf if M kv f fix .I GRADUATING CLASS OF W '65 Front Row: C. Hackler, A. Sweet G Po ton A Valdez R. I - Y I - f Courielche, S. Portillo, K. Ty- ree, J. Cosper. Row 2: R. Thor- bowne, T. Wooldridge, E. Goens, J. Stevens, D. Bartley, K, Or nelas, M. Bogroff, B. Monte. Row 3: R. Prentiss, D, Apodoca, S. So e R. Takahashi J QQ 1 1 - Roberts, D, King, P. James. Row 4: W. Sypniewicz, C. Whit ney, G. Kinyon, J. Oshworth, L. Zeigler, T. Latham, S. Wil- liams, B. Wa rpack. Front Row: L. Sugimoto, J. Murowski, 'lI. Oshita, J. Lou, R. Morimoto, L. Hair, D. Her- rick. Row 2: M. Juhl, S. Brant, J. Mayeda, N. Behar, D. Naka- iima, S. Morris, S. Hughes, Row 3: J. Cooper, C, Bentley,. V. Gilica, D. Burnett, J. Draper, R. Franco, B. Anderson. Row 4: R. Cerventes, G, Uyekawa, P. Leavitt, J. Janossy, D. Bruns, R. Difana, M. Doyle. The seventy-five acres of Gardena High is one of the most modern in the Los Angeles City School System. Crowded with 2391 active Mohicans, the open air colonades lead them to their learning. Front Row: C. Freeman, R. Van Buren, M. Dzikowski, R. Fecko, G. Apodaca,.V. Eleanor, N. Del- gado, R. Shiromoto. Row 2: R. Hernandez, M. Kulluk, R. Dre- her, J. West, M. Wempe, D. Robertson, M. Osliw, A, Leon, D. Hill. Row 3: C. Woid, E. Pearce, J. Ray, S. Green, R. Thrall, M. Catron, J. Lewis, S. Dix, J. Parmer. Row 4: J. Evans, A. Machado, W. Logan, T. Sey- mour, D. Vonderposs, J. Elliot, B. Smith, E. Heredio, B. Wolf. GRADUATING CLASS OF S '65 Front Row: S. Mikami, K. Her bert, V. Yago, J. Yoshimoto P. Fukuoka, J. Kawabato, I Kilroy, H. Nishi, J. Summers Row 2: C. Sato, A. Okada, L. Carr, K. Hiramatsu, P. Fran cisco, C. Budd, J. Matthews W. Medford, F. Ling. Row 3 G.Tominaga, S. Perschy, S. Os lin, A. Chen, L. Patterson, S. Andress, D. Hara, D. Fujimoto. Row 4: L. Higa, L. LaCuesta M. Ruark, J. Halkin, J. Stewart, S. Stokes, S. Adair, S. Thomas, E. DeBoer. Front Row: R. Krak, R. Watts, E. Hess, R. Colcol, W. James, D. Layton, B. Berg. Row 2: A. Luhman, B. Baca, M. Harris, R. Falls, F. Marquis, M. Risen, L. McNamara. Row 3: S. Hotf- man, S. Thomas, P. Hudgeons, M, Padilla, A. Stromberg, S. Goudge, G. Van Orsdel, P. Maluri. 60 A Front Row: J. Marcotte, R. Mayer, M. Murillo, A. Kawa- hara, T. Katsuki, L. Mansfield, M. Areano. Row 2: G. Hum- phrey, J. Culkowoki, J. Roberts, S. Biscotti, L. Ramirez, L. O'- Neill, C. Pomerleau, M. Milli- can. Row 3: L. McCoy, P. Wilkes, T. Hallock, S. Wines, W. Hyman, C. Foster, R. Kreitz- man. Row 4: L. Dimeo, G. Ames, P. Lyster, C. Rogart, E. Abakumoff, R. Evans, J. Jack- son, J. Miller. Front Row: S. Keato, S. Alpha B. Hamilton, C. Towata, C Montgomery, J. Jefferson, M McCartney, J. Horne, J. Kado guchi, W. Wirdle. Row 2: J Morrison, N. Tatro, D. Mune sato, P. Northern, M. Lauritz J. Latta, R, Rodriguez, C Meyers, S. Mays. Row 3: C Cantin, J. Miskimen, T. Wells M. Nogrady, R. Baird, K. Mc- Grady, C. Sharp, K. Coppin, J Hayashi. Row 4: J. Troudt, J Ainsworth, J. James, M. Corbin C. Nickens, J, Davgelo, W. Hof- fer, M. McGee, T. Norton. Front Rrow: H. Hernandez, M. Williams, K. Galioto, L. Rod riguez, L. Johnson, J. Ybarra, P. Weldon, C. Johnson, G. Beut ter. Row 2: T. Flaskerub, T. Nishi, B. Riede, P. Shorter, S. Burian, C. Wright, F. Otto, R Mechling. Row 3: M. Phelps L. Argent, F. Minuto, J. Braden G. McCIean, A. Swanson, D Hardy. Row 4: B. Golden, V Long, S. Michealson, G. Oden J. Romines, J. Jerome, S, Brow: nell, S. Summers. Front Row: D. Vincelli, K. Mot ta, B. Lopez, L. Geilenfelot R. Cohen, L. Yudel, S. Brown Row 2: L. Griskonis, D. Kibler K. Tanaka, S. Tanihara, J. Ya kubousky, N. Cutsinger. Row 3 F. McGarr, G. Taketomo, M Behrends, S. Aranyos, D. Uji mori, D. Rice, D. Walz. Row 4 R. Elwell, M. O'Malley, D Bradley, K. Davenport, B. Brans- Comb, S. Fancis, G. Kranke, J lsaacs. GRADUATING CLASS OF S '65 Whether rushing to class, meeting a friend, or simply re- laxing during nutrition or lunch, every student is bound to pass through the ampitheatre some time during the day. The open arena, which is located in the center of campus, also is a popular location for pep rallies. , E- Front Row: L. Volkmer, D. Fox, M. Reynolds, C. Dandrea, S. Skimkus, B. Yamane, J. Schulz. Row 2: D. Hanna, S. Young, S. Reaues, D. Litke, A. Walters, L. Kelley, C. Cuarisma, A. Reno. Row 3: K. Plog, K. Murray, F. Johnson, J. Thompson, S. Lee, D. McCluney, L. Mantes. Row 4: B. Ronlett, J. Votaw, L. Al- len, D. Bradshaw, M. Ford, L. Friedman, K. Morgan, C. Blaser. 61 Front Row: E. Gohata, J. Oda M. Karatsu, R. Matsumoto, P Cantu, J. Hovi, L. Kitano, P. Kaneshiro. Row 2: J. Shepard, J. Clark, B. Babcock, B. Trent N. Methlie T. Murrell, C. Cot trell, J. Ishimoto, N. Garst Row 3: J. Farmer, F. Rondeaw, D. Warren, R. Melgar, C. Green acre, W. Furutani, J. Troxell W. Adachi. Row 4: D. Schllcht T. Lewis, H. Elliott, T. Trinkle P. Woodson, J. Fisher, G. Gili bert, A. Celis, L. Kawahara. Front Row: G. Emoto, L. Ussery, J. Wickham, J. Cass, B. Ross, L. Yanke, B. Ross. Row 2: B Williams, B. Winkter, L. Knight H. Larnbdin, B. Okamoto, Li Skomski. Row 3: T. Valente, B. Greeawalt, M. Doff, R White, A. Bloomqeiut, L. Fitz patrick, S. Williams. Row 4: D Yount, H. Hoffmaster, J. Clo war, S. Carr, G. Dauis, L. Fuller R. Meeks. GRADUATING CLASS OF S '65 Front Row: G. Rubio, A. Ra- miriz, C. Florence, J. Moore, M. Bottaro, J. Mitsueda. Row 2 E. Peas, R. Kroucik, D. Meador R. Hammer, D. Grazo. Row 3 S. Grippe, J. Prior, C. Kinsey, L Stiles, E. Whitting, B. Kagawa Front Row: K. Warren, J. Fica rella, C. McMaster, C. Fields M. Veguari, J. Taylor, D. Mc- Donald, S. Pendleton. Row 2: R Collins, S. Kelly, P. O'Brien, B Sherrill, M. Puett, V. Davila, J Tomkins, G. Kobata. Row 3: D Thomas, J. Watkins, J. Lacken B. Hodgson, J. Nordness, S. Sel- den, J. Pangburn, D. Lawler Row 4: P. Christopher, G. Hiro- naga, D. Podratiz, J. Hugar, C Lee, A. Fosnaugh, C. Stewart, E. Becklund. GRADUATING CLASS OF S '65 Front Row: F. Matsuda, H. Wa kahara, A. Cobb, D. Moser, J Cause, J. McCoy, M. Clert, G. ndricks Row 2 P Park E He ' . 2 . 1 - Macnider, A. McLeod, E, Cris, K. Good, L. Blythe, D. Harri son. Row 3: D. Parco, R. Rudi son, J. Troyn, J. Gruver, R Krupovich, D. Nakamura, C. Rosplock, B. Bryson. Row 4 F. Meadors, R. Stucker, D. Kum melehne, H. Looyenga, D. Lar son, S. Olson, D. Hart, D. Carl l'Or'l. . gfwuzi if 15-4 Front Row: R. Watanabe, A. Koch, G. Lee, S. lkejiri, S Ogomori, S. Roth, M. Adams. Row 2: D. Myers, L. Yaste, W. Onishi R. Bettin er J. Stand 1 Q J ' ley, T. Springstead, S. Wishart. Row 3: L. Underwood, R. Hoyt G. Uriu, R. Duran, M. Vincik J. Harper, B. Lamb. Row 4: D Dressell, S. Corn, C. Cernansky, T. Seto, T. Ziemann, M. Je- manik, J. Sulser. Front Row: W. Duane, E. Mc- Coy, G. Lopez, C. Blain, J. Ko- kugawa, M. Fulton, R. Shavez Row 2: P. Owens, T. Klooz, K Milligan, J. Reno, E. Oya, A Lester, A. Lovecky. Row 3: J Graef, S. Hansen, J. Carlson M. Miller, A. Crowell, R. Duran, W. Hicks. Row 4: B. Blackburn, D. Bell, T. Westcott, R. Hayes, M. Gramlick, R. Muha, P Mack, R. Kirkman. Front Row: L. Warden, D Jones, M. Kulzer, P. Fedunok, C. Morro, P. Schule, E. Schen- baum. Row 2: R. Gluckman, L. Klasse, R. Hart, L. McNeil T. Ramsey, C, Hawkins, sf Childs. Row 3: L. Dikes, L Brown, L, Millett, D. Snook, R. Miller, F. Perkins, D. Gilbert. Row 4: S. Hanke, J. Dixon, D Diedrich, R. King, M. Van Cur- en, A. Artique, T. Gackes, T. Cook. Front Row: B. Bihner, R. An derson, J. Harmon, J. Kamio, C. ' Diaz, V. Haynes. Row 2: K. Guttormson, J. Stith, C. Smith R. Thompson, C. Gusman, Dl Turner, D. Rumas. Row 3: M Melhorn, J. Byrnes, J. Harley J. Mitchell, C. Webb, J. Cal hound, C. Williams. Mr. Knowlton counsels Barry May, and lndustrial Arts Ma- jor, enrolled in one of fifteen different drafting classes. Out of 450 students, over ll5 of this number are taking ad- vanced troining in Advanced Drafting, Architectural Drafting, and Mechanical Drafting. Training in this area provides the engineering personnel to supply the need for a highly industralized Southern Califor- nia. 64 Front Row: J. Nakashima, M lzawa, J. Travis, S. Varco, E Kitano, N. Yamachika, N. Wil liams, V. Sumida, D. Foster Row 2: C. Willard, V. Young G. Gurks, W. Snow, N. Taki- guchi, D. Kelly, S. Hino, M Akazawa, R. Tsuno. Row 3: L Stokes, C. lsobe, H. Shinetom T. Andow, C. Grady, P. Simon L. Mizutani, M. Stearman, P Green. Row 4: M. Hyde, S Teysko, R. Larson, R. Gilliland D. Larson, M. Brown, C. Conrad J. Wolfe, R. Rothman. Front Row: H. Rice, U. Borut zki, C. Eaton, T. Ellison, E. Ber nal, D. Janes, G. Hanes, D Juntunen. Row 2: C, Simone, C Skamski, C. Hoffman, D Scholes, J. Elliott, A. Pond, P semi, G. smith. Row 3: J. Tsutl sui, T.'Kemp, J. Chavez, L Hatfield, R. Herring, D. Brad- shaw, S. Fox, C. Ellenburg Row 4: M. Martinez, S. Com- ras, W. Rice, J. Lancaster, J. Swift, R. Powell, K. Yasui, K. Boosheck. ' 1 FROM PRINT SHOP TO "THINK" SHOP FOREMAN, Howard Szilagyi lcenterl, pictured with his assistants DeWayne Fettig and Kenny Taketomo Our school offers both vocational and academic subjects. In both fields we have acquired many scholarships, 555,000 to 566,000 worth of scholarships to date. Among the students receiving scholarships, Ed Dewey gained entrance to West Point on a 512,000 scholarship. We have gained recognition of our achievements from Such organizations as, American Legion, Junior Wamen's and Optimist Clubs for service, Gardena Valley Kiwanis and Lions Club for scholarship and service, plus scholar- ships for Industrial Arts. One vocational subject which is offered is Print Shop. lt prepares a pupil for a job as an apprentice following graduation by offering opportunities in setting type, or- ganizing materials, and working in a systematic way. Students learn the me- chanics of the machines used and how to keep them in good running order. At Gardena, several courses are of- fered in physical and life sciences. In these classes students study everything from Atoms to Zebras, and in so doing learn much about the world around them. These courses provide a basis for higher studies in college, and if the student eventually chooses a career in science, he will find vast employment opportunities awaiting him in the field of his choice. MR. DeMOND, science teacher, demonstrates one of the facets of Life Science. Front Row: R. Williams, J. Hap poldt, W. Tsukamoto, P. Lyons H. Hechinpecker, R. Prince, S. Hino, J. Kikawa. Row 2: P Peters, M. Upham, D. Crowell L. McCombs, s. smith, s. Bev: erly, J. Nakano. Row 3: C Saunders, M. McLorn, P. Becker R. Widrig, R. Elliott, D. Hinkle M. Uyeno. Front Row: J. Lee, M. Gonzalez, C. VanHerpen, V. Monte, B. Kuda, L. Lanar, C. Greenacre. Row 2: C. Buonaguidi, J. Yama- naka, S. Wong, T. Sherwood, Y. Harder, K. Vales, G. Lamm, J. Tanaka. Row 3: D. Aiso, G. Domae, S. Loving, R. Rutkowski, V. Vale, L. Rothman, W. Kim. Row 4: P. Dalton, J. Hada, D. Fujita, S. Warren, D. Zoll, S. Ballard, C. Berry. GRADUATING CLASS OF W '66 Front Row: L. Stiftle, K. Siimko, D. Sellers, M. Nitake, S. Allan, G. Vantuyl, B1 Storment, S. Gunnarson. Row 2: T. Nicol, J. Sowers, D. Duritsch, R. Fujia- ki, R. Lara, P. Murrieta, L. More gan, D. Torrence. Row 3: B. Kubishta, J. Witten, L. Martin, J. Leake, S. Sanchez, R. Smith, T. Yamada, R. Fountain. Row 4: K. Thompson, T. McComb, C. Leeming, J. Holman, S. Wise, D. Yorks, M, Nesbit, J. Torchia, S. Dentel. T S3 fa. Front Row: l. Fatal, V. Acuna J. Belt, B. Ballard, B. Antrim K. Troxel. Row 2: D. Phillip D. Anderson, B. Schweickhardll R. Allen, W. Jones, O. Franklin J. Brown. Row 3: E. Williams M. Robinson, L. Brandes, K DeLarn, C. Carey, J. Fuller Row 4: L. Erwin, T. Cunning ham, S. Harmon, T. Douty, J Huisenga, G. Cooper, R. Fair. GRADUATING CLASS OF W '66 Front Row: E. Sierra, M. Taylor S. Parks, A. Dickenson, L. Ybor ra, S. Makino, J. Mayeda, O. Young. Row 2:. G. Higara, D. Ward, S. Wells, R, Reid, G Shimano, L. Rydell, G. Hamada O. Trull, L. Rios. Row 3: J Johnson, J. Robinson, C. Lundy, P. Roberts, R. Kent, P. Gibbs K. Sumii, P. Vosburg. AZ fa 2 V.. Front Row: P. Nelson F. Gil- more, V. Genoroso, J. LeVar, G. Baldiviez, J. Nokagowo. Row 2: K. Isaac, D. Hoshins, K. Don- aldson, S. Chappell, l. Bortolo- mer, C. Aowe. Row 3: J. Shaw, H. Richards, G. Shode, L. Allen, L. Harrison, T. Vasquez. + Front Row: S. Nimerfro, E. En- finas, D. Rafael, G. Reynoso, R Rivet, B. Gioia, C. Smith, D. Sel- lers. Row 2: B. Rogers, R Ward, C. Bartlett, R. Deleon R. Redding, C. Bridges, J. Jack L. Reeves. Row 3: B. Mead, C Barnard, P. Millhallin, P. Nich- ols, L. Dutton, J. Olson, R Anderson, B. Burns. Row 4: C Woods, E. Horsfield, A. Rivers F. Brown, Z. Cook, M. Guss, M Robinson, C. McFadden. Front Row: L. Dohi, B. Cottrell, P. Mannix, C. lmamura, E. Shi- mazu, Y. Miyoshi. Row 2: J. Toniguchi, R. Sutter, J. Ordo- nez, E. Barlup, R. Duarte, J. Whitworth, S. Brown. Row 3: T. Vander Linden, K. Anear, R. Cunningham, L. Murakami, R. Von Fleet, S. Manson, V. Mea- dor. Row 4: B. Taylor, B. Joe, L. Roda, G. Gill, K. Folkrad, J. Haeckel, M. Meador. " .... AND TO PASS IT INTACT TO SUCCEEDING GENERATIONS . . ." 1 1 4 I V r if f e 2 Y r I ? 1 .1 E ? v r 5 3, sf 2 V P 5 THIS IS OUR lar., JIIEQ:-A ff 1" f- ln: ' tg. 1 Sk Y' ' 1' nr? 'N 1 ,, , X n. 19 , xx K . Nw X . ,LQ I ftfe 1" -A X , f I EEDQM undef N.-x - 3 s W5 X lf, 6. , F , x ,A A ' , MW 7 Q K5 'Tl K f 'K SPN N N N ff K f 3 REAT HERITAGE Q fb, 1 'J 'LQUQ . LQ Kc? b Q f 3 17' X ff 1 V ' v . 7 ity x K N , Wv' f u V5 X 1 I max? ' , 6592 3 ,fl Q X . u 1 x U' I I M I I ! I H 1 - J 2...- lx Aff?-A f . - k y N 1 S l I Fixx vi ., X V ! X A H7 I I N f. K . - ! 1 V I I ,X nkfj r 22 5 Ng W 5- 1,41 :J f I, x 1"' ,, ,C-X , The nation was crossed by pioneers The telegraph linked the nation Who settled the West and cleared frontiers With coast to coast communication KEY CLUB - SERVICE, RESPONSIBILITY, LEADERSHIP VOLUNTEER SERVlCE-- Front- Row: R. Gulliver, K. Hovsepian, D. Uyekawa, S. Chappell, Y. Okano, J. Uyeda, E. Miller, R. Garst, D. Burt, J. Tirado. Row 2: D. lhara, C. Stewart, V. Stewart, B. Medford, D. Minami, H. Szilagyi, K. Johnston, S. Berry, R. Heredia, K. Hood, S. Andress, L. Geilenteldt. Row 3: D. Mercure, D. Mayhew, F. Ota, J. Harrison, J. Martois, M. Douglass, E. Dewey, L. Henderson, N. Polizzi, J. Kline, R. Rabe. 5 P . Q .- 5.,-Q, X. On April 23, l954, a new club was started on Gardena High School campus. lt was Key Club, open to all boys of outstanding citizenship and scholarship. Key Club has grown to be one of the most popular clubs on campus. The mem- bers undertake many activities under the heading of community service, school service, and social events. This year Gardena High School's Christmas project was the Maude Booth Orphanage. Key Club was instrumental in helping to raise S635 for the project. This money was given in the form of toys and clothing. Key Club helped to transport these presents to the orphanage and assisted with the Christmas party. In this year's Red Cross Drive, Key Club initiated a new method of ob- taining contributions. Three girls were nominated to be Red Cross Queen, and the students were encouraged to vote for the candidate of their choice, at a penny a vote. All the money was then given to the Red Cross. The drive was climaxed at the Key Club Sports Nite with the crowning of Queen Mary Muleden- hauer. The result ot this new method was that student contributions were 60 per cent higher than last year. For community service, Key Club painted bikes, planted flowers and trees, washed windows, and did various other activities at the Mentally Retarded Home. In order to raise money for the Home, Key Club provided the manpower and direction for the Home's Christmas Tree lot. This project raised approximately Sl,OOO. Members of Key Club are so interested in their 'club that they have helped to establish Key Clubs at other schools. One is located at Lennox High School and the other is at Serra High School. This type of project shows the tremendous amount of enthusiasm that Key Club can develop. Aside from the mentioned activities, Key Club has also sponsored annual sports nites, and other social events, a part of the school program that won for the club the achievement record trophy at the annual division convention. 69 l HONOR SOCIETIES: LAS LAUREAI Knights, Ed Dewey, Greg Spenser, and Bill Teysko direct traffic as Gardena's guests arrive. Neil Minami Vern Stewert Bob Gulliver Treasurer Winter '63 Tresaurer Summer '63 Chaplain Winter '63 Top honor organizations on campus are Las Laureas and Knights. The two groups give recognition to outstanding students for leadership, scholarship, and service to the school. Las Laureas admits girls from A-ll to twelfth grades. Knights, however, limits its membership to twelfth grade boys and one A-ll boy each semester. Owen Tsuchiya was selected last fall as an A-l lg likewise, Dale Minami was admitted this spring. As official hostesses and hosts of the school, both clubs usher at all assemblies, during school and after, P. T. A. conferences, teacher conferences, and open house. They check their respective restrooms and issue citations to those disobeying school regulations. This fall, just prior to Christmas vacation, the dual clubs worked together to co-sponsor the only annual semi-formal dance, the "Silver Bells Dance." This event was particularly memorable due to the im- pressive pale-blue and silver decorations planned by Midori Nakawatase. The ceiling and walls were strung with crepe paper, a canopy which served as a refreshment bar was gaily decorated, and a large mirrored- ball was the center piece. For the first time Las Laureas sold handmade chrysanthemum corsages at Friday night football games. This sale was one of the most successful and novel money-making projects sponsored by the group. Special appreciation was extended to Mrs. Sakaue for her kind assistance, She donated the mums, and during after-school meetings she helped arrange the corsages. Another first for Las Laureas was an installation luncheon for new members and new officers. Mrs. Zessau and her students served a delicious chicken dinner. Las Laureas, under the direction of Lily lnose, presented a skit, "What Ever Happened to Ashella Doright?" during Girls' Week. The play was a take-off on "Cinderella," using personal good grooming as the main idea. With combined efforts, both clubs organized and hosted a con- ference for all Marine League honor societies. The purpose of the conference was to exchange ideas on various subjects, membership, duties, status, fund raising, and social activities. All work and no fun was hardly the story for the active organi- zations. Las Laureas gave the Knights a progressive dinner and swim- ming party. Each course of the meal was served at a different home. This event proved to be a great success. ln return for the progressive dinner, the Knights hosted a beach party for Los Laureas. 7O Midori Luther Petty Lily lnose Bob Burt Nakawatase Vicelfcmmagmder Vgce-Presidfgit Vige-Commander - l - '- 'nt '6 ummer' '63 V'Ce PQij'f?,'jg" Wm l er Treasurer Winter '63 ummer s Q? W 5 Pam lkeiiri Mike Douglass Linda Yeargin Ed Dewey President Winfef '63 Commander Winter President Summer '63 Commander Summe, '63 Head Usllgear Winter '63 Irene Nozawa Hans Van Herk MUFY MCCUHHCY owen TSUCMYG Secretary Winter '63 Scribe Winter '63 Secretary Summer '63 Scribe Summer '63 Treasurer Summer '63 Chaplain Winter '63 Rochelle Arnold Randy Garst Ann Pennington Harold PGYHG Chfllllain Summer '63 Chaplain Summer '63 Head Usher Sum- seroeunteot-Arms mer '63 Winter '63 and Summer '63 Las Laureas are the hostesses at many Gardena High Schooll functions such as the Annual Southern District P. T. A. Meet-l ing. Ann Pennington presents a guest program as Janet Hoel awaits for others. AND KNIGHTS. . . T0 WHUM SERVICE TULLS Dick Burt Ann Aiso Ken Condron Trudy Epple George Franzen Janet Evans Gary Hair James Harrison Diana Groff Larry Henderson Judy Giuliano Don Horn Janet Hoel Wayne Kobafa Gene Lee JOYCE lclllnolsubo -lim M0ff0l5 Lana Jacks Delbert Mecure Dale Minami Francis Ota Irene Nakayama Bruce Pettit Marsha Ono - Nick Poliui Barbara Richard Shigaki Greg Spenser Rosenbaum 'CIT Toni St. Onge David Taylor LindaWeems Bill Teysko Camera Shy Laura Loomis Lily lnose, Judy Giuliano, ana Trudy Epple assist the Irene Yaaaaihara Keith Watanabe Richard Zarafe ladies arrange The programs at the Annual P. T. A. Conference. KNIGI-ITS, LAS LAUREAS RING SILVER BELLS FOR THIRD TIME Singing along with Santa, Mr. Richard Ragus, are Mike Douglass, Janet Hoel, Dennis Mayhew, and Linda Felio. Many "thank yous" were extended Santa as he passed out candy canes to the girls at the Silver Bells Dance. Here Ann Pennington and Mary McCartney receive their gift as Wellington Mock, Bob Gulliver and Randy Garst look on. 72 Knights and Las Laureas spon- sored the third annual Silver Bells Dance, held December l4 in the Social Hall. This semi-formal affair was attended by over l5O couples. Mr. Richard Ragus, Boys' Vice-Prin- Cipal, dressed as Santa Claus, added to the spirit of the dance by lead- ing in the singing of many festive Christmas Carols. EDUCATION THROUGH SERVICE sf ' THANKLESS SERVERS: Row 1: V. Yamagami, D.,Morishita, G. Uyeno, E. Winter, S. Tanaka, A. Nakayama, B. Rosenbaum, M. McCart- ney, K. Takeyama, N, lkegami. Row 2: D. Brokenbaugh, R. Tsukamoto, J. Ichinotsubo, J. Kane, K. McCartney, M. Yoshinaga, l. Naka- yama. Row 3: M. Alongi, I. Nozawa, K. Hanafusa, L. lnose, C. Upham, S. Yoda, L. Overstreet, A. Sakai, M. Nakawatase. Serving constantly, the Coeds put forth much effort in order to enrich school functions. Selling programs at football games, serving at such social events as the Senior Tea and the Senior Prom, the Coeds learn graciousness and efficiency, two of the traits a Coed must have. Proud of her spirited organization, Mrs. Elizabeth Black, in l963, entered into her twelfth semester of sponsoring the Coeds, 3i,,,es,., . . , . . Creating an enthusiam for scholarship, stimulat- ing desires for teaching, promoting worthy leader- ship, and encouraging character development in students are the purposes of Pedagogues, the Future Teacher Association of Garden High School. Pedagogues, a branch of a national future teach- ers' fraternity, is sponsored by Mr. Michael Grady, who arranges for Pedagogues to have guest speakers from the field of education, and visits to colleges. Teachers of Tomorrow: Row 1: S. Michelson, V. Yago, C. Auzenne, D. Ogomori, C. Blaser, J. Kessler, E. Hacker. Raw 2: J. Scott, R. Heredia, K. Watanabe, J. Uyeda, E. Miller, D. Thomas, S. Francisco. 73 CAMPUS "HISTORIANSl' WINTER YEARBOOK STAFF Front Row N Minama G. Koyama, M. Barton, J. Reeves, J. Giuliano, l. Nakayama, M. Miretti, L Thomas S Smith B Scheurer K Johnson Back Row: K. Watanabe, S. Dalrymple, V. Yamagami, B. Howard, M. Allen, J Kellner M Douglas D Burt M Picacia B Pannell, J. Kline, C. Heelstone. One of the main responsibilities of the annual staff is to sell ads. The money from these ads helps to pay for the yearbook cover and other miscellaneous costs, This entails going to places of business and selling advertisements to be placed in the year- book: This year, the staff sold more than 52,000 worth of advertisements. The staff also has the important task of choosing the theme, texture of paper, and divisions of the yearbook. Each person is assigned one or more pages to complete. He is responsible for taking pictures for his page or pages, making sure everyone is present, and planning how the picture will be taken. He must plan a layout and write copy and heading. The staff must meet two deadlines. The first deadline is on April l4, at which time all pages are to be completed with layouts, copy and heading. The pages then are sent to the printers. We receive "galley proofs" which are rough drafts of the finished pages. They are proofread, and all corrections made. The "galley proofs" are cut and placed as they will appear in the yearbook and sent back to the printers. We then await the big day when our completed yearbook will be delivered and distributed to all Gardena students. Com etin in a continual race against time Smoke Signals WINTER JOURNALISM STAFF: Front Row: D. Morrow D. DeLong, E. Dewey, P Q Editors dictate the latest scoop to assistant editor Marjorie S. Folkrod, R' Cohen' Row 2: M- BOFYOV1, J- TQWnS9ll, Johnston, D- Pemf- - K. P J. C ' I' D. McNair , R. Nichols, J. Stevens, K. Bartolotta Row 3. atterson, anlg ia, Y Lange. WORK T0 MEET DEADLINES SUMMER JOURNALISM STAFF: Front Row: D. DeLong, D. Tomita. Row 2: D. Byrd, J. Barrie, J. Hansen, J. Townsell, S. Folkrod, M. Barto- lotta, R. Cohen. Heralding campus news is the responsibility facing the Smoke Signals staff from September to June since l9l l. Various phases of work are involved in the completion of every edition, from writing and editing, to dummying and proofing. Every campus organization constitutes reporters' "beat." These clubs, combined with other sources of news, necessi- tates each reporter being assigned at least two beats. News is compiled and gathered each week in time for the coming week's edition. Every Monday and Tuesday, the editors dummy the paper, which means arranging the pages, deciding which stories or pictures will appear and where they will be used on the page. The journalism game allows for last-minute news and on the spot scoops in recognition of the fact that news is being made every instant. "Posting the year together" are El Arador Co-Editors Irene Nakayama and Judy Giuliano. EUMAIQER YBIARABOQK STAF-Fzh Front Row: C. Gossett, C. Wnuck, N. lkegami, C. Auzenne, M. Ono, l. Nakayama, J. Giuliano, - ' OWU, . SOI, Ji C0nlQlIO, T. Schroyer. Buck Row: S. Butler J. Olesky, D. Tomren, S. Berry, H. Payne, B. Gillis, J. lchinot- Subo, BA MOV5l"'Ull, S. Folkrod, K. Hanafusa, J. Hoel. EXCELLENCE IS THE CI-IALLENGED Front Row: M. Sariffin, M. Bartolotta, L. Reynolds, D. McNair, S. Yoda, P. Vitello. Row 2: M. Garcia, J. Thomas, L. Clay, N. Shimono, D. Portillo, A. Millet, K. lnatomi. Row 3: P. Meadors, K. Svee, J. Hill, J. Hansen, D. Keller, C. Reese, D. Brokenbough. MATH CLUB The Math Club, Mu Alpha Theta, meets every noon in Mr. Waite's room. There, they hold intra-club contests in which the members compete as teams to solve complicated mathematical problems. Members of the club often give lectures on mathema- tics and related subjects, assisted by Mr. Waite, their sponsor. F. B. L. A. Future Business Leaders of America was organized to help the business students with busi- ness problems which they will face. Members have certain obli- gations which they must meet, such as selling tickets at football games, gymnastic meets and bas- ketball games. These girls also have planned a field trip to Bul- locks Department Store. Front Row: B. Vitello, E. Terao, R. Morimoto, Mr. Waite, D. Uykawa. Row 2: A. Sobol, D. Minami, J. Hole, E. Miller, P. Levitt, G. Uykawa. Row 3: B. Shimada, L. Lauer, K. Watanabe, D. Tomren, -E. Dewey,. B. Pettit, B. Gulliver. Front Row: L. Andress, B. Rosenbaum, J. Ellis, J. Murawski, P. lkegiri, C. Mallin, L. Yeargin l. Yanagihara, S. Tanaka, M.' Ono, L. Overtsreet. Row 2: D. Groff, D. Minamii, M. Nakawatase L. lnose, l. Nozawa, A. Pennington, D. Brokenbough, S. Geib, J. Lou. Row 3: G. Lee, K. Wata nabe, J. Ota, G. Hair, S. Crenshaw, DY Tomren, J. Janossy, D. Thomas, J. Harrison, Y. Okano, B. AGulliver. ATHENIANS The California Scholarship Fede- ration is a statewide organiization for.. students.. of.. high.. scholastic achievement. The 'Gardena High Chapter of this organization is Chapter No. 3l, and its members bear the title of Athenians. Students must have a total of at least three A's and one B in academic classes to be eligible for membership in this club. A student maintaining such a grade average for four semesters, one of which must be in his senior year, receives a Gold Seal, signify- ing life-time membership in the California Scholarship Federation, STUDENT. . .THE OPPORTUNITY IS HIS F. B. L. A. The event which highlighted the semester was the State Con- vention at Berkeley, California, which fifteen girls attended. At the end of each semester, they have a banquet to honor the grad- uating members. Under the guid- ance of Mr. Schutt and Mrs. Whiteside, all of these plans are coordinated and initiated. Front Row: S. Portillo, D. Johns, C. Sato, N. Potter, R. Garcia, S. Gullage E Yamane Row 2 S. Ryle, M. Juhl, R. Camou, L. Shimona, P. DeForest, L. Jacks. Row 3: N Kimbrough T Lazar S. Rotter, C. Benning, A. McFarland, C. Sloss, D. Kinda. Front Row: D. Meddell, C. Nakano, D. Hara, J. Summers, C. Sato, B. Mullet. Row 2: F. McGarr, D. Ujimori, G. McClean, A. Swanson M. Ruark, S. Hanke. Row 3: R. Kubishta, A. Greenberg, C. Harris B. Davidson, C. Stewart, J. Wolfe. SCIENCE CLUB For the science-minded student there always are things to learn and do in Science Club. Fre- quently, members of this club give lectures on particular areas of interest in scientific fields. Recently, Science Club members made projects and submitted them to the Science Fair. wg? CHESS CLUB Under the sponsorship of Mr. Goldberg, Chess Club members find competition and relaxation in their games. They have won, in the past, third and fourth places in the Greater Los Angeles Chess Tournaments. For those who wish to join, Chess Club meets every noon. Front Row: V. Yago, P. Francisco, P. Fukuoka, B. Vitello, G. Anderson D Wise A Monte gazza, J. Murowski. Row 2: E. Miller, J. Sniozaki, S. Hoghes, J. Mayeda, J Uyedo O Tsuchaya S. Morris, D. Nakajima, J. Cooper. Row 3: D. Uyekawa, D. Thomas, R Baird P Leavitt C. Patterson, G. Uyekawa, J. Kline, S. Crenshaw. ASSEMBLIES PLANNED, ACTIVITIES CUORDINATED Unity through organization, the foundation of Girls' League, was practiced by the Winter Cabinet. From left to right they are: K. Abernathy, A, lshino, M. Brown, P, lkejiri, S, Tanaka, R. Arnold. Row 2: S. Ball, D Broken- baugh, l. Nozawa, l... lnose, l. Yanagihara, J. Hongslo. "Watching the birdie" Winter Girls' and Boys' League Presidents Linda Weems and Harold Payne don smiles, symbolic of their successful terms as leaders. Pleased over the term of Boys' League events is the Winter Boys' League Cabinet. President Harold Payne was assisted by Cabinet members Shane Berry, Harry Williams and Francis Ota. Breaking ground for the future, the Boys' and Girls' Leagues sponsor many activities of student interest. Among the countless league events held in the winter semester were: the Pepperdine Song Fest, the Sadie Hawkins Dance, the Good Grooming Board, Wheel Chair Basketball Assem- bly, and the Installations. Highlighting the Boys' League events was the hilarious Wheel Chair Basketball game played against rival Widney High School, with whom we share our campus. Hard knocks, and zooming chairs were all part of the game. The final score once again proved that the Viking strength is sur- passed by none. Terminating a semester of success, the Girls' League Installation was by far the best event of the semester. Clad in full length formals, the officers took their places on stage as the starry-eyed spectators watched on. l THROUGH GIRLS' AND BOYS' LEAGUE Organizing the semester's activities Boys' and Girls' League have successfully completed their jobs, Among their many scheduled events were Girls' and Boys' Week, Cake Bake, Sale and Con- test, and the annual Cotton and Ivy League Day, followed by the ever-popular Cotton Day Dance. Highlighting the semester's Boys' League ac- tivities was the assembly which featured Vern Wolfe, head track coach at the University of Southern California, and also second annual Ivy League Day. The Girls' League Cotton Day resulted in pleas- ure for all who attended and proved to be a proud subject for Girls' League. Relaxed and confident is the Summer Boys' League Cabinet. From left to right: F, Ota, H, Payne, B. Pettit. Top Row: R. Fredrickson, V. Stewart. League Presidents Pam Ikeiiri and Harold Payne discuss the semester's activities. THEY RUN THE SHOW: Front Row: A. Nakayama, L. Yeargin, K. Abernathy, M. Brown, S. Ball. Tow Row: M. Nakawatase, K. l-lanafusa, C. Adams, A. Sakai, l. Yanagihara, l, Nozawa, L. lnose. CAREER DAYS - A STEP TOWARD ADULTHOOD Beaming with pride are Gardena's community leaders for a day. Important decisions were made and proposals discussed by Mayor Pamela lkejiri and councilmen Susal Ball, Joyce lchinotsubo, Janet l-loel, and Lily lnose. Planning ahead for future professions were the many students who participated in the activities of the annual Boys' and Girls' Days in Careers. Over 200 Gardena seniors worked in community positions ranging from mayor to garbage collector. This program, first started in the Los Angeles City School System in l945, was officially proclaimed Career Week by Mayor Fletcher Bowron. Very soon, this became a six-day program. Boys' and Girls' Weeks are now observed throughout Southern California, with as many as 8,000 students enjoying a "day on the job" with special recognition in the schools and business organizations. 1 Representing Mohicans at the Navy-sponsored "Day in the Navy" program were journalists Lloyd La Cuesta Susan Folkrod and E , , u e 1 Cattermole. The Gardena trio visited the Pacific Missile Range, at Point Magu, where they witnessed actual missile launching gahlg studied the opportunities of a Naval career T As a part of the program to inform civilians of the works of the United States Navy, the staff of the reserve unit at the Pacific Missile Range hosted a showing of its facilities to top high school jour- nalists. ln return, these students were to report on the activities of the range, with the understand- ing that prizes were to be presented for the best stories in both the published and unpublished divi- sions. This year, Lloyd LaCuesta, a cub reporter, nabbed a prize in the unpublished division, and was the first Gardena student ever to win in the eight years of the annual Navy Day program. 80 Discussing the events of Boys' Day are community officials Neil Campbell, Dick Burt, who was official mayor for the activities, and Dale Minami. The Mohican threesome participated in several events an flu., .+n+.s..,:fi., ,-Dl.,iemfzn... Af RMC' Ween 4 SADIE STRIKES AGAIN! The Sadie Hawkins Dance, held every November, is the highlight of the fall social season at Gardena. It is one of the two annual girl-ask-boy affairs sponsored by the Girls' League. The Sadie takes its name and theme from the comic strip, "Lil' Abner." Tradiational at this dance are girl- boy outfits, Marryin' Sam fwho performs nuptials for those couples wishing to get "hitched"J, and Dogpatch decorations. The climax of the Sadie is the dance con- test, in which the couple with the neatest outfits Gnd the best dance style, is chosen Mr. and Mrs. Sadie Hawkins. Linda Weems, President of Girls' League for the fall semester, presents the traditional stuffed animal to Mr. and Mrs. Sadie Hawkins, Dick Burt and Trudy Epple. Dancing here are some of the couples who competed for the title of Mr. and Mrs. Sadie Hawkins. Sue McQuinn and Tom Eiser are being served refreshments by Arleen Nakayama, a member of Coeds. 81 ii ON THE STAGE... l l Front Row: C. Briles, G. Miller. Row 2: B. Fein, H. Cels, G. Grossman, L. Herman, G. Payton, C. Diaz, J. Reeves, J. Weidenheimer, V. Daddi. Row 3: A. Sweet D. Franklin, R. Thrall, W. Gumm, H. Deano. i Front Row: S. Brissinger, S. Tronsier, J, Hongslo, K. Drury, M, Lair, T. Nelson, J. Ivy. Row 2: B. Sakai, M. Goodwin, D. Guasti, M, Cox, J. Jackson, G. Holdridge, S. Vierson, C. Williams. Row 3: D. Quarrels, M. Burian, K. Grazcky, G. Bohan, S. Vidas, M. Kirk, J. Neustedt, H, Ito, THEATRE ARTS CLUB Theatre Arts Club is composed of stu- dents who share a genuine interest in ,the world of the state. Every Friday they gather in the auditorium and prepare scenes for noon hour presentation. Many of these stu- dents appear in school presentations and are active participants in all phases of production. MODERN DANCE Any form of dance is a means of com- munication. The girls in Advanced Modern Dance constantly work to develop grace and expression which enable them to pro- ject their ideas and emotions to their audi- ence. This class helps the girls to develop awareness ot the various aspects of move- ment as well as poise and self-confidence. .. .AND BEHIND THE SCENES l Front Row: B. Renn, E. Hacker, V. Restivo, D. Sulland, M. Goodwin, C. Wnuck, K. Moldenhauer, V. Stewart, A. Evans, D. Taylor, D. Nakayama. Row 2: J. Roskam, A. Matsuno, R, Shigaki, N. Sagawa, D. Higashi, J. Rowe, J. McCoy, C. Burch, T. Contreras, C. Mclntyre, R. Hernandez, J. Ayers. Row 3: R. Lopez, M. Dixon, M. Zubal, K. Kimura, P. Strickler, R, Greenwall, J. Campbell, R. Winkler, D. McNary, J. Ornelas, K. Mitsu- hata, K. Sutherland, G. Encinas. J STAGE CREW Members of the Stage Crew of Gardena lHigh School assume full responsibility for lighting and sets on all school theatrical 'productions Much of the scenery used must be originally designed by these students, lwho are under the instruction of Mr. Dud- ley. These "interior decorators" of the school plays do much to add to the success of a performance. MASQUE AND PALETTE Masque and Palette wos started in l935 at the old Gardena High School by Mrs. Lawrence. Its purpose is to give students an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of stage make-up techniques. Students are selected from this club for the make-up crew which does all of the painting of char- acters for all school productions, including senior plays, the Christmas musical, and the Spring Show. Front Row: T. Lazar, L. Muir, J. Jackson, S. Pevetoe, G. Bryson, K Parks. Row 2: S. Kim, J. Weidenheimer, G. Encinas, I. Kimber, A McFarland, T. Murrell. SPIRIT AND PEP EMI NATE FROM THOSE WHO THEY FURNISH THE BEAT. Front Row: R. Miller S. Fox, M. Osborn, M. Murrillo, M. Karatsy, D. Litke,,F. Roeder, B. Silvius, M. Martinez, K. Davenport, M. Duff, R. O'Reilly, J. Kearney, S. Ross. Row 2: L. Noguchi, G. Miller, D. Garrett, S. Tanihara, B. Faren, B. Goodnight, B. Trasport, G. Anderson, J. Underwood, R. Cohen, A. Shepherd, L. Tonner, T. Hallock, J. Dixon, B. Gulliver, E. Dewey, D. Yount. Row 3: R. Uzzardo, J. Clark, N. Furutani, B. Mullee, S. Brownell, R. Reiff, A. Pennington, l. Kimber, J. Yakubovsky, M. Teson, J. Vasquez, l B. Valle, E. Krey, D. Welsh, P. Saupe, Mr. Neill. BAND Our mighty Mohican Marching Band has supplied the spirited music for sports events and pep rallies. Under the direction of Mr. Neill and drum major Beverly Silvius, the band has initiated o new step-dance style and precision marching routine. During the spring, the band participated in the Talent Show and Music Festival. Mr. Neill, Mrs. Lewis, sponsors of the Band and Drill Team, along with Bev Silvius, drum major, and Mads N Alongi, drill team captainfstop to talk about the year's , activities of these pep groups. PARTICIPATE THROUGH BAND AND DRILL TEAM THE CHOSEN FEW: From left: C. Auzenne, Y. Ballard, M. Barton, J. Coooper, M.'AIongi, J. Kane, L. DeGregory. DRILL TEAM The Drill Team, led by Madelina Alongi, marched dur- ing half time at all the football games. Some of the drills which they performed were Indian figures saluting Mo- hicans, a Gaucho Hat honoring Narbonne, and a rose for the homecoming game. They also decorated the Fall Sports Banquet in which trophies and awards were given to those who were most outstanding. The Drill Team also participated in the Fall Sports Rally by making a U. S. for the flag salute, and a "V" for the varsity football players. Every year, the members of the Drill Team nominate girls for Honor Highsteppers who have worked to make the Drill Team successful. These girls are voted on by the Pow Wow Council, the old Honor Highsteppers, and Mrs. Lewis, the Drill Team sponsor. These girls devote their time to making up drills and training others. Mrs. Marion Lewis has served as the Drill Team sponsor for the past I I years. STEPPING HIGHER THAN EVER: On ground: M. Alongi, C. Blodgett. Front Row: L. DeGregory, L. Jacks, C. Auzenne, B. Juarez, D. Tomita, D. Pottorff, A. Millett, J. Shiozaki, V. Asturi. Row 2: E. Leeming, S. Ball, L. Vorhes, K. Johnson, J. Kane, K. Kramer, D. Ogomori, L. Kimmerle, S. Portillo, J. Caniglio, K. Tyree. Row 3: K. Abernathy, R. Franco, P. Swigart, J. Stevens, C. Paarsch, G. Grossman, S. Earles, E. Winter, P. Thoms, Y. Ballard, S. Ensley. Row 4: M. Barton, S. Butler, E. Dubry, J. Hadley, L. Arney, L. Barck, C. Heelstone, C. Nelson, S. Folkrod, L. Boone, J. Cooper, D. Morrow, J. Cline. 85 1 l---1 IT'S SPIRIT THAT COUNTS. i . SPIRIT IS BUSTIN' OUT ALL OVER: Front Row: L. Geilenfeldt, R. Rabe, E. Dewey, B. Gulliver, R. Garst, M. Douglass, L. Skok, S. Berry, C. Auzenne, K. Wilson, S. Hoby, J. Kline, T. Andow, K. Kojimoto, N. Yamachika, M. Bottaro, C. Leomon. Row 2: V. Stewart, R. Colaluca, J. Reeves, S. Smith, V. Yomagami, l. Nakayama, L. Bonne, L. Menchoca, P. Saupe, S. Westfall, D. Longacre, R. Cohen, G. Spears, A. Nakayama, C. Towata, M. Stearman, L. Kelley. Row 3: J. Kane, F. Hannon, K. Branch, L. McGuire, L. Hair, K. Hood, S. Crenshaw, D. May- , hew, L. Felio, S. Hobson, L. Phillips, G. Franzen, M. Alongi, N. Kimbrough, S. Brissinger, V. Restivo, N. Shimano, P. Hogan, J. Townsell. Row 4: D. Wernli, D. Anderson, M. Bartolotta, L. Reynolds, G. Humphrey, A. McFarland, C. Publico, S. Snow, S. Michaelson, N. Polizzi, E. Yokoyama, G. Murrieta, K. Lund, D. Selland, M. Jones, J. Westbrooks, J. Perry. Row 5: J. Hoel, T. Epple, G. Sunter, J. Ellis, J. Giuliano, S. Broughton, J. Hazelrigg, K. Svee, L. Weems, K. Moldenhauer. CLUB MOHICAN PEP CLUB Pep Club planned the card stunts at football games during half-time, the Homecoming parade and dance, a Spring Sports rally, and this year, the Fall Sports Banquet. The Fall Sports Banquet was held for the first time this year. This event was observed in honor of the Drill Team, Band, and all athletes who par- ticipated in basketball, cross country, and football. x fiwx I - , Gardena's most popular social or- ganization meets every Wednesday night at the Community Center, Through the diligent efforts of Shane Berry, President, many enjoyable eve- nlngs were spent dancing to both bands and records. This- year, Club Mohican donated GDDfOXImOfely 5l2O to Community Chest, March of Dimes, and the Maude Booth charity drive. A school marquee was erected due to the club's interest ew .. Q5 .rj in school affairs and in school im- provement. New and old students alike benefited by the packets containing Gardena High School Handbooks, pen- CHS, pens, and rulers given to every member of the student body each fall. Club Mohican cabinet traveled to Big Bear for their annual snow trip in February. A spring trip to a mountain resort was attended by officers Shane Berry, Ken Hood, Ed Dewey, Linda Mc- Neil, and their guests. FUN AT THE BEACH: Front Row: C, Berry, B, Burt, R. Garst, E. Dewey, S. Berry, N. Tanni- BQND BETWEEN SCHOOL AND FUN: From left: hill, A. Rhood, G. Miguel, D. Byrd. Row 2: B. Silvus, D. Waltz, T. Epple, L. McNeil. T, Sch,-Dyer, 5, Berry, D, Herrigkl K, Hood, L, Hair, Row 3: G. Sunter. E. Dewey. 86 AND SPIRIT WE'VE GOT! POW WOW COUNCIL: J. Giuliano, M. Alongi, L. Skok, B. Silvius. POW WOW The Pow Wow Council is made up of the Drill Team Captain, the head Cheerleader, the Drum Major, and the Pep Club President sponsors all the Sports Rallies and the Fall Sports Banquet. Laura Skok and Janet Hoel were chosen to be representatives in the Student Senate. The winner, Karen Maldenhauer, is being lauded by Ed Dewey, Trudy Epple, Judy Ellis, Judy Hazelrigg, Sandy Broughton, Judy Giuliano and,Janet Hoel. CHEER LEADERS Personality and pep make up Gardena's Cheerleaders. Their enthusiastic leadership at football games, track meets, basketball games, and pep rallies, has led our teams on to victory. The. Yell Leaders, returning after a year's absence, have added to Mohican spirit and sportsmanship. Karen Maldenhauer was the winner of the Song-leaders Handicap, held after the presen- tation of the Track, Gymnastics and Basket- ball teams at the Spring Sports Rally, February 27. The handicap was announced by Yell Lead- er Ed Dewey. Karen Svee Judy Ellis Ed Dewey Bob Gulliver Sandy Broughton KOFGV1 M0ldSr1l'1Guer Jqnef Hoel Trudy Epple Linda Weems Gail Sunter Judy Hazelrigg 87 YOUNG f""""" M "um " "um-M ' B C Loud applause rang throughout the auditorium as the A Cappella Choir performed. The choir, under the direc- tion of Miss Thyra Snyder, performed at various activities which included the Christmas and spring shows, choir fes- tivals, assemblies, and graduation ex- ercises. In the spring semester, the choir was requested to perform on the radio program, "Young America Sings," over station KFI. The superior rated choir -members are auditioned and intervievlfed by Miss Snyder who decides whom may join. Audiences at the choir's perform- ances always are assured of an en- joyable program. i Front Row: J. Carter, C. Williams, S. Smith, M. Thompson, K. Kramer, B. Villa. Row 2 J. Jackson, C. Madsen, L. Muir, V. Knause, C. Kilmer. Row 3: J. Reeves, M. McCartney R. Halleen, P. LaCuesta, C. Burch. Row 4: C. Auzenne, A. Millett, T. Schroyer, E. Winter B. Lamb, J. Prior, J. Kline. . Always maintaining a high musical rating is the Gardena Orchestra. Under the direction of Mr. Miles Neill, the group performs at the Christmas and spring shows, school assemblies, Vesper and Graduation exercises, and musical festivals. As in the past the Orchestra has been highly recognized for the performances they have given in the past semesters. i Front Row: D. Miller, J. Jefferson, M. Catron, J. Jefferson, K. Branch, K. Tate, S. Sutherland, J. Latta, T. Barns, E. Yessman, M. Van Curan, M. Lair. Row 2: M. Martinez, G. Carver, E. Artigue, A. Chen. l THROUGH PRACTICE AND PERFORMANCE Front Row: L. Hunt, K. McCartney, G. Hernon, V. Ainsworth C. Kerr, N. Potter, N. Garst, R. Mayer, D. Pottoroff, J. Pus- kas. Row 2: S. Davidson, A. Slusher, C. Moron, M. Hernandez, C. Schulte, S. Broughton, S. Vuch, C. Cerutti, S. Schimmel, C Schiada, S. Bogosian. Row 3: B. Barnett, B. Meyers, E. Gohata, L. Doig, J. McCoy, P. Dorin, K. Hovsepian, J. Venecia N. Schrieber, M. Burian, C. Conrad. Row 4: R. Rabe, J. Woodruff, R. Vincent, W. Gumm, B. Day, D. Mayhew, S. Barbera J. Vasquez, J. Juarez, G. Miller, S. Jones. A combination of rhythm and swing describes the Savoys. The Savoys under the direction of Mr. Neill performs for talent shows, sports nights, Club Mohican dances,and the fall semester's Hall of Fame banquet. To become a member of Savoys, you must submit an application and then audition for a position in the band. Front- Row: B. Uzzardo, N. Furutoni, S. Ross, B. Valle, E. Whitting, E. Krey, E. Yessman, B. Gulliver, J. Vasquez, M. Martinez. Row 2: E. Artigue, l. Kimber. WITH A SUNG IN THEIR HEARTS Front Row: E. Winter, C. Shulte, N. Garst, J. Evans, M. McCartney, A. Slusher. S. Smith. Bock Raw: C. Cerutti, K. McCartney. As chairman of the music department, Miss Thyra Snyder's responsibilities are many. She directs A Cappella Choir, Nonettes and Madrigals. These groups perform at Christmas programs, spring shows, senior teas, and women's club meetings. Her piano playing at Girls' League fashion shows and installations proves to be an asset to each assembly. This past semester she was busy organizing the Choir Festival which was hosted by Gardena. Outside of school she devotes some of her time to rehearsing Gardena High's participants of the All City Choir. Miss Snyder came to Gardena in nineteen forty-five when it was at its original site on Gardena Boulevard. After teaching at Gardena for twelve years, she returned to her fromer alma mater, the University of Southern California, to obtain her Master's Degree. Elbert Hubbard, a famous philosopher, once said, "The love you liberate in your work is the only love you keep." This quote is appropriate for the many years Miss Snyder has dedicated herself to music and her students. lLeft to rightl Top Row: B. Barnett, B. Lamb, R. Robe, M. McCartney, A. Slusher, C. Burch, S. Jones, C. Conrad, J. Woodruff, J. Venecia, Row 2: A. Millett, J. Evans, R. Halleen. Bottom Row: P. LaCuesto, V. Knouse, J. Reeves, Miss Snyder. Soft, harmonious notes were heard for the Nonettes as they sang for Christmfas and Spring shows, Senior teas, women club meetings, and for community activi- ties. i To become a memberfof Nonettes, the girls miist meet certain strict regu a- tions which include auditidn- ing for their director, Nliss Snyder. . For their past semester's work, the Nonettes have been noted for their enjoy- able performances. I Noted for their rhythmic and melodious tones are the Madri- gals. Under the direction of Miss Snyder, the group, con- sisting of both boys and girls, sing at senior teas, community activities, Christmas and spring shows, and KFl's "Young America Sings" every spring semester. l The Madrigals, who are' reg- ular members of the A Cap- pella Choir, rehearse before and after school to retain the perfection they have had in the past. i ANNUAL ELING HELD EVERY SPRING The annual Cotton Day and 'Cotton Day Dance traditionally herald the coming of spring at Gardena High. At a special as- sembly on the designated day, a bevy of attractive girls clad in home-made cotton dresses parade before the girls in the student body and a panel of iudges, each hoping to be chosen Cotton Day Queen or Princess. The five girls finally selected are chosen on the basis of the fit, attractiveness, and appropriateness of their dresses. This year's court con- sisted oi: Queen Terry Andow, Ann Pennington, Pam Thoms, Marie Bottaro, and Chris Nel- son. This year's Cotton Day Dance theme was Kotton Karnival. In order to create a festive carni- val atmosphere, booths were set up outside the Social Hall where couples could partici- pate in various games, such as bean-bag toss and ring toss. Inside the hall, couples lined up to have their fortunes told by the fortune teller, Clara Voyant. The Coeds, in clown's hats and rags, served as host- esses at the refreshment table, in the booths, and in the cloak room. The dance was high- lighted by the appearance of two zany clowns, who added to the gaiety and fun of the evening with their antics. Bottaro, P. Thoms, T. Andow, A. Pennington, C. Nelson he Eff W, .. Admiratian is shown in the eyes of Cotton Day Queen Terry Andow. F.F.A. COVETS STATE CHAMPIONSHIP IN '63 Front Row: J. Burton, J. Miskimen, R. Rothman, R. Kunkel, B. Utter, D. Mahon, T, McCoy, B. Okamoto. Row 2: D. Hart B. Bardwell, J. Crist, L. Robertson, J. Gablehouse, P. Smith, J. Evans, Row 3: K. Florer T. Collins D. Falls G Mazey B' Holliday, M. Osborn, P. Warshaw, M. Melhorn, T. Baca, A. Callahan, K. Newton, J. Lee. I I I I i l Left to right: M. Ted Weber, F. F. A. advisor, Mr. Richard Albertoni, head of the Kiwanis Dairy Herd Project, Mr. William Johnston, President of the Gardena Valley Kiwanis Club, Mr. Elmer Peterson. These men come to the high school and, along with Mr. Weber, try to determine what the boys' needs are and if the Kiwanis Club can assist these boys in any way. The Future Farmers of America is a National organization, whereby agricultural interests can be pursued. ln keen competition with 350 clubs, they have won the State Championship, an honor which they have held for the last two years, The Gardena High School Future Farmers also proudly covet the State Horticultural Championship by their ability to recongize and describe over l5O plants. Many hours of classroom study and discussion went into the winning of these honors. . One of the major programs going on now is the Gardena Valley Kiwanis Dairy Herd. These heifers were donated to the F.F.A. by the Gardena Valley Kiwanis Club in l96l. The agreement provided for the young farmers to raise the heifers and then a dairyman in the Kiwanis Club will purchase them from the FIFA. F.F.A. has won first place in the Great Western Livestock Exhibition, first in the state Co-Op quiz, in the Los Angeles section. At the Pomona Fair, the whole F.F.A. group placed first. Again at the fair, another first place award was won in the poultry judging contest. All the F.F.A. members are under the leadership and supervision of Mr. Ted Weber, Future Farmer's advisor. ?:ff13rg LATIN LINGUISTS ROAIVI THROUGH ROMAN COLONADE LATIN LINGUISTS: Front Row: R. Cohen, D. Foster, V. Yago, P. Gukuoka, J. Kawabata, L. Kilroy, J. Tomkins, L. Yeargin, I. Nakoyama, K. Titlow, C. Mallin, J. Ellis, T. Epple, J. Kane, E. Freres, N. Artigue. Row 2: P. Saupe, B. Sugimoto, R. Tsu- kamoto, A. Nakayama, P. lkejiri, A. Sakai, L. Andress, S. Huddleston, F. Logue, B. Hamilton, G. Tominaga, T. Andow, P. Green, K. Kojimoto, A. Chen, L. Patterson, A. Meader, N. Nikrent. Row 3: Mrs. Gray, L. lnose, C. Kessler, L. Tanner, B. Wendt, M. Nogrady, J, Latta, K. McGrady, C. Sharp, T. Wells, D. lhara, J. Shepard, J. Clark, R. Gilliland, J. Nakano, R. Hitchcock, G. Hair, O. Tsuchiya, Y. Okono. Row 4: I. Nozawa, P. Strickler, A. Rhoods, A. Rutkowski, L, LaCuesta, J. Summers, F. Minuto, D. Yount, C. Gish, R. Rothman, M. Hyde, S, Adair, T. Trinkle, R. Kubishita, P. Shriner, J. Harrison, J. Halkin, J. Uyeda. from the annual Above: Owen Tsuchiya came home California State Junior Classical League Convention with a first place for best costume as best-dressed Roman Statesman. Later in August of this year, Owen's costume will be sent to Kansas for competition in the National J. C. L. Convention. Leadership for LATIN CLUB for the school year was provided by Linda Yeargin, Raye Hitchcock, Jerry Nakano and Owen Tsuchiya. Under the leadership of sponsor, Mrs. Lura Gray, Latin Club is one of the most active clubs on campus as well as being one of the largest. lt is associated with the Junior Classical League, a national federation of high school Latin Clubs. Because of this association, the Gardena chapter is able to share programs and ideas with clubs of similar nature throughout the nation. The club's activities begin each year with a slave auction. At this affair, older members "buy" new members for prices ranging from five cents to a few dollars. These "slaves" serve their masters until the annual Roman banquet. Here, the slaves serve food in the genuine Roman fashion, and then are "freed" by a special ceremony. The special events of the year, to which everyone eagerly looks forward, are the California State J.C. L. Convention and the Southern California Field Day. The Convention brings together some I2OO students from throughout the state to share their experiences and ideas with one another. The delegates are housed in the homes of the members in the hosting school's Latin Club. Recent convention sights have included Sacramento, El Segundo, and Cupertino inear San JoseI. The Southern California Field Day brings together students from this area at a large college such as UCLA or USC. At the main assembly, they hear a prominent classical scholar speaking upon a topic of general interest. There are other activities that prove to be eventful and exciting for the student of the classics. Yes, for every member of the Gardena Latin Club, the classical influence is a living, vital part of modern society. X ' 93 WHERE TI-IEBE'S G. A. A QUITE A RACKET: Front Row: D. Anderson, L. McGuire. Row 2: R. Garcia, D. Portillo, l. Nozawa, P. lkejiri, L. Shaw, J. lchinotsubo. Row 3: R. Camou, L. Shimono, M. McCartney, M. Nakawatase, K. Hanafusa, K. lnatomi, L. lnose, E. Yokoyama, A. Logan, L. Chuman, V. Yamagami. Being a member of the Girls' Athletic Association gives a girl the chance to meet new friends and have fun playing sports. These advantages are open to all girls of the school. But, before becoming a member, a girl must go through "Worm Training," a period of time when the girls learn about G. A. A., its officers, its songs, and its five goals for each member - Loyalty, Service, Sportsmanship, Clean Living, and Scholarship. After the girls had learned these things, the Oath was administered by President Mary McCartney. A highlight for this G. A. A. year was the playday, At a playday, girls in G. A. A. from different schools get together to play and meet one another. This year, Gardena was hostess. Under the capable direction of Playday Chairman Dianne Morishita, invitations, cafeteria service, decorations, and organization of tournament games were taken care of with great preparation. Following the theme of "Thanks- giving Holiday," each school had decorations according to its name: Belmont Pilgrims, Banning Pumpkins, Washington Gobblers, and Gardena Mohicans. So, with a twist of crepe paper and with a twist of imagination, the Girls' Gym became a place of "Thanksgiving Holiday." Another highlight of the year was the annual G. A. A. Banquet. This banquet, held to announce the new officers and to honor the graduating seniors, was the last event of another successful year in G. A. A. Cheerleader Ka ren Hanafusa DUTIFUL DELEGATION: Seated: V. Yamagami, M. McCartney, l. Nakayama J. Myers. Standing: A. Sakai, R. Tsulnamoto. THIIRE'S SPIRIT, FRIENDSHIP, FUN NET PROFIT: Front Row: S. Mikami, M. Stearman, N. Lauritz, E. Kimura, S. Mays, J. Hayashi, W. Windle M. McCartney, A. Ito, M. Beverly, J. Spears, J. Jackson, A. Matsucla, F. Matsuda. Row 2: D. Tanigawa P. Kaneshiro, K. Kiyomura, A. Kawahara, N. Yamachika, A. Okada, J. Jefferson, K, Titlow, J. Marcotte, E Kitano, C. Petty, J. Matsuda, L. Kitano, F. Sasaki, Row 3: S. Schmahl, K. Hiramatsu, C. Tominga, B. Crum- bley, L. Carr, C. Towata, J. Kawabata, T. Katsuki, N. Williams, N. Takiguchi, K. Kojimoto, N. lzawa, B. Hamil- ton, R. Mechling, S. Kajikawa. Row 4: E. McCoy, F. Llng, A. Chen, S. Perschy, D. Walz, N. Nikrent, C Kilmer, C. Budd,-B. Wendt, S. Riegle, A. Andow, G. Alkire, J. Pfeiffer, L. Patterson, K. Stewart, R. Kreitzman cl'9efle0d9" Vicki Yamagumi Apple dunkin' is another of the fun-filled activities of G. A. A. BYE, BYE BIRDIE: Front Row: S. Hampton, I. Yanagihara, A. Aiso, C. Diaz, S. Fischer, G. Mikawa, l. Naka- yama, D. Humphrey. Row 2: A. Sakai, L. Yudel, S. Bender, J, Lyon, S. Harvey, L. Allen, K. Anderson, J. Gurski, D. Marishita. f 1 IT'S A WOMEN'S WORLD THROUGH G.A. A. BASKETBALL SCORING HIGH: Front Row: J. Albes, J. Hongslo, S. Dalrymple, B. Gillis, P. Shorter, D. Litke, P. Carter, P. Northern, S. Selden J. Jefferson. Row 2: R. Oylear, K. Parks, B. Mitchell, E. Kyer, L. Menchaca, S. Snow, F. Wakarnoto, G. Uyeno, S. Kim, L. Yeargin E. Freres, J. Harmon, G. Beutter, S. lkejirij B. Yamane, S. Ogomori, H. Wakahara, P. Fukuoka, V.- Yago, R. Okuno. Row 3 S. Hoby, J. Barrie, N. Artigue, A. Koiaku, M. Jones, G. Soto, E. Meza, A. Nakayama, M. Ono, P. Neff, N. Kimbrough, G. Takemoto J. Jantz, S. Wines, J. lshimoto, L. Mizutani, J. Lee, J. Carter, L. Phillips, L. Tronsier. Row 4: P. Hogan, L. Overstreet, J. Stev ens, M. Fishman, K. Ryan, C. Kessler, D. Groff, J. Marcil, S. Westfall, L. Felio, D. Longacre. Although excelling in sports is not a pre- requisite for being president of G. A. A., Mary McCartney is bath athletic and presi- dent. She has been president for the past two semesters. Prior to this office, one of the two high- est positions in the club, Mary has served as G. A. A. publicity chairman and vice- president.'As is obvious, Mary has given much to G. A. A. and, conversely, G. A. A. has given much to her. She has gained lead- ership and more organizing ability. Most important, though, sportsmanship through fun and frolic is her greatest reward. Cheerleader Karen Inntomi President MUYY MCCUYIHGY Sigh BOWLING SPARE TIME FUN: Front Row: C. Taniguchi, J. Hayashi, S. Tanaka, K. McCartney, S. Smith, M. Yoshinaga, K. Wil- son, M. Garcia, E. Yomane. Row 2: J. Scott, B. Sugimoto, K. Svee, T. Epple, L. Reynolds, P. Rotman, M. Brownell, S. Yoda, A. lshino, C. Heckelman. Row 3: A. Fukunaga, P. Porter, L. Hackett, L. Tanner, P. Saupe, J. Ellis, S. Ratter, J. Layer,,S. Huff, A. Crowell, B. Frederickson. LANGUAGE - AN IMPORTANT PART IN TWO CAMPUS CLUBS ARGUMENTATION PERSONIFIED. Front Row: D. Kelly, P. Francisco, J. Murawski, Mrs. Krache. Second Row: J. Cooper, L. Boone B. Burt, D. Zoll, S. Thomas, D. Burt, B. Pettit, E. Dewey, T. Schroyer, R. Garst. SPEECH AND The Speech and Debate Club was organized in the Spring of 1963 by those students interested in competitive public speaking and speech tourna- ments. During the past year, many of the students have able represented Gardena. Dick and Bob Burt won the Community Chest Student Speakers Con- test. Their winning led to appearances at the Com- munity Chest Luncheon at the Ambassador Hotel and in a "skit" on the television show, "Truth or Consequences." DEBATE CLUB Terry Schroyer and Charm Mallin competed in the "Business and Professional Women's Club Career Girl" contest. Bob Burt, Bruce Pettit and Denise Kelly participated in the Lion's Club An- nual Student Speaker Contest. Bruce and Bob went on to Zone competition in this event. Dave Zoll and Steve Thomas were entries in the Optimist Club's Speaking Contest. Though Gardena has not participated actively in tournaments as yet, the club hopes to affiliate with the Southern California Debate League next year. SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Club, Los Padrinos, returned this Spring to resume its many activities. The club, l25 strong, is sponsored by Mrs. Kelly and Mr. Cisneros. Many events were planned by the officers: Diana Graff, President, Fusako Wakamoto, Vice President, Sue McQuinn, Secretary, and Janet Hoel, Treasurer. ln June the Spanish Club competed in the Spanish Club- Latin Club Volleyball game. The Spanish Club has won this contest for the last two years. 97 0 G I J x.- Mm A ' ,L 9 .1-. , SM. . W3 ' Q Tv 5 I f'.N.. -cum A , K x -:M ww 'QN9 lisa! M452- 3 x A -N s 1 ? B A H P : 5 L -4 x n THIS IS OUR Ain 30715 f ' . ' If xii- 'N ,f X i X u' ' 4 ' , up ,Q-'xv ' X ' , Q?-f. y 1 s, X ,C , 1 EEDGM undef G N 'fy ,425 , X I K 4 Z i ff QM i ,ff X K J K O I REAT HERITAGE 't:.".----- .1-I: I l A '1-I ,:?""""i Eh Q,! V , . X Q K ,J Vasf changes were wrought in the economy The last shot fired, the baffle done By the assembly line and Model T Yef fhe world remembers World War One 5.- .LLL SERVICE THROUGH SPORTS '33 5, i x. QW X , lk fx -IZoIYRow: P. Moore, E. Plummer, D. Wernli, K. Johnston, F. Hannon, N. Minami, E. Dewey, D. Booker, C. Parks. Row 2: K. Mitsuhata, G. Koyama, F. Ota, D. McNairy, H. Williams, G. Galiger, S. Horn, D. Wall, D. Hbward. Row 3: H. Payne, D. Horn, R. Renfro, B. Trygstad, V. Stewart, D. Ellis, K, Kimura, J. Hart, D. Munsey, L. Petty. Lettermen's Club is a special in- terest organizatian composed at the boys who have lettered in either tall or spring sports. Seventeen boys are selected for membership each semes- ter, however, this semester twenty-tive bays were admitted. These boys are distinguished by their green and white Lettermen's jackets, which they alone are permitted to wear. The thirty members controlled and atficiated the home track meets held during the spring semester. CROSS Varsity Football highlighted the Fall Sports Season as Gardena placed l8th in the nation and tied for the League Championship. This is the first Varsity chmapionship team Gardena has had in lO years, The Varsity Basketball team did not have a successful a season as the football team, however, Kit Johnston and Dock Ellis brought honors to the team by being chosen members of the All Marine League Basketball team. Dave Byrd took the All Marine League Champion- ship for the Gardena Varsity Cross Country Team. Spikes hit the cinders hard as Mohican tracksters vied with tive other Marine League schools for the Marine League Championship. However, due to Gardena's drastic shortage at sprinters, Gardena Track team took third in the Marine League. The gymnastics team took the League Championship due to the high spirit and good sports- manship, demonstrated by the team. FOOTBALL COUNTRY BASKETBALL TRACK TENNIS GYMNASTICS BASEBALL 3 'N 'Q' bib 'Yin- ,xx I fff.Q,.C'z-5? 1 -' -- -' 1, j tg , ,M -? , , - j 15 i ' ' f, azii w' . fl- ,121 . Vg .HJ-E "'s... .2 5. , "1 94" M C Q im, .. 'V i .X . ,gggg ,, , V , -. ww SCORE A TOUCHDOWN FOR MISS FOOTBALL liven princesses are people. Here the Miss Football court exhibits some character traits of Gardena's students. From left to right: Barbara Howard, sweet, sophisticated, Gretchen Looyenga, festive, football fan: Halfback Neil Minamp Susan Reed, bookish blonde, Judy Giuliano, spirited sprite. Miss Linda Weems, Homecoming Queen, receives a bou- quet of roses from Varsitly Football co-captain, Harold Payne. Homecoming Queen l962 was announced on an evening of "Moonlight and Roses." Tension prevailed during halftime as the regal float, carrying the five finalists, was led from the north- east parking lot, passed the visitors' stands, and stopped before the Mohican grandstands at Mohican stadium. Hushed, yet excited, was the crowd. Anxious, yet nervous, were the finalists. Then, the attention of all went to co-captains Harold Payne and Roger Fenfro. Their arms held a bouquet of roses, the regal crown and the all-important envelope of decision. On reaching the float, they opened the envelope.,They approached the girl who wore a purple gown. Roger handed her the roses. Harold placed the crown atop her head. The new queen was Linda Weems. lOl fr f U 431+ Il, 3 6,1 Qs -Wwe" mf Wei frj ,511 ff -., 1 f V ,-ffw-+vi""i?f"?1 , V , . , Q ,. .M 1 ' L ,V 5 f yr v - "' , m ,,.,-ig NY ' Qi' if ,4-QQ? 'Mg f . I fu- ' A tk M ,atntry Jza vfgv.f?f,T, ",, Af 'zfa 4 -5,59 Q I af' f, f,+,.s-nlagw A .,- ,J ' f- .L Ag", 2 -11. -. A , I 4, , ,Q,,.w .- P. 1 f -ff 'ww w',f W. ' 0 ' fiwf ,- :J - - www fr- W g R . JV. ,.1,.ilWfQ ,ig 4 A.: A My W. .4 s wh VV . ,wr .1 1, A K I , s 'Mi 7,5 ,WA ,, .-ov. N h, ,W , MH, n 45, . . , ,wg ,A ,, FW, . K ,,,,lkk,h3,.H,f: K 5, MQ, 34,95 JP, u '4,A. ,,,,.fxw f x at 3, Q. 'ivy - y A A fx, ffl. W., , f,','P'W.,A,.r,y.A 4 Q ,..N,. 9 K,-J' 1 , , , "5 f ' V , H. ,X ,K , H A V x iq , w- K w - 1 ,. , . -Q f . lf ,' f . 1 W A f V' W ,xf ,STV ,Q if Q wg , , 44 'S .5 ff AM- . ' 1-. if 5 A iffi -w W f5":i'4r 'a g-vw jfw? wxxv' 4 , ,f ,JV g , I 4 , ' 1, ' 4 a ,gh - ,, LA-A - ,f K -my xl " ' fy' . wb 2.ff'fY'!.4l!"" 4 . f' 1 5 Lf, - . 9.0352 ',-.. p"""'71-?,' If ff, prim f 'fl - , -- " "W M, .,7f1g,:j. wi, - sg, 75, V4 VA M Q a.,x ,ff j4,,21,., 3, f-uggQ1:4fgE,,,,jf? m f -:sw 1 1 fA-NM . nf nm 1 'fgwa 5 ,ff ,Q ' 'MAPS Q A We 5. 42 1 , "iff L" T Ape, ' Q "1 'Lllqaw' -:milf ,155 Q SOMETHING T0 CHEER ABOUT Front Row: Robert Perez, Danny Sasohora, Ken Kimura, Roger Renfro, Harold Payne, Roland Biscailuz, Tony Contreras. Row 2: Robert Coulman, Bob Fredrickson, Ed Railsback, Stuart Horn, Steve Cox, Fred Hannon, Nob Nakamura, Don Franklin, Jim Hight. Row 3: Coach Smith, Don England, Chuck Ault, Dennis Munsey, Joe Ornelas, Bob Trygstad, Louie Gonzales, Pete Taculog, Don Howard, Carlos Markovits. Row 4: Jim Lewis, Jeff Lancaster, Larry Leffler, Ronnie Jeter, Jerry Jerome, Harvey Matsumoto, Ron Lopez, Coach Gambino. With experience and strength in the returning lettermen, the varsity made an impressive show this season by post- ing o 6-l-l record. The varsity coach, Mr. Stan Smith, stated, "This has been the best Gardena football team since the i952 Marine League Chompionshop squad. ln the city of Los Angeles. Gordena's only crushing blow came during the Banning game, when the Pilots, supported by the biggest line in league history, upset the championship- rninded Mohicons. The powerful Gardena team fought a bruising bottle, to end in a three-way tie for first place. Gardena was one of four Marine League teams selected pre-season ploy, the 'Mighty Mohicons' upset the highly rated Westchester Comets, 13-O, defeated Dorsey, 41-O, and won the Milk Bowl against Belmont, 18-2. As Marine League play commenced, the Mohicans were rated 4th in by coaches and sportswriters of Los Angeles to be ranked among the Top Ten football teams in the City. Va rsity Scores ff 13 ...,.. Westchester ...... 0 A . ' 41 ,......,.. Dorsey .......... 0 ' 18 .,..,.. Belmont .. ..... 2 'S 24 .......,.. Jordan .......... 19 18 ....,, . San Pedro ,,,.,... 0 5 6 ....., . Banning ..,..... 39 14 ,,,,,.,, Palisades .,...,,, 14 20 ..... .. Narbonne ......A. 9 Varsity backfield coach, Mr. Ralph Gambino, explains some of the back field maneuvers to Varsity Songleader, Judy Ellis. The success of the backfield largely was due to Mr. Gombina's agility exercises. Varsity coach, Mr. Stan Smith, receives approving smiles from Song Queen, Judy Giuliano, and Varsity Songleader, Karen Moldenhaur, for his guidance of the Champion- ship football team. 103 DETERMINED VARSITY GRIDSTERS Steve Cox, right end, Stuart Horn, PON HOYII, QUOl'f6Vb0Ck, OUTSTGHCL Kenny Kimura, guard. Danny Sasa- Iett end, All Marine League lst 'UQ Afhiefe, All MC'Vi"'e I-GOQUG 1ST hara, defensive end. Teom- Team, All City 2nd Team. Luther Petty, tackle. Don Howard,guard. Dennis Munsey, Roland Biscailuz, guard, Best Line- Fred Hannon, right halfback. Ron end- rnan. Tony Contreras, left halfback. Lopez, left halfback. END TEN YEAR DROUGHT Joe Ornelas, end. Don Franklin, Bob Fredrickson, Tackle. Ed Rails- NOIQG NUkUmUl'0, d6'fQl'1SiVG back. tackle. back' Cenfer. Loule Gonzales, defensuve back. Pete -I-acalougl linebacker- Jim Jim Lewis, fullback, Best Back, All Jerry Jerome, tackle. Jeff Lancaster, Heighfllinebockerl Marine League Ist Team. Robert Tackle Perez, fullback, Best Defensive Play- ' 105 er TENSE AND EXCITING MOMENTS RESULT BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. The Mohican varsity was represented throughout each game by team captains, Harold Payne l68J, Bob Trygstad l87i, and Roger Renfro 4885. To add spice to the picture are two of Gardena's lovely Scngleaders. They are Linda Weems and Karin Svee. 5' L Jigs .3 I ANOTHER STRIKE FOR LUCKY NO. 13. All Marine League quarterback, Don Horn ll3J, tires the ball to right end, Steve Cox, in a closs-fought battle with the Jordan Bulldogs. Don later threw the winning touchdown pass 40 yards to end, Stu Horn, to win the game in the last 2 minutes of play. WATCH OUT BEHIND YOU RONNIEV Left halfback Ronnie Lopez scats around right end trying to gain needed yards in the Milk Bowl Game with Belmont Ronnie having a very good night scored two touch downs and made many key plays on defense Leading the interference is Harold Payne l68i and setting up the picket is Bob Trygstad C87 and Roger Renfro 1887 The Mohicans went on to scor an I8 2 Milk Bowl victory and go into Marine League competition with a 3 0 record BIG UP FRONT. The Championship Mohican varsity line, characterized here by Luther Petty l77J, Ken Kimura l82l, and Bob Trygstad l87i, and Stu Horn l26i, are led by All Marine League quarterback, Don Horn, as they wrapped up a first place rating in league competition. IN MARINE LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP IVE HIM THE STRAIGHT-ARM, JIM' Sophomore Jim Eewis rounds left ind a ainst the Pal' Dolphins to 3 g - set I , Jain needed yardage in helping the Mohucans emerge vith a I4-l 4 tie. I TEAM PURSUIT. The Mohican team shows their great spirit by gang-tackling Ron Barber, High School All American, in a hard-fought game with the San Pedro Pirates, Behind the defensive play of Robert Perez, the Mahicans came out victoriously, I8-9, and claimed un- disputed first place in the Marine League. The Mohicons ended the season with a 3-I record and tied for the Marine League Championship with Banning and San Pedro, WHOAI Mohican halfback, Ron Lopez 6213, is caught from behind by a Belmont gridster during the Annual Milk Bowl Game. Gardena went on to defeat the Hill- toppers and to retain the Milk Bowl trophy, The final score ended with the Mohicans smashing the Hilltoppers, I8-2. 107 VICIOUS TACKLING AND BONE-CRUSI-IING Front Row: Vance Daddi, Warren Wally, Lou Zeigler, John Oda, Max Melhorn, Eddie l-leredia, Gary Davis. Row 2: Coach Milla, Jim Turner, Larry Bartlett, Jack Dangelo, Mike Padilla. All League halfback, Don McNairy 1243, hurdles a fallen San Pedro man to goin enough yardage for a first down. The cham- pionship-minded Bees went on to win the game, 13-0, and re- tain first place in the Marine League, SMALL BUT MIGHTY, the six play- ers shown above were selected on the All Marine League Team. Leading the brigade of stars was Hougy Wong 6433, as he was selected Player of the Year for the Marine League. From left to right: Manuel Custodio, guardg Jerry Miller, centerg Steve Sogge, quarterback, and Don McNairy, half- back. 5 Defensive halfback Arlen Zollotuchen C3Ol, halts a Hilltop per Backfield man i the Annual Milk Bow Game with Belmont The Mohicans went o to win from the Hilll toppers, l2-6, and rel tain the Milk Bowl Trophy for the third consecutive year. Ne. BLOCKING TYPICAL OF HARD-NUSED PLAY . ....,. Westchester ...... 7 W 6 'I2 6 33 ' 13 0 .......... 19 'l5 Line Coach Joe Dudley, explains some of the tactics used by his gridsters to Varsity Cheerleader, Sandy Broughton. Mr. Dudley's Bee line was one of the most fierce in the league, as they crushed many foes in gaining 2nd place. A spirited Bee team, formed by a handful of veterans and strengthened by enthusiastic sophmores, captured a second place in Marine competition. Despite their lacking experience, they fought to three wins and one loss, the only loss coming from the tactics of the Championship Banning Bee team. Calling signals for Gardena was the brilliant sophomore quarterback, Steve Sogge, who called on veterans Hoagy Wong, Don McNairy, and Arlen Zollotuchen to spearhead .ii Q W.. ini- r. . n Bee Scores Belmont 6 Dorsey 14 Jordan 6 San Pedro Banning .. Palisades .. Narbonne 6 Bee football coach, Mr. Sheldon Loughborough, teaches passing techniques to Songleaders, Trudy Epple and Janet Hoel. Mr. Loughborough guided his team to second place in the Marine League. the team's defensive and offensive plays. Because of the outstanding performances of the team, six players were selected to the All Marine League football squad. Those selected for the first teams were Hoagy Wong, halfback, Richard lto, tackle, and Manuel Custodio, guard. Don Mc- Nairy, halfback, Jerry Miller, center, and Steve Sogge, quar- terback, were named to the second string All Marine League Team. The highest honor of Player of the Year, was be- stowed upon Hoagy Wong, our first string halfback. dl I . ront Row: Bobby Meyers, Jim Ainsworth, Manuel Custodio, John Francis, Tom Mori, Hoagy Wong, Steve Sogge, Don McNairy, Arlen Zollotuchen oger Morimoto, Floyd Phillips, Stephen Sato, Richard Ito, Jerry Miller, Gene Lee, Ray Thompson, Philip Wilkes.,,Row 2: Joe Dudley, Harold Henson 1 1 udy Perez, Ronald Collins, Xavier Castro, Steve Adair, Eddie Carver, Ray Michihara, Sam Barbera, Larry Fuller, Kenneth Williams, Dean Kumme- ehne, Dave Negrete, Ross Kikawa, Norman Sagawa, Alvin Matsuno, Randy Garst, Jim Esparza, Les Hatfield, Bob Jono, Allen Pond, Joe Shaw, ed Nishi, Richard Hoier. Row 3: Gil Kranke, Lorne Doig, Tom Karsh, Greg Paxton, Rodger Baird, Larry Swearingen, Jack Crist, Mike Gramlick, im James, Walt Rice, Dave Nakamura, John Mitchell, Stanley Lee, Greg Van Orsdel, Dale Hall, Richard Batchelor, Thomas Lee Dean Uyal arrell Apodaca, Johnny Ayers, Stan Francis, Ron' Powell. 109 ri' Varsity Cross Country Scores Gardena Gardena Gardena Gardena Gardena Gardena Gardena SPIRIT AND ENDURANCE PREVAIL is VARSITY: Front Row: T. Faith, R. Hallen, J. Woodward, D. Booker. Back Row: H. Williams, G. Spencer, D. Byrd, H. Van Herk, R, Bassolino, 44' Bell 73 South Gate ..... ..... 3 1 40' Bell 83 San Pedro ..... ..... 2 5 17 Jordan 38 30 San Pedro 25 45 Banning 20 35 Palisades 24 16 Narbonne 50 " Was a tri-meet Note: Lowest score wins Records fall! Using pefrect form, Dave Byrd is shown breaking the Marine League Cross-Country record in 9:l2. BYRD SETS MARINE LEAGUE RECORD IN 9:12 The Varsity Cross Country team had a comparatively successful sea- son, taking a tie for second in the league finals. Hans Van Herk served as Cross- Country team captain, an honor be- stowed on the boy deemed most deserving by the team at the end of the season. Another member who served his team well was Dave Byrd, a senior, who was out for Cross- Country two seasons and proved himself a most valuable runner dur- ing that time by breaking the Ma- rine League Varsity record during the league finals. JUNIOR VARSITY Front Row: J, Parker, R. Bartell, R. Clark, D. Gilbert, B. Neuiahr, U. Generoso, D. Mendell, T. Guckes, Row Bryson, E. Yessmann, A. Damico, K. Williams. Row 2: J. Troyn 3: M. Malone, R. Melgar, G. TENTH GRADE Front Row: S. Comros, S. Address, M. Clark, C. Kinsey. Back Row: D. Munesato, L. LaCuesta, L. Whiteley, S. Thomas, N. Tatro. Coach Daligney JOHNSTON AND ELLIS BRING OUT FIGH Front Row: G. Galliger, K. Johnstone, V. Stewart, K. Taketomo, F. Ora. Roow 2: Coach Panovich, Mgr. K. Stochlia, E. Plummer, D. Booker, R. Nelson, D. Ellis, H. Szilagyi,, J, Morcil. Home Gardena ................. ..... Gardena .............. ..... Gardena .... ..... Gardena ..... .... Gardena .... ..... Gardena .... ..... 47 53 53 48 52 63 Gardena .... ..... 6 l Gardena .... ..... 6 3 Gardena .... ..... 6 7 Go rdena .... ..... 5 3 Gardena .... ..... 6 O Gardena .... .,... 8 l 64 Gardena ....... ....... ..... Total Points .................... 750 4 Games Won Captain Vern Stewart i Opponents J South Gate Bell Riis Wilson Jefferson Jorclorl 48 50 43 33 61 74 60 ....... ...... B onning 65 ....... ....... N arbonne 7l ....... ....... S an Pedro 65 ....... .......... J ordon 74 ....... ...... B anning 65 ....... ....... N arbonne 76 San Pedro 800 ...................... Total Points Games Lost 9 112 l N THE VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Kit Johnson GGYY Gamgef ALL MARINE LEAGUE HONORS Dock Ellis Kit Johnston Second Team First Team All M0509 I-909119 Guard All Marine League Forward At the end of the regular season, boys are nominated by players of all conference teams, to receive All Marine League Basketball Honors. Kit Johnston and Dock Ellis were selected through their scoring ability, team play and sportsmanship. Kit will be graduated while holding the honor at scoring the most points in one game, thirty-three, in a game with Banning. These boys were selected for the second consecutive year. Dock is going to play for Hdrbor and Kit is undecided as to date. X. l 1 DeWoyne Booker Russ Nelson 113 SPIRITED BEES WIN MARINE LEAGUE TITW E Dale Minami Qi '24 Ia QQ . 7 Fumio Otsu r Captain Gerry Koyama Li 2 55 1? il 'fi i Q Ezl :Q Front Row: R. Difani, R. Shigaki, S. Berry, D, Kobata, Capt. G. Koyama, D. Minami, P. Costlaw, R. Kubishta. Back Row: Manager, D. Warren, C. Cook, B. Harney, B. Branscome, S. Yarbrough, F. Wilson, N. Tannehill, J. Ofsu, G. Oden, W. Furufani. 114 42 Qi 2 2 3 FIRST TIME SINCE 1946 J' Fred Wilson Stanley Yarbough Gregory Oden Gardena High School's Bee Basketball team brought home its first undisputed Marine League Championship in sixteen years. Mr. Karbach's strategy and workmanship as coach paved the path to the championship. The Mohican strength was exemplified by the winning of most of their pre-season games and an undefeated first round in Marine League play. Leading the championship Bee team were top-scoring guards Gerry Koyama and Dale Minami. Between them, they scored a total of 432 points to lead the team to its championship. BEE SCORE BOARD Gardena Opponent 38 ........ ............ R iis .............. ......... 2 7 36 ..... ...... S outh Gate ...... ..... 2 3 53 ..... ........ B ell ........ ..... 2 9 40 ..... ...... W ilson ...... ...... 3 O 47 .... ...... J efferson ...... ..... 7 4 5l ..... ...... J ordan ...... ...... 4 9 45 ..... ...... J ordan ......... ...... 3 7 44 ..... ..... B anning ........ .... . 36 45 ..... ........ B anning ........ ..... 4 4 47 ..... ...... N arbonne ...... ..... 3 6 53 ..... ....., N arbonne ....., .,,,. 3 I 48 ..... ...... S an Pedro ...... ..... 3 8 47 ..... ...... S an Pedro ...... ..... 5 I Robert Korba rcih HOOPSTERS ACOUIRE SKILL AND DEXTERITY J V BASKETBALL. Front Row: R. Hedtkamp, B. Johnson, J. Bonaguidi, T. Tringle, B. Yoshiida, S. Williams, J. Prior J Rhodes. Back Row: P. Strickler, J. Callahan, J. Collier, D. Carr, T. Nickens, C. Stewart, R. Palmer, D. Bruns, A. Stromberg J V. Score Board Gardena Opponent Rus ......... Rus ......... South Gate ........ Bell ......... Wilson .............. Jefferson .. Jordan ........... . .. Jordan . Banning Banning Narbonne Narbonne San Pedro San Pedro Mr. Mickey Panovich, Coach Cee Score Board Gardena Oppqnenl' Riis South Gate Bell Wilson . Jefferson Jordan Jordan . Banning Banning Narbonne Narbonne San Pedro San Pedro 40 CEE BASKETBALL. Front Row: B. Hansen, S. Hanke, H. Cels, G. Doi, E. Deboer, M. Catron. Back Row: B. Medford K Knott, G. Uyekawa, W. Logan, W. Daniels, F. Rondeau C. Yamada, R. Watanabe. SPORTS AND BEAUTY. . .WHAT A TEAM! Miss Basketball Princesses Janet Hoel Cleftl and Maggie Miretti, are pictured with Vern Stewart, Varsity Captain, and Gerry Koyama, "B" Captain. Concluding the basketball season was the selection of the three Basketball Sweetheart finalists and the crowning of tihe queen, herself. Final selections -started when Pep Club announced a list of top six Senior girls who attended a certain num- ber of games. The basketball teams then voted for three finalists 4 from them one would be chosen queen. And so, Friday night, January l8, I963, Janis Stevens became Basketball Sweetheart for the year. Janet Hoel and Maggie Miretti completed the royal court as princesses. Basketball Sweetheart JANIS STEVENS A typical pastime finds Janis talking on the telephone 1 l I 4 - TRIBE TRACKSTERS SHOCK LEAGUE 4- ' L l CEE TRACK: Front Row: K. Yasui, D. Turner, G. Hata, R. Vergara, R. Melga, A. Mantegazza, G. Kobata, T. Mishi, S. Hino, M. Clark, F. Parker, V. Young, N. Tatro. Row 2: J. Lacken, C. Yamada, C. Sato, E. Gohata, S. Hanke, G. Doi, C. Cuarisma, R. Williams, R. Thornbourne, L. Whiteley, R. White, C. Willard, D. Fujita. Row 3: W. Logan, C. Bridges, J. Ordonez, D. Podratz, S. Andress, G. Miguel, J. Isaacs, F. McCarr, J. Witten, S. Ballard, R. Bartell, D. Zoll, S. Thomas, J.. Braden. A NEW RECORD. Greg Miguel, promising "C" pole vaulter, clears l2'33A" to eclipse the old record of ll'6", set by Vern Wolfe, in l933. Miguel'has proved 0 top contender, taking the Marine League pole vaulting championship two years in a row. He has gone l2'8". 118 J A I 7 A ..i cars Rscokns . . . , wif, lf. C lOO l0.0 Stan Emery w e W- iso 18.5 sfon Emery 660 l:l6.2 W. Westbrooks .... ' l320 3:l6.9 Marvin Murray .... l20 LH l3.4 Stan Emery .......... HJ 5'BK's Wayne Daniels .... PV l2'6" Greg Miguel ...... BJ 2l'l45Ms Kenii Marumoto mi SP 5 l '3" Bob Meyers .......... Q Relay 44.3 Fred Hannon ...... Omer Smith ........ ANCHOR MAN. Phil Wilkes turns on the speed as he hits tape for speedy CEE relay team. Joe Welch .......... Stan Emery ........ l l l l96l l96l l96l l96l l96l 1962 I963 1933 l962 l96l l96l l96l l96l was COACH BOB DALIGNEY reminisces, thinking of the events of the past season. . . SUAR RECORD HEIGHTS Miva-s-S Beaming approval as he looks over the track team's many accomplishments is competent track coach, MICKEY PANOVICH. 5 A . ,sms' . pf.....f BEE'S RECORDS A 100 9.9 Stan Emery ........ 1962 . . 220 21.8 James 1-1011 ......., 1962 'fm' n 660 1.23.9 w. wesfbrooks ..,. 1962 A ' 'fiff' 1320 3309.0 Marvin Murrey ..., 1962 70 HH 8.9 Ron Jeter .....,.... 1962 5. ' 70 HH 8.9 Ande Dqmico ,,,,,, 1962 ' ' -5 VERSATILE. Renato Vergara, CEE broad lump ,150 LlglIlIIik2 Sfqn Emery -',,-,,, 1962 W V MQ grid ace lowdhurdler, glides in the pit with ' 2' Ron Jeter ,.,,,,,,,,., 1962 ' 5 ,, ,1111 . ' urring Spee . PV l2'M' Terry Kaye ....,..,.. 1959 KE9, Q BJ 22'6" Fred Hannon ...... 1962 gl-9 'l'1 5 Qs-W In SP 53'l l" Dennis Ault ..,..... 1956 rm' fl A X Relay l:O8.8 Fred Hannon .,,,,... 1962 'l f 11 9 A James Hart 1 ' Ken Condron 1 s Warren Westbrooks I -X.. CONGRATULATIONS. Shaking hands are Bob Meyers and Ron Haleen. Both were elected cap- tain by the BEE team. Bob runs the hurdles and puts the shot, and Ron runs the 1320. BEE TRACK: Front Row: G. Barnes, D. Amemiya, R, Salazar, W. Daniels, C. Isobe, S. Shimizu, S. Olson, E. Carver, G. Paxton, J. Woodward, L. Moore, T. Ike, C. Berry, B. Meyers. Row 2: R. Stucker, J. Troyn, M. Loupe, S. Loving, J. Shaw, S. Lee, J. Buonagrudi, N. Tonnehill, C. Missa, J. Sulser, R. Halleen, O. Franklin, G. Saunders, D. Kommelehne, D. Negrete. Row 3: C. Williams, R. Michihara, M. Nesbit, T. Lewis, J. Prior, K. Thompson, T. Westcott, C. Cernansky, E. Yessmann,' S. Lessard, R. Kubishta, M. Malone, R. Difani, B. Kubislta, D. Williams. UNPREDICTABLE TI-IINCLADS PROVIDE VARSITY TRACK: Row 'l: C. Parks T Faith B Pettit S Berr R 2' C K' R. Hectlkamp, D. Apodoca, A. Evahs,'A. D I 'i , R ' 34. A DZ ' ' msey' S. Williams, G. Spencer, H. Williams, L. Gonzaclegcg. Je'1:r. U nom ery tmonogerlf GOOD FORM. Ace high jumper Dewayne Booker clears the high jump bar at 6'4". Gardena Gardena Gardena Gardena Gardena ' Gardena Gardena 120 Riis 34 South Gate 40 Jordan 63 San Pedro 29 Carson 12 SEM Banning 62M 85M Narbonne 18M 100 9.7 220 21.3 440 50.7 880 1256.9 Mile 4123.5 120 HH 14.3 120 LH 13.6 120 Ll-l 13.6 180 LH 19.5 HJ 6'53A' PV 13'1Va BJ 22'6" 54'4V2" SP Relay 3104.5 GET SET. Roosevelt Jenkins and Jim Williams await gun for the start of the 100-yard dash their specialty. Stan Emery .....,. ...... 1 962 Stan Emery ....... .,..... 1 962 Sam Wasson ..... .,.... 1 958 Dave Byrd .................. 1963 Marvin Murra 962 Y Ron Stewart ........,..,.... 1961 Ron Stewart . .... ....... 1 960 Everet Eaton ..... ....... 1 932 Ron Stewart ....... ..,..., 1 961 Ron Jeter .,.,... 1963 Don Dempsy ....... ....... 1 956 Troy Putman .... ....... 1 933 Bob Lake .,,.,... 949 James Hart ...... ....... 1 962 Kurt Stochlia Marvin Murray Paul Harris Fred Hannon John Lee Charles Fantroy Stanly Emery 1. , 1 M Y I .l E '1fgs,K. , 3. :'lI.' Args. 1 . ,,, 1. 5, A 1, 1 QM N7 1 i it S 1' -. at 1 5 1 'V Q 4 2, W . iq ' I A , ,,.. Y, .. - ...,., , . ,... . 1, V . tiff . , 1 1 .fwQ'Wi:1" It ' .p .f 1- -. 1. , - ,mfwlifvyii fe' P- fi ff.:-:fgfgwzf -' .rmgg , - X ,551 ' -"WF ,l..1fl'h f, -In , - -1- f He, iii? .fW:Lg.f.f ' ' it , st 5 W5-i,.s?gvg 1 H12 ir- Iggggggegqlb , as l . 2 Jig ' . . V .vim . ..,. .. .1-fees.. PUSH. Chuck Ault, improved shot putter, summons all his to heave the shot. FABULOUS FOUR. From left are Cort Parks, Bruce Pettit, Shane Berry, and Dave Taylor, top Varsity pole vaulters. All tour cleared 1 1'9" or better. TENSE AND EXCITING MOMENTS -4 . if 5 i ls, X if! .3 :win , .. if, Jn. E J .. ,i5- i Q to E1 . My 4 V X! 1 . ff rf Iv A gg f " if , 1 1- 5 g?fsifjff'ag:.hfJa.g A ' 5 .E.2,.?.tj.i. A i an QQ K i-11. I jgf.-3,y...g,Qg?"g A55 .A - . ' fi. ...Ji .. .mrgafuseru-ra: .his THE FINAL HURDLE. Andy Damico and Alan Evans, two of Gardena's top three hurdlers, pre- pare to clear the hurdles. Both stick men zipped to times under 15.0 and 20.0 in the highs and lows respectively. VARSITY TRACK. Front Row: K. Stochlia, K. Condron, D. Byrd, F, Hannon, J Wil Iiams. Row 2: R. Schaible, N. Nakamura, C. Ault, J. Raymond, X. Castro. Row 3 R. Ito, J. Cangrla, D. Booker, D. Taylor, J. Jerome, C. Manager lmanagerl. ' -qs- FIGHT T0 THE FINISH. Dave Byrd lrightl, two-time Marine League 880 champ, and Harry Williams, Varsity track captain, stage typical battle to the finish line. Both ran under l:57.2. DETERMINATION. Greg Spencer, improved varsity miler' proved to be one of the team's most dependable per- farmers. TENNIS TEAM AIDED BY NEW RACKETEERS Front row: D. Martinez, T. Eiser, C. Patterson, E. Rada, P. Dorin, P. LaCuesta, M. Lehr, A. Kobish, T. Elstrain. Row 2: G. Matsuda, J. Ferro, J. Uyedo, F. Skowron, D. Ihara, W. Kim, W. Furutani, G. Burks. Row 3: G. Minu- zewski, D. Bell, W. Lewis, G. McGuire, L. Rada, S. Thomas, L. LaCuesta, W. Block, Coach Heap. . N. 129' Jaffa "'m?,.. L W 11- L2-xg, J.. - . eng. .V ' L " Danny Martinez Number One Man With the influx of new players, along with the experience of o returning Letter- man, Gardena set out to copture the Marine League Tennis Championship. Danny Martinez, Gardena's number one man, proved to be quite valuable to the team by being undefeated for several weeks. Another asset to the team was Elliot Rada, Gardena's number two man, who was considered by Coach Heap as most improved player on the squad. Coach Heap Elliot Rada Number Two Man RADIANCE OF SPRINGTIME SPORTS All eyes are on Queen Rochelle Arnold Here Varsity Baseball Catcher, Steve Sogge Polevaulter David Taylor Tennis No One Man, Danny Martinez and Gymnast Nell Campbell get a pleasant eyeful of their queen Rochelle Arnold The honor of being in the Spring Sports Court is given to these senior girls who have attended the most spring athletic events and who have been chosen by the members of the athletic teams. Rochelle Arnold, Spring Sports Queen for this year, and her princesses, Kathy Abernathy, Susan Ball, Pam Dye, and Karen Johnson, represent the spring sports of baseball, tennis, track, and gymnastics. The Queen was crowned at Club Mohican and reigned at the Athletic Awards Assembly. Princesses on Display: lClockwise, standingl Karen Johnson, Kathy Abernathy, Susan Ball Pam Dye. A TURN FOR THE BEST THROUGH COORDINATION WALLY HONDA, pictured at left, executes the fly-away dismount. Hon- da, undefeated in Marine League com- petition on the high bar, also fares well in the rope, porellel bars, and side horse. Front Row D Cacia, B. Arkenburg, M. Wren, S. Beamon, R. Lopez, Captain N. Campbell, A. Zollotuchen, A. Honda, W. Hight J Con treras Coach Gambino. Row 2: R. Mormann, J. Hicks, W. Ribet, R. Gioia, C. Normandie, P. Prince, R. Yamada, T. Smullen J Ayers J Reno J Terao E. Johnson. Row 3: G. Bushee, J. Johnson, J. Machado, A. Isaacson, J. Nishi, T. Asmus, T. Aranyos, S. Lopez, H Murphy J Saul R Murata V. Wakamoto, H. Yamane, D. Oxford, R. Colaluca. MIKE WREN, Junior, executes a floor straddle. This is Mike's second season with the Gymnastics team and is ex- pected to return next year to compete in the category of Free Exercise. AGILITY, FLEXIBILITY AND UNWAVERING DETERMINATION RON LOPEZ is pictured executing the iron cross, one of the most difficult moves on the rings. Ron, Marine League Cham- pion on the rings in l962, was also undefeated in l963. He also does well on the long horse and parallel bars. It is expected that next year, Ron will go on to top all his previous performances. SCORE .BOARD Gardena ..... .... 7 4 Jordan ................ Gardena ..... ..A. 6 2 San Pedro Gardena ..... .... 7 2 Banning . Gardena ..... .... 8 OM Carson Gardena ..... .... 7 6 Narbonne 46 58 48 3016 44 Ending the fourteen-year reign of San Pedro in l962, Gardena's gymnastics team continued to prove itself the best in the Marine League. Captur- ing the Marine League championship again in l963, Gardena went undefeated in League competition for the second year in a row. Ralph Gambino, coach, stated that Gardena's gymnasts "had made un- believable progress in the last two years." As though stimulated by Mr. Gambina's assertion, Gardena easily defeated each of its opponents. The closest meet of the year was against San Pedro when a last minute decision gave Gardena a 62-58 victory. In preparation for their meets, Gardena's gym- nasts contribute their spare time in order to perfect their routines. The athletes combine hard work, determination, coordination, agility, and flexibility in acquiring their successes. Senior member of the gymnastics team, STANLEY BEA MON, executes an Olympic cross on the rings. 'mii- GARDENA MUHICANS TIE FOR ,mb Dennis Wernli Don Howard Francis Ota Paul Moore Second Bose Outfield Shortstop Pitcher Ken Kimura Kit Johnston Don McNairy Roger Renfro i First Base Outtield Left Field Outfield Don Gablehouse Steve Sogge Vern Stewart Tony Contreras Infield Catcher Third Bose Center Field Charles Jones .Doug Higashi Larry B.-qdghqw Richard Hoyer Outfield Right Field Pitcher Monoger MARINE LEAGUE TITLE ,X nl VARSITY BASEBALL. Front Row: P. Moore, S. Sogge, V. Stewart, D. Wernli, F. Ota, K. Kimura, D. Gablehouse, L. Brad- shaw, Manager, R. Hoyer. Bock Row: R. Renfro, C. Jones, A. Contreras, H. Szilagyi, K. Johnston, D. Higashi, D. Howard, D. McNairy, G. Yoshida, Coach, S. Loughborough. Gardena .......... Gardena Gardena .......... Gardena .......... 'Gardena Gardena Gardena Gardena .......... Gardena .......... Gardena Gardena Gardena .......... Gardena .......... - Gardena .......... VARSITY SCORES 2 Bell ................ 7 Serra 6 Dorsey .......... 8 Manual Arts Jordan 6 San Pedro 2 Carson 2 Narbonne ...... 3 Jordan .......... 6 San Pedro 3 Banning 6 Banning ........ 5 Carson .......... 2 Narbonne ...... '-14 Coach Sheldon Loughborough This year's Mohican Varsity Nine tied for the Marine League Championship with Carson, Ban- ning, and Narbonne. They recaptured the title that they have held for two years now. The four teams ended regular league play with an 8-2 record. J.v. DIAMOND DEMUNS PAVE WAY T 0 LEAGUE CROWN . wwf? A ,fpflfl !dfeff'7 y . J, f' ' A W G .' ,i . T" 'T . ,AAA A i f .7" ,., A ,If Front Row: R. Alcaraz, D. Minami, T. Mori, H. Wong, J. Crist, B. Frederickson, J. Lewis, R. Perez. Row 2: Manager F. Swift, B. Riede, G. Komae, G. Kranke, T. Trinkle, J, Lancaster, E. Deboer, D. Nakamura, B. Medford. Row 3: Manager D. England, B. Bradshaw, L Swearingen, M. Oslin, S. Shenbargar, B. Joe, Coach Stan Smith. J. V. SCOREBOARD Gardena Gardena 'Ga rdena Gardena Gardena Gardena Gardena Gardena Gardena Gardena Gardena Gardena Gardena Gardena Gardena Gardena 12 12 Bell 24 Riis l9 Serra 5 Jackson Dorsey Manual Arts Jordan San Pedro 2 9 4 6 2 Carson 5 Narbonne 9 Jordan l San Pedro.... 9 Banning 9 Banning Ca rson ........ 9 Narbonne COACH STAN SMITH The i963 Gardena High School Junior Varsity Base- ball team repeated the feat of capturing the Marine League Title, as they did in 1962. However, this year the J. V.'s were co-champs, with San Perdo High, as each team boasted a 6-3-l record. ...A.. Abakumoft, Edward, 60 Abbate, Jeannette, 58 Abbott, Dr. John, 7, 27 Abel, Betty, 53 Abernathy, Kathleen, 30, 32, 78, 79, 82, 123 Ables, Jo Ann, 32, 96 A Cappella Choir, 88, 89 Acuna, V., 66 Acuna, Mary, 21 Acuna, Tony, 21 Apachi, Wayne, 62 Adair, Steve, 60, 109 Adam, Cindy, 79 Adams, Alexander, 55 Adams, Mariorie, 63 Address, S., 76, 111 Adams, Thomas, 32 Adkerson, S., 58 Aquirre, Irene, 32 Ainsworth, Carla, 21 Ainsworth, Jim, 109 Ainsworth, Valerie, 60, B9 MUHICANDEX Asmus, Tim, 124 Asturi, Virginia, 85 Athenians, 77 Ault, Chuch, 67 Auzenne, Carol, 17, 32, 86, 88, 97 Ayala, Marylou, 56 Ayers, Johnny, 55, 109, Babcock, Donald, 62 Baca, Becky, 60 Baca, Thomas, 32 Bailey, Miss, 8, 27 Bain, Don, 56 73, 75, 85 124 Baird, Roger, 54, 60, 77, 109 Baker, Sharon, 32 Baldiviez, Gloria, 32, 67 Baldwin, Diana, 56 Baldwin, Linda, 56 Baldwin, Pamala, 67 Baliski, Cheryl, 32 Bird, R., 60 Black, Mrs., 8, 24, 27 Blackburn, B., 63 Blain, C., 63 Blakley, D., 56 Blaser, C., 61, 73, 97 Block, Woadie, 54, 129 Blodgett, Charlotte, 2, 16, 85 Bloomquist, A., 62 Blythe, L., 63 Bogosian, S., 55 Bogroff, M., 59, 89 Bohne, Tracy, 33 Bonaguidi, J., 116 Boone, Leslie, 33, 85, 86, 97 Booker, DeWayne, 33, 99, 110 Booker, Douglas, 54 Boosheck, K., 64, 97 Booze, R., 54 Booze, Tim, 54 Borutzki, Ursula, 64 Bosha, V., 57 Bottaro, M., 61, 86 Boyd, R., 56 Bouma, K., 57 Burns, Donna, 97 Burns, Mary, 55 Burr, Lorretta, Burt, Richard, 14, 16, 17, 33, 48,69 74, 80, 81, 97 Burt, Robert, 14, 16, 17, 23, 33, 70 86, 97 Burton, Jim, 54, 92 Bushee, Jerry, 67, 124 Butler, Charon, 56, 85 Butler, Sharon, 33, 75 Byrd, Dave, 17, 33, 75, 86, 110 Byrne, Margaret, 55 Byrnes, John, 64 -C- Cabell, Dora, 57 Cacia, Dove, 124 Caeser, Paul, 33 Caldwell, Lee, 33 Callahan, Andrew, 33, 92 Callahan, James, 54, 116 Callella, Richard, 57 Aiso, Ann, 71, 95 Aiso, D,, 66 Akazawa, Melvin, 64 Albano, Mr., 8 Albertony, Mr., 92 Alcaraz, Richard, 54 Alihoy, M., 57 Alkire, Gloria, 95 Allan, Sandy, 66 Allbee, Sharon, 53 Allen, Bob, 56 Allen, Donald, 21 Allen, Gaylene, 56 Allen, Larry, 32, 67 Allen, Linda, 61, 67, 95 Allen, Max, 32, 74 Ball, Susan, 30, 32, 78, 79, 88, 147 Ballard, Becky, 66 Ballard, Steve, 66 Ballard, Yvonne, 21, 85 Balman, Marilyn, 32 Band, 84 Baptiste, Cynthia, 32 Barbera, Sam, 67, 89, 109 Barchenger, Cynthia, 54 Barch, Linda, 19, 21, B5 Bardwell, Byron, 92 Barlup, Elaine, 67 Barnes, Gregory, 55 Barnes, John, 67 Barnes, Terry, 56, 88 Barnett, Bob, 89, 90 Barrie, Joyce, 54, 75, 96 Bazora, Joe, 57 Boswell, Larry, 33 Bowen, Gayle, 54 Bownran, K., 57 Boys' Day, 80 Boys' League Cabinet, Braden, J., 61 Bradley, D., 61 Bradshaw, D., 61, 64 Bradshaw, Larry, 33 Branch, J., 67 Branch, K., 21, 86, 88 Brande, L., 66 Bradley, Mr., 8 Brannon, T., 55 Branscomb, B., 61 78, 79 Calleros, Frank, 33 Camou, Rosemary, 53, 77 Campbell, Mr., 8 Campbell, Jim, 17, 52, 80, 1 154 Canavia, J., 57 Caniglia, Jan, 74, 75, 54, 85 Cantin, Craig, 60 Cantu, Peggy, 62 Carey, C., 66 Carlson, Jean, 63 Carlton, Don, 63 Carr, Danny, 116 Carr, Diana, 34 Carr, Donna, 34 Carr, Lynn, 60, 95 Carr, Susan, 62 Boson, Georgia, 56 Allen, R., 66 Alongi, Madelina, 32, 48, 73, 84, 85, 86, 87 Alpha, Sharon, 60 Altman, Eileen, 32 Amemiya, Dickie, 57 Ames, G., 60 Amisco, Helen, 32 Anear, K., 67 Bartell, Roy, Jr., 56, 111 Bartlett, Larry, 54, 108 Bartley, Dorothy, 59 Bartolomie, Ivette, 67 Bartolotto, Margie, 74, 75, 76, 86 Barton, Mary Ann, 57, 85, 74, 143 Basketball Sweetheart, 117 Anderson, Rose Marie, 64 Anderson, Barbara, 59 Anderson, Bob, 55 Anderson D., 66 Anderson Donna, 21, 86 Anderson, Geoffrey, 55, 77, 84 Anderson, Judy, 52 Anderson, Karen, 95 Anderson, Mr. G., 8 Anderson, Mr. M., 8 Anderson, Sharon, 54 Andow, Teresa, 64, 86, 93, 95 Andress, Lindo, 77, 93 Andress, S., 60, 69 Andrus, Caren, 58 Antonelli, Susan, 57 Antrim, B., 66 Adki, Joan, S6 Aoto, Rodney, 32 Aowe, C., 67 Apodoca, Darrell, 59, 109 Apodoca, Gloria, 59 Apoluca, L., 57 Aranyos, Richard, 67 Aranyos, Steve, 61, 124 Archibeque, Esther, 52 Arellano, Maria, 60 Argent, Linda, 61 Arkenberg, Bill, 32, 124 Arney, Lindo, 54, 85 Arnogdi3Rochelle, 53, 70, 78, 154, Artigue, Eddie, 63, 88, 89 Artigue, Nancy, 93, 96 Asoi, Joyce, 52, 75 Bassolino, Ronald, 21, 110 Bastian, David, 56 Batchelor, Richard, 109 Beamon, Stanley, 124, 125 Beck, Jerry, 21 Becker, P., 66 Beckham, Judy, 56 Becklundi, Elaine, 62 Behar, Nancy, 59 Beisell, Mr., 7 Belcher, Bonnie, 56 Bell, David, 63, 129 Belt, J., 66 Bender, B., 32 Bender, S., 55, 95 Benjamin, Dorthy, 57 Bennett, Kathie, 32 Bennett, Robert, 32 Bennett, Russell, 32 Benning, Connie, 30, 32, 77 Benson, S., 55 Bentley, C., 16, 59 Berg, B., 60 Berry, Colin, 66, 86 Berry, Shane, 33, 69, 75, 78, 86 Bernal, E., 64 Bernhard, L., 55 Bettinger, R., 63 Beutter, G., 61, 96 Beverly, M., 58, 95 Beverly, S., 66 Bingamen, Linda, 33 Binner, B., 64 Biscoilus, Roland, 33, 104 Biscotti, Sherry, 60 Brant, S., 59 Breindel, Mr., 8 Brener, Tom, 55 Bressickello, E., 58 Brewer, Charlene, 33 Brickey, Marylou, 53 Briles, Charles, 33, BO Brissinger, S., 33, 86 Brokenbough, Diane, 30, 33, 76, 78 Brooks, Fred, 54 Brouglgtzon, Sandy, 86, 87, 89, 109, Brown, Brian, 54 Brown, Don, 55 Brown, Elmer, 57 Brown, Frank, 57 Brown, Ballant, 33 Brown, J., 66 Brown, Leslie, 56, 63 Brown, Marilyn, 78, 79 Brown, Marilyn, 17 Brown, Pat, 21 Brown, Sherrie, 67 Brown, Susan, 97 Carr, T., 56 Carter, Janet, 88, 96 Carter, Phyllis, 55, 96 Carter, Salley, 21, 56 Carver, Eddie, 57, 109 Carver, Gene, 88 Cass, Janet, 62 Casson, Norman, 56 Castillo, William, 54 Casto, Pamela, 34, 51, 153 Castro, Xavier, 109 Catesm, Jeannie, 54 Catron, Mike, 59, 88, 116 Cattermole, Mr., 8, 80 Cause, Joseph, 63 Celis, Armando, 62 Cels, Harvey, 57, 80, 116 Cernansky, Calvin, 63 Cerutti, Cathy, 89, 90 Cervantes, Robert, 59 Chandler, Sandro, 52, 144 Chapman, David, 54 Chappell, Steven, 69 Chavez, Bonnie, 55 Brownell, Maureen, 96, 53 Brownell, Susan, 84, 61 Bruhanski, Robert, 53 Brunicardi, Jean, Bruns, Donnie, 59, 97, 116 Bruns, Genie, 33 Bryant, Alceed, 54 Bryson, Glenn, 55, 81, 111 Buchonnan, L., 55 Buchanan, Miss, 8 Budd, Candace, 60, 95 Buning, K., 55 Buonoguidi, Johnny, 66, 97 Burch, Carol, 55 V Burch, Craig, 88, 90 Burian, Mary, 89 Burian, Suzanne, 61 Burks, Geoggrey, 129 Burnett, Donna, 59 Chavez, Jim, 64 Cheer Leaders, 87 Chen, Anita, 60, 88, 93, 95 Chess Club, 77 Childs, Sally, 63 Christopher, Pamela, 62 Christman, Miss, 8, 37 Chuman, Shunsuke, 58 Chung, Betty, 52 Cisne ros, Mr., 8, 97 Clark, Carol, 34 Clark, Jerry, 58, 84 Clark , Joyce, 62 Clark, Mike, 111 Clark, Randall, 55, 111 Clappell, S., 67 Clay, Linda, 34, 76 Clert, M., 63 Clemens, Roger, 55, 56, 58 l x Cline, Judy, 34,85 Clower, Jack, 62 Club Mohican Cabinet, 86 Coakley, Laurel, 34, 146 Coates, Thomas, 56 Cobb, Andrea, 63 Cochran, Dennis, 34 Coeds, 73 Cohen, Renee, 61 Cohen, Robin, 57, 74, 75, 84, 86, 93 Colaluca, Ralph, 53, 86, 124 Colcol, Ronald, 60 Cole, James, 54, 58 Collier, James, 116 Collier, Judy, 34 Collins, Ronald, 109 Collins, Russell, 34, 62 Collins, Terry, 92 Color Day, 29, 50 Colton, Steve, 58 Comras, Samuel, 64, 111 Condron, Ken, 34, 71 Cone, Cindy, 138 Conrad, Charlene, 64, 89, 90 Contreras, Ernie, 52, 124 Contreras, Tony, 34, 104, 146 Cook, Craig, 56 Cook, T., 63 Cook, Mr. Boyd, 8 Cooper, G., 66, 97 Cooper, Jackie, 59, 77, 85, 97 Coortney, R., 54 Coppin, Kevin, 60 Corbin, M., 60 Corn, Steve, 63 Casper, Jim, 59 Costlow, Paul, 54 Catt, Duane, 55 Cotton Day, 91 Cotter, Sunny, 57 Cottrell, B., 67 Cottrell, Carol, 62 Coulman, Donna, 34 Coulman, Robert, 56 Courrielche, Rebecca, 59 Courrielche, Rudy, 29 Courtney, Tom, 104 Cox, G., 58 Cox, Masha, 19, 21 Cox, Steve, 31, 106, 143 Cramer, Helen, 34 Crenshaw, Stephen, 54, 76, 77, 86 Cris, E., 63 Crist, Jack, 57, 92, 109 Cronin, Jackie, 53 Cross, Konnie, 67 Crowell, A., 63, 96 Crowell, Denny, 21, 66 Crowell, Jimmy, Crowell, Linda, 53 Crumbly, Barbara, 95 Cruzan, Sue, 58 Cuarisma, Chris, 61 Culkowski, Joanne, 60 Cunningham, R., 67 Cunna, Bill, 56 Cunningham, T., 66 Cunius, Mrs., 8 Custodio, Manuel, 56, 108, 109 Cutsinger, Gloria, 34 Cutsinger, Nellie, 61 Daddi, Vance, 55, 80, 108 Dahlen, Mr., 8, 58 Dailey, Steve, 54 Daligney, Mr., 8, 111 Dalrymgle, Susan, 34, 48, 74,,96, Dalton, P., 66, 97 Damiano, Joe, 21 Damico, Andre, 34, 1 1 1 MOHICA D'Andrea, Catherine, 61 Dane, Melinda, 21 Dangelo, Jack, 108 Daniel, Karen, 53 Daniels, Wayne, 58 Daro, Marty, 56 I Davis, G., 62 Davenport, Keith, 61, 84 Davgelo, J., 60 Davidson, Bill, 34, 77 Davidson, Shirley, 56, 89 Davila, Virginia, 62 Davis, Bill C., 55 Davis, Mr., 8 Davis, Bill O., 57 Davis, Gary, 108 Davis, Stephen, 56 Day, Bob, 89 Day, Carol, 34 Day, Robert, 34 Deana, Nick, 34, 80 DeArman, Denise, 57 DeBoer, Eddie, 60, 97, 116 DeCamp, Christina, 34 Decker, Pat, 56 Dedmon, Karen, 56, 97 DeForrest, Patricia, 53, 77 DeFrenne, Raelene, DeGregory, Linda, 85 de la Fuente, Gracie, 34 DeLarm, K., 66 Delebak, Janet, 58 Delgado, Albert, 34 Delgado, Nancy, 59 DeLong, Dan, 74, 75 DeMond, Mr., 66 DeMovlin, Neil, 55 DeSanto, Michael, 57 Deschner, Donna, 17, 35 Dewey, Ed, 14, 16, 17, 35, 42, 70, 74, 76, 84, 86, 97, 99, 155 Diaz Carmelita, 64, 80, 95 Dick, Larry, 21 Diedrich, Dennis, 63 Ditani, Randy, 59 Dikes, Linda, 63 Dikes, Ronald, 35 Dillian, Jerry, 55 Dimeo, Lilliam, 60 Dix, Steve, 59 Dixon, James, 63, 84 Dixon, Marvin, 35 Daft, M., 62 Dohi, L., 67 Doi, Gary, 55, 116 Doig, Lorne, 89, 109 Domae, G., 66 Donaldson, K., 67 Dorin, Paul, 89, 35, 129 Dorter, T., 54 Douglas, Bob, 57 Douglass, Mike, 16, 21, 74, 69, 86, 149, 155, 170, 72 Douty, J., 66 Downes, Linda, 35 Doyle, Carol, 58 Doyle, Michael, 59 Draper, Jack, 59 Dreher, R., 59 Dressell, Daneen, 63 Drill Team, 85 Drury, Kay, 21 Duane, W., 63 Duarte, R., 67 Dubry, Elaine, 85 Dubi, E., 57 Duckworth, Paul, 56 Dudley, Joe, 8, 24, 27, 109 Duff, Michael, 84 Dunham, Ron, 35 Dunn, F., 58 Duran, Ramona, 63 Duran, Richard, 63 Duritsch, D., 66 NDEX Dutton, LeRoy, 56 Dye, Pamela, 53, 123 Dynice, Theresa, 55 Dzikowski, Mary, 59 Earles, Sandra, 58, 85 Eaton, Celaine, 64 Eaton, Everett, 8 Eckstein, Mr., 8 Edgett, Gilbert, 67 Eiser, Tom, 55, 81, 129 Eleanor, V., 59 Ellenburg, Claudia, 64 Ellenburg, Linda, 35 Elliott, Howard, 62 Elliott, Jim, 59 Elliott, R., 66 Ellis, Dock, 21, 99 Ellis, Judy, 76, 86, 87, 93, 96 Ellis, Kenneth, 54 Ellison, Teresa, 64 Elstram, Tam, 55, 129 Elwell, Ran, 61 Emens, Cheri, 54 Emery, Stanley, 21 Emery, Mr., 8 Emoto, Glenn, 62 Emmes, Mr., 11 Encinas, Gilbert, 55, 81 England, Don, 57 England, Ronnie, 55 Engle, Dorothy, 56 Ensley, Sharon, 56, 85 Epple, Trudy, 16, 17, 57, 87, 93, 96, 109 Epstein, Carol, 57 Erickson, Larry, 21 Erickson, Rosalie, 55 Erkel, Genene, 56 Erwin, Bill, 58 Erwin, T., 66 Escalante, Michael, 55 Escobar, Robert, 35 Eshelman, Mr., 8 Esken, Larry, 21 Esparzo, Jim, 55, 109 Estrada, Ramon, 57 Evans, Alan, 35 Evans, Janet, 35, 48, 71, Evans, Jim, 59, 192 Evans, K., 55 Evans, Linda, 57 Evans, Richard, 60 Evans, Robert, 35, 60 Ezratty, Mrs., 9 ....p.. Fair, Earline, 35 Fair, R., 66 Faith, Tam, 54, 110 Faker, Tom, 52 Falls, Dean, 92 Falls, Roger, 60 Falls, Ronnie, 60 Faren, Robert, 56, 84 Farkash, Fred, 21 Farmer, Jim, 62 Fatal, I., 66 Faye, Steve, 35 FBLA, 77 Fecko, Rita, 59 Fedunak, Paul, 63 Fein, Barbara, 15, 35, 80 Felhandler, Arlene, 35 Felio, Linda, 72, 86, 96, 9 Ferco, J., 129 Fernandez, Terry, 21 Ferro, John, 58, 77 Fettig, Duane, 53, 65 Ficarella, Joan, 62 Field Day, 29 71,81,86, 90 7, 129, 155 Fields, Christine, 62 Fietz, George, 55 Figueredo, Pat, 57 Fischer, Shirley, 95 Fisher, John, 62 Fisher, Judith, 58 Fishman, Merle, 35, 42, 50, 96 Fitzpatrick, L., 62 Fitzpatrick, Malcom, 53 Flanery, Kathryn, 35 Flaskerod, Ted, 61 Fleeman, Rod, 57 Fletcher, Marilyn, 67 Flinn, Diane, 58 Florence, Catherine, 62 Florer, Ken, 35, 92 Fluman, B., 97 Flushman, Jay, 56 Flygare, Richard, 67 Folkrod, K., 67 Folkrod, Susan, 17, 40, 67, 74, 75 80, 85 Football, 102 Ford, Mike, 61 Fortin, Susan, 35 Fosnaugh, Arvid, 62 Foster, Cecil, 60 Foster, Deanna, 64, 93 Foster, Elaine, 55 Fountain, R., 66 Fox, Don, 61 Fox, Shirley, 64, 84 Francis, John, 57, 109 Francis, Stan, 61, 109 Francisco, Pamela, 60, 73, 77, 97 Franco, Rebecca, 59, 85 Franklin, Donald, 35, 48, 51, 80, 105, 153 Franklin, Herbert, 56 Franklin, O., 66 Franzen, George, 35, 71, 86 Freau, D., 56 Frederecks, Janice, 35 Fredet, Emile, 54 Frederickson, Barbara, 56, 96 Frederickson, Bob, 79, 105 Freeman, Carmelle, 59 Freeman, Julie, 55 Freres, Evelyn, 54, 93, 96 Friedman, L., 61 Frilot, C., 56 Fritz, Sharon, 22, 27 Fryar, Wes, 22 Fujimoto, D., 60 Fuiioki, R., 66 Fujita, Cary, 56 Fujita, D., 66, 197 Fujita, Eunice, 55 Fukanaga, Atsuko, 22, 96 Fukuoka, Peggy, 60, 77, 93, 96 Fuller, J., 66, 97 Fuller, Lawrence, 62, 109 Fulton, Mary Lou, 63 FBLA, 76, 77 Furusawa, Jitsua, 35 Furusawa, Mary, 55 Furutani, Norman, 84, 89 Furutani, Warren, 62, 129 Future Farmers of America, 92 -G- GAA Cabinet, 94 GAA, 95, 96 Gablehouse, Donald, 36 Gablehouse, James, 92 Gackes, T., 63 Gadsby, Karen, 36 Gaede, Mr., 9 Galbreath, Carol, 22 Galiger, Gary, 22 Galiato, Kathy, 61 Gambino, Mr., 9, 124 Gamrat, Mr., 9 Garcia, Martha Inez, 52, 53, 76, 96 Garcia, Reina, 22, 77 Garrett, Donald, 57 Garrett, Donna, 54, 84 Garst, Nena, 62, 89, 90 Garst, Preston, 36, 56 Garst, Randy, 16, 36, 69, 70, 72, 86, 97, 109 Garza, Diane, 62 Gatley, Patricia, 36 Geib, Susan, 17, 36, 76 Geilenfeldt, Larry, 61, 69, 86 Gelman, Mr., 9 Generoso, Vince, 36, 76, 111 George, Judy, 36 Gerutti, C., 90 Gertner, Charlie, 57 Gibson, Gerald, 36 Gibbsuson, John, 52 Gilbert, Carolyn, 56 Gilbert, Dennis, 63, 111 Gilbert, Gregory, 62 Gilica, Victor, 59 Gill, G., 67 Gilliland, Robert, 64 Gillis, Bobbie, 36, 48, 56, 75, 153 Gilmore, Floyd, 67 Gioia, C., 124 Girdner, Jonita, 54 Girls' League, 78, 79 Girls' Days, 80 Giuliano, Judgf, 30, 36, 48, 71, 74, 75, 86, 7,101,146 Gluckman, Ronnie, 63 Gluckman, Sid, 57 Goens, Edwina, 59 Gohata, Edwin, 62, 89 Goldberg, Mr., 9 Golden, Bob, 61 Gonzales, Louie, 57, 105 Gonzalez, M., 66 Good, Anita, 54 Good, Kenny, 63 Goodman, Mr., 9 Goodnight, William, 58, B4 Goodson, Sharon, 54 Goodwin, Marlana, 36 Goodwin, Mr., 9 Gordon, Ed, 22 Gornam, Sharon, 55 Gassett, Carol, 36, 75, 145 Goto, Melvin, 36 Goudge, Steve, 60 Graczyk, Kathy, 57 Grady, Cathy, 64, 97 Grady, Mr., 9 Graee, Johnny, 63 Gramlick, Mike, 63, 109 Grant, Jim, 56 Gray, James, 36 Gray, Mrs., 9 Gray, Karen, 54 Greco, Janis, 58 Greco, Paul, 36 Green, Carol, 53 Green, Steve, 59 Greenacre, C., 97 Greenacre, Charles, 62 Greenawalt, Barbara, 62 Greenberg, Allen R., 77 Greene, Deanna, 55 Green, D., 93 Green, S., 59 Grieco, Karen, 36 Griffin, Frank, 36 Grippe, Steve, 62 Griskonis, Linda, 61 Graff, Diana, 7, 36, 41, 76, 96, 97 Grossman, Gigi, 54, 80, 82 Grundstrom, Mary, 56 Gruver, Denis, 36 Gruver, Jack, 63 Guasti, Donna, 36, 145 Guckes, Tim, 111 MOHICA Gullage, Sharon, 36, 77 Gulliver, Robert, 22, 27, 72, 76, 84, 86, 89, 69, 70, 155 Gumm, Wayne, 80, 89 Gunnarson, S., 66 Gunsaullus, Tammy, 36 Gurks, G., 64 Gurski, Judith, 55, 95 Gusman, Clayton, 64 Gusman, Mary, 55 Guttormson, Kenny, 64 Guzman, Paul, 36 -H- Hacker, Eleanor, 37, 97 Hackett, L., 96 Hackler, Carl, 58, 59 Hada, J., 66, 97 Hadley, JoAnn, 85 Haight, Corky, 22 Hair, Gary, 52, 71, 76 Hair, Linda, 59, 86 Hale, Margie, 55 Halkin, Jeff, 60 Hall, Bill, 55 Hall, Dale, 109 Hall, Tom, 37 Hallock, Teri, 60, 84 Hallberg, Lynda, 37 Holleen, Ronald, 37, 88, 90, 110 Holm, Linda, 56 Hamada, Cynthia, 54 Hamilton, Becky, 60, 93, 95 Hamilton, Mrs., 9 Hamlin, Beverly, 53 Hamm, Mrs., 9 Hammond, Chuck, 37 Hammer, Ronnie, 62 Hampton, Sheryl, 95, 97 Hanafusa, Karen, 27, 37, 38, 73, 75 NDEX Haynes, Vernell, 64 Hays, Sharon, 56 Hazelrigg, Judy, 54, 86, 87 Hazelrigg, Mr., 9, 41 Heap, Mr., 9, 129 Heath, Douglas, 55 Heath, Linda, 37 Heath, Terry, 56 Hechinpecker, H., 66 Heckelman, Cheryl, 37, 96 Hedtkamp, Donald, 116 Heelstone, Carole, 19, 22, 74, 85 Height, Jim, 67, 105 Heller, Michele, 37 Hendfgsgon, Larry, 16, 22, 69, 71, Hendricks, Gayle, 63 Henry, Edward, 58 Henson, Henson, Herbert, Heredia, Heredia, Herman. Herman, Hernand Herncnd Hernand Hernand Harold, 109 Ralph, 67 Karen, 60, 97 Ed, 59, 108 Richard, 37, 69 Linda, 80 Llovd, 56 ez, Gloria, 54 ez, H., 61 ez, L., 57 ez, Marguerite, 89 Hernon, Gloria, 37, 89 Herrick, Dorothy, 59, 86 Herrick, Sharon, 22 Herrinet, Ron, 64 Hess, Edward, 60 Hicks, Mrs., 11 Hicks, Wally, 63, 124 Hickson, Higa, La Higashi, Hight, Ji Marilyn, 37 nce, 60 Doug, 37 m, 124 Hin, Berry, 54 94, 95, 108 Hanes, Gaye, 64 Hanes, Richard, 57 Hanke, Steven, 63, 77, 97, 116 Hanna, Dixie, 61 Hannon, Fred, 37, 48, 86, 99 Hansen, Bill, 116 Hansen, Hansen, Jennette, 37, 55, 75, 76 Steve, 63 Happolt, J., 66 Hara, D., 60, 77 Hora, Kenneth, 37 Harder, Y., 66 Hardy, D., 61 Harkink, Larry, 56 Harley, John, 64 Harmon, Jackie, 64, 96 Harmon, S., 66 Harper, Harper, Jackie, 63 Sherry, 57 Harris, Barbara Jean, 37, 52 Harris, Barbara S., 56 Harris, Charles, 57, 77 Harris, Martin, 37 Harris, Mary, 60 Harris, Patricia, 58 Harrison, Dianne, 63 Harrison, E., 67 Harrison, James, 22, 69, 71, 76, 155 Hart, J., 99 Hart, Pat Charles, 56 Hart, David, 63, 92 Hart, Rhonda, 63 Harvey, Frank, 56 Harvey, Susan, 56, 95 Hasegawa, Mitsumoso, 37, 57 Hata, Glen, 54 Hill, Dennis, 55, 59, 147 Hill, J., 55 Hinkle, D., 66, 76 Hino, Steve, 64, 66, 97 Hinton, Glenda, 37 Hironaga, Glenn, 62 Hiramatsu, Kathy, 60, 95, 97 Hitchcock, Raye, 53 Hobson, Sally, 86 Hoby, Susan, 54, 86, 96, 97 Hodgson, Barbara, 62 Hoel, Janet, 16, 17, 37, 49, 71, 72, 75, 76, 80, 86, 87, 97, 109 117, 155 Hofeling, Carmen, 37 Hoffer, Wayne, 60 Hoffman, Carole, 64 Hoffman, Sharon, 60 Hoffmaster, Harvey, 62 Hogan, Paula, 54, 86, 96, 97 Haier, Richard, 109 Holder, Sherry, 58 Holdridge, Gail, 54 Holer, R., 54 Holland, Patricia, 37 Holliday, Barbara, 37, 92 Holton, Cheryl, 38 Holman, J., 66 Honda, Wallace, 57, 124, 125 Hongslo, JoAnn, 29, 30, 32, 38, 48, 78, 96, 142 Hood, Ken, 56, 69, 86 Hari, Janice, 62 Horn, Donald, 16, 19, 22, 24, 27 28, 29, 71, 99, 104, 106 Horn, Stuart, 19, 22, 27, 29, 104, 106 Horne, John, 60 Hatfield, Les, 64, 109 Hankins Hayashi, , Cecilia, 63 JoAnn, 54, 95, 96 Hayashi, Jerry, 22, 60 Hayashi, Judy, 97 Hayes, Richard, 63 Honor Highsteppers, 84 Honstra, Carol, 38 Horvath, Joe, 53 Hoshins, D., 67 Hosaka, Patricia, 54 Hotmer, Frances, 57 Hovsepian, Ken, 53, 69, 89 Howard, Barbara, 22, 74, 101 Howard, Carolyn, 56 Howard, Don, 34, 38, 104, 151 Howard, Meredith, 22 Howell, Daria, 56 Hyman, W., 60 Hunt, L., 56 Hoyt, Ronald, 63 Huddleston, Susan, 93 Hudgeons, Pam, 60 Huff, Susan, 52, 96 Hugar, James, 62 Hughes, Helen, 28, 38 Hughes, Sydno, 59 Huisenga, J., 66 Humphrey, Diane, 57, 95 Humphrey, Gail, 60, 86 Hunt, L., 89 1 I ... Ichincgtgubo, Joyce, 71, 73, 75, 38 lhara, Danny, 17, 69, 129 Ike, Jerry, 38 Ike, Ted, 38 lkegcargg Nancy, 1, 27, 74, 95, 96 lkeiiri, Pam, 16, 17, 27 38, 48, 70 76, 78, 79, so, 95, 108 lkeiiri, Shirley, 63, 96 lmomura, C., 67 lnagaki, Tomiko, 38 Inafomi, Karen, 38, 96 Ingles, Robert, 22 lno, Janice, 55 lnose, Lily, 16, 52, 73, 78, 79, 80 lsaoc, Henry, 38 Isaac, K., 67 Isaacs, Jim, 61 Isaacs, Mrs., 9 Isaacson, Johnny, 52, 124 Ishimoto, Joyce, 62, 96, 97 lshino, Amy, 57, 78, 96 lsobe, Craig, 64 Ito, Ann, 38, 95 Ito, Eugene, 57 Ito, Richard, 58, 169 Iverson, Donna, 55 lwamasa, Chizuko, 58 lwooko, Junko, 58 Izawa, Marion, 64, 95, 97 ..J.. Jacks, Lana, 19, 22, 71, 77, 143 Jocks, Leslie, 85 Jackson, Christine, 38 Jackson, Janet, 38, 81, 88 Jackson, Joan, 60, 95 Jacobson, Robert, 22 James, Jimmie, 60, 109 James, Phil, 59 James, Saundra, 55 James, William, 60 Janes, Miss, 9 Janossy, James, 59, 76 Jantz, Judy, 96 Jarmin, Carol, 58 Jefferson, Julienne, 60, 88, 95, 97 Jemanik, M., 63 Jenkin, J., 55 Jenkins, Roosevelt, 38 Jensen, William, 38 Jerome, Eugenie, 38 Jerome, Jerry, 61, 105 Jeter, Ronnie, 54 Johnson, Bruce, 116 Johansen, Ralph, 57 Johansen, Tom, 38 John, Kathy, 57, 77 Johnsen, Charles, 38 Johnson, Carol, 61 72, 73, 88, 89, 90, 95, 96, Johnson, Davin, 55, 67 Johnson, Frank, 56, 71 Johnson, Gary, 57, 124 Johnson, Johnny, 124 Johnio1ng Karen, 34, 38, 74, 85, 123, Johnson, Laura, 38 Johnson, Linda, 61 Johnson, Marie, 56 Johnson, Mr., 9, 92 Johnson, Noreen, 58 Johnson, Richard, 67 Johnson, Kit, 38, 69, 74, 75, 97, 99 154 112, 113,116, 117, Joe, B., 67 Jones, Charles, 38 Jones, Diane, 63, 64 Jones, Mary, 57, 86, 96 Jones, Saundra, 39, 89, 90 Jono, Robert, 57, 109 Jouce, P., 57 Journalism, 75 Juarez, Joe, 85 Juarez, Joe, 39, 89 Juhl, Marilyn, 59, 77 Juntunen, Denise, 64 -K- Kadoguchi, Janice, 60 Kadoguchi, Shirley, 39 Kagawa, Bruce, 62 Kahn, Bruce, 62 Kohler, Linda, 52 Kahn, Susan, 39 Laiiwara, Sharon, 39, 95 Kakugawa, Joyce, 63 Komio, Bill, 22 Kamio, Janet, 64 Kamiya, Ron, 39 Kane, Jackie, 27, 39, 73, as, ab, 93, 145 Kaneshiro, Patsy, 62, 95 Karatsu, Mike, 62 Karatsu, M., 84 Karback, Mr., 9 Karsh, Tom, 67, 109 Katsuki, Takako, 60, 95 Kawabata, Eiko, 22 Kawabata, Julia, 60, 93, 95 Kawauchi, Linda, 56, 97 Kawahara Alynette, 60, 95 Kawahara, Larry, 62 Kayer, Monica, 22 Kearney, John, 39, 84 Keats, Shirley, 60 Keller, Darlene, 39, 76 Keller, J., 56 Kelley, Linda, 61, 86 Kellner, Joyce, 39, 74 Kelly, Olivia lDeniseJ, 64, 97 Kelly, Sheila, 62 Kempt, Terry, 64 Kenney, Cliff, 67 Kent, John, 58 Kerr, Colleen, 39, 89 Kessler, Connie, 96 Kessler, Joanne, 73, 97 Key, James, 57 Key Club, 69 Kibler, Denise, 61 Kiiohara, Helen, 39 Kikawo, J., 66 Kikawo, Ross, 109, 152 Kilmer, Charlene, 88, 95 Kilroy, Linda, 60, 93 Kim, Calvin, 54 Kim, Sharon, 39, 81, 96 Kim, W., 66, 129 Kimber, lrvin, 81, 84, 89 Kimbol, Miss, 9, 23 Kimbrough, Nancy, 39, 77, 86, 96 Kimmerle, Lynn, 82 Kimura, Evelyn, 95, 97 MOI-IICANDEX Kimura, Ken, 39, 40, 50, 99, 104, 106 Kinda, Darlene, 23, 77 King, D., 59 King, Ramon, 63 Kinsey, Charles, 62, 111 Kinyon, Gary, 59 Kirk, Jim, 39 Kirk, Mary, 54 Kirkman, Rita, 63 Kissinger, Mr., 9 Kitano, Erma, 64, 95 Kitano, Linda, 62, 95 Kirohara, Helen, 22 Kiyomura, Karen, 57, 95 Klasse, Lindo, 63 Kline, Joe, 23, 69, 74, 77, 86, 88, 155 Klooz, Teresa, 63 Klover, Priscilla, 63 Knierim, Kent, 39, 48 Knights, 70 Knight, Larry, 62 Knott, Ken, 53 Knouse, Virginia, 55, 88, 90 Knowlton, Mr., 9 Knutson, Lis, 54 Kobata, Dennis, 55 Kobata, Gerald, 62 Kobata, Wayne, 23, 71 Kobish, A., 129 Koch, Anita, 63, 97 Kohama, Janice, 39 Koiako, Ann, 96 Koiimoto, Karen, 86, 93, 95 Koyama, Carol, 55 Koyama, Gerry, 17, 30, 32, 48, 74, 99, 117 Kozak, Chuck, 53 Krak, Rita, 60 Kramer, Kathy, 39, 83, 88 Kranke, Gil, 61, 109 Krappe, Mrs., 9 Kreitzman, Rozann, 60, 62, 95 Krey, Ernest, 84, 89 Krizmanich, Miss, 9 Kroger, Connie, 56 Krupovich, Robert, 63 Kubishta, B., 66 Kubishita, Randy, 58, 77 Kuda, B., 66 Kulluck, John, 23, 27, 143 Kulluck, Maryann, 59 Kulzer, Margaret, 63 Kumagai, Henry, 39 Kullelehne, Dean, 63, 109 Kunkel, Ronnie, 57, 92 Kunzelman, Bob, 39 Kurtz, Sally, 58 Kvilvang, John, 55 Kyer, Ellen, 57, 96 -L- Laborte, Theodore, 39 Lacken, John, 62 Lacken, Larry, 39 Lackmon, Rose, 57 LaCuesta, Lloyd, 60, 80, 1 11, 129 LaCusta, Peter, 88, 90, 129 Laface, Charles, 67 LaFontaine, Dorothy, 54 Lair, Martin, 88 Lamb, Bruce, 63, 88, 90 Lambert, Jack, 55 Lamm, G., 66, 97 Lamping, Robert, 54 Lanar, L., 66 Lancaster, Dan, 57 Lancaster, Jeyyrey, 64, 105 Landmark, Cheryl, 52 Landry, Alex, 40 Langan, Laurie, 56 Lange, Kathy, 40, 74 Langley, Steve, 56 Lara, Michael, 40 Lara, S., 66 Largaticha, Elenor, 56 Larnbdin, H., 62 Larson, Dean, 63 Larson, Rita, 64 Las Laureas, 71 Latin Club, 93 Latham, Terry, 59 Latta, Janis, 60, 88 LaVancil, Mr., 9 Lauer, LeRoy, 50, 51, 76 Launer, Alred, 40 Lauritz, Nancy, 60, 95 Lauzon, Andre, 50 Lauzon, Henry, 56 Lawler, Diane, 62 Lawless, Edward, 55 Lawrence, Mrs., 9, 10 Layer, Joyce, 67, 96 Layton, Diana, 60 Lazar, T., 77, 81 Leach, Wendy, 57 Leake, J., 66 Leamon, Claudia, 86 Leavitt, Phil, 59, 76, 77 Leavitt, Rita, 23 Ledesma, Mr., 8, 10 Lee, Carolyn, 40 Lee, Charles, 62 Lee, Jbgene, 63, 40, 71, 76, 96, 97, Lee, J., 66 Lee, Janet, 92 Lee, Judith, 52, 53 Lee, Russ, 56 Lee, Stanley, 61, 109 Lee, Thomas, 109 Leedy, Philip, 57 Leeming, C., 66 Leeming, Eileen, 58, 85 Leffler, Larry, 67 Lehr, Mike, 129 Lemon, Miss, 10, 23 Leo, Ronald, 55 Leon, Arthur, 59 Lester, Adrienne, 63, 97 Lauar, John, 67 Lewis, Jimmy, 59, 105, 107 Lewis, Mrs., 10, 84 Lewis, Tom, 62 Lewis, Wayne, 129 Limprecht, Loretta, 67 Linch, Carole, 57 Lincoln, Kathy, 40 Lindsay, Mrs, 7 Ling, F., 60, 95 Lingwall, Dennis, 40 Litke, Darline, 61, 96 Litke, Carrell, B4 Littress, Miss Thelma, 10 Lloyd, Jim 53 Lockhart, Bill, 57 Logan, A., 54 Logan, William, 59 Logue, Francine, 93, 97 Long, Mary, 54 Long, Verla, 61 Longacre, Dona, 56, 86, 96, 97 Loomis, Laura, 71 Looyenga, Gretchen, 40, 101, 142 Looyenga, Hans, 63 Lopez, Barbara, 61 Lopez, Geraldine, 63 Lopez, H., 124 Lopez, Richard, 67, 81 Lopez, Ron, 104, 106, 107, 124, 125 Lou, Jeffrey, 59, 77 Louecky, Annette, 63 Loughborough, Mr., 10, 23 Loving, S., 66 Luckey, Doreatha, 58 Ludwig, Margie, 56 Luhman, A., 60 Luno, Karen, 57, 86 Lyon, Joy, 56 Lyon, Nora, 53, 95 Lyons, P., 66 Lyster, Paddy, 60 -Mc- McCartney, Kathleen, 55, 73, 89 90, 96, 97 McCartney, Mary, 37, 41, 48, 70 97 McCartney, Maureen, 60 McCary, Roy, 41 McClean, Gerry, 61, 77 McCluney, Dennis, 61 McCombs, L., 66 McComb, T., 66 McCoy, Earlene, 63, 95 McCoy, Jeff, 23, 89, 153 McCoy, Lorraine, 60 McCoy, Tim, 63, 92 McDade, Carol, 41 McDonald, Cheryl, 57 McDonald, Dorothy, 62 McKlgunn, Judy, 23 McFadden, John, 55 McFarland, Aggie, 77, 81, 86 McGarr, Fred, 61, 77 McGeer, M., 60 McGrady, Kathleen, 60 McGuire, Miss, 7 McGuire, Gary, 56, 58, 129 McGuire, Linda, 23, 86 McHugh, Mr. Robert, 10 Mclntyre, Greigh, 52 Mclntyre, Karen, 51, 52, 144 McKenerick, Nan, 53 McKenna, Mr,, 10 McLeod, Ardath, 63 McLean, Merilyn, 56 McLorn, M,, 66 McMicken, Grant, 23 McMicken, Vernon, 67, 97 McNair, Dorothy, 57, 74, 76 McNciii'6, Donald, 41, 99, 108, 109, McNamara, Laura, 60 McNamara, Richard, 56 McNeil, Linda, 63, 86 McPherson, Ronnie, 61 McQuenn, Sue, 55, 81, 97 ...M- Machado, Angel, 59, 124 Mack, Patricia, 63 Macksoud, James, 40 Macnider, Edna, 63 Madrigals, 90 Madrigal, Virginia, 55 Madsen, Connie, 40, 88 Maggard, Mr., 10 Mahon, Danny, 40, 92 Maiurt, Phillip, 60 Mallin, Charmion, 57, 76, 93 Malone, Mike, 40, 111 Mangum, Carolyn, 40 Manor, Johnny, 40, 147 Mannix, P., 67 Mansfield, Linda, 60 Mansfield, Ruth, 57 Manson, S., 67 Montes, L., 61 Mantegazza, Alex, 54, 77 Manto, Vince, 57 Manyik, Shraon, 23 Maciel, M., 55 Marcil, Janice, 96 Marcil, John, 40 Marcotte, Judy, 60, 95 Markovits, Carl, 40 Marquez, Marquita, 54 Marquis, F., 60 Marsh, Mr., 10 Marshall, Bud, 55, 75 Martin, Alan, 56 Martin, Mr., 10 Martin, L., 66 Martinez, Danny, 40, 129 Martinez, Martinez, Martois, James, 16, 23, 69, 71, 155 Marvin, Pat, 58 Mason, Larry, 58 Masuda, Jerry, 55 Masuda, Ronnie, 23 Mario, 40, 84 Michele, 64, 88, 89, 97 Motsuda, Seiko, 56 Motsudo, Ann, 40, 95 Matsuda, Faye, 63, 95 Matsuda, G., 129 Matsuda, Janice, 95 Matsumoto, Elaine, 23 Matsumoto, Richard, 62 Matsumoto, Salley, 56 Matsuno, Alvin, 53, 109 Motto, John, 56 Matthews, Jean, 60 Maust, Lana, 40 Maxley, S., 56 May, Barry, 40 Mayeda, Janie, 59, 77 Mayer, Rose Marie, 60, 89 Mayhew, Dennis, 23, 61, 69, 72, 86, 89, 155 Mayhew, Sandy, 67 Mays, Sherrie, 60, 95, 97 Mazey, George, 40, 92 Meador, Anna, 93 Meador, M., 67 Meadors, Frank, 63 Meadors, Peggy, 41, 76 Mears, Clifford, 41 Mechlnig, Rita, 61, 95 Mecure, Dilbert, 71 Medford, Bill, 17, 69 Medford, W., 60 Meeks, Ronald, 62 Megenhardt, Bruce, 41 Melgar, Richard, 61, 111 Melhord, Max, 64, 92, 108 Melton, Steve, 56 Menchaca, Lindo, 56, 86, 96 Menclell, Davis, 57, 77, 111 Mendibles, Willie, 54 Mercure, Delbert, 23, 69, 155 Metcalf, Miss, 10 Methlie, Nancy, 62 Metz, Ronnie, 41 Meyer, Bobby, 89, 109 Meyers, Cynthia, 60 Meza, Elaine Dee, 96 Miechaelsan, Susan, 61, 73, 86, 97 Michihara, Ray, 109 Miguel, Greg, 57, 86 Mikami, Shirley, 60, 95, 97 Mikawa, Gladys, 41, 75, 88, 95 MOI-IICANDEX Minami, Neil, 23, 70, 74, 99, 145 Miniszowski, Gary, 129 Minuto, Frank, 61 Miretti, Maggie, 41, 74, 117, 147, 154 Miskimen, James, 60, 92 Miss Football, 100 Mitchell, Betty, 41, 96 Mitchell, John, 64, 109 Mitchell, Richard, 58 Mitsueda, Janice, 62 Mitsuhota, Kenny, 40, 41, 99 Miyakawa, Betty, 55 Miyoshi, U., 67 Mizutani, Linda, 64, 96 Modern Dance, 88 Mohn, Thomas, 54 Moilan, Janie, 54 Moldenhauer, Karen, 16, 57, 86, 87 Monarchs W '64, 52, 53 Moniz, Amelia, 55 Monson, Betty Monte, Bob, 59 Monte, Virginia, 66 Nakano, Charlton, 77 Nakano, J., 66 Nakano Nakano , Jerry, 55 , Judy, 42 Nakashima, Joyce, 64 Nakawatase, Midori, 33, 42, 73, 76, 79, 97 Nakayama, Arleen, 57, 73, 79, 81, 86, 93, 96 Nakayama, Irene, 39, 42, 71, 73, 74, 75, 86, 93, 95 Nash, Sam, 58 Nash, Tom, 42, 56 Neal, Mickey, 23 Neff, Pamela, 57, 96 Negrete, David, 109 Negrete, Vicki, 42, 51 Neiiahr, Brian, 42, 111 Neill, Mr., 10, 84, 88 Neilsen, Russ, 67 Nelson, Christine, 55, 85, 153 Nelson, Pearlei, 67 Nelson, Trina, 42, 97 Nesbit, M., 66 Nestor, David, 56 Montgomery,, Carolyn Sue, 60 Moore, David, 41 Moore, Gerald, 56 Nestor, Francis, 42 Neustedt, Joan, 42 Newport, Craig, 67 Moore, Judy, 62 Moore, Larry, 41 Moore, Paul, 54, 99 Moore, Vickie, 56 Morales, Isobel, 56 Moran, Charllie Moe, 57, 89 Morgan, Kathy, 61 Morgan, L., 66 Mori, Tom, 54, 109 Morimoto, Russell, 59 Morioka, Joyce, 41 Morishita, Dianne, 41, 73, 95 Mormon, John, 52, 124 Morro, Carol, 63 Morris, Steven, 59, 77, 97 Morrison, Jim, 60 Morrow, Diane, 74, 85 Moser, Donna, 63 Mosley, Carol, 57 Most, Terry, 23 Motonaga, Roy, 55 Motto, Karen, 61 Muauda, D., 57 Muha, Richard, 63 Muir, Linda, 81, 88 Mullee, Bruce, 23, 77, 84 Mullenaux, Twilla, 41 Munesato, Dean, 60, 1 1 1 Munsey, Dennis, 41, 48, 99, 104, 138 Newton, Ken, 92 Nichols, Greg, 54 Nichols, Jeff, 57 Nichols, Ronnie, 42, 74 Ng, Lawrence, Nickens, Tom, 60, 97, 116 Nicol, T., 66 Nikrent, Nikki, 93, 95 Niles, Mr., 10 Nimertr o, Sheryl, 57 Nisewoner, John, 55 Nishi, Hiro, 60, 124 Nishi, Reruhisa, 61, 109 Nishimura, Tomiye, 54 Nitoke, M., 66 Nada, Dennis, 56 Ono, Chris, 55, 67 Ono, Marsha, 71, 73, 75, 76, 96, 100 Orchestra 88 O'Reilly, Roy, 84 Ordonez, J., 67 Ornelas, Joe, 42, 105 Ornelas, Kathy, 59 Ortega, Mary, 56 Osborn, Kathie, 53 Osborn, Mona, 84, 92 Osborne, Carolyn, Oshita, T., 59 Oslin, Mike, 59 Oslin, Saundra, 60 Oto, gryancis, 42, 69, 71, 76, 78, 79, Otsu, Fumio, 40, 42 Otto, Francile, 61 Ouse, Ron, 57 Overggeet, Lana, 17, 55, 73, 76, 96, Owen, Mr., 10 Owens, Patty, 63 Oxford, lan, 57, 124 Oya, Earl, 63 Oylear, Rebecca, 57, 96 ..p- Paarola, Sharon, 56 Paorsch, Erich, 43 Parrsch, Chris, 88 Padilla, M., 60, 108 Palmer, R., 116 Pangburn, J., 62 Paniagua, B., 57 Ponovich, Mr., 10 Pannell, Barbara, 43, 74 Parco, D., 63 Park, P., 63 Parker, F., 56 Parker, J., 111 Parks, C., 43, 99 Parks, K., 43, 81, 96 Nogrady, Mary, 60 Noguchi, Lawrence, 57, 84 Noles, C., 56 Nonettes, 89 Nonettes, Judy, 90 Nordness, Judy, 62 Norman, Neal, 58 Normandie, Paul, 57, 124 Northern, Phyllis, 60, 96, 97 Norton, Pat, 54 Norton, Tedro, 60 Norwoods, Jim, 42 Farmer, J., 59 Parr, D., 55 Pastor, J., 43 Patey, L., 57 Patterson, C., 129 Patterson, K., , 74 Patterson, L., , 93, 95 Patterson, S., Paxton, G., 109 Payne, H., 16, 17, 29, 43, 48, 70, 75, 78, 79, 99, 106, 144 Murakami, Masoko, 53 Murakami, L., 67 Murakami, Ronald, 41 Muranaka, Toshie, 41 Murata, Victor, 124 Murawski, Jean, 17, 59, 76, 77, 97 Murillo, Manuel, 60, 84 Murphy, John, 124 Nozawa, Irene 52, 70, 73, 76, 78, Nozawa, Irene, , 52, 70, 73, 76, 78, 79 -0- O'Brien, Peggy, 62 Oda, John, 62, 108 Oden, Gergory, 61, 115 Milla, Coa Miller, Mrs., 10 Miller, Don, 41, 88 Miller, Everet, 69, 73, 76, 77 Miller, Glen, 41 Miller, Gregory, 80, 84, 89 Miller, Jer Miller, JoAnn, 60 Miller, Maureen, 63 Miller, Pat, 56 Miller, Patsy, 57 Miller, Richard, 84 Miller, Roy, 55, 63 Miller, Saundra, 28, 41 Miller, Susan, 58 Millett, Alora, 23, 76, 82, 88, 90 ch, 108 ry, 52, 108, 109 Murphy, oKthleen, 40, 42 Murray, Karen, 61, 97 Murrell, Thelma, 62, 81 Murrieta, Gloria, 57, 86 Murrieta, Pat, 66 Myers, Dennis, 63 Myers, Jo Ellen, 52, 67 -N-. Nabonne, Phillip, 42 Nakagawa, Janet, 67 Nakagawa, Roy, 52 Nokahira, Noboru, 42 Nakoiima, Donna, 59, 77 Millett, La Mar, 63 Millican, Mary, 60 Milligan, K, 63 Minami, Dale, 54, 69, 71, 76, 80 Nakamura, Dave, 63, 109 Nakamura, Dorothy, 52 Nakamura, Noboru, 41, 105 Nakamura, Tsuyoshi, 41 Oden, Shirley, 42 O'Donnell, Tom, 42 Ogi, Mrs., 10 Ogomori, Diane, 42, 73, 82 Ogomori, Susan, 63, 96 Ohara, Sandy, 42 O'Harer, Cathy, 54 Okada,-Alice, 60, 95, 97 Okamoto, Ben, 62, 92 Okano, Yukio, 55, 69, 76 Okubo, Pamela, 58 Okuno, Ruby, 96 Olesky, Johnny, 42, 75 Olguin, Nancy, 67 Oliphant, Melvin, 55 Olson, Steve, 63 O'Molley, Marlene, 54 O'Michael, 61 O'Neill, Linda, 60 Onishi, Wayne, 63 Payton, G., 58, 80 Pearce, E., 59 Peas, E., 62 Peck, E., 54 Peck, L., 56 Pedagogues, 73 Peddicord, Mrs. l., 11 Petter, S., 54 Pendleton, P., 56 Pendleton, S., 62 Pennington, A., 25, 42, 43, 70, 72, 76, 84, 97 ' Penton, E., 55 Pep Club, 86 Perez, R., 22, 105, 107 Perez, Rudy, 55, 109 Perry, J., 86 Perschy, S., 60, 95 Person, Mr., 10 Peters, P., 66 Petermann, B., 11 Peterson, L., 43 Peterson, M., 55 Peterson, Mr., 92 Petino, M., 55 Petrosinelli, R., 54 Petruzzo, C., 58 Pettit, B., 38, 43, 71, 76, 79, 97 Pettit, D., 74 Petty, C., 54, 95 Pettyi 22, 27, 70, 99, 104, 106, Pevetoe, S., 43, 81 Pfeiffer, J., 54, 95 Phelps, A., 61, 97 Phillips, D., 66 Phillips, F., 54, 109 Phillips, L., 86, 96 Piazza, L., 43 Picascio, M., 28, 74, 153 Pitcher, Mr., 10 Pitt, David, 23 Pittenger, Don, 57 Plog, Daren, 61 Plummer, Edward, 24, 28, 99 Podrotiz, Dennis, 62 Poe, Mrs., 10 Poh, Bob, 67 Polizzi, Nick, 16, 24, 69, 71, 86, 155 Pomerleau, Claire, 60 Pompo, Tom, 58 Pond, Allen, 64, 109 Porter, Lance, 43 Porter, Miss, 10 Portillo, Dolores, 24, 27, 76 Portillo, Sylvia, 27, 59, 77, 85 Possemato, Mr., 10 Potter, Nancy, 19, 24, 77, 89 Pattorff, Donna, 83,89 Powell, Ronald, 64, 109 Paw Wow Council, 87 Prentiss, Randy, 59 Prince, R., 66, 124 Prior John, 62, 88, 116 Publico, Connie, 57, 86 Puett, Myra Lee, 62 Puskas, J., 57, 89 Purkey, Lynn, 43 Pushad, R., 54 1 Q .... Quarles, Darnella, 54 -R.. Rabe, Ron, 24, 68, 86, 89, 90, 155 Ragus, Richard, 7, 27, 72 Rada, Elliot, 57, 129 Rader, Mrs., 10 Railsbock, Eddie, 67, 105 Rall, Darell, 97 Ramirez, Angela, 62 Ramirez, Lupe, 60 Ramsey, Anthony, 63 Randazzo, John, 57 Ranlett, Brad, 61 Ray, Jim, 59 Ream, Don, 43 Reaves, Shirley, 61 Rector, Ron, S5 Reed, Susan, 43, 48, 101, 142 Reese, Stan, 54 Reeves, Judi, 43, 74, 80, 86, 88, 90 Reiff, Ray, 43, 84 Reinhold, R., 10 Reis, Dennis, 43 Reiss, Carolyn, 24, 76 Reiss, Ron, 55 Renfro, Roger, 43, 99, 106 Reno, Ann, 61 Reno, Jimmy, 63, 124 Restivo, Vicki, 86 Reynolds, Lynda, 55, 76, 86, 96 Reynolds, Marcia Ann, 61 Reynolds, Richard, S4 Rhodes, Albert, 43, 86 Rhoads, Jim, 54, 116 Riccardi, Beatrice, 19, 24, 27 Rice, Donna, 61 Rice, Howard, 64 Rice, Walter, 64, 109 MOI-IICANDEX Richards, Harrison, 43, 67 Richardson, Clarence, 55 Richardson, Jane, 56 Ridgway, Bonnie, 58 Riegle, Sylvia, 95 Riley, George, 97 Rios, Barbara, 62 Rios, Robert, 43 Rios, Rosemary, 57 Risen, Marilyn, 60 Rister, Bill, 56 Rivers, Carolyn, 56 Rivet, R., 124 Robbins, Robert, 67 Roberts, Jim, 59 Roberts, Joan, 60 Roberts, Linda, 24 Robertson, Charles, 43 Robertson, Dave, 59 Robertson, Linda, 44 Robertson, Lloyd, 44, 92 Robertson, Neko, 57 Robinson, Danny, 58 Robinson, M., 66 Rodriquez, Carlos, 54 Rodriquez, Rosa, 60 Rodriquez, Francisco, 24 Rodriquez, Lupe, 61 Rogart, Chris, 60 Rolen, Raymond, 55 Romersheuser, Ronnie, 56 Romines, J., 61 Rondeaw, Fred, 62 Rooker, Gary, 44 Rosenbaum, Barbara, 38, 44 76, 77, 97 Rosenberg, Gary, 54 Roskam, John, 44 Rosplock, Cathy, 63 Ross, Bernice, 62 Ross, Jim, 24 Ross, Marilyn, 44 Ross, Steve, 54, 84, 89 Roth, Diane, 44 Roth, S., 63 Roth, Virginia, 57 Rothman, L., 66 Rothman, Robert, 58, 64, 92 Rotkowski, R., 66 Rotman, Patricia, 53, 96 Rott, N,, 57 Rotter, Sherrie, 44, 77, 96 Rouse, Jo Ellen, 57 Rowe, James, 44 Ruark, Michael, 60, 77 Rubio, Gloria, 62 Rudison, Ronald, 63 Ruesler, Rebecca, 54 Rumas, Dennis, 64 Rutkowski, Arthur, 54 Ryan, Kathie, 24, 44 Rydell, Linda, 54 Ryle, Sylvia, 53, 77 Ryozaki, Joyce, 52 ..5... Sabol, Andy, 76 Sacalar, T., 54 Sadie Hawkins Dance, 81 Sadler, Danny, 44 Sagowo, Norman, 44, 109 St. Onge, Toni, 24 ,71,73, Sakai, Amy, 52, 73, 79, 93, 95 Salazar, Ronnie, 54 Sanada, Christine, 54 Sanchez, S., 66 Sasahara, Danny, 24, 104 Sasaki, Fumiko, 95 Sato, Conrad, 60, 77 Sato, Stephen, 57, 109 Saul, Bob, 49 Saul, Richard, 124 Saunders, C., 66 Saupe, Paula, 17, 57, 84, 86, 93, 96 Savoys, 89 Scarborough, Clarence, 44, 58 Schaible, Roger, 44, 51 Schembaum, Ellen, 63, 97 Schenck, David, 24 Scheurer, Bill, 44, 74 Schiada, Carol, 55, 89 Schimmel, Sandra, 44, 89 Schllicht, Dole, 62 Schmahl, Sydney, 56, 95 Schneider, Bill, 55 Schodt, Dana, 24 Schmitt, Chuck, 16 Schrieber, Nancy, 89 Schroeder, Dennis, 24 Schroyer, Terry, 30, 44, 86, 88, 97 Schule, Marilyn, 63 Schulte, Claudia, 57, 89 Schultt, Mr., 11 Schulz, Jim, 61 Schulz, Mr.,'11 Schiveukharat, R., 66 Scott, JoAnn, 73, 96, 97 Scott, Mr., 8 Scott, Jenny Jo, 64 Seamore, Tom, 59 Seghetti, Jack, 44 Seghett-i, John, 44 Seghetti, Lynda, 54 Seitz, Arlene, 44 Selbee, S., 97 Selden, Sue, 62, 96 Selland, Dianna, 86 Sellers, D., 66 Sena iCoxl, Marchia, 19, 21 Serafin, Marilyn, 44, 76 Serio, Jo, 54 Serrano, Gilbert, 56 Seto, Theodore, 63 Shade, Gary, 44 Shanahan, John, 44 Sharp, Carol, 60 Sharples, Mrs., 1 1 Shattuck, Cheryl, 54 Shaw, Joe, 67, 109 Shenbarger, Steve, 57 Shepard, John, 62 Shepherd, Anne, 84 Shepherd, Christine, 56 Sherman, Wadell, 44 Sherrill, Bill, 62 Sherwood, T., 66 Shigoki, Richard, 40, 44, 71 Shimado, Bob, 44, 76 Shimizo, E., 67 Shimizu, Richard, 57 Shimizu, Stanley, 56 Shimono, Linda, 53, 77 Shimono, Nancy, 24, 76, 86 Shiozak, Janice, 77, 85 Shiromoto, Richard, 59 Shult, C., 89, 90 Shode, G., 67 Shofnco, H., 56 Shorter, Pamela, 61, 96 Shrum, Lorna, 44 Shultz, Mr. Norman, 11 Silacci, David, 57 Silver Bells Dance, 72 Silvius, Beverly, 44, 84, 86, 87 Simko, Joanne, 45 Simko, Karen, 66 Simone, Carmeen, 64 Simon, Paula, 64 Simonson, Bill, 56, 97 Skifstrom, Gary, 24 Skimkus, S., 61 Skipper, Sandy, 24, 29 Skok, Laura, 24, 86, 87, 155 Skomski, Carol, 62, 64 Skowron, Frank, 56, 129 Slauta, Stephanie, 54 Sloss, Christine, 45, 77 Slausher, Anita, 89, 90, 97 Smalley, Darryl, 24 smith, Bob, 59 smith, Mr., ii Smith, Charlotte, 54, 64 Smith, Gaylene, 64 Smith, Jeanne, 53, 64, 97 Smith, Jon, 54 Smith, Lois, 45, 57 Smith, Mary Jane, 24 Smith, Paul, 54, 92 Smith, Mr. Robert, 11 Smith, S., 66 Smith, R., 66 Smith, Sharon A., 45, 74, 86 88 90, 96 Smullen, Steve, 124 Shavely, Lonnie, 24 Snead, Sandra, 54 Snook, Daniel, 63 Snow, Shirley, 57, 86, 96 Snow, Walter, 64 Snyder, Joanie, 57 Snyder, Miss, 11, 88, 90 Sogabe, K., 54 Sogge, Steve, 59, 108, 109, Solomon, Douglas, 45 Soto, Christine, 57, 96 Sotuyo, Lilia, 45 Sowers, J., 66 Sowers, Ronnie, 45 Spargo, John, 45 Spears, Gloria, 86, 97 Spears, J., 95 Spellman, E., 57 Spencer, Gergory, 45, 71, 11 Sppeny, M., 56 Sprankle, Helen, 52 Springstead, Thomas, 63 Spizzirri, Mr. Julius, li Stage Crew, 88 Stapleton, Edleen, 45 Stark, Ron, 45 Stearman, Marilyn, 64, 86, 95 97 Stevens, Elizabeth, 54 Stevens, Janis, 45, 58, 74, 96 97 Stevens, Judith, 59, 82, 97 Stevens, Robert, 58 Stewart, Chuck, 77 Stewart, Cliff, 62, 69, 97, 116 Stewart, James, 24 Stewart, Judy, 60 Stewrgrg, Vern, 30, 32, 45, 46 58 , 70, 79, 97 Stifle, L., 66 Stiks, Lee, 62 Stochlia iBerkovichl, Kurt, 45 Stockwell, Jim, 57 Stokes, Glenda, 56 Stokes, Lawrence, 64 Stokes, Susan, 60 Storment, B., 66 Stoner, Jack, 58 St. Onge, Toni, 27, 71, 155 Stover, Tommy, 54, 58 Strickland, Daniel, 45 Strickland, Judith, 25 Strickler, Pat, 45, 116 Stromberg, Arnold, 60, 116 Stwart, Mrs. Nancy, 11 Stucker, Ronald, 63 Sugimoto, Betty, 45, 93, 96 Sugimoto, Leonard, 59 Sugita, Mary, 45 Sulser, John, 63 Sulser, Tom, 45 Sumida, Cicki, 64 Summers, James, 60, 77 Summers, Sandra, 61 Sunter, Gayle, 57, 86, 87 Suschnick, Dena, 54 Suschnick, Ernie, 25 Wirdla Sutherland, Sandra, 88 Sutter, R., 67, 97 Svee, Karin, 19, 25, 27, 28, 76, 86, 87, 96, 106 Swanson, Anthony, 61, 77 Swanson, Maryiane, 56 Swearingen, Larry, 56, 109 Sweeney, Thomas, 57 Sweet, Albert, 59, 80 Sweet, Endo tGingerl, 55 Swift, Fred, 57 Swift, John, 64 Swigart, Patty, 58, 85 Sypniewicz, Walter, 59 Szilagyi, Howard, 45, 50, 65, 69 .....1'.. Taculog, Pete, 105 Takahashi, Robert, 59 Takaoka, B., 57 Tokeo, Steve, 45 Taketomo, Gayle, 61, 96 Toketomo, Ken, 43, 45, 65 Takiguchi, Nancy, 64, 95, 97 Tanaka, Kenny, 61 Tanaka, J., 66 Tanaka, Ron, 45 Tanaka, Sandy, 73, 76, 78, 96 Tanaka, Vic, 57 Tonamachi, Diane, 56 Taneno, Kuniko, 45 MOHICANDEX Todo, Charlotte, 46 Todo, Sharon, 55, 97 Todd, Mrs. Elsie, 11 Toguchi, Frances, 46 Tokomoto, George, 54 Tom, Jimmy, 46 Tominaga, Gail, 60, 93, 95 Tomio, Dan, 54 Tomita, Diane, 46, 75, 85 Tomkins, Juli, 62, 93 Torchia, J., 66 Tamren, Doug, 46, 75, 76 Torrence, D., 66 Towata, Colleen, 60, 85, 95 Townsell, Jean Netta, 46, 74, 75, 86 Tracey, Lee, 55 Trasport, Robert, 46 Travis, Joan, 64 Trent, B., 62 Trinkle, Tony, 62, 116 Trondle, Mrs. Irene, 11 Tronsier, Linda, 58, 96 Tronsier, Sharon, 46 Troudt, John. 60 Troxell, Jeff, 62 Troyn, Jim, 55, 63, 111 Trumble, Monica, 57 Trygitgg, Bob, 25, 27, 29, 99, 106, Tsuchiya, Owen, 52, 70, 74, 77 Tsukamoto, Roxana, 53, 73, 93 Tsukamoto, W., 66 Tsuno, Randall, 64 Tani, Yasushi, 53 Tanigawa, Darlene, 95 Taniguchi, Carol, 55, 96 Taniguchi, J., 67 Tanihara, Steve, 61, 84 Tannehill, Steve, 61, 84 Tanner, Lucinda, 84, 96 Tarumoto, Robert, 45 Tarumoto, Shirley, 55 Tarot, Mrs. Julieta, 11 Tate, James, 45 Tate, Karen, 55, 88 Tatro, Kathy, 56 Tatro, Norman, 60, 11 1 Tsutsui, James, 64 Tuarez, B., 57 Turner, Don, 64 Turner, F., 57 Turner, James, 108 Turner, Richard, 46 Turpin, Bob, 46 Twiford, John, 54 Tyree, Kitty, 59, 85 ...U- Taylor, Barbara, 67 Taylor, David, 71, 123 Taylor, Jeanne, 62 Taylor, Mr. Robert, 11 Taylor, Shirley, 57 Teel, Charles, 57 Tennis, 129 Terao, Ernie, 76, 97, 124 Teson, Mike, 54, 84 Teysko, Bill, 45, 71 Teysko, Sandra, 64 Thomas, David, 55, 73, 77 Thomas, Dolores, 62, 76 Thomas, Joanne, 76 Thomas, Lynne, 28, 45, 74 Thomas, Ray, 45 Thomas, Steve A., 60, 111, 129 Thomas, Steve H., 60, 1 11 Thompson, Dorothy, 45 Thompson, Johnny, 61 Thompson K., 66 Thompson Mary, 54, 88 Thompson Ray, 64, 109 Thompson 1 William, 46 Thoms, Pamela, 57, 85 Thorbourne, Robert, Thorbowne, R., 59 Thornton, Dan, 56 Thorpe, Leonard, 56 Thall, Ronald, 59, 80 Thrner, J., 55 Tibbs, Mike, 25 Tibbs, Patrick, 53 Tiedy, Owen, 55 Tillman, Barbara, 53, 67 Tirada, Jesse, 52, 69 Titlow, Kathy, 93, 95 Titlow, Terry, 46 Ulimori, Dennis, 61, 77 Underwood, L., 63 Underwood, Sharon, Ung, Frances, 97 Upham, Charlene, 46, 73 Upham, M., 66 Urban, Anthony, 46 Uriv, Gary, 63 Usitalo, Roger, 54 Ussery, Linda, 62 Utter, Bill, 92 Uyal, Dean, 119 Uyeda, Jim, 17, 55, 69, 73, 77, 129 Uyekawa, David, 53. 69, 76, 77 Uyekawa, Gary, 59, 76, 77 Uyeno, Gayle, 46, 73, 96, 97 Uyeno, M., 66 Uzzardo, Robert, 94 -v.. Valdez, Albert, 46, 59 Vale, Vickie, 66 Valez, William, 25 Valente, Toni, 62 Vales, K., 66 Valle, Bob, 55, 84, 89 Van Buren, Ruth, 59 Van Curen, Michael, 63, 88 Vander, T., 67 Van Fleet, R., 67 Van Herk, Hans, 16, 25, 70, 110 Van Herk, Robert, 54 Van Orsdel, Greg, 60, 109 Van Orsdel, Leslie, 46, 51 Van Harpn, C., 66 Vantuyl, G., 66 Varco, Sharon, 64 Vargas, Vidal, 46 Vasquez, John, 56, 84, 89 Vasquez, T., 67 Vega, Angeles, 54 Vegvari, llonda Margie, 62 Velasco, Barbara, 58 Venecia, Joe, 25, 89, 90 Venti, William, 46 Vidas, Sharon, 46 Viersen, Sherry, 57 Villa, Barbara, 88 Vincelli, Diane, 61 Vincent, Richard, 57, 89 Vincik, Marilyn, 63 Viscount-Lamear Color Day, Field Day, 28, 29 Viscount officers, emblem cheer- leaders, 19 Viscount Senior Tea, 27 Vita, Joon, 53 Vita, Theresa, 25 Vitello, Bruce, 53, 76, 77 Vietello, Patti, 58, 76 Vaokmer, Linda, 61 Vollick, Tom, 46 Vorhes, Linda, 46, 85, 144 Vosburg, Nancy, 46 Votaw. Judy, 61 Vuch, Nancy, 54 Vuch, Sue, 46, 89 Vyat, D., 58 -W- Waddell, Jeannie, 47 Wade, Carol, 57, 59 Wadsworth, Karen, 47 Wagner, Darrell, 54 Wald, Clifford, 59 Waite, Mr., 11,76 Wakahara, Hiroko, 63 Wakamoto, Fusako, 47, 96, 97 Wakamoto, Hiroshi, 96, 124 Wakasa, Alvin, 58 Wakayama, Christine, 54 Waldo, Spencer, 47 Walker, Mrs., 11 Walker, Karen, 56 Wcll, Dave, 25 Wally, Warren, 108 Walters, Ann, 61 Walz, Donna, 61, 86, 95 Walz, Milo, 25 Wanderpass, D., 57 Ward, Jon, 47 Warden, Linda, 63 Warmelin, Betty, 47 Warpack, Bob, 59 Warren, Darryl, 62 Warren, Karen, 62 Warren, S., 66 Warren, Walley, 54 Warshaw, Patricia, 47, 92 Watanabe, Janice, 97 Watanabe, Keith, 14, 47, 56, 71, 73, 74, 76 Watanabe, Ron, 56, 63 Wathen, Mr. James, 11 Watkins, Jeannie, 62 Watts, Roger, 60 Watts, Susan, 57 Wayne, L., 54 Webb, Charles, 64 Webber, Mr., 11, 92 Webster, Ted, 58 Weems, Linda, 16, 25, 27, 71, 78, 81,86,87,100,106,148 Weems, Mrs., 25 Weindenheimer, Jimmy, 57, 80, 81 Weldon, Pati, 61 Wells, Theresa, 60 Weiser, Denis, 67 Welser, Michael, 56 Welsh, Dennis, 55, 84 Welt, Jim, 47 Wempe, Michele, 59 Wendt, Betty, 95 Wenschlag, Chuck, 47 Wernli, Dennis, 47, 86, 99 West, John, 59 Westbrooks, Juanita, 47, 86 Westbrooks, Warren, 47 Westcott, Jim, 57 Westcott, Tom, 65 Westfall, Sharon, 54, 86, 96, 97 Wheeler, Eddie, 53 White, Mrs. Ernestine, 11 White, Ronald, 63 Whiteside, Mrs. Jean, ll Whiteley, L., 111 Whitney, Chuck, 59 Whitener, Mr. Wendell, 11 Whitting, Edd, 62, 89 Whitworth, Jeanette, 47, 67 Wickham, Joy, 62 Widrig, R., 66 Wiener, Larry, 56 Wilkes, Philip, 60, 109 Willard, Charles, 64 Williams, B., 62 Williams, Cheryl, 88 Williams, Cornell, 56 Williams, David, 57 Williams, Doug, 47, 57 Williams, E., 66 Williams, Harry, 47, 76, 99, 110 Williams, James, 56 Williams, Kenneth, 53, 109, 111 Williams, Minnie, 61 Williams, Nancy, 95, 97 Williams, Nancy Sue, 64, 97 Williams, Ronald, 66 Williams, Sharon, 62 Williams, Spencer, 59, 116 Wilson, Bill, 47, 55 Wilson, Fred, 115 Wilson, Jim, 47 Wilson, Kay, 53, 86, 96 Wilson Roger 57 I wendie, ao, 95 Wines, Sondra, 60, 96 Wrinkler, Robert, 57 Winkter, B., 62 Winter, Elaina, 19, 25, 73, 85, 88, Wise, David, 55, 77 Wise, S., 66 Wishart, Steven, 63 Wiste, Cheryl, 55 Withers, Bill, 47 Withrow, Leroy, 55 Withroy, Ronald, 25 Witten, J., 66 Wnuck, Carol, 47, 75 Wolfe, Baron, 59 Wolfe, James, 64, 77 Wong, Hoagy, 56, 97, 108, 109 Wong, S., 66 Wood, Janet, 97 Wodruff, Jack, 89, 90 Woods, Simone, 25 Woodson, Paul, 62 Woodward, Jim, 55, 110 Wooldridge, Byron, 25 Wooldridge, Terry, 59, 97 Vore, C., 56 Wozumi, Carol, 25 Wren, A., 55 Wren, Mike, 124, 125 Wright, Connie, 61 -Y- Yago, Vickie, 60, 73, 77, 93, 96 Yakubovshy, James, 61, 84 Yamachika, Niro, 64, 86, 95, 97 Yamada, Arlene, 55 Yamada, Craig, 54 Yamada, Kenneth, Yamada, T., 66, 124 Yamagami, Vicki, 30, 47, 73, 74, 86, 95 Yamanaka, J., 66 Yamane, Beatrice, 61, 96, 124 Yamane, Don, 58 Yamane, Elaine, 77, 96 Yamane, Lawrence, 25 Yanagihara, lrene, 38, 47, 71, 78, 79, 95, 97 Yanke, Lloyd, 62 Yarbrough, Stanley, 56, 115 Yaste, L., 63 Yasui, Kaoru, 64 Yates, Tom, 55 Ybarra, Judy, 61 Yearbook, 74 Yeargin, Linda, 14, 17, 33, 47, 70 76, 79, 96 Yessmann, Earl, 57, 88, 89, 111 Yingling, Caluin, 47, 77 Yoda, Susan, 25, 73, 76, 96 Yokota, Laura, 55 Yokoyama, Emi, 53, 57, 86 Yorks, D., 66 Yoshida, B., 116 Yoshida, Louella, 57 Yoshiki, Ronnie, 54 Yoshimoto, Jane, 60 Yoshinaga, Masa, 47, 73, 96 Yota, Elaine, 25 Young, Judy, 58 Young, Olita, 97 Young, Susan, 61 Young, Vance, 64 Yount, D., 62, 84 Yudel, Linda, 61, 95, 97 -1- Zarate, Richard, 25, 71 Zeigler, Louis, 59, 108 Ziemann, Time, 63 Zoll, D., 66 Zollotuchen, Arlen, 47, 51, 108, 109 124 Zubal, Milton, 58 36 MERCHANTS DISPLAY INTEREST IN OUR SCHOOL ADVERTISING INDEX The Gardena High School Student Body would like to express its sincere thanks to the business- men of our community. Our yearbook would not be possible without their enthusiastic support. are fortunate to live in a community where the people take an active interest in their school. A. B. C. Nursery ........... Accent on Hairstyles ....... Alondra Nursing Home ....... A-One Florist .............. Arts Cleaners ..... Barnacle Bill's .................. Ben's Market .......................... Bob's Flying "A" Service ........ Bournes Yardage ................. CPC'S ................................. Candle-Lite Gown Shops ........ Carlton Insurance Company ..... Charles-Rogers Company ...... Collins Firestone ................. Candies Barber Shop .............. Crenshaw Lumber Company ..... Del Rancho Superette ............ Delights Garage ................. Dena Jewelers ........... Dick Davis Shell ....... Essex Shoppe .......................... Fancy Cleaners ......................... Farmers Insurance Company ........ ...... Flavio Beauty College ....... Fred and James Chevron Service Gardena Gardena Gardena Department Store ....... Gardena Gardena Gardena Sporting Goods ........ Gardena Valley News George Folkrod 81 Sons .... George's Barber Shop ....... GiuIiano's Delicatessen .... Dairy Fa rms ............. Pharmacy ................ Shoe Repair ........... Giuliano, Frank ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. Great Western Savings ....... I'IGrry'S TV Service .....,.,,,..,,,, Henry's Flying "A" Service Herb S Men's Store ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I Higgins Brick 81 Tile Company--:LII Hovey Dallas Chevrolet .......... Inglewood Wholesale Meats .... Irene'S Furniture ,,,,,..,,,,,,,, J. N. Hill 8. Company ...... Bowl ................................. .,.,.. Ken Olsen Insurance Company ........ ..... Ken Nakaoka Company ............. ..... Kabata Brothers ................. Koby's Appliances ......................... ..... Larson's Department Store ............ ..... Latham-Woods Lumber Company Les Arkenberg Ford ........................ ..... Linnie's Cafe ................................. ...., Lloyd's Nursery, Inc. .... . Lowes for Men ....... Mac Rents ........................ Maddox Hair Styles ........... Marge 81 Eve Beauty Salon .. Martin Jewelers ................. Matt 81 Sue Hair Styles ....... Meiji Inc. ...................,...... . Miss Bobbie for Beauty ...,... Missile Bowl .................... Moneta Cleaners ......... Motoyama Market ....... "Mr. Jess" Hairstyles Music Corner ............... Nishimoto Market ............... Office Supply Company .............. Olympic Ice Arena ..................... ..... Pacific Telephone 81 Telegraph ...... ..... Park Launderette ............................ ..... Pete Jensen Insurance Company ............ Purple Puff Salon ............................ ..... Rip's Top Shop ............. Roberts Hair Fashions .... Roberts Shoe Store ......... Sears Del Amo ................... Shigetomi Photo Studio ........ Shocks Hardware ...................... T. W. Mills Lumber Company ..... ..... Tak lsobe Photo Studio .............. Tijuana Inn ........................... Tom Roady Dodge ......... Toshies Coiffeur ................. Town 8. Country Cleaners ..... Town 81 Country Debs ....... Trasport Hair Styles ............,..... Walker Equipment Rental ...... Wayside Nursery ....,............... We I5l I39 I50 I43 I43 I38 I52 I46 l4l I54 I53 I47 I39 I47 I44 I46 I5O I43 I47 I4I I52 I44 I44 I52 I53 I37 I39 I55 I45 I47 I42 l42 I54 I5O I4I I43 l39 I39 I42 l42 140 l42 I44 I4l I48 WW you young women . . . will find an endless variety of interesting iobs in both the secre- tarial and operational fields. you young men . . . will find that the steady positions now open in both inside and outside work, are the very iobs from which to start a real career with a future. Ask your vocational counselor about positions with Pacific Telephone, or drop into one of our nearby Employment Offices. 16208 S. Vermont Ave., Gardenia Or ask your Operator for ZENITH 10,000 for the Employment Office nearest your home. 0 a AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER PARK LAUNDERETTE 'iilnip B".::::: 21,22 G HENRY'S "FLYING A" SERVICE vEEooL i'g'1?,1' LUBRICATION DAvis 4-6556 "" ""' "P ,f:1,'ffj,Q'j2,' ' """ "" 15526 Crenshaw Boulevard Gardena. C01-if01'I1ifI neun mcucm 'swag SZ IH CVZL FSSSIAAVE Irene's Furniture Store FRANK QULIANQ 1146 -48 Gardena Boulevard REAL ESTATE-1INSURANCE Gardena, Caliiomicr 16214 Vermont Avenue Gardena, California The Lamears, graduating class ot Summer, 1963, wish to extend their appreciation to lVIr. Tak lsobe, our oiticial school photographer. Tak has spent many hours from his work to help create our El Arador. We greatly appre- ciate his help. TAK ISOBE STUDIO 1133 Gardena Boulevard Gardena. Califomia Telephone: D1-lvis 4-8941 KEN NAKAOKA COMPANY - Realfor -1 MARGE 81 EVIL RESIDENTIAL - COMMERCIAL '. ACREAGE - EXCHANG uxrssr HAIR swims Bfauly Salon KAOKA oss 6 GC cr? A Esfslihiqzas 5 S -VF1'E:TEf'N ev W S T11 UANA INN CAFE C "For the Finest in Mexican Food 'OM MURAKAM' 1029 Redondo Beach Blvd. aliiornia Gardena. C DAvis 3-0409 I Go to DICK DAVIS SHELL. 911 Carson Blvd.. Torrance, cx Max Allen service your car. Telephone Fhculty 0-1679. Town and Country Cleaners 15124 South Western Avenue Gardena. California Telephone DAvis 3-0114 Ben's Complete Market 16427 S. Western Ave., Gardena, California SPECIALIZES IN ORIENTAL FOOD Telephone: Dllvis 3-7701 and DAvis 3-7702 D1-lvis 4-6651 FAcu1ty 1-0977 Walker Eqmpment Rentals Everything for Contractors and Home Owners BUD WALKER 1825 Redondo Beach Blvd. Redondo at Western Gardena FA l B50 DA 0AOMfLW 001 LLOYD H OLSON '9 5 S5 RES.AXMIN GARDENA CALIFORNI COMPLIMENTS OF MUTOYAMA MARKET Oriental and American Foods Japanese Delicatessen Chioce Meats - - Fresh Vegetables 16135 South Westem Avenue DI-lvis 4-0949 LLUYD'S NURSERY INC. "Good Luck, Mohicans!" Telephone Dllvis 3-8208 1364 West 139th Street Gardena, California rene eiz is mirin the hair t le hat has been styled by Betty v ry excellent hair stylist at ACCENT ON HAIRSTYLES, 1124 Redondo Beach Boulevard. Gardena. Telephone Dlkvis 3-7903. l Susan Dalyrmple and two of the line hair stylists at TOSHIES COIFFEUR, 15223 South Western Ave., watch while Toshie styles IoAnn Honqs1o's hair. Telephone DAvis 4-5638. ROBERT'S SHOES "For the Family" America's Best Known Brands in Footwear 1136 W. Gardena Blvd. Dorothy Firstman Gardena, California Robert Firstman DAvis 4-4682 TOWN 8: COUNTRY DEBS Fashions for the Sophisticated Miss Womens - Juniors - Junior Petite - Subteens Dresses - Formals - Cocktail - Sportswear - Sweaters 15208 South Westem Avenue Gardena. California DAvis 3-0901 142 'Fl-r , DA 3-4361 ,N ff' '4'A'5',f? X J' V . fl' A ,I - Q V, S. , I ,' I ' i ,Nia we 5 A N gm -. 3, HAIR FASHIONS " if 3 vu L, ' zdndo Beach Blvd. N TOM ROADY INC. Dodge - Dodge Dart - Dodge Lancers - Dodge Trucks 'I66'l'I S. Vermont Avenue Gardena, California DAvis 3-9911 FAcuIty 'I-5511 .yn 1- LQ Susan Reed is saying "Thank you, call again," io Gretchen Looyenqa. Greichen has her hair siyleclat ROBERTS HAIR FASHION, 15414 S. New Hampshire. Gardena. Telephone DAvis 4-7243. ,. 11 C OMPLIMEN TS MISSILE BOWL "CALIFORNIA'S FRIENDLIEST FAMILY RECREATION CENTER" 1280 W. Redondo Beach Blvd. Gardena, Calif. Fliculty 1-4091 GARDENA DAIRY FARMS Complete Line Of Dairy Products DRIVE IN AND SAVE 2013 Redondo Beach Blvd.. Gardena. Caliiornia DAvis 4-5703 Larson's Department Store Now ot Two Locations 1017 Gardena Boulevard 13908 E. Imperial Hwy Gardena California La Mirada, Calif. DA 4944 T. W. MILLS LUMBER CO. 1858 W. ISSTH S GARDENA, C IF'- TRASPORT HAIR STYLES ll33M Gardena Blvd. Phone Gardena. Caliiomia DI-lvis 4-4402 FANCY CLEANER 1131 W. Gardena Blvd. P11029 Gardena, Calif. DAWS +3594 FOR FINE GROCERY PRODUCTS GO TO NISHMOT0'S MARKET DAvis 4 7721 Gardena Telephone Hours DI-ivis 3-0354 9 A. M. to 6 P. M. GEORGE'S BARBER SHOP Please call George 1914 Compton Blvd. For Appointment Gardena California Donna Guasti and Carol Gossett think that the thought of wearing cl Wig would be funny. THE PURPLE PUFF SALON, 1601 W. Redondo Beach Blvd., does an excellent job on your hair or wig. Telephone 323-2773. pf.. Fred 8. James CHEVRON SERVICE 15001 SO. VVESTERN AVE. GARDENA, CALIF. DAVIS 3-5050 DAVIS 3-5051 FREE PlcKuP AND DELIVERY FRED WE GIVE s dn H GREEN STAMPS JIM Inglewood Wholesale Meal Retail and Wholesale Meats 11409 Inglewood Avenue Hawthorne, California ORchard 8-3142 ORcha1'd 7-3439 Acnoss FROM El. cAMlNo COLLEGE FA. 1-2588 E SSE X S I-IOPPE NATURAL SHOULDER WEAR FOR MEN 16126 CRENSHAW BLVD., GARDENA. CALIFORNIA GARDENA SHOE STORE and SHOE REPAIR 856 West Gardena Boulevard Gardena. California DAvis 9-4503 AI- RISTER BOURNEYS YARDAGE 1124 Redondo Beach Boulevard, Gardena Specializing in We lUnusual Fabrics LINNIE'S CAFE - Specializing in B. B. Q. Steaks - Do it yourself, or we do it for you ALSO Home-cooked Food to Take Out Reasonably Priced 1221 West Torrance Boulevard Torrance MADDOX HAIR STYLES 20822 South Vermont Avenue Telephone 320-1620 Torrance. California MARTIN J EWELERS 1007 Gardena Boulevard Gardena. Califomia Telephone 324-1185 For Those Who Want The Best! Moneia Cleaners 8: Dyers Denm s ho ng Maqqe M ett Jut f the many nma which you can buy at I. N. HILL 6. COMPANY, 15223 S. Vermont. ---N Gardena. Telephone 324-2140. l fsigblavwwzztxllvglf 45 f +535-' -+- S 6. H Green Stamps 16502 So. Western Ave. DAvis 4-5750 Gardena. Califomia In lip - RlP'S TOP SHOP SEAT COVERS - CUSTOM WURK BDAT UPHDLBTERY 1527 R N a Bus Bwn. DAV.. 4-4432 .ln BARDENA alma W Phone DAvis 4-4063 WAYSIDE NURSERY SV fm Flower Plants - Shrubs - All Kinds r ff 'Z' 1 ,,, Lawn and Flower Seed - Fertilizer Lawn Curbing - Stepping Stones Nfjjigliiiw RAY TAKAYAMA l-1406 SO. WESTERN AVE. BOB TAKAYAMA GARDENA, CALIF. HARBY'S TV SERVICE 15405 South Western Avenue DAvis 4-7403 HARRY KIYOMURA EUS. DAVIS 3-5747 RES. DAVIS 9-2909 Bob Flying "A" Service EXPERT LUBRICATION BRAKE 8: TUNE-UP 1151 REDONDO BEACH BLVD. ROBERT K. KAJIWARA GARDENA, CALIFORNIA DEL RANCHO SUPERETTEE 18220 South Westem Dllvis 3-2091 OPEN A TEENAGE ACCOUNT " " ""' GEO. FOLKROD 8: SON YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD PLUMBER 14812 south Crenshaw DMS 4'2'22 . WARN FOLKROD 15902 So. WESTERN Av: GG'l'd9l'10: C071if01'n-W GARDENA. CALIF. GARDENA DEPARTMENT STORE BABNACLE BILLS " Your Friendly Shopping Center " 853 West Gardena Boulevard Dkvis 4-3537 FI-lculiy l-1257 Dlvis 4-9857 1106 Gardena Blvd. Gardena, Calif. A. l.lv4Z?w2:'iEfQK.Ili STL QZWQT 5 :3 .A-1. A , 1. L M R N Carlton Insurance Agency 14015 South., Van Ness Suite 8 Telephone 321-4409 Gardena. California GOOD LUCK, MOHICANS KOBATA BROTHERS, INC. Yo Kabata W'3l George Kobata S'36 Ed Kobata S'46 Yone Kobata '!2"""V"""P Compliments of ALONDRA NURSING HOME 1140 W. Rosecrans Boulevard Pauline P. Smith, R. N. Phone DAvis 3-3194 A R T ' S FINER DRY CLEANERS GARDENA'S FINEST 1508 Redondo Beach Blvd.. Gardena. California Phone DAvis 4-7017 wg :"', ,W ay V fjklgilf q ., 5 "N, .. .,5?..g -A .. 5. 4, ' , "Z.1.:L'?:f-ai,-55 L3 JEma -Sf: ww?-S.? KZNWQEWJX. re f W- -"-34 'Hs LQ I 'fi , lip 1- l .3 l gg!-as cf- melcs h Irs Vow Q Hcflstone pic . ,,,. ww. 5 x, ek in V, K K , 1' ,K 3" J : . .f "F- xl . S .3 V 1 2 f .if , out CI kottlc of perfume os G qlft at GARDENA PHARMACY 1134 Gardenc. Blvd Gardena Telephone 324 5652 Qellfym 'iigilwf . Ugglww' -vlgig . '11 f '- 233 .W . ,svn 559' 1 J 5 xv-fwftr " Lf' zfffyeii -' ' -A F 44' My '- M 'W J ,F Y f V 'NU'-7 y 1: 793 7 ,f V, MZ- --1, M,N,,.,,,. -Tir:--,.,,N: 4 g .ug 7, vga u"f"W" . J f' 1-o,,. ,. -5"J?gii.i?'f'xg 7 7 mf mv 23545, ....,,,,,m ' Q , f-Jdg-7 gf 'T 1 W fr 7 ., Q 1 4 'ff M y'1sfN"zai:w:.u1w ,ffffwax I X 'w 7'.,,:734g in K K .r K. , vig A ., gn , , XX "' K lf. K H2335 g .'7 in . "5 Q, ' 7 ' i '15 f . me 25 nhgg 3 31 1 K 1 gi 1 N 2 0 ,p g ,. 5 n , one 3246854 xnspects C111 son that DELIGHTS GARAGE, I - , ' - which might bring about occi ,,. . X "ff ., A H-on 5 ,,, Yfa ,,, .ng5,. ' . 5. I , -r 1 4 1 1- f,,, , Rumi .i-fi A-,LNgm:f,v 7 ffff ,-M,W,..W,N M 1 . . + 51 .3 fu L .. 'lj nyone for Ice Skating? Ieff McCoy cmd Scmdy Broughton seem to 4 be having cr wonderiul time at OLYMPIC ICE ARENA 23770 South . Wesiem Avenue, Torrance. Telephone 325-4474. V 1 , f g 3- :'J" V - 1 W , -nf J" ' V A. , ,K J H AV . 4 Lk v A ., N.'- ' -ff' ' A4 ,,,.., 5' my z, -11 . ' :' gl , wif- , .. " '7 - V ' ' f me fun. 4 xx ,ig 'IES-xi A Q ,gf Q LL, fx- P ,di ,-, wk' , W 1- ,, 57 - ' -i f 1 ' if 7 A '3 'g' 7 R mafia i .' 'I ICK AND TILE COMPANY. 2217 West Artesia Blvd materxals Dkvis 4 2321 Mxreth approves the sun Kit Iohnston has selected from STORE FOR MEN, 1029 Gardena Blvd., Gardena. Telephone 321 1564. We ore proud to announce for the 1963-1964 School Yeoir your SEARS, ROEBUCK 8: CO. Neil Campbell Rochelle Arnold SEARS STUDENT BOARD Del Amo Center, Torrance Congratulations to the Graduating Classes of 1963 Club of PROCRASTINATING CLODS ES BOUQUETS Go To Congratulations and Good Luck A- ONE FLORIST to the Gragigggtg Classes MAYOR L. PETE JENSEN t Compton rnicx Irene Nakayamu Producing an annual is like making a cake. The ingredients differ in that a cake calls for a pinch of salt, a cup of shortening, and tablespoons of vanilla - while an annual calls for a pinch of creativity, three cups of work, and tablespoons of time and diligence. When we speak of a pinch of creativity, we refer to the creation of the theme, the art work, and the poetry on our division and end sheets. The theme is, perhaps, the most important part of our recipe, be- cause it determines the cover, colors, divisions, and introduction. This year, having "Our Heritage, The American Way," as our theme, we decided to use on the cover, Lincoln's famous words, ". . . that gov- ernment of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth," to set the mood for the story inside. Then, instead of having the ordinary blank end pages, we developed a pictorial story of the history of the United States, from Colum- bus' journey in l492 to the era of rockets and missiles of 1963. Above these line drawings by Vicki Yamagami and Mike Douglass, we placed Joyce Kellner's couplets telling the story of our heritage. Three cups of work included planning the book in general, drawing up a layout for each page, writing the stories, taking the pictures, and completing the lay- outs. Tablespoons of time and diligence stand for the hours spent on the book. Since two periods a day were not enough time to complete an annual, the staff spent many extra hours at home polishing important details. 156 . AND THIS WAS '63 Judy Giuliano A pastry cook needs time for making dough, for cooking, and for cooling the cake. Making dough in annual staff was the selling of ads, the general plan- ning of the book, and the assigning of pages for production. Cooking was the time spent in taking pictures, writing stories, cutting and pasting pictures and stories, and indexing names. Cooling was the distribution of the annuals to the Student Body. This year, we take pride in El Arador, l963. We hope you, the Student Body, will, also. At this time, we extend our special thanks to those who were essentially involved in the book: Mike Douglass, Vicki Yamagami, and John Trout, for their art work, Joyce Kellner for her couplets, Mr. Phil Clark of the S. K. Smith Co., for the cover which was designed by Mr. Hy Yablonka, Mr. Jack Cannicott, for his advice and help in planning and carrying out the theme, Mr. Tak lsobe for his photography, The members of annual staff for their essential work in actually putting the book together, And most of all, Mr. Gene Cattermole, for his many hours of devoted work, valuable advice, and never- ending patience. Irene Nakayama Judy Giuliano Co-Editors - i963 El Arador Too much stock market speculation To end a war we paid the price Caused economic disintegration In human lives and sacrifice Glenn and Sheppard were just fwo ln nineteen hundred sixfy-two Who orbifed the globe in '62 Venus was probed by Mariner ll

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