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M i Lw jjJg ,N SHQLA REMaNC'i0N P A-H NW N, UA N0 ,, , i..B-53' i W Law JW M Mwawp l0f'Ail9f ff Siu kv' ,1af"7L6 3' ,IWW iwf1"',f I jj Aw! Ijffldyffy GYM Q-:G Q,'f'1LQf Q,-1 !f fflJ ,,hfgM ov UM D L , ,V , I , WH W W MW M W dlwwf M M N' Q wt N W ,Lf M ul V W A Q! M1026 A . P7 15 7nd L -W! UYQJW 2 M ffvl lj1Z7ZigffLi,,,f Zfaffyoi .V ,gg TJIWZZ! Mwfqvuvg T1EK,a!bapy!GJj,!ldiAIjXjfA'Z!6 Q5 E-Q' pf R B P 3 LJ b ALQAX J, fm A W asa 2 fb N D5 23:22, in :wg ' 2,5-35? gg A 2 i ' .VNH,f,4f0""b ,3Z. wQZ',Cff SEQ is 2 -gg X I A.q If Q'f1f'fx,. ,QW A E A gif? Sasyvfvw bf W "' 'ff W 'jg . Haw WM, .LTQww+74,1f5Z,, 2551 rx WM Y M Y W J? xi Jbxifggwoijig? M63 ' ' M f W V 5, Q Q, 0 Sl- 'I 7 -5, Q5 I W I A ,gb 0 FU n V? 'Y ', 0 I A 'CT gl Hun! x my A 'F QB NGOTEA :Gold Q. X 02 as .J L F ,,,, 1' 4, xl Gardena High School Gardena,CaIifornia PAT WELSH 1 6 0 EDITOR MAUREEN OKADA ASSOCIATE EDITOR GENE CATTERMOLE E I A r a r ADVISOR N., xl N....., NN-Q. Dedication Gardena High School is the home of a man that lffrx' friver. of his time and energies untiringly in our behalf. Having advised graduating classes the lust fifteen years and placing students seeking employment, both Gardena Hiazt and the City of Gardena bene- fitted through his diligent efforts. After graduating from Buena Vtsff: College in Storm luke, lawa, he moved to Cali- fornia and earned his Master's Degree from the University of La3EfzQt,t'ietrr. California, Los Angeles. His sincere personal interest and vvfrrm, friendly smile rave- earned the respect and con- fidence ot those who know Eiirn. lnsyired by and appreciative at rms devoted interest in students arid his friendly disposition we of Gardena lligli sincerely dedicate this, the l95U EL ARADGR to MR. RGBERT Rlfl-MRDSGN, e..,,,,,h-he 1 1 A L .3 e Q 3 ,Q 170 pounds of relaxed confidence OHIB... wffhe BIG HURRY A as if '-ur W1 uv' -1,."x U" 'V bf ,T AQVI A ,5-"" 'R 'mf gg 5 2 and the flashing smile fv- f- f ff' ,ir . I - K X . . Rf A -i, A L- - N - ' x -' . 59' i f ' s , Qff: :fx 'e l Q W ' fl Q ' gg Q ' .X N - A Lf N A f-SQ 5 . w 'ak '- n 1. 9 8 . Xa xg," - Q n 3 QW Q , X.. lx 1. 1 1, K. ,. i,.A- ,v xv . Q. K, fi' ' -tl 'Ig' I Ag- . if , - Q 3 M, i . i,i,r..,.,,.,....,.i,t .1 ,.,, 5 ADMINISTHATUHS ,pn 'It is with a feeling of mixed emotions that we say goodbye to our Principal Mr. Clark Beardsley. Here is a man who combined both admin- istrative ability and sincere friendliness to form a keen understanding of student-faculty relations. Having been vice-principal of the new Gardena High School since students first entered its gates in September 1956, and serving as princi- pal for the past year, it was logical that Mr. Beardsley should be chosen to assume the position of principal of Dorsey High School. All of us who knew him will remember his warm smile and genuine friendship which won him the respect and admiration of so many. With this same feeling we bid our Principal Mr. Clark Beardsley, farewell, knowing that he will take with him precious memories of his years here at Gardena High School. ' '- MR. GLENN MILLER. who ' came to us from San Pedro t High School, assumed the dui' - W iet of principal when Mr. Q " i ' ' Beardsley left us on May 2. 3 1' fi S 2 P X Z' fi it We welcomed MR. RICHARD RAGUS to Gardena High one year ago, and now look forward to a long relation with our amicable Boys' Vice Principal. i . , . The financial records of the school are maintained in the T Our Glfls Vice Pfmcipclf MISS KAW!-EEN Business Office by MRS. IQNE PEDDICOHD. 73 it MCGUIRE. co-ordinates school activities, of- 8 ters counselling and guidance to those who find need for it. Y-if A GARDENA EHGH SCHOOL is many things... ff' .4 Partlnaclty Vivaoity - 5 . 1- Sagaelty CLASSES PAGE 31 ORGANIZATIONS PAGE ss High School is 5'2'0F pony taHs and prattle... W 51444121 j2.4'M4,ffaa4-vifwfyf MW M wwffwh jf - lfffgfw fie:mM,faz4f 2090 w Afbfiff-if-? , 1 , , VU" 1 A4425 , f A - M Aff- f5l.":' 14,617 1 A! A I . Y Q7!L,V- ,ev A ,,,, XQQJ rf ff' Hdif,-fL if-.,,' , 514, J jj! 'ja Q F4-FL, 'C I ,Qi A., ,gi , , ,A J.,.,- .U fu,-4 A L 75" "" f'?"""'7'U f'Qf4lf,ff2f4'QM++'-5 -7717? SJl,,ZQ.A,.,, YW f"'VL MMV 12? ff- AQKZ4' A My-6 5,45 ., C-Z" 2 2 I Olanbcj., odiwj ' A W e , fr-A-A T ? 4 041-J AML? wr W J ' 71,6 MA, ,,i,f,..,.ZlCiffLfwL2ff 'XL cz... ,f2CL'-1.ZZL I 0 I QM, dw gf WU ' Q7 ,...... wif .1 pf ' a4v4'JoUAL27v-ffffv-27vZ7dh1- fr " A-4, diff J-, flfgg nuff!! fA'lA?, ' '- 4., 'l,.:1,W-.1 -be 4,021 f991,0J2Ir Mvbft 'VA if ,-11 Afr4,1,.4 V72 !Lc4,-if-'f 5' - 'V ' ffl'-l,'Nf,9 , 3 L r F? K? ki, -' iq. X K Vai' 1 Q iii, fo'K':OXQ,iM QE. Wm XX fig 424862, 71, 67wgf7 IWC , 1 fvgky K 1 f 8 IG If Qfmfifwmw MW 5lw,fE,ZQ 410 nw- ffvw WW? WF ' W W dmwf U. JgMQfJwMoMWWWmWWW96WM0W AvW if phM9mW'?K6V' !W?7WW W M707'f7j'9' 6' frgffab ' ' WW7 W4 WW-fpm Q 174, cp, ' C ' fl! -9 WWQWQW WY? "wp" W7 WWf51w7W6WwWYfW 7"0W7WWa f WZKJZZZWWWKQ WffMf,Z,ff W Qnwpwg 'Z7657 ' Q5 W mWff0WW2fWW,iWWZi3W'?WW? Q1 ,IWHWQW WWWKWMWWWYW fwvffwfwf Q4 . , gzffpwff iw' Wmyfwwwfwimgwwmw 422 ,WWW ' 9,ff"7zf"FfvW0 WW QWWZPHH Jffff . .W 4: ffwwfffvfdffg f WW C? WWWWGP 07074 yiywfffi' ffvf-fd79'6fpw2fwW'f2w7fViZ Sfffmff fwz719f?Pa'fWW2W?70"57f0WWV9WO7'6m6W? ,,,p924aqzvs,wmv2wf6W44f279W'm2fW'fQ WWMQ My ,fv2Q'79'f00wsyyfpymf'70W9R66'70Q?m2fC3, CVUVWQTV 'WJUUVQ cfFVUAfU'lAf'0" 'YD'B'fD" 'Ybnmvncf "fY?5D"7"6LLL V-BMS C?Q5.5g,AJA 4!Uf7Q QK OX , r' f KQYVYBSQSQQUVM Sf l?J'Q2 A Ogg Ayby wld, Oqyuj A Q19 'V N165 V F ex' ,GV 30' SLB LQ V b bb wvy V 0' ,Q L YL W ZW-1 fig '-2 2733.1 S JL 5. 5. o vwky' NL6, XXV Ol f Sf O ,Wag GMO UMA Qt W X35 A 8' bw Sa - -Kg 419-7 QHQQ Q' Y A M WW ye KW if L0 Lf Affkpune A Epi N W .JW ew 5?-,251 . mic, 4,3-1:-' fN fx '?'r.c5 'BMX X :'Q'vR.Lf - f., Ga. WIFI. U we l ffx-1 2 l X if S' f WW - y 'H A HMM Ili: K pg fp G0 'uf ll 1 B 9 QQ T 'A A .f -a 0, an Q Vivacify Part I Student Life ,wav VW. til KJ Qu All it , 5 1 jk W nv" , ' I I X 4 Q- - -k I - , .. U ' f .f fn VW vulji g, .I J -J, V," 'Pj fvx if tv ,J J' - Tx. .1 V - x Nu VV Q 1, V A ff Q A jjj ' xf1 LL ,:-VV 5 J! Q OAR ldfdzff if x 14, My PM 12 -Ji f M M L E! Y ff' L w M i ,f V5 X' X Ll K Q ILNL ' QQ . N' 7 Q M WX sir cz. Q 3 seg, 62 wi 1 img U SES-'R Q ,-ffzqfgg, ',,.gzz,1fz4' ,f f 5,7 Exif? vi 3 Ex AM g' 'R -' 'FJQEQ5 -is 1 .n 2 I ,f A -X M 0 wa IH! 1 f 520 I XX v V - f X I As X X f 1 P.: 3 U Q 241' if mum 'al ' 13:62 ,. ,, f ls-,xy J Q Q k l'l Q x G83 9 QQ Q Q! Q. Q . ",, uf" . 6 ui -I C13 J J 'av bb PEOPLE BEHIND THE SCENES Af' HURRYING TO LUNCH, students are cheerfully served by mem- N bers of the Cafeteria Staff. Front Row: H. Klein, E. Richardson, Mrs. Beam, F. Strubhar. Second Row: N. Onstott, V. Hansen, M. Groves, D. Zirkle, M. Campbell. 'N MAINTAINING THE BEAUTIFUL LANDSCAPE of Gardena High, the Work of the gardeners can be seen everywhere on campus. They are: I. Andersen, L. Caldwell, D. Crone. ""'P' K7 i q.-ef xXx f ,iff 7 x OFFICE STAFF AND CLERKS - Front Row: P. Peck, E. Iorqenson, B. Stephens. Second How: A. Keeney, A. Allen, E. Anderson, Dr. Brashear. I I if If DR. I. L. ABBOTT Principal on leave WRGINIA BAILEY English Smoke Signals PETER ALBANO Mfllhemufics GHNEVIEVE nAnLow Knights Lunqucqe Spanish Club Readily offering out-ofsclass assistance Whenever needed, Miss l3uchanan is seen helping Bob Shine, a student in her Senior Composition class. GILBERT ANDERSON WESLEY BRADLEY Industrial Arts CLARK BEARDSLEY Science GENE CATTERMOLE Principal Science Club Science ll,tl, t,,.. 5 M ,l,. t, , , E1 Arador " . . f -. :EQ Q 5-ll . E ' Q A :lifts-ifsf. ' 5 ii-'bfim f Ji A .5 'S "t' V 7ffEl.fl?lZ? 7' C, V t t A - , S ,,.,, . it t we 5 t -.ii i f 1.T""fl at sf, ' S ' jc 752 '- gifieg , 2 - H . 14 fn i t r SIDNEY BRICKMAN 1211, I UIZLTON ANDERSON MCIlhGmCIl1CS DELMAR BEISELL Registrar Science PHYLLIS CHRISTMAN Mohlccms Girls' Physical Education 1108 BENT DAVIES Driver Education IACK ECKSTEIN Business Education 'usd' IOE DUDLEY Stage Craft EMERY EMMES PGP Club Industrial Arts iiigvi LEORA ANNIN VIRGINIA BUCHANAN EVEBETT EATON Mathematics ELIZABETH BLACK EY1Q1iSh BOYD COOK Industrial Arts HARQLD GELMAN Social Studies pf'-1'dUq0QU9S Science Business Education Co-Eds . W., CHERIE KIMBALL Girls Physical Education G. A. A. Discussing the cost of the new band and orchestra sweaters with three members is Mr. Neill, a well-known member of the faculty. ADELE LAWRENCE Art Masque and Pallette X els' 'W S' X t X SILVANA LEDESMA Industfiql Arts Social Studies no-agp. ANSELMA LEMON WILLIAM GOLDBERG LHQQ1 any DAVID HEAP MARTHQUQQH 'ANES KENNETH KNOWLTON On Leave Science, Science Club Science q lndustrial Arts Radio V Electronics Club fwvxx LEONE HAMILTON MARY IOYCE LOUIS GOODMAN Enqhsh VATURA HICKS Busjngsg Edumiion Social Studies Librarian LOUISE KRAPPE Home Economics MARION LEWIS Girls' Physical Education DOROTHY HAMM ROBERT KARBACH SHIRLEY KRIZMANICH THELMA LITTRELL JOHN GOODWIN Home Economics SELENA ISAACS Science Girls' Physical Mathematics SCFUC9 Business Education ECNCCIUOYI Pep Club if 'ffm ' SHELDON GH LOUGHBOROU Boys' Physical PHIL MQRTIN Education English Athenians lt 'EE' K.A'I'HI.EEN Girls' .Viie MURRAY MICHAELS working with her students on the Senior Play, the Egg and I. Pnnclpa Social Studies Las Laureas MRS. TODD, English cmd Dramatics teacher spent many hours HHN WEN Gmac!-: PLASCH. HQZLD WN mis. IOHNNY Mn.r.nn 525251 Stsdies mm PERSON Mathematics RICHARD RAGUS n ustrq rs On Leave World Affairs Chlb Mathematics BOYS V109 PUUCIPUI Knights ARK 'iii RAYMOND MAGGARD MICKEY PANov1c1-I WU-MA POE Boys' Physical MILES N-Elm. Boys' Physical Bm-TE P AN Business Education ROBERT REINHOLD Educglion Music ' Educcmon School Nurse Drivers' Education Savoys DAVID MARSH LORAN PEAK MARTHA PORTER Science MARY OG! Boys' Physical PYFCHER Home Economics ROBERT RICHARDSON Girls' Physical Education Industrial Arts Social Studies Education Work Co-Ordincrtor Modern Dance ..., . i T- Ll""t Z ig .. WTA'-Q i ,X DESLYN SCHUTT ' Business Education F. B. L. A. RACHEL SMITH English i w-i.,., . ,. GENEVAH SHARPLES .-- ' - T- ,W 's til Gardena High's Physiology teacher, Mr. Bradley, is shown here with S0651 Studies ROBERT SMITH a few students. He is explaining the anatomy and physiology of man A ' Industrial ANS with the help of his manikin. Esquires BN 'QW ...-av" ...Q-v-" NORMAN SCHULTZ ELSIE TODD Fr 5 Al THEODORE WEBER English TYRA SNYDER English MERVIN WHITE Future FGUHCTS Of VIQLET WHITE Music Drama Club Mathematics Am9flCCl Enqlish L --:-',:: S 4-r- +:.,,, . s ..:.-ix .:,--,:..",-+ f .,.:,:.Sr,:-' -...,: . 2 - ,s-:pe , :-"': :,' :sz f:-, ww.. -2 Q -- W , N Qi fy- -.X "- 1 an 'lam if Qi f .M E 'lfffpzav 1 if V in ,muff :QIE , :- A if A J if Wm-15M ST-,CAN IRENE TRONDI-E WENDELL wi-HTENER BOYS Physical MARION STIPP semi studies GEORGE WATA1 Mathematics Education Business Education Business Education 'IPR' -Ie hl L STANLEY SMITH EVA VERVILLE IEAN WHITESIDE BOBLS' Pl'1YSiCC1l 1UL1E1'A TARQT Head Counselor JAMES WATHEN Business Education Ldufclion Language lndustrial Arts Letterman s Club CAMERA SHY ROBERT SILL ERNESTINE WHITE I3 STUDENT GOVERNMENT PLANNING AND INTERPRETING ALICE YAMAUCHI Siudeni Body President IEANNTE MOHI IAN PARMER IOAN BARCK BONNIE KOSEY ViC9 President Secretary Historian Treasurer W'60 STUDENT COURT - Front Row: I. Mori, G. Ordonez, S. Soqabe, C, Horn. Row 2: A. Rowland, M. McChesney, T. Nishi, I. Greene, B. Kosey. I4 W '60 SENATE- Front Row: I. Barak, I. Parrner, A. Yamauchi, I. M ori, B. Kosey. Row 2: R. Brauth, S. Soqabe, C. Long, S. Wade, M. Corti, E. Kamiya, B. Sanders, M. Berg, C. Horn. Row 3: T. Ni shi, G. Ordonez, I. Smoyer, B, Scott, M. McChesney, R. Ierstad, L. Larsen. SCHOOL FUNCTIONS RACHEL GULLIVER Historian GAH. HAYASHI Acting Historian CAROLE LONG Student Body President FLORENCE McALARY IOAN BARCK IAN pgmvmg Treasurer Secretary Vice President S'60 STUDENT COURT-Front Row: F. Nagai, P. Welch, C. Horn, S. McCaffery, B. Capps. Row 2: C. Ucak, D. Hanafusa, B. Kosey, G. Hayashi, A. Rowland S'60 SENATE- Front Row: K. Sweeny, F. McA1ary, I. Partner, C. Long, I. Barck, C. Horn. Row 2: S. Allen, R. Turner, D. Rowland, M. Blum, B. Garriott, R. Mahaffery. Row 3: B. Harrington, C. Younkin, I. Wnuck, B. Capps, P. Welch, D. Schier, B. Kosey. STUDENT LIFE "COTTON WHIRL" 1960 fw,m,6w M ,- ggqsg gi Q Q Q" Q? x .La S '23 S il-, is I Q, -E e I we W 5 me i .ge Q Nw we si , A 9 .1 is ' M fi as S55 fi I Linda Slama and Les lsaacs were reigning Cot- ton Day King and Queen at the annual Cotton Whirl. as 1 x I s U Q may gun 94 gi .dmv evra 43" The Queen cmd Her Court: Linda Beardall and Dick Olson, Iudy Lurk and Dick Barnes, Queen Linda Slama and Les Isaacs, lackie Nichols and Mike Adair, and Gay Pixley and Bill Capps. Dance Contest Winners Iudy Young and Bill Harrinqion are seen hold their trophies earned after displaying their fine dance talents. A SENIOR COURT The official opening of the Senior Court wos witnessed by the Viking cldss just before their grdduortion. Now thot the Thunderbird hos been unveiled the Sentinels horve plonted flowers, bought benches ornd eortinq tables. Clfstznu ""'m""--W.. T... ,.. STUDENT LIFE FRIENDSHIP AND UNDERSTANDING Maria del Carmen Corti, better known to us at Gardena as "Kiki," came here as a foreign exchange student from Argentina. She enjoys barbecued chicken, swimming, dancing, and meeting new people. Before coming to the United States, Maria went to a commercial school and next year she plans to attend a law school in her own country. Since Kiki has been at our school, she has become a member of Las Laureas, Coeds, G.A.A., and Club Mohican. On her return to Argentina she will convey her experiences in the various club activities and classes to her .friends and fellow students. CHEF and KIKI reminisce with MR. BEARDSLEY over their past year as Garde-nc1's first foreign exchange students. Cetin fChetl Ucak is our foreign exchange student from Turkey. Chet has many hobbies and outside interests which include stamp collecting, reading, soccer, and swimming. His club activities include Key Club, Knights, and Club Mohican. When he returns to Turkey, Chet plans to prepare for work as a public official. Although this is his first visit to our country, Chet says that he would like very much to return, or perhaps even live here some day. I8 BRING HONOR AND PRESTIGE Pat Welch was selected from the girls of the B-12 and A-ll classes to go to the University of California, Davis Campus. She left Gardena on Iune l7 of last year and spent nine days with 421 other girls who were also learning about our state government. The girls were divided into cities, counties, and parties. Pat was of Muir, Larkin County, and a member ot the Whig party. The girls learned about the government through city and county elections, and eventually state elections, which simulated elections as they would be held in an actual state. Pat returned to share her expiences with American Legion Auxiliary Post 187, which sponsored her, and the girls of the Gardena High School student body. to Girls' Vice Principal KATHLEEN MCGUIRE. illll PAT WEl.CH and LES ISAACS relate their experiences as Girls' and Boys' State representatives Les Isaacs, who represented Gardena at Boys' State, departed for Sacra mento on Iune 17 by train. He was a member of the Federalist party in Bidwell, Waters County. On returning, Les related his experiences, which included running for Assemblyman and taking his bar exam to become a lawyer. Boys' State representatives called on the lawyers when they broke city ordinances, such as having to remove shirts while passing through a certain city, or having to bow down to a sign and say "Allah" when passing it. Dur- ing his stay Les enjoyed the entertainment provided by the Sacramento High School Talent Show, movies, and swimming. Student Lite MISS FOOTBALL - J AN PARMER il A I k if-" if 1 'Q as ers 5' ., ' A' . g. . L- si ff in I S- H2 Stiff , S rf v S y i 'Yfff' H- X I ADMIRING the qold football presented to Miss Ian Parmer are the princesses selected by the Student Body last October twenty-third. They are, left to right: Sandy McCaffery, lune Cousin, Sandy Shore, and Fumiko Tanaka, . r S SONGLEADERS SALUTE-Miss Football 1960, as she passes by on her float during half - time at the Gardena - Banning game. 20 A 8313.5 ' y y S , ., . Tc. "IN SONG TO OUR ALMA METER"--Queen and court lead student body in Alma Mater at the end of the Home- corntnq Game with Banning. if ,f--. Q 2 km www' SENIOR ACTIVITIES WEAVE Senior Tea PATTERN OE STUDENT LIFE Senior Plays mimi STUDENT LIFE CLASS COMPETITION J At Field Day, Larry Larsen and Pam Keyser hasten to the finish line of the "Ski Race" as Mel Szilaqyi qives them a few pointers to help the Sentinels Win that event. Bill Capps is doing his part for the Senior B's as they Win over the viking Class in all of the Color Day Games. XM 53:24. tt, HIGHLIGHTS SENIOR YEAR -4--.........,,,,,,,,,,,,,' K sweaters for the first time during the three vol- leyball games between the Senior B's and Senior A's at Color Day. with that tire in the obstacle race, one of the seven events of Field Day. In this Sentinel- Vikinq competition, there was a "tie" for the first time at Gardena. ":' H Q ,Qi .i ..,,i. .Ur kt' is 7 ' if The Sentinels proudly display their new Irv Wnuck seems to be havinq a little trouble f QAUPORNHA MATSUDA DINES WITH DIGNITARIES . . . MOI-IICANS COVET INTERNATIONAL HONORS NMATSUUA ,.. :Gr Ronald Matsuda, honored Eagle Scout who was chosen represent the Scouts of California at Washington, D. C., arrive in our nation's capital on February 5 and the next day be-gc his busy schedule. During his eleven-day trip, Ronald visited tl' White House, Valley Forge, Independence Hall, United Nation New York City, and many of the departments of our nationc government. He ate at the Pentagon with the Vice President 1 the Capitol, and at West Point where he lived with the Cade for one day. On the afternoon of February 15, Ronald departe for home. Iohn Garnbrell, a junior on Gardena's track and cross-countr teams, ran in the Olympic Torch Relay. The purpose of this rela was to light the Olympic Torch with a flame from the torch o Mt. Olympus. At 2:00 on February 1, the pre-relay ceremony wc held at the Coliseum. At 2:30 the first runner started and at aboi 3:30 Iohn received the torch. He proceeded down the stre1 Without stopping, since police escorted the procession of lohi a doctor's car, and the officials' car. Iohn ran about a mile an a half, most of it through rain and flooded streets. He "hands off" to the next runner and then rode the rest of the way tin tlf officials' carl to Burbank, where the torch burned through the niglf SWEET AND LOVELY 'Shir ..,, Miss Basketball Sweetheart-Sieg linda Mueller in school and formal dress photographs as a true por- trait of elegance and style. Chosen among several young ladies by the basketball teams, she certainly proves to be a girl with a winning smile and a winning personality. Princesses - Ianice Fukuwa and Linda Slama add much beauty to the mighty Sentinel class as they prove by their charming person- ailties. -1 Na an as 3 3 ,Fur STUDENT LIFE THEY COULD HAVE Getting married in true Dog Patch style, Ton Ybar ' een la in in n y ra IS s p c q a r q o Laurene Borreman's finger as Marryin' Sam, Gary Younkin, looks on. DANCED ALL NIGHT I The popular cha-cha is exhibited by these couples in the finals of the cha cha contest at the annual Sadies Hawkins Dance. Friday-night Club Mohican Dances always proved to be exciting for many people, as viewed in this picture. These dances are held almost every other week excluding the weeks of mid-terms and finals. Attend- ing these dances satisfies many in meeting new friends. is Bill Harrington and Iudy Young give the camera a big smile as they were chosen Mr. and Mrs. Sadie Hawkins at the annual dance. Presenting the gift is co-chairman of the dance, Nancy Harmon. STUDENT LIFE LOVELY AS SPRINGTIME Spring Sports Queen Gay Pixley is the touch, of spring radiance as it brings her senior semester to an end. A charming personality and striking beauty, Queen Gay is a member of the Sentinel class. Gay, blonde- haired and blue-eyed, is kept occu- pied with an academic major and numerous school activities. Iecmnie Ybarrcr Pat Welch Princess Princess Mary Schloe NcmCY Wfighf Princess PHHCGSS Gay Pixley Queen X . N ff-X .MX 'xx A MN K ,X ,- N ,, , xf Q Xa- AX f XXX FX, X4 xl? yr! x an RF L K.. I fly Q g X- 1-7 X kj' ...A XM X xy xxx Q ' 'Nd X 4 X MQ, Y XXI X Sw X A ' K xA fx XX N wx X I, 'Y-X fx R X! X5 A kx XX ' fb - Xu 1 J K XX I 'xxx Xi' , Q ' QQEVQX Q K H'-,jx X ,vu-ef , A V, my yffj Xxx, ,X X .X X J" A 5, F Z7 'YJ V xh X W J XL Z 'yd-fAJ,.X f X21 73 f fn f Mmllffg NY ix J 0 S3 A ,Y 2 cf Q ' 'fm' m if A WH fav , 04, if ' Q ' A 00-be-I Nr-V fa O QQ, -' ' 27".f4 X. 25' 7 QQ X , X X n X ll! , Aufffevfu X -ff V" . , V, XXX ,, Q Flour Q E I 5' E 0 , ,TK ,. 'V N . X N m Sagacity Part 2 Classes ii , f ' fi 'QV si 6 '4 LL -,L xl 7' Q " 'Si-'AJ Q., -4.1 S 2661! X Ltd 3 'JC"i41'f MQNC' JT g Lg Q-Xlvdixgf OAL avail ,f,vJw,oj L- -AA' LLIE I VLLC X!J4 1,156 0.4. 51,41,,Q,g-'L,Z7y,Lg,,,,7V Z! T71 CL N' f I I ' 45 L ilffl ,,1AIQ4x'C' IVA,-6: 7V Alva' 'aftfp af ,,f2'7'L47 LL.,L, Z E Mu kJ- '1 4 E E ii 5 2 E 2 F A K e Q i 5 Hu sly., Jn WI E152 Q if Q 'U a if ffl A A Q q abf x U -so f IK Ms ll 'Y lr, 'mm " -f. pw ,M-X,, ivy' 'Lk mE'i'i."e4 we rk K ,N,..,k .Ht ,uf E v phi' 4x40 ' - -if-cv ., . S -fi ,eff fa 1-..,.,4N.1r'd'a,..? : K .x""'Q- . A -gfjkjk . . .52 ' ' f zf:'E?'? +f . 1 w- 4w- 1 1? if if Ju, if 'fi ,ph w". 11" V3 ji", ' L -fAir',l':,5', 9, ljxxgkf Afb"',fX ' ' f " fLEQwQ,.-' 'ff.1i ', . ,. 1 i 'ldv - N'4K5f'Q ' ' 7 ff,4xf' if- u' 1 ' -IA' f . - Q . ' 'x .f 5. - , X , J" ,Ai -' Aw.. AJVAM M, ,-L:-fy' . . g,la5l'ig'7"f 'f"CN f-- . .1--...w fb ,- fx, '11-'. ,1--' -. , LQ. , f .ia gs fagixm L,v.,,f ,. '.1,,,i, ix... V x .NLJ 5.,,,.-A "-"l',.-X1-A 'Wh QA 1' , ,fr A ' -' 'Ayr ve "u2qfi'i,ffQ,- rig- :Iv ,nf-ff"'Q J Q ,V f .wav n .. 3, ,,. I E R K J ." Q A-1:1 E. K -uf' -xx fs.. Y S sf '?a. I 'A :a Q , I v ng, 5' , i I Y ,L 5, Y' x 'F x SENIURS President GARY OVERSTREET VIKINGS Vice President ROLAND TITILE Secretary DOROTHY KAMIO VIKING CLASS STORY The Vikings, graduating class of Winter, 1960, will have great influ- ence on every class which Will grad- uate from Gardena High in the many years to come. Through the hard work of classes before the Vikings, and with the cooperation of faculty and student body, the senior court was officially opened. An event which will never leave the minds of the class of Winter, l9ESO, was their Field Day with their underclass- men, the Sentinels. This was the first time that results ended in a tie, with both classes gaining three points. In leaving Gardena, the Vikings take with them pleasant. memories of Won- derful days and exciting once -in - a - lifetime experiences. 32 Treasurer LILA DERKUM A big moment for Gardena High as Principal, Mr. Cla k Beardsley, announces the dedication of the new Senior Co if Q-""'? Bobby Ames GAA, GLG, Latin, FBLA, Mochicons, Pep Club Roland Tiltle and Dorothy Kamio, Most Popular. Iune Cousin and Gerald Anderson Larry Kellogg, Best Looking, lake their final look at Gardena Boys' League High' i sv i. 3 W L iam Q L si C Ielf Hallett Fred Elliolt BOYS' I-9091-'C Boys' League Florella Hanegan 'Ce Gibbs G' I f L GAA,Iumll Team, Club "S eogue Mohiccln qs Nh! 'S' 'ip Diane Cels Carolyn Dewar - - 'I' L , CI b - . r I S'3?flgffLE,:m"" Eszsn, ssfiureumu M0 Bm Palwmple GMS QUE Boys League . - .f fs:- Gary Hastings BOYS' LGGQUS, Science Club, Latin Club, Club Mohican Glenna Goodwin Girls' League '52 B Roger Cleveland L Linda Donaher pmnk Honda Dennis lowers Boys' League - as Laureas, Athenions, 5h'1 G ll ko K - 'OYS' League Club Mohicun Class ?l:le?FnLeader, Dm' Team' GAA' GLGI HCTEL Mxohlacgm g ey Club' Vcrslty Truck Girls, League Club Mohiccn Drama Club Tuma Couin. der Lindajlouglass ea , - 1 Rudie Brmnh ClossG2IS,elegGgue Lila Derkum Girls Leugue Senior Athenians, Student GAA, GLG, Drill Team, Body Chaplain, Glrls' Pep Club, Club Mohucan, League Historian Afhenians N-.-gr Raul Garcia Varsity Football Rose H019 Club Mohican Club Mohican rig.. Kenji lnlrenaga B ' L oys eague Larry Kellogg Track, A Cappella Choir. Play Production ii sf- Ed Iames Reminiscinq over the Viking Prom are: lqnacio Morales and Susie J'V' Baseball zelma Lang Soqabe, Most Athletic, Ed lames and Sandra Zollotouchen lnot vorslty Baseball House of Representatives shownl, Mos! Likely to Sl1CCee9d- Club Mohican , J Y M f Kelly Moyer Club Mohicari, B-C Bas- ketball, Track Qi., Cleo Nance Girls' League ,M-un' Barbara Ludwig no A Iim Monaghan Baz? Lgulgzn Norma Ifee fA'ZQi'CGE""l Team' Club Iudy Martin Varsity Track Club Mohican Drill Team, GAA, GLG, BEE Football Class Cheer Leader Club Mghjcgn V Tak Nishi Knights Commander Track I0 - Pat McDermott Ignacio Morales GAADogigY gill, geaml Connie Leffew A Cflpoello Choir Steve Matson Varsity Football Las Lau,-egg, Afhenig,-15 Club Mohican House of G"'l5 League Boys' League Representatives Guido Ordonez Knights, Student Body Judge, Spanish Club .J awww! K Ihl Virginia Marshall ' U - - A cqlngllioeithoiit Club Well Leslie' A Coeds, GAA, Latin Club, Gfnl Mlichell sfudenieuiziggyyifrig, Las Mohican, B Track Alh9fli0f1S. Clk-'ll' MUWCUH Science Club, Mohicans, BEE Football Laurens, B12 All 'Class PED Club President, Athenians Gary Overslreet Al2 Class4President, Cap- tain Varsity Track, Key Club, Knights me Linda Parris Girls' League 4 Y, ,, 9 v Lucky Springer BOYS' Leflgue Leroy Sutherland Esfwires, BEE Football if Tony Ybarra and Ieanie Mori, Best Dressed, Tina Smith and . Richard Redding Best Personality laugh as the recall t B d P Cl b 1 I y pas ren cr Standerf Club Mohlwn' ep U experiences at Gardena High. GAA er Athegggsasgyglgr Club Richard Redding Mohican, A Cappella Choir, Modrigals, Nonetls Nia were "" 'Wa- K cr Eemnene Reece Frances Sanders Hou Encrgulges sing? Knighlomkesiegiul? FFA R l d T'ttl CI b M h' I 'If I - s epresen Ct lves, - , y u , , can 1 9 FBlLA O 'cm GHS Gee Elm, PGLGEIF?-3, bLf'Tn Sep Club, Coeds, Latin GAABgfEg'fAoif2fJ':' Pepggack Tevm, A Cappella A12 Class Vice President, 0- l l - higag ep U' U Hb Club, FBLA, Athenians O" mflsrgll' Tfockf C'Ub MO' ef Q Li we N if Q Rosendo Rodriguez Sharon Smalley . A . Rosie Str t BEE Football, Varsity Cl b M h - . ee ef - , D 1 5 b U 0 'CGD Victor Snell G I 1 Richard Van Auken Football' Club Mohlcon eflcilfiis Mccslziiaxm Class Chee' Leader FFA, Cross Country Track Ir S League Boys' League X .. X C .... .. A all ' - ' C rv If N . SSL Sally Romero Girls' League Tina Smith Drill TOGFT1 Scott - Band Drum Major, Sen- Club Mohlmn ate, Knights, Key Club, Pep Club Susie Sogabe President Las Laureas, Ali, Bl2, A12 Court Judge, Athenians, GAA, GLG Larry Suman BEE Football Varsity Track Mary Vicari GAA, GLG, Club Mohaeon, Philatelists, Pep Club 35 Bill Weingm-len Alice Yamauclfii gays' League Dmlid While Sfudenl B0dY Pff-2Sld0f'Tf Sandra Zollotuchen Boys' League GAA' .I-05 l-aureus' G'-G' GAA, GLG, Drill Team Afhemans, Pedagcgues A5 - fam Ed't S k' Marilyn Whaley GAA, Coeds, Club Mo- hican I SIS I or mo e Slgnals, Annual Staff Tony Ybarra virglgmlv-lg,:,r:-,Inger Track, Football, Baseball Club Mohican Viking Class Camera Shy Willie Rucker Allen Smith IEBNIE MOR! Gold Seal Bearer Ephebian 36 VIKING AWARD WINNERS GUIDO ORDONEZ Ephebian SUSIE SOGABE Gold Seal Bearer SENIORS GARY YOUNKIN PAT WELCH President Vice President SENTINELS BARBARA EARLY Secretary A distinguishing characteristic of the sum- mer class of '60, the Sentinels, is their class color, emerald green. This is the first time in several years that a class has chosen this color as their class color. Numbering three hundred and forty-four, the Sentinel Class is one of the largest yet to graduate from Gardena High. Their activi- ties this year have included the addition of benches to the Senior Court and the Senior All-Night Party, a luau. They are undefeated in both Field Day and Color Day. As the seniors leave, We at Gardena will be losing many friends. The Sentinels have been one of the most active classes Gardena has ever had. Their enthusiasm and spirit have made us all lift our heads a little higher. Graduates of the Summer '60 class of Gar- dena High will long be remembered here. NANCY WRIGHT Treasurer 5 3 i 5 The members oi the Sentinel Class would sincerely like to thank MR. DUDLEY and MISS CHRISTMAS for their wonderful help as sponsors of our class. 37 Mike Adair Knights. Key Club, Es- Salvatrice Alorlgi quires, Lettermans Club, Ciub Mohicgnl Pep Club, Spanish Club GAA .ff Judy Bames Girls' League I-ild Adam! R ll'n th f l ' A t th V'k' h d , Babb A . eca 1 g e successu semor semes er e 1 mqs a are H?-lJgdlthfRI:g?e53lE?d?it:ees BOXJS' LZJZTQYG Class president Gary Younkin cmd school president Carole Long, CEEOEYMBUUU who took the title of Most Popular. U Omccn ..,,, . - t--t' l l'., :ff - 2 3 1--,G A -.Nf"b' m, ay' liljgs- 2 ' , V . "" 51- MW' il' js I , Charlie Akiokq Sandra Ankeny .rom Baker BEE Basketball, Athenian LeHe?r:2n?ng3ES0'Prmck Afhemons Gay Ashmead Boys' League Dave Batchelor Club Mohican, Pep Club: Club Mohlcfm 5P0nlSh.ClUb BEE Football Smoke Slevwls Ca 1 Albertoni , , flctysllldmon S M'E'z.Am"s"2. ., Io Am. Ault 'i5::YM3,:lzzL' ,, lgifge Esmge ,, C M h' h' DGDIS u , G U 1 ep u , lub O 'Can U O 'Con Club Mohican, Nonetts, Girls' League Drama Club Choir' Club Mohiccsqppsiuo A Cappella Choir 422' , NVQ 11, dent Activities. 'ln- Iohn Alkire - th A 'ds Dick Bames D1-'ldne Bauer House of Representatives Afhsonm Andeyson Doran! Leggte on Carl Baker - Key Club, Lettermarls Boys' League Club Mollloon e""'n5' DH" Team Varsity Football, Esqwres, Club, promo Club, Club FBLA BEE Basketball Mohlcan fs. g 1 it :tk , Saundra Baumgamer A Cappella Choir, FBLA, GAA, Club Mohican Eddie Dawes and Pat Welch, who were selected the Most Likely Gerald Bench to Succeed. are reminiscing over the Monterey-Mcmhattcms Field Journalism Staff DG Spanish Club Y' V'M"'Y 4--of Clareen Carter km Campbell Club Mohican Lettermans Club, Knights, Esquires -3 James Cowley Bill Capps Stage Crew, Club Mohican Yell L e a d e r, Student Council, Track, Student Court, Knights V B h Roy Beqrdall Can-Y Bobby Io Brant gms? I-61:12 Lge Rebecca Cerrcmo Elaine Carlisle GMS League Club Mormon Boys League Girls League Girls, League Baurene Borremans h Pat Butts Iackie Christie Michele Bernard Girls' League C Uflfas Brown Girls' League Karen Carr Club MONCGH Athenians, Spanish Club, BOYS l-909'-19 FBLA, Club Mohican, Pep Dfufflv Club Coeds, FBLA Club, Drill Team Barbara Cahill Shirley Blanton Buddy Bows' Gary Buchler Club Mohican Girls' League Spcmwh Club Boys' League 'tw Pete Church Lettermans Club, Club Mohican, Key Club, Pep Club Martha Carrizosa Drill Team, GAA, GLG, Club Mohican, Peda- gagues Barbara Clark Drill Team Sharon Cole Club Mohicon Girlg' Leugue Connie Dalrymple A Cappella Chour Carole Clemeni Senior Tea, thal's what our Best Looking Bob Anderson and lan GMS! League Tom Collin Parmer are thinking about in the Courl of Memories. Floyd Dalrymple Boys' League Boys' League Sandie Cohen Linda CoxM William Culbertson Club Mohican Gay Conner Club Mohican, asque retry Crenshaw Boys' League Hedy Dauglrda glib Mohamn, Pep Club, and Pmelle' GAA Boys' League Club Mormon, Pep Club 5,0111 CO2-GIUCU Mqfy Cox arsity ennis - - M d p l ff I spanish Club CM, ,,1,f,ifg,f22l'A, Co, Mglf?Ctfl,GBrallll3orS eds, Las Laureas, Key Club Marlene Culp Club Beisy Crocker M o h i c a n Footlighlers, Terr- D A Cappella Choir Pep Mosque and Polene' Club Latin Clullg ,PJ CI X Club, Club Mohlcan' Mohlmn Club Mohgcg 'T f' C'BgbMCole Illdy Crabtree Rosalee Cl21ErInRningiA u ohican Linda Cqok GAA - Afhenians, , H , Edd- D es Girls' League Clagxilacsgow Biff' grgobrh Club Mohmun' Boy? League C slsl -'IQ "Oi f A George Flushman I Esqulres, Club Mohvcan, Lois Farmer Boys' Cnty Mgl:lZnLgJZlLzht Club Mohican, Pep Clap Sh' l Fl Most Athletic, Genny Barella and Henry Ola are talking over the Ianei Fields gthenilzrnsil MA Igggspellg g'fLlE,isMIgri2L1 play "Cheaper By The Dozen" hold by the Chanlels. Girls, League Olf, C u 0 icon KH 3 Dick Francis Don Donikowski Barbara Earl - Don Dm Boys, Leugue Betty! Driskell JV Songleqderl PSDYCIUIDI Club Esglg2mF1eLrL? Club Chess Club BEE Football Gffls Leogue Club Mollmcn House of Representatives Chess Club -Quay Denny Destatte lim Dorsell Bob Duran -Willis Erlichmcm Ianice Finne Iolm Fugale BOYS' League Club Mohlccm Spanish Club, Motion g?li?gi?j5E5lub' Lalm Club' G5l'lS' LSOQUG? Boys League Picture Crew, Smoke Sug- nols, Club Mohican - - ' Drake . Tony Es rn-zu Ianice Fukuwa Iohn Dmubllo Bofmfe Nellre Duran , P Dale Fleck C d chess club G"l5 League club Mohncan BOYS League earns' League Lginscclftf' Spanish Club House of Representatnves Sharon Gabardi GII'lS' LEOQLIS len-Y G1-eningef Electronics Club, Chess Club, Stage Crew Lawrence Gilson Lewellyn Griffin Electronics Club Pep Club, GAA Best Personalities, Pat Butts and Bobby Martinez are day dream- ing of the Blue Enchanment Prom held by the Pharaoh Class. f-up ,Q-wl'9 Ruth Hayashida GAA, FBLA, Coeds lack Hazelriqq Knights, Band, 50V9YSf House of Representatives Linda Goto Al Gutierrez W ,- A - Sh I-I d Club Mohican Manlgrrl Cfussenhoven Boys' League Ice Hammons Gf:f3nLeqZi.eY Iudy Heck 'rs League Boys' League Coeds, FBLA, PCD Club, Club Mohican, Athenians, Nonettes, Drama Club Tom Green D G Frederick Haenel Susan Harrington t Boys' League on ,usmfson Electronics Club, Chess Terry Hannon GAA, Pedagogues, Latin Herbert Hem-Y BOYS League Club Boys' League Club, Club Mohican, Co- Boys, League eds, World Affairs 'GOP What, ww Ion Greene - Brian Hagiwara M - Han-is Athenians, Science Club, Ianet Guher E . Am V I CI b Kqghie Hansel une . - World Affqirg Club Musque and Pallette, bjgxfggz emuns U Girls, League GAA, Latin Club Args? gggegxa Spanish Club, FBLA Raul Hernandez Track Pam Keyser Club Mohican Knight5ulS?avIcgfTesMqrCh, Health Representative ing Band, Club Mohlcan, Pep Club, Spanish Club Elaine Carlisle and Mel Szilaqyi, takinq the title of Best Dressed - Pg':S?lfQf,J'ggj me femifllsdflq over the many activities of the Monterey Class. Afhggfgegf g?LrR?a7x1A0hi. Iudy Klein y can Footllghters Girls' LGGQUG Carol Hom Alvin Hyun Don Koehler M01-ggi Holm Student Senate Carol Huffman Boys' League can Iohqnsen lgettetrmgn Cgnubl SAQT GLG, Latin Club, Club Mohican Boys' League ms' Y OO G Tl eam Pat Howsare Lcruru Isabell Bonnie Kgseyd - - FBLA, GAA, GLG, Pep Girls' League Girls' League resi ent Am nggvlds ljglij Club Club, Club Mohican Edward Hurst Anderson Iordcm Court Clerk e ' S' D S ' BOYS l-GCQUC Lettermens Club World Affairs, Pep Club, Club Mohican , Glenda Hudwn Yuriko Ishino Yonny Koyama Sharon Hooker g?L11iioElgghLGTIn Club, Mike Hmsenpmer Girls, League Gloria Kelley Boys League Club M0l1'C0n Key Club, Club Mohican, Club Mohicqn KVllQhfS Modern Dance, FBLA ' Maryanne Krivonik I Wesley Ray La Cuesta Club Mohlcan Track, Cross Country, Club Mohican, Esquires Iudy Krusclglge A Coppello Gif Connie Lampin . 9 Class Cheer Leader, Girls, League ball to Charlene Vore as does not drop the ball at lack l-lazelriqq passes the ping pong others intensely watch and hope she the Viking-Sentinel Field Day. dw 35 Sandra McCaffrey Song Leader, Las Laure GAA, Pep Club, Judge Patti McCarty GAA Dianne Kumcrgai L -1 GAA, Am - I FBLA! Betty C5151 a Ken Lowe RB'zYL:'zz':'5::' 1udYpe'!C2a:qQH fwud 'vm Ioanne Kumagai Ken Lee L- d L d 'g , FBLA, Coeds, Pep Club, LUTTY Larsen BOYS' l-SCJQUG Carole I-0119 m EBL-gt W1 shU'l?Y MCEIQUH-U GAA l-GTTEVWGHS Cl'-lb Student Body President Girls' League Latm Club, Pep Club if is lrr I A 71 hlwlng Kgfgghaub Bob Larson Fred Ifowrnini Kris Io Long Barbara Lund pm McGee Af emcms' Boys' League ,Kmghls FBLA, Drill Team, House Athenians, A Cappella goys' League VUVSWY Boskefbflll of Representatives Cholr US Al2 r 53 x ,il 3 M v f , 1 , A e A - A ' Q atb 5 is ' 1 fl 5 ZR., .f::g,ZEl?i if sl?'l'fi5'5lklll rl ffl 45' ill Q 5 QW Y ' 9? 1,12 " A- 7 fig f fl L1 Mr 2 -- f AM - ll---',g,, .N limi ' - 4,1 A i KW ,virus hz, . K KL kwwww S ' L, - ,A . sz A-,fi T- - - "4 ff.,--gl- i-5 5g::, I . , ., ' ,L 'K A - -f m m -, A - X-f ly-ee ,ewvfiylv ai. ' - ' ' ,dw Q, I f ' :Lx ggfqigiw A31-.A-.-it -f ,Q ng, 3,9 3 , -wehg ., in 3 Gary Mclntyre W .... -np..- f 1. Boyg' League A .. . H . .-'AWN I I J ' ' ' ' + ' , -. Q I X I si l . . . fE'wf:l?"le.,g5 we ' ' f , ,A ...F - P ,re ,,, A ,, uw. -. ,VL 'gm . A. 2 .1 S , " ' A ' "iv W 'Z 35'9fd'?1f51'f5 il .i - 1,2 . new-2 f - 1 . ll'--"1 mf: "" ' f., " " 'V' Slfzrws . fails-'FEE-77v1'f' .l 7 Wd! JL Us ffl' 'Gigli' WLS," ' l"uefL,', wi girl, gli K Q hw Y ., fm., W 0 . . . ...M t N A .r wr-1 Y iq 31, is 195- 1'-M A A . , ..., Q H ' A ell: girl wi . f - ,.g ' - Q, f', is a'-' QT' - Neff- A . 515, ' . A Q' K 'ref' VW- .WW ' 4 v'f"'t,5'f23vf , Y leg .,.,' I K fs 1 1 A Q an A r 'mx l wif' S 2 ' . 'P .. ZA, ,M , e,Mg,,3.. A A ,,, . rysrrsywfr 2 r " - , '?" ,. -:nf A-,-L+? "TEH 31' T--'fyffw 3 f . , A A Q H5-:,,v,Amf A .ull ,T wil . A, t---qnqggg, A si. Ji ,y :A .V . , ,na ,, .-. my A. A i,Xg5,wfg.i5 1 jkwsgi- ,. ,M X , . 5' V' ff " A Sentinels race to catch Doug McLeod Viking Field Day. Boys' League fi Q .. A E, ,.,g,B . .Ji Viking, Larry Suman, in Sentinel- , . bw 5 .ls- 1 sb' X l S Ioyce Milner Terumi Muyemura GMS League Boys' League QS? va VL? Terry Minami lim Menu GAA, JV Song Leader Boys' League PEP Club liarry Marcotle Robert Maxwell Gllil Miner Fred Macksoud forggvigitgm? Richard Mason BOYS' LSGQUG Pat Mihalovich '-Olin Cl'-lb BOYS' LGGQUE FFA, Club Mohican Club Mohican Bobby Martinez Gerald Mageau BOYS' League House of Representatives Club Mohlcan 'NIV' 'haf Edilille MUY I Ioyce Milsuhala Iqmes Masudu A Cappella Choir Bobby Mikami Afhenlans, Club Mohiqan Boys' League Orchestra, GAA Boys, League lf :tx V 1'-M, , f-.,,,,, .4 -Q rf A Xl""'mn if Q 1.-few .- an 4, -.A me , Q-an ' 3'0"-Y Irene Muruki Kenneu, Mcyedq Connie Mnwer Wall Manson GMS' Leogue Ronald Matsuda Boys, League Florence Mikawa GAA' Drill Team' L-Olin Knlghlsf KEY Club Knights, Atheniuns FBLA GAA GLG, Coeds, Slug gpvnlsh glulgf Chess Club Mohlcan, Pep Club U f Uence U D nms Mmm eBasketbaIl Iudy Moms FBLA ' vi: '1 "M 5 7712: :A- ' rf" M WX'-w ., - l P 2,3 -fax el BQQQXQE M P 'Y S A ze f - 15 2 , rr Iohn Norman Boys' League Delores Moniz Maxine Voqal leads Paul Cczlahuca clown the field in 1' Oldh - E -I M - I I I l V om am Ebel PGP Ch-'bf Cl'-lb M0 Pep C1735 Gifglsfigsque the Senllnel-V1k1ng Fxeld Dqy. Egaglls, Prggxggwsg Boys' and Palette ill' ,,.,.f Iudy Moore Iqmes Muhq Danny Nelson GAA, Las Laareas, Paw Jerry Morrison BOYS' LGUQUC Eagnf? ggurggy Chess Cl'-lb Lynndq Olson Wow Council, Drill Team, FFA ff 5 G9 GAA, Pep Club, Class Sec- Annual Staff retary i , F-".'Ys2, iv ' f 'S " .- if gg lm: in ali 7 lik A To '1 Mm-cmdq Ioe Munroe Al Nensliel . I Pep clrfrlbyxrfzonefres, Mad- pm Mon-isseue Club Maman Masqo Nqkqiye Knights, Esqaires, Club Donald Onlshl, rigals, Class Cheer Leader Gi,-15' League Boys' League M0h'C0"l A gJ'Gpnl?:H0ClEg'0" Trecelle Morgan Harumi Muranaka Ia'-'qu-ie Nichol! Ioyce On' Grils' League Sieglinde Mueller FBLA, GAA, Coeds, Club Tergffriggcggko CMD Mohwan' Club Mohican, Cholr GAA, Pep Club, Basket- Mohicgn 'S 9 Scnence Club ball Sweetheart Rosemary Osaka Cheer Leader, Pep Club, Athenians, GAA Spirit remains high as cheerleaders pause to watch the Sharon Osbom Sentinels win Color Day against the Vikings. Danna Roberts Footlighters A Cappella Choir David Powell Knights, Key Club, Es- quires Iames Roberts Stephanie Rqddqtz Key Club, Esquires, Track, Masque and Palette, Club GAA, Club MONCGVM Glee Basketball Mohican Club is-1 Q-M, Tom Palmer Henry Otu Knights, Key Club, Leiter- Varsity Football, Knights, mans Club, Varsity Foot- Key Club, Baseball ball I l Ian Parmer YOShlk0 0105111 Athenians, Choir, Pep GAA, Club M0l'llC0l'L 5fCll'- Club, Las Laureas, Miss lighters Football A Peqgie Owens Latin Club, Drill Team, Club Mohican Q.-ww dnt ' Ph'llt Sheila Pennington Mlgggnl-eogueps Girls' League Gay Pixley Norma Perry Pep Club., Spanish Club, Girls' League Club Mohican, Drill Team, Varsity Cheer Leader Carol Pfeiffer David Pqn' GAA, GLG, FBLA, Masque Mary Pottala Ioe Roberts Sylvis Reid Club Mohican FBLA, Club Mohican Xftfr Mary Roberts Gladys Remmick House of Representatives Girls' League Eleanor Riccardi Pep Club, Latin Club, Pqul Robens Boys' League and Palette Las Laureas, Atl'ier1ians,NAohican, Pedagogues Club Mohicon FBLA, Latin Club, Coeds, Club Mohican Gail Root , , Girls' Leqgue Marie San Filippo Club Mohican . Donna Simpson Club Mohlcan Nl. - 1 Diane Rgwlqnd 1 Mrs. Ogi cmd Mr. Sloan are discussing the rules of the Club MOWCGH, GAA, Los Mlchqel Salle' ball passing games of Field Day with many onlookers. aureas, Pep Club A Capgella Chour, Band Linda sims LC'l"" lub Girls' League - - Ron Shuler Kim Runcie Ianel Sa M S hloe Geraldine Shlflell ' Andre!! 5iP11lC1 Knagms Wye' A Cmellg Choi, GAA, Club Mohlcon '5f,f,Qf,',m"nS Club' Vmmy FBLA, Afhemuns, Club Club Mohlcan Club Mohlcans M0hiCCIr1 Connie Schuck . Glenn Silvius . . Ter' Sq Tong 50114111 - , Robert Shine David Skipper Girls, Lggglzg Boys League GMS League Track Eigfrrgslls Mcghgn Pep Club, Swimming Team R I . . qgcxssiggggon Gary Schenck GAPl3ebEgEgl,SgllEnoMo- Sandra Shore Dm' Ilfnda Slgnon Linda Slama FFA hican Pep Club, Cheer Leader Club Mggfgan ep C'Ubf Lasggxrecgvs, Cgfeg Lgag- ef, , ep u , L , Pedagog ues, Drama Club I Barbara Smith Girls' Glee, Club Mohican Rachel Smith Club Mohican Kathleen Denny Tuyson Basketball bf' 6"f"" Carol Horn IS ready for the high set up by Walt Manson Melvin Szila9Y, GvmY10SfiCS in the Se-ntine1'Chance11ors Color Day. Key Club, Club Mohmonf Red Cross Club Q,-X Ruth Ann Smith Club Mohican br' X Q' " Gene Soman Ed Sterbenz Arleen Thompson Boys' League Delores Stapleton BOYS LGGQUS Fumiko 'fmygku Club Mohlcan GAA, FBLA, Pep Club, Cheer Leader, Mlss Foot- Red Cross Club' Club ball Prmcess, Pep Club, Mohican lack Smoyer Club Mohican, Pep Club, Leftermans Club, Class President Nl Linda Spencer Karl Sullivan, Carol Tolle CM' Mohm Le,,eF,g,jgg'dCig'fkMG,h ETL! 'ZZT,i'Cil"'C" me" I0gg5nTggLO' 'a?3l?G,5l'SSiZ3l?GTJZZfEf'uEf Club, Tennis ' student Activity ReP'eSen'0"VeS Larry Snavely Bovs' LGGQUQ ian- S'-Q19 E55 MW' e 'f la- 'P Al Stqhl Iune Suzuki Iohn Tomita Club Mohicqn FBLA, GAA, Coeds, Pep Boys' League . . Margaret Taylor M'k2Fi'em Cm Club Mohawn Tim Trinkle Key Club, Knights, Bas- Cegin Ucqk ketbouf Uub Mohifon Knights, Student Court Lynn Troxel V Mrs. Lewis serves punch lo Iudy Moore after the March- PGD Club, Club M0h'CU"" Pat Valenzuela ing Band and Histeppers review. Masque and Palette Club Mohicun Carol Webster Girls' League Linda Weidenheimer Girls' League -.NU 'SSW Elene Tsuchiya Charlene Yore I . 'Kathy Watanabe Red Cross Club, GAA, Pep Bennie Van Deweghe GAA, Club Mohican, Drill Nancy vvm-mlm Science Club, Afhenians, lim Welch Club Club Mohicari Team Girls' League LUN' Club Band, Orchestra Ianet Tyler Dave Vuurman Bob Watts Club Mol1ican,A Cappella Diane Van Herpen Boys' League Indy Warner! Boys' LBGQUG Pqi Welch Cl10iI' Girls' LGGQUG House of Representatives, Las Laureas, El Arador, Pep Club, Coeds, Club Editor, A12 Judge, Girls' Mohican, El Arador State Iudy Tyler Doug Walz Bonnie Webb Chit? Mohlconf A Coppeuo llen Van Zan! F00'fb0'l Edna Watanabe GAA, FBLA Earl Wendt Cho" Girls' League GAA, GLG, Latin Club, Boys' League Pep Club, Athenians, Co- ed S Shrffv Wilkins Richmd wuue' Km lig licgrcltball Gary West Girls League Larry Woods Boys League Richard Yamada Bosienscn , , Boys' League Boys' League Club Mohlcan, Key Club Gary Williamson ' Ken WYZUU5 Jackie Wilde Latin Club, Chess Nancy Wnght Boys Leceue Girls' League Club, Club Mohicon A Cappella Choir, Club Mohican tw , Irvin Wnuck , Boys' Leclgue, Track KUYGD Wilkerson Lettermans Club, Varsity GII'lS' League Football L S L.., Q Frank Zucconi Nancy Yanni BOYS League FBLA, GAA, GLG, Coeds After the opening of the Senior Court, administrators, tcrculty, and students compliment Mr. Ioe Dudley on his drtistic Thunderbird, which was designed especially for the Court. Sentinel cheerleaders: ludy Kruschke, Kathy Sweeney Sharon Gcibardi, Diane Rowland, Pot Welch, cmd Tomi- lyn Mordndd Cheocll helped keep the spirit high at all cldss activities. SENTINEL EPHEBIANS fQ""7"' Carole Long Bill Capps Ian Parmer '92 Mike Hutsenpiller Pat Welch wi 0 QW -Pvfp Sandy McCaffery Les Isaacs Linda Sluma SPIRITED AND FUN -raking Cheerleaders remain active throughout the Sentinel-Viking Color Day as the very enthusiastic crowd cheers the Sentinels on to victory. -f 3 Sentinel Iudy Tyler struggles with a tire as she competes in the obstacle race in the Sen- tinel -Viking Field Day. ,Nt saw. mwah' Over, under and over Ianice Fukuwa goes as she races to help the Sentinels beat the Vikings at Field Day. Front Row: M. Metzqer, A. Yusuda, S. Drummond, L. Ia- cobs, I. Fuqimoto, G. Lopez, l. Yoshida. Row 2: F. Hill, L. Kubota, S. Kishi, D. Yanai, L. Larson, M. Aubert, K. Mura- kami, F. Delgado, I. Welch, B. Anthony, D. Wetlake, G. Clark. Row 3: B. Froom, B. Gilmore, S. Yamane, N. Harnmend, C. Van De Weqhe, B. Eidem, K. Linder, G. Gibson, K. Kikawa, E. Yasunaqa, R. Ierstad, M. Nakamura, G. Wright, K. Iwamasa, I. Kadoquchi, F. Prestia. Front Row: D. Heavinaston, I. Barck, M. Santos, V. McGrady, P. Mitchell, M. Lennan, D. Iohns, C. Piche, C. Gray. Row 2: A. Rowland, I. Patterson, I Bosw 'l, M. Morgan, S. Ellen- bura, C, Underwood, C. Simon, T. Ferrara, B. Martin, C. Crutcher. Row 3: P. Rowe, F. Bokma, I. Bailey, l. Sylvester, S. Mullee, S. Mitchell, K. Mar- cus, M. Caprio, I. Voss, R. Muratore, L. Luera, L. Miller, D. Iensen, L. Popovics, K. Hooker. .L SQ. Front Row: A. Weber, S. lacks. N. Harmon, G. Popplewell, R. Giuliano, N. Stahl, E. Stone- quest, L. Beardall, S. Parks. Row 2: S. Ashton, D. Arney, S. Buckler, M. Hill, D. Drennen, N. Wagner, I. Remrnick, L. Wood, B. Mason, L. Phillips, L. Phillips. Row 3: I. Ybarra, B. Shoup, S. Strickland, C. Meave, F. Naqai, I. Soqabe, T. Sawaqawa, E. Maisuaka, S. Nemeth, C. Key, D. Monkress, C. Scarberry, L. Mclntyer. Front Row: E. Anderson, B Belkin, H. Howard, G. Ar bouin, R. Holtcarnp, S. Keith D. Iohnson, I. Peters, G .Gill T. Butler. Row 2: S. Allan, H Lapp, I. Fitzpatrick, I. Iones R. Fitzgerald, C. Brownell, D Diekman, T. Noise, F. Linden berq, B. Harvey. Row 3: S Schroeder, B. Isaacson, M Folkrod, B. Taylor, L. Murphy G. Meyer, R. Hartsuyker, D Tiedy, B. l-lenshaw, I. Riede W. Beamon, L. Nichols, R Ybarra, I. Francis. IANCELLORS Popular Chancellor neerleaders are Ieanie barra, Donna Arney, nan Barclc, Linda Phil- ps, and Louise Phillips rot shownl. As an important semester approached We found the Cancellors looking upon the year with much enthusiasm This class participated in many school activities such as Color Day and reflected a spirit of cooperation We recall the style of Premiere Class with the advent ot the popular collar. Cornical Steve Allan, well-known Chancellor Class President, is seen with the two class sponsors, Mr. Albano and Mrs. Isaacs. 'Q' A-11'S If fs tf - 'Fx V. . Q' if Al1's find themselves in that "hallowed" upper division and prepare, in class, for the many re- sponsibilities Which will soon fall upon them as seniors. I 'lk R , , . Qmmwwug ,- si 5 - if A 'Q in "mf . ., BK E. Front Row: R. Rodriguez, P. Hanna, C. Valsviq, I. Snead, M, Corti, M. Fecko, D. Suther- land, D. Williams. Row 2: I. Chant, K. Villella, N. Pfnnen- stiel, K. Dull, L. Marais, P. Felix, I. Remmick. Row 3: I. Ross, H. Nurre, L. Lesher, R. Castillo, R. Pinedo, D. Wil- liams, C. Ucak, D. Fouts. Row 4: G. Traylor, B. Griffith, M. Nurse, G. Nicol, M. Vander Linden, B. Kummelehne, D. Mariani, W. Childs. Front Row: S. Dressel, E. Per- lich, L. Wheeler, D. McCul- louqh, L. Mclntyre, G. Hayashi. Row 2: K. Nishi, I. Parker, R, Yamada, L. Maple, C. Meade, T. Patterson, I. Batchelor. Row 3: R. Painter, I. Sundal, R. Van Sky, V. Pickrell, K. Lisa, T. Vales. Row 4: D. Brown, S. Lock, W. Larson, I. Arneil, R. Rohrdanz, C. Fietz. Front Row: K. Kramer, A. Ybarra, S. Fuqinami, S. Wil- liams, E. Nakano, E. Onishi, A. Minqara, I. Kakurai, V. Seaton, G. Racho, E. lshizaka. Row Z: A. Poole, E. Brooks, V. Preston, I. Bowlus, B. Patrick, S. Lamb, I. Thompson, D, Io- hannsen, R. Yanez, C. Whit- heck, M. Silaqy. Row 3: E. Bell, R. Scruton, D. Peterson I. Webster, M. Barry, L. Long, L, Nakano, M. McChesney, D. Norman, I. Alvarado. Row 4: B. Latta, B. Battemcr, A. Acuna, S. Madsen, D. Krasowski, F. Velez, D. Minton, P. Betts, I. Steele, M. Stevenson, I. Hughes. ont Row: B. Busch, C. Stev- is, I. Ball, I. Yanaqihara, F. dy, V. Hamner, M. Kathan, VVelt, W. Seely, Row 2: D. auqht, S. Flood, B. Martin, Tiflt, G. Watson, D. Stah- er, B. Muratcre, S. Mitchell. Jw 3: R. Quan, I. Bayne, Szuba, K. Taylor, K. Uchida, Martinez, L. Bentley, I. uteville, B. Petter. Row 4: Duran, B. Lyon, B. Shealy. Talcetorno, I. Wendel, V. ibble, D. Schauwecker, Fl. mmonson, I. Kravanis. 'ont Row: D. Sutherland, I. itsuhata, M. Okada, E. Shi' ada, H. Grumbach. B. Burpo, . Cramer, L. Butts, S. Farn- Jrn, D. McCullouah, R. irner, E. Yamada. How 2: . Dunston, A. Nameth, M. eqrete, L. Uhl, K. McCartney, Edqott, T. Lanqon, E. Terea, . Nakaiye, F. McAlary. Row I. Nosiska, A. Bishop, I. Jtterson, B. Overton, L. Wil- zrns, S. Oehler, A. Hirai, S. zrton, B. Busch, I. Sloss. ow 4: K. Cernanski, L. Fitz- Jtrick, D. Diedrich, P. White, Petter, H. Brunson, P. Lange, V. Prentiss, I. Stoner, F. Miles, I. Ebriaht, K. Schaffer. 'ont Row: B. Farley, B. Burpo, Shoup, A. Ward, S. Fres- iez, M. Wray, G. Fujimoto, Farris, E. Both. Bow 2: R. apulveda, G. Cullen, D. iields, B. Harding, R. Ben- stt, L. Iackson, A. Kobashi- rwa, S. Matsumoto, G. Ben- zr, Row 3: B. Weber, K. ickey, P. Farnsworth, B. 2vitt, D. Hobbs, P. Honqslo, Deniz, M. Wechsler, G. zrbonne. Row 4: I. La Face, Gibson, G. Katevas, L. Arm- fonq, E. Anderson, I. Iones, Bradley, L. Kley, P. Sato, Garner. A 11's Front How: C. Salazar, P White, I. Emote, I. Walters I. lkejiri, I. Snead. Row 2 I. Boussin, R. Oliphant, P. lvy D. Lopez, G, Meredith, M Meeks. Row 3: I. Parr, H Pritchett, M. Williams, R. Scaf tidi, M. Olsen. N 57g -4 Front Row: S. Anderson, S. Eicher, G. Louviers, G. Hock, B. Callella, K. Fowler, R. Iohn- son, I. Walters, K. Valline. How 2: C. Clemens, B. Ien- nings, N. Cox, C. Lombardo. I. Ward, B. Clayton, C. Briggs, I. Huitman, S. Remington. Row 3: R. Iackson, D. Iordan, R. Kaye, E. Ford, L. Nyce, L. Ludwig, G. Shook, V. Leffler, M. Patterson, M. Matto. Row 4: R. Stewart, I. McKee, G. Rec- tor, R. Hunt, H. Bronson, F. Snyder, H. Howard, C. Stokes, T. Ferrara. Front Row: S. Owen, D. Brown, G. Peterson, I. Selland, D. Cole, I. Rawlings, L. Massuere, M. Iuarez, L. Sutherland. How 2: V. Anderson, L. McWhorter, I. Stelling, I. Carrizosa. K. Scholle, K. Murakami, C. Cremo, L. Uhl. Row 3: M. Valek, D. Palmer, L. Roberts, P. Moore, L. Hamer, B. Peopler, P. Falls, B. Linhart, I. Gray. Row 4: P. Wright, R. Wells, D. Huber, C. Smith, T. Meyer, D. Williams, I- Mille-tt, C. Christopher, S. Thomas. Front Row M Kandros, Houston C Hank, I. Mase P Cruzan I Kobayashi, lnouve R Saishyo. Row I Herrick S Wesson, P. Ba dull S Brady I. Mobley, Erickson I Nozxska. Row H. Brunson R. Arkenberg, Hoffgen D. Huntress, I. Hc berg, V. Russell, E. Brool I. Sloss. Row 4: K, DeYour I. Gary R. Rozelle, P. Brool M. Fredericks. T. Franklin, Draper. The A-ll's enjoy nutr tion at Gardena whei we made and broke tr: ditions as two girls wel elected consecutively ' become student bod president for l959-196 pw- .. . 'ronl Row: R. Villanueva, E. londo, C. Peavy, K. Fowler, Parqa. Row 2: E, Perry, D. flartiri, S. Stathatos, P. Tomai- o, I. Welsh. How 3: C. Lauritz, . Howard, P. Messina, M, lounds, B. Grimm. Row 4: B. 'aylor, K. Yamaqata, R. Hick- nan, I, Leon, M. Stevenson. 'rom Row: S. Beckworth, I Nisdom, M, Fannin, L. Mita- nura, B, Sliqaki, S. Nibblett 3. Van Fleet, D. Long, M faniquchi, Row 2: D. Pansky S. Barnhart, T, Ruiz, H. Zirkle . Urias, S. Graczyk, R. Wood 2. Byrd. Row 3: R. Gunde, S -Iall, B. Hoffman, M. Amemiya. R. Escobar, A. Gilbert, I. Gam nrell, E. Sears. How 4: D, Em arson, R. Rohrdanz, R. Spencer I. Sanada, L. Morse, S. Gall R. Eichelkraut, B. Alcala. ' TB-11's . ,. . . .. xv' fg:,:5gv,'aNgN:1.l.g1,gug-v Q.. Nu . ' 29" These B1l's learn the lanquaqe of the Romans and discuss their an- cient way of life. As they advance into high- er classes, they will translate the great works of famous Roman writers. Front Row: A. Hall, S. Gray, U. Schimtz, B. McCracken, D. Snow, P. Tounsell. Row 2: I. Hanna, D. Petty, R. Rainey, L. Newman, L. Woods, I. Cole, M. Wilhite. Row 3: N. Iones, C. Meirose, R. Long, D. Cam- hall, L. Shields, R. Moreno. Row 4: D, Thompson, R. Rucker, B. Aguirre, G. Murray, G. Dement, I. Halton, B. Manly. - 'Y . Y -.- Y -- ..T- 14- T ,B-11's ' 'IF-U!" . 353' ' r X '5F'fzQl"I:." re,..g4,,s One of the proudest rno- rnents for Gardena High School was the introduc- tion of our first foreign exchange students, Ma- ria Corti from Argentina and Cetinucak from Tur- key, to our student body. Front Row: C. Bernard, B. Gar- riot, D. Taylor, K. Yamada, P. Naqai, F. Tsuchiya, L. Mi- kami. Row 2: A. Morioka, M. Hart, S. Hastings, B. Fujikawa, S. Charney, G. Yamamoto, I. Smith. Row 3: G. Moore, M. Goodheart, I. Sieberg, P. On- stenk, V. Okamoto. Row 4: C. Chubb, H. Kahn, S. Cothren, N. Michelson, D. Schier, D. Burks, P. Blue, C. Graftenreed. Front Row: D. Martin, C. Pouel' sen, K. McVeety, C. Meave, D. Dull, S. Wisham, D. Brown. Row 2: W. Gurski, P, Adair, I. Sampson, I. Owens, H. Perez, E. Steinhilber, S. Gar- bardi, D. Niguchi. Row 3: I. Hughes, N. Reese, P. Donaher, P. Butts, T. Calip, R. Sugita, H. Chavez, U. Steinhilber. Row 4: I. Peters, B. Cox, D. Baum- qarner, V. Aquerro, V. Tayson, H. S. Howard, L. Babcock, C. Stokes. Getting a bite to eat be- fore third period Will hold us 'til lunch time. The chocolate cake sure is good! nt How: L. Swiderski, T. ia, S. Taylor, L. Watwood Mahaffey, R. Zauqh, D in, K. Lawrence, M. No- 'a. Row 2: C. Ahre, D hee, I. Watanabe, D. Lyon Iobata, I. Frisbie, I. Tana M. Patterson. Row 3: R rrman, D. Sundal, C. Beck 'uckett, L. Starkweather, C er, L. Iohannesson, B gruick. S. Easley. How 4: .ovinq, C. Young, R. Cole, air, H. Richardson, I. Garf , I. Bartell, I. Wedel, C. lzel. 7A-10's gi '11 WNXEQI, 'fy -"Q 'IG' . .1 Front Row: D. Darden, I. Cor- liucit, E. Clark, M. Anquiano, P. Varaqne, C. Vaughn. Row 2: C. Banks, M Burley, L. Mox' ley, C. Oliphant, K. Myers, B. Coryell. Row 3: I. Carney, I. Simpson, P. Richardson, S. Lee, D. Cooper, R. Schaman- ski, I. Nosiska. Row 4: B. Rad- cliff, K. VanEaton, I. Robinson, M. Neal, A. Smelser, I. LeCroy. Front How: I. Sakamoto, C Hartman, C. Manzum, N. Ka- mela, H. Murcerear, C. Sibert C. Boyd. How 2: I. Blanton I. Yanai, E. Sheqekawa, B Rumbauqh, H. Trechel, S. lto, M. Prince. Row 3: P. Brancato L. Iackson, D. Larson, I. Bar: bera, I. Lee, I. Young, C. Zablaski. Row 4: F. Younkin, D. Webster, B. Crapper, S. Nichols, A. Bishop, G. Hiquchi. H. Terrence, D. Green. Front How: K. Hayashi, E. Ver- qara, S. Trethewey, K. Kranke, S. Akazawa, C. Richardson, I. Anderson, S. Bates, V. Peck. Row 2: K. Larson, I. Mills, B. Anderson, H. Whaley, G. Pat' terson, L. Elkins, C. Brown, G. Tidhall. Row 3: G. Haight, D. White, L. Ybarra, R. Thoma, I. Pearce, D. Peddicard, C. Cervantes, S. Helsel, K. Bar- cheuqa. Row 4: P. Roderick, M. Osterkamp, C. Fietz, G. Beydler, Ft. Sweet, A. Braidic, L. Larson, R. Muir, I. Pope. 1 ':.'Ti'A -1U'S .Lk -If! ,, :iz-,ggi . 4 ' 'x ' ' . Front Row: P. Venti, D. Perez, I. Paxotn, L. Whiteley, A. Gon- zales, N. Rivera. Row 2: E. Warren, I. Alexander, S, Miller, M. Slaughter, C. Church, S. Lyke. Row 3: I. Coleman, M. Trethewey, P. Lopez, L. Iones, S. Speers, K. Marasco. Row 4: P. Bowers, M. Day, D. Shealy, R. Iacobs, S. Soprito, R. Laam. Front Row: P. Tuzzolino, K. Savage, S. Sprague, S. Waka- moto, B. Anderson, M. Gileno, L. Ishizaka, M. Kingsbury. Row 2: I. Iantz, S. Lucas, B. Bell, L. Durham, H. Mack, M. McMi1len, C. Walker, M. Iones. Row 3: I. Tanner, R. Orton. V. I-Iuesenga, M. Levee, C. Zabioski, L. Iones, E. Petrosi- nelli, T. Nakano. Row 4: O. McFarland, I. Miller, L. Fisher, I. Soman, B. Anderson, S. Han- sen, E. Baptiste, R. Herron, W. Schmidt. Front Row: I. Ervin, I.. Cruz, G. Burns, G. Huff, P. Bonura, P. Dunubilo, P. Heath, P. Shank. Row 2: K. Hunsted, I. Venicia, C. Fantroy, O. Smith, C. Fer- guson, H. Marandola, M. Iones, U. Epple. Row 3: R. Eytchison, R. Barnes, M. Fujioki, L. Tim- mons, R. Wood, R. Burian, W. Erickson, N. Mikkelson. Row 4: I. Pauelsen, E. Gray, G. Ger- ald, M. Burnham, G. Cousin. A. McIanne, I. Graves, I. Gil. Front How: M. Lloyd, P..Doyle, A. Slauta, D. Rotman, P. Pal- meri. Row 2: C. Nicol, C. Meeks, I, Hanna, D. Sipula, Y. Cripps, E. Tudkiewriz. Row 3: I. Robinson, D, Donnels, I. Tom, F. Oliver, B. Inman. Row 4: I. Motley, M. Buchan- an, I. Altavilla, R. Watts, G. Keyser, B. Nameth, I. Christ- man. 62 "'-vs WT. IA -10's .AM ,, . V "+4?'i'iirf'f'i"I:i :Wi ig I Front Row: G. lnouye, M. Cor- drey, D. Krasowski, I. Carluc- ci, M. Mullen, E. Rains, M. Cook, I. De Aquero. Row 2: E, Murphy, C. Kittle, H. Wil- son, I. Elliot, I. Crandall, M. Wilson, T. Vialpando, R. Zue- lich, I. Shinke. Row 3: D. Allbee, I. Rouse, F. Daniels, D. Hartsuyker, I. Weqer, H. Honbo, R. Anderson, D. Nord- ness. Row 4: R. Brannon, D. Allen, D. Stokes, R. Howe, I. Hiqqinbotham, I. De Lacruz, R. Wempe, G. Ramirez, N. Hall. Front Row: R. Briseno, B. Grundstrom, D. Toyota, I. lnouye, S. Houston, E. Estrada, I. Miura, E. Wilson. How 2: S. Thomas, M. lnqram, S. Bar' reras, D. Halleck, P. Asturi, R. Lovato, R. Metz. How 3: K. Carson, D. Koch, A. Ar- bouin, R, Heddinqs, S. Rice. S. Vandeman, A. Keller. Row 4: A. Gutierrez, G. Games, M. Lacey, V. Harris, D. Iones. I. Green, T. Stamps. Front Row: E. Torrance, S. Hawes, P. Hawkes, R. Patter- son, N. Spirer, D, Kennedy, D. Aoki. Row 2: I. Walker, V. Walters, I. McElqunn, A. Koon, I. DeLuca, N. Perkins, I. Quinn, C. Shulkey. Row 3: I. Reed, C. Reinhardt, R. Keller, B. Mitchell, R. McNeil, G. Lucht, N, Serrao, M. Finney. Row 4: S. Discenza, C. Howard, L. Gahill, I. Babcock, S. Wesson. Front How: L. Cruz, U, Epple A. Deniz, P. Bonurcr, G. Huff P. Dinubilo, P. Heath, P Shank. Row 2: C. Ferguson H. Marandola, C. Fantroy, O Smith, M. Iones, C. Burns I Ervin, K, Hunstand. Rowlil: M- FK-1liOki. I. Pouelsen, R, BGYUQSV I- GTGVSS, G. Cousin A- MCICIHDG. W. Erickson, L. Timmous, I. Venecia. How I: R. Brian, M. Burnside, G. Ger. ard, R. Eytichison, I. Gil, R, Wood, A. La Fontaine, N, Mikkelson. 63 4 1-1 - Lu a gif Tin- - ,.. . 'sxvf . ' . . 'fr' ,J Front Row: W. Santinac, D. Preheim, M. Draper, S. Red- dinq, T. Bryant, I, Tatum. Row 2: D. McLaughlin, S. Dooley, R. Iohnson, L. Cal- houn, A. Monan, L. Mainer. Row 3: G. Rasmussen, T. Henry, G. Stuckey, S. Monan, R. Barrera, L. Peters. Front How: A. Starner, I. Na- kayama, L. Tsuye, C. Shishido. M. Kubota, P. Woods, I. Miura, L. Garta, A. Nishi. Row 2: M. Taylor, C. Norris, H. Aoto, F, Boston, A. Berkov. C. Iimenez, D. Cohn, T. Leim- bach. Row 3: W. Morton, I. Dinqrnan, N. Iohnson, G. Lar- son, I. Leemina, B. Cobb, I. Ford, S. Sporcic, R. Horwath. How 4: M. Farmer, N. Hasty, I. Guiffre, R. Hernandez, C. Thornton, E. Milanowski, R. Brooks, E. Scopp, C. Prather, R. Hall. Front Row: E. Hernandez, L. Blair, D. Scholes, I. De La Rosa, C. Woods, I. Venti, I. Iohnson, D. Puckett. Row 2: M. Esparza, A. Rios, B. Ybarra, D. Santa Ana, R. lturrilarria, H. Dixon, C. Lang. Row 3: P. Oliver, D. Simpson, M. Van Meter, G. Coakley, D. Gepner, M. Wildberqer, I. Solomons, T. Crandall. Row 4: R. Fields, D. Tulette, C. Yetts, R. Hard- castle, R. Lynn, R. Mears, B. Wade. 64 Front Row: D. Poole, D. Geiser G. Yoshiki, R. Mikami, C. A varez, M. Seda, I. Chumar M. Willson. Row 2: K. Kelly A. Durocher, I. Williams, I Padgett, E. lkenaaa, V. Ish mura, S. Sylverter, D. Marti: Row 3: D. Schauwecker, P Brant, B. Howard, R. Helqesor B. Hatada, B. Hadley, T. Frerr qem. Row 4: G. Trayler, Croutch, R. Blanchard, F. Die rich, S. Gudrnundson, N. Dane B. Meqefnhardt. vnt Row: D. Nordness, R ry, C. Kelly, R. Parker, Y rriwaki, I. Yatabe, D. Ievan , N. Fletclier. Row 2: C ice, S. Hooker, L. P les Y i Sindars, B. Ellis, I. Knight. W 3: I. Delight, B. Wiob n, L. Henry, M. Lethen, P. ne, D. Babcock, C. Doi, E Caslin. Row 4: K. Roberts Chute, S. Howell, P. Harris Woods, T. Allen, W. Day Greenwalt. -10's z "'57-'?V"'s5Q1IW,L,?7' EQ, a'5":'7g59 seats., 54. Front Row: I. Bodom, I. Iohn son, C. Ulsh, U. Hitchock, L lones, I. Tokumoto, P. Cooper V. Martinez, M. Mayamura Row 2: P. Berry, D. Cole, L Stone, D. Scchauter, S. Simp- son, P. Limbrecht, I. Haymes L. Tucker. Row 3: R. Einsley C. Prost, I. Burley, L. Marcotte S. Travis, B. Bemmick, S Burch, D. Whitfield, D. Blowers Row 4: W. Fields, S. Messina R. Crooker, A. Dc-Voss, R. Ford, W. Shephard, G. Williams, G Corn. Front Row: T. Delqado, C. Res- tivo, C. Beard, M. Fox, R. Mendoza, S. Hall, L. Morrison. Row 2: D. Hearick, M. Glover, C. West, L. Brown, S. Weis' mann, I. Marshall, D. Salido. Row 3: H. Russell, A. Aqun- dez, G. Simpson, I. Lorey, I. Elder, H. Sutton, R. Broken- bouah. 'Row 5: S. Taravella, I. Mitchell, D. Ponting, T. Iensen, D. Bell, L. Cannon, L. Stone, G. Thompson. Front Row: S. Firstman, E. Pot- tala, S. Yamada, N. Dicks, C. Mori, G. Yamauchi, M. Murray. I. Seder, M, Uyeno. Row 2: D, Ful-tai, N. McGuire, P. Las- sila, C. Sevier, P. Watanabe, E. Yoshida, C. Frochlinqdorf, I. Haqburq, H. Poeltler. Row 3: I. Crumbly, P. Gusman, B, Harrinaton, I. Primaclc, B. Iost, I. Rowland, A. Hubly, S. Cole, R. Tsutsui. Row 4: H. Shep- perd, B. Phillips, P. Welch, B. Nelson, A. Greenwall, I. Moline, I. Rothenberqen, L. Simmons, C. Buchanan, E. Ball. B 10' V uf 1 I S B . . ye :Lg r-..1Sf' 1 'FTM it Front Row: E. Kawabata, M. Walz, R. Iacobson, I. Ross ,G Galiqer, I. Fernandez. Row 2: S. Baptist, A. Barela, L. Treece D. Schroeder, R. Perez, C Hulstone. Row 3: R. McAmis W. Brown, M. March, E. Gar- den, L. Young, L. Eskew, R. Sweet. 1 Front Row: L. Rodden, N. Koppes, S. Fritz, K. Ryan, R. Garela, M. Dane, N. Shimono. Row 2: D. Sadler, P. Brown, G. Dahlbery, E. Terao, D. Pot- tille, I. Cox. Row 3: F. Schim mel, F. Farkash, D. Sasahara D. Sticker, D. Allen. Row 4: l. Kulluk, G. Martois, D. Smal- ley, D. Horn, G. Skipstorm, S. Horn, M. Mannix. Front Row: E. Yota, R. Nasuda, N. Polizzi, K. Brench, R. Cour- rielche, G. Strickland, D. Wall S. Nishi. Row 2: W. Kobata, L. Yamane, S. Emery, A. Fuku- naqa, L. Erickson, S. Yoda, L. Henderson, T. St. Onqe, B. Wright. Row 3: C. Reiss, G. Schenck,,B. Howard, V. Hays, I. Fredensburq, L. McGuire, D. Anderson, D. School, R. Gulliver. Raw 4: D. Mayhew, I. Harrison, M. Douglass, B Trystad, D. Pitt, B. Hanapel D. Crowell, S. Skipper, I Wilson. 66 -1-f+i3'!fies Front Row: G. Montero, C Neqrete, I. lturribarria, 'f Schimmel, I. Bristol, L. Weem: E. Winter. Row 2: C. Padillc R. Lopez, N. Minami, W. Va dez, D. Peterson, V. Lonc Row 3: D. Milligan, B. Sant ford, M. Smith, C. Layton, Iv Montoya, D. Townsend. 'Row 4: G. Lee, D. Ellis, C. Widric D. Mercure, I. Beck, D. Shelley L. Chastain. 40, 'z,,. i. i 3 'ont Row: K. Card, S. Stearns Dyer, D. Svee, B. Tichenar: Vaughan. Row 2: I. Carr Otflee, M. Howard, L. Sin- eton, B. Kamio, R. Withrow aw 3: I. Daminano, T. Bowl- q, T. Campbell, L. Petty, M. llen, D. Russell. B 10's Front Row: T. Vida, E. Yamcme, C. Wozumi, M. Cox, N. Potter, L. Iacks, V. Raza, A. Millett. Row 2: M. Tibbs ,R. Bassolino, E. Plummer, L. Snavely, D. Beeler, D. Muller, I. Tanner, I. Hathaway. How 3: S, Her- rick, I. McCoy, M. Wilson, Y. Ballard, L. Barck, B. Riccardi, D. Kinda, I. Delight. Row 4: G. McMicken, G. Arinqton, I. Middleton, R. Rube, L. Larson. B. Grimm, C. Fietz. Front Row: T. Acuna, L. Barba. F. Martos, E. Mendeus, T. Mihalovich. Row 2: D. Moore, S, Walker, C. Bumqardner, S. McDowell, D. Thomas. Row 3: P. Secord, B. Ray, G. Clark, V. Brown, T. Nash, I. Tatum. WQQ swine Front Row: I. Nemeth, Y. Fuji- saki, S. Carter ,M. Neal, I. Iohnson. Row 2: R. Urias, A. Branan, A. Aqundez, C. Vogel, P. Brancato. Row 3: G. Gut' tormson, I. Stayashi, T. Bohme, I. Kline, I. McCal1ister. How 4: I. Stone, R. Kroenecke, L. Prentiss, D. Fryar, R. Leavitt, L. Roberts, P. Williams. 67 SPECIALIZED PROJECTS IN PROIVIUTING EDUCATION CREATING NEW IDEAS--and busily working to finish projects, these members of one of the crafts classes enjoy Working together as a group. The class- room is a part of the new DD building finished last Ianuary. ENIOYING HIS WORK-and increasing his practical abilities through crafts, Terry Butler cautiously removes his craft- work from the kiln. Training in classes such as these will prove worthwhile in the future. OBSERVING BIOLOGICAL SLIDES - Barton Phillips and 'E1sa'Potta1a hope to increase their understanding of Life Science. Student interest in this field is em- phasized. 68 AGRICULTURAL INTERESTS AROUSED- Richard Mason, a prominent member of the Future Farmers of America, carefully labels a budding indoor plant which he has taken great care in growing. Many awards made to the Gardena Chapter of the F. F. A. this year have greatly added to agricultural activities. 'Q ffe .- 935 yll W qi! A wrt ,N ' A ! 5 B mf wr A Q o Unih' Part 3 Organizations EM if WWW M3127 Wfw QQLKJMGM X C5 tx .f x af'- '-.I 'W L 1 Q O I SIGNIFICANT '60 FOR FUTURE FARMERS I S AGRICULTURAL ACHIEVEMENTS - Front Row: R. Mason, I. Morrison, E. Stoneauist, K. Sullivan, D. Magday, R. Cong' don, D. Westlike. Row 2: M, Price, I. Mitchell, M. Cordrey, D. Simpson, B. Ybarra, S. Hansen, R. Marino, T. Weber. Row 3: D. Destatte, V. Brown, R. DeVos, W. Ryar, S. Messina, A. A:una, L. Fletcher, I. Moline, R. Fitzgerald. Row 4: T. lensen, K. DeYoung, G. Schenck, C. Chubb, R. Radcliff, E. Teemer, G. Gerard, S. Gibson, I. LaFace. MEMBERS OF THE FFA, Mike Price and Ed Teemer, are shown above while ex- amining a rabbit. Both boys are inter- ested in the organization and are good workers. Mike Price took first place in the Southern Region Co-operatives Test and Public Speaking in the city. IUDGING AND GRADING EGGS. meat birds, and breeding stock are only a few of the many re- sponsibilities oi the poultry judging team. Gardena is proud to say that this year's team took third in the state and first in Southern California. Above, Richard Mason and Ierry Morrison count egg production for the day. 1 . ...., ,, , . .gi iii. E 9 .'5so RESERVE CHAMPION ANGUS-at the Artesia Fair and first place winner at the San Fernando Valley Fair is shown above with its owner, Mike Price. Chuck Hoffman, Victor Snell, and Karl Sullivan also had champion first place winners. ORGANIZATIONS STUDENT SERVICE GIRLS' LEAGUE CABINET if ilu, L' ' '35 . E ' - 3 will, . ' ' t ITAE Carol Long President WINTER The Sadie Hawkins Dance was ct big success due to the full cooperation of the Girls' League. They promoted excellent service through their teamwork. .Qw- PROUD SERVER - Front Row: F. Tsuchiaya, D. Cascales, C. Long, M. Okada, P. Winter. Row 2: I. Sogabe, D. Kumaqai, M. Pottala, A. Ward. Row 3: R. Brauqh, E. Brooks, S. Barton, l. Lurk, C. Tolle. BOYS' LEAGUE CABINET WORKING IN UNISON--Front Row: Mr. Rheinhold, T, Oldham, I. Wnuck, H, Ota, M. Hutsenpiller, 70 Tom Oldham President VVINTER Headed by Tom Old- ham, the Winter Cabinet showed inter- est in school functions as well as their own assembles and other social functions. THROUGH LEADERSHIP GIRLS' LEAGUE CABINET Bonnie Kosey President SUMMER g Highlighting the sum- mer activities of the is Girls' League Cabinet were the suc- U cessful Cotton Day Dance, the Cake Bake Sale and sponsoring Girls' Day in the city. 1' 5 I -Hg S AMBITIOUS ATTITUDES-Front Row: M. Taylor, E, Carlisle, B. Kosey, N. Harmon, M, Okada. Row 2: C. Tolle, M. Pottala, I. Sogabe, I. Ybarra, C. Cromer. Row 3: D. Bushee, A. Ward S. S. Yorganson, L. Butts. ' Barton, BOYS' LEAGUE CABINET f-U 'VMC' y Q Irvin Wnuck f I President SUMMER The Summer Boys' League Cabinet has the difficult task of planning the Annual Car Show. EXCELLING IN EARNEST--Front Row: T. Oldham, P. Church, I. Wnuck, I. Gambrell. ORGANIZATIONS DEVELOPING AGGRESSIVE KEY CLUB Chartered April 23, 1954, by Key Club International, and sponsored by the Gardena Kiwanis Club, the Key Club serves both school and community. By learning to do things for others the members acquire the necessary training of future leaders. l CULTIVATING INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY Front Row: I-I. Ota, I. Nishimoto, R. Yamada, D. Barnes, C. Ihara, D. Yanai. Row 2: P. Church, C. Peterson, D. Frisbie, L. Isaacs, B. Scott, S. Yamane, M. McChesney. Row 3: T. Nishi, W. Manson, G. Ordonez, T. Stewart, D. Powell, T. Palmer, M. Adair, M. l-lutsenpiller. ATI-IENIANS Members of this society have maintained high scholastic standards and have also set up a tutoring service. Those students with a sincere desire to improve scholastic- ally may ask for assistance. A specific member will, whenever con- venient for both students, try to aid the student in smoothing out difficulties. 72 THEY MERIT GREAT PRAISE Front Row: T. Nakagawa, M. Okada, K. Yamada, S. Fuqinami, G. Ihara, S. Tumer, F. Tsuchiya, I. Mori, S. Sogabe. Row : R. Hoier, I. Nakand, R. Cummings, N. Harmon, R. Turner, D. Cascalas, D. Hanafusa, R. Brouth, I. Parmer. Row 3: S. Anderson, A. Nemith, L. Phillips, I. Sogabe, L. Phillips, M. Horsetield, B. Fuqikawa, F. McA1ory, G. Ordonez,'E. Hens- geyc Flaw 4: L. Fitspatlick, A. Sipula, D. Cohn, C. Iones, L. Donaher, L. Derkum, I. Bowlus, W. McCartney, G Moore, . o ran. E SERVICEABLE CITIZENSHIP COEDS One of the most Ictive girls' organi- zations at Gardena Higs is Coeds. These capable girls render service 1 activities such as selling programs at athletic events, icting as hostesses, and ushering for assemblies. EARNEST IN PURPOSE Front Row: F. Mikawa, F. Tsuchiya, E. Kamiya, P. Winter, M. Blum, R. Tumer. How 2: I. Tarumoto, I. Miisuhaicr, M Otsu, H. Grumbach, B. Garriott, M. Okada. Row 3: I. Watanabe, N. Yanai, K. Watanabe, L. Wheeler, I. Suzuki, S. Fuii nami, D. Kumagai. Row 4: S. Hastings, D. Fouts, L. Fitzpatrick, I. Bowlus, H. Muranaka, I. Fukuwa, M. Berg D. Schier. ERVICE ABOVE ALL ont Row: S. Cole, R. Tsutsui, M. McCchsney. Row 2: D. Frisby, C. Ihara, T. Langcm. Row 3: I. Sundal, C. Young, Harrington, B, Sogge. ESQUIRES Reaciivated through the efforts of Mr. Bob Smith, the Esquires took an active part in supervision of vast areas on the Gardena campus. 73 ORGANIZATIONS FURTHERING EDUCATION LATIN CLUB Representing one of the two language clubs on campus, membership in this club is open to all students taking Latin. One of the most recent activities was the volleyball tour- nament held each semester between the Latin and Spanish Clubs. EXPLORING ROMAN CULTURE Front Row: M. Hart, I. Miura, P. Woods, M. Mayemura, F. Tsuchiya, V. Peck, I. Horri, B. Garriott, L. Gotta, S. Akazawa, A. Nishi, E. Pottala. Row 2: H. Grumbach, A. Yasuda, N. Harmon, P. Winter, S. Gorom, D. Cohn, I. Nakayama, D. lwamoto, E. Kamiya, S. Hastings. Row 3: E. Riccardi, G. Miner, I. Patterson, E. Torrance, M. Blum, D. Toyota, K. Watanabe, I. Yatabe, L. Tsuye, D. Dunston, B. Claydon. Row 4: R. Hall, G. Yoshiki, G. Corn, B. Dalhymple, R. Ryle, G. Yamamoto, I. Frisbie, T. Sinders, S. Sporctc, D. Fukai, I. Ford. I SPANISH CLUB Promoting interest in the study of the Spanish language and friendship with Spanish - speaking people, this club extends a Welcome to all students in Spanish II or above to become active Front Row: S. Sogabe, I. Mori, M. Kawabata, M. Okada, E. Shimada, C. Mittiwer, D. Cascales, M. Horseiield, S. Fuji- nami, S. Gorom, D. I-loier. Row 2: F. Nagai, C. Tolle, K. McCartney, M. Berg, R. Turner, E. Onishi, E. Nakano, A. Morioka, L. Uhl, C. Simon. Row 3: B. Duran, S. Turner, D. Pierce, A. Yamauchi, R. Gulliver, I. Tanaka, C. Briggs, N. Stahl, B. Mason, D. Roberts, I. Patterson. Row 4: I. Venecia, C. lhara, M. McChesney, M. Morgan, S, Cothran, G. Ordonez. D. Minton, I. Reide, I. Barck, R. I-lartseicker, E. Hensley, B. Scott. IUNIOR RED CROSS Project Afghan was the highlight ot activities this year. A blanket or nearly one hundred squares was made by the members and sent to the Veteran's Hospital. This group under- takes to help the underprivileged. SERVICE AT HOME AND ABROAD Front Row: F. Nagai, E. Kamiya, M. Blum, P. McMillen. Row 2: R. Hernandez, I. Gambrell, S. Harrington, I. Mack. 74 THE EXTRACURRICULAR WAY LATIN CLUB Slave auctions, Ir. Classical League Conventions, and Roman Banquets were successfully continued as part of the Latin Club program this year. ZAREER COMES FIRST EXPLORING THE CULTURES Front Row: E. Ikenaca, N. St. Onge, C. Whitbeck, P. Watanabe, I. Rall, D. Rowland, C. Long, L, Luera, V. Leffler. Row 2: C. Young, D. Minton, I. Davis, S. Oehler, F. McAlary, E. Skopp, D. Whitfield, D. Schier, D. Diedrich. How 3: G. Meyer, G. Haight, I. Primack, R. Tsutsui, B. Iost, E. Milanowski, D. Sumii, S. Yamane, G. Prentiss. Row 4: R. Shepherd, S. Howell, K. Roberts, H. Howard, R. Brooks, I. Francis, K. Schaefer, G. Williamson, G. Wright. PEDAGOGUES Mohican students planning on be- coming teachers have an oppor- tunity to learn about the teach- ing profession through special reports by members visiting colleges, and having guest speakers. This year two student teachers were in- vited to speak to the members. front Row: S. Gorom, B. Garriott, D. Cascales, E. Riccarcli, S. Hastings. Row 2: S. Turner, M. Berg, S. McCaftery, I... rlama. Row 3: C. Simon, A. Rowland, S. Harrington, R. Gulliver, D. Pierce. WORLD AFFAIRS Stimulating an in- terest in the field of international relations is the pur- pose ot the World Affairs Club. At meetings, members discuss current events in order to obtain a better understanding. of present-day world problems. areswas madeui KEEPING UP WITH THE TIMES Front Row: I. Orr, I. Green, D. Hoier, C. Briggs. Row 2: D. Minton, B. Harrington, I. Primack, I. Tom, S. Cole. Row 3: S. Cothran, M. Morgan, L. Nyce, C. Young, B. Phillips. 75 ORGANIZATIONS VARIED INTERESTS FUR ELECTRONICS CLUB The World of elec- tronics offers a challenge in the Space Age. Today's space science is an ever changing field and this group endeavors to keep informed through holding thought- provoking dis- cussions. CHECKMATE! Front Row: W. Goldberg, D. Hoier, F. Haenei. Row 2: L. Gipsen, I. Grenninger, E. Anderson, I. Shoe-len. CONSCIENEIOUS COLLECTORS pm Front Row: M. Morgan, D. DeVine. C. Goram, C. Simon. Row 2: M. Wechsler, L. Nyce, E. Hensley, G. Yamamoto, S. Cole. 76 PHILATELISTS Driving a hard bargain, Philatelists hold their stamp auctions each Week doing their' best to obtain the stamps that they need for their collections. l 3 2 L ? A BRIGI-ITER FUTURE IUSES FOR BUSINESS Row: l. Yoshida, R. Hayashida, S. Gorom, S. Nemeth, D. Moniz, B. VanFleet, M. Fannin, F. Mikawa, K. Hayashi, 2: I. Kumaqai, I. Sogabe, T. Nakagawa, Y. Yamane, H. Muranaka, A. Starner, T. Farewell, K. V'll ll G. K 1 e a, ll . 3: I. Morris, M. Pottala, I. Gunter, I. Nichols, I. Fraley, I. Fukuwa, M. Silagy, I. Sampson, D. Kumaqai, Rjweiz ls, D. Arney, P. Howsare, C. Und d L. L d ' ' LETTERMEN 'S CLUB Achievement in ports is recognized trough membership 1 the Gardena Let- termen's Club. All lthletes lettering in :me or more sports are eligible mem- bers. New award jackets were de- signed by Bob Anderson. erwoo , u wig, C. Salazar, P. Onstenk, D. Fouts, B, Patrick, I. Helsel. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA Majors in the field of business - steno- ographers, book- keepers, typists - comprise member- ship in the Future Business Leaders of America. Here they are afforded an insight into the complex World of business. ATHLETICALLY MINDED Front Row: H. Ota, M. Hutsenpiller, D. Gustafson, M. Nakamura C. VanDeWeahe. Row 2- L. Marcott, M Ad ' l, , , . . . air, Campbell, D. Bames, I. Wnuck, N. Hammond. Row 3: T. Oldham, l. Mack, S. Keith, G. Gill, P. Church, I, Smoyer. 77 ORGANIZATIONS WORKING IN HARMONY PEP CLUB Representing spirit at of active out backing Gardena all the way, . attending athletic events and cheering on our team. SPIRIT AND SPORTSMANSHIP-Front Row: M. Mayemura, F. Tsuchiya, F. Tanaka, F. Mikawa, I. Mitsuhata, I. Ta- rumoto, M. Okada, G. Garriott, P. Wnnter, H. Grumback, I. Bathke, I. Huffman. Row 2: D. Cascales, R. Turner, D. Sweeney, C. Mittwer, B. Early, C. Cromer, R. Osaka, I. Snead, E. Pottala, I. Snead, M. Carrizosa, N. St. Onqe. Row 3: M. Pottala, D. Kumaqai, A. Morioka, E. Riccardi, R. Hovac N. Evans, B. Peoples, B. Patrick. Row 4: P. Varanqe, H. Zirkle, S. Hastings, C. Laudith, K. Villella, P. Hauser, G. Pixley, I. Heck, L. Slama, S. McCaffrey, S. Mullee, S. Dehler. f CLUB MOHICAN , CABINET Planning and directing social functions tops the list of duties of the Club Mohican ,F Cabinet. The weekly Gardena is this group E Q' students. They are Q meetings, held PROMOTING ACTIVITIES-Front Row: M. Berg, R. Gulliver, S. Hastings, Mr. Brickman. Row 2: I. Gcmbrell, D. Barnes, B. Capps, M. Hutsenpiller, C. Ihara. were successfully crowds attending. POW WOW I . coUNc1L W -1- Coordinating activities 5' H t t" K 1 . of the Band, Drill dl ."', N 1 team, and Pep Club A . I. H is the role of this Q I ' 4 illi P select group. Bill , I ., ' Capps did d dddd job - i' t . I of leading the , Council this Year- I I t. td . ..... rg.. tt- f--t- -':- . Lf t"i2 STIMULATING SPIRIT-Front Row: B. Capps, I. McCaffery, I. Moore, B. Scott. 78 Wednesday nights continued with large TO PROMOTE SCHOOL SPIRIT ZAPITALIZING IN PEP PEP CLUB Carrying out card stunts at football games and decorating floats for the Miss Football Parade are only two of the yearly activities of the energetic Pep Club. ront Row: C. Long, S. Wade, F. Nagai, D. Arney, I. Ward, C. Salazar, I. Watanabe, V. Marshall, R. Colemans, Roussin, A. Szabo, S. Turner, I. Bowlus. Row 2: I.. Olson, D. Schier, D. Pierce, L. Okamoto, R. Gulliver, M. McChesf ay, M. Berg, C. lhara, B. Sanders, T. Langan, T. Nishi, A. Rubly, C. Pfost. How 3: B. Phillips, C. Young, S. Rice, B. adley, S. Cole, D. Fouts, L. Fitzpatrick, D. Stapleton, I. Warrnert, G. Mills, I. Parmer, T. Stewart. Row 4: R. Hernandez, Anderson, I. McKee, B. Capps, G. Ordonez, I. Primack, B. Harrington, M. Wechsler, I. Wnuck, F. McAlary, I. Barak, Mack, B. Scott. ILUB MOHICAN CABINET This year, activities carried out Were the fun- filled rictory dances after home athletic events, record dances. PECIALIZING IN SPIRIT sf'- ..,f , ACTIVITY COORDINATORS Front Row: B. Soge. B. Harrington, M. Berg, S. Ihara, M. Hutsenpiller. Row 2: S. Sher, K. Sweeney, B. Garriott, Mr. Brickman. PEP CLASS Providing half-time activities and making tags and posters for football games encouraging Gardena spirit- that's the job of the pep Class. :mt Row: F. Tsuchiya, I. Horri, B. Garriott, B. Earley, C. Cromer, I. Taylor, S. McCaffery. Row 2: P. I-Iowsare, B. Bums, Schloe, L. Okomoto, D. Rowland, I. Bathke. Row 3: D. Schier, I. Warner, M. Wechsler, I. McKee, B. Capps, Mr. ckman. 79 ORGANIZATIONS ORGANIZED CONFUSION Front Row: M. Fannin, S. Zollotuchen, P. Welch, B. Earley, L. Beardall. Row 2:: M. Hohn, I. Voss, I. Sampson, S. Turner, D. Pierce, G. Gatterrnole. Row 3: S. Osborne, I. Wnuck, B. Scott, B. Rott, I, Crenshaw, I. Moore. EL ARADOR STAFF The Spring El Arador Staff busies itself with tying up loose ends. Pictures are taken of classes, organ- izations, athletics, and activities, so as to present a concise picture of school life. The staff works hard toward the day when the presses stop rolling and their year's work is presented for all to see. 80 PRESERVING AND RECORDING THE EL ARADOR STAFF The very difficult task of selectinq a theme and preparinq to present it well rests on the Winter yearbook staff. The necessity for choosinq an easily adaptable theme and one which will have universal appeal soon becomes obvious to the members of the staff as they beqifl layouts, copy and desiqn, gg. . Front Row: M. Okada, I. Warnert, P. Welch, I. Moore, K. Cernansky, C. Gray. Row 2: E. Kamiya, B. Sanders, D. Row- land, F. Naqai, S. Turner, E. Carlisle, L. Beardall, I. Voss, D. Pierce, B. Anderson, B. Root. Row 3: I. Wnuck. PRESENT FOR THE FUTURE SMOKE SIGNALS STAFF Founded in 1910, the Gardena High newspaper now is in its fiftieth year of publication. An unusual cir- cumstance now is that we have had the same editor for two semesters. The staff con- sists of twenty-three capable and active writers. I . . K IN THEIR VEINS nt Row: R. Colmans, G. Bender, I. Lucus, M. Berg, S. Allan, B. Bell, T. St. Onqe. Row 2: D. Martin, N. Harmon, S. squez, K. Erenberq, I. Greene. Row 3: S. Cole, D. Monkress, R. Morton, A. Fraley, G. Williamson, L. Roberts, v 4: C. Akioka, G. Meyer, D. Sesahara, M. Wechsler. Front Row: G. Yamauchi, S. Hastings, M. Berg, S. Zollotuchen, S. Fresquez, K. Erenberq. Row 2: Miss Bailey, R. Tsutsui, G. Bender, R. Colmans, W. Morton, D. Fukai. Row 3: I. Patterson, I. Warnert, S. Mueller, I. Howard. Row 4: SMOKE SIGNALS STAFF The Smoke Signals is published and distributed each Friday of the school year. We are proud to say that it won an award at U. C. L. A. this year in competition with some three hundred other newspapers in Southern California. 81 ORGANIZATIONS SMOOTH SOUNDS COMING CLOSE HARMONY Front Row: D. Fouts, M. Vogel, I. Heck, S. Bredy, M. Hill, K. Kropff, S. Remington, R. Colmans. Row 2: D. Palmer, D. White, R. Ruiz, K. Hooker, P. Adair, I. Bailey, B. Martin, S. Baumgarner. Row, 3: G. Arbouin, I. DeVos, B. Sogge, V. Pres' ton, E. Bell, A. Sapil, D. Hickman, I. Parmer, K. Nishi. Row 4: T. Stewart, B. Phillips, M. Sartor, K. Schaefer, G. Ordonez, A. Arbouin, L. Kellogg, I. Keethler. AEOLIAN CHOIR By starting as members of Beginning Choir, hopes of this group soar high on some day I becoming a part of the outstanding 'F' A Cappella Choir. THEY sms om A CAPELLA CHOIR Opportunities of the A Cappella Choir to display their talents were increased last fall when they were heard across the nation over radio station KF I. Front Row: D. Kennedy, S. Nemeth, I. Anderson, M. Price, A. Rios, B. Padgett, R. Zarate, D. Aoki, W. Clevelanc Row 2: A. Starner, T. Leimbach, D. Martin, C. Pouelsen, L. Stone, I. Hanna, B. Canas, I. Bathke. Row 3: D. Hendren, 5 Pruitt, C. Prather, D. Roberts, R. Serrano, M. Wildberger, H. Whaley, L. Elkins, B. Ellis. Row 4: D. Peddicord, I. Cren: haw, R. Rodriguez, A. Fraley, E. McGill, B. Bryant, I. Graves, S. Travis, K. Kelly. SYNCOPATED NOTES Front Row: I. Sakamoto, I. Ianiz, M. Taniguchi, I. I-Iorii, F. Tsuchiya, L. Caldwell, C. Iiminez, B. Rumbaugh, P. Boston N. Perkins, L. Whiteley, M. Wilson. Row 2: A. Morioko, L. Butts, I. Ginger, B. Anderson, P. Limprecht, M. Baldwin, C. Alvarez, B. McCracken, S. Sylvester, E. Torrance, D. Sutton, D. Cole. Row : M. Slaughter, S. Statratos, S. Lyke, 82 L. Moxley, L. Iackson, A. Koon, I. Frisbie, Y. Cripps, A. Morales, K. Kramer, H. Perez, A. Durocher, S. Moran. Row 4: S. Garner, C. Reinhardt, D. Schier, C. Meirose, V. Bockmon, E. Murphey, B. Remmick, P. Cone, H. Sutton, D. Bushee. GIRLS GLEE These musical girls are well known for singing at school assemblies and events such as the Senior Tea. IN LOUD AND CLEAR 3 O ,M QJ. . , A X 3 A CAPELLA 72 cnom Soft harmonization gave much t pleasure and ' entertainment to it the Student Body and PTA at Music Festivals if and assemblies. A MORE FORMAL NOTE Front Row: N. Wright, D. Hanafusa, D. Sutherland, P. Winter, S. Flygare, S, Zollotuchen, D. Taylor, l... Sutherland, V. Seaton. Row 2: M. Carlton, D. Van Herpen, I. Tyler, M. Cox, K. Villella, K. Sweeney, T. Moranda, D. Haier. Raw 3: N. Evans, R. Muratore, M. Schloe, S. Mastriano, I. Kruschke, M. Miller, K. McCartney, N. Stahl. Row 4: L. Newman, N. Wagner, M. Gussenhoven, E. Lisman, I. Davis, B. Cole, D. Tayson, A. Weber, S. Barton. SAVOYS Opportunities abound at Gardena for music - minded students. Always in demand for school socials are the popular Savoys. HYTHMIC ACCENTS ont Row: I. l-lazelrigg, B. Capps, K. Schaefer. Row 2: M. Provencal, A. Fraley, D. Iames, S. Dennis. Row 3: D. Taylor, '. Neill, E. Hensley. ORCHESTRA Smooth musical sounds are brought forth by A the various members of the small but mighty Sardena Orchestra, with graduation an important time for them to perform. isswlh SERENE SYMPHONISTS Front Row: S. Helsel, K. Barchenger, P. Lassila, I, Lorey, A. Allen, I. Tolle, E. Wilson, H. Mercer-eau. How 2: L. Gorta, S. Dennis, I. Cummings, I. Tom, D. DeVine, I. Bowlus, G. Pixley. Row 3: I. Blanton, M .Provencal, A. Fraley, I. Welch, Mr. Neill. 83 ORGANIZATIONS NONETTES High on the list of Wonderful people are these talented girls. We at Gardena High are mighty proud of this select singing group. Front Row: I. Orr, R. Turner, V. Peck, D. DeVine, W, Erlichman, C. Goram. Row 2: G. Yamamoto, S. Travis, C. Simon, I. Tanaka, D. Anderson, C, Whitbeck. Row 3: Mr. Bradley, D. Owl, D. Minton, S. Cothran, M. Morgan, S. Cole. 84 Front Row: T .Moranda, M. Miller, A. Weber, K. Sweeney, Row 2: I. Parmer, S. Mastriano, S. Barton, I. Lurk, I. Krushke SCIENCE CLUB Spending extra hours on science projects, this group represents the scientific aspect of science majors with careers in this field in mind. AND CAPABLE LRTISTIC TALENTS slriw .. V ' , L. C , M. C l , E. Torrance, V. Peck. Row 2: C. Salazar, S. Lamb, I. Tanaka, K. McCartney, rog:,igZ:g12i,CG,lXg2?dVj1Q M. Vlglchite. Rolivp3: I. Ward, S. Buchler, S. Travis, C. Briggs, S. Helsel, N. St. Onqe. How 4' Einsele, S. Osborn, L. Troxel, C. Reinhardt, C. Meirose. S. Smith, D. Minton. STAGE CRAFT Assemblies, dra- matic productions, and entertainment on stage-all due to the efforts of those behind the scenes. There are the members of Stage Craft, who design and set up props and scenery, regulate lights, MASQUE AND PALETTE Students who share an interest in the field of stage makeup compose the Masque and Palette Recognition is gained through responsibility for applying make - up to cast members for all dramatic productions of the school. CURTAIN GOING UP! Front Row: B. Amemika, D. Abbott, L. Luera, H. Prinz, W. LaCuesta. I. Cowley, Mr. Dudley. Bow 2: H. Howard, D. Campbell, E. Harbottle, B. Acala, B. Anderson, R. Wurzer. Row 3: I. Paar, N. Reese, F. Hill, F. Dalryrnple, I. Grenlqer. P. Morgan, B. Shulte. 85 ORGANIZATIONS GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIA'I'ION Enrichment of life through high ideals such as loyalty, scholarship, service, and clean living are the aims of the G. A. A. These five qualities are known to the members as starpoints. TI-IEY'RE OUT T0 WIN ff-K STARDOM IN SKILLS Front Row: B. Smith, S. Soqabe, I. Fuqimoto, R. Hayashida, F. Mikawa, L. Iacobs, I. Yoshida. Row 2: N. Yanai, I. Mori, I. Sogabe, L. Mclntyre, M. Metzqer, S. Nemeth, F. Naqai, N. Harmon. Row 3: A. Yamauchi, D. Kumaqai, I. McCaifre, E. Matsouka, T. Nakaqawa, S. Powell, I. Kumagai. Row 4: H. Muranaka, M. Carrizosa, L. Slama, N. Stahl E. Stonequist, I. Ybarra, L. Phillips, L. Phillips. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION . . . The highest honor a G. A. A. girl can obtain is that of a starpoint. Five starpoint girls, one for each quality, are chosen by the girls each semester. WE'RE OUT TO VVIN! Front Row: C. Kimball, C. Norris, D. Hatada, L. Pyles, K. Barchenqer, I. Roussin, I. Howard, E. Skopp, B. HOffmClY1- low 2: S. Oehler, I. Rowland, A. Rubly, C. Beck, D. Babcock, H. Zirkle, C. Lauritz, B. Patrick. Row 3: L. Henry. L. Williams, S. Helsel, B. Hadley, I. 'Ward C. Salazar, D. Fouls, Fl. Gulliver, C. Oldham. Row 4: D. Schier, C. Crow, S. Cothran, I. Graves, D. Youqht, B. Pheffer, S. Reed, L. Ramer. G. A. A. CABINET Worm training, the traditional initiation program for new G. A. A. members, arrangements for the installation of new officers, and the banquet held each semester, all constitute a portion of the many responsibilities of the G. A. Cabinet. 86 COURAGEOUS CONTESTANTS Front Row: E. Watanabe, P. Winter, D. Kamiyo, C. Long, M. Okada. Row 2: M. Blum, M. Berg, S. McCaffery, F. Nagci, N. Harmon, B. Sanders. Row 3: E. Kamiya, I. Barck, D. Arney, C. Lauritz, A. Rowland, L. Fitzpatrick. WITH SKILLS AND SI-IRILLS 'UN ON THE RUN GARDENA LETTER GIRLS Green sweaters with the letter "G" on them easily identity members of the Gardena Letter Girls. These girls have participated as members of G. A. A. for three semesters in six sports and have thus earned the right to join the G. L. G. ront Row: I. Martin, S. Zolletuchen, V. Marshall, G. Popewell, D. Kamio, E. Watanabe, I. Fukwa, C. Long. Row' 2: Borreman, C. Underwood, L. Donaher, L. Derkum, M. Vicari, F. Sanders, B. Ames. Row 3: S. Harrington, L. Popovics. . Miller, B. Mason, A. Rowland, D. Arney, M. l-lohn, P. Howser. Row 4: D. Heavenstone, I. Barch, I. Gibbs, I. Moore, Bailey, F. Bachman, P. Rowe, S. Baumgardner. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Ever - increasing membership has transformed the Girls' Athletic Association into the largest club on campus. Girls Q0 out twice a week for fun in sports through activities which include volleyball, basketball, and baseball tournaments. is 'HEY'RE OUT TO WIN ront Row: I. Mori, S. Sogabe, D. Kumagai, M. Mexture, F. Mikawa, I. Yoshida, I. Kumagai, S. Nemeth, I.. Iacobs, E. ACTION FILLED Front Row: C. Doi, A. Brickey, C. Whitbeck, T. Farewell, B, Sanders, I. Yanai, E. lkenaga, P. Natanabe, S. Yonemura. Row 2: M. Berg, I. Thompson, A. Moriolca, M. Taylor, M. Blethen, L. Tsuye, I. Yatabe, S. Pittsenbager, Row 3: S. Wade, S. Morgan, K. McCartney, M. Blum, D. Martin, S, Barnhart, R. Bennett, S. Fraley, P. Farnam.How 4: G. Root, M. Ame- miya, B. Cobb, D. Bushee, I. Sloss, L. Fitzpatric, F. McAlary, I. Robinson, P. Nokes. .mn Ii GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION This semester, bowling was added to the many G. A. A. sports. Bowling instructions will also be given l for girls who are not familiar with the sport. Girls out for bowling meet once a Week for two hours. latsuoka. Row 2: P. Sanders, M. Vicari, L. Phillips, L. Phillips, M. Carrizosa, N. Yanai, F. Nagai, I. Sogabe, T. Naka- awa, I. Ybarra. Row 3: B. Ames, I. Martin, D. Kamiyo, I-l. Miranaka, I. Fukawa, L. Derkum, E. Watanabe, I. Bailey, C. ang, D. Iensen. Row 4: L. Donahur, G. Popplewell, L. Wood, P. Howser, C. Iones, I. Gibbs, D. Arney, A. Rowland, 87 , Harrington, F. Backman, I. Batch. ORGANIZATIONS SPIRIT AND PRECISION SOUND OFF!-Front Row: U. Epple, D. Anderson, G. Yoshiki, C. Puckett, R. Saishyo, S. Dennis, P. Patterson. I. Ike- iiri, D. Taylor, D. Devine, I. Mills, B. Taylor. Row 2: B. Scott IDrum Majorl, I. Roaa, R. Painter, B. Rowe, D. Maruki, L. Larson, I. Hazelrigg, R. Ryle, L. Auffart, R. Thoma, R. Kaye, I. Cummings. Row 3: D. Emerson, M. Sartor, Hensley, D. Iames, A. Fraley, I. Welch, M. Provencal, K. Schaefer, D. Owl, D. Thomas, C. Brownell, G. Nabonne, Mr. Neill, Director. MARCHING BAND The Gardena High Marching Band has completed one of their most successful marching seasons in the history of Gar- dena High School by marching and playing in the Pep Rallies, home and away football games and local parades. The band has received many first prize awards in concerts, parades, and other local competition. The Loyalty Day Parade was one of the highlights of the spring semester. MARCHING BAND OFFICERS The officers of the band deserve credit for making up the fine marching routines which are presented during the halftime activity of home and away football games. PRECISION PAYS! -Front Row: D. Taylor, I. Hazelrigg, D. Iames, B. Scott, A. Fraley, D. Devine. 88 CHARACTERIZE T HE PEP SOUADS INSPIRED PERFORMERS-Front Row: P. Winter, S. Nemeth, B. Van Fleet, M. Cox, S. Wade, L. Donaher, I. Moore. T. Smith, N. Harmon, S. Zollotuchen, D. Hanafusa, C. Mittwer, l. Yoshida. Row 2: I. Watanabe, C. Peavey. D. Cascales, D. Kaymia, M. Horsefield, A. Ward, H. Zirkle, M. Matto, I. Martin, D. Kamio, L. Derkum, S. Dressel, M. Wagner, L. lacobs, Row 3: D. Palmer, K. Villella, D. Brown, N. Si. Onge, M. Carrizosa, L. Simon, M. Blum, B. Sanders, M. Berg, S. Turner, L. Butts, P. Nokes, P. Tomiko, S. Mullee, A. Szabo, I. Roussin, Fi. Guilano. Row 4: P. Owens, I. Gibbs, C. Lauritz, D. Butler, B. Clark, I. Howard, M. l-lohn, S. Brady, C. Oldham, M. Hill, S. Anderson, R. Gulliver, D. Fouts, L. Davis, P. Onstenk, L. Popovics, D. Iensen. DRILL TEAM Drill team was responsible for the halftime activities of the football games. The Honor Marchers for the year 1960 are Shelia Turner, Iudy Martin, Andriette Ward, Della Iensen, Loretta Popo- vics, Charlene Vore, Rachel Gulliver, and Iudy Boswell. These girls were chosen on their ability to high step, how quickly they caught on to new drills and how well they co-operated with spon- sor, Drill Team Captain and their own row. DRILL TEAM OFFICERS Industrious and hard working . . . these qualities are synonymous with the Drill Team Officers. Their hard work enables the Drill Team to perform difficult drills with ease. ATTBINING A --Frou! Row: T. Smith, L. Donaher. I. Moore, S. Wade, N. Harmon. 89 GREATEST ASSETS Della Iensen Doroihy Kamio Ieanie Mori Terry Nakagawa Camera Shy Frances Nagai Mafia C075 Linda Donaher Sue Fuiinami Nancy Harmon Exk X 0 amiya Carole Long Sandra McCallery Iudy Moore Linda sigma Ioyce Soqabe Fumiko Tanaka Alice Yamauchi LAS LAUREAS WHO Pfam S'6O Treasurer W'60 Treasurer Ioan Barak S '60 Chaplain Donna Amey W' 60 Head Usher Carol Tolle S'6O Head Usher Edna Watanabe Susie Soqabe S..'6O President W '60 Vice President Pa! Welch S'BU Vice President W '60 Chaplain Diane Rowland W '60 Secretary Ian Parmer S '60 Secretary Mary Poiiala if 4--y T0 OUR SCHOOL Gary Overstreet Ken Wylard Camera Shy Steve Allan Craig Ihara Mike Addr Fred Lacan-uni Manson A1 Nensuel Dale Iqxngs Kim Runcie Bill Scolt Melvin Szllaqi Chet Unk David Powell lan Campbell Eddie Dawes Mike Hutsenpiller Guido onions' W '60 President Tak Nishi S '60 President W '60 Vice President Henry Ota S'60 Vice President Lea Isaac: W'60 Treasurer Tim Trinkle S '60 Treasurer lack Haxelrigg W '60 Scribe Bill Capps S '60 Scribe Tom Oldham W'60 Sergeant Ai Arms Tom Palmer S'60 Sergeant at Arms Gary Younkin EXPANDING OUR INTERESTS THROUGH ORGANIZATIONS Gardena High's Marching Band has Here we view an active chemistry just completed a terrific halt-time perform- teacher, Mr. Marsh, enjoying himself at ance at the final game of the season. the semi-annual G. A. A. Banquet. About to begin their exciting chess games are the members of the Chess Club who meet every lunch hour. Here stands spirited Pep Club President Kathy Sweeney anx- iously awaiting the arrival of the Taking a sneak preview of the gold and blue Key Club sweat- rooter bus. ers are President Mike Hutsenpiller and Chuck Peterson, a prom- 92 inent member. ,N ,. -5-,av Qfvwr X hoop 6 Q J LB H fynxvj' if' bg 1' L 'lzvfmi MP4 H5 f' Hfifffe Q0 x5 95,306 V W' LJ xegnt ,D Pip 6 ,M 602,18 41 QJOV in ffb if 4' ' 'OK F4 oo 9,0 ,ga NN. 9 vi Pj ooo 963.6 W xpfmo V335 0 04,6 Mn ag, ws ex Q0 Wa 'iz- Y! 3 Q ,S . S9 gr QR ' GQ? gf? fwffffb fi? 5 QfZa's'Wf3f21f gig? by Q5 5? x 35" W ffjgiyygy V MQ fix K ...R 1 Aw R "' f fs "' QL.: Perfinacity Part 4 Athletics i M5 ,arc 9 i SH? ,,..-r if X X JK IV I I I j A , LINCZKLR dai Jem N f f X.. , V05 4 Q xwqjigg mi ,W M AJLRX gig? J ' 3 , A if Zqtix Q i ,J ,4'W , V.. qu ,C C XL . w ,fl,f' . X A Q 'Eff UL, X' 3? R1 f YR ,.! .1 41 'N x W yy W7 K5 ,VJ if ww W ffi +V f'j,T ff JW mf W yy! 'V'!MX!w 3 W jf JIZVL .fy jeff IM MX WJ? ff if MJ jf VJ !.3w, V+ M IVV WP WMF VME jf, WM, My yigfkwvw 79' ft VV W M5 My ff ' 9 y ! I, 1 1 1 J N Ley! W M 5? 2. STIMULATING SPIRIT AND SPORTSMANSHIP SPIRIT - The backbone of 1 school -and this lively group has real spirit. Var- sity Sonqleaders - Front Row: Fumiko Tanaka, San- iy McCaifery lsonq queen? Zarol Cromer. Back Row: Say Pixley, Ian Parmer, ?lorence McAlary. Qi! -T x- i f , -P9 l 1 CHEERING THE TEAMS to vistory are Gardena's lun- lor Varsity Sonqleaders, left to right: IoAnn I-Iorii, Lynda Okamoto, Barbara Early, Gail Hayashi, Lin- ia Slama, Rosemary Dsaka. PEP is a good name to be given to the spirited yell leaders, left to right: Craiq Ihara, Ken Schaefer, Bill Capps fyell kinql, David Minton, Mickey McChes- ney, Terry Lanqan. 'N F lil! 93 FOOTBALL lt-'ICE Smoyer Charles Peterson Right Half Left Half . Best Defensive Player The Gardena High School football team for this year was one of the best we have ever had in sportsmanship, eagerness, and ability. Although they didn't come out as many had hoped, still they gave Gardena a most exciting and spectacular grid season. As their schedule drew to a close, the records showed Gardena had come through with some close scores and hard-fought victories. There were upsets both ways as Gardena defeated the heavily favored Comets from West- chester and then fell to the Barming Pilots. They gave a fitting climax to the season as they reached the peak of LEAGUE STANDINGS Banning San Pedro Ncxrbonne GARDENA lordan Gary Younkln Fullback Most Inspirational BUMPS AND BRUISES performance against San Pedro, a team that hoped to run over the Mohicans. The Mohicans had spirit and together with the fine coaching and ability there emerged a team that played inspiringly as a whole, win or lose. They faced their opponents with determination and perserverence. The outlook for next season is filled with hope. Many good, experienced lettermen will return. The Mohican boys gave a great climax to the grand year as they nearly beat one of the top teams in the city. This team was the San Pedro Pirates. Larry Marcotte Edward Gratcski Lett Tackle Ri ht Guard 9 4 Captain g Tom Palmer Ignacio Monk, Right Tackle Right End Irvin Wnuck, Left Guard I-GUY I-513951 Left End Sheldon Kewl- G'-lard H9n'Y om' QUG1'fel'bUCk A11 Marine Leqque First Team' All Marine League First Teqm, All Marine League Second Team, All Mflfine LGGQUS Second Team. Captain, Best Lineman Most Impmved. BSS! BCICIC- FOR HARD WORKING VARSITY VARSITY FOOTBALL RECORD - 1959 - 60 Gardena .,....,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,.,,,, 1 3 Gardena ....,,. ,,,,,,,, 1 4 Gardena ........ 27 Gardena ........ Gardena ........ Gardena ...... Gardena 1959 VARSITY FOOTBALL STATISTICS Gardena Opponents ' ' 133 'ards gained rushing .............................. 845 'asses attempted ........... ........ l 29 'asses completed ............... ........ 6 4 'asses had intercepted ............................ 8 ards gained passing .............................. 785 let yards gained rushing and passing 1630 otal ftrst downs ........................................ 79 unts ...........................,................................ 33 lvg. length of punts ....... ........ 3 7 enalties .................,............. ........ 4 5 'ards lost on penalties ......... ........ 3 35 umbles ............................... ........ 1 2 4 77 36 9 541 1875 73 15 35.5 66 607 16 Hamilton .,,....t,.,,,.,4,,.,,,,.,, 1 3 Westchester ..,,. .,.,,,4 1 3 Belmont .......... ,,,,,,, 1 4 Banning ...... ...,,,, 3 8 Narbonne ..,... ,,,,,,, 2 0 lordan ..,..... ,,,,,,, 6 San Pedro .,,r,. ,,,,4,, 1 8 The loyal and faithful coaches of Varsity Football Team. Mr. Stan Smith and Mr. Loran Peak, look over this year's strategy plays. 95 FOOTBALL Front Row: T. Oldham. T. Esparza, I. Smoyer, L. Larsen, I. Wnuck, P. Church, G. Younkin, I. Morales, K. Lowe. Row 2: R. Garcia, E. Grataski, G. Arbouin, G. Silvius, P. McGee, D. Koehler, I. Campbell, B. Isaacson, C. VanDeWeghe, C. Peterson. Row 3: Coach Peak, T. Ybarra, B. Root, B. Endo, R. Cline, S. Keith, I. Mack, R. Hunt, T. Palmer, R. Shuler, L. Marcotte, B. Griffith. 96 OUR VARSITY MEN IN ACTION GET THAT MAN!!! Bcrnning's ace haltback Danny Espalin, number 10, makes good yardage as he moves down the field with excellent blocking by Richard McMahon, number 22. Gardena entered this game undefeated, previously beating Belmont and the highly rated Westchester Comets. Banning, led by their two All City Backfield men, Teruo Yamamoto and Richard McMahon, scored a 38-O victory over loyal Gardena. The Banning Pilots were stopped many times with key defensive plays by Larry Marcotte, Irvin Wnuck and many other Gardena players. Gardena suffered from the loss of Pete Church, Left Halfback, who was seriously injured and removed to the hospital. The star players for the Mohicans were Right Halfback lack Smoyer, Who looked good in the backfield, and Left Guard Irvin Wnuck, from the line. LARSEN SCORES AGAIN!!! Larry Larsen goes for another touchdown as he catches a Henry Ota pass and scampers across the goal line. The Mohicans Bulldogs 20-6. Gardena looked quite good in this managed to get their first league Win by downing the game as they showed Iordan their amazing strategy and playing ability. The combination of Quarterback Henry Ota to End Larsen was a big asset in the win over the Bull- dogs. Iordan streamed to one touchdown by the power running of their Fullback, Ed Steward. All of Gardena's touchdowns were made by Larry Larsen. Everybody on the team was superb in this exciting triumph, but the most outstanding players were none other than Henry Ota and Larry Larsen. DOWN GOES IACK!!! Gardena's Right Halfback, lack Smoyer, falls to the ground as he is tripped up by Norbonne's Clifford Thomas. The referee was right there to watch the action. This was a closely fought game from start to finish with Narbonne coming out on top by a score of 20 - 12. The Mohicans jumped off to a quick lead when Tony Esparza intercepted a Narbonne pass and raced 60 yards to the end zone. Narbonne came storming back with three touch- downs and went ahead 20-6. The Mohican men then started a drive and scored on an end run by Henry Ota. The game ended with Gardena just ten yards from another touchdown. The outstanding players for the Mohicans were Gary Younkin and Tony Esparza, two great athletes. RUN CHUCK!!! Charles Peterson is trying to get away from a San Pedro man, but does not succeed. San Pedro managed to eke out Gardena 18 - 12, but not before a tough-fought game. Our team was at its peak of playing for the entire season. With their good blocking and rough tackling, they almost upset the Pirates. The hard line blocking and the power running backtield were able to make more first downs than San Pedro. This was the last game of the season and the last for Mr. Peak, who is going to retire. Therefore, the Mohicans gave it everything on the field. Everybody was a star in this, but here are a few standouts: Ignacio Morales, Irvin Wnuck, Larry Mar- cotte, and Henry Ota. 97 FOOTBALL Front Bow: I. Simpson, L. Cahill, I. Green, R. Wells, W. Rankin, I. Alexander. Row 2: R. Kadogudhi, S. Matsimoto, I. Hobbs, D. Abbott, C. Chubb, W. Larson, P. Welch, G. Keyser, B. Day. A FIRST!! For the first time in the history of Gardena High School, we have had enough boys out for football to compose a Iunior Varsity Football Team. This team was largely PrlO'sp however, a fewe were eleventh graders. Next season looks bright for the Varsity, as they will move up and take their positions on the team. tiff ALI. MARINE LEAGUE PLAYERS Luft to right: M. Nakamura, K. Nishi, R. Watts, M. Nozawa. 98 BUILDING FOR THE FUTURE SMALL BUT MIGHTY-Here is the Gardena High School Bee Football Team. These boys fought hard this year, losing only two games, one to Banning and the other to San Pedro. The San Pedro game was a thrilling experience for these boys as the game was tied to the very last, when the Pirates made the tie-breaking touchdown to win the game. They came out in third place, and almost all will return to play next year. I 'I ZR s., wks f 'I 'A . Front Row: C. Stokes, U. Migalanes, B. Schulte, R. Marino, C. Fantroy, E. Lisman, M. Inoye. Row 2: P. Donaher, M. Nakamura, K. Nishi, M. Williams, R. Watts, N. Hannend, I. Brokenbough, G. Ashmede, K. Lisa, L. Payne. Row 3: Coach I. Dudley, C. Grafftinreed, D. Campbell, F. Righter, D. Iordan, D. Yanai, I. Lopez, B. Cumallene, M. Nozawa, D. Kobata, D. Cooper, M. Tretieway, R. Pscobas, Coach Loughborough. Row 4: T. Stamps, I. Losten, I. Halton, T. Orneles, B. Bowers, D. Shields, K. Kiikawa, B. Martinez, B. Alcala, B. Harrington, B. Sediwick, I. Monroe. I-IROUGH TOUGH COMPETITION LANNING THE STRATEGY!! Here are the .ll Marine League players for the Gardena high School Bee team. Looking over the Nar- onne offense are Masaro Nakamura, Katsiuki, ichard Watts, and Mike Nosawa. They were :ated to be Gardena's representatives for the .ll Marine League. The team, for. which these boys were se- rcted, is made up of superior players from :Ich school in the league. We are fortunate nough to have all of them returning next year nd some will play varsity. NEW PLANS-Here, looking at a new football play, are Coaches Ioe Dudley and Sheldon Loughbourgh talking to Captain Masaro Nakamura. The two coaches for the Gardena High School Bee foot- ball team worked hard this year to build a fighting team. They suc- ceeded, with Mr. Dudley as line coach and Mr. Loughbourgh ago BASKETBALL Les Isaacs Tim Trlnkle Melvin Szilaqyi Eddie Dawes Guard, Captain Guard Guard Guard All League Znd Team Most Valuable Player 'This year's Varsity Basketball Team was one on which spirit, teamwork, and all-out effort were exemplified. Handicapped by a lack of extreme height as compared with its opponents, this team fought back and at no time gave a bad account of' itself. As the season came to a close, Gardena could look back on several close games. San Pedro met defeat in the final ten seconds on a jump? shot by Steve Lock on our home court, while Bell also felt this last second heartbreak when Les Isaacs sank one as the buzzer sounded. This past season, however, was only a building up period for the coming year. The potential possessed by the returning ball players will be the determining factory with its development and the earnestness displayed in the past season by these boys, Gardena can look to the future with assurance. SPIRIT PREVAILED S1010 Lock Ggofgg Nglggn F7611 AfkOhb6'l'q Gray Forward Forward Forward Center IOO Front How: M. Adair, F. Arkenberg, E. Dawes, M. Szilaqyi, T. Trinkle, G. Nelson, F. Locarnini. Row 2: Mgr. B. Dalxymple, S. Lock H Howard, T. Powell, G. Meyer, E. Hurst, Coach M. Panovich. 'P AND INN!!! Center Iack Gray shoots for two points against me Banning Pilots. The Mohicans won this game by a score of J-47. Les Isaacs was high-point man with 18 points. Gardena ....... ......... Gardena Gardena Gardena Gardena Gardena Gardena Gardena Gardena Gardena Gardena ....... ......,,, Gardena Gardena Gardena Gardena VARSITY BASKETBALL South Gate ..., Wilson .....,.,.. Bell ..,.......... Riis ............ Washington .. Banning ........ Centennial .... Narbonne ..,,,. Iordan ..........., San Pedro .,.... Banning ..... Serra ........... Narbonne ...... Iordan ......... San Pedro .,.... BASKETBALL I. V. BASKETBALL Front Row: I. Rouse, R. Yamada, Capt. I. Nishimoto, D. Frisbie, D. Stokes. Row 2: Manager E. Bousman, M. Lacey, G. Gibson, D. Iohnson, B. Rozelle, K. Roberts, I. Shoelen, Coach M. Panovich. MOI-IICAN ROUNDBALLERS SHOW 102 UP FOR TWO!!! Mike Aubert, Gardena's first string Bee basketball players, shoots for two points against the Narbonne Gauchos. Milan Buchanan, No, 22, is ready to get the rebound. This was a very close game with Narbonne coming out on top by a score of 44 - 46. The high point men for the Mohicans were Terry Vales with eleven points and Yonny Koyama with 10 points. "B" BASKETBALL Front Row: Y. Kubota, D. Onishi, S. Ycmcme, Capt. Y. Koyana, R. Tsutsui, C. Ihard, M. Aubert. Row 2: Mgr. R. Brain, K. Wyzcrrd R. Mcxtsuda, D. Tcyson, G. Rector, I. Iones, R. Morgan, T. Vales, I. Pope, R. Overion, Couch R. Kcxrbcch. SPEED AND CUORDINATION "C" BASKETBALL Froni Row: B. Fujikcxwcx, Y. Moriwcxki, Ccxpi. D. Miurcl, W. Morimoto, I. Hcrqbug. Row 2: Mgr. S. Chcxrney, R. McNeil, T. Schull, L. Fisher. R. Spencer, R. Itturibcrrricx, F. Cliver, Couch R. Kcrbuch. Henry Ota Coach Lorem Peak Pitcher, Captain Carl Baker Catcher, Captain Fred Arkenberg Gary Younlun Center Field Left Field Don Gustafson First Base I 04 lack Hazel:-lqq David Yu-nd Right Field Second Base Base Kenny Lila Shortstop 44 Front Row: D, Huntress, H Ota C Baker D Gustafson D Yanai I Nrshimoto V Tribble Row 2 E. Dawes, F. Arkenberq, G Younkm I Hazelriqg K Lisa T Vales B Overton Coach L Peak DIAMOND DOMINATORS DON SWINGS! First Baseman Don Gustafson fouls off the first pitch and then singled on the next. Along with him and the rest of the fellows, Gardena edged out the Narbonne Gauchos by a score of 2 - O. The controlled pitching of Henry Ota and hitting of Carl Baker were major factors in the exciting tri- umph. l I. V. BASEBALL v r Front Row: I. Adams, I. Wedell, L. Chastain, N. Minami, G.Galiqer, D. Horn, I. Brodenbough, G. Putnam. Row 2: H. Aota, T. Nash, B. Shulte, R. Watts, R. McNeil, S. Horn, C. Puckett, C. Thompson, B. Bradley. Row 3: G. Keyser, D. Campbell, T. Stamps, P. Palmeri, R. Blanchard, F. Oliver, I. I-ladburg, L. Payne, C. Graftenreed, L. Powell, W. Erickson, I. Poulson, G. Rector, B. Trygstad, S. Loughborough, G. Reed. SPORTSIVIANSI-IIP IN EDUCATION 106 PEAK RETIRES! - After thirty years of coaching at Gardena High School, toot- ball and baseball coach, Loran Peak, is retiring. He attended the University of California at Los Angeles, and in the entire history of UCLA, Mr. Peak was the only athlete to be voted most outstanding player for two consecutive years. He is, indeed, a great coach and will be missed by the students and faculty as well. ' TENNIS Front Row: E. Stark, I. Shoelen, R. Yamada, D. Nelson, I. Fitzpatrick, A. Keller. Row 2: T. Ware, I. Blanton, G. Yama- moto, R. Cox, S. Firstman, F. Brcmdes, I. Mayhew, Coach D. Heap. Row 3: N. Polizzi, L. Yamane, D. Cooper, D. Santa Ana, R. Shepherd, I. Harrison, I. Martots, R. I-lallsled, P. Donaher, L. Henderson. THROUGH FRIENDLY COMPETITION CROSS COUNTRY Front Row: T. Nishi, I. Kadoquchi, S. Cole, C. Kelly, R. Redding, I. Gambrell, C. Howard, M. Hutsenpiller. Row 2: R. Park, R. Stewart, V. Snell, G. Flushman, B. Anderson, L. Shield, I. Wisdom, T. Stewart. Row 3: L. Woods, B. Brant, V. Tayson, C. Hoffman, D. Bauer, B. Amemiya, G. Huff, W. LaCuesta. TRACK Pete Church Ron Stewart Tony Espana George I-'lushmcm RECORD BREAKER! - Ron Stewart, Gar- dena's ace hurdler, shows the form that helped him break the record in both the 120 yard high hurdles and the 180 yard low hurdles. Ron also is on the varsity relay team. He is a junior and will be returning next year. RECORD BREAKING RECORDS T0 CRACK M., .M-5.1,-'S't.w5g,-.W i, . , 1, . 2. - K . , , 1 . 5 fj5f:fnff.H"iilligfillif if Q if E1'Ef2 .fif',1:41,. i . i,.ff,..N..w ,,1t . t,l, M., .... . ..,..,. . . . . .,., ..,. . . , . , .. .. , .... f-iisf?.3?55is?g1fi,sisziegASH-my?slid-sr's',.,gs-e:s:,.fgr.:.,, 5.-..1,'.yg.g, Z. K, KK,K,,ifoA,m,KL 3... K., ,fu ,ow-.i. ,.KKg,.g ., .. r " . - , ,sw 5wfi.ff.,s.if., - ef 15, ff :,f.v. .f. -1 fiK'Kz-v'5iiQtsilZbgi7Cg?f5il 5k5!gw,,i.2Q.i9r.3 ml. -',.q:.gfs :lf-5. gs 7 ff iffilmff5Pi51ff:.i'i..gsfifit17tix M41-1521-w ll.w,..,,: ff ns : 'M f X . -. . . rw ,N ,K ,..,.fiM.. mms., , is-is 1-S... ,R r., ,,..i if-,. .. . '2f1Q.wg4i?5S?Qf?fQiiir:ggw55gf?siii,3fH'5?ivsfgff2s?s55tz'R2f,i.2?QffiS7 fm t ' fi-fzrfi.r:2-iff.:iff .:QK',E.'-'zHPif i:Lsl:.' . .f-w 1".' .2 .s.,,f fWT. i 1 , -- t t ' f . .1 A r . - .sfyg,,5Wi,w,gfvs:1fg.yfr55..,.,.g.f,'s 'f,'.i,fgia -v .gg -. . .---wig, .. 1 . 'F' .Q 1 .. -- ....i..izr,..,,-rw-Sf f-ref.. ,. .1.,...,M.i.f...m m i- gre ,.,.W.w- ' ,- - A 1,-if:.z.......wt..... -- -V . ' .. K - - - " . , ' .Q JF " 1 ' C -IK SGI'-Nw - - 0 K + Y I ' J" H ' ,' S ?3f', .K . K , . - .2 " 5- . .. 1 . , ' w.,.,m, 1 M-, Q A .. ' 4 . f I K ' 1 : - . B K, ' . 3 Q --Q R .:. . .,,. . ---- V P F - Ks -5K'if59i'CZs: X '9Xe' 'K Y V aal' .:-,"- Nftsibfl KKK 'IIN Qfif3" ' . '- P e. Nita' 5" T rek- .. f . - ,..,.. ,-,T ri-.i..fzr. . -W,y.i f, wil l mil. fo. . .. W N ,K . . 4 - - - ,. Us rm s. .. . . H W -- .- f s.. at 4: it ai .1.,w-if' ig , .f-522551331-.., A .. - .. . .iiwriiii- " :r.II if A ft KNWK'KWP2Fwssafif- . ' P 1. K . H. ft .1f.,i.f-if 2.s,i.PQ1. 1.-, f s, '4,.rKss7-Y, ., - f-t9flz5:,'gS5',,,1,.wS3t. , , , se, .. .. J.. ,..,...-... . l. A - fi, Qmfs.. JFK--f, will . W... Kr- ., .. 5-Y.. ,iii-is - J-.t .f - -fa-M-. . ., . .i ,.Hssf3re, tl W iw . rfgfu-Q wh 4 .Y , . Q -Qqgm-..!..g ,,. N. .14 M Wilt r., .. . it, ,,r.riwf-if ,., M, 1 gi ..m,,iu ,.. sl, . 'M Imwi 'f-1,-W:.:. on Q -'tr' .1 -, ri fmt-'M . f,f1,1ifi, lair: W,i,i,Ng.,',. -,, Y- . Rabid Queegv.r5f.igii3iIfl'-ffii,ia V f2?..5,2wx-tl.-QFEKQQKK.-:K 153fWK':f:.,,,,f - 'iii K' W A u "'ii2ffft'i'2M'f-ii Lf'YZ-KKi,A1,,'H'ffv'1'w-23fifzifiLQFKKZQETSQfiK'iKivvif4f1wi.lKv-'isa-1. f. .. ,-Qsgfgt.-525' yx K.,K,KK.fgg5g5jt.g.if5r,.KfKj 'aa . .,,, i ., , ff? KKKflK1.Q,izgw,., ,gi 3 K 1 Y 'milf 1 M .e KK . if-...bww A-sg.,f.,, .rs--r . . 1 . .gvhQ.-ysm ,. M iam, ,,.,,v. ., V wk-yiiiliskiiffl KT1::Ki2fs..:z,tf'5i?-'f 1Bifsgfiikffr5-.-FK?tLif,f 7 Qs? KfiF'K K ws-:f r K' K. C , is 53.5.5 fl53ftf,r2kQf ,.,3fK"tf4i1'Kffil?f"5WPI. I 3,1-KK. i?f5'33?if2se,giK'Z9Q,. l C . . is , .A .. 1 . is'xi:f1i'g..,..' twiaiizff fr ,7f.-gf,vs,,- .i,,.7-ii.. A R . 'R . ft , P91 - "Q K. iv' . A-f.r1:2u2?T'.-illiiilti.-K'sis.R.zf1 1:51 -Mgtirfsisigt ffii,,i'.s?lKw'Mf:gt, vt K .,.f,gWgm y. K mv- f.s1sai:3i'.fr -- 5. , 7.,'.: -. s.,.z.,ms.:g..z. f - fiffs i ...Q-zrfz.t.'fsst-1,.st.. -A , sggggga-1, K lv. 1 ifif.fifK"'Vi 'C 'C 'K' K 'C ,if ff- - I. ,Mgr K . ifltligi--' . , i A - K lv K , K K ,. ' -.iff rt,-KK .Kr K fKKKK1-'jst-0331-X, ' 4 :ir 5, - was . ,K K K V 1 :g . .. GARDENA EDGEDII Narbonne's ace sprinter Wins the hundred yard dash with a blazing time of 10.1 seconds. Close behind him are Pete Church, placing third, Bob Anderson and lim Francis fourth and fifth. The Narbonne Gauchoes won this exciting track meet over the Gardena Mohicans by a score of 55 to 49. Bob Anderson George Nelson lim F1'Ul'lCiS Harold H0W'-'Hd LELAY TEAM ?0R VARSITY TRACK Eg Front Row: W. Nelson, L. Woods, T. Esparza, G. Flushman, H. Howard. Row 2: I. Rouse, I. Messina, L. Petty, B. Capps, D. Powell, C. Johansen, B. Kummelehne, D. Iames, R. Stewart, I. Babcock. Row 3: C. Young, G. Nelson, P. Welch, P. Roderick, G. Abouin, L. Marcotte, B. Griffith, I. Wnuck, T. Palmer, T. Oldham. 109 TRACK B TRACK Front Row: E. Lisman, C. Murakami, L. Deniz, I. Gambrell, B. Alcala, M. Aubert, I. Stone, G. Rasmussen, I. Brown, M. Fujtoki, I. Leon. Row 2: P. Harris, K. Nishi, K. Wyzard, L. Fisher, T. Gunter, I. Noziska, K. Uchida, D. Onishi, N, Shimano, I. Altavilla, Y, Kubota. Row 3: R. Morgan, G. Beydler, P. Brown, C. Fantroy, W. LaCuesta, J. Hallberg, N. Hammond, I. Christman, I. Carney, R. Clemison, R. Spencer, I. Robinson. it nf it fi Y king K HO N0 HOLDING BACK ALCALA SCORES! - Bobby Alcala scores a win in the 220 yard dash with a time of twenty-tour seconds flat. This was a very close meet with Banning Winning by a score of 50-45. A good perform- ance Was given by loe Leon in the 660. Ioe should be a good threat in the city. The B Track team is com- posed of very good athletes and should help next year's Varsity track team immensely. C TRACK Front Row: H. Poelter, B. Hall, R. Urias, S. Emery, G. I-liquchi, W. Santinac, R. Redding, P. Townsell. Row 2: D. Mer cure, R. Brant, I. Wisdom, S. Cole, D. Sasahara, D. Micholson, M. Mannix. Row 3: T. Schall, A. Branam, M. Murray D. Ellis, D. Nakamura, I.. Kubota, R. Parker. N MOHICAN TRACK TENTH GRADE SHINESI - Displaying the famous Mohican spirit, the Cee Track Team sped to meet victories as a barrage of tenth graders led the way to victory in a season filled with close races and relays on the Mohivan Oval. Thrilling the crowded stadium in the league finals, the crop proved that there are thrills to come for next season. With such outstanding tenth graders as Stanley Emery, Grant Higuchi, and Steve Cole, the Mohican squad was able to give the league participants a run-for-the-money. With balanced power, the spirited run- ners proudly represented GHS. Ending the season against the San Pedro squad, young Emery streaked to his seventh straight victory of the season. The young sprinter has yet to be beaten in track competition. Carrying an onslaught of sprinters swept many double victories as Higuchi provided rough competition for his opponents. GYMNASTICS Buddy Bowers is seen doing a Pat Peterson does flip-flop as Dick Barnes Performs U Yogi Dfivid HU1'fSUYk9f lh1'0WS C1 back hand stand on the Parallel Bars. number one tumbler. hGY1Cl Stand GS U19 T9C11'1'1'S besl giant on the High Bar. Free Ex Man. EVERY DAY STRIVING FOR Ioe Lopez executes "L" Iron Cross Steve Allen is the fastest Mohi- Ian Campbell travels on the Side PSUY TOUH-Sell does CI SOIUGT VCU-Ili on the Rings, can Rope Climber. Horse. On the Long Horse. H2 Q r 3 X 5 as l .5 1 m e r.. , ' an 1 'i Z' ' 7 s ill 5 , .,.. - ' do -tits i A 4 it , sf Qs i 4 tif . .. ,air - -11 H as K ,- is A Front Row: B. Bowers, C. Peterson, l. Campbell, S. Allan, E. Terao, I. Lopez, I. lnouye. Row 2: D. Bell, I. Kulluk, S. Allan, D. Cohn, G. Nicol, E. Ford, P. Tounsell, G. Hutt, E. Terao. Row 3: M. McChesney, I. Norman, I. Weger, D. Abbott, D. Hartsuyker, R. Scatficle, D. Skipper. KILL AND FORM UP AND OVER! - Gary Nichol is doing a giant squat on the long horse. This is a vault which takes co-ordination and speed to be per- formed accurately. Gardena's entire Gymnastic t team did an excellent job and came out vic- arious over the Banning Pilots by a score of - 46. PETERSON PERFORMS! - Charles Peterson is pictured doing one of the many difficult tricks in the tree exercise class. Gardena lost this meet to Westchester, but this being a practice meet it did not hurt them in our own league standings. i ' This meet was strictly to give the fellows prac- XMI. tice in individual competition. 'l'I'2 -5- Abbott, D. 85, 97, 113 Abbott, Dr. I. 10 A CAPPELLA CHOIR 82, 83 Acuna, A. 56, 69 Acuna, T. 67 Adair, M.-38, 72, 77, 91, 101 Adair, P. 60, 82 Adams, I. 106 Adams, L. 38 Adkisson, C. Aeolian, C. 82 Aguerro, V. 60 Augirre, B. 59 Agundez, M. Ahre, C. 61 Akazawa, S. 61, 74 Akioka, C. 38, 81 Albano, Mr. P. 10 Albertoni, C. 38 Alcala, B. 59, 85, 98, 110 Alexander, I. 97 Alkire, I. 38 Allags S. 15, 54, 81, 91, 112, 113, Allbee, D. 63 Allen, A. 9 Allen, D. 63 Allen, T. 65, 83, 113 Allen, M. 67 Alongi, S. 38 Alvarado, I. 56 Alvarez, C. 64, 82 Altavilla, I. 62, 110 Amemiya, B. 38, 85 Arnemiya, M. 59, 87 Ames, B. 33, 87 Andersen, 1. 9 Anderson, D. 66, 84, 88 Anderson, E. 9, 54 Anderson, E. 54, 57, 76 Anderson, Mr. G. 10 Anderson, G. 33 Anderson, I. 38, 61, 62, 82 Anderson, Mr. M. 10 Anderson, R. 38, 61, 63, 79, 80, 82, 85, 109, 130 Anderson, S. 38, 58, 72, 89 Anderson, S. 58, 72 Anderson, V. 58 Anguiano, M. 61 Ankeny, S. 38 Annin, Mrs. L. 10 Anthony, B 54 Aoki, D. sal az Aoto, H. 64, 106 Arbouin A Arbouin: G: A' to G 63, 82 54, 82, 96, 109 rxnq n, . 67 Arkenberg, F. 58, 100, 101, 104, 105 Armstrong, L. 57 Armstrong, M. 38 Arneil, I. 56 Arneg, D. 58, 77, 79, 86, 87, 90, 55 Arvi son, D. 38 Ashmead, G. 38 Ashmead, T. Ashmede, G. 98 Ashton, C. 54 ASSEMBLIES 17 Asturi, P. 63 Aubert, M. 54, 103, 110 Aussart, L. 88 Ault, I. 38 -3.- Babcock, D. 65, 86 ' Babcock, I. 63. 109 Babcock, L. 60 Backdull, P. 58 Bailey, Miss V. 10, 81 Bailey, I. 54, 82, 87 Bain, R. 103 Baker, C. 38, 104, 105 Baker, T. 38 Baldwin, M. 82 Ball, E. 65 Ballard, Y. 67 MARC!-IING BAND 88 Banks, C. 61 Baptiste, Bapt Ste, . Barba, I. 67 Barboa, M. Barchenger, K. 61, 83, 86 Barck, I. 14, 15, 54, 74, 79, 86, 87, 90, 55 114 MOHICANDEX Barck, L. 67 Barela, G. 38 Barela, A. 66 Barlow, Miss G. 10 Barnhart, S. 59 Barnes, D. 38, 72, 77, 112, 113 Barnes, I. 38 Barnes, R. 62 Barra, T. 38 Barrera, R. 64 Barreras, S. 63 Barbera, I. 59 Barry, M. 56 Bartell, I. 61 Bartell, R. Barton, D. Barton, S. 57, 70, 71, 83, 84 BASKETBALL, VARSITY, 100 BASKETBALL, IV 102 BASBETBALL, BEE 103 BASKETBALL, CEE 103 Bassolino, R. 67 Batchelor, D. 38 Batchelor, I. 56 Bates, S. 61 Bathke, I. 38, 79, 88 Battema, B. 56 Bauer, D. 38, 107 Baum-garner, D. 60 Baumgarner, S. 39, 82, 87 Bayne, I. 57 Beach, I. 39 Beam, Mrs. H. 9 Beamon, W. 54 Beard, C. 65 . Beardall, L. 54, 80 Beardall, R. 39 Beardsley, Mr. C. 10, 18 Beck, C. 61, 81 Beck, I. 66 Beckworth, S. 59 Beeler, D. 67 Beisell, Mr. D. 10 Belkin, B. 54 Bell, B. 62 Bell, D. 65, 113 Bell, E. 56, 81, 82 Bemmick, B. 65 Benavides, C. Bender, G. 57, 81, 85 Bennett, R. 57 Bentley, L. 57 Berg, M. 14, 73, 74, 75, 86, 89 Berkov, A. 64 Bernard, M. 39, 60 Berry, P. 65 Betz, P. 56 Beydler, G. 61, 110 Biscotti, S. 33 Bishop, A. 57, 61 Black, Mrs. E. 10 Blanton, I. 61, 83, 107 Blanton, S. 60 Blair, I. 69 Blair, L. 64 Blanchard, R. 64, 106 Blethen, M. 65, 87 Blowers, D. 33 Blowers, D. 65 Blue, P. 60 Blum, M. 15 73, 74, 86, 87, Bockmon, V. 82 Bonme, T. 67 Bokma, F. 54 Bonura, P. 62 Borremans, L. 28, 87 Boston, F. 64, 82 Boswell, I. 54 Bousman, E. 102 Bowers, B. 39, 98, 112, 113 Bowers, P. 86 Bowling, I. 67 Bowlus, I. 72, 73, 83, 79 Boyd, B. 61 Boyd, D. 61 BOYS' LEAGUE CABINET 71 BOYS STATE REPRESENTATIVE 19 Bradley, B. 57, 106 Bradley, Mr. W. 10, 84 Braidic, A. 61 Brancato, P. 61, 67 Brandes, F. 107 Branan, A. 67, lll Brannan, R. 63 Brant. I. 39 Brant, R. 64, 107, 111 Brashear, D. 9 Brauth, R. 14, 33, 70 Bredy, S. 58, 82, 89 Breeden, D. 82 Brench, K. 66 Brickey, A. 87 Brickmcm, Mr. S. 10, 79 Briggs, C. 58, 74, 75, 85 Bristol, I. 66 Brokenbouqh, I. 98, 106 Brokenbaugh, R. 65 Bronson, R. 58 Brooks, E. 56, 58, 70 Brooks, R. 58, 64, 75 Brown, C. 39, 61 Brown, D. 60 Brown, D. 89 Brown, D. 58 Brown, I. 110 Brown, L. 65 Brown, P. 66, 110 Brown, V. 67, 69 Brown, W. 66 Brownell, C. 54, 88 Brunson, 1-1. 57, 58 Bryant, T. 64, 82 Buchanan, C. 39, 65 Buchanan, M. 62 Buchanan, Miss V. 10 Buchler, S. 54, 85 Burks, D. 60 Burley, I-I. 65 Burley, M. 61 Burley, N. Burnham, M. Burch, S. 65 Burian, R. 62 Burns, G. 62 Burnside, M. 62 Burpo, B. 57 Busch, B. 57, 82 Bushee, D. 61, 71, 87 Bushee, V. 39 Butler, D. 89 Butler, T. 54, 68 Butts, P. 39, 60, 71 Butts, L. 57, 82, 89 Byrd, E. 59 ..c.. Cacia, T. 61 Cahill, B. 39 Cahill, L. 63, 97 Caldwell, L. 9, 82 Calhoun, L. 64 Calip, A. 60, 82 Callella, B. 59, 85, 98, 106 Cam bell M. 9 Camgbellz 1. 39, 77, 91, 96, 112, 113 Campbell, 'l 67 Canas, B. 82 Cannon, L. 63 Capps, B. 24, 39, 79, 83, 91, 93, 109, 126, 15, 52 Caprio, M. 54 Card, K. 67 Carlisle, E. 39, 71, 80 Carlton, M. 83 Carlucci, I. 63 CarneY. I. 61 Carr, I. 67 Carr, K. 39 Carrizosa, I. 56 Carrizosa, M. 39, 86, 89 Carson, K. 63 Carter, W. 39 Carter, S. 67, 72 Cascales, K. 72, 74, 75, 89, 70 Castille, R. 56 Cattermole, Mr. G. 10, 80 Cawley, Iames 39, 85 Cels, Diane 33 Cermansky, K. 57, 80 Ceruantes, Chuck 61 Chant, Ioyce 56 Charney, Stephen 60, 103 Chastain, L. 66, 106 Chavez, Henry 60 Chess Club 76 Childs, Warren 56 Chinn, Dennis 61 Choir, A Callepgaa 82 Choir, Aeolian 2 Christie, Iackie 39 Christrnan, Ierry 62 Christman, Miss P. 10 Christopher, Caroline 58 Chubb, Clifford 60, 97, 69 Chuman, Iunko 64 Church, Pete 71, 72, 96, 126, 39 77, 108, 109 Chute, Kenneth 65 Clark, Barbara 39, 89 Clark, Elaine 61 Clark, Gerald 67, 54 Claydon, Beverlee 58 Clemens, Cathleen 58 Clement, Carole 39 Clemison, Robert 110 Cleveland, Wanda 82 Cline, Roger 96 Coakley, Gergia 64 Cobb, Bonnie 64, 87 Cohen, Sandie 40 Cohn, Dann! 72, 64 Cohn, Davi 72, 74 Colaluca, Paul 40 Cole, Bob 83, 40 Cole, Darla 65, 82 Cole, Iudy 59 Cole, Richard 61 Cole, Sharon 40, 65, 73 Cole, Steve 73, 75, 76, 79, 81, 84, 107, 111 Coleman, I. 62 Collin, Tom 40 Colmans, Regine 79, 81, 82 Color Day 24, 25 Cone, Priscilla 65, 82 Congdon, Ronnie 69 Conner, Gay 40 Cook, Linda 40 Cook, Marsha 63 Cook, Mr. B. I0 Cooper, Dennis 61, 107 Cooper, P. 65 Corbett, Iudly 61 Cordrey, Mi e 63, 69 Corn, Gary 65, 74 Corti, Maria 14, 18, 40, 56, 90, 122 Coreyell, Barbara 61 Cothran, Selma 60, 72, 74, 75, 86, 34 Courrlelchel, R. 66 Cousin, Ginger 62 Cousin, Iune 20, 33, 123 Cox, I. 66 Cox, Linda 40, 85 Cox, Mary 40, 67, 83, 85, 89 Cox, Nelda 58 Cox, R. 107 Cox, W. 60 Crandall, I. 63 Crandall, T. 64 Crawford, G. C C. 58 remo, Crenshaw, I. 40, 80, 82 Cripps, Y. 62, 82 CROSS COUNTRY 107 Cromer, C. 57, 71, 79, 93, 133 Crone, D. 9 Crooker, B. 40 Crocker, R. 65 Crooper, B. 61 Croutch, I. 64 Crow, C. 86 Crow, C. 40, 86 Crowell, D. 66 Crumble Y. I. 65 Crutcher, S. 54 Cruz, L. Cruzan, 62 P. 58 Cullen, G. 57 Culbertson, B. 40 Culp, M. 40, 85 Cumallene, B. 98 Cummings, I. 83, 88 Cummings, R. 40, 72 ..p.. Dahlberry, G. 66 Dalrymple, B. 33, 74 Dalrymple, C. 40 Dalrymple, B. 101, 113 Dalrymple, F. 40, 85 Dane, M. 66 Darninano, I. 67 Dane, N. 64 Daniels, F. 63 Darden, D. 61 Daugira, H. 40 Davis, I. 40, 75, 83 Davis, L. 89 Davies, Mr. B. I0 Dawes, E. 40, 91, IW, 101, 105 1Day, B. 97 Day, M. 62 Day, W. 65 Deaguero, I. 63 DEDICATION 3 DeLacruz, I. 63 De La Rose, 1. 64 DeLay, B. DeLagado, F. 54, 65 Delagado, T. Delight, I. 65. 67 Delight, M. 41 Deluca, I. 63 Deluca, R. Dement, G. 59 Deniz, A. 63 Deniz, F. 57 Deniz, L. 41, 110, 133 Dennis, Sam 83, 88 Dent, I. 33 Derkum, L. 32, 33, 72, 87, 89 Destatte, D. 69, 41 DeVine, D. 76, 83, 84, 88 DeVoss, A. 65 . DeVos, I. 82 DeVos, R. 69 Dewar, C. 33 DeYoung, K. 58, 69 Dicks, N. 65 Diedrich, D. 57, 75 Dietrich, F. 64 Diekmann, K. 54 Dill. D. 41 Dingman, I. 64 Dinubilo, I. 41, 63 Dinubilo, P. Discenza, S. 63 Dixon, H. 64 Doi, C. 65 Doi, C. 65, 87 Donaher, L. 33, 72, 87, 89, 90 Donaher, P. 60, 107 Donikowski, D. 41 Donnels, D. 62 Dooley, S. 64 Dorsett, I. 41 Douglass, L. 33 Douglass, M. 66 Doyle, P. 62 Draper, M. 64 Draper, M. 64, 122 Dressel, S. 56, 89 Drake, B. 11, 41 DRILL TEAM 89 Drinnen, D. 54 Driskell, B. 41 Drummond, S. 54 Dudley, Mr. I. 10, 85, 98, 51 Duckworth, L. Dull, D. 60 Dull, K. 58 Dunubilo, P. 62 Donston, D. 57, 74 Duran, B. 41, 74 Duran, I. 57 Duran, N. 41 D h L. 62 ur am, D r her A. 64, 82 u oc . Dyer, T. 67 -5- Early, B. 37, 41, 79, 80, 93, 134 Easley, S. 61 Eaton, Mr. E. 10 Ebx-ight, M. 57 Eckstein, Mr. I. 10 Ed ett L. 57 Eicclielkraut, R. 59 Eicher, S. 58 Eidem, B. 54 Eihsele, R. 65, 85 EL ARADOR B0 Elder, I. 65 Elkins, L. 61, 82 Ellenburg, S. 54 Elliott, F. 33, 127 Elliott, I. 63 Ellis, B. 65 Ellis, D. 66, 111 Ellis. S. 82 Emerson. D. 59, 88 Emery, S. 66, 111 Emmes, Mr. E. 10 Emote. F. 57 Endo. B. 96 EPI-IEBIANS 36, 52 Epple, U. 63. 88 --- --.,.,.-- wv- -f . i-..-. 1, nu tv. ww - - .--1 F-ef.,-,.w..r-.--W T,--7-.-...m.-.'..... ,-.-7v..-.,. - -f-.-.- v ,.- .., . -...--1-v K- -',. .i MOHICANDEX Erenberq, K. 81 Ericksen, W. 62, 106 Erickson, L. 66 Erickson, N. 58 Erlichman, W. 41, 84 Ervin, I. 62 Escobar, R. 59 Eskew, L. 66 Esparaza, M. 64 Esparaza, T. 41, 96, 1 Estrada, E. 63 Evans, N. 83 Eytchison, R. 62, 63 08. 109 -F- FACULTY 10 Falls, P. 56, 58 Fannin, M. 59, 77, 80 Fantroy, C. 63, 98, 110 Farewell, T. 77, 87 Farkash, F. 66 Farley. B. 57 Farmer, L. 41, 82 Farnham, S. 57, 89 Farmer, M. 64 Farnsworth, I. Farnsworth, P. 57 Farris, I. 57 Feiko, M. 56 Felix, P. 56 Ferguson, C. 62 Fernandez, I. 66 Ferrara, T. 54, 56, 58 Ferry, S. Feilds, I. 41 Feilds, R. 64 Feilds, W. 65 FIELD DAY 24, 25 Fierro, E. 41 Fietz, C. 56, 61, 67 Finney. 1. 41 Finney, M. 62 Firstman, S. 65, 107 Fisher, L. 62, 103, 110 Fisham, S. Fitzgerald, R. 54, 69 Fitzpatrick, I. 54, 107 Fitzpatrick, L. 57, 72, 79, 86, 87, 173 Fleck, D. 41 Fletcher, L. 69 Flushman, G. 41, 107, 108, 109 Flygare, S. 41, 83 Folkrod, M. 54 FOOTBALL - VARSITY 94 Ford, E. 113 Ford, I. 64, 74 Ford, R. 58, 65, 113 Fouts, D. 56, 72, 77, 79, 82, 86, 89 Fowler, K. 58, 59 F M. 65 ox, Fraley, A.-41, 81, 83, 88 Fraley, I. 77, 87 Francis, D. 41 Francis, I. 54, 75, 109 Franklin, T. 58 Fredensburg, S. 66 Fredericks, M. 58 Fremgen, T. 64 Fresquez, S. 57, 81 Frisbie, D. 72, 73, 102 Frisbie, I. 61, 74, 82 Fritz, S. 66 Frochlingsdory, C. 65 Froom, . 54 Fryar, D. 67 Fugate, I. 41 Fuginami, S. 72, 73, 90 Fujikawa, B. 60, 72, 103 Fujimoto, I. 54, 57, 86 Fuiinami, S. 56, 74 Fujioki, M. 62 Fujisaki, F. 67 Fukai, D. 63, 74, 81 Fukunaga, A. 66 Fukuwa, I. 27, 41, 53, 73, 78, B7 FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS 77 FUTURE FARMERS 69 -G.- Gabardi, S, 42, 160 Gall, S. 59 Galigaer, G. 66, 106 Gam rell, I. 26, 59, 71, 74, 107, 110 Games. G. 63 Garcia, R. 33, 96 Garden, E. 66 Garela, R. 66 Garkow, I. 61 Garkow, K. Garner, S. 9, 57 Garriott, B. 60, 73, 74, 75, 79, 15 Gelman, Mr. H. 10 Geiggar, A. Geisert, D. 64 Gepner, C. 64 Gerard, G. 62, 69 Gibbs, I. 33, 87, 89 Gibbs, I. Gibson, G. 54, 102 Gibson, S. 57, 69 Gilbert, A. 59 Gileno, M. 62 Gill, G. 54, 77 Gil, I. 62 Gillmore, B. 54 Ginger, I. 82 Gipson, L. 42, 76 Garardin, I. GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION, 86. 87 GIRLS GLEE CLUB 82 GIRLS STATE REPRESENTATIVE. 19 Giuliano, R. 54 Guiffre, I. 64 Glover, M. 65 GOLD SEAL BEARERS 36 Goldberg, Mr. W. 11, 76 Gonzales, A. 62 Goodheart, M. 60 Goodman, Mr. L. ll Goodwin, G. 33 Goodwin, Mr. I. 11 Gorom, S. 74, 75, 76, 77, B4 Goto, L. 41 Gorta, L. 64, 74, 83 Graczyk, S. 59 Graftenreed, C. 60, 98, 106 Gratski, E. 94, 96 Graves, I. 63, 86 Graves, I. 62, 82 Gray, C. 54, 80 Gray, E. 86 GraY. I. 58, 100, 101 Gray, I. 58 Gray, Mrs. L. ll Gray, S. 59 Green, D. 61 Green, I. 63, 97 Green, T. 42, 81 Greene, I. 14, 42, 75 Greenwalt, A. 65 Greenwalt, L. 45 Greninger, I. 42, Griiiin, L. 42 Griffith, B. 56, 96 Grimm, B. 59, 67 Groves, M. 9 Grumbach, H. 58, 73, 74 Gudmundson, S. 63, 64 Guilsno, R. 89 76, 85 Gulliver, R. 15, 74, 75, 79, 86, 89, 128 Gulliver, R. 66 Gunde, R. 59 Gurski, W. 60 Gunter, T. 77, 110 Gussenhaven, M. 42, 83 Gusman, P. 65 Gustafson, D. 42, 63, 77, 104, 105 Gutier, I. 42 Gutierrez, A. 42 Gutierrez, A. 63 Guttormson, G. 67 Gyllenskog, S. 33 -H- Hadley, B. 64, 79, 86 Haenei, F. 42, 76 Hagberq. I. 65, 103, 106 Hagiwara, B. 42 Haight, G. 61, 75 Haiek, C. 58 . Hale, R. 33 Halion. I. 59, 98 Hall, A. 59 Hall, B. 64, 74 Hall, N. 63 Hall, S. 59, 65 Hall, S. 65 Hallack, D. 63 Hallberg, I. 58, 110 Hallett, I. 33 Hallsted, D. 107 Hamilton, Mrs. L. 11 Hamm, Miss ll Hammend, N. 54, 77, 98 Hammons, I. 42 Hamner, V. 57 Hanaiusa, D. 72, 83, 89, 15 Hanapel, B. 66 Hanegan, F. 33 Hanna, I. 59, 82 Hanna, P. 56 Hannon, T. 42 Hansel, K. 42 Hansen, S. 62, 69 Hansen, V. 9 Har-vottle, E. 85 Hardcastle, R. 64 Harduncg, R. 57 Hardy, . 42 Harmon, N. 29, 54, 71, 72, 74, 81, 86, 89, 90 Harrington B. 29, 65, 73, 75, 79, 98, 15 Harrington, S. 42, 74, 75, 87 Harris, M. 42 Harris, P. 65, 110 Harris, V. 63 Harrison, I. 66, 107 Hart, M. 60, 74 Hartman, C. 61 Harsuyker, D. 63, 112, 113 Hartsuyker, R. 54, 74 Harvey, R. 54 Hastings, G. 33 Hastings, S. 60, 73, 74, 75, 81 Hasty, N. 64 Hatada,-B. 64, 86 Hathaway, I. 67 Hawes, S. 63 Hawkes, D. 63 Hayashi, G. 15, 56, 93 Hayashi, K. 61, 77 Hayashida, R. 42, 77, 86 Haymes, I. 65 Hays, U. 66 Hazelrisg, I. 42, 83, 88, 91, 104, 105 Heap, Mr. D. 11, 107 Heath, P. 62 Heavenston, D. 54, 87 Heck, I. 42, 82 Heddings, R. 63 Helqeson, R. 64 Heller, C. 61 Helsel, S. 61, 77, B3, 85, 86 Henderson, l.. 66, 107 1-Iendren, D. 82 Henry, H. 42 Henry, L. 65, 86 Henry, T. 64 Henshaw, B. 54 Hensley, E. 72, 74, 76, 83, 88 Heredia, A. 42 Hernandez, E. 64 Hernandez, R. 43, 64, 74, 79 Herrick, I. 58 Herrick, S. 67 Herron, R. 62 Hicks, Mrs. V. 11 Hickman, D. 43, 82 Hickman, R. 59 Higginbotham, I. 63 I-Iiguchi, D. Higuchi, G. 61, 111 Hill. F. 54, 85 Hill, M. 54, 82, 89 Hirai, A. 57 Hitchcock, V. 65 Hobbs, D. 57, 97 I-lock, G. 58 Hoffmann, B. 58, 59, B6 Hohn, M. 43, 80, 87, 89 Heier, D. 43, 72, 74, 75, 76, 83 Holtcamgf R. 54 Honbo, . 63 Honda, E. 59 Honda, E. 33 Hon?slo, P. 57 Hoo man. C. 107 Hooker, K. 54, 82, 43 Hooker, S. 43, 65 Horii, I. 74, 79, 82, 93 Hom, D. 66, 106 Horn, C. 14, 15, 43 Horsfield, M. 72, 74, 89 1-lorvath, R. 64 Houston, N. 58 Houston, S. 63 :mg t 1 I I ' 4+ Howard, B. 64, 66 Howard, C. 58, 63, 107, 109 Howard H. 54, 75, 85, 101, 109 F3 Howard, S. 60 Howard, J. 59, 81, 86, Howard, M. 67 Howe, R. 63 Howell, S. 65, 75 Howsare, P. 43, 79, 87 Huber, D. 58 Hudson, G. 43 Hoeifgen, P. 58 Huff, G. 62, 107, 113 Huffman, C. 43 Hughes, J. 65, 60 1-luesenga, V. 62 Hunsta , K. 62 Hunt, R. 58, 96 Huntress, D. 58 Hurst, E. 43, 101 Hulstone, C. 66 Huntsenpiller, M. 43, 70, 72, 107, 125, 92, 91, 52 7 Hyatt, A. 43 -1- Ihara, C. 72, 73, 74, 79, 91, 93, 103, 126 Ikejiri, J. 57, 88 Ikenaga, E. 64, 75 Ingram, M. 63 Inman, B. 62 lnouye, E. 63, 98 Inouye, I. 63 Inouye, M. 58, 113 Isaacs, B. 54 Isaacs, L. 19, 72, 91, 100, 52 Isaacs, Miss S. 11 Isaacson, G. 96 Isaacson, B. 54 Isabell, L. 43 Ishimura, U. 43 Ishino, Y. 43 lshizaka, E. 56 Ishizaka, L. 62, 64 Ito, S. 61 lturribarria, J. 66 Iturribarria, R. 103 1vy, P. 57 Iwamasa, K. 54 Iwamoto, D. 74 ..j... Jacks, L. 67 Jacks, S. 54 Jackson, Jackson, Jackson, Jacobs, L. 57, 82 L. 61 R. 50 L. 56, 86, 87, 89 Jacobs, R. 62 Jacubson, R. 66 James, D. 43, 63, 88, 90, 108 James, E. 34 Janes, Miss M. 11 Janiz, I. 62. 82 Jennings, B. 58 Jensen, D. 54, 87, 89, 90 Jensen, R. 34 Jensen, T. 65, 69 Jernigan, J. 43 Jerstad, R. 14, 54 Jimenez, C. 62, 82 Johannessen, L. 61 Johansen, C. 43, 109 Johansen, D. 56 Johnson, D. 102 Johnson, D. 54, 102 Johnson, J. 64, 67 Johnson, J. 65, 67 Johnson, N. 64 Johnson, R. 58, 64 Johnson, R. 58, 64 Jones, D. 63 Jones, J. 54, 57, 103 Jones, L. 62, 65 Jones, L. 62, 65 Jones, M. 62 Jones, M. 62 Jones, N. 59 Jordan, A. 43 Jordan, T. Jorgensen, E. 9 Jost, B. 65, 75 IOURNALISM 81 Joyce, Miss 11 IVIOHICANDEX Juarez, M. 56 JUNIOR RED CROSS 74 -K- Kadoguchi, J. 54 Kadoguchi, R. 97 Kahn, H. 60 Kakurai, J. 56 Kamela, N. 61 Kamio, D. 32, 33, 34, 86, 89, 90. 67 Kamiya, B. 14, 73, 74, 80, 86, 89, 90 Kandros, M. 58 Karback, Mr. R. 11, 103 Katevas, G. 57 Kathan, M. 57 Kawabata, M. 66, 74 Kaye, R. 58, 88 Kebata, L. 66 Keeney, A. 9 Keethler, J. 34, 82 Keith, S. 54, 77, 95, 96 Keller, A. 63, 107 Keller, R. 63 Kelley, G. 43 Kellogg, L. 33, 34, 82 Kelly, C. 65, 107 Kelly, K. 64, 82 Kennedy, D. 63, 82 Key, C. 54 Keyser, G. 62, 97, 106 Keyser, P. 24, 43 Kline, J. 67 Kikawa, K. 54, 98 Kinda, D. 57 Kimball, Miss C. 11, 86 Kishi, S. 54 Kissinger, Mr. G. 11 Kittle, C. 63 Kingsbury, M. 62 Klein, J. 43 Kley, L. 57 KNIGHTS 91 Knight, J. 65 Kniebel, C. Knickrehn, B. 11 Knowlton, Mr. K. ll Kobashigawa, A. 57 Kobata, D. 61 Kobayashi, J. 58 Koch, D. 63 Koechler, D. 43, 96 Koon, A. 63, 82 Koppes, N. 66 Kosey, B. 43, 15, 14, 71, 135 Koyama, Y. 43, 103 Kranke, K. 59 K Mrs. L 11 rappe, . Krasowski, D. 56, 63 Krasowski, D. 63 Kravanis, J. 57 Krivonik, M. 44 Krizmanich, Miss S. ll Kramer, K. 56, 82 ' Kropff, K. 82 ' Kruschke, J. 44, 51, 83, 84 Kubota, L. 54 Kubota, M. 64 Kubota, Y. 103 Kulluk, I. 66, 113 Kumagai, D. 44, 70 Kumagai, J. 44, 77, 86, 87 Kummelehne, R. 56, 109 Kuroishi, 1. 44 ..1,.. Laam, R. 62 Lacey, M. 63, 102 LaCuesta, W. 44. 85, 107, 110 Laface, I. 57, 69 LaFontaine, A. 63 Lamb, S. 56, 85 Lamping, C. 44 Lang, C. 64 Lang, Z. 34 Langan, J. 44 Langan, T. 57, 73, 79, 93, 126 Lange, P. 57 LaPP, H. 4, 54 Larsen, Larson . Larson, 61 Larson, G. 64 Larson, K. 61 Larson, L. 54, 67, 88 FWF' 14, 24, 44, 95, 96, 97 44 Larson, L. 61 Larson, W. 56, 97 LAS LAUREAS 90 Lassila, B. 44 Lassila, P. 65, 83 LATINCLUB 74, 75 Latta, B. 56 Lauritz, C. 59, 86, 89 Lawrence, K. 61 Lawrence, Mrs. A. 11 A. ...ur ,-1 - V if, ...mrs-15,, ,- . . .,.,,,g- P, McFarlond, O. 62 McGee, P. 44, 96 McGill, E. 82 McGrady, V. 54 Layton, C. 66 Leavitt, R. 67 Led esma, Mr. S. 11 Lee, G. 66 Lee, Lee, J. 61 K. 44 Lee, N. 34 Lee, S. 61 Lee ming, I. 64 Leilew, C. 34 Leifler, V. 58, 75 Leimbach, T. 64, 82 Lemon, Mrs. A. 11 Lennan, M. 54 Leo n, J. 59, 110 Lesher, L. 56 Lesher, W. 34 McGuire, L. 66 McGuire, Miss 12, 19 McGuire, Nancg 65 Mclntyre, G. 4 Mclntyre, L. 54, 86 Mclanne, A. 62 McKee, J. 58, 79 McKee, J. 58 McLaughlin, D. 64 McLen on, Mr. 12 McLead, D. 45 McMicken, G. 67 McMi1len, P. 62, 74 McNeil, R. 63, 103, 106 McVetty, K. 60 McWhorter, L. 58 Mack, I. 62, 74, 77, 79, 96 Macksoud, F. 45 Madsen, S. 56 LETTERMENS CLUB 77 Levee, M. 62 Levitt, B. 57 Lewis, Mrs. M. 11 Limprecht, P. 65, 82 Lindenberg, F. 54 Linder, K. 54 L' h t B. 58 in ar , Lisa, K. 56, 98, 104, 105 Lisman, E. 83, 98, 110 Littrell, Miss T. 11 Lloyd, M. 62 Locarnini, F. 44, 101 Lock, S. 56, 100, 101 Lockhart, R. 44 Lombardo, C. 58 Long, C. 15, 44, 70, 75, 90, 52 Long, D. 59 Long, L. 56 Long, K. 44, 131 Long, R. 59 Long, V. 66 Lopez, D. 57 Lopez, G. 54 Lopez, J. 98, 112, 113 Lopez, P. Lopez, R. 66 Losten, J. 98 79, 86, 87, Loughborough, Mr. S. 12, 98 Lucht, G. 63 Lucas, J. 81 Lucas, C. 62 Lowe, K. 44, 96 Lovata, R. 53 Loving, M. 61 Louviers, G. 58 Lorey, J. 67, 85 Ludwig, B. 34 Ludwig, B. 34 Ludwig, L. 44, 58 Luera, L. 54, 75, 85 Lund, B. 44 Lurk, J. 70, 84 Lyke S. 62, 82 Lynnl R. 64 Lyon, D. 61. Lyon, R. 57 ....Mg.. McAlary, F. 57, 72, 75, 79, 81, 87. 93, 126 McAmis, R. 66 McCafiery, S. 15, 20, 44, 75, 79, 86, 90, 93, 52 McCa1lister, J. 67 McCartney, K. 57, 72, 74, 83, 85, 87 McCarty, P. 44 McCas1in, E. 65 McChesney, M. 14, 56, 72, 73, 74, 79, 93, 113. 126 McCluney, R. McCrackin, R. 29, 82 McCoy, J. 67 McCullough, D. 56, 57 McDermott, P. 34 McDowell, S. 67 McDougall, J. 44 McElgunn, J. 63 McE1qunn, S. 44 Maqday, D. 69 Mageau, F. 45 Maggard, Mr. R. 11 Mahafiey, R. 61 Mainer, L. 64 Manly, B. 59 Mannix, M. 66, 111 Manson, W. 45, 72, 90, 133 Manzum, C. 61 Maple, L. 56 Marandola, 1-1. 62 Marasco, K. 62 March, M. 66 Marcotte, L. 45, 65, 77, 94, 96 Marcotte, L. 65 Marcus, K. 54 Margis, L. 56 Mariani, D. 56 Marino, R. 98 Marsh, Mr. 12, 13 Marshall, J. 65 Marshall, V. 34, 79, 87 Martin, B. 54, 57, 82 Martin, D. 60, 82 Martin, D. 59, 81, 82 Martin, D. 64, 82, 87 Martin, J. 34, 87, 89, 123. 127 Martin, Mr. F. 12 Martinez, B. 45, 98 Martinez, T. 57 Martinez, V. 65 Martos, F. 67 Martois, G. 66, 107 Maruki, D. 67, 88 Maruki, I. 45 Mason, B. 54, 74, 87 Mason, J. 58 Mason, R. 45, 68, 69 Massuere, L. 58 Mastriano, S. 83, 84 Masuda, J. 45 Matson, S. 34 Matsuda, R. 26, 45, 90, 103 Matsumoto, S. 57, 97 Matsuoka, E. 54, 86, 87 Matto, M. 58, 89 Maxwell, R. 45 May E. 45 Mayede, K. 45 Mayhew, D. 66, 107 Mayemura, M. 74, 65 Mead, D. 56 Mears, R. 64 Meave, C. 54 Meave, C. 60 Meeks, C. 62 Meeks, M. 57 1 Megenhardt, B. 64 Meirose, C. 59, 82, 85 Mendeus, E. 67 Mendoza, R. 65 Mercereau, H. 83 Mercure, D. 66 Meredith, G. 57 Merritt, J. 45 Messina, J. 109 Messina, P. 59 Messina, S. 65, 69 Metz, R. 63 Metzger, M. 54, 86, 87 Meyer, G. 54, 75, 81, 101 Meyer, 'l'. 58 Middleton, J. 67 Michaels, Mr. M. 12 Michelson, N. 60 Miqalaines, 98 Mihalovich, P. 45 Mihalovich, T. 67 Mikami, B. 45 Mikami, L. 60 Mikami, R. 64 Mikawa, F. 45, 73, 77, 88, 87 Mikkelson, N. 60 Milanowski, E. 64, 75 Miles, F. 57 Miller, Mr. G. 8 Miller, I. 62 Miller, Mrs. I. 12 Miller, L. 54, 87 Miller, M. 83, 84 Miller, S. 62 Millett, A. 67 Millett, I. 30 Milligan, B. Milligan, D. 66 Mills, I. 61, 77, 79, 88 Milner, I. 45 Minami, N. 66, 106 Minami, T. 45 Miner, G. 45 Mingura, A. 56 MISS FOOTBALL 20, 21 Mitamura, L. 59 Mitchell, G. 34 Mitchell, I. 69 Mitchell, P. 54 Mitchell, R. 63 Mitchell, S. 54, 57 Mitsuhata, I. 57, 73 Mitsuhata, I. 45, 73 Mittwer, C. 45, 74, 85, 89 Miura, D. 46, 103 Miura, I. 64, 74 Miura, I. 63 Mobley, I. 58 Moblev, I. 58 Monaghan, I. 34 Moniz, D. 46, 77 Monkress, D. 54, 81 Monroe, H. 98 Montoya, M. 66 Montero, G. 66 Moline, I. 65, 69 Moore, D. 67, 72 Moore, G. 60, 72 Moore, I. 46, 80, 87, 89, 90, 125, 137 Moore, P. 58 Morales, A. 82 Morales, I. 34, 94, 96 Moran, S. 82 Moranda, T. 46, 51, 83, 84 Moreno, R. 59 Morqan, M. 54, 74, 75, 76, 84 Morgan, R. 85, 103, 110 Morgan, S. 87 Morgan, T. 46 Mori, C. 65 Mori, I. 14, 34, 35, 36, 72, 74, 87, 90 Morimoto, W. 103 Morino, R. 69 Morioka, A. 60, 74, 82, 87 Moriwaki, Y. 103 Morris, I. 46 Morrison, E. 46 Morrison, I. 46, 69 Morrison, L. 65, 69 Morrissette, P. 46 Morse, L. 59 Morton, W. 64, 81 Mossman, K. Motley, I. 62 Moxley, L. 61, 82 Moyer, K. 34 Mueller, S. 27, 46, 81 Muha, I. 46 Muir, R. 61 Mullee, S. 54, 89 Mullen, M. 63 Muller, B. 67 Munroe, I. 46 Murakami, C. 110 86, Murakami, K. 54, 58 Muranaka, H. 46, 73, 86 Muratore, R. 54, 57, 83 Lbjilurcelneaii, 61 UYP Y, - Murphy, B. 46, 63, 82 Murphy, L. 54 Murray, G. 59 Murray, M. 65, 111 MOHICANDEX Myers, G. 81 Myers, K. 61 ...N- Nabonne, G. 57, 88 Naqai, F. 15, 54, 74, 79, 80, 86, 90 Nagai, P. 60, 87 Nakaqawa, T. 72, 77, 86, 87, 90 Nakaiye, H. 57 Nakaiye, M. 46 Nakamura, D. 111 Nakamura, M. 54, 77, 98 Nakand, 1. 72 . Nakano, E. 56, 74 Nakano, L. 56 Nakano, T. 62 Nakasako, T. 46 Nakayama, I. 64, 74 Nameth, A. 57 Nash, T. 67, 106 Nameth. B. 62 Nance. C. 34 Nasuda, R. 66 Neal, M. 61, 67 Negrete, C. 66 Neqrete, M. 57 Neill, Mr. 12, 81, 88 Nelson, D. 46, 65, 107 Nelson, G. 100, 101, 109 Nelson, W. 109 Nemith, A. 72 Nemeth, S. 54, 77, 82, 87, 89 Nemeth, I. 53, 67 Nenstiel, A. 46, 90 Newman, L. 59, 83 Nibblett, S. 59 Nicholls, I. 46, 77 Nichols, G. 56 Nichols, L. 54 Nichols, S. 61 Nicholson, D. 111 Nicol, C. 62 Nicol, G. 113 Niquchi, D. 60 Nishi, A. 64, 74 Nishi, K. 56, 82, 97, 98, 110 Nishi, S. 66 Nishi, T. 14, 34, 72, 79, 90, 107, 130 Nishimoto, T. 72, 102. 104, 105 Noise, T. 54 Nokes, P. 87, 89 NONETTES 84 Nordness, D. 63 Nordness, D. 65 Norman, D. 56 Norman, I. 46, 113 Norris, C. 64, 86 Noyes, T. Nozawa, M. 61, 97, 98 Noziska, I. 57, 58, 61, 110 Nurre, 1-1. 56 Nurse, M. 56 Nyce, L. 58, 75, 'Q Oehler, S. 57, 75, 86 Offlee, I. 67 Ogi, Mrs. M. 12 Okada, M. 57, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 80, 86 Okamoto, V. 60 Okamoto, L. 79, 93 Oldham, C. 86, 89 Oldham, T. 46, 70, 71, 77, 91, 99, 99, 109 Oliphant, C. 61 Oliphant, R. 57 Oliver, F. 62, 103, 106 Oliver, P. 64 Olsen, M. 57 Olson, L. 46, 79 Ohishi, D. 46, 103, 110 Ohishi, E. 56, 74 Onstenk, P. 60, 77, 89 Onstott, N. 9 ORCHESTRA 83 Ordonez, G. 14, 34, 36, 72, 74, 79, 82. 123 Ornelas, T. 98 Orr, I. 46, 75, 84 Orton, R. 62 Osaka, R. 47, 93 Osborn, S. 47, 80, 85 Osterkamp, M. 61 Ota, 1-1. 47, 70, 72, 77, 91, 95, 104, 105, 122 Otoshi, Y. 47 Otsu, N. 73 Overton, B. 57, 105 Overstreet, G. 32, 34, 81, 90, 103 Owen, S. 58 1 Owen, Mr. S. 12 Owens. I. 60 Owens, P. 89 Owens, P. 47 Owl, D. 84, 88, 122 Paar, I. ..p- 85 Padgett, R. 64, 82 Padi la, C. 66 Painter, R. 56, 88 Palmer, D. 58, 82, 89 Palmer, T. 47, 72, 91, 94, 96, 109 Palmeri, P. 62. 106 Panovich, Mr. M. 101, 102 Pansky. D. 59 Pantinq, D. 65 Parga, I. 59 Park, R. 107 Parker, I. 56 Parker, R. 65, 111 Parks, S. 54 Parmer, I. 14, 15, 20, 21, 47, 72, 79, 82, 84, 90, 93, 52 Parr, D. 47 Parr, I. 57 Parris, L. 35 Patrick, B. 56, 77, 86 Patterson, G. 61 Patterson, I. 54, 57, 74, 81 Patterson, M. 58, 61 Patterson, M. 58 Patterson, P. 88, 132 Patterson, R. 63 Patterson, T. 56 Paxton, I. 62 Payne, L. 98, 106 Peak, Mr. 12, 95, 96, 104, 105, 106 Pearce, I 61 Peavey, C. 59, B9 Peck, D. 9 Peck, V. 61, 74, 84, 85 PEDAGOGUES 75 Peddicord, D. 61, 82 Peddicord, Mrs. 1. 8 Pefter, B. 57, 86 Peithmann, G. Peopler, B. 38 Perez, H. 60, 62, 82 Perez, R. 66 Perkins, N. 63, 82 Perlich, E. 56 Perry, E. 59 Perry, N. 47 Person, Mr. 12 Peterman, 'Mrs. B. 12 Peters, I. 54, 60 Peters, L. 64 Peteiiioan, C. 72, 92, 94, 96, 97, 112, Peterson, D. 66 Peterson, D. 56 Peterson, G. 58 Petrosinell, E. 62 Petty, D. 59 Petty, L. 67, 109 Pfannenstiel, N. 56 Pfeiffer, C. 47 Pfost, C. 79 PHILATILISTS 74 Phillips, B. 65, 68, 75, 79, 82 Phillips, L. 54, 55, 72, 86 Phillips, L. 54, 55, 72, 86 Phillips, M. 47 Piche, C. 54 Pickrell, V. 56 Pierce, D. 74, 75, 79, 80 Pinedo, R. 56 Pinrrington, S. 47 Pitcher, Mr. L. 12 Pitsenbarger, S. 87 Pitt, D. 66 Pixlevg G. 47, 83, 93, 30 Plasc , Mr. G. 12 Plummer, E. 67 Poe. Mrs. W. 12 Poeltler, 1-1. 65 Polizzi, N. 107, 66 Poole, A. 56 Poole, D. 64 Pope, I. 61, 103 Popplewell, G. 54, 87 Popvics, L. 54, 87, 89 Porter, Mrs. M. 12 Pottala, E. 65, 68, 74, 77 Pottala, M. 47, 70, 71, 90 Potter, N. 67 Pottille, D. 66 Pouelsen, C. 60, 82 Poulesen, I. 62, 106 Pounds, M. 59 Powell, D. 47, 72, 91, 101 Powell, L. 64, 106 Powe11,.S. 86 Prather, C. 82 Preheim, D. 64 Prentess, G. 57, 75 Prentiss, L. 67 Prestia, F. 54 Preston, V. 56, 82 Price, M. 61, 69, 82 Price, M. 69 Prinz, 1-1. 85 Primack, I. 65, 75, 79 Pritchett, H. 57 Prost, C. 65 Provencal, M. 83, 88 Pruitt, S. 82 Puckett, C. 61, 88, 106 Puckett, D. 633 Putnam, I. 106 Pyles, L. 65, 86 ...Q- Quan, R. 57 Ouinn, I. 63 Rabe, R. 67 Racho, G. 56 Radcliff, B. 61, 69 Raddatz, S. 47 Raqusj Mr. R. 12 Rainey, R. 59 Rains, E. 63 Rall, I. 57, 75 Ramer, L. 58, 86 Ramirez, G. 63 . Rankin, W. 97 Rasmussen, G. 64, 110 Rawlings, 1. 58 Razoy, V. 67 Ray, B. 5, 67 Rearick, D. 63 Rector, G. 58, 103, 106 Redding, R. 107, 111 Reddincg S. 35, 64 Reece, . 35 Reed, I. 63, 106 Reed, S. 57, 86 Reese, N. 60, 85 Reid, S. 47 Reiss, C. 66 Reinhardt, C. 63, 85 Reinhold, Mr. R. 12 Remington, S. 58, 82 Remmick, B. 82 Remmick, G. 47 Remmick, I. 54, 56 Restivo, C. 63 Riccardi, B. 67 Riccardi, E. 47, 74, 75 Rice, S. 63, 79 Richardson, Mr. R. 3, 12 Richardson, C. 61 Richardson, E. 9 Richardson, H. 61 Richardson, P. 61 Riede, I. 54, 74 Riqhter, F. 98 Rios, A. 64, 82 Rivera, N. 62 Roberts, D. 47, 74, 82 Roberts, I. 47 Roberts, I. 47 Roberts, K. 65, 75, 102 Roberts, L. 58, 67 Roberts, P. 47 Robinson, I. 59, 62, 110 Robinson, I. 61, 87 Rodden, L. 66 Roderick, P. 61, 109 Rodom, I. 65 Rodriguez, R. 56, 82 Rodri uez, R. 35 Roe, Rohrdanz. R. 56, 59 Romero, S. 35 Root, B. 80, 96, 134 Rott, G. 48, 87 Ross, I. 56, 66, 86 Rossi, R. Roth, E. 57 Rothenburger, I. 65 Rotman, D. 62 Rouse, I. 63, 102, 109 Roussin, I. 57, 79, 86, 89 Rowe, B. 88 Rowe, P. 54, 87 Rowland, A. 54, 75, 86, 87, 15 Rowland, D. 14, 48, 51, 75, 80, 90, 15 Rowland, I. 65, 86 Rozelle, R. 58, 102 Rubly, A. 65, 86, 79 1 Rucker, R. 59 Rucker, W. 36 Ruiz, L. 46 Ruiz, R. 82 Ruiz, T. 59 Rumbaugh, B. 61, 82 Runcie, K. 48, 90 Russell, V. 58, 65 Ryan, K. 66 Ryle, R. 75, 88 Ryar, W. 69 -S.. SADIE HAWKINS DANCE 28 Sadler, D. 66 Sagawa, T. 48, 54 Saishyo, R. 59, 88 Sakamoto, I. 61, 82 Salazar, C. 57, 77, 79, 85, 86 Salido, D. 65 Sampson, I. 60, 77, 80 Samuelson, R. 48 Sanada, C. 59 Sanders, B. 14, 79, 80, 86, 87, 89 Sanders, F. 35, B7 Sanfilippo, M. 48 Sandford, B. 66 Sansbum, D. 35 Santa Ana, D. 64, 107 Santinac, W. 64, 111 Santos, . 54 Sartor, M. 48, 82, 88 Sasahara. D. 66, 111 Sato, P. 57 Savage, K. 62 SAVOYS 82 Sawyer, I. 48 Scaiiidi, R. 57, 113 Scarberry, C. 54 Schaeffer, D. 65 Schaiier, K. 57, 75, 82, 83, 88, 93, 126 Schall, T. 48, 103, 111 Schamanski, R. 60 Schauwecker, D. 57, 64 Schenck, G. 48, 66, 69 Schier, D. 15, 60, 73, 75, 79, 82, 86 Schimmel, F. 66 Schimmel, T. 66 Schloe, M. 30, 48, 79, 83 Schmidt, W. 62 Schmitz, U. 59 Scholes, D. 64 Schoot, D. 66 Scholle, K. 58 Schroeder, D. 66 Schroeder, S. 54 Schuck, C. 48 Schulte, B. 85, 98, 106 Schultz, Mr. N. Schutt, Mr. D. 13 Schwartz, I. SCIENCE CLUB, 84 Scruton, R. 56 Scopp, E. 64 Scott, B. 14, 35, 72, 74, 79, 80, 90, 129, 132, 133 Sears, E. 59 Seaton, V. 56, 83 Secord, P. 67 Seda, I. 64 Seder, M. 65 Sedgwick, B. 61, 98 Seely, W. 57 Selland, I. 58 SENIORS, SETINELS VIKINGS 32 SENIOR TEAS, 22 Sepulveda, R. 57 Serrao, N. 63, 82 Serrano, R. 48 Sevier, C. 65 Shank. B. 63 Sharples, Mrs. G. 13 MOHICANDEX Shealy, R. 57, 62 Shelley, D. 66 Shepherd, R. 65, 75, 107 Shepard, W. 65 Sher, S. 79 Shields, D. 57, 98 Shields, L. 57, 107 Shiiflett. G. 48 Shigekawa, E. 61 Shimada, E. 57, 74 Shimono, K, 66, 110 Shine, B. 48 Shinke, I. 63 Shishido, C. 64 Shore, S. 20, 48, 128 Shoelen, I. 76, 102, 107 Shook, G. 58 Shoup, B. 54, 57 Shuler, R. 48, 96 Shulkey, C. 63 Shultz, Mr. N. 13 Sibert, C. 61 Sieberg, I. 60 Si1agYf M. 56, 77 Silvius, G. 48, 96 Simmons, L. 65 Simon, C. 54, 74, 75, 76, 84 Simon, L. 48, 89 Simonson, R. 57 Sims, L. 48 Simpson, 48 Simpson, . Simpson, D. 64, 69 Simpson, D. 48 Simpson, S. 65 Simpson, G. 65 Simpson, I. 60, 97 Sindars, T. 65, 74 Singer, F. 35 Singleton, L. 67 Sipula, D. 62 Sipula, A. 48, 72 Skank, P. 62 Skipper, D. 48, 113 Skipper, S. 66 SkoPP. E. 75, 86 Skipstorrn, G. 66 Skuce, C. 65, 82 Slama, L. 27, 48, 52, 75, Slaughter, M. 62, 82 Slauta, A. 62 Slisaki, B. 59 Sloan, Mr. W. 13 Sloss, I. 57, 58, 87 Smalley, D. 66 Smalley, S. 35 Smelser, A. 61 Smith A. 36 Smith C. 58 Smith B. 35, 49, 86 Smith, I. 60 Smith, M. 66 Smith, Mr. I. Smith Miss R. 13 Smith Mr. R. 13 Smith O. 62 Smith Mr. R. 49 Smith, Mr. S. 85 Smith Mr. S. 13, 95 Smith, T. 35, 89, 123, Smoyer, I. 14, 49, 77, Snavely, L. 49, 67 Snead, I. 56 Snead, I. 57 Snell, V. 35 Snow, D. 59 Snyder, F. 58 Snyder, Miss T. 13 Sogabe, I. 54, 70, 71, Sogabet 14, 34, 35, 86, 8 , 90 Sogge, B. 73, 79, 82 Solomons, I. 64 Soman, Gene 49 SONGLEADERS 93 Soman, I. 62 Soprito. S. 62 SPANISH CLUB 74 Speers, S. 62 Spencer, L. 49 Spencer, R. 59, 103, 110 Spirer, N. 63 86, 90, 93 133 81, 94, 96, 97 72, 86, 90 36, 72, 74, 77, Sporcic, S. 64, 74 Sprague, S. 62 SPRING SPORTS QUEEN 30 s ' ,L.n s533? f 49,122 Stahl, N. 54, 74, 83, 86 Stahrner, D. 67 Stamps, T. 63, 98, 106 Standerfer, B. 35 Stapelton, D. 49, 79 Stark, E. 49, 107 Starkweather, L. 61 Starner, A. 64, 77, 82 Stathatos, S. 59, 82 Stearns, S. 67 Stearman, R. 61 ' Stayashi, I. 67 Steele, I. 56 Stein, M. 49 Stellinqf I. 58 Steinhilber, V. 60 Steinhilber, E. 60 Stephen, B. 9 Sterbenz, E. 49 Steven, C. 59 Stevenson, M. 59 Stevenson. N. 56 Stewart, T. 35, 72, 79, 82, 107 Stewart, R. 58, 107, 108, 109 Sticker, D. 66 StiPP. Mrs. M. 13 Stokes, D. 63, 102 Stokes, C. 58, 60, 98 Stone, I. 67, 81, 110 St. Onge, N. 75, 85, 89 Stone, L. 65, 82 Stone, L. 65, 82 Stonequest, E. 54, 69, 86 Stoner, I. 57 St. Onge, T. 66 Streeter, R. 35 Strickland, S. 54 Strickland, G. 66 Strubhar, F. 9 Stuckey, G. 64 Stuteville, I. 57 Sugita, R. 60 Sullivan, K. 49, 69 Suman, L. 35 Sumii, D. 75 Sundal, D. 61 Sundal, I. 56, 73 Sutherland, D. 56, 57, 83 Sutherland, L. Sutherland, Leroy 35, 58 Sutton, D. 82 Sutton, H. 82 Suyetani, I. Suzuki, I. 49, 73 Svee, D. 67 Sweeney, K. 15, 49, 51, 67, 79, 83, 84, 92, 126 Sweet, R. 61, 66 Swiderski, L. 61, B5 Sylvester, I. 54 Sylvester, S. 64, 82 Szabo, A. 79, 89 Szilagyi, M. 24, 49, 91, 100, 101, 135 Szuba, T. 57 .... 1 ... TABLE OF CONTENTS 3 Taketomo, S. 57 Tanaka, F. 20, 49, 90, 93 Tanaka, I. 69, 74, 84, 85 Taniguchi, M. 59, 82 Tanner, I. 62, 67 Taravella, S. 65 Tarot, Mrs. I. 13, 73 Tarumoto, I. 73 Tatom, I. 64, 67 Taylor, 59, 88 Taylor, Per 8?-' '-1'-IH'-Z'-1'-1'-1'-3'-1'-1 UIZUQQQQQQQQ 2b'4'4'4'4'4'4'4'4 Z' """55'56'E5 ,7,'g5"5fS:1:':1:1:f:1 Egsowzznrp XIO' ' U, .rs wsss3G8P3 to ' SIU, N 3 3-2' 'OP s 55 W as I Teemer, E. 69 Terao, E. 66 Terao, E. 57, 113 Terao, E. 49, 113 Thoma, D. 88 Thoma, R. 61, 88 Thomas, D. 67 Thomas, S. 58, 63 Thomas, S. 58, 63 Thompson, A. 49 Thompson, C. 106 Thompson, D. 59, 65 Thompson, I. 56, 87 Thornton, C. 84 Tibbs. M. 67 Tichenar, B. 67 Tidball, G. 61 Tiedy, D. 54 Tiedy, F. 57 Titft, S. 57 Timnixons? L. 62 inge , . Tittle, 32, 33, 35 Todd, Mrs. E. 12, 13 Tokumoto, I. 65 Tolle, C. 49, 70, 71, 74, 90 Tolle, I. 83 Tom, I. 62, 75, 83 Tomaiko, P. 59, 89 Tomita, I. 49 Torrence, E. 63, 74, 82, 85 Tounsell, P. 59, 111, 112, 113 Toyota, D. 63, 74 Townsand, D. 65, 66 Travis, S. 65, 82, 84, 85 Traylor, G. 56, 64 Treece, L. 66 Trechel, H. 61 Trethewey, S. 61, 62 Tribble, V. 57, 105 Trickey, K. 54 Trinkle, T. 50, 91, 100, 101, 132 Trondle, Mrs. L. 13 Troxel, L. 50, 85 Trygstad, B. 66, 106 Tsuchiya, E. 50 Tsuchiya, F. 60, 70, 72, 73, 74, 79, Tsutsui, R. 65, 73, 75, 81, 103 Tsuye, L. 64, 74, 87 Tucker, L. 65 Tulette, D. 64 Turner, R. 15, 57, 72, 73, 74, 84 Turner, S. 72, 79, 124, 137 Tuzzolino, P. 62 Tyler, I. 50 Tyler, P. 50, 53 ...U- Ucak, C. 15. 50, 56, 91, 122 Uchida, K. 57, 110 Uhl, L. 57, 58, 74 Ulsh, C. 65 Underwood, C. 54, 77, 87 Urias, I. 59 Urias, R. 67, 111 Uyeno, M. 65 ..v- Valdez, W. 66 Valek, I. 58 Vales, T. 56, 103, 105 Valenzuela, P. 50 Valline, K. 58 Valsvig, C. 56 Valsvig, L. 50 Van Auken, R. 35 Vandeman, S. 63 Van De Weghe, C. 54, 77, 96 Van De Weghe, B. 50 Van Eaton, K. 61 Van Fleet, B. 29, 77, 89 Van Herpen, D. 50, 83 Van Meter, M. 64 Van Sky, R. 56 Van Zant, E. 50 Varacilne, P. 61 Vaug n, C. 61 Vaughan, C. 61 Vaughan, R. 67 Vaught, D. 57 Velez, F. 56 Venecia, I. 62, 74 Venti, I. 64 Venti, P. 62 V E. 61 ergara, Verville, Mrs. E. 13 Vialpando, T. 63 Vicari, M. 35, 87 Vita, T. 67 Villanueva, R. 59 Villella, K. 56, 77, 83, 89 Vogel, M. 82 Vogel, C. 67 Vore, C. 50 Voss, I. 54, 80 Vuurman, D. 50, 67 -W- Wade, B. 64 Wade. S. 14, 79, 87, 89 Wagner, N. 54, 83, 89 Waite, M. M. 13 82 Ward A. 57, 70, 71, 86, 89 Ward, I. 58, 79, 85 Ware, T. 107 Warmlin, N. 50 Warnert, I. 50, 79, 80, 81 Warren, E. 62 Watai, Mr. G. 13 Watanabe, E. 50, 86, 87, 90 Watanabe, I. 61 Watanabe, I. 73, 79, 89 Watanabe, K. 50, 73, 74 Watanabe, P. 65, 75 Wathen, Mr. I. 13 Watson, G. 57 Watts, B. 50 Watts, R. 62, 97, 98, 106 Watwood, L. 61 Way. R. 65 Webb, B. 50 Weber, A. 54, 83, 84 Weber, Mr. T. 13, 69 Webster, C. 50 Webster, D. 61 Webster, I. 56 Wechsler, M. 57, 76, 79, 81 Wedel, I. KB-101, 61, 106 Weems, L. 66 Weger, I. 63, 113 Weidenheimer, L. 50 Weingarten, B. 36 Weitzel, C. 61 Weismann, S. 65 Welch, I. QA-Ill, 50, 59' Welch, l. KA-l0I, 88 Welch, P. 15, 19, 30, 37, 50 80, 90, 132, 134, 137 Welch, P. IB-10I, 97, 109 Wells, R. 97 Wells, R. 58 Welt, I. 57 Wempe, R. 63 Wakamoto, S. 62 Walker, C. 62 51, 65, MUHICANDEX Walker, I. 63 Walker, S. 67 Wall, D. 66 Walters, I. 57 Walters, I. 58 Walters, V. 63 Walz, D. 50 Walz, M. 66 Welsh, I. 54 Wendel, I. 57 Wendt, E. 50 Wesson, S. 58, West, C. 50, 65 West, G. 51 Westlake, D. 54, 69 Whaley, H. 61, 82 Whaley, M. 36 Wheeler, L. 56, 73 Whitbeck, C. 56, 75, 8 White, D. 36 White, D. 61, 82 White, P. 57 Whiteley, L. 62, 82 Whitefield, D. 65, 75 Whitener, Mr. W. 13 Whiteside, Mrs. I. 13 Wickham, S. Widrig, C. 66 Wilde, 1. 51 Wildberger, M. 64, 82 Wilkins, S. 51 Wilhite, M. 59, 85 Wilkerson, K. 51 Williams, D. 56, 58 Williams, D. 56, 58 Williams, G. 65 Williams, I. 64 Williams, L. 57, 86 Williamson, G. 51, 75, Williams, M. 57, 98 Williams, S. 56 Wilson, E. 63, 83 Wilson, H. 63 63 4, 87 81 Wilson, I. 66 Wilson, M. 63, 67 Willson, M. 64, 82 Winter, E. 66 Winter, P. 70, 73, 74, 83, 86, 89 Wisdom, I. 59, 107, 111 Wisham, Withrow, S. 60 R. 67 Wnuck, 1. 15, 25, 51, 70, 71, 77, 79, 80, 81, 95, 96, 109, 126 Woods, I. 65 54, 59, B7 Woods, P. 64, 74 Wood, L. Wood, R. Wood, R. 62 59, 62 Woods, C. 64 Woods, L. 51, 82, 107, 109 WORLD AFFAIRS CLUB 75 Wozumi, C. 67 Wray, M. 57 Wright, B. 66 Wright, G. 54, 75 Wright, N. 30, 37, 51, 83 Wright, P. 58 Wurzer, R. 51, 85 Wurzinger, V. 36 Wyzard, Yamada, Yamada, Yamada, Yamada, Yamada, Ycrmane, Yamane, Yamauch ru F U1 ... ID ... .., O P' .- ... D -. ' WFUFDWFF Pu- as ,... :hm QF' 92: :P - Q mf" or ' 5 ID Fw -- N xi -y... 57 60, 72 51 . 56, 72, 101, 107 65 67 Yamauchi, G. 65, 81 Yamane, L. 66 Yamane, S. 54 Yanagihara, I. 57 Ill Yanai, D. 54, 72, 98, 104, 105 Yanai, I. 54, 61, 87 Yanai, N. 51, 86 Yanez, R. 56 Yasunage, E. 54 Yasuda, A. 54, 74 Yatabe, I. 65, 74, 87 Ybarra, A. 56 Ybarra, B. 64, 69 Ybarra, Louis 61 Ybarra, I. 30, 54, 55, 71, 86, Ybarra, R. 54 Ybarra, T. 28, 35, 36, 96, 126 YELL LEADERS 93 Yetts, C. 64 Yonemura, S. Yorgasen, S. Yoda. S. 66 Yoshida, E. 65 Yoshida, I. 54, 77, 86, 87, 89 Yoshiki, G. 64, 74, 88 Yost, M. 51 Yota, E. 66 Yought, D. 86 Young, C. 61, 73, 75, 79, 109 Young, I. 29, 61 Young, L. 66 Younkin, F. 15, 61 Younkin, G. 28, 37, 51, 91, 94 96 104. 105, 128, 131 -2- Zabloski, C. 61 Zabloski, C. 62 Zarate, R. 82 Zaugh, R. 61 Zirk e, D. 9 Zirkle, H. 59, 86, 89 Zollotuchen, S. 34, 36, 80, 81 B3 87, 89, 123, 129, 130 Zuelich, R. 63 Zucooni, F. 51 ADVERTISING INDEX A B C Nursery, Inc. .... . Adams Bolton ..................... Aero Warehousing Corp. .... . A1len's Iewelers ................... Alondra Nursing Home ....... A - One Flower Ship ........... Art's Cleaners ................. Ben Franklin ................ Ben's Market ......,............. Ben's Service Station ......,.. Bob's Mobil Service .......... Burnell Tire Service .......... Collins Firestone Store ..... Delight's Garage ........ Dena Iewelers ..................... Dobb's Tire Shop ..........,....,..... Don K. Nakaiima, Realty .,,,,,,.. Economy House ..................... Fancy Cleaners ............................... Farmers' Insurance ..............,,,...........,, Foster's Frozen Food 6. Meat Co. ..... . Frank's Auto Service ........................... Frank F. Guiliano Realty ......... Fred 6. Iames Service ............. Gardena Auto Parts ............ Gardena Car Wash ..................... Gardena Department Store ....... Gardena Florist ........................ Gardena Pharmacy ..,......... Gardena Shoe Repair ............ Gardena Sporting Goods ...... Gardena Tribune ,..,............ Gardena Valley News ...................................,...,,.,,,,.. George's Union Service .......................................,..,,., Great Western Savings 6. Loan Association Henry's Service Station ..................................,,...,,,..,, Herb s Men s Store ..............., Higgins Brick 6 Tile Co. ..... . Irene s Furniture ..,............... Ian's Iewelers ............................ Iensen Insurance Agency v..,.... I 20 I. N. Hill 6 Co. .......................... . Kamiya - Mamiya Realty Kazan Rambler ......................... Ken Nakaoka Co., Realtors ..... Ken Olson Realty ................. Koby's Appliances ................... Larson's Department Store ..... Latham 6. Woods Lumber Co... Les Arkenberg, Inc. ................ . Lowe's For Men ....................... Mac Rents Everything ......... Mai-tin's Iewelers ................. Matt 61 Sue Hair Fashions ......... Meadow Park Dairy ........... Missile Bowl, Inc. .... ............ . Moneta Celaners 6 Dyers ....... Mr. Iess ................................... Music Corner ................. ........ Naha's Department Store ....... Office Supply Co. ...................... . Otsu's Beauty Salon ................. Pacific Telephone 6 Telegraph Co Pic Wic Fashions .................... Rip's Top Shop ........................... Robert's Family Shoe Store .,... Rose Lanes ................................ Roy Byrd Iewelers .,............... Rush Chevrolet ........ Senor Taco .............. Shigetomi Studio ..... Shock's Hardware .................. Smorgasburger ........................ Southern California Water Co. Tak Isobe Studio ...................... Tiiuana Inn Cafe ....... Tom Roady. Inc. ...... . Twin - Vue Theater ...... "V" Market ........................ Western Sport's Center ........ William Punt Co. ...........,. . Wray's Drive -In .... . your most omg? decision Will your first job mean interesting, challenging work, working with people you like, an opportunity to advance? K. L . Q ,,,-I-Q2 fax .., Km It will at 6J See your vocational counselor or drop into one of our employment offices. 16208 South Vermont Ave., Gardena or ask your Operator for ZEnith 10,000 for the employment office nearest your home. ..-aiuivv' THE GARDENA TRIBUNE NEW A USED TIRES PHDNE DAVIS 4-5472 JDHN DCIBBS TIRE SHOP 1113 Gardena Blvd. Phone DAvis 4-1112 wH:-:EL BALANCINB - cusrum RETREADING SATISFACTION GUARANTEED 734 GARDENA aLvo. GARDENA, CALIF. 1023 GARDENA BLVD. GARDENA. CALIF- DAVIS 4-6979 FACULTY 1-0771 For the finest mufflers in town go to DELIGHTS' GARAGE at 1332 Gardena Blvd., as Henry Oia and Al Stahl are seen doing. Gardena Shoe Store and Shoe Repair 856 WEST GARDENA BLVD. GARDENA, CALIF. Dlvls 9-4503 A1 gm. David Owl and Mike Draper are seen here showing our foreign exchange students, Maria Corti and Chet Ucak, one of the many albums to be found at MUSIC CORNER. 1058 Gardena Blvd. Telephone: Fhculty 1-0535. Dllvis 4-1171 DAvis 4-1172 Gardena Auto Parts, Inc. N. A. P. A. IOBBERS Parts for all makes and models. 843 W. Gardena Blvd. Gardena. Caliiomia Mrs. Grace Haas. Owner CORSAGES OUR SPECIALTY Charles S.Cron Henry D. Iames GARDENA FLORISTI I Guido Ordonez and Iune Cousin watch the techniques oi making custom upholstery at RlP'S TOP SHOP. 1527 West Redondo Beach LARSON'S DEPARTMENT STORES Gardena - Lawndale For lots of laughs and fun, go to the WESTERN SPORTS cr-:min as Tina Smith, Sandra Zollotuchen, and Iudy Martin are seen doing. WESTERN SPORTS CENTER. on Western Avenue. BURNELL TIRE SERVICE Recapping - Retreading - Repairing Brakes and Wheel Alignment 17115 S. Western Ave. Gardena, California DAvis 3-6812 FAcu1ty 1-0532 I. M. Burnell 'X ALLEN'S JEWELERS Salutes the graduating class and wishes the best in life to every Sentinel. 1055 Gardena Blvd. Gardena, Calif. DAvis 4-5175 Frank's Auto Service Specializing in Motor Rebuilding General Auto Repair Phone DA 3-3537 1829 W. Compton Blvd. Gardena, California COLLINS FIRESTUNE Wheel Balancing - Tune-ups - Front End Alignment Tires - Brakes - Seat Covers - Batteries 11 12 Gardena Blvd. DAvis 4-01 14 FAcu1ty 1-1625 Susie Sogabe receives the final touches of her new from Matt of MATT AND SUE HAIR FAS!-IIONS, 16414 South New Hampshire. Telephone: DAvis 4-8500. Dave Bachelor is aided by Sheila Turner While purchasing building material at SHOCK' SHARDWARE, 15420 S. Western. Telephone: DAvis 4-3011 and DAvis 4-4352. SENOR TACO Tacos - Tostadas - Burgers - Burritos Hot Dogs - Malts - Soft Drinks 15325 S. Westem Ave. Gardena, California Discounts to School and Service Organizations Group Orders Telephone F A 1-4737 Congratulations and Good Luck to the Graduating Classes oi 1960. Call Before You Buy or Sell KAZAN RAMBLER Bank Financing- Auto Repair Service 15019 S. Western Ave. Gardena, Calif. DAvis 4-4941 - - FI-lculty 1-1327 For exqutsrte flowers, plants and landscape equrpment, ABC NURSERY surpasses all others. As you can see, Mike Hutsen- piller, Key Club President, and Iudy Moore, Drill Team Captain, both agree. ABC NURSERY, 1444 West Redondo Beach Blvd. Telephone: DAvis 9-1115. I ' Fred 8 James CHEVRON SERVICE 15001 SO. WESTERN AVE. GARDENA. CALIF. DAVIS 3-5050 DAVIS 3-5051 FREE PICKUP AND DELIVERY FRED GEORGE WE GIVE s a. I-I GREEN STAMPS JIM Ben's Complete Market 16427 S. Western Ave. Gardena, California SPECIALIZES IN ORIENTAL FOOD Telephone: DA 3-7701 and DA 3-7702 "Insurance is your best protector" is the motto of IENSEN INSUR Fllculty 10660 Q1 ANCE AGENCY. 17123 S. Western Ave., Gardena. Telephone: DAvis 4-0565. - . . f A S Y Q W .. FM a,1m.1g,Q1 ff' X L11 ' f V 3, fb ! r . Ms -1- my KX - 53 hw 5 ' , V 4 NJ .ml WY ' find s w Q E 3 1 F 3 ii ,uv-5. .S lil! ' 1 X 4 L 3 Q s -nd r--f 3' film ,mmm Q vt 015 Nt, ss- A ,S Xmfm 5 is X Take the advice of a popular alumnus and go to SHIGETOMI L Student Bod? Pmsjidem' Alice Yamuuchlf knows Where t0 Q0 PHOTO STUDIO fm Photoqraphic excellence. SHIGETOMI PHOTO i fof that Spefflffl hm SfY1e- OTSUS BEAUTY SALON- 1133V2 Gur- srunlo, 818 w. Gardena Blvd., Telephone DAvis 3--mass. dem Blvd-I ielevhonel PAWS 4-4402- M lucly Martin is showing Fred Elliot one of the many buys that are available at GARDENA PHARMACY, 1134 Gardena Blvd Telephone: DAvis 4-5652. 8 .l, :li x ., Qu-M r ,,, .WX we 3.5 -vw f, if ll , V, M, .,-- l 7 1 ,fi Akg , L, I x .t I , AN LOAN SBDC U GREAT WESTERN SAVINGS-Now with 4V2 per cent interest paid every 3 months. Downtown, Seventh and Hill St., Tllinity 8-2661. Crenshaw, Crenshaw at Vernon, AXminster 4-4141. Gur- denc, 15112 S. Western, DAvis 9-4107. Lakewood Center, 5098 Faculty Ave., Mlitcali 0-5934. CLOCK REPAIRING WATCH REPAHQINC W hw in m ICT' ELECTRIC RAZOR REPAIRING M 7 . G P If wuo M 9 fr Q fh b 1: 9" ewan T 5 , lauuome I ceo, 23,14 JEWELER BENRUS, GRUEN, ELGIN WATCHES Moneta Cleaners 5 Dyers PHONE 16505 SO. WESTERN AVE. DAW5 4,4462 GARDENA, CAL,FORN,A s. fs. H. Em: sum: 155132 sn. WEETERN AVE DAVIS 4-57513 EARDENA, GALIFDRNIA Aero Warehousing Corp. 1820 West 135th Street Gardena, Califomia DA 4-1115 SAVE UNITED STATES SAVINGS BONDS 128 When you think of "T-V," think of TWIN-VUE DRIVE IN THEATRE That Place To Go For A Better Show. TWIN-VUE DRIVE IN THEATRE Figueroa at Redondo Beach Blvd. Telephone: DA 4-5127 THE UFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY 1124 -C - W. REDUNDEI BEACH BLVD. EARDENA. EALIFDRNIA. ART SUPPLIES DRAFTING SUPPLIES CARDS AND GIFTS COMMERCIAL STATIONERY FILING SUPPLIES LOOSE LEAF 4 RUBBER STAMPS M. E. NELSON FAcuIty 1-0372 J. N. HILL 81 CO. FEED - PET AND GARDEN SUPPLIES 15223 So. Vermont Ave. Gardena, Calif. DAvis 4-2034 tresh, rich milk cmd eggs, buy MEADOW PARK DAIRY is as Sondra Zollotuchen and Bill Scott always do. LDOW PARK DAIRY. 16940 Normandie Avenue. Tele- ae: DAvis 4-2727. GEORGE AOYAGI Union Oil Dealer i ' vu M 4 Ben Franklin Store LOCALLY OWNED-NATIONALLY KNOWN 1754 RosEcRANs - GARDENA, cAuF. - PHONE DA 4-4670 1020 Gmdena Blvd' Gmdena' Cum' B. L. and R. L. Haas. Owners Gardena Department Store "Your Friendly Shopping Center" FAculty 1-1257 - - DAvis 4-9857 1106 Gardena Blvd. Gardena, Calif. "NEW7 HORIZONS IN Fooo SERVICE" woonws S for Meunrainous Appetite: 2Ih5 ROSECRANS BLVD. GARDENA, CALIF. JOHN RUDBERG, Mgr. FACULTY l-I55l6 obilgq ,,,,.,-as-"""""' Bob Anderson and his father are seen giving some of the fine service that you can expect at BOB'S MOBIL. 16717 S. Figueroa, Gardena. DAv1e 3-5427. The fine quality of Tak Nishi's new jacket, which he has just purchased from HERB'S M'EN'S SHOP. 1212 West Redondo Beach Blvd.. is seen being admired by Sandra Zollotuchen. Telephone: DAvis 3-5804. 28 AMF Automatica Coffee Shop Blue Grass Dining Room ROSE LANES Open 24 Hours DAvis 3-4981 2030 Rosecrans Los Angeles, California OPEN A TEEN AGE ACCOUNT DENA JEWELERS 14812 South Crenshaw Gardena, Calif. SAVE UP TO sofz, OR MORE ID39 W. BARDENA BLVD. L. C. MAXINE BARNARD GARDENA, IDALIF. Best Wishes - Class 1959-60 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA WATER COMPANY 1218 West E1 Segundo Blvd. Gardena, California Delton E. Ammons. District Superintendent KAMIYA - MAMIYA REALTY CO. 14325 S. Western Ave., Gardena. Calif. DAvis 3-0364 - - FAcu1ty 1-1454 11439 S. Western Ave., Los Ange1es PLeasant 6-9168 VL.. nm a-ma ,rv Pat Welch and Tim Tririkle learn the process of printing at the GARDENA VALLEY NEWS. where the informative local news originates. GARDENA VALLEY NEWS. 16417 S. Western Avenue. Telephone- DAvis 9-6357 and FAcultV 1-0150 Nw, ' , 'NIMH-.4 ' AtbNq"'wi. . -1 ew. N -NN.. Go to HIGGINS BRICK AND TILE CO. for the best in building materials. HIGGINS BRICK AND TILE COMPANY. 2217 West 174 Street. Telephone: DAvis 4-2321 You will always be able to firid the best appliances at KOBY'S 15130 S. Western Avenue. as shown by Bill Scott Pat Patterson. Telephone' DAvis 4-6444 and FAculty 1-2123. llrl liil I Need plumbing or pamtmq equipment? See WILLIAM PUNT at 15410 S. Western Avenue. Telephone: DAvis 4-4957 for the best. 'es 'Hu P A B. Bob Anderson approves of the lovely dress which Carol Cromer will wear when they attend the Senior Prom. The dress shown is one of a wide selection to be found at PIC WIC FASHIONS 1220 West Redondo Beach Blvd., DAvis 3-5444. 51, we up Wh e-'A "Sb Af Sign here are the mstructions being given to Dorothy Kamio and Bill Scott as they purchase insurance from FARMERS INSUR- ANCE. 15350 South Westem. Business telephone: DAvis 4-1143 and Fhculty 1-1555. Real Estate - - Investments - - Trust Deeds "DON" K. NAKAJ IMA Realtor DAvis 3-7545 - Flkculty 1-3386 - Res. DAvis 3-3552 14715 S. Western Ave.. Gardena, Calif. Q, The future for Louis Deniz and Tina Smith hold a wedding and 1' for the occasion they are selecting cr ring, aided by Walt Manson, from the wide selection that can be seen at MARTIN'S IEWELERS, 1007 Gardena Blvd. Telephone: DAvis 4-1185. FACULTY I-4091 DAVIS 3-9333 missile Howl 24 A.M.F'. AUTOMATIC BOWLING LANES COCKTAIL LOUNGE - COFFEE SHOP - BILLIARO ROOM 1280 REDONDO BEACH BLVD. GARDENA. CALIFORNIA 133 Motor Tu Up B M s T Who! Balance Brake S e HENRY'S "FLYING A" SERVICE VEEDOL 27,1521 LusRlcAnoN Free Pick Up and Delivery - Loan Cal DAvis 4-9779 15106 S W Av HENRY HIGUCHI G E CA Foster's Frozen Food and Meat Corp. U. S. D. A. CHOICE MEATS We Supply Home Freezers - Lockers For Rent FAcu1ty 1-1798 DAvis 9-1127 14520 S. Western Avenue Gardena. California KEN NAKAOKA COMPANY RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL ACREAGE EXCHANGES FAcu1ty 1-3285 - - DAvis 3-4444 15219 S. Western Ave. Gardena, Calif. Nahas Department Store M. C. "TEX" WARDEN FAcu1ty 1-1282 1250 Redondo Beach Blvd. Gardena. Calif. 134 T115 CIEIOBE STEJDIO A - 'CMM wx ., fm 'E' Na " 4 A .W n ,B W 1 n V. Q Nm . kr, 4 4 1 U4 X 4 4 x, , ZW inn 'M , 1 W? WM R141 o e 0 cs we K: b me lwux 1 5 I MQ uvnva 1200 BREAKFAS? ALL Hrs . w.,,,1,wpm..QMQ-:- " W2 'if " If you wish the best of service' cmd fine foods, go to WHATS DRIVE IN 15421 Souih Crenshaw Blvd OSbom 57344 I X 4 ko Compliments of ' ' Alondra Nursmg Home 1140 W. Rosecrans Boulevard Gardena, Caliiornia 1131 W. Gardena Blvd. Pauline P. Smith, R. N. Phone DAvis 3-3194 Phone Dlwis 4-3894 You Can Always BUY FOR LESS FROM "LES" FORD 16001 S. Vermont Ave. 1-'Aculty 1-0434 Gardena DAvis 9-1184 .Bead For the beauty of your car. - wash it the time-saving automatic way Best Way Dlsposal Curp. GARDENA CAR WASH Specialists in 16316 S. western, Gardena Industrial- and Commercial Ask about our economical 10-10 plan. Rubbish Collection A150 'he finest Custom Pdishing- 16825 S. Broadway. Gardena. Calif. DHHS 9-9352 rAcuny 1-3825 DAvis 9-assu 136 TI A C Multiple Listing Service "For the Finest in Mexican Food" 1029 Redondo Beach .B1vd. Realtor Wgigtiaiima FAculty 1-3114 DAvis 4-1157 BEN'S SERVICE STATION ART'S Washing - - Greasing FINER DRY CLEANERS Ben and Rudy Negrete. Props. Gardena's Finest Phone ME1110 4-9291 Red d B h. B1 a. G a . cam mt 15301 S. Vermont Ave. Gardena. California 1508 on 0 Signs Davis 4.703 eng 0 G "V" MARKET Featuring the Finest Foods at Lowest Prices 15920 S. Vermont Avenue Gardena. California DAvis 4-6400 I dy Moore, Pat Welch, editor of El Arador and She la Turner use the adverts g sect on of the E1 Arador for their shopp ng g de HEADACHES and HEARTACHES.. Headaches and heartaches are involved in producing an annual: however, these problems are only a small part of yearbook production and are quickly forgotten when the first page of the newly printed yearbook is turned. Anyone who has never had the opportunity to work on an annual staff can have no concept of the pride felt when the book comes out, or of the work involved, or the ex- citement of picking a theme and cover, or the satisfaction that comes from solving the problems which constantly arise. We hope you will consider the 1960 El Arador worthwhile. It has been an experience to pro- duce and it is our desire that you will find this yearbook represents you. We have tried to picture your academic life, the activities in which you participate, and the sports you enjoy. For graduating seniors, the yearbook contains much more: it shows the teachers and adminis- trators who helped you through high school: the dances and assemblies that were all a part of your student lifep and finally, the activities which made your senior year so memorable . . . the Senior Tea, the Senior Play, Color Day, and Field Day, to name a few. For graduates, as well as underclassmen, your annual will be a memory book which will find no equal. More people help indirectly in yearbook production than can possibly be named in so short a space. So to those who helped and are not named -thank you. The help of each person served to build the 1960 El Arador, and most important of those on the El Arador staff is our advisor, Mr. Gene Cattermole, for without his patience and help, the 1960 El Arador would not be half of what it is, if it existed at all. This year, I feel I have been especially fortunate in having an excellent, cooperative annual staff. The duties of editor are lessened considerably by a dependable staff, and I sincerely appreciate all of the help I received from mine. I would like to extend special thanks to Mr. Tak lsobe for his excellent job of complete photo- graphic coverage for the l960 El Arador. I realize the patience it took to be continually called to take pictures or to make copies. To Mr. Iack Cannicott of Los Angeles Engraving, our deep appreciation for all of his help. It is only after working with a man as busy as Mr. Cannicott that you realize the long hours spent, not only on our books, but on many others. Mr. Phil Clark, of S. K. Smith Co., deserves thanks for his help in selecting what we consider one of our nicest covers. We are especially proud of the excellent line drawings which appear on the front and back of the division pages and on the end sheets, drawn by Frances Nagii. The color photograph on the title page is a tribute to the photographic ability of Ann Mature of the Gardena Adult School. Also receiving thanks are Mrs. Peddicord, our Business Manager, for her help in yearbook sales, and the teachers and sales representatives who co-operated so completely in sales. An entire year is spent evolving the book from its first forms until it is presented to the student body. It is a year of writing, throwing away and rewriting: of drawing numerous layouts, of erasing and redrawing: of cutting and pasting pictures. lt is a year spent planning for one book, and we hope you will feel our planning has not been in vain. It is our sincere desire that the 1960 E1 Arador is representative of each individual at Gardena High School. We are proud of the 1960 El Amador, and we hope that you will be, too. PAT WELSH , Editor Mr jaw-Abell Z!. h 1- JM' , Wbjwfl B' f 5604-4 W JAM fi- lf?6'Egf'7O - ,,, W'Egf'3g5,,ff3 W Qiiifwjwyfa WW' ffwf Jf'jM.f'f, Qgpwgwww Xmmyf ff' W' f1f'Mf'W"'HfJ A x p WW JW 4Mffff f A M Myfff 5 ffgfiiggiwf M W W Sififs Wiffw 6,5 Q? yi J Q4 V ij X 4wuQQ444 K 5 ffm c?,zm,Z Icflwcf A 9 M jgqiwl ffm-f 1 , A W b' my Qs! Xa . ' A. ww f' MWZ? W 25352355 f , QQQW E Joh E EE? Y if fl is 4 Ae-'gjjfyii Efif? WD g 3 N Q 'S-k, YZ i E ? JA, ,pd-X!! vnyggo f sg! f fgffff 1 , ff ggi, if fa, Wil- L '. -' ,3??l5' C' . -rx ., EY .4-J M. L .A Q we ,, f :xii 1 II: A ,M , .M '34, .",x' 1 A ' l I ' -ff lQ'l T , I WW 'ZQXRQ ' 2 2 Y Qf' :ii f i . 1 V' i - v " ' f my J1 J ' 0 ' N ' 1 . .Air A . A i 5 QI q , " fgig ' f ' fm Q23 ? ' l y fit ? WM f ,par -,.Qw L , X 'fx I" V, l ,ua ,wi '54 VAI. 'LAL' A A'f'5' W 4" ' f' '-4 74 1. Q I ., Jef V: f. , 'YN4 - Q 4 2 f ' 5 'A' ! f' . 'If V f ' 1' Jig? LW 4 L ' f ' " -fc T". K J f x . W . ,f S , M V LJ! , . A A rift. N ul 447 6,0 - ' , . , A 4' ff W ' ' ' . V - ,D i , , U 'wjggvqg r , , ' . 4 it 42 ,Vg .' W' Q N JW ' - L ' ' 2 b cf f 1. 1 AJ4- ' R ? ' M W D W D ' ' - ' Q1', J QM, ,Mg af Q, L V "'- i pw ' --' 'fb' . ngffgft 4 I mf, 1 .K 31,322 -rg W' - -Q ww gf A - 'f 51: V- t " ' - : - wfg f J2?z+i,,,,.- V 35 . Qs , A in .' Y, 1 , ' ' " 3,1-:.'f , . Q y , , I 5,31 5 , .. , Q 5 , ' 1 ,, 4 ' , 1 W lim WW, 1, , ' I7 ' ' , ' ' A '1. "1 .A Y' I . ,V W W igrL,K0Y:D? l V ' Y' 1 :'E-51 251. 11 " , , CN Ants , ff- --Af 1 , ' 0'-,.Vi1a W veym , 2-. , 1 L' v' , " J W lvp., V Y r V , .4 . V, I . ,,v-'gk-.,i Mtv , , -9,v.h.r' ' '?l'w"' eW , X? 1 . Q-gg' I '14 K Qv3.'e'Lx 1 ,OV . A -, XLQ , CAOO JZ I x 9-'av X Y Q. . , wwf +2 -+f ,, 2 11-W I 'DQ V 2 'N ! ' Qffivg QL Q N 'X 'SDWFQ . on Q,-, 1 v xf Wo? 4090 'n Q fs-f gb fr C75 2 we F645 Z u gg 4 'Drx 0 , xo,g2. Vx Q HJ, V' Q45 K? 15' was MW X CQ. Q QV' 6 l -V ' 4967 'Q09' - .N J rx . 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Suggestions in the Gardena High School - El Arador Yearbook (Gardena, CA) collection:

Gardena High School - El Arador Yearbook (Gardena, CA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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