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T H E MOH I CA N S GARDENA I-:HGH sci-root. paeaenz' FQREWQRD-Our Yearbook-EL ARADOR, l953-1954-reflects the days of our year-a year singularly marked by CHANGE-signifying TRANSITION. GROWTH-in every phase of the school-bringing force- fully to mind from many facets, the motto on our seal: BREAKING GRGUND FOR THE FUTURE. Change to Double Session Schedule-ever-increasing demarcation between the Senior and Iunior High Schools - nearly one-third increase in student body, increase in faculty--new classes, new clubs and organizations -reorganizations in the old: in classes such as the publica- tions, in the traditional school Festivals, in our tar-famed Art Exhibit, in student body organizations as the Student Council, the Boys' League - even housing rearrangement for a "Cluster System," with room moving and refin- ishing in the very middle of the yearl All these and so many more changes, the turbulent upsurges of the new vitality so rapidly sweeping over our school, challenge us all-Administration, Faculty, and Student Body-to see that the fine heritages ot our Past are not overwhelmed, but that as they pass through our hands, the best is Worthily transmitted to the enrich- ment of the Future-looming so large now that its full form lies beyond our present guess. ln this hope: that as our year takes its place in the long annals ot a fine Past, we may be seen to have been "Breaking Ground for the Future" Worthily of our school's best traditions-We give you this yearbook recording as best we may some reflections of our Q O 'K . W , QS 4 lr' ' 45 gif ,BEM m4W f fx lf If W bg , x ,A QQ' ,H '00 ' f gm '5 , jx S xg Qfnf ZX Q 'Q 1 'fx LT . i - Lys: . -1 1 - E I: A-L" "Q-50 5 fp., '77 , r1 1" ' , yn 1 Fou DED 1904 A 2 GARDENA HIGH SCHOOL ELOFRFODOOR GARDE NA TODAY '7he Hmm! Zfemdaak OF GARDENA HIGH SCHOOL El ARADDR 1953---1954 PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENT BODY SPRING 1954 ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY QS x I .- nW 4, l,, I WQMMWWJ e mf , .wh STUDENT BODY ADMINISTRATION T g LAS LAUREAS AND KNIGHTS GRADUATES OF W'54 AND S'54 SPECIAL EVENTS AND SPECIAL CLASSES f WMM ORGANIZATIONS AND ATHLETICS SSLASCI IT A I THE CLASSES S I I Ill IUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL lb A 352 'I21 I.f"I::f ' 5111 STUDENT BODY ADMINISTRATION I A 1 GRADUATES OF W'54 AND S'54 Annu., THE CLASSES, ORGANIZATIONS AND ADVERTISERS I s 3 I I I i i Table i "' ' ",'W"4, gg 3352 5 vnu iii mn ,,,,,.,,,g GAQDENA IPMGHII SCHOOL gqggg--v-g1.11q of Contents Administre Principal-A. G. Parisi Conferences - calls from parents - su- pervision of students, teacher, and office personnel - appropriate words of ap- proval and censure - visits - Gardena's Art Exhibition -e filling the busy hours of our new general, Principal A. G. Parisi. 1 t Boys' Vice-Principal-Mr. Iones Problems - truants, miscreants, and self-styled class "entertainers" - the new Boys' League - sports scheduling and supervision - and sometimes even more pleasant experiences through student activities e these are some of the varied responsibilities of the Boys' Vice-Principalelvlr. lones. Girls' Vice-Principal-Miss Duncan Never a dull moment - forgotten lunch money - Girls' League problems - clubs' academic and service - meetings, conferences, students and parents - all these and many, many more, a part of any Murial-Duncan-day in the office of our Girls' Vice-Principal. ion Mrs. Hall, Librarian Miss Burns, Counselor Mr. Donyes, Registrar SECRETARIES ROW l: Miss Anderson, Mrs. McHugh, Miss Gomez, Mrs. Mori. ROW 2: Nliss Holland, Mrs. Chambers, Mrs. Campbell, Mrs. Fink 'Q sn 3 Faculty MATHEMATICS AND SCIENCE ROW 1: Mr. Riffenburgh, Sci- ence: Mr. Benson, Math: Mr. Lamsar, Math: Mr. Littrell, Math: Mrs. Demetriou, Social Studies: Mrs. Sincher, Science: Miss Mac- Pherson, Science. ROW 2: Mr. Whitener, Math: Mrs. Iohnson, Math: Miss Cooper, Math: Mr. Pitman, Math: Mr. Schowalter, Latin: Mr. Alldis, Science: Mr. Iohn- ston, Math: Mr. Brickman, Sci- ence: Mr. Bradley, Science: Mr. Marsh, Science. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT ROW 1: Mr. Martin, Mrs. Cha- vez, Miss Matthews. ROW 2: Mr. Miller, Mrs. Cruick- shank. ROW 3: Mrs. Ibanez, Miss Wal- ler, Miss Goldblum, Mrs. Poul- son, Mrs. Dearing, Mrs. Turpen, Mrs. Bailey. ART, MUSIC, HOME ECONOMICS, LANGUAGES ROW 1: Mrs. Krappe, Home Ec- onomics: Mrs. Lemon, Home Ec- onomics: Miss Snyder, Music: Mr. Rice, Instruments: Mrs. Bar- low, Languages: Miss Ander- son, Art: Mrs. Lawrence, Art: Mrs. Sincher, Art. ROW 2: Mrs. Moeck, Home Ec- onomics: Mrs. Kidd, Home Ec- onomics: Mrs. Astorino, Home Economics: Mr. Carter, Music: Mr. Davila, Languages. SOCIAL STUDIES ROW 1: Mr. Goodman, Mr. Lc see, Mr. Ballou, Mr. Monierinc ROW 2: Mr. Sloan, Mr. Ower lVliss Bradley, Mrs. Black, Mr: Pearce. SIDE: Mr. McIntyre, Mr. Davilc Mr. Sholtz. COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT Mr. Eckstein, Mr. Gelman, Mr. Watai, Mr. Parker, Miss Isaacs, Mrs. Miller. BOYS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mr. Hyam, Mr. Pcmovich, Mr. Wise, Mr. Peak, Mr. Loughborough, Mr. Katz, Mr. Maggard. GIRLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION ROW I: Mrs. Kipper. ROW 2: Mrs, Forsyth, Mrs. Lawler, Mrs. Bell, Mrs. Ogi, Miss Kimball. INDUSTRIAL ARTS ROW 1: Mr. Eaton, Mr. Burchett, Mr. Brown ROW 2: Mr. Stone, Mr. Osoling, Mr. Pit- cher, Mr. Knowlton. ROW 3: Mr. Groth, Mr. Beisell, Mr. Emmes Mr. McLendon. WINTER '54 STUDENT BODY OFFICERS Ken Kirkesy, President Paul Youtsey, Vice-President Nancy Daniel, Secretary Student Body Administration if 2'-M i STUDENT COUNCIL-WINTER '54 ROW 1: Nancy Kauffman, Pauline Giuliano, Kurt McMillen. Sumi Takashi. ROW 2: Nancy Daniels, Iohn Punt, Larry Knight, Donna Withers, Sheila McGoldrick. ROW 3: Mrs. Demetriou, Ken Kirksey, Paul Youtsey. Margaret Locamini, Iudy Vollmer. Elichi Kamiya Student Body President Russell Beville tudent Body Vice-President SUMIVIER '54 STUDENT BODY OFFICERS .ha W ,bzh x X -'N Bl ii QM' Ianet Wilson Secretary STUDENT COUNCIL-SUMMER '54 ROW 1: Shirley Arai. Nancy Kauffman, Eiichi Kamiya. Ianet Wilson Bob Folger, Pam Berger, Grace Uyeshima. ROW 2: Iudy Vollmer, Donna Withers. Charles Stebbins, S. Kobayashi L Bickford, Beverly Taylor, Mrs. Demetriou. .E , .,.,,,..,R 4 W7 1.54- 'QC FMS? ss: ii- Diane Abrams Virginia Almaraz Head Usher ROW 11 Winter Shirley Aria Pamela Berger Maxine Brickey Mary Ann Caine Barbara Cunningham Nancy Daniels Treasurer-Winter V? -6'vnQ,,, 'Pu -D ROW 1: Christine Rush Rhoda Schultz Head Guard Winter Lillian Smith ROW 2: Donna Spears Head Guard Summer Donna Thoms Vice President Winter P S h eggy uc Margaret Vega Sume Takahashi President-Winter ll-1dY volmef Beverly Taylor Grace Uyeshima glee President Donna Withers ummer Grace Yamane Shirley Young y DeMoss Margie Olivares ROW 2: Iune Gold -...flksiv 21' f f'J Maxine Diekman Audry Hdnapel C?::':l:mo Chieko Kishi Marilyn Elliott Barbara Hansen wud Usher 5025: inte, r ur r- u 1 M . H . arxan emzman ROW 3: Nancy ,ones shield MCGOM IoAnn Gl'O0t Iudy Iudg9-Summer Judge-Winter Patricia Himes LAS LAUREAS Ioanne Lauer Nancy Kauffman Marilyn Myers Shirley Nagato President-Sumr Marilyn Ornelas Secretary-Summer Charlene Owens Secretary-Winter Eleanor Paul Head Guard Summer Dorine Pyle Mary Rankin Head Guard- Winter There is a growing need in every high school tor-a society made ot leaders who can set a standard tor others to follow, thus, ir l932, Gardena l-ligh School organized two such groups, one fo: the girls and one for the boys. The girls belong to the hono' society called "Las Laureasf' meaning 'iThe Laurelsn or the "l-lonored Qnesf' The purpose ot the club is to recognize out standing girls in the aye-eleven and twelfth grades for thei leadership, scholarship and service to the school. The members can be recognized by their maroon sweater: with the white-leaved emblems and by their pins ot the same laurel-leaved design. Original sponsors for the group were Miss Crump, then Girls Vice-Principal, Mrs. DeSambad and Mrs, Poulson. The girls are very grateful to Mrs. Poulson who has helped guide and advise them since the organization oi the club and is still doing a won dertul job as sponsor. Uv' IQ' if iiv""' rv Landis Bicktord Scribe-Summer George Carlson David Cawton Bob DeBoer Chaplin-Summer Scribe-Winter Tom Fuiii Sargent at Arms Summer Rhodes Graham Frank Guiliano Hideyo Haga Bruce Hayman Clarence Kado Eichii Kamiya Ken Kirksey Larry Knight Don Kuebler Flagbearer- Summer 1 1"" N G? ROW l I Punt, E. Kamiya. DW 2 L Knight, B. DeBore, D. Cayton, F. Guiliano. KNIGHTS CABINET Ierry Ainsworth Lowell Bailey "':::" C.-,g Y-we: vs.,-wx 'Q' '-" Ray Link Robert McLntyre Commander- Winter Amos Mansfield ..and they shall not lay down their duty before they la3 k - - 11 'f:'f,'f,'plf,'ffv,2f,,e, down their lives. Gwge Pond The Knights of Gardena High have been the backbone o our school activities. These stalwart warriors have been ou' Fiqgbemer av standard bearers setting examples for our school flags, and see Commandm' to it that all flags in class rooms, auditorium, athletic field, anc Winter , , , commander main flag are properly displayed and receive proper respect Ushering at Senior High assemblies, school plays, athletif events, and other performances has also been their responsibility The Knights are on duty at all times and ready to take charge Iohn Punt Summer Tom Sakurai Gary Stapp ' D U Charles Stebbinsin emergencies. They advise and help younger students become Flagbearer good citizens of Gardena High. Winter Vice Commander Summer Sutherlin Ierry: Flagbearer Summer Howard Wehmeyer Sargent at Arms Winter Mike Young Paul Youtsey Mr. Beisell Mr. Heap ff 2: ue' Q W, Graduates of W'54 Wonderful days at Gardena were made possible by the Spartan Senior A's. Their "Green and White" was a delight. Their class gift painting, "The Proces- sion," was a beautiful addition to the collection of their Alma Mater. Look what a mighty class Gardena had when they raised the Senior A's of W'54. Sponsors . . , .... Mrs. Krappe Mr. Richardson OFFICERS Bill Pierce ............. President loAnn Albin . . , . . Treasurer lanet Fischer ..... . . . Treasurer Danny Canas ........ Vice President Virginia Almaraze ..... Secretary Theresa Chimienti Wallace Cowdell Barbara Ann Cunningham Nancy Lou Daniels Bobbie Ioe Earles William Holloway David O. Eaton Garelon Emmual Ieanetter Fischer Douglas Francis Darlene Freude Irma Mae Fries Iune Claire Gold Arlene Gregory George King IoAnn Albin Virginia Almanaz William Arnold Edwin I-lrvidson William Burton Edna Mae Cahill Mary Ann Caine Daniel Canas 1'1uL Y A Lulnnnxnvnnu Robert Holley Thomas Traylor Gilbert Hoaokawa Carmelita Iaramillo Mary Kahn Harold Ray Early Kenneth Kirksey Chieko Kishi Lary Knight Donald Kriesel Iames Lee Edgar Lee. Ir. Duane Leigh Iohn Linz. Ir. Robert McIntyre Amos Manslield Richard Means Marjorie Olivares Charlene Owens William Pierce H. Ivan Pollner Robert Ramirez Mary Lynn Rankin Eldon Reed George Rienstra Christene Rush Tamio Sakurai Iay Scher Roda Schultz '. 'al i wr f f-af 1 fi bfi 4 P ' ' V L -fi R ,GvMv -af' Q-vs. L- t'- '-'Z L tel' 1 wt 'Of Yvonne Seelinger Curt Smith Larry Snell Donna Thoms Margaret Vega Isao Wada Shirley Young Paul Youtsey Leroy Miller W'54 Graduates of S'54 The colors-Yellow and White . . . The Spirit of adventure-an expedition to Griffith Park when Ninth Graders . . . An unforgettable Prom-our "Polyne- sian Paradise" . . . Keen and humani- tarian in outlook-adoption of an or- phan every Christmas . . . Fair and victorious in combat-defeat of the Seniors on Field Day . . . A cherished and memorable gift-"The Palace," a painting by Robert Watson . . . All mile- stones marking the career of this great class of Summer '54-The Centurians. SENIOR HIGH OFFICERS WINTER '54 S'54 SPONSORS Gary Stapp ................ President MTS Black George Pond .......... Vice-President ' Sandy Worcester ........... Secretary Mr. Goodman Mr. lacot Mr. Owen Mrs. Paulson Mr. Richardson Kay Adams Brent Albright Marsha Alexanderson Martin Almaraz Diane Allen Lue Allen Beverly Alverson Earlina Anderson Vanina Angeloni Ioe Anguiano Shirley Aria Ruth Arvidson Howard Atsumi Lowell Bailey Alveme Bamett Pamela Berger Russ Beville Landis Bickford Phyllis Binford Barbara Bowman Delores Briseno Claude Brown loann Bucaria Ioan Buchanan lack Busch Barbara Butler Richard Cangiano Carol Carlisle Barbara Carlson 'r"" -s ,M George Carlson David Cayton Carolyn Cocks Marilyn Cocks Carol Colgrave Don Cook Bob DeBoer Phillip Deutschle Maxine Diekmann Glenna Doke Edna Douglas Shirley Iohnson S-54 S"'l S'54 Marilyn Elliott Harold Firstman Bob Folger Tom Fuiii Carl Gauley Iohn George Barbara Gibson Frank Giuliano Buck Gradey Rhodes Graham Bob Gray IoAnn Groot Marian Heinzman Iudy Hei lik Beverly Grotzinger Felix Guerra George Haberman Elizabeth Halliwill Claire Hammond Audrey Hanapel Barbara Hardesty Barbara Hardwick Bruce Hayman Norm Hetington ta- surf! IN COMMEMORATIO Dick Powell, Summer ' COME SOFTLY SWEET DEATH Come softly, sweet death Keeper of love and deeds of the past. Lull me into that profound, peaceful sleep Whose darkness gives refuge From would be errors, And false thoughts. lwish l could live or While longer To hold love's hand. But what promise have l That love will hold mine? And who can say that grief and hypocrisy Will not stand by my side, To distort love's smiles and love's teachings? QX if" 1 it u I 4: l 'V 'J S'54 he treasured memories which are mine Tomforl me cmd fortify or that moment when you will qreel mc, .rid l iri turri, will eller you 0luclc1nlly,bul proudly, ly arm, hat we may walk together, ito the land of urilmowri lulurm: .rid rvridlofzzz peace Tome softly fawool flfxfllll orl will follow you willingly, for noualil but to keep lift- lOV"?I1 and deeds of the past, rrid io tcilce refuqc rom would be errors, md lalse thoughts. -'Rhodes Gralficrm 9 Wav .. 63 Nancy Kauffman LaMar Keller Tom Kibler Betty Koch Donald Kuebler Adele Lahr Ioanne Lauer Ray Link Sheila McGoldrick Allen Mclnnes lVIike McKeever Pearl McNeil Elvera Magana Fred Maisey Bob Manciu Patty Hines Iim Hodgdon lane Hoffmann Shirley Howell Carlyle Ingels Yoshio Iwamasa Bob Iackson Bob Iersey Charlene I ohnsen Shirley Iohnson Wayne Iohnson Dorothy Iones Nancy Iones Clarence Kado Eiichi Kamiya if N in-W' 'K' Qu. Barbara Paulus Bill Penn Van Peterson Pat Phelps Les Pinkston George Pond Warren Prentiss Iohn Punt Eleanore Reuther Helen Rigby Bob Rister Golda Rockwell Tom Manciu Tom Markos Carole Marsh Ronald Marsh Vincent Martinez Alice Matthews Iohn Mercereau Eugene M.iller Iim Nagaoka Ray Nelson Alice Nishimoto Pauline Norman Don North Sylvia Oldham Marlene Parry S-54 1 Dorothy Robertson Earlene Rush Ethel Sakata Eddie Saunders Shirley Schott Martha Schumacher Preston Schoreder Dona Spears Gary Stapp Charles Stebbins Lillian Stout Iollnn Struna Roy Suzuki Bud Swanson l QR 12'-19 63' 'wi 'ik if """'.s 6 Q4 Sumiye Takahashi Barbara Taylor Vema Terry Mary Uyeda Grace Uyeshima Estelle Van Vliet Delight Venstreate Michael Vida Iudith Vollmer 29 ,-I sn-Q' Q 1 i -if-'7 'Q 572, ,nv px G Sr' SQ! Ierry Walden Bob Walsh Vincent Watkins Loretta Weidner Howard Whitfield ,su Sandy Worcester Barbara Wilce Dorothy Williams lanet Wilson Charlene Winkler Donna Withers Patsy Wray lean Wright Grace Yamane Q-nv wo' 'Q' a i Amy Yamamoto George Haberman Mary Trupe SNOW FESTIVAL KING AND QUEEN: Bill Pierce. Nancy Daniels. MAID OF HONOR: Ieanette Fisher. COURT: Pamela Berter. Cheiko Keishi, Buck Schroder, Lee Cowdell. Ken Kirksey, Arlene Gregory. Bobbie Io Earles. Shirley Young. Larry Knight. Larry Snell. Margie Olivares. IoAnn Albin. Richard Means. GIRLS' LEAGUE PRESIDENT, Iudy Volmer. GRADE REPRESENTATIVES: A-11, Lillian Smith: B-ll. Peggy Swain: A-10, Freda Nabors: B-10, Roberta Olivares: A-9. Mary Lou Cromer: B-9, Charlynn Cowles. Once upon a time, May Day at Gardena High School was celebrated by a program of typical Old English folk dances, especially the morris dances. The May pole dance was presented in the honor of the queen, her four attendants and one little flower girl. The tradition of a May festival for our students is so old, no one remembers its beginning. ln that long ago time, there was a carnival, or a Mardi Gras type of entertainment, following the crowning of the queen. The entire school took part in this activity. As time went on, several changes in the program were initiated. As many as sixty attendants were used, at one time. A king and little princess were elected, and several pages and flower girls were selected from the junior high school. The important change of adding a king was followed by the selec- tion of six senior boys to walk with the senior girls in the queen's court. Choral music and interpretative dances took the place of the early English dances. A winter festival was added and the programs changed from the out-of-doors entertainment to stage presentations. Students from the music departments, dance pro- duction class, stage and art classes had important ' places in the program. Attendants to the king and queen were elected from clubs and all grade levels. e S Congratulatory comments followed each festival and the honor of participation became a treasured memory for the graduating seniors. it STABDUST was the theme of the winter Iunior- Senior Prom held in Ianuary at the Teen-Age Cen- ter, first Prom to be held away from the campus. As couples entered the star-dusted ballroom through the Milky Way, they saw myriads of sparkly stars hanging from the ceiling, and several comets Whizz- ing across the walls. lunior Aye president, ferry Sutherlin, represented his W'55 class in presenting the Prom to Senior Aye president, Bill Pierce. lerry's officers were: Donna Stone, vice-president, Linda Gregson, secretary, and Barbara Hansen, treasurer. The summer Prom, Tl-IE LOVELIEST NIGHT OF THE YEAR, was presented in May by the class of S'55 for the graduates of S'54. The Big Gym was converted intoha spring-like garden-setting featured by blos- soming shrubbery and the gay singing of birds. The class was guided by four officers under the presidency of Warren Carter, Mike Gesler, vice- PfeSiCl9f1'lf Peggy Such, secretary: lanice Leigh, treasurer, and Ioan Bees, Prom chairman. The Proms Vg :tr F 1' K is Us Art Exhibit One of the richest of school traditions is being carried out each year by the graduating classes of Gardena High Schol. During the past thirty-five years, the senior classes have proudly selected original paint- ings as class gifts. The purchase of a painting was the suggestion of Mr. lohn H. Whitely, at that time principal of the high school. The senior class of l9l9 made the first. selection, after Visiting art galleries and studios in Southern California. The students were most impressed by the painting, "The Valley of Santa Clara," by Ralph Davison Miller. The following year lean Mannheim's "On the Road to San Gabriel" was chosen by the graduating class as its gift, and thus a tradition was established. Rex Brandt speaking at opening ceremony for Art Exhibit. 'N"""'w"r6ilNna'eM.. of ggzsxfgldfggl-by Robert Watson. The selection of the graduating class ln l928 the first purchase-prize exhibition was held. Year by year the collection grew, until now there are sixty-seven paintings which are class gifts. The others are gifts of artists, student body and faculty. Many of the artists represented are of international impor- tance, and it is through their generosity that the stu- dents aer able to purchase valuable paintings. Gar- dena High School has the honor of being one of three high schools in our country to own a collection of paintings of national and artistic signifcance. The senior classes leave behind them a permanent and inspirational tribute to their Alma Mater, con- tributing to the distinction the school enjoys in its possession of a fine collection of paintings. The Gardena High Schol Art Collection is a per- petual memorial to Mr. Whitely, the founder, and to the succeeding principal, Mr. Frank X. Goulet, whose ardent interest guided the tradition to its present development. Famous Painter. Rex Brandt, painting a demonstration picture at open- ing ceremony of traditional Gardena Art Exhibit. Platform scene ot opening cere- mony of Gardena High Sch0OlB 35th Annual Art Exhibit. 1 - 'P' '-r. ,1.-an "' .. Ti"f""""".7?-',n,-..--FP" 'H 'N -Y --ff -. ,V ..,:.w...,nE .-,W W, ,I ,. 1,3 , ,, W, wv l ,N ,. . + ,KM ,.. W- 4 M- "HM ....r..-.,.,i,r,. F... ...-...- ...-,.....,.-, ,, ,. yltfyzmlwwh W r M W Q, V . it -at b H "The Tribute." by Martin Mondrus. The selection of the graduating class of Winter. 1954. - M--.: An 0 n S 4 A Art Exhibit scenes in Crump Memorial Hall. place of the exhibition. 54 21' ,,-.11 Qww J i' ' wwweif-if ,af N 4 1 ' , . f ,y A r pl, K V 2lr',, ,"',g 'egg' r I' re , ,W ,,,.. 5 , , 51 - ..... Q, , 2,xP,,.,, ,W .M .mf .,., AV , 4.N,WA,,,, Nw ' 1 fy- 1 t Q FX .i Fw YE A H-' IQ jq- 3 . X ff A -S , 1 ll -1. t F . ? ni I I - ' L div ' 1. -1 X s. W ew Facully Show Casey at the Bal" Field Day Come on! Ugh ! Cther Special Faculty Show 'Cross Over the Bridge K.-J l Q,"'f?'! Q' Y, , Lil.-ff Vi l Lt Y L.: ff, REEDOM - H5 Cotton Day Change Partners" -H'-' N. 9. so msn 561-1 ,i XT . If ., by mmf, -Y r' 4.-:gg ,Q PLAY PRODUCTION CLASS ROW 1: McGoldrick, Matthews, Binford, Hines, Averson, Kauffman, Worcester, Cocks, McNeil. ROW 2: Birkman, Groot, Heinzman, Paulus, Diekmann, Vollmer, Taylor, Oldham, Withers, Mrs. Todd, Sponsor. ROW 4: Giuliano, Wheeler, Markos, Stebbins, Watkins, Cayton, Bickford, Saunders, Buck. PLAY PRODUCTION CLASS The purpose of Play Production class, sponsored by Mrs. Todd, is to produce the Senior Class plays, and to raise money for the class gift. The profit of the Senior Class play is placed in the student body fund and appropriated to the art fund for the purchase of the Senior Class gift, traditionally a painting for the school Art Collection. This year the play "Meet Me in St. Louis" was produced during the fall semester. The scenes shown on this page are from "Best Foot Forward," the spring production. Play Production class is assisted by the Stage and Sound Crews, the make- up group Masaue and Palette, the art and poster groups, Print Shop, the music groups, Dance Production, the Business Office and Mrs. Peddicordg the FBLA Ca business clubl assisted in ticket sales, and service groups assisted with ushering. CAST OF "MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS" Winifred Birkman, Donna Withers, Eddie Saunders, Landis Bickford, Margie Olivares, Charles Stebbins, Mary Lynn Rankin, Sheila McGoldriclf, Douglas Francis, Nancy Daniels, Shirly Young, Ierry Sutherlin, Marian Heinz- man, Arlene Gregory, Harold Firstman, Bob De Boer, Iune Gold, Russell Beville, Iohn Young. sms 1, sy., -. . 39 . me ll l I ,N . 'X ' . SYNQY six! fi P' 1. X l us - Q 3 , ' -:V , -as ss . 4959 I iiflf - A . ..,,. S Q 'S 4 41: K - 5 A W If ' . . 5 r X - ' 4 ' -'ff .,e,Ni',.f KJ P .W E. Q1 Q. Hifi. s ' r. . vi f . ' V, ni' A fi . ' V R W xv f l, . iff kk K Y .fy K if Xf, . 5 ' . ' ,W . r 2 g ,Q 1' ' - ' . , ' .- in 45 43' J 'J E as P", Q 51. v 'sf in 'L . ' 'A A Q 1 S .gr W e 'f I1 I Ez an 4. Y if iight V . , gl? N 5 i If . ,ki ' 4 K ' 1 . A ' I 1 E I . 1 ff i .. 5- . W Xa' r K. ,M . g y if S r 4 t 4 'g - H I X7 S Q ir Q? 3 A i l Q 1 ,. I , . K f B 1 if M' X 4 4 sk kt yr 2 ,Q , i 5. , S l If x Q gi -, fb 4 L r 'i lb 5,515 y Y l f. . ' P , " fl ' 1? f , ' ' J ew' ' I N rw.. iris?-ff r- :Efi.iT5l'M Y f 5 I 1 ya fi lgfk ,R f . -. ,s.,j M- ki? M-M.,.g.N'i A H A I - '44 - , :NW ' Q. .. ff' F . we W A ' A CAST OF PLAY - S'54 "Best Foot Forward" Dutch Miller ...,. .,..,.................,............................. ....... B o b DeBoer Hank Hay! .,.,.........,, .......,............,................,............... D ave Cayton Satchel Moyer ......,. .....,.......,,...............,................... L andis Beckiord Chuck Green .,...... ....... A . Charles Stebbins. B. Frank Giuliano Dr. Reeber ,..,...,..................,.. ..r.. ,.,......,...,........,...,....,............... V a n Peterson Minerva ....................,.,.....,.,....,.. ..........,.,........,..,..,,........,........ N ancy Kauffman Miss Delaware Water Gap .,..... ...,.... A . Beverly Taylor, B. Sandy Worchester The Blind Date .,,,,... C. Beverly Alverson, D. Carolyn Cocks A. Phyllis Binlord, B. Patty Hines Bud Hooper ...,......,.... ...,,,,. A . Charles Stebbins. B. Frank Giuliano Professor Lloyd ........ ............................................... V incent Watkins Bole Ioy r............r.... .......,........................,....... M axine Diekmann lack Haggerty .......... ,.,.,.....................................,............ T om Markas Chester Billings ..,,,,....... ........................,...........,........................., B uck Grady Helen Schlerringer .....,. ,.... . , A. Sandy Worchester. B. Beverly Taylor Miss Smith .,................ A. Alice Matthews. B. IoAnn Groot f li E if gr u t A A F. rg 5 i X P1 LARK STAFF - SUMMER '54 ROW 1: Young, Colgrave, Such, Vollmer, Allen, Diekmann, Carlson, O'Brien, Hiroshige, Mansfield, Carvalho, Puckett. ROW 2: Campbell, Hughes, Delabak, O'Connell, Cervantes. Villella. Mason. Binford, Paulus. Bridges, Bagwell, Petlebone. Helgeson, Williams, Calfee. Bruns. ROW 3: Miss Matthews, Mrs. Cruickshank, Mrs. Tittle. Vandeman, Davison, Owens, Munsey, Mason, Pascoe, Gesler. Taylor. Otero. Guymon, Sparks. ROW 4: Coach Smith, Bailey, Walden, Fujii, Young, Schroeder, Francis, Higgins, Nagaoka, Rankin, Fink, Sulherlin. Gne of the major changes during the spring semester was made in the management of Gardena High's weekly, THE LAHK. At the instigation of the prin- cipal, four separate classes were established, one for each page of the paper. lnstead of ten to fifteen students writing for THE LARK, there were approxi- mately fiftyg instead of one advisor, there were four. The new set-up included a news reporting class composed of Senior High students, under the editor- ship of Sheila McGoldrick and ludy Vollmer, This class wrote for and made up the first page of THE LARK. The second page was edited by a creative writing class which substituted original verse, stories, and other feature items for the 'gossipyn class columns of previous semesters. lunior High students only, with the assistance and guidance of Dorothy Carvalho, a B-12, gathered news and wrote stories of interest to the seventh and eighth grade people - Gardena's lunior High. The fourth page, under the supervision of one of the coaches, more than adequately covered the various sports for the spring semester, LARK STAFF-WINTER '54 Gaskell, Tolley, Mrs. Cruickshank. Carvalho, Diekmann. McGoldrick. Guyman. Vollmer. Sakurai, DePriest, Kauffman. g.k' 1 Ta If Q9 'X....- 'if 'f' ff X f"' 5 -M' X Y ,Tfqkg tfrK9?' ...B as ' 5 m . n' v-f,. M rf' f 4 tr, ,K h i "-4 , Q, I. ' , , 4 1 3 2 : ,J 'Q as , ut' ,L .'l will .1 tl it ' s MR. WATAI Advisor. Bookkeeping. Advertising and Subscription Sales, Photography and Picture Scheduling. Donna Holloway. Iunior High School Editor. Mfifgaret Locarmnl. assistant to Donna. E1 Arador , A,-V I X Barbara Arndt. Darlene Davis. Grace Genant, Lois 141 5,4 N fl ' fl "4Q' w f A,5.q In tlfi-4-f't 'NI " ., C . I ,,,.L4. 'K '-sit. V n . hx-, KX, xy R f A9 ih- ' Hiller. Dr. Ibanez - Editing and Identification. Shirley Webster, Earlene Rush, Barbara Nix. Bob Murakami, Bookkeeping and Selling Group. The responsibilities for the year- book-selling subscriptions and advertising, taking the Volumi- nous shots of school life, faculty and students, and the lay-out and editing which were formerly car- ried on under the sole direction of Mr. Wells, now absent on a year's Around-the-World trip- have been allocated this year to two full-time classes, under two advisors, and to a professional photographer. We hope for the much-needed aid of a third school group with photography Rose Hahill. Holly Harbold, Richard Knecht. Iudy Hollowell,Bookkeeping and Selling Group. ,ivy ROW 1: Donnelly. Stein. Halliwill. Kobata. Smith. Lesson. Sparks. Gordon. Hall. Stites. Nagatomi. Gallicci. Bach. ROW 2: Denney. Myers. Hawkins. Erickson. Ainsworth. Kamuya. Punt, Townsell. Villella. Andulsky. Miss Snyder. ROW 3: Barrett. Shanton. Green. Lewis. Gesler. Heyos. Gray. Somer. Burgett. Munsey. Haga. Samoers. Rees. Sabin. Hallxwxl Sweet music, sung sweetly . . . Our Mohican Choir, led by Miss Snyder, has had an outstanding year. They have received well deserved praise tor their performance on "Young America Sings," as Well as other performances at our Christmas program, Snow Festival, Art Exhibit, Senior Tea, Graduation and others. BAND ROW 1: Wrightsman, Stein, Marrozz. Lima. Marceceau. Lyttle. Gounkin. Rice. ROW 2: Hayworth. Engel. Lohberger. Scafiidi. Kennedy, Baldwin. Gallucci Taylor. Habegger. Saraceno. ROW 3: Hanna, Baker, Hobba. Heil- hold. Ingels. Hanna. Kingstrcng. Ba- mora. Lampert. Weber. SR. GIRLS' GLEE ROW 1: Sandy Villella. Barbara Marrs. Diane Allen. Iol-lnn Struna. Katherene Seirees. Iune Santa Ana. ROW 2: Mary Walters. Rosie Her- nandez, Covey Kindle. Pat Reeder. Donna Schloe. Ioan Back. Vera Fanti. Barbara Townsell. ROW 3: Georgene Werli. Wilma Shanton. Carol De Nunzio. Ian Heit- hold. Sally Franklin. Iudy Carlin. Mary Hiszen. Gloria Gray. '-9 QQ. 1" 04' 'MQ' 4 , 2 I 5 ' lk ii 1 Pun-Q7 ADVANCED DANCE PRODUCTION Second Semester ROW 1: IoAnn Yamane, Linda Heilik. IOYCQ Caron, Bobby Williamson. Roberta Young, Frankie Touey. ROW 2: Pauline Giuliano, Carol O'Brien. Laura Doke, Colleen Tracey, Sandra Lieb- sack, Carol Park. ROW 3: Susan Horne. Nancy Palmer, Nancy Young, Sylvia I-lelingion, Carol DeNunzio, Ruth Calhoun. Dondrea Lurk. BEGINNING DANCE PRODUCTION ROW l: Ioan Back, Beverly Gayan, Ierri Allabashi, I. Powers, I. Nelson, Iudy Carlin. ROW 2: Ann Carlisle. Barbara Thompson, Shirley Norris, Pat McNeil, Elayne Bassett. luanita Hawkins, Tonine Krieshi. ROW 3: Kathie Hicks. Phyllis Legg, Diana Salas, Gloria Gray, Barbara Marrs. Mary Low Mulligan, Rosemary Galchlisher, Pat Wheeler. fl N -is Q'-FG J " ii-'W' A Q :Q -i l 3 is I AS it 'ff DRAMA CLASS Provides experience in acting roles in one-act and full-length plays, provides programs for community and schol, and represents our school in inter-school speech and dramatic con- tests. Three of our group brought home top honors from the Shakespearian Festival. iii" -l A kifw will figs fi -of 36 Ks . wg- V X... , S3 Q? c .J Q. Mg, 'T' G4 I4 5 A Q Q- ig.-:J -wa. K K wr , W' W 1- t j rig -li x 1 if X. , 4 fi . , I ei 3 5 . N. I .9 A34 . " -- X .K , K t X , iw m jx Q' K ,f,f"Pr I K -wsu: if' , v I f if I ,Q 1 l ltr X QNQDX NV fax 5' ...ix JJ' ,F Organizations STAGE CREW ROW l: Hiller, Hedgecock, Walker, Wakemurra. ROW 2: Mr. Carter, Helington, Gray, Davis, Kuebler. ROW 3: Pinney, Mcrrkos, Garver, Fugate. Young. SOUND CREW ROW l: Mr. McLendon, Keller. Shcmohon, Hill, Bozell. ROW 2: Voss, McCall, Larsen, Stock, Mullins, Walkee. MOTION Pl CTURE CREW ROW 1: Ronnie Kellogg, Robert Gray, Anthony Agun- dez, R. Oller. Larry Barton. ROW Z: Buck Grady, Don Armstrong, Alfonso Montes, Iohn Vaughn. Gerald Pelletier. PRINT SHOP ROW 1: Bert Ayers, Frank Beville, Paul Godlrey, Alfred Church, Iimmy Lynn, Gary Lloyd, Kenny Slugle. ROW Z: E. Eaton, B. Marrs, Iohn Sparks, C. Wright, I. Coulson, Roger Tracey, R. Oller. B. Crist. ROW 3: B. Becktal, D. Bcrlman. I. Hodgdon, George Eycxlxzs, Bell Felker. Ernie Urban, Russ Beville, Richard nc er. 5, 4' uf. ,,0'xj ' K A... Qs , 0- A , , I M. 2 "'-fl is P, x 5 sw. 'iw T JK ' Nil s l . 5 s. W i 51 .QA X1 N 'N' xX'ii'l. p K, 614.15 fr - LATIN CLUB Lively students, a dead language, and in- guiring minds, Out of this combination has been formed one of the best Latin Clubs we have ever had at Gardena High. Cap- ably led by Mr. Showalter, faculty advisor, this club has enjoyed a most inspiring and successful year. Considerable progress had been made in learning the Latin language and customs, as well as having a lot of fun in a social way. LATIN AMERICAN CLUB "South of the border, down Mexico way-" The flavor of Latin America and early California has been brought to us by the Latin American Club. Smiling, easy, friendly, the Latin American charm has won the hearts of all of us here at Gardena High, located on the site of one of the orig- inal Spanish land grants. SPANISH CLUB Here in our own Los Angeles area, many of the original Spanish institutions and traditions flourished. To promote a better understanding between English and Span- ish speaking people, the Spanish Club Was organized at Gardena High in 1942. High- lights of this year's activities were a din- ner at a Mexican cafe, and the annual trip to Ensenada, Mexico. Miss Barlow spon- sors this active group, ?ffS"zr2'.i .ww 5 tg, , N W" , -gd LATIN CLUB ROW 1: Darden fSecretaryJ, Naverra fHistorianJ, Mikami fVice-Presidentl, Moen, Horne. ROW 2: Mr. Schowalter, Neilson, Harrison, Sawyer, Manaiquez, Kobate. ROW 3: Furuya, Donaldson, Rise, Penn, Kats, Kneet. LATIN AMERICAN CLUB V I G ld R k H F' iv- P sIi:NI?I'g iumst Trees re! Peggy such Heier ROW l: Guerra, Hernandez, Alverado, Treio, Rodriques, Franco. : o a oc we , irs ice- res: eny o nn rnna, u : , , . . ell, Annette Ruha, Nancy Kauffman, Nanette Cope, Carol Watwood, Diane Allen, Secy. ROW 2' Almmez' Gomez' Almamz' Rodnquez' Momul' MGQQM f2: Walter Rankin, Geoffrey Burke, Iennifler Bragg, Ioyce Iohnson, Ianet Labory, DeLaRosa. ara Hensur, Carol Burson. Lynn Saunders, Clarence Kado. I 3: Richard Fukuwa, Sam Hale, Don Fink, Richard Perkins, Larry Lieatke, L. Bickford, f Taylor, Alfred Santa Cruz. Dao. A President -10 ' ' I I v -v-T 3 .UQ 90, we tl? ' QQ 0 'T Grace Uyeshima "' IA' Vice-Presidents Golda Rockwell Beverly Taylor Secretary Diane Allen Treasurer Iudy Struna 'N Historian Richard Perkins Sponsor t Ylb' Miss Barlow W x r -K i".- -N X! . M-9" SR. ATHENIANS ROW 1: Aiko Fujii, Margaret Osaka, Meiko Mikami, Reiko Fuiinami, leanne Kobata, Shirli Nagatomi, Marilyn Myers, Marian Heinzman, Donna Withers, Ianet Labory, Ioyce Iohnson, Sally Varalyay, Maxine Diekmann, Beverly Taylor, Eleanor Gabardi, Nancy Iohnson. ROW 2: Mr. Martin, Pauline Giuliano, Margaret Locamini, Peggy Such, Kay Ono, Nelda Doolittle, Iean lkegami, Lillian Inouye. Valorie Harrison, Sandy Villella, Sharon Zollotuchen, Sumi Takahashi, Mildred Ono, Grace Yamane, Shirley Arai, Beverly Huskisson. Dorene Syron, Miriam Fortin, Mrs. Dunn. ROW 3: Ned Nakatsuka, Ronald Martin, Bob Nakata, Monte Furuya, Ken Earley, Ken Bailey, Dave Cayton, Iohn Dolan, Don Speer, Frank Andrews, Terry Taylor, Kats Nishi, Clarence Kado, Ehchi Kamiya, Steven Kobayashi. SENIOR ATHENIANS This scholarship society of Gardena High was recognized as the thirty-ninth chapter of the California Scholarship Federation in l922, and was named the "Athenian Society." Composed of students who have maintained a high scholarship standard, they promote a healthy attitude toward scholarship and co-ordinate social activities with scholarship achievement. Further, they have helped students to obtain scholarships in recognized universities and colleges. BOYS' LEAGUE OFFICERS mm "Girls'i League" seems to be President 2 , an awfully small two words, Folger 'R pa- y 4 is - 1 V ,N , 1SS,ii2fCiii21liSiZS2SfLCfS?.iiii! Secfeggrggjggsufef . , , 'Q , r g 1 wonderful experience I have Vice-President . , I "' had in Girls' League, l know Helgeson f ii ii 5, E Q .frm-is fit C " N, I will never have again. Dur- sponsor it ri gr Q iff ' ' M lflg my leI'I1'1 of office, we i'lCid Mr. Loughborough E, f H gg ffw gi ' ' f-if f a wonderful time spending six days which were dedicated to us as "Girl's Wee, l954." Next Came the "Girls' League con- ventions and annual Art Tea. Following those came Cotton Day, which was a new expe- rience for us to have at Gar- dena. These activities are just a few which we share with girls oi all races, creeds, and religions. It is through these experiences that the i'girls" of today are prepared for the "women" of tomorrow. NANCY KAUFFMAN S'54 President ROW l: Fred Kennedy. lack Williams, Les Pinkston, Ronnie Marasco, Iim Kelly, Wil- liam Yamane. Iohn Ensign, Bob Evenger, Duke Porter. ROW 2: Mr. Weber. Chas. Reid, Paul Giuli- ano, Gerald Case, Raymond Morasico, Gary Kiier, L. Schmock, B. Swanson, Del- mar Wood. ROW 3: Bill Cowles, Richard Dills, Frank Greminger, Larry Iackson. Charles Good- son. LeRoy Wrightsman, B. I. Rude, Duwane lones, Bob Kuhns, Billy Baker. GIRLS' LEAGUE CABINET ROW l: Ieanne Kobata, Sec- retary: Shirli Nagatome: Nancy Kauffman, President: Marilyn ,.1 Owens, Hospitality: Shirley - Arai, Vice-President. ROW 2: Dorine Pyle, Hospital- ity: Audrey Hanapel, Finance ., Chairman: Sherry Guymon, .V Publicity Chairman: Peggy Q' Such llth Grade Chairman: Kay Hopper, Welfare Chair- man. mir ,Q in WU' M NIU: C-.ft - fi JUN? 'avg ii eff AQW' w I ' ' Y 1 , I f' Y, T ' ..'1:1C45i25iEii::'2 ftitfiifl I-1-"F . :::4::::::'3:1i54i'1 ' .........!t!.-f-gm List Mx ,W '- 4 Z2 'Nxt' L 2 l CLUB MOHICAN CABINET iP PHOTO FW l: Dorine Pyle, Historian, Lelia Blake, Corresponding Secretary: Rhoda Stacey, Publicity: Carol Carleile, cording Secretary: Peggy Such, Recording Secretary: Mr. Schultz, Sponsor. JW 2: Celia Gallucci, 2nd Vice-President: Tom Hanna, President: Marty Wilson, Sergeant-at-Arms: Tom ROW 1: Spmnkle' Dius Garden Kobe Gshi twton, lst Vice-President: Marilyn Ornelas, Treasurer. ' ' Y ' MOHICAN MAIDENS JW l: Wheeler, O'Brien, Hathaway, McGinnis, Kreiski. Nishi, Nakata, Yamauchi. CLUB MOHICAN "Club Mohican"'!! Sounds real rugged, doesn't it???? Formed at the mid-century, in 1950, this organization since that time has been the sponsor of our off-campus social and rec- reational activities. The more than 350 members have pro- vided dances in honor of our athletic teams and graduat- ing seniors. A real service organization, performing a really impressive service. Secretaries Carol Carlisle Lelia Blake Treasurer Marilyn Ornelas Sponsor Mr. Schultz ESQUIRES Burgett, Popplwell, Mr. Gelman. ROW 2: Le Beau, Cole, Hotta. Kamiya, JW 2: Alabashi, Fortin. Townsell, Brown, Hightower. Kauffman, McNeil, Legg. Geer. Schrod. Yamasakif UYedG- Murakami. JW 3: Kiyamura, Miller, Newlun, Higgins, Darden, Kobata, Hagio, Higeshi, Yoda, Fullilove, Rumba. ROW 3. JW 4: Holloway, Washizuka. La Bucherie, McNamar, Iames, Armstrong. Henry, Burke, Spruill, Amezcua, ' Mason' Andrews' Hayes' Gesler' wunurd, Gray' Dysurdi Munsey, Owen. Speer, Sparks. ESQUIRES "tor having served faithfully, I hereby award you. . " Q sk M T " . y 2 -A FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA te backbone of our country our farmers, who raise the iid for us. Gardena High is ming its part in develop- g agricultural leadership, co- neration, and citizenship, rough this organization, Jnded in l943. Not a service ganization in the usual nse, but made up of indi- :luals who are dedicating sir lives to service. ,,Sffw, . x1F"w M- 'W J .E Af px EBM f' QI-fb' 'X 'gf' XV L I AX .rx fi' ,tg isa -...J gan Q' ...- FBLA-FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA FBLA, actually established for business only since February, has already sold Student Body Activity tickets, Cotton Ball bids, managed El Arador promo- tional and sales activities, and the Senior Play ticket sales. Certainly a prom- ising start towards the achievement of the objective of this national organ- ization-to develop competent, aggressive business leadership and create more interests in the business World. THE CHECS One of the oldest organizations in Gar- dena I-ligh, the Checs have one pur- pose, and that is to be of service. These girls serve teas and luncheons When- ever needed, so Gardena High can meet its social obligations proudly. Widely appreciated heroines of school service, We gladly express editorially this thank-you to these girls individ- ually. ,.,,,.ff'-"rm-5 CHECS ROW l: L. Inouye, A. Pulis, I. Kobata. S. Worchester, E. Anderson. L. Krappe. ROW 2: I. Ikegami, M. Ornelas. H. Rigby, M. Sargent. I. Groot. Y. Sargent. A. Bamett, I. Buchanan, K. Ono. FBLA ROW 1: Banlrston, Pinney. Guy- mon. Herrick. DePriest. Bark- dull. Murphy. Costello. ROW 2: Stacey. Blake. Locar- nini, Holloway. Hightower. Washizuka. Hatanaka, Gel- mah. ROW 3: Allabashi, Howle, For- tin, Watkins, Eldridge. Vesl. Neal. McCain. Barkhousen. BIOLOGY CLUB ROW 1: Miss MacPherson, Sponsor: Simon. Schield. Blum. Neilson. Navarra. ROW 2: Phillips, McKee, Dove. GIRLS' LEAGUE CABINET-W'54 FRONT ROW: Charlene Owens. Sheila McGold- rick. Iudy Vollmer. BACK ROW: Nancy Kauffman. Dona Spears. Donna Withers. Audrey Hanapel. Shirley Arai. ,zu ...,A it fi it if if 4 I i 1 -i as . Mass- , so - f" GIRLS' LEAGUE CABINET-W'54 Have you ever thought about "our" Girls' League and just what '-'We" do? Think about it some time-"our" Girls' League is pretty wonderful. Let me reminisce with you about just one of the many activities of "our" Girls' League during my term of office . . . along about the middle of November the Girls' League cabinet visited two orphan homes and decided to adopt both homes and give the children a Christmas they would never forget. When Christmas rolled around we had so many gifts and sur- prises for the children that it took four trucks to carry everything to the party. That night we knew deep down in our hearts that it is better to give than to re- ceive. Think about all the fun we had with our orphans at Christmas time, then think about "our" Girls' League. Pretty lUDY VOLLMER W'54 President great, isn't it??? CO-EDS he purpose of this club shall be one service both to school and commu- ty, Constitution, Article ll. Q 'tg From this, every one in school will :ognize our Co-Eds. They have acted hostesses in the student cafeteria iring intermission and lunch hour ariods, passed out programs during ,Y hletic events, and numerous other rvices. Gardena High has been a bet- r school because of the Co-Eds. MASQUE AND PALETTE eet one of the most unusual clubs we ive-the one that brings the Hollywood ofessional touch to Gardena High! Whenever any one of our fellow students is been 'lrnade up" to play a part in one our plays or programs-'since l93U-this ib has done the "make up" work! Good practice for the girls, NO???? NONETTES Nine little girls, all in a row, Sing for our patrons, sweet and low. Jnettes, the singing girls' club Cfounded 19451 that has contributed so much to e entertainment of the PTA., Women's ub, Art Teas, and Church groups, as well : to school programs. W l: Ioan Rees, Alto: Marlene Stiles. Second Soprano: .nn Struna. First Soprano: Wanda Hall. Second Soprano: rilyn Myers. Soprano: Miss Snyder, Sponsor. W 2: Sandy Worchester, Alto: Mary Greer, Soprano, Carol k, Soprano: Sheila McGoldrick, Soprano: Beverly Sander, :ond Soprano: Sumi Takahashi, Alto. Q if t uv- i 1 K 5 xr, F A all A' -'J Q-1 -P E vi 'rf W' 'F Q , A. 3 Rui st any , v f Q , 5- . s . T. . W 3 . rf X 'si 'ti Qty ...W 44" . W i t . i ti ,if l x ,M - as i , g .g .1 , L t X K- ' .f f Q . i t ' 31- X . JW ' " ' i X A ,, -Q 9 fx i Q t . 'a ,.,. i 1 .. i , -li" f S' 'i ' -Q. - ' Xi 5552.1 tj -3? "'. . y . ggfz. ,555 M ' ' N ..,. " I' kg . . . .. .g W 3, Q 3 it gf' Sim: few.. gg In 8 wt .aa .. .. fwmf teymw. W 5 K: iS,,,:t 2' Q! .. ' nz, A Q . TOP ROW. Lett: Gary Thomas. Gary Stapp. Bill Pierce, Bob Wobbrock. Bob DeBoer. ROW 2: Iim Negaoka, Buck Schroeder. ROW 3: Don Fink. Ierry Sutherlin. Football Coach Smith and Kirker King BOTTOM ROW. Left: Ronnie Marasco, Bill Pierce, Coach Iacot, Gary Stapp, Ioe Willwerth. Stewart Wood. Gary Thomas, Coach Stan Smith. S,-I ... j 1 1 ,1 t K- , , .... '- -"-g 5 X - . .- 553 , 1 32 5 Q25 B - 1 ': , - E: . 4 Wit? ' .f- ' . .X- S .,.. , B BWQWWQQFWFWQUDUQ 4, , ggi f-ffrgiig .fwlgj , H S -Q- Q ,J ik I u 3 Vince Watkins :Q M .-:gag -- ' G t me S. i S K f F' M H 352 "I ' f- . t 5 'S . 4:"'l1- ' M gm! ,fa , ,, I ving Coulson Dave Pix Chuck Flaming Iohn Stiles Tom Fuiii r v , Q . Q . . . Q , V A 'A t - B h h '-' ' I . ' ' ' X' -. 4 l .- A - , -V. X -' . .asv X - VARSITY ROW l: Coach Smith. Beckstrom. Carler. Frances. Mason. Gray. Popowell, Coach Iacol. ROW 2: Manager Guiliano. Head Manager Deatheridge. Correia. Dix. Tully. Prieslo. Spotls. Greminger. Fink. Pumphrey. Spears, Owens. Bailey. ROW 3: Hicks. Willwerth. Wood. Hungerford. Suiherlin. Stiles. Coulson. Flaming. Dolan. Wobbrock. Morasco Munsel, Thomas. ROW 4: Schroeder. Knight. Youtsey, Pierce, Stapp. Watkins. DeBoer, Markos. Fuiii. Ryan. Wehmeyer, Nagaoka. Eddie Ryan Don Hicks Paul YoutseY Mike Tully Coach sum Smith N a ia . Q 5 N4 ,, S A x 1 SEN ll f i ,Q 1 K 3 X Q Q. X' N ' .s :iw .F--. -X 3 Action if 'xx Y CHEER LEADERS Waller Rankin, Dorine Pyle. l"l V52 dh" s E at at ft' i Q, 3 it Ef fi E ,list 5 5 at ,. sta E LFE, Q E 'Rv if PEP CLUB The only high school in Los Angeles that performed card stunts Q athletic events was ???? That's right, Gardena High School! Ar who sponsored it ???? Right again, the Pep Club. Thats right, tl PEP CLUB, spelled P-E-P. This is the club that has put the old Garder High spirit into our athletic and other events, since it was iounde in the tall ot '52. This year, over 400 strong, under the guidance of Mr. lohnstc and Mrs. Demetriou, this club has not only put over the card stunt but our Pep Rallies, Tag Sales, and a banquet honoring our Varsit Athletes, attended by over 225 enthusiastic guests. A Rally Con mittee is being organized to coordinate further Drill Team, Band, ar Card Section, plus special activitieseall designed to further tl "Spirit ot Gardena." Yea, man!! Gardena High!!! Altogether not 'GAA-R-D-EAN-A--Q" DRILL TEAM Thelsle green and White clad precision artists are a familiar sight to all us. ' f avent they been cute? And didnt they do some amazin stu t t us? Th 'ii 19 Q D S ! . ey W1 e long remembered for the snappy and well-timed dril they have ut on C' ' p in cooperation with the Pep Club and the Bandj, fc the benefit of all. Only those seventy odd girls who have done th , H e woi know the hours ot practice it has taken to do these stunts in just a te' minutes. We tak h ' e ere our last opportunity to express our thanks-tl Well-deserved applause ot our school goes with you! Gardena Spir' CHEER LEADERS Carol Carlisle, Penny Kuck, Walter Rankin, Peggy Such, Dorine Pyle. B FOOTBALL ,Q-9, Q Q!! .A Q fb? M- ?1,.i 1251 gig K X X X it A S A S ,Q , , -'Q it 'S+ , ls..-is f af if X rx C! 5 , S t yytt t PEP CLUB DW l: Phyllis Legg, Ann Carlisle. Diane Sana, Marilyn Ornelas, Barbara Elliott, Linda regson. Barbara Hansen, Barbara Denney, Barbara Guss. Lillian Street,I.inda Pounds, arty Illlaboshi. Ienniier Brogg. Nancy Palmer, Iudy Maier, Nancy Denny. DW 2: Sheila McGoldrick, Kathie Hicks. Rose Burke, Dardnn Lusk, Ianet Tolley, Roberta ivares. Pauline Giuliano. loyce Iohnson, Ianet Labory, luanita Hawkins, Nancy Iones, Bickford. Peggy Such. Virginia DePriest, Markie Herrick, Carolyn Campbell, Rosemarie liasello. Dorine Pyle, Carol Carlisle, Elayne Bassett. JW R: Mr. Iohnston. Donna Withers. Gayle Moser, Sharon Zollotuchen, Susan Horne, lo rlson, Diane Allen. IoAnn Strana, Nancy Kauffman. Marian Heinzman, Sally Knight, Red xymon, Rusty Harris. Gloria Monriguez, Ianice Kobata, Sharon Abrams, Sally Franklin. nia Spruell, Mrs. Demetriou. JW 4: Walter Ranken, Danny O'Connell, lim Lynn, Chuck Wright, Gary Munsey. lerry litherlin. Iohnnie Stiles. Charles Stebbins, Gary Thomas, Richard Mason, Dave Heyes, ke Gesler, lim Heyes, Iohn Sparks, Don Speer, Louis Rossi, Bert Ayers, Clarence Kado, Q PEP CLUB OFFICERS ROW 1: Sanders, Bickford, Such, Stiles. ROW 2: Ornelas. Iones, Stebbins. Withers, Camp- bell. aphen Kobayashi, Iohn Cola. Leader xrbara Denny Sponsor Vliss Kimball if Qi' L.. tl 1' V' .I DRILL TEAM - - - - " ' ' ' ' cle, ludy HOW 1: M k N h , Lilly Nakata, Rexko Fuunami, Meiko Mikami, Nancy Wa Cqylin, Gqycl:aOx?r, Savia Oldham. Iudy Carlson, Ioe Ann Bennett, Ioan Bach, Denny Bab-cap. HOW 2: Virginia DePriest, Susan Pinney, Sherry G1-lYm0n' Sf1ndY vlllelia' Rim Harms' May Hatanaka. Kathleen Hagio. Bette Kobata, Scuttie Scott, Celia Gallucci, Darlene Kennedy, Charilyn Cowles. . I ROW 3: Gayle Moser, Sharon Tolley, Betty Watkins, Barbara Borrelli, Valorxe Harrison, lan Heithold, Kimko Washizuka, lanet Tolley, Marlys Galchutt, Bobbie Carson, Pauline Smith. Linda Weber, Ioan Murphy, Naomi Washizuka, Helen lnose. 9 . ,N if - 4 'st-'fy , I 55,6 ii We P-is if Zi. ww ff. E bf 3 i L-gwwm, D My M, 5 New Hx-1' 'M-P. , , E yin J! VARSITY BASKETBALL ROW I: Coach Panovich. Dypwick. Ingels. Hale. Vida. Higgins. Manager Seward. ROW 2: Deutschle. Somer. Wilson. Frazier. North. Bozell. Imamoto. I-Ioopsters i- CLASS C BASKETBALL LEAGUE CHAMPIONS fTied with San Pedro! ROW l: Coach Hansen, Pier, Del gado. Iohnson. Francis. Natali. ROW 2: Wilson, Manager Goff, Phil lips, Bucaria, St. Clair. A if , g , ll' ,ji f n 513 C ,gg E2 1' I I 'N r X, je , XX M 9' 0 S-V , 6 Baseball iw VARSI'l'Y BASEBALL ROW 1: Biscotti. Ball. Brown. Beville. Greminger. Watkins. Owe ROW 2: Barton. Earley. Ingels, Stapp. Iackson. Coach Iacot. ROW 3: Weather-ldge, Head Manager: Aspray, Lynn, Bevill Aspray. Watt, Phillips. Assistant Manager. Horsehide Vw,,,f-' ,.- "M ' Tl -'W 1 ' 3 -A-915' """1' . ww.. f" "' 5" . .- va fs uh' Y '.......a--"Fk""V'u- 'Vx' ig n fn, mu.--.'l" - .. ," V I A , , M - , . la V IW M. Ig D , ,iiyffirl :xg 'FK ?:f".17.., A 1x3"""3Yx.'pi3' 'geiufwxi 1 if Q .v ,QA X Z ""f5'gf'?f 5:9 I f RUF' K :'iV'N f' 3f'3mx V x 'Q Q K ka I A155 .if?e':' mg' F761 1' S fi " ' 311-fixiqx.. . xv . xhf rzx. 1' ' :.f. K Y L- n ' lf' w wf. 'A 'X 'J 5, - . 2. 3 li E. ' 1 gi , Q A WMI. , K, ,sb V X I 4 'f 1 . , arms, xy' yxvlzl- 5 ' . 5 I. Q ' I. A A ,,'- rf " l'f,..HV ' X, .K - .A,R,,,, ,, ., V 7, AM' , Z N A .. 'Ji .I B' 2' li 1 fx-K . . I ' 1 v I .. K .Q 'P 1' 3 4- ' L . 2. .fy ' 1' -lm . gr 1 .' 4 .V , sg - Q' If ' .Q g .A, , I l Lg ' . 1 , . .wal . . .,,, N A , ' 'a....,., I , afmy., . 'Mgt 5 ? 3' -,lift fy.: 'l ' t. N .',... V, .t-N, 21 ' 1 5 f , . WW I Q. - 1 . - . "" ' .!'f'- 'f'fif4'?'-0' -V , gig..-.-...M V . .4 . -. .S f, dr. - 4 . .. af. . mx If . , N. 1 , . , xx 1 , 8, , ,- ,-, 55, ,. ,.. . , . . A 'amp .J .L ,A I.. ., ,c 'Q-lf .Q Q, , -...-...Wm-'. V. 1. ,. ,H f, My f,,.2,f , . - 7 A, 3 1. ,,,g'.,H rw vml, ' ., M., .35 x:fV.A,.,iQ4v4,.gW5a , ,. ' A -vf ' .Hun - lf! - . f A , X' ,'M::7:"4,g .n..f...ql-:iff . . ' . , . .' . will 42 , , f M Avi- .. . 3,-'f ' , f fs f- ,. , Vg. wg .4,., ...yn A lu, -- .. 4 .J-fi "r"'1v Q A A -' '.7'i.?, W ' ' V-I. ' Q ', Af 4 ' 1 4 44 I N ,iw-'9 EJ: , '-,xg-g3.5A::,,x,. A 'L . :.-. .aff My 'J' Pu -" - V", 4-'P f?,"55f'1'5x.1j.," ' Af- 'A ,xfl4-wi' "', . .IJ 0 V'-" """'3"'f'S 5' 3:w-.hex , N' 'Qi' 177 P 'a' ' 151.-..,'Jli AH-u, J . T Vx hr tf w.f ... ,- A . ., my f. f ' av N ,z. 1, ' .W ,.,.,-wr, - m.f,,q. N4 . 4,41-'.'f'.g" nw .,- .. a-1 ,W-1. ' . -.xr-4 'fa ,gf - ' f"'j..a, :"'ly.',x,,3,.?v3., p .V ' l ' fihntn' '.'I M ' 1 M nf' 11 ' 1 ,if . , , , . ..-Q-ff, - ,V ,. N, A - .f-.Q-'f-vmz N- wfw-:J Q ,ff A ff fl D - -ng: .-.1-fgw.. ff .. ffff.f. ,fb .af . 'W ' -f.1 fh:a2sV2":9fM.-'P'.i.' 9-H 0 . X""'x-tfg. ,l"' , 5 58' 25 J ALL, uf Pu- 'Tfml w,..:fxa'PI. :': Rpt, 1' gllfgluv " 1 ,bxx-. M-fm Aa-..wX' f.-y5v,1gg,.-55,15-. , wg'-ft3w,, - 1. ' 'uf' , ,f1C5Qi,, ., ig, Ar.1'.,x-f,.f,.g..5-AJ ,J l .gf .. .... 4L',4,,g.fa:J.o'Zij?f' ,,vfg? 0115! . 1 ,- 1 . 4 . 'Af , ,. x 3n'.'e21f"'7'ff,,::"'1E,.Jli-'P Q4 ,:.f'2'f::1!'7 ,, LQ 1f""7"'ff:'Q1l-'r""' 617195, 7? f w.3"',5L ,fini ' f'1 ,5y.,3.s,6,.w. x",' -f'K",i .L,..... 9, 'Q 4 nh, 3, - 'fi' 4 A ,na . 'Ig . ., ' g :ff 1422, ,Ac gig, ',. ,LV - lw1.miff"r,,,4" ' ' We ' . .4 ' fflth' X x V Big' im. 5' rug, - ' Vfwi- 4' Tw' . .-. .aw-f '23 :L ,, 5, IUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL ' cz. Sidwell. ROW 1: Gillespie. Younker. Li McCombs. Harley. Kifer. ROW 2: Mr. Smith. Marlin. Nakagawcx. Lancaster. Francis. Natuli. Gower. Willworth. Rucker, St. Clair. od. Beckstrom. Fuller. Nash, Falcon. Gomez. ebsack. Carter. Kam1y ROW 3: Oller. Wo Vaughn. Brisino. Hyman. ,:,,,gannslun we VARSITY TRACK ROW 1: Manager Seward, Bozell, Higgins, Henry, Losson, Dypwick, Dolan, Popplewell, Mgr. Andrews. ROW 2: Coach Maggcrrd, Hale, Hicks, Verrill, McKee, Owens, Bickford, Miller, Cable, Coach Pcmovich. ROW 3: Sielling, Dempsey, Young, Peterson, Baker, Anderson, Gray, Correicx. Bailey. Q" Cinder wr, Q fc'J?avu5, rw. 1 X . fs, if 3, 1 , 5 4 ,11yf"kvl31-2:5 . AQ' A W :sm I-':.l.""M 'Q' uw,- V if WM qv hm .df .sq A ii! We A tum W --'V , A' MW.-www we A . 1e ,e, , , R R "l, l xl 5 we J Wagyu i' Y ff, --. wi, Q C TRACK Cn IOW l: Kato, lohnson, Harris, Manri- Iuez, Booker. White, Daniels, Natal:- luka. lOW 2: Coach Maggard, Tuck, Mit- rhell, Miller, Sudberry, Mullins, lma- noto, Cliarshafian. Hansen, Coach 'anovich. KOW 3: Manager Thorpe, Wesley, lult, Dohi. Stewart, Larsen, Tracy. leftlelinger, Manager Vaughn. Action 1' ff? J llf-Aff? - M- I. -Q, yn f ,sm IA 3. QTY, 3 - B TRACK ROW 1: Nishi, Tumbull, Cass Younkin. Helgeson. Bridges, Za- mora. Scarberry, West, Cozort ROW 2: Coach Maggard. Man- ager Phillips, Knie, Bricker Herron, Hauser. Marrs, Youn- kin, Nakata, Nakamura, Ya- mada. Coach Panovich. ROW 3: Manager Marrazz Schott, Butterfield. MacLean Lundy, Glover, Lock, Koller Felker, Kerr, Ballard, Sprankie Lundy, Manager Taylor. Q QQ? QW '23 .yriiifel f "f I 2 F A vs cox ,. is g Atl' 3 1-'Suk M mi 'Wx yr- ,ggullll like i I GYMNASTICS ROW 1: Mr. Wise, Turner, Donaldson, Davenport, Park, Kennedy. ROW 2: Iordan, Hedgecock, McGee, Kotwicki, McMurty, Tomaiko, Ellis. ROW 32 IGISGYI YUUDQ. Neal, Wilson, Lewis, Cresnshaw. TENNIS TEAM ROW 1: Blum. Kado, Somer, Ayers, Kobayashi, Shied. ROW 2: Coach Heap, Hiroshige, Furuya, Nicely, Damron, Porter, Mason. Smoyer. ROW 3: Munsey, Speer, Gesler, Sparks, Heyes, Heyes, Gordon, Cole. GARDENA ATHLETIC MANAGERS 1' ROW: Coach Owen Hansen, Robert Markazz. 1 Phlu1PS. Monty Hyman, Lewis Thorpe, Iohn s. ROW: lim St. Clair, Robert Oller, Frank Andrews. rn Deatherage, Bob Phillips. GARDENA ATHLETIC MANAGERS For every hero there must be workers, and the Athletic Managers are workers. Keeping track of equipment, doling out supplies, running errands for the "wheels," are only a few of the chores performed by these boys. For reward they are also awarded the coveted to be worn for life, and really this is only a small token to show our appreciation for what our Athletic Managers have done. gk fy - ' i,.., J H if FF W gf A .t wmv' -4 29 9 B -4 HI ,, . , H Y To create, ma1nt:a1n and extend throughout, the home, school, church and community high standards of Gxristian Qxaract,er." 'im me e emma saw' Efswfw' -qr, ..-: A CAUFORNIA HIGHWAY Prim ,c 'ff it . M ilf ' 1.5 -rg, ...,-iw SD-FEW EDUCPM. ew 111- 'iiffj if Gi B A . I .J -.: L V -i m R ' -Q in A .fl 9 :E f- 1 L of N? . . SHFQHUNIT . x . ff. c c uwY.'g::izlQ. .. .E . . .xpfmgwggp gy K kkk. . ' ',:. .. K 49 9 i E A K K K i n txfz uf fx fi 'eeer .111 l SULTAN'S SAFETY TEST Bob Humbo. Leslie Moore. Iohn Borgen. fStoopingl Chuck Wright, Bill Collins., A if YOUTH IN GOVERNMENT Robert Felder HI-Y BOY OF YEAR I Executive Secretary Hi-Y boy oi year Bob Nakata receiving sportsmanship tro- phy from former Mayor Iames Rush. Dick Conner Program Secretary I 0 S INSTALLATION Yvonne Sargent and Golda Rockwell at Sacramento all New President of LaH'a'L0t5 T'i'Hi'Y Shirley Shan uc' "Youth in Government." Melba Wilson is leader of Cepling gavel from PGS' President Ifmel Wilson along Laff-a-Lots Tri-Hi-Y. with other officers: Loretta Weidner. Vice-President: Sandra Burton. Secretary: Rosemary Whitfield, Treas- urer, and Mary Lou Cromer. Chaplain. X KV G. A. A. The Girls' Athletic Association was organized in l929, to bring together all girls in the Senior High School. The club helps to promote better school spirit and co-operation. This organization has for its ideals, "good sportsmanship and clean living" Every girl who becomes a member should live up to these ideals, and thus serve herself and others. While in the club, it is the aim of every girl to be an active and interested member. Under the very capable guiding hand of Mrs. Bell, the GAA. has had many interesting and out- standing events this semester. The Gardena Girls' Athletic Association extends an invitation to all girls of the Senior High School to join the Association next year. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION lk GAA CABINET-S'54 ROW 1: C. Getty Und. Sp. Man.I, G. Uyeshima fCorres. Secy.J. G. Yamane lRec. Sec.I, S. Aria lPres.I, S. Nagatomi llst ViceI, I. Kobata 12nd Vicel, K. Ono 43rd Vicej. ROW Z: S. Varalyay. G. Manriquez. I. Kobata fTreas.I, D. Pyle KCheer- leaderl, T. Kordones CPlayday Chair- manl, A. Nishimoto, N. DeMoss fChaplainI, S. Ogi fPub.I, Mrs. Bell. ROW 3: M. Myers. S. Takahashi KHis.I, M. Heinzman, S. Huffmann, N. Doo- little fSo!t. Man.I, P. Berger lG.L.G. Pres.I. L. Inouye, I. Ikegami. I. Rees fPub.I, M. Ienkins. N. Kauffman fDec. Comm.I. GIRLS' LEAGUE CABINET ROW 1: Ieanne Kobata, Sec- retary: Shirli Nagatome: Nancy Kauffman, President: Marilyn Owens. Hospitality: Shirley Arai, Vice-President. ROW 2: Dorine Pyle, Hospital- ity: Audrey Hanapel. Finance Chairman: Sherry Guymon. Publicity Chairman: Peggy Such 11th Grade Chairman: Kay Hopper. Welfare Chair- man. at GLG CABINET-W'54 Virginia Almaraz, Barbara Cunningham CPresi- if dentl, Margaret Vega, Mary-Ann Caine, Miss ' Lawler lSponsorI. ,Q ., ,." iei. . xii hw 'msnuii GLG-GARDENA LETTER GIRLS Girls, too, have an opportunity at Gardena High to earn the coveted "G" symbol, and this is the organization they are entitled to become members ot when they have done so. Each girls has put forth individual effort to belong to this group. The GLG is the nucleus around which develops all the activities of the GAA-such as their choir, and formal initiation. ln addition, they contributed to our entire school through such services as the Christmas project for the orphanage, and assisting in any and all duties or activities when called on to do so. A, t President Pamela Berger Secretary Beverly Taylor Sponsor Mrs. Lawler Q99 Vice-President Iudy Heilik Historian Marilyn Ornelas asf GLG .xv ...Zi 'i" ' ' Q " ini . 'KI W . X , X ROW I: Diane Allen, Wine Birkmann, Nancy Kauffman, Iudy Vollmer, Mary Ann McAdam, - Shirli Magatomi, Gracy Uyeshima, Ioyce Nagabe. ROW 2: D. Breneman, Dorine Pyle. Seyamne Ya- mane, Barbara Denney. Beverly Taylor, Iudy C - , Z Heilik. Pamela Berger, Marilyn Ornelas, Phyllis t , ' Binford, Ioanne Lauer. Donna Withers, Sheila McGoldrick. ROW 3: Mrs. Lawler. IoAnn Struna, Golda Rock- well. Carol Carlisle, Ianice Markwith, Nancy Wade, Leoneta Lopez. Ieanne Kobata, Maxine Brickey, Marilyn Myers, Alice Nishimoto. Grace Yamane, Maxine Diekmann. Earlene Rush. ROW 4: Beverly Alverson. Barbara Paulus, Marian Heinzman, Catheline Getty, Barbara Nix, Thelma Kordones, Helen Rigby, Lillian Smith, Alverne Barnett, Earlina Anderson, Ioan Rees, Sumi Takahashi. A-12 GAA HOW 1: S. Aria, D. Williams, C. Car- lisle, H. Rigby, I. Wright, I. Bucka- nan. W. Birkmann, I. Lauer. 1-'--N.. ROW 2: A. Nishimoto. S. Ogi, B. Alverson, I. Vollmer, D. Allen. D. Withers, E. Anderson. S. Takahashi, G. Uyeshima. ROW 3: G. Yamane, I. Heliik, P Berger. M. Diekmann, B. Taylor, I. Huffmann, l. Struna, G. Rockwell. P Binford, N. Kauffman, M. Heinzman. B-12 GAA ROW 1: B. Nix. T. Kordones, S. Naga- tomi. I. Kobata, G. Seward, M. Myers. ROW 2: M. Ornelas, L. Lopez. M. Q McAdam, B. Denny, I. Markwith, R. Iarvis. NY? T -rs 'Q A tg Q g 6 Q' : W 5.-f il: r l s? l it x I gr y N X Nr .T sste , it 't-fi: Q be N' G. A. A. Groups ROW l: Blake, Stacey, Park, Pyle. Sargent, Nelson, Martoise, Yamane, Nagabe, Getty, Pascoe, Ikegami. ROW 2: Saraceno, Abrams, De Moss, Burson, Kobata. Manriquez, Sargent, Green, Madsen, Brown, Inouye, Doolittle. ROW 3: Breneman. Cahill, Webster, Hiller, Mason, Leigh, Rees, Stites, Ienkins, Puckett, Amezcua, Ono, Wada. 5 ik k if qb.: D , . A 4 4? W4 BOW l: Hopper, ROW 2: ROW 3: Keener, F3395 GJ-LA. WORMS . Wood, C. Yamauchi, K. Higashi, L. Mathews, G. Kauffman, A. Rothman, M. Bennett, A. Fujii, M. Ona, M. Osaka, M. Locarnini, K. Langley, M. Pearson. lnose, L. Nakata, B. Yoda, B. Kobata, M. Goodridge, S. Horne, P. Giuliano, P. Huffine, D. Higgins, V. Hathaway, O. Acuna, D. France. Nxshl, N. Washlzuka, M. Storrer, C. Newlum, F. Henry, B. Townsell, D. Holloway, I. Nelson, I. Osborn. C. Darden, S. Standerier, L. Young, L. Stiles, N. Palmer, K. Hagio, I. Yamane. . x, ,il D 'if' ' . X ' z ' " C' if 1 W he-P V VV H X :Y I r-.,, Q x ,H :.- ' . 5' if A ,. - Q 'Q B-10 AND A-10 GAA 1 :" ..,, 2 f' ' is - Q -A l 1 , . :-4, . t A A a X2 JW l: Zollotuchen, Villella, Down- ' '1" ' Y. 'L Q 5 f ly. Ainsworth. Hernandez, Varal- , by , , ry. Oglesbee. Mikami. k N JW 2: Moser, Campbell, Kennedy, 5 Q . . rwyer, Sanders, Greer, Hall, Iohn- , 9 ' L, E x n, Labory, Washizukhi, Fuiinami. t ' 4, -K Q ' ' g JW 3: Pounds, Huskisson, Syron, , L' ' ' inter, Poness, Franklin, King, Gab 'd, Iohnson, Hatanaka. Young. lin , X sw, N xrvifi N Ni? iw., 9 THE IUNIOR ATHLETIC CLUB Turning out good citizens with strong bodies and clean minds is one of Gardena I-ligh's creeds. The lunior Athletic Club is one of the starting points for doing just this. lts objectives are to introduce new girls to our athletic and social programs, through sponsoring sports and social gatherings. President Vice-President Margaret Shimono Kathy Lloyd Secretary Treasurer Wanda O'Brien Yukiko Fiyiami Q , xg , if 9 9 A-it X. K5 3 X shi t. N sw 'ti QL 'noun 42 Y , A 2 f K1 A . l ac 1 5 p if if -A - l , P 9 .1-,,, 0 x ' el W tv, TLV 1 iv Q K A -'L Q 'K bttb X , 3 ' i 'V 1 if i 'Qt if T ' A- ti 1 1 TZ' f ' f A l"f,' i : I 0 ig' N A 1 A ' s ll I L 5 uf A r-t, . if ' K L 'lv' lt Q , P 'Kilt' Q A':'n'.1P.'1.JJ.s.5. A y A .'.- I AC IUNIOR ATHLETIC CLUB P. Newlun, G. Newlun, Mclnnes, Capo, Felsen. Cummings. Fenstermaker, McGrady, Spruell, Ervin. Sogale, Watson. Kobayashi. Grillo. Lochmann, Lloyd, Shimono, O'Brien, Fujinami, Kamiya, Mannix, Biscotti, Zollotuchen, Mikami. ROW 3: Long. Yamane, Ono, Sakai. Bruns, Hall, Helgeson, Dobbs, Faubion, Moeckly, Pett, Yamauchi, Mrs. Forsyth. ROW 4: Kondo, Ikegami, Kamiya, Kiyomura, Bowers, Smith, Kushida, Bursell, Edison, Freivogel, Okano, Yanai. Yamamoto, Uyeno, Nishi. ROW l: ROW 2: ""s Senior High Classes A-ll ROW 1: Amons, Mesa, McKeever, Navrides, Pulis, Tarsikes, Clcxwson, Pascoe, Taylor, Arvidson, Williamson, Touey, Mulligan, Holt, Back, Combs, De Moss, Neqcxbe, Shishido. Bernard. ROW 2: Pierson, Robinson, Dicks, Costa, Kordones, Wilcox, Fisher, Iones, Cox, Harper, Ennis, Ienkins, Clonts, Byrd, Rodriquez, Rios, Dench, Erick- son, Halliwill, Saraceno. ROW 3: Crenshaw, Burson, Kelsey, Prindle, Prioett, Dettweiler, Ingols, Stall, Alexander, Hamilton, De Priest, Maier, Denny, Guymon, Harris, Chong, Wamada. ROW 4: Stewart, Deovila, Silva, George, Lamke, Hendricks, Giovunoni, Heyes, Mason, Munsey, Gordon, Kobayashi, Moore, Cannon, Schmock, Marasca, Dolan, Sparks, Carter, Murakami, McMillen. ROW 5: Drummond, Geyer, Owens, Ventura, Cohchasure, Bricker, Behunin, Angeloni, Calfee, Miller, Burkett, Dutton, Barrier, Cowles, Taylor, Andrews, Wrightmcm, Casleton, Ycxmaski, Kamiyci, Uyedcx. i A-11 iv B-12 . , . M . ROW l: Murauslci, Markwith. Stone. Myers. Brickey. Nagatoml. Lopez. Seward. Kobata. Ornelas. MaYheW- Calhoun, Meuglef Hansen ecms . D . R' k. . . RCOWSIZ: Tasnti. Saldana. Sana, Gregson. Hansen. Abrams. Stiles. Nix, Guss. Elliott. McAdams. ldfvlgfltsmlfgf Ijofgorjig Gates' ROW 3: Best. Frazer. Alexander. Harmon. Fnzzle. Fink, Haga, Ainsworth. Wilson. Martin. Hunter. Bragg 1 of' Yf F d' I Mc cmd. ROW 4. Mcchesney, Green, Thomas, Sutherlin. Burdman. Petersom. Young. Losson. Coitmay. Borgen. Stock. Gillespie. or ianp g W'55 . . . FEBRUARY PRODUCTS Hardly the last of a vanishing tribe . . . a class small in number . . . yet great in enthusiasm . . . looking tor- Ward . . . to careers, to college, to greater responsibilities . . . some to the service . . . looking backward . . . memories, good times, other carefree days. A-ll ROW l: Campbell. Knight. Iordon. Lyster. Pfannstiel. Pyle. Such. Stacey. Gray. Brown. Breneman. Hood, Cathcart. Taylor, Brown. Watwood. Cope. Vokota. Madsen. Sanders. Burges. Fecko. ROW 2: Owens. Russell. Birch. Stanford. Able. Kuck. Ramey. Park. Rees. Sabin. Hastings. Younkin. Iaramillo. Spruell. Yamane, Heddings, Van Natta. Ono. Ikegami. ROW 3: Anderson, Hiller. Cahill. Webster, Mason. Leigh. Hall. Genant. Arndt, Alvine. Adam. Vellasco. Davis. Kellog. Denning. Getty. Culp. Blethen. Iwouye. Doolittle. Imamoto. ROW 4: Cherry, Omaiko, Scott, Brummitt. Veres. Conklin. Fugate. Felker. Perkins. McBroon. Christensen. Dressel. Rude. Garcia. Yanes. Brown. Helgerson, Ballard. Husley. Cozort. ROW 5: Keellogg. Forest. Liedtke. Adam. Aspray. Pumphrey. Call. Bums. Drummond. Bove, Ball. Hamilton. Wright. Wickman. Verrill. Gesler, Cole. Speer. Ayers. Stelling. Prentiss. Doe. Hotta. s ' 15 x, 'if' I I Y 55' "fx lc, mu ,,,. ' 'J' ,-get rw rw jj, ,-ff fa gy A as rr. Q z K ,i Thgg. rink' fi- .liffiffa M F' fi, ! . . --N B-11 B-11 ROW 1: Abrams. Spohrer. Baldwin, Pounds. Carnell. Parry. Peterson. Badnin. Bennette. Farm. Dean. Friday. Halford. Vollmert, Lewis, Martois ROW 2: Sargent. Chiarello. Brown. Stites. Bardwell. Loya. Grove. Schmidt. Reese. Nabors, Sampson. Eytchison. Andulsky. Robarge. Brown, Kobatc: Manriquez. Grien, Nelson. Ober. Brasaceher. Esquirel. ROW 3: Simpson, Arizumi. Killer. Magallanes, Kraus, Ellis. Park. Mclrrs. Morris, Walker. Deatherage. Wobbrock. Bularia. Orden, Vassbo. Carter Miller. Velgado, Iimenez. ROW 4: Gray. Ball. Burtle, Pinney. Merrill, Bobbitt. Congdan. Peterson. Brunning. Winter. Fulps. Bennet, Reid, Krapil. Finch. Dix, Cobb, Hungerford Sakuma. g 8 .ima S ,M av an T17 Q3 lr . 5' A ' ig-Q, ug U .2 rig? 55323 J Q - r Q ,,., ., .f T -K ' -2 9' - M-f '- war to A-IU ROW 1: Keener. Allabashi. Howell. Fortin, Burns. Costello. Barela. Priest. Tolley. Neilson. Langford, Herrick. Aglesbee. Varalyay, Sawyer, Newell Lindman, Franklin. Orr. ROW 2: Stcmderler. Greer. Hall. Wyrick. Starkey, Baily, Kincade, Caron, Tracey. Smith. Townsell. Neal. Reeder. Ainsworth, Donnelly, Kennedy, Sawnders, McCain, Pistono. Mistretta. Galchutt, Rowe. ROW 3: Fhuti. Rapp. Flaming, Iohnstone. Younkin. Natali, Hyman. Scheid, Garcia. Santa Cruz, Herft. Ruiz. Velasco, Franco. Vest, Bailey. Owen. Crowther, Ulbing. Scott. Martin. Beach. Timmons. ROW 4: Knecht, Eytchison. Buried. Gavino. Baker. Hufty. Butler. Fuburya. Kaidcx, Laughlin, O'Riordan, Rotle, Sprankle. LeBeau. Burke. Yonker Muniz. Otero. Kaler. Arvidson. Blow. Harmon. ROW 5: Bernhard. Robertson. Lowry. Hammond. Scarberry. Charshalian. Elwell, Beard. Weed. Standerford, White. Giovanani. Moniz. Rich. Blum Morris. Trudeau. Hathaway. Bobbitt. Merrill, Sistrunk. 51' Q , gsm A ,S , A ,, -' f"Ka.... A-10 ROW l: Taylor. Gallucci, Smith, Weber, Scott. Acuna, Ormiston, Stewart, Yorkason, Vinson, Tracy, Neely. Hamilton, Treio, Alvarado, Henry, Dellon, Matthews, Frazier. Streeter, Alverson, Barkhousen. Iohnson. ROW 2: Russo. Harrison. Villella, Allen, Franco, Heddings. McCullough, Elliott. Demmi, McCoy, O'Dell, Goodridge, O'Connell, Sanders. Smith. ROW.3: Kelly. .Frazier. Mattews, Croak, Schloss, DeMarquez, Gudley. Hernandez, Navrides, Roberts, Markdull, Nichols, Eldridge. Bankston, Vest, Washizuka. Reiko. Iohnson. Hatanaka. Lubouy, Smith, Hawkins. Bassett, Watkins. A-10 A-10 ROW l: Hardesty. Adams, Bragg, Hunter, Morris, Kahl. Pounds, Theison, Thomas,Nazarian,Pinkston, DeArman,Perry. Prince, Mozer, Zollotuchen. ROW 2: Adams. Campbell, Syron, Wheeler, Heilik, Murphy, Linsey, Misso, Gabardi, King, Frazier, Ward, Chant, Thompson. ROW ROW ROW 3: Rude, Rice, Bridges, Rankin, Doke, Dove, Coulson. McGee, Phillips, Simon, Tomastirs, Smith, Stanholt. 4: Holten, Steele, Hicks, Campbell. Woolworth, Harris, Dells, Younkin, Daniels, Tully, Shanahan, Larson, Spots. Wray. 5: Vida, Holloway. Voss, Wrightsmon, Stewart, Zamora, Hammond. Chavez, Delong, Francis. Lawson. ff!!! A fl ft' ,. gif il ' ,JFS . 'Wi' .fgu .9 Q, We 3? VK' -'S A os rresennng Junior rugn Scnoot STUDENT BODY ADMINISTRATION One of the most obvious aspects of change at Gardena is the recognition and reorganization commanded by the continuing steady growth of lunior High School. Even with the double session divisioning, ninth grade has to be accommodated with the senior session: the Iunior High is receiving the recognition of a separate section in the school yearbook. Adequate provision for lunior I-ligh School Student Body Administration requires more than routine observance ot the formality of designating a group or nominal officers. Our new lunior High School Leadership Council was chartered this semester, S'54, to meet the need for this type of administrative organization found in all the secondary schools of our city. The multi-fold purpose is: to develop leadership among its members, to promote and enhance school functions as the need arises, to coordinate the inner workings of activities on a school-wide basis, to spread and encourage a solid democratic approach to the handling of school affairsg to establish greater taith and understanding ot democratic processes by practicing demo- cratic ways. The Leadership Council is proud oi this opportunity, and trusts that the entire student body will teel not only an important part of the council, but will lend constant suggestions toward its improvement. Student Body Administration W'54 Kurt McMillen Pauline GIUIICIIIO Mqfgqfet Lgcqfnini 1 President W'54 Vice-President W'54 Se-crefgfy W'54 Mrs. Demetriou Sponsor W'54 IUNIOR HIGH LEADERSHIP COUNCIL The cholrter group, S'54, corn- posed of the elected student body officers ond officers of junior high clubs. Mr. Hyman, sponsor. -er -.",g" I H U., . 'VTX 3 .'. I "'v"" . - n 5'54 Nr ROW l: Eloise Yamamoto, Sandra Peitebone, Ierry Aiteberry. Barbara Mountain, Richard Nishimoto, Roland Minami. ROW 2: Nobuko Nishi. Bemice Ono. Billie Emerson, Wanda O'Brien, Margaret Shimono Kathy Lloyd. ROW 3: Iames Reed, Earl Mato. Mr. I-Iyam. Sponsor: Minoru Nakamura. """4 Q rj! "'-" "'f'J'1lr .ami Ierry Attebery Sandra Pettibone Virginia Mountain President Vice-President Secretary Mr. Hyam Sponsor S54 Junior Q ":f ",'. Q" rrti "' irrr A r S ::,. ..',,' 1 -XZ ,.. .-5 : 'IIV I ----: - CLASS OFFICERS Kats Nishi ............................ President George Falcon . . . . . . Vice-President MUTY Cromer .... ...... S ecretary Margaret Osako . . . 1 , Treasurer y":'!t' CLASS SPEAKERS Donna Holloway Frank Buseno Mqrgqret Lecamini A J fm Kem I , , ff 3 'fin ROW 1: ,.. ': its Mig' , . ,ef-m7 E 9? nw ffl J 5 we PRESENTATION OF CLASS GIFT Kurt McMillen, Kats Nishi. Donna Holloway. Frank Briseno. Margaret Locarnini. 'QQ-f""l'5'5 . Q Tw , '. . 1 I ,,.,,.,:., S V , . vv E' K 1- .. 4 fe B ' ' 1 L lf 2 A A... il L f g? ' T' Q5 T- ' - - ,- N L fl ,,',-. .," r ff i t " .l,, ll we ,rf 3 lf- We . A J -2? ,::": f -1, 31' K K '- 7 ' 3-if 5 l '- -2 ,II 1' J nga NE ,A-:.,..,,....,:,,,,., ,,.,,, - ,--,: .::,,,: E . ,.,. ., Q. K F iq M 4, gn :K A K H K if A ix L I R wi , 4 S m f if f .il ,ff JU' A 2 A , -f'., 3, S K , W - KAJL A f 9 W M- T ' Q S ,QL g,r"'E' Iames Andress Daphne Clarke Denise Gaskell Angel Arellano Carolee Darden Sandra Gates Regina Babb ROW 2: Ioe Deniz ROW 3: Anne George Billy Baker Peggy Deutschle Pquline Giuliano Bert Baldwin Frank Beville Beverly Blalock LaVeme Brown David Emanuel George Evans Dennis Fritz Aiko Fujii Sylvia Helinglon Monte Hodge Kay Hopper Richard Iarvis "I High Graduates W'54 ti , , 'g I: ,S 7,3 Qs g K M s A: as " " 5 ' Q ' - .. X , 1 A A , -:P A ,YA ., 3, .... Q ,gpg K f .V ans' wk ,., ,..: , f k new fri- - :. tr! . . rsrzfms-g .asses is-sro Gordon Iohnson Phyllis Legg Mickey Katsumata Kurt McMillen Grace Kauilman Pat McNeil Reed Knight Maxine Mahne fa 4' P . Qi? gl -. 4 W P T 1 r ar' ' A . .- 3' K -- -f fr be r ff' T ' , , ' .,- gig' U- ROW 4441 David Mazey Eddie Nelson Iollnn Nelson Carolyn Newlun Bill Nix Shirley Norris Loretta Oddo Mildred Ono 2. f-...A l.,, ... kr A f X- 4 f ROW 3: The officers of our class did not rest, On making our graduation one of the best. Our skating party was very gay- Our class colors, red and grey. W S A cw 4'-Y' "X . ll Barbara Tompson Carolyn Wycoif Fred Young Nancy Young The gift We gave was indeed fair, A brown leather mahogany speeker's chair, Three ot our class outdid the rest In making their speeches a great success. .ax . Y nw may - .ev l 'ra Gur class sponsors helped a lot By bettering the growth ot this "crop." ROW 2: , . A k N .Q TT. x N gh-sm! Montie O'Quinn Linda Orr Nancy Palmer Susan Penney Ioyce Powers Ioe Prieto Cecelia Reader Lois Stiles CLASS SPONSORS Mrs. Demetriou, Chairman Mrs. Ibanez Mrs. Trondal Mr. Martin Mr. Maggard Mr. Smith Mrs. Tittle Mr. Peterson N s ix , ff ' X X N Xa xi + X X XX X N , e......- X .by ,if.if..E, . 1.::: SEQ M l -w. ye? V? 'K E A N wr ml slit or lx .. ' ,Q ,' .. K F -. X , H ,J ,.,, - we -F.. T34 L " . K , Q r f px ' A in X wg 6, A W : ,,,v,.,fv:' A .r , , , sw" V, . :, ' 3 I ' , as Q, . K JA ,..,, ii A if RQ T , 'A, " "-:'2' if a fig? ' . . T My . F '75 ,,,-of , .aff 4 it .4 N ' 1 .W 4. WM-v 'K 4 . . , 1 .,,- - ,M , ' ,WL "Q M fl Aging . -- . Nw - , lv ,,,, . W" L ls My-rs l A if '- 'A A Y4.v MQ- . ly ,am W- its, 3 Qgfwiii ' Q at 3 Ji' a was Af' "H- ' M X' ,,ls,, 1 ,sg ,X ri... f "'- 1, 'SSL ' - ' km w . 5. I . 21 7 -fl 4 1, O A L" mg E: , law y Q In ,M ,Q In '-:' 1,. B B " ,gk M , , y V v : fy V ',I"' ,."' -2- K Q 5,4 fi ' A 1 A if 'W' '24 ,.,A,', ' we-r" , tv at 1 fifrwiyqf ,, 9 A . H Q L.,.:. 5,1 5? ,., T L, l 1 ee- ..., 2 W Q, ww, I , A J' A, 5 , fa , A 4 W3 . 'W -A L ' E,z21:i.' jf.-Z. . ' I at f -L f hx Q A 9 S'54 Larry Akahoshi, Barbara Alger. Iudith Alverson, Amelia Iudy Amezcua, Robert Arai, Vivian Armstrong, Tom Aspray, Annette Aube, Dennis Ault, Miles Baker, Mary Barkhausen, Larry Barton, Barbara Batchelor, Shirley Battentield, Iulia Bear, Margo Beard, Roy Beckstrom, Ted Bender, lean Bennett, loe Ann Bennett, Timothy Best, Cherry Biram, Iackie Blaylock, Frances Borgen, Barbara Barrelli, Ioe Bowen. Phyllis Bradley, Doralee Brown, Eugene Brown, Rose Burke, Georgia Bums, Edward But- terfield, Pat Buttles, Phyllis Cairo, Linda Camacho, Grant Camp- bell, Iames Carey, Ann Carlisle, Iudy Carlson, Linda Carlson, Christian Carroll, Budd Case, Bill Cass, Marie Helen Cervantes. Ianice Chounard, Alfred Church, Bernie Clarke, Terry Coil, Darwin Cole, Doris Cole, William Cole, Eloise Coleman, Bill Collins, Cliff Colton, Manuel Contreras, lVIike Coquia, Rich Cornwall, Charles Correia, Pat Costa, Pat Coverdale, Cherlyn Cowles, Beverly Cratsenberg, Carolyn Crenshaw, Bob Crist, Continued hirley Davis, Doyle Davison, Carolyn Day, Donald Dear, Bill 'ekker, Iudy Delebak, Iudith Dellsite, Richard DeLung, Carol .nn DeNunzio, Darryl Desmond, Louis DiAngelo, Laurel Dix, ennis Dodge, Ronald Dohi, Laura Doke, Iudy Dovsming, Marion udek, Lee Duke, Charlotte Dysard, Iohn Earley, Dixie Edmonds, leorgia Edwards, Anita Eldridge, Iudy Erickson, Earl Evans, 'cmcy Filburn, Roger Filippelli, Eileen Foulger, Bill Francis, :anne Francis, Larry Fruede, Ierry Fuller, Pat Fullilove, George -ibson, Dennis Galland, Iackie Gilliam, Iimmy Gillibrand, Fred -lenwinkel, Ronald Goff, Gwen Gordon, Gloria Gray, Sonny -ray, Frank Greminger, Margie Griffo, Ronald Grimshaw. lyrna Grove, Socorro Guerra, Kathleen Hagio, Barbara Hall, ona Hamilton, Carol Hammond, Bonnie Hansen, Ierry Hansen, urtiss Hansen, Holly Harbold, Bill Hardesty, Darlene Harding oris Harmon, Tommy Harmon, Walter Hartsuyker, VonZza Continued . . . : it 1 .. s X. 7 " X -1 Q. NYS 'K 5 ,wav 3 ' N., , -ff-1' I , 4, .av 5582 X ' .1 -f eq, W. - I A H., di mx . S, 0-. 0 ' I v 'Y I Y 3 4' Q k 5 K W I Q, Q "' , N3 ,I F .ia I . rbty. 15, , in 5.4 A: NV' Q ip N L1 l . 1 4 A . H , f, y E' y 'Q . if 2 . 4,.LWM ...I N 'nf 3, N F' K ,- vi - -ff 1 , ' . s 19 A r "" 3 , 9 e A 1 rd ' ii 'Ji. ,i . fs - If L , ' ' if 341, - ,A ' . ,',. .E X M .--' . .3 If . -1 , 1'-5 V ' ' E X- Q ,.,r Q ' f f i' .1 ' 5 "". xr- , Uif' 'X i ' , ., . A X ,ug . N . 1 4 , tg q.5 . h I J -, w a, , E ' -fs , , . , . z g 'Q i, - N Q M. , N i .- 4' fa 11-,R if "Y as 2'-rw. if lf- L .-r ,, nf' k X 1 .,,- grin! gl .,, L . W L I . ""5la., Q: D' A -N19 LL -of if Q. A A: 1 ,ali U 5 xiii i U N' . taia X 1 P.: "' fi or - , Xl f B ss: wg D -F E . A .X E' ' V ' , ,rhiik ., Q .Hama X , - 'Z fbi fl- Eil a . f x Q . X Qc? L., Q , . W .., g it X ' i - ' v 'Q",2 'F - 1 if i I .. , L A ek. 1 C ' . i K K A . ffi. an A , 6 L K ,X 1 ,gi X X K y Xi tx QQ, .- NX , . ,,,.f,:,, V5 xy P t 5 3' W fr , ' 5 ' A M 'Q ' K f f ' r .,,..A. . I 3 ,M V , he -. """f I 1:91 ZI": 'Q-iii ' W ma 721 "i:'3I , N V it 2 " X M M 'E 5 2 XX , , W ml A ,L 50. M JI.: t , I E . K , y I N. g'M 4 '48 Q' 1" M ., y r W. , Ji p . '-2 --": .. -? A A in JE B N, il k I Q ,skis 1 .11 43 Ln mln, F as " Q ,"'. ' ' W, Q ...W WW A ,Qi ,se 9 1 rw -1.23 ' . .:,, . U .f., 4? J Q ,ji We 4 Q 53375343503 A 1 Sf ' 5, :f "' ' aww ' fzfif M45 - :Wi A f 'ft if R w. N ' ,1,ls,3fiS??tS afzfizg, W . Y 'Ti ., , 1 Ms ' -7' ' 1 W? 3' ' f Q Y' I 55-51: 5' " W. 4 "Z -:'- ..,:.: -1 14 E M .,.. : e., if ' ..,.. . l i i I lc fit l , 3 lex k t--.Ni fkfxdf Vi, -:':vl 4 . will ' N' - Q -,gg'f:g:f2.- -f'--' lk .I':1'igg"'l9l- .. ., ..,, : RW ' -, W ' 13'-Q Z-' .:- 5 1. P F ua Q, ,V -sg A kv xg gilt,-' K k T j , t H li. sf "kai , Y J Y .Q M' 'V' A 'F ZZ' 2 i .R , I mv is ' 'VMK ,sr 3 , H ,fix I X - , 'fu .iff r Eirizj.. . .qw - P wi' - 1 Q-'-- : """ 251 " A A Nxih 'L i Ez, -: . '.-z f is llv' Q .Nan 7 ff- . B D 4 i -fu l , fx ' 4.78 - I 'gg W s I y. I EE., Q xl ga. .A ga Ex.. H ' QR, Ziff "Mi Qin -z lff-'Li :jQ::.-fi-Pj, .,.,,..- - A I , ,ts ' .1 .5-f,x,.,fr3w Q vw" xx 7 it Hathaway, Ianice Hawkins, Phillip Heath, Ian Heithold, Bob Henderson, Fredia Henry, Ioyce Henshaw, Noel Herft, Rosie Hernandez, lim Heyes, Kathie Hicks, Katherine Higashi, Dorothy Higgins, Don Hight, Kenny Hiroshige, Mary Hiszem, lack Hobbs. Fred Hoier, Kathleen Holland, Gerald Holley, Larry Holt, Richard Honda, Patricia Hosford, Richard Houser. Patricia Huffine, Virginia Hughes, Dick Imamoto, Helen Inose, Sharon Iackman, Kay Iames, Eugene Iensen, Norman Iensen, Douglas Iohnson. Glenn Iohnson, Marlene Iolly, Rose Marie Iordan, Karl Kaufi- man, Dennis Kay, Mevin Keller, Ronnie Kellogg, Charlene Kelsey, Aleda Kennedy, Darlene Kennedy, Dennis Kerr, Covey Kindle, Robert King, Naomi Kiyomura, Bette Kobata, Carol Kocontes, Betty Kotwicki, Suzanne LaBrucherie, Rosemary LaFace, Lyle Lahr, Patricia Lampert, Gary Lancaster, Iim Landis, Billie Lee Langley, Charles Lanier, Eileen Large, Ruth Lawson, Roberta Leitzman, Kelly Lewis, Robert Lock, Danny Lohberger, Ruben Lopez, Dondrea Lurk, Iack Lytle, Ioyce Lytton, Ierry Continued . A 9 S'54 ,K , X 1- 1 -I . ':g,,:g5,. , r .g. Wmix if 9 W X xl Rxvfgggx '4 sit t 1 raw 1 wxfxmst 'QIV3 McCulley, Norman McDade, lane McElyea, Eddie McGee, Donna Mclnnes, David McKinney, Iudy McMurray, Dorothy McNemar, Gary MacLean, Nancy Manciu, Robert Marrazz, Barbara Marrs, Charles Marshall, Bruce Martin, Lito Martinez, Bill Mason. Ronnie May, Shirley Meyer, Loren Miller, Loretta Miller, Carol Mingle, Don Mitchell Carll Miyagishima, Paula Molnar, Natividad Morales, Charles Moran, Manlio Moreno, Caretha Morrel, Barry Mullins, Ioe Muniz, Bill Myers, Ben Nakagawa, Herbert Nakata, Lilly Nakata, Donald Neufischer, Masako Nishi, Bob Nishimoto, Carol O'Brien, Dan O'Connell, Sandy O'Connell, Edwin Oldham, Robert Oller, Iames Oropeza, Earl Osborne, Iudy Osborn, Sharon Osborn, Reuben Palafax, Melba Partlow, Ianice Pass, Madeline Peak, Ken Peddicord, , 4 A 9. -2- W C. .A ...A K F6 A A 45- r" hi AA a, v' L 4 'pa Lb' A Y 593, 1: .1 9 v'1Y , A-ulvfi 5- 'Q , . Q- . ,q,.- ,A fr: X . .,, . , or -0 'Q ' ... . '1 K 2,2 Y A 2, , 4 1 3,2 N' , jl' .,,, w ,' M , ,.., ,R cf! '41 1 I A ,. ,... , ft, y, 40s rv' hy ' 1 . -X 'Iv ' ,L ' ff 'M ,, - I fl' - it " 'l frm 0 4 Z " A if ' 5 .-EEF fit"-. -fn' Y 2 '-:sizing A. -ft ,- .ann-f 1 P Q' If .qs mama ' 'N H K W A 4 ,sf V fa., ,it Continued gg? W2 gQ,Js L' 1 i Y 33 nu' 0 V hz , iugwf. 8 'ss' , ua 1, .0 NP X s' 'ov si inks 'D -v f.- 0" 'X 1' X1 1 Q in fit A email' M -lfhl5w.l Q9 .ot "IJ" J as ' 92' f ii me 4 c 3 in 'gf - :Ezs 35524 iz ., '5 qw r its am P I is Ni 1 i W E 3 'fin ',' is Q ., , . I ,...,. Q wi 4 , . ' .:VV . , . , Q 1: 'x , - I - fx. ' ' 'JI' ,Af - V , K4 H, A ' V, - "W 4 W rssr i ' ' P -. . - .W Q.,--P fi is .rs A 11 -1 - V , -1.3: 2: 1' V92 " - J P -. 1 Q by y, . ,. I, y, A. . Q , ,, ., ., , , ,, , . - s W , ., .... f .. Q , , P , f l y , , ,A:, E, , , .A , W.: Q, 5, 5, Ii, R J ,Q M ,J-Q' E, ia! if , J +-FZ' S, ,ff , I - YM wif! ..,. ,, f 4, ,,, . of: A ,W P i Q -"M"'- . i m, , ML W 2 -1 b r 'Q .Qg f i G H3 L -if , A 'Q M K ' ' EE. 5 W' . ' lf -: 5 'Aff 4 ri ,t ,,:,, . 4 .... li ,. ,,::, , :ZH '-,fp 11,7 A.,-v-su-..., S .,v:... ff r uf-f '37 me 5' 2 ei 5 M ,M 2 , AM .P ijif . , Q-'LA rf 'H- ' . .,,, 5' ' fi E 5 WW 1 -X -.:.. g -I ,f.P., A' .5 -.-' ., Q , . . if , -, ' E w " ' ' ,., , . K' ' -, - . . ,Iwi " .ir 5 ' IL: .gr 3, 1 A :R 1 , 2, " ' - ' ' ' A .. 1 it - , J P if il, ri A If, S, S '. as r' 4 ml at b 53 7 if ff any 5 e gf jf We ,,. 7 .... v ., - v it blxmwbmg S X '5 :fi-3 951 4- it l f': g'E it "', L5 ,Q Vbfq Q, V -. . , ,, , -5 , J W -, N5 . iii Am if ii , gig' y W 5' 5 , in i . S Y P M5 4 l L , , 'fi' fi ie' t y. - AS : . - .5 ,X it K ff W -, .Q .- QT" K y ' V .J 2, Q fl ., 1 ' " ' it 'f""' r f A if 11, 3 ' wi Ve wr X ' it A 9 S'54 Nancy Pedersen, Dorothy Pederson, Don Perea, Victor Perez, Fred Perkins, Lynne Perkins, Ruby Pettie, Iohn Phillips, Russell Phillips, Roberta Pier, Iucly Pierceall, Wayne Plank, William Marion Porter, Mavis Raynor, Robert Rhodes, Adrienne Riegle, Irene Rodgers, Antonio Rodriguez, Wanda Ross, T. Louis Rossi, Felix Rubio, Nancy Rumbo, Patricia Russell, Diana Dryden, Iune Santa Ana, Robert Scaiiidi, Bob Schafer. Bobby Schicke, Donna Schloe, Charlotte Schmidt, Ralph Schott, Lois Schrad, Glen Schuck, Beverly Schultz, Katherene Sciacca, Elaine Scroggins, Lupe Serrano, Wilma Shanton, Sally Sharpness, Mona Lee Sheets, Gloria Shelby, Verle Sidwell, Ianice Simonson, Caroline Smith, Dave Smith, Elaine Smith, Maggie Smith, Iim Smoyer Lena Sparks, Laurie Lee Splan, Iohn Spohrer, Nancy Sponsler, Sonia Spruell, Charles Spruill Margie Stahmer, Marie Stein, Robert Stevens, Sharon Stevens, Helen Stevenson, Richard Stevenson, Sue Stewart, Mary Storrer, Clifton Sudberry, Connie Surface, :rge Taitano, Nadine Talley, Priscilla Taylor, Kenneth Ter- r, Natalie Thomas, Lewis Thorpe, Sharon Tolley, Carl Town- d, Roger Tracey, Martha Trejo, Bill Tuck, Danny Tuffey, rolyn Turner, Roger Uchida, Ernie Urban, Raymond Valdez. n Vaughn, Raul Velasquez, Edward Velner, Ioan Vida, Peggy gel, Teru Wada, Ioan Walker, Roger Walston, Mary Walters, vson Washington, Naomi Washizuka, LeRoy Watson, Ben rtters, Bill Webb, Mary Weber, Iay Webster, Sarah Weesner. orgene Wernli, Gary Westenberger, David Witcher, Serrecca lite, Rosemary Whitfield, Bob Wightman, Billy Williamson, lald Willis, David Windus, Mary Ann Winkler, Ioe Wilson, :ron Wnuck, Gwyn Wood, Louise Wolf, Ella Wolfenden, roll Wolford, Dolores Wood, Rosella Wood, IoAnn Yamane, .ll Yamane,Roy Yamane, Dick Yamasaki, Carolyn Yamauchi, ty Yoda, Iames Yodota, Harry Yonemura, Carol Young. - L. . 5 ,,,,,, 4 , , 5, t - if - A as L ' ef ' I 9 RQ as T1 f fp 1 ,' Izf '. 3.3: - , '- .:--wr -'-- , , X L -X. ff-ff . f. GM, , ,:, 3, N:-., t-. I . f ., ...- Sas Q RNQNX fs., A M e . - t ,,, .ef R 'R A 1' I" Lv. yi -ffm:-I it g 'fi , - K, ' " Y fs., --ff' -+ , f 2' X .1 Y ,:,. 5- 3 s "ff ' -2,-z l ' :" I .ni - r ' ' Q visa if g K wig f R ist.: . p g H QU X .1 2 1 xxx Q ' i '. 3-is . J.. was 5 ,N f , - is -1 1 ,, ff - - ri -xxx Nw 's', 1 are E' X '-N ! :Ss 1 - 1 A A J i - --s f . ' 0 0 in m -Q , 2 , -:Q. 2 , - my L 9 , ,Q 3 A .A x .Q NE: llb. A- q 4 Q :xdlrx .Q itwfqn li. wsu? - - ' A www? - t at 5, '55 - 'f .N :Q .sv Q Q if aff! 'il N , NM 'tt' 'N ' K CA? 36 '... 'ffl ,was if x V, W ' rv sy, f -li M if -X X .T .....f in 3 ' ,,,. 3- ' ..,, K Lk - ... , 1- - A 9 lR. ATHENIANS fx! , ga.-1 ROW l: Uyeno, Hatanaka, Fujinami, Freivogel, Norden, Tibbs, Lloyd, Murami, Combs, Case. ROW 2: Inose, Yanai, Vales, Watson, Pettebone, Moechly, O'Brien, Carty, Pike, Nishi, Nakata, Kobata. ROW 3: Nishi, Sawyer, Kamiya, Smoyer, Gaskell, Taylor, Carlson, Dobbs, Kondo, Ikegami, Helgeson, Horii, Mr. Cox. ROW 4: Lunney, Inouye, Scovell, Kaida, Walters, Yough, Olguin, Nokes, Yanai, Sumida, Mayemura, Minami, Marich, Benson, Nedrow, Iwamasa. An organization dedicotted to corrry the torch of knowledge, omd light the Way for others to follow. Gathered in this organization are those Whose desire for knowledge hots led them to seek the com- panionship of others on the some quest. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Reporter lVIinoru Nakamura Richard Nishimoto Roland Minarni Yoshi Kamiya Gerald Young or We F 'fr Wi. 1? " it Y-TEEN INTER-CLUB COUNCIL ROW 1: Sandra Pettebone, Wanda O'Brien, Naomi Kiyomura, Pat I love, Gloria Gray. ROW 2: Iudy Drinnen, Bernice Ono. Billie Emerson, Yosie Kamiya, Sc Carlson. ROW 3: Iune Yamane, Kay Sakai, Kathy Lloyd, Susan Gaskell, Nol Nishi. Masako Nishi. TOM TOM TEENS ROW 1: Diane Taylor, Maurene Moeckly. Alice Hatanaka, Iudy lkegami. Yosie Kamiya, Ioan Taylor, Sharon Lang. ROW 2: Matilda Otero, Sandra Pettebone, Wanda O'Brien, Ierie Faubion, Patricia Shock, Nancy Hall, Susan Gaskell, Sonya Carlson, Ioan Smoyer, Carmon Rios. ROW 3: Mary Durbin, Emma Chancellor, Ieanne Lochmann, Lynn Helington, Shirley Nelson, Carol Mulligan, Ioan Kondo, Iudy Helgeson, Sharon Hannon, Darlene Suedmeyer, Donna Ballantyne, Ardis Galchutt. Maryella Winter. ROW 4: Elsie Isabell, Margo Smith, IoP.nn Hughes. Marcia Douty, Lorraine Pike, Margaret Shimono, Iune Deleback. Sharon Douglas, Clarkie Crow, Ioyce Kiyomura, Yukiko Fuji- nami, Barbara Mountains, Carole Famham. A I Junior High Organizations HERALDS "Right this way, please." Why, it is one ot our own Heralds, of course. A familiar sight at Gardena High events. The Heralds have served as ushers for all of us, whether it was a sporting event, or our most digni- fied concert. We take this opportunity to express the thanks due them for such a wonderful job. MOHICAN WARRIORS "On a bicycle built for two, la la la la la . . ." Apparently this was a good idea, be- cause since that time bicycles have be- come so popular they are a traffic prob- lem. Here at Gardena High, the Mohican Warriors have the worthy project of regu- lating the movement of bicycles on the school grounds. They have been on duty every noon throughout the semester, reg- istering all bicycles, and providing licenses to help owners in case of theft. Big reason for the fine spirit of this organ- ization is undoubtedly its program of rec- reational activities-such as the volleyball game with the Heralds. HERALDS ROW 1: Horii, Terada, Mansfield, Nishimota, Yanai, Rayworth. Ma- nami, Nishi. Sumida. ROW 2: Motty, Bushore, Strayghn Ienson, Whitley, Sprankie. Oye. Mr Hyam. ROW 3: Ludwig, Fleming, Kaida Mayemura, Harrison, Koyauk. Frank- lin, Soursen, Yonker, Mayemura. I MOHICAN WARRIORS ROW 1: Roger Bundy, Patrick Zitmik, Ronald Rocker, Tommy Keeney, Sheldon Rothke. ROW 2: Gary Beech, Charles Hoffmann, Roger Clarke, Law Fryer, Richard Bowen. President Earl Matto Sponsor Mr. Losee Vice-President Iames Reed 1 1 g-.. H .ii 3565. J 'Q' I --:' .M ,,,M, ' TEENETTES ROW 1: Iudy McKay, Ann lun Charlotte Bell. Frances Yanai, El: Iordon, Gail Grillo, Beverly Burke ROW 2: Iudy Drinnen. Diane Cart Claudia Ballard, Annette Okano, K Freivogel. Averill Hayman, Pat B' sell, Sandra Eidenmiller. ROW 3: Carol Foster, Gloria Davil Billie Emerson, Bernice Ono, Georg Newlun. Barbara Edwards. Ruth N man, Carol Perkins. -X 3, TONDA Y-TEENS f ' --- ' A ,sw K, '..1 , , ' Ei it 5 4' Row 1: Mime LaBrucherie, Kathy if W-, Q Lloyd. Maruel Gonzales, Barbara . ke Gill, Lillian Swarbrick, Eva Ewalt, l' Kathleen Wright, Asqko Kawaguchi, Carol Swiggett, Lorraine Roberts. ROW 2: Glenda Bennett, Kay Sakai. Ruth Hyde, Sandra Bowers, Lynn Ervin, Nobubo Nishi. Melody Koba- yashi. Georgiana Gambrell, lean Kamiya, Karen Cross. ROW 3: Carol Boston, Ianet Phillips, Patsy Hughes, Carol Mead, Iudy Denney, Betty Gouveia. Kathy Edi- son, Connie Farewell. Nancy Ito, Audrey Kobata, Estelle Felsen. IUNIOR GIRLS' GLEE CLUB ROW l: Eidenmiller, Holmes, Simp- son, Swiggett, Shelby, Vogel, Sulli- van, Millett, Key, Sundbrom, Zaugh, LeBeau, Hatanaka, McKay. ROW 2: Sparks, Badmin. Monkress, Taylor, Bridges, Cordts, Ryan, Wick- wire, Bullard, Pitt, Donn, C. Ioan, A. Ioan, Tipton. ROW 3: lump, Hollowell, Younkin, Harbold, Sherly, Gundy, Smith, Owen, Beaton, Bozell. Isaacs. Ito. Yamane, """" Smettzr. IR. AGGIES l think that l shall never see, A poem lovely as a tree . . . Trees, to make our city and school more beautiful, have to be planted, and this is Where our own lunior Aggies come in. . . Sponsors not only ot tree planting on Arbor Day, lout also interested in spreading information on home garden improve- ment. ln addition to extending their present activities, they are preparing a team tor the city-wide Horticulture Contest. IR. AGGIES Mr. Stone ...... . . , .,.,,...... , , Sponsor Roy Erickson . . . , . , ..... i President Bill Ruiz, Bonnie Barkdull , . . . . . Secretary Danny Robbins . . . , Treasurer .lim . gt' Q , , v-04 !,i,,-.3 BOYS' GLEE ROW l: Ray Bowley, Bob Kelly. Arthur Mansfield, Teddy Pyzer. Mas lnouye. ROW 2: Rosendo Rodriguez, Guy Scivally, Bruce Atkinson. Eddie Ca son. Stephen Clark, Bill Imsland. ROW 3: Tommy Franklin, Iames Drury. Ronald Hastings, Charles Schaeli Ronald Barkdull, Richard Lizardo. fc M. CAI-'ETERIA STAFF Mrs. Hazel L. Paul, Mrs. Florence E. Lock, Mrs. Nora M. Onstott, Mrs. Hilda, K. Beam, Mrs. Dorothy Zirkle, Mrs. Faye T. Stubhar. Here Come Our Classes B-9 BOW 1: L. Boggs. W. Storment. T. Krieslri, M. Phillips, S. Clark, S. Layhee, M. Bennett, M. Thomson, S. George, S. Liebsack, C. Newsome, C Whittaker S Stivers S Amemiya, D. Barker. C. LaPalme, A. McNeil. R. DeMoss. ROW 3: Wither, B. Dent, E. Pelfer, R. Silyroth, R. Lundy, D. Dempsey, D. Hall, R. Meave, G. Munde, N. Brunson, M. Green, L. Tanner, I. Tuzzolino, I.. Schenck, L. Burkett. ROW 4: B. Stone, L. Turner, G. Morris, I. Wickman, G. Nicely, B. Manriquez, N. Daniels, K. Renter, D. Yamane, N. Kobayashi, D. Iwamoto, H. Luna. D. Armstrong, D. Cox, R. Kollen, T. Strobshn, P. Engle. ROW 5- C. Robbins, D Romirez, I. Davila, D. Weed, P. Rucker, E. Tanaka, H. Heffelfinger, T. Taniguchi, I. Hammargren, D. Robinson, G. Pellelier. R. Navanette, H. Martinez, H. Cameron, I. Daniels, M. Fremgen, B. McMillen, D. Goodrow, D. Robertson. G. Long. ., 71" "la nfs Pb ,YZ 'N-'C' " ,f K W I .xi :lf 1 9' x . ,l A-8 ROW 1: S. Helgeson, I. Beca, L. Gray, I. Bradley, I. Bozell, S. Rigsby, C. Crow, L. Clonts, K. Carter, I. Delebak. G. Huskisson, A. Bullard. N. Pitt C. Lee, H. Bourquin, I. Lochmann, M. Williams, M. Ogiers, C. Hammontree, E. Taylor, B. Walden. B. Walter. ROW 2: I. Franlion, D. Wyroti, P. Wade, L. Stubenrauch, A. Gatanaka, I. Smoyer. I. Thomas, M. Ielter. V. Hutt. M. Smith. E. Chameellor, V. Hensley I. Peuvey, S. Hammin, B. Vogel, B. Gibson, S. Harvy, B. Roy, L. Gregory, G. Kelty, C. Greminger. M. Merrill, S. Cordsen. ROW 3: N. Storrer, C. Sweet. I. King, L. Canfield, E. Angelwoy, G. Kado, T. Watson, G. Cole, C. Norris, T. Franklin. L. Donaldson, W. Wright, L Smith, M. Neilson, R. Walters, D. Kocontes. R. Tracey, G. Young, G. Hollins. L. Goudge. I. Glover, I. Perkins, D. Kingsbury, I. Harp. ROW 4: G. Frisman, R. Dick, F. Bode, S. Pike, Mickey, I. Burnett, D. Wlntermute, I. Atterbery, G. Staughn, I. Parker, G. Betts. I. Dulton, M Peterson. G. Soussa. W. Mclmtyre, L. Brutler, A. Oglesbee, F. Rhodew, D. Hustrulid, R. Mautino. I. McCoy, C. Lemmons, N. Mayemura, R. Minami ROW 5: A. Halegger. L. Carrington. D. Halien. M. Guymon. D. Baughmam, G. Perkins. I. Drurg, M. Mawpy, T. Puckett, S. Downey, R. Iackson, I Davis. I. Smith. R. Blair, E. Woods. E. Hightower, Townsell, H. Rucker, H. White, B. Campbell, I. Kenneth, K. Nishi. A. Kaidn, D. Conklin. ROW 6: K. McGinnis, G. Long, I. Mautz, L. Hock. A-8 A-8 ROW 1: Hitchcock, Mulligan, Heath, Douglass, Douty, Schulte. Miller, Apgar, Peck, O'Riordan, Marshall, Hiszem, Hefington, Nelson, Walters, Shields, Smith, O'Haver, Shimono, Rank, Wedel, Courtney, Suedmeyer. Von Gundy. ROVV 2: Heddings, Tracy, Welton, Gilliland, Otero, Anderson. Strayer. Burgess, Pollock, Molield, Halliwell. Bruns, Long, Hughes. Kondo, Vance, Smith, Wiihivire, Kamiya. Fuiinami. Ikegami, Zaugh, Hightower, Hegwood. ROW 3: O'Brien. Pettebone. Moeckly, Frederick. Schneider, Forbess, Denney, Parker, Long, Martin, Kelly. D. Taylor. I. Taylor, Schock, Gaskell, Carlson, Hall. Friemel, Calfee, Williams, Van Natta, Vellasco. ROW 4: Harbold. Nishimoto. Inouye. Yanai. Scovill. Cole. Barkhousen, Little, Maranon. Iames, Ralph. Pollock, Scheltz. Hicks, Elliott, Cox. Cambria. Bowman. Pike, Foust, Brown, Helsey, Richardson, Tillt, Nakamura. ROW 5: Rumbaugh. Nielsen. Winter, Shealy, Rees, Gunde. Fukiewa, Koiaku. Mingle. Kettler, Bear. Welch, Higashi. Hayworth, Harrison. Eastman, Mgnsey, Darden. Townsell, Quintrell. Gibson, Bumgardner, Cargo. Courtney. Bushore. Olguin. X .Jw -...fy V llau4nsc.LrAt.'u1,nmewwu-i,,1-' W.. :,e,-- -MM, .. ,..... , ..1..m,..-..,..., .M . v ,. , A-8 ROW l: Iaime. Arneil, Kiyomura. Hollowell, DeBeau, Coackley, O'Connell, Cox, Durbin, Isabell, Badmen, Dees, Dench, Surface. Standeford Stovall, Hall. Smith, Dowthy, Iulton, LaPhorste, Lawsey, Card, Manslield, Pike. ROW 2: Paiva, Parry, Williams. Linda, Byars. Layee, Owen, Aycock. Denis, Hallett, Falcon. Martinez, Hines. Bridges. Corner, Burklin, Nazable Sullivan, Abbott, Latham, Traw, Taylor. Clarke, Rees, Rose, Rios. HOW 3: Gillibrand. Ericksen, Clark, Amescua, Gallyer, Crabtree, Most, Geruley, Keener, Warren, Varco, Wright, Herrick, Endsley, Breasley Dalirnenez, Wright. Carrigan. Newtan, Bittwer, Welter, Whitley, Lawrick, Resnick. ROW 4: Munoz, Ouarantiello, Conas, Christopher, Miller, Iohnstone, Ritchey, Sorensen, Bruns. Winter, Sumida, Cole. Bourdan. Barton, Isbell, Egge Deaton, Hastings, Whitmore, Wiley. Thomas. Grinnell. Day, Urias, Galchutt. HOW 5: McLeod. D. Fleming, Landon, Carson, Brown, Iones, Katowshi, Haserot, M. Fleming. Skikman, Popovics, Ontivero, Alvarado. Breew, Rucker Rinker, McCabe, Williams, Kimes, Farnham, Matty. McNair, P. Iones, Mountain, Lang. Naskell. 1? -rwx' Y'-g.nls.. ,.-.e-f' ,WQQQ ,,,4. T.. 1 .-i-4,-' .Eff,g'.9- fn ,. , Ht : ,IV4 W ,Mrk was A if M ww X U A 6 Q . r --1 . ?f2'f,.-'::'ff' . 1 "WI Q , Q ww - kf'--w-rw--.AM--rs 1... I 1 A' ' - - - nw - WE. Q, Q., in 'Tiv1fff?NrPi.A:.:'x5?iinswsSy1-X' S n.a ROW 1: Embree. Balland, Costello, Wisdom, Fuiioki, Sakai, Yamane, Gree , Amel , H b Id, M K , D , S kb , R ' ' Smoyer, Townsend, Arney, Rister, Sletten, Karen, Vafakes, Henshaw, Healh. as ar O C ee mo un om Yan' Hlu' Cordts' CHS' ROW 2: Emerson. Little. Rasusen, Simpson, Legg, George, Babb, Hawland N lson, O ' . Sh' ld , F t , V ', F I W ' Taylor. Robertson. McCain, Thiesen, Luna, Norman, Hayman, Manson, Colton? Ballantlyfe. Ie S os er egnen War' Sages' ude' Wlsecup ROW 3: Burnham. Edwards, Parton. Clark, Burke, Snavely, Garriot, Salna a, L' , W ll. P t , T , R'd D' k Seeley, Vega, Brannon, Russel, Welsh, Ball, Callans, Herron, Rios. r 'swan G res O arm ' gwdy' 'C son' Thompson' Spnmkle HOW 4: Cramer, Harris, Itsmi, Kenny, Dodge, Campbell, Marto's, O'He . W lt , S lt , H t' , A ' H ' ' Telliman, Belkin, Arnoland. Ewatt, Theryer, Farril, Dortch, Harder, Smittilry G ers me er as mgs memlya' enw' Larson' Iummlllo' Rlce ROW 5: Nakata, Richter, Parker, Horn, Robarqe, Lawler, McLeod, Hight. B ll. Ch , Yb , L d' , El' P l H ' Childers, Davis. Vorhis, Dellmgello, Mom, Stevens, Arvidson. e ern' mm u mg 'G' Q mer' cmmon' Shore' Blockmon' A-7 ROW I: C. Alexander, S. Chirco, M. Rubcic, I. Hatch, S. Penick, B. Gill, L. Millet, B. Iackson, C. Townsell, I. Fingers, K. Cross, G. Rogers, S. Smith B. Forbess, B. Fain, L. Shelby, L. Mead. A. Pargd, B. Barton, I. Zirkle, P. Bursell, R. Francis, S. Breazile. ROW 2: E. Felsen, I. Schonsted. I. Kamiya, S. Doty, M. Getty. C. Pollner, I. DeMoss, I. Blackbum, R. Danielle, Y. Williams, S. Edwards, F. Wiro, N. Nobuko, F. Yanaig, C. Laiace. C. Lohberger, G. Maraba, C. Donaldson, C. Farewell, M. Prentice, G. Tubbs, P. Graves, V. Areyan, R. Smeltzer, L. Suearbrick, B. Bright. ROW 3: I. Marney, I. Dutton, L. Arlen, E. Kelly, A. Iump, I. McKay, I. Kawaguchi. I. Ogiers, P. Stubbfield, I. Romero, M. Garcia, S. Souty, DiAngelo, S. Shaiier. D. Maxson, E. Mautz, C. Mead, I. Franklin, H. Skorr. C. Galyean, M. Gonzales, K. Lloyd, L. Kight, L. Glass, P. Barnett, G. Grillo. ROW 4: C. Harris, D. Funke, I. Noblett, I. Carty, M. Grubb, I. Kaler, I. Kissoan, M. Iohnson, A. Nichols, B. Nosan, L. McNeil, S. Pond, P. Carter, M. Brasscchio, E. Cruz, V. Iones, F. Deem, M. LaBruchere, I. Martinez, S. Day, D. Harper, G. Douglas. ROW 5: B. Millard. E. Yamasnoto, B. McCain, B. Taylor. F. Boehm, D. Sawyer, C. Snapp, M. Hori, I. Robinson, T. Oye. C. Terada, G. Marich, I. Yonker, S. Iwamasa, C. Ainsworth, F. Hibberd, N. Nakasako, E. VanMatto, G. Andrews, K. Vida, W. Burgett. D. Wells. ROW 6: B. Case, C. Swiggett, R. Franchon, D. Roach. K. Lyon, I. Green, I. Suedmeyer, E. McCue, P. Sparks, S. Tipton, P. Newlen, B. Rodgers, B. Clyde, G. Cantu, B. Burklin, B. Wishart, M. Shipley, G. White, T. Woliiord, R. Brown. C. Iones, L. McKenzie, I. Wilbacher. A-7 A-'I ROW 1: R. Hock, L. DeLapp, R. Rodriguez, M. Dudek, B. Danis, I. Mershon, M. Inouye, M. Nakaiye, A. Pollok, L. Suman, R. Yokoto, B. Maxey, G Beeck, A. Sullivan, E. Cox, S. Vales, K. Edison, M. Wallace, I. Kiwberling, C. Culdwell, D. Phillips, I. Ault, G. Bennett, W. Clifford, D. Smith, A. Cox B. VanEaton, C. Carnevale, R. Rico, C. Perry, I. Soussa. ROW 2: C. Tingen, I. Daniel, R. LaVitta, I. Wade, B. Pinkston, I. Harker, R. Smith, A. VVurick, F. Sedilla, F. Montes, G. Dooty, M. Smith, T. Mason, L Snead, R. Camarilla, M. VanMatta, G. Tate, R. Biden, L. Fryer, H. Soto, V. Orozeo, I. Oraette, R. Yoshimva, D. Blower, F. Laszlo, R. Ballard, K. Balman ROW 3: C. Howell, T. Hane, G. Austin, G. Scivalley, I. Waitcher, M. Honyslo, W. Branstitter, B. Lunney, T. Keener, A. Krockenberg, B. Boyze, D. Nokes, I. McSwain, I. Allobashi. F. Pulis, E. Fisher, B. Tadier, D. Robbins, D. Mortin, L. Robertson, D. Madsen, I. Reed, R. Barden, B. Ruiz, I. Castillo, I. Treadway. R. Sprwill, B. Brooks, T. Shimone, M. Lynn, G. Lany. ROW 4: R. Barkdull, S. Rathke, I. Antweep, B. Berham, G. Barlup, T. Lent, B. Mortinez, B. Crockett, D. Coules, G. Stathatoy, R. Rocker, R. Holland R. Suri, S. Beach, R. Ybarra, A. Yamada, D. Danchuk, G. Sobata, S. Mayemura, K. Kiyomurs, R. Rapp, K. Atteberey, G. Anderson, R. Fairbanks R. Murakawi, C. Haga, R. Tressel, A. Benson, R. Burnell, P. Peyton, D. Doke. ROW 5: G. Livingston, C. Camacho, D. Nicol, L. Roma, R. Nolan, A. Bresseckella, R. Merrill, B. Kelley, I. Lee, R. Dedrow, T. Baker, G. Larsen, T. Frazier, B. Henderson, R. Thomas, I. Thompson, D. Hicks, A. Magantr, I. lVlcGerchie, B. Root, D. McCormock. A-7 ROW l: M. Uyeno. C. Mikami, A. Okano, P. Kosloida, N. Iito, I. Altman. E. Ewalt, T. Hill, M. Holmes, S. Eidmmilbu, L. Kohler, P. Watson, L. O'Donnell, R. Holton, M. Weber. K. Wright, M. Enright, M. Schmidt, D. Allsbrook. ROW 2: L. Brown, S. Hyman, L. Ervin, A. Kobata, V. Gregg, R. Hyde, B. Burke, H. Manriquez. M. Nichols, V. Miller, S. Tibbs, C. Iohnson. I. Denney, G. Smelser. B. Iohnson. E. Hastings, G. Gambrell, D. Dobbs, D. Norman. ROW 3: A. Verdugo, C. Madsen, F. Hammack, C. Bell, I. Hughes. V. Rebeles. T. Malcolm, S. Ankerberg, M. Kobayashi, C. Cummings, I. Combs, M. Everett, F. Darlene, R. Nora, N. Melhorn, I. Roben, B. Ford, R. Roberson, R. Linda, G. Newlun. ROW 4: K. Freivoger. M. Eastland. S. McCoy, R. Allen, D. Rocha, M. Blue. L. Lane, I. Miller, K. Sims, I. Molnar, E. Bazell, Z. Key, D. Meara, D. Mearad. l. Borges, D. Verrill, C. Perkins, L. Cole, M. Perdew, P. Worden. F. Hoffman. ROW 5: P. Hughes, B. Tumer, I. Neeson, R. Bauguess, R. Smith, P. Gill, S. Skopp, A. Hale. I. Abrams, K. Hodgdon, D. Adams, E. Kenny. L. Gon- zales, C. Sni. I. Godbey, B. Woods, Y. Paul, I. Iones. I. McMillen, G. Iohnson. A. Andress, D. Boggs. ROW B: D. Travis, B. Govveia, S. Bowers, C. Taylor, N. Mongress, H. Haskell, C. Corrales, C. Harmon, K. Dearth, P. Fred, M. Kenny, B. Dennis, B. Harolb, R. Rogers, I. Simerly, L. Wilialm, A. Mearh, P. Smith, F. Andress, Y. Hunter. r-v' I D A lr - , 4 4 - iv-I-:- , . .. - Y Y. - M... ...QQ -'-'- ' '-' - ' .,. . ' p .,. N ' X 'I rf' di ANL 'V' I I B-7 ROW l: V. Ruiz, C. Chandler, A. Seeley, M. Colclasure, P. Bead, L. Douglas, S. Zollotuchen, B. Smith, C. Cospenter, F. Hanegan, I. Staff, D. Kamio R. Babcock, S. Mansfield, M. Whaley, S. Biscoti, C. Curry, A. Pfannstrel, Z. Lang, C. Loffew, A. Bolslue, C. Buttz. P. Willey, E. Reece, R. Clarke, E Walker, A. Smith, R. Lee, ROW 2: B. Standerfer, M. Vicare. C. English, T. Smith, R. Schmock. S. Romero. V. Marshall. N. Miller, M. Dove, D. Montigny, A. Yamauchi, C Anderson, R. Beeler, C. Pfeiffer, P. McGody, N. Lee, B. Fenstermaker. P. Iohnson. B. Ludwig, I. Martin, S. Sogabe. L. Donaher, R. Spruell. L. Thomas I. Cousin, I. Gibbs, B. Nelson. ROW 3: G. Bozennt, F. Nurbin, T. Pyzer. R. Uelotta, L. Sutherland, G. Smith, D. Batchelor, A. Ybarra, F. Handa, I. Barttev, W. Rucker. K. Stevenson W. Dysarcl, D. Tluslcnf, K. Lowe, E. Isabell. I. Thompson, R. Kinkade, R. Gorrver, B. Hanna, C. Iohnson. I. Mori, L. Derkum, I. Christie, A. Spees, M Andulsky, R. Mitchell, A, Stivers, B. Benham. ROW 4: I. Vorbis, D. Nevels, S. Oliver, D. Coleman. R. VanArken, G. Ordonez, K. Mover, I, Priestt, R. Iensen, G. Rose, C. Brown, A. Misso, K. Schicke I. Scorpella, R. Murrieto, I. Mowles. N. Mitchell. R. Tsenter, R. Iaramillo, A. Peterson, C. Russell, C. Schimmel, T. Martinez. N. Takahisa, G. Hastings I. King, I. Faraci, D. Millard, W. Nrior, T. Grubb. ROW 5: E. Iames, I. Czamer. F. Lesher, G. Anderson. B. Phillip, K. Furuya, Scott, A. Stahl, L. Snavely, F. Lenard, R. Durbin, M. Dolan, V. Snell D. Niedermaun. R. Elliott, G. Burgess, H. Faurholt, D. LaFon, D. McGaire. I. Monaghan, G. Iverstreet, B. Stein. E. Penelcx, R. Frami, F. Elliott, P B-7 Zitnik, R. Bandy. T. Stewart, T. Likeons. I-KONE FLORIST CRYSTAL MEN'S SHQP 2009 Compton Blvd. - ME1110 4-4684 C t d C h For flowers that will be a treat, omp on an Tens QW At prices that everyone can meet, My BOY Friend Buys His Clothes at Are the sentiments of Charlene Winkler. CRYSTAL MEN'S 6 BOYS' SHOP W N' mf GARDENA SPORTING GOODS "TI-RK" ISOBE STUDIO 1133 Gardena Boulevard ' Gardena, California GARDENA BOULEVARD MEnlo 4-8941 DOIN get lost in the Woods. The most beautiful girls in the West, Buy at Gardena Sporting Goods. Want portraits where they're taken best. TOM ROADY EGERER'S BAKERY Dodge. Plymouth Cars and Dodge Trucks P Tasty Cakes Decorated for All Occasions 16514 South Vermont Avenue GARDENA, CALIFORNIA 1037 Gardena Blvd. ' Phone: MEnlo 4-2200 Los Angeles: PLymouth 5-1108 Gardena' California Gardena: MEnlo 4-1108 TOMIO MURANAKA HOWARD ATSUMI RYO KOMAE Tel. MEnlo 4-5652 D Gardena llhemwf SERVICE 1134 Gardena Boulevard Gardena, California 16527 S. Vermont Ave. ' Gardena, California Phone: MEnlo 4-9452 IOHN TOYA . . . Ieweler and Watchmaker 7 Television Baal: ART 5 CLEANING 8. DYEING ' TELEVISIONS . REFRIGERA1-QRS .. . Pick-Up and Delivery. . . ' RANGES LAUNDRY AGENCY ' WASHERS ' DRYER5 HATS ' BLANKETS MEnlo 4-7017 1004 Gardena Blvd' MEnlo 4-4618 1530 Redondo Beach Blvd., Gardena, California Crown Drug Store, Inc. Jol1n's Barber Shop Prescription Specialists 2205 Compton Boulevard Cosmetics ' Films - Sundries ' School ' Supplies ,Next to Garden City Market, Phone MEnlo 4-2133 1003 Gardena Blvd. ' Gardena, California TOHN K- FRY' Proprietor 1 5-rf, ., 2 4 ii ,WW , I ..,. Z ,, 4 E ff FANCY CLEANERS - 'Nt ,L 'K ' U sssa e 515, 1 if-Fmm-ff ,um .5 53 1131 West Gardena Boulevard i - X Gardena, California MEn1o 4-3694 wr j Q I C Q Sq , PARTICULAR WORK FOR RITCHIES SHOES PARTICULAR PEOPLE 14998 Crenshaw Boulevard ww Nancy Iones, Gardena's Miss Football Knows Where to Go for a Western and Redondo Beach Blvd. CHEVROLET WWQW vffhffe'-0 lllli-IHIS FIIST III! PRUDUCTS rumn can ll uw srms F- ,- " ,......,.............,.n FWF? A-I was NORMAN DRUG IAN'S IEWELERS PRESCRIPTION PHARMACISTS 1015 Gardena Blvd., Gardena, California 2201 West Compton Boulevard For All Yours Needs in MEnlo 4-2163 IEWELRY - SILVERWARE ' DIAMONDS ' GIFTWARE Iggy .231 . 4 4 e a , Q It .511 ' fl I, Q if ' ' ' ,Thx ' I 1 Q r L.: f4.,,1 .I X S . - 4 I RET'l'Y'S DRESS SHOP 14996 South Crenshaw Boulevard SHOCK'S HARDWARE 1590 South Western Ave., Gardena, California MEnlo 4-3811 Pat Shock and Nancy Hall Know What Shock's Can Do for All in , 4 12112 52 13 4' 53 H ' 'v" VQ" f:ggfQilxi1f lf ill Lani, Y 5 ,QM iff ' nv 1 ,f ff 'ww .wry ,,, M 4 , f - Y mm H., ' ' ' " 'Ai ' C ,ly rf 4 , may ,,,,, by ,"r , K W tif! ..x.,f4,M, ww ' A-f-N" A fi HW 'Q wwefi ' Q, Aww Wg' ,uw-,, , ww MV, , . ka, ,WYE J , 3,4 M jf545 ?7'W' WM- PUNT Co- sour:-1 CRENSHAW REALTY co. PLUMBING CONTRACTCR 'Nc' . . . Paint Sales . . iaefrfaiz Sl SB SC 5 -cnmmn: 93125 lliiiiiii nunssnv sugar A-B-C NURSERY GARDEN!! DEPARTMENT STORE 1444 Redondo Beach Blvd. 1024 Gardena Boulevard Gardena, California Gardena, California MEnlo 4-4586 "YOUR FRIENDLY SHOPPING CENTER" zflivhffs X ff 001537 'B IACK G IILL BOQTERY COMPTON 6. CRENSHAW LOWE S STGRE' FURMEN 1013 Gardena Boulevard Gardena, California ' PLymouth 6-3141 ' You Too Will Lose Your Head Over Lowe's Clothes ' Q 9 - 5 Q 1 dis: V L. GARDENA VALLEY MILLING CO 16532 South Normandie Ave. Gardena, California MEn1o 4-1071 Judge Elmo Morris Best Wishes to the Students and the Class of '54 Gardena High 1 2 1 F 3 . E 8412 South Vermont Avenue . . ' f 3 I ' w n.Ai'v ' 1 I Wil ' x , . 4 Q 5 IVIAR'I'IN'S IEWELERS 1007 Gardena Blvd., Gardena, California MEnlo 4-1195 MARTIN'S IEWELERS, THE VERY BEST, FOR APPLIANCES, WATCHES, AND ALL THE REST W .4 PM . , V W Q. I 'N !I I l MW l , AA' 'N GROOT'S GIFT 8 OFFICE SUPPLIES 1033 Gardena Blvd., Gardena, California MEnlo 4-2858 For Service with a smile, Dependabiliy and style, Mrs. Groot and Io Ann are at your service all the While 1' 'rg 6 ROBERTS SHOES 1136 Gardena Boulevard Keep in step . . . Robert's shoes are "Hep" IACK'S DRIVE-IN ON CRENSHAW NEAR COMPTON 20114 16001 South Vermont Ave Gardena, California . . . YOUR FORD DEALER . . HARVEY CHAPMAN REALTOR pleuungqauuamdpwialfq 146TH AND WESTERN AVENUE MEn1o 9-2211 - MEnlo 4-0097 . K 14520 South Normandie Avenue Gardena, California REAL ESTATE GENERAL INSURANCE MILTON KAUFFMAN CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION Baulfcfwet of 4542 Jlamoi in Qaacfena dince 1940 ajjm CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '54 Kauffman Will Still Be Building Fine Homes When You Are Ready For One 2918 West Compton Boulevard MEn1o 9-1101 Garden City Market 2207 West Compton Blvd. Gardena, California I Wl1ittington's Service ...YOUR TEXACO DEALER... Complete Lubrication ' Tires and Batteries 762 West Gardena Blvd. MEnlo 4-1350 Hui BEAUTY SALON The Latest in Hairstyles ' The Newest in Techniques The Finest in Beauty Care for the Discriminating Woman Open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. ' Evenings by Appt. l1331!z Gardena Blvd. ' Phone: MEnlo 4-4402 Scott Water Heater Co. AND REBUII.T... WATER HEATERS ' WATER SOFTENERS 16100 S. Vermont Ave. ' Gardena, California V MARKET FEATURING THE FINEST IN FOODS AT THE LOWEST PRICES 15290 South Vermont Avenue Gardena, California X D , I 'f . fi ig Q -Z I J .jf:f:f:f'- I AEN NX. W-JP' ,ui K I KEN OLSEN 16419 South New Hampshire Avenue MEn1o 4-2618 WILL FILL ALL YOUR INSURANCE NEEDS SOUTH ERN CALIFORNIA WATER CQMPANY X , M gm nouns x omvf IN munsfns il DOUBLE K DRIVE IN Redondo Beach Blvd. GARDENA I 'Q SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA WATER COMPANY SERVICE TO THE COMMUNITY LAWTEN SERVICE STATION Corner of Compton and Western Avenue Shall We Ever Forget? ? ? We W VD NA f if .Qi QR ,vii Sv ze. ,Rmb .ere Q . X . xe.x: ..'.- 5 , . , A , g 4 M a ' Q' V "" J L ' ' 3 x Q 'N V' w 1- fin Q ,-lg, A 'L u k a Zfff' ,,'.:lg5,nj+-9 'W .QS A f ' - ' " , W + 7 " - 1 313.5 1263 , 551 gfF? .g fi 4 . 'T g 'YrEgq':3g?5,f3 5 Autographs NV? s ,...,y E , COVER COLOR GREEN: IN COURTESY TO TH END SHEET COLOR: YELLOW IN COURTESY TO TI eww 4 If AQ F0 5 ' f ' QI: '5 , 2 Q xQ 7, 1 41' 4 4' f , D: ,I f Lf' fp., f if 1 k f f' If H f? S , If Fouuoao u9o4 SZ. 2 if ' Z4 W 'JWWZ 'X 1 nf gt' ffm' Q GARDENA HIGH SCHOOL SPARTANS, GRADUATING CLASS OF S'54 CENTURIANS, GRADUATING CLASS OF W'54 ., f1.,,7, ,.- 5. ,,-Y, .,.,,..--VA, ,

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