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Text from Pages 1 - 86 of the 1947 volume:

a.4,a,f,W,MdZ M yr -L-lfuffgnga-3-JW J22Vf!7s AM ZW MZQJZQAW Minka! P DW fffiief 75 W fefw W WM M Vw W fp will 'wf'1 lVH+E?5gi1?Vf fu 7M i95?8TM,,naM4!K,,M :gg iw-ffi7ff'3f7 xyykx :gl WW WNW W5 Sxifglx 4 X QR F YNX J is NN-'VM 5' V 'X SJW Qxfliw D7 V , V V V V ,E , , m . 4, L b . 1 V- 'fn QM ' V ' , V V if' N ' Q ' 1 V rw ix K N K-TH, Aryv if ky V .V V . J V, Q - ' '- 'K A ' -A'- L , ' 'N V V. , ' ' -- V ' , V q 'f i Q l i ib ' 4 QQ, m . ' i 7 V 2 K V A V w NBL?-2 . NA 1-.K Q I , A K V N Q, krk- it f . -A I t ,V,k 1 VV N kr f A- 3 .WW . A LL l .I ,Q . m A . .lift A N pi I Vmvw ' I . If b V Z fy V , . ' V V , . :3 f V, 1 i VV ' wi- V' 9 V Q f , '1A- Q 7f4 W' f:, 1 f i ' -fiTV f . , V V ' . A- V. ' A VL.k L'1J4y tx J I VYX, Iyf' 2, .A I K 'L 'Vg a V ix, V KV . . Q . - V V - I I fix 'ngxg X T1?5.,?,9! V ! i V. I V I -i I A. yy 'Q A,'.! Y- ,V A W . A X .V 'ff V ' , j Q ' -V V ' .K1, QILQ5 ,fA' ' ',f' 5 A',ff, 'x", W ' ' ' 1 , V VV V 23 N 1' ' ' " ,'.. f V 1 ' A 1 1 S fy V 1' V ' f fi ff iff 2, X V - VV V V g EQ E f ' V ' . AV x A - ,K V, k,j VIVV A K, V I A K, X ,t k r ,.Ak I - YQKKK J I i , K 7 xj1f , big t A - K 4 V , ,x,V 5 V V f V E qV V A V ' V Ai V V, V g VVVV , V . tr E K I VA V, ,,,, -K V H, . I F I ' , V J' I A I Xp , , A E V 'N, up h V .i'.+?X L, ,A V O N T5 Y 35' ' ' '1 SN if V JL N .gy , . A "-ikr jyws rx! A , A 'A ,V Ax VYV. V I ' V NA aw- - N, Q . ' V k V, x m v Q Q J fp: h . I 4 ',- 1 V151 ',,V. :V M "', 1 .m . VV V V " " L flf 1 M, K, V '- , Vi, , ' 't 5 ' ' -QW-VM' 4 Tx ' 'Q f' , VV V V V V xi , fs V D X W MIM L K i-WW'-1" "W Q - V. , YZZQMM 4 'ff' 4 wi X 2 B 13 A 'A V -7a , ' V X 5 an-Q gjgifhsx i Q5SF x , iiaziig AQ SQ 'Y JL V .L s. EL ARADCDR STAEE EDITORS Editor . . Associate Editor Assistant Editor Business Editor Art Editor Sports Editor Girls' Sport Editor Snap Editor A Typist: Virginia Coen gsm SCRIPT BOYS AND GIRLS Elaine Busby Willis Brown . Joan Jensen Mary Jo Hodges Charles Campbell Rassie Harper Burdette Jamison Jimmie Williams Norma Munger Act I Virginia Sloss, Irene McCandless Act II Joan Crawford, Charmion Kapple Act III Thirza Millar, Jimmie Williams i Mary Webster, Fred Davis, Enid Jean Let's put on a play! What kind of a play? A play in three acts! The first act will include pictures of all the classes and faculty, the second act will have all the club activities, and the third act will show sports, art, and so on. Thus the El Arador Staff worked out the theme for this year's Annual early in the fall, "A Play in Three Acts." When the spring semester started, the staff began to put the annual together. Turning here and there to get material for copy, making out schedules for pictures, and putting the dummy together were some of the many first duties. Then when the Hbusy bees" started writing copy,- whew--I The most tiresome iob was cutting those "thousands" of pictures, then sticking them all together ibut that's all past nowig and, as always, there was the last minute rush when papers, pictures, and people were scattered everywhere. When the El Arador was sent to the press, a sigh of relief was breathed by everyone and now . . . the El Arador presents: I NA PLAY TN THREE ACTS" 1 , , - f, W ln .W 'ww wvn4e'' f - ff ,ww fvmq Q-xfwwx aww. :rw nw 'awww-W .,,, vw vm MTV 'M :mxwzw4o4mocwwffvmaafvwmw:www: -rf' , N cv. MA: 'w,wra1w,am-swmsswfvf-f,w,w,ff f M1 fWm4,w1,m4f.4,,w.naAQ4x4Vx,-af W, My pw W.. , ,W Ms-1e,fa.v f-:sm my-rwvwwwnww wuxww4.JAM ,Mm LW, Me-.wa wofeemoownuw . , f ww V-,M wvamxwb xv A SENIOR OFFICERS lWinter '47 Classl President . . Wayne Bradshaw Vice-President . . Bill McClung Secretary . Dolores Byrns Treasurer Vera Wilford The curtain has already closed on the winter class of l947. A good hand ot applause could be heard from all sides. Winter '47 was indeed a class to be put on record. lis 37 graduates did much to leave behind them a shining example for the later classes to follow. A :chool record of ill service points, held for two years, was broken by four outstanding students of this small but mighty class. They were Charlyn Young and Bill Kennedy, each with ll5 points, Ralph Cogan with l25 points, and Darlene Dix, who went over the lop with the all-time high of l27 service points. Victorious over the Sr. Bees, W '47 won Field Day with Cl close score of 4-3. Successful class parties in- cluded those held at private homes, a trip to Blackouts, a surprise going-away party for Forrest Johnson lwho joined the Navyl, and the most recent at Mr. Richard- son's home-all of which proved grand successes be- cause attendance was rated as excellent. The picture presented by this class as its gift to the school was entitled "Indian Nocturne," painted by Vtlano Gano. Chosen as the theme for their impressive gradua- tion pageant was the Art Exhibit. Only with Dave Paye holding the reins of the writing committee could any class have presented a more effective, as well as infor- mative program. Drowned still in the round of applause, the class of Winter '47 unflinchingly marched to the future. Deserving students receiving awards were: Ephebian . . Bill Kennedy Lions . David Paye Kiwanis . . Charlyn Young Bausch-Lomb . . Bill Kennedy C.S.F. . Darlene Dix, Bill Kennedy F.F.A. Scholarship . . Ralph Cogan t l t ELDA BARNETT Las Laureas G.L.G. Girls' Court G.A.A. Co-eds Sr, Athenians Las Meninas Jr. Athenians Sr. Play Cast Girls' Play Day Prom Committee Snow Festival DON CLEMENS Senior Play "Mohican Sketchbook" Junior Varsity Club "B" Basketball "B" Track-Captain Prom Committee Snow Festival BILL BASKIN WANDA CLOVER "B" Football Gymnastic Team Stage Crew MERVIL BECK Basketball Prom Committee Boys' Union Boys' Union Show Art Committee WAYN E BRADSHAW Class President Knights-Sgt.-at-Arms Esquires . Sr. Play Cast "Mohican Sketchbook" Snow King of W '47 "B" Football "B" Track Boys' Union DOLORES BYRNS Al2 Class Secretary Las Laureas Girls' Court Senior Play G.A.A. Prom Committee Pageant Writing Com- mittee Snow Festival, W '47 Maid of Honor Co-eds G.A.A. G.L.G. Campus Bible Club Girls' League RALPH COGAN Knights-Flagbearer Esquires Cast of "Tom Sawyer" President of F.F,A, Delegates to State F.F.A. Convention P.C.A. oratorical contest Cooperative quiz contest Art Committee 'RONALD DUGGAN Esquires Boys' Union Senior Play "Mohican Sketchbook" Prom Committee Art Exhibit DARLENE DIX Student Body Secretary Las Laureas-Vice- President Co-eds-Secretary Girls' League-Secretary Masque 81 Pallette Senior Athenians- Secretary-Treasurer Senior Play G.L.G.-Vice-President G,A.A. Snow Festivals, W'47 Queen May Festivals Pageant Writing Com- mittee C.S.F. Award S MARLYSE ELHARDT -Girls' League Prom Committee Art Committee NETTIEMAY GORBET Co-Eds, Treasurer Las Laureas Bailiff of Girls' Court Senior Girls' League Prom Committee Art Committee Senior Girls' Glee CHARLES GROTZINGER Boys' Union BARBARA HEFINGTON Senior Girls' League Bailiff of Girls' Court 2nd Vice-president of Co-Eds Las Laureas Art Committee Prom Committee Girls' Glee FORREST JOHNSON President of Pages President of Esquires Commander of Knights Vice-president of Band Member of Band and Orchestra Varsity Track Varsity Football Cast of "Mohican Sketchbook" Cast of Senior Play i"Ghost of Storm Heights"J Chairman of Advisory Biard Boys' Court Senior' "B" President Junior "A" Vice-president BILL KENNEDY Ephebian Knights President of Senior Athenians Associate-editor, "The Lark" Senior, Play Cast C.S.F. Award Bausch-Lomb Award DAVID LODGE Boys' Union Senior Play Cast "Mohican Sketchbook" Prom Committee Art Exhibit DOLORES MAYH EW Girls' League G.A.A. Art Committee Prom Committee BILL McCLUNG Esquires Knights Junior Varsity Varsity Club President of Choir Vice-president A I2 Class Secretary-Treasurer Junior Varsity Club Boys' Union-Sgt.-an arms Boys' Minstrel Show "A" and "B" Football "A" Track RUTH McCULLOUGH Co-Eds Las Laureas-Head Usher G.A.A. G.L.G. Masque and Pallette Senior Athenians Choir Glee Club-President TEDDY MEYERS Las Laureas G.A.A. Vice-president of Senior Girls' League Sr. Rep. tor Senior Girls' League Attorney for Girls' Court G,L.G. Rehearsal Secretary for Senior Play Pageant Writing Com- mittee A-ll Class Secretary B-I2 Class Vice- president MARIE OTA G.A.A. Senior Tea Committee DAVID PAYE Student Body President Junior High President "Tom Sawyer" Esquire Advisory Board Member Varsity Club President, Masque and Pallette Second-page Editor of "The Lark" "Mohican Sketchbook" Journalism Award- P.A.L.A.C.S. "Ghost of Storm Heights" Lions Cup GEORGE PUTNAM Vice-commander of the Knights Esquires Advisory Board Vice-president of Masque and Pallette "B" Football Sgt.-ot-Arms of Senior B Class Cast of "Ghost of Storm Heights" Cast of "Tom Sawyer" Member of Band and Orchestra Cast of "Mohican Sketchbook" IOLA REX G.A.A. Senior Girls' League Cast of Senior Play i"Ghost of Storm Heights"l Art Committee Prom Committee Pageant Writing Com- mittee Checs Snow Festival JOYCE REYNOLDS Co-Eds President Chaplain Leadership Class Girls' League Cabinet Junior Girls' League Cabinet Junior Athenians Las Meninas-Secretary Campus Bible Club Prom Committee Snow Festival May Festival MERNA ROBINETT Girls' League Senior Play Prom Committee Art Committee HOWARD SMITH Esquires Junior Varsity "Mohican Sketchbook" Orchestra Band Basketball Art Committee Prom Committee GEORGIA SORENSEN Girls' League-Treasurer Masque and Pallette G.A.A. G.L.G. Prom Committee Art Committee DOLORES STANFORD Student Council Leadership Class Las Laureas-President Co-Eds Senior Girls' League Cabinet Girls' Court Masque and Pallette- President Red Cross G.A.A.-Vice-president G.L.G. Senior Girls' Glee DOROTHY STANFORD Junior High Secretary Student Council Leadership Class Las Laureas Co-Eds Senior Girls' League Cabinet Girls' Court Masque and Pallette Red Cross G.A.A4 President G.L.G. JANIE SULLIVAN A-I2 Treasurer G.A.A. May Festival Snow Festival Prom Committee Art Committee Senior Choir Senior Girls' Glee WILBUR WALTER Boys' Union "B" Football Varsity Football "B" Track Art Committe Prom Committee W'47 Snow Festival Attendant BETTY OEHLMAN ' ,..., Las Laureas Judge of Girls' Court y A -i fp, Q G.A.A. Playday chair- i ,mtif-4 man ' - GLG. 'f' .. N Senior Athenians- A Secretary-treasurer f 4 co-eds If " .1 Leadership Class ' -RN Snow Festival Snow Festival Girls' Glee Club CHARLYN YOUNG Co-Eds-Secretary Las Laureas-Secretary and Publicity G.A.A.-lst Vice- president G.L.G.-President Masque and Pallettew Publicity 81 Secretary Checs-Publicity and Treasurer Girls' Court Junior Red Cross-Seo retary Girls' League--Secretary and Vice-president Editor of "The Lark" P.A.L.A.C.S. Award Leadership Class El Araclor Staff Pageant Writing Com- mittee Prom Committee B-l2 Class Treasurer Kiwanis' Cup Snow and May Festivals GLORIA WOLFE "Mohican Sketchbook" May Festival W'47 Snow Festival Attendant Art Committee Prom Committee Choir VERA WILFORD A-l 2 Class Treasurer Girls' League--2nd Vice president Co-Eds G.A.A. Art Committee Prom Committee W'47 Snow Festival Attendant Shining faces, bright eyes, gleaming personalities, and a maze of talent seized the audience as the class of Summer '47 rose into full view. How else could we describe the eagerness of this assemblage as they en- tered the last and most important role they were to play at Gardena High School? Vividly in mind will be held the unforgotten class parties-Oh, so many many, but each a little different, each an exciting experience-the enthusiasm over each new enterprise, the energy and exhausting work of many of the aciive leaders in the class, and labove alll the fun, companionship and pleasure of working to- gether and sharing in a group all concerned with one interest-the class!! Business is the principle guiding the most part of a senior's life. The Art Exhibit, Senior Tea, May Festival, Senior Play, Career Day, Junior-Senior Prom, Field Day, and the graduation pageant make up only a few of the events that highlight the year before they say good-bye. Chosen for outstanding ability in leadership, schol- arship, and service to school and community were the three Ephebians-Ruth Shiraishi, Dean Maxson, and John Bogart. Drawing to a climax, this class of unexhausted enthusiasm presents as their graduation pageant, "The History of Gardena Valley." SENIOR OFFICERS ISummer '47 Classi President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurers . . Irene McCandless Dixie Higham Rudy Morales K Alex Dugally Jimmie Williams John Adams Mary Webster Bob Farrah f JOHNNY ADAMS Senior Class Treasurer Varsity Football "B" Football Co-Captain Prom Committee May Festival Boy's Union PHYLLIS BAIN G.A.A. Cabinet G.L.G. Girl's League Represen- tative FREDDIE BERRIER Cavaliers A Esquires Stage Crew Prom Committee Teenage Junction JOE AINGE Varsity Club Varsity Club Tennis Club President Teenage Junction "Come Over To Our House" Boy's Union DICK BALLARD Knights Boy's Union Officer Boy's Court ' Varsity Football Student Clinic "Life of the Party" "Come Over to Our House" "Mohican Sketchbook" Boy's Union Shows DORIS ALCORN Prom Committee Drama l Senior Girl's Glee Girl's League DUANE BARRY Varsity Club Basketball Team Boy's Union LINDA ALVERSON Las Laureas Head Usher Senior Girl's League Secretary G.A.A. Checs Publicity Manager Senior Athenians Glee Club Two Senior Plays Snow 8- May Festivals S '47 Maid of Honor Dance Production Prom Committee Chair- mah BOB BENEDETT Varsity Football Senior Choir Two Radio Programs Boy's Union WALTER BLACKBURN HAROLD BLAIR Member Boy's Advisory Vice-president B-i2 Boys' Union Board Class Art Committee BOB BERTELS "B" Football Senior Play Production Senior Choir Mohican Sketchbook Boy's Union JOE ARAI "B" Football J. V. Baseball Boy's Union LOUIS BENJAMIN Knights Esquires A 81 B Track A 8- B Football Boy's Union Show Art Committee JOHN BOGART Ephebian Senior Athenian C.S.F. Shakespearian Festival Two Radio Discussion Panels Lark-Associate Editor "Mohican Sketchbook' "Come Over to Our House" "Ghost of Storm Heights" CLEM BOLLES Knights Boy's Court Varsity Club Varsity Track Basketball B0y's Union ELAINE BUSBY El Arador Editor Co-ed-Publicity man- ager G.A.A. Lark Reporter Thrift Club-Secretary Dance Committee Girl's League Represen tative May 81 Snow Festivals Prom Committee Chair- man "Mohican Sketchbook" TOMMIE JO CECIL Senior Girl's League Representative Girl's Day Representa- tive Senior Tea Decoration Chairman Campus Bible Club Snow Festival AU DREY BOLTON Las Laureas-Secretary 81 Treasurer Co-ed G.A.A, G.L.G. Campus Bible Club- Secretary Band Band Orchestra Choir LLOYD CALVIN B-I2 Class Vice-pres- ident "B" Track "B" Football "B" Baseball Junior Varsity Club- Vice-president 81 Treasurer Gymnastic Club Campus Bible Club Choir ROBERT J. CLARK Knight Commander Vice-president of Cava- liers Vice-president of Varsity Club Varsity Track "B" Football Tennis Team Gymnastics Team Service Awards---5 RICHARD BROWN Esquires Varsity Basketball Varsity Track DOROTHY CAMASTA C.S.F. Senior Athenians Co-ed Girl's League Represen- tative Art Exhibit Broadcast Play Production Dance Production Typing Award VIRGINIA COEN Co-edASecond Vice- president G.A.A, Masque and Pallette Senior Athenians Shorthanti Award- lOO words Girl's Glee El Arador Staff Typing Award- 50 words Prom Committee WILLIS BROWN Knights Esquires-Sergeant-ab Arms Esquire Advisory Board Cavaliers 5cy's Union Show Senior Pia, Cast Shakespearfan Fmt-w-I El Arador Statt Lark Staff DORY CARETTO Girls' League First Vice- president G4A.A. Cabinet G.L.G. Masque and Pallette Shakespearian Festival Cast of "Ghost of Storm Heights" "Come Over to Our House" - Snow 81 May Festival Attendants Kids' Day Queen Girls' Glee Club JOAN CRAWFORD Co-ed-Chaplain Masque and Pallette "Come Over to Our House" El Arador Staff Snow and May Festival Dances Art Exhibit Committee Dance Committee Prom Committee BETTY BUCK Senior Girl's League DONALD CASE Boy's Union "B" Football MARGUERITE CRAIG Senior Girl's League- Cabinet G.A.A. Basketball Man ager-G.L.G. Nonnetts Senior Choir Senior Girl's Glee Cast of "Mohican Sketchbook" TOM DALE Varsity Football Senior Athenians Wrestling Tennis Band Drchestra MARILYN DOUGHERTY 3-I2 Secretary -as Laureas 3.L.G.-Vice- president 3.A.A.-2nd Vice- president Chec-President Cast of "Come Over to Our House" "Ghost of Storm Heights" "Mohican Sketch- book" Dance Production , Class Choir Senior Girls' Glee KEITH DURBIN Varsity Football Cast of "Come Over to Our House" "Mohican Sketch- book" Shakespearian Fes- tival Art Exhibit Publicity Manager- "Come Over to Our House" Boys' Union NANCY FLESHER Chec's "Mohican Sketch- book" Member of S'47 Class Play Dance Production Class Senior Glee Club Senior Girls' League GLORIA GARRETT Senior Girls' League JOHNIE DEGENFELDER Varsity Club-Vicee president Captain Basketball team Gymnastics Team Track Team Cast of "Ghost of Storm Heights" "Mohican Sketch- book" PAT DUFF Student Body Sec- retary Girls' League President S.A.A.-G,L.G. Cast of "Come Over to Our House" "Mohican Sketch- book" Leadership Class Secretary Chec's Secretary Delegate to State Stu- dent Council Con- vention Masque and Pallette May and Snow Festi- vals Attendant Student Council FRED ERNST Senior Athenians Esquires Cavaliers Senior Choir "Mohican Sketch- book" - JOE FRITCHER "B" Football 'B" Track Boys' Union Teen Age Junction PAUL GARRISON President ot B-I2 Home Room Knights Esquires Cavaliers Campus Bible Club- Chaplain S'47 Senior Play Gymnastics Club "B" Football Band and Orchestra Choir GLORIA DORSEY Girls' League Presi- dent May Queen Student Council Leadership Class G.A.A. Cabinet- G.L.G. Snow and May Festi- vals Attendant Junior-Senior Prom Decoration Choir Cast of "Come Over To Our House" "Mohican Sketch- book" State Student Council Convention ALEX DUGALLY Senior Aye Vive- president Esquire-Secretary Esquire Court 3-yr. Varsity Baseball Captain of Baseball Team Varsity Football - Boys' Union Minstrel Shows Cast of "Mohican Sketchbook" Service Awards-4 ROBERT FARRAH Senior "A" Class ' Treasurer Esquires Junior Varsity Club- Vice-president and Treasurer "A" Football "B" Football Teen Age Junction "A" Track Senior Choir "Mohican Sketch- book" Boys' Union Show '47 VIRGINIAFRITTER Life Member of C.S.F. Las Laureas-Clerk Co-Eds G.A,A. G.L.G, Thrift Club Campus Bible Club Senior Athenians- 4 times Glee Club and Choir CALVIN GARVIN Cavaliers-President Esquires "Mohican Sketch- book" Radio Program Senior Play Produc- tion LORRAINE GIBSON DIC Checs Art Exhibit Service Awards Girl's League K HASHIMOTO Senior Athenian "B" Football Boy's Union BU RDETTE JAMISON Knights Esquires Cavaliers Campus Bible Club- Vice-chaplain Sports Editor-El Arador Secretary-Treasurer- Varsity Club Gymnastic Club Manager-Tennis Team Choir Boy's Union Show MAX GILLILAND Varsity Club Tennis Team Tennis Club Prom Committee Art Exhibit Committee DIXIE HIGHAM Senior Aye Treasurer G.A.A. President-G.l..G. Cast of "Come Over to Our House" "Mohican Sketchbook" Dance Committee Senior Choir Snow Queen Attendant Christmas Skit Service Awards-6 ENID JEAN Girl's League Represen- tative Co-eds Bookkeeping IV Award Prompter in Senior Play S '47 Dance Prod. Class Member of Orchestra Member of Annual Staff G.L.G. G.A.A. HELEN GOMEZ Las Laureas G.A,A. MARY JO HODGES Las Laureas Girl's Court-Judge Co-eds G.A.A.-G.l..G.. Cast of "Mohican Sketchbook" "Come Over to Our House" Radio Panels Campus Bible Club El Arador Staff- Business Manager JOE JENSKI Esquires Drama ll President Band Shop Foreman "A" Football "B" Football WILDA HANNAH G.A.A. Girl's Glee Snow Festival Bookkeeping Award Girl's Reserve Dance Production Service Award JOSE, HOLGUIN Esquire Varsity Club A Track Baseball-Treasurer CHARMION KAPPLE Las Laureasfliublicity Manager Co-eds-Secretary- Chaplain Senior Athenian Masque and Pallette G.A.A. El Arador Statt May Festivals Dance Production Girl's League Represen- tative MAX HANSEN Varsity Football Varsity Track "B" Football Cast of "Mohican Sketchbook" Boy's Union Show Member of Orchestra Member of Band Art Exhibit TED HORNSTRA All-harbor High School Symphony Orchestra Esquires-Secretary Band Orchestra B Track Radio Broadcast Senior Play Cast BOB KEN NEDY Boy's Union Vice- president Knights Varsity Club President Varsity Football Letter- man Boy's Union Show Art Collection Com- mittee Prom Committee Asst. Production Man- ager of "The Ghost of Storm Heights" SADAKO KISHI Senior Athenians Co-ecls G.A.A. G.L,G. Glee Club DALE MARSHALL Knight Vice-Commander Esquires Bee Football Varsity Football Varsity Track Bee Track THIRZA LEE MILLAR Senior Bee Class Treas, Senior Athenians G.L.G. G.A.A. Publicity Man- ager Yell Leader Las Laureas Vice- president Vice-president of Checs President of Masque and Pallette "Come Over to Our House" Senior Girl's League Song Leader NADYNE KLUG Checs Senior Girl's League YUKIO MASAI Bee Football Letterman Boy's Union HELEN MOEN Treasurer of Senior Athenians Las Laureas Girl's Court President of Checs Secretary of Checs G,A.A, Treasurer G.L.G. "Come Over to Our House" "Ghost of Storm Heights" May and Snow Festivals GEORGIA KORDONESI G.A.A. G.L.G. Checs Service Award Art Committee DEAN MAXSON Student Body Vice- president Boy's Union President Vice-Judge of Boy's Clinic Chaplain of the Knights President ot Jr. Varsity Club Esquires Captain of "A" Track Team Captain of "B' 'Track Campus Bible Club COLLEEN MORAN Co-eds "Come Over to Our House" Dance Production Chorus Mabelle Scott's School WILLARD LEIGHTON Art Exhibit Committee Boy's Union IRENE MCCANDLESS Senior Class Treasurer Senior Athenians-Vice- SHIRLEY LARD Las Laureas Girl's Court Sergeant Co-eds G.A.A, Campus Bible Club DORIS McDOWELL G,L.G. G.A.A. president-Treasurer May Festival President of Checs Girifs League Co-eds G,A.A. Cabinet G.L,G. "Ghost of Storm Heights" "Come Over to Our House" Senior Pageant Writing Committee LILIA MORALES RUDY MORALES Attorney of Girl's Court Senior Aye Class Las Laureas Pfesldenf Co-eds G.A,A. Bookkeeping IV Award Senior Typing ll and lll Award Teen Age Club President Editor of the Lark Sports Editor of the Lark Judge of Boy's Court Vice-Commander of the Knights President of the Esquires Chairman of the Esquire Advisory Board Track Letterman Football Letterman NORMA MUNGER Co-ed President G.A,A. Masque and Pallette EI Arador Staff Snow and May Festivals "Come Over to Our House" Dance Production Prom Committee Art Exhibit Committee LOIS OLNEY Senior Girl's League Cabinet Senior Athenians Secre- tary G.L.G. G,A.A, Pianist Coaeds President ot Checs "Mohican Sketchbook" PAT PEPPARD Knights Varsity Club Secretary Varsity Basketball Varsity Track BRUCE NIMMO President of Future Farmers Senior Athenians Esquires Boy's Day Poundmaster MARY 0'NEILL Sub-Debs Art Exhibit Committee Service Award Senior Girl's League JEAN PERRY Secretary of Checs Lark Staff Dance Production Prom Committee Art Exhibit Committee OGI MAMORU Varsity Basketball Junior Varsity Baseball Gymnastics EUGENE PALIANI Lark Business Manager Varsity Letterman in Gymnastics Bee Basketball Letter- man Prom Committee TED PETERSON Boy's Union DIANE OLDERMAN Co-eds G.A,A. K.N.V, Broadcast Art Exhibit Committee Spring Valley School BOB PARKS Cheer Leader Sportsmanship Com- mittee Tennis Team Choir "Come Over to Our House" "Mohican Sketchbook" Prom Committee Art Exhibit LEON POSEY Boy's Union WILLARD OLDS Boy's Court Esquires Track Team Stage Crew Dance Committee Art Exhibit Committee JEANE PARR Girl's League Cabinet Publicity Manager of Co-eds Lark Business Manager Campus Bible Club Pianist Girl's Day 60 Word Typing Award 140 Word Shorthand Award "Mohican Sketchbook" VIC ROBERTSON Student Body President President of Senior Bees President of Junior Ayes Attended Boy's State Lion's Club Orator Knights Tennis Letterman "Come Over to Our House" "Mohican Sketchbook" rw, l i 4 DOLORES REUF Co-ed Secretary Masque and Pallette Girl's Glee Bookkeeping Award Typing Award WILMA SIMPSON Masque and Pallette Service Award Girl's League JEAN STEWART Junior A Class Secretary Girl's League Vice- president Las Laureas Co-eds Girl's Court Senior Athenians G.A.A. Honor Girl W '48 G.A,A. Yell Leader May Festival Attendant Snow Festival Attendant ROSE SARUKIAN Checs-Secretary and Treasurer Checs-Vice-president G,A.A. G.L.G. A-I2 Homeroom Secre- tary "Mohican Sketchbook" Dance Production Dance Committee Script Girl for Senior Plays RUBY SISEMORE Co-eds Campus Bible Club Vice-Chaplain Snow Festival Attendant May Festival Attendant Girl's League WALLY VANCE Varsity Club-Sergeant at'Arms Varsity Football Varsity Track Varsity Baseball Boys Union Show Teen Age Junction Director Prom Committee BOB SCOTT Senior "B" Class Vice- president Knights Boy's Union President Varsity Track "B" Track "B" Football "Mol'1ican Sketchbook" Boy's Union Shows Drama I VIRGINIA SLOSS Co-eds Senior Athenians G.L.G. G,A.A. EI Arador Staff Lark Staff KHJ Broadcast Orchestra Dance Production Class JOAQUIN VON CHONG Art Committee Boys' Union H ELEN SEVER Girl's League JEAN ST. ONGE Esquires Cavaliers Motion Picture Crew Sound Crew Stage Crew Art Committee Boy's Union C ARBARA WALLACE G.A.A. Dance Production Class May Festivals RUTH SHIRAISHI Ephebian Senior Athenian Cabinet Student Council Las Laureas President Co-eds G.A.A. Cabinet G.L.G. Assistant Editor of "The Lark" H ERB STRATTON Esquires Varsity Club Varsity Football Two years Varsity Baseball Stage Crew Service Awards LEROY WALTRIP Gymnastic Team Boy's Union MARY WEBSTER A-I2 Class Treasurer Checs G.A.A. Dance Committee El Arador Staff Prom Committee ,Y H ll X65 .ll cfpjxfd Q 66 u ' NOA6' QS N4 fo X l of ,YQ-4 all ELLEN WELDY JIMMIE WILLIAMS Co-ed Senior Girl's League Senior Aye Secretary GirI's League Secretary 81 First Vice-president G,A.A. Secretary and First Vice-President G.L.G. Cnecs Sec, 81 First Vice- president EI Arador Staff Lark Staff Snow 81 May Festivals "Come Over to Our House" Glee Club Dance Production LEOLA WOOD GA. G.L.G, Senior Girl's Glee Dance Production Service Awards Senior Girl's League JANICE YOUNG Senior Girl's League Representative Senior Athenian Coeed Lark Representative Redondo Union High f l l l 4 isa t fi My , , W , : am 4 H l if Z v-1: 2 .q.: 1 WW T l t EL ARADGR PRIZE SNAPSHOTS This year something different was tried to get snapshots for the annual. The staff sponsored a snapshot contest, and prizes were given for the three best pictures. For first prize a subscription to "Popular Photography" was given. Second prize was a picture album and third prize was a box of chocolates. The winning picture was a photograph of Norine Farnham and was taken by Roger Martin. This picture is on page 77. Second prize was a picture of a few girls after the Snow Festival, and was taken by Linda Alverson. Jodee Chriss took third prize with a picture of Don Takahashi, F. E. Harris, and Bill Challenger. 'N A .Z ll, . ' ,L I - ' iff Jl .fffflw l,ff"'j iff' V pi' 23' ' -.,..fvff, B l2 J i'i'-s' if 1 ' "' -f l' 'J i fl sl 'Xie ' MRS. POULSON-MDuane Barry, Richard Brown, Chuck Campbell, John Cox, Ed Dona- van, Garland Frizzell, John Fowler, Rassie l-larper, Don l-lastings, Kasanori lnauye, Richard Johnson, Roy Larsen, Bob McCarthy, Edward Pittman, Bob Prinselear, Robert Powell, Marvin Powell, David Silva, Russell Tomlin, LeRoy Waltrip, Pauline Cory, June Draper, Ramona Foster, Gloria Gifford, Helen Jo l-larrison, Dorothy Loving, Barbara Joan Martin, Mary O'Niel, Dorothy Portis, Dorothy Prior, Angelita Soto, MRS. CRUICKSHANK-Dean Albright, Elmer Bleidistel, Bill Challenger, Richard Conner, John DeBoer, Jerry Dee, Olaf Fisher, Robert l-larmon, Alan Larsen, Neil Lemke, Johnny Musulin, Joe Pogue, Ray Renolds, Don Rickabaugh, Earl Sampier, Bill Strubhar, Barbara Anderson, Esther Corrales, Barbara Gibson, Mofly Go'zaes, Dicksie Long, Gloria Orbe, Leoma Oltjenbruns, Barbara Seely, Beverly Smith, Coleefi Sudduth, lda Mae Wolford. - President . Charles Campbell Vice-President Richard Conner Secretary . Dorothy Loving N, ,Y 's. A-ll MlSS COOPER--Bud Bradtord, Delbert Dornberger, Jack Gates, Fred Kerby, Walter Grenberger, Shoso Kawa- hara, Frank Moen, Jim Norton, Howard Parrett, Edward Stephenson, Tom Suzuki, Robert Trost, David Villa- nueva, Harry Wallenberg, Bill Weathers, Kayuma Nakata, Lillian Arvidson, Opal Bandy, Sue Bargar, Delores Bust, Pat Boham, Jean Burdick, Juanita Carter, Delores Hix, Beverly Knighton, Sylvia Komai, Donna Lee, Patricia McDowell, Lovina Mills, Janet Mitchell, Anna Montes, Diane Schofield, Pearl Shapiro, La Rue Strang, Betty Tipton. MR. GODDARD-Joe Borges, Norman Earley, Yokio Fujiwara, Don Garner, Tom Hamilton, Harold Jensen, Jim Kelly, Keith Johnson, Roy Kroptt, Jesse Logan, Johnny Musulin, Jimmie Phillips, Morgan Simpson, Dick Tomb, Russell White, Marceline Butts, Jodee Criss, Shirley Curley, Janice Dougherty, Carlene Gasper, Mary Gordon, Joan Jensen, Mae Kawashima, Pat Millhouse, Shirley Mintz, Cleo Moss, Barbara Phillips, Dolores Renolds, Jolean Scott, Helen Sego, Eva Shockley, Betty Wilson, Jane Rapp. MR. LOOMIS-Kenneth Adley, Harold Brown, Dick Chandler, Fred Davis, Bill DeBoer, Stanley Franklin, George lnouye, Roy Jackson, Bill Keene, Tadashi Okado, Don Osborne, Jack Richilieu, Mike Sakata, Jeanette Hopkins, Myron Schlaegel, Robert Shannon, Vernon Smelser, Dori Takahashi, James Yasutake, Louise Denney, Judith Derby, Virginia Doner, Phyllis Elliott, Yvonne Ellis, Norine Farnham, Margaret Farrah, Marguerite Goodwin, Chiyoko Hayakawa, Lillie Mae Hutchinson, Beverly Knight, Barbara Montgomery, Beatrice Prinselaar, Bonnie Settgast, Jacqueline Stevens, Miyoko Takahashi, Julia Taniguchi. B-ll MR. RICE--Philip Alexander, James Alverson, Jim Blehm, Glenn Butler, Bob Hansen Raul Hernandez Bob Higham, Glen Jordan, Ross Sidebottom, Dale Smith, Bob Tomerlin, Leslie Winters Leonard Fiscler Marilyn Bannister, Barbara Barr, Estelle Brown, Dorothy Corbin, Rosina Cox, Pearl Hinkle Marilyn Lindell Hele Martino, Peggy Miyamoto, Theresa Nichter, Shirley Oliver, Carol Prince, Harmina Rienstra Wyoma Stomp MlSS SlXlYDER7Gilbert Carrion, Carlton Damron, Donald Farrell, Don Guy, F. E i-'arris Pat Kendall Robert McCulIen, Ken Muraoka, James Quider, Tommy Hotchkiss, Pat Kendall, Takuo Kuwahara Robert McMullen Ken Muraoka, James Quider, Simonian Hotchkiss, Donold Skinner, Ronald Swan, Ken Williams Geraldine Arn strong, Shirley Babcock, Mardell Beck, La Vonne Bradshaw, Betty Ann Cassel Lucy Davis Bettie Foste Shirley Jones, Jeanette Marynowski, Helen Oieda, Jessie Perez, Retugio Ramirez Joan Scott Ruth Vlfoltord Lucille Wood, Madeline Yniguez, Virginia Martin. SCIENCE VLAT H' 242467401 WND 4' -Ll-L! .7716 I f'?'IF055l'bZC D065 Ha Fffmm 1 , xv. fn B-10 MR. MOOREfTom Abernathy, Bill Best, Dick Bickel, Gene Butler, Wayne Eads, Gene Fischer, Bob Fisk, George Germain, Don Groth, Don Higley, Richard Kuhns, Robert Kurtz, Bill Milburn, Albert Negrete, Rudolph Negrete, George Popp, Bill Price, Howard Quon, Jack Hughes, Gorden Allen, Ricardo Gee Kee, Dorothy Bengston, Bernice Blackwell, Juanda Herring, Verna Krebs, Carmen McCaa, Zelma Manugoff, Patricia Miller, lda Mae Murphy, Betty North, Clara Pinedo, Lucy Pogue, Shirley Prentiss, Mary Starkey, Beverly Williams, Dixie McRae. MRS. BLAKE--Wally Anderson, Donald Bain, Gordon Baird, Bill Brown, Richard Brown, Raul Chavez, David Corrales, Jim Dale, Marlin Maxson, Mike Morales, Charles Peck, John Starkman, William Stout, Donald Wood, Dale Germain, Bud McClure, Floyd Baty, Kenneth Marsh, Helen Bale, Barbara Cambis, Sylvia Hoffman, Frances Lee, Joanne Mitchell, Carmen Rico, Jean Robarge, Audrey Sands, Eloise Smith, Bettie Swanson, Loraine Storey, Patricia Thomas, Violet Valdez, Madeline Walston, Barbara Walling, Marvel Wehner, Mozelle Green, Ann Sutherland. MR, BERRY--Gi'bert Acevedo, Francis Berndt, Bill Daugherty, Jerry Ficks, Jeral Fugate, Bill Gray, Hugh Hawley, Gerald Hix, Bill Linneman, Manuel Machado, Manuel Maese, Richard Marsh, Gary Maxwell, Eugene Peterson, Joe Scheffer, Harold Simpson, Robert Smith, Marvin Williams, Charles Blaylock, Lorn Barnett, David Stukey, Ernest Quon, Alfred Thompson, John Rich, Lois Alverson, Darlene Brown, Janet Brown, Dorothy Carrigan, Claudine Cathcart, Virtinia A--il-O Dare, Genevieve Dicks, Olga Edwards, Roxy Edwards, Mina Joyce, Demetra Kordones, Ronnie Martin, Rosenda Ramirez, Mary Lou Almind, Elsie Lake. MRSA DESAMBADe-Howard Black, Francis Connelly, Sherman Cunningham, Overton Estes, Bob Gifford, Kenneth Green, Toshio Ishii, Roy Kaminori, Robert Karback, Teddy Marshall, Leon Mills, Jon Mobley, Joe Okada, Donald Smith, Ronnie Thomas, Bill Turner, Ernie Williams, Carol Cline, Joan Decker, Jo Ann Duff, Vivian Early, Beverly Kriessel, Margaret Layden, Patricia Lewis, Margaret Luther, Marilyn McDowell, Velva Powell, Kazuko Shiraishi, Eleanor Stites, Mary Stucke, Dorothy Tol- son, Dyonne Tryon, Roena Vaught, Merry Lou Combs. MR, HEAP-George Beach, Solomon Chavez, Tommy Cooper, Eluid Delmar, John Erbe, Homer Erickerson, James Fowler, Tomotsu Fujiwara, Bill Gettys, Frank Geyer, Carroll Hastings, Austin Holt, Emory Lowe, Rodney Skinner, Jesse Smoot, Lothar Schipanski, Donald White, Bill Young, Don Eicher, Delores Arkenberg, Louise Benson, Betty Brown, Dawn Campbell, Shirley Colby, Alice Cypert, Pat Goodrich, Pat McDermott, Jean Murray, Judith Pickard, Mary Shiraishi, Betty Smith, Doris Stukey, Lois Wallace. MISS LITTRELL-Ted Beyer, Ronald Buster, Donald Coady, Bob Kingle, John Jimenez, David Ledbetter, Adalberto Lopez, Jacinto Lujan Manuel Mada, Terry Masai, Tommy Metcalf, Philip Robinson, Richard Shields, Lewis Simpson, Jim Singer, Robert Strickland, Charles Waltrip, Ronnie Zabaski, Jack Webber, Dick Sands, Margaret Almaraz, Nancy Atsumi, Carole Baxter, Corinne Cannon, Mary Coleman, Yoshiko lnouye, Patty Jackson, Juanita Nix, lldean Orr, Shirley Padgett, Meryl Peterson, Linda Prinselaar, Leona Scheffer, Carmen Schipanski, Virginia Shiraishi, Joan Socnolf, Patricia Sylvester, Joan Zuleeg, Virginia Quinn, MISS CAVANAUGH-Bob Arnold, George Bailey, Larry Bolton, Charles Brown, Ronnie Brown, Russell Cobbs, James Collins, Merlin Elhardt, Hector Esparza, Gary Gifford, Daryl Hall, Johnny Jimenez, Don Justice, James Kassebaum, Frank Mortensen, Joe Murphy, Mikio Nagavama, Alfred Perez, Sidney Shue, Maynard Sorensen, Ronald Stegner, Noel Robarge, Gloria Brown, Dorothy Carlsen, Darlene Charles, Vera Cipres, Margaret De Marquez, Joyce Dickerson, Cynthia Godbey, Nancy Greaves, Jacqueline Hansen, Ruth Kropff, Janet Rocco, Cherie Schafer, Bette Settgast, Mary Simonian, Pauline Urias, Valerie Winkle, Mary Rodom. MR, FREEMAN--Leo Barton, Bert Bruning, Cecil Edwards, Elmer Gates, Roy Gaul, Frank Gregory, Gerald Griffin, Norman Judd, Jack Kennedy, Billy Lodge, Theadore Moran, George Reyes, John Scallion, James Wilson, Jack Sekely, Gene Hilbert, Clinton Richelieu, Kenneth Carter, Betty Argo, Maeline Barnett, Patricia Boosalis, Lola Buckner, Delores Davis, Louise Hunzeman, Dottie Jenskie, Fumiye Kuwahara, Betty Layhee, Beverly Likens, Donna Lee Michel- son, Dorothy Moore, Estelle Nickens, Betty Norcome, Melva Sisemore, Arline Stream, Margaret Whitehead, Gayle Salquist, Diane Vandeman. MRS. HAWKINS-Earl Allman, Joseph Bailey, James Bays, George Dabbs, Margarite Flores, Robert Grieve, John Jaques, Reuben Jaramillo, Richard Kausen, Graham Lucas, Henry McCul- lough, Norman Morton, Tom Agawa, Eugene Pasguale, Bill Punt, George Rudd, Jack Gilmore, Donald Yeager, Ralph Felts, Daniel Walton, Sharon Coloia, Gwen Daniel, Lorita Elhardt, Julia Goudsmit, Mikiko Haga, Elaine Hicks, Anita Hutchinson, Joan Lewis, Juanda Locan, Nancy Long, Nina Norton, Nola Parks, Janet Perdew, lnda Pinedo, Joan Radcliff, Dolores Rossi, Patricia Webster, Dorothy Desmond, Michika Nakata, Delphine Guillen, MISS BARLOW-Charles Allman, Carl Chappell, Bill Clemens, Raymond Cubberly, Gary Even- son, Delbert Foncannon, Lee Hay, Bob Leake, Lawrence Leighton, Frank Munoz, Richard Perez, Bert Prior, Robert Robinson, Homer Rudd, Leonard Tomlin, James Wiggs, Margaret Gunderson, Ruth Hungerford, DeLaine Jensen, Elaine Lessods, Betty Miyamoto, Lois Neal, Linda Schaat, Barbara Sellers. MISS COMBS-William Armstrong, Bobby Barnes, Charles Beville, Royal Billieu, Gordon Clark, Kenneth Dabbs, William Henderson, Jimmie Hughes, Robert Lundell, Don Mitchell, Pat Neal, Leon Sana, Richard Schultz, Kenneth Smith, Joe Spirer, Kenneth Steelman, Wanda Beck, Shirley Bolton, Joyce Bubenhofer, Barbara Calip, Marilyn Cheek, Eunice DeLazier, Julia Fisher, Susan Larson, Zola Mae Raynor, Cheri Wilson, Virginia Wineman. MR. KONIGSMARK--Ralph Avakian, James Bannister, DeWayne Harrison, Joe Henry, Alfred Jimenez, Clifford McDonald, Robert McKernon, Carl Osborne, David Smith, Dale Swanson, Bruce Traylor, Robert Whitehead, Margie Acevado, Jacqueline Britton, Dorothy Geminwieser, Virginia Means, Carol Root, Nora Smith, Donna Wenschlag, Elba Jeanne Warren. A-8 MRS. CATTERN--Douglas Beaver, Jimmie Reiss, Donald Russ, George Terry, Nacho Valdes, Primo Villanueva, Fred Walter, Gerald Wilder, Rollie Wills, Dick Xanders, Joe Ybarra, Mike Yniguez, Josephine Del Hoyo, Rose Miller, Joanne Robinson, Patsy Ann Schulz, Rebecca Scott, Lou Ann Wood, Joyce Yale, Wilma Shockley, Delora Strubhar, Dave Toll, Albertine Vargas, Christine Walker, Beverly Walling, Jule Wenschlag, Edith Whirlow, Marjorie Whitehead, Dona Williams, Jacqueline Wilson. MISS LAMSON-Ted Bierlein, Clyde Cropper, Charles Dykes, Clayton Erickson, Kiyosln Fuieivara, Ronnie Gates, Jesse Gilli- land, Melvin Hallet, Kenichi lnosi, Stanley Jackson, Phillip Morris, Crawford Risk, Donald Smith, esley Smith, Reagh Stubbs, Jack Tripp, Ronald Walker, Paul Watson, Robert White, Robert Wooters - Addie Cass, Rachel Cervantes, Sally Dickson, Gloria Hankins, Hazel Nashimoto, Joyce Herring, Joyce Johnson, Mary Ketilsen, Antanis Arranta, Lela Rogers, Mary Rush, Evelyn Secar, lrene Snow, Tecklah Taylor, Beverly Vernon, Joan Elstad, Gloria Dee Touros, Lois Keeling. MR. DERKSEN-Norman Bahrman, Rudolph Bier, Lloyd Crurne, Jimmie Egerer, Dickie Evenson, Walter Franks, Fred Fuller- ton, Manuel Garcia, Ralph Germain, Glenn Heithold, Robert Holguin, Donald Hutchinson, Willie Suzuzi, Thomas Watkins, Lou Skata - Jo Anne Anderson, Glenna Ashbrook, Phyllis Chapman, Pat Bunningham, Verda Eads, Frances Glass, Janice Hatteg, Mary Helton, Ethel Henderson, Josephine Hopkins, Sara Lapiders, Marian Lloyd, Marilyn Brake, Charlene Jones, Frances Guillen, Barbara Carter, Sally Martines, Jessie Poulain, Elsie Miller. ln vx..:,in ec1iaw :una ummm i if ,mme as atmn1weesw QL- m il Moana Ahlstrom, Maxine Armstrong, Beverly Ashbrook, Carolyn Briles, Gretchen Caine, Minnie Calhoun, Isabel Castro, Deloris Clark, Alice Clement, Patricia Coady, Anita Contreras, Jerry B 8 Cowdell, Shirley Darnell, Beverly Desmond, Nina Eaton, Jackie Ebe, Patricia Edwards, Arline ' Ellis, Antonia Garnica, Jacqueline Glover, Leone Growdon, Audrey Halderman, Eleanor Hawk, Eleanor Johnsen, Lauris Kassebaum, Helen Kropff, Estelle Lara, Frankie Lee, Anita Luian, Bonnie Lundell, Carol Mills, Barbara Moore, Hideko Nakatami, Rosemary Parish, Betty Parsons, Elvira Prieta, Sheila Rankin, Dorothy Reader, Diane Robarge, Maxine Shoemaker, Patricia Thompson, Beverly Vos, Beatrice Williams, Karma Gene Young, Louise Zuleeg. James Alkire, Jack Ball, Kenneth Benson, Carl Bowman, Billy Brier, Lonnie Brown, Billy Cath- cart, Herbert Chapman, George Curtis, Wayne Cushman, Jimmy Damron, Henry Douglas, Claude Dykes, Carl Flansburg, Buddy Franklin, Dick Gillmore, Robert Hagthrop, Edward Hall, David Heredia, Sadao Higa, Robert Kurtz, Edward Lofton, Jimmy Marron, John Martin, Bobbie McCall, Billie McFarland, Monty McGuire, George McKerlie, James McMullen, James Melton, Donald Miller, Jimmy Navrides, Donald Pyles, Frank Rico, Vincent Rioz, Bob Sanders, Robert Shoop, Fred Silagy, Howard Smith, Rutherford Smith, David Starkey, Homer Still, Alfonso Ungson, Frank Walter, Russell White, Raymond Wright, Sammy Yniquez. MISS HlLLfRobert Beach, Barry Farrah, Melvin Frazier, Billy Frye, Raynaldo Gonzales, Eddie Gray, Fred Klunb, Lawrence Mendez, Thomas Mitchell, Don Mullins, Oliver Rapier, Natdan Shafer, Wayne Spears, Jimmie Van Dyke, Thomas Wait - Ralph Allen, Mary Ann Clark, Catherine Cooper, Marilyn Coxe, Wanda Evans, Marvina Haney, Irene Hoffman, Betty Hop- kins, Melba Jones, June Knight, Christine Krebs, Caryle Liedtke, Betty Jean McCorkle, Marcia Metzger, Billie Mae Morse, Nancy Parks, Peggy Rister, Mary Clay Williams. MRS, COX--Max Baxter, Raymond Bowie, William Coleman, Bob Davis, Walter Doyfe, Ralph Gephart, Don Goodwin, Larry Hix, Vern Lewis, Rudy Lopez, David Morton, Ronald Richelieu, William Spears, Billy Starkman, Bill Sudduth, Joe Villa, Vir- ginia Brown, Carmen Castro, Mary Lee Harmon, Edna Knight, Beverly La Rue, Marjorie Maxson, Sedonia Miller, Dorothy Murphy, Vivian Myles, Emi Nishikawa, Beverly Oldoerp, Geraldine Renteria, Shirley Wisong, Rebecca Quinn. MRS. TURPENfPhillip Adams, Juan Almorez, Sergio Barman, Clifford Bennett, Dale Bernhard, Donald Best, Wayne Bran- ning, Arthur Coady, Ralph Conner, J. D. Epperson, Daniel Jagues, Jimmy Marshall, Richard Peters, Robert Saterlie, Tom Spears, Chuck Tuffey, Jerry Matthews, Frank Lewis, Elisabeth Brown, Marilyn Clark, Shirley Cochran, Geraldine Cole, Joan Cross, Bonnie Cushman, Loretta Davies, Dolores Frazier, Phyllis Gripe, Georgianna Harris, Patsy Lofton, Bess Mchendon, Mellie Mendoza, Mildred Roberts, Susanne Sloss, Joan White, Judy Gibson, Nancy Abrams, Josephine Araque, Barbara Btethen, Kathleen Boden, Virginia Brown, Kiane Davanzo, Aloha De Marquez, Leonora Dolby, Anna Edwards, Alice Yoyce Ek, Barbara Farrah, Wilma Fugate, Pearl Gasper, Gale Gough, Renee Hansen, Dolly Henley, Charlotte Jaramillo, Delores Kaplin, Patricia Looney, Shirley McCulley, Joan McDonald, Norma Overturt, Joy Parr, Ramona Rice, Shirley Radom, Patricia Shafer, Barbara Solomon, Rassie Still, Mary Valdez, Marie Van Vliet, Shirley Yale. Donald Bacon, Benny Benson, Joseph Camasta, Gene Cassell, Jose Castro, Frank Chaffino, Frank Dix, Allen Ferquson, Daniel Ray Gaul, Arthur Germain, Marvin Hale, Dale Hamilton, James Hanzlik, Delray Hawks, Gary Heithold, Ralph Houser, Richard Jenkins, Richrd Larsen, Jerome Lloyd, Larry Lobach, Bobby Logan, Richard Loney, D, Arley McDormick, James McNemar, Robert Mercereau, Howard Neill, Robert Norton, Duayn Overturf, Robert Paulus, Percy Perkins, Billy Peterson, Robert Pitsen- berger, Ray Plummer, Richard Puga, Franklin Quon, Walter Raymond Rich, Robert Rumbo, Robert Schlemmer, Ronald Sears, Robert Silagy, Richard Smith, Kenneth Ten Eyck, Jerry Tippen, Ronald Thornhill, Dennis Trumbo, Daniel Urias, Stanley Watt, Bobby VVest, Jack Williams, Delmar Wood. Virginia Adams, Harrie Jean Anderson, Rihuko Arai, Rose Argo, Betty Arnoldus, Myrtle Atsumi, lmogene Backman, Donna Bailey, Ercelle Barrow, Betty Bays, Angelina Benton, Janette Birch, Dorothy Bland, Charlotte Bogner, Marie Boosalie, Joan Bradley, Jane Brown, Shirley Brown, Fern Cambis, Joan Cassity, Lois Coburn, Claire Colgan, Pattie Cooper, Janet Sue Cover- ley, Flora Craig, Betty Crume, Ann Danks, Geraldine Davies, Evelyn Davies, Marion Davis, Dixie De Bates, Leah Diller, Doris Dills, Patsy Doule, Joan Evans, Joyce Fisher, Marilyn Gillibrand, Roxanne Greaves, Barbara Grey, Elaine Haight, Mary Harral, Jennie Hashimoto, Marie Hatanaka, Jeanette Hattig, Joyce Hildreth, Suzanne Hitt, Barbara Holland, Eola Jean Jensen, La Voone Johnson, Peggy Kerr, Martha Maxwell, Marjorie McCaa, Sammy Lee McDandless, Bette Moore, Helen Neal, Nancy Odle, Tamiko Okazaki, Anne Olney, Marion Onstott, Diane Parrott, Ruth Pogue, Mona Posey, Catherine Samples, Yvonne Seelinger, Joyce Shapland, Sally Shapland, Laurel Smith, Lorraine Smith, Shirley Spaeks, Leah Stucke, Betty Mae Sutherlin, Shirley Swan- son, Fusage Takahashi, June Takahashi, Cleo Terry, Edna Turner, Alice Vargas, Ernestine Vargas, Janet Walker, Rachel Wl- ton, Jean Warner, Peggy Westbrook, Ethel Wetmore, Bonnie White, Larraine White, Nancy Wickman, Melba Wilson. Max Abrams, John Albin, Robert Albright, Robert Allen, Victor Almaraz, Raymond Anderson, George Bardwell, Dan Beard, Lawrence Benke, Jerry Bennett, Tommy Bowie, Ben Butcher, Lester Carter, Fred Cathey, Gene Chambers, Kenneth Cham- Jers, Robert Cherry, Donald Cobbs, Jimmie Collins, Edward Coverdale, James De Bow, Jerry De France, Larry De France, Donald Dobson, Charles Dodds, Carl Ecklund, David Ek, Vernon Fickes, Miguel Garcia, Raleigh Garrett, Carl Glasgow, Cecil Gripe, Charles Grove,.Donald Grove, Buddy Hannah, Robert Higashi, Arthur Holguin, Robert Hopkins, Lee Horton, J. B, Hutch- ings, Jim Jacobsen, Sydney Jeter, Bill Jones, Richard Jordan, George Karson, Alvin Keeling, Richard Koch, Jim Kordoness, Leroy La Vette, James Lee, Leander Lickiss, Ronald Llmuti, Thomas Loney, Robert Loveland, Eldon Maerz, Carl Martin, George McCubbin, Bruce McEarchran, Richard Meagher, Duane Michelson, Joe Mitchell, William Mobley, Earl Monical, Rudy Montevercle, Shigeo Nakata, Jow Nolan, Shiro Ono, Buddy Powers, Edwin Powers, Thomas Puckett, William Quon, Jim Rickabaugh, Allan Risk, lrl Sams, George Sanderson, Johnnie Schmidt, Sammy Simonian, Manfred Smith, Mike Snuffin, Norimichi Sumi, Joe Tanderich, Jerry Tryon, Chester Tuftey, Bob Wagner, Robert Webster, Lawrence Weeks, Edward Winslow, Ignacio Zaragoza. MR GGULET Our Principal, Mr. Goulet, has a great respon- sibility towards the school and the community. ln school, he is the general manager of the stu- dents and the faculty. lt is his job to keep the school functioning smoothly and to see that every- one is content. He is a member of the Gardena Lions' Club and also a Y.M.C.A. Board member. By this active part in the community, he coordinates the school and community to make it pleasant for the youth of our town. Miss Crump, our Girls' Vice-principal, is a small, dainty lady who is always ready to give help when help is needed. As a favorite among the girls, with her cheery and pleasant personality, she has upheld the morale of our school for many years. Mr. Ferguson, a graduate of the University of California at Los Angeles, is new to the Gardena campus this year. As Boys' Vice-principal, he is in charge of the conduct of our boys. His pleasant personality has already won for him many friends among both student body and faculty members. MISS CRUMP MR FERGUSGN MISS MRS. BAR LOW BEAM MR. BERRY MRS. MRS. BLACK BLAKE MR. BOGESS MISS MISS MISS MRS. MISS MISS MRS. MISS MRS. MRS. MISS BRADLEY BRAMMAN BURNS CATTERN CAVANAUGH COMBS COOK COOPER COX CRUICKSHANK CRUMP GARDENA I-HGH SCHOOL FACULTY MR. OWEN MR. CURNUTT MRS. DEARING MISS DEBOER MR, DERKSEN MRS. DESAMBAD MR. DONYES MRS. DUNN MRS. FAIRBANKS MR. FERGUSON MR. FREEMAN MISS GILLILAND MR. GODDARD MRS. HAWKINS MR. HEAP MRS. HERRING MISS HILL MRS. HUBBARD MR, JACOT MISS JONES MR. KONIGSMARK MISS LAMSON MRS. LAWRENCE MISS LITTRELL MR. LOOMIS MR. MARLETT MRS. MERKLEY MR. MCLENDON MISS MOLONY MR. MOORE MISS NEIGH MR. PEAK MRS. PEDDICORD MR. PITCHER MR. PITMAN MRS. POULSON MR. RICE MR. RICHARDSON MRS. SELLS MRS. SIMPSON MISS SNEED MISS SNYDER MR. SPICER MRS. TODD MRS. TRONDLE MRS. TURPEN MRS. WELLS MR. WELLS Student Body Presidents DAVID PAYE The stage is set and the "Drama of Dave's Life" begins. Act One shows that when Dave came to Gardena High as a B7, his happy personality won him many friends. ln his three years of iunior high school Dave served as an officer of various classes, and he was president of the Junior Athenians. As an A9 he was electedfjunior high president. - Act Two finds Dave hard at work with an aca- demic course. His three years in senior high were well spent. As a drama student, he was in the cast of such productions as "Tom Sawyer," Mohican Sketchbook," and "Ghost of Storm Heights." He was a member of the Esquires and president of his class. ln Act Three Dave is a Senior Aye. He was elected student body president, was second page editor of the Lark, and wrote the graduation pageant for W '47. Gardena High was proud to have Dave as their pres- ident-and now as the curtain falls, a loud round of applause is heard and many students' voices are say- ing, "Thank you, Dave, for a iob well done." VIC ROBERTSON Curtain goes up-out steps one of the leading characters of Gardena High, you all know him in his role of student body president-it's none other than Vic Robertson. Of course, this isn't the only role he's played, you've seen him as yell leader, captain of our tennis team, president of his All and Bl2 classes, and a member of the Varsity Club and Knights. Vic was chosen from his All Class by the Amer- ican Legion to attend Boys' State for a week. This is a privilege and honor bestowed upon only one boy each year. This boy must be a leader among his classmates, and take interest in governmental affairs. ln June the curtain will ring down on iust one of the many acts in Vic's career. We will all remember him for his wonderful personality and for the swell all- around fellow that he is. These traits will carry him on to success and happiness in the future dramas that await him on the stage of life. Student Council The student council, made up of twelve students who hold the most important positions in the iunior and senior high schools, meets regularly to discuss student body business. The type of assemblies, the arrangement of the student calendar, and the financial affairs of the student body are all handled by this group of efficient officers. The student body president presides over the meetings and the student body is informed through the daily bulletin or through assemblies of the actions taken by the council. Boys' Union president Las Laureas president- Judge of Girls' Court- Judge ot Boys' Court- Student body president-David Paye Student body vice-president-Dean Maxson Student body secretary-Darlene Dix -Robert Scott Dolores Stanford Betty Oelhman Rudy Morales Girls' League president-Pat Duff Knight Commander-Forrest Johnson Senior A president-Wayne Bradshaw Junior High president-Bernice Blackwell Junior High vice-president-Bettie Swanson Junior High secretary-Lois Alverson Student body president-Vic Robertson Student body vice-president-Rassie Harper Student body secretary-Pat Duff Junior high president--Frank Mortensen Junior High vice-president-Joe Murphy Junior High secretary-Virginia Shiraishi Las Laureas president-Ruth Shiraishi Knight vice-commander-Dale Marshall Boys' Union president-Dean Maxson Girls' League president-Gloria Dorsey Boys' Court judge-Bob McCarthy Girls' Court judge-Mary Jo Hodges l Leadership Class We of the Leadership Class, under the able guidance of Mr. Richardson, have high hopes of promoting student government in Gardena High. ln addition to the student body officers, members of the class are the presidents, and lin a few casesl the vice-presidents of all the service clubs in the school, both iunior and senior high. During this, our first year, we have had many accomplishments of which we are very proud. A few of these are ll l Forrest Johnson and Charlyn Young organ- ized a new campaign system for student body elections, l2l George Putnam and Rassie Harper took over the duty of painting the football schedule of the Marine League on the outside bulletin board on the corner of Gardena Boulevard and Normandie Avenue, l3l Student body elections were changed to the last of each term, instead of being held at the beginning, i4l Student body vice-president was elected to preside over the Leadership Class, l5l Darlene Dix and David Paye originated "Student Statistics," a student bulletin board in the main hall, and lol The high school constitution was revised. Facing the audience without a sign of stage fright, the leadership class takes over to perform some of the most talked-about activities in school. Top persons responsible for some of the season's most successful undertakings are: March of Dimes-Rudy Morales Clean-up campaign-Gloria Dorsey Red Cross-Dean Maxson Show casehLois Olney "El Arador" campaign-Entire class "Green and White"-Dixie Higham, Pat Duff Assembly committee - Vic Robertson, Frank Mortenson Poster committeevRassie Harper Bulletin bOarcl+Pat Duff Other helpful members of this tireless cast are: Elisabeth Brown, Tom Hamilton, Bob Ken- nedy, Dale Marshall, Thirza Millar, Helen Moen, Joe Murphy, Bette Settgast, Virginia Shiraishi, Bruce Traylor, and Jimmie Williams. 2 I 1 2 s f 2 E 2 1 , 2 2 3 5 4 3 12vaxfsxwemmwawwmmmazmamsmmkasawawas vsze.raaes:'sw1:Qw5xas2Qm E2iy.m9Q9mQv3f2s6.QxsxQzs:aaew amenx1asm.,sf.Qxmwmm ummmm.1mswxwmwmxwwmw uuivm , .,,.,.,. :mwff-Nwwhmwmwmm WwN,MN, f..M,..W-wy.,..,., ,,,,, , 47N M-awww., V' , The light then switches to the Boys' Union. The cast includes every senior boy at Gardena High. The curiain goes up on the entertainment promoted by the leading players. Rehearsals are held once a month with ci buziness or professional man to direct. For other hours, the cast has parties, dances, and enjoyable assembly programs. President . . First vice-president Second vice-president Secretary . Treasurer President . Vice-president Secretary-treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms . . Gloria Dorsey Jimmie Williams . Jodee Chriss Linda Alverson Lillie Mae Hutchinson Dean Maxson Bob Kennedy , Richard Conner Johnie Degentelder, Chuck Campbell "Pride Against Pride As the curtain goes up, the spotlight is turned on the leading players of the Senior Girls' League. This semester the officers sponsored a Fashion Show, Kids' Day, and a dance program. President . . Vice-president . Second vice-president Secretary . Treasurer Song Leader President . Vice-president Treasurer . Sergeants-atearms . Pat Duff Dory Carretto . Vera Wilford Jimmie Williams Georgia Sorenson Thirza Millar Bob Scott . . Rassie Harper . . Dick Ballard Bill McClung, Bob Kennedy "Trial BY Jury" The scene takes place in a bustling court, where the door is iust about to be opened for the iudge, Mary Jo Hodges. As she enters, a hush comes over the court. The judge announces the first case and in walks one of the girls of Gardena High who has been giving Gardena more than the usual amount of trouble. As the case proceeds, it is discovered the iudge and her court are members ofthe Las Laureas. The iudge was elected by the Las Laureas, and in turn she chose her own court. Order in the Court Room! The verdict is-! The room is hushed as the iudge speaks. He holds his audience breathless as he announces the verdict. This case'is being tried in Gardena High. Some boy had been giving the Knights and Esquires a little trouble, Everyone is interested in the iudge as he is appointed by the president of the Boys' Unionwand he appoints his own court. Judge Recorder Clerk Sergeant Bail itt Bailiff Attorney Attorney Judge . . Members . . Dick Ballard Garland Frizzell Rassie Harper Forrest Johnson Judge Clerk Recorder .lailer Sergeant Bailitfs . Attorneys Bob McCarthy Bob Kennedy Richard Conner Clem Bolles Pat Peppard Dean Maxson . Betty Oehlman . Linda Alverson , Dolores Byrnes Marilyn Daugherty Barbara Hettington NettieMae Gorbet Elda Barnett Teddy Meyer . . Rudy Morales . . Bob Kennedy Ralph Cogan Bob Scott Ray Larson Charles Campbell Mary Jo Hodges Virginia Fritter June Draper . . Jean Stewart , . Shirley Lard Beverly Smith, Pat Boham Helen Moen, Lilia Morales . , , Judge Bob Clark Chuck Campbell Louis Benjamin Johnie Degentelder . . . Vice-iudge V-in W "l .ady Be Good" LAS LAUREAS-The cast includes eleventh and twelfth grade girls who are willing to work for their school, who are scholarly, and who have good citizenship traits. SYNOPSIS-Las Laureas members are seen in the Lost and Found booth and ushering at plays, assemblies, graduation, and other programs. Their costumes include rust colored sweaters dis- playing the L.L. emblem. SUMMER LAS LAUREAS. Elda Barnett Dolores Byrns Nettiemay Gorbett Barbara Heffington Ruth McCullough Teddy Meyers Betty Oehlman Dolores Stanford Dorothy Stanford Charlyn Young Linda Alverson Marilyn Dougherty Virginia Fritter Helen Gomez Mary Jo Hodges Thirza Millar Ruth Shiraishi Jean Stewart June Draper Darlene Dix WINTER LAS LAU REAS Linda Alverson Audrey Bolton Marilyn Dougherty Virginia Fritter Helen Gomez Mary Jo Hodges Charmion Kapple Shirley Lard Thirza Millar Helen Moen Lilia Morales Ruth Shiraishi Jean Stewart Barbara Anderson June Draper Beverly Smith Pat Boham Norine Farnham Bea Prinselaer Opal Bandy Joan Jensen Julia Taniguchi Betty Wilson Jeanette Marynowski "The Invisible Men" lThe Cath of Knighthoodl As the lights dim in the auditorium, a Knight strides 'Forth carry- ing the flag of the United States. This Knight has proved he is trust- worthy scholarly and willing to work for his school. He is ci part of the highest boys club at Gardena, and his duties are to help super- vlse athletic events and assemblies as well as carry the flag at assem- blies and perform other duties which serve the school. Bob Kennedy Vic Robertson Rudy Morales Dean Maxson Louis Benjamin Willis Brown Richard Conner KNIGHTS Commander Vice-commander Sergeant-at-a rms Scribe . Chaplain . Flag Officer Bob Clark Dale Marshall Clem Bolles Chuck Campbell Paul Garrison Pat Peppard Bob Scott Rassie Harper Bob McCarthy Bob Harmon Olaf Fisher Burdette Jamison Dick Ballard 747' ' 'JM' Ralph Cogan Forest Johnson Bill McClung David Paye George Putnam NL 2,-7. fgfgiwil 7 3 i ll ll Gentle-women WINTER CO-ED OFFICERS President . . . Joyce Reynolds First vice-president . Wanda Clover Second vice-president . Beverly Smith Secretary . . . Audrey Bolton Chaplain . . Charrnion Kapple Publicity . Elaine Busby WINTER CO-ED MEMBERS Joyce Reynolds, Wanda Clover, Vera Wilford, Elaine Busby, Lois Olney, Virginia Sloss, Charmion Kapple, Audrey Bolton, Joan Crawford, Jeane Parr, Ruby Sise- more, Dolores Ruef, Shirley Lard, Virginia Coen, Norma Munger, Ellen Weldy, Beverly Smith, Colleen Sudduth, Barbara Anderson, Dorothy Portis, Dorothy Prior, Lilia Morales, Molly Gonzales, Ida Mae Wolford, Barbara Grover, Wanda Howell, Dorothy Corbin, Pat Reynolds, Beverly Knighton, Julia Taniguchi. CAST-Thirty girls under sponsorship of Mrs., Poulson. This cost is chosen for their courtesy, 'friendliness ond scholarship. COSTUME--Kelly green swecziers with emblem of G over pocket. DUTIES-To check lunch posses, and cissisi' Los Lciurecis in assemblies. SUMMER CG-ED OFFICERS President . . . Norma Munger First vice-president . lda Mae Wolford Second vice-president . ,Virginia Coen Secretary . . Dolores Ruef Treasurer Pat Reynolds Publicity . Jeanne Parr Chaplain Joan Crawford MEMBERS Ellen Weldy, Elaine Busby, Lois Olney, Irene McCandless, Joan Crawford, Jeanne Parr, Dorothy Prior, Molly Gonzales, Ida Mae Wol- ford, Dorothy Corbin, Pat Reynolds, Beverly Knighton, Angelita Soto, Ruby Sisemore, Doroles Ruef, Virginia Coen, Norma Mun- ger, Colleen Sudduth, Dorothy Portis, l-lelen Jo l-larrison, Sadako Kishi, Sylvia Komai, Ruth Wolford, Dorothy Camasta, Janice Young, Diane Olderman, Colleen Moran, Enid Jean, Joan Scott, Juanita Carter, Mar- garita Soto. "The Little Men" ESQUIRES-Courteous, neat, loyal to club, with an average scholar- ship. PLOT-About thirty boys from Bll to Al 2, wearing dark blue sweaters bearing the shield and dagger emblem, are seen patrolling the grounds of Gardena High, checking lunch permits and watching 'For delinquents to report. WINTER ESQUIRES Ken Aclley, James Alverson, Bob Arnold, Jim Blehm, Jerry Boyd, Bob Bertels, Dick Chand' ler, John DeBoer, Don Ferrall, Jack Gates, Robert Hansen, Joe Jenski, Harold Jensen, Jim Kelly, Walter Kronberger, Jessie Logan, Fred McCullough, Willard Olds, Don Osburn David Parrett, Edward Stephenson, Jean St, Onge, Herb Stratton, Dick Tombs, Jack Richelieu, Frank Moen, Tom Hamilton, Bill DeBoer, Russell White. ,, SUMMER ESQUlRES Rassie Harper, Walt Kronberger, Richard Brown, Freddie Barrier, Chuck Campbell, Bob McCarthy, Bill DeBoer, Dick Chandler, Russell White, Frank Moen, Joe Jenski, Rus- sell Tomlin, ob Bertels, Herb Stratton, Jim Norton, Tom Hamilton, Alex Dugally, Rav Reynolds, Jean St. Onge, Bob Harmon, John De Boer, Jack Richelieu, Edward Stephenson, Olaf Fisher, Bill Strubhar, Burdette Jamison, Jessie Logan. "The Great Men" ESQUIRES ADVISORY BOARD The Great Men enter the scene. Front center is a first offender on trial for an offense. He is aware of his fate for the Esquire Advisory Board "persuades" of- fenders with a paddle. This Board con- sists of President . Vice-president Secretary . Se rgeant-at-a rms CAVALIERS Sponsor President . Vice-president Secretary . Sergeant-at-arms Bob Smith, Geor Rassie Harper Chuck Campbell Alex Dugally Bob McCarthy Mr. Goddard Marlin Maxson Bill Brown . Gene Fischer George Germain ge Popp, Jerry Picks, Don Bain I I i I 3 , i ,. I I I ie- -, ., 4, film. H W QW- f"ff?"F?i iii I U SUMMER JUNIOR ATHENIANS Elaine Hicks, Frank Mortensen, Joe Murphy, Donald Murphy, Donald Grove, Dorothy Bland, Robert I-ligashi, Joan Grons, Helen Kroptf, Lauris Kassebaum, Bernice Blackwell, Sara La- pides, Lois Alverson, Elizabeth Brown, Frances Glass, Virginia Winman, Betty Settgast, Irene Swan, Emi Nishikawa, Lucy Pogue, Nancy Parks. SUMMER SENIOR ATHENIANS Virginia Coen, Dorothy Camasta, Marilyn Dougherty, Virginia Fritter, Charmion Kapple, Saclako Kishi, Irene McCandIess, I-Iefen Moen, Lois Olney, Ruth Shiraishi, Janice Young, June Draper, Norine Farnham, Cheyako Hayakawa, Mae Kawashima, Sylvia Komai, Jeanette Marynowski, Lovinia Mills, Julia Tana- guchi, Mary Grove, Marilyn McDowell, Kazuko Shiraishi, Lois Alverson, John Bogart, Fred Ernst, Bruce Nimmo, Dick Hashi- moto, Earl Sampier, Harold Jensen, Robert Trost, Harry Wal- lenberg, Donald Bain, Francis Berndt, Marvin Williarns, Jim Dale, "The Shining Hour" Those actors and actresses who attain the highest marks belong to the Junior and Senior Athenians. They might be called "privileged characters." Dinners and banquets are given for their benefit. On the day of ini- tiation, they wear cz yellow scarf with a blue A crossed by a white and purple stripe. WINTER JUNIOR ATHENIANS Donald Bain, Joanne Mitchell, Lois Alverson, Lucy Pogue, Ber- nice Blackwell, Gene Butler, Elaine Hicks, Elizabeth Brown, Joyce Lilley, Joan Lilley, Arlene Ellis, Ray Gaul, Frank Morten- sen, Bettie Settegast, Irene Swan, Kiyoshi Fujiwara, Virginia Wineaman, Frank Walter, Helen Kroptt, Dorothy Reader, Bruce Traylor, Emi Nishikawa, Verda Eads, Sara Lapidus, Virginia Means. WINTER SENIOR ATHENIANS Bill Kennedy, Earl Sampier, Darlene Dix, Irene McCandIess, Thirza Millar, Virginia Fritter, Lois Olney, Ruth Shiraishi, Dor- othy Camasta, Torn Dale, June Draper, Harry Wallenburg, Jolean Scott, Julia Taniguchi, Sylvia Komai, Kenneth Green, Mary Grove, Donna Hartwig, Kazuko Shiraishi. l "Through The Looking Glass" Before the curtain goes up, you will always find the make-up crew really plastering the rough, lipstick, powder, creams, and all sorts of "goo" on the actors and actresses. These twenty-five students, in order to do their best, attend Thursday meetings in room 240. Under the direction of Mrs. Lawrence, they do practice make- Up. Usually some iunior high pupils participate inasmuch as they are the models on whom 'lexperimentsu are made. WINTER MASQUE AND PALLETTE OFFICERS President .... Thirza Millar Vice-president Pat Meagher Secretary-treasurer . Norine Farnham Make-up Chairman . . Dory Caretto Assistant . . Margaret Farrah Publicity Charlyn Young WINTER MASQUE AND PALLETTE Ken Adley, Barbara Anderson, Opal Bandy, Louise Bland, Pat Boham, Dory Coretto, Judy Derby, Pat Duff, Norine Farnham, Margaret Farrah, Mary Grove, Delores I-lix, Donna Lee, Ruth McCullough, Thirza Lee Millar, Bea Prinselaar, George Putman, Barbara Seely, Delores Stanford, Dorothy Stanford, Lorene Thompson, Charlyn Young, Dave Paye. SUMMER MASQUE AND PALLETTE OFFICERS President ..... Opal Bandy Vice-president Bea Prinselaar Secretary . . . Pat Boham Make-up Chairman Margaret Farrah Assistant Chairman Virginia Farnham SUMMER MASQUE AND PALLETTE Opal Bandy, Louise Bland, Pat Boham, Dory Caretto, Judy Derby, Pat Duff, Norine Farnham, Virginia Farn- ham, Margaret Farrah, Mary Grove, Dolores I-lix, Donna Lee, Thirza Lee Millar, Bea Prinselaar, Wilma I-lall, Rose Clement, Louise Denny, Shirley Jackson, Jodee Chriss, Shirley Curley, Anna Montes, Mildred Mc- Clung. Lights-camera-action! The lights dim, curtain goes up, and the setting stands out as the most beautiful ever conceived by the stage, sound, and motion picture crews. Many hours of painting and building had been put in on this set. Under the direction of Mr, Spicer, the stage crew goes to work building sets for the May and Snow Festivals, plays, dance programs, and so on. The sound crew stands ready to handle work connected with the microphone. These boys work under Mr. McLendon, who also supervises the motion picture crew. STAGE CREW Jack Gates, George Germain, Albert Negrete, Ells- worth Greenfield, Richard Marsh, James Bays, Don Rickabaugh, Gilbert Benton, John Fowler, George NlcKerlie, Tadashi Okada, Jeral Fugate, Francis Connelly, Yukio Fujiwara, Robert Jeal. n SOUND CREW Jean St. Onge, Robert Shannon, Jim Collins, John Cioxe, Frank Walters, Ronnie Brown, Pat Kendall, Clayton Erickson, George Popp. MOTION PICTURE CREW Jean St. Onge, Bob Shannon, James Collins, Arnold Witchel, Wayne Cushman, George Popp, Frank Gregory, Edward Winslow, Earl Sampier, Don Russ, Allen Risk, Leo Barton, Richard Brown, Ronnie Brown, John Coxe, George Curliss, Jimmy Damron, Pat Kendall. "A Magic Moment" " The Green Pastures" The scene takes place on the Gardena High School Farm. The actors are mem- bers ofthe Future Farmers of America, and the director is none other than Mr. Bog- gess. The play shows us how the boys work up from Green Hand Degree to Chapter Farmer to Regional Degree. They go to other towns to iudge livestock, and there compete against other schools. Cliff Alverson Joe Borges Duane Cooper Richard Fleischman Jim Johnston Delbert Mathews Don Mullins Bruce Nimmo Don Radcliff Don Robinson Mike Sahata Robert Smith Melvin Ten Eyck Bobby Voorhees Neil Wood Charles Allman Raymond Bowman Frank Gregory Tommy Hotchkiss Robert Lundell Donald Mitchell Crawford Risk Gene Skinner John Scallion Jack Tripp Jim Van Dyke Rollie Wells Raymond Wright Dick Xander Pat Neal 'My Lady Remains" CPUHC11 at Judyl The curtain rises on the two outstanding plays of the season, "The Checs" and "The Rumpus Club." The Checs serve at all teas and Iuncheons 'for the school and check the grounds during senior high lunch. They also take care of the trophy case. The Rumpus Club is made up of iunior high girls. Their aim is to learn how to prepare refreshments and serve at social events. CHECS President . Marilyn Dougherty Vice-president . . . Lois Olney Secretary . . . Pat Duff Treasurer Charlyn Young Roll Secretary . . Maxine Durrington Helen Moen, Lois Olney, lrene McCandless, Linda Alverson, Barbara Gilliam, Nadyne Klug, Marilyn Dougherty, Nancy Flesher, Thirza Millar, Jimmie Williams, Jeanne Elstad, Pat Duff, Rose Sarukian, Maxine Durrington, Charlyn Young. RUMPUS CLUB President . DeLora Strubhar Vice-president Rosemary Parish Secretary . Peggy Westbrook Treasurer ,...., Melba Wilson Phyllis Chapman, Jacqueline Wilson, Nancy Parks, Evelyn Davis, Harrie Jean Anderson, Mary Rush, Nancy Odle, Flora Craig Betty Bays, lrene Hoffman, Linda Prinselaar, Jo Ann Anderson Ruth Hungerford, Virginia Wineman, Joan Cross, Sally Dickson Christine Walker, Caryle Liedtke, Shirley Bolton, Darlene Charles, Billie Mae Morse, Sara Jane Lapidus, Tecklah Taylor, Virginia Brown, Joyce Johnson, Jule Wenshlag, Lela Marie Rogers, Wilma Shockley, Nola Parks, Gloria Hankins, Barbara Skeen, Melba Jones, r 1 1 t "The Listeners " The curtain is parted. On center stage, sitting on a stool, swiftly pecking away, is a Lark reporter typing out his story so he can deliver it to the printshop before the deadline. His story has to be set up and the type delivered to the printing house in Gar- dena. Many of the posters advertising the senior plays are made by the printshop. SUMMER LARK ST Editor-in-chief Assistant Editors . Sports Editor . Exchange Editor Senior Reporters Pat Millhouse, Junior Reporters Wanda Evans, Padgett Journalism Edviser Printing Adviser WINTER LARK STAFF Editorein-chief Associate Editor Second Page Editor Third Page Editor Exchange Editor Sports Editor Business Manager Rudy Morales Earl Sampier, Ruth Shiraishi Richard Conner Eugene Paliani . . Jodee Chriss, Jerry l-lix, Anna Montez, Mamoru Ogi . Ray Cubberly, Gwenn Daniel, Norman Judd, Joan Lewis, Shirley Mrs. Cruickshank . Mr. Wells Charlyn Young Bill Kennedy David Paye John Bogart Ruth Shiraishi Rudy Morales . Jeane Parr Reporters-Willis Brown, Elaine Busby, Zelma Manugott, Bonnie Martin, lda Mae Murphy, Jean Perry, Earl Sam- pier, Bettie Swanson, Richard Conner, Gene Paliani, Don Takahashi, Gerald l-lix, Marvin Williams, and Shirley Curley. "The Music Masters" House lights are dimmed. The members in the band and orchestra quietly file to their seats. The audience sits hushed as the first strains of melody fill the hall. Softly, quietly the strains carry the audience into the deep thoughts of memory. For several minutes this continues. Then the band strikes up and carries the audience into the football fields with, "Fight On, Gardena High!" BAND Sponsor: MR. RlCE ' Alfonso Apodaca, Don Bahrman, Duane Bowman, Bill Brown, Gordon Clark, Shirley Cochran, George Germain, Dan Goodwin, Bill Gray, Eddie Gray, Marvin Hale, Raul l-lernandez, David Ledbetter, Audrey Halderman, Ted Hornstra, Norman Judd, James Kassebaum, June Knight, Marlin Maxson, Mickey McGuire, Robert McKernon Earl Monical, Eugene Peterson, George Reyes, Vincent Rios, Rebecca Scott, Richard Schields, Virginia Sloss, Jean ,St. Onge, Reagh stubbs. ORCHESTRA Sponsor: MR. RICE Alfonso Apodaa, Gilbert Acevedo, Don Bahrman, Gene Casels, Fred Cathey, Russell Cobbs, Richard Connor, Jimmy Fowler, Vernon Fickes, Elmer Gates, Bill Gray, Eddie Gray, Melvin Hallett, Elaine l-licks, Ted Hornstra, Enida Jean, Alfred Jimenez, L.ouis Kassebaum, Walt Kron- bcrger, Elaine Lasous, Bob Mercereau, Jimmy Mercereau, Theodore Moran, George Popp, Bill Price, Bob Sanders, Joe Scheffer, Richard Shields, Darrell Scott, l-larold Simpson, Morgan Simpson, Virginia Sloss, Torn Wait, Ebba Warren. SENIOR CHOIR Helen Bale, Evelyn Blair, La Vonne Bradshaw, Claudine Cathcart, Jodee Chriss, Bob Clark, Ronald Cole, Mar- guerite Craig, John DeBoer, Ed Donovan, Patsy Driscoll Bobbie Garner, Paul Garrison, Gloria Gifford, Pat Good- rich, Wilma Hall, Rassie Harper, Dick Hashimoto, Ray Jackson, Keith Johnson, Shirley Jones, Beverly Knighton, Jean Larsen, Roy Larson, Emory Lowe, Graham Lucas, Zelma Manugoff, Roger Martin, Bob McCarthy, Mildred McClung, Emily Melton, Leon Mills, Cleo Moss, Ida Mae Murphy, Betty North, Bob Parks, Charles Peck, Judith Pickard, Robert Powell, Dorothy Prior, Howard Quon, Pat Rice, Don Rickabaugh, Helen Sego, Beverly Smith, David Villanueva. JUNIOR GIRLS' GLEE Gloria Hankins, Ruth Kropff, Anita Lujan, Bess McClen- don, Marcia Metzger, Dorothy Moore, Marion Onslott, Mona Posey, Peggy Rister, Mary Rush, Gayle Salquest, Audrey Sands Evelyn Secor, Suzanne Sloss, Betty Smith, Irene Swan, Tecklah Taylor, Janet Walker, Donna Wil- liams, Karma Young. JUNIOR BOYS' GLEE Jack Ball, Clifford Bennett, Donald Best, Carl Bowman, Bob Davis, Walter Doyle, Ronnie Gates, De Wayne Harri- son, Gene Hilbert, Larry I-lix, Lee Horton, Jimmie Hughes, Don Miller, Phillip Morris, Jimmie Reiss, David Starkey, Ronald Smith, Wesley Smith, Lou Sakata, Ronald Walker. SENIOR GIRLS' GLEE Linda Alverson, Lois Alverson, Delores Baust, Shirley Beggerly, Darlene Brown, Claudine Cathcart, Rose Cle- ment, Carol Cline, Shirley Colby, Pauline Cory, Jacklyn Cowdell, Marilyn Daugherty, Norine Farnham, Virginia Farnham, Margaret Farrah, Nancy Flesher, Marguerite Goodwin, Helen Jo Harrison, Pearl Hinkle, Shirley Jack- son, Beverly Knight, Donna Lee, Patricia Lewis, Barbara Martin, Dixie McRae, Pat Millhouse, Anna Montes, Helen Ojida, Barbara Phillips, Velva Powell, Mary Pratt, Dorothy Prior, Barbara Seely, Helen Sego, Alta Sheets, Colleen Sudduth, Mary Stucke, Nancy Tanaka, Barbara Walling, Marvel Wehner, Angelita Soto. "lVlusio In The Air" The next number will not be long, for it will be sung by the Choir and Junior and Senior Girls' Glee. This lovely melody will moke your hearts ioyous and take you merrily on your wcxy. Its strains of repose will fill the oir and put you in the mood for another song. ll ll A Tune Ot A Tune JUNIOR DANCE COMMITTEE Bess McLendon Jacky Hansen Sally Dickson Joan Radcliff Margaret De Marquez SENIOR DANCE COMMITTEE Sponsor-MISS GILLILAND Ken Adley Bob Arnold Opal Bandy Jimmy Blehrn Pat Boham Dick Chandler Louise Denny Judith Derby Dolores Hix Joan Jensen Walter Kronberger Pat McDowell Frank Moen Bea Prinselaar Ed Stephenson Dick Tomb The curtain falls: the announcer comes out. He tips his hat and takes Cl bow and holds his audience with "Come one and all!" time. The dance will be sponsored by the iunior and senior dance committees. The music you note will have ci variety. The reason? It entertains the best of society. So come prepared to listen and iive to that lively music set up for your good "A Matter Ot Duty" This huge production is made up of the members of three great casts, Door Guards, Sub-Debs, cmd Bicycle Boys. Synopsis: Door Guards and Sub-Debs are seen guarding doors to see that people do not enter the buildings. The Bicycle Boys open and close the bike racks. SUB-DEBS OFFICERS Mariorie McCaa President Nancy Parks Vice-president Pasty Doyle Secretary Jean Walling Bulletin Dorothy Bland Checker Roxa n ne Greaves Assista nt Checker BICYCLE BOYS Garland Frizzell Chairman Bob Whitehead, Her- bert Chapman, Rudy Bier, Frank Gregory, Raymond Bowie. DOOR GUARDS Joe Henry ,... President Jack Ball, Billy Cath- cart, Donald Miller, William Coleman, Clarence Douglas, Don Smith, David Starkey, Nadra Valdes, Bob Davis, Fred Klumb, Jimmie Reiss, Vernon Fickes, Jimmie Hughes, Thomas Puckett, Rob- ert Cherry, Rutherford Smith. SUB-DEBS MRS. BLACKhMariorie McCaa, Nancy Parks, Patsy Doyle, Jean Walling, Dorothy Bland, Leah Stucke, Lorraine White, Rachel Walton, Roxanne Greaves, Ann Danks, Ethel Henderson, Beverly LaRue, Vyonne Seelinger, Cleo Terry, Joyce Johnson, Mary Lee Harmon, Lois Colburn, Sheila Rankin, Anne Olney, Moana Ahlstrom, Nancy Wickrnan, Barbara Holland, Geraldine Cole, June Takahashi, Jennie Hashimoto, l as My , .. W, , 'wt tm ss , . WINTER JUNIOR BOYS' FEDERATION OFFICERS President . . Marlin Maxson I Vice-president . Secretary Ge SUMMER JUNIOR GIRLS' LEAGUE OFFICERS President . Vice-president . . Secretary SUMMER JUNIOR BOYS' FEDERATION OFFI President ...,,, Vice-oresident Secretary . 4s also G so Gene Fischer orge Germain Bette Settgast Doris Blay Wanda Beck CERS Vic Alrnaraz Walter Doyle Don Pyle "Inside Stull" The theatre is 'Filled with the sound of laughing and shouting. On one halt of the stage are iunior high boys playing noon games. We all recognize this as a scene from the Junior Boys' Federation activities. The other half of the scene shows us the Junior Girls' League preparing tor their main event of the season, "Hill-billy Day." WINTER JUNIOR GIRLS' LEAGUE OFFICERS President . .... Shirley Bolton Vice-president . . Mary Simonian Secretary . Lucy Pogue Adviser Miss Littrell WINTER LAS MENINAS Virginia Shiraishi President Lucy Pogue . . . Secretary Louise Hienzman . Treasurer Elaine Hicks, Sara Lapidus, Marion Tlydel, Frances Glass, lldean Orr, Rosenda Ramirez, Clara Pinedo, Shirley Cochran, Rebecca Scott, Elizabeth Brown. WINTER PAGES J- v .. -La: ' 4 I 1- f ' ' Leon Sana, President, Gordon Clark, Ronnie Brown, Daniel Wal- , ton, Leonard Tomlin, Vice-pres- Vqll vlql I V, . H f 'P-If ident, Don Russ, Bruce Traylor, WEE I ":" fz-fir. ,L ,,,, jf 4 54 . . Secretary, Alfred Jimenez, Kenneth ,,e, .g.-gg., ,,,' 4, SY ullllluu li "'- A f' A '--' ,ig Smith, George Popp, Joseph Bailey, ,'i f I, 5 .31 2 1,., I'- ' by at I ,',: -'R -'--' - Charles Allman, Dale Bernhardt, ""' ii. E i- . "" 5 KI , f 4,1 ,,,- ',,,- Burt Prior, Sgt-at-arms, Dale Wal! ,. . ,.1 AHPIEH 5, ly ter, Melvin Frazier, Ronald Walker, ..., " t , Qlz- ..,. ,.:.,,..,.. I '.'.A,, .,., ..,-. .,.,., , . I .",., :-: . -- ., ' f kv A . ' Bill Sudduth, Willy Suzuki, Nathan "" P V ""i' ' V 'rf ' ' ' Ml" Shater, Wesley Smith, Reagh gg. Stubbs, Mikio Nagayama, Tom - Ogania. ll Applause echoes through the theatre-the cast of this famous iunior high drama takes bow after bow! Upon consulting our programs, we find that the cast is made up of members of the Pages and Las Meninas. The synopsis reads: ! I 1 ll Guarding auditorium doors during junior high auditorium calls I l Guarding doors during iunior high intermission and lunch Off-ground duties SUMMER LAS MENINAS President, Elizabeth Brown Vice-president, Louise Hienz- Vnarl Secretary, Shirley Cochran Treasurer, Rebecca Scott Publicity manager, Virginia Shiraishi Post checker, Elaine Hicks Elizabeth Brown, Delores Frazier, Hazel Hashimato, Georgianna Harris, Marry Ket- tleson, Frances Glass, Shirley Cochran, Clara Pinedo, Louise Heinzman, Rebecca Scott, Elaine Hicks, Virginia Shiraishi, Joyce Johnson, Sa- ra Lapidus, lldean Orr. SUMMER PAGES President, Bruce Traylor Vice-president, Carl Bowman Secretary, Bill Sudduth Sponsor-MR. PITMAN Ralph Avakian, Carl Bow- man, Wayne Branning, Gor- don Clark, Arther Coady, Delbert Foncannon, Dave Heredia, Gene Hilbert, James McMullen, Thomas Mitch- ell, Donald Russ, Nathan Shafer, Wesley Smith, Reigh Stubbs, Ronald Walker, Dan- iel Walton, Jack Wilder. Zn emnriam 'Tjndaumfed by the clouds of fear, Undazzled by a happy day, She made a Heaven about her hereg And took-how much! with her away athrgn zrgnsun mf nnald With the passing of Mrs. Kathryn Ferguson McDonald on February 27, 1947, Gardena High School faculty, students, and alumni lost a sincere friend. Mrs. McDonald was born in Madison, Wisconsin, where she attended elemen- tary and high schools. She later went to Whitewater Teachers' College and then to the University of Wisconsin. After coming to California in l927, she continued her studies at U.S.C., later ioining the faculty of Gardena High School. ' For the past twenty years, Mrs. McDonald's interests were closely allied with the high school. ln her position as a teacher in the commercial department, she has proved an invaluable friend to many students who have gone forward after gradua- tion into the business world. These remember her gratefully. And we others, too, remember gratefully her happy disposition, her genuine interest in us as persons, and her generous, affectionate nature. KWH S. TE, t ,P- "Make Believe" SYNOPSIS: As the curtain is raised, the members of the drama I class are rehearsing. The members of this class are learning the fundamentals of acting so that they may become the stars of the senior plays. One of the best performances of the semester was called "The Mohican Sketchbook," in which Dixie Higham and Sue Barger danced out the story of a little girl and her rag-doll. The iunior drama class, under the direction of Mrs. Poulson, produced several plays dur- ing the semester. These included skits for the junior high talent shows, and the A9 graduation plays. OFFlCERS President . . Vice-president . Secretaries . Stage Manager Librarian . Phyllis Elliot, David Villanueva Shirley Curley Janice Dougherty Carlton Damron Yvonne Ellis CLASS Ken Adley, Carlton Damron, Dick Tomb, Ken Williams, David Villanueva, Sue Barger, Darlene Brown, Marceline Butts, Merry Combs, Ruthie Wooters, Shirley Curley, Dorothy Corbin, Jodee Chriss, Janice Dougherty, Phyllis Elliot, Yvonne Ellis, Norine Farnham, Dorothy Loving, Barbara Montgomery, Bea Prinselaar. "The Rivals" SYNOPSIS: The curtain was raised on an exciiing mystery thriller, "The Ghost of Storm Heights." TIME: December 4, 5, and 7 PLACE: Gardena High School Auditorium CAST: Posy Mae Purdy . . . Helen Moen Marilyn Dougherty Minnie Brill ,.., Elda Barnett Crazy Nell . . Dolores Byrns Peters . John Bogart Hal Taylor George Putnam Sally King , Thirza Millar, Dory Caretto Johnie Degentelder String Beane Hester Storm Gayla Grande , Dave Paye . Darlene Dix lrene McCandless Linda Alverson SYNOPSIS: The curtain is up on "Come Over to Our House," a clever, swift, and funny show that held the interest of the entire audience throughout the complete performances. TIME: May 14, l5, and l6. PLACE: Auditorium of Gardena High School. CAST: Lindy Eldridge . Hugo Willitred . Claire Thompson , Marion Eldridge Jay Eldridge . . Carrie Randolph Hildred Reynolds . Butch Reynolds . Madge Wilkins . Pat Amanda Eldridge . Philip King . . . Evie Cannon . . Stephen Reynolds . Sascha Sevinsky , Damon Gottschalk May Houston . Veronica Nichols . Barney Fellows . . Dory Caretto . Vic Robertson . Colleen Moran Mary Jo Hodges . Helen Moen . Teddy Hornstra . Thirza Millar , Nancy Flesher Dorothy Camasta . . Bob Parks Dutt, Dixie Higham lrene McCandless . Paul Garrison . Gloria Dorsey . John Bogart . Keith Durbin . . Joe Ainge Jimmie Williams Linda Alverson Marilyn Dougherty . , Dick Ballard Bill Brown Eli Gandy . 'Sled Jorland A woman ot mystery . Forrest Johnson . Bill Kennedy lrene McCandless Darlene Dix ll Merry Christmeen lt is a scene of bright, smiiing faces, gay colors, and scurrying feet. The ring of merry voices and the 'Zinkle of laughter echo clown the halls of Gardena High School. lt is Christmas! The spirit of good will pervades the very hearts of the students. Their faces are broken by cheery smiles, and salutations are heard from all sides. A big Christmas tree is set up in the center of the hall in the main building. Its gay colors and sprucy smell add much to this in- vading spirit of Christmas. Over in the cafeteria, a Christ- mas party is being held for the Junior High service clubs in recog- nition of their faithful work in making Gardena High a better place to work and live in. The concern for ones not so fortunate is heartfelt among the students. This concern is evident as the Girls' League organizes a pie auction, the profits of which go to buy toys for orphans. Yes, this is the spirit of Christ- mas! . . . not the spirit of receiv- ing gifts and having a good time for oneself, but the spirit of cheerful giving and the thoughts of how other people are getting along. It is fitting that the students stop and think of their fellow men because they are celebrating the birth of Christ, who set people a precedent of putting others first that all should strive to follow. "Arabian Nights" and Hlunqle Book" 1 The house lights dim-the curtain rises-the scene takes place on a Tuesday of any school week. We find a group of senior high students studying chapters from the Bible and singing hymns. lt's the Campus Bible Club and lends a religious A note to ,the many interests in campus life. SENIOR PROM W147 SENIQR PROM S217 A TIME: May 24, 1947 . . . 8 p.m. TIME: January 'll,, 1947 . . . 8 p.m. PLACE: High School Gym ' SCENE: The curtain parted on a magnificent iuingle PLACE: H' h ' . . lgh SC ool Cofelerla scene. There were monkeys swinging from the trees, SCENE: The curtain was raised on a beautiful scene and parrots in the air. The S '48 class entertained the from the Arabian Nights. The Sultan and his lovely S '47 class in this unusual setting and topped it off harem reigned over the gala evening. with wonderful music. VT f l "Tradition" SNQW FESTIVAL TIME: January l7 PLACE: Gardena High School Auditorium SCENE: A background of snow and ice made the atmosphere very realistic. Colored lights added glamour to the program at Gardena's traditional Snow Festival. CAST: Queen--Darlene Dix, King-Wayne Bradshaw, Maid of Honor-Dolores Byrns SYNOPSES: A court of beautiful ladies and handsome gentlemen, viewed, with King Wayne and Queen Darlene, an excellent program of music and dancing. SUMMER FESTIVAL TIME: May 1 A PLACE: Gardena High School Auditorium SCENE: With a background of large red hibiscus and gay spring flowers, the King and Queen reigned over Gardena's traditional May Festival. CAST: Queen-Gloria Dorsey, King-Vic Robertson, Maid of Honor-Linda Alver- son, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Court-Dory Caretto and Dean Maxson, Jimmie Williams and Alex Dugally, Charmion Kapple and Bob Parks, Ruby Sisemore and Bob Clark, Thirza Millar and Johnie Degenfelder, Pat Duff and Wally Vance, Representatives-Beverly Smith and Gloria Gifford, La Rue Strang, Shirley Colby, Ruth Wolford, Lois Alverson, Jean Stewart, Irene McCandless, Ruth Shiraishi, Lois Olney, Opal Bandy, Tommie Jo Cecil, Jodee Chriss, Lillie Mae Hutchinson, .Iacky Hansen, Virginia Shiraishi, Betty Settgast, Elizabeth Brown, Mariorie McCaa, Pat Syl- vester, Gloria Hankins, Pat Looney, Shirley McCulley, Robert Mercereau, and Robert Pitsenberger. O "A Dream Qi A Spring Morning" "Days Emi' LOREN BARTON Loren Barton was born in Oxford, Massachusetts. She has painted a great many portraits, both in this country and in Europe. Miss Barton paints a spontaneous, imaginative impression, which is not just a portrait but a delightful and decorative picture. She has also done work of a distinguished quality in oil, water colors, and etching, Miss Barton's etchings of George Arliss as Disraeli and her etching, "Manuello," have brought among the highest prices ever paid for American etchings. Among the honors her work has been accorded are the American Watercolor Society, Zabris- kie Prize, New York, Joan of Arc Silver Medal, National Association of Women Painters and Sculp- tors, a first prize for watercolors at the National Academy of Design, first prize at the Chaffey Junior College, the Ebell Club, the Arcadia Exhibition and many others. Her paintings and etchings are in the permanent collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D. C., the Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, N. Y., the Art Institute of Chicago, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, Virginia, the Los Angeles Museum of History, Science and Art, the New York Public Library, the California State Library and the National Library of France. The Summer Class of i947 is proud to present 'lDay's End," by Loren Barton as their gift. L. K. P. "S pririg Flowing" CORNELIS BOTKE Cornelis Botke, a native of Holland, began his art studies at the Art School in Haarlem, Hol- land, and had further study at the Chicago Art Institute. ln 1923 it was his privilege to exhibit at the Paris Salon. Many awards and prizes have been presented to Mr. Botke. Prominent among these are the Clyde M. Carr Landscape Prize and the Julius Rozenwald Prizes, both from the Chicago Art ln- stitute, Honorable Mention from American Artists, Santa Monica Purchase Award, an etching was given the third Logan Medal, Chicago International, in 1930. Mr. Botke received first prize from the California Society of Etchers in 1934, a first Honorable Mention from the California Art Club, a first prize at the Sacramento State Fair in 1929, first prize, Santa Paula Annual Exhibit in 1937, and in numerous other exhibits. Mr. Botke has been honored by representation in the Oak Park High School, Chicago, public schools in Ponca City, Oklahoma, Library of Congress, Washington, D. C., Nebraska Art Associa- tion, Lincoln, Nebraska, the Public Library in Santa Monica, and in Franklin High School. Paintings by Mr. Botke are hung in many private collections, a few are: the Max Adler, Chi- cago, the Dr. Charles Sears, Portland, Oregon, and Mr. C. C. Teague, Santa Paula. "Spring Plowing" by Mr. Botke was selected by the Winter Class of 1948 as its tribute to the art collection. A L. K. pi rf , it , Q1 ,ft - 1 s., SYNOPSIS: G.A.A. girls interested in sports and clean living meet every Monday and Wednesday after school to enioy sports. The giri who has participated in six sports has earned her letter. When she receives her letter at the Annual Senior Breakfast, she is a member ofthe Gardena Letter Girls. Both the G,A.A. and G.L.G. work together in everything they do. G.A.A. MEMBERS Linda Alverson, Barbara Anderson, Lillian Arai, Lillian Arvidson, Nalda Austin, Pat Boham, Shirley Babcock, Phyllis Bain, Opal Bandy, Barbara Barr, Louise Bland, Nancy Boklage, Doris Brooks, Pat Brown, Louise Bryant, Audrey Bolton, Jean Burdick, Elaine Busby, Marceline Butts, Beverly Campbell Helen Caparelli, Dory Caretto, Jodee Chriss Betty Classen, Rose Clements, Carol Cline Shirley Colby, Esther Corrales, Pauline Cory, Jacklyn Cowdell, Marguerite Craig, Joan Crawford, Shirley Curley, Barbara Cambis, Janice Dougherty, Marilyn Dougherty, Judith Derby, Gloria Dorsey, Virginia Dover, June Draper, Pat Duff, Roxie Edwards, Phyllis El- liot, Yvonnie Ellis, Norine Farnham, Virginia Farnham, Margaret Farrah, Carlene Gasper, Barbara Gibson, Gloria Gifford, Barbara Gil- liam, Helen Gomez, Molly Gonzales, Mary Grove, Lillie Mae Hutchison, Pearl Hinkle, Mary Jo Hodges, Jeanette Hopkins, Dixie Higham, Dolores Hix, Victoria lnouge, Shir- ley Jackson, Enid Jean, Joan Jensen, Sadako Kishi, Beverly Knighton, Sylvia Komai, Cath- erine Kordones, Margie Kawano, Georgia Kordones, Demetra Kordones, Beverly Krie- sel, Yisuge Kuwahara, Dorothy Kirk, Shirley Lard, Donna Lee, Pat Lewis, Marilyn Lundell, Jean Larsen, Thirza Millar, Joanne Mitchell, Zelma Manugoff, Jeanette Marynowski, Helen Martino, Lovinia Mills, Anna Montes, Barbara Montgomery, Lilia Morales, Helen Moen, Jean Murray, Emily Melton, lrene McCandless, Doris McDowell, Marilyn Mc- Dowell, Pat McDowell, Carmen McCaa, Theresa Nichter, Marilyn Nolan, Dianne Olderman, Lois Olney, Leoma Oltjenbruns, Helen Ojida, Clara Pinedo, Barbara Phillys, Lucy Pogue, Marion Paliani, Judy Pickard, Velma Powell, Shirley Prentiss, Carol Prince, Dorothy Prior, Carmen Pico, Harmina Rien- stra, Refugio Ramirez, Pat Rice, Rosenda Ramirez, Rose Sarukian, Colleen Sudduth, Pettie Swanson, Ann Sutherland, Joan Scott, Barbara Seely, Kazuka Shiraishi, Ruth Shira- ishi, Virginia Sloss, Beverly Smith, Margue- rita Soto, Angelita Soto, Jean Stewart, Mary Stucke, Wyoma Stump, Melva Sisemore, Miyko Takahashi, Nancy Tanaka, Dyonne Tryon, Julia Taniguchi, Bette Tippin, Dorothy Tolson, Wanda Vinson, Barbara Wallace, Emi'y VVest, Fay Wilson, Jimmie Williams, Leola Wood, Lucille Wood, lda Wolford, Winifred Wynn, Margaret Whitehead, Bar- bara Wallirci, Ruthie Wooters, Mary Zaha- ris, Janice Young. 1 1 1 ll ll When Ladies Meet G.A.A. CABINET-WINTER '47 President ...- G.L.G. President . Play Day Chairman First Vice-president . Second Vice-president Secretary . . Chaplain . . Treasurer . . Basketball Manager Volleyball Manager Tennis Manager Committees Reception Invitation Clean-up Decoration Historian G.L.G. MISS SNEED, Sponsor-Barbara Anderson, Pat Boham, Dory Caretto, Marilyn Dougher- ty, Margaret Farrah, Barbara Gibson, Mary Jo Hodges, Sadako Kishi, Irene McCandIess, Lois Olney, Bea Prinselaar, Ruth Shiraishi, lda Wolford, Lillian Arvidson, Nancy Bok' lage, Jodee Chriss, Pat Duff, Virginia Fritter, Helen Gomez, Enid Jean, Georgia Kordones, Pat McDowell, Leoma Oltjenbruns, Dorothy Prior, Jean Stewart, Leola Wood, Phyllis Bain, Audry Bolton, Marguerite Craig, No- rine Farnham, Carlene Gasper, Dixie Higham, Joan Jensen, Donna Lee, Helen Moen, Bar- bara Phillips, Rose Sarukian, Jimmie Wil- liams, Dorothy Stanford Charlyn Young Betty Oehlman Dolores Stanford Dixie Higham Jimmie Williams Jean Stewart . Helen Moen Marguerite Craig . Pat Boham Marilyn Dougherty Julia Taniguchi Janice Dougherty Mary Stucke June Draper Shirley Jackson G.A.A. CABINET- President . First Vice-president G.L.G. President Play Day Cnairman Chaplain . Secretary . Treasurer . Hockey Manager Baseball Manager Archery Manager Publicity Manager Committees Foor Preparation Food Serving Entertainment SUMMER '47 Dixie l-ligham Jimmie Williams Jean Stewart Dary Caretto Jodee Chriss Norine Farnham . Pat Boham lda Mae Wolford Shirley Curley Ruth Wolford Gloria Dorsey Virginia Farnham Marilyn McDowell Yvonne Ellis "Followers" SYNOPSIS: A group of fine iunior high girls, under the sponsorship of Miss Jones, meets every Tuesday and Thursday to enjoy sports. This is a new club called the J.A.C, which stands for Junior Athletic Club. Leading Ladies: President Bam Brown Vice-president Shirley Bolton Secretary-treasurer Doris Blay J.A.C. MEMBERS MISS JONES, Sponsor-Maxine Armstrong, Shirley Bol- ton, Elisabeth Brown, Vita Mae Brooks, Gloria Brown, Lola Buchner, Doris Blay, Pat Boosalis, Dorothy land, Maeline Barnett, Fern Cambis, Addie Lee Cass, Darlene Charles, Marilyn Cheek, Shirley Cochran, Geraldine Cole, Marilyn Coxe, Marilyn Coxe, Ruth Craig, Joan Cunning- ham, Aloha De Marquez, Margaret De Marquez, Sally Dickson, Leah Diller, Verda Eads, Nina Eaten, Jacqueline Glover, Barbara Grey, Janice Hattig, Jackie Hansen, Hazel Hashemoto, Marie Hatanaka, Eleanor Hawk, Louise Heinzrnan, Ethel Henderson, Jo Hopkins, Audrey Jen- nings, Joyce Johnson, Delores Koplan, Mary Kettleson, Edna Knight, June Knight, Beverly Likins, Wanda Logan, Margie McCaa, Martha Maxwell, Barbara Moore, Lois Neal, Nancy Parks, Diane Parrott, Betty Parsons, Rose- mary Parrish, Janet Perdew, Meryl Paterson, Inda Pinedo, Joan Radcliff, Joan White. J.A.C. OFFICERS President . Bunny Blackwell Vice-president . . Betty Settgast Secretary . . Doris Blay Treasurer Lois Alverson ..,. W , A .1 - ,,., ... .,.,..,.,. aware W I ' , 2 . 55' M , . 2 Q 2 , W4 4 f M lx? Wwk 1-qw f EB, g 'z ' WN' 3, K x, S: 'm tv X, , ali SW' r ami f 4 A 'pm v ' 'WH Eh, 5 Q Q f , 1 g . ' ,gzxqw X EW., xv 9 Q Q' Qin . 'B V iw: , we 2 0 f' "Accidents Will,l-lapped' SYNOPSIS: Gardena's pigskin squad earned a victory against Narbonne this season. They also tied with Banning in a pigskin scramble during which Gardena ran Banning all over the field. The outstanding players on the team were Jimmy Charles, who made all-Marine, Johnny Adams, Rassie Harper, who made second string all- Marine, Bob Scott, Myron Schlagel, Shoso Kuwahara, and Bill McClung, who was captain. The returning lettermen were Bill McClung, Jimmy Charles, Bob Kennedy, and Rassie Harper. "A" FOOTBALL TEAM Johnny Adams, Dick Ballard, Bob Benedett, Louis Benjamin, Chuck Campbell, Jimmy Charles, Bob Clark, Don Clemens, Tom Dale, Alex Dugally, John Erbe, Bob Farrah, Tony Garnica, Max Hansen, Rassie Harper, Joe Jenski, Forest Johnson, Bob Kennedy, Dick Kuhns, Shosho Kuwa- hara, Neil Lemke, Dale Marshal, Clarence Mayhew, Bob McCarthy, Bill McClung, Miguel Morales, John Musulin, Myron Schlaegel, Bob Scott, David Silva, Hotchkiss Simonian, Herbert Stratton, Tom Suzuki, Wilber Walter. SYNOPSIS: Our "B" football team was thought, by certain persons watching it in action, to be the best offensive team in the city. The team amassed a total of 244 points which is a Marine League record. They thoroughly trounced every "B" football team in the Marine League. About the players, Coach Peak says, "They're all outstanding." A few of the more outstanding were Lloyd Calvin, Bill Baskin, Dick Hashimoto, Wayne Bradshaw, Dean Maxson, F. E. Harris, Al Thompson, who made the all-Marine team, Norman Earley, who made all-Marine, Paul Hernandez, who was all-Marine, and Don Bahrman, all-Marine. Paul Hernandez and Don Bahrman were the heavy scorers for the team. "B" FOOTBALL TEAM Joe Arai, Bob Arnold, Don Behrman, Bill Baskin, Wayne Bradshaw Gilbert Carrion, Bill Challenger, David Corrales, Ray Cubberly, Jim Durham, Norman Early, Don Farrell, Gene Fisher, Jimmy Fowler, F. Hugh l-lawley, Paul Hernandez, Jack Keene, Eddie Klug, Walter Glen Butler Lloyd Calvin l Dale, John DeBoer, Robert E. Harris, Dick Hashimoto, Kronberger, Bobby Durtz, Rudy Likens, Yukio Masai, Dean Maxson, Garry Maxwell, Leon Mills, Albert Negrete, Bill Severs, Vernon Smelser, Don Takahashi, AI Thompson, Russell White, Leslie Winters. Duane Barry, Harold Brown, Richard Brown, Richard Conner, Johnie Degen- felder, Don Guy, George lnouye, Delbert Mathews, Mamoru Ogi, Pat Peppard, Mar- vin Powell. "Action" SYNOPSIS: This year the basketball boys came dribbling down the court with only one victory to their credit. This game was won against the Torrance team. Gardena is in the toughest league in basketball in the city and, being a small school, finds it very hard to keep up with the-other schools. Outstanding men on the team were Don Guy, a tenth grader, Ross Sidebottom, who was second string on the all-Marine team, George lnouye and Mamoru Ogi. George and Mamoru both moved up from the "B" squad to the varsity squad. Returning lettermen were Johnie Degenfelder, Pat Peppard, and Duane Barry. SYNOPSlS: The "B" five, playing in the toughest league in the city, had the misfortune to lose every game this season. Nevertheless, they came very close to winning two of ihe games they played. The out- standing players on the team were James Kelly, who made second string all-Marine, Dale Smith and Gene Paliani. This year the team was looking forward to and building toward next season. The interest in basketball increased very much at the end of this season. There were no returning lettermen on the "B" squad this year as George lnouye and Mamoru Ogi both moved up to the varsity squad. "B" BASKETBALL TEAM Dick Bickel, John Coxe fMgr.l, Tom l-lamilton, Toshio lshii, Roy Kamimuri, Robert Karback, Jim Kelly, Eugene Paliani, Wesley Rankin, Bill Roberts, Darrell Scott, Dale Smith. "C" BASKETBALL--LETTERED Roy Gaul, Bill Gettys, Jack Kennedy lCapt.l, Teddy Marshall, Terry Masai, Richard Shield, Morgan Simpson, Don Smith, Bob Trost, Bill Young, Ronnie Zabosky. "D" BASKETBALL Gene Butler, Bill Daugherty, Ellsworth Greenfield lMgr.l, Jerry l-lix, Norman Morton, Joe Okada, Bill Price, Harold Simpson, Jim Singer, Kay Smith, Ernie Wiliams lCapt.l, Marvin Williams. gear .gl .J .J l TRACK TEAMS Bob Arnold, Don Bahrman, Donald Bain, Gordon Baird, George Beach, Louis Benjamin, Gilbert Best, Church Be- viile, Jimmie Blehm, Cem Bolles, Harold Brown, Richard Brown, Richard J, Brown, Glenn Butler, Chuck Camp- bell, Lloyd Calvin, Gilbert Carrion, James Charles, Bob Clark, Richard Conner, Duane Cooper, Tommy Cooper David Corrales, Ray Cubberly, George Dabbs, Fred Davis, Johnie Degenfelder, Delbert Dornberger, Claude Dykes, Wayne Eads, Norman Earley, Bob Farrah, Dan Farrell, Jerry Fickes, Gene Fischer, Leonard Fisher, Olaf Fisher Tamoisu Fujiwara, Manuel Garcia, Elmer Gates, Ralph Gephart, George Germain, Bill Gettys, Jack Gilmore, Ells- worth Greenfield, Gerald Griffin, Torn l-lamiltori, Jack Hammond, Rassie l-larper, Raul Hernandez, Jose l-lolquin Roy Jackson, Robert Jeal, Alfred R. Jimenez, Johnny Avila Jimenez, Roy Kamimori, Bob Kennedy, Walter Kron- berger, Bob Kurtz, David Ledbetter, Lawrence Leightow, Kenneth Marsh, Dale Marshall, Delbert Mathews Dean Maxsor, Marlin Maxson, Bob McCarthy, Clifford McDonald, Robert McKernon, Rudy Morales, Frank Morten- sen, Johnnie Myler, Albert Negrete, Rudolph Negrete, Tommy Nelson, Joe Okada, Willard Olds, Don Osborn, l-low ard Parrett, Milo Patino, Pat Peppard, Richard Perez, Eugene Peterson, James Quider, Clinton Richelieu, Jack Riche H The l -,W me last Tviile The lieu, Leon Sana, Myron Schlaegel, Bob Scott, Darrell Scott, Jack Sekeley, Fichard Shields, David Sifva, Hotchkiss Simonian, Dale Smith, Bill Sudduth, Al Thompson, Bruce Traylor, Wally Vance, Ronald Ver Steeg, Ken Williams Joe Ybarra, Donald Yeager. TENNIS Joe Ainge, Jim Alverson, Bob Clark, Richard Conner, Tom Dale, Garmon Damron, Bill Daugh erty, Homer Erickson, Melvin Foncannon, Frank Geyer, Max Gilliland, Karlen Jones Frank Moen, Bob Park, Bob Powell, Vic Robertson, Ed Stephenson, Marvin Williams. M I 'Uulward Bound" Don Bahrman Lloyd Calvin Alex Dugally Norman Early Marine League Champs Winning over all ofher schools in 'rhe Marine League, The Gardena High School tennis Team came ou? as champions for the second time in two years. The boys not only defeated Marine League schools, but also proved their superiority over Washington and Inglewood. Top rackefmen were Max Gilliland, Vic Robertson, Richard Conner, Joe Ainge, and Karlen Jones. Their coach was Mr. David Heap. VARSITY BASEBALL Jimmy Fowler George lnouye Don Guy F. E. l-larris Jose l-lolquin Ross Sidebottom Herb Stratton we V 7, Ja f .QITNQ ...NNN we I---Zfff lg 4 QV L xg, ' LM, n j' 'xy A -3 ' A L , - f - a H yry f - T x . 4 ll Il l ,, The Stronger GYMNASTICS TEAM Chuck Beyille, Floyd Calvin, Bill Challenger, Francis Connelly, Johnie Degenfelder, Wayne Eads, Bob Farrah, Don Farrell, Olaf Fisher, Paul Garrison, Bill Gettys, Burdette Jamison, Robert Jeal, Norman Judd, Mamoru Ogi, Tadashi Okada, Gene Paliani, Jack Richelieu, Rodney Skinner, Vernon Srnelser, Bill Strubhar, Takuo Kuwahara, Richard Tomeselo, Leon Westbrook, Russell White. TOP SCORERS The six boys at the left were the six highest scoring fellows on Gardena's gymnastics team. ln the top left picture is Bill Strubhar, and in the upper right, Bill Challenger and Olaf Fisher. Along the bottom from left to right are Tadashi Okada, Burdette Jamison, and Lloyd Calvin. These boys, under Coach Walter Marlett, did a fine iob of stacking up points against their opponents. "Aren't They Wonders?" VARSITY CLUB Joe Ainge, Don Bahrman, Duane Barry, Bill Baskin, Clem Bolles, Bill Challenger, Jimmy Charles, Bob Clark, Francis Connelly, Richard Conner, John Coxe, Johnie Degentelder, Alex Dugally, Norman Early, Olaf Fisher, Max Gilliland, Rassie Harper, F. E. Harris, Jose Holguin, George lnouye, Burdette Jamison, Bob Kennedy, Roy Larson, Bob McCarthy, Bill McClung, Rudy Mo- rales, Tadashi Okada, David Paye, Pat Peppard, Vic Robertson, Bob Scott, Ross Sidebottom, Herbert Stratton, Bill Strubhar, Wally Vance, Russell White. Bob Arnold, Lloyd Calvin, Bill DeBoer, Bob Farrah, Jimmy Fowler, Tom Hamilton, Bob Higham, Jerry Hix, Harold Jensen, Roy Kamimuri, Bob Karboch, Jim Kelly, Ray Krott, Walt Kronberger, Ted Marshall, Dean Maxson, Leon Mills, Gene Paliani, Darrell Scott, Don Takahashi, Al Thomp- son, Les Winters. JUNIOR VARSITY CLUB OFFICERS President . . . Jimmy Fowler Vice-president 8. treasurer. Bob Farrah Secretary .... Jim Kelly Sergeants-at-Arms . Don Takahashi Leon Mills WINTER VARSITY CLUB OFFICERS President . . . Alex Dugally Vice-president . Johnie Degeritelder Secretary .... Pat Peppard Sergeants-at-Arms . Rassie Harper Wally Vance SUMMER VARSITY CLUB OFFICERS President . I Bob Kennedy Viceepresident . . . Bob Clark Secretary-treasurer . Burdette Jamison Sergeant-ateArms . F. E. Harris Wag, Mw- ww E has Wx QQ' 'fdlifx va ,,., "If, J R' T? 1 fm. me .ww "Take A Bow" One of the best plays put on at Gardena was "a play within a play" in honor of Shakespeare. The scene of "Pyramus cmd Thisbe," taken from a "Midsummer Night's Dream," kept everyone entertained and pre- sented some new talent at Gardena. Above is a picture of one of the scenes from 'iPyramus and Thisbef' After the play, four contestants in the Southern California Shakespearean Festival, who were going to Occidental College the next day to compete against many other schools, gave a preview of their work. The four who went were Sue Barger, John Bogart, Janice Dougherty, and Norine Farnham. All were coached by Mrs. Elsie Todd. Gardena had a first place winner. To Norine Farn- ham was given the Phi Beta Placque for the best girl performer in the entire festival. Phi Beta, a woman's fraternily for drama and music, will continue to follow Norine's activities because she has shown such promise in dramatics. . To the right, Norine may be seen as the subiect of the first-prize-winning picture for the El Arador snap- shot contest. This was taken by Roger Martin. Lx' DANCE PRODUCTION The house lights are dimmed, the curtain rises, then the rhythm of a waltz 'flows through the auditorium. The costumes, lights, and grace- tul movements ot the dancers provide o mood and pattern for all to enioy. As the curtain goes down, the dances are applauded by an appre- ciative audience. ' Behind stage the girls, under the direction ot Miss Gilliland, are nervously preparing for the next dance which they have worked on all semester, coordinating music and costume de- sign, as well as dance technique and rhythm. DANCE PRODUCTION CLASS Linda Alverson, Opal Bandy, Dorothy Camasta, Betty Ann Cassel, Rose Clement, Shirley Colby, Jacklyn Cowdell, Rosina Cox, Joan Crawford, Judith Derby, Gloria Dorsey, Marilyn Dougherty, Virginia Farnham, Norine Farnham, Jimmie Williams, Nancy Flesher, Enid Jean, Joan Jensen, Charmion Kapple, Peggy Luther, lrene McCandless, Thirza Millar, Helen Moen, Colleen Moran, Norma Munger, Marion Paliani, Jean Perry, Rose Sarukian, Jackie Stevens, Mary Webster, ll ll J Winners All Jw v 1 y 2-WQIQQ ww .mfg-+ W vm- yo-2 QLMLAER E9 o 0 Autographs gff Jw WAN Bo A Wz'rh 0 W ou Tr? M G Tfiiy !aTv6?0pcigL?z's ' us! Lor you H ere is m0 weU friend 'V M Tb szgfz Vaffg e ag 0 lajs e7zaC L ff? QQQWW Q 7, MWWLZ WL? LM? 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