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, , 1 Q A"- 'E .- ' 1 141-i' A'p , Q- .W 'E ' ,Ev Q. ,A . .f -- A 1'-F23 54 ? Q-- lyj, L :gf 1 ,-J' j, .1354-i f '- V.-1 E . i , if! 1 Nu 1 iff, 4 1 Q 25555331 4 .,. H Ummm 33 Published bv THE SENIOR CLASS Gardena High School Gardena, California o JANE RAWSON . . Editor J. D. ANDERSON . . Bus. Mgr. VERA DeSAMBAD . . Adviser 'X LJ EUIULWIUH For the guiding light which he has made brighter by his enthusiasm, friendliness, co- operation, loyalty, and fine spirit, we, the Summer Class of 1939, express in a small measure our gratitude and sincere apprecia- tion by dedicating this El Arador to our new principal of Gardena High School, Mr. Raymond E. Pollich. Page Two MR. RAYMOND E. POLLICH Principal Page Three ',.'IlQi"-' '3'i'9iu"f3HM?.M f ' .AM K? 4?lM.5Carlf5f1V W7 fi! T1Y'i!"JNa"l: I 'Q'li - Jw?43I!Wl'5?L !'15F:Q3itii8!4R -73 vxliwi., L?E2T.'t71'y ESSEX' ' - zilsfi +d5B6.nJHau- QAM ' ' ' A ' T!! 931 "' .' f. Ayvgdgfk ,, K ggi . ,. ,V 1.4 san? 'x X, 4' r Kim: fi Limqf -lf' ,WV H 7 M v W 1 'Q S? a W V L Y .fx '10 1 5 . igffl M . -. - gf. , 'Z Q ff, f iifi lf! fl i if ' Sf 2411: :jif- HX'-Jn g, 59900 fx Page Five MR. POLLICH'S MESSAGE A principal new to a school, who sincerely hopes to contribute to the welfare of the youth of the school's community, must visualize his services in terms of years. A principal who plans to establish and direct a functional program of education in any school must content himself with devoting his first year to: making a careful study of the interests and needs of the community, including the students, teacher personnelg program of studies and activities, the attitudes of the parents in regard to what the school should do for their childreng the needs for improvement and betterment of school plant and equipmentg the maintenance of an adequate program of educational activities while such a study is being made. I have enjoyed a most happy and profitable year in my attempt to do at Gardena High School the things pointed out above. Perhaps the most pleasant and satisfying experience of the year rests in the many fine acquaintances and the grand feeling of mutual confidence resulting there- from. The confidence on the part of the students, parents, and teachers with which I was welcomed into the field will be an everlasting joy and inspiration throughout the years to come. As a result of this spirit of confidence bestowed upon me, a new comer in your midst, and from the marvelous cooperation rendered in making me acquainted with the interests and needs of our students, there is evolving, slowly but surely, at Gardena High School, a sound educational program for the future. Not a one-man program, but a program developed cooperatively by parents, teachers, and students. In all of the enthusiasm generated in anticipation of the joy and pleasure to be shared by those of us who will participate in guiding and bringing to fruition this evolving program, there is one discordant note. We regret that we will not have at our right hand the Class of Summer '39 to assist us in making the undertaking more pleasant and successful. These fine young folk, however, will ever be loyal to and at the service of their Alma Mater-Gardena High School -RAYMOND POLLICH. Page six MR. RAYMOND POLLICH Principal Page Seven MISS CRUMP'S MESSAGE Be kind and thoughtful of others, and toler- ant. This is the message I would bring to every boy and girl in Gardena High. So long as the world shall last there will be friends to help you when you are burdened, to laugh with you in your joy, to inspire you to greater accomplish- ment and to rejoice with you in your success, if you are kind and thoughtful of others, and tol- erant. Sincerely, LA VETA CRUMP. Page Eight MISS LA VETA CRUMP Girls' Vice-Principal Page Nine MR. HOU1'f'S MESSAGE The youth who stands out among his fellows is the youth who accepts responsibility for char- acter and service. A V feeling of responsibility brings a spirit of cooperation which works for the success of the group as well as for the success of the individual. Sincerely, GEORGE DANIEL HOUK. Page Ten MR. GEORGE DANIEL HOUK Boys' Vice-Principal Page Eleven ,.f!Y2 l W ,133 . .sl - X Qgiwif 'R' K K , K ik i, . X X ' X ADMINISTRATION Mr. Raymond Pollich Miss La. Veta Crump Mr. George Houk . . Mrs. Hazel Whedon Miss Frances Stephan Mrs. Ione Peddicord Mrs. Belle Kuehny . Miss Dorothy Murphy Miss Merel Peterson Page Twelve . . . . Principal Girls' Vice-Principal Boys' Vice-Principal . . . Registrar . Counselor . Auditor . Secretary . Secretary . Text Books FACULTY Mr. Frank Douglas Aid, Mathematics Mrs. Marvel Benedict, English Mr. Fay C. Berry, Woodwork Mrs. Rebecca Chamness Bosworth, Home Eco- nomics, Science. Miss Eva Madelein Burns, Social Studies Mrs. Ethel Packard Cattern, Commercial Studies Miss Mary Cecelia Caivanaugh, English, Spanish Miss Ruth Valeria Combs, Science Mrs. Margaret Costenbader, Language fSpanishJ Mrs. Vera Carr DeSambad, Commercial Studies Mrs. Gertrude W. Fairbanks, Science Mr. Bertram Lloyd Fitzgerald, Mathematics and Science Mr. George Haywood Freeman, Boys' Physical Education Miss Helen Mae Friebel, Social Studies Mr. Ora Francis Glass, Social Studies Mr. Albert Frederick Guenzler, Agriculture Mrs. Mary Harlan, Girls' Physical Education Mrs. Maurine Hendrickson, Mathematics, Science Mr. Jack Holt, English Miss Margaret Alberta Jones, Girls' Physical Education Mrs. Lorenna Vanderlip Keliher, English Dr. Bruce Gordon Kingsley, Music Miss Cora Sophia Krause, Social Studies Mr. Victor Lester Konigsmark, Mathematics, Science Miss Pauline Lamson, Home Economics, English Mrs. Adele Hagen Lawrence. Art Mrs. Olive Henzel Leonard, Librarian Mr. Jack Donald Lieberman, Commercial Studies Mr. Charles Ce-cil Loomis, Auto Mechanics Mrs. Kathryn Ferguson McDonald, Commercial Studies Mr. Harold Crow McLendon, Industrial Arts Miss Frances Loretta Molony, Home Economics Mr. Reginald Moore, Industrial Arts Mrs. Bessie Elmina Morse, English Mr. Algot Nordstrom, Art Mr. Loran Cecil Peak, Boys' Physical Education Miss Grace Ferne Petteys, English Mr. John E. Pitman, Mathematics Miss Katherine Potter, Music Miss Alice Cary Roripaugh, English Mr. Charles Edward Ruth, Science Mr. Louis James Sauter, Music, Social Studies Mrs, Sarah S. Ormsby Scott, Home Economics Mr. Ray P. Showalter, Printing Miss Verona Mae Stinehoff, Social Studies Mr. Walter Smith Thomas, Social Studies Mrs. Elsie Whitney Todd, English Page Thirteen President Leo Pitts mx was iii Secretary Phyllis Lucas Henry Ishihara Bill Farrell Jacqueline Mott Sakaye Ishihara President of Athletic President of President of Junior High Commissioner Girls' League Boys' Union Advisers Mrs. Peddicord Mrs. Whedon Page Fourteen gg: E Ae W .y , I' Q ' J- ing. Page Fifteen Mkt .12 I , J '1E14F1f!7?5w'FQ' T 0? Iffwkilef' ffl,fI'55"f- f 1is..'Yf?'f9Mk'YafXSi'.TfJ: .'1vai9lE:t5,y.-Jg...',-F' G -ff' J' , zfl, T2f'!F1Ivi55R1fJ?WcA1Cm.- ' ILLHSSLDI EMU! .fmi Twlixfigw 'L'MbtLMQ1Ni.2:a7:Y'fCT hx La? .fx fiwriif 1. 4i'FL'H".sQSH9i2kE.'iLH i 1 Page Seventeen f w -Su Sylvia Mildred Davies Dorothy Carlson Nadine Cumberland Evelyn Davies Barbara Duncan Joyce Galpin Edward Gibb Mr. Berry Adviser Mrs. Bosworth Adviser Frederick Adam Francis Balsley Roslyn Brattrud Ella Jane Camp Ellsworth George Tom Emerson Fujii Fukuoka Treasurer Page Eighteen Hisashi Higuchi George Kaminishi George Leitch Eugene Merle Goatcher President N icolina Guido Sachiko Hamano Wilbur Harbold Alice Barbara Jiro Eugene Iguchi Jackson Kakehashi Hughes George Dorothy Shinji Grace Kawamoto Kline Kozai Lanz Page Nineteen Ruth Linneman John McDonald Margaret McVe1h Albert Mardigg Harold Martin Catherine Meagher Tom Moriguchi Johanna Meis Edward Merritt Toshiko Minami Lorraine Pitman Robert Sato Fred Yoshio Kly0k0 Alyce Muramoto Nagayama Olshl Oyama Page Twenty Dorothy Spears Secretary Ruth vukojevicn Rosie Zurlite And . . . John Gilbert Louise Larson Leonard Griffin Arthur Schuerman Edith Ssrgison Fakaji Shiraga Colleen Slinkard Betty Charles Walter Alberta Terpening Tibbet Uhl Vlahakis Ruby Betty Mary Louise Virginia Wagner Walker Woolway Worthen 59 Page Twenty-,one x' ' ,"'?d3i4':4ffHfmQaf'...fmil ' ' ' 4 Page Twenty-three Richard Ayala Clara Angood Pauline Arnold Jess Arthur LeRo'y Bain James Boyd Marjorie Brown I Walter Thomas Adviser Ruth Combs Adviser Adele Lawrence Adviser Manuel Aldapa '5' J ay Dee Anderson Margaret Anderson Zertha. Ramona Jean Barnhardt Bathrick Blain Page Twenty-four Ruth Burdick Glynn Burns Mary Dor Cooper Robert Crader Frank Robert Hazel Rosemary Kaye Cree Crist C1-outch Droegemueller Engebretson Lorraine Shizuka Kristine Georgean Tomiko Erickson Eya Freels Frink Fujii Page Twenty-five f Carlos Heredia Robert Gunderson Bunji I-Iamasaka Nobuo Haratani Goichi Hirayama Sakaye Ishihara Ephebian Kumi Ishii Frank Garst Aubrey Gilliland Jack Godwin Charles Gorham Marjorie Griffith Albert Gotchal Lloyd Allene Hozuye Hoving Hunter Inouye Page Twenty-six Easdale James Frances Kalash Amy Kataoka Shizuye Kawamoto Frank Ray Jun Sho Edward Kimberling Kin-cade Kojaku Kojaku K1-on berger Sgt.-at-Arms " Phyllis Domingo Frank Elmo Donna Lucas Martinez K Mauro Meister Miller Vice-President Ephebian Page Twenty-seven Adair Osborne Ephebian Muriel Miller Jacqueline Mott Yutaka Munesato Teruko Murakami Bessie Nagahori Harold N ogu chi Helen Okada Hiroshi Okada Bessie Onishi Chelse Putnam Rasted Arthur Delphme Leo Samuel Overman Piglia PINS P038 x Kitty Helen Page Twenty-eight Jane Rawson Allen Rodarmel June Rollman X Charles Ruiz X Secretary Carl Richard Allyce Alice Marjorie Rash Rush Sameshima Schaeffer Schuerman Marry Nelda Dori? Margaret Doris Mae Shetara Shiffer Shigaki Silva Slye Page Twenty-nine William Taguwa G Owen Smith William S-omers Norma Sowers Betty Spaugh Frank Steers Mary Stephenson Treasurer N-ov Elaine St. Onge Jimmy Suzuki Yoshino Tachibana Mary Akiko Yoshiko Bernice Takemura Tashiro Toshima Tucker June Ussher Anne Van Oppen Page Thirty 9 wb Ha Ardath Vickers Marjorie Von Muegge Edith Wallis Colleen Williams President Thomas Pauline Alice Chris Winchester Wynn Yamamoto Zaharis Also . . . Weslay Adams Eugene Black DeLoris Blackburn Roy Conley Florence Taylor Crljenica K Page Thirty-one swf ' if. mn, elf -YU QR ,vwo.v.tS P0 XQUA -I an P age T VxnniCwY" hirty-two Xl ,SQA1 ww uqzfnh' 0 ..,--,vu ,rf ew' IVVLM Ks u--' P ,ff age Thirty- three SENIOR WILL S'39 I, MARGARET ANDERSON, will my sports ability to Emma Doretti. I DONNA MILLER, will my freckles and 3 curly hair to Bob McDermid. I BERNICE TUCKER, will my dramatic 7 instincts and grand manner to Lorraine Spink. I DOMINGO MARTINEZ, will my ability to orate to Frances Artigue. I, JUNE USSHER, bequeathe my wise cracks and cute ways to Lois Norman. I ARDATH VICKERS, bequeathe that ,uplifting, grand, inspiring giggle to Edith Hickey I, BILL SOMERS, leave my super-intelli- gence to all students who get unsatis- factories. I, BOB GUNDERSON, will my tall and thin physique to Howard Sharp. I LORRAINE ERICKSON, bequeathe my I dimples to Howard Knapp. I KITTY HELEN RASTED, leave my I height and baby ways to Phillip Arnold. I ROBERT CRADER, will my ability to 7 write stories for the Lark to some other up-and-coming reporter. WE, RUTH BURDICK AND ARTHUR OVERMAN, leave our infatuation to Fern Rothmeier and Jack Vales. I, MARJORIE VON MUEGGE, will my bashfulness to Bob Brattrud. I, SHIZUKA EYA, leave my sweet smiles to the sour pusses in the W'4O class. I JUN KOJAKU, will leave Gardena with 7 one less good student. I ELAINE ST. ONGE, bequeathe my flir- Y tatious ways to Rosalie Miller. I CLARA ANGOOD, will my red hair to v Faye Swanson. I ALLENE HUNTER, will my popularity Y to Connie Betts. I EUGENE BLACK, leave my hot foot I and ability to make screwy noises to Mary Bathrick. I, TERUKO MURAKAMI, bequeathe my quietness to Manuel Silva. I, HAZEL CROUTCH, bequeathe my wed- ding dress to Margaret Monnie. I, KAYE ENGEBRETSON, leave Babe McCoy with tears. I, ED KRONBERGER, will my nose to anybody who wants it. WE, JACKIE MOTT AND RICHARD RUSH, leave school with one less cute couple. WE, NORMA SOWERS AND GLYNN I, I, I, I I I I I I I I 7 I Y 7 BURNS, bequeathe our undying love for each other to Jo Ann Ashton and Dean Brown. YOSHIKO TOSHIMA, will my neatness to my sister, Ruth Toshima. RAY KINCADE, will my camera to Leonard Dickerson. ALLYCE SAMESHIMA, dedicate "Hold Tight" to Emma Kobayashi. LeROY BAIN, will my hairy chest to the B7 boys. PHYLLIS LUCAS, bequeathe my Fri- day night dances and my baby face to June Halley. MURIEL MILLER, leave my sweet and candid ways and wiles to Norma Paul. JANE RAWSON, will my jitterbug dancing to Dorothy Lucas. LLOYD HOVING, leave the school my love and best wishes. ALICE SCHAEFFER, bequeathe my sophisticated looks to Jo Ann Gregory. CQNNNIE WILLIAMS, bequeathe my alnlity. to attract attention to Fern Campion. , T KIMBERLING, will not leave Mary ephenson to the next bull-slinger. fI'l1 'take her with me.J I I I I I I ! QWEN SMITH, bequeathe my love for Margie Brown to nobody. J. R. PUTMAN, will my.English accent Y to you. MANUEL ALDAPA, leave my love life and romance to Lowell Wagner. CHARLES GORHAM, bequeathe my magnificent physique to Elroy Harmon. MARGIE BROWN, will my fine singing ability to Ima Dean Rogers. D YOSHINO TACHIBANA, will my bas- ketball suit to Toru Haga. Page Thirty-four 1, I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I. I I I QI' I, I SENIOR WILL MARY TAKEMURA, will my beautiful complexion to Angellee Alexander. TOM WINCHESTER, will leave Cather- ine Van Riper to her xylophone. ALICE YAMAMOTO, will my hockey stick to Doris Campbell. JEAN BLAIN, leave my coulottes to anybody who can wear them to scliool. SAM POTTS, will my perfect wave to Gara Brown. MARJORIE SCHUERMAN, bequeathe my blondness and domestic ways to Dorothy Towner. PAULINE WYNN, will my winning smile to Hugh Lapham. ROSEMARY DROEGEMUELLER, will my desire to be a seamstress to Mrs. Scott. MARY STEPHENSON, will my quiet- ness and reserved manner to Cowell Roberts. , AKIKO TASHIRO, will my shortness to Ethel Eya. LEO PI'I'I'S, leave Mr. Glass in peace. FLORENCE CLRJENICA, will leave school to join my husband. MARGIE GRIFFITH, bequeathe the dimples in my knees to Alice Hutton. JESS ARTHUR, wish I didn't have to leave Edna King. ROY CONLEY, leave my nigh jumping to Sadao Suzumoto. PAULINE ARNOLD, bequeathe my nice iingernails to Bella Tucker. TOMIKO FUJII, will my figure to Alver- etta Medicus. SHO KOJAKU, bequeathe my iine bas- ketball playing to Bill Farrell. CARL RUSH, will my curly hair f?J to Clayton Cooper. DORIS MAE SLYE, leave my nice personality to Eileen Johansen. CHARLES RUIZ, will my golden voice to some other Bing Crosby. JUNE ROLLMAN, bequeathe my abil- ity to draw models to Andy Anderson. ALBERT GOTCHAL, will my hgminess to Betty Meagher. A BOB CRIST, leave my ability to make excuses to Mrs. Whedon. AMY KATAOKA, bequeathe my red lips to Margaret Assink. FRANK CREE, leave my trumpet to Clark Gorham. KUMI ISHII, bequeathe my secretarial ability to Marjorie Page. SHIZUE KAWAMOTO, will my beauti- ful black hair to Doris Hale. JAY DEE ANDERSON, will leave the school in the lurch for a new business manager. DeLORIS BLACKBURN, bequeathe my dark eyes to Weldon Blain. FRANK STEERS, will my quiet ways and eloquent manner 1?J to Rupert Adam. FRANK MAURO, willingly leave school. FRANK GARST, vvillinglyktakegthe "little woman" with me. JAMES BOYD, will my thrilling voice to Leland Salas. ELMO MEISTER, bequeathe my dainty walk and physique to Henry Ishihara. BUNJI HAMASAKA, will my jitterbug dancing to Buck Weaver. AUBREY GILLILAND, leave my speed to Adolpho Heredia. DORIS SHIGAKI, leave my way with the boys to some other cutie. BESSIE ONISHI, bequeathe my good grades to someone who get them. RAMONA BATHRICK, will my ilirta- tions to John Krasowski. RICHARD AYALA, will Helen Montijo to another handsome Romeo. FRANCES KALASH, will my partner- ship with June and Margie to Charis, Fern, and Dorothy. HOZUYE INOUYE, will my artistic ability to Dorothy Terry. HAROLD NOGUCHI, bequeathe my dashing way with the women to James Eya. Page Thirty-live SENIOR WII.L CHRIS ZAHARIS, will my oflice as Sr. President to somebody who really wants a tough job. BILL TAGUWA, leave my football abil- ity to Bob Widrig. JIMMY SUZUKI, will my "hump" to Mino Sato. RICHARD RUSH, take my girl f Jackie Mottl with me. BESSIE NAGAHORI, leave my studi- ousness to Doris Campbell. HELEN OKADA, will my sweet ways to some rowdy. DELPHINE PIGLIA, bequeathe my nice personality and silly giggle to Betty Lou Talbot. ADAIR OSBORNE, will my ability as a writer to Zelda Fields. WESLEY ADAMS, will my track shoes to Ed Hennis. CARLOS HEREDIA, bequeathe my laugh to Pee Wee Swingle. NOBUO HARATANI, bequeathe my clever ways to Nobuo Kato. BETTY SPAUGH, leave my desire to be a nurse to Mrs. Bosworth's home nursing class. KRISTINE FREELS, leave school so that I may join Fred Scander to forever love and cherish him. I, GOICHI HIRAYAMA, leave my V8 to anybody who will have it. I, MARY DOR COOPER, leave the sailors to Betty Wagner. WE, GEORGEAN FRINK AND ZERTHA BARNHARDT, leave our cooking ability to Arthur Thatcher. I, HIROSHI OKADA, will my dancing ability to Jerry Sletton. I, EDITH WALLIS, Will leave Miss Rori- paugh with a sigh of regret. I, MARY SHETARA, bequeathe my cut cards to my sister, Lily. I, ALLEN RODARMEL, will my pocket knife to someone who needs a good one. I, YUTAKA MUNESATO, will my basket- ball playing to a young and inspiring B7. I, ANNE VAN OPPEN, bequeathe my tennis racquet to Ruth Gittings. I, MARGARET SILVA, will my speed to Phyllis Overton. I, NELDA SHIFFER, will my red hair to Happy Von Muegge. I, HIDEO KONDO, bequeathe my short- ness to James Scott. I, SAKAYE ISHIHARA, leave Fuki Kuida with a sigh of regret. I, WILLIAM DALLY EASDALE JAMES, will my backwardness about going for- ward to Theresa Zachario. Page Thirty-six S'39 PROPI-IECY I, the famous Mad- am Mona Dillar de Zandra, am gazing in- to my faithful crystal ball hoping to get E '- some highlights as to jwhat the Senior Class in' of Summer '39 will be Q doing in 1959. . . Ah-h Ah-h . . . there is a ghost of an image in the ball now .... it is coming nearer, clearer, nearer .... Ah, at last, the vision is plain .... There is a mass of blue . . . water, . . . yes, it is an ocean of water. And what is that in the distance . . . a ship? I see it coming closer. Now I can hear music, voices, laughter. There must be a party on board. Yes, the owners of the beautiful S. S. Tango Gambling Boat, Frank Steers and Chris Zaharis, have taken a night off from their legal occupation to give a party to a group of their distinguished friends. Two familiar personages are leaning over the rail on deck, engaged in an absorbing conversation with a handsome gentleman. Ah-h . . . I see that it is Connie Williams, June Ussher, and Aubrey Gilliland. In the cocktail lounge, talking over old times, I see Miss Ramona Bathrick, who is now teaching English in Gardena High School and living alone among her six cats, three canaries, and two dogs, Miss Doris Mae Slye, who is the bubble dancer for Earl Carol's new show, and Mr. Lloyd Hoving, who is butler to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Crist. Over at the bar is the "tender," Frank Mauro, busily mixing coca colas and malts. Tom Winchester is assisting him near by. KI didn't recognize them at first, with their starched shirts, bow ties, and buttoned coats.l Just around the corner is Jay Dee Anderson, who is deeply engaged in a sales talk to Bob Gunderson. CI think it concerns the buying of stock in the Albert Gotchal Dog Biscuit Company.J Ah, now I see three intelligent gentle- men sitting in the drawing room, absorbed in conversation, with their ties off and coats unbuttoned. One of them is Dr. William Somers, a great psychologist, re- sponsible for the discovery of the fourth division of the atom. Also there is Profes- sor Eugene Black, criminologist, and Dr. Elmo Meister, world famous chemist, who was just awarded a Nobel Prize for con- tributing to civilization a perfected artifi- cial brain. Near by is seated the distin- ipished play-boy, Eddie Kronberger, with argaret Silva and Nelda Shiffer, both g 'a bedecked in fox furs. I see Delphine Piglia, world reporter for New York Sun, inter- viewing the well known artist, Miss Donna Miller, who has just returned to the United States after studying twelve years in Eu- rope. The program of entertainment for the evening appears in my crystal ball and I see many familiar names. The beautiful Miss Muriel Miller tops the list with a solo. The four "Ritzy Ritz Brothers, Allen Rod- armel, James Boyd, Charles Ruiz, and Richard Ayala are to harmonize in several selections. Miss Bernice Tucker, famed actress, is to give a comic reading. Two other familiar names for solos are the charming Miss Rosemary Droegemueller and Mr. Manuel Aldapa. Miss Lorraine Erickson, famed critic of stage, screen, and radio, now makes a grand entrance into the drawing room. As Jimmie Suzuki and Yoshino Tachibana follow her in, the lights all over the ship suddenly go out. I feel that something strange is going to happen. Yes, I'm sure of it. A woman screams for help. The lights are forced back on by the head electrician, Samuel Augustus Potts, to find a very richly dressed gentleman lying in the middle of the room with a red handkerchief around his neck. Dr. Anne Van Oppen, who hap- pens to be on board with her assistant, Betty Spaugh, comes forward to examine the man. Further investigation shows that he is the distinguished Mr. J. R. Putnam, manufacturer of the "Glass Brick Com- pany." The guests are in a turmoil over the attempted murder, but the appear- ance of the well known detective trio, Sho Kojaku, Goichi Hirayama, and Jun Ko- jaku, put them all at ease. The excitement has also attracted the ship's two chefs thats and alll from their quarters, Robert Crader and Frank Cree. Near by, with Wesley Adams, I see Elaine St. Onge checking over her many sparkling jewels. Alice Schaeffer, a most charming hostess, is coming forward to assure them of their safety. Akiko Tashiro is trying to calm Yoshiko Toshima, who apparently fainted during the excitement. Now I see the sup- posed-to-be-dead man I J. R. Putnam! run- ning madly after the fire extinguisher, it looks like he is putting on one of his clown acts. But, oh . . . the image in the crystal ball is fading away. It is all foggy . . . now it is gone, . . . gone. But look! It is coming back .... No, it is a different picture .... I can no longer see the boat. I see buildings instead . . . many buildings. They look like a school . . . V Page Thirty-seven S'39 PROPHECY Gardena High School. My instinct tells me that there is to be an Alumni Baby Con- test. That must be true for I see a full car driving up to the curb now. A lady is getting out. It looks like . . . yes it is . . . Mrs. Leo Pitts the former Jane Rawson. Those six little children trailing along behind must belong to the Pitts family. They are named after their former school mates, June Rollman, Jean Blain, Ray Kincade, Le Roy Bain, Charles Gorham, and Marjorie Von Muegge. Judg- ing from the direction every one is going, the meeting must be in the auditorium. There I see the former Pauline Wynn, dressed stunningly, with her little ones, and talking to Mrs. Wiley. Phyllis Lucas, still as youthful as ever, has just joined her old pals in the far corner. She has remained single all these years, just con- tent with keeping a home for stray cats and pups. Mrs. "Bud" Smith CMarjorie Brownl has returned for the reunion from the Sahara Desert, where she and Owen were living, trying to escape the evils of the world. The former Margaret Ander- son, who is now the First Lady of the land, is talking to Mrs. Richard Rush IJackie Mottl. It seems that Richard is following a successful career as house- keeper while Jackie is working in Eas- dale James' "Miracle Insane Asylum." Mrs. Frank Garst, once Ardath Vickers, with her set of twins, is still leading her husband a gay life. Former Mary Stephen- son is quite proud of her husband, Ted Kimberling's position as Secretary of War and also of their three blue-eyed little girls. Former Misses Florence Taylor, Mary Dor Cooper, Hazel Croutch, and Marjorie Schuerman are in deep conversa- tion over their homes, husbands, and chil- dren. I couldn't forget Mrs. Arthur Over- man CRuth Burdickl and Mrs. Glynn Burns CNorma Sowersl, for they are still madly in love with their husbands. Mrs. Sakaye Ishihara, the former Mary Take- mura, proud of her husband's position as Japanese Ambassador to the United States, is talking to Mrs. Harold Noguchi CDoris Shigakil. Mrs. Jack Stephan, the former Allene Hunter, garbed in the lat- est fashion, is hurrying over to join Mrs. Fred Scanders Knee Kristine Freelsl . With all the smart clothes and gay colors, it looks more like a Fashion Parade than a Baby Contest. Miss Adair Osborne, mis- sionary to Mexico, is one of the judges, the others are Misses Edith Wallis, Bessie Nagohori, Helen Rasted, Clara Angood, and Pauline Arnold. The prize for the prettiest baby was awarded to Mrs. Bill Taguwa lTomiko Fujii! and wasn't she proud. The prize is now being awarded for the smartest baby, but the image in the crystal ball is fast fading away. Now it is gone . . . gone. Nothing is returning . . . that seems to be all. Page Thirty-eight SPORTS AUTOGRAPHS Page Thirty-nine B12 CLASS Miss Burns, Adviser Mr. Moore, Adviser John Adamson Cecil Bardwell Dean Brown President Delbert Burson Merlin Campbell Roy Conley Clayton Cooper Robert Delight Bill Farrell Vice-President Taiji Hirayama Harry Hubbard Harry Iguchi Tetsuro Ishii Hideo Kondo Masuo Kumamoto Vernon Marye Clifford Maxwell Mary Bathrick Betty Black Patsy Bray Fern Campion Edith Casbaker Emma Doretti Dorothy Dowler Ruth Haviland Midori Ikijeri Hisako Kajikawa Lois Kline Secretary Page Forty Emma Kobayashi Hatsuko Matsushima. Betty Meagher Treasurer Alveretta Medicus Margaret Monnie Jean Poulin Leland Salas 54 Bob Saunders Jack Spencer Hideo Takemura Billy Tarbet Harvey Wagner Bill Weaver John Winters Frances Artigue Helen Montijoy Rose Myetta Kathryn Oishi Doris Olson Yukiko Ota Leola Pickering Juanita Priller Fern Rothmeier Lorraine Schmitt Faye Swanson Suzuiko Tamura Dorothy Terry June Uyeda Charis Ver Steeg Kimiko Yamamoto Shigeko Yanokawa Sumiye Yasutake me Page Forty-one A11 CLASS Miss Friebel, Adviser Mrs. Fairbanks, Adviser Mr. Pitman, Adviser Phillip Arnold Harold Betts Wilford Canham Billy Carr Vice-President Roland Clark Harry Croutch Bill Durr James Eya Angel Gomez X Joe Goodman Bill Goodman Donald Greaton 'loru Haga Donald Henry President Cecil Hopps Yoneo Ishihara Daichi Itano Tamio Kabashima Mary Barrett Marjorie Black Morella Brooks Mabel Brown Catherine Clark Gaynelle Conoway Jo Ann Crist Secretary Bernice Daniel Doris Daunbaugh Barbara Elliott Dorothy Elliott Zelda Fields Selma Fisher Elizabeth Fleming Cecelia Fortin Eloise Geisert Haruko Harada Evelyn Helms Edith Hickery Nobuo Kato Kiyoshi Kawai Kazuo Kikawa Paul Kirk Howard Knapp Teruichi Kozai Paul Kuida Bob Lambert Hugh Laphan Richard Lenarth Roman Magana Fred McGowa Oliver Means Joe Mesplou Ray Morris Isami Munesato Bill Muramoto VVarren Nelson Virginia Horrell Alice Hutton Fujii Kakehashi Sally Kawai Mabel Kitano Julia Krueger Toshie Kumamoto Jane Lauriton Pluma Leach Dorothy Lucas President Dorreen Miller Rosalie Miller Masako Minami Mary Nakashima Toshiko Nogami Lois Norman Vice-President Takeshi Okuno Andy Owen Norman Pratt Lynn Rowan Minoru Sato George Shigaki Earl Storms Warren Swingle Kiyoshi Tachibana Frank Thees Raymond Tomlin Jack Vales Gust Vlaha'kis Vernon Wolfe Charles Wood Eugene Yoshida Mizuho Yoshida Jerry Zoll John Zurlite Fusaye Oriba Ayako Oura Yukiko Oura June Reynolds Ima Dean Rogers Mary Jane Sletton Secretary-Treasurer Hideko Shikada Lorraine Spink President Doris Stewart Betty Lou Talbot Vice-President Ruth Toshima Dorothy Towner Mary Uyeda Manda Vukojevich Midori Wada Page Forty-two pn 'NJ' B11 CLASS Miss Molony, Adviser Mr. Lieberman, Adviser Mr. Loomis, Adviser Rupert Adams Robert Ayala IC Robert Bash-or Eldon Bolton Dexter Brodie Jerry Brown Leonard Chanda Richard Cox D. W. Crist Joe Crombie Francis De Paemelaere Leonard Dickerson Jack Garner Harold Garvin Clark Gorham Ed Hennis Angellee Alexander Margaret Antonino Virginia Blanchard Doris Campbell Josephine Carranza K Geraldine Geerlings Ruth Gittings Doris Hale Thelma Hale June Halley Fred Hopps William Jordan Sergeant-at-Arms Nobuyuki Kato John Krasowski President John Larrimer Hisko Linneman George Lugt Bob Mackinga Carl McClain George McDonald George Merino Hidemi Miyake Kiyoshi Miyamoto George Morris Max Moser Bob Ortego Vice-President Page Forty-four Waldine Hayes Phyllis I-Iegabom Betty Henry Edna King Midori Kitazono Matsuye Kobayashi Fukiko Kuida Alma La Pointe Ora La Pointe Virginia Matzke Lois McVeigh Florence Miller Kiyoko Miyake Yolanda Nicihols Mitsue Okada Phyllis Overton Secretary Ted Pratt Cowell Roberts Walter Ryerson Charles Schaeffer James Scott Sho Shiraga Bill Smith David Smith Harold Stephan Yoshitsugi Sugi Sadao Suzumoto Sho Takahashi Cliiord Thatcher Arthur Thatcher James Van Oppen Yasushi Wada Lowell Wagner Harry Wynn Norma Paul Guila Roberts Pearl Scott Georgia Stump Mildred Taguwa Catherine Van Riper Betty Wagner Jessie Webster Barbara Jean West Florence Wilford Shizuko Yanaga. Donald Owens 4 IN1 3 A10 CLASS Miss Petteys, Adviser Mrs. Keliher, Adviser Mrs. Bosworth, Adviser John Antonino Elvin Arnett Glenn Arnold Bobby Brattrud Neil Burton Vice-President Joe Carey Herbert Carpenter Lee Cook Wayne Cornett Edward Dow Wesley Fawber Pre ident Edwar Fleming Secretary Everett Foster Donald Gardiner Donald Gorham Carrell Griffin Mary Adams Jean Akers Jo Ann Ashton Margaret Assink Betty Lou Babey Welden Blain Ethel Burgess Gloria Burke Dorothy Doke Evelyn Dowler Jeanne Duclos Irene Durington Marion Farrell Virginia Ferris Bessie Louise Fincher Catherine Fry Johanna Gasper Betty Glenn Mary Gomez .Y Jimmy Harris Albert Harshaw Keith Hill Minoru Hisashima. President Arthur Hueg Ted Jackson Jack Kajikawa Nick Kordones Donald Kurtz Vice-President George Kuwahara Jack Lawler Daniel Lenarth Bob McDermid Donald McDonald Jackie Matthews Jack Munson Alfonso Negrete Ben Negretexyy Tom Okino Secretary-Treasurer Betty Jane Harshaw Pauline Heldt Eileen Johansen Bertha Leach Lois Linneman Eileen Loy Louise Mason Mary Matsuzawa May Moriguchi Tokiye Nishikawa Marcella Osborne Rose Frances Owen Robert Adam Otto Nishida Dorland Poe Bob Proctor Don Robertson Jack Roth Isao Sakamoto Jim Santiago President Leon Scott Secretary-Treasurer Takeshi Shishido Robert Spencer Eugene Stracner Jimmie Swanson Mitsugi Tagawa Robert Terpening' Yuku Tsukashima Lupe Vergara jf Robert Weed Vice-President Tom Whitely Robert Widrig Jess Woods Susumu Yagi George Yasutake Eloise Robertson Betty Robinson Wilma Simms Evelyn Sullivan Vella Tucker Ida Uchino Lois Uyeda Helen Von Muegge Geraldine Willard Helen Yanokawa. A Jacqueline Zoll Betty Zwiebel Page Forty-six 'N -O1 wi Mr. Glass, Adviser Mrs. McDonald, Adviser Mr. Holt, Adviser Eugene Armbuster James Bahrman Billy Balsley Donald Belton Lee Berry Robert Bray Jess Buchanan Grant Burlingame James Cobb President Shirley Coleman Jim Collins Howard Crandal Wallace Grapenhoft Norvin Davis James Emerson Gordon Gunderson Thelma Abernathy Beatrice Alexander Julie Allred Petra Almaraz X Ione Anderson Edith Barnes Eleanor Blackburn Kathalee Bowser Irene Chappell Betty Claxton Frances Daunbaugh Ethel Eya Lois Hahn Vivian Hamblin Elroy Harmon Gerald Hansen Adolfe Heredia. f Dale Hinkle Sumio Ide Francis Meagher Kunio Morri Lyle Mulhall Ben Nakaji Ben Nakamura Victor Negrete If Elroy Nelson 1 Joe Nichols Billy Olney James Overman Matt Peck Jimmie Pogue Sarah Hopps Michiko Kato Phyllis Kovanda Winifred Lindell Mable Love Mildred Lucas Thelma Maxwell Velma Maxwell Bernice McCoy Ruby Mullin Irene Neberker Gertrude Norton Jean Oishi Claude Reynolds Henry Rodarmel Frank Salas 24' Jess Salcido X Floyd Schenck Shiro Shiraga Martin Stiles Lloyd Suehiro Richard Terry Milton Thatcher Lloyd Tilt Glen Walker President Leonard Walker Lawrence Wallis Jack Westergard Goro Yamada Tommy Zaharis Pearl Parker Georgia Patterson Lily Pivcconi Nora Jean Pogue Eula Mae Priest Joyce Prieto 20 Peggy Robertson Rachel Ruiz X Lily Shetara Gene Spaugh Carmelia Stocton Winifred Stone Chiyoko Tamura Secretary-Treasurer Katherine Trupe Dorothy Wool-way Page Forty-eight 1 ,Q n 7 Page Fort y-ni Ile Mr. Genzler, Adviser A9 CLASS Mrs. Hendrickson, Adviser Miss Lamson, Adviser Jim Abernathy Bruce Adam Bob Anderson David Baeza Donald Bashor George Bell Robert Blanchard Robert Brown Richard Busse Jack Byrns Edward Canham Wallace Carr Albert Carter Phillip Cobos Ray Cooper Max Cox Trist-on Crawford Ray Cummings Joe De Porte Albert Detloff Emory Eaton Jack Ferguson Donald Frandson 1-Iisako Arai Evelyn Benton Constance Betts Dorothy Cox Mari Lee Crist Dorothy Dedrick Jo Ann Gregory Ethleen Grotzinger Jennie Guillen X Mitsuye Haratani La Reine Hawkes Mildred Houston Eiko Iguchi Kimiko Inouye Edna Johnston Mary Juencke Ruby Kataoka Yukik-o Kobuki Donald Garner Brice Geisert Bobby Gilmore Frank Hughson William Hopps James Houghton James Hudson Billy Hunter Henry Ishihara Kazuo Ito Sam Kataoka Isami Kawai Katsumi Kumamoto Charles Larson Marcello Lee if Andrew Loperanoy Page Fifty Marvin Luther Billy Mallin Isami Matsushima. Anvel McLaughlin xXWarren, McQuarrie YQSEI-io Kodama Eroto Kordones Mary Kordones Ethel Love Mary Maeda Geraldine Marshall Vivian Matzke Yoshilko Mayekawa Anna Mae McCoo1 Jeanne Melette Betty Meyers Chiyeko Miyamoto Dorothy Morris Betty Mulhall Masako Muramoto Imogene Newcomb Barbara Nute Marguerite O'I-Iaver Hazel Oliver Takashi Nagayama Kenso Nakamori Donald Schache Floyd Schad Charles Schleicher Charles Scott Howard Sharp Guy Sibley Manual Silva Bill Silverthorn Don Vaught Richard Ver Steeg Robb West Ray Wilkins Kenneth Willis Naomi Oswald Mary Ota Delores Perkins Anna Pratt Shirley Reynolds Vera Rush Ysabel Salcidoi Barbara Scales Tayeko Shiraishi Geraldine Stracner Eulla Bell Strickland Patsy Stump Dorothy Sundberg Tokiko Tanimoto Shirley Thomas Dorothy Watson Mildred Widrig Nadine Witt Marian Yamamoto Betty Yamauchi Theresa Zachario 'Sf' 4 4 If B9 CLASS Mr. Konigsmark, Adviser Mr. Ruth, Adviser Mrs. Scott, A-dviser Tokio Akiyama Manuel Alnada ,ff Julian Almarezx David Apodaca 1 Wayne Arnold Albert Bell William Bennett Richard Blanchard Archer Bolton Ed Clark Jack Coble David Diaz X Richard Elliott Robert Elliott Frank :fuller Jack Glen Simon Gonzalez X Ray Harbold Frankie Harshaw Evelyn Allen Caroline Barnes Betty Bellingsley Carmina Borges Virginia Brady Ellen Burdick Clotilde Carranza K Lillian Cobb Emma Lou Cooper Lillian Davis Evelyn Delight Carolyn Fisher Geneva Flores jf Rose Garnica X Ruby Greenburg Carol Hageborn Lillian Hahn Seichi Ishii Bobby Iske Kensaku Ito Al Juhasz Hiroshi Kikawa George Kobayashi Kuwahara. Nobuye Sidney Letfler Phillip Mehan Manual Mendoza Y Thomas Messerall Mickey Okita Page Fifty-two Russell Paul Masako Kajikawa Yoshiko Kubota lxiyoko Kumamoto Anna Kurata Secretary Lucille Lanz Sarah Lopez X Verla Loy Charlotte Means Mary Morigulchi President Peggy Morri Taeko Murakami Elaine O'Brien Mary Oriba Vivian Pearson Dorothy Powell Gertrude Priest Helen Priller Ray Pursche Charles Quigley James Rush Alberto Salcido 24 Le Roy Schlaegel Raymond Scott Hiroyuki Suyama George Tricas Larry Velasquez Y Kenneth Wagner Donald Wanee Kazuyuki Watanabe Robert West Katsumi Yamanaka Bernice Reed Dorothy Rumbo Fra.nces Saunders Charlotte S-chaeifer Marcella Seely Mary Ann Sockiield Edna Sowers Carol Stanton Helen Joy Tarbet Edna Thatcher Frances Thibadaux Tsuma Tsukashima Lois Walter Byrda Webber Arzetta Worthington Chiyoko Yamamoto A8 CLASS Mrs. Cattern, Adviser Mr. Nordstrom, Adviser Miss Krause and Mr. Sauter, Advisers Billy Adam Frank Barton Dallas Beck Carl Blackburn Tom Carter James Crampton Johnnie Crout-ch Wilford Daniel William Davies Ed Denny Harry Fleming Wesley Freeman Roy Fujii Preston Garst Yukio I-Iarada John Hawkins Betty Angood Laverne Bashor Mildred Bell Betty Bittinger Barbara Blain Mildred Brown Ruth Brown June Marie Coleman Arline Crandall Doris Desmond Lorraine Duhay Louise Durrington Yayeko Eya Muriel Fenimore Marguerite Gorham Helen Greaton Kathleen Hager Ruth Hawkins Isamu Iida Kenji Ikejiri Toshio Itano Jackie Jamison Noboru K-agawa Paul Kataoka Bill Ketelson Frank Kimble Krank Kimble Fred King Roy Kitano Shigeru Kitazono Seichi Kozai Hiroshi Kuida Joe Lermo X Pedro Lopez y Le Roy Marasco Robert Marquardt Jose Martinez X Bill Melton Yoshio Minami Page Fifty-four Masaharu Miyake Helen Henry Patricia Horrell Hanae Kakehashi Fusako Kawai Lorraine Keenton Betty Jane Kline Orcelia McKerlie Jean McLean Maren Mangunoifl Bessie Matsuzawa Fumiye Miyamoto Fran-ces Morgan Misako Nakamura Namiye Nogami Mildred Noguchi Salvador Montenegro Bill Morgan Yoshio Muranaga Hiroyasu Okada Tom Oyama Kenneth Parkinson Roland Phillips Lucian Pratt James Randolph John Sego Harlan Shouse John Siegfried Lloyd Slaton Daniel Soto George Takenqqira Robert Tyler Jack Van Oppen Ruben Vildosola X Ted Wagner Harry Woolway Robert Worsham Hiroki Yasutake Yoshiko Okino Marjorie Page Dolores Radcliffe Dora Ramirez X Audrea Beth Rider Jacqueline Rider Wanda Lee Robinson Chloe Scott Marjorie Shafer Sakaye Shiraga Phyllis Sprague Eleanor Stebbins Dolores Swanson Sachi Tashiro Lillian Taylor Haruye Tsuchida Fukiko Uchino Rose Walker Geraldine Watson Geraldine Zweibel B8 CLASS Dr. Kingsley, Adviser Miss Stinehoff, Adviser Mrs. Costenbader, Adviser Robert Parrot Joseph Phillips George Roth Jesse Salas 74 Fred Schug Sherman Schulz George Shetara John Shulkey Leslie Slye Dewitt Smith Lloyd Stockton Nobu-kazu Tagawa Toshihiro Takata Elmer Tibbett Masao Tsuchida Amado Villarreal Drew Walker Stanley Westergard Robert Wood Gwendolyn Porter Margie Potterville Betty Mae Price Patricia Rasted Audrey Rush Lorna Stafford Dorothy Swearingen Fumiko Tachibana Aiko Tagawa Kuniko Tamura. Audrey Taylor Elizabeth Vaught Maxine Vlahakis Martha Vukojevich Lois Wanee Paul Alvarez jg Henry Arvisa X James Boyle Pat Carey Walter Chanda Ernest Cole Generic Cofturier X Jim Denny Arthur De Paemelaere Walter Droegemueller Billy Eagle Edward Eaton Walter Eby George Ed-wards George Eli Jr. English Jack Fawber 4 Dora Apodaca Sallie Apodaca 7' Thelma Bradshaw Gara Blanche Brown Patricia Conrad Lois Daniels Helen Desmond Virginia Early 74 Patricia Garnica Betty Gates Keiko Haga Amy Hirayama Irama Hughson Bernard Geerliiggs Henry Gomez Frank Gonzales 70 Walden Houghton John Iguchi Tomio Ito Henry Johnson Ivan Keith Hal Kirk Earl Lfapointe Calvin Lindell Elmo McFadden .4 David Montenegro Billy McAfee Kaneo Muramoto Kenichi Muranaga Robert Musulin HenryNaga.hori Rudy Negrete I James O'Brien Harold Olsen Sachi Ishii Chizuko Itano Kiyoye Kuwahara Rita Loy Kyoko Mayemura Helen Jane McCartney Barbara Ann Moen G1-oria Munoz if Yoshiko Ogi Kiyoko Okada Page Fifty-six 51 Tl Mrs. Benedict, Adviser Mr. Aid, Adviser Miss Morse, Adviser William Angulo 74 Fusao Arai Wesley Brown Jimmie Cable Jack Emerson Orlando Figueroa James Gallagher Keith Hawkes Hubert Hilger Shinya Honda Allan Lucas Roy Miles Earnest Millar Tadashi Miyamoto Robert Pearce Richard Smith Hugh Watts Theodore Wendorff Bonnie Mae Daily Barbara DeCamp Michiko Fujita Tokiko Ishihara Ann Marie James Lucille Mehan Frances Morley Janess Neal Midori Oura Margaret Pogue Patsy Rich Vivian Scales Lorraine Smith Yvonne Seely Martha Stockton Irene Strapac Margaret Tolson Haruko Uyeda Virginia Woolsey Frank Acevedo ,X Raymond Bowman - Julian Bradford Bobby Eckert Elizardo Flores ,K Morris Garst Wayne Larson Earl McLaughlin Larry Meyers Yoshino Nakamura Kenneth Parker George Springstead Arthur Vartanion Norman Ver Steeg Howard Zoll Pollyanna Agras Helen Ayala Y Marie Bennett Opal Cree Leila Hansen Sumiko Haratani Doretta Hark Dixie Harmon Vernell Hattler Grace Kawamoto Fusaye Kobayashi Anna Lawrence Alice MacLean Maxine Matthews Patsy Ruth Paul Elynor Perkins Lora Jean Priest Juanita Savage Carmen Sirgnono Roberta Smith Kimika Takemoto Robert Wagner Kazuko Yamasaki Dean Allison Jerry Briggs Raymond Contreras Cesar Grosso Jimmie Feenstra Kenneth Hansen Harold Hart Ben Inouye Salvador Jiminez X Craig Johnson Ross Kepner Jolm Kordones Toshiaki Kozai Frank Leano X Bensy Maganargy Wataru Mats hima Edwin Monnie Manzo Oriba Alvin Osborne Lawrence Parker Francis Stone Cecil Thomas Tom Uyeda Harold White Howard White Doris Beck Jean Combs Genevieve Cotta Susan Hargis Toyoko Harada Naeda Houston Angelina Jevis La Verne Juencke Vivian Lozanoi Misuye Nakamori Shizuye Sakamoto Yuki'ko Uchida ,IQ B7 CLASS Mr. Berry, Adviser Miss Cavanaugh, Adviser Miss Potter, Adviser Bobby Armbuster Wayne Bogart Jack Forbes Bobby Henderson Herbert Hueg George Jaynes Yuki Kaji-wara George Mansir Joseph Marasco Elmer Nellette Nicholas Millasick Henry Mitoma --1 Kobe Nakaji Billy Reynolds Irving Schuerman William Simms Bob Stump Kazumi Tamura Clifford Wilkins Betty Akiyama Dorothy Bois Carnelia Geerlings Jeanne Noguchi Carol Norman Haruko Ogi Lois Porter Marie Pursche Janet Rich Ruth Thatcher Marjorie Tolson Florence Weaver Betty Webber Ernest Ayala pl Ray Corona X Elmer Dickerson! Bobby Gibson Gerald Gunderson Rolston Halley Marshall Hunter George Kagawa George Laue. Teddy Lenar Toshiyuki Miyamoto Jimmy Morrison Reuben Negrete K Calvin Nelson Robert Smith Page Sixty Virgil Sullivan Kazumi Tagashira Leopold Veldez X Leroy Wallis Kenneth Whitely Augustine A1marazX Barbara Blanchard Maxine Brown Mary Castello P Pauline Forshee Elpeida Heistandt Arietta. Keith Yoshiko Kodama Akiko Okamoto Geneva Randolph Kikuye Shimokaji Paul Bengston Keith Burleigh Alfred Corral X Bradford Cooke Bob Cory Ralph Fuller Ide Yasahiro Arvin Kataoka Jiro Kobuki Wayne Moss President Yukio Murakami Tony Ramirez Vice-Presidenfv Samuel Sanchez x Takahiro Takata Tommy Westrick Bill Uchino Henry Vargas X S 1 Ted Walton Elaine Marquard Marguerite M-cKerlie Misao Muranaga Sadie Nagayama Beatrice Negretex Helen O'Brien Paz Prieto Annie Sego Shigeko Tagashiro Secretary Jean Terry Kimiko Yarnanaka Hiroko Yasutake ,n 4 ,nn- 4 I ,, N ,mf ' 5936 ' h XX 'x g hQQ a '1 t""' , in .:- Y iiifu sf ' L bf- ' . , Wg e- Q . 'G' v X V ' 0 , ',,',,-We M " ai 5 x 353, 4' my H 1.0 1, '- f .V V 3 ', 14 A L., ' Z .qj.v V s-M", ,,,?':,,t , Q A fa ws.. " if '31 Page Sixty-two C .Vg I ..-3 kgpnx I QQ it P age Si xty-three i Tiih3DZ.33EQwKiZ9i2sE K'? ' 1 iw iSkf'E'QHJ"f.JfilQ ffFv.2?'S5WLWf'f' rf Fil WMZQ-f'A??4R.LE'-'F'i'IYa"3f1'ffa'f.X.'.uwT-F 'J E: zlfviihild , Q99 ,QQTIVITI E5 Wig' Mi. Q K. ., J? ,MQ " x ,V Mgr. - ' 7, Effie , ,gp . y..:' ' if fuel, is +,..g': .1 ,, sw ..f,3 4.-,evil f .. :Sf .gn 1 Q M X-- 1 Q 1, fag 1, -. 1 ,- K K fy, Ag, ,aj ' www ,fm .J ' , fvi - -1-, Iv J' ' -, 4. : rc in 4, -if , xx - ,. M.. 1- ' n. ' f . .-,194 Q , . .xgghpr .f.y, , - 2152 ' '- 'f :Q . H1 lp, 1 W4 V- L fu f wrw. ' I. ., e ' g.,-Y .- .5 .fa Q -Lf ., K iiiz ,Lf Ti' . v., A ,ww , ,,,.1, 1 -, Q '. '-ji x '-X if? ' " A ., ggi . . f ,.A..,w -. an n 1 1.1 'wwf rr we: : my A . . 'ew I 5 ,G 'l Ji, V ' "Aida- fwig 341 -z'-'gf',.- 'K Q3 ' i i 1 , 1 V A-. ,K-. . V , A S ,, , .N , . 6 . sf'e if . . ,.,J.Q27fFf -1? as ' 1" V1 YW- , 1 'Evigivf ' .g YY? Xi, 3 W' Q? -M ,L. 4, . ,yi ,As F' fig 'Ig 1,51 ' :' X, WP I x A F Af' Tflfw - Q: T . ga 5 X I A Q H , ,W an if gf 2.74.1 ' U4 '?bf,s'3,Q: fig' 14, 11, f 4 an w-'Wa - . "f1W9Y.1wL A'1'?.ii1f5f5Q"W!iir .. Ze, SHI , snwggjf' :'5,!f,Q- , ,43vl,t,z5.pJA ,. '- :A A:-. '- inf, .Lg L - ' - 1, ' '-5.1, '54 ff 31 4 vflfig , 'Z' f f ,K 'fe Q. 'xiii , N ,155 wzfl ,fav , 5+ my -. , Q gm-I ., , H21 fha I Editor EL wrwuuw 5 31 Hozue Inouye Art Editor J. D. Anderson Business Manager Vera DeSam bad Adviser Page Sixty-tive 1 Doris Shigaki Emma Doretti Ass't. Edit-or Ass't. Editor ,ig 'sv- Mary Takemura Yoshino Tachibana Sales Manager Advertising Mgr. EL ARADOR STAFF Editor ....... Jane Rawson Ass't Editors 4 Emma Doretti, Doris Shigaki Business Manager . . . J. D. Anderson Sales Manager .... Mary Takemura Advertising Manager . Yoshino Tachibana Art Editor ...... Hozue Inouye Ass't Artists . Henry Johnson, Ray Kincade, Hisko Linneman, John Krasowski Classes ....... Betty Black Clubs . . . Yoshiko Toshima Art Exhibit . . Adair Osborne Will . . . Jane Rawson Prophecy . Donna Miller Jokes . Anne Van Oppen Snaps . . Phyllis Lucas Sports . . Frank Garst Typist . Margaret Silva Exchanges . Jean Blain Page Sixty-six TI-IE LARK Adviser: Mrs. Todd Co-Editors . Doris Shigaki, Ramona Bathrick Associate Editors .... Frank Steers, Lloyd Hoving, Jane Rawson Boys' Sports . Glynn Burns, Clayton Cooper Girls' Sports ..... Lois Norman Advertising Managers . . Lloyd Hoving, Frank Steers Reporters . Jean Akers, Jane Rawson, Doro- thy Terry, Dorothy Woolway- John Kra- sowski, Charles Schaeffer, James Scott, Jack Spencer, Bill Tarbet, John Winters, Robert Crader, Delphine Piglia Page Sixty-seven F BOYS' UNION Advisers: Mr. Raymond Pollich Mr. Fay C. Berry First Semester Albert Mardis President Sakaye Ishihara Vice Pres. Arthur Schuerman Secretary Page Sixty-eight Second Semester Sakaye Ishihara Aubrey Gilliland Charles Ruiz GIRLS' LEAGUE Adviser: Mrs. Keliher First Semester Second Semester Barbara Duncan President Jackie Mott Margaret Anderson V. Pres. Lorraine Spink Phyllis Lucas Sec.-Treas. Jean Blain Barbara Jackson Sec. S. Body Phyllis Lucas Dorothy Spears G.A.A. Margaret Anderson Jo Ann Ashton B10 Nora Jean Pogue Yolanda Nichols A10 Rose Owens Betty Lou Talbot B11 Jerry Geerlings Fern Rothmeier A11 Jerry Sletten Jackie Mott B12 Frances Artigue Jane Camp A12 Muriel Miller Page Sixty-nine . .ww KNIGHTS Adviser: Mr. Moore Aubrey Gilliland ..... Commander Domingo Martinez . . Charles Ruiz . . Ted Kimberling . . Ritchie Ayala Glynn Burns Frank Garst Sakaye Ishihara Jun Kojaku Page Seventy Vice-Commander . . Secretary Sergeant-at-Arms Leo Pitts Richard Rush Bill Somers Jack Spencer John Winters Chris Zaharis V, w" ,- p LAS LAUREAS Allene Hunter . Ardath Vickers Advisers: Miss Crump Mrs. DeSambad Mrs. Keliher Adair Osborne . . Mary Stephenson Jean Blain . . Lois Kline Lorraine Erickson Tomiko Fujii Phyllis Lucas Donna Miller Jackie Mott Page Seventy-one . . President Vice President . . Secretary . . . Judge Sergeant-at-Arms Delphine Piglia Fern Rothmeier Doris Shigaki Lorraine Spink Mary Takemura Yoshiko Toshima Anne Van Oppen ESQUIRES Adviser: Mr. Guenzler Lowell Wagner Mim Yoshida Jack Garner . Warren Swingle Phillip Arnold Robert Bashor Dean Brown Jerry Brown Clayton Cooper D. W. Crist Francis De Paemelaere Bill Farrell Toru Haga Taiji Hirayama Page Seventy-two . . President Vice President . . Secretary Sergeant-at-Arms Yoneo Ishihara John Krasowski Paul Kuida Bob McDermid Leland Salas Bill Tarbet Yasushi Wada Glen Walker Charles Wood Harry Wynn Vernon Wolfe LANCERS Adviser: Mr. Loomis Elmo Meister . . . Harold Noguchi J. D. Anderson Bob Gunderson Goichi Hirayama Lloyd Hoving Clifford Maxwell Manuel Aldapa Frank Cree Harry Igushi Tetsuro Ishii Sho Kojaku Vernon Marye Page Seventy-three . . . Captain . Lieutenant and Secretary . . Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant . . Lieutenant . . Lieutenant Sam Potts J. R. Putnam Carl Rush Owen Smith Ycshino Tachibana Tom Winchester -Riff if PAGES 6 . tg Adviser: Mr. Holt Henry Ishihara . . . Takashi Nagayama . Don Garner . . Bruce Adam Albert Bell George Bell Tom Carter ' John Croutch Arthur De Paemelaere Albert Detloff Brice Geisert Ray Harbold Page Seventy-four . . President . Vice President . . Secretary Henry Johnson Hiroshi Kuida Jim Rush Leroy Schlaegel Charles Schleicher John Siegfried Bill Silverthorn Kenneth Wagner Donald Wanee -at LAS MENINAS Adviser: Miss More First Semester Second Semester Iona Anderson President Patsy Stump Eleanor Blackburn Vice Pres. Nadine Witt Kathlee Bowser Secretary Shirley Thomas Iona Anderson Mary Moriguchi Connie Betts Jean Oishi Eleanor Blackburn Kathlee Bowser Lorraine Duhay Ethel Eya Carolyn Fisher Jo Anna Gregory Mitsuye Haritana La Reine Hawkes Patricia Horrell Anna Kurata Jackie Maitland Anna Mae McCool Page Seventy-five Vivian Pearson Nora Jean Pogue Jacqueline Rider Dorothy Rumbo Winifred Stone Patsy Stump Chiyoko Tamura Tokiko Tanimoto Shirley Thomas Lois Walter Nadine Witt fgxify' SUB-DEBS Sponsor, Mrs. Whedon Page Seventy-six ,wx CO-DEBS Sponsor, Miss Potter LIBRARY IUNIOR RED CROSS Sponsor, Mrs. Leonard Sponsor, Miss Friebel Page Seventy-seven SPANISH Sponsor, Mrs. Costenbader WORLD FRIENDSHIP IAPANESE Sponsor, Miss Friebel Sponsor, Mr. Fre SR. ATHENIANS Sponsor, Miss Petteys IR. ATHENIANS COMMERCIAL Sponsor, Miss Cavanaugh Sponsor, Mr. Lieberm n STUDENT SECRETARIES GYM SECRETARIES Sponsor, Mrs. Peddicord Sponsors, Mrs. Harlan, Miss Jones Page Eighty DRAMATICS MASQUE 6. PALLETTE Sponsor, Mrs. Todd Sponsor, Mrs. Lawrence Page Eighty-one if Emenarsl . ,hz mfr 'ik Jw. 513 lr -.. ,,1,, V- 44 'vw . 2 2 5. 5 2 'j1p:W0.. - " in t pry- h f 5 gk 4Q,.r5,Mz:'. ' 1,5 -,p5s'1'KQ5?q,iggf :iff-ig. gif",--I Mn- . Q-,. 2, A ,- '-,Aww--W :V 1 f M. P' -,f3Q-.3rqg,.v 3 5 , ,fps gg ' ' ,3fgRgf.L.'eEs5'.1wg.-Q'ff". ' 7.01 1.515 -V i ff.: -:f--If ' 7,f.,1k',gw,.,v.'..L,fa,f ' H, - ' U' Q A ,' if by 41 Y .A F Q .330 x ,B 11' Q - -fS'5"'ff.w , 'Z "il-f' '- ' .. Fiizbf-. in .Qi QI'9i'f5"'f. , 311 02 - .1 - V N xg -mg-wr? 52.1135-,'f,-?'g f.-'Fw H ,- - ' JH f V x -7' QQ15f'35Qai'5ff U..-af ki if f .' K' . , 'f'1':-133,-P: :'f ,J " f' 4 ' V J' -.vQf'Jf'ak.', , , U -1 Q-,'fAw2,f,T..g' 5-Q, ,fx .ul xy v. V Q -45,5 - -, E fy ff ug -1L'l,xj,,..-',- ,V .h ,.,a.,fV, A .. ia, 4,-.5 1:-L :V M- JA 'W' " ,.1.. Q4 ,. .-fwkvw r . W Y 4 K - e ,K . :YV .-, .... .mg ,Hx f , ,J N. . . Q, U 3.3 ' N- ,f ,w P , vp, if ' V 1 ,-'50 5. Qi?--a B, 1' A f. ,'.'g.5,. ' V arf ':fm,'.iw-N-1. .X gr. f -' . x 15. 1 - --my ng, 3.4 -1, ff. L utq..i',-, :r 1 - V f , , . V - . ,. 441 .,. , 1 Q S.-'MT 1: , J!'f23'f Ik X 9 ' 5 ' v M, X., .gy A,....L,f ..,fGg,-, L I 11 "1 fx' ir. 5: ,vfffl in ., if nz, +nf,.j,,-1,3-Y w A Q Ak , , .A . ,. ' s 1 .. ...V A . W i ,, ,.,, ,,v , any . -N- Q .H Q Q. M3Zll1'XTsXgSVW, f ,W W' , S kA ' 'KAQ "Vf-L l f ' ' AA ' QL r ..l , . l . at A-,' . . CLYDE SCOTT The gift of the Winter class '39 was artists. Inspired and encouraged by these that of "Mirror of Summer" by Clyde men, he learned to know and paint the Scott. It has been said of Mr. Scott that he picturesque New England coast with its shows more than a landscape, he shows the swirling, crashing surf. Later he discov- soul of a landscape. To each subject he ered the lovely hills of Marin County and brings a depth of understanding which serene Mount Tamalpais. He is constant- reveals itself clear, beautiful, and inspir- ly finding the beauties of California and ing in the finished painting. recording them with penetrating under- Mr. Scott's parents pioneered westward standing. Mr. Scott's paintings show a from New England to Iowa, where he was sincerity, while his manner of expression born, returning to Boston when he was a is apparently limitless. Child of four- Almost as Soon as he Mr. Scott feels that the purpose of art Could, hold .5 pencil be bfagafl to draw, is to express your own emotions so well showmg ablhty and 1m?gmat1fm fa? Pe' that every one may share them. Perhaps yond his years. Boston s Studio Building , , drew him like a magnet. He was always that was the reason the Winter Class 39 welcomed in the artists's studios. Chose the Picture' HMHTOI' of Summer," He studied under the wise eyes of men to 6I1I'iCh the gallery Of Paintings 5 have taught many fine American Gardena. Eighty-four who Page 1: ARMIN HANSEN "Before the Wind" by Armin Hansen. N. A., was selected by the class of Sum- mer '39 as its parting gift. The artist, recipient of numerous honors and awards, has attained recognition in both America and Europe as a painter of merit and dis- tinction. Mr. Hansen is well known for his delineation of fishermen and their boats, of the wharves and the sea-its rocks and coastlinesg for much of this painter's fame rests on his original and powerful interpretations of ships. Although his parents were born in Den- mark, Armin Hansen is a native of San Francisco. He is the son of H. W. Han- sen, a famous painter of Western fron- tier days. As a pupil of Mathews and Grethe, Armin Hansen studied at the Royal Academy in Struttgart, Germany. He painted for six years in the North Seas and in Belgium, but later identified himself with the life of flsherfolks on the Monterey coast. Back of all his work is his great love and knowledge of the sea. Arthur Millier has said of Mr. Hansen that he is "an artist of whom California may be proud." His awards include: Prize, International Exposition, Brussels, silver medals, Panama Pacific Expositiong silver medals for drawing and painting, San Francisco Art Associationg first Hall- garten prize, National Academy of De- sign, Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce prize, Los Angeles Museum. These are but a few of his many honors. The class of S'39, wise in its choice, brings to our collection a name well known among America's great painters, and one recognized as a member of the National Academy of Arts. - Page Eighty-tive 'ff' 'O' X Page Eighty-six THE ART EXHIBIT The senior class of 1919 began what has become a tradition, rich in artistic value. The eselection of an original paint- ing, as a parting gift by the graduating class, was the suggestion of Mr. Whitely. This selection, made after the seniors had visited art galleries and studios in South- ern California, was "The Valley of Santa Clara," by Ralph Davidson Miller. The following year, 1920, Jean Mannheim's "On the Road to San Gabriel" was chosen by the graduating class as its gift. From that time on each class has pre- sented the school with a painting, and with others, gifts of the artists, the stu- dent body, the faculty, and the Gardena Art Association, the art gallery now con- tains fifty-one valuable paintings with a representation of forty-five well known artists. Connoisseurs state that the col- lection is worth over twenty-five thousand dollars, which is approximately three times the price paid. Newspapers and magazines from all over the country acknowledge the artistic significance of the Gardena gallery of paintings. The classes visited large art galleries and studios of outstanding artists who were in sympathy with the project, and through their generosity the boys and girls were able to purchase valuable can- vases. It was a stimulating experience for the students, meeting the artists in their studios, enjoying their gracious hos- pitality, often seeing the artists them- selves in the process of creating their work, and perhaps setting their hearts on the very canvas that was being painted. Such was the case when the class of 1923 visited the studio of Jack Wilkinson Smith. Year by year the gallery grew, until in 1928, acting on the suggestion of Mr. and Mrs. Hanson Putuff, Mr. Whitely inter- ested the senior class in sponsoring a Purchase-Prize Exhibition. The plans were carefully worked out by committees of students and teachers, and the stu- pendous venture was under way. The Exhibit was so successful in the number of artists responding, and in the great interest evinced by art lovers all over Southern California, that the venture has been repeated each year since that time. At each of the schoo1's showings the paintings of more than one hundred and Iifty famous artists are hung. Here each display has added two more beautiful paintings to our collection until now we present one of the finest exhibitions held in Southern California. The Art Exhibit has given Gardena High School a unique posi- tion in the local world of art. The Exhibit has grown to be a commun- ity rather than merely a school project. The senior class early begin plans for the showing by working in committees with representatives from every important civic and club group of Gardena, and with various faculty committees acting as advisers to the students. A banquet and reception formally opens the Art Exhibit which is attended by the artists, their friends, important people in the field of Education, members of various local or- ganizations, and art lovers of the South- land. The purpose of the Exhibit is not only the purchase of pictures by the grad- uating classes, but more especially the stimulation of art appreciation among the students. This knowledge, gained during student days, becomes something priceless for their adult life, and as grown men and women they will always feel dif- ferently about art. The senior classes leave behind them a permanent and inspirational tribute to their Alma Mater, contributing to the distinction the school enjoys in its posses- sion of a fine and discriminating collection of paintings. Page Eighty-seven DADDY LONG LEGS SYNOPSIS Act I. The Dining room of the John Grier home on Trustee's Day. Act II. Judy's college study, an atternoon in May, one year later. Act III. The sitting room at Lock Willow farm, summer, three years later. Act IV. Mrs. Pendleton's study, two months later. PRODUCTION PERSONNEL Director ..... Elsie Whitney Todd Production Manager . . . Marjorie Brown Prompter ..... Mildred Lucas Property Mgrs. . . Doris Shigaki, Bob McDermid Fred McGowan, Mary Takemura, Aki 'fashiro Make-up Crew . Dorothy Terry, Charis Ver Steeg, John Winters, Ray Tomlin, Waldine Hayes, John Krasowski, Hozue lnouye Stage Design . Owen Smith, Phyllis Lucas Stage Decoration .... Phyllis Lucas, Owen Smith, Jack Westergard Costume Design . . . Charis Ver Steeg Posters . . Walter Ryerson, Elroy Harmon Wardrobe Mistress .... Ruth Gittings CAST Orphan children at the John Grier home: Beverly Bittinger, Gara Blanch Brown, Lorraine Duhay, Ann Marie James, Andrea Beth Rider, Dorothy Rumbo, Arnold Figue- roa, Ray Harbold Mrs. Lippett ..... Margaret Silva Judy .... . . Jean Blain Miss Pritchard . . . Margaret Anderson Cyrus Wykoff .... 'Dom Winchester Jervis Pendleton . Bob Crist, Ted Kimberling . . . . Frank Garst Robert Crader . . . . Ardath Vickers . Phyllis Lucas, Donna Miller . . . Mary Stephenson . . . . Marjorie Brown . . Richard Rush . Bernice Tucker Abner Parsons Joshua Codman .... Sallie McBride Julia Pendleton Mrs. Pendleton Maid . . James McBride Mrs. Semple . Carrie . . Ramona Bathrick Griggs . . Owen Smith Walters . J. R. Putnam Doctor ....... Sam Potts Maid ....... Doris Shigaki Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, publisher Page Eighty-eight 'l 'X Y i GROWING UP The Class of W'39 Presents GROWING UP A Comedy in Three Acts by Jean Provence CAST lln order of their appearance! Barbara Jackson Wilbur Harbold Roslyn Brattrud Barbara Duncan Lorraine Pitman . Jane Camp . Walter Uhl . Leo Pitts Penny Johnson .... Mr. Johnson . . Ellen Johnson . Mrs. Johnson . Mrs. Rose . . Mrs. Stevens . . Bobby Stevens . Fred Stevens . Mr. Stevens ...... Al Mardis O'Malley ...... J. R. Putnam The action takes place in the living-room of the Johnson home, anywhere in the United States. THE TIME Act 1. Late afternoon in spring. Act II. Afternoon several weeks later. Act III. Evening after thirty days. MUSIC 1. "Circusdom March" . . Fred Jewell Gardena High School Orchestra 2. "The Donkey Serenade" . . . lfrlmk Gardena High School Orchestra 3. A duet "My Little Star" . Manuel Ponce Howard White, clarinetg Harold White, trumpetg Barbara Elliott, accompanist Directed by Dr. Kingsley PRODUCTION PERSONNEL Director ..... Elsie Whitney Todd Secretary to Director . . Sylvia Davies Prompters . Grace Lanz, Dorothy Spears Property Managers . . . Joyce Galpln, Dorothy Kline, Colleen Slinkard Call Boy ..... Donald Greaton Sound Effects . . Jack Godwin Stage Manager . J. R. Putnam Assistant ..... J. D. Anderson Chief Electrician .... David Smith Assistants . Robert Adams, Robert Delight, Don Kelso Technician ..... John Adamson Head Flyman . . . Robert Saunders Assistant ..... Tom Winchester Foremen . . Bob Mackinga, Max Moser Sam Potts Carpenter ...... Ed Grigsby Scene design . John McDonald, Edward Merritt Stags Properties .... Phyllis Lucas Make-up Crew . Morella Brooks, Dorothy Dowler, Hozue Inouye, John Krasowski, Ruth Linneman, Donna Miller, Mary Louise Woolway Publicity . . Members of the Sign Club and Morella Brooks, Hozue Inouye, John Kra- sowski, Hisko Lirlneman, George Morris. Ray Morris, Takeshi Shishido, John Winters Faculty Advisers . . Mrs. Adele Lawrence Mr. Marvin Oberstone, Mr. Harold McLenuon Page Eighty-nine VARSITY VARIETIES PROGRAM Gymnastics . Warrens Swingle, D. W. Crist, 1 IN THE CLUB MOHICAN Master of Ceremonies . Fred Aidam, Richard Rush Musaical Moment . The Campus Siwingsters Accordian Master . . . John Larrimer Waltz Mood . Barbara Jackson, Frances Artigue with the Gardena Boys' Double Quartet Western Warbler . . . Betty Lou Babey College Bound . Frank Steers, Richard Rush Music Moderne . Gardena Girls' Ensemble Marirnbaphone Melody . Catherine Van Riper Initiation . Frank Garst, Robert McDermid, Grace Lanz or Roslyn Brattrud Bits of Song ..... Jane Camp Wheeled Wonders . . . . Betty Walker, Frances Daunbau, Ralph de Chevrieux Baritone of Broadway . . . Charles Ruiz At the Lace Counter . . Bernice Tucker The Three Harmonettes . Barbara Duncan Frances Artigue, Marjory Brown The Gold Dust Twins . . Jo Ann Ashton, Catherine Van Riper Waitress Drill .... Clara Angood, Theresa Zachario, Ardath Vickers, La Reine Hawks, Mary Lee Crist, Pat Rasted, Connie Betts, Loraine Keeton Gem Page Ninety Bunji Hamasaka, Hiroshi Okada Harold Fleming, Merlin Campbell, Bob Bashor GUEST ATTENDANTS . Jacqueline Mott. Edna Tucker, Elaine St. Onge, Mary Stephenson, Dorothy Spears, Leo Pitts. Eugene Black, John Winters, John Kra- sowski, Lloyd Hoving, Betty Henry, Jimmy Harris Theatre Puppeteers . Albert Detlotf, Don Garner BUDDY ANSWERS AN AD J. C. McMullen A Play in One Act Characters as they appear Alfred Ray .... Ted Kimberling Mary Ray, his wife . Adair Osborn Postman . . . . Frank Garst Buddy Ray ..... Walter Um The Demonstrator . . . Ardath Vickers Eloise, Buddy's "girl friend" . Jacqueline Mott Myrna, his sister . . . Barbara Jackson Ted, his boy friend . . . Richard Rush Produced by special permission of Walter H. Baker Co., publishers FACULTY AUD. For many years the "Faculty Show" has been a source of socialization and inspiration for both the faculty members and student body. Teachers always welcome the opportunity to show the "human side." It is one of the many ways in which our teachers lend their assistance toward the success of the Art Exhibit. The students and faculty enter into the spirit of the "Faculty Show" with commendable effort and the outcome usually spells enjoyment for all. "The Singapore Spider" Mr. Thomas Mr. Ruth Mr. McLendon Mrs. Harlan Miss Friebel Mrs. Keliher Page Ninety-one "School Daze of 1910" Miss Stephen, teacher Kids Mr. Pollich Mr. McLendon Mr. Ruth Mr. Lieberman Mr. Loomis Mr. Pitman Miss Jones S Mrs. Harlan Mrs. Fairbanks ORCHESTRA SENIOR GIRLS' GLEE TUNIOR GIRLS' GLEE if BAND vi" IUNIOR BOYS' GLEE SENIOR BOYS' GLEE W I SPQRTSI VARHTYSQUAD -if uE'SQUAD Page Ninety-live in 1--" Varsity BASKETBALL 0 f'U'ff S: I1-Q Page Ninety-six P""" ucn BASKETBALL j-" Page Ninety-se "A" TRACK Arnold . 120 High hurdle, 180 Low hurdle Black ........ Mile Brown . . . High jump Conley . . High jump Gilliland ....... 880 Gunderson ...... Mile Hennis . 100-yard dash,22O, 880-yard relay Hugh ..... 120 High hurdle Kimberling . . . A . . Shot Put Kuida . . . . High jump Lught . . . 120 High hurdle MacDonneil . . . . 440 yards Meister . . 120 High hurdle "B" TRACK Bolton ....... 660 Farrell . . High jump, Broad jump Garner . . High jump, Broad jump. Pole vault Haga . 100, Broad jump, 120 Low hurdle Relay Ishihara ...... 100, 220 Lambert ..... 660, 220, 660 Noguchi ...... 1320, 660 Shigaki . 660, Broad jump, 70 Highhurdle, 120 Low hurdle Silverthorn ..... Shot put Swanson ..... Shot put Tachibana . . 660, 70 High hurdle Tomlin . Shot put, Broad jump, 1320 Walker . 199, Broad jump, 220, relay Yoshida . 120 Low hurdle, Pole vault, Broad jump Zaharis . .... Pole vault Pitts . Potts . Rush . Salas . Santiago Smith Swingle Thees Vales . Wagner Widrig Q . . . . . . - . 0 . . 880 . 440 yards . . . Mile . . . . . . Mile 100, 220, 880 yards relay Broad jump . . 180 Low hurdle . Shot put Pole Vault High jump '. 100, 220, 8S0 yards relay . . . . . 880 Winchester ..... Shot put Wolfe . . Pole vault, Broad jump, 330 yards relay "C" TRACK Armbruster ..... Shot put Hirayama . Broad jump, 50-yard dash, 440 relay Ishihara . 100, 120 Low hurdle, 440 relay Kato . ......660 Lawler . . 100, 440 relay, Broad jump Lenarth ....... 660 Matsushima . . 50-yard, Broad jump Munesato Nelson Scott . Shiraga Taguwa Wlahakis Yamada Page Ninety-eight 120 Low hurdle, High jump . . . . . . Shotput ....660 . Shot put, 50-yard . . . 50-yard, 660 . . . . Pole vault . Broad jump, High jump O-NCB 4xQ '3"!e'f1 'A' A' ' J 4, Y 1 Fw BASEBALL fri QE ,,, Z!! ,,,W ff! TENNIS Page One Hundred AUTOGRAPHS P ge One Hundred On 6 IUNIOR VARSITY SENIOR VARSITY Page One Hundred Two SENIOR VARSITY CLUB Sponsor: Loren Peak Kaye Engebretsen President Football, Baseball Frank Thees Vice President Football, Track Clayton Cooper Secretary Sz Treasurer Basketball Jess Arthur Sergeant-at-Arms Track J. D. Anderson . Mgr. Football team Elmo Meister . . Basketball, Track Tom Winchester . . Mgr. Baseball Team Yutaka MUUaSat0 - - Baseball Eugene Black .... Football Bob Ortego ' ' ' Football . Sam Potts . . . . Track James Boyd . Football, Baseball, Tennis Claude Reynolds g Football Dean Brown .... Basketball Charles Ruiz , . Baseball . Football, Track, Baseball Leon Scott . . . Basketball Glynn Burns Bill Durr . Bob Gunderson Taiji Hirayama Ted Kimberling John Krasowski Ed Kronberger Carl McClain . Q . Q . 1 . . . Football Basketball Golf '. '. . Baskl-rball Football, Track Football Football, Baseball . Football Yo Shigaki . . Warren Swingle Jack Vales . Lowell Wagner Vernon Wolf . George Yasutake Mim Yoshida . JUNIOR VARSITY CLUB . . Yell leader Yell leader, Track . . Baseball Football, Track . . . Track . . Baseball . Yell leader Adams . Ayala . Ayala . Bashor . Bolten . Carey . Crapenhoft Cree . Eaton . Farrell . Garst . Gilliland . Geisert . Haga . Huntly . Ishihara, Y. Iske . . Kojaku, S. . B Track B Football B Football B Football B Football B Football B Basketball B Football . B Football, B Track C Basketball C Basketball B Basketball . B Basketball, C. Track Jun Kojaku President B Basketball S. Ishihara Vice President C Basketball C. Zaharis Secretary C Track B Basketball M. Campbell Treasurer B Football . . . . D Basketball Kuida . . . . . C Basketball Kurtz . . B Basketball Lawler . . . . D Basketball Matsushima . . B Football Means . . . B Football MacDonneil . . . . C Basketball Noguchi . . B Football Pitts . . . . C Basketball Rush . . C Basketball Sato . . . . . . . . B Basketball Silverthorn . . . . . . . . . B Track Suzuki . . . . . . . . . D Basketball Tachibana C Basketball, B Football Walker . . . . . . . . B Football Winters . . . . . C Basketball, C Track Wynn . . . . B Football Yamada . . . . B Basketball Yoshida . Page One Hundred Three B Basketball B Football B Football C Basketball . C Track 15. , VDIDLQ H Q f 104. 1 I ' mnaxewf ' muh' . ' ... uw' QV 'fx' 1 33,9589 35 'ww L 556001 x ' A ' ning. Q Q .Y ,J ' . 5' X bhlivi 'W ' . Jr. 4 1 W' ...fy ' - "" W . fa," Hu '51 T1 s 'is 1 E K GRRW 9, s ,,." Q f 2 mai' Lansing rim?" ' 1+ . V549 . :awww NWN wif 5 G. A. A. Sponsors, Mrs. Harlan, Miss Jones Page One Hundred Four Page MO NOGRAM Sponsor, Miss Jones One Hundred Five .fm ,if was 9 DRILL TEAM Sponsor, Miss Stephan Page One H undred Six G . L. G. Sponsor, Miss Stephan 49 BASKETBALL HOCKEY VOLLEY BALL L,-N11 VNU cqp X fillidix 5 if 2?-' M, :X 2, ' y .AM1 ofnnang 3 4UhnEW 3 GUEDEYW TENNIS ARCHERY AUTOGRAPHS Page One Hundred Nin CALENDAR September- 12 School started October- City Officials' Program Football game with Jordan Little Sister Party Pep Assembly Football game with Torrance Playday at Gardena Student Body Assembly Worm training begins November- Community Chest Program Football game with San Pedro Armistice Day Program G. A. A. Spread-Basketball and Tennis ends Football game with Banning Dramatics Class Matinee Dramatics Class Program G. A. A. Swim at Redondo Junior High Assembly Football Carnival at the Coliseum Thanksgiving Vacation School vacation G. A. A. Volleyball and Tennis starts December- Mr. Gorman, talk on different dia- lects Basketball game at El Segundo Student Body Assembly-Dr. Goudy Basketball game with San Pedro Christmas Festival Basketball game with Banning Basketball game with Narbonne Lion's Club Party in Auditorium Snow Festival and Christmas Bas- ket Presentation January- Gilbert and Sullivan Choruses Basketball game with Torrance Senior Play Skit Lads and Dads Banquet 14. 17. 19. 20. 20. 23. 24. Junior Senior Prom Basketball game with San Pedro Senior Play-Matinee "Growing Up!! Basketball game with Banning Senior Play Honors Day Assembly Basketball game with Narbonne 27. Junior High Dramatics Assembly 31. Senior Breakfast February- 4. G. L. G. Griffith Park 6. School started-new semester 10. Mr. Homer's Animal Show 24. Chevrolet Motion Picture "Safe Driving" 27. G. A. A. Hockey and Tennis starts March- 3. Baseball game at Torrance 10. Baseball game at El Segundo 17. Honor Societies Assembly 17. Baseball game at Gardena 24. A1 Posca Senior A's Assembly - "Jesse James" 24. Baseball game at Banning 27. G. A. A. Mock Initiation "Worm Training" 29. G. A. A. Spread-Hockey and Ten- nis ends Worm Initiation 31. Faculty Show 31. Baseball game at Gardena April 3-7. Spring Vacation 11. Opening of Art Exhibit 14. Track Meet with Narbonne 14. "Show Boat" 17. G. A. A. Baseball and Tennis starts 19. Senior A Mothers' Tea 19. Compton Music Department As- sembly 19. Public School Night 21. Track Meet with Banning 27. Playday at Torrance 27. Track Meet with San Pedro 28. P. T. A. Assembly Page One Hundred Ten May- 4 4 5 5 12 12 12 12 17 17 18 19 19 26 J une- G. A. A. Swim at Hermosa Lads and Dads Banquet Track Meet with El Segundo Jones Magician Act Metropolitan Water District As- sembly with Walt Disney cartoon 2. G. A. A. Assembly 3-4. G. L. G. Trip to Balboa 7. Mr. Joseph from National Schools 8. Student Body Election 9. Japanese Club Assembly Tragk Meet Tgrrance Installation of Student Om- Senior Athenians Initiation Party GETS G. A. A. Boy and Girl Party 15. G. A. A. Swim at Redondo May Queen Festival 16. Boys' Union and Girls' League Junior B Skating Party Assembly Playday at San Pedro 16. Junior-Senior Prom World Friendship Club Assembly 18. Baccalaureate Marine League Finals - Track 20. Senior Breakfast Meet 21. Senior Commencement Senior Play "Daddy Long Legs" 23. Senior Class Day Page One Hundred Eleven 1 ' ' ' ' LNWZQGQIEFQJST' Um R Compliments of Torrance Laundry 8z Dry Cleaners il ----------------. - ---------.---.----.---------------.---------.--.--.----.--- Ei When Delphine P. was five years old she went driving thru the country with her father when for the first time in her life she spied some cattails in a. swamp. "Oh, daddy," she cried, "look at the hot dog garden." Compliments of Judge Elmo L. Morris Miss Cavanaugh:-"How many sexes are there ?" Warren Ma.cQ:-"Three," Miss Cavanaugh:-f'Three! What are they?" Warren:-"The male sex, female sex, and insects." QlllllIllIllllllIllIllIllllllllllllllllllllllll Ill lllll lllllllllll Q gllllllllll IIIIIIIIIQ DODGE - PLYMOUTH E SIXES FIVE POINTS DODGE TR K ' UC S MARKET A Demonstration Will Sell 16121 Avalon Blvd E You, Too ' Q Gardena, Calif. S NEW LOW PRICES 5 C- FRED KERR Grow-ies, Meats, Fruits, E 16514 South Vermont Vegetables g Phones: MEn1o 4-1451, PL 8520 : 2 Cut Flowers and Nursery 5 Painting, Metal Work and : 5 Complete Mechanical Service 5 5 EmlullmumlmunlulnllluluullmuuniImluuuuuummumug gllllllllll """"m Page One Hundred Thirteen ?uuun llurl num llllllu n num? A Complete Line of Sporting Goods Baseball, Football, Tennis, Fishlng Tackle If We D0n't Have It, We'll Get It For You SHOP IN GARDENA ROBERTSON'S HARDWARE E llnullluInnunlulllllulllllnnululllllulllllulllllllllllllllulm A mule has t-wo legs behind, And two before: You stand behind before you nnd What the two behind be for. Mrs. Fairbanks:-"Why are the days longer in summer?" Jerry Brown:-"Because the heat ex- pan-ds them." BEST WISHES AS YOU GRADUATE KINCADE'S 5-10-254: STORE 851 Gardena Blvd. Gardena Independent - Progressive 5 For Notions, Hosiery, Stationery, E Dishes, Kitchen Hardware mlllnluulll u u nun E SOUTHWESTS LARGEST JEWELERS Perfect Blue White DIAMONDS 5 Nationally Advertised Watches You Don't Need Cash, Just Say "Charge It" 2 ccxeolf .ieweteas 2 - I : 8426 SO. VERMONT 5 TH-7839 E EnnummmmnunnuInluumulmnlununmmmununlnlulm Professor Ruth:-"When water be- comes ice what great change occurs?" Bill Farrell:--"A change in price." Jean Blain:-"I-Iasn't Jack Stephan ever married?" Allene Hunter:-"I don't think he in- tends to. He is studying for a. bache- 1or's degree." Yamada Flower Garden CUT FLOWERS AND FLORAL DESIGNS Q So. Vermont 8x Rosecrans Ave. Gardena, California Page One Hundred Fourteen FRED RIPPER PLUMBING SERVICE Electrolux Gas Refrigerators Modem Gas Ranges Water Heaters ALL TYPES OF HEATING APPLIANCES 914 Gardena Blvd. 5 Phone MEnlo 4-131.3 5 EmulullIIllIlllllIDIIllIluIllIllulIllnlllulunlluulnn uulunum Miss Stephan had been reading stories of boys who had grown into manhood and had achieved fame by their inven- tions. "Now tell me," she asked Bill Somers, "what would you like to invent?" "I'd like to invent a machine so that minus: nunnluluuluuullulnuluuln E I HARRISON'S GROCERIES - MEATS VEGETABLES 16523 Western Ave. BEST wrsrms 'ro 5 CLASSES OF '39 Dr. Berendsen --nf mllllllll I ll Ill lllllvnlllllillllllll I lullllllu Compliments to Classes of 1939 ski West J eiferson Nursery 1211 Magnolia Avenue Gardena. Phone MEnlo 4-1581 Wholesale Only by simply pressing a. button all my lessons would be finished correctly." "And you," asked Miss Stephan, call- ing on James Boyd. With an effort he rose to his feet and replied in a drowsy voice, "Something t' press the button." glnIllIuIllInunnluuunllunlullnllluunlnuuluuulnnululn E Southern California Trading Co. 923 W. Gardena Blvd. Gardena. Calif. Phone MEnlo 4-1621 5 Refrigerators, Ranges, Radios . Washers, Vacuum Cleaners 5 EIlullInunIluulnlInIIulllllllInIIulIllIllAll1lnulnnlllnuulullnlm Elllllln llnllllulnllllluullnuInulnunlluuulnlluunuulunm W. J. s1MMs Insure in Sure Insurance Established 26 Years 1111 W. Gardena Blvd. Phone MEnlo 4-1615 5 Gardena, Calif. I E lllllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll I Page One Hundred Fifteen llIllIlllllllnllIIIlllllnlullnltlllllilllblllillill m E E FUJIYA SEED COMPANY Congratulations Classes of 1939! MON ETA 2 Phone MEn1o 4-1123 . Old Lady:--"Son, can you direct me to the Merchants' National Bank?" Charles R.:-'Yessum, for a quarter." Old Lady:"Ain't that pretty high pay, my boy?" Charles R.:"No, ma'am, not for a bank director." ElllnunIllnuuunnuunnlnlunnlllulnlnlulnll nllnuuE E VERMONT SUPPLY CO. S Building Materials and Feeds Phone MEnlo 4-1535 E 831 W. Gardena Blvd. 2 Eunnln lnuununuunlllnlullulnunlnnnlnnln aluminum mmmIInIpqIgpnnInluninnnnnnulnnnlllulIlllnnulnlnlnlllllll R. M. Stevens 8z Co. FEED, SEED, AND FUEL 15251 Vermont Ave. Phone MEn10 4-2034 5 Ennnnul nnnunluulnnulnnununlnluunn unsung KAMEYA COMPANY IMPORTED ORIENTAL MERCHANDISE 816-818 Gardena Blvd. Gardena, Calif. Phone MEnlo 4-1863 Allen Lucas applied for a job as a grocery boy for summer. The grocer wanted a serious-minded youth, so he put Allen to a little test. "Well, my boy, what would you do with a million dollars?" he asked. "Oh, gee, I don't know-I wasn't ex- pecting so much at the start." Senior Pins and Rings Graduation Announcements Championship Trophies 5 Medals : Southern California Trophy Sz Jewelry Co. 860 So. Flower Street : Phone TUcker 3166 En, ,,,,,,, uuulua Page One Hundred Sixteen Lauunu " ' " " "" , BROADWAY KNITTING MILLS, Ltd. SCHOOL SWEATERS OUR SPECIALTY I 2 BATHING surrs swmmns 5 For Men, Women and Children Phone CEntury 20675 4754 South Broadway Enunuluuuuuunnnmnnmmumuunmmummnnununmlun mmmuumuuunnummuumumnu:mumummmmmmunumEI Ardath was vacationing in the coun- try and became friendly with Finank, the farmer boy. One evening as they were strolling across a pasture they saw a cow and a calf rubbing noses in the accepted bovine fashion. "Ah," said Frank, "that sight makeS EIllIllIllInIlulluullluuullllull lullllulllnllullllnuullulllm Nakamoto Garage Auto Parts - Accessories General Auto Repairing Batteries - Tires - Greasing Front Axle Alignment All Work Guaranteed Los Angeles, Calif. 2 me want to do the same." "Well, go ahead," said Ardath, "it's your cow." Mr. Lieberman:-"What will happen when your boss catches you reading a novel instead of doing your work?" Patty Bray:-"I'l1 lose my place." Congratulations! Classes of 1939 PACIFIC NURSERY 5 Corner Figueroa and Redondo 2 Beach Boulevard Gardena, Calif. M. Talchibana, Prop. Phone MEnlo 4-1362 E nunn Ianni gunna!! unsung Page One Hundred Seventeen POWERS Grocery and Meat Market WE GUARANTEE SATISFACTION Cream Quality Meats and Vegetables Staple and Fancy Groceries D Phone MEn1o 4-9268 Ima Dean Rogers not long ago Vvas a patient' and she asked the doctor if she would know anything when she came out of the anaesthetic. "Well," he replied, "t-hat's expecting a good deal of an anaesthetic." Euuunu uumnunnnm ulunu mnnnunm Best Wishes to the Classes of 1939 . .A Friend i.,,,,,,,,, lnuuuuuni 1238 Redondo Beach Blvd. - unnlnuul lulnluulnunuuuuulunul nunlnunnnung Virginia I-Iorrell had just come home from the circus and her grandmother asked her what animal she liked best. "Oh, the big elephant," she said. "You ought to see him pick up the buns with his vacuum cleaner." Ecnluuluunlnulnuulnunlulluulu uuuulm Compliments to the Classes of 1939 Miller's Hay Market Emu!nlIllnullIllIllIllIlllulannulIllllllnlulululullnnllunlum ElllllnlulllllIllInulllllllllllllllllllllllllllnlllllllnllllllllllllllnlm Gardena Lumber Company 163rd and Vermont Everything for Builders Phone ME1110 4-1441 E Illunnllnnlullnullllulllllnllnuuulluluunuununnluullm Page One Hundred Eighteen Gardena Shoe Store C. A. CANNING, Prop. Men's, Women's, Children's Shoes E -SHOE REPAIRING- Gym and Athletic Equipment E Spotbilt Track Shoes S Also Football and Baseball Shoes 852 Gardena Blvd. l unuu ulull nnunm Pome Me hate he Me hate he Me wish he were die Him tell I Him love I But darn Lhe, him lie. 'E' SERVICE 5 RILEY wm'r'r1NG'roN, Prop. TEXACO GAS Ki OIL ' COMPLETE LUBRICATION Goodrich Batteries 8: Service Goodrich Tires Sz Service Phone MEnlo 4-1350 2 762 Gardena Blvd. Gardena g El ABC NURSERY Corner Broadway and Redondo E Beach Boulevard Gardena, California Phone MEnlo 4-1022 5 E llu lnnlnulm Gardena Valley Milling Co., Inc. Make Em Live i Make Em Grow e Make Em Lay 16524 s. Normandie Ave. EnlIllIllIllulluullllIllIlullIluIllllllllllllllllllulllllul nllullm mlIllIllIllIIIIIIIuIIllIllIluIllInIllIIlllIIlluIIulnlllnlnlllluunlumm 2 Bread, Pies, Cookies, Pastries E ' 0fAllKhlds Gardena Bakery Birthday Cakes Our Specialty , Phone MEnlo 4-1352 , Q Gardena, Calif. E mlllllllllllllllllll IllllllllllllllilllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllulllllli Blackie:-"Absolutely shocking, l've never played so 'badly before." Gerry:-"Oh! You'fve played before ?" Miss Combs:-"What are the three most used words among the students?" Bessie Nagahori:-"I don't know." Miss Combs:-1"Correct." EF' '"""'"'"""""""""'""""""""""""' """' l? Compliments of The Cap and Gown Company : of California : El 5 Qlllunl unllluunllnll nnlunuuulnlnuuullnlnlunnnQ W. A. Goodman 8z Sons Sporting Goods 1029 So. Broadway Place 5 PRospect 8855 s BILL GOODMAN annul: uIlulllllllllllllllllllllnllllnlulnlnlnlu lulunum Page One Hundred Nineteen : WE CON GRATULATE THE SENIOR CLASSES OF 1939 We take pride in having helped produce this issue of EL ARADOR. GARDEN A VALLEY NEWS 930 Gardena Boulevard LEWIS T. GUILD, JR., Editor Qllnlnlllnllllunlnnulluullunlnunn unuulluluu luunnnll nlllnlnll null Frank Steers: "What kind of pudding is this?" Waiter: "That is college pudding, sir." Frank Steers: "Well, there's an egg in it that should have been expelled." Mr. Kline:--"You want to be ready to jump when Gabriel blows his horn." Betty Spaugh:-"Oh, is he coming in a car?" 2 Farmers 8z 1 Merchants Bank of Gardena Gardena, Calif. Y0111' Home Bank COMMERCIAL - SAVINGS g We invite the pupils of Gardena E Q Q High School to consult us for 5 5 any information they wish regarding banking. Members of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation High Cost of Brief Living High Chair High School High Life High Powered Car High Ball High Speed High Way Crash "Hi! St. Peter," SUYAMA Fruits and Vegetables 1648 Redondo Beach Blvd. Just East of Redondo 8: Western GARDEN A Page One Hundred Twenty CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING SENIORS Your graduation portrait is a permanent remembrance of an important occasion and becomes more valuable as the years go by. CHURCHILL GARDINER STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHER 5 8415 So. Vermont Ave. El Mrs. Bathrick:-"How do you make anti-freeze ?" Romona:--"Hide her winter under- wear." Katherine Fry:--"What a pity it is that the handsome men are always con- uunlunlnuuulllnlunnnlulluulunluunlulunnnllnuunnulu IIluIllulullIulnlnnlnllnllnuuuuuuullllluluunluunllnlnun: TW inoaks 6960 E Ei Mrs. Hendrickson :-"What is the most outstanding contribution that chemistry has given the world?" Sam Potts:-"B1ondes." Mr. Glass:--"Why don't you answer me?" ceited." Bill Smith:-"I shook my head." Ray Kincade:-"Not always, girls, Mr. Glass:-"Expect me to hear it I'm not." rattle clear over here T" ?lllllllllllll lllllllllm EIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllm 2 DAD'S COOKIE CO. O'Haver's Milk E 2 g Sole Manufacturers of the 5 a 5 Original Scotch Oatmeal 5 . Is A Vital Food 0001005 E 9309 So. Vermont Ave. E Los Angeles, Calif. 5 DRINK rr DAILY I ff 9 3 V msgid E I -QU' "I 2- Here's Robust Jack, 4' '. .I Here's Healthy Ji1l- -' :Isl D of THIS GooD MILK , T Q . E You can go North, South, East and Q 5 hey have their flu : : west. Bur DAD'S is the BEST Q by every test Q B lllllllll Illlllllw blllllllllll Illllllillllllllllllllillllll llllllllg Page One Hundred Twenty-one Quinlan nnnnnnnunnlllululInluInnnnulunlnnnln E EAT AT DANIELS... BREAKFAST - LUNCH - DINNER Complete Fountain Service Featuring Daniels Finest Quality Ice Cream ' and Giant Malts "DANIELS - A SWEET PLACE TO - MEET YOUR FRIENDS" E EIllIllllIllIllIllllllIIIllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllll Miss Roripaugh:-"This essay on "Our Dog" is word for word the-same as your brother's." "Carl Rush do you know who built the lun llInununlululnlnlnlnunlnlnlunn:ulnlInullun:lulunlnlnnnnd Leon Scott:-"If you laugh at me once more, "I'll knock your block off." Caddy:-"Haw, haw! You 'wouldn't even know what club to use." Ark?" Jack Spencer:-"Yeh, my gir1's a "New," minor." "Correct, for once in your life." Windy:-"Mine's a. gold-digger, too." mllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllm ElllllllllIllIllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllE Gardena Cut Rate Drug The Friendly Store With a Professional Advice Down-Town Prices At Your Home Our Store Is Operated by College Men Your Safety Is Well Assured , Phone MEnlo 4 2133 Wagner Feed Co. ' CUSTOM MIXING Where You Get Value For Your Dollar Ph-ones: Business MEnlo 4-1324 E Residence MEnlo 4-2216 844 West 163rd .Street Gardena Calif 5 num llllllllll 5 E alluluvlull Illlllll 5 Page One Hundred Twenty-two E pn-.-.:n.-.pun E 5 We Finance Our Own Time Sales 3 5 P. E. HENNIS : 757 Gardena Boulevard , GARDENA, CALIF. 3 A Good Place to Buy a. New Car Q E A Safe Place to Buy a Used Car 2 . N' I Phone MEnlo 4-2242 5 B lllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE Harold' N. :-"This is a fine floor." Doris S.:-"Then why dance on my feet "" Barber:-"Is there any special way you want your hair cut ?" Charles Schaeffer:-"Yeah! Off." llllllllunln lnuulnllulnl nlununnlnunnunl E' 9' 9 E Congratulations Classes of 1939 Kurata Dept. Store 920 Gardena Boulevard - : Phone MEnlo 4-1550 g Miss Bums fin drug storey:-"Have you any good hair tonic?" Druggist:--"Why, yes, but your nair looks perfect." Miss Burns:-"Oh, I don't want it for myself, you see the fur is falling out of my coat." un lnllllnx-A CONGRATULATIONS GARDENA HIGH STUDENT STORE ,Q-umm Page One Hundred Twenty-three Arkenberg Motor Co. New Cars Used Cars Repairing 756 W. 165th Street Gardena, Calif. 5 MEnlo 4-1991 PLeasant 8719 E Elllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll IIllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllli J. D. Anderson:-"I am a self-made man." Jackie Mott:-"That relieves someone of the unpleasant responsibility." She:-"How dare you to swear before me?" He:-"How did I know you wanted to swear first ?" ' McMillan Funeral : Chapel "Thoughtful Service" JAMES MQMILLAN, Prop. 910 West 164th Street Gardena, California Phone MEnlo 4-1333 Ambulance Service Lady Assistant Wanted:-Man to handle dynamite in powder factory. Splendid opportunity to rise. June Halley:-"What is meant by the three 'R's'?" Phyllis Lucas:-"The three R's run all through life. At 25 it's romance, at 45 it's rent, and at 65 it's rheumatismf' Elllunn nnnlnu ,.n.,,,,m ElulluInunluulunlunlunluuuunnnInununuuuulnlnulnm Nelson Drug Stores The Rexall Store E We Carry a Complete Stock of E S Drugs, Toilet Goods, Stationery, E Sundries Try the Rexall Store First BROWN'S GARAGE - Your Credit Is Good 5 Time Payments on Repair Work, 3 Batteries, Tires, Etc. ' Wheel Alignment WILLARD BATTERIES U. S. TIRES Phone MEnlo 4-1701 Phone MEnlo 4-1737 . - 201 W. 165th st. MEnlo 4-2124 5 llflfllllf lllllllli ElIlllIlllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllld Page One Hundred Twenty-four She:-"What tense is 'I am beauti- ful'?" He:-"Past tense." Miss Combs:-"Can anyone in the class tell me the meaning of the 'word 'appetite' ?" Richard Rush:-"I know ma'am. When I'm eating I'm 'appy and when I'm done I'm tight." Jane Rawson:-"I am never happy unless I am breaking into song." Jerry Slettonz-"Well, why don't you get the right key? Then you wouldn't need to break in." Mr. Moore:-"Really, Jimmy, your handwriting is terrible. You must learn to write better." Jimmy O.:-"Well, if I did, you'd be finding fault with my spelling." "That fellow owes me S20.00." "And won't he pay it?" "He won't even worry about it." Mrs. Whedon:-"I saw the milkman kiss you this morning, Jane. I'11 take the mi1'k in myself after this." Jane:-"It won't do you no good, mum. He promised not to kiss nobody but me." 1' K Qnuuuu :running Congratulations to the Classes of 1939 A Friend Bunn:nlnunllllnnulllnnnllulIIUIlIIuIllIlllllllllunllnllllllllm Tourist fat roadside springjz-"Is this cup sanitary?" Native:--"Must beg everybody uses it." Babe Mc.:-"Kaye is an awful pest. He never seems to know when to stop." Bernice Tucker:-"That's strange, 1 was out riding with him last night and he found a. dandy place." '?' """""" """"""""'"""""""""""""""""" """"" EJ G R E E T I N G S ! GARDEN A HIGH CAFETERIA "Best Things To Eat" ......... ......... Page One Hundred Twenty-five Coach Freeman:-"Oh, yes, I've been nearly eaten by lions many times, but life without a little risk would be very tame." Coach Peak:-"I agree! Many times when the weather has seemed doubtful, I have deliberately gone without my umbrella." Donna Miller:-"Can I get a room for three?" Clerk:-"Have you got a reserva- tion?" Donna Miller:-"What do you think I am, an Indian?" 4 Miss Morse :-"Try this sentence. 'Take the cow out of the lot' what mood?" Patsy Stump:-"The cow." Pullman Porter:-"Next stop is yo' station, sah. Shall ah brush you oft now?" Glynn Burns:-"No, thanks. When the train stops I'll step off by myse1f." Mr. Cree:-"Why are you wearing your glasses in bed, Frank?" Frank:-"Well, you see, I'm getting so near-sighted that I can't recognize the people I dream about." Page One Hundred Twenty-six i' ' - ' ' .. "-4125'7i'.3f?if?4?fmfi"'X-Ikir1T"'7: ,. ' ' W ' ' I 1 'm2i4iBl.1riQf?.' :'4fEf3L'4b6V -f ' ' '5Tf'1iff'L'!?3-U ?'e35?.L!EE'?f'QEI'5 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Zellerbach Paper Co. Metropolitan Engraving Co. Churchill Gardiner Studios Gardena Valley News Henderson Trade Bindery ,. , . '14 " v ,QT 'Yi , :

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