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vw.. ..,.Q- M- --vu-Q miivimi 'I K1 :si ell5.l5.515.i Ilililiiillli iiilikitizlikumxmzmaQ. , W- V ' I I! I!! ei!! llfllllll'l!lI!ll!!l!!!xS uw - ,Klan D , -34.5 -- t 4-.Q r A , b v L . , . 1 A 1 QI - 1? 1 J., M.. 1 " ' " ' F- "1 " 1 ' 1 L 1 3 ' L, 5. , . J 'll I 'f 1. A " 'fig 1 I U ' X I I I . 'N X'1,:4 Q ' .tm I 'R ' - - - ' . . 1 ' .- ' . -. 5 aiu? , 1 Q' 3' - - X 1 . Win 1 R i.'T1V:N"'. .' .' ,r 'M "f A "t ' " 5 -'M ',5.,7 'f'f"'.f" 'V N 7 -Jkgyxlrzr ,V k t f -qt??k-- pi -3 J' ' W . y K'T'.- ks. . V .H , -.1 'QA iq " 5 Q. I 7 "gawk, .f:va'!?g'i raw "'A'N"x.A5l? "I", ' 7- - ' A -"V" 4:,y!' ..5.:. 'f.,.vX .,,1,V.. ,V 'Lr' ,"M g17,- Q S' -Q87 lk!"-A-'h . Q ' ' LN " "fm:"f"ffAN'4f.LX'f."-'ii:,1f4iV!I"-29'4"f1.'l .'7 XA., If ' 'X ' ' - . 1. . .Mn ..,g5i,.1, .ima My NA h ."'ftf -A H . 1' 1, A. M mia W Mb, GARDEN SPOT HIGH SCHOOL, EAST- ERN LANCASTER COUNTY IOINT SCHOOL DISTRICT, NEW HOLLAND, PENNSYLVANIA 1961 VOLUME IV IIN FCJNDEST APPRECIATION OF We-um Siretta Rauscher discusses post-graduation Records cmd files on each student help Mr plans with Miss Wltman as do all students Sherr to do the best possible iob in help preparing for their careers. ing us APPRECIATION Miss Witman and Mr. She-rr, we of the 1961 Spartanus staff are proud to honor you for the help you have rendered to our students and our school. You have been rnost willing to give your services and competent guidance to all who have sought your advice. The future lives of many of our students have been guided through your patience and understanding ot their problems. We would like you to accept this year- book as a token of appreciation from the ad- ministration, faculty, and student body of our school. 3 NEW FACILITIES GIVE.. We as the seniors of Garden Spot High School, are proud to be a part of a school that believes in continually progressing as the need arises. A business would soon cease to func- tion if it did not rise to meet the demands of an ever-changing world. A government too, must constantly change as the people in it change. So, also, must a school. We cannot come to a standstill, but we must advance to parallel with the other modes of our society. Garden Spot has been doing so in the past, and will, with its new facilities and add- ed opportunities, continue to do so in the fu- ture. Recently a new course in agriculture has been added to the curriculum. This gives those boys interested in farming an opportunity to learn skills in this field. ln addition to the ag- ricultural course, other opportunities have been made available to our students. A new science course, Earth Science, is being offered for the first time this year. The language department has also been enlarged by the addition of Spanish. Not only has this improvement been made, but French, German and Spanish are now being offered in the ninth grade. We have taken great strides in the field of athletics. This is our first year to have a wrestling team. We also have a Girls' Varsity Tennis Team and Girls' Varsity Basketball Team, something we have long hoped for. We have been able to present more and varied assemblies which have been designed to add culture to our school life. Students have been participating in more field trips through which they come in actual contact with the things they are studying. We are learning to experiment by experience. We hope in this yearbook to be able to show to you all phases of our school life, and our new facilities which have widened the op- portunities for our students. ADDED OPPGRTUNITIES ADMINISTRATION - - SENIORS - - - UNDERCLASSMEN - ACTIVITIES - - SPORTS - mi A Q 3. 1 -1 gf 49 s .fp 'A' F .iliz Xagisflg jp niflf ,, l'L'.A F -' 1-7 x F kr , . .jing 54 fx' ' N, H, 'fel-W7-: F i. f' FJ Ep., f L, nf 'Fkfg' ,..pi. ,4, A , h A xfnnn- 511607 ' wflfa- Igfyghlil- 1 f ' A , ,Q I-5 W--'f 1' A a L 7 ' . ., ,. , , p, . ,'L,, La"b'5' iflrnmfl' , "an f, ff 'V Irlg, gr lr fur-.1 MR. ROBERT P. SIMON SUPERVISING PRINCIPAL New and Exciting Horizons . . . " To the Class of 1961: The publication of a school yearbook signi- fies that the end ot a high school career is not far distant. It is a final thing, and despite one's Wishes, cannot be relived. We would not want it so because new cmd exciting hori- zons beckon tor you. To the seniors of 1961, we wish you Godspeed. But as you depart, do not do so with the feeling that school is ended. Garden Spot High School lives on de- spite the passing of classes. And you have had a part in its continuation. You have added to its growth and vigor, and your graduation paves the way for new classes to further its development. We are glad to have had you as students, proud to recognize you as grad- uates. Very sincerely yours, ROBERT P. SIMON, Supervising Principal MR. DONALD A. SHEAFFER PRINCIPAL During an individual's life, it is his responsi- bility to make a contribution to society. This contribution may be large or it may be small. The size is not important, but everyone is charged with this responsibility. This desire to serve his fellow mon should be in everyone's heart. The desire to make the other fellow happy produces one of the most joyous feelings within an individuc1l's mind. If everyone could produce a little joy in his neighbor, the neighborhood, community, stctte, nation ond the world would be cr won- derful plcrce in which to live. For an individual to serve his fellow man, he must be on educated, pious, courteous, and an 'X . . .A Desire to Serve His Fellowman" unselfish person. He must not be looking for big rewards from serving his fellowmofn. They do not come in a materialistic wdy. Most oi the time one will not be able to find the re- Wotrd oft all. lf a contribution to society is done for Cx reward, he will not receive the enjoy- ment that he would have had if the task would have been done unseliishly. With this in mind, the school is here to train the individual so thot he can make his contri- bution, big or smdll, to society. Sincerely, DONALD A. SHEAFFER, Principal SCHOOL BOARD OFFICIALS LSU IO FIQIHI tvtermo r1. Loy, treasurer: Ur. L.ou1s tl. Wil- liams, Vice-President: Ivan S. Witwer, President: Rich- BUSINESS Lett to riqht tsoatedl: Mr. Rudy Maqnone, Miss E. Down Myorsg tstundinqlc Mr. Gerald Martin, Mr. Iames F'. Har- loltl, Mr. Roy W. Brandcu, Department head. 10 FACULTY ART Left to right: Mr. Robert H. Schenck, Mr. David C. Keller DRIVER EDUCATION Mr. Kenneth E. Ernst Left to right: Mrs. Dorothy S. Burnm, Mrs. Louise D. Bretch, Mrs. Margaret S. Kraft ott to AND SPECIAL EDUCATION to iight: Miss Ruth A. Witman, Mr. Richard D. Sherr, Mr. Francis A. Palumbo Left to right: Mr. Russell E. Latschar, Mr. I. Kenneth H011 Mr. Robert D. Herr, Mr. Lewis H. Hillard .1 HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION riqht: Mr. Robert C. Weaver, Mr. Richard Stockton, Mrs. Clio Brandau, Miss Ciara K. Blaker Lett to riqht tseatedk Mrs. Grace A. Borqstrossor, Mis. Eieanor W. Dissinqer, Mr. Robert A. Watro, Mr. David P. 11 Heydt, Mr. Iohn H. Greerg tstandinqbz Mr. Harold E. Gambcr, Mr. Roy A. Young, Mr. Harcid W. Carey, Miss. Betty I. Weaver Lett to riqht: Mrs. CW' LIBRARY Alice W. Kelley, Miss Virginia M. Hoffmcm SCIENCE GEOGRAPHY Left to right: Mr. Merrett C. Munn, Mr. Shirk, Mrs. Mclrqciret E. Hess MATHEMATICS lmft to riqht Cseutedl: Mis. Olqa I.. Cescxvant, Mr. Gilbert B. Rey- molds, Mr. Searle D. Noble, fstandinql: Mr. Harry L. Cully, Mr. ,lohn Q. Musk, III, Miss Elizabeth M. Troxell Left to right: Mr. Robert W. Hess, Mr. Robert Mr. Kelsey O. Smith t ai' Y MUSIC SOCIAL STUDIES l.olt to riqht: Miss Alice lone Smith, Mr. Paul H, White, Mr. Left to right: Mr. I. William Destin, Mr. ROIDG-rl Luke M- Bowman Mr. Russell H. Yost, Miss Ianet M. Trimmer, Mr. 12 Huber, Mr. Don H. Stover, Mrs. Ieanrie Gruver SCHOOL STAFF OFFICE PERSONNEL Right to left: Miss Helen E. Good, Mrs. Alice G. Randow, Mrs. Anna T. Kriwer SCHOOL NURSE AND DENTIST Left to right: Mrs. Mary S. Gehrnan, Dr. Louis E. Williams .vii ,4-,mg 2' 1 I BUSINESS MANAGER Mr. Ioe H. Freeseman lg CAFETERIA STAFF Lett to right: Bob Blakemore, Evelyn lohnson, Violet Overly, Pauline Snader, Vi Weaver, Peg Wright, Ethel Kurtz, Marguerite Gehman, Fran Ludwig, Minnie Shifier, Betty Zook, Mabel Iacoby, IANITORS Left to right: Mr. I. Harry Wetzler, Mr. R. Grubb, Mr. George S. Good, Mr. I. Stauffer Ioe Bender, Mrs. George High, Cafeteria Man- ager, Ethel Ames 13 SCHOOL PHYSlClAN Dr. Wilson A. Faust 14 W N X SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Harold Lewis Esbenshade Elizabeth Louise Rogers Dislikes anyone who Smgkes in Academic student . . . Dislikes his Chrysler . . . Has a talent for diets - ' - Honor S'-'JClelY Q61 - - - musical instruments . . . Intellectu- Headed fOr College - - . AIWCIYS al . . . Future plans include col- feCIdY f01' G Q00d time - - - IS S9911 lege , . . Is 5 friendly academic leading maiorettes . . . Ardent fan student . . . Has cr hidden sense Of Gardner MCKCIY - - - Ambidex- of humor, terous . . . Life guard. PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT Donna Marie Troop Iames Louis Ressler Academic student . . . Adores her Brilliant academic student . . . two older brothers . . . Sociable Well rounded personality . . . . . . Likes dancing and skating Plans for a career in naval archi- . . . Can be seen driving a green tecture . . , Is an able fisherman '57 Chevy . . . Has a habit of get- and Nimrod . . . An asset to any tinq into it-:ms . . . Very unpre- discussion . . . ls ever ready with dictable. a good joke. SECRETARY TREASURER Class Colors - Blue and White Class Motto - Build For Character Not For Fame Class Flower - White Carnation 16 iii' yr' ,we Robert Deets Andrew, Ir. Commercial course . . . Real cool cat . . . Likes to jitterbug . . . Ready for a good time . . . Friend of all . . . Ice hockey player . . . Sports car fan . . . Cheerful per- sonality . . .Good actor . . . Unique laugh. Annette Elaine Barbour "T-Bird gal" . . . Talented artist . . . Commercial pupil with a career in secretarial field . . . Companionable . . . A good work- er . . . Great sense of humor . . . Liked by all . . . Enjoys ice skat- ing . . . Dislikes tests. Harriet Mae Becker Cheerful academic student . . . Quiet lass . . . Chestnut Hair . . . Is matriculating at West Chester State . . . Pretty blue eyes . . . Congenial . , . As neat as a pin . . . Makes a good student di- rector. Charles Robert Binkley This academic student likes girls and cars . . . "Bink" hopes to en' roll at a college this fall . . . Handsome captain in the Senior Play . . . Tall . . . Enjoys a good time . . . Seen with Barry and Brian . . . Friend of all. Rose Anna Baldwin Asset to the senior class , . . Hails from Beartown . . . Sports enthusiast . . . E-town bound , . . Commercial lass . . . Actively oc- cupied . . . Dependable . . . A superb personality . . . Continual- ly prepared for a good time. Larry Lee Beck Leadership ability . . . Academic lad . . . Enjoys swimming and hunting . . . Animated soccer player . . . Does not like home- room programs . . . Rifleman . . . All around personality . . . Often seen driving his Chevy. Ruth La Verne Beiler Enjoys dancing . . . Dislikes get- ting up Monday morning . . . Wants to be a hairdresser . . . Petite . . . Commercial gal . . . Great talent for art . . . Long sweeping eye lashes . , . An- ticipateis marriage. Ieannette Marlene Bitler Cheerful . . . Surprisingly quiet . . . A commercial student with career in secretarial field . . . Loves dancing and enjoys all types of music . . . A good typist . . . Has interesting and unusual dreams . . . Goes steady. Wi' QQ an-Qs. Mildred Sal1yAnn Brown Pursuing the academic course, she will encounter a teaching profession as a math instructor . . . Swimming and roller skating occupy her spare time . . . Loud people bewilder her most . . . Quiet . . . Neat blonde hair. Mildred Irene Burkhart An avid sports fan who can usually be heard arguing with the refs at ice hockey or basket- ball games . . . Devotes much available time to collecting cups . . Has no time for snobs . . . A barrel of fun. Cecelia Marie Cramer Pretty blue eyes . . . Friendly . . . She enjoys all sports . . . Great admirer of horses . . . Always busy . . . Dislike of hockey exer- cises . . . A leader of the future . . . Cheerful . . . Indispensable goalie of hockey team. Donald Eugene Dombach Pet peeve: money!!! . . . Enjoys bowling . . . Member of general course . . . His spare time is ap- portioned among a variety of sports, cars, and Iudy . . . The Navy will obtain all Don's talents. Nancy Kathryn Buckwalt Delightful personality . . . Dislil dancing . . . Well liked . . . Ct mercial student with secreta plans . . . Loves to read books , . . Enjoys sports, collecting, food . . . Dependa qt t Si Iames Lewis Cebular Enjoys hunting . . Future LIU cided . . . Ambitious . . . Seri' . . . Outdoors man . . . Mem of general course . . . hard er . . . Dependable . . . A whiz . . . ls liked by eve . . . Has an interest in rif wc U1 ry: les Hope Elaine Diebler lndustrious . . . Avid fan of . . . Comme-rcial student IT N career in clerical work . . . after graduation, do lots of tral ing . . . Sewing is main ho . . . Friendly . . . An ardent mirer of Robert Young. I Edward Raymond Duffh Hard-working commercial stud . . . Explorer scout . . . Will a successful businessman . Fan of most sports De . . . p able . . . Ardent hobbiest in' lecting stamps. 18 m, i l 5' 'Y Barbara Ann Duttry lled in general course . . . est member of class . . . En- sewing . . . A skilled basket- player . . . Serious . . . Pet Ile, a girl going with a boy shorter than her. ne Rebecca Eshelman dressed . . . Can always be 1 laughing . , . Enjoys acro- s . . . ls never at a loss for Es . . . Plans to make dancing future . . . ls a commercial uber . . . Dislikes getting out ot bed. omer Martin Pager t academic student . . . Likes ay soccer . . . Aviation, poli- landscaping, and drafting is hobbies . . . Enjoys mathe- 's...HelikesPOD... s to enter the Navy or col- lege. pha Elizabeth Gehman of the quieter members of class . . . Walking Webster Detests the thought of aspara- . . . Sponds free time ac- tlnting stamps and post cards A serious student . . . Sees possible career in nursing. 19 fist, if 'Nts- 3' Elizabeth Ann Esch Lively commercial student . . . Plans to become a receptionist . . . Enjoys roller skating, dancing and swimming . . . Sports en- thusiast . . . Amiable . . . Simply adores sailors. Marianne Evans Academic student . . . Enjoys sailing . . . Pet peeve: skinny boys , . . Plans to become a clin- ical psychologist . . . Vivacious . . . Loves Beauregarde, her dog . . . Sports enthusiast . . . Seen with boys . . . Actress. David Ioseph Fessler Seen frequently driving a station wagon . . . Likes roller skating . . . Ho works part time in iather's store . . . Has an interest in book- keeping . . . Homework is his pet pee-ve . . . He plans to enter the Navy. Raymond Park Geist, Ir. Class clown . . . Enjoys music of all kinds . . . A sharp dresser . . . Talking is his main hobby . . . Wants to be a disc jockey . . . Ambition: travol in all the world . . . Beat dialect . . . An admirer oi beautiful women. sm 'Qi 'Qui Fern Lorraine Glass Commercial student . . . Pet peeve is stuck-up people . . . Likes to go ice skating and roller skating . . . Very efficient seamstress . . . ls lots of fun . . . Has very neat hair . . . Poised . . . Seems quiet. Sally lean Good Commercial student . . . Plans to attend business school . . . Ef- ficient typist for Mr. Dean . . . Enjoys playing the piano and horseback riding . . . Dislikes conceited people . . . Natural blonde hair. Donald Eugene Groff Donnie is a friend of everyone . . . He enjoys working on cars . . . Likes Fords . . . Despises Chevies . . . Student of the gen- eral course . . . Will join the Air Force after graduation . . . Sharp dresser. Mary Eileen Hagey Elaine Good Dreams of owning a Corvet some day . . . Popular with boys . . . Dancing is her favorite pas- time . . . A waitress . . . Plans a secretarial career after gradua- tion. Sandra lean Good Commercial pupil . . . Always neat . . . Dislikes English class . . . Likes to dance , . . Pleasing personality . . . Is planing to enter the field of art . . . blonde locks . . . Liked by all . . , Sure to succeed. Ruth Elaine Grofi Solemn . . . Conservative . . . Object of jokes but dislikes to be teased . . . Spare time spent read- ing . . . Future secretary . . . Dislikes homework . . . A hater of large pocketbooks . . . Very interested in museums. Karen Lee Halls Academic student . . . Future lies Enjoys dancing , , , Undecided in elementary teaching . . . Likes future . , . Enrolled in the general dancing and skating . . . Often course . . . Assumes a carefree seen in a '59 T-Bird . . . Likes attitude . . . Dislikes clothes that pizza and hamburgers . . . Five- clash . . . l-las pretty eyes . . . foot-two . . . Eyes of blue. Neat wardrobe. 'ZIP Reginald Hartman A general member . . . Plans to go to business school or join the Armed Forces . . . Enjoys sports . . . Dislikes when people dislike "Chevies" . . . A quiet lad . . . Unpredictable . . . Likes autos. Mary Ann Henly Won't find purple in her ward- robe . . . Frequently seen in a Kaiser . . . Looking into the future, she sees marriage . . . Accented black hair . . . Sewing, baking, and hunting occupy her spare time. Ronald Abner Horning General course . . . Chevy man . . . Lots of lun . . . Delights in eating . . . Shy until you get to i I know him . . . Plans to be a car- penter . . . Arguer . . . Dislikes homeroom programs . . . Doesn't like to hurry Marlin Lee Hartranft Academic pupil . . . Likes hunt- ing . . . Loves his pipe . . . Pretty eyes . . . A penny-pincher . . . Doe-sn't like loud girls . . . Class Casanova . . V. Sly grin . . . Likes radishes and milk . . . Able speaker on turkey buzzards. I ames David Hollinger Likes building model railroads . . . Detests not going home for dinner . . . Enrolled in general course . . . Avid soccer and bas- ketball lan . . . Noted for subtlety with cards . . . Very distinctive type of laugh. Linda Louise Houck Plans to work at Tom's Bakery . . . A hunting enthusiast . . . Enjoys dancing . . . Always neat . . . Dependable . . . Dislikes oral speeches . . . Likes to roller skate. ' .naar My . Robert Leroy Houck Hopes to Join Uncle Sam present Nancy Lee Hurst Future title will be secretary . . . ly . . . Detests making speeches Enjoys bowling and swimming . . . Very tall . . . Quiet sense of humor . . . Shy fellow who likes his sleep . . . Neat black hair . . . Easy going . . . Chicanerous . . . Drives a '57 Chevy. . . . The task of doing dishes is a dislike of hers. . . Hair conscious . . . Arguer . . . An excelling shorthand pupil . . . Cute. Regina Elaine Imber Comical . . . Exquisite clothes . . . Enrolled in academic course . . . Lover of art . . . Future teacher . . . Annoyod by society . . . Raving personality . . . Sensation in junior Play . . . Popular . . . Slender . , . Vivacious dancer. Brenda Kilhefner Likes collecting records, reading and twirling . . . Wishes she owned a middle name . . . Plans to be an airline stewardess . . . Amicable . . . Academic lass . . . Can be depended upon . Philanthropist. Gerald Gordon Lando Enrolled ir general course . Seen driving '59 T-Bird . . . Sportsman . . . Enjoys bowling . . . Likes working on his old Chevy . . . Plans to join the Navy after graduation . . . Always in the shop . . , Card shark. Gloria Ann Lewis Known for a lot of fun . . . Pet peevo: boys sitting with legs crossed . . . Likes to give parties . . Sweet kid . . . Sharp clothes . , A shfzit memlior of the class . 4 Llndcistonding . . . An en' thusiastic dancer. Demetria Keares Actively occupied . . . stuffed animals . . . Likes c teries? Noll! . . . Admire Johnny Mathias . . . A riot . . practically always found ar the commercial rooms . . . Li a party. Zarmon Lee Landis Hunting enthusiast . . . Dairies' employee . . . Futu business . . . A smooth t . . . Likes girls . . . The d of a '50 Chevy . . . Is al ready for a good time . . . smile . . . Lover of food George Howard Lest Twin . . . Does a lot of thi . . . An expert with excuses Rifleman , . . Likes to partic in sports . . . Favorite sport fishing, hunting and football Known for his curly hair Socioble. Brian Lynn Long Future journalist . . . Aca student . . . Antagonistic Handsome , . . Enjoys philo cal arguments . . . Smooth d . . . Linguist . . . Active in tically everything . . . Lik play baseball . . . College b 22 Bruce Arthur Marlin ademic lad with career major- in Forestry . . . Good sense humor . . . Hobbies include iio, hunting and photography . Driving his red Valiant and ing on his scooter occupy his spare time. Miriam Louise Martin iet commercial student . . . n be seen frequently with ith . . . Member of the National nor Society . . . Pleasant smile . l-ler pet peeve is shoes with nd toes , . . Interested in paint- ing and sewing. Roy Martin Martin ns to become a commercial ist . . . Acting ability . . , De- dable . . . Baseball enthusiast . Likes to road . . . ls remem- od for his wonderful perform- e as "Claud, the Clod" . . Academic student. artha Mary E. McKinney acious . . . Sense of humor . Well liked by all . . . Plans be an interior decorator . . . es dancing . . . Pet peeve is uchy people . , . Nose con- us . . . Always has iokes on hand. 23 Iay Kenneth Martin Enrolled in general course . . . Dislikes chemistry formulas . . . Enjoys drawing and other forms of art . . , Future undecided . . . A neat dresser . . . A riot in math classes. Richard Barton Martin lndefinite future . . . Quiet . . . Likes to go hunting . . . Can be seen driving his Mercury . . . Agreeable . . . Not interested in girls . . . Enrolled in the general coure . . . Doesn't like chemistry. Melvin Howard McGinnis General student . . . '55 Chevy . . . Seen with a blonde . . . En- ergetic . . . Future is irresolute . . . Enjoys working on cars and with electronics . . . Sharp dress- er . . . Cheerful. Fredrick Ivan Miller Quick witted . . . Rides a motor- cycle . . . Called "Yama Kid" . . . Likes sensible girls . . . Plans to get a job, but uncertain where . . , A friend to everyone . . . Academic student . . . His molto shall be eat, sleep and be merry. Phyllis Elaine Miller Very interesting conversationalist . . . Love of singing . . . Good actress . . . Active in church youth club . . . Liking for Cor- vairs . . . An academic student with nursing as future . . . So- cially occupied. Francis Gene Moyer Prizes his two Hupmobiles . . . Plans to attend a barber school . . . Likes antique cars . . . Does not like math class . , . enrolled as general pupil . . . Very mis- chievious . . . Active member of the student patrol. Linda Kay Musser Pleasing personality . . . Attrac- tive clothes . . . Commercial gal with her future in secretarial work . . . Love of cooking and swimming . . . Persons who seem conceited bother her . . . Likes to ask questions. Mary Kurtz Newswcmger She loves to read poetry . . . An excellent student . . . She antici- pates a nursing career in the fu- ture . . . Has won many 4-H prizes . . . A quiet girl with many friends . . . Pleasant smile. William Tyson Montgomery Academic student . . . Dislikes Crabby teachers . . . Dark . . . On the quiet side . . . Seen with a cute junior . . . Seen driving his yellow and black Ford . . . His future plans include an en- gineering course at Penn State. Edith W. Musser Quiet . . . Likable . . . Reading is favorite hobby . . . Sincere in all that she does . . . Good listen- er . . . Making mistakes on ditto angers her . . . An active secre- tarial student . . . Seen with Mir- iam and Ruth. Wilmer Roman Musser Commercial student . . . Enjoys hockey and baseball . . . Likes working with cars . . . Dislikes homework . . . Taller member of the class . . . Works in his dad's furniture store . . . Laughs a lot . . . Easy going . . . Likes girls. Harry Albert Peachy. Ir. Academic student . . . Plans to go to college . . . Athletic ability . . . Does not like homework . . . Easy going . . . Amicable . . . School president . . . The proud possessor of a maroon Mercury K 5lv . . . Dependable sort of fellow. gn Ruth Irene Ranck Commercial student . . . Good athlete . . . Sensational typist . . . jovial . . . Dependable . . . Sew- ing ability . . . Her future career is secretarial work . . . Dislikes customized cars . . . The owner of lustrous hair. Donald Kurtz Resser Friendly commercial student . . . Enjoys talking and arguing . . . Always ready for a good joke . . . Seen with hall patrol mem- bers . . . Very active YFC work- er . . . Made a distinguished look- ing doctor in the play. Mary Ann Ressler Prizes her diamond . . . Loves motorcycles . . . Enjoys collecting things for her hope chest . . . Always willing to help . . . En- rolled in commercial course . . . Blonde tresses . . . ls one of our taller members. Linda Marie Seiired Great personality . . . Live wire . . . A lively dancer . . . Known for ability in cheerleading . . . Petite . . . Happy-go-lucky . . . Always has a smile , . . A lover oi pizza . . . Heart belongs to the Army. Siretta Lee Rauscher When looking for recreation, pre- fers swimming . . . Coquet . . . Never at a loss for words . . Future airline stewardess . . . Dislikes fish served on a Friday in the school cafe . . . Where there's fun, there's Serry. Arthur Lee Renninger Plans to enter the field of book- keeping . . , Dislikes silly girls . . . Always willing to help . . . Cheerful . . . Enjoys hunting and fishing . . . A commercial student. Robert Lamar Sauder A real car enthusiast who enjoys working on his "Olds" . . . Dis- likes girls . . . Plans to be a mechanic . . . Commercial mem- ber . . . Curly hair . . . Made a good plumber in the junior Play. Linda Elizabeth Shatter Pretty commercial student . . , Did a wonderful job as the stewardess . . . Enjoys dancing and skating . . . Does not like to miss the school bus . . . Future undecided . . . Gorgeous black hair. Carolyn Mae Sheneberqer Academic student . . . Dislikes rainy days . . . Goes steady . . . Future lies in journalism . . . llietty ponmanship . . . Displays interest in astrology . . , hard- working feature editor . . . Very artistic. Darryl Ross Smith Friendly commercial student . . . Emoys working with model cars . . . An active player on the var- zzity basketball squad . . . Dis- likes studying . . . Undecided tuture . . . Silent type . . . Very adept at bookkeeping. Robert Lloyd Smith Tall . . . Enrolled in the general course . . . Asset to yearbook . . . Easy going , . . Pet peeve is school . . . Planning to enter the armed services after graduation , . . Hold worker , , . Always having lun . . . Liked by all. Brenda Arm Sprecher Known for contagious giggle . . . Enioys hunting and horseback riding . 4 . Enrolled in academic 1't:t1t'So U . , Good basketball play- fr . . . llliins to attend college uirti pr.-lvtilrly major in science . . . Loves Westerns. shiriey Mae shim Favorite pastime: eating subs A commercial pupil . , . M mornings and getting out of are great annoyances . . . nature but always ready l good time . . . Hobbies in swimming and records. Lance Allen Smith Enrolled in the general c . . . Plans to enlist in the s in the fall . . . Collects st . . . Milwaukee Braves' fan Enjoys shooting. Iohn Barry Spotts Enrolled in general course Seen driving a '61 Chevy Plans to go to work after gr tion . . . One of the tallest bers of this class . . . Han . . . Quiet nature . . . Doe like giving speeches. Sandra Lee Spreck Will miss art class alter gr ing . . . Enjoys writing t pals . . . Spent summer a shore . . . ls comparatively . . . Ardent basketball fan . pupil ol the general cou 26 Beverly Anne Staufler urdemic student . , . Blonde , . . Easy to get along with . Plans to go into Nurses ding . . . Bev has dramatic ity . . . Enjoys working in a store . . . Enjoys riding in rtain Chevy , . . Sports fan. Carl Robert Styer ikes making speeches . . . ays talking about cars . . . flirt . . . Unusual personality . Friendly . . . Enjoys going ting . . . Cute smile . . . Dark I . . . Seen driving a '52 Chevy. Phyllis Ann Sweigart mercial student . . . Talka- . . . Attractive to the oppo- sex . . . Friendly . . . Flirta- s...Alotoffun...l'..ikes ance . . . Always out for a d time . . . Hates having to be home by eleven. Gloria Louise Thomas ndly . . . Known for all the d times she has had . . . versationalist . . . Commercial ent . . . Very popular . . . n walking around the halls no place to go . . . Great entertainer at parties. 27 Erma lane Stefiy Student oi commercial course . . . ls often seen riding a '58 Ford . . . ls a collector of small dolls . . Does not like stuck-up people . . Can be seen with Ieanette . . Plans to become a typist after graduation. Donald Eugene Sweiqart Outstanding soccer player in Lancaster County . . . Was pre- sented the Ray W. Link Memor- ial trophy . . . The Merchant Marine is about to gain a new recruit . . . One of the youngest members of the class. Kenneth Grant Sweitzer Plans to become a draftsman . . . Enjoys bowling and hunting . . . Rather quiet . . . An avid fan of I the Phillies . . . Enrolled in aca- demic course. Lamont Eugene Tshudy Academic member of our class . . . ls undecided as to the fu- ture . . . Does not appreciate the Yankees . . . Good-looking . . . Different from what you think he is . . . Avid bowling fan . . . Uses his own formulated love call. Larry Gerald Usner A commercial student of our class . . . likes cars, with the exception of Chcvies . . . His future is irres- olute A . , Cordial . . . Very de- pendalzle . . . Never at home . . . Enjoys a good time . . . Coopera- tive. Barry Kahl Weaver Enrolled in general course . . . Tall member of the class . . . Pet peeve, girls from Minnesota . . . Enjoys water skiing and boating . . . Has ability for getting speed- ing tickets. Grant Delmar Weaver Personality plus . . . Tall, dark and handsome . . . Did a terrific job as George Spencer in the Sen- ior Flay . . . Very athletic . . . En- ioys hunting , . , Enrolled in gen- eral course. Theodore David Weaver After graduation he plans to work at West End Cleaners . . . Good Water skier . . . Courteous , . . Likes to work with models . , . Amicalxlfr . . . Has captivating smile . , . Enrolled in General course . . . Curly black hair. Suzan I eanette Wallin Diligent academic student . . . Likes twirling . . . Plans to attend Iowa University . . . Greatly dis- likes riding school buses . . . Good center forward . . .Enjoys trips to the shore . . . Beautiful clothes . . . Long hair. Grace Weaver Plans a career before marriage . . . Seen with Erma and Sandra , . . Would like to go to secretar- ial school . . . Commercial student . . . Doesn't like disorderly classes . . Is known for her optimistic attitude. Margaret Ruth Weaver Assiduous church worker and our year book editor . . . Future as a teacher looks promising . . . Con- genial . . . Can be found any- where, but at home . . . Enjoyed student-teaching . . . Easily excit- ed . . . Ranks high in her class. I ohn Richard Wentzel Academic student . . . Future lies in Business Administration , . . Doesn't like non-Yankee fans . . . l-lad role of First Officer in the play . . . Mathematical brain . . . Wouldn't hear of having messed- up hair . . . Bowler. Sylvia lean Widders Bouncy . . . Always ready for a blast . . . A mixed schedule . . . A lour-loot-nine package of dyna- mite . . . Loves hunting the op- posite gender . . . Adores cloth- ing . . . Enjoys collecting stuffed animals. Leonard Harvey Wise Enrolled in General Course . . . Seen with a cute blonde . . . Great dancer . . . Sharp dresser . . . En- joys driving his old car . . . Plays ice hockey on the "Flying Dutch- men" team . . . Does not like lav- ender. Barry Elam Zimmerman Avid sports fan . . . Friendly to all . . . Academic student . . . Bowling and baseball lan . . . Mathemati- cal brain . . . Plans to go to col- loge . . . Hates homework . . . Pet peeve: Fords, especially station wagons. Nancy Lou Wilhelm Natural blond hair . . . Very popu- if lar . . . Enjoys ice skating . . . ac- tive in sports . . . Warm person- ality , . . A lot of lun . . . Com- mercial student . . . Can be found at Martindale . . . Despises those long, vigorous hockey laps. Eugenia Fay Youndt Doesn't believe in little brothers . . . When she isn't dancing, she is bound to be running around . . . She intends to brighten the future by getting married . . . Can be heard in the quiet halls . . . Bundle of fun. Carl R. Zimmerman General course . . . Dependable . . . Pet peeve: dog Fords . . . Considerably well liked by every- one . . . Quiet . . . Tall, light and handsome . . . Neat . . . Sharp dresser . . , Has an excellent sense of humor. OUR JUNIGR CLASS PLAY AND... First row tseatedl: Linda Musser, Siretta Rauscher, Carolyn Shenenberger, Beverly Stautter, Roy Martin, Regina Imber, Donald Sweigart, Marianne Evans, Grant Weaver, Mildred Burkhart, Leon- ard Wise, Kenneth Sweitzer, Robert Smith. Second row tseatedlz Phyllis Miller, Wilmer Musser, Elizabeth Berkheimer, Nancy Wilhelm, lane Eshelmarx, Annette Barbour, Linda Seifred, Third row Cstandingl: Peggy' Weaver, Demetria Keares, Mary I-lagey, Melvin McGinnis, Larry Usner, Donald Reeser, Cindy Cramer, Betty Rogers, Brian Long, Donna Troop, Mary Ann I-tenly, Richard Wentzel, Robert Sauder, Robert Andrew, Mr. Robert H. Schenck, Mr. Harold E. Gamber. Betty MacDonald Don MacDonald .. Anne MacDonald loan MacDonald . Howard .................. Roger ...................... ONIONS IN THE STEW By Betty Macdonald Directed by Mr. Harold E. Gamber CAST Betty Rogers Brian Long Marianne Evans Regina lmber Grant Weaver Donald Sweiqart Claude ....................... ......,...... R oy Martin Claire Fressenden ..... .... B everly Stautter Leslie Arnold ........... ............ D onna Troop Margo ............... Miss Garvey ...... Bee Gee ................ Mary Ann Henly Phyllis Miller Annette Barbour Salsie .......................... Kitsie ............................... Mrs. Watson's Harry New-Motor Marvin .. Mr. Curtis ................ Mrs. Curtis ...... Lyda ............ lim ..... Dotty .... Ioey ................ Phil Murray ..... lane Eshleman Linda Seitred Robert Sauder Robert Andrew Richard Wentzel Mildred Burkhart Elizabeth Berkheimer Wilmer Musser Nancy Wilhelm Larry Usner Donald Reeser Delia Murray ................................ Cindy Cramer C5005 h9f1VGf1Si 'Ang YOUTH iUSi "lust take everything upstairs. C1 Chlldl Mother will be so-o-o glad to see you!" "O Roger! We both think so cute!" 30 ...JUNICJR-SENIOR RECEPTION Looking forward to the first exciting event of our class, We, the seniors, set out to make the first reception in our new building a great one. The olreotmy mood wos set by the theme, "Seo of Dreams". The adventurous ond colorful surroundings put oll its guests into the reolizortion of mystic encounters of under-water happenings. x 4 Q V Karen Kuipers Phyllis Miller, Harriet Becker, Suzcm Mr. I,Wil1iam Dean Wollin, Ioane Gudekunst. . W. vt 'H ff I ,A .SENIOR PLAY Yes, Mrs. Spencer. l'm sure your husband is on Flight 7l4." , "Bring your wheel up or you'll crash! Get back thot height. You need a thouscmd feet." "This is Los Angeles Control Tower. Get me the lire chief and police chief immediately." -N, 1 "There's a common denominator in dll these loocl poisonings. There's got to be!" HC1fO1Ci GGITUDGY. director "l'm proud of you, George. I knew you could land this plane." 32 yi you sure my husband is on "It's the co-pilot! l-le's sick!" that flight?" George Spencer Stewardess Clanetl .... Dr. Baird ................... .... FLICHT INTO DANCER by Arthur Hailey Directed by Mr. Harold E. Garnber Grant Weaver Linda Shaffer .. Donald Resser Mrs. Foster .........,. ..... B etty Boqers Mr. Foster ....... . Robert Andrew Mr. Maine .......... .............. L arry Usner Miss Williams ..... ..... Marao ................. .,.... Cathy ..... lane ..... Helen ..... He handles the sound. l'm just the liqh Annette Barbour Sylvia Widders Mary Haqey Karen Halls Siretta Rauscher CA X "Thinkl Then speak First Officer ....... ....... R ichard Wentzel Captain .......... ..... R obert Binkley Controller ............. ........ M arlin I-lartranft Ticket Argent .......... Brenda Kilhefner May Spencer ........... ...... D onna Troop Switchboard Operator Cludyl ...... Linda Seifred Harry Burdick ............................ Wilmer Musser Captain Treleaven Understudy ................ ....... Student Directors Donald Sweiaart Marianne Evans Harriet Becker Beverly Stauffer f technician," "Check the make-up quickly. Only one minute before curtain SENIOR INFORMALS . . .VIA TV ABOUT FACES "ti - THE THREE STOOGES Stars: Nancy Buckwalter, Annette B6rbOUr, Famous Personalities: Linda Seitred, Linda Linda Musser Shaffer, Martha McKinney Q or f Y' -5.-- . MY THREE SONS THE LINEUP SUPIJOYYUICJ H0199 I-HWY USUN' Wilmer MUS' Cast Members: Donald Reeser, Art Henning' ser, Melvin McGinnis er, Bob Sauder, Ray Duffy, David Fessler - 4 FS WllAT'S MY LINE MEET THE PRESS Co-stars: Sally Good, Sandra Good Reporters: Ruth Graff, Miriam Martin, Edith 34 Musser TAKE A LOOK SPORTS SPECTACULAR Guest Stars: Donald GroH, Zarmon Landis Champions: Betty Esch, Eugenia Youndt ll. W WITNESS l'VE GOT A SECRET Pgrlrgyed by: Brenda Sprecher! Donna Troop Popular Characters: Do?oldRSweiqart, Har old Esbenshade, im ess er HIGHVVAY PATROL THE REAL MCCOYS Professionals: Fred Miller, Ted Weaver Title Roles: Gloria Lewis, Glorio Thomas Phyllis Sweiqarl 35 M. WAGON TRAIN PLAY YOUR HUNCH Starring: Shirley Shirk, Nancy Hurst, Ruth Performers: Harry Peachey, Darryl Smith, Planck Grant Weaver 3 . he :r..,.. QE flflez ' DRIVE-I 77 SUNSET STRIP MEDIC Featurinq: Ray Geist, Bob Andrew Top Stars: Phyllis Miller, Orpha Gehman, Mary Newswanqer WHlRLY-BIRDS LQVE QF LIFE Presenting: Suzan Wallin, Brenda Kilhefner, Comedians: Homer Faqer, Bruce Martin, Bill Betty Rogers Montgomery 0' '- na I CONCENTRATION BIG RASCALS 1HifOd'-1CiUQ3 lim HOIUHQEF. LCIHC9 Smilh, Leading Roles: Regina Imbor, Demoiria B013 Smith Kegre-5 LOCK-UP RIFLEMEN Auctioneers: Barbara Duttry, Elaine Deibler Plgyed by: lim Cebular, Larry Bock AB. il ul- 'iiiiil NATIONS FUTURE PLAY QF THE WEEK GUGSTS3 Rifhcfld Mcfiinf Carl SWCY Favorite Stars: Fein Gloss, Mildrc-d Biirkiiuii 37 .ll HAPPY Dramatic Actresses: Mary Anne Henly, Lin- da Houck WHAT IN THE WORLD Artists: Gone Moyer, Ken Martin, Roy Martin PETES GANG Actresses: Sylvia Widders, Rose Baldwin, , Cindy Cramer, Nancy Wilhelm RESCUE "8" Celebrities: Beverly Staufier, Carolyn Shen- enberqer, Mary Hagey, Leonard Wise, Carl Zimmerman, Gerald Lando. JHV' 'W , , ' W-.W are--1-M.: A 7 -.9 M ,S ,A TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES Entertainers: Sandra Sprecher, Erma Steffy, Jeanette Bitler, Grace Weaver SPEAK UP Professional Lecturers: Barry Zimmerman, Richard Wentzel, Lamont Tshudy, Ken- neth Sweitzer S! -5 la A x O Q ,l' , 4 E W wx 4, . A , 4 3 Alf " x Mm W-.--H xv - A 4 A fi x X Lx Q ,il 41' ,www f-ee-Huang .M-ww-QB x ,L. ...,h,.,- .W-M.. m"""" ' 40 X .4 x,.,.,A- y . ' mu., CLASS OFFICERS EL EVENTH Ronald Williams ........ .,... Iudy Nonnenmocher Lee Bair ............. ,..... Michael Lauria .... TENTH Lynn Dussinqer .. ................ Nancy Finch .......... Tom Leininqer ......, Larry Weaver .... Vice-President Secretary Treasurer President NINTH Secretary Mary Lou Weaver Treasurer Treasurer Susan Wenger Secretary President lay Leary Vice4President Vice-President Clyde Wissler ....... .............................. P resident XM ...,,, ., W mn lg' EIGHTH SEVENTH Linda Weaver .,...,........................ Vice-President Abby Rhoads ................................., Vice-President lane Shirk ........... ..,.......... S ecretary Iudy Houck ...... .......... S ecretqry Menno Eaby .......... ................ T reasurer Iohn Kennel ........ ,,,..,, T reasurer Richard Weaver ....................................,. President Steven Sheafier ..........................,............. President in ,N Q r 'Nv- -'PS 1 , , X X K, z , px J K N T N N Q .N. . X ww N -,, X 4 A , A X235 ms' ,.f 3 'i Q N x QQ - u is A6 ii 5 -N, 5 A s . Rx '31 'sl RW g ,. N . W-W...,, x f A M Aux 3 . N 4 in ai L BM' 11-D First Row: Sallie Talbot, Darla Carole Styer, Ioanna Shov Second Row: Mr. Martin, Dr Stauiier, Barbara Styerr, Nancy ders, Linda Weaver, Bertha hold, Carol Tshudyp Third Galen Witmer, Wayne Zook, Weaver, Geraldine Weinhold, Shirk, Ianet Styer, Fourth George Weaver, Ronald W Paul Zimmerman, Ira Trout, I Stahl, Bruce Stauifer, Richard gartg Fifth Row: Robert W Alfred Stover, Roy Weaver, F Smith, Barry Williams, St Yinqst. 10-A First Row: Charles Eckenroth, oy Finch, Virgil Beiler, F Blank, Mrs. G. Berqstresserg Row: Donald Coy, loyce Lonita Benner, Robert Bair, Eberlyg Third Row: Trent Steven Detwiler, Lynn Dus: Carole Bomborqer, Barbara E Fourth Row: Floyd Frankhl lohn Brubaker, Roy Finch, Carson: Fifth Row: Thomas inqor, larnes Clymer, Sandra David Buch. 1 0-B First Row: Sandra Good, L. Herman, Mary Ann Kiefer He-ss, Second Row: Kenneth Linda Good, ludy Gehman, Halsey, Mildred Freidleyg Row: Lester Horace Groii, Good, David Stan Graybill Kohl, Harold' lanet Gordon, Good, Kathy Suzann Kurtz, I Hillard: Fourth George Haas, ' Good, Sanford Carl Gehman, Gehman, Fifth Row: Iim Ioyce Hartrantt, Eileen Gir V loarrne Gudikunst. , 44 10-C Row: l.incla Plank, Sandra , Betty Martin, lean Lonqa- , Mr. Huber, Second Row: a l.iilldCl'ITlllCl'l, Linda Laulc- othiyn Martin, Iackie McCoy, How: Richard Montgomery, Mentzer, Anna Musser, Er- yers, Naomi Nolt, lohn Mus- 5 Fourth Row: Richard Poole, - O'Brian, Christine Lonq, nn Martin, Linda Leid, Wil- arting Filth Row: Tim Myers, d Martin, William Martin, Douglas Lorah. 10-D ow: Sandra Schnader, Kathy r, Peqqy Slaloach, Sandra der, Mr. Ernst, Second Row: e Stauffer, Terry Roland, n Seibel, Bonnie Steif, lane 1 Third Flow: Tom Stauffer, Hull, Sandra Sauder, Ella r, Christine Stauffer, Larry ly Fourth Row: Dwight , Arlene Reelcay, Cheryl Rey- Beirlah Shirlc, Hon Shromy Row: Robert Seiclhof, Donald ly, Richard Stephens, Iames Sell, Dorothy Snader. 10-E Row: Iohann Wilhelm, lane Marqaret Thompson, Deanna t, Mr. Schencky Second How: Zimmerman, Ella Zimmer- Doris Wilmer, lady Styer, Ann Weaver, Third How: Weinhold, Paul W'alter, Vlleaver, Mary Ellen Wen- Marilyn Weatherliy, Terry er, Fourth Row: Richard Wea- Leslie Sweiqart, Allen Zim- n, Earl Zimmerman, Calvin VVise, Ralph Weaver. 45 9-A First Row: Barry Eckenroth, Ken- neth Eclcenrcth, Ronald Deshong, Barry Burlcholder, Leon Arment, William Dussinger, Sydney Byers, Second Row: Sandia Beck, Patricia Betsker, Elmeta Augsliurger, Alice Cramer, Diane Davis, Arlene Bow- man, Esther Bowmang Third Row: Gerald Allison, Betty Eckenroth, Marie Bretch, Lee Brubaker, lohn Carnpbell, Edith Bock, lane Clark: Fourth Row: Mr. Noble, Paula Bouder, loyce Cork, Gordon Diem, Barry Auker, Roy Brandau, Richard Althouse, Emerson Arment, Duane Allgaier, Ruth Ann Buckwalter. 9-B First Row: lrvin Gingrich, Glen Good, Bill Hagey, Charlene Eschg Second Row: Anna Mary High, Audrey Good, Eileen Gehman, Rhoda Good, lanet Frankhouser, ludy Ginder, Barbara Hollinger: Third Row: Randy Good, Earl Horst, Patsy llaas, Beverly Graff, Robert Habalar, Gloria Hershey, Bill Feister: Fourth Row: Carol Good, Kay Goshert, Iulian Eshel- man, Ken Frankhouser, Earl Esch, Robert Gochenaur, Richard Good. 9-C First Row: Solomon Lausch, Nevin Hurst, Richard Longeneckerg Sec- ond Row: Mary lane lohnson, Sus- an Luelc, Kathryn Hyeit, Lucille Hurst, Melba Horst: Third Row: Nancy Kring, Carol Longabaugh, Ianet Martin, Sharon Martin, Donna Martin, Cherry Martin, loy Kauff- man, Willa Marting Fourth Row: Mr. Harrold, Robert Hurst, lerry Longabaugh, Douglas lacoby, Kar- en Lane, Ken M. Martin, lames Martin, Dennis Kern, Eugene Mar- tin, lohn Hutchinson. 46 9-D First Row: Ray lvlusser, Lewis Northeimer, lflrilieit Molrler, Alvin McCoy: Second How: Doris North- Qimer, Michele Sadosliy, Gloria Mull, Becky l'tau:sr'lier', linda Mc:- Carty, Edna Faye Newswartqerg Third Row: Drwrlisa llliodes, Cindy Miller, Dawn Petr-rs, Karen llanck, Gary Pickel, Sheila lluland, llliza- liieth Sandoe, Donna lieplati, Susan iiioqers, ludy Newsswanqerg l"ourth l3lowi Mr. Stover, Marion Nott, Paul Marvel, Walter Musser, Clrarles Fieeser, Kenny Metzler, Brent Mus- ser, Marvin Noll, Eric Rc-ssler, Barry Mentzer. 9-E First Row: lefl Stauller, Clyde Wrssler, Dale Snader, Gary Shirlcy Second How: Linda Stern, Mary Ann Sandee Kathy Stick, llene Shirlz, lean Snader, Gloria Sandee, Donna Styerp Third Haw: Barry Sensenia, Clare Staulter, Carl Sen- seniq, lack Sclmader, Mary Lau Weaver, Susan Wenger, Ioyee Sin- clair, Donna Treqo, Lynn Sweiqart, lere Shirnp: Fourth How: Mr. Wa- tro, Robert Sensenich, William Shirk, Ronald Sorlwer, larnes Sen- senra, Larry Styer, lay Leary, David Spangler, Paul Shcnlverqer, Rodney Shupp, Sharyanne Schreiber, Fay Styer. 9-F First Row: Gerald Vogel, lames Welverg Second How: Euqene Zim- merman, Sylvia Zimmerman, Gladys Vtfeaver, Beverly Wise, Rowena Weaver, Sarah lane Weaver, Wil- liam Waltz, Third Pow: Barbara Weinhold, David Weaver, Mary Wenaer, Susan Trestle, Carl 'Wea- ver, Louetta Weaver, Sharon Wel- ler, Fourth Row: Miss Smith, Alice Yinast, Carol Zeimer, Susan Wea- ver, Violet Vtfeaver, Elva Zimmer- man, lehn Vtfenqer, Mc-rvin Wea- ver, Sharon Weaver, Lean Weaver, Samuel Zimmerman. 47 xi ,si- 8-A First Row: Ronald Renter, lo Beck, Kathryn Clnrlc, l Cults, Cherry Rrorzssinnn, R Augsluqer Terry Rriilialcer, Fleydtp Second Row: Philip ler, William Baxter, Sunnio ong, Ethel Buzzard, Terry All Raymond Bowman, Kathy A Diana Roloy, Third Row: Gen baker, leanotto Clymer, Ann baker, Fourth Row: Larry C Nathan BllC'lCWElllC'l', David lane Boley, Barluairzi Rurlchart, Coldren, Rarry Diem, l.arry hart, lanico Campbell, Ma Bonner. 8-B First Row: Samuel Fritz, Eberly, Harry Eaby, Dawn man, Debbie Dunlap, Harold Mrs. Hess, Second Row: Eberly, David Erb, Linda Freda Eshelman, Nancy Fr Carol Good, Carol Fedorg Row: Chester Freeman, Faust, loan Esbenshade, Gai man, Donna Dombach, Mike Fourth Row: Clifford Diem, Fisher, Wilmer Esbenshade, Diem, Reggie Geist, Paulette Fifth Row: Quentin Fultz, Da ler, Sylvan Gehman, Charles 8-C First Row: Amos Hahn, l-lorning, Sandra Gutekunst. Graham, Shirley Good, Hertzog, Mr. Cullyg Second Wayne Flochstetler, lane Hig da Grubb, Mary Good, Rita Gary Halls, Third Row: Good, Warren Good, Ray Susan lless, Paul Hepner, Gordon, Fourth Row: Eugene bill, Charles Heft, Laverne Walter Good, left llerr: Filth Wayne Graft, Robert Good, Hahn, lanet Good, Ruth Ann 48 8-D t Row: Iudy Lapp, Linda Lau- ilch, Richard Weaver, Gerald t, Donald Kauffman, Richard dermilch, Mr. William Shirk: nd Row: Linda Weaver, Rich- Hoshour, Larry Law, Ianice ck, Ruth Irons, Karen Kuipers: d row: Teri Iones, Kenneth an, Clarence Kemper, Dale y, Sydne lrons: Fourth Row: cy Horninq, Delores Kohl, Am- Houck, Dennis Hunsicker, Dawn an, Kathy Kauffman, lane k, Menno Eby: Fifth Row: Lu- Iohnson, Edward Kadtke, le Horst, Darrell Houck, Des- d Hoover, Richard Kachel, Mr, Shirk. 8-E t Row: Cherie Lees, lames inney, Iohn H. Miller, Iohn R. tin, Holly Meck, Harold Martin, Greer: Second Row: Ruth Ann tin, Sylvia McCamant', Donna tin, Sharon Martin, Linda ns, Cindy Martin, Irene Mus- an: Third Row: Michael Lease, Ludwig, Darlene Lefever, Martin, Grace Martin, Evelyn er, Rose Ann Martin, Dale , Kenneth Myers: Fourth Row: a Martin, Wayne McClariqan, ra May, Vivian Musser, Phyl- lis Martin, Darwin Martin. 8-F t Row: Dawn Parmer, Ralph ermyor, Fred Nolt, Rodney ton, Norman Rutter, Richard sky, Miss Swartz: Second 1 Charlene Parmer, Ted Riker. iter Redcay, Dee Anne Ressler, rt Nolt, Richard Peachy: Third : Nancy Overly, Elaine Over- lvan Redcay, Rodney Peachy, ard Rutt, Ianice Sauder: Fourth : Barry Palmer, Margaret Ross, t Reeser, Ianice Oberholtzer, Rutt, Velma Ressler: Fifth : Delmar Sauder, Abe Plank, ert Roider, Peaqy Rogers, Mar- qaret Remp. 49 F Z3 '- ftqi Fl -- s L Al -. 4 ,Eg fa--Q N , F 1 1' Q V 1 Q ll , 5 r "' Q is 'IK' 8-G First Row: Darlene Shirk, Ruth Anne Stoltzfus, Reggie Traugh, Mary Ellen Stoltztus, Susan Stauf- ter, Sherlyn Sauder, Mrs. Dissing- er, Second Row: lerry Sweigart, Ioseph Sturla, Patricia Schnupp, Sandra Smucker, Gary Sollenberg- er, Peggy Smoker, Rose Marie Sen- senig, Kenneth Simmons, Third Row: Clair Sensenig, Ioyce Stauf- ter, Ioyce Snader, Mary Ella Sen- senig, Douglas Weaver, Donald Stover, lerry Trout, Fourth Row: Carl Weaver, Margaret Warmer, Elaine Spotts, Sandra Snyder, Kathy Slabach, Connie Stefiy, Cynthia Schnader, Fifth Row: Bobby Styer, Mary Alice Staufter, Herbert Stauf- fer, Raymond Shirk. 8-H First Row: Edwin Wenger, lacque- tine Weidman, Stephen White, Eu- gene Weber, Fern Weaver, Mr. Reynolds, Second Row: Marvin Weaver, Glen Wyble, Mahlon Zim- merman, Larry Weaver, Tom Wea- ver, Robert E. Witwer, Third Row: Evon Weiriliold, Sandia Weinhold, Karl Wentzel, Loren Zimmerman, Robert Yelk, Robert Wilmer, Lee Y1Veber, Fourth Row: Linda Wit- wer, Connie Weber, Ronald Wise, Greg Weidman, Nelson NVert, Lu- rnar Wilmer, Inn Whitaker, lehn Zimmerman. 7-A First Row: Herbert Buckwalter, Bar- bara Brubaker, Harold Bowman, Howard Bohn, Marvin Brubaker, Russell Beck, Ray Beiler, Mrs, Weaver, Second Row: Lavina Ar- ment, Barbara Best, Irene Cebular, Gerald Blatt, Harold Bashore, Greg- ory Bair, Gary Blair, Third Row: ludy Braine, Susan Brelsford, Fay Brendle, Iill Capatch, Ioyce Bays, David Bender, Roy Bowman, Fourth Row: Gayle Brennemen, Brenda Brossman, Bonnie Bressler, Ruth Beachy, Geraldine Brown, Iudy Andrew, Lois lean Bowman, Filth Row: Garry Bowman, lohn Binkley, Evelyn Buckwalter, Patricia Bretch, Robert Buckwalter, Lynette Burk- holder, Linda Beears, Betty Buck- walter. 50 7-B First Row: Mr. Piper, Suzy Frank- housor, Cheryl Frankhouser, Kathy Eshelman, Harry Freas, Ierry Esch, Tom Eshelman, Donald Good, Seo ond Row: Mary I. Ginder, DiAnn Good, Donald Clymer, Ronald Frankhouser, Sanford Gehman, Rodney Davis, Third Row: Rachel Duttry, Harold Eberly, Donald Gochenaur, Ronald Gochenaur, Robert Gehman, Teddy Finefrock, Walter Gehman, Amos Good, Fourth Row: Edna Freidly, Dina Franke, lohn Getz, Ronald Dyer, Bruce Good, Ken Good, Fifth Row: Kathy Eberly, Donna Gettel, Ardell Feister, Barbara Frank, Donald Dunlap, Larry Coldren, Barton Esh- elman, Ronald Crills. 7-C First Row: Rodney Hartman, Bar- bara Ann Hillworth, Eileen Houck, Landis Hibshman, Ruth Ann High, Linda lohnson, Miss Trimmer: Sec- ond Row: Nelson Horst, Thomas I-loober, Orie Good, Christina Hess, Patricia Hostetter, Larry Hannan. Willard Good, Third Row: Frank Hersh, William l-leistand, Doris Harsh, Dorothy Harsh, Ianet Horri- inq, Fourth Row: Carol Hurst, Ann Graybill, Ronald Grofl, Kathleen Hoffert, ludy Houck, Iacqueline Helenthal, Fourth Row: William Groff, Leon Hoover, Dale Herr, Iohn Hench, Barbara Heft, Lucille Good, Nancy Hoober, Marjorie Hollinger. 7-D First Row: Ioyce Lonqabauqh, Don- na Martin, Kenny Kauffman, Elaine Martin, Mary McCoy, Thelma Mai- tin, Mr. Mann, Second Row: Rich, ard Kieffer, George Meissner, Larry Light, Third Row: lohn Kennel, Roger Martin, Gary Kieffer, Richard Meck, Martha McCoy, Pauline Mai- tin, Dennis Martin, Mary Liqht: Fourth Row: Raymond Kauffman, Louis Kidhardt, Betty M. Martin, Sandy Martin, Iohn Kreider, lane Keiser, Betty L. Martin, Fifth Row: Mildred Martin, Barry Kirkpatrick, Carl McClendon, Larry Martin, Richard Kieffer, Harold Mellinqer, Sanford Martin, Carol McClariqan. Sl --,mag -4.-...-a. 7-E First Bow: Barry Miller, C Mohler, Darlene Musser, Mohler, Iudy Oster, Wendy Mrs. Casavantg Second Bow: Newswanqer, Boy Mellinqer, Musser, Ianice Musser, Edith I wanqer, Anne Newswanqerg Row: Shirley Messner, B Banclc, Martha Hanck, lane M Ftandy Schnador, Richard qrovoy Fourth Row: Donna Abby Bhoads, Bonnie Miller, bert Myers, Donald Sauder, Mussorg Filth l-tow: Luis Sa Robert Sauder, lane Nolt, S' Mentzor, Linda Peplau, Su Naqle, Nestor Santiago, E Messner. 7-F First Row: Kay Styer, Ianice Dale Stamm, Martha Thomas, cy Stover, Diane St.Clair, Mr. Second Row: Michael Sp David Shrom, Steve Shearter, ela Shirlc, Brenda Shirk, Ann qart, Sharon Styerg Third Flow ald Shirk, Tom Shimp, Stone, Donna Senseniq, Shirk, Beth Thomas: Fourth Randy Stubbs, Glenn Seibel, ald Usner, lohn Smith, Linda qart, Carol Stern, Barbara Fifth Row: Iames Tshudy, Usner, Gary Shimp, Mervin seniq, Iohn Usner, Holly St Sixth Row: Mark Senseniq, Styer, Abner Stoltztus, Tom qart. 7-G First Bow: Mr. Palumbo, Youndt, Cindy Wise, Marvin er, Kathy Walter, lulia White ond Bow: Carl Zimmerman, liam Weaver, Henry Weaver, Weber, Philip Witmer, Ray 'Third Row: Tommy Youndt, Ola Vvlliitrnmo, Earl Weaver, S Wallin, Linda Weinhold, Zimmerman, Lois Ann Wert, I line Zoll, Mary Kay Zimme Filth Row: Loon Weinhold, Youndt, Mary lane Weber Yelk, Michael Wenger, Caro Weinhold. 52 NEW FACILITIES GIVE ADDED OPPORTUNITIES IN... CHEMISTRY GENERAL SCIENCE LIBRARY COMMERCIAL HOME ECONOMICS 53 FRENCH PHYSICAL EDUCATION 54 WN Rx R ENR A N N .f 1,5 ' 1 A WSU' 5 W2 .fc-' ' A wfafvksigf rii . . M e 4- A Wm W ve-lg.-'Q "W ' . i 'W slr X Q ' s .L Q 1 .E . :Q A 91' M 3 v M1 spnnrnnus UISTFIFF Peggy Weaver. Spartanus editor, and Mr. Frank Palumbo, Advisor, discuss plans for l96l Spartanus. Demetria Keares, typing editor, poses with her staff Linda Seifred, Linda Sheafter, and Gloria Thomas. . .. Yr .- f. wig - ff X . my t xigqgi .., 9835+ Seniors Sally Brown, Richard Wentzel, and Barry Zimmer- 56 Senior editors, Peggy Weaver and Rose Baldwin, discuss man compare photographs. yearbook plans with Carolyn Gehman and Lee Bair, junior editors. i ,..-ci? K T7 .6 ,A - 3- 3.13, A., -4. , 1 f A .. .,.-- L -GK". Bcbert Smith, Lance Smith and Cindy Cramer propose layout as Annette Barbour and Ronald Smith discuss tary, Mary Anne Ewell, converses Gfttstls desiqns- with photographers. The members of the Yearbook Staft have devoted much time and effort in order to pro- duce this yearbook. Students were selected for the start on the basis of their scholastic ability and desire to be a part ot the yearbook. The Yearbook Start consists of the Lay-out, Write-up, and Photography Committees, as well as the many typists which are required. A secretary was also selected for the first time this year. BUSINESS STAFF Write-up editor, Nancy Wilhelm, supervises as Brenda First row: Gladys Blank, Sylvia Horn- inq, Carole Styer, l.aVerne Good, Eve- lyn Essex, Arlene Hartranlt, Barbara Styer, Donna Troopg Second row: San- dra Bair, Ann Futer, Art Benninqer. Zarmon Landis, Bob Sauder, George Lester, Wilmer Musserp Third row: Rhoda Nolt, Paula McCoy, lack Mus- selman, Wayne Zook, Bob GroH, Bon- ald Williams, Nancy Duck, Gloria Lewis, Elaine Good, lanot Styer, lane Eshelmang Fourth row: Bill Sheaffor, lim lrons, Sue King, Franklin Buckwal- ter, Donald Beeser, Darla Zoll, David Fessler, Bob Andrew. Kilhetner, Mary Haqey, Barbara Schroll and Patsy Artz work on articles. i X t 5 i. Q ,-.J ,fjxr 6 NAL, - 'XZQAQV Caption oditor, Sylvia Widdczrs, glances over photographs. Student Council First row: Carol Ann Weaver, Harry Peachey, Rick Poole, Michael Lauria, Donna Troop, Second row: Miss Troxell, Ronald Williams, Linda Dussinqer, Cindy Cramer, Demetria Keares, Ioann-a Showalterg Third row: Darryl Smith, Donald Sweiqart, lim Irons, Robert Siedhof, Beverly Stauftery Fourth row: Robert Binkley, Brian Long, Tom Leininger, John Sheat-fer, Harold Esbenshade. First row: Ilene Shirk, Barbara Hollinger, Roy Brandau, ludy Newswanqerg Second row: Holly Meck, Judy Houck, Linda Peplau, Audrey Faust, Ann Brubakerp Third row: Duane Allqaier, Steve Sheaffer, Richard Weaver, Ioe Sturla, Robert Wilmer, Henry Weaver, Mr, Sherry Fourth row: Leon Weaver, Carol McClarigan, Bonnie Bressler, Ruth Irons, Susan Hess, lanice Shirk, Donna Gettel. 58 gmia Sale in one of character sketches, utside assembly spon- red by the Council. Student Council Activities mg up a storm at one ot the many dances. .Q E 1 Transportation to the soccer championship game was sponsored by the Student Council. .Q Yi to Audience participation. Harry Pcachey Student Student Council is a democratic organiza- tion oi students elected to serve as official representatives in all matters which concern the entire school. To foster school spirit and to promote the best interests of the school are the main purposes of Student Council. Because ot the increased facilities avail- able this year, Student Council was able to sponsor several outside assemblies. These were Virginia Sale in her "Americana Char- acter Sketchesf Phil Betzold with "Denizens oi the Deep", the Augspurgs and their "jungle Wonders", and "Chief" Morgan demonstrating judo. This year Student Council sponsored sev- eral dances, and they also introduced dancing Council president qivos Miss Sale an invitation to return during the lunch periods at school. For the first time this year the Council opened a school store in order to promote a better school spirit among the students. Bundle Week, an- other Council-sponsored project, also was a big success. In addition to these things, Student Coun- cil assisted in standardizing the school jacket. They also sponsored buses to soccer and bas- ketball games. All sports awards and other awards earned by students throughout the year were purchased by the Council. Although the Iunior and Senior High School have separate Councils, they co-oper- ate by working together on many projects. Brian Long, TAT editor, plans the layout for a future edition ot the newspaper as Miss Ruth Witman, Ad- visor, looks on X 1 i 3 Su Linda Siefrecl, Linda Shaffer and Donna Troop, TAT I9 porters, check their assignments for articles EL? TOWER NEWS as TELL A ...,,, fo . ' ' J .- T 0 W E R P592 EWS ' Published eight times a year by the students o! Garden Spot High School, New Holland. Pu. Subscription Rates: 51.25 per Year S .25 Single Copy EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief ..........................................., Brian Long, '61 Associate Editors ..... ...... B renda Sprecher, '61 Harriet Becker, 'Bl Feature Editor .................,.. ..... C arolyn Sheneberger Assistant Feature Editor ...... ....... S iretta Rauscher, '61 Sports Editor .................... ...... D onald Sweigart,..'6l Photographers .......................................... Earl Martin, '62 Fred Priebe, 62 REPORTEHS-Patricia Artz, lanet Braine, David Buch, Mary Ann Ewell, Peggy Halsey, Linda lones, Lin- da Seitred, Linda Shaffer, lohn Sheafter, lanet Sty- er, Donna Troop, Marilyn Weatherby, Carol Ann Weaver, Hcrma Weaver, Ronald Williams. BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager ..................,................. Lamont Tshudy Circulation Manager .... ..... R egina lmber Advertising Manager .........,..............,......... lames Ressler STAFF ASSISTANTS - Sandra Bair, Elizabeth Berk- heimer, and Earla Mae Rutt. ADVISORS Editorial ...... .......................,........ R uth A. Witman Business ...... ...... R ussell H. Yost TAT photographers, Earl Mart Fred Priebe, prepare the came that news scoop The Tell-A-Tower News, the school paper, is published eight times a year by the students of the Garden Spot High School. It is designed to cover all phases oi school life in its news stories. The Tell-A- Tower is a charter member oi the Columbia Scholastic Press Association and the Pennsylvania School Press Association. Each year these organizations judge thousands ot newspapers throughout the United States on the basis ot appearance, quality of paper used, clarity of type used and a countless number of other qualities sought in a good newspaper. The Tell-A- Tower holds a first place rating in both of these organ- izations. Membership on the stall is purely voluntary. Any student in grades nine through twelve is eligible to volunteer tor the statt. if' Mr. Russel Yost and other members of the TAT business start look on as the ciiice-rs glance over an issue of the newspaper. Quill and Scroll Quill and Scroll is an international Hon- orary Society for high school journalists. lts purpose is to encourage and reward individual achievement in journalism and allied fields. To be eligible tor membership a student must be at least a junior, good scholastic standing, must have done superior work in some phase ot journalistic or creative endeav- or, must be recommended by the advisor ot publications and approved by the secretary of the National Quill and Scroll Society. lt is their task to handle all news releases from the school lor all activities. Articles per- taining to school activities appear weekly in the New Holland Clarion as well as some articles in the Ephrata Review. Any event or activity requiring additional publication re- ceives coverage in the Lancaster Newspapers. Brian Long, newspaper editor, works on layout while Brenda Sprecher, Siretta Rauscher, Donald Sweigart, Carolyn Shenen berger and Harriet Becker, other editors, evaluate a previous edition. Quill and Scroll members, Siretta Rauscher, Carolyn Shenenberq- er, Brcnda Sprecher, Brian Long, Donald Sweigart, Donna Troop Harriet Becker, Linda Seitred and Miss Ruth Witnian proudly display the chapter charter. BAND BAND IN FORMATION. The eighty members of the marching band have improved their techniques during the summer months and practices. This tact was proven by the winning ot first prize in the Elizabethtown Parade. The sixty-two members of the concert band should also be commended for their fine instrumental music ot the concerts. As an exchange assembly, our school band produced an assembly at Milton Hershey School. Our band traveled to Pitman, New lersey, to play in the parade of the Band Mas- ters' Convention. On May 5, 1961, the school and the community held their annual com- bined concert, the second Festival of Music. Members of the band attended various festivals. The following attended both Coun- ty and District Band: Iames Irons, cornetg Lee Bair, clarinet, Beverly Cfrori, clarinet, lohn Brubaker, trumpet. Those attending County Band were: Carolyn King, clarinet, Ann Futer, clarinet, William Shearfer, clarinet, Lee Rich- wine, trombone, Ron Williams, trombone, Ralph Mentzer, tromboney Tom Leininger, tuba: Eileen Gingrich, baritone sax, Brenda Kilhetner, twirler. 62 . I1 rfigg A ., W. 'li' PJ!! IJ!! ' x I as X ' w"""'w-V in N., , 2. XX I I MR. PAUL WI-IITE, DIRECTOR JUDY NONNENMOCHER DRUM MAJOR SWINGING HIGH Melody and Holly While, ludy Nonnenmocher Belly Roqerq Susan Wallrn Sandra Byrd, Suzan Boqers, Brenda K1lhelnfr Peqqy Halsey Maryanne Ewell, Mary Ann Kiefer, Suzie Wenger Sandra Wallm lun Stone, CHORUSES SENIOR JUNIOR HIGH BOYS First row: Harriet Becker, lane Stone, Brenda Mentzer, Carol Ann Weaver, lack Musselman, lim Sell, Carl Houck, Donald Coy, Bill Sheafter, Ronald Blank, Robert Bair, Peggy Halsey, Linda Lied, Lonita Benner, Kathy Staufier, Miss Smith: Second row: Iackiet McCoy, Sandy Bair, Carol Tshudy, Mary Ann Ewell, Faye Eby, Lee Bair, lohn Sheatier, Calvin Wise, Harold Esbenshade, Paul Walter, Charles Eckenroth, Christina Stautter, Phyllis Miller, Ann Futer, Ioanne Gudikunst, Third row: Barbara Schroll, Barbara Styer, Laverne Good, Paula McCoy, Wilmer Martin, Balph Mentzer, Bichard Martin, Bonnie Wil- liams, lohn Brubaker, lames Clymer, Susie King, Marilyn High, Orpha Gehman, Ruth Ann Martin, Fourth row: Nancy Kohl, Eileen Gingrich, Dorothy Snader, Carolyn Ge-hman, Fred Priebe, Earl Martin, Frank Buckwalter, lim lrons, left Lowry, Lee Richwine, Bob Newswanger First row: Miss Smith, Linda Stern, Linda Grubb, Kathy Walter, Doris Weaver, Barbie Banck, Pam Shirk, Cheryl Frank- houser, Cathy Io Beck, Carol Stern, Ianice Shirk, Bonnie Bressler, Martha McCoy, lenniier Redcay, Kathy Alwine, Diane Good, Mary McCoy, Eileen Houck, Linda Iohnson, Holly Meck, Linda McCarty, Anne Brubaker, Linda Weaver, Lucy Iohn- sony Second row: Nancy Wise, Iulie Eshelman, leanette Clymer, Sharon Weller, Patty Betsker, Christina Hess, Ianice Houck, Bose Ann Martin, Mary lane lohnson, Cynde Martin, Cherry Lynn Brossman, Iackie Weidman, Diana Davis, Sher- lyn Sauder, Kathy Hofiert, Karen Kuipers, Audrey Good, Karen Lane, Nancy Kring, Third row: Margie Hollinger, Shary- anne Schreiber, Lynette Burkholder, Gloria Hershey, Linda Means, Grace Martin, loyce Snader, Linda Weinhold, lackie Helenthal, Susan Brelsford, Sandy Wallin, ludy Houck, Abby Bhoads, Donna Martin, Barbara Hollinger, Ioan Snader, Susie Wenger, Carol Good, Fourth row: Pat Bretch, Eileen Coldren, Amber Houck, Susie Weaver, lanice Sauder, Marie Bretch, Violet Weaver Donna Peplau, loy Kauffman, Susan Luek, Nancy Overly, Fay Styer, Paula Bouder, Bev Groif, Mary Lou Weaver. JUN First row: lohn Kennel, Thomas Hoober, Philip Stover, Harry Freas, William Heistand, Barry News- wanger, Herbert Stauffor, Henry Weaver, Harold Baseshore, Second row: Donald Sauder, leftrey Herr, lohn Smith, Dale Kelley, Donald Dunlap, Solomon Lausch, Steven Stcaffor, Richard Kachely Third row: Lee Brubaker, Ftichard Althouse, Douglas lacoliy, Duane Allgaier, Emerson Arment, Gregory Weid- man, Ronald Dyer, Thomas Sweigf art, loanne Gudikunst, Mr. Bowman. 64 IOR SENIOR HIGH GLEE CLUB row: Sandy Beck, Sandy Bair, McCoy, Brenda Mentzer, Ann Weaver, Iohan Wilhelm, Dussinqer, Sandra Martin, Staufier, Lonita Benner, Shar- artin, Alice Cramer, Miss Second row: Elmeta Auqs- r, Peqqy Slabach, Mary Ann , Cheryl Eberly, Barbara Sty- aula McCoy, Iudy Gehman, , Bomberger, Linda Lied, Ruth Martin, Christine Long, Edna ewswanqer, Elizabeth San- Third row: Ioyce Busser, Bar- berly, Anita Glass, Dorothy r, Carolyn Gehman, Herma er, Christina Staufter, Sandy der, Marilyn Hiqh, Orpha an, Corky Gudikunst. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA CHORUS First row: Miss Smith, Clyde Wiss- ler, Dale Snader, David Weaver, Boy Musser, Earl Esch, Iohn Hutch- inson, Larry Weaver, Ken Martin, Richard Kachelp Second row: Bill Fisher, Gerald Allison, Lee Brubak- er, Leon Weaver, Donald Zimmer- man, Iohn Campbell, Dick Martin, Wilmer Martin, Iim Sensenig. JUNIOR HIGH GLEE CLUB First row: C Fedor, C. Esch, D. Stamm, l. Cetbular, D. Musser, I. Horninq, I. Crills, E. Webe1', C. Wise, D. Farmer, P. Martin, W. My- ers, E. Newswanqer, S. Gutekunst, M. Thomas, C. Leos, A. L. News- wanqer, N. Stover, B. Brubaker, Miss Smith, Second row: I. Good, I. Newswanqer, D. A. Ressler, C. Martin, E. Auqsburqer, E. Longer, S. Staufier, B. Weaver, C. Hurst, D. Leaman, S. Beck, D. Gettle, L. Beears, B. A. Stoltzfus, I. Lapp, D. Banck, B. Thomas, I. Capatch, B. Brossman, B. Buckwalterg Third row: S. Me-ntzer, P. Schnupp, S. Good, D. Northeimer, L. Good, D. Northeimer, L. Good, D. Northeim- er, L. Good, S. Rogers, S. Smucker, D. Lefever, A. Graybill, C. Miller, E. Sandoe, S. Martin, D. Shirk, C. Farmer, S. D. Bushonq, M. Martin, S. lrons, T. Iones, R. Irons, E Over- ly: Fourth row: N. Horninq, M. I. Weber, C. Ziemer, D. Peters, A. Faust, B. A. Hahn, P. Ross, N. Hoober, K. Slabach, FI. A. Buck- walter, A. Cramer, E. F. Newswan- qer, G. Gehman, S. Nagle, L. Perp- lau, S. Hess, K. Kauffman. J First row: Iohn Brubaker, Fred Priebe, Bonnie Stief, Beverly Groff, Lee Bair, David Buch, Mike Futer, Mary Lou Weaver, Harold Esbenshadeg Second row: Carl Sensenig, Ralph Mentzer, Walter Bowman, Ronnie Williams, Lee Richwine, John Zimmerman, Mr. Paul White: Third row: Tom SENIOR HIGH DANC BAND Leininger, George Weaver, Charles Reeser, James Irons, Sam Zimmerman. JUNIOR HIGH BAND First row: Donna Dombach, Susan Trostle, Nancy Overly, Marvin Brubaker, Brenda Brossman, Mary C. Hess, Cindy Wise, Ellen Ludwig, Daniel Fessler, Duane Allgaierg Second row: Ioseph Sturla, Larry Styer, Kenneth Meyers, Barbara Frank, Michael Spangler, Dale Lutz, Richard Kachel, Reginald Traugh, Herbert Buckwalter, Herbert Staurler, Henry Weaverp Third row: Gayle Breme- man, Linda Shirk, Iacgueline Helenthal, Iohn Smith, Mr. Bowman, Thomas Eshelman, Orie Good, Linda McCarty. ORCHESTRA First row: Eileen Houck, Anita Glass, Susan Hess, Mary C. Hess, Susan Frankhouser, Barbara Best, Robert Witmer, David Best, Lynette Burkholder, Sandra Wallin: Second row: Ianice Houck, Mary K. Zimmerman, Barbara Hollinger, Patricia Bretch, Donna Dombach, Nancy Overly, Kenneth Meyers, Katherine Hofiert, Anne Brubaker, Larry Styer, Lee Brubaker, ludy Martin, Mike Futerp Third row: Linda McCarty, Orie Good, Reggie Traugh, Dale Lutz, Richard Kachel, George Weaver, Clarence Kemper, Iohn Kennel, Harry Freas, Charles Reeser, Walter Bowman, Herbert Stauffer, Iohn Zimmerman, Tom Leininger, Pamela Shirk, Mr. Bowman. 66 First row: Mrs. Brandau, Rose Baldwin, Ruth Banck, Marianne Evans, Nancy Wilhelm, Cindy Cra- mer, Mary Ellen Cope, Bertha Weinhold, Miss Blakerg Second row: Nancy Finch, Peggy Slabach, Anna Mary High, lohan Wilhelm, Mary Ellen Wenger, Carol Zeimer, Chris Long, Third row: Carol Ann Weaver, Marilyn Weatherhy, Susan Trostle, Mary Ann Sandoe, Mary Lou Weaver, Linda Dussinqer, Peggy Halsey, Fourth row: Barbara Styer, Thelma Hoobcr, Barbara Schroll, Susie Kurtz. Donna Martin. S its First row: William Martin, Charles Eckenroth, Carl Zimmerman, Fern Glass, Carl Weaver, Donald Sweigart, Melvin McGinnisg Second rowg l-larry Pe-achey, Larry Usner, Wilbur l-lorning, Mr. Stock- ton, Mr. Weaver, Donald Dombach, Ronald Williams, Douglas Stauffer, Flichard Poole, Third row: Wilmer Musser, Richard Martin, Earl Martin, lohn Shearter, Mike Lauria, Fred Priebe, left Lowry, Wayne Zook. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA First row: Linda Seitred, L. Louise Herman, Arlene l-lartrantt, Barbara Sinclair, Betty Martin, Carole Bomberqer, Lynn Dussinqer, Sandra Marting Second row: Mrs. Bretch, Laverne Good, Eve- lyn Essex, Sylvia Widders, Linda Shatter, Nancy Hurst, Rose Baldwin, Fern Glass, Elaine Deibler, Naomi Noltg Third row: Martha McKinney, Nancy Wilhelm Kathy Martin, Margy Thompson, Mary Ellen Grott, Ann Louise Shirk, Beulah Shirk, Iane Sauder, Sylvia Horninq, Fourth row: Earla Mae Rutt, Verna Rutt, Barbara Duttry, lrlerma Weaver, Kathy Haas, Mary Ann Ressler, Geraldine Weinhold, Pauline O'Brien, Shirley Shirk, Thelma l-locberg Filth row: Ruth Graybill, Mirian Mar- tin, Ruth Grott, Edith Musser, Ianet Beck, Sandra Fritz, Linda Weaver, Linda Good, Ianet Styer, Christine Eshelman, Ella Zimmerman. First row: Louetta Weaver, Sylvia Zimmerman, Esther Bowman, Arlene Bowmang Seated: Mrs. Dorothy Bumm, Elva Zimmerman, Sharyann Schreiber, Secretary, Karen Lane, President: Melba Horst, Vice-President: Gladys Weaver, Treasurer: Almeta Auqsburqerp Standing: Diane Davis, Donna Styer, Sarah lane Weaver, Rowena Vtleaver, Ioyce Cork, Louanne Martin, Alice Cramer, Ianet Ftanlzhouser, Fay Styer, Rhoda Good, Charlene Esch, Iulia Eshelman, lanet Martin, Mary Iane Johnson. wig I Q 5 C M GOOD IACOB B. ZIMMERMAN Sl-IENK BROTHERS EARL SAUDER, INC U17Ul'I'Ij7Uj:-rl rn7UC-IC-rl O F E R I 'C -A First row: Roy Musser, Donald Zimmerman, Iohn Campbell, Gerald Allison, Second row: Kenneth Martin, Chaplain: Carl Gehman, Treasurer, Wilmer Martin, Vice President, Larry Weaver, Presi- dent: Kenneth Sauders, Secretary, Leon Weaver, Reporter: Clyde Wissler, Sentinel, Third row: Robert Mohler, William Shirk, Me-rvin Weaver, David Detwiler, Eugene Zimmerman, David Wea- ver, Fourth row: Glenn Good, Sanford Fritz, Harold Good, Dale Houck, Lamar Seiirit, Roy Wea- ver, Mr. Robert Herr, Richard Martin, Robert Freeman, Earl Esch, Iohn Hutchinson, Dale Snaderg Filth row: Lee Brubaker, Walter Musser, Marvin Nolt, Brent Musser, Fred Lando, Galen Witmer, James Senseniq, Ronald Shrom, Iames Martin. rw Ss H me 6 'FQ' it :L .Pm md. N vm .Li t""v 'ff i . 4 B - s 'M' 1 L 2 X. . cf R yvv' V First row: Marianne Evans, Mary Ellen Wenger, Linda Plank, Mary Haqey, Brenda Kilhefner, Peq- qy Weaver, Sally Ann Brown, Marilyn Weatherbyg Second row: Ioanne Good, Anita Glass, Tom Leininqer, Mr. Gamber, Robert Siedhoi, Patricia Artz, Brenda Sprecher. RUBINSONS' DEPT. STORE NEW HOLLAND CLARION, INC. A- C- PLANK CO- NEW HOLLAND PLANING MILL, INC. First row: Nancy Fritchie, Gail Geh- man, Ruth Clark, Miriam Nolt, Mary Ann Bowman, Pattie Betsker, Elva Zimmerman, Sylvia Zirnmermang Second row: Louise Herman, Ianice Houck, Kathy Io Beck, Ann Brubak- er, Sydne Irons, Sandy Good, Dawn Gehman, Arlene Hartranit, Donna Trego, Mrs. Kelly, Third row: De- metria Keares, Sandra Martin, Io! anne Good, Kathy Stick, Ianet Frankhouser, Shirley Shirk, Iudy Gehman, Marilyn High, Susie Kurtz, Miss Hoflmang Fourth row: Sandra Fritz, Kay Souders, Edna Fay Newswanger, Marlene Weinhold, Violet Weaver, Gloria Mull, Mildred Hoover, Lou Ann Martin, Melba Horst, Fifth row: Ioyce Kreider, Barbara Schroll, Rowenna Weaver, Louetta Weaver, Miriam Martin, Ruth Graft, Edith Musser, Arlene Redcay, Joyce Sinclair, Audrey Good. STUDENT PATROL STUDENT LIBRARIANS First row: Robert Sauder, Wil Musser, Donald Reeser, Larry ner, Second row: Robert News qer, Arthur Renninqer, Mr. Hill Ioseph Martin, Eugene Moye 70 NEW HOLLAND TWIN KI A irst row: Shirley Nolt, Christine leman, Beulah Shirk, Linda Sei- , Ruth Groff, Demetria Keares: ond row: Ruth Houck, Evelyn ex, Martha McKinney, Nancy kwalter, Linda Musser, Thelma ber, Linda Shaffer, Fern Glass, ce Weaver, Miss Myers: Third : Mary Ann Bowman, Ruth ybill, Bertha Weinhold, LaVerne d, Sylvia Horninq, Mary Ann der, Carole Tshudy. Sandy d, Arlene Hartranft, Rose Bald- , Mary Ann Ressler Edith Mus- Barbara Sinclair, Sally Good, iriam Martin, Ieanette Bitler. 71 l-lARTlNG'S BAKERY SECRETARY'S CLUB First row: Barbara Eberly, Cathy Martin, Grace Weaver, Beverly Stauffer, Barbara Styer, Mildred Burkhart, Sandra Bair, Phyllis Mil- ler, Marilyn High, Iackie McCoy, Barbara Schroll, Luella Hornberqerg Third row: Carolyn Gehman, Peq- qy Slabach, Earla Mae Butt, Sandra Schnader, Mrs. Gehman, Cheryl Eb- erly, Kay Sauders, Orpha Gethman, Rhoda Nolt, Mary Newswanqer, Sally Good, Sandra Sprecher. SENIOR HIGH STAGECRAFT CLUB First row: Mr. Schenck, Sandy Good, Regina Imber, Carolyn Sheneberger, La- verne Beiler, Marilyn Seibel, Cheryl Reynolds: Second row: Melvin McGinnis, Robert Andrew, Larry Usner, Galen Whitmer. Robert Binkley, Leonard Wise. JUNIOR HISTORIANS First row: Gloria Mull, Patricia Betsker, Donna Peplau, Kenneth M. Martin, Lucinda Miller, Iudy Newswanqer: Second row: Leon Weaver, Marion Nolt, Richard Althouse, Karen Lane, Mr. Stover, Violet Weaver, Gordon Diem, Susan Luelc, Iohn Hutchinson, Edna Fay Newswanqer. ACHENBACI-l'S PASTRY SHOP MENNO MARTIN, TEXACO SERVICE SENIOR HIGH FENCING CLUB First row: Douglas Iacoby, Lester Goody Second row: Kenneth Good, Sally Ann Brown, Virgil Beilerp Third row: Richard Montgomery, Mr. Keller, Susan Kurtz, Iefi Stauffer. ARCHERY CLUB Mary Ann Ressler, Barbara Sinclair, Linda Musser, Nancy Hurst, Arlene Hart- ranft, Louella Hornberger, Catherine Martin, Rhoda Nolt, Evelyn Essex, Kay Sauder, Ann Louise Shirk, Sylvia I-loming, LaVerne Beiler, Mrs. Brandau. A, O. SMITH WENGER'S DRIVE-IN JUNIOR RED CROSS First row: Mrs. Casavant, Iudy Oster, Connie Stefiy, Abby Rhoads, Linda Shirk, Kathryn Eberly, Lois Ann Martin, Ioyce Schnader, Ianice Musser, Elaine Martin, Sandra Martin, Iane Nolty Third row: Donna Ranck, Ardell Fiester, Edna Freidly, Ioan Esbenshade, Iane Boley, Mary Ann Sandoe, Velma Ressler. First row: Carol Stern Kathy Eshelman Cathy Io Beck I d A , , , u y ndrew, Donna Senseniq, Ieanette Clymer, Mrs. Weaver: Second row: Ann Louise Newswanqer, Mary lane Ginder, Marian Eberly, Rosella Auqsburger, Lynette Burkholder, Lonita Arment, Mary Kay Zimmerman, Martha Ranckg Third row: Linda Peplau, Geraldine Brcwn, Margaret Wanner, Ma E11 S ' ry a erisenig, Betty M. Mar- tin, Betty L. Martin, Gloria Sandoe, Holly Stecketr, Patsy Greene tabsentl. SHOWALTER G HORNING NEW HOLLAND SUPPLY CO TEEN-AGE BO K CLUB First row: Nancy Wise, Sandra Schnader, Mary Lou Weaver, Iohan Wilhelm, L. Louise Herman. Donna Martin: Second row: Sandra Beck, Elizabeth Sandoe, Lamont Tshudy, Ieaneiie Biiler, Floyd Franlchouser, Neil Dyer, Barbara Sinclair, Brenda Kilhefner, Miss Myers. - fm. G3 X s X X X if 5 A as jr' First row: Eugene Eberly, Lois Ann Weri, Ioyce Snader, Iudy Houck, Nancy Stover, Second row: Dale Kelly, Iune Butt, Vivian Musser, Mildred Martin, Mrs. Gruver, Suzanne Nagel, Susan Brels- iord, Fern Weaver, Suzy Frankhouser, Donald Good. I. F. CLARK A. W. STAUFFER G SONS, INC First row: ,Iohn Martin, Nelson Horst, Leon Weaver, Robert Mohler, Menno Eby, Gary Pickel, Henry Weaver, Richary Peachy, Louis Kidhardt, Roger Martin Raymond Kauffman, Timmy Youndt William Yelk, Gerald Blatt, Billy Grortg Second row: Richard Longenecker, Rodney Hartman, Rich: ard Sadosky, Kenneth Myers, Robert Buckwalter, Eric Ressler, Robert Yelk, David Weaver, Michael Lauria, Iohn Binkley, Donna Gehman, Mr. Cully, Reggie Geist, Roy Brandau, Donald Dun- lap, Ivan Fern, Samuel Zimmerman Bill Messner, Ierry Black, Harold Fager, Richard Keifterg Third row: Solomon Lausch, William Waltz, Louis Northeimer, Donald I-lorning, Robert Buckwalter, Abe Plank, Philip Stone, Steven Shaffer, Richard Rutt, Nelson Wert, Terry Weaver, Paul Zimmerman, Barry Brubaker, Ivan Mellinger, Curtis Weinhold, Reggie Traugh, Dennis Kern, Iohn Getz. .:,, t First row: Terry Brubaker, Ivan Fern, David Best, Ief-fry Meck, Larry Burkhart, Stanley Graybill, Samuel Esch, Iohn Hench, David Nolt, Bruce Good, Norman Rutter, William Baxter, Donald Good, Billy Graff: Second row: Iames Esch, Horace Groit, Iohn Musselman, Larry Carson, Douglas Wea- ver, Gregory Bair, Ray Beiler, Richard Peachy, Ronald Benfer, Ingrid Berg, Linda Fritz, Audrey Faust, Nevin Hurstg Third row: Nathan Buckwalter, Floyd Frankhouser, Sharyn Schreiber, Doris Northeimer, Barry Diem, Pauline O'Brien, Mr. Heydt, Freda Eshelman. FARMERS NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST CO. SPORTSMANS SHOP New Facilities Give Added Opportunities in New Activities First row: Lee Richwine, Lee Bair, Robert Newswanqer, Ronald Williams, Ralph Mentzer, Homer Faqerg Second row: Ray Gehman, Miss Troxell, Dan Caifrey. 'Rf - ss? . . at First row: Mildred Burkhart, Patricia Artz, Lamont Tshudy, Mrs. Berqstresser Second row: Richard Wentzel, Harriet Weaver. 77 PENN DAIRIES, INC., LANCASTER Iqbg 4wbwOvgm4Z0m wCrO ZyZwmQ if is First row: Merle Horst, Ray Good, Philip Deibler, Robert Good, Marvin Weaver, Thomas Weaver, Douglas Weaver: Second row: Amos Hahn, Don Kauffman, Sam Fritz, Terry Brubaker, Robert Wit- wer, Ted Riker, Eugene Weber, Chester Freeman: Third row: Mr. Herr, Donald Good, Nelson Wert, William Fisher, Larry Carson, Maynard Shirk, Clarence Kemper, Ray Bowman, Robert Noll, Fourth row: Clarence Kemper, Warren Good, Mahlon Zimmerman, Marlin Benner, Wilmer Esben- shade, Glenn Wyble, Richard Kochel, Karl Wentzel. 3 .23 First row: Charles l-lertzoq, Terry Alleman, Randy Good, Eugene Martin, Gerald Horst, Second row: Richard Hoshour, Phyllis Martin, Vivian Musser, Mr. Shirk, lanet Reeser, Eileen Coldren, Wayne Hochstettler. NEW HOLLAND MACHINE COMPANY Q' is qs --an--i Luettcx Weaver, Mr. Hess, Roy Kauffman, Rhoda Good, Trent Delp. Q M :r 91, Virgil Beiler, Robert Siedhot, Bruce Martin, Mr. Smith, Wayne Zook. LOHT 61 HUTCHINSON IOHN B. SAUDER wc:-0 -4I'UJ:2DC3O-:OI-o UZ? rf10Zl'1'1-Om mC:-0 -41'UJ:7UC'JO-1011: First row: Donna Troop, Linda Sei- fred, Brenda Kilhefner, Sylvia Wid- dersg Second row: Linda Shaffer, Gladys Blank, Betty Rogers, Mary Hagey, Beverly Staufferp Third row: Siretta Rauscher, Carolyn Shene- berqer, Regina lmber, Mr. Gamber, Susie Kurtz, Ioanne Driscoll, Carol Bomberger, Mary Ellen Cope. SENIOR HIGH DRAMATICS JUNIOR HIGH DRAMATICS 6 493 First row: Lee Weber, De Ressler: Second row: Darl fever, Linda Grubb, Cynde Peggy Rogers, Susie Roge en Ranck, Linda Beears row: Mr. Keller. Larry Becky Rauscher, Barbara H Sharon Weaver, Michelle Sa Gloria Hershey, Iackie W Mary Wenger. 80 . 1 N535 Q 'S-5 iii V- row: Mrs. Margaret Hess, s Hunsicker, Iames McKinney. Parmer, Mike Lease: Second arol Good, Gail Gehman, Dunlap, Rosella Augsburg- rian Eberly, Sam Fritz, Sher- auder, Mary lane Weinhold, row: Iune Hutt, Ianice Sauder, Diem, loan Esbenshade, Ann Martin, Darlene Shirk, Senseniq: Fourth row: Ioyce ,r, Iefi Herr, Iudy Witmer, Fritchie, Eugene Eberly, Da- rla, Gene Brubaker, Stephen Bl JUNIOR HIGH MATH CLUB JUNIOR GEOGRAPHERS :ug -, ix . '51 'ei Q - A .nm Q, First row: Ruth Ann Stoltzfus, Rod- ney Newton, Donald Clymer, Rich- ard Althouse, Michael Mohler, Cynthia Schnaderp Second row: Mr. Mask, Bill Messner, Randy Schnader, Norman Rutter, Chester Gordon, Delmar Sauder. P, First row: Anno Mary High, Iudy Ginder, Nancy Wise, Iennifer Redcay, Ioyce Staufier, Audrey Faust, Doriisscx Rhodes, Second row: Cindy Miller, Mary Alice Stuuffer, Carol Ann Zeimer, Carol Good, Kathy Slabcxch, Connie Steffy, Donna Peplau, Mrs. Brandau. TENNIS CLUB l. , I llbl KUVV - IYCIILY I lllk-ll, QY1VlKJ VY lklklclb, LJCK-Ullkl AXJVV . JKJAALXII YY IAAACAAAI, IIUDC Baldwin, Third row: Nancy Wilhelm, Cindy Cramer: Fourth row: Icxnice Ober- BADMINTON CLUB holtzer, Miss Blcxker, Gloria Mull. B. Z. MELLINGER., INC., FORD NEW HOLLAND MEAT MARKET First row: Larry Beck, lim Cebular, Ronald Weaver, Sanford Fritz, Ronald Shrom, Roy Weaver, Bob Freeman, Ray Gehman, Dan Caftrey, Neil Dyer, Gerald Lando, Trent Delpp Second row: Dave Detweiler, Dick Martin, Carl Houck, Ira Trout, Fred Lando, Don Stahl, Lamar Seifrit, Ronald Horn- inq, Marlin Hartranfi, Don Groiip Third row: Mr. Lcrtschar, Bill Montgomery, Bob Binkley, Tim Myers, Horace Grofi, Al Stover, Bob Weaver, Barry Williams, lack Spotts, Linda Houck, Sandra Sprecher, Ken Sweitzer, Bob Smith, Lance Smith, Ted Weaver, Bruce Martin, Carl Styer, Reggie Hartman, Mr. Dean. lk .14 Q. - Q Karen Kuipers, lane Eshelman, Mrs. Brandau, Nancy Finch, Dawn Ge-hman, Iudy Oster. TAP DANCING CLUB NEW HOLLAND SALES STABLES SOUIRE COOPERS AUTO SALES NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY S E N I O R Rose Baldwin, Belly Rogers, Donald Sweigari, Orpha Gehman, Mary Newswanger, Harold Esben- shade, Miriam Marlin, Peggy Weaver. E L E G V R E A N D T E H Ioanne Sho-Waller, Michael Lauria, Iudy Norinenmocher, Earl Martin, Carolyn King, Carolyn man, Lee Bair, Evelyn Hurst. I-IZI11-I UZJP I-IZ-Z 2 l'T'1 :V 4 FJ W Us Z FJ Z o E ne K" CD U af E U 3 U7 Q: I 71 :n O l" U U1 I Y. First row: Sharyanne Schreiber, Carol Ann Weaver, Peggy Halsey, Nancy Finch, Second row: Susan Luek, luliann Eshleman, Duane Allgaier, Samuel Zimmerman, Donna Peplau, Ioan Snader. PEIFER PONTIAC ALLEN G. MUSSER C L A S S GJ m :r UH-nUJb7JQ Q0 I-IZ-Z 790 ice, Leadership, and Citizenship. Students I-IICJ-m Uh-nUy First row: Karen Lane, Nancy Wise, Susan Weaver, Carol Ann Good: Second row: Susan Hess, Elmeta Auqsburqer, Melba Horst, loseph Sturla, Kenneth M. Martin, Wayne Hochstetler, Amber Houck, Anne Brubaker, Hollace Meck. . ,J Michael Lauria, Mrs. Michael Lauria, Mr. Iohn Bair, Lee Bair, Mrs. lohn Bair. gg .51-334 Mrs. Robert Simon, Peggy Weaver, Rose Baldwin, Michael Lauria, Karen Lane, Betty Rogers, Orpha Gehman, Lee Bair, Mrs. Donald Shearler, Earl Martin. 85 In recognition oi superior standings and achievements in school, community, and lite by students, Garden Spot has established the new program, National Honor Society. The school feels that this is the greatest honor it can bestow upon any oi its students. Members were chosen not only for good grades, an average oi 2.5, but also for their de- wr-ttinrm tm their school. They must maintain ship, Character, Serv- FESSLEITS STORE Mr. and Mrs. Iohn Showalter, Ioanna Showalter Mrs. Donald Sheafier. were judged in these tive principles by teach- ers and administration. The first lnduction of this society was held March 30, 1960. The Pequea High School Chapter conducted this service. Our Senior High Chapter, in turn, induct- ed members into the lunior National Honor So- ciety. With the new school term, two more ln- duction Services were held for new members. ESBENSHADE AND HIGH FUNERAL HOME x Q o 1.x n A7 i lv? 5 Q If an s R, l.. Y ifs xg V, ,,. ., " 4 mf. 3 Y . w f 5 Y if qfzl ' 5' gs 3 g 1' W Q Q f ps: 1 g"- sf 7- f ,A R f W' K f kk.. V' N f " 4 af , X-A-V' ,, , 1 N wfi VF? " ' "-5257,f: . of K , 0-Kihr 5 .WA N 'W 1 xx. V, A .X -,A4 x Q xx -X xr - N il " ,min . M.. 9- . N gf K Q31 93:5 5 ' S ,f M f ' AY W- 8 W 1 7 'Ek fm' Y' -A Lx 5 X ' ' Q M -iw-f.-ww" ' 1 .,,,..-'f'f"'X I Z h MJ...-A. M A N x A ,,,.. .. x ,ff ' rl. . , I N. ,WW .m,.T: "Af"'.4K 136 IA 22. 'LQ . N, X- . , -,, HN ,A :wx ' f 6,3-L , Q' P af K. . a, 11 x s , , f 1 1. Lf . ,wx N 1 ,. 4, 403253 , x Q .. 35 3 it S. .R talk ,N is M fm his X tg it K In A 123 wr f ..,'. ,Mi 1 Q., J 4 if ' is 7 - 4 , 1 2 X. . X N' L.ff:'5Vi A1?f Vf' W, 'F XY Q' ' N Q iff m Q i 1 , rS ,s k --v . K wk , Q, -- Q -'T'-KF"--. M1 I' , , i 1 LT: by-. I., ' ,sf , ...-in ... . 4 fl? .lfqt T-'Q Mp' K"-"1 'fhlmtq Dlgfv .- I . .,,x s TNI 'W H, 1 ff 'J yin 5. , W' .lv 'Hman rn Amy ,W fwf , ff, ,, f'A ,M . ' Q Q ' . L If ?' 2 x 'f . 3' Y'f l.. . ui W? 4 i ,P P 1 .L Iames l Neely, Chairman of District Three, P.l.A.A., nts Don Sweiqart with the trophy for being the most valuable soccer player in Lancaster County. The 1960 soccer season was a successful one for the Spartans. They ended the season with a record of ten wins and two losses. Both losses were at the hands of Pequea Valley. The reqular season ended in a tie. Garden Spot and Pequea Valley had identical records of eiqht wins and one loss. The schedule and scores are as follows: Visitor GS.-Vis. Myerstown ----- 2-1 Twin Valley - 4-O Doneqal - - 2-1 Pequea Valley - - l-O Octorara - - - 2-U Lampeter-Strasburg 2-l Doneqal - - - - 3-1 Penn Manor - - 4-1 Lampeter-Strasburg 2-O Pequea Valley - - O-l Peauea Valley - - l-2 NONNENMOCHERS LITHO TRADE SERVICE Mr. lames Harrold, assistant coach Don Sweiqart, Captain: Ieffrey Lowery Assistant Captain. At the close of the season, Donald Swei- qart emerqecl as scoring champion with 9 goals. He was also voted the county's most Valuable player award. For this he received a trophy. Three members of the team were selected for the first team All-Stars. Two members were selected to the second team, and three others were given honorable mention. Those selected for the first team were: Don- ald Sweiqart, center forward: Carl Zimmerman, man, riqht outside: and left Lowery, left half- back. Second team members were: Harry Peach- ey, left outside, and Wilbur Horninq, left half- back. Honorable mention: Fred Priebe, qoaliey Larry Beck, right halfbackp and Doug Stauffer, right inside. THE HOLLANDER MOTEL .. A . My . ax fa x E gifixx YF? 5 ali ix wh iq 'Y tg ' ,x , - gf ia. NWN S wk Q 3 4, i is 'E Q f 5 5 5 X NWN ix o , Rf' A K Q Q Q. K x ,WSE f . X , A 'Wk X A .rn K Q '- i' xg H e e if P Sp artans gain two points! ,1 . Coach Herr gives Harry Peachey and Grant Weaver a few tips on defense. 1960-61 Basketball Schedule Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. A driving shot into the basket! Team reccrves strong support from loyal fans. Garden Spot High School New Holland, Pa. ' Varsity 29 Penn Manor Away 4:l5 2 Pequea Valley Away 9 Cocalico Home l6 Lampeter-Strasburg Away 20 Octorara Home 7:00 3 , Twin Valley Home 7:00 6 Conestoga Valley Away l3 Solanco Home l7 Warwick Away 20 Pequea Valley Home 27 Cocalico Away 3 Lampeter-Strasburg Home 7 Octorara Away l4 Twin Valley Away 17 Conestoga Valley Home 21 Solanco Away 24 Warwick Home Grant Weaver makes lay-up. Hit 'em High! left Lowry determined to score, JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL Standing: Mr. Watro, Don Nelson, Menno Eaby, lack Evans, Roy Bran- dau, Aloe Plank, Laverne Good, Dan Fessler, Carl Weaver: Kneeling: Dave Bender, Tom Sweiqart, Ron Dyer, Tom Weaver JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL First row: Bill Martin, Paul Walter, Ronnie Williams, Rick Poole, Bob Newswanqerp Sec- ond row: Mr. Huber, Iohn Musselman, Bob Siedhof, Fred Priebe, Frank Buckwalter, Lee Richwine, Neil Dyer. 7th AND 8th GRADE BASKETBALL First row: Dale Dinqess, Iohn Kennel, Rich- ard Weaver, Steve White, Bill Weaver, Sec- ond row: Donald Dunlap, Dale Kelly, Barry Newswanqer, leH Herr, Mr. Mask: Third row: Iohn Zimmerman, Greg Weidman, Lamar Witmer, Steve Sheaffer. 92 I. Z. MARTIN MITCHELL AND RUTH V T696 A R S I T N Y I S Fred Good, Sidne I-Iershey, Mr. Heydt, Iohn Y Musselman, lim Irons, Fred Priebe. Equipment and energy is all you need. Easy does xt! Backhdnd shoi clinches the set. Coaches compare scores. Gee! Thrs 15 a close mulch. L 1 il I, I Fred, volley that serve! ast serve - e s qo, rm. 93 TERRE HILL SILO CO. HOCI-ISTETTI.ER'S MAGNETO SERVICE YOUNG'S BUTCI-IER SHOP I-IOSTETTER'S ATLANTIC SERVICE STATION A S E B A -4-I-m7UJa4 First row: Donald Horninq, Richard Dyer, Iimmy Whitman, George Hainly, Ierry Troyer Ie Lowry, Donald Sweiqarty Second row: Mr. Weaver, Marlin Houck, Robert Martin Carl Zlmmerma I3 rn '1 Z i: UI U1 rn I' U D3 "I "1 Ti rn 5 5' 1-' Q 3 '4 U3 rn ra F -4-I-m7UJ:4 W0-Zcl. First row: Iames Hart, Richard Stephens, Roy Finch, Richard Poole, David I-lillard, Roy Martin Leslie Sweiqartp Second row: Mr. Hillard, Douglas Staurter, Richard Martin, Michael Lauria, Lee Safe! Richwine, Lamont Tshudy. 4 P T 2 "I -4 T P U7 rn T P I- r- CD fl I rn U C I- rn I 1 9 6 O March 29 Twin Valley .................. ll-lomel April 4 Twin Valley .................. iAwayl 12 Manheim Township .... iAwayl 21 Solanco ............................ Cl-lomel 26 Pequea Valley .............. fAwayl 28 Lampeter-Strasburg .... fl-lomel May 3 Cocalico Union ............ U-Xwayl 5 Conestoga Valley ........ Cl-lomel 10 Solanco .......................... CAwayl 12 Pequea Valley .............. Cl-lomel 17 Lampeter-Strasburg ...... fAwayl 24 Conestoga Valley ........ CAwayl All home games begin at 4:15 p. m., on new High School Field 1 1 A 4 .. gf' , ,of r Practice brings victories. Strike! Don Sweiqart takes a bull. Batter up! Strike three! lim Hart fires cr fast ball. 95 Players make a critical observer , tion of team. GER'S FLOWERS PAUL L. MARTIN, GROCERIES EV BROOK CLEANERS CALVIN G. YOUNG, BUTCHER -4-1-Ln7UJ:4 ..ZCv- WO -4-I-'UWPUJP4 HOCKEY is K VJ:.,,,,L K, . ,N in 'UF Nancy Finch, Carol Ann Weaver, Rose Baldwin, Shirley Nolt, Betty Esch,-Nancy Duck, Peggy Halsey, Carol Ann Good, Marianne Evans, Nancy Wilhelm, Miss Smith, Cindy Cramer. A an First row: Peggy Slahach, Susan Luek, Nancy Wise, Mary Ellen Wenger, Marilyn Weatherby, lohan Wilhelm, Beverly Groft, Lynn Dussinger, Mary Lou Weaver, Second row: Miss Smith, Carol Ziomer, Susan Trostle, Kathy Stauiier, Sandra Burd, Christine Stauffer, Erma Myers, Ilene Shirk. 6 Q W,-. W i w f- Peg executes a lunge. Hockey paraphernalia. Team ieceives lost minute advice cmd Cindy, get that ball out of there! words of cheer. A 4-...A I Nancy Wilhelm dnd Cindy Cramer, co- captains, discuss exercises for today. 'l'SHUDY'S BARBER SHOP Beautiful save! RUTT'S CUSTOM KITCHENS Left wing takes the ball down the field IOHN G. SAUDER, GULF FUEL OIL 97 PAUL HURST New Facilities Give Added Opportunities in New Sports GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL First row: Iohan Wilhelm, Rose Baldwin, L. Louise Herman, Nan- cy Wilhelm, Nancy Einchg Second row: Suzan Wallin, Erma Myers, Christine Long, Ianet Braine, Suzan Kurtz, Peggy Halsey, Cindy Miller, Miss Blaker, advisor. Activities and sports were added to our school curriculum to provide a greater number of opportunities for individuals. These new facilities take into account abilities and in- terests ot all students. Competitive sports are an effective means ot building strong character and teaching stu- dents to Win fairly and respect their opponents. To compete as a team, we build school spirit, and become better adjusted socially. 98 GIRLS SOFTBALL First row: Mary Ann Kiefer, Iackie McCoy, Linda Leed, Iohan Wilhelm, Paula McCoyg Second row: Mary Ellen Wenger, Cindy Miller, Pat Ariz, Christine Long, Peggy Slabach, Nancy Wilhelm, Cindy Cramer, Miss Blaker, advisor. i . rr . -1 GIRLS TENNIS First row: Faye Eby, Marianne Evans, Carolyn Gehmanp row: Nancy Wise, Elaine Deibler, Ruth Ranck, Rose Linda Plank: Third row: Nancy Widders, Carol Zeimer, Staufter, Marilyn Weatherby, Peggy Halsey, Susan Luek, Brandau. Wrestling First row: Iohn Brubaker, Bob Martin, Mike Lease, Sidney Byers, lack Schnaderg Second row: lim Sell, Ronald Blank, Gene Brubaker, Mike Futer, Robert Witmer, Bill Messner, Ierry Trout, Don Coy: Third row: Roy Finch, David Hillarcl, lohn Folkeson, lim Hart, Larry Carson, Calvin Wise, Charles Eckenroth, Mr. Robert C. Weaver. I pw. Coy ftopl and Charles in a referee's position. Ro Finch tlettl attempting to escape .-1 f' lack Schnader ltopl breaking down opponent, lohn Brubaker. from Y opponent, David Hillard, with Coach Wea- ver's skillful advice. SPORTS MANAGERS First row: Fern Glass, Cindy Cramer, Mary Ellen Wenger, Marilyn High, Sharyanne Schreiber, Paula Bouderg Second row: Harold Bashore, Dave Bender, Barton Eshelman, Ron Blank, Gregory Bair, Billy Heist- and, Ray Beiler: Third row: Ray Duffy, lack Mussel- man, Ray Gehman, George Hainley, Allred Stover, lohn Hutchinson, Thomas Sweigart, Ronnie Dyer. KAUFFMAN'S HARDWARE 99 WILLIAM G. DlCKlNSON'S GARAGE Cheerleaders JUNIOR VARSITY Mary Anne Ewell, Iudy Nonnenmocher, Marilyn Weatherby, Thelma Hoober, Kathy Staufier. V A R S I T Y First row: Linda Grubb, Nancy Wise, Mary Lou Weaver, Ruth Irons, Second row: Wen- dy Myers, Brenda Shirk, Beverly Grofl, Bar- bara Ranck, Iennifer Redcay. Nancy Finch, Nancy Duck, Peggy Halse Linda Seifred, Marianne Evans. JUNIOR HIGH TOM'S BAKERY MARTIN'S HARDWARE 100 X I s 1 n , mg, A 'L 4 X I A ,- NN xx.. 02 3 X JT Mm 5, K 6 fn 153 ' gy x in X.: 3' ""15-N338-Q U N H by ., SENIOR DIRECTORY Andrew, Robert Deets, Ir. December 6, 1942 "Bob" Basketball Manager 15 Stagecraft 35 Play 2, 3: Soccer 1, 2. Baldwin, Rose Anna September 3, 1943 "Rosie" Honor Roll 1, 2, 35 Student Coun- cil 35 Girls' Athletic Council 1, 2, 35 Vice-President 35 Tennis 35 Girls' Leader Club 2, 35 Softball 1, 25 Secretaries Club 1, 3: Secretary 1: Tumbling Club 25 Hockey 1, 2, 3: Yearbook 2, 35 Assistant Editor 3: Basketball 2, 3: FHA 1, 2, 3: Vice-President 25 Historian 35 Na- tional Honor Society 2, 35 Badmin- ton Club 35 Fencing 2. Barbour, Annette Elaine August 4, 1943 "Annette" Secretaries Club 35 Honor Roll 15 Yearbook 35 Play 2, 35 Librarian 2: FHA 1, 2. Beck. Larry Lee April 8, 1943 "Beck" IV Soccer 15 Varsity Soccer 2, 3: Baseball 1, 25 Honor Roll 15 Vice- President of Class 25 Rifle Club Treasurer 3. Becker, Harriet Mae May 8, 1943 "Beaker" Student Play Director 35 Yearbook 2: Hockey Manager 25 IV Hockey 15 Newspaper 1, 2, 3: Associate Editor 35 Ouill and Scroll 2, 35 Secretary of Class 25 FTA 15 Ger- man Club 3. Beiler, Ruth La Verne December 16, 1942 "La Verne" FHA 2, 35 Stagecraft Club 35 Arch- ery Club 3. Binkley. Charles Robert September 22, 1943 "Bink" Student Council 35 Play 3. Bitler, Ieannette Marlene Ianuary 17, 1944 "Netty" Secretaries Club 3: Tumbling Club 15 Student Librarian 25 FNA 25 IA 3: TAB 3. Brown, Mildred SallyAnn December 31, 1943 "SallyAnn" Fencing Club 1, 2, 35 Yearbook 2. 35 IA 35 Science Club 15 Secre- tary 1: FTA 1, 2. Buckwalter, Nancy Kathryn Iuly 2, 1943 "Nancy" Honor Roll 1, 35 Secretaries Club 35 Current News Club 1: President l: Likrarian 25 Fencing Club 2. EITNIER AND HOFFMAN HOLLINGEFVS SERVICE STATION Burkhart. Mildred Irene November 20, 1943 "Milly" German Club 35 Play 25 FHA 15 FNA 2, 3. Cebular, Iames Lewis Ianuary 26, 1943 "Stub" Tumbling Club l, 2, 35 Rifle Club 3. Cramer, Cecelia Marie August 31, 1943 "Cindy" FHA 2, 35 Basketball 35 Hockey 1, 2, 35 Co-captain 35 Play 25 Girls Athletic Club 2, 35 Secretary 2, 35 Softball 1, 3: Student Council 1, 2, 3: Secretary 25 Yearbook 2, 35 Girls Leaders Club 2, 35 Class Secretary 15 Badminton Club 3. Diebler, Hope Elaine March 31, 1943 "Elaine" IA 2, 35 Tumbling Club 2, 35 Fine Arts Club 25 Librarian 35 Science Club 15 Secretaries Club l: Band 1, 2, 3: FHA 3. Dombach, Donald Eugene September 21, 1943 "Donnie" Boys Leaders Club 35 IA 1. Duffy. Edward Raymond August 15, 1942 "Ray" Student Patrol 2, 35 Fencing Club lj Sports Manager 1, 2, 3. Duttry, Barbara Ann lune 8, 1943 "Barb" Parliamentarian 15 Fl-1A l. Esbenshade, Harold Lewis December 3, 1943 "Shady" Honor Roll 1, 2, 35 Band 1, 2, 35 Class President 35 County Band 1, 2, 35 Class Treasurer 1, 25 Dance Band 1, 35 Chorus 35 President of Band 3. Esch, Elizabeth Ann itiiy 17, 1943 "Betty" Hockey l, 2, 35 Librarian 2: TAB 25 FHA 25 Girls Lntramural Coun- cil 25 Secretaries Club 1. Eshelman, lane Rebecca March 23, 1943 "Ianie" Fencing 2: Tumbling Club 1, 25 IA 2, 35 Fine Arts 25 FHA 15 Play 2. Evans, Marianne December 7, 1943 "Marzie" FTA 1, 2, 35 Tennis 2, 3: Student Council 1, 25 Girls Leaders Club 2, 35 Cheerleading 1, 2, 35 Girls Athletic Council 2, 35 Play 2, 35 Athletic Council Treasurer 2, 3: Hockey 1, 2, 3. 102 Fager, Homer Martin November 7, 1942 "Homer" IV Soccer 1: Varsity Soccer 35 Contemporary Mathematics Club 3. Fessler, David Ioseph December 19, 1943 "David" Gehman, Orpha Elizabeth May 7, 1943 "Orpha" National Honor Society 2, 3: Hon- or Roll 1, 2, 35 Chorus 2, 35 FNA 2, 3. Geist, Raymond Parke, Ir. March 17, 1943 "Midge" Basketball Manager l, 2. Glass, Fern Lorraine August 13, 1943 "Fern" Secretary of Boys Leaders 3: Vice- President of IA 3: FHA 35 Basket- ball Manager 3. Good, Elaine Iuly 31, 1943 "Elaine" IA 2, 3. Good, Sally lean October 6, 1943 "Sally" Secretaries Club 35 FHA 15 Hockey 2: FNA 2, 3. Good, Sandra lean April 8, 1943 "Sandy" FNA 25 Secretaries Club 35 Stage- craft Club 3. Groff, Donald Eugene Ianuary 26, 1943 "Donnie" Soccer 25 Rifle Club 3: IA 3. Grofi, Ruth Elaine November 17, 1942 "Ruth" FHA 35 FNA 25 Secretaries Club 35 Librarian 3. Haqey. Mary Eileen October 16, 1943 "Mary" FTA 2, 35 Treasurer 35 Play 2, 3: Student Council 1, 35 Yearbook 2, 35 Dramatics Club 35 FHA 1. Halls. Karen Lee October 27, 1943 "Caran" Girls Athletic Club 1: Fine Arts 25 IA 2, 35 Dancing Club l: Tum- bling Club 1. Hartman, Reginald Ianuary 19, 1944 "Reg" Rifle Club 3. Hartranft, Marlin Lee September 17, 1943 "Mar1y" Play 35 Rifle Club 3. GLAMOR NOOK H. CLAIR MUSSELMAN Henly. Mary Ann February 4, 1943 "Mary Ann" Yearbook 3: Science Club 1: Rifle Club 3: Play 2. Hollinger, Iames David November 13, 1943 "lim" Soccer 3. Horning, Abner Ronald April 13, 1943 "1-lorning" Rifle Club 3. Houck. Linda Louise August 1, 1943 "Linda" Student Librarian 3: Current His- tory Club l: Science Club 1: Rifle Club 3. Houck. Robert Leroy November 15, 1943 "Bob" Hurst, Nancy Lee October 16, 1943 "Nancy" Honor Roll 1, 2, 3: Tumbling Club 2: IV Hockey 1, 3: Archery Presi- dent 3: Parliamentarian of FHA 1, 2, 3. Imber, Regina Elaine April 15, 1943 "Reg" lunior Play 2: TAT 2, 3: Circula- tion Manager 3: Student Council 1, 2: Secretary 1: Vice-president 2: FTA 1, 2: Vice-President 2: Stagecraft Club 2, 3. Keares. Demetria October 25, 1943 "Meachie" Spanish and French Club 1: Iunior Achievement 1, 2, 3: Secretary 2, 3: Student Play Director 2: Fenc- ing 2: Yearbook 2, 3: Typing Ed- itor 3: Chorus 1: Secretaries Club 3: Student Council 1, 2, 3: Student Librarian 2, 3. Kilhefner, Brenda lanuary 4, 1944 "Brenda" FTA 2, 3: President 3: Band 1, 2, 3: Play 3: TAB 3: Yearbook 2, 3: Dramatics Club 3. Landis, Zarmon Lee lanuary 22, 1944 "Zarmon" Tumbling Club 2: Rifle Club 3: 1A 1, 2: Hall Patrol 2: TAB 2. Lando, Gerald Gordon lanuary 15, 1944 "lerry" Rifle Club 3. Lester, George Howard lanuary 2, 1943 "Lester" Rifle Club 3. NEW HOLLAND BARBER SHOP KREIDER BROS. TV SENIOR DIRECTORY Lewis. Gloria Ann March 6, 1943 "Gloria" Yearbook 3. Long. Brian Lynn December 20, 1943 "Brian" Quill and Scroll 2: Varsity Base- ball 1, 2, 3: Honor Roll 1: Class President 1: Play 2: Newspaper l, 2, 3: Editor-in-Chief 2, 3: Year- book 2: Student Council l, 3: Key Club 3. Martin. Bruce Arthur September 27, 1943 "Bruce" Student Council 1: Fine Arts Club 2, 3: Rifle Club 3: Fencing 1, 2. Martin, Iay Kenneth lanuary 10, 1944 "Ken" Martin, Miriam Louise December 22, 1943 "Miriam" Secretaries Club 3: National Hon- or Society 2, 3 :Honor Roll l, 2, 3: FHA l, 3: FNA 2: Treasurer 2. Martin. Richard Barton lune 25, 1943 "DiClC" Honor Roll 1. Martin. Roy Martin December 9, 1942 "Roy" Play 2: FTA 2: Soccer 3: Base- ball 1, 2, 3. McGinnis, Melvin Howard April 20, 1943 "McGinnis" Boys Leaders Club 2, 3: Play 2, 3: Stagecraft Club 3: Tumbling Club 2, 3. McKinney. M. M. Elizabeth November 1, 1943 "Marty" Hockey Manager 2: FHA 1, 2, 3: IA 1, 2, 3: Librarian 2: Yearbook 2, 3: Secretaries Club 3. Miller, Frederick Ivan lanuary 16, 1943 "Fred" Miller, Phyllis Elaine February 20, 1943 "Phyl" FTA 1: Yearbook 2: Cl'lOYUS 1, 2, 3: Sectional 2: County 1, 2, 3: District 2, 3: Eastern United States Chorus 3: Regional 3: Librarian 2, 3, Play 2, FNA 2, 3. Montgomery. William Tyson June 13, 1943 "Bill" Honor Roll 1: Student Council 2: Rifle Club 3. Moyer. Francis Gene November 26, 1943 "Gene" 103 Musser, Edith W. August 2, 1943 "Edith" Secretaries Club 3: FNA 2: FHA 2: Librarian 2, 3: Honor Roll 2, 3. Musser, Linda Kay May 26, 1943 "Linda" Archery Club 3: Newspaper 1: Secretaries Club 3: Librarian 3: FHA 1, 2: French and Spanish Club 1. Musser, Wilmer Roman Apr-it 10, 1943 "Mass" Yearbook 3: Play 2, 3: Boys Lead- ers Club 2, 3. Newswanger, Mary Kurtz December 20, 1942 "Mary" FNA 2: National Honor Society 2, 3: Honor Roll 1, 2, 3. Peachey, Harry Albert, Ir. luly 14, 1943 "Peachey" Student Council President 3: Stu- dent Council 2, 3: Soccer 3: Boys Leaders Club 2, 3: Basketball 2, 3: Class President 2: Baseball 3: Honor Roll 1, 2, 3. Ranck, Ruth Irene December 26, 1943 "Ruth" Basketball 2: Honor Roll 2: Soft- ball l, 2: Girls Athletic Council 2, 3: Secretaries Club 3: Librarian 3: Girls Leaders Club 2. Rauscher, Siretta Lee November 12, 1943 "Serry" Newspaper 1, 2, 3: Assistant Fea- ture Editor 2, 3: FHA 1: Tumbling Club 1, 2: Quill and Scroll 2, 3: Varsity Cheerleading 2: IV Cheer- leading 1: Girls Leaders Club 3: FTA 2: Play 3. Reeser. Donald Kurtz lanuary 31, 1944 "Reeser" Newspaper 1: Librarian 2: Play 1, 2: Yearbook 2: Hall Patrol 2, 3. Renninger. Arthur Lee luly 8, 1943 "Art" Student Patrol 3: Stagecraft Club 3. Ressler. Iames Louis August 30, 1943 "lim" Honor Roll 2, 3: Newspaper 3: Advertising Manager 3: Class Treasurer 3. Ressler, Mary Ann April 12, 1943 "Mary Ann" Tumbling Club 2: Librarian 3: FHA 2, 3: Archery Club 3: Secre- taries Club 3. RAY GROFF WEST END CLEANERS AND DYERS SENIOR DIRECTORY Rogers. Elizabeth Louise September 5, 1943 "Betty" Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Class Vice-president 1, 3, Dra- matics Club 3, Honor Society 2, 3, County Band 2, 3. Sauder, Robert Lamar Iune 3, 1943 "Bob" Student Patrol 2, 3, Play 2, Stage- craft Club 3. Seitred, Linda Marie May 24, 1943 "Linda" Yearbook 2, 3, Newspaper 1, 2, 3, Secretaries Club 3, Dramatics Club 3, FHA 1, 2, 3, Historian 1, Var- sity Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, Tennis 2, 3, Honor Roll l, 2, Play 2, 3, Quill and Scroll 2, Girls Athletic Council 1, Hockey 2, Librarian 1. Shaffer, Linda Elizabeth October 19, 1943 "Linda" Band 2, 3, Play 3, Yearbook 2, 3, Dramatics Club 3, IV Hockey 2, Newspaper 2, 3, Secretary 3, FHA 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 1, President 3, Librarian 2. Shenenberger. Carolyn Mae February 13, 1943 "Carrie" Tumbling Club 1, IV Cheerleading 2, Newspaper 1, 2, 3, Feature Ed- itor 2, 3, Yearbook 2, FTA 1, 2, Stagecraft Club 3, 1V Hockey, 2: Ouill and Scroll 2, 3. Shirk, Shirley May November 23, 1942 "Shirley" FHA 3, Librarian 3. Smith, Darryl Ross Ianuary 1, 1944 Student Council 1, 2, baseball 2, 3, Basketball 2, 3, Soccer 3. "Dib" Smith, Lance Allen May 8, 1943 "Lance" Yearbook 2, 3, Layout Editor 3: Student Council 1, IV Basketball 1: Rifle Club 3. Smith, Robert Lloyd September 13, 1943 "Bob" Yearbook 2, 3, Assistant Layout Editor 3, Newspaper 2, Rifle Club 3. Spotts. Iohn Barry April 26, 1943 "Iack" Rifle Club 3. Sprecher. Brenda Ann February 18, 1943 "Brenda" Newspaper 1, 2, 3, Associate Ed- itor 2, 3, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, FTA 1, 2, 3, Varsity Hockey 2, Chorus l, 2, Quill and Scroll 2, 3, Basket- ball 2, IV Hockey 1. Sprecher, Sandra Lee March 31, 1943 "Sandy" Librarian 3, Dance Club 3, Hockey 1, FHA 1, FNA 2, 3. Stauitler. Beverly Anne November 7, 1943 "Bev" Play 2, 3, FNA 2, 3, Dramatics Club 3, Student Council 3: Dra- matics Club Vice-president 3, FTA 2, FNA President 3. Steffy, Erma Iane November 5, 1943 "Shorty" FHA 1, PNA 2, Librarian 1, Seore- taries Club l, 3: IA 3. Styer. Carl Robert April 28, 1943 "Butch" Rifle Club 3. Sweigart, Donald Eugene Ianuary 31, 1943 "Don" Boys Leaders Club 2, 3, Newspa- per 1, 2, 3, Sports Editor 2, 3, Play 2, 3, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, Var- sity Basketball 3, Varsity Baseball 1, 2, 3, Varsity Soccer 1, 2, 3, All Star Soccer 2, 3, Student Council 1, 2, 3, IV Basketball 1, 2, Nation- al Honor Society 2, 3. Sweigart. Phyllis Ann December 7, 1943 "Phy1" Dance Club 3, IA 3, Rifle Club 3. Sweitzer, Kenneth Grant February 23, 1943 "Ken' Rifle Club 3. Thomas, Gloria Louise August 31, 1943 "Tom" IV Hockey 1, 2, Dance Club 3, FHA 1, 2, Librarian 2, IA 1, Year- book 3, Rifle Club 3. Troop, Donna Marie October 18, 1943 "Troopie" Ouill and Scroll 2, 3, Play 2, 3, Newspaper 1, 2, 3, FHA 2, Stu- dent Council 3, Dramatics Club 3, Secretary of Class 3, Honor Roll 3, Iunior Achievement 3. Tshudy. Lamont Eugene September 15, 1943 "Tshudy" Student Council 2, German Club 3, Newspaper 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Honor Roll 1, Soccer 3. Usner, Larry Gerald May 9, 1943 "Larry" IA 2, 3, President, 3, Baseball 1, Boys Leaders Club 3, Stagecratt Club 3, Student Patrol 3, Play 2, 3: Tumbling Club 2, 3. I Wallin, Suzan Ieanette September 8, 1943 "Sue" Varsity Cheerleading 2, Chorus 2, Basketball 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Honor Roll 1, 3, Newspaper 1, IV Cheer- leading 1, Yearbook 3. Weaver. Barry Kahl Iuly 26, 1943 "Barrance" Stagecraft Club 3. Weaver, Grace November 1, 1942 "Grace" Secretaries Club 1, 3, FHA 2, 3. Weaver, Grant Delmar August 29, 1943 "Grant" Boys Leaders Club 2, 3, President 3, Play 2, 3, IV Basketball 1, 2, Varsity Basketball 3, IA 3, Vice- President 3. Weaver, Margaret Ruth Iuly 15, 1943 "Peggy" Yearbook 2, 3, Editor-in-Chief 3, National Honor Society 2, 3, Play Student Director 2, Latin Club 1, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, TAB 2, FTA 1, 2, 3, Vice-President 3. Weaver. Theodore David Iuly 14, 1943 "Ted" Rifle Club 3. Wentzel, Iohn Richard November 12, 1943 "Dick" Honor Roll 1, 2, Play 2, 3, Year- book 2, 3, Weight Liitirig Club 2, German Club 3. Widders. Sylvia lane February 23, 1943 "Widders" Play 3, Student Council 1, FHA 2, 3, Secretary 3, Dramatics Club 3, Varsity Hockey 3, Yearbook 3. Wilhelm, Nancy Lou March 17, 1943 "Willy" Yearbook 2, 3: Write-up Editor 3, Basketball 2, 3, Tumbling Club 2, Hockey 2, 3, Co-captain 3, Girls Leaders Club 3, Badminton Club 3, FHA 2, 3, Girls Athletic Coun- cll 2, 3, President 3, Softball 1, 2, 3, Play 2. Wise, Leonard Harvey May 7, 1942 "Wise" Librarian 3, Stagecrait Club 3. Youndt, Eugenia Fay December 18, 1943 "Geny" Nurses Club 3, Softball 2, FHA 2, Tumbling Club 2, 3: Hockey l, 2, Secretaries Club 1, Cheerleading 1. Zimmerman. Barry Elam October 23, 1943 "Skeeter" Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, Varsity Base- ball 3, IV Baseball 2, Yearbook 3. Zimmerman, Carl Reiisnyder Iune 16, 1943 "Bo" Baseball 1, 2, 3, Soccer 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, Boys Leaders Club 2, 3. 104 IOHN N. SAUDER AUTO CO. C. H. KAUFFMAN A. R. SENSENIG, INC. GROFFS HARDWARE Mr. cmd Mrs. David W. Widncr Alice L. Weller Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mrs Mrs Mrs Glen Weinhold Mrs. . Percy Weller . Harold Wentzel Paul H. White and Da Mrs. . George Witman A. G. Oberholzer Mr' and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Harry G. Alleman Ethel Ames Mr. cmd Mrs. I. Richard Bair Miss Rose Baldwin Mr. and Mrs. Mr. cmd Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Alleman Dale L. Barbour Raymond Baxter Edwin Beck, Sr. Edwin Beck, Ir. Charles A. Bender Albert M. Best Christ Binkley Paul M. Martin Betty lane Brossman Glen Brossmcm I. Brossman Iudy Brossman Mr. and Mrs. Iohn Brown Mr. and Mrs. Buckwalter Paul cmd Iean Buckwalter Mr. and Mrs. I. Clyde Buckwalter Paul Buckwalter and Family Lester H. Burkhart Mrs. Richard Mr. cmd Mrs. Bill Buzzard Mr. cmd Mrs Willis Ranck Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Burkhart Raymond Burkhart . Charles Y. Byers Albright Cake Donald Cake Ralph M. Campbell an Raymond R. Casavant Mrs. Irene Clark Mr. and Mrs. George F. Dosch, Ir. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Truman Coy Alfred Dyer Martin F. Eberly . Menno Eby I. Norman Eby Kenneth E. Ernst Charles Eshelman Mrs. Fern Essex Helen B. Fenninger Mrs. Hazel Finch and Family Mrs. E. S. Frankhouser Mr. and Mrs. Myron Freas A ughters d Son PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Miss Geraldin Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Getz, Andy Good Arthur Good Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Fritz Albert R. Fry Fry e Gable Harold E. Gamber Roy Gehman Russell L. Gehman Sr. Eugene Good George Good Harvey H. Good Miss Helen Good Mr. cmd Mrs. Milton Good Horace Good Mrs. Shirley Good Mr. cmd Mrs. Leo R. Grant George Grant Chester Graybill Mr. and Mrs. H. Russell Hammond Mrs. Willis Hannan Mrs. Minnie Harnish Cathy and Ann Hartman Mrs. Eugene Mr. and Mrs. Hartman Harold Hartman Iohn and Ricky Hartman Reggie and Rod Hartman Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hartranft Iohn Hartranft Barbara Heistand Mr. and Mrs. Anna Hench Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Herr Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Helenthal A. M. Herman Robert D. Herr Landis Hibshman, Sr. Edwin P. Hillard Dr. and Mrs. Hinkle Miss Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Iacob Hollinger Marjorie Hollinger Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Hoober Raymond Hollinger Clem E. Hoober Mr. and Mrs. Louis H. Hoober Elizabeth Horning Mr. and Mrs. Iudy Houck Raymond Horning Mr. and Mrs. Willis M. Houck Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Houck Ken lbach Richard lmber Robert lmber Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend 105 I WWTE OAK FARMS RUTTS FURNITURE, INC ABRAM S HORST M. W. MARTIN G SONS Mr. and Mrs. Harold T. Iohnson Mr. and Mrs. David B. Hurst Dr. Grace Kaiser Edward Kelly Mr. cmd Mrs. Iames Kern Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kline Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Kretlow Mr. and Mrs. William F. Kring Kenneth Kuipers Robert Kuipers I Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Kurtz Mr. and Mrs. Ross I. Kurtz Roy S. Lahet Clarence Lindecamp Mr. Parke Landis Mr. Latschar Dr. and Mrs. M. H. Lauria Edward Leary Leroy Leid Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Longer Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Luek Mr. Mann Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martin C. Edwin Martin and Family Mr. and Mrs. S. Harold Martin Mr. and Mrs. Ivan M. Martin Mr. and Mrs. Leon Martin Mr. Wayne S. Martin Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Mayes Mr. and Mrs. H. I. Mast Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel McCarty Mrs. R. K. McWilliams C. B. Mellinger Mr. and Mrs. Clair Mellinger Ivan S. Mellinger and Sons Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Mellinger Mr. and Mrs. Amos Mentzer Charles Messner Irvin Messner Dorothy Messner Nancy Lou Miller Mr. and Mrs. Robert Miller Mr. and Mrs. Russell Miller Mrs. Verna G. Miller Marion E. Mosser Rev. E. R. Musser Mr. and Mrs. Roman Musser Mary Esther Newswanger Mrs. E. F. Newton Searle Noble Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Nolt Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Oberholzer Mr. and Mrs. Harold R. Overly Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Palmer Norman Mentzer Mrs. I. R. Pierce Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Plank Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Whitmer PATRONS Mrs. Iohn H. Wise Leonard Wolf Walter Yarnall Mr. Roy A. Young Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin G. Zimmerman I. B. Zimmerman and Sons Mr. and Mrs. Ben Zoll Mrs. Herbert Mrs. Ream Randow Rev. and Mrs. Kurtz E. Reeser Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Reutenauer Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Rhoads Mr. and Mrs. Leon Richwine Phares Rutt Helen Rutt Arthur Sauder Earl Sauder Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Sanders Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Sheafter Willis Sheaiter Mr. and Mrs. Willis Shirk Miss C. Elizabeth Shoemaker lim Showalter Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Simon Mrs. Noami Smith Mr. and Mrs Ralph Smith Rev. and Mrs. Robert Srnock Mr. and Mrs. Pearl Stangle Mrs. Minnie Daniel E. Snader Spotts Steffy Blaine Starr Oliver Steffy Albert Stern yer and Daughters L. H. Supplee Arlington Sweigart Harry C. Sweigart John Trego, Sr. Iohn Trego, Ir. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Irene St Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Miss Troxell Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. and Mrs and Mrs. George A. Weaver Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Troop Norman Wallace, Ir. . Edward C. Weaver Herbert H. Weaver Ira Weaver Mr. and Mrs. Miss Margaret Weaver Mr. and Mrs. Martin Z. Weaver Rebecca Weaver Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Weaver Robert Weaver l Sadie Weaver Arlene Weigand Mr. and Mrs. David Widner Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Wildy I. A. Weaver 106 srAUPrER's FURNITURE ARTHUR STUBBS WGSA RADIO STATION CHARLES G. GOOD, AUCTIONEER AUTOGRAPHS 107 SENSENIGS FURNITURE, INC. MEYER ZAUSNER, INC. HOCKMANS MOTOR EXPRESS PLANICS FLOWER SHOP AUTOGRAPHS 108 HORNINCHS GROCETERIA FARMERSVILLE EQUIPMENT CO. NEW HOLLAND AIRPORT GOOD FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES AUTOGRAPHS 109 ALLEGRAS BEAUTY SHOP NEW HOLLAND PAINT STORE CLAIR'S BARBER SHOP MERVIN WEAVER, MASONRY CONTRACTOR MEMORANDUM 110 CHARLES M. SI-HRK, TRUCKERS 1-1ELEN'5 BEAUTY SALQN G- M. GEHMAN M. AND C. CUT RATE MEMORANDUM 111 CQLDRENS STQRE VILLAGE RESTAURANT W. W. WEAVER HARRY ALTHOUSE MEMORANDUM 112 M. S. SENSENIG DUFFY'S MEAT MARKET PEOPLES RESTAURANT SAUDER BROTHERS .1, .,. , , 1 - A , .. ' .yi -blip . -Hs' ."jiKJ'!. ' Am -' Q' o u .w,. .. u 1. 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Suggestions in the Garden Spot High School - Spartanus Yearbook (New Holland, PA) collection:

Garden Spot High School - Spartanus Yearbook (New Holland, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Garden Spot High School - Spartanus Yearbook (New Holland, PA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Garden Spot High School - Spartanus Yearbook (New Holland, PA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


Garden Spot High School - Spartanus Yearbook (New Holland, PA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Garden Spot High School - Spartanus Yearbook (New Holland, PA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Garden Spot High School - Spartanus Yearbook (New Holland, PA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 55

1961, pg 55

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