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SPAR TANUS 1958 Volume One Garden Spot High School New Hollanaf Pennsylvania E t L tr County foint School D' t 'cl L 'll-1--l1in - 0l'el,U0l' lt is with deep pride that we, the yearbook start of Garden Spot High School, present the school's first annual "'Spartanus". We hope it will be enliqhteninq to those who read it, and a pattern for the publications in the years to come. We have tried to present the material in a pleasinq manner. The yearbook should ia- miliarize you with the students at Garden Spot and bring you a little closer to the activities here. The name, "Spartanus," was chosen by the students themselves. lt is based on the school seal, a Spartan head, selected by the Student Council, and approved by the student body. CHARLOTTE DELP, Editor 2 ibeobca fion xii ,. . 4-"fx To you, Mr. Ranck, we, the student body of Gar- den Spot High School, wish to dedicate our first yearbook. We recognize and appreciate your sincere devo- tion to the ideals of promoting better educational opportunities for all of us. As president of the East- ern Lancaster County Ioint School Board for the past ten years you have proven vour intense interest in the educational system. Also, Mr. Ranck, the student body of Garden Spot High School is deeply grateful tor your contri- butions toward obtaining a new high school for our future graduates. To you go all words of praise for accomplishing such a difficult task. Accept this dedication as our way of saying "thanks" to you for all you have done. 3 lolarecia fion The seniors wish to dedicate this page to you, Miss Troxell and Mr. Brandau, our class advisors, in apprecia- tion of all you have done for us. Throughout our high school days, you have been ready and willing to guide us in our decisions, to help make our tasks easier, and to be true friends to all of us. Without you, we would have had a lot less fun and would have made many mistakes. You both helped us greatly in our junior year, but especially in our senior year when we needed guidance most. This page is only a small way of expressing our gratitude to two wonderful advisors. .ZLL 0 Cimfmfi Foreword Dedication Yearbook Staffs Appreciation Seniors Board ot Education Underclassmen Administrators Activities Faculty Sports Cafeteria and Custodial Staffs Patrons 4 Board of Education Left to right: Louis E. Williams, D.D.S., Vice Presidentg Iohn F. Clark, Treasurer: Ivan S, Witwer, President: Robert L. Ressler, Secretary. These four men represent the thirty members of the Garden Spot School Board. They include five men from each of the following districts: Brecknock Township, Caernarvon Town- ship, Earl Township, East Earl Township, New Holland and Terre Hill Boroughs, The board meets the third Monday of each month. Meetings are held in the New Hol- land school building. The members of the board are organized under the following: Education and Finance Committee, Transportation Committee, and Building Committee. Administration ROBERT P. SIMON DONALD A. Sl-IEAFFER Supervising Principal Principal :i 348 30611 ff' .5 . ua.. nl! Q S amass' ,sf "Par ' N 5 'lf T MRS. GRACE BERGSTRESSER Senior High Latin and German 1 o- as I 1 J IG., 'a I. MRS. DOROTHY BUMM Iunior High Home Economics MISS CLARA BLAKER Iunior High Girls Physical Education MRS. CLIO BRANDAU MR. HARRY CULLY Eighth Grade Mathematics it Senior High Girls' Physical Education MRS. ELEANOR DISSINGER Ninth Grade Latin I, Reading MR ROY BRANDAU Senior High Business Education Seventh MR. KENNETH ERNST Grade History, General Busie ness Training Q we gaCUAg MR. HAROLD GAMBER Senior High English M. KENNETH HERR MR, DAVID HEYDT Eighth Grade English Senior High Industrial Arts Driver Education MISS VIRGINIA HOFFMAN Librarian MRS. MARGARET HESS Eighth Grade Geography MR. ROBERT HESS Biology, Physics MR. DAVID KELLER Iumor and Senior High Art MR, NORMAN KENSINGER Iunior High Art 'Q' it Q' we jadlhy 1? MISS I-IENRIETTA KERN Ninth Grade Science MR. RONALD KOBLE MR. RUDY MAGNONE Senior High Business Education Iunior High Industrial Arts 'Styx MR. SEARLE NOBLE Ninth Grade Mathematics MR. PHILIP LEIGHTON Seventh Grade Mathematics, English .Q N. MR. LLOYD LONG Seventh Grade History, Geography Driver Education MRS. NANCY PRITT Senior High Home Economics MR. LEON RICI-IWINE Elementary Principal, Business Mathematics 3 30,614 MR RICHARD SHERR Ninth Grade History Civics MISS PATRICIA A STAUFFER Senior High English French MISS ALICE IANE SMITH Iunior High Music MR. RICHARD STOCKTON Senior I-hgh Social Studies, Boys Physical Education MR. KELSEY SMITH Chemistry, Physics MISS ELIZABETH TROXELI. Senior High Mathematics sg MR. ROBERT SOLSKY Eighth Grade History MRS. BETTY WEAVER Ninth Grade English, Redding f' we j6lCLLAg MR. ROBERT WEAVER Iunror I-lrqh Boys Physrcal Educatxon MR. PAUL WHITE Senior High Music MISS RUTH WITMAN Guidance Counselor MR. RUSSELL YOST MRS. MIRIAM RITEAU School Nurse MRS. ALICE RANDOW General Secretary MRS. ANNE KRIWER Iunior High Secretary Senlor Hlqh Socral Studxes MRS. PAULINE I-IIGI-I Drehcran 4x Le, I M,s'O A 'NEf'9h,. O f 1711 Gifs' E be-I Agsjyn r JO h Mrs. Puma Fmrxk- dko Gxam axkxvfvx Wexdmon. Bender, MIS- LY xxylas 5 Qi! Lekx xo vxqhxa Mis. houser, Mrs. XOSGPNYNG S- E rhel Ton Ulfzl MIS. M,S yah ' 9 the!! Jac A ogjy Cake , GLIQJ gufifochaf -Slim meg Le f X x C, OKCAQ GOO .QW K,EdK1X00d X'LxXX'oeW2" wx 9 sf - f lo Hgh. 1 M5 C hm? 5,0 wn, Mr' R afnh G xx X0 U 'LUV ' J 1 1 Yearbook Staffs Editorial Sta First Row: Sandra Davis, Roy Lahet, Louise Imm, Diane Campbell, Charlotte Delp, Darlene Smith, Iohn Ewell, Second Row: Wilma Rutt, Hcrzel Freeman, Phyllis Usner, Christina Vlfentzel, Dorothy Lester, Lindo Witmer, Rarltara Bom- herqer, Patsy McKinney, Anne Marie Hiqh, Cynthia Martin, Miss Virginia Hoffman: Third Row: Miss Patricia Stauffer, Norma Cresswell, Sondra Shirk, Letty Lando, Ted Kurtz, Mary lone Sinqer, Lindo Brnkley, lone Shirk, Rich- ard Lichty, Iere Gainer, Sally Klinq. Business Staff First Row: Shirley Martin, Ronald Cwroff, Harold Zook, lean Frankhouser, Faye Hornish: Second Row: Elsie Weller, Delores Arnold, Gloria Kreider, Nancy Miller, Carolyn Berstler, Trrdy Wriqht, Corol Yczhn, Ruth Horner, Third Row' Thomas Martin, Gordon Plank, Kenneth Hollinger, Vera Hutchinson, Iune Sauder, Rosie Mentzor, Dram-r Graff, Mr. Rudy Moqnone, Iohn Foltz, Franklin Bair. 12 eniurs Chai 0 1958 Class Officers: President, Roy Lahet Secretary, Shirley Martin Vice President, Donald Welsh Treasurer, fere Cainer Class Motlo.' They Conquer Who Believe They Can s f Franklin Diller Bair , L, t October 31, 1940 "Frank" Baseball tl0,ll,l2l: Soccer ll0,1l,12l: Yearbook Business Stafl l12l This happy-go-lucky fellow is a popular member y of the senior class. Frank has a great sense of humor , and has shared it with all those around him. He enjoys participating in sports and was an asset to the soccer and baseball teams. He also likes hunt- ing and fishing, and usually does quite well. Frank's plans for the future are uncertain, but his Congeniality will take him far. 14 Diane Louise Campbell October 28, 1940 "Diane" Hockey 1101: Iunior Play llll: Senior Play tl2l: Year- book Editorial Staff fl2l en work- This reserved, soft-spoken lass can be se ing hard as feature editor of the yearbook staff. ' ' f h more reserved mem- Although Diane is one o t e h roved herself congenial and bers of the class, she as p friendly to all. A business career is in the future for Diane. She will attend Berkeley School of Business in New Iersey. ' d tability we know she will Because of her poise and a ap do very well in her chosen career, Sandra Lee Davis A ust 16, 1940 "Sandie" UQ Cheerleading ll0,lllp School Newspaper ll0l: lllhivr ' 11215 County Chorus Play llllz Senior Chorus 110.1 . ' d tl0.ll.l2l: Music Fund Treasurer tlll: ll0.ll.l2l, Ban FTA il2l: D.A.R. Award ll2l This little bundle of energy is a well-liked member of the class of '58. Portraying "Vickie" in th ed her fine acting ability. Sandie plans to enter West Chester State Teachers College after graduation. She will major in elemen- tary education. Because of her friendly, patient man- ner, she is sure to be a wonderful teacher. e junior play she display- Charlotte Eleanor Delp May 3, l94U "Charlotte" Hockey fl0.ll.l2l: Cheer , , paper fl0,lll: Quill and Scroll lll.12l: Chorus 1111 Charlotte is easily distinguished by her shiny black hair and dark eyes. She has always been an "A" stu- dent and a friend to all. She is quite active in extra- curricular activities. With her leadership ability she was chosen editor of the yearbook. ln her pastime she sews and plays her Hammond organ. leading tl0l1l- School News- After graduation, ar l f Beauty Culture We know she will be suc Schoo o . cessful in her anticipated career. l5 Ch lotte plans to enter Ernil's ' v "Nga I . folzn Burton Ewell january 20, 1941 "john" Baseball l10,l2J: Baseball Manager lllj: Basketball Manager 1117: lunior Play llll: Yearbook Editorial Staff U21 "john" is a new member of the senior class from Twin Valley. Although he has been with us only a short time, he has gained many new friends. Hunting and fishing are lohn's favorite pastimes. He also enjoys sports. After graduation john is planning to enter college and study forestry. He is a hard worker and will cer- tainly malce out well. Ge rald Fe rn December 19, 1939 "Fern" Gerald is one of the more quiet members of the senior class. He joined our ranks in the ninth grade when he was transferred from Western School. His main interest lies in the field of art. He is very talented along these lines. Gerald plans to join the Armed Forces after grad- uation. We know "Uncle Sam" will profit by his en- listment. folm facob Foltz july 10, 1940 "john" Baseball 1101: Basketball flll: Soccer ll0.1ll: Play 1101: Chorus ll0l: Vice President 110l Iohn carrie to Garden Spot in his junior year and since then has become quite popular with his class- mates. He can often be seen motoring between Terre Hill and New Holland in his yellow and white Chevy. john has no definite plans for the future, but he may enter college to study forestry. We wish him success in whatever he may do. 16 fean Ruth Franlehouser May 24, 1940 H . , cro tl1,l21: Iunior Play 1111: Senior Play 1121: Chorus tl0.1l1: County Chorus 1111: Band tll.l21: Yearbook Stall l10.l21: Class President 1101: Student Council 1121 ftleani. ockey tl21: Newspaper Staff 110 111- Quill and S ll lean, a 1ive1 of the senior class. Proof of her interest in school work is found on her report cards. y brunette, is a hard-working member 1ean's ambitio cause of her pleasing er 1 succeed in this field. n is to become a beautician. Be- p sona ity, lean will surely Hazel fean Freeman November 4, 1938 "Hazel" Chorus tl0.ll1: Yearbook Editorial Staff t121: Y Teen tl01 Hazel has be qrade, when she came here from North Carolina. She, beinq one of the ' more quiet members of the class, still carries her southern accent. en a member of the class since third A commercial student in school, Hazel hopes to do clerical work after graduation. fere Allan Cainer February 19, 1940 Hlerett Soccer tlO.ll,l21: Baseball tl0.1l.l21: Basketball tl0,ll, 121: School Paper t10.l1.l21: Quill and Scroll t1l121' Iunior Pl ay 1111: Senior Play 1121: Yearbook. Editorial Staff 1121: Class Treasurer tl0.ll,121: Student Council 1101: Radio TV Club 1111 1ourna1ism and sports hold much interest for lere. He is also well-remembered for his parts in the junior and senior plays. In the future, he will be seen in the field of science as an astronautical enqineer. We know he will be a success. 17 Ronald Parke Graff October 25, l940 "Ronnie" Soccer tl0,11,l2lg Basketball tl0.1l.12l: Tennis fl0.1l.12l: School Paper t10l: lunior Play tlll: Senior Play 1127: Chorus tl0.l1.l2J: Band t10,1l,l2l: Band President Ill. l2l: County Band ll0,ll,l2l: District Band ll0.ll.l2l: County Orchestra ll2l: All-State Band ll0.1l.l2l: All- Eastern tlll: Yearbook Business Stall ll2l: Clcxss Presi- dent tl0.11l: Student Council tl0.ll,12l: Council Vice President tlll: School President t12l Ronnie" is quite a popular member of the senior class. This ambitious lad has shown his skill in bas- 1 ketball, soccer, and tennis. "Ronnie" is one of our honor roll students and plans to enter a school of enqineerinq. til tra fohn Ludwig Grube December 4, 1940 "Tony" Iunior Band tl0l: Science Club t10l "Tony" has been a member of our class since the ninth grade, when he came from Akron. He can be found working at the Acme during his spare time. Tony is also an outdoors man and enjoys hunting and fishing. He is undecided about his future as yet, but he may become a printer. tv' 1 . -sf Q51 W,,1 ' .wt W ,V 11?Y?r'w'3?f"1 ' of ..,. . as , . ' Q-fl' ' Faye Roscne Harnish February 5, 1940 "Faye" Hockey t10,11,l2l: Senior Play tl2l: Chorus t1l.l2l: , Band tlU.11,12l: Student Council tl0.1l.12l Faye has been an active member of our class, especially on the hockey team. She kept her oppon- ents busy with her crafty plays as fullback. Faye's plans for the future are inclined toward the business field. Her pleasant personality has Won her many friends. We know this will be an asset in the years to come. 'iw- I. ,y ,, Ruth Naomi Hepner ,,Hep,, February 8, 1941 ck Chorus 1101- Yearbook Senior Play 1121: Upper Leaco . Business Staff 1121: Upper Leacock Safety Patrol 1101 Ruthie came into our class in her sophomore year. She had formerly attended Upper Leacock High School. She has been a faithful member ever since her are rival. Her friendliness helped her get acquainted quickly. We Give loition is to become a nurse. ,,Hep,S,, am our best wishes tor her success. Anne Marie High March 26, 1940 "Anne Marie" Hockey 110.111: Iunior . y . Chorus 1lO.l1,121: County Chorus 1l0,111: Band 110.11, 121: Yearbook Editorial Staff 1121: President F.T.A. 1121 This kind and congenial young lass is the presi- dent of "The Future Teachers of America". Pla 1111- Senior Play 1121: 1-ler pleasing personality and helpful disposition are well-known among her classmates. Her musical talents take form in the melodies is- suing from her saxophone and her alto voice. Elementary education is Annes chosen career. Kenneth Lloyd Hollinger Ianuary 15, 1940 "Ken" Soccer 11U.ll.l21: Basketball 110.ll,l21: Tennis 111.1211 County All-Star Soccer Team 111.121: Most Outstanding I Soccer Player in Lancaster City and Countv 1121: Chorus 1111: Yearbook Business Staff 1121: l".'I'.A. Vice President 1121 Much of Ken's time has been devoted to sports in 'high school. As a senior, he was chosen the most outstanding soccer player in Lancaster City and Coun- ty. Next year he intends to major in physical educa- ' ' is certain. tion. With his ambition success 19 7 , R xsane if .a x A xxif fm ' wr -0' err' Sara 'Louise Kling Ianuary 21, 1940 "Sally" Hockey 110,ll1: Senior Play 1121: Band 1l0.1l,121: Yearbook Editorial Staff 1121 This tall, slender, dark-haired miss has been with us since the first grade. Sally's winning smile and pleasant manner have won her many friends throughout high school. She showed her acting ability with her portrayal of "Smitty" in the senior play. After graduation Sally plans to become a dental assistant. Vile know she will do well. Roy S. Label lanuary 13, 1941 "Roy" School Newspaper Photographer 1121: Iunior Play 1111: Senior Play 1121: Chorus 1l0.ll.l21: County Chorus 110. 111: Band 110,ll,121: Countv Band 1l0,ll1: Yearbook Editorial Star! 1121: Student Council 1ll,lZ1: Class Vice President 1101: Class President 1121 Roy joined our ranks in the fourth grade. Always faithful, Roy was selected as president of the senior class and photographer for the paper. He is a hard worker and carries out his duties well. Chorus and band have also clairned much of Roy's time, After graduation his ambition is to enter the min- istry. Good luck, Hoy. Doris Esther Leake y August 6, 1940 "Doris" Chorus 1101: Yearbook Staff 1101: Class Secretary 1101 Doris is one of the more quiet members of the senior class, but she has a pleasing personality. She has talent in the field of art and can often be seen sketching pictures. Doris plans for the future are uncertain, but we feel sure she will go far in whatever career she chooses. 20 Dorothy Lee Lester luly 9, 1940 "Dot" Hockey 1101: Senior Play 1121: Yearbook Editorial Start 1121: Radio - TV Club 1111: Y Teens 1101 "Dot" has been a member of the class of '58 since 1950. She is a southern lass who came to us from Georgia. "Dot" has varied interests and hobbies. among them the yearbook start. After graduation "Dot" hopes to become a Civil Service worker. She will do well with her clerical training. Richard facob Lichty August 16, 1940 "Lichty" School Paper 1101: Sports Editor 1l1.121: Quill and Scroll 1ll,l21: Iunior Play 1111: Yearbook Editorial Staft 112: Student Council 1101 Richard is a talented member ot the senior class. He is always ready with a laugh, and is very well liked. Hard-working and exuberant, Richard has done much to help the school paper win success. His tu- ture, at present, is still undecided, but we are sure he will go far in whatever career he chooses. His de- termination and pleasing personality will take him a long way. Cynthia Louise Luana Martin April 20, 1939 "Cindy" Cheerleading 110,l11: Chorus 1l0,l11: Yearbook Statt 110.l21: Upper Leacock Travel Club This petite miss is a lively member ot the senior class. Her easy-going way has won her many friends. "Cindy's" hobby is collecting miniature horses. As a commercial student, "Cindy" would like to become employed as a secretary after graduation. 21 V' .7 s. f-vw, as Roy Lee Marlin lune 9, l939 " Roy' Soccer t1l,l2l: Basketball tll.12l: Baseball ll0.ll,l2l Roy is a dark curly haired memb '58. He , A er of the class of is enrolled in the commercial course. His tributed Hunting main in , e as con- much to the soccer d an basketball teams. and fishing also take up much of Roy's spare time. terest lies in sports and h h He has no definite plans for the future, but will Qgy, gi probably be doing clerical work. V -sf .ff Shirley fean Martin lanuary 25, l94l "Shirley" Hockey tll.l2J: Cheerleading 1121: School Newspaper Staff llU.l1l: Quill and Scroll ill.l2l: Iunior Play 1111: Senior Play il2l: Maiorette ll0.1l,l2l: Yearbook Business Staff fl2l: Class Secretary Kll.12l: Radio-TV Club llll Shirley came to Garden Spot in her eighth year of school. She was a substitute on the hockey team, and can often be found practicing cheers in the lower halls. As a career, Shirley plans to be an airline steward- ess. Her winning personality will certainly be an asset in this profession. Rose Ann Mentzer November 5, l94U "Rosie" H ockey il0,ll.l2l: Iunior Play llll: Senior Play 1121: Yearbook Business Staff t12l: Class Vice President 110. Ill: Student Council tll.l2l: Student Council Secretary 1111: Radio-TV Club Vice President illl This tall dark haired ' l ' , - gir is a popular miss of the senior class. As student librarian, "Rosie" is kept quite busy, but her patience carries her through. Most of her spare time is spent driving around in her red and black Chevy. After graduation "Rosie" plans to enter beautician school. 22 1 Dale Sam ue! Myers November 5, 1940 "Dale" Soccer fl0,ll.l2l: Basketball t10.lll: Baseball ll0,1l,l2l: Senior Play tl2l: Yearbook Editorial Staff fl2l: Sir Val- entine l1l'Jl This handsome, dark-haired fellow is noted.for his keen sense of humor in the classroom. I-le also has a wonderful personality. As for the future, he plans to put his athletic tal- ents to good use. Dale will major in physical educa- tion, l-le plans to attend West Chester State Teachers College. Gordon Harold Plank October 5, 1940 "Gordon" Senior Play t12l: Chorus ll0,ll.l2l: Band l10.ll,12l: County Band tlll Gordon is a faithful member of our class and has served his Alma Mater well. l-le is a true friend to everyone, and is always ready to help whenever he is able. His talent in the dramatic field was shown when he portrayed "Davy" in the senior play. After graduation, Gordon plans to enter college and study forestry. Virginia Ann Rancle October ll, l94U "Ginny" Hockey tl0,11.l2l: Cheerleadinq t10,11.12l: Chorus UO. ll.l2l: Band ll0l "Ginny," a lively lass, is well liked by her class- mates. She is known for her bouncy personality. She has contributed much to her school as a member of the hockey team and as a cheerleader. Her favorite pas- times are swimming and horseback riding. "Ginny" plans to do office work after graduation. We know she will make some executive a fine sec- retary. 23 l""Yl sd' I if hr Rebecca Susan Robison February 21, 1940 "Becky' Radio-Tv Club t11t "Becky" is a tall, brown-haired girl with a very warm personality. Although she may appear to be very quiet, she is witty and displays a keen sense of humor. Archery being one of her hobbies, "Becky" may be seen using her bow and arrows at the YWCA. W e feel sure the future h l ods many happy sur- prises and rewards for such a wonderful person as she. Gerald Sfiirk May 15, 1939 "Harvey" There is never a dull moment when "Harvey" is around. A witty remark or a hearty laugh, and you can be sure of his presence. The local fire company holds most of his interest, as "Harvey" never misses a fire. His plans for the future are uncertain, but he will probably enter the Armed Forces. Sandra Lea Sfzirff April 16, l94O "Sandy" Hockey t10,11.12l: Honorable Mention 1121: Cheerlead- inq t10,l1J: Iunior Play tlll: Senior Play' tl2l: Chorus t10.11.12l: County Chorus t10,11l: District Chorus till: Slate Chorus 1111: Head Twirler tl0,11,l2l: Yearbook Editorial Staff t12l: Class Secretory 1102: FTA C121 This lively young miss is an active member of the senior class. "Sandy" may be seen running down the hockey field attempting to make a goal or leading our band down the street as head maiorette. After graduation, "Sandy" plans to attend college and major in health and physical education. 24 Walter Mylin Shirk, fr. "Walt" une 26, 1940 Soccer 111,121: Basketball 110.ll1: Senior Play 1121: Stu- dent Council 1121: Radio-TV Club 1111 "Walt" is a very wel1-liked member of the senior class. He enjoys customizing cars, participating in sports, and riding his motorcycle. "Walt," an enthusi- astic fe11oW, is thinking about joining the Army in about a year and a half. With a personality like his, he will success regardless of what he may do. certainly be a I Mary jane Singer August 17, 1940 "lame" Hockey 110,l1.l21: Hockey Captain 1ll.121: Hockey All- Star Second Team 1121: Senior Play 1121: Yearbook Ed- itorial Stuft 1121: Student Council 11l,121: FTA Club 1121 "Ianie," one of the more active members of the class, is well-liked by all. Loving sports, "1anie" was center forward and captain of the hockey team. Having a desire to be a physical education teacher, she p1ans to enter West Chester State Teachers Co11ege and major in this field. Darlene Rae Smith August 6, 1940 "Darlene" Hockey 1l0.1l,l21: Senior Play 1121: Band 111,121: Year- book Editorial Staft 1121 Darlene, a 1ively lass, is interested in hockey and intra-mura1 sports. She can be seen as a color guard in the band or working with her ciassmates in the cafe- teria at noontime. h igh her plans for the future are indefinite, nd determination will carry Alt oi her commercial training a her success. 25 through to Phyllis fean Usner August 14, 1940 "Phil" Senior Play l12J: Yearbook Staff 1121 "Phil" joined the class of '58 in her freshman year of high school. She can always be found in the cafe- teria during the lunch hour, usually as cashier. Her business course in high school has influenced her choice of career. "Phil" plans to become a typist. We know that her nice personality will take her far. Elsie Mae Weller lune 24, 1940 "Else" Hockey t11,l2l: lunior Play llll: Yearbook Staft ll2j: Y Teens ll0l This friendly lass joined our class in the tenth grade from Summitville. She very capably portrayed "Grandma" in the junior play. Elsie is a member of the commercial class and is well-liked by her fellow students. "Else's" plans after graduation are uncertain, but her pleasant personality will help her succeed in her chosen career. Donald Lee Welsh luly 25, 1940 "Don" Soccer l1l.12j: Basketball ll0.1l.12l: lunior Play -llli: Senior Play ll2j: Class Vice President ll2j: Student Council tl2j: Radio-TV Club llll "Don," a lively dark-haired lad, was chosen vice president of the senior class. He is known for his easy-going ways and droll remarks. "Don" displayed his acting ability in both the junior and senior plays. Don has no definite plans for the future, but foresees a possible business career. 26 Gertrude May Wright May 21, 1940 "Trudy" Hockey 1101: Cheerleading 1101: Senior Play 1121: Year- book Business Stali 1121 This perky little miss, with blue eyes and blond hair, is a congenial member oi our class. Baby-sitting takes up some of her leisure time, as some of the tac- ulty members take advantage of her ability along this line. Portraying "Maudie" in the senior play, she dis- played her dramatic talents. After graduation, Trudy plans to enter Methodist Hospital in Philadelphia, to become a nurse. We wish her lots of luck in her nursing career. Carol Ann Yohn February 6, 1941 "Sis" Hockey 1111: Cheerleading 1101: Newspaper Stati 1101: Chorus 110,111: Yearbook Staff 110.121: Radio-TV Club 1111 "Sis," as Carol is called by all her friends, is en- rolled in the commercial course. She prepares for a position in the business world. Her love for sports can be seen by her participation in school activities. With her good spirits and congenial smile, Carol will have an eventful future. Harola' facob Zook October 21, l94O "Harold" Soccer 110.l1.121: Basketball 110,l1.121: Tennis 110,l1.121: Co-Captain Soccer Team 1121: Honorable Mention Soccer 1121: County All-Star Soccer Team 1121: Senior Play 1121: Chorus 110.1l.121: County Chorus 1111: Band 1l0.1l,121: Band Vice President 1121: Student Council l1,1Z1: Treas- urer 1111: Student Evaluation Committee 1121: Yearbook Business Staff 1121 This handsome lad has always been quite active in school affairs and popular among the student body. As co-captain of the soccer team in his senior year, Harold led the team to County Championship. After graduation he intends to enter Pennsylvania State Uni- versity to major in aeronautical engineering. 27 rf ut 'C fin Nw Senior a .. , -f' ... M 11- ' 31 9 X'3' -X.. ,- x 1-Q-W'----' " 'NM M K7 VFYQ? A ? 2 K 1 . -1-J ' Q .f M Af? N Q, n ormals W ll Bi wife N1 Senior Play - 'Stag Linen Mrs. Mason ...... Mr. Mason ...... Maudie ........ Sylvia ....... Alix .......... Iulie .............. Lysbeth ........................ tBy Anne Coulter .Martensl CAST OF CHARACTERS Ronald .............................. Mrs. Farrington Smith Smitty ........................... Davy ............ Chi ..... Ierry ....... Mac ........... Margaret ...... Snoots ...... Ting ....... Carol ..... ........................................................ . ..... .................. Diane Campbell Harold Zook Trudy Wright Sandra Shirk lean Frankhouser Ianie Singer Shirley Martin Ronald Grotf Anne Marie High Sally Kling Gordon Plank Donald Welsh Roy Lahet . ...... Iere Gainer Phyllis Usner Walter Shirk Darlene Smith Dorothy Lester Understudies Faye Harnish Dale Myers Student Directors Rosie Mentzer Ruth Hepner Director - Mr. Harold Gamber SETTING Place: The living room of the Mason Home. Time: The present -- Iune SYNOPSIS Sylvia Mason is planning to be married. Maudie, her younger sister, tries to be quite helpful, but is more oi a hindrance by getting in everybody's way. Sylvia's fiance, Ierry, al- most calls of't the wedding because he thinks Sylvia is in love with Mac, the best man, when actually Maudie is the one who is in love. Ronald, an usher, is quite a square and Maudie tries her best to change him. Davy is Maudie's pet peeve, who poses quite a problem. lerry almost loses a business client because of Maudie. When the day of the wedding arrives, Smitty, the dressmaker, almost forgets the wedding gown. But as usual, everything turns out all right and everybody is happy as the curtain falls. Shelley Studio 30 School Photographers funior Play -- 'Pro essor, How Coula' You?" CBy Anne Coulter Martensl Directed by Harold E. Gamber CAST CF CHARACTERS Keats Perry, a young professor .......................................... ...... R onald Groff Vicky Randolf, the bane of his life ........... ......... S andra Davis Grandma Perry, an obliging soul ................ .......... E lsie Weller Grandpa Perry, an innocent bystander ...... ...... R ichard Lichty Iohn Appleby, a helpful friend ............... ........... I ere Gainer Priscilla Morely, a sweet young thing ........ .......... S hirley Martin Tootsie Bean, a plump Spinster ................ ....... A nne Marie High Butcher Boy Bean, her big brother .......................................................... Roy Martin Valerie Whitman, a Southern charmer ................................................ Sandra Shirk Boggins, the sporting butler ................................................................ Donald Welsh Three Young Children ............ Thomas Campbell, Linda Gamber, Robert Martin Understudies Roy Lahet lean Frankhouser Student Directors Diane Campbell Rose Mentzer SETTING Place: The library of the Perry home in a college town. Time: The present - Spring. SYNOPSIS Keats Perry, being a young professor, is chased by a few too many girls, when he wants to find a wife so that he gets a certain job. Vicky Randolf comes to the Perry home to apolo- gize for her behavior in the Professor's classes. Iohn tells Keats that Priscilla would make a good wife, Boggins suggests that he marry Tootsie ibut he marries her himself, finally? and Grandma likes Valerie. Secretly Grandpa is betting on Vicky, and he wins the bet. 31 EE Nzzw HOLLAND MACHINE COMPANY gl ,Li mf Maman aes cha 2 ? WW FARMERS N ATIONAL BANK ci TRUST CO. N'-s-1 , llnderclassmen fUNIOR First Row: Linda Weber, lean Roqers, Carolyn Berstler, Sylvia Thcrnas, Nancy Miller, Bonnie Hatwalar, Second Row: Warren Peachey, Larry Stone, Robert Foust, Michael Witmer, Louise lmrn, Third Row: If-,ey .Or1rnrr, Allan Skilos, Kenneth Musser, Kenneth Overly, Mr. Kelsey Smith, Fourth Row: Lamar Brenneman, Rrcthcirrl Buyer, Pherl Witmer, Paul Braine, Harold Arment, Barry Staufter. Section 2 First Row: Wilma Rutt, Linda Witmer, Christina Wentzel, Delores Arnold, Bonita Bushonq, Dorothy Duffy: Second Row: Letty Lando, Linda Binkley, Sandra Hannon, Harold Kohl, Benjamin Gunzenhauser, Gail Weaver, Mr. Harold Gamber, Third Row: Harold Burkhart, Rodney Randow, Harold Zimmerman, Ted Kurtz, Glenn Miller, Thomas Martin: Fourth Row: Donald Hollinger, Robley Evans, Iohn Gingrich, Barry Hoffard, Scott Diffenderter, Kenneth Weaver. 34 NEW HOLLAND SALES STABLES A. W. STAUFFER or SON FEEDMILL EQUIP fUNl0RS Section3 y-V P L First Raw: lamce Haqey, Marqre Wenqer, Susie Ncrtheimer, Gloria Krerder, Vera Ann Hutchinson, Secend How' Cathy Murtm, Patsy McKinney, Sarah lane Martin, lean Buckwalter, Betty Gocd, Mr, Bussell Yostg Third Raw: Doris Esvh, Norma Cresswell, Diarre Graff, lulre Bender, Barbara Bornlverqer, Fourth Raw: Mfrrziyrr l.aHerty, Arthur Sell, Larry l-lartrcnlt, Noah Stahl, Marlin Lichty. Section 4 Frist Row: Linda Dcrulwenherqer, Susie White, Mary lane Bowman, Dcrothy Betsker, Vir:,:rnra Wrtwerp Second Rcw. Rcnald Fox, Ruth Mae Musser, Fruth Anne Heller, Miss Patricia Stauttery Third Flew: lime Sauder, lgzyce Hfgrivm Mary Ellen Faust, Vivian Martrng Fourth Row: lcyce Reeser, Edward Shaefter, Aarr,.n l-lcciier, lane Shrrk. 35 UNION EMBLEM CO. BLUE BALL NATIONAL BANK SOPHOMORES Section I Fi'st Row: Mrs. Clio Brandau, Barbara Heistand, Kenneth Gehman, Thomas lohnson, Susie Good, Thomas Ove-rly, Charlotte Bechtold, Dorothy Mellinqer, Phyllis Beam, Second Row: Lorraine Diem, limmy Witman, Roberta lmber, Garry Senseniq, Rodney Wernhold, Harold Baxter, Allen Hurst, Elizabeth Ranclc, Third Row: lack Etter, Larry Shupp, Harry Haas, Donald Kohl, Sidney Hershey, Richard Dyer, Ray Martin, Clair Wilmer, Fourth Row: George Hainley, Lloyd Gerqley, Emerson Musser, Beryl Dyer, Douqlas Stetty, lay Leininqer, Charles Styer, Andrew Good. Section 2 First Row: Peoqy Weaver, Harold Horninq, Gladys Ream, lohri Weaver, Robin Detwiler, Marian Musser, Barbara Hcrriinq, Edith Staurferg Second Row: Warren Bender, lerry Troyer, Phillip Stautter, Charles Byers, Russell Miller, David Coy, Rose Ann Houck, Mrs, Grace Berqstresser, Third Row: Ronald Grorf, Ronald Eshleman, Steve Homari, Hazel Good, Mary Ann Burkhart, Nancy Good, Euqene Zerbe: Fourth Row: Fred Good, Lamar Horninq, Marlin Houck, Arthur Futer, Martin Herman, Gerhard Spieler, lerry Snavely, Robert Campbell. ROY Ream? POUUFY Enterprise Telephone Company 36 Showalter ci Horniriq Dodqe CS Plymouth Shirk Electric CS Norge Appliances SOPHO ORES Section 3 First Row: Lamar Seibel, Fern Martin, Sandro Swerqart, Carol White, Miriam Shirk, Larry Horst: Second Row: Shirley Rueqq, Nelda Martin, loyce Witwer, Miriam Bowman, Marie Feister, Lindo Landis, Mr. Rohert Hess, advisor: Third Row: Ruth Ann Martin, Louise Benner, Donna Peters, Lois Kohl, Marie Becker, Peqqy Stoltzfus, Iran Lukaszurffakrg Fourth Row: Alice Houck, Donald Horninq, William Zimmerman, lames Law, Rohert Martin, Carl Weaver, Conrad Grable, Nancy Platt. Section 4 r 3 s First Row: Barry Stamm, Grace Getz, Iudy Northeimer, Pauline Nolt, Shirley Heller, Marianne Redcay, loonne Gehl man: Second Row: Miriam Geiqley, Sharon Williams, Muriel Horst, Mabel Baby, Carol Naqle, Carl Kring, Mr. Rudy Maqnone, advisor: Third Row: Vernon Martin, Darryl Shirlc, Iomes Beck, lean Martin, Peqqy Stoner, Marte Horn- inqg Fourth Row: Ken Carson, Dotty Rutter, Delores Grofi, Marthcr Groble, Virqrnia Musser, Joyce Fox. Ggofge H, Weaver Red Rose Auto Sales N. H. Brass, Bronze 5- Aluminum 3,7 New Holland Planinq Mill FRESHME Section I - .. r- First Row: Lorna Snader, Peggy Weaver, Betty Esch, Tyler Zerbe, Richard Wentzel, Mary Hagey, Lamont Tshudy: Second Row: Beverly Stautfer, Mary Newswanger, Lois Iecin Martin, Mary Ann Henley, Harriet Becker, Kenneth Stover, Marlin Hartranft: Third Row: Mr. Richard Sherr, advisor: Donna Troop, Brenda Sprecher, David Fessler, Connie Schnupp, Barry Zimmerman, Brenda Kilhefner: Fourth Row: Carl Zimmerman, Ruth Ann Leaman, Wilmer Musser, Donald Dombach, Orpha Gelmar, Harold Esbenshade, Brian Long. Section 2 First Row: William Montgomery, Carl Mohler, Sandra Sprecher, Reggie Hartman, Donald Groft, Bruce Martin, Sally Ann Brown, Carolyn Sheneberger: Second Row: Fred Miller, .Larry Beck, Siretta Rauscher, Sandra Fellenbaum, Richard Sauder, Suzan Wallin, Marianne Evans, Robert Binkley: Third Row: Miss Kern, advisor, Harry Peachy, Betty Rogers, Carl Styer, Kenneth Schweitzer, lvan Daubenberger, Bobby Smith, Elizabeth Berkheimer, Fourth Row: Roy Martin, Robert Houck, lim Ressler, Robert Weaver, Lance Smith, Leonard Wise, Mervin Good, Donald Sweigart. Myer Zausner, Inc. Ranck's Floor Service 38 Esbenshade cSt High Funeral Home Loht of Hutchinson Gulf Service FRESHME Sectionj' First Row: Mirrarn Sensenrq, Mary lone Hallman, Euqene Moyer, Cindy Cramer, Rose Baldwin, Iudy Sheafler: Snr- :-rrd Row: Mrs. Bvt'y Vlfeover, Eugene Trupe, Gloria Thomas, Edith Mrrsser, Joyce Srnoer, Fern Glass: Third Row: Frzaerria Youndt, lrridri Hrvrrck, Paul Elzerly, Iames Nevvswanoer, Demetrrcr Keores, l.rnda Sheafterg Fourth How: Glen Weaver, Iohn Martin, Horrald Hornrnd, Larry Hcrrt, Harvey Buzzard, Terry Buckvvalter. .Section 4 First How: Geraldine Eslvenshade, ieannette Brtler, Grdce Weaver, Kenneth Mohler, Aaron Eshenshade, Loretto Goh- rrr.irr, Helen Frrodiy, Mary Martrrrg Second Row: Advisor, Mrs. Eleanor Drssinoer, Sandra Good, Reqrna lmlber, Rolrort Frrirdvr, lphn QYAILTSTUII, Theudore Weaver, Kenneth Martin, Ruth Groftp Third Row: John Spolts, Edward Kutz, Iarnos llC.llI1aIP!, Dsrroltl Martin, Ruth Rarrck, Gcorde Lester, James Lester, Fourth Row: Marvin Elzerly, Gilbert Hartranlt, Hlrrrur Fader, Barry Vifoaver, lames Celrular, Grant VVedver, Hrchard Martrn, Gerald Lando, l-lollinqer':5 Service Station Merino Martin 39 Amos 'Benny' Good Insurance Aqency Grofl's Hardware FRESHMEN Section .5 Firsl Row: Bonnie Laudermilch, Elaine Diebler, Zarmon Landis, Roy Duffy, Raymond Geist, Anna Martin: Second Row: Mr. Searle Noble, Lillian Staurter, Sally Good, Lindo Seifred, Martha McKinney, Nancy Hurst: Third Row: Lurinda Gross, Betty Gehman, Ester Good, lane Eshelman, l-luldah Lonqacreg Fourth Row: Arthur Renninqer, Leroy Binlcley, Richard Kurtz, Robert Andrew, Lcrrry Usner Section 6 L , l , First Row: Lee Arment, Amos Arment, Carol Kohl, Gloricr Lewis, Ncrncy Buckwalter, Nancy Wilhelm, Sylvia Wid- dersy Second Row: Mr. Kenneth Ernst, Harold Wissler, Elaine Good, Miriam Martin, Linda Musser, Annette Barbour, Gloria Buclcwalter: Third Row: Mary Ann Hcrinley, Shirley Shirlc, Rhoda Martin, Russel Simmons, Darryl Smith, Iere Stick, Melvin McGinnis: Fourth Row: Ronald Rutter, Rose Anne Heit, David Whitaker, Ccxrl Burkholder, Gordon Fritz, Mary Ann Ressler, Melvin Dietz, Clyde Harsh. L, B, Herr 5, Sgr, Tshudy's Barber Shop 40 Pennsylvania Scales Company HGTTY H- Weaver, lf-. IHC- Eighth Gracie Section l Jdlellaa , - First Row: Kay Sauder, Rhoda Noll, Ann Shirk, Carol Neidemyer, Iames Schlock, Galen Zimmerman, Iames Ander- son: Second Row: Ruth Grable, Ivan Fern, Sallie Talbot, Arlene Hartrantt, Iacl: Musselmon, Doris Weller, Ioanne Driscoll: Third Row: Advisor, Mrs. Margaret Hess, William Hushour, Ronald Smith, Carolyn Gehman, Carol De- shonq, Robert Bohn, Wilbur Horninq, Iames Sell: Fourth Row: Darlene Grorf, Marilyn High, Sally Weaver, Lee McNally, Kenneth Ludwiq, Robert Rutter, Lee Bair. Section 2 First Row: Walter Bowman, Evelyn Horst, Sandra Bair, Linda Iones, Iohn Bickel, Sylvia l-lorninqg Second Row: Beulah Shirk, Sidney Horst, David Nolt, Roy Finch, Marie l-lursh, Mary Newswanqer, Robert Newswanqerp Third Row: lean Lonqabauqh, Barbara Schroll, Ronald Williams, Nancy Duck, Alfred Stover, Mary Irons: Fourth Row: Mr. David Heydt, advisor, Donna Eberly, Darla Zoll. Lamar Seifred, Michael Lauria, Lynn Martin, Tom Koch, Harold Firestone. Hartinq's Bakery Iohn S. Ewell 41 A. G. Oberholtzer Chevrolet Sales Pensupfeme Dairies Eigfi th Grade Section 3 First Row: Barry Iacobs, Georqe Weaver, Samuel Esch, Ann Futer, Carol Tshudy, Donna Myers, Ioyce Kreider: Second Row: Mr. Harry Cully, advisor, Sandra Fritz, Ielfrey Westerhoff, Daniel Cal-lrey, Alto l-lorninq, Mary Ellen Weber, Geraldine Weinholdp Third Row: Galen Wilmer, Franklin Buckwalter, Clayton Styer, Elvin Stoltzfus, Robert Freeman, Paul Bowman: Fourth Row: Fred Prieloe, Donald Stahl, Ivan Mellinqer. Earla Mae Rutt, Patsy Northeimer. Section 4 Ralph Mentzer, First Row: lames Esch, Iohn Oakley, Randy Gilmer, Dorothy Styer, Anna Foltz, Bertha Weinhold, Second Row: Mr. Robert Solsky, advisor, Shirley Nolt, Christine Eshelman, Richard Martin, Allen Carson, Nancy Widders, Robert Groff: Third Row: Barry Williams, Richard Weaver, Ianet Braine, Lavern Good, Grace l-liqh, Clair Martin: Fourth Row: Barbara Reicler, Carl Rutt, Sandra Hartranlt, David Weaver, Harold Franlchouser, Ronald Shrom. Linda Weaver: Sheafier, Barry Thelma l-loober, Lee Richwine. l-lIl.EGRA'S BEAUTY SHOP CLAlR'S BARBER SHOP 42 L. G, Balfour Qompam, WEBERS rrsxrico STATION Eiglz H1 Grade Section 5 T - .. 1 First Row: Bruce Stauffer, Willis Good, Kenneth Sauders, lrvin Heller, Lora Hoffman, Lena Zimmerman, Paul Zimmer- man: Second Row: Wayne Zcok, Richard Swerqart, Stephen Yinqst, Evelyn Essex, Neil Dyer, Rochelle l-libshman, Mary Ellen Cope: Third How: Edna Mae Zimmerman, Ruth Ann Good, Fat Artz, Mary lane Beck, Mary Ann Bowman, Carl Houck, Ray Gehmany Fourth Frcw: lames lrons, Iudy Nonnenmocher, Iudy Styer, Dorothy Mohler, Iohn Sheat- fer, Arthur Kurtz, Nancy Zimmerman, Dale Houck. Section 6 l First Row: Leon Horst, Sanford Fritz, Kenneth Krick, Gladys Blank, Allen Zimmerman, Lucille Martin, Gcrrnell Buz- zard: Second How: Miss Alice lane Smith, advisor, Loretta Zimmerman, Richard Kurtz, Mary Ann Ewell, Fern Hol- linqer, Ianet Beck: Third How: Gloria Sweiaart, Miriam Nolt, Ioarina Showalter, Douqlas Staufler, William Sheafter, Mary Ellen Groftg Fourth Row: Faye Eaby, Roy Weaver, Richard Pennypacker, left Lowry, Richard Horst, Palmer Foltz. C, W, FOX WALTER FESSLER 43 MESSNER BRoTHERs SAMUEL GERHART Seventh Gracie Section! First Row: Ronald Blank, ludy Gehman, Cheryl Eberly, Ioyce Good, Linda Lou Good, Pat Donahue, Brenda Ment- zer, lane Stoney Second Row' Randall l-libshman, David Buch, Ralph Weaver, Kenneth Good, Terry Weaver, Trent Delp, Erma Myers, Timothy Myers: Third Row: Willa Martin, Betty Martin, Shirley Sweiqart, loan Horst, Sandra Sauder, Suzie Kurtz, Carol Bomberqer, Mr. Ronald Kobel, advisor: Fourth Row: Larry Russell, Dal'e Weber, Richard Martin, Paul Wise, William Martin, Davic Hillard, Billy Feister. Section 2 1 4 First Row: Carol Buclcwalter, Sandra Good, L. Louise Herman, Glenn Eherly, Tommy Staufier, Carol Ann Weaver, Kenneth Martin, Richard Martin: Second Row: Ella Ressler, Iohn Bruoaker, Charles Eckenrotle, Woodrow Northeimer, Kathy Martin, Ruth Ann Martin, Helen Brill, Russell Hillworthy Third Row: Mr. Philip Leiqhton, advisor, Darrell Houck, Alice Orth, Iohn Musselman, Iohn Follceson, Kathy Staufier, ,loanne Good, Linda Laukhurf: Fourth Row: Calvin Wise, Donald Snavely, Bonnie Stiei, Grace Etter, Daniel O'Brien, Pauline Leiever, Marilyn Weatherby, Christina Staurfer. l.lCl-ITY BROTHERS DAN HOOVER 44 BLUE BALL MACHINE WORKS CHARLES GRAY LUMBER Seventh Grade Section3 IIN First Row: Iames Clymer, Iohn Martin, Donald Coy, Terry Roland, Robert Bair, Ioan Wilhelm, Linda Dussinqer, Linda Plankp Second Row: Mr. Lloyd Long, advisor: Louis Zimmerman, Paul Walter, Dorlesa Rhodes, Leon Horst, Stanley Grable, Barbara Eberly, Mildred Freidleyg Third Row: Mary Ellen Wenqer, Earl Esh, Clyde Martin, Sandra Martin, Ricky Poole, Charles Millerp Fourth Row: Nancy Kohl, Rose-ne Leiever, Eileen Ginqrich, Samuel Graft, le-sse Gehman, Susan Berkheimer, lay Armeni. Senior High Class fficers V1 l ' ' I v ,a 5 . s .V ,- E , . I . RADE 11 GRADE lO First Row: President, Ted Kurtz, Secretary, First Row: President, Sidney Hershey, Secre Linda Wilmer: Second Row: Treasurer, De. tary, Barbara Heistandg Second Row: Treas lores Arnoldp vice president, Robert Foust. urer, Susie Goody Vice President, Allan Shirk IACOB B, ZIMMERMAN BLUE BALL GARAGE 45 l. P. RANCK PAlNT :S BODY SHOP M. W. MARTIN 6. SONS funior High Class fficers GRADE NINE First Row: Cindy Cramer, Treasurer: Suzan Wallin, Sec- retary: Second Row: Darryl Smith, President: Ray Duffy, Vice President. GRADE EIGHT Standing Cleft to riqhtbz Lee Bair, Treasurer: Iohn Sheaf- fer, Vice President: Michael Lourio, President. Seat' ed: Mary Irons, Secretary. GRADE SEVEN Lelt to riqht: Linda Dussinqer, Treasurer: Trent Delp, Vice President: Ricky Poole, President: Suzie Kurtz, Secretary. TOWNSLEY ESSO SERVICE BLUE BALL HOTEL 46 ELMER M. SENSENIG MEATS A. C. BURKHOLDER PAINTING -...... ,M Activities Senior High Student Council First Row: Roy Lahet, Iohn Gingrich, Ted Kurtz, Ronald Groff, Mciry Ellen Faust, Miss Elizabeth Troxell, advisor, Faye Hamish: Second Row, Fred Good, lean Frankhouser, Marianne Redcay, Linda Witmer, Gloria Kreider, Marie Becker, Miriam Geigley, Donno Peters, Charlotte Delp, Roberta Imberg Third Row: David Coy, Sidney Hershey, Walter Shirk, Michael Witmer, Harold Zook, Mary lane Singer, lulict Bender, Donald Welsh, Rose Mentzer, loey Ouinn. In order to give the students of Garden Spot High School a governing body, the Student Council was organized and a constitution established. Students from every class in the Sen- ior High School are representatives on the Council, which has a membership of fifteen. Head- ing this year's Council is Ronald Groff as President, with lohn Gingrich, Vice President, and Mary Ellen Faust and Ted Kurtz filling the offices of Secretary and Treasurer, respectively. Our Student Council sends representatives to state and district conventions as well as to county conventions. The Student Council was successful in purchasing a pay telephone, which is now in use. Outfits for the cheerleaders and jackets for the basketball team were purchased. The Stu- dent Council Was responsible for the outside assemblies. Buses were obtained by the Coun- cil to transport students to the away basketball games. The standard seal for the school rings was also decided upon by the School Council. A school seal was drawn up by engineers at the New Holland Machine Company, with the approval of the Student Council. The organization is purchasing a school flag, and is ordering picture frames for all sports pictures and graduation pictures. Sponsorship of three school dances by the Student Council was again part of its cur- riculum this year. Your Student Council welcomes suggestions at any time. They may be placed in the suggestion box in the front hall. We cannot over-emphasize the Work of this organization, nor its place in school life. They have exerted a very strong influence in unifying the various phases of school life in the formation of our jointure. A- l- BODGERS ll. K. NORTHEIMER 48 PEOPLES RESTAURANT HERSI-lEY'S BARBER SHOP unior High Student Council L...- 'vi First Row: Iim Anderson, Trent Delp, Darryl Smith, Robert Andrew, Marianne Evans, Brenda Menlzer, Sylvia Wid- ders, Linda Dussinqery Second Row: Carol Ann Weaver, Ronald Williams, Harriet Becker, Mr. Sherr, advisor, Icmet Braine, Iohn Musselmcn, Mary Ann Ewell: Third Row: Ricky Poole, Wcryne Zook, Regina Imber, Earla Mae Rutt, Harvey Buzzard, Lurinda Gross, Lee Richwine, Cindy Cramer: Fourth Row: Harold Esbenshade, Fred Preibe, Grant Weaver, Lee Bair, Donald Sweiqcrrt, Michael Lauria, Iudy Nonnenmocher. This year, for the first time in Garden Spot High Schools history, a Student Council, including the whole iointure, has been formed in the Iunior High. building. They act along 'with the Senior Council, as the governing organization of the school. The thirty members of the Council are led by: Robert Andrew, President: Darryl Smith, Vice President: Mary Ann Bouder, Secretary, and Marianne Evans, Treasurer. Although most activities of the Council are done on a joint basis with the Senior High group, various student interest projects have been organized throughout the year. One project was the Christmas decoration program. Each section decorated their home- rooms, and the best one was awarded a 55.00 prize. Popsicle wrappers are being collected to earn gifts to send to retarded children. A foul-shooting and a "Sir Valentine" contest are two more activities that were sponsored. The Student Council holds one dance a year tor Iunior High pupils only. A box for students to Otter suggestions is placed in the main hall. The support of every student is needed to carry out this program. A. R. SENSENIG, INC. PAUL I-IIJRST 49 COMMUNITY MEMORIAL PARK ASSOCIATION EAST END TEXACO STATION Te11-A- Tower Staffs Editorial Staff Na First Row: Linda Weber, Bruce Martin, Richard Lichty, Louise Imm, Iere Gainer, Linda Wilmer, lean Roqersg Second Row: Roy Lahet, Barry Zimmerman, Linda Musser, Sylvia Thomas, Delores Arnold, Bonnie I-Iabalar, Patsy McKinney, Barbara Bomberqer, Kathy Martin, Letty Lando, Third Row: Robert Foust, Robert Andrew, Brian Lonq, Douqlas Steffy, Linda Binkley, Betty Roqers, Larry Shupp. Business Staff First Row: Peqqy Weaver, Sidney I-Iershey, Ioey Quinn, Vivian Martin, Mary Ellen Faust, Second Row: Lamont Tshudy, Carolyn Berstler, lohn Oakley, Samuel Esch, Sandie Good, Barbara Schroll, Linda Dussinqer, Charlotte Bech- told, Barbara I-Ieistand, Ianice I-Iaqey, Shirley Sweiqart, Demetria Kearesq Third Row: Roberta Imber, Edward Kutz, Hazel Good, ludy Nonnenmocher, Sharon Williams, Gladys Ream, Fred Good, lVIr. Russell Yost, advisor, Rose Ann I-Ieff, Carolyn Gehman, Susie Good, Suzan Wallin, Larry Stone LEROY lvl. SENSENIG SAUDER BROTHERS 50 VICTOR E. WEAVER, INC. C. B. IVIELLINGER INSURANCE Quill anal Scroll First Haw: Charlotte Delp, Bichard Lrfrhfy, lean Frankhcrusser, lere Garner, Shirley Martin: Second Bow: Louise lrnrn, Btirrert llvusr, Letty Lando, Linda Brrikley, lean Boqers, Lrnda Weber, leey Ournn, Linda Witmer. O Future Teachers of Amerzca F T . First Bow: Delores Arnold, Gloria Kreider, Kenneth Hollinger, Anne Marie Hiqh, Linda Binkley, Barbara Horninq, Barbara Bonilverqen Second Bow: Sondra Davis, Louise lmm, Sandra Shirk, Christina Wentzel, Marlin Lrchty, lane Sinqer, Mr. Harold Gamlber, advisor, Harold Baxter, Gerhard Spieler, Linda Welver, Marian Musser, Benito Bushoriq, lean Roqers, Russell Miller, Bonnie Habalar. THE PUB GOOD BEVERAGE DlSTRlBUTOR 51 NEW HOLLAND MEAT MARKET BALPH'S HOUSE OF PHOTOGRAPHY Banu' First Row: Ronald Graff, David Coy, Faye l-larnish, Robert Faust, Lee Bair, William Sheafier, Ann Futer, Ronny Strut, Wayne Zook, Linda Plank, Alice Houck, Second Row: Marlin Houck, Linda Weber, Nancy Miller, Anne Marie Hitrh, Peqqy Weaver, Harold Esbenshacle, lohn Sheaffer, lack Musselman, Fred Good, Roy Lahet, Leo Richwino, Walter Bowman, Ronald Williams, Ralph Mentzer, lack Etterg Third Row: lohrr Ginarich, Donald l-lollincger, Gordon Plank, Tom Overly, Mike Witmer, Sandra Davis, lames Irons, Rodney Randow, ludy Nennenmocher, Torn lchnsczri, Charles Byers, Iohn Brubaker, Kathy Martin, Gladys Ream, Fourth Row: Barbara Heistand, Harold Zook, lulro Bender, Scott Diflenderfer, Douglas Stef'ly, Dick Boyer, Fred Preilue, Mr. Paul H. VJ'rite, Director, Filth Row: Darlene Srnrth, loan Frankhauser, Linda Landis, Roberta lniher, Lind-i Daulienlaeraer, Sally Klinq. Majoretfes First Row: Brenda Kilhetner, Pamela Shirk, Linda Witmerg Second Row: Betty Roaers, Sandra Shrrk, Shirley Martin. Susie Good, Delores Arnold, THE sPoRTsrvrAN's sHoP DELLERS 5 AND ,U 52 NEW HOLLAND AIRPORT SNAVELYS FARM SERVKIE Senior Chorus First Row: lean Buckwalter, Kathy Martin, Barbarcr Heistand, Tom Overly, Roy Lahet, Michael Witmer, Robert Foust, Harold Baxter, Benny Gunzenhauser, Sandra Davis, Peggy Weaver, Mr. Paul White, Director: Second Row: Sandra Shirk, Delores Arnold, Fczye Hdrnish, Gordon Plank, Harold Arment, Gerhard Spieler, Fred Good, Sidney Hershey, Linda Daubenberqer, Louise Imm, Virginia Ranckp Third Row: Lois Kohl, Marianne Redcay, Patsy McKinney, Marie Horning, Richord Boyer, Harold Zook, Ronald Groff, Donald Hollinger, Rodney Randow, Anne Morie High, Louise Benner, loyce Hoover, Phyllis Beam, Linda Weber, Ioyce Reeser, Alice Houck, Lamar Brenneman, Beryl Dyer, Marlin Houck, Iohn Gingrich, Scott Diffenderfer, lulie Bender, Gladys Ream, Mcxrie Geiqley, Wilma Rutt. Under the direction of Mr. Paul White, a selected chorus of forty-eight voices made a definite contribution to our Alma Mater. Gowned for the first time in royal blue, the chorus sang parts from Handel's "Messiah" with loyce Hoover, alto: lohn Gingrich, bass: Donald Hollinger, tenor: Linda lean Weber, sopranog lean Ann Buckwalter, soprano: and Kathryn Martin, soprano, as soloists. In addition to the annual Christmas concert in the school auditorium, the chorus present- ed its program at the following churches: Center Church, Ranck's Evangelical United Breth- ren Church, and Bridgeville Evangelical Congregational Church. This same program was broadcast by Radio Station WGSA, Ephrata. The next big activity for the chorus was the Spring Concert. The setting for the program was a record shop. This year the chorus took its program to Hershey, Pennsylvania, where it was presented to Milton Hershey High School in an exchange program for the Milton Hershey dance band at a later date. An entire day was spent by the chorus visiting the school and town. PICK-lT GIFT SHOP WRIGHTS BAKERY S3 YE VILLAGE RESTAURANT BEREAN M. B. C. CHURCH unior High Girls Chorus First Row: Suzan Wallin, Barbara Schroll, Mary Ellen Cope, Carol Tshudy, Sandra Bair, Barbara Eberly, Lucille Mar- tin, Iudy Gehman, Sandra Good, Pat Donahue, Brenda Mentzer, lane Stone, Beverly Staufierg Second Row: Miss Alice Smith, advisor, Sallie Talbot, lanet Braine, Maryv lrons, Randy Gilmer, Carol Bomberaer, Linda Plank, Iudy Sheaffer, Linda Seilred, loyce Singer, Cindy Cramer: Third Row: Eugenia Youndt, Demetria Keares, Marianne Evans, Caroe line Shenelnerqer, Siretta Rauscher, Lurinda Gross, Ann Futer, Susie Kurtz, Fern Glass, Mary Newswanqer, Martha McKinney, Linda Sheafterg Fourth Row: Iudy Nonnenmocher, Carolyn Gehman, Nancy Kohl, Marilyn Hiqh, Eileen Ginqrich, Grace Etter, Betty Roqers, Orpha Gehman, Lois Martin, Elizabeth Berkheimer, Ruth Ann Lehman. unior High Boys Chorus 'cb 33 'N 34. First Row: Kenneth Krick, Iohn Oakley, William Sheafler, Wayne Zook, Paul Walters, Iohn Brubaker, Terry' Roland: Second Row: Richard Wentzel, Lamont Tshudy, Walter Bowman, Russell l-lillworth, Randy l-libshman, David Nolt, Charles Miller, Third Row: Iohn Sheafier, Woodrow Northeimer, Earl Esch, Bobby Newswanqer, ,lay Arment, Lee Richwine, Ronald Williams, Miss Alice Smith, Director: Fourth Row: Calvin Wise, lofi Lowry, Donald Dombach, Fred Priebe, Wilmer Musser, Kenneth Ludwia, Franklin Buckwalter. WITMERS APPLIANCES S, PLOTNICK 6. SON 54 NEW HOLLAND BARBER SHOP NEW HOLLAND CUT RATE Science Club First Row: Barry Hoffard, Ted Kurtz, Paul Braine, Lamar Brennemcm, Mr. Kelsey Smith, advisory Second Row: Thomas Martin, Harold Burkhart, I-Iarold Arment, Robley Evans. Radio and TV Club First Row:.Norma Cresswell, Susie Northeimer, Diane Groff, Kathy Martin, Ianice Haqeyg Second Row: Vero Hutchin- son, Gloria Kreider, Pcttsy McKinney, Ioan Lukas, Iecn Buckwalter, Linda Binkley, Iohn Martin, Third Row: Sydney Hershey, Mr. Harold Gdmber, advisor, Iohn Gingrich, Gerhard Spieler. RICHARD HAGY ESSO STATION A. C. PLANK CO. 55 NEW HOLLAND CONCRETE PRODUCTS, INC. EDGAR O, BECK FURNITURE STORE Film Staff First Row: Charlotte Delp, Sandra Shirk, lane Sinqer, Sandra Sweiqartp Second Row: Barry Starnm, David Coy, Roy Lahet, Rodney Randow, Ioey Quinn, Ted Kurtz, lack Etter, Vernon Martin, Barry SlGUll9I. unior Achievement ' A . First Row: Richard Boyer, Louise Imm, Lindo Weber, Linda Wilmer, Linda Binkley: Second Row: Larry Stone, Michael Witmer, Pcxul Braine, Sylvia Thomas, Robley Evans, Bonnie Habalar, Lamar Brenneman, Delores Arnold, Norma Cresswell, Vivicxn Martin, Iames Beck Iohn Martin. EARL SAUDER lCHN M. SAUDER 56 H. CLAIR MUSSELMAN GOLDFUS HATCHERIES, INC. Future Homema ers Club First Row: Morian Shirlc, Lois Kohl, Marianne Redcay, Miriam Geigley, Phyllis Benner: Second How: Linda Lan- dis, Sandia Sweigart, Marie Feister, Mcrrie Becker, loyce Witwer, Carol Nagle, Shirley Piuegq, loan Lukaszewslct, Mrs. Nancy Pritt, advisor: Third Row: Dorothy Mellinqer, Peggy Stoner, Virginia Musser, Ioyce Fox, Morie Horninq, Martha Graybill. Lorrcine Diem. The Future Homemaking Club, under the supervision of Mrs. Nancy Pritt, is made up of twenty members, including the following officers: President, Marianne Redcayy Vice Presi- dent,Miriam Geigleyp Secretary, Lois Kohlp Treasurer, Miriam Shirkg Chaplain, Marie Feister. This national organization lives by the motto: "Toward New Horizons". The distinguish- ing colors of the Future Homemaking Club are red and white. These colors are symbolic of youth, courage, and determination to succeed, yet it also stands for innocence and purity. lt is symbolic of homelife, the success of which is of the utmost importance. Some of the purposes of the club are: 1. To promote a growing appreciation of the group and satisfaction of homemaking. 2. To emphasize the importance of worthy home membership. 3. To encourage democracy in home and community life. 4. To work for good home and family life for all. 5. To promote international good will. 6. To foster the development of creative leadership in home and community life. 7. To provide wholesome individual and group recreation. 8. To further interest in home economics. The club meets once a week to work on the many projects they undertake. Some of these projects are: making and selling Christmas candles, selling vanilla to purchase a silver tea service for the school, a Valentine party, and in the near future they hope to have a Mother and Daughter Tea. Also the Terre Hill girls are working on Civil Defense and all the girls help to collect clothing to send to Crossnore, North Carolina. GRUBE'S BARBER SHOP HOSTETTERS ATLANTIC SERVlCE 57 NEW HOLLAND DINER NEW HOLLAND SUPPLY COMPANY funior Historians ww ir N ' F1151 Row: Bruce Ma1l1r1, Christina Eshleman, Chnstlne Slaurfer, Rose Baldwm, ludy Sheaffer, Nancy Finch: Second Raw: E11+1f-11110 Younril, lcyce SIUIVQQI, Donna Troupe, Sally Good, Mcmha McKinney, Lindo Seilredy Thnd Row: M1. Shen, advmcr, layne Eshleman, Fern Glass, Lmda Shaffer, Carolyn Sl1enel:e1qer, Ma1l1n Harlranflg Fourth Row: Earla Moe Rull, Revfuly Siuufler, IVIGIIOHHE Evans, Ed. Kulzt, Mlchael Lauria, Donald Reese. funior Red Cross 'rr ,HK FIYSI Raw: Gladys Plank, Carol Neidermyer, lane! Beck, Ann I.c1u1se Shirk, Beulah Shirlc, Lora Hoffman, Lucille Mar- 11n, Gcxrnell Buzzard: Second Row: Mrs. Murqclret Hess, advisor, Mary Newswanqer, Nancy W1dde1s, Mary Ellen Cape, Rachelle I-lilushman, Evelyn Essex, Mary Ellen Graff: Thnd Row: Faye Eaizy, Glcna Sweugart, Doxis Welle1, Mirzam Nol', Ruth Grable, Fern Holl1nqe1, Rhoda Nc,l1. IACOB FOLTZ RALPH COLEMAN 58 WHITE OAK FARMS DAIRY PRODUCTS CHARLES S. WINTERS INSURANCE Y arts Soccer First Row: Donald Welsh, Dick Dyer, Dole Myers, Kenneth Hollinger, Harold Zook, Allan Skiles, Roy Martin, Ronald Groft, Iere Gainer, Frank Bair, Walter Shirkg Second Row: Andy Good, Beryl Dyer, Tom Iohnson, Fred Good, Benny Gunzenhauser, Marlin Houck, Tom Overlyp Third Row: Russel Etter, Ken Musser, Dick Boyer, lohn Gingrich, Mr. Rob- ert Weaver, cooch, Barry I-loftard, George Hcrinley, Donald Hollinger, Rodney Randow. Under the coaching of Mr. Robert Weaver, The soccer team was able to capture the Lan- caster County championship for the second consecutive year. Undeteated in league play, the Spartans had a 5-U-l record. In district 3 PIAA playolts, Garden Spot was defeated by Dover High of York County on the basis of corner kicks 2-0, as the game ended in a l-l tie. Kenneth Hollinger was the outstanding soccer player in Lancaster County. Several of the boys represented their team on the County All-Star team. On the first team were co- captains Harold Zook and Roy Martin, Kenneth Hollinger and Iohn Gingrich. Ronald Groft and George Hainley were on the second team. Despite the loss of nine seniors, the Spartans anticipate a good future. Garden Garden Garden Garden Garden Garden Garden Garden Garden Garden RITZ THEATER A. B, C. GROFF Spot Spot Spot Spot Spot Spot Spot Spot Spot Spot SCORES FOR THE 1957 SEASON 6 Octororo ........,..............,....,.... 0 3 East Lebanon County Ioint ....... U 2 Lampeter-Strasburg ............... O l MdCaskey .........,.... .. 2 U East Lampeter ..... O B Upper Leacock ...... l 2 Penn Monor ....... ll 4 Donegal .............. O 2 Pequea Valley ...,.. l 1 Dover l DUFFYS FOOD MARKET 60 STAUFFER RURNER COMPANY Hockey Varsity Team-First Row: Virginia Ranck, Iane Singer: Second Row: Margie Wenger, Charlotte Delp, Delores Arnold, Hazel Good, Shirley Martin, Dorothy Rutter. Sandra Shirk, Gladys Ream, Rose Mentzer, Darlene Smith, Barbara Bom-- berqer, Linda Witmer, Faye l-larnish, Mrs. Clio Brgndau, coach. I. V. TEAM Knot picturedl: Nancy Miller, Kathy Martin, Gloria Kreider, Christina Wentzel, Lindo Weber, Elsie Weller, Nancy Platt, Norma Cresswell, Carolyn Berstler, Vivian Martin, lean Frankhouser. The Spartanettes, coached by Mrs. Roy Brandau, tied with Elizabethtown for the Section Two Championship. Garden Spot's hockey team topped Warwick in the last league Qame of the season to tie for the championship. The hockey girls suffered no defeats during their suc- cessful season. Mary lane Singer was selected as a member of the Second All-Star Hockey Team. Hon- orable mention was given to Sandra Shirk and Virginia Ranck, seniorsg and Gladys Ream, sophomore. Mary lane Singer was elected captain of the hockey team and Virginia Ranck, co-captain. GAMES AND SCORES: September 24. Garden Spot ............ O Elizabethown .... .. 0 fAwaYl October 2. Garden Spot ....... ..... 2 Donegal ............... .. I fAwayl October 7. Garden Spot ...... ..... 2 Hempfield ................ 0 fAwayD October 15. Garden Spot ..... .. 4 Manheim Central ...... O tl-Iornel November 5. Garden Spot ............ 2 Warwick ............ ...... O fAwayl October 29. Play Day at Hempfield. Hempfield High School played host to the Hockey Play Day. The Play Day was high- lighted by the selection of the first and second all-star hockey teams and those who received honorable mention. Thirteen schools were represented at the Play Day and each team play- ed six games against the opposing teams. TERRE HILL SlLO COMPANY M. 61 C. CUT RATE 61 WEINHOLDS I. G. A. MARKET TERRE HILL MACHINE COMPANY Varsity Basketball Lett to right: Kenneth Hollinger, Donald Welsh, Harold Zook, Roy Mortin, Ronald Grort, Arthur Futer, Ich Inq rich, Mr. Kenneth Although not a victorious team, the Spartans displayed good sportsmanship and a keen desire to win throughout the season. Three contests were lost by only one point, proving that coach Ken Herr's squad gave all they had to win. The high scorer for the season was Ronald Grorl, with an average of 14.5 points per game, followed by lohn Gingrich with a l3.6 average. They rounded out the season with six wins and eight losses. GAMES AND SCORES: Garden Spot ..... ....... 5 5 Cocalico .......... lHorne7 Garden Spot ....... 45 Warwick ............... tAway5 Garden Spot ..... 47 Pequea Valley ..... lHorne? Garden Spot ..... 47 Larnpeter-Strasburg lAwayl Garden Spot ..... .... 5 9 Solanco ............... lAwayl Garden Spot ..... 52 Upper Leacock ..... lHomel Garden Spot ....... 68 East Larnpeter ....... ..... C Away? Garden Spot ....... .... 4 0 Cocalico ........... lAwayl Garden Spot ....... .... 5 2 Warwick .............. lHornel Garden Spot ....... 35 Pequea Valley ................ CAwayl Garden Spot ....... 43 Lampeter-Strasburg CHornel Garden Spot ....... 56 Solanco ................. lHornel Garden Spot ....... 76 East Lampeter ....... CAway5 Garden Spot ....... 69 Upper Leacock .... lHomel EARLE MARTIN PAINTING HEl.EN'S BEAUTY SHOP 62 BIXLEFVS SANDWICH SHOP C. STANLEY ECKENROTH FUNERAl HOME funior Varsity Basketball First Row: Fred Good, Georqe Hainley, Marlin Houck, Allen Skiles, Dick Dyer, Allen Shirk: Second Row: Tom Ov- erly, Benny Gunzenhauser, Beryl Dyer, Dick Boyer, Mr. Kenneth Ernst, Coach, Lloyd Geiqley, Rodney Randow, Sidney Hershey, Tom Iohnson. funior High Basketball Q Q G G af .nf 9 'L , M KJ K ' First Row' Ronald Williams, Grant Weaver, lim Hollinger, Carl Zimmerman, Don Sweiqort, Harry Peachey, Bruce Martin, Second Row: Ray Duffy, Darryl Smith, Robert Andrew, leff Lowry, Mervin Good, Lance Smith, Carl Burk- holder, Iohn Sheafter, Robert Newswanqer, Raymond Geist, Robert Groff, Mr. David Heydt, coach. PEIFER PONTIAC, INC. STYER AND EVANS 63 ROBERTAS CHILDREN SHOP NEW HOLLAND TWIN KISS Baseball First Row: Iohn Ewell, Dale Myers, Barry Hofiard, Allan Skiles, Roy Martin, Ierry Troyer Benny Gunzenhauser Kenny Overly, Warren Peachy, Frank Bair, Mr. Robert Weaver, coach: Second Row: Eugene Zerbe Georg rlcnnley Pherl Witmer, Marlin Houck, Arthur Futer, Lloyd Geiqley, Andy Good, Ken Musser, lack Etter Richard Dyer Barry Stautter Coached by Mr. Robert Weaver, the 1957 Garden Spot baseball team compiled an over all record of two wins and nine losses, and a one and seven record in the Lancaster County League. With nine Iettermen returning, the Spartans are anticipating a good future since last year's squad was made up of sophomores and juniors. GAMES AND SCORES: Garden Spot .... ......... 2 East Lampeter .... Garden Spot 1 Ephrata .......... Garden Spot 3 Upper Leacock Garden Spot 7 Cocalico .............. Garden Spot ...... 5 Penn Manor .............. Garden Spot ...... IO Manheim Township Garden Spot 6 Ephrata ................ Garden Spot 0 Cocalico ............. Garden Spot 8 Upper Leacock .... Garden Spot 2 Penn Manor ........ Garden Spot 3 Manheim Township LEROY W- GEOFF A z MELLINGER DICK BRUBAKER SEWING MACHINES 64 NEW HOLLAND IQAINT STORE Tennis First Row: Ronald Groft, Ken Hollinqer, Harold Zook: Second Row: Tom Overly, Fred Good, Scott Diftenderter, Iohn Gingrich, Sidney Hershey, Mr. Heydl, coach. Garden Spot's tennis team enjoyed a very successful season in 1957, as the squad qain- ed possession of the Lancaster County championship trophy by compiling a 6-l record. Under the leadership of Mr. David Hedyt, the team hopes to repeat the performance in the 1958 season, as they have retained the same team. GAMES AND SCORES: Garden Spot ..... .... 5 Warwick ........................ Garden Spot ..... ..... 4 Manheim Township .... Garden Spot ...... .... 7 Lancaster Country Day Garden Spot ..... .... 4 McCaskey I.V.'s .......... Garden Spot ..... .... 4 Donegal ..................... Garden Spot ..... ..... 3 Manheim Central ..... Garden Spot ..... .... 7 Hempfield ........... STAUFFERS DRUG STORE 'l'l'-.IMMERS STORE 65 M, S, SENSENIG FRIGIDAIRE SERVICE EDWARD C. WEAVER FUNERAL HOME Varsity Cheerleaders Lei! to right: Virginia Ranck. Cfhrisfinfi Vifenwzei, Dreimes Arnold, Shirley Martin, Maisie Wenqer, Miss Clara Hifiker, Supervisor. anior Varsity Cheerleaders Left to riqhtz Iane Shirk, Roberta imber, Miss Clara Blaker, advisor, Marianne Evans, Lindo Daubenberqer. WEST END CLEANERS KRONMEYERS 66 WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE WILLIAM DICKINSCWS GARAGE unior High Cheerleaders T' XX I First Row: Nancy Duck: Second Row: Mary Haqey, 'Mary lions: Third Row: Sully Talbot, Linda Seifred, Eugenia Youndtg Fourth Row: Judy Nonnenmocher, Carolyn Sheneberqer, Siretta Rauscher, Suzan Walling Fifth Row: Miss Clara Blalaer, advisor, Ioyce Singer. Sports Managers ix,5,4?qRx t, ,Q First Row: Bobby Newswanqer, Ronald Williams, Bruce lvlortin, Ieey Ouinng Second Row: Barry Stauftei, Pat Mc- Kinney, Delores Groft, Lamar Brerieman, Mr. Sherr, advisor. W. W. WEAVER CHARLES HOORER 67 lRON'S FOOD STORE PCAUFFMANS HARDWARF Patrol Mothers -tit f - , -.Q - , ,Ai,L G ' 1 -x-2 rr it 1 the 1 , t t Q -QYI Qin A ilv 5 5 G or G Rear Step: Stella L. Broine, Lena Parmerg next step, lvlrs. Earl Hoover, Mrs. Walter Bowmang next step: Dorothy E. Witmer, Ethel Leary: next step, Betty Zook, Helen Duffy: next step: Anna B. Hench, lune Dyer, front group: Chief of Police Reuben Sweigart, Marie Good, Mouy B. Ranck, Dorothy Hollinger, and Police Officer Ralph Sprecher. Also serving on the Patrol, but not included in this picture are: Mrs. Mildred Hutchinson, Mrs. Robert Ressler, and Mrs. Fern Houck School Patrol Mothers, a newly-organized group, was formed through the cooperation of the borough police department, the Parent-Teacher Association, and the school authorities. Fourteen women volunteered or were solicited by telephone Contact to assist the pupils in crossing the street safely. Mrs. Carl Duffy heads the group. She has solicited several new members during the year. The women have been given white capes, Whistles and badges by the PTA and caps were donated by Rubinson's Store. The badCJGS GTG engraved With the words "School Crossing Guards". The mothers have the authority to take license numbers of any automobiles that commit violations. These women are a great asset to the school and community, and their help is very much appreciated. l.. HENRY HILLARD MAFtTlN'S HARDWARE , 68 ACHENBACHS BAKERY IACK 6- IIM MASER, INC. EIW+ ' .14 lfl,lOgI"6Ll0 if B v A HERSHEYS SHOE STORE MECKS RESTAURANT WENGEIQIS FLOVVERS GIEVINS EI.Qv.'EIas F9 SINGING NEEDLES, INC. L LEOLA NATIONAL BANK E"f" L i .fgufogralo A fp 5 A MOORE DAIRIES W. W. WALKER ESTATE RIICKWALTER TV NEW HOLLAND CLARION, INC 70 MENTZERS DECORATORS H, L, MOTORS --A DE SOTO - PLYMOUTH Mrs. Thomas Mrs. Hazel B. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Baer Finch Raymond Burkhart Norman Sensenig A. R. Reifsnyder M. S. Hutchinson Mr. D. B. Hutchinson Mr. E. A. Myers Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Ranck A Friend A Friend A Friend Mr. and Mrs. K. O. Smith Mr. and Mrs. C. I. McComsey Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Gottman I. A. Flora, III Mrs. Margaret R. Wright Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wentzel Dr. E. Z. Martin, D.C. Mrs. Mary Lahet Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Iohn B. Souder Carl Slabach Marvin M. Zimmerman Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. . and Mrs. Albert Weatherby Roy W. Hoober Robert Wanner Alvin C. Danner Parke Graff A. Lloyd Grofi Carl H. Graff Isaac S. Zook Ivan Witmer Leonard Brenneman Robert Frankhouser Donald F. Homan H. M. Hinkle Leroy Usner Mrs. Dorothy E. Harnish Harry S. Gerhart Lloyd S. Gerhart Mr. and Mrs. H. Roy Frankhouser A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kaiser Mr. and Mrs. H. Raymond Good Ted Kurtz. Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow W. Good Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. Witwer Mrs. Russel H. Miller Mr. and Mrs. William M. Miller Dr. and Mrs. Michael Lauria Dr. A. E. Wascou pa, ll"0l'lf5 Mr. and Mrs. Leon Ri-:hwine Mrs. Naomi Smith Mr. and Mrs. Adam R. Hubertis Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bitler Ruth L. Frankhouser Rev. A. M. Herman Dorlisa Rhoades Vernon R. Horst Geraldine E. Gable Leo A. Gabl G Mr. and Mrs. Christian Eshelman Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Homan, Sr. Rev. Daniel A. Draper Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Good Merryl R. Faust Mrs. Edna Wenger Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Elizabeth Kil Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs li Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Miss Elizabeth Troxell Mrs. Helen Robison Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Alice Randow Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Binkley's Store Mrs. Wayne S. Bixler Parke D. Landis Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Anna S. Dr. and Mrs. Paul R. Wentz Dr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. H. E. Peters Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Lucille Mentzer . Norman Mentzer Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Edwin Homan Donald Cake Roy S. Fritz Albright Cake Richard S. Weber Royer Bixler an Ivan E. Newpher Ted Keares I. Raymond Buzzard Arthur L. Smith Ben Parmer Elmer Z. Delp Russ Singer Howard Ranck Robert P. Simon Vernon R. Davis Harold Pritt Paul Z. Martin Russell H. Yost Diller C. M. Lawrence Robert S. Bomberqer Harold R. Overly Robert Campbell George D. High Robert Klina Garden Spot High School wishes to express appreciation to the many businessmen who purchased advertisements under our new page sponsorship program. Through their cooperation we are able able to distribute the yearbook to the student body at a lower rate than usual. Through the kind- ness of these people and our patrons this publication was made possible. WALTER W. MOYER CO. EITNIER 6. HOFFMAN 71 C. :Sr W. MOTORS, INC. RADIO STATION W. G S A -M'-1 em ora n, it mi ,? :fE45:Efj -'T'A Hg LTXIVYS RESTAURANT AUHEN G. MUSSEH :-ICJYEHS VEIAI-XMAKQTY V2 IOHN HANCOCK INSURANCE EASTERN STATES FARMERS EXCHANGE

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