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f w kf gf M MM Wgqgz pzfww QMJQMLMQ Q - on Wi W M yjffw xiii, ,CN A If ' L43 .ik HJ Eff' 7' MM MN ff. w ww ,LW ww QQ 35? S W f"Qff',g,"f1l'3?',2W' Q5 va ' ,MW H99 xy x Dfyfmyl M qffgjjp MQ W QNAWWWA, Aff ff if Q if . MM ' 1? SW X M . QZZIV ' WM WM fp W ,ip f Q S5393 ' WEN . Q , A '-1' we w 2 f1 , j , 'sig . W wa A-r 33 ?fm:- ' A, .na ff' M525-f 1-L 'akin L . :r .L M fm- w 4. ,L fn -:HTL-I V4 1 1 TFP f'!Q,f .f Lf1"0-B 's RFP' A 1 -: - .V K. .-gs,,:,4Q-Q , Q - enq- K V 6 Q, I 'ig . aNf221'vi4vxi,, ' - 2-. 2:45 ,.-W' ', 4' .au . 44915 ,aizj yzjdgwf ' WWW ,342 Q? iii 5? N1 2 fbi? 3 2523535 B ss? L1 ., J J' K 3, 4,1154 .-1, ' my 1 Q. yy: r 1, -Y IL.,- V 3k", i . Q X . L My HJ 1 5, x. QA "A Sxfyr A ix! W Y X L 1 '-1 ,xr .. .N gfxqyff -'gwzlaq WVONU ,Y 2 .g -,.r, HQ A-.,. YM? V 9 3 N, . f I . lun. , -if-SC' a ' iv 3 gf l'f r, r 5 "L ' U , I A QA. Y M -t ' f' 5 .4 1 ' 7 'M 'Q , 1 f X 'z l'-- ,. V, 1. g ,g, .Sr f.iitffr7 y . nk' it W Qfxufy lk' 'i ,L bf. .-, x ' , AL.-af xi ,7 N I A 'A VI, , rm-'5 L N ' ..,.. q xl ,.. h ,. 'sfiffm fv- 'af ww, 'wuz- ' ps " X r X , . . , ' g K ' 57 I 5 X l X 1 5 441 - - 15.iZ4.'w13".1T'Ir. UELSLI CU ouvf Calif,-4-,v1.r, rqs fr Q --,ypx,f f,1'., ilhfir- -1 XX. X ,554 -V Q! Princess Crusader ..... 1 "Him - N- . uk u ',.f3j1"Hffa!fTg:fQjQ ,3 QM Prrnce Crusader ,,,,.. , , '-A "6-31 "l""'i1:'Mf' f3f'4'F"- - xi . . r I- K 'Kr Xflg 1.-be M55 5' vr.Z17k X Lady-1n-Wamnq ....,.. 1-rv ,- - , ,I r H' IV - Lord-rn-Wamnq ..,,, 4 x' ,X . -N 1 rr V -r Vs . ' -K' 'Mk ' ' FEM n r i I-f' 'Q' " ' Q in-A ' 'tl I ' X "-' Q ., 1 Y Q .fir qQg,Q,, xx 3 .'j 'N ABC?-..,1!' IV, V 'Fffws , X Nev QL ,Al A V xxi.. vf::,g z Q . X xf 'Aff i 'l. V Q rx.. vox X xx . lx Q 7,1 '. x X, V, 1 'ix 4? s xxx Y ., 1 4 H-vw R- ,7YfE5?'2 'ff .' if 'K' K ' A H K Q P N L " I, K R:-gy z-fig' FM, ,L 'hx ' v-I g .L -r-.C f b A fqfu x L UG KJ iff? 'F-'SQ' , J r Af 5-' .f- 'ow ,w'xQg MSU' os' ,, ...Twanette Kauble e, .n.rRusse11 Alstatt .Bonnie lean Edwards kb . .,,...Iimrnie Quinn .. A TX' x ' ig f"X5 if QE gb. it 0 Qs A 1 5, - ,A 'X Yr, I ' 1, As. 3 YI 'Y X 1 sf' :ff r f In JY ! xi 9 6 4 4 Lcafcon THE MAN AT THE HELM He stood at the helm He charted the course For every sinqle Voyager: He has proved a friend , To each boy and qirl, And made the goal loom larger. So heres to our helmsman, A friend tried and true, To the oncoming classes We recommend you. HARPER D. IOHNSON Superintendent oaewovcl The Crusader staff has endeavored to portray for you in this, its second year-book, all the different phases of the school. It has created a volume of happy memories showing both the curricular and extra-curricular activities of Garden Home High School. Its success is due to the efficient direction of the sponsor and the editor, the cooperation of all staff members, and the support given by the student body and patrons of the school. Each year sees rapid development taking place here. Our proqress can be shown in no better way than by the records set forth in the pages that follow. Each one can be justly proud, not only of this annual itself, but also of the achievement which it represents. HELEN K. BAILEY, Principal. aculfy, HARPER D. JOHNSON, Superintendent Ph. B., M. A., University of Denver Maiors: History, Education, Public Speaking Teaching: History HELEN K. BAILEY, Principal A. B., University of Denver Majors: Psychology and Education Teaching: Iunior High Mathematics Sponsor: National Honor Society HARRIETT HILL, Assistant Principal A. B., University of Colorado Majors: English, History Teaching: English Sponsor: Student Council LOUISE C. BERGNER Bachelor ot Science, University of Denver Major: Commercial Teaching: Commercial MRS, VELMA BOAL A. B., University of Denver Maior: Physical Education Teaching: Physical Education Sponsor: Pep Club D. V. BUCHANAN B. A., Drake University, A. M., University of Colorado lvfalor: Political Science Teaching: Social Science Sponsor: Photography Club DOROTHY A. CHASE B. F, A. in Music, University of Oklahoma Maiorsz Public School Music, Piano, Organ Teaching: Supervisor of Music Sponsor: Band, Glee Club VVINIBETH COWDREY A. B., University of Colorado lvlaiorsz French, Spanish, Latin Teaching: Spanish, English BETTY LAMBERT A. B., Colorado State College of Education Mayors: History and Political Science Teaching: History Sponsor: Girl Reserves, Library, Freshman Class KARL D. MONTROSE B. S., A. M., University ot' Denver Major: Chemistry Teaching: Science CARRIE B. RAMSEY A. B., A. M., Colorado State College of Education Maiorsz Mathematics, English, Psychology Teaching: Mathematics Sponsor: Herald, Crusader FRED F. SMITH A. B., Colorado State College of Education Majors: History, Physical Education Teaching: Physical Education, Athletics Sponsor: Iunior Class, G. Club CLYDE I. WALLACE A. B., University ot Denver Majors: Psychology, Education Teaching: Commercial Sponsor: Senior Class MRS. ESTHER R. WILKINSON B. A., Dakota Wesleyan: A. M., University of Denver Maiors: Speech, English Teaching: Speech, English Sponsor: Sophomore Class oar: of fgclucafion B. P. BELL, Secretary ""'1 RALPH STITES, Treasurer H. G. MUNDHENK, Presideni ALEC I. IOHNSON, Member HARRY SEBERN, Member i Parent-Teacher Association Council Twenty men and women of Garden Home met, in the year 1919, and organized the first Parent-Teacher Association in the district. A charter was granted in 1920. Mrs. Lillian Foote was chosen the first president, The school enrollment at this time was twentyethree. Today the Garden Home Parent-Teacher Association is one of the largest and most active or- ganizations in Arapahoe County. Mrs. Kathryn Hartsook, the president of the P.-T. A. during the 1940-1941 school year, chose "Children in a Democracy" as her theme. A carnival, the one money making project of this organization, was very successful this year and 55391.03 was earned. A lovely reception was given in honor of the teachers, members of the organization, and their friends on Sept. 28. The P,-T. A. filled 1100 attractive boxes with candy as a Christmas treat for all of the students of Garden Home School. They sponsored the Christmas Seal Sale, the proceeds of which amounted to 314912. One of the chief activities of the P.-T. A. is the student aid. Many students are furnished with clothing, books, and milk so they can continue their education. Much progress has been made on the Safety program. Speed limit and Parking signs have been erected and a Safety Patrol formed. Fire drills are practiced frequently. Two hundred and twenty-seven pre-school and ele- mentary students were vaccinated. The P.-T. A. is one of the most outstanding school organizations. lt gives its full support to the school, striving in every way to uphold education and its importance today. 111 5 ---qw?-yer' -f 11- -unify, r.-,rs1f-:111.!-1gq-- -1 V -. -,u 1--- T FAREWELL TO G H S Thms Semor Class of 41 Awalts Commencement Day Wrlhnq to accept the challenqe Of the world w1thout delay We bel1eve our task IS heavy And we 11 hqht 1t each alone- Each h1s own Job to accomphsh And to qlorrfy Garden Home Well always keep you ln our m1nds Your memor1es cherxsh lonq The thouqht of studres work and play W111 lmqer very strong We appreclate the help thats grven To the students gathered here Wrthout the constant a1d of teachers We would have so much to fear To you we bow rn qrahtude For showmg us the way For opemnq the worlds great doors To you what can we say? We face the future ways determmed Never feehnq sad nor blue And hope that 1n the years that follow We shall be forever true So farewell dear old G H S Contmue on your way Of burldinq healthy mmds for men Forever and a day l O l 1 1 11 11 ' I , . 1 1 I 1 1 1 I . 1 1 I 1 1 1 I . 1 1 1 I 1 I 1 1 I Q 1 . 1 1 . 1 I 4 I 1 I Q , . . ., 1 I , 1 1 1 6I1fltOl7S SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President ............ .,,A.. R ussell Als1a11 Vice-President ..... ...... M arian Barbera Secretary ...,,,.. ...,v, Mary lane Osse Treasurer ,,,,.,,. ...... T Wanette Kauble Sponsor ,.,,,,., ..,...,.,..,. M r. Wallace MARY IANE OSSE Pep Club lA2, Crusader 3, Office Assistant l-2, Herald l-2, Basketball l-2 Secretary Class 4 RUSSELL ALSTATT Class President l-4, President G Club 4, Student Council 4, Football 2-3-4, Basketball l-2f3-4, Track l-2-3-4, Crusader Prince 4, G Club 3-4, Ouartette 2, Glee Club l-2, Herald 3, Crusader 3, Captain Basketball 4, lunior Escort 3, Operetta 3, Minstrel 4, Senior Play 4 FLOREINE lONES C-irl Reserves 4, Glee Club 4, Basketball 4 MILDRED GOODEN Pep Club 3-4, Girl Reserves 3, Gym 3, Senior Play 4 LENA BUTLER Pep Club l-2, Girl Reserves 3-4, Senior Play MARIAN BARBERA Vice-President Class 4, Vice-President Pep Club 4, Secretary Girl Reserves 4, All-I-liqh School Play 4, Girl Reserves 3-4, Pep Club 4, Camera Club 4, Herald 3-4, Crusader 4, lunior Escort 3 FERN CLEMENT Pep Club l-2-4, Girl Reserves 3, Gym 1 GENEVIEVE CUMMINGS Glee Club 1, Pep Club l BILL DENNY G Club 4, Football l-2-3-4, Co-captain Football Team 4, Track 2-3-4 President Class 2, Iunior Play 3, All High School Operetta 4 BONNIE JEAN EDVVARDS Editor "Crusader" 4, Editor "Herald" 3, Editor "Highlights" 4, Cheerleader 4, Student Council 2-3-4, Vice-President Na- tional Honor Society 4, Se-cretaryTreasurer Class l, President Class 2, Vice-President Class 3, Secretary Photography Club 4, Iunior Play 3, All-High School Plays 3-4, Herald l-2-3-4. Crusader 3-4, Highlights 4, Office Assistant 3-4, Pep Club l-2-3-4, Girl Reserves 4, National Honor Society 4, Basketball l-2-3, Glee Club l, Photography Club 4, Toastmistress Foot- ball Banquet 3, Lady-in-Waiting Crusader Court 4, Chairman Iunior-Senior Prom 3, Chairman Assembly Programs 4, Chair- man Publicity 3-4, Secretary Pep Club 2, Girl Reserve Cab- inet 4 MYRTLE HARPER Pep Club l-2-4, Girl Reserves 3, Gym l FRED GROSSKLAGS Library 3, Football 2, Track 3-4, Operetta 3, Iunior Play 3, Photography Club 4, Crusader 4 FRANK BARBERA Track 4, Gym 4 DOROTHY KNAPP Pep Club 1-2-3-4, Girl Reserves 3-4, Glee Club l-3, Herald l-2-4, Crusader 4, Mixed Chorus 3, National Honor Society 4, Basketball l-2-3-4, Banquet Head 4, Girl Reserve Cabinet 3-4, President National Honor Society 4, lunior Play 3, Minstrel 3, Office 2-3-4, Senior Play 4 TWANETTE KAUBLE President Girl Reserves 4 Secretary National Hon S , or ociety 4, Vice- President Class 1, President Class 2, Secretary Class 3, Treasurer Cl ' - ' ass 4, Cheerleader 4, Vice President Pep Club 2, Football Oueen 4, Crusader Princess 4, Pep Club l-2-3-4, Glee Club 1-2-3, Girl Reserves 3-4, Student Council Z-3, Herald l-2-3-4, Crusader 3-4, National Honor Society 4, Toastmistress Football Banquet 4 Office Assistant 4 S ' . , enior Class Play 4, Assistant Director Iunior Play 3, Assistant Director All High School Play 3, Highlights 4, Iunior Escort 3, Operetta 3, His- torian Student Council 2-3 WANDA BRADLEY Cheerleader 4, Pep Club l-2-3-4, Girl Reserves 3, Gym 1, Office Assistant 3-4 1 BETTY IEAN LECRONE Girl Reserves 3-4, Glee Club l, Student Council 4, Herald 4, Crusader 4, Highlights 4, National Honor Society 4, Girl Reserves Cabinet 3, Treasurer Student Council 4, Treasurer Class 3, lunior Class Play 3, Office 3-4 GEORGE KOEBEL G Club 4, Herald 3-4, Football 2-3-4, Track 3 IAY BEE MEAD G Club 3-4, Football 2-3-4, Vice-President Student Council 4, President Class 3, Co-captain Football 4, Iunior Play 3, All-High School Play 3, Senior Play 4- DONALD MAHAFFIE Boys' Glee Club 3-4, Stage Manager Plays 4, Basketball 1, Iunior Play 3 LOUIS MUNOZ G Club 3-4, Football 3-4, Basketball 1-2-3-4, Track 2-3 BARBARA ANDERSON Pep Club 3-4, Girl Reserve 3-4, Camera Club 4, Vice-President Camera Club 4, Vice-President Glee Club 4 ART PANKOFF G Club, Track 2-3-4, Football 2-3-4, Annual 3, Herald 3, Co-captain Football Team 4, All-High School Play 4, High School Operetta 3, Senior Play 4 IIMMIE QUINN Ouartette Z-3, Glee Club l-2, Student Council 4, Herald 1-2-3-4, Annual 3-4, National Honor Society 4, Basketball l-2-3-4, Track l-2-3, Football 3, President Student Council 4, Editor Crusader 3, Editor Herald 2, Junior Play 3, All-High School Play 4, Operetta 2, Office 4, Senior Play 4, Crusader 3-4, Crusader Court 4, Assembly Committee 4, Photography Club 4 MARCIA SAHM Pep Club l-2-3-4, Girl Reserves 3-4, Photography Club 4, Annual 3-4, Herald 3-4, Basketball l-2-3, Vice-President Pep Club 3, President Pep Club 4, President Photography Club 4, Iunior Class Play 3, Assistant Director Senior Play 4, Librarian 3, Highlights 4 CHARLES PRESTON Mixed Chorus 3, Band 3, Photography Club 4, Minstrel 2, Operetta 3 EVELYN STEWART Pep Club 1-2, Girl Reserves 3-4, Gym 1 GLENN STANLEY Boys' Glee Club 4, Mixed Chorus 3, Football 4, All-High School Play 3, Minstrel 3-4 MONIE SPARKS Herald 3-4, Crusader 4, Librarian 3, Office 4 IRENE THOMPSON Glee Club l-2-3, Pep Club 2-4, Mixed Chorus 3, Basketball 1, Glee Club Librarian 2, Operetta 2, Minstrel 3 HERSHELL SCOTT G Club 4, Football l-2-3-4, Track 2-3-4, All-High School Play 4, Senior Play 4 JACK WARKINS 9 7 Airplane Club 3. Electrician for all Plays 3-4. All-High School Operetta 2, All-High School Play 4 Glass of ,41 The Freshman class of '38 consisted of 47 boys and girls. We were carefully led through this year by our worthy and able sponsor Mrs. Macintosh. The chief officers who assisted her were Russell Alstatt, President: Twanette Kauble, Vice-President: Bonnie lean Edwards, Secretary-Treas- urer. Twanette Kauble and Glenn Stanley became newcomers in the group. Freshman initiation proved to be our biggest event followed by other picnics and parties. The Sophomore class of '39 consisted of 38 enthused and industrious boys and girls. We had become well acquainted with high school life by now and got right in the swing of things. Miss Lambert was chosen sponsor with Twanette Kauble and Bill Denney acting as Presidents: Bonnie lean Edwards, Vice-President: Mildred Horner, Secretary: and jimmy Ouinn, Treasurer. Although there were no outstanding events we had fun and parties galore. New members were Irene Thomp- son and Art Pankoff. The junior Class of '40 proved to be very industrious and enthusiastic. Since our membership rose to 42 we had a glorious year. Mildred Horner and lay Bee Mead acted as Presidents: Bon- nie Iean Edwards, Vice-President: Twanette Kauble, Secretary: Betty jean Le Crone, Treasurer. Coach Smith was unanimously elected sponsor and led us through a very enjoyable year. New members who joined us were Barbara Anderson, Marian and Frank Barbera. Our biggest events of the year consisted of the Iunior Play "Drums of Death" and the Ir.-Sr. Prom and Banquet. The Senior Class of '41 consisted of 32 boys and girls. Mr. Wallace was chosen sponsor and Russell Alstatt, President: Marian Barbera, Vice-President: Twanette Kauble, Treasurer: Mary lane Osse, Secretary. We began the year with a bang by giving an All-Hi Dance. Next followed our Senior play "Yours Truly Willie" and then Class Day and Ditch Day. We have enjoyed the senior year to its fullest extent and are all happy and proud to have been members of the Senior Class of '4l. CLASS PROPHIECY "Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your Hollywood announcer, Art tWalter Winchelll Pankoff broadcasting over a national hookup from the glamorous city of Hollywood. Tonight we are coming to you directly from the scene of the latest Hollywood premier, Yours Truly, "Class of 41" in 46. This excellent screen play was released through the courtesy of Charles Preston and Hershell Scott, Producers. The original story, adapted from the lives of 32 successful people of Denver was written by Fern Clement, cel- ebrated author. lt was directed by Bill tFrank Capral Denney and his assistants Floreine jones and Mildred Gooden. "Everyone is here tonight and you will be introduced to all of Holly- wood's glamor boys and girls. A car is arriving now and its occupants are the stars of the new screen play, lovely Irene Thompson and her leading man, Glenn tCaesar Romero? Stanley. Miss Thompson wears a beautiful gown designed by that fashion expert, Monie fAdrianl Sparks. "A flare of light and a flash-Yes, there is the Hollywood Times Camera- man, Fred Grossklags, taking pictures of the celebrities as they arrive. With him is Bonnie tLouella Parsonsl Edwards interviewing the stars and taking notes on all costumes and events. "The most popular radio stars of America and two of Hollywood's most famous personalities have just arrived. Say "hello" to everyone, Russell Clack Bennyl Alstatt and Twanette tMary Livingstonel Kauble. "The mayor of Hollywood has just arrived and is approaching the mike. Good evening Mayor Iames Quinn. He has a bevy of lovely ladies with him tonight-Dorothy tLamourl Knapp, Mary lane fBetty Grablel Osse, and Evelyn fHeddy Lamarrl Stewart. "Two of your favorite comedians have just arrived. Hello, Marcia CKate Smithl Sahm and jay Bee tBob Hopel Mead. The head of Hayes' office, Donald Mahaffie is approaching in his new automobile designed by the Louis Munoz Convertible Association. Mr. Mahaffie escorts lovely Wanda Bradley, Metropolitan Opera star, this evening. "Barbara Anderson, noted fancy figure skating star, has arrived and is making her bows to a wide-eyed public gathered here at the old Chinese Theatre. Here comes the "oomph girl of 1946"-Miss Marian Barbera. She is accompanied by "Miss America" of last year and "The All-Around Beauty Queen of Colorado," Miss Myrtle Harper. ' "lack Warkins, noted electrician who designed several important scenes used in our screen hit, is arriving with Genevieve Cummings, famous portrait painter. George tlack Oakiel Koebel and Betty lean fOlivia De Havilandl Le Crone are hurrying down the blue and white plush carpeted entrance to the theatre. Several film executives of famous Incorporated Films are leaving the entrance of the theatre to see the picture. They are Lena Butler of Metro- Goldwyn-Mayer, and Frank Baibera of B. K. O. ' "The ushers are calling curtain time. Everyone is rushing for his seat. The city clock strikes .9 p. m. We leave you to enjoy a preview of 1946 with your favorite people in Hollywood. Good Night' , x A5 W Q Qmvnww ww m gf Ill . 1 'i ' IW F: A xsi 4. an vu, N, xv ,, 7-1, xx. -99 lLni0US IUNIOB CLASS OFFICERS Secretary .......... ...,.... jr' C L' 3' 9, ' i . fv 47 President .....,...,........................ Hugh Bradley Vice-President ...,.... ....,Y I erry Sebern Mike Munoz Treasurer V.r.,.............. ..,...,.. B ob Bose Assistant Treasurer .,,... .,,..... L ois Cooper Sponsor ..................... ........ M r. Smith BL 'F In 9 2 Q 9 b l A W A kk, , 4 , 1 M M - L. nga., B If Q S C it A S C , , , . ,,a. I ,, , S , an 7 i 'lr ',-, A . A I - , I ' f W 'Y ' C W x 'QM f' . Q A , N 5 IST ROVV-Lorene Alcorn, Mike Munoz, Marie Stiles, Hugh Bradley, Ruth Eastham, LeRoy Ball ZND ROWfCyrus Wichers, Yvonne Smore, Mirko Iancic, Norma June Payne, Chris Cashmore, Aileen Mesloh SBD ROW-Bette Hufsmiih, Ierry Sebern, Violei Vance, Orville Geiseri, Dorothy Schwab, Benny Gardelli. 'bw fl' St J? t Jn M' 3,111 'N - W, t K l QR? In 2, it is B. 1 Q , r' 'lar , Q1fx1 3 l ' 3 . , L' is I A nf-Q v- 6 a r K V y V ,K I 1- , I yt, i .I am A ,7 -, , VVVVLK E 5 K A fi ,. -"' K-I uf lST ROW-Stella Brown, lohnny Gardelli, Iosephine Iancic, Wayne Frank, Virginia Baty, Fremont Hamilton ZND ROW-Norman Taylor, Luevena Bastain, Keith Peters, Alice Southworth, Willard Dutton, Mary lane Specht SRD ROW-Doris Mae Riley, Eugene Dugan, Robert Rose, Ed Romero, Hershell Sparks, I-lelen Trefethen 4TH ROW-Darlene Burton, Winslow Parker, Laura Sorensen, Eugene Mitchell, Myrtle Keeney E P W ' fi 1 r" SOL? 11101168 Mau.. Secretary Treasurer ,,.,... . Sponsor ....... SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Pre-s1dent .......,...... ,............ I VCIU Miller Vice-President ....... ....,.... L ouise Harisook .,.....Alta Mae Lakness .,,,,..,,,,,,.,.Kenny Ball .......,Mrs. Wilkinson A fl A ki" , , , , wr is "Q S E s w li i .:.Q V Q x v . In 6 Q 'I I x rf rt in 2' M 3 I gvg , it my 2 vznv ,ri s 1ST ROWN Shirley Petersen, Darrel Borden, Alta Mae Lakness, Floyd Rockwell, Edna Mae Coffey, Vincent Quinn, Shirley Reeser ZND ROW--Ivan Miller, Theda Marshall, Alfred 'vVeyerts, Marcene Losey, Omar Bell, Wanda LeCrone, Howard Goodman 3RD ROW4Virqinicr Sappinqton, Victor Koeniq, Eleanor Harvey, Donald Slater, Wanetta Bradley, Vernon Koenig, 'Winifred Bax 4TH ROW---Howard Mahaffie, Gloria Merelli, Kenny Boone, Mary Munoz, Iohrrny Thompson, Maurine Eastman, Pete Romero , 4 4 5 Q as gf Q is IST ROW-Max Augustine, Regina Bobo, Dick Cantwell, Beulah Iohnson, Kenny Ball, lda Mae Ammons, Delbert Pomeroy ZND ROWADorotl'1y Hardin, Georqe Watson, Lucille Knapp, Doc Cantwell, lune Harris, lames Hampton, Betty Allen 3RD ROWfBill Ford, Bette Wayniire, lohn Rose, Genevieve Gose, Gilbert Cottrell, Lorraine Ballantyne, William Mohler 4TH ROW-Louise l-lartsook, Reginald Shirley, l-laroldine lohnson, Russell Belles, Irene Spade UCS H1611 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President ......,,..........,,Y,..,,.A...,,,,, Lloyd Burton Vice-President ......,,w,, A,..,A,,,,,,,A B ill Nelson Secretary-Treasurer .,.,.l.,.. Lyman Treiethen C' .sponsor ..............,,.,,... .....,,. M iss Lambert Q Q3 V -f. CF IST ZND BRD 4TH F I ay , -4' if in -t "f x 4 9 B A li I 3,31 . , 3 nw A hx 24 M. 5 Vg: sll A K , ROW-Lyman Trefethen, Wilma lean Dawson, lohn Butler, Elaine Decker, Raymond Karsten, Lois Alcorn, Lloyd Burton ROW--Gilda Watson, Bob Parker, Audrey Hamm, Bill Nelson, Enid Hamm, Wallace Stotfel, Shirley Inman ROWfElizabe-th White, Eddie McClanahan, Hazel lohnson, Buster Malson, Betty lean Mead, Keith Moody, Betty Williams ROW---La Vore Mesloh, Anne Dalrymple, Clarence Akes, Ruth Currence, Karl Koebel, Beverly Ann Parsons, Albert Flaqeolle .- ,wa 'cf-'WR i - Thelma Boone, Carl Kitsmiller, Rudella Shull, Wallace Dugan, lla lean Anderson, Junior Keeney, Virginia Koebel ROW-Leon White, Aimee Kelley, Henry Robbins, Dixie Lee Briggs, Lyman Dalrymple, Marketta Warkins, Eugene Daigle ROW-Bessie Laird, Walter Daigle, Dorothy Ammons, George Cottrell, Betty Covey, William Barbera, lean Hardin ROW-Marie Thompson, Alverta Perkins, Belle Sonnefield, Audrey Baty, Elda Mae Almire, Phyllis Dyer, Dorothy Kimsey ROW-Ieanette Hamilton, Faye Miller 6- 5 , ' he E W A - , isp L A' i ' , yy We v A lil' ll ft A , 5 . L , L 5: IQI ".A 4 ,L 3-i n ,iw G Iz , 4, ii, Q ,S : f in tm V K, A 1 A ,B In if f ei, if if x: lie A it , A - l Q l ' N ,af 'l W km -ft .A i -i -X lf' ..r. V - A ,gvv .V A y k ,'Q Q ll L A llittc A ,g f A L I , , A A y A. Q, ,P . 5 bv fl ilzby A M jimi.,-Y , J I , 1ST 2ND SRD 4TH 5TH BTH .. E h' fl A class A 'Ag q ,t.: L , 215 . , i ROW- ROW Danny Briggs, Helen Slater, Melvin Perkins, Betty lean Green, Art Anderson, Martha Bears, Arthur Sorg 4Shirley Burton, Glenn Sykes, Shirley Moorhouse, lim White, Betty Kauble, Marvin Kitzman, Mary Margaret Morton ROW-Iames Murrow, Alice Livingston, Clayton Schmitt, Maudella Stitt, Arnold Montgomery, Dorothy Klingspom, Richard 'lalt ROW-Ruth Paris, Lonnie l-lall, Betty Mahaftie, Alice Siders, Gloria Pankott, Donald Southworth, Betty Lou Bivins ROWAIaclc Sebern, Willadean Colby, Paul Neprud, Billy Laird, Bill McCloskey, Willdean McCumber, Charles Griffin ROW-'lean Richards, Betty Bigham, Pearl Hansford, Doris Iohnson The ten most popular students in the high school were chosen this . year as the "Crusader Court," An v all-high school vote was cast without -M- candidates. The four most popular I Seniors were chosen as Princess Cru- sader, Twanette Kaublep Prince Cru- - sader, Russell Alstattg Lady-in-Waib ing, Bonnie lean Edwardsg and Lord- in-Waitinq, Jimmie Quinn. The six most popular underclassmen were chosen as Ladies and Lords of the Court. The "Crusader Court" will be honored at an all-high school dance. .,- : x i i f : 3 y ie x 1 vusa ec ouvf . ,5- 3 ,. , , 4- Football Queen ,.... , ..,..........., .... .,,..Y... .... .... ,,,,..,..,,.. ,....,.. ..,. T w a n e t t e Kauble 47' 5 ' , P i, 'T 42' Attendants .................,,. Ruth Eastham, Theda Marshall and Audrey Hamm I' Y " ' irst a y o as e a ,,.... . ....,,,.... .... ,.... . . . ,,v,......... ., ,l,,,, , u ast am ul Q ' P Ld 1131411311 RthE h "" 'f A V Attendants ....,...........,. Irene Thompson, Shirley Peterson and Gilda Watson v "5 ' ., - T' 'M Prince Crusader ........,... , ,.,,,.. ., .Russell Alstatt ' Princess Crusader .,.,..... .,., ,,,,,, T wanette Kauble Lady-in-waiting ,,,,..,..,. .. ...,.. Bonnie lean Edwards il f I Lord-in-waitinq .......... ..........,..... limmie Quinn ' 3 Lords oi the Court ....... ...,, ,........, H u qh Bradley l t ' Ivan Miller is V Bill Nelson ' 5 W , Ladies of the Court ..,..... ...,,, , Bette Lou l-lulfsmith , A A B Shirley Peterson ii 'ff f 5 Gilda Watson Sl i , T l l I' fl it 4 ' 5 y 5- ' , M to it , f -it Q - T- ,K by , -t -B 4 is Q U ig' Q . , W , ' W . ,.,, T ,, . 3' 2 l ' A contest was held before the iirst qame of the football season to choose the Football Queen. Each class chose a Queen and sponsored a foot- ball season ticket drive. The seniors won the contest and crowned their candidate at the Foot- ball Hdmecominq Dance given in honor oi the team on November 15. The First Lady of Basketball was crowned Feb- ruary l4 at a Basketball celebration. The Junior Class was honored by crowning their Queen after winning the basketball season ticket sales. K 1 1 . -12 t t t l Mwxgggn xii? ,gh il m 45 . wswa E7 - 4, if 'H uv oys with 6-uncle Sam Leslie Sorensen, Donald Almire Tony Munoz, Foster Pudon, Charles Allen, Bill Shewfeli, Gerald Metzger Frank Connelly, lr. Guinn Metzger, Edwin Thornton. Chester Lomb, lohn Metzger, Harry Sebern Ir., I. Roy Townsdin ti .V' llMMlE QUINN, President The governing body of Garden Home High School is the Student Council. This organization makes the rules and regu- lations regarding school functions, supports all of the school activities, and sponsors many of the school functions. The officers of the Student Council during the 1940-41 school year were Jimmie Quinn, President: lay Bee Mead, Vice Presidentg Le-Roy Ball, Secretary: Betty l.eCrone, Treasurerg Laura Sorensen, Assistant Treasurer: Wanetta Bradley, Historian: Bonnie lean Ed- wards, Publications: and the four presidents of the high school classes, Russell Alstatt, Hugh Bradley, Ivan Miller and Lloyd Burton. The Student Council sponsored three successful campaigns during the school term. They were the Basketball ticket sales contest, football ticket sales contest, and a safety campaign. Inspection of halls, class rooms, lockers and desks was made by the members of the council. They were also responsible for patroling the stairs, helping the firemen at fires in the community, keeping the activity point record book, and securing the assembly programs. Football Homecoming Dance was sponsored by the Student Council. A basketball celebration was held in honor of the Alumni and team on February 14. The Student Council sponsored the first student handbook publication this year. lt was a 36-page book with information concerning all of the school rules and regulations, a description of all school clubs and activities, school songs and yells and other interesting information. The handbook staff was Bonnie lean Edwards, Editor-in-Chiefg Twanette Kauble, Betty lean I.eCrone, Marcia Sahm, Assistant Editorsg limmie Quinn, President of Student Councilg and Miss Helen K. Bailey and Miss Harriett Hill, sponsors. , An inter-class basketball tournament, Ping Pong Club, and Blue and l.'Vhite Day were all sponsored by the Student Council. A "Howdy Day" Dance was the highlight of Christmas vacation. For the benefit of students who had never seen or attended a Student Council meeting, one was held in assembly. Another meeting was given as a demonstration of parlia- mentary government for the P.-T. A. Seven Garden Home students attended the 6th annual Student Council convention which was held at Fort Collins on February 20 and 21. Hugh Bradley, a lunior at Garden Home, was elected Vice President of the State Student Council. This convention was one of 'i,i,fw,X the highlights of Garden Home Student Council during '41. The members of the Garden Home Student Council have served the school in a true manner. They have given support to all the school activities and organizations, and have promoted many new and annual customs. Student Hand Book Staff DOROTHY KNAPP, President NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY A chapter of the National Honor Society was formed at Garden Home High School during the school year 1940-41. The sponsor of our local chapter is Miss Helen K. Bailey, principal. A charter was awarded through the courtesy of the National Honor Society of Secondary Schools. The five charter members of Garden Home High School were initiated on January 12. The requirements of the society are that a student be an all around pupil. Election into the ch-apter is based upon character, leadership, scholarship, and service. The student must have a B average and must have attended Garden Home High School one year. Selection for membership is made by the faculty. The charter members of the Garden Home High School chapter included Dorothy Knapp, Presi- dent: Bonnie lean Edwards, Vice Presidentp Twanette Kauble, Secretary: limmie Quinn, and Betty lean LeCrone, all members of the class of '4l. Two Iuniors, Hugh Bradley and Laura Sorensen, were elected during the 2nd semester. The regular meetings of the National Honor Society are held the first Monday of the month. The club members all work in the school office and one of their projects is the organizing of the student activity points. The purpose and ideals of the organization are to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stim- ulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in the students of Garden Home School. OFFICE ASSISTANTS Bonnie lean Edwards Belly lean LeCrone Alta Mae Lakness Wanda Bradley Aileen Mesloh Laura Sorensen Dorothy Knapp Dorothy Schwab Marcia Salim Doris Mae Riley Marcene Losey Monie Sparks lim Quinn Wallace Dugan Twaneiie Kauble Paiiy Organ Irene Spade Beulah Iohnson LIBRARIANS Edward Millman Gloria Merelli Wanda LeCrone Edna Mae Coffey Audrey Baty Dixie Lee Briqqs Louise I-Iarisook Belle Sonnefield Hazel Ichnson Dorothy Ammons Shirley Inman Genevieve Goss 6 A A - HUGH BRADLEY, Editor-in-chief i lfwwt HERALD STAFF ' Editor-in-Chief ...,....,. ....................,A.,..,..,...............................................,....................................... H ugh Bradley Assistant Editors ..,.......,..,.... Betty lean LeCrone, Bonnie lean Edwards, Twanette Kauble, Dorothy Knapp Managing Editor ........ ...................,.,.........................,..........,.....................................................,.. V incent Quinn Advertising Editors ,....... ..,...,. L aura Sorensen, Irene Spade Celeb Editors ......,.... ..........................,.,.............................,.......... D orothy Schwab, Aileen Mesloh Art Editors .........,... ..................,.,..... M onie Sparks, Marian Barbera, George Koebel, Beverly Ann Parsons Special Editors .,...,...,.. Doris Mae Riley, Lorene Alcorn, Ruby Geisert, Alta Mae Lakness, Wilma lean Dawson, Marcene Losey, Audrey Baty, Belle Sonnelield, Robert Rose, Louise Hartsook, Lois Alcorn, Raymond Karsten Sponsor .,..,,... ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,..... M i ss Ramsey BONNIE JEAN EDVJARDS, Editor-in-Chief CRUSADER STAFF Editor-in-Chief ...... .......,....,...,...,..,...,,.........., .........,............. ..............,..................,., B o n me lean Edwards Assistant Editors .,...., ....,...... ..,............................ .,...., H u q h Bradley, Bob Dowell, Ierry Sebern BOARD OF CONTROL Iimmie Ouinn, Lorene Alcorn, Louise Hartsook, Lloyd Burton EDITORIAL STAFF BUSINESS STAFF Faculty ........ ..,.,, ,,,,,,, B e tty lean LeCrone Monaqinq Editor ,....,....,.,..........,.,., ,..,,......,. .,.....,.,,,, , V incent Ouinn Seniors ....,,.. ....,.....,,, D orothy Knapp Business Mcrnoqer ........,,..,., .....,......,,, ,.,, . , ,,,... . Twanette Kauble juniors, ..4.,...,,, ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,.i,,,i,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, B ab Rage Advertising Managers ,,..,,..,,.,,,,..,. .Irene Spade, Laura Sorensen Sophomores 4....,. ,,.,,,.,,,,,,.,.,.,. .......,, M u rcene Losey Art Editors ......,,,,..,..,.....,,,. .....,. M orion Barbera, Monie Sparks Freshmen ........,.,,...i,.... ,.,,.... L ois Alcorn, Raymond Karsten Photography... .. ,.,......... ...,.. M Grciu Sohm, Fred Grossklaqs 8th Grade .,........,....,,..... .,.,,,,.,.,., B etty Kauble, lack Sebern Sponsor ........,,,.... .......,...,.. .,.........,........ M i ss Romsey Departmental Editor ..,............ ,....,,, i.......i,....,.,,, A I to Moe Lokness i wr. MARCIA SAHM, President Dulwnin. Jr.:-xn Lu vv nnuu PEP CLUB l940-41 was the most successful year in the history of the Gar- den Home Pep Club. Sixty-two girls and five cheerleaders were members of the organization. Mrs. Boal was the Pep Club sponsor and under her guidance the club attained many successes. The school cheerleaders for the year were Bonnie lean Edwards, Twa- nette Kauble, Wanda Bradley, Bette Lou Huffsmith, and Hope Moore. The officers of the Pep Club were Marcia Sahm, President: Marian Barbera, Vice President: Louise Hartsook, Secretary: and Laura Sorensen, Treasurer. The Pep Club uniforms were blue skirts and white satin blouses. The Pep Club was hostess at the Football banquet held in honor of the team on November 30. They sponsored Football Homecoming and the Homecoming dance. Members of the Pep Club were in charge of the Basketball celebration held February 14 in honor of the team. The club sponsored an all-high school girls' dance and pro- moted several pep rallies in assembly. The Pep Club drilled at the half of the games throughout the basketball season, and marched in the Armistice Day Parade. They gave their support to the team throughout the Basketball and Football seasons. The Pep Club has promoted great enthusiasm for athletics and exerted a wholesome influence on school life. at nun- S TWANETTE KAUBLE, President The Girl Reserves, the junior division of the Y. W. C. A., is the largest club in Garden Home. Seventy-four girl students are members of this organization. Miss Betty Lambert is the sponsor of this successful club. Officers for this school year are Twanette Kauble, Presidentg Laura Sorensen, Vice Presidentp Marian Barbera, Secretaryp Bette l-luifsmith, Treasurer: and Alta Mae Lakness, Gorresoond- ing Secretary. Because the organization was so large it was necessary to have a Girl Reserves Cabinet. Eight girls were chosen to serve on the cabinet. They are Bonnie lean Ed- wards, Theda Marshall, Marcia Sahm, Marcene Losey, Dorothy Knapp, Wanda l..eCrone, Marie Thompson, and, Alta Mae Lake ness. The Women's Council of the G. R.'s included Mrs. Sebern, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. lohnson, Mrs. Inman, Mrs. DeGraaf, lvfrs. Losey, and Mrs. Hartsook. The Girl Reserves sponsored a drive for food for Thanks- giving Baskets, and a drive to get toys for needy children for Christmas. During the entire year they had a clothing project GIRL RESERVES which the Women's Council worked on. The club also spon- sored the Red Cross drive. The Recognition Service for the Girl Reserves was a very beautiful candle-light service. lt was the first social affair for the club and was a great success. A Christmas party was the highlight of the Yuletide season. A lovely Christmas pageant was presented for guests. Ten girls represented Garden Home at the Girl Reserve Mid-Winter Conference at Boulder. On April 5 and 6 mem- bers of the club spent a perfect weekend at the Y. W. C. A. camp at Lookout. Easter morning the girls of the club attended Sunrise Service at the Auditorium. After the service they ate break- fast downtown at a restaurant. A Mother-Daughter party and a Dance were also greatly enjoyed by members of the Girl Reserves. This was the second year a Girl Reserve Club has been organized at Garden Home. It has been a great success and it is our hope to see a greater organization next year. G. H. s. BAND MUSIC The music organizations of Garden Home make up one ot our outstanding departments. The music section includes four main organizations: The band, with 31 members: the orchestra, with 17 members: the girls' glee club, with 25 members: and the boys' glee club, with 19 members. This department has progressed under the fine direction of Mrs. Chase and Mrs. Berg. The activities ot the music department include many numbers presented for assembly, bacca- laureate, commencement, at P.-T. A. meetings and at other social affairs. A band and orchestra party was given on October 3. The two big musical shows of the year were "Land o' Cotton," a minstrelp and "Top of the World," the All-High School operetta. April 23 and April 30 Garden Home was represented by music students at the state band contest and at the Mountain Valley League Music Festival. SCENES FROM OPERETTA AND MINSTREL SHOW G. H. S. ORCHESTRA GLEE CLUB THEDA MARSHALL, President '45 Qkofogvaphy Qing .A .ide fl Glue 015,18 The final league stand- ings are: W. L. Lakewood ...... ...., 6 O Westminster .......... 4 2 Garden Home ........ 2 4 Castle Rock ..,......... 0 6 GARDEN HOME 1940 GRIDIRON SEASON The 1940 Football season saw the Garden Home Blue lays winning 2, losing 6, and tieing I game. This to many football teams would be an unsuccessful season, but to the Blue lays it was a successful season because of the experience they gained. The Garden Home crew, sporting new suits which were purchased for them this season, opened their football season at Lafayette. Playing in a sea of mud, the Blue lays dropped the encounter 13-2. Garden Home then traveled to Golden to play the Kingpins of the Suburban League. This time the Blue lays were met by a shower of touchdowns, Golden won 41-6. Opening their League season the Blue lays won an impressive 18-O victory over the Castle Rock Huskies. In our second League game with the Huskies the Blue lays outscored them 28-6. Playing hard football, but against great odds, the Blue lays were outclassed by a heavier Lakewood team. The first game on the home turf ended: Lakewood 24-Garden Home U. ln our return game on the Lakewood gridiron the Lakewood Tigers again triumphed 25-0. At our Homecoming event the Blue lays were entertained by Union High Scliool's football team. The Westminster crew was successful and dampened our hopes of winning. Union won 20-0. The best game of the season was at our return game with Westminster. The Blue lays completely outclassed them, outplayinq them in every department, scoring in the last sixty seconds of play, but failed to win-losing 13-12. Next year the Garden Home team should make a good showing because of the experience gained this year and the returning of 17 lettermen. Following are the scores of the games: Garden Home Ft. Lupton ...,,..... Erie ,... ,,..,....A,,,,, Littleton Erie , ,.,,. ,. Union .,,.,. ,.... Brighton .........,.. Lakewood ,...,.... Idaho Springs ..,. Castle Rock ,.,,.... Edgewater ....,... Bear Creek ,....... Lakewood .....,..., Bear Creek ...,.... Castle Rock .,..,... Central City ........ Union .... . .....,.... . Idaho Springs .... Edgewater ........ lllfe C1198 BASKETBALL During the 1940-41 Basketball season at Garden Home the Blue lays won six games, while losing 15. Regardless of the scores of these games we feel that we have had a suc- cessful season. Next year we will correct our errors and win more games. This year the first team consisted of: Orville Geisert, Omar Bell, Ivan Miller, Kenny Ball, Louis Munoz, Hugh Bradley tCo4Capt.1, lerry Sebern, Mike Munoz, Russell Alstatt lCofCapt.l, and LeRoy Ball. The second team consisted ot: lohnny Thompson, Cyrus Wickers, Al Flageolle, lohnny Gardelli, Lloyd Burton, Floyd Rockwell, Iimmie Quinn, Kenneth Boone, Bill Nelson, Mirko Iancic, and Eugene Dugan. The two student managers were Vincent Quinn and Chris Cashmore. .w if lm Btmlll 1., Q1 ?' YQ. 61 LJ Q STOP SCHOOL ZONE 4 if I i ., l P5 ? ,V 5 0 ., I 5- N. kj '.'4 Q M H .4 if Q w ' ' U 4 A f-"- 9 . ' I ijfj ' w . " A f ' J. - W ,'f.-: fy' kv' ' f I . I fix T gaz .lfy V ., I , 9 , L in Y a J' 11 Q Q A 9 I lm S M 1 i" 'rgi A M k,., ,.:, T A X , i k w 'i I 4 Rf Q . it n .1 S.. 1 .1-Xp i ii 4 4 . v ' W sg ff? Y gl 'Q 24 U Twig., , .j"j' Fl If 1 1 i I Z f E VIRGINIA LOWRY LORENA LOWRY qv JW' In ?3"' I 1 If'- ,I , 4 I M , J, N 4 iv I, I . ima if W YI BOB DOWELL uv mclvevfisevs Congratulations to the Class of '41 EDWARDS HARDWARE Established 1927 3601 Morrison Road Compliments of DAD'S COTTAGES Coal G Wood Yard SPruce 9197 3701 Morrison Road Compliments of BEN FRANKLIN STORE I 3250 West Alameda Congratulations to the Class of '41 SHORTY'S BARBER SHOP 3136 West Alameda Phone TAbor 1456 UNIVERSAL STUDIOS "Better Photographs for Less" 422 16th Street, Denver Compliments of SOUTH SIDE GROCERY Knox Court at Kentucky Once again MOLLOY-MADE Ouality and Workmanship scores as the 1941 CRUSADER is cased in a MOLLOY-MADE cover from THE BABCOCK COVER CO. 1131 Oberlin Drive GLEN DALE, CALIFORNIA THE CRUSADER 1941 A Product of The BRADFORD-ROBINSON PRINTING COMPANY Specializing in FINE School Annuals 1824-38 Stout Street DENVER A mi, K . X.. XX ...,,, " +1-.., 3:- r- X, X5 M. 5. Q' - .. , ,, w 1 . , wf pg s :I ,XIX-1 A 1 gli, ,X- ' ' Q Y-"' , ' . I - - ,.-A: . - ., , 5 ,, , , ,ug . 4 " -11 ' H . , 1 , , ,. 'f -' 1. I - g, '- 'rf' 'T f g :X P . , - ' H ' f""x 'Y ', ' "F ?' . .. w Q' -l','-57.55 4' ,V 1 ' ,4,.vv -A .011-, ,' . ,M . 0- ' 'd - ,,X., 4 , . . , Q.. '.""5 w.f.u.?' L. ' -lk Q 11 f S V wr'-w 4,,jX.- -. . . -, 4 1' fn., ...T .5 . . F XX X XX , X .39 J Q" - ,, . ,.- - ' 1 :X ff, 1' -4 ,W --1. 9, , L. .1911 X, ,J . 4. . . ,Q ., . ' , ,-.e,'- . A 1 f -A X. X,X,XX -MXL X, ,- XX M X I XX .X fJiXimf1X X .-- . 1 Y, X- .X x,"',1.- f ,, 'I' 21" " i ,- - . . -' :'. , , - G. fx vs. , ' P . :f 1 L ' , , f .H W. . F -.hy , H 3 .HX .U I ' 4 - , .N ,:' - X . -. . .A'f.',., X X 1: X ,g'X ' , '- -. 3 . L' ' -. . -J - f .. - .Q , 5- - s 1 , .1. 4' 2 ' X - f - , 1 XX 1, ' k ff' ' r ' f- . X- X - , 'r - ,, , X511 L . - ' -'W ,. L J. X- , X , . 31 . X X X .-LX. .X , X. XX X XX. if ',:-': X : A af J. , IQ- 1 4 XXX'.. X f ,X " '- X, .X A ,- , 4' . - , . 1 ml ' 1 1, 2 'rv' ' - 4' . . , . 3. 'F ' . -P. ' .. 1. Y X . r 5. . H L ., -- 4 'Q ,f , ,' ' X . X .. , , X X . -- 4 1' :n H ' . 'A ww ,X ,. ' " " 5 ' f - 1 ' , . v X I - r, . , '- X 2 ,, A ,X ,,' 1 , s , .Q ,, XX X X X X: X , ,. L ' ' . , V . ,Q .R '.. , . , ' , . A -- x . ,Q 3 Rf. .-' " . . . f--9 ' 1 ' -1Tp"'f. - ,y . -,-.' X ,X .Xk ,X XX X 1 XX I. .L J ' . ' - y W. 1 . 1' ,-,X 'X , :I rF . ' , ,. . 4. ,' - l'Xf . . , 1 , TX 'G 1 - ng... ,, . ,.., XX X. ..-I XXX .XXX X X XX XXX, . X X V. w ' -, -L , , ' . "' . . ., -N ' I ' .LX '?f--Ag: , " 'Q' " X . " '1 , .- L A 11: ,. , :, " Y -1 E .' V. ,Xl v ' ' ,. X A A , ., . . X -. Q ,X XX -. I ff- N M X 'M -X X 5, ,! wt...-1-. -, -,' ,1, Q.. , ,' 7 " 1' "fi A. ' X , .5 -X , X L .X. v ,lf ,WJ X.n,, .'4 , N N .YXQI X b XX. . .-', , Q.. - - . X- rm XX . .. s '- w. if w ,. -, gh, 'XXX -, X1 ' -'f 3 ' W- ' ' sa F ' X , X ' . .XXX M .X -,, X f , , . X ,, ,. ... A ,X -. X - . . X , ,rf 'lf' ' . , , "' 'T 1 ., . X - , f ' 5 ' .1 , A A "'f ai X X W ,N . ,- Q' - .., v 41' - 1 R ' " A -1 .... 5- .Q ,, , .12-X L X .lj X 'I ' F- :H z , 1. ', . '-.-s.X X 'L ' .X li , ' 'T .., - ,' . " "' ' ' -a-' S I 4- X 1 f mi: 4-- ' A pp rf, ., ' N J' 2. " Y , A ,X , , . 'll ' " 1, - f 51 f ,, . , .4 I X , .. . 1: .-'-X - 4 " . . -1 HI. -. . TL 1 I ' ' 'ff 'V X, X . Q F -,,'.. T- X.- X, A X. , ,.,.y, : 1 X Af 4 ur ,Q ' . . f , , , ,. . A A9 ' 4, 'Y- , ' '-V Alj .X"f : N? , , P '1 X - I 'A 1'4 ' -gk . ' 4 34. . ,.?X X, XA .-, -V. .... 1 " ' ff-"V ' v V iii-' "14. -H-2 -' ' '-. J x 4 f""--.- ' ' . K 7, - Fr. I-. ' ' ' 4 , - ..1ff. V '? . -1 5 ' ,j', V. , , . . - . f - - .- ?"' V' - '4 1" ' Pa' 5 ' ff ' f 91 ' '. k..,.- F ,' " 'p'X -.MT " L1 ' y X 'L ii., Y Y, 4 5' ' ' Fi". 1 . P. . . X AX X I Xu . . , , I-' . . " - . . - . 1 1, , - ,4 . ...X X ., .xv .ay . ...L r--A ,. ., ,--X Mu J, U-. E . m.. h X ,-., .nu " 1. - gigmh 13.514 ,mil . .- 4-ya .H I. 'V , - f:+2-m.-:.- 'fx L1 f iiiifi ' ,4"'E f .ww 1 Y 1 , . 1 :v WWW' WSW nuns! 'Hg..U'f1x.' Mf,i"f. W,.,"X,ZiJ .UA VXXMMQQQW-L I 5Nu.QfQ'vNiA0 Qwvu-M2-3 - RW- . - JwL.a.w-W' ..A

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