Garden Grove High School - Viking Yearbook (Garden Grove, IA)

 - Class of 1955

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Garden Grove High School - Viking Yearbook (Garden Grove, IA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 76 of the 1955 volume:

,, NX" ' fi g, l ...J """i MNA: :JC A115 4553 V v V' , 'x .Q in X at e 2 Q ' IQ ix? 3+'?Q!5f4 '53, Q ,yn , , jLf'?L, 7 2? f:52Q 'fig gf Q. J ie Q 1 sf'-mi .,, ' -dz f "" -- 1 I L'-fl:--' H 541 1 ,mf :J ..,, X J-,g N Q. f11,.,' L ns, ' . W W , Q. 5: W A - 2, M y , nl .ff g 53" Q ' L . Y 'f "'- ' 'I Ti ff 'If , . Q' 'I . L - ' L, ' f V id .- 1 A , , " f, L',L ' IJ' .,k. , ,V M , Q ,ji i ,1 -1jj',i' I .L wgjkjjgg '43 -' V . 1 2 ff 'L - ' - , '- . - V ,L,. rf f i ff f 9 ' . ,V M .0 fx V fi - J R V L. :kh M Q V f ' I A A V l ff, . A, an A .. 1 ' i, ,,..,. , 'Huw -7 55, 'mfyiic :fb-4-' ,fj f new Z i 'Y rkrr . ' . 1 , :p m A ,L ,,. ,. .N i V Q il J-01, ,,kk T K.:, 'j"u, A A ' 1 Tiffin . fgxW'::., --,, L "f'?7 +Q ff Q 1 iw . fjiw 13' , , . W , 1 'Y Q 7, ,N ' ,B V. . ' fed? . ww? L E. g ..1 :hh iz','1 -6 i Z Q 1 ' ' gb., 3 n Uh a Q 2 , ..... . .-"L - - ..,' ,h,,, .,. . . Y, .. - .. .nf ,. , ,. .. W .. ,Y 5 v z M W 1. ' 1 .2 3 hi!-My Q- f1wWe j u' pg i E E M u u Q 5554 W W m r W .-, Q , MPI ' vf ' X W fx' - .1 4 1 1: A + 1 Q , . 24, .ag ,WE 5. 1 k .Ju V ' 0 x X 'B gl O - .rhsmmm m .Went . ,fQo,WwMWes ,. ., , -' 'A v..,1..f fm AN+.wq,, , ., ' Y,-Jai ,fa .4 ' .. f- f w " , f" Y A 'Y - ish Q K ., I V my , , ' t,.fvn K, , A ,, ,nee H, , SCHOOL Oh, when those Vikings fall We're going to another time We know that w we're all t SONG Garden Grove in line win again e will win if here And if we win we know 'twill be fair and square. we're gonna fight, fight, fight for every score. We're gonna hold that line and then some more. We are the ones who put the aim in fame , always game, Here's to Garden Grove High Rah E Rah! THE VIKING produced by the Senior Class GARDEN GROVE HIGH SCHOOL Garden Grove, Iowa is presented to you with great pleasure and with the hope it will bring back many memories. et Q l . sri A Q. YZ We, the Seniors of 1955, do dedicate nThe Vlkingu Yearbook to you, Mr. Faust, for all your unfalling wisdom, understanding, your sound judgement, your willingness to help, your faithfullness as a Band Director, Teacher and Superintendent r, during the past five years. We hope that as you glance through this book in the years to come you s will recapture again many joyous moments. gay, 2 f i udministr V . ??E 5 -X N 5 l ,s - 4-'qv EQ .fdclminiafrafion 3600! Him' Phil Robertson, Arnold Lovett, Supt.-C.E. Foust, Pres.-Allen Kucera, Secr.-Mary Chaney, Clarence Comegys, Merrill Lovett. M5 mrilfefzi C0045 .y gt - E J ff' N 3 tx X Q ,N 'WaMU,1 , ' K l' ,w ' W! an t 'Z' I A 4 ' ding Gihlhaar, Leland Morris Hadlyn Spldle, Lola Fisher e co t, Carol Palmer .szcrefarg anifor s, 1E'V ,-4"i!"' ,,,,, VH., V29 - "X f. ' . 7 ' , .tt ,E Mary Chaney Glen Bebout 3 Q tmwrqu M79 W Claire Faust, B,A,,M,E, Paul Dunham, B.S.,M.S. Robert VanderL1nden,B,A, Band, Superintendent Commercial, PP1WCiP3l Coach, Gov.,L1t,Eng1ish will-IP 490 Q y EJ Q Q TF rfnyffr, n :svn L William Homedale, Math, ScienceB,A,,B,S, ksift Mrs. Dorothy Roberts, English, Music 'wwwvwi 4 151617 ,,,' . 0""1E5f WWW' k Max Franklin, B.A. Coach, Jr. High B,A,MrS. Edna Linkletter, B.3 Home Ee., Literature 4 A' ,, . gifs few, .ww Y w"k f gi 7, ,, . W,--1 ,T.. T wig? orarie Q"N axe? A ti ,t-t or in Ll rf' ..., .1 3' llI'5 in XE "lU 517 K Qs v' , af., P' , ...i ,., I Deloris Wiley Editor of Annual Salutatorian Band l,2,3,4 Trumpet Solo l,3,4 Trumpet Trio l,2,3,4 Brass Sextet 2,3,4 Brass Quartet 2 Glee-Club l,2,3,4 Girls Trio 4 pFP'e '41 Ffa 1155 gf? :hs x i5QEwEfqQ5f A ff? id Richard Erb Football 3,4 Baseball 1,2 Basketball l,2 Track 3 Student Council 4 President 4 Homecoming King 4 Vocal Solo 4 G-Club 2,3,4 Basketball 1,3 Cheerleader 2,4 Class V. Pres 2,4 Sec. of Student Council 2 Class Play 3,4 Mary Flummer Glee Club l,3,4 Basketball l Queen Attendent 2 Homecoming Queen 4 5 Sales Manager Annual 4 Art Editor Annual 4 Art Editor Paper 4 G-Club 4 Class Play 3 Class Play 4 .4-Q arm g Class Sec. 4 Class Play 3,4 Kitchen 4 g Www s ?155YJ, Z? '7- 15gqgz53 11Sff'15f' r mqwnhiwj, 17f2XU 'S Ae: em' A P5 -. gf Myron Coffin Football 2 Student Council 3,U Music l Class Play U G-Club l,2,3,U Associate Editor Annual M Associate Editor Paper 4 Patricia Morgan Class Treasure l,2,U Class Secretary l,2 Basketball l,2 G-Club l,2,3,U 'Glee Club l,2,3 Student Council 2 Class Play 4 Band l,2,3,4 Business Manager - Annual Business Manager - Paper Homecoming Attendent l Play Prompter 3 Woodwind Trio l Clarinet Quartet 2,3,b Janet Nichols Band l,2,3,4 Jr. Class Play Glee Club l,2 3,4 Drum Solo 2,3,4 G-Club 1,2,3,L sports Editor-Paper A Sextete l,2,3 Student Conducting 3,M Trio U F.T.A.3,U Cheerleading l,2,3 Drum Ensemble l,2,4 Basketball 3 All State Band 3 Vocal Solo 2,3,U Senior Class Play Class Secretary 2 I Michael McGuire Track l,2,3,b Football l,2,3,U Basket-ball l,2,3,M Base-ball l,2,3,4 G-Club l,2,3,U Glee-Club 1,2,3 4 Vocal Solo 2,3,L Mixed Quartet 1,2,3 State-Snare Drum Band l,2,3,U Trombone Quartet l,2,3,M Brass Sextet l,2,3,U Trombone Solo 2,3,4 Class Play 3 Double Quartet l,2,3,b Class Play M Boys Quartet l,2,3 U Student Council 1,5 President 2 Paper Staff M I State-Trombone Quartet All-State Foot-ball U Jsea gd W ir 1'fg5'5gY flgl tri, :Bch 11L?vJV' G7 151 y Jak Q Raj? 4.2 f' Truman Carrico Class Play 3,4 Football l Baseball 2 Glee-Club 1,2 School Paper 4 W , Q5 Denise Hacker Class Play 3,U Glee-Club l,2,3 Basket-ball 1 Historian F.T.A. 3 G-c1ub l,2,3,U Paper Staff 4 Larry Richards Track 1,2,3,U Band 1,2,3,U Football 1,2,3,4 Brass Sextet Basketball l,2,3,U 1,2,3,b Baseball l12l3sLI' C1335 Play 3,1-If G'CJ-ub 11293114 C1385 V. Pres, 3 G1e9'C1Ub 1 2v3pu G-Club Pres, 3 Vocal Solo A All-State Band U BOYS Double Quartet 3,U Sports Ea. Paper BOYS Quartet 1,2,3,U Hawkeye Bgys Student Council l,3,U T State 3 Baritone Euphonium Solo l,2,3,4 I State - Bar. Euph. Solo 3 Carolyn Sue Williams Band 1,2 Trumpet Solo 2 G-Club 2,3,4 Trumpet Quartet 1,2 Cheerleading 2 Queen Attendent M Glee Club l Class Play 3,U Trumpet Trio 1,2 School Paper U Brass Sextet 1,2 Subscription Manager-Annual U 7 43? EEF VIE Qi Donald Morgan Class Play 4 Music l Paper Staff-4 General Handyman Donald Proctor Track 2 Class V. Pres. 3 Foot-ball l Paper Staff 4 Jo Anne Bemis Glee Club l,2,3,4 Class Play 3,4 G-Club 3,4 Plano Aooompanist 3,4 Trio 3,4 valedictorian 4 Basket-ball l,2,3,4 Class Treasurer 3 Editor - Paper 4 Roger Woods Football l,2,3,4 Class Pres- 3 Basketball 3,4 G-Club 3,4 Baseball l,2,3,4 Class Play 4 8 75 .,-5 Q. .gyr- iuninrs if . 4 Q, ' o 2' , A , Al' 4, 2 '17 I' ' 3 ffm- Q, If 1 I3 ,fff ,W N 'W A , myff. ,, , . Q' im W, President Dennis Phipps YI!-D' Student Council John Lovett Merrill Williams my Orville Harger fp.: Vice-President Mary Lou Hines xfyw-7 Elaine Elliot A ,f'm"' Secretary Shirley Petty Norms Crozier du- in Eli Ag .l.t..4i. Claudia Surbaugh Shirley Smith ew amor Treasurer Bob Morris A George Williams Lloyd Hartchen Larry Dingman Gene Cannon Mary Nordstrum Donna Morgan 41K ilk fff? Bob Clapk Carmon Adair Lester Smith .Qi v'trpal ppm gil ,Wy C Qian 'f if may N N2 2 - "'bA wt' Eugene Hart Gladys Rose N3UCY Smith Vera Belle Petty Jane Sietz Jon Lynn Mendenhall Craig Carpenter .'t,gr Phillip Comegys Rodman Dale sophomores 's Ns is A Q s X .. Q , ago .3 N QQ 1 f am If-5 ff V K I freshmen . f!A I mu Hx NX X:N. NN 'XX XXIXXNHJ v . I ff 1 if 0 gn: ,Y NIWW if WW -Y Vice-President Seo. Q Tres. Student Council A .gnQ ' wie . tl I 'M New Fwy X, LV, Q'-K.f,,,N ' K 'Swv-rf, gipwyf' x ' , M A1 President Bill Morris , , , s - , ,ax f.',""" Ng, X' , , Q Stanley Nichols Jerry Woods Joyce Erb Slyvia Strong hlhlia Q Nr' Gary Wiley Judy Bemis Beverly Massey .W Q ' 51 3, gf e ., 3"if"'.. ,. ".' 'V we 'fx Y ,' ' Norman Bebout. Frederick Arnold Dora Belle Carpenter Florls Carpenter Al'W' Ullllh Marvin Massey Sw wo re CMM kerry Melvin Flowers Marion McClure Karen Smith Jgnice Hubbard Avery Bennett Jerry BeavePS Gary Richards Q b MVWM wb dent Terry McClure Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Student Council Janet Petty Karen Ryan Donna Smith Tommy Massey 12 IDN ,fb Ex- x Jerry McClure Rosealie Morris 69' 1 fl xx. R vr la." PB' h Billy Thrane Kay Adnip . XA - l is 'Y' - . fx!! . .sq sl FG, he Hr S 1lNlw?gfi h Gerald Houdesheldt Evelen Hart Alice Griffin Ernestine Cavender alk -Q- Lucille Smith Shirley Smith Waunita Williams Sw Melvin Beavers Loren Marker ff Dick Hull mi fFQ3 .. 5 5,9--1-M .g5ggEI,,,3w -:af " mm , fA lww Q 1 gfsff 1? ff 45" i if 3 fi , ' Q 'Sl f Q2 " 1 2 ,,,' A V Y 5 , .,.. E :VWVVV ,V ! 1' wmiq Qe?w Help I , 556 Larry Do Do 8 Mooch wif Q3 A aww, E fungi K ffmr. P.P.D HQ' gl Y I .tg f ff.. 5.1 ,Sf r 13. x gh 3? ,M . .M . ...-6. A ,.,., .' .1 -ISSJ., x "'s'1:n': x s ,.3,., Xi1'j'fI:,.gf ' 'SM :wg . M, . .-. - 5 S V.. WZ? if 'Ir 5,,xf snr -s- 'GFHP Mrs. Josephine Leonard Mrs. Maurine Williamson Kindergarten First Grade fgiiil 6? liJlM21? 6025 C f'Tf' ,sf F ffff S':'Ixl"N N Y .I yin 1,5594 X Xia o,Q?' Mrs. Dorothy Smith Mrs. Corrine Engel Third M Fourth Fourth Q Fifth mfs. Hur- ar---N 15 VFNT erase so If ..,- kk..x v F h Miss Letha Krouch Second Grade S 3. bak. g g sv F ,My f F f asig ixjgsy Mr. Benjamin Barron Junior High Mrs. Frances Carson Sixth Grade Nbkh Vw J 59,74 s SE? e' ww m 9 1 K K NR A VVLV in , A yyrfg Q gage.-311 A A W . K -. V! A A '.:, ,,Vk K , ' , M f ax A y 1 y 'X 1 1 P -A 1 nf' 1 . ., ' s ... 5,4 I P f Top Rowg Douglas Brlm, Karen Bast, Earl Coffey, Nancy Beavers, Larry Robins, Rebecca Parsons, Middle Bow, Carolyn Slagg, Roger Bretz, Elaine Catlett, James Woods, Elgsg Egg, Judy Smith, Mar- vin Flowers, Mary Johnson, Clifton Surbaugh, Sharon McDowell S U R B A U G H S T O R E E E M C A F E Dinners Fine Foods Quality Meats Short Orders Ice Crean Cold Drinks Farm Supplies E M M E T T M M A D A L Y N Humeston, Iowa L E 0 N, I 0 w A LEON IMPLEMENT COMPANY D I N G M A N ' S G A R A Sales Parts Service REPAIR WORK OLDSMOBILE Ben Flora Cecil Woolley Welding of all kinds Phone 90 Leon, Iowa High Point, Iowa THOMPSCN BILLARDS LMFAP WW ww? 'f KuE?,jff ,'Lg5f ,C C Snooker - Pool Pop - Candy LEON, IOWA C I T Z E N S T A T E B A N K Humeston, Iowa MCCULLOUGH GARAGE CHEYNOLE-I I ll , 1 --..i11T..' -ii- Sales Chevrolet Parts Service Humeston, Iowa Phone 219 4 "'. A -f ang, 1 V gngip, ,ww J , - w ,. 'g' A ,QW E wr SLADE FUNERAL HOME 2h Hour Ambulance Service Frank and Lydia Slade Leon, Iowa T5 f A f! ' Vw A Q rms? e1v,ff X , l s , ,, :.5 E55-' , ' M , . 3 "Z" 'k i-a . - K -frfft . 3- ' f I 'I 4- .' .2 " """ " "'1:7: 1 ,,, ,, Alf, V ,,q,U, I - A ,b or ln' .wav A - A ax a .,M l I4 ,,n , A We .K A ,tak K V . 2 H. ,M ,gm3 C MQ Q kg. EJ mbsf' ' A, V, 'V mp I is ,I C .li E 21452 at , V ff: , ' V A ff M A A gait iyk ' ,zz eb , A 5552 Sdrwde J, , 'ef Y . Q., 6 Q f e - Q f 1 I ' fri "ff by "" ' Ehfw' 7 Hi of -- a 'M9? , , - w 7 A It ' I i f . -15' Y . , I . fi' I - - f ' I 1 151 , N Z"-li 1 D0 - ' ' g 'fx '4!' Ili qi fi? 'QW ir. A 5,1 'smia n+ H ' W fffigfwkdgm H ? f tam l7i fV f' I .'i , 1f,,wn,ya"f:Qgf If f ,.:wx,J1tQ r",, are A , , I , ' . "'- l f 'afrzlfffl l ' ' , "fin , .. -nu. ft' ' ' ' A A - ' V, , V .... 4, i. Mix: X J, A, g V ' A rvfrf tiff .q,,.-'f 3 , Ugf df' 1 fbedfiwf in Vuhg ' Qgg 2933 Robert Nordstrum, Ellen Williams, Gary Smith, Donna Holmes Stanley Lovett, Myra Ryan, David Coffey, Middle Egg Shryl Appleby, Ne11 Nichols, Freaer1ck Coffey, MarJor1e'Cat- lett, Eggnt Egg, Larrg McDowell, Ivana Cavender, Richard Woods, Marjorie Hall, onald Hoffman, Allen Carpenter. y i L L F B U U L ,QL ig: ' 'U v- 'H ,F me 'F fr is 3 B . , ' r1e"f , , ., .V if . -i - .V 41- .- . ,JY 2.21. f -ww , " ' f ,Q ' - .53 ' I -i F Utlt vsvr no L ,l ,eerv no JL I :V .,fs3,fs Iii, iw: K :F in iffy, so -W,. ,,Vk ,VfV,1fk A L: V 'I kikg 17, K K VA A ..,,- TTL , - : L " vlncs ' ' :'-f I or 1 fr'-:mask L 1f ' ,B K f, K -':ff ' 1 ' ' '1.. " - ' ffrwawvftfw , f H sayin: Wwyb L ,V l , uf I .1 , f 1A' mf"' L--f X ' . f If 44' 1191: s' - ' fy at -.14 'i,L 1 2. x S , Y LLkh y X ,, . 2 K 'Q gk. ,. - fda rf - ' P ' A fr T if! vtse L ' L. . ,ft f, Q 1 U L,ff fillj A new W L EJ B1 L ft 1 . F l K f ' Eililgfkg Fiigiff? Efbfi' 7, W 5 itat S Fix 222 B933 Duane Fisher, Dee Ann Morgan, Dieter Homedale, Betty Jo Arnold, Larry Bebout, Patricia Briley, Billy Marker, Second 3933 Gayla Cherington, Lyle Nichols, Jerry Arnold,Donna Beavers Front Boy, Walter Thrane, Linda Lovett, Pamela Lovett, Carolyn Marker, Sharon Catlett, John Homedale, Not ShowngAlbert Flowers G A R D E N G R O V E P R O D U C E B U Y E R O F P O U L T R Y R E G G S S E L L E R H OF SARGENT FEEDS PEEBLES WHEY AND From SUMMONS STOCK c-R C. D. SMITH PHONE LLS Western WESTERN AUTO Aszgggte ASSOCIATE STORE Store Wizard Batteries Refrigerators Radios Bicycles Washers A. G. S T U T E V I L L E Phone 99 Leon, Iowa Q , I ZF, X '-My 'LN - . C ' U 't X' if Sm , H A N O C O H O L L E R R I N K U . S. HIGHWAY NO. 69 1 Mile North of Leon REGULAR SKATING 'Wednesday - Saturday Nights Sunday Afternoons e iv -1-,. sn, S., "4'r,,f .A I eg Q.. N' f , Tt RS 5,14 I I Q , 'L , ' .fu 'a v - ' - I - !.'9' -A ' V ' H: . 'A 5+ ,Q VQwA'mGM I L?Xf I V 72.L Fi! . -A I N f W f ' fl "4- ,wevsw A I s.'1 .isr ,gfwwmhw A - P M '.ws Ai9Hrw If I . , 1. f 7 ' fl 'I , f I ' . Q A ,La 5w,'Q5 a a f fynwnN N- ,..,fsS,, L' 'san ,,, ',.N.,Q,,f, X ' 3 K V If ' ,kk I . X X K aj, 6, . A sgsgi , in is V, 1 e'i2?'z!R A L ,. ' f 'J ex " e5Al'.mQ?' ,wr 4 '3 , 2gp,Bgy! Vivian Ryan, Dougles Nordstrum, Polly Crees, Austin smith, Serene McK1bben, B111 Peck. Mgddle Egg: Charles Morris Connie Franklin, Donald Wagner, Mhrilyn Comegys. Qrgn3,QgE: Mary Lou Seitz, Larry Holmes, Merle Best, Tommy Hall, Betty Flowers. . I G, y, X ,T W are I To ilk I if-fff A I J - If w'1-' PM 'N 1 ' f 'Q fag i EQ H-sd: was: -:mf'1'syuva ' N L Jiffy, E L,:kL 'L 5 N Lhkg K 'I .f ,V ff'b VAKL f. -4- If VV, -V W ff , I M L Jr-M, ,,l it o,,lN, srrr rM,,s -we or - the rr?ff a:1ffVs1I ryss , , , ftfa, rr3awwfa2spaW,ranwaiea2 xt' yrryy 4' zygraqgdamwl sas My f ' I "r,n Raj , Igfffflz ,, Tgrxnms liifd :M ', i5h.5JgiH'lrls ' '- Za, 'L 51' , ffl ,, 1 I . ' f W" 1 in . Lf. lsilwwad Q, Qzlyg to WSH phone: I 'T W'w?1if"l'1wMm IIBEBDI ,-anew I ima J img L-,: , ,, ,,'f " ""' 4 '?'IHiMwimMfQH5 I11 e gf., Iiwfiw AVL, ,.L I L 7.1E T . V L, VLLAVV Af ' N U ' I y h'b' or -sal. faaia? UWVJMQEHF ' 'slaaa, rrrr In frat wvwlfgi -1 J y ,93,,rr,5QE5,,mg55 -., saggy hg3wgj,m My rl,, g5,, i fpgyij 'fliqwwmfjqf-whdaiwisriww fy JWEQQQMW1 3 I t . . -L,1 -- Y im 7Y33?3iQVW?H . EWHWFw3wip YQ J an ,ff ffi drr irliwi vnsffwf , N , ig- 1' -' 4 -3,1-55+ r,f' 71,6 ,gf ., ,ll ,K -Y 6 1- . V' yn VX, x W' .--'y. gy I gg - 4 4 yt ,:f4mmwa,11 P' 'wwf d'f.Hww Y mt! Fr - ,wi nf M B G I ' Qgw'mgf5Qjf, 'hh ':, .' fiqf'RwQ3gi:Q'QQ4'Wfj, M ,V 3 - iil'?W'5XX?E53W?5EQ1iFf9'ff5'UiQE2gQ slar DUUU V b f" wif 'dAii5p?ig-rlfM?i J idlfisiy 's,i5WfM Ifw, ti K -. . ,,.. ,K + Top Row, Gladys Briley, Larry Catlett. Mary Lou Gates, Howard Scott, Joyce Potter, Billy Booth, Judy Cavender, Third R933 Jerry Leonard, Kay Beavers, Dorann Smith, Donald Engel, Second Roy, Dina Morgan, Charles Gibson, Barbara Franklin, Ralph Hart Joan Holmes, Steven Braby, Mary Ann Spidle, First R933 Danny Ryan, Ellen Hall, Richard Renoe, and Eddie Cherlngton. I O W A S O U T H E R N U T I L I T I E S C O M P A N Y A N D B U I L D I N G Phone lul Leon, Iowa Leon, Iowa COMPLIMENTS ARTHUR BAST of P L U M B I N G AND DECATUR COUNTY H E A T I N G AUDIToR's OFFICE GARDEN GROVE' IOWA L E O N C O N C R E T E Aphllllps MENDENHALL'S STORE Compliments of Phillips Gas 8: Oil Groceries of' A11 Kinds L. C, N I D A Y "We Buy Produce" Phone 25F12 HUMESTON, IOWA High Point ARIYN BAKERY STANDARD SERVICE Station , It Tank wagon Max Casey A- L- R09 BAKED GOODS Marvin Gould Phone 133 HARRY KREGER Phone 27 GARDEN GROVL4, IOWA Humeston, Iowa 3,.J Q02 .Sg3:gtgyK1:gg1ey.A?gm1g Zuxgel, gnrbarancat- c en en o ey. igglg gg: Rose W3-113-Hman GTS!-'CS THPBIIO. Gaz-fy Thrane, Glenna ohnson. 5119111 E612 Charles Erb Mary Wagmer, Lawrence Imhoff, John offin, krginia Houck, fiennis Dale Egg BQKQNOPMS Morris, Timothy Gates, Jane Ryan, Thomas McClure Charles Beavers Eugene Crees, Middle Rggg Steven Elliott. LSPPY F1OWers, Jzimmie Holmes, DeLon Potter, First Rgqg Randall Faust, Delbert Briley, Morse McKee, Michael Wueera. PAR 0 A S N SKELLY SVRVICE COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE Tires, Tubes and Batteries AT Wa h . d L b S an u Pication SOUTHERN IOWA'S PRGGRESSIVE BANK Tractor Tire Repairing DECATUR CGUNTY STATE BANK Eight church Street Leon, Iowa Phone 95 Garden Grove - Grand River A R R Y W A T S A B A U EARTHMOVING AND CLEARING CONTRACTOR HUMFZSTOM, Iox-JA PH. M6 . A t uso. .mf 'U s. Q A G, Atty, . qxw' ,4'Y Liv . . i ' if K A A p, , ,aa,, , -an ' X .5 v it 1 ., , E .5fZgV'. 5 2 'Ml , if! ' gg' my A ' ' , '14 wi iv. -...-1' . jf. , f, " lv-,,.. ' p,, A ,,, , QI , . ,M N.. 4 A ,R . U - M .N J Y""' ' 1 V4 , XA ,xif ,, ,swf Ig? I G H J R S E I T L L U M B L R C Bottle Gas and Gas Aonliances Lumber and Coal Seitz Lumber Co. Garden Grove, Iowa Ph. 82 " 3 Kea... .,,. X. - J ' an f AAAR Q4 '5 iii' if Jef .T A A , ,Nj .., G, G . Top Bow, Lyle Bremer, Rebecoa Morris, Ronnie Bethards Judy Bast, Dennis Watsabaugh, Joan Briley, Middle Row, Deanna Erb Donald Houck, Patty Holmes, Danny Lovett, First Rowg Patty Gene Smith, Suzanne Seitz, Marvin McKee, Mary Karen Renoe. S--r N First Bow, Alan Morris, Jennie Massey, Marvin Slagg, Cynthia Brim, Jerry Morgan, Rebecca Ryan, Michael Schlarbaum, Second Egg, Janet DeLong, Jackie Lovett, Don Johnson, Sharon Braby Third Row, John Seitz, Donna George, Duane Houck, Jeanne Spidle, Roland Gates, and Vern Carpenter. H I G H W A Y C A F E Lockers Freezers Ice Cream Processing We'11 serve you a meal or a lunch CRAwFORD'S COLD STROAGE Fountain Service It'e a PLEASURE to serve YOU PH. H9 Leon, Iowa Humeston, Iowa B A K E R ' S S E R V I C E R'L' MORRIS SINCLAIR Pnopuc 'Trucking Servicen LEON,IOWA PH. 32 Goodyear Tire and Garden Grove, Iowa Batteries sports f I 3 - A x - ' I bil' K X ' ,x'1J-K' Ili! A Lpqofk W V4 'Y-"'2- u 'Str m 3 im TROPHIES - Q Ag A Y . BASEBALL - SECTIONAL LITTLE ELEVEN CONFERENCE BOYS BASKETBA1-L CHAMPS CHAMPS 1954 SECTICNAL CHAMPS S1 2 1' ' Tw XJ Q56 . Ox 163253 Ki! i?Q?a GEJQEEQQTRTEY SOUTHERNSSEVEN Tgggx BQXQKQQHEE CHAMPIONS CHAMPIGN CHAMPIONS PLAQUES NOT sHowN MARCHINC BAND DRUM ENSEM LE CONCERT BAND TRUMPET QUARTET ,BOYS GLEE CLUB CHAMBER GROUP OF WOODWINDS GIRLS C EE CLUB BOYS QUARTET CLARINET QUARTET BOYS DOUBLE QUARTET BRASS QUINTET GIRLS TRIO . SAXAPHONE QUARTET MIXED QUARTET TROMBONE QUARTET BRASS SBXTET GIRLS SECT IONAL BASKETBALL RUNNER-UP P C k r 55 C l 3. U. ,lg OIHOX5 52 Hnom :UF-4 of' :YN WE U fn m+o 3 E fvd mm 0 H 3 H m o M QWEW E 2 5 gf4w M 02632 r-'Mil 01,5 ,D msza Q H1060 m w :+1Q ,U 750094 O qaao x o oz A mtw, , N iiwfl D M www f"lcD ,:. -'.'f' H w E? l ll 5 o 1 ' F1481 x m 'E' M m A H.H l , A : b ,1 lll lllll w m n me 0v4c:o EE: NXNQCN hgrg NXOOXF4 .,-40 r-lr-ICN! :nm Q N p 0 Q N W mem E EDU ggmp IS-1 .,..4,.4.-d,p 945 1 ws4n P42 w mcwq NCP S mv4 I'H mem m N few 4-3 oogm S M m m+Jm .ylf uwao w mg wwam lil EQE?Wi?gQg?jf Q ,f WA .3 ig 5gfigmWfwwg5yg h Q Q 5HVQF5'XS7 E?ii? : ' Jli h A ' L 3?l iYffWiEgQ?TEi l lll 1 Q LVLLL Q9 Wm ia . FI 45 'ww rtchen nd Ha Left E Lloyd le Phipps ennis x o G5 E4 u M m PID Q LU ,E 'UGO A Q CU-f-4 Srl C z u M M A CDM FIA McClure Center Marion ard ht Gu K Erb ig lC Tackle B ll Williams D -I-7-f-4 .CIT-4 607-e .Hay DSE -I-7 +3 may 5 w O A 4-7 Q Q ws -1-IO mf? Kadlvfgaf imamzi SECOND ROW: Joyce Erb, Rosalie Morris, Earnestine Cavender, Judy Bemis, Vera Belle Petty, Beverly Massey, Lucille Smith, Dora Belle Carpenter. FIRST HOW: Claudia Surbaugh, Elaine Elliot, Jane Sietz, Mary Nordstrum, Jo Bemis, Nancy Smith, Sharon Sietz, Janet Petty, and Coach-Max Franklin. iliiia. SECOND ROwg Dennis Phioos, Gary iley, rville rper, erry Woods, Bob Morris, Marion McClure, Bill Morris, Norman Bebout FIRST HOW: CoachMBob VanderLinden, John Lovett, Nike Ncduire Merrill Williams, Lloyd Hartchen, Larry Richards, Roger Woods Larry Dingman, and Gary Richards. A ,.fw .W M- M M ffm X I K -fm...-1 K 5'-. 7 For-ward-ERB Forward Forward Q.ugyd..5M1TH Guard-ELLIOT SURBAUGH NOHDSTRUM wr Ann if h f?4 V A ,, gg, A ,A f 'On :VXA i'i A m Lx Guard-SEITZ Guard-BEMIS Forward-PETTY '44, wr Forward HAHTCHEN QA M! . Guard 1 DINGMAN - xx 1 , A V 'I .,, MQW , V73 QQ? t:? H-R . ":X . M ji -hi' 'p ' Qf 3 . 0 HIV Y -.- ,..--I Forward Fgywgpd GU3Td Center will MMS LQVEVFT RICHARDS MCGUIHE ogg in .xgcfzon 'Xi' ' 1 Guard WOODS H1 AHF in Craig- larry D Whatsi fl... matter??l ,fe Tl J Gary R. J J 1 H Mike-bhot Put Poohed lOO Yd. Dash 2OO Yd. Dash Y 66 ,ivy cf ' -v9 ls' . Craig Carpenter John P5654 The Big-Whee ll Lovett T 24.5 R 1540 gg. Run 5g.4 John Lovett Z? A f OO . Run 2.0 .7 John Lovett - A R M119 RUP 5.02.8 Gary Richards clgc? fl C E Foot-Be.11 Throw l94'5" Mike McGuire K C 120 yo High Hurdles 18.9 Bob Morr1e 0 180 yo. Low Ifuronree 25. John Lovett R Shot Put 43' Mike McGuire Came. li Q21 D Discus Throw 127'7" Mike McGuire Lineville l 3 S High Jump 5'4" Dennis Phipps Lineville 5 M ,Broad Jump l8'3i"' John Lovett 5903101431 Mile Medley 5.54.5 J. Lovett, G. Richards Weldon 12 10 L. Dingman, A. Bennett GT'-and River' 5 2 2-Mile Reley 8.49.1 J. Lovett, G. Richards Dietriet L, Rlchapdgg A, Bennett Lineville 8 3 440 Yd. Relay 49.5 A. Bennett, G. Richards Charlton 5 1 L. Dingman, L. Richards SubState SOO Yd. Relay l.4l.l M. McGuire, L. Dingman Blairstown 2 7 G. Richards, J. Lovett Mile Relay 5.49.6 L. Richards, L. Dingman Rob Morris. J. Lovett ,5- ow'1 JP J 515: 5 gf., w V! ,, ' rl- ,..f 1 sf, ' ' 8 , ..,.. . M Q !Wkk h . V, A I 5 Jo n Larry R Niwe 30 in -A 1' xi my MMU! V ivzf' I O EW .4 en for NP ' A, Y ,wq ,Haag gh: f j t . QmA Cm m Q Mike . ...A JllSt, Boys plus Cigers s , Shepard of The Jun Q Jezn ,W Where S the f1re?? Z" .. . nw? 8 Dick Q-' rfv'-"" 'W Pat as Dick Jean Q Dod 1 OO Behind Bars Y Q'eee fiIii1551?, Qe' if F , R fF,.q NJBV Food???? 31 S1eepy??? napgfola 'S I 5 A3 f MAKE-UP TIMEQ JON K' wiS3S? Q55 8 7 E. C' 'SOS ff I ' .91 5 SUE E JEAN? MOOCH ADVERTIS SENIOR GIRLS No????? CA QQPAGJQPJ SHIRLEY SMITH, CLAUDIA 6 DELORIS WILEY 1954 0 all '55 920 OIVE GQ 61-bg SES 'QSO O17 If OIVE 1? ating Stat eC' 012 tes 36 Z! I, lI!4QC11 gZQi17L6f96 Double-Qpartet Back Row, Lloyd Hartchen, Gary Wiley, Stanley Nichols, Gary Richards. Front Row, Dennis Phipps, John Lovett, Larry Richards, Mike McGuire. I Rating at State Contest Quartet Dennis Phipps, John Lovett Larry Richards, Mike McGuire Eatgulll I Rating at State Contest Sophomore Trio Beverly Massey, Karen Smith Slyvia Strong. I Rating at State Contest Junior Sextet Back Bow, Mary Nordstrum Claudia Surbaugh, Gladys Rose Front Bow, Norma Crozier, Jane Sietz, Shirley Smith. Senior Trio Janet Nichols, Deloris Wiley Jo Anne Bemis. 37 .gzccli Counci 1 f - CLA E S CLIOQI' 520 BACK HOW: Deloris Wiley, Carolyn Williams, Truman Carrlco, Denise Hacker, Mike McGuire, Roger Woods, Donald Mo1'gan,Pr'oof-Reader-Mary Flummer. FIRST BOW: Sports Editor,-Larry Richards, Business Man- ager-Eatrlcla Niorgan, Editor'-Jo Bemis, Associate Editor-Myron Cof- fin, Art Editor'-Richard Erb, Sports Editor-Janet Nichols. LUN omecoming RICHARD ERB 80 MARY FLUMMER .xdffencfanfzi FRISHHEN JANET PETTY SUPHUHIIBE JUDY BEMIS JUNIOR NANCY SMITH SENIOR CAROLYN SUE WILLIAMS 39 11990 Cxririfnzcw 'The Spirit of Christmasu, a pantomine production, with Band an Chorus accompaniment, was presented in the High School Auditorulm, December 22, 1953. Mr. Claire Faust and Mrs. Dorthy Roberts, Directors. nThe Accidental Heron, a three- Act comedy, was presented by the Junior Clgss, Nov. 12, 1954 'It's Over, It's 0ver,' cried the Freshman after their Initiation into High School in September of 1954. 40 Lno 5 in .JK 1 A JW. k - ',QWMw l iVmf A. I , - VX' 4' .Q 45 , , ,M ... ., si' ,M 1 qw ' l RQ. 4 S, n: V 6.5. 3-. -EQ., gl, Q' 5 'YF' ' 5 f, ' N! .,.- K - A A if . Q - . .'-- Q i ff ' K K ' 1:f, -o 4 Lf up-yy ox LY: 1 it 1 I ' , Hn W lg ' if Q I x iv' iUJ3' "-4,4 V, I in V Q rm , . ,q :.Ql .gf Q V I- ' a Ill , ,.... 4 :A 1 V' 4 Q, 'l 4 9 M I 'S . .. kk ...F .gf ' i ,. -A K Msg. A .X x - R, V., H Jag if .. ,K --k.k L. ,ii MSM , Awww , U if H f t4 Q Sndniafa All Vocal and Instrumental Soloists that appeared at State Contest anquef US I 4, . ,J o X50 e 42 x H0 Senior x wh pfr' 3 Junior Mood Everyone In IREM ? A fel . " ' .r , Q TA: h is M ' 'Y' f K 1 W gf 1 . IRQ Q x ,Q t Imported Hawaiian Servers M153 Lola Mckey ClllqKlll?! 1' Nancy Q Jack l .E. Q Mrs rmmwi sf .Lx gf, 4. V 4 2 ,w,, gi DeTong Sister JOHN 8 Jean fd vlng It Up LY "1 3, I .JH ' State Townement . , ' ,iyl Mglf x R. ' Alltoaet EPDGStlD9 Q Lugllle MGI' IIIILLCIIV-.fgaal mir c 'Q , , s s s e Subscription Manager - Carolyn Sue Williams Business Manager - Patricia Joan Morgan Editor - Deloris Jean Wiley Associate Editor - Myron Coffin Advertising and Art Editor - Richard Erb Class Flower - White Carnation Class Colorsg Royal Blue and White Class Mottog Tonight We Launchg Where Will we Anchor 45 .Not Bfgggfgg--We just Want to sav T H A N K Y O U We feel a little hit like a pioneer, this oeinv our 5Oth Vear in business V ' not attempting to break anv We FG .. records, but We do appreciate vour patronage and friendship which has kept us in business. A. SPELLERBERG HARDWARE Sales and Service Jdm.H.LmQmiU Humeston, Iowa L E O N A R D ' S S E R V I C E S T A T I O N Phillips 66 Products Auto Accessories Voltmaster Batteries Goodyear Tires M Tubes Garden Grove, Iowa JOHNSTON IMPLEMENT COMPANY , Farm Equipment Motor Truck - Refrigeration Humeston, Iowa P A R S O N S A G E N C Y REAL ESTATE S INSURANCE L. E. PARSONS HOTEL LEON LEON, IOWA A R D E N G R O V E C A WE SERVE Dinners and Suppers Furnas Ice Cream Cold Drinks Gum Cigarettes Candy HQuick Service with A Smi Gerald and Eileen F E 16 SALES SERVICE DOZE MOTOR COMPANY FORD Sales and Service Phone 178 Humeston, Iowa JOE ARNOLD , JR . G E N E R A L T R U C K I N G -He Hauls- Livestock Grains Rock Garden Grove, Iowa Compliments of Charles W. Bohn Garden Grove, Iowa BEBOUT'S GROCERY Glen Bebout Garden Grove, Iowa GARDEN GROVE OIL CO. All Kinds of Fuel Oils Don Robins Ph. 98 Garden Grove, Iowa HUMESTON OIL COMPANY Conoco Products CONOCO J. D. Richard Ni x? V Ph. 107 Humeston, Iowa V I O L E T C H A N E Y I N S U R A N C E R E A L E S T A T E Garden Grove, IOWH L E O N J O U R N ANL R E P O R T E R Leon, Iowa P Y F E R ' S F O O D C I T Y Charge Out' For Pyfer's G A F E M E A T S G R O C E R I E S PRODUCE PH 58 CHARLIE PYFER V E O N, I O W A C O M P I I M E N T S O F Hy-Vee Food Store P. P. Dunham Richard Insurance Agency Fred Woodruff Shoe Repair Johnson Produce Hansell Chevrolet 6 Buick Mr. 8 Mrs. Leslie Bemis Mr. Q Mrs. H. L. Northrup McClure's Cafe Wilbur Williams Humeston Brothers 8 Co. Kinnear Variety Store H. E. Sietz Barney's Garage George M. Brown W. R. C. Organization Mr. Homedale Horse-Shoe Bar Dorthy Roberts Surbaugh's Store Edwin C. Sietz Harry Taylor U.S.N. Christian Church Humeston High School Leon Floral Shop Fred Bebout Mrs. Linkletter Perry Latta H1-Way Lunch Mr. 5 Mrs. C. E. Faust Jessie Williams Dr. C. D. Scott D.D. S McLain Furniture Earnest Adair . . 1 ,X ,LH 4 . D . . .M . J, 4 ff. Y Y wiv k . nffg, l?1:e,M xggr. 1 "FEL f fr ,QQ bmi 1"7 fi' My .im . . L ,X RSA , , 'A 1 xzwtk- Siiifffk- mg, ,:gQ . Digi' A ,A-rx' -Q.-fZ1w.Jwm Lia ' H Q QJWGZQQ n . W. 4 r,. N , , MA' 'lm 1 2' M: A3.,,,.3 r. , ,rua x - .p.,fgZ'v4 1 ' ' e'f'er9.,Qa:Q2':1 ' - ,. , .V 5, ,D,f1.n,.f. 7' 'r J ., 4-..q . g ' W brief f HA 'lf I' i Ki! Wigs , .J ,M Q- L ,. , fry :TM , SQ, f 1 f, ' 'E "1 , ,S 1 Q K X ,Nw V . .Q-'51 'iff . 1 x, ' df. . 7 , 4 FPQ' k f mr, mm! A ff'-ni: ,1' -wg. .I , UV gi, . P1 Q1 up ' -. www, Ulm X' , jgjjl YEIRIUUKS 71.17 ,A N Ar. ..- lg U .,-,-,,,441 Lf I W I, 1, .iffy !,g'g1,k4' aww, N. .W ,,.,.,,v- gweg 1.,w1,W,w,w M, ,. k K' fi' 1- A . 'Vx'-, rv J g ..,! ...Q nfs K ,.,. QQ- 1 x ,XX , my Niggwgf T? A 37

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