Garden Grove High School - Viking Yearbook (Garden Grove, IA)

 - Class of 1950

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Garden Grove High School - Viking Yearbook (Garden Grove, IA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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N- Loyal and True I pledge allegiance to you This is our motto WE ARE ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR GGHS Here's to our school And long on high may she rule For evermore you will find us Always loyal and true T H E V I K I N G S produced by THE SENIOR CLASS OF GARDEN GROVE HIGH SCHOOL Gardeh Grove, Iowa l95O A . bAe.,,?l- ,Y , X 4 'f-' V555 J ,Ago 9,1 ' ,-4 If ,,f ' l,Xf g' af' V ' ,gl qk 2 J 4 X Af' Q' ' i 4 f l7I12bbM7l' The VIKING staff takes great pleasure in presentirg this annual to the students of Garden Grove High School We hope that this publication will give you great pleasure in the comlng years as you rellve a gain and agaln the events of your high school llfe IIIILLCI i 2nd Mary Porterfield Publlcatlon Mgr Beverly Morgan, Publicity Photographer lst Ronald Scott, Sales Mgr Leona Hartschen, Sports Ed Steve McGu1re, Ed in Chlef, Jeanne Stoneklng Assoc Ed Marletta Scudder, Buslness Mgr J H BeaVGFS, SPOFtS Ed Class Flower Yellow Rose Class Colors Blue and Gold Class Motto H bltlon Has No Rest Compllments of SNOOKS' GROCERY 2 of Sa as D gr A V -3 , ' ' -S Mgr.3 Lyle Petty, Adv. Mgr.g Marie Rose, Art Ed.g Wendell Jones: 'J . . .s I X bg - - - Am . . I1 kay-" 'Teil ibecbca fion TO THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE LOVED US AND SACRIFICED THROUGH THE YEARS THAT WE MIGHT ACQUIRE AN EDUCATION OUR PARENTS R Mrs Harley G Petty Mr R Mrs Guy Scott R Mrs K Mitche l Mrs Jesse Smith R Mrs L E Sponsler 8 Mrs Albert Hartschen 8 Mrs Carl T Morgan Mr 8 Mrs Lester D Beavers Mr M Mrs Howard Scudder R Mrs W D Jon Mrs M L Porterfield Mrs Gerald Stoneking M Mrs Agustus Rose Mr 8 Mrs Russell McGuire Mr R Mrs W S McCaull Jr Mr R Mrs Carl McCullough WE DEDICATE THIS BOOK I .. .hr , A ' MP0 0 a Mr. . . R. I E? Mr. . . . Y Mr. . 5-v , Mfo o o Mrs . . . es ' Mr. 8c Mrs. Miles Phipps Q " Q Mr-. as . . . ' ' Mr. 8 . W' A s I Mr. . i i Af , I 5 , U 1 3 .jg2LlClll6Q? Jo Ann Bernice Stonebraker Music Iowa U Drake U B A Degree ,,- Eugene L, Andrew Supt Penn State Teachers College Peru, Nebraska Drake U Paul P Dunham Princlpal, Commerclal A B Tarklo College Graduate Work, Drake U Wilford Anderson Math., Science Iowa State College Ames, Iowa B. S. Degree Jack P. Sims Social Studies and Coach Central College Pella, Iowa B. A. Degree 4 C Langford E Engllsh Parson's lege S Degree . - D , 7 dres f . jg, D gi, u ol p L Q .SQAOOK Hman! lff..7'5H Pnll Robertson Arnold Lovett, Presldent, Stanley Nerds rum Vlolet Cnanev, Secretary, Mlles Pn1ppS, Bud Seltzr Andrew, Supt B U S I E Walter Hartscnen, Elvln Wagner, Pearl Perks, Fred Genlnaar, Eddie scott OUR COOKS Mrs Carrlco Mrs Hill Mrs Massey A1 4 A VL' b y f ,., xl, K Ha ole Fleming Custodian LYLE PETTY Vice Presldent Hoover Football 2,3 M fCapt J Baseball l,2,3 HGH Club 2,3,h,Sports Edltor for Paper, Ad vertising Manager for Annual, Glee Club 4 RONALD SCOTT Secretary Scotty V ce Pres 3 FOOE ball 2,3, CCapt J Junior Play, HGH Club 2,3, , Glee Club , Assoc Editor of Paper, Sales Manager of Annual MARLETTA SCUDDER Treasurer Mar Student Council 3 CSec 3? Cheerleader , , Glee Club l 2,3 , Sextett , Trio 3 Junior Play,Librarian 2, Editor of Paper, Business Manager of Annual 6 JEANNE STONEKING President Vlce Pres l, Basket ba l l Softball Glee Club l, CPres J Student Man Office Work ,Y Teens Annual, Librarian2 H .H Lt ' ,ul , 1 1 M lf L+ . ul M - 2,3, Assoc. Editor of ,3o N U 1 . . , - A LL -3, LL A . ll II1 ,M l'l Lf , , L+ , BEVERLY MORGAN Squak Sec 3, Basketball l, 3 fCapt 37 soft ball l 2,3 Junior Play,Glee Club l,2,3 CSeo J Student ouncil NGN Club l, ,3, , Feature Ed1tOP for Paper, Publicity Manager for Annual STEVE MCGUIRE nMac Football 2,3 Bask etball l,2,3 Base ball l,L,Junior Pla HGH Club 2,3 L E tor of Annual, Glee Club 2, ,Vice Pres P Quartet 2, Band l JOAN SMITH Smithy Treasurer 3 Basket ball l,2,3, Junior Play, Glee Club l Homecomin Queen, HGH Club 2 3 CVice Pres P Cheerleader 2,3 J R BEAVERS John Football 2,3, , Bask etball 3 L Baseball 2, Junior Play,Stu dent Council Club 3,M,M1meographer for Paper,Sports Edi tor for Annual 7 GAIL PHIPPS 'Doug Treas 2, Football 2, 3,u, Baseball l 3, Basketball 2,3, ,Jun ior Play, Glee Club 2 Quartet 2, G Cl ub 2 3 Office Work 3, Banu l MARY PORTERFIELD Mary P Pres l,Basketball 2, 3 S , , oftball 1 2,3 Junior Pla , Student Council 3 fPres D Glee Club l, , Assoc Editor of Paper, Pub lication Manager for Annual WENDELL JONES HW Basketball 2 3 ,stu- d n M en anager l, Jun lor Play, HGH Club l 2,3,L, Mimeographer for Paper, Photogra pher for Annual, Glee Cl ub 2,k,Quartet 2,L, Band l. UI JOANNE MCCULLOUGH Cullie Basketball 2 3 Softball l 2, 3 Cheerleader 2 H Club , , Drum Major ette Glee Club l,2, Trio 3 Sex tett 3 Soloist 2 3 H lgifi .A X l"-an' QQ5' ' 1 if -'M fig' 1 ll V . I LL .3 J H I! M - ,Lt u, " " , ' L+' LL 1 .v V jr 1 9 - Q LL ! GI , . 9 3:1-I-s :J-lf: " 29 :Ll-9 3 s o' II H , . M f ,h, J LL ' - if in I 1 ll 9 sb- JEAN MCCAULL nJeannieN Pres. 2,Vice Pres. l, Basketball l,2,3,M, Softball l, 2, 3, L, Cheerleader 2,3, HGH Club 3, , Student Council 3 Pres.J Glee Club l,2,3,L,Sextette 3,L, Trio 3,M, Junior Class Play, MARVIN WOOLSEY 'Marv Vice Pres 2,Pres 3 Football ,Basketball 2 3 Baseball 2 Junior P1ay,Glee Club Quartet ,Business Manager for Paper ROBERT SPONSLER Bob Secretary 2, Football 3, ,Basketball 2 3 Baseball l,2, , 56" F' ub 3 CPres Glee Clab A Student Council LEOMA HA1TSCPEN NOHlG MARIE ROSE Rosie Basketball l 2,3 Softball l 2,3, ,Glee Club l,2,3,Art Editor for Paper, Art Editor for Annual, HGH Club 3 , Cheerleader 3 asketball l 2,3 oftball l !2!3! 3Jun lor Play, Student Council iSec I Glee Club l,u, Sports Edl tor for Paper, Sports Editor for Annual, Attendent to Homecom ing Queen, HGH Club 2 3 9 QHLOFJ a J 'D' ,Rf A RONAL BEVERLY 5 S AN Mc ,RQ f BOB 'fr' GAIL STEVE JEAN rms ff5ff y 6 E Q ? : Q53 4 AQ - . 'Y W .HX A , 9 2' A y I iz 4 A 4 UQ? E 9 6-as' 2 1, fi hz Q X. 1167 4,5 ,E Y fs., 6 N k I5 1 a ' E l no Q Kar f 1 Jo - 1 N1 A .. 'ek - I M I " . . - M? nfrfr 1 E , , , E W! E Au , , E unior Cfazid IP" 3 L 'K' x .5 is... ,,,, ,M as A .4 , 3, Kenneth Crawford Wray Hartschen Ruby Hill Harry 3tI'01'1S President Vice President Secretary TI'S8SU-PBI' ii- Jimmy Williams June Smith Kenneth McBroom .-A mv "i'::' """'s Gary Patton Jimmy Fisher Leland Dingman Rex Mendenhall II 0,9 OWL OF? G56 First Row Second Row Third Row: Fourth Row: L D Rose,Pres , Gerald Moore, Vice Pres Kenneth Scudder, Sec , Marilyn Lovett, Treasurer. Gale Coffin: Roberta McCulloughg Earnest Adairg Dorthy Richardsg Guy Flora. Jeannette Chaney: Gary Pettyg Jesse Caulkinsg John Hart: Maxine Hughes. Richard Morgang Rita Coffeyg J.C. Davisong Shirley Pettyg Joe George. 12 Y I3 ... g? ' A 4 Pg A Q .At t'i ' , 1 i 1 , X' 9 ' , L I if O P 9 o c up O Top 3rd 23 lst Row: Row: Row: Row: 'Il 'hx it Jerry Stoneking, Pres., Willetta Nordstrum, Vice Pres., Franklin Mendenhall, Sec., Mary Lou Williams, Treas. Virginia Skinner, Romona Hill, Marvin Carrico. Mary Carpenter, Roberta Scott. Janet Adair. Donola Hacker, Billy McCaull, Mary Jo Reynolds, Jack Smith, 13 'PV l M - E l 4 N 'S 2 - ,, f 1 M Y 3 1. R34 X krizflfh . M 4 a 1 ,flfn 5 W -Z'f-- gan ' " t 'A 'K Y 1 x . M S .,,,ry . F' y 4 Zin: 5 1.4. 'ju JA: K V: ,, givin. aux.. IX" th .. X ' -,e , QFL ' 2 Eg L 'W M 3 l .L lst Row 2nd Row rd Row Back Row Roger Woods, Eugene Hart, Craig Carpenter,George Williams, Rodman Dale, Francls Spldle, Truman Carrico, Philip Comegys, Ronald McBroom, Robert Hart Vera Belle Petty, Jane Seitz, Thelma Brenizer, Nancy Street, Carolyn Williams, Marilyn Robertson, Nancy Foust, Phyllis Chaney, Nancy Smlth, Carmon Adair, Gladys Rose, Claudla Sir augh Harry Taylor, Dennis Phipps, Mary Nordstrum, Marilyn Davison, u 1-uni ucnllzs, :stty nuluuau, uelullb vvlley, mary 1.1011 rioilman, Elaine Elliott, Hazel Miller, Mary Lou Hines, Ruth Hughes, Larry Richards Carolyn Davison, Patty Morgan, Olive Nordstrum, John Caulkins, Dale McKern, Miss Smith, Morris Wellington, Mrs Flemlng, Michael McGuire Gary Flora, Jackie Braby Denise Hacker, John Lovett lst Row mow Back Row Dickie Hall, Tommy Massey, Lucille Smith, Ernestine Cavender, Sharon Seitz, Kay Adair, Alice Griffin, Janet Petty, Evelyn Hart, Donny Akes Waunita Williams, Marilyn Phelps, Sylvia Strong, Alice Marie Benson, Karen Ryan, Kay Morgan, Dora Carpenter, Beverly Massey, Gary Richards Judy Bemis, Gerald Houdesheldt, Gary Wiley, Floris Carpenter, Mrs Smith CTeacherD Connie Smith, Avery Bennett, Frederick Arnold, Jerry Woods, Karen Smith. I4 A - , . - 1 . ' . . 1 0 . n . . V 1 ' U L 9 . 3 . T, A.-... n-....1- hlaa-- TT-.p:1...-.- -n,-1 ,,,'.n Y un-1 .y - -- 1 I U 1 LJ a . v . D S . 7 9 n Q . C 2r' ' ' LJ 5 l I v Y Q ' 1 dll Front Row 3rd Row Back Row IX.Ll'I1JIbl'Xl.1'1"L.l'iJ.Lnl'4 G5 l'.LITD.L Polly Crees, Austin Smith, Ellen Hall, Douglas Nordstrum, Delbert Briley Teacher, Miss Anderson Lisle Smith Yvonne Crees, Mary Lou Seitz, Vivian Ryan Sharon Catlett, Pamela Lovett, Buddy Nordstrum, Raymond Brenizer, Betty Jo Arnold, Shirley McBroom, Tommy Hall, Linda Lovett, Serena McKibben Larry Holmes, Billy Peck, Jerry Arnold, Gladys Briley, Jerry Street, Duane Fisher, Allen McBroom, Peter Morgan ll! Front Row 2nd Row Back Row: SECOND H THIRD Stanley Lovett, Durine Reynolds, Karen Bast, Allen Carpenter, Ellen aye Williams, Marjorie Hall, Donna Lee Holmes, Richard Woods, Fredrick Coffey, Donald Hoffman, Patricia Briley, Myra Ryan Gary Smith Joyce Scott, Sandra Nordstrum, Roger Bretz, Judith Ann Spidle Ivana Cavender, Ronald Davison, Marjorie Catlett, Jud? Smith, Carolyn Slagg, Nelda Smith, Gary Akes. James Boyce, Mary Johnson, Robert Nordstrum, Elaine Catlett,James Woods, Marvin Chaney, Miss Krouch fTeacherD, Rebecca PBPSOHS, Karen Crees, Clifton Surbaugh, Donald Street, Joann Scott. ai- -L 1 2nd Row: Marie Bast, Mary Anna Helton, Marilyn Comegys, Linde Lisoona, Z.: 3 I Front Joan Smlt , Ruby Hill, Marilyr Lovett, Leona Harte den, Beverly Mor5an, J ToCadll, Qt rlej Petty enter Mr Jaox SlTS Da end rawl d Gale Co fln, Rex Kender dl , L PettJ, J R Reaver ,Narvln Woolsed, t Spo S er, harrJ Stnon v an Nan e ones, S eve N ed1re, no ala t Mrs F Ja Cadlk ns lst Row Gerald Moore, Jack Smith, Marvln Carrioo, Ronnie Scott, Rltna d Moraan, Harry Strong, L D Rose 2rd n v Mary Carpenter, Donola Hatker, Franklin Mendennall, Marvln WJolae,, Jaret Ada r, Wlllet Nordsfr Jeanrette Cnane , hende Jo es, Kenne n S adder, Jean M gall, Bev rly Morgan 3rd Ron Marj Jo Rel olds, Rlta Cof'e3,Sn1rley Pet y, Dorotnj Rlonards Aar1l,n Lovett, Leona harts den,Marlet a Soudder, Jlne Smlt Rober Scott, Vlr lnla SklHRST, Marg Porterfleld, Mary Lod Willlans Back Row Bllly McCaull, Lyle Petty, Rex Mendendall, gall Pn pps, Garv Petty, Bob Sponsler Steve McGuire, Dav so , Ga e o fi , Gu Flora, L J d D gr n m E l Y, in A 56 99 L : ' ' n " . . ol 1 T . ean L ' J Sli ' to . C . 2 T' . l CC 'onl, K -etn C amor , f ' M L 1n"l, Gail Piipps yle t W . . D s 1 ' ' v Ee' n l - ' 1 W 'A ,5, J.C. Dav'oon, ' Ad ll J . t 4' A - - - - rw su vw- n In - X lC"l Ha boot , . rlexlnf koflonln Back Row: Leland Dingian, Earnie Adair, L. D. Rose, Richard Morgan, Jesse f-v . Q 3 gl , 4 l 3 L ' ll .fx L fv' Y 1 . ' . L' no JZ " L H . ' ol H H 7 A, i " J ta . dn, A oy V ,ll an t o' 'CC' 'e -. N: . 1 gn ' Q l ' ' ' ott J A ' I ' V ' D ' :gen ' at rl .l n, ta . L.A. . A V y . V I L. O . - W X n ' 4 . . .L U f A , J. C. i n l C f n y A -n in na . ,S?ll,6!2I'Lt g0llJ'lCl lst Row Beverly Morgan, Leona Hartschen, Seo Treas , Mary Porterfield, Pres Marletta Scudder, Donola Hacker 2nd Row Rex Mendenhall, Vice Pres , Bob Sponsler, Mr Andrew,J R Beavers, Gale Coffin C QQPLGLJQIU Mary Lou Williams, Marletta Scudder, Willetta Nordstrum. I7 I , M, 1 ,-.m.W lm, , s ,. , 5 , 3 ., .-,.,, ' . J.. W M f,------- x Q 1 1 - 1 V . , - Q D I I i Q . Q 9 I I . ' ' . ' . . ' o Fron Rom Marilyn Rober son, Nancy Folst, saton Twlrlers 4 j w Deloris Wi e , Trump t Mary Loa Hoffman, olarlnet Olive Nordstrum, Percussion Jeannette CnaneJ, Clarlnet Marilyn W ll m Fnrmmn Adnwr Cla lret Ba k now Harry Taylor, TlOmbOWG Dennis Dnipps, Trombone Dale McKer1, Snare Drum Gary Flora, Saxapnone Mike Mcuuire, Trombone John Lovett, Bass Drum Larry Richards, Barltone Horn Philip oomegys Rlarlret lfd Back ROW Shirley Petty, DOI'Othy R cnards,Virginia Skinner, Marilyn Lovett, Leona HaTtSCh9H, Roberta Scott, June Smith, Marletta Scudder, Mary Jo Reynolds, Rita Coffey IB 1 4 Al ... I .t 'Z L L ' L F ' I f'. Y w Y H A Ro 2 l 5 e.: v ' ' U A Z n v ' n 1- . o D . Dnvinnw Wwumnat' Pnvmvlw Quo 3 inms Tvm.not' ' ugAv-.,VAl, -A .....r.,v-- -.,.--J-.- vo., ..----......,j A-,-..r,- 4: J.- ,- , ,,, 5 I1 . Q C : ' x l 2 A .. . : 1 Q 1 f' ' l I U . I O 'N I l. I J I O o 9 R ' :WSH SSW, on V3 f I I 5 f I : . BUYS' Marvln Woolsey, lst Tenor, Kenneth Scudder, 2nd Tenor Wendell Jones, Baritone, Gail Pnipps, Bass 17 J F onr Row oe ld doore, Jenoell Jo e , Back Row D1 LJ Syo S e D nbwan, Ju AaFVlH Carr oo, Jacx Smltn, Fra kl n Menoen al K onetn So oder, L D Roe Le Petty, Rex Menoenrall,Gary Pe Ga 1 P S eve MoG11re, J Davlson, Ga1e Coffin, an 'N 19 d . , 5 I , . Q 5 7 A ,IH .. e. , lp N r r..U ": ,ra E If ' 1 ' ' . n 1. onf, R 1, Marvin Woolsey, Ronald Scott, Richard Moriah, Harry Strong, Tf.w n s e.. u' . . 'e. : "1'w Mgoaull, Ly' V ' .' A ity, 'i HirfS, Bob 'o n 1 F, io 2' . C. ' L ' L91 ll i, 11 F lv' Fi.,,f'?1a Qi' A ' jfio QF' ig' ln, Joan McCullough, Soprano Jean McCaul Second Soprano Marilyn Lovett, Alto W A SLIM Mary Lou Williams, Alto, Marilyn Lovett, Alto, larletta Scudder, lst Soprano, Willetta Nordstrum, 2nd Soprano, Jean McCauTT, 2nd Soprano, Joan McCullough, lst Soprano zo ljg2LNDi2g6llp Lyle Pe Co-C tty ,QV a 500 9 5:3919 aptajn HOMECOMING GAME m Garden Garden Garden Garden Garden Garden Garden QV G9 QW CU? We ,QW Xeei N00 Q6 Petty R. nalf l9D9--1950 SEASON'S SCHEDULE Grove 7 Seymour O Grove O Leon O Grove Y Altoona Y Grove 12 Humeston O Grove 6 Pleasantville 6 Grove O Lamoni ln Grove QM Humeston O Grove lh Corydon 20 ll:Illl" 22 and O SEQ lCil 5 Larneat Addlr, J u DdJlbJH, Steve MCG Pet y, Gal Pwlpp , ale CoVf11, BOL Sponsler, LD Q O V r D Ro e R X LS Aer all, Gary Pattow, S L oar Gly Flora 5 Herald Scott e P a lklmq, Marvlr Wor SPV, Jerry StQrQP n , Joe G Urge 23 I kt , ' 7' If i A 6 ,Off Z YJ O . Q6 ik O5 W . 600 Zjx Q' 5, QQ' QQ Q6 Q 'rG'HqZ W ' f' . G. 'Y'Nf , Qire, Lyle , t' 'l l', S G l L. 7 . , ',l'id Diu5mam, J.R. B,a f S, L. . S e If ig A " . Mr. inks Cc ml, " I O Kneeling: Marvin Carrico CManagerD, Franklin Mendennall, Kenretn Scuauer ,L , J ssl Z ul ' G Il ' JL ,U , Y i.,.i 5 O vs' Q 1 K , In U 'N vp, QJ . 1 xi? 'X Q ,457 ' 1 QU 'L . f -J QQ, LX4, 1 FF OO 'FL QQ 'k omecoming bw . qefix Quee . CO0 U 'S C dgfxs OUVGP .Ringo tjbl Joan Smi th Home co ming Que en 01" 1: Pllpl Ca t ace, 24 18 jfkxsb Y S Jun A ' W , 'Q I ,f V F103 I2 d Ja 1 A J ,. aww ceq A Ml, 5140.1 Neatest Dr ssed Jeannie and Prettieet Hair L l y e Jean and Gerald Atnletlc Ronald and Beverly Co operative Marletta and Gale Prettiest Smile Marie and Dignified Bob Marilyn and Steve Cutest Couple Willette and Richard Ppettie t - Handsomj - ggfn Smith e pett Y 25 ow gl 5 efga! BOB SPONSLER, Center Hara D gums AVIS STENE Mc UN' G ard 'N-'I S' Sitting Leland Dingman, J C Davison,Bob Spon ler, Wendell Jones, EHFDGSC Adalr, L D Rose Standing! Jesse Caulkins CManagerP, Marvln Carries, Jimmy Williams, Jimmy Fisher, J.R. Beavers, Gail Phipps, Kenneth Scudder, Gerald Moore, Mr- Sims fCoachl. 28 ' A G 1 J-C. 9 A " Ll W ,WMM ,,,, J,,e,,- S, ,e,m I A . mafd Fo! D ROSE, Forward EARN XQGMRN EST ADAI D X H LELAQD Center GARDEN GROVE 9 Y E E D U Weldon Ml7l6TtOU LeRoy Cambria Kellerton LeRoy Humeston Murray Allerton Mur J OPPONENT GARDEN GROVE Lineville .Scranton Millerton . Cambrla ,Lamoni ,Weldon Humeston Seymour OPPONENT BOY'S IN AOTION 27 xg 11 L. . 1 9 LL 9 Sc 1 5 O B O S B A S K T B A L L S C H L E G,G, ------ M5-,.,,, --------- G.G. """ 52.00000 ""'-A-LO G.G.---"""57q. -oae .L "'--' G.Gn """ 39ououo ""' "56 G.G, ------ 214, ,,,,,, - ------- --35 Gvcr- """ 6oeuouo " "" G,G. ------ 2Al. ....- -"----- 3 7 G.G." "" " Qouoo o . """ "3LA- G,G,-- ----- Ll6,,,,,, R ------ GQGQ-" ""' 3200ooooAlleI'tOn"""""""33 G.G. ------ 2...... ---------- 35 G.G.- ----- 35..... --------- 6 G,G. ------ 3 ..... . . ------- 3O G.G. ------ 6O..... - ------ -- 8 G.G. ------ L8...... --------- 36 G.G. ------ o...... ------31 G.G. ------ 32, ..,., ------- jg G.G.-- "" loooooo ""' """52 G.G. ----- -16 ..... . ref --------- E Q gr 4 ' Z?a4Lel6a! Front Row Back Row Dorothy Rlchards, Shirley Petty, Marie Rose, Leona Hartsohen, Marllyn Lovett, Beverly Morgan, Joan Smlth, Jean MeCuall Mrs Flemlng CCoachJ, Willetta Nordstrum, Mary Lou Wllllams, Romona Hill, Roberta Scott, Mary Porterfleld, Joan McCullough, Joan Smlth Marilyn Tovett Beverly Morgan Guard Guard Guard 28 Rita Coffey, Jeannette Chaney, Jeannie Stoneking fManagerl. Marie Rose Forward I GARDEN GROVE Seymour Weldon Leona Hartscnen sr r'ef Petty Forward Furward 9 O T B D L OPPONENT GARDEN GROVE Humeston Allerton OPPONENT Mlllerton Cambrla Kellerton LeRoy Leon Humeston Au rag Mlllerton Cambria Allerton Weldon THE VIKINGS TN ACTION 1 9 A 9 R 4 5 Q R L s B A s K E A L Q s c H E D ' E G.G. ------ 36 ...... -------- L1 G.G. ----- -5 ...... A ------ -17 G.G. ------ A8 ...... ' --------- 3A G.G. ------ 6 ...... V ------- 50 G.G.------58 ...... ' ------ 35 GQG. ----- -A1 ..... .1 r f --------- 27 G.G.------Ml ..... .LeROy-- -------- L3 G.G.- ---- ou..,...L1nevi11e------25 G.G. ------ 0 ...... ' - ---- ---32 G,G.- ----- u3...o.. ' ------31 G.G.- ---- - 5 ..... . ------ BO G.G.------U ...... , --------no G.G. ------ 36 ...... - ---- - ---- 29 G.G.------ ......' -------A3 G.G.------5l...... ----------- L5 G.G. ------ 0 ...... ' ---- -----3A G,G. ----- -L1 .... Q.. ----- -2A 29 IQCLIQZ5 '93 i1iV7 ' IX Mft ,el 30 MR R N MISS STONEBREAKER LETHA KROUCH FRANCES SMITH ELVIN WAGNER MISS ANDERSON MR. ANDERSON MABLE ARNOLD R. M. TOMPKINS EVERETT MASSEY MRS. HAROLD FLEMING E, W N FRESHMAN CLASS MR DUNHAM JUNIOR CLASS MISS LANGFORD COACH SIMS G. M. RUSSELL L. ANDREW, SUPT REV. C. E. OLSON SOPHOMORE CLASS AMERICAN LEGION I 'W Mk? W 6 gf Kg' TYT VVCSUH 1101156 COMPLIMENTS AUDITOR OFFICE DECATUR COUNTY AUDITOR KENNETH MITCHELL DEPUTY TWYLA HARDEN APPLIANCE STORE PLUMBING 8 HEATING EMMETT WILEY GARDEN GROVE, IOWA STEWART'S FUNERAL HOME FURNITURE STORE LEON, IOWA PHONE lOl CLARK SMITHS BOWLING AND BILLIARDS SOFT DRINKS TOBACCOS AND CANDY'S LEON, IOWA I JOHNSTON IMPLEMENT COMPANY "Your International Harvester Dealer" Humeston. Iowa Ii , A 5 " ' " " 'f :QQ-ii'-vu T W A' sl E I? 2 I I 1 1 'I f'r .x1. 1 , ai fa ' Lf! . Q I Qi: ,N WAI" M .-,,,,,,,, , fW"'M"""""' ff i if' FIIIMNIIFD' s"Ak'f.,,. ' ,W ' . ft' """"N-Q-Q.L.4,, ' f 5! ' f 6 I 1 - .xg 5 r . , 1 E E 3 Q Q ,. ' 9 I E A ie I2 if Q 1 1 . , I . - , , Q k ' i ? an l I R- I ,.,nWM , m ' ' .. K Q K 1 S-A ........r- A o .1 OF To Keep a Barber In This Small City Patronizing Ken I Pretty Witty KEN'S BARBER SHOP Garden Grove, Iowa DODGE' Dodge Trucks Dependable Used Cars CROUSE MOTOR CO Phone 55 or 77 Jw Leon, Iowa Chevrolet, Buick, Case Sales and Service Washing, Lubrication, Wrecker Service HANSELL CHEV CO Phone 160 Leon, Ia 'VT' BROWNIE'S CAFE Where Friends Meet to Eat LEON, IOWA Compliments of Kreger's Bakery Garden Grove, Iowa Pmmm MENDENHALL'S STORE General Mdse Phillips Gas R Oil Highest Prices for Produce High Point, Iowa Phone 28Fl2 Doze Tractor Co. Ford Tractors. Dearborn Implements HUMESTON, IOWA SURBAUGH STORES We Have a Full Line of Feeds and Groceries and Pay Top Prices for Produce Also Tires and Tubes HIGH POINT, IOWA S gif, XF A HT I . mix we 5 We Keep The Latest Hit Parade Records in Stock We Do Kodak Finishing Portraits and Copying We Keep Flash Bulbs Cameras and Films LEON, IOWA Duinbuted Flner Foods STEVENS STORE GROCERIES MEATS DRY GOODS GARDEN GROVE IOWA FOR DELIVERY PHONE 117 LEONARD'S SERVICE STATION Phillips 66 Automobile Accessories Battery Service Fast and Slow Batteries Charged Garden Grove, Iowa FRANCES BEAUTY SHOP All Types Of Permanent Waving Scalp Treatments eauty Service At Its Best LEON, IOWA Phone 21 First Door East of the Jail Dependable Service at Moderate Prices uIt s Nes When we're Througnn NcVay Dry Cleaners Leon, Iowa SMYTH'S STUDIO k RECORDS -R WB n. I DOZE MOTOR CO Ford cars and Trucks Sales and Service HUMESTON, IOWA DUFFY'S TRANSFER Phone 96 Garden Grove, Iowa POSEY'S STORE We have a full line of feeds and groceries also pay top prices for produce Good WOODLAND, IOWA Phone llFll JOE ARNOLD R General Trucking Will Take Care of Grain, Stock or Rock Phone 58 Garden Grove, Ia CRAWFORDS COLD STORAGE Complete Processing 8 Curing Frozen Foods are Better Foods LEON, IOWA PHIPPS GROCERY Groceries Meats Fresh Fruits R Ve etables Phone 81 GARDEN GROVE, IOWA , J . placg to ghop. Your Needs HARDWARE 1903 1950 L7 years of Honorable Service It takes a heap of Friendship to keep a Business growing for And held through Quality Merchandise Conscientlous Service and Fair Dealings A SPELLERBERG GARDEN GROVE PRODUCE Buyers Poultry, Cream, Eggs, Hides Sellers Sergent Feeds, Mash, Pellets and Crumbles Owner Clarence Comegys Manager Leo Coffey Truck Drivers Melvin Carrico Gerald Smith Carl Leonard Pete MhCaul DECKER'S CAFE We serve Regular Dinners and Suppers Furnas Ice Cream Cold Drinks Gum Candy Cigarettes Compliments HOAG'S SMOKE SHOP Beer Cigarettes Candy Garden Grove, Iowa FULTON'S PLUM ING and Heating John and Les What You Want When You Want It Phone 9h Leon, Iowa SURBAUGH'S STORE Fine Foods Fancy Heats Low Prices Everyday HUMESTON, IOWA Of Of L6 years - Friendship won of The New HI WAY CAFE Welcome Garden Grove Meals Lunches Party Rooms Bus Station JIMMIES AND MAXINE'S Humeston, Iowa 6.61 SLAGG'S SERVICE Conoco Gas, Oils, and Grease Expert Lubrication Goodyear Tires Car and Tractor Service GARDEN GROVE, IOWA SAVED on FEED D SM TH Feed Full Line of Purina Feeds Mill Feeds Fertilizers Petroleum Products IOWEALTH Seed Corn Resident Phone ll office Phone 1.143 GARDEN GROVE, IOWA SLADE FUNERAL HOME 2 Hour Ambulance Service WE ARE EQUIPPED TO SERVE YOU WELL FRANK SLADE Licensed Embalmer DWAS SUWE Lady Assistant Leon, Iowa Phone 365 I C. . I LL 'w A S H O P U T H E W A R G E O O M A R KSE T PYFER'S FOOD CITY Home of HEveryday Low Prices On Nationally Advertised Foods Phone S8 Leon, Iowa CROSS CLEANERS Leon, Iowa MOTHPROOFING HAT BLOCKING ODORLESS DRY CLEANING SEITZ LUMBER CO Lumber Building Supplies and Coal Mule Hide Roofs Green Marked Coal Phone 82 GARDEN GROVE, IOWA I N S O R N I O ' S L A S T F D ' !l E Furniture k Floor Coverings Bottle Gas R Appliances Phone 114.9 or 69R JACK D ELLIOTT Garden Grove Iowa L E O N M P L E M E JOHN m:ERE TRACTORS 0 L D S M 0 B I I. E Service, Parts Implements Phone 90 Leon, Iowa H UTCHINSON 6: SON Furniture Funeral Service Appliances Ambulance Service HUMESTON, IOWA MILDRED'S BEAUTY SHOP Agent for Humeston Dry Cleaners Pickup and Delivery Every Friday Phone 65 R Garden Grove Shoes and Clothing for Men, Women, Children SHOE REPAIRING HINEBAUGH'S SHOE SHOP Garden Grove, Iowa K A L Hybrid Corn Hybrid Chicks C Nordstrum Phone U Garden Grove, Iowa Registered Pharmacist Drugs Wallpaper Paints Prescriptions 2 . e A Drug Store Full Of Your Needs REDDY KILQWATT At Reasonable Prices GARDEN GROVE, IOWA I 0 W A Your Electr c Se ont S O U E R U T I T E S D E B . A. . rl P 5. P 0 X, ' 115 " ROBERT E. FRIDLEY I v ' .A - If .J D N Q YNlAf5 T H N L 1 I I CTURIAL YE BUUH9 cusmu F MYERS W' . vu R' I1 L IUCOIPDIAYII YDPIIA. IAIS. 1

Suggestions in the Garden Grove High School - Viking Yearbook (Garden Grove, IA) collection:

Garden Grove High School - Viking Yearbook (Garden Grove, IA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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