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Wu N ' Ni:-i.22f?"QE2 .la ,,. ,-' 45, ,, , Y ' f fl., -, fk Q, x' , A, , fu 3 , I Q 1 fi, Q f, fikvf ' ff if fvlk A uf , M, 505 3550 iffy 1 A 'F Y N X J yvvl W nw ' K JW' ,pf V Xfbigljfw JT! Uk W, QW? ?ffrXQXQf v .U UQJ NW 55' Q U' W wmx xxvwllm ,Gigi My if WMA ,gQw,?Jmj4-f?!a,Q,L X yQO9iQ1i0LD M I l f W X vb X 53 q WM do - 0 If dv 9 QLIJU X! .1 K 55 bf M WML L N U ff V' my wg J bfi I J ig I fi g 15 Q L If 'UUQ W aff!" 5' J QNX! il WV 1 0 W W ff' QL! wc , X0 V' JW Y 0511 E RISKS' J N 6 F- 5' R ,Q Hkfk-fi Q56 , W QWL QNX c,,N'3f' A If M 3 gi. f ,, , ff I V55 6 -Nga W ' L uk -O ,N I N L f gm f gi ,? ., ,,,, .f Xfx wgk Xfxifz X h R Yfkj ff , ,' ' LQQXX QVVXDXOQJ 1 ja, iffy Wwovfl I IA eb .ap M Q ' MX N W , A, EMM, Z I I HE A W qjrlvu 'fer' if "Ms 0K IH Aufv WWA! my gm-J+f1yvQ'ff W 5961+ we 9e+f'ffKf4 Mn Na+ PMS' M142 '-1 d e- Y I 0,14 wen 501-M UWF5 Hvrg fs 'Ml' .5-34fS'o FOV cg 97 0 000o'61, A 'hff-fra 'I ad Q, 55 Q 'Val , E Editorial Staff' Editor-in-Chief-Tracee VValker Assmtant Edhor-SteHa Vargas Junior Edhor-KrBtiSkinner Photo Editor-Scot Alexander Business Manager-Doris Kile Advisor-lVlr. Jack Nleltebarger Volume 55 1980 ,Y . l V S , I 1 3 V W -4 E 2 Q zi- Th, K 5 r 'f THE PER TAR " s .ry .Y .1 1. Distinguished looking David Winters. 2. Grace Thomas shows her dazzling smile. 3. Randi lVlatchik poses with one of her pals. 4. Cabinet members catch a ride. 5. Melanie Hripko sitting quietly in publi- cations. 6. Kori lVIuniz pointing out the babes. 7. Lori Nliller attempts to open her locker. 8. The Three Stooges. 5 STARRING THE 19 9-19 O T DENT BODY im? 5, N -Us-8vl'f"""'Ml1 -44 V ,px A K ,mv- Vg!- 'Q- Jwimafe' 4:45 ,,gs.l'Hllll5L"?HQi" 1. Roxanne Keatley shows her spirit by wearing senior tag. 2. Cabinet members hammed it up for the cam- era. 3. Yea team! 4. Up, Up, and away. 5. Is that Mr. Lum or Arnold the pig? 6. Suzie Serber turns Speedo. 7. Garden Grove cheerleaders go disco. 8. Watch it Shelley Nlr. Binley might pop. i N- -ff 6 i- S in 8 .lg , A fxfgs - M G Al Yr S ml 23" v 2 Q34 .rx A A we 2 P' 3 fl' if if :za 35 .EE 1 ' .,: 353325 Y iifilfliiii l Ar E , Z 5 ' 2 0 Q as Vg 1-W""'.1'w f rt fwqasw' Www ' ,pin .,'V ,,,-fi, L W. W' l g N ,N rs' .L ' ...Q Hifi vw I 5 A gm -N, S N . fr :E 5 2 H7 Q 2 gf? 2 sg? ig E F i F w E SN 1, gg. 6 lf ff 1 I ,eu ,r l fi sf NNI 5 S V, in i 9 " , Q A, R5 Tw Q , it is 1 i" 2 as Lg!! 5 ff ff- , A, ,T 4, "+ if 'sri 3 1: 2 4 'F 1 E 5 'Q ,Guin .,,' JD R- f ff- x"'5g, I lux!! Q Y. S14 , .. L Y, ' fm? I A A , e ,ff x 5 r L 4 z . V' 4+ ' ,, . wg: F, ,LL x,, 1-1:15 f r Q ,,,. , fx Msg N-wk Q gf? 3.2 .M f xfgia 9 i 'i 9 5' 2 Q 3 , -. .i es Qi ifih U! 2 Ek fi? fallii' SXAIKHQM T, ii .ummm H21, 4, -M8 Vi 31 ,vi E "E 3 5 gg E se in Qi it iff m y,,w A...-.awww B CABI ET 12 A 355.3 'E ' ,1 are Q , ' , .5 , Q ' le-. -X r 'iff 4 i J, 'A sw - gg-iii 3 1iiE'...3?5' 3 , wguuf The Associated Student Body Cabinet of Garden Grove High School or ASB Cabinet, governed the school throughout the schooi year. The ASB Cabinet consisted ofthe ASB President, Vice-President, Secretary and twelve cabinet members. They also put together many assemblies and programs throughout the year. L- R: Inner Publicity Kevin Kostalonsky Community Relations Jeannie Tidball Business Manager Kathy Adams and a non-member. L-R: Special Projects Melissa Schepple, Athletic Commissioner AI Cisneros and Parliamentarian Kori Muniz, L- R: Secretary Roxanne Keatley, President Sally Shreeves and Vice-President Suzanne Rice. L-R: Assemblies Harold McMillan Student Relations Heidi Murphy and I.C.C. Chairman Ron Nelson. I l I See something interesting? El Is this work or play? What did you say to me? Cathy Working hard and LesIie's friz in a haze i. "?'i fi' Aw, Oh! Talking roll is giff such a pain!!! 14.1 N er-1 wi . .af . ,- Q,'ma.' 1 ,LLL -- 1 i .- 4--.., 'tg' 12 Pay attention to me! I'm talking. , Thumbing a ride? Cabinet is cracking . 5 'IE Children at play. fReaIIy now Roxahhelb I Ah. Red and White Forever, Argonauts Endeavor . . What legs!!! Their noble leader, Nlr. Zaiec WW 'N-P' Q, lt: K'! E1 QM 1, 'f?e Y as-a .1 Wxlx w ,., u' il-S A .,,r- 96 f K PW ii IFF "A 5. J Ak xr. 2 H mammal ,M':s1 as Q4 ,E -'Q '73 734 , ., .., -.,.,.,y W...Q...-..N..,...,w-- J X' ff 'bb we :mf S 'L W. P T1 im, 9 x Y Y g J gfsgi 'niffffg ,,,,...fQ ' lg gwigfifg wxizr 3 maiX,..'? 5 r ...wpww--v.,,-W-vm.-,...rn-agp Egg Ia. ,,,9,w,,....wu- e I 1 gf l 5 i k i Q T V 1 1 if is 3 ki-1+Ew:.-E1fE',- . , . ,,.,,::.-W- , A+ e . f 5 , L,-A .yi v,- ,F ' -5 .s ' e. , Q O fi ii kv... I E :i ff ff H553 ,QS 5 Jw 1 SV! 'I' ,i l x ' u ,W ,.AA,. il, .,. . W.,.,...... 'WG YE 'X 3 rsf . 5 L. .iv sf 1iL'1 a 3? QE? 4? D. 4. .2 LJ CJ mn...- S is 22 I is .wgvints ,L- 'i 5 5 Y 8 5 4.-v-........M V . If 'I I Z J. J 1 1 -5 Homecoming ueen fb- nip ,Q ' 0 A , AO ,oo O .fra 0 o 0 9 ' 0 . 1 0 'o , 0 u I :- a 1 Christy Tyler . 4 - f 'Y ' 4 A-Jn .9- 115 ," - A . miW'4m 351 J. , wry 57: Kara Messer wif 'V Christy and her court -, 54 'x j.. Kathy O'ReiIIy il ga. 1-4 Q 55-, .W v 1 I. l"4:"I j . J, . . ' I ll Roxanne Keatley walks with escort Gary Hix. O I . If v Y, If .ii Mrpxx I . .-,f is - ,N L , .:, ,sw QQ , .-. -,-, i Stephanie Wiencek with escort George Wagner. Homecoming 79 i :Em Darci Fietchall is helped out by Pat Caskey. Debbie Morrison and escort David Madrid. Minnie routes for Argo spirit 20 Q or '- 5 n Roxanne smiles with Gary Argo spirit is It 1. .,:p'.li X . gf: V n new sl! 'M Protile of the winner Kara and her father n ff li I I , . i I I ' ' ei 1- gf A X .E T I Q i 3-' , , .L A' ' A' g Q , . .V -i ,s I 1 , A ,,., , . .-' -W K M , ' -. 2,4o4.Qz,.-fu, - I Q 2 fr9'95- i42?QgfY ' rigfiif Q wi 1gQ.f':' " if 3:22 ' L 'Y' 37 ' ' 4.,, ' X, V 4 -4- ' s x ff, xm..:....2:. ,,,, in .,.,q,,s. f M,' L, , -, iff-'-3g4'. J 1 ,Q X, Hgiij 'aa M, . V L14- ,4 A-Q.. ' is , ' s 1 . 4 Q 'Q . .,.h,,, .- Y I , f T.. M . -, , .. f ,, ' - ,: Mean Means goes for a touchdown. An old time auto. pirit ueen Roxanne Keatly Q 5 In - Aa 1 Q' 1 Msn "r 'fl' flag' 4 . 1, -7 xv " .e fb ' 5 pw ,y -M ., . ,gf wx , -f rl, as f' 'N Q. -Hs, Q.. David Madrid, Debbie Morrison, Pat Caskey, Darci Fletchali, George Wagner, Stephanie Wiencek, Gary Hix, Ro xanne Keatly. in if I "Tux ,ft ,. 5.422 inf - - 1 .b ' '- , :fx-' f l in i Junior Princess Sophomore Princess Freshman Princess Stephanie Wierwek Darci Fietchall Debbie Morrison Roxanne and escort Gary Hix. Christy escorted by her father. Hail Alma Mater. Kathy congratulating Christy. Christy was stunned. Excited about winning. 24 MV. vid' "ig Princess Kathy and father. Princess Kara and father. x ,.... c' x N u ill... . 'G 'J P s QL fx ,R Q I W Q i E The winning couple. Taking a break. Q A , - ' .- fd. f ig iam Q - I A real moonlight Serenade. Arriving at the scene. 25 AR ITY YELL wk . qi ' Q., . Pia ,. 239.-A '+I x ....... V 'Mhz-Q-nan:-vm---vw H A- ,fi ,. N4--'sw'1W'f"t1m 4' r-'Ap' , V ,, . -fm, --nj f1I"M,w-W ,- . , . Af' w1Hff'? ffm 1 .M -4 -- -H, X A J, ur' vi rs.. ' X . ' M-fs . , Christy Tyler 1 - ,,,, h ab, x'-1 .' NL it. ifs ng. Q. - A ' L 4. - x. .Q-Qlxil vu- Q ,I N. . . - ' ' TQ I-' I Q fx. t Sheiley Nluckey Kathy 0'ReiIIy Leah Butterheld Stacy Serber Suzie Serber 'sa , fr . . , . Kim Brush Terese Smith , aL.a. . .YELL Top to Bottom: T. Kendra Byington, L. Jenny Hines, R. Zina Stewart, B. Andrea Simpson. F RE HMA YELL g . i"""i ,lf .-,..,..f'-' ,iii Top to bottom: L. Rosie Carrasco, T. Pam Frish, R. Shirley Messer, B. Tricia McAImond, 28 ,iw .f w . B i 'xy A ag. 1:1 i if ,gf ONG Colleen Quintrel Robin Coe - -.n 1 A - -- :--4,-- .qv-1--,. --s -0 -4 ,-.- -'s ,.. - . 4 . . .x ,. ,R ,,,, . ygrkw. Q I . 4 Q., 'Sf' ' ' -X' . we 1 " - , Y I tx .- Wal iffifia Vf Q4"3gf.Qa . 'S' ' 'lv 5-. " '.k1f'F2s"' n F N 'sm ' n N 4' ff - Q" 5 Y fn R, n MQ. if-ff: ff 1, '. wwf- '-' 4 ' '. , 295' L - ' 3 F. s- ,v xl N -W1 K ,G' ', xx., P22 ' ' 'A A jx ' '. 'Ai C , ,Veg 'fig I , - "ff-0' ' ' 4- , - 'J -81" . . "A ., s,-E' - A 'riff , F 7 Jil W' Jr' Leanne Clanin Kara Nlesser Sheri Sistek 0 be OX ' S' O - of n OXO QQGPCQC Q QC? 30 I .Av-erase-ww my ,W Q ,W Rui 1- 4 d A A. si -41 :fi 'fi'- -1-..-H, vi-1 7' ' N 54 E. :-wif! Nh Ay g-'ALS :tk fn L., My .V' i ' " ' , .-X v' I 'ff' " . A N' , 5 dui ' "Wig-'fgl t ,Av n 'Rr' ' A , ' 4 , ,V P x ,,- - . . A - ' . ' ' ' xma -i2i:fe'g ' ' If ' - ' - Q, ' A i 'ff' 'L 'Q-ih77J4'. i U ' t ,ug 1 ., A , W. -. 1 fi D. 143, Standing: Kara Niesser, Colleen Quintrel, Robin Coe, Avis Wrentmore, Leanne Clanin Kneeling: Maui Dias, Sheri Sistek, Linda Holt. Linda Holt s..,5. Avis Wrentmore fx, ,, 2' 4 - , Maui Dias Colorguard Tall Flagflleft to right? Renee Carlin, Melissa lVlcBeath, Johnna Norred, Robin Reddick, Christine Cleary lleaderl, Susan Sullivan, Karen Cleary, Kim Eiche, Vivian Morgan, Cyndie Nannie. 32 V Rifle Squad Bottom: Vicky Kemerly, Cindy Huizenga, Top: Melanie Hripko, Trina lVlcKean, Susan Sullivan, Lori Vandivort rill Team Front row: Mary Ivlackiewicz, Ho Kim, Lisa Roper, Jenifer Des Rochers, Kelly Clark, Renee Stevenson, Susan New, Back row: Wynola Bonner, Karen Blandin, April Barthol, Lisa Voegtly, Sandy Ehlers, Debbie Brown, Paige Slingerland, Jackie Studholm, haring Week Guzzling Coke. Don't stop now. u,:,,!'f f f- -, -.,,,. Bottoms up. Sharing Coke. 'TP 5:0 " L we A I xv i, . W. .Avi N ' I "-Qiirg I ff. ' ' i . K , - rl. V ,.kIV A A fun i 1 - Sharing legs while running. adie Hawkins Reverend Binley and Judge Drake People wait to get out ofthe Pig Sty. The Sadie Hawkins dance was sponsored by the G.G.H.S. GlrI's League. It was held on November 21st at the Garden Grove Community Center. Everybody danced to the sounds of 88. The couples enjoyed the evening and the dance was a great success. Helen presents awards to most original dressed. 25 K i I al f f 3 i ' t V ,, COUDISS Sit and l'6l6lX. Dancin' the night away. 36 'wa Couples win costume contest. Kathy and Mike are the cormest couple. 1375 Reid and Sherri are cutest couple. Everyone rocks out to 88. Jeannie speaks to the crowd. f' My 0199 QQ H 'Q Q 1 '4 1 Nf X :IB v ' Welsh ff 'Vp C-Q ,mg Ry I. '14,-,N ' f feew' ' JXP R W. 'xv ' 0-ED The Co-ed King Candidates were selected by their academic abilities. These candidates were chosen by Girls League and voted on by the G,G.H.S. female students. Each candidate has a sponsor and co-sponsor who support them in persuading the girls to vote for their --,,--ll candidate. AI Cisneros Fran Duran D QQ? Q ! I Xx 3555: it ,--gl i Jeff Nealy Mark Foley Terrance Rock Mike Silva Martin Queenin 38 S CANDIDATES Dale Ammann Gary Hux Brian Dykstra Tum Jenkms O O O 528 1 'FKA . 63 S . I A x A King Jenkins tl - L..ap.,iN .1 Hhs, l , A TI KI CRO ED KING The annual co-ed dance was held at the Re- gistry Hotel in Newport Beach in which the couples danced to the sounds of Phaux. Tim Jenkins was crowned co-ed king with his sponsor Randi Matchik and co-sponsor Stella Vargas. The dance was a great success. , l fan: W fn ' R Qt . 3 Qi' Tim and Randi .as .s,. , ii. King Candidates: Lto R, top row, Terrence Rock, Dale Ammann, Jef? Neely, Fran Duran, Martin Queenin, Brian Dykstra, Mark Foley Gary Hix. Bottom row, Ron Means, Bill Welch, Jeff Bertsch, Tim Jenkins, Mike Silva, Al Cisneros. 40 " A S A OREVER 79-803, S ' x Joy crowns the King The King's dance K Y K 1 . - K 4 X y , , 1 . L. fa.. .Y Y ., . -' 1 ' Wfgqz. E L X. ,il S-fm-.2223 au. if Q Candidates and their sponsors: L to R, Bottom Row: Helen Whittaker, Cindee Long. Middle Row: ' " Li Nora Hernandez, Leslie Garner, Kim Brush, Lori Phillipi, Sheri Antonowitsch, Randi Matchik, Leslie Crosby, Jeree Ikerd, Missy Reif, Christy Tyler. Top Row: Al Cisneros, Gary Hix, Dale Amman, Ron I Means, Fran Duran, Terrence Rock, Tim Jenkins, Martin Queenin, Jeff Bertsch, Mike Silva, Mark The Kmg and Joy Foley, Jeff Neely. if 6 0 Q: Cheerleaders get into the soul man. Old Yell gets in the spirit, 0 Pep Assemblles , . ' A ft ' , J- , LH 3 . 151 B . ,Y I L "' Q, ' 1 4 in v I , 3 4 , i wx ' f vi A A , I in Y b I .KJ Q' , VB vi 4 5 Q E . Beat Rancho. Girls League performs for Sadies. 2 , p i llrr . llee -Q il f lif, 5 .lo ., - ,, l rl l - fi' V Z "Y :ll What a mess, . 3 I Pep Club gets in the spirit. Old J.V. cheers. 42 A, 5, fu! VST L7 l. if 'fl Flag twirls on. Band plays light song. .Egan ,...r , Mx ,E . Football team enjoys pep assemblies. pndgf W A 13 I I 4 N -- A .L L , -r it -f :E ag ,aft QQ' 'li- ie 1' ,- Q . , in s Z I 51 x 1. H ' 4 i l .- A Liberal Arts Science and Mathematics Thomas A. Grant Shannon L. Trout ff' 1 M r A5 it - Established in 1948, the Bank of America re S iiii G L Awards recognize and honor outstanding high ' e ,Q T school seniors whose scholastic attainment give Q xv ' i o the most promise of future success and service 'Y to society. Top students are chosen in each of four general iields of study. Fine Arts, Liberal Arts, Science, and Mathematics, and Vocational Q, Arts. g 1 AA Fine Arts Vocational Arts Stacey A. Schmeidel Alan Glisch Art reign Languages F0 Terrence Rock Paul J Corona I't0l'l fs s iii. 'V -,L E, . 'C 3 ro .2 fat: M E 2 ' ,, , W S O l '-'-gg, ifzfllififffifzii Q CD , . ' ' "H i F ' .tu 4 L , .A A G - - : - ' A ' K - 3 O -A A C E A , 3 m E .5 J K Ln LA l , J W i , E 8 Y ,1 U : C CU gli. , U7 .1 '-I 44 Sm "E 4-' EX - og 1 2 Sw V1 C-,L- ws. mt .Eo EC vin c :cu Oo.: coo I-J Music Laboratory Science Denise G. Slaughter Steven G. Ross Trades and Industrial N 1 Scott pW. Phill .C 2 Es En atics Mathem .X CD 4-3 .2 in .i 'Q She Oh Changho Most Worthy U7 PV ns o rn -4 CD n 3' 3 Q. Q. 2 inees Nom Runner-up Sally Shreeves lVlOS'L WOYUW Nlost Worthy Mike Silva Shannon Trout The UlVlost Worthy Argonaut" awards are selected annually by the General Administrative Council from nominations submitted by the faculty and students of Garden Grove High School to recognize and honor those graduating students who, throughout their campus careers, by participation, contributions, and leadership, have demonstrated the highest level of achievement in both the extra-curricular. cgi, x Most Worthy Paul Corona Runner-up Helen Whittaker f +1 Helen Whitta- ker, Terrance Rock, Kathy Adams, Christy Tyler, Roxanne Keatley, Mike Silva, Paul Co- rona, Fred Nlay rnir, Stacey Schmeidel, Shannon Trout, Sheri Sistek, Sally Shreeves, Fran Duran, Tom Grant 45 GIRL OF THE O TH September-Alison Richards Octobe-rfDebbie Krebs November-Mary Nlackiewicz Dt-3CerT1b6r-Heidi Murphy January-Suzi Serber 46 From this valley they say you are going. We will miss your bright eyes and sweet smile, For they say you are taking the sunshine That's brightened our pathway awhile. Come and sit by my side if you love me. Do not hasten to bid me adieu, But remember the Red River Valley And the cowboys that love you so true. CLARENCE llTINY" SHERWOOD I'm a roving cowboy far away from home, Far from the prairie where I used to roam, Where the doggies wander, and the wind blows free, Oh, my heart is yonder on the lone prairie. In tribute, from Garden Grove High School Staff and Students-the Argos who love you so true . . . 47 , M I 3' g M 1 5 Pl t , x. 0. Q, ,A ,, 1, ' C ,A. . 4 215 X 1 1 U' :WIT Concert Band Bottomfleft to right-Joann Livezey, Miegan Mueller, Yolanda Gomez, David Puckett, Scott Ireton, Mike Wil- liams, Ken Martin, Richard Anderson, 2nd RowfGina Sandella, Lori Cardoza, Marci Hutchins, Tina Masseth, Rory Masseth, Larry Pockett, Lisa Aitelli, Don Getchell, Chris Nelson, Ricky Lopez, Mr. Geringer, 3rd RowfDiana Okimoto, Leslie Miller, Andy Behr, Terri Thomas, Robbie Lewis, 4th Row-Mr, Peterson, Ron Wills, Derin Rodma- cher, David Ternello Concert rchestra BridgefMark Monroe, Phil Bastanchury, Dave Corfman, Marie Madison, Shannon Trout, Cathy Beardon, Denise Hobson, Shawn Waggoner, Terri Thomas, Carmen Booth, Dave Colson, Mr. Geringer, Tom Grifhth, Robbie Lewis, Warren Martin, Tim Black, Mike Williams, Bottom Row-Dan Dizdar, Stacy Schmeidel, Ann Titzkowski, Tami Gor don, Mark Titzkowski, Diane Cardinaletti, Ricky Lapuz, Wendy Grifith, Top Row-Matt Cibellis, Betsy Whedon, David Winters, Maria Pappas, Mark Miller, Janette Neuman, Karen Renner, Mr. Peterson. 50 azz Ensemble Tom Petrosine, Dave Colson, Tom Griffith, Dave Mee, Larry Pockett, Rory Masseth, Phil Craig, Shawn Waggoner, Tami Gordon, Steve McCrum, Dan Dizdar, 2nd RowfMr. Peterson, Mike Williams, Carol Dyer, Betsy Whedon, Warren Martin, Robbie Lewis, Mark Monroe, David Toye, Carey Brenner Symphonlc Band lst Row-Denise Hobson, Cathy Beardon, Tami Gordon, Dana Gohs, Debbie Lee, Janice Govoni, Mary Weston, Velda Livezey, Lisa Joiner, Donna Baxter, Judy OlBando, Randy Kettenhofen, Chris Hood, Julie Marchante, Terri Thomas, Carmen Booth, Doug Wicks, Dan Price, Tina Masseth, 2nd RowfMr. Geringer, Mike Mayberry, Tim Black, Mike Williams, Warren Martin, David Toye, Phil Bastanchury, Mark Monroe, Dave Corfman, Ron Wills, Amy Baker, Curtis Mello, Marie Madison, Frank Kingery, Adrien Acuna, Rory Masseth, Phil Craig, Shawn Waggo- ner, Dan Dizdar, David Puckett, David Mee, Tom Grifhth, Dave Colson, Mark Titzkowski, Jill Fowler, Robbie Lewis Larry Pockett 51 nstrumental usic Council Nlr. Ed Peterson o"'J Q :Jil N Sfilii ' x W A10 I 4 I Y V-7' fn :."'5I,,,g'.L Q. f"::.' v!1ifxfl"f-v 'g'Y1', iE1,f3:?-I' " Q., in 4kQ.p,A.,, g , xqgeti fqyf Q Mfg! . 'Egg A YH' Q75-ri' - ' J' igfb A .3 'Q Q5 I l " "Q Mr, Peterson, Velda Livezey, Terri Thomas, Larry Pockett, Ron WiHs, Betsy Whedon, David Winters, Chris Nelson, Shawn Waggoner, Janette Neuman, Stacy Schmeidel Choral usic Council ' I all ll , .9 l --uh ' ' .flll V J. l I Nl r, Andrew Carlson lst Row-Heidi Bremer, Karen Fligor, Cheryl Kelly, 2nd Row 'Dave DeLeon, Mike RUUGGQG, David Winters, 3rd Row-Tina Evans, Brett Littlefield Girl,s Chorus lst Rowviwarthina Cruz, Rebecca Schultz, Susan Stodart, Novella Ornelas, Jeannie Wilson, Deanna Constable, Tracy Givens, Monica Cuellar, Connie Cedillo, 2nd Row-Sarah Taylor, Lise Ruff, Kim Stover, Jada Davis, Teresa Foster, Cathy McCormack, Dina Ogilvie, Leslie Cathey, Linda Bak, Vicki Finch Advanced Women,s Ensemble ,e""F if .NM 16' i it ' :iij 1 I 1 - i lst RowfJeri Slaughter, Denise Slaughter, Kim Eiche, Karen Nlanfredi, Kim Radosevich, Cynde Nannie, Diana Garnica, Kathy Florin, 2nd Row4Paige Slingerland, Lisa Voegtly, Susan Keller, Johnna Norred, Andrea Dennison Lisa Campbell, Terri Crockett, Holly Cronin, April Barthol 54 Chamber Singers 1stRow-Heidi Bremer, Tina Evans, Denise Searles, Jennifer Whiteaker, Amy Lapuz, Carrie lvlosteller, Joy Bow- man, 2nd RowfSteve James, David Lyons, Greg Johnson, Dave DeLeon, Brett Littleheld CCHS Singers I l I 3 'Kee , 411. e' JII lst Row-Denise Slaughter, Lisa Pecolar, Debbie Sensabaugh, Tina Evans, Steve James, Mark Christian, Larry Cardwell, Vince lVluro, Heidi Bremer, Joy Bowman, Cynthia Gartner, 2nd Rowfliaren Fligor, Carrie Nlosteller, Kelly Clark, Denise Searles, David Wilcox, Bill Carraway, David Winters, Greg Johnson, Jorge Acosta, Amy Lapuz, Valerie Day, Leanna Clanin, 3rd RowfBonnie Jacklin, Lora Kops, Lori Smith, Jennifer Whiteaker, Brett Lit- tlefield, David DeLeon, Daniel Rule, Ralph Cumberland, Mike Rutledge, David Lyons, Cheryl Kelly, Nora Leon- Hardt, Sheryl Looker 55 Drum Major Larry Pockett Assistant Drum Major Chris Nelson Members Acuna, Jose Aitelli, Lisa Anderson, Richard Baker, Amy Bastanchury, Phil Baxter, Donna Bearden, Cathy Behr, Andy Billey, Chris Black, Tim Blizard, Virginia Boersma, Miguel Booth, Carmen Brenner, Carey Burroughs, Rhonda Burroughs, Robin Calderon, Jorge Cardoza, Lori Colson, Dave Corfman, David Craig, Phillip Deranek, Mark Dizdar, Dan Ellinger, Dennis Fowler, Jill George, Gerry Getchell, Don Godsey, Susan Goos, Dana Gomez, Yolanda Gordon, Tami Govoni, Janice Grifhth, Tom Heining, Whit Hernandez, Alberto Hobson, Denise Hobson, Denise Holcomb, Rachel Hood, Christine Hutchins, Marci Ireton, Scott Joiner, Lisa Kettenhofen, Randy Kingery, Frank Krutsinger, John Lapuz, Richard Garden Grove High School arching Band Lewis, Robert Livezey, Joanne Livezey, Velda Madison, Maria Marchante, Julie Martin, Ken Martin, Warren Masseth, Rory Masseth, Tina Mayberry, Mike Mee, David Mello, Curtis Miller, Leslie Monroe, Mark Mueller, Miegan Nguyen, Thoa Obando, Judy Okimoto, Diane' Pankopf, Virginia Petrosine, Tom Pickering, Kelly Prete, Lou Price, Dan Puckett, David Radmacher, Garren Ruggiere, Ray Sandella, Gina Smith, Pat Ternello, David Thomas, Terri Titzkovvski, Mark Toth, Ellen Toye, David Wagener, Kris Waggoner, Shawn Weston, Merri Wicks, Doug Williams, Mike Wills, Ron f'?I in mnelwannennaxuasm a ig gi, t f K U 5 W EDC, ej 2 W' M511-E5-N U' N' N libw .,g, if 4, 0 ' M. m?vQgf , Q 5?i 'V :V z, 5 L:,, 55: T if 4M S' I If P , gf Q Sk if ,, - -"!-' ' ., V . 'Tig Q 1 5 ' -., y , eg TVI if In V1 , if - f : l lv : ' ,S ' h , . 1 xi M' 1u5.5"g film my J NL my if if Hjii xxx S 1 1 41 ,Q 3? 4 2 6 """'W """ f' I H , :,, H jf f, yiww ' , - me ,H 1 if A M .. i 1+T2Q!Um it alan J, , I L i my 'YT .anim 1 ,gr 4 31 11' 5 ... E' "mfg a sf Q -1Lf Q 54? 1 'fi 'IW'-"2'j' 1- U' 1 if! SWS? 'CCP Q. fx: Eli Fm? gm, in W, iw, -.,, .. 554 4 K .1 M, 7? 'C' Le Q 'Q '3 E E 23' "' fv I :L 'li 11, is I' 12 Q FL' 5 2324. , M J V: . H f,L -1" ---A. i ,- - A -. , W ai f i 2' W 41' 31 -f' K 4-Wg ,if A iw A01 we -uni mr . ,, 19" i Q J. - 5-13. ' 1 15' ' ,, , my " ' ,mu . 2 1 ine' 1-.f wh. V we .M -.N . u 4 4- ai M.. ,yn W i A nn- 85 ' 2 i 2 f 3 L 2 3 . Z n- 2 I . Q "' 3 Q 5' 4 ' Q " Q Wu Q Q .av gi! 5 212 WI su if E' 2 sf! ' 1 as ii 3 'R Q U1 C060 1 t , ? ' S 1: .. 2? ' A . '2 I ..', , V: W1 :: I "Hur""I 52 5 I :m A L M ' A 2 .Y W 'K f H 1 ,. V W 0 'Q ,dj V , 3 A fy? 3 4 , i-at fd G 8 R 7 2-143 of , rbl. N 'Ill 'J it M 2 N V 1 . v? E, . N "" 49' 191 ef , A 'P , A sf Aly, I' ex 5 ' f i, M212 gf-ff czg. S 4 9 'vg ? 9"9 ,iw - .if , I m I 6 ig Q 2 it . ui I ,, 5 i - 3. 'N-gt, Q1 V1 'f T A YJ ' 4, 4 A X i, W ' 'T f " L k ... , F' xx 60 5 5, 1 ...av-f" - ext , ff f gk 5 f " A f 1 lat " I 5. u.. 5 -. 5 4 Q - d..,4'sfagw ,4C fKv'fG'., " ' ia' an ,. , , sp L,,f-A :gn gf? fi 1' 'W x IL' 1 , 1, ,,- 5.4 gi ,I ' UUIIILWM 7? ,, V ,rl , f ,, X-H1 W ,R l 'Bs lifkx Tracee Walker Stella Vargas Chrisi Skinner ' .' N Editor Assist, Editor Jr. Editor R I, , if E . ' bye 5 I l uv' ' J' ' U A . Doris Kile Mary Warren Erin lVIcCleIland Bus. Manager Classes Seniors 'Ei ARBOUK YE RBOOK YEARBOOK YEE ' -- - . f . Er r 'l r- i:rJ"5" if." ,I , Q I M V V r,..ii? .: ,f 3 Wh. A H ' is r E 1 ' ' ' f 5 s 'fif . ,s ., 1 ug: K r sf' I n V .,v-,,, A 1' rrr r.rss - S H' , ' V . 7"-S... " wx E "- , or jg, -' My J, or Janet Conney Suzi Skinner Dianne Collings John lvlclvlains GOV6Vl'Im6V1i G. Sports G. Sports B. Sports iq . QQ , '- is if 'N-s I . , Z . img , if ? be 1, if 76 ri J ' rr .ML Nlelenie Hripko Cindy Huizenga Scot Dixon Lora Kops Fine Arts Faculty Photographer Typist 62 l ' A ll Y! I IH 4 wkmiigae : - I .. ' 1, E h J .3-'gt 1 rf A + . . ., Xff,,fv"' L1 " M 'k" -,:,T.A,s4?f3 ,-A .af-5-. I fi- - gf" A , X552-if ,g A H hits J. . .A SCOf. AlEX3f1d6I' Lynn Levick Liga Nloriera Photo Editor Activities Photographer Terrence Rock Pam Glaser Artist Clubs A' A ' I K W: .,-521'--Q2 Ekglfi ,J e,.,, M umm, ,,.,a.t.y:. WWA H f R 'R 56 'it 2311.0 Q33 ,t - - IVI r, Nieltebarger Adviser K 'i Not pictured: Joe Shelton Chritihe Sessions 2, x , . .s., We ! f lf, 2 2 2 it 1, .- m Argo-Log xm Q X in ' I Joy Bowman I X4 1 li X ' ' 'lg-ii , l Q h , lf Laura Kallaher bij- V - l' iwik H" 'l fl , al? 'fl ,Q 58 ,x mag' .x sly '1f.l4 ' ? ' Q l l Kathy Bell Alison Richards l of l Marc Philli ' DS W , 1 Sharyn Lyons EE "A , , ll ., A 1 I fs, -5- l lf! ' llo.o W l -I lvl,-mf ,nf N Hlfflyffl ' 'Q - Km-,d'H .f!.v.u.,I.. l .. , .'.-w"" " . ' A ' 'bf' - ' . , l IU . - 1- ' - V N 'ff .3 ' , 1 1 4 -so f en- - l '-" A X - X Kristy Owens Phillip 135. Caballero 0' . Jamie Tinnes Scott Dixon 4 i. ! Asrid Julian '-r 15 PAF' ua -.,, g 1 ' .m,mw,...- ., f - 7 " Rocky Carlson, Robert George, Scott Barker, Stephanie Wiencek, Lori Vandivort, Susan Sullivan, Phill Bastanchury, Doug lVlcGuire, Tom Grant, Dave Colson, CC 41 - f ss? 'ir 5 A Back row: Lisa Gregory, Matt Cibelus, Jeree Ikerd, Kyle Kato, Front: Ron Nelson VARSITY CLUB X V!-1-.l-1 . wig +3 ,X HJ 5 ,S ,N I wk SS old Q i i nr -- F- - We Top L-R: Dennis Smith, Tom Wigman, Tim Jenkins, Al Cisneros, David Fuller, Nlario Farrlnetti. Bottom: Tom Caskey, George Wagner, Dale Amman, John lVlcMains, Bob Turbow, Blake Wilson, Doug Horn. VARSITY OME ' f I hm - First row: Carolyn Sagara, Cindy Moore, Jamie McCandlish, Shirley Sousa. Second row: Jeanne Hower, Michelle Fallen, Suzi Skinner, Kristy Skinner, Becky Kessler, Jean Shrive. Third row: Suzi Barron, Penny Green, Jan Tackitt, Stephanie Ma son, 'G 'O CJ 4? sponsored by Drake 530 Q, o x The Baseball Club sold M8tMs during the 65' school year. They organized a baseball clinic, baseball dance baseball yearbook, pre- season potluck and a hit-a-thon, They also honored foreign students to baseball. The purpose of this club was to generate enthusiasm and spirit in baseball. A love of baseball is required to be in this club. ROW 1 lL to RJM-Sally Cullen, Shannon Sima, Kori Muniz, Matt Cibellis, Paul Corona, Nora Hernandez, Fred Maymir, Janet Conney, Shirley Sousa, ROW 2-Jennifer Whittaker, Kyle Kato, Lisa Gregory, Kathy Bell, Jannette Newman, Laura High, Cindy Callaghan, Lisa Bass, Leslie Crosby, Mary Frue- han, Nancy Faithe ef. 68 ROW 1 CL to RJ-'Carl Ryder, Kevin Brown, Kevin Frazier, Brian Dykstra ROW 2--fDavid Harper, Vic Abraham, Ed Mercardo, Brian Rhines Lenny Dykstra, Bill Welch, Larry Garza, Al Ciseneros, Dave Bennett, Jim Welch Frank Maggie, Dan Clark, Jeff Ferguson, Randy Slaughter, ROW 3 Mark Marcoson, Dave Greenlie, Glen Fairchild, Eric Gartner, Brant Billy Torn Shelton, Mark Becker, John Egger, Mike Batesol, Jason Kong, Joe Shcip pers, Doug Jones. The Foreign Exchange club, sponsored by Mr. Sorter, had many plans for this school year. Some of their goals were to aid Uganda people, and to aid foreign born students going to this school. The purpose of this club was to expose the students to foreign cultures. QQ' , 9 HA' ROW 1 ll. to Rl John Quinland, Richard Grant, Greg lVlohr, Paul Corona Jorge Acosta, Grace Thomas, Ricardo Acosta, Tricia lVloll, ROW 2-Yof landa Gomez, Pat Paramo, Lisa Bass, Denise Luna, Donna Sauter, Sarah lVliller, Nette Vargas, Kim Tew, ROW 3-Jenny lVlitchell, lVlara Pilipovich, Domonick Ferraro, Julie lVlarchante, lVlatt Cibilles, Jennifer De Roche, Anna Blackburn. ROW 1 KL to RJ Anna Enger, Joann Pomper, Lori Smith, Doug Sanders . r W A ' 'f N,-HI' V. , ,, . The Spanish Club, had many fund raisers. At Christmas they sold candy canes and in lVlay they celebrate Cinco de lVlayo day. The German Club, sponsored by lVlr. Smith had many fund raisers throughout the year. The purpose of this club is to promote a more well understood version 0 California Scholarship Federation 9 Row 1-lL to Rl-Cindy Moore, Suzie Sagara, Tom Grant, Laura Nelson, Scott Barker, Nora Hernandez, Mellisa Starr, Jenifer DeRoche, An- drea Simpson, Matt Cibellis, Mary Fruehan, Shirley Sousa, Janet Conney, Ho Kim, Traccee Walker, Laura High, Grace Thomas. Row 2-Mike Silva, Kristy Skinner, David Toyal, Alan Ludloff, Jennifer Whittaker, Denise Searlers, Kris Pederson, Missy Reif, Helen Garner, Lisa Moreira, Jeree Ikered, Denise Luna, Dominick Ferraro, Julie Marchante, Carmen Booth, Bob Turbow, Leslie Crosby, Henery Maymir, Ileana Maymir, Brgette, Schollar, Jennifer Jenkins, Cathy Beardon, Cathy Schmidel. Row 3-Jet? Arnston, Kevin Harding, Darryn Jonnie, David Gallup, Da- vid Bosse, Alan Glish, Kyle Kato, Lisa Gregory, Kathy Bell, Allison Richards, Susan Keller, Lori Vandivort, Steve McCrum. Row 4eMarc Vill, Dinh Vu, Larry Graubner, Joseph Huh, Chango Ch, Sung Kim, Greg Mohr, Aliia Gallup, Paul Corona, Toni Flannigan, Lauri Graubner, Bonnie Charton, Sherrie Sistek, Shannon Trout, Betsy Wheadon, Nathan Lopez, Wendy Grifiith, Mara Pipipovoch, Jenny Mitchell, Julie Storm, Carol Sheen, Fred Maymir, Ann Titskoaski, Ginny Pancopf. 70 ational Honor Society Front row: Alicia Gallup, Helen Whittaker, Valerie Day, Christy Tyler, Randi Matchik, Kathy Orielly, Lynn Levick, Tracee Walker, Jeree Ikerd, Robbie Lewis, Melissa Schepple, Cheryl Kelly, 2nd row: Becky Sebring, Grace Thomas, Kris Pederson, Alison Richards, Kathy Bell, Missy Reif, Lisa Gregery, Leslie Crosby, Dale Ammann, Sheri Sistek, Julie Marchante, David Fuller, Stephanie Wincek, Henry Maynir, Laura High, Cindy Callaghan. 3rd row: David Hansen, Carole Dyer, Bonnie Charton, Dave Bennett, Sally Shreeves, Bob Turbow, George Wagner, Janette Newman, Jenifer Jenkins, Danny Bearden. 4th rowz Mike Silva, Ginny Pankopf, Kathy Adams, Denise Hobson, Kori Muniz, AI Cisneros, Jeanie Tidball, Shawn Waggoner, Warren Martin, Alan Glisch, Stacey Schmeidel, Laura Nelson, Cathy Bearden, Shannon Trout, Jeanne Mecham, 5th row: Scott Barker, Paul Corona, Steve McCrum, Nathan Lopez, Lance Simmons, Ron Nelson, Dave Colson, Tom Grant, Doug McGuire, Kyle Kato, Nancy Faithe, Nora Hernandez, Fred Maymir. .15-"1-' W: vff- gvt "'. ' h tx' . .21- Q 'D XKNXX I 4 71 ,,5't'lI ' . if , -M .mf K, F W jk I -,A- vf I Speech club, sponsored by Mr. Flink is to help students with public speeches and the preparing of speeches. VICA Club ROW 1 lL to RlfMark McKillip, Mike Baker, Laura High, Suzin Armstrong, Darleen Cumberland, Marc Phil- lips, Grace Thomas, Nora Hernandez, Russell Heistuman, ROW 2+Larry Quick, Mike Olszeski, Jeff Meyers, Jef? Nelson, Mark Raborn, Cesar Hernandez, Mark Becker, Penny Green, ROW 3-Doug James, James Levy, Mike Abeita, Darren Coomler, Brad Graff, Mike Maynard, Scot Alexander VICA club, sponsored by Mr. Szpila made wooden clocks for Christmas this year. Their money went to their scholarship. 72 .2-" Q- ROW 1 CL to RJ-Mr. Flink, Darcy Kelly, Lori Graubners, Sheri Sis- tek, Jean Tidball, ROW 2fJohn George, Missy Rief, Paul Corona, Tom Skates, Cindy Call- aghan, Jean Mecham, Cathy Beardon, Shan- non Trout K e Y C l u b ROW 1 CL to RJ Chris Rog- ers, Diane Okl- moto, Lori Car- doza, Diane Cardneletti, Lisa Joiner, ROW 2- Tami Udell, Angie Jones, Julie Clarke, Adrey Luna, Ho Kim, Sandy Hoaf, Valerie Hawke, ROW 3-Carmen Booth, Jennifer Whittaker, Joann Pomper, Kristen Lohn, Denise Luna, Cindy Callaghan, Jenny Mitchell, Nlara Pilipovich L The Key Club, sponsored by lVlr. Pratt, represents our campus leaders in promoting good citizenship throughout the community. Service projects the year served both Garden Grove High School and Garden Grove Community. The Key Club served as a representative of the Kiwanis Club. Kewanette Club ROW 1 lL to RJ- Jim Pratt, Chuck Doherty, Dave Bosse, Fred lVlay- mir, Greg Nlohr, Pete Bernard, ROW 2 Brian Gerhard, Dave Fuller, Danny Ventura, Paul Co- rona, Nlatt Cibellis, ROW 3-Rick Wag- ner, Ruben Bass, Jim Ishigura, Tim Kallaher, Dave Ben- nett The Keywanettes and their advisor were quite active this year. They're main goal this year was to serve the Community and Garden Grove High School, in any way they could. They helped sponsor the lVlarch of Dimes Haunted House in October. The require- ments were simple: Wanting to help with projects to better the school and community. Biology Club ROW 1 CL to RJ-Brett Garret, Kathy Bell, Kyle Kato, Lisa Gregory, RO 2-Dean lVlcDonald, Tom Grant, Laura Nelson, Kris Pederson, Scott Bar fK.N Biology club, sponsored by lVlr. Cowen, the purpose of this club was to promote interest and enthusiasm in the biological sciences. They had guest speakers and also fund raising programs. They also studied biologi- cal finds and went on field trips. To be in this club you must have taken Biology. Radio Club ROW 1 CL to Rl-lVlr. F. Sonoff, David Bosse, Ken lVlosley. ROW 2flVlark Hripko, Don Langford, Pat Powers, Tim Kallaher. 74 The Radio Club was sponsored by lVlr. Sonoff. Their main goals were to promote interests in ra- dio communications and amateur radio and ob- taining a novice license. To join this club you need great enthusiasm in getting amateur license or re- pairing radios. l an - ad The Art Club, sponsored by Mrs. Warner, had an Art Sale to raise money and took field trips. The purpose of this club was to explore new methods in art and to extend the students artistic ability. The only re- quirement was to have an interest in any phase of art. Astronomy iii 'X ROW 1 CL to RJfJeff Arnston, Mike Rey, Todd Landcaster, Mike Durham, Dave Rus- kin, Jeff Gavol, ROW 2-Rickie Jerminski, Tim Heuck, Norman Faller, Doug McGuire, Chris Kranford, Matt Cibellis, Cindy Callaghan, ROW 3-Dan Langford, Mark Shcnie- der, Rick Nelson, Tom Grant, Rick Miler, Rick Portts, Jeff Roberts, TOPfMr. Evans, Scott Barker Ricky Lapuz, Robyn McRee, Mike Zannito The Astronomy Club sponsored by, Mr. Evans, serves as a liasion between the science world and the shidents at Garden Grove High. The year was very good for the Astronomy Club. 75 SCHOLAR BO L Hou- x., Back: Greg IVlohr, Scott Barker, Paul Corona, Front: Doug McGuire, Tom Grant. Bowling Ping Pong L to R: Maui Nguyen, Don Figueres, Ben Vecker, Randy Underdown, Anh Tran, Carl Ryder, Dung Tran Dunh Vu E , - Q Q: R' 7 S 4 , .' v fi rw M ' x R tx , , X JVM - vp, x a .X 3 R 5 :T X '1 nr ' 0 ' F ' MW cf xx 7x A N 'K I :K Ettx '11 X x ' Q xml' X N 'V ' Y , 9 ' 7 fn! wi' N Q RWM Q 4 'WM Y f X "IT x ' ' ny A X ww' Xifslw lw N X I4 xwxmmmyymw lw 1 if if' X X17 'I A110 1, tudent C lst Row CL to RJ-Heidi Bremmer, Leanne Clanin, Gary Hix, Paul Bowl, Tom Rich Zubrod, Nancy Faith, Lynn Levick, Bronwin Markel, Debbie Lopez, Ken Hinshaw, Karen Geraghty, Marc Phillips. Row 3fMissy Reif, Alison Ramerez Messer, Debbie Krebs, Randi Matchik, Colleen Quitrell, Kristy Skinner, Jenny Row-Alison Richards, Kori Muniz, Cathy Adams, Al Ciseneros, Heidi Murphy, Carassco, Harold McMillian, Jeanie Tidball, Kathy Holt, Ron Nelson, Gwen K Dolly Carossco, George Brasinikas, ongress Caskey, George Wagner. Row 2-John Quintrell, Paul Bickford, Mosley, Tracey Smith, Stephenie Downey, Tom Petrosine, Mary ,Carrie Gregg, Leslie Garner, Maui Dias, Mary McAlmond, Kara Hines, Kendra Byington, George Acosta, Gary Dethredge. Top Troy Smith, Sally Shreeves, Cindy Sheema, Suzan Rice, Rosie ., Darci Fletchall, Mike Silva, Roxanne Keatly, Jeanne Dipalma, The Garden Grove Student Congress is made up of all the homeroom represen- tatives. They vote on issues that are presented to them by the A.S.B. Cabinet. It e Student Congress has both a tirst and 2nd semester congress. Z 0 4' rc: h Lanny .M ' si Q 43 I , X 1 , ' Am K ' GN.: V ' 4.4 1 " ' 'W R 0 ,. peset " Z " in 4 .. ., Q , - Y ff ' f ,QQ -1 'lr --' 1 'igi .!' " 4 lfffiflk f ' ,' ,QQ-Xidx X X h 4 Wf N' 1 I , WZ ki, Q, X NT , 3,14 fs A. . 'll Q . it 1 1 W xv b R We Well! ,Q ,se X D .uw . Q 4 h ki Class The Ski Class was a once a year opportunity that is enjoyed by many of the students at Garden Grove School. This year it ran from February 4 to February 10. X I ,fx if'- Xl' I 53, 1' K A Y ff: 4 N . . . fl H .K sw 5 'ff 5 ,. ,R . y., x- iii' iiiu . v,ii Q I ling? ,au ,K 8,54 if Fil? wif 1, 1, g X 6 ? Q 3 S fi 5 gl A at 1 0 4! QQ l A f ig 1 1? Mn BREAK! 1. A 1 ww Q30 IIC HAY i W 'F ,f 'L XW,I,H1?lI,N'-I ffii I af 2 ff av P90 Nur il if T' i '1 4' R -1 i -s lk i 4? IQ, Q 1 1 jf ? f Q, , ? , I V' T ' if-, il ' 55HuG 9 'Einar F0pLW6ga3?Z gf ywt 'S, ' . I, 1 u "' 'N ff uv ""J 2 4 Q P if 2 4 u , ff l . 4 P B . I f Q iii 4: f Q4 - .4 ,E ,. S1 I , , 2 1 55 s 5 i fi Q H If , g M . if QL K, R ,W Q 4 Zi LL g QQ QV , ,V Vghtk L A H T AA . Mk 1 ' Lg W we ? 1 ?k1 gig! -giyy -iiy V t Q Q , 9, 3 L Q 4 I 9 a Q 2 :F I 4 is if -5 'Q i i 2 fi - 34,5 wk fr i E Q . M ,, wr- W C 3' 1' , i ,f , 3 5 2 '5- Y J' Lawerence Aaseng Jorge Acosta Jgge Aguna Kathy Adamg 1- '- ix 'Q X 4 Roy Alcus Scot Alexander Michael Alvarez Sandra Alverez r Dale Ammann John Anderson Brenda Angelsberg Sheri Antonowitsch ,dr Antonio Apolinaris Brenda Arce Suzin Armstrong Craig Attanasio 'x 'Os 4- ,if-9 ir- C l Sandra Attwater Deborah Ault Amelia Baaske Ana Baker , I Dan Baker Kenneth Banks Rhonda Barbu Ruben Bass if 'N Charolotte Bateman Tonya Baut K.. Roy Bearden Stephanie Beavers 82 .l. 1 J af' uv- Janet Beck I Dolores Bedard gg. Michael Bell is David Blackburn pw. OK lx Mark Becker YT 4 il Most Intelligentf- Paul Corona Lori Ann Bedwell Michael Belvedere David Bennett Frederick Bertsch in Kennette Bladow Michael Blake Brenda Boatman , ,K Y Speranza Boersma , i w wf. . , x iii " X 'A?'r of We will i' ' mn- 7' ' H i ' If M -' l it , l t, 5 me FLW 1 Kathy Bole Cathy Boots Laurie Boulette i X fi " PV , ff ' -n. X A igjlx J L I if 13" Q wx ,t , J 2 . M V Y rv Us Q-. W e -- r . gg A A 6 xr - n R ai' f x l to l X Brett Bowdne Joy Bowman George Brasinikas Steven Brass Scott Breneman Dawn Britt 84 A 40' gmlfil. M Ox William Brill Most Intelligent-Stacey Schmeidel Leslie Brokke f.iM 'll ' 5 MY ' pf: 3 gag, .-5 4 f , it W1 X we lily , Y- 15 Q., Charles Brown CQ, Richard Butera K Qb Steven Brozovich Kim Brush Tang Thi Bui NJLJ Ox x 9 f S g' , 4 Mnsoorl px - it-,Q A enneth Butterfield x l l E Glen Cable Tracey Calver Julie Campell Carolyn Cannedy Kevin Carlin Monica Carlson ' A Robert Carlson Rosemarie Carnes David Carrasco Richy Carrasco if Timothy Carrasco Kenneth Carraway Jim Carroll Carlos Carrillo Lisa Casarez John Castle Bonnie Charton Yong Chu 4 fi! Alfonso Cisneros Leanne Clanin Bradley Clark David Colson 86 csv TN 'I E N Kay Colton Karen Connors r Robert Cooper David Corfman if, 1843 1 n . 1- .. .l Phillip Craig Tina Crane o g ez '-E . .. , , 1 - Q I Carl Crenshaw John Curran Darren Coomler rv! -.N Paul Corona iw , so 'ea Nlost Talented if ofa Dolores Bedard Mark Davis i Angie Deane David Decareau K T' 1. A f 'x D Y' 5 wx e 1, i 3, if-2 Linda Devore 88 Robert Davis Richard Deathridge Karen Degayner Maui Dias Most TaIentedfTerrence Rock wx Todd Dennison Chris Des Rochers Louis Dietsche Cynthia Dixon A Malcolm Scott Dixon Jodi Dokken Francisco Duran i Korrene Edwards 'T i, Y Robert Dobucki Kimberly Dodson Margaret Doherty r Michael Donatini Diane Downes James Dunlap UN K 41 QA . 1 F Q Jorge Duran Carole Dyer D. Brian Dykstra 1 Ks '1' -' 'N Nu. '-' 1--- . E' Neat Engesath Christine Erickson Tina Evans rs C' 1 5 Michael Everhart Gregory Fairchild X ,lin ,, lil will iii ali SN F L A A an , ia Tara Fairrington Mario Farneti .5 'VU r 'W Ann FiSher Toni Flanigan Raine Fleischhacker Melisa Fletchall x qi. ix . i Fx 4. Mark Foley Robin Fowler Kevin Frazier Laurie Frisch 90 ll 'ws Q' Yr David Fuller Julie Funston 'U Best Personality-Robert Lovell Alicia Gallup Shann Galuza QL... Janet Ganz Bertha Garcia Steven Gartield Larry Garza r Sarah Geisbaur Alan Glisch Carla Goldfarb Bruce Grajczyk Thomas Grant Jeffery Grove Sharon Gullikson John Hall 92 Laurie Graubner Kathy Greaves Carol Grove ,ag li s.- . ii I u ' Q Andrea Gruis Arthur Guevara Brian Guiilot iv .Af Coraleigh Hall N Valerie Hammond Best Personality-Maui Dias :iii . ,gi H Hosp 4, David Hansen Steven Henry Dolores Hileman ,aug Linda Holt Laura Harvey Pamela Hereth Gary Hix Jeff Hood Lynn Hauenstein D. Beth Helton fp Alberto Hernandez Pamela Hickle 'im Bs- ., Denise H0b5Qn Rachel Holcomb 5 ew 8' 5 wx Q ,n if Michetle Hooper Lisa Hopper iii Cx Douglas Horn James Ishiguro Wendi Jackson Jeromme Jacobson fr' ,J wx-, ' l .5 , 2 4 1h g 9 ,Jill z i WI gas 'lb A 'N' Us dm., x v L James Jaensch Tricia Jakob Kelly Jaramillo Jennifer Jenkins Y '0- Q f , 1 I J , 1 Timothy J9Hkif1S AQYOV1 JOHNSON David Johnson Gregory Johnson 94 'V' Lindsay Jones Ronald Jones Roxanne Keatley David Keck 9 s 1 V Tammie Kellog Cheryl Kelly -'57 1 Likely To Succeed-Sally Shreeves Richard Kemerley Dwight Kenny 'CS Jeff Kile Ernest Knustqraidlefl Lora KODS Kevin Kostolansky 95 Trudy Koza Debbie Krebs Kristine Kroyer Terri Kuhlman 1- . 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' ta Sandra Rappaport Gwendolyn Reed Sonda Reed Ronnie Remeyer Lily Reyes Margaret Reynosa Suzanne Rice Michelle Richards Christopher Roach Terrence Rock David Rodriguez Teresa Rodweli G, Steven Ross James Russell Melody Sample Javier Sarabia 106 TT. Dawn ROVHFIO Lorin Rozatti Daniel Rule Kay . TP' X 1 ,: David Rust Karl Ryder Elizabeth Salazar Charmian Sanchez Eric Sayles 'Ui ...- Y. 1 5 Louise Schemenauer David Schierbel Stacey Scnmeidel Mike Schmidt , CN Mu. Q . Phillip Scott Michael Sebbo Suzanne Serber Susan Shaeffer 3 Sally Shreeves Gina Silk 1. 1 n.. Mike Silva Rafael Silva 7 ViCt0Y Silva Lance Simmons Sheri Sigtek Jeffrey Slater 1 inf K ex, as Denise Slaughter Darryl Smith Patricia Smith Terese Smith Diana Sorenson John Speck Pamela Spolerich Regina Springfield fm tl, be ut W-. , Marcia Swartzel Janice Tackitt Cheryl Taylor Roger Taylor 108 ' 'U- lm 1. , 'IM Kate Thomas Terri Thomas QUX Ramona Tody Ia TN 9 V, Y .5 Dawn Toigo I x A 7"'xg A ' 155 . A- .fi ,V .v s Y,- Joan Tuohino Christy Tyler Jeannie Tidball Michael Todd ex Corina Tovar S hannon Trout Sheila Tyree Randall Underdown Tefri Valdez David VanSkiver Vicki Vanggn Stella Vargas David Vill Theresa Villagran Dinh Q. Vu Denise Wadum V W , HL-. I Shawn Waggoner . Dennis Walker V: Vg: nigga... 4, V124 L W, ,Q ' gfqkgny yj,ArwvTQ4,,3 P. Melanie Walker Deannie Walsh 'lf 1- is -V , i if Bradley Warner William Welch Merri Weston Angela Whitcomb 110 Helen Whittaker 9'- E Michael Williamson '22- ! fr V Z i' ' David Winters an-, Avis Wrentmore ax 1'-5 is Q M 2 X wiv- 's Kellie Whittington Thomas Wiegmann Christopher Williams Neal Wilkes Ron Wills Jane Wilmes Deborah Wirth Maryanne Witten Ronny Woods Charles Wright Michele Wyatt Cindy Wygren c, .1 Qs Tifhny Yert Dave Yerxa 1 fi it Kenneth Yoak Alice Yoshida li I Grace Yoshida 112 Gary Zahn NOT PICTURED: Bernard, Michael Blackman, Barbara Bosse, Thomas Dang, Minh Durso, John Erfani, Firoozeh Figuerres, Don Manuel Flood, Patrick Fuentes, Jose Fuller, Russell Gossett, Pat Houlihan, Mike Johnson, Todd Julienne, Reggie Kapianek, Robert Kikias, Scott Lambert, Lori Langston, Howard Melendrez, Daven Moreland, Troy Nguyen, Chau Nguyen, Hung Nguyen, Khanh Nguyen, Thuy Patterson, Tina Pedraza, John Plates, Alex Puscizna, Pete Reynolds, Robert Riechers, Randall Sadowski, Greg Kim Zevnick Acosta, Jorge-Frosh football, Halloween 10- 31-77 RM,LP,RT 9-2077,LP8tJA got together. Remember GS,AW,DK,LC, HW,LH,SH,SR, KKK,BG,MD,JM, CH, Co-ed Prom FD,SA, Ar- cade RR, Camping,G.G. park Summer w7 TP,TC,SB, 2yr anniversary w7LP 9-20-79. Sadie Hawkins 2 yrs w7 LP I LUV LORI P. Acuna, Adrian-Remembers, 4 yrs band,7 AMs Vztime shows parades, BandTours 78,79.Great sax sec. F. of the year. Ftbl Gms. 4 yrs of Golf Proms, Co-eds Denise Sadies "damn aminal" YA! Chris N. GetOut! Get Out! Disco. LE MW VLLC DC LM YG LW DH MM TP Beaner Edye and esp Chris Oh My Back! Thanks Grove JULIA! Adams, Kathy-Good Friends: RKLOCSSCKKA FMF, My best friend Jean, Best Looking Beck? Nance Hefer, Mike the Mag., Ernest SA, Ms.BB 3, me an SA, never S0.,Prom 79, VB Camp Cabinet, CIF, VB,Bad. w7Rappa, Toutz the best coach ever, Volleyball is great! Alvarez, Mike-CCP, BigGamesHunts, Auto 1842, Lnchs on amp, Frosh CC, Track CC camp, going to SF, All mst making AYF, crzy bus rides, ML,RC TS,MS,HM,MS, CL,JS, and rest of cc team. Rbbts LW,HM rckit bll in i KH To someone who made 4 yrs great LH, Thanks. Ammann, Dale-Polo Zi swimming with TJ, TW,JM,TC,BT, DH,KC,RD,DF,GW,, Ampi the atre, breaks, Donkey basketball, "you 're pretty", Coach scat Colton. But I will always remember meeting that very special an'd beau- tiful person, Monica Diaz. Alvarez, Sandy-Remembers Good Times w 7 Viv VT Lo-Nips KD PN EO DL River Brn-Out LS DM EL Gtng Dst Shty Nerks prtyn Day8tNite HB pier7jump Pine st. Sheraton DRV in TIC 800Qrtz Slvido Spins BT EL-RM- BA-HBR Blwn-Chnks B-days JJ best of all just livin it up. Angelsburg, Brenda-Surf buds Marci, Carol Summer of 79 Gary. Sailing w7Corky Special friends A.W. D.K. S,G. L.H. Sunset beach roll- erskating at N.B. See Yalater! Antonowich, Sherri-Grt8tcrzy times w7 MC GSAWCS TSJBMT Ftblabsktbl gms patysibeepl Grad party 78 sum 78 Bch Ice cream Knotts, Dis Dancin' Tourist, G.L. Board8tV.P. kdnpong co-ed kings Millers class Buds lDickl Prom 78 T.R. Sadies co-ed prom MC. 18-b-day prty. Good luck class of 80. Thanx Mom8LDad P.S. I.L.Y. M. Corrigan for- ever WOPIWOP! Arce, Brenda-I remember a few ftbl gms in 9th 8t10th. The gossip with S.A. Mr.W. Liz S. All the happenings of Terri8tOnie. But most of all getting together with that special someone at Knotts Berry Farm, Orly P. 7720778, CI Love Youl. Armstrong, Suzin-Sheryl Brad 79 prom LB JT PH Szpila gothic vica party vica sec 3yrs french Laura Leah city hall 2yrs Joanie Dale Les PW8tD Mom8tDon married Kelli 8g Mr.8tMrs. Clark 84 nanny I love Brad river Da- vids locker 78 Parties Kings Hemet. Attwater, Sandy-I remember LCSLDA Gossip, Robby Randi Cindee Sande Miller's Mob FB gms Prom 79 Sadies too '81 breaking up is hard to do! Bus Machs 81 BA2, LL8tTuna Fish 5725 gotta go, Ole McDonalds 84 A cig for a pig David forever 81 theRA IDBHI 81 87287785 DH. Ault, Debbie-7 great years w7 Leanne, fndg hunnis w7Kuth, gd times w7DaVe, having fun at BLR bng a local w7 KK, 9th gd tall Hag, sad times and happy times, Uthe wreck" w7JS, spcl frnds, LC LF CB BD JS KG AF talks w7BD Jr, pcnc accntng, Larry 4714779 Baaske, Amy-Mrs. Swarm 81 Mrs. Hen- drickson. My best friends Jill and Mike I had a great time with them both, Mike Sebbo is a real neat Locker and Dancer. Mike 81 Lisa A Itailsi. Baker, Daniel-Frosh H.S. MX MB and I HOLESHOT 2nd MOTO. Swapping position with KC and most of all the encouragement I got from MBs Dad and Mine. Long may his words Linger. Banks, Ken-I remember going to the river and just sitting around. My Freshman base- ball .400 Going with 2Oz. and amo to the river. I mostly remember the great times with Pam and the ones to come. Remember B.T. with M.M. L.R. Jeff and Mr. Foster from Australia. Save a tree shoot a beaver! Baut, Tanya-Classes with M.P., T.Y., '!John" Best Friends with MD TY PN MW Fav teacher Posner, Sorter, Meysenburg, 16th Birthday party, New Years Eve. Best buddies ever, Michele Wyatt. Bearden, Roy-Fiddler HORSEMULEHORSE MULE Butch and Latin Knee Smashin Hurdl- ing M.Bunny and CLASSCOMETOORZ' DER- PLEASE, Art with Mr. Craig. Fuzzies and Sketchies, Red balloons 81 Phlegm, 3723777 LDS day 12724777 And Eternal Love and Happiness with My Jen. Beavers, Stephanie-Remembers the support and encouragement from Mom 84 Sis, Mr. Paddock. Good times w7Joy Sheri, DLPDKM YS Benn and Mr.Randol Jan. 6779 First Love C.J.D., Cutie Beautiful, Babe, you sizzle AHCC Lizard But most of all JESUS who made all of this possible, Beck, Janet-B8tR Buds TN Ebony, Crimson, Grey, WC WS Tahoe VB Bdmnt Bowling BEEK, Shorty Fuzzy, Jack Lunch gang, All my bst buds Sally beans, S. Garbonzos co-ed '78 w7 BS Prom w7RH 4716779 My Randy, Pratt family 9716776 IXOYE. Becker, Mark-snapperpatrol withtheg angsil vodesern and alsowith RLdvTM kbFB mov- iesneakin ALLSTAR baseball irl ODESsolin Ilplease releaseme" JD JD JD hopefully some- day! midnight BBatodes Roncatpatrollin H.G. knee friends PS mmPB many other farewell Grove Bedard, Delores-My buddies HK" Hey baby, TE, RF, LC, TC, SS, CK, RL, Fester. I.L.Y. Ron Disney Lil MG Singing, My sr love Ken Y. Mr P. quote, "Being a Bad Kid andGoing my Own Way" P.S, Class of 80 Rules forever. I'll mis- sYa! Bedwell, Lori-Remembering best friend Sheila T. D810 J. My H.S. lover Cyril Klaria, and the other friends I've made. Fun in gym- nastics and home crafts w7 KDSLSG. Going to lunch w7ST, and having school parties. All my 113 love to Cyril. Bennett, Dave-Airing outpopcorn at Sallys, Angel of Death in Sandbox, Argo baseball, Coahc Drake, team dinners, co-eds and prom, symbolism wf "mother Beebe", favorite teacher Haggerty, friends Paul, Sally SOB- CAGGP SRSSSTJMLN. Bertsch, Jeff-6!9!79,,Potty, Rich llFairchild" TJ KC MM KM RM, bomb bakery wagon and the big Datsun in the sky, inflatable dogs, so many Flies 69ers, my Zenith point, but most of all I remember DeeDee Boo. Bladow, KennettASadie Hawkins w!DJ LV RM KB LP Best partyin wf LK KV MB MD Whi, blvd. IlBaby" and the gng STS-4!8-TV- CSJ-CL-HT-BTJ G.S. Vtd Pier 1-PF Lumber Yard YT-SA-ED-VT Fratern. Partyn Jungle Juice Spd wy All trks SM MB SP SH HW GW Wsp MB Shakeys. Blake, Mike-Best friends DM RB DK CM 81 JT Late Night Jacuzzin w!LK KV MB MA Joan T. Ron B. Celia M, S.N.L. wf Mr. Bill, Motocross Club, W.F.O, at Van Nuys Blvd. with the Dew, but most of all JRB Boatman, Brenda-Great redballoon bestfr iendIseb1447l tressymbiall97 rebalynavi ami- norlynn hterdactyl duncanstre lauriec amp79phdoc rtpaddmrsm classcome toordrpl easedavidmy favoritesoph aliciatltfrannow jef- fnansue tendonitisjm ac28OZsoftball rahsbg- bengay. Boersma, Speranza-Wrestling and wrestlers, Jamie stats 10 yrs wfbest bud Carole, l'69", scamming. Adventures w!PauIine. Being wf friends. Mary H. Bonnie C, KWEST JB, Pat L, 18th b-day surprise party. Mr. Bill "ooohnooo" IXOYE Boots, Cathy-I remember my hrst love A.J. 81 the memories we share. DM my high hikin buddy A all our laughing places. SE and the stories she told me in lst period. GGHS gath- erings at my house from Grads. to Freshman. The extra bodies mom found on Sat. and Sun. mornings. 114 Boulette, Laurie-Best buds JT, AR, CL, PH. Best yr-soph. HB 5:30am iTowerIr9J Steves Shoelaces. Wpds's w!EP's 87 ATHs The CCIK CIRVAMm-tt bros-llebony eyes" . . . CJ!! LDL- LWL,7-4-79 fireworks? Think about it coed 79 caterpillar igobananasl Bowden, Brett-Remembers smell of P.E. gymGood memories with K.B. Good times with RC TC PC DC SB Surfing, skating, badminton, red snap. Still craves KB JH DE PF CM Bowman, Joy-GL 84 Journ 4 yrs. chr 3 Argo Ed GL pres kdnp coed kings-their Evng for- mals Ranbow Dik by stck Fiddler Hawaii bst buds GS. Annie Sher bear Mikey Andy and times W!Steph Brasinkas, George-80 forever, Girls Concerts: Tull, Zeppelin, Santana, Styx, The snake, Best times skiing, Steamboat, Sheri Sis. Best friends Mex, Cobra, Bog, Clark, Sheri, Maui with love 81 etc.. Brass, Steve-All my friends, JAVA KONA Dava and my new friend Dackry. Also remem- ber Also remember C.O.D,E. NAMES and the senior party. WhoooaaaKM ET rocks! Brill, Bill-6!9!79, Bomb and bakery wagon, Potty Spaceman, the water slides, Diets, Balls class, iHeill So many flies, hsh report, JB's lunchline girl CAOOFJ, NORTH, He stinks, GFS CCPJ, Boo strght abuv LezGo Zene. Britt, Dawn-2 yrs DT winning sweepstakes at Chaffee wf Mary M. VP-lots of plays Singin in CC and JC-sorry Uncle Drew. Workshop wf Bonnie C. and David D. All of my buddies, GL and most of all JC Brozovich, Steve-Risking life in cafeteria by eating food and Dodging it! Fun tms w!Timmy the rich Bret Dave Kripto Hobie Freddyet Grahmcracker 8t the rest. Mustang boyz Keep Going Strong R WE NOT MEN? WE ARE FREE!!!Whoo Yaaa!!! Brush, Kim-Dana Point 925 X-rays, Stk. dances wf Allen, Dave C. stk conf. 'lWhat a bust" Girls League 78-80 Kednapping 4:00 King Tut, Sadies RIGHT, Brett, Summer '79, NWPRT, Wanting BFG, Working hard, MY- CAR, THE GREERS, 8 best pal Chev. Oh and RAH RAH!!! Calver, Tracy-JV V Yelllhyr. cmp, BestBuds GS HP TF grt times: fant smrs Blmnt Shrs, Mrwb, Hussngs, 78Sr. P,, Pre gme prtys, Hachts, B-d "BM, jm'n The Grn, 373, Prm 78 wfW 79w!G, th boys and mostly WC Campbell, Julie-Rmbrs-4 superyears. BB, FB great frnds MFDTKCGCDCJTP MDMCKSVRTTEJB, Big lil sis-DO-RI-history Aroma, castparties, Thur. night, dreams, sum- mer of 78, Judys . . . whereelse 12f8f78an- gels- Drake-,Draeger,Freshman yr.But Most- yThe Memories of Jackie Kocham GGHS! i Cannedy, Carolyn-Danci 4ever,1 yr Hg, 2 yrs tnns, 2 yrs bdmtn, 1 yr v-ball, formls, FIGS, goin home, scam8tchrch dnces w!Coraleigh, D-Hotel WXSOOZ, P.E. pckage deal w!Anne, Monica's hanger-job, SIS SHERRI bst pals SrChMcAfSsRnKu 81 luv w!TM, being MOR- MON. Carlson, Bob-Polo w7H Mike Chessirh, 10th wfh J, Frey, R, Coltier. V. Tennis, Water Bal- loon Raids, Catalina wfH U. Stan, Most beau- tiful person I met Terry Rodwell Prom wfh TR. Gd Frnds, DK,GY,AY,LS, NL,GC,RU,FR, MF,TE,TD, SY,DP,MP. Carnes, Rosemarie-Work in Ms. Bs. 'lFrame of reference" swimming and hockey league champs Coaches Colton, proud, Virgo, Lam- bert, Owen Minor,, Exp, Acade. wfPitocco, All my friends and teammates. tlwill Durant Saya .. German wf Mr. Smith. Carraway, Ken-Many great times at GGHS Best friends Brad, DL, GB, SA. ES, and Laura. All My parties and barbeques. Many great rock concerts, Freshman baseball, Football games and fast cars. Casarez, Lisa-Rmbrs. Var. sftbl., tennis skiin lunch Buddies, NL, CG, Hopsly., sngle., s.l.g, stoke, Best Friend 4ever Dina, Most of all lovi ing and knowing Jesus all 4 years. IXOYE Charton, Bonnie-Thespians V,P., CSF, NHS, C. CHOIR, FIDDLER, Stage Prod., Variety Players 1 acts, Var. Show, Cora, YcTIWY, Our town, Gem, Method-Focus' Mame Pippin, JV, EJ, AICILA Cisneros, Al-CIF baseball, CIF track All my friends, and being with SA,CQ GS and sweet- heart Thersa Dean. The 4 yrs were fun, Thanks Grove. And especially my mom and dad and my sister Clanin, Leanne-7grt yrs w Deb Sipping thru strw w KK colo w Suz Spcl thots of Brian TH ShFee Bst JV sqd w bud Linda 81 Mike8479 coed Friends 4 kps DALHSSDBTE KKKMRLGH Bdmm TT LJ 79 Pron8zbst sum- mer ever w Gary IWY 5-18-79 Clark, Brad-Binleys Eng. class wfKC DL ES, WMJM coed WXDL wild P8tconcert wf KC- ELDXBDC, OFU, C.W.M.F. Moses His. class Met SA and fell in Love. River Prom G.Summer. Sweetheart for life, sister Kelli. KMET WHOO-AA Sa -n-BC Colson, Dave-SW, Steph W.,TG,LS,RN, SS, Butch,Meysen gumby,APH, Beebebaby, staying up nights for C+C, Mrs Haggerty, Mr Peterson, and people in Marching Concert Symphonic and Jazz Band, Jass w!WM, BWetc . . ., Mr. Krtz and German as a second language. Coons, Greg-H78-79", Cruzin8twater balloo- nin. Pals D.P., B.C., R.V., M,F. M.P., T.R., K.R., Havin Fun 84 Bein Crazy, Football, Base- ball, Dances ...,Luv Ya Suzin Ramblln wf Bast. Corfman, Dave-Ginny "babes" Pankopf MM, Prom, Winks tickles, alot of tears, a hickie, BS of MMM, not proper, LOVE. My mighty mint 'l67" mustang. Varsity tennis, Mason OJAI w! JS. Band Poker 4 yrs. Friends JC,BW MM, Special TE, Velda and always Ron Wills! Corona, Paul-Clb meetings 84 munchies Sch bwl chmps '78, 4.0, Rm 65, CSF 81 NHS fid trps, Plan A, APHlgaspl 333, all niters 'lairing out" popcorn at Sally's, pals Dave, ss, fd, mr, BB-Meys'i'Miss H-Mata-JS, Europe '79, an- dargo mascot, Barry-looks like we made it! Cox, Kimberlee-RMBRS Frnds MFDTCJJC GCAMSVJGSHBJ 8zall my buds,Ftbl,Bsbl, The Lunch Maniacs, Proms w!MS, Smnry wf Bon8zHoop,D-land 78 igetthoseguysl par- tys,Kwafx Hawaii76-78 Strwhat8tFarreIls- GoAngels! Slmbr partys. Doin hula wfbst frnd sis, LuvU MSLD, Good Luck Sis. Crane, Tina-Zeppelin! R-n-R,Friends G.R. K.B. Y.B. B.Y. C.M. K.G S.C. Rat and Pack, NOTEVEN! Mickie,Joe, Randy Eddie Van Ha- len, The Party, Wild Man, Scotty Robin Zan- der, Donald Duck and the BEST Jimmy Page! Curran, John-Presidential Classroom Football 3 yrs. HELL WEEK Varsity yr. and Binleys Mudhole. Knowing all the answers in Mr. Ura- nichs History class. Soph.Yr. at Black Star and Silverado. Davis, Bob-Remember playing frshmn foot- ball8tbaseball Remember giving RK her real name "KingKee" going to the football games and parties with DR MC MP. Deane, Angie-Remembers good times wf LH, LM, HL, DS, DD, DH, DF, LT, RG, RH, PS, ITS MMISL CS 1 acts SC 2 yrs Magenta Laughter, Love, Are You Girls Working? BobBons, Your my Best Friend. I thank my friends for their support and love and I LOVE SHELDON! Decareau, David-All the W.D. bleachers at lunch, Parties on weekends. wfSB MM AL RL PH VC WXKQJ GGH. BT in my room, SD in the pool. Hope that times never change, Des Roches, Chris-Kern wfTM CW TK Bun- nies St SK Nice people MS TH TL MM DD BC 81 Hi to KBKBKB CW n VW, TM n Van, GS AI- ways "KY" ok finally out in '80. Alright! Devore, Linda-The people places and happen- ings with LP,TA,KS BB Best friend Donna R. Great Times at Grove ,Football Games,MeNEds, Concerts Knotts Skiing, The most special person in my life, Al Stith 7-3-79 ... Forever!! Dias, Maui-CIF CHAMPS '79-FLDHKE, UBET, Teresa, Suz Deb Cirt,Sheri, Curbin wf Pam S., Journey, 7-7-79, 69ers-JeffN UOMEADNR, Homecoming '78, Ms Minor, ILUVUMARTINI Spce Invaders, BstBdyM'RAN Laughies w!KK DSCO SCKS! Dixon, Cindy-I will remember 1 All the trouble MrFrankIin got me out of. All the classes I barely passed All the good and bad teachers. My friends and the good times we had Ill re- member all this and more but especially that I graduated. Dixon, Scott-Running "from" ofhce, Orna- mental bumpers Lil blu Fiat, Photo YRBK, ARGLG, Racin' Sadies '77 Terri, ABC's Carol- eBobJeff BoyJohnRick JoeCousinJim SueEl- lenBob BoyMeltie, Jammin wf'Mitch Me an my guitar, Me an my camera, Me an my chick, having amnesia. Dodson, Kimberlee-3 fun yrs at Grove, Bas- ketball games, MrPfefers jokes, 9th.Sweety CK TS bugs SN trusty duster, GoodTimes wf frnds Fri 13th w!MM8zTK, Skate ranch wf SN8zdriving the car in the ditch, Dancing at Knotts 81 Meeting Marty, Mily Thanx MrEnsch! Doherty, Margaret-Going to D-land wfbud- dies TB KC TM AF KQ. Going to BFS beach house and getting lost. Nite at Knotts wf Fonte Banana 81 KC. Auntie MauMau. Mork 84 Mindy nlming. BJS, S.Powers, HTH, 8, DT, LCCC, BBLG, Best teacher Long 84 Neustadt. Dokken, Jodi-FB Carn 77CB, W Fon Sis, HS pals KM8tCK, 9day HM, Pine st. w-SAK- DUTPN Sadies 78 suite 3206, 2nd per TA wf DJ js SA, Jr yr PT O w-CM-JT-KC-CD- RD- RW-JV-WV- DSLM-BTA 10:00 ses-Milo wx MFZLMH, GAF, Sp Frndshp w-MR Donatini, Micheal-Nancy F., C0ed79 The Poz Best friends, God Loves You, Lisa you're a Dahl, Lora Kops, Sheryl L, Diane, White Bomb GG concert choir, Uncle Drew LP, DB, SE, JB, JM, GJ, MnMs, Chan Wang, SF,MLDLCD MDRNJT, BYE GROVE Downes, Diane-Sheryl L Lora K Dale N, David W, Mike D Mike R Robyn N Gina D Suzin A C- Wh arf, BFC, Halloween-The Movie, TA for Mr.E, Planetarium, BB, star parties T'ping RMS housezgetting caught, French 3 yrs, The New Me Thanks To All My Friends. Duran, Francisco-4 grt yrs, orange bx, 99mph LA chase, D of E, cyn lk, S'OD, EKG, DV, MS, 115 Mrs S, Sheri, Rndls R. capt, ftbl, bskbl. 'lGrrr" Argo Con, the Serbs, 'iOh But Dar" Mr Lum Coach R8tG. Campbell, Mr.Z and of course Trish wf all my luv. Duran, Jorge-Homecoming ll77". Basketball, Fo o tball Summer 79. Dyer, Carole-3 yrs CC, TE BC CY DW, Fiddler 77, Dan S. 77 BSQ-Jimbo rick Scotty Jeff- Best buds wrestling St wrestlers-DAD BEST COACH! 1Oyrs w!Best Bud Speranza Beach 79, 69 bug, 3 yrs wf Jeff my Desperado, my piano-Thanx Mom IXOYE Dykstra, Brian-Friends JS,TH,LJ, LG,RR,DM, MM,RM,RO,RJ, KF,AC,DK,DA, VS,SR. Picnics, Leanne, 4yrs of Football and baseball, my .467 B.A. snapper, High card, The Great White Buffalo, Drive in and four great ye ars at Grove. Fairchild, Gregg-Mrs.Millers Radical class w! Neely SATTJKBK. Mess Steal Medi- navJv Hoop w!Dr. Death at l'Auschvitz" Each After noon. SLTCMDDKRKMQ JNJBBBKCKM MMSQUORLY and just screwing around w! PottyFred BillyMac Mess at Snack St Lunch Fairrington, Tara-HSY W!TC,GS,HP, GL,BL, QTOCD, 9-D, 10-s, 11-d-S, PE!GF, Parts and Thumos w!HP, GL, H's parts, DOC, DS,ELFY, SS, BJ, JM, 430 WILDD, 9th saHawk w!G, Concerts w!GF, HP,TCGS, DTCH w!HP,GL, 79 prom WXGF, RS-GL-DS-77 Prom Disast, TK and G, Pal-TC, Mex w!GF M.O.A. !G.F. Fisher, Ann-Swimming league champs, fires in the gym, Fun times with best buddy Rapo and other good buddies: CC,SS,CT,K8tKk, KA,BL,KG,DA. F.H. and E.O.B.F. forever. Most of all, great times with Markie, my Twink al- ways. Flanigan, Toni-78 78w!LOVI Julie Bear Fish cowen Bio lunch FC ROP irlgym team RADI- CAL sm'rs8tSr. wfbuds Shelly 81 Zina Hassler beach Led Zep nights Kermit Irish Buzz! skat- ing w!Dean Cahill ZH SH PF JL 84 J RM Cork G. Thanks MOM 81 DAD 80 KICKS! Fletchall, Melisa-Hockey 2 yrs, Badminton 2 yrs., Best Partner KO, Best buddies Japanese 116 surfer, Parsley, Friends-KC,JC, JB,SB,MC,CC, DH,CM,PH,DM, ftbl games, SKI, bluskis, PE with softball, Wst.Div. champs ANGELS. Foley, Mark-VAR SOCCER CIF YAR FTBL TEA TEA TEA MIL THE Stranger PHN BTH W Crisy Eggen Cats Mason AM Skin' w Rox Sandy in SP. Dinner at Tracys THE EDG MDKMLFLH DAVESON PAM S and especially VERA Fowler, Robin-4 great yrs. At Grove best buds debs RANDYKAY, EP,TD,SA,CL, Millers Mob, Partyin' Before and after ftbl fms, Chris' slumber party bud, BB,TL WAN NAGETHI? KM,CK,BabyHuey IBTTJ 8L I'm in LOVE. Frazier, Kevin-Sfg. w!DK rp MB DB Baseball 4 yrs. Frosh ftbl. MM RJ LJ DM RP BO BD RP DK JS MB BA Prom w!SS The Dreaded Hindenbu WXBO 81 MM Planetarium meetings wf BO JBMMRJ Jacuzzin at MB's HOOOOOt- ter Frisch, Laurie-FBLBB games, Sunny, coaches Binley 84 Randall, 3-30-78 w!R.O. Great times wf Linda 81 Kevin, cologne in the eye my mom, Unforgetable memories w!Terri 81 Beth, But most of all meeting Richard Orozco. I Love Youll Fuller, David-Polo?, Fish,TJ,DA, BJ,DV,SH,L LG Working, Playing, Capri, Movies, Racket- ball, DP,KC, Friends,JI,BA, TJ,RB,Junch, Get- ting Out,Braces,One big happy family, BS, I want a divorceEK,FD. Fuller, Russ-EmraldBay, Beach Parties Holy Jum Halls, D.G., R.F.,R,F, T.C., the River, K.B. K.L. J.H. 84 the Gang, Fry Daze White Nights, snow blind, Flics, Sat. Nights, Football Games 84 4 years of total torture. BS8tRC Funston, Julie-Smok Out, Bench Gang, Going to P. S t., Meesh Teech's, D.M., KB., EM. E.J., CB., AND THE P. gang, B.Late, Rad Junch's, Detention, Rumors S.A. M.M. C.S. R.H. V.T. S.A..At S.C. House. CANT WAIT FOR SENIOR PARTY HARDY Gallup, Alicia-All the absurditios and con- forming facades and even playing the game sometimes, there was also tennis. Attempting EQUALITY- Varsity Womans Club. CSF NHS Bonnie Ms. B Msh TG LS Beck. Awareness and unreality. What a trip! Galuza, Shann-4 yrs at Basketblll. Friends JERCBNGBAG, skiing during school. Footbll games. Summers at the beach, My baja bug, My best ski season ever at Aunt B's. And dei- nitely . . . 4 fun yrs. of high scholl. lGood Jokel Ganz, Janet-The best thing I got out of G GHS was my special friends . . . Shelly, Gor- don, Laure Andrews, Paerl Andrews, but most of all Tiffany and Tammy Yert my best friends The great times in Accoun. II with Kim and Pam. Garcia, Bertha-Remembers great times S! good frnds LHGSAWSHDK JAKKKKHWAM, Best bud Lori getting kicket out of movews, B- Day kdnps. V. Tennis, badmt, going out to lunch, getting even wf H.M., cruising, Blck Ands-18, Farrells and 4 great years. Geisbauer, Sarah-Rollerskating at Huntington lblastedl Footblal games!Homecoming 77 wf C.T., C.E.,8tT.L. Partying at the river, ditchin' 7 scammin' at Silverado ouwlllllcruising, 81 all the cerveza- Ecclid park s!D8tS.N. IBUM- MERD 4 wheelin' wf LH 8tS.E. Jammin off campus w!K.D.C.E.L.H.B. A.DM. 84 K.L. and wasting 4 urs at GGHS! Glisch, Alan-Clubs, NHS,CSF, TENNIS Skiing Jogging Down Freeway at 3 AM, Hawaii li78" Summer tour"79", Catalinak ROP, Photo, Bkpkng Bus, Comp. Day, TV tapings, Disney. Graubner, Laurie-Loui8tToui, retreats-sibe- rian peach pie, the forest is dense. ROP-bare- foot is beautiful CF. Sorters can-can Erotic dinner-ACHOO. FJC-fangs, bald eagle Stan- buddy, Yugo 78, oversexed feet Australia, THNGB-Days. Bear Fish Toui, Zig Kim JB Greaves, Kathy-Bng Kuth, Hying, WitePadded Cell,BB,DDDs, GE,Meow,Gerryi, joey,Luvisa Rose WharRYaNuts? SURE, Queen of Spain,KGA,Mongy, prtyVan ItheBTCHl, Xmas 78 Plm Sprngs, Whooo, mee?, Mag8tMag2Foxy Lady, RdStwer, DAS-PU- DBX 2C,DHMOCrag, JitB,fndngQT sw!Deb,NH drugs,PK8t AEG Guevara, Art-80 Rules About Time All Good Times, Concerts-Elton, Loggins, Santana, Tull Best Time-Skiing Steamboat, colo, wfthe Greek and Rammer, Both Snakes and Clowns. Best friends-GB-Greek, JR-Rammer, Cobra,GZ-Z Driver. Guillot, Brian--Vica-State Comp Sacr-RP,RH Mr. Szpila, AM, Jerry Jr. AIA-WALL-3rd place Gothic people-BUBBA Kick Butt, MP, GT,-cat SA,KG, KFgl'the hope" -JPM,DB,DR, DM,JP, 84 lol sis, Seattle summer, A. 84 A.M. Uthanks" Mr Szpila Gullikson, Sharon -Remembers: Great times wf GS CE CM Tim, Europe 79 with Jack l'lil s" and Greece with my first true love, France! Hall, Brad-- Partying w! MM DH AG PB MM KH KF Having the time of my life at GGHS- Argo Excellence!! Hall, Coraleigh-gymnastics 3 yrs, V-ball 3 yrs, swimfhdiving 2 yrs. Prom 788t79, co-ed 79 Go- ing home summer 78, FIGS scammin and chrch dances wfCarolyn. Ditchin to 54th w! Jean. Bst buds-CC RK JM SR AF MD KA H20 gms, the beast and most of all, the special times wif Doug. Hi Mom. Hammond, Valerie--Good Times with all my friends, parties, Highcard, Being rowdy, Pick- niks, MistyMountainHigh But Especially Re- member Victor My Senior Year. Hansen, Dave-4 yrs of H20 polo wf the bus rides, Stage Crew 4 yrs 84 the big shows frnds in the aud., backgammon 81 redeyeg old drama class wfEK, fav teacher Haggerty. Jennifer. Bugging Beebe and my dear friend SS. Ill miss it! Harvey, Laura-Remember Silverado, Friends wif CE, SG, JD, the encouragement from Ms. Beebe, Buddys w! Sherry Evans. Breakfast party wf the gang l-iauenstein, Lynnf- Good times wf great friends BG LP SH JA HW MC GS AW KSLKKDK. Getting even w!M8tH, rancho Foot- ball game 76. DD, people esp, JCMJ, kicked out of movies, Blk Angs TPLCH Helton, Beth-Bst frnds: MP,AP,GB,BM JR,JA, SG,ABfC. RiverfMIM's! crazy FO Oct 6, 79 spdwyfto GA!Rocky Horror stnd Agn! MlM's Utah w!MP8tAP Henderson, Todd-Soph yr, 'lover here" under the bush, Kitty J's car brkdown, cabin 78, 792180, Mac Mug w. 1.3, Argo cond, 2 adaz, l'How many are we going to do?!!" Jaramillo, Kelly-Funtimes-Jr. Picnic,ST's beachhouse,0ur beachhouse, 9th grade at Bolsa, F,B. games,coeds, adv.comp w!SO8t TM. Buddies,MM DR JD ST DT DK TJ TC TM SB JD CL KB DS TM SO AP Uno!" Orange St. Fights w!ST 81 I'll never forget Uscotters PUPPY" Jenkins, Jennifer-Fiddler'77 RlFKA, X-MAS '77 Brer Fox D-land, 3723177 Beggining w! Danny To Last An Eternity, 12724177 Dan's 2nd UD", Eastern 21 Carribbean Trip 8179, Cron's Frogs, Mrs Halk, Mr Miller, Mrs. Long, Times wf Best Friends Danny St Gwen. Jenkins, Tim--CIF Waterpolo 79 w! DH,DA,BJH LDT,TW,RD,BW, KM,BT,Grog.Mqrt 50, The pantry, BBM, Suemy wfbb Doug, all gd times wf Scot. KB ing, Shack,54th wfgang. WWW Summer 788479. Bdmntn w!DH,CL,S8tSC, MG,8tMiss Toutz. Summer of 78 w!Robin. Jones, Lindsay Remembers: Freshman year,Zable Gonzetas butt! Parties at Irvine. TWA bag Hicard Deat with steel:Weekends: 68and most of all Motel 6, Jones, Ron-Baseball all 4 years. Basketball. Varsity Football. The planetarium, Laughing with 82 at friends. My senior year at Grove, The flicks. Keatley, Roxanne-Toutz Volleyball AwlysJean BeckKathNan DawnC.oftice Cab'78Sadies Bi- gSisS andyES63OMD 530PromDave HMikeG- BobB skiingSue,JD CMJIHELTER SKEL- TER,Jr Srpicnics,FB: RmCookieFd MfLgDmMsTm RlSOR,LgThRrt Dv,H2o,T,DhB 8tJwKmBB GfBbJnRmMg KcBsb, AcBtgrl.MdChC 8tMcDkGh-SC. Keck, Dave-I Remember Freshman Track, The Swimming Team and all My Friends SJ SW RK JM and the 4 great years at Grove and ac- ceppting Jesus Christ. Kelly, Sheryl-remmbrs Thurmy Burmy Lunch Bunch PM DM RT SV LC CA, CC Jazz frnds GJ.MR.RL. Homecoming, NHS, JT. Pep Asbly. rom, CoEd, Sadies, McAffe! Rowdy A while wht chex! CYF, CMC,Summer 79, Mare- bear,Quartet 8O,DB.TELC.C K,Nov.77, But most of all David! Good Luck S eniors! Knustgraichen, Ernest-OrgBox !Stad !Chas Fire Ext CLC noteslSAlFBBBL 'AMBBRSLRWCB BFriendsSOFD MSDVMBSuzLil SerbSSSSJSDHJR BLBBGFJNKC JSLK SiIv3DaNOTALKK Var C Case Pat Straight GangCookin Dinner Bach- Pad MovSneakDances TheTurnR8tRin lunchR Lum Buggin Teaches,coaches 8tfamily Kops, Lora-Sheryl CraigRobyn 2 Mikes Ginai16yrsJDave DianeBeckGreg KM SS LS DN spn3buds GGCC 84 Con.C. R-ball skiing wf Sheryl Harte 17b-daytsurprisell RoomieRob SNL Twizone Like,0rida1r4 3-15-79 gum py- lons ortho Ooobaby Mr.Bill HB wfMr.Loud CattleRustling Oct.31...Youreinso much- trouble. Kostalansky, Kevin-Cabinet, LdrshpCamp, Co- logne in the eye, Parties,The Laughies wfMD w!Deb sippin thru straw8tcrusin w!LC runnin for ofhce-,Little surfer Boy, Local w!Deb Sadies wfJB B8tT Buds, EL,LF, and a very special friend, Linda. Koza, Trudy-Best frnd Sheila-B-n-C wf Bud Cheezer BT's Forever-Partye-CW CD TM UD KB MM KD Pfefer-S.Park K.River wfCTC Take life to the Limits. DoobieWah.Free Bird Rocky ll Sgt Peppers lTakeCareDanJPF Bye Led Zeppelin l'80" Krebs, Debbie--Jr sec Sr VP Prom 2 yrs V Tennis 4 yrs Bskball and BB stats PTSA sec JB gms good times w!SH GS SA AW KK LP BG LH JA DR KJ MD GH JM RK MM HM HM GP KM Locker buds JN JB New Word wfRL Jr Sr picnics My 4 bros Mom Dad GGHS I luv Ya All. 117 Kroyer, Kris -Remebers great times wfGood friends BGAWGSLHSH DKLPJAHWMC CLCMCSSSSCPCC TKACC8tSp frnd Ke- vin,Sadies w!MG8tDW,TPLCH, BB wf MrLum,Partys at LP, 4 yrs.BB,SB,Ten. r3O,cruzin,BB in LA Most of all Borrowin from my Lisis, Kim. Kuhlman, Terri--Dave,Nora, Diana,Al,Gonzo, D onmr.Sorter, DW,JY,LM,LH, KL,KM,DS,BA, CE,DS AD,RockyHorror, PiratesCove, Drama,Class of ll80" Yeah,Bye Grove-Luv Ya Lanz, Chris-GGTT MA DB RM HM BiG Game Hunt Fishing For BB CC 77 CCP Brw.W.DOT BE RSM Auto T. BusRides Beach withDB DBs beach P. Lee, Debbie -Flag Twirling,TMDF, BK,LG,CS,lu nch during 4th,crushonLG, Band- Tour,Mr, P,MM GPDH,KG,CO,VL, Basement with JA,Charlie,DY FootballGames, 1221,-181, Proml79 wfChas,Sadies CO- ED,Homecoming'79- l'Halloween".LS Guid-PS AL,AC.8tmeeting Chas O'Brien Leininger, Debbie CIFHOCKY CHAMPSJIEI- lie"g dbds-KNTJMBCD1MYBABEDe, Vspeltms- 4everfrnds srfsD8tC,spel palJG,myr bptnerDR-spelguyl mtngKD,Ltl J8tLK,oldbudDs -Tfrdggagmeg DWeb-my inspo, SL-Nguy,TAHOE, WCamp,sec-KM, DMD,KOTFrnd,Mom, WednesdayNight Hope, mtng8tLoving people . .. Leonhardt, Nora 'lyour my best friend", G. league,Thespians, C.Choir,ll79 Hist Class, Fid- dler,Boogie Shoes, RHPS, HAIR, Black Child, LT8tRC Thanks, AD, DS,DD, Crush on Binley, Pump it . . . Oh Rocky Levine, Loni-1st9gr Fb Gm,times wf RWW8tRAW my gangilunch, Drt w!JJiLapl, frnds-PH,JW, JG,TP,MW,AG, JimJ,MsJ,Sad Hwk wfNathanBtJerry coed wXJerryi2l, Bus.Clb8t T, tapin8tK-Mart, CC,Shoes,S10318t 9-35-79 my Datsun 710 84 KC, Perfect Attend., Jerrys mine 4ever. Littlebury, Carol-Remembers, Co-ed 78 wfJK WPDS's TheCC Bun8tFred Siberia Ngt of GLF 8LCrazy stnts w!JT Surf'n at 5:00, bk up LT on Rd,Rn 3 stps, 1 pk Lic Bucks,PHJLLB KJSS 118 And Most of All intripping wfa spcl someone, Marty. Livezy, Velda-KELLY GUNTHER-lst kiss un- der the bleachers,11pm, CRYING,bandtours, I WANT U JUST THE WAY U R, Prom,July3O,79 TERRI SWEETHEART-MAG- GOT, mountains,BEST FRIENDS, Luv 4ever, DEAR. Dave co-ed.7ams. Cutie,DH DL,DS,AA,TE, 8tMerri, Wheres JN?Sis' JLLK My mom Long, Cindee-G-Lge,2yrs, Sadies,Coeds, Proms Kdnpng,gettn kdnpd, Sambos Rob,Ran,San8tme Millers mob 5-25 gotta go crusin in pokey pringleiiprimo best bud Randi- Pals- SSJBKMM MCKMMJTSA -Class of 80 i'll mess ya Best of all Summer 78 meetn Brian 9-29-78 . .. Looker, Sheryl-Dale Niksch,LoraK. Su- zin,DianeD, MikeR,LS, RN,MD,C-Choir, inter- polation, Pylons,concord, PhysicsMrKrtz. Prom lI79", GGPD skiing ww Lora, star Party, times wf DN , Mr.C,U,B,M. C-Wharf, JS, Da- vidW, 101 28!78 one year . . . cattle rustling, and most of all I Love You Dale, Lovell, Robby-All the good years atGGHS, ASB, buddies,DBLC TEMM,LOW, Fes- ter,DAUP, Holly,Puck8t Cham,TCand dont for- get SS, Changin,Dank, Popeye,Singin gor the Lord, IXOYE,Best friend Mike,ministry, and especially being with8Lloving Stephanie Wien- cek. Lowther, Becky-Great years wfgood friends ILY KM loving JC irk Chuckie sxy Dan Drake Kbye CMSLJTS Belv fantstc summr 78 w!VV W WWZLWW lng tme frnds TFiROCl KK RL AG MS NM AF TC GS TM LK DV JR JI Heyblood! V. Volbl wfmy KAKLRK JM AWLY. My Mark Jones 3!23!79. Lozinsky, Darlene-BB WXTD and great times w!LO SA EO VT SL DM MM SB SC JB WJ LH LP and good ol' SG. Jumping off HB pier 84 getting caught. But remembering most of all, all the outrageous partyini Madison, Maria-Randy McAfee,Prom, Co-ed,' 79 Wrestling and Track meets Best buddy Ginny Pankopf 4 yrs band, Chaffey 76 Tour 78-79 Good times w!RM,GP,JS, COB,, DL,LF,HM, DK,DH,VH, 3rd period w! Louie Covina Footballgame OB BigEyes Hot Damn Good Job,Good Job Maestas, Lori --All the fun I had Last year Mr.Binleys class was the best I had. The fun of skipping classes with teachers permission. The fun of going to see a trial in Mr.Shields Law class The times when Mrs Zimmer let us go early. Manfredi, Karen-School Dances The people, What they did and what they stand for.Knotts Aug. 84 Uransco Tenn.TMVB SC Great frnds S.Lowery,LS J. Coutts! The summer of Il79" and the love I have for CL JV SL JC, Malone, Mark-Class of 80-High Jump-code names-Monica Konashs CIF-Track Football DSKOSKS Rock n Roll BT KM JK SB DD SD RR Party on GARDEN GROVE HIGH SCHOOL- Class of 80 Rules??????????????? Marasco, Karen-4 yrs of good memories at GGHS. Going to Games and dances. Always re- membering my 78 star wrestler St love Rodney Powell. Getting to know friends like SJ, Saying good-bye to Grove, now looking forward to the future. . Marbut, Tammie-Falling in luv w! the one who loves me most, Jesus. Buddiesbtcy, Pollie, Vicky. ROCO Summer of 78. B's AIrks. Grow- ing wx'Clyde. Frisbee.Exposed by Kev, Gary. Luving CBC. ArtRm-paint fight. Flg Twirlers. Mr.Cl All the luv for 81 from Mom 81 Dad Martinez, Celia-Best times at fbg,bch, Gun- ners Cds Prmsg Best w!E at UCSB wf Kurt CIsPres2yr Wiggin w!PTOpals DSLM-BTA1O:OO Ses8L9dayHM HeltSkelt 373SPI WWWZLWW Crusin theblv.spyin w!JT skidogginfit SNLw! MB skiing Mead wf JT Best Pals JTBKKMVVRK JDTCGS8tMy KM Mason, Mike-Remembers, football, baseball and having fun with LANIN. Junior year, H- card, Parties at Irvine, Randells Retreat, Coed 79, Diz w!D., weekends, JV baseball with Z, li- brary WXDS LJ RR. Mashoof, Azita-RMBRS the great class of 80 lunch bunch group, the Keywanettes club movies, dances, football games, beach partys, French breakfast w!Sorter good tms w!JC TM DM KM LJ MM LC TF KC SN KL TH SV Matchik, Randi-V-gymnastics-4yrs, CIF, Proms G-lgue sponsoring and kidnpd, hockey, NHS Millers Mob:CIN, ROB,SAN, RAN. Primo- Pokey best buds Cindee L. Rembrs:RF,RT, SA,NG,KM, CH ET 11-29-78 Hints 84 Winks, Looks like we made it! McAlmond, Marcie-Good Times w!Spcl friends, DINO,MARKMJEFF'S MUGGY, JEANNIE. BB,GF, JN,A8.GY,TJ God Bless Ya Kara 84 Rhonda-FB ABB gms, co-ed "79" wf Doug-Sadies lBlastl JBQR U GAY??l D,Team, Grls league,PepClb Badminton-Toutz, MrWinkler,Thanx for the ride Steve! McCoy, Deanna-Rmmbrs: ThermyBermy LunchBunch SV PM MT CK-Frnds JC GA GC CA KC AM NL MD LS TP LH SD-Pep Clb KT KD-LeBun-Beach Dland 79 c pcks 2 tokrs Nurd! Roger! a whl wht chx? Ariz 7879 BgBr 79 DCSLMCTBJM Randy Ron Sheri Beri Jan- 80-Jesus! McKillip, Rhonda-Good Times w!SPL frnds JN jb,gf,bb,mt,ba, Also God Bless Marcie A Kara friends forever Co-ed 77-78 getting lost in Hollywood. Co-ed 79 w!Smitty,Sadies wf PB, DT 76' League Champs wffishes Spl X w! Tim JackinBox, P.S. Tim I Love You! McTaggert, Jean-V-ballirl CIF wheres my glasses CS, Gymnastics, Diving. SR. class Treas. Fun in woodshop 3 yrslThanks Lin? Mak'g my Hutch! Mr. Adams ir 1 teacher. Buddies KA,CH,RK, CC,BL,SR, Coraleigh lets hit McDonalds, Co-ed, Proms Good times wf Richard Faith. Mecham, Jean-Bear,LG, Frsh,P.N. Lovi, l'the crabs", IM, Teddy, Papa W, Hey Baby . . ., Pick ups, scmn, goin crzy, summer '79, Prom 78 w!Bub, et sh, Doub dt., Ind st. lB.S.l, Zig 81 Fuzz, yth grp, snow, prtys APH Sp clb, Jazz,22O, Ftbl gm, KFC, HBTM Rc-qtbl , Ms H, Ms B, Mrs M, Ms8tStu Medower, Peggy-Rmmbrs: Frosh yr, frnds:MT SVJCDMCKMS DAJGGSRW Lil bro KV Deary-JF, San Diego, Forest Home-Staff, ThermyBermy LunchBunch, Spnsh2, movies Superman,Dland 79, Surfs up, OO0Baby!! Rex, Dodgers 84 Angels, Ir10, 115, RAIN BOWS! But most of all B.Batesole. Moll, Tricia-Rmbrs best summer 79-Beach, Knotts, wflots of friends, ftbl games, lunch circle pals, hippos, RA, Homecoming clubs Special Friends PN, RN VB AM TV SV T w Tami, cuz Julie, Rx. and of course "TC" and Jane. Miller, Karen-Freshman yr. Drill team, Your my friend, Diy, Kay, Birdie, DD, DS, AD, NL MG, LM, LH, V2 my junior yr. Pirates Cove, Disneyland July 4th 77-78, co-ed 79, Most of all Bama 5!78-forever, And all the beautiful people at GGHS Thanx Melgoza, Ken-Remembers 4 yrs Water Polo 3 yrs swim. The Gang-DA BD TJ DH RD TW BJH LD BW BT and the Secan. The beach,54th great times with the team, Good friends- cousin K0 LM JB KM MD JN. The prom 80 84 great times with Gwen. Baby Yea, BBM Mem- berFmita Messer, Kara-Lil sis JV Yell V song 3 yrs long buds, NCA 79 locker bud, God Bless Ya Rhonda8tMarcie, loving Tim J, homecoming 79 Lush 81 frnds, bdmntn, eagles wfMW, Super Friends 4 grt yrs at GGHS, Prom 80 coed Greg Ron Means, Mom 8t Dad. Moore, Derek-Remembers rowdy football games, Prom H78-79", partying wf C.B., EJ A.J,M.R,A.R, and good looking girls and most important JM Morsk, Kathy Jo-Realizing the implications of knowing Him, tms w!B-chky,irk, K-bye,ILY CIF hockey, hmcmg 76-77, snow TC, Wed nite DW, Rainbow! Don, Deb, Col: 1:9-12 Cind, Mart owl Love you JT, CM VV MS RC DE LK LB SL MP WC LW Willy, KY, smmr 78 81 Jo for loving me to HIM. Muro, Paul-Mrs Swarms class, My friends DS dk dh sk ma Mr U's class Mr Cs, studyin 81 laughing in civics. Sat Nite Live wf Oh Noo Mr Bill! Amityville horror, and superman. The Beach, Led Zeppelin, Boston, Van Halen and Aerosmith FM MB and BB grt photo wrk in Mr. Melts class Murphy, Heidy-Summers, Lifeguard'n 78-79, KM, BS R 81 L, skiing, leadership camp, MTU SAC, VTennis, Badminton,"Murph", RQ tourny Blue Grass Fiddlin w! MM, Roller Skating 10 kil. Mr C. MM DK LH LF llThe greatest" TJ NEARRDCPSBM HAH" Thanks Mom. Mueller, Sydnie-The 5 sissers JMs BD-cheers Football Games 84 PP snapps teachers lounge TE HE! Getting Away With it. G.O. 89 M.0. Concert Choir Good friends JM DS DA SW CS SJ KC BH And special person-Scott. Neely, Jeff-Remembers the boxer, spaceman, "Fair" KM,MM,RM,SS, SS,TS,DK, Basketball, B J, Bomb, Baker Wagon, X-Datsun, Syn- drome, Rich,Purple Haze, my bro's,KSerber, 25, 6-9-79, GFCCPJ, electric dog, electric bird, but especially "Monica" boo, FMITA Neil, Paula-Best of friends, JM RN TM JW JB TF SS ST VB LN LG AM SV PS RH Sum- mer 79 HB wf JM ST MC Black Angus wf JM LN LG ST coke and spring wfthe gang. KFC wfJM 84 JTMTKRFDM Knotts wfJW TM PS VP Nelson, Chris-I remem making Drummajor, having Adams in wood const, 81 building benches 4 home Ec. Const. w!MT Football games, Parties, band tour Whoo-AA Adrien Band, Band comp. Straw. Fest. Gettin kicked out of Ranch 84 loving it! Lake Porthy wf MT Sierras Raft. Nelson, Laura-Lovi ToviFish Bear LungsStan- Bud dyCronBaby BB'sBabies JMBkSeatEat ShoeWMWhats Lucky?TGCU TBVitCGoose PCtimDBfootsies SpClub BioClubCSF NHSHeyMrLum Wherestheparty? YUGOMS HHawaiiMrsMT HNGVBdaysYES Jesus Christ Who NEVER let me down. Nelson, Ron-Remembers KT TN RE SSSSSS CS SR KA AF GP McGees,RHorror, Bumper, r we not men, ICC Ledershpcmp, DM MC 72 Chev, BB Meysengumby,SB '78 Inch bnch in 13, Astro Club,FF club, PunkRock, Devo, Wacka-Wacka CWM F, Whooaa, RseParade 77-80. 119 Nguyen, Thu-huong-Thanks to all of you teachers and friends, even though you never go my name right! Nguyet, Thanh, Thi, Fish statcey, Lovi,Tovi, Bear, BB NL red balloons B's . , . Nolen, Kim-I remember bsktbl, bsbl, wtplo stats, Ice throwing, always lost, silly argue- ments, "Spastic Frnrs", staring, my favorite Uncle Lum, my first bsktbl. game with Pie 84 falling in luf. Best times w!Cheri 81 Kell. WOW! It's over! Nutter, Robyn-Lowa, Shewyl Mike MrLoud Kat GD ST TM GJ CPY DD MD SK, KntsSF Lnchgang APPLCOR! SNL Lalato8zroomieLora twizonefortho Carls like,orida oohbabee 1:4 T.P8ing Sp It3 cmp!nCH MnMHlwships St frnds at chrch DP MH JB Ed!Nutterbutter - Buzz-Jesus,PTL! O'Brien, Erin-Gd buddies of '!79" Prty buds WJ SA VT YT LO DL KD EL SL DM My grt times in ECE. my favorite lol buddie Lora T New Yrs with WJ 84 good times with CK and memories More memories to come Thanx Mom8tDad O'Dea, Brian-Poppin em off in Hinden-boo w!KF MM 81 the dreaded Search. Free-bird, yah! Twinkle breaks at snatch. Fraziers Evans tapes. Bertch's whoop-ee cushion in the plan- etarium. The Gan g in Sprangs cl ass: RJ MM S0 KG JB KF Totally going balls out wfmass quantities of jokes. O'Donnell, Scott-Sorry Llnda!!!Deb Tyler. FBn12PMBB wfSilvKnust MexVillBeck. Or- ange boxFireExt Carchases "STRAIGHT- GANG"Free FlicksBal.n'rain MovieSneakin Big8tLilSerb Silva'sClan J8tSSistek, SSJDTHCMP SCHBPKJKOKM SMMFMGBJ,MrLum But Most of all My Darci Fletch!!!!! O'Reilly, Kathy-Frnds SRCCJLRK KM BLDLRC,Bch prtys wfswimbuds, CoedSa- diesProms, Swimchamps Wargamessol., FHockeyRAH! 1rlCIFtbl Polo,Bball gms.80V.Yell, Wednites! Minor,Haggerty, Ha- waii,IOXYE, ThanksMom8zDad, And the special person in my life Mike Gray, 6!6!79, YAB' BADOO! 120 Orozco, Richard-Helmet bufhng friday night FB games, post game activities, JV baseball weekends, cook-outs w!Ron, The Garza Vega Mohawk, Jr.picnic tWhat good are ya?l, Gene 8t Ron at K.F.C., Springer, iWell thats about itll Ortiz, David-Remembers Fun Times w!NA and MB In Europe 77, Going Skiing wfFL and TG Goodtimes wf Friends KT,ST,Julie KG, MM. But most of all Finding Suzan and Falling in Love. Pankopf, Ginny-Dave 84 all the Laughs, Smiles Tickles 84 Pouts. Best Bud Maria. 4 yrs of Band wfDL SC JS OB DK IMC. Looking wf Den. My special week in D.C. Bozo English w! SR, My Boat. RN CS KA AF VS. Special Flirt J.P. Chaffey '76. Pappas, Maria-BST FRDS-BH,GB, SG,BM,JA,JR, C.River WXDTHRGXHRLY DAVSN stnd Again!RKY Hor!CrzyMa! M8tMsKW8tKW! Oct6,79Cycl Spdwy NW JB! WKNG wfMH8tMPfOrch Patterson, Tina-Remembers DT 77-78, Mrs. Wrightson, Wade D 'i77", Bgbro Pat 81 Ernie. Fun times with LL PH AW TR AY GY SM Sadies w!BB !!77". Ftbl games, hf tm shows. Mtng the gng Phil,Darrel,Kevin 84 Alan "78". Working at "Del Taco" Pearson, Cheri-DT 10 time shows pep assem stats: FB BB H20 Polo, BB Guys 'ol Ralph Polo Guys: Doug Tim George Blake Miss Amer Smiles John Z Gary G David G Sue J Lisa J Condo Gang lst Luv Carl, nKnames Donk BB 78 Cruzin B8tR31FUN Crushes Kim 81 Kelli Phillippi, Lori-9-20-77, Pooh,Knotts- Hal- lo0w een w!JA Rm Rt,Tennis,Gl, Kicked out of movies, camping, sadies, coed, Prom w!J. 16 b-day best ever! Grt Xs wfmy friends,LHSH DKGSAWKK KKHWMC. Best bud Bert. 3 grt years w!Jorge. I LOVE YOU JORGE FOR- EVER,Thanx! Phillips, Marc-Buddies SM,LR,PH,LG,KB, and DN and KN, MrS MrP, Argolog Editor, Draffink and Arkitekshur, My Datsun '80 iAlso '74 Grem and Dartl,L-Sause, Fri nite til 5 In- finity, Excalibur,Led and finally 2 years wf Laura. Poy, Matthew-Running for office, 4 yrs tennis team, dances, Pumpkin costume award, FB gms. Senior Priv., Teachers: P.D, V.T. L.W. Mr U. Murph S.M, Friends: BC TR RC DB KR CR MG Bast DP TsT, Tooths, bedpans, Q-tips, Most of all MOM!! Ramos, Jeff--Rammer! 3 yrs V Tennis, Ski Col I nite strand-DS Sum 78-79 Christy Tylerso special! Beach Parties-Crackling R. 81 Christy Ty. Our Songs EW8tF-The Love Will Never Go! Ramblin GZ KB VH AG BL Muff BeavTS! Fly- ing! Always Lovin Christy 80! Rappaport, Sandy-V-Tennis fMVPlV-Bad- minton IMVPJWinning District SR8tKA Best bUD Fisher BLMW BGSHLPJALH GSHWGPKARN DBHTStupid Camaro Lack of Money EOBF,TS,STS, FHiToTheMaxl Charlie8zSuzie PEParties 1020 GangiINGERSl AZHOGBECH Mostly my love Andy. Reed, Gwen--Cooper RnR Tuna JJJ BB SM Rat n Pack Randy 2? TheParty, Wildman, KB, What, he won't marry you? TC and me Pismo, MW Rubber Ducky, Cat scratch fever, We're all crazy!! Being the only girl in Auto Tech. Reed, Sonda-Never Forget-meeting Phil, All my friends. Favorite teachers Ms Wilde Wait- ing so long to Graduate. Remeyer, Ron-Remembers: Soccer8tFootball screwing around with GH JS LG BD Senior Party Junior year River Irvine Orange Street H-Card S-Skiing,Randalls Retreat 84 Always CM. Reynosa, Margaret-The four years at Grove were the most exciting days of my life. To all my friends DS TK SS '!Good Luck" and to SS for the nicest birthday night at the Bass. '!See You" Rice, Suzanne-Frosh Trs Soph JV Yell Jr Cab Sr ASB VP Ld camp 78-80, Whoopie!Sal Mr.Z Sorters tree St P.J.stRW RW PMJEurope 79! Big S! Dad JStParty,GreekmenJ Cruzin CC D-days, Beach, Dances, Buddies, SG HM MC CH HM SS Cab gang my honey neil Richards, Michelle-Ompa Lunch at Comstock JR, Caught Hawaii 77 Fat Al,Tubby Tom, Co Ed,Sadies, Prom!Zap,Aug 18, 79,Parties, Deals8tSat NtScams at Jodies, wk!KM,MF- DM Last Chance, BB sitting 4:45 Beach, Frosh-SA FF Jodi D, Chlckenskin Rock, Terrence-The Condors lV.Sl Garden Grove 1979, Football. Last Quarter Zero Time Left Ron Means goes in for a T.D. score final: GG 31, Calif.27 HA! HA! HA!HA!HEE! HEE! Rodwell, Terry-Rmbrg 2 yrs Drill Team!All my friends LG!PH!TP! DWXJWXJY Mc D. Pals, Spcl buddy LS "Burrito", Close frnd DP! B Bear 79!914 Porsche, The best time 'I' GGHS, Metg Spcl love BOB CARLSON i4f 27lCherished frnds ALICEXGRACEX PING! PONGX PADDLES 4 EVER Ross, Steve- Remembers 'lButch you're nuts" Friends from GGCC "L 015 58 U 125" DYE WARS at night, Bein Rowdy at ACCC "Some- thing goin wrong around here" J "Butch" T and L'lBS"b Uthe cats" mail, Styx, and "KIL- ROY WAS HERE" Rule, Daniel-Shooting cans in Desert with Mike W, working with Phil and Andy at Pach- inko Palace, OCTD with friends, 'lRocky Hor- ror" Sat Nights, Homecoming 4 years, sum- mer tiie drivers ed, the Proms, Gun collecting 12 years at GG schools, All my friends in Gar- den Grove Super Senior Class and Tab CB MW MT Salazar, Liz-Favorable W-T-Pooh, Best friend MASA, 2 good years w!Bud, Cabin trip wf Terri Alice and Grace, Tryouts w!D.Lee, TAing 4 Mr Price, Precious Palls R Lilly MS TD BC 81 Mark, summer of 78 w!Dolores, The Foxmoor gang. Thanks Mom 8t Dad8t GGHS PPPSLN 4 ever Sanchez, Charmian-Dancin Nic.79, FB nights cruz DAT 610, Inch snks scam party toga w! church,Swensens, "the courts", fish, Sadies Kay, SF w!GI, concerts, SYM-101 lGPRNVSECTl CSF Slave, BFS QSE-Olooopsi P-84 yum-J. Mugs Schierberl, David-Remembers 4 years of Var- sity Soccer working in the library with MM LJ and RR Drive-ins with IG!H.Card Surfin at San Onofre with Tweeters and KB 2 years DA and scams GrateTimes with Irene. Takin it easy Schmeidel, Stacey-Music-Cello, XY,GSPS,crying tht laugh! IMC Pres 2ce, NHS Pres CSF G's Lgue, FSJD, Butch4 Prerstnatn, lt wfpass. Cngrts, many almosts VIPs:StLn CbJnBwAt Tchrs NcCfJh, Mrs M Miss H . Mr. PtrsnlILY siri Ms. B. QILY 23. P.P. and P of E. Serber, Suzie-Chng from Lil Serb to Big Serb CBH buddy Sally TreeC Kukla Fran St Ernie KNeely Lanin Dr. Barney 81 Nurse Goodbody I'm Sure! Cheer pals JV Super Sqd V-Yell 2 yrs NCA camp NHS Mama BB Can I May I. Lrng Latin? B est Buddies - Snoopy 81 JOHN. Shaeffer, Susan-I've had 4 grt years at GGHS all the teachers are great, My crazy friends, DS CL RJ EK and especially MR I wish happi- ness an d good luck to everyone in the future. May God be with the class of 80. Shreeves, Sally-You CBH! Soozee-Notes, Air- ing out popcorn, Pine Club. Idyllwild-H eidi, Beau, Joanna, 84 Hot Fudge Cake. Dr. E A LA Debut. AP, "prepared", JanZ Cabinet Gang, ASB Pres, Suz-Whoopee! Fat Daren, Zi La Bomba. And Insubordination. Silk, Gina-Remembers Good friends - LP,JA, CT,DK,KKK, LH,BG,PH, Mongy, dances, crui- zin wf Best Buds Avis,SA,SHlJJGl Beeep, weev, dis-n-Knoyys GALORE HD, tourist Good Times w!Jim, BBlthanxi, D.Face, G.L. Kid- napping, D-n-D, Buns, Broadway. Silva, Mike-NanMercado MidniteBBn Con- certs FBBBSoccer CIFstaredown BrokenLeg DisJawMazda7 colorBugLock RmRnRChoppin LowMovie SneakinThe TurnCarChases Balcho- nyCookin DinnerBachelor PadJOKING ROUNDTHE STRAIGHTGANG FriendsKK SCKABLKMSST oths0desErn CiscoAsthma- Peck Silva, Victor-Parties, HighCord, Scamming snappers,picnics, Beach, RK,How Could I for- get. Partying in BD's van. Coed BP. Weekend Mick's and Heinies with all my friends:BD,JS, TH,AR,PF,GH,LG, CS,GP,RR,AP, Mostly the times with U H. Simmons, Lance-Joey Dee-Dee Joe Mick Paul S Nicky Steve Paul C John Sid, Indeed. Sistek, Sheri L.-My Glemple 8-1-77,DT, Chafey, MMISL, bst JVyell, Song-gms Mof8tLof,camp cry, Hmcmg.'77w!MM, Bal.n'rain,Ski trps Taho-Stmbt, Badmtn,Catlna w!MV-chprns, buds BB,DK,DH,AF, LC,TC,DB,MD, KM,GB,SS,Gang Fd,Bw, SO, MS,EK,DV, fchril,Bst-Ma, Pa,JC- Thanx! Slaughter, Denise-Louie Frias my sweetheart, Easter,Co-Ed 84 Prom '79, December 23, 1979 9-29-79, Adrain, Sadie Hawkins '78, Choir, the old gang, l'the snobs", fridays, M.W., T.E., V.L., P.S., R.L., L.S., J.S., the beach, the Im- pala, PTL, my mom. Smith, Darryl-I remember going to my car in the mornings with Andy. Pres BobD St Carlos Smith, Terese-Maui, Suz,IfY ouGo . . .,DbIVis, AnaDayCare, WWW,Ftbll Games,MaSerb, SSKMCTLB SMSS,BUTT,2yrs V-Yell 78- 8ONCA Camps2r43 Bsk bllGames 79 MVS Party LFS prty Co-ed 79 JB JNGF GJR Her- row.MrsA. SharBear, And most of all . . . Smith, Terese-Maui,Suz, IfYouGo . . ., DblVis, AnaDayCare, WWW,FtbllGames, MaSerb, SSKMCTLBSM SS,BUTT,2yrs V-Yell 78- 80NCACamps 243 BskbllGames 79 MVs Prty LFs prty Co-ed 79 JBJNGF gjr Herrow, MrsA. SharBear, Paul. Slaughter, Denise-LOUIE FRlASmy sweet- heart Easter,Co-ed 81 Prom 79 December 23, 1979, Adrian Sadie Hawkins "78 Choir, the old gang "the snobs", Fridays, M.W., T.E.,V.L., P.S, R.L., L.S.,J.S., the beach,theImpala, PTL, my mom. Smith, Patricia-4 yrs Band, Chaffey 76, 7Ams '76 parties, 2 yrs Span Cl, Pep Cl Special Friends Paula Rachel Shannon and RN VB TM JW TF JM. The l'circle" at lunch. Going to SD wf Lillian. Thanx Mom,Dad,Ed, specially Robin. ILU Hume Lake. Sorenson, Diana-Summer"79" "Your my 121 best friend" The little black child Kay, Ren. Ang. Nora, Dave D, DS Lori, Laurie Mike R.H.P.S. Partyin with the gang. Laguna and the rock. Pardon moi, and friends. Speck, John-W-3 yrs Argo football RM CM at Halloween dance, soph capin with TH BD DK TC High Card Bt Best Snapper DF SS Spolerich, Pam-My Jim 3f24!79. National Lumber, beach, rollerskating, Farrells, Silve- rado! Jr Privileges! GO. with Deb! All great lunches with pals. Many special people,Christy, Lora,Family. Benker Trips to the rescue! Prom 79 DanetteSteve Sandy PhilJim. Springfield, Gina-SPWJHPTFSG thbest FTDBRT swm mtszwired Mexw!Tuna GIN B.15l CSSLDB Cl sec VTD 3-18-78 Peg Keneb Pieri P surf Qts DTDLL GMAB Bianca Oops chorts SrPnLB FTL wf SAVT Cl Treas Prm wf T OCIR ANUA Jam'n wfTRA TC 17 B-D!BM grt tms wfbst pals TC HP TF . . . wif Swartzel, Marcia-Rmmbrs: frnds KC JB LS KA PM MM MD SD KG Forest Home 788479- Znd wd,Bk-Pking, running, skng8tlaughing!- CH,KW,SO,MR, LS,JH,LH,TS-ski trip 79, Swrtzck Bgft ROWD 823, TN 81 SN fBobsl- dec. at arrwhd 82 grwng wf JC Tackitt, Jan-LBXCLW PH!Th GNG!Bng Lo- cal BchBum!Mstke! LM-SPDIVAN!Gry Cards,CJ!ATH?f WPDS,EPs!tt bros-LKNGDU Prob.MrBil 0NO!Lw's Wding-Slystrng! LGFW Track, CC-Nikes! CC-ICC! July 4?!Fav Place Hunt. Bch.9-8-78. LifeGrd Prty. Special Prsn, Rodney XXOOO-Sylvester-GS! Taylor, CherylYFrosh! SophJV Tennis,Jr. Yr Var dbls WXSR Hmcmg 77 w!SG,CE,TL,SR TJ JT Never forget DK LP w!LS Skiing wf CM MD CS DD DM Concerts and partys Buddys Sandy84Lisa8tDiane Will always remember Lisa Goodyear St Will never forget Chris M. Taylor, Roger-Good times with Good People, Teachers, Students, Everyone. Thanks Grove. Thomas, Terri-Velda KG, Maggot,cherished moments w!MA,bridge, LOTS,Band 4 yrs,Tour, BusRides,7ams, goodfriends BirdRW,WH, TG,SG,MW DY,Moviesw! Rob- 122 bie84Larry, Bucko,Dear, Sweetheart,mountai ns, Co-ed79,Imsure, JustTheWay YOuAre ,.. RlandLP Tidball, Jeannie-Rmbrs- cruzn,BB-LP, g.lge, cbnt,ftbl, shvy-shuvit, my pinto-HA! partyz, TC,tkle me pnk mr grn, TDWG, bg hanz, MILI JN, racin DO ESP SL-Brat, bein gfy, D8zRC RHPS, cmp msct, all hr pls, 4 fn yrs-Thanx Grove!PS-ill never frgt u Lisa G. Tody, Ramona-4 grt yrs At GGHS Ftball and b ball games Summer of 77 wfTG, 12-27-78 WB Special teach Mr. H Sadies 78 wf MW. Summer Places ERB,BF,FA ThurmyBurmy LunchBunch. Pals PM CK SV DM MD GS JC Its a whole Wheat check Forever Mike C. Toigo, Dawn-lHJSymbolism, Hypo- thoses,Catalina 0 h2o S, Fruit Pole, Football Games, Field Hockey Rah!-Minor, Champs,High Sticking, E, of yt. cr,-D.W., For- get JS, V.B.F.-M.F., Rem-DF,JC KCJBGCSB Tovar, Corina-Good Pals-Michelle, GS,AW,Fishes, LT LF KKK LC PG Fun at Sadies 78, FB agames, and Big Crush on KU. Trout, Shannon-Sorter Can-Can,Toga, Suprparties Band,Cath B8tB,stace, Cat-baI- cony c Fr.pole,bp. libr. BS, !'yes"Bear, Zig,Lovi,Tovi, Fish,CUTB, Pappa War- ren,DB,PC, Tim,Sp Club, HBWGL? sqrt gun,vitC, screamin Hawaii, Stan Buddy, Ms,B MrsM,MissH, BBKB,Church Fam. Tuohino, Joan-Best Times at Beach Gunners FBGS Mead Elvin Bishop Cruzer the Belv. SNL wf Mr.B spying w!CM camp 76 HelterSkelter 373SPI Prom 79 BR WWWSLWW TP8t Wiggin w!PTOPaIs Best Buds:CEM,BL, KM,MB,VV,GS, TC,RK,PTO Pals JD,RL 81 the rest, Tyler, Christy-Varsity 84 JV cheer pals,NCA, Swim,G.League, Flag!ID, '80,Mr.Lum, pep as- semblies, dances, 2:34!JT my Wicked Man 0's! 2 Fols!0rozk, CR, Jeff my lo for always 81 ever. Banks! Special friends, Precious mo- ments, Times I'll always remember. Tyree, Sheila-All the good times wfbest friends, TK CO CW CD DD JT LB, and KD All the BT's and DT's in the past years. Posners class party 11th. M.Quintana, To Smell wf Lori at lunch, Led Zep, Trudy FAF, and TOO MANY PARTIES! Underdown, Randy-Remembers playing ten- nis 82 Badminton,football games, Ramblin wf Bing, good friends GC BC NL MF KR MP TR TD DP, soph yr, JF, teachers SB DM SL PH SC DS BB DC. VanSon, Vicki-Roco summer 78 Tandem wf Tami after you Beach w!Doug EM, 2 yrs. COED 79 wfBK. Laguna Nights wf Becky. Ftbl gms wfRhonda DK wfNorma TA for sxy PW WWWSLWW Buddies BL RM TM NS JT CM8tKM. Best ever Gary C. Vargas, Stella-Rmbrs Pep asmbls FtbGms Hom Com Sadies Co-ed Girls leag YBStaff 4 yrs Spcl Frnds PMTMJWRTDM CKEMJCKCDC MFCALCDTGCAM ThurmyBurmy LunchBunch Sorter Clubs Cruzn Sen Priv cls ring Sum 79 Sp 2 cls Carls Driv Train STYX, Rex,Snoopy, Thanks MOM 81 DAD! Vill, David-OrgBox MilkRammer Sl'ieriCheri Lenny's badflick Pals JIdfSOckTHbl FDmbMSpsKS slSSjs Making It 2 a daysTD- soph yrVARFB sneakingin everywhereMaster PlotsTodds8z MyCatBadDrivers PatrolBrutus DKSSBBRZKCHCX- Dirty30'!Straight gang"ADV.DCFB family Reev8tGlen Villagran, Theresa-Remembers crusin' the blvd good friends MV BL ER AE KQ MP JW having ECE, ROP Banking and being TA for Mrs, Medings. Most of all meeting my boyfriend Lupe A. 2726! 77, PS:Thanks Mom and Dad. Waggoner, Shawn-Prayer on 78 Tour, Saxo- phone, Dizzy, 4 yrs Jazz, TW,JT,LS,PC, BW,DC,WM,MM, Chan,Mikey, SS,MS,Maynard, Colossus,BB Baby,Best Sec- tion ever, Born 12-1-77, McD Band, Agape To All My Brothers 81 Sisters, John 3:16, Mara- natha Soon! IXOYE Walker, Melanie-Remembers DS JC KL LL DM big beach bust, Prom '79, crazy times w! Wade 81 Deb, MMV, crsh on MS,big sis 84 Chinaman, 9-22-79,Disneyland, drive-in w! gang WDDSJHVFSCMC MWBS,San Onofre, prty nites, campout at Apt. 81 Sweetie Bill. Weston, MerrifBand 4 yrs, 7am's lk times, Girls league, Lunch wfAngela, Dr.P,TT,DH, DS, LF, BK, TS, TF, Velda, Randi Tracey 81 all my friends, waterskiing Prom 79 wfMike, "Theres JN",fat cow, DJ Good Times, Adrian, IXOYE. Whitcomb, Angela-Remember DP and Adrian Moped 81 MW Good Times w!DK, MD and good friend HH and goofy JS Fun times in Tall Flag-Pep Clb and Girls League. Whittaker, Helen-Hawaii, 80 all the way! Thanks Mr. Frank! FH CIF Champs 79 FHV3 Hocky RAH! SBCIF8177, SBV4 Thanks Minor! Pals BGKK LLS GL4yrs KMG kdnpg, SH clsw! MW Bestest friends81times w!Monica!0ld JJs Revenge WP JBJ Picky,Porky,Pokey! Hi Hey- wood! Whittington, KelliefDT Soph Eng, Spn Il wf JZ H20 polo 81 swim stats, TJ GW BW JC My Bro. TA for C81C, '79 smr"SCanovia" 54th,DH DL 'lKickin" "Turist" l'Sex God" "Doin it in the Beast" And my friends Cheri,Kim, 81 Lisa lTJl I CAN! Wiegman, Tom-4 yrs waterpolo, league champs 79 2 yr soccer, 2 yr swimming, bad- minton, good friends, DA TJ KM DH GW JM TC BW KO SS BT RD MD and Senior Sanct. gang, BBM on 7th Sumoo, football, flatbeds, extremely poor, SS's, Our Coach Colton, CW Whooaa, Alphie 4 grt yrs. Williamson, Mike-Gail, Dann,Mich, Dar- ryl,Denise, Gloria and Bill Also Wild Elephant Hunting in Alaska. Hang gliding while hunting for held mice. Beach parties and Gail. Wills, RonfBand 4 yrs, 7am, Poker, Uniform Mgr,Peterson- Weenie,LuvSmash, Camaro, Devil Wrshprs, Fun w!GP MM KG CO DL TT VL Tennis Prom 79 w!JM Sorters Jammies w!Rin SR Ellen Turbow, My Love For Jacque- lyn, Sharing 4 great yrs wfDave Corfman. Fwends LL TU PN RN VB TM SS CLST, SPM JM. Summer of 79, sharing locker, Rgdy Ann 81 Andy, Hippos, ftbl, homecoming, lunch circle deaf, Knott's berry Funny, Stella spoon, Spe- cial people Molls, Mom 81 Dad Bestest frnd 4- ever Tricia Winters, David-SL LK MR DP TD DD SA CD CS HC BR TD MMISL, DRMA C.Cr ORCH, Spn 3, Rky Hor, Cut.Ft. 60 stich, Mr. LOUD, Par- tys, lst ski w!Sher,SCRUB, Hunt.Bch.,0P's, B.Bding GGCC Tour lDo U Grw Herbs?J Sad Hawk W! DRY KNII, Prom wfTT 4 yrs at Grove Esp SUMMERS! Wirth, Deborah-4 years as a bleacher bum, 2 years with Mel, Mark Stoughton, and Shelly Anderson, The best friend in the whole world Photography. Witten, Maryanne-2 yrs DT Swpstks 79 Mrs W Back of Bus w!Su Nu PDBoy 81 Pylons wf CA Co-ed 79 w!RW EAGLES w!Kara Lnch 81 Sacons wf Denise Mushy 1-19-78 Helen Mar- cie Amy R. Woods 1-27-79 w!Chris Mark M Picky Porky 81 Pokey Nerdies Best Frd Susan Dot 81 Wally RA Woods, Ron-Band "Chaffey-H.S" R.W. L.L. H.T. D.B. Co-ed w.fSuzane, M.W. "V.P"S.R.,Wow! Europe 79, Gary in biology "tests", Demolayp First Place ODL Car Rally C.D. Pioneer J.D., M.A.V.,S.I.D., C.R.-Hallow- een 'l78" tF.E.l KGGPDD Wrentmore, Avis-Remembers Var Song, G. League D.Team. Great times,Good friends, SAPHLPJA BGDK. The 8O!gyraters- RCLCLHKMMD CQSS.Best bud Gina. Lets weev,cruzing, J81JG's!Beep, Dis! Knotts to! max Tourist!D-D-mmm Kfnap C.kings Party! SHGSSA. r hot yrs Thanx GG. Wyatt, Michele-"Bob" 81 drafting CA 81 wres- tling "Sita's" or "the beach", T's 16th party, New Years Eve, 'lSinging in the sunshine. . .", frnds CA RK KL GR JJ PN DS LH LS RW 81 most of all TAB, a terrific guy, RCW, the greatest sis, Sheila. Wygen, Cindy-Kern buddies-TM,CD, TK,GD,TM- RM-4CB-1CL-loz. True buddies TH TL JD LV KB BC MM MS GS The best CD TM TK SK Hello R.B.B.-Goodbye GG Yoasa!! Yert, Tiffany-grt frnds AB LA TB RWS SG JM My family CWMF 77 Eight 123 HSE Crescent Bay Rocky Horror 81 Honda 90 Sadies 78 17 Bday party JG JJ 555 Mr Dietrich M Smith Merci 3 yrs at GGHS Gettin lost w Janet New- hope81 GG Blvd Thanx lord 4 your luv. Yoak, Kenny-Remembers freshman year with Kathy M., all the good times at football games the old gang, all the frydays an BT with DM, shoveling snow ski trips, all the help from Mrs Swarm, breaking up with JH The best year-se- nior-kicking A in football and Big DB and all the RS at gghs Some good friends. Yoshida, Alice-Best thing Hapnd 2 me in 76 is Tony BrillfTreasure 14 yrs wfmy bestest frnd Ter!Bst frnd Liz!My Jansky B Bear!Ari- zona f914!s-Coeds- Proms-w!TB- Good Frnds-MM SA TP BC PH Cl DM MS MC Ping Pong Paddles 81 Net 4-ever I Luv You TB 3- 17-79. Yoshida, Grace-Smr79!BB Cabin!Ariz.! Blondi JT Conc!My bestest frnd Ter!Spcl Frnds Liz Janski!Wedge!Spcl Times wf Mark I-guitar 8- 5-79!DM PH TP KW BC TB Craigster!Racing Mtg MR Choke!The PorschefSadies! Coed!Drill T! Ping,Pong 81 Paddles 81 Net 4 ever! Zahn, GaryvJuicy Twa!River Rats TR VH fly- ing high. Getting high with JR Girls at May Co. Parties Beach. Vic a Marine? Varsity Tennis 4 years 2 1 Best friends Rammer SR CT AG VH TS KB. 'l57"chevy Concerts-Cal Jam 2 E.W.81F. 123 " , ,:,:- ff , A have k X f Q K , ,I .. ,,,, L 4 A E - - 5 , 3,1 Q 5 'pg f .s hm Q W ! ,f I ,fgiisx ... A .L55 K a A , l Q I Hs 2 HAM? as gag: ,, f , f .1 N: - -1a5, vh?L-F: I -1 ,',V-k , .M if R M x"' , M , . f , Q X wg, ysafw P ' 5 - -QLJLUHJ NX U V Ea -' L1-M55 K K 1 A E ' pgvimlf-QDOQLLD 89355 VL DQLUKS 05359132333 was g.w1Sx1 3 W xr f 3 , f - A .f-M' , f I - 5' X A f--fx' QQTUY- ,X . f pq 10N"'k' ' L- - isgka - ' - A ,N A Q t Tris I 1 . 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Lynn Levick, 125 uniors Vickie Bailes Lorrie Bamber Scott Barker Susie Barron Jim Beasley 126 Tammy Bailey David Barker Denise Barnes Julie Baudoin Brenda Begley Julie Balding Mike Barker Diane Barreno Donna Baxter Kathy Bell Nlike Ball Mike Barker Carlos Barren Cathy Beardon Terri Bell Annette Bendeck Troy Bellard David Blais Geoff Bendeck Kaylene Bladow Shauna Brammer Ginger Blizard Michele Botero Randy Kim Breneman Vickie Bucha Bungenstock Leah Butterheld Steve Cangi Cynthia Carrasco Gina Caruso Hot lVlark Bergeron Dawn Blouin Robin Bricks Jeff Bygum Tom Caskey Bobbie Berghoff Patrica Booth Randy Brock Cindy Callahan Rob Cave Brant Bily Kelli Boris Becky Brown Stacey Cangl Paula Cedillo ,- tag S 4. 127 uniors lVlark Cesmat Teri Cheney Kelly Clark Robin Coe Pam Comeau 128 assi' Pam Chaloux David Chicardy Sandy Clark Georgi Coles Brad Coomler n 5,,,...-LL ' x " M Greg Chilote Pat Chalut Christene Cleary Randy Collier Christina Correa ET Sherri Cheney Sherry Christianson lVlike Clem Joel Collins Dina Cotey Lori Craig Alfonzo Cruz Jill Davison Tim Demark Jay Douse Todd Cralley Ralph Cumberland Valerie Day Dan Derdall Stephanie Downey Diane Crosby Phillip Cunningham John Dearborn Steve Derdall Jim Dressler Leslie Crosby Bill Damron Scott Deckard Dawn Dewars Kathy Dumas Tammie Crowell Rannie Davis Nadine Dekama Greg Dixon Patty Durham Shari Crowley Rick Davis David Deleon Dan Dizdard Johna Dyksta 1 ,, A ' Hot tuff K . 129 uniors 6. 52 2 Lenny Dykstra Steve Ehlers Zohreh Efrani Michelle Fallon Romarrico Figuerres 130 Bobby Ecker Tony Ekes Linda Erikson Dominick Ferraro Jonny Finger Ellen Edgerly Debbie Elmer Glen Fairchild Lori Fielden Anna Flaws Jim Egan Peter Engel Nancy Faith Don Figuerres Peter Fournier 1 i G I L... ,..-4' ff' 7 lVlarvin Fouts Gary Freedburg Keith Funston Dan Galloway Dan Gallaway Helen Garner Brett Garett John Garrett Kristy Garritson Robert George Jeff Gilcrist Robert Gillespie Ron Gillespie Rhonda Givens Pam Glaser Susan Godsey lVlike Gonsalves Debra Gordon Debbie Gordon Shelly Gordon Gary Gorman Terri Govreau Carmen Grajeda Luana Grand Amy Gray David Greenlee Donna Greenwood Lisa Gregory John Grifhth Steve Hainrnock ga 4 Fe, K Hot tuff uniors lVlary Harper Deon Hassler Cindy Henry Robert Herrick lVlerri Hinshaw 132 Pat Harper Shelley Hassler Michelle Herfter Laura High Ron Hoflman Reed Harned Laura Heapy Norma Hernandez Fred Highly Rick Hoke Brice Hassenstab Eric Helseth Jef? Herndon Jeff Hinshaw Kevin Holguin Jenny Holton Rich Huger Doug James Susan Jenkins Erica Johnson Susan Johnson Russ Kemph Rick Kennedy Rhonda Kuhn Cindy Kulzer N A Jeree Ike-rd Brad Jennings Tom Jones Doris Kile Raymond Kundysek Rick Inveld Matt Isom Scott Jiles Denise Johnson Holly Kalil Kyle Kato Don Knight Jim Komons Nlark Lambey Tim Langston Bonnie Jacklin Diane Johnson Susan Keller Jason Kong Amy Lapuz iw x Kal' . -f -. , .7 1 yin ,. Hot tuff 1 X 3 uniors Q V 9 , ,ff 4' M., J, Q , Dan LaRossa Lynn Levick Sung Lim Jeff Loggans Paris Lundeen 134 Ron Laurenzi James Levy Shawn Linzey Abel Lopez Beth Lytle Greg Lay Robbie Lewis Crystal Little Penny Lopez Mare Nlacauley David Lee Spencer Lewis Karen Liversy Pat Lumly Frank Nlaggio Marty Mankins Sandra Masters Steve McCrum John McMains John Melancon Julie Marchante Henry Mayrnir Dean McDonald Harold McMillan Mark Mello Cindy Marcom Pat McCabe Janice McGovern Bev McSheehy Mike Mendonoa fm, Hot John Martinez Dean McCabe Doug McGuire Robin McRee Brian Merrill Rory Masseth Pat McCarthy Linnea McKean Tami Medina Jeff Meyers Stephanie Mason Erin McClelland Alan McKillip Nancy Meeks Holly Michalik 135 uniors Q Y c Carol iViii9S Antonio Miller Dan iViliiS Jolene Mitchell Greg lVl0ddlffm09 Bill Montoya Carrie NUUSF Shelley Nluckey Melody MUYYHY Suzanne Murray 136 Lori Miller Nell Mitchell Lisa Moreira Lori Muniz Melinda Meyers if-::. s W. Sarah Miller Bob Mitchell Scott Moses Julie Murray Jef? Nelson Dave Netherlain Lisa O'brien Janette Newman Susan New Kelley Richard O'brien Niike Olszewski 0'shaughnessey Lisa Osterman Kristy Owens Athena Paras David Parker Tami Parker Leslie Paxton Shawn Payne Cheri Pearson Nguyet Nguyen Gary Oneiil Lorant Palotai Brenda Parrish Kris Pederson N 1 ,- f "'Y.,i-- ' 3 f Q 4 r il L -is im.- Hot tuff Thang Nguyen Reid Nordin Walter Ornelas Dave Ortega Adrianna Pappas Pat Paramo Greg Partello Rosie Passanisi Jill Pennington Jim Penrey have Q- 7 uniors WN Mark Perkins Mike Pojar Dave Radosevich Kristy Reetz John Rivera 38 V Larry Peterson Paul Pollex Alyson Ramirez Missy Reif Mary Robidoux Ross Peterson Matt Powers Mike Randal Brian Rhines Bill Robinson Tom Petrosine Lisa Puckett Paul Ravize Carol Rhodes Derek Rocheleau Annette Phillips Melanie Preston Tom Redinger Alison Richards Erma Rodriguez Susan Picken Larry Quick Debbie Reed Tammie Richardson Dean Ross Don Plum Colleen Quintrell Kelley Reed Noella Riner Dave Rubenstein Lise Ruf? Mike Rutledge Vasken Sabitjian Bill Saeli Donna Sauter Melissa Sheppele Kris Schmeidel Mike Schnee Steve Sebastian Becky Sebring John Seiter Mark Selover Pam Silva Debbie Simpson Kristin Sims Laurie Singhurst Don Slumpff John Smith Pam Smith Troy Smith .- l Hot tuff .- Carolyn Sagara Mark Schnieder Carol Sheehan Penny Singleton Dave Smithson Sandy Sanderson Dan Schultz Jean Shriver Deborah Skustad Teresa Sparks 139 ,. kk James Spellins Kim Stuard Mike Taylor Mary Toth Lori Vandivort 140 is David Springneld Susan Sullivan Diana Teeple George Tovar Doug VanWilgen uniors Debbie Sproal Greg Sunseri Mark Tharp Belinda Tristan Louisa Vinci .,,, 1 G 141 , , Edye Stewart Sherri Stewart John Swatek Eric Takach Grace Thomas Frances Thoms Kim Troyer Bob Turbow Leon Viola Mark Voegtly Cindy Stones Hans Takeda Steve Tjosans Tina Uriate George Wagner Julie Storms Cindi Taylor Diane Toth Kirt Umpnress Rick Wagner Tracee Walker Wayne Weber Steve Weigand Dale W9lf1SiVl9Gl' MQW Warren Cathy Wasserman Carol Whittington Stephanie Shawn Weimer April Williams Betsy Whedon Ralph Whited Fred Winter Wiencek Donna Wilhelm Jim Welch Stewart Dan Williams David Wilmes Monica Chan Yang Lori Wollenberg Lora Wilkinson Yamamoto Mike Yeager Amber Young Yruretagoyena John Zajec John Zuidema Linda Woodward Y r K K1 ' s ,N is ., x , L 14 S 2 2 S. E I E I X - om mn. suuuornncn nqslcconnosso av some non an 75' U Qfw W ' V 1 lxl J Y 7 S E -. M '-,, E 5, rj, V , W,hLL U A h. A ' Q ' V .'-, H V . p 3 7 I f Q Q , V. m 1 I ir m n 2 N . W 0 n. I A O oi I Q i I I I m 3 :1 1: mijggigfie 0 s f.DX N5'Qw73f Z SSf!"Ow0HV2iQ1' D- ., 599 5LiN3 718 z Hay ff D fwC,,, O m b V! i'4fa35x M S. -J Xa . ,X 4 5 XX EU X as 0k xQz,X , ,M , , - ,ff 4 SQUHOW HMO? AG G590dW00 QISUYI 3l9VU1UNn09 '1VHl 1 Vic Abraham Sheryl Alexander Harold Arnett Mike Banuelos Mike Batesole xx Sophomores ,fail k, , -,ci i 5 Y M I 4, Qg- 5 Ricardo Acosta Elaine Agen Scott Albertson Jim Anderson Shelley Anderson Aaron Archer Mark Attwater Lee Bachler Greg Banks Karen Barraza Lisa Bass Craig Bateman Mark Belvedere Doreen Benner Bruce Bennett , Y ....., ,,.v:x 1 , ca. lg-.JA S ex, - H , t Class olicers LAR: Vice-President Monica Dias, Secretary Dolly Carrasco, Treasurer Lissa Castelanos, President Gwen Knust Graicher. 143 LOri Bennett Donna Berghoff Anna Blackburn Duanne Blouin Carmen Booth Brian Bgotg Dave Boose Heidi Bremer Rick Brittain Midge Brock 144 Sophomores ff' Paul Bickford Miguel Boersna Richard Borden Don Bribbs Bob Brown Tim Black Paul Bole Cindy Borrelli Gary Brili Sarah Brown Brett Buchanan Richard Buck Kendra Byington Phil Caballero Diane Cardinaletti Lori Cardoza Connie Case John Caskey Bruce Chase Colin Cherrie Hoang Bui Carol Callahan Dolly Carrasco Pat Caskey Matt Cibellis Bruce Bennett Sue Callahan Bill Carraway Losa Castanos Robert Ciraulo Donna Burns Mary Butterfield Cathy Campbell Sherri Cannedy Bob Carroll Cathey Carston Mike Cavanaugh Mark Cerantola Dee Dee Cisneros Fred Clagg I f ie ff X K High nxieliy 14 ophomores Cheryl Canales Diane Collings Wanda Courson Sally Cullen Joe Dawson 146 Debbie Clay Janet Conney Gina Cox Darlene Cumberland Gary Deatherage Greg Clayson Craig Cornett Terri Crockett Bret Davis Sam DeAngelis Dave Collings Diane Cosgro Monica Cuellar Robin Davis Jerry Delameter Gina Delgadiilo Andrea Dennison Brian Dodds Desi Durfee Roy English Jennifer Carl DeLano John DeMay Mark Deranek DesRochers Marie DeWaId Dana DeWitt Tammy DeWitt Monica Dias CUUCK DOHGYU Gina Dorio Gigi Draeger Terri Dunnigan Dave Dye Kevin Echt Brenda Edmonson Ron Eido Jackie Farrow Debbie Fielder Vicki Finch David Finger Sherry Dennis Jeanne DiPaIma Dora Duran Jerry Eisenman Darci Fietchali ,, ik - 11. -. ! High Anxiety 4 ' - 147 ophomores Karen Fligor Dave Foxxler Carla Fruen Flora Garza Martin Ganz 148 Carol Floyd Denise Fowler Mary Fruehan Cindy Gartner Rod Gansen " 1 ' 'iw-S in Eric Foley Steve Foskette Jill Fowler Bret Fritch Jesus Fuentes Toni Fuller Leslie Garner Kim Gardner Cindy Gandez David Gallup B ,ew l.,. -9- ..., Vyfw, Karen Geraghty Laurie Gjertsen John Gillen Dana Gohs Gina Goodman Janice Govoni Brad Graff Richard Grant Penny Green Steve Greenwood Carol Grifhn John Grifhn Renee Guillot Patty Gurriea Geoff Hand Raymond Hand Tricia Hartsfield Louie Haseltine Michelle Hask Troy Hassett I . 45 1 ii 1 High Anxiety Nancy Hammer Larry Graubner Wendy Grifhth Dan Hansen Zina Hassler Yolanda Gomez Cari Gregg Fred Grindle Kevin Harding Pat Hawkins - x 4. 149 ophomores ,fy . ,f -Q5 55? l U 1 if , . 0 STEAL Perry Heidebrink Kenia Hernandez Neil Hockenberry Steve Houston Joseph Huh 150 Whit Heining Jim Herrod Kira Holland Jeanne Hower Nlarla Jassim Russell Heistuman David Hikes Christine Hood Tom Hower Susan Jewett Patti Hereth Jenny Hines Chantha Hour Mark Hripko Kim Jobst Darryn Johnnie Scott Leath Aian LudlofT Gwen Knust Graichen Becky Kessler Randy Johnson Roy Levy Penny Kruger Sung Kim Jef? Kenyon Rick Johnson Curtis Liem Kim Kroyer Ho Kim Ian Kemp . X High Anxiety ophomores rf' ' Q . L' 'WL' N. 5 Gary Kaiser Kathy Macauley John MacDonald Tracey MacKenzie Darren McGeorge Carol Mclvor Mark McKillip Mike Maggio Van Mai Luis Maldonado Kelly Manley Trina McLean Dave McTaggart Mark Means Liz Marsh Michele Masters Sandy Mathias Mike Mayberry Rose Means Lynne Middagh Gerardo Mier Ileana Maymir Mike Maynard David Maxwell Robby McCabe Jamie McCandlish Dave McClure Brian McConnell Eric McCullogh 152 Heidi Miller Greg Mohr Ken Mosley Ken Nelson Pat O'Neill Jeff Milstead Mark Monroe Karen Mottle Huong Nguyen Jackie Oosternof Leslie Miller Bobbie Moore Janice Moudy Minh Nguyen Mike Oraurtz Marc Miller Cindy Moore Chuck Murphy Nguyet Nguyen Ken O'Reilly Mike Miller Vivian Morgan Patty Murphy Judy O'Bando Teddy Orosco 3 , Jenny Mitchell Theresa Mitchell Robin Mortimer Jack MOSS Lisa Munoz Al NdSSaY David O'Halloran TrOy OISCHSWSKG John Ortiz Earl Otto .5 ,tc J gf .,-ft N"x ,in ,H igh Anxiety 153 ophomores r fi vim . Jeannie Parker Lisa Pecolar John Perkins Tammy Peterson Todd Peterson Quyen Pham Al Phillips Kelley Pickering Dave Pierson Vera Pineda Lillian Place Michelle Poche Kendell Porter Jacob Proctor Pat Powers 154 'W-s..., Ernie Perez Tien Phan lVlara Pilipovich Debbie Poldrugo Dave Puckett John Quilan John Quintrell Chris Ranford Kevin Rebele Chuck Reddick DeAnne Lynn Rizzi lvlichelle Roche Richardson Carolyn Rodriquez Lisa Roper Abel Romero Tim Sadowski Susie Sagara Jim Salisbury Marlene Sanchez Tom Sanders Arcelia Sandoval Art Santos Doug Saunders Van Schipper Kathleen Schmidt Mitch Schmidt Steve Schnee Brigitte Scholler Cliff Scott Connie Scott Mary Ellen Scott Denise Searles John Selover Stacy Serber Christy Sessions Shelly Sharp Sandy Shaffer Cindy Shima John Sampair Mike Schierberl Kathy Schumacher Toby Selph Christine Shoemaker 4 i High Anxiety 'x A Art Samudio Jeff Schippers Bob Scott Rob Sepulveda Andrea Simpson 155 Q ophomores a i wk- .f Lisa Sims' Scott Skomars Dennis Smith Nanette Smith Leah Song 156 Q , ' Bill Skefhngton Kristi Skinner Jamie Skidmore Robert Steffes Chad Stene Jill Stene Jeri Slaughter Lonnie Slaughter Kevin Slumpf Paula Stephens Rhonda Steward Susan Stewart Janette Smith John Smith Lori Smith Tom Stoughton Zina Stuart Leon Symnaski Candy Smith Johnna Smyth Jason Snow Shirley Sousa Melissa Starr Greg Steelman Kim Taylor Lucia Szmurlo Dwayne Teitsort Cheryl Toth lVlike Thompson Albert Valdivia James Tidball Cyndi Umphress Christine Kurt Vanderwolk Leete Veach Veechione Emilio Vega Julie Walden Glen Waqner Don Walker Susan Toth Bekki Tibenton Terry Vandever Danny Ventura Norman Walker David Toth Ann Titzkowski Bonnie VanEngen Nlarc Vill Tommy Walters nv' 'Qi lr' fe. .L High Anxiety Craig Thomas Julie Trindel Dorothy Van Son Nlargis Villagran Lisa Watkins Dave Thompson Lorrinda Tristan Pam Vare Lisa Voegtly Chuck Weeks . W X X 157 Jesse Welch Theresa Weller Bob Wenzell Jennifer Andrew Wiles Kelli Williams lVlike Williams Nlitch Westergard Whlteaker Doug Wicks David Wilcox Donneta Wolfe Alan Wright Susan Wylie Mary Williamson Jay Wolkson Blake Wilson Stacie Wilson Larry Young Steve Zevniclc Rich Zubrod Laura Yates Tammy Yert In Yi Inleyoo Yi Q- .. "se ii ophomores ! 'Y' 2.522 1252 Lf " 9 -wil' -vovmm,-q.,, : ,,:,,W. ,V T' 'H wi 23.1, 2 1 f sg Q ,, n A .3 i f gll' 51Au1S1,,?.'.,'?-8-f' www ,li -nh -is s fi' 1" ,...'f1 . ,niui W if 3 1 ?'! 7 Q ,4 Y , H Q SOI AMMO 4 UQOOUI .wa-Q, 54 I' wow f """'f+fli w Q 'T ws., 'L Y A rg , 'Y Q Q. f'S2'!"W w cg. 3 WJ , W U . ." W' Q Ps . 115 " "f "'- ll gig gs! .im Do ix. i V .E w Ag 44, Q S 2- 5 il 1- 'wg fa: Q fn' ,, I . - J i 5.3 ggi' sniff, i,g, 5 3 i in! 'Ev 1 1 i VP W we - f--'- r s---' 51 Q1 .,5'g1 I I I ggfiff,-fvg 5, 51. gag? 1 gg! fi 52222 L! hsnifii ilnfhffi 5 Q- FRE HME IA i-c.":.. ' vw J 1 Michele Abraham Lisa Aitelli Richard Anderson Brad Aylesworth Darrell Banniza 160 Ted Acosta Sherri Alcus Pearl Andrus Scott Bailey Allen Barnes Victor Acosta John Afhnito Carol Allen Kerry Anderson Jackie Atkinson Bill Austin Amy Baker Mike Baker Karen Barrios April Barthol Hi -9 k 1, 45, v 1-Af I Andy Behr Denise Basile Brian Bass Carolyn Baienaian Kris Biliey Cynde Bell Mike Bergeron Ray gem, Louis Boekelheide Edith Blackburn Estelle Blals Karen Biandin Debbie Brown Lori Bosse Stacy Breneman Carey Brenner Rhonda George Brummer Tracey Bryce Eric Bnenner Burroughs .i fi Q, FRE HME Ruth Belcher Roxanne Birkhead Laura Bole Mark Brown Robyn Burroughs Nj. Alicia Bell Julie Black Debbie Bolton Robert Brozovich Randy Butera Russ Butera Jackie Campuzano R. Carlson Leslie Cathey Jeff Chewning 162 Jorge Calderon D, Canale Michelle Carney JoAnn Cehelski Kyong Chu FRE HME Elizabeth Campbell Larry Cardwell Daryn Cashmark IVlatt Cesrnat Alicia Clark Lisa Campbell Renee Carlin Cristi Castellanos Shelly Chartier Allison Clark Dan Clarke Ken Comer Kevin Cralley Tricia Curran lVlaria DeLaTorre Julie Clarke Jim Connell Alan Crane Richard Damico Teresa Del.eon Kim Clawson Deanna Constable David Crawford Rick Dannelley Jeff Deranek Karen Cleary Richard Cobe David Corzatt Tyrone Covington Sandy Crawford Holly Cronin Micky Davis Steve Decareau T. Dessordins Dawn Dickens V' X D C ij' fl? fx ,11 1 FRE HME Patti Colwell Steve Craig Nlarthina Cruz Paul DeCroix Janet Dorman Ti 16 FRE HM il 1 eA"- ,W- ow Z Sheryl Dunlap Tom Durkin Shawna Echt Lori Ecker Wes Edwards Sandy Ehlers Kim Eiche Jeannine Ekes Dennis Eilinger Jodi Erhardt Ruth Espinoza T. Eyraz Debbie Falardeau Norman Faller Elena Farios Angela Farneti Jeff Ferguson Kathy Florin Kathleen Fosdick Danny Freedberg 64 Lori Frey Pam Frisn Diana Garnica Eric Gartner Darin Geringer Cindy German Elvia Grajeda Byron Grant L66 Hamadd Gina Hammill Paul Gabrielle Tony Gauf Tracy Givens John Graubner Daren Hammer Kim Gaines Brenda Gay Kevin Glenn Lanita Gulans Lisa Hammock Cindy Gambill Gerry George Dana Gliscn Arlene Guzman Angi Hammond Lori Gardner John George Tami Gordon Monica Hall Dave Harper bo FRE HME 165 F RESHME 'sm 1 x Carrie Harward lVlark Hatfield Cesar Hernandez Luana Holguin Robert Hovis 166 Lisa Harward Valerie Hawke Paul Herndon Kathy Holt Warren Howe Daren Hass Ward Hassett Pam Heidebrink John Hemminger Richard Hight Beth Hollins Kathy Harttor Lance Hose Melanie Hriplco Cindy Huizenga Taone Irick Mary Hunt Marsia Hurnandez Marci Hutchins Craig Jameg David Irwin lvlealdey nn James Jackson Rachel Jackson Renee Jackson Paul Jgneg Steve James Teresa Jenkins John Jennings Barbara Johnson Angie Jones Dan Kaplanek Sean Jones Jeff Jugf Jan Kaanoi Joey Kahn Shannon Kaiser Eugene Pat Keller Darcy Kelly Mary Ketsdever Steve Kilcullen Dave Kluver Knustgraichen Nick Komons Donna Kovacs F RESHME 7 FREH Wg:::.:g1Q, , L5 4 I X Kelly Kroboth John Krutsinger Jon'Langston Rick Lapuz Craig Ledbetter Robert Leffier Kirsten Lohn Cindy Lopas Sharyn Lyons David Madrid 168 Q i Aa Sun Kwak Vicki Lausche Guy Lindsey Debbie Lopez Nguyet Mai Don Langford Bruce Lawenda JoAnn Livezey Bronwyn Nlarkeli Mike Martin Gerardo Marti Ken Martin Kerri Matchik Steve Mason Tina Masseth Catherine Trisha MCAIVUOFIG Melissa McBeath McCormack NQUCY NlClVIilliOn Rex McRee Terri Means Stacy Nlelefldy Richard Melgoza Shirley Messer Maria Martinez Mary Maxwell Marie Mclvor David Mee Dennis Mickey Afshin Mashoof Todd Mayo Dana Mason Damion Wendy McAfee McKinnon Diana McManus Pepe Melia Debbie Melancon Alejandra Mier Kathy Mikaskins f K ik- FRE HME X.. ! , 1 7- - 0 A, 'SM 'nl 169 f .555 l ,IV 'il . K Amena Miskingeu Shirley Minnis Debbie Morrison Vic Muro Tim New 70 Tina Miles Tammy Mitchell Mia Moyer Vince Muro Thao Nguyen FRE HME Trina Miller Ken Moffatt Matt Mueller Cynde Nannie Johnna Norree Pat Miller James Morgen Miegan Mueller Karen Narath Rueben Ocampo Dina Ogilvie Amy Owens Suzanne Paulih Hung Pham David Pollex Diane Okimoto Perry Parenteau Libby Paxton Cathy Phillips JoAnn Pomper Lori Olszewskl Hyun Park Michael Peacock Julie Picken Chris Post Novella Orneles Harry Parks Kim Pearce Charlie Pilstl Peter Powers FRE HME lf. J ' Jessica Ortega lVlark Parrish Kathi Pearson Eleanoe Plum Lou Prete Erin O'Shaughnessy Jeff Partella Eric Perkins Janis Pocoroba Dan Price 17 Honiey Proctor Amber Pynn Mike Qblififl Adriana Quintana Kim Radosevich Juanita Ramgg Renee Reddick Robyn Reddick Carmen RGYGS Brian Reynolds 72 FRE HME e ,oooo J Steve Quick iVIark Raborn Mike Rauis Dawn Redoute-y Laure Richards Chris Qoinata Darren Radmacher Phil Rauskin Karen Renner Elizabeth Rinnee Lori Robinson Bridget Rude Gina Sandella Teri Schwenk Tom Skates Michelle Rodriquez Ben Rodriguez Ray Ruggiere Christine Rogers lVlaree Roth Susan Rubenstein Aflfleite RUd0fSkY Lorenzo Santos David Ruskin Kris Ryder Kathy Salisbury Gilbert Sandoval Debbie Sherry Schopper Lisa Schuler Rebecca Schultz Chris Segarra Sensabaugh Shelly Shaffer Windsor Shanklin Li Shyu Suzi Skinner Randy Slaughter Paige Slingerland Curtis Smith Keith Smith FRE HME 17 Traci Smith Louie Solomon Tim Stepanovich Bryan Strong Joni Taylor 174 F RESHME aagg, Wk .V Q 111 2-il, fi .JE 'im await, Dan Shook James Sousa Doug Snow Richard Stacy Tracy Steparwvich Susan Stewart Jackie Studholme Mike Svvartzel Sarah Taylor Don Tatti -me ' Jeff Sobelmah Steve Starke Kim Stover Ella Tack David Terneilo Sue Tesoro Irma Torres Mike Trujillo Robbie VanArsdale Jay Vecchione Kim TSW D. Thais Liga Thompson Ellen Toth David Trachy Anh Trinh Dan TUVGCK Jeff Tyler Tami udeii Karen VanEngen Melissa VanPeIt Jeff Vanwilgen Arcenio Sharon Vignati Nancy Vogburgh FRE HME Mark Titzkowski Randy Trout Susan Valdez Antoinette Kris Wagener Stephanie Tjosaas Eric Truburiha John Valencia Bob Vavra Darin Waggoner 175 FREH N J. N , 1 f , ' Melissa Wallace Stacey Warner D. Webber Dan Wegner Stacy Weitz Dan Wentz Tina West Tim Wheeler U John Whitaker Karen White Mark Wilcox Jeannie Wilson 9 Richard Wilson Mark Wisdom Tracy Wise Ron Worden Jill Wygren Soora Yang Tom Yert Brian Yoshida 176 Jay Young Yume Yu Nl. Zannitto Tom Zuidema 5.2 il . i wal . i Mrs Bow:-er PPEYSCHOQN S s , S 177 I t ai Q gmalllf '1 4" 6 cw :mac :raw 5 -'Q E W-'E gash cr- Q.. I lfild 1 43 it .uv s . 1 ,Y ff' 4.f .,' Qr ff 3738.0 HVL21 lf! ? T 4 E : if 'A 179 . 'tw if k-,- J' :ra . 1 A , 4: , D 1 .gi K t ,151 In ,. f lv zly l Q 'Q' I -- .. f ' u K 3 ,Q A n-,gr . - ' -A aa A-is 7 It 4 Q 4: thas! 'ui - v A gf k A ,HW W -'B .ow VOLLEYBALL VOLLEYBALL VOLLEYB 4 'ss Mins! f.. X51 fi. 'xi Z J.V. ZKL-Ri Pam Comeou, Monica Hail, Paris Lundeen, Chris Peterson, Kim Jacob, Shawn Clarke, Susanne Toth, Penny Lopez, Kim Breneman, Christy Costeilanos, Debbie Lopez, Bronwyn iViarkeII, Gina Cox, Kathy Cambell, Donna Saughter. J.V. 1CL-RJ Mary Freuhan, Diane Crosby, Carolyn Cannedy, Helen Whittaker, Diane Toth, Leslie Garner, Toby Selph, Jamie lVicCandIish, Jeane Dipalma, Carol Lonnee. 180 LLVOLLEYB LLVOLLEYB LLVOLL Q ' 1 ,- J N A . a 3 ,, W 'Q aaa 'fl' ' v Mu L I ...g, L Y i- 1,f 1. ' T a' Q if I .f H? ai N it A krkk an V W ,,:.w . .,,. VV J ,, . N a n . X K 'W A... I "-" 1 ' a. 2 , , -ib a 1 I in VJ.:V N .i g Q K , Q Q R6xaaanneWKe atiey" Kathy Adarn'!"7 lei alla " 'X M 1,, . , . . , . I ' A . , H ' 41? 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I Y' SME , .. , - .L ga sh I ' - Kathy Nlorsk J an-.rf gf ' rf' mp? wnnfvfxd. "" H 'R Vf 'SQ mf-, 1 . T, -' f - '-'rf"5P""" y A ...k.. - Christy Tyler 184 y VARSITY ' KEYF IELDHUCKEYF IELDHOCKEYF IE VARSITY Q. Frances Thomas e i Debbie Lieninger Paula Cedillo Debbie Ortega J.V,fBack Row-Coach Gretchen Trumpf, Kathy Carter, Dawn Toigo, Tammy End, Bronwyh Nlarkell, Donna Baxter, Melisa Fletchallg Cvarsityl Rhonda Kuhn, Shawn Clark, Front Row-Diane Toth, Dolly Carrasco, Teresa Jenkins, Kerri Nlatchik, Terri Nleans, Shelly Nluckey, Tricia Hartsfield, Leslie Crosby. Joan Alvarez , Helen Whittaker Jamie IVlcCandIish 185 BASKETB LLBASKETBALLB SKETBA J.V. 1iL-RD Susie Sagara, Kelly Pickering, Novelle Ornelas, Gigi Draegee, Gina Cox, Carol Lonnee itopl Coach Clinikenbeard, Kim Breneman, Diane Okimoto, Kim Kroyer, Shawna Echt, Stephanie Mason. ' iiaeeiiee KKKK 186 8 .,. 'I LLBASKETBALL BASKETBALLBASKET 9 'Sli N. wi 1 'ITV 187 GYMNASTICSGYMNA TICSGYMNASTIC J.V. fBottomJ: Lisa Thompson, Pam Frish, Cindy Wasserman, Debbie Gruff lNliddlel Francis Thoms, Annette Rudolfski, Lori Robinson, Che- ryl Canalas, Kim Stuard lBackJ Toni Flanigan, Mary Hunt, Susan Sullivan, Wendy lVlcAfee, Joann Cehelski, Shelley Chartier. 4- AM.. V l -me if 188 MNASTICSGYMNASTICSCYMNA TICSG 'IQ' iz.: MNN Varsity llfrontl Melissa Scheppele Desi Durfee llvliddlel Cindy Umphress Randi lvlatcnik Sue Ko- walski Helen Gar- ner CBaclO Miss Dernbecki Shelley Muckey Jean Nlctaggert Coraleigh Hall Debbie Gruff. 189 53+-Y"'k1 . VVIMMINGSVVIMMINGSVVIMMINGSVVI AR i , '35, Top RoweStacy Serber, Kristi Skinner, Sue Tesoro, Sarah Taylor, Julie Nlarchante, Rose Carnes, Jean Nlctaggert, Coraleigh Hall, Frances Thomas, Middle Rowftlenny Hines, Kelly Pickering, Shirley Sousa, Jeanne Hower, Lisa Castellanos, Denise Fowler, Donna Rzepa, Nell Nlitchell, Bottom Row-Carolyn Rodriguez, Lynn Rizzi, Michelle Fallon, Pam Smith, Becky Kessler, Vicky Kemerly, Adrian Pappas, Kathy O'Reilly, Not Pictured, Suzi Skinner . "' ' I , , A UH! ' si. -wait-...pas if .mm ', P ' t , full' ,,, -ss-r . , gmafrr, ' ' ' ,gm f if, rf-if :fl If A ., 4 Q , f ..,.,,,,.Q ' ' V vfumaag J X 'MW' """"S"'X Aqllffl Coach Keith Colton I Y - lt ,ani rig. Vikiw Mad ., .-A ,4g,..w TM I V,,. X I ,, V r ,P f " ,kg . A . W- i' i'ol N i r . ' "" " ' W ' ' ,, -' . -1 l K . ' ,I--1 -- M Manny N " ' el' 5. ,i 5: MH ,559 I - , ,, .Q , VIIN GSWIM MIN GSWIM MIN G SVVIMMI I Ill! l I A, , , VXYQHLQ 1 "1 W " o o I 'R .E i Top RowfJulie Marchante, Rose Carnes, Vivian Morgan, Susan Stodart, Gina Sandella, Monica Hall, Jean Mctaggert, Middle Row-Denise Fowler, Laure Richards, Donna Rzepa, Gina Delgadillo, Mary Maxwell, Terri Means, Judy O'Bando, Bottom RowfPam Smith, Adrian Pappas, Donna Ko- vacs, Lisa Pecolar, Carol Callahan Divers-Monica Hall, Jean Mctaggert, Coraleigh Hall Frances Thomas .:-:4:i5r4:':-t-:-:-:+:f:+:e-za-311 gg.g,,,,,,,,,4.,.,.,.,,, ' , ,ill J . 'xx F7 vg an jf if may 7 H " if .rf I 'L i i f 8 'Q i 4 5 N l V4 A 1 J ,.:' J F V I , ,,,,,,, .,.,, , , Q, ,QAI , ' ' I x ? A All ln TRACKTRACKTRACKTRACKTRACKTRA n ,1 1 ig, 1 , SBU ' if x A' ,W f . . -iw is A my-u G 4. i ' A, ' 1 ' ll' "" H li up X ,, ilu-Av Q f- Q34 -M6 V K P V , iff..-Hjzff-f,-..,.,,L, , , , ,e, ,gf 4,,.,,,, V H QHUUQ .... Q QRGQS' ?Qf,3-453. -, ,. t t v 5' 0 I F... Q. X ,I A-H Www - .-4, A l T 6 L5?g,f.Q.-Mffi ,Q X M i K A .GPL N 1-lg Q t if , 'fa VV S K ' ev , ' -xA I L Ll! J, xx ' S , , A J, ' 1 7 'K .,f , 13 1 Q A, ,,,' Front Row: Grace Thomas, Donna Wilhelm, Jan Tackitt, Lori Olszewski, llvliddlei Wnita Ramos, Jeanie Shriver, Beth Hollins, Jan Kaanoi, Monica Dias CBackl Coach Nlariola, Penny Green, Melanie Hripko, Stephanie Nlason, Darlene Cum- berland, Shelley Hooper, Diane Okimoto, Coach Cron 192 KTRACKTRACKTRACKTRACKTRACKTR R 552232 My Qing, ARGOS RACK .91 193 UFTB LLSUF TB LLSUFTBALL OFTB I ,ff D Brenda Boatman Lisa Osterman ebbie 0l'09a Monica Carlson Helen Whittaker Lisa Casarez Pam Silva T D Kris Kroyer lx ,,i ,.-V, , Ms. Minor Jamie McCandIish ,, 4 JH, 5 Paula Cedillo 194 r 9 M I - Dee Dee Cisneros Susan Toth Shawn Clark Mary Fruehan Manager JLSOF TB LLSOFTBALL OFTBALLSOF T is! "ii , C , sw F Y W f:3,,i,k,x., .M , TL J.V. Lto R. Back row-Beth Lytle, Paris Lundeen, Kim Brenemen, Tami Parker, Jill Stene, Anne Titzkowski, Carol Lonnee, Coach Cathy Clinkenbeard, Kneeling L to R-Novella, Terri Bell, Mary Harper, Bronwyn Nlarkell, Jeannee Dipalma Sitting4Stacy Brenemem, Cheryl Toth A, " i . ' vm", l V ' ak! ' -iinawg-:gg -..T . t X- .' . 6 ' ' x S V Q i if ffl ' .-if-"'-W fe' f 'Ae ' in-. W " 1' ."Qf, ' 1 ,- " . ' 1 i 'Q -'Y'-7.3: nf- -,4 A . -A L I s A 1. if tl H, f -1'f -15f"5?5"'v35 fi fl f-'lf' ,, rsblyegt. - 1, :,i',:4,33iQNwL,77, Q W .Ar3Q?,f5aqg,gy,.lfe- -'R 4. ' Ai. ,,- A .4 MC' '.,-', nw ' 'iz ' . -- " . H .U ,Q -' - .f ,M 1 4 , - C. Q . -1 'kann .. ,, L... mal ,. , ...... Q. A 1--nfqoni """"""' , R' ov'--M r ' ' , in , .. , .- fa-ri cr'-rj C ':T....nSY'h"""" M W , 4. x .14 ' i i . ' ' - - .,,. if C, fwfr-Tr -1 -i - Q - ix.-. Q .Q f. t ' ,ff -w. , , ,C ."LFPi"-'S .A , , S1-. .-6 8 ' 1 Aga ,,, , f . " A ' Nw- ' Y -xv 'XR' IK N Q Qt.. Ci, , ,,....... ...HH ..,i..,. , 'ff ,L . '.' l A..,,,, 'X iv'-"1 Q .Tw ""+2'k A ,. zz? - , -" ia:,.. 21" ' . ,, ,. ', .aff ffie. finish r'w.fFismga,qi. , Gif", -W 'F " ,551 "xy-ii , L 'ff if was -qi i ' X V A .wi ,,-.i I- "+3'.:i C, . :ew ,af .ff C ,, Q , . A in iff' -'F --- in 7015 '35 X 'ff x 5 an-f. A K' 611, , Y'- A V, Q., 44 , ', 4 M 1. iJ,,,kQi.,i -V was '73, f" VP '7 J' ipfnflw' 'Q .'n,l- .1 'f ,v 5 .1 Q . W U' 'if C 'I u CO-ED BADMINTON CO-ED BADMINT C 'L' .. an 7 Z A 1 ' r 4, f ,sr f 'img A 1.. if 4 ,:,, .. , ,.- ,. if 4 ,T E 4... lstek, Kyle Kato, Cindy Nloore, Charles Pllstl, Held: Murphy, Brett Bowden, Darcl Fletchall, Tom Wlegmann, Kathy Carnbell, Jeff Grove. yy. 'L to R: Dawn Togo, Gina Caruso, Robin Davis, Gwen Knustgrachen, Leah Buttertield, Dana Gohs, Jackie Farrow, Kara IVIesser, Shex n A. I-' ,E I ,h '4 ,X J, ' -N " fy, ff W '- 196 CO-ED B DMINTON CO-ED BADMINT , A , ' N A ef QP, , T, 5+ . ' l L Q . 4' rw A ' a ft Qt 5?Q'f53' .. ' , i 4 if i ig - 1 --1 1. rv' , W Q pg. . .'. x ' ' A. . , . A A i my , . fwv. , M , , M Q5 - 1 l , , r Z 4? i ' - f ,t ' f' 1 ..:,:.g1,-Q. t 5 Lg Avi,-v 'I Varsity-L to R: David Ortiz, Kathy Adams, Ken Nlelgoza, Leslie Garner, Marci lVlcAImohd, Kristi Owens, Nlalisa Fletchall, Carolyn Canhedy, Sue Callahan, Pat Booth, Randy Underdown, Doug Horn, Tim Jenkins, Nathan Lopez, George Bransinikas. I QF VAR ITY f .I sf-2-""" 'F'--,,,, 4? ,, , ,M li 197 GIRLSINACTIONGIRL INACTIONGIR ,V Isa. """3...-. N -A-,, 'ig ' Q 55 N , , A A llvg. , 1 ' ' - - lXmL.l"h V I Ji , F V g g ... u b y, N 1 A I H 3 fy " K 'M - 'E I A I X ' V J K N u p Q K V' K K X ii, WL ' he K 5 ,, , g Q fx E A I i 11- ig H A k , . A ., f - if ' yi 1 Q W .QW Q l f A K f'l' J - - fA . HH 'V Dim . ,f:. X, ,, ,, .Effff H A A i ' , I M- kr K ,A.,,.,,.,-,...,..., L. ,f.......,..., - M-.. ,x.,,, W4 A, M 198 EWCLUB EWCLUB EWCLUB ' l N i ifl ' tu ent onstructlon - 1 J rs ll M l . 4-' ' 4 Ii - O - I ,. Y - , l ' 1, V ff' in ' I " . Sslstants f a 1. A .mini li 1 l , 1 ZS, 1.2 V: Harold s Boys 4' li: M552 f l i f , - v ir!! l i V i l fi ' i This new club was formed to do services, repair, etc. for Garden Grove V ! 4.53 A 'E ff ' Qld High School. The members are as follows: Scott Moses John Ander- l 'l, H l 11 son, Jim McBryde Mike Barker Randy Brock, Mark Davis Bob Kapl- , 'J "f,i,,!" sp-, 0 'f 5 EQ A I' anek --,Ries gi., , -ui I i 4 "Mis ' 2 9 1, -- lf' 7 -I P far-so af '-4 fig! rl i sl buf!! ,T M , 5 V fri ' ll e l is l --Qi fc Q 'P' 199 Q ii if - +9 fhq 11 1 21i 512 53, 3 ..4ff s ?xSgS tif Q 4 Qt? if 1 ijyyw , A , A E- , H .. ,,., ...N Y 5-I-A H-'UF ou F-Y 5 '1' Cam 32 pi 'T M4 ,,,,,,.,, .,.., W..-,fu-,..f .,,,, ,.. , ,.., Q . Zi af f 14 'F 'f P.5,..- Q ,W S I f ,Q gg , , i 1 'f 'Eur' 'M W5 4' . , I " .gr 'Q' ":f "" 'J A f g AW5 g A i 3 I Q f 5 Q 'Nh W 54 L ,Q Z, L. ,N ' ' 'tk km f ' A x .ei , , flv flaw 'Qw1.q'2"i5 521 a Q 5 " .M f ff ' ,J-fi: f' 7- ,s."l1'kV ,v 1 ' ,Sw ' L f A .JI V -- x 'BEF L., A? M ti., g ,f .x::g ,Ag X , J, ' vw ff, A r Q Q if If I 3 - G 4 , an 25 4 4, VARSITY FOOTBALL Amos ARE WE QME La- 'we -1' Q Am", Q ,pf 204 fl- f,,.. N, 5 ,wma D 1 -no l12.... Mike Silva Fran Duran Ron Means Mike Mason ,1 - 9 9 .l ,4 f . Jim Welch Larry Parks Brian Dykstra Ron Remeyer PIRIT I Phil Hartsfield Bill Welch Dave Vill Lenny Dykstra Bob Mitchell Greg Dixon Dale Wensinger Todd Henderson - -. r it 1. 'N I .... i E2 Mark Tharp Jason Kong Scott O'DonnelI Dan Derdall i an-55 John Curran Doug Medina Ron Jones Mario Farneti QQ, 1 - 1 ' , X vm J, , L 7 1 wax y., L E f in M hfff' lil W1 f ' -ani! i Rick Orozco Terrence Rock Larry Carza Ernie Knustgraichen 4.,1 PIRIT indsay Jones Mark Foley Ken Yoak Tony , V' ff 'K -1 I RA 1 A 3 ff QE ii 1 205 1979 FRESHMAN TEAM Top Row: Coach Joe Attanasio, Dan Perez, Rex McRee, Jeff Tyler, Nick Komos, Mike Coyne, Jeff Van Wilgen, Dan Wegner, Ed Fisher, Dan Gerringer, R.C, Velez, Curtis Smith, Ron Parrish, Chris Post, Bryan Strong, Jeff Boots, Coach Gene Lance. Second Row: Joe Mejia, Steve Craig, Brian Reynolds, Mark Hatfield, Brian Yoshida, Dan Clarke, Darrin Cashmark, John Jennings, Jeff Chewning, David Irwin, Ray Berry, David Madrid, Pat O,Brien. Third Row: Fong Nuggent, Chris Portillo, Randy Butera, Craig Ledbettor, Tom Yert, Russ Butera, Rob Hovis, Jeff Deranek, Jon Langston, David Canale, Ruben Ocampo, Sherman Goodman, Rocky Gutierrez. Bottom Row: Steve Tomlinson, Dan Kaplanek, Jeff Ferguson, Louis Solomon, Dan Tureck, Scott Bailey, Darrin Banks, Steve Mason, Richard Hight, Rick Damico, Mark Raborn, Scott Clarke. Not in Picture: Coach John Silva. v 4 gag " L ' ' , , g its .- " if i f, " . r . 1 --v 1- rH-f W-V-1 18' 4, ri., F V 5 r - S , 1 ,, 5 .I , ,- 2.-J , 'mt Q " ' ,i'i.'...1"'.,,: . xha, . VV,. f i, 1 V. 1, i ,l lfii,.HT , , , f Magi" , rii g em . 206 4 fb. . 2' , iq VS W 5 5, , i Y 1: " L A. W E, Q eb' x ' x N tim M .L 'E P , f W 1,5 3 Q 5 .- I 'N if fi v 5.1 if fm R X er 5 'Q-If 5' 1 fl ' H iff? ww 5' I 5 Y' W "' is is fl 'ff 5 's 5 it J EA 7 6' F -M. 2 N., M 'bf 'Wd fi". , .. Q W X V 1, gs: - K My K -1 . .5 H . , rm ..,. .... . , V 208 is mu, 1 ' F' QQ, +40 snif- gif an AC wmv, 1 ws. ,Q KA- Q 4+ 4 W2 4 John McNlains , . Tom Caskey Tim Jenkins Dale Aamann Richard Deatherage Tom Weigman Coach Keith Colton VRITY The Varsity Polo team had an outstanding season this year by beating number 1 rated l.aQuinta 10-9, and capturing the League Championship. The team also advanced to the quarter finals of C.I.F. competition. The team was led by All-League, All-C.I.F. Captains Tim Jenkins and Dale Aa- mann. Ken Melgoza and Tom Weigmann also made the All- League team. Coach Keith Colton was named coach of the year by the Garden Grove League. Ken Nlelgoza Doug Horn Bob Turbgw Bill Damron C. im 4 H i uv . K i ' , -yn--v N H I , ' f ' wbkill "l ,N X, xg 3 5 Q, 4 T TJ Peter Polo Blake Wilson Dave Hanson George Wagner' 209 b . X A is . , Q l A . as , I . , , ,L 3 Q gk Luigi is B.R.fKevin Echt, Sam DeAngelis, Pat Caskey, Dennis Smith, Doug Snow, Jim Sousa, Mark Parrish, Peter Powers, John Quinlan, John Caskey, M.R. Coach Joe Murphy, Ken O'ReiIIy, Andy Behr, Tony Gauf, Lynn Rizzi, Carolyn Rodriguez, Pat Powers, Dick Hare, Dan Hansen, FR.-Mark Titzkowski, Darren Hammer, Rich Zubrod, Don Tatti, Karen Mottle, Terri Means, Mary Maxwell, Richard Cole, Richie Melgoza. . 'kr' Qu - H li: i QV - J - if ,M V . -.-1--Q .s.a,gf...s. PZ iw 5 , 5 .1 1 n 1 Q-Q 1 H - -A J- n, 4A.u,n jj '- J... 5 . ,arf A if D' AM-J , J, A N hm ..-xzgzm I ?!?H72???3'z":3:'E?g1.l:f -,'n '1l:' z :.55' , my ' ., N . My .,,. ., -1...-n.. - 3 . .-. ,, W ,, ,,, up .AQ1 B 5-5 ' rg 5 J ,ff Qs . ,c , Q J ' """' ' " 1 -lll - " - M' " 'R e f 'N i .a9f'E 'b A' f' 1' .View X U sl Q Q '- 'rm J ' f I-'ff 1- .. .4:f .,...-., - K---V- Q: Lai: , Q f',ss " - . Y 5 2'-1 R V I- 3' 4' "' 15: IA , -R .W -,Z -5,4 J lial L ,,,, D 1 A ,. ,,:. . '7-Q43 + ,., . 'm Qin 28' 1 ig. ,gfilg-3-wx. X ss" B I R ..- M' r--1 Mark Cesmat, Mike Taylor, Ralph Cumberland, Mark Lambie, Mike Aiuarez, Jauier Sarabia, Chris LanzfVARSITY I Coach Mariola Brett Garret, Jeff Bygum, Todd Peterson, John Seiter, David Ortega, John Dritiz, John Melanton, Tim Sadowski, Jerry KoshimizufJ.V. CROSS COU TRY Q Grace Thomas, Darlene Cumberland, Shelly Hooper, Stephanie Mason, Jan Tackitt, Lori Olszeaki, Penny Green Girls and Cu S Go Matt Cesmat, James MAN to C.I.F. Peiton, Rick Lapuz, Vince Muro-FRESH linen Ie . I9 . ' ' . fl ' 6 .,, ' e Fran Duran 1 459. A if ,. ,M My X 'S f 'rl 2+ K' I5 ,L Kevin Carlin Gregg Fairchild Scott O'Donnell Ron Myers 212 3 Y '1':'A G ,,.: ll f Jeff Neely Martin Queenin VARSITY 4' J ,L li 'yr 'Q . 5 1 M. ,fn , 'E' as l l l ys l lik Leon Symanski BASKETB LL Coach Gene Campbell if Ron Jones Bill Brill Ernest KnustGraicnen N L 5 x .. 4,2 B . 5 1 . 'U I 'L Q 5 V3 f ci , nz 1 N ' , lt. J I '3 3, , , , ' I s T. ' X , Q , . - A ' 4 2... G K T 1 W, l. l el G Ron Means Shann Galuza Dave Greenlee L , "': l G l G 1 A , V, fi . , ,. gf - ,qi LVM x 4 E P ' -V-N 3- 3. K i 2' H w gke . A 2 PiF'ie ACTHJ s g- -WA' , :Sv 5 4 Pifnit W ' f Q.t 5 N. .airs W- . :S!..46ninx H - O wx' ' f .1.. ifwe f w fel -N 1' .rj v a MQ , 3,- Romirico Figguerres, Mike Maggio, Torn Redinger, John Martinez, Brandon Torres, Leon Symanski, Gary Gorman, Mark Means, Mike Batesole, Matt Powers, Jamie Skidmore, Mitch Westergaard, Kevin Holguin. isa mug may '4 45 W5 may may 4 U 2 2 KETBALL Q SOPH TEAM-Greg Banks, David Toye, Alan Ludloff, Jerry Delamater, Dave McClure, Derrin McGeorge, Jim Barnes, Bruce Bennett, Troy Hassett, Terry VanDevere, Emilio Vega, Luis Maldonado, Greg Banks, Rick Bor- den. F ,law an-...,-. f 4- f om Head Freshman Coach Mike Rowan FROSH TEAM-Mike Coyne, Brian Reynolds, Gene Clement, Eddie Sosa, Jim Jackson, Mike Swartzel, Dennis Morgan, Mike Trujillo, Mark Hooper, Tim Wheeler, Jeff Tyler, Sam McClure, Rocky Gutierrez, Jef? Furguson. 'A if R ITY WRE TLING -- 'Q xii QQ i 5 1 , 's 1 I J f , Q f :A Gary Brill Ricardo Acosta Terrence Rock Dave Vill Jim Dressler N R rrrrrrr V pg se . FQ' Qi X0 'X Q . i A4 nf, R i ' R in r.r Q r,rr V 9 , Zi ' " N i R is . " 8 R3 an r H R ik if iff ,,.' . 3' ' R S' B 1 'N Q in in - Kevin King Eugene Knustgrichen Rich i'Death" Deathridge John Gfiffln Jessie Wekh i V ii a ' , Tw nf' I 1 Steve Ehlers Dan Kapianek Nlark THHVD Brett Garrett Coach Binley r ' ' " , ' 4' 5 I i Russ Deatnridge 215 9 i ,m'EF " Ii J.V. Wrestling: 3rd Row: Gusano Ortiz, Bill Montoya, Gary Brill, Mike Abeita, Mark Selo- ver, Steve Weigand, Nlarc Vill. 2nd Row: John Griflin, Russ Butera, John Selover, Dan Perez. lst Row: Eugene KnustGraichen, Jim Dressler, Darren Banks, Dan Kaplanek. Varsity Grapplers In Action Q9 Fresh. Grifhn, Wrestling: 2nd Row: Russ Butera, John Selover, lVlarc Vill. lst Row: John Eugene Knustfiraichen, Darren Banks, Dan Kaplanek, Dan Perez. i l I ,,.,, ,,, I A fs 3 , 9 J fi e f Q x nl-0' i. 1 Bob Turbow i Doug Horn It i l M K of A Pat Caskey . L . Dale Ammann Nlark Vill VARSITY Tim Jenkins SWIMMIN 1.-...l1 i 4 1 X L ' 1 W' - George Wagner J Blake Wilson 1 F H29 L, W Q? , ,.5.Lk i'-fl , - Tom Wiegman Jaime Souza Kevin Keith Colton fi K!!-,..d fl. I . if- 1 fi Rich Zubrod 3 x ,Y Mi Ken Arthopher 17 al - - ...M - ,351 , .QQ Remember Practice at 5:00 A.M. ' 'W 5 N ivy! A U f,-1.a.,f,..f.M.,,,, I-ummm ,Mum 'fwm-m.4.,,,,,,, uuunauf. , mn -M f-F-N v,,N, ,AN-M M- W Q, -r- Q ,"Wfi'1T: Y s SLR X Wann: 5,5- sltiq k ,, aus, Q xi m xkxibh-4sY"f"3u'1 xnxx 'QQEEX ,nii !, .yan P- ' Wi 'ng 44 -av J.V, Back Row: Doug Snow, Sam DeAngeIis, Dennis Smith. Middle Row: IViark Parrish, Richie Nieigoza, Don Tatti, Tony Gaulf, Front Row: Clayton Moilenberg, Jim Sousa, Pat Powers. 4 Wi 'R 5252 4- P ! I : F M L, . Q Diving-Russel Butera, Bob Turnbovv, John IViclViains. i ,Y fr,- Eric Foley VARSITY Mike Waterson i Kevin Brown SUCC ER Gary Hix Robert Liefkes Mark Foley Andrew Perez Ron Remeyer Phil Hartsfield John Zajec -.e u'A vi . ua r. Larry Quick A guy ,. Mike Silva Hung Ngugen David Springfield Coach Gary Craig David Clarke . . W 1 5 . 1 ' 22 'FF' Topfleft to right, Coach Donny Moore, Mike Quinn, Mark Martin, Carlos Sanchez, Kurt Vanderwalk, John Fashba, Kevin Crawlly, Greg Moore, Wong Jay. Bottom-left to right, Robbie VanArsdale, AI Phillips, Steve Quick, Ruben Ocampo, Dana Dewitte, Matt Isom, Eric McCuliugh fi 1. 222 j.v. SOCCER g QPL4 1 -1 vu. -v -v if ,W 5 1 'f .-if 2 , if .' TI pn ,, ,L M W - 131 n I 2 u,,.,u 7 , me u,,uu,,, i, Aff. M ,,,, . -v ..,..---,,......--'-" fwfifgi, ,- Hqzffszi-1, ffw- V X, K J' ig 2 1980 Varsity Track QP ,t ?o '90 .""',a Bottom: Andy Vargas, Paul Bickford, Mark Hripko, Randy Smith, Top: Coach Craig, John Ortiz David Gallup, Brian McConnell, Mike Mayberry, Todd Peterson, Brett Fritch, Greg Moore. Bottom: Steve Mason, Steve Quick, Scott Bailey, Darin Waggoner, Vince Muro, Rick Lapuz, Mike Tran. Row 2: Darren Cashmark, David Irwin, David Madrid, Greg Ledbetter, Tom Yert, Warren Howe, Mark Cesmat, Pat Obrien. Row 3: Jeorge Calderon, Brian Reynols, Mike Quinn, Bryan Grant, Sam McClure, Arnie, R.C. Velez, Jeff Tyler, Ray Berry . X: it Q ,Qr 224 3 ,fs A 'ES v 'K all 5' 2 X 3 'Wi Q 2 2 nv ,116 I, 1 l 1 1 V3fSlty Baseball 'K i s rw ,HT ,, ' 1 Q3 i' . 'L , 5 ff 1 if ave 1 n uf' 711.1 5m Bennett 5 'W 'Tuff A ,, Q ' Q 3 31 Mggm . ,..' Q ' iam? ' f 5, f fp Q . ' . , , H ' ffl- Cnvrff 4 I Q li.---r xx . , ,. R, . N. . - A ,Q .. 'ff-1-ff" N w T. , . -M 1 J . , K N , K- f .N-W P' L W , 3 kim. C 951 I , Y- ' 4, N1 , ,,...,... .,.,.,.......-A ' V . . , , W .. -' -1 'T ' I i .N A f Y - . f' Q Y, ' A A Q r- , I 4 .s ' ',, f, A - W f . Q, ' H . 1. ,'., i,,5,.,. 4 H .5Qif5:,2'e?2f???::1gfnfpaxffi, . ,B , V . , 4 sm! rr 3A,L.,m. A . Y Y , - , M' ' 4 4 f ' :1+'fQ . .. . ' , . , " M- . ,mf .,,i , -Q X pf 1 ,f , , 4 ..- : ' 'A , K , f-f We 4 L, - 5 5 2, 43, ' ,ju 226 1 b fm, ...,v.Ww 4 1 .1 I 'I , W ,Jf,:"A S j.V. Baseball Kneeling: Brian Rhines, Dion l-lassler, Al Nasser, Brant Biley, Mark Becker, George Tovar, Steve McCrum, Richard Buck. Standing: Coach Draeger, Mark Means, Jef? Schippers, Charlie Adams, Jason Kong, Glynn Fairchild, Steve Greenwood, Coach Diaz. F rosh-Soph li 1 ' , A, A i 1 , . . - gi., i 1 , F , ir3w"? . ...f V nasal' " l - S 4- ,Nl if 1 . , 5, H . M ,Q -vlglingf -,Qi 'gy Front row: Coach Wallace, Danny Clark, Jesse Welch, Rick Damico, Richard l-light, Tony Diaz. Row 2: Mitch Westergaard, Ron Worden, Randy Butlers, Dave Pollex, Doug Jones, Mark Brown. Row 3: Louis Maldonado, Kevin Echt, Daren Gerringer, Mike Schierberl, Joe Schippers, Bruce Bennett, 227 96 R' ,SQ VarsityfTop Row, Lto R: Coach Ressier, Biil Robinson, Mike Rutiedge, Dave Coffman, Jeff Ramos. Bottom Row, Paul Ravise, Bob Carlson, Ken But- tEYi8ld, Kevin Russell, Brian O'Dea. - ix - 'Kr uv get 7, r ,IA 4, - , 1. 1 K I , fog E . Q . , . . -1. 4 ,'K A i 14.96 'far .,,.. , v J.V.fTop Row, Lto R: Coach Buanafe, George Nassar, Mai Nguyen, Matt Poy, Ray Hand. Bottom Row: Steve Eck, Dana DeWitt, Rocky Carlson, Matt Cibellis, Frosh-SophfTop Row, Lto R: Coach Buan- afe, John George, Mike Maynard. Bottom Row: Don Guillaro, Carey Brenner, Bo Ith. V.. A an ,gl f . i ,,,.r "'t v r 3 ' s ,, ,gt Q A Env ,,.-f- VI ,. fi, A ' 'f , ,.fA1':A14 X R1 ' H 4 7 V r 'A'A K J' V K! I 230 VAR ITY GOLF Danny Krebs Jamie Skidmore John Marker Dave Miller Mark Foley Coach Terry Binley .V. Golf 10' ,.-f ff' Standing-Troy Hassett, Leon Symanski, Ward Hassett, Tom Skates, KneeIingfEric IVIcCuIIugh, Mike Krebs, Darren Banks, Dan Krebs va' ,N ,, , 5E:""-.F ,- . 'luv If X FORL f . ' 'o - k m X 'sx A v xx f ' A ff' . X 4' Y X' U I U X K1-MK "-- 1-www' ' K " 92247 Nu, Y ' 'E f ll: 11, ,g li f 5 X..- "i'4f?as' fmQ-S't'?1- f X' ? C' A 231 Q x 3---J 3 1 ' 32 - 1 .F D 9' . ,L F X , rv illfizgfli- I 1 :Ti f' ' 555553 ' 4 5I2fi?f?f ' f rv s,i:L:j.:':f.Z: 13151 ,'ff?x.f,-,As ,1f1i-siiififi i jjfe,-yi v 11.2.4 a.,., -J .. fi i137J!i?: I 'S' jfv if F e ,gf , if g. .gf cfgggiffl fi ,4',4,if .1 .wil ' ' ' r , . V 1 1 1 . V ,',' , ,f ,f,:,' . ,,ff',',ff, z , ,. V , . . Y-'KIA 4, -MM If in ,'g,5j.,," ,njgii .yL,i:f.f,7f,+Q5,ff4Cfg,,,,g. if -ii'Ifj5'f""'1" ' f' V f 4f'ffif?ff:f:?f1f. fzfzfffi .. L ,,,. 1. ,,,,, 11.3 "fad 1 MQ, Q3 an 1 'Q -- - 'wi +4 +A 1" W 1 . W 73 f Vx - hh' " :,'?5Pe-,-913,335 I -1- . A E5-ki K - U V F Wh ..:.n. 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Jay Reed Jim Franklin Principal Vice Principal Gerald Strecker Tracy Strong Vice Principal Vice Principal 236 Dorothy Halk Lillian Sanders Librarian Nurse RiChEiI'd EHSCN Betty Harris Mary Alice King COUHSSIOI' Counselor Counselor Todd Paddock Counselor Regis Urinsco Counselor 237 I-.1 Dorothy Mettings Girls Locker Room Attendant 1 " ' f 14 y L- l . gin Qooo i its Harold Pozanac Custodian Don De Long Rory Gunnette Custodian Leon Niemczyk Custodian s 'V 5 s .H 'if '1 Les Reafsnyder Boys Locker Room Attendant Yukiko Sietz Cafeterial beu Steve Nason Custodian I Ginger Ward Cafeterial Ruth Potochnik Cafeterial Lucy Kimon Cafeteria! Robert Henry Custodian N 'Sing " 5 ' HDigger" O'DeII Night Custodian Carolyn Cafeterial Billie Bolton Clerical Doris Fisher Clerical iv tx Terry Jones Cafeteria! Hilda Lucin Clerical Lea Small Clerical Wilma Howard Cafeterial Kay Conrad Clerical Momi Callis Clerical Marilynn Clements Kay Finley Clerical Clerical l I" l Estric Hudson Phyllis Johnson Clerical Clerical Jo Ann Hartman Clerical Pat Rell Clerical Marcia Peterson Clerical Barbara Marsden Clerical Laurine Wurster Clerical 5 4' Ron Adams EJ: Sandra Beebe Carol Bowser Beth Boyer Robert Buelow 240 J.D. Andrews Terry Binley Gene Campbell T' ,f X Don Carlos Andrew Carlson 1 Eva Covington Stan Cowen C C, L C QQ X Q- Iv. m fy Gary Craig Dan Cron Rod Carter Champ Cartwright W4 C xfirl N-1. 241 -Y Barbara Decker Z., , W Florie Ellis Gene Flink 242 Lisa Dembecki Phil Dietrich Dan Drake Robert Evans Joan Gaines , Dean Grimes Martha Habibe snug 6 'gf 51 i dial Y Pat Haggerty Don Harris Mary Jo Henrickson Diane Hirsch Ray Johnson Horst Kortz 243 Chip Kublin Bonnie Landin he si Edie Long Sam Lum Mark Mariola Regi Maroney Jack Meitebarger 244 Diane Meysenburg Ellie Minor Mike Moses Sandra Micheletti Richard Miiier Art Mollica Joe Murphy 24 Susan N eu Stadt Jim Pratt Dayle Provost 246 Ed Peterson Richard Price Lou Randall Gerald Pfefer Mary Posner I I, Jw' ,Qf Tom Ressler Mike Rowan Ralph Shields William Smith 1 Fred Sonoff Jack Sorter Dennis Sprang Mel Sothan ,Q X is 247 A r , Robert Suess Patricia Swarm 2 9 If i .I i is Fred Szpola Robert Tartter Dan Tavares Vicki Toutz Ed Uranich Max Valdes 248 uw, ., f M New Dewey Van Cleave Ray Wallace Fern Warner Phil Winkler Lola Wrightson Ron Zajec Valerie Zimmer Melanie Wilde 11' -:. --gy,-N 249 vaaithncunady l it Rxarkes' Hhs. V11 H - - ",, ,..,. , , k:,,k .. . ,,,,,,,., kximm In . wr... :1 ' 2 naw .,,, vm ' an , I Eg 5 8?- ass a 4 Q-it gg '24 M if 4. Y p II 0 sf u K a M5 ,I if , K K, 'K I A ' i - ' n K, If Q' 25? V' .1 ,K 1151 Kg we Q . , W .W ,. - , K J, mi V. 5 Q, if? :A 'U IW", in ' H . -44 . 3. X K, 41' 3 1 K O O 7- 2? S-" - I ff T' Q 9' u W M. QW! 4, , V 95 KK .KKKKKK LLW'W, ii.. i Q in 5, l Xfsa S 55, fff "'1 l'+f- ,' AL me f K , K ., ,KKK Wrir "H K 4 Q F pqpvAarMev1eCffm"j'w we 90" if W so . if oo NEW 'Q ' . A Z av ' gg K uuhiifli K K -.U H Q 5 K aw V iil .H 'A A ' IW' Iifilsf. ,gfl w K 3 M, ,,,,..X. J, ZKVV ,,,.. ' ' 4 L i A backwards freshman. Don't fall Roxanne! ,A Jessie chomps on a munchy. Yearbook staffers kicking back. Cheerleaders take a swim. Lisa Roper at an assembly 252 We could use some Gatorade. iVIr, Lum explaining about acorns. Coach Randall discusses the game. fb N -A X ,. f 'if' ff ' , for 'X cf' i 'kiwi 'Jff w Qty i The Unknown Argo. Reid blows his horn Freshman cheerleaders show spirit. N. Alan Glisch poses for a cehterfold, The Nurds. I Rx f Ma ize The curly couple, Super Bee. 254 Peace, Love, and Bobby Sherman. Chester the Niolester. Oxy-scrub did it for me. I play football! ,Ag 4. xx M' is that Dale Evans? 1 Double Vision. cg, An- J. W Q,-, Roxio-f,' :V i. W ' i. 3 Q-xQTii5f . Q X S i i f Ffxuann Sh N X iii N i N S h X 255 Reid gives a cheerful smile. The troops after a pep assembly. John Nlclvlains helped sell yearbooks. 256 X, .4795 i H uhm. A Gina Springfield, in the construction site, A relaxing day in history. N 7 , 257 F X 'K I Q.. RJ xx N- R X X xx X x X 5? s -a 4 R 4 X' w an 4- we s fp -is-,.,. A w.?l'w 'W' "" gf... 258 5, -V K, ljhxh " ' i ? , 1-I X In - if N l' Q'2:iSl"gb IVIr Sorter' S Salvation Army. ASB at work. Lenny under attack, NB Al' F' Heavy yearbook decisions, if i Q 1. 1 L r 'wi' ezxisff ,,. Z ,:.,-J" , ,,,, Do Re IVii Fa So LaTi.. VVho's gonna operate on this one? .' ,www X..:5 X., m '91-,X pr """""" a' CW. .. 1' 'K - 'yu A as H 5-2 .- is .fa ii' i nn- Qi . . , f f. K Mi L ra, I is L 'Y A 1' of , ax E eq. K if .2 if "J ,. , , ,EH egg.. , . rt ..,, ,taxi - . . f -fff if if if ' 22 f Q 1 I Q A Another hard day at Grove. " , ,L -,f .- Lunch with Kevin, Brian, Dave, Lenny, Mark and Brant. Stop pulling my hair! Keeping an eye on the class Whoo-aa! ROP, smile pretty! Y 5 Q ' Getting packages ready for Uganda. MQ imma: o paris , yy y. f 1 y URVEY RE ULT In early October 1979, Garden Grove High School students took a survey of their favorite things. The results of that survey are listed below. Car 1. Porshe 2. Trans Am 3. Camaro f f G+! .4 Fast Food Restaurant 1. McDonalds 2, Carl's Jr. 3. Del Taco mi if ie if L11 iii? Q . Candy Bar 1. Snickers 2. Hershey's 3. Milky Way Beach 1 Huntington 2 Newport 3 Corona Del Mar ,Ek Radio Station 1. KIVI ET 94.7 2. KEZY 1190 3. KLOS 9516 H9 IVly SharonafTi'1e Knack Stairway To HeavenfLed Zep- pelin All My Love-Led Zeppelin Subject 1. PE. 2. Nlath 3. Englist if 17-51 - . . 4 as-'.. I 'W' "'T.l"4 V in 'H L, YKBKXRWJW 59 4 ,vm in , 1 V R N Mr uzllx M.. -- 1"i on 1. Baseball p 2. Football , .. . .... .. . ff EFmef1 ' W few Things About School 1. Friendly people 2. Going Home 3. Lunch , l' xi xt lu X '5 tl ii 7 L7 5' f lVlovie 1. Rocky 2. Up In Smoke. 3. Rocky Horror Pic- ture Show QGQRQR ???5w5e i c Record Album 1. In Thru The Out DoorfLed Zep pelin 2. Get The Knack The Knack itiel Live Boot- leg-Aerosmith 84 Live At Budo- kan-Cheap Trick senosmitn vez Like or dislike Disco? The majority of the students said they disliked Disco 263 me-:.s-ve: . ffm ' iw 9 Y aa Rl b f .Q 5 ' QE f 33 1 , .5 - . 5 E, A 4 .7 .. A vs- V? l Q Garden Grove Slaiioners ART AND DRAWING SUPPLIES STATIONERY OFFICE SUPPLIES GIFTS BILL. B: RUTH LEHMAN OWNER! 530 5230 9661 CHAPMAN AVENUE GARDEN GROVE CA 92641 TILT UP CONSTRUCTION 0 CONCRETE PARKING STRUCTURES Oreer Eros 'fnlerprises Commercial Rendonhal 133 NDRTH PIXLEY BT GRANGE GALIF 92663 PHONE 997 2671 FRANK L GREER HAROLD L GREER 997 7517 e.:-154203 STATE LIDENBE ND BI 214593 CC BJ RICHARD N SKINNIIR A 81 S WOOD TURNING INC AUTOMATIC VVOOD TURNING 15031 IVIAPLE AVENUE GARDENA CA 90248 SFF' 12131 532 7776 dun EUS 714 S39 7381 R HOME 714 8391741 'hnul-Y 4 TRAVEL SERVICE 12089 EUCLID ST GARDEN GROVE CA 92640 CRAIG E NIOOS OWNER PHONE 638-1750 CUSTOM MAD If 61' C TAILORS L IIRXIH 5 NIINSLIOTIIINL IIILIIIILSKIL ILXIDORINIXLS 11117 BROOKI-IURST CBV Newberry sl TONY LALANIA GARDEN GROVE CA 92640 R Blngaman 12802 Valley VICW Su1fe12 P O Box 5515 Garden Grove Caluforma 92645 0156! 5 B.: Lllcfy ALLZOIZ Eves by Appomtment Unly 17141 5330461 1855 W KATELLA AVENUE ANAHEIM CALIFORNIA 8a Assoc1ates N JOHN R BINGANIAN III Los Angeles 775 2431 Orange Co 891 5741 ,3- I fi 111.1 I ty WHA lSe Habla Espanoll lu AT LAST L2 M You FOUND USU Af? 09213 Joseph B Rogers Presldent OFFICES8 SHOWROOMS 7133 W Ch p O 9 C I1 97668 17141 771 1400 lSee Back ol Cardj IN' Q Q I' 1 ' 111119 " - ' . ' a 1 I N S U F1 A C E O . A J 0 j 5, . l , ff' CTC- .4-I ,-We Atl' 1 W ' N 3' I ,115 ' I 'ED I A fr- "'..' ' -. -i. 4 - ET'-i'I'?A . I ' If 'y f Qdufl, KA I 1 . ' I 7 I - ,I .1 !,,,,C if unun A , , -- " 5 srl I ." . I arv1cr1Ave 264 Collections 8: Estate! Unrnzn S-:Arms Q FOBIIOI S Ohe' Appraiaed 6 Bought Come Bouclrr 1 Soma 537.8-7,9 gjarclen gave Cain Lirclmange 12032 Brookhurst Ave. Garden Grove CA 92640 , f f 3 14-K Gonn Cxnms - Camus - Jxwnnxr - Duxoxms ji.-9 'I im EE 22 M! FE gm EN Nl in Nl QE gb U3 W Cl 'U 3 an UT -I 51 25? za' 25 53" P5-Q 'Nm 4? E13 'IS O 5 OICI -O 5'-I7 - f , , TWT In . Phone C7145 638-1011 .Cam-cons K BUSINESS Ph BUY - Sam. Sormr Gonn Ann Smvxn 2.:49 .GRAPH'c DRAW' Bm Boum CLOSE! Tuna. Evl. 7 P.M. O On Wm DA!s10AM BPM l278lvJogH nd Ln l7O'-I 5 Gran AVG 7141758 son Sanfo. Ano, Co. OI1.7OS -Q 3,5 ,CII .,..L:,gR,::"1.,:o.:::'..,. S2366 P 8081 Bunn!!! Ol-ruin Dun: 5417-09575 DONALD A. mlm. Irvrll, ou.n-02:1 nun 75X SMILE' NJ 'wx fi 'K yay' I X ' 15 - I muy 0 ff tv f' W' f JUS Y-.jeg 1 W' PHONE I7 I 4I 534-4 I 31 XS., KEEP NVIERIOI BBIIUTIFUL QT EFL CSQLLCITE Bow Nmoouc DAVID M SCHAAL D D S PRACTICE umnro TO owmooomucs FAMILY RECREATION CENTER 32 LANES COFFEE SHOP GAME ROOM AMF AUTOMATIC SCORERS YOU KNOCK THEM DOWN WE ADD THEM UP V. 9580 GARDEN GROVE BLVD Q GARDEN GROVE CALIF 92644 if C f C LII P xv xx . . - . . Y - 1 n n 0 n n l . I 1 xv un. I - f ' , .- . XM , ' Y V 1 I X 1 'evfw Y, I 59 1, KV J '- , Q- 'u 1 ' f I f ' -f K A QL , C , - A -Y -4, I. - -F F51 f N- 1 , ' r , X J If - -:"1'?g '.f, "- '. '- ,X A 7 . , 7 ' . vl x X I Eff A D X, I ." f'Y '-6 C - 5 1iT"D, ,fp A -, - HK' .M ' . ,I Q ' , ' , 1 '. Wm "4 I I .QIAR I I 4 I 1, . .fin ' X 'X ' jeff, ' f - ' '-A. , XNJ1 I F ' ' . 'BRETT f I j q f AMA f f W N Q A Q C, , I J Z' ' X I :Ns I . I , . . . I 1 1314 SOVTH fc A n AVENVF Q .'AHEIN'I, A -'ORNIA 92503 " - " T .epr1.,,,.- oasrffsw - Sum 2 ' 1, , , li. l. 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