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QQ Q6 Sm , "v5 Wizg ..,f, ' zi' 1'V Vkkk l Q M f 2 1 Q i 1l 2 , ? , 7 . 7 1 V Q' Z 1 , 3 ei 1 ' K V 1 K .iQjg,Q, 5 1 is :.1'2,1Ej"f"' 'lyff X 523- ' ff l f i 5 w lff 1 " A ' i? iy, ,I ',,,. l ,,,, . . k:,rf.:f:,:.t"4-'-1 ' .1s'.t'.wvn.f' :.g?g2gsmQYfg:Lx . LV .. .. . -' f' ' sv-sg: yggfeyx.5s,?::ij.Tl,:,Luiy,tQ,g:ix.? QK:'1's,11zrikz'1z:i1 Vi f In ,,,, .N.,,..,, R ,, ' Hwiilif A Q, E E '55 E25 iii x?g2Q, K-4,5 avi? 30 ,jx ?:,7bx 4 52,13 Wm XEEPWJ1 .- Z .JN 1, "K: 44 X L 'JA :ij I fa.: ik? ff? y'gA J, AXX 5 V air, 'w Q ' xy, 'x , '5309 12 if, K. X v X 'J' ,L .0 ' ,! ,3-I ' 4. A55 253 922 5' ' f f 1 fig 1-V-' fa N --K 1 bl "isp A 235 QL?-3 92 A I , '13 '15, -'ip Q23 523, 71, ,. Q, '5' N ,Q 4- R J-SF, 2K5 23, O 22:5 5 J vi 'Ig ,PQ X P. xA' 'Aff' H fp, iff "2 ab . ' A?q , ,ip l , 1 My k bw A1 2,15 f 'N ,' ' K ,Lf ,, , V 2 25 in 5' 5 3' f 56 s - - '55 f 2 T73 353 5 Q K I 532 ' l. 'D f J Off' Q9 Q31 O' SW be xv QU XJ of N N . f XUX J fbxrcxw 00" 42:9 ,Q-P 3 of C, V -X 'X' 4- .VJ xx XL T' X Q ON 'K W X. XX X O G Q Xxof X if IQ' 0 x J f-lx 29 Xxglf fp of N NJ wr Qfds UU 9 Q-def O-9 fo O' J 1 Growth Is The Unly Evidence Of Life. xv Emulation-- Desire To Equal OI' Excel XX R 'wfigfggpq GD Rvyww X vim W0 ww. J K K W wfiiw TWU? X N jx! O NNX' M V 5 X, iff 5-J ff www NCOQQL -4:1 4 .V A , 5-571, , -'Y , -4 . f. A Q we af Q" AM xp WT45' , 8.- 3 . gfi, x- I 5 I" 7 ,4 'ij V ,,,,,, , 1' gn-an.-me-u ,,,,' Hy 1 'IEEQQQ .x NN A . xx NN, N ,J . 'B 5 9 ai. v 3:2 X K S Q i NN g Q YQQQQ 2 L, Q . . x J Q-wfm,, N sw gp . pf' A ms - ,Q A 2 ,X Q0-eff - 6321 EW-m N., 10- M A 'ff ' ' sw' 351- 3? x ,af 1 2.3 ak X Q r if wr-4 'JSF- :R 1 A Y' 1 . K in .X x ,Q S . .,,,, W . ,. Fings ',a'h. ff 'P 1 1 N V rv ,, xuf w- f 1, wxm J 1 mm x X , ' N' ' , M011 lx V c X L' 41 M, Lv , x A y A A W... I V N 1 u IV 'S 'K 41" V it gy 455. ,Q M AUCTX -RQ uw 8 it 'EM 931: 2 5' 4 J GARDEN Grzovf Hlciifibnbbi APEUHHYS - FIGHT UH H i'N Ra W , --,aw --AV gg? mm W Km 1' si L, 5 H, . X, 23' RMAITL W' wa E, ESQ 5252? X' -' ' l , F2951 I, ,,- , Mins rx, Q- Tw ' ' ' ' it i f?'l Table 015' Contents Theme ............. Sandi Owen Editor PRIDE .............. Activities ........ Jackie Dickson Academics ....... Penny Perkins PERFORMANCE ..... Sports ......... Donna Clark Honors .,............. Kathy Lewis, Bus. Mgr Clubs ............... Chuck Lomas PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE . . . Seniors ............ Leeonn Andreosen Classes ...... , . . . Peggy O'NeiII Advertisements . . . Patty Boggs Index ....... Dale Fast ..1 ..8 10 60 82 84 ...i36 ...154 ...172 ...174 ...214 ...256 .....27O N-uc, Students Exoell Through P2541 ia P fa id 2: 3n.a',.Q6.a. ?zwviV.f-dwg 335355553 ,agen i2xf2iQ3i in 2 , R595 V: .LA.v:.,L,,aIXs.,h Hard Work And ACt1V1t1eS WHEN MAN first unleashed the power of the atom, he started a revolution that has invaded almost every branch of science and technology. We are living in an age when man is increasing his power to change his environment and con- trol his future at on unprecedented rate. Indeed, we have become so accustomed to major tech- nological developments that today even the wildest fantasies of science-fiction writers seem to lie within the realm of the possibility. But we are faced with other possibilities of a more sobering nature. In the event of nuclear war, the human race and all other life on this earth could be destroyed. The future of man and society-to the extent of their very existence- rests with man himself. "Thought," says Pascal, "makes the greatness of man." This awarenesso-f himself and of the universe is no doubt what chiefly distinguishes man from all other forms of life. EMULATION IS that desire of man to excel in society through meeting the many new and challenging problems that face the world. Education through its nurturing methods pre- pares Garden Grove High School students to meet that never ending challenge. 5 W 4 PRIDE fy gg. A SCHOOL is nothing more than the activities within it. Activities break up a student's day and give him a change from his studies. Years from now students will recall the semester finals, the "Over.night" term papers, the "faked" book reports, and the "sudden" test day illnesses. But most prominent in their memories will probably be the activities in which they participated. Activities bridge the gap between the importance of studies andthe necessity of campus life. Registration Attains Peak Count --2274 I "WELCOME BACK"-our first greeting as we enter Gar- den Grove High for another year. Hearts cmd minds share the same feeling-one of gaiety, yet of regret, as summer months come to an end. Argonauts are over 2274 strong as the 1966-67 school year opened according to Mr. Ron Williams, Dean of Guidance. Additional students were expected to raise the total enrollment the first few weeks although the number will fluctuate all year. Registration at GGHS has been fairly constant the past few years and the enrollment is one ofthe largest in the six Garden Grove high schools. GUIDANCE OFFICE personnel provides help in many ways. Above: Mr. Williams directs new student to class, while Dona Gardner waits to take him. Below: Registration envelopes are prepared by Mrs. Miner, Mrs. Neal, Mrs. Soest, Mrs. Lucin, and Mrs. Callis. al' WHILE WAITING to see counselors Linda Battistone and Linda Westover catch up on summer gossip. C. 5.24 .1 ,S if it ,sh- USUAL LOCKER problems beset Rudy Fina- more It always happens when you re late for class says Rudy as he hurriedly tries to put his books back in his locker. LIVELY FOOTWORK with no shoes, loud music, marked Hello Daze Dance. Shortridge, Whitely Reign A13 Daze Dance REIGNING OVER the Hello Daze Dance were Steve Shortridge, Hello Daze King, and Kathy Whitely, Hello Daze Queen. The dance, held on Sept. 23, 1966, after the Bellflower game, concluded the annual freshmen orientation week. The Gents provided the music. The election was held during the beginning of the week. The freshmen nominated candidates and then voted for ten finalists. These ten finalists, five boys and five girls, were then voted on by the sophomores. The king and queen candidates with the highest number of vc-tes were crowned at the dance by Tom Wurster. .L LOUD BAND create KING STEVE Shortridge "rocks out Hello Daze Dance. Sorter S havoc for Mr' SWINGING WITH "Mellow Yellow" are the popular Gents. HELLO DAZE T3 POM-POMS and mega hones go up in flame after agua l ai. rf- x R ,cz ,-f .. 4 1 , .. Ni I P Argos won final home game against Santiago, 27-13. Yell Attend Conference SOME OF the activities that the 1966 Yell Leaders did this past year were attending a camp sponsored by the American Cheerleading Camp Association at Thou- sand Oaks and came in sec- ond. They placed sixth at Arroyo High School in El Monte and received a trophy tor it. They also entered competition in Anaheim. JUNIOR PEP squad member chats with Judy Herbeck and Mike Meidinger. RICK BOYER crashes through the Pep Club hoop as he leads the team on to the field. "LET'S GO, let's go, Let's Stephanie Szalay and Al game. YELL LEADERS: Jim Stagner, Waterhouse, Sue Fry, Mike inger, Stephanie Szalay, Casey. 'UN really go!" shout Petrilla after the Linda Meid- Doug Q. . . rf.,-5, Z ut 1 -Q 1 .2 ,,.,gLJ.'gg4 W A SONG LEADERS-Front Row: Barbara Hess, Linda Battistone, Dee Ann Miller. Back Row: Joyce Mitani, Linda Cravens. LINDA WATERHOUSE 'um s for 'o at the 95 ard run made b I P I Y Y Y Fred Miller for an Argo touchdown at the Monte Vista game. " ' ' X rw 3 . ,LJ SONG LEADERS perform in unison at the last league game against Santiago. The varsity squad defeated the Cavaliers 27-13. 1- . A t K :aff F - . ts F' Song Places SONG LEADERS have had another successful year. They have performed at most school functions including pep assemblies and football games. They have been in some tournaments. At the Arroyo tournament they placed twentieth out of for- ty-four. ln the spring of each year, tive girls are elected as song leaders. These girls have been against stiff competi- tion in the preliminaries and usually only the best get elected. Once a girl becomes a song leader, there is a lot of work including practices and maintaining grades. I a . N .... rf w1i Z B i . 5 . Au-- 'V ,.. BOLSA GRANDE was the site for the pep squad workshop. The workshop was a city wide clinic for yell leaders and song leaders to discuss ideas for cheering and raising spirit in the school. Pictured is the pep squad doing the Alma Mater at the conclusion of the program. SONG LEADERS T5 319' pirivf F i-,--N .,,..-.sittin f "' FLAG TWIRLERS-Front Row: Sally Sutter, Judy Herbeck, and April Bauman. Back Row: Lynn Duggan, Marlene Manny. J 1' "TAKE THAT," says Al Petrilla to the Bolsa Brande Bull, during the half time activities. Although the Argos lost 33-30 it was one ofthe best games ofthe season and Fred Miller played his best game ofthe year. T6 FLAG TWIRLERS RICK HURLEY and Sally Sutter enioy the rain while walking down Golden Fleece to their next class. Flag Exce S THE 1966 Flag Twirlers did much to bring up the spirit ot the school this past year. Among some of their activities were two competitions at Arroyo High School in EI Monte and a parade on December 3. They worked many long hours on their routines. While working on them, they dis- covered that they didn't come easily. They would practice tor two to three hours a day during the summer and at least one hour a day when school started. Many hours went into their routines and it showed in their performances. They proved that practice makes pertect. 4 APRIL BAUMAN ond Lynn Duggan show excitement as Argos near victory. fs' as an it T W ' 5 ul E ' 6 F ll I: :- it . :el 1 i 'I qu . fm IV' ' X i A gf W 5 .. V :Jr NL 'ri-O . cr. . Aliif. X ' I 'f" - 1 71 .--a iff : , as 's,-'-Tf ii. if le If .4512-ri'f'-13 1 Q- - ,mcggf-J-.," A "" - 371, J, ji. " jzgtgfzzti flfg 'iii ,g 35313-3 if 5 1 BOOSTER'S CLUB president, James McNamara presides over a meeting. Club Aids Sports THE SPORTS Boosters' Club is made up at parents ot students attending GGHS who work with the athletic dept. and coaches to help supply items needed for all sports. They also sponsored all tive awards banquets to honor all athletes. RICK BOYER, Mike Hanes, and John Retzer, Argonaut football captains, thank Mr. James McNamera, President of the Boosters' Club for the Red Blazers. The club has donated 40 of the blazers to the school. The boys participating in school sports will wear these iackets to create the look of Garden Grove High School':z team spirit. 'v'- ' s. ' s K f ,s N- 5 .. S MRS. TENNENINI wheels in refreshments for Boosters' club members held each L THE SPORTS Boosters' Club members sell bags of popcorn at the Homecoming game. DOC LASKEY supervises coffeemaking at a Boosters' Club meeting. at 2:30 p.m. T 7 BOOSTER'S CLUB BAND-Front Row: Pat Shargel, Mike Hubbard, David MacDonald, Randy Hall, Jill Brunt, Sec.-Treas. Barry Mo- niak, Judy Smith, Dennis Lazar, Bill Devine, Gary Stratt, Bill King . . , Sec- ond Row: Shelly Gabler, Patricia Dingle, Lynne Woods, Craig Colton, Sarah Palmer, Patty Pape, Martha Wil- liams, Uwe Watien, Nancy Price, Robin Nelson, President Wendy Woodcock Third Row: Brett London, Cheryl McCready, Marie Myers, Craig Bel- shaw, Sharol Buchholz, Toni Frey, Darla Small, Corrine Ross, Jon Montgomery, Keith Warner, Kathy Pape . . . Fourth Row: Doug Riddle, Larry Tonks, Wendy Westlund, Sheryl Strom, Tim Fitzsim- mons, Randy Jones, Steve MacKenzie, Karn Jorstad, Tony Mize, Dan Dohan, Jo Buchholz, Steve Tabak, Andrew Ral- ston, Jerry Christiansen . , , Fifth Row: Harold Shirley, Bob Pamplin, Phil Ten- erelli, Howard Rotsch, Ray Gonzales, Alan Riddle, Colonel Child, Roger VanMatre, Sterling Bess, Bob Stagner, George Dauphin, Steve Callari, Jerry Woods Back Row: Michael Kramer, Jeff Janke, Jim Thornton, Linda Whitney, Bob Comeau, Robert Walden, Kerry Mayer, Allan Moll, Tim Weidert, Bob Rowe, Terry Brandt, Vice- president Edward Ralston, Steve Sil- ver, Daniel Mann. riff, rv? Q- . 1' Qseeixfgfgw-vi'-5.4. N. ARGO BAND proudly parades down Golden Fleece to begin the first pep assembly of the season. SHOWING FORM is Drum Maiorette Judy Smith. "GOD BLESS America" was one of five songs played by the GGHS band at the ded cation of the new Garden Grove Post Office, February IO. Congressman Richard T. Hanna presided at the dedication. DRUMMER MIKE Hubbard leads the brass section into the gym during the first pep assembly. Band Size, Impact Increased ONIE OF the most impressive things about the Argonaut band is its growth rote. Starting the year with under sixty players, the band now has over eighty hordeworking members. This size increase makes the band more effective musically and more 'flashy on the field. This year the Argonaut band acted as the official band at the dedication of the new Garden Grove Post Office, and won the highest award given at the Cypress Founders Day Parade. They captured the Sweep- stakes trophy for the best mu- sical unit in the parade. Drum maiorette Judy Smith led the band on the field and in the Anaheim Halloween Par- ade, the Cypress Parade, and the North Orange County Junior College Band Parade. AWARD WINNING Jill Brunt dis la ' . P Y5 THE ARGONAUT band forms in concert position at a football game. The band her I'9C-h""CIUe- -l'll Pfofeeded the AV90 provided halftime entertainment at varsity football games all year. band in parades and performed at halftime. BAND 19 Concert Choir Sings Looall THE MAIN function ofthe Ar- gonaut Concert Choir is to re- present GGHS, through music. Concert Choir traveled to numerous community functions to entertain and promote the spirit of GGHS. Staging a con- cert in December for both stu- dents and parents was only one of the choir's Christmas Performances. They traveled locally and sang for all ages. In the Spring, Concert Choir presented another concert for the school as well as taking part in the production of "CameIot."Their biggest hon- or came when they sang as the host for the California Junior Miss Pageant. wi Lg ,fr T 'L J rg J. yccy v , ' 1 it ' T. raa "M 'Xxx ,L 1 xx .4 t a t X .L x ts MR. HOGANSON demonstrates a new CONCERT CHOIR members Bill Hoganson, Debbie Ogden, Sherry Lindsey, Gail Reed, Singing ,echnique tor the choirfs and Eileen McKinney program. trate on learning a new song for the upcoming Christmas benefn l CONCERT CHOIR-Front Row: Shareen Finley, Cheryl Schultz, Grady Ireland, Jeff Janke, Chris LaBarthe, Gary Lewis, Cindy Madieros, Diane Demeneces Second Row: Lenore 20 CONCERT CHOIR James, Marsha Bezunar, Bob McDon- Steve Davis, Bill Hoganson, Gary Hall, ald, Monty Harrison, Bill Griffiths, Kelly John Hines, Eileen McKinney, Debbie Carroll, Sherry Lindsey, Gail Reed Ogden. At the piano is accompanist Back Row: Kitty Murray, Lynelle Bess, Judy Bailey. A CAPPELLA-Front Row: Kurt Carlson, Dennis Cragun, Dennis Sorley, Willie Wendler, J. Gilbert Steidley, Penny Hanold, Vicki Hupp, Rosemarie He-nson, Historian Bev Rez, Sammie Richmond, Grace Marcotrigiano, Gretchen Crilly Second Row: Charles Beebe, Jeff LaBarthe, Roger Hcizelton, John Bernardoni, Dave Lo- gan, Meg White, Sheila Hudson, Tom- mye Kepley, Judy Smith, Cheryda Loadholtz, Linda Cravens, Carol Hcilmstrom, Pam Jocham Third CHERYL LINKOGLE adiusts stole on A Cappella robe before performing. Row: President Jim Stagner, Joe Bernardoni, Dale McCart, Scott Hoganson, Ed Porter, Donna Harmon, Kerry Thomas, Leah Hopper, Secretary Michelle Peck, Teresa Hageland, Gay Strand, Rosemary Lapham, Audrey Galbraith Fourth Row: Monty Harrison, Mark Hendrickson, Tom Fuller, Terry Niksch, Dave Dearing, Claire Mills, Patty Newman, Cindy Ricker, Vice-president Cathi Buhrig, Clair VanBloem, Ellen Jolley, Debbie Heyneman, Sherry Ward ACappo11a Performs A CAPPELLA is a combined choir of boys and girls selected from Boys Chorus and Girls Chorus. They perform at vari- ous banquets and at school activities. This year during the Christ- mas season, the Choir per- formed at various elementary schools around Garden Grove and at the Kiwanis Club in Buena Park. Fifth Row: Don Demers, Richard Bilskis, Mike Hotfert, John Hines, Steve Coffey, Keith Warner, Kristy Stubbs, Cathy Meidinger, Kathy Doss, Pat Money, Leah Codding, Jackie Homewood, Ch- eryl Linkogle, Devon Day Back Row: Ron Anderson, Rick Wildey, Chris Serapin, John Bostick, Tim Baerg, Don Oper, Carol Aldrich, Sharon Lackey, Amy Barbour, Diane DeLano, Kathy Hassard, Val Madieros, Sue Vermeer- sch, Dion Tomka. ss 1 .1 DION TOMPKA IS x'tranformed" as she puts on a choir robe prior to the Spring Concert. A CAPPELLA 21 GIRLS' CHORUS-Front Row: Linda Hamilton, Candy Torkelson, Debbie Hall, Mary Garringer, Teri Wise, Alice Jacklin, Gail Martinez, Karla Thies . , . Second Row: Teresa Lewis, Cindy Grant, Janet Campbell, Paula Black- burn, Debby Pachal, Peggy Bruning, Mary Lou Rust, Peggy McCarty, Leona Harlan, Anne McSwain . , . Third Row: Mary Norton, Deborah Beauharnois, Sharon Murray, Diane Gilmore, Karen Young, Colleen Wallace, Mary Fleming, Sally Sessions, Carolyn Nelson, Cindy Hansen . ,. Fourth Row: Beverly Mor- ris, Beverly Dingess, Shelly Sutter, Patty E GIRLS' CHORUS-Front Row: Debbie Doege, Nancy Fraley, Andrea Levick Second Row: Sharon Coclding, Barbara Eiler, Rosalind Rosell, Christie Feig Third Row: Sybil Johnson, Kathy Grossman, Linda Helmle, Chris Levie Back Row: Arlan Strong, Laura Powell, Lisa Caple, Gay Guthner, Dorothy Galbraith, Stephenie Steiner. Wilson, Jean Franks, Barbara Robbins, Ann Marie Bryant, Rita Rosell, Cheryl Westover Back Row: Sharon Dunkle, Maggie Iakopo, Roberta Pas- coe, Annette Florence, Linda Kennedy, Suzanne Girch, Beth East, Linda Rohm, Suzanne Driscoll, Jacolyn Dossett. G G Girls Choruses ntertain Hoganson. The three chorus ORCHESTRA-Front Row: Jenny Mclntyre, Pam Liaboe, Phyllis Garcia, Cheri Schoonover, Sharon Bruegge, Eileen Wall, Charlene Siegel, Marcy Williams Second Row: Robert Newton, Preston Pieper, Gunter Point- inger, John Mendonca, Steve Luchs, Milton Schnitger, Greg Thomas, Renee Zagala, Claire Mills, Betsy Rasmussen Third Row: Jeff Janke, Linda Whitney, Bob Pamplin, Phil Tenerelli, Howard Rotsch, Doug Riddle, Brett London, Wendy Woodcock, Karn Jor- stad, Patty Pape, Shelly Gabler, Sarah Palmer, Kathy Zagala ,. . Back Row: Barry Moniak, Bill Devine, Mike Hub- bard, Allan Moll, Bill Stringham, Nels Christiansen, Secretary Kathie Koeller, Gayle Hemstreet, Marg Johnson, Diane Koeller, Pat Lackey, Ginger Mehler, Ka- thy Pape. Choruses And Orchestra BOYS' CHORUS-Front Row: Phil Rampey, Larry Littlejohn, Jim Miller, Claigh Jensen, Terry Ridge, Dickie Stevenson, Danny Carrasco . . . Second Row: Paul Gardner, Jett Jones, Doug Scheel, Tim Ratini, Steve Buehler, Kirk Ogdon Back Row: Tim Weidert, John Phillips, Bob Kronenberg, Mike Johnson, Doug Young, Gary Ricard, Steve Casey. Excel THIS YEAR'S Chorus' were un der the direction otMr. William Boys, Girls, and Advanced Girls, participated in many at the school's musical activities. The Boys Chorus sang at the PTA, the Argo Fair, and at the Christmas Program, as vvell as the Spring Concert. All three of the Chorus' tried out for the musical "Camelot" An appearance at the District Music Festival was a highlight for the concert orchestra sea- son. They also pertormed at intermediate and elementary schools. In addition to a spring concert, several members were given the honor at playing in the orchestra for "Camelot," ORCHESTRA BOYS' CHORUS 23 I I SUE FOUNTAIN, junior, Janet Zeyen, so- phomore, Kathy Hupp, freshman and Karen Penlick, senior try to sell candy to an unsus pecting neighbor. paw' if-1 1 Homecoming Events RED FANG, Mike Meidinger leads senior class to a homecoming vic- tory. .H 'L 1 .ul""""iw BILL CRAWFORD and Paula Petrilla watch as Mr. Reed inspects junior class rummage sale items. RICH CADE and Bill Rapp pass out candy to senior Mike Sheline during homecoming candy sale as Mr. Walter supervises the whole affair. ill y I QUEEN RANDY Borie, senior and her princesses, Kitty Murray, junior, Patty Gallacher, sophomore, and Heather Landridge, freshman, made up the court ot Garden Groves nineteenth annual Homecoming. Candy sales provided the largest amount at revenue with approxi- mately S6005.23 profit. The senior class made nearly 51987525 the juniors 351871.16 RANDY BORIE serves Howard Rotsch at the senior spaghetti dinner held in Euclid Park. F15 EEE 2 :gi xx ,.-ff Raise School Spirit A TOTAL of 5l268.05 WGS made by the sophomore class. Their activities in- cluded o dance and a S25 gift certificote rotfle. The freshman class come in fourth with a total of 587850. The closs sponsors were Mr. Holland, Mr. Gilmore, Mrs. Sullivan, and Miss Moore. HALLIE TEFFT cuddles rummage sale merchandise. SENIOR CLASS banner adorned history building during the first days of homecoming. PRESIDENT BOB Campbell and Donna Grigsby lead the sophomore class during 'lGreen Orb" SENIORS KERMIT Sprang, John Lucy Bonnie Dillingham, and Doug Riddle turn in candy sale money helping the seniors take that coveted lead. SUE BRALEY goes wild for Red Fang at the senior class street dance assembly. Dale Fast extends the Sophomore class held at the conclusion of Homecoming activities. Symbol Io C Cheermg Crowd' RAFFLE TICKETS are obtained by Kevin Christensen and Jim Thornton from ,--rc Luellci Beitelspacker, Mary Fleming, Mary Garringer, and Penny Hanold for 'nga ill . , . the sophomore activity. t"'n-Q., J N I , . .AV G- F I V 6 x7 1,573 xffx Qi i -AC-JM -A-sp, ' 'lf ww- 2 ' :P x Q ,FH ' 1 .-A. i Q' P s X yt., I IN ,U V. .nl I 4 M .- mx . jf fbi!! 3' Aggbfgi gi 1 nf'- '-I C . 'c 'x L N Tom Wurster-President A.S.B. Officers Lead GGI-IS TOP ROW Warren Bayard, assistant pep commissioner Linda Bezlai, assistant publicity . . . SECOND ROW Cathi Buhrig, pep commissioner . . . Peter Garrett, business manager Linda G0- lenpaul, assistant business manager THIRD ROW .Ion Mont- gomery, assistant athletic commis- sioner Sandi Owen, publicity director . . . AI Petrilla, C.A.S. rep- resentative . . . BOTTOM ROW . , . Bill Rapp, athletic commissioner Rich Cade-Vice President Glory Spear-Secretary 28 ASB OFFICERS Doug Riddle, I.C.C. represen- tative Lyndy Vonic, assistant secretary. 'f fs 1 Cabinet: Itrnportant To School Functions FOLLOWING THE election of the three ASB officers interested students sign up for cabinet positions. The ASB officers and their advisor then select eleven members from those they have inter- viewed. The new student government takes over in the fourth quarter. One of their first activities is that of planning color day. The Cabinet attends different conferences throughout the year. One of the first was the Community Congress at the Disneyland Hotel. At the end of the summer, nine members attended the CASC for four days ot the University of California at Riverside. The duties of the Cabinet include the planning of Student Council Meetings each week. This year's Cabinet worked on revising the Student Handbook. RIDDLE and Tom Wurster get wise advice Activities Director Mr. Tom Tullar. l YE OLDE Prexy Tom Wurster RICH CADE, vice president in conducts a spirited assembly charge of assemblies, exerts his position. LINDA GOLENPAUL rises to a point of order on a fascinating issue. . ,, , Q I 1 sw ' l i T Qc, K ,K x sw-T ,. ik QW' ' F ri - k g E ' 5 ' V ,IU 0. 4 l D ,ef ' 'Afiw - ,2- I 1- tc I 1 K "' I' ' -. 5 1 I . Av-fe !"'7g A l Ill Lu BILL AND Al sell ASB cards to eager Argonaut - students. CABINET 29 Students Make Government THE STUDENT body has an effec- tive voice in school affairs through the student council. ln the true democratic tradition, the students can air their grievances, through their student council representative. Student Council is made up of representatives from each ho- meroom. They are elected by the homeroom at the beginning ot ' each semester. The student council is led by the ASB Cabinet under the guidance at Mr. Tom Tullar. E. ,. wsinvnnsiuusuqi Y' T . K 'J K ' ' 0 if . xx . ,aggu-' s , NX X b X iv 'I itgts g DOUG RIDDLE gives Bill Rapp a look that says more than words can say as Sandi Owen and Rich Cade show surprise and Warren Bayard acts disinterested. Bill has iust exhibited his uncanny ability in student government to the amusement ot a few. STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVE-FIRST SEMESTER -Front Row: J. Gilbert Steidley, Mary Garringer, Kathy Williams, Sally Sutter, Kathy McMahon, Janine O'Brien, Judy Herbeck, Tommey Kepley, Luci Saenz, Barbara Hess, Bev Rez, Carol Flores, Brad Lambert Second Row: Jane Baird, Linda Beaton, Kathy Callahan, Bev Scott, Chris Brown, Carol Robertson, Dee Ann Miller, Patty Newman, Sheryl Storm, Laurele McGuire, Shari Martin, 30 STUDENT COUNCIL in Brenda Baine . . . Third Row: Bill Flake lsecond semester rep.j Terry Kessler, Nancy Graham, Bruce Wallace, John Olson, Janet Hutson, Lynelle Bess, Monica Peck, Maureen McDonald, Jan Waddill, Linda Kennedy . . . Back Row: Mike Meidinger, Gil Lane, Harold DeK- eyser lsecond semester rep.j Rick Hurley, Fred Miller, Marc Ingram, Randy Lance, Tony Mize, Barry Moniak, Forrest Tilson, Warren Brown, Sterling Bess. SECOND SEMESTER STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES- Front Row: Judy Herbeck, June VanderVelde, Stephenie Steiner, Joyce Haynes, Pam Petry, Linda Hamilton, Lisa Grimmett, Bridget Coots, Linda Waterhouse, Gloria Lantear, Rita Pease, Luci Saenz, Terri Lex Second Row: Janet Hutson, Kathy Williams, Sally Sutter, Maureen Hassard, Linda Lanfear, Debbie Walker, Terry -- P f 8 5 A 'ir ,wif li . 1- ' f. i' i 1 4w""'r ' Homewood, Cheryl Westover, Lauralee McGuire, Linda Beaton . . . Third Row: Jane Baird, Bob Fischler, Glen Martz, Barry Moniak, Nancy Graham, Marc Ingram, Dianna Gosnell, Bob Stagner, Mike Bruning, Lynelle Bess . . . Back Row: Rom Gatfaney, Joe Gallo, Gil Lane, Jim Nelson, Fred Miller, Randy Lance, Troy Hignite, Dave Rice, Jim McNamara, Ray Chandos, Roy Gonzales. Tom Wurster Heads Council LINDA WATERHOUSE, Kathy Callahan, Fred Miller, Gil Lane, Randy Borie, Pam Burton, and Lynne Thornton listen to a committee report at a once-a-week student council ' f meeting. MR. TOM TULLAR, ASB Cabinet advisor, works with Tom Wurster, ASB president, to keep school democracy running smoothly. 54" F , ,,5 I : M flwiiymfgh cxxhxi P 5 I . Debbie Ogden-President Sue Fry-Vice-President i i TOP ROW . . . Janice Roush, head TOP ROW . ,, Sue Pedersen, se- boarcl member . . . SECOND ROW cretary . . . Kelly Carroll, treasurer Ly ell e s, board member SECOND ROW Lynne am Burton, board member Thornton, program chairman THIRD ROW Donna Chris Robertson, publicity-historian Clark, board member Terri BOTTOM ROW Patti qfiark, board member. Cash, hospitality chairman. il i 32 GlRlS, LEAGUE MRS. SCHILLER, Girls' League sponsor, and Janice Roush discuss plans for the Co-ed Dance. "Bali Hai" was the theme of the February dance. film L V s i -4 1 1 by 3. . if .. ,. ,rg 1 9 :Qs ' . .. , E Gt' K- l. -W i s -iw. me f "x L ARGONAUTS DISPLAY talent at the Girls' League after the game dance. shows 0 "d0n't'f at the first Girls League assembly which was Asembly League Dance fKr,wsxfeX:s v1'.+f2s'f5g'i1"s'M' -T... -.L evils' 1 .. JANICE ROUSH fleftl and Terri Clark fright, seem unconcerned about Patti Cash, "the weird one" in a demonstration of proper sitting procedure. Hr:-s - sxm it 'K' THE BON Marches provided after-game music. BACK-TO-SCHOOL fashions took on a new look when the Girls' League presented an assembly introducing freshmen to Girls' League and wel- coming back upper classmen. Fashions were not ordinary school clothes but odd dress or habits used in skits demonstra- ting the do's and don'ts of dress. Besides this assembly the League also spon- sored the dance after the Pacifica game. STUDENTS SHOW enthusiasm at the Girls' League spon- sored dance. GIRLS' LEAGUE 33 ". . .Young And Gayn THIS YEAR'S Senior play was entitled "Our Hearts Were Young And Gay." The play was written about and by Cornelia Otis Skinner and Emily Kim- cf 3 gf brough, and adapted tor the stage by Jean Kerr. The comedy was about two nineteen-year old girls who sail to Paris on their vacation. The girls not only meet two handsome young men, but get into trouble in more ways than one. The director was Mrs. YOU HAVE no talent Miss Skin- ner. I suggest you take up some- thing besides acting. Maybe dressmakingf' "MISS SKINNER, are you re- sponsible for this too!?" "Yes your majesty. I guess I'm responsible for everything." HCORNELIA, HE'S on the phone. Either you talk to him or you'll never get your acting lessons." 34 SENIOR PLAY Davis, and the student di- rector was Laura Millenson. Makes Hit PRODUCTION STAFF Stage Manager . . .Steve Sherrod Props ........ .... B obi Voigt Dara Seeley Costumes . . . . .Browyn Evers Makeup .. ...Randi Carson Chris Truman Publicity ....... Lynnette Martin 'FIRST DAY on shipboard and I've already caused a maior catastrophe. I never even got to open my trunks." "WELL YOU told me to clean up the bedbugsf' 'lYes clear, but we didn't want you to mess up the whole room." l'Bedbugs aweigh my lad." ARGONAUT STUDENTS efe forced to. dodge "BLOW HARDER," says Todd Paddock to Ron Williams a th t lc s ey a e Fm belween Cl055e5- The School Gt one 7'me Wes advantage of the flooded guidance office during the first rain storm of the Ooded for one Week- season to have a boat race. Mfhen It Rains, It Pours . . . TO SPEND a rainy day on the Argonaut campus is an experi- ence that few will soon forget. The main thoroughfare, Golden Fleece, will undoubtedly be re- membered as an "asphalt mire." Graduates will relish the memory of wet soggy clothes, drenched hair, and saturated shoes, all due to the excellent drainage facilities found every- where except where needed. The rains will continue to come and the rooms will continue to be flooded with "California Sun- shine" as long as GGHS is in ex- istance. But without rain, what would we have to complain about. So keep smiling and try not to drown. GARY PERKINS "hams it up" for the Argonaut photographer as his rain soaked audience casually discuss the weather. GOLDEN FLEECE 'lpartly sub- merged" is a campus water hazard when the rains come. nas es MR. WALTER surveys flooded Golden Fleece as students huddle under a roof. RAINY DAY 35 l Q POLYNESIAN FIRE dancer demonstrates his agility BEN CASADOS, a representative from the National Aeronautics with a flaming torch at the lost assembly of the and Space Administrationtalks to Argonauts about space research semester. Also included in the assembly were various development in the Unifed Sfqfes, interpretive island dancers. Fun, Science Head Assemblies ENTERING WITH a puff of li- quid oxygen and exiting with dances of fire, the first assem- blies of the semester proved very entertaining. NASA spokesman Ben Casados, on Oct. 26, addressed the student body on the topic of current NASA pro iects. On Dec. 2, Pacific Telephone set up several long distance calls between students and various people in foreign countries. The music department pre- sented the orchestra, a brass ensemble, concert choir, A Cappella choir and a quartet in a Christmas program on Dec. l5. Finally the Lyric Theater International presented the songs and dances of the South Pacific. JUNIOR TIM Fitzsimmons talks to his brother Pat, a serviceman, in Vietnam, during the Pacific Telephone assembly. 36 ASSEMBLIES .tb ... 'rs .Q S f THE NEW Group, Bill Griffiths, Kitty Murray, Cheryl Shultz and John Hines, sing "Winter Wonderland" at the Christmas Assembly. --ii U! 'msgi- DECORATING FOR the sophomore dance are Monica Peek, Bob Campbell, Franl: Battistone, and Lezlie Accongio. HOSTESS GREETS Rosemary Lapham and her escort Steve Silver at the door. V N-P gg.. ff.. 5 , 0 SAMPLING REFRESHMENTS offered at the dance are Mr. and Mrs. Ron Walter and Mr. Ken McCluskey served by the freshman class and supervised by Janice Daigle. Dance Well Attended THE CHRISTMAS season in Garden Grove, and especially on campus, was highlighted this year by a semi-formal dance in the girls' gym on Fri- day evening, December 16. Nearly 300 argonauts attended the festivities. A theme ot "Candy Cane Cotillionn was chosen and de- corations tollowed it accord- ingly. Christmas trees and candy canes were among the decorations used to convert the gym into an appropriate Christmas scene. mi A-A if f ABOIUT TO sample the 'xgoodies" is SANTA ANA Dan Beats provided the music for the dance. Oblivious to all others Janet Matthey and her escort Harvey are Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan, Mike Kramer and Jackie Dossett, and Tam White and Kelley. Suzzane Lambert. CHRISTMAS DANCE 37 if COLLEEN THOMAS, Mrs. Romayne Davis, and Karen Penlick have pep talk before the matinee performance given for the underclassmen. l DALE FAST as Defense Attorney Stevens pleads, uGentlemen of the jury, you will soon be called upon to decide the fate of a woman." "16th" Proves Unique Drama THIS YEAR'S Junior Play was a suspenseful comedy entitled "The Night of January Toth". The play was written in three acts by the foremost authoress Ayn Rand. The play takes place in a New York Superior Court room. The play is very unique be- cause the iury is forrned of mem- bers of the audience. Whatever verdict the iury decides, "Guilty" or "Not guilty", that's the way the play ends. Two endings were practiced to accommodate either decision. Another reason why this play is unique, was the fact that all of the witnesses sat in the audience, and when their names were called they came up on stage. JUNIOR PLAY CAST-Front Row: Larry Jackson, Bob McDonald, Thomas, Bobi Voigt, Debby Kirk, Dara Seeley, Lee Ann Peterson, Charles Beebe, Dale Fast, Debbie deMaio, Randee Carson, John Patty Pape. Back Row: John Bernardoni, Bruce Burton, Lyle Galanius. Second Row: Michael Charle, Kathy Doss, Colleen Chapman, Bob Brough, Jim Lemon. taxi iFfJus i- imfl -.-- f w-fsswfis: we "-1133?-vfisviisi-it f t't3?Q2?:-v.h"'+?sfft- 2 s ' I "AND THAT night your husband was low on gumption," states District Attorney Flint to Mrs. ATTORNEY Fl'lNT lakes on G Serlous mood Hutchins as Judge Heath looks on. PRODUCTION Director .....,....,.... Mrs. Romayne Davis Student Director .... ,,....., K aren Penlick Programs .r...,.. ........ K athy Pope Scenic Design . . . .,.,. Steve Sherod Lightiwg .,.,.r ...,.. L aren Thies Make-up ... ...,. Christy Truman Sue Watkins Publicity .... ..... S ydney Andrews Costumes . . . ..., Colleen Thomas as he states, 'lAnd you claim it was suicide." KAREN ANDRE cries, "Gentleman of the jury, I thank you," as the victorious Defense Attorney Stevens grins at his secretary and key witness. i ' Wwissausiycg . 53 .iffy ss Q. la HM "WHY SHOULD I be forced to speak to the woman who murdered my husband!" cries Mrs. Faulkner to Karen Andre, Defense Attorney Stevens and Prosecuting Attorney Flint. 39 ,XY 'Q JIM STAGNER was crowned Co-ed King of T967 by his sponsor Janice Roush at the climax of the night's activities. MIKE MEIDINGER, yell leader, escorts Sue Pedersen to the front ot the room as they are presented to the other dancers. 40 CO-ED Tropical Paradise "BALI-HAI" was the theme chosen tor the 1967 Co-ed sponsored by the Girls' League. The decorations were in keeping with the tropical theme as palms, leis, fish net, shells, and bamboo covered the gym. 70 RICH CADE, ASB Vice-president, escorts his sponsor Pam Burton down the Red Carpet to hear the election results. AL PETRILLA, Artie Argonaut, and Lynne Thornton walk arm in arm up the red carpet to await the results of the election. This year eight senior boys vied tor the title ot Co-ed King. Can- didates Rich Cade, Mike Meid- inger, Al Petrilla, Bill Rapp, Jim Restivo, Doug Riddle, Jim Stag- ner, and Tom Wurster were each sponsored by a senior member ot the Girls' League Board. Each candidate and sponsor presented a skit at the Girls' League assem- bly Feb. 6, where the girls ot GGHS voted tor their choice for Co-ed King. Jim Stagner was crowned Co- ed King by his sponsor, Janice Roush toward the end of the evening. ' - t"'fsf' Created AT ThaT Time all The candidaTes and Their sponsors danced To The Theme song, "Bali-Hoi". The Blue NoTes provided The music for The evening. I F u- 6 l I fi BILL RAPP, senior class presidenT, and Debbie Ogden walk Towards The front of The dance floor anxiously awaiTing The resulTs of The Co-ed King elecTion. "BALI HAI", The Theme song, was played for The coronaTion dance in which The Girls' League board members and Their escorTs enjoyed a sparsely occupied dance floor. L l I JIM RESTIVO and sponsor Sue Fry reveal The gaieTy of The nighT as They are pre- senTed To The other aTTending couples. 1' r L. 1 . 'if i ,k-s l in .I DOUG RIDDLE, ICC chairman and Kelly Carroll show exciTemenT as They waiT for The climacTic momenT of The dance To arrive. TOM WURSTER, ASB presidenT, and Chris RoberTson seem somewhaT apprehensive as The Time To announce Co-ed King approaches. CO-ED 41 'i . . A.,,-,fc'1-.q:- f-X11 V. , S A . 1 L . ',4'm'WS'vM uw-.:.w:"- . . f .. . . A 1 '. " . nrlfislfs ' sft..e?lll12't'1'r A xi' . , A' f '- git., w 'Riff-t: Q-...s I ,AM ,,,1 . e' , . , 1 . ,ish ni. .y .Q k ,. f -fri'-w-' ,.j1. 1f..'43'i-yrfiirffg, 7--5' -"'f3-1-'f..f7v'+-i' L - f li "March OIIN PARADES, COMPETITIONS, and football half-time shows have been the main functions of the ,,.., ,,.. . s, , 7 ' Argonaut drill team. The Titans have well represented GGHS this year by winning several trophies of their performances. At the annual Arroyo Invita- tional held in October, a fourth place honor was won and a chance to compete in the state finals on April i. At the Cypress parade the drill team, along with the band, received a first place trophy and sweepstakes award. They also participated as a host school in the Strawberry Festival parade May 27. Working toward the payment of their new uniforms, the drill team held bake sales, candy sales, and a unique drill team show. KEEPING IN step are drill team members Jan Killingbeck, Lynn Stoltenberg, Jackie Homewood, and Sharon Wertzbaugher. DRILL TEAM-Front Row: Debbie Ogden, assistant leader, Candy Prickett, vice president, Terry Homewood, president-leader, Sharon Wertzbaugher, recall, Diane McNamara, recall Second Row: Becky Tody, Carol MacLeod, Laurie Schoen, Lois Potter, Helene Niizawa, Joanne Gallo, Alicia Dunn, Leslie Binley, Camille Biller, Janice Galaboff Third Row: Linda Lanfear, Susan Woodworth, Cheryl Conklin, Mary Beckman, Teri McKeever, Paula Miller, Julie Slama, Virieqn Sessions, Betsy Rasmussen, Linda Nebergall, treasurer, Marilyn Heaney Fourth Row: Carlyn Patton, Meg White, Barbara Richards, Jan Killingbeck, Shelly Sutter, Marsha Bezunar, Carol Robertson, Jackie Homewood, Jan Waddill, secretary, Bev Scott, publicity, Donna Clark, publicity , . . Back Row: Pam Reese, Cindy Madieros, Terri French, Margaret Wurster, Kathy Fern, Monica Peek, Annette Florence, Lynn Stotten- berg, Shirley Liaboe, Lee Ann Peterson, historian, Jackie Dossett. "A11 Work And N 0 Play Makes J ack A Dull Boy' 9 I I I I YELI. LEADERS Doug Casey, Jim Stagner, and Mike Meidinger carry Bill Rapp, 'lthe spirit of Sa ntiagof' off the gym floor at the noon pep assembIy. SCOTT HOGANSON, Bill Zubrod, and Pat Conroy are oft to a wild SCOTT HOGANSON, the sophomore contestant in the skate- board race, finishes close behind the leader, start in the skateboard race, the first of several noon activities sponsored by the Key Club. ii gif! Gs A , ...sf "' sq 1 X I isqfilfl f-wtf - 'rv EU' im U Q ,A 'vi-tif CW 2 is WVU QQ" JOHN RETZER, captain of the Don- key Basketball Team, accepts o tro- phy from the head referee in behalf of his winning team. NOON ACTIVITIES 43 PRESIDENTIAL HOPEFUL Bill Crawford WARREN BAYARD, Vice-presidential recites an original poem on his behalf. candidate, charms the voters at the ASB election assembly. FUTURE ASB Secretary Cindy Madieros was l'sinsational" with Argonaut vo- ters. Election Results Revealed RETIRING ASB President Tom Wurster collects ballots at the end ofthe ASB election assembly as Argonaut voters return to class. 44 ASB ELECTION ELECTION WEEK campaigning was concluded March lO by an assembly at which candidates presented their bids for offices ot the ASB. Linda Nebergall spoke about Qualifications ot a secretary while her opponent, Cindy Madieros, said she was a "Devilishly good choice" for the office of Secretory. Rick Hurley gave an account ot his qualifications for his bid to the ASB Vice Presidency, while Warren Bayard read a letter of Recommendation-from his mother. Finally, Bill Cravvtord read a "Vote tor me" poem vvhile his opposition to the Presidency, Glenn Culver made use ot a "water girl" in his speech. The offices went to Bill, Warren and Cindy. L. D MAIILENE MANNY, Gretchen Crilly, Linda Allen, Sammie Richmond, Donna Mayor, and Charlotte Lawhon watch the ASB election with rapt attention. Finales FRIDAY, MARCH tenth was the big day, nerves vvere trayed and everyone vvas on edge, Yell, Song and Flag aspirants waiting their turn on stage each hoped des perately to be chosen by the student body. Atter a considerable amount ot trouble with the record player the voting vvas finally completed. Those vvaiting for the results that evening had mixed emotions ot smiles and tears when the vvinners were announced as follows: FLAG ., Jolie Bauman, Mary Holder, Gay Petry, Pam Petry, and Janet Zeyen. SONG .. Gretchen Crilly, Judy l-lerbeck, Char- lotte Lavvhon, Maureen Manley, and Bev Rez. YELL .. Lynn Duggan, Karen Mazurek, Laura Millenson, Sally Sutter, Carol Aldrich, and April Bauman. GRETCHEN CRILLY performs high-kicking skill during the finales on election day. BEV REZ and Cheryda Loadholtz end their routine at the climax of the ASB election assembly. ASB ELECTION 45 Argolog Holds First Anual Journalism Day WARREN BAYARD anxiously awaits the arrival CLIMAX OF the iournalism day was the presentation of the 'Eileene LaBarthe Award'for the Best All Around Junior High Newspaper. Louis Lake Intermediate iournalism advisor, Jack Pickens and Janet Nelson, Navigator editor-in-chief, accept the award presented by Mrs. Eileene LaBarthe, director of secondary education, GG-USD. of the intermediate schools. Signing the register was the first step at the journalism day. Visitors received maps of GGHS to find their way to the various workshops. THE FIRST annual Journalism Day was held for Junior high school students on April 19, 1967. Eight separate workshops were held in two sessions of fifteen minutes each. A special plaque in honor of Mrs. Eileen LaBarthe was awarded to Lake Intermediate for the best all-around newspaper. Winning second ond third place were Fitz and Chapman ln- termediates. The Contest was iudged by Mr. Woodrow Can- non, Mr. Milton Lomas, and Mr. Bert Resnik. The plaque was de- signed by art student Glen Hal- berstadt. Student co-ordinators of the day were Susan Vermeersch and Warren Bayard. Sponsors were Mr. Ken McCluskey and Mrs. Mary Posner. 46 JOURNALISM DAY "IN CONCLUSION we hope you enjoyed the workshop and were able to obtain information advantageous to each of your individual newspapers. We look forward to seeing you next d A I J lism Da ," states Mr. Ken McCluskey, publications advisor year at our Secon nnua ourna y at the conclusion of the day's activities. Wifi? f x X . s lg iii 4 63 dia X 4 QY ? 'f ' if 1 f .km X' 1 kwa 4 SL f .J-'la'- if X Q RANDY LANCE attempts to block Mr. James Pratt's try at a point for the faculty during the Varsity vs. Faculty basketball game. Faculty Does It Again A CIRCUS atmosphere and an iniury might best describe the events of Feb. 28 and March 9. In the first four seconds of the faculty vs. varsity game, Mr. Charles Gilmore was down and out with an in- iury. The faculty lost. The latter date was the night of the "circus," In o display of amusing basket- ball dexterity, the Harlem Clowns sent the faculty down in defeat. rj. 5-r . ,Q 3 A HARLEM Clown gets acquainted with Mr. Sam Lum during a time out during the Harlem Clowns vs. Faculty basketball game. BRUCE CONROY tries to claim the ball from one of the llclowns" for a decision. FACULTY BASKETBALL 49 'Beware The Ides Of March' "FRIENDS, ROMANS, countrymen .... " cries Antony to the crowd as buglers Roy Gonzales, Alan Riddle, and Jeff Janke look on. 'MY HEART is in the coffin there with Caesar, And l must pause till it come back to me." 'Methinks there is much reason in his sayings." 50 IDES OF MARCH 'fs .A i, Evil , i HBRUTUS SAYS Caesar is a tyrant, and Brutus is an honorable man," cries An- tony. INTERFECTUS EST Gaius Julius Caesar ldibus Martiis Anno XLIV A.C.N. MCMLXVII Annus An- niversarius MMCXI. "Which means that Julius Caesar was as- sassinated on March 15, 44 B.C., and that 1967 is the 2,iiith an- niversary ot his death, This anniversary was cele- brated at GGHS this year by a group of students who performed the funeral oration scene from "Julius Caesar". The director was Mr. Carlos. DRAMATIS PERSONAE Mike Framer Ray Chandos Dale Fast Antony Brutus Citizen 5 gjjjfj.. Bob Brandelli Larry Tanks Andrew Ralston Dead Caesar Charles Beebe Citizen 2 Citizen Citizen 4 MR. DONALD Harris and Miss Barbara Decker prepare the table for the Jason Awards Buffet as Mr. Richard Farley and Miss Sandra Beebe await their turn in line. Banquet Glven Awards IS IT the Oscar? ls it the Emmy? ls it the Grammy? ls it the Tony? ls it?? As a matter of tact it isnt It is, however, the highest possible accolade that can be bestowed on mortal man or GGHS faculty memberhthe Jason! On March 29, 1967, the GGHS Faculty Club at the Jason Awards Banquet set out with fun in mind and tongue in cheek to honor l?l six of its members with the distinctive pen set, that is, THE JASON! The winners lchosen by fac- ulty votel included Mr. Lawlor Reck lMost Shyl, Mr. Donald Harris lMost Scholarlyl, Mr. Max Valdes lMost Wittyl, Mrs, Romayne Davis lMost lndus- triousl, and Mr. Ed Dundun lMc-st Sunny Dispositionl. Mr. John Reed won a special award "for being the newest Jason." ' i - J S 'US MR. AND Mrs. Charles Gilmore have been caught by the photogra- pher examining one of the table decorations used at the Jason Awards Dinner. fi MR. RALPH Shield was applauded by members of the head table, Mr. and Mrs, John Reed and Mr. Clois Powell, as he spoke before the Jason Awards Banquet. THE NEW Crispy Minstrels are Mrs. Romayne Davis, Mrs, Janice Daigle, Mr. William Love, Mrs. Myrtlebel Lush, Mr. Ron Williams, Mrs. Candice Howell, and Miss Mildred Seeger. Preparations Begin JIM SHIRLEY, Bill Hoganson, and David Anthony go over the script and music prior to the GGHS musical production of Camelot. YQ MR. BILL Hoganson applies make-up to Bill Griffiths, the future Merlin, before a Camelot dress rehearsal. 52 CAMELOT King Arthur Guenevere Sir Lancelot Penllinore . Mordred . . Merlin .... Sir Dinadan Sir Lionel . . CAST . . . . . . .Doug Riddle ........Lynelle Bess . . . . . .Bill Hoganson . . .... Mike Hoffert . . ..... Gary Lewis . . . . . . . .Bill Griffiths . . .Mark Henrickson . . . . . .Richard Bilskis Sir Sagramore .... Chris Serapin Tom ............ Charles Beebe CHORUS John Bernardoni Marsha Bezunar Kelly Carroll Stewart Christe Gretchen Crilly Devon Day Barbara Eiler Dorothy Galbraith Gayla Guthner Gary Hall Penny Hanold Monty Harrison Roger Hazelton Marilyn Heany John Hines Scott Hoganson Leah Hopper Sheila Hudson Gradyb Ireland Jett Janke Sybil Johnson Ellen Jolley Andrea Levick Cindy Madieros Dale McCart Bob McDonald Jim Miller Kitty Murrau Terry Niksch Debbie Ogden Michelle Peck John Phillips Edward Porter Jim Stagner Dion Tomko Clair Van Bloem Sue Vermeersch Meg White Round Table Comes To GGHS i RIVALRY, FRIENDSHIP, love, ieolously, ond sorcery ore oll contoined in the Alon Lerner ond Fredrick Lowe ploy entitled 'Comelotf The story bosicolly is thot ot o womon torn between her hus- bond ond o lover. The former being Arthur, the lcitter, Loncelot. However, the story is not thot simple. It is complicoted by the orrivol ot Mordred, Arthur's ille- gitimote son, who hopes to dis- groce Arthur ond Guenevere, ond oscend the throne. But thot's not oll. Sorcery, in the form ot Merlin ond Morgon Le Foy olso mokes the story more involved, ond even gives it on oir of mystery. In the end, however, Guenev- ere runs owoy with Loncelot ond Arthur insteod ot ottocking him, forgives them both ond wishes them well. CAST-Mark Henrickson, Lynelle Bess, Gary Lewis, Doug Riddle, Bill Hogonson, Bill Griffiths, and Mike Hoffert, GUENEVERE AND Arthur survey their court in the Kingdom of Camelot. KING ARTHUR listens to the court mog- icion Merlin predict the future of Come- lot. 43.2 rr 1 K rx? . L e sag- sqwk wif Q x . a,.4 ?XQ. X .iff x 5 iixggt o . I Eli I ff -Fixx li .Gtr C .Qi k . tr x l CAMELOT 53 M fin QMS XI' JW fe JENNY I love you. God me, but I love you. I have known it since the first 440255 JAZZ' yds V . 77'M'?7 I I, g I 47fwa , ,, fLZ,fII'y7Z5 . WM QW! ff. K gf XZUZZ4' 21. 94714 4 ML? "ON YOU nees Knight. You are i e presence of Her Majesty Guenevere, Queen of England." UHOVV GENEROUS of you to offer me knighthood of the Round Toble Your Majesty! l can think of nothing that would please me more than to gain your confidence." AS ARTHUR confers with his queen he states, l'Wrong or right, knights have the might, so wrong or right, they're always right-and that's wrong. Right?" HLANCELOT, , , STAY where you are. I accuse you of treason and order you both to stand triol for your crime. Surrender in the name of the King." CAMELOT 55 Argolog Finishes 38 Yearsg ,Asus A-M5 Anc-:oLoG cAntooNist warren Bayard SAND: OVYWEN' news "?P0"F'f Wmesho works on a cartoon for the newspaper. Story or l e l-lomecommg lssue of A e Argolog. PAGE EDITOR Chris Minger goes over a page proof from the Argolog. Donna Clark, Editor-in-chief hands him assignment. I . . 56 ARGOLOG PUBLISHING FOR 38 years, the GGHS Argolog is the oldest high school newspaper in the county. Among the vital hardhitting journalism presented in the Ar- golog was a picture editorial en- titled "Are These Your Knees?" The staff hosted the first annual junior high school Journalism Day. Staff members prepared workshops on the various aspects of the newspaper. Among the 3-year members of the Argolog are Editor Donna Clark, Business Manager Chris Robertson, Feature Editor Kathy Topham, and Sandi Owen. The Argolog staff' attended Journalism day at the University of California at Los Angeles and Santa Ana College. MIKE BOYLE and Lloyd Herberg, Sports Editors laugh over their notes, as Jon Haywood works on a story. Gldest In Orange County OFHCE MANAGER MQW Gfeen and News Bufefw Conner FEATURE eonons Meg white and Kathy Topham reflect on Q Sargent labor to establish a new filing system for the Argolog Sfory for G coming issue Morgue. ' vE3f"'93?Ti',f"' WAITING FOR a lost-minute story from Copy Editor Julie Slama is Page Editor Becky Tocly. Circulation Manager Sue Vermeersch. fl STRIVING FOR accuracy are photographers Dirk Raaphorst and Tom White and i 4 J Yi' OVIERSEEING THE finances are Advertising Manager Chuck Lomas and Business Manager Chris Robert- son. 1-if, ARGOLOG t 57 Excellence In Annual: MEMORIES, IMPRESSIONS, events-all these comprise-the T967 Argo- naut. Layout, copy, captions, and headlines frustrated staff members who searched for material, went on identification quests, filed index cards, worried over funds, and finally compiled a yearbook in time for the deadline. Today you hold in your hands and relive again the activities of yesterday. This school year presented the Argonaut staff with many changes, a new room, new advisor, and new material. The staff consists of eighteen members, twelve of whom are new. Sports Editor Donna Clark and Editor-in-Chief Sandi Owen have been with the staff for three years. The yearbook is self-supporting and collects its funds through different sales held during the year. A yearbook sale was held in the beginning of school which brought in a total of around 56,000. Argonaut pins were also sold as were pictures which were sold a week before annual distribution. On June 9th, the senior's received their yearbooks in the auditorium after Baccalaureate practice. The rest of the students received theirs after school that day. K 58 ARGONAUT ACTIVITIES EDITOR Jackie Dickson and Ass't. Activities Editor Janet Waddill Q K work on their section. lcenter lefty 9 PHOTOGRAPHER nmic Raaphorst ex- 'Q plains picture taking procedure to Photo Q' Co-ordinator Elaine Smith. labovej 5 MEETING A deadline for the Sports Sec- tion are Sports Editor Donna Clark and Advertising Editor Patti Boggs, while Penny Perkins, Academics Editor, and Clubs Editor Chuck Lomas proof pages. fbottom left, ii, Goal Of Argonaut Staff l BUSINESS MANAGER Kathy Lewis orders pictures under the guidance of Editor-in-Chief Sandi Owen. Cleftl ASS'T. ACADEMICS Terry Leavitt tiles the photographic fruits of photogra- phers Bob Brandelli and Jim Lemon. ftop centerj CLASSES SECTION Editor Peggy O'Neill and Ass't. Classes Editor Sue Bowman rewrite copy for their section. fcenter rightl ADVISOR MR. Kenneth McCluskey, Academics Editor Penny Perkins, and Seniors Editor Leeann Andreasen discuss a page layout. fbottom lefty INIDEX EDITOR Dale Fast and Ass't. Index Editor Charles Beebe check spellings ot names. fbottom rightj .1 -nf ' "' 5 5 ffm, gg '-f 2 'F-r 'p A , 3 r ,r-.. 'www M WiAi,,f N3 29' N .sg Ewffw-V 4 K whx, xgvrpw. SX ,gwvkf g Quix- Yiv .Q :T PRIDE IS evident in the ocodemics ot the school. This pride is conveyed through the teocher to the student in the clossroom. From ocodemics comes leorning, ond from leorning comes knowledge, ond from knowledge comes pride. To leorn is to be proud. Through ocodemics pride is exhibited by the student, by the toculty, ond by the school. BOARD OF EDUCATION meetings are open to the public and are held twice monthly on Tuesdays in the GG Unified District offices Dr. Hilton Bell-Su perintendent Eastman Resigns DEAN EASTMAN, first president of the newly unified board last year and a lO-year veteran of service on local boards of education, read his letter of resignation from the board. lt was accepted by his colleagues with regret. Mr. Eastman expressed thanks and appreciation to all in the district and praised the contribution which is being made by the local educational system. Donald B. Walter, local banker and resident of the district for nine years, will fill out the unexpired term of Mr. Eastman. The Eastman's are moving. The Board of Education of GGUSD desires that our schools and our teachers be of the best for our students. The Board, therefore, dedicates itself to use its resources to provide and guarantee an educational program which vvill assist each student to acquire a knowledge of basic facts and of the essential skills of living, to think accurately, clearly and decisively and to have the desire to excel in learning. 'QR 6 .- 62 BOARD OF EDUCATION a i LGYAL BAHKER - " f Q, ,V Don Walter CONDUCTING BACK to school night was a success with Mr. Reed presiding at the opening assembly. Jay Reed Principal Takes Helm MR. REED IS our new Principal this year. He has resided in Garden Grove for eleven years and this is his ninth year of school administration. He has always had a great respect for Garden Grove High School. Mr. Reed is impressed with the general material available to the students, the excellent teaching staff, and the obvious pride felt by everyone toward the school. Mr. Reed feels that Garden Grove is "more than a school, it is a way of thinking." Mr. Dundon and Mr. Walter, last year's Activities Co-ordinator, are the tvvo Asst. Principals this year. ANSWERING QUESTIONS was the prime concern of the two vice-principals at the first faculty meet- ing. Ed Dundon Ron Walter ADMINISTRATION 63 Ron Williams Counselors Help Students THE GUIDANCE office has changed quite a bit from last year. Three ot the changes are the new counselors, Mrs. Hansen, Mrs. Lush, and Mr. Wil- liams. The position ot Dean ot Guidance which is held by Mr. Williams, is also new. Mr. Williams is responsible tor all counseling and guidance ser- vices tor the high school. Two new items are the Senior Bulletin and College Night. The Senior Bulletin is put out by the guidance office and distributed in the Senior En- Y glish classes. lt lists scholarships and other items concerning seniors. College Night was held in the spring. Representatives from four different types ot colleges told about the college that they repre- sented. lt was held tor seniors and other interested students. Mr. Paddock along with the new counselors help students with college plans, letters of recom- mendation tor college or employment, class ditti- culties, and personal problems. LWAL FIRST DAY registration students pack the guidance office tor solving problems. Mr Paddock with courtesy and a smile lends a helping hand. Adell Hansen Todd Paddock Myrtlebel Lush 64 GUIDANCE LC o Hart, . . Hilda eal, guid ROW Marlene Bonnett attendance Secretarial Services Necessary THE SECRETARIAL staff is essential to the over-all ability of the school to exist as a unified organization. The women of the main, guidance, and attendance offices help in holding the school together. Without the large amounts of paper- work these ladies sort daily, no one would be able to locate students, schedule classes or maintain any degree of order. The main function of the attendance office is to keep an accurate record of absentees. The primary purpose of secre- S taries in the guidance office is to aid the counselors in locating students and preparing their records. The main office is responsible for co-ordinating all of these iobs. JDWICK and Mrs. Hart talk to literally f people every day in the Main traffic. l 'B 1 . ...Q ' mms ,Tig U T sig ?.r4' .iii ei 1' r 73 . ,fl 1. - 'E ef or 3 . in sys? . 'yu ,rf xg N, .52 :...,..- Rgr I . . Moml Callus, guidance secretary . . . Ti administrative secretary SECOND Doris Lodwick, receptionist-main office Lucin, guidance clerk . . . Carole Miner, ailfgkdegk' S2231 nga Frggfli RECHECKING STUDENT registration cards is only one of the many chores of X ' ry the guidance secretaries, Mrs. Neal, Mrs. Lucin, and Mrs. Callis. OFFICE STAFF 65 JOE KAELIN obtains much needed help from Mrs. Janice Daigle on a difficult English IV SPEED READING machines enable exam question. Tim Poussard to increase his reading time in Mrs. Henrickson's class. English Dept. Offers Publications THE ENGLISH Department is the largest in the school, with more teachers involved and more courses offered. In addition to standard English courses ottered, elective courses include beginning and advanced speech, drama, iournalism, publi- cations, creative writing and world literature. Students are encouraged to take English electives for interest and for enriching areas at writing and selt expression. Outstanding among activities associated with English are three publications, the ARGOLOG, the school newspaper, which is printed every two weeks and distributed tree to all students, and the ARGONAUT, the yearbook. QUEST, the annual literary magazine, is published jointly by the creative writing and iournalism classes, under the sponsorship of the Associated Student Body. Ot keen interest to school and community alike are the iunior and senior class plays, also the many speech and debate tournaments in which our students have won many honors. Ti! 62. 4 "ENGLISH LANGUAGE textbooks add to the department curriculum," according to Mrs. Posner who studies the new books. 66 ENGLISH DEPARTMENT TOP ROW traveled last summer in England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales Sandra Beebe, comp. lit., editor of Parent Argonaut, "Back to School Night" coordinator . . , Eva Covington, comp. lit., co-sponsor of Cali- fornia Scholarship Federation . . . Janice Doigle, comp. lit. and world literature . . . BOTTOM ROW . , . Romayne Davis, drama and comp. lit, play director, sponsor of Thespians . . . Richard Ensch, comp. lit. and speech, "C" football coach . . . Dean Grimes, comp. lit. . . . Mary Jo Henrickson, reading and civicsfeconomics. . . , Kay Sloan, comp. lit., creative writing, sponsor of Quest, V' . I . SHAKESPEARE AND a model of the Globe Theater provide conversa- tional points tor Mrs. Sullivan, Gay Strand, Donna Grigsby and Chris Serapin. Q-nf TOP ROW . . . Bonnie Landin, comp. lit. and Spanish, attended summer school at Cal State Fullerton Kenneth McCluskey, comp. lit., iournalism, publications, sponsor of Golden Fleece Vera Moore, comp. lit., Freshman Class sponsor, co-sponsor of bowling club, attended summer school at Cal State at Long Beach . . . Mary Posner, comp. lit., and school publicity. BOTTOM ROW . . . Richard Price, comp. lit. . . . James Roberts, comp. lit., attended night classes at CSLB Janice Schiller, comp. lit., Girls' League Sponsor, co-sponsor of C.S.F. and N.H.S., attended an NDEA lnstitute for advanced study in English .. . Sondra Sullivan, comp. lit., Sophomore Class sponsor. . 'r Y' rs HIGHLIGHT OF Miss Beebe's English class is "Grammar a go-go," bulletin board. 5. , 'J ? l A is t T s f K . MR. ROBERTS takes time out from his lecture to contem plate a poetic passage from Robert Frost's "Mending Wall." ENGLISH DEPARTMENT 67 5 3 Language Dept. Uses Audio-Lingual Method FRENCH, SPANISH, German, and Latin reverberate through the hall of the language building throughout every school day as GGHS students tackle the subiect of foreign language. The language lab adds an exciting and interesting touch to language study. Through the use of headphones and taped programs, students acquire language skills individually. The lab is used by the various first year languages as well as second, third and fourth year classes. Each class has use of the lab for twenty-five minutes twice a week. The Audio-Lingual Method taught at GGHS teaches the fundamen- tals of understanding, speaking, reading, and writing the language which the student has chosen to study. Grammar is also stressed and taught by meaningful drills. Z 1'7- AUDIO LINGUAL lab adds variety to the departments extensive foreign language "PP-RlEZ'V0U5 F"ANC,A'5" curriculum. Students listen attentively to recorded conversations. Says Mm Seeger lo her begmmng French class. TOP ROW . . . William Smith, German . . . Donald 4 Carlos, Latin, sponsor Debate Squad, sponsor Latin Club Jules Demand, French, toured Canada during the summer . .. BOTTOM ROW . . . Martha 1 -3 Habibe, Spanish . . . Mildred Seeger, French, sponsor ' ' Mft' "i' of French Club, spent two summers in France . . . John r Z Smith, German, Spanish Max Valdes, Spanish. fi r 4 ,g 'I iv R 5 C g, , . st , ii ff Gif? fi 0 68 LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT MR. MARCUSEN helps Kathi Donahue place the finishing touches on her giant pink ostrich. TOP ROW . . . Nels Nelson, painting and 'iiif W 'T' drawing, art projects, general art, g exhibited paintings in regional and na ""- tional exhibitions, honored with two one man shows at Long Beach Museum, one . painting is in the permanent collection of l Q 1 Long Beach Museum of Art Richard A 'Z' Marcusen, arts and crafts BOTTOM ROW . . . Jim Thompson, general art . . . Ralph Velez, general art, commercial art, f school service art. ,, 3 F1116 Arts T Dlsplay Ek f Q f Numerous nr:-' ACt1V1t1GS ' . 4 THIS YEAR the band, under the direction of Mr. Anthony, has undergone a complete change. The style of marching is com- pletely new and so is their sound. They have marched in the Anaheim Halloween Parade, the Strawberry Festival, Huntington Beach Parade, andthe Pan American Days Parade which was on T.V. This year's choral department had a very busy schedule. Concert Choir kicked off the year with a concert for the busy holiday seasons programs will culminate with the Music De- partments Annual Christmas Concert. The Boys' and Girls' choruses and A Cappella Choir will also perform in this concert. The Concert Choir, once again, was the official California Junior Before Christmas the art students devoted much of their time in preparing art projects for the Scholastic Art Competition in L.A. Garden Grove has participated in this for the past nineteen years, and has placed eighteen times. Miss Pageant Choir. .SM PRACTTICE MAKES perfect is Mr. David Anthony's key to a successful band as many of the band members will testify. Q .4 TOP ... William Hoganson, Girls' Chorus, A Cappella choir boys' chorus, concert choir BOTTOM David Anthony, band, orchestra, comp. lit. Q is FINE ARTS 69 N We Zh 'F as 'T viii wg, flu it 'Y TRIGONOMETRIC FUNCTIONS pose varyung dlfflcultles for Chuck Lomas Al Fehllng Gall MRS KING department chaurman supervases Chris Qumn as she DURING SNACK Mr Berger and Mr Lum analyze vt solves c dlfflcult algebraic equation posslbllutles over an algebraic problem lwiath In Todays Complex World THE WORLD of numbers and their relations has always been a complicated one. From modern space Technology to minute calculations for underwater investigations, mathematics has become an integral and indispensable part of today's complex world. The unbounded limit of mathematical challenges draw the more mathematically inclined iuniors and seniors as they pursue answers for logarithms and trigonometric functions, prove theorems, analyze problems and graph innumerable equations. Insight into the basis of all mathematics, algebra seems impossible for freshmen when they first viewed the involved process required to solve an equation. intricate calculations stump ambitious stuclents as they struggle to comprehend the fundamentals of geometry. However, as time progresses, students develop ease in finding solutions. analysis class. 'R 0 Us X l wi 43 NEW calculating machines aid Pat Holden and Suk Choo Kim in Mrs. Haggerty's GEOMETRY CLASSES are enhanced by the usage of overhead proiectors as displayed by Mr. Clois Powell. TOP ROW Mary Alice King, al- . gebra and Trigfanalytical geometry ,. . Robert Berger, math, algebrc, . geometry, attended night class at UCI . extension, HC" football coach, assistant track coach . . . Wayne Gibson, geo- metry, trigfanalytical geometry, physics . . . Pat Haggerty, algebra and func- tional math analysis, sponsor of Mu Alpha Theta Horst Kortz, math, remedial math, chemistry, algebra . . , BOTTOM ROW . . . William Love, math, algebra, physical science, arts and crafts Sam Lum, math .lack Meltebarger, algebra and math, JV football coach, head wrestling coach Clois Powell, geometry, helped with civil defense Robert Suess, math, cross country and track coach. MATH DEPARTMENT 71 "FOUR SCORE and seven years ago, our fore-fathers brought forth upon this continent," begins Mr. Uranich in his interpretation of the Gettysburg Address by Lincoln. PETE MADAU, Cheryl Smith and Mark Vodonick ask Mrs. Meysenburg a question about the Revo- lutionary War 2 A ,,i, ,ylyhq ssfsisi F F ss,ssrss 72 SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT Four Teachers Added To Staff FOUR OF the eighteen new teachers at GGHS for the 1965-66 term are to be found in the social studies department under the direction of Mr. Jack Sorter, All four of the new teachers are involved in extra activities. Mr. Tullar, former Argonaut, is the leadership advisor, Mr. Holland, senior civics teacher, is senior advisor, Mr. Reck is the water polo coach, and Mr. Seldon, a teacher ot one ot the two history electives, geography. The Argonaut history department is divided into several main classifications: world history, United States History, and civics and economics. The electives are geography and Afro-Asian!Latin American Affairs. TOP ROW . . . Jack Sorter, world history, history of Latin America, Asia, and Africa, sponsor of Foreign Exchange Club . . . Donald Harris, U.S. history, world history, coach of varsity football . .. Leonard Hol- land, civicsfeconomics, U.S. history, Senior class spon- sor . , . BOTTOM ROW . . . Diane Meysenburg, U.S. history, Fulbright Exchange teacher to the Netherlands, toured northern Europe during the summer . . . Richard Miller, U.S. history, world history, senior English, Faculty Club Treasurer Richard Paulsell, world history. "GEOGRAPHY OF the U.S. is considered relevant for a good understanding of U.S. history," according to Mr. Miller. .Ji 1f"f' x fx! COMMITTEE WORK causes earnest searching of map problems by Barbara Veuleman, Dwayne Thorne and Keith Arnold. TOP ROW . . . Lqwlgr Reck, civicsfeconomics and U.S. history, varsity water polo and swimming, attended sum- mer school at San Jose State . . . James Selden, geogra- phy, civicsfeconomics, U.S. history, sponsor of Future Teacher Club Jack Thomas, civicsfeconomics BOTTOM ROW . . . Thomas Tullar, world history, lead- ership, comp. lit., sponsor of Pep Club, Inter Club Council, and Student Council, "B" football coach, attended summer school at San Diego State Edward Uranich, U.S. history . . . Doron Warren, world history, spent the summer touring the Hawaiian Islands. .T 7 I l T V l SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT 73 JOHN MACKEY practices on the parallel -ego sg- 71' 'i 1 ft tx, li w K. BASKETBALL OFFERS fun and exertion upon the part of Terry Sheline, Steve Dowell, Chris Rustad, and Jim Stagner even though it is only physical education and not after school sports. P.E. Provides Brea PHYSICAL EDUCATION is one of the few subiects that a student is required to take each year of his four years in high school. As of this year, it has now become necessary for a student to pass Physical Education in order to graduate. The Boys' P.E. Department offers a wide variety of sports which include football, baseball, track, swimming, wrestling, and tennis. Those boys who are in the athletic program are not required to take a P.E. class. During March, a Physical Fitness Program is given to all students. This is a series of tests b . are ,rrss designed to evaluate the fitness Q , ,QIA of the students. li 't'f'f'V' " P"-'KTYZQ f:rEfmf-5-rx-r-"r rt- -f.., l P if ' TOP ROW . . . Dewey Van Cleave, P.E. and athletic P 5, . g director Gerald Cheek, P.E. and health, varsit . , 3 , Q Y . . I -- 5 H I Q football coach Bottom Row Joseph Mof- ' 9 - rn K 'ti " 'P phy, P.E., water polo coach . . . Alan Musil, P.E. . . . P James Stephens, P.E., varsity basketball coach, assis- , u V V ' tant track coach, sponsor of Varsity Club. 74 BOYS P.E. N 14 Wy- . , - s '- 5 2 X Yi 'fi if l NN -5 .s 5 ,' .J l 2 5 X ,esta ., .,,: . wrwwk :fl In E ' 7 A f . ' W fa 'f11r- .f ' "Mme"- gs fx," 5. , ' sv ' . - .V rf if -N -V. . , i s . r 1 ,c is X . . - ,js xi f i A , x . , I W -"Tight -.6 k s .. h 3' ' i STK 2 H-" -' ' -f ' 'gi - . iii ' i fi , - Q . 'P . 2 X . . MQ , p A , N., XM' like 'M X . f f i i . V 3 . fy ., i 'L i sr r--f " " iss, -. -if T 'Wei r 3 T T 'T fi' TENNIS FORM is continually practiced until perfect by Karol McGill at right. Il Hectic School Day AMONG THE activities offered in the Girls P.E. Department are swimming, tennis, basketball, softball, archery, badminton, and volleyball. Two new exciting activities, rhythmic gymnas- tics and fencing were offered this year. Rhythmic gymnastics is a type of activity that includes f is S - " - 1 .1 f'r1",' both sports and rhythmic experiences. Jump ropes are the basic " " R equipment used, with music as an accompaniment. Rhythmic gymnastics will now be given to sophomore and iunior -S .' . students. Fencing was offered on an experimental basis this year and was enthusiastically ac- cepted by the girls. It is hoped that fencing can be offered to more classes in coming years. rf' 1 AMBITIOUS ARCHERS, Lynne Thornton and Linda Cravens, ready their aim in attempt to hit target. IS a boys sport enthusiasti- enloyed by all' TOP ROW . .. Barbara Decker, P.E., G.A.A. tennis and bowling Julia Sanchez, P.E., fundamental skill, sponsor of Lettergirls' Club, G.A.A. swimming, track, and field, summer of '66 toured eastern part of USA BOTTOM ROW . .. Vicki Toutz, P.E. and advanced skill, sponsor of G.A.A., attended summer school at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo . . . Judy Wagner, P.E., G.A.A. softball and badminton, Pep Squad sponsor, spent summer in Northern California . , . Lola Wrightson, P.E. and drill team. GIRLS P.E. 75 ...of LARRY ARMET, Terry Kessler operate the blue print machine under the scrutiny of Mr. Bower. The machine is used as a training device in drafting. 'O ' . f ' N Q S f f Q K New Equipment Added To Dept. THIS YEAR'S Industrial Arts Department includes Auto Shop l and ll, Drafting l and ll, Electronics I-lll, Metal shop l-Ill and Wood I-Ill. These classes are both vocational and nonvocational. The boys in Industrial Arts enter competition at Fullerton .l.C. This is for all boys in the county. Boys from each area work as o team or individually for collective honors. There is 53,000 worth of new machinery in the depart- ment. Some of these new machines are as follows: electronic power supplies, auto wheel balancer and new spray equip- ment to spray lacquer for wood shops. TOP ROW . . . Richard Hart, electronics , , . Sherman Ander- son, machine welding, auto shop .. . Donald Bower, drafting shop survey . . . BOTTOM ROW . . , Glenn Crawford, shop sur- vey, machine wood Melvin Solhan, auto shop, sponsor Bow- ling Club . . , Regis Urinsco, machine wood, shop survey, general machine shop. L rs we l new -,NX RESEATING VALVES in Mr. Sothan's auto shop is part of the work .lon Schroder, Bob STEADYING HIS hand, Sum MSCCY Matthews, Russell Wilson, and Lyle Chapman do each day. C0nClUde5 C' Pf0leCf in meffll Sl10P- 76 INDUSTRIAL ARTS Planetarium Heads Facilities Q THE SCIENCE department is high- lighted by the only high school plane- tarium in California. Physical and general science classes in accordance with state requirements now offer studies on driver's educa- tion, first aid, narcotics, smoking and alcohol. Physics courses are now tollovving the PSSC program. They attempt to answer questions in the lab and then by theory. Biology classes feature extended research on cells, histology, microbes, genetics, botany, chordates, and zoology. lBRYOl.OGY stages are viewed by Alice Stone and Doug Purcey in Mr. lass study of early embryological development of the startish. DETERMINING THE amount of alcohol used in finding the molar heat of combustion is the problem of Charles Lake, Dennis Fletcher, Katie Glenn, Pat Conroy, Mr. Sprang, Michele Girouard and Keith Arnold. TOP ROW Richard Francuz, biology, advanced biology Robert Evans, astronomy, planetarium director . . . Richard Farley, general science, physical science, health, driver education, coach "B" basketball, baseball . . . BOTTOM ROW , . . Candace Howell, biology, physical science . . , James Pratt, physical science, general science, health, coach JV basketball I Dennis Sprang, chemistry, physical science. SCIENCE DEPARTMENT 77 MRS. EDITH LONG explains to Linda O'Niell where she has gone wrong in zipper construction. Girls including Randy Cary, Bridget Coots and Lynne Carpenter are making cotton skirts and iackets. MEALS IN homemaking are prepared in groups of tour. Group two, Claudia Reeder, Nancy Carey, Pat Wilson, Bonnie Luther, be- gins preparations for a luscious cherry pie as Miss Marshall observes. ALE PROVOST senior homemaking, homemaking GARDEN GROVE High Schools home economics department acquired two new electric ranges which aided the various toad classes. According to Mrs. Provost, the department chairman, approximately 360 students were enrolled in homemaking classes at GGHS this year. These classes studied all phases ot family lite, and sponsored a fashion show tor their parents in January. D , .. . Edith Long, homemaking, Sponsor Homemak ing Club . . . Sharon Marshall, homemaking, gen eral business, Sponsor Homemaking Club. TERRI SANDOVAL samples a piece of pastries in Miss Marshall's homemaking class as Linda Logue asks a question and Jackie Shoen watches attentively. 78 HOME ECONOMICS FINAN times Diane Hurley in the shorthand laboratory. There are 26 A g connected to these three transcribing units which make up the lab. Dept. Growsg VEA Expands THE BUSINESS department of Garden Grove High School, with the assistance and financial aid of the Federal Vocation Educa- tion Act iVEAl, now offers a more varied program. Included in this up-to-date and expanded curriculum are two-hour courses in shorthand and transcription, bookkeeping, and secretarial office practice. Several new features have been added to the business curriculum this year. A shorthand laboratory with recorded lessons is used to teach shorthand. Dictation is available to students over headphones. The students may choose from four different recorded tapes, using speeds at which they want to take dictation. Many new electric typewriters have also been added. Students also benefit from new office machines, such as printing, rotary, and key-driven calculators, ten-key and full-key adding machines, and various duplicating and transcribing equipment. l 155 S211 252 " Gll LANE, Karen Shoen, Mike Hanes and Linda Brown get , needed help from Mr. Shields on a balance sheet. Balance 'i" A sheets are part ofthe VEA program on campus. 'SJ' w EZ TOP ROW . . . Ralph Shields, bookkeeping, business law! business math, record keeping! business calculations Robert Buelow, typing and bookkeeping, teaches adult education at Rancho, member of retirement commit' tee of GGEA . . . Rodney Carter, VEA, typing, general business, assistant varsity football coach, assistant wres- tling coach . . . Peg Finan, production typing, shorthand, transcription . . . BOTTOM ROW . . . Charles Gilmore, consumer economics and- typing, iunior class sponsor . . . Ruth Hamer, business machines, business practice lab, typing, secretarial office practice, attended summer school at Pepperdine College on the Cerritos College Campus, accountant for the Student Body Financial records . . . Jun Johnson, typing . , . William Parks, general business and business lawf business math. BUSINESS DEPARTMENT 79 GARDEN GROVE High School is fortunate to have the special services of the library, the nurse's office, the book store and the driver's education department. The GGHS Library serves approximately 250 students daily. In addition to over l2,000 books the library contains magazines, college catalogs, reference material, pamphlets, and vocational files. Brookhurst Dodge donated to the driver's training department a shiny new '67 Dodge Coronet 4-40. Some 220 students yearly use it to master the vehicular art. The book store has received several new English, German, and drama texts. These are partially financed by the student store and school activities. The nurse's office sees 35 students daily. The nurse copes with such maladies as flu, colds, abrasions, shop and PE iniuries, and campus accidents. Special Services Aid Student Body ONE SECTION of the library offers some table room for study for these even though the library steadily increases its volumes without increase of room shelves. They receive 900 books a year. X ALLAN MOLL 5 , takes his turn at the wheel of the drivers training car while Don DeWitt and nurse Donald Bower a dio visual coordinator en neth McCluskey publications BOTTOM ROW Frances Onishi librarian Blanche Pickens bookstore manager . . . Mary Posner, publicity Walter Powell, driver education Bruce Moore enjoy the ride and Mr. Powell prays nothing will happen. TOP ROW . . . Mabel Benefiel, y .,,.. t 80 SPECIAL SERVICES and training. 5" BLANCHE PICKENS supervises Mike and Mike McConnell in putting chairs gether. 'L' T 1 x l - is CINNAMON COOKIES by the hun- dreds are readied for the school cafe- terici by Edna Schultz. N NN--t.. NW-.....-yf J. P. 0'DELL hoses off the littered hall - ways after a typical school day. 2 CAFETERIA WORKERS-Front Row . . . Edna Schultz, Eleanor Butler, Laurine Wurster, Blanche Berry, Cafeteria head, Iola Lambertus, Marie Laskey. Back Row Ellen Chance, Eileen Heck, Marian Gruber, Lucille Killion, Ella Miller, Gladys Delgadillo. Workers Help School DESPITE THE Viet Nam situation the cafeteria is still able to make top-notch meals for the Garden Grove student body. The cafeteria employs twelve women and has twenty student helpers who get a free meal a day for their services. These twelve women alone, prepare three-hundred main dishes and five-hundred sandwiches. These deli- cious foods may be bought in two snack bars and two sets of vending machines as well as the cafeteria which has four serving lines. Keeping the school up is no easy matter and any custodian can tell you. Each day they have to clean up the students litter, maintain the gardens, and clean up each classroom at the end of the clay. MAINTENANCE-Front Row . . . Harold Pozanac, plant foreman, Steve Sherrod, Les Reafsnyder, Ernie Walker. Center Row . . . Jane Merriot, Leon Niemczyk, Don Burch, Bob Matthews, Joe LaMarco, Philip Furgason, Marie Standsberry. Back Row . . . J. P. O'Dell, night lead custodian, William Gardipee, Dino Vandenberg, Clarence Sherwood, John Fowlstrom, Robert Goward. CAFETERIAXMAINTENANCE 8l PERFQRMANCE 7 225 C553 ,lilwj lg. If NM.-fs V E l E .- t , ' A ' 1 -- .: Xg " 'inf , K i, A yarn- Q ww .,,. l arg ' stir u l Lgm. 1 L,VL, l 1'. its V ll " Q 5 it l l "3 ls i l ' P , A Q g s ly.,1 P , . , Ayflv wixxi . s P f. so . s ,ai s r - i . ff? ' , 'L vii, 5' 5-if s' ' 1 LL A , 1 , it r it r ,ff ,l r l to s - ONE OF the ports ot perforntonce is Athletics. When the teom is ploying, the student body is yelling tor them to win. The students who porticipote in sports should feel honored loecouse they ore helping to boost school spirit. They help creote on imoge whether they ore out tor tootboll, bosketlooll, or ony of the other sports. It doesn't motter whether the gorne vvos won or lost, the plciyers worked just os hord. - wil' ,., ,- Wi 5 , I ,M . c V e " 'wwf ...s , . . 5 MiimCgN,,zS+,, me f .- I cs Q K ,R ,, A mf 53"-ij.. H k ,Rf Q,-nf W, 2 ! M QL H -g4?ncMWwVt" W V M N, Q 5 ,- g 7 . I ,- A - In F 4' slggiw ,'3iVtQjg252ug-jg . .V ig LV , . , - fU,i5gj:',1iw.1N.,h mi h 1 W t . W I Q K V I , - - ' fffiff 'fetif A ' -. . 1 . iwwwwef wo:-unmet ww V, L,',VVilFVVlLggfVVf,i, get ,, My ,X MA Q rs. W '1 Q K if ji Lis' V. W .. ,Z gm ,, QV ' 'f rw 'fi-4. VV ?-3, , , ," ,. M fl -xqtcgw is-riff! J L l -"4 in . ' gk .5 t ' Wfdti' f A L Akyk L K' f: . W J L I, Z 4. J' V' H I F" X . ,. - ggjg' A-L-.. ,,, . V BV -V j, , g V - - . Vy,,i.3T?fQggg: , A f- ",- ii 'V - , 7 V fkl, '1fT1'- ff' -gf "4 V - it -e 2. .,f"fff'f 35,4 Q, s V I I lkyk W. wa Vi WQMVQ, dy' V M . ,V V, . V , sc A, Q .A ,ffl X k k is d,..f""eg r, ' wigs n i ' 4, ' KQV , -r 3 I ff V' W if af is faq f3V3yV,t1f, 'LV I -4 -Q f :Sv .F f - HV V - ., A ' .4-vi-7 W' if f X5 - W ' V1'ewi'V ' Vf5?'ff'i'.V-it , - I ' :X , sztgw- of - ' I ',:L ,V -1' up .,'+.s-ff:-e Vain. ,. , . ' . it M- goisug-if V, , Q , - -"-" . HU -M If . -.-ff:-if-'rr 44 ' QQ' A 1 NV Z 'yi-QV -r . M . V ,, fs. ,, ' -: '?flE1'g" ei! 'P-1 f-, j Wi 2 -'Q '. -AL v,,g,f4tEV zgL,Ns35LN,,L ' 1 it-W' 1 ,A r :eVv?vr',-:-"-4'- ' ' .if , ' K ' 'f . S- V V A I , N ,L . H, , s . ..,,, , ,, M i -2339.4 W :i : Xs.iMvf1:' . , A,,,',:s,i-fffv.-t s e! i'LXL ff - . . V .V .. f. , 'v' f,."',,gf' .-gr' is - EQ V , ' fugwiiifaf' V ii - I . - fi x V-VAS... 'L ,W , CAPTAIN RICH Cade attempts a shot after swimming away from Huntington Beach opponents in Garden Grove's ll-4 victory. Rich scored 6 goals against the Oilers. '36 g, lf' AQUANAUT MIKE Lilley tries to steal the ball from teammate Scrimmages provide opportunity for practice and work-out. ff' Bob Whitlow in scrimmage. ,nw . gk. ,KV BALANCING THE ball with one hand, Charton takes the advantage and passes the I: to goalie Doug Neville in Artesia game. Grc won the match easily 24-5. ARGO MERMAN Marc Ingram attempts shot against Santiago opponent in Garden Grove's biggest victory, 23-O. pai. . Q 'WMV AWA VARSITY WATERPOLO Front Row Steve Charton Marc Ingram Ruch Cade Mlke Lulley Kerry Frost BlllZubrod Back Aquanauts Splash Way To V1CtOP1OUS Season THE RICH get rlcher and the poor get poorer Garden Grove s varsity waterpolo team went completely along wlth thus theory In their T966 season Wlth Its undefeated league record the Aqua nauts had clear sanllng all the way Coach Murphy thought the turnung polnt ln the sea son was the Estancia Tour nament Up untll then the players were lust some nndu vlduals but the tournament turned them unto a team Leading scorer for the varsity squad was Rnch Cade wlth Kerry Frost Dan Mur ra M ke Lilley Marc Ingram and Bob Whntlow rlght behlnd Coach Reck commented that Rach was a standout all season The Argonauts met Dow ney Hugh School at Long Beach on November 22 for their flrstClF game Opponent Anaheum Tourney 6 Buena Park Bolsa Costa Mesa Tustun Westmlnster Lakewood Estancla Tourney Artesia Huntnngton Beach Rancho Bolsa Paclfnca La Quanta Santnago Row Coach Reck Rlck Hurley Doug Neville Bob Whltlow Randy Dosset Mike McConnell Keith Arnold w"' ...l ""' 'U- WATERPOLO 87 :Wil i di gi",,qs 1 wk JI- " x cqxnxx K ,aio Q19 X W W: X , W 'T we " I l llfql X .Z M sz, 1 . -- ry Q' ,,,, :L ii HV!! i Q4 AFTER-SEASON festivities are celebrated by Rich Cade Rick RICH CADE and Marc Ingram devour pieces of cake 5 Hurley, Paul Kollar, and Marc Ingram. Girl admirers donated Coach Reck comes from behind admonishing Save some of the cake to the all-league winners. that cake for me' Downey Proves Tough In CIF Aouon ON NOVEMBER 22, I966, the Garden Grove High School Waterpoloists com- peted in CIF action at Mil- Iikan High School in Long Beach. They experienced a first round loss against Downey High School with a score of 25-2. Downey, second rated in the state, proved to be a tough opponent for the Argos. Coach Reck thought the chance of winning was slim, but was enthusiastic about winning the City League title. This was his first year as coach, and he hopes to see more winning teams in the future. is S i? X55 gm v J "V 'Sv -M 'i if - -X fr' - M M -M M' -... 5' Q- :jim wQ.'2""Qsf -'item 4-. . ... A I gm . r' up ..,.. Wh. B WATER POLO-Front Row: Richard Rosenquist, Steve Shortridge, Brad Lilley, Paul Kollar, Craig Bowman, Dave Boyle, Mike Gillman . . . Back Row: Mr. Murphy, Paul Staudt, Steve A U , logo- 'gmx " pi X ' Rowland, Larry Seest, Mark Miller, Dave Marcum, Jerry Woods, Jim Lechner, Mr. Reck. B Scores C Scores GG 20 Costa Mesa B MERMEN, along with the Varsity Costa Mesa 21 Tustin squad, took Garden Grove League Tustin 3 Artesia honors in an undefeated season. Artesia 3 Huntington Beach They had a 10-O season record with Huntington Beach 8 Rancho a 6-O league record. The C team had Rancho 7 Bolsa a season record of 7-3 and a league Bolsa 7 Pacifica record of 4-1. Pacifica 16 La Quinta La Quinta 16 Santiago Santiago Ji. . wi, H- .X ,f S W, si si . r , B is X. Oppone 5 O 4 7 7 9 7 2 2 . F1 4 V 1 Argo Harriers Place Second ALTHOUGH THEY were young and lacked experience, the Gar- den Grove High School varsity cross country team finished their season tied for second in the league with 7-2 record, Bolsa placed first. They entered the CIF prelims on November 22. "We have a young team, mostly freshmen and sophomores ana we lack experience. This is really a 'building' year," stated Coach Suess. Perhaps they lacked experi- ence, but it is evident that Grove has some fine runners. The La Habra Invitational Tournament, one of the highlights of the season, was a good ex- ample. Out of 10 schools, the Garden Grove runners brought home a first place trophy. GG Opponent 25 Magnolia 31 31 Monte Vista 25 23 S. A. Valley 34 21 Santiago 37 20 Rancho 40 34 Bolsa 21 22 Pacifica 35 26 La Quinta 31 ROGER DAVIS at the Pacifica meet places first after a two miler with a time of 10:01.6. Jim Stagner shouts for joy. This was the first meet run during a football halftime. PACIFICA WAS the scene of the cross country league finals. Larry Libeu puts on the last exertion of force to pass a Bolsa Grande and La Quinta runner. 5 . Y' fig ' . 1. . 1 Q13 . sig f 5" Q 'I:" i . I" in . N 'iw' Y i - SANTIAGO'S RACE was a close meet. Roger Davis puts on extra added power to win the race with a time of 10:09 CROSS COUNTRY 91 Argo Gridders Experience "Up And Down" Season THE GARDEN Grove varsity gridders experienced an "up and down" season for 1966. The Argos com- piled a 4-A-T overall record and a league record of 2-2-T. The "off-again, on-again" action placed them third in the Garden Grove City League under Rancho Alamitos, first, and Bolsa Grande, second. This being the first year in the newly formed city league, Gar- den Grove High School had hoped to do better. The team showed good team ef- fort, but they couldn't seem to click steadily or continuously. Coaches Gerald Cheek, Don Harris, Rod Car- ter and Jack Meltebarger kept the team working hard throughout the season on their weaknesses. The Argo squad fell victims to costly iniuries early in the season. The most severe blow was when quarterback Glenn Gardner was roughed up on attempted pass play and sustained a broken collar bone. Thus, his sophomore brother, Don, had to take over the "play-calling" chores. Next year's season is eagerly awaited because with the loss of only four senior key men, Rick Boyer, Bruce Conroy, Mike Hanes, and John Retzer, the T967 players should develop in to a hard-hitting, aggressive team. fab Y' 'rf' A ff iff, ,yr VARSITY FOOTBALL-Front Row: Russ Wilson, Jim McNa- mara, Kevin Dunn, Craig Liticker, Malcolm Poemoceah, Cliff Mitchell, Terry Kessler, Tom Wiften, Don Gardner, Dave Robertson, Ron Branum . . . Second Row: Darryl Berg, Doug Scheel, Bill Mahar, Matt Montgomery, Keith Whitfield, Rick roy. 92 VARSITY FOOTBALL Boyer, Mike Hanes, Jan Montgomery Pat McGuire John Russell, Fred Miller, Dennis Delucio Back Row Al Fehling, Mike Blankenship Bruce Burton John Retzer Jeff Yoak, Bill Rapp, Mike Sheline Kent Rasmussen Bruce Con l STARTING LINEUP-Front row Fred Miller tailback John Retzer end Russ Wilson tackle Rick Boyer, guard Bill Crawford center Mike Hanes guard Dennis Deluclo tackle Bruce Conroy, end . . . Back Row Terry Kessler halfback Glenn Gardner quarterback Ke nn Dunn, Halfback. SCORES Bellflower Monte Vista West Torrance Norwalk Rancho Bolsa Pacifica La Quinta Santiago VARSITY LINE COACH Don Harris, head coach Gerald Cheek, and Junior Varsity coach Jock Melteborger. vi' N6 .gg rw, .A . if' . K ,, "WE'LL ALL praise Garden Grove High," words from the Alma Mater, rate special attention from varsity football players, Mike Hanes, Chuck Bartholomew, Doug Scheel, Jeff Yoak, Pat McGuire, and Jon Montgomery after the game. 1 Q mau JUNIOR VARSITY-Front Row . . . Chuck Bartholomew, Jim Ropp, Bob Brown, Nik Szalay, Leo Tidd, Ken Neuroth, Frank Bunnell. Second Row Rick Miller, Terry Wochner, Bill Crawford, Bob Stagner, Jerry Wells, Ken Bruggeman. Back Row Bill Matthews, Bill Kennedy, Eugene Pearson, Ron Allen, Bob Matthews. VARSITY FOOTBALL 95 '4 fl. 1 A vw., RYA, HEAD ON collision is mastered with a protective arm to the head of Bellflower opponent by Fred Miller. TACKLED LOW and downed with little gain in yardage is tailback Fred Miller. Argonaut hopes of winning the opening game against Bellflower died as the Buccaneers proved too much for Grove. BERG temporarily stops oncoming West Torrance High Warriors. Rick Boyer, Mike uss Wilson, and Fred Miller were the Argo team that night. Football Carnival: THE GARDEN Grove City League opened the football season on September l7, with the Football Carnival. The league was divided into two teams, the North opposing the South. Rancho Alamitos, Garden Grove, and Pacifica on the North opposed Bolsa Grande, Santiago, and La Quinta for the South. Starting the game on the Mat- ador field, was Rancho for the North against Bolsa of the South in the first T2 minute session of the six quarter game. The Argonauts took the field in the next quarter against Santi- ago. Pacifica completed the half opposing La Quinta. In the sec- ond half, it was Pacifica against Santiago, Rancho against La Quinta, and Garden Grove against Bolsa. Bellflower: 0-14 On September 23, the Argo- nauts faced the Buccaneers of Bellflower High School. The Argos netted 247 yards to- tal offense to Bellflower's 180. Glenn Gardner, quarterback, completed six for nine passes for 108 total yards. John Retzer, end, caught five of the six passes for 70 yards. Tailback, Fred Miller had ground honors totaling H6 yards in 24 carries. He averaged 4.8 yards a carry. The Garden Grove High School offensive unit put the ball on the four yard line once, seven yard line twice, and the 23 yard line once, but could not score. The Buccaneers made their scores in the second and fourth quarters. VARSITY FOOTBALL 97 TRYING A wide sweep was the idea of John Russell as he gained yardage against the Mustangs. Grove passed for 210 yards net and rushed for 263 more. TOM WITTEN battles with a Norwalk Lancer giving the Argos the needed yardage leading to a later TD. 98 VARSITY FOOTBALL Monte Vista: 57-0 THE ARGO'S first vvin of the season came against Monte Vista, 57-O. QB Glenn Gardner completed six of ten passes, three of them for touchdowns. First TD pass was a 55 yard bomb to Fred Miller. John Ret- zer pulled in the next one for 37 yard score, and Terry Kessler the last one for 37 yard score. Linebacker Rick Boyer blocked tvvo Mustang punts that also led to touchdowns. West Torrance: 13-21 Despitea 13-O halftime lead, the Argos lost to the Warriors of West Torrance, 21-13. Rick Boyer, Mike l-lanes, Russ Wil- son, and Fred Miller were the Argo team that night. Boyer, Wilson, and Hanes did fine iobs on both offensive and de- fensive lines. Miller gave Grove both scores. Norwalk: 28-13 GARDEN GROVE Argonauts received the second win of the season on October TA. Gridiron action took place on the Argo Field against the Norwalk Lancers, 28-13. Kevin Dunn, haltback, lead ground gainer for the dual, was cited for his offensive play. End .lohn Retzer was cited for his defensive performance. Rancho: 7-20 Argonaut football fans vvit- nessed rival Rancho Alamitos run over Garden Grove 20-7 in the league opener. This game rncirked the first vvin .tor Rancho over GGHS in six years. Groves score came at the end of the second quarter when Freed Miller intercepted a pass and ran T8 yards to the two yard line, where he eventually scored. Jeff Yoak kicked the conversion. A CITED OFFENSIVE player, Kevin Dunn, leads again in a ground gainer against the Norwalk Lancers. Norwalk was the fourth game played in the season and the last before the league, giving the Argos a 2-2 record. "OUT OF my way," says Fred Miller as he clears his way for a gain in yardage placing the ball on the seven yard line. The Argos drive for a score was halted by a fumble, one of two. The fumble was halted on the 23. I Bolsa: 30-33 GROVE'S FOURTH loss of the season came against Bolsa Grande, 33-30, in a running game that was unbelievable. With less than three minutes gone in the game, the Matadors took the lead 13-7. Bolsa had made two TD's, when Fred Miller put GGHS on the scoreboard by a 56 yard run. QB Don Gardner passed to John Russell for a TD in the second quarter. ln the second half, GGHS made a TD and a touchback. Pacifica: 20-6 First league win for the Argos came against Pacifica, 20-6. Garden Grove scored first on a 38 yard scamp by Tom Witten. Grove pushed another six points across when Miller ran a long 66 yards. Pacifica got on the score- board with only five seconds left in the first half. The final score of the night came when Grove's Kevin Dunn wedged in from the three. La Quinta: 32-32 Garden Grove had to come from two touchdowns behind late in the game to tie the Aztecs from La Quinta, 32-32. ln the fourth quarter, Don Gardner drifted back to his 24 yard line and threw a pass to John Retzer. Before Retzer could be tackled, he later- alled to Darryl Berg, who went the remaining 50 yards for the tying TD. Kevin Dunn had given Grove the first quarter lead, 6-O, on a two yard plunge. Santiago: 27-13 Garden Grove Argos trounced Santiago 27-13, in the last game ofthe season. The win could be a preview of next year's season as iunior, Fred Miller and sopho- more, Darryl Berg played vital roles. Miller gained 92 yards on eight carries for an average of 11.5 yards per run. He also scored three of Grove's four touch- downs. Berg intercepted two passes at key moments, giving the Argos 20 steals forthe season. A xx ff? 42 X friivlf A r af 1 4 ' r 1 ,..-. , K ..k. 1. I .ar f Q' L i 1 i I Y GAINING ENOUGH yardage for a first down is Don Gardner before being downed on the 28 yard line. In the fourth quarter, with only a few minutes left to play, Gardner drifted back y to his 2 ard line and threw a ass to s litend John Retzer Retzer I t went fox y p p . a eralled to Berg who the remaining 50 yards for the tying TD. Q I Q Fr .1 -. in . .nlE3l" i B. FOOTBALL--Front Row . , . Roy Gonzales, Ron Goodell, Seedborg, Paul Sonner, Mark Krueger, Mitch Richards, Don Mike Cave, Jon Gargan, Kevin Keating, John DeSim0ne, DeWitt, John Morrissey, John Fisher Back Row Bob Roger Hill, Tom Fuller, Lou Randall, Doug Anderson, Lee Price, Campbell, Marshall Russ, Dennis Williams, Ron Callen, Terry Glenn Buckmann, mgr. . . . Second Row . , . Forrest Tilson, Tempus, Dave Maurer, Greg Hanson, Randy Walters, Steve Don Truman, Ken Saul, Mark Stookey, Jeff LaBarthe, Rusty l'leCl4. i .NN,,,,w rs. PAUL SONNER evades Monte Vista tackle while on his way for a 22 yard run. 102 B FOOTBALL Argo B and C Learn Through THIS YEAR, the B gridders were the victims ot circumstance. Many were iniured, and some ot the better players were moved up to play on the iunior varsity team. This left the team with many inexperienced players. The tea- tured players were Lou Randall, tull- back, .lon Gargan, splitend, Dennis Williams, linebacker, and Doug And- erson, guard. GG. Opponent 6 Bellflower 33 19 Monte Vista 12 O West Torrance 57 25 Norwalk O O Rancho 32 T3 Bolsa 36 6 Pacifica i3 12 La Quinta 13 i9 Santiago O ..a...t . z ist i... r .- .+'..-kann .5 1 l rr . ff- X 11 ,..--5 ,. 'if3jgf,' i2f19 M 6 'iii' 'of"1 ' slf'i,yf.g, lv's4iQ"" it r..fif . . N C FOOTBALL-Front Row: Mark Andresen, David Russ, Evan Rasmussen, Hank Montgomery, David Boots, Joey Ashlock, Bob Boyer, Jim Schwanke, Chuck Lane, Jon Henkel, Dennis Herbeck, Troy Hignite. Second Row: Jeff Miller, Bob Brown, Steve Wilson, Tom Ropp, David Restivo, Mike Maisenback, Jim Plateroti, Steve Buehler, David Miller, Don Yinquez, Glen Hoyt, Tim Prickett, Bill Flake, George Burchfiel, Gridders Experience THE C TEAM finished with a 7-2 overall record and a 4-l league record. Their featured players were defensively, Dave Boots, Evan Rasmussen, Bill Flake, Dennis Herbeck, and Jim Schvvanke. Offensively the strong players vvere Mark An- dresen, Chuck Lane and Bob Boyer. G.Gi. Opponent 23 Bellflower i2 6 Monte Vista O T2 West Torrance T3 T3 Norwalk 9 6 Rancho 0 19 Bolsa 6 33 Pacifica 6 7 La Quinta 20 31 Santiago O t . i r 3 Rocky Taylor, Tom Korsvull. Third Row: Brad Lambert, Paul Warner, Jeff Jones, Rene Carrasco, Bob Saenz, Tony Albert- son, Dan Olson, Mark Vodonick, Greg Moter, Larry Hilliard Larry Capalbo, Ken Torgerson, Ron Howard. Fourth Row: Ron Rodarte, Nels Christiansen, Brian Keating, Scott Hughes Craig Leighton, Brock Anderson, Paul Gardner. 1 1 ARGO OFFENSE, HOD Mark Andresen, 1305 Chuck Lane, and l2OJ Dennis Herbeck try in vain to make progress against the opposition. OPPOSITION BRINGS down Dennis Herbeck, before l5Ol David Miller, can give help Q gg. Q61 Ks, Q 59? 3 0 i fx 44-,QQ e ' ZW, 4- Q, --j , - s...u cf' ,wg 3 2 f' XZ as A ARGONAUT BASKETBALL coaches Mr. Jim Pratt liunior varsityl, Mr. Jim Stephens lvarsityj, Mr. Richard Farley CBT, and Mr. Del Garrett KCJ look over the season's calendar. COACH STEPHENS introduces the varsity hoopsters at pep assembly preceding the Rancho game, January 20. U GG Opponent 50 Orange 48 60 Mater Dei 53 5l Huntington Beach 67 64 Valencia 68 65 Magnolia 53 43 Foothill 63 57 La Habra 70 59 Tustin 40 51 Foothill 49 37 St. John Bosco 50 48 Norwalk 58 65 Servite 68 58 Santa Ana Valley 48 49 Rancho 46 57 Bolsa 60 62 Pacifica 43 44 La Quinta 42 45 Santiago 56 46 Rancho 62 45 Bolsa 59 57 Pacifica 54 42 La Quinta 50 48 Santiago 56 VARSITY BASKETBALL 105 ' Pre-League: The varsity basketball team comp eted this years season with an overall record ot TO-T4 and a pre-league record of 6-8. The Argos over-ran such teams as the Monarchs of Mater Dei, Panthers of Orange, and the Sentinels ot Magnolia. Grove couldn't seem to attain a solid 'footing throughout the pre- league competition. This accounted for its seesavv record, Rancho: 49-46 46-62 ln the opening league game, Garden Grove triumphed over the Vaqueeros 49-46. Grove played a "turn-about" by coming from ehind at halftime, 30-T6. Lead corers were Fred Van der Linde ith 'I7, and Bill Morgan, TO, The Vaqs evened-up the score n the second round by beating he Argos, 46-62. Rancho held the rgos to ll points each quarter. ob Sanders, Gary Berg, and red Miller led the total points. olsa: 57-60 45-59 Bolsa edged the Argos 57-60 in he opening game. The score was 'neck and neck" all the way, and he Matadors were ahead by only ne point at the halftime. Second round, the Mats rounced the Argos, 45-59. This rought the league record to 3-4. t halftime, the score was 28-34. igh scorers for both games were ill O'Brien, Fred Miller, Randy ance, and Bill Morgan. But, Fred an der Linde surpassed these by chieviwg T7 points totaled in the irst game. Q .c QF' , N Nos :irq 2 is Sfitj .4 pf 'Qa- ARGO ROUNDBALLER, Bill O'Brien dives for the ball in attempt to beat opponent to possession. Bill, who was named best guard, made 9 points at first Vaquero cattle. DRIVING IN towards the basket, Bill Morgan readies a scoring shot while Rancho man skillfully guards. Fred Van der Linde looks on from back anticipating a change of plans. VARSITY BASKETBALL T07 Argos PACIFICA: 62-43 57-54 Argo roundballers smeared the Mariners 62-43 in the first match. Grove was leading all the way and the halftime score was 26-18. Fred Miller, Randy Lance and Fred Van der Linde controlled the boards for Garden Grove and Bill Morgan supplied the punch to get by in both games. The second saw a 57-54 victory for the Argos. La Quinta: 44-42 42-50 The first Aztec battle ended in a victory for the Argos. Although at halftime the game was tied 19-19, Argos plugged on and finished 44-42. Lead scorers were Bill OBrien with 12 total points, Randy Lance, 10, and Fred Van der Linde, 10. The second round saw defeat for GGHS hoopsters. They were behind most of the game with a halftime score of 19-28, and a final score of 42-50. Randy Lance attained highest total points with 18. SANTIAGO: 45-56 46-58 The Cavaliers, who placed first in league competition, over- powered the Argos in both meetings. At the beginning it looked promising since the Argos led at halftime 26-24, but it ended in a 45-46 disappointment. High scorer 3 of the games were Randy Lance, Bill Morgan, Bill O'Brien, and Fred Miller. The Argos were commended for holding the Cavs to 50 shots. 108 VARSITY BASKETBALL Cage 1 U- 14 Season RANDY LANCE leaps for the rebound against Bolsa Grande's Tom Julian. Randy, a second string all-league forward, scored high in the Matador battle with 9 points and 12 rebounds. His season average was 12 points and 11 rebounds. pr JV BASKETBALL-Front Row: Dave Cates, guard, Mark Mariola, guard, Lloyd Herberg, forward, Mike Boyle, guard . . . Back Row: Rick Foley, forward, Steve Reno, guard, Gene Broom, center, Mike Sunstedt, center, Bob Beckman, forward, Craig Watral, guard. J V'S end With 9-15 Record ri in E if BOB BECKMAN and Dave Cates were the JV roundballers' rnost valuable players this year who finished in a tie tor fourth place. Size was the biggest problem as they averaged under six feet. Lloyd Herberg was their leading rebounder, averaging ll a game. Cates and Beckman were the leading scorers with l2 a game. GG Opponents xr 64 Rancho 72 L 66 Bolsa 78 69 Pacifica 59 " 45 La Quinta 47 52 Santiago 53 52 Rancho 6l 50 Bolsa 59 60 Pacifica 55 42 La Quinta 54 53 Santiago 40 JV ROIUNDBALLER, Mike Boyle MIKE SUNSTEDT goes high to attempts a shot as Rancho guard rebound for Argo possession of protects his goal. the ball. JV BASKETBALL lO9 B BASKETBALL-First Row: Steve Shortridge, Rob Jordan, Charlie Lake . . . Second Row: Joe Usary, Fred Ortega, Mark Eastman, Jeff Braley, Rick Rosenquist . . . Bock Row: Rich Yanick, Dave Maurer, Sterling Bess, Al Carlson, Mike Saiz, Rick Fuehrer. B Cagers Take League First Finish With 19- Season C BASKETBALL-First Row: Joey Ashlock, Gary East, Bob Stuclholme . . . Second Row: Steve Buehler, Bill King, Dave Boots, Bruce Weiner, Dennis Herbeck . . . Back Row: John Rose, Claigh Jensen, Warren Brown, Mark Andresen, Coach Del Garrett. 'l'l0 B 8. C BASKETBALL League Aotlon, 1 1 1 Qverall LED BY Captain Richard Cade, the varsity swimming team finished its i967 season by capturing the league championship at Santa Ana College. a torrid pace in the distance events and looks like the bright star in the future for the Argonauts. Freshman Brad Lambert and junior Brad Lilley both Swimmers Mark Undefeated Outstanding p e r f o r m- ances for the year were turned in by Rich Cade in the 200 and 400 free-style, and the l00 Butterfly--all for school records. Senior Bill Zubrod led the league in the sprint department capturing the 50 and 100 freestyle. Freshman Craig Bovvman set did outstanding iobs in the diving area by bringing in many needed points during the season. Mayer, Coach Harris. 2. SWIMMING-Front Row: Paul Kollar, Rick Hurle Rich Cade, Craig Bowman . . . Third Row: Randy Dossett, Brad Lambert, Marc Bill Zulorod . . . Back Row: Coach Reck, Mark Miller, Mike Meidinger, Dave Rice, y, Brad Lilley . . . Second Row: 3 1,4 Q A 1 " 5' . S, . Lg ., L, R is -2 DIVING EXPERT Brad Lilley demonstrates three phases of the swan dive. Brad brought in many points throughout the season. VARSITY SWIMMING l l l i BRAD LAMBERT displays diving enroute to splashdown during swim meet against the Vaqueros. STARTING SECOND lap in free-style competition, Terry Ridge outranks Rancho's opposing sprinters. LONG ARGO, Brad Lilley, forges ahead of opponents with long, stretching dive to begin butterfly race. Dumping Ranch! Grove's chief opponent, clinched the title of league champio COMPETITOR FROM Rancho attempts in vain to bridge the ga in score. Argos backwashed Vaqueros 56-40 in league openin meel. ARGO MERMAN, Dave Boyle begins leap upon hearing gun. Superb performance led an undefeated season. ., . . .,,.s,,1..,,..,.m.,..,,.,,,,..,c.,,,,. .,i..,...n YKXYXK al!- nn- ' X' K ' J, Y ,Svc 'Nw f ef' L X y i - ""' 21 .r-,q,,- nk -cya, , Q. pf B SWIMMING-Front Row: John Heinz, Dave Boyle, Bob Rowe . . . Second Row: Mark Talboft, Sieve Casey, Ed Charison, Steve Shortridge . . . Back Row: Coach Lawlor Reck, Randy Walters, Terry Ridge, Rick Rosenquisl, Dave Marcum, Coach Don Harris. rfff ,",'lJf,. B .fTf',f','.'r. I 1 1 1 .ff f' x' ff 1 ,f f 8 , Q K 1 ij. KJ!! 1 zf f , f , if f5'. 4. ,R C SWIMMING-Froni Row: Rick Kaiwi, Roy Farmer, Danny Johnston, Ken? Jones Second Row: Jerry Carter, David Gurknecht, Larry Liilleiohn, Glen Hoyl . . . Back Row: Coach Lawlor Reck. SWIMMING 1 13 11:1- K 'Mt- - I Q:f"j.7 l 'VF' VARSITY WRESTLING-Front Row: Dennis Harris, Ron Barney, Stan Johnson . . . Second Row: Jim Ropp, Jim McNamara, Kevin Keating, Harold De Keyser Third Row: Kent Rasmussen, Doug Scheel, Bob Stagner, Jim Stagner . . . Back Row: Ken Neuroth, Al Fehling, Pete Ma dau. Madau Tops Varsity Squad VARSITY GRAPPLERS had a 6-5-1 record this season. They fared extremely well despite many "young and inexpe- rienced" wrestlers. They tied the La Quinta squad for fourth place in the Garden Grove City League. Pete Madau, handicapped by a bad hand, had an excellent year with over 20 pins in the 178-pound division. Pete became one of four ClF finalists in the state. He had two pins, one decision, and was himself decisioned, missing the state 114 VARSITY WRESTLING championship by one point. Said Coach Jack Meltebarger, "Pete is the most outstanding wrestler we've had or ever will have." Another senior, Tom Gieser promised a great season, but he was sidelined by a broken rib. Coach Meltebarger added, "Several excellent boys will be coming back." Among those named were Doug Scheel, Harold De Keyser, and Kent Rasmussen. These will be next year's strong points. GG Opponent 38 Tustin 17 22 Hawthorne 32 40 Oxnard 14 40 Arroyo 11 15 San Marino 36 38 Huntington Beach 27 26 Bolsa 31 34 Bishop Amat 20 17 Rancho 33 25 La Quinta 25 30 Pacifica 25 8 Santiago 37 JV Team Sets 8-1 Record THE JV team under the instruction of Mr. Jack Meltebarger and Mr. Rod Carter had an outstanding 8-1 grappling season this year. Several of the boys did such a fine iob, that they were moved up at mid-season and received a varsity letter for their efforts. Malcolm Poemoceah, Mike Blankenship, and Ron Allen vvon all of their bouts by either a pin or decision. With the experience gained this year, next year's var- sity squad looks very promising. JV VIRESTLING-Front Row: Mike Dunkerly, Ron Goodell, Mark Jocham Second Row: Bob Hovell, Dave Vodonick, Don Barney, Lee Price . . . Third Row: Mark Stookey, Ron Callen, Pat Shargel, Roger Hill Blankenship, Ron Allen. JV Scores GG Opponent 36 Tustin 16 22 San Marino 26 26 Huntington Beach 22 34 Bolsa 17 45 Bishop Amat 10 36 Rancho 21 39 Pacifica 21 26 La Quinta 25 26 Santiago 12 Buck Row: Malcolm Poemoceah, Mike B AND C WRESTLING-Front Row: Al Salcido, Ken Torgerson, Paul Gardner , . . Second Row: Dave Stringham, Jim Miller, Evan Rasmussen, Grady Ireland . . . Third Row: Tony Albertson, Steve Rowland, Tom Korsvall, Craig Peterson . . . Back Row: Larry Howe, Tom Ropp, Chuck Lane, Brian Keating, Gordon Gruver, John Phillips, Bob Boyer, Steve McDonald, Dave Miller, John Boertje. JV WRESTLING H5 JIM McNAMARA wrestling in the City League Tournament, lost by a slight margin 5-3. Jim, a three-year letterman, was ahead at the beginning ofthe bout because he got a takedown and an escape. l WORKING FOR a take-down, Doug Scheel grapples Pacifica opponent. The final score ended with a 17-2 victory for Doug. 116 VARSITY WRESTLING ox' at s WT ' 'X l S 1 . YYSL. K .1 ,Kwi- J '- GOLF-Front Row: Craig Wattrell, Gary East, Dennis Cragun, Jeff Braley, Roger Hill . . . Back Row: Bruce Wallace, Bert Lay, Steve Petersen, Warren Brown, Bill Morgan, Coach Jim Pratt. Golfers Invade Willowick L , ig, tc ,Snag V V , W x VY. A"1-sv:-1 r sn - A I L it . s E LM i. sy BILL MORGAN demonstrates his skill STEVE PETERSON drives the ball from LINING UP a shot in hopes of with an iron by executing a chip shot. the tee 200 yards to the green. sinking it is Warren Brown. GOLF 117 Q '58 . N. if an X A iffy' I , X i V' 'J 1 m A , mx 4 k l xx ' - 45,35 X fd ' , If 1 Si ay-"'l'A"N 1 Q f - , x ' ,gf f ., ' Q ' , F: ,L l I ,M I -4 ,ig VF, J I f ft 5 . K ' f, -v' X 7.2 , " iff v N, -7 ' ' it 'f' S '- 7? 4' I I, f , 1' my A y 1 y ' h A, L: ,ox - 1 Fir. - jr ff. , it Ji , T A - ' X ' is L, A J 1 s - f x J 1 S if Row: Boyd Jacklin, Grady Ireland, Bob Michika, John Jason, John Gol- ubic, Torn Wurster, Chris LaBarthe . . . Back Row: Dug Neville, Kermit VARSITY AND JV TENNIS-Front Row: Larry White, Cliff Chewning, Jeff LaBarthe, Jim Thornton, Tim Weidert, Rick Beaulac Second POISED AND ready to return the opponents volley is Varsity Racquetman, Gary Butte. 118 VARSITYXJV TENNIS nilllo Sprang, Andy Ralston, Bill Hogan- son, Gary Butte, Don DeWitt, Gor- don Garcia, Steve Silver. f 5 'l .1 -7 Xivws. Lf! ' h"'i,. Q? 45 ml .1 f-.T A- KS -wwwm-Q.--un-as-a---.-...-..-...f -unil-is -.-..-- .vs--......,c.,. We --1... 'L TOM WURSTER prepares to drive an ace to his helpless opponent. The Argos were CONTEMPLATING VICTORY is victorious over Pacifica I8-U2-9-UQ. Argo netter Gordon Gorcia. Santiago fell to the Argos 20-8. fa 3 I X . , X fX - - A" J-ff? ' . . Nyc. I se,- . N K A ,JR-5 ,X s X X M . V ,vcxzg Lx ,-,xsly . . ix . Aa- x, . X R K XJ I IM WEIDERT delivers a smashing blow to his JOHN JASON backs into position to receive the ball with ancho opponent, Rancho took the contest a ready-backhand. The Argos lost to Bolsa 22-6. 9-3X4-8-114. VARSITYXJV TENNIS II9 iii.. ii , I, M BREAKING ACROSS the finish line, Steve Amparran completes the 100 yard dash. Steve took first place in race against league opponents Rancho. lla 1 5,,,.,,-r, K I -lg . ' It A . ... - "' ' ,, , 'rua -- - ' VL .. A . M WMM ,P . . r -- X if V ..,t bw.. f , .UMW ,. .V ..- STAMINA AND endurance are the keys to a successful runner. Here Argo Hans Kloepfer shows these qualities in the 220 race. GARY RICARD gains yardage on Vaquero opponent in the quarter mile run. Gary, a freshman, won several first place honors throughout the season. 120 TRACK i craig, Q sf .. , F 5 5 lg .- 't z f iw ' . 53 ' 3' - . A - -- ! 5fl:Z', I 1 I ' "1" Y Q ,L W ,,. . Ha ' f' . S -A , K. . ' , 5-f " iii : ' '5 V, A - sis ' +'-ff' r , was ' ' Q ' 'ig so if V- 3,1 Nagy, , , N Q. g sys :QLEXL ' 1 S Q.: 1 Hxiig. K " -w+,f77i, i f' hifi . gm? :VL . i -L' N " , If . . R 4. M.-r A V nw , X :K A T-Q ' " 1 Q' ff, p.: A "' P.k:- ef' .,' -- ....,:.L- ik, ' , .,-- ' M . ,Q , ' ' : fi ... .c 5,5 ,' A cu ., 'K is . v . cr., - f-J ef. K . wmga. s K -,, W, AL SIDDONS captures first place honors for Grove in the two milers against Rancho. .V VARSITY TRACK-Front Row: Roger Davis, Steve Laughon, Frank Koepnick, Fred Ortega, Dave Boots, Terry Kessler . . . Second Row: Larry Libeu, Mike Davis, Al Siddons, Mark GROVE POLE-VAULTER, Stan Weber, clears the pole with ease, and wins points for the team. ' . V N xx "1-5 Mariola, Bart Bartholomew, Bill Ma- har, Mark Stookey Third Row: Roger Davis, Steve Amparan, Gary Ricard, John Russell, Bill Siringham, Mike Hanes, Uwe Wafjen Back ' 1 Row: Glen Westlund, Frank Bunnell Leo Tidd, Mike Owens, Craig Mills Glen Laine, Dave Grimmett. 4 in su. K- in .4 5 f TRACK 121 QR ' , ' ,S .. .: .i A -' i E ? i 2 E BUENA PARK opponent offers keen competition for hurdler Bill Mohor. STEVE PORTER takes ci head first dive over 6'-l 14" high iump pole in the meet ogcinst Pacifica. Steve set on school record with iump. 122 VARSITY TRACK lf - Mgr. ' 'Z e,,. 'S R. ,Q E fmt 5 -.W s gllgglgiii-get f 'II 'GH' 's GROVE TRACKSTERS Dove Boots and Roy Gonzales compete in low hurdle division. l grieve I Y 'iiwfswspvinvf gqqllf B Track-Front Row: Bob Campbell, Bob Stagner, Stan Weber, Kim, Didier Castueil . . . Back Row: Sterling Bess, Dave Russ, Greg Raul Hamel, Jon Hayward, Roy Gonzales Middle Row: Hanson, Steve Heck, Hans Kloepter, Al Carlson. Ma'sl'1all Russ, Bill O'Brien, Mark Krueger, Forrest Tilson, SukChoo C TRACK-Front Row: Rene Carrasco, Craig Peterson, Don Bain, Bob Saenz, Jon Henkel, Bruce Weiner, Jim Robertson , . . Yinquez, John Gibbs, Chuck Lane, Milton Schnitger, Bill King . . . Back Row: Jim Roarty, Tom lrelan, Jon Gargan, Chris Stewart, Middle Row: Bob Tackett, Dennis Herbeck, Ron Howard, Allan Greg Moter, Dennis Baine, Joe Ward, Nels Christiansen. B 8. C TRACK 123 Argos Look To First Place SHORT STOP Merlyn Steffy tags bases to force out opponents. At top he catches it stradling the base, and below he uses scooping effect. WHEN VARSITY Coach, Dewey Van Cleave, was asked to com- ment on the current baseball season, he stated that hitting and mental errors are keeping the Argonauts from first place in the City League. Coach Van Cleave labeled the team's defense as their strong point, 'with their pitching being adequate. Duane Shaffer is the staffs leading pitcher with a 3-2 record and a no-hitter to his credit. The leading hitters on the team are Fred Miller batting .357 in league play and Mike Sheline hitting .333, also in league com- petition. Mr. Van Cleave thinks that Pacifica and Rancho are the two toughest teams the Argos will face, with them having Rancho once more and Pacifica two more times. .LEW iw ,Q-1 D r t f .f s iff Pircnen DUANE shqffef wands up to throw Q make to . V24 VARSITY BASEBALL. f 4 fr' I opponent. Duane pitched a one-hitter to win the game . 'g - A . .-il'. ' . A c N p Orange. F V3 'wi A when V VARSITY BASEBALL-Front Row: Beckman, third base, Packy Barger, Louis Tennenini, catcher, Jim McNa- pitcher, Bob Brown, first base, Duane mara, first base, Lou Randall, second Shaffer, pitcher, Merlyn Steffy, short base, Paul Sonner, short stop, Coach stop . . . Back Row: Mike Sheline, Van Cleave Second Row: Bob catcher, Bruce Conroy, left field, Randy Lance, left field, Gary Marks, center field, Fred Miller, pitcher, John Retzer, third base. Not pictured: Larry Seest. Ami LOOKING OVER seasons records, are baseball coaches Dewey Van Cleave, varsity, Sam Lum, frosh, and Richard Farley, JV. VARSITY BASEBALL 125 ,, A V N fy -2, cfs. ,.l,,L , ,, f . ' 'L ' , i . . rwfw 3- ,fewer as - 4: 's f it f ' ' .. J, L. was " ,. . - W '. ' 13+-1.71 .'+"12l7f'f','3f'Fu 1 A K r 3 . I Q - into---W'1A'ii7Seil V ggi , ,,,-rim .., . .V ., . .., " r - -gh.: A A . M Q - .. T5 .ye-xg: W- .. ,,, W f - '- af: - ' .- 'vs pvc k k 11.1 x. ...inf - ""ifg'f-' if-V1 " ,f f, , , ff- A . ' sfe' ,rf A .11 14 K U 'A ca va, M- -3 , . , In ., tx V . . KL jp fl, ,. .,-,,,, ,,. EE?i. SM ,,,g::-L W ,. 41 -if f N, ,Jw .52 ' "' In .. -t., ,,,,,-Q' -,-- - - f. N -1 V g N -21 ,-. U, vi V-Q -, Y-, gm ,,,,w,.H4f+-5-.Lu , -. f - ' . , 3 2 me sf-'wil' uit-.31-. . --"nf" tr Nw ,..,,v,. - WGN. inane' , 9 f .aft Y ,V , N F .Q s 'fmg -:,c.w., rw, 3- 'tt , -K-. s"h ,,FH '- .,::-.. , ' , ':2. e- - gg fyws-gsiEi,,"9dI"-' 'ft . : -A ,3,...Q,1,a:f-sr .1 ' -t-ff, .rrlg-FS' -sn , L A ,A-V-eggs, fbias, ,N gm 1 Qs. AL - ,L 9 , t M, . H M , . , ,,,,,.f: wg- . .Mu ..,i,i,...g,, J. .kfgf ,Tent ,RN W, ,X 5... M, ,V , K 5 A -T MJ "EEF ,w .,,-Q -' , ' A f H fgfi if ft: 1,5- -' " f"ft'?gjl-if f-rf 'fr 4 s lwff Z v'f'?rlf"L fri 'H'M?"QS ' vga. 4 ' f".f,-f":"",'Q'fg J f f ,.,f, Ek.. ' . gym. ' L' X ' Mine' es. X . fy, mv. , i" f-":4.T,- .1 ' ' . V. I 7? in ai.. aff ff iv - "1 it'bQ4f,El'.3" J " -in 4- ,gig s ,4 S ,. - ,,,wg.r35g1jfv+t'g ,ff -k V., COCKED AND ready for fast ball pitch, Fred Miller straddles the mound in a practice game. HARD HITTING slug- ger, Lou Randall, hits ,ei-Q N no .OM K -V 4 W' , ,i.-,L i:,,- , ,,., .cf- FIRST BASEMAN, Bob Brown, makes an effort and catches the ball for a throw-out at his base. 126 BASEBALL single in game against Valencia. DUANE SHAFFER winds-up for curve ball pitch. Duane is the starting pitcher for the Argos. ARGONAUTS STAVED oft rally, and beat the Tigers 5-4. T O T T X 2 2 Q1 4 Q vi -0- 0 1 -s J' Q. 0. U' Q vv 0 5. Q 3 Q -o- -0- Q 3 'U -0- -o- O 1 Q O Q. Y Q in 0 0 -1 0 -on O -1 -v 3- 0 -o fb 0 3 ....,. L W.. '7 l JOHN RETZER bends over to scoop up ball driven down the third base line. "Nu, . 1 .... Vg PW-, a T -' - ' X A 'Q-' N if i?'g5"""i' .f ' Wwiii ' .-Q GETTING READY for Q bunt is batter John Retzer who plays third bose for the team when they toke the field. BASEBALL 127 ls 6 if... N Q i f 4 .IV BASEBALL-Front Row: Don Waternouse, Jerry Kresen, Rick Schwanke . . . Bock Row: Coach Richard Farley, Mike Stone, Hall, Rusty Seedborg, Mark Eastman, Mark Andresen . . . Second Mike Sunstedt, Tom Slama, Jeff Sharon, Darrell Bass, Lloyd T Row: Rick Foley, Dave Robertson, Tom Fuller, Kevin Dunn, Jim Herberg, Kent Rasmussen. ' JV, Frosh I-Iorsehiders Show Beginning Talent m Lum Back Row: John Rose, Chuck FROSH BASEBALL-Front Row: Rodney Rodarte, Marc Knutson, Torgerson, COGCLI SG Joey Ashlock, Al Salcido, Mickey Tody, .lim Robertson, Dave Adkison, Rich Schwanke, Rob Jordan, Tom Ropp, Terry Tempus, Restivo, Dave Miller . . . Second Row: Jeff Jones, T. J. Kerrigan, Craig Jensen. Lee Price, Bob Studholme, Evan Rasmussen, Bill Flake, Ken 128 JV, FROSH BASEBALL GAA Makes It Big On Campus COOPERATING WITH the Girls' Physical Education Department in the field of athletics is GAA. The Girls' Athletic Association was es- tablished to promote high physical efficiency, good sportsmanship, to develop a higher level of school citi- zenship and spirit, and to increase athletic ability and interest in spectatorship. GAA has had a busy year in T966-67. By sponsoring the Homecoming dance, the GAA Hollovveen party, a bf 2 Sk "f'0g'T3f LETTY ZWEIG, GAA Assistant Publicity Chairman, and Mrs. Sanchez, GAA instructor and Lettergirls' advisor, prepare packages of canned goods that were collected during Christmas for needy families. carnival, a Christmas party, continual bake sales, and a Mother-Daughter banquet, and a Father-Daughter banquet, they have created a big name for themselves on campus. Highlighting the year's activities, was the Christmas Party. The Lettergirls' spon- sored a canned foods drive and gave the goods to a needy family. The GAA board went Christmas carol- ing at St. Josephs Hospital and Orange County Hospital. Every year GAA gives out a scholarship. The girl who receives this must have earned a certain amount of points given with every sport participated in. Every GAA member tries her hardest to attain this goal and win a scholarship for herself. Being a member of GAA instills a pride for the school and makes girls more inter- ested in physical fitness. GAA BOARD-left to right Cheri McCarthy, board member, Tommye Kepley, softball representative, Debbie Porter, freshman representative, Star Golia, Lettergirls' rep- resentative, Nancy Hatcher, recording secretary, Karol McGill, tennis representative, Dion Tomka, treasurer, Diane DeMeneces, president, Sue Kosulandich, corresponding se- cretary, Lyndee Dossey, vice-president, Letty Zweig, publicity, Bonnie Churney, assistant publicity, Sue Holley, swimming representative, Sharon Nyhus, track representative, Kelly Carroll, board member. GAA BOARD 129 LYNDEE DOSSEY tries a leap shot. v BASKETBALL-Front Row: Marge Johnson, Donna Fleeup, Debbie Porter, Norine Conroy, Sharon Nyhus, Karol McGill, April Biery, Jenny Mclntyre, Janet Saruwatari . , . Second Row: Mary Rust, Phyllis Garcia, Karen Tomka, Linda Rufus, Letty Zweig, Bonnie Churney, Tommye Kepley, Theresa Tupper, Lyndy Voll, Sue Tullar . . . Back Row: Kathy Pape, Nancy Hatcher, Star Golia, Dion Tomka, Kelly Carroll, Lyndee Dossey, Diane DeMeneces, Cheryle McCarthy, Marie Myers, Patty Pape. LETTY ZWEIG hurries to make l Girl Athletes Fare Well "KEEPING SCORE is part of the game," according to Lyndee Dossey. BOWLING-Front Row: Cindyann Watts, Leona Oune, Donna Fleeup, Linda Bonnie Luther, Alice Jacklin, Norine Conroy, April Biery . . . Second Row: Linda Tommye Kepley, Bonnie Churney, Diane DeMeneces, Wanda Smith, Christie Feig, Matthey, Janet Klein, Sue Tullar . . , Back Row: Elaine Smith, Lyndy Voll, Nancy Lingal Lyndee Dossey, Carol Whalen, Kathy Hueth, Linda Smith, Chris DeMoretz, Sandr Dollarhide. THOSE LONG hours ot practice have paid off for the Argo Mermaids as they vvon the dis- trict trophy this year. Every stroke, every dive, and every movement was carefully planned. With Miss Vicki Toutz as diving instructor and Mrs. Julia Sanchez as swimming sponsor, the GAA team had a year to be proud ot. SCORES DISTRICT MEET Garden Grove 76 Rancho Alamitos 50 La Quinta 43 Pacifica 18 Santiago 'l3 GG Opponent 40 Bolsa Grande 37 78 La Quinta 12 64 Pacifica I 1 52 Rancho Alamitos 24 26-U2 Santiago 15-U2 graceful diving skills at the Ran stroke movement in race against cho Alamitos meet Santiago GAA SWIMMING FTOHT ROW Nyhus, Diane Ross, Sue Tullar Kathy Pape Sharol Buchholz Star Marie Myers Sue Holley Tommye Back Row: Nanette Martin, Letty Golia Kelly Carroll Kepley Bonnie Churney Sharon Zweig, Patty Pape, Karol McGill, li '11 -I is, M , sag., X A .1 r g was M pc.-sh .ai cg: 13,72 X X, A A X- ' 7 a V Qu. A N 'Mm I , gf? Q iw - A E-22' ' A lf' A ' in 'J , ,,.,s"f" f Q ' : A I' lv A ' - , g ': D' L ..,, -M .. . A as ' my mi f f f 2 - f M ft A . A .. f -. " if 1 Q Jifl'-. I f t X Vrk, 5 .r aj 1 ' ' ' 1 A, ' rl L 'n i 5 - . f Z i Q I Z x , V Jr ,VL. N. Q . . K Qg, t1'i.2f2L ,,'L.V,L Y Mfg! 333 A i sf GAA TENNIS-First Row: Debra Porter, Marge Johnson, Donna Fleeup, Sharon Nyhus, Karol McGill, Bonnie Churney, Tommye Kepley . . . Back Row: Lyndee Dossey, Kelly Carroll, Cheryl McCarthy, Jo Buchholz, Sharol Buchholz, Diane DeMeneces, Letty Zweig, Denise Gendron. Netters Display Talentg Enjoy Excellent Season KELLY CARROLL returns one of the balls hit by the opponent FELLOW TEAM mates watch Dion Tomko os she returns a blow to with o forehond drive, causing the opponent to miss the ball the opponent. This return caused the opponent to lose the set. ' and give Garden Grove the winning point. 132 GAA TENNIS l XY, ,,-M . if 4. ,Q QQ is 'i A l .sr 'W ff' 51, , I ' . . s L2 Y fs i fi its -A , ii -fl l l as .4 v ag L. GAA SOFTBALL-Front Row: Debbie Porter, Karol McGill, . , . Back Row: Lyndee Dossey, Diane DeMeneces, .lo Buchholz Sharon Nyhus, Donna Fleeup, Karen Tomka, Margie Johnson Cherie McCarthy, Star Golia, Tommye Kepley, Linda Rufus Softball Team Rates 6-2 Record GAA SOFTBALL team, spon- sored by Mrs. Wagner, won six of its games and lost two. This years softball representative Sargeant, Melanie Hutt, and Cherie McCarthy. Team 2 consisted ot: Tom- mye Kepley, April Biery, Laurel Jo Buccholtz, Claire Mills and Liza Lewis. Team 1 Team 2 was Tommye Kepley. Davidson, Karen Tomko, Lydia lrl-3 Pacifica ld-ill Team l consisted ot: Diane Martinez, Terry Toomey, and 4-7 Rancho 3-7 DeMeneces, Star Golia, Margie Cindy Watts. Others were 6-4 Santiago 25-i6 Johnson, Donna Fleeup, Deb- Sharon Nyhus, Lindy Voll, 5-9 La Quinta lO-i2 bie Porter, Lyndee Dossey, Pam Sharol Buchholz, Karol McGill, iO-7 Bolsa i7-6 PITCHER, STAR Golia warms up with catcher before the BATTER-UP is Debbie Porter readying herself for the pitch Rancho game. Star was the starting catcher for the team. Karol McGill assists as catcher. 311,11 Xi SX: ', H ,D Q ,ee ., if 5: 71 'Wit' JN GAA VOLLEYBALL--Front Row: Jenny Mclntyre, Sharon Nyhus, Marg Johnson, Debbie Porter, Donna Fleeup, April Biery, Norine Conroy . . . Second Row: Marie Myers, Tommye Keply, Bonnie Luther, Karol McGill, Bonita Churney, Sue Kosulan- dich, Lincla Logue, Sue Tullar . . , Back Row: Carol Whalen, Kathy Hueth, Patty Murray, Cherie McCarthy, Kelly Carroll, Star Golia, Letty Zweig, Lyndee Dossey, Diane DeMenences, Diane Gosnell. ' GAA BADMINTON-Front Row: Marg Johnson, Jenny Mclntyre, Sharon Nhuys, Debbie Porter, Donna Fleeup, April Biery, Norine Conroy . . . Second Row: Marie Myers, Tommye Keply, Christie Feig, Karol McGill, Lincla Logue, Bonnie Luther, Bonita Churney , . . Back Row: Kathy Hueth, Carol Whalen, Amy Barbour, Cherie SUE KOSULANDICH prepares to hit th McCarthy, Star Golia, Letty Zweig, Lyndee Dossey, Diane DeMenences, Nancy birdie over the net while rallying for th Price, Sue Kosulandich. serve with an opponent. 134 GAA VOLLEYBALLXBADMINTON THE GAA tracksters had an out- standing record at the district meet held January lo and l7. The girls walked away with three first place and two second place hofiors. Star Golia won all three tirst place awards. They were in the 75 yd. dash-time l1lO:O, andthe high jump with 4'7" CLEARING THE pole, Nancy Hatcher de- monstrates high jump skills. She made a jump of 4'5" at La Quinta. Lyndee Dossey won a second with l4'5" in the long jump, and the tour member relay team con- sisting ot Karol McGill, Nancy Hatcher, Lyndee Dossey, and Star Golia won a second place. All together, the team made an excellent ettort and were re- warded accordingly. 3 , LYNDEE DOSSEY shows long jump of l4'5" that won her a second place honor at the district track meet. Q ,K GAA TRACK-Front Row: Theresa Tupper, Karol McGill, Sharon Nyhus, Nancy Hatcher . . . Back Row: Lyndee Dossey, Star Golia, Claire Mills, Elizabeth Barger, Bonnie Churney. GAA TRACK 135 he 1. K r xii i -f . 2 . ' fs Q 1- .- . :A .. .Q , as HE' F's'5 PART OF the Performance section is set aside to honor people for things achieved. The people who win these honors deserve special recognition because they help to create a better image for the school. The recognition received by students for these honors is small in comparison with the time and effort involved. There is a price to pay for everything that is worthwhile. Whether it is the winning of a scholarship, contest, or king and queen title, they are all considered honors to the people who win them, as well as, special recognition forthe school and the community. K 3 .- S .c Y N . .5 K . . I Q we ,S Q Q. w u K x T, - 1-3 Q' We -5 X' f -Q unify .fikvsxsgg X N, 'I wap' Q 'U!S'f'1xwm1r. is King, Queen Revealed At Dance THE ANNUAL freshman orientation is known as the Hello-Daze Dance. Steve Shortriclge and Kathy Whitely were chosen King ond Queen ot the dance. They were elected by the sophomore class. Steve Shortridge is an active argonaut. He was president ot the freshman class the first semester and was a member ot the B Waterpolo and the B Basketbail teams this year. Hekhopes to go to the University of Catit. at Santa Barbara and would like to or. be ct doct Kclthy Garden ly a short time nster- ring to High School. cameccbming Ques d Escort iss Randy Boris Mr. B111 Rapp Holland, Germany Summer Escapade ' Related By Debbie Ogden, Rich Cade THIS SUMMER Debbie Ogden and Richard Cade had the opportunity to travel to Europe with the Youth for Understanding foreign ex- change program. Debbie lived with the Smits family in Apeldorn, Holland. She visited many parts of Holland and also traveled to such places as Paris, France, Vienna, Aus- tria, and Budapest, Hungary. Of her trip, Debbie had this to say: "I have learned many customs and the way of life of many countries. I have come to understand the government and the ways the countries are run. I have also learned the feelings of r""Wl' RICH CADE is active as Student Body Vice-President, waterpolo captain, president of Key Club, and a member of National Honor Society and CSF. Debbie is president of Girl's League and is a member of Golden Fleece. RlCHARD'S FAMILY, consisting of his sister Gisela, his parents, Kurt and Erika, his brother Horst, and his grandmother, in their home in Bad Lauterberg, Germany. 140 EXCHANGE STUDENTS the people toward his fellow man. As a result of this trip, I can honestly say it has been the most wonderful experi- ence of my life." Rich spent the summer with the Wandersleben fa- mily in Bad Lauterberg, Germany. He visited many cities such as Bremen and Hamburg and sailed to Wanerooge Island, a North Sea island similar to Ca- talina. Rich felt that the highlight of his trip was going to Vienna, Austria. Rich had this to say about his trip: "More important than seeing sights, this trip gave me the opportunity to meet people, make friends, and begin to understand the German way of life. I was able to cross the distance barriers created by the wars and found out what the av- erage German thinks about his fellow man. Because of this exchange in ideas, be- cause of the fun I had, and because of the understand- ing of people which I gained, I can truly say this was the greatest experience of my life." MRS. SMITS, Robby, Harry, Mr. Smits, lneka, and Grandfather Opa, pose in their home in Apeldorn Holland. ' PALTROK wind-mill, a well-known of Holland, stands in Derdrecht, Holland. EXPRESSING GRATITUDE for their stay in America is Gunter Pointinger and Uwe Watlen Mr John Reed principal extends his hope and desire that their year at GGHS will be a memorable one FRONT ROW: Mrs. Goodhue, Gunter Pointinger, Claire Mills, Uwe Watien, Mrs. Mills SECOND ROW: Laurie Goodnue, Cort Mills, Corinne Mills . . . BACK ROW: Mr. Goodhue, Tom Goodhue, Craig Mills, Mr. Mills. if isfff 94,-1 't 'sry Mix-n AN AERIAL view of Lciuterberg, Germany. DEBBIE OGDEN poses in front of her llhome-away-from-home" in Apeldorn. Youth Programs Join Germany And U. S. UWE WATJEN was born and raised in Bremen, Germany. While living in Garden Grove, he stayed in the home ofthe Mills. As far as his own interests are concerned, Uwe likes music, gymnastics, and reading. He stated, "l'm pleased about the attitude of Americans towards foreign exchange students. Ev- erone shows more interest to such exchange programs." Gunter Pointinger lived with Tom Goodhue and his family. He attended school in Munich, Ger- many before coming to the U.S. The things that keep Gunter busy are travel, art, foreign language, and skiing. "School spirit is something pretty strange to me," said Gunter. "At home, school is only an institution for learning. l like your campus though, especially the relationship between students and teachers." 'flkf TOP ROW Darryl Berg, Rick Boyer, Bruce Conroy, Fred Miller . . . SECOND ROW . . . Jon Montgomery, John Retzer, Russ Wilson, John Russell . . . BOTTOM ROW . . . Tom Witten. 142 PLAYERS-OF-THE-WEEK pw .U is Q Grid Stars Honored AFTER EVERY varsity football game the coaches meet and single out for exceptional performance and overall effort one player as the Player ofthe Week. Tackle Russ Wilson became the first Player of the Week for his action in the Bellflower game. At Monte Vista, Captain Rick Boyer took the honors as guard. Fred Miller, tailback, noted all season for his extra yardage drives, was named in the West Torrance game. Captain John Retzer was honored for his performance at end in the Norwalk game. John Russell, halfback, excelled in the Rancho game. At the Bolsa Grande game the award went to end Bruce Conroy. Defensive end and offensive fullback Jon Montgomery starred in the Pacifica game. ln the La Quinta game, Tom Witten was named for his performance at wingback. Santiago honors went to Darryl Berg, halfback. Kathy Hassard 'N' o lJ1I'1'S League Selects 'W EACH MONTH the Girls' Lea- gue selects a girl vvho, in their opinion, is most representa- tive of all the girls at GGHS. Girls must have a grade point average ot "C" and a 2.0 attitude rating to quality as a candidate. The final girl is chosen on her total appear- ance, personality, and poise. Cathy Beitel was :selected as Miss October. She was a member of Pep Club and was president ot Future Teachers Club. in November Lyndy Vonic was chosen as Girl-ot-the Calendar Of Top Girls Month. She served as ASB Assistant Secretary and was a member ot the Pep Club. Randy Borie, Miss Decem- ber, has been a very active Argonaut. This year she reigned as Homecoming Queen. Randy vvas also a member ot Pep Club. Miss January vvas iunior Judy Brevv. Judy vvas a member of Campus Lite Club. Kathy l-lassard reigned as Miss February. She belonged to Latin Club, Campus Lite, and A Cappella Choir. In March Debbie Ogden vvas selected Girl-ot-the Month. Debbie has been very active during her four years at OGHS. This year she vvas se- lected as "Miss Flame" and vvas Girls' League President. Both April Bauman and Linda Nebergall were chosen as Miss April. April vvas a Flag Tvvirler this past year and vvas a member ot Pep Club. Linda vvas a member ot Pep Club and the Drill Team. Catwy Beitel 2 Lyndy Vonic Debbie Ogden f-ey? lbfh Randy Bone April Bauman Judy Brew -1m.-.,,t Linda Nebergall GIRLS-OF-THE-MONTH T43 Jim Stagner Aehieves Royalty Miss Janice Roush Mr. Jim Stagner Argos Wln In Compet1t1on IN THE 21st Annual Scholastic Art Awards Contest held February 25 thru March 10, Donn DesChaine and Gary Butte won Gold Keys and were Blue Ribbon winners in the painting category. DesChaine's and Butte's paint- ings were chosen from 9,000 en- tries which were taken from all the schools in the eight neighbor- ing southland counties. 300 of the 9,000 entries were awarded Gold Keys. From that 300, 200 more were picked as Blue Ribbon win- ners for being superior. Four other Argonauts were given Certificates of Merit for being in the top 1,000. Junior Gary l-leathcoat, in the crafts category, received a certificate for a silver ring which he made. The other three students who won were Dorothy Farley, Kerry Sul- livan, and Ginelle Johnson, all of whom were seniors. In the com- mercial art category, Farley made a page layout for a magazine and Johnson made an ink rend- ering. Kerry Sullivan won his cer- tificate for a black and white ink drawing of a figure he made. In a poster competition titled "Youth for Progress" sponsored by the Orange County District of Women's Civic Clubs, there were three winners from GGHS. Sharon Mortensen received an award for being the "Best in Orange County" and the "Best in Cali- fornia" Mike Salas took second place in Orange County and Bill Zubrod took third. ART AWARDS 145 4 W Q' f fn. 'fill' ,, K ww iw Vw .-A, in in S? ,W A 63 .qv sw, me .su my ai Aug ff"1 x 1 i Ji x 5' gi ' I Q51 6 'ig Q ,. f x .1 2 3 f s f J JSF , '5 if 5 fi -sw .- 2,251 s ' wif' 134 A 2 ' -A 'Z 4. F9 V- Ms . ' 'J , K. ' fu Biz: wa: . 1.-Wifi T- I-IS, CSF Members Capture Bank 01? America Trophies EVERY YEAR, a list of Seniors are selected by administrators and department heads to re- ceive awards from the Bank of America Awards Achievement Program for outstanding merit and achievement in particular fields. These fields are split into two divisions, general and specific. The winners in the former category receive plaques, while those in the latter division, certificates. Besides being picked for excelling in their particular fields, these seniors also were chosen on the basis of such items and credits as service to the school, partaking in club fat.-.J . - . N . x WE 1 I-4 - . ' r L - biflfbt-iii' 'V :cha rd L 5 i Ri and school activities, and others along that line. ln- variably, grades are taken into consideration as well. Each of the previous items mentioned contribute to the campus and social life of an individual attending a high school, and are looked upon as desirable in the future. Each one of these students that has received awards is not only a credit to themsel- ves, but to their fellow class- mates, teachers, and admin- istrators, and, on the whole, their school. These awards are not won easily by any means, and the people that have won can probably vouch for that. The winners in the general fields category were Craig A. Mills, science and mathemat- ics, Douglas D. Riddle, fine arts, Richard M. Cade, liberal arts, and Cathleen R. Beitel, vocational arts. ln the category of specific fields, these receiving awards were Clayton A. Wardell, mathematics, Edward J. Ral- ston, laboratory science, Wil- liam K. Griffiths, music, Carol A. Boertie, art, Bonnie M. Dil- lingham, drama, John A. Lucy, English, Thomas W. Goodhue, social science, Vir- ginia L. Mortenson, foreign language, Karen C. Talbot, business, Carol M. Palmer, home economics, and Michael A. Wall, trades and industrial arts. BANK OF AMERICA 'I47 M----T... ----.....,,,,,, ,N- "'e.,'L- , "si" "ARE YOU sure 'The Music Man' started this way?" wonders 'IAS LONG as I make them think I know where l'm going, we're all Drum Maiorette Judy Smith. Here she leads the band to right," reflects Drill Team Leader Terry Homewood. Actually, she victory in the Founder's Day Parade held Feb. I8 in Cypress. knew exactly where she was going and captured third place in the Cypress Founder's Day Parade. CGHS-Takes Cypress Sweeps THE COMBINED musical ef- fort of GGHS drill team band, and flag tvvirlers took First Place Sweepstakes Tro- phy in the Cypress "Found- er's Day" Parade held Feb- ruary I8. Several southland schools entered teams in the competition. The band, drill team, and flag twirlers also partici- pated in individual competi- tions over a mile. long par- ade route. The band and flag twirlers, led by Drum Maiorette Judy Smith and under the direction of Mr. David Anthony, took the award for "Best Musical Unit" in the parade. In the drill team competition, the Titan took third place. Baton Tvvirler Jill Brunt was rated excellent for her performance. A good rating was achieved by Drum Ma- iorette Judy Smith. I 48 BAND AWARD f il sf LS -. wi DRUM MAJORETTE Judy Smith proudly holds the fruits of the combined band and drill team effort-the First Place Sweep- stakes Trophy at the Cypress Parade. labovej THE COMBINED band-drill team unit en- ters the competition area in Cypress. lleftl Seniors Capture Competition AT 'THE beginning ot the year, the student body vvas given its first opportunity to display school spirit. On Sept. TQ, class competi- tion involving yearbook sales began. The contest ended Sept. 21. During this time, the Argonaut vvafs sold on campus and all tour classes vied for the highest sales percentages. The results were tallied and it was found that the Senior class was the vvinner, with o5C!Q ot the stuclents buying annuals. The Juniors had 11904, participation, the Sophomores had 5506, and the Freshmen were last with 48041. 'uE53:xv X.. 3 it 'ing- ARGONAUT EDITOR Sandi Owen hands Senior class president Bill Rapp the certifi- cate his class earned for having the highest percentage of sales. LEEANN ANDREASEN feverishly writes out receipts for waiting Seniors. Standing in line are Mike Salas, Dorothy Farley, Cathy Beitel, and Penny Perkins. YEARBOOK COMPETITION T49 Dillingham, Peterson, Wurster AFS Finalists A TRIP to Europe is on the "likely-to-come-true" list for two Argonaut coeds, Bonnie Dillingham and Margaret Wurster. They have been selected as finalists for the American Field Service Program. If, when their applications are submitted to the main pro- gram office in New York, they are accepted, Margaret and Bonnie will become the for- eign exchange students for the Garden Grove district. This would mean that both girls will travel separately to a de- termined country in the Northern Hemisphere and spend anywhere from three months to a year studying abroad. Bonnie Dillingham is a sen- ior at GGHS. She has been active in the American Field 150 AFS AMERICAN FIELD Service Finalists Margaret Wurster and Bonnie Dillingham hold high hopes of going to Europe either to spend a summer or as students. Service Program for the past three years and served as the organizations vice president this past year. She was also an active member of the Pep Club, CSF, Thespians, and the Honor Society. Other activities include NFL, recorder for the Speech Club, and several off campus drama groups. Drama is the main interest in Bonnie's life at the present. During the summer last year, she took part in a traveling theater group. On campus she has appeared in "Exit the Body," "Music Man," and "Our Hearts were Young and Gay." The reason Bonnie gave for her desire to travel and study in Europe is "to get to know more about the people, their culture, and their way of life." Margaret Wurster was a iunior at GGHS and was an active member of the Titan Drill Team, CSF, and Pep Club. She was also elected Girls' League President for T967-68. As the iunior candi- date for foreign exchange student, Margaret had three possible destinations in her travels. She can take part in the school term program which includes an entire year of study in a foreign country of the Southern Hemisphere, or she can be in the same program for the Northern Hemisphere. Her third possi- bility would be the summer program which lasts three months. Gff campus Margaret be- longs to a church guild. She teaches piano every day after school and has been taking piano lessons herself for eleven years. This summer LeeAnn Peter- son is going to Holland as a foreign exchange student. She will leave at the end of June and will return in late August or early September. In order to become a for- eign exchange student she was required to write an essay about herself and pass an interview. Her application was then sent to Ann Arbor, Michigan for final approval. During her senior year, LeeAnn was a member of Golden Fleece, Thespians, and the Drill Team. l--I . tr r-ff.. f , I :arrsv F" AT THE Rolling Hills Invitational Debate Tournament Tom Goodhue and John Lucy placed third in debate. The tournament was held in December. Tom also won the fourth place Outstanding Speaker Award in that tournament. Math Team Places Second In OC Inv. IN THE Orange Coast College ln- vitational Math Meet, GGHS's team, composed of Craig Mills, Ray Chandos, Alan Wardell, and Terry Niksch, placed second. Craig Mills was the second place individual winner. At the Pomona Invitational Math Contest Craig Mills, Ray Chandos, Alan Wardell, and SukChoo Kim made up the team which was selected as a finalist. The team placed fourth among fifty-five high schools compet- ing. Craig Mills, at the University of Santa Clara High School Math Contest, received honorable mention among 434 high school students throughout the U.S. He placed among the top nineteen students taking the exam. BUSINESS The Following senior girls re- ceived a certificate and bracelet charms for the Gregg 80 dicta- tionftranscription for five min- utes: Beth Hender, Frances Peter- son, Pat Prigger, Karen Talbott, and Lorna Tudor. ENGLISH Juniors nominated for the N.C.T.E. National Achievement Awards in English were Mary Carroll, Howard Eno, Terri French, and Margaret Wurster. Nomination was based on stan- dard test ratings, grades in En- glish, and teacher recommenda- tions. Five creative writing students will have their poems published in the spring edition of the na- tional anthology. They are Jeffrey Bailey, Tom Goodhue, Mary Car- roll, Misha Menkal, and Sally Graetz. Jeff and Tom received awards of special merit. II- Al.L AMERICAN-That's what the nation's high school coaches voted Garden Grove High School's Richard Cade, left, who holds the paper proof with swimming nierica 1 4 3 coach Lawlor Reck. Cade won the honor for his work on the water polo team. He is a straight HA" student who has the choice of attending either Stanford, Yale, or Princeton. fleftl. Richard catches his breath after a victorious performance. lrightl. AWARDS 'l5l Kelly Chosen J unior Miss FOR THE third year Garden Grove High School was hon- ored with having the holder of the Garden Grove Junior Miss title as an Argonaut. This year, senior Kelly Carroll merited the title in the November 6 pag- eant. A junior miss is the ideal senior girl and the standards she should represent. She is iudged according to mental alertness, scholastic achieve- ment, physical fitness, poise and appearance, and talent presentation. Kelly sang a Negro spiritual entitled "Morning Train" for her talent presentation, and accompanied herself on the guitar. She is a three year member of Concert Choir on campus and has been playing the guitar for the past five years. Kelly stated at the outcome of the pageant, "lt was a tre- mendous experience meeting fifteen wonderful girls from all over Garden Grove. They were all winners in the true sense of the word." Other senior girls who com- peted in the Junior Miss Pag- eant from GGHS were Terry Homewood, Donna Clark, and Wendy Woodcock. Terry was the president-leader of the Drill Team. Donna was the editor- in-chief of the Argolog and Wendy was the president of the Argo band. Q J aokie, "Homemaker Of The Year" JACKIE DICKSON was awarded the Betty Crocker Homemaker' of the Year award at.. Garden Grove High School this yeari, Competition involved tak- ing aiwritten exam over various household facts and figures. The test in- cluded a series of questions and an essay. Jackie was in the Pep Club and Diakonoe Club. She was also editor of the activities section on the annual staff. When asked how she felt about winning the Betty Crocker Home- maker of the Year award Jackie said, "l was really happy! The funny thing is, I've never had a single class of homemaking in all my life!" 152 JR. MISS XHOMEMAKER Carroll, Cade Rate 'Most Worthy' Argonauts C rr r MOST WORTHY Argonaut, the highest all-around GGHS award, was given to Rich Cade and Kelly Carroll at the Awards Assembly held Thursday, June 8. The recipients ot the award each received a trophy. Cade, who served as foreign exchange student to Germany, has likewise been a tour year scholar ot the quarter. This year he also received the nations All-American Water Polo award. ln the tinal anal- ysis, Rich leaves a record ot devotion to the student body and the school. Carroll also exhibited unseltish and excellent attention to all aspects ot student body service. Kelly served tour years as a member at GAA and was also Garden Groves Junior Miss. Each, ot the six candidates were rated according to scholarship, citizenship, activities, and service to GGHS. Final selection was made by the Administra- tive Council. TOP ROW . . . Donna Clark, Debbie Ogden, BOTTOM ROW Doug Riddle, Tom Wurster. I i , RICH CADE MOST WORTHY T53 THE INTERESTS of a student are brought forward through the organizations on campus. They also create new interests for students. Clubs create a more well rounded student. They give the students an interest, to break up the monotony of school lite. Besides the recreational and social aspects, worthwhile and needful proiects are planned to bring betterment and honor to the school and community. ICC Directs Club Activities S-ff AT A typical ICC meeting, Lyndee Dossey, Dianne McNamara, Palm Burton, Kelly Carroll, Doug Riddle, Bonnie Dillingham, Ed Ralston, and Diane DeMeneces plan coming activities. INTER CLUB Council is one of the most important clubs on campus. The main purpose ot ICC is to co-ordinate all clubs on campus. ICC also works to encourage clubs to stay active by suggesting various activities and money-making, protects. ICC takes charge ot the ser- vice points system and plans the Service Awards Banquet in the spring. This banquet is tor the top IOO students with the most service points. Doug Riddle is the Inter-Club Council chairman. Pam Burton, assistant ICC chairman, is in charge ot the ICC board. ICC-Front Row: Bonnie Dillingham, Dianne McNamara, Diane DeMeneces . . . ICC CHAIRMAN Doug Riddle puts an- Second Row: Lyndee Dossey, Ass't. Chairman Pam Burton . . . Third Row: Kelly nouncements on ICC board. The board Carroll, Marcey McClelland, Wendy Woodcock . . , Back Row: Alan Riddle, Tom has been used to announce all club Goodhue, Chairman Doug Riddle, John Lucy. meetings and happenings on campus. I56 ICC ANDY CANE pushers Linda Whitney, Gail Thompson, rbara Sulzbach, Joanne Gallo, Tom Johnson, unter Pointinger, Joe Ward, Kermit Sprang, Bob andelli, Barbara Soots, Darla Small, Chuck Lomas, d Bonnie Dillingham, plan chicanery. HOOSE YOUR weapons, sir!" Larry Tanks and Bob andelli duel at high noon. The 'lpistols" were sold for teen cents apiece, or two for a quarter. s it DIAKONOE CLUB-Front Row: Cris Matassa, Janice Pope, Joanne Gallo, Barb Sulzbach, Patty Pape, Diane Mariola, Gay Strand, Carol Palmer, Secretary Gail Thompson, Linda Chase, Marie Myers. Second Row: Jim Thornton, Charles Beebe, Janet Matthey, Rosemary Lapham, Darla Small, Mary Arnold, Janice Killingbeck, Claudia Reeder, JoAnn Distefano, Carol Robertson, Barbara Soots . . , Third Row: Bob Brandelli, Dorothy Galbraith, Dee Girouard, Wendy Woodcock, Linda Whitney, Sherry Ward, Bonnie Dillingham, Claire Mills, Barbera Richards, Sheryl Storm, Susan Caplan Fourth Row: Larry Tonks, Dale Fast, Tom Johnson, Treasurer Alan Riddle, Kathy Doss, Kelly Carroll, Judy Bailey, Kermit Sprang, Sandra Morse, Linda Eaves . , . Back Row: Gunter Pointinger, Craig Mills, Doug Riddle, Roger Kuhaupt, Bruce Freeman, Vice-President John Lucy, Chuck Lomas, Uwe Watien, Steve Silver, President Tom Goodhue. Diakonoe Sells Candy Canes serve the school. ities. departments, DIAKONOE 157 DIAKONOE CLUB, sponsored by i Mr. Wayne Gibson, endeavors to This year the club has ushered at tootball games, school plays baccalaureate, and other activ At Christmas, members sold candy canes. Money trom the sale was used tor a gift to the school In past years the club has do noted several books to the school library. Contributions have also been made to various other YULETIDE GROCERIES, courtesy of the Key Club, helped to make for a merrier Christmas for several needy families, Mr. John Reed and Mr. Ron Walter help Rich Cade load his car for delivery. SANTA CLAUS lBill Crawfordj and his helpers go "sleighing" down to Fairview Hospital to entertain the patients. KEY CLUB-Front Row: Bill Crawford, Bob Logue, Secretary Doug Casey, Tom Gaffaney, Bill Robidoux, Robert Newton . . . Second Row: Joe Gallo, Rick Hurley, Mike Hanes, Al Fehling, Vice-President Dave Rice, Paul Kollar, Steve Charton . Third Row: Warren Bayard, John Lucy, Bob Fischler, Bob Whitlow, Randy Dossett, Jim McKernan, Bob McDonald, Jim Stagner . . . Key Acts HO! HO! HO! said Bill Craw- ford as he played Santa Claus when the Key Club gave their Christmas party at Fairview Hospital. The giving of a Thanks- giving basket to a needy family was another one of their big proiects for the year. They also sponsored the first weekly noon activ- ities which were, frog races, tricycle races, pie throwing at a teacher and turtle races. Another one of their activi- ties was the monthly naming of a "sweetheart," Fourth Row: Tom Wurster, Keith Arnold, Jon Montgomery, Al Petrilla, Treasurer Bill Rapp, Jim Restivo, Kermit Sprang . .. Back Row: Jim Nelson, Ralph Jones, Fred Miller, Bill Hopper, Rick Boyer, Doug Riddle, Gunter Pointinger, Tom Goodhue, President Rich Cade. 158 KEY CLUB Grp Club rcmmotes I thusiasm CATHII BUHRIG "gums" up the entire op- eration, ably assisted by Jon Montgomery and Sandi Owen. They break from making hoops for the big game. , AA igiq :R , A . 271- E A l .N PEP CLUB-Front Row: Patty Boggs, Janet Yapp, Linda Lantear, Lynn Duggan, Barbara Hess, Linda Bezlai, Stephanie Szalay, Linda Battistone, Patty Pape, Cyndy Torgerson, Nancy Jones, Ginelle Johnson Second Row: Debbie Hillstrand, Historian Kathy Lewis, Linda Cravens, Sally Sutter, Doug Casey, Diane Richardson, Cathy Beitel, Penny Perkins, Glory Spear, Leeann Andreasen, Donna Clark .. . Third Row: Pam Burton, Joyce Beaman, Sydney Andrews, Lynn Stoltenberg, Marsha Bezunar, Leslie Binley, Treasurer Kathy Callahan, Linda Whitney, Secretary Sandi Owen, Diane Larson, Chris Robertson Fourth Row: Gregory Bostwick, Nancy Krow, Patti Murray, Margret Eggeling, Val Jenkins, Pam Reese, Lyndy Vonic, Cheryl Linkogle, Randy Borie, Linda Golenpaul, Linda Nebergall Back Row: Gunter Pointinger, Doug Riddle, Tom Goodhue, John Lucy, Jerold Blair, Al Petrilla, Mike Meidinger, Vice-president Warren Bayard, Jim Stagner, Kermit Sprang, Uwe Watien, Alan Riddle, Tom Johnson. VARSITY FOOTBALL players are honored by Pep Club presentation of uthe cake." Waiting to 'ltackle" it are Dennis DeLucio, Bruce Conroy, Rick Boyer, Mike Hanes, John Retzer, Jon Montgomery, Bill Rapp, Bill Mahar, and Cliff Mitchell. PEP CLUB 159 Varsity Stages 'Ride 'Em THE BIGGEST event sponsored by the Varsity Club this year was the Donkey Basketball game on January IQ. This game matched Garden l of H ti an fit .4 2 i .Q I 'L - .ti-L Y l I VARSITY CLUB-Front Row: Vice-president Rick Boyer, Jim Restivo, Gil Lane, Harold DeKeyser, Jim Ropp, Terry Kessler, Bob Logue, Doug Casey, Lee Price, Bill Crawford, Jim McNamara . . . Second Row: Mike Hanes, Randy Dossett, Jim Stagner, Bob Whitlow, Al Fehling, Frank Koepnick, Paul Kollar, Craig Liticker, Larry Libeu, Roger S. Davis . . . Third Row: Steve Charton, Kerry Frost, Kent Rasmussen, Keith Arnold, Rick Hurley, , Steve Laughon, John Cowboy Grove's lettermen with Bolsa Grandes The re- sult was a 36-24 victory tor the Argos. They also chose a Miss Donkey Basketball, Cindy Lilly. 5 it . ,S ' r 5 3 9 'fa f I ' I "ii -4 1 .., lf ' . 0 hi: X ll 181.5 K ' ' "' I K NAV? Russell, Cliff Mitchell, Bill Mahar, Rick Miller . Fourth Row: Mike Sheline, Sec. at arms Pat McGuire, Treasurer Jon Montgomery, Rich Cade, Bruce Burton, Malcolm Poemoceah, Mike Cave, Secretary- Bill Morgan, Doug Scheel, Dave Robertson, Tom Witten, Bob Sanders , . . Back Row: Steve Porter, Fred Miller, Mike Meidinger, Tom Wurster, Bill Rapp, Don Gardner, Mike Blankenship, Jett Yoak, Kevin Dunn, President John Retzer, Gary Ricard, Craig Mills. S.. TAKING AIM in the Donkey Basketball game are John SWEEPING UP between halves are lettermen Doug Scheel and Kent Retzer and friend. John is the one with the ball. Rasmussen. Varsity Club hosted a basketball tournament Jan. 4, 5, and 6. 160 VARSITY CLUB 9 , QX5: ' s A 1 twm, NHWQ, ic TN GENKEROUS LETTERGIRLS Lyndee Dos sey, Sue Kosulandich, and Kelly Carroll P families. AAERRY Fl-lRl5ifVl9 i OVERFLOWING WITH goodies, the Christmas box will soon reach a lucky ack in Christmas boxes for deserving doorstep. Lyndee Dossey, Kelly Carroll, Sue Kosulandich, and Letty Zweig load up. Lettergirls Give Christmas LETTIERGIRLS-Front Row: Sec.-Treasurer Letty Zweig, Diane DeMeneces, Janet Saruwatari, Nancy Hatcher . . . Second Row: President Lyndee Dossey, Sue Kosulan- dich, Kathy Pape . . . Back Row: Dion Tomka, Jo Buchholz, Vice-president Kelly Carroll, Star Golia. Baskets LETTERGIRLS HAD two main activities during the past year. They supplied two needy families in the area each with a basket of food at Christmas time and acted as officials for GAA sports activities. They also kept score for the GGHS boys' sports during swimming and track season. Lettergirls' Club, an hon- orary service club, is made up of fifteen girls who have earned a letter through GAA. The induction of new members took place at the end of the first semester and at the end of the school year. These new members were installed officially at the GAA banquet held May 22. LETTERGIRLS lol s r l ii 1 .D G s 1 r 'y I F . . Bowlers "Strike" p as Q ,.. , v- Y.. s as Q 4:5 .. ,A ,-. Ag, L -K - 1' , ff, ,ng.:lW", BOWLING CLUB-Front Row: Janet Klein, Mary Garringer, Leona Oune, Pat McGrew . . .. . Second Row: Peggy Minger, Tina Heitner, Chris DeMoretz . , , Back Row: Alan GOOD FORM is Shown by Chris Gardner, Pete Hill, Bill Pinkerton, Vice-president Norman Eno, Jim Walter. DeMoretz. 'ts xxx 'R'--warn 1' -5 -'sf' , ,J .. 'I' f, . QQQQZ' All ig? X 'i'3'iif rs- .. ,N Q fs ,- , . 4,34 It ...Q v is ff 'tlfllf . .. SPEECH CLUB-Front Row: Pat Allen, Vice-president Bonnie Dillingham, Diane Richardson, Rose Margulieux . . , Second Row: Craig Peterson, Secretary Sydney Andrews, Susan Caplan, Pat Flink, Jon Harwood . . . Third Row: Treasurer John Mendonca, Charles Beebe, Dale Fast, Robert Brandelli Fourth Row: Alan Riddle, Andrew Ralston, Gordon Gruver, John Lucy, Kermit Sprang . . . Back Row: President Tom Goodhue, Gunter Pointinger, Craig Nulle, Doug Riddle. 162 SPEECH XBOWLING CLUB WL' 3. - i Dobators Triump POSSIBLY MOST vocal ot all clubs on campus is the Speech Club. This year the club has ably repre- sented GGHS in the Tustin high tournament Oct. 29 and in a spe- cial tournament tor returning varsity de-baters, Nov. 5. First place honors were taken by Gunter Pointinger, exchange student, in the Orange Co, Speech League, Nov. 28. Art Club Designs Booster Tags BOOSTER TAGS during tootball season provide most ot the in- come tor the Art Club. ln the post the club has initiated and paid tor the emblems and slogan inside the boys' gym. Last year they ioined with the Golden Fleece to have the school emblem pointed on the girls' gym. ln addition, the club provides tor three senior ort awards for the outstanding graduating art students. Art Club consists of students interested in art. The purpose ot the club is to provide group oc- tivities, such as sponsoring and supporting art activities, service to the school, and social activity tor students with like interests. T .:.. -K 'Civ-1 PENNANT PRODUCTION is supervised by Anita Devine, Diane Richardson, Sydney Andrews, Letty Zweig, and Shelley Nelson, Pennants sold for fifty cents. if .Q ,- if , 3 3. A , E , ART CLUB-Front Row: Kathy Zagala, Marge Johnson, Secretary-T Celeste Klinkhamer, Patty Pape . . . Second Row: Sandra Engesath, Janet Klein, Chris DeMoretz, Secretary-2 Christine Jaensch, Gail Thompson . . . Third Row: Treasurer-T Anita Devine, President-2 Sydney Andrews, Diane Richardson, Pam Sargent . . . Back Row: Vice-president-I Marcey McClelland, Vice-president-2 Jerry Christiansen, Shelley Nelson, President-l Jim Lemon, Treasurer-2 Cherie McCarthy. BOOSTER TAGS spell cash for Sydney Andrews, Christine Jaensch, and Gail Thompson. Art Club sale of tags promoted school spirit and brought in good income. ART CLUB T63 Future Teachers Visit USC SINCE THERE vvasn't any Fu- ture Teachers Club on cam- pus last year, there was money. The members sold suckers on campus. In December, the members of the club were invited to a conference at the University of Southern California. Various activities of the Future Teachers Club were much organizing to be done. There vvasn't any money left in the treasury, so the first activity was for raising FOREIGN EXCHANGE Club is made up of students who vvish to learn about other countries. Foreign students give talks about their native lands and American students tell of foreign lands they have visited. The purpose of the club is to interest students in countries abroad. The club is a mixture of AFS, Youth for Understanding, and other organizations. lt is these organizations that find homes for traveling students. discussed. There was a tour and movies of the SC cam- pus for the visiting students. During the spring, the club observed teaching in classes at Lincoln Elementary School. Foreign Exchange Aequainte Students FOREIGN EXCHANGE-Front Row: Mary Arnold, Carol Palmer, Patty Pape, Rosemary Lapham, Candy Prickett, Terry Homewood Second Row: Treasurer Dianne McNamara, JoAnn Distefano, Carol MacLeod, Diane Richardson, Kathy Pape, Pam Frydman . . . Third Row: Linda Eaves, Dee Girouard, Bonnie Dillingham, Linda Whitney, Gail Thompson Fourth Row: Secretary Margret Eggeling, Susan Caplan, Darla Small, Kelly Carroll, Claire Mills, Janet Matthey . . . Fifth Row: Gunter Pointinger, Edward Ralston, Uwe Watien, President Andrew Ralston, Craig Mills. 'I64 FOREIGN EXCHANGEXFUTURE TEACHERS Z 3 i , F f E iii g QR' , ,sg .4 MY J FIA F A ' 'I A A O si ,Q g sv ! P KJ L, L FUTURE TEACHERS-Front Row: Pre- sident Cathy Beitel, Vice-president Carol Holmstrom, Stephanie Szalay Second Row: Becky Tody, Secre- tary Kathy Lewis Third Row: Treasurer Karen Young, Debbie Hill- strand, Mary Carroll . . . Fourth Row: Kathy Withers, Barbara Robbins Back Row: Nancy Krow, Jim Stagner, Janice Roush. LYNN DEMENECES models a Tahitian O u' .. A f 'R+ s. V 5 MQ .5-J . I 5 J FHA-Front Row: Linda Bezlai, Paula Petrilla, Gay Petry, Lorrie Rabe , . . Second Row: Judy Herbeck, Linda Bindner, Candy Cash Third Row: Sheri Nordby, LaVonne Hansen, President Lindie Smith, Jan Wagner . . . Back Row: Dee Girouard, Kathie Koeller, Vice-president Bev Scott. formal with beads. rheskirt is one of A SIHOVVS FaShiOnS those new wonder fabrics. THIS YEAR'S maior FHA function was the fashion show held Jan. TO. Several different countries from ar- ound the world were repree sented by colorful native apparel. The show was open to parents, teachers and girl students. Refreshments were served after the program. The Christmas proiect was making candles. They each sold for one dollar and brought fifty cents profit. All girls in homemaking classes are eligible for membership in the Future l-lomemakers of America. JUDY HERBECK is wearing a tweed coat with white gloves. Lydia Martinez is in a llpants-suit" outfit for sporting events. Edie Pines has on a wool trench coat in tweed. She has matching accessories. Each girl made the clothes she is wearing. if. .. 1 L LATIN CLUB-Front Row: Marcy Joanne Gallo, Joanne Tanihara, Dunn, Diane Koeller, Bill Crawford Tanihara, Paula Madison, Pam Reese, Valerie Jenkins, Trea- surer Carlyn Patton, Rose Margulieux, Chris DeMoretz . . . Third Row: President Wendy Woodcock, Marie Myers, Williams, Janice Warner, Carol Robertson, Secretary Terri Clark Fourth Row: Roger Hill, Vice-President Mark Hendrickson, Jeff Braley, Steve Callari, Barry Moniak, Carolyn Gates, John Olson . . . Back Row: Michael Kramer, Warren Brown, Randy Jones, Ed Charlson, Steve Silver, Jim Nelson, Ray Chandos, Harold Shirley. Helene Niizawa, Alicia Second Row: Cynthia efiaguage Clubs Adopt Theme ON MARCH 15, a cast of club members recreated Caesar's assassination in the play Exitum Caesaris, which means "the exit lor deathl of Caesar." The traditional Roman banquet was held in April at which time new members, acting as "slaves," served the meal. Several skits were given after the dinner and a "Togo l-lop" climaxed the evening. FRENCH CLUB initiated new members at a Mardi Gras on Feb. 8. Members vied for best costume honors and a prize was awarded the winner. Entertainment was supplied by a French radio program and slides. Meet- ings were highlighted by French films, often with French speakers. 166 FRENCHXLATIN CLUBS FRENCH CLUB-Front Row: Vice-president Gail Thompson, Candy Mack, Karol McGill, Pat McC5rew, Rosemary Lapham . , . Second Row: Claire Mills, Claudia Reeder, Treasurer Becky Tody, Secretary Kathy Pape Third Row: Janice Killingbeck, President Judy Bailey, Wendy Woodcock, Mary Carroll , , , Back Row: Jett LaBarthe, Chris LaBarthe, Donna Grigsby, Jett Bailey. Club Aids Yearbook THIS YEAR Golden Fleece has helped the Publications de' partment in raising money for the yearbook, by spon- soring several films including i'Operation Crossbow" and "The Fall of the Roman Em- pire." These films vvere open to students and the public in the Argo Theatre, at a small donation. Golden Fleece is an hon- orary society for students who have given outstanding service to their school. Juni- ors and seniors are selected by faculty members, the administrative council, and the club sponsor. BUSILY PENNINGQ poster announcing the Golden Fleece presentation of "Operation Crossbow" are Gail Thompson and Margaret Wurster. Q yt? sa .sg x Y GOLDEN FLEECE-Front Row: Glory Spear, Gail Thompson, Stephanie Szalay, Vice-president Linda Waterhouse, Trea- surer Sue Fry, Donna Clark Second Row: Wendy Woodcock, Sydney Andrews, Cindy Madieros, Margaret Wurster, Terri French, Karen Budrovic, Meg White, Jan Waddill . . . Third Row: Warren Bayard, Lyndy Vonic, Kelly Carroll, Secretary Debbie Ogden, Pam Burton, Sue Peder- sen, Bill Rapp Back Row: John Hines, President Bill Griffiths, Gunter Pointinger, John Lucy, Uwe Watien, Bob McDonald, Tom Goodhue, Doug Riddle. GOLDEN FLEECE T67 Clubs Join Forcesg "lT'S A raid!" Cleaning out the dice tables and the roulette wheels are Gail Thompson, Frances Peterson, Patty Pape, Colleen Thomas, Bonnie Dillingham, and Kathy Pape. Would you believe it's the Golden Fleece and Thespian's cleanup project? In one week the basement of the auditorium was transformed into a small stage and four rooms to place costumes, small props, large props, and scenery l68 GOLDEN FLEECEXTHESPIANS Clean Theater Cellar SPRING HOUSECLEANING took ploce severol weeks eorly on the GGHS Compus. The Golden Fleece Club .X :Y , 4, f PICTURE FRAMES ore shifted Mrs. Romoyne Dovis and Bonnie Dillingham. Steve Sherrod, ond Bonnie Dillingham. ioined forces with the Thes- pions to revomp the bose- ment ot the Argo Theotre. Lumber, old furniture, corpeting ond other stoge props were moved, trons- forming messy storoge comportments into neot Hwolk-in" closets. Still uso- ble orticles were orronged in orderly toshion ond the "iunk" vvos quickly disposed ot. Hord-working members come in ieons ond sweot- shirts to vvosh vvolls, poper shelves, ond set up costume indexes ond molce-up oreos. The lorgest ond messiest portion ot the bosement vvos clectred to moke room for o workshop where scenery could be built. INTERIOR DECORATION the Argo Theotre basement, courtesy of Colleen Thomos, Mr GOLDEN FLEECEXTHESPIANS T69 is assed W 2 -1 3 X i 'T T S S7 1'- 'C T gf? 0 in alll: W ' 'Q T 'It lf2':'l if 1 li Q1 Yrs' 4 - THESPIANS-Front Row: Lynette Martin, Kathy Pape, Se- Dillingham . , . Third Row: Dale Fast, Kathy Doss, Colleen cretary Laura Millenson, Nanette Martin, Patty Pape . . . Thomas, Wendy Woodcock, Charles Beebe . . . Back Row: Second Row: Sally Sutter, Vice-president Frances Peterson, Monty Harrison, Kermit Sprang, Bill Hoganson, Bobi Voigt, Sydney Andrews, Treasurer Karen Penlick, President Bonnie Jim Lemon, Doug Riddle. Thespians Perform IN ORDER to raise money this year, the club presented a childrens play to various elementary schools in the district. The play was entitled i'Spooty Doot's Funny Bone." The Thespians also sponsored other activities on campus. The Thespians are a branch of the National Thespian Society. "Thespi- ans" are actors named after the Greek dramatist Thespus. T70 THESPIANS OBEY ME or you die," says Dale Fast surrounded by his adoring slaves, Bobi Voigt Karen Penlick, and Colleen Thomas in a scene from a Thespians play. Library Science Assists RESPONSIBILITIES OF Library Science members include ar- rangement of desks, the daily shelving ot myriads ot books, and indexing hun- dreds ot volumes by the Dewey decimal system. ln learning the basics ot library operation, members devote hours to typing pockets tor book cords, checking ond cataloguing new issues ot various mag- azines, covering books with plastic protective covers, and transferring file cards into catalogues to keep them up to date. l-ibrory Science students are vital to the efficient op- eration ot the GGHS library. LIBRARY SCIENCE-Front Row: Carol Palmer, Ken Jones, Carol Holmstrom . , . Second Row: Margaret Brennan, Nancy Margulieux . . . Third Row: Pam Williams, Sherry Mowles, Linda Dussault . . . Back Row: Susan Vermeersch, Shirley Xplorsrs c ss 'Big Cpsrations' MEDICAL EXPLORERS--Front Row: Council member Rosemary Spino, Sue Robertson, Terri Lonski Back Row: Dion Tomko, Linda Eaves. THE MEDICAL Explorers Club was formed for students in- terested in careers in medic- ine. The club met at Palm Harbor Hospital and helped out with the hospital curriculum. Members have witnessed operations performed by some of the best physicians in Orange County. They also learned to use and maintain various types of equipment necessary to keep a hospital in operation. Several guest speakers and movies have supplied entertainment at meetings. MEDICAL EXPLORERSXLIBRARY SCIENCE I71 PURSUIT QF EXCELLENCE ,Jr- VJ. Qs. M"'Y:', ..-Wg M , A. .' Y .13 1, J ul -AM , W . , Aj .4 M... THROUGH A students entire twelve yeors ot schooling his senior yeor is olrnost olwoys the most importont. Every yeor he pursues excellence ond soon he will be on his own, testing his procticcil knowledge in the world. The senior yeor is not oll hord work ond study, though. He will olwoys look bock ond recoll groduotion, senior picnic, senior ossernbly, senior privileges, ond, ot course, the senior oll-night portv. Twelve yeors hove helped to mold chorocter, citizenship, ond excellence. BILL RAPP President JON MONTGOMERY Vice-President LINDA WATERHOUSE LINDA BEZLAJ Treasurer Secretary 176 SENIORS Seniors Rule In '67 "WITH EVERY Seniors help, the Class of '67 ruled the school," said Bill Rapp senior class president about a victorious homecoming. This years Senior Class officers, along with the Senior Advisory Council, including Cathy Beitle, Robyn Best, Rick Boyer, Rich Cade, Kathy Callahan, Bruce Conroy, Sue Ellis Linda Golenpaul, Bill Koepke, Sue Pedersen, Al Petrilla Stephanie Szalay, Cindy Viviano, and Linda Westover worked to plan the senior activities consisting of the breakfast, picnic, assembly, and all-night party. They also helped the Junior Class plan the Jr. Prom. The lunch line parking lot, and senior sanctuary were some of the other privileges attained. Graduation and baccalaurate were also among their other duties "Pride, participation and the true spirit of the Class of '67 has led the seniors onto a successful year," was Bill's view on this years senior class H Rc .1 DISCUSSING PLANS for the upcoming All Night Party Jon Montgomery, and Bill Rapp. "Only the best" is the motto presents added incentive for Linda Waterhouse, Lindo Bezlai, of this year's Senior class officers. SENIOR class president, one of Bill Rapp's privileges is to escort the ior princess, Randy Borie, during the Homecoming ceremonies at lftime. t MILLARD DOKMANUS 1 Yell Leader f A l KATHY CALLAHAN GLORY SPEAR Girls League Rep. Girls League Rep. SENIORS 177 Cathy Allen Ron Anderson Leeann Andreasen Sydney Andrews l Randy Reigns John Andrus Debbie Archer Richard Arnold Tom Arnold Tim Baerg Judy Bailey Jane Baird Beverly Barker Lindo Batfisfone Jay Beal Boyd Becker Cathy Beitel 178 SENIORS Over Homecoming X Q' f X if V David Bell Steve Bendorf ENTHUSIASTIC SENIORS display their spirit for Red Fang during a senior assembly in the Senior Sanctuary. R' .,A. X John Bernardoni Robyn Best Linda Bezlaj Jerold Blair Carol Boertie Randy Borie Terri Bortvit Gregory Bostwick Shauney Boudnik Rick Boyer Sue Braley Ron Branum SENIORS 'I79 Lorna Breisfig Margaret Brennan Tim Brewer Cathy Brooke R Rich Spends Summer In Germany 180 SENIORS Jacqueline Broom Kirk Brotemarkle Bob Brown Linda Brown Mary Brown Diana Bruegge w Ken Bruggeman J. ar- Jovena Brummer Fred Buckmann Karen Budrovic Caihi Buhrig Pam Burton SENIORS KAREN Budrovic, Linda Golenpaul, Candee Schwanke, Mike Meidinger, Pam Burton, and Bill Rapp discuss money matters at the Senior Spaghetti Dinner held at Euclid Park, Tuesday, October 18, 1966. Kathy Callahan Diane Callow Diane Campbell Sue Caplan Aleen Carlson Kelly Carroll Doug Casey Patti Cash Janice Caudron Marilyn Cave Nancy Chandler f J ""' Lyle Chapman , wh...-. Gary Butte Richard Cade Q., lffs -.. 1X SENIORS en-en, Q.. Q. A A Lil 181 Steve Charton Steve Christensen Jerry Christiansen Ron Churney ,Hs Q, Ag, R Donna Clark Terri Clark Larry Clayton Bob Cleland Diane Clem James Clouse Dale Coffin Carole Cole 5? ,..--ni. STOPPING OFF between classes to gather different books are seniors Rudy Finamore, Mike Lilley, Janet Lyles, and Kathy Topham. 'PD Terry Connelly Tum Connelly . -r-,'g,.,.,.. 182 SENIORS Bruce Conroy Katherine Cooper Bill Coffonaro Frank Cramer Linda Cranfill Linda Cravens Doug Crout Karen Cuno Ron Dane? George Dauphin Roger F. Davis Roger S. Davis A li 54 IX . Donna Leads Argolog Staff i' Steve Davis Tim Davie Greg Dearing Jo Anne Delano SENIORS 183 Dennis DeLucio Debbie deMaio Diane DeMeneces Bruce Derflinger Bonnie Stars In Senior Pla' Donn DesChaine Anita Devine Jackie Dickson Bonnie Dillingham Steven Dokken Kathy Doss ' Randy Dossett Lyndee Dossey Lynnette Doting Linda Drais Barbara Drucker Dan DuBose x 184 SENIORS Terry Dunn Linda Eaves ASB PEP Commissioner, Cathi Buhrig, leads the student body in the Alma Mater at the first pep assembly held in the boys gym. X Marilyn Eclgeffe Margret Eggeling Sue Ellis Browyn Evers Fred Falkey Dorothy Farley John Feher Robin Fenenga George Picket? Rick Fiebiger Rudy Finamore Sherrye Florence SENIORS 185 Parad Richard Fried Kerry Frost Sue Fry Janice Galaboff Dorothy Galbraith Diane Galloway Lauren Galuza Gordon Garcia Dona Gardner Peter Garrett Karen Garrison Ed Gerloff 1 " Carol Gibbs Tom Gieser 'Ll M w "YOU'RE MEDICAL Students. Can't you do something about her measles or we will be quarantined", excloims Bonnie Dillingham to Bill Hoganson and Tom Goodhue, in the senior production of "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay." Rod Gill Connie Gilling Steve Gillings Chris Gilmour Michele Girouard Linda Golenpaul Star Golia Rick Goodell Tom Goodhue Tim Gosnell Bill Graeber Cruzita Grant SENIORS 187 2.1 2' - Q 1. ' , fl , , , Tf'fl.l'lQ y j , ' . ., in - 'S .- , , fggvikfazf, V . is- - is - A 5,f?L1'ii'flL 'v '-v, , A -z'2'flx'Y 3 ggi: , , I M is 1 xl as Rei ..:.-:hz-. -4 ""-::.z.'.::. C i'3'Slc..,". .- 5"':f ' "2g?.v:: ..l i ..:E A -. . .i- , -.5 A-'dfL1e1f1f.:. iw . - ':S5.,g:: . K - . K' f if 'F K if 1-' w siif-4LQWiasi-K' .- ' .' " fxnvwlnfe -.x- f His iff . w ' 2 , Don Gray Brenda Green Bill Griffiths David Grimmett Henry Grofy Lyn Guffleisch David Hahn Brenda Hall Gary Hall Paul Hamarii Donna Hamrick Mike Hanes 188 SENIORS Marcia Hanna Peggy Hanold VARSITY LETTERMEN Mike McConnell, Marc Ingram, Gil Lane, Rick Boyer, and Mike Lilley linger by the snack bar at snack. Barbara Harris Linda Harris Jon Harwood Kathy Hassard David Hatcher Georgia Hatcher George Hawes Steve Haywood X i A , Beth Hender Mark Hendrickson Linda Hern Jim Hersch f A, J -Ja it-3 Hines' Poem Published In YGUNG AMERICA SIN GS Roger Hignife Debbie Hillstrand John Hines Mike Hoffert SENIORS 189 Bill Hoganson David Hogue Becky Holder Pat Holder Terry Directs Drill Team Terry Homewood Bob Hopper Fred Holton Ron Horton Bob Howard .lane Howell Diane Hurley Frank Hurt Don Hutson Marc lngram Bryon Jacobson Debbie Jacobson 190 SENIORS 4260-I 'Saw A"""1 L Wir it Christine Jaensch Becky James it-4-nl' SENIOR CLASS mascot Red Fang falias Mike Meidingingerj dances with Sue Braley at the Senior Street Dance held on Golden Fleece, October 20, 1966. The Bon Marches played. Lenore James John Jason Ginelle Johnson Lydia Johnson Thomas Johnson Ralph Jones Steve Jones Carol Jordan Joe Kaelin Ron Keith Celeste Klinkhamer Tom Knight SENIORS 191 Bill Koepke Frank Koepnick Sue Kosulandich Nancy Krow Pete Wins Black Belt -eff' 2 192 SENIORS Roger Kuhaupi Sharon Lackey Dorothy LaGrandeur Randy Lance Gil Lane Teri Lamborn Mike Laughon Dennis Lozar Jim Lemon Dana Lewis Kathy Lewis Shirley Lioboe Q I, l g--up-nu Quinny- -1-c--. ---. .-.. ..-.. u--qv-.-. Klum Ul Quan -u---up-. u---on-i Sel'Ve Mike Lilley Cindy Lilly cake to the newly inducted members at a party at Debbie's house held on December 13. In the absence of Bill Griffiths meeting. Lenore Linden Cheryl Linkogle Ardie Lissner Dick Lobin Linda Logue Nancy Looper Mary Loving John Lucy Janet Lyles John Mackey Carol Macleod Pete Madciu Debbie presided over the , X Q,-fel' J ,Q L1 i F f fl: SENIORS 193 194 SENIORS ,X s l t i 'S Ann McCabe Marcy McClelland Val Madieros + Rick Maples Grace Marcotrigiano Rose Margulieux t Gary Marks Shari Martin Bill Matthews Bob Matthews Diane Mattice Ron Mattocks Gary Mayfield Toni Mayfield SENIOR CLASS President Bill Rapp and Senior Class advisor Mr. Holland call a class meeting to order to discuss homecoming activities. Cheryl McCreacly Maureen McDonald J Edward McGuigan Chris McGuire Pat McGuire Rob Mclntosh Jim McKernan Dianne McNamara ,l Mike Meidinger John Mendonca Keith Merfeld John Mier P' Craig Gets atb 800'S Larry Mikkelsen Linda Miklcelson Bill Miller Craig Mills SENIORS 195 Ken Milner Joyce Mifani Jon Montgomery Bill Morgan Sandi Heads Argonaut Staff Bruce Moore Sandra Morse Virginia Morfenson John Mofer Sherry Mowles Donna Moyer Dan Murray Judy Murray Becky Negri Catherine Nelson Judy Nelson Shelley Nelson 196 SENIORS K Jackie Neuburger Mike Newcomb SENIORS FRANK Cramer and Keith Merfeld read about "Effective Writing," from the new English text, The English Language, in Mrs. Daigle's third period Senior English Class. Pam Norcross Linda Norton Craig Nulle Keith Nyhus X, George O'ConneIl Debbie Ogden Larry O'Hare Diane Okulick Linda Olson Peggy O'Neill Don Oper Sandi Owen SENIORS 197 Al Pachal Carol Palmer David Palmer Jennie Palmgren Rapp Leads Class To Victor A l l 198 SENIORS Kathy Pape Patty Pape Robert Pearson Sue Pedersen Ken Peery Karen Penlick Jim Perkins Penny Perkins Frances Peterson Lee Ann Peterson Al Petrilla Cheryl Phillips Y X, I ag ,:i. we Mgt' we Kal!!! 'P :V 54649 9 I, 6359, , as A' 563335 , Q, L5 SENIOR CLASS President Bill Rapp and seniors Jim Restivo and Sue Fry prepare to launch senior candy drive for homecoming. The candy sales provided the largest amount of revenue with approximately 36005.23 profit. The senior class made 51987.52 Joyce Phillips Valerie Phillips Bill Pinkerton Gunter Pointinger Steve Porter Tom Potter Candy Prickett Judi Priestap Pat Prigger Doug Purcey Dave Rahn Eddie Ralston Bill Rapp Rose Reason is SENIORS 199 Jim Restivo John Refzer JoAnn Reynolds Sue Rhodes Dave Rice Diane Richardson Doug Riddle Laurie Ripley l Chris Robertson Sharon Rodgers Dave Rogers Ruben Rodriguez X ig ' X if 5 1 ix :iz vw 3 ll fi , 200 SENIORS Kay Roseberry Denis Rosser RED FANG falias Mike Meidengerj gives spirit to the cheering seniors below at an assembly during homecoming activiiies. Al Petrilla leads the yell. Howard Rotsch Janice Roush Susan Rousseau Jim Rufus Baxter Ryan Steve Sacks Martha Saiz Mike Salas is - Patricia Sanchez A Gary Sanders Mark Sandlin Pam Sargent View Doug IS National Merit Semi-Finalist Janet Saruwatari Linda Schaefer Marilyn Schildknecht Karen Shoen SENIORS 201 Laurie Schoen Jett Schott Cheri Schoonover Steve Schreiner Glory Keeps ASB inutes 5 I H 202 SENIORS Jon Schroder Cheryl Schultz Candee Schwanke Lee Scott John Sellers Gregory Sewell Keith Shaw Mike Sheline Diane Shoemaker Kathy Shumaker Elaine Smith Judy Smith ii'-if , U -1 r1 ' i 'L 'fi c ' f SENIORS PATTY Pape, Kermit Sprong, Gunter Pointinger, John Lucy, and Bruce Freeman tally election votes to determine the winners ofthe Guberna- torial race conducted by the civics classes. John Snyder Valorle Snyder Chris Soza Glory Spear Rosemary Spino Harold Spolerich K Kermit Sprang .lim Stagner Mike Steffy Alice Stone Sue Stone Vicki Stout Joan Stromquist Don Stuart E X SENIORS 203 i. S 204 SENIORS X Thelma Todd Kathy Topham ' f '........a Y11: E, , 5. Kristy Stubbs Kerry Sullivan Charleene Swan David Sylvia Stephanie Szalay Karen Talbott Larry Templeton Bill Thomas Gail Thompson John Thompson Lynne Thornton Larry Todd THE CHEFS Bob Pearson, Sue Braley, and Joyce Mitani prepare 500 servings of spaghetti for the senior activity. I j- .- f we . P Cyndy Torgerson John Tortoluno Shcryn Trapp Loxrno Tudor Joyce Tulleners Corry van der Linden .leon vonVIimmeren Billie Vernon Bert Veulemon Cyndy Viviano Lyndy Vonic Steve Vowell L If ll N I Corry Goes To Holland 'N-N. Lindo Walker Mike Wall David Wolters Bobbie Ward SENIORS 2 13 ,, ,, ' NF Yi f "sw ff NH i X f ' Ws f x , E22 .: 8 ', , ,, f, 1 '- , - if L Alan Wardell Shari Warren Linda Waterhouse Uwe Wafien ' . X 4 mx, 'Wiz i r, fi: A1 ,-f-M,-f .Mm Tom Presides Marian Wentzel Sharon Werizbauger Richard Wesselink Glen Wesflund Linda Westover Marcia Wiersma Bob Whiilow Linda Whitney Diane Williams Wendy Woodcock Susan Woodworth Tom Wursfer 206 SENIORS Over Student Body I Y W i i we we E 1!""fT7 Terry Yergensen Bill Zubrod THE GRUESOME Tensome, Front Row, Russ Wilson, Rick Boyer, Jon Montgomery, player from Bolsa, Back Row, Mike Sheline, Pat McGuire, Jim Walker, John Retzer, Russ Denz, Wade Timothy pose valiantly beside their faithful l?l iackass. The game was held in the Boys' Gym on January T9. The Argos were victorious over Bolsa with a 36-24 score. During the halftime activities, Miss Donkey Basketball, Cindy Lilly, was crowned. R. 1'3" hd Toni Altomare Eilene Busby Craig Cooper Glen David Millard Dokmanus Joe Eiler Rene' Farber Larry Herbert Brad Jenkins Glen Laine Ron Linquist Carol Metcalf I' 12 thi 1, 'J' tfjll af. 208 SENIORS 3, lir ' inf Q7lQ'5l:..i. V ."- :az X I at ,..- A A -. .illtggiki -'Aus R mg, Lk - igi 'W 'F T' S ' EW Sli f I if K K FRA ,hi A oi 1 iff , W , X X Q a if 1 La 3751 9 Q sfgkigfr r K ,mt 41 ' W 4 sw M 3 k -.ev-.. 1 3 vu - Q Eg.--ra, . . 252, 35 .3 ..f,f2z.15.1gf, ,- ,- iimaitw - i, . -:5.5.g1fQ-L, .N , . .I 555 3, - 1. . A ' w w l TOP ROW Mary Norton, Tim Poussard . . . SECOND ROW . . . Gordon Simpson, Reed Smith THIRD ROW Lyndon Swenson, Rob- ert Thompson . . . FOURTH ROW Mel Turner, Mike Wheatley . . . BOTTOM ROW Russ Wilson. SENIOR ROUNDBALLER Bill Morgan attempts a goal in the final game of the season. The game was held on February 24 in the Argo gym. Bill was one ofthe high scorers ofthe game. T, Seniors Show Spirit During Freetime ,Qi -1 Vu -. 'fro ' L ""' uBirds of o feather flock together si C"""' 'xl wish that crossing guard would hurry up." ul think it's the sun!" excloims Mike Meidinger. x'Let Hertz put you in the driver's seat ' . Grads Obtain Keyg Open Success Door THERE STANDS o door in the pothvvoy of every senior. It is on ordinory door, but it is locked ond therefore orouses curiosity. Peeking through the keyhole, o distont imoge is seen eesuccess. Since everyone is interested in ottoining success, o vvoy ot entering rnust be devised. June io morks the hoppening. With his di- plorno, eoch senior receives o rnogic key to open his door ot opportunity ond reoch success. Novv is the time, tor opportunity knocks but once. 1""w SENIORS 910 ELQQQQL .aff-wi" AL PETRILLA RANDY BORIE Seniors Select Class Rests 9 I' S O a 1 i SENIORS 211 Y Favorite After V143 'mV, it V 35, ,-L h Date Place: a t Students Show Varied Interest Favorlte After School Sport: FOOTBALL 5 'f ,Q sENuoRs 212 B I' a i I1 S TOM GOODHUE CAROLE BOERTJE trive For Excellence In Work ger: O S ll C C k G ee ld t L i 2 y eg i SENIORS 213 1"f .. ..,ss-,,.-.--u-nv- -N it 5 1 -f , - -L -..-fallen W - 3 ,fr THE TRUE benetit one receives from oll school experiences will be lorgely up to eoch individuol. lt is o distinct privilege to become port ot GGHS. Opportunities surround the moinstoy ot closs orgonizotion through othletics, course studies, ond sociol octivities. The spirit ot pride in one's pertormonce in striving tor excellence in these oreos perrneotes the whole community. The imoge ot the student body cinswers to the opportunity ot becoming port ot o wonderful ond growing heritoge which surrounds GGHS. fa., y AI I , - s ,l Q v 'I' ,i 5'4" All S. .Qt "- I s r Q, if 3 wh E-W lug, ' l 'gk A ir A Aix M' vt. tw. Q , 1 tt' ,, g gl: Lia 48"'f-A F97 4 4' f+f'g5g.t.1m2, if was sn wif J FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS-Top to bot- tom: President Fred Miller, Vice President Judy Herbeck, Secretary Hallie Tefft, Trea- surer Nancy Graham FIRST SEMESTER REPRESENTATIVES-Left to right: Junior Class Representative Shauna Estep, Girl's League April Bauman, Lynn Duggan J 5 VE 1 E- ff Juniors Peddlo Rlbbons JUNlOR'S HAVE Seniority was the chant that the iunior class used to lead the school to one of the most spirited assemblies in many years, which occurred during Homecoming. A rummage sale was the biggest single fund rais- ing activity in homecoming. It to- taled S5o5! A few odds and ends and a 1928 refrigerator were the only things not sold. Many hard hours were put into this activity. A ribbon sale was the second activ- ity. Qver 500 ribbons were sold to the freshmen, lFreshman are the Bestmenl, sophomores, iGreen Orb Foreverl, juniors, iJuniors l-love Seniorityl and seniors, lRed Fang Rulesl "The Night of Janu- ary l6th," by Ayn Rand, was presented by the Junior class on March 2nd, 3rd and 4th, Lynn Duggan SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS-Top bottom: President Bill Crawford, Vice sident Kitty Murry, Secretary April man, Treasurer Helene Niizawa SECOND SEMESTER REPRESENTATIVES-Left to right: Girl's league Marlene Manny, Jr. Class Representative Candy Cash, Girl's league Rich Alberts Imk . 3' XJ? ss, x ... 'R x W ik' I We , ,Q if Linda Allan Michele Allen , V Dianne Altomare if? gigs. ,Nm- Steve Amparan ff Doug Anderson gig -Q, 1 i Ronald Anderson H Larry Armet 'V D A N Scott Arnett ' '." m . " Qi B Z Keith Arnold ri g Brenda Baine -fr W ' A -'9 Kristine Barker i if i ' 5 W W mf' Chuck Bartholomew ,.-- Q r -. , Don Barton if X M A Darrell Bass Q t April Bauman J' 1 c bi, , 5 kA Joyce Beaman "'h' 4 A 'F i Chris Beauchamp X Q L L x Roland Beaudoin ir" V s :":ti X' Z " D Mary Beckman b , , i LK Dave Bellman 5, Don Bewley 1 L Marsha Bezunar P 1 i' ' 'X' l Larry Bindner it Jill Becomes Baton Champ , llll i Leslie Binley I V L Verna Black i "' ii A 1 Patty Boggs in 5' J John Bostick ' Winnie Bowmen A . I i W 1 Sue Bowman 1 i .A L i tw.l Mike Boyle Terry Brandt David Breen Judy Brew -, X Bobbi Brockman N ., i '.". N.E',." ' Christine Brown 105. J c rJr J Ellen swf-fng E I -:" Q A Jill Brunt . . Ann Marie Bryant ff' Jo Buchholz N ,Qi Z3 Jerry Butler so ' ,N 2 George Butte ' ZZ. "'i5 ' Steve Caffey s ' Jim Campbell Q Karen Cangson Steve Carpentieri Earle Carr A Mary Carroll Pat Carson Anita Carter Candy Cash Leonard Cave ' Linda Cave ii lx fiiti V fi Jerry Chance JUNIORS 217 JoAnne Chapin Michael Charle Ken Chea Vicki Cheney Padi Chounard Richard Cobb Leah Codding Marilyn Cole Sandy Cole Tom Cole Craig Collins Mike Collins Bill Conger Cathy Conrad Pat Conroy John Cool Pam Cornell Denise Cragun Dennis Cragun William Crawford Ai. V, .. i 3 iw is 'un -M Lynn Creek Gretchen Crilly I Dennis Crismon P Jan Croul Q'-33" Alan Curtis V. Tom Dailey it s .L J Jim Davila I f i x, I I Laurel Davidson Harold DeKeyser Lynn DeMeneces Don Demers Dave Dillbeck Debra Dobbins Daniel Dohan Kathi Donahue Bob DuBose Gwen DuBose :Zi ' Lynn Duggan test Mike Dunkerly it Barton Dunn Kevin Dunn Jim Earnest Donna Edgette Roxcie Edinger Chris Engel JUNIORS f E. . SUE LEE congratulates Glen Gardner on his completion of six out ot ten passes in the Monte Vista game. . Y fa R 6 Rt N X. Eric Engernann Sandra Engesath Howard Eno Shauna Estep Albert Evans Alfred Falkey Shelly Fought gh gg? Kathleen Fearn 'X F' J I Al Fehling i Q Gary Feig 6 YI' 8' Bob Feiner A. A I Shareen Finley 1 Q -- " J A W Christy Finnoff Bob Fischler Tim Fitzsimmons Michael Flanagan Bill Fleischhacker Dennis Fletcher VIOLATING DRESS regulations is Sally Sutter who leads the cheers at the Donkey Fitzsimmons Calls Brother Overseas Rich Foley Sue Fountain Jim Franks Terri French Kirk Frizell Pam Frydman Rema Furlow Tom Gatfaney Jarvie Gall Joanne Gallo Joseph Gallo Alan Gardner Barbara Gieser Charlee Ann Gitfin Mike Gillman Diane Gilmore JoAnn Giordano Suzanne Girch Dee Girouard 4 '13 '4 .. 'f'x. 'uv 2 if 'S' 5' I x -J '1 ' fo by 3 . Q' XD ,N ,..4...44:........n.,M M ' sv -3, '- if E I - f '.f,:.g --,.,.-, if , .. ,L E A S A Cathy Gleason Katie Glenn Ron Goodell .A -. a Austin Gordon Dennis Gorman CAUGHT DURING lunch P Dee Ann Miller, Lynelle Carlsonp lbottoml Joan Fisher, Packey Barger eriod were ftopl Bess, Dee Ann Curzio, Bonnie is HU Sally Graetz Nancy Graham Don Grimmett Doug Gum Jill Hagemeister Raul Hamel Phil Hanback Graham Balances Junior Books Q .ij - M mf in 6' U ni B453 - I L . W 1 1 LGA it : wzgw f Tom Hand LaVonne Hansen Mike Hansen Brad Hansson Donna Harmon Kieth Harrison Linda Hartley Nancy Hatcher Marilyn Heaney Kathleen Hennessy Rosemarie Henson Judy Herbeck Q fl 'l F 4 X. Q .M y . 'wma - A it t.. , 5 rv if 1 5 S1--V w We GW 9 I .tg tk , wi .Mg in X , ' ..., is ili' I f Ylsii f , H 3 :M 5.4, 'fm , . g, iw: rg , ' lit . ' Lloyd Herberg Barbara Hess Gary Hethcoat Marsha Heyneman Peter Hill Sandy Hillstrand Charlene Hines Roxanne Holder Carol Holstrom JUNlOR's Janet Pinnell, Ruth Renner, Darla Poce enioy lunch and relax at noon break. Terri Holstien Charley Holton Cherri Holton Warren Horton Janice Houff Robert Howell Mark Hoyt Melanie Huff Dana Huffman Larry Hughes Richard Hurley Patti Hutchinson Grady Ireland Valerie Jenkins Julie Johnson Lee Johnson Louise Johnson Rhonda Johnson Bruce Johnstone Stephen Jokela Nancy Jones Robert Jones Regina Jones Karn Jorstad Randy Kaul Brain Kay Mike Keedy David Kemmerer James Kessler we ' SV If se et f . 'f ...J 1 ,:' 1 as x J L R' X if E me 15235 -gsgqsllis . i . 399977 I .5 ' - 5.::5'.EE'5f ' I ' E, 13. '5 ' " iii: fig v, s I 5 sip I . 5 A . A31 , . . 9 . ' Wifi . Jia - wr i . ,jlxi A , ,, ' - 4 --" L ' 3 , l 1 ,ELM . gc.. Q - at 1 if , x . ic., rs. .... ,.:-22 - 55 D' fx f .J , R 3733 - '- TW -S ' Nzgig " R N, . 52 3 FQ- -. . s 5 L . 3' ls 1-ff Q 33 X ,Q va xxx : ., ,f s 2 BILL CRAWFORD and Lucy Saenz rummage through the U various goods of the rummage sale, sponsored by the I f y Junior Class for Homecoming funds. Q sl is ii, W 3 Q if-11 A N i E wifi? is-Q . as X ,Q ii 3 L 5 Q L 5 , . 8' NJ, V H x i - -sf .sssfg "OPERATION CROSSBOW" gets publicity promotion from the artistic talents of junior Warren Bayard. JUNIORS 221 Suk Choo Kim Janet Klein Phyllis Klingaman Candace Kohl Paul Kollar Vickie Koopman Mark Krueger Suzanne Labelle Charles Lake Joanie La Londe Jewell Langin Diane Larson Jeffrey Larson Bert Lay Blaine Lazenby Teresa Leavitt James Lechner Sue Lee Mark Lepiane Brenda LLLe Pore Pam Le Ritz Elaine Lerno Brad Lilley Jo Lilly Perry Lindle Sherry Lindsey David Logan Robert Logue Chuck Lomas Steve Lonnee Terri Lonski Jerry Lundgren Joyce Lussier Dale McCart Michael McCormick David McCorry JUNIORS RALLYING ROUND the flag, parading down Golden Fleece to pep assembly during Homecoming activities, are iuniors Judy Herbeck, Lynn Duggan, Barbara Hess April Bauman and Sally Sutter. 0 f X x 2 an I A' , .., ,iv y aw ii V ff.-ff' I 'i 2 :V Q-44' f i ff.. Xe 0 05:-my x l . s , s -5 H..- ' K . : Nag Q- sf fl A L.. 3 ,..'iT4:,f A K P v v if 'E ,"' K 1 of A ,gs -we so - s s' gf .4 X ,sg we ...f . . .L,- -.ut .. ,.-I1 at Bob McDonald Mark McGill Patricia McGrew Laurele McGuire Teri McKeever Eileen McKinney Richard McMillan Dennis McNees Candy Mack Cindy Madieros Paula Madison Joan Magee Bill Mahar Greg Maltsberger Marlene Manny Nancy Margulieux Glen Martz Chuck Masters Jeri Mattice Dean Maust Kerry Mayer Laurie Mayor Karen Mazurek Cindy Elected To Secretary J J I 5' X . UJUNIORS HAVE seniority!" is yelled by Dee Ann Miller, Barbara Hess, Judy Herbeck, Monty Harrison, class sponsor Mr. Charles Gilmore, Fred Miller, Kitty Murray, and Hallie Tefft. JUNIORS 223 .:. Candee Mazy Micheline Menkal Fred Miller Lewis Miller Mark Miller Paula Miller Rick Miller Steve Miller Chris Minger Clark Mitchell Clitf Mitchell Linda Mohn Anita Molacek Allan Moll Larry Montano Matt Montgomery s, hi 5 Yu? 4 K if V 1, fs A ,' in A Q N'- ,, s f " '- is g L C. fy W Z , iiil A yrs? C 7 H:.J -: S3112 SW QR WS 35 Q 1 5 3 1 Q ll tis 1 s 5 ,, K, I - ' lil I 'a .,E':': fi I ' X Donna Montgomery tw, V or , Ruth Montoya Ja., 'lf "IF YOU want to win you've got to F-I-G-H-T .. . "Joan Cruzio, Pam Frydman, Roxanne Holder, Beverly Morris, Marie Hughes, and D'Ann Carlson enthusiastically portray the Argonaut spirit at a pep assembly. ..- ,353j,:g 1- wi, 1 t ' 5 ws, -'Ma ,ll fs ' ,sic . il ,guts-A - mr if f ,gk -' 224 JUNIORS I .:' K if A A f U at -. , lv Clayton Morgan X, - N . 5 , , k Beverly Morris 'Q E '.-t ' y y, st, ' Sharon Mortensen in Rich Moufek . , Q pf-1 5 2 3 George Mowleg f R A Kitty Murray S vi - ':-'rfe. f' . 4.2. .a R L t F Patricia Murray 1 .R ll 55, LCVVY Musll Linda Nebergall R A Darlene Neese - . Q Q Karl Neitzel LDL-A MM ,lnv Q ,,:? Q Jim Nelson Pat Nelson 1 5 Robert Nessar Dug Neville Cathy Newell Tim Newhouse Patty Newman Helene, Pam Carlyn, Lois Highstep To Titan Fame is A "l FELT like I was Dancing on air." Al Ortega elevates partner to the music of the Bon Marches at the senior street dance. Helene Niizawa Terry Niksch Kathy Norcross Don Ogden Sandie Ohnstad Chris Olsen Robert Olsen Thomas Orrick AI Ortega Ed Orbaker Leona Oune Susan Palmer Bob Pamplin Carlyn Paaatton Cathy Pearson Eugene Pearson Roger Perrin Tony Perry Linda Petersen Steve Petersen Paula Petrilla Linda Peverieri Greg Piccola Preston Pieper Edie Pines Janice Pinnell Darla Poce Lois Potter Laura Powell Debbie Quanz Dirk Raaphorst Sue Reafsnyder Darryl Reed Gail Reed Pam Reese JUNIORS 225 Y, Q 5 fi 3 sz use i in A 'agile , , ,. ft, or SHOWING OFF dress coat with covered buttons is Paula ,L., ff if her self-made navy blue Ruth Renner Mark Rhodes Susan Robertson Bill Robidoux Richard Rogers Jim Ropp Corrine Ross Terry Rosser Lucille Saenz Benny Salazar Robert Sanders Virginia Sanders Teresa Sandoval Eric Schneid Dave Schnitger Petrilla at the Homemaking Fashion Show, January TO in the cafeteria. Kenneth Schoonover Beverly Scott Sue Scott Larry Seest Greg Semotan Pat Shargel Julie Copyreads Argolog 226 JUNIORS .5 is . 5 at if ss if 'gn ,., ,Q it sit 1 ., . V, ,Iwi Mike Sharon Don Shepard Terry Sheline Harold Shirley Bob Shyrer lrene Sigala Michael Simmons Steve Sisco Linda Skelton Julie Slama Kitty Smith Lindie Smith Patrick Smith Doug Somers Rita Spalding Karen Spiegle Dale Stafford Robert Stagner ., Q' I ,X x SWINGING HIGH are Donkey Basketball cheerleaders Judy Herbeck and DISCREETLY PERUSING the fabulous wares ofthe junior class Lynn Duggan sponsored by the Varsity Club. Cheryl Stanley Paula Stanslow Bill States Linda Steel Debbie Steele Jeanne Stephens Ted Stewart Grace Stock Lynn Stoltenberg Mark Stookey Fred Storm Nick Stoughton Gary Straff Arlan Strong Ed Studholme Barbara Sulzbach Sally Sutter Forde Swan Paul Staupt Terry Shaw Cynthia Tanihara Joanne Tanihara Lynn Taylor Hallie Tefft Louis Tennenini Colleen Thomas Mary Thompson Jett Thoreson Dwayne Thorne Leo Tidd Shirley Toby Becky Tody Dion Tomka Christy Truman Dee Van Amersfort Clair Van Bloem ri 5 TSM . f I " m,i. 'xi S li Q LK 'QQ 2 1 .s , 1 w I , in I Q 5 -0 ,I me six ' i'u'f'..i'.L-4.2.5 " t "' -1 I rummage sale for homecoming are shoppers Diane Larson and Janet Yapp. i if 1' wry is Q Q C1 iii' V e.. . I K X . .,-C X, f WF e is uv Y , I X JUNIORS 227 'r . X 'X 2 r 4: fxf 5 K X e x 5 9 g 54.0, X N' Q 228 JUNIORS wk 19" ls Vlckl Wllklnson Carolyn Wnllord Kathy Wllluoms Martha Wrlllams Pom Wlllroms Patsy Wilson Roger Wllson Suzanne Wnlson Tom Wntten Terry Wochner Jerry Woods Katie Woolcock Margaret Wurster Robert Wyatt Janet Yapp Lando Yates Sherldo Young Nancy Znngoln Letty Zwelg The followung students were not present when Curt Abernathy Pot Allen Ronald Allen Yvonne Anderson Mark Arnold Andrew Aupperlee Arnold Bollaet Warren Bayard Terry Beasley Dove Boyle Robert Brough Buddy Brown Stanley Budd Ron Collen Jock Corr Rondee Carson Anuta Carter Nancy Cory Randy Compton John Cruz Glenn Culver Laurel Davidson Don DeWltt Debble Duol Janet Draper Ruck Faust Pot Followull Cathy French Tom Gorclo Glenn Gardner Bull Gonzales Altheo Gregory Howard Hanna Dennus Horns Darlene Herron Maureen Hughes James Jackson Marsha Lett Gary Lewis Dovud LHeureux Steve Long Potrucuo McGunre Jnm McNamara Potncuo Money Joseph Mostrolannn Phnl Mlddleton Susan Moede Bull Moms DeeDee Noranlo Ed Patterson Cothue Ploterotl Denise Prall Jud: Praestop Marty Robe Potts Raines Thomas Roks Knrk Rood Charles Roseberry pictures were to ken John Russell Mnchoel Sovos Vnrleon Sessuons Mike Shomley Joyce Shotswell Tom Slomo Roger Smnth Mnke Stone Duane Szymonskn Nancy Tonner Paul Thacker Ronda Thomas Mary Thompson Kevln Torkelson Ted Wehrle Thereso Weumer Don Weyler Sandy Whntney John Woodrow JUNIORS 229 A .f Ljiffjtkfifl st, f J. ,. -- I f K , FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS-Top to Bottom: President Bob Campbell, Vice President Carol Aldrich, Secretary Patty Gallacher, Treasurer Rusty Seedborg. Green Grb Invades Soph Dance THE "GREEN Orb" rules! Or so says the sophomore class of '67. This year the sophomores have had three maior activities: Homecoming, the Christmas Dance, and the selection of class rings, all under the direction of Mrs. Sullivan, the sophomore class sponsor. The "Green Orb" slogan was originated during homecoming. To raise money and collect points the class sponsored a drawing for a 3525.00 gift certificate and a dance featuring the "Bon Marches." "Candy Cane Cottillion" was the theme chosen forthe annual Christmas formal sponsored by the sophomore class. The Santa Ana Don Beats provided the dancers with music. add SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS-Top to Bottom: President Kent Rasmussen, Vice President Rusty Seedborg, Secretary Peggy Minger, Treasurer Tina Heifner. we My S"-1j""'7' 5 Q FIRST SEMESTER REPRESENTATIVES Girys League -lone, SECOND SEMESTER REPRESENTATIVES Girl'S League Janet Zeyen, Teresa Hogelond- Hutson, Cheerleader Cathy Meidinger, Girl's League Maureen 230 SOPHOMORE OFFICERS Manley. 55 J Qiff U ,, b N-Le, Rm- L L " ' ' Q. . .Y ws at QQA-Ce!! Joan Boswell Jeff Braley Robert Brandelli Connie Branson Frank Breen Brian Brewer Gene Broom John Brown Warren Brown Peggy Bruning Darlene Bryant Sharol Buchholz Steve Burks Stephen Burton Bonnie Busch Linda Buzer Byron Catley Stephen Callari Robert Campbell Leesa Caple Alvin Carlson Donald Carlson Don Carrasco Dan Carroll A x .X , is it ,. f. , L 'WHS rss ,J " z N 1 ,Q ,.L. sr 56" ll Berg S1 si Xiu-4' L .X B .ilffiii R. ,. .Jn Leslie Accongio Carol Aldrich Chris Allen Larry Allen Terry Allen Jean Aronsen Pat Bachmann Jeffrey Bailey Alan Bain Ellen Baird Terri Baker Lynn Baldock Debbie Baranek Amy Barbour Danny Barker Chris Barney David Barney Don Barney Frank Battistone Jolie Bauman Rick Beaulac Bob Beckman Charles Beebe Luella Beitelspacker Casey Belshaw Gary Berg Joseph Bernardoni Linda Bindner Michael Blankenship Debbie Bortvit Varsity Cager 'el K X H ff 5 6 QW Y A . gf A5 l SOPHOMORES 231 ' 'QL I' 5 I Linda Cassell Didier Castveil David Cates James Chapin Sandra Chapman Donna Chappell Candace Clapper Edward Charlson Cliff Chewning Paul Christiansen Bonnie Churney Chuck Clark 2'S','l: :F j"'435 llll l C ' A at W f a a. M ffl? 'R YG lili l Frenchman, Didier, In Play Q iii? ,.f"' - i X -1.55 1 -air' H Q ' - - is U, f fx 1 ,x.., ,F sf . 'I .F al mf if Don Clurman Sharon Codding Cheryl Conklin Richard Cottonaro Gary Crawford Rose Croteau Marty Dailey Marvin Dalluge Debbie Dalrymple Freda Darcy Leslie Davis Terry Davis Greg Dawid Devon Day Cathy Dean Pam Dean Dave Dearing Renee DeHart Diane DeLano Mike Delvillar Valerie Dial Betty Dillard Josephine Distefano Richard Dokken Sue Domries Jacolyn Dossett Ralph Draeger Mike DuBose Alicia Dunn Penny Dutcher 1- bills 2 . I 'i .1 vi- nz ' ' L x " xv: we A. J . at ,H gi? :Q5 tl J J as E. ,it . li gil' Q-q!l'lYMA Q 1, Mark Eastman Jennifer Efaw Rhonda Ellis Meg Elsten Norman Eno Calvin Estrate Dave Farber John Farrow Dale Fast Bill Fernandez T. - Bruce Fink Mary Fleming Pat Flink Annette Florence Carol Flores Rick Fuehrer Thomas Fuller Shelly Gabler pil l Audrey Galbraith ' lit' 3 Patty Gallacher 2, If QA.-, Phyllis Garcia 5 I Don Gardner ' Jon Gargan Mary Garringer 3- s E 1 sm E, ni i-- 95: N- lir t, 5 J Bill Gates yqkuu 3 fi X Carolyn Gates Denise Gendron as Terry Gober 4 , iii K John Goebel Howard Gold Patty Reigns As Princess it 521. wt' 'Xi 33 . .. Q 3 Robin Goodell Janet Goodner Roy Gonzales Chris Gorvin Dianne Gosnell Susan Gothman Frances Grant Bonnie Grecco Barbara Green Mary Green Donna Grigsby Kathy Grossman SOPHOMORE ROBERT Newton, receives junior var- sity letter from Cross Country coach Robert Seuss at fall sports awards assembly in the boys' gym. Newton was one of six sophomores to receive an award. SOPHOMORES 233 ski: A LIKE ANY other growing little Green Orb, he needs feeding and gets it from Pat Gallacher, Janet Zeyen, Treresa Hagland and Carol Aldrich. He was constructed by Debbie Westerman, Cathy Meidinger and her mother. Gordon Tops At Speech Tournament Gordon Gruver M David Gutknecht A g ,tgigl K ,nu A, ,L Teresa Hageland at it S I E V X, Tom Hahne y wi' Glenn Halberstadt 'i g5,, , Linda Hale " H Richard Haley .Q t Randy Hall 5 " ' Rick Hall II! - ..g -igff' K A Linda Hamilton Nancy Hamor Diane Hanes Pam Haney Penny Hanold Gregory Harris Kathy Harrison Maureen Hassard Tom Hatcher W Teri Hawkes , 53 wi-H Howard Hawks ff - it V Jon Hayward H 4' . gfi g Roger Hazelton i ' Gil Herbert 'R Christina Heifner John Heinz Mary Heiss 234 SOPHOMORES Linda Heme Ron Herron Debbie Heyneman Robin Hill Roger Hill Larry Hilliard Steve Hinkle Robert Hoff Stan Hogan Scott Hoganson Mike Hogue A . MaI'Y Holder iff , .... Valerie Holmes . J Susan Holtz - Jaclyn Homewood Leah Hopper ,e B Mary Howard Ron Howard Glen Hoyt Sheila Hudson Kathleen Hueth Scott Hughes Janet Hughs l,,ii . r Vicki Hupp , Kenneth Hurt A - . Steve Hutchinson f' , , Janet Hutson Jean lreton wx - ' 9 L 0 . kk in 1 Martha lrvin Carol Jackson Mike Jacobson Nancy Jaensch Jeff Janke Steve Jasperson Chris Jenkins , Susan Jenkins Johnny Jimenez Gil ' ' Pam Jocham it i Ellen Jolley Byron Johnson E X s, . 43.2. GIRLS' GYM is gaily decorated for Sophomore Christmas dance December 16 by class president Bob Campbell and Vice-Pres. Carol Aldrich. if an--f Danny Johnston Denise Jones Kent Jones Randell Jones Jackie Jorrich Rick Kaiwi Tom Kalm Rick Kasper Kevin Keating Pat Keller Frank Kelley Pam Kelley Colleen Kennedy Linda Kennedy Tommye Kepley l res 'sem Q , f My A Mig t Q i Q' 1 Af , L its ' ff K5 L wtf ' A R 'm y .if J '., f tan: 5 :.: y . N ,gf wwf 1.-6 ef w ' QQ .sbs ia y ci, Fe ifaifr fcsi S 'Q 5 s ' 3 - L 1 N ,E 13 X . 'il . 1 2 l N. . ss ,, K . 4 Q fig 1 S, 5 . J " ' S . J it . N 1:1 ffte 2,f mafia 1 .... ,s .Q-A ZS ss' 2 if f.,,t I si X . x V x 8 5,5 -cp' Q " at 1 K Xe ,. 1 ' A J f fini? J S1 L ffs ', mu' Q N 4 ' , J SOPHOMORES 235 x I Gary Ketsdever Janice Killingbeck Cathleen Kitfield Hans' Kloepfer Marc Knutson Kathie Koeller Michael Kramer Jerry Kresen Don Kuykendall Chris LaBarthe Jeff LaBarthe Georgina Lambert David Landry Linda Lanfear Rosemary Lapham Mary Larson Charlotte La whon Marie Lau Chris Levie Robert Lewis Terri Lex Bill L'Heureux Pam Liaboe Larry Libeu Charlotte Elected To Song Karen Linquist John Lininger Les Linkogle Craig Liticker Cheryda Loadholtz Brett London Keith Long Delores Lopez Richard Lozzi Steve Luchs Joan Lucy Bonnie Luther Bob Lyon Agnes McAlpine Cheryle McCarthy Peggy McCarty Terry McConnell Jennifer McDonald li iullli I L r Joe McFarland Karol McGill Vicki McGill Bruce McGillivray Erin McKeever Patty McTaggart Karen Maccabe David MacDonald Martha Maciel Dave Mack Steve MacKenzie Kathleen Maguire 6 SOPHOMORES 4-as. xl 'mr W Vickie Malmborg Linda Maltsberger Nanci Maloney Ronnie Mangiamelli Maureen Manley Daniel Mann Diane Mariola Mark Mariola Andy Marrale Sherri Martin Lydia Martinez Janet Mcmhey Millenson Directs Play , I ,SS fff-'Qs fav' f V f.1s52:"' 11 A L i . f 7215, rf. L ,F tj 'QSM .45 . ' yy f:,. , if if in .Z VL, y , , S S iw ,V riff X 'Leif E.:-.Q . - . fu- . '-11 - ' :Lia W K - - T, ,X , . .M Q ,, 1 , , . ,M ,tk M . A K, -. A551 51' ,, i i f ' vb Bobbie Neff Jay Nelson Kris Nelson Robin Nelson Donna Nessar Robert Newton Mary Niswander Sheri Nordby Susan Norman Joe Nowocinski Sharon Nyhus Alan Oberwise Bill O'Brien Joe O'Loughlin Pat O'Neill Pat Orosco Shelley Ortega Sam Osterkamp Kenneth Otto Mike Owens Linda Pamer Gary Parker Mark Parker Jeanie Parr Larry Patton James Pearson Michelle Peck Phil Pedersen David Peebles Monica Peek Kent 211111 Semester Leader JoAnne Pescuma Joanne Petersen Gay Petry Pam Petry Leonard Peverieri Malcolm Poemoceah Janice Pope Edward Porter Jerry Powell Lee Price Nancy Price John Primrose Jim Purcey Kathy Quinn Lorrie Robe Geoffrey Ragbourn Andrew Ralston Louis Randall Betsy Rasmussen Kent Rasmussen Steve Raver Claudia Reeder Brad Reetz Steve Reno SOPHOMORE5 Mike Retter .lim Reynolds Sharon Reynolds Beverly Rez Barbara Richards Lynda Richmond Cynthia Ricker Alan Riddle Howard Ridenour Patti Rizuto Marc Robb Carol Robertson David Robertson Jim Robertson Kathy Roche 73:5 SPECULATING ON the future joys of becoming sophomores fwhich may or may not justify their inclusion on the sophomore pagel are freshmen Troy Hignite and Bill Flake. We are especially grateful to Mrs. Marlene Bonnet for identifying the tree as "one of the best growing trees around." Rodney Rodarte Patricia Rogers Daryl Roll Rosalino Rosell Gloria Rosenfield Susan Rosenquist Patti Roth Linda Rufus 3 Marshall Russ 'y Mary Rust 'T .QL Ray St. Pierre ,QQ Sl'lCI'Of1 Mike Saiz Al Salcido Lauro Salcido Keith Salyards Brenda Sandoval Conner Sargent Cary Saruwatari Doug Scheel Bob Schildknecht Ken Schow Chris Schwalm Rick Schwanke Paul Scott Scott Seaman Rusty Seedborg Dara Seeley Linda Seest Mike Seibel SOPHOMORES 239 by ., iw' Q J N T Carol Seipp Chris Serapin r f Duane Shaffer , il I Jackie Shoen Jo Lynn Shugart Al Siddons W V T' M-H ,. ..-- f - ff 'A 'il ' 'L 'Q K N i V 5-'lt Steve Silver Marlys Slaughter Michael Slocum iil Q l ili l l A DISPLAY of typical Argonaut spirit is shown by Darla Small sophomores making whoopee and Homecoming Pom Smidt spirit are Renee DeHart, Bob Campbell, Donna Grigsby and Dale Fast in anticipation of Homecoming. Carol Smith A1 Places At La I-Iabra l Lindo smith 5 S Raul Sonner y' Barbara Soots ff Dennis Sorley . Barbara Soza 41 4, Dave Stagner Vicki Stanley Sandy Starkweather Cheril Stefan Merlyn Steffy Gilbert Steidley Chris Stewart Dawn Stewart 5 Earl Stillson ' Terry Stillwell ' Sheryl Storm Gay Strand if - , William Stringham "' ' .Q i L ,, X Bill Sullivan Casey Sullivan Michael Sunstedt Shelly Sutter Nik Szalay Mark Talbott - 1' l Terry Tarrant Gary Taylor Virginia Taylor Arthur Temple Kerry Thomas Linda Thompson 240 SOPHOMORES Jim Thornton , Linda Tidd Randy Tizzard 1 Karen Tomko Robert Tonks Donna Toolson June Tortolano Don Truman I Shawn Tudor Pat Tullar . Theresa Tupper , at , 34- 5. rv- -'-'R Mike Turner Joe Usary Jan Van Amersfort June Vander Velde r Steve Vaughan i Randal Via A Linda Vial ' '?'1' A Q L. Randy Vinson Bobi Voigt Lindy Voll Chris Vowell Sue Waddill T Jan Wagner Debbie Walker Bruce Wallace Jim Walter Randy Walters Cindy Ward Stan Wasserman 'QR PU f.-1 USHOOT! SHOOT!" the crowd yells at Al Carlson as he shoots for a far away basket at the last B Basketball game with Santiago. 4 its . en. A B J? ,X me -Q I - .- so KX 1 K Q is Q 1 I Don Waterhouse A ii Stanley Weber -' Chris Wehrle E ' Jerry Wells Pam Welty Tony Wendler Debbie Westerman Wendy Westlund Mike Wetzler Carol Whalen Dave Wheatley Bob White Larry White Thomas White Dennis Williams .wx ' We be X v. ego 410 . ii r f 5: '- sr lv' Q gsm. Q1 ..,. QNNNS 1 , ,.. '11, f e- s ,, , X ..,. Q wx , X .f es' 4 , :,. Q T .ke ik -ii ' ,F Tug SOPHOMORES 241 ' T, if 15' X2Q Q JG R ti-Q ff, Lana Zagala ' ' m y Valerie Zalec net Zeyen ill Zimmer Doug Zollweg Paul Williams Nancy Wilson Linda Wise Robert Wolden Bob Woodruff Nancy Woodworth Jim Wunibald ichard Yanick Garth Yergensen Jeff Yoak Joe Yoder Marvin Zace Sophomore Spirit Guides Class Of 'G Q . is "FIGHT ON all you Argosg fight on red and white . . ." sing the thunderous Sophomore class at an enthusiastic outdoor pep assembly. 242 SOPHOMORES BETWEEN NUMBERS at the basketball game, Jeff Janke, Larry HUMORIST CHARLES Beebe entertains Dennis Cragun, Jeff La Barthe Tonks and Mike Kramer are reflecting on the pressing matters of and Dennis Sorley ofthe A Cappella choir, as they wait to entertain at fhe dgy the Christmas Assembly. Mike Bagwell Darryl Berg Camille Biller John Blain Dennis Boman John Braham Danny Brown Mike Cadwell Randy ,Carpino Danny Carrasco Deborah Cave Mike Cave Kim Cherrie Frances Clark Charlene Cronin Dalena Dalyrimple Ron David Mike Davis Nikki Demos Bob Dolinaiec Dennis Dora Sharon Dunkle Linda Dussault Jim Eikner Wayne Ellett THE FOLLOWING students were not present when pictures were taken. Kit Elliott Barb Engle Darlene Evans Debbie Farrens Kandice Faught Gordon Fiebiger Nick Garcia Clay Giffin Charles Greuzard Dan Gruber Cheryl Hanes Steve Howe Boyd Jacklin Craig Johnson Kaycee Kennedy Sharon King Steven Kranz Pat Lang Rob Latham Phillip Lockhart Pat Longoria Sharon Marsh Christine Matassa Joe Mayolett Sam Mecey Robert Meneely Ellen Michika George Morgan Don Mortensen Tim Neal Kirk Ogdon Gary O'Hare Greg Ortega Gary Perkins Richard Popso John Powers Steve Rowland Linda Rowley Gary Shakes Jeff Sharon Rosemary Smith Eric Smouse Paul Staudt Dale VanKirk Angela Von Salzen Angelique Walsh Jim Weidert Lynda Wekall Garry Wells Olivia Whitener SOPHOMORES 243 mmf.- 1 FIRST SMESTER OFFICERS Top to Bottom: President Steve Shortridge, Vice-President Dave Restivo, Treasurer Forrest Tilson, Se- cretary Debbie Vienneau fnot picturedj. ctr- ,L FIRST SEMESTER REPRESENTATIVES . . . Cheerleader Sue Arnold, Girls' League Jodie Prall, Stephanie Steiner. 244 FRESHMAN OFFICERS Frosh Prove Active UPPERCLASSMEN GOT acquain- ted with the treshman class dur- ing Hello Daze activities. Fresh- man vied tor the greatest number ot upperclassmen signatures. King Steve Shortridge and Queen Kathy Whitley vvere crowned at the Hello Daze Dance, September 23. "Freshman are the bestmen" was the Frosh Homecoming cry. Reigning over the freshmen was princess Heather Langridge es- corted by class president, Steve Shortridge. Other activities included an orientation assembly. an is.. If 'GSW s- I si 1 : , j . ,YA SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS Top to Bottom: President Brad Lambert, Vice- President Greg Motor, Secretary Dave Maurer, Treasurer Rob Jordan. SECOND SEMESTER REPRESENTATIVES . . . Girls' Representative Laurie Smith, Cheerleader, Linda Fritsche, Girls' Representative Joyce Haynes. 27 W rf T FRESHMEN KATHY McMahan and her escort Gary Pickus of Rancho are greeted at the door of the Sophomore Christmas Dance, December l6, by Mr. Richard Ensch, chaperone. eee f R' i e fs V- - .Q s N? Pm, -if X s i 'ui , J 3 1 Freshmen End Debut At GGHS Pam Abrams Stephen Adams Chuck Adkison Tony Albertson Arlene Alexander Stacey Alfieri Roger Alford Teri Allen Brock Anderson Mark Andresen Christine Archer Bill Arnold Us' D. if, Af Z M Sue Arnold , h 3 Joey Ashlock , Nl -'M' 'G ' S' I Sherrie Astra ' A V ' Ronda Ayala r Debbie Baessler I Z V V Dennis Baine A Linda Barbee W Elizabeth Barger y , Larry Barnes A Ron Barney 3 Donald Bass t 1 Linda Beaton M -,M s ,r,,. .,.v:-W'-,.f -. V s ,. -1.1311 . ,. 1,3 f , '29 f A A A M' I A , , ' .s, . Q l Q w 95? , fl gk., ., 1 y . . I Q , E X E. ,rc. V, , r-.r 1 r C B l fifji F 1 l 1 5 ,.-, X E, 1' Vik .E ,a ,- Deborah Beauharnois Marial Beck Craig Belshaw Sterling Bess Denise Betts Q i X ' 5 Q. 2. .. --rs, s X April Biery Carol Bilskis Joe Blackamore Paula Blackburn Margarett Blackwell Brooke Blades John Boertie FRESHMEN 245 i it 'iii . c.........W., J' l K N -1 rr - sf: ' az f 'lst , , wg ' K 246 FRESHMEN f 'i z' A ,Af 1- 5 Vi M. ,EE i K 1 PX V 1 ,. 2, K' 'i3'L?vi'l2i5' Q' it 3 6 .,.e-L, , mix, K ' f 1 Head si Q My a K hs T-xt .. my 4 V 1 - .-my - -...Q , .. .ci W W 4:45 , ia. 'Elsie ,rr 'M tsl, 1 f. A X 'i ' in vi 5 Q3 93? -w we wr . - Paul Boon Debbie Booth David Boots Craig Bowman Robert Boyer Tim Bradley Leon Branom Roderick Brimhall Carole Brooke Bob Brown Cathie Brown Steve Brown Martha Bruce Sharon Bruegge Dorothy Brummer Mike Bruning Garland Bryant Glenn Buckmann FRESHMEN JEFF Jones and Cindy Hansen discuss how to diagram adverbial objectives and prepositional phrases used as adverbs with their English teacher Miss Moore. Steve Buehler lrene Bull George Burchfiel Gary Caldwell David Calkins Paula Callaway gn- Janis Callen -,Q 'R , W -, . x"-W ai ,Q 0 SAV- i i 1 I Janet Campbell A Denise Cangson Lawrence Capalbo Debbie Cardinel Morina Carmichael was Jam! sv 'M 9? Rene Carrasco Q Jerry Carter A Bruce Caruthers Y JK gf ,fl 1 Q gs G3 MF ' Steve Casey M Sharon Cassell M Y ty 'ss ge 1 - Richard Castillo Marie Cavanagh Steve Chance Linda Chase Young Chea Colonel Child Kevin Christensen 8 Stewart Christie Debbie Clarke Glynda Clayton Clifford Clippinger Bob Clopp Nancy Codding Terry Cody Carol Coffin Gary Coffin John Cole Mike Cole Craig Colton Robert Comeau Debbie Conroy Norine Conroy Sherry Cook Bridget Coots Bill Copp Marylou Crawford Ron Cruz Reba Darcy Gloria Davis Rusty Davis Laureen Day ia, ,: ,C if G, ,ff i Q .1 ' I , A l GGHS Greets Class Of ' l , , V X .I .,-m:e,izff- ft Q -A t"" ' t, ... . Qu an Karla DeLano Christine DeMoretz Mike Derflinger Bill Devine Ellen DeVries Sharon Dial Beverly Dingess Patricia Dingle Deborah Doege Sandra Dollarhide Phil Dominguez Michelle Domries Joria Donohue Ginny Dora Kathy Doucette Patricia Dozier Suzanne Driscoll Artie Dunkle Beth East Gary East Danae Edinger Ray Eikner Barbara Eiler Marty Elms Judy Elvis Michael Ethington Roy Farmer Terrence Fearn Christie Feig Gerrit Fenenga FRESHMEN 247 FISHER sciswriric 'PERIODII ll ill lil? we VB VIE VIIB Vltl 45 V Cr Mn Fe me -,ci sm. mf fi? 2? ,PL ,FL Eff QT if' 52 5 P B ,, ff ftllr if "AND WHEN you mix this one with orange marmalade . . ." Mr. James Pratt instructs Paul Imelda Fernandez John Fisher Donna Fleeup Marla Fletcher Sybil Flanagan Nick Fogle Roger Fondren John Ford Nancy Fraley Jean Franks White, Steve McDonald, and Dave Boots in the Adellrne Fregoso gentle science of chemistry. Ton' Frey l.1 3?1faf 7' is f , Q., A-es.. 7 is Sw L st ii.-if r 'NL 3 use ,1 'K A Neophytes Seek Reality Linda Fritsche Jeff Gagnier .N John Galanis if ,--we "'t ' Gary Gallina Paul Gardner Sandra Gardner 'rf Tom Garrett ,. j l'if F Michelle Genner .,..1 2 my H John Gibbs tt ,Li ' ' J l . 1: - is Elaine can f-ef! f 1 X asffij Mary Gill 3 , Karen Ginger it ' ti, -.t V i E1- John Golubic , 'F Richard Gooch li Randy Grahek g,,. g I Q A355 Albert Grant ,X in-Q J ts, " Cynthia Grant R 'i" g F Cathy Gray Q .S Lana Green Gayle Greene -r Lisa Grimmett Alicia Gruis 'if R 'vii 'X ig isle 'E 'P ,,,. I ff.: W , if , MF' , it Rory Gunnette Gayle Guthner 4, as f e? "F 4 ,,.. W, U, ,ks, t t .. Robert Hole r Debbie Hall - 1 Angela Hamel 'V Beverly Hammelman 5 tg,. 3511 -,YQ , Rick Hamp 'E Joyce Hancock 248 FRESHMEN -gs . Z R U it L .. F , ' ' .1 N' gsm Q J E if 1 ,f 'N A ' Y 1zx'f5 it 1525551 s A 45' f, i T w 5 i To X W. is ee. ll' N t A1363 t .,,:: KVM, in 3 K . 1 Q 3 t 6 at QE, X lei Richard Hann Cindy Hansen Greg Hanson Jim Hardeman Karan Harlan Leona Harlan Rick Harper Linda Harris Beverly Harter Pam Hartley Joyce Haynes David Heaney Steve Heck Will Heining Gayle Hemstreet Jon Henkel Mike Hennessy Dennis Herbeck Susan Hern Pam Hethcoat Richard Hines S ,Ll 673 David Hoch Debbie Hogan Janice Holditch Susan Holley Nancy Horan Ronald Hook Larry Howe Michael Hubbard Pauline Hubbard Q s . 'ae fi' .. .F- . I 1 'V ,.,. ,. is 1 as sxrg uw, - ,- , f- '- R 'X X . A S k ' , Q U nl e , it E nv Jackson Witness In 'Jan. 16' ,LR A were ,-r' ' K 7 N v" 4' FS: .,,.. .. .J x A an I ,- s NN is Ps L 5 , 6 X K VA its . :-- I- . fl Riu' me w, Michele Hudgens Kathy Hupp Maggie lakopo Tom lrelan Alice Jacklin Larry Jackson Claigh Jensen Robert Jensen Mark Jocham Dean Johnson Glenda Johnson Kris Johnson Linda Johnson Marjorie Johnson Stan Johnson Sybil Johnson Debbie Johnston Rod Jokela Jeff Jones Karen Jones Patti Jones Brian Jordan Rob Jordan Robert Katayama FRESHMEN 249 X ,.i. M 2 f U k'x 3 ' 3 ti K ii gr , , 55" MLS, few 1 5 f t 6 SA it all 253 ,... ., if wifi ' xt. -. ---,e.:,, -f:--..s-,'::.:::w-1 !"r.-, 'i X -,' 1-.::?5:P:fl:''?"5H!: "' ' 09, 3 .1 is? 'sf xr Q ,E rl Q51 r .. - if S xg X - :mg i 'S Brian Keating Sue Kellogg Diane Kemmerer Paul Kennedy Debbi Kennemer Ben Keppeler Jacalyn Kerner T. J. Kerrigan Lorene Kersey Bill King Sharon Kimberling Debby Kirk Ann Kistler Mary Klier Diane Koeller Jerry Koepke Dennis Koepnick Tom Korsvall if R o b e rt K ro n en b e rg g Patricia Lackey Brad Lambert ' SuzAnne Lambert I ,illll 5 ' L Heather Landridge ' K Scott Landry L f L .Q Chuck Lane Gloria Lanfear Tom Langelle Beth Larson Kathy Lau Steve Laughon Heather Is Fresh Princess Kathy Le Grand Wynnona Lehman Craig Leighton Andrea Levick Lisa Lewis Teresa Lewis Linda Light Donna Linden .lack Linden Melinda Lissner Larry Littleiohn Gilbert Long Glenn Long Clay Longson Margaret Lopez Martin Lucin Pam McBee Arlene McCarthy Mike McCarty Gaylen McCoy Steve McDonald William McDougal Linda Mclfachern Kathleen McGinley FRESHMEN . i ffy? E ,N '34 , --53,1 ,.,,, . U ,,. . , v K ik Q, M in ,, Se 121' Jennifer Mclntyre Patricia McKernan Kathy McMahon Jan McNamara Anne McSwain Tom Mc Taggart John MacLeod Vera Maciel Sydney Magedma Mike Maisenbach Dave Marcum Glenn Margulieux Susan Mark Lynette Martin Nanette Martin F1 A ges K an L s 'J .X it is q sw X - Q ws -.5 " ,, c 1 ., , ,AI Q 15' xr 55 CHEWING THE fat and other goodies at lunchtime are freshman chewers Candy Torkelson, Judy Meier, Mary Klier, Reba Darcy, and Janice Warner. Gail Martinez Darlene Marvin Dorothy Marvin Scott Matthew Kristi Matthews Ken Mattocks Dave Maurer Darryl Mazurek Virginia Mehler Judy Meier Carol Meyers Robert Michika Bonnie Miller David Miller Donald Miller James Miller John Mitchell Michelle Mize Mike Mize John Montgomery Larry Moore David Morgan Chris Morschl Pam Mortenson Linda Mugridge Mike Mulleacly Greg Musil .L Marie Myers Sha ron Na kata Vicki Neitzel FRESHMEN 251 Allen Nelson Carolyn Nelson Grant Nelson Ken Neuroth Dana Nordin Sandra Nyhus Ted Obole Janine O'Brien Arthur Ogden Vicky Olsen Dan Olson John Olson Linda O'Neill Roger Onsen Cathlyn Pace Debby Pachal Sarah Palmer Barbara Paolisso Bertrand Parker Marsha Parker Roberta Pascoe Vicki Patton Daniel Paxson Virginia Pearson Rita Pease Jeanne Peck Robert Perrin Craig Peterson Gail Phillips John Phillips St' we : fl 'fig 6? AQ Q QT ,E . 1 . as .,..- ' ' Q cw 0 fe, t J' is , ! C 4 ,'-: T Freshmen Begin Long Haul wr : .r,' is W ij ' 'W' I i T li fi . Q w ill. fs x um 'T ..:. -was ,f ld' im R la Jon Pierce Rosean Pierce Jim Plateroti Debbie Poce Raymond Pocoroba Patricia Polk lrene Porras i J t Debra Porter V i '1 g Mike Porter Pam Powers Z Jodi Prall Dennis Prawl Jack Price Willard Price Tim Prickett Pete Provenzano Christine Quinn Linda Rahm 252 FRESHMEN Phil Rampey Susan Rappaport Evan Rasmussen Carol Ray Tim Rayl Miriam Reno is R i3f13l, 2'5' Y it it ct, A r .e J, Q rl- S sas, xc , 1 s i N .., K . w x i 1. , R ,,, ee'!,Q - f L we N , e,s M ' it J ii l . if , if ' 1' L 1 J WA . 1 "-fl' 'Q rv S we 'S C. D J S it Q R , Q ,I .. Q f il f 2 2 Q E lzz as . 1 B ' ' s 7 .- C J . ,. M - sa.. g 'wif .sr ii. A - David Restivo Mike Reynolds Calvin Rhoades Gary Ricard Sherry Richey Steven Ridenour Sue Ridgeway Diane Ritter Carol Rittman James Roarty Barbara Robbins Dole Rood Bill Rose John Rose Curtis Roseberry Rita Rosell Rick Rosenquist Diane Ross Michael Rosser Robert Rowe Linda RuBidoux Bob Saenz Peter Salas Patty Santry is Ken Saul Janet Schaefer Sandy Scherer Sandra Scherler Randy Schloe Milton Schnitger Shortridge Leads Frosh Janice Schott Patti Schumaker 'Q X Cathy Seabourn 3 Q Sally Sessions L :,E W L, K m Bonnie Shoemaker J- l i 1 ' A Steve Shortridge Charlene Siegel Denise Simpson Phillip Skoft Chris Sly Cheryl Smith Laurie Smith Stephanie Smith R Steve Smith Wanda Smith John Sprinkle Dave Stanley Gary Stanslow L Denise Steele :.' . .-1-f- Diane Steele QF? fi, Stephanie Steiner ff Allyn Stone 5 Harold Straw if Dave Stringham ll FRESHMEN 253 cu I C ks 3 l Va ,f if ,. W.. -I X, X .QW 33? Roberta Swan Jeff Szalay Mary Szymanski Steven Tabak Bob Tackett Michael Takeguma Bill Taylor Dave Taylor Lynn Taylor Rocky Taylor Terry Tempus Phillip Tenerelli 3 Q i 3 5 1 Lynn Termuhlen Karla Thies Charlie Thomas FRESHMEN ENJOY noon break as Janet Lett, Caro' Corrin, Norine Conroy, Vicki Patton, Bonnii Shoemaker, and April Biery get together to catch up oj the latest news. l kb is 4 'NK W 9 Q A 54 William Thomas Carolyn Thompkins Deanne Thorne Forrest Tilson Wayne Todd Mickey Tody Terri Toomey Brain Topham Ken Torgerson Candy Torkelson Rick Trent Edward Tudor Sue Tullar Pat Tupper Bruce Veuleman Debbie Vienneau Eileen Marie Wall Wendy Wall Colleen Wallace Gary Walsh Janice Warner Paul Warner Keiko Watson Yumiko Watson Cindyann Watts Debbie Watral I Bruce Weiner Cheryl Westover Preston White Tom Willard -..r,.....,-W V Marcy Williams Debbie Wilson Pat Wilson Steve Wilson Joyce Wirkus Teri Wise Kathy Withers Lynn Witt David Witthuhn Roy Wittmis Patricia Wohifeil Cecilia Womack Lynne Woods Calvin Wright Linda Yergler Donald Yinquez David Youkel Doug Young Karen Young Debbie Zarndt Katherine Zagala Van Zollweg ., 1 -vt nf-pam. -nr.k1,+nu THE FOLLOWING students were not present when pictures were taken. Kathy Adams Joan Holmstrom Terry Ridge Suzanne Anderson Steve Kamps Harold Ripley Diane Bowman Linda Kirchner Tom Ropp Susan Bloss Ron Kranz William Rose' Theresa Beale Wandy Lariscy Dave Russ Frank Bunnel Janet Lett Donna Sanders Lynne Carpenter Martin Marquez Peter Savas Randie Cary Kathy Maynard Jim Schwanke Nels Christiansen Jett Miller Debby Shoup Roy Conner Terry Miller Danny Smith Robin Davis Greg Moter Bob Stafford Brenda Frederick Guy Moter Robert Studholme Rebecca Gentry Nelson Nelson Chuck Truman Nancy Gieser Tim Ratini Joe Ward Harry Hearn Mitchell Richards Kathy Whitely ,,.l" FRESHMEN 255 --xx ,.n.., v ,, ' Q' ,.avv a, . . . 4 . v . f". ' ., .- ff .. ,. L .. A ., i . ,q 0 v , . Q , . fi V X my - 1 , 1. 7 W ' "' Q r f ,Lg f, ' Q-1 . , . b " ,Y ' 4 - 4 . . , . 1 . . 1. l ' . . W., X' ' Q 1 ...J . 73251 qwmfw , -- ' . . . Mg.. fx-W' , 21121: -,4 .,.l,Msfz.x4:-a.MfM" ' ..,.4.-Sf Q ... A V,-,M,-ny-1 4 V MQW iff .. .f FY" AFTER EMBARKATION into the vvorld of opportunity students will put into practice those things learned in the classroom. The true benefit one receives from all the classroom experiences will be largely up to the individual. The ability to reason and rnake right decisions is the main stream ot human life, so the ability to communicate has deve- loped, so has man naturally made progress. By giving usetul information, advertizing helps students to make careful decisions regarding most ot their purchases. LINDA WALKER and Sharyn Trapp look at the great variety of items available at the Garden Grove Stationery. GARDEN 1291 COIN OPEIIII ED PENNY PERKINS, Linda Golenpaul and Leeann An- Q MODELING A formal from Chere Amie Bridal Center gliggzinsulook at the dinner packets at the Coin-Op Chris Robertson. 258 ADVERTISEMENTS ARY BECKMAN and Sue Watkins look at the wide iriety ot appliances available at Garden Grove nrdwa re. LOOKING CALM, cool, and collected while being fitted for suits are Al Petrilla, and Warren Bayard. S C Q Y . . -N ,ribs V no , A A X 2 f ELAMS ix AVE. 530-4720 Stores Offer Help 3 TERRI HOLSTIEN, Janet Yapp, Cathy Gleason, and BLVD. Rose Reason appreciate the friendly service they receive at Town and Country Cleaners. ADVERTISEMENTS 259 DEBBIE STEELE models an A-line Skimmer dress, one of The new MEMBERS OF fhe A,-golog Sfoffl Becky Tgdyl Kgfhy Tophgm fashions from Kandi Kane's. look with hunger pains at the "goodies" in Priscilla s l' KANDI KANE'S GROVE Local Businesses Assis in R , ,,,...a-, .I Z: :Z LH: ' " ' i TIM RAYL, Greg Hanson check over their '6l Chevrolet at Jim . Reslivo Chevron, at the corner of Gilbert and Chapman. WARREN BAYARD find A' Pemuo try to 'each Dorothy 260 ADVERTISEMENTS Farley and Calhy Beitel to ploy pool. MARC INGRAM and Mike Lilley point out the prob- WHILE CANDY Cash, and Nancy Graham get quality 'N -ems in his car to the owner, Bob Weiss. service, the service station attendants help. J X Q 1 '25 - . .2 . Q i . ff l l in Y aim 1 1: "t' L A 1 1 was ..M.:..1., H 1 X . Illlllll ill LQ. 1 Q , .,. 1 .. . .- , ,X . s,,?5 . 1 ,,: . as-,.,. .-..- I L . . . A ig' f BOB'S STANDARD STAT 12011 CHAPMAN AVE 534-9.868 tudents With Problems iw X 6? gr! VICKI KOOPMAN, Phil Middleton, Sue Fry, and Jim Restivo enioy the sweet smell of Cina's Flowers. Boutonniere, corsages and bouquets come in handy for all occasions especially the Co-Ed, Junior-Senior Prom and Christmas dance. ADVERTISEMENTS 261 DARLENE NEESE, and Joyce Haynes take a look at the typewriter and other machines which will aid their school work. POTATO CHIPS catch the eye of Bridget Coots Sydney Andrews surveys the rest ofthe store. l279lEUCHD 534-293l V ul a A-ill Quality Products Available My we 'y r.:4 ,f'56i XFN a s Y I is so E ,,:., V its IX itti L li an DEUTE N 'Q inc. FRANK KOEPNICK, Cyndy Torgerson, Jim Stagner, Jim Campbell and David Breen are all working hard at their iobs at Ken's Dari Delite. 262 ADVERTISEMENTS 3+ yum x :mf 1 . -of i f A .-".' fri. f - E m 4 0 . . Q 9 4 4 Q S ,Z Q I I W Q .J 2 x I ,"Q',. , H b .. +.....a.s .L .K 3 Aj 4 'mf frfd' 3' I QYQK sm 'Y ,111- PQ ,Y x 'Q e I 1 5 ' 5 X M , L- Q3 mg' -if ff!! 5 Vw WN ,, 1,,,fyaf1L ' v Q5 f 4 1 X Q. x X A . Q -fx 1 f ii S . 4 i fy-,px QQ.. N S .X Q' K Q W. Q wwf 42 L1 wk v ie M H . 4 fs 52231, BRUNT gets her hair combed at Marianne Hair JOYCE BEAMAN looks on while Nancy Jones tries to give assistance at Mr. T. Cleaners .Y I f' -Q... ..V-'r 1.1 T CLEANERS BLVD. y Nmghborhood Businesses N .C MONTGOMERY listens to salesman as Ardie MR. REAFSYNDER tells Sue Ellis and Candy Mack tries on a watch at Lawson's Jewelers about how to fill out a policy, while Mrs. Reafsynder fills out form ADVERTISMENTS 265 STATE FARM Insurance Agent, Bill Barker, explains a PAM FRYDMAN appreciates the prompt service policy to Allyn Stone. STATE FARM IN STATE FARM INS., BARKER JI23ll CHAPMAN AVE. SUITE I I9 """"' 537-5749 "T" l Students Appreciate G0 by Teri Lamborn. ERS D AVE. -...,- 1-.4,...,. , DANIGER S BROS. 9866 GARDEN GROVE BLVD. . 537-0288 JOYCE BEAMAN and Nancy Jones look over the sample pieces of carpeting from Daniger Bros. 266 ADVERTISEMENTS N A... JOHNSON'S JEWELERS 12955 EUCLID AVE 534 T828 MIKE MEIDINGER and Paula Petrillc admire the rings at Johnson's Jewelers. FLAG TWIRLERS, Sally Sutter, Judy Herbeck, Marlene Manny, Lynn Duggan and April Bauman, pose in front ofthe supplies at the Garden Grove Lumber 8. Cement Co. uality And Fine Service S ING BASKET, 9 SCHAPMAN if 53- 59" BARB SULZBACH and Cathi Buhrig lounge in the new DY BREW, Leslie Binley, and Linda Nebergall look 5lYle from Designs Ill Called ul0Un9l'19 0UflifS-" er the materialito be used for a spring outfit. ADVERTISMENTS 267 YELL LEADERS-Jim Stagner, Sue Fry, Doug Casey, Stephanie Szalay, and Mike Meidinger relax after a hard workout. i, i f Quality Products Given B - Q S , L.. L.--3 in-Ii DOUG CASEY, Sue Fry, Mike Meidinger, Linda Waterhouse, Stephanie Szalay, and Jim Stanger comfort Big Boy. 268 ADVERTISMENTS LOOKING LIKE a perfect model, Linda Bezlai wears one of AlIure's formals 'X-C for wi Q I F' ,J ' . 6 s if I s 'K , A 1 x IS 'f SHARON MORTENSEN looks over a book on the new '67 Camaro at Eddie Hopper Chevrolet. 4956 534 6160 stworthy Stores 1 L:-.f P -BM sz' 'J' GQ. lL ADVERTISING INDEX Allure Bridal Shop-269 Boba sag soy-268 Bob's Standard Station-261 Chere Amie Bridal Center-258 Chuck's Richfield Station-261 Cina's Flowers--261 Daniger Bros.-266 Desings III-267 Eddie Hopper Chevrolet-269 EIam's-259 Garden Grove Hardware-259 Garden Grove Lumber and Cement-267 Garden Grove Stationery-258 Garden Grove Typewriter Exchange-262 Glacier Falls-264 Harold's Coin-Op-258 Imperial Cleaners-266 Jackson Cleaners-264 Jim Restivo Chevron-260 Johnson Jewelers-266 Kandi Kanes-260 Kens Dari Delite-262 Lawson s Jewelers-265 Marianne Hair Fashion-265 Merris-264 Mr. T Cleaners-265 Pricilla s Cakebox-260 Robert's Studio-263 Sewing Basket-267 SOS Billiard Supply--260 State Farm Insurance QBorkerj-266 State Form Insurance IReafsnyderl-265 Town and Country Cleaners-259 Wheelers Market-262 ADVERTISEMENTS 269 . f X' IE x is ig I I px xl Nt- 2 x 3 XX I i :- li X l E I L- Q x I 4 Y . 1, in 7 -Jig, a jg I h 41,,. 4 ll Senior Register Allen, Cathy: Campus Lite, 9,10,11,12, GAA 9 Altomare, Toni: Graduating Senior Andersen, Ron: B Football 10, wrestling 10 Andreasen, Leeann: Argonaut Staff 11, 12, Section Editor 12, Pep Club 12 Andresen, Sherry: Transferred to West- minster Andrews, Sydney: Future Teachers 9, German Club 9,10, Art Club 11,12, Speech Club 9,10,11,12, Thespians 9, 10,11,12, Student Council Rep. 10,12, Junior Play 11, Senior Play 11, Musical 11, Pep Club 10,11,12, Golden Fleece 12, CSF 9, Honor Society 9, AFS 9 Andrus, John: Football trophy 10 Archer, Deborah: Flag Twirler 9, Girls Chorus 9, A cappella Choir 10, Pep Club 9, Girls League Rep. 12, Student Council Rep. 9,10 Arnold, Richard: Graduating Senior Arnold, Tom: Water Polo 9,10, Wrestling 9,10 Baerg, Timothy: Boys Chorus 9, A cap- pella Choir 10,11,12, Musical 10 Bailey, Judy: Scholar of Quarter 9, Pep Club 9,10, Thespians 9,10, Orchestra 9, A cappella Choir 11, Concert Choir 11,12, Honor Society 12, Diakonoe 12, Campus Life 10,11,12, French Club 10, 11,12, ICC Rep. 11 Baird, Jane: Student Council Rep. 12 Banks, John: Entered Military Service Barker, Beverly: Argonaut Stott 11 Battistone, Linda: Thespians 9,10,11, Drill Team 10, Songleader 12, Pep Club 9,10,11,12 Beach, Mike: Tr. to Fullerton Beal, Jay: C Football 9, Campus Lite 11,12 Becker, Boyd: Graduating Senior Beitel, Cathleenz Girls League Rep. 10, Girl of Month 12, Pep Club 11,12, Senior Advisory Council 12, Future Teachers 12, Honor Society 12, CSF 12, Bank of America Award 12 Bell, David: Transferred Bendorf, Steve: Graduating Senior Bergen, Steven: Berlin, Bruce: Graduating Senior Bernardoni, John: Musical 9,10,11,12, A cappella 12, Junior Play 11,12, Senior Play 12, Thespians 11 270 SENIOR REGISTER Best, Robyn: Graduating Senior Bezlai, Linda: Songleader 11, Senior Class Secretary 12, Girls League Rep. 11, Asst. Publicity on Cabinet 12, Student Council Rep. 10, Pep Club 10,11,12, Homemaking Club 12, Senior Advisory Council 12 Bilskis, Richard: A cappella 12 Blair, Jerold: Pep Club 12, Interact Club 12, C Basketball 9, B Basketball 10 Boertie, Carol: Art Club 12, Librarian 10,11,12, Scholar of Year 10, Bank of America Art Certificate 12 Borie, Randy: Pep Club 12, A cappella Choir 9,10,11, Hello Daze Queen 9, Homecoming Queen 12, Girl of Month 12, Student Council 10,11,12, Girls League Rep. 9, Soph. Class Secretary 10 Bortvit, Terri: Graduating Senior Bostwick, Gregory: Pep Club 12, Interact Club 12, Football 11 Boudnik, Shauney: Graduating Senior Boyer, Rick: Varsity Club 11,12, Honor Society 10,11,12, CSF 10,11,12, Key Club 12, Baseball 9,10, Varsity Football 11,12, Player ot week 11,12, All City League list teaml 12, Lineman Of Year 12, Football Argo Of Year 12, Football Captain 12, Scholar of Quarter 9,11, Senior Advisory Council 12, Student Council Rep. 11 Braley, Susan: Pep Club 9,10 Branum, Ron: Football 9,10,11,12, Wres- tling 10,11, Track 10,11, Student Council Rep. 9,10,11, Varsity Club 11, 12 Breistig, Lorna: Business Maior Brennan, Margaret: Graduating Senior Brewer, Tim: Student Council Rep. 11 Brimhall, Troy: Brooke, Catherine: Student Council 9, French Club 10,11, Future Teachers 10 Broom, Jacqueline: Student Council Rep. 10, Pep Club 10,11, AFS 9,10,11, Poem published in "Quest" 10 Brotemarkle, Kirk: Graduating Senior Brown, Robert: Graduating Senior Brown, Linda: Pep Club 11 Brown, Mary Alice: Graduating Senior Brown, Sheila: School Service Bruegge, Diana: Graduating Senior Bruggeman, lfen: German Club 9,10,11, Student Council Rep. 10, 1st place Argo Fair 10 Brummer, Jovena: Graduating Senior Buckmann, Fred: C Football 9,10 Budd, Margaret: Senior Budrovic, Karen: Drill Team 9,10,11, As- sistant Leader Drill Team 11, Student Council Rep. 9,10, GAA Tennis 12, Pep Club 9, Golden Fleece 12 Buhrig, Cathi: ASB Pep Comm. 12, Yell Leader 11, Flag Twirler 10, Pep Club Pres. 12 Burton, Pam: Scholar of quarter 11, Scholar of year 11, CSF Pres. 11,12, Golden Fleece 12, Honor Society 12, Pep Club 12, ICC Rep. 12, Cal. Schol- arship Finalist 12, Girls League 11,12, Story Pub. in l'Quest" 11, Story in Natl. Anthology 11, Campus Life 11,12 Busby, Eilenez CSF 11,12, French Club 12 Butte, Gary: Scholarship to Art Center 12, Gold Key and Blue Ribbon in Scholastic Arts C Cade, Richard: Foreign Exchange Student to Germany 12, Varsity Club 9,10,11, 12, Golden Fleece Club 11,12, Honor Society 11,12, ASB V. President 12, Key Club Pres. 12, Varsity Swimming 9,10, 11,12, Frosh Athlete of Year 9, Scholar of Quarter 9,10,11,12, Varsity Water Polo 10,11,12, All-American Water Polo 12, Elks Leadership Winner 12, Harvard Book Award 11, Bank of America Award 12 Callahan, Kathy: Pep Club 9,10,11,12, AFS 9, Girl of Month 11, Student Council Rep. 12, Senior Advisory Coun- cil 12, GAA 9, Flag Twirler 11, Girls League Rep. 12 Callow, Diane: Girls Chorus Accompanist 9, Biology Scholarship to UCR 11, Out- standing Science Student 11, Scholar of Quarter 11, CSF 12, Golden Fleece Club 12, Outstanding Music Award 9 Campbell, Diana: Girls Chorus 9,10, GAA 1 1 ,12 Caplan, Susan: A cappella Choir 10,11, Speech Club 12, Diakonoe Club 12, AFS 12 Carlson, Aleen: Bowling Club 10, School Service 1O,11,12 Carroll, Kelly: GAA 9,10,11,12, Lettergirls 10,11,12, CSF 10,11,12, Diakonoe Treas. 10,11,12, Honor Society 10,11, 12, Golden Fleece Club 11,12, AFS 'l,": Girls' Chorus 9, Most promising Frosh Choral student 9, Scholar of Quarter 10, GAA service awards 9,10, 11, GAA Frosh Rep. 9, Elks' Leadership Winner 12, Garden Grove's Junior Miss 12, Concert Choir V. Pres. 10,11,12, District Tennis Trophy 12, Campus Life V. Pres. 11,12 Carter, Roger: Casey, Doug: Key Club Sec. 12, Varsity Club 11,12, Head Yell Leader 12, Wrestling 12, Pep Club 10,11,12 Cash, Patti: Girls League 11,12, Key Club Sweetheart 12, Dress Rep. 10 Caudron, Janice: Business Maior Cavanaugh, Randy: Cave, Marilyn: Graduating Senior Chandler, Nancy: Graduating Senior Chandos, Ray: Latin Club 12, Student Council Rep. 12 Chapman, Lyle: Junior Play 12, Stage Crew 12 Chapman, Thomas: Graduating Senior Charton, Steve: Key Club 12, Speech Club 9,10, Varsity Club 11,12, Varsity Swimming 11,12, Varsity Water Polo 11,12, All-League Water Polo 12 Christensen, Steve: Graduating Senior Christiansen, Jerry: Band 9,1O,1 1,12, La- tin Club 11,12, Art Club 12, Student Store Clerk 11,12 Churney, Ron: Graduating Senior Clark, Donna: Class Yell Leader 9, Dress Rep. 10, Drill Team 10,11,12, Argolog Editor 12, Argolog 10,11,12, Argonaut 10,11,12, Girls League Board 11,12, Honor Society 11,12, Golden Fleece 12, Pep Club 12, Ipa Member 12 Clark, Theresa: Latin Club 9, 10,11,12, Speech Club 10,11, Girls League 12 Clayton, Larry: Graduating Senior Cleland, Robert: Graduating Senior Clem, Diana: Graduating Senior Clause, James: Coffin, Dale: Senior Cole, Carole: Graduating Senior Connelly, Terry: Graduating Senior Connelly, Tim: Graduating Senior Conroy, Bruce: Football 9,10,11,12, Bas- ketball 9,1O, Track 10,11, Baseball 9, 12, Varsity Club 11,12 Cooper, Katherine: Graduating Senior Coopper, Craig: Graduating Senior Cottonaro, Bill: Speech Club 9,10, Debate 9,10 Cramer, Frank: Senior Cranfill, Linda: Graduating Senior Cravens, Linda: A cappella Choir 10,11, 12, Student Council Rep. 11, Song Leader 12, Pep Club 11,12 Cronin, Frank: Crout, Clifford: Graduating Senior Cuno, Karen: Class Rep. 9,10 D Daley, Donna: Transterred to Los Angeles Danet, Ronald: Dauphin, George: Graduating Senior David, Glen: Band 9,10,11,12 Davie, Tim: Graduating Senior Davis, Roger F.: Cross Country 11, Track 11,12 Davis, Roger S.: Cross Country Capt. 11,12, Cross Country Argo ot Year 11,12, Track Argo of Year 11, Varsity Club 12, Cross Country Most Improved 10 Davis, Stephen: Student Council V. Pres. 9, Student Council Rep. 9,10, Optimist Trophy Winner 9, Concert Choir 12, Varsity Basketball 12, Citizenship Award 9, Football 9, Baseball 9,10, Kiwanis Club Award 9, Lions Club Award 9 Dearing, Greg: Wrestling 9,10,11, Foot- ball 9,11, Track 9,11 DeLano, JoAnne: Graduating Senior Delucio, Dennis: Varsity Football 11,12, JV Baseball 10, B Football 9,10, Varsity Club 11,12 deMaio, Debbie: Student Council Rep. 9,10,11,l2, Thespians 11, 12, Senior Play 11, Junior Play 11,12, Speech Award 12 Demos, Christine: Transferred to Fullerton JC DeMeneces, Diane: GAA 9,1O,11,12, GAA Publicity 10, GAA Secretary 11, GAA Outstanding Service Award 10, 11, Concert Choir 11,12 DePiano, Marty: Senior Derflinger, Bruce: Astronomy Club 11,12, ICC Rep. 12 Des Chaine, Donn: Graduating Senior Devine, Anita: Art Club 1,12, GAA Bowling 11, Campus Lite 10 Dickson, Jackie: Pep Club 11, 12, Diakonoe Club 11,12, Argonaut Staff 11,12, Natl. Letter of Commendation 11, Homemaker of Tomorrow 12, State Scholarship Semi-Finalist 12 Dillingham, Bonnie: AFS V. Pres. 12, AFS 10,11,12, Speech Club 9,10,11,12, Thespians Pres. 12, Thespians 9,10,11, 12, Honor Society 11,12, CSF 11,12, Natl. AFS Finalist 12, Scholar of Quar- ter 12, Diakonoe Club 10,11,12, Senior Play Lead 11,12, Musical 11, Student Council Rep. 11 Dokken, Steven: Graduating Senior Dokmanus, Millard: Football 9,10, Class Cheerleader IO, 12, Student Council Rep. 9,10 Donovan, Michael: Graduating Senior Doss, Kathleen: CSF 1O,12, Thespians 9, 12, Diakonoe 9, 10,11,12, A cappella Choir 10,11,12, Girls Chorus 9, Musical 10,11, Junior Play 12 Dossett, Randolph: Key Club 11,12, Swimming 9,10,11,12, Water Polo 10, 11,12 Dossey, Lyndee: GAA 9,1O,11,12, GAA V. Pres. 12, Lettergirls 10,11,12, Lettergirls Pres. 12, CFS 10,11,12, Honor Society 11, 12, Campus Lite 12, Scholar of Quarter 9, ICC Rep. 12 Dating, Lynnette: Graduating Senior Driggers, Ron: Graduating Senior Drais, Linda: Transferred to Troy High in Fullerton Drucker, Barbara: DuBose, Dan: Graduating Senior Dugan, Paul: Dunn, Terrence: Graduating Senior Eaves, linda: CSF 11,12, Medical Ex- plorers 12, Pep Club IO, Diakonoe Club 10,12, Library Service 10, AFS 10,11, 12, Argonaut Staff 11, Campus Life 12 Edgette, Marilyn: Graduating Senior Eggeling, Margret: AFS Secretary 12, Pep Club 12, Transferred to school in Ger- many Eiler, Joe: Graduating Senior Ellis, Sue: Senior Advisory Council 12, Pep Club 12 Evers, Browyn: Junior Play Lead 11, Adv. Girls Chorus 12, Thespians 12, Senior Play 12 F Falkey, Fred: Graduating Senior Farber, Rene: Graduating Senior Farley, Dorothy: Scholastic Art Award 11, 12 Feher, John: JV Basketball 9 Fenenga, Robin: Letter of Commedation for Natl. Scholarship Test 12 Fickett, George: Senior Fiebiger, Rick: Senior Finamore, Rudy: Baseball 9, Basketball 9, Speech Club 10, Wrestling 11, Campus Lite 9,1O,11,12, Student Council Rep. 10,11 SENIOR REGISTER 271 Florence, Sherrye: Student Council Rep. 10,11 Foreman, Cheryl: Girls Chorus 9, A cap- pella Choir 10,11 Fossett, Linda: Drill Team 10 Fox, Richard: Football 12, Track 12 Freeman, Bruce: Letter ot Commendation for Natl. Scholarship Test 12, Diakonoe 10,11,12, Science Club 9,10 Fried, Richard: Graduating Senior Frost, Kerry: Water Polo 9,10,11,12, Swimming 9,10, Varsity Club 11,12 Fry, Susan: Homecoming Princess 9, Class V. Pres. 10, Girl ot Month 10, Song Leader 11, Class Treas. 11, Class V. Pres. Golden Fleece 11,12, Pep Club 11,12, Girls League V. Pres. 11,12, Yell Leader 12, Diakonoe Club 12, Service Award 11 G Galaboff, Janice: Concert Band 9,10, Drill Team 12, CSF 12 Galbraith, Dorothy: Campus Lite 9,10, 11,12, AFS 10,11, Diakonoe Club 12, Future Teachers Club 9,10, Girls En- semble 12 Galloway, Diane: Graduating Senior Galuza, Lauren: Argonaut Staff 11, Water Polo Mang. 12, Girls League 9,1O,11,12 Garcia, Gordon: Varsity Tennis 12 Gardner, Dona: Drill Team 9 Garrett, Peter: ASB Business Mang. 12, ASB Asst. Business Mang. 11, Speech Club 9,10,11,12, Debate 9,10,11,12, Key Club 10,11, Honor Society 11,12, Service Award 11 Garrison, Karen: Gerloff, Ed: German Club 11 Gibbs, Carol: Graduating Senior Gieser, Tom: Graduating Senior Gill, Rodney: Graduating Senior Gilling, Connie: Campus Life 12 Gillings, Stephen: Bowling Club Pres. 11, 12 Gilmour, Chris: Graduating Senior Girouard, Michele: Honor Society 9,10, 12, Spanish Club 9, Future Homemakers 12 Goebel, Dennis: Graduating Senior Golenpaul, Linda: Pep Club 11,12, Senior Advisory Council 12, ASB Asst. Business Mang. 12 Golia, Star: GAA 9,10,11,12, Lettergirls 10,11,12 Goodell, Richard: Football 9,11, Basket- ball 10, Track 11, Water Polo 9, 272 SENIOR REGISTER Swimming 9,10, Student Council Rep. 11 Goodhue, Tom: CSF 9,10,11,12, Honor Society 11,12, Speech Club 9,10,11,12, Speech Club Pres. 12, Diakonoe Club 9,10,11,12, Diakonoe Club Pres. 12, Pep Club 10,11,12, Scholar of Quarter 9,10,11,12, Scholar of Year 9,10,11, Junior Play Lead 11, Senior Play 12, Service Award 11, Radio Club 9,10, Key Club 11,12, Science Club Pres. 9,10, First in Orange County Debate Tour- nament 11 Gosnell, Tim: Band 9,10,11,12, Orchestra 9,10,11,12, Musical lOrchestral 10,12 Graeber, Bill: Graduating Senior Grant, Cruzita: Graduating Senior Gray, Donald: Football 9 Green, Brenda: Argolog Staff 10,1 1, GAA 9, Latin Club 11 Griffiths, Bill: Golden Fleece Club 11,12, Golden Fleece Club Pres. 12, Musical 9,10,11,12, Musical Lead 11, Concert Choir 10,11,12, Boys Chorus 9, Speech Club 9,10,11, Debate 9,10,11, Service Award 10, Natl. Scholarship Semi- Finalist 11 Grimmett, David: Water Polo 10,11, Var- sity Water Polo 12, Wrestling 10,11, Tennis 10, Varsity Track 11, German Club 12, Campus Lite 12, Student Council Rep. 11 Groty, Henry: Student Council Rep. 9, Astronomy Club 10,11, Argonaut Staff lPhotographerl 9,10,11 Gutfleisch, Lyn: Girls Chorus 9 H Hahn, David: Graduating Senior Hall, Brenda: Art Club 10,11, Pep Club 11, Student Council Rep. 10 Hall, Gary: Concert Choir 11, 12, A cap- pella Choir 10, Bowling Club 9, Gym- nastics ,1 1 Hamari, Paul: Swimming 9, Water Polo 9,10 Hamrick, Donna: Married Hanes, Michael: Football 9,10,11,12, Track 10,11,12, Varsity Club 11,12, Key Club 11,12 Hanna, Marcia: Transferred to Nebraska Hanold, Peggy: Pep Club 10,11, Thespi- ans 9,10,11, Art Club 11,12, Student Council Rep. 9, GAA 9,10,11,12, Girls League Board 12 Harris, Barbara: Graduating Senior Harris, Linda: Concert Choir 11,12, Drill Team 9 Harwood, John: Speech Club 10,11,12, Debate 10,11,12, Pep Club 11, Diakonoe Club 11, ICC Rep. 11 Hassard, Kathy: Campus Lite 12, Latin Club 12, Musical 11, Acappella 12, Pep Club 12, Diakonoe Club 12 Hatcher, Dave: Senior Hatcher, Lynn: Art Club 11,12 Hawes, George: Graduating Senior Haywood, Steve: Graduating Senior Hender, Elizabeth: Graduating Senior Henrickson, Mark: YFC 9,10, Speech Club 9,10, Latin Club 11,12, A cappella Choir 12, Musical 12 Henson, Rosemarie: Senior Herbert, Larry: Graduating Senior Hern, Linda: GAA Bowling 11, 12 Hersch, James: Key Club 12, JV Football 9, Varsity Football 10, Track 9,10 Hignite, Roger: Graduating Senior Hillstrand, Debbie: Future Teachers 9,12, Pep Club 12 Hines, John: Musical 9,10,11,12, Concert Choir 11,12, Golden Fleece 12, A cap- pella Choir 10, Poetry Rated at Natl. Anthology 12 Hoffert, Mike: Astronomy Club Pres. 9,10, 11,12, A cappella Choir 9,10,11,12, 1st Prize GGHS Talent Show 11, Grana Prize So. Cal. Talent Show 12, Musical 9,10,11,12, Concert Soloist Campus Lite 12 Hoganson, Bill: Thespians 11,12, Musical 10,11,12, Musical Lead 12, Concert Choir 11,12, A cappella Choir 10, 11,12, Football 9, Tennis 12, Concert Choir Pres. 12, Student Council Rep. 11, Ser- vice Award 11,12 Hogue, David: Graduating Senior Holder, Becky: Graduating Senior Holder, Patricia: AFS 9,10,11,12, German Award 10,11, Campus Lite 12 Holton, Fred: Track 10 Homewood, Terry: Pep Club 12, French Club 12, Drill Team Leader 12, Class Treas. 9, Class Treas. 10, Titan ot Year 9,11 Hopper, Bob: Key Club 11,12, French Club 11 Horton, Ron: Graduating Senior Howard, Robert: Graduating Senior Howell, Jane: Pep Club 10,11 Hurley, Diane: Secretarial Major Hurt, Frank: Football 9, Track 9 Hutson, Don: Graduating Senior Ingram, Marc: Most Improved Varsity Water Polo 12, Varsity Swimming 12, Varsity Club 12, Key Club 11,12, Stu- dent Council Rep. 12, Service Award 12, Water Polo 9,10,11, Swimming 9, 10,11 J Jacobson, Bryan: Football 9,10,11 Jacobson, Deborah: School Service 11, 12 Jaensch, Christine: Pep Club 10,11, Art Club 11,12 James, Becky: Graduating Senior James, Lenore: Campus Life 12, Concert Choir 11,12, GAA Bowling 9, A cap- pella Choir 10, Girls Chorus 9 Jason, John: Tennis 9,10,11,12, Varsity Club 12 Jenkins, Brad: Graduating Senior Johnson, Ginelle: Pep Club 12, Scholastic Art Cert. of Merit 12, GAA 10 Johnson, Lydia: Graduating Senior Johnson, Mike: A cappella Choir 12 Johnson, Thomas: German Club 11, Diakonoe Club 10,11,12, Pep Club 10, 1 1,12 Jones, Ralph: Key Club 12, Water Polo 9,10,11, Swimming 9,10,11 Janes, Steve: Graduating Senior Jordan, Carol: Graduating Senior K Kaelin, Jae: Senior Keith, Ronald: Graduating Senior Klinkhamer, Celeste: Art Club l0,1l,l2 Knight, Tom: Graduating Senior Koepke, William: Graduating Senior Koepnick, Frank: Varsity Track 11,12, Track 9,10, Varsity Club 11,12, As- tronomy Club 10 Kosulandich, Susan: Graduating Senior Krow, Nancy: Pep Club 10,11,12, Future Teachers 12, A cappella Choir 10, Girls Chorus 9, Student Council Rep. 9, Christmas Dance Committee 10 Kuhaupt, Roger: Diakonoe Club 9,10,11, 12, Pep Club 9,11, French Club 9,10 L Lackey, Sharon: A cappella Choir 10,11, 12, Girls Chorus 9, 1st Place Argo Fair 10 LaGrandeur, Dorothy: Graduating Sen- IOI' Laine, Glen: Astronomy Club Pres. 12, Astronomy Club 9,10,12, Track 11,12 Lamborn, Teri: Transfer from El Rancho High in Pico Rivera Lance, Randy: Varsity Basketball 12, MVP Basketball 11, Varsity Baseball 12, JV Baseball 10,11, Frosh Baseball 9, Stu- dent Council Rep. 9,10,11,12, Band 9, 10,11, AMS Rep. 9 Lane, Gil: Varsity Wrestling 11,12, Most Improved Varsity Wrestler 11, Varsity Football 11,12, varsity Club 11,12, Student Council Rep. 12, Track 11, JV Golf 9,10 Langenfeld, Joe: Varsity Golf 12 Laughon, Michael: Graduating Senior Lazar, Dennis: Band 9,10,11,12, Drum 8. Bugle Corps 9,10, Swimming 11,12, Water Polo 11,12 Lemon, Jim: Art Club Pres. 12, Art Club 11,12, Thespians 12, Argonaut Staff lPhotographerj 12 Lewis, Dana: Interact Club 12, Campus Rep. for Elam's 12 Lewis, Kathy: Pep Club Historian 12, Fu- ture Teachers Sec. 12, Argonaut Staff 11,12, Argonaut Business Mang. 12, GAA Bowling 9,10 Liaboe, Shirley: Drill Team 10,11,12, Li- brary Science 10,11,12, AFS 10, Service Award 10,11 Lightfoot, Richard: Graduating Senior Lilley, Mike: Varsity Water Polo 12, Water Polo 9,10,11, Swimming 9,10,11,12, Varsity Club 12, Key Club 12, Student Council Rep. 10,11 Lilly, Cindy: Graduating Senior Linden, Lenore: Graduating Senior Linkogle, Cheryl: Pep Club 11,12, Student Council Rep. 9,10,11, A cappella Choir 11,12, Girls Chorus 9 Linquist, Ron: Graduating Senior Lissner, Ardith: Girls League Historian 10, 11, Key Club Sweetheart 11, Student Council Rep. 9,10,11, Pep Club 10, GAA Diving 9 Lobin, Dick: Graduating Senior Logemann, Robert: Transferred to Phoe- nix, Arizona Logue, Linda: GAA 12 Looper, Nancy: Graduating Senior Loving, Mary: Graduating Senior Lucy, John: 1st Place Debate in Orange County 11, Debate 9,10,11,12, Speech Club 9,10,11,12, Speech Club V. Pres. 11,12,. Diakonoe Club 9,10,11,12, Diakonoe Club V. Pres. 12, Pep Club 10,11,12, Astronomy Club 9,10, Latin Club 9,10, CSF 9,10,11,12, Honor So- ciety 11,12, Service Award 11, Scholar of Quarter 9,10,11,12, Key Club 12, Student Council Rep. 9, Science Club 10, AFS 10,11, Golden Fleece 12 Lyles, Janet: Pep Club 12, School Service 10,1 1,12 Mc McCabe, Ginifred: Poems Published in Natl. Anthology 10,11, Poems Published in "Quest" 10,11, A cappella Choir 10, Girls Chorus 9 McClelland, Marcy: ICC Rep. 12, Art Club 11,12, Art Club V. Pres 12, French Club 10, Student Council Rep. 10, Girls Chorus 10 McConnell, Mike: Varsity Club 11,12 McCready, Cheryl: Concert Band 9,10, 11,12, Speech Club 12 McDonald, Maureen: Pep Club 12, Thes- pians 11, Diakonoe 12, Campus Life 12, Future Teachers 12 McGuigan, Edward: Art Club 12 McGuire, Christine: Graduating Senior McGuire, Pat: Varsity Football 12, Varsity Club 12 Mclntosh, Robbie: Graduating Senior McKernan, James: Key Club 12, Band 10,11,12, Golf 10,11, Drum 8. Bugle Corps 10, Member of Bon Marches 12 McKusky, Pam: Transferred to Japan McNamara, Dianne: Honor Society 12, AFS 9,10,11,12, AFS Treas. 11,12, Drill Team 10,11,12, ICC Board Member 8. Recall 12 M Mackey, John: Graduating Senior Macleod, Carol: Drill Team 12, AFS 10, 11,12, Pep Club 10,11, French Club 9,10 Madau, Pete: Varsity Wrestling 10,11,12, lst Place League Wrestling Finals 12, 2nd Place CIF Finals T2, 1st Place Natl. High School Judo Champ. 11,12 Madieros, Val: Honor Society 12, YFC 10,11,12, Latin Club 9,10,11,12, Latin Club Treas. 12, Diakonoe Club 9,10, Pep Club 9,10 Maples, Rick: Member US Surfing Assoc. 12 Marcotrigiano, Grace: Musical 10,11, A cappella Choir 11,12, Girls Chorus 10, Pep Club 10, Student Council Rep. 10 Margulieux, Rose: Latin Club 10,11,12, Speech Club 11,12 SENIOR REGISTER 273 Marks, Gary: Senior Martin, Shari: Student Council Rep. 12 Matthews, Bill: Football 12 Matthews, Robert: Graduating Senior Mattice, Diane: Graduating Senior Mattocks, Ron: Graduating Senior Mayfield, Gary: Transferred Mayfield, Toni: Maynard, Jane: Graduating Senior Meidinger, Mike: Varsity Club 12, Yell Leader 12 Mendonca, John: Speech Club 10,11,12, State Scholarship Finalist 12, Orchestra ' 9,10,11,12, Honor Society 12, CSF 12, Junior Play 11, Debate 11, Musical lOrchestral 12 Mercado, Robert: Going to Night School Merfeld, Keith: Gymnastics 10,11,12, Basketball 9 Metcalf, Carol: Graduating Senior Mier, John: Graduating Senior Mikkelsen, Larry: Graduating Senior Mikkelsen,T.inda: Pep Club io, Ars io, School Service 11,12 Miller, Thomas: Senior Miller, William: Graduating Senior Mills, Craig: Interact Club Pres. 12, Diakonoe Club 11,12, CSF 11,12, Var- sity Track 11,12, Varsity Cross Country 12, Varsity Club 11,12, AFS 11,12, Outstanding Math Student 12 Milner, Ken: Stage Crew 12 Mitani, Joyce: Song Leader 12, A cap- pella Choir 10,11, Girls Chours 9, Girl of Month 10, Class Treas. 11, Girls League Dress Rep. 9,10 Montgomery, Jon: Varsity Football 11,12, Football 9,10, Track 10, Baseball 9, Varsity Club 11,12, Football Player of Week 12, Key Club 11,12, Class V. Pres. 12, Band 9,10,11,12, School Service 11,12, Student Council Rep. 9,10,11,12, ASB Asst. Athletic Comm. 12 Monty, Bruce: Graduating Senior Moore, Bruce: Varsity Basketball 12, JV Basketball 11, C Basketball 10, Varsity Club 12 Moreland, Tom: Transferred to James- town, Pa. Morgan, Bill: Varsity Basketball 11,12, Varsity Basketball Team Captain 12, Varsity Basketball "Mr. Hustle" 11, Most Improved Varsity Basketball Player 11, Varsity Golf 11,12, Varsity Club 11,12, Varsity Club V. Pres. 12 Morrison, Doug: Transferred to La Quinta 274 SENIOR REGISTER Morse, Sandra: Campus Lite 11,12, Campus Life Sec. 11, Diakonoe Club 12 Mortenson, Virginia: CSF 11,12, Scholar of Quarter 9, German Club 9 Mater, John: C Football 9 Mowles, Sherry: Graduating Senior Moyer, Donna: Graduating Senior Murray, Craig: Murray, Daniel: Murray, Judith: Graduating Senior N Negri, Becky: Pep Club 10,11,12, Latin Club 9,10 Nelson, Catherine: Drill Team 9,10, GAA Softball 10, Orchestra 9,10 Nelson, Judith: Art Club 12 Nelson, Shelly: Art Club 12 Neuburger, Jackie: GAA Baseball Award 9 Newcomb, Mike: Graduating Senior Norcross, Pam: Latin Club 9, Orchestra 9 Norton, Linda: Graduating Senior Norton, Mary: Senior Nulle, Craig: Speech Club 12 Nyhus, Keith: Football 10 O O'ConneIl, George: Graduating Senior Ogden, Debbie: Foreign Exchange Stu- dent to Holland 12, ICC Rep. 11,12, Student Council Rep. 1-1,12, Pep Club 10,11,12, Senior Advisory Council 12, Drill Team Asst. Leader 12, AFS 12, Drill Team 10,11,12, Golden Fleece 11,12, Golden Fleece Sec. 12, Concert Choir 12, A cappella Choir 10,11, Fire Dept.'s Miss Flame 12, Girl of Month 12, Girls' League Pres. 12, Homecoming Princess 11, Girls League Dress Rep. 10,1 1, Class Secretary 9, Girls' Chorus 9 O'Hare, Larry: Student Council Rep. 12 Okulick, Diane: Graduating Senior Olson, Linda: Graduating Senior O'NeiIl, Peggy: Art Club 12, Argonaut Staff Classes Editor 12 Oper, Don: Varsity Basketball 12 Owen, Sandi: Argonaut Editor-in-Chief 12, Argonaut Staff 10,11,12, Argonaut Section Editor 11, Argolog Staff 10,11, 12, Argolog Page Editor 10, Pep Club Sec. 12, Golden Fleece 12, ASB Publicity Director 12, IPA 12, Student Council Rep. 11 P Pachal, AI: Graduating Senior Palmer, Carol: Diakonoe Club 9,10,11,12, AFS 9,10,11,12, Library Science 10,11, 12, Orchestra 9,10 Palmer, David: Graduating Senior Palmgren, Jennie: Girls' Chorus 9 Pape, Kathryn: Thespians 9,12, French Club 11,12, Science Club 10, Lettergirls 11,12, AFS 10,11,12, Orchestra 9, Band 10,11,12, Pawnbrokers 12, Future Teachers 11 Pape, Patty: Pep Club 12, Diakonoe Club 12, German Club 11,12, AFS 12, Sci- ence Club 10,11, GAA 9,10,11,12, Art Club 12, Thespians 12, Concert Band 10,11,12, Pawnbrokers 12, Junior Play 12 Parker, Leonna: Graduating Senior Pearson, Robert: Student Council Rep. 9, Football 10 Pedersen, Susan: Golden Fleece Club 12, Girls League Sec. 11,12, Girl of Month 10, Library Science 10, Pep Club 9,10, AFS 9,10 Peery, Ken: Graduating Senior Penlick, Karen: Thespians 9,12, Junior Play 11, Senior Play 12, Musical 11 Perkins, Jim: Transferred Perkins, Penny: Pep Club 12, Argonaut Staff 12 Perry, Walter: Entered Navy Peterson, Frances: Pep Club 11,12, Diakonoe Club 11,12, Speech Club 11, Thespians 12, School Service 12 Peterson, Lee Ann: Drill Team 9,10,11,12, Golden Fleece Club 12, Thespians 12, Pep Club 10, AFS 10,11, French Club 9,10,11 Petrilla, AI: ASB Student Store Mang. 12, Key Club 11,12, Artie Argonaut 12, Water Polo 9,10,11,12, Swimming 9, 10,1 1,12 Phillips, Cheryl: Graduating Senior Phillips, Joyce: Graduating Senior Phillips, Valerie: Graduating Senior Pinkerton, Bill: Graduating Senior Pointinger, Gunter: Foreign Exchange Student from Germany 12, AFS 12, Diakonoe Club 12,.Speech Club 12, Orchestra 12 Popso, Richard: Porter, Stephen: Football 12, Varsity Bas- ketball 11,12, Varsity Track 10,11,12, Varsity Club 10,11,12, Varsity Basket- ball "Mr. Hustle" 11, Student Council Rep. 11, Class Cheerleader 10 Potter, Thomas: Graduating Senior Poussard, Tim: Graduating Senior Powers, Stephen: Price, Nancy: GAA fBowling, Swimming, Tennisj 9,10,11,12, Drill Team 9, Band 9,10,11,12, Pep Club 11,12, YFC 9,10, 1 1,12 Prickett, Candy: French Club 10,11,12, AFS 12, Pep Club 10, Drill Team 10,11, 12 Priestap, Judi: Transferred to San Diego Prigger, Pat: AFS 9, A cappella Choir 9,10,11, Peb Club 10, Student Council Rep. 10,11 Purcey, Doug: Varsity Club 11, Band 9, 10,11, Drum 8. Bugle Corps 9,10, Foot- ball 9,10,11, Track 9 Puzzo, Frank: Graduating Senior Rahn, Dave: Graduating Senior Rall, Chester: Transferred to Indiana Ralston, Edward: Scholar of Quarter 11, AFS 10,11,12, AFS Pres. 12, German Club 9, Concert Band 10,12, Concert Band V. Pres. 12, 1st Place Orange County Science Fair 10, Outstanding Chemistry Student 11 Rapp, Bill: Class Pres. 11,12, Golden Fleece 12, Honor Society 11,12, Key Club 10,11,12, Key Club V. Pres. 11, Varsity Club 12, Varsity Football 12, Senior Advisory Council 12, A Cappella Choir 10,11, Boys Chorus 9, AMS Rep. 10,11, JV Basketball 11 Rayl, Thomas: Graduating Senior Reason, Rose, Senior Advisory Council 12, Pep Club 12 Restivo, James: Key Club 12, Varsity Baseball 12 Retzer, John: Varsity Football 10,11,12, Varsity Football Captain 12, Varsity Football Player-of-Week 12, All-League Varsity Football 11,12, Varsity Baseball 11,12, Varsity Club 10,11,12, Varsity Club Pres. 12, JV Baseball 10 Reynolds, JoAnn: Student Council Rep. 11 Rhodes, Sue: Moved Rice, Dave: Key Club V. Pres. 11,12, Ger- man Club 11,12, Student Council Rep. 12, Swimming 9,l2, Water Polo 9,10, Football 10, Carat Campus Rep. 12, Member of Bon Marches 11,12 Richardson, Diane: Pep Club 10,11,12, Art Club 10,11,12, AFS 10,11,12, Speech Club 11,12, Debate 12, School Service 11,12, 3rd Place School Essay Contest 9, French Club 9,10,11, Ger- man Club 11, Scholar of Quarter Riddle, Douglas: ASB ICC Chairman 12, Musical 9,1O,12, Musical Lead 12, Mu- sical lOrchestra1 9, Speech Club 9,10, 11,12, Pep Club 9,10,11,12, Pep Club V.Pres. 10, AFS 9,10,11,12, AFS Pres. 11, Band 9,10,11,12, Dance Band 12, Astronomy Club 9,10, Key Club 11,12, Thespians 11,12, Orchestra 11,12, Golden Fleece Club 12, Honor Society 12, ICC Rep. 11,12, Bank ot America Plaque Winner 12, Junior Play 11, Sen- ior Play 11, Student Council Rep. 11, National Merit Scholar 11,12 Ripley, Lila: Graduating Senior Ritter, Ruth: Senior Robertson, Chris: Argolog Business Mang. 12, Argolog Page Editor 10,11, Girls League Publicity Chairman 11,12, Girl of Month 11, Girls League Dress Rep. 10 Rodgers, Sharon: Senior Rodriguez, Domingo: Transferred to Chi- cago Rodriguez, Ruben: Graduating Senior Rogers, Dave: Graduating Senior Roseberry, Kay: Pep Club 10,11,12 Rosser, Denis: Science Club 10, Rifle Club 11, Track 9,10, Chemistry Club 11, Latin Club 9 Rotsch, Howard: Concert Band 10,11,12, Orchestra 11,12, Dance Band 12, Mu- sical lOrchestraj 12, Science Club 9,10, C Football 9 Roush, Janice: Future Teachers 12, Girls League Head Board Member 11, Ser- vice Award 11, Girl of Month 10, Girls League Secretary 10, Drill Team 10 Rousseau, Susan: AFS 10, Girls Chorus 9 Rufus, Jim: Graduating Senior Rustad, Chris: Graduating Senior Ryan, Baxter: JV Wrestling 11, Football 9,10 S Sacks, Steve: Graduating Senior Saiz, Martha: Graduating Senior Salas, Mike: Graduating Senior Sanchez, Patricia: Graduating Senior Sanders, Gary: Transferred to San Fran- cisco Sandlin, Mark: Graduating Senior Sargent, Pamela: Art Club 11, GAA 11 Saruwatari, Janet: GAA 9,10,11,12, Badminton Trophy 11, Lettergirls 12 Schaefer, Linda: Graduating Senior Schildknecht, Marilyn: Graduating Sen- ior Schoen, Laurie: Drill Team 9,10,l1,12 Schoff, Jeff: Graduating Senior Schoonover, Cheri: Future Teachers 10,11, GAA 10,11,12, Astronomy 12 Schreiner, Steve: Graduating Senior Schroder, Jon: Auto Shop Foreman 12, Track 9, Cross Country 9 Schultz, Cheryl: Concert Choir 11,12 Schutter, Richard: Schwanke, Candace: Graduating Senior Scott, Lee: Graduating Senior Sellers, John: Basketball 9,10,11 Sewell, Gregory: Astronomy Club 9, Elec- tronics Club 9 Shaw, Keith: Graduating Senior Sheline, Mike: Varsity Football 11,12, Varsity Football Player-of-Week 11, Varsity Baseball 10,11,12, Varsity Baseball Cap. 12, Varsity Club 11,12, JV Baseball 9, Football 9,10 Shoemaker, Diane: Graduating Senior Shoen, Karen: Pep Club 12, Student Council Rep. 10 Shumaker, Kathy: AFS 10,11 Silva, Alan: Graduating Senior Simpson, Gordon: Graduating Senior Smith, Elaine: Argonaut Staff 12, GAA Bowling 12 Smith, Judy: Drum Maiorette 12, Drum Maiorette Ass't. 9,10,11,12, A Cappella Choir 11,12, Girls Chorus 10, Concert .Band 9,10,11,12 Smith, Reed: Graduating Senior Snyder, John: Graduating Senior Snyder, Valorie: Graduating Senior Soza, Chris: Thespians 11, Speech Club 10,11, Pep Club 10, Drill Team 10 Spear, Glory: Golden Fleece 11,12, ASB Secretary 12, Honor Society 12, Girls League Dress Rep. 12, Yell Leader 11, Girl of Month 10 Spina, Rosemary: Diakonoe Club 12, Medical Explorers 12, Bowling Club 10 Spolerich, Harold: Graduating Senior Sprang, Kermit: Debate 10,11,12, Speech Club 10,11,12, Diakonoe Club 11,12, Pep Club 11,12, Key Club 11,12, Tennis 10,11,12: Wrestling 11, Thespians 12, Band 10, Student Council Rep. 10 Stafford, Neil: Stagner, James: Yell Leader 12, Key Club 11,12, Pep Club 12, Junior Class ICC Rep. 11, Concert Choir 11, A Cappella Choir 12, Concert Band 9,10, Varsity Club 11,12, Future Teachers 12, Co-Ed SENIOR REGISTER 275 King 12, Varsity Wrestling 11,12, Wrestling 9,10, Cross Country 9,1O,11, Track 9,10 Steffy, Mike: Track 11 Stevens, Ken: Senior Stone, Alice: Graduating Senior Stone, Sue: Student Council Rep. 10, Drill Team 9, Pep Club 9,10, German Club 11, French Club 10 Stout. Vicki: Stromquist, Joan: Transferred to Santi- ago Stuart, Don: Senior Stubbs, Kristy: Graduating Senior Sullivan, Kerry: Graduating Senior Swan, Charleene: Graduating Senior Swenson, Lyndon: Graduating Senior Sylvia, David: Graduating Senior Szalay, Stephanie: Yell Leader 12, Song Leader 11, Pep Club 10,11,12, Girl of Month 11, Musical 10,11, Golden Fleece 12, Honor Society 12, Thespians 10, Future Teachers 12, Class Secretary 11, Senior Advisory Council 12 T Talbott, Karen: Bank of America Business Award 12 Taylor, William: Templeton, Larry: Senior Thies, Loren: Stage Electrician 8. Head of Stage Crew 10,11,12 Thomas, William: Graduating Senior Thompson, Gail: Golden Fleece 12, Art Club Pres. 11, Art Club 10,11,12, CSF 10,11,12, French Club V.Pres. 12, French Club IO,11,12, AFS 'O,11,12, Diakonoe Club Secretary 12, Diakonoe Club 10,11,12, Honor Society 11,12 Thompson, John: Graduating Senior Thompson, Mary: Thompson, Robert: Senior Thornton, Lynne: Girls League Program Chairman 12, Pep Club 11, Future Teachers Club 12, Student Council Rep. 12, Flag Twirler 11, Girl of Month 10, Drill Team 9,10 Todd, Larry: Graduating Senior Todd, Thelma: Graduating Senior Topham, Kathy: 2nd Place in Writing Contest 11, Pep Club 10,11, Argolog Staff 10,11,12 Torgerson, Cyndy: Pep Club 9,10,11,12, Drill Team 9,10, Student Council Rep. 10 Tortolano, John: Stage Crew 10,11,12 276 SENIOR REGISTER Trapp, Sharyn: Graduating Senior Tudor, Lorna: Graduating Senior Tulleners, Joyce: Moved Turner, Mel: Graduating Senior V Van Buren, Winnifred: Transferred to Kansas City Van der Linden, Corry: Graduating Sen- ior van Vlimmeren, Jean: Graduating Sen- ior Vernon, Billie: Honor Society 11, School Service 11,12 Veuleman, Elbert: Graduating Senior Viviano, Cynthia: Graduating Senior Vonic, Lyndy: Pep Club 11,12, Golden Fleece Club 12, ASB Ass't. Secretary 12, Girl of Month 12, Student Council Rep. 9,10,11,12 Vowell, Steve: Graduating Senior W Walker, Linda: Argonaut Staff 11, Stu- dent Council Rep. 11 Wall, Mike: Varsity Tennis 10,11,12, Var- sity Club 10,11, JV Tennis 9, Basketball 9, Key Club 9,1O,11, French Club 9, Student Council 9,11 Wallace, Mike: Graduating Senior Walsh, Christine: Graduating Senior Walters, David: Graduating Senior Ward, Bobbie: Thespians 9, Speech Club 10 Wardell, Clayton: Astronomy Club 9,10, 11,12 Warren, Shari: Transferred to La Quinta Waterhouse, Linda: Yell Leader 12, Class Treasurer 11,12, Golden Fleece Club 11,12, Golden Fleece Club V.Pres. 12, Pep Club 10,11,12, Latin Club 11,12, Diakonoe Club 11,12, Senior Advisory Council 12, GAA Tennis 12, Student Council Rep. 9,11,12, A Cappella Choir 10, Medical Explorers 9,10, Flag Twirler 11, Girl of Month 10, Homecoming Princess 10, Girls League Dress Rep. 11, Class Secretary 9,10 Watien, Uwe: AFS 12, Diakonoe Club 12, Pep Club 12, Golden Fleece Club 12, Concert Band 12, Track 12, Key Club 12 Watson, Pam: Home Teacher Wentzel, Marian: Library Science 12, Thespians 9,10 Wertzbaugher, Sharon: Pep Club 9,10, 11,12, A Cappella Choir 10,11, Girls Chorus 9, Drill Team 9,10,11,12 Wesselink, Richard: Graduating Senior Westlund, Glen: Band 9,10,11, Track 9, 10,11,12, Cross Country 9,10,11,12 Westover, Linda: Student Council Rep. 12, Drill Team 9 Wheatley, Mike: Wrestling 9 Whitlow, Robert: Varsity Swimming 12, Varsity Water Polo 12, Varsity Club 12, Football 9, Wrestling 9, Swimming 9, 10,11, Water Polo 10,11, AMS Rep. 9, Student Council Rep. 9,10,11,12, Key Club 11,12 Whitney, Linda: Stage Band 12, Orches- tra 12, AFS 10,11,12, Pep Club 11,12, Honor Society 11,12, CSF 10,11,12, Diakonoe Club 11,12, Band 9,10,11,12, Musical fOrchestraj 10,11, GAA Swimming 10, Speech Club 11, German Club 11, Scholar of Quarter 10 Wiersma, Marcia: School Service 12, Li- brary Science 10,11 Williams, Diane: Graduating Senior Wilson, Russ: Varsity Football 12, Varsity Wrestling 10,11, Varsity Club 11,12, All-League Tackle flst Teamj 12, Most Improved Varsity Football Player 12, Player-of-Week 12 Woodcock, Wendy: Scholar of Quarter 9,10,11,12, Latin Club 9,10,11,12, Latin Club Pres. 11,12, Band Pres. 12, Golden Fleece Club 12, CSF 9,10,11,12, CSF Secretary 10, Honor Society 11,12, French Club 11,12, Girls League Dress Rep. 12, Thespians 9,10,11,12, Diakonoe Club 11, AFS 10, Student Council Rep. 9, Scholar of Year 9 Woodworth, Susan: Library Science 10, 11, 3rd Prize Argo Fair 9, Drill Team 11,12, CSF 11,12, Scholar of Quarter 11 Wurster, Tom: ASB President 12, Key Club 10,1-1,12, Key Club Treasurer 11, Ger- man Club 11,12, Class Pres. 11, Class V.Pres. 10,11, Student Council Rep. 10, AMS Rep. 9,10, Service Award 11, Honor Society 11,12, Golden Fleece 11,12, Scholar of Quarter 9,10,11, CSF 10,11,12, Pep Club 12, Varsity Tennis 11,12, varsity club 11,12 Y Yergensen, Terry: Graduating Senior Z Zingali, Sieve: Graduating Senior Zubrod, Bill: Varsity Swimming 9,10,11, 125 Varsity Water Polo 10,1 1,127 Foot- ball 9 SENIOR REGISTER 277 A Abernathey, Curt: 229 Abrams, Pam: 245 ACADEMICS: 60:61 A CAPPELLA CHOIR: 21 Accongio, Lezlie: 231 ACTIVITIES: 10-11 Adams, Ka'hy: 255 Adams, Stephen: 245 Adkison, Chuck: 245,128 ADMINISTRATION: 63 ADVERTISEMENTS: 258-269 ADVERTISING: 236-257 Alberts, Rick: 217 Albertson, Tony: 103,115,245 Aldrich, Carol: 235,230,231,234 Alexander, Arlene: 245 Alfieri, Stacey: 245 Alford, Roger: 245 Andrus, John: 178 Anthony, David: 52,69,148 Archer, Christine: 245 Archer, Deborah: 178 ARGOLOG STAFF: 56,57 ARGONAUT STAFF: 58,59 Armet, Larry: 76,217 Arnett, Scott: 217 General Index Baranek, Debbi: 146,231 Barbee, Linda: 245 Barbour, Amy: 21,134,231 Barger, Elizabeth: 135,245 Barger, Pocky: 25,220 Barker, Beverly: 178 Barker, Danny: 231 Barker, Kristine: 217 Allen Cathy: 178 Allen Chris: 231 Allen Larry: 231 Allen Michele: 217 Allen Pat: 229,162 Allen, Ronald: 95,115,229 Allen, Teri: 245 Allen Terr 23 , Y- Altomare, Dianne: 217 Arnold, Bill: 245 Arnold, Keith: 73,77,87,158,16O,217 Arnold, Mary: 146,157,164,217 Arnold, Richard: 178 Arnold, Sue: 244,245 Arnold, Tom: 178 Aronsen, Jean: 231 ART AWARDS: 145 ART CLUB: 163 Ashlock, Joey: 103,110,128,245 ASB CABINET: 29 ASB ELECTIONS: 44,45 ASB OFFICERS: 28 ASSEMBLIES: 36,47 Astra, Sherrie: 245 Aupperlee, Andrew: 229 Ayala, Ronda: 245 Bachmann, Pat: 231 Baer Tim- 178 Barnes, Larry: 34,245 Barney, Chris: 23 Barney, David: 23 Barney, Don: 23,115 Barney, Ron: 114,245 Bartholomew, Chuck: 79,95,121,217 Bartron, Don: 217 BASEBALL: Varsity: 125,126,127 J:V.:128 Frosh: 128 BASKETBALL: Varsity: 104-108 J.V.: 109 "BH: 110 "CH: 110 Boss, Darrell: 128,217 Boss, Donald: 245 Bottistone, Frank: 23 Bottistone, Linda: 12,15,159,178,264 Beckman, Bob: 109,125,231 Beckman, Mary: 42,217,259 Beebe, Charles: 21,34,5O,52,59,157, 1c2,17o,231,243 Beebe, Sandra: 51,66 Beitel, Cathy: 143,146,147,149,159, 1c:4,17c:,17a,2o0 Beitelspacker, Licella: 25,231 Bell, David: 179 Bellman, Dave: 217 Belshaw, Casey: 231 Belshaw, Craig: 245 Bendorf, Steve: 179 Benefiel, Mabel: 80 Berg, Darryl: 92,97,100,142,243 Berg, Gary: 104,107,231 Berger, Robert: 70,71 Bernardoni, John: 21,34,38,39,52,179 Bernardoni, Joseph: 23 Berry, Blanche: 81 Bess, Lynelle: 2O,30,31,32,33,52,53, 220 Bess, Stirling Best, Robyn: : 30,110,123,245 176,179 Betts, Denise: 245 Bewley, Don: 217 Bezla, Linda: 179,269 Bezunar, Ma 28,157,165,176,177, rsha: 20,42,52,159,217 Altomare, Toni: 207 AFS lAmerican Field Servicel: 150, 164 Amparan, Steve: 217,120,121 Anderson, Brock: 103,245 g, . Baessler, Debbie: 245 Bagwell, Mike: 243 Bailey, Jeffrey: 146,151,1 Bailey, Judy: 2O,77,146,1 Bain, Alan: 123,231 66,231 57,166,178 Bauman, April: 16,45,143,216,217,222, 267 Anderson, Dave: 102,217 Anderson, Ron: 178 Anderson Ronald: 21,217 Anderson, Sherman: 76 Anderson, Suzanne: 255 Anderson, Yvonne: 229 Baine, Brenda: 30,217 Baine, Dennis: 123,245 Baird, Ellen: 231 Baird, Jane: 3O,31,178 Baker, Terri: 23 Andreasen, Leeann: 5,59,149,159,'I78 258 Andresen, Mark: 103,110,128,245 Andrews, Sydney: 39,159,162,163,167, 170,178,262 Baldock, Lynn: 23 Balliet, Arnold: 229 BAND: 6,18,19 BAND AWARDS: 148 BANK OF AMERICA: 147 Bauman, Jolie: 23,45 Bayard, Warren: 3,28,3O,44,56,158, 159,167,221,229,259,26O Beal, Joy: 178 Beale, Theresa: 255 Beaman, Joyce: 159,217,265,266 Beasley, Terry: 229 Beaton, Linda: 30,111,245 Beauchamp, Chris: 217 Beaudoin, Roland: 217 Beauharnois, Deborah: 245 Beaulac, Rick: 23,118 Beck, Marial: 245 Becker, Boyd: 178 Biery, April: 130,133,134,245,254 Biller, Camille: 42,243 Bilskis, Richard: 21,52 Bindner, Larry: 217 Bindner, Linda: 165,231 Binley, Leslie: 159,217,242,267 Black, Verna: 217 Blackamore, Joe: 245 Blackburn, Paula: 22,245 Blackwell, Margarett: 245 Blades, Brooke: 245 Blain, John: 243 Blair, Jerold: 159,179 Blankenship, Michael: 92,115,160,231 Bloss, Susan: 255 gig I f ADVISOR RICHARD Price seeks to restore order after near riot ,INTERACT CLUB members sit deiecledly after their motion to at Interact Club meeting. The members sought to impeach have an all-night Orgy was defeated. Pres. Craig Mills. GENERAL INDEX 279 4 BOARD OF EDUCATION: 62 Boertie, Carol: 147,179,213 Boertie, John: 115,245 BOQQS, Boman, Patty: 5,58,159,217 Dennis: 243 Bonnet, Marlene: 65 Boon, Paul: 246 Buehler, Steve: 23,103,110,246 Buelow, Robert: 77 Buhrig, Cathy: 21 ,28,1 59,180,185,267 Bull, Irene: 246 Bunnell, Frank: 95,121,255 Burch, Donald: 81 Burchfiel, George: 246 Cassell, Linda: 232 Cassell, Sharon: 246 Castillo, Richard: 246 Castviel, Didier: 34,123,232 Cates, David: 109,232 Caudron, Janice: 181 Cavanagh, Marie: 246 CONCERT CHOIR: 20 Conger, William: 218 Conklin, Cheryl: 232,142 Connelly, Terry: 182 Connelly, Tim: 182 Conner, Roy: 255 Conrad, Cathy: 218 BOOSTERS CLUB: 17 Booth, Debbie: 246 Boots, David: 103,110,121,122,246, 248 Borie, Randy: 24,26,31,139,143,159 176,177,179,211 Burks, Steve: 231 Burry, John: 47 Burton, Pam: 31,32,40,146,156,159, 167,180,181 Burton, Stephen: 38,39,92,160,231 Cave, Deborah: 243 Cave, Leonard: 217 Cave, Linda: 217 Cave, Marilyn: 181 Cave , Mike: 102,160,243 Chance, Ellen: 81 Bortvit, Debbie: 231 Bortvit, Terri: 179 Bostwick, Gregory: 159,179 Bostick, John: 20,217 Boswell, Joan: 23 Boudnik, Shauney: 179 Busby, Eilene: 207 Busch, Bonnie: 231 BUSINESS DEPARTMENT: 79 Butler, Eleanor: 81 Butler, Jerry: 217 Butte, Gary: 118,145,181 Butte, George: 217 Chance, Jerry: 217 Chance, Steve: 246 Chandler, Nancy: 181 Chandos, Ray: 31,50,151,166 Chapin, James: 232 Chapin, Joanne: 218 Bowen, Winnie: 217 Bower, Donald: 76,80 BOWLING CLUB: 162 Bowman, Craig: 89,111,246 Bowman, Diane: 255 Buzer, Linda: 231 C Cade, Richard: 24,28,29,30,4O,86,87, 88,111,140,146,147,151,153,l58, Chapman, Lyle: 38,39,76,181 Chapman, Sandra: 232 Chappell, Donna: 232 Charle, Michael: 38,39,218 Charlson, Ed: 89,113,166,232 Conroy, Bruce: 49,92,93,125,142,159 176,183 Conroy, Debbie: 24 Conroy, Norine: 13O,134,247,254 Conroy, Pat: 43,77,218 Cool, John: 34,146,218 Cook, Sherry: 247 Cooper, Craig: 207 Cooper, Katherine: 183 Coats, Bridget: 31,78,247,262 Copp, Bill: 247 Cornell, Pam: 218 Corrin, Carol: 254,255 Cottonaro, Bill: 183 Cottonaro, Richard: 232 Covington, Eva: 66 Cragun, Denise: 218 Bowman, Sue: 59,217,263 Boyer, Rick: 14,17,92,93,97,98,l42, 146,158,159,160,176,179,188,207 Boyer, Robert: 103,115,246 Boyle, Boyle Dave: 89,112,113,229 Mike: 56109 217 Bradley, ram, 246 ' Broley, Broley, Jeff: 11O,117,146,166,231 Susan: 25,179,191,204 Brandelli, Robert: 5O,59,146,157,l62, 231 Brandt, Terry: 217 Branom, John: 243 Branom, Leon: 246 Branum, Ron: 92,179 Branson, Connie: 231 Breen, Breen, David: 217,262 Frank: 231 Breistig, Lorna: 180 Brenna n, Margaret: 171,180 Brew, Judy: 143,217,267 Ch B ':l29l0'l3112 Brewer, Brian: 231 23l'235'24O Umey' onme ' 3 ' ' 3 ' Brewer, Brimhal Tim: 180 I, Roderick: 246 Brockmcn, Bobbi: 217 Brooke, Carole: 246 Brooke, Catherine: 180 Broom, Gene: 109,231 Broom, Jacqueline: 180 160,176,181,213 Cadwell, Mike: 243 CAFETERIA MAINTENANCE: 81 Coffey, Byron: 231 Coffey, Steve: 21,217 Caldwell, Gary: 246 Calkins, David: 246 Callahan, Kathy: 30,31,159,176,177, 181 Callari, Stephen: 166,231 Callaway, Paula: 246 Callen, Janis: 246 Callen, Ron: 102,115,229 Collis, Momi: 12,65 Callow, Diane: 181,146 Campbell, Diana: 181 Campbell, Janet: 22,246 Campbell, Jim: 217,262 Campbell, Robert: 25,26,102,123,230, "CAMELOT": 52-55 Cangson, Denise: 246 Cangson, Karen: 217 Capalbo, Lawrence: 103,246 Caplan, Susan: 157,162,164,181 Caple, Leesa: 22,231 Cardinel, Debbie: 246 Carlos, Donald: 50,68 Charton, Steve: 86,B6,158,16O,182 Chase, Linda: 130,157,246 Chea, Ken: 218 Chea, Young: 246 Cheek, Gerald: 74,92,94 Cheney, Vicki: 218 Cherrie, Kim: 243 Chewing, Cliff: 118,232 Child, Colonel: 246 CHORUS: Boys: 23 Girls: 22 Chounard, Padi: 218 Christensen, Kevin: 25,246 Cragun, Dennis: 21,117,218,243 Cramer, Frank: 183,197 Cranfill, Linda: 183 Cravens, Linda: 15,75,159,183,264 Christensen, Steve: 182 Christiansen, Jerry: 163,182 Christiansen, Nels: 23,103,123,255 Christiansen, Paul: 232 Christie, Stew: 52,247 Christmas, Jance: 37 Crawford, Gary: 232 Crawford, Glenn: 76 Crawford, Morylou: 247 Crawford, William: 24,44,93,95,146, 158,160,166,216,218,221 Creek, Lynn: 218 Crilly, Gretchen: 21,45,52,218 Crismon, Dennis: 218 Cronin, Charlene: 243 CROSS COUNTRY: Varsity: 90,91 JV: 90 Croteau, Rose: 232 Crout, Clifford: 183 Croul, Jan: 218 Cruz, John: 229 134,135,232 Churney, Ron: 182 Clopper, Candace: 232 Clark, Chuck: 232 Clark, Donna: 5,32,42,56,57,58,152, 153,159,167,182,263 Clarke, Debbie: 247 Clark, Frances: 243 Cruz, Ron: 247 CSF ICalifornia Scholarship flOf1l: Culver, Glenn: 26,411,229 Federa- Brotemarkle, Kirk: 180 Brough, Robert: 38,539,229 Carlson, Aleen: 181 Clark, Theresa: 32,33,166,182 CLASSES: 214-215 Cuno, Karen: 183 Curtis, Alan: 218 Curzio, Joan: 220,224,229 D Daigle, Janice: 51 ,66,197 Brown, Bob: 103,246 Brown, Buddy: 229 Brown, Kathie: 246 Brown, Christine: 30,217 Brown Danny: 243 Brownl John: 231 Brown, Linda: 79,180 Brown, Mary Alice: 180 Brown Robert: 95 125 126,127 Brown, Steve: 246' ' Brown, 166,2 Warren: 110,117,130,146 31 Carlson, Alvin: 110,123,231,241 Carlson, D'Ann: 220,224,229 Carlson, Donald: 21,231 Carmichael, Marina: 246 Carpenter, Lynne: 78,255 Carpentieri, Steve: 217 Carpino, Randy: 243 Carrasco, Donny: 23,243 Carrasco, Don: 231 Carrasco, Rene: 103,123,246 Carr, Earle: 217 Carroll, Dan: 231 Clayton, Glynda: 247 Clayton, Larry: 182 Cleland, Robert: 182 Clem, Diana: 182 Clippinger, Clifford: 247 Clopp, Bob: 247 Clause, James: 182 CLUBS: 154,155 Clurmon, Don: 232 Cobb, Richard: 218 Codding, Leah: 21,218 Codding, Nancy: 247 Dailey, Marty: 232 Dailey, Tom: 218 Dalluge, Marvin: 232 Dalyrimple, Dalena: 243 Dalrymple, Debbie: 232 Danet, Ronald: 183 Corcy, Freda: 232 Darcy, Reba: 247,251 David, Glen: 207 David, Ron: 243 Davidson, Laurel: 133,218 Davie, Tim: 183 7,20,32,41,52,115, Casey, Doug: Bruce, Martha: 246 Bruegge, Diana: 180 Bruegge, Sharon: 23,246 Bruggeman, Ken: 95,180 Brummer, Dorothy: 246 Brummer, Jovena: 180 Bruning, Ellen: 217 Bruning, Peggy: 22,231 Bruning, Mike: 31,246 Brunt, Jill: 148,217,265 Bryant, Ann Marie: 22,217 Bryant, Darlene: 23k Bryant, Garland: 246 Bucholz, Jo: 132,133,146,161,217 Buchholz, Sharol: 13l,132,133,231 Buckmonn, Fred: 180 Buckmonn, Glenn: 102,246 Budrovic, Karen: 167,180,181 280 GENERAL INDEX Carroll, Kelly: 129,1 30,132,134,146,1 52,153,156, 157,161,164,167,181,212 Carroll, Mary: 151,164,166,217 Carson, Pat: 217 Carson, Randee: 34,38,39,229 Carter, Anita: 217 Carter, Jerry: 113,246 Carter, Rodney: 79,92,115 Coruthers, Bruce: 246 Cary, Nancy: 78,229 Cary, Randie: 78,255 Casados, Ben: 36 14,43,146,158,15?,160, Codding, Sharon: 22,232 Cody, Terry: 247 CO-ED: 40,41 CO-ED KING: 144 Coffin, Carol: 247 Coffin, Dale: 182 Coffin, Gary: 247 Cole, Carole: 182 Cole, John: 247 Cole, Marilyn: 218 Cole, Mike: 247 Cole, Sandy: 218 Cole, Tom: 218 Davila, Jim: 218 Davis, Eddie: 47 Davis, Gloria: 247 Davis Leslie: 232 Davis Mike: 90,121,243 Davis, Robin: 255 Davis, Roger F.: 121,183 Davis, Roger S.: 90,91,121,160,183 Davis, Romayne: 34,38,39,51,66,169 Davis, Rusty: 247 Davis, Stephen: 20,104,183 Davis, Terry: 232 Dauphin, George: 183 Dawid, Greg: 232 181,268 Casey, Steve: 23,89,113,246 Cash, Candy: 165,2l6,217,26l Cash, Patti: 32,33,181 Collins, Craig: 218 Collins, Mike: 218 Colton, Craig: 247 Comeau, Robert: 247 Compton, Randy: 77,229 Day, Devon: 21,52,232 Day, Laureen: 247 Dean, Cathy: 232 Dean, Pam: 232 Dearing, Dave: 21,232 Dearing, Greg: 183 Decker, Barbara: 51,75 DeHart, Renee: 232,240 DeKeyser, Harold: 3O,114,160,218 DeLano, Diane: 21 DeLano, JoAnne: 183 DeLano, Karla: 247 Delgadillo, Gladys: 81 DeLucio, Dennis: 92,93,159,184 DelVillar, Mike: 232 deMaio, Debbie: 38,39,184 Demos, Nikki: 243 DeMeneces, Diane: 20,129,13O,132,133, 134,156,161,184 DeMeneces, Lynn: 165,218 Demers, Don: 121,218 DeMoretz, Christine: 130,162,163,166, 247 Derflinger, Bruce: 184 Derflinger, Mike: 247 DesChaine, Donn: 145,184 Devine, Anita: 163,184 Devine, Bill: 23,247 DeVries, Ellen: 247 DeWitt, Don: 80,102,118,229 DIAKONOE CLUB: 157 Dial, Debbie: 229 Dial, Sharon: 247 Dial, Valerie: 232 Dickson, Jackie: 5,58,152,184 Dillbeck, Dave: 218 Dillard, Betty: 232 Dillingham, Bonnie: 25,34,146,147, 150, !56,162,164,168,169,170,184, 187 Pingess, Beverely: 22,247 Dingle, Patricia: 247 Distefono, Josephine: 157,164,232 Dobbins, Debra: 218 Doege, Deborah: 22,247 Dohan, Dan: 218 Dokken, Richard: 232 Dokken, Steven: 184 Dokmanus, Millard: 177 Dolinaiec, Bob: 232 Dollarhide, Sandra: 130,247 Dominguez, Phil: 247 Domond, Jules: 68 Domries, Sue: 232 Domries, Michelle: 247 Donahue, Kathi: 69,218 Donohue, Joria: 247 Dora, Dennis: 232 Dora, Ginny: 247 Doss, Kathleen: 21,38,39,157,170,184 Dossett, Jocolyn: 22,42,232 Dossett, Randolph: 87,111,158,160, 184 Dossey, Lyndee: 129,130,133,134,135, 146,156,16l,184 Doting, Lynette: 184 Doucette, Kathy: 247 Dozier, Patricia: 247 Draeger, Ralph: 232 Drais, Linda: 184 Draper, Janet: 229 DRILL TEAM: 42 Driscoll, Suzanne: 22,247 Drucker, Barbara: 184 BOb: Dan: 184 DuBose, DuBose, DuBose, Gwen: 77,218 DuBose, Mike: 232 Duggan, Lynn: 16,45,159,216,218, 222,227,267 Dundon, Edward: 51,63 Dunkerly, Mike: 115,218 Dunkle, Artie: 247 Dunkle, Sharon: 22,243 Dunn, Alicia: 42,166,232 Dunn, Barton: 218 Dunn, Kevin: 92,93,99,100,128,160, 218 Dussoult, Linda: 171,232 Dutcher, Penny: 166 E Earnest, Jim: 218 East, Beth: 22,247 East, Gary Eastman, Mark: 110,128,233 Eaves, Linda: 146,157,164,171,185 Edgette, Donna: 218 Edgette, Marilyn: 185 Edinger, Danae: 247 Edinger, Roxcie: 218 Efaw, Jennifer: 233 Eggeling, Margaret: 58,159,164,185 Eibner, Eikner, Jim: 243 ROY: 247 Eiler, Barbara: 22,52,247 Ellett, Wayne: 243 Elliott, Kit: 243 Ellis, Rhonda: 233 Ellis, Susan: 176,185,265 Elms, Marty: 247 Elsten, Meg: 233 Elvis, Judy: 247 Engel, Chris: 218 Engemann, Eric: 219 Engesath, Sandra: 163,219 Engle, Barb: 243 ENGLISH DEPARTMENT: 66,67 Eno, Howard: 146,151,219 Eno, Norman: 160,233 Ensch, Richard: 66,245 Estep, Shauna: 216,219 Estrate, Calvin: 233 Ethington, Michael: 247 Evans, Albert: 219 Evans, Darlene: 243 Evans, Robert: 77 Evers Brow n. 34185 : Y ' : EXCHANGE STUDENTS: 140,141 F FACULTY BASKETBALL: 49 Falkey, Falkey, Farber, Farley, Farley, Alfred: 219 Frederick: 185 Dave: 233 Dorothy: 145,149,185,260 Richard: 51,77,105,125,128 Farmer, Roy: 113,247 Fa rrens, Farrow, Debbie: 243 John: 233 FASHION SHOW: 48 Fast, Dale: 5,25,34,38,39,5O,59,157, i62,l Fought, Fought, 70,233,240,263 Shelley: 219 Kandice: 243 Faust, Rick: 229 Fearn, Kathleen: 42,219 Fearn, Terrence: 247 Feher, John: 185 Fehling, Al: 70,92,114,158,160,219 Feig, Christie: 22,130,134,247 Feig, Gary: 219 Feiner, Bob: 219 Fenenga, Gerrit: 247 Fenenga, Robin: 185 Fernandez, Imelda: 248 Fernandez, Bill: 233 Fickett, George: 185 Fiebiger, Gordon: 243 Fiebiger, Rick: 155 Finamore, Rudy: 12,182,185 Finan, Margaret: 79 FINE ARTS: 69 Fink, Bruce: 233 Finley, Shareen: 20,219 Finnoff, Christy: 219 Fischler, Bob: 31,146,158,219 Fisher, Bonnie: 220 Fisher, John: 192,248 Fitzsimmons, Tim: 36,219 FLAG TWIRLERS: 16 Flake, Bill: 30,103,l27,255 Flanagan, Michael: 219 Flanagan, Sybil: 248 Fleeup, Donna: 130,132,133,134,248 Fleischhacker, Bill: 219 Fleming, Mary: 22,25,233 Fletcher, Dennis: 77,219 Fletcher, Marla: 248 Flink, Pat: 162,233 Florence, Annette: 22,42,233 Florence, Sherrye: 185 Flores, Carol: 30,233 Fogle, Nick: 248 Foley, Rick: 109,128,219 Fondren, Roger: 248 FOOTBALL: Varsity: 92,93,94,96,97,98,99,100, 101 JV: 95 B: 102 C: 108 Ford, John: 248 Foreman, Cheryl: 186 Fossett, Linda: 186 Fountain, Sue: 24,219 Fox, Richard: 186 Fowlstrum, John: 81 Fraley, Nancy: 22,248 Francuz, Richard: 77 Franks, Jean: 22,248 Franks, Jim: 219 Frederick, Brenda: 255 Freeman, Bruce: 157,186,203 Fregoso, Adeline: 248 French, Cathy: 229 FRENCH CLUB: 166 French, Terri: 42,146,151,167,219 FRESHMAN: 245-255 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: 244 Frey, Toni: 248 Fried, Richard: 186 Fritsche, Lindo: 244,248 Frizell, Kirk: 219 Frost, Patrick: 88,87,160,186 Fry, Sue: 14,32,41,167,186,199,211, 261,268 Frydman, Pam: 146,164,219,224,265 Fuehrer, Rick: 110,233 Fuller, Thomas: 21,102,128,233 Furgason, Philip: 81 Furlow, Remo: 219 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA: 165 FUTURE TEACHERS: 164 G GAA: Badminton: 134 Basketball: 130 Board: 129 Bowling: 130 Softball: 133 Swimming: 131 Tennis: 132 Track: 135 Volleyball: 134 Gabler, Shelley: 23,233 Gaffaney, Tom: 131,158,219 Gagnier, Jeff: 248 Golaboff, Janice: 42,186 Galanis, John: 38,39,248 Galbraith, Audrey: 21,233 Galbraith, Dorothy: 22,52,157,186 Gall, Jarvie: 219 Gallacher, Patty: 24,26,230,233,234 Gallina, Gary: 248 Gallo, Joanne: 42, 157,166,219 Gallo, Joseph: 31,158,219 Galloway, Diane: 186 Galuza, Lauren: 186 Garcia, Gordon: 118,119,186 Garcia, Nick: 243 Garcia, Phyllis: 23,130,233 Garcia, Tom: 229 Gardipee, Bill: 81 Gardner, Alan: 162,219 Gardner, Don: 92,100,101,160,233 Gardner, Gardner Gardner Gardner Gargan, Dona: 12,186 Glenn: 92,93,97,98,218,229 Paul: 23,103,1l5,248 Z Sandra: 248 Jon: 102,123,233 Garret, Del: 105,110 Garret, Peter: 28,186 Garret, Tom: 248 Garringer, Mary: 22,25,30,162,233 Garringer, Karen: 186 Gates, Bill: 233 Gates, Carolyn: 166,233 Gendron, Denise: 132,233 Genner, Michelle: 248 Gentry, Rebecca: 255 Gerloff, Ed: 186 Gibbs, Carol: 187 Gibbs, John: 123,248 Gibson, Wayne: 70,71,157 Gieser, Barbara: 219 Gieser, Nancy: 255 Gieser, Tom: 114,187 Gilfin, Charlee: 219 Giffin, Clay: 243 Gill, Elaine: 248 Gill, Mary: 248 Gill, Rodney: 187 Gilling, Connie: 187 Gillings, Stephen: 187 Gillman, Mike: 89,219 Gilmore, Charles: 25,49,51,79,223, 228 Gilmore, Mrs. Charles: 51 Gilmore, Diane: 22,219 Gilmour, Chris: 187 Ginger, Karen: 248 Giordano, JoAnn: 219 Girch, Suzanne: 22,219 GIRLS LEAGUE: 32,33 GIRLS OF THE MONTH: 143 Girouard, Dee: 157,164,165,219 Girouard, Michele: 77,187 Glenn, Katie: 77,220 Gleason, Cathy: 220,259 Goebel, John: 233 Gober, Terry: 233 Gold, Howard: 233 GOLDEN FLEECE: 167,168,169 Golenpaul, Linda: 28,29,159,176,181, 187,258 GOLF: 117 Golia, Star: 129,130,131,133,134, 135,161,187 Golubic, John: 118,248 Gonzales, Bill: 229 Gonzales, Roy: 31,50,102,122,123, 233 Gooch, Richard: 248 Goodell, Richard: 187 Goodell, Ron: 102,115,220 Goodell, Robin: 233 GOODHUE FAMILY: 141 Goodhue, Tom: 34,141,146,147,151, 156,157,15B,159,l62,167,187,213 Goodner, Janet: 233 Gordon, Austin: 220 Gorman, Dennis: 220 Gorvin, Chris: 233 Gosnell, Dianna: 31,134,233 Gosnell, Tim: 187 Gothman, Susan: 233 Goward, Robert: 81 Graeber, Bill: 187 Graetz, Sally: 146,151,220 Graham, Nancy: 3O,131,146,216,220, 146 Grahek, Randy: 248 Grant, Albert: 248 Grant, Cruzita: 187 Grant, Cynthia: 27,248 Grant, Frances: 233 Gray, Cathy: 248 Gray, Donald: 188 Grecco, Bonnie: 233 Green, Barbara: 233 GENERAL INDEX 281 Green, Brenda: 188 Green, Lana: 248 Green, Mary: 57,233 Greene, Gayle: 248 Gregory, Anthea: 229 Greuzord, Charles: 243 Griffiths, Bill: 2O,36,48,52,53,147, 167,188,212 Grisby, Donna: 25,166,233,240 Grimes, Dean: 66 Grimmett, Dave: 121,188 Grimmett, Don: 220 Grimmett, Lisa: 31,248 Grossman, Kathy: 22,233 Groty, Henry: 188 Gruber, Dan: 243 Gruber, Marian: 81 Gruis, Alicia: 248 Gruver, Gordon: 115,162,234 GUIDANCE: 64 Gum, Doug: 220 Gunnette, Rory: 248 Gutfleisch, Lynn: 188 Guthner, Gayla: 22,52,248 Gutknecht, David: 113,234 H Habibe, Martha: 68 Hageland, Teresa: 21,230,234 Hagemeister, Jill: 220 Haggerty, Patricia: 71 Hahn, David: 188 Hahne, Tom: 234 Halberstadt, Glenn: 234 Hole, Linda: 234 Hale, Robert: 248 Haley, Richard: 234 Hall, Brenda: 188 Hall, Debbie: 22,248 Hall, Gary: 20,52,188 Hall, Randy: 11,234 Hall, Rick: 128,234 Hamari, Paul: 188 Hamel, Angela: 248 Hamel, Raul: 123,220 Hamilton, Linda: 22,31,234 Hemmelman, Beverly: 248 Hamor, Nancy: 248 Hamp, Rick: 248 Hamrick, Donna: 188 Hanback, Phil: 220 Hancock, Joyce: 248 Hand, Tom: 220 Hanes, Cheryl: 243 Hanes, Diane: 243 Hanes, Michael: 17,60,79,92,93,94, 95,97,98,121,159,158,188,160 Haney, Pam: 234 Honn, Richard: 249 Hanna, Howard: 229 Hanna, Marcia: 188 Hanold, Peggy: 188 Hanold, Penny: 21,25,52,234 Hansen, Adell: 63 Hansen, Cindy: 22,246,249 Hansen, LaVonne: 165,220 Hansen, Mike: 220 Hanson, Greg: 102,123,249,260 Hansson,'Brad: 220 Hardeman, Jim: 249 Harlan, Karan: 249 Harlan, Leona: 22,249 Harmon, Donna: 21,220 Horner, Ruth: 79 Harper, Rick: 249 Harris, Barbara: 189 Harris, Dennis: 114,229 Harris, Donald: 51,92,72,94,111,113 Harris, Gregory: 234 Harris, Lindo C.: 189 Harris, Linda M.: 249 Harrison, Kathy: 234 Harrison, Kieth: 20,21,52,220,223, 170 282 GENERAL INDEX Hart, Richard: 76 Hart, Rose: 65 Harter, Hartley, Hartley, Harwoo Bev: 249 Linda: 220 PGFT1: 249 d, Jon: 162,189 Hassard, Kathy: 21,143,189 Hassard, Maureen: 31,234 Hatcher, Dave: 189 Hatcher, Georgia: 189 Hatcher, Nancy: 129,13O,135,161 220 Hatcher, Tom: 234 Hawes, George: 189 Hawks, Howard: 234 Hawkes, Teri: 234 Haynes, Joyce: 31,244,248,262 Hayward, Jon: 56,123,234 Haywood, Steve: 189 Hozelton, Roger: 2l,52,234 Heaney, David: 249 Heaney, Marilyn: 52,42,220 Hearn, Harry: 255 Hebert, Gil: 234 Heck, Eileen: 81 Heck, Steve: 102,123,255 Heitner, Christina: 162,230,234 Heining, Will: 249 Heinz, John: 89,113,234 Heiss, Mary: 234 HELLO DAZE: 13 HELLO DAZE KING AND QUEEN: 137 Helmer, Sonny: 47 Helme, Linda: 22,234 Henstreet, Gayle: 23,249 Hender, Beth: 151,189 Hendrickson, Mark: 21,52,53,166,189 Henkel, Jon: 103,123,249 Hennessy, Kathy: 220 Hennessy, Mike: 249 Henricksen, Mary.lo: 66 Henson, Rosemarie: 21,220 Herbeck, Judy: 14,16,30,31,45,165, 216,22O,222,223,246,267 Herbeck, Dennis: 103,110,123,249 Herberg, Lloyd: 55,109,128,220 Hern, Linda: 189 Hern, Susan: 249 Herron, Ron: 234 Hersch, James: 189 Hess, Barbara: 15,30,159,220,222, 223,301 Hethcoat, Gary: 145,220 Hethcoat, Pam: 249 Heyneman, Debbie: 21,234 Heyneman, Marsha: 220 Hlgnite, Hignite, Roger: 189 Troy: 31,103,255 Hill, Peter: 162,220 Hill, Robin: 234 Hill, Roger: 102,115,117,146,166,234 Hilliard, Larry: 103,234 Hillstrand, Debbie: 159,164,189 Hillstrand, Sandy: 220 Hines, Charlene: 220 Hines, John: 2O,21,36,48,52,167,189 Hines, Richard: 249 Hinkle, Steve: 234 Hoch, D avid: Hoff, Robert: 234 Hoftert, Hogan, Ho an Mike: 21,52,53,189 Debbie: 249 Stan 234 Q , : Hoganson, Bill: 2O,34,52,53,118,17O, 187,190 Hoganson, Scott: 21,43,52,234 Hoganson, William: 20,23,69 Hague, David: 190 Hogue, Mike: 235 Holder, Becky: 190 Holder, Mary: 45,235 Holder, Patricia: 190 Holder, Roxanne: 220,224 Holditch, Janice: 249 Holland, Leonard: 25,26,72,194 Holley, Susan: 129,131,249 Holmes, Valerie: 235 Holmstrom, Carol: 21,164,171,220 Holmstrom, Joan: 255 Holstien, Terri: 221,259 Holton, Charley: 221 Holton, Cherri: 221 Holton, Fred: 190 Holtz, Susan: 235 HOMECOMING: 24,25,26,27, Queen: 139 HOME ECONOMICS: 78 HOMEMAKER OF THE YEAR: 152 Homewood, Jaclyn: 21,42,146,235 Homewood, Terry: 31,42,146,148, 152,164,190 Honn, Nancy: 249 HONORS: 136-137 HONOR SOCIETY: 146 Hook, Ronald: 249 Hopper, Leah: 21,52,235 Hopper, William: 158,190 Horton, Ron: 190 Horton, Warren: 221 Houff, Janice: 221,264 Howard, Mary: 235 Howard, Robert: 190 Howard, Ron: 103,123,235 Howe, Larry: 115,249 Howell, Candace: 51,77 Howell, Jane: 190 Howell, Robert: 90,115,221 Hoyt, Glen: 103,113,235 Hoyt, Mark: 221 Hubbard, Michael: 249 Hubbard, Pauline: 23,249 Hudgens, Michele: 249 Hudson, Sheila: 21,52,235 Hueth, Kathleen: 130,134,235 Huff, Melanie: 133,221 Huffman, Dana: 221 Hughes, Larry: 221,224 Hughes, Maureen: 229 Hughes, Scott: 103,235 Hughs, Janet: 235 Hupp, Kathy: 24,249 Hupp, Vicki: 21,235 Hurley, Diane: 79,190 Hurley, Richard: 16,30,44,87,88,111, 158,160,221 Hurt, Frank: 190 Hurt, Kenneth: 235 Hutchinson, Patti: 221 Hutchinson, Steve: 235 Hutson, Don: 190 Hutson, Janet: 30,31,230,235 I Iakopo, Maggie: 22,249 IDES OF MARCH: 50 INDUSTRIAL ARTS: 76 Ingram, Marc: 30,31,86,87,88,111, 190,261,188 INTER-CLUB COUNCIL: 156 Irelan, Tom: 123,249 Ireland, Grady: 20,52,115,118,221 Ireton, Jean: 235 Irvin, Martha: 235 .l Jacklin, Alice: 22,130,249 Jacklin, Boyd: 118 Jackson, Carol: 235 Jackson, James: 229 Jackson, Larry: 38,39,249 Jacobson, Bryan: 190 Jacobson, Mike: 235 Jacobson, Deborah: 190 Jaensch, Christine: 163,191 Jaensch, Nancy: 235 James, Becky: 191 James, Lenore: 20,191 Janke, Jeff: 2O,23,50,52,148,235,243 JASON AWARDS: 51 Jason, John: 118,119,191 Jasperson, Steve: 235 Jenkins, Brad: 207 Jenkins, Chris: 235 Jenkins, Susan: 235 Jenkins, Valerie: 159,166,221 Jensen, Cloigh: 23,110,l28,249 Jensen, Robert: 249 Jimenez, Johnny: 235 Jocham, Mark: 115,249 Jocham, Pam: 21,235 Johnson, Byron: 235 Johnson, Dean: 249 Johnson, Ginelle: 145,159,191 Johnson, Glenda: 249 Johnson, Henry: 23 Johnson, Janet: 79 Johnson Johnson , Julie: 221 Kris: 249 : Johnson, Lee: 221 Johnson, Linda: 249 Johnson, Louise: 221 Johnson, Lydia: 191 Johnson, Mariorie: 23,130,132,133, 134,163,249 Johnson, Rhonda: 221 Johnson, Stan: 114,249 Johnson , sybn: 22,s2,24Q Johnson, Thomas: 157,159,191 Johnstone, Bruce: 221 Johnston, Danny: 89,113,235 Johnston, Debbie: 249 Jokela, Jokela, Rod: 249 Stephen: 221 Jolley, Ellen: 21,52,235 Jones, Denise: 235 Jones, Jett: 23,103,128,246,249 Jones, Karen: 249 Jones, Kent: 113,171,235 Jones, Nancy: 159,221,265,266 Jones, Patti: 249 Jones, Ralph: 158,191 Jones, Randall: 146,166,235 Janes, Regina: 221 Jones, Robert: 221 Jones, Steve: 191 Jordan, Brian: 249 Jordan, Carol: 191 Jordan, Rob: 110,128,244,249 Jorrich, Jackie: 235 Jorstad, Korn: 23,221 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: 216 JUNIOR MISS: 152 JUNIOR PLAY: 38,39 JUNIORS: 217,229 K Kaelin, Joe: 66,191 Kaiwi, Rick: 89,113,235 Kalm, Tom: 235 Kamps, Kasper, Steve: 255 Rick: 235 Katayama, Robert: 249 Kaul, Randy: 221 Kay, Brian: 221 Keating, Brian: 103,115,250 Keating, Kevin: 102,114,235 Keedy, Mike: 221 Keith, Ronald: 191 Kelley, Pat: 235 Kelley, Frank: 235 Kelley, Pam: 235 Kellogg, Sue: 250 Kemmerer, David: 221 Kemmerer, Diane: 250 Kennedy, Colleen: 235 Kennedy, Linda: 22,30,235 Kennedy, Paul: 250 Kennener, Debbi: 250 Kepley, Tommye: 21,30,129,130 132 i33,134,131,235 ' ' Keppele r, Beniamin: 25 Kosulandich, Susan: 129,134,161,192 McMillan, Kerner, Jocalyn: 250 Kerrigan, T. J.: 128,250 ' Kersey, Lorenn: 250 Kessler, James: 76,92,93,98,121,160, 221 Ketsdever, Gary: 236 KEY CLUB: 158 Killingbeck, Janice: 42,146,157,166, 236 Killion, Lucille: 81 Kim, Sukchoo: 123,151,222 Kimberling, Sharon: 250 King, Bill: 110,123,250 King, Mary Alice: 70,71 King, Sharon: 243 Kirchner, Linda: 255 Kirk, Debby: 38,39,25O Kistler, Ann: 250 Kitfield, Cathleen: 236 Klein, Janet: 130,162,163,222 Klier, Mary: 250,251 Klingaman, Phyllis: 222 Kohl, Candace: 222 Klinkhamer, Celeste: 163,191 Kloepfer, Hans: 120,123,236 Knight, Tom: 191 Knutson, Marc: 128,236 Koeller, Diane: 23,166,250 Koeller, Kathie: 23,165,236 Koepke, Jerry: 250 Koepke, William: 176,192 Koepnick, Dennis: 250 Koepnick, Frank: 121,160,192,262 Kollar, Paul: 88,89,111,158,160,222 Koopman, Vickie: 222,261 Korsvall, Tom: 103,115,250 Kortz, Horst: 71 Kramer, Michael: 50,146,166,236,243 Kranz, Ron: 255 Kranz, Steven: 79,9O,243 Kresen, Jerry: 128,236 Kronenberg, Robert: 23,250 Krow, Nancy: 159,164,192 Krueger, Mark: 102,123,222 Kuhaupt, Roger: 157,192 Kuykendall, Don: 236 L LaBarthe, chris: 20,B9,118,146,166, 236 LaBarthe, Jeff: 21,102,118,146,166, 236,243 Labelle, Suzanne: 222 Lackey, Patricia: 23,250 Lackey, Sharon: 21,192 LaGrandeur, Dorothy: 192 Laine, Glen: 121,207 Loke, Charles: 77,110,222 LoLande, Joanne: 222 LaMarco, Joseph: 81 Lambert, Brad: 30,103,111,112,250 Lambert, Georgina: 236 Lambert, SuzAnne: 34,250 Lambertus, lola: 81 Lamborn, Teri: 192,266 Lance, Randy: 30,31,49,107,108,104, 125,192 Landridge, Heather: 24,26,244,250 Landin, Bonnie: 67 Landry, David: 236 Landry, Scott: 250 Lane, Churk: 103,115,250,123 Lane, Gilbert: 79,188,192,3O,31,160 Lontear, Gloria: 250,31 Lanfear, Linda: 42,236,159 Lang, Pat: 243 Longelle, Tom: 250 Langin, Jewell: 222 LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT: 68 Laphom, Rosemary: 21,146,157,164, 166,236 Lariscy, Wanda: 255 Larson, Beth: 250 Larson, Diane: 227,222,159 Larson, Jeffrey: 222 Larson, Mary: 236 Lasky, Doc: 17 Lasky, Marie: 81 Latham, Rob: 2,3 LATIN CLUB: 166 Lau, Kathy: 250 Lau, Marie: 236 Laughon, Michael: 192 Laughon, Steve: 90,250,160,121 Lawhon, Charlotte: 45,236 Lay, Bert: 117,222 Lazor, Dennis: 192 Lazenby, Blaine: 222 Leavitt, Terry: 59,222 Lechner, James: 89,222 Lee, Sue: 218,222 Le Grand, Kathy: 250 Lehman, Wynnana: 250 Leighton, Craig: 103,250 Lemon,Jim: 38,39,59,163,170,192 Lepione, Mark: 222 LePore, Brenda: 222 viii" is LeRitz, Pam: 222 Lerno, Elaine:222 Lett, Janet: 254,255 LETTERGIRLS: 161 Levie, Chris: 22,236 Levick, Andrea: 22,52,250 Lewis, Dana: 192 Lewis, Gary: 20,52,53 Lewis, Kathy: 3,5,59,159,164,192 Lewis, Lisa: 250 Lewis, Robert: 236 Lewis, Teresa: 22,250 Lex, Terri: 31,236 L'Heureux, Bill: 236 A NEW addition to this years faculty was pro-footballer Rudy Bukich. He is shown here recruiting two students. Lovin Lozzi, g, Mary: 193 Richard: 236 Luchs, Steve: 23,236 Lucin, Hilda: 12,65 Lucin, Martin: 250 Lucy, Joan: 236 Liaboe, Pam: 23,146,236 Liaboe, Shirley: 42,171,192 Libeu, Larry: 90,91,121,160,236 LIBRARY SCIENCE: 171 Light, Linda: 250 Lilley, Brad: 89,111,112,222 Lilley, Mike: 80,86,87,182,188,193, 261 Lilly, Cindy: 160,193,207 Lilly, Jo: 222 Linden, Danna: 250 Linden, Jack: 250 Linden, Lenore: 193 Lindle, Perry: 222 Lindsey, Sherry: 20,222 Lininger, John: 236 Linkogle, Cheryl: 21,159,193 Linkogle, Les: 236 Linquist, Karen: 236 Linquist, Ron: 207 Lissner, Ardith: 193,265 Lissner, Melinda: 250 Liticker, Craig: 92,160,236 Littleiohn, Larry: 23,89,113,250 Loadholtz, Cheryda: 21,236 Lobin, Dick: 193 Lockhart, Phillip: 243 Lodwick, Doris: 65 Logan, David: 21,222 Logue, Linda: 78,130,134,193 Logue, Robert: 158,160,222 Lucy, John: 25,146,147,151,156,157 158,159,162,167,193,203 Lundgren, Jerry: 222 Lussier, Joyce: 222 Lum, Sam: 49,70,71,125,128 Lush, Myrtlebelz 51,63 Luther, Bonnie: 78,13O,134,236 Lyles, Janet: 182,193 Lyon, Bob: 236 Mc McAlpine, Agnes: 236 McBee, Pom: 250 McCabe, Ginfred: 194 McCart, Dale: 4,52,222 McCarthy, Arlene: 250 McCarthy, Cheryle: 129,130,132,133, 134,163,236 McCarty, Mike: 250 McCarty, Peggy: 22,236 McClelland, Marcy: 156,163,194 McC1uskey, Kenneth: 3,46,59,67,80 McConnell, Mike: 80,87,188 McConnell, Terry: 236 McCormick, Michael: 222 McCorry, David: 222 McCoy, Gaylen: 250 McGuire, Patricia: 229 McGuigan, Edward: 195 Mclntyre, Jennifer: 22,13O,134,251 Mclntosh, Robbie: 195 McKeever, Erin: 236 McKeever, Teri: 42,223 McKernan, Patricia: 251 McKernan, James: 158,195 . McKinney, Eileen: 120,223 McMahon, Kathy: 30,245,251 Richard: 223 McNamara, Dianne: 42,156,164,195 McNamara, Jan: 251 McNamara, Jim: 31,92,114,116,125, 160,229 McNees, Dennis: 223 McSwain, Anne: 22,251 McTaggart, Patty: 236 McTaggart, Tom: 251 M Maccabe, Karen: 236 Mack, Candy: 166,223,265 Mackey, John: 74,193 MacLeod, John: 251 MacDonald, David: 236 Maciel, Martha: 236 Maciel, Vera: 251 MacLeod, Carol: 42,164,193 Mack, Dave: 236 MacKenzie, Steve: 236 Madau, Pete: 72,114,193 Lomas, Chuck: 5,57,58,70,146,157 222 London, Brett: 23,146,236 Long, Edith: 78 Long, Gilbert: 250 Long, Glenn: 250 Long, Keith: 236 Longoria, Pat: 243 Longson, Clay: 250 Lonee, Steve: 222 Lonski, Terri: 171,222 Looper, Nancy: 193 Lopez, Delores: 236 Lopez, Margaret: 250 Love, William: 51,71 McCready, Cheryl: 195 McDonald, 167,223 McDonald, Jennifer: 236 McDonald, Maureen: 30,195 McDonald, Steve: 115,248,250 McDougal, William: 250 McEachern, Linda: 250 McFarland, Joe: 236 McGill, Karol: 75,129,130,131,132, 133,134,135,146,166,236 McGill, Mark: 233 McGill, Vicki: 236 McGillivray, Bruce: 236 McGinley, Kathleen: 250 McGrew, Patricia: 162,166,223 McGuire, Christine: 195 McGuire, Laurele: 30,223 McGuire, Pat: 92,95,160,195,207 Bob: 2O,38,39,52,146,158, Madieros, Cindy: 20,21,42,44,52,167, 223 Madieros, Madison, Valerie: 146,166,194 Paula: 166,223 Magedman, Sydney: 251 Magee, Joan: 223 Maguire, Kathleen: 236 Mahar, William: 92,121,l22,159,l6O 223 Maisenbach, Mike: 103,251 Malmborg, Vickie: 237 Maloney, Nanci: 237 Maltsberger, Greg: 223 Maltsberger, Linda: 237 Money, Patricia: 21,229 Mangiamelli, Ronnie: 237 Manley, Maureen: 230,237 Mann, Daniel: 237 Manny, Marlene: l6,45,48,216,223, 267 GENERAL INDEX 283 N Maples, Rick: 194 Marcotrigiano, Grace: 21,194 Marcusen, Richard: 69 Mariola, Diane: 157,237 Mariola, Mark: 109,121,237 Marcum, Dave: 89,113,251 Margulieux, Glenn: 251 Margulieux, Nancy: 171,223 Miller, Lewis: 224 Miller, Mark: 89,111,224 Miller, Paula: 42,224 Miller, Richard: 72,73 Miller, Rick: 95,224,160 Miller, Scott: 237 Miller, Steve: 224 Miller, William: 195 Margulieux, Rose: 162,166,194 Mark, Susan: 251 Marks, Gary: 125,194 Marrale, Andy: 237 Marshall, Sharon: 78 Martin Martin Martin Martin, Lynette: 34,170,251 Nanette: 34,131,170,251 Shari: 30,194 Sherri: 237 Mendonca, Janice: 237 Morschl, Millenson, Laura: 34,45,146,170,237 Martinez, Gail: 22,251 .Martinez, Lydia: 133,165,237 Martz, Glen: 31,7O,223 Marvin, Darlene: 251 Marvin, Dorothy: 251 Masters, Chuck: 223 Mastroianni, Joseph: 229 Matassa, Christine: 157,243 MATH DEPARTMENT: 70,71 Mattocks, Ken: 251 Matthews, Bob: 81 Matthews, Kristi: 251 Matthews, Robert: 76,95,194 Matthew, Scott: 251 Matthews, William: 95,194 Matthey, Janet: 130,157,164,237 Mattice, Diane: 194 Mattice, Jeri: 223 Mattocks, Ron: 194 Maurer, Dave: 102,110,244,251 Maust, Dean: 223 Mayer, Kerry: 111,223 Mayfield, Gary: 194 Mayfield, Toni: 194 Mayolett, Joe: 243 Mayor, Donna: 45,237 Mayor, Laurie: 223 Mazurek, Darryl: 251 Mazurek, Karen: 45,223,264 Mazy, Candee: 224 Mecey, Sam: 76,237 Mecham, Susan: 237 MEDICAL EXPLORERS: 171 Mehler, Virginia: 23,251 Meidinger, Cathy: 21,23O,234,237 Meidinger, Mike: 14,24,25,30,40,43, 111,159,160,181,191,195,200,109, 211,266,268 Meier, Judy: 251 Meiia, Olivia: 237 Melteborger, Jack: 71,92,94,114,115 Mendonca, John: 23,146,162,195 Meneely, Robert: 243 Meneely, Tom: 237 Menkal, Micheline: 224,151 Merfeld, Keith: 195,197 Merriott, Jane: 81 Meyers, Carol: 251 Meysenburg, Diane: 72 Michika, Ellen: 243 Michika, Robert: 118,251 Middleton, Phil: 229,261 Mier, John: 195 Mikkelsen, Larry: 195 Mikkelsen, Linda: 195 Mills, Claire: 2i,23,i35,14i,i57, 164,166,237 Mills, Craig: 141,146,157,160,147, i2i,ic4,i5i,i95 MILLS FAMILY: 141 Milner, John: 237 Milner, Ken: 196 Miner, Carole: 12,65 Minger, Chris: 56,224 Minger, Peggy: 162,230,237 Mitani, Joyce: 15,196,204,264 Mitani, Wendy: 237 Mitchell, Clark: 224 Mitchell, Cliff: 159,160,224 Mitchell, John: 251 Mize, Joe: 237 Mize, Michell: 251 Mize, Mike: 251 Mize, Tony: 30,237 Moede, Susan: 229 Mohn, Linda: 224 Molacek, Anita: 224 Molacek, Ken: 237 Moll, Alan: 22,8O,224 Moniak, Barry: 31,166,237 Montana, Larry: 224 Montana, Wayne: 237 Montgomery, Donna: 224 Montgomery, John: 103,251 V Mont omer Jon: 28 92 95 142 158, 9 Y: , . , , 159,160,176,177,196,207,265 Montgomery, Matt: 92,224 Murray, Sharon: 22,237 Musil, Alan: 74 Musil, Greg: 251 Musil, Larry: 224 Myers, Marie: 130,131,134,157,166, 251 Nakata, Sharon: 251 Naranio, DeeDee: 229 Neal, Francis: 12,65 Neal, Tim: 243 Nebergall, Linda: 42,44,143,159,224, 267 Neese, Darlene: 262,224 Neff, Bobbie: 238 Negri, Becky: 196 Neitzel Karl: 224 Neitzel Vicki: 251 Nelson, Allen: 252 Nelson, Carolyn: 22,252 Nelson, Catherine: 196 Nelson, Grant: 252 Nelson, Jay: 238 Nelson, Jim: 31,158,166,224 Nelson, Judy: 196 Nelson Kris: 238 Nelson Nels: 69 Nelson Nelson: 255 Nelson Pat: 224 Nelson Robin: 238 Nelson Nessar Nessar f sh:-iiey: 163,196 , Danna: 238 , Robert: 224 Montoya, Ruth: 224 Moore, Bruce: 80,104,196 Moore, Carol: 237 Moore, Larry: 251 Moore, Sherry: 237 Moore, Vera: 25,67,246 Morgan, Bill: 104,107,108,117,160, 208,196 Morgan, Clayton: 225 Morgan, David: 251 Morgan, George: 243 Morgan, John: 237 Morris, Beverly: 22,224 Morris, Bill: 229 Morris, Randy: 237 Morris, Sue: 237 Morrison, Janet: 237 Morrissey, John: 102,237 Chris: 251 Miller, Bonita: 251 Miller, David: 103,115,128,251 Miller, DeeAnn: 15,30,220,223,264 Miller, Donald: 251 Miller, Ella: 81 Miller, Fred: 15,16,30,31,92,93,96, Q7,9a,99,ioo,1o4,io6,io7,1oa,i 24, 12s,i26,i42,i5a,i4:o,2i6,223,224 Miller, James: 23,52,115,25I Miller, Jeff: 103 284 GENERAL INDEX Morse, Roxanna: 237 Morse, Sandra: 157,196 Mortensen, Don: 243 Mortensen, Sharon: 145,224,269 Mortensen, Pam: 251 Mortensen, Virginia: 146,147,196 Mortimer, Jodell: 237 MOST WORTHY ARGONAUT: 135 Moter, Greg: 103,123,244 Moret, John: 196 Mourek, Rick: 224 Mowels, George: 224 Mowels, Sherry: 171,196 Mowry, Dennis: 237 Moyer, Donna: 196 Mugrdige, Linda: 251 Mulleady, Mike: 251 Munyon, Kathi: 23 Murphy, Joseph: 74,87,89 Murphy, Sharon: 237 Murray, Daniel: 87,196 Murray, Judith: 196 Murray, Kitty: 24,26,36,52,48,20, 223,224,216 Murray, Patricia: 134,159,224 Neuburger, Jackie: 197 Neuroth, Ken: 95,114,252 Neville, Dug: 87,118,225 Newcomb, Mike: 197 Newell, Cathy: 224 Newhouse, Tim: 224 Newman, Patty: 21,30,224 Newton, Robert: 23,90,146,158,233, 238 Niemczyk, Leon: 81 Niizawa, Helene: 42,166,216,225 Niksch, Terry: 52,21,151,225 Niswander, Mary: 238 NOON ACTIVITIES: 43 Norcross, Kathy: 225 Norcross, Pam: 197 Nordby, Sheri: 165,238 Nordin, Dana: 252 Norman, Susan: 146,238 Norton, Linda: 197 Norton, Mary: 208 Nowocinski, Joe: 238 Nulle, Craig: 197,162 Nyhus, Keith: 197 N hus Sandra: 252 Y , Nyhus, Sharon: 129,130,131,132,133, 134,135,238 O Oberwise, Alan: 238 Obole, Ted: 252 O'Brien, Bill: 104,107,108,123,238 O'Brien, Janine: 252,30 O'ConnelI, George: 197 O'DelI, JP: 81 OFFICE STAFF: 65 Ogden, Aruthur: 252 Ogden, Debbie: 20,32,41,42,52,141, 153,167,196,197,213 Ogden, Don: 225 Ogdon, Kirk: 23,243 O'Hare Gar - 243 Olson, John: 30,166,252 Olson, Linda: 197 O'NeiIl, Linda: 78,252 O'NeiII, Pat: 238 O'Neill, Peggy: 5,59,197,263 Onishi, Frances: 80 Onsen, Roger: 252 Oper, Don: 21,104,197 ORCHESTRA: 23 Orosco, Pat: 238 Orbaker, Ed: 225 Orrick, Thomas: 225 Ortega, Al: 121,225 Ortega, Fred: 110 Ortega, Greg: 243 Ortega, Shelly: 238 Osterkamp, Sue: 238 Otto, Kenneth: 238 Oune, Leona: 130,162,225 Owen, Sandi: 3,5,28,30,56,58,59, 149,159,196,197,263 Owens, Mike: 121,238 P Pace, Cathlyn: 252 Pachal, Al: 198 Pachal, Debby: 22,252 Paddock, Todd: 63,35 Palmer, Carol: 147,157,164,171,198 Palmer, David: 198 Palmer, Sarah: 23,252 Palmer, Susan: 225 Palmgren, Jennie: 198 Pamer, Linda: 238 Pamplin, Bob: 25,252 Paolisso, Barbara: 252 Pape, Kathy: 23,34,39,13O,131,161 164,166,170,198 Pape, Patty: 23,38,39,31,157,159, 163,164,168,130,17O,198 Parker, Bertrand: 252 Parker, Gary: 238 Parker, Mark: 238 Parker, Marsha: 252 Parks, William: 79 Parr, Jeanie: 238 Pascoe, Roberta: 22,252 Patterson, Ed: 229 Patton, Carlyn: 142,166,225 Patton, Larry: 238 Patton, Vicki: 252,254 Paulsell, Richard: 72 Paxson, Daniel: 252 Pearson, Cathy: 225 Pearson, Eugene: 95,225 Pearson, James: 238 Pearson Robert: 198204 Peatson: Virginia: 252 : Y: O'Hare, Lawrence: 197 Ohnstad, Sandi: 225 Okulick, Diane: 197 O'Loughlin, Joe: 238 Olsen, Chris: 225 Olsen, Robert: 225 Olsen, Vicki: 252 Olsen, Dan: 103,252 Pease, Rita: 31,252 Peck, Jeanne: 252 Peck, Michelle: 21,52, 238 Pedersen, Phil: 238 Pedersen, Sue: 32,40,167,176,198 Peebles, David: 238 Peek, Monica: 166,3O,42,238 Peery, Ken: 198 Penlick, Karen: 24,34,38,39,17O,198 PEP CLUB: 159 PERFORMANCE: 83:84 Perkins, Gary: 35,243 Perkins, Jim: 198 Perkins, Penny: 5,58,59,149,159, 198,258 Perrin, Robert: 252 Perrin, Roger: 225 Perry, Tony: 225 Pescuma, JoAnne: 238 Peterson, Craig: 115,90,162,123,252 Peterson, Frances: 151,168,170,198 Peterson, Jeanne: 238 Peterson, LeeAnn: 198,38,39,42,150 Peterson, Linda: 225 Petersen, Steve: 117,225 Petrillo, Al: 14,16,28,29,40,77,11l, 158,159,176,198,200,211,259,260 Pemlio, Paulo: 24,165,225,226,266 Petry, Gay: 2,38,165,45 Petry, Pam: 31,45,238 Peverieri, Leonard: 238 Peverieri, Linda: 225 Phillips, Cheryl: 198 Phillips, Gail: 252 Phillips, John: 23,52,115,252 Phillips, Joyce: 199 Phillips Valerie: 199 PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Boys: 74 PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Girls: 75 Piccolo, Greg: 225 Pickens, Blanche: 80 Pieper, Preston: 22,225 Pierce, Jon: 252 Pierce, Rosean: 252 Pines, Edie: 165,225 Pinkerton, Bill: 162,199 Pinnell, Janice: 220,225 Ploteroti, Cathie: 229 Plateroti, Jim: 103,252 PLAYERS-OF-THE-WEEK: 142 Poce, Darla: 220,225 Poce, Debbie: 252 Pocoroba, Raymond: 252 Poemoceah, Malcolm: 92,115,160, 238 Pointinger, Gunter: 23,141,157,158, 159,162,164,167,199,203 Polk, Patricia: 252 Pope, Janice: 157,238 Popso, Richard: 243 Porras, Irene: 252 Porter, Debra: 129,130,132,133,13-4, 252 Porter, Edward: 21,52,238 Ragbourn, Geoffrey: 238 Rohm, Linda: 22,252 Rahn, Dove: 199 Raines, Patti: 229 RAINY DAY: 35 Ralston, Andrew: 50,118,162,164,238 Ralston, Edward: 146,147,156,164, 199 Rampey, Phil: 23,252 Randall, Louis: 102,125,126,238 Rapp, Bill: 24,26,28,29,30,4O,41,43, 48,92,139,146,149,158,l59,160,167, 176,177,181,194,198,199 Rappaport, Susan: 252 Rasmussen, Betsy: 42,238 Rasmussen, Evan: 103,115,128,252 Rasmussen, Kent: 92,114,116,l28, 160,230,238 Ratini, Tim: 23,255 Ray, Carol: 252 Rayl, Tim: 252,260 Rover, Steve: 238 Reafsnyder, Les: 81 Reofsnyder, Sue: 225 Reason, Rose: 199,259 Reck, Lawlor: 51,73,87,88,89,111,113 Reed, Darryl: 225 Reed, Gail: 20,225 Reed, John: 24,51,63,141,158 Reed, Mrs. John: Reeder, Claudia: 78,157,166,238 Reese, Pam: 42,159,166,225 Reetz, Brad: 238 REGISTRATION: 12 Renner, Ruth: 220,226 Reno, Miriam: 252 Reno, Steve: 109,238 Restivo, David: 103,128,244,253 Restivo, James: 40,41,158,160,199, Robidoux, Bill: 159,226 Roche, Kathy: 239 Rodorte, Rodney: 103,128,239 Rust, Mary: 22,130,239 Rustod, Chris: 74 Ryan, Baxter: 201 Rodgers, Sharon: 200 Rodriguez, Ruben: 200 Rogers, Dave: 200 Rogers, Pat: 239 Rogers, Richard: 226 Roks, Thomas: 229 Roll, Daryl: 239 Rood, Dale: 253 Rood, Kirk: 229 Ropp, Jim: 95,114,160,225 Ropp, Tom: 103,115,28,255 Rose, John: 110,28,253 S Sacks, Steve: 201 Saenz, Bob: 103,253,123 Saenz, Lucille: 30,31,226,221,228 Saiz, Martha: 201 Saiz, Mike: 110,239 Solos, Mike: 145,149,201 Salas, Peter: 253 Salazar, Benny: 226 Salcido, Al: 115,128,239 Salcido, Laura: 239 Rose, Bill: 253 Roseberry, Charles: 90,229 Roseberry, Curtis: 253 Roseberry, Kay: 200 Rosell, Rita: 22,253 Rosell, Rosalind: 22,239 Salyards, Keith: 239 Sanchez, Julia: 75,129,131 Sanchez, Patricia: 201 Sanders, Donna: 255 Sanders, Gary: 201 Sanders, Robert: 104,107,160,226 Porter, Mike: 253 Porter, Stephen: 104,122,160,199 Posner, Mary: 60,80 Potter, Lois: 42,225,264 Potter, Thomas: 199 Poussard, Tim: 66,208 Powell, Clois: 51,71 Powell, Jerry: 238 Powell, Laura: 22,225 Powell, Walter: 80 Powers, John: 243 Powers, Pam: 252 ' 200,261 Retter, Mike: 239 Retzer, John: 43,17,92,93,97,98,99, 100,101,142,159,160,127,125,200, 207,212 Reynolds, Jim: 239 Reynolds, JoAnn: 200 Reynolds, Sharon: 239 Rez, Bev: 21,30,45,239 Rhoades, Calvin: 253 Rhodes, Mark: 226 Rhodes, Sue: 200 Pozonic, Harold: 81 Prall, Denise: 229 Prall, Jodi: 244,252 Pratt, Jim: 49,77,lO5,ll7,248 Prowl, Dennis: 252 Price, Jack: 252 Price, Nancy: 134 Price Nancy: 238 Price, Lee: 102,115,128,160,238 Price, Richard: 67 Price Willard: 252 Prickett, Candace: 142,164,199 Prickett, Tim: 103,252 PRIDE: 8:9 Priestap, Judi: 199 Prigger, Pat: 151,199 Primrose, John: 238 Provenzano, Pete: 252 Provost, Doyle: 78 Purcey, Douglas: 77,199 Purcey, Jim: 238 PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE: 172-173 Q Quanz, Debbie: 225 Quinn, Christine: 70,253 Quinn, Kathy: 238 Raaphorst, Dirk: 3,57,58,225 Robe, Lorrie: 165,238 Robe, Marty: 229 Ricard, Gary: 23,90,120,121,16O,253 Rice, Dave: 31,158,111,20O Richards, Barbera: 42,157,239 Richards, Mitchell: 102,255 Richardson, Diane: 159,162,163,164, 200 Richey, Sherry: 253 Richmond, Sammie: 21,45,239 Ricker, Cynthia: 21,239 Riddle, Alan: 50,156,157,159,162, 239 Riddle, Douglas: 25,28,29,30,23,40, 41,52,53,146,156,157,159,l47,153, 158,162,167,170,200,201 Ridenour, Howard: 239 Ridenour, Steven: 253 Ridge, Terry: 23,89,113,112,255 Ridgeway, Sue: 253 Ripley, Harold: 255 Ripley, Lila: 200 Ritter, Diane: 253 Rittmon, Carol: 253 Rizuto, Patti: 239 Roarty, James: 123,253 Robb, Marc: 239 Robbins, Barbara: 22,164,253 Roberts, James: 67 Robertson, Carol: 42,30,157,166,239 Robertson, Chris: 41,56,57,32,159, 258,200 Robertson, David: 92,128,160,239 Robertson, Jim: 123,128,239 Robertson, Susan: 171,226 FEROCIOUS ALAN Moll protects a retreating Dance Band as they are forcibly removed from the Donkey Basketball. Game. Rosefield, Gloria: 239 Rosenquist, Rick: 89,11O,113,253 Rosenquist, Susan: 239 Ross, Corrine: 226,264 Ross, Diane: 131,253 Rosser, Denis: 200 Rosser, Michael: 253 Rosser, Terry: 226 Roth, Patti: 239 Rotsch, Howard: 23,24,201 Rousch, Janice: 32,33,4O,144,164, 201 Rousseau, Susan: 201 Rowe, Robert: 89,113,253 Rowland, Steve: 89,115,239 Rowley, Linda: 243 Rubidoux, Linda: 253 Rufus, Jim: 201 Rufus, Linda: 130,133,239 Russ, Dave: 102,123,255 Russ, Marshall: 102,123,239 Russell, John: 92,98,100,142,160, 121,229 Sanders, Virginia: 226 Sandlin, Mark: 201 Sandoval, Brenda: 239 Sandoval, Teresa: 78,226 Santry, Patty: 253 Sargent, Conner: 57,239 Sargent, Pamela: 133,163,201 Saruwotori, Cary: 239 Saruwotori, Janet: 201,161,130 Soul, Ken: 102,253 Savas, Michael: 229 Savas, Peter: 255 Schaefer, Janet: 253 Schaefer, Linda: 201 Scheel, Doug: 23,95,114,116,160,239 Scherer, Sandy: 253 Scherler, Sondra: 253 Schildknecht, Bob: 239 Schildknecht, Marilyn: 201 Schiller, Janine: 32,67 Schloe, Randy: 253 Schneid, Eric: 226 Schnitger, Dave. 146,226 GENERAL INDEX 285 Schnitger, Milton: 23,253,123 Schoen, Laurie: 42,202 Schott, Janice: 253 Schott, Jeff, 202 Schoonaver, Cheri: 202 Schoanover, Kenneth: 226 Schow, Ken: 239 Schreiner, Steve: 202 Schultz, Cheryl: 20,36,48,202 Schultz, Edna: 81 Schroder, Jon: 76,202 Schumaker, Patti: 253 Schwalm, Chris: 239 Schwanke, Candace: 181,202 Schwanke, Jim: 103,128,255 Schwanke, Rick: 128,239 SCIENCE DEPARTMENT: 77 Scott, Beverly: 30,42,165,226 Scott, Lee: 202 Scott, Paul: 239 Scott, Sue: 226 Seabourn, Cathy: 253 Seaman, Scott: 239 Seedborg, Rusty: 102,128,230,239 Seeley, Doro: 34,39,38,2I39 Seeger, Mildred: 51,68 Seest, Larry: 89,125,226 Seest, Linda: 239 Seibel, Mike: 239 Seipp, Carol: 240 Selden, James: 73 Seller, John: 202 Semotan, Greg: 226 SENIOR ACTIVITIES: 209,210 SR. CLASS BESTS: 211,212,213 SR. CLASS OFFICERS: 176,177 SENIOR PLAY: 34 SR. REGISTER: 270,277 SENIORS: 174-175 SENIORS: 178-208 Serapin, Chris: 21,52,67,24O Sessions, Sally: 22,253 Sessions, Viriean: 42,229 Sewell, Gregory: 202 Shaffer, Duane: 124,125,126,240 Shakes, Gary: 243 Shamley, Mike: 229 Shargel, Pat: 115,226 Sharon, Jeff: 128,243 Sharon, Mike: 226 Shatswell, Joyce: 229 Shaw, Keith: 202 Shaw, Terry: 227 Sheline, Mike: 24,92,i24,i25,ic:o, 202,207 Sheline, Terry: 74,226 Shepard, Don: 226 Sherrod, Stephen: 34,38,39,81,169 Sherwood, Clarence: 81 Shields, Ralph: 51,79 Shirley, Harold: 166,226 Shoemaker, Bonnie: 253,254 Shoemaker, Diane: 202 Shoen, Jackie: 78,240 Shoen, Karen: 79,201 Shortridge, Steve: 13,26,89,110,113, 138,244,253 Shoup, Debby: 255 Shugart, JoLynn: 240 Shumaker, Kathy: 202 Shyrer, Bob: 226 Siddons, AI: 90,120,121,240 Sigel, Charlene: 23,253 Sigala, Irene: 226 Silver, Steve: 118,157,166,240 Simmons, Michael: 226 Simpson, Denise: 253 Simpson, Gordon: 208 Sisco, Steve: 226 Skelton, Linda: 226 Skoff, Phillip: 253 Slama, Julie: 42,57,226 Slama, Tam: 128,229 Slaughter, Marlys: 240 286 GENERAL INDEX Sloan, Kay: 66 Slocum, Michael: 240 sly, Chris: 253 Small, Darla: 157,164,240 Smidt, Patti: 240 Smith Carol: 240 Smith, Cheryl: 72,253 Smith Danny: 255 Smith Elaine: 58,130,202 Smith John: 68 Smith Judy: 21,148,202 Smith Kitty: 226 Smith Laurie: 244,253 Smith Linda: 130,240 Smith Smith Lindie: 165,226 Patrick: 226 Smith Reed: 208 Smith Roger: 229 Smith Rosemary: 243 Smith Stephanie: 253 Smith Steve: 253 Smith Wanda: 130,253 Smith William: 68 SMITS FAMILY: 140 Smouse, Eric: 240 Snyder, John: 203 Snyder, Valorie: 203 SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT: 72-73 Soest, Edith: 12,65 Somers, Doug: 226 SONGLEADERS: 15 Sonner, Paul: 125,102,240 Soots, Barbara: 146,157,166,240 SOPHOMORE CLASS: 231-243 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: 230 Sorley, Dennis: 21,243,249 Sorter, Jack: 13,72 Sothan, Melvin: 76 Soza, Barbara: 240 Soza, Chris: 34,203 Spalding, Rita: 226 Spear, Glory: 25,146,159,167,177, 193,202,203 SPECIAL SERVICES: 80 SPEECH CLUB: 162 Spiegle, Karin: 226 Spino, Rosemary: 171,203 Spolerich, Harold: 203 SPORTS: 84-85 ' Sprung, Dennis: 77 Sprang, Kermit: 25,118,157,158,159 162,203 Sprinkle, John: 253 Stafford, Bob: 255 Stafford, Dale: 226 Stagner, Dave: 240 Stagner, James: 14,21,40,43,48,52, 74,91,114,144,158,159,160,164, 262,268 Stagner, Robert: 31,95,114,123,226 Standsberry, Marie: 81 Stanley, Cheryl: 227 Stanley, Dave: 253 Stanley, Vicki: 146,240 Stanslow, Gary: 253 Stanslow, Paula: 227 Starkweather, Sandy: 240 States, Bill: 227 Staudt, Paul: 89,243 Staudt, Paul: 227 Steel, Linda: 227 Steele, Debbie: 227,260 Steele, Denise: 253 Steele, Diane: 253 Stefan, Cheril: 240 Steffy, Merlyn: 124,125,240 Steffy, Mike: 203 Steidley, Gilbert: 21,30,240 Steiner, Stephanie: 31,22,244,253 Stephens, James: 74,105 Stephens, Jeanne: 227 Stewart, Chris: 123,240 Stewart, Dawn: 240 Stewart, Ted: 227 Stillson, Earl: 240 Stillwell, Terry: 240 Stack, Grace: 227 Stoltenberg, Lynn: 42,159,227 Stone, Alice: 77,203 Stone, Allyn: 253,266 Stone, Mike: 128,229 Stone, Sue: 203 Stookey, Mark: 112,115,121,227 Storm, Fred: 227 Storm, Sheryl: 30,157,240 Stoughton, Nick: 227 Stout, Vicki: 203 St. Pierre, Ray: 239 Straff, Gary: 227 Strand, Gay: 21,67,157,240 Straw, Harold: 253 Stringham, Dave: 115,253 Stringham, William: 23,121,240 Strong, Arlan: 22,227 Stromquist, Joan: 203 Stuart, Don: 203 Stubbs, Kristy: 21,204 STUDENT COUNCIL: 30-31 Studholme, Edwin: 227 Studholme, Robert: 110 Suess, Robert: 71,91 Sullivan, Bill: 240 Sullivan, Casey: 240 Kerry: 145,204 Sullivan, Sullivan, Sandra: 25,67,230 Sulzbach, Barbara: 146,157,227,26 Sunstedt, Michael: 109,128,240 Sutter, Sally: 16,3O,31,455,159,170, 219,222,227,267 Shelly: 22,412,240 Sutter, Swan, Charleene: 204 Swan, Forde: 227 Swenson, Lyndon: 208 SWIMMING: Varsity: 111,112 B: 113 C: 113 Sylvia, David: 204 Szalay, Jeff: 254 Szalay, Nik: 95,240 Szalay, Stephanie: 14,146,159,164, 167,176,204,268 Szymanski, Diane: 229 Szymanski, Mary: 254 T Tabak, Steven: 254 Tackett, Bob: 123,254 Takeguma, Michael: 254 Talbott, Karen: 147,151,204 Talbott, Mark: 113,240 Tanihara, Cynthia: 146,166,227 Tanihara, Joanne: 146,166,227 Tanner, Nancy: 229 Tarrant, Terry: 240 Taylor, Bill: 254 Taylor, Dave: 254 Taylor, Gary: 240 Taylor, Lynn K.: 227 Taylor, Lynn M.: 254 Taylor, Rocky: 103,254 Taylor, Tefft, Hallie: 25,216,223,227 Temple, Arthur: 240 Templeton, Larry: 204 Temus, Terry: 102,128,254 Tenerelli, Phillip: 23,254 Tennenini, Louis: 125,227 Tennenini, Mrs.: 17 TENNIS: Varsity: 118,119 J.V.: 118,119 Termuhlen, Lynn: 254 Thacker, Paul: 229 THEME: 1,7 THESPIANS: 168,169,170 Virginia: 240 7 Thies, Karla: 22,254 Thies, Loren: 39 Thomas, Charlie: 254 Thomas, Colleen: 34,38,39,168,169, 170,227 Thomas, Jack: 73 Thomas, John: 3 Thomas, Kerry: 21,240 Thomas, Randi: 229 Thomas, William: 23,254 Thomas, William: 204 Thompson, Gail: 70,146,157,163,164 166,167,168,204 Thompson, Jim: 69 Thompson, John: 204 Thompson, Linda: 240 Thompson, Mary: 229 Thompson, Mary: 227 Thompson, Bob: 208 Thompkins, Carolyn: 254 Thoreson, Jeff: 227 Thorne, Deanne: 254 Thorne, Dwayne: 73,227 Thornton, Lynne: 31,32,40,75,204 Thornton, Jim: 25,118,157,241 Tidd, Leo: 95,227 Tidd, Linda: 241 Tilson, Forrest: 30,102,123,244,254 Tizzard, Randy: 241 Toby, Shirley: 227 Todd, Larry: 204 Todd, Thelma: 204 Todd, Wayne: 254 Tody, Becky: 42,57,i64,is:s,227,2co Tody, Toolson, Mickey: 128,254 Donna: 241 Toomey, Terri: 133,254 Topham, Brian: 254 Topham, Kathy: 56,57,182,204,26O Tomka, Dion: 21,52,129,132,171,161 227 Tomko, Karen: 130,133,241 Tonks, Bob: 50,157,241,243 Torgerson, Torgerson, Torkelson, Torkelson, Tortolano, Tortolano Cyndy: 159,205,262 Ken: 103,115,128,254 Candy: 22,251,254 Kevin: John: 205 June: 241 rom, viiki: 75,131 TRACK: varsity: 120,121 B: 123 C: 123 Trapp, Sharyn: 205,258 Trent, Rick: 254 Truman, Christy: 34,39,227 Truman, Chuck: 89 Truman, Don: 102,241 Tudor, Edward: 254 Tudor, Lorna: 151,205 Tudor, Shawn: 241 Tullar, Pat: 241 Tullar Sue: 130,131 134,254 Tullar, Tom: 30,3I,73 Tulleners, Joyce: 205 Tupper, Pot: 254 Tupper, Theresa: 130,135,241 Turner, Mel: 208 Turner, Mike: 241 U Uranich, Edward: 72,73 Urinsco, Regis: 76 Usary, Joe: 24,110 V Valdes, Max: 51,68 VanAmersfort, Dee: 227 VanAmersfort, Jan: 241 Von Bloem, Clair: 21,52,227 Van Cleave, Lawrence: 74,124,125 Van der Linde, Fred: 104,107,108, 228 Van der Linden, Corry: 205 Vandenberg, Duane: 81 Van Matre, Roger: 228 Vander Velde, June: 31,241 Van Skiver, Carla: 228 van Vlimmeren, Jean: 205 VARSITY CLUB: 160 Vaughan, Steve: 241 Velez, Ralph: 69 Vermeersch, Susan: 21,52,57,171, 228 - Vernon, Billie: 205 Veuleman, Barbara: 73,228 Veuleman, Bruce: 254 Veuleman, Elbert: 205 Via, Randal: 241 Vial, Linda: 241 Vienneau, Debbie: 244,254 Vinson, Randy: 241 Viviano, Cynthia: 176,205 Vodonick, David: 115,228 Vodonick, Mark: 72,103 Voigt, Bobi: 34,38,39,170,241 Voll, Lindy: 130,133,241 Vonic, Lyndy: 28,143,167,159,205 Von Salzen, Angela: 243 Von Salzen, Karl: 228 Vowell, Chris: 241 Vowell, Steve: 205 W Waddill, Janet: 30,42,58,142,146, 167,228,263 Waddill, Sue: 241 Wagner, Jan: 241,165 Walker, Debbie: 31,241 Walker, Earnest: 81 Wagner, Judy: 75,133 Walker, Linda: 205,258 Walker, Steven: 228 Wall, Eileen: 23,254 Wall, Mike: 147,205 Wall, Wendy: 254 Wallace, Bruce: 30,117,241 Wallace, Colleen: 22,254 Walsh, Angelique: 243 Walsh, Garry: 254 Walters, David: 205 Walter, Jim: 162,241 Walter, Ron: 24,26,35,63,158 Walters, Randy: 113,102,241 WANDERSELBEN FAMILY: 140 Ward, Bobbie: 205 Ward, Cindy: 241 Ward, Joe: 90,123,157 Ward, Sherry: 21,157,228 Wardell, Warner, Clayton: 147,151,206 Janice: 166,251,254 Warner, Keith: 21,228 Warner, Paul: 103,254 Warner, Theresa: 228 Warren, Doron: 73 Warren, Shari: 206 '-ll"U"" Wasserman, Jeanne: 228 Wasserman, Stan: 241 Waterhouse, Don: 128,241 Waterhouse, Linda: 14,15,31,167, 176,177,206,268 WATERPOLO: Varsity: 86,87,88 B: 89 C: 89 Watien, Uwe: 112,141,164,167,157, 159,206 Watson, Keiko: 254 Watson, Yumiko: 254 Watkins, Susan: 39,228,259 Watts, Cindyann: 130,133,254 Watral, Craig: 117,109,228 Watral, Debbie: 254 Weber, Stanley: 121,123,241 Webster, Kathy: 228 Wehrle, Chris: 241 Wehrle, Ted: 229 Weidert, Jim: 90,243 Weidert, Timothy: 23,119,118,228 Weimer, Theresa: 229 Weiner, Bruce: 110,123,254 Wekall, Lynda: 243 Wells, Garry: 243 Wells, Jerry: 95,241 Welty, Pam: 241 Wendler, T. W,: 21,241 Wentzel, Marian: 206 Wertzbaugher, Sharon: 42,206 Wesselink, Richard: 206 Westerman, Debra: 234,241 Westlake, Steve: 228 2.1 if TEACHER JOHN Smith attempts to disperse students at GGHS's First Annual Fun-ln. Needless to say, he failed, Westlund, Glen: 90,121,206 Westlund, Wendy: 241 Westover, Cheryl: 22,31,254 Westover, Linda: 12,176,206 Wetzler, Mike: 241 Weyler, Dan: 229 Weyler, James: Whalen, Carol: 130,134,341 Wheatley, Dave: 241 Wheatley, Joseph: 208 PRINCIPAL JOHN Reed sucks Tootsie-Pop on the way to a faculty meeting where he will warn teachers about eating in class Witt, Lynn: 255 Witten, Tom: 92,98,100,142,160,229 Witthuhn, David: 255 Wittmis, Roy: 255 Wochner, Terry: 92,146,229 Wohifeil, Patricia: 255 Walden, Robert: 242 Womack, Cecilia: 255 Woodcock, Wendy: 23,146,152,156, 157,166,167,170,206 White, Bill: 47 Woodrow, John: 229 White, Bob: 241 Woodruff, Bob: 242 White, Larry: 118,241 Woods, Jerry: 89,229 White, White, White, Meg: 21,42,52,57,146,167,228 Preston: 248,254 Thomas: 57,241 Whitehead, Steven: 228 Woods, Lynne: 255 Woodworth, Nancy: 242 Woodworth, Susan: 42,206 Woolcock, Katie: 229 Whitely, Kathy: 13,138,244 WRESTLING: Whitener, Olivia: 243 Varsity: 114,116 Whitfield, Keith: 92,228 JV: 115 Whitlow, Robert: 86,87,158,160,206 B: 115 Whitney, Linda: 23,146,157,159, C: 115 164,206 Whitney, Sandy: 229 Whitted, Denna: 228 Whittley, Tony: 228 Wiersma, Marcia: 206 Williams, Dennis: 102,241 Williams, Diane: 206 Williams, Kathy: 30,31,229 Williams, Marcy: 23,166,255 Williams Martha: 229 1 Williams, Pam: 171,229 Williams, Paul: 242 Williams, Ron: 12,35,51,64 Willard, Carolyn: 229 Willard, Tom: 254 Wildey, Rick: 21,228 Wilkinson, Vicki: 229 Wright, Colvin: 255 Wrirhtson, Lola: 75 Wunibald, Jim: 242 Wurster, Laurine: 81 Wurster, Margaret: 42,146,150,151, 167,229 Wurster, Tom: 13,26,28,29,4O,41,44, 118,119,146,153,158,160,206 Wyatt, Robert: 229 Y Yanick, Richard: 110,242 Yopp, Joner: i59,227,229,259 Yates, Linda: 229 YEARBOOK COMPETITION: 149 YELL LEADERS: 14 Yergler, Linda: 255 Wilson, Debbie: 755 Yergensen, Garth: 242 W'lS0f1: NOUCYI 242 Yergensen, Terry: 207 Wil?-Ofl, P012 22,255 Yinquez, Donald: 103,123,255 Wilson, Potsv: 78.229 Yoak, Jeff: 92,95,99,160,242 WHS00: ROQEW 229 Yoder, Joseph: 242 Wilson, Russell: 76,92,93,97,98, youkeil David: 255 142,207,208 Wilson, Steve: 103,255 Wilson, Sue: 229 Wirkus, Joyce: 255 Wise, Linda: 242 Wise, Teri: 22,255 Withers, Kathy: 164,255 Young, Doug: 23,255 Young, Karen: 22,164,255 Young, Sherida: 229 Z Zace, Marvin: 242 GENERAL INDEX 287 Zcgolo, Katherine: 23,163,255 Zcgolo, Leno: 23,242 Zciec, Valerie: 242 Zcrndt, Debbie: 255 Zeyen, Jonef: 24,34,45,23O,234,242 Zimmer, William: 242 Zingoli, Nancy: 130,229 ZoHweg Doug 242 Zollweg, Von: 255 Zubrod, William: 43,87,I11,145,207 zweag, Letty: 48,129,13O,13I,l32, 134,l6l,l63,229 288 GENERALINDEX is E Ei Q: 95 35 li C 9 i v , I 2.6 Q 1 'B ARE YOU sure thot the football game was this Fridoy after noon? 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Suggestions in the Garden Grove High School - Argonaut Yearbook (Garden Grove, CA) collection:

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