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WR... 1 v J " .' "VZ ia ' 1- 1 V.,--it 1 -I , 1-jk . 3- M:-, W ,Y 'J L i-I . ' l 4 iq ' Q- ' In , 'A 14- :Z - vv " W WL ' el I- -. jg! p , . , .. 5. ' -Q1 QS. ,dv ' " j' -4 ' fx" 1 'Q X0 , 1, 'Q Glu. l 9? ' il- . U ai . 1" M74 ' -' ,V F Q X ,J 5 may H- ., . 3.-r -.. 'uw AWA' wx- , fn. mv'4' X "'Y hi-1 -.1 gs L' 'JFK LF ii 53125515 1'- P Q 11121213 ffrz.,-M v I iigwwk' in ' 4,- 29 A 4 Q ,ffm 1- 4sL 1028. 4545 Q -L .1 X 'Jl"-if ,ww pw p-. I jf ut' T ' L 'qt M. 'Ann xr-I7 ., In, . :.'!-ijpgil,-:,F 7 -,w W- ',.:' '.',"" L' I' N, I. -g,w..f4'-'ii'-2-fi Q' 'f ' ' . I -f-yt. ,lg .Rf :f"' 1 --4 -7, Q - -mf ' -Haig? if ,1 5 M iii! fi' v.. L1 I . -' '.,,:.:,::a,-,", -'- ,Q "T"-:i:Au""1 ,ni-'.. ' A 3437.3 I-, fp, 'r .Q .- -.-'funn E4-"H 3-1, -4. .'-...- , ..-.. .. .,.fE,r-,fn , . -t .ANI -'f -2 1, 1 - . '.,., . Z.-is i.3,,..5I , 7 'Q-+ .nl , Q., i,-,.4 , Q-5---13. - . .1 -,,J,j"w. MV' '-'f',"- ., ., ,I J-1.-'-,, A. L 1, .1 if? 'lI!2l.li1J:.l.,i'A'R ' ,X f J' X X X I 1 I I O 'M Editor-in-chief . Associate Editor Literary Editor . . Assistant Literary Editor Business Manager . . Photographer Adviser . XXI!! Staff E . S ! - i I V, "Q mf I Q tain an ' .1.,,N,-534 A . .. , - .:. ' x - . -.,-...Q-,.'I'.-f1p'iu":Ti""'f - 1, , ,,5Lggif.ir12-+f'.,,-in IAQ., I 1 -inf, 3.5 -'-. "I-irsf ,. .'k,,"' -4- Tv' . - - 'ri-Sf'.,j'r'e . K 3,1-if - -. Q- ' 4 -A 3.-sr - 1 3. . ' i1'f?i-Pig, ws--5'5if...r3i1?1,ff'L , ,U 5, . ,mf ,jg . - ,',i1Z' .gin,., : Us-,W' ge. '1f'tfQ" - jgl X- . 1 . ' -4, f'W ,, 'S aM3 1-m..5f"'43 f'.S5'aa:..L:'2, rvlifsf, Hung, ' A ' - -w.1f-wr Ps'-Nj.,-Q Pkg: 1.5-'v - ,--,Q - f- sf ss -.P Qu. ... ' , , "'1-- E 'l"'.:"' W- if-'M 1' 7' , P . Wqa- 'r . . ,rg . x.,,l,, ,Mm . ,. Ji., .,. ,, A.. 5 -Y . .. ,' ,V::,f--, Q' - .... ., f NJA, ,- -,,, A, , fan-eV'L:.1nfeQn,-.i.4k..sZ'!!e-4'fi.!f ,Lx f. fm-, -, ymesn. .Int f .M Barbara Vowell Sue Hammer . . Sue Belote Darlena Morgan . . Joan Litrich A . JimWaIIace William F. Smith ' 1 pn -.' . ,, 1 .1 Q, ,, 1 ' I it. W i .a ,, 4' -r'f3?d'5'G 94" 'A h' , P2 . - -A rn" ' 1 , . .17 A P ...up Qs -E3 K 5,11 .M 35, s lin , I 1 ' - - V ,pf . in ." j'11f'c:x5,g'gyf55fX"'f" fi . , - '--. v -, " -V b- - -. HA ' V -'Q' ',5.'.- , .w. J fx -,' -4.1-K 'f 1'.f..1..x 's'.' 49.77.- 'af--..t. ij.. ,- . v- K .,' -..-'-' C-dSlE1f' 'ifjil '-' -.- , ,-M -e' -ukilf ' 1- T, W- E,LgQ5-f?fTf,:f,f, - , - z ..g .7 u..4-fx Pl 'th - f ,, ,e . I . Q Volume XXXV June 1960 Published by The Students of Garden Grove High School Garden Grove, California san' 'GE-hw: w 3 'F' ig " .W-M 5 ,.- ..'- , , '45 5n'w.! fixup' 3' ' .gi 4 -J., ' fs, . QQ, -M. Q -V x ' 1 ' V.: V , ,E ,5 r P" 5 . A . ' ' hi - - . r 'v , . , Qi.. 'Q f , TIL' ".'. ,gy Jw iz' 1 4 . ' ' K .D HQ 3?-i4,"???Hig fwfiif j , -" ,-.'-:fvfi x ' ' - .--WJ'Qi',kYW+faQ'a'f.'::f"q3, "-4-A-51'-we w A y -l?YfEi'!ifk1- - A1 fn i-Wzfw-1w- gn? my-.wi1:" 1 . . "M ,-J ,A.,,fm-11, , Neg. ..-Pu.-1 . 1 2' JTT3"W5"'q+3'f1'KQf"d"v ' "-'YS'Wz'Yf43bN.'i7-"'k 'hir' . - y 'JrT2af,Lg.n,Ei5g..mrQ2 S '. w-nz..4:w P:H.z3,.7 . I .. g-- -11j:L?,g.pigfi,FiYcg5re ' - n , wgiqjl, I - -' -f-ffijli--, J. ,,f.:'.! 15-1. , .4 ..-. -f, Q14 1, ,A I X I U XL ... .. 1 ' ,S I fl: ' s 1 The Time of Your Life Looking back over the year, you see all the mistakes you have made - the big ones, the little ones, the ones no one can forget. You think about the people you've met and wonder if they'lI remember the big, good things you did, because you're afraid they'll recall only the small things you didn't do. But most of all you realize the fun you had, minute by minute, the rush from class to class, hour by hour, the lectures, notes, dis- cussions, day by day, the studying, the tests, week by week, the planning, month by month, the hoping, the constant search for knowledge. But, when you stop to consider it, you realize that you would not change one minute of it, not a test, not a teacher, not a grade, for you remember what you have shared with others. The Time of Your Life if The Times And The Places Time For Harmony. . . Time For Responsibiliiy Time For Discovery. . . Time For Sociabiliiy . . Time For Diversion. . . Time For Sportsmanship Time For Decision .... Index ......... el ,,-vu-.,,.,, Library building stands in the center of campus. ,A i N -'gl fi I li 5 ,gn ,NY ff' 1 Eff-ff' V si .4 m., 5".Qf 1 . ' - ' . sw' -f-fz 1 e Flag flies over Argonaut Theatre, one of the newest buildings on campus. -,gtg-.M E . , -15f"2s'- .- , . - . ,w'j1L,-ff'f- W- f .. -,wi ' '- , , .Q ' ', 1- 'wg , 1-SWJT'-isle sw, 'f ,,. ta... ,wi 'ni-,.. ' -' - . A ' 5 M: ' frm .'-fJv:Hjx'..b"f -'W ff:-L.: .fa "r .-wx,-an . -. 'wwf ' 326:-z5:':T'Ri5!4'f1:'fe-Effp -"f"fl77r"1":', M-' .- ---'.. A Students eat lunch on the wide lawn in front of the Math Building. t if . r A A t' 'fr wp: -' , kewl, ' 'N I , B t o il? o ' ' 3 71? l W I Buildings Served For Study, Diversion Argonaut Dedicated To Two Who Serve Dedicating a yearbook is always a difficult task. There are many who seem to deserve this distinction, and yet the dedication must be limited to one or two persons who in some way stand out from the rest. This year the Argonaut staff felt that it was high time to give recognition to two men who have served the school faithfully and unstintingly for many years, performing iobs that many take for granted. The true extent and importance of their positions may never be realized by the students and faculty. In dedicating the 1960 Argonaut to them, the staff wishes to salute Mr. Wendell Newsom and Mr. Charles Munz for the outstanding iobs they have done throughout the years. A graduate of the class of 1928, Mr. Wendell Newsom re- turned to Garden Grove High in 1940 as a bus driver. ln 1942 he became superintendent of buildings and grounds, a position he has held ever since. Mr. Newsom is indeed a loyal Argonaut. Almost around the clock he can be seen on the campus doing vital work to keep the school func- tioning. l i : sf fy tsp. 'fit A s ...- 1 l ..- M- 'wwf' - s. .nf Coming to Garden Grove High in September 1933 as transportation manager, Mr. Charles I Munz has been keeping the buses running for 5. 27 years. From 1939 to 1945, Mr. Munz fm taught auto shop and driver training and edu- y cation. He holds the distinction of being the ' I first to teach behind-the-wheel driving in Or- ange County schools and has studied industrial arts and driver training at Los Angeles State College. 3 ,,, 4 C 4 ' 'i -. 4.-2" I-will 4 'X 9 1 Q You found the faculty ot Garden Grove High well-prepared academically and eager to aid you in your studies and co- curricular activities. In the classroom and outside you learned that high school is the time of your life to work in harmony and cooperation with your teachers and administrators. my time ii. . +A ,..,--I Superintendent Donald lee Kennedy, B.A., M.A. Whittier College 40 .:.r ' 'W Superintendent Kennedy Planned . . . Mr. Donald L. Kennedy, district superintendent, is the connecting link between the Board of Trustees and the administration of Garden Grove High School. It was Mr. Kennedy's job during the year to organize, administer, and coordinate the activities of the entire school system, subject to the laws of the State and the regulations of the Board. The tremendous growth of the Garden Grove Union High School District presented many problems for Mr. Kennedy throughout the year. Work- ing with the Board and members of his staff, Mr. Kennedy formulated plans for the construction of two new high schools, in addition to the completion of Bolsa Grande High and the rehabilitation program at Garden Grove High. As official district representative in connection with the planning, management, and financial support of the building pro- gram, he aided, by application to the State for monetary appropriations and by other means, in the acquiring of the necessary funds to complete these urgently-needed proiects. In addition to his other duties, Mr. Ken- nedy as executive officer to the Board of Trustees, arranged for the se- lection, assignment, transfer, or dismissal of all certified and classified employees, and supervised and evaluated the work of the members of the staff. He also initiated the publication of District Data, a monthly newspaper for the three schools of the district. A former teacher at Garden Grove High, Mr. Kennedy was principal of Rancho Alamitos High School prior to his selection as district superintendent two years ago. SUPERINTENDENT Kennedy and Mr. J. L. Glaspey, standing, check the meetings agenda with Mr. William Wiesner, Board president, and Mr. Carl Lehman, clerk pro-tem. V4 . i 'gk I"t BOARD OF TRUSTEES Serving on the Board for the school year were lseatedl Dr, Joseph Goodman, Mr. William Wiesner lpresidentl, Mr. Marlin Mower lclerkl, tstandmgt Dr Nathaniel Kurnick and Mr Carl J Lehman clerk pro tem. Schools With Board of Trustees Seeking to operate the affairs of The school district in a systematic, businesslike way, the Board of Trustees, an elective group of five mem- bers, worked with the superintendent and his staff to achieve these ends. Meeting twice a month, the legislative body of the school district held public meetings to conduct the necessary business of the schools and to discuss and resolve problems pertinent to the students and parents of the district. New interest was taken by parents and the public at large in the meetings because of the Girl-ofethe-Month and other controversies. Meetings were crowded as the public came to ex- change its views with the board members on such controversial issues. ln addition to the routine business of approving warrants and other business matters, the board worked diligently on the problem of pro- viding new high schools to absorb the increase of new students. The building of a fourth school and the planning of a fifth were two of the big problems which faced the board throughout the year.nA special election was called for public approval of the financial procedures necessary to insure the completion of the new school plans. Although not always agreeing among themselves, the board welcomed con- structive criticism from citizens when such criticism was motivated by a sincere desire to improve the quality of the educational program and to equip the public schools more effectively for the task they are designed to perform. .gf Sam A. Chicus, B.A., M.A. Illinois State Normal University University of illinois Assistant Supcrintcnrlr-nl Personnel Mr. Chicas dictates to his secretary, Mrs, Eileen Mills. District Cffered In such a rapidly-growing community as Garden Grove, where population bursts necessitate the immediate plan- ning of at least two additional high schools, the district administrative office had to be a smoothly-run organ- ization. During the 1959-1960 year the Garden Grove Union High School District employed over 340 personnel in teaching, administrative, clerical, maintenance, and service positions throughout the three high schools. Un- der the supervision of Mr. Sam A. Chicas, all personnel are employed through the district upon recommenda- tion to and approval of the Board of Trustees. The of- fice handles all business matters including all aspects of operation and maintenance of the school district and the accounting and budgeting of funds, All matters pertaining to the development of new schools and re- lating to the entire educational program rest with the district administrative office. The office personnel also supervise bus transportation, food services, and the pur- chasing and warehousing of materials and supplies. Thus the district office is the center of administrative affairs for all three high schools-Garden Grove, Rancho Alamitos, and Bolsa Grande. Cffice Workers Were Kept Busy Nw N. Th rf' f -.'?i5'lfiL-0 0 .Q:3' v' .-15? . 'P Q ' ,- f . I , . ,. e f' ! . 6. DISTRICT OFFICE STAFF. Standing: Mrs. Sara Jo Castro, receptionist, Miss Eloise Whitesell, senior clerk, Mrs. Eileen Mills, secretary, Mrs. Carolyn Ritter, adminis trative secretary - business assistant, Mrs. Deloras Gardner, bookkeeper, Mrs. Minerva Gloster, administrative secretary, Mrs. Blanche Conklin, bookeeper. Seated Mr, Kirby Plumlee, accountant. Varied Services Many services were offered through the specialties of the district administrators. Handling all business opera- tions, Mr. Les Glaspey, assistant superintendent for business services, oversaw all financial aspects of the school district, including accounting and budgeting, pur- chasing, transportation, food services, maintenance, and operations. Mr. Walter Winters served in the capacity of district psychologist. He was responsible for the or- ganization and supervision of all procedures connected with the testing program and with screening of students for special classes. As curriculum coordinator, Mr. Myron Kirsch worked with the principals and department chair- men in developing a uniform curriculum for the schools of the district. The courses of study for each department were re-evaluated and reorganized under Mr, Kirsch's direction. Mr. Robert Wisgerhof, principal of the evening and summer schools, developed the program of studies for over 2,000 students enrolled in evening classes and for the hundreds of students attending the six-week summer session. A new face on the district staff this year was that of Mr. Orra Westover, supervisor of food services, who was responsible for all food service oper' ations in the district. i i L fm Myron R. Kirsch, B.S., M.S. University of Chicago Walter L. Winters, B.A., M.A. Univ. of Calif,, Los Angeles District Curriculum Coordinator Long Beach State College District School Psychologist Robert W. Wisgerhof, B.A., M.A. Central University Orra F. Westover Texas Technical University SlIlJ8f1liSOI' of Fooll Services Principal, Evening and Summer Schools i-q Q --...,,,! J. Leslie Glaspey, B.A., M.S. University of Iowa University of Southern California Assistant Superintendent -Business Services i 'if 'Y' NIGHT SCHOOL CHIEF Robert Wisgerhot checks enrollment figures with his secretary, Mrs. Blanche Conklin. T3 r.- ." . - r V, cn 4- A .' iify - A -5 - X, .--1. 'xi L '. ' ., gn -vii. Q12 'sinh i : iffy: 4' tn- M, 4 '- 'A-41 - - 7 ff is. . , ,J 1 its Les: t gr 9015- -' i Shes ' 4""Ii. " ' 'fw.3i'f ' i ,' ' -, . .' I r x , K ?2qw-1 . 4 1,255 l 1, " A r 3 Principal William V McClain, B.A., M.Ed. Columbia University, University of Southern California Several times each year students are admonished: "Now is the Following this phrase is the customary warning time to . . to "do this," or "do that," or "be this," or "be that," or at least "be something." Instead of being repititious and telling you that now is the time to ..., may I suggest that you as individuals take a good long look at the time of life in which you find yourselves. Are you on schedule with your personal time table? How well have you used your time up to this point? Has your progress been what it should be? Have you used your abilities to develop yo-ur potential to its maximum? Have you established your short and long range plans? Also, how do you plan to use the time that remains for you? Do you have maior decisions and plans that should be made now? Probably most important of all, are you the master of your time or have you, like so many others, become its slave? Since the invention of the first sun dial, man has regulated his individual life and that of his society to the hours, days, weeks, months, and years which are designated as the natural divisions of time. How recently have you regulated your watch? Are you slow, fast, or on time? Perhaps now is the time for you to take inventory of your assets and liabilities. Perhaps now is the time for you to get in step with time. Perhaps it's in order to use the Air Force adage, "Let's synchronize our time." .. ...,, . i , . se Q5 V .. gf... .... 3 -if --eww .s ...-rr. re I: f L.- ff- Q ..-. . f in 1.1- ir' .. -1' .M ,...ri... . .... .. sam, 1 .t . 5. . -i.,,,,, --3,,..,p i. . H., if st Srl, .f- ' Aw i, . .,. , , 1- ,,., .. .st wrfg ,' 1..iW,:t, Principal and Working harmoniously with the district adminis- trators and the local faculty, Principal William V. McClain supervised the school program at Garden Grove High. As part of his work he aided in the development of the curriculum, prepared the school budget, supervised in- struction, selected and evaluated teachers, and made preparations for the regular faculty meet- ings and the orientation and in-service training of new teaching personnel. With 21 years of teaching experience, Mr. McClain is well-qualified for his administrative position. In the past he has not only taught in the social studies, mathe- matics, and shop fields, but has been dean of boys and principal of the summer and evening high schools. In spite of a full schedule, Mr. McClain found time to make helmets and shields for the Drum and Bugle Corps and to attend many of the social activities of the students. His cheerful "Good morning" and his willingness to talk matters over with teachers and students alike are the things that make Mr. Clain an administrator and a friend. E' 'lil l . HJ. I s O i.....- Mr. Allen Wells, dean of boys, Vice-Principal Eileene LaBarthe, and Mr. McClain get together for o brief chat during a pause W S. M fi . in their busy schedules. -'Vt' " C U---'J '44 lf Deans Coordinated School Program In fulfilling her duties as vice-principal and dean of girls, Mrs. Eileene LaBarthe put forth much time and effort. She supervised the teaching staff and assisted them by offering friendly advice on the various problems that arose throughout the year. As dean of girls, she was in charge of girls' counseling, disciplining, and activities. Her other duties included keeping the school calendar, supervising the bus schedules, and organizing and managing student activities. She devoted much of her time to aid the Girls' League and was adviser of the organization. Completing his second year as dean of boys, Mr. Allen Wells had a variety of iobs and duties to occupy his time. To the casual observer, Mr. Wells' action in boys' disciplinary cases per- haps overshadowed the many other aspects of his position. In addition to trying to help boys solve their problems, Mr. Wells supervised all official student government organizations, made arrangements for athletic games, eligibility, and awards, and outside assemblies, and organized building and grounds patrols and the monitor system. He also kept financial records for the student body and aided in student budget prep- aration, Emi. 1' "iS 5 f Mrs. Eileene LaBarthe, B.A., M.A. University of Southern California Vice-Principal and Dean nf Girls ,,..-X Allen L. Wells, B.S., M.S. I 2 . . ' University of San Francisco r ' ' A ,L . . . . X f" N l I I I University of Southern California Q45 . A A i ' if N . Dean, of Boys ' A-.fx , E., A l L Cfficials Planned Schedules . . . Mrs. Sarah W. Talbot, B.A., M.S. U of Missouri, U. of Southern California R t',L'l..WI rn r A flu epidemic, heavy rains, and numerous other con- tingencies resulted in long master absence lists and var- ious excuses from students who waited in daily lines in the attendance office. Mr. Harry Garber, supervisor of attendance, dealt efficiently with these problems as they arose. To keep attendance as high as possible, Mr. Gar- ber had to make home calls, telephone calls, and needed to counsel habitual absentees to stress the importance of school attendance to the individual and the school system. Mr. Garber's iob was the control of attendance throughout the school and the supervision of the at- tendance office. ln addition, he assisted the deans with student control. His iob also included the making and checking of many attendance reports to the state educa- tion offices, an important function, since much of the school's revenue is based on state aid for average daily attendance. The changing of boundaries for each school in the district last year made necessary careful checking of student addresses to see if they were properly en- rolled in the correct school, Keeping attendance at a high level and absenteeism at a minimum was indeed a difficult task because of the many varying conditions throughout the district. sa.. A seemingly-endless procession of students enrolling for classes or wanting program changes faced Mrs. Sarah Talbot, registrar, throughout the year. In charge of the organization and conduct of registration and en- rollment procedure, Mrs. Talbot had a difficult, and many times thankless, iob of placing students in classes sometimes bulging over with students, as the school enrollment mounted steadily throughout the year. Mrs. Talbot was also responsible for the scheduling of all' classes and of room assignments, a task particularly difficult because the rehabilitation program had made many classrooms unavailable for use. However, her insight of departmental needs and student-teacher re- lationship enabled her to execute her duties with un- derstanding and proficiency. In addition to scheduling classes and enrolling students, Mrs. Talbot had control of student records and the evaluation and mailing of transcripts, a particularly exacting iob and one of spec- ial significance to seniors, whose records had to be sent to colleges during mid-year. Every student's complete cumulative record is kept in Mrs. Talbot's office, where advisers record the necessary information on the proper forms. Mrs. Talbot was also a member of the Advisory Council and the chairman of the Guidance Council. Harry H. Garber, BA., M.S. U. of Calif., Santa Barbara, U. of Southern California SlllH'fl'iSlIl' of .llIr'nr1r1nrr- Kept Track Cf Attendance xi' Z, Mrs Imogene Kompfer, secretary to the principal, was responsible for the efficient operation of the main office. Mrs, Virginia Grafton operated the telephone switchboard, as well as completing other office work. my secretary, and Mrs. Avis John, clerk. Essential to a smooth running school was the GGHS office personnel, who went about their daily tasks with pleasant efficiency. Mrs. Imogene Kampfer, in her capacity as secretary to the principal, kept the main office in efficient operation. ln addition to helping with the office work, Mrs. Virginia Grafton operated the telephone switchboard. Recording ab- sences and verifying tardies occupied Mrs. Roselle Mandaville's and Mrs. Avis Jahn's time in the at- tendance office, The guidance office was compe- tently run with the help of Mrs. Anne Stamborski and Mrs. Janice Harl as they carried out their ob- ligations deftly. Working in the guidance office were Mrs. Anne Stamborski, secretary, and Mrs. Janice Harl, clerk. as tori Xf'K i Attendance office duties were performed by Mrs. Roselle Mandaville, '-4""""l 44 I7 Duron L. Warren, B.A., M.A. Fletcher College, Iowa, U. of Iowa llvjrrrrlntvnr Clzrzirmari World Hislnry Social Studies Oriented Adviser: Sophomore Class, RW, World Friendship Club To teach pupils to live as good citizens in our democ- racy, to make students aware of their heritage from world civilizations and Their American heritage, and to make students cognizant of world, national, and local attairs were the main objectives ot the Social Studies Department. Under the direction of Mr. Doron Warren, acting department chairman, the social studies teachers presented discussions, lectures, movies, tests, and special research projects throughout the year as the means to achieve their proiected goals. Freshman students, for the tirst time this year, received their ii l nv It Vs., ,Gil ,VA A i I -.i DURING WORLD HISTORY class discussion, Clinton Shock identifies an important historic site to interested panel members, Saundra Anderson, Dan Hoover, Sandy LaFontaine, and Scott Powers. Keith E. Gaynes, B.A. Whittier College lfirirx - lfnrlrl fljairs Adviser: Senior Class Athletics: Football, Basketball "Nerf rx- --.-'ff S r ' avg se ",. ,i ..-via , i Todd R. Paddock, B. Ed., M.A. Calif. College of Arts and Crafts William B Phillips, B.A., M.A. San Francisco State College Long Beach State College US. History. World History U.S. History -X Adviser: Junior Class, Sophomore Adviser: Junior Class, Jordaners its Clogs, Golden Fleece Athletics: Football, Baseball .- i 't AA A 1.11. 15 li , 1 .. .. f 5'-e ,,. ,nfs yfi"":i A 1 PM xr 5 Murray Kranz, B.A., M.A. New York University Civics - World Affairs Adviser: Senior Class, Scholarship Club in yn Students in Citizenship, History counseling in English I classes, the freshman social studies classes having been integrated with English and science courses. Sophomores in world history classes explored the development of the nations of the world. Delving into the history of the United States and in- terpreting current events, iunior students became more aware of the importance of their American heritage. Seniors were provided with information about them- selves as well as world affairs and civics, Vocational, intellectual, and personality testing and personal coun- seling aided students to better understand themselves and their place in modern society. I tl ff' xx ' S THE KUDER PREFERENCE RECORD is administered by Mr. Keith Gaynes to Judy Stagner, Milton Valen, Tom Zimmerman, and Sandra Tilson in senior civics fworld affairs class, The testing device is used to help determine the vocation in which a student is likely to be happy and successful. iii Tarkio College, Missouri Colorado State University World History Adviser: Sophomore Class SENIOR Laura Lenou receives counseling from Mr. Murray Kranz. Charles R. Shortridge, B.A., M.A. JUNIOR TERM PAPERS pile up on Mr. William Phillips, who is busy correcting the U, S. history class projects. Donald C. Simmons, B.S., M.A Northwest Missouri State College Northeast Missouri State College lf. S. History Adviser: Junior Class Athletics: Cross Country in-A William F. Smith, B.A., M.A. University of Redlands Department Chairman Journalism I English Instructors Taught Correct use of English, both in speaking and writing, was the main objective of the English Department this year. To in- crease their effectiveness of expression, students received spec- ific and detailed instruction in grammar, diction, composition, and oral expression. In addition the department endeavored to develop an understanding and appreciation of good literature, to promote critical thinking, to improve the students' spelling, and to expand speaking and writing vocabularies. Under the leadership of Mr, William F. Smith, department chairman, the instructors reevaluated and adiusted the curriculum to meet the changing needs of modern life. Sophomore English was added Adi'urir'crl .lnurnrilisnt Carman I Adviser: ARGONAUT. ARGOLOG Miss Sandra Baebe, B.A., M.A. U. of Calif., Los Angeles Long Beach State College English Ill Secretary, Garden Grove Secondary Faculty Association SHAKESPEARFS THEATRE is studied by Julie Carlton and Dave Hopkins in Mrs. Kay Sloan's English IV class. Jack Lee Baller, B.A., M.A. Central State College, Oklahoma Colorado State College English I. IV Adviser: Freshman Class, Varsity Club Athletics: Football Finn Bergskaug, Cond. Philol. University of Oslo, Norway Exchange Teacher English II Carman Il Athletics: Cross Country Mrs. Virginia Carroll, B.A. Miami University Mrs. Eva Covington, B.A, University of Calif., Berkeley English II Adviser: Jordaners' Club English I Speerh I Adviser: Freshman Class l"1 0ral, WriTTen Skills To The curriculum This year for The firsT Time, wiTh The successful compleTion of 30 uniTs of English, including English IV, being required for graduaTion. OpporTuniTies were made available for sTudenTs wishing To specialize in dramaTics, journalism, creafive wriTing, and public speaking vvifh courses in These subiecTs being offered on an eIecTive basis. To creaTe an en- riched program a special evening class was offered To iunior and senior honor sTudenTs. lnsTrucTors uTilized various Teaching Techniques and meihods and used Teaching aids including movies, plays, field Trips, discussions, recordings, and oTher aids. -T83 X PRACTICINGPANTOMIMES, Three members of Mrs. Virginia Car- roll's Speech I class lGail Japhef, Carson Bench, and Jan Borisl perform before classmaies. Mrs. Gerfnade Bryce Keeler, s.A., M.A. Whiiiier College English I Roberi Farrell, B.A., M.A. U. of Calif., Los Angeles English ll. Drama Stage Pradurrtions Adviser: Scholarship Club, ,f Jason's Jesfers, Junior 8- Senior X1 Plays A. TX mi Rick Rowland, B.S., M.S. Universify of Oklahoma Pepperdine College Speech I. .f'lzi1'am'e1l Speech English II Adviser: Speech Team, DebaTe English III. IV Creative Writing Athletics: Wafer Polo, Swimming School PubliciTy Mrs. Mary-Jo M. Henricksen, Long Beach STaTe College Adviser: Freshman Class Mrs. Kay Sloan, B.A., M.A. University of Moniana a.A., M.A. University of Washington U. of Calif, Berkeley English III World History Adviser: Sophomore Class William J. Miller, B.S. University of Souih Carolina English III. IV llriwr Training Adviser: Key Club Afhlericsf Golf David G. Vogeniiz, B.S. Universiiy of Wisconsin English ll. Ill ,rib 5 ?' fy- Miss Carol Youngblood, B.A. Indiana UniversiTy English I Adviser: Freshman Class Z f Hardworking Student Were Iwi ' 1 , gs. 9 2' Q X 1- l IJ. ...- I .4 ' 1 ,sL- . Q' 1. is, ' in STATIC ELECTRICITY is demonstrated by Mr. Edmond Bangle for benefit of Ed Weidert and Jones, freshman science students. SMOKE SIGNALS erupt as Mr Alan Cunningham demon- Jimmie L. Axton, B.S. U. of Calif., Los Angeles General Science Electronics Adviser. Varsity Club ' Athletics: Football tv' fig ill 4 , Edmond D. Bangle, B.A. I Los Angeles State College 5 Qi," "'- 'fQ . v General Science I I I' Driver Training I Adviser: key Club Athletics: Basketball 4 lnstructed in Natural Sciences Richard J. Francuz, B.S. Fresno State College Biology, Physiology Adviser: Science Explorers Harold D. Mclallen, B.S., M.A. Allegheny College, Pennsylvania Arizona State College General Science, Physics, Advanced Physical Science With vivid explanations of some of the "hows" and "whys" of the world around them, instructors of the Science De- partment, under the guidance of Mr. Alan Cunningham, acting department chairman, did their best to kindle the imagination of young scientists and to prepare students to approach problems of all kinds in a logical and system- atic manner. Through the general science program, the de- partment intended that each student attain a fundamental knowledge of the natural sciences that will enable him to better interpret his physical and biotic environment. With challenging courses in physical science, general science, biology, physiology, chemistry, physics, and radio-electron- ics to choose from, students were stimulated to pursue science further. A special two-hour per day class in college chemistry was offered this Year to honor students. Incen- tives to learn more about a specialized field were enhanced by individual research and participation in the annual Science Fair, the highlight of the year's science activities. All known methods of instruction were used including labor- atory exercises, lectures, demonstrations, films, proiects, field trips, and club activities. DISSECTING is easy explains Mr. Richard Francuz to Ginger Wheat and Vickie McLeod during biology class session Valerie Moore lforegroundl works on drawing for the class. a.,.3i.4iililll Mike Sgobha, B.A. Illinois State General Science Adviser: Varsity Club Athletics, Football, Baseball . Q' Mrs. Mary Alice King, B.A., M.S. West Virginia University Department Chairman Algebra I. Trigonometry Solid Geometry Analytic Geometry Adviser: Tri-Hi-Y Frank .I. Duffy, B.S. Ohio University General Mathematics Applied Mathematics Adviser: Bowling Club Mathematics Teachers Taught By using advanced teaching techniques, instructors in the Math- ematics Department found that their efforts were not in vain as students worked to solve problems in simple arithmetic to advanced analytic geometry. With an adequate knowledge of mathematics so necessary to many of today's professions, stu- dents realized that the "whys" and "wherefores" of mathem- atics not only prepared them for work in everyday life but also revitalized their interest in engineering and science, Guided by Mrs. Mary Alice King, department chairman, the math instructors sought not only to teach the fundamentals of the courses offered but to interest the students in the various fields and professions i t as it l INDIVIDUAL HELP is given to students by Mr. Edward Engemann in his Math I classes James Lewis Griffis, B.S. University of Oklahoma Edward D. Engamann Il, Ph.B. Applied Mathematics II Aquinas College, Michigan Business Mathematics II Mathematics I Athletics: Water Polo, Diving Methods of Solving Problemsl offered by mathematics. Students with vocational or junior col- lege objectives were required to take general math andfor applied math. Working at a much faster pace, college prepara- tory and pre-university students were offered algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and analytic geometry. To kindle their interest further, students were invited to join the Math Club and the Slide-Rule Club. The department adjusted standards to class level and ability in basic courses, while advanced subjects were treated to conform to the requirements of colleges and univer- sities. A FEW POINTERS are given to students Jim Dunn and Linda Rasmussen by Mr. Wayne Gibson as he explains Algebra l assignment to them. Miss Patricia Anne Haggerty, B.A. j DAILY ASSIGNMENT is explained to Algebra I students by Miss Patricia Haggerty. X's and y's are made meaningful in the classroom. Wayne Dell Gibson, B.A. Long Beach State College College of New Rochelle Donald L. Randol, B.A., M.A. Algebra I Algebra I, II Long Beach State College Business Mathematics Adviser: Math Club Geometry General Science! jMu Alpha Thetal Adviser: Diakonoe Club Adviser: Slide Rule Club l Q Students Studied Languages.. . V With emphasis on vocabulary building, reading, and conversation, students were encouraged to be able not only to read and write the language they studied, but to think in it as well. Four languages-Latin, French, Spanish, and German-were offered by the Language Department with Miss Ann Finley as department chairman. Geared to national standards of achieve- ment, the language program was enhanced by instructors' use of recordings, skits, discussions, tape recorders, movies, and other methods. Students who L A belonged to the language clubs were given further insight into the culture, traditions, and customs ot the countries whose languages they studied, Miss Ann E. Finley, l,A. University of California, Berkeley Department Chairman Spanish l, II, Ill, IV 1 4 'l 1 'N' .ul CORRECTING SENTENCES, Mr. Finn Bergskaug, exchange teacher, makes a suggestion to Bob Seling, as Harry Arnold works non- chalcmly' William F. Smith, B.A., M.A. University of Redlands German I, Journalism Adviser: Argolog, Argonaut Miss Charlotte M. Field, B.A., M.A. Edward Brown, B.A. University of Michigan Whittier College Colorado State College of Education French I, Il Latin I, II Spanish I Spanish II Adviser: French Club Adviser: Latin Club V Y ,. 1 9 1 I in 1 rw - y . . -3 w PARLEZ VOUS FRANCAISE? Mr. Edward Brown, French teacher, explains teaching ff' V ffgfl techniques to Mrs. Marie Pehrson and Mr. and Mrs. John Spray, Open House visi- tors and parents of students in his classes. ancl Useful Home Economics With Mrs. Anna Kimball as chairman, the Homemaking Department sought to improve the quality of the home and family living of students by of- fering useful courses in sewing, cooking, and home management. Be- ginning students were instructed in the basic fundamentals, while more advanced students worked on individual projects. Home economics classes helped provide refreshments at PTA, faculty, and other group meetings. Highlight of the year was the departments presentation of "Harvest of Fashions," the annual student fashion show, on November 24. Another high point was the naming of JoAnn Baird as the school's participant in the national Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow competition. , ,-7.1, I- r. ll A I xr vi Mrs. Doyle Provost, B.A. Q University of California llanw Er'nr10nt1'r's I. III Home Mrmrzgemcnt Adviser: Homemaking Club -jg f If-, f' Q I I Miss Annu Kimball, B.S., M.A. Utah State Teachers College, Columbia U. Department Chairman Ilomemrzlfing I, II, Ill Adviser: Homemaking Club A PARTY DRESS is given a final check by Mrs. Dayle Provost before being completed by Pat Gardner, COOKING CANDY, Wonell Byerly and Mary Hannum prepare a classroom dem- onstration in Mrs. Anna Kimball's home- making class. 'if- ' in 'l 4? I Q-Isl, .v Music Was Appreciatecl An William E. Hoganson, B.M. University of Southern California l,t'IllH'lNIt'I1I f.vh!ll'fHIIlIl .'l lfuppvllu ffhnfr Ifuyx' Iflmrlls. Uirlx' fflmrus C.'llI11'l'fl lflmir illlixia' .'lflI7ff'I'ilIfI'1JII ORCHESTRA members, under the direction of Mr. Russell Davis, t l rehearse during class period in the band room. To give music students an opportunity to enioy performing good music and to acquaint members with standard choral literature, Mr. William l-loganson, department chairman, spent many hours maliing his depart- ment one of the most outstanding on campus. The music groups dis- played their accomplishments at games, concerts, festivals, and various programs for the school and community. Newly-formed this year was the Drum and Bugle Corps, which, under the direction of Mr. Russell Davis, made its first appearance in uniform at the Homecoming game. The aim of the Music Department was to help the student use his talent for the benefit of others. Courses offered included A Cappella Choir, Boys' Chorus, Girls' Chorus, Concert Choir, music appreciation, Band, Orchestra, and Drum and Bugle Corps. d Russell Davis, B.A. Drake University Mall1z'mrzt1'vx I f,!'l',H'N1fll. Hrmrl Drum and Ifrrglv lfurps CONCERT CHOIR sings for PTA meeting in the auditorium, Mr, William Hoganson directs them :Qs s fl. ' 1 i, i V.,-.,, A12 ii, . .r.-, Adviser. Dance Band, Combo rf. xi i 'K' Art Talents Were Developed, Offering vital and effective creative opportunities and experiences in working with many art materials and media, the Art Department, under the direction of Mr. Nels Nelson, chairman, aimed to enhance the growth and development of the individual student to self-realization and ma- turity in his studies. At the beginning level, instructors presented intro- ductory experiences in painting, drawing, and crafts. Instructors sought to develop skill and control by encouraging expression in creative thought. Third and fourth year students were directed to individ-ual proiects that demonstrated creative effort and initiative, Students were able to choose from courses in general art, advanced art, art proiects, commercial art school service art, general crafts, and advanced crafts. I. I ao F-aft ' x Nels Y. Nelson, B.S., M.F.A. University of Oregon Claremont Graduate School Department Chairman General Art Advanced Art Commercial Art Art Projects Adviser: Art Club JEWELRY MAKERS Mike Gleason, Cordell Muilenburg, and Lani Vance. are given instruction by Mr. Hal Young in crafts class. it Hal Young, B.A., M.A. Long Beach State College Service Art. Crafts I, II General Art Business Mathematics Adviser: Art Club ,y I .. ,R -ca' 1 "- N.. ., mf . . results of the proiect. EXPRESSIONISTIC ART is being smeared by George Toth as Bob Miller reservedly examines completed pictures. Linda Pett seems to approve of the method and Shop 'L-'? , nk Kenneth E. Wade, B.A. University of Redlands Department Chairman Administrative Assistant Machine Shop, Welding Advanced Metal Shop 3'--73. - X agp D. G. Bower, B.A., M.A. Richard C. Hart, B.A. Pacific Union College University of California, Santa Barbara Long Beach State College Machine Shop I, II Drafting Metal Shop LATHE WORK of Dan Dial and Gary Kraft is inspected by Mr. Elmer Kopfman, wood shop instructor, Classes Built Skills By using various manipulative experiences and processes to make furniture, tools, toys, automotive equipment, and gadgets, students in Industrial Arts classes were able to develop an understanding of industry, explore possible vocational fields, satisfy the creative desire of youth, and to develop skills for everyday living. Under the direction of Mr. Kenneth Wade, the students were instructed by ex- perts in each field. Freshman shop consisted of one semester each of drafting and metalg sophomore shop, one semester each of wood and metal. Auto shop, machine shop, welding, advanced wood and metal, and advanced drafting were available for juniors and seniors. T J ' Q Q SAFETY CHECK of student automobiles was conducted by auto shop students under the direction of Mr, Mel Sothan, Here Bob McConaha, Rex,Kinsey, and Jerry Blaeholder check fan belt and radiator ofa car. .,. Elmer l. Kopfman, B.A. Adams State College, C0l0rGCl0 Melvin David Sothan, B.A., MA. Long Beach State College Auto Shop, Metal Shop Wood Shop Il, Advanced Wood Shop Metal Shop I Riff' 0 . s I V 4' ' Q . ,IQ ,Q 'Cf -I VT' mlm i l es is fx ... ' r -r--. - MACHINE MAGIC is explained by Mr. Thomas Cashman to Joan Williams and Ron Johnson. Students learn to manipulate seemingly complicated machines of the business office. Business Ed. Stressed .gl . Kenneth Dungan, B.S., M.S. Oregon State College University of Southern California Dcparlment Chairman B00kkl't'1PI'I1g'SS Lau' To teach the knowledge and skills essential to a suc- cessful business career, whether for personal, voca- tional, or professional use, was the principal obiective of the Business Education Department, according to Mr. Kenneth Dungan, chairman. instructors stressed the business essentials - honesty, dependability, accuracy, neatness, friendliness - and provided business-like working conditions, proiects, problems, and a knowledge of the importance of machines in business. Commercial majors were able to take bookkeeping, typing, shorthand, transcription, office practice, business machines, business law, and gen- eral business. Office Careers Harold F. Vail, B.A. Richard Paulsell BA Fresno State College Loyola University, Los Angeles Typing 1. Business Law GCVWVIII BIHIHCGW Business Machines Typzng I Adviser: Archaeology Club Adviser: Inter-club Council, Pep Club dn., i Thomas Joseph Cashman, B.A. Mrs. Margaret C. Finan, B.S. Los Angeles State College Illinois State Normal University Typing I. ll Gregg Shorthand 81 Transcription lfIlSl'llt'.iS fllrrrlrirrm Typing ll Adviser: Photo Club Adviser: Jotters' Club Athletics: Football, Baseball Secretary, Garden Grove Faculty Club Boys', Girls' Gym Program . . . Sportsmanship, slcillfulness, and improved personal health habits were but a few of the end-results of the Boys' Physical Education Department's program. Under the supervision ot Mr. Blanchard Beatty, chairman, instructors worked X toward the goal of building healthy, physically and mentally alert young people by offering varied activities. The department stressed the participation of all boys in many kinds of sports activities. Arrangements were made to meet the individual needs of those boys unable to participate in regular physical educa- tion classes. Blanchard Beatty, B.S. University of Southern California Department Chairman Boys' Physical Education Athletics: Basketball st Alan J. Musil, B.A. Long Beach State College Boys' Phyqfpal Edu.,-,,m,n LAPPING IT UP, boys in P.E. class burn off excess energy by running around the track a few times. Driver Training Athletics: Wrestling Don Webster, 8.5. an Pl Bruce Smith, 8.5. Pepperdine College " , ' f Whittier College Boys' Physical Education ' Boys' Physical Education Driver Training Driver Training Adviser: Varsity Club V Athletics: Football, Tennis Athletics: Football, Basketball if' , n f' 'N' A f' , .. --.Z A-3' 9' - has-v A an kwvrudnnbu Qx - ' .. --' """':' ,.s'qi"6i - ,. "' dEE'.'f:7'l'5' -,-air- 3'?' l ,' t BULGING BICEPS are developed in shot putting. Danny Dial practices his form, I l X jl while Charles Allen and George Roth await their turns. Nurtured Physical Fitness By providing for the students' participation in activities that make -up a sound physical education program, the Girls' Physical Education Department, headed by Miss Marjorie Barkley, sought to create opportunities for the individual's emo- tional stability, intellectual development, social proficiency, and physical devel- opment. Interest in recreational activities and socially acceptable ways of individual and group behavior was also encouraged. In addition to the regular girls' athletics, special programs in drill team, modern dance, and synchronized swimming were offered. Miss Mariorie B. Barkley, B.S., M.S. University of California, Los Angeles University of Southern California Department Chairman Girls' Physical Education Adviser: GAA Hockey, Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball I 13, l 55:2-.5 if N, l ey N . 51.3, -YI. :F All 5 Ear: PJ l if 'XXL I l s-nl I -Q., Miss Barbara Decker, B.A. Long Beach State College Girls' Physical Education Adviser: Lettergirls' Club, GAA Basketball, Tennis, Badminton TIMED TEST. Yvonne Baldridge attempts to get as many baskets as possible in 30 seconds, as Barbara Ottley, Lorraine Wagner, and Carolyn Michael wait their turns. Miss Bertie Ann Stevens, B.S., M.S. Eastern Michigan University Miss Bany MMI. Mcpuson' BA. Bowling Green State University Los Angeles 5,a,e College Girls' Physical Education Girls' Physical Education Dull Team Modem Dance, Fencing Synchronized Swimming Adviser: GAA Cabinet Adviser: GAA Track and Field, Swimming, Volleyball, Softball Swimmingf Soffbcll -in. ,if ..-. "'- " V -.24 -,wg it vu wt M . ',, -' si. 4 I . ," .smiitiiiw .... ..-,..........-.., SPINNING RACKET determines who will serve in tennis game between Anne Lauer lleftl and Sharon Buckingham. Miss Barbara Decker officiates the match. Librarian Aided Book Borrowers Miss Muriel G. Anderson, B.A. Occidental College Lilirrzrian Library Sl'I.l'Ilf'l' 1,7 1-9 .Z ,i,-9L"- f 1 ' sw, WMS B , X -ss i - A1 - ,rm-A -1' -x . -" , A- x ' fish M lf' --'-f '4--eros Change and uncertainty were the bywords in the library this year. Because of the rehabilitation program, the library's four-and-one-half thousand volumes were due to be moved during mid-year to the old mechanical drawing room. Miss Muriel Anderson, librarian, Mrs. Katherine Lee, her assistant, and the eleven girl library science students comprised the staff of the library and worked under the handicap of not knowing when or if the move was to take place. Textbooks were put under the supervision of Mr. Harold Reynolds, bookstore clerk. Because of the doubt, accommodations were dif- ficult for all students, but the library staff sought as best they could to guide and encourage students with their reading and reference problems. The rehabilitation pro- gram will remodel the old library building and provide for better arrangements and a more modern design. LlBARlAN'S HELPERS pose for picture while taking a break from the many necessary tasks they performed durin library hours. First row: Sandra Tilson Judy Gorup Judy Stagner Janice Hoyle Gretchen Kettering Sandy Alhadeff 1 iv' Second row: Wanda Kesterson Merry Mower Georgia Sked Sharon Elcock Mrs. Mabel Jordan Benefiel, R.N., B.S. Lake View Hospital, lllinois Peabody College, Tennessee Srlmol .lYIlI'.VU Adviser: Medical Club i ll T i NURSE'S AIDES are the student workers who substantially helped Mrs. Benefiel in the operation of the health services. Pictured above are Rae Smith, Linda Lanthripe, Janet Lanthripe, Ina Guest, Judy Bontrager, Mary Espino, and Mrs. Mabel Benefiel, School Nurse Looked After Health Responsible for the well-being of the students, Mrs. Mabel Benefiel, school nurse, worked throughout the year to further the health protection ot the school com- munity, The health program considered the Well-being ot the students physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. With the assistance ot Mrs. Edith Soest and a group of girls serving as nurse's aides, Mrs. Benetiel calmed the fears and pains of students not able to cope with their daily work. T M i PRETTY PATIENT Mary Mondry is registered by Mrs. Edith Soest, health secretary, BLOOD PRESSURE taking technique is shown nurses helpers by Mrs. Benefiel. Judy Bontrager is the willing subiect. Cafeteria Staff Prepared Good Food.. . Preparing wholesome, nourishing meals for Garden Grove High students was an all-year job for Mrs. Blanche Berry, cafeteria manager, and her staff. Because of the combined lunch period, the staff had to accommodate all students at one time. Naturally changes were made to meet the situa- tion. Under the supervision of Mr. Orra Westover, district cafeteria director, an additional type lunch was offered - the staff-packed sack lunch, consisting of main entree, fruit, bread, dessert, and milk. Students were able to buy these lunches, which were essentially the same in content as the food served in the cafeteria, at the snack bar, To acquaint students with the daily cafeteria fare, menus for a period of two weeks in advance were posted in the office window. Garden Grove students were fortunate in having such a capable staff serving them. 5 l Y 7' f '- Y ff T 1 SEE f - I El I i I gy r- isrs I i T I - l 1.3 ' y Q 1 ...-- -1r"" ,Fifi X .,. MAIN CAFETERIA STAFF: Mrs. Laurine Wurster, Mrs. Mary DeGeer, Mrs. lola Lambertus, Mrs. Ella Miller, Mrs. Sophie Anderson, Mrs. Flo Cain, Mrs. Blanche Berry lmanagerl, Mrs. Dorothy Hollingsworth. HOMER'S HUT STAFF: Mrs. Gladys Delgadillo, Mrs. Helen Steinbeck, Mary Miller. 41- xii C7 --Q' I . 1 36 Snacks, Student Store Provided Supplies X Wwe- l-7 rivi- iq TEXTBOOKS GALORE swamp Mr. Harold Reynolds, textbook clerk and student Store manager, and his assistants Dixi Clift lleftl and Judy Lay Mr. Reynolds' other assistant, Merry Mower, is not pictured CHOWHOUND CONGESTION. Students eating ,ss in the main cafeteria hurry to be first in line fora hot lunch. 1-5.- .Wm The student store offered many advantages to the Gar- den Grove High School Student Body. Conveniently lo- cated on campus, it stocked a large variety of supplies for the everyday needs of a busy student. Operated under the direction of Mr. Harold Reynolds, the student store, with the help of his student assistants, was open during snack and lunch periods. This year a lively selling campaign was launched in behalf of the student store to -urge the students to buy their supplies on campus and support the school at the same time. STUDENT STORE CLERKS for the year were Janet Lanthripe, Joyce Neal. Shirley Neal and Linda Lanthripe lnot picturedl. .,-an-urn ni" ,4- gi IS 00' ?'3""' 'W 1--Iii-' lv-asv-1 ' .... ,MH fr- 1 A' iv.. f- 'N . ff xc" ' 'I , 4-N. I 1 3 tl ., 1 . 5,33 Y ' is J Q. ' A 3 V eb : . I , , . -2 1 ' X ff l .. 'N J gp, ' . ' N t 4 ' -E 1' is. 'BAK 3' 4 ' - , ' is' ' 5,41-MJ. I '.. Y Vw stjfi KA gl M .. f L.. , V 'A' '-" 1- ,,,, .M A , is W 1. F yi., - -If fr Q 4 A HECTOR'S HUT STAFF: Mrs. Lucille Killion, Mrs. lla Simmons, Mrs. Marie Laskey, Mrs. Lillian Rizuto A. li.-- 38 Custodian Handled Campu Cleanup The iob of the maintenance staff in keeping the campus of Gar- den Grove High in tiptop shape was never finished throughout the year, because the constant growth of the school demanded more building, painting, sweeping, repairing, and other odd iobs than the overworked maintenance staff could keep up with. No sooner was one job finished than another popped up. Mr. Wendell Newsom and his staff, nevertheless, were able to keep the campus in good shape in spite of the building program and many untidy students. 'if Mr. Wendell Newsom f',-A -M . ,, , fi Maintenance Supervisor - Y. 1 L, , . .'g"" l kin- ' lx r ,- MAINTENANCE STAFF: George MC- Clellan, Louis Massa, Halsey Dav- enport, Wallace R. Davis, Wendell Newsom, Harlan H. Lynes, Lloyd Manderscheid, Charles W. McCon- nell, Robert Gene Matthews. Q . LADY MAINTENANCE WORKERS Mrs. Emery Standsberry and Mrs K Hazel Clark pose for yearbook picture. I n cl. ., W . . ' 0 . ,, 4, . fp r M - I I -fu Q : Q-Xb' . l i 1 , . .- -nk , 4 ui, 27" V' I 9' FIXING UP room 33, the old mechanical drawing room, for use by the library staff, George McClellan and Harlan Lynes change the electrical wiring in the room. ' is x BUS DRIVERS: Mis. Mary Gilbert, Al Perrine, Mrs. Barbara Moody, George E Bates Mrs Dorothy Hayward Mrs Mary Robarge Ms Dorothy Faulkenham H Markley B D ' T t cl St d t With a roar and a screech, the lumbering yellow buses pulled up to cart the weary students home. This was a daily occurrence for the dedicated bus drivers, directed by Mr. Charles Munz. Their schedule was so tight that if one bus were five minutes late, chaos would result. The bus drivers' duty was to make sure that the Argonauts reached school on time in the morning and returned safely home in the afternoon. Thirteen drivers were utilized to manipulate the eleven yellow monsters. This year, for the first time, women drivers-seven in all- were employed. .AQ EVERYBODY OUT! Students disembark from Mr. Munz's bus iust prior to the end of second period. Jason Awards Honored Faculty 'Best' 5x U." JASON WINNERS were Mr. William F. Smith, "Most Industrie ous", Mrs. Imogene Kampfer, "Most Helpful", Mr. Finn Bergslcaug, "Wittiest", Mr. Mike Sgobba, "New Teacher Most "Beachcombers' Bfast' was the theme ofthe an- nual Jason Awards Banquet, an all-staff dinner held February 17 in the cafeteria. The event, which honored six employees voted best in six different categories, was one of the social high- lights of the year for the faculty. The Jasons, metal statuettes equivalent to l-Iollywood's Os- cars, were made by Mr. Mel Sothan, Guests were encouraged to dress in accordance with the theme, with prizes being awarded to the most- appropriately attired lady and gentleman. Mr. William Hoganson was master of ceremonies and Mr. William V. McClain presented the awards. Entertainment was provided by stu- dents: Sara Klancke rendered a piano solo, Vicki Sue Johns danced, and the Concert Choir sang three songs. Likely", and Mr. Kenneth Dungan, "Older Teacher Who Has." l ' rr--r Mr. Donald Randal, "Most Bashful," was not present to receive his award BEACHCOMBERS ALL. Mrs. Mary-Jo Henricksen, Mr. Robert Farrell, and Mrs. Virginia Carroll came dressed for the theme 10 get into the spirit of things. THE WINNERS of the most-appropriately dressed prizes were Mrs. Virginia Grafton and Mr. Nels Nelson. SMILING BROADLY, Mr. William V. McClain irightl, principal, presents Jason to Mr. Kenneth Dungan. . 40 'lf .sw i-Z-YN h-,nbww 41? Z' ,rr A i 1 li T' il s..,,.-A ine-- M V in REMINISCING. Mr. Edmund Bangle, Mr. Robert Farrell, and Miss Betty McFerson Talk over their summer trips to Europe and inspect souvenirs each brought back. 5, .. rl. awe 'T . X 2 LEISURELY LECTURE is delivered by Mr. Keith Gaynes. Seniors will remember his relaxed stance. Candid Camera Catches Faculty AT Work Teachers are people with personalities of their own. Each had a style of Teaching all his own and a life besides that seen by The students every day. Teachers ranged from The progressive To The traditional which gave The students The variety needed Tor learning. The students came to know The T faculty not only as Teachers, but as individuals. f Y'ALL COME. Mrs. Virginia Carroll invites members of her class to r Try out for speech presentations. ARTIST AT WORK. Mr. Nels Nelson is pictured demonstrating to his class the proportions of the human head. Q4 lv, --1 'sr 'Sy IFA I " l"" i l i I, l A h i Y --:',.f'.i:4,' 53 . 2' P' 1, it ' K!" i i ll i Q. .., 3 'im K ' fit ' . iff' s sfo I 1 08 OIL' You observed the student government under the direction of President Bob Miller working for you in cobinet ond student council meetings, cind you voted in secret elections for officers ot your choice, dis- covering thot your high school yeors ore o time for responsibility to yourself, your school, ond your community. Time For Responsibility 'is 15 Bob Miller, Associated Student Body President. President Bob Miller Served School F A FAMILIAR SIGHT behind the speakers stand at assemblies, Bob Miller effectively performed one of his many duties as Student Body president. As the clock ticks off the last hours of the '59-'60 school year one looks back on the year with some pretty iumbled thoughts. All the ioys and all the griefs of a student body can be summed up in one word - reward. The reward of knowing we have gained one more year of knowledge and experience. At first glance it probably means the accumu' lation of numerous new facts and perhaps the ability to interpret and utilize them. But this year means more - much more - to the graduating Argonaut. lt is full of the memories of dates, of parties after victorious games, of the many good times we have had together, and of the knowledge we have gained while attending Garden Grove High. Mistakes? Yes, we made our share, Experience? Yes, more than you can measure with grades alone. I believe those leaving Garden Grove High this year and next will find themselves further rewarded for their efforts on the part of our great Student Body. I have certainly enioyed being your Student Body president. It is a wonderful experience and one I will always remember. Cathy Gallagher, Vice-President Secretary Sandee West Kept Argo Records Serving as secretary of the Student Body, Sandee West attended each Cabinet and Student Council meeting for the purpose of recording the activities and decisions in the form of minutes, which she duplicated and distrib- uted to each adviser for classroom reading, Sandee, as- sisted by Georgia Sked, also handled social and business correspondence for the Student Body. Working within the Cabinet to better the school by more effective leadership, Sandee helped on any activity or project on which she could be of service. lt was her duty, as a Student Body officer, to be of assistance to the administration, faculty, and students whenever possible. Since she came to Garden Grove in her sophomore year, Sandee has been busy in extra-curricular activities. She had one of the leads in the iunior play in 1959 and was a member of Future Teachers Club, Science Club, Golden Fleece, Com- missioners, and Student Council. Vice - President Cathy Gallagher Second in Command Cathy Gallagher diligently fulfilled the office of vice-president. She served the school by preparing all student assemblies and presiding over the Student Council and Cabinet meetings and school assemblies when the president was absent. As vice- president, Cathy supervised all student elections and voting for new amendments that came up during the year, Because she headed most of the committees that worked on student activi- ties, Cathy had an active hand in school affairs. Striving for better student leadership by careful planning and initiative, Cathy helped give the office of vice-president more meaning and importance in the school government. Cathy has shown her interest in extra-curricular activities since she first came to G.G.H.S. as 01 freshman. She previously served as flag twirler and a yell leader. f F Sandee West, Secretary 5 4 1 u CABINET MEETING is presided over by Bob Miller, Student Body president. The group met weekly to formulate and discuss plans for student activities ASBCb' tMtW kl T PI Bob Miller, Student Body president, conducted the weekly meet- ings of the Cabinet, the executive branch of student government. Cathy Gallagher, vice-president, assisted in the discussion and formation of plans for the agenda of the Student Council meet- ings. The group also helped determine plans for future school activities and, in general, was the steering committee for student government affairs. A side project in fall was painting and decorating the new Cabinet room behind the cafeteria. The Art Club assisted in decorating the room that was used for the weekly meetings of this student government organization. Sandee West, secretary, prepared and distributed all minutes of the student council meetings, Handling all student financial matters, Ralph Whitney was business manager and was respon- sible for preparing the budget and keeping records of the ex- penditures and payments of the clubs and Student Body. Steve Katz and Diane Larson assisted Ralph. Serving as publicity man- ager, Dave Null attempted to inform the students of all school activities. His assistant, Kristine Nelson, was in charge of keep- ing a scrapbook of all student affairs. Tom Eastman, as athletic commissioner, checked the eligibility of the boys for participation in sports and distributed the prized athletic letters. Others on the Cabinet included Georgia Sked, assistant secretary, Gail DeMuri, Inter-Club Council representative, and Shaundell LaClair, pep commissioner. A'-A wb 1 -bg K' BIG MONEY. Steve Katz, assistant business manager, watches as Ralph Whit- ney, business manager, writes a check for 53,728 in partial payment of the yearbook. Diane Larson, assistant business manager, checks account cards. l .. 1 l -. 'rf .Q I 43" CHECKING UP. Tom Eastman, boys' athletic commissioner, takes time out from checking eligibility cards to admire athletic letters displayed by Shaundell LaClair, pep commissioner. Many necessary and important iobs required to keep the student government functioning smooth- ly were seldom seen by the average student. After Cabinet and Student Council meetings, members seemed to have much time on their hands and gathered around the table in the main office talking and studying, but mostly talking, until their noisy patter compelled Mrs. Imogene Kampfer or an annoyed teacher to ask them to leave. Butlthe iobs were completed -- during first period and at other times throughout the day - unseen and unheralded. To give a small portion of credit to the students who performed these functions is the aim of the pic- tures on this page - pictures which show the Cabinet members at work. COUNTING VOTES. Dave Null, publicity chairman, is aided by his assistant Kristine Nelson and Gail DeMuri, lnterclub Council representative, in tabulating the results of a student election. . . . Activities and Solve Problem ' 'Z Board Of Control Helped Students . . . Appointed by the Student Cabinet, the Board of Control tried to help the Student Body through correction of minor offenders that littered the campus, pushed and crowded in the lunch line, and committed other such offenses. lt was composed of three senior members and two iuniors, who acted as a fact-gathering committee to hear student complaints and consider campus problems. Representing the senior class were Harrell Poarch, chairman, Julie Carlton, secretary, and Stan Manley, senior member. Rich Null and Nancy Morrison acted in behalf of the iuniors. A student who received a ticket from a commissioner for an offense against school regulations had to appear before the Board so that his behavior might be im- proved through sensible consideration and discussion rather than by infliction of penalties. The service per- formed by this group could be seen in cleaner halls and campus and in the reduction of two-time offenders. The Board, which worked in close association with the Commission, met once a week to talk to students who had been called in. Mr. Allen Wells was the adviser of the group. PONDERING PROBLEM, the Board of Control members consider solution to an offense committed by Mike Jolliffe, seated before them. M Yay 1? '51 wx sq! and Richard Null, 13 ,ru . Harrell Poarch Chairman Y' BOARD OF CONTROL members serving throughout the year were Nancy Morrison, Julie Carlton, Harrell Poarch, Stan Manley, ,- 'an sv COMMISSIONERS, first row: Erma Neff, Sue Hammer, Morese Cripe, Joan Litrich, Shirley Osumi, Nancy Morito, Susan Bonville, Sandy Rasch, Nancy Morrison, Sandy Greer. Second row: Dean Morgan, Lou French Small, Sandee West, Julie Carlton, Louise Cromwell, Sherrill Lundgren, Peggy Morgan, Judy Lay, Georgia Sked, Richard Matthews. Third row: Tom McDonald, Fred Hull, Donald Frueh, Danny Ilcemi, Mike Jolliffe, Roger Manderscheid, Bob Miller, Bobby Babcock. .. . Commissioners Enforced Regulations The commissioners worked in close correlation with Harrell Poarch and the Board of Control in the con- trolling of students on campus. Chosen by the Calo- inet, they were select students who were capable of participating in this control. The official duty of each commissioner was reporting any and all viola- tions of school rules to the Board of Control for cor- rection and upholding school regulations. Violators -Q- received tickets from commissioners if they broke any of the rules and regulations as presented in the student handbook and set down by the administra- tion. Such offenses were crowding in the lunch line, littering the campus, underclassmen sitting in the Senior Sanctuary, and other more serious breaches of proper conduct. This body met once a month for the purpose of reviewing their duties and enforcing the laws of the campus. Membership to the Com- mission was much the same as for clubs. A 2.5 atti- y 5 1 tude rating and CI "C" grade average were necessary, T of course, but something else made a good commis- sioner: dedication, thoroughness, and indiscrimina- tion in the iob. This body taught one of the principal steps toward maturity-self control. A main ob- jective of the commissioners was more a hope- that some day there would be no need for a group such as theirs, that the Argonauts would be mature enough to follow the rules without any reminder. HANDHOLDING COUPLE, Ray Wagner and Nancy Buchanan are given a ticket for the offense by commissioner Bobby Babcock. Student Council Set Budget. . . STUDENT COUNCIL, First Semester, first row: Kathy Killion, Shaundell La Clair, Joyce Jackson, Cheryl Brown, Cathy Gallagher, Bob Miller, Sandee West, Morese Cripe, Sharon Buckingham, JoAnne Meiryman. Second row: Diane Larson, Sue Hammer, Kay Wade, Karma Klingaman, Gail DeMuri, Nancy Marita, Joan Litrich, Sue Pendleton, Georgia Sked, Linda Bush. Third row: John Fagg, Ralph Whitney, Danny McCauley, Roger Manderscheid, Steve Katz, Dick Avery, Donald Frueh, Tom Eastman, Fred Brooks, David Null. f J ,-f-' The Student Council, the legislative, or rule-making body g of the student government, was composed of students chosen in each of the advisory classes. Electing a new membership each semester enabled more students to play an active part in school affairs. Meetings of the Student Council were held every Tuesday morning to discuss business. The next day the members would report the Councils business to their advisory classes, giving every student the opportunity to become aware of the affairs of his government. Bob Miller, Student Y Body president, presided at the meetings of the Student Council, and Secretary Sandee West recorded the min' utes. The Council conducted business according to par- liamentary procedure. Discussions were held on the various aspects of student life that were brought before the organization. Such issues discussed were future student activities, control problems, Homecoming revi- sions, amendments for the Constitution, and numerous other matters. ln case of a vote when a decision was needed, the representatives were urged to vote as their class wished, thus making the system of student govern- ment democratic. Football and other game scores were reported officially, and the activity schedule for the week following was announced at each meeting. All financial and other such business reports were read, as the Coun- cil was in charge of alloting funds to the proper places. The Student Council was the supervisory body of the student government and watched over all student ac- tivities. TALKING IT OVER. Sandee West, secretary, clarifies a point for students attending a weekly Student Council meeting. I - STUDENT COUNCIL, first semester, first row: Nancy Greene, Judy Woods, Dixie Clift, Suzanne Dollar, Beverly Carlson, Georgie Matous, Marcia Peck, Bonnie Bauns- gardner, Gale Reid, Second row: Paul Johnson, Pat Miller, Joan Brownmiller, Kristine Nelson, Helen Winter, Cathie Staman, Karen Rose, Earl Henry, John Sullivar. Third row: Mike Breinlholt, Mike Giafaglione, John Denman, Bruce McDuffy, Bill Poledouris, Rod Woolcock, Bob McCoy, Steve Fossett, Lewis Prickett, Mike Jolliffe, Jim Durnil. . . . Approved Rules, Raised Fund ps STUDENT COUNCIL, second semester, firsl row: Mary Ann Dickenson, Erma Neff, Bonnie McEachern, Kay Wade, JoAnne Stuart, Morese Cripe, Sue Von Nord- heim, Sharon Elcock, Jan Boris, Carol Caster, Shciryl McDonald. Second row: Forrest Stone, Bill Prats, Gary Sclwiveley, Karma Klingaman, Karen Carlton, Dixie Clift, Jim Carter, Bill Carlson. Third row: John Fagg, Dale Lange, Clayton Bagwell, Terry Duggan, Jim Robinson, Jim Rayl, Bob Miller, Steve Baker. All of the girls enrolled at Garden Grove High School were members of the Girls' League, which operated under the capable leadership of Shirley Osumi, presi- dent, and Mrs. Eileene LaBarthe, adviser. Girls' League was founded with three goals to strive for: to develop a spirit of friendliness among all the girls, to encourage courtesy of speech and manner and consideration for others, and to learn to cooperate and take responsibility in working on worthwhile obiectives and proiects. Guid- ing the way for the girls were the elected members of the Girls' League Board. These officers led in the striving for dress control by reminding all individuals of the proper school attire, distributing penalties to those who persistently failed to heed the regulations, and providing an incentive for proper dress by the Girl-of-the-Month program. At the beginning of the year, the Girl-of-the- Month program was discontinued but later was rein- stated with revisions to make it a truly worthwhile un- dertaking. Each month from among twenty girls selected from the four classes, the most outstanding girl was awarded the Girl-of-the-Month trophy. Chosen from all the senior girls who were Girls-of-the-Month at G.G.H.S., the Girl-of-the-Year, one of the most cherished honors a girl may receive, was announced at the Girls' League Banquet in June. The Co-Ed Dance, held on February 12, was one of the social highlights of the year spon- sored by the League. The theme of this girl-ask-boy affair was "A Touch of Cupid." Another activity spon- sored by the League was the Mother and Daughter Fash- ion Show and Tea, held annually. Following the fashion show, put on by the girls, a tea was held in the cafeteria for the mothers. To acquaint the incoming freshman girls with the Argonaut campus and traditions, Girls' League members showed them around on Big and Little Sister Day, April 28. Girls' League Aided 11 K 3- 5 .ig K Q I W V ' I' L 1.73, . eh' J , . stab" Z?" . 7 2 Q. sv -3 'nl 1? . S W' 0575? . : .1 i V ., A - . Peggy Morgan Jean Chiapella Publicity Program JFS, li Q: ' Nancy Morita Hospitality -l Q' I . ,M -'- :ii Shirley Osumi, President Lou Small Secreta ry Mary Mondry Treasurer Judy Reynolds Historian fjr' I Pam Peters Board Member Newcomers, Emphosized Friendliness Judy Loy Boo rd Member n S I -C Gwoine Nuest Board Member Soro Kloncke Board Member ' 'Q 1 J 7 Club Council Coordinated Activities Consisting of one representative from each club on cam- pus, Inter-Club Council maintained its purpose of smoothly coordinating the activities ot all the student organizations. It was the "middle-man" in assuring close relationships between the clubs, student govern- ment, and the administration. The Council performed many duties, but chiefly it reviewed all club proiects, strengthened membership in the groups, organized the forming of new associations, ironed out any club prob- lems, and in general, was the executive branch govern- ing the clubs. The Council met once a month to carry out its duties. The representatives to Inter-Club Council, selected by the membership of their organizations, served one semester. Only approved on-campus organizations were eligible for representation. CLUB CONFAB. Eileen Oakley, representative of the Archaeology Club, gives a report of her club's activities to Chairman Gail DeMuri and other members. -v i -, ll ,Q ? " ,P F- I- -" - . INSPECTION. Under the supervision of Mr. Harold Vail, adviser, lnterclub Council officers check club constitutions and rosters, Seated are Maia Ravasi, secretary, Gail DeMuri, chairman, and Sharron Neal, vice-chairman. INTER-CLUB COUNCIL, first row: Diane Washburn, Rae Smith, Sherry Jones. Second row: Sharon Neal lviceechairmani, Gail DeMuri lchairmanl, Shaundell LaClair, Carol Lalonde, Maia Ravasi lsecretaryl, Kathy Pitts, Linda Cozad. Third row: Steve Baker, Steve Fossett, Gwaine Nuest, Judy Reynolds, Janice Harmon, lna Guest, Vicki McLeod, Stan Manley, Ron Randall, David Null. 'fo it hi 1, , '. W . . F 5 "Qs, CAMPAIGN SPEECH IS di-livorvcl to the Student Body by Roger Manclurscheid, VOTERS' CHOICE. Penny McKay and Linda I-lutchens, seniors, IIIKIIIL their ballots after cliililwrcition, A., NA, nfs, li,-9 1 I i l l - . I .8 an 9 . SIGNS OF THE TIMES. Campaign posters are inspected by puzzled voters -- John Trotter, Lewis Prickett, Donnc Van Zant, and Mark Smith. 5- ' 14.1-V I' 'Tall NWS March noted a change in attire for the old GG campus. The walls were papered lwith campaign posterslg the doors were blocked lwith posterslp the trees and bushes bloomed lwith postersl. Students were leery of going to and from classes, to and from snack bars or, to and from school because of the many and varied locations of the seemingly impromptu campaign speeches by the "hopefuls," namely the presidential nominees Pat Miller, Roger Manderscheid, and Dean Morgan. The juniors truly exhibited their ingenuity in the most unique and colorful fashion in the history of Garden Grove High. l K K si 'H 'If A f " I PUNCHING HOLE in Student Body cards showed which students had already yo'ed Shaundell LaCIair punches Eyclie Carey's card ELECTION OFFICIALS hand out ballots and check Student Body cards While Charles Ashby Waits for his bono, Candidates Campaignecl Vigorously 55 ,--4 n Q Q1 I I . 09" 423: I Q , . ' a T 'im is T ' 0 .lb w ,Qs ,M U iv 'fl' .T . ir, T sk gl... M - . N h . sb v , '7 You made many discoveries in classes Throughout The year, from The fascination of chemistry to The difficulty of German, and, above all, The discovery that high school is The Time of your lite for hard work, cooperation, and preparation tor The future. Freshmen Began Four - Year Course . . . Jeff Cadwell President, First Semester XAli"bN. v,. .V ! Bill Poledouris President, Second Semester Hopping on the four-year merry-go-round, members ofthe Fresh- man Class were in a tizzy concerning school. High school was a far cry from junior high, changes had to be made. With pro- pulsion provided by Jeff Cadwell and Bill Poledouris, the frosh quickly settled down into a cycle which resolved some of their tears and anxieties. Cheering the teams, singing the Alma Mater, listening to announcements - all was exciting and seemingly unique. s'Q --'- ,N 340 PROVIDING PROPULSION, Jeff Cadwell and Bill Poledouris, Freshman Class presidents, are shown as they push the other officers into action. They are lclockwise from bottom of picturel Margaret Yoshida lsecretary ll, Lynne Natlond lsecretary 21, Elaine Pearce lvice-president ll, Rusty Russell lvice-ptesident 21, Mike Stipek treasurer 21, Alan Langdon lyell leader ll, Gayle Japhet lyell leader 2l. Not pictured is Pat Lynch treasurer ll. 1'Fi pi V First row: Susan Clark, Margie Wardell, Alice Anderson, Sue Von Nordheim, Ann Hamilton, Betty Prats, Barbara Carey, Dianna Conley, Judy Heard, Carol Medeiros. Second row: Micliael Stipek, Larry Long, Hazel Kennedy, Nancy Clime, Laurene Anderson, Bonnie Green, Linda Averitt, Lewis Prickett, Glenn Stewart. Third row: Mark Robinson, Mark Smith, Richard Cummings, Chris Smith, Rick Bluhm, Mike Harris, Eugene Sumi, John DeMuri, James Ryan, Dennis Countryman, Ronald Haun. 1 fiy ' gd! kj 3 First row: Lynne Sturtevant, Carole Buzer, Kay Lynch, Virginia Cromwell, Kathy Waer, Bonnie McKinney, Julie Humphreys, Charleen Taylor, Kathryn Mautino, Lorraine Simmons. Second row: Cary Arnold, Judith Anderson, Barbara Farrington, JoAnn Kirton, Karin Johnson, Judy Morton, Marion Murray, Janice Jensen, Bonnie McEacl1ern, Sally Mylar, Donna Vanlant, Lloyson Bess. Third row: Bruce Griffin, Jim Fedor, Ray Tecau, Winston Sparks, Max Steen, Bill O'Bannon, Ken Pyle, Craig Nankervis, Richard Park, David Townsend, Walt McEuen, Earl Holmes. With Qualm , Soon Settled Into Swing . . . 59 QC' J-1 9 'Q Qi lo f""" ' , fn' - . ,ni C ,Xl lfllmSs First row: Julie Miles, Barhara Cave, Lorraine Medel, JoAnne Sellers, Helen Gamboni, Wanda Biel, Judy Grant. Second row: Henri Jensen, Charles Morris, Nick Pearce, Ronnie Marcaielli, Cheryl Stottle, Shirley Whedbee, Tony Bowden, Mike Collins, Don Stowell. Third row: Jim Carter, Bob Fraser, Earl Vance, Paul Waters Richard Tisor, Tim Park, Jim Thorpe, Ronnie Thompson, Reggie Karlson, Nick Cooper, Riley Davis. of Thing , Taking Tests, Enioying . . . N. N ' A N? lah First row: Portia Bradley, Linda Walker, Gail Kinsey, Barbara Ottley, Darlene Hendershof, Marcia Raulstan, Victoria Gothard, Bonnie Baumgardner. Second row: Steve Schoonovor, Gary Walton, Joe Stillson, William Lynes, Noel Grise, George Groty, John Tillery, James Ferguson, Bruce Olsen, Arthur Nelson, Roy Hopkins, Bill Whitlow. Third row: Larry Grishaber, Danny Johnson, Bud Kennedy, Stan Looper, Ed Hughes, Tony Thompson, Stephen Adler, Mike Nissen, Michael Brass, Tom Morris, Tom Clem, Richard Shryer, Dirk van der Linden. 60 SIGN HERE please, freshmen Judy Thomas and John DeMuri ask seniors Steve Katz and Jay Colden in a quest for signatures of upperclassmen. Jay obliges John, while Steve ponders the matter. 'KF READING IMPROVEMENT is the aim of Mrs. Mary-Jo Henriclxsen as she x uses a controlled reading device in her English I class. -,I A i .. Qu " " x XR .V 1 .sr , ' - V D , ,yy M 4 ' "al5'f'4T Sf'- ,, , - .ff .. s -11? ' in .-if-iff' 3, . 92i+ai3:?' N W L E Hello Daze ' J '1 ,J Aft XV :gf CQ' H7 ggrf , 1, V l 2-P -" , " l i i 1 V L 'G 1 , n fix xg! First row: Jeri Green, Tanna Clark, Donna Briggette, Sandra La Marre, Linda Rasmussen, Sue Hawley, Pat Floyd, Mary Ricketts, Christy Flinchbaugh, Pam Rowland Christy Carter. Second row: Judy Pollard, Wanda Jackson, Kathy Smith, Diane Vincent, Sharyn Swanwick, Georgialee Anderson, Carol Crandall, Susan Worshant Sandra Rupp, Sharal Scheve, Cynthia Skodacek, Judy Thomas, Joan Gladis, Sharon Powell, Third row: James Kime, Michael Chaddick, Rick Tonks, Duane Shaw Lynn Terada, Ferrel Guizlo, Jacque Dougherty, MaryAnn DeLucio, Troy Mooneyham, Hugh Smith, Ronnie Beiteilspacher, Don Dobmeier. -oi WANDA WORKS while Sharron Janisky reads the school news- paper Wanda Jackson beginning journalism student, inserts Schola tic Roto magazines in copies of the Argolog before the paper Soph - Frosh FROSH MEETS SOPH. Freshman Steve Cranfield dances with Sophomore Kathy Byrnes during the Sophomore-Freshman Dance, Dance, Other Activities F.,-sg row fern Risinger Lynn Coldwell, Nancy Barry, Sharron Wagner, Margaret Yoshida, Judy Fleming, Patricia Jones, Barbara Dreibus, Jo M G h J an c e ee, oanne Mulrriy Second row Connie- Flaw Marilyn Toby, Kathy Fitzgibbons, Linda Knoll, Sandee Rubin, Patricia Bracy, Barbara Good, Sharon Ithurralde, Kathy Toth Mmylm Vogt Diana tones Dorothy Lowery, Sherrie Connelly, Lynn Birch. Third row: Mike Goodman, Dennis Frazier, Dave Elmer, Jane Schumann, Marge Harper inmt Mcffonville Mike Giafaglione John Lindley, Larry Lefner, Steve McEuen. -at J. 137: 9 1-N 4 Vg.- do L.. 1 vi 15 . First row: Doreen Spice, Sandra Merrick, Joan Studdard, Beverly Hitchcock, Susan Green, Deloris Oborn, Pat Lindsey, Lorrayne Gross, Gale Reid, Ruth Chastair Second row: Ed Sarratt, Tom Fuller, Paul Pearce, Danny DeBruyn, Tom Patterson, Billy Stephens, Diane Stout, Dale Lindahl, Roy Deaver, John Anderson, Gary Barnes Larry Brandon, Gary Jackson. Third row: Lewis Zeinz, Paul Johnson, Reynolda Guzman, Stanley Lillibridge, Jim Blue, Gary Lawhon, Paul Atkins, Terry Duggar Austin Potter, Doug Dobbertin, Stan Kraft, Tom Hill, Don Dickinson, James Millar, Danny Leath, Bill Traven. The Little Ones Lost Their Shyness . . . , "SEHK GUT," says Mary Sue Rickets as Duane Shaw writes a sentence in Germai- , il' nv on the blackboard. 5 ll elf' -.-- r--ffm J are L3-L 7 f l'l'IIlJll FROLICKING FROSH show their playful spirit as they slide down the railing of the library. From the left are Alan Langdon, Judy Thomas, Barry Hayden, and Rhonda Lundgren. , 0 ts ' ,C V' I --vm g n 1 L M 'Q 1 . Z in - .JL First row: Anita Herrera, Eva Valles, Judi Helsley, Gloria Preciado, Beverly George, Karen Thompson, Toni Foster, Judy Hickolc, Linda Sargent, Candy West. Second row: Erle Wier, David Romo, Jim Reynolds, Larry Van Nimwegen, Vera Hansen, Sandra Linlrogle, LaRayne Kimball, Floyd Kanatzar, Robert Schultz, Roger Oldenburgh, Richard Starling. Third row: Royce Davis, Lee Dillon, Robert Van Skyock, Danny Noble, .ra Alberson, Don Krohne, Ron Spry, David Miller, Harold Hubbard, Richard Alfrcy, Raoul Ortega, John Gillman. . . .Worked for Homecoming Candidates . . . l ELBOW GREASE is applied as freshmen put the finishing touches on a car X wash iob to raise money for their Homecoming Queen candidate. , , I 'Q 5 . 'fs' fi' H -vas: Q 1' 2' :tl-Ov 3 4 llfshw IDA ,FJ g:,.,.f-3.4 ...- -.Jn,.'L'4'1 .- INTRODUCING Pam Rowland to the students at a pep assembly, -lell Cadwell, frosh class prexy, urges freshmen to work hard to elect Pam Home- 6A coming Queen. N . I 1 p.. yf-J '-x fri Ili l First row: Barbara Lemaster, Carroll Vosburg, Midge Connors, Niki Boris, Ethel Karlson, ReNae Young, Virginia Atkins, Betty Armer, Gloria Watts. Second row: Cheryl Griffis, Diane Tatro, Janice Vandever, Claudene Anspach, Virginia Campbell, Sandra Little, Sally Belote, Sandy George, Cheryl Coke, Melba Stipek, Edie Carey, Kay Hurley, Third row: Gary Holcomb, Bob Bell, Rob Koon, Cordell muilenburg, Dennis Greer, Mike Gleason, Bill Anderson, Wayne Witten, Roger Andres, Steve Cranfill, Dave Baerg. First row: Dolores Davis, Diane Reid, Barbara Stook, Lee Toth, Ginger Dunning, Carolyn Michael, Linda Grey, Lynne Natland, Lori Ougltton, Jean Mann, Connie Friend. Second row: Tom Carter, Joe Kelch, Bill Poledouris, Mary Elder, Judi Cooper, Marcia Ross, Marian Braymer, Susan Graetz, Gwen Parry, Mike Wallace, Bob Doss, Jeff Cadwell. Third row: William Derrig, Tom Proctor, William Johnson, Tom Bostick, John Jones, Charlie Petrilla, Dennis Feeley, Jock Child, Paul Harvey, Mike Lowry, Dick Badger, Charles Patterson. . . . Participated In Organized Events . . . ,353 v F. F an Firsi row: Ann Neal, Maryann Fitzer, Barbara Farmer, Judy Hanscom, Donna Shelby, Frances Nicolai, Muriel Ladd, Cassandra Belcher, Pricilla Jackson. Second row: Donald Colrrt, Rrchie Cook, Terry Crist, Robert Schnek, Elaine Pearce, Lynne Kappler, Connie Hurley, Susan Ketchum, Rusty Russell, Bob Stanley, Mike Cassil, Bill Carlson. Third row: Bruce Lambertus, Larry Frazier, Stan McEuen, Larry Wilson, Ridley Bell, Michael VanHorn, Don True, Don Gardner, Gary Mason, Mike Gears, Wally Pankratz, Bob Grant, . . . Joined Club . . . Studying Diligently The , 9 X i Q 5 pl- X. First row: Marcia Pork, Linda Wright, Billie Rrggs, Yvonne Baldridge, Sharlene Poland, Linda Rendano, Alvera Lillrcrop, Rudrna Finamore, Virginia Clark, Linda Cauclrorr, Second row: Bob Hairrtt, Bill Vcwell, Eddie Griffith, Chuck Hyatt, Steve Bernard, Linda Otto, Barbara Lawton, Alan Langdon, Dennis Nelson, Fred Holmes, Howard Rrshel, Paul Canada. Third row: David Wendler, Jim Eastman, Richard Jackson, Larry Wadsworth, Ron Levonrus, Mark Hansen, Cary Martin, Jirn Crossley, Jim Dunn, Jim Barley, Riuhard Schoen, Robert Perrine. TYPING TROUBLE. Cecelia Brumback Icenterl and other students in Typing I si-em to be having difficulty with the day's typing exercise. . l Fl! 'IP 'Ying X Clas .1-wg' an i- i ITT lc gi N +5- li IOWA TESTS. Sharon lthurralde distributes test booklets to Margaret Yoshida s Cf 1963 Utilized Their Time.. . if B-47, 4 -af First row Ferguson. Carolynn Roostee. . ' xp QP CO 'yu bf J y C af 7 A ,' .iw--:"'4"'y : Sonya Washburn, Marilyn Newcombe, Marilyn Neal, Sharron Janisky, Georgia Huffman, Claudia Jesse, Cecile Olinger, Celia Lane, Janet Miller, Barbara Second row: Barbara Truman, Candy Summers, Peggy Anderson, LaVonne Montague, Lorraine Wagner, Linda Straus, Mary Jo Leonard, Jan Ford, Glenn, Judy Cherry. Third row: Al Chandler, Bill Heath, Greg Albright, Nick Woods, Keith Robinson, Ramon Guillen, James Davis, Hy Finkelstein, Urby 67 First row: Karen Pickering, Diana Shelby Dorothea Creek, Karen Taylor, Becky Russell, Pat Mitani, Gayle Japhet, Francene Green, Carol Perkins, Carol James. Second row: Janice Kerngan, Patsy Cutler, Norma Dooley, Joyce Neal, Ann Jauregui, Nancy Lehman, Rhonda Lundgren, Cecelia Brumback, Nancy Surman, Sharon Koweit, Patti Cltarlanrl. Third row: Dennis lovenburg, Rowland Fisher, Richard Charland, John Scanlon, Bruce Covey, Mike Adams, Duane Nowicki, Philip Wasmer, Greg Bezlai, John Cliimenti, Mike Williams, David Ledferd, Jim Williams, Bruce Giertsen. J 2 Q X4 4,..:--, Ka, 1 . I 5 Firsl row: Kathleen Fulbrighr, Beverli Eagan, Mary Acierni, Vicki Hull, Lorraine Fouts, Ann Lindsey, Donna Miller, Brenda Lystrom, Cheryl Sammons, Lynn Hall Second row: Sammy Minson, Robert Brew, Sharon DeMars, Shirley Caster, Cherie Young, Judy Irwin, Peggy Linfesty, Jim Szymanski, Paul Schroeder. Third row Bill Biggerstaff, Bill Barber, Steve Garinger, Johnny Lyon, Tom Dooley, Bob Birdwell, Jack Hauer, John Fairbanks, Edward Smith, Eddie Weiderr, Jack McFarland of 4 B . Q 36 Y? ...Q .J.v ,rv QV ,A . V. , L.-I 5- ia' . . . For Learning, Fun Offered During . . . . . .Year Which Wa Time Of Their Lives l BETWEEN CLASS PURCHASE. Sandra Rupp buys needed notebook paper from Linda Lanthripe at the Student Store, Jane Schumann waits her turn. 5-154 ' 'as TEXTBOOK CHECKOUT is accomplished by Donna Van Zant lcenterl and Barbara Carey with the help of Mr. Harold Reynolds, textbook clerk. First row: Mary Schneider, June Cogley, Connie Earley, Bobbie Carter, Joyce'Browl1, Pricilla Jackson. Second row: Gary Link, Chuck Kelly, Howard Rishel, John Lyon, Steve Bailey, Bill Dugger. WHO SHALL IT BE? Lynne Kappler iust can't make up her mind whom to nominahe for Girl-ofethe-Month. Marge Harper and Rhonda lundgren are ready to cast their ballots. All three were Girls' League dress representatives. lisa ll t B lie! L Personality C? sts S tv BEAUTIES BALLOT. Pretty freshmen Sally Belote, Janice Jensen, and Christy Carter vote for their choice ofthe "best" of the Freshman Class. Gale Reid Frisky freshmen galloped to the polls to name their favorites in the fields of intelligence, looks, and personality, When the primary votes were tabulated, it was found that the ninth graders had a very narrow list from which to choose the finalists. With the same students nominated in three different categories, the vote for many contestants was split. The rules stated that no student was permitted to win in more than one category, but this did not affect the frosh, for their final vote was close but clear-cut, and the winners are pictured on this page. The yearbook adviser, Mr. William Smith, was the only one who knew the results of the tabulation before the yearbook was distributed. Nominees were as follows: Looks-Bonnie Baumgarclner, Pam Rowland, Elaine Pearce, Gale Reid, Bill Pole- douris, Mark Smith, Jeff Cadwell, Brains - Margaret Yoshida, Lori Oughton, Bonnie Baum- gardner, Pat Lynch, Jeff Cadwell, Bill Poledouris, Personality - Gail Japhet, Gale Reid, Margaret Yoshida, Pam Rowland, Bill Poledouris, Mike Giafaglione, Jeff Cadwell. Winners this year will not be eligible for the same category in their sophomore year according to the Student Body Constitution. Freshmen Selected Classmates For . . . 70 Ji 'Qin Af? - fm . If .il Gif!! K Brains Looks lf? ' K Nu5:"?" N . J ff Cadwell Bill Poledouris . Their Brains, Beauty, Personality Sophomores, Returning Working hard To make a favorable impression and To succeed, The sophomores swept up all Traces of Their previous doubts and qualms about GGHS. They were ready and willing To pitch in, Taking The responsibiIiTy To geT Things accomplished, such as Homecoming, The Christmas Dance, and Color Day. With Rudy Jugo and Bill WaTkins supervising, The Sophomore Class played a role of imporTance in school activities. -... ' ' 1 'WW' CLEANING UP, Sophomore Class Officers demonstrate how they swept aside obstacles and pitched in To make the year a successful time of their lives. Pictured above lfrom left to rightl are Rod Woolcock ltreasurer 2l, Gary Hibbs lyell leader 21, Bill Watkins lpresident 21, Cinco Reid ltreasurer Il, David Blair 'lvice-president 1, Rudy Jugo lpresident I, vice- president 21, Cheryl LaClair lsecretary 21, and Glenellen Cooper lsecretary il. Frank Blaha lyell leader 'll is not in the picture. Y s A Old Timers, Rudy Jugo President, First Semester 1 . I ,X ci, ' 54 C9 L 'CSP' I . f, l il vii Bill Watkins President, Second Semester Adiusted To Changing Conditions . . . 1 .-Y. ea Firsl row: Linda Jones, Candy Russell, JoAnn Mannone, Rita Kelso, Wanetta Kuhl, Sheree Wasson, Alice Meiia, Peggy Eastman, Genevieve Rhodes. Second row: Douglws Dike, Dave Hicks, Don Kennedy, Janice Bernritter, Carolyn Minson, Frances Stanley, Dawn Kidder, Dan Grobee, Paul Nash, Mike Bartol, Tom Thief.. Third row: Bill Prats, Terry Tizzard, Jack Thompson, Paul Thomas, Richard Maisenbach, Kenneth Sumi, Frank Wolfe, Don Foley, Bob Drappo. lf- - RU' l First row: Sandie Wilkinson, Sandy Mayor, Sandee Rimkus, Cheryl Brown, Gloria Souza, Judy Brown, Marlene Agnew, Susan Marvin, Second row: Bryan Bailey Bill Connom, James Williams, Jerry Russell, Ken Christensen, Jim Cobbs, Bill Burson, Ricky Peck, Bob Costa, Forrest Stone. Third row: Dave McCaughey, Nea Weisbarth, Ronnie Riddle, Marion Agonia, Dale Hardman, Mike Ireland, Ted Hagey, Ron Foley, Bob Soukup. 73 :rg Q ...D fit v 43 ' "3 '9 X. X Firsl row: Carolyn Hunt, Kay Kappler, Judy Satterfield, Sue Jackson, Jofllen Frueh Second row: David Hammer, Bill Bohnhoff, Genevieve 7 J nf fl QE t ii' I1 I N ff bl,-lx, ' 1 Tj. 1' l ,Q A v 'Tre Xxx , af' y , 'C' ' ""' 4' V ,V il- ! ,I . , . 4 " N.. " Gail Judd, Judy Gottlieb, Charlene Bailey, Sharon McGee, Sharon Kowert, Sandy Carlson Hamilton, Bonnie Lee, Sonia Hawley, Judy Myers, Sadonia Lennon, Cheri Ruckle, Linda Crow- der, Alice Gibson, Jean Johnson, Ed Smith, Dennis Dugan. Third row: Jim Young, Dave Harris, Ron Daugherty, Steve Kuhar, Rick Kay, Donn Danielson, Edd Medel, Gene Kyle, Bob Elcoclc, Vaughn Kidder, Wayne Suydam, Warren Ottley, Bob McCoy. Sophomore English Wa New, Testing ORAL REPORT. Barbara Cash lleftl, Saundra Anderson, and Mrs. Eva Covington listen with interest to an amusing report given by Sandy LaFontaine in English Il. Q - ------ - ' LX ""'l!r s- "? 62 s.. ,,,..v-14 s., L REPORT CARDS are alphabetized by Judi l-lender, who worked as a student assistant in the registrars office. ji- f :ai 3 'r Xxr if ,HF Q36 Tix: ,if-. Q W-1 s.-J Yr Q vw ' 6-'I 1 First row: Sharon Connor, Barbara Clark, Elamae Fasching, Judi Cowsert, Madlyn Cappella, Karen Wakeham, Marilyn Noecker, Delores Cockrell. Second row: John Kopp, Bill Hale, Larry Rehders, Bruce McDuffy, Jim Rayl, Dennis Matthews, Mike Newland, Don Easton, Bill Elvidge, Duane Allen, Gary Williams, Rickie DeBoer. Third row: Bill Waters, Charles Coghill, Jack Hayward, Ron Campbell, Bob Seling, Paul Caronna, Don Mercer, Gary Brett, Carson Bench, Dee McColloch. First row: Janet Loehrich, Evelyn Gutaskus, Joy Chabot, Evelyn Williams, Sharon Freetly, Carol Stading, Carol Cravat, Karen Carlton, Kathy Reno, DiAnn Goss, Second row: Janice Shugart, Kathy Rowe, Anne Yaple, Sandra Smith, Linda Cummins, Sharon Yoder, Vicki McLeod, Dana Walker, Third row: Ron Smith, Terry Neal, Bill Vaughn, Jim Blaylock, Rod Woolcock, Sal Giafaglione, Tim Casey, Dwight Husted, Robin McFaul, Jim Scoles, Mike Watkins. 1 ' I - f -51 V T X, . -if Q7 1 2 Came Quickly, But The Second Yearers 75 F , -J - avi' .' '14-'Q "t. . nu nn. :Q ,. First row: Wrrnrlir Daugherty, Bohhre Waite, Pam Cloe, Judy Wolbrecht, Millie Sexton, Donna French, Barbara Schubert, Diane Wilson, Judy Mason. Second row: Bram-, Jrrroli-sort, Darrel Pollark, Mila- Nissen, Vindle Jones, Bill Kennedy. Third row: John Griffis, Steve Lehman, Bob Schubert, Milne Birtinlialt, Jrrn Griffith, Clrrrrlvs Urlrson Swiftly Settled Into A Routine . . . Y ... nj' xg 'Q' V5 if ,ps T 45 First row: Carol Hupp, Alyce Price, Janice Warren, Sidney Strickland, Sharon Yuasa, Georgie Matous, Virginia Holley, Maggi Halvorson, Diane Maurer, Dawn Rogers, Second row: Greg O'Campo, Darlton Wright, Earl Laskey, Svvanee Reinties, Sharon Rapoza, Donna Kraft, Wess Lemmon, Patrick Liger, James Morgan. Third row: Melvin Roberts, Jim Hyatt, Bill Klancke, Howard Fosnot, Harry Lawson, Jerry Wrenn, Bill White, Gary Steen, Ron Randall, Rudy Jugo, Wally Rolckum. 76 ,usa va -14 ,-v 9 -r First row: Virginia Russ, Kathy Blystone, Pat Arthur, Bobbie Sherart, Karen Fortney, Catherine Moore, Mary Beth Cleveland, Mary Grimes, Susan Alrbight. Second row: Mike Alewine, Ron Hesla, Bob Kent, Jack Thibodeau, Karen Rose, Anita Chiapella, Pat Tobias, Jack Gregory, George Redman, Michael Marsh, Fred Schwartz, Wilson Jobsen, Kerry Kahler. Third row: Tom Mennealy, Harry Dunbar, Mike O'Neil, Roy Hazelton, Ron Huffman, Gregory Dillon, Jerry Johnson, Johnny Griffir, Jerry Brett, Lyle Burke, Leonard Herman, Gary Hoyle. "OH, I GOOFED," thinks Kathy Byrnes as she watches Mr. Edward Brown correct her French test. ,..., 'Il hir, 'hh G f ., ri ' , rg , V' CASTLES IN 5 No Longer New To r x:1s.x.t., f I A ri I I CAMPAIGN POSTERS for the Girls' League election are placed in stategic by hopeful candidates Linda Pittman lleftl and Jann Mitchell. Them. Studying spo-s J 1' Lb f W' 9 l X. .- First row: Clterre Rritrni, Cheryl Stoops, Carol Guest, Betty Cole, Evelyn Farmer, Dorrnda Bovenzi, Janet Dean, Barbara Durham, Judy Dearden. Second row: Paul Wlwar, Vernon McVrclfer, Cary Scltiveley, Joe Jararnillo, Jerry Wilson, Steve Neel, Darrel Wrllcockson, Bruce Keith, Third row: Henry Rose, Ken Byerly, John Munoz, Ti-rry Danielson, Max Ramsey, Bob Prerce, Tracy Clayton, Dave Thornton, Bill Cole, Monty Blael'1older,Harold Keaton. Q, 5 First row: Wendy Westlake, Slttrley Neal, Mary Scanlon, Laurel Dodson, Jo Anne Stuart, Sally VanAlstyr1e, Pat Tadman, Janet Sprinkle, Anna Mesplou. Second row: Carmen Laurel Anspaclw, Jeanne Gardner, Cheryl La Clair, Sandy Jesse, Doris Vosika. Third row: Douglas Greaves, Paul Howard, Norbert Deconinck, Jack Hrggrns, Allen McMains, Ronald White, Cecil Geary, Mark Ritter. And Fun Became A Happy Mixture . . . C i QC .,,,. 6 4. -a S f J I Y L First row: Barbara Cash, Jan Boris, Suzy Howard, Bobbie Valentine, Connie Waterman, Sandy LaFontaine, Donna McGriff, Linda Delpit, Linda Rey, Debbie Benson Second row: Ernest Eady, Dorie Ford, Pat Rice, Marilyn Spice, Wanda Perry, Marcia Owen, Cathie Douthett, Diana Dillard, Jequetta Ledbetter, Glenellen Cooper Judi Header, Saundra Anderson, John Wurster. Third row: Frank Blaha, Clinton Shock, Mike Wilce, Bruce Foster, Gary Meyerkorth, Charles Gerarden, Eugene Alu Daniel Hoover, Mike Brotemarkle, Scott Powers, Tom Foster, Bill Miller, Steve Fossett, Larry James, David Blair, Jack Ferguson. Homework Gave Way To Homecoming . . -was-sam 'avr Q SLOSHING SUDS. Sophomores swarm over a customer's auto at their car wash concession, designed to raise money for their Homecoming Queen candidate. J ,, c: ' - ' - 1 if W X' Y' A " 5 74'-T 'Wig' N s.- .:Ei:1,,4 ' ' V In 0 A + W .s , 5 fp, .4 J . ,fs f -es... - hail, ' fe I f, .t-, .1 ' l i COTTON CANDY is sold by Jan Boris lcenterl and Nola Pherson to augment the sophomore Homecoming fund. Q 'P' arp? 'gf' Q' it 2 n an 3 4,1 DF First row: Sandra Frrrriss, Margriet Leefers, Judy Allen, Jean Bruce, Sally Wade, Sharon Barber, Julie Chisurn, Mary Lou Gleason, Jo Templeton, Nancy Compton. Second row: Jim Masoner, Claynette Chick, Peggy McDonald, Jacque Jackson, Victoria Rousseau, Linda Johnson, Sandra Jones, Beverly Carlson, Dorothy Culpepper, Wilma Van der Linde, Lloyd Yergensen. Third row: Clayton Porter, Sam Miller, Jerry Gentry, Bruce Wright, Harold Beebe, Grant Smith, Ronnie Rarnlow, Dennis West, Gary Hibbs, Larry Clayton, Jim Wilson, Bruce Wise, Rick Lehnharclt, Russell Jackson. "DECEMBER DREAMS," sophomore Christmas Dance, is enloyed by JoEllen Frueh and Gary l-libbs. O S 17- " :-1 1 Y ,X g" . Q 5 - U ' 'xxx f ri x N QAQ , , A .. q 4 CONGRATULATIONS are offered to John Wurster lrightl by Harry Arnold, who pre' sented a pin to John as Scholar-of-the-Quarter for the second grading period. Harry took first quarter honors. . . . Activities, And Semester Exam 80 who pauses briefly during last minute research 'N B I X X , , R SOPHOMORE STUDY habits are typified by pretty GlenEllen Cooper, t ,k for a class proiect. .4 ,d' T ,'DtmH4 A 4,4 J dm i C igiliazisrixb N 5-.As P ' - 41:-. 4...-... ghyxk - I ......',Gvfv 1 . . of ZYIF 1" l -Q4 ,Af 5 ADX- xl 4-, N fm, S 5 - ,Wg it -grazing C i , , ri :Me i-e- .4 f ' or ffw-r s W .foie f X , xu ' NN X ,,lL .D 'L GERMAN COMICS are enioyed by Warren Ottley and Mike McKinney as they try to read about Donald Duck in a foreign language. Made Week- Encl Study Time. Soph . . .9,,, tl'- 4 E Q G 0, xii? if .Q -A- efsrr , 3 First row: Carolyn Dodson, Patricia Evans, Deanna Gwin, Sandra Willis, Tommie Asher, JoAnne Asher, Karen Ascherman, Jo Templeton, Ann Hood, Gloria Bailey Second row: Robert Meredith, Evelyn Gutaskus, Carolyn Minson, Beverli Eagan, Sue Barnett, Marilyn Holmes, Donna Cherry, Diana Lanier, Tom Toliver. Third row Jack Rea, Mike Rogers, Dale Synnes, Steve Macon, Jim Smith, Tom Zimmerman, David Allbritton, Charles Whartf, Bob Kent. First row: C'-vorar-nv Patterson, Jann Mitchell, Judy Just, Nancy Saffell, Jean Morrow, Ruth Michael, Nancy Baird, Dixie Briggs, Pam Morrison, Sharon Law, Karen Frnpsan Second row: H my Arnold, Mike McKinney, Marla Lazenby, Barbara Brown, Becky Legge, Michelle Rowland, Diane Washburn, Nola Pelirson, Phyllis Moser, Allan Sir-nwst, Rifle luinsden. Third row: Joe Buzer, Cinco Reid, John Parrish, Mike Mullen, John Farnsworth, Jim Wallace, John Sullivan, Edward Dudka, Jim Small, Bruce Biles . . . Became More Ambitious, Aware Of "L no lm First row: Ji-ssiv lvyya, JoAnne Mcvrryman, Mary Wasserman, Susan Faber, Phylis Whitfield, Sharron Riley, Valerie Moore, Mailynn Seling, Kay Mullen, Sandee Wiper. Second row: Bill Fiancuskoyicli, Judy Cazier, Stella Stoffel, Kay Kampus, Sharyl McDonald, Kathy Mitchell, Jerri Wilson, Linda Pittman, Sharon Sebelc, ltwirylit Hutrlwns, Third row: Milne Hutchens, Richard O'Keefe, Richard Crouch, Dennis Warren, Leonard Martin, Lee Plough, Pete Thibault, Bob Wilson, Jon Gardner, Str-vw F-irinnis, Bob Wolvvn, Bob Williams, Larry Brattain. 82 CO-ED DANCE TICKETS are purchased from Penny Szalay by Georgiana ' "V Matous and Cheryl LaClair. X , Q ' A - A ,I E ffl I Q. We" t' n uh-:rw I+ tffzfrrfxl' Q... , Q v ' .Q ' i .... - -,-l 1.-.34-. - - f S TENNIS TECHNIQUE. David Blair, champion tennis player, gives a few pointers to Pat Tadman. MERRY MONITOR Rich Montagna accepts hall passes from pretty sophomores Sharyl McDonald, Karen Carlton, and Kathy Blystone. iv -wg, f -up .. .f as tw I if I vw A win dl 't lk , :tj - ll '-' 35 S li Zfiizizn INSPECTION. Sharon Yuasa lleftl and Cheryl LaClair give Diana Maurer Y I -..,1:g,4 "'fTT??f!f?Fh:e,L 'T' " ..-is-as-qf+-wfwmv FK nv-'mmf--m:3:,:.r. , -1-i,L...m-f'l?E?EE22::5g:. it , . .. 4 iiiiitfi' 1 , , 4 , ' , 111311225 I f . . . , , ,..f 2. . ,xr : E zz: Q I i. , fa 'A , a',Q'l"", 'I the once-over. The girls were Girls' League dress representatives. This Important Time Of Their Lives. Sophs Selected Classmates For . . . Although they had a year's experience behind them, the sophomores had almost as narrow a ballot as the freshmen, several students being nominated in two categories. The constitutional amendment stating that previous year's winners could not be renomi- nated in the same field eliminated many of the top-ranking contestants. A primary election was held in advisory classes with students indicating their choices on a blank ballot. These votes were tabulated and the top three or four students in each category were placed on the final ballot, Final elec- tions were held outside of advisory classes, thus the percentage of the class voting was small. The voting was extremely close, and in several cases a single ballot decided the winner. Only Mr. Smith, the yearbook adviser, knew the results of the tabu- lation before the Argonaut was distributed. Can- didates were as follows: Looks - Jerri Wilson, Sharon Yoder, Georgiana Matous, Scott Powers, Rudy Jugo, Jim Young, Personality - Cinco Reid, Bill Watkins, Rudy Jugo, Jerri Wilson, Georgiana Matous, Judy Allen, Glenellen Cooper, Brains - John Sullivan, Harry Arnold, Jim Young, Vicky McLeod, Glenellen Cooper, Bobbie Valentine. This year's winners will not be eligible to run in the same category next year. Personality Yr 'Q Q 6 sn'-N K BRAINTRUST RELAXES. Dig magazine helps brainy sophomores - Jim Young Bobbie Valentine, and John Sullivan -- relax. SRALL J QS-- fffl 7 li! If V -If fl f 1' ff' fl P' Li Jil ff NO. ' Jerri Wilson elm' hld Personality, Intelligence, Looks fur 2575 ' In Glenellen Cooper J' W4 Sharon Yoder Brains Looks Z? , Harry Arnold 'Q Scott Powers Juniors, Upperclassmen At La t . . . More at ease with the trials and tribulations of the loyal Argo- naut, the iuniors were upperclassmen at last. The road had been long and hard, so they earned the right to be easy-going and devil-may-care. Encouraged by Dean Morgan and Charlie Douglas, the pleasure-seeking Junior Class presented a talent show and a long-to-be-remembered prom. Each junior anxiously awaits the day when he can lounge undisturbed in the Senior Sanctuary. 3 fs Dean Morgan President, First Semester Kitt 551: W'-T1-3' , "'CLASS BUSINESS" is conducted on the front lawn by Junior Class officers, who demonstrate how they intend to make use of the senior sanctuary next year. Seated are Nancy Greene lsecretary I, vice-president 21, Richard Matthews ltreasurer 11, and Sharon Barnes lsecretary 21. Standing are Jan Japhet lyell I, 21 and Sandie Law ltreasurer 21. Not shown are Wig. " Dean Morgan lpresident 11, Charlie Douglas lpresident 21, and Clayton Bagwell lvice-president I1. '15 Charlie Douglas President, Second Semester f-'I -4 3? T7' 1 1 1' sf X fry ery First row: Joyce Johnson, Kaye Richey, Dixie Clift, Evelyn Sias, Jackie Gaulcling, Susan Bonville, Morese Cripe, Margaret Mills, Linda Cozad, Annette Divilio, linda Dnvrs. Second row: Elvis Counts, David Baumgardner, Jim Robinson, Jim Smith, Roy Barnes, Brent Busch, Bud Baer, Richard Eyer, Danny Miller, Gary Vicory. Third row: Larry Wonmrk, John Murphy, Jim Kanell, Ron Mugar, Jim Durant, Jan Japhet, Helmut Zarth, Roger Gillip, Mike Young, David Walsh, Mickey McGuire. Started The Year With Enthusiasm . . . ' nd" x SF' 'T li, First row: iunanda Lewis, Kristine Nelson, Louise Cromwell, Merry! Mower, Judy Gorup, Pat Riggs, Jackie Witten, Linda Garbett, Paula Stewart, Second row: William Flaugh, Ted Mohrland, Richard Matthews, Frank Barbara, Carol Mcliibben, Lani Vance, Roger Manderscheid, Larry Dillard, Bruce Settles, Dean Morgan. Third row: Chuck Berling, Ralph Jameson, George Devereaux, Jon McNay, Roy Gesley, Clayton Bagwell, James Shubin, Ernie James, Mike Klyne, Pat Scouten. 87 .6-Ji 9' .i A v tra, y N , Q Q I 7 First row: l'arlila fclnoy, Sue Guinea, Linda Gourley, Diane Gonzalez, Sandra Gionef, Lee Fleming, Peggy Gilmore, Diana Kirklen, Diane Morgan, Donna An- rlvison. Second row: Bolu Caslagvvoli, Hugh Copeland, Troy Leath, John Bradley, John Freedain, Roger Dodds, Third row: Gene Neff, Mike Cornelison, Jim lkxini-Il, Wiirivn Holmgien, Tam lrefon, Gary Birch, George Roth. That Wo Gratifying To Behold . . . 'aff' xx. '19 , 'X -'Z i up , First row: Susan Welsh, Sherry Jones, Cheryl Rogers, Jan Charbonneau, Belly Cramer, Sharon Buckingham, Pat King, Jean Chiapella, Sandra Rasch, Nancy Miiison. Second row: Sieve Nelson, Dennis Brumback, Bonnie Relzer, Joan Dawson, Kathy Cook, Sheri Linder, Richard Hall, Craig Bennett. Third row: Greg- any Niiwliiml, lfiiiy Anrlerson, Earl Smith, Rich Null, Charlie Douglas, Bob Anderson, David Mclnfosh, Bob Fladger, Richard Baerg. CASH ON THE LINE. Louise Groty receives her iunior ring from iewelry con- iuins re arf-sentative. 7' Z' Q .4 i L -JQ Taylor, who really like the finger tinery. xi fi I P x. JUNIOR RINGS are admired by Kathy Smith, Ginger Wheat, and Sharon Joy Over Junior Rings Mingled With X i Ya.. 1 Kxip, v Y 511 HSI I my 1? '25 'I 'Q Q X: T7 X4 i 3qQhw fs xii Z .1 ef w lil 3, First row: Penny Fourhe, Kathy Leonhart, Joanne C F L rowe, rances utwack, Norene Schubert, Geri Chorlond, Sandy McAllister, Cindy Jackson, Gayle Manor, Barbara Shyror. Second row: Barry Neales, Crosby Gardner, Ronnie Bell, Richard Hight, Nel Byerly, Vicki Sue Johns, Sheryl Davis, Marty Johnson, Gail Voss, John Stuart, John McQuaicl, Howard Pyle, Dale Henry, Ron Suttle. Third row: Charles Alden, Ken Hazelton, Gary Kiaft, Jess Knight, Ronnie Johnson, Edward Sweeney, John Cunnin ham, Ro W S N l g ger arren, teve ayor, Ron Henry, Danny Ikerni, Earl Henry, Gary Swisegood, Jim Ferguson, 'T Qpr X Q "? First row: Mriuif-nn Byrnes, Pat Madsen, Judy Lay, Marie Dean, Joyce Hayashi, Joan Williams, Carole Jenkins, Mariagrazia Ravasi, Frances Vogt, Dianne May- berry, Nancy Maron. Second row: Sharon Owen, Gwaine Nuest, Geneve Tuft, Jeri Jackson, Carol Schneid, Pat Wilson, Sandra Greer, Sue Colden, Kathy Smith, Dianne Wr-ir, Linda Gardner, Sharon Taylor, Sara Kloncke. Third row: Chuck Revell, Gene Probst, Ferrod Sturnbo, Jack LaRue, James Sanders, George Fisher, Robert Huffman, Tony Van Vegten, Dennis Ashby, Mike Dillon, Pat Miller, Craig Duft. Serious Thought 0f Term Papers, TERM PAPER RESEARCH brings slr-rrp to Dave Peters, while Bobby Babcock, Ditini- Vanclii-r, anrl Nancy Edqecomh manage to keep their eyes open for 'lwir fur! nnthnrinq project a J x. CARD CATALOG is consulted by Linda Morgan and Bill Flauqh in homes of finding sources of information for their term papers 90 v' I V I P tx? First row: Michelle Nor-I, Nancy Edgecomb, Sandie Law, Marilyn Sellers, Louise Groty, Joyce Jackson, LaVerna Chapman, Connie Canada, Karen Dahl, Pat fklnis. Second row. Carol Waysack, Ginger Wheat, Jean Bisso, Maureen Wilson, Linda Pett, Judy Whitehead, Dianne Fancher, Lynda Martin, Diane Hutcheson, Nancy Waysack. Third row: William Reese, Ralph Ragsdale, Bobby Babcock, David Mann, David Peters, Greg Badenharner, Jim Daniels. Cther Studies, And Responsibility. First row: Judy Myli, Linda Florea, Carol Deaver, Arlene McClintick, Maureen Preciado, Joan States, Carol Swope, Pat Galpin, Cathie Staman. Second row: Steve Culpepper, Muiiy Darfh, Dave Bowman, Don Sweinhart, Clarey Mercer, Sheila Dunn, Sally Skar, Charles Galavvay, Denny Hartling, Tim Tutsoon, Mike Dunn, Roy Ch-ason. Third row: David Smith, John Ingram, Fred Patterson, Bill Pannier, Jorge Guzman, Walter Rupp, Richard Schricker, Darrel Swenson, Tim Lacy, Sam Kolnhurn, Jun McFatc, David Srnith. I 1 First row: Fiina Fiomm, Janice Dunn, Sandy Holder, Janice Black, Bobbi Mannagh, Sharon Barnes, Janet Loser, Bernice Johnson, Doris Whitfield, Pattie Roma. Second row: Dick Basile, Robert Webster, John Piazza, Ernie Longstreet, Daniel Pippin, Tom Holbrook, Johnny Vanelli, John Denman, Marvin Cogley, Bah Stout Third row: Dan Dial, Jun Trotter, Douglas Rodgers, Robert Buss, John Guzman, Ron Williams, Harry Wasserman, Bill Alexander, Bill Monsimer, Frank Antonovvitscli, Eddie Condiotti, Terry Fowler First row: Diana Devine, Nrinfy Free-rlaini, Tana Irwin, Lloyd Ann Fisher, Hazel Burke, Anita Gonzales, Barbara Fouts, Barham Bi-ri--1-tt, Brinrnie Fuller, Sally Leeper. Second row: lun l'ottr-r, John Brrky, Bob Dunn, Leanne Peters, Nanci Greene, Sandie Kile, Judy Brannon, Charlotte Bohm' Dirinr' Dooley, Ralph Bonds, Richard Pita-, Ron Mcfui-n, Dennis Rehders. Third row: Gordon Doting, Brent Parker, Donald Cobbs, Douglas Crook, Craig Nw? Nick Langdon, John Cosenza, Carmen Roppa, Robert Deconinck, Bob Miller, Tony Carra, Clarence Counts, Robert Jensen, Don McCaughey. The Junior Play Was Fun, The Jr. -Sr. r 4 "DARLlNG, BE MINE!" pleads Craig Duff to Susan Colden as John Stuart tries to speak for himself, The trio are pictured practicing for iunior play tryouts. , WV sg i 3 fl "VOTE FOR ME," Beverly McKinney urges Judy Myli, who inspects Bev's collection ot campaign cards. Prom Brought Pleasant Memories . . . Q ? il, RQ I 1 :K Qp .5 ag Q' 'Q' 'gb' EJ 'qi X l , K ,qv First row: Beverly McKinney, Sandy Barnes, Carol LaLonde, Lynne Elmer, Judy Dodds, Sandi Sadler, Nancy Hoover, Donna Brugger, Bonnie Sweeney, Ginny Hirsch. Second row: Jack Trotter, Tom McDonald, Paula Whitbeck, Phyllis Steinback, Linda Morgan, Nancy Morrison, Karma Klingaman, Pat Wilkes, Janet Lanthripe, Linda Mylar, Cheryl Thompson, Danny Young, Richard Schoonover, John Virgo. Third row: Paul Scoles, Robert Reines, Allen Ross, Ed Matthews, Kent Kyckelhahn, Dale Lanyon, John Dillbeck, Gilbert Gonzales, Paul Fowler, Ernie Briggs, Ralph Cole, Gary Brougher, Carl Levonius, Mike Jolliffe, Tom Reynolds, Craig Garrison. Juniors Will Recall This Year A One '-sigh. PONDERING PROBLEMS, students in U.S. history class work against time limit in completing one of the standardized tests administered to them during the yc-ar, SUCCESSFUL SONGLEADER aspirants practice before elections. Nancy Greene, Sharon Buckingham, and Vicki Sue Johns perfect routine which helped them win election. Us l' 5 i First row: Myrna Burton, Alice Rohde, Joyce Martz, Phyllis Petrosine, Beverly Cinko, Sharon Heim, Dianne Winter, Sue Still, Shan Lauer. Second row: Danny Mc- Cauley, David Cobbs, Jeannine Judd, Linda Hazard, Janice Kendall, Patricia Worrell, Janet Proctor, Nancy Reins, Sandy Hurst, Pat Hulse, Sandra Hubbard, Lynda Allan, Patrick Hughes, Dale Lange. Third row: Bill Kaufmann, Bill Gross, Eric Batts, Danny Sansom, Fred Hull, Doug Wall, Grahame Tadman, John Lehto, Mike Rees, Charles Dean, Doug Tizzard, Ron Davis, Ronnie Jones, Joe Smith, John Bowles, Bob Bradley. 94 1- .J 'P First row: Vickie Gillespie, Dorothy Jameson, Diane Wagner, Suzanne Dollar, Sandy Massaro, Nancy Flood, Vickie Niverson, Sue Young, Carolyn Price, Barba'a Skogman, Dennis Rustad. Second row: Charles Stover, Douglas Creek, Barry Brankey, Richard O'Keefe, Leslie Reid, Carol Caster, Erna Krell, Verna Krell, Frank Taylor, John Mackay, David Hanna, Dan McCauley. Third row: Mac Cogley, Mike Morgan, Larry Brattain, Ray Salas, Bob Kirkreit, Terry Fyffe, Steve Naylcr, Roger Warren, Mike Calderon, John Wilson, Terry Guindon, Kenny Templeton. Of The Best Times Of Their Lives. TICKET TAKERS. Mr. Todd Paddock distributes raffle tickets to Nancy Edgecomb, David Mann, and Lynda Carol Martin in hopes that they will sell them to raise money for their Home- coming Queen candidates. ,..--"U . 'Af'-J-.. 5-xg., PICTURE PRETTY, Janice Kendall lleftl demonstrates proper modeling technique to Michelle Noel as the two practice for the Girls' League Fashion Show. 95 POSING PRETTILY, Nancy their respective categories - looks, personality, and brains. 4 ,LK-8 . . Dean Morgan Y 5 . . 19' 515191: 'af Cf' ' 'Kiln' U, i . .wg N -'.1q.gut . - - za:-M '...i X . ...Af- -g rv. . xi .. Sharon Owen Brains Gorgeous Girls, Brainy Boys Vied Greene' Mary Mondly' and Judy Loy dlsplcy emblems of Juniors enthusiastically completed nominating ballots in advisory classes to elect the "best" of the Junior Class. Using the prior knowledge of the contest to advantage, the upperclassmen 'tm i developed a final ballot that distributed the 3 9 , honors to many students. As with the sopho- 8 . . Q? mares, winners from the previous year were not eligible to run in the. same category this -Q year. This resulted in the omission of some expected names from the final tally sheet, es- pecially in the category of brains and looks. As in the case of the freshmen and sophomores, the juniors also did not turn out a large per- centage of voters for the final election, con- sequently, the balloting was extremely close in all categories, with only a few votes separa- ting the winners from the losers, The results of the election were kept secret until the Argonaut came out, only Mr. Smith, the yearbook adviser, knew the tabulation count before then. The following were nominated: Brains - Pat Miller, Dean Morgan, Frank Barbaro, David Peters, Sharon Owen, Judy Lay, Mary Mower, Looks - Mike Jolliffe, Richard Matthews, Dennis Hartling, Susan Colden, Morese Cripe, Nancy Greene, Personality - Pat Miller, Jan Japhet, Richard Matthews, Sharon Barnes, Vicki Sue Johns, Mary Mondry, Karma Klingaman. Junior win- ners will be eligible to run in the same category during their senior year. WY' Looks 'R K J K9 I, I iii-'sb ,f '- K . ,fN'i,g, DIN XR x Q 1, . N Richard Matthews -. X5 Morese Cripe For The Best Of The Junior Class n Barnes 's .ape Jun Japhet Personality C' """ 1 Ili" v ri",h.. if-S, . .v n ,Q Q - ff' ,P.v 1 'YNVL 'ff f .' ,Q -".u"-glxif. v 'u ', D bfi I 46 K 'C fx' If-L I, 'yi -',rJ-gg i -.A ..y-ff .fa M S- 4 . -., "":r- ri-L. -'ff '3.a'. 7 I '- , . 4'1" ' ' l3"'?"-r- 4 . Q ' - V, 0' ,a . . a ,. V A f 10 , .Y . f-v ' 65. at-, N45 5. H rr . ' Q- a ' , 1 L "' , - , , ' . Qgr, xml N- T.:- . is ' - 'Q ' ' - 3. 'Aj frfyg , 'lx' K, - .J-5zs',+1qSL - ' 4,1 g,Q.L.,,,, A ,w9- --,gm n R-. in ' V4 x , 'rf I V rf , 3,1 .K - ' ,- . ,Lai :ang 9 , . ' . w""" 'T ,Q ' 5 L, w ,'-11 ' If -3 31 ". ' - il ' , 1 ,W ffm Vfwrii sg A . . .r ZW V 5,12-3-,U ,'M,: A H' .- , P WA , , s M , ,-1 ' 'Q n r ' . 'L h i Q ' ' " "J k""'3,' ' 4' 7 Ig" 1 -F .ik H ' v H 11' :, rf'- . f' , .. I , . , I' P . , jyflf -'Walla' we Q V u I , .Egan 91,44 -1 s " C:.,.,, D" f.'.'.. . ' -N ' I 4 M b-., ' ws, l' , 'Ei ' ft A' I' 'll' " ' U04 .,A,',f.v4f'f': f , f v,.w 7 Y' QM J- ,, g ,.. - ' ' JI 1, -.,, 1. a ' ' - f . - 4 'Q - ' -... - 0 ,., . A , 'r -' - t M, VA 5' g V4 'MMI 'ff , MAF ,- fi-"2 " A V 1-'If"r- "X 9 S a .- U I , K::,.,...f1:' ', s D11 . A . L: r 41N.f.Mf,'-o- Q 3 ,5Q,.' f l I fl' ' 'JL lv ' I Xlf N 1 ,fX, l You showed your support for school or- ganizations by purchasing Girls' League beanies, Art Club pennants, Drill Team pompons, and cakes and candies from other clubs, and in ioining clubs you per- ceived Thaf your high school years are The time of your life for sociability and com- radeship. QS. Art Club Enhanced School Spirit E? ,J ART CLUB first row Cathie Douthett Christi Flinchbaugh Patricia Jones Carol LaLonde isecvetaryl, Jo Templeton, Melba Stipek, Sandie Law lpresiclentl. Second row Sandi Mayor lvice presidentl Pat Arthur Joan Brownmiller Ulrich Jenny Linda Pett, Kristine Nelson, Linda Cozad. An interest in art was the only requirement for membership in the Art Club. Promoting cultural activities and contribu- ting to student social lite were the main objectives of this organization. To aid in developing school spirit, the Art Club, advised by Mr. Nels Nelson, printed and sold booster tags during football season. Another continuing project was the sale of school pennants. For the past three years the group has sponsored a school dance with an unusual, interesting theme, this year's was Bali Hai. For cultural ac- tivities the club arranged field trips to art galleries and exhibitions, and members displayed an art bazaar during public schools week to encourage the sale and appreciation ot student art and craft vvork. CHATTING COUPLES observe song and dance entertainment offered during intermission The principles of Tri-Hi-Y were to create, maintain, cmd ex- tend throughout the home, school, and community high standards of Christian character. All girls attending Garden Grove were eligible for membership to the service group, formed under the YMCA. The club participated in all state and national "Y" activities. ln serving the community Tri- Hi-Y "adopted" a family at Thanksgiving and Easter, by supplying them with food for the occasion and clothes if necessary, In the Orange County General Hospital, the girls caroled for the patients during the Yuletide season. The club socialized, also, by having slumber parties, going bowling, and attending "Y" camps. Throughout the year, Tri-Hi-Y sponsored various money-raising campaigns to support its proiects. Officers were Sara Klancke, president, Maia Ravasi, vice-president, Susan Marvin, secretary, Suz- anne Dollar, treasurer, Linda Davis, historian, Sheri Linder, publicity, Linda Pett, chaplain, and Mrs, Mary King, adviser. fi ,D ZH CHISTMAS PROJECT. Club members Linda Pet! lchaplainl, Suzanne Dollar ltreasureri, and Linda Davis lhistoriant check food gifts for needy family, Tri - Hi-Y 'Adopted' Needy Families Qw- TRI-Hl-Y, first row: Suzanne Dollar ltreasurerl, Melba Stipek, Patricia Jones, Janice Warren, Connie Waterman lassistant secretaryl, Barbara Bennett, Peggy McDonald. Second row: Diane Washburn, GlenEllen Cooper isong Ieaderl, Patricia Worrell lassistant publicity chairmanl, Sara Klancke lpresidentl, Linda Davis lhistorianl, Linda Pett lchaplainl, Kathy Rowe, Maia Ravasi lvice-presidentl. fo NJ , X SACRAMENTO BOUND. Maia Ravasi, Sara Klancke, and Mrs. Mary King, adviser, check over the senate bill proposed by Sara. Maia and Sara traveled to the state capital to par- ticipate in the Youth in Government Day. Sara's bill was passed, one of the thirteen to be approved from the fifty- seven submitted. Joan Litrich Pri-sirlent, First Semester ik If .Ka X j . K f 'sk ' rc A 5-."'f J - M5 ' ' "i" 4. Toni Eastman President, Second Semester GOLDEN FLEECE, first row: Joan Litrich lpresidentl, Mariagrazia Ravasi, Shirley Osumi, Nancy Morita jsecretaryl 1 Sharon LaFontaine, Peggy Morgan, Judy Lay. Second row: Nancy Morrison, Lou French Small, Sally Valentine, Pam Peters, Nancy Edgecomb, Sandee West, Kristine Nelson, Ginny Hirsch. Third row: John Fagg, Linda Bush, Gwaine Nuest, Sharon Owen, Judy Reynolds, Diane Larson, David Null, Mr. Todd Paddock ladviserl. Fourth row: Clayton Bagwell, Don Vance, Tom Eastman, vice-presidvntl, Lllrixlt .lvnn-v, Strive Kyiv: ltn-risiin-il Fifth row- Frvrl, Kennedy, Put Miller, Ernie James, Pfilpli VVhitney, Bob Miller, Rich M ittlzcvvs Ut-rin Mani-in ll nn-ll l'oiirli Phil Ccirrett. Golden Fleece Noted For Service It it .1 5 vi'- J Hg I . . . ll ll I' ' P 1 -ab . , Y P i If . SSAT " J N ri CAMPUS CLEANUP. Painting rubbish cans was one activity of the club Peggy Moiqiin rind Nancy Morita decorate cans while Tom Tullar watches Decorating the goal posts at the football games was the main yearly project of Golden Fleece, the highest honorary organization on campus. Every week the members could be seen perched precariously on their ladders festooning the posts with the school colors. Another activity of this service club was painting the trash cans in the spring. Advised by Mr. Todd Paddock, Golden Fleece also sponsored a spring dance. The Golden Fleece Club is symbolic ot Jason's quest for the golden fleece of the ram, in that the members are striving for new heights in learning. New members were chosen by the old members from the top 20 per cent in citizenship and service in the Junior and Senior Classes, Membership was limited to twelve senior girls, twelve senior boys, eight junior girls, and eight junior boys. The foreign exchange students were extended honorary membership. Scholarship Club Chose Top Students SCHOLARSHIP, first row: Terry Sheeter, Pam Peters, Maia Ravasi, Dclrlena Morgan, Shirley Osumi, Karin Gladis, Merry Mower, Lou French Small, Kristine Nelson lsecretaryl, Judy Gorup. Second row: Mr, Murray Kranz ladviserl, Clayton Bagwell, Harry Arnold lvice-presidentl, Don Vance, Vicki McLeod llnter-Club Council representativel, Sharon Owen lpresidentl, Terranda Lewis, Judy Reynolds, Ulrich Jenny, Frank Barbara ltreasurerl, George Devereaux, Dean Morgan. 'N 'Lx fl 'Fowl K lui!- ,, , g N... J- Shafon Owen 'I DOH VOHCG President, First Semester f X President, Second Semester Scholastically superior students were honored by membership to the Scholarship Club on the basis of the ten-point system. Points are awarded in this fashion: solids?-A 3 points, B l point, electives-A ill, points, B V2 point. The club served the purpose of giving recognition to top students. The scholars, with Mr, Murray Kranz as their adviser, took a field trip to Los Angeles to see the play Our Town, on November 20, 1959. In the spring, the club held a Scholarship Banquet, rewarding its members. Sealbearers pins were awarded to those honor students who fs, had been in Scholarship Club for six semesters in high school. First semester officers were Sharon Owen, president, Harry Arnold, vice-president, Kristine Nelson, secretary, Frank Barbaro, treas- urer. Fulfilling the official duties for the second semester were Don Vance, president, Harry Ar- -l-' nold, vice-president, Linda Garbett, secretary, GI'1Cl .lCtt't Boris, TFGCISUFGF. INVITATIONS to ioin the Scholarship Club are being addressed to qualified stu dents by Kristine Nelson, first semester secretary, and Linda Garbett, second se mester secretary. Athletes Comprized Letter Clubs Honorary and social in nature, the Varsity Club was open to all boys who lettered in a var- sity sport. ln order to bring more recognition to this organi- zation, the members held their first annual semi-formal Varsity Club Dance in January. The red letterman's jacket was the sym- bol of membership and of a boy who well deserved recog- nition by his classmates. To be eligible forthe Lettergirls' Club, a girl must have earned nine hundred points and be ac- tive in GAA. Besides being an honorary group, the Lettergirls served the school in various as- pects. The girls otficiated at all sportsdays and were hostesses at Big and Little Sister Day and Back to School Night. At Christ- mas they gave a food basket to a needy family. Q We Q Ct .ai VARSITY CLUB, first row: Doug Reynolds, Arne Giertsen, Mickey McGuire, Gene Probst, Chuck Berling, Dick Avery, Murry Darch, Dave Bowman. Second row: Rick Langdon, Clayton Bagwell, Charlie Douglas, Rich Milledge, Dave Null, Tom Tullar, Henry Agonia, Tom Eastman, John Bradley, Ron Huffman. Third row: Bob Maimbourg, Rudy Jugo, Dan Young, Richard Matthews, Fred Brooks, Bob Currie, Steve Katz, Rich Romine, Allen McMains, Jack LaRue, Ferrod Stumbo, Ernie James, Roger Manderscheid, Clinton Shock. Fourth row: Dean Morgan, Bill Watkins, Fred Kennedy, Ed Cleveland, Tom McDonald, Jim Potter, Tom Zimmerman, Clay Jackson, Craig Garrison, Stan Manley, Dave Stewart. TU 374' N. , ' F 2. A ff' '--f . 1 lun Tl l if E I ci- fe- :Q 2-IA LETTERGIRLS, first row: Suzanne Dollar, Beverly McKinney, Sandy Hurst, Louise Montgomery, Bernice Johnson, Judy Berkey, Sherrill Lundgren. Second row: Pat Hulse, Cheryl Thompson, Sharon Taylor lvice-presidentl, Nancy Morrison, Sharon Owen isecretary-treasurerl, Janice Harmon lpresidentl, Jeanette Packer. l --1 f' ,A W .ra mg N . an ,I -74 -av-1 I ml "' . mp,-'F TORII GATE erected hy the Key Club holds club insignias. Key Club members Pat Miller, John Cedney, and David Null inspect the gate just after it was erected in front of the school as one of the organizations proiects. Sponsored by Kiwanis International, the Key Club is an honorary service organization for boys. Members were chosen from the top forty boys in the Sophomore, Junior, and Senior classes on the basis of academic and attitude ratings and leadership ability. This year, as in the past, the Key Club promoted a Campus Clean-up campaign 'Pr gk' H? 'Q N., y 'SX' 1 CLUB CONFERENCE. Key Club officers discuss plans for their torii gate proiect. From left are Dean Morgan, treasurer, David Null, president, Roger Monderscheid, chaplain, John Gedney, vice president, and Craig Duft, secretary. to improve the appearance of the grounds. Its major contribution to the school was the completion ofthe torii gate, erected in February. This gate graced the campus by bearing the emblems of the school clubs. Key Club sponsored a sock-hop in the tall and various parties throughout the year. Key Club Completed Campus Proiects First row: Bruce Settles, Bill Watkins, Henry Agonia, David Null, Bill Miller, Jim Potter. Second row: Dale Lanyon, Roger Manderscheid, Danny lkcrmi, John Sullivan. George Fisher, Rich Null, Richard Schoonover, Jack LaRue, Tom Eastman, Ulrich Jenny. Third row: Mr. William Miller ladvisorl, Ted Schafer, Dave Hopkins, Dean Morgan, Steve Katz, Rich Romine, Pat Miller, Rich Matthews, Chuck Berling, Mr. Edmund Bangle ladviserl. Fourth row: John Gedney, Ed Cleveland, Reid Badger, Murry Darch, Dick Avery, John Cunningham, Craig Duft, Steve Fossett, Fred Kennedy. Student Of Foreign Languages LATIN CLUB: first row: Judy Gorup ltreasurerl, Beverly McKinney, Judy Lay, Pam Peters, Karin Gladis lsecretaryl, Sandy LaFontaine, Maia Ravasi, Connie Waterman, Cathie Douthett, Jequetta Ledbetter. Second row: John Virgo, Roger Manderscheid, Bruce Foster lpresiclentl, Merry Mower, Dorie Ford, Dennis Ashby lvice-presidentl, Clinton Shock, Bruce Wright, Jim Young. Third row: Bill Tizzard, Don Easton, Ulrich Ienny, Bob Anderson, Scott Powers, Jim Wallace, Steve Baker llnter-Club Council representotivel, Earl Smith, Don Vance. "Slaves" and "masters" were key words in Latin Club activities. Known as Caesaris Rascales, Caesar's Rascals, the club welcomed its new members by selling them as "slaves" The "masters" were the old members who, on a chosen "slave day," could dictate how their "slaves" would serve them. The servants were "freed" at the annual Roman Banauet held in the sprinn, where everyone came in proper Roman attire. The Rascales en- deavored to promote an interest in Latin and worked with the Latin department. To become a member one had to receive an "A" or "B" in Latin. Officers were Steve Fossett, president, Dennis Ashby, vice-president, Karin Gladis, secretary, Judy Gorup, treasurer, Steve Baker, ln- ter-Club Council representative. Miss Charlotte Field was adviser. BEN HUR'S CHARIOT is boarded by Sharon Law, Cathie Douthett, Jequetta Ledbettei and Sandy LaFontaine during field trip to see the movie in Los Angeles. Learned Cultures Cf Cther Land -g ' ' - if' AFD C D3 TAKEN BY SURPRISE are John DeMuri and Sonya Washburn as they stand in front of the theater awaiting the next performance of "Ben Hur." Dave Peters and friends have fun in the background. ,. '. Al To stimulate interest in French on campus, Mr. Edwarcl Brown sponsored the French Club. Being enrolled in ci French class or having had it in the past with a 2.5 citizenship rating and a "C" grade average was the only membership requirement. The privileged students took a field trip to Whittier and dined at a true French restaur- ant. The semi-monthly meetings were presided over by Susan Welsh, president. at f J:- . . , 5' -w 79' , -1- FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS are shown going over agenda for the next meeting. They are Ginger Dunning lsecretaryl, Kathy Byrnes lhistorianl, Susan Welsh lpresidentl, Joan Brownmiller ltreasurerl, and Diane Goss lviceepresidentl. Q -L , 4 FRENCH CLUB, first row: Judy Thomas, Linda Cozod, Patti Charland, Carol LclLonde llnter-Club Council representativel, Diane Goss lvice-presidenti, Sandi Mayor, Joan Brownmiller ltreasurerl. Second row: Mr. Edward Brown ladviserl, Howard Rishel, Sherry Jones, Susan Welsh lpresidentl, Kathy Byrnes lhistorionl, Maia Ravasi, Victoria Rousseau, Carmen Baker, Leslie Reid, Harry Arnold, John Lindley. IO7 Young Scientists Visited Museum , l hi-i 'hir M lxfx ARCHAEOLOGY CLUB, first row: Kathy Byrnes, Judy Thomas, Rhonda Lundgren, Marlene Agnew, Teresa Homeres lvice-presidentl, Dciilencr Morgan, Eileen Oakley llnter-Club Council representctivel, Carol Lynn Carlson ltreasurerl, Kathy Pitts, Jeanette Packer, Jacque Kaden, Second row Sherrill Lundgren lpresidentl, Gail DeMuri lrecording secretaryi, Janice Harmon, Linda Hutchens, Liz Crockett, Ina Guest lprogram chair- manl, Terry Sheeter, Lysbeth Armstrong, Mr. Richard Paulsell ladviserl. Third row: John Lindley, Jack Trotter, Bruce Foster, Steve Fossett, Bruce Settles, Richard Montagna, Bill Scanlon, Eddie Weidert. Argo Alchemists, officially known as Garden Grove Science Explorers Post 2i i, were students enrolled at Garden Grove, Rancho Alamitos, and Bolsa Grande who wanted to gain further in- sight into the field of science by working to solve and interpret problems in science. The members experimented in chemistry, physics, and many other phases of science, reaching their own con- clusions based on the results of their endeavors. The main project of the club was finishing the cyclotron begun last year by Jim Hansen, who was transferred this year to Bolsa. The Alchemists were assisted by Mr. Alan Cunningham, adviser, and representatives from the field. By visiting the La Brea Tar pits, the Los Angeles Museum, and Cal Tech, the Archaeologists pro- moted an interest in archaeology. At the meet- ings of the club, the members learned as much as possible of this science by lectures and other means. Finding relics was the goal of these searchers. The continuing obiective of the new Science Club was to increase the number of volumes in the science library. These books were available to students for reference. To develop the member's interest in science, the organization listened to guest speakers and took field trips to study nature and science firsthand. ln the fall, the group hunted at the beach for sea specimens to add to the sea collection of the science depart- ment. v -1 ii, 7 Ku X .. ek ,, -5 XA 'x --ng CAL TECH HERE WE COME! Mr. Richard Paulsell, adviser, checks role cis members af the Anglian ology Club, Janette Packer, Jacque Kaden, Marlene Agnew, Kcitliy Byrnes, and Joanne Klein load the bus for the trip taken February ii. 011' 99 -5 N-I L 'J K. 1 A fx ARGO ALCHEMISTS, first row: Tom Bostick, Frank Barbaro, Sharon Owen lsecretaryl, Rae Smith ltreasurerl, Clayton Bagwell, Eugene Alu. Second row: Everett Wilcock lpresidentl, Dean Morgan, Tom Cook, George Devereaux, Don Vance. ,11- PURSUIT OF KNOWLEDGE is carried out by Everett Wilcock, Rae Smith, and George Devereaux, three members who are involved in repairing a piece of apparatus. Conducted Experimental Proiects ef lx-37 '11 is SCIENCE CLUB, first row: Put Rice, Donna Green, Carol l-lupp, Vlcki McLeod lsecretaryl. Second row: Sherrill lundgren, Catlne Dootltett, Connie Waterman lltistorianl, Nancy Saffell, .lequetta Ledbetter, Gail DeMuri, Jeanette Packer. Third row: Mr. Richard Francuz ladviserl, Dave Hopkins, Harry Arnold, John Wurster, Mika Brotemarkle, Daniel Hoover, Bruce Foster lpresidentl, Grant Smith, lan Greaves, Steve Fossett lInter'Club Councill, Mike Bartol, Clinton Shock, Ron Howard. lO9 Diokonoe Provided Ushers, Guides An honorary service organization, the Diakonoe Club was estab- lished to provide hosts and hostesses tor various school func- tions. Membership was limited to 42 students - 4 freshmen and I2 members from each of the other classes with the 2 exchange students as honorary members - and based on scholarship, citizenship, interest, ability, and neatness. Wearing their colorful white and red uniforms, members ushered at toot- ball and basketball games, concerts, PTA meetings, Back-to- School Night, Open House, and other school activities. The big event of the year was ushering at the premiere of the television series "Juvenile Officer." Officers were Pam Peters, president, Judy Reynolds, vice-president, Nancy Morrison, recording secre- tary, Janice Harmon, appointment secretary, and Sue Young, treasurer. Mr, Donald Randal was adviser tor the group. BUSINESS MEETING of the Diakonoe Club is presided over by President Pam Peters. rf f ' Tl I GUEST LIST for TV premiere of 'Juvenile Officer," held in the Argonaut Theater January 29, is checked by Oeorgene Patter- son and Mr. Jim Kelly, puhltrity manager for the sr-ries. DIAKONOE CLUB: first row: Marion Saunders, Connie Waterman, Linda Cummins, Janet Sprinkle, Sandy LaFontaine, Louise Montgomery, Rhonda Lunclgren, Nriniy Morrison lscijrrrtaiyl, Susan Young ltreasurerl. Second row: Mr. Donald Randal ladviserl, Karen Empson, Pam Peters lprvsinlentl, Olrrnellun Cooper, Siliiriiill lunriviiirn Mfrrlenrr Agnew, Judy Thomas, Jeanette Packer, Susan Welsh, Jacque Kaden. Third row: Harry Arnold, John Friqg, Ulrich Jenny, Cvorgi-no Vitti-inon Iirrl, Riwnalrls lvicvfirir-sirlerttl, Barbara Vawell, Merry Mower, Steve Fa5S9tt, Steve Baker. 4. I I s wr. eww: Q52 ,, , -K ,T , 1 - T - - 53 'wr' 5. - X Slit? I ,1 CANDLELIGHT INSTALLATION. Participating in Jordaners officers installation are Cherri Vallance, secretary Q, Judy Satterfield, lnter-Club Council representative 2, Kathy Kings- bury, vice-president 1, treasurer 2, Sue Belote, president lp Sharron Neal, Inter-Club Council I, vice-president 2, Judy Reynolds, secretary l, president 2. T-E-A-C-H-E-R-S. Judy Reynolds and Sue Belote, winners of the annua Elementary Teachers Associatiap scholarship, practice up for their future- profession Students Planned Teaching Careers Jordaners, named in honor of the former principal Don- ald S. Jordan, originated to aid and encourage young people to become teachers. The club was affiliated with the nation-wide Future Teachers of America. Besides pre- senting enlightning meetings about the profession, the Jordaners observed classroom activities and procedure in the elementary schools, Further encouragement was made by the Elementary Teachers Association, which awarded college scholarships to two senior members, Sue Belote and Judy Reynolds. JORDANERS, first row: Nancy Saffell, Sally Belote, Sue Belote lpresidentl, Janet Sprinkle, Shirley Neal, Karin Gladis, Sandra Rasch, Terri Homeres. Second row: Mr William Phillips laclviserl, Sharron Neal, Diane Washburn, Cherri Vallance, Carol Hupp, Linda Cummins, Joan Litrich, Peggy Morgan, Ginny Hirsh, Carole Anderson Georgia Sked, Judy Woods. Third row: Janice Sliugart, Ceorgene Patterson, Kathy Killon, Linda Bush, Sandee West, Linda Cozad, Kathy Kingsbury lvice-presiclentl Joan Gladis, Linda Corbett, Gwaine Nuest, Diane Larson, Judy Reynolds lsecretaryl 4 C 4 f, fm Stimulating understanding and interest with foreign na- tions, the World Friendship Club realized the necessity for getting along in the world community. Many of the programs of the club featured guest speakers who had been to Russia, Thailand, and other countries and who entertained the World Friendshippers with the highlights of their trips. The foreign exchange teacher and students spoke to the club. Plans were made during the year for a proiect to correspond with students who live in other countries. AROUND THE WORLD. Mr, Doron Warren, adviser, points out a spot on the globe to Karin Glodis, Joan Gladis, and Phyllis Moser. "IN SWITZERLAND . . ." Ulrich Jenny, AFS student, tells the members about life in his homeland as part of a monthly meeting. Other Countries lntrigued Argos K 4 4' WORLD FRIENDSHIP, first row: Ann Van Devender, Barbara Cash, Joan Gladis, Judy Satterfield, Evelyn Williams, Karin Gladis lprogram chairmonl, Jann Mitchell, Judy Lay, Jeri Cole lpresidentl, Robbee Robb. Second row: Sharon Owen lcorresponding secretaryl, Linda Cummins lrecording secretaryl, Diane Washburn, Lysbeth Armstrong, Anne Yaple, Sharron Neal, Phyllis Moser, Georgene Patterson, Maia Ravasi, Pam Peters. Third row: John Wurster, Bruce Foster, Steve Fossett, Mike Rees ltreasurerl, Everett Wilcock, Ulrich Jenny, Jim Wallace. Bowling Became Popular Sport "SCORING IS FUN," says Sherry when you are assisted by Mr. Todd Paddock and Mr. Frank Duffy, advisors of The Bowling Club. 1. N I 1. U. K Q BOWLING CLUB, first row: Sturtevant. Second row: Ga Ray Tecau, Rowland Fisher, K L The Bowling Club was purely social in naTure, The members of The organizaTion formed Teams in a school TournamenT with inTer-Team com- peTiTion. The 'tournamenT was operaTed iusT as a bowling league, Taking place aT The Anaheim Wonder Bowl. Awards were made for The highest scoring Teams and individuals aT The end of The league. As iT was ci new club no TuTure plans could be laid, buf evenfually The school Teams will challenge oTher high school bowling Teams in league play. I It 3 Jones, "especially -H-1 BOWLING CLUB, first row: Melanie Tripp, Jackie Witten lsecretaryl, Cheri Ruckle, Judy Silverstorf, Virginia Rose. Second row: Marilyn Lorion, Judy Berkey, Bonnie Mailhot, Vicky GoThard, Sherry Jones lpresidentl, Paula Stewart. Third row: Mr. Frank Duffy ladviserl, Rod Kraft lsergeant-ai-armsl, Tom Proctor, Don SweinharT, Dennis Brumback, Bill Pannier, Doug Tizzard, Bill Cummins, Qi i 4 H1 Barbara Hayden, Carol James, Linda Delpit, Linda Jones, Mary Lou Gleason, Darlene Hendershor, Pat King, Mary Scanlon, Lynne ry Kraft, Sandra SmiTh, Ginny Zambella, Sandie Wrenn, Marilyn Kolmos, Carmen Baker, Bonnie Sweeney, Jim Durnil. Third row: Bob Pierce, Sian Kraft, Roy HazelTon, Joe Buzer. tl, TAKING TEMPERATURE and pulse, Judy Bontrager lleftl and Ina Guest are supervised by Mis. Mabel Benefiel. Judy Lay is the willinq 'victimf' To stimulate interest in the medical field as a profession, the Medical Club encouraged Argonauts to be concerned with the needs of others, They also learned how they could aid humanity by serving those needs. Sponsored by Mrs. Mabel Benefiel, the school nurse, the future members ofthe medical profession met semi-monthly to hear interesting speakers talk about the medical field and for other programs. Fund- raising activities ofthe group were candy and bake sales and selling potato chips. All students who were considering the field of medicine as a profession found the membership to the club worthwhile. Medical Field Arousecl Interest HANDLE WITH CARE. Rae Smith gently lifts Dick Basile's leg. Judy Womack helps and Mrs. Benefiel reassures the "patient." Club members practiced fundamental medical techniques. F' 5, W 49 i ' , MEDICAL CLUB, first row: Dorie Ford lhistorianl, Kathy Pitts, Gail Kinsey, Judy Lay lvice-presidentl, Linda Knoll, Helen Winter, Rae Smith lpresidentl, Martha Vogt. Second row: Mrs. Mabel Benefiel ladviseri, Richard Baerg lpublicityl, Mike Dillon ltreasurerl, Judy Bontrager lsocial chairmanl, Judy Womack, Janet Lanthiipe Isecretary, Linda Lantliripe, Diane Hutcheson, Ina Guest, JoAnne Klein, Michael Chacldick, Harry Lawson. i A . . . at ig, s 5 :L qv- -3 ' V 'L W HOMEMAKING, first row: Patricia Bray, Jeanne Gardner, JoAnn Baird, Pat Gardner lpresident1, Shirley Neal itreasurer1, Nancy Baird, Maia Ravasi, Jeanne Starnborski. Second row: Mrs. Anna Kimball ladviser1, Linda Lanthripe, Carmen Baker, Janet Lanthripe, Jacque Kaden, Sherry Fitzer, Delores Cockrell, Joan Ledbetter ivice-presidentl, Rhea Ritter, Karin Johnson lseCretOry1, Mrs. Dayle Provost 1adviser1. To expand the homemaking program beyond the school and to help the girls become better homemakers, the Homemaking Club was open to any girl who had taken some type of home economics course. The Home- making Fashion Show presented in November for all the girls featured the clothing sewn by the members and was the high spot of the year for the club. The girls held bake sales to increase their finances and a potluck supper to get to know one another. Advisers were Mrs. Dayle Provost and Mrs. Anna Kimball. Pat and Jeanne Gardner served as presidents. F - 'ffl FFF' .53 --I1 COOKIE CUSTOMER Marcia Peck buys snacktime nourishment from Joan Ledbetter and Karin Johnson. OFFICERS prepare for a bake sale, one of the money-raising ac- tivities of the club. Pictured are Shirley Neal ltreasurer 11, Linda Lanthripe lsecertary 21, Pat Gardner lpresident 11, Joan Ledbetter lvice-president 11, Pat Bracy llnter-Club Council representative 21, and Karin Johnson lsecretary 1, Inter-Club Council representative I, vice-president 21. Jeanne Gardner lpresident 21 is not pictured. Girls Advanced Homemaking Skills Speech Team Debated With Vigor 'Q "Mr TROPHY TAKERS. Cherri Vallance Craig Duft, and Bud Beebe admire trophy held by Mr. Rick Rowland, speech instructor. All three students are tirsteplace winners in various speech tournaments. Students taking speech l and ll this year found a new field open to them as active members of the Speech Team. The newly- formed squads brought home awards even though forensic was new to them: The group won the sweepstakes debate trophy at the La Habra Tourney and tied for first in the Fullerton Open Tourney. Those who participated in individual events, such as impromptu and extemperaneous speaking, after dinner speaking, oral interpretation, and other speech classifications were fortu- nate in receiving awards of excellence and superior in their fields. ADVANCED SPEECH TEAM, first row: Karen Wolfe, Joyce Lander, Cherri Vallance, Sue Belote, Pat King, Joan States, Sally Wade. Second row: Mr. Rick Rowland ladviserl, Dick Shaffer, Craig Duft, Gail Leonard, Barbara Vowell, Don Kennedy, John Dillbeck, Bud Beebe. Q? 'TN l BS 36 'Y' p L "4-V' Lu...ii ' 1" is 0 15" gs-li SPEECH TEAM, first row: Louise Cromwell, Jan Boris, Worrell Byerly, Sue Hammer, Dorie Ford. Second row: Janice Shugart, Judy Anderson, Geri Reisinger, Sandee Rubin, Lynne Natland, Linda Grey, Carolyn Michael, Jann Mitchell, Evelyn Williams, Sue Hawley, Beverly McKinney. Third row: Jeff Cadwell, Donald Dobmeier, Susan Ketchum, Kathy Kingsbury, Ferrel Guizlo, Sandy Jesse, Dianna Conley, Linda Gourley, Judy Fuller, KflSTl'W9 Nelson, 5l1Uf0n MCD0f"l9l, Eddie Gflffillt, DGY1I'1lS Warren. Fourth row: Bill Motley, Harry Arnold, John McQuaid, Carson Bench, William Derrig, Gene Probst, Frank Barbaro, Angel Calderon, Roger Manderscheid, Tom Bostick, John Sullivan, Jeffrey Brosbe, Stan McEuen, Mike Harris. T An international honorary organization for high school iournalists, Quill and Scroll is open only to iuniors and seniors who serve on the newspaper or yearbook staffs. To be eligible, the student must be of high scholastic ability and must have done outstanding work in some phase of school publications. Eight new members were elected this year - three iuniors and five seniors. Barbara Vowell, yearbook editor, was the only junior chosen last year. QUILL AND SCROLL. Darlena Morgan, Gail DeMuri, Sue Belate, Barbara Vowell, Linda Garbett, Sue Hammer, Terrandci Lewis, Kristine Nelson, Joan Litrich. Scribes, Jotters Improved Craft Jotters' Club was originated to better acquaint the members with the field of business as a vo- cation. Membership was open only to students enrolled in the business department. Guest speakers, field trips, and cake sales were a few of the highlights for the Jotters, All the activ- ities of the group were aimed towards provid- ing a basis of knowledge for the future. Jeanne Stamborski served as president and Mrs. Mar- garet Finan was adviser. 2 S I we e 4 SHORTHAND NOTES taken by Jeanne Stamborski, club president, are checked by Mrs. Margaret Finan. JOTTERS' CLUB, first row: Sherry Fitzer, Karin Gladis, lprogram chair- monl, Sharon Yuasa, Kathy Pitts, Kay Knight. Second row: Lysbeth Armstrong lvice-presidentl, Pat Gord- ner, Ina Guest, Rhea Ritter lsecre- tarv-treasurerl. 9- 1 nl DIFFICULT PROBLEM is explained by Miss Patricia Haggerty, adviser, to Ron Randall, president. ll l""""""""""1,. , , F' I ' 3 I I l I I I 5 lpn s 4 n c i z Young 'Einstein ' Solved Equations Q. 1 1 73- '- s Q. . n . l n .i 3 its E MU ALPHA THETA lMath Clubl: Judy Gottleib, Connie Waterman lpublicity chairmanl, Ron Randall lpresidentl, Miss Patricia Haggerty ladviserl, Diane Washburn lvice-presidentl, Helmut Zarth, Judy Satterfield. Mu Apha Theta, commonly known as the Math Club, was newly-organized this year with Miss Patricia Hag- gerty as adviser. A small number of students interested in enlarging their knowledge of mathematics met on Wednesday afternoons to work on solutions to more ad- vanced problems and study new techniques in mathe- matics. Ronald Randall served as president of this am- bitious group. All interested students were eligible to join. HH'-if ,, Q ........4.............l. ,, ,. ,, 1 1 ' Under the supervision of Mr. Wayne Gibson, adviser, the Slide Rule Club was formed this year to give interested students the opportunity to increase their skill in the use of the slide rule to solve simple and complex mathe- matical problems. Meeting every Thursday morning, the small group of scientifically-inclined boys used their extra time to develop their proficiency and to learn new and advanced slide rule techniques. President of the club was Jim Blue. ,,, SLIDE RULE CLUB: Howard Rishel, John Lindley, Richard Cummings, Jim Blue lpresidentl, Steve Bernard, Jim Dunn, Mr. Wayne Gibson ladviserl, Jett Brosbe. CHECKING CALCULATIONS, Slide Rule Club members Jim Dunn, Jim Blue, and Howard Rishel find they all have the correct answer. PHOTO CLUB, flnt naw: Mike Brein- holt, Larry Hardman, Ulrich Jenny ltreasurerl, Erma Fromm lsecretaryl, Joanne Klein, Marty Shubin, Gary Swisegood, Jim Wallace lvice-presi- dentl. Second row: Jim Cobbs, Mike Newland, Bob Bradley, David Walsh, Greg Bodenhamer, Joe Buzer lpresi- dentl, Douglas Greaves. Shutterbugs Snapped Campu Shots A camera and a bugaboo for taking pictures qualified students for the Photo Club. The members endeavored to expand their knowledge of photography in such areas as lighting, speed, and equipment. Learning the fundamentals of photography and taking snaps at school events were the primary proiects for these camera bugs, Pictures taken by members appeared for publicity in local newspapers, the school bulletin boarcls, the Argolog and the Argonaut. Mr. Thomas Cashman ad- vised the group, and Joe Buzer was president. fii dnl WATCH THE BIRDIEI Jim Wallace, vice-president, and Joe Buzer, pres- ident, man camera and flash gun to take photographs of couples at- tending the Christmas Dance. NICE WORK. Song leader hopefuls DiAnn Goss, Sharon Yoder, and Sue Colden pose for Jim Wallace, who took poster pictures of many girls vying for song and yell leader positions. Stage Crew Worked Behind Scenes O i 1 A' LIGHT PANEL is manned by Dave Hammer and Bruce Biles. Behind the scene workers at all functions which were held in the Argonaut Theatre were the stage crew, ln the month of January alone the seven boys comprising the stage crew spent ninety-one hours after school preparing for productions. However, this was lust one example of the monumental task of these boys. They were re- sponsible tor repairing and painting flats, arranging stage layouts and settings, controlling the lighting and sound, trimming and working the curtains. Maintaining the auditorium was also a duty ot this select group. Mr. Vern Warfel, stage manager, was assisted by Bruce Biles, student stage manager, Bill Alexander, Gene Alu, Jack Thibodeau, Dave Hammer, Frank Blaha, and Tom Foster. GQ' SOUND SIGNALS from the stage are awaited by Tom Foster and Frank Blaha, who operate the sound equipment in the proiection room, 45 CURTAIN CONTROL. Jack Thibodeau and Tom Foster watch for their cues to lower curtains. STAGE SETTINGS are arranged by Jack Thibodeau Ileftl, Bruce Biles lon ladderl, and Dave Hammer under the expert supervision of Mr. Vern Warfel, stage manager, ' 1 xx "W: 1 4 x Q X Y K ix W'3.. 5 ,-, mf' sfub- iiiwv .95 D . -:HM 1.52 h 7 5 Q U - F fl E.. K Aa ju, rvusxqldyih X-.-Q--Q-Mff-" Q1 1- .-5 it ' E 3 3 i'ibHi.fw:yf Hg f I ' A I-r - x J' 'ANI -I ' " !'M """'L""fl A lu .. : -r rf? L. . 44" 3. x ,,.....j-H' XI' Argonaut Staff Toiled Fervently ,-4...-1-1 H- . 1 LAYOUT is checked by Mr. William F. Smith, ad viser, as editor Barbara Vowell looks on intently 'sh :1..f' Ba rbana Vowel I Q ,V Editor 5 Susan Hammer X N- Associate Editor l""""4' Aided by their adviser, Mr. William F. Smith, the small staff of the Argonaut painstakingly completed a myriad of details to publish this yearbook which is the largest lenrollment vs. pagesl in the history of the school. Editor Barbara Vowell spent many extra hours to make this Argonaut the finest ever. With the ob- iect of pleasing the students, the staff members and Mr. Smith gave up much of their spare time on week- ends and during vacations to work on the book. Be- cause of the size of the book, the padded cover was abandoned in favor'of the more professional- looking hardbound cover. Other innovations include more write- ups, more space for clubs, running headlines, and three full-color pictures. 7 .Q 4 PICTURE PARTY. Staffers Darlena Morgan, Terry Sheeter, Sue Belote, and Nancy Greene happily look over a stock of reiected pictures in hopes of finding some they may keep NICE WORK. Yearbook photographer Jim Wallace poses Cheryl Cole, freshman for an informal portrait. ,ai KS -' . A Sue Balch 'Q N V W Literary Editor " J 'ls X 1 , Darlena Morgan Asst Literar Editor To Publish Yearbook in Y TYPING CAREFULLY Linda Garbett and Joan Litrich work to meet the xr- Y , COPYREADING an essential part of producing the yearbook is being done by Sue Hammer Terry Sheeter Carol Egan and Barbara Vowell. Jim Wallace Photographer Jann Mitchell Staff Member Nancy Greene Staff Member John Cunningham Boys' Sports Joan Litrich Business Manager Beverly McKinney Girls' Sports Gail DeMuri Staff Member Linda Garbett Staff Member Terry Sheeter Staff Member 4 Journalists Captured Top Awards Capturing the best California Argolog staff. Under The co-editorship of Kristine Nelson and Terranda Lewis, juniors, the staff took four other awards at Redlands and several honors at Santa Ana College's Jour- nalism Day. Endeavoring to bring The students of Garden Grove High The best paper consistent with high journalistic standards, the small staff worked many hours to bring out the Argolog twice a month. In May The beginning iournalism class published the annual cub edition in preparation of their advancing to full staff membership next year. Mr. William F. Smith served as adviser and photographer. Gail DeMuri and Judy editorials, page three, features, John Cunningham handled boys' sports, and Beverly McKinney wrote girls' sports. Advertising man- ager was and exchanges with other schools. ARGOLOG STAFF. Seated: Jann Mitchell, page 3 co-editor, Kristine Nelson, fl tv co-editoi-in-chief, Terranda Lewis, co-editor-in-chief, Gail DeMuri, page 2 co-editor. Standing: Jim Shubin, circulation manager, Judy Myli, page 2 co-editor, Beverly McKinney, girls' sports editor, John Cunningham, boys' sports editor, Georgene Patterson, page 3 co-editor, Bill Miller, advertising manager and boys' sports reporter. the University of Redlands' first-place trophy as all-around high school newspaper in Southern highlighted the accomplishments of this year's Myli were responsible for page two, news and Georgene Patterson and Jann Mitchell edited Bill Miller, and James Shubin handled circulation ki' I - Tfllu-. PASTING PAGE. Argolog co-editors Terranda Lewis and Kristine Nelson cut up galley proof and paste stories on page one as their final step in the publication of the school newspaper. SPORTS PAGE is planned by Bill Miller, John Cunningham, and Beverly McKinney. In Producing School Newspaper g vows - :Q -.N GARBLED GALLEY5 are proofread by third page editors Jann 0' Mitchell and Georgene Patterson, who seek out printer's mis- takes on the long sheets of type. ,1 -0 kx4?.,N 4' -. if S lro4,o,,,,-Mu fe Amwv Lcip DON iz. 9 ,Qf:::,,'iva'.""" ' CIRCULATION of the Ar- golog was handled by V 'K ls Jim Shubin during the 6 s QA A 4 , , V first semester. .59 'gf' RIOTOUS READING is evidently being enloyed by page two editors '- U '7Io"x Judy Myli and Gail DeMuri as they look over Santa Ana College's 1'--'iixfq 9 ,x.. sq. ,- EI Don on the exchange stick. CUB REPORTERS, first row: Jane Shumann, Barbara Carey, Sue Hawley, Lynn Caldwell, Betty Prats, Sandra Rupp, Wanda Jackson, Sharron Janisky, Carol Medeiros, Virginia Clark, Cathie Douthett, Second row: Judy Pollard, Donna Van Zant, Sharon Powell, Mike Adams, Dennis Nelson, Mark Smith, Jack McFarland, Bobby Babcock, Jack Trotter, Lewis Prickett, Cecelia Brumback, Eileen Files, Linda Morgan, Frances Tatro. 35 -4 ,, 'T -ai . N "' if-, .Ulf 1 J? 1. 'li it if 'ni -. , i " jg? X Argonaut Activities x ff" ll - - in i 9 l s. 34. E32 i u :S ,y. I' ' 4 ,, i X it You sought diversion from the labors of studying by attending the Christmas Dance, the Senior Play, Homecoming, pep assem- blies, and by participating in other ac- tivities which make your high school years the time of your life for fun and gaiety. l i Wfllili Hello Daze Welcomecl Freshmen Hello Daze activities served the double purpose of welcoming the frosh to Garden Grove High and acauainting them with the upper-classmen. The principal freshman activity was their ob- taining signatures of iuniors and seniors. Prizes were offered to the ones with the most signatures, and those students with sixty or more signatures were admitted free to the Hello Daze Dance. The high point of the weel4's events was the crowning of fresh- men Gale Reid and Mark Smith as Queen and King at the annual dance which was held after the Bolsa Grande game, October 2. The sophomores participated by selecting the king and queen, from candidates named by the freshmen. "Hello Daze" was, as in the past, a big event for freshmen. EXCHANGE STUDENT Maia Ravasi dances with Mil-ce Rees. Maia, from Italy, ioined with hundreds of other students in welcoming the Class of 1963 to Garden Grove High. SWINGING around the dance floor with her little brothe' Dennis is Cathy Gallagher, student body vice-president CLASS OF '54 get-together. Paul Shellenbarger greets Gary Fletchall as Mrs. Shellenbarger and Ken Reed, former Student Body president, look on. HEARTY HANDSHAKE is given to Mr. Donald Bower by Lester Maimbourg, Class of 1958, who came to Homecoming with Sharon Taylor, iuriior. .E 5 H 5 ,li J RN 1 i CHEERFUL CHAT is enioyed by Barbara Niblack lrightl as she interests Barbara Berman and escort Tom Corbin with an account of what has transpired since the two last met. Both girls are from the Class of 1959. 'Q aff' p- HOMECOMING DANCE is enioyed by Wylie Aitken l'59l and date llettl and Mary Ann Dickenson, senior, and Dennis Rosene I'59l. Alumni thronged to the annual Homecoming, which this year served as an opportunity for raising money to support the foreign exchange program. Each class made an all-out effort to raise the most money through car washes, par- ties, and other activities. For the second con- secutive year the Class of 1960 succeeded in placing the crown on the head of their candidate, for they earned the most money, 551,274.71 The iuniors came in second with 3S1,168.8O, the sophomores were third with 5447.025 and the freshmen managed to clear only 514417. That meant a grand total of 53,034.70 was obtained for the exchange program, which brings two foreign students to Garden Grove and sends one Garden Grove representative abroad. The Queen was crowned during half time activities of the La l-labra game on November 21. She reigned over the annual dance for the students in the Girls' Gym. The alumni reception was held in the cafeteria. Alumni Returned For Homecoming 129 in 'Tw 3- .,. k lx inf .lf Wu. X 2, ga 's .1 . . . Court Of Three Lovely Princesses Gracious Dorothy Elzea represenfed the Senior Class as Homecoming Queen, reigning over The dance. The Junior Class choice for Princess was Morese Cripe, who also served The school as a song leader. PreT'ry Sharon Yoder reigned as sophomore Princess. The frosh selected Pam Rowland as their candidate. Each of The classes was well-represented by These four lovely co-eds. Sharon Yoder, Sophomore Morese Cripe, Junior af?-' v . 4 . :sm . l w U A 1 - ' ' -s3fQVl7""' ' ' A A N 'T F t JV- . . ' .. - I . V 'i m A M.: 2 .uzfff-' V Pamela Rowland, Freshman For the fourth consecutive year the Senior Class play was a hilarious comedy. "The Man Who Came to Dinner" was the side-splitter that the cast presented after hours of practice under the direction of Mr. Robert Farrell and Sue Hammer. Staged in the Argonaut Theatre on De- cember 4 and 5, the play was a money-raising protect for the senior activities to be held at the end of the year. The cast was outstandingly humorous and did a fine iob of presenting the Moss Hart and George Kauf- man Broadway success. Don Vance portrayed the ego- tistical Sherridan Whiteside, the man who came to din- ner, while Marilyn Beebe played the part of his long- suffering secretary. Many energetic seniors worked arduously on the play. Doris Price took the responsibility of obtaining and keeping track of the props, and Dorothy Elzea made arrangements for the programs. f 63 1 . v 1 tr-xy "But first I must kiss my Maggie lMari Beebel," was a well-worn phrase in the play as Bert Jefferson ll-lorrell Poarchl and Professor Mitz lUli Jennyl point out. Plif' return. Seniors Had Fun Sarah lLeslie Walkerl gazes in awe as Sherridan Whiteside lDon Vancel is carried back into the Stanley livingroom by Bert Jefferson and Dr. Bradley lJohn Gedneyl, while Mr. Stanley lDon Fruehl seems to have reached his wits end lust before the final curtain, Whiteside shows disgust over Miss Preen's lKathy Kingsburyl "inefficient'i work, ,tr Mr. Stanley scolds his daughter June lJoan Litrichl while her l brother Richard lMarty Shubinl stands idly by and Mrs. Stanley lPeggy Morganl gives a sigh of relief because of her daugl'tter's With lThe Man Who Came CAST - SENIOR PLAY To Dinner' Expressman . .. ...... Bil Snitzer Sherridan Whiteside . . . . . . Don Vance Lorraine Sheldon ,, Darlena Morgan Maggie Cutler ..... .... M ari Beebe Beverly Carlton .. Mickey Hartling Mrs. Ernest Stanley . . . . Peggy Morgan Wescott ....... . . . Allan Krosner Miss Preen .,,,.,,, . , Kathy Kingsbury Radio Technician ......... Ralph Whitney Richard Stanley .. . . Marty Slwbift Convicts ...... Tom LaShell, George Toth, Julite Stanley . .. . . . Joan Litrich Jghn Silva, Bob Martin John ......... Milton Valen Six Young Boys ...,.. ' ..... Harry Lawson, Joe Kelch, Harriet Stanley . . . .. Joyce Wilson Mike Von Horn, Ed Medel, Rich Bluhm, Ron Thompson Bert Jefferson . . .. Harrell Poarch Banjo ............................... Torn Tullar Professor Mitz ... .. Ulrich Jenny Dr, Bradley . .. .. . John Gedney ., 6, CAST POSES for picture during dress rehearsal, First row: Don Vance, Lesley Walker, JoAnne Robinson, Kathy Kingsbury, Joyce Wilson, Peggy Morgan, Joan Litrich, Mari Beebe, Darlena Morgan. Second row: John Gedney, Bil Snitzer, Ralph Whitney, Milton Valen, Marty Shubin, Ulrich Jenny, Don Frueh, Tom LaShell, Harrell Poarch, Allan Krosner, 1 i . ny! I 31 . Mr. Robert Farrell, director, is shown checking the property list with Doris Price as Sue Hammer, assistant director, tries Whiteside and Beverly Carlton iMickey Hartlingl combine forces and come up with the to geto Word in hilarious idea of getting Lorraine Sheldon lDarlenci Morganl out of the picture for good. 133 Girls Saw 'Harvest Of Fashion ' "Harvest of Fashions," the Homemaking Department's an- nual fashion show, was staged in the Argonaut Theatre, November 24, with girls modeling apparel they made them- selves as class projects. All girls in school were excused from their sixth period class to attend the show, which was climaxed by the presentation of cash awards to first place winners and ribbons to second and third place winners. Win- ners were Barbara Ottley, Nancy Barry, Carol Vosburg, Homemaking I, Carol Caster, Linda Cummins, Janet Miller, Homemaking Il, Jacque Kaden, Pat Gardner, Michelle Noel, Homemaking III, Michelle Noel, Louise Groty, Jacque Kaden, home projects. LOOK ALIKES. Kathy Killian and her friend Teresa Newman display sister outfits made by Kathy. SCHOOL ATTIRE is modeled by Dorothy Lowery and Marge Harper, PRIZE WINNERS pose with Mr, William McClain, They are Jacque Kaden, first prize, Homemaking ill, Carol Caster, first prize, Homemaking Il, Michelle Noel, first prize, Home Protects, and Barbra Ottley, first prize, Homemaking l. 1 u r 'fr 1 1 'fi' I L N 'I' IA l AIM. SHOW STOPPER. Carol Caster's lovely pink formal, the last dress to be modeled at the show, brought gasps of admiration from the spectators. 134 Presented by The Music Department, The Christmas program seT The Argo- nauts in The right mood for The holidays. The performance was held on December I7 and was a preview of the complete concert That was pre- sented in the evening Tor The entire community. In The first portion of The assembly program The Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs presented Two numbers. There was Then a period of community singing of carols with the entire student body participatingf The effect of l5OO voices was inspiring. The highlight of The performance was "The Song of Christ- mas," in which all choirs had a part. The Concert Choir led The selection, doing a beautiful iob, Mr. William Hoganson was The director of The annual event. CHRISTMAS SPIRIT is demonstated as the A Cappella Choir forms a huge Christmas tree on the auditorium' stage during rehearsal, CHRISTMAS CANTATA is presented To the Student Body by The combined vocal groups under the direction of Mr. William Hoganson. Christmas Brought Program, Dance BAREFOOT BELLES dance in stocking feet at the Christmas Dance, while their more inhibited escorts keep their shoes on. Girls take off their shoes To make dancing more comfortable. 136 .., gi? If-gv J ww- A wwersfff ft' . exfffi ' P " IVY." 'iw' ", ., 3V:':nVm""Sfr ,. .' ,r , ' ' ,:.- f , ' 41" : rv V-' ' ' -W L+? fu, J af,-' fbi 3?A,!,-.Vail J.: X.-gI5?5l.4l,x3,wg, .e,g+.5l,,n ,gg Lk' ,I L ,V gin .mm Vq,xf+J'2,: ,M 1. - -134-H -Vw' ' 7'-P f .- ww-1 '1 ' 1 A.fQPr',1:fT y-. ....-.. Q 5,5 h J A' 1111-!,,k 5'-L-fy , ',-j,f,x -1 ' " 1V 4,3-71 f,,'. A- W 1 :.-fv1,w,:W.+ :fE1s,Y19A.s4K55-Ki' iq,".:Q3-di. : '- 5 nfPfF.'5i' 1m1,2f'9n Q f .1-'ws 1 H -cv " w?3-'Y32f'- A5 if -'1.,WZfTT?'?1f l?.,1L1F-ff .-,,-vs " " 1"- Nfl 'mx f ,M .. y.yj-- 'if - 8 . "x Q. X Q-'fi H.. '- ..-I, 1. ,. A.. , ,..,,k f x 7... Wwe, . , 55 .L,,. if ,"' "1 A Ni Charming Karen 19' J" SFTYIX5 W uh of the ' W2 1 Carol Anderson, Senior Sandie Law, Junior Sandy Carlson, Sophomore LA Pam Rowland, Freshman With "December Dreams" as the theme, the annual semi- formal Christmas Dance was presented by the Sophomore Class on December 18. Amidst gay holiday wreaths of holly, clusters of mistletoe, and a white tree bedecked with red ornaments, the students danced to the music of the Contem- poraries. For the second year, a queen and court graced the dance, but under a new plan, the queen was a sophomore. Her court was composed of a princess from each of the four "DECEMBER DREAMS" is being enjoyed by Morese Cripe ileftl and Gary Waer and Erma Neff as they dance to the music of the Contemporaries. classes chosen by their respective class, Karen Rose was announced the Queen at the dance. Serving as princesses were Carol Anderson, senior, Sandie Law, junior, Sandy Carlson, sophomore, and Pam Rowland, freshman. The soph- omores, under the leadership of Rudy Jugo, class president, endeavored to make this Christmas Dance a merry and most memorable occasion. With Princess From Each Class Faculty Players Staged Comedy . . . The audience literally rolled in the aisles when the fac- ulty presented George Washington Slept Here, a comedy in three acts by Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman, March 16 and 17, in the Garden Grove High School Ar- gonaut Theatre. The faculty went to a great deal of trouble to present the extra March 16 matinee for stu- dents unable to attend the evening performance. The faculty proteges laughed themselves to tears as Mrs. Eileene LaBarthe lthe female lead, Annabelle Fullerl and Mr. Tom Sexton lthe male lead, Newton Fullerl got out of one chicanerous activity iust in time to get into an- other. The money raised by the presentation was used for senior scholarships which the faculty gives each year to deserving students interested in the field of secondary education. Teachers from Garden Grove High, Rancho Alamitos, and Bolsa Grande participated in the "side- splitting" affair. f .415 "HANDS OFF this map, you lousy old Republican," Raymond lTodd Paddockl shouts to Mr. Prescott lNels Nelsonl, who with the help of Hester lMary Alice Kingl tries to get possession of the document. T? N Q1 '- CAST, first row: Rose Mandaville, Virginia Carroll, Mary Alice King, Eileene LaBarthe, Jean Kampfer, Sarah Talbot. Second row: Ed Bangle, Nels Nelson, Jim Axton, Tom Sexton lRanchol, Jack Schumaker lRanchol, Todd Paddock, Russ Davis. "A TOAST to this house and all it stands for," says Newton Fuller lTom Sexton, centerl as Rena Leslie lVirginia Carrolll, Annabelle Fuller lEileene LaBcirthel, Uncle Stanley Uack Schumakerl, and Mr. Kimber Uim Axtonl ioin him. i "' x-S'H'?'l'Q'1".I.. is . . . 'George Wa hington Slept Here' "I'Ll. GO OUT and get that gravel if you're ready for it," says Mr. Kimber Uim Axtonl as Uncle Stanley Uack Schumakerl, Annabelle Fuller lEileene La Barthel and Newton Fuller lTom Sextonl attempt to put the house back into its "original" condition. X N fx s "EVENlN' FOLKS." Miss Wilcox Uean Kampferl, Tommy Hughes lMike Sgobbal, and Mrs. Douglas lSarah Talbotl arrive just in time to be greeted l.i ft Mr. Kimber ..... ..... Newton Fuller. . Annabelle Fuller... .. Madge Fuller... Steve Eldridge.. Katie ......... Mrs. Douglas... Clayton Evans.. Rena Leslie. .. Hester ..... Raymond .... Uncle Stanley... .. Leggett Frazer . Tommy Hughes. Miss Wilcox. .. Mr. Prescott. . . . . . .Jim Axton . . . .Tom Sexton .Eileene LaBarthe Rose Mandaville . . . . .Ed Bangle . .Mary McClain ...Sarah Talbot ...Russell Davis .Virginia Carroll Mary Alice King ..Todd Paddock Jack Schumaker Al Musil . .Mike Sgobba ..Jean Kampfer ...Nels Nelson bY Katie lMarY McClainl with, "Well, Y0u'll have to Qet along without water. MBAR'-'NGS' REALLY!" Steve Eldridge lEd Banglel and Madge Fuller lRose Manda- Thew Gin-t no wafer no pioce in ,he house- Go, ,O CUNY wafer up ,O ,he ville! watch with amusement and interest as Rene Leslie Nirginia Carrolll "pro- moms in puilsj- iectsf' "We're down for the summer playhouse. We iust thought we'd run by for a minute to see the house where George Washington slept." 139 Henry Agonia Named To Reign 0ver 1 , 5 Q. N. li f f f ,1 f ROYAL BOUQUET is presented to Queen Lou Small by Judy Reynolds iusf offer Lou's candidate, Henry Agonio, was announced King of vhe Co-Ed. SMILING PAIR, Fri Cie-yvlmnd is escorted by his sponsor, Shirley Osumi, to the stage KING AND QUEEN of the CO-Ed nnloy m viuory duno- Lou iuv prim W1 TiVP7V1'WWl0fNU' Kino Small cmd Heniy drinfe niono on Hin floor iiffoi being mum-d the winners Girls' League Annual Co-Ecl Dance Over Tour hundred couples attending The Co-Ed dance were inspired by "A Touch of Cupid," The valentine theme chosen by the Girls' League for its annual dance, held in the Fullerton J.C. Lounge. Amidst hearts and flowers, The pairs danced dreamingly to music provided by The Bel-Airs. The Girls' League Board members Trans- formed The lounge into a svveethearts' paradise by The skillful use ot red hearts, stategically placed Tlower carts, and a huge framed heart accentuating the band. With Henry Agonia crowned as king, the l96O Co-Ed was considered one ot The outstanding dances of The year. KING CANDIDATES and partners enioy the Coronation dance for nominees and sponsors. DANCE DECORATIONS are seen across the dance floor. -hui ' 9 'vi' D M ' 2 QV, qi CURIOUS COUPLES line the aisle as they await the presentation and the announcement ofthe winner. . PRETTY PICTURE. Jeri Cole and her escort pause to pose tor O the cameraman who photographed couples against the ap- propriate background. in the background as Darlena Morgan, Russ Camacho, Gail DeMuri, and John Fagg glide of the Co-Ed King candidates 4 Under the direction of Mr. Robert Farrell, members of Ja- son's Jesters, campus talent club, presented an entertaining variety show February 17. Master of ceremonies Bob Maim- bourg introduced the acts, which included singers, dancers, and actors. Dale Lange's solo opened the show, and an en- thusiastic audience responded appreciably as singers Phyllis Steinbaclc, Barbara Hayden, Janice Dunn, Erma Neff, and Johnny Vanelli displayed their vocal talents. Sara Klancke and Pam Peters accompanied the girl singers on the piano. Beverly McKinney had the audience in near hysterics with her monologue about an unwanted date. The swaying hands and hips of Vicki Sue Johns captured the attention of all eyes as she danced two hulas. Jason's Jesters AD LIBBING master of ceremonies Bob Maimbourg causes songstress Erma Neff to smile as he adiusts the microphone for her. SWINGING SINGER Johnny Vanelli pleases the girls in the audience with his rendition of "lf I Had a Girl." PRESHOW PRACTICE. Jason's Jesters gather around Pam Peters at the piano to sing a before-the-show song. From left are Vicki Sue Johns, Janice Dunn, Erma Neff, Beverly McKinney, and Barbara Hayden, FLASHING FINGERS of Sara Klancke play "Full Moon and Empty Arms" for chantress Phyllis Steinbaclc. 2 Displayed Talent In Variety Show GESTICULATING DIRECTOR Robert Farrell indi- cates correct microphone procedure to the cast. Janice Dunn listens intently. -Q' UNWANTED DATE is the subject of an amusing monologue by Beverly J I ' 1 . r f McKinney. EYE-CATCHING hula is performed by Vicki Sue Johns to the tune "Keep Your Eyes on the Hands." CHARMING CHANTRESS Phyllis Steinbaclc thrills the boys in the audience with the song "Full Moon and Empty Arms." CURTAIN CALL is taken by cast members Vanelli, Dunn, McKinney, Neff, Hayden, Johns, Steinback, and Dale Lange, who played accordion solo. 44 4 Students Brought Recognition To -sl' 4 --44 Nl.. L' .vs qh. ff!! l 1 2 ' A-1 l 4 R F . l 3 3 l 'l it 'i is , .aw-.,', . i 5 3 A BUFFUMS' YOUNG CAREERIST, Harrell Poarch, takes time out from his busy work schedule to pose for the camera. Academically and artistically inclined students were recip- ients of many honors and awards given by organizations in Garden Grove, the state, and the nation during the school year 1959-60. Some of these awards are pictured on this page and others are presented on appropriate pages throughout the book. To achieve these awards students devoted much extra time and energy in the way of prac- ticing for speech contests, writing essays, and taking exam- inations. The winning of these awards was a time for recog- nitiong a realization of achievement for all those extra hours of work. Lou French Small Girls' State T959 GOLD KEY and Blue Ribbon art award winners in Bullocks' Scholastic Arts Awards were Ulrich Jenny, Paula Stewart, Marlene Kitay, Jo Templeton, Eric Batts Lou Small, George Toth, and Bob Miller, Not pictured is Gary Bodkins. :S- 'K I x . si' s .-w ,0- mla 2. Eillglf- J'-Ji.. A y g bi -l'v, ,S - f "-' School By Winning Many Awards C f"' N Lg, of L Shirley Osumi DAR Good Citizen HAPPY HEADACHES. A long application blank gives AFS summer exchange student finalists somewhat of a headache, however, the thought that they might be chosen to go almost anywhere in the world eases the pain. Pictured above are Sara Klancke, Kristine Nelson, Sharon Owen, and Clayton Bagwell. X. . . fi 'N ' , snr IQ . s 5 ,,t i K' ll 'Q lex W B L -1--, , if ' N sz. X -1 , A12 C xl A Q- 1 tif' l xy' f- if 'I f 1 X THE LAST WORD. Pat King signals that her time is up, took second and first places petition, await theii chance siweech contest and Frank was gets in one last word as Frank Barbara Jeff Cadwell lleftl and Jeff Brosbe, who respectively in the Optimist Speech com- at the rostrum Pat won the Lions' Club runnereup. vf Sara Klancke Model Legislature Senator DECORATING CAKE. JoAnn Baird, winner of the Betty Crocker Home maker-of-Tomorrow award, helps prepare refreshments for the Girls League Fashion Show and Tea. 'Buttons And Bows' Showed Styles .. V Thirty senior and iunior girls modeled stylish fashions from Myrene's, Sivy's, and Chic Shopiat the thirteenth annual Mother and Daughter Fashion Show and Tea, held on April 6 by the Girls' League, During intermis- sion entertainment was provided by various musical groups. Tea and cake were served immediately follow- ing the show. -pr IT'S LEAP YEAR. Phyllis Steinbeck and Gwaine Nuest show play clothes that will catch any "beau's" heart, DON'T G0 NEAR THE WATER. Carol Anderson and Penny Szaley wouldn't have had any trouble being rescued from drowning in these lovely swimsuits. BUTTONS AND BEAUS. Linda Bush and Sue Pendleton model attractive fash- ions from the local dress shops. GOING HUNTING? Pat Wilkes and Kathy Cook know what to wear as they go out to bag that man. wi 146 YOUTH DAY POSTMASTER Don Frueh checks the operation of the canceling ma- chine under the direction of Postmaster James Wallace, and Mr. Robert Spurrier, assistant postmaster. - .-an qv- t .vw PURCHASE ORDERS are checked by Judy Reynolds, who took over the position of city purchasing agent held by Mr. H. F. Briton, who gives her assistance on the job. Students Ruled City On Youth Day COUNTING CASH, Ralph Whitney is carefully watched by Mr. O. B, Walter, president of the First Western Bank. .. - wsmmm. Msmvrm-www-2-1-ss, 4"f' if xg, Approximately 150 students from Garden Grove, Rancho, and Bolsa High Schools took over key city positions February 9, when officials stepped down from their iobs temporarily to let youth learn about civic affairs. Required to learn about their jobs beforehand, the students actually executed some of the work of their post. ln return, they were treated to lunch by their sponsor. SCHOOL BOARD MEETING, attended by student counterparts of the Board of Trustees, was one of the final aspects of Youth Day, since the meeting was adiourned at 10145 pm. Concert Choir Traveled To Sing MALE QUARTET members pictured above are John Stuart, first tenor, Harrell Poarch, second tenor, Bill Reese, bass, and Ralph Bonds, baritone. David Peters, accompanist, is seated at the piano. CONCERT CHOIR. First row: Jean Chiapella, Linda Cummins, Sally Van Alstyne, Mr. Wil- liam Hoganson, Esther Nash, Sue Young, Karen Culver, Second row: Glenellen Cooper, Phyllis Steinback, Ralph Bonds, David Peters, Milton Valen, Gary Bodkins, Laura Lenau, Suzy Howard. Third row: Sharon Owen, Don Vance, Bill Reese, Harrell Poarch, John Stuart, Ken Dawson, Delores Baerg. I-48 soloist, who as a foureyear Concert Choir member won many honors as a soloist in various competitions. ored as the only tour-year member of the group HONOR SOLOIST. Mr. Hogan- son chats with Harrell Poarch, OFFICERS were lseatedl Sharon Owen, treasurer, Laura Lenau, recording secretary, lstandingl Mr. William Hoganson, direc- tor, Don Vance, president, Esther Nash, historian, Jean Chiapella, vice-president, and Karen Culver, corresponding secretary. 1 '.Jsr " The third annual concert tour to Phoenix, Arizona was the highlight of the year for the Concert Choir. The funds for the one-week trip made this spring were raised by the group by a candy sale. Forty to titty concerts were presented by the choir to various school, community, and church organiza tions. Members of the choir played prominent parts in the production ot "Finian's Rainbow" on May 25, 26, and 27 The organization was featured in the Christmas program and the Spring concert. Selection of members was made by the adviser and director, Mr. William Hoganson. Only top tlight singers are even considered tor this choir. The officers serving for the year were Don Vance, president, Jean Chia pella, vice-president, Karen Culver, corresponding secretary Laura Lenau, recording secretary, Sharon Owen treasurer and Esther Nash, historian. Soloist Harrell Poarch was hon , E ,, l 1 ' :Q 'a 1 ' E f . ' Q . i' I ' ' I lf . Q x 7 I X . g ' H' ' ' e , .J ' . f f X T5 " , , . . I ' xf- ? v- ' We -eff iw 1 V V' 3 r - Qin V , ,,, , Q: ' 'W erYQ'W5 K W' 'W VFW! ,YVW 1 3 I x my ll Il H il fx U f, N, .5 Q E 4 3,1 sf ez' lim 15+ F' gel 1: Ji' Ng! 'xis 55. 4 in '- 'KAKQK Boys, Girls Enioyecl Glee Singing 3 . J. , . N . J . 'l Q- 1? r ling, Q i it gif-fi? L Q" 8 X, F fu .. Y . A H f 5-I 'J H i V ' : i s , 'g.n P-ii' ,F is Q gy .5 .J ff' "DL-a ' 1, 1. " . A I , ,N , . 5 ' , ,li-T" J . uf fzfhi . h lv il f.. ' P' E3 '-if H R 'Lili' ,Ji Vi f. Y W' L ' ' .a fl M - ,ma 4, , ul' fi , A, 5 ' 'li f I , . I , I 3 Q .1 ,-'Q ' ' ri, ' .4 L N V4 I I p N 3" 1-.. L' Q it N, 1.537 A , ' ' . V , .Jr . , ' D1 il X Q ' 'Ny -W k BOYS' CHORUS IJASONAIRESI. First row: Richard Maisenbach, Dennis Greer, Steve Bernard, Bill Biggerstaff, Ron Thompson, Richard Bluhm, Michael Van Horn. Second row: Gary Kraft, Larry Long, David Thornton, Mike McKinney, Joe Kelch, Eddie Medel. Third row: Mr. William Hoganson, Ramon Guillen, Tom Proctor, Ralph Ragsdale, Bob Soukup, Harry Lawson. Not pictured Rusty Rishel. GIRLS' CHORUS. First row: Lori Oughton, Muriel Ladd, Niki Boris, Connie Earley, Ginger Dunning, Donna Shelby, Ann Lindsey, Sharron Wagner, Kathy Waer, MaryLou Gleason, Peggy Anderson. Second row: Mr. William Hoganson, Donna Miller, Rudina Finamore, Linda Walker, Charlean Taylor, Lanna Clark, Pat Floyd, Christi Green, Joan McGehee, Judy Heard, Susan Worsham, Lynne Sturtevant. Third row: Cheryl Sammons, Wanda Biel, Priscilla Jackson, Lorraine Medel, Janice Kerrigan, Louise Leonard, Edie Corey, Dorothy Lowery, Ann Yaple, Christy Carter, Bonnie Baumgardner. Fourth row: Marilyn Noecker, Marsha Ross, Cynthia Skodocek, Gwen Parry, Hazel Kennedy, Joan Gladis, Judi Cooper, Bonnie Green, Lynn Birch, Joanne Murray, Bobbie Carter. Not pictured: Janice Jensen, Carolyn Glenn, Vickie Gillespie, Pat Evans, Carolyn Price. uv 1 il Y ISO DIRECTOR Russell Davis checks sheet music with pianist Richard Eyer. Orchestra Concertizecl Under the direction of Mr. Russell Davis, the Orchestra enter' tained at school and community functions, such as the Christmas program and presentations for the fifth graders in local elemen- tary schools. Members found daily practices not so grueling when success was achieved along the lines of unique arrangement, improved technique, and richer tones, K BE g7 ORCHESTRA, first row: Virginia Cromwell, Gail Kinsey, Susan Albright, Lloyson Bess, Second row: Saundra Anderson, Susan Clark, Linda Knoll, Dianna Pi ?.,.,,,.cl ckering, June-t Sprinkle, .lack Tliiluoclvau. Third row: Mary Ricketts, Richard Eyer, Mr. Russell Davis, Greg Albright. ,,.....-- 1 FOUR FIDDLERS. Saundra Anderson, Pickering practice. Richard Eyer is at the piano and Greg Albright at the bass, I Susan Clark, Linda Knoll, and Diana PRACTICE SESSION. Orchestra members are pictured in a daily prac- tice session. Shown above are lfrom leftl Saunclra Anderson, Gail Kinsey, Richard Eyer, Susan Clark, Mary Ricketts, Susan Albright, and Lloyson Bess. Band Members Tootecl, Banged AT Games T15 v.. . . ... , gm.: --,. .. '.. Rub' V J Marching under The direcTion of Louise Cromwell, drum maioreTTe, and Mr. Russell Davis, direcTor, The band played The school's lively fighT songs aT home fooTball and baskefball games and pep assemblies, improving school spirit, A few of The activiTies of The band members were selling candy as a money-raising acTiviTy and playing in parades. Under The name of Argo Titans, The newly-formed Drum and Bugle Corps appeared wiTh The Drill Team aT all pubiic per- formances. This group was unique in ThaT iT was The only mili- Tary corps in Orange CounTy high schools. The combined group capTured firsT place for marching uniTs in Their firsT parade. Led by Cherri Vallance, captain, and Mr. Russell Davis, direcror, The Argo TiTans marched and played on many occasions ThroughouT The year. DRUM MAJORETTE Louise Cromwell lines up the band on the front lawn. -0 xsxll l VZ! N ,X X f f ' if j 'bf hr' MRYLDLL6 5 gg .1 , gl s, 3.4, I BAND, first row: Louise Cromwell ldrum maiorettel, Roger Rehders, Barbara Stock, Bobo Webster, Eugene Sumi, Don Gardner, Carol Cravat, Dan Grobee, Ralph Bonds, Mr. Russell Davis ldirectorl. Second row: Paul Harvey, Linda Delpit, Jacque Dougherty, Sonya Washburn, John Lindley, Dennis Rehders, Gary Meyerkorth, Charles Patterson, Yvonne Baldrige. Third row: Sue Marvin, Margie Wardell, Edward Smith, Jim Eastman, Dennis Coats, Sieve Garinger, Terry Neal, Walter Rupp. Fourlh row: Larry Rehcleis, Richard Cummings, Eddie Weidert, Mike Denk, Tim Casey, Barry Brankey, Duane Allen, John DeMuri, Bill Alexander. Fiflh row: John Denman, Feirod Stumbo, Mary Scanlon, Alvera Lillicrop, Marilyn Kolmos, Bill Poledouris, Jack Hauer, Steve McEuen, John Miller. IN STEP, the Band marches off the field after performing dur- ing the Homecoming game halftime activities. 152 Drum 8. Bugle Corps Copped Honors x. DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS. First row: Carson Bench, Lee Dillon, Dave Hammer, Bill Poledouris, Stan McEuen, Bill Alexander, Mike Ireland. Second row: Edward Smith, John Denman, Ron Ramlow, Richard Cummings, John Lindley, Eddie Weidert, Paul Harvey, Ralph Bonds. W- E -"0" COMBINING FORCES with the Drill Team, the Drum and Bugle Corps marches onto the football field at halftime during the Homecoming game. BLOWING BUGLES and pounding drums, members of the group demonstrate their abiilty. 'JL WY Pl 'I elk Captured Trophies In Competition DRILL TEAM, first row: Claynette Chick, Judy Bontrager, Michelle Noel, Linda Pittman, Peggy McDonald, Jan Boris, Jequetta Ledbetter, Barbara Hayden, Evelyn Sias, Pat Tadman, Donna McGriff, JoAnne Merryman, Second row: Sue Belote lco- leaderl, Kathy Kingsbury, Pat Rice, DiAnne Fancher, Janet Proctor, Sandy Jesse, Nola Pehrson, Nancy Hoover, Evelyn Gutaskus, Sharon Freetly, Sharon LaFontaine, Sharon Scharosch, Judy Gottlieb, Cherri Vallance lco-leaderl. . .. evn1L.'3.1uu--'1 ..1-v...':sI:'.l.1Lx...i-,.,,..4w-1" Q- :..s.n13n's ARGO TITANS. Under the direction of Cherri Vallance and Sue Belote, the Drill Team and the Drum and Bugle Corps combined to form the Argo Titans. They are shown at the far left and above in two of their precision formations. Military precision was the keynote throughout the year for the drill team. When the girls wore the new Greek uniforms and marched with straight rank and snappy formation at the Rancho football game, the student body was totally surprised and in favor of them. Later in the fall the Bugle Corps, with their Artie Argonaut uniforms, ioinecl with the drill team to parade in mili- tary fashion as the Argo Titans, As a unit, the Argo Titans marched in several parades, games, and other public functions, such as the television preview held here in January and at the Argo Fair. At the Chapman College Homecoming Parade, their very first parade ap- pearance, the Argo Titans captured first prize for being the best marching group. ln the future, the group will continue going as one unit to a growing number of performances. The drill team marched without the corps during half-time at several home football games and at the Huntington Beach Christmas Parade with the band. To finance the purchase of the new outfits, the group showed several motion pictures for the commun- ity, held bake sales, and sold pompons and mega- phones. The new uniforms consisted of while iumper, white and red reversible cape and hood, Greek sandals, swords, and shields. With Yells, Songs, -'lil'-r A Klll l 'Q SNAKE DANCE PARADE through the downtown area was one of the spirit-rousing activities during football season. ,... fr l Il.. ARTIE ARGONAUT iDennis Coatsl shows off for Flag Twirlers Janice Hoyle, Kathy Killion, and Gretchen Kettering, l56 A -M .,. And Skits Argos Argonauts cheered and yelled in the auditorium this year, where pep assemblies were held, instead of in the bleachers. The closeness of the auditorium en- abled the students to give forth more school spirit at the assemblies, for when everyone clapped inside, it sounded as though the walls were caving in. Throughout the year, skits were presented by the yell and song leaders, and other students. Pep as- semblies were the occasions for presentation of awards, announcing of Girl-of-the-Month, listening to pep talks, and cheering as loud as possible. Y ,' tt .5 N ' .1 . F ' 95,00 ' 5 . 4 l' . .44 L 3:-Z' . .y 1:-f'.:.-"-f-:ie-A Z Q l .ig l 5513-fe? if 1 A ' '. gn... .U ,-f H i . l V 7 . A ki 1 'lx ' ., K., fill.: Q 'Q ,, A OUTDOOR ASSEMBLY. Student Body President Bob Miller opens one of the few pep assemblies held in the bleachers during the year, -1-1 1 SMALL SONGLEADER Betsy Webster idaughter of Coach Don Websterl was o familiar sight at the pep assemblies. gl-lere she is admired by Morese Cripe, Joan Litrich, and Jean Bisso. PEP RALLY at Euclid Park is led by Song cmd Yell Leaders. VICTORY FLAG is presented to students by Song Leaders Joan Litricb and Sue Pendleton, while Yell Leader Linda Bush jumps for ioy. Kiln N. .A ,Q vw' f 11 1 a 3, 1 W " 4 e 4 'eb ' ,. Showed Spirit At Pep Assemblies ,ww FOOTBALL AWARD is presented to Dick Avery by varsity Cooclw Don Webster. SCHOOL SONG is sung by students at the close of a pep assembly held in the auditorium. -. -dyitfi, 10 'Yr ax' y r. , a A l w 'wi 1 E. if 5, f fl " 9 in V A 'Z PRESIDENT PRESENTS. Junior Cl-Jss President Dean Morgan introduces Morese Cripe, Homecoming Queen candidate, to students. Bob Miiler stands by. ni - Colorful Song And Yell Leaders "V-V-Victory for Var-Var-Varsity!" This vibrating yell and others could be heard echoing throughout the city from the cheering section at the Garden Grove football and basketball games, The yell leaders worked dili- gently and enthusiastically to arouse and bolster the Argonaut spirit to soaring heights. This vivacious gyrat- ing group - Linda Bush, Henry Agonia, Nancy Greene, Karma Klingaman and Diane Larson - led the ebullient spectators at all games and pep assemblies. v . fi :wi ,Q tb, . ,I Y-a ' . . N, rg! in M .ig 135-' - w'4ygef'fi,g? 3?-Tffzw, ' 4 - ' 7 ' , V . -if Y ' "S."'ff-, ,. 7: ' .,,'-,.- 4' , f V. -A +2-fi -1 , . .. ,T ,,,. , , ,, T., ,M ,f . - .. I V . A ..,.exsg,' 'wif 4 , ,. i ' ' ' ' , J. , - NUVWCY Gfeene Linda Bush lik 1 ffl" ..1lEl:"'vu'w'.'. -, -'ru an--4Y..1t'...x , el, q Vigorously Led Cheering Crowds Sharp new outfits blossomed forth on the peppy pulchri- tude known as song leaders. These five pirouetting princesses practiced painstakingly to perform their snappy musical routines with perfection before the Stu- dent Body. To entertain the Argos at pep assemblies, the girls displayed their skill in skits with the yell leaders and students selected as impromptu song leaders. The song leaders put much effort into furthering and enhanc- ing Argonaut spirit and enthusiasm. I Y QFWQBQQWFFZI.. ! I. mrs . 3 -, ' 1- , L,-b ,. ' ', in .A - my ,. . ,ds v 2 L in fqxasw 'jg xg gf3Q:jg,s,sW , ' t ' , -t-51f1amm- - .,.. . N ,IM-f - - '. 1 ' --V ' K lv' ,km M' 1, my ml' Q , 1 K ,xc Morese Cripe Sue Pendleton Joan Litrich Dixi Clift Jean Bisso vw . ,gt K . . . Y Q " ' - 'f f --we M . ,.,... t ' It A 1' """ f'f'?5ll"f,,,,-Nami, ,- 4-wwf Q T..-1: A ff' if F -' ,vw 1- ,, . , D" rl Y sg. . . 5,8 i-M, ,. Ir I' Maiorettes Tossed Batons With Ease Flags swirled rhythmically to the pulsating music at all the games and assemblies.'The well-trained group wielding these banners were the Flag Twirlers, who with the Song Leaders were constantly in motion when the band played, enlivening school spirit. Kathy Killion, Julie Carlton, Sandie LaFontaine, Gretchen Kettering, and Janice Hoyle showed great skill in executing their routines to the school songs. Without a doubt, the Flag Twirlers have become a proud school tradition. Marching with the band, the three Maior- ettes flashed their batons expertly. Smooth coordination was the byword in the per- formances and long practices of the Major- ettes. They could be seen preceding the Argonaut band at all home games, adding sparkle down on the field. Spinning the baton was the art practiced by Nancy Mor- rison, Diane Wagner, and Lynda Martin, PRECISION PERFORMANCES were executed by Diane Wagne Lynda Martin Mp' 'asf 3 - K . ,n .Q A ff: .-'ll V7.- ii, :L . - .," 'ff' "f " L 5 zr..'g?,n ,I L 'A i.i. ' ..- Z Q :J U N4 0 1 :. VI 0 J ,M w,,,1R:?.s-g,'Ciff4'?' 1 5, 'zz K' 'nts ,L 'ek ' L ' '- .." 4 11, 113-3.1,1v1 ,,V.,,,S.np3g: A, :I I-pi, ggi, Q Ai' sfuxhff '.5'4 ik " -'f.E,,,- .:'?'. -i'-":"gE'?2l',.3.,L: emi, -,-V.. . , Q .' . " fu sf.-1-f 'H L. -- r, Nancy Morrison, and Lynda Martin. ll' .'.,, O6 I-A 'Z ,ill . .nw J-,., D- . f 43' Y- 4 , Y Y ' ' Q. in -pa' ra! A - ve Q .-A' -L L5-7:' .MJ Q' is-L. -."' F h L i ' N T. X 4 if . L 1' , . 3- :tn 11 'fi-'!Lr,' A Y .- 7 V, . .. ,' it fl ,Mix-,i.. f, .L Diane Wagner F - . ',, .' h K 1' ' ., la- 'QHQL-"' Q-A '. b A- , 4, -2 . X., , .7 , - l '. i, . A A .Q.t.Twtg.f'si,, gh, 1 -f . .' ,,-u. 'V -U . . .-,vi 5 A-.NB Q 5: XE -' V --we 'Q 1 ' '- .Lg if . 4 ,g-"Sf: . Q , Q, W5'7Gii.f" vs J- ' . 1- :s - 1 ',., sq gp, A -.Q '- , -. 4.1. 5- 91's-,-,,,,3u.., ., ,,:-'.,.- ,- TK- V9 . f'ff'..'f7 A. .. s5i"v's-Jul S,-.Tf""-'14 - 'fu Q '-31 . ewwliyfra ' new-L-41.i.c1-,N,' us.. s3f.r14a'r'if'3-"H 0--' 'A . A F' og U u 2 Q ,fa -. f' 'Q' S R, wg .f I. , . Q "'1:gf-+fJ ,B V tMngi,fl.lI ,A -C' f fl -' 1- , 'fe af' , 5- 'W EQ J -f we "'- ' Jax Qs. ' 3? :Q 2.1: l . J . " 'E if-A"T 'iffy '-Lfwi-'g" 7 Q A S. My -C I 1 3:g. n.4, , ,, .... ..., , I, , -34 W Q ' s You appreciated the victory spirit mani- fested by Argonaut sports teams and spectators alike, observing that the dis- appointment of a losing season in no way lessened your sense ot fair play. You learned that high school is the time of your lite to retain and foster good sports- manship. l l l Varsity Eleven Tricked Experts. . . Webster's Argonauts Climbed Out Climaxing the second best season in the Sunset League, the varsity football team wound up with a four-win, five-loss record, which was good enough for a fourth- place berth in the Sunset League behind Western, Ana- heim, and league-winner Santa Ana. Under the leader- ship of Don Webster, head varsity coach, and Bruce Smith, assistant coach, the varsity confounded the ex- perts who had tabbed them for a second year in the cellar. Running out of a wing-T formation, the Argo- nauts held league wins over Fullerton, Newport, and La Habra and humbled cross-town rival Bolsa Grande 15-O. Their victory over Fullerton marked the first time Garden Grove had defeated the Indians in the last five years. The varsity perhaps played their best game of the season in losing to Anaheim. The Argos were iust nipped bythe Colonists 21-27. VARSITY FOOTBALL First row Jim Potter Reid Badger Stan Manley Clay Jackson, Bob Martin, Rich Null, Sam Lewis, Carl Weidert, Dave Bowman, Brooks Dan Young Bob Maimbourg Dean Morgan I-red Kennedy lom Zimmerman, Craig Garrison, Arne Giertsen. Rich Romine, Steve Katz, Rudy Jugo, K' 'i'2l4 4LQaJ1.'I.QJi..' . Finished Season In Fourth Place Of Cellar To Win Four Games For the first time since entering the Sunset League, the varsity placed three players on the All-Sunset League first team. Voted to the honorary first eleven by the Orange County sports writers were Dean Morgan, half- back, Tom Tullar, guard, and Dick Avery, defensive half- back. At the annual football banquet in December, Tom Tullar received the Argonaut-of-the-Year award. Jim Takahashi was named the Most-Inspirational Player, and Richard Null, who played his first year of football, was voted the Most-Improved Player award. Stan Manley was awarded the captain's plaque by the Garden Grove Daily News. Although the 1959 varsity football team was not the best in the league, the individual players displayed great spirit and desire-to-win and this gave them the victories that befuddled the so-called experts. Pat Miller, Bob Currie, Rich Matthews, Dick Avery, Eddie Marks. Rich Milledge, Jim Takahashi. , , Second row: ,el COACHES Don Webster and Bruce Smith and center Dave Bowman watch team anxiously from sidelines. Ron Huffman lmanagerl, Tom McDonald, Tom Tullar, Ed Cleveland, Fred 9 'Pal l' I'fTl1'f"f.l.L.4I..,..o ,A 'ini .. -?1l!iIr'W5Y'E fl 73 W.: Wren' l C i J Q Y 1 fir'" 6 Varsity Record Garden Grove Opponents 7 ..,...,... .. Rancho Alamitos .. ....... .14 15... ,... Bolsa Grande .. 0 13. . .. Huntington Beach .. ...20 14.,, .... Fullerton .. 7 6... .Western .. ...26 14... ..Santa Ana.. ...45 21.,. ...Newport.. ..6 21. . . .. Anaheim . . . .27 20 .... .. La Habra . .... 6 131 Totals 151 k x RX - 4 lk '- 1 ' XA. ! J :K Y fly ' x 'J' - 4' . ':.Q.Y:'--18" 1 .1 HELPING HAND, Conch Bruce Smith tapes Jim Tc1kahashi's ankle during time out tit ln Hribm game. 6 INJURED ARGO. Eddie Marks, who iniuied his leg in the final game of the season 1against La Habra1 is carried off the field by Sam Lewis and Reid Badger, Coach Don Webster and Dr. John Cowles looked after the injured lineman. J gr ' .---av' 1 4 GAINING YARDAGE in the La Habra game is Rich Milledge 1171, who received blocking from Jim Takahashi 1101. ROUND THE END goes Bob Maimbourg 1311 as Jim Taka- hashi 1101 again runs interference, The run came during the Newport game at Orange Coast Colleges Pirate Stadium. Tom Tullar Named Argonaut Of The Year This year's varsity football team climaxed a fine season with the annual Varsity Football Banquet sponsored by the Lions' Club on December 2 in the school cafeteria. ' 3 W ..,, Tom Tullar captured the top honor by receiving the Argo- of-the-Year award. Jim Takahashi was tabbed the Most- lnspirational Player, and Richard Null was selected as the Most-Improved Player. Stan Manley received the Daily News Captain award. Jim Takahashi--Most-Inspirational Player 1.1-ES" -, f" H f1---sQm- . f' ff. ,ck he g 'sy A-1 dw , .fi flag' 5. 1' Psa- is 3 f ' iswg . gy. -,1 WL '1- -1 ,' ss Tom Tullar-Argonaut-of-the-Year Richard Null-Most-Improved Player Stan Manley-Daily News Captain's Award I .. -ru xo - L., "' H ' .. ... , F "' . 6 -gg I- f A l I tl 4 5 4 BIG TOM Yimmr-:man lfifil flrtars tlir- Way for Fred Konnedy lA5l as tlwe lattvr runs hurl- a punt against Analir-im Bob Maimbourg ISU charges uit from tue-lnnfl Tir ,l X"""'WY T. F 'Q CLOSING IN on Tom Zimmerman MM are players from Bolsa Crande's Matador team. Ztmmermans plunges racked up consrdoralulw yardago READY TO GRAB o long pass, Dick Avery H91, is pictured above during ct tense moment in the tussle against the Santa Ana Saints, Completion of tlwe pass did not aid the Argos muclt, as the Saints crushed them 45-IA 1 -gil PASSING ATTACK against Anaheim is readied by Rich Milledge IIQJ, who gets set to toss ri Iona onv as Bob Matmhourg l31J, who scored three touchdowns aaainst the Colontsts, blocks rushing opposing player. Varsity Games Had Plenty Of Action J.V.' Gained Valuable Experience r. 1 .. 42' ' U ij its -kph fi. if Gaining valuable experience for next year's varsity ' - ' ' '4 T . t ' l ' . . . - G ., ,J T 3 vigl ' . Ub,frl"5ll .. C squad, the lunior varsity team, coached by Keith Gaynes it " -: Q' -" i f fx 9 " 2,1 and Jack Beller, finished out The season with wins over ""' i' l Milli it i' dit - B it dl dt . f. T .3-bs .604 .1 x E Ranc o Aamitos an untington eac an paye o . - gi t tyl- ,L Q L fr . a deadlock with the La Habra eleven. The JV's lost a ' .911 'it t7'l, ." if-If'-lg5Q:..' v ,A ', close one To Anaheim in The final 10 seconds by a score ' f' Ni:-.QQYF av: - .ii ' J-LE of 19-13. Sophomore Gary Hibbs was voted the team's , L- ?g'f'.:f7ir3"'f'1'.......--"-11 - 5 " ,, 4'1" - -ig 12.2121 l rn: - Most-Valuable Player and Steve Macon was awarded U 0 u,, i' ::: .1 . , """ 'B ' -egg--':.': The Most-lm roved Pla er tro h . Tom McNelly was , . ......,, P Y P Y W. J The team's captain. . Q- A. . . X MHAQQ 1, . E SOLID BLOCK is given balltoting halfback Jack Trotter by .Q .' - ' ' .. 'li --- :Te A yoehhga-N19 charging Western player in the JV team's final game of the . ,T-I, l in 'h . 5 D K. .V season. T::?,,,,... UV, D. ' .3 svvisbb .-.. .R . ..-W JV FOOTBALL. First row: Robert Reines, Bill Neville, Earl Smith, Roger Gillip, Gary Hibbs, Richard Montagno, Steve Culpepper, Bill Monsimer, Mike Bath, Dick Shaffer, Wayne Jolliffe, Jack Trotter, Chuck Alden. Second row: Coach Jack Beller, Gary Hoyle, John Gillman, Ferrod Stumbo, Brent Parker, Wally Rokkum Murry Darch, Greg O'Campo, Steve Macon, Jim Carter, Dennis Rowe, Mark Robinson, Mike Spray, Coach Keith Gaynes. if ,534 49 415 1.31,,g45444 if: 2 .3 P- , .. 'fi 44 J. V. Scores Garden Grove Opponents 33 .,,. . . Rancho Alamitos . . . . . , 6 20. . Huntington Beach , , , , .13 7 .. .., Fullerton ,. . . .20 O. , , . Western . .20 7. . , Santa Ana M37 COACHES Keith GOYDES 13' - t - Anaheim I .19 and Jack Beller and quar- 6 LGHGMO I b 6 terback Brent Parker scru- -. T tinize team plays from 86 Tomls 12' the sidelines. 1 B's Came Close To Winning Top Spot CO-CAPTAINS Jim Robinson, John Ingram, and Jim Young. Winding up an impressive year with ci six-win, three-loss total season record, the B football team racked up ci four- - ' win, three-loss league tally to finish third in Sunset League '- v.1 3' play. The B's got off to a great start in winning their first six games before losing the last three to Newport, Anaheim, , 4 ' . , and La Habra. After a rousing victory over Rancho Alamitos J ' --JR by a score of 27l6, the B's routed Bolsa 48-O to win the XX X City Championship. Coach Jim Axton, working with his first T' X iff if football team at Garden Grove, was aided by Coach William t ih A T r Phillips in shaping the B's for their six consecutive wins. The f team voted Jim Robinson recipient of the Most-Valuable X J Player award, and Scott Powers took the Most-Improved V v -Lk-A 1 A Player honors. John Ingram, Jim Young, and Jim Robinson were the team captains for the season. Zigi, Q Q ts Q Q , '- Q-igigegigjeo-.Se ,7' E59 . rf.: J '- f ll 1 fsgfsesrri 34 37 19 D B FOOTBALL. First row: Robert Van Skyock, Mike Alewine, Ron Smith, Bill Waters, Ken Byerly, Tom Reynolds, Jim Kime, George Redmon, Bud Baer, Danny Johnson, Dick Badger, John Cunningham, Bill Connor, Don Easton, Roger Warren. Second row: Coach William Phillips, David Baerg, Ron Henry, John Ingram, Bruce Giertsen, Jim Young, Cinco Reid, Jim Hyatt, John Stuart, Clarey Mercer, Daniel Pippin, Dean Janke, Dave Harris, Jim Masoner, Henri Jensen, Bruce Set- tles, Larry Grishaber, Coach Jimmy Axton. Third row: Gilbert Gonzales, Sam Miller, Jim Robinson, Harry Dunbar, Bill Burson, Tom Toliver, John MacKay, James Morgan, Earl Henry, Jack Gregory, David Thornton, Scott Powers, David Roma. 75 ,f it ' B 5 , - V T .vifiixlwzrgf 1 ,., i C0fe5 'H ' "".'s?frfs'-"-W7 - -' t A . , , S i Garden Grove Opponents .1-la l r "A -T , ,,, 1 X : r - ,, - , ' l - 27 Rancho Alamitos 4 ... .. . 6 gilt:-fg,' .fi - X, 5-V. l 41 . Bolsa Grande . . . . . O .. . - H 20 . Huntington Beach . . . .. 0 ..., ' ' 'Tj F1 hw ' I2 , . . Fullerton . . . . 7 it -J R 'QI A. ..-..- I9 , . Western . . 7 6. . Santa Ana . .. 0 6 A A g . Newpon A g Y E 6 SLIPPING BY an attempted V A ' J- 0 1 P Anohegm 4 V ,HHH 27 tackle, halfback Tom Toli- V, I V n 4,-I ,-nu .ji ' 'lv X - punt for a good gain. - ,, l3l Tomas si Q - ' - . .- '- L"L..i,. .'.,.k, 'T .' l xxx Y . . X " kg' ' ,"'fh.LvX:' 'ef Hgh, ' , ' ' 'L' .. ' r ' 0 g LGHGLNG A A V28 ver runs back a Newport ,' Ayjk ll 4- -45,13 .7 .., . . 'J A - wi- " 1 S ,wqil ...,. ' ' f I M.: Q f" rf Q 4 :.,n j' U40 S: lv 'rj Smrx W ,T v F Q B .Q Tv... -yi, 5 K, .A g -'TA t- ri. .. ll ' : 1 ,' 'v'-.':A:7"3':--:"- ff 'LT'-5 --il.--fi-7:':5.'4i'-'Z:33'?f' " 421157-r -'EF-is I -' ' ' 4. -1-cw... . . . . ' as mqhi-IU 9, u. A - 4f,i.-Vyk, V-' ., -rr... . v 5 - We .'.g1!f.ig 1,4-1 ,af--,-.,. ,gdih,p," .-. s .w Lff!,sQ2f , ' ' -4 .. z -,N X- 9'L"k ...J-zz. 'N ' Ls, J' ya. ' .4 'B -1 ' ' ' 1 11 s. e -' ' "9 ,,v r - fn r fi wi 5 -,w 1. as -1 N 1 F ,vim 4 3... xi.. fn AN . w i A -ip 3 3 M . w " , big' W ' -. ' , " .-, . i N ,. :i J vfixf--1' at ,.. -D A .4 . I -e , rf 1, 4 ,me wg MQ, , . 4 H4-'f--1 I '-f -2- '. +1 ' ' 2-was f 5 'M ws. I - fwfff is, te L 5 I if Q N- 1 Ib I- b .W 4 "' K M N 'x 'P-NAP 154-:ag 2 5 If S' ' "wr-v,,. I -ni N I .i 4 'V- Z' 1 5 HWS", y gx I ' Q -1 -'T 1 .7 QL' F Sl? 4 'UB 5 , -'fa ,B vw 4. 95-,f 4. vv. f 1-Msn., - 'ir .., eff' 'N he Q , , L, H. 'r A I sv I Jun '- ,Fi -. M x ' :sud Q,-.sim F55- 'asggtig-+ gifs in of fm , I g r t -f . I 7 5 - rc --,Q , - ,, l, 5 i Q.. -. Yjsl,-fr' 'N ?.'a32'5h-e . -.. Ag"-Qf'+:5Bif-vb . - 3'x'?rJ. . 'mx' tifiisiie- 1 x':'f' .'?,:'f4.:iLa' 7 .. If 7. J-1'5" 51 't B FIRST STRING. First row: Henri Jensen, Jim Hyatt, Dove Thornton, Jack Gregory, Earl Boer, Bill Waters, Roger Warren. Second row: Dean Janke, John Cunningham James Morgan, Sam Miller. 'K ..'., Il 2 "' . l M I S I ' 1 ,t 01 , H up , , ffl Mm at r D V, . N 5f6ss.,f,pqBMs,4M G nw"fl" su- x THINKING MEN. Coaches William Phillips and Jimmy Axton ponder the movements of the B team as fellow players Deon Janke l33l, Tom Toliver llol, and Bill Connor l44l watch with interest. 'E 7, 1 4 - , W .. es- 51' PASS PROTECTION is given by halfback Sam Miller as quarterback John Ingram prepares to loss a lump pass. Garden Grove Opponents 0 Rancho Alamitos . ,.,, 7 0 . Bolsa Grande . . . . . 14 . . . Huntington Beach . . . 7 7 . Fullerton 20 O. . . Western 26 0 . Santa Ana 25 6. . . Newport . . .21 0 . . . Anaheim . ., .25 0 . LaHabra . . .26 27 Totals 157 172 C Team Found Winning Difficult The 1959 C football team won one game, tied one, and lost six. Their lone win came at the cost of Huntington Beach - . CO-CAPTAINS Bob Harritt and Jerry Wrenn. by a count of 14-7. The tie with Bolsa was the result of an evenly fought game. Although the C's spent the season 'QM lingering in the depths of the Sunset League cellar, they did ni :tilt Y.'4:9g', - -5 x '12 'X' Z' fi: . gain valuable experience for next year, under the direction gg ' Y"MMl ' of Coaches Mike Sgobba and Thomas Cashman. Head Coach f, " J, QL i'E,5fQ'- . . x - ' , ' Scobba named Jerry Wrenn and Bud Beebe valuable line- Q It all . . i . ..w1 'tl it men along with outstanding backs Jeff Caldwell and Bob X li Harritt. Jeff Caldwell was named recipient of the team's ,- 17' g vifi Argo-of-the-Year trophy and Charles Petrilla was tabbed Y the Most-Improved Player, Jerry Wrenn and Bob Harritt were I fp!! :tu ev' . '. gk' the captains for the year. A Eli- " RY 1 .... -F. lil , 3 i . Q5 - Q . ri. 2 Gt q ra .- , , a as -I 'sa - " ---1 15-ff.. -- . 4 SP w ., uk' ff I, A ' , ' 'V'--,Q . .C .- U ,-tl I I - ' 1- 5 ' .. - .9 -. - 141' 5 . ' s Ti 'P-- " ' A.. 5 Q A ' el f J , f .wit .' Hp. s I' N - .. ' , ' G 1, l All 'A , ll ' an li. T vi I - F4 6 - A - ,X ,5 Ly , T ,- B . - ' . -.. . ' .' 5 ' 0 I- V 1, , af ' 3' , 7 " H ' gap 'Y ' 1 i' ' 1 ' 1 Q 5 be V- 5' . so i If 'H " 5 - . e Ms " f . . ' '--' J . ' A - -- -" - l 4 1 lt, ., ,lt Q, -3-1 r f q ,'j he J .., ,- .- .. , ,Y L- X N I le. . H A , my .i 1-A 5' . , fi!! A - Y t I li . , 'dd' .M 12152, 1 .f W X ,I . x g E 'X uk L' A . , 1 5 1 . U 2 L . I is !.,v'.. r A H I, x 4, n L A' E 'vi A . I 1 N :F X 'I . W.2t.ii:, X-1. 1,1 .."'tr Q ,ai ff it--C,"Tfi xl' It ' 794 3- "t., . A-'3l'3?5f5iA'i'4 -3'5"5.7774i-,3'l1l5"f7-1"'Vli"' lf'lfi1'Tfl5 1' V if - rf- 4?-!'LV"Ds 'H-f1'r..f-v ef v- "Qw'ft "w T'?f:'1'f-t-"f-Lwf- 'iff-'.i:.". ..' iff. ,,,1f-HFTJ'--Wtftfk -'T J df- .:-' -A --ew - .f. ' 'f A ix 'f , , - .' V . ' 5 f - - - "H--' ' ' " . .' " 'tu' ' - 1' :V .' "PT F- 4711- . fi '- N . 1J'5ifYT3fJgf:.wi" fa 1' . R' . -.i'fm'T"i'?"fiL'11:.'rlft'1f -Jvksiuf, " . . " VV" C FOOTBALL. First row: Chuck Hyatt, Eddie Griffith, Bill Biggerstaff, Jack Hauer, Jeff Cadwell, A Bob Kent, Ronald Haun, Bob Harritt, Rick Kay, Torn Clem, Mike McKinney, Steve McEuen, Gary 1 Holcomb, Eugene Sumi. Second row: Coach Mike Sgobba, Bud Beebe, Bill Lynes, Richard ld eg, . Jackson, Jim Eastman, Troy Mooneyham, Bill Whitlow, Don Mercer, Larry Wadsworth, ti." , Wally Pankratz, Rusty Russell, John Chimenti, Glenn Stewart, Ronnie Beitilspacher, Dennis Nel- son, Coach Thomas Cashman, Jeff Brosbe lmanagerl. Third row: Chris Smith, Johnny Griffin, Marion Agonia, Alan Langdon, Jerry Wrenn, Paul Thomas, Lynn Terada, John Sullivan, Mike 1 Newland, Earl Holmes, Charlie Petrilla, Dave Wendler, Mike Geers, Roger Andres, George Groty, r I -. l 'x ,fyiif 4,3 COACHES Thomas Cashman and Mike Sgobba. UP AND OVER goes Jeff Cadwell as he makes a slight gain against the Santa Ana Saints. Scores , wg, A . . f"u.,,-I "-M u I 1 A +---A A 'UN t nr Nm.,-A4 4',, ar' -. " of "'-' " W' . 5,5 Q. , 3,-1 if ' E W - X . - . I V M G5,fg.,53- , ww F N Q . 1.-'..,"f X", I .' - . 'Hx-., 1 '1,7' ,:x ggfaif, 2 , A ,ez "7--.. H X: 4,41 A :VM ,-F y -I X, . A P . H:-gf fl 2.1 , X-N-3' " f' , Q pl '-l,f."'f-' 5' x 3' 5 .131-x E-A 5, .V L 1-flkf'-.Fifi 'N dr 'Mb , M Aj - V , yy? will 1 'X bv. W .g,':. 'N .9 . 'J' :fvr 1 , 'f "Nw--,. VA- X bf, v ill . if-A ' x A 'iff K Q 0 if .iv 1, I if 1 hu u i4l My L..9' 'QW 5' sm X' ef t ,D Varsity Basketball Team t 'N u K 5 ll A -'WA a fr.-1 B-,.b,. .Q ,, tyvyn Q W-03 : 1 . ., . r le. K ., , rr s w Paul Scoles f . it ii, i x r -1- !,- K l' , Henry Agoma - -a fr at .f' L il A ' .. ,A .5 . "Ya-. LAY IN. Ralph Jameson bounces off the hardwood to sunk one an the tilt wnth Fullerton. A Make Ccrnelrson Ron Wardle Chuck Berlmg Coach Bangle's Crew Lost Close Ones Ending a disappointing season in the dark depths of the Sunset League cellar, the varsity basketball Team notched up only nine wins in 26 outings. Although the Argos slate shows a poor year, many of the Argonaut losses were by lust a couple of points. In non-league tilts the varsity lost to Upland by one point, and to Mt. Miguel by three points. In Sunset League competition the luckless Argos dropped two games to Western by two points and to Newport Harbor by only one point. The Argos gave fair warn- ing to Sunset League toes for next year's action as the team will have four of their first-string starters back for active duty. In the Argos' last game of the season three of these returning let- termen combined to score 66 out of a total of 80 points for the Argos in a final appearance win over La Habra by a high-scor- ing count of 80-70. Chuck Berling averaged 12 points a game to win a berth on the All-Sunset League second team. Berling was also named for the Argonaut-of-the-Year award at the annual basketball banquet. Dick Avery was named team captain and received the Daily News Captain's Trophy. Mike Cornelison was voted the Most-Improved Player. -I . - kv 1- li T3 .- - 'N 1 ,gf A lg- . . :ba 'SIL . , 1 i 'N .' 1' l Coach Ed Bangle BERLING BOUNCES. Chuck Berling 1551, highscoring Argo ace, dribbles around Gary Davis, red hot scorer for Huntington Beach's Oilers, Varsity Record GARDEN GROVE OPPONENTS 1st 2nd 1st 2nd 58 64 ....... Huntington Beach ....... 75 57 53 45 .... .... F ullerton ..... . . .75 64 44 51... .. Western ...46 45 52 33 .... ... Santa Ana .. . . .72 63 51 64 .... . . Newport . . .... 56 65 32 46 .... ... Anaheim .. . . .65 74 ARGO REBOUND. Paul Scoles grabs rebound in a game with crossdown rival Rancho Alam tos The Argos won 51 -39. 176 Coached by Keith Gaynes, the iunior varsity team was strongly embedded in the Sunset League cellar with a O-14 league slate. The team, made up of only sophomores and iuniors, gained experience for next year's JV and varsity squads. ln non-league skirmishes, the iunior varsity knocked off Laguna and cross-town rival Bolsa Grande. Dale Lanyon was named recipient of the Argonaut-of-the-Year trophy and Jim Potter received the team captain award. Sophomore Bill Franciskovich was voted the Most-Improved Player. HARDWOOD BALLET takes place on the local floor as Bob Kirkreit l32l awaits throw from Tom Zimmerman l44l and Jim McFate l25l tries to elude his guard in a contest with Newport Harbor High. ' JUMPING JACK. Bill Franciskovich bounces in for a nice lay-in against the Newport Tars. J 5 23 JV BASKETBALL, first row: Forrest Stone, Tom Zimmerman, Dale Lanyon, Tom McDonald, Mickey McGuire, Jim McFate. tl Bob Kirkreit. Second row: Jim Potter, Bill Franciskovich, Jim Daniels, JV's Spent Season In League Cellar X W ' "'1.- 931. K' ,gif 'N 'ii M56 31' 12 my G' 5- Wx wk' 'mf S ' ii 5 QW 7 7 l 1' XY Q 1 XX ix ' I' X ' 1 Q! 5 'Y i yu I 'f VJJ0 uv-hi B " 5 5 u x In as , . UNF sg. . -, Little Team Won City Championship year, the 1959-60 team won eight league games and lost six. Their overall season record was 17 wins and only seven losses. The tough C tive knocked off Anaheim twice by counts of 41-32 and 33-29. The C's also won the City Championship by routing both Bolsa and Rancho. Center Duane Allen was voted the Argo- of-the-year and team captain awards. Freshman Jeff Cadwell was named the Most-Improved Player. JUMP SHOT is attempted by Kenny Davidson in a game with Newport's Tars. Duane Al1an 1141 moves in for rebound. C BASKETBALL, first row: Mike Bartol, Gary Jackson, Mike Wallace, Coach Blanchard Beatty Jim Scales Riley Davis Duane Allen Second row Ronnie Riddle Greg Bezlag, Mike McKinney, Jeff Cadwell, Bob Harritt, Bob Bell, Kenny Davidson Charlie Petrilla C Scores GARDEN GROVE OPPONENTS 1st 2nd ist 2nd 29 41 . . . . . Huntington Beach ..... .27 27 32 29 .... ... Fullerton .,,. . . .21 15 27 24 .,.. . . . Western . , . . .48 21 14 16 .... Santa Ana ...33 27 24 32 ,... ... Newport .. ..,34 37 41 33 ..,. .. Anaheim . . . .32 29 40 22 .... La Habra .. ...35 34 COACH'S CONFERENCE. Coach Blanchard Beatty talks things over with his team during ... Az..- -..L xi Water Poloists Varsity Won Tourney, B's Lost, Ending The season with varying success, Coach Rick Rowland and Coach Jim Grittis' tankmen heightened their prestige in Sunset League pools, as The C.'s won every game but one to become The league champions and the varsity downed Montebello, Santa Ana, and Anaheim to win The second annual Garden Grove lnvi- tational Water Polo Tournament. The B's won only two of their seven league contests, but one of the maior reasons tor Their poor record, according to Coach Row- land, was that They quite otten were required to rein- force the varsity. Varsity player Charlie Douglas was VARSITY WATER POLO. First row: Richard Price, Charlie Douglas, Roger Mander- named ArgOnClUl'Of'll'le'YeClr in his dlvlslon Gnd also scheid, Bill Olsen. Second row: Virgil Van Skyock, Bill Watkins, Mickey McGuire, received the All-Star C0-Pldyer-of-The-Year Clwqrcl JGCk LORUQA Olsen was captain of The varsity, and Jim Trotter was selected the Most-Improved player. In the B division Ernie Longstreet was Captain, Tom Carter, Most-Im- i proved, and Richard Hall, Argonaut-of-the-Year. Hall was also on The All-Star second B Team. Kent Kyckel- hahn, C star, took The Argonaut-of-the-Year and the All- Ti Star Co-player-of-The-Year awards, and, together with Dennis West and Tim Casey, made the All-Star Team. John Wurster, Jim Rayle, Larry Rehders, and Mike Marsh made the second team. Tim Casey was C captain, and Rick Bluhm received the Most-Improved Player award. Q X COACHES Jim Griftis and Rick Rowland i' l l Z8 ' I ' . 'rel S? ,QP5 . , 4 5 98, LV "' ' f-.1 ' T fa ,:- 2 v " Ll? - .aj :- if .AA .. , . . g J f . . YQ 5 .. .- 19 TEX..- Y? B WATER POLO. First row: Neal Weisbarthe, Charles Patterson, Joe Jaramillo, Sal Giafaglione, Mike Gleason, Richard Schoen, Rick Tanks. Second row: Harry Arnold, Terry Neal, Ralph Cole, Jerry Wilson, Vaughn Kidder, Douglas Dike, Hy Finkelstein, Paul Johnson. Third row: Bill Derrig, Bill Hale, Tom Carter, Lee Dillon, Richard Hall, Ron Hesla, Dee McColloch, John Piazza, Ernie Longstreet. 80 Ended Year With Varying Success Little C's Splashed Their Way To The Sunset League Championship -.-. . Rm---Pt2'w-1 t ..... .4 2- 0 F 3 . 'aura I. ' 1 , T7 . , 'L Y NK i . gl' A-x,,'.t ' ii, T Wi t .- 1.3.5 . 1 .- :T an ' "Nui 1 il"lfi"i. . ,-Tg:.'. "r'?i.--.1 Q A-I . is Hi -'W . ,Q .A. ,et .L ' . - . ' ' if-'1fig l' ii.a-.i5"'ii . 'cv . ' - "Wg" 5 2, "Z, U fat : f- -Iii iii 431. 'ff ' 4.1. 'ff ' + gf- 9. if -,if-limp -,t .- '12, it-2' :f4..+:...i'!Pfv: ,L .V 1 sh "J . fff , i'!'aiv."'i ' ye " " N. , Ki .15 E- i .. 1 ' ' L iii ' 3- A' ! i . ' . I . jp., '- x ' fl HI... , i .4 ' . L J , - Z.: C WATER POLO. First row: Jim Rayl, Don True, Jim Bulhm, Mike Giafaglione, Don Gardener. Second row: John Dillbeck, Tim Casey, Jim Dunn, Mike Harris, Doug Weir, Larry Lefner. Third row: Larry Rheders, John Dean, Kent Kyckelhahn, Mike Marsh, Dennis West, John Wurster, Bruce Wright. Varsity Record GARDEN GROVE OPPONENTS 5 .,,.....,... Fullerton .. .... 6 . . . .... Western ,... . . . 3 . . . . . Huntington Beach . . . . . 4 ...SantaAna,... .,5 2. .. ... Newport Harbor .. .. 4 2,5 6... .... Anaheim.... .. 2 'yy ...,L 3... LaHabra. . .io E - l ' Lai- ' .ff-'V t1""' .Af f' DAILY PRACTICE developed the teams' playing potentialities. B GARDEN GROVE OPPONENTS 'I ............. .... F ullerton . .. ....,. . .13 l .... ...,. W ..... . . . O C Scores . I .... . , . Huntington Beach . . . . . 4 GARDEN cnove OPPONENTS 5 "" 'f" S "mc Am' "t' 4 5 ..... . . . , . . Fullerton . . , ..,.....,. 2 3 "" " Newpon Harbor ' ' ' ' ' lo 9. .. ,..,,. Western ....,. . 6 2 "" "" A noheim "' ' ' '12 9. .. . . Huntington Beach . . . . 4 0 "" ' ' l'GHobla ' ' " ' 10 3... ...SantaAna... ..4 5. . . . Newport Harbor . . . . 3 7... Anaheim .. .. 2 4. . . . LaHabra . . . l I82 il 0 I AlThough The varsity and JV cross country teams won only -1' one meeT out of The seven They participated in, Their indi- K f ' 8 IX I vidual spiriT was high during all The meets. All of The leather-lungers improved Their Times greatly during The sea- son, sTaTed Coach Donald Simmons, and They Took Third place in The CIF run-off. Rich Milledge copped seventh spot in The CIF preliminaries, and David Null broke The school record for The strenuous one and eight-tenths mile course with a Time of 9.24, Null received The Argo-of-The4Year award and Pat Hughes was tabbed Most-Improved Player, Assistant Coach Finn Bergskaug, exchange Teacher from Norway, sTaTed "I was impressed loy The fighting spirit and friendli- ness of The boys." PaT Hughes, Clinton Shock, Gene Probsf, and Charles Galaway will be The nucleus of next year's Team, according To Coach Simmons. TALKING IT OVER. Clinton Shock lleftl and Uli Jenny discuss matters with Conch Donald Simmons alter rt strenuous workout. Leather Lungers Had Losing Year CROSS COUNTRY TEAM. Firsf row: Tom LaShell, Bil Snitzer, Craig Duft, Charles Galaway, John Gedney, Gene Probst, Patrick Hughes, Clinton Shock. Second row: Kenneth Sumi, Clayton Bagwell, David Null, Jim Crossley, Richard Stading, Ernie James, Ulrich Jenny. Reccld GARDEN GROVE Opponents Varsity J. V. Varsity J. V. AO 43 Huntington Beach . . .21 I6 36 44 Fullerton . , 20 IB I7 25 Westminster . .40 32 33 3l Santa Ana . . .23 24 A2 '50 Anaheim .l9 I5 37 50 . LaHabra ..2l I5 37 34 Newport . 23 23 llow Score Winsl COLLAPSED HARRIER. Dove Stewart is attended to by Coach I! Finn Bergskaug after the runner collapsed after finishing The str'-nuous Cross-country run I H Tennis Team Had Strong Season W 'R ' U x- H' x D 'T -X F VA Z N ' 5.5.5 F f-gg " " '5i5.'5.23i -ii 1 Q ---51:12:12: .,e"'3?-.L., 4 . is .r . - 1-1' ' i I 'l sf 1'Z: ,V f. v VARSITY TENNIS, first row: Jay Colden, Brent Parker, Tom Clem, Ferrod Stumbo, David Blair, Henry Agonia. . i I ,i - v X i' Y X . ,L CHECKING UP. Roy Hazelton, Smith inspect players' cards as David Blair, topeseeded player, manager, and Coach Bruce awaits instructions. varsity tennis teams got off competition with wins over In their second encounter in to tough Fullerton. Coached by Bruce Smith, the teams copped the city championship with victories over Rancho Alamitos and Bolsa Grande. Top net- men for the varsity were top-seeded David Blair, Henry Agonia, and Ferrod Sturnbo. Both the varsity and the iunior to fast starts in Sunset League Huntington Beach and Western. league play the two teams lost .IV TENNIS, first row: George Fisher, Marion Agonia, Tom Reynolds, Jack Trotter, Duane Allen. Second row: Bob Anderson, Frank Barbara, Mike McKinney, Earl F Laskay, Jerry Russell. Larry Van Nimegen, Jahn Jones. .wi I Scores Q . 1 , ? W Q44 J' E F I sssxq' A lf"2!' W, 'U'1Y1if'lE:'TXu' , 'Z ' 1.1!-,,, ,Q ,' , Q .R . Ai' fs+'j'f'a"... 'I . -if ' l fl, f" B ' 2 Ron Henry, George Devereaux. Second row: CHALLENGERS' TENNIS, first row: Duane Shaw, Dave Bowman, Dennis Brumback, Dave Harris. Second row: Ed Medel, Bob Miller, Garden Grove Opponents Varsity J.V. J.V. Varsity ' 4 9 . Orange .... ....0 5 9 9 Westminster O 22 'l7V3 ..... Huntington Beach ..... IOM 6 I T42 ITM ..,..... Western ........ IOV2 ISV, I 9K2 Il .... Santa Ana .. ...I7 175 Cinclermen Were Strong Competitors This year's varsity track team, coached by Jack Beller and Ed Bangle, with the triple threat ot ace Bob Maimbourg, furnished strong opposition in their meets during Sunset League action, Maimbourg could usually be relied upon to bring home three first places-the lOO-yard dash, the 220-yard dash, and the pole vault. He cleared at T3 feet at the Western meet. Another top trackman was in John Birky. Birky ran the high and low hurdles and entered the broad iump. -ab- H Q pl VARSITY TRACK, first row: I 4812 11, ,' ' ,-1 . COACH Jack Beller checks with Mr. Todd Paddock, 1 high lump official tor the .'-9 , . track meet. T 4 Paul Gottlieb, Clayton Bagwell, David Null, Bill Monsimer, Tom Tullar, Jim Takahashi, Dick Basile, Ulrich Jenny. Second row: John Birky, Doug Reynolds, Angel Calderon, Henri Jensen, Bob Maimbourg, Gene Probst, Stan Manley, Jim Masoner, Wally Rokkum, Larry Horton. Third row: Dick Avery, Jim Carter, Pat Miller, Ralph Jameson, Clay Jackson, Art Jackman, Jim Smith, John Gedney, Fred Kennedy, Craig Duft, Dean Morgan. . Y Y' 'f :ri , -Q , , 'Z J l QL -.., c S A - ' 1 as is . hq Y ,.- -S -T-R ' 5 1:3 "4 ' . P f . .L ' V . ' s I ' A ' I' 'Q V. v A ,, ul 'PT f H -A 2'-if--'-i ..... l84 iss' -. f . ls- . . , K , . K' I. .Ml W ..L .. X-rg. r-,, -i.. ..' UP AND OVER goes John Birky to win the 120 high hurdle r event. ' F5 '-qi.: Scores Garden Grove Opponents 64 .......... Bolsa Grande .......... 40 69 .,.. . . Huntington Beach . .. . ...35 9... Fullerton ....90 42... Western. ....62 19 .... . , Santa Ana . .... 85 MILE RUN winner over Fullerton, Dave Null, is shown breaking the tape. B TRACK, first row: Don Easton, Tom LaShell, Sam Miller, Dan lkemi, Bill Pannier, Pat Hughes. Second row: Clinton Shock, John Ingram, James Morgan, Bill Waters, Charles Galaway, Gary Schiveley. B Tracksters Posted Early Wins The B track team had early wins over Bolsa Grande, 64- .Y-'U Sl, and over Western by a slim margin of 46-44, Jim Takahashi and Bill Waters were top entries for the B's this year. TRY , 440- Lf' A 4 ev ... by . WW M 1 ,u . 4. . A-. :LL t.. ,, 1 H 75- . ""' J im' ' 1 , FLYING HIGH. Pat Hughes soars over the crossbar as a Fullerton 1 A team member catches his pole. "" Q 4 van.. Y 4 .J Ms' 1.9 EASY DOES IT. Jim Masoner makes it look simple as he clears bar from standing iump dur- ing the Fullerton meet. Garden Grove 64 ......,.... .. 23 .... 46 .... 46 ... 32 .... B Scores . Bolsa Grande Huntington Beach ... Fullerton .... ...Western ... , . Santa Ana . . . Opponents ........3l ....72 ....49 ....44 ....62 l85 -I .. Garden 28. .. 33 .,.. 31... 30 .... ISM.. C Track Team' Losses Were Close 'T '7 - 1 v N---Q ' Q LONG JUMP Grove f ' 1 I 1 li ' ' I ' , ii .-43 lf, '-11,5 6 Q -A is made by Rick Kay during the Fullerton meet. Scores . . Bolsa Grande . . Huntington Beach ..... Fullerton .. .. . Western . .. . , Santa Ana . Opponents ......4O ...44 ...46 ,..46 ...ol Although the C track squad went winless in its first four meets, the scores of these meets tell that they were striv- ing all the way. ln the Argos' first meet, the Bolsa Grande Matadors won over the C's 40-28. ln the league opener with Huntington Beach, the little cindermen were dumped 44-33. Fullerton slid past them by a count of 46-31, and Western defeated the Argos 46-30. 'I' p jr fi iii' ul 4--wr -vi-e E' J ' J 'f is ON YOUR MARK. Garden Grove's and FulIerton's C teams line up for the start of the 660. C TRACK, first row: Bill Heath, Eugene Sumi, Sammy Minson, Jerry Johnson, Gary Walton, Bil Snitzer, Charles Hyatt, AI Langdon. Second row: Ron Beitel- spacher, Jack Thompson, Eddie Griffith, Robert Van Skyock, John Anderson, Dennis Matthews, Kenneth Sumi, Rick Kay. Wrestlers Won Acclaim In First Season Garden Grove High School's first wrestling team in school history, coached by Alan Musil, won almost im- mediate acclaim by the student body and proved to become one of the top sports on campus. Top Argo wrestler was Eddy Marks, the only grappler to go through the whole season undefeated until the City Championship Tournament, where he lost in the finals. Richard Shaffer was named varsity Argonaut-of-the Year, Arne Giertsen, varsity team captain, Ed Marks, HEADLOCK. John Sullivan gives temporary discomfort to his opponent from La Habra High. A FULL NELSON is attempted by Dale Hardman as his elusive opponent from La Habra wriggles away. Most-Improved, and Doug Reynolds, Most-Inspirational. Junior varsity awards went to Bob Miller, Argo-of-the- Year, Jim Small, captain, Dale Hardman, Most-Improved, and Gerald Wrenn, Most-Inspirational. The wrestlers, credited with five team victories--one varsity and four JV -won 91 individual matches and had two draws. Medal winners in the All-City Tournament were Gerald Wrenn, Richard Crouch, Richard Shaffer, Glenn Stewart, Ed Marks, and Doug Reynolds, gold medal champion. WRESTLING, first row: Doug Reynolds, Wayne Jolliffe, Dick Shaffer, Larry Hardman, Jim Robinson, Richard Montagna, Lewis Prickett, Bob Miller, Daniel Pippin. Second row: Mr. Alan Musil lcoachl, Dale Hardman, Jerry Wrenn, Richard Crouch, Bill Poledouris, John Stuart, Glenn Stewart, Gary Walton, Ron Beitelspacher, Royce Davis imanagerl, Bruce Giertsen lmanagerl. 187 Swimmers Took,League's Second Place, Garden Grove became a real power in CIF varsity competition this year, posting impressive victories over such top teams as EI Segundo, CIF Champions, Downey, Moore-Coast League Champions, and Fullerton, the . - perennial Sunset League power house. Leading the team were All-Amer- ican candidates Charlie Douglas, Bill Watkins, and Rick Langdon. Giving the Argos depth were Kent Kyckelhahn, Jim Trotter, Dennis West, Roger Manderscheid, Walter Rupp, Gary Waer, and Chuck Scheinost. Watkins, -W Douglas, West, Kyckelhahn, Jim Rayl, and John Dillbeck broke CIF mid- . winter records in the championship meet at Long Beach Jordan. Longdon and Rupp led the divers to the team championship. In Sunset League com- petition the varsity placed second to CIF Mid-winter Champions, New- port. The second-place finish was the highest an Argo team has ever placed in Sunset League varsity competition. K1 9 ,A x I l K7 BIG SPLASH. Ready for the starter's gun are Rick Langdon, Dennis West, Roger Manderscheid, Kent Kyckelhahn, Charlie Douglas, and Bill Watkins. CLOCK WATCHERS. Coaches Jim Griftis and Rick Rowland check the time of swimmers during practice session, - Varsity Scores Garden Grove Opponents 50 .. ..., .. Black Foxe , ..... , .36 43 .. ,. Morning Side . . ....43 5O.. . , .. Downey ...... ...l9 55. .. ,. Huntington Beach ... ...I5 50 . , EI Segundo ,... . , ,44 21 . .. California ...74 6l .. Fullerton . .. .34 63 .. . . Western . .. .2I 65 .. Santa Ana . . . .21 42 .. ,.. Newport .. . . .52 65 .. Anaheim .. ,..2l 64., .....,...,. LaHabra... ....... ....22 VARSITY SWIM TEAM, first row: Jim Potter, Roger Manderscheid, Jim Trotter, Charlie Douglas, Dennis West, Barry Brankey, Kent Kyckelhahn, Mike Newland Imanagerl, Second row: Earl Henry, Jan Japhet, Rick Langdon, Bill Watkins, Mike Jolliffe, Cinco Reid, Dennis Warren, Steve Fossett, Walter Rupp. I I . A E1 ... tee 188 B SWIM TEAM, first row: John Wurster, Charles Patterson, Ron Hesla, Dwight Hutchens, Lee Dillon, Mike Dillon. Second row: Ralph Cole, Richard Price Richard Hall, Terry Neal, Rick Tonks, Tom Carter, Ernie Longstreet, Broke Many Records B Scores Garden Grove 33 .......... .. Black Foxe .. 25... Morning Side .. 14... ...Downey.... 70... .. Huntington Beach 14... El Segundo .. 12... .. California .. 19... Fullerton 45... Western 60... .. Santa Ana .. 6... Newport 11... ...Anaheim... 15... ...LaHabra... Opponents ..42 ..53 ..56 ..i6 ..63 ..65 ..58 ..31 ..13 ..71 ..66 ..62 During Season C Scores Garden Grove Opponents 50 ......... .. Black Foxe ... ..... ..1o 36 .... .. Morning Side ... . . . . . .32 37 .... .... D owney ...... . . .55 54 .... . . . Huntington Beach . . . . . .14 37 .... . . . El Segundo ..... .. .31 35 .... .. California ... . . .33 29 .... .. Fullerton . . . .39 35 .... . . . Western . . .. .33 33 .... Santa Ana ....35 19 .... Newport.. ....49 32 .... ... Anaheim .. . . .35 36 .... La Habra .... ...32 C SWIM TEAM, first row: Mike Nissen, Ira Alberson, Mike Haris, Don True, Tim Casey, John Dillbeck, Dennis Feeley. Second row: John Dean, John Bradley, Richard Schoen, Hy Finkelstein, Larry Lefner, Bruce Wright, Rick Bluhm, Bill Miller. Third row: Don Gardner, Paul Johnson, Steve Bernard, Ken Christensen, Sal Giafaglione, .lim Rayl, Mike Gleason. K 1 K RX gxxxix glpxxx italy- i 1 -1 ZKiRX.'N.XxKRrr'E ,nr remix-dkhqfix Q l K I K K fly I llll 1 VX Y H X c Kb Q 9. Y I I I l l 1 y V I N-f ' 4, l ' i 1 ,J 1 Qt' ? 1 an fx.. GOLF, first row: ,hm Small Imrinageil, Richard Park, John Sullivan, Terry Duggan, Scott Powers, Roger Andrus, Bruce Foster. Second row: Bill Johnson, Cary I-Iibhf, Hill Whitlovv, Di-nnis Ilustrid, Drive Hicks, Jim Young, Chuck Berling, Ed Cleveland, Murry Darch, Bob I-larritt, Paul Thomas, Mi, William Miller Icoachl. 6 , rf PUTTING PRACTICE. Murry Darch's putting tech Coach Bill Miller and co-player Dennis Rustad. Ga 7 8 I2 I5 34 20 35 36 0 rden Gr ove .. Long Beach Poly ., .. Millilcan .,. . Long Beach Poly . . Long Beach Wilson .. . Bolsa Grande . .. Warren IDowneyl . , Santa Ana .. . . Bolsa Grande . Opponents . . , . , . . .29 .,...28 .. .,.. 24 ....2I .. ..2 ...,i6 .. ..l . ..O I I nique is critically observed by DANDY naive by Ed Cleveland is admired by Jim Young and Bob Har- ritt. Although getting off to a slow start against powerful Long Beach teams, the Golf Team moved into a strong position in its own league. Paced by two excellent players, Ed Cleve- land Iseniorl and Jim Young Isophomorel, the team began to show its potential early in the league season. Dennis Rus- tad and Murry Darch proved to be substantial middle men on the team while Bob Harritt, Bill Johnson, and Dave Hicks served as anchor men. Strong showing of sophomores and freshmen on the team this year will provide potential for the next several years. The team, in addition to its regular league matches, iourneyed to Avalon, played at Brookside, Pasadena, in the team CIF playoffs, entered individual plow at the Inglewood Invitational, and entered the CIF Individ- ual Tournament at Rancho Santa Fe. 'Q -1 I Cleveland, Young Pacecl Golf Team Varsity Won La Habra Tournament Winning the La Habra Tournament, the varsity baseball team became the first from Garden Grove High School to win any kind of award in baseball since entering the Sunset League. ln winning the tournament, the Argos had wins over Buena Park, 8-O, El Monte, 1-O, Orange, 16-1, and, in the champ- ionship game, 9-5 over Huntington Beach. Also highlighting the season was the cross-town game between Rancho Ala- mitos in which the Argonauts knocked off the Vaqs for the thirteenth straight time since the two schools began the rival games. The Argonauts had a 6 win-2 loss preleague record, with their only losses coming from Bolsa Grande and Westminster High Schools. In their first three Sunset League games the varsity defeated Huntington Beach 6-3, lost to Fullerton 2-O, and bounced back to whip Western 9-7 to climb into a four-way first-place tie with ll games remain- ing. Argo ace hurler Roy Gleason was the big man on the varsity line-up whether pitching or at first base. The varsity, - under the direction ot Coach Mike Sgobba, was named a top contender in loop pla Y- DUGOUT BLUES. Players Roy Gleason, Mick Hartling, and Rich Schoonover and Coach Mike Sgobba watch a critical play on the diamond. VARSITY BASEBALL, first row: Mike Cornelison, Rich Romine, Denny Hartling, Roy Gleason, Chuck Knight, Gary Hawthorne, Roger Warren, Richard Matthews. Second row: Mr. Mike Sgobba lcoachi Sieve Katz Johnny Vanelli, Tom Zimmerman, Tom Eastman, Richard Schoonover, Ronnie Mclfuen, Darrell Fletcher, John Munoz, Larry Hardman lmanagerl, Charles Morris lmanagerl, Richard Montagna lmanagerl. Q? gg ,..f Y Q .. gervwlir Varsity Record Garden Grove Opponents 6... ..... BolsaGrande.. 5... .. Santa Ana Valley ....l 7 ..., .. . Rancho Alamitos . ,.,, 3 , " 'Q -' l ,... . . Westminster .... .... 7 6 ,,.. . , Huntington Beach . . . .... 3 SAFE AT FIRST. TOVT1 EUS'- 0 .... .... F ullerron ...... .... 2 mari scrambles buck to the 9 ,,,, , , 1 Wesfem , , , ,,,, 7 bag as Westminister pitch- 2 .... . . . Santa Ana , . . ..., 0 ef TGVVY Floyd M95 to Pick A ..,. . . . Newport , . . ,... l him off. .':mm:4-u..45Ee . K' '."""S--,-:..- 1 'K Wi' 'Q-'MF 2, blk J. V. Scores Garden Grove Opponents 11 .....,..... .... O range , . . ..... . . . 5 6 .... . . . Bolsa Grande .... .. . 2 10 .... .. Santa Ana Valley ... ... 6 7 .... . . Rancho Alamitos . , . . . 4 li .... . . . Westminster . . .. , 9 5 .... . . Huntington Beach , , . . . 4 10 .... Fullerton ...15 1... .,Western... ...3 7 ..,. ., Santa Ana ,. ... 3 9 ...,.........,.. Newport ................ 0 FRESHMAN BASEBALL, first row: Richard Jackson, Mike Giafaglione, Jeff Cadwell, Mike Wallace, Gary Jackson, Riley Davis, Jim Eastman, Hugh Smith, Bill Biggerstaff, Bill Lynes. Second row: Austin Potter, Greg Bezlai, John Chirnenti, Cordell Muilenburg, Dennis Nelson, Butch Kanatzar, Gary Holcomb, Steve Schoonover, Jim Bailey, Gary Lawhon, Ronnie Marcarelli, Charlie Petrilla, Gary Martin, Mr. Thomas Cashman lcoachl. JV BASEBALL, first row: Jack Gregory, Bob Kirkreit, Jim McFate, Rudy Jugo, George Redman, Bill Franciskovich, Jim Scoles, Dennis Dugan. Second row: Ernie Briggs, Bill Flaugh lmanagerl, Ron Foley, Bud Beebe, Jack Hauer, David Thorton, Tom McDonald, Bill Connor, Tom Toliver, Johnny Griffin, Mr. William Phillips icoachl, Frosh Scores Garden Grove Opponents 8 ........... ...Orange... B , ... Bolsa Grande ., . . . .1 9 .... Bolsa Grande ....B 2 .... ... Rancho Alamitos . .. . . . .1 7 ..., ..,Western... ....l f 'Y , ,gf i 192 - 0 N Y , 1 ra x B Wi- .Q , 55' L,-'-,zxfdf 4 : :If :5 -ei J , LE if -iff ! QT? Q, if .. W 4 Q' Q1 K A92 My A fx 1 mr-,, W """'HW',.. MP2, NI,-iM,,. A N1 it '96 dx- L .I ' r o X Girls' Athletic Teams Fostered The Girls' Athletic Association carried out a program of various team sports-volleyball, basketball, hockey, softball-and individual sports- badminton, tennis, and swimming-to promote the development of high school citizenship and school spirit. Under the leadership of Sher- rill Lundgren and Louise Montgomery, who served as president and vice-president respectively, the GAA built interest in sports and em- phasized the social and educational as well as the physical values of athletics. The group sponsored intra-mural and county play day ac- tivities and cooperated with the Girls' Physical Education Department in upholding the policies and standards of the Women's Division of the National Amateur Athletic Federation. 'inact- aiwfv , - GAA ADVISERS: Miss Mariorie Barkley, Miss Bertie Ann Stevens . s, Miss Betty McFerson, and Miss Barbara Decker. A 'ESQ'- N. 94 f-11" I 4 I Sherrill lundgren 1 A President Louise Montgomery Vice-President GAA OFFICERS: Susan Clark lfreshman representativel, Louise Montgomery lvice-presidentl, Sherrill Lundgren lpresidentl, Sharon Taylor lsecretaryl, Donna McGriff Itreasurerl, Beverly McKinney lpublicity chairmanl. Sportsmanship, Heolthful Exercise -ME? V ,V ,... xx df HX QF f-A... .9 fp GAA MANAGERS, first row: Sandy Hurst lhockeyl, Pm Arthur lhosketbolll, Dano Walker lsoftbcilll, Soundro Anderson lvolleybolll, JoAnne Merrymnn lbcrdmin- tonl, Clwryl Thompson lswimmingl. X xml ." ,Xu ENJOYING REFRESHMENTS, Sherrill Lundgren ond Beverly McKinney go over the program with Miss Betty Mclferson, odviser. pn T39 COME AND GET IT. "Chef" Poi Arthur serves hot dogs To fellow members and guests of the GAA open party held in March. X l L Q 4 K in . 5 , LA In D . El , lg' KK 'Q Q . r W 2 ,W ' L J x r L3 fr Ll T '?'7' , , , ' W j ' I 'ii' L L 3 k 4: 5 , . - :fu ' 4' Lp' Q --f . lv ' T - '- l . 1 l i . l v f 4-W , r t, N Y K 5 XL ' I Ah A J 'X 1 C L , I 7 Q I , L r as -1 L I .QT i f , . A 2 ' A 'I A I , ' jr v Mr :V ' First row: Diana Shelby, Darlene Hendershot, Donna Shelby, Yvonne Baldridge, Kathy Waer, Toni Foster, Second row: Rhonda Lund- grvn, Susan Clark, Charleen Taylor, Julie Humphreys, Christy Flinchbaugh, Wanda Jackson. Third row: Janice Kerrigan, Judy Thomas, Lynn Birch, Barbara Truman, Shirley Whedbee, Jean Mann. Inter - School Competition Sparked r Wm Q -6 -- .3 ----4. K v-1 First row: Sally Wade, Janice Black, Joanne Merryman, Peggy Gilmore, Peggy Eastman, Cheryl Rogers, Lloyd Ann Fisher, Donna McGriff. Second row: Sherrill Lunclgren, Louise Montgomery, Pauline Yuasa, Carol Hupp, Judy Berkey, Beverly McKinney, Nancy Morrison, Pat Arthur, Sandy Hurst, Third row: Pam Peters, Jeanette Packer, Donna Green, Cheryl Thompson, Dana Walker, Linda Pittman, Sharon Taylor, Pat Hulse. This was the first year for inter-school competition among the girls of GAA. The students played very well and had a good time practicing and entering play-days with the various schools. On October 14, Garden Grove played Rancho for the first game of the season, getting off to a good start with wins by both the iunior and senior teams. On October 21, Garden Grove again came out the victor against the new Bolsa Grande GAA with wins over their iunior and senior teams. Then winding up the season at a sports day at Huntington Beach, Garden Grove ended up on the cellar floor against competing schools. t pf gf ,W it if i 0. -I -.. ,L l FQ i ' x A ggmw g SHOOTING HIGH, Wanda Jackson aims for basket as Louise Leon ard, Sally Belote, and Christi Flinchbaugh rush in. REBOUND ALERT. Christi Flinchbaugh, Louise Leonard, Jean Mann, Janice Kerrigan, and Sally Belote wait ex- pectantly as Wanda Jackson prepares for free throw. Successful Girls' Basketball Team FRESHMAN BASKETBALL, first row: Barbara Farmer, Pat Mitani, Carol James, Sandy George, Patricia Jones, Beverly George. Second row: Judy Hickock, Lynne Sturtevant, Kathy Smith, Barbara Cave, Melba Stipek, Sally Belote, Third row: Cherie Young, Laurene Anderson, Louise Leonard, Peggy Linfesty, Sandra Merrick, Judy Pollard. . 1- T . e . x lg 3 - 41 BQ J ,E 4 ' , l r'i, g tiig ' ' it , ,- Hockey Team Swung Sticks Briskly 1 X., K , a ,1 tl, 'IL .9 rr l'1,f,1r -f . Fx S --1 A '- Firsl row: Sandra Merrick, Rhonda Lundgren, Christi Flinchbauch, Susan Clark. Second row: Janice Kerrigan, Yvonne Baldridge, Charleen Taylor, Carol James, Sandy George, Melba Stipek, Beverley George, Barbara Cave. " V III'-l N I 'vw .25--S TG. 5 VJ 4 I lv 716' ,,u..j4 a - ., -Z bv,t Q A x . 2, 3 J i 4 ,Jn tr, ...H- -U 'Wm Firsi row: Barbara Truman, Laurene Anderson, Jean Mann, Kathy Smiih. Second row: Lynne Srurtevanr, Sally Belote, Karen Pickering, Judy Hickok, Wanda Jackson, Judy Pollard, Darlene Hendershor, Donna Shelby. 198 UIQ, 13 sc' ,W , -9 '- in gl? gf D V gg sf xy 7, 3'-fini? ' sg Q , Y! 1 7 4? Eze H I OO F. -e, , , vi X R4 vo . 'u , l x I x is' ' I it la .4 X -5' Bs f T is is , - -Qt -s X-1 ' l P' y , H J uf ,Q , ,Ms ,,, '-N I - .-V' I , T i . TRACK AND FIELD: Donna Shelby, Charleen Taylor, Judy Hickok, Judy Thomas, Jean Mann, Barbara Truman, Sandie Merrick, Janice Kerrigan, Rhonda Lundgren Carol James, Gail Kinsey, Yvonne Baldridge. Frosh Enioyed Track And Field P w I' s flu , r Track and field was offered to freshman girls, who learned the fundamentals of The running broad lump, standing broad iump, 50-yard dash, 100-yard dash, and the softball throw. Sandra Merrick, freshman, set records in each event. Al- though there were no play-days or meets held with other NND- A- 2 515,-..x'gv"'P4 ,. 2 f 4 if , 3,,,,,.w, . , "+ r- -r ff' "0 1 -r., L. . - . V' . R, K, Jgsisg fist -.NST 'ri . ' ,. SANDIE SOARS. Watched by her classmates, Sandie Merrick flies through the air as she demonstrates her skill in the broad lump. ive schools, the girls gained experience and knowledge of the different track and field sports. 5. L-Fl .. ..,A ,vgllke 4 ,-u-M ' , .-- . 1 ,,.-GL 4 . . . ON YOUR MARK. Donna Shelby, Rhonda Lundgren, Judy Hickok, Janice Kerrigan, Charleen Taylor, and Jean Mann toe the mark, awaiting the start of a foot race. Swimming Team Spla hed Actively ' T... I, ii..e .S c r yr ,rl .1IA"f."5'.'1'41N9?f""1,."j' ' .,,.. ..:"T'I." '. I A s 5 4 ' 1 " 5. T Q, , il S-s.. E Q Q-x X '-ag?" gs-.' First row: Shi-irll Lunclgien, Sandy Hurst, Pat Hulse, Carol Hupp, Pam Peters I , Bravrng the cold weather and water while others were bundled in their warm clothes, the girls' swim team "has done quite well" stated swimming instructor Miss Betty McFerson. ln competition with tive schools at a swim meet held at Anaheim, Garden Grove placed second. This X,-ear Sharon Barnes, junior, did the 25-yard free- style in an outstanding time ot i3.5 and won first place against all other schools. In the butterfly relay Sherrill Lundgren had excellent timings throughout the season. Sharon Taylor, Linda Mylar, Dana Walker, Cheryl Thompson, Donna McGritf, Sharon Barnes, Glvnollen Cooper. The breastroke was the specialty of junior Sharon Taylor. "This year's team has been one of the best," stated Miss McFerson. First row: Sally Belote, Darlene Hendershot, Charleen Taylor, Lee Toth, Geraldine Risinger, Susan Green, Midge Connors, Barbara Farmer, Lynn Birch, Peggy Linh-sty Second row: Scilly Mylar, Yvonne Balclridge, Victoria Gothard, Mary Elder, Susan Clark, Pat Mitani, June Cogley. Third row: Linda Rendano, Rhonda Lundgren, JoAnn Kirton, Sandra Linkogle, Maureen McEuen, Linda Grey, Bernice Johnson, Karen Wolfe, Barbara Truman, Judy Morton, Carol James, Kathy Waer. 'l I 1 Ji 3 -new . l W B , Y ,Q J ? , v i l i Tx Y IL ' 324 .1 .k . liz? -.11 Mliislx in ? Tl .,.,, - . .. , J . . "Z J get ' .... z f'ii35f1'gr,f . 5' "7-'if' i . '.f' t' X i, ' Y "-A 4"" f" - wr V QOI O Girls' Tennis Team Played First in F . 1 1 :if f, ...L L-sf'-AEI' I . , A. t ' i L q,,?2'?s, . if 1 '91 ' n f ,X 6 'Q hi , N rm Zak is X' FRESHMAN TENNIS, first row: Yvonne Baldridge, Charlene Taylor, Judy Thomas, Lynne Sturtevant, Mary Schneider, Beverley George, Sally Belote, Second row: Karen Pickering, Laurene Anderson, Barbara Truman, Sandie Merrick, Gail Kinsey, Carol James, Sandy George. Lf - if 'T' ' 'T ' -i " 5. J W3 ,QV ,,"'4l " ff . . 5 D A 'A 4 , P A - 4 'Rum L W l 1- 1' Q 11:25 ' 1 si. .l ' w ' 4 .1 , s 'I oi " rg an fffiir-Q . ,v Y JU" FRESHMAN TENNIS, first row: Lee Toth, Christi Flinchbaugh, Mary Elder, Judy Hickok, Jean Mann, Janice Kerrigan, Louise Leonard. Second row: Donna Shelby. Carroll Vosburg, Toni Foster, Kaihy Smith, Wanda Jackson, Rhonda Lundgren, Sue Hawley. '2 Inter-school Games -it 3' 3 , 4 T2 4 .r .r 35' v 'fhtd' PROPER TECHNI Decker to interested girls. QUE and stance are demonstrated by Miss h This was the first year for inter-school compe- "' 'N-' tition in tennis. All of the girls enioyecl playing Rancho and Bolsa, so competition will continue SJ ,Q next year. Some of the other schools competed against this year were Tustin, Costa Mesa, New- port Harbor, Orange, Huntington Beach, and Santa Ana. The players didn't win too many matches but plan to do better next year when BACKHAND SWING rs practiced by the tennis team under the super- I they have had more experience. vision of Miss Bcrrlncrra Decker. DC 5953 if 4 ,M X 5 Magi! i -11. JPPERCLASS TENNIS, row one: Nancy Morrison, Carol Hupp, Dana Walker, Linda Pittman, Sandy Hurst. Second row: Donna McGriff, Jeanne Gardner Bernice Johnson, Pauline Yuasa, Sharon Yuasa. , Pat Arthur, I Volleyball, a popular team sport, was played with enthu- siastic participation this year. Volleyball rules, proper ro- tation, and good sportsmanship were the basis of instruc- tion this season. The application ot these basics were applied at several inter-school tournaments entered into by the var- ious teams representing the school. Inter-school competition created a thriving interest and friendly rivalry among the competing players. 'N' fi' FORM'S THE THING. Linda Florea sets up the ball for her teamA mates Peggy Gilmore and Pat Wilson. pn-uf ., A P", vv GOOD TRY. Dana Walker lumps up to miss the ball but Janice Black is there to back her up. UPPERCLASS VOLLEYBALL, first row: .lrinicc Blark, Verna Krell, Pat Arthur, Pauline Yuasa, Louise Montgomery, Joann-ttn Piirkvi, Donna Crown, Mary Fspino, Pam Peters, Sherrill Lundgren. Second row: Peggy Gilmore, Sharon Yuasa, Peggy Eastman, Carol Hupp, Sharon Taylor, Cheryl Thompson, Dana Walker, Pat Wilson, Sonia Hawley, Pat Hulse, Linda Florea, Frances Tatro, Sandy Hurst. J C' 'ill 1-Fas. .4 Volleyball Provecl Popular, Girls ? .Qi , 44 J ff Q. , md, 8 J I S' V Fl 1 I . A Hitman... - " P 1463- , ' d J ' K ' Chorleen Ta lor, Yvonne Baldridge, FRESHMAN VOLLEYBALL, first row: Lynne Sturtevant, Mary Elder, Judy Thomas, Louise Leonar , anice errigan, y Second row: Donna Shelby, Carol James, Laurene Anderson, Barbara Truman, Mary Schneider, Beverley George FRESHMAN VOLLEYBALL, first row: Karen Pickering, Gail Kinsey, Sandie Merrick, Christi Flinchbaugh, Judy Hickolc, Jean Mann. Foster, Wanda Jackson, Kathy Smith, Rhonda Lundgren, Carroll Vosburg. S 4,1 i RB LS . 'ver-..,V .. Cffered Enthusiastic Competition Second row: Sally Belofe, Toni J' ......-. I? -1 L . A -. -6 'Q'-. BATTER UP! Dana Walker awaits pitch as catcher Pat Arthur signals pitcher. Tenmmfites watch from behind screen SAFE AT HOME! Dann Walker slides under ball to score as Pat Arthur vriinly tries to tag hr-r, Umpire Cheryl Thompson signals that Dana'S srifr' As! Softball Team This year's softball was participated in with energetic en- thusiasm by both the upperclassmen and underclassmen girls. Competition with the various schools in Orange County, including Bolsa Grande and Rancho High Schools, made the season have a little more interest than usual. Rules and regu- lations of softball were taught and the importance of good sportsmanship was emphasized. Learning the basic funda- mentals of softball also gave girls a better understanding and appreciation ot baseball. 'K 'x"f.r. 1-.-,g-4, iw- j -on . L -,- S-.. . s ...- --Q....,,.,,. EBV? S UPPERCLASS SOFTBALL, first row: Peggy Gilmore, Carolyn Dodson, Pat Arthur, Pauline Yuasa, Louise Montgomery, Jeanette Packer, Donna Green, Mary Espino, Sandy Hurst, Sherrill Lundqren. Second row: Janice Black, Sharon Yuasa, Peggy Eastman, Carol Hupp, Sharon Taylor, Cheryl Thompson, Dana Walker, Sonia Hawley, Pat Hulse, Linda Floiea, Fran Tatro, Alice Gibson. 206 Emphasized Rules, Sportsmanship 1 ' R' 'l ri, . i' V K. l 7 D rr if , my if f! 'lk 3 i f! l . .A Q." " T First row: Sandy George, Sally Belore, Judy Thomas, Mary Schneider, Christi Flinchbaugh, Rhonda Lundgren. Second row: Carroll Vosburg, Gail Kinsey, Lee Toth, Toni Foster, Karen Pickering, Donna Shelby, Beverley George. ' ll ' r 6 First row: Lynne Sfurievant, Laurene Anderson, Louise Leonard, Janice Kerrigan, Mary Elder, Charleen Taylor, Yvonne Baldridge. Second row: Jean Mann Judy Hickok, Kathy Smith, Wanda Jackson, Sandie Merrick, Barbara Truman, Carol James. 207 ll --N31-ef N sift . al U?- ww .--....,g I 5' K - . 4.1-L N sr 5' .. ,-"'- - I. A ,..,u,- ' 'Q .- i , K A if Synchronized swimming, a specialized class, was offered to sophomores, iuniors, and seniors who tried out under the direc- tion of Miss Bertie Ann Stevens, instructor. Learning hybrid strokes and solo and duet stunts plus formations for large and small groups was the main purpose of the class. "Moonlight on the Enchanted Sea," a water show, was the maior project presented by the Aqua-ettes lsynchronizeal swimmersl on April 7 and 8. ",,,' -f X - X 3- Q . , .Q W ' .' .4-F' 3:34 I "X ' ,ml . . W ""l I 4 f Q V fn - -W, g.w.1q 4 y y -.., kk - I 4, WL 1. lp- . h -. I "52- .On ri' PRECISION PRACTICE. Aqua-ettes lclockwise from lower rightl Cheryl Thompson, Ginger Wheat, Sherrill Lundgren and Sandy Hurst make ready for the water spectacle the group presented to the public. -k we " k eff T41- TOUCHING TOES, the girls form a close formation. Fencing, Swimming Accentuatecl Poise Fencing is a specialized sport because of the complete co- ordination of mind and the body, A fencer is concerned with improving and establishing poise, grace, co-ordination, en- durance, agility of movement, and good posture. Success in fencing lies in the ability of one to outwit and outthink one's opponents as well as in quick, delicate movements and not in brute strength alone. 208 TOUCHE! Maia Ravasi scores point against Linda Allan, SALUTEI The class practices close order drill before engaging in matches. ,ik W , ,,,,,,WW fx ,I Q. f 45 if fr! 25,4 f' Ii X Q . X 1, ' . " H- " Q Ld SY' A ,fl in , 'x f' ,.av- A - ' , xx 1' if ,A IW f' UR We Aa.. I I I 2 , I :- V -- ,' ., J Lk Q f ' ' I Q V Vx K jr ' u V V 'btw-ww .4 'fe 1 ' 7i 'i f ' 'H ' V? X f 5 1 4.25, ' ,,,., 1 5 ' - , V E ' 'fr ' .uwuin . ,-, ' ,-51 . gf .1 fl n ' .,f. ' 2' b -.:',bf.,f3rwfbfw , V . 'fwxjv' . 5 ' -4 an E 1 ."Fff-,:,:y5-yi ,,. ' 'Yr wq.m.: ., . ,,,,, 'R xbvv-f. .L m A x ., MW, -,,,1A , K ,. .,, ... . an-H J, F , vefJa.4 . .ew gpm? My . ,fax YV' ""' AJ' ,S -client I . i iw l. You observed during the year the seniors making many decisions, some trivial, some difficult, many bewildering-from whom to take to the iunior-senior prom tolwhat college to enter. As the year progressed the decisions came faster and were more difficult. You learned that high school is the time of your life for decisions of all types, and for the seniors especially, the decision "Where do I go from here?" Avery Led Seniors First Semester Winning homecoming activities was a feather-in-the-cap for the Senior Class. A lot of hard work was needed to make that dream a reality. President Dick Avery organized the seniors to insure a successful Homecoming and class play, "The Man Who Came to Dinner." The staff of capable class officers was a boon to Dick andthe entire class. I - Stan Manley Vice-President Janice Hoyle Secretary Mala Rnvasl Treasurer -10 Kay Wade Yell Leader 212 .3---1 lk' F an ea. Dick Avery President, First Semester It has been a great experience being your Senior Class president, and I can think of no other words to show my happiness and ap- preciation for your confidence in me. l will remember foremost my many good friends and l will always be proud to say thot l at- tended Garden Grove High School. 0 Pocirch Took Helm Second Semester Harrell Poarch President, Second Semester William Freatner once said, "The man who thinks he has arrived is already slipping," Those graduates who think they have arrived will find the world holding many surprises. Those who use their graduation as a stepping stone will find the world open and pre- senting new and glorious challenges, With graduation and all the excitement just around the cornei', President Harrell Poarch and his crew of officers were really busy. Plans for Commencement, Baccalaureate, the All-Night Dance, the class gift, the Senior Picnic, and Senior Assembly had to be care- fully organized and carried out, a difficult task for even these competent officers. Xe, 'P Wk 3 Uli Jenny Vice-President Maia Ravusi Secretary Steve Katz Treasurer Ed Cleveland Yell Leader 213 2' :'r53w.14i,,' '3 2- , . " 'fi' .x,: 9, 451 . 'T ' Q:-:' . 1 I ' . ' vii, ' .571 - fse 31: ' A112 'i ,' 0 2l4 Lou French Small , -ty , 3, . V hi r:k.:L, -,-,.' ,. E , V H A -.-nv!" Mo t Worthy Sally Valentine Candidates Having accumulated the highest combined attitude, ac- tivity, and scholastic rating of any girl in the Senior Class, Shirley Osumi was selected as the girl recipient of the title Most Worthy Argonaut, the highest school-bestowed honor a senior can attain. Shirley was Girls' League presi- dent and the school's summer exchange student to Aus- tria in addition to her numerous other honors. The two other candidates vying with Shirley for the title were Lou French Small, Girls' League vice-president, and Sally Val- entine, Girls' League officer, Trophies indicating their high attainments were presented to all candidates at the June awards assembly. lt' Don Vanc+Most Worthy Argonaut Argonaut Candidates Outdistancing every other senior boy in scholarship, ac- tivity, and attitude ratings, Don Vance was named Most Worthy Argonaut in competition with his classmates. Don served as president of the Scholarship Club, member ofthe Golden Fleece, and was prominent in drama activ- ities. The two other candidates for the award were Bob Miller, Student Body president, and John Fagg, AFS ex- change finalist last year. Based equally on the three aforementioned categories, the honor is the most coveted in the Senior Class and all seniors are considered for the award. In recognition of their outstanding achievements, the top three boys and girls received trophies from the Argonaut staff. Bob Miller John Fagg ff! Ulrich Jenny Switzerland 6 ' ' 'Emi gr 2 arp, ,f' CUB REPORTER. Uli reads the Argolog in Journalism I class after distributing the school newspaper to various classrooms. Uli, Maia Enjoyed Traveling from the mountainous country of Switzerland, Ul- rich Jenny came to Garden Grove High as an American Field Service exchange student. In Switzerland he lives in the city of Gerlafingen, population 4000. Uli's father works for the company which made the sky-ride for Disneyland. His coun- try's school system is very different from the U.S., it is formal and has few outside activities. Once a year, however, the students in his school go on a mountain climbing trip for two days and in the winter, the school closes for five days to take a skiing vacation. In Garden Grove, Uli lived with Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Peters and their children, Pam, a senior, Dave, a junior, and Maitland, a fourth-grader. Two of Uli's best experiences were being Senior Class vice-president and serving as Student Council representative. The courses he took in school were U.S. history, civics, English IV, art pro- jects, speech, and journalism. Club activities were a favorite with Uli, who belonged to Key Club, Golden Fleece, Scholar- ship Club, Inter-Club Council, Art Club, and Tophatters. Despite this busy schedule Uli participated on the cross coun- try and track teams and still found time to talk to many groups. Uli urges all Argonauts to come and see him some time in Gerlafingen. I thank all the people of Garden Grove for the nice things they have done for me during the most interesting year I have ever had. See you soon. 51152. Q'-'15 . TEA PARTY. Uli enjoys a ride on the famous Disneyland Mad Hatter's Tea Party with lfrom Ieftj Maia Ravasi, exchange student from Italy: Dave Peters, Uli's American "brother", Jim Wallace, yearbook photographer, and Pam Peters, Uli's American "sister." Time Cf Their Lives For the first time in her school life, Mariagrazia lMaial Ravasi had social activities and a co-educational school, when she attended Garden Grove as an AFS exchange stu- dent. In Milano, Italy, Maia's home, she attended CI girls' school where emphasis was placed only on learning. When she first arrived in Garden Grove on August 22, 1959, Maia resided with Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Cole and their daughter Jeri, a senior. In January she moved to the home of Dr. and Mrs. Walter Ralston and their six children. Maia liked Gar- den Grove High School very much because in Italy, the re- lation between teachers and students is formal and stiff, but here she found that teachers were friendly and helpful l"they 'talk' not 'lecture' "l, To make up for lost time, Maia joined many clubs and participated in as many activities as possible. She was Senior Class treasurer and secretary, In- ter-Club Council secretary, Tri-Hi-Y vice-president, she be- longed to Golden Fleece, Homemaking Club, Scholarship Club, Latin Club and French Club, She followed a senior course of studies including civics, U.S. history, English III and IV, physical education, speech, and in night school, group dynamics. To the faculty and to my fellow Argonauts, my warmest Mariagraziu Ravasi Italy thanks. I shall never forget your help and your friendliness. . ,ff LUNCH TIME CHAT. Maia eats lunch in the Senior Sanctuary with her friends ., K. . '. 5,4 l BIG HELLO. Maia rides on Disneyland Dumbo flight with Uli Jenny, exchange .tudent from Switzerland. Marion Saunders and Ina Guest, 7 fi Shirley Made Friends In Austria N Shirley Osumi 1959 Summer Student to Austrlkz After one month of packing, buying luggage, and getting shots and vaccinations, Shirley Osumi left last summer from Burbank Airport on a plane carrying 100 other American Field service exchange students, their destination was New York City. Departing from Hoboken, New Jersey, aboard the Zuberkrius, a Holland-American liner, Shirley found herself one of 800 students who were a part of the AFS Summer Program. After ten days of language and orientation classes and dances on the deck, they disembarked in Rotterdam, Hol- land. Shirley and 31 ASFers headed to Austria by train. lm- mediately upon arrival they were accepted as part of the families which would be their own for two months. Shirley resided with the Hohlenbergs in Austria's second largest city, Graz. The family consisted of the father, who was dean of the University, the mother, and three brothers. Shirley spent most of the summer doing the things that Austrian teenagers do and seeing the sights. She didn't go to school, but she did go to some of the classes at the University, an oppor- tunity to find out about their school system. Shirley's most interesting experiences were a two-week trip to Vienna and a mountain climbing expedition. It was with a heavy heart that Shirley said goodbye to her second home and family, but it was good to return to the United States of America. 4 lg . .. ,, . AMUSING DIALOGUE. Shirley is shown with some of the friends she made during her stay in Austria. FUNNY BUSINESS occurs on a hike about five miles from Graz, Austria. Pic- tured are Shirley's Austrian "brother" Harold, a friend Gunter, and Karen Hecke, ASF student from Syracuse, New York. CAROLE ANDERSON REID BADGER STEVE BAKER DICK BEEBE W --I Env --x- I Is 5.2, K K Tuvx ap:-v my My CLAUDE BARNES MARILYN BEEBE I C' ,nil K I x I 1 r N 'Q V- HENRY R AGONIA l NORMAN C. ANDERSON WALT K. ALFREY LYSBETH ARMSTRONG DELORES A. BAERG MIKE BATH SUSAN BELOTE A JUDY J. BERKEY K . If hun-v SANDY ALHADEFF DICK AVERY JO ANN BAIRD MILDRED J. BEDFORD ROBERT L. BOWMAN TOM D, BUCK CAROL LYNN CARLSON MARILYNN J. CHIARLE 1: Q, fp, bfi' L, . .sUf'W'h.- hx avr' 5 CI-IERYL BESS JULIE D. CARLTON EDWIN C. CLEVELAND Q- 1 'I rf' In If f f i F ai 5' v Q, J F. 1 I ' 'X X ' x A JERRY D. BLAEHOLDER FRED C. BROOKS PATRICIA C. CAVE DENNIS COATS X. as iz:-:av !s, 1 3 W GARY L. BODKINS JUDY BONTRAGER CRAIG A. BRUNT NANCY BUCHANAN LARRY BUCKINGHAM LINDA L, BUSH JAY COLDEN W s 3 :I . Ji. JEFF DAVIS 1 5 1 SHARON L. CRANFILL KEN DAWSON MARY A. DICKENSON ARTHUR L. DUDKA JERI COLE TOM COOK ELIZEBETH CROCKETT KAREN CULVER BOB CURRIE KENNY R. DAVIDSON LAVERNE K. COX BILL CUMMINS SHEILA L. DEAN MICHAEL F. DODGE GAIL DeMURI MARY DORRIS s I ' LEDA K, DICKSON 4? 47.1 .Is ., N 1 2 Q4 i' B, Q' E-rv' W -. r'- fl M K' CAROL EGAN SHARON ELCOCK MARY HELEN ESPINO JOHN FAGG DOROTHY ELZ EA SHERRY Y. FITZER DONALD E. FRUEH PAT L. GARDNER SANDRA J FREATMAN CATHERINE I GALLAGHER THOMAS J, EASTMAN WILLIAM F, ERICKSON ell ? La MARILYN HALL FARMER JEAN M. FORD ALAN GABBARD I DARRELL FLETCHALL CHARLENE R. FRY SHIRLEY GARDNER 4-EJ' KARIN GLADIS DONNA GREEN CARL M. HAGEMEISTER 52:-'X JOHN GARINGER -I Sze JOHN C. GEDNEY JOE C. GEORGE 4:-U N .. XX PAUL GOTTLIEB JANICE M. GREER SUSAN HAMMER ps 1 -X Q xi- Mi. F i' . . 'f L-at sg DELBERT GERKEN BOB F. GILL INA GUEST GLORIA HAMMETT MARY G. HANNUM l "'w.'-Ti.. ffl Sf JOE GEISLER ARNE G. GJERTSEN CAROLE A. GRANNIS MARIA GUZMAN 224 I P' Q I I if . - .A I . ' r f x ig ,Q 1. . TRUDY HANSON STAN HARNED GARY HAWTHORNE IAMES L HOCGATT A 'C' ,Nt' JUDI HARDING LARRY L. HARDMAN WILLIAM A. HARRIS MICKEY HARTLING DAVE HOPKINS in CLAUDIA V. HOLLEY LARRY A. HORTON JANICE L. HARMON KEN R. HAZELTON RONALD M. HOLTHUSEN JANICE HOYLE 41' SHERYL L. HILL TERESA HOMERES MITCHELL M. HUMPHREYS I 'F' ur 5' 'EY' 12? if JOYCE JOHNSON STEVE KATZ KATHY F, KILLION Rh 2 I LINDA HUTCHENS E' Q' ' ,1 'E CLAY JACKSON ULRICH H. JENNY WAYNE R, JOLLIFFE FRED KENNEDY FRED L. JOHNSON JIM JOHNSON PAT KING 3' w - 1 . WANDA F. KESTERSON KATHY KINGSBURY .. I BILL JOHNSON JOY JOHNSON REX KINSEY JACQUELYN KADEN '13 in fi. 4- ,hr il k' GRETCHEN KETTERING CHUCK KNIGHT ALLAN B. KROSNER JOYCE A. LANDER TOM LGSHELL 2 YR i RFIHQF' BARBARA KI RKHAM MARLENE KITAY I x DIANE LARSON DENNIS LASSEN KAY KNIGHT LINDA LARSON ANNE C. LAUER Cm JOANN K. KLEIN BONNIE KLINGAMAN MARILYN P. KOLMOS RODNEY A. KRAFT SHAUNDELL LQCLAIR SHARON LGFONTAINE RICHARD F, LAU BE RTH 'M , , 6 IFN X Sb GAIL LEONARD JOHN S. LOCKRIDGE SHERRILL F. LUNDGREN BONNIE MAILHOT EDDIE MARKS N- ' I 2 Alu JOAN J. LEDBETTER ROCHELLE D. LEHMAN JERRY LEWELLYN LINDA LINES FREDRICK A, LOFT MARILYN A. LORTON ROBERT G. MAIMBOURG LAURA LENAU JOAN LITRICH SHIRLEY LUTWACK LINDA MALONEY Q'--ug. ROGER D. MAAS STAN MANLEY 33- iff' Qi,-.. 4? Yi I 'ami an. ir, -.- 1 I wf,..W , , .w GEORGIA MCCALLLJM MAUREEN M. MCEUEN RICH MILLEDGE LOUISE MONTGOMERY NANCY MORITA SHARON MCDANIEL on 4 '05 MURIEL A. MCALROY PAT MCCONVILLE ARLA M. MERFELD JOHN MILLER DARLENA M, MORGAN ,LLMM K 'V' In wi , , ,i hw 4 eos MARTIN A ' I eos B. MCCONAHA 1 PENNY J. MCKAY I Bos MILLER f GARY K. MOORE N it RICHARD W. MONTAGNA PEGGY A. MORGAN 'JZ BILL NEVILLE SHIRLEY K. OSUMI JUDY L. PARKER WILLIAM A. PETERSEN 45 3 SADIE SUE PENDLETON KATHLEEN L. PITTS 1 buh .I ' -.WX ESTHER NASH DAVID NULL KATHY PERSINGER HARRELL POARCH 'Y ?', 'U' SHARRON NEAL EILEEN OAKLEY BILL OLSEN JAMES T. PORTER "'-JI' if-pg' We ERMA NEFF BILL M. OERTLE JEANETTE M. PACKER PAMELA PETERS 9 - Y ,Q .,. 1 15:5 ur JANICE PRICE l JERRY D. RAPP UN PORTER BARBRA REED AL RICHARDSON ' v- , VRF' I I 230 MARIAGRAZIA RAVASI ROGER REHDERS MONTY RIDDLE N..- ll v , 1. a 'Mx ' FRED W. POSTON JERRY L. POWERS ROBERT L. QUARLES KAREN M. QLJIN ' li 1-r DOUG REYNOLDS RHEA RITTER DORIS A. PRICE JIM RAINE LEONARD G. READ JUDY REYNOLDS 5. 1 J 'IRA YF' ROE-BIE J. ROBB JAMES R. ROTH MARION SAUNDERS SHARON M. SCHAROSCH Q .-:xii -If - ffffifoxnts, ' . invgfiff 62 , ,, H . . gI.!.j4s,5f-vfffl? id JOANNE M. ROBINSON RICH ROMINE DENNIS W. ROWE JERRY S. RUBIN CHARLES M. SCHEINOST GEORGE SCOTT VIRGINIA ROSE BILL SCANLON DAVE A. SCHOLL DIANE K. SEELEY sy .fQ,f" V I' ' .L III i f X I . IS 1 . SCHARON C. RUSSELL TED SCHAFER DENNIS L. SCHUBERT RICHARD A. SHAFFER I? f. ,.. ,. I 1 -,UQ Il. 4. -II J. I' 1. 1' Y f' E351 LZ . , .. Mag .n rf - .0 ' a - - if I4-""5,' . N. 'I .17 5 . P f I CE' 231 W 1 7 ," I' A 5 3' 3 MARTIN M. SHUBIN JANET F. SHERRON JUDY M. SILVERSTORF JOAN T. SMITH GARY SIMS BIL SNITZER MICHAEL J. SPRAY TERRY SHEETER JOHN slLvA Lou FRENCH SMALL JOYCE A. SPM RAE SMITH CONNIE SOLVANG SHIRLEY SQUIRES GEORGIA SKED LYNN H. SMITH DIANA C. SOULIAS RAMONA J. STADING fx Ji an-Ph. by iw' 'T .I, SUE J. STRINGFELLOW 5, 5 'JD J' FRAN E. TATRO VIVIAN SANDRA TILSON MELANIE TRIPP QI JUDY STAGNER EDWARDJ SWEENEY . Q L is N 'QI I if? . If JEANNE M. STAMBORSKI X QI' I" gs 3' iv? BILL IIZZARD MICHAEL R. rope PENNY SZALAY THOMAS TULLAI2 MILTON VALEN JACKIE TAYLOR SALLY VALENTINE DAVID P. STEWART JIM TAKAHASHI SANDRA J. TIETZ GEORGE W. TOTH W if 'vi 'l A I 234 I-fx BARBARA VOWELL LESLEY DIANE WALKER RICHARD WATTS LINDY L. WELLS CHERRILL R, VALLANCE DONALD L. VANCE KAY D. WADE PAT WEIGEL JULIE A. WELDON JAMES A. WEHDE CARL L. WEIDERT ANNE VAN DEVENDER VIRGIL VAN SKYOCK GARY WAER RAY WAGNER JIM E. WALKER RONNIE WARDLE VIRGIL M. WENDLAND I I1 3 L . W.-mG RALPH WHITNEY JOYCE M. WILSON SHARON K. WOODEN SUZANNE WRIGHT TOM R. ZIMMERMAN FRED WHEAT PS SANDEE WEST JUDY WESTBY EVERETT WILCOCK CHUCK WILDEY KAREN E, WOLFE JUDY CAROLE WOMACK PAULINE YUASA RUTHANNE WILMOT JUDY L. WOODS GINNY LEE ZAMBELLA g '5 - 'elf I SANDRA WRENN MICHAEL ZERING LX -rf I J 6 LOUIS W. BENECK ROSEMARY EVANS SAM R. LEWIS DANIEL MEJIO LEON F. BLAKEMAN LANCE C. BOYD PHIL M. GARRETT ART JACKMAN HARRY M. WASSERMAN DAVID A. THORPE KENNETH H. WILLIAMS DIANE C. CURZIO CONI E. TWEDDELL RONALD WILSON DAVID O, SPEAKS DANIEL M. UTENS ROSE MARIE YURKUNAS Camera Recorded Senior Activities IMPRESSIONIST Gary Bodkins receives an award for his painting "Jazz Alley" from Mrs. Emerson Stanley of the Women's Civic Club. it an-ir ' "WHAT, NO PASSES?" Richard Montagna lleftl stops Chuck Knight and Clicrri Vallance who try to explain with conflicting stories their presence on campus. SWINGING TASSELS top 'busy heads as graduation attire is donned by Linda Maloney, Rich Romine, Charlene Fry, and Sheryl Hill. -.N A ,014 4 1 4.53 "MY FEET ARE COLD," announces Coni Tweddell as seniors vie for homecoming honors. Participating in senior car wash are Leda Dickson, Coni Tweddell, Paul Gottlieb, BD Elzea, Janice Harmon, and Carol Carlson. .sa A-' Seniors Selected Star Students Looks l it-no 'is- tan Manley t5 . ,' Q? l Jim Takahashi Athletic 1 'wee 1- my " For Best Brains, Henry Agonia Personality Talent Kay Wade :fx SQ'- 'Ui-rin if iv W fl, XM v ji T, A lie 551. JD. I .9 V u L. r fi -ff l' f .ix A 1 , My , if Don Vance 'Q A ' ..k,'f' , Most Intelligent Most Likely To Succeed lar. IKQJ-fe af'r I -g' 1,5 - .fn e Q ., l ge .1-J., . . .5!5,j,. '.- .el .,V 51-Q. - ' .' !5!5!5'Fjig1Qff,1q -.g gp,-' 0' l 1 .5,!5!5!g!5-fp-u-" 5 - 5-1-pf 9' , . ,, ,' . . - . .fig-'O..:.zL.'bll - , ggi ' '. A .'-"' -' - . ' - ' ' '9"'ff'1Y2e1f3'3l'3'-12'3:'53'f'f3'f'f. t fee , .'.'.'!5?g!'!'!g!5.!g'.oo'o v",'.'!i-Q 4 . - ---- on 3.90-0-o::.,q",'.7o manly' o:'zf:f:-.fn.-.'.:':-.- I ..To Typify The Class of 1960 Seniors Worked, Played, Talked BOY, WHAT A LIFE!! Wayne Jolliffe shows how much in demand the senior boys ore by the underclassman girls-Joan Williams and Maureen Byrnes. I'.. vs ,it m -We .Tig GET BUSY, BOYS. Ron Holthusen, Rich Watts, and Rolph Whitney per- mv4Q-"s, f -arg, form their duties by keeping the campus clean. HE-MEN HUNKER. Mike Hagameister, Lynn Smith, Dave Stewart, and Joe George ioin the current college fad and demonstrate the different styles of hunkering. O, M131 . H-----i. ta.. , Miata, -. , - . v Ldv' L . f v Q., THAT ONE? John Fagg seems to dispute Gail DeMuri's choice of Senior Graduation announcements. Y ' .-. walk -" W' XX 242 Ten Seniors Received Recognition lv 1 5 ,5 x lou French Small X I,-N K Art X 4 l Cold Cup-Fine Arts Shirley Osumi Foreign Languages Gold Cup-Liberal Arts The ultimate goal of the Bank of America of Southern Cali- fornia in presenting awards to seniors was to select the stu- dents in each field who, by their record of achievement, gave great promise of future success. Four trophies were awarded to superior seniors in science and math, fine arts, liberal arts, and vocational artsy these winners were eligible to win a Si,OOO scholarship in statewide competition. Six certificates were given in other fields. School winners were selected by Cheryl Bess Home Economics Daniel Melia CNY -lUCk90N Industrial Arts Social Sciences From Bank For Leaclership, Scholarship Janice Price Business Gold Cup-Vocational Arts the faculty with the guidance and approval of the prin- cipal. Winners were selected for their qualities of leader- ship, tolerance, personality, regard for others, and a sense of civic responsibility. Fitty points were given for scholastic achievement, twenty-five points for citizenship, service, lead- ership, plans, ambitions, and twenty-five points for char- acter and personality, constructive cooperation in a group situation, and evidence of sound and logical thinking. ,deff s Harrell Poarch Ralph Whitney Don Vance Mathematics Gold Cup-Science and Math -ia: Pamela Peters English Agonla, Henry 104, 105, 140, 158, 174, 183, 219 Student Council 2-4, Commission 2, 3, Vor- sity Club 1-4, tennis 1-4, basketball 2-4, Key Club 3, 4, yell leader 4, Color Day 3, Science Explorers 2, Youth Day 3, Pep Club 4, Co-Ed King 4, CASC representative 4, pep assemblies 4, Homecoming committee 4, Camp Osceola 4, prom committee 3. Altrey, Walt 219 Alhadetf, Sandy 34, 219 Library Science 2-4, Homecoming 2, 3, GAA 2, Homemaking Club 1, Girls' Chorus 1. Allan, Charles 32 Anderson, Carole 111, 137, 219, 253 Jordaners 2-4, GAA 1, Christmas Dance prin- cess 4, Girls' League dress representative 4, Color Day 3, class play 3, prom committee 3. Anderson, Norman 219 Radio Club 2, football 3. Armstrong, Lysbeth 108, 112, 117, 219 Jotters' Club vice-president 4, World Friend- ship Club 4, Archaeology Club 4, GAA 1-3, Inter-Club Council 4. Amy, mime so, 104, 105, 157, 164, 168,175,184, 212, 219, 261 Class president 4, football 3, 4 ivarsity cap- tain 41, basketball 3, 4, track 4, Varsity Club 3, 4 itreasurer 3, secretary 41, Key Club 3, 4, Color Day 3, Youth Day 4, Homecoming chairman 4, Hello Daze dance committee 4, Student Council 4,, Monitor 4. Badger, leld 105, 164, 166, 219 Football 3, 4, basketball 3, tennis 3, Key Club 3, 4, Student Council 3, Color Day 3, Varsity Club 4. Baerg, Delores 148, 199, 219 Archaeology Club 2, 3 llnter-Club Council representative 31, Latin Club 1, 2, GAA 1-4, Homemaking Club 3, Orchestra 1, 2, Concert Choir 4. Baird, JoAnn 115, 145, 219 Betty Crocker "Homemaker of Tomorrow" award 4. Baker, Steve 51, 54, 110, 219 Student Council 4, Inter-Club Council 4, Latin Club 3, 4, Dlakonoe Club 3, wrestling 4, Band 2. Bames, Claude 219 lslttl, Mike 169, 178, 219 Football 4, basketball 4, Archaeology Club 3. Bedford, .lone 219 leebe, Mari 132, 133, 219 Hello Daze Queen 1, class vice-president 1, class play 4, Long Beach speech and drama tournament 2, La Habra speech tournament 2, Welcoming Committee 2, Girls' Chorus 1, Christmas assembly 4, Latin Club 1, ring committee 3, AFS committee 1, GAA 1, 2, Trl-Hi-Y 1, 2, Christmas dance committee 2, Color Day 2, pep assembly 4, Jordaners 1, Drama Club 1, 2, Future Voters' Club 1, talent show 2, spring dance committee 1, Pep Club 3, Science Fair 2, "Brigadoon" 2. Beebe, Richard 219 Delete, Susan 111, 116, 117, 122, 155, 219 Argonaut literary editor 4, Jordaners 3, 4 ipresldent 41, Drill Team leader 2-4, speech and debate team 4, Youth Day 3, Trl-Hi-Y 1, Argolog cub edition editor 3, Quill and Scroll 4, Bowling Club secretary 3. Beneck, louis 236 Color Day 3, football 2. lerkey, Judy 104, 113, 196, 219 Letterglrls 2-4, GAA 1-4, Trl-Hi-Y 1, 2, Drama Club 3, Big-Little Sister Day 1-4, Bowling Club 4, Long Beach speech and drama tourna- ment 3, Orange Coast drama festival 3, GAA Awards Banquet 1-4, Homecoming activities 1-4. less, Cheryl 220, 242 Bank of America award winner 4, GAA 1, Girls' League Tea server 3, civlcs class sec- retary 4, P. E. class president 2. Blaehotder, Jerry 220 Bond 1, 2, Student Council 1. Blakeman, Leon 236 Transferred from Kent, Ohio, 4. lodlslns, Gary 220, 237 Art Club 2-4, A Cappella Choir 2-4, Concert Choir 4, "Finian's Rainbow" 4, "Brlgadoon" 2, Christmas program 2-4, Boys' Chorus 1. Bontrager, Judy 35, 114, 155, 220 Student Council 2, Medical Club social chair- man 4, Drlll Team 3, 4. Senior lnde Bowman, Robert 220 Boyd, Lance 236 emits, ma so, 104, 164, 220 Football 1-4, track 3, baseball 3, Student Council 1, 4, Varsity Club 1-4, Youth Day 4, Monitor 4. Brunt, Craig 220 Buchanan, Nancy 49, 220 Jotters' Club 2, Student Council 3. Buck, Thomas 220 Buckingham, Larry 220 Football 2, Student Council 2, basketball 2, 3. Bush, Linda 50, 102, 111, 157 158, 220 Yell leader 4, song leader 3, Homecoming princess 2, class secretary 3, Golden Fleece treasurer 4, Jordaners 3, 4 itreasurer 311 Girl-of-the-Month 3, Girls' League Awards Banquet 3, 4, Service Awards Banquet 2-4, Girls' League Fashion Show model 3, 4, Student Council 3, 4, World Friendship Club 2, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, "Brigadoon" 2, modern dance programs 3, 4, Orange Country art winner 4, GAA 1, 2, Science Club 2: Aff Club 2, Christmas program 2-4, Big-Little Sister Day 1, 2, Inter-Club Council 2, Camp Osceola 3, Science Fair second - place winner 3, Pep Club 3, 4, prom committee 3, Color Day 2, talent show 3, Hello Daze committee 2, CASC convention 3, class Best Looks 2, A Cappella Choir 2, 3, Hello Daze queen finalist 1, Welcoming Committee 21 Commis- sion 2, Argo Fair diving exhibition 2. Carlson, Carol Lynn 109, 220, 237 Archaeology Club corresponding secretary- rreqsurer 4, Tri-Hi-Y 1, World Friendship Club 3, GAA 1, 2, Homecoming planning committee 3, 4, Homecoming activities 1-4, football banquet server 1. Carlton, .lulle 20, 45, 49, 160, 220 Flag twirler 4, Board of Control secretary 4, modern dance productions 3, 4, Drill Team 2, Commission 4, spring dance committee 1, Homecoming committee 2-4, monitor 2, Argo Fair participant 1homemaklng1 3, Christmas dance committee 2. Cave, Chrlstlne 220 Transferred from Anaheim High, 4. Chiarle, Marllynn 220 Cleveland, Edwin C. 104, 105, 140, 164, 190, 213, 220 Student Council 1, class yell leader 4, all CIF golf 2, Key Club 4, Varsity Club 4, basketball 1-3, football 3, 4, golf 1-4, Color Day 3. Coats, Dennis 152, 156, 220 Artie Argonaut 4, Student Council 4, basket- ball 1, 2, Band I-4, Dixieland and Dance Band 3. Colden, Joy 61, 133, 220 Student Council 1, 2, Science Club 3, tennis 2-4. Cole, Jeri 112, 141, 221 World Friendship Club president 4, .lordaners 3, Future Voters' Club 3, Spanish Club 3, Inter-Club Council 4. Cook, Tom 221 Transferred from Rancho Alamitos, 4. Cox, LaVerne 221 Transferred from Rockford, Illinois, 4. Cranflll, Sharon 221 Transferred from Santa Ana High, 4. Crockett, Elizabeth 108, 221 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2 isecretary 21, GAA 1, 2, foot- ball banquet server 1, Archaeology Club 2, 4, Welcoming Committee 2, Art Club 2, Science Club 2, .lordaners 2, Jotters' Club 2, Future Voters' Club 2, Long Beach speech tournament 2, Color Day 2, Homecoming activities 1, 2, 4, Big-Little Sister Day 1, 2, 4, Hello Daze dance committee 1, Argonaut staff 4, prom helper 2. Culver, Karen 148, 221 Tri-Hi-Y 1, Girls' Chorus,1, GAA 1, Christmas assembly 1-4, Jotters' Club 2, Concert Choir 2-4 icorresponding secretal'Ylr elementary school concerts 2-4, exchange assembly 2, "Brigadoon" 2, Concert Choir tour 2, 4, Student Council 3, "Finian's Rainbow" 4, Color Day 3, modem dance productions 2-4, honor roll 3. Cummins, William 113, 221 Football 3, Bowling Club 4. Currie, lab 104, 164, 221 Football 2-4, baseball 2, Varsity Club 4, Color Day 3. Curzio, Diane 236 Transferred from Warwick, Rhode Island, 4. Davidson, Kenny 221 Transferred from Jonesvllle, Michigan, 4. Davis, Jeff 221 Dawson, Ken 148, 221 Radio Club 1, Science Club 4, Boys' Chorus 1, A Cappella Choir 2, 3, "Brigadoon" 2, Christmas program 1-4, swimming 2, 3, water polo 3, Concert Choir 4, talent show 3, "Finian's Rainbow" 4, elementary school con- certs 2-4, choral festival 1-4, Concert Choir tour 4. Dean Sheila 221 GAA 1, 2, Homemaking Club 1, Dlakonoe Club 4, Open House dlvlng exhibition 2, Homecoming Fashion Show model 2. DeMurl, Gall 47, 50, 54, 108, 109, 117, 123,124,125, 141,221,241 Inter-Club Council chairman 4, Cabinet 4, Argolog feature editor 4, Science Club 3, 4 lvice-president 31, Archaeology Club 2-4 lvlce- president 3, secretary 2, 41, Latin Club 2, World Friendship Club 2, 3, CASC Conference 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Service Awards Ban- quet 3, 4, Youth Day 3, 4, prom committee 3, Color Day 4, Argonaut staff 4. Dickenson, Mary Ann 51, 129, 221 Drill Team 2, Student Council 1, 4. Dickson, Leda 221 Dodge, Mike 221 Dorrls, Mary 221 Dudka, Arthur L. 221 Science Fair 3. Eastman, Tom 47, 50, 102, 104, 105, 191, 222, 256 Golden Fleece 3, 4 lvice-president 4, president 41, Key Club 1-4, Varsity Club 2-4, Com- mission 3, 4, boys' athletic commissioner 4, Youth Day 4, Co-Ed king candidate 4, baseball 2-4, football 2-4, basketball 1, Color Day 3. Egan, Carol 222 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, Archaeology Club 2, Science Club 2, World Friendship Club 1, 2, prom committee 3, spring dance committee 1, Science Fair publicity 3, Science Falr award winner 3, Open House diving exhibition 2, Open House fencing exhibition 3, Christmas pro- gram 4, Big-Little Sister Day 1-3, Hello Daze dance decorations 4, GAA 1, Argonaut staff 4, prom decorations 3. Elcock, Sharon 34, 51, 222 Elzea, Dorothy 130. 222, 237, 261 Homecoming Queen 4, Girls' League dress representative 4, Girls' League Fashion Show model 3, 4, Argo Fair fashion model 3, pep assemblies 4, Homemaking- Fashion Show 3, 4, class play 4, Homecoming committee 3, 4, Pep Club 2-4, Girls' League Awards Banquet 4, Science Fair secretary 3. Erickson, BIII 222 Esplno, Mary Helen 35, 204, 206, 222 GAA 4. Evans, Rosemary 236 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, Student Council 2, Jotters' Club 2, synchronized swimming 2, 4, swimming 4. Fogg, John 50, 51, 102, 110, 141, 215, 222, 241 Latin Club 2-4 ipresldent 31, Scholarship Club 1-3, Golden Fleece 3, 4, Diokonoe Club 2-4 ivice-president 31, Business Explorers 4, Stu- dent Council 4. Farmer, Marilyn 222 Fltzer, Sherry 117, 222 Homemaking Club 3, 4, Jotters' Club 4, World Friendship Club 2, 3, Red Cross Club treasurer 3. Fletclsoll, Darrell 191, 222 Basketball 1-3, baseball 2-4, Science Club 2, Archaeology Club 2, Color Day 3, 4, Home- coming activitles 1-4, Varsity Club 4, basket- ball banquet 1-3, baseball banquet 2-4, Science Fair 2. Ford, .lean 222 Freatman, Sandra 222 Girls' Chorus 2, Homemaking Fashion Show 4, monitor 4. Frueh, Donald 49, 50, 132, 133, 147, 222 Football 1, 2, Commission 4, class play 4, Student Council 4, Archaeology Club 3, Color Day 3, 4. Fry, Charlene 222, 237 Modern dance productions 4. Gabbard, Alan 222 Track 3. Gallagher, Cathy 45, 50, 128, 222 Student Body vice-president 4, GAA 1, flag twirler 2, yell leader 3, CASC Conference 2, 4, Homecoming Dance chairman 4, Service Awards Banquet 3, 4, Commission 4, Christ- mas dance 2. Gardner, Pat 27, 117, 222 Homemaking Club 1, 3, 4 ipresident 3, 41, Jotters' Club 2-4. Gardner, Shlrley 222 GAA 1, 2, Homecoming activities 1-4, Dia- konoe Club 2, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, Archaeology Club 2, prom committee 3, spring, dance committee 1, Homemaking table setting con- test 3, modern dance productions 2, Home- making Fashion Show 2, 3, Christmas dance committee 2. Garlnger, John 223 Garrett, Phlllp 102, 236 Gedney, John 105, 132, 133, 182, 184, 223 Key Club 3-4 lvice-president 41, track 1-4, football 1-3, cross country 4, basketball 1, 2, Commission 3, class play 4, Color Day 3, 4. Geisler, Joe 223 Football 4. George, Jee 223, 237 Football 1, baseball 1, 2, basketball 1-4, water polo 3, tennis 2-4, Color Day 1-4, Science Club 2, 3. Gerken, Delbert 223 Photo Club 1, 2, swimming 2. Glll, Robert 223 Bowling Club 4. Glertsen, Ame G. 104, 164, 223, 257 Track 3, 4, football 4, wrestling 4, Varsity Club 4, Color Day 3, 4, Pep Club 3, 4, A Cappella Choir 4. Gladls, Karin 103, 106, 111, 112, 117, 223 Latin Club secretary 4, Scholarship Club 3, 4, World Friendship Club program chairman 4, Jordaners 4, Jotters' Club program chairman 4, Scholar-of-Quarter 3, outstanding Spanish student 3, Scholarship Banquet 3. Gottlieb, Paul 184, 223, 237 Track,4. Grannls, Carole 223 Student Council 2, Tri-Hi-Y 2, GAA 1, 2, Drill Team 2, Color Day 3, assemblies 1-3, Jason's Jesters 2, 3. omn, owne 104, 196, 199, 204, 206, 223 GAA 3, 4, Archaeology Club 3, 4 lsecretary 41, Science Club 3, 4 lvice-president 41. Greer, Janice 223 Guest, Ina 35, 54, 108, 114, 117, 119, 217, 223 GAA 1-4, Medical Club 2-4, Archaeology Club 2-4, Inter-Club Council 4, Science Fair 3, Color Day 3, Jotters' Club 4, Science Club 2, 3, class play 3, 4, Homecoming activities 1-4, Girls' League helper 3, U. N. Day, Red- lands 3, Open House program 3, World Friendship Club 2, 3. Guzman, Marla 223 Homemaking Club 1-4 lsecretary 31, Jotters' Club 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, GAA 1, 2, Red Cross Club vice-president 3, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, World Friendship Club 2, Homemaking Fashion Show model 3. Hagemelster, Carl 223, 241 Hammer, Susan 49, 50, 116, 117, 122, 123, 133, 223, 250, 255, 260 Argonaut staff 3, 4 lassociate editor 41, class play 3, 4 lasslstant director 41, Student Coun- cil 1, 4, Science Fair prize winner 2, 3, Archaeology Club 2, Commission 3, 4, Wel- coming Committee 4, Argo Fair modern dance exhibition 3, Christmas program 4, prom committee 3, Science Fair publicity chairman 3, Big-Little Sister Day 2, 3, Homemaking Fashion Show narrator 3, Open House Fashion Show narrator 3, Quill and Scroll 4, Color Day 4. Hammett, Glerla 223 Hannum, Mary 27, 223 Hello Daze Dance decorations 1, 3, 4, Color Day 2, Homemaking Fashion Show 1, 4, Homecoming decorations 2. Hanson, Trudy 224 GAA 4. Harding, Judl 224, 258 Girls' League dress representative 4, Home- making Club Fashion Show model 4, Jotters' Club 2, Welcoming Committee 2, Student ' 1. -irFF'i"f'f7!'FElVt'P Senior lnde Council 2, 4, Argo Fair fashion model 1, Homecoming committee 3, Pep Club 3, 4, monitor 3, Girls' League Fashion Show 4, Girls' League Banquet 4, Big-Little Sister Day 1, 4. Hardman, Larry 119, 187, 191, 224 Varsity baseball team manager 4, wrestling 4, Photo Club 4. Harmon, Janlce 54, 104, 103, 224, 237 Horned, Stan 224 Harris, Bill 224 Science Club 2. Hartllng Mlckey 133, 191, 224, 252 Baseball 1-4, basketball 1-3, class play 4, Varsity Club 2-4, Commission 3, Band 1, 2, Color Day 3, 4. Hawthorne, Gary 191, 224 Baseball 3, 4. Hazelton, Ken 224 Hlll, Sheryl 224, 237 Student Council 2, Red Cross Club historian 1, Tri-Hi-Y 1, Homemaking Club publicity chair- man 1, Open House fashion model 3, Home- making Fashion Show 4, synchronized swim- ming show 4, GAA 1. Hoggatt, Jlm 224 Football 1. Holley, Claudia 224 Holthusen, Ronald 224, 241, 258 Basketball 1-4, monitor 4, Color Day 3. Homeres Teresa 108, 111, 224 I Tri-Hi-Y 1, GAA 2, Jordaners 3, 4, Home- making Club 1, Archaeology Club vice-presi- dent 4, World Friendship Club 3, Homecoming committee 3, Big-Little Sister Day 1, 3. Hopklns, Dave 20, 105, 109, 224 Key Club 2-4, Science Explorers sergeant-at- arms 4, Color Day 3, 4, Homecoming activities 2-4, Science Fair 2-4 lwinner 31.. Horton, Larry 184, 224 Yell leader 3, track 4, Key Club 2-3, Jordan- ers 3, Color Day 3, Photo Club 3, CASC con- ference 3, Pep Club 3, water polo 2, Home- coming activities 2-4, Student Store worker 3, Inter-Club Council 3, Service Awards Ban- quet 3, Science Fair 2, 3. Hoyle, Janice 156, 160, 212, 224, 256 Class secretary 3, 4, flag twirler 4, Drill Team 2, 3, Girls' League Fashion Show model 3, 4, Jotters' Club 2, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, GAA 1, Home- coming committee 4, Huntington Beach parade 3, 4, Indio parade 3. Humphreys, Mickey 224, 255 Band 1, 2. Hutchens, Llnda 55, 108, 225 Jordaners 3, GAA 1, Tri-Hi-Y 2, Homemaking Club vice-president 2, Jotters' Club 2, Archae- ology Club 4. Jackman, Arthur 184, 236 Track 4. Jackson, Clay 104, 164, 184, 225, 242 Bank of American .Award winner 4, football 2-4 iLions Club award 41, track 4, Scholarship Club 1-4, Argo Engineers 3, Key Club 2, 3, Science Explorers 3, Business Explorers 4, Color Day 3, 4, AFS committee 3, Scholarship Banquet 3, Youth Day 4. Jenny, Ulrich 100, 102, 103, 105, 110, 112,119,132,133,144,182, 184, 213, 216, 217, 225 Exchange student from Switzerland 4, Student Council 4, Inter-Club Council 4, Golden Fleece 4, Scholarship Club 4, Diakonoe Club 4, Key Club 4, class vice-president 4, class play 4, Art Club 4, Latin Club 4, World Friendship Club 4, Photo Club treasurer 4, Business Ex- plorers vice-president 4, Youth Day 4, Scholar- of-the-Quarter 4, Scholastic Art Gold Key winner 4, cross country 4, track 4. Johnson, Bill 225 Johnson, Fred 225 Football 1-3, Science Club 2, swimming 2, Bowling Club 4. Johnson, Jim 225 Johnson, Joy 225 Student Council 1, 2, French Club 1-3, Archae- ology Club secretary 2, basketball banquet sewer 2, football banquet server 2, Science Fair guide 3, Color Day 2, spring dance com- mittee 2, Christmas dance committee 2, speech tournaments 2, class play 3, contest play 3, Homecoming activities 1-4, Pep Club 3, Christ- mas assembly 4, pep assembly 4, Christmas program 4, Hello Daze decorations 4, Big- Q - 1 Little Sister Day 2, 3, Open House fashion show 2, Open house swimming exhibition 2, GAA 1, World Friendship Club 2. Johnson, Joyce 225 Jolllffe, Wayne 169, 187, 225, 241 Varsity Club 4, football 4, wrestling 4, swimming 4, Color Day 3. Kaden, Jacquelyn 108, 110, 115, 134, 199, 225 Homemaking Club 2-4 lvice-president 31, Archaeology Club 2-4, GAA 4, Diakonoe Club 4, Inter-Club Council 4, Science Club 4, Tri- Hi-Y 2, 3, Homemaking Fashion Show 2-4. Katz, Steve 47, 50, 61, 102, 104, 105, 164, 213, 225 Assistant Student Body business manager 4, Student Council 4, Commission 4, class treas- urer 4, football 1-4, basketball 1-3, baseball 2-4, Varsity Club 1-4, Key Club 3, 4, Golden Fleece 3, 4, Youth Day 4, Service Awards Banquet 2-4, Business Explorers 4. Kennedy, Fred 102, 104, 105, 164, 168, 184, 225, 259 Football 2-4, basketball 2-4, volleyball 1, track 2, 4, Color Day 3, Co-Ed king candidate 4, Varsity Club 3, 4, Golden Fleece 3, 4, Key Club 2, 3, Archaeology Club 2, Pep Club 3, 4, prom committee 3, Girls' League as- sembly 4, pep assembly 4, Youth Day 4, class play 3, Homecoming activities 3, 4. Kesterson, Wanda 34, 225 Drill Team 2, 3, Argalog staff 2, Color Day 3. Kettering, Gretchen 34, 156, 160, 225, 256 Student Council 1, 4, flag twirler 4, Jotters' Club 3, Tri-Hi-Y 1, Jordaners 4, Color Day 3, modern dance Christmas program 4, CASC convention 3. Killion, Kathy 50, 111, 134, 156, 160, 225, 260 Homemaking Fashion Show 1, 4, Big-Little Sister Day 2, 3, Welcoming Committee 2, 3, Homecoming committee 2-4, prom committee chairman 3, Girls' League Fashion Show model 3, Argo Fair 2, 3, modem dance pro- gram 3, commencement usherette 3, Color Day 3, 4, class play 3, Service Awards Ban- quet 3, Jordaners 3, 4, CASC convention 4, flag twirler 4, Girls' League assembly 4, Pep Club 4, Girls' League dress representative 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, Christmas dance committee 2, Homecoming dance committee 3, 4, Halloween parade 4, Huntington Beach parade 4, football banquet server 1, GAA 1, Hello Daze com- mittee 4, Camp Osceola 4, Corn Ball dance committee 4. Klng, Pat 225 Student Council 3, monitor 3. Kingsbury, Kathleen 111, 132, 133, 149, I . 155, 225 Jordaners 3, 4 lsecretary 3, vice-president 41, Drill Team 3, 4 lpresident 41, class play 4, Tri-Hi-Y 1-3, Service Awards Banquet 3, "Brig- adoon" 2, choral festivals 1-4, A Cappella Choir, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 1, 2 lsecretary 1, historian 21, Color Day 3, Homecoming ac- tivities 1-4, spring dance committee 1, speech tournaments 4. Kinsey, Rex 30, 225 Jasonaires 1, A Cappella Choir 3, 4. Klrkham, Barham 226 Kitay, Marlene 144, 199, 226 Art Club 2, GAA 4, Homecoming activities 3, 4, Bullocks' Scholastic Art award winner 4. Klein, Joanna 114, 119, 226 Art Club 1, 3, Medical Club 4, Photo Club 3, 4, GAA 1, Homemaking Club 1. Kllngaman, Bonnie 226 Art Club 2, 3 ipresident 2, vice-president 31, school service art 3, 4, Photo Club 3, Archag. ology Club 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Welcoming Com- mittee 2, Big-Little Sister Day 1, 2, GAA 2, Pep Club committee chairman 3. Knlaht. Chuck 175, 191, 226, 237 505211011 1, 3, 4, basketball 1-4, cross country Knlsht, Kev 117, 226, 261 Student Council 2, Jotters' Club 2, 4, Red Cross Club 2, Color Day 3, sychronized swim. ming 2, Pep Club 3, 4, prom committee 3, Argo Fair hostess 1, Argo Fair modern dq,-,gg exhibition 3, Argo Falr swimming show 2, modern dance programs 3, Homecoming com- mittee 3, Big-Little Sister Day 2-4. 2 4 Kolrnos, Marllyn Patrlcla 226 Bowling Club 4, GAA 1, Band 1-4 lsecretary 41: Kraft, Rodney 113, 226 Bowling Club sergeant-at-arms 4, Christmas program l. Kresner, Allan 133, 226 Class play 4, Radio Club 1, 2, Concert Band 1, 2. La Clalr, Shaundall 47, 50, 54, 55, 226 Pep Club president 4, Cabinet 4, sock hop chairman 4, Halloween dance chairman 4, Girls' League dress representative 2, Archae- ology club 3, Tri-Hi-Y 1, GAA 1, Homecoming dance committee. La Fontalne, Sharon 53, 102, 155, 226 Girls' League 2-4 ldress representative 2, 3, vice-president 41, Girl-of-the-Month 1, Drill Team 2-4 lpresident 3, treasurer 41, Golden Fleece 3, 4, Girls' League Fashion Show 3, 4, Service Awards Banquet 2-4, Scholarship Club 1, 2, Latin Club 2, GAA 1, 2, Girls' League Banquet 1-4, Welcoming Committee 2, 31 Jordaners 2, 3 lvice-president 31, Library Science 3, Diakonoe 2, assemblies 2-4, World Friendship Club 2, Color Day 3, 4, Argo Fair 3, 4. Lander, Joyce 116, 226 GAA swimming 2, 3, La Habra speech touma- ment 2, 4, Huntington Beach speech tourna- ment 2, Long Beach State speech tournament 2-4, Llons' Club speech winner 3, Rancho speech tournament 3, Anaheim speech tourna- ment 3, 4, Fullerton Debate tournament 4, Western speech tournament 4. Larsen, Diane 47, 50, 102, 111, 158, 226 Glrl-of-the-Month 3, Student Body assistant business manager 4, Student Council 3, 4, Youth Day 2, 4, yell leader 4, Redlands Student Government Day 4, Jordaners 4, Gol- den Fleece 4, Jotters' Club 2, Welcoming Committee 2, CASC Convention 4, commence- ment usherette 3, Girls' League Fashion Show model 3, Homemaking Fashion Show 2, Argo Fair 2, 3, Glrls' League Awards Banquet 3, modern dance programs 3, Argelog cub re- porter 2, Color Day 3, Big-Little Sister Day 2, class play 3, Homecoming committee chairman 2-4, prom committee chairman 3, Christmas dance committee 3, Hello Daze dance com- mittee 4, Homecomlng activities 1-4, Service Awards Banquet 3, 4. lll'l0ll, llnda 226 GAA 1, Homemaking Fashion Show model 2. l.aSheIl, Torn 133, 182, 185, 226 Student Council 2, football 1-3, cross country 4, track 2-4, class play 4, Color Day 3, basketball manager 1. Lassen, Dennis 226 Lauberth, Richard 226 Transferred from Mater Dei, Santa Ana, 4. Lauer, Anne 33, 226 French Club 1, Art Club 1, Halloween dance committee 3, Pep Club 3. ladlseftar, Joan 115, 227 Homemaking Club 2-4 lvice-president 31, Homemaking Fashion Show 3, 4, Open House fashion show 3, Latin Club 3. Lehman, Rochelle 227 Jotters' Club 1, "Brigadoon" 2, A Cappella Choir 2-4. lienau, Laura 19, 118, 227, 259 Concert Choir recording secretary 4, A Cap- pella Cholr 2, 3, "Brigadoon" 2, "Finian's Rainbow" 4, synchronized swimming 4, French Club 3, Tri-Hi-Y 1. Leonard, Gall 227 Art Club 1, Jotters' Club 2, Jordaners 2, 3, lnter-Club Council 2, Trl-HI-Y 2, Science Ex- plorers 3. Lewellyn, .lorry 227, 260 Student Council 3. llwls, Sam 149, 164, 166, 236 Track 2, football 2-4. Unel, Llnda 227 Football banquet server 2, modern dance programs 2, 3, GAA 1, spring dance com- mittee 1, Homemaking Club president 2, Tri-H1-Y 1, 2, Jotters' Club 2, Homecoming activities 1-4, Homemaking Fashion Show 2, prom committee 3, monitor 2, Argo Fair lsclence1 3. Lltrlcll, Joan 49, 50, 102, 111, 117, 123, 132, 133, l56,157,159, 227, 250 Song leader 4, Service Awards Banquet 1-4 Senior lnde ltop ten 31, Girl-of-the-Month 3, class play 3, 4, Girls' League Banquet 2-4, Board of Control 3, Girls' League Fashion Show model 3, Drill Team 2, Color Day 2, 3, Argonaut staff 3, 4 lbusiness manager 41, Golden Fleece 3, 4 lvice-president 3, president 41, lnter-Club Council 2, 3, Jordaners 1-4 ltreas- urer 21, Pep Club 1, 3, 4, Diokonae Club 2, 3, Future Voters' Club 2, 3 lpublicity chair- man 31, Scholarship Club 2, Girls' League Welcoming Committee 1, 2, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2 lsong leader 21, Drama Club 1, Latin Club l, 2, Art Club 2, World Friendship Club 2, 3 lsecretary 31, Quill and Scroll 4, Youth Day 4, Student Council 4, prom helper 2, com- mencement usherette 3, Camp Osceola 3, 4, CASC convention 1-4, prom committee 3, Big- Little Sister Day 1-4, Commission 3, 4, GAA l-3, Science Fair award 2, Homecoming com- mittee 4, spring dance committee 1, Christ- mas dance committee 2, Homecoming activities 1-4, pep assemblies 3, 4, Christmas assembly 1, 2, 4, modern dance programs 3, 4, Corn Ball committee chairman 4, PTA panel debate 3, A Cappella Choir 2, "Brigadoon" 2, Argo Fair 1-4. Lockridge, John 227 Left, Fredrick 227 Science Club 2, Argo Alchemists 3. Lorton, Marilyn 113, 227 Art Club 3,' Archeology Club 3, Bowling Club 4. Lundgren, Sherrill 49, 104, 108, 109, 1l0,194,195,196,199, 201, 204, 206, 208, 227 GAA 1-4 lpresident 4, swim manager 31, Lettergirls 2-4, Science Club 2-4 lsecretary 2, vice president 31, Archaeology Club 2-4 lpresi- dent 2-41, Commission 4, Diakonoe Club 3, 4, Girls' League Dress representative 3, 4, "Brigadoon" 2, Argo Fair 4, Jason's Jesters 2, 3, Drill Team 2, synchronized swimming 4, "Finian's Rainbow" 4, talent show 1-3, GAA conventions 3, 4. Lutwack, Shlrley 227 Maas, Roger 227 Mallhot, Bonnle 227 Transferred from Harbor City, California, 4, Bowling Club 4. Melmbwrg, Bob 104, 142, 149, 164, 166, 168, 184, 227, 258 Class treasurer 1, football 1, 2, 4, track 1-4, basketball 1, 3, Concert Choir 2, 3, Color Day 3, 4, Jason's Jesters assembly 4, Christ- mas program 3, 4, Concert Choir tour 2, 3, pep assembly 4, Youth Day 4, Argonaut-of- the-Year ltrack1 2, 3, A Cappella Choir presi- dent 4, Varsity Club 2-4, school record holder for varsity pole vault, 220 yard dash, B 100 yard dash, 220 yard dash, and pole vault, Sunset League record holder for B 220 yard dash and pole vault, fifth highest vaulter in U. S. high schools 3, second highest vault in California high schools 3, Co-Ed king candid- ate 4. Maloney, Linda 227, 237 Modern dance programs 3, 4, Christmas as- sembly 4. Manley, Stan 48, 54, 104, 164, 167, 184, 212, 227, 260 Class vice-president 3, 4, Board of Control 4, class play 3, Student Council 2, football 1-4, track 1-4, Varsity Club president 3, 4, Co-Ed king candidate 4, Archaeology Club 2, 4, prom committee 3, CASC convention 3, 4, Color Day 3, Youth Day 4, class Best Looks 3, Girls' League assembly 4, lnter-Club Coun- cil 4. Marks, Eddlo 164, 166, 227 Football 1-4, track 3, 4, wrestling 4, Color Day 3, 4, Varsity Club 4, Pep Club 1-4, swimming 4, second place in city wrestling championships 4. Martln, Robert 228 Football 2-4, class play 4. McAlroy, Muriel 228 McCallum, Geargla 228 McConaha, Robert 30, 228 McConvlIle, Patrlcla 228, 253 Jordaners 4, Spanish Club 3. McDaniel, Sharon 116, 149, 228, 25B Drill Team 3, CASC convention 3, pep as- semblies 2, 4, Big-Little Sister Day 3, 4, Color Day 3, Homecoming committee 4, Christ- mas program 4, Orange County speech tourna- ment 4, ioumalism award 3, Orange County play 4, Christmas assembly 4, Redlands con- ference 3, prom committee 3. McEuen, Maureen 228 Transferred from Fremont, California, 4, GAA 4. McKay, Penny 55, 228, 250 GAA 1, Girls' League dress representative 3, play committee 3, Homemaking Fashion Show 2, 3, speech tournament 2, Homecoming ac- tivities 2, 3. Merfeld, Arla 228 Melia, Danlel 236, 242 Bank of America Award winner 4. Mllledge, Richard 104, 164, 166, 168, 228 Baseball 1, 2, track 3, football 1-4, Color Day 3, 4, Key Club 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, 4, Youth Day 4. Miller, lab 44, 46, 50, 102, 156, 157, 187, 215, 228, 260 Student Body president 4, class president 2, 3, Diakonoe Club 2, 3, Science Club 2, Key Club 3, 4, Golden Fleece 3, 4, Chemistry Explorers' Club 3, Business Explorers' Club 4, wrestling 4, track 4, Scholarship Club 1-3. Miller, John 228 Transferred from Tucson, Arizona, 4, Band student director 4, Pep Band 4, math contests 4, Homecoming committee 4, Pep Club 4. Montagna, Richard 83, 108, 169, 187, 191, 228, 237 Football 2-4, varsity baseball manager 2, 4, wrestling 4, Archaeology Club 3, Color Day 4. Montgomery, Louise 104, 110, 194, 196, 199, 204, 206, 228 GAA 1-4 lcabinet 3-4, tennis manager 3, vice-president 4, convention 41, Lettergirls 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 1, Archaeology Club 3, Diokonae Club 2-4 lhistorian 41, Open House diving exhibition 3, modern dance programs 3, Latin Club 2, Big-Little Sister Day entertainment 4, Laguna Beach Art Festival entry 2, GAA Ban- quet 3, 4. Moore, Gary 228 Football 2. Morgan, Darlena 103, 108, 117, 122, 123,133, 141, 228, 250, 251 Scholarship Club 3, 4, Argonaut assistant literary editor 4, class play 4, Science Fair first place winner 3, Orange County Science Fair honorable mention 3, Homemaking Fashion Show writer 4, Quill and Scroll 4, prom committee 3, Archaeology Club 2-4 lcorres- ponding secretary 31, speech tournaments 2, 3, UCLA speech clinic 3, Journalism Days lOrange Coast, UCLA, RedIands1 4, World Friendship Club 2, 3, Science Club 2, 3, mod- ern dance programs 3, Open House speech demonstration 3, Scholarship Banquet 3, Homecoming activities 3, 4, Pep Club his- torian 3. Morgan, Peggy 49, 52, 102, 111, 132, 133, 228, 255 Girls' League 3, 4, Golden Fleece 3, 4, Jor- daners 2-4 ltreasurer 3, secretary 31, Inter- Club Council 3, Band 1-3, GAA 1, 2, Com- mission 3, 4, Trl-Hi-Y 2, Future Voters 2, World Friendship 2, 3, class play 4. Morlta, Nancy 49, 50, 52, 102, 228 Girls' League hospitality chairman 4, Student Council 1, 4, Commission 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y presl- dent 2, lnter-Club Council 2, Tri-Hl-Y council secretary 2, Golden Fleece secretory 3, 4, Scholarship 1-3, Art Club publlclty chairman 2, GAA 2, 3, Medical Club 1, 2, CASC con- vention 3, 4, Servlce Awards Banquet 2-4, Big-Little Sister Day 1-4, World Friendship Club 2, 3, pep assembly 4, Scholarship Ban- quet 3, prom secretary 3, Welcoming Corn- mittee 2, 3, Color Day 3, Argo Fair modern dance 3, spring dance committee 1, Christ- mas dance committee 2, Homecoming com- mittee chalrman 1-4, commencement usherette 3, Girls' League conference 4, Girls' League Fashion Show 4, Science Fair 2, Girls' League Banquet 3, 4, Corn Ball entertainment chair- man 4, Girls' Chorus 1, class play committee 3, CASC discussion leader 4. Nash, Esther 148, 199, 229 Concert Choir 2-4 lhistorian 2, 41 GAA 1, 4, Jordaners 4. Neal, Sharron 54, 112, 229 Inter-Club Council vice-chairman 4, model U.N. delegate 3, Science Fair 2, 3, Jordaners 1-4 llnter-Club Council representative 41, World Friendship Club 3, 4, Future Voters' Club 3, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, GAA 1, Argo Fair 2, 3, Big-Little Sister Day program 1-3, modern dance programs 1-3, Homecoming activities 1-4, Pep Club 3, monitor 2. Neff, Erma 49, 51, 137, 142, 143, 149, 209, 229 Student Council 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, Jason's Jesters 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 1, A Cappella Choir 2-4, Drama Club 3, talent show 4, Commission 4, "Finian's Rainbow" 4, "Briga- doon" 2, Color Day 4. Nevllle, Blll 169, 229 Football 4, Spanish Club 3, Science Club 3, Student Council 3, Color Day 3, Diakonoe Club 2, Pep Club 3, 4. Null, Davld 47, 50, 54, 102, 104, 105, 182, 184, 229 Student Body publicity manager 4, Cabinet 4, Student Council 4, Key Club 3, 4 lpresi- dent 41, Commission 4, track 3, 4, cross country 3, 4, Golden Fleece 4, Varsity Club 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Camp Osceola 4, Service Awards Banquet 4. Oakley, Elleen 54, 108. 229 GAA 1, 2, Jordaners 2-4, World Friendship Club 3, Archeology Club 4, Homecoming ac- tivities 1-4, Inter-Club Council 4, monitor 2. Oertle, Blll 229 A Cappella Choir 3, 4. Olsen, llll 229 Osuml, Shlrley 49, 52, 53, 102, 103, , 14O,145,214,218,229,242 Class secretary 1, 2, Girls' League president 4, American Field Service exchange student to Austria 4, Student Body assistant secretary 3, CASC representative 3, District Scholarship Federation vice-president 3, Diakonoe Club 2, 3 lsecretary 21, Scholarship Club 1-3 lvice- president 31, Golden Fleece 3, 4: GAA 1-3 lfreshman representative, secretary 2, vice- president 31, Commission 3, 4, AFS committee 3, prom server 2, Jason's Jesters 2, 3, Letter- girls 2, DAR good citizen award 4, Service Awards Banquet 2-4, Scholarship Banquet 3, Homecoming activities 1-4, assemblies 1-3, Girls' League Banquet 3, 4, Big-Little Sister Day 1-4, Argo Fair 4, Girls' League conven- tion 4, GAA convention 2, 3, commencement usherette 3, Bank of America Award winner 4. Packer, Jeanette 104, 108, 109, 110, 196, 199, 204, 206, 229 GAA 1-4, Lettergirls 2-4, Diakonoe Club 2-4, Archaeology Club 2-4, Homemaking Club 1: Science Club 2-4, Service Awards Banquet 3, 4, GAA Awards Banquet 1-4, Homemaking Fashion Show 1-4, Homecoming committee 3, Science Falr 2-4, Pep Club 3, 4, prom com- mittee 3, Homecoming activities 1-4, class play 3. Parker, Judy 229 Homecoming Queen 3. Pendleton, Sue 50, 157, 159, 229, 256 Homecoming princess 1, class secretary 1, 2, Student Council 1, 4, class treasurer 2, 3, Girls' League dress representative 1, song leader 4, Girl-of-the-Month 4, exchange as- sembly 4, Big-Little Sister Day program 3, Homecoming activities 1-4, prom committee 3, prom helper 2, Pep Club 3, CASC con- venton 3, Girls' League Fashion Show model 3, commencement usherette 3, Camp Osceola 4, dance committees 1-4, Girls' League Ban- quet 1-4, pep assemblies 4, GAA 1. Perslnger, Kathleen 229 Transferred from Sioux City, Iowa, 4. Peters, Pamela 52, 102, 103, 106, 110, 112,142,149,l96,199, 201, 204, 216, 229, 243 Bank of America Award winner 4, Girls' Lea- gue board member 4, Commission 3, Diakonoe Club 2-4 lpresident 4, appointment secretary 31, World Friendship Club 2-4, Latin Club 1-4, French Club 3, Golden Fleece 3, 4, Scholarship Club 1-4, Jason's Jesters 2-4, GAA 4, Or- chestra 1-3, Girls' Chorus 3, A Cappella Choir 4, Scholar-of-the-Quarter 3, 4, Scholar- of-the-Year 3, talent shows 3, 4, AFS com- mittee 3, class play 3, "Finian's Rainbow" pianist 4, Argo Fair 2-4, CASC convention 3, commencement usherette 3, Service Awards Banquet 2-4, Homecoming committee chair- man 3, Golden Fleece dance decoration 3, Choral Awards Banquet 3, 4, Homecoming activities 1-4, Honor Roll 1-4, Tri-Hi-Y con- vention 4, Scholarship Seal Bearer 4, Girls' Senior Index League Fashion Show model 4, SCVA Choral Festival 3-4. Peterson, Bill 229 Pitts, Kathleen 54, 108, 114, 117, 229 Tri-Hi-Y 1, Archaeology Club 3-4, GAA 1, Medical Club 4, Jotters' Club 4. Poarch, Harrell 48, 102, 132, 133, 144, 148, 213, 229, 243, 262 Board of Control chairman 4, class president 4, Class play 4, Golden Fleece 4, Commission 3, Concert Choir 1-4, Jason's Jesters 3, Stu- dent Council 2, 3, "Brigadoon" 2, CASC conference 3, 4, Youth Day 3, 4, Buffums' Young Careerist 4, Concert Choir tour 1-4, Bank of America Award winner 4. Porter, James 229 Transferred from Los Angeles, 4. Porter, Lin 230 Poston, Fred 230 Powers, Jerry 230 Football 1-3. Price, Doris A. 133, 230 Transferred from Newport Harbor, 4. class play 4. Price, Janlce 230, 243 Bank of America Award winner 4. Quarles, Robert 230 Swimming manager 1. Quin, Karen 230 Ralne, Jlrn 230 Football 2, Color Day 3.. RGPP. Jerry 175, 230 Football 1, basketball 2-4. Ravasl, Marlagrmla 54, 101, 103, 106, 107, 112,116, 128, 208, 212, 213, 216, 217, 230 Exchange student from Milano, ltaly, 4, class secretary 4, class treasurer 4, Inter-Club Coun- cil secretary 4, Golden Fleece 4, Tri-Hi-Y vice-president 4, Homecoming Club 4, Scholar- ship Club 4, Latin Club 4, French Club 4. Read Leonard 230 leed, Barbra 230 Synchronized swimming 4. Rehders, Roger 152, 230 Band 2-4, Dance Band 3, Combo 3, track 3, District Band 4, District Orchestra 4. Reynolds, Doug 104, 184, 187, 230 Track 4, Varsity Club 4, football 3, Science Club 2, wrestling 4, Garden Grove City Champion in wrestling 4, Most-Inspirational varsity wrestler 4. Reynolds, Judy 52, 53, 54, 102, 103, 110, 111, 140, 147, 230 Girls' League historian 3-4, Golden Fleece Inter-Club Council representative 4, Jordaners 3, 4 lpresident 3, secretary 41, Inter-Club Council 3, 4, Scholarship Club 3, 4, Diakonoe Club 3, 4 llnter-Club Council representative 3, vice-president 41, World Friendship Club 3-4, Latin Club 1, 2, Student Council 3, Pep Club 3, AFS committee president 3, 4, Service Awards Banquet 2-4, Scholarship Banquet 3, Girls' League Banquet 3, 4, Christmas program 1-3, Big-Little Sister Day 1-4, Science Fair usherette 3, class play publicity chairman 3, Argo Fair 3, Homecoming committee 2-4, model U. N. delegate 3, spring concert 1-4. Richardson, Al 230 Football 2, 3. Riddle, Monte 230 Transferred from Tucson, Arizona, 4. Rlttef, Rhea 115, 117, 230 Jotters' Club 3, 4, Homemaking Club 3, 4. Robb, Robbee 112, 231 Color Day 3, World Friendship Club 4, Home- coming activities 2-4, Big-Little Sister Day 2, 3, Christmas dance committee 4. Robinson, Joanne 133, 231, 261 Class play 4, Big'Little Sister Day 3, Argo Fair 3, Jordaners 3, Pep Club 3, 4, prom committee 3, Homecoming committee 3, 4, class play committee 3. Romlne, Rlchard 104, 105, 164, 191, 231, 237 Football 3-4, baseball 4, Key Club 4, Varsity Club 4, Inter-Club Council 4, Commission 4, Color Day 3, Band 2, Homecoming committee 3, 4, Business Explorers' Club 4, prom com- mittee 3. Rose, Vlrglnla 113, 231 Art Club 1, 2, French Club 1, 2, Bowling Club 4, GAA 1, 2. Roth, James 231 Rowe, Dennls 231 Football 2-4. Rubin, Jerry 231 Football 1, Commission 2. Russell, Scharon 231 GAA 1, 2. Saunders, Marlon 110. 217, 231 Diakonoe Club 4, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, Archaeology Club 3, GAA 1, 2, Homecoming actlvitles 4. Scanlon, Blll 108, 231 Archaeology Club 2-4, prom committee 3. Sghqfqr, Ted 105, 231, 260 Key Club 3, 4, Student Council 1, Car-of-the- Month 3, Archaeology Club president 2, Latin Club 2, football 2, 3, track 3, Color Day 3. Scharosch, Sharon 155, 231 Drill Team 4. Schelnost, Charles 231 Swimming 1-4, water polo 2-4, Photo Club 1, 2, Tarpon Club 2, 3, Student Council 3, Color Day 3, 4. Scholl, Davld 231 Student Council 3. Schubert, Dennis 231 Scott, George 231 Seeley, Diane 231 Transferred from Greenwich, Connecticut, 4, synchronized swimming 4. Shaffer, Richard 187, 231 Varsity Club 4, wrestling 4, football 1, 3, 4, Color'Doy 3. Sheeter, Terry 103, 108, 122, 123, 232 Tri-Hi-Y 1, Scholarship Club 2-4, Archaeology Club 2, 3 lsecretary 31, Latin Club 1-3, GAA 1, class play committee 3, prom committee 3, Homecoming dance committee 3, Argo Fair 3, Big-Little Sister Day 1-4, Scholarship Ban- quet 3, Service Awards Banquet 3, Argonaut staff 4, model U. N. delegate 3, 4, Journalism Day lRedlands1 4, UCLA speech conference 3, UCLA Journalism Day 4. Sherron, Jute! 232 GAA 2, Homemaking Club 2. Shubln, Martin 119, 132, 133, 232 Class play 4, Photo Club 4. Sllva, John 232 Water polo 2, football 3, class play 4. Silverstorf, Judy 113, 232 Bowling Club 4. Sims, Gary 232 Football 2, 3, track 2. Sked, Georgia 34, 46, 49, 50, 111, 232, 261 Girl-of-the-Month 3, Student Body assistant secretary 4, Girls' League dress representative 1, Girls' League Fashion Show 3, Library Science 3, 4, CASC convention 4, Student Council 2, 4, Cabinet 4, Pep Club 4, Glrls' Chorus 1, Jordaners 1, 2, 4, Homecoming activities 1-4, modern dance programs' 3, Hello Daze dance committee 4, class play 3, Big-Little Sister Day 1-4, pep assemblies 4, Girls' League Banquet 3, prom committee chairman 3, Tri-Hi-Y historian 2, Christmas dance committee chairman 2, Homecoming dance committee 3, 4, Open House choral program 1, Homecoming activities committee chairman 1-4. Small, Lou French 49, 52, 53, 102, 103, 140, 144, 214, 232, 242 Girls' League 3, 4 lboard member 3, sec- retary 41, Commission 3, 4, Golden Fleece 3, 4 isecretary 41, Scholarship Club 1-4, Scholar- of-the-Quarter 3, 4, Latin Club 4, Art Club 1, 2 lpresident 21, Youth Day 3, 4, World Friendship Club 2, Service Awards Banquet 2-4, CASC conference 2, 3, Girls' League Banquet 1-4, prom server 3, commencement usherette 3, Bank of America Award winner 4, Homecoming activities 1-4, Science Fair 2, 3. Smith, Joan 232 Homemaking Fashion Show 4. 511119111 lynn 232, 237 Football 1, Color Day 3. Smlth, Rae 35, 54, 109, 114, 232 Medical Club 3, 4 lpresident 41, Argo AI- chemlsts treasurer 4, Inter-Club Council 4, Science Club 2, Orchestra 3, Service Awards Banquet 3, Homecoming activities 3, Science Fair award 3. Snltxer, Wllllam 133, 182, 186, 232 Cross country 4, wrestling 4, track 4, class play 4, Varsity Club 4, Youth Day 4. Solvang, Connle 232 Soullas, Diana 209, 232 GAA 1-4, Bowling Club 4, French Club 2, Science Club 1. Speaks, Dave 236 Transferred from Rancho Alamitos High 4. Spice, Joyce 232 Transferred from Tucson, Arizona, 4, A Cap- pella Choir 4, Christmas program 4. Spray, Michael 169, 232 Football 4. Squires, Shirley 232 Stadlng, RaMona 232 GAA 3. Stagner, Judy 19, 34, 233 GAA 1, Trl-Hi-Y 1, 2, Jordaners 3, 4, Archae- ology Club 4, French Club 3. Sfitllbatiltl, Jeatitta 115, 117, 233 Jatters' Club 3, 4 lpresldent 41, Homemaking Club 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 1, Christmas program 1, Junior Red Cross Club 3, Homecoming activities 2-4. Stewart, David 104, 182, 233, 237 Class play 3, monitor 4, cross country 3, 4, track 2, 3, Color Day 3, Varsity Club'4, Key Club 4, Orchestra 1-3, Homecoming activities I-4, pep assembly 4, prom committee 3, PTA performance 1-3. Strlnglellow, sus 233 GAA 1, 2, Drill Team 2, 3. Sweeney, Edward 233 Transferred from Paso Roblas, California, 4. 528101, Penny 53, B3, 233, 249, 252 Girls' League 2-4 lhistorian 3, board mem- ber 41, Drill Team 2, 3, Jordaners 2, 3, Drama Club 2, 3, Science Club 2, 3, Latin Club 2, 3, class ploy 3, Commission 2, 3, Homecom- lng actlvlties 2-4, Big-Little Sister Day 2-4, Glrls' League Fashion Show model 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Welcoming Committee 3, 4, prom helper 2, prom committee 3, Youth Day 4, CASC conference 3, Service Awards Banquet 3, class play committee 4, Girls' League con- vention 4, Christmas dance committee 2, Glrls' League Banquet 2-4, Science Fair 2, sports banquet server 3, 4. Takahashi, Jim 164, 166, 167, 184, 233, 253 Class president 1, class vice-president 1, Color Day 3, 4, football 1-4, basketball 1-3, track 1-4, Varsity Club treasurer 3, 4, class assembly 4, Homecoming activities 1-4. Tatro, Frances 125, 204, 206, 233 Taylor, Jackie 233 Girls' Chorus 2, A Cappella Choir 3, Tri-Hi- Y 1, modern dance programs 2-4, Spanish Club 1. Thorpe, Davld 236 Tiers, Sandra 233 Homemaking Fashion Show narrator 2, Aqua- eftes Club 4, football banquet server 3. Tllson, Sandra 19, 34,233 Jordaners 3, 4, Youth Day 4, French Club 4, Color Day 4. Tlxzard, llll 106, 233 Topo, Mike 233 Toth, George W. 233 Class play 4. Tripp, Molanle 113, 233 Trl-H1-Y 1, GAA 1, 2, Jordaners 2, 3, Bowl- Ing Club 4, Homecoming activities 2, 3. Tullar, Tom 102, 104, 164, 167, 184, 233 Football 1-4, track 1-4, wrestling 4, class play 3, 4, Key Club 2, Varsity Club 3, 4, class vice-president 3, Color Day 3, 4, Golden Fleeoe vice-president 4, Youth Day 4, Argonaut of-the-Year lvarsity footballl 4, Co-Ed can- didate 4, All-League football 4. Twedell, Constandeanna 236, 237 A Cappella Choir 2, 3, class yell leader 1, "Brigadoon" 2, Girls' Chorus 1, Christmas assembly 1-3, elementary school concert 2, modern dance programs 2-4, Christmas pro- gram 4. Utens, Daniel 236 Transferred from Los Angeles 4. Valen, Milton 19, 133, 148, 233 Class play 4, Student Council 4, Concert Chair 4, French Club 3. Valentlne, Sally 102, 214, 233 Class treasurer 2, GAA 1-3 lvolleyball mana- ger 2, treasurer 31, Girls' League board mem- ber 3, Girls' League Fashion Show model 3, Commission 4, Girls' League dress representa- tive 1, Scholarship Club 1-4, Golden Fleece 3, 4, lnter-Club Council 3, Service Awards Banquet 2, 3, Drill Team 2, prom sewer 2, Girls' League Convention 3, Lettergirls 2. Senior Index Vallance, Cherrlll 111, 116, 155, 234, 237 Drill Team 2-4 Ivice-president 3, leader 41, speech tournaments 2, 4, French Club 1, 2 lsecretary 11, Jordaners 2-4 flvice-president 31, Student Council 4, Science Club 3, Home- coming committee 1-4, Argolog cub edition 1, pep assembly 4, Drama Club 3, CASC con- ference 3. Vance, Doi 102, 103, 106, 109, 132, 133, 148, 215, 234, 243 Scholarship Club 1-4 Ipresident 41, Golden Fleece 3, 4, Latin Club 1-4 ivice-president 31, French Club 2, 3, Future Voters' Club 3: World Friendship Club 4, Boys' Chorus 1, A Cappella Choir 2, Concert Choir 3-4 lpresi- dent 41, "Brigadoon" 2, "Finian's Rainbow" 4, class play 3, 4, assembly play 3, Student Council 2, Drama Club 3, Diakonoe Club 2, Honor Roll 1-4, Orange Coast College drama festival 3, 4, Long Beach State College drama festival 4, Youth Day 4, Service Awards Ban- quet 2-4 ltop ten 3, 41, Scholarship Banquet 3, 4, Christmas program 2-4, SCVA Festival 2-4, Argo Fair 3, 4 lsweepstakes runner-up 31, Homecoming committee 3, spring dance committee 1, Scholar-of-the-Quarter 3, 4, Concert Choir tour 3, 4, Homecoming activities 2-4, English Achievement Award 3, Magna Cum Laude Latin ll 2, Argo Alchemists 3, 4, Bank of America,Award winner 4, Color Day 4, Scholarship Seal Bearer 4, baccalaureate usher 3, Orange Coast College math contest finalist 4, Most Worthy Argonaut candidate 4. Van Devender, Anne 112, 149, 234, 259 Girls' Chorus 1, A Cappella 2-4, Medical Club 4, Future Nurses 1, Homemaking Club 1, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, GAA 1, 2, "Brigadoon" 2, "Finian's Rainbow" 4, World Friendship Club 4, Bowlng Club 3. Van Skyock, Vlrgll 180, 234 Water polo 3, 4, swimming 3, '4, Tarpon Club 3. Vowell, Barbara 110, 116, 117, 122, 123, 234 Argonaut staff 3, 4 leditor-in-chief 41, CASC conference 3, 4, Speech Team 2, 4, Debate Team 4, Archaeology Club corresponding sec- retary 3, Inter-Club Council 3, Science Club 2, 3, prom committee 3, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, World Friendship Club 2, 3, Service Award Banquet 3, Diakonoe Club 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, Pep Club class representative 3, 4, Scholarship Banquet 3, Homecoming dance committee 3, Honor Roll 3, modern dance programs 3, Big-Little Sister Day 2-4, Future Voters 3. 1 wus, Kay so, 51, 212, 234 Tri-Hi-Y 2, GAA 1, 2, flag twirler 2, Color Day 3, assemblies 1-4, monitor 2, 3, class yell leader 1-4, Jason's Jesters 2, 3, yell leader 3. Waer, Gary 137, 234, 259 Swimming 1-4, water polo 2, 3. Wagner, lay 49, 236 Walker, James 234 Walker, Lesley 132, 133, 234 Class play 3, 4, A Cappella Choir 3, Archae- ology Club 2-4, Science Club 2, Jason's Jesters 3, 4, Drama Club 3, Drill Team 3, Math Club 4, talent show 3, Color Day 3, French Club Mardi Gras 2, synchronized swimming 4. Wardle, Ronnie 174, 234 Basketball 3, 4. Wasserman, Harry 236 Watts, Richard 234, 241 Photo Club 3. Wehde, James 234 Transferred from San Francisco 4. Weidert, Carl L. 164, 234 Football 1-4, track 3, tennis 2, Science Club 1-3, Color Day 3. Weigel, Pal 234 Drill Team 3, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, GAA 2, 3, Stu- dent Council 2, French Club 2, Big-Little Sister Day 1, 2, modern dance programs 2-4, Homemaking Club 2, Homecoming activities 3, monitor 2, Pep Club 3. Weldon, Julie 234 Tri-Hi-Y president, secretary 1, GAA 1, 2, synchronized swimming 2, modern dance pro- grams 1, 3, Spanish Club 1, Open House swimming demonstration 2, Open House modern dance demonstration 3. Wells, Lindy 234 Commission 3, GAA 1-3, Archaeology Club 2, Christmas dance decoration committee 2, Christmas assembly 4, Christmas program 4, Youth Day 4, World Friendship Club 3, Argonaut staff 3, Science Fair 3, Big-Little Sister Day 2, Open House modern dance demonstration 3, Open House diving demon- stration 2, class play publicity 3, Homecoming committee 1-4, spring dance decoration 1, prom decoration 3, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, GAA 2, Science Club 2. Wendland, Vlrgll M. 234 Class assembly 4, Color Day 3, 4. West, Sandee 45, 49, 50, 102, 111, 235 "Brigadoon" 2, A Cappella Cholr 2, 3, Home- coming activities 2-4, Student Councll 2-4, Commission 3, 4, class play 3, Pep Club 3, 4, Big-Little Sister 2-4, Science Club 4, Jor- daners 3, 4, Service Awards Banquet 3, 4, Science Fair 2, 3, CASC representative 3, 4, Welcoming Committee 4, Youth Day 4, Cabinet 4, Golden Fleece 4, class play committee 4, Hello Daze dance committee 4, Camp Osceola 4, Student Body secretary 4, elementary school concerts 2, 3, SCVA festival 3, Christ- mas assembly 2, 3, choral festlvals 2, 3, Color Day 3, 4. Westby Judy 235 Transferred from Des Moines, Washington, 4, Pep Club 4. Wheat, Fred 235 Whitney, Ralph 47, 50, 102, 133, 147, 235, 241, 243 Student Body business manager 4, water polo 2, 3, swimming 2, 3, Camp Osceola 4, Radio Club 1, Diakonoe Club 2-4, Golden Fleece 4, class play 4, Service Awards Banquet 3, 4, Color Day 3, Homecoming actlvltles 2-4, Tar- pon Club 2-3, Youth Day 4, monltor 2, Most Improved B swimmer 2, baccalaureate usher 2, Honor Roll 1, Business Explorers Club presi- dent 4, CASC conference 3. Wllcock, l'l. Everett 109, 112, 235 Student Council 3, Science Explorers president 4, Argo Engineers 3, World Friendship Club 3, Inter-Club Council 4. Wlldey, Chuck 235 Wllllarns, Ken 236 Transferred from Logan, Ohio, 4. Wilmot, luthanne 235 Concert Band 1-4, GAA 1, District Band 4. Wilson, Joyce 133, 235 Wllson, Ronald 236 Wolfe, Karen 116, 235 Transferred from Anaheim 4, GAA 4, Speech Team 4. Womack, Judy Carole 114, 235 Medical Club 4, Color Day 3. Wooden, Sharon 235 Woods, Judy 51, 111, 235 Student Council 1-4, Girls' League dress rep- resentative 3, Girls' League Fashlon Show model 3, Junior Red Cross Club 1, Jordaners 4, Tri-Hi-Y 1, Homecoming activities 2-4. Wrenn, Sandra 113, 235 GAA 1, 2, Tri-Hi-Y 2, Bowling Club 4, Home- coming activities 1-4. Wright, Suzanne 235 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, World Friendship 2, Archaeology Club 2. Yuasa, Pauline 196, 199, 203, 204, 206. 235 French Club 3, Jotters' Club 4, GAA 4. Yurkunas, lose Marlo 236 Transferred to G. G. 4. Zambella, Glnny 113, 235 GAA 1, 2, Bowling Club 4, Homecoming activities 3, 4. Zerlng, Mlchael 235 Latin Club 1-3, Key Club 2, 3, Science Club 3, Honor Roll 1-3. Zimmerman, Tom 19, 104, 164, 168, 175, 191, 235, 255 Key Club 2, 3, Golden Fleece 3, 4, Varsity Club 2-4, track 1, 2, basketball 1-4, football 2-4, Co-Ed king candidate 4. Capturing such events as the three-legged race and FT 4- the push ball contests, the seniors edged past the second-place freshmen to become the winners of Color Day, held April 8. The iuniors were third and the sophomores fourth. The annual event brought forth a myriad of red and white costumes, cmd stu- dents and faculty watched with varying emotions the conglomeration of contests including pie eating, egg throwing, relay racing, sack racing, three-legged racing, coke drinking, dancing, and tug-o-war. The event served to heighten school spirit and provide friendly inter-class competition. Q 6 X, r iv - ' Ab-" v A 1. 'N . s. F 'rv HANDLE WITH CARE! Sue Hammer makes a successful catch in the egg throwing contest. , 0 , . a ft V iff' U t - v ar 'bf SACK RACE participants - Judy Just, sophomore, Beverly McKinney, iuniorg and Penny Szalay, senior - seem to be enioying the event as much as the spectators .',. f.'l wr' - ,nl Q0 ,-. -Ov-qi.. " " PUSH BALL contest brought spills to players and thrills to spectators. Sophomores and seniors won in this event. PIE-FACED. Roger Monderscheid, iunior, and Ralph Whitney, senior, gobble their way through pies without using hands as the spectators anxiously await outcome. Seniors Captured Color Day Trophy A Q5 ' 1 SWINGING DOWN the main drag of Ghost Town are Dar- lena Morgan, Penny McKay, Sue Hammer, Joan Litrich, Nancy Morrison, and Suzanne Dollar. V gil? """ -ui X - if, ni' l , :Tx .. JOINING THE OLD PROSPECTOR, Nancy and Suzanne head for Ghost Town. There ls Plenty To See And Do At Knott's Berry Farm And Ghost Town H K STEAK HOUSE C lc EN DINNERS From Garden Grove fake Garden Grove Boulevard to Highway 39, I2 noon to 8:30 p.m. . . 12 NOON to 3230 p.m. then north about sux miles to the Farm, , Closed Mondays and Tuesdays Closed Frid0Y5 A WAGON LOAD OF FUN awaits you at Knott's Berry Farm. CABLE CAR from San Francisco gives weary girls a ride. f A ,Ubi E , si if , I' i, Q q :i v y I ,I V -- 'E I-If Q, 'll ' lx X 1 ' f Darlena Morgan admires Robert's quality photography. Journalism students, Wanda Jackson and Jann Mitchell, , check the linotype machine. Roberts Studio . The Daily News 407 North Main St. Santa Ana "Special prices for senior student reorders West Orange Counly S Lecdmg Newspaper are Sm' in effedj. Congratulates the Graduating Class of 1960 Radio KWIZ Is Your Radio. KWIZIund NEWS, DOINGS, AND INFO at 1480 on the dial. SET IT AND FORGET IT First row: Mr. Nix, program directory Harry Golder, news director, Ol' Gus Grebe, and Jim Harrison. Second row: Spider Maclean, Jim Blaine, and George. I 251 l 1 Ea l x Diane Goss snaps Bob Nelson with a Polaroid camera. Nelson's Photo Supply 12926 Euclid Avenue JEtferson 4-2617 For Your Every Camera Need Cluudids 9719 Chapman Ave. Orange Plaza LEhigh 9-5103 A Complete Line of Women's Wear Sizes 5 to 20 Sue Colden and Sharon Yoder model pretty dresses from Claudia's. lg Mickey Hartling takes it easy while Roger Warren and Penny Szalay load up his truck. ff" Garden Grove Lumber V ,W U o'ii:,l1il CEMENT CU. Si zu. l'1"l5 PH.JE' 7-5050 and Cement .f.s Congratulations, Class of 1960 Louis Lake, Manager 4 "Class of 1928" 1 10920 Garden Grove Blvd. JEfferson 7-5050 lllllI't'ir 'L.... Imperial Cleaners 12864 Euclid Avenue JEfferson 4-2812 Pat McConville pays Carole Anderson for a superb dry cleaning iob. Gary Steen and Mike Jolliffe clown with the tools. Hinshaw Hardware 11891 Harbor Blvd. JEfferson 7-8393 First Western Bank and Trust Company 12976 Euclid Cecelia Brumback, Judy Lay, a n d R o g e r Manderscheid know it's smart to save at First Western. .-U1 -gl l ,- I ffl - .Jn Gayle Carlson wears a stunning formal from Kandi Kane's, Inc. Howard's Toyland 9762 Garden Grove Blvd. JEfferson 7-7694 in Garden Square 513 N. Loara, Anaheim PRospect 4-2106 in Broadway Shopping Center Willyne, Greg, and Larry Smith have fun reading books. V enioy candy Lynne Caldwell, Betty Prats, and Sharon Powell 9751 Chapman Ave. LEhigh 9-5215 dwlng snack penod' - Dresses- -Jewelry- l. B. Harrison Company ' Llngefle ' - 5P0Vl5We0" ' Wholesale Distributors Candy Fountain Supplies A 1112 E. 17th Street Santa Ana Klmberlv 7-5146 Elnm's For Men 2725 Chapman Avenue LEhigh 9-8558 Orange Plaza Kenn Tem lefon and Micke Humphreys wear Y P Y smart new sporis coais. Y! , , .,,. ' 11-ir. D ' U 1 R. A in X , :baton li W 'Qvevara 4 ' Q o 'filflylx ' V Q - ' N nu o ey u 1 " . I i . ,. xl 'il- "A, 4 Ln. y -AQUA' ,i 1 X X .if ' v i Morese Cripe and Peggy Morgan are amused by humorous greeting card. MoIstad's 5 8. 10 Store 10571 Garden Grove Blvd. JEfferson 7-5767 Next To Cole's I I r1"' 7 :fi aff:-1539 - 1133- A J Big Tom Zimmerman fits Jim Takahashi for football shoes. Joyce Jackson and Phyllis Sreinback shop for dress material. - Muc's Arcade Yurdu e Grove Sporting Goods 9 New, Used Sewing Machines - Rental and Repair 10652 Garden Grove Blvd. JEfferson 7-9486 Fine Fgbrig Fqshions .. Nofions 11026 Garden Grove Blvd. JEfferson 4-3123 Town and Country Cleaners 11031 Garden Grove Blvd. JEfferson 4-1577 Gretchen Kettering and Janice Hoyle give Sue Hammer speedy service. Christy Carter and Pam Rowland stock up on school supplies Mower's Variety and Toys 12965 Euclid Avenue JEfferson 4-1409 Stationery - Notions - Toiletries - Hosiery "We give S 84 H Green Stamps." Sue Pendleton and Tom Eastman find shopping is easy at Kenady's, Kenady's Store for Men 9838 Garden Grove Blvd, JEfferson 7-6654 6 In Garden Square Garden Grove Hardware Co. 12941 Euclid Avenue JEfferson 4-1856 John Wurster prepares to give Dee McCollock a flat top. Mary Mondry and Janice Kendall model pretty dresses. Myrene's ladies' Apparel 9904 Garden Grove Blvd. JEtferson 7-9191 ln Garden Square Eddie Hopper Chevrolet Number 1 Volume Dealer Congratulations, Class of 1960 Century Flowers 10741 Garden Grove Blvd. JEfferson 7-4741 Jim Small, Bob Dunn, and Pat Miller line up for flowers. - Ag'-till. Q Number 1 in After-Sale Service 12511 Garden Grove Blvd. JEfferson 4-2700 Open 9-9 and all day Sunday Gwaine Nuest and Arne Giertsen get a thrill behind the wheel of a red Corvette. ff? i ,WM N, M1 1 A , 1 x - l sqqfv 'Y' ' Q , U 1443 M.. 1 ,,,.,..M W.f""' ff: lf T. 7 L 1 1 l -I Georgie Matous mows while Sandy Barnes relaxes. Hosty's Soles 8. Service Lawn and Garden Supplies 10371 Garden Grove Blvd. JEfferson 7-5700 Kinney Shoes 13141 Harbor Blvd. JEfferson 7-1357 Kristine Nelson and Judi Harding discover the fine shoes at Kinney's. Sharon McDaniel and Bob Maim- bourg examine diamonds at John- son's. Johnson Jewelers l 12952 Euclid Avenue JEfferson 4-1828 N AX Watches - Fine Jewelry 3, eff, 'N ., A me ,s N"t-as '-he Plcl UP 5 DEUVERY n-l""" 1 Linda Garbett and Ron Holthusen learn about the excellent service at Jackson's. Jackson Cleaners 12072 Garden Grove Blvd. JEHEVSON 7-3692 Treon Drug Company 9786 Garden Grove Blvd. JEfferson 7-5692 Garden Square Laura Lenau and'Ann Van Devender try out a new nail polish. N i 5 flflfsl W I ,q yeig 1 " " ' ' l i ' QTL' EQ. ' is S-- ffl- - k"' " i . , 1. ' ww" 41.4-24.- ihfvfi -Q'f5Q5v it f'7Q'77'3?1J U 1 If , Fred Kennedy sympathizes with the duck as Gary Waer 5 yy' prepares to blast away. 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Mortin's Inc. 12975 Euclid JEfferson 4-1410 Bob Miller and Vicki Sue Johns seem pleased about the selection of fine sports shirts at Martin's. l "1iU4F'VSl Kathy Killion feels mighty luxurious as she sits behind the wheel ofa Thunderbird and talks to Jerry Lewellyn. 12801 Brookhurst .lEfferson 4-3254 "A Ford is Your Best Buy" Smith Ford Wheeler's Market 12791 Euclid Avenue JEfferson 4-2931 Georgia Sked ponders shopping list, while Dick Avery thinks they have enough. .I I l QQ ,ill , 'ywxxlllh , I ks:- l 1 1 ,i Finished with shopping, Dorothy Elzea wears new spring outfit. 1,0rxcu'Cl'5 Qm1G P DOWNTOWN GARDEN GROVE 12911 Euclid JEfferson 4-2962 Y' 3 2 ,, iw Q it rg Q f Linda Rasmussen points out the advantages of portable radios to Judy Fuller and Peggy Eastman 12811 Euclid Ave. JEfterson 4 2377 Rusmussen's Firestone Ogden Rx Pharmacy Cosmetics - Prescriptions - Candies We give S 8K H green stamps. 12955 S. 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ULN 144 u"' ..a - M: .. .. ,dj 210:-1 j,..o ' W. .'." Z1 ""' . m""f4-" ' I M4 -'-77:v::t1:,.,.. f 1:3 1 .. '-' 4, I , - L. , Ah . ,, .1 A 'L 1 A Cappella ............ ....149 Activities ............... 126-161 Administration and Faculty Assistant Superintendent Attendance Supervisor . Board of Trustees ...... Business Manager ..... Curriculum Coordinator . Dean of Boys ......... District Administrators . District Office Staff ..... Office Staffs ......... Psychologist .......... Principal ............. Principal, Evening School Registrar ............. Subiect Departments Superintendent ...... Vice-Principal . . . . .. Advertisements ..... . . . Archaeology Club .. . Ar o Alchemists g . . . . Argolog Staff . . . . . . Argonaut staff . . . . . . Art Club ........ ... Award Winners .. ... AFS ......... . Art ........ Buffums' .... DAR ........ . Girls' State .......... Homemaking ....,.... Model State Legislature . Speech .............. Band .................. Bank of America Winners . . Baseball ............... Freshman Team ....... Junior Varsity Team . .. Varsity Team .,....... Basketball, Boys' ... ... B Team ........ . C Team ....... Junior Varsity . .. . Varsity ....... . . . Bowling Club ... .. Boys' Chorus .. . Bus Drivers ...... Cafeteria Staff . . . . Christmas Dance ... . .. Princesses . ...... . . . Queen ............ . . Christmas Program ...... Classes .......... 56-97, Freshmen ............. Sophomores . . . . Juniors .... . . . Seniors .... . . . Co-Ed Dance .... . . . Co-Ed King . Color Day ..... Concert Choir . . Cross Country . . . Custodians .... Dedication .... . Diakonoe Club .... ...8-41 .....12 .....16 ...11 ...13 .....13 ...15 .....13 ...12 ...17 .....13 .....14 ....13 .....16 ..18-33 .....10 .....15 250-262 ....108 ....109 124-125 122-123 . . . .100 144-145 ....145 ....144 ....144 ....145 ....144 ....145 ....145 ....145 ....152 242- 191- 243 192 ....192 ....192 ....191 173-179 ....178 ....179 ....177 173-176 ....113 ....15O .....39 . .36-37 135-137 ....137 ....136 ....135 210-249 . .58-71 . .72-85 . .86-97 210-249 140-141 ....140 ....249 ....148 ....182 ...38 ....7 ....110 1. -' - 'ai :!"'r--v1"f"""':"" Index Drill Team .............. 154-155 Drum and Bugle Corps ....... 153 Exchange Students ....... 216-218 Faculty ................,. 14-41 Art ...................... 29 Attendance Supervisor ....... 16 Business Education .... Dean of Boys ...... . . . English ......... . Homemaking . . . Industrial Arts .... Languages .... Librarian .... . . . . Mathematics . . . . Music ........... Nurse ............ Physical Education ..... Principal .......... .....31 ...15 ..20-21 .....27 .....30 .....26 . . .34 . .24-25 '28 ...35 ..32-33 .....14 Registrar ......... ...... 1 6 Science ...... .... 2 2-23 Social Studies . . . .... 18-19 Vice-Principal . . . .... . .15 Faculty Play . . .. . 138-139 Faculty Snaps ... .... . .41 Flag Twirlers . . . .... . 160 Football ...... . . . 164-172 B Team ........ ...170-171 C Team .......... ..... 1 72 Junior Varsity ..... .... 1 69 Players-of-the-Year ........ 167 Varsity .............. 164-168 French Club ................ 107 Freshman "Best" .......... 70-71 Freshman Class Officers ...... 58 GAA Advisers .............. 194 GAA Managers ........ .... 1 95 GAA Officers .............. 194 Girls' Chorus ........ , ...... 150 Girls' League Fashion Show . . . 146 Girls' Sports ............ 193-209 Badminton ............... Basketball ........... 199 196-197 Fencing ................. Freshman Track and Field Hockey .................. 208 . . .200 198 209 Modern Dance ............ Softball .............. 206-207 201 Swimming ........... Synchronized Swimming :208 ' 203 Tennis ............... 202- Volleyball ............ 204-205 Golden Fleece .. .... 102 Golf, Boys' ...... ..... 1 90 Hello Daze Dance . . . ...... .128 Homecoming ..... . . .129-131 Dance ....... ..... 1 29 Princesses ........ .... 1 31 Queen .................. 130 Homemakin Club .......... 9 Homemaking Fashion Show 115 ...134 150 Jasonairs ................. . Jason Awards ............... 40 Jason's Jesters' Talent Show Jotters' Club ............... 142-143 117 Jordaners ..... . . . . ....111 Junior "Best" ............. 96-97 Junior Class Officers .... ..... 8 6 Key Club ........... .... 1 O5 Latin Club ........ .... 1 06 Lettergirls .. . . . . . 104 Lettermen ..... .... 1 04 Library Staff . . . . . . . .34 Majorettes ............ .... 1 61 Math Club ................. 118 Medical Professions Club ..... 114 Modern Dance .............. 209 Most Worthy Argonauts . . .214-215 Nurse's staff ................ 35 Orchestra ........... ..... 1 51 Organizations .... . .98-125 Parting Thoughts . . . ...... .264 Pep Assemblies .. . . 156-157 Photo Club ..... ....... 1 19 Publications .... . . 121-125 Quill and Scroll . .. .... .117 Scholarship Club .. . . . . . 103 Science Club ...... ....... 1 O9 Senior "Best" ...... . 238-240 Senior Class Officers .... 212-213 Senior Play ........ .. . 132-133 Senior Snaps ..... .... 2 37, 241 Slide Rule Club .... ....... 1 18 Song Leaders ............... 159 Sophomore "Best" ..... . .84-85 Sophomore Class Officers ...... 72 Speech Team ............... 116 Sports ................. 162-209 Stage Crew ................ 120 Student Government ....... 42-55 Board of Control . .. .... .48 Cabinet ........... . .46-47 Commissioners ............. 49 Girls' League Officers . . . . .52-53 Inter-Club Council .......... 54 Student Body President Student Body Secretary ....44 ......45 Student Body Vice-President . .45 Student Council ...... . .50-51 Student Store ................ 37 Swimming, Boys' . .. . . . 188-189 B Team ........ ..... 1 89 C Team ..... .... 1 89 Varsity ..... .... 1 88 Tennis, Boys' ... ... . 183 Textbook Clerk ...... Textbook Helpers . . . . . . Track ........... . . . B Team ..... C Team .. Varsity . . . Tri-Hi-Y .... . . . Water Polo ... ... B Team ......... C Team .......... Varsity ......... .... Wrestling ........... Yell Leaders .. ......37 .....37 184-186 .....185 ....186 .....184 ....101 180-181 180 181 180 World Friendship Club . .. ... .112 187 158 147 Youth Day .. mu 7' 9- 1 "W ' . 1 1 1 1.1 ar.. 'uv' '1 1 1 11. .1 '-1-fix'-" - ' Y. 1 4 1,-'J' .1 1,-.51 ' " " A nn. M , 'Fla 'Alf fi Y I - -1' I-' -,.1 - 11 1 -'lrx .1 -1 141' ' - Lrg..-N - 11 'zifr' ' UB" '- .1511 1-11 -1 1 1 . I . ' ix , . I - ' 1 :1 '1- , . F ' V 5 , 1. 1 1 fp' ':' F cf I6 '- , V.1r.31,,'x3 W " ..11. , 0 1 , . .11 V . 11. ,1- , .Q-. , 1 1 . gl Q - ' . .S - -r ' ',11'1L ' ' H . E YI W H. .1 1.9,-1-H V 1 , :ff-.Si,vYf,.1Q,2I .,,1.. ., .. . 41,11-..1... T ,- 11 1 .... 1, : 'fix .1 9 Q., 1 5 -' W " gwvz , 1 1 V Y .5 .4 I -11.11 . - 1 ' ' " 'K : 1 , 4 1' ...U f I 1 .V ' 1-12?-w'i-1 '1 I Y . 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Suggestions in the Garden Grove High School - Argonaut Yearbook (Garden Grove, CA) collection:

Garden Grove High School - Argonaut Yearbook (Garden Grove, CA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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