Garden Grove High School - Argonaut Yearbook (Garden Grove, CA)

 - Class of 1951

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Garden Grove High School - Argonaut Yearbook (Garden Grove, CA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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T- ' - -14:3 '3 i 73W ' . - .Y K ,,' Iwi f F' -'im .5 I -- N '. a x X . N K , . f F xx fm X 'Wx "M . 7' -2:1233 ' : 1 1' .'. ,xi-5k'M if I f 'a A A hfffgng. f V ? B fig , 4 i 1 V X i.'1' .-- . ., ,A fl feifif-ff g.fLQf,,,,,4 , ' -' 4 A' A M!LAij?I:i"'? fi?'6iig?,-4f:.4 -V A'.h " ' IR 'STG vi . J . .Nil Q- 4 Y .l"Nx. xx 9A LNF5 I 4 , W ,, , , yi af X iil X x . - V I , Q Ta., " ,I V - . 4ili-,,- ' A VF? 'LQ 'Q ' X X -x N. I' . VIA, A ,V K V ' Q ,, 'i' 'W' , , .-H ' ,N ,H V , , , A ly W - -,a,,p-f--' , .EY . ' 4 -M.-LA - -- -Y ' V' Y , . W YM m K an ' X M' - X er!- qQ,,, ,Zifi :fi LA! fl ffrlf ,X X 'x f f fiw JL! A, 011 f f . ' . W k M V Q , "- ' .. h . "Yu 'X .x - . Aix H U - Nt N , .,. P , V N"k . "E --" ' I , Zim," V W Hg k V: ' 3 Q25-1 w ' ,U . , Y' - 4 , 'V . V -I if V " It 1 4 . , A A " jf 'f , jf ., - Q IL f iff x" f W P " Q , A Ek! ,ir ,.,- ' Q' X W A I 'W V 1 If fvi ., i A VV . Fwy, f A , '71f,.pL,, f gjf,f ,, 51,47 ,A , ,H xv V V M W V' A 1 f A 4 x . V x x 1 I A Q A . f "air if X 1' Y NX , X X .Vw f r 2 mf,-,'.,: vw, ' 1- A., .U 1 .,1.-., 1, f fr .. . -5' -, Eff'-".'f'.'i!11.x1l16'4"' I' H .'.fjhr?fYjlj4!l5f: i.-.if f3fJ'f'fLj,Qg'Q -ylihf ,352 ,T 'J 7, . . JA , ., .,Y f, . ,-.,",-1.-sf 1 ' Mrk: .w,,.':-.,,-,,, nf.: -- . 4 f t- 5-v 1 -f R ,..f... ..,,,- ..... - 1.x' ,v .- vb " A 'TQ1 1. 1' ,. .J ,fill . - , . 'gpygpff if '! - -----N.-5 1 I Ml . Y- -r-. ',1.g,.1'f 1-.H ful, A Ly. , ,,,,.v- ,W .4 Q ,J -'E , . WEL ' V . H 'Ei 1 N A ,Q,Qm .?gT,V R iw--1' ?f f Mm .V - ' zyj 'jfff ,Phoifqgrqphyf-Nelson?s Phofo'Shop, Garden Groye g V R , f Engrgvfhgsef-Sdh+a'AnaA Engraving Co. P 1 U 1 Q A, ,J Ffri nfing-fJ9Hn 'MdnniSq QrQl19e ' I .1 . b 'P U .- ,' BinJi'rtg7sEg rlbGrqy Bodlibi'Qi'dfng,Co',, Los Angeles ' , ' . A 5 , f ' ff' CY V ,, , , v fy- w fd' A I - ' O p 4' I7 S Il ll 11' ll y .f A C0llfj1'Hf1llllfl0Il Q9 1' .v iz H5311 Su fr 17 4 5 .v 0 M C. M. Engll h, Inc. ml 0.4Jp,9""X IOI64 Garden Grove Blvd. GARDEN GROVE, CALIF. 1 7 Dulclw Boy Painl Coleman Healers Magic Chef Range vafiew Plumbing "THANKS FOR YOUR PATRONAGEH Phone G. G. 2l65 arden Grove Bowl EIGHT Aljl. MAPLE, SHELLACKED ALLEYS IO402 Garden Grove Blvd. Phone 2740 Garden Grove, Calif. SAFEWAY STORES, INC. CONGRATULATES THE CLASS OF 1951 FIRST NATIIJNAL BANK UF GARDEN EREIVIE. EALIFEIRNIA WW AI ,LW fwdcw gnw My fd 1115! LVM M T I ph ne 452 ff?-CU If Serv cI C I y 0GDEN'S PHARMACY COSMETICS PRESCRIPTIONS VETERINARY SUPPLIES L B OGDEN P p I' GARDEN GROVE CALIFORNIA W C S' d H Greefz Sfampx CONGRf1TlL'L.f17'IONS, GRADUATES' N ELSONTS PHOTO SHOP C mercial Phofoqraphy Pholro Finishing Phof S ppI I-I gh School AnnuaI PhoIographer PorIraI+s and Grmp l2883E I'cIA G d G C I'f ' Phon 6736 SINCERE BEST WISHES FOR THE FUTURE. GRADUATES OF 1951 Qi. and WTS. LjT6ZClLLSACl6l9Z THE VOLUME FOOD MERCI-IANDISERS OE WEST ORANGE COUNTY Garden Fresh Produce Top Quality Meats px-rel-EITI LT gg QM 72 R K E T S X! 3170? RD GROVE BLVD. - GARDEN GROVE Ns Q4 NC STER AT GRAND - BUENA PARK XJ JT TX , X, I , VJ b LIARGEST VARIETY and LOWEST PRICES XX T J U-SAVE AT U-TEL-EM GARDEN GROVE FEED COMPANY Corner Euclid and Acacia H11ndl1'r1y ll Complele Line of ALBER'S QUALITY CONTROL FEEDS I-IAY - GRAIN - INSECTICIDES - SEED - FERTILIZER - PET SUPPLIES SPECIAL PRICES TO F. E. A. "dn II1.S'f1.fIlfl.0II for CU77'll7IIll1I-fvy' Sf'1"Z'IIL no om Bggigiggm IIIUIITUAIIY IO78I Garden Grove Blvd. . Phone 760 fr, ,XLOCAL NEWS, VIEWS,.OPINIONS Pound Only in YOUR Local Newspaper Recording Ihe Life of the Gr11r1'1mlff.v of 1951 from the C1'r1z1'lf' lo the Grafve Congrafulafions fo fhe Class of '51 Town and Country Fine Dry Cleaning I IO3I Garden Grove Blvd. Phone 700 Garden Grove, Calif. Grofwfrzg fwffh Garden Grow' ORANGE EMPIRE REALTY 95lI Garden Grove Blvd. Tel. G. G. 24l0l GARDEN GROVE, CALIF. BEST VVISHES from WEST ORANGE COUNTY ESCROW CORPORATION EDWARD OHMER A N D R E S' LADIES' APPAREL F l- O R l S T S Cloflwes +o Fil All Occasions For School - For Dress I266I S. Gilberi' Avenue Phone 6866 II038 Garden Grove Blvd. Phone 2-309l JIMMY LANE, Own r Pl'1 G. G. 6576 I e one H EWI TTS ORCHID CLEANERS CHILDRENS SHOP 8: DYERS IIO38 Garden Grove Blvd. Phone 2309I l289I Euclid GARDEN GROVE, CALIFORNIA GARDEN GROVE CONGRATL'Lf1TIONS and BEN'S SHOE SHOPPE BEST IVISHES to thi? COH!j1'IlfIllllf6.Y flze Cl1amp1'on.rl11'p GRADUATES Class of 1951 ARCADE YARDAGE SHOP KATI IARINV ANDRYQ l295I Euclid Avenue GARDEN GROVE SINCERE UYSIEIES for Sl 'CCESSFI 'L LIVING TO 11112 CLASS or 1951 Wesiward-Ho Crafisshop I2752 E. Weslminsler Avenue TI-IE COPES General Eleciric - Wedgewood - O'KeeIe 81 Merrill Simmons - Kroeluler cAR LsoN-recon FURNITURE - APPLIANCES Garden Grove and Orange, Calif. Garden Grove-Tel. 2-4876 I2962 Euclid Ave. Orange-Tel. 0548 I I7 N. Glassell BOB SHREEVES Chevron Serfvlcc II262 Garden Grove Boulevard WESTERN AUTO STORES "The Place to Save Phone 2022 CLARENCE E. SASSE I2946 Euclid Aveue Phone 23536 COfVGR1fTL'Lf1TIO1'VS and I2933 Euclid Avenue BEST U"ISffES fo Ihe C1,,1sS of 1051 SlVY'S READY T0 WEAR Best Ufislzex for Your Suzrrresxv I297I So. Euclid Phone 427 Garden Grove Pharmacy The Rexall Sfore Prescriplions Cosmelics Eounlain Congratulationx Class of 1951 MORSE GROCERIES Phone 539I III55 Garden Grove Blvd. OPEN SUNDAYS WHEELER dlld PHILLIPS COMPLETE MARKET Qualiry - Service - Variely Always Compefifive I279I Soulh Euclid Meals--Phone 424 Groceries-Phone 569I Schneider Garden Supply Bedding Planls - Roses - Shrubs Trees - Ferlilizers EVERYTHTNG FOR THE GARDEN l29lb Euclid Avenue Phone 449 SIGNAL SERVICE BOB MIDDLETON I073I G. G. Blvd. Phone 200i GARDEN GROVE CONC R A TULJ TIO NS ana' GOOD LUCK LUPIEN TIRE AND RECAPPING COMPANY l302I Cenlury Tires - Tubes - Balieries Besf,Wishes for Cl Successful and Prosperous Fufure HOME PAINT STORE Congrafulafions and Besi' Wishes Graduafes of 1951 GEM 5810 V 1 I ' . 4 lou: lflfllllly Slorcn I2932 S. Euclid Garden Grove 9 I29OI Euclid YER MARKET GROCERIES MEATS Phone 497 SPORTSWEAR- LINGERIE- 9I5I Garden Grove Blvd. Phone 20I7 5555535- COATS- Houss eizoves RANcHEs H. J. Johnson ReaI'I'y Co. WALTER B. THOMASON JEWELER I03Il Garden Grove Blvd. Phone 764 GARDEN GROVE' CAI-IF. I2899 Euclid Ave. Phone b57I FREE PICKUP ' ng 'a mm Seniori Q AND DELIVERY BILL GLASOE flullzorfzea' YVCXIIITO Dvalrr Garden Grove and Hunfingfon Beach Blvd. Phone Weslminsler 90I I Garden Grove, Calif. VILLAGE LUMBER CO. l2922 Hun'I'ing1'on Blvd. GARDEN GROVE, CALIF. Phone G. G. 23I3I - Wesfminsfer 8054 Wilh Your l-lair Problems Consul? An1'hony's Hair Siylisi' I2905 Euclid Avenue Phone 2756 Phone 2-444l RALPI-I I-IILL, Prop. C0llg1'IIfll!llfl.OlI.9 I0 the Clan of 1951 RaIph's Sporiing Goods l094I Acacia Garden Grove Bicycles, Paris and Repairing Oulboarcl Mofors Guns and Repairing I . 1 Aff 4Cffw9"iy'fIf CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I95I ot , la IJ' ,I I VJ' f r o m M""Wbn5q' P0- FIRST IN TRACTORS and EQUIPMENT r 1 lI'lIl'f01'1?L'IIfl!lSt'I"1l.lL 9908 Easl Bolsa Sanfa Ana Phone KI 2-0760 CONGR.f17'l'I,.f1TIONS and HES T IVISIIES TO THE CLASS OF 1051 Dr. and Mrs. O. S. Spechi C O N G R ,I T I' l,.-I Tl O N S CIIIZYSS Ol" GARDEN GROVE LOCKERS I I042 Garden Grove Blvd. Phone 4 fflfwzlyx 141 Your Serwllffe, SUTKII Dnyf I1 Week, 8 A. ZW. to I0 P. XVI. PETE'S GROCERIES Ice Cream - Groceries - Cosrnelics Luncheon Meals ERNEST THIBAULT I0283 G. G. Blvd. Garden Grove, Calif. SMITH MOTOR COMPANY flu lfz orl'zr'11' F0 rff Drnfffr PLAINS LUMBER 81 SUPPLY CO. W. G. RODENMAYER, Co-Owner I030l Garden Grove Blvd. Phone G. G. 450 MARION'S AUTO SERVICE United Motors Service MARION UNIPHRICSS IZ85l EUCLID AVI Congrcrfulafions fo fhe Graduafes of 1951 1 Z. Zwnaaaa, BUILDING CONTRACTOR 8081 Lampso Phone Wm. 659i X N JN XX . kv Y X X X . v x ,K VX KRW R EX? K v X me Qgesf cmshes to tlgg,,,XQ Class of Q51 sf' r .J V vi w X gs w .1 KN X X! X 3 fa www Jew N V Q ' W Q ix , we a X 1 5 E aw 5 f V1 ,j l'OlTl J 'Q X v V 142' N xx E 25:5 s ,X Garden Grove Boul U I . -' "" "'- N ff X4 ,ef rl E Gnovw LUMBEH Umm T coMmv X LOUIS LAKE, Manager f . "Class of '28" , evard Phone 433 18 BEST WISHES fo fhe GRADUATES OF 1951 JACK and DON'S MARKET GROCERIES MEATS ll022 Garden Grove Bl cl Phone 744 MILLER'S SERVICE l285I Euclid Avenue Associa'red Produc'rs J. D. MILLER B. B. 81 H. MOTOR PARTS AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLIES ISI S Los Angeles S+. A aheim Ph A 2228 BEST WISHES CLASS OF 1951 LA VERNE J. REAFSNYDER STATE FARM INSURANCE co. Boll C 1, Y Bl d G d G Life - Fire - Aufomobile Ph G G T36 B H0326 G Bld Ph 2l36 R d l267l P S+ Ph 5452 Ac ivity Records if orztirzued from page 27j LARRY BRElS'l'lG+Foothall 1. 2. ROBERTA CALLENA-Basketball 1: Y-Teens: Publicity Manager of Freshman Class. MANUEL HERNANDEZ-Football l: Basket hall l. 2: Track l: Tennis l. 3: Baseball 2 Art Club 33 Art Club Secretary 3: Argonaut 4 ANN lOl'lNS'l'ONE-Basketball l: Badminton 3. 4: lr. Red Cross Reporter 3. 4: Band l. 2: Band Concert 2: Commission 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2. 3: Y-Teen lg Scholarship 2, 3. 4: Biology Club 2: English Cluh l: lr. Red Cross 2, 3. 43 Argo- naut 4: Freshman Competitive Assembly. ROBERT IOHNSON-Football 1. 2. 3, 43 Basketball 1. 2: Baseball l, 2: Hi-Y 2. 3. PAT l..EVVlS+Football 2, 3: Tennis 2, 3. 4: Glec Club 3: Band l: Operelta 1. Z, 3, 4: Com- mission 3: Hi-Y lg Golden Fleece 4: lunior Play l. 35 School Plays 1, 2. 3. 4. MALVIN PALMQUIST'-Football l. 2: Basket- ball lg Track l: Hi-Y l-4. 6mmmar clzool Da x I. Leonard Schneider 2. Dick Pinkham 3. Virginia Laux 4. Nancy Stevens 5. Vivian Beauchamp 6. Raymond DeWitt 7. Harold Teague 8. Virginia Ida 9. Bill Phillips 1. Adolf Malya 2. Rozella Bordon 3. Audrey Cripe 4. Iune Mulford 5. Ann lohnstone 6. lay Taylor 7. Dick Shaver S. George Hamlin 9. Bill Phillips 10. Curtis Stout II. Tom Evans 12. Dick Pinkham I3. Anetta North f-1. Rafaelita Pinon 15. Virginia Ida 16. Margie Mitchell 17. Nancy Stevens ..-1 3 Fells M rtinez "Madman Martinez" Tennis rrofessional tennis Pancho Gonzales the second lim Matsunaga "Mats" His eyes Re a higher officer than "Rock" He can't get in Army because of his eyes ' Adolph Maya "Maya" Track Olympics '52 World Champ of '53 Bob McClellan "Mac" Shirley Own a burlesque show He will convert the Gem Adele Melvin "Del" Money Marry a million dollars She will weigh 110 lbs. in '55 Margie Mitchell A'Bean eater" Liquids Go down the aisle with a certain guy She will elope to Reno ick Mitchell "M tch" Little girls that drive Ford convertibles Sat. night with Stout and Richardson You're in the Marines now ony Mora "Ice" Biting fingernails Be President some day Be a ditchdigger with long fingernails Kent Morgan "Morgue" Good food To always be smarter than Lewis He'll finally get to North Dakota lanice Mucklewee "Muckey" X Honolulu Be a news reporter Editor of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin Iune Mulford "Sunshine" N Fellows with wavy hair To be rich ' h will marry Bob Duff andalmurray "l'he o ' iA certain , so e us Housg 1 a 'rclson om She ' o lc ar son Home o as u a ing suits Own Laguna Beach Design French bathing suits ?5 fi 3334 daes mel sun Cal' OH t 3 f e'll get Sh s lOne would dol UV G ndaes Carmel su ickie" "N orth N etta An E D- E: ao o Wu.. E O .552 ai KU QA 0 U'-C to 35 I-1 23 'go 23 in GJ .aa In o 3 Q3 ..- -S-E N o Ln or 0 ea E-'BQ G K5 2 .... fo 32 fs 'U mf U3 53: :Vim at c: o WJ: 9990 eu! 553 "'O O o EE mm -'E 2 W we 2 S 0? o U 'U .EE :E LD ge 293 .22 ' .- "' , 9 U 3 Se 1 3 3 32:3 "" ww van- Q . "'6G,g-Lg-CQJLEE .2f::Q-T'-I-U-I v-m3.::2?::u ..?:"" 0-i'.1I'E'5 DUE: -4001- E.5OwTg,-:EO ,. L GUI!-4 U U O: mcc'w gENZ3:g: QM ""U 'Uatzffi-Fiat 53352522 :OO:U:l:llJl" :VI 'o c: U ': il-4 3' -2: In 8-4 U Q3 . 3 35 3 , EE u C '-'O :vom '- Sages SE .:: mv -CCL. U-1" vm CLD. wi - S0100 DEQ' Uf"5iS"'o.gc:-03 O o...qg '5m3...3:m.:: ..l:o'Uu""Oo-gl mmZmEmmI W 2 o o. U 1: .2 5582:-1 na-5,5 m '.3"Q"0 cc mg '-ov 5-Efllggfc GGSSEHQ5 5. I ' 'o' 33 : E'lE:4,Zl:: G -- u oss: 'U:So-5?-mow 2mwmQzQM E E :i 'UG' U0 .-CCL: EL"6 -:Swv -NWWMQBH 6EfvD-..E'D-4 of- D- : mQ,,D-4 n:-u'UlE:"U:' ... " ""'mPs "'tBD.,mU FOJ: -Emi! 75"u-u"""U tv.-.1T.'....m:aKo Ermmmmua fu .B J: 41 . z: Q ...IX no Q51 ag es ac ei tI,.i-gp. go OUE U "rc E mm:-. Q... when .,.m -rx.: Zion' " ::,..r:""NQ, Svtuwwg .o,,,E'QQ:: mE.,,E'.r:': :o:3"'?:E:'- 53 Solon' ev .r: Om?-Illicn E 2 SE, -U'-.2 54.2 mug '5-En: G' -9 03045 U +4 -5 23.55 54:33-is -Qv...S: N fUo'S:"S" zZE23z 4,3 OQEI-.NO i-:cnl-'Ui-1 'o In 9 Z .32 U N In 3 3 is 5 U5 U' .. 'UU-12.5 232339 E.E"5w3m .ZZOIDZXU E : , ,- . V11 ,Ng-Ellgrc: 2vQo"i rw'-...EV1 253925 349451+95994 s: N 2 3 E 'ENN L: N2-C-Em Ciofmgl rv ...oy glglllzm L.:p.tU,Q SMDOEB -42odQo'J.:.: O li if W M E D.. n , 2 E O '5' E U : Q 3 E H cn ' ru 3 5 if V, "" x- 'D 3 E t: O all 4- '- g on .2 5 'SSEWQ gg 'U 'U""" 5-..- M 5 szeaeg 51 O E x.U:1'-hm mu Y um Dm- QJ m,D-2:2 Zig 45.55 E v1'U Numa :,grug..."",5m:uU3..::-5 -U.-.Woven U0,Qtv"'w may GAELL sae '51-:UZ-.cuw.-.EG"",.. mon-51:..::-Qzaecom F333 31323 E-'53 LU 00 U 0 Awoggwugog Ou mIImwIFmIw3VI 'K a: 4' o E E. ,Q L1 v 3 Q L- g 4 .CI 3 E s 5 5 i. 38 3 E Es? S Ot is sie a E3 fi sung 'C Wm 20: 'Smut LJ 'gm EE 2-G'-53033 NE 'Eg SEUZEOE 511 au.. 'S'QD'-'Oi is-m2r:.'5:w '-Oo'-'SOSQZGQVEE mufgmgtxg "sw: ooggmoot. .5335-5 E-'ZmZi-'I-I-141.-..1 va... 41 'L' -cz o R E U7 N .:: o .ng r: 3: 3 5 E 32 c : "' 'Z O -2 c: 'gi' N E 'EW c U 'QU E-E '-'-5-'.x'E1 .Eo W 'Ayn BQ!-1 Emu UFOUH QQEQH .BFE HI- Umaaeuvi rn-1 wif ua we s.. ui-.U U 000-- eujmev .'.:::,Eo,.':? O Ico..1Z1I4ZOOo.l-'U -QLD , I .AVI -IQ, - iw '.2. ' :.3s:.3Lt Sf I vin-r-r1'.':'.:.-.1-54+-:FQ '-.etatieeaaiixsew EH5wmwwwmbwFN 36 S 'U N :IE EE 4:5 E QVC ,Q--',gf1,,54i?u.,. 'UUW-GEf:E'3om5D-U G-rlJ'omm .-H005 EWUJL- H nu G' V2 'O v3'UN....p,CD... 5 wma Eggfwgggglymmi wc:'n:o-u.'3P-cz '-'Cu 3353233255552 u....imIcoUDLDmZU.2m IU N in o M EE Qs ci.: is Wo gn L1 :ea :E 3-D UE Go mu mE .93 gm QCII L-4 Q E 8 'S S .Q Em Dev Zan -I! cv Vil- wo '54, ,9,.r: UP' is 5 U7 :og ?'E" ew 3-Q, S3 PES E-' o :EE .co '85 P-I the infantry ein at ck priv bu e'll be a H General in U. S. Army roblems nior P Se upid "C 22 Vald lulian 37 3 332 - N Ei Z' - uqmvg fx M-4-1-Qvi Vi 'U HE 3 Oda- SESZ 2 gig? 2 'QQSE -ij Q-'D-.5 .... o4l5"E.l2 Q -- Umm so vgmm' x."',E3-4-137 3,4 ooh mO2ea---Dm '- E U,-Diana 355w35: 0 .... zivazee '-'m'C":v35"- In . R50 ol.-cudw' .c :oU.-.I1I22cn Ill 19. M 2 -2 :Q EU si QE A fu, SE :s Q3 -'U 3.5-4mm 07,4- .'E'.Sv-':....20 2,,,.m'gE31 Bic?-m-9-"UC mug E Q ru gs. 'S 2's.El:QO'Q g.!'-5.-5:25 Q2'Cwfvfv" NDVI:-Q-D5 uoomoo COE-il-'ELSE-'O 'C B U is I-4 ru 'S U3 z: o 2: gm Tu., V2 Emu xii U7-U GNU C""-:tb-7Z5"'5 :Im :UZ 3-55:0 - 0.!Ew.r:'.0'I-1 aon:.::cUZf3 -0-: 2. ""' Ds 44. 653:-Eg'U ,,,.,...,. Nigga 3 54mFe3w t.'-E gc: wiv 20 ,gov Urlz'-H eu.: +-"' X.::?'o'5N5 lu 33 M333 N053-EMF c:s:fU BE,-f Gifibiv 0'-mgmge Qian.-D.. 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Illllfxl' Af1!lL'1x'1L'll'U1' Q 4. Aurora Ramircg 10 Ricfzurzl P loam King Zi' bi 2 515111, 'E inlflzzml Hill Spzzrluuk Aclolpfl A"I.l-ll.l lJL'y'Llfl lUlIL'.S Bob NICC lvflzul iCf1.'1rff PCCA' I1L'ffil Nrartfl ichurcl AlJf7l1'f2Ilf.ll . IJUIIIIII U'.'n'lu'r . l.zmrm Pmvclf . Put Lvzvia Lzmn Gflirarcli lim Rogcrs IJJIINS gmcl Danlivl Rfmnrn fflmlu Sffllvlll Huh Riugvr 71 QQ , M Q .... , S Q gggg g V , 3 3 4 , 5 1 3 fgr. 5 if ,W Mills, W Ui? ww 'f 5 M? iv ng 3 5 52 ii ,gf ,if 3 at K .Qw IUNIOR-SENIOR TENNIS STANDING-Iune Stout, Donna Ware, Betty Howell, Beverly Burrows, Ianice Muckle- wee, Pat Larkin, Valrita Allen, Ioan Soule, Mrs. Mary Mitchell, coach. KNEELING-Nancy Stevens, Iean Ward, Lucille Queia. Wanda Murray, Nancy Struble. FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE TENNIS STANDING-Vickie Dailey, Ioann Baccrra, Ce- celia Barry, Sherry Dunivin, Shirley Dex- ter, Pat Richtmyer, Nancy Calver, Angelita Hernandez, Mary Lautenschlager, Donna Schiirr. Beverly Davis. Alice Martin. Lureta Vogel, Mrs. Mary Mitchell, coach. KNEELlNG- Laurette Iolin, Phala Io homas, Alberta Mulford. Virginia Soper, at Orr, Martha Davis, rie Qiieja, Loi ' Ikemi. Rose Killion, Na y I es. SEATED-Rut Hami au c d , Clydecn Hales, I 's n r, r eafsnyder, Nancy M n, atai Mo a , Iudy Mitt' rick, in a ez. v . l ennis Service . . . Too long . . . chase the ball . . . a game of much skill and practice . . . where's the ball . . . love 30 . . . for buccaneers with fighting spirit . . . sportsmanship . . . and fair play. BACK ROW-Mrs. Mary Mitchell, Shirley Pickering, Beverly Davf enport, Norma Pittser, lime Stout. Donna VVare, Mary Flores, Pat Larkin, Corina Valencia, Icsse Salgado. FRONT Row-Virginia Lopez, Mar- garet Gutierrez, Rafaelita Pinon, Virginia lda, Alvera Barela, Har- umi Shigemasa, Beverly Burrows. Margie Mitchell, Beverly Hamil- ton, lean Ward, Betty Howell. BACK ROW-lune Whitney, Glenda Inman, Laurette lolin, Clydeen Hales, Ioan Moreland, Alberta Mulford, Grace Reafsnyder, So- corro Trujillo, Racheal Guillen, Elizabeth Elam, Mrs. Mary Mitchell. THIRD Row-Iackie Hightower, lean- ine Peters, Shirley Dexter. Caro- lyn Kavanaugh. Pat Orr, Nancy Dodge, Iudith Pressnall, Ardith Parsons, lanet Windland, Lois Harris, Shirley Fairchild. SECOND ROW-Bessie Hernandez, Con- nie Garr. Alice Pierson, Carol Eagles, Cecelia Barry, Beverly Davis, Alice Martin, Martha Davis, Nancy Schick, Nancy Cal- ver, Luretta Vogel. FRONT Row-Fern Parker, Alvina Romero, Donna Sclzurr, Pat Du- chart, Marie Queja, Phala Io Thomas, loanne Bacerra, Antonia Hernandez, Angelina Hernandez, Lena Ramirez. e . . . p yday at Garden Grove . . . a sport of fun and good exercise. p st of t e treasure chest . . . batter up . . . run . . . foul play . . . swatting BADMINTON BACK RCW-Carolyn Kavanaugh, Pat Orr, Laurette Iolin, Ruth Hamic, Glenda Inman. Beverly Davis. loan Moreland, Alberta Mulford. TIIIRIJ 5 FOURTH Rows-Mary Mitchell, Shirley Dexter, Carol Eagles, Alice Martin, Cecelia Barry, Pat Berry, Alice Pierson, Sandra Lanier, Beverly Davenport, Karen Hughes, Norma Pittser, Shirley Pickering, lime Stout, Helen Falletich, Nancy Dodge, Grace Reafsnyder, Fern Parker, Connie Garr. Srzcor-JD Row-Lois Harris, Elizabeth Elam, Nancy Cal- per, Luretta Vogel, Virginia Ida, Rafaelita Pinon, Alvera Barela, Harurni Shigemasa, Donna Ware. Ardith Parsons, Marie Queja. FRONT ROW-Nancy Schick, Martha Davis, Shirley Fair- child, Loizise lkemi, Pat Duchart, Phala lo Thomas. Ioanne Baccera, Mary Flores, lean YVard, Betty Howell. 68 ILINIOR-SENIOR VOLLEYBALL BACK ROW-Wanda Murray, Mrs. Mary Mitch- ell, coach: Margie Mitchell, Eiko Ozaki. Shirley Starkey, Virginia Ida. Ianice Christensen, Rafaelita Pinon. Eluera Barela, lean Ward, Betty Howell, Ianice Muck- lewee. CENTER ROW - Harumi Shigemasa, Caroline Garr. Shirley Pickering, Esther Lopez. Lianne Kent, Rita Anderson, Beverly Dav- enport, Norma Pittser, Nancy Struble. FRONT ROW-Ieannine Donohue, Ioan Cadwall- ader, Corina Valencia, Eleanor Hernandez. Mary Flores, Ayleene Parsons, Marilyn Crumal, lune Stout, Donna Ware. FRESHMAN AND SOPHOMORE VOLLEYBALL STANDING-Carol Eagles, Cecelia Barry, Ioan Moreland, loanna Bacerra, Alberta Mul- ford, Aluina Romero, Marlene Bestel, Pat V Smith, Phala Io Thomas, Alice Martin. Glenda lnmann, Pat Berry, Angie Hernan- dez, loan Ienkins, Lina Ramirez, Sherry Duniuin, Nancy Schick, Clydeen Hales. Pat Morse, Pat Orr, Virgie Green. KNEELING-Socorro Trujillo, Rachel Guillen, Marie Qiieja, Betty Iames. lackie High- tower, Ieannine Peters, Georgia Eagles. SECOND Row-Bessie Hernandez, Lois Harris, Rose Killion, Nancy Calver, Mary Queia, Luretta Vogel, Pat Duchart, Laurette lolin, Shirley Dexter, Darleene Smith, Grace Reafsnyder, Beverly Davis, Virginia Soper, Ianet Wendland, Pat Richtmyer, Mrs. Mary Mitchell, coach. FRONT ROW--Emily Hoare, Carolyn Kavan- augh, Eilene Thomas, Antonia Hernandez, 1 Louise lkemi, Iudy Mittriclc, Peggy Hales, ' f- - - Natalie Morgan, Donna Schurr, Mary Lau- tenschlager, Nancy Dodge, Ardith Parsons, Diana Rodriquez, Elizabeth Elam, lanicc McCulloch. . J ' in I v I ' Volleybdl Practice after school . . . twice a week . . . Service . . . let ball . . . finger- nails gone . , . the girls battled it with Anaheim . . . seniors lost to Tustin 42-26 . . . first team of juniors beaten by Laguna 30-18 . . . second team came up glorious over Anaheim 48-29 . . . freshmen lost a scrap to Tustin 37-16 and Laguna 41-16 . . . volleyball brings out spirit . . . a game of competition. llaclcey ILINIOR-SENIOR HOCKEY TEAM STANDING-Mrs. Mary Mitchell, coachg Betty Howell, lean Ward, Virginia Ida, Ianice Muckleufee, Harumi Shigemasa, Elvera Barela. Rafaelita Pinon, Eiko Ozaki. KNEELING-'Esther Lopez, Corina Valencia, Eleanor Hernandez, Mary Flores, Marilyn Crumal, Ioan Cadwallader. FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE HOCKEY STANDING-Mrs. Marin Mitchell, Alberta Mul- Iord, Marie Queia, Lois Harris, Lina Ram- irez, Angelifa Hernandez, Rachel Guillen. Socorro Trujillo, Georgia Eagles, Cecelia Barry, Carol Eagles, Marlene Besfei. KNEELING-Ioann Bacerra, Ardith Parsons. Shir- ley Dexter, Ianice McCulloch, Ruth Hamic, Laurette Iolin, Elizabeth Elam, Donna Schurr. SEATED-Alvina Romero. Beverly Davis, Louise Ikemi, Nancy Dodge. Pat Duchart, Diana Rodriquez, Antonia Hernandez, Mary Queja. Running across the field . . . raising dust . . . and the grass . . . oh, my chins . . . black and blue . . . seniors and juniors beaten by Huntington Beach. 5-0 . . . sophomores put up a battle with Santa Ana but lost 6-0 . . . freshmen tied 2-2, a game for fighting pirates. ' , Y 'X ,Q I N ! v 1 fu N I' Y ri , , 1 I IUNIOR-SENIOR GIRLS' BASK'E'TBALL STANDING-,Une Stout, Donna Ware, Elvera Barela, Har- umi Shiyemasa, Dorothy Crit- ton. Mary Henderson, Rae Dunn, Iessie Salgado, Lucille Queja, Rita Anderson, Mary Lou Post, Ayleene Parsons, Pat Larkin oan Cadu allader . I f . KNEELING-Ia nice Mucklewee, Wanda Murray, lean Ward, Eleanor Hernandez, Esther Lopez, Margaret Gutierrez, Mary Flores, Marilyn Crum- al, Corina Valencia. SEATED-Shirley Starkey, Mrs. Mary Mitchell, coach: Bever- ly Burrows. Rafaelita Pinon. Betty Howell, Beverly Ham- ilton. Caroline Garr, Arleene Parsons. FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE GIRLS' BASKETBALL STANDING - Carolyn Kavan- augh, Pat Smith, Marlene Bestel, Beverly Davis. Ioan lenkins, Pat Duchart, Phala Io Thomas, Ioann Bacerra, Marie Queja, Cecelia Barry, Rachel Guillen, Socorro Tru- jillo, Louise lkemi, Nancy Mason, Grace Reafsnyder, Mrs. Mary Mitchell, coach. KNEELING-Emily Hoare, Con- nie Garr, Laurette lolin, Ruth Hamic, Alberta Mulford, Vickie Dailey, Pat Richtmy- er, Lina Ramirez, Sherry Dunivin, Ianis Giltner. SEATED -Georgia Eagles, Cly- deen Hales. Shirley Dexter, Angelita Hernandez, Peggy Hales, Donna Schurr, Vir- ginia Soper, Martha Davis, Pat Orr, Aluina Romero. Basketball Review First in the chest of hidden treasures we find the golden sport of basket ball. For the seniors, Captain Rae Pinon led her bold pirates to an overwhelm ing victory over Valencia. For the juniors, mention should be given to their captain, Shirley Starkey. A sanguinary battle was given by the sophomores and freshmen. It was held at the port of Fullerton and the battle results were as follows Seniors . luniors . Iuniors . Sophomores Sophomores Freshmen Freshmen Valencia Anaheim Tustin . Anaheim Fullerton Tustin . Valencia G. A. OFFICERS Lucille Queja, historian, Ioann Bacer- ra, treasurer, Harumi Shigemasa, presidentp Nancy Stevens, secretary. Me Bal Piratettes Girls' Athletic Association . . . sports from basketball to baseball . . . lun for all , . . "oh, my aching muscles" . . . HHOW many points do l have?" . . . UWhen do I get my sweater?" . , . G.A.A. spread . . . "Oh, my stomach" . . An association for sportsmanship and entertainment . . . G. A. A. MEMBERS .. STANDING-Dorene Davenport, Beverly Frost, Lianne Kent, Rafaelita Pinon, Eiko Ozaki, Corina Valencia, Iessie Salgado, Cecelia Barry, Vickie Dailey, Rachel Guillen. Socorro Trujillo, Dorothy Critton, Pat Larkin, Loretta Hickok. Shirley Dexter. Carolyn Kavanauyh, Martha Davis. Beverly Davis, Ioan Soule, Nancy Struble. Valrita Allen, Lina Ramirez. Pat Richtmyer, Betty lames. CENTER-Marie Queja, Margaret Gutierrez, Rae Dunn, Mary Henderson, Rita Anderson, llflary Lou Post, Pauline Dodd, Aylene Parsons, Phala lo Thomas, Ioann Bacerra, Alberta Mulford, Pauline Condit, Lucille Queia. Mary Flores, Iune Stout. Donna VVare, Darlene Lewis, Ioan Cadwallader, Pat Morse, Pat Orr, Nancy Schick, Clydeen Hales, Sherrill Hewitt. Ianis Giltner, Donna Schurr. FRONT ROW-Esther Lopez. Louise lkemi, Shirley Starkey, Arlene Parsons. Connie Garr, Pat Duchart, Virginia Ida, Caroline Garr, Beverly Hamilton, Nancy Stevens, lean W'arrl, Mrs. Mary Mitchell, coach: Wanda: Murray. Betty Howell, Beverly Burrows, Ianiee Muckleuiee, Virginia Soper, Pauline Condit. 6+ K ses.. www u K .5 9 Y Z Q 'Q Q A Q M if A Q7 ,,,. . 2 . 0 g A.A. g 1., 1 Y Q 5 gg ig? ii 5? 955 gf f ze'- Mfg V .3 , 5 .,. . ,, if V 3' if 5,1 A if 2 4 V2 4 if Y fa 1, Mn. .sw S? I STANDING-Coach Blanchard Beatty, LeRoy Ohmer, Clyde Smith, Iohn Duchart, Iohn Botrego, Iohn Am- ling, Bob Rylance, Ines Ayala, Don Gedney. KNEELING-Ray Ramirez, Doug Davis, Gary Davidson, lack Elder, Cliff O'Hern, Iack Dales, Bill Phillips, Lupe Yniquez, Manager lack Gillespie. STANDING-Coach lack Schumaker, Wally Davis, Iamcs Hasegawa, Bob Thompson, Henry Banuelos, Dick Fukuda, Carl Baker, Arthur Rodriguez, Tets Ozaki, Manager Rudy Zitney. MIDDLE ROW-Buddy Bass, Paul Shel- lenbarger, Kenneth W. Reed, Wesley Applebury, Ronald Clark, Iames Ieffries. Donny Dobkins, Dale Dykstra. FRONT Row-Clarence Howard, Ray Robinson,Gary Fletchall, Howard Blackman, Bob Mueller, Iohn Martin, Tommy Hutchins, Rex Hickman. Varsity Baseball A good season is in prospect for the Argonaut 'Ahorsehidersf' Veteran batteries will anchor the team with Ray Ramirez, Iohn Borrego, and Bill Phillips returning. As the Argonaut goes to press, the League play has not started. There has been one practice game with Huntington Beach which was won by the Oilers. Coach Beatty is looking forward to a successful season because of improved hitting and veteran pitching. M W TENNIS STANDING-lack Krausliaar, Pal' Lewis, Ivan DeFavcri. Felix Martinez, Allen Fisher, Harold Teague, Kent Morgan. Dalton Killion. KNEELING-Kenneth C. Reed, Howard Wade, Carl Baker, Norman Adams. Don Beal, Charles Katcs, David Dall- dorf, "Pop" Eidelson, coach. Tennis Team League Champions of 1950, Garden Grove's 1951 tennis team is the climax of four years of intense practice and interest on the part of the players, almost all have been members of the Varsity squad for three years. "Pop" Eidelson has coached and advised the boys since they were freshmen, and has received gratifying results. This year's practice matches were held with much larger schools, such as Colton, Anaheim, Newport, Santa Ana, and Huntington Beach, all of which are tennis powers. Garden Grove was victorious in many of the practice matches, and did well in all of them. As the annual goes to press, the 1951 tennis team, veterans of four years, is expected to sweep through League play victoriously. l l x c Xllqplffli BEE TRACK STANDING- Norman Fayrell, coach: Dick Fukuda, Paul Shellenbarger. Lynn Tanner, Kenneth W. Reed. Bob Thompson,Arthur Rodriguez. Daryl Taylor, Dave Kindred. Cliff O'Hern KNEELING-Bob Rylancc, Don Auer- ill, Fred Miller, Richard lkemi, Lloyd Methuin, Frank Pina. Fred Soulc. CEE TRACK BACK Row-Norman Fayrcll. coach: Tets Ozaki, Russell Mertens, Billy Gomez. Clar- ence Howard, VVallace lenn- ings, Wally Davis, Gary Flctchall, Gary Bollschweiler, Danny Martinez, Richard Pridemorc. FRONT Row - Chester Claus. Dennis Albright. Waldon Rose, Lupe Ynigucz, Ronald Clark, Eric Conley, Rowland Smith, Robert Garcia, Ecl- iuar Ida. M4 A Bee and tee Track Lacking experience the Bee team scored only six points in the All-League meet. Frank Pina was an outstanding distance runner and scored the only first place in the All-League meet. The team was hampered by injuries and did not show its true capabilities all season. The Cees showed outstanding class as they copped the League championship. Norman Fag- rell's mighty midgets were paced by sprinters Eric Conley and Lupe Yniguez. The team was well balanced and overpowered all opposition. qu 1 Q Varsity Track Losing many members of last year's champion- ship squad, the Argonaut speedsters were only able to place third in the All-League meet. The team lacked depth but had some outstanding performers. ln the mile Adolph Maya broke the League record, running a terrific 4:39.8. Dick Mitchell was a con- sistent discus man and Frank Hansen was outstand- ing in the shot put. The results of the All-League meet are as fol- lows: Laguna 551,fQ, Tustin 4915, Garden Grove 17, Brea Olinda 7, Valencia 6, Capistrano 5. VARSITY TRACK BACK ROW - Norman Fay- rell, coach: lack Kraush- aar, Vernon lVla,x'u'g-Il, George Hamlin. Sam Bris- hin, lack Mifclitfll, Frank Hansen, Adolph Maya. FRONT ROW-Loren Kemper, Doug Davis, Iohn Duch- arf. lun Nishino, llflarshall Van der Linde, Ray Ramirez. ,pun Me flmm s 5 4' v .-.ef ' SHOWN--lack Krausllaar. Wnwfwffvjgw TOP Row-Larry Brecller, lack Elder, George Ham- lin, Roy Howell. AAIDDLE-BOb McClellan, lack Mitchell, lun Nishino, Bob Powell. I X BOTTOM - Ray Ramirez, Leonard Schneider, Har- old Teague, Marshall Van der Linde. 59 w X , X i VARSITY BASKETBALL BACK Row-Bill Spurloek, Larry Brecher, Bob Powell. Iolm Borrego, captaifzf Leonard Schneider. FRONT E1 SECOND Rows-Ray Ramirez, Don Kennedy, coachp Marshall Van der Linde, Iack Gillespie, Harold Teague, Bob lVIcCleIlan, lack Mitch- ell, Roy Howell, Iack Elder, George Hamlin, lun Nishino. NOT SHOWN-lack Kraushaar. Varsity Basketball Two successive League Championships is the record chalked up by Coach Don Kennedy. Starting fast the Argonauts swept the first round. However, Tustin spelled their downfall in the second round. The defeat by Tustin necessitated a play-off which Garden Grove won by a decided margin. Due to injuries, the crippled Argonauts lost a C. I. F. play- off game to Bonita. Captain Iohn Borrego with Ray Ramirez led the Argos' offense. Leonard Schneider and Iack Kraushaar were outstanding on defense. Iohn Borrego, Ray Ramirez, and lack Kraushaar were placed on the All League Squad. K X fl .N K 3 Keg H Ng- 5 1 ,f F i , .K ,, , T, r' XX X XX X N xx , yi CAPTAIN 5 Iohrz Borrego BEE BASKETBALL S'rAND1NG-Wally Rice, Iames Hen- son, Rex Hickman, Bob Thomp- son, Norman Fagrell. coach. KNEELING-DiCk Fukuda, Pete Perez, Gary Davidson, Bob Rylancc, Lupe Yniguez. CEE BASKETBALL STANDING-'Bill Phillips, manager: Eric Conley, Waldon Rose, Curtis Boylan, Howard Blackman, Tcts Ozaki, lack Schumaker, coach. KNEELING-Danny Martinez, Wally Icnninys, Ronald Clark, Dennis Albright, Wally Davis, Roger Atcn, Robert Garcia, Ccsario Pinon. DEE BASKETBALL STANDING--Bill Phillips, manager: Paul Hill, Iohn Martin, Gene Crosby, Russel Mcrtens. Gary Bollscliufcilcr, Richard Wills, lack Sclzumakcr, coach. liN1i1zI.lNG-AI Darby, David Lindsey , Gary Flctchall, Donalcl Bc R Robinson. Andy Wilder y A '- once Houfard. Ak. 1 ,VVA .Ng fffgff Bee A95 W9 fee and Dee Coach Norman Fagrell's Bee team was in second place when the season ended. There was a battle right up to the last League game: the Argonauts lost that one to Brea. However, they won eight of their ten League games. This was an outstanding season record. Gary Davidson led the team in scoring. Under Coach lack Schumaker the Cee team finished the season in a second-place tie, losing only to Laguna and Valencia. The team was led by Howard Blackman and Wally Davis. VVally Davis was the team's,leading scorer. The Dee team managed to win only one League game. However, they showed a great deal of fight in every game and were progress- ing as the season went along. Leading scorer was Gary Fletchall. 57 Bee ootball The middleweights, under coach Don Ken- nedy, had a better than average season. They did not lose sight of the championship until the final game of the season. The team was sparked by the hard running Ted Kitada and Lupe Yniguez and a deceptive quaterback in Gary Davidson. The line play was handled by two hard charging guards, Bob Iohnson and Wesley Groom. Although not a championship squad the boys should be congratulated, for every game was hard fought. The following are the scores for League games. Garden Grove 32-Tustin 12: Garden Grove 20-Laguna Og Garden Grove 20-Capo 03 Garden Grove 6-Brea 7: Garden Grove 0- Valencia 40. 56 WM BEE FOOTBALL STANDING -lack Gillespie, manager, Don Kennedy, coach: Bob Thomp- son, Arthur Rodriguez, Wt-slcgg Applclmry, lamcs Henson, Don Gcdncy, Chester Clans. BLLNDINS--Edward Ida, Paul Shcllcn- bargcr, Kenneth VV. Reed, Ted Kitada, Gary Davidson, Lupe Yniyucz, David Dalldorf, Iamcs Hasegawa, Robert Garcia. FIGNT Row-Frank Pina, Fred Mil- ler, B311 Iohnson, Rex Hickman. Lynn Tanner, Dalton Killzon, Wesley Groorn, Pctc Perez, lack Byrgcson. CEE FOOTBALL BACK ROW-Harry Butler. lack Schn- maker. coach. STANDING-Robert Garcia, Vernon Foster, Curtis Boylan, Lloyd Methvin, Waldon Rose, Ronald Clark, Billy Gomez, Danny Mar- finez, Iohn Martirl, A1 Darby, Greig Frazier. SEATED-Ccsario Rinon, David Lind- sey, Richard Ikcmi, Howard Blackman, Erie Conley, Wzzllgf Davis. Roycr Atcn. tee ootbal After a lapse of one year Garden Grove again fielded a "C" football team. Mentor lack Schumakens midgets came along rather slowly, losing to Orange 20 and 7 to O. They were then defeated by Tustin 34-6, and Laguna 32-12. In the last game of the season they lost to Laguna 7-6. Although not coming through with a victory, the team showed improved blocking and tackling with every game. e ,iff Top Row- BOTTOM Row- Lfronard Schneider, Laguna Beach game Ray Ramirez, Valencia game lim Matsrinaga, Tustin game Dick Mitchell, Capistrano game lim Rogers, Bonita game lack Elder, Brea game Players of the Week VARSITY FOOTBALL BACK ROW-Ken Price, Martin Salgado, George Hamlin, Harry Fitzgerald, Larry Breclzer, Forrest Dunivin, Doug Davis, Rudy Zitney, Richard Fletcher, Iulian Valdez, Sanz Brisbin, Norman Fagrell, coachg Blanchard Beatty, coach. MIDDLE ROW-Bob McClellan, LeRoy Ohmer, Duane Richardson. Leonard Schneider. lim Matsunaga, lack Dales, Bill Spurlock, lim Rogers, Clyde Smith, lohn Borrego, Iohn Amling, Roy Howell, and Cliff O'Hcrn. FRONT ROW- Daryl Taylor, Bill Phillips, Dick Mitchell, Ines Ayala, Ray Ramirez, lack Elder, Marshall Van der Linde, Bob Rylance, Frank Hansen, and Ray DeWitt. Varsity ootbal The most successful season since 1946 was completed by the Argonauts this year. The Varsity gridders started off by dropping the opener to Orange, 19-0. ln the next game they bounced back by running rough shod over Puente 33-6, and Tustin 6-O in the League opener. Laguna then toppled the Argos 19-0. The Argonaut gridmen showed plenty of fight in reg- istering two wins over Brea 34-6 and Valencia 441-6. Garden Grove won a hard fought victory over Bonita, 24-20, before dropping a lfl-12 decision to Palm Springs in the C.l.F. playoffs. This year's squad was paced by such stellar performers as Ray Ramirez, Iames Mat- sunaga, Leonard Schneider and Iohn Borrego. who were all placed on the first string All- League team. First stringers Dick Mitchell, lack Elder, lim Rogers, Clyde Smith and Bill Spurlock were backed up by men like Kenny Price, Marshall Van der Linde, Bill Phillips and Harry Fitzgerald. Coaches Beatty and Fagrell and the entire squad should be congratulated on the fine season. . ' I J i- ,f V - ' 1 If 1 . .f , , 1-Z ' -1. ' v.1'V Y I . I Q , ,I+ bud ,.. gold. ,f , 1' L, 5 IJ 'x I L Me Pe of the trew The Hpepn in that long voyage at sea . . . helped crew "dig up" another Win to mal-ce the yearly voyage a suc- cessful one . . . many cheers shouted for the hearty sailors , . . the song and yell leaders, the spirit behind the Crew. SONG LEADERS YELL LEADERS Lucille Qucja, Mary Flores, Nancy Schick, Gary Davidson, Nancy Schick, Virginia Sopcr Virginia Sopcr. ' Q Z K ,,,,,'. V WL, bf z X K Q is ha W F F rf J Q X2 f 4 V V 6 5 A W W all W QE as 4 L ff, F Q 1 jiidifw .,,.,, A, A , Y M ms W ji, X2 F F bg My Q 5 N Y 55? is A 5 Q Q yy gk 2 2 5 f K imma Aw'-ww lah. mf D+ , A LEW. ww we, 5 F 6 wig .,,f ,im SFS? U5 Q OCTET Betta Ann Dodson, Connie Cope, Caroline Carr, Anne Dcvore, Pat Ducharf, Thelma Wiley, Connie Garr. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB STANDING-Betty Adams, Pat Allen, Anne Deuore, Pat LaRue, Betty Anne Dodson, Pat Richtmyer, Dor- ene Davenport, Vera Robles, Geor- gia Eagles, Eileen Thomas, Carolyn Kavanaugh, Esther Berry, Virginia Laux, Adele Melzfin, Vivian Beau- champ, Aurora Ramirez, Carol Eagles, Loretta Morse, Pat Orr, Thelma Wiley. KNEELING-Opal Miirphy, Iuanifa Soyland, Nina Smith, loyce Keister Carol Crandall, Nancy Calver, Beu crlu Davenport. SliATED--Ruth Hamic, Natalie Mor- aan, Nancu Ioncs. Shirley Rice Lydia Rodriguez. A BOYS' CHORUS BAQK Row-Tony Miiraz, Clzcwlcs Orr, Bill Spin-Iotlr, Torn lX,lll'illlilllIllll, LVAWIJU Cros- whitc, Phil Smith. lVflDULli Row--Robert Baker, Ianzcs Long, Cain' Kohler. FRONT ROW-Kennedy C. Reed, Lloyd Tothc, Herman Iiles, Charles Kates. " oclced in the Crad e of the Dee Floating o'er the waves come these voices . . . such sweet harmony . . . trained to perfection . . . hours of practice before performances . . . The Argo Swing Iinx . . . P. T, A. meetings . . . best of all the operetta, 'AOh Doctor," . . . A full year is brought to a close with this shining success. ' +9 ltfs' Time for Music Six bells and it's time for music . . . shore leave, to watch the beautiful dancing girls . . . setting sail for Palm Springs, Indio . . . parades through Fullerton and Anaheim . . .entertaining at the Argo Swing Iinx . . . keeping spirits light nd gay on a long voyage . . . under t expert sup vision of George j ill ' ,I N N' fu .3 ,. 2 "Q +8 le ,cj BAND BACK ROW-Sherry Duniuin Iimmy Hollenbeek, Iames Henson, Herman Iiles. Walter Kreiitzer, Walyne Croswhite. SECOND Row-Bill Phillips, Charles Kafes, Tommy Hiifchins,Frank Pina, lohn Koenes, Richard Ikemi, Wally Davis, Lawrence Myers, Andres Flores. FRONT Row-lim Scllon, Leighton Claizssen, Bill Martin, Robert Garcia, loan Cadwallaeler, Don Tizason, Gloria Chairez, Roland Lindstrom, Vernon Maxivell, Grace Reafsnyd- er, Iurze Whitney, Clydeen Hales, Alvina Romero, Martha Davis, Bob New- som. DRILL TEAM FIRST ROW-Connie Cope, Sandra Bates, Donna Sehurr, Ioan LaRue, Helen Fallefieh. Nancy Mason. SECOND ROW-lean Conner, Shirley Rogers, Ieannine Donohue, Marla Williams, Haruini Slzigemasa. 'THIRD ROW-lime Mizlford, Sharon Watson, Manly lane Landon, liidifh ' n- ley, Dixie Dobkins, B 'ty lames. A FOURTH ROW-Janis 'il rig, Corlyss urtneyi' ' or Hern ez, Pliilll 5 ,ui ynstine arbara- Sm loqlq, M autenselilager. A 25 fi ' A' f' s l i A I 'L' B' 'lilly Ml-XIOR ETTES Darlene Smith, Peggy Hales, Wanda Murray, Sherrill Hewitt. Shirley Fairchild. A l Vi 1 U' "NOT TONIGHT" Dick Mi1"cl1ell, Susan Larmcr, Dalton Killion, Pat Lewis, Marlqic Mitchell. Q... .f N HPARTY LINE" Pat Duchart Nanc Calucr. Cliff ' ll O'l-lem, Rose Killion, Bob Rylancc, Howard Blackman. 4 7- lk X- lbe Am r T tl! U! fi"W1,, ,fa fffgi . i' f T .53 T Hjgg 1 CJ! w f JLILY, THE DOCK KEEPERS DAUGHTER" Rory Howcll, Hclcn Galaway, Howard Waflc, Keith Dean, Barbara Klink, Ray Clzristcnscn, Paul Shcllenbargcr. Tommy Hutcllins, Carl Schoonovcr. ff Com etitian on Board Once a year on the good ship "Argo," the different ranks of crew show off their talent . , . During voyages of '51 the "Bosuns" made a real stand and threw over board the rest of the crew by being victorious in this competition. A memorable trip for all "Bosuns" and a "tug" at the hearts of the Hold salts." . 3 , i , ru. , X 'X E . N! .J Y K. N , ' K J i Y . eff grill N 3 x tl l i 9 ' if 5 1 XJ 2 l .. g Q B Q UBOBBIE SOX BRIGADEU A M W1 N LEFT TO RIGHT-Phil Smith, Darlene Lewis, Connie Cops, Vernon M3.X'll7C Q Q Y ' Ioan Elder, Mary lane Landon, ludith Conley. CJ X ' X 5 xg A A9 ' 3 is was l Q 1 ' 'G' N xg +6 '. .sf Y' K 2 K ,, Q A Sw, A f .M A, N ,iw a x he A4 fy ,W SSEWN ,vga Nz: .40 W 'W' Splash of Beauty ln the most savage souls lies a love of beauty . . . Nels Nelson and his Hconnoisseurs of the fine arts" travel far and wide in their search for Utreasures' '... met twice a month to accomplish such feats as designing and selling pennants . . . planning for the Beaux Arts Ball . . . Out of the money raised, paintings presented to the school for all to enjoy. French Pirates What would a pirate ship be Without its NATURE CLUB STANDING-CDFFO Cupin, Don Tziason, Mlqrcuri Kirsch. adviscrg Illdifh Conlcy, lVaItcr Krciitzcr. KNEHl.ING-Leighton Clausscn, Ianzcs Icffrcy. Wai1r1c Schcnct. Barnae e Hunters Explored hidden coves on tiny is- lands . . . porpoises and palm trees . . . sharks and seaweed . . . special voy- ages to San Diego Zoo and Torrey Pines . . . much valuable information gained for individual Uchartsn . . . led by Myron Kirsch, that buccaneer biologist. ART CLUB BACK Row-Nels Nelson, adviser: Carl Kohlcr, Aurora Ramirez. FRONT ROW-Ivlarshalla Stewart, Evelyn Wolfr-, Caroline- Garr, Beverly Smith, Vivian Beau- champ, Virginia Laux. jolly French sailor? , . . patterned after the FRENCH CLUB FFCI1Cl1 people of Quebec . . . projects 31161 I'lOtQ- BACK ROW - Wilijlll' Croswlzifc, phil Smith. Bzr u I k I .V d , U ,l,t Spurluili, Milrsflzilial nSfit'll'llI'f, ,loxfrl ffuclivu 700 5 ' ' ' Alu ylng IQDL 1 e ' ' ' tldnb d Ing l.1IL'iHL' Quuju, liIt'r'lIIUl' Hcrrmrnlcz. F1'6I1Cl'1 SOHQS . . . Viva la FfEll'lCQl l:IwN'l' ROVV-'1l4fS.Ellgtjllillljllff-ij, urilfisrrp lfonnit- 4-P Iudith Crowley. Ioan Ivrzkms, iwury Flores, Lorr 117 LLxL'. TRI'HI-Zara FC55iCr' l' X16-Mrs' Biiuihan' Add? DU, , Qffll ' . . rANadvlSer, B Ora Ramlrci Vw- G-AW. - ia Lau ' Roll' NEEI-IN . Vzrsllf' 'flell , , lwelplflf hemp' Shlpat Rlchf uC 1 ' , ian Bea Dufllulnl ' Sheffy Sit-1117 C' I-562 :Zeb NanC,ljSChiCk,P3LAgSulc- 3ATEb7llg?1EgzzrfU9y' ,Ca Cor . ' K, I HI-Y BACK ROWNHarold loslzn, Ronald Coolr. Ray Roblnson, Andy Wzlderclyke, lonn flfarfin, T om Guihan, Drvziqnl' Smzrlz, Tefs Ozaliri. SECOND ROWNDave Kindred Wallace lenninys, Ronald Slate. Gary Fletcllall Don Gedney, Charles Kafes, WaAyne Croszvhife, Phil Smrrlz, LeRoy Olvmer. 'THIRD ROWsDave K indred, Sam Erzlvlain, Roger Afen, Lincoln Owens, Paul Hzll, lames feffrey, Paul Snellenbarger, Vernon lWaxzvelL Marshall Van der Linde, Daryl HOU, lack Mzfenell Loren Kemper. FRONT ROWsClarenee flozvard, K enneffz W. Reed Don Dobkin.v, Roy Hozzlell, Tom- my Hzzrclzzns, lames McKinney, laclr Dales, lun Nzklyino, lack Krausnaar, Hozzfard Blaelfman, Ines Ayala. cub .1 0 ' . 5' i is Ac 'VW Mfg. af? fm ll r S, . 00 . at , " Roger made a g - Skatlng' h rule OftheT1i-Y Qifls havell flame ' ' ' lfivcildl IMUW 1. 9 undeft 9 find the Q ford fO0tbFI -ke gale 11119 I ying the Sai 1I1 . . VV? LANktg1l'l Q ' Q C3 ' b 61110 Ore' .1 if 11L ' 5.' Mrs' N812 QIIICTHYWOCEF1 uf Nlethgdlblifli Rnilheim Offlcer Y'Day 8 duck Uma. ' he Hi' a , . - PO . Vgflth t Hyneb 'I A meetlflg Offlcelb iiletof a Pirate' CROSS S'rANmNG-Louise llvemi, Mona Clark, Mary Flores, Lureta Vogel, Iackie Hightower, Esther llflaya, Marion Morimoto, Asalvo Shiyemasa, Lucille Queia, Eleanor Hernandez, Nancy Calver. Pat Berry, Pa! Orr, Nels Nelson, adviser. Siaconu Row-Darlene Lewis, Pat Richtmyer, lVlary Mizrai, Marie Queja, Mary Queja. FRONT ROW-lanice lVlcCulloeh, Shirley Fairchild, Helen Holt, Shirley Dexter, Loretta Hiekolv. Make a .fbi a Home Buttons sewed on while you wait . . . breeches patched, hose darned . . . sails trimmed and hemmed . . . stray seamen be- ware! . . . members in possession of ancient knowledge that is guaranteed to catch some poor fish . . , the girls gave assistance at the Girls' League fashion show and tea, as well as putting on one of their own . . . refresh- ments sold at the football and basketball games . . . field trips to Los Angeles . . . kept the popcorn machine popping all year. CAMERA CLUB STANDING-Tony Mora, Donna Sehurr. Roland Smith, lWary Lautensehlayer, Carl Schoonover. Ardith Parsons, Roland Lindstrorn, lim Sellon, Iini lVlcKirzney, Patsy Rimmer. Ira Hansen, Sharon Wfitson, Pat Orr, Ile ful Pi ferers To bind up cuts and bruises, not the job of this group, as might be supposed . . . a Merry Christmas for a needy family . . . the purchase of books for veterans . . . gift box drive for the children overseas . . . annual pie sale and pie eating contest inaugu- rated to add to the Iunior Red Cross Fund . . . In these ways organization proved that it is worthy of support it received when over 99 per cent of the crew enrolled as members. HOMEMAKING CLUB FRONT Row-Pat Smith. Carolyn Kavanauyh, Wzirirlri Nearing, Betty Guihan, Diana Rorlrique:. Aurora RiiV71ffC1. Virginia Laux, Mrs. Mary Anderson. SECOND ROW-Ioann Bacerra, Hilda Zinsmann, llflarlene Bestel, Shirley Dexter. Pat Allen, Pat Riehtrnyer. THIRD Row-Elizabeth Elain, Alberta lVIulford,4 lime Stout, Norma Pittser. Donna Ware, Luretta Voyel. FOURTH ROW-lldartha Davis, Ieanette Head, Iustina Hernandez. Evelyn Royers, Darlene Beatty, lime Mrilforcl. FIFTH ROW--Blandina Hernandez, Glenda Inman, Lorraine Iolin, Eleanor Hernandez, Shirley Roy- ers, Peyyy Hales. SIXTH ROW-Dorothy Critron, Ianiee lVIcCulloeh, Adele lVlelvin, lVlary Flores, Sherry Dunivin. Man the Te escape Recording the secrets of "Davy Iones' Locker' . . . they sight a victim at 20 degrees off port bow . . . twenty lashes for a double exposure . . . dark- room in the hold manned by Mate, Waltei' Winters . . . a special voyage to the San Diego Zoo where they took a treasure chest full of pictures. Roger Aten. SEATED-Russell Mertens, Arthur Rodriym-:, Charles Kates, VValter Super, Beverly Burrows, Ieannine Donohue, Beverly Davie, Viruinia Soner. Pauline Condit. , ' li l L. lf, , t',x - - 1 1 K 4 . I , , 9 ' SCHOLARSHIP BACK ROW-Bob Rylance, lun Nishino, lack Mitchell, president 25 lim Matsiinaga, We.sley Apvlebury. SECOND Row-Miss Anna Finley, aduiserg Ann Iohnstone, Eiko Ozaki, Harumi Shigemasa, Gary Davidson, Donna Wacker, Betty Miller, lack Kraushaar, president I: Connie Cope, Vernon lWax- well, Barbara Klink, ludith Conley, Patsy Rimmer, Ianice Christensen, Nancy Schick, Corlyss Courtney, Bob Newsom, Tets Ozaki. SEATED'-SIISHTI Larmer, lean Ward, lVIarion Morimoto, Shirley Rice, Luana Powell, Nancy lones, Vivian Ostrom, Glenda Inman, Hiroko Aoyama. Rf 4 I A' GGLDEN FLEECE BACK ROW-Tets Ozaki, lim Matsiznaya, Iulian Valdez. THIRD ROW-Iohnny Borrego, Iohn Anzliny. Pat Lewis, Bob Rylance, Vernon Ma.x'- well, LeRoy Ollmer, loan Cadwallader, Marion Morimoto, Harumi Shigenzasa. SECOND ROW-lack Kraushaar, Ray Ramirez, president If lack Mitchell, Marsliall Van der Linde, lun Nishino, lean Ward, Peggy Iones, Connie Cope, Susan Larmf er, Gladys Spiker, Marshalla Stewart. Donna Wacker, Patsy Rimrner, Nancy Schick, Corlyss Courtney, Darlene Lewis. FRONT ROW-Bill Phillips, president 2g Don Beal, Luana Powell. in NX, , If 45927, I J 4' fl 0 L' K , -'MQ LJ ' IV f we-Col "Ball and Chains" dragged home for study and good grades . . . able seamen who enjoyed a Uwaterl' party at seafarer Kraushaans home I . . . the all important Hbattle of wits" at the regional conference in L. A. . . . A "salty" good time had at the Spring picnic where lots of loot plundered and eaten , . . Captain, Miss '4Mermaid" Finley. Ile msmen in their Field ' gf yalwyf My The Anchor A steady influence to the ship . , . provided by these worthy honor students . . . The Hanchorn was pulled up for a trip to Los Angeles . . . the colorful "Kiss Me Kate" . . . Initiation dinners . . . ditch day to San Clemente beach club . . . ushers at all school affairs . . . wear their pins with pride . . . Providing a "treasure" of memories. 41 CROWNING OF THE QUEEN Arlene Wheeler, Senior candidate: Kenneth Price, F. F. A. presif dent, Nancy Caluer, Queen of the Farmers' Ballg Shirley Rice, Freshman candidate, Mary Henderson, Iunior candidate. land ubbers Seaweed and seahorses , . , F.F.A. supply the commissary with "grub" for the voyage . . , put on the highly successful Farmers' Ball where Nancy Calver was crowned as their queen . . . won second place in the County Co-Op contest . . . played in the F. F. A. basketball and baseball tournaments . . . field trip to L. A. County Fair . . , participated in the Orange County Fair . . The landlubbers have brought honor to our ship. F. F. A. FRONT ROW fleft to rightl -Ben Osuna, Keith Dean, Charles Chil- ders, Iames Ieffrey. Laurence lWy- ers. Donald Beal, Bob Stamp, Bob Elliott, Lewis Baugh, Rolan Thomas, "Miss F. F. A. Lass." H SECOND Row-F. L. Dunivin, instruct- org Wallu Moslzer, Earl Ostrom. lim Rogers. Leonard Schneider. lohn Amling, Robert Butler, Tom Smith. Kenneth Price. BACK ROW-Kenneth Casada, Waldon Rose, Bill Stroud, Iames Hase- gawa, Lynn Tanner, Ronald Boothe. Mike Fellows, Sam Bris- bin, Norman Hopper,Frank lfVag- goner, Norman Rose. NOT SHOWN - Don Corbett, Ronald Cook, Harvey Dawling. Richard Pridemore, Andy Wilderrdyk, Ger- nld Long, Ierry lohnson, Tony Arellano. +0 ,L ,MW be-of l ARGOLOG STAFF STANDING-Tony Mora, Dalton Killion, Bob Rylanee, Bob MCCIellan,Ho1r'ard Black- man, Rex Hickman, Larry Brecher, Cliff O'Hern, Al Darby. SEAT1-LD-lVlay Fisher, Beverly Burrows, Ian- iee MllCkICl1'CC, editor, 2g Sandra Bates, Ioan Ienkins. Marilyn Crumal, Paula Hilyard, loann Falletich. NOT SHOWN- Wanda Nearing, editor lg Virginia Grafton. Tlre 801713 Parrots What two "seadogs" were playing "crack the whip" in the crows' nest while on the starboard watch? . . . Who stole Pete's pegleg and threw it down the holdl. . . Such is the seuttlebut reported by the roving reporters . . . They hide behind every mast and yardarm . . . gather all the news . . . try to beat the deadline and deliver their newspaper by Friday . . . We give thanks to the "parrots" for their good work. Me Scribes Not every pirate ship equipped with typists and steno- graphers . . . Such are the members of this club, advised by Mrs. Iosephine Aten . . . Eight thousand envelopes to contain Easter Seals, typed by the Club as a contribution to a worthy cause. SHCR'lj'I'ARIAL CLUB STANDING--Mrs. losephine Aten, adviser, lustina Hernandez, lime Stout, secretary-treasurerp Norma Pittser, Donna Ware, Virginia Larlx, Hiroko Aoyama. KNEELING-Nlary Miirai, Blandina Hernandez, Liz- cille Queja, Mary Flores, Marion Morimoto, president. S!iATlilJ-Aurora Ramirez, Eleanor Hernandez, 1 Louise Ikemi, vice-president: Asako Shigemasa. , Nlarie Qtreja. 39 643' -fi! I n I . A . W .. Q J CO-EDITORS OF ARGONAUT Peggy Iones, Luana Powell ARGONALIT STAFF STANDING-Peggy lones, co-editorg Luana Powell, co-editorg Anita Block, art, Donna Wacker, typistg Ann Iohnstone. write-upsg Mary lane Landong Harumi Shigemasa, girls 'sportsg lean Ward, snapsg Susan Larmer, proofreader and write-ups: Miss Anna Finley, adviser. SEATED-Bill Phillips, boys' sportsg Harold Teague, business manager: lim McKin- ney, student photographerg Walter Kreutzerg Manuel Hernandez, art. NOT SHOWN-Ianice Muclflewee, typist: Virginia Grafton, proofreader and write-ups: Sandra Bates, ads: Mary Henderson, adsp Doris Farnsworth, write-upsp George Hamlin, cover design, Nels Nelson, art adviser: Stuart Iones, adviser for ads. The Shi fs' Historians It is due to the efforts of this loyal, trustworthy group of mariners that the "jolly roger" flies over our Alma Mater . . . blood, sweat, and tears shed by them during the composition of this volume . . . bylleafing through its dusty, faded pages a retired rogue can relive his glorious past . . . roaring seas, moun- tainous waves . . , plunder and booty from treasure laden ships . . . palm tree shaded coral islands set in blue waters, where gold and gems were hidden, J never to be found . . . memories of those who were washed overboard by the 'J treacherous seas of education . . . The completion of this mighty task of recording the highlights of the year was celebrated wildly by Miss Anna Finley and her motley crew. 38 4 our hold l . . JY C5 fi? R FRONT Row-Ianice McCulloch, Eliza- beth Elam, loan Hart, lohn Martin, Clarence Howard, Billy Gomez, Tom- my Hutchins, Howard loslin, lohn Marzial, Davie Kindred, I. L. Leach- man, lames Methuin, Lloyd Gyliclc. SECOND Row-Helen Galau-ay, David Lindsey, Wally Iennings, Bob Muel- ler, Roy Howell, Don Gedney, Rob- ert Garcia, Billy Grove. THIRD Row-Antonia Hernandez, Bar- bara Mershon, Vivian Ostrom, Sher- rill Hewitt, Pat Richtmyer, Peggy Hales, Laurette Iolin, Kathleen Lar- kin, Helen Holt, Pat LaRue, Indy Mittrick. Nancy Iones, Hattie Mc- Donald, Betty Kitada, Barbara Klink, Sally Gutierrez, Angelita Hernandez. Mike Fellows, BACK ROW-loyee Keister, Iackie High- tower, Betty Heard, Ruth Hamic, Mary Lautenschlager, Paula Hilyard, Virginia Stevens, Marlene Iones, Glenda Inman, Betty Iames. FRONT ROW-Edward Ida, Richard Pride- more, Robert Newsom, Kenneth W. Reed, Frank Pina, Kenneth C. Reed, Lincoln Owens, Raymond Robinson, SECOND ROW--Arthur Rodriguez, Wally Mosher, Artlzur Palomino, Cesario Pinon, Alfred Moreno. THIRD Row-Gloria Petro, Clara Petro, Donna Rose. Diana Rodriquez, Mary Qucja, Mary Murai, Myrna Noble, Alice Quick, Ardith Parsons, Natalie Morgan, Shirley Rice, Donna Schurr, Shirley Orrs, Fern Parker. BACK Row-Lydia Moreno, Wilma Roughton, Naomi Ryssman, Lina Ramirez, Shirley Rogers, Alice Pier- son, Vera Robles, Indy Pressnall, Barbara Nclsrin, Lydia Roclriquez, FRONT ROW-Lupe Ynigiiez, Wayne Schenet. Alma Wiley, Iuanita Soy- land, lanet Wendlancl, Carolyn Schmidt, Donna Vener, Helen Stamp, Darleene Smith, Shirley Shane. lime Whitney. SECOND ROW-Harry Butler. Ioe Robles, lim Sellon, Rowland Smith, Waldon Rose, Paul Hill, Larry Myers, Don underwoocl, Paul Shellenbarger. Richard Wills. TIIIRD ROW-lohn Rogers, Howard Wade, Daniel Ramirez, Carl Schoon- over. BACK ROW-Bob Thompson, Cliff Ron- nenberg, Tom Smith, Manuel Torres, Marion Luna, Martin Salgado, Ron- ald Sewell. qu tcpgtf, wt? 1. , Qxflfllilefiglxvisr iiwttuft Lcagtii. S5 Walla 'i cCP'eh Giflsuaottcf e ft -, Vs- ,CFC YW QC5 mffl , si , S . t ,Cot R09 ,CO cf' duff' SYWMA pf25'd?oWCu Shiflzg Kitadanctl lofgcpfc' 996 vicci. R09 f li 2, B659 21 Nicaduc uctlcfracnt i easurclion 4, WUQQGMS , Bob N1 prey. ms' tt ommisb pvcbefl Ort' 'dent 2. li li C fe 9 i W I .UQ Dob 1, uc avifn t-Q5 - R0 Q ntatl' .49 HUC-, LQBQ C D 715643 QW fc ifD'ZsCt'ao1flf D0'i1nnfl'l V-Ox - vipf - cl' c 23 si 6 4- N0 dfC55 3016 atlfc. Pre 56-O . 3 R 563' Rice' LW and -ACU taflfl . Shi ' Cabin Ba s Wobbly legged little creatures . . . fast learning the ways of the sea . . . upset the boat at Scrub day by defeating Sophs . . . 100 per cent membership in Red Cross . . . candidate chosen as Homecoming Queen . . . survived their first voyage with help of adviser, Walter Winters . . . All signed up for the next A'Treasure hunt." FRONT ROW-Eric Conley, Curtis Boylan, Ronald Clark, Don Averill, Gary Fletchall, Raymond Clzristianson, lfVally Davis, Robert Elliott, Keitlz Dean, Harvey Dowling. SECOND ROW-Sam Brislzin, Dennis Albriylit, Leighton Claiisson, Donald Dolwlrins, Cene Crosby. Gary Bollsclzweiler, Dale Dykstra, Robert Garcia, Otto Cupin, Chester Claus, Don Corbett, Greig Frazier. STANDING-Nancy Dodge, Mona Clark, Shirley Dexter, Dixie Dobkins, Dolores Ciipin, .Sharon C,li'IIllll'l, Shirley Fairellilfl, Nerlra Files, Cora Ayala, Gloria Cllairez, Eleanor Balan- dran, Ann Cains, Pat Allen, liiclitli Collier, Barlmra Blair, BACK ROW-Sherry Diiniifin, Florence Anderson, Georgia Eagles. loann Falletielz, lVlary lo Farr, Irene Beach, Carol Crandall, Laura llflay Brazeal. 95224351 as 15? 5w' Y 2:f" 7: Gif' 'Aly my 3 ' 1 1 ef - L 5 wa .M X, f , - . wff,g,,M V 1 f H A U f ,-1 , 3,151 2 A 'AS' H 'wi 'iii . ' 1- 'S " w W x f 2 Q 1 f 2 iii A 4' g T 5 A wr. "WW, Q??lCERNanc!J cphl-lscntatilll CLASS cr 17 - ncil 'apr 1. MORE r ffgasuf Ian L03 C idgnt ' SOPH?Q Blend? Y rfll lem 'lk ' Uicppr rclgrccd, f , . Ober tam 1, lc 2 Um li Lcasl lc fc Ctarll 25 r scffc Qsidfiflt ' LouiSC ith. Girl! Lcfilll cfs 2: CCI Soflf , fail' fam Q-d nf I f, A M8 ACH Z LOT Zrciaigl rIj,v?:3Nan8l7iir1Cll rcgiisllfcr 2 l SHO 1 ,qcC ' D qfb ll ' NOT R93 , ,Al ' Iiggtafluc 5 cntaflvc ' webs Kept the decks clean and ready for action . . . victorious in the battle for F. F. A. queen . . . in the snap contest . . , sponsored Holiday Hop, Clothing drive, World Friendship club . . . led by Mrs. Mary McClain . . . proved themselves seaworthy and ready for promotion, SOPHOMORE CLASS STANDING-Normzm Adams, Robert Butler, David Dalldorf. Curtis Connell, Neil Cox, Louis 5l:A'I'liIJ Baugli, Corlgss Courtney, Pa! Berry, Martlza Davis, Pa! Ducllart, Vickie Dzzilcy, CL-ccliu Barry, Ivan Conncr, Beverly Davis, Clmrlcric Atkins, Pauling' Conclit, Iozmn l3il4.'L'1'1'Ll, lJz1r'lufu' liuzlfty, iglhlfil fTU1'I'llII'Lj, llirulm floyuniu, lv.'111r1vtli- fflmirvz, Nlilalrccl liluulv, A'1Lll'll,l1L' liuslvl. -Clmrlvs C:lIllflL'I'S, Buclcly Buss, Iuclv Burgcson, Roycr Atwl, Brucc BL'illlL'llUlllfJ, Rolzcrt Blcnflcr, Gene Collins, Gary Davidson, Howard Blacknian. BACK ROW-lack Elder. Richard Fletcher, Forrest Dunivin. Curtis Alexander, lack Dales, Kenneth Casada, Wayne Crosufhite, Larry Brown. Andres Flores. CliNTER ROW-Don Beal. Iimmy Sain, Rae Dunn, Sandra Bates, Ieannine Donohue. Iudith Conley, Ioan Cad- ufallader. laniee Christensen, Diane Bollschufeiler. FRONT ROW-Connie Cope, Rita Ander- son. Pauline Dodd. Ardith Dareh. Beverly Davenport, Marilyn Crumal, lean Bowman. Anne Deuore, Mary Flores, Doris Farnsworth, TOP ROW-Bob Grafton, lack Mitchell. lack Kraushaar. LeRoy Ohmer. Lar- ry Brown. Carlton Iordan, Loren Kemper. lim Hasegawa. lim McKin- ney, Vernon Maxwell. SECOND Row-Mary Henderson, Mary lane Landon, Margaret Bruns, Lianne Kent, Dorothy Critton, Eileen Gill- ham. lun Nishino, Kathleen Gillham. Earl Ostrom, Clayton Kirk. THIRD ROW-Esther Lopez. lustina Her- nandez, Viryie Green, Margaret Gutierrez. Eleanor Hernandez, Marty Geeslin. Marion Morimoto, Darlene Lewis. Pat Larkin. Wanda Neariny, Betty Guihan. Iackic Keister. FRONT Row-Iimmy Sain. Ted Kirada. Richard Fletcher. lack Elder, lim Sleeper. Charles Kates. VVesley Groom. Iimmy Hollenbeck. rf BACK ROW-David Ramirez, Don Tua- son. Gerald Voyel, Norman Rose. lames Willey, Richard Sparks. Rol- and Thomas, lack Mitchell. Phil Smith, Marshall Van der Linde. lim- my Sain, Ronald Wade, Spencer Smith, Calvin Soest. CliNTER ROW-Donna Ware, Thelma Wiley, Norma Pittser, Iune Stout. Lucille Queia. Mary Lou Vander- yriff, Ioan Soule. Nancy Struble, Iuanita Pope, Valrita Allen, Ioan Rainey, Marla Ufilliams. Corina Valencia, Margaret Ramirez. Iessie Salyado. Connie Villascnor. FRONT ROW-Marshalla Stewart, Mary Lou Post. Arleene Parsons. Barbara Spurlock, W'anda Watson, Willas- tine Cooper. 'V ii U , L rfb ith' Mdyrf. i i f- wwf. uw LL if V I re 'LL uf' L .elf lid! nf WW :U fy' Q rr-,va M' , I 'rf XOYXXOX1 CLPSSS OQYXCEX1 Sr prnxuisffiiiditii Cont-cgi, treasiirer lp Xoan Eider, Giris League representaf tive 21 Xaniee Christensen, Coitneit representative 'Lg Marion Morif moto. treasurer X, Giris League representative ig Connie Cope. seeretarg 74 Barbara Spiirioek, Girls League representative in Marg Henderson, seeretarg ig Nlarshaii V an der Linde, president 2. 'x' r4wmf?hii Smith, geii ieader K and 'Lg Xun Nishino, president X, Council representative 'lg 'fed Kitada, vieefpresident 1. fiifrifng idoiienbeek, vicefpresident 2. 5-, g 'GMX 'ixxrwlw Q Th Qrou Q reasup o lu,te B m fe e f- So 0 P 1 ex tant hOnS:1llt?rS'iig1rienCed m 1 an'S I2 Winn? by tifffmen 9 to keg the gf Capwho h Cp ta' av Y the ?Z?6ti:SeIX4Zi-2.1-gut one IH al' H10 Pape Ssem ah T fe V 1-'v bly albo Oya ' . ' t, t 96 'alon"theoCa ". 9 n pture 6 V at OYa all' Se ' a tif 5 S Lio Us gfeaf f V 0 Spe o eeh UPN ge n bo Wa . C ard 5 , d1pl BLDC the ijhip Xlfltgen a d . rom a Sen n a . ceo co ' . f Ut 1'leXt tinilieir the man ' . .. fi- ' B Y Crexjlsunsu St ' thei ' ' age r ' at d goal, the a s to 'end .di 9 N if gg Q .Y , f M f 4 Wifi' mi 4, a as if 'E x Q! I l y.fN, Win. 91,20 WWW ALLEN FISHER-Transferred from Orange in Sophomore year. Tennis I-4: President of Na- tui-: Study Club 23 Sophomore English Club, BOB IVILISTOE-Transferred from Michigan in Freshman year. Football 2. PAYE SANDERS-Transferred from Santa Ana High in Sophomore year. Basketball 23 Volleyball 2: Captain of Basketball 2: Secre- tarv Club 4. LEONARD SCIINElDER4Football l-4: Bask- rtluall l-4: Track l-4: Future Farmers 3, 'Ig l"Ii-Y I-4: Art Club 3. IZOBBIE WHEELER-Basketball I-3: Baseball lr Badminton l: Volleyball I: Girls' League ludgrg Council: Ir. Red Cross: Iunior class Vice-President: Sophomore Class Secretary: Freshman Class Treasurer: Commission: Argo- naut: Argo Log 3, EVELYN WI.ILF4GolcIen Fleece 42 Art Club 3, 4. Arizona in Senior yt-ar. VIRGINIA IIOWELI. Yell Leader 2: Hi-Y l. WILMA WATSON-Transfcrrcil fiom Minn: RLIDOLPH ZITNEY-Football 3 4 IIIVI STOLITAFreshman Class President Sehool lCOHf!Ul1Cd Of! IJSQC J W 47-C, e GLADYS SPIKER--Girls' League Representa- lt!! tive 41 Golden Fleece 43 Tri-Hi-Y 3: President 509 1 ' f of Biology Club 2. V Z BILL SPURLOCK-Transferred from Miami, " wk fc Lf' W Arizona in Sophomore year. Football 2. 3, 4, 4 ff, Basketball 4g Track 31 Baseball 2, 3. 4: Glee ' L5 Club 2, 3. 4g Operettta Z. 3, 43 Boys' Quartet 1 L6 ' - .IU 0 and Mixed Quartet 3, 4: Council 3: Hi-Y 2, '00 3. 'lg Golden Fleece 33 Scholarship 23 Ass't ' Business Manager 35 Argonaut 3: Stage Man- ' t ager for Iunior and Senior Plays. ' WLJLAVZPAJ fl NANCY STEVENS-Basketball l-3: Tennis 2. 35 Hockey l-3: Badminton l-35 Volleyball l-4, Vice-President of G.A.A.: Senior Class dress representative, Band l-3: Tri-Hi-Y: Band Concert l-3. CURTIS STOUT-Football 2, 3: Freshman Class presidentp Hi-Y l-41 Secretary of Hi-Y l-4. BILL STROUD-F.F.A. Sentinel 4: Future Farmer 3, 4: Nature Study Club 23 F.F.A. Iudging team 3. YOSHIKO TANAKA-Secretarial Club 4. If Track l-3. f" slwwa f feflf KL MJ, HAROLD TEAGUE--Basketball l-4: Tennis l-4: Council 41 Argonaut 4. IULIAN VALDEZ-Football I-4: Basketball DONNA WACKER-Golden Fleece 43 Schol- arship 3, 4: Glee Club 2: Operetta l, 2: Argo Log l: Argonaut 4, Y-Teens l, 2: Radio Broad- cast Z5 Sextet 2: Brea Exchange Assembly, Tennis 4. ARLENE WHEELER-Transferred from Santa Ana High in Iunior year. IEAN WARD-Basketball l-4: Tennis l-42 Baseball l-4: Hockey l-41 Badminton l-4: Vol- levhall l-4: President of Tri-Hi-Y l: Glee Club l-23 Flag Twirler 2: Operetta I. Z: Commission 4: Golden Fleece 4, Scholarship 3, 4: Argonaut 4: Office 3, 4: Iunior Play director. Senior Play director, PAT WATSON-Transferred from Florida in Senior year, Office 4. 6,.fn1V...C,..v A A-'EW gr! '15 5-2 LLIANA POVVELL-Volleyball 33 Drill Team 4: Girls' League ludge 3: Girls' League Presi- dent 4: Girls' League Dress Representative 2: Homecoming Committee 4: Vice-President ol Golden Fleece 4: Council 3: Golden Fleece 3. 43 Spanish Club 3: Argonaut 3, Co-Editor 4: lunior Play. Competitive Assembly 3: Ameri- can Legion Speech 2, 4: Exchange Assembly 3: Assistant Publicity Manager of Student Body 31 P.T.A. Panel 4: D.A.R. Contest Winner 41 Elks' Scholarship Award: Bank of America Award 4, AURORA RAlVllREZ-Basketball l, 2, 4: Ten- nis l: Baseball l: Hockey 2: Badminton 2: Operetta 7. 4: Glee Club 2. 4: Band Concert Z, 43 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 41 Secretarial Club 4: Art Club 3, 4: llomemaking Club 4: Dianas l, 2. 3. RAY RAMIREZ-Football l-4: Basketball I-4: Track. l-4: Baseball l-4: Freshman Class Pres- ident, Sophomore Class President, lunior Class President. President of I-lifY l. 3: Captain of Football 4: Operetta 2, Golden Fleece l-4: Big Sister Day Program 2. DUANE RlCHARDSON-Football l-4: Senior Ditch Day Committee 4: Hi-Y 2, 3. BOB RIEGER-Football 1, 2g Hi-Y 1, 2. lllVl ROGERS-Football l-4: Basketball l, Track l. Z: Golf l-4: Future Farmers l, 2, 3. 4, F.F.A. Baseball Team 3. 4: Hi-Y I. 2. 3. xxx P- X. IRIS RYSSMAN-Basketball 1: Bas:-hall Ii Hockey lp Volleyball l: Glee Club 3: Operetta A 3: Band Concert 3: Tri-Hi-Y 2. 3: Commis sion 4. BILL SHANDS-Transferred from Millinton. Tenn. in Senior year. Golden Fleece 4: P.T.A. Panel 4. tit HARUMI SHIGEMASA-Basketball 2. 4: Ten- nis I-3: Baseball I-4: Badminton 2, 4: Volley- ball l-4: Scholarship President 3: Girls' League Secretary 3: G.A.A. Historian 3: lunior Class Treasurer, Senior Class Vice-President. Senior Class Publicity Manager. G.A.A. President 4: Scholarship Z, 3. 4: Golden Fleece 4: Argonaut 4 BEVERLY SlVllTH--Transferred from Bonita High in Sophomore year: Art Club 4. CLYDE SMITH-Football l-4: Basketball l. J: Track 3. 4: Tennis l: Baseball 3. 4: Oprretta 2. 3. 4: Commission 4: Ili-Y 1, Nature Stutlv Club 3. DWIGHT SMITH-Football l-4: Baseball l. Z: Basketball 1: Horseshoes 4: Badminton 45 Senior Ditch Day tommittee. Hi-Y Treasurer l: President 2: Hi-Y l-4. lc I. Z. 3: Operetta 3. .J-... School Play Z. ' .sf Club 4. BILL PHILLIPS-Football I-4: Basketball l-3: Baseball l-4: Freshman Vice-President, Sopho- more President. lunior President, Senior Class Yell-Leader: Council I: Commission 2: Board ol Control 4: "C" and "D" Manager 4: Hi-Y President 2, 3: Vice-President I: Band I-4: Boys' League Secretary I: Golden Fleece I-4: Scholarship l-2: Argonaut 4: P.T.A. program 4. RICHARD PINKHAM- Freshman treasurer: Nature Study Club 3: Hi-Y l. 2. RAlfAEl.l'l'A PINON-Basketball l-4: Tennis l. Z: Baseball l-4: Hockey I-41 Badminton l-4: Volleyball l-4: Captain of Basketball 4. KENNETH PRICE-'Football 2. 3, 4: F.F.A. President 4: F.F.A. Vice-President 3: Sentinel 2: Future Farmers I-4. r .-v KENT MORGAN-Tennis l, 2. 3, 4: Band IANICE MUCKLEWEE-Transferred from Hawaii in Iunicr year. Basketball 3, 4: Base- ball 4: Hockey 4: Badminton 4: Volleyball 3. 4: Operetta 4: Camera Club 4 Argo Log Editor 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3. 4: Argonaut 4. Y . ILINF. IVILILFORD-Basketball l, Z, 3: Tennis 2, 3: Baseball 2, 3: Hockey 2. 3: Badminton l, 2. 3, 4: Volleyball Girls' League ludge 4: President Homemaking Club 4: Drill Team 4: WANDA MURRAY-Basketball I-4: Tennis I-4: Baseball l-4: Hockey I-4: Badminton l-4: Volleyball l-4: English Club, Secretary 2' Commission 3: Competitive Assembly 2. ANETTA NORTH-Operctta I: Tri-Ili-Y 2. 3: Baseball 2: Volleyball Z, 4. EIKO OZAKI-Hockey 3, 4: Badminton 3, 4: Volleyball 3. 4: Scholarship 3. 4: Secretarv HAROLD PEARCE RICHARD PECK-Football 2, 3: Future Farm ers l, 2. 3. I . "1 ' S. SGif W l '- . . : : Badminton 3: Glee Club 4: Dianas, Vice- President 1, President 2. Secretary 3: Art Club: Operetta 4: Band Concert 4: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Sec- retarial Club 4: Homemaking Club 4. PAT LI TON IRG NIA LAux Baskabaiii 2 4 Tennis GLORIA LOPERA-Basketball 1, 2: Baseball 1: Volleyball l, 2: Glee Club 1, 2. 3: Oper- fwWW'QW W etta 1, 2, 3: Tri-Hi-Y l, 2. ANGIE MARTINEZ-Transferred from Ana- heim High School in Iunior Year. Basketball l-4: Tennis l. 2: Baseball l-4: Hockey l-3: Badminton l-4: Volleyball 1-4. FELIX MARTINEZ-Basketball 1. 2. 3: Ten- nis Z. 3, 4: Baseball 1: Captain of "C" Bask- etball I: Tennis Club. IIM MATSUNAGA-Football l, 2, 3, 4: Track l. 2. 3: Baseball I: Student Body President 4: Sophomore Class Treasurer: Iunior Class Trea- surer: Football Co-Captain 4: Golden Fleece Treasurer 4: Scholarship 3: Hi-Y Treasurer 3. ADOLPH MAYA-Football I, Z. 3: Track I. 2, 3, 4: Baseball 3, 4: Handball 4: Cross Country 4. BOB MCCLELLAN-Football 4: Basketball l, 3, 4: Track naut 3-4: A 3, 4: Baseball 3, 4: Hi-Y Argo- rgo Log. f ac . Ki ADELE MELVIN-Basketball l: Baseball lg Hockey l: Volleyball l: Glee Club l-4: Oper- etta I-4: Dianas I, Z: Homemaking Club 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Band Concert 4. MARGIE MITCHELL-Basketball 2, 4: Ten- nis l: Baseball l, 2, 4: Hockey l, 2: Badmin- ton I, Z, 4: Volleyball l, 2. 4: Captain of Base- ball l: Captain of Basketball 4: Sec.-Treasurer of Teen Canteen lg Vice-President of Scholar- ship 2: American Legion Speech Winner 4: Fashion Show Model 3. 4: Competitive As- semblv 41 Operetta Z: Chorus Z: Big and Little Sister Day lg Lions Club Speech 1. DICK MITCHELL-Football I-4: Basketball I-2: Track 1-4: Baseball l: Senior Class Vice- Pres. Hi-Y lp Future Farmers 31 Competitive Assembly 4: School Play I: F.F.A. Iudging Team 3. TONY MORA-Transferred from Huntington Beach Iunior Year. Photo Club 4: Argo Log 4: Operetta 3. 4: Glcc Club 3, 4. Q 9 ., , ,,-4 - ,.-. . .., - -. , 5 5- :fi ' 1 gpg y 4' ' 53? is f V! , 9 f a F 5 'fat' M , s, I 5 K y THOMAS GUIHAN-Football I. 2: Basket- ball 1, 2: Hi-Y 4. BEVERLY HAMILTON-Basketball 1, 3, 4: Baseball l. 2, 3. 4: Volleyball l. 4: Girls' League Co-Chairman 3, 4: See. of Biology Club 2: Tri-Hi-Y, Vice-President 3: Y-Teens 2: Pep Assembly 4: Announcer of Girls' League Fashion Show 3. GEORGE HAMLIN-Football l, 3. 4: Basket- ball l. 3, 4: Track l, 3, 4: Baseball l. 2. 3, 43 Council, Hi-Y l, 3, 4: Argonaut 4. FRANK HANSEN-Football l. 2, 3, 4: Track l, Z, 3, 4. PHYLLIS HEYL BETTY HOWELL-Basketball 4: Hockey 43 G.A.A. 4. THOMAS KAVANALIGH-Football l, Z. 3, 4: Basketball l: Track 3, 4: lunior Class Yell Leader: Solo Appearances 3, 4: Hi-Y l. 2. DALTON KILLION-Football l, Z. 3. 4: Ten- nis l, 2, 3, 4: English Club Vice-President 2: Senior Class Secretary: Commission 4: Hi-Y l, 2, 3: Scholarship 3: Tennis Club, Senior Play I, 3: Iunior Play, American Legion Speech 4: P.T.A. Panel Discussion 4. NVALTER KRELITZER-Golf 3: Band 2, 3, 42 Opt-retta 2, 3, 41 Golden Fleece 3: President of Nature Club 4: Argonaut 3. SUSAN LARMER-Publicity Manager of Stu- dent Body 4: Girls' League Dress Representa- tive 3, 4: Drill Team 4: Council 4: Golden Fleece 4: Scholarship l, 2, 3, 4: Art Club 3: English Club 3: Argonaut 4: Arqo Log l: Com- petitive Assembly 4: P.T.A. Discussion 4: Dianas I, 2, 3: Bank of America Cup Award 4: Elks' Scholarship Award 4. VIRGINIA lDAfBasltetball l, Z, 3. 4, Tennis l, Z. 3, 4: Hockey l. 2, 3, 4: Badminton l, 2, 3. 4: Volleyball l, 2, 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3. 4. PEGGY IONES-Basketball 2, 3: Tennis 2. 3, 4: Baseball 2. 3, 4: Badminton 2, 3: Volley- ball 2, 3: Golden Fleece, Sec. 4: Girls' League Dress Representative 4: Senior Class Secretary. Board of Control, Clerk 4: Iunior Red Cross. Secretary 3, Treasurer 4: Operetta I: Chorus l: Model in Girls' League Fashion Show: Homecoming Committee 4: Pep Assembly 4: Argonaut Co-Editor 4: American Legion Speech Contest 4: Competitive Assembly Director 3. t 1 1? AUDREY CRIPE--Basketball 4: Badminton 4: Student Bodv Vice-President 4: Girls' League Co'Chai1'. 4: Council 4: Tri-Hi-Y 4: G.A.A. 4. HOWARD CROSVVHITE-Tennis I: Band l, 2, 3: Glce Cl11b 4: Tuba Solo 2: Future Farm- ers 2. "YM-new DOUGLAS DAVIS -Travisferrecl from Lnnq Beach in Sophonmrc year. Football 3, 4: Track 4: Baseball 3, 4. IVAN DEFAVERI-'I'ransf1-rrcd from Van- rouver, B. C. in Suphnnmrr- year, Tennis 3. 4: Sclfmlarship '1. P1 ll' A filled LORIN ELAM TONI EVAN5fBml0gy Natura' Stutlv Club I. 'Z ff' 5514514 ., RAY 1J1iw1'1"1eFm.111:.11 2, 1, 41 B11s1.c111,111 , L lg Hnclmintrm 3, 4: Commission 43 Hi-Y 1, Z: "'f , Stlwol Plav 31 Speaking Contest 3, ' 2 PAT 1i11R13ARA--B:1S11'fb1.11 1, 21 Tennis 1, 3. ff Badminton 23 Volleyball Z. 3: Girls' Lcziglie Rvpresent:1t1x'e 3: Commission 3: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 5: Freshman Play. E K ' 11-2 ,. wif: ':1::1.:3.' - 1' MARLENE FLETCHER-Tri-Hi-Y l. 2. 2 BETTY ANN DODSONiGirls' League Drrss Representative 3: Chorus. Operclta 2, 5. ti CAROLINE GARRfBaskethall 1, 4, 'rcnmt 43 Baseball 4: Badminton 4: Glec Club 4: Operetm 4: Art CI11b, Homemitking Club. LYNN GHHQARDI fTransferred from Hunt- ington Beach, Senior year. Opervtta 4: Model in Fashion Show 4. W 0 W X IOHN AMLING-Transferred from Orange in Sophomore year: Football Z, 3, 4: Basketball 3: Track 2: Baseball 2, 3, 4: F.F.A. President 3. Vice-President 2: Board ol Control, Iudge 4: Senior class President: Golden Fleece 4. TAIICHI AOYAMA-Football l: Basketball I: Future Farmers I, 2. RICHARD APPLEBLIRY-Foolball , , : Traffic Control 2, I 2 3 Track 2, 3: Council 3: Hi-Y l-4: Board :misss E INES AYALA-Football l-4: Basketball l-3: Track l-4: Badminton l-4: Elks' Leading Knight Award for 1950: Hi-Y. Sergeant-ab Boys' League Treasurer Arms 3, Chairman 4: 2: Operelta 4: Golden Fleece 3: Typing Record l: Iunior Play, Iunior CofHoIder: Reporter Compettive Assembly: American Legion Speak- ing Contest. VIVIAN BEAUCHAMP-Basketball l: Hockev l: Badminton l: Chorus 2, 45 Operetta 2. 4: Band Concert 2. 4: Dianas 3: Vice-President l, Sec'y-Treasurer 2: Art Club 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 7 3 4 E ESTHER BERRY-Badminton 4: Opcretta 4. 9 D I XX xx if A is i mee I 95" 53355 O P? X s .it ist Gr, QQ ' . B U S X , , ,,,, -.., 1 : iw rg 54 is 9 A 'B J IOHN BORREGO-Football l. Z, 3, 4: Bask- etball 1, 2. 3. 4: Track l. 2. 3, 4: Baseball I. 2, 3, 4: Basketball Captain 4: Golden Fleece President 3: Hi-Y President 3: Operctta 3: Council 2. 3, 4: Commission 3. 4: Board of ANITA BLOCK-Transferred from Long Beach in Sophomore vear. Scholarship 2. 3: Argonaut 3. 4: Talent Show 2, ROZELLA BORDEN!Basketball l: Girls' League Iudge 4: Commission 3: Drill Team 41 Homemaking Club 4: Tri-Hi-Y. Poly Senior High in Control 3: Hi-Y l, Z, 3, 2. 3, 4: Scholarship l, 2, 3: Senior Competitive Assembly. 4: Golden Fleece BEVERLY BURROWS - Transferred lrom lunior year, Basketball 4: Tennis 4: Baseball 4: Badminton 4: Volleyball 4: Photography Club 4: Argo-Log 4: Tri-Hi- Y 4. IEANNETTE COLOMEY-Transferred lrom Brighton High, Boston, Mass. in luuior year. Tennis 4: Badminton 4: Volleyball 4: Girls Reserve 3: Art Club 3, 4. BENNY CORR4Transferred to Anaheim. M5'l A 'vm V- ,fu E! ' ,fqffferffffff Mya? flaw 1 ,M ef 1' K 1 fir l. it . lx F X , SENIOR CLASS OFFICER STANDING-Nancy Stevens Gil' Slziltjemv S , rs League dress representative Ig Harumi isa. publicity nzanayer lp vice-president 2g Dalton Killion, secretary 25 lolm Borrvyo, Coimcil lg Bill Phillips, president If yell- lcaclcr 2: Dick Mift'l1t'll, Hit t'fprcsiLlt'r1I' lg lim lwzifszlrmga, treasurer 25 lim Stout, yt-II-lrntlt-r 21 Iulm Amliny, prcsiclcrit 2, SliA'l'lilJ--Gladys Spilrer, Gi:'l:.' l.:'4igii.' clruiss rt' N publicity nianagcr 2: P - NOT SHOWN-C' ' l prtscritntiiu' 2g llurlri-11 Crzpv, 'I J! tyyy Iones, secretary 1. yeorge Hamlin. Council 2g limmy Rogers, yell-leader Ig loa ' . King, yell-leader Ig Ric ard Applelmry, treasurer l. li W0 ' 1 A z f , if' i' v Ml j, f fl' L gb jyff L , l , " 3 . 1 I l J, MM f Xb 1" 1 I Mijfwftf ld Salts Cf' if . il Veteran of the sea . . . well-seasoned after a long voyage . . . plenty of laughs with Commander Kennedy on board . . . with the final cruise comes the ordering of cards . . . choosing announcements . . . seasickness over that last-minute rush . . . the Prom , . . Senior-Faculty Picnic . . . Baccalaureate . . . notations in the log here and there of Hamlet Notebooks . . . the competi- tive assembly "Not Tonight" . . . victory over faculty in a terrific basketball game . . . the ship docks and all hands rush down the gangplank for that hidden treasure, a diploma for a Ucrewn that has brought to a close a grand and glorious voyage. fff 1173 ' K 3514, ,fx J f' 4 ff ,7 V 777 ffxfqilgff W ,ff ' T w xl , 'l tx n ' .Q r 1 X Cn? L QL K ll f. if .xiclc A 1 K- QL 'f m 5 orthy girl Argonaut of the 1951 class. lean xv ch sen because of her high attitude rating, o lean VVard goes the honor of being the ai ' her active part in school organizations. lean was most active in sports having been a A.A. member all four years. In her Senior year she was on the Commission, and was a Golden Fl .ce and Scholarship member. Congratulations, lean. The or of be I the most worthy boy Argonaut of the 1951 l ss goes to Bill Phillips. His active participation 'n various school organ- izations ancl activities, and his high attitude rating merit Bill this honor. During his Senior year he was on the Board of Control, and he was a member of the Golden Fleece and of the Hi-Y. Throughout his four years in high school he took part in sports, especially in football, basketball, and baseball. Congratulations, Bill. BILL PHILLIPS I NOMINEES FOR MOST WORTHY ARGONAUT STANDING-lim Matsunaga, Bill Phil lips, Ray Ramirez. SEATED-lean Ward, Luana Powell. NOT SHOWN--Susan Larmer. .i l COUNCIL STANDING-Wally Davis, Harold Teague, business manager, Donald Iordan. ad- viser, lun Nishino, Richard Fletcher. lim Matsiinaga, president, ferry Ierman, Ted Kitada, assistant publicity manager: Iohn Borrego, Don Beal, assistant busi- ness manager: George Hamlin, Bob Ry- Iance, Roy Howell, Daryl Holt. SEATED-Rae Dunn, secretaryg Nancy Iones, Susan Larmer, publicity manager, loan Elder, Carolyn Kauanaugh, Barbara Klink, Ianice Christensen, Asalvo Shige- masa. Navi ators ln these capable hands lie the decisions which affect the welfare of all aboard ship . . . What course shall we set? . . . How many provisions should be stored in the hold? . . . What shall be the rulings applying to the crew's conduct on this voyage? . . . more members added, assuring every seaman, from Ucabin boy" to Hold salt," that he will be represented when the treasure is divided. U Mermauls All hands on deck for uniform inspection . . . buttons bright? . . . tie straight? . . . patch over one eye? . . . ln this girls' navy, bandanas prohibited and all "feet" required to wear shoes . . . all present and accounted for, in suitable sea-going outfits . . . the year brightened by the Mothers' and Daughters' Fashion Show and Tea . . . Co-Ed Dance, and the Big and Little Sisters Day . . . kept afloat by Mrs. Eileen La Barthe. GIRLS' LEAGUE STANDING-Rae Dunn, treasurerg Rozella Bor- Sim den, judge: Sandra Bates, judge, Darlene Lewis, vice-president, Audreu Crips, Chair- man of dress regulationsg Harumi Shige- masa, secretary: Mrs. Eileene LaBarthe, adigiser. Tlill-'BCllCf'llj Hamilton. co-chairman of dress regulations, Iune Nlulford, iudge: Bobbie Wlzeeler, judge, Luana Powell, president. 15 jo Cliff VAXSSXON O'l'lcrn, lack Dalcsf Dalton Killion, Rag DeWitt. lohn lohn Afnling, Clyde Smith, Daryl Taglor. ugh, Ann lohnstonc, lean Ward, Donna Vcncr sfnan, Marg Henderson, Sandra Bates. Simomof BOTFQQO, Carolyn Kavana Wlmeclcr, lris Rgs Semeo, Bobbie M e law Gf 11,0 ea Mu - Sons of tlneefs N bevfa ' - . But eptune fe! Th cl ' Clu 1 91' ' v H131-txjudg allot. YO ?lS1ng 1SS1oner O V CS ll 1 h me 11 b every one aVe a M5313 Writingard - , 0 Th . fial haf On a ti ESQ Stal Org the HY sli Waft Boar P of Cl of paper Con trol I xg , J C ' L 1 uf X ' l :I KX, l IJ V . I fy :Y l . 'Jil Q 'N lv - Al ill' , lk SFP : Xl DF 'W ull OIXQQ 09 comxlox, A . . -lgll Van dCf UUAC- lolm 'Amhnllfpcgg' Bm phillips' Ngionald lofdan. adviscrg Darlene Lcwlf, Stiidcnl' Body President STUDENT BODY OFFICERS STANDING-Ted Kitada, assistant publicity manager: lim Matsunaga, president Harold Teague, business manager: Don Beal, assistant business manager. SliA'I'liD--Audrey Cripe, vice-prcsidentg Rae Dunn, sccrctaryg Susan Larmer publicity manager. First Mates "Mats" and his first mates rule the ship with a hand of iron . . . But they wield the whip of authority with honesty and justice . . . Enjoyed turkey dinners . . . A trip to the San Clemente Beach Club . . . Ways of relaxing from their strenuous duties . . . But they are back on the job when needed . . . No crew could wish for better luck, sailing under such leadership. 12 gl L1 fb rg Q L, G.. Qi ,L i ll: Galley The best stocked galley of any ship in these seven seas . . . hard tack "a la king," and iced bilge water on tap . . . from here comes the energy which makes good sailors . . . no scurvy patients in sick bay . . . hats off to Miss Iessie Files and her cooksl ' 1 i s.. Ml 'lie' ,,,. lwffll, ! CL I all dl' 5 ., pr! YWQAQW CUSTODIANS STANDING-Bruce Decker, Gus Howard, Charlie Munz, Les Snyder. SEATED-Wendell Newsom, Mrs. H. Clark, Mrs. Bertha Collins, Charlie McCon- nell, Fordyce Eastwold, lack Mc- Connell. CAFETERIA MEMBERS Mrs. Maxine Tungstall, Mrs. Ruth O'Mohundro, Miss Iessie Files, Mrs. Blanche Berry, Mrs. Blanche Conklin, Everything .flulv-Shape They clean the decks, polish the brass . . . tie the knots, rig the riggings , . . trim the hedges, mow the lawns . . . sweep the walks, wash the windows , . . with the cooperation of the crew, everything is ship-shape at the end of another voyage . . . a vessel of which all aboard are proud. Iohn Mitchell-Geometry. Latin. Nels Nelson-Art. Harry Garber-Wood Shop, Auto Theory, Girls' Shop. Kenneth Wade-Metal Shop, Machine Shop, Wood Shop, Metal Craft, Stuart Iones-Radio Aeronautics, Phys- ' " lScience. ics, Physica Myron Kirsch-Commercial Geo- graphy, Biology. Mrs. Mary Mitchell-Girls' Physi- cal Education. Abraham Eidelson-Algebra, Trig onometry. Mrs. Eugenia Duffy - English French. Robert Mummery - Chemistry Business Mathematics, Shop Mathematics, Applied Science. ' - 'l ary lWiss Muriel Anderson L1 Jr F rell - Mechani- Norman 'ag cal Drawing, Geometry, Athletics. Mrs. Mary Anderson- Homemaking, Boys' Cook- ing. Forrest Dunivin- Agricul- ture. hine Aten-Steno- 1VIrs,Iosep graphy, Business Ma- chines, Typing, Transcrip- tion. George Gill-Music Theory, Band, Boys' Chorus. Mrs. Barbara Fessier- Homemalcing. Blanchard Beatty - Boys Physical Edifcation, Ath letics. 2 ff? . Y it . 415 Xbhi xsfyff X Mrs. Lorraine Lindstrom - Voice, Chorus. Kenneth Diingan-Bookkeeping, Busi- ness Problems, Business Law Commercial Geography. " S fnish Miss Anna Finley-English. pa journalism. Fi' f wh K is ll, ll I. wif .fl It 5 ,Mod i W . ,501 XV x I I 5 Aj -7 'L F ,jd A ,hw Donald Iordan, Dean of Boys, English. Mrs. Eilecnc LaBartl1e, Dean of Girls, English. 64 ains Possessing the knowledge of the ancient mari ' . . and the secrets of Davey Iones' Locker . . . Expertly comman ng t r e through calm or storm . . .assigning homework . . . correc 'nk ap . . . . ' ing up the treasure of their minds to all who would scck an fin . 5 ' - - Q , i i f ! 1 4 li M ADVISERS Donald Kennedy--Senior adviser, Senior Problems, English. Walter Winters -Freshman adviser, Orientation. Mrs. Sarah Talbot-Iunior advisor. English, U. S. History. Mrs Maru McClain-Sophomore ad- viscr, English. World History. fyfczfefff Www Miss Pauline Steres. office and guid ance secretary. Iaclc Schumaker, bookecper. NOT SIIOYVN'-H8FOld Reynolds, at- tendance and business secretary FT TO P. T. A. RIGHT-Mrs. George Willey, Mrs. Paul Appleburg, Mrs. Donald Frazier, Mrs. Melvin Soper, Mrs. Elmer Davis, Mrs. Walter Kreutzer, Mrs. A. T. Croswhite. Mrs. Forrest Duniuin, Mrs. C. Rogers, Mrs. R. Mucklewee, Mrs. Willis Cadwallader, Mrs. George Conley. 0ld Sailors A busy, exciting year full of new activities . . . sponsored the Monday night dancing classes . . . a successful undertaking . . . a "treasure" of S35 as gift to the school for a loudspeaker system in the bleachers . . . election of new officers . , . Dr. Katz lectures presented under their supervision. fbwieiiwlfvm ,Tivflflfk X aglglm f v A, 1 The Maintain tile ails They maintain the sails, tend to the neces- sary details and records accompanying each voyage . . . these tasks assigned to Miss Paul- ine Steres, Harold Reynolds, and lack Schu- maker . . . without their efforts the old ship would soon run aground in the shoals and reefs of confusion for lack of efficient, capable organization. 9 wifi .5 lx Me Beacons The lighthouse and buoy that guide our ship away from the treacherous rocks and shoals . . . lighting our stealthy course during a dangerous voyage . . . Ioseph Putnam, Lawrence Woods, president: Mrs. Grace Perkins, clerk: Mrs. Hattie Drake, Willis W. Caclwallader. . . .4We give our deepest thanks and appreciation for their ser- vice . . . and a fond farewell to Mrs. Perkins and Mrs. Drake who have served their last voy- age on our pirate ship. DOXG L EROY QR- L Piracy with its ominous emblem, bleached bones on a bank of black, is an ancient and entirely dis- honorable institution. Strangely enough, however, time has been kind to Blackbeard and his ilk. The bravado, the dash, the color and even the swagger of the old time pirate have been immortal- ized by literature and history. In much the same way we have borrowed the brightness of the Argonaut Legend. In our modern and thoroughly legitimate activi- ties in Garden Grove High School we emulate the courage, the drive and the endurance of Iason's un- conquerable band. V, Fight on Argonauts. f 'N , , X. V x if t i li fJ f X 'T W mf . ' ' q ,fig ' 1 .g K , , . X W XX , . xx ' X r xl L TRUSTEES LEFT TO RlGliT-Mrs. Grace Perkins, Ioscph Putman, Lawrence Wood, Mrs. Hattie Drake, Willis W. Cadwalladrr. 4 Lf Q k. f. V I ll 1 ,Q jj, ., " A 5 l A 525' mga X A 9 'su- 5 5 in V. 3 fwxg gf P161 IJ! MW lyk 1. Y. ??'Q4. ' "z:.u'rm'1v-6 vw N .f ' 4- A '-+221 e e i if f W ,mf W , ' V 7' jj gy J W ' flu, U' X J e N' JZ.-7. is 4 W - ' . S W 3 ' ' h "N V ' ' S' Q5 e . . X A rf , -:it-J: , I . V , ' X A if C 1105 F Z lb 4 69 XJ JJMW fgwgf UVUV' M Xxx' "'JLc7fL , R ' A K5 k- Q , 1 E 1 A BQ? ! 1 1 ff' V , ' fl 15", s Ll .VL ff W ffl """!! rig , W Dj' I 7 7, ' jf Q Table of foafeafs Q :ff P The Captain and Officers P' -A A " I . luv! D YN The Crew e J dj 27 ' EL X Q T 6 "'l""'Y 'e D 0' mf' fx' C spoils 7 Lf f JIU: . KL- J JN 1 f- Q Qu Q U, ,nd e . 5' ' ' ' . . , . ' . rr - I , .pf 'V' 4 f U1 Q' . l ry KS? y , 1 UQ 1 4 ' f li X if J .H ,leg hw XX il. Wir We We 4 loyal Pirate With pride and admiration this Argonaut is dedicated to a man who for twenty-four years has embarked upon the seas of teaching . . . has realized that teaching is much more than X just the knowledge of one's subject . . . is easy to talk to . . . ,S 'E always a sympathetic listener . . . has a knack of reducing students' problems by understanding them. X - Thus, affectionately and proudly we of the class of '51 Q xx dedicate the 1951 Argonaut to Abraham "Pop" Eidelson. ' X If X7 Ki , S1 X -5 0, X an N ,fl 4 ,X I L ' NR 4s 4' xx l i bk Elsa ,if 1- 1 :fy X N K, v WT. F ,Zqk V , gfffxgy W Vs. , hx fy is H F . 'Q 1 ,x M Q dx r K 4 3 A x 2 5 'FP . X , M , ,,' 2 ' 4 - , x A R " 4' 4 W if " V71 cl L 1:41 'ff fx ,C Q17 ,454 X Dcbgf' "Af-Vifc Y .4 s 1 I Published I' C11 I'0V 111011 ,ff 'i ' ,X ,S gl Y 14 A A ,AM "w W i -...Jv- if' 61i'?+ f' wg. o -x .V 'i 1 f If-. s .. ,C af ' -Q W.: A - ,. , 1.1 - ,5 f .fp 4,. 'N if Ax. A-, fav J 1, -A! 1' V L3 174. V ,. -M-g 1 a w. , gpg? -1. 21 4 X K 7 f .,. f u. .X 3 ' . J, f.. A v-,, 1 L. wr: rr .3 .1 y , k I , 5 I . I V , x1. su ' ..' i"r.2",1i' .la , , . wg. ' 3H",?LE5': 2' 0,1 .pi my - Je., , I ' 3 'X xl" n -,, "."'1., :ml V. A " f , Q' w:ff1.f1 I ngi'-W, .fy 'N "' -51, MM- Fa:'g.w-fi ,Q g, :N 'w 34 F. , .1 I 1' .. -. r , P , S' 1 .J A, ,f - 1 QSQ4 ' 4... Fffiflf , -- ' Q, 5 W v w 4 I 1 '41, ' ' I , V ski! xx-J . gjifgj --.XX Nfijg, a ,9 , Q jg!-1X-fy xJk.z ,XXJXJ ,fgjxf W Yfgf QQV 3 viz V WJ -fx-bfi u.JX,!if 1 ' ' 1 ' . , 1 s.d'SfX,,1j -. y4,L in Nui N-v"'rkX.w' V V! 1 Y, Agfa,-1 ' - V. in ' ,A -,l, Ab ,b, - b ,Q I , WI" . . '-.'- ns mlm- ' 5 wr ' .of--ffl ,W v- 1 L'.' .."' YL' , ,V ... vi' ' - .' . , , .V , . , V. .. H. --V , 'J 115' 5'-13 77 I QP'

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