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gl YPUYWWW f W 409 diff L, WY A V A 'MQW ZW Wpviaw 12:55 01,39 X X ,ff V SM' xwwf Q' QQ, JM' 3 SKQWGSMQW QM QMZJW EMM E , ' x Swv f We 2 9 W Egg , ,mff WW Q gi N M 'G 5 Nga? TQ pix, Q NIE v4R6'0Nv407 7948 Pubhkfzed by fire Student Body of Garden Wave Umbn ffgffz Scbool NIE 57465 P ologue. .. . ,waszwmi ' "Sta e Door" At the stage door stands our director, justly proud of the great job she has done in helping us to play our roles to capacity. As we look back, we wonder how we could have gotten along without her. She has handled innumerable jobs and has done all of them well: the Girls' League, the Golden Fleece, Public Speaking and class plays-all are graced by her presence. Her "well done" is worth any amount of hard work, and she has Won not only the friendship but the admiration of all. To Mrs, Robert LaBarthe we dedicate our l948 Argonaut. Back Stage PR06Rv4M. .. Dlkeefors Backstage Crew Pzfblfeky The Stars The 6215! ' v 44 1 l "' In this small dramatic setting, Garden Grove Union High School, each student goes on his Way entirely oblivious of the fact that he is a featured actor in the most gigantic stage production of all time, the American Public School. Each year is a repeat performance With a changed cast and a revised theme. Each year has its comedy, its romance and its tragedy. Each year is a com- mand performance With success its own reward. Over all and under all is the pervading spirit of American Youth, the challenge of competition, the urge for acclaim, the joy of living. Here are all the elements of drama. Here are all the features which can make of h ' abl ' ' sc ool life the most pleasur- e and productive period of human experience. X29 Dkecfor lb ffubf PAGE S 0f0Z'e Force Behind the scenes is the office force who keep the records straight and answer all questions. "Good morning, Mr. Reynolds, here's the note." "Two pencils please, Mrs. Dunganf' "Have the papers come yet, J ack?" Even with all these questions and interruptions, the happy little office crew keeps the records straight and school life going as smoothly as possible. G. G. Students take this time to say, 'Thanks for a job well donef' UFFICE FlbRt'lC luck Sc-humziker Harold Reynolds XI lflrma llilmznn Trustees This group has really been busy this year. seeing that bonds for school improvements were passed. Such things as the new washer and dryer, the paint- ing of the buildings, the renovation of the shop and the girls' gym are already completed due to their efforts. The two new buildings including a cafeteria and the new band uniforms will be ready in the fall. President of the group is Richard Haster. HUXRII HF 'I'Ill'S'l'l4ll4lS Left in right -I41lNYl'l'll4'f' lYuu1l, Mrs, llluuw I'vrliins, Willis l'niIii':iIl:ul1-l'. Mrs, llzillli- llrukv. :xml liivlmril lluster, lnrveaiilm-nl. PAGE 9 ssllvfanf Di ectors I1ID1lARUIiI4II4IN 7 1lI'CUliGl+IGILlI f- Mzltherilutivs. Athlvtim-s, fIvm'1':1I Si-ienml Musiw' 'I'hQui'y, Instrumelnl, Yuivv. lizxnxl. Uhurus HIIANCHAI-XID I-iIHIA'I"I'Y f AILIIAHAM IGIIJELSUN f I'liysiL":1l Idducfzition, Aihletiww, Iluys' Iflmlllli ,MlvisPl' Pliysim-S, 'I'rigL'unm'1w11'y, .Xlge-Iu':1, .X:l'iw11Illll'v AI ISS MARY FI1IIiGI'SUN 3 MISS.lI4ISSII1l IPILICS f 1 IhySir4iul Ifhluvzllimi, Girls' Health .Xrlvivr-fi' Hmnvnizlking: N ISS ANNA FINLICY f Smlrmh, Em:li51h, Publix' Spefulcing' M IIS. I'CILI'+IIGNE LA Y4AR'I'l'Ilfl f IJPz1nuf Girls, English, I'ulwIiI: Npmlkinu' IIUN .IUKIUAN f- Yive I'1'invipul, linglish, Iwnn ui' Nuys KENNETH DTTNGAN i Bookkeeping, Busirwss l'rim-Iples, I-lusins-ss I.:1w, Snlesmanship. Commernfial Gemrrapliy, Business Iklatlwmzitiws FUFIREST DUNIVIN - Vocational Agriculture, lf. I4'.A. Sponsor' M IIS. .IOSEPHINE ATEN W- Shoirthand, Typing, Busimlss II'I:'n-hilws, 'I'mxis.-i'Ipli-ul M ISS ARRY FHA PMAN -' - ' Arts, Cm fts MISS MIIRIIGTI ANl'lI'ZI'tSUN A Llihmry QPACEKI0 t'H.Xlllil'IS HVNZ -- .Xulu blurry: li HN N l'I'l'll VY .X l lli Shun, l'lv5'sim':ll Swivvlww IHHN Xll'l'1'lll4Il.l. - 110011114 ry. Imtiu. . 1 .'f- i ,, ,. X lull N lmuu. Alu:-lvru lfllihlll Ml'V'Xll4'RY tux Nh Fhemirs U on ' 1 Mritllm-limlivs Altho If p pers, giving tests, lecturing students and telling them to throw their gum into the wastebasket, teachers are still never too busy to teach us that x times y equals xy, and that one doe ugh always busv grading a snit say "ain't." Besides their many duties, teachers take time out for .faculty luncheons every other week, and for P.-T. A. meetings once a month. Much as we say we dislike them , school Wou1dn't be school without them. G E 1 I lYll..LI.X.Xl ll.X'I't'll -- Fresliruz .1 "s - ' ' in X lxl, ei. Nu-l:4lSl1uln-s, English HOME!! KIC l+1l,l4I --- Mefflmnim-zzl Iliuuvirug. Shop,lim-111-1'ulShop, ,Xflllll l lu ill ll MRS,1lAl'llNl'I'1'l'KK g Supliwmmre Aalviser. Vforlnl llisrnry, English DUN KIGNNIGIJY -- Senam' .Mlviser 4' ' .l.nglisl1.S4-ning-l'r ll m MHS. S Xl' XH 'I' my I 4' s..Xtl1 . i. .Xl.HUT --- J1lnim'Aflvise1' llinglislw. IIS, llisi-.rx Student 60 vemmenf HHH I',X"" G ISHQ I II I X S'I'l'l.?l X l I UIJY l'liI:1SI1J.I'lAI "Stale of the 0mbn" The leading role in student affairs was played by Bob Patterson, Student Body president, his supporting cast included Cuma Cross, vice president, who set the pace with several fine assemblies, and Beverly Dodd, secretary, who faithfully kept the minutes. Handling the money for all the activities, Griff Lewis did a splendid job as the walking ticket-taker. Helping make the play a success was Jim Porterfield, publicity manager, as everyone who viewed the many posters around the campus knows. To these officers goes due credit for their de- termined efforts in carrying out their duties. Because of their splendid erformance p they received much applause when the final cur- tain fell. "Golden Boy" Here is our leading man and star of the show. His 6 feet 1 inch of muscle and red curly hair is a combination that makes him a matinee idol. In addition to this, add a friendly smile and a pleasing personality, and you have the Student Body Prexy of Gar- den Grove High School . . . Bob Patterson. Outstanding in sports, Bob has made many points for mole' G.G. He worked diligently all year, taking charge of assemblies, presiding over ' meetings, and always extending a helping hand. This is our president, a swell guy and an asset to any school. WENT IKUIWY OFIFIUICI-CS ' ' XI t'1'it'f Imxvls 7 Business . zlnzlzlcr K1 HllC'l . ssls a 'u I' I 1 I ll P II t Nl Ii I I lt -Studs t Iiul I d t I h X l II Il l XI 5 I X I X t ll Xl sis iusin l I l ll 'exam' Q l X l l l Jresit cn Izmir '12 "DMI by Jury" In addition to leading the Student Body, the Council approved rules and regulations in a cooperative and ambitious mood, as they for more and greater school spirit. strived It was the Commission's duty to police thc groundsg ever watchful of offenders, they dis- tributed summons to violators if necessary. Instead of a judge and clerk, the Commission was regulated this year by four judges and a clerk called the Board of Control. They con- ducted trials, after which they discussed the case and presented their judgment. Wayne Mitchell served as chairman and with his able assistants strived to insert justice and thought- fulness into the proceedings. C'0I'Nf'II. livllzl Aslzlm:-. Helen llvmlersun Whitt-, Czlrulyn Vzlllen. Scaled - Don .lm-dun, zulviser ses-i'et:1i'y: llrifl' Lewis: Uumzl In l I v VUXIMISSIITN ' ' ' " "H 4:1 Smyth 'Vim Iiuw W- Ilzlthun Iimns. Hill L-lu n. X ll. mi Iiznvid lllullzlj Midillv Iiuw -- lmlorvs Sellers, l4:lrI1:nl':l lim-kr-r t':n'n1lVn Film, Ihm .lol'4lzm, :ulvisi-r: Nolan VYMHI. AI:1ri:en'l1:1 'l'ulzson, Ifirsl limi' Iienlon Hlnkle. ,lr-'l'l'5' Nlmwistm, Holi .Xwln-lx IMI. l'lnpln1-4-ss. 4'liI'i'uz'1I Slum, ROA TID OV t'ON'l'll0L Standing' f .I+-hn While, Nuln l'osllz-llnvnile. .lim limlxun. Smlled- VV:nyn1- Mite-hf-ll. pri-:-:ialvnlp .lm-kiw llrnke-, 1-In-rk. Stamlim: -'-- Iva Slamvy. Joann XVII Stzrrkr-y, Iizimomi llysslmnn. I lm I'ut1ersun, president: Beverly Il l C in vim- president: .li '11 'te 'field r I I x K Me AR 0M4W' A KGUNA l"l' l4IIll'l'UliS 'WIS' Well Mal Ends Well" Many hours of tedious Work have gone into the making of this humble book, from its briefest form to its completion. Through the tiring job of taking pictures, through the painstaking job of making the dummy, cutting and editing, through problems large and small brought up by the ever-patient printing and engraving companies, We had you in mind. The fruits of our labors are now in your handsg treat it gently and with deep reverence. - THE STAFF Standing - flriff Lewis 7 Business AIfllmp.:'ei Helen Harris - Assistant Iflditoi' Seated - ,W Virginia Malta A lC4litui'.ii1-I'hivl' Fred Shigeiuzisu 7 Art ldflilor A RGUNAl"l' STA Fl" Standing -Miss Annu Finley. zulviserp Lois Keir-hard, write-ups: Blossom Head, girls' sports: Madeline Maypnle, typist: Miss Abby Chapman, art adviserl Griff Lewis, business manager and publicity: Jim Porterfield, assistant photographer: Bob Glaze. boys' sports: Fred Shige- masa, art, Kneeling'fYvnnne Zlaket, write-ups, SealedfHelen Harris. as- sistant editor: Virginia Mutln. editor- in-:-hivf: Kathleen Brown. tynist: VVaynv Mitvholl. buys' simris- Noi Slimvii- Lorna Sweet. typist and write-ubs. PAQ 111 1 f P epanbg Me Argolog X -K FJ P , ., 1 ,mv . K , .y 3, M w"':,,,vt into ".Glv1f, .- ' r Q5 .-' T tie: N 2 UI: ' . X '2 " it if2ifQfs3fr2-Qvfl ny mm mil Q fp-it C':R'33E?SY9ff O 1 1 A 0 P+ aa T ,B . N ,Q Qvifrff gagging? api ws- will x U ,W 'gxgaf'-'H B3 Qvasf ' 'WWQY ss i . - 'if . f L xii' Q B. gina, marine ,at 43 mn ...wi . , ' 1 Y 'fl emo LN' t,-,xr wi" ,5 will ' iwjr-h j f-,, if , A uwfgxhlfv X0 59.6, Nt' twv' t, wir . we I Nz. ff"-: . ' f-pift X51 5,65 ' , we QW' Qi wt ,M Vwwm 'at x NV' vs 'Y ,- 4 P x 'P f ow wk we W4 'Aff' ww Qitx' fa x f . XV-tif 1 QW' uf!" me v"k',,.wf" wr x,fxxWfk NHW ,-- we' ,, 'LW' Quad' V, N! K rw '57 ..,. md' ti 3 Hi ull c Y W' wf Lxfmfnl -hr" Vt ' ,gurl N' MW A"' Mr"'Ar'N K g, Wcwvf vw? s we i i.AXW,X.5i2i4 tc in ,,,2X- afffw min A to F K fn 'mmf w u liiiml 44, X, 'fx uv- ' If if ly XXX 4 'P 01' QI, t ' -in Y 31' ,g,Af"0f' nf 'Vif"'eef" 'eff 'Par 'Tr wsu sf, ,jf Q F , kph' ,J""f'f,f' 3,5 -2 , 1. 'L fe wx 'fm elfwf ww ' t, f 'Fil r, rv ' iff fmfw '41 se ' .., M, hlafn, rg 4 ia. fy fe, wi, A si., 5 ",., . " Rf , ,gfhg rf., 'f ' ' ' Q.. 'sf' uf ft' fi 'H.'ll:,, i 'V N " ' f K N . .nh 1, '- 1 .9 ff ' ' .. ': fm, 'my v V 4. . nf 'P 0 1 ' tt f, , 5, 1 , rv ,I fnslb 1- 'fm 'ff-H f 4 f 'lt 'ha if ' ' M -Q 'ZW fr J' of 1 'iff of 4-Qf ef ' r Q 5 CM, 0 rom: A 'im-or :sa 12:21 P""'f1m: mm were omits 7' vm ,Q L' ,, We 'W gum- wmv Hua wi rr ,frm N me x Y. Qu! "' ,H I . G -' c W' 'W em ARGOLOG STAFF Standing --- Jane Sueda. Roh Glaze. Catherine Mr-lnlosh. Susan Iiarmer. Madeline Mayimle. VVaym- Mitchell, F-Blossom Henri, Marjorie IVIQ-lnmsh, Donna Wm-ker, Miss Anna Finley. adviser. Se:1teclfVir:iz1ia Matta. Virginia Lewis, Lorna Sweet, editor 2: Shirley Drake, ulilm' lg .Jackie llestel. Marilyn Morrison, Lois Rei:-harzl. Kazuko Auyaiim. 'Wo Dine for Comedy " Many elements go into the production of this "scrawny little scratch sheet." From the mighty editor to the meekest of reporters, all worked diligently to make that well-known deadline. Checking and double checking facts, Writing, typing, proofreading the copy, and finally to print went this small but power-packed piece of journalistic accomplishment. Paper-time comes, the headlines are scanned, names are hunted, the jokes are sneered at and the sports page is given a thorough going overg then into the trash can or behind the nearest bush goes the paper, our Week's work. "There ain't no justice." Oh, well - The News and Views From Us to Youse ' Um '7 -The Argolog Staff Scbolarsfzh Stamlingw- Miss Annu Finley, zulvisvrz Jeannine DeWitt. vii-v president 1:Yvonne Zlaket,nl'esi1lent 2:Kazuku Auyania., sec-retary 1: Janet Gardiol, Rachel Trujillo, vice president 2: Catherine Mvlntosh, Edward Moriinotu, .lim Dodson. Victor Ostrom, Lowell Catlin. Seated-Madonna Hemi, social chairman 1: Audrey Sharpe. secretary 2: Nola Ward, president 1. social chairman 2: Marjorie Mitchell, Barbara Ne-aring, Floyd Claus, Bill Phillips, Hazel Wood, Helen Harris, John Borrego, Phellis Cloud. "mm oefgw' Life was not all study for the Scholarship Society, Chapter 13 of the California Scholarship Federation, this year. A "ditch day" at Los Angeles Was enjoyed by all. Social dinners were held at the homes of different members. The pot lucks were highlighted by games of minia- ture golf and by motion pictures. First semester president was Nola Ward, succeeded by Yvonne Zlaket for second semester. The group was advised by Miss Anna Finley. Jambr Red fross 'Wrqgfzfen Me tomar" Making first aid posters, tray favors, pictures for European hospitals, collecting money for a worthy cause, all of these are activities of the Garden Grove Junior Red Cross, advised by Miss Abby Chapman. In addition to service, they attended meetings and banquets at Anaheim and Huntington Beach, and an overnight meeting at Balboa. llldli Vltl NS lil+IPRESENTAfl'1Vl1lS Starnllny - .iladunnu Hmm, Miss Abby Chapman, AtlVlHl'l', Sealed -Audrey Slf1ill'lr+-, Vicky Hayman, Helen Harris. Not Slmwn - Katherine Haster, Bonnie Soyland. PAGE 1 8 617ls' league "Me Women" ......... The Girls' League, under the capable leadership of Helen Henderson, presi- dent, with Mrs. Eileene LaBarthe as adviser, endeavored to instill more unity and a feeling of pride into the organization. Revival of dress regula- tions was one of their big achieve- ments. A fashion show tcompliments of Andres' Dress Shopj and tea were sponsored to bring the girls and mothers closer together. The Co-Ed dance was a big feature of the year. To acquant the eighth grade girls with the high school and its students, the League also sponsored the annual 'fBig Sister Day." An exchange as- sembly at Brea was another event which marked the year. GIRLS' l.l4I.Hil'lG UI-'l"lt'El'lS Left In riglit--.lm-kie Drake, Serxk'ftnt-ul-arms: Helen l'lPYlflPI'S1NTl president: Mrs, lflileene Lakiarthe. ztflviser: Putty Rtfdreit-k, secretary: llizlne Hess 'I'+1mplls. vit-P president, "5'evenf!1 Heaven" Ushering at plays, operettas, and band concerts, sponsoring the first dance of the year, "The Kick- ' ' ' ' h 'o ed a "ditch day,'l of the Golden Fleece activities. For their own recreaton, t ey enj y Off," were a few and also a stage play at the Biltmore Theater entitled "Angel Street." new members to join the club. Members are automatically Two initiations each year permit nominated for membership by attaining a high attitude and activity rating. Mrs. LaBarthe acted as adviser. 6ola'en Fleece mx I4 lr Xithrl I1 n Mzturer, Bill Starkey, 3" - A - 1 . -. . or ':t1'ri. Hill l'hll' lips, Autlrt-3' Sharpe, Nuln l'usIleLhwztilP, Phe-llis Clotltl, Hurlmrzt Nvztring, 'tltlle lluw--- Don Sievt-ke. I-Itlwztrtl Murinmto. lmvitl thulwztllzult-l', .lennninv Ile-VVilt. vin-e presi- dent Z, Hamel Wood, Imn Shearer, Joanne Apple- liury, tfPt'l'Plill'X I: ltatnionst Iiyssmun, Front ltuw--th'il'l' Lewis. president 2: lruatne Antlexstmn, vit-e pt't1sitlt'nt ll .lim Hinkle, lfluytl Claus. Stephen Smith, Ihlrleiirh Hunt, Don .Xrt-hex'. Mrs, Hileerw l.ul4:tl'llu-, zulfiser. Not Shown- l'tmm Urnss. president l. Q - www www 3 if S 5 "6'reen Pastures" This year Garden Grove's F. F. A. Chapter made an impressive record by receiving many awards at shows and F. F. A. gatherings in the Southern California area. Eight boys received a total of S127 with their entries at the Orange County Junior Fair, a team of three placed second among 40 teams at the Bank of America Field Day held at Chino. An outstanding feature of the Farmers' Ball, one of the most successful dances of the year, was the crowning of the Queen, Alice Goddard, by Frank Wilderdyke, F. F. A. president. Frank also presented her with a fat Thanksgiving turkey. A summcr tour took them to the State Fair and F. F. A. Camp, where a judging team was en- tered. During Christmas vacation they toured San Diego, Imperial Valley, and Coachella Valley on a soil study. l:5,,.,, - Qu, ' H1-H 1. 'ft II F-,Hn , If 'V Y.nf1qaH1UllrIf.,.,lvf rn 4.4, -:I m,.,.g, iguiflenr 1 1 .0 .i 1, pil' ell, Ht' mn 1 ,N 'X V . .tml HH 'll NIH' 'hm IIUNYYINN1 Cross. Ilnlwrl Vassell, K+-11115 I'1'i4'4'. 'I'uii4 hi Anyalusx. Midvllf I xx I rv: 1 "v v v illSY!'lli'TUY'1fl!'1H'L:1' RI4'l'l1lI:ul1. lflrlwin Mm-I'l10l'sul1, Hyl--sw It-ni-4 tlwslcy f'1zl1'li. .lillvlvvx I llxtuwv ' I!-Mmm: Row -- .Iimnu 1':1lIul1:m. Xlaivli Wnrux-114-V, ,Iilmm lmsa limuu It-v:2l:11'I. YI'-lol' Hslronv I N x f- Frzuuk XYil4lv1'vl5'Iw. pwaifln-ill. l',XlZI'I ll Me ffH"s SIGNIUH HI-Y 'Pon Iiow - Holi Glaze. John Derk. Stephen Smith. Boll Patterson. James Porterfielml, Duane Anderson. Charles Henson. VVayne Mitchell, Middle How - Danny Milheisler, Bill Oaks. Raymond lllunion, Robert Rivee, Holnnrl Jensen. Jerry Morr'son. Bottom How-Davicl 1'adwallarlvr. l4'1'ecl Shigemasa, Holi Hart. Donald Archer. his-as wmawswaw-we-Q... JVXIUH HI-Y Huck How 7 Benny Taylor. Ulifforrl Stout. Dan Eiclelson. Don Shearer. Johnny Haxton. Fharles Humw. Ilnn Cross, Dell Bender. .lohn Arvher. Davill Matla. First How 3 Asa Herren, Dewey Stout. 6, l"ltlGSHlXlAN H1-Y Top Row - John Borrego, Leonard Schnei- der, Pat Lewis, Dick Shaver, Jimmy Ran- dolph, Dick Larkin, Dalton Killion. Middle Row - Jim Matsunaga, Don Black- man. Melvin Palmquist. Tommy Guihan, Hill Phillips. Bottom Row+Jerr,y Hill, Hobby liieger, Raymond DeWitt. "0f Mice and Men " One of the most popular clubs on the campus is the Hi-Y, giving services as Well as having fun. Kenny Dungan led the Senior groupsg second in command was James Ranney with his Junior- Sophomore clubg and third were William Hatch and Kenneth Wade with the two Freshman groups. Many successful Hi-Y meetings and pot lucks were held at the new Youth Center. Mrs. Sarah Talbot is their faculty sponsor. PAGE 22 7-Teens 1 .IVNIOR-SENIOR Y-'TEENS Standing - Pat Kelly, Shirley Drake, Ruby Thomas, Jeannine DeWitt, Muriel Head, Barbara Lewis, Merldene Donley, Virginia Sc-ntt, Audrey Sharpe, Sola Wurrl Kneeling - Jackie Sain, Carolyn Fallen, Lorna Sweet, Marlene Munion, Wanda Bor- den, Beverly Dodd, Madonna Hemi. Ramona Ryssman. Seated-Cuma Cross. Virginia, Matin. Kathleen Brown. SUl'HlJAl0RE Y-TEENS Standing' - Dolores Mershon, Doris Smith. Pat Muttonn, Gwen Anderson. Marilyn Mor- rison. Joanne Boertje, Jeri Sc-hauer. Ginny Lewis, Barbara Nearing, Illarlvs lloslle- thwaile. Beverly Silc-ott. .lavkie Restel. Virginia liangx Kneeling'ACarnlyn Fury. Iva Stas-N. Jewell Hall, .lzinel Gurney, Joanna Appleluury. FRESHMAN Y-TEENS Standing-Marjorie Mitrhell, Adele Mel- vin, Donna Warker. Iris Ryssman. Alethn Strayer. Naney Stevens, Beverly Hamilton, Darlene Uleeni, Pat. Ehrlia r, Juzinne Brown- ell, Della Adams, Barbara Cullen, Marlene Fletrher. Ann Johnstone. Kneeling'-Anna Mae Christopher, Hortense Faler, Vivian Reauc-hump, bllissu Heuil. l'egg'y Fhristie. Pat Burns. Wziniiza Allll'I'!lX. Klloriu Lupera, Betty Nose, Sealed g Audrey Urine. Joanne XVells, liollliie Wheeler, .lean Wnrll, "Bom Yesterday" Boasting of one of the largest club memberships in the school is the Y-Teen organization, .51 branch of the Y. W. C. A. Snow Camp, skating and pot lucks at the Youth Center provided fun and enjoyment in addition to the more serious moments such as induction ceremonies. l H1112 222 'FICFJN-C.-XNTEEN OFFICERS Ray Munion -- President Pat Mattoon A Serre ar ' "They Knew Wfmf They Wanted" A Teen-Canteen was organized last summer to provide a place for students to gather for coke sessions and to dance. A regular mem- bership list is maintained for members who gather at the American Legion Hall on Friday nights. With th ppor of the Par- ent Committees, the teeners sponsored sev- eral suceessful dances in the gym to raise funds for a permipnent Canteen. The comma'- nit ' ' A e cooperation and su t y was invited to these affairs, arranged by officers Ray Munion, Joan Mattoon and Diane Tempus, with Don Jordan, edvlser. All D orward to the day when the cornerstone is laid for their own Canteen and the foundati on set for a worthy youth organizaton. members are looking f Teen-fdnfeen PA GE 2 6amma Llamma ln 'Free Vickie lit'-:ke Di-me 'Fempus Standing een l i sit en ll ex not 1 lieu h tit A e ulei llolothx lollinw N1 ulelmc . atynole, " -e ' s' en : lle en arris, Marianna 'l"u:ison Yvonne Zlaket Seated 3 ' 'U' z 1 a . wee tlre ' : ' ss, s 'geiint-: -:tri s. s... "follow ffle Girls" One of the new clubs on the campus this year is the Gamma Gamma, which was organized by the Senior girls who originally belonged to the Tri-Y. Miss Mary Ferguson played the part of the girls' director. Decorating for the Football Banquet, Halloween Dance, Senior Dance, and Argo Jinx, were part of their school functions. Ice Capades, skating rinks, picnics, horseback riding and beach parties, all brought many joy- ous times for the girls. "0n Me Town" A new social club, organized by the Junior "Angel Wolvesf' has been added to the campus. The Sophomores formed the "Jugs," meaning Just us girlsg and the Freshmen followed with a "Club 51." Advising the three groups are Mrs. Frances Clark, Mrs. Daphne Turk, Mrs. Mary Head, and Mrs. Glada Stevens. A Sub-Deb shines in school, is fun on a date, a good sport, lends a hand in the community, and is a friend to all. Selling poppies for the Veterans and winning prizes for their original and clever floats in the Grovers Day, Santa Ana and Anaheim parades are a few of the contributions the girls have given the community. The progressive dinners, a week-end at Catalina, and playing cupid at the Leap Year Dance all add to the fun and pride of being a Sub-Deb. Sub-Deb: lint-k Row - l':tt Muttoon, .Ioan Amvlelvury. .lunet Gurney, l'ei.g'gy Jones, Della Adams, Joann XVells, Peggy Christie, l':tt lflhrlmr. .loztnne lirownell, Marlene Fletcher. Fourth Row - Wztnclzt Murray, Audrey Cripe, liolilrie Wheeler, Jerry Schztuer, Nancy Stevens, Vat Burns. Peggy White. 'I'hirtl Row--Jewell llztll, Carolyn Fury. tllutlys I'ostlethwaite. .lzmel tlartliol, t'ziroline Fletcher. liztrlutra Uniuliuntlro, liarlmra Decker. lizii'har:t Lewis, Nolzt Postlelhwuile, Nolzi VVttrtI. Hazel Wood, Elissa Hezut. Set-ond Row -- Marilyn Morrison. Ginny Lewis, lvn Stacy. Gwen Anderson, Shirley Drake. Maulonnu Hemi. Jackie Sain. Front Row-Jean King, Ginny Scott. Merldene lionley, Beverly llodtl, Beryl Srigley, Marlene Munion, Lorna Sweet, Carolyn Cullen. Jeannine lIeVVitt. i s liindolph, Huy tlzlwizl, Hurohl R'irI--1l'n In-xxis. Left How. from lmwk in frrml -- Ilultmm Killimm, Ruland .Is-xisxgn. Iiurna Sriule-y. .Iimmy . Burke. Don Maurer, Ramona Ilyssmun, Semmd IlowfAr1hur Mr-Inlmzh, Ihm Blan-kmun, Hill Starkvy. l . Huh Smith, Ann Mur1'iel4l. Kenny VVyli0. Third Row 7 David Csuiwullurler. Jimmy Hinklv. Biil Phillips, llarlvursi Slvrmw, Alfred Us-llnm. Marianna Tuzisnn. 'Vedrly Hughes, Roh P:4ym1.f1x'u1n mzijur. Fnurth Hmm'-Clmi'Ies Henson. Bawlmru Iiwkn-1'. K0111 Molfali. Nzlnvy S14-rmw, Vivlm' Alan-on. Vharles Humu. Val Imwis, liighl Huw f Stephlan Smith, Ruh5lm'g::1n, Ih-uni Q uno. Paul Nvrurvz. Hmm ,Xrr'hc-lr. Griff Lewis. Almimimn. Hemv. Mzxjnlvttes. lefl. to right -f Jori Svhuuv-I' 1 mid url I j If ' nn .Iuhn.l limwlttv' .Xlir'P 1 z ' , 'l'ziyl1-1, .X Iiiune Hrfss. head ms, J XI AXJ4 lHi'1'I"l'iC5 .lwri S.-iizixuw. llinnv Ilvss. Alum- Almlilgiyql "Make Miha Mask" Strike up the band! This year, more than ever, the band did an exceptional job. Besides adding to the school spirit by playing at all the games, the band was well represented at several outside musical activites. The Anaheim Halloween Parade, Santa Ana New Yearls Frolic, Huntington Beach Armistice Parade and the Indio Date Festival are only a few of the many things in which they have taken part. May we take this opportunity to say, "Thanks for a job well done." "And ffze Angles .S'1hg" "Mr. Gill's Little Devils" lend their lilting, melodious voices to musical activities the county over. The Christmas Cantata, the Huntington Beach Music Festival, and the oper- L K 9 l etta Barnum Was Right' were the major accomplishments of the year. GMS' Elee Club llzwk llow --- IZvx'vi'l5' llmlml, ll:xrl1:n:':a Erlip, Wainllu Smith, Rzunnnu ltyssnmn. Kathleen Brown, AliveGmhla1'1l. l4evf'l'ly Mum' mln. Hi-'ll3',XT1Il lfllwggv, lmuy Iimlrs-is-k. Vhr-llis Clolul. Azlvlm- Melvin. Jewell Hull. .loan Amvlebury. Miulille Row -W Elisa Ht-ml. Iwpzay Innes. VV.iml:1 Muruuay. Ile-rtriulv ll2ll'kll"l, .lan-kie Sain. .lame Blevins. .lean Kimi: Dolores Mershon, M.n'il3n liznrkin, Shirley llnermznn, llillio' .luhnsun, Luis Iiz'i4-llunl. lf'ronl Hun' - - llllluy Thomas, Mary Moores, .luvkie Drake, Diane 'l'elnlx1ls. K':u'uIyn Cullen, Nluriel Hemi. .Xnm-lu N-lulh, .luyn-l'li1'vvll. lmlorn-s If'-linvli, Shirley VVoml, l,f-me lllm- Gill, Alzulunnn llepp. l U l JU embr Play Acclaimed by many as the most outstanding play in several years, Kaufman and Hart's comedy, f'George Washington Slept Here" was presented by the Senior Class on March 4 and 5, under Mrs. Eileene LaBarthels capable directing. The story revolves around the Newton Fuller family who buy a ramshackle farmhouse in Penn- sylvania and their troubles in keeping it. Leading roles of Newton and Annabelle were portrayed by Wayne Mitchell and Helen Harris. Tilt' 0457 Mr, Kimber ....... Newton Fuller ,,... .Xnnubelle Fuller, .. lllaiclgfe Fuller .,.. Steve ldlclritlzze. . Katie ,.,....... Al rs. lJuug'las. .. tlliiytnn lflvziiis Rena Leslie.. Hester ....... -l-liztynmnfl ..,.. l'nc:le Stanley.. Leggett Frazer. . . Tommy Hui-rlief- . Sue liztrrint-i'lun. . .Xliss VVilt-ox ..,., M r. l'resr-utt . ., lf'reSli!n:'i n .,..,....Rols Glaze . . . .Wayne Mitchell . . . .Helen Harris . . .Blossom Hemi ......Al Davenport . . . . .Yvonne Zlaket . . . .Dorothy Collins Oaks Diane Hess Tempus . , . . . ,Lois Keit'h1u'4l .,...Daltfm Killiun ...,..Jerry Morrison . . . .Rowland Jensen ....,Stephen Smith .Alarleline Mzwnole .......Cuma Uross ....lienton Hinlile S is um. Weorge Wasfnhgfon Slept Here" "0ar flearrs Were Young ana' 6'ay Junior Play Based on Cornelia Otis Skinner's book. the Junior Class presented the three-act comedy, "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay." Merldene Donley and Dolores Sellers as Cor- nelia Otis Skinner and Emily Kimbrough convincingly portrayed their parts and gave the play the naive touches that were so essential to the play's success. According to Mrs. Eileene LaBarthe. director. all mem- bers of the cast did a terrific job to make the play a triumph. VALIE 31 ag,,gi,,. ff fx THE 64.57 Stvnnrll ,.... .. .... Mrs. Skinner ....... . 4'nrneliu Otis Skinner this Skinner ......., lilnily Kimlvrmmli. .. Vursr-r ........... , Slewarrless. .. ., Iliw-k XVinte1's.. .Xflmirnl .,....... Hzirriet Sl, John.. XYinifi'1-ll Rlaufzll .... lmu Mwlivuy ,..... Inspm-tm' ........ 'l'lim'e'se .....,,.. Alawluim- Elsie ...., Monsieur 411- la Urniw Winslow Cleaner. .. . . .V zum- Xlllvlwll ,.,..lwlll1e- Julius: n ,..,Xle-1'l1li-nv lmnlo x .,......l':al ll:-wi ....lJulm'e:: Ss-ll'-1 ...Al llalvmnmll ....VVun1ln linrrlt ll . . . . . .Pliff Sim ....,..lZ4rlvl.l1l! .....Xmlrz-5' Shu ry , , . . .Hvlty Hull: ....lVon XX nllnn I ...Alarlunnsx ll.-31 ...Jeannine IN-YVHI ......Hzizc-l XVHA I .....I-le-iuru' 'l':i3'lr1 ,,,,VSa5ne' Mm-lu-ll e 2 Q 'S li 2 E 5 Q E i Q I i 5 2 2 2 E 1 2 5 I Q Q ! , Q S 1 i 4 E E 1 2 E 5 3 1 5 Q E 5 3 THE STARS VARSITY f007B!llZ FLUYIJ CL XVS Cil1Jl5ll'2Ll'AU llumc 14R6'0M4075' WEK JOHN 'VVH ITF Brea Game RAYAM FN IJ MVNIUN L:xgunzL Game BENTON lllXlil1IG Tustin Gaiiw V,-XRSFFY FUUli'l'Al1l1 , 'Pup Ruwf1X1'tl1u1' 1'ill'1HU!1, Bob ll1U1'g'2ll'l. Hob Wylie, Bill Holden. John Deck, Hull l'11tLe1'wu11. .lohn Wvllillh Bob Glaze, Dathan Burns, Ray Munion, Dick Biers, Bill Oaks. Cnach Beatty, Middle Rowe-Leu11a1'iI Schneider, Benton Hinkle, Dam Eidelson. Duane Anderson, Allred Kuenew. Irvin: IJLKIIIYH, Hubert Caw1nagl1, .James Mitchell, Bill Green, Dan Couglxlin. Grifl' Lewis. Front Row - Dum Cross, Joe- Szilgmlo, lfloyil 011111-4, Asn Hurren, Bill 'i'i'1UHl21S, Dzwid Afdtlil, Dick Meldeeluin, ,Fred Shlg'F3Vl1iLSH, Huwzliwl Gairr, Dell Bencleit lilluli Tlil PM A S Valencia 11211110 JOE SA LGA DU Laguna Game PAGE Z "What Price 6lory? " Time after time men were hurt on the eve of crucial gamesg consequently, the season was one of hard luck for the Garden Grove gridders. The first casualty was when Bob Patter- son wrenched his knee at the Huntington Beach frayg from then on Lady Luck turned her head on the men of Argo Land. Although G. G. whipped Capo 20 to 0, they fell before Brea 19 to Og tied Valencia 12 to 12g tumbled Tustin 7 to Og and closed the season by losing to Laguna 27 to 7. For the second consecutive year Laguna Beach won the Orange League championship. The Argonauts, however, placed one man, Joe Salgado, on the All Orange League team. Floyd Claus, Jim Mitchell, and Ray Munion were chosen for second string. Chosen as the "most valuable player of the yearn was Floyd Claus. This year an "Argonaut of the Week" was selected each week during football seasong those chosen were Floyd Claus, John White, Bill Thomas, Benton Hinkle, Joe Salgado, and Ray Munion. VARSITY TiTNI'CI'I' Isnt-k Ilow--- IIEII 'I'Iiom:1s, .Iuhn White, Ili:-k Miers, RohP:1tte1'son, .lnhn Deck, Ray Munion, I"1'e4I Shizemasfa.. Com-h I-ierltty. F I I I Ih P I I I Il I l I 'id ltfatffl, Y wh I l B'lI P I MW h Il I X I ' Renton Hin I"XfI Hack Row ff Theodore Almazon. Coach Don Kennedy, Thom: Gutierrez, John Gonzalez, Kenneth Vtlylie, Gary Johnson, Lester l-lalin. ll. Lowell Catln, Johnny Perkins, Hector Ochoa, Jimmy Rogers, Duane ltirliardson, Hill istaxkey, Holi Rieger, Inez Ayala, Donald Stroud, Front Row -Ray Casares. lion Arc-her, Ray Ramirez. lmn Maurer. Ray Mau Haxton. Jim Matsunagqa, Ray Smith, Jack Ida, Curly Rostleman, ltaymontl Gonzales, Huh Vmnhress, Jerry Mic-hiels Ru Hernandez, Adolph Maya. CEE FO0'l'l1Al,ll Row fe Jimmy Pet-or, Tirso Yniquez, WVillis Kohler, Malvin Palmciuist, Ric-hard Annlehury, Dick Green. Xnln hitaclfi t Coach Edgar Green. Middle RowfA'l'onimy Guihan, Huh Smith, 'Vaiivhi Aoyama, Bott Tohn on v Hinkle, Tiill Phillips, Dwight Smith, Jesus Moreno, Ulmuie Smith, lent H ll Huck Linley Jensen, Jimmy Stou , , , Roger Negley, Front Row -e Dalton Killian, Jimrn, Tumniy Kavanaugh. Manuel Becerra, George Hamlin. 390 football Victorious in all their games b ut One T guided b C Y oach Don Kennedy Th 1 'e ustin e I e mlddle-W , hlzcounter, was the Bee Squad W as victory over Capo. th , t s arted the season with an Gas 20,6 Brea 18 to 7: afld vale y O O nca 13 to 0 Bxved that b tth . two ' . v1ctor1es Over Brea and V 8, l 3 encia, Wh'1 . 1 e PlaY1ng their poorest gam. e Wmnm e of the Season- g Streak ended at Tustin G G 1 . . to 0 Of th e game both teams were und f At the time Championshi . A ' den Grove scljundlgittillfgi-1 15552-geipect Was regainedeeted and by W- . aguna Beach toihintfllge lafst gamgngE12liTustin inched th 9 0 32 to 0 Season when G 9 - ar- fee I-'oofball OIIQ of the . f these parts vva other tea For small boys ilfeason Withouf gut Out this year b . 6 blocking and tiflilgt and had On1Y mentor ffGOV,, G C was Ver y OHQ touchd Teen' Y hard an 0Wn Scorgd .d unexpected by K'Gov" Shoul d b e congratulated and so Sho ld u the boys l Utl'l'liAl.L is Gonzalez, Johnny llm'reu'n, Frank Hansen, Dick Mitchell l ohm 'irre-ll heath, liurns Srirrlr-y, Don Siereke, Roh Archer l ' -' James Whedhee, Julian N xlrlel ' " '-rx lohrmx no? .K, ...f.2.,,4.gig.H .. , ,, Mm M W., A if W f 6341 ww i ,S '71 VA l1Sl'I'Y BA SK IGTBA LL Vzu-14 Row - .I I ln-ck, liay Alunlun. lien 'I'aylm'. Allwrl Mulliru, llathun liurns, Cl " l' l' I Shia izisai, Liozwli lie' L l ro L Row f I" lin llinkle Charles llm-uson, Duane .Xnde:'r:un, Hob l,JLttei'so1i, Bob ll L D bl , L nan! Schneider. Varsky Basketball In the 1948 Orange League Basketball Conference the Argonaut varsity hoopsters had a rather unlucky season. Coach Blanch Beattyls squad, having gone undefeated in the first round of play, lost their second round opener to Tustin in a 27-26 heart-breaker. The Argos then dropped into a first place tie with Laguna Beach. In the final contest of the season the Artists traveled to G. G. for the playoff. After leading the entire route the Argos were nipped in the last minute to go down in 28-26 -defeat, thus Garden Grove had to be satisfied as runners up. Outlook on the class Bee crown was much brighter for the Argonauts. Garden Grove's classy little Bee team, coached by Don Kennedy, had little trouble in mopping up their opponents for the first place trophy and the 1948 Bee basketball championship. Suffering only one conference defeat, which was handed them by the San Juan Capistrano middleweights, the Grovers regained their stride and finished their season true to form. This year in the Cee division G. G. lacked material and failed to Win as many games as they lost. Triumphing again for the Argos were Coach Green's Dees, who "brought home the baconl' in the form of the 1948 flyweight basketball championship. lXlX THE' C'flv4MP.Y! .ln ..... HF!" ISASKPITBALI, ' Un hmm l"lx' Slumlim: --lmn Al'l'ller, 1nzln:1::'Pl': .lnhuny lZull'H,:o, ,Dean Short. lmxxw-ll C'ullin. llevlm' Iinlnirez. Hula l'llllllll'f'SS. .luhnny llzuxlun. Klum-ll Imn Kennedy. Kneeling: Ihrlr Arm-lw1', .lin Kenny Nisllinkzn, .lxuk lnlzc, Nnln lx A .. DICE T!ASKFI'!'l'1ALl Slz1ndillg- Jmn Sieveke, Bull Johnson, Bill Phillips, Mal- vin I'ulnu4uis1, George Mc-C'lellun. Hsu-nhl Teague, Manuel 5 Iflernunvlez. .Uoaeh Green, Knee-ling-fflbivk Green. .lim ,l 'Pvur. .I im ,H inkle. FEE RASKETPALI. Slun4lingff.Ies11s Mm'm-nu. Hen Osumu, Dill Ylwrkev Tnmlny Knvzlnzluslh. 'I'nii1'hi Au- yunm, Uhurles Anderson, Manuel Heverra. Umavh tire-en. Kneeling ff liuynmnd DeWitt, lleurge llnmlin. lf:-lix Mznrlinr-Z, Flylle Smith. S f ie l'.X1llC 3751 - ,,,k,V VARSITY TRAPK Standing-Irving llumm, manager: Huherl f'1lVFlY'lH2'l1, M'ayne Hudson, Duane Anderson, Coavh lion Kennedy, James Mila-hell, Earl Vole. George Si-huonover, Dean Short. manager. Kneelingfliavid Malta, .Iohn White. Fred Shigemasa, Hill Thomas. Burns Srixrley, llell Ben- der. Howard Garr. ii 7 ack ln the 1948 track season the Argonaut varsity had to be satisfied with second place. They were runners up to the Laguna Beach speedsters, who ran away with the Orange League Meet. Wayne Hudson, Garden Grove's century and furlong flash, broke his own 220-yard record, which was set last year at 2228, by covering the distance in 22:1. The Argonaut Bees were up to par as they walked off with not only the League meet but Laguna Beach Invitational. The Argos' middleweights had no trouble all season from any of their oppo- nents, thus they copped many meets, taking as high as 80 points. Not to be outdone the Garden Grove Cees repeated the Bees, performance, only not quite so easily. Although they outclassed all opponents in the Laguna Invitational, the Argonaut lightweights had quite a scare from the Tustin Cees, who were right on their tails for a while. BEE TRAPK Standing - Irving Dumm, manager: Lester Hann, John Borrego, Bob Murata. Ray Casares, Coax-h Kennedy, Burns Srigley, Hector llrhoa, Julian Valdez, Lowell Cal- lin, Dean Short, manager, Kneeling'- Don Stroud, Dirk Mitchell, Curly Roslleman, Hob Vmphress, Theodore Almazon, Ray- mond Gonzalez, Frank Hansen, Asa Herren. Uhesley Clark, Gary Johnson, Alfred Ochoa. Seatedf.lohn Arvher, Joe Ayala, liohert Cassell, .lam-k lda, Jim lfukudu, Monroe Lee, .lim Alatsunasra, Jimmy Rogers, Clif- ford Stout. f'El'I TRACK Standing-Irving Dumm, managrerl Ray Ramirez, Jacek Bradley. Hill Starkey. Com-h Kennedy. George Hamlin, Hen Usuna. Man- uel Beeerra, Dean Short, manager, Kneel- ingg Manuel Hernandez, Kenny Nishioka. Bill Whitmire, Kioshi Kamei, 'Firso Yni- quez, Nolfi Kilarla. VARSITY lT.X SEPA Ll. Stanclim:-3 Nlfayne Mitchell, .lolmny llaxlon, Ray' M'uni'on, Don Sieveke, inanzigerg Grift Lewis, Dell Bender. Se:1teal-- HE-mon Hinkle, Holm Iburluy. Boll Archer, .lohn White, .lim llinkle. Holi Glaze, Nolvi Kilzirln. Ray Rannirf-x. llllllllll Antler:-ion. JTTNIOR VA llSl'FY' Si?lll1lll'lH'--'NFIB' Clasares, Inez Ayala, fleruyxe Hamlin, Louis tlonivz. I"elix Martinez, lloln llflrl, Kenny Nishiokzi, .lnlm Hora iwugu, lmn S11-mul, lion :Xl'1'llPI', llevtoi' Uclmu, Ilziul Impex. Kneelinu' - -Ilvnny 'I':1ylnr, lilll l'lmilli1-s. .lim l'em+r, ,lim Alulsu- nzmn, Jim lnlllillllit. Varsky Baseball Coach 4'Gov" Greenls varsity horsehiders are, at the time this is going to press, just setting forth on the 1948 Orange League season. Sharing the mound duties this year are Freshman Ray Ramirez and Dell Bender. In the pre-season contests, the Argonauts dropped three while winning one. The scores are as follows: Garden Grove 6, Santa Ana 3g Garden Grove l, Puente 3, Garden Grove 0, Orange lg Garden Grove 7, Puente 8. Jumbr Varshy Along with a new coach, Jim Ranney, the Jayvee baseball team has come through with two straight victories. This year no organized league was in action, but the outlook is very bright next season. John Borrego is on the hill, and has been very effective to date, limiting the opposition to four runs. Tenmk Tennis prospects for '48 looked promising as the G.G. netters romped through two of the three games played with Huntington Beach, which was the one setback of the past season. Except for a hard-fought victory over Laguna Beach, the Argos easily flashed to victory for the Orange League tennis championship by winning three games, and with two teams forfeiting their matches. The Argonauts were definitely the dark horse in Orange League play. Sl:1nclin,:'7A, ldillelsrl-il, m'om'li: lfV:i5'n0 Mitchell. llny Muninn, llrm lflinlvl- ron. .larry lllmwismi, Hill Green, llenlnn l-linkle, lion Shearer, Roll VVyli4-. .Xrl Carlson. llolx lllzlm-. Vlizlrles Henson, Sentcilf-Ilzivial Cuulwzlllzlila-l', Slevlmii Smith. 'I'wI Iluahr-s, Kenneth XVylic. I':ll In-wis. Hnwzirrl l'1'oswl1i1e, Kent Alurgmi, -llulm H11-mul, 1'li:u'ls-s Anaiersnn. ltlyllc Smith. l Ruilreic-k. l-'liwcnce Stephens. .lunv page N'N , 'tit lfghgggkgiglgg 671515 ' .9 0R75' "lady lb Me Dark" Having chalked up a perfect score, Mari- anna Tuason received the G.A.A. award for outstanding athletic cooperation. Marianna, brown-eyed senior, spent her four years of high school life at sports. Acting as captain or manager of many winning teams, she often brought praise from the sidelines for her excellent co- operation and sportsmanship. Nl uiinnu Ili.i:smm if slmwn ln-ina' pn-N-viii-11 L X X iuaicl lay Miss Marx' l1'1-l'Qi1smi. ll..X.A.Ml'IAIl!l1lLS linwlc Row -- .lewis-I Hall. l'ul Mail- tmm. Yirzriliizi I.:-xx is. I!:1rlm:il'zi lbw-kc-V. Idlvzinm' .low-N, 4':u'olyn l"ul'3, M iclmllv limi' -f Rummmzl liyss- mzin, Marlene Muninn. Yii'p.xinia we it " 2 ' '4 'f ' -- - . 0 , Hum! Vt ood. . l1lIl41A Ihmke. Seat:-nl ff- ilvrlrufle Ci':1wl'ur4l. Nettie Gomez. Marizinnzi Tiiuson. Patty Morrison, Alive Guflrlurrl. .Inu-kie Drake, Dining Hess Te-inpus. l 1 I 'Keep Your Powder Dry ' Lowering of the number of points by which girls may become members of the Girls' Athletic Association was the outstanding action of the year. Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon the girls prac- ticed for victorious play days and aimed for the precious G.A.A. letter. Jackie Drake, Marianna Tuason, Ramona Ryssman, accompanied by Adviser Miss Ferguson, at- tended the state G.A.A. conference at La Jolla. Regular pot lucks in the Home Economics room provided delicious food and entertainment. fl..X..X. lDl"l"lt'l'IHS Slunrlirlu f f- liziimrrm llyssinzin, ii'vzwui'L-1 . l'a11y Hmln-54-k. sec l'eLu1'y, Si-:il+1il-- Mari- ammi 'l'u:ison. pi:-sidifnll .lm-kiv llrzlke, Yin-e l'.XLiIC 453 i-i'-wish-lil. FHESHMAN-SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL Standing--Della Adams. Pat Ehrbar, llouella Roberts. Evelyn VVolfe. Beverly Hamilton. Iris liyssman. Adele Melvin. .lean VVard, Darlene Cleeni, Pat Burns. Betty Fluegge, Betty Rose, .Joann Wells, Aletha Strayer. Joyce Schroder, Audrey Cripe. Second Row-Phyliss Cronhardt, liafaelita Pinon, Vera Silva, Lucy Pinon, Carolyn Garr, Elisa Head, Lydia Romero, Elsie Delgadillo Barbara Decker, Gladys Postlethwaite, Janet Gar- diol, Carolyn Fury, Ginny Lewis, Eleanor Jones, Doris Smith, Joan Boertje, Caroline Fletcher. Front Row-Rachel Terronez, Aurora Ramirez, Esther Garcia. Esther Castro, Rita Trujillo, Alive Ida. Jackie Bestel, Wanda Murray, Virginia Laux, Sandra Bernstein. .l ITNIOR-Sli NIOR BASKl'2'l'RAIll. Standing - Beverly Dodd . Vickie Hayman, Shirley Drake, Carolyn Callen. Ramona Ryssman. Mar- lene Munion, Beryl Srigley, Phellis Cloud, Muriel Head, Wanda Borden, liac-hel 'l'ru.iEllo. Kivrvme Noguchi. Second Row N ' -l rnilda Ramirez, Anne Moreno. Ginny Scott, Jackie Sain. Katherine Ida, Gertrude Crawford, Patty Roflreick. Nettie Gomez, Alice Goddard, Lena Mae Gill, Diane Hess Tempus. Front Row - Helen Judd. Hazel VVood. 1 ' Tuason, O " ' M uianna phelia Pinon, Blossom Head. Ba kefball Review First on this season's bill Was the ever-popular sport of basketball. Taking the most bows at playday were the seniors and juniors. An able supporting role was given by the sopho- mores and freshmen. The first performance was given at Fullerton. The box receipts were as follows: Garden Grove Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen 34 Laguna 33 Capo 24 Brea 15 Valencia 16 16 13 14 PAGE 44 Hockey Arnid the sound effects of howling winds and cold, Wet rains, the hockey team made its entrance in January. A full set of props was necessary for this sport, including sticks, shin guards, and balls. After playday held at Huntington Beach on February 10 and 11, it was decided that hockey was not the success that basketball had been. Scores: Garden Grove Seniors Juniors Sophornores Freshmen Santa Ana Laguna Santa Ana Valencia l 0 0 2 .llTNlUR-SENIOR HUVKICY Standing' -- Carmen Gomez, Lelia Nevarez Nettie Gomez, Kiyume Noguehi, Cuma Cross Gertrude Prawthrfl, .lac-ltie Drake. Alice Gnd- darcl, Flurc-nc-e Stephens, Ramona llyssman. Shirley Diake, Nnla l'osllc-tliwaiie. llac-hel 'Pru- jilln, Armida Ramirez, Esther Aliamarinn. llpelilia Pinnn, Helia Garvia. Kneeling: fMar- jnrie Melntosh, Joyce Green, Wanda Smith, Nnla Ward. Vic-tnria. Hayman, Marianna 'Fun- Sun, Hazel Wand. Annie Moreno, Katherine l4Ia, Mary Lon l'inon. l-'RESHMAN-SOl'HUMllllE H0f'Kl'IY Standing -- Adele Melvin. Darlene Pleeni, Hzirumi Shigeniasa, .lc-an Warsl, Anna Mae Clirislopher, Alive lila, Joan Apnlelinry. Pat Maltunn. .lewel llull, Ginny Lewis. Carolyn Fury, Janet llarfliol, Esther Garcia, Eleanor Jones. Gladys lfustlethwaile. Kneelimxf-Samlra Bernstein. Betty Ito:-ie, ltafaelita, Pinun. Rita 'I'rujillu, Marjorie Mitchell, Virginia lcla, Doris Smith, Elsie Delgiulillu, lhelila Alnrenes, Lucy Pinnn, listrharsi lim-ker, Fnnsileln Nevarez. PAGE 45 Volleyball Seven teams exemplified the spirit shown for Volleyball by the girls who faithfully attended Tuesday and Thursday rehearsals for their triumphant debuts at playdays held at Orange. Although on the losing end, the freshmen and sophomores, led by Captains Alisa Head and Pat Mattoon, proved Worthy contenders. Victorious Were the seniors and juniors, who came through in grand style. Captains were Nettie Gomez and Ramona Ryssman. Scores: Seniors Juniors Juniors Sophomores Sophomores Freshmen Freshmen Tustin 22 Brea 30 Fullerton 30 Valencia 36 Anaheim 47 Huntington Beach 29 Newport 41 .ll'NIOR-SENIOR Standing 7 Bella YUl.IllCY ll.-X LL lizlrc-in, Helen Jullil, Shirley Drake, Nola Postletliwaite, Hazel VVood, Noln VV:u'ri, Ramona Rachel Trujillo, Nevarez. Kiyome liyssmzin, Esther Altumurino. Mary Pinon. Kneeling--Lila Nugun-hi, Nettie Gomez, Muri- zinnzi, Tuason, .lavkie Drake, Duma, Cross. Patty llmlreiffk, lkirlrjorie Mvlntosb, Katherine Iilzl. Seated - Carmen tlomez. Armiila linmirez. Annie Al nrfino, Otelin I'inon. FIIIGSTIM.-XN-S0l'lIOMOHIC YOllLF1Yl'SAlll. Stamlinfr f Eleanor Jones, Jeri Svhzluer, Tru Slury, Jewell Hull, fllzulys lmstlethxvziile, Uonsuelo Nevzirez, Rzxrlmru, Decker, Iiilu Trujillo, Virpcinizi Ida, Margie Mit:-hell. Anna Mae Christovlier. Wztnnla Murray, Adele Melvin, Elisa Head. H114 rume Shigemaiszi, Sximlra Bernstein, Kneelin:--A .lzmei Gardiol, Uzurolyn Fury, .Ioan .-Xmvlelmury. Put Mzllloon, Alive lmlu. Luffy Pinon. Flsllier tlzlr- 1-izi. Elsie lWel:':ulillim. lwlilu Morones. Doris Smith. Ginny Lewis, l'.XIllC ,161 .loan .Xlllblt'liLll'X, lwl Stzlry. li:i1'lmi'a ljevker. .ln-well Melvin, lluverly Hamilton. lCtlu Mae Neil, Annu . Q-.llonl 7 . .I I . ' . ' 1 Ginny Lewis, Sopliolnoru ruplslill. .ll'Nl1lll-SIGNIOIC StlI1"l'll.Xl.I. Stalrulinx-Lila Nevurez, llc-liz: H1111-in. .lrmiilai lizunirez. Anne Moreno, Phi-llis Cloud. Nolu Imsvlv- thwzlitv. lizunonzl Kyssvnuli. Nola lVzu'1l. llalzvl XVno1l, Shirley Drake. Mary l'inon, Estlier Allu- lnul'imu, lizicliel 'l'i'u,iillu. Kneeling' - 1'nl'nwn Gonwz. Kiyume Nogum-hi. Nellie Goins-Z, M:ii'iz1nn'1 'Tuason. Cuma Cross. .Izlvkiu Drake, Pal Hoclrl-'ic'k, Katherine Ida, Otiliu l'inon, Seateclfl1el'lI'1ulv t'i'awfor4l, Senior Captain: Helen Judd, Junior captain. IVHIGSIlAI.XX-Slll'llUAIUlil4I sHl1"l'l5Alil. Slzllimlirlslflkil Hulns, l'vL:'L:y L'h1'istiL-. Mzlnflinzl flullvy, lla-tty l-'lueggf-. .lnnv Alulltord, Alive- lilzx. Hull, Put Aluttoon. Vonniv Nevslrcz. Janet tllirm-X. Li'zllliv1'ine Alclnlosh. Czirolyn Ifury, ldleanoi' Jonvs. Yir,L:'ini:l lflzn. Vera Silva. liilil 'l'x'ujillo, liavhvl 'I'm'l'rm1Pz. Sandra lie-rnstein. Kneeling' f Adeli- Uliristonlier. Betty Ross-, NV:nmlzx Murray. .ln-an Wzlrcl, Iloris Smith, lh-liln Alorones, l,n4-y Pinon. lilsiv llelrzaulillo, listhvl' tlzlrvizi. Eliszl Hvzul. -1 ' 'llar'or'v 'llitm-lim ll l'i'rshxn:xn 4-an rlzlini Softball Closing the seasons bill of sports was softball, a very enjoyable sport which requires a good batting average, pitching form, and alert minds. Softball was highlighted by White blouses and multicolored shorts which showed off the sun's fine make up job acquired at G.A.A. practices. The juniors and seniors, with their Captains, Helen Judd and Gertrude Crawford, traveled to Brea for playday, while the freshmen and sophomores, led by Marjorie Mitchell and Virginia Lewis journeyed to Tustin. in-1... a Team? A good production, but overlooked by the majority of students, was the inter-class tennis tournament held shortly after Christmas. Co-starring as the best players were singles champs Pat Mattoon and Marianna Tuason. Girls who Went out for doubles were Cuma Cross and Nettie Gomez, Carolyn Fury and Eleanor Jones, and Virginia and Alice Ida. ,lllmin 'wwe' H-ill ""Q'Us1 Jrlw C "'11wl'm'1l ' "V .tfinivla 15. .Pdf Matti s"'V7flr:1 1. ' Ultit- r.o1,,,, .um mn, , 'Hi HSLA' fd, lx 4, .lo.1yy xml Iain, jnrnm 4 1 e- pun, , -A Arm.. Pauli 47 .fps F e fzmen l4'IliS'I' SI1llXllilS'l'IuIt Ul+'IflK'ICIti4 Slunllirm' -- l'O::x'y Uhristie, Yell lvzulf-r'mnl Girlr' llezurue Iie1r1'csvntative: .luy 'lzuylmx Yell leruler: .lozmne Wells. Counvil lim-1x11-sal11:11i'.'e. Svnleml- - llulwlvie XVlieeler, Ses'1'vlury: lh-ilu Amlznms. l're-r:i- lit-ul: .Xlllll'l-'5' Urine, xive pr:-sillt-nl. Nut Shown XV:lmlu Mlll'l':ly, liirlr' In :Luv Iloviwsevilzllixv. XM SIQCUND SEMESTER lll"l1'lk'ERS Hialnmling 3 VVanda Murray. Yil-e president: Robbie Wheeler, Secretary: Della Adams, Count-il Rebre- senlalive: .lay Taylor, Yell leader: Jimmie Stout. Presinlenl, Kneeling w Dunne lill'l'lfl,1'flSlll'1, Yell ulri lvmler, Nut. Shown f-.Iune ltlulforll. Yell le: 1' nnul Girls' League Item-esenlzllive. r. ' YI: "Me Com ls Green" The freshmen, timid and green, step on the stage for their first performance, but their timidness was short-livedg by sharing in the activities and rooting at games, they soon became members of the gang. As they pass in review, we see them going to the Freshman Dance, accompanied by Mr. Hatch, their adviser. They were well rewarded for their pains in decorating as they danced to the melodious strains of an orchestra in an atmosphere they will never forget. Club meetings, and, best of all, the unforgettable Scrubs Day when they Went through a rigorous initiation will long be remembered. Their play was a success. Now they are ready to go on to the advanced role of sophomores to con- tinue their good performance. 1461 PAGE 51 Freygmen Sinn , -Im.kfhng,. R. law R"f1c11e,dY R. Cqflellu B03' 1"c-lifnhilvz . 'iii-F23 Pegrgqfn' 1it1rhf1li'n,iln"11y XI I'um1,Q XYhiL9'e,l1Insr -"ANf111Q,Af13:u11,,:,l lxi, ' ilrle A 11,11 ' pl. iff. F: n lgplllrlei Pqptrllt:c,,n1i':.2jN1eZvTLr21k Hangs! Uh 'VBA Tl-v.'4Y'l, ' 'wha SRF? g2v:leV9n'1J051nW' B Hrypl. Dar" una Upreg . ,QMGII lg-ne C n Val 0, T . 1 le 1197 Olqqm Hoi. Gm '- Ba Y F Wnwe-' 'lean P52112 'vilrm F119 vvard A Call " r, FQ . R " Cn Ather ubert" Caqt 'L ' Vo, I E 1, pw '1 la., VIN '- R usa Imp wh-l ' Pripld V EVPl.x L 'vn WV111 f, C, 'drfllvn ' GH,-I, Bob Moore, his-K Miwnen. 1' Uunnu Wiwkev. A Xvanxhx 'Sxnndkn-gf5un0x'u Bernfitein, Ruhevk, Swxevn, Dia-X4 Snzwev, Genvge- Hunxnn, Ve-ggi Christie, CWA? Sxnhkx, Kenneth Ev-even, Yam Lewis, Vknrinm Nu, Lennuvd Schnckde . Ann Johnsmne. Susan Lenmar, Harnnn Snisgenmsn. x4neeXingf.myL-e Swhnmev, Peggy Aunef, -x-ay, Hamm 'Veag,ue, BMW WeXXs, fufreq Odnnn, Ixdde Newin, Ruth XErzvl,eM, SPRYQAX ff Fvunn-Ps L-mes, " x UNK VXXXXXKWS, Vcivnnn Vlxvmd, DAMAN KKXXiun, .hw 'Yayhny Mnuny Stunt, XY Hhs XLUXXXPY, Ric-haul HS. M xxx Kent T-Mn'p.u , Lnfkin, Le-nn Swnhe PAGE 52 'FUD l'ic'lul'e: Nl2l7Il1iIl.g'fJfll1l11J' Callihnm. Ronny Grfnun, Hf1org'e ldvnns. Holi lioyrl. llivk Pink ham, Jerry Latham, Ken Steelman, Curtis Stout, Vhnrlvsr Miller, Jin-k Latham, Glurlys Spike:- Lorin Elam, Jerry Michaels. Hylas Lvuis, Ken l'riv-11, Harold lizisey, Elisa Henri. lllazgx .UvFarland. Myrtle Stamp. Etta Mae Xt-ul. Kneeling x-.lun-e lifmrlr. Anetta North, Betu Fluegfre, Iris Ryssman, Arvillzi flilf-hi-ist. Yfmika 'l'nmakn. Mildred Yamleg'rir'f, lflilm Uzuki Relfaelita Pinon, Nellie Menrlez. S1-ated N- Yirizinia Laux, Anna Christopher, Alaiwir- Mitvhell, .U1f1I'P3' Urine. Pat Ehrlrur, Della Arlzuns. Joanne XVHIIN. Ra1'lvai':1 U'hetf-ler, Juni- Alult'o1'vl, Phyllis Cro h' 'It I. l' -' -' ' ' " " " ' '- ' '-' n dir , 116111 Roberts, Hdrhel lrilonea. XM.: Mlm. hhnltgx lenusnn. Iiuttoin Pirlurv: NfHhl1fIhQf'f'h1llll?lS Gunzzalex, He-1-tor 111-lmn, Phillip Ve-ga. Jesus More-nu. Jimmy Rogers. Duane Rivharflson, Taiirhi Anyaiizai, f,'Iil'furrI Ruse, Yivroz' Ustrum. Ri1'lm1'd -UFXJIPIIUFY, Robert Johnson, Dun Frazier. Tmnim' Karanalmli. Dwight Smith. Jerry Hill. John Gonzales, Hubert Morgan, Delnmr Rinehart, linux.-0 Young. Km-elingxltolrert Mnntguinery, Inv." Ax.. 1. -In. . ,. J. ., - . , - - , ft vi, L ld? Oitega. I-:ful .X.!.11m, JIHIIIU Jdnnilolph, Adolph Maya, Malvln l'Hlmqu1sl, llulzllyl Rlelrer, George Mr'Clell-an, Harold lleazwv. Rf-1-lining' --- liupv Nl1l'Il'hL'Z. Donulfl lllackmun. Frank Martinez, Thonmx fiuihztn, Hfnvawl Ward. PAGE 53 Sopfzomo e l"lliS'I' SEM PlS'l'ER HFl"il 'ERS Hob Vmphress, President: Hill Starkey, 4'oum-il Representative: Johnny Perkins, Ycll Ioaclurg U-mm. lyn Fury. Commissioner: Harhar-1 Ile:-ker. Vinn- missioner: Put Maroon. Vice president: Iva Stan-5. Sm-i'e'tzii'y, ! AL' SIGV1IND-Sl41AIlGS'l'IGIilPl"IfICI'IliS lion Strmnld, Yin-e 1:1'esi4lvnl. "Magik for 6rror" , , During act two, more activities were in store for the sophomores as they emerged from the greenhorn bracket. The Sub-Debs, Hi-Y, Y-Teens, and G.A.A. kept them more than busy. Other activities that kept the play moving were the Santa Claus Jamboree and the sending of packages to Europe under the leadership of Mrs. Turk, their adviser. Initiating of the greenhorns gave them revenge for last yearis treatment when they stepped on to the stage for the first time. Act two draws to an end, but the Sophs look forward to the next curtain call when they will appear as juniors, and then their portrayal of the seniors. ll Janet, Gurney. Yell lvzuli'I'Z .Imlnwi Aqrplelulx Girls' League 1-iem'es4-nlwtive: Iva Siuvy, Ctllllllll llepivsentutive: Alzlrilyn Mr-rrisun, S'crel:xi'y3 Hub Arm-her. President: Ilill Starkey. Commissiomx 'All E up Ituw - Arthlli' R1:lI'siiy4Ii-V, Flzlii-1 l'I'6'Il, .Xl'1l1lil'4':li'lson, linux iIvi'n:ln1l1-Z, Imyi Kimi:-4-in Iwwiy Stump, Iliwlmrvl Maitthvwrn, Illavinl liurns. llill lllunlirrnm-i'y, Ilvun Shurl Dzlvifl Kvimvlinn, IJ:'1'1'r-1 In-zllh. Se-4-onf Huw--Munum-l li1u'ei'i':1, Hula Ii:ii'lux'. 11 ,hur Mvlnlush. llziy lwzisziiw-S. Hwy Gzii'M.l. Hurolml .X1mi', ills-ii Sziiimlliilm. Kzlnnvili Wylie, lxuy-:ski lizinie-i, I'uul Iirnnvltcm lerald Qlilxlmns, Johnny l'vi'kins, Kelnny' Richurrls, .liinniy Pe-:'ui-, 'llirsu Yniquez. Knl-'Glin:.:---lvlrlwst Mzxrtimlzc. Szxlnlwl Gulkn- FPZ, Vis-Im' Alain-nn, ll.ii'nl4l liurliv, Hen b,wn:i, slum' Julinsrfn, lluli l'lnialiress, Riu lrinzulvs, Curly llusllminin, Sl-:ltmlf--f.X'4n4-:4 l'i'igP1'us, .Xiilivlia l'inu1i. .l1sv'iliivis- Uhnnw, lmlriros Gmnoz. XPM-iiiv hurl, I' ufv Bloewniaiii. Annu Ilmlsum. Sliirlvff Alnoi'm:nn. ElPciI14ii'v Junws. I.vr1ui'v l'I:ll,w, Illnruili. Yzinm-. ,N 'r'v'1l2l!'- Stzmding -v- Elsie Delgrrulillii, llyilizl Hmm-i-H, IC::: 1.4. lin., lmyiw. Stuart Uimsliy. .lvrry All-t'ull:eli. Xlrrliizlll XYhiLe, Almirue Lee. liuluewt Xvulvy. llau Ii--nlknyiln-in Ihvli Archer, Dun Slrmlli, Huy Smith. Alurimi Hr-rimiull-Z. l'un- niP Nvvurfxz. llfilila Mnrmmvs, Ilzirluzlrzl l"4-ll. llnvy I'in4m. Klwcliyig' ff W ,lmmnzi Airplvlnlim. ,lm-ri Sw-lizxlin-i'.. .I1-uw-ll Ilull. Ilnris Smith. H:1,i'lmi':i Ulimlmmlro, l'nrnIyn l"li-li-livr. lfmn lhn-rlje-, IIA-v0l'ly Silvnll. S4-:ilml V1-un-4-lu. Mille-F, Hairy ltimmni-H, liuriku Nishinu, Hunnii- Iwsmnl, Imlmwes hon, Ulnee Hustun, llw--n Amlersnn, Iva Stnvey, ell. Marilyn Larkin, Beth King, Virginia Mars Junkie lieu n Lang. 1 i i i i i i i i 1 Mumlin::'fLmv+1ll Vutlin, Lester Hann. Yukiu Tanaka, Hill Starkey. Don Sieveke. liurm' Srigle-y, Huh Wylie, Charles Annler- svn. Suzneul :it lil:-:lil -.lzxvk Ida, .limmv Hinklv, hinlefy .lf-nsvn. Dirk Given, Nulve Kitumlsu. Middle lion' f l'zlt Mutioon, Alivu lflzl, l!ui'lmz1i'u, lim-kvix Cnrnlyn Fury- 'hmvt tlzirsliol, Fzxtliwine Mvlnlush. Gladys luis! Ill-lliwznitp, Huh Smith, Ann Murfivld. Front Huw -Janet l:llI'YlPX. .Ian-kie Bee-tvl, Hfu Imran Ne-urine, Xluiwlyli Morrison. Ginn I.r-his, Jambr FIRST SElVll1IS'I'FIli fll4'l"If'l4lllS Standim-I-Ramona liyssmun, Council Represen- tative: Nola. Warrl. 'l'i'e:isi1v'f-in Below - Don Sliezircr, Presiflent, f'lil'1'm'4l Stout. Yell lender: Jim Fivlzufla. Vive pyresiilenl. Not Shown Klar- jorie Rlvlnlosh, Sm-i'elul'y, b4I'Ql'UNU Sl+lllIl4IS'l'luli UIVI' IPI-.ILS Standing--Renny 'l'znylm'. Yell lemler: Imviil Malta. 'l'i-easurerg Nolan Ward, He+'i'elzii'y: John llaxiun, Presidenli Carolyn Fallen. lte1n'esent:4tive: Don Shearer, Vice in-esiflvnl. 146711 "mme swf" With the close of this year, the curtain falls on the third act. However, the Junior rings, the Junior-Senior Prom, being upper class- men, and struggling With term papers will never escape the Juniors' minds as they go on to the fourth and final act. There were long, hard practices for "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," but the pride of giving it more than compensated them. Then came the climax, the Junior-Senior Prom. The choosing of a theme, selecting committees and plenty of work will long be remembered. The curtainls going down, but after a su1n-- mer's intermission, curtain four will rise and as '49'ers, the Juniors will take their place in the final act. PAGE u6 Plllwin Mar-- Alfred lil Stanflimr --- Mark YVzi1:s:'e-neu Jhersun. Don Patrirlxre. Don Pinus, Coen:-is, Donald Hum, Phillip Slutv, llpra faler, lluane Stout. llH.vid l'9c'm', Iluvifl wlatlzi, .lzlnws tlillvslviv. Johnny llelxicm, iaymunnl Post. lbivk lkln-Keelmn. 429013-2'r-1 lvhmmnuvvr, Kneelim: -f .lzmws Imstart 'lwslvy Ulzlrk, .limmy lmss, NVHXINI l'zllli nam, lmlrerl Cassell. Swlteclfl-lilnln lmvirl- Iuriel Head. Pat Kvlly. Vic-mrizm Iluyxnz ru Pinon, li:ii'lwzu'a Hoare. Mzlrily r Nuguf-hi, Mzirtlm Kitarlzl, V slury L4 Tomeuu, Kiyokn .YiI'l-YiUl2l lingers. K 'W llzui-rf Slumling ff lmruwn finlnvz. l!Pli:1 4l:u'1'ial, .Xrmimlzl wx, M4Al'lv1n- tlillhnm, Annie Slum-Aim, llzu-hell 'l'i'11.iill1:. Plwllis l'lnunl, 1'u1'nlyn lla-nth, liill Ilul4l41n. Kzizulw ,Xu yzzniu. Uhzlrll-s Humr. Ilullis ll-mwz, l,zll'l'5' Souza. .Inlmm Surlnz, .lim lbmislm, llnlwrl i'nvumlll14li. Don Vu-miss, - Alnriimmuiu. Imnny 1'u11g:hlin,,.luv Szxlgzuln, llivii 'iw-III. llvll Hz'l1riP1'. Svaltwlf- Utillu l'innn. iln Nvx'z11'e'z. lhnlnws Sllfllvrs, Hur Ulifl' Sllilll. Shirley IH':n,l:v. w- Almzizen, lie-nm PAGE l'InlNY2Illi llivrs, Llm'-1 ll lirxthm' Allzimznrinu, I4 h:ui'u. Stews-11s, luliku Nishinu, Gene lmvv, lieverly lmnlsl, 'l'lwmlm Nishioka. 57 l 1 i i i 1 llzlnnlinu -- Hzlrlmrzi l.r1wiS. llilliv Jnhnson. nrvs Fuulrh, lmnny Eimlellsmi, Maxim- " mnlh. Ruby 'I'hunms. Nolzl l'nstlvthwaitP. Xnlzi NVz11'd, Rub Whe-fllxee, .luyvel Joslin, Don She-zxrer, Amlrvy Sharpe, Huwzirrl Gzirr, llulnunzi liyssmzm. XY:1mlu liorden, Asn Hcrl-on, John Arrlwr, Roll Mlxrulzn, .lim lfiilmflu. Ted 14114-the-su. lines-linu'-fBs-r5'l Srigglvy. Merldenv lmnley, .lan-kiv Sain. Ginny Sm-ull. Ilurmn Sweet, M11-l-niiian llvpp. '-rulyn Fzillpn, llc-Hy Holla, .le-:ln King. lla-IP-n .lu1l4l, l'IvPl5'!l Nm-il, Hvlen mmm, llPnny 'l'zlylnl', Don l fi S6-Html l.:uu:. Xlurlr-nm2- Xlx XYull:ln+l 70 B MINE To Helen Harris goes the honor of being the most worthy girl Argonaut of the 1948 class. Helen was chosen not only because of her high scholastic standing, but because of her high attitude rating, and her active participation in various school organizations. To the Junior Red Cross she gave of her time Will- ingly. As assistant editor of the Argonaut, she did a splendid job. Having taken the lead in the Junior play last year, and in the Senior play this year, Helen showed outstanding dramatic ability. Congratulations, Helen. GRIFF LEWIS HELEN HARRIS Griff Lewis merits the honor of being the most Worthy boy Argonaut of the 1948 class. To Griff goes this honor because of the active part he took in the many school organizations. He also placed very high in attitude rating. As business manager of the student body, Griff proved to be most efficient and dependable. In handling the ads for the Senior play programs and for the Argonaut, he did an excellent piece of Work. During his Senior year he was president of the Golden Fleece, and also of the Hi-Y. In sports he participated in baseball and basket- ball, and during his Junior and Senior years he was business manager of football, Congratulations for a splendid job, Griff. PAGE 58 lj li Sembrs UI1'l1'll'lCliS l+'lIlS'I' SI'IAIl+IN'l'lCll IA-fl tu Right lflnyrl Claus. 'l'reusur1-r: Hill 'I' l'rr-sidcnii liir-lizliwl l'mphre-:'s. Yell lx-:ule-ri VVzuy114 Ilurlson. Vim- pre-sillenil Kullilem-n Brown. Sevrelziry. Nut Shown 4-.luhn VVlii1e-, Vuuncil lic-mwselitativci lhlrleilrll llunl, I'ulvlicilX li1:nn:ip:'el': .Xlivc tlurldarul Girls' Ileusiln- lin-ss lic-paw-svlutzallrv. 1467 IV lll"l"lk'l'1IiS --V SICIWIXIX Sl'IMl'IS'l'I'IIi Sczutcnl 7 lfloyrl Plains, Presiilcnli Helen Ili-mls-r'son. Council Rem'cscnt:ltivc: Hill Oaks, Vice pre-siflentg S1:ln:limAfHi1rlei:1li Hunt, Sn-1'rvl:LI'YZ llichursl I'm- plirvss. Yell lcmlefr: Kathleen lirown, 'l'rcasl1i'r-1'. Nut Slwun if I.ui:: lic-ivlmiwl. l'ul:li4-ily nizmzurerl lizlllwr- inc ll.lsrvr. Girls' l.f':u:ue Urn-ss lir'lx1'e:scnt:1livc. "Tire Mme of Your life" As another curtain falls heralding the end of act four, thc Senior Class of '48 rush back- stage to remove their make-up and resume their roles in another great drama. Lookng back, four years of performance quickly unfold before their eyes. That anxious year of 1944 when they became Froshiesunveils the memories of their rigorous initia tion. As mighty Sophs their Competitive As-sembly received second place honors. The following year the thrill of being upperclassmen beckoned them on to greater per- formance vvhen they presented their Prom amid a pirate atmosphere and the class play, "Brighten the Cornerf, With the completion of the final act, their thoughts Wander back to the Senior play, t'George Washington Slept Here," and the "Spring Swing" with the pride in knowing a job is Well done. The footlights are dimmingg the last spectator is leaving. Their performance is a success! .3 fl DVANE ANDERSON Sophomore Class president: Hi-Y Dresident 3: Golden DUN ARCHER JANE CLARK l!l,lCYlNS t'AlilJl,Y.' Ass't. Studem Body business Glee Clulx Il, 4: Uneretta 21: 'l'ransl'or nmnziger 42 Golden Fleer-o IZ, 'Fr-Y Ii: .Xl'H'0lUL2' l Sr-hool. Fleet-e l. 2, 3, 4: All Sports 4:1-Ii-Y 1. 22. 3, -1: Hi-Y nresi- your: 1. 2. 3. 4: Competitive As- sembly l High in Junior dent 2: Competitive Assem- FLOYD CLAVS DAVID CADVVALLADER CAMERON VAHL BYRNS DATHAN DAYNE BURNS Senior Class president: Senior Golden Fleece 3, 4: Junior Transfer from Redondo High Junior Class president: Sopho- Class Treasurer: Golden Fleere Play: Senior Play: Football 2: School in Senior year. more Class' vice president: 1. 2, 3. 4: Football 1. 2, Il. 4: Hi-Y 2. fl, 4: Hi-Y vivo prvsi- Counvil il: Ifootlxall l. 4: Bais- Scholarship 2, 4 dent 3 lwiliull l, 4 A CVMA LEE URUSS 1llCli'l'lil'DE CR.AVVl"UIilJ MARILYN DAVIS Yell Leader 2: Song Lezuler 4: Argolog If: Glee Club lc 1l.A,.x. Argulog :ig Coininerciul Clul, Student Body vice president 4: Z, 3, 41 Commercial Clulv 2 2: Glee Club 1: Basketball 2, Golden Fleece president 4: fl: Oiyel-erm 4 Senior Play K.X'I'HLEP1N JU ANN BROWN Transfer from Franklin High School, Los Angeles, in Jun- ior yezirg Senior Class secre- tary: Senior Class treasurer: llsinnna Gamnia uresiclvnt. 4: .irnrolug l: Aiufronziui l: Senior I'la1v PAGE 60 l l 1 l l l'.,Xltl, CUIJC lN.X.xll.X VOX L..-Xl. l'UlU'UlCAN Ifnwllmll luzmzluvl' .Ig 'l'x':1f-li 'I'l'zmsIu-1' from lxllmznwn lliuh 'I'r:lnste-r from llxuyuzv lliuh Il, 4 Sm-lmul in .lllnior ye-ms Srlnml in Suplxmxwwl yvzll' l H,Xll4ll,ll l4Il'lilCNlC lDPXVl'l"l' JAl'l2l'l'ILlNl-Cl.UIl'Sl1I IIKYINH IDl'MXI .lUHNli,l!lf1l'K .lllnior l'lzly: 'I'l':l4-li 1: l"u4vI- DRAKE l"um1tlmll 4: 'l'r'z1rk 2: Vmnlwli- Fmwtlmull l, 12, fl, 'll 'I'l'uvl-4 l, 2, lull Sl ILA..-X. Vive lvrvsimlvnt 4: Siu- livv Assn-mluly 2: tlpvrn-tin 4 il: Guhlr-n lf'l:-4-up l, 2: Sm-lmlznrf llfllll Hody sm-1c'1'z-tzlry Ii: Fuun- ship 2: Hi-Y 2. fl, 4 1-il 1: Senlm- l'luy: Junior l'liIYL l'1vml11is:1inn Z!! Girls' l.v:lu'll0 :+PI'ra'P:ll1I-:ul firms If l l l l l Xl.l"liHlJ IvAVENl'UR'l' liARH.Xll.X lil"I'll l-ISTEI' MARY JANE I-'l'l'4'll l.l'IN.X MAE 4,lIl.l. Iilblilfllfl' SlllCliM.XN1ll,.XZi4I l Il.1nsl'z-1' from lirznmse- lliull 121:20 Club l, 2, 34, 4: Svninr 'I'1'i-Y 1, 2, Zlg Ulm- l'll1l1 1, 2. 'I'l'ifY 2: llzammzl Hnlnlmu 4: HiAY l, 11. Sl, l: l"m:llmll l. 2, mul in Svniur ypznrp Se-uiur l'l:4y3 Tri-Y Il: 4'-mnuf-1'--izal 12. 4: Uperetln 22, 41 lluslwlllull lluskvllmll 4 3, 41 liansl-hull l, 11, 32, 4: Arg., llly Nlul. Zip lllwlweilzn li, 4 l. 2, 4: Ax'g'nlop, l lug il, -ll Arllunaiul ll Svninr PAGE 61 Playg .luniur Play l .IUYCE ELAINE GREEN JACK GOLDEN ESTHER GONZALES VVILLIAM R. GREEN ' ALICE GUDDARD 'lwunsfei' from Woodrow Wil- Midrterni Gmlluxxlelg 'I'i':u'k :lg Argwzlogr 33 Glee Clulm 11 Pom- Hi-Y I. 2, 3, 4: Footlmll 1. 2, F.F,A. Queen 4: Glee C' sun High S:-hool in .lunior Rusketlmll IZ: Freslimzxn Enar- mei'0ia.I Club 2: Basketball 2, 33, 4: Uompetiiive Assembly 1: 4: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3: Malone year: Senior Play: Une:-01121 tl, lish lllllll :lg Yollolylvzlll 2: Hnerotlzi 'I Tennis 2, fi, fl: 'l'r:u'k I " " 4' 'Pri Y " 4: 'Pri-Y Il: tlzminm tiammzx 4 HELEN .IVNE HARRIS IiIf'I-IARI7 0. HANN KATHERINE H.-XSTER ROBERT' HART Transfer from Proviso High 'l'l'anSl'er from Running' High Golden Fleeve 1. 2. 21. 4: 'I'1'ifY Transfer' from Woodrow Wil- 'l'ri-Y SI: Sr'holi1i'ship ., . Svhool, Illinois, in Junior' year: Svhool in Soilliulno re year: I, 2. 33 ILA-A.. 2. fl: Junior Son High Sr-howl, Ilong' I-ieuvli, 3 -1' IW ' ' ' I1 All 4 I oollmll .1 Play: Senior I'l:iyg I-l:xsI:etI1all in Senior year: Ilziskel Golden Fleeve 3. -I: Red Cross 1, 1.9 Girls' IICPILHIP flress rep- Iinselmll 4 fl, 41.'lunioi' Play: Senior Play: Argolog' R: Ass'i. I'C4litor, Ai'- Honniil I reseniative 4 HELEN DAUPHNE HENDERSON Transfer from Woodrow VVil- son High Soho-01, Long Bench, in Sophomore year: Golden Fleece 3, 4: Girls' League- president 3: Scholarship 3: Junior Play: Argulog, Ass'1. Editor 2: Gamma Gamma 4 BLOSSOINI HEAD DIANE HESS TEMPVS Golden Fleece 4: Commission Senior Play: Gamma Gamma 4: Junior Playg Senior Play: 4: Teen-Canteen secretary 4: Operettu. Il: Basketball, Base- Girls' League vice nresident Jlg ball, Vnlleylmll 1, 2, Ji, 43 G.A.A, treasurer 35 Majorette Gamma f3h.lTlIlIi1 4 3, 4 PAGE 6 2 KATHERINE S, IDA G.A.A. 3, 43 Glee Clulx Basics-tlmll 3, 4: Hoc-key 3, Volleyball 3, 4: Baseball Cl. t'HAlilil'lS A. HHNSUN lSl'lilil'Il41H Hl'N'I' lluml l. LC. Zi. 4: lhsketlxall l. Snphuln0l'o Ulu:-1:4 yell lm-mlm" Z, 4: Ili-Y Ji, 4, HL'L'l'El.2ll'X, l: V. S, Histury Cluln Il, Fum- Lllzpy-lqlgi 1 lmll 2: Svnim' Vluss lmululif-ity lllil llrli-ZUI' NVll.I,lAM l5l+lN'l'0N l-llNKl,l'2 l-Ii-Y 1, 2, 3, 4: 11l'E-'Sl!l0l'll 4: Connnissiun 2, Il. 4: Cuunc-il Il: Ifreslunan Ulass l'l'esiIlc-nl: Senior l'lzl5': Ifuollmll. liaskvt- hall. Hass!--ull. 1, 2, ll. lj l"1'rsl11nen1. Smvlimm-rv. .luniur Umuiwtilixu Assn-lulvly .W ICMIKU ITU A li'l'HI'll IC, KOH LHR 4' 'V'--wrvslivr l':'om lizivis High Transfer frmn l'urt:fLu'e' High 4. S:-hunl, l'tz1h. in Juwlm' year: Scfhuol, VVis4'onSin. in Srrshu, -1 lilvv Club -Ig l'. S. History mom ye-ur: Uiwrcllzn Sl. 4: Has- Ululm Sl ketlmll Il: l'ln'ir:l1nus Cunlzxtzx 4 CARL KOENES Tran:-fer from Calumet High Sc-hnol, Illinois, in Freshmxm Nlllll' ROVVLAND JENSEN GENE M. KITADA Gl'Ili'I'lil'llH LARKIN JOHN H. l.l'l4INl!lCli4il'IR ALFRED LOGAN Freshman Class !i'onsu1's-1': 'l'x'ansfs-r from Belmont Hiuh lllve t'IuI+ 13. 3. -l1Upel'e1.l2l Il: l'.F.A, l. 3: Frvshrmnn Ping- Mid-term llracluzne: l"v'e-slmmn Hi-Y president 4: Hi-Y l, 2, Ji, Svhuul in Suphonmnr yr-ur: llzunnm llilllllllil 43 'Pri-Y Il Iish Vluh English Clulv: Hasvlmll I -lg Senior Play: Rand I. 2, Il. 1'un1l1wl'f'i11l Clulv Il lg Gulf 'lg opvrvttu 1 ILKIIH H3 1lIilFl"l'l'H liUlilGR'l' LEVVIS Freshman Class vire president: Junior Class vice president! Student Body business mana- ger 4: Golden Fleeve nresi- cient -I: Counvil 2, -lg Junior l'lz1y: Senior Play HAYMONIJ IG. MVNIUY Senior Play: Golden Fleeve 2. Il: Football, Flasketlmll, Base- llall 1, 2, 4: Teen-Canteen president 43 Commissioner il VIRGINIA MA'I"I'A Counril li Sc-holamshilv sevre- tary-trezisurer il: Commission 3: Senior I-'lzLy: Arguing I, 2, 3. 4, editor 2: Argonaut Il, 4. lflrlitor fi: A c-ammellu 2: Llilllllllil tlulnlnzi -I: Ui'unL:'0 County l'ri-ss Club nresiilviit l IlIAR.IURIl4I MUSIC Mr'IN'I'USH AIA DICLINIC A, MAYI'OI.l'I DAN Milli HICISIIER 'Przinsfer from San Diego Jun- Trl-Y 1, 2. 3. treasurer 3: I-Ii-Y 1, 2. 3, 4: Foo I lor High School in Sophomore Senior Play: Junior Playi Tennis 2, 3, 43 Loinpe l lu year: Golden Fleeve 4: Glee Gzm1lnaGz1n11nu vire president Assembly 1 l'lulr 4: Argolog, 4 4: Argolog 4: Argonaut 4: .X vrlmxellzl 23 Coliipriilivo ,Xs- :winlmly 1 .I VN E YUFNG INIURRISUY I'Al'L VVAYNE M l'l'l'H ELI. Tri-Y 1: Golrlon Fleece 4: Cum- Freshman Class president: retitive Assembly 2: G.,-X A. Golden Fleer-e 2, 3: Junior 1, 2, Jig Gamma Gamma presi- Plwyg Senior Play: Oneretta 3: all-nt 4: Coinmercizil Club 3: Baselrall l, 2, 3, 4: Tennis 2. Coinnxisslon I -1: Hi-Y 1, 2, -ll Connois- sion 4 I' l 'J I KU MURINIS l-I I 'I'i'i-insfer from H ol ly H i 5: h Svhool in Senior yea 1' liUI'Il11li'l' MUHGAN 'l'rzinsl'er from I'oIyHigl1 Sehool, Long' Beavh, in Senior year: ,Band 4: All Southern Californizt High School Festi- val Orchestra 4: Opcretta 4 JIM MI'I'CHI4II1l, .I FERRY MUKRISUN Sophomore Class Vive presi- dent? Hi-Y 1, 2. 3, 4, vice president 4: Student Body yell leader 1: Junior Play: Senior Play? Umnniission 1. 2. 41 Competitive Assvinbly I, 2. fl Q Hi-Y 2, LI, 4: Football 1, 2 X 4: Trunk 4: Baseball 1. 2, 3, 4 .P A G F 1 f ..f"" ,pn- KIYOME NOGTSCHI Transfer from Poston High School in Sophomore year: Scholarship 2: Basketball 4: Volleyball -i: Hockey 4: Base- ball 4 HERSCHEL L. OWENS Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4. vice president 3. Sergeant-at-arms 4: Com- petitive Assembly 1 VALVIN UUHSNER HOB l'A'l"l'El-ISUN .Xuto Shop Club 3: F.1".A. 3 Student Holly president -15 Junior Class president: Band 3. 4: t'omn1ission l. 2. 3: Golden Fleece 3: Basketball, Football. Baseball. 1, 2. 3, 4: Track 1. 2, 3 E l RUBlCR'l' ALLEN RIVES MANVEL RUIJARTE l-'A'l'liIl'IA JUNE RUIFREICK Hi-Y 1. 2. 3. 4: .lun'or Play: Hilti-l9!'l11 tlracluate Golden Fleete 2. Il, 4: Girls, Senior Play: Operetta CS: A League sevretary 3. 4: G.A.A. cappella Choir PAGE 65 i -x- seuretary 4: Glee Club 4: All Sports 1, Z, 3. 4 -, 3, 4. 1. 2. 3. JIM l'ORTEliFIlCLD 'i'ranst'e1' from Woodrow XVil- son High School in Sophomore year: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. president Il: Student Body publit-ity mana- ger 4: Junior Play: Senior Play: LJ1Je1'ett:t il: Golf 4 l"IiED SHIGEINIASA Transfer from Poston Hifrh Svhool in Sophomore year? Argronaut 4: Football, Basket- ball, Tratfk 2. 3, 4 ff' 1 ff .:, Kfzllvqfjfh Ar:g,g.q , l 12 rffffnfrz awe'- :ar-- sn r ' "ff Q lf ., 1 , ,, ,- ' BILL OAKS Basketball 1: Band 2. 3, 4: Hi-Y president 3: Junior Play: Senior Play: Football 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2, 3: Senior Class Vive xnresitlvnt -- 1' . .,,, , -... . LOIS JEAN RFIICH.-XRD Transfer from Turlock High School in Junior year: Junior Play: Senior Play: Senior Class publicity manager: Competi- tive Assembly 3: Arguing' 3. 4. editor 3: Argonaut 4: Gamma Gamma -I GENE SMITH F.F.A. 1. 2, 3, 4 HILIJ. S. "H S'l lCl'Hl41N l'lllXV,XlilJ SMITH VVANDA .IU SMITH lill.l, 'I'l-IUMAS FLORENCE STI-'ll'Hl'INS X XIII t'olnins-rviul Cluln 2. Il: fl-,X A. Hi-Y 1, 2. JI, 4. Ire-za:,i1l'ui' 1g 'Transfer from l41xc:elsioi'l-ligll Follmnilsslon 2: Junior Class G..-MA. 1. J. ,lg holdem Ile L4 l 2: Huvkey Z: i+'reshn1an Eng- Golden Fleer-e 3, el: Scholar- School in Senior year: Senior president: Senior Class presi- 1. 2, 35 Argolog 3: Hucke lish Club ship 4: Band 1, 2, IE. 4: Senior Play: Operettzl 4: lllee Clulm 4 dent.: Junior Play: 'Przwk 1. 12, 2. 3, -1: Coinpetiiivo Assemblw I'luy: Coinpeiiiivo Assembly 15 Sl, -I: Ifootlmll 2, 3, -1: liziskol- 1, 15: Giumnai Gzunnm -1 Tvnnis 3. 4 lmll 1 MARIA 'CNA li. TV,-XSUN ICYERT TISD,-XLl'1 lI.A.A. 2. 25, fl. president 4: 'Vransler from l'. S. Arnis' Commission -1: Tri-Y 2. II. 1: Air Fora-e in Senior your Banrl 1. 1: Hovkvy. Tennis. Vollvylmll. Baseball 1. 2. Cl, -12 Bzmketlvaull 2,3,-13 Badminton -1 FRANK VVILIJERDYK .IUHN VVHITE F.F,A. 1. 22, ll, 4 Rmlrfl of Control Ll: Hi-Y 1. 31 All Sports 1, 11, 32, fi: Student Rody yell lemlei' 2 RICH,-XRD VMPHRESS IJALIG NV.-XRD Football l. LJ, li. -1: l-iasketlmll Mid-lerm Graduaitc 1: 'Pravk 1. 2. 4: Junior l'lz1y1 Senior Class yell lender JAIIES l.. NVHEIJBEE Transfer from Szlnia Ana Hipzh School in Sophomore year: F.F,A. 1, Z. Vive president 2: Foutlizill 1, 3: Track 1. 2, 4 PAGE 66 PAGE G7 3 xi? YVUNNE ZLAKICT M,-XlH'l'S Vl'Il.Ml7'l'H SHIRLEY VVUUIJ 'l'l'unsI'Pr from Alui'ywmMl l+'i'9shim1n ldmrlisli Fliilu: Umm- Trzlnsfer i'i'nm Huntington Vuilwlif' High Sc-hnml in Suphn mer:-iul Ululv: l'. S. lli:4lun'5' Reach High Svluml in .Iuniur inure- year: Sc-lwlursliip 2. IS. -l. Club 31: Tennis II NPAV: 'I'i'i-Y Il: tiles- Flulm Sl, -l' presillfhnt 4: Cnunvil 2: Golden tlmnnm flmnnui -1: xlpmw-11:1 lflewve 4: Junior l'l:u': Senim- l'l:1y: Aruunzllll I: tlquvlvilzi -4 N lG'l"l'l H GUM EZ l"i'L-1:-hlmin English Flulv: Srhol- urslmilr Cl: G, A, A. 15, Il. -li Hm-key l: Haskeilwall 2: Base- lmll Ii, 4: Tennis il, 4 L lN7lClVI'l'lY l,Ul'lSE f'1llll.lNS 'Tri-Y l, 12, Il: .lllnlnr I'l:1y1 Senior Play: Compeiitivv As- svmlnly 1: A va-mpella 2: Tennis 1. Z, ii, 4: Gamma Gamma: 4 Camera Shy Seniors NVAYXP2 HVIJSUN .luninr Class vim-P lDl'PSltlPl1lI Stlnim' Class vim- presivlvnil 'I'1':1r-k 'l. 2. Il, 41 lizlslwlllzull I "'l4'u11lln.lll ., r.. hull l 'Prunsi M.XNl'ICl. SAICNZ 'S-1' frmu .Xnulif-im High Sn-hnnl in Sfhnioi' Null' f'll.Xlil.HS SANlPlll'Iill 'l'l'2lI'lSl4Pl' t'1-um 'l'w-lmif-:il llierlu Srhnlol. Unmlm. Nvlnwnslm. in xoair Senior II, 4 EHVKO HASICGAVVA "I'ransfPi' frum Puente- lliuli Sf-howl in S4-mlm' your ,ph .- M M MOSES SALAS lllGYl'GS 'l'l'z1nsl'e-1' frnm 'l'ul111viv-u Sm-- umI4u'y Sm-lmnl, All-xii-0, in Sm: ini' ye-u r They !1aven'r changed a bk! ii. Hur-k un. Virginia. lhinrqs arvn L : hull as :ill that. Mr. l"r-G-siilpnll Hi .luzml "l+'isherman Plains, Looking for lflulvy, i'l1nm'! Tluthing' Reauu' Inu-mhy will Q 1932. Hifrh C-hair tim-ke!-mkvr lewis .lzivkie and her dolly. Hntlins Hmwn, Dnn't look so 0052 Jerry. Got 21 Dain, Harris? Lulu I If PAGE GN 2 WMA' wg, 2 M W We , ,M x Q I ,s .:.:.: Q gE:. A,"': j ,:1:,.Q,Q 5 M.- wax ,f 'Q V. . Eel: I , 3 'I :1,::5:,5- . wg? VV V AV 1 ' V ..,.. , Mr, f f ' 5 W ax. zzzsse. 1 ' - ,,gs5:::::::::.:,-.--, I N. ff Jw M f ffl ,f W . . ,,,, , MW ' f v . ' ap- .Q .-.- , ..-.-.-..., , , -fp- 1 -. QQ., ' ku., 41 ff XP Y' sv, if I mms Q ' . 5 ig R Nw .,.. -, ,.,. v .. 1 I 4 489' -Q , . sf 1 ..,1.:,. ,.,.,.,:,.,,. ., , ,R 11- U J V, QE 1' A " X, M .... . W ' R A 5' E M 2 . 2.5 hp, E ,M ff , , R , V :si-f" 1 EEE Ax mg' 4 ,ff i ,. 41. .-W, - ' W: "---- M ' H 'Z' ,f 6 f 1. ,.,Q ,,, mwiiw,,,,,,,,Wm da FEEL E3 Um -WNSVEE WO U-OM N SSE E3 ocohooong .wmmviwzg 'EO :MW an Dam Ea 85 .Nmap EEOEN M5 E? Um 'bg UEOW E506 30? :Sr Um :EEE:iwgifegg we HE 23: m OU OH :EOHH 23 'Sw ba USN wbmgowae m Gm -QOFE3 M mb Eg Dm lvl- ,NZ E 20355 2: 3280 ES C30 .QSM mE S355 3:92 was :QODT .EE Sw :Er NEW .UQUMOOQ :ggi 32280 EWU EMOMH 62:4 mwmtgc E3 25 .3 SEE E? 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Him-Mom wgkma lllllgmwm him kmcnmmwl:-:I l.--'-l- QWEWE MEM hmmm I:5::E:5:llrhwwgw in-Aotswm E-igwmam lllllllgwwgwpgwswg HES' :EHQEOOOIZE 5:2022 mag EHBMEEE E5 Ei-Ewgmg-lllllllgmowcgz QEOENS Elligonzmg QEEUWE Q IlIl'IlI.IIII.' Saga mgnwbb -AIIIEIIHV-Eawq ECU :Enigma QUEHHQU IEE.InItdqhlllrllllllEgggom H5534 Iiiimwqwom MSU CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS OF 1948 May Your Future Be As Smooth As The New SMITH MOTOR CO. Ph 432 Garden E sw BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '48 from GARDEN GROVE LUMBER 8: CEMENT COMPANY L Lake, Manager Cl s of '28" If you want t We have it G d G Bl d Ph 433 ii E X2 Risks Homes -1 Groves - Loans - Insurance A EL x GARDEN GROVE REALTY RR 136 E. Garden Grove Boulevard its Phone G. G. 458 KING'S POTTERY YARD Congratulations DISHES and ART-WARE Best Wishes FLOWER POTS We Invite You to Come In and Look Around. BOB MIDDLETON SIGNAL SERVICE. 10652 G. G. Blvd. Phone 6191 10731 Garden Grove Blvd. Ufmfvfef' CONGRATULATIONS LADIES' APPAREL CLASS OF '43 Clothes to Fit All Occasions ' For School For Dress GARDEN GROVE TAXI 130 E. Garden Grove Blvd. Phone 2204 24-Hour Serv GARDEN GROVE NEWS PRINTERS Telephone 14140 GARDEN GROVE HONOLD BROTHERS MORTUARY "An Institution for Community Service." Garden Grove 410 West Garden Grove Blvd. - Phone 760 Best Wishes to the Seniors P C A from the of Southern California UNION OIL STATION Phone 411 WISHES THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1948 MUCH SUCCESS IN THE FUTURE O. D. Rasmussen Corner of Garden Grove Blvd. 8a Pine Best Wishes to the Seniors ZLAKET'S FOOD MARKET and DEPARTMENT STORE "Your Best Bet in Food and Clothing." 143 N. Euclid Phone 442 Real Estate Subdividers, Exchanges Brokers - Insurance - Notary W. L. FARROW 8x SON Brokers 10172 Garden Grove Blvd. Phone 301 BEST WISHES TO THE SENIORS 0 DR. 8: MRS. O. S. SPECHT MARlON'S AUTO SERVICE MARION UMPHRESS United Motor Service Dealer THE SPOT TO Sl-IOP I JARMAN SHOES Q BOTANY TIES O HICKOK BELTS I SUMMERS SLACKS PHOENIX SOX . JANTZEN SWVEATERS B. V. D. SPORTSVVEAR UPTOWN SPORT COATS MARTIN 'S MEN'S STORE. Garden Grove 134 N. Euclid BEST WISI-IES SCOTTY'S IVIALT SHOP from Try a Better BILL BARRY'S SERVICE MALT SUNDAE HAMBURGER Corner Verano and G. G. Blvd. Across the Street from High School Hours 7 109 Phone 377 WACKER'S WI-IEELER'S GROCERY MARKET 115 North Euclid 115 North Euclid GROCERIES POULTRY FRUITS MEAT VEGETABLES FISH Champion Outboard Motors CONGRATULATIONS Swim" Rimes RALPH'S To THE SENIORS SPORTING GOODS ' Ralph Hill, Prop. WALT'S DRIVE-IN Harbor Blvd. and First St. Guns Made and Repaired 125 W. Acacia Phone G. G. 2441 CONGRATULATIONS to a swell bunch of students and best wishes for your success if 1 HOME PAINT STORE 167 Euclid Ave., P.0. Box 265 Garden Grove, California, Phone 6731 AGENCY WESTERN UNION Telephone 452 Service and Courtesy I OGDEN'S PHARMACY Cosmetics - Prescriptions - Veterinary Supplies L. B. Ogden, Proprietor Garden Grove, California Say It WitI'1sFIowers I-IEWITT'S - CHlLDREN'S SHOP Q Infants Wear Boys and Girls Wearing Apparel OI-IMER'S, FLORIST Shower Gifts Telephone 6866 Gilbert near Stanford 11042 G. G. Blvd. Phone 2309 CHARMEE 3 BEAUTY SALON x. ' Zula Hinkle, Operator 2 SPECIALIZING IN COLD WAVES 12941 Seventh Street, Garden Grove Phone 5032 Your Patronage Will Be Appreciated SCI-INEIDER'S MARKET Groceries - Meats Seeds and Plants Phone 449 Garden Grove Blvd. and Euclid FIRST NATIONAL BANK of Garden Grove Produced at EXCELSIOR RANCH 17th St. Garden Grove GARDEN GROVE BEAUTY SALON We Specialize in Permanent Wave 'and Hair Styling 106 Garden Grove Blvd. - Phone 352 BEATTY'S SERVICE STATION 220 E. Garden Grove Blvd. Garden Grove Phone 2005 A G 7 METZGER STORES WALTER B. THOMASON FIRESTONE TIRES AND TUBES Jeweler HOME AND AUTO SUPPLIES 12951 S. Euclid Telephone 6571 By Post Office Phone 5301 GARDEN GROVE PHARMACY Fountain and Cosmetics The Rexall Drug Store Telephone 427 Garden Grove, Calif. LOS ANGELES TIMES SUCCESS T0 THE AGENCY SENIORS Early Morning Delivery Class of ,48 HUBERT W. HEAD ' Garden Grove DR. and MRS. 12811 s. Ninth sm. Phone 6721 JOHN C. KRAUSHAAR School Supplies Headquarters Bobby Sox for Teens All Your Makeup Needs YOUR FRIENDLY STORE The eGEM 58:10 For any type floors in Halls, Classrooms or Gyms . . . Hillyard's have Floor Treatments and Maintenance Materials that PROTECT their surface, PROLONG their life and give ADDED BEAUTY with ECONOMY. I-lillyard Products . . . Floor Seals, Finishes, Waxes, Cleaners and Sanitation Supplies all give complete satisfaction. Call CHAS. G. SCHRADER, Local Rep. 5628 Meade St., San Diego, California Telephone RAnd0lph 6082 HILLYARD SALES COMPANY Distributors Hillyard Chemical Co. St. Joseph, Missouri KNOX HARDWARE COMPANY 420 E. 4th St. Santa Ana, Calif Telephone 130 Largest Hardware Store in Orange County Complete line of Power Tools, Paint, Builders' Hardware Housewares and Major Appliances "Your Westinghouse Distributor Since 19322 ENGRAVERS CORPORATION SCHOOL JEWELRY - CLUB PINS - MEDALS - TROPHIES 214 West Pico Blvd. ' Los Angeles 15, California Floor Wax Disinfectants Moth Spray Liquid Soap Toilet Paper Paper Towels S11 O A complete line of disinfectants and janitorial supplies. C Southern California Disinfecting Company Harry Toplitzky 236 S. Los Angeles St. Los Angeles 15, Calif. Phone MAdison 1191 BLU-NOTE MUSlC CO. Phone 2108 304 W. 4th Si. Santa Ana, Calif. The home of the Magnificent Magnavox Radio-Phonograph KLEEN-LINE Corporation "Everything in Maintenance" 2050 S. Main St. Santa Ana Phone 3977 or 5218 Automotive Equipment "BULLET SERVICE" Replacement Parts ORANGE COUNTY AUTO PARTS AND SUPPLY COMPANY 215 North Sycamore Santa Ana Phone 550 01' 551 I intl-ll lm' Ill 1 I X

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