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, K. Ma - V.. X21 S2 N m. Q , X . 1 ,s.. - 9' ff ,U-gr wk X X pai ax R x Q ,vii X ff' iy4,f WW i S 1 -4Ni-M I--- Q-K 1 -- FH M T N YS W' 'xx fx 2 ff , 55, E55 , bg SRP :Ja 5-Q f i 2 X . Y. x 4 i f ffzfiwafgcwfzffPwiffiwfn wsu fiffl-MA .wa- f x ' - xx i rq, mQkXXxkX f XX THE EAGLE OFFICIAL YEARBOOK GARDEN COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL OSI-IKOSH NEBRASKA 950 ,V fe N xfi X 5 NX 9 W' A N, kr xklfg' - N. 5' iff J fy A . l nfl: 1, A Vw O'-44415, 3' 2 'Qin-,F-'ff 'se' ,M 4 ' ' A 1 5 ' H 3 "- 1+ 4' 4 A ,figsk gi Qi, , I4 'Witt' ,, s 'f sig ' X, ,, uf if 4 ,, 4 .. . , - f f I Y Q 4' 'H xi ' fi li' x .X Y Q, Q Q X ,Q 1 ,Q s -3 f 4, 1 if Q 5 4 ' N. ,, f 'K E - .E E , S- 4 A X fish A Ev-w ff' X llxcxx f A W f f 2 I., fun Q, J F. DW ff gl , 'QQ b onfenfs 1 e Wlth the ADMINISTRATTGN and NSTRUCTCDRS Page 4 TW nf Llfe with the CLASSES Page 20 Llfe Wlth the HCDNCDR SQClETlPS Page 32 Llle wlth the STUDENTS N Page 38 Llfe Wlth the ATHLETES Page 50 Llfe wlth the ORGANIZATIONS Page ESU L1fe Wllh the MERCHANTS Page 74 2 "The contri ution of all the factors in student life is the total education which leads to a better life'-A-now and in the future," C3 ga L-f J ' A . V. I Elle llll 13' -ln ly X we lll , N Li . 5 : . . W "l A ll J I ' - Q - l f J T T I an ' 'lag . ff, gl THE EAGLE 1950 A hfe IS made of all the thmqs expenenced dur1na a hfenrne Your student hfe at Garden County H1qh School 12 composed of your efforis your suc cesses and your fa1lures wh11e you are here at school We have tr1ed to 1nc1ude 1n your yearbook all of the th1nqs that have been a part of your Th1s yearbook ihen IS a word and p1cture record of 19491950 at Garden County H1qh Schoo We have TT1Qd to enqrave 11 here as 11 12 engraved ID your memory I siudent life. , 1 1 - "UN ...wwf f ADMINISTRATICN 644 INSTRUCTORS Each member of the faculty at Garden County l-liqh School has been tra1ned in a specific freld We are fortunate to have these competent teachers as our rnstructors and advisors Besides enaaqinq in a full time teaching schedule they sponsor and encourage the various extra curricular activities offered at Garden County wonders where their tea hma oblracrtrans end They also take an active part in the affairs of the con munity lt is lmportant to realize that lrfe lr the classroom is that pnase of school llfe to whrch our most dillqent efforts should be directed rf We are to accomplish the educational OlDlGCllV9S of our way of life nge . 1. The Hiah School. These teachers willinaly aive so much extra time, that one I 1 OUR SUPERINTENDENT Mr. Andrew A. Weresh 'M my IH lim f ,iQf""" "" N VVhaT was The reason you were absent, Rosalie? noon OUR PRINCIPAL uw H 'WOM Mr lock O L Sounders You need another yeor of English for your minor Vernon. ...7- HW Y l GARDEN COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL Board of Regents mn... Mr. Thad Patrick Mr. John Ross I 1 Mr. Herbert Johnson Mr. Wm, Munson President of the board is Mr. Thad Patrick. Mrs. Alice Blausey is the secretary-treasurer. Mr. Vtfilliam Munson, Mr. lohn Ross, and Mr. Herbert Johnson are the other members. The Garden County High School Board of Regents has three essential functions. These are planning, legislating and evaluating. Planning consists of formulating the school policy in co-operation with the professional school personnel. Legislating is approving the means by which the policy may be executed. Evaluating is appraising the work of the school and the professional leaders. Capable and well liked, the board continues to strive for better educational facilities and opportunities for the students of our community. Inspecting the hallway at Garden County High School are Mr. Weresh, Mr. Williams, Mr. Ross, Mr. Munson, and Mr. Iohnson. ri 'WM' Q ' I ...WN M . fy . f. i A fp- V .5 l T C tt Y Tikes X 1 gf .GARDEN COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL Student Council ang' -v'T'7 'XG -3 fu. 5 T' tk m Bob Barnwell Sally Martinez Joan Casey 'l'he Student Council of Garden County High School is in its third year of activities. They are proud of their affiliation with the National Association of Student Councils and strive to conduct the organization according to the standards of the association. A student body convocation is conducted each month for the benefit of all students. At these general assemblies outstanding business personalities give talks or demonstrate the part they take in the affairs of the community. Educational films are often presented at these programs. The girls social room was one of the projects effected by this group of studentebody representatives. The student council in session. Pictured left to right are: I. Morrow, Mr. Saunders, l. l-lehnke, D. Cooper, Mr. Vlferesh, G. Mong, M. Cozby, l. Iohnson, I. Robinson, G. Rook, B. Lance, M. Rogers, I. Skinner, I. Casey, B. Barnwell. and S. Martinez. an V' 'Ig :Maw N . VCDCATIONAL W AGRICULTURE Mr, Walter L. Ruden The day has passed when a young man can start farming with little or no equipment. Now it requires large investments in land and machinery. Live- stock and crops contend with new pests and diseases which require special treatment. Courses in vocational agriculture combine book theory with their practical application. Students, through their home projects, learn to meet problems on a small scale. ln their future life they can apply these solutions to their larger problems. Skill which they learn in our shop will help them to take Care Of their equipment and machinery in the future. Farm management Classes learn to handle a farm effectively for satisfactory returns and a reason- able standard of living. Adult classes in welding are offered to the community. This department serves a vocational need for our students as well as assisting those already established in the field. The head of the Vocational Agriculture Department is Mr. Walter L. Ruden. X wt 5' HOME W ECGNOMICS , , . ,L at 4 , .1 ss Esther Vaughn The Home Economics Department strives to give the students the essentials ot nutrition, food preparation, clothing, and textile selections, personal groom' ing, home decoration, home management and child care. As one of the projects in child care, the students observed the reactions of small children of the community during a five day period. The children were entertained by outdoor recreation, toys, and story telling. They were then ted a small lunch, after which they rested on rugs. The Home Economics Girls not only gained practical knowledge, by their observations, but also enjoyed the association immensely. The girlg improved the Home Economics department by putting up new curtains and re-arranging the cupboards to utilize the space. A new magazine rack and clothing display rack were added in the departntftit as a part ot the interior decorating unit. The chief goal of the department is to prepare each girl lor her lite as a homemaker. Miss Esther Vaughn is head of the Home Economics Department I if . , i s .5 up-Q-v-...sq lf' SPEECH M" Q2 S . Mi 4' 'iv . mr t P W i X Mr. Iarnes B, Charles The Speech and English sections are tused but in the Speech Department are included many things that are often not a part of ordinary hiqh school English studies. The Speech Department boasts the training of outstanding debators, and externporaneous, humorous, and dramatic speakers tor a number of years. All of the dramatic training tor junior plays, senior plays, and one-act play contests is a part ot the departmental responsibility. A qeneral and perhaps more important airn is the preparation ot the student to stand upon his feet, think, and express himself intelligently. This is not considered as a specialized need but rather as a requirement of any vocation and as a personality requisite. An appreciation of the drama and related arts is made part ot the students' study. Mr. Iames B. Charles is director ot the Speech Department. N-...Y ENGLISH 't Miss Alice Allen I , Q0 -I Realizing a need for communication in our modern times, man has come to treat English as a communications course. ln some ways it is more than this for it aids the student in present'-day civilization. As head ofthe English department, Miss Alice Allen believes that language and literature make a contribution, not only in school, but after the students are graduated by enriching the opportunity tor a happier understanding and more fruitful experience. Useful practice in personal and business correspond- ence give meaning to rules of English expression. Learning to read with understanding the desirable literature of all periods enlarges the field of knowledge, English becomes more than just a school subject. lt is something to be used pleasurably and profitably. MATHEMATICS a , .irirv . :,A : Zu A J p tv-if . Q 1 --- A f Mr. Alton Kienker 4 W M ' t Y JI Mathematics is a very important part of any institution of learning. The reason for this is twofold. First, there are certain students who will need every day mathematics in order to solve the problems of business which they will encounter shortly after graduation. Second are the students who desire to obtain higher training in mathe- matical fields. These must be prepared for higher study by having a firm foundation of mathematical skills developed in the high school. Garden County High School has a mathematics department which is efficient in preparing better citizens in our communities' future and at the same time prepares students to take their places in fields which require higher education. To meet the growing need, the emphasis of late has been directed toward courses which benefit the majority of the people. The head of the Mathematics Department is Mr. Alton Kienker. ,fwfs 'isis COMMERCIAL Iliff ffl Miss Marjorie Ferrell The commercial department of our school prepares students for jobs in the business world, as well as helping to develop skill for their own personal use. After completion of the commercial course offered at Garden County High School, many students go directly to work in offices of this and other com- munities. The course is preparatory for bookkeepers, typists, receptionists, and stenographers. In meeting the needs of the students for vocational training, and by pro- viding practice at the school and in offices of the community, this department provides a special service of "on the job training". As another concrete relationship between school and community, an evening adult typing class was provided for interested patrons. All of this is made possible through maintenance of a fine department which has many new typewriters designed by the several outstanding manu- facturers, and other laboratory equipment, including duplicators, and office machines. Miss Marjorie Ferrell is head of the Commercial Department, ivy' SOCIAL it l Y? .- liar" U Q gt V 128' Q 'Q 1 i st. Mr. f'l9y lilirhemditwr Scwifil F':i+'2hrv ire lelfzrwzrzq tri ll'Jf3 M9 fl qroiirl 'tt Q:"f'Q3izlgfl1Q1li lflttvr 'ht thiriqfl in 'w.'l'ii"h VIF3' thiril-1 zwfiflty zshrwlild :aiit'tiQQd, Thar riiirrwset ol this c,lcirw1rtriirii1t iss tci twrttth yoiirtfg uitize'-ris it the l.'!f'Tlljf mrtlizw the problems Ot ridtiorise :md know what ihely IIXWCIYI to th-1 pmt :il . lm our study of social isciorico wel study lirst the people of the ll'ifil tf uriderstrmd the Cultures which we have inherited. This leads Us to the study ol the pmserti iri which we iritorpre-t thOso c:iilttirQs irt our own World ssmiiety From the Qxrverivrice of the post and present we prepdre C1 more rieszrly rnerlwfg' cmd secure world lcivr the qerwrutioris of ffmiorrow. Mr. Clay lzliciheriditer is the hedd wt thce Sociftl Scgierice Dervczrtmeiit ttf Grrrdelri County Hiqh School, 42? npr .ff A G ' -zz I -emm- ov For t- 'W W MUSIC ' K X J Mr. Henry Listiakll 4 ff I4 ff' I, ix' -ffl 'L ff 4 T t . qlgff' I 5 'X The music curriculum at GCHS is, perhaps, the students best opportunity to gain a valuable, lasting experience in one of the fine arts. Nearly all of our students carry the cultural aspects and the avocational tendency to use and appreciate music into their later lives. The music department is dedicated to the purpose of accomplishing these aims. Music combines tones in melodies, rhythmic and harmonic order, which necessitates study. The Garden County High School students participate in various musical activities such as band, instrumental groups, girls and boys glee club, small vocal groups and mixed chorus. There are also baton twirling students who add brilliance to our marching band. Mr. Henry Listiak is the director ot the Music Department. M1 "" X s ""' SCIENCE tx? is ,,.,. l Mr. lack O. L. Saunders The study of science has become increasingly important to all peoples of the World. The preparatory training and the interpretation of basic theories of the high school science department offer an opportunity for understanding. We are justly proud oi the exceptional facilities at Garden County High School. In our laboratory we may gain knowledge of life, its psysiological, social and scientific implications. Here, we derive the benefits of neophyte physicists and chemists as we untangle the laws of our universe. These are common aims oi scientists and we, as young scientists, through this department accept the challenge. Mr. Iack O. L. Saunders is head of the Science Department at Garden County High School. ,,,,,.f it 1 -:fm Y l'-i '- .1 2.55 ,. Q Z .ia ..1Qm 'VJ 'iw LIBRARY May l have this book?" Our Library is one of the most outstanding features ot our school. At- tractively arranged in open and closed stacks it serves the student body efficiently and well. The fine counseling proqram at Garden County High School is suppie- mented by the vocational tiles and the vast store ot literature and books tor all popular fields of endeavor. The bulletin boards and displays prepared by various organizations and Classes have added much to this departments assets. Displays of new books, vocational planning, hobbies, music, and audio-visual materials have been very worthwhile, Our library contains approximately l5OU volumes or an averaqe ot over eiqht per pupil enrolled. XSL, ' 5 f CLASSES Garden Counfy Hrqh School has a total enrollment of one hundred flffy elqht Thls number IS dxvlded qune evenly mio four classes accordlnq to academlc progress T111 qroupmq serves o dual purpose It makes possrble a safrsfactory home room arrangement and rt offers students of the same aqe qroups the opportunlfy to plan soclal acl V1l1PS for themselv s and for the school lt 15 w1tl'nn these classes that the opporlunrfy for ora trce m democracy parlxamenfary procedure and more fruitful parfrcroatron as a member rn an acflve c1v1c life are manlfesfed fee zL The als 'Qw- "'?Ff QQ !w':t N 't 'CZ' 7-lie geniofzs o Many unforgettable experiences have been crowded into tour short years tor the senior class ot IQSO. They excelled in athletics. The seniors contributed ten lettermen to the football squad. ln the basketball season tive lourth-year boys played varsity ball. Seven members ot this class have been active in tennis and two particiriatecl in the track and field sport. The Seniors dominated membership in the honor societies. Six seniors were members ot the National Honorary Society. Seven boys were active in the National Athletic Scholar- ship Society. Five seniors werc honored by Quill and Scroll membership and eight were attiliated with the Fine Arts Honorary Society. STANLEY CUSTER--National Athletic Society 3, 4: Fine Arts Honorary Society 4: Student Council 3: Class Play , 3: Band 1, 2: Glee l, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 'N' 3 President 2: Football l, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 4: ENGLISH BEVERLY MICHAEL-Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club I Mixed Chorus I: F. H. A. 2: Eagle 3: Eagle Bealcon 3 ENGLISH. 'E' ARVA LEE NELSON-National Honor Society 3, 4: Band 1 'ww I, 2: F. H. A. 2: Vice President I: Secretary 4: HISTORY N y IOE EMERSON-National Honor Society 4: Quill G Scroll 4: National Athletic Society 4: Band I: Glee Club I, 2, 4: F. F. A. 2,.3, 4: Eagle Senior Editor 4: Eagle V' H Beakon 4: Football l, 2, 3, 4: Tennis l, 2, 4: MATHE- ' MATICS. l I E , ,,'. DICK SHEPHERD-National Athletic Society 3, 4: Fine Arts Honorary Society 4: Class Play 3: Glee Club 2, 3 4: Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: President 2: Football 2, 3, 4- Basketball 2, 3: Track 2, 3: MATHEMATICS. ,fn IOAN BOHGES-eBancl I, 2, 4: Glee Club 3: Mixed Chorus 3: F. H. A. 2, 3: Pep Club 4: HISTORY. GLADYS BOOK-National Honor Society 3: Student Council 4: Class Play 3: Band l, 3, 4: F. H. A. 2, 3: HISTORY. DONALD MCCORMAG-Student Council 3: Class Play Manager 3: Band l, 2: Glee Club 3, 4: Chorus 3, 4: F. F. A. I, 2, 3, 4: Rifle Club 2: Secretary Z: Football I, 2, 3, 4: Basketball I, 2, 3, 4: SCIENCE. UNF? I nl' gl The Class of I9 O The seniors have been active in all the school social events. As Iuniors, the presen- tation of the annual Iunior-Senior Prom was outstanding. A Mardi Gras theme, colored streamers, a queen's float and service by costumed pirates, Indians, elves and cowboys provided an attractive setting. Their junior class play, "The Groom Said No", was an entertaining farce that the audience thoroughly enjoyed. The senior class play, "My Cousin from Texas" was difficult but it was even more successful. The seniors have established a reputation for excellence during their stay at Garden County High School. IACK TAPPfNational Athletic Society 2: Band l, 3, 4: F. F. A. l, 2, 3, 4: Eagle 4: Eagle Bealion 4:'Eifle Club 2: Football I, 2. 3, 4: Track 2, 3: MATHEMATICS. CAROL PAISLEYeeNational Honor Society 3, 4: Fine Arts Honorary Society 4: Student Council 3: Class Play 3: Band l, 2, 3, 4: Majorette 2, 3, 4: Glee Club I, 2: Mixed Chorus l, 2: Pep Club 4: Cheerleader 4: Presi- dent 2: ENGLISH. MARY LOU ROGERS-Student Council 4: Band l, 2, 3, 4: F. H. A. 2, 3: ENGLISH. GENE COOPER -eNational Athletic Society 2, 3, 4: Band l: Clee Club l: F. F. A. l, 2, 3, 4: Eagle 3: Eagle Bealcon 3: Rifle Club 2: Football l, 2, 3, 4: ENGLISH. MARVIN KASCHKE -National Athletic Society 3: Class Play Manager 3: Band 2: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: F. F. A. I, 2, 3, 4: President 3: Treasurer 4: Football 2, 3, 4: HISTORY. ICANN GUENINW-Quill 6 Scroll 4: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Glee- Club l, 2: Mixed Chorus l, 2: F. H. A. 2, 3: Eagle Senior Editor 4: Eagle Bealcon Editor 4: Pep Club l, 2: Presi- dent l: Secretary 3: ENGLISH. CAROL FRIEDEf-National Honor Society 3, 4: Quill G Scroll 3, 4: Fine Arts Honorary Society 4: Student Coune cil l, 2: Class Play 3: Cvlee Club l, 2, 3: Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3: F. H. A. 2: Eagle 3: Eagle Beakon l, 3: Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4: Treasurer 2: ENGLISH. REID SAMUELSONeFine Arts Honorary Societv 4: Student Council l, 2: Class Play 3: Bartd l, 2, 3: Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: Rifle Club 2: President 2, 3: Football l, 3, 4: SCIENCE. ,KT , N . .,, .. gp , A K pl'-y.. 1' I ,E -'W?ti5? Q. -g-,- 'IF' ff J s S F W . , 3'3" ' ..i, ...E fs Mt, 119 'i h is if Q46 i g was A WE tm. r- . rv Y' ' E . All it f'hnrs"'3 gym 'H rs? -x 0 QR i .X u.,.m,,,mf 2 uw Y, ,N- kvqs. . 45 -.w try' . Ji. , , S, ,-A f,,,,5 In rx? I.. Ein'-3 fs?" The geniois o HOPE HOBB -National Honor Society 3, 4, Quill CS Scroll 4, Fine Arts Honorary Society 4, Student Council 3: Class Play 3, Twirler 2, 3, 4, Clee Club 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, F. H. A. 2, 4, EH. A, President 4, Eagle Editor 4, Eaqle Bealcon 4, Pep Club 4, Camera Club Secretary 4, Secretary 2, SCIENCE. GERALD FARLOVV Football 4, Basketball 4, Track 4, ENGLISH. IO HITA SKINNER Student Council 4, Class Play 3, F. H.A. 2, 3, 4, Deqree Chairman P. H. A. 4, Camera '53 wsu ? me 5' -df Club 4, President Camera Club 4, Secretary 3, SCIENCE. ' SALLY MARTINEZ Student Council 3, 4, Student Counf 4 cil Secretary-Treasurer 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Clee Club l, 1 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, F. H. A. 2, 3, 4, PHA. -- Historian 4, Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4, Camera Club 4, Secre- J? tary 2, Treasurer 4, ENGLISH. --,str ion woousiw semi i, 2, 3, 4, oiee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, H VZI, Mixed chews i, 2, 3, 4, Eaqle 3, Eagle Beeken 2, 3, , rmek 2, 3, 4, ENGLISH 4 3 A ,t .J , N- x"l FLOYD WHITE F. F. A. l, 2, 3, 4, Eaale 4, Eagle Bealcon 4, Football 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, ENGLISH. N iq 2 A RITA CLARK National new seeiety 3 4, Fine Arts ' F Honorary Society 4, Class Play 3: Clee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, PHA. 2, Eeqte 3, Hegre 4. f W Beakon 3, President 3, Treasurer 2, HISTORY. .',' 5 its QW? fF"""+' BEVERLY NIARTINEZ-Band I, 2, 3, 47 Glee Club l, 2. 3, 4, Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, F. H. A. MW it 2, 3, Vice President 3, SCIENCE. PETE MADDEN-Glee Club 1, Treasurer 3: Scrrqeant of QQ.-w Arms 1, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, Student Manager 4, ENGLISH 'Vla-P -24- 'Hue Glass 06 I9 0 BOB BARNWELI.-National Honor Society 2, 3, 4: Ouill 6 Scroll 4: National Athletic Society 3, 4: Fine Arts Honorary Society 4: Student Council 3, 4: President 4: Class Play 3: Eagle Beakon 4: Eagle Business Manager 4: Treasurer 2: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: MATHEMATICS. 143 A vmcrzr. LAW-Bend 4: Glee ciub 4: F RA. 1, 2, 3, Mg Football l: Track l: Tennis 1, 2, 3: ENGLISH. xii-W' PEARL BROWN-Band 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Mixed , Chorus 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, SCIENCE. KW 3 ,A ww WCA X -657 R4 n ." -:Q i' N, ,4 .. 4 - . 1, "t illu- 'SS'- iw MARIORIE STEGER-Class Play 3: Mixed Chorus 1, 4: F. H. A. 2: Eagle Beakon 2: HISTORY. MAY ROSE DAYLEY-Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club l, 2. 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: F.H.A. 2: Eagle 3: Eagle Beakon 2, 3: Pep Club 3: HISTORY. EILEEN KEENAN-Band l, 2, 4: F.H.A. 2, 3, 4: Parta- terian 4: Pep Club 4: Camera Club 4: ENGLISH. 'Fifi LILAS FRENCH-Band l: Glee Club l, 4: Chorus 1, 4: F. H.A. 4: Camera Club 4: Head Student Librarian 4: MATHEMATICS. """"' WILMA CHENEY-National Honor Society 3, 4: ENGLISH. MR. IAMES B. CHARLES SPONSOR OP THE SENIOR CLASS. 5 W' 26' 425- 5033 f'-Tb 4,1 '-Pr ,WM X 'ui Q ,....-nn, jf ,J fali 8 LWUOQS 0 The Iumor Closs of 1949 50 xs on octxve qroup of studenis who pGI'11C1pCI19 1r1 many school cmd closs prOJGCiS 9.. E' 537- -o' 9,0 mC 1-0- o gin VJ. of 95 U1 09. 85 Q10 "1 55 E-3 'Da Ea QE' '-I-'O Nqr- ..:J O,-o :r Em 35 5 o 55 Q'-1 5-4 Eu: 2-8 S21 mm QUJ 552. Q-'rv QD' 5'-CD W4 Fm ME. 5 o o 5 'o o U2 co O- Q Q. CD '-3 az:- gm QE 35 Cf-4 QU! 52 MCD 25 35 QED- CU EQ. 51,3-5 516 mfs 3?-3 O3 19, 123' UICD '93 55- fi? 09. EQ 55 Em 32. H3 5 5,-,v-3 U' mi Sn 92 Om M535 Edo. :nv 14 ,M U-I E o U' 5 3 xv 5 U :U o U U' hero B111 Casey B Dunn Nbglp 15100 'wr' 5166 L Fettex s K' Law if 47" A Elb R Fmch T Flesterman 'Mx ,f 'A-1 X S B Roberts J McKec D Shearer WM.,- V Swam L Wh1tL M Vxola R Whlte S Wyatt Zorn X26 7 L . I ' a . is Mx ' Ax , M , I fi 55 MM' N ff:-ef: . , 'H 1' A 11 A M 11,, H , ,V Y X V, My x-y:- 2 ,, K, Y vp KM, K 'fv' ' ' e .WE 'N f' 1 ' N Q - ,LX gif' f- Y, Q., ":.. , rf , "L' JS - t K 5 , Ex m Q , , L 1 .- ,, , i A .R gzg ff A ' .., -, , N 1 1 QW, rf . 53 93- 'A 1' 'S Q a 53 x 2 -f -W "' ' 1 .0 Ar 1 , , , -y 1 - .1 . 1 1 A -11: W. M X 3 A V W sg ' X 1-1 ffif' V, -My , ' M '. --5 : 11 ,U L N 1, 5 U - -P ' . . ' ' , J T. . , 1 . , . .... , tg fgi rm K ' I 1 14 K lv 4 A ,Q N. X :. ,J M 'M I . v 4 ' ' A Q' Y 'W' 1 T ,M "" 'P lpnxf 'fe' I K vu.. K "' 1 ww- 9 ' f was A A Y , , 1 -1 I , ' Q 4 f 9 , 1 , :FL f H, f - xi i KS ' .42 1 1 The Glass 06 Sl The Chrrstmos porty qrven by the Closs of 51 was thorouqhly enloyed by everyone who attended The evenlnq beqdn os the students went Chrtstrnos Corolrnq orround the town Then the exuberent people returned to the hrqh school tor refreshments cmd doncrnq The lrbrory had been prevtously decoroted for the event As or qrond clxmox of the mcuor soctol events thls closs sponsored or frne Iuntor ond Senror Prom tn the sprrnq x -f ,3 if L t"Ds 'Q' ull' ik! ex ily' fm ri A W Albee R Arnold 'of' 'V Henderson Fralzer 'l"'w-. 'Q E Nlelson R Stockman 27 14, J K Bennett Carlson J Brown Q' M Krenowtcz V Frcdrlckson B Lance 'N "" :st-2 ES' Pulls n B Vogler J Rmg D Cooper xA E, F Johnson K D Waltman 1 J .' i TX A 'My R D x ky K ff, 'Nia Az. 'V '. y K Q ,Q vi.. K Q 7' t 4 'tr -". Q i T T 5 're .kj 4 I AM A K 3 I f .K W- . y v' 1 v if ff T135 fd I? A A 1 A ,rx ,gs ' . 5 'E l X , ' . ' . . T. , M U ,tr as rstrf X f I 4 , l. . ,'t L? . l lla T 4 , iz 1' 1 N Ar, 5' B . A I fy LT' 'vw -1' uf 1 " T y ,gg s 4 T ' - T Q- - S T , , -X if- 6 ff r- T eet. T by tg NW lk - 5 X V lg xt r T' D. . J. ' , - - , A A H , N Mm -in pf' 4' .F V, l at in Y AJ' gy main YY M., A , ' f,1,4,"9 I M r J, X XA X I N, I W i , Le goplfomoies o The sophomore class is the larqest class to enroll at GCHS in several years. In addi- tion to this distinction they are represented by the larqest number in the school band and in other musical activities. Not easily outdone in any field of endeavor, they are always a leader of the GCHS classes on the six weeks honor roll. A The second year students take an active part in such social activities as dances and parties, They are proud of their many representatives on the Eaqle athletic teams. t L' ii' Q' mf it ' V' . ,G C 0- i . E. Atkinson J. Carlson A. Barthrolome R. Cheney P. Beath 1 I M .4 ew I ' .R :T Y A Q 'Q N . ' QA-3 , 1 - w. 5 1 "' f ' 8 H mi 1 i ,,..-ft '23 H 43 Q., 'N "" CRX' . . f i g, A it-df' 2. Nur V XMQ ' .. ..-- Y 5 X Q, i an . v A " .8 X X Y- 4' 'J '45 . 5 1 yi A it bi kj ' M' f ' F. Gortomzikc 1' B. Heath J. Hchnke O. Kaschke N. Knerr Ja 1. f, nr I an K f gi 1 QQ . W . q we 4 "tt 0 4 'r' 'W' "TT 'lr' .w -21" ,X ,Ml if '. 1: X X, ' V -.Q .Q i stef ' E. ll I Q ' i 2 . 5 3 if V. Learned B. Newell P. Loomis D. Orr 'G. Mong D. Paisley 4' i 3 Q i msgstr 'T X y ' M Z, ,J , ' Q, I-7' sw it 3 N A fi A-cv :rp ,X A ,, if iw! di: , fu 'wk L it YT? , -,' se:-al' X ' J 7' ' ... g . X7 st' A J.: R y --Y if .v.,,. t -V K . A .-M, ,:: . :Qin .. nfl-1" " 1 :':?"' K I 4? . f.. f . ' Q - .""' 4 'L 2 , ., 9 'N X ' '- if ""' fn' 1 4 E 'X i x. 'v l sf' s P. Powvcrsxg' C. Smith V. Robb W. Slitphen N. Rudvn D. Wiogers C .23 C las 0 52 On October 25 they held an all school scavenqer hunt and an unusually successful freshman rmtratron The lower classrnen were requlred to do varlous stunts cmd wear odd clothes The ent1re student body ennoyed a hearty lauqh at therr anttcs The sophomores also held a separate Chrrstrnas functron They exchanged q1flS and had a flne party In general they have estabushed a record of excellence and wholehearted partlclpatlon rn all of the year s extenslve act1v1t1es J .Yve- R6' 11:02, 'x-if 91"P 'QQ-f Dayley Dzvrdson J Drllcy I Ddwdson J Funds ,ao- r-4i"5x,.., W YW f htostzrman l lxrtjuxskr l Kroeget' B Lrkc J Morrow ,I r .aug 'Asp' 'f4""iPi M-eff 'hors' Mumpfot ct l Rotnnson 1 Olson II Rogers C Putrrck L S1Ut9Y1ey 654 ,A an -1' '-uv 6 itwthwtv H blunders D Shaw P Shepherd A mtth Smlth V Smlth 29 The e S 5 3 , 'ag' 41 al T X f-. V U X .M-1 L Ai? A fl. -"' :X -1 'f T all s s ,, ' lg Q3 M. 5 7: M ' p ,t.. ,T ' ft j 1 Q t X af! T a 'T' ji: 5 J 5 -1 xyx . ' J, ' G, 1 ' . ' ' ,. ' ' . 'A X ' t ..,. ...ll ' A 'T f 'F-f ,. W 'B I . ,gf , Z : A' , , 3' I Q , N' . My .davit Q.- r T - .W - rt t M- , A yup -f s tj, , Y t . , v . A t ':"" fit 'V gg. l A wa 1 " tl 5 V -, ISV ' K- t- 4. '2g..' L . I 2 t y .. ' T ty ' a -rl ' M' f ,S A - x - ff x fa W1 tx A V gc T , Q A A 't X X x ' 31 . . In . yu V. x S V Vt V: W K K, I Q i ,. .,. .. gt M M x .. Q ' ' Q ,UT t 4 tt it Y- s eb or r iw ,X K l W W K T V j 5 an X Q . J y ltyy a ' if j A ,, f A. ' t ,, Q if N 'xx 4 'I . 'Q . r , , ' pl ' h ' The ?'L8Sl4.l4'18l'l 0 The freshmen started early in the school year to show the upperclassnien that they were a fine class. The frosh demonstrated their schvlastic ability by placing the highest percentage of students on the honor roll for the first two six week periods. On September 25, the freshmen were initiated by the sophomores. The boys were dressed as girls and the girls were dressed as boys. ln the evening a beauty contest for the "girls" was held. Other stunts were "washing the feet", "polishing the toenailsf and "kissing the constitution". 4 f . f J 'Q F2 ' KW ,F X W... DHBV x Q, -4 K Alban B Brown Arnold Cozby G Atkinson any 'U lb 4-F E E3 J' O IJ L. 3 Q. 5 'L 5 C' 5 2 5 PH r-4-1 w F Z5 SU C' 5 We 'iff' WND- QW 1,2 '4'9b'Lfn IW me '75 dm VG MGS fd 4 'Sv J Jensen Mc-Kung J Johnson R Mlchatl Kirnnxxiu 30 55" fi' ' ' Tl 12 Wx P Y as A' V . N, Q 4. 4 f. . ms: 1, , f ' - fi. We 5 X 4 , f 1 if , 4 f .f i 1 V . is w f' ' 5 t 1 ' , 5 ,A .N 1 9 ' t u 27 f gl f Y 'Q nj 1 f k L- ' , M . i H . ' J. M. . ' : N: .Aw b' 6, fi Y 9- K n my A: , fx ax if . ' 'V A A L 4- at M I D 1 d gf fr , H 14 ' . 4 g 5, f - k . wifi, ig A. 1 'X Q A U 6 1' 2 1 . '.' .2 ' J. iz- . seam .'z. ti fir, . Q I ? W 4 . X . . 1' f . 4 , 0 1' -fi.. W Lt - ' ' L 2 it , K , we ,X N ,lu N 'nv -B we l 'AB ' 11" i F f ' t ' D. Dolatour J. Klnsternian L. Heath B. McCord M. Jacobs - sw. ,y WE ll' Y R A l ' I ' mi? ' Val ' M V fo " K 9 an fr 1k ' F 5 f 3 - E . . . " ,j , " 3 l ' A ti A A I 'W' U, xvx J F . if HF 2 Wk.. t fi xv 1' 1, -' .M Q is .t t . if. 'fi I f Ui X 'Q f ' 11 I . 5 J, 1 . . ' 7 D. ' K 'A s A las o 53 In November the freshmen sponsored The trad1t1onal Sad1e Hawkms all school dance Thrs mformal affarr was one of the soc1al hrqhlrqhts of the year They partrcrpated 1n all actrvmes contrrbutrnq srx players to the football squad and four to the caqe sport The freshmen have especrally demonstrated thelr mterest ln muslc They confrrbute thrrfeen members to the school band Over half of the boys rn the class are members of the Boys Glee Club The freshmen qrrls have an env1able record for all u one of them are members of ihe Grrls Glee Club We look for the freshmen to esfablrsh a frne record at GCHS 'Q Q0 My D Lance W M179ll L Moffat Olson Mong 'n-M. an ' M L Petcrson B Orr J Playford J Roblnson C Plikllfll sh if K L XX fl R tunhouse Roundsborg Tmdt 11 ff G Stlhlv D Tgppgyt A di S lbilg J Voglfx J 'WhltL I l?11Vh1tL D ZOID 31 ne cs S 5 b l ' ' . M , ,,r., 9 jab' my l.. 0 5 is N A, M r or , , 5, , c X f , Q - ' -fx ' ' 'U 'fir I f gf N A we : K , ' --1-2 3 J' l v if ' 5 A .' r b' A K - .1 ". i ,- . - ' I . T. , M. , V,. . jg f ' ' I rf'f ' A ,. x M, A X H-'L' I 'H 9 S , . , 1 , Q filgix r X 5 f -Q hr -f Hifi 'r A " :lx , I :K 'T K Q ,X --M gr .. . ,KV . X 1 Lf 3 N ' ' fx M , ' . .U KM 'rv A K W I 'vi wir. 'P fl , -y Q X i ,A 1 y .W X 1 L f A l Q 'Q N 3 P X 'jf 3 w M 3' . l ' . r. C ' 4 K - l A . 1 N' , 1 1' 4 t M ? ,,i.,: f 'O vt av: fs AS .,.. ,N If V211- I Mg? .Q y ,X , V i 'W' .r., - fi' K ' Q ,, '11 , ogg . 1 ik-,Z - N WX 4-X fwsrgz I LQ. JM, L .:. r ., , Vi. V r 5 y M . ,,.,.u. 1 ,gg .3 Xi- IVN . wx W .gage wth HONOR SOCIETIES When students recerve the honors due them they learn the satrsfactron of accomplrshrnent These honors are rncentrves for future goals as they strrve to rna1nta1n the h1qh standards they have set for themselves The students so recoqnrzed are better able to face the future wrth conh dence rn therr abrlrty for flne achrevernent Garden County Hrqh School marntalns mernbershrp rn four honor socretres to offer recoqnrtron rn the t'1elds wh1Ch make up the tntearal parts of student and adult hte NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY N17 F"-L FIRST ROW J Brown R Finch G Mong P LOOIH1 W Cheney H Robb SECOND ROW V Robb J Lfisey B Linu Mr Saunders Q Pcnslcy R Clirk V Smith THIRD ROW J Morrow T Carlson D Ori B Baxnwcll J Fmueon O Kaechke This honor society was originolly established to stiniulote the scholarship service character ond leoclership of the students in the secondary schools ot thig country lts gool hoe been to rouse the stondorcle ot the seconoory schools of the United Stotes to g higher plone Through the Notioncil Honor Society nthusicism for scholarship throughout the school 1 created. lt encouroges he student to render service to the school cincl to the community. lt stimulates , 1 rtiici. . t tr ,l' volop o strong chgrcictor. Student' ot Garden Qotinty lligh School consider being selected for this society the highest recognition thot they con receive. They rnust not only be outstcrnding ocotderniccrlly, but must hoive the recormnendotion ot every nieznber ot the toculty os to their leadership, service, citizenship, ond chctrocter, The Ncitionol Honor Society woe organized ot Garden County High School in l948i QUILL AND SCROLL Q W 'Q '--,f FIRST ROW H Robb J McKee J Casey J Guenm SECOND ROW J Morrow B Barnwell Mr Saunders T Carlson J Emerson Qutll and Scroll SOC1GlY has always taken an acllve part 1n ralsmq the standards ln 1ts freld and 1n d1rect1nq the course of hlqh school Journahsm Ind1v1duals who are granted rnembershlp are upper classrnen who have done super1or work 1n wrmnq and rank 1n the upper one th1rd of therr class acadermcally The students are recommended by the pr1nc1pal of the school and pubhcattons advlsors elected from the yearbook or newspaper staff and approved by the executwe secretary of the mtematlonal SOC19lY Those honored at Garden County Hxqh School were presented wlth other honorary groups at an annual convocatlon honorlnq students who have done outstanchnq work mn d1fferent flelds These students are recoqmzed by then classmates as havmg been outstanchng tn some phase of student hte Th1s SOCIETY recelved 1ts charter 1n the fall of 1947 NATIONAL ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIP FIRST ROW S Cubtex D Shephud J '1 mp D QIILIILI R Bumull P Rcmblrxson QECOND ROW Mr Rchcndlfmr J F111 V1 G Compu R Yog,,l11 M Kmchlx T Carlson D Coopu M1 Ku 111411 The Ndtrohol Alhlehc Scholorshrp Socrely ol Secondory Schools woQ dunded IH l925 by cr qroup ol hrqh school pr1r1c1pol5 who felt thot such or roc 1111 hom would encourage belle bcholorshrp better 5porlQr11or1sh1p cmd loil r f1l1fG11sh1r1 CIIIIOYIQ hlqh school Crlhlcles lVle111l1erQh1p IS bfxsed on r11Qr1t cmd c1ch1Qve1r11or1t BoyQ ore elrqrble who drr1 vdrsrly le-llcrg 1I'1 futher mo1or or 111111or -Sports whom QcholorQh1p lcr thme e quo Q or 1 11 r lhfm th Qfherol ovrroqo of O I1Sl'll'U A J V v l lmcu fy o ICI H1 l 1' Y VVKIS U f I lll l 36- -ll v QQ ' x s f . , I 1 I 1 gf , V , ' Y v I , 1 , L I . ' I l , . II 'LSU , , ", , V I 'I. . If ' VU. fr l l ' ' 1 .,41".f1', ' ,' , ,, r ', : ', , ' . ', X A .' ', . ' ' v- 1 , , ' ' K , ' . i ' ' , ,, , . . ' ' 2,1111-w':111.'11 .:131111sTors1 rs ef ,l in ' lm le ' 0 A X ' , 12 ' ,, th, :c.11,1c11, .md who l11.1v1 ox-'1::11zlil1e1fl thc hlqhesl typo of sportsmcmshlp fmd of 'ilxzwly' ',. G rr .1111 ff'o1111Yy lllqll Svlwrnl '1tl11f1l11s whc Hurry v':rS1ty lollorg dnl 111614 'h-4 s::l1olr1rsl11p lFPQl1lIFlYEfXl2lfl lllllzll lv- rw 'o111r11f1r1dQd hy r1ll ho ,, l. 2 heh 'oi11G dll. i, ff. The 1-xrjnclsl ,T f,r41f1111zc-l 111 Cnxrclon Cr llT1lY Hrqh School 'Q48 FINE ARTS HONORARY SOCIETY Q at FIRST ROW H Robb G Mong C Palslcy R Clark J Casey J Brown SECOND ROW Mr L1st1ak J Morrow R Samuelson R Bwrnwell D Shepherd S Custer Mr Charles The Flne Arts Honorary Socrety was estabhshed at Garden County l-llgh School thls year Outstandmq students rn athletrcs Journallsm scholarshrp and c1t1zensh1p dld not always 1nclude the 1nd1v1dual whose tate-nts and lnter ests were devoted to the trne arts Thls soclety was oraanlzed to provlde an honorary qroup whrch would meet thrs need and whrch as C qroup could promote the trne arts The students honored at Garden County Hrqh School have made noteworthy contrrbutlons rn the tleld ot dramatrcs muslc or art Those honored rn the tleld of dramatrcs were Carol Parsley Carol Frrede Bob Barnwell, Dlck Shepherd, and Hope Robb Especrally outstandrnq rn the held of rnusrc were Rua Clark, Ioan Casey, Glenna Mona, lack Morrow Herd Samuelson, and Stanley Custer loan Brown was honored for her art work 37 t 'QV fc6e w fl: STUDENTS There are many thmas in the daily life of the student which are important to a maturing younq person Much of his personality his likes and dislikes with others This phase ot the educational process cannot be classified into any special cateaory Rather it is depicted here as a pictorial panorama of those con triliutinq factors in school lite which as part of the student so often becomes an important part of the adult U I l 3 his manners and even his attitudes may be developed by his associations 'W'Y!e NX! YN eresn V.EW3TY,YK HERE n scnooX opened, new and oXd students arr anged the and Mr. Saunders approved the smdenks! regxs L ,M,x::' 1' 'DY S Xed The Arrnkstice Day Cdebration Yarade w a the G.C.11 S. YABYCYAOQ Band. Vai Student CooncXYs Cnriskrnas Convocation was 'ust beiore Cnrkstrnas vacation. Santa Ohms YlXos'Lefr0anH presented Mr. Ydchendxier orn the sopnornores. The had 1 rnard gkix ir me with a Kes K! sch ' mrairon L., . . W ag! FQ? 6 o rs, 1 nMis G' Cs Liscoh f10at' S and he In t ' quee ' att g1s:'isC0.hePArmrE3igILheye::5ntS were B' Ln, Carol lctul-ed Celebre beau .811 anCe cMi5 . left at1On tlful and N iiL1Sc0,l-EEO. Parade - nerr Tlede D are B . . . Lane . er A406 .4 rivities ' 1 ac ber. s0C1a. QCt0 d the nee 111 Hehnke . pene 001 Da d J' Vin lors 0 11-Sch on an l Mal' he sen , StA JOhnS llke Tvith theiggntifyizi that tijovilgds us' We can 1109 a. baCk aS thlilsledjvith his Kasc ,Al "' presented t te with Sh Fredericlrs lo ' A SM 'slr-tiff iruli-50 I ll' shlnen onyple he traditional Sadie Hawkins Dance 010019. There are Finch, Shepherd, Krenow' on, Tapp, Bennett, Emerson, Brown and oking our way. I' uelson Aw' K' ns-1 15 """' The cheerleader stunts a highlight at a ep sessions. Left to right: B. Olson, M Meng, C. Paisley, J. Casey, L Mumford, and G. Meng do "Center, End, Tackle Guard." "Ng EZCTNUN rx The spring elections provided opportunities for the students to elect their leaders for the following' year. B. Lance watches the ballot box while R. Samuelson hands R. Shepherd a ballot. S icz, Sam 'X 7, 'Q' A popular gathering place is the girls' social room for that last minute Checkup or chat. Margaret Viola uses the new full-length mirror While Katherine 'Ben- nett waits her turn. , ' ,J Noontime and some of Mom's good food in the boys' lunch room. Keep to the right and We'll all make it before the tardy bell. 'K Fi E 40 -i-Q, j l I l Kami' 42- ,M rf 7' ix Annual physical examinations help kcep us healthy. Results of the exams are made known to the parents. Say "ah" for Dr. Seng, Patty. .fix .rf-v'v X' N. ...X X 143.- An attempt at painless education. Tho fine audio-visual program is Wolcomc to us all. Buy a poncilg pay a fincg want some information. Miss Viola, school secretary will help you. 5 . EK 2 E f gal . V. M .wuts igxx 'iw-5 The National Education Week program brought many visitors to our school and was enjoyed by all. Here, Mr. Listiak -. directs a band number. a The Home Economics Girls FL "borrowed" children of the community for a unit in the study of child care-. What are you looking at, Naomi? . f ffl M K W vw J, .svxrBswJsi'2x'. ,I ii fi , , Q , gr' fir? The Driver Training course at Garden County High School offers the opportunity to become good Citizens on the highway. Arva Lee Nelson sits at tho whom-l ready for laboratory instruction from Mr, Richendifer. ..-44.. .433 Our Marching Band received many cheers for their fine stunts and march drills at night football games. Freshmen Initiation stunts included a foot-washing routine for the girls in overalls. Q E ka H F g x Rf so li f egg , vyia Our trophies are prominently displayed in the trophy case in the lower hall. A new display structure is planned in the near future to make room for the accumu- lating awards. Hanging above the case are our charters to national societies. --45, W 5 Q ,,, as 5 if 9 9' , 2 2 .. K :YQ gif Wm, ,pm- 6 W JE 'Aa A .13 419 yu., ar'- vf K 'T V .Q "K'1'H' 4-..,,,, ,Mae 43 , . i Jl. v""" is W1 , 3? -are 'Q-an-I Qi! ff? 'L Hx if W TN f 1 .poi 2 i 31, :wr Xaamf' 'mi ,V 'E-22 -qv' Hlgh-stelppvrs are thu lvzxdc-rs of thc- lmmd. Plcturul 1111 to xxght inc Mdjorpttn C, Paish-v and Twi1'lvx's V. Robb. H. Robb, and R. Fmclw. Popuhn .ami niflcunt 15 M11 Clay "Stub" Williams, thv Svhool Custodian. Ilf- USluggcr" Albm- waits for 'Af lvl-1 of -'l -- , is 'VIWU S flu ml 21 hlgh lmzxrd mme, Evurybocly togethm-1' fm' fiftvcn rahs! Hard working che-u1'lcaclc1's keep up the spirit at games, Picrturvd lvft to right arc: B. Olson, M, Mcmg, C. Paislvy, I. lVlL1INfOl'il, :md G. Nlong. x i J, V5j"'Aj " fx -M. J ,r-in L P UW., V-,f-.41 g i Q ,vf5gairQ fe ,, W ,Q '. , v . w ' fb fi S "L ' . 'fri K 'Rs FK H . fda' '45 f. .J '-inn Q vp. i .1 .QM g1"!'M.:r ,.,f5i.,, if, 5 A Y V, I "r:e'rA,,, 2.,'5-.fjfv - ,A .f ,A . 'Nf?'.'.. , ' '1,"s.w Qwff-.,1,'f 5 5-,!Q.7Q..,'.-Q ' .?j"s'f',s,gl,3 . ,, X 1,x,es.Q, v , . A ,ru -. -""c,,...1 -J fs'71:1-,"'.gw mf. - " W V, L Q ":l,lvL-F lf-swf-1: ,.. ,. ...A Junior-Senior Prom attendants included the faculty, the board of regents and their wives. "Spike" Dunn practices a gesture for Director J. Charles in "Battle for Bill" preparation. Dancing at the Prom. Is Dick Shepherd listening or looking? The girls start putting the pressure on "Mother" Bonna Lance in "Battle for Bill", the junior class play. Pictured left to right are: M. Viola, R. Finch, W. Albee. B. Lance, and J. Casey. E '--I-Q A, fu vltggyg. flu t ATI-ILETES Groom? d sports requlre teomwork cmd no ooerot on Cur team through ers hcot Cmpetmort be-comes o vore of tts weotmesses cmd TFIVOQ to over come 1ts faults Qur cth'ete experlence the sotrstoctrorm of o vtctory fmrly won ond the dtsoppomtmerlt of defeat Formmdeo othtetes ore able to tfk vtctory and defect equally well 4 1 d ore qtuck to qrve TCCOQHIUOH to o superlor teom Cur st dents os porhcrpcmts ood , + ctotors hov thf opportumty to le um to occept the ospects of Competttlve sports wtuch ore rr pfrrt of thmr trultfut moturohor ff ' L A .e . . 3 't A L, ' 1 . .M .. Y , , , Luv ' C C w , , S A ' N . , , , . r Mos , , ' - , , . , . 1'..., ,Q ,, 3 ,I Q . , , su ,, , 4 . ' ' .. sow , e 3 ' Jo Football FIRST ROW D Shepherd G Farlow R Stockman D Shearer J Flamer J Tapp F Whtte F Johnson P Robxnson B Barnwell R Samuelson SECOND ROW B Roberts H Keenan T Olson B Newell J Robmson J Morrow G Stahley J Frlede M Terpennmg O Kaschke R Mlchael G Roundsborg P Madden THIRD ROW Coach Klenker G McKune J Emerson R Alnold D Wlegers H Rogers T Carlson A Erb B Dunn J Carlson V Frederxckson T Fxesterman R Whtte J Vogler D Cooper Coach Rxchendlfer FOURTH ROW L Kroeger L Whlte M Kaschke B Heath L Senteney D Waltman D McCormae D Orr M Cozby B Vogler R Cheney C Smlth E Cooper D Robb The l949 Eaqle team fmxshed the sea on wlth one Wm and seven losses However our opponents were extended to the llmlt of thelr abrllty to qaxn a vxctory A number of boys qalned much valuable experrence whlch should benef1t next year s team Whale the offenstve play of the Eagles was not spectacular thetr defense was nt of the best The veteran ltne from tackle to tackle was bxq rough and effectrve The Faqles best game was played wtth Chappell state class C cham ptons Although Chappell rcn wlld the flrst half to score 20 pornts the purple and wh te l ds played them on even terms the second halt The Garden County boys held Mrnatare state class B champs to a 190 Wm In thrs aame they dtsplayed some of the year s most outstandmq defensxve play The most thrtllmq offenstve actlon occurred 1n the Chappell qame when Stockrnan took a 30 yard pass from Arnold and raced rnto the end zone for a touchdown. .' at Mn 'ww' End-Robert Vogler ""f?'3a at j it-JW 'K C., Back-Robert Barnwell End-Paul RObinS0n we VARSITY RECORD M' S R 7 R 3 " W' GCHS opp. e..,,T?,j5, 3 ' Sept. 16 Wauneta 0 13 RR'7 Sept. 23 Imperial 0 6 Sept 30 St. Pat's 19 0 Oct. 7 Ogallala 2 8 Oct. 14 Minitarc 0 19 Oct. 21 Chappell 6 26 Oct. 28 Sidney 6 20 Nov. 11 Grant 0 6 Back-Tom Carlson Tackle-Richard Shephexd Q RESERVE RECORD ,Q T if Oct. 4 Chappell 0 26 R A ll f 'W I ' Oct. 12 Ogallala 18 0 K X 4-iv' M' U""""5 Oct. 18 Sidney 13 39 Oct. 25 Scottsbluff 12 13 Nov, 2 .lulcsburg 18 0 Back'-Richard stocklnan BaCk.iLcjWQll Kroegef Q 1 Ohm 1,8 Back-Richard Arnold ifzm If aww ,E ff Q Guard-Eugene COODCI' Guard-Ted Fiesterman ministers to the needs of his charges at wggigiff , V my I, ,f I ., if 'K' Football Action :fm if V H UPPER LEFT: Shepherd and Tapp com- ,Z bine on a high low as Kroeger finds an 2 . opening for a short gain. . LEFT CENTER: Coach Richendifer ad- half time in the Chappell game. Kroeger, Carlson, Stockman, and Fiest- erman seem pensive. W 'W ,, LOWER LEFT: Grant's No. 82 circles end I' for one of the few good gains in the tight defensive battle. BELOW: Johnson outreaches the defensive back to complete a pass, If N -it ff L flaw. G ii 3 if ri 'K- 1 ,,54,, e Football Action UPPER RIGHT: Kroelger is helped to an- other romp by Carlson and Fiesterman, GCHS linemen. RIGHT CENTER: Coaches Richendifer and Kienker with the reserves watch action in the Sidney game. LOWER RIGHT: A pile up in the center of the line stopped Grant on a fourth down. Playing in a high wind and bitter cold, defensive play predominated. BELOW: We Cheer them on. Solidly be- hind the team, the students gained 'i reputation for fine support, '-.,'." iii EQ: fee Q. Y . li 1 5 smgfl fail will X, .M V xi' " 'ff , M Ad, 'A law "'f?'f:1ix4 an if -,Www M.. ' -it is? e In 'K if ,Zigi K 4- if hifgy. wail W 1 ,, , A R Ur- QQQ, XM 'A ' -i,.-':. T - "If, - Q ,ggi :am 'G f , r". 1 " 1' 1 1- if 4,7 J, L ,K ty r . . s .,, . K , l 5 A: Q ,Eff-:df it iq-iQ6's,AgQwg:'vQl awk- KA. Basketball E 3 BOTTOM ROW B-' Heath Q Custcr P Robmson R Stockman B Barnwell G Farlow D McCormac M Kaschke SECOND ROW T Flesterman V Frcderlckson L Sentenev A Exb R Arnold D Shepherd C Srnlth B Dunn J Morrow THIRD ROW St Mar O Kischkt B Nc-well J Fttedo G McKune Coach A Kxenker B Orr J Roblnson T Olson St Mgr J Carlson The GCHS basketball team started slowly but as they qamed untty they became a much tmproved team There were not too many VlClOf1GS for the varstty tlve but there were enough near wtns to make them a good team to watch and support Bob Barnwell was honored when he was Chosen Player ot The Week by Greaa McBr1de ot the Omaha World Herald for hrs outstandmq otfens ve qame aqamst Grant He scored 31 pomts Don McCormac was the team spark plug wtth hrs flre and enthuslasm Gerry Farlow s one hand shots kept us 1n several aames Art Erb and Paul Robmson wnl be back to torm the nucleus tor next year's club The most prom1s1na candldates from the reserve team mclude hm Robmson Brll Dunn Vernon Frederlckson, Bob Newell, and Iohnny Frlede 56 I peer W A T C ' Q t 4 l ' 4 W Q a . i F V A B . .X . V C, , Q5 fl lf l 3' is 41 A t " Q if . 'yum in f A N KX-N s , rw" T V 1 Q' V' f T A ' - '1 ABOVE: Barnwell drops in a one hand shot in the third quarter of the Imperial game. Farlow and McCor- mac wait for the re- bound that failed to materialize. Ns g I. ii? ABOVE: Our boys come up with two points in the reserve game with Ogallala. Fred- erickson is shooting and Dunn. No. 8. moves in for the re-bound. The de- fensive efforts were slow in their at- tempt to stop this shot. BELOW: As was often the case, we were just a little too short to reach the ball. Barnwell tries but the Big Springs team came up with the ABOVE: Frederickson is fouled as he tried to field one from the corner, He YQJPX ball. .Q r 'f'v1'C-'.."iw.... g4..,.1yfu1.iA I 1 3 5 K xi Y 54 F Q 5 lag BELOW: Barnwell, our lead- ing offensive threat. goes up for a field made both of the foul shots a few : vs lx minutes later. No. 34 is McKune , f "'4V i . ' 6 and the action took place in the A ' reserves game with the Grant 'x seconds. 4 1 Qi tagi. . -ef . .,'. ' LEFT: Robinson is shooting goal in the varsities' victory over the Big Springs team. from behind that group in the west end of the court in some fast ac- tion with the Grant varsity. Varsity , 2 , ,W ,W , ,fa M ' 1 3 5 F, f I ix ,L ir WW, A 'wa Mmw in 2 3:1125 194-,Ze 1 f M 5 I 5235 . ,, ,,f Paul Robinson Bob Barnwell Gerry Farlow Art Erb Forward Center Forward Guard VARSITY RECORD GCHS Opp. Dee. North Platte 30 52 Dec, Sunol 39 40 Dec. Julesburg 28 41 Dec. Scottsbluff Res. 19 26 Dec, Wauneta 32 47 Jan. Chappell 27 74 Jan. Ogallala 44 74 Jan. Imperial 35 46 Donald Mccormac Jan. Big Springs 46 29 Guard Jan. Lodgepoie 30 45 vf---i gf 7.511 Jan' Gram 47 49 7'l7 zz' 253 Jan, Sidney 29 63 f fi i i Jan. Melbeta 51 57 5, 125,555 Feb Chappell 25 59 'M u f 1, 5 Lak X 2 Feb St. Pats 37 42 I RESERVE RECORD M I GCHS opp. f I ff Dee North Platte 27 35 Doc sumi 21 25 4 M Dee Julesburg 19 24 'K Jan. Chappell 22 37 xl? Jan. Ogallala 30 22 Jan. Imperial I7 28 Jan. Big Springs 29 24 Jan. Lodgepole 24 36 Jan. Grant 33 37 Jan. Sidney I9 46 Jan. Mc-lbeta 30 28 Feb Chappell 34 29 Feb. St. Pat's 32 24 If V., I H: M vi fx, 5,1:i.i5:, I, ' It Q- , ' 1 I fsf 5 fig 2 33 1 Y' f , f, 5, ..58,.. Track HI1Cl F1ClC1 w 'alia Qi' rs! J? Q l 4 im J Q 'K 1 'cf1f"f' ' ' ,gif nf ,,, ,, 2 , I A . 'WZ ,K shi' , . f z , :fs FIRST ROW: D. Orr, O. Kaschke, J. Friede, N Saxton H Roger D Cooper J Morrow, W. Sutphen, V. Frederickson. SECOND ROW: A. Erb, W. Boggs, J. Rennau D Wiegers R Cheney B Heath J. Carlson, R. Arnold. THIRD ROW: T. Carlson, D. Paisley, C. Smith, P Robinson L Senteney D Robin son, H. Beath, J. Woolery. pcm, Rohm FOURTH ROW: Coach Kienker, R. Stockman F White C Custer D Zorn B Krenowicz, Coach Richendifer. Finishing a successful season the Eagle track and field team placed fourth at the SPVA meet and fourth at the District contest. They attended the Buffalo Invitational Relays at Chappell, the Iulesburq lnvitatiorial meet, and the Scottsbluff Relays. The boys who qualified for the "State meet" were Duane Robinson, Wesley Boggs, and Robert Krenowicz. Duane Robinson tied for first place for pole vault in the class "C" division and Robert Krenowicz placed sixth in the half mile run. Lettermen at CCHS for the year l949 were Robert Cheney, Richard Stock- man, Paul Robinson, Duane Robinson, Darrell Zorn, Wesley Boqqs, Don Cooper, Robert Krenowicz, Clifford Smith, Floyd White, Duane Custer, and Leland Senteney. . I ,1 six 3' Ai K 522' x fi ,i f K .U pw ww 4 . wi sw W -1- , V' , 5 M-W ga, , wr ff f L CDRGANIZATIONS ln our orqanrzattons at Garden County H1qh School the students have the chance to practtce democracy tn actton Here also they fmd the opportumty for an expressxon of mterest 1n SD9C1f1C areas that tend to lead them toward worthwlule vocatlonal and avocattonal needs Moreover 1t pfOV1d9S them Wlth a means for cultural development and an enyoyment of the flne arts These orqamzatlons are so varied that each student may flnd an outlet for hls own SpeC1f1C mterests -Www W -vu, with Gig ,ti uwltwm foi, ' lf "YW Gl'?flZlt Assistvnt Efiitfir ljwx -ww-' V. Swain Girls' Clubs J it V W4-rv 4 w J ,N . wut.. mr , Morrow Sports M W Hope Robb EDITOR 4 ,Q ,, it I , - if 0 ., W wi Mwhh A. Bartholome Sophomores The Ag a part of the journalistic endeavor at Garden County High School, a staff ot interested students produce a pic- torial record of the school year tor the entire student body. The Eagle is one-third larger than ever before. Among the special fea- tures are individual pictures of every student, complete organization cover- age and rnore space tor all the more extensive activities, Several large pic- tures enhance the value ot the book. Special pictorial division pages add a personalized touch. My X it - -.N iv J Q N M 5 , by l X :sf Z . t it s f . --:. A su. J. Emerson J. Tapp Seniors Activities 62 f sqft The addition of the press camera to the equipment of the journalism depart- ment has made possible a greatly en- larged student life coverage. The pur- chase of the camera was made possible from the profits of this department. Annual advertising sales topped all past records. Beginning with the planning, con- tinuing through the days of picture taking and the final layouts, the staff i W is N. Bob Barnwell Business Manager mf has made every effort to produce a .2 3, book that is the most outstanding in the guy history of the school. .XT t ,tm tg K. 4 s-rW sg ei Imam Q V A ,,- 3 Advertising Manager N f -:fe-sg , n'-1-" SN L I. I f W tt...t f .s i 4 JF li' F, White Mr. J. Saundvrs Boys' Clubs Advisor 63 ad""'Wr Wav T Carlson Specialties 'mfr F J MCKQL Juniors Qpt ci iltit s A L St ntcncy Sophurnorcs Future Homemakers of America ,gh '. I I Vw' FIRST ROW: S. Martinez, G. Davidson, L. French, M. Mong, S. Wiberg, J. Playford, V. Swain, D. Delatour. SECOND ROW: Miss Vaughn. J. Ring, M. Jacobs, H. Robb, A. Smith, G. Mong, B. Olson, K. Albee. THIRD ROW: I. Mumpford, N. Ruden, J. Cailholm, P. Loomis, J. Skinner, L. Davidson. N. Knorr. J. Johnson. V. Robb. FOURTH ROW: L. Moffat, V. Smith, P. Powers, E. Keenan, L. Heath, F. Gortomaker, C. Patrick. H. Saunders. J. Hehnko. The goal the Future Homemakers worked towards this year was "Horne Recreation". The girls special project for the year was the adoption ot a German home economics class whom they assisted by sending unattainable commodities such as food, spices and materials. Directing much ot their effort toward the attainment ot an "Honor Chapter" rating, they have sponsored many worthwhile activities. During FHA Week they arranged a display in the local merchants' show windows. Each Tuesday noon, the FHA girls gathered to discuss problems and projects at C1 "sack lunch". Hope Robb, local chapter president, was elected district president: Barbara Olson was chosen district parliamentariany and Vivian Robb became district rvtibticity chairman. ,L Future Farmers of America D Vw? 1. J . t My y ..y P. T Q ',,jT'ls an 'iv' .Z ,A,n.2?..3.E.h... FIRST ROW: D. Cooper, J. Carlson, J. Tapp, D. Shearer, D. Orr, R. White. SECOND ROW: O. Kaschke, A. Erb, B. Heath, Mr. Ruden, M. Kaschke, H. Rogers, J. Emerson. THIRD ROW: S. Custer, R. Cheney. F. Johnson, F. White, D. Waltman, P. Robinson, D. McCormac. : The Oshkosh Chapter of Future Farmers of America is the oldest activity at Garden County High School. The primary objective is to develop competent rural leadership. Our location in an agricultural area lends special significance to this organization at Garden County High School. The need tor capable leaders is increasing in such fields as co-operative enterprise soil conservation, and movements to improve better farm life in our community. The GCHS chapter has been honored for excellence for their efforts in these pursuits. The program this year included the FFA and FHA party, the trip to North Platte Experiment Station, the Initiation ot Greenhands, a Parents' Night, and a spring camp at Lake McConnaughey. The officers are: President, Ioe Emerson: Vice President, Freddy Iohnsong News Reporter, lack Dilieyy Treasurer, Don Cooper: Secretary, Paul Robinson: and Sentinel, Richard White. at H... bm LNBLP 1949 NUMB Decorated for Christmas Secson Music Groups Give Christmas Co Come one' Come al ar the school building V ecorated for Christmas HONOR R041 e FFA 15 sponsoring The students honored for the amor' s cond six weeks are well dis st two years the hght tributed although the sopho on a pnze m the busl mores ar still in t lead by istmas decoration con quue 3 Wm e Future Farmers of SENT D b T W 1 agreed to spf visor tb L O al providing the e ddueu to Ll coratior' rs c t of ti tl-00101 ri ar Gard on secr e two erry Ia red ligl W all the hgh six everg the scho iature x Tb T0 l AS VACA students will y Decembr r Christmt '11 not haw 5 1 until Jaritgi -onRISTWlAb cows oc ATIOY U C Gaiden Cgumy mah in EE HFLD UN 2'l"D innudl Christmas co The student countil will hold Decunbel ll 111 thi mg their thnd coivof it on oi De 'C U cenber 23 iodiiiii it Dneetoi fMusic e ilrllljl tak .fill mesent a var of laive and sm which will be c id numbe d Chorus x Carol a id er Blooming ls Glue Club rond secti i forth iuias an Club will gi ig Lord and Bat gn 49 le rio abby Mba ms Qing, ho en for Silent Ni sing ind Birth T' s'1ort intermi after New I acation is q 4 i fgb to tudents and ' a hers to Billboa y jf Religi will be w en s Romance. The band Beneath tl'e Holly and W siiNG . , W , ,Q rcturni- , i on 1- nN COUN IY HIGI . 1 98th it seemed tvident that eficryoie hu enjoyed tlee Wn over Christmas, as them have plunn' P . . er communities. School sed on Friday to allow RS.'l ROW: Mr. Saunders H. Robb J. Guenin V. Swain. SECOND ROWr J. Morrow J. McKee A. Bartholome J. Casey J. Emerson. THIRD ROW: L. Senteney B. Barnwoll. J. Tapp F. White T. Carlson. Regfiment will complete grim. If you wese Wzillfine throuffh I1t1,mKS.iViu,,. Vavmm . - the halls at passing time on . D . mensely. .ovember 29 you miffht have GCHS journalism class has the responsbility of the official school paper, the Eagle Beakon. This is the fourth year that our paper has been printed and distributed to the students. A different theme each month on such subjects as health de- mocracy church etiquette and citizenship has been utilized by the monthly editors of the current volume. loann Guenin is editor ot the Eagle Beakon, Tom Carlson handles the business manaqement and lack Morrow serves as the sports editor. The entire class co-operates on arranainq and writina various articles under the direction of Mr. lack Saunders. .1554 x 9' Q . - Y X Ur. Z t 'fr S 0 I 0 o N - 'l . F ' if. . I nw' 1 , - x Y ' 1 ' 4 ' " K A A I A I v ' Y . . V-fi 1 w 9 1' ' ' l. J t -' r 1' fx 1 . , ' ,, .D W '. V4 ' -- . .p ,' F N ' :I ' x ' ' ' - V. A K rv . . . ' " " 'fi gg i . t '- ffl - I V - . . R I - ' Q. 1 . ,1 1 I rf. p.,l,.:.. Wi: fy, . O v H - cr' of rose 'z 'fi ot 1' b A , I W 'D - - - 'Bo' dia O 'fl' ' 'A r size ' ' . r ' ' ' ' J . A . ,V , cf . - ' Q .1 V - Q2 , Ann 'Sf K 11 . c ' .W .W L ' 4 . em V, N ,Q W A I '4-P . ,I f 4. 4 ' ' 1 'O fivimr 4 " 4' 3 :' V . n ' d shru. tffitf f - 3 J s - . . - 1 ' 'ef j . 'J W' 'CI' S 1IlCll.l 1:22. ' E ' 'W - .31-Qfg, . ' f ' fi ffifj, ,Q . . 4 , 3 K 935 J ' ,K V V 4 VA" T fig? 1 e' e r ' , Q, "V ' 5 9 A tn' YQ 4 , Mr y . -9'1" f.',ffQ k w ' y 1 1 . I . H V : I ., M. L! 1 4 ' 3 - Q 'GC 'R' ". ne." ' " F ' . . 1 1 A ... ,W . . nn M 3 . ,-vs my ',. "-- l i . ,,, A . .,,. .M L ' ' ' c , if 'Y , i :Q l , K A I I 6 5 1 f ... ,lf 5 f M ' tb ' . A 1 . .. X I J at h C .. " . the . , 1 ' 1 i ' 1 d 1 .45 Q A l ' t 1 ' n 5 ' ' o W un ' ' t D u 1 Q ., 1 L 1.- 5 1 7 1 I c 4 , , 1 . 5 , t 1 v , y . Q . l f V f Qvefsz' J 1 "' ' ifi ijgi .P Q1 g,ZQ."'ifJfZ?f555 , u. if cxadf MM fpfidffwf '7ff4rU f 7 yy 7 ,M fpfffjyfff f QA, vyaywffif NN t if ww 1 it n- gtfjktfl fi PM row enzfayafzu .awe im f.QJ.fem C"""a 'f.aZ,7,aff CHEERLEADERS B Olson M Mong C Paisley J Casey I Mumpford G Mong FIRST ROW S Martinez G Davidson V Swain H Robb J White D Zorn S Wxberg M Jacobs R Finch B Martinez P Atkinson Miss Allen SECOND ROW: D. Krenowicz M. Viola J. Pullen J. Johnson P. Loomis P. Smith P. Brown L. Davidson N. Knerr A. Smith M. Krenowicz S, Wyatt E. Nielson THIRD ROW: C. Zorn B. Lance V. Smith F .Gortemaker E. Keenan L. Heath J Borges P. Powers D. Henderson C. Patrick L. Moffat H. Saunders J. Hehnke The pep club is an organization whose purpose is to arouse enthusiasm for our athletic events. The aim of the club is to instill certain fundamental ideals The girls serve as leaders at all athletic games. They demonstrate the acceptable behavior so those who do not understand good sportsmanship may have a chance to do so. The Garden County High School Pep Club serves as an ambassador from the school, behaving as ladies should at home or in other towns. They have found a large amount of co-operation is necessary in their club functions and practice it with the cheerleaders as they lead the school at pep sessions. At all home games they sell food and confections. The income from their efforts is used to finance the annual athletic banquet. This affair is semi-formal with the pep club girls and athletes taking an active part. . 1,75 1 , Q1 mifjf , f QW! .J Q ff!-f t few if E F .Q , JDK . ' t X5 N M C1 1 3 L' 5 t fr X -iq . Y , l nr ' ' f' L V Q5 X ll I. E Q ' q Y 1 N l S " l . sl , 57- Band it FIRST ROW E Nlelson J Roblnson C Zorn W Albee V Sm1th J Morrow B Lake M Borges M Rogers J Hehnke L Davldson P Brown J Johnson J Carlholm J Pullen SECOND ROW Mr Llstlak N Knerr B Lance P Powers D Henderson B Brown J Arnold E Keenan J Whlte T Olson N Ruden K Albee M Mong G Rounsborg C Pa1sley THIRD ROW J Brown S Martlnez B MaFt1H9Z V Swaln J Woolery S Wlberg W Mlzell P Robmson L Moffat J Casey C Patr1ck H Saunders I Mumpfoxd A Smlth FOURTH ROW R Flnch H Robb V Robb G Rook V Law J McKune D Orr D Wxegers L Kroeger P Loomls B M1Ch8E1 D Trndell The Garden County H1qh School band adds much to the color and musxc IH our several cornmur11t1es One of the outstandmq contr1but1ons has been the serles of football appear ances as a rnarchlnq and drrll team unrt The formatlons and rnuslc have been a source of much pralse from v1s1tors and patrons The band takes a leadmq part rn the Arrnlstlce Day Parade at Lrsco The Band CllI'llC at Blq Sprlnqs and the SPVA Festrval at Grant are the1r rnter school functrons They are an Hnportant part of the Chnstmas program the Natlonal Educatlon Week Proqrarns and other comrnumty CICllVlllGS The band appears at all pep SGSSIODS and leads the annual snake dance One of the outstandlnq assets to the cornmunxty the band offers rnany persons the1r only opporturnty for muslccrl lI'G1D1I'1q Mxxed Chorus FIRST ROW J Brown B Martmez L French G Mong B Brown T Olson J Jameson J Robxnson G Rounsborg H Robb V Swaxn G Davidson S M3Ft1H6Z SECOND ROW K Albee A Srmth E Ntelson M Vrola M Krenow1cz J Woolery S Custer B Heath J Morrow J Emelson T Johnson S Wyatt D Zorn R Flnch M Mong THIRD ROW L Davldson P Smrth P Brown W Albee C Patmck V Sm1th R Samuelson D Shepherd V Law J Tapp D McCormac P Robmson D Henderson R Clark B Yance J Cxsey C Zorn Mr L1St1Hk Most people smq dunnq all the years ot the1r hves They smq as chrldren students and adults For here 15 an actlvlty by whlch they may express hap prness sadness or any ot many human emotlons ln our choral department we learn vanous lands of songs that are related to dltterent types ot expresslons of hrqh school students Besldes learn nq choral hterature and fundamentals ot smarna the apprec1at1on ot muslc lS stressed One ot the broadest a1ms of our choral department lS to mfluence the students alona soc1al lmes these mclude co operatton and consrderatton on the part ot the students Among the act1v1t1es 1n wh1ch the Garden County I-hah School Mnced Chorus part1c1pated were the Chnstma concert the spnnq Concert and the sprma testlval They also served as the eholr for baccalaureate servlces GIIIS Glee Club FIRST ROW S Martxnez G Dav1dson J Arnold D Delatour H Robb E Nxelson M V1ola M Jacobs J Johnson Mr L1St1ak M KTQDOWICZ S Wyatt J Rlng J Wh1t6 J Jensen T Law B M3Ft1HGZ J Playford J Brown SECOND ROW M R1tt6Hh0US9 V Swaln D Teppert D Tmdell M Mong G Mong A Smlth D Zorn J Carlholm L Moffat D KFGHOWICZ S Wlberg R Flnch K Albee D Lance L French P Atkrnson G Afklnson THIRD ROW L Davldson P Brown C Zorn W Albee C Patrlck R Clark D Henderson A Bartholome L Heath P Powers F Gortemaker V Sm1th S French B Lance J Casey G Plckerel P Sm1th N Knorr The Glrls Glee Club affords an opportumty for extra currlcular act1v1ty wh1ch keeps the qlrls OCCL1pl9d m worthwh1le accomphshments Our Glrls Glee Club 1S fomposecl of 57 members who smq because they enloy 1t They have lmproved Conslolerably ln acappella SIHQIHQ' whlch brlnqs out the fuslon of the three parts very effecnvely The gurls selecnons are varred to lnclude classlcal popular and humorous Songs The actrv1t1es 1D whlch thxs group took part were the Chrxstmas concert the SDTIHQ concert and the sprmq fest1val 'A' 70 Boys Glee Club FIRST ROW G Rtundsborp, T Olson J Jameson J Morrow J Dalley J RODIUSOH B Brown SECOIND ROW J Klmtexmun B McCord C Stanley M Co7by J Woolery J Emtrson Mr Llstlak THIRD ROW Q Cufster R bamutl cn P RODIIISOH J Tapp D Shepherd D Mc Cormac B Heath Glee clube qxve tht lI"d1XI lual expenence ln muslc proqrarns and concerts and they teach Lum the ne d 'or harmony and co operatlon with h15 fellow studente W1thout these he could not carry h1s part w1th1n the group The Boys Glee Club at Garden County I-hah School sanq at the Chrlstmas Concert The Sprlnq Fe t Jil and 'ne Mother and Dauqhter Banquet They srna hump rc 1 Il! ara er lrltuals and rellqlous songs In thls oraamzatron tl ere c re twenty tue hoys four of them have formed a quartet Thls quartet also made several pubhc appearances As a help to lmprovement and oe an ard Nl rect amzmq mistakes all ot the muslc qroups record several of thelr number The GCHS Boys' Glee Club IS proud of the record for excellence they have establlehed tn the communlty Camera Club 'Wh gf, FIRST ROW B Martinez L French J Ring S Martinez SECOND ROW Mr Wercsh J Skinner E Keenan H Robb T Carlson Camera club was reorganized this year after not functioning the past school term The purpose of the club has been to create a desire for artistic endeavor and to further the interests of amateur photographers The special proiects for the year were enlarging and tinting in oils The enlarging was done in the dark room previously set up in the basement The students made use of the special enlarger which wa furnished by the school and the various solutions and paper which were purchased by the members at not too great a cost, Working with pictures has helped develop enthusiasts in the club and may lead to vocations in this field. Mr. Weresh has been very helpful in his instructions. Officers of the Camera Club are Io Rita Skinner president- lune Ring vice president- l-lope Robb secretary- and Lilas French treasurer. .-72- Q. is Glrls Athlectlc ASSOCIBTIOH .aussi FIRST ROW G Dav1dson D Tlndell L Davrdson L Heath J Jensen M Jacobs W Albee SECOND ROW J Pullen L Fettcrs N Ruden S French V Smlth L Moffat V Robb A Smltt V Learned Mlss Allen The Glrls Athlettc Assoc1at1on has become a part ot the organlzed act1v1t1es at our sphool for the flrst t1me m ten years Attrhatmg wlth the state orgamzahon they promote the oppo tumty tor health through physrcal act1v1t1es Many of the members are begxnnlng four year plans of aCt1v1ty which wrll result ln state awards To auahfy tor recogmtton the GAA gtrls must demonstrate a h1gh Callbre ot sportsmanshlp follow strlct health and tralntng reaulrements and develop acc ptahle standards of CICl1Vllf abthty Grganrzed under the leadersh1p of Mlss Allen the tallwlnter aCt1v1ty program was devoted to play on organtzed basketball teams The sprmg OCllVlll9s were track and tennis Interest rn GAA seemed to mcrease as the year progressed The Glrls Athletlc Assoctattor IS destlned to become one of the most popular organlza ttons at Garden County H1gh School t t W. Q Q ' A M W QT M V K Q , .t,: 1 T I xv! m V Q Z, N ' tt X 'W A Q 'i KX v l Hai A 5 A 2' - , 5 T i 6 A t 5 I J . i R 74 J Q , 'Lg . T? fx 'S A TX'ff'f ",, T Q A T R 3: .T J ' lt A OH. -bfi' X-..,, li it X ii 'ff U ,H f f I +--ur ai L wth 'IL MERCI-IANTS Many person do not rea IZG the extent to which our education has been iad po ible by our pare it and the IT frchants of our several Communities Beside having furnished a ghool and the equipment for our learning they a V 1 Une of their ina or helps has been their ad ertisinq 1'1 our annual lt Jas by this means that the maior expen es of thi publication were defrayed We wish to thank all tho e individuals who have in any way made this 1ubl1 ation possible 'We hope you consider it a wise in Jestment and that it pays you satisfactory dividends 2- . IT ' le SS' 1 is IJ . , , ' ' ,s ' Q , , 2 ' ' , also financially sponsor athletic, music, dramatic, and other extra-Curricular Cti Pies. ' . j , , ' v 'J '. . . v s ' ' , ,. 's ' . ' , . , . l'rx-A-'l"x+-'l'f'w'-Ol'ff'-Ullfx-N'Ir fic in fS4oy0 I5-aolO lxvl. fx.,,.l, Congratulations to the Class of '50 CONSUMER'S PUBLIC POWER DISTRICT OSHKOSH CLEANERS Cleaning GOOD WISHES cmd CLASS OF '50 Pressing Mr. and Mrs. Leo Applegate Oshkosh Nebraska 2 ? l CONNIE SCHLATER INSURANCE REAL ESTATE COLLECTIONS BEARD GRAIN CO Oshkosh Nebraska CONC RATULATIONS CLASS f 50 Oshkosh Llvestock Comm1ss1on Co WHITE S CAFE HOME COOKED MEALS CHICKEN EVERY CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 50 DAY You cant beat our milk But you can Whlp our cream Mr and Mrs. E. C Dollon PHONE 121 Oshkosh Nebraska Your Lie I su nce Counselor DELBERT L CUSTER BUHDING FAMILY SEC URITY s1NoE 1887 l""X!l'i.fl5'S.!l'S.l ""X!I"'Xfl'5ll'Y-Jl"i 76 " o ' i n ra T For Q Ugg? L Garden and Deuel Couniies ' I - I Is P - n 0 n 0 0 o p 9 1 0 I 0 0 A 0 0 0 0 'I' I v-JI'fx4.oluI57-.olAIX-,zolofixole IRR: Io fini! ufX-xml! l'i,oll fix: Davidson Motor Co. Chrysler Plymouth International Harvester SALES PARTS SERVICE PHONE 4 OSHKOSH NEBRASKA Conqratulatlons B SHOP Q1 Class of BEST WISHES Mn d MRS TED RICHTER CONGRATULATIONS Wlllard G Seng M D k h N b Ace and Clalre Stoller "X.J"i.alN-xfvx,,Vx,J'-x,,n MM' N 61000425 '50 .cm . Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Gammill Osh os , e raska I 2 'll 'I' Oli vga Ola :ln-N,polpvg-,env-Lp. 77 -'rX""l"'X-'-'I'f5f'-OI'fx-Nlllfx-2'IO fig 0 I0 final! :fi-A010 lX.qnIo7X.AoI I Youn Gnocsn HEHNKE S STORE Sincere Congratulations and BestWISheS CLASS of 50 From A Fnend Dr W P OMa11ey DENTIST Oshkosh Nebraska Phone 14 STANDARD SERVICE GAS OIL DELBERT STEGER PROP CHASE STUDIO BRIDFFPORT NEBRASKA I PORTRAITS WEDDING PICTURES PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES SCHOOI PICTURES Churchlll Manuiacturlnq Co GALESBIIIIC ILLINOIS Mcmufcicturers of Quahty Floor and Buxldmq Mamtenance Supphes WALTER ANDERSON Mmden Nebraska 4827 Prescoh Lmcoln 6 Nebraska USU? Rf DOF u AND MACSAWNES Complxments of CAPITAL CITY BOOK BINDERY DOD PLA IO HAVE HOUR MAC AZINIS BOUND IN BOOK POPVVI TO BLAUTIPY YQUR URRARY ll"'x4'l"S.fIN-x.Jll"xJ'll"xJl"x1'l"N.l'l'SJ'l"S-!'i 78 3"""- 'a'-'W' ' SPFCIALISTS IN REBINDING OF S I 1, ' QS' J , ' I A Cf f , J 'L I -,',3,A,I,f'L4olgfS4ul.f5.qulgf'k4olof'L4llif'i-Nglqfiqllnefiqc IOHN DEERE Sales and Service I-'ARMHAND EQUIPMENT PACKARD AUTOMOBILES LEO BARTHOLOME Phone 54 YOUNG'S SPORTING GOODS Preferred McGregor - Goldsmith Sporting Goods WE CAN FULLY EQUIP YOUR TEAM See Us For Your Sched Equipment 101 E 5th Phone 882 NORTH PLATTE NEBRASKA POLLARD TRANSFER GENERAL IIAULING CANDY PO GAS O L Oshkosh Nebraska Phone 161 ALL KINDS OF INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR PAINTING Signs of All Kinds Floyd A Saunders Super Service SIGIIOII You PII mdk Dovwntowi Stcmon Fxckes O Newkirk MOBILGAS and MOBILOIL OODYEAR TIRES ar-d TUBES Complete Car SGFVICG Expert Lubncatlon COMPLETE LINE OF ACCESSORIES Phfme 100 Oshkosh Nebr llvxzlvxjlvgflvgflvx A ,IJIQ N, 79 - I V r 'e . Y ' 1 I - ICE P I D. . . . T G . - Tire Repairing, Washing, Waxing U ' 0 I I O 0 0 0 ' ' -A 017. vxv llox-, Q oz"- 9 5-f ,f,.v. ylfrxf-'l'fX--.vllfx-'.olOlx-snlnfixOla fi.-K n lo fini!! IXAOIO YX..,alo fSAuI I F CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OP '50 5 5 t PHILLIP SAMUELSON V' M MILLER County Iudqe County Attorney IOHN MCCORD Ed S WOOD County Clerk County Treasurer O R ROBERTS County Sherltf We Stnve to Please Garden County Tradmq wlth Post QUALITY GROCERIES Floor Covermq Pamt Furmture Apphances Vet Supplies L 61 S Market STAN and PUNCHY Let Polks Punty Brand Protect Your Table Qlllq 4 'V S 7 O Pouc s CAROL H REESE MARKET Prop r4"-xJ'l'X.fIN-x.flrx.fl"N.AI"X.fI'fN-AI'x.fnw-s.4 80 43 V .,. . Q C Q 2 f C L IX fx fxlufxlfi-M IwfSAl7X.-xIl'X,If"N.A f"X-A W E VAN NORMAN ATTORNEY AT LAW Oshkosh Nebraska CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 50 ne Class Rmgs Announceme ts Awmds n Wm I Brune Sales nc 524 W Koemq SINCE 1897 CHEVROLET BUICK Grand Island Nebf MINNEAPOLIS MOLINE: FRIGIDAIRE Complete Outhttmg For The Fcmuly SALES SERVICE READY TO WEAR OSHKOSH NEBRASKA A L TEST STYLES Phone 22 RUSH and BERNICE SNOW SMITH AND NEWKIRK In urcmce Is QUT Busmess NE SPEND QUR TIME CARING FOR YOUR INSURANCE ALL KINDS OF INSURANCE CONGRATULATIONS Your Busmess Sollclted, Appreclatf-cl and Protected NEBRASKA STATE BANK u o I'l''SJW''S.f'l'+xJl0lvvx,,va0Px,gn'p-'xg-'IHS.,-Ivvx.A'Uv-.4-I-I 81 A'-1 fall ,JIU ,za 0 -no o cl. o Q 0 I 0 O n c nlpfr I 1, ' I Fi ' I E H. M. Lunder IOSTENS W l I wi- - I 1, , . I I T 5 - in 5 I ACKSON if TURKEY Pnocnssmc PLANT 1 -4 C "Garden County's Home Turkey Market" . FEED TURKEY POULT SALES ti Ross Icxckson. Prop. 'Av'-'l"X-A-'I'f'f'f-I--fx--wi-rX+-1- f'XAu In -fx,..,s .zx.,x.1. rx...l. rx... For the Best in FINE FOODS COURTEOUS SERVICE cmd SPARKLING CLEANLINESS ADAMS HARDWARE QUALITY HARDWARE PAINTS ns ALWAYS MUNSON S CAFE SAVE WAY Meats ana Vegetables Frozen Food F BLOOM 6. COMPANY OMAHA NEBRASKA d M W F GREENLEE S BE T WISHES CLASS OF CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 50 MR d MRS A A BESS MCCORMAC S Varlety and I ewelry Store North Central Gas Co MH d M JAMES KEATINP Il""X.fl"S.JlIW"x!vx,,'x4s"xJr"N.A "N.4l 82 I and -A Bill cmd Louise Q 2 Fine Memorials cm arkers S : , . , F. 0 -1 S I. W. WRIGHT I IST , 'SU l . I an rs. . J 3 . an . . . , 'nl In 0 I ogg ogg lla nga nlgvi-,els ..lX.A-1.l'x..l4,'x..KoIo,f'g+.g.yf'Xr cle O To Keep You Well Informed of the Domqs ln Your County cmd Your High School GARDEN COUNTY NEWS The Only Newspaper m ihe World Bnnqmq You These Features Sass by Chas cmd 131111 by B111 1rCu1a11or1 1500 A Good VVeek1y Paper ONLY YESTERDAY W F Greenlee Ir Chas E Greenlee fiqoll Tpsbflufi-x010Y'X.qo10fX.Arlo. YOUR DEPENDABLE SOURCE FOR LUMBER BUILDERS CEMENT CEMENT GLASS PAINT HAGEMEISTER LUMBER CO Phone 107 THE PLACE WHERE STUDENTS MEET Your Rexall Store Fountam Serv1ce Ice Cream Malts OSHKOSH PHARMACY Phone99 'XJ I 'xr Ivxa I rx.: MILLER S SUPER MARKET Have Shoppmg Satxsfachon The SELF SERVICE WAY Gel a SAFE Farm or Ranch Loan A Long Term 4 FEDERAL LAND BANK LOAN ee NATIONAL FARM LOAN ASSN Phone 81 Oshkosh Nebraska I 'X.J'l"X.Jll'S.Al'X.Al"S4II 83 I . . - T H A I -, . - 8 . . . - I . ! W. - ' I Cokes - Sundaes - Sodas 1 gb S l .- 1. O. HCJSS, Se'-v'y'1'1eu1s. 1 , ' T I I' I O I I U I O U I D I 0 I O I C 3 U 9 IIN-A fx.. 1 IX, fx.. CONGRATULATIONS SCOTT MOTOR CO FORD SALES SERVICE BOWL FOR HEALTH BEST WISHES CLASS f 50 B111 Olso Prop L ONGRATULATIONS QLASS f 50 CESSNA SALES SERVICE BROWNS FLYING SERVICE Flqhtl trut NE Q INCRATULATIONS LLASS I 50 MR 6 MRS ROY HOLMES AUTOMOBILE REPAIR WELDING LATHE WORK WELDING SUPPLIES CERNYS MACHINE sz-IOP Yxgvxy 'SQ 84 I'X.A-1nlS..a o .bn,fL-xnf.,f'Xxv'kn n o oplufX.-all afof"XAo N f I "B1111:1 Ywm I'vfAI',I Bfmflz IIHIIISPW P H O 5 Q12 I 1 ll ll I-Z O In Lunch Counter O I f ' n, . 'f ' 0 '. w I i ns cor Ai: Taxi og: 010 A197-,ogg ole ogav-gllov-Lfil' 0 l','S-'K'I'f'YAII'l xoIlxf'ifxllaf'Ys:In fix n In T401 I IX-15010 -ISQU I I fX.Au I 0 . I SOCONY - VACUUM PRODUCTS BQSI WISIWQS 1' I I 4 N 2 MOBILGAS - MOBILOIL t0 the LIGSS of 50 Snappy One stop Servxce Dr Helen and Ierry at the Slqn of the Flymg Red Horse Ienklns NI IIATIIIATIUNU TO THE CLASS QE SU A 6. I STATION Sxlver H111 Theater H N ALDRICH Prop Mr and Mrs O A Iensen BROCK S STUDIO 313 MAIN AVE MCCOOK NEBR four STUDIO for CI hugh qucrlxty PHQTOGRAPH SNAPSI-IOTS CAREFULLY FINISHED You may purchase any of The pmducts mad by the IoII0wmq mann Eturers ANSCO ARGUS BELL ci I-ICWELL EASTMAN REVERE I AMERA AND VILWER PQLQIIQID CAIII IIA AND IILIVI II ICICI Cmyihmq Lu? IS CormeCTefI mth PIEIOTQGRAPIII 'Wholesome MILLERS REPAIR HQm9Q0Oked OOcI General Repcu' Work I L New and Used Parts BQIQQQI 95 NEWKIRK S CAF E ""XJ""'N-f"NJ'I'X.zl''xJklvx.4I'-x.alv-Npll ARC and ACETYLENE WELDING 85 Q f i 'I . U ' I I 'Lf' Q I , , , fy x 5 I d so f. Q , ' I - I SAWYEEIS VIEW MASTER, REELSAAND PROIECTOR, STEREC EEAEIST E I S L EUSIH ' Pi 1' 7 I I VS! IXIIK lxllxpfxlfx. Q U A L I T Y MEATS GROCERIES SHAHEEN GROCERY Oshkosh Nebraska I fx, 4 rx, 1 fx. 1 rx, FEED PRODUCE and MINERALS Mumfords Produce Oshkosh Nebraska FONCJHAIULATIONS f LASS OF 5 DON ROBINSON 1 A OSHKOSH NEBRASKA Grleves Servlce Statlon Woshmq cmd Lubrlcatlon SING LAIR PRODUCTS U S and Rxchlofmfl Tue We trlc B Merle PHONE 179 GARDEN COUNTY LUMBER CO LUMBER and BUILDING MATERIAL PAINT and COAL E Donald Sudman Mgr Farlow s Ready to Wear Mercy Farlow QAHI PIII rx W' P 1 w cri 1 rw mm IVI CHASE HARDWARE SPORTING GOODS and APPLIANCES PHONE 135 CONGRATII ATIONS PIANOK INSTRUCTION Mm HELEN ROBINSON IN I N NS Ass S H Oshkosh Lcrunderette CUSTER S LAST STAND 9.411 f ,Chnl IANI ff' COHIDIQIO ONES f Scmdwxche FOUTIIUITI O -me Ice Cream so ' 4 Servxce Lunches l"'Ll-lYx.fIYx,flY'xjl"x,grIv-s.lll'S.AIY'sfli 6 -all Jul! Yxol -:oo xvo o o 0 I :O c o nlgl T I 1 1 . V. f , G Publk' u::o11z1tfmt I LTI U'I'lf -4 IIEiIfISSI'i3 I I l l - lTI.H'i'I'il Im I B11 FIISIQS E 4 I .. . .,. , ' , , ' ,s ' 1 ' S Nwrq, IJICIIIYIPL? Pink '-I Rr1IrMer:1tfv1.1 me fmfi Bwfferlef ,,. . I Qrw mm IIIICIH13 Cilrts O Spea A311153 VV'fuzhers Al IVIKVTIVIII Bcmtss Tuul Ofwrg . . . 1 I f'i T X JL.. VIL' S" I if DP D kr XR Q A P v 'V , , 1 J mvfxxs,-X5 1 ,S X I . , ,A Q I, - 1 , I1 I l 1 'W FTAJCIQMF T ,LATITR Q "RL ,Q OF QU I' ai ' w fj' I I O I O . O I U O U U I I I Q I C O O I if-x..x 7-X., 'N-A I w'SxA n 4'-L. vfxe. Comfgrcltulqtlons L0 Class of 50 HARPV F TILFN OREGON TRAIL GARAGE AND SERVICE SOCONY VACUUM PRODUCTS BREEDER REGISTERED HEREFORDS BILL CONNORS BEST WISHES ji, BROWN IES SHOE HARNESS SHOP LEWELLEN DILLEY TRUCKING SERVICE LEWELLEN BEST WISHPS If SS OF 9 NLRVNE RAWALT IFWLLI EN GAMBLE S AND CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 50 D VESELY D BIRI MEN LEWELLEN NEBRASKA QNCRATULAT QNS LASS OF H Western Equlpment Co ROY A STOLIEN ALLIANCE BEHMERWOHLD GENERAL TRUCKING R C, LICENSE 3461 "x40 "s-r Yes.! "x.f FOX 6 BEARD GRAIN CO COAL FEED SEED WFOX Br 'XJ 'NJ 'N-A 'XJ '-sal 87 Tffx-Af' I ll'S-xoI0xfX'x0Ilwf'XK0Vo o n oplwfiwmlt olsfiqvl I 0 ' I 1' A' BF' X ,PHS . I, 1 'FR U U U I Lewellen, Nebraska fri" .iwrti f 'ffetmrlere AUM Servn-Q of I I 1 T and I r. U 2 cmd Tr. 'f I U ' 1 5 . L S B .W I I V" LI .. ' .' 2 . . - T Q' 'B 1 I ' if 5, ' o I l . Y 2 Lewellen I U. '. I M. . TUX E Phone Lewellen, Nebr. Q'll Ill ll' ago nga ol. ll. el. als . l'rXv'-'l"x-'.'l0f'v'.olDlx--zolofixGlo fi-ro In final! 75-A010 fiaqllv fy: ' oooo WISE-IES I I 2 lo the CLASS of '50 + George Voqler A Complete Line of BUILDING MATERIALS LISCO LUMBER CO H B HARPER Mgr Stevenson Bros Mercantxle Co Incorporated GENERAL MERCHANDISE Dry Goods Grocerres Hats Cops Eurmture Boots Shoes Lisco Nebraska WIEGER S BLACK SMITH Expert Acty 6 Electric Welding FORGE WORK VERN WIEGER S PROP Lxsco Nebraska GENERAL REPAIR BARNWELL SERVICE BEST WISHES CLASS OF HO I BLANCHE and GLENN BARNWELL LISCO NEBRASKA LISCO STATE BANK HAROLD OLSON MELVIN MATHIS Lrsco Nebraska CONGRATULATIONS MASS or 50 SPICER OIL COMPANY WAYNE S GROCERY LISCO CAFE GA O IL NAYNE ond HELEN EAMES KAISER FRAZER EEP H I CURTISS Phone 71 LAWYER OSHKOSH NEBRASKA osHKosH NEBRASKA l"'S.ll"'SflV'S.fl"Sfl'i.!l'5,ll'?.fl'T-llV'Sfl 88 9 l I I l . E ' ' U IA . S 2 1 2 I I A I SA Fo - -J all 'Ol IO ll ll ll ll IQ .C I 'fx-'-'l"XQ,lIll5v-,olasfx-:olnxfixOla fic lo ,AOlO fi.-xolt l'X..,oIuf"N-All1- ALWAYS WELCOME EEVER OTTAGE CONGRATULATIONS - Platte Valley Hardware Lewellen, Nebraska . . M CALL LEWELLEN NEBRASKA IA C 5 PRED M- WIEBLH McDOWELL'S CAFE C O ' O P Pleases TANK WAGON SERVICE Your Appetite Lewellen Nebraeka LEWELLEN NEBRASKA Weldman q Motor 6: Imolement Co SAM 11033 S HOP octor oi Phone 3451 Lewellen Nebraska Aeromotor M1112 Farm Machmery Motors WRECKER SERVICE LEWELLEN NEBRASKA CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OE 50 R O Mastrude Burney Robb Standard Servrce Standard O11 Agent LEWELLEN NEBRASKA ig CONGRATULATIONS BEARD OIL COMPANY ARCHIE IOHNSON War Lewellen WILBER IENEWIN E TRUCKING ssnvlcs VX 7ELLLN NEBRASKA CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OP O ME 6 MRS ARSO I M CILL "XJl"S.flIW'X.llvx,,n GENERAL REPAIRIN G BLACKSMITHING WINCHELL BROS EWELLI N NEBRASKA CONORATULATIONS S F A llxSPlIL A Penlck Motor 6. Supply General Repalr Weldmg Texaco Producte PWLLV LIN NEBRASKA 'XA I 'XJ I 'SJ I V5.1 I 'SA I I 89 1' I L -wi I W k " V, 'i , s , - Z . Tr.. . ' L . .Q v E 'N CLASS O QV' - ' Phone 3281 N. S. R. C. 1144 A pdl tv V A MH. fi ,msg .51 L, MAN f 'S - - V. E. C E EA' C 7 , 4 D C U I . O I O O VU L A-A I I O Q I I O I . lnfifnl-fS,..lafi..v.,p.,fx.,.I.,f'x. fy, ig O IOHNSON S LOCKERS WHL HQMF 'Ir -PXAQQ-lxfwlo lX....l.fx.A.I CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 50 Garden County Co op Assn ED CADY Mgr E RGZEN P OODS Lewellen Nebraska Phone 3581 D S A N T E R O SPORTING Goons LLWELLEN NEBRASKA PAUL WILDER ELECTRICIAN LEWELLEN NEBRASKA L K A INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS Phone 3201 Lewellen Temple Motor Servrce Paul G Temple LEWELLPN NEBRASKA Home of Fme Steaks C O O P C A F E FRANK PAIGE and MGM Lewellen Sleberts Drug Sundrles Phone 3391 Lewellen Nebraska E VL HLA CONGRATULATIONS B E A R D C A F E Mr and Mrs Ben VVIHIQIIIIS Props Mrles Machme Shop WELDING ELECTRICAL woRK LEWELLEN NEBRASKA LEWELLEN LUMBER 6. SUPPLY CO Lewellen Nebraska Lumber foal Pamt Hardware Phone 3331 P H O T O S H O P LEWELLEN NEBRASKA CGNGRATULATIONS Class of 50 BILL ROHLFING For the Best In Feeds S E GRACE ELEVATOR GRAINS MINERALS LEWELLEN NEBRASKA I"x.J'l'1.flv-x.AI'x.fI'XJI'-xf1vN.AI'xAI"SJlll 90 of an M I - I . . T S S L S L - Y 3 I 4 1 E if I . I U . C I U I I I C I I O . 0 . AD 'XHNISTRATIOIN AND INSTRUCTION ADVERFISIING Allan A J Albu K A1bIc VV Arnold J A1nold R ATHLETILS Atlunson E Atkmson G Atkmson P BAND Ball nw I ll R B nftholorne BASKETBALL BLdlhL P Bnnnctt K 27 34 35 BOARD OF REGENTS B01 1,95 J BOX S CLFE CLUB Bmxxn B Broun J B1ou11 P CAMERA CLUB Ldrlholrn J Lfnlson J Lnlson 'I Lflsey J Latcn R Lhdrlas J Llumy R Cheney W CHORUS Llnlx R CLASSES COMMERCIAI Loopu D Coopnr G Lofby M LLSItI S D IX 1dson D IX 1d on 28 52 27 34 35 36 52 26 34 35 37 63 3 4 5 31 29 64 29 64 67 68 Dxylcy J Juicy 'VI IJQIIIOUI D D my J Dunn B EAGLE EALI L BFAKON IILISOII 2 34 35 36 52 62 5 rNC LISH I1 26 52 55 1 111 llkll M I ix FILSILIIIMIII T 26 52 Fmch R 26 34 I 1N ARTS HONORARY SOCIETY I OO I'BAI L I'r.11zc1 J P14c1I11clwc11 V Funph L French S PRILSHMFN P11616 Q F Lic J gf! IUTURI FARIVIERS OF AMERICA FU'I UI I1 HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA QI 3 52 76 O 6 0 90 GARDEN COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL C 1RLS ATHLETICS Q IRI S CLLE CLUB C1 rtnnmkc-r F C ucmn J HQ lllll B HL 1tl1L L Hghnka J Hgndclion D HOMI' FCONOMICS HONOR SOCIETIES INTRODUCTION J Cobb IV' Jdmc son J Jlnbmn J Johnson F Johnson H Johnion J IUNIORS Kaschkp M Kischke O Kunxn F Kgcnan H Kunku A Klostcrman B Klo 'norman H K'o tnman J Kncrx N 1x1.11Jcv9sk1 KILHONNICZ KICHKJXVICL h oggcr I lkn L mm B Q vx I 1 dl nm d ' I IBRARY 28 52 9 30 28 34 4 See en sheets 52 5 I SI k Ioomls P Mdddcn R VV IIIIIILI B VIJIIIIII 7 S ATHEMATICS 'VICCord B VIcLor1nac D C11 NIIXLIIII I I C HANIS ch 1cl IX11d111l R M111 II W 1 t1t 11111, HIL 'X mow J V'1n1iorcl Il unson V2 MI SIC NATIOINAI ATHI FTIC SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY AI ONAI HONOR SOCIETY Nnlwf n A I 4 S 90 A G 1 ' 1 1 ' 4-19 ' d , V l I ' I 13,73 5: 1 , , M73 1, , 3o,64,63,69,7o 3 I 1 1 28 64167 Z8 1 .. , , 69,70.73 1 1 ' , . - I 1 1 1 , ' s 'Q 30, 687 70 1 1 ' , , . 23, 35, 62, 66 - , , 27,52,53,56,59 I, f 5, I 5 4 1, , , , 56, 59, 65, 69, 71 A . 3 1 , - 1 A 30 70 I2 4 , ,30,64,67,70,73 , - 1 1 30 671.0 1 -, , 9,26,64,67,66 1 - A 1 1 ' - 11 , . , 27,67,68,69,70 B V 1. 1 ' ,. ...,.. . ..... . ,......... ...,....11 1 , , ,, , .. 68 A 1 - 32'37 f- 11, , 9,25, , .36, 7,52,53, I 56 53,63,66 v I 0, 3 , ,AH 28,62,C6,70 1 , ,,,. 5 -58 J 9 -, , 28 5 -, H 30,64,67,70,73 1 1 , , .., ,L., ,.H..27 f 1:6 , . , 30,69,71 4 1 3 - 13 , . ,, ,, ..,,,l 3o,7o,73 -1 , , .., . ,, ., ,, , 22,67,68 1 , , , 27,52,54,65 1 '1 , 1 , , , 71 Q5 , . , .H . ,111 , ,..,.. 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Suggestions in the Garden County High School - Eagle Yearbook (Oshkosh, NE) collection:

Garden County High School - Eagle Yearbook (Oshkosh, NE) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Garden County High School - Eagle Yearbook (Oshkosh, NE) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Garden County High School - Eagle Yearbook (Oshkosh, NE) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Garden County High School - Eagle Yearbook (Oshkosh, NE) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Garden County High School - Eagle Yearbook (Oshkosh, NE) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 7

1950, pg 7

Garden County High School - Eagle Yearbook (Oshkosh, NE) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 78

1950, pg 78

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