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vp "gi Q11 :1', f. , .. qv. f , -- ix' -1-V7 U,-11,-mm wax .z. -1. Wm 3 wyg ., xx xx' .' 3' -"K -ff rv'f.1v-M ww. Q um 'Z .af ,J ,Q - ff ' 4+-3'M,w ' , X, f , '-N M., " Zif'fwww , 1" '3' Wm ? W. .,,w 1, .f: " 2f":f1f'31:f?'7 "IL . V ' 'X f 1 v :gg , ...1 W MM, 0 Q. 15 1 1 No man is an Island, entire of its se Every man is a piece of the Continent- A part of the main,' If a clod be washed away by the Sea Europe is the lessen' As Well as if a Promon tory were. Any man's death diminishes me, Because I am involved in mankind. And therefore never send to know for whom the bell toIIs,' It tolls for thee. john Donne XE' 552 I 'pl As We, the class of 1985, approach graduation, we reflect upon the events that have occurred and the people who have influenced us. The Garden City High School has been, over the past three years, a source of unification for all who have attended it. Granted, we all have individual traits which make us unique, but because "no man is an island", each of us has a bond to the continent that is G. C. High. With the school's vast array of activities, social events, academics, sports, and perhaps most importantly, faculty and student personalities, it is impossible for anyone to escape completely its influence. Because no man is an island, We will indeed discover new lands as our lives progress and expand. The Garden City High School has been just one continent on that journey. 2 Theme I qwsV,Vz My 4, A V, u.,d.Vx . w 7 V - W un :Th " 14: V ' Vf- 15 . 1 KV SEMUQ R S :- V ,V UN D ER HE CEL S ,V 55 W' y ' wf..:, ,L VV55gVVi55VVgkV5V,i3i,5 ,VV , .V VV V1 'En .Q TROIAN " nn ' . - 'lit 'lil-I--4... VL an - L. V r - f--- AV .V Vg., ,112 --'- M V. .. ,,.. V L . 'lu I 'e V L' T V ii l -r V. ini: VV ,. -.. la.: K V LifVV'f'?Q2j?4l'V?V'iVV 'Vi V V ' 'uf 2f:t5VYy1V?'1.'Vf,' ,,L, V ,gii. - fia,gJfiTfE?1 "'r VV SV VVCVV V ' V-'Vw V V -V1 su- Vw XV Vw -VVVV ffrf +V M ' kx53g1W'f?2fiwVwWVV V ' W Wkrfe,VVVV.51Va'?.5?Z1V' " X VVVVVMV -V VV VJ 9312232 ' wdwf W- A Vf VVVVV.-Vw sqm. V 1 ' - Vw V K K V iiiiiilfgfrfgig ' Vfgff A tw 4 f 'V , V Q uf ' FTA V I' ' '. V1:fVf1f2gVfVij?iZWifj55f?ggWiW Vi,iQf?w-,ifVV,Vw .. y 'fr ,.,-'Y Q' Wgfiei - V V f 1 . Vw V - JQ fr.. V - Vi VV :L f V. . -1. ' V Q MgVfVV:fVVmV2VVQ1f5-MVVQ,V Vs ,1 m,VQ,zf1.,V,.M.VM M :SV , ww . 4 'b 58 Jlwqi laik-fi5isvw5L:f,fMVg2Q.r5'. :gr .zz-if!f4:s?..29' VEx2" k aVVfw702:f,1i ' vm 3 4, rw' ' , 5W"V. .i-"l'.e "5ffAQ K ' . V V ' ' V x ,VV vw VV f- V V VV V . 221 , , . V , . . VVVV VVV, 4, V, V kv,:. v,.,,, V ,V -V VV VV,-VV, . N.VM - ,m,VVfV,,M..,VV VV V- M., -. , , - .VV G W 3 f , ' if V' I ew -.VV 1 ' J 'Wm' V " " VV viii: T' LZ'W1i1Vf54E9f9'f94?'?':5,le " ' V' f 1- 1 V , , " L xiii? '.f15"'l?"'- F 'il ',ff'ifE?' V 'll 'Efi9:?fV?5': ' ff' 1- V " , 11- VS'VizVVsizraV1Vf24VM1pVW554 VW, ' V - V mfs igVxi.Vs1'HQ '., 4, 4 ' 5 A'L' - ' W V' V. mf N +52 .f V , , - ' ','ff,:VfVViQ,ff' A Julmifiif lffi -,csvff53V.4VVi'Vffihf'frf"V ' V ...V ' V,Wigt?-VV, Qjfi3g4g,g,y541 , Vswsiw ,V-yt '51 :VL ,gg VV,.VV,V,V 1 V4 "'1'iVyVVgVVf,f ,V Vw WVVg'4-pV'..i',MV,, Veiggw' V? V f KVV Vg' V A V wwf V, 'VVV V VV V 7 K V x V ZWVQVV ,Vywvffi 7VVfw:VVfg2f5VVV V 2 gV.Vww1mMgg My WVgVVfVVVVy,w V V. VV-:Vmy:smfg94wg5,,L,VWVVwpw , f 'Yi ez,wi?AX52-fffpfgff,V7Vgm'gVVzV ,gfgffV5agggVffW-gm,,V.Vg.ymVVVV,fVVg,,V 11'fW:VVVV VVWEMVVVVV V4VVVWWQQMVVHQQVVQVV VK V VSV...Vg,KQQWVVIWSAWVVV'QV V V1 -fflifiw VV 'fff K' Vwwsfwielffi Hp: A V 'SQQESVVQVMQWV17ff1mVL2f'v:VQVV 'V'.vmV11'mitiieswwf'V1w422'1f1V' ' ' AM 1 Vw-fpVaVVqVV'yVVgVg Y V. 'if .1 ,Vg HV - VV, , ,VV . I ,K , V, V I VV QV'-.V X f-,'g.l5Vi'iTV',V X V f V' 22V-V .V Vw K V ,K ,,..,, 'X :wwf A VV, VV,'fs5g5?41f1ig V VVVV VV VVVVVL VV " 7' WVVVQQVVVV V V .V WVWV V. ' I i , V . A .V V . V . - ,, , V ' . -mmf f A "" I yy V : :V - . . ,.,, Q . H 5 I A L.5"4, 44 Y ma, w wf- fri ' f EJ 'f-f LL' '-"M ' 1 1. T The summer of 1984 was a vacation from school for the students of Garden City, but it was by no means an island of separation from our eers. The class of '85 continued to function together in the warm climate. Some of the students went to Europe, some at- tended edrucational institutions for academic credit, some held down jobs, and others simply relaxed, going to the beach and party- ing. The summer of 1984 was, primarily, regarded as a time of rest, but it was a time with as much significance as that spent in school. W 4 Summer g - M gs HN uf ,xx ,X , ' . -' ffifa r Q ww ' 'Q I X! 1 . 1 2 f X 2 1 x 4, 5 11 J Q , 1 v ,Q .W , Y 2 , A, .K St va K lf ,. A 'I ' X - I J All ,lin M. - Q . vu 35? W2 5- is Y" if Summer 5 A ' -iiev 1 'Lx f i 6 Looking Around G.C.H.S. It's that time again people, let's get to homeroom." These are the all too familiar Words of Mr. Prusan, the first sentence that the conscious body hears in the morning. Once in homeroom, most students find it hard to concen- trate on finishing their homework with the confusion of the pledge and announcements. Finally lunch arrives, a 27 minute relief fperiod, and the seniors are en route to either 7-11 or Burger King. Then, a ter attending one or two more classes most seniors are released. - L . ,gg . . September 21, 1984 marked the occasion on which the students of Carden City High School demonstrated their ever present school spirit. The school, as in the usual tradi- tion, was decorated with maroon and white streamers provided hy the Trojan Cluh. The GOT assembly was an outstanding display of talent and unusual entertainment. The trojanettes performed along with the cheerleaders and the unforgettable flashers The assembly was a lot of fun but was also instrumental in provoking school spirit as the foothall team started their successful season by trouncing Mac Arthur 40-O the next day. TV T' l ftp ' T ,4 Spirit Day 7 10 Candlds 9 KN TH? I Mwj f'-igwffif, ,ix 'Q Canchds 12 Candids P wg 1? , Q . i Wifi V' , 1.1 ,mg Candids 13 H1 14 Canchds 5' 2 wwf 'wifi N Candids 15 Q 5' 'lv qw. 16 Candids 9, xx. V, X 'Y ' """"""'-"-5, -0----........., ..--.-..........,,,N. - f"'N l T ' td, h J! N, A V3 'EA ' ,. t t f , t , ' T T Y . ', W1 A 'x ' 4 '..f - - ' I f . , ' ig , x'l Q at fix 1f idx' N DEDICATIO "If you are willing to get the missing notes and study the material again, I'd be more than happy to give you a make-up." This quote, which you may have heard often in one form or another from any number of teachers over the past three years, expresses the flexible and generous attitude of the faculty in general. This attitude of concern and accommodation has created a uniquely warm atmosphere within our school and has made faculty members well-liked and valued by the school community. When asked in Ianuary of this year what they thought of the high school faculty, some randomly selected seniors responded: "They care about your passing and failing . . . they're well versed in their fields . . . very nice . . . eccentric . . . down-to-earth . . . easy to talk to." Although student opinions, negative as well as positive, have already been formed about individual teachers, We undeniably have all felt the influence and benefit of the faculty in many ways, ranging from formal instruction of new and sometimes very complicated information to casual advice, out of class conversations, and time consuming letters of recommendation. As a token of our often unspoken appreciation, affection, and respect, the class of 1985 proudly dedicates this book to the faculty of the Garden City High School. Dedication 17 '4 ,Q , ,-5' . Og I . , 'H A rr, " x S I if 9 r 2,4-'Q 9 fr :gay 35 5 1? f 'hr ? 1 2-., 1 , ,F V: ,-- '- 4" - 1'- '-- . f 4 - H ji..- i K A: L 5. .3--L X '.' 1' 214 A ? -:f f 1 'ff A : " 2 , -. " - - ,. Q T ' - K ffl ' X - E 7 ' A ' A :X ' 1. Q: 3 g ' T 'X 3 ' : vi . .,i4'?-' 1 - V' g iq,-X V- r ,,. . -, ii. V M' t 54+ - 'jg V, ,, ., .' + 4 wg R 51 - - .Y s i Y' x., 1 J 4 M., 4 , - x.-4, 1 V ,' 1. - A A 1 A 'A ' e 4, ii ' -1. - E: :rt 1-. azz, lqiiiuil The faculty of our school has probably had the greatest influence in the development and shaping of the class of 1985. The interplay between the faculty and the students formed personal friendships as well as educational bonds. From the administrators to the guidance counselors the senior class has benefited in many ways from their knowledge, experience, and assistance. They have been the bridge between the students and the Garden City High School. Walter E. Lawder - Assistant Principal joseph L. Prusan - Principal 5 Bernard Allen - Assistant Dr. Robert Gardner Superintendent of Schools rr f 11 Board of Education - Seated: james T. Byrne, Mariana Cavuoti, Standing: William M. Heston, Goldy Rosen, Arthur Thompson WQM YVZZW J,,wg41?,,r,,.r EWJWJLQQ 20 Sffa ADMINISTRA TIG DR. IRVIN FAUST Department Head MARTIN DWYER NANCY MANNION School Psychologist GUIDANCE The goal of the Guidance Department is to help the student deal with the com- plexities of both high school life and post-secondary school plans. A staff of pro- fessional counselors with backgrounds in psychology, sociology, vocational guidance, and education is available to aid each student in the development of his or her individual talents or interests, and the channeling of these characteristics into the most suitable high school programs and college and X or vocational choices. The counselors also attempt to detect and resolve any problems the stu- dent may have in adjusting to his role in the school community. To help attain these goals, the department makes a special effort to meet with all students at several points during their stay in the high school. In addition, the department, headed by Dr. I. Faust, provides students with in- formation about college requirements and admission procedures, financial aid programs, scholarships, and career opportunities. It is responsible for the organization of Career Conference days and Mini-college Days, and for helping students arrange college visits. A We. 1 MARLENE SCHELL WILLIAM RENISON Av""" AH C if Qww . ELIZABETH HEFFERNAN M Q A .M mllm l My M, Guidance 21 3 it ROGER GOODWIN . ,1, + Q cs p t im G " l . tt y y i,i a ia? E GEORGE COSTIGAN Department Chairman ALTHEA GONYA English is the means by which we communicate in many different forms. The design of the teachers of the English Department, headed by George Costigan, is to increase students' abilities to form conceptions of literature, composition, and language. Required courses provide the students with basic skills of grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and literary analysis and criticism. Electives in the fourth year provide great freedom to explore the many faces of the language arts. Additionally, AP English provides an opportunity for college level learning and credit in a high school setting. NGLISH STEPHEN CASTELLANO IEANNE GENOVESE ROBERT MCGOWAN flijl if A -r L-it DREW WEINLANDT 'wks L I s N P L is ,..:.. as F Y Q fx Ns I 5 is K Sf Q.. Km ,ix ie A wx DR. WILLIAM CLAYTON i INEZ SPIERS MARY wATTs .N f ! ft. E R W zoE MALACHIAS 4,1 ,, iw? if 3 . V, l K-5 English L.. 2 CAROL THOMAS MARTIN MCCAVITT S . DONALD RICHARDS WALTER NELSON DR. GERALD DOLAN' T' A -A A ' ' Rf X DIES' ' , 1' . Qwx , ..., f Sf-W A ' K - .-,. , .. ' kkh,h L , R-,. . L X E- A L- 1 A - N L - gg 1 L - A :J .L A fih - L f ALLL ' fb 7 X 4 'f '!" . -A if - - -- vm . - 5 L ' A L ' A A LLRAA LL.LL A H A A f in Fl ' A S K L .L-L if X A T L' A ' SA ' ' L L ' ' I' S - --.' .iii A . , 1 A if JOSEPH FORMISANO 24 Social Studies SOCIAL STUDIES Dealing with major events of the past and present, the Social Studies Department devotes itself to the tracing of the governmental, economic, social, and cultural developments in America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Our program includes European Cultural Studies at the sophomore level, American History at the junior level, and quarter electives at the senior level. In addition, Advanced Placement courses are offered in American History and European History. The department chairman is Dr. C. at Morrongiello. X DR. CYNTHIA MORRONGIELLO Department Chairman DR. IAMES TARROU ELLEN BRAUNSTEIN aawffaf coma MAMA Q My ix I Ugg? , m K v . JoHN wuma i f l A l is TIM Social Studies 25 NN, CLIFF HORDLOW Department Chairman DR. SANDRA WERTIS FRED BRILLER In order to provide for the variety of student interests and abilities, the Mathematics Department has seventeen course offerings in four different' tracks, ranging from non-Regents to Advanced Placement. This also enables the staff to provide each student with a mathematical program which will meet his or her needs. All students should be able to find a reasonable challenge in the wide range of courses available. Preparation for the Regents exams has received much em- phasis of late. Great progress has been made toward the Department's goal of having every graduate of high school achieve computer literacy. The Mathematics Department chairman is Clifford Hordlow. X WILLIAM POLLOCK DR. RODERICK BEAULIEU ,W NANCY CZAPLICKI MATHEMATICS 26 Mathematics MARY ADAMS EARL EWING , .-.. ff ROGER REGAN 4. ROBERT KENNEY MARGARET VISENTIN WEE W AWE' A M M9 9 X WWA? AWMWXAM NANCY GARBOWSKI J 1 X M I ' f Mathematics 27 I NORMAN BADGER DR. BENIAMIN TRUNCALE h IULIAN KANE JOSEPH MCCABE RALPH RossEN a EILEEN HUSSEY Jw A ?- Q? K ? W 1 PAULAWALSH Jay Aff Af ffiiW Q 28 sm-me E SCIENCE The primary goal of the Science Department, under the chairmanship of Dr. Eugene Decker, is to prepare a citizen to be scientifically literate in a society which is becoming more technical- ly oriented. To meet these objectives, and to satisfy the students, the science program offers courses in biology, chemistry, physics and earth science, each study program is presented at non-regents, regents, honors, and advanced placement levels. As students progress through the program, their interests and achievements will allow them to move through various levels of study. iff! wwefw DR. BARBARA BERGMAN DR. MICHAEL BORUT DR. EUGENE DECKER Department Clmirman i 1, DONALD MALONEY f HARRY STUCKEY DR. HAROLD TURKEL C C Science 29 MARIA scHULz Mis - IOAN MCATEER - ALDEN SONANDER CARLO MAZARESE MARK LEVINE tment Chairman The Language Department, under the supervision of Mark Levine, is de- signed to make students proficient in the four language skills - listening, speaking, reading, and writing - and to give the student an appreciation of other peoples and cultures. Courses are offered in Italian, Latin, French, Ger- man, and Spanish at regents, honors and Advanced Placement levels. Conversational courses are also offered to juniors and seniors. In the last few years, enrollment in language courses has been steadily increasing with 85? of the student body involved with the opportunities provided by the Language Department. UAGE 30 Language PIERRE CHANOVER ELLEN SOLOMON UDO GUDDAT ANNA MARIA MANISCALCHI 'N AR rg. 5 X PATRICIA MCCUTCHEON FA N J gr' DONALD BENNETTER fffki gm fmm 5 ' N SWWH ,gmm 3 viz AAAAA A E- N I X x J, U K , ,,Q lfffr fauna' 'Q' lv' Language 31 FI EART CHARLIE MORRONGIELLO Z7 fmt AJ? SSS ' X ff, '14 f -1 X, , , X7 ' X , fx 32 Fine Arts, Industrial Arts CARL RUSSO Emphasizing freedom in personal expression for the artist, the Fine Arts Department stresses creativity and imitation, as well as in- terpretation. These words describe the art and photography concepts offered in a wide variety of classes which includes an Advanced Placement course in Art. BRUCE LIEBERMAN 1' RICHARD BUCHER S TRIAL AR TS The Department of Industrial Arts affords students the op- portunity to prepare for our complex technological society through courses in Architecture and Engineering, Auto and Power Mechanics, Wood Working, and Alternative Energy Studies. MUSIC PETER STANGANELLI fi' 'ers PRISCILLA HASSID The choral Music Department, under the guidance of Dr. Lydia Mor- rongiello, gives students an opportuni- ty to pursue an interest in singing various types of music ranging from classical to popular, by participating in the Madrigals, Celestones, or Concert Choir. Mr. Peter Stanganelli directs the In- strumental Music Department, com- prised of the Concert Band, Orchestra, Stage Band, and Iazz Ensemble. Expos- ing students to assorted forms of musical literature, including popular, rock, jazz, and classical, these groups perform several times throughout the year. K'-N 29. Cie tb 2? dw DR. LYDIA MORRONGIELLO DIANE CASTROGIAVANI wx..,,.4"k RITA LILLY Music 33 USINESS Striving to provide students with an understanding of modern business practices, the Business Education Department gives the stu- dent an opportunity to master the basic skills of communication, com- putation, and reasoning, which are so necessary for success in life. Whether the student is preparing for post-secondary education or im- mediate employment after graduation, it is the hope of the Business Education Department that one will be prepared to deal confidently with other people, make competent and informed decisions, and generally be motivated toward continued self-improvement. IOHN CHIAVOLI . 1,-0W,y" K X, IEANETTE BLITZ cyagaw, ' C lv as fm H O ECU tlti The Home Economics Department offers courses which give students the skills they need for daily living. A full three year sequence includes courses in the areas of Nutrition, Textiles, Consumerism, Parenting, and Child Development. Attention is also given to specialty areas such as International Foods and Clothing Design, The Home Economics teacher is Katherine Maher. 34 Business, Home Economics ROBERT ALLEN Department Chairman PHYSICAL EDUCATIO Encouraging the students to participate in athletics in an effort to achieve and maintain physical fitness is the primary goal of the Physical Education Department. The main emphasis is on carry-over sports, which are taught in the hope of being useful to the student later in life. An elective system, in which the student may choose the sport he wishes to take part in gives him the opportunity to par- ticipate in a variety of sports each quarter, some indoor, some out- door. Mr. Robert Allen is the Department's competent Chairman. rssfst oi in l :if be jeff? tactic? imp? QEMJUM WILLIAM DOUGHERTY I - PAMELA DEMARCO ,ZW X cQ,,fgz.,,M ff ' MADELYN ROBINSON LINDA BACKER THOMAS SCHALK CONSTANTINE T CHIGER LORETTA STEFEK-FREIDEN HEALTH The Health Department is continually striving to provide a cur- riculum including various topics that in some way relate to the development of the individual in modern society. Due to the fact that the health sciences, including the medical sciences, are becom- ing more sophisticated, the means of attaining and maintaining desirable levels of health will become more complex - as well as more effective. The health course offered by the school seeks to raise and answer questions about modern health care and the health sciences. Physical Education X Health 35 SUB TI TU TES MARY O'CALLAGHAN HALLHELENHEATH I TURS SAM NAPOLITANO SM fifnffifwa A -1 h , FRANK DEEDE ff + - 1 R a , A 7 7L""""44 Rfb'-JCL ': :ZS A Vkhk krix E 3 2 X A AiAAj::fAfA'A i 3 i R, g A A EILEEN O'SHEA,Matr0n R A REA AAAA A ' S XF N A , 3 xY.., gf - - ,f f AA A ' m R R ff A A zfiili .ff AA Ah J A . zz RJ by RA A - 'R 552 1 Ex 'Eff 5? .. . L5 Q A 1 5 1 Z kr .. 21 - 1 2 . kkbk ' , Ff fi 3 5? 5? RF? F5 S Q. LORETTA RIVOLI, LEE STORY J..w q may AA. 'wmwnum 'Jbdbovf QWX'-as 36 Substitutes!Ha11 Monitors!Custodia1 Staff X, RICHIE KAVANAUGH, Custodian SUZANNE WESTWOOD Librarian ROBERT HODSON Librarian KAY THOMPSON Disabilities IANE IRVING Attendance PATRICIA DOLAN, RN MARY ANNE HERGENROTHER Disabilities S Q J i 0 f JIM MCALEESE AV Specialist XWbydM i,-511 7 AM 'ig '62Lu..44, WIN QW 34-ffyf QE, R l Faculty 37 Mi ' K iff: S Agi., f 2 , 1 K .VK 3' Look Ma, no teeth! Spiro found a friend. I'm not in terested, Iim. Barbara Walters, eat your heart out! But I was there, Mr. Lawder! 38 Faculty Candids Double trouble. Overruled! The life of the party l i , .. . ,il You For me? You sh0uldn't have! want a pass to where? Can I keep her? But who loves Plato? Very funny 'Wh-vw Y f Q3 If he only knew. . . 3 ,, A ws X - Qgk - . Q S Q -We 55x NSSN x -Q5 Q X vb 'X -SQ -if X: -1. x X www Xsgs.. Af . V..kk,k Faculty Candids f PJ, .1- ,4- .2 H 1 Z' 4- x... ax .,, .yn .Av by L 5.. 9 ,X g ,- 5+ 4... I x 'Na XX S Aff!! N ' ff ,-V f 01, 52?- 1 ,- ,,v-4 ,f -S. ,- i' S15 A . S. Z---' 1 -- - :-,g .. . A -H Ng x i,5A- , ' 1 V. get .ff ' . H, . , xx :Q ' '-f ,7- ND MFIN I5 FIN ISLFIND ,. Z: Z 7 The class of 1985 consists of a diverse group of individuals fislandsj who together contributed their own styles to the Garden City High School. These young men and women interrelate with each other and greatly influence the other students at G.C. High. This senior class has an outstanding record for academic achievements as well as a fine reputation in athletics. Although the seniors sometimes flaunt the privileges that go with being the oldest, they will soon be making a big and sometimes frightening transition in their own liveos. 'lb 1 :ss , i if Q , Y 's ' s g f . W3 gg: yi 529 ,g , 4 1- , Q?" EQ slid' ' , Q13 lfiffwffff' ,Q "' wl V igp f K 'J In 1967, when most of us had just been born, the Beatles released their Sergeant Peppers album and the psychedelic movement stormed the country. The first black justice, Thurgood Marshall, was appointed to the Supreme Court as johnson for- mulated a treaty with Britain and the Soviet Union promising peaceful use of outer s ace. pin 1968 violence was the order of the day with the assassinations of Dr. Martin Luther King Ir. and Robert Kennedy. Nixon defeated johnson, bringing him into the forefront in our anti-war ridden country. In 1969 the US, took . . A giant step for mankind" and put the first man on the moon. The My Lai massacre was revealed, and America's youth flocked to Woodstock, a haven away from the war. The Beatles broke up in 1970 and the violence of the sixties followed into the seventies. The deaths of four students occurred in a massacre at Kent State. Nixon authorized an invasion into Cambodia which resulted in increased anti-war demonstrations. In 1971 the voting age was reduced to eighteen by the passing of the 26th Amend- ment. The publishing of the Pentagon Papers and the court martial of Lt. William Calley in regard to the My Lai massacre further increased anti-war activities. Watergate began in 1972 with the arrest of five men -- some who were related to the Committee to re-elect the President CCREEPI - for breaking and entering the Democratic Partys headquarters. The Equal Rights Amendment was passed by the Senate tonly to be defeated ten years laterj. During the Winter Olympics at Munich several members of the Israeli team were killed by terrorists. At the Summer Games, American Mark Spitz won seven gold medals in swimming events. Watergate continued in 1973 and Vice-President Spiro Agnew resigned. A treaty was signed in Paris calling for the release of U.S. prisoners from Vietnam, In 1974 Watergate reached its climax as Richard Nixon resigned from the presi- dency. Gerald Ford replaced him, and then pardoned Nixon. The Arab oil embargo caused gas prices and inflation to escalate. In 1975 the Vietnam War ended leaving 57,507 Americans dead and approximately 300,000 wounded. 1976, the Bicentennial year, was a victorious year for the U.S. The celebration was held in New York Harbor with the arrival of the Tall Ships. jimmy Carter reinstated the Democratic Party in the White House along with running mate Walter Mondale. At the Olympic Games the spotlight was on Dorothy Hamill and Bruce Jenner. In 1977 the feminist movement was propelled by the National Women's Con- ference in Houston. Elvis Presley and Bing Crosby passed away, and in the streets of New York City stalked the Son of Sam murderer. .4 --,'15Fffljiggtpf.g?g. nnnllnlh Y I' i 4. E x i I 1 gg 1 . . 5 " W I it .9 ' Hia'-TIT' . i ,.,'M . .3 A A - .21 gffr--11 fir. 4125? iii' "Q 'f its . 3 l x m df 11 .?'3'?'nu ' '?s+ - . 91, . Airs-I' f' wt. its it :tiara 'I " 'gp' ,. . I A - fat . , '-S W res .sa ei .tc yi.1r bait. 235 3 figigf ggy ..i-..s, 42 World in Review 'i if Mm lion uni AIM. lflfllll menu imc nun wma:-iv nun mr' AYMQHTQ pq I' mr A ur:-nur rmcuiin. mm l as lt The treasures of King Tutankhamun arrived at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1978. Mass suicide occurred in Guyana by the worshippers of the Reverend lim Iones' Peoples Temple. In the Camp David Accords with Anwar el-Sadat and Menachem Begin, President Carter was successful. In 1979 the Shah of Iran fled his country and the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini took control. Iranian "students" seized the American Embassy in Teheran and sixty Americans were held hostage. The use of nuclear energy as a power source was ques- tioned even more with the malfunction at the Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant. The U.S. took gold medals in the 1980 Winter Games through victories by liric Heiden and the U.S. Hockey Team. The defeat of the Soviet Hockey Team by the Americans sparked American nationalism. In Washington Mount St. Helens erupted, sending volcanic ash over a great area of the country. Ronald Reagan was victorious at the polls, and the space shi Columbia returned successfully from its first mission. Iohn Lennon was gunned clbwn outside his home in New York City, quelling forever all hopes that the Beatles would be reunited. As soon as President Reagan took office in 1981 the hostages were released. A few months later an assassination attempt was made on the President by John Hinkley, who was proclaimed not guilty by reason of insanity. Pope Iohn Paul Il's life was also endangered by a gunshot. However, assassins were successful in the murder of Ilgyp- tian president Anwar el-Sadat. In Poland, the Solidarity Union was abolished and its leader Lech Walesa imprisoned. In 1982, Argentina invaded and conquered the Falkland Islands, but was soon repulsed by Great Britain. Prince William was born, and Leonid Brefnev, the Soviet leader, died. He was replaced by Yuri Andropov. In New York the drinking age was raised to nineteen. The Who bid farewell in two highly successful engagements at Shea Stadium. When, in 1983, the Soviet Union shot down a Korean Airline jet, the world reacted in disgust. In October, the U.S. invaded Grenada, which had previously been oc- cupied by communist countries, while in Beruit 249 marines died. Early in 1984 Iesse Iackson secured the release of Navy Lt. Robert Goodman lr. from Syria, while at the Winter Games in Sarajevo the Mahre brothers contributed heavily to American success. This success continued in the Summer Games as the mens' gymnastics team swept several gold medals. Meanwhile a Soviet led boycott resulted in an unofficial sister Olympics in Moscow. Ronald Reagan defeated Walter Mondale and running mate Geraldine Ferraro by a landslide. Soon after, Indian leader Indira Gandhi fell victim to an assassin's bullet. Baby Fae, the first recipient of a non-human heart, struggled unsuccessfully to survive the transplant, 1985 promises to be a most memorable year as the class of 1985 graduates and many of us prepare to enter college. .H 1 V: s .- if at ' ' t -ei' ga., .., I ling! - ' 'fjiifv 9 ' gf: ' -W 4, ' ' M' .1 V 'A' ,QI .. . 19' .- ' ' 1.4 it ' 4 I , Photo L redit Ap NX ide NN orld l'lii In 'Jim K . .if if f 5 055kI 1519 an Hea ls? f 5 Q s E K SQ W 225 he 1 to 9 A we t T6 2 gl 2 it l 431' s 1 Q fi it I sl 4 l ,gf 4 fc sr 2 ffl.. ,. .. -N V World in Review 43 5 "5 L,- Pm 44 Class History Y ,253- t , NNN N. GLASS We, the class of 1985, know that our grade has been one of the closest ever to go through the Garden City High School. Wefve shared good times and bad times and managed to overcome all obstacles in our way. Through the years, we've helped each other grow by sharing our problems and learning from each other's mistakes. All the events, starting with our first Sophomore dance, made us into the people we are today, The first major task we had to complete as Sophomores was the formation of a class Council. Elected were Laurie Typermass, President, Chris Peppard, Vice President, Nan- cy Akeson, Secretary, Kathy Schwalenberg, Treasurer, Bar- bara DuPont, Social Chairman, Ralph Cutrone, Historian. In October, with the guidance of Mr. Wojnar, our class sponsor, we were taken through the beginning of our Sophomore year. His guidance helped us to have a suc- cessful Sophomore dance, and he labored with us over the designs and selections of our class rings. In December Mr. Wojnar unfortunately became ill and had to take an early retirement. The class was lucky to get a new sponsor, Ms. Althea Gonya. Words cannot express the gratitude and deep feel- ing we have for her. She has supported us through every crazy idea our council had come up with and has given us the confidence and guidance that our class needed in order to make well balanced decisions, As we entered our Iunior year, we knew we had a great deal of work to do, and time would not stand still. The newly elected Junior Class officers had to get busy and start fund raising events as well as the planning of the junior-Senior Prom. Our newly elected Iunior Class coun- cil was led by Andrew Samaan, President, Laurie Typer- mass, Vice President, Sylvia Cabana, Secretary, Moira Davis, Treasurer, Barbara DuPont, Social Chairman, and Ralph Cutrone, Historian. The next task for our hard working council was the building of the class of 85's Homecoming float. We decid- ed it should be a tribute to "85." Needless to say, we got it together and had the best Homecoming ever. Ianuary crept up behind us and the council was into another activity. This time, in accordance with the Men's Association, we had an "Anything Goes" competition. The teams were made up as follows: Faculty, Seniors, juniors, Sophomores. We didn't win the competition, but we had lots of fun. June came quickly, but we were all set, the Huntington Towne House was the site for the Iunior-Senior Prom. After many hours of debating possible themes the Iunior Class officers decided on "Time After Time." The 1984 Prom was a giant success! The following Sunday twenty of us assisted at the graduation ceremonies as Iunior Guards and Ushers. Although we were sad to see the seniors go, we knew we had to step up and take the awaiting respon- sibility of being Seniors, the leaders of the school. ld HIISJ EJ As a grade, we once again held new elections for Senior Class Council. Our newly elected leaders were: Sylvia Cabana, President, Barbara Dupont, Vice President, Sally Blanco, Secretary, Nancy Akeson, Treasurer, Bill Gadol, Social Chairman, and Ralph Cutrone, Historian. Not only did we have a new grade council, we also had a new Student Council. President, Steve Testa, Vice President, Ioe Caccamo, Secretary, Laurie Typermass, Treasurer, Moira Davis. As Seniors, we felt the reponsibility that was given to us right away. The council set up the first dance and named it "The Fall Ball." This was one of the best dances put together by our class. We really had a ball! Before we knew it, Homecoming was here again. The Council decided to make a Chariot. The day of the parade the chariot didn't look like what we had planned but we had a great time anyway. Everyone participated in celebrating the traditional ride through Garden City, and our Trojan warrior was Ralph Cutrone. The spirit was strong. Afterwards, there was the Alumni reception and then the foot- ball game. At half time, Steve Testa and Laurie Typermass were crowned as our Homecoming King and Queen. Their royal court included, Deirdre Fen- nessey, Alex Masi, Sue Nova, and Cara McCoyd. Soon we were finished with the first half of our Senior year. It was December and the Student Coun- cil was busy with the annual Winter Wonderland Dance. Cara McCoyd was crowned Snow Queen. Everyone had a great time. The other nominees for the title were Deirdre Fennessey, Alex Masi, Tara Meyer, Sue Nova, and Laurie Typermass. As our day of graduation grows near, we suddenly realize how fast time goes by. We never expected it to go so fast but it did, High School will quickly be far behind us. The Class of 1985 will be full of the memories of growing up and the realization of how hard it was to grow up. We will remember our teachers, and what they taught us, our friends and what we learned from their trials and tribulations. We shall never forget the days of Garden City High School, nor will we forget the love we have had for each other. .553 5. , - - . . . "W: ,ga 2.5: L., Z1-G1 I7-i 089 5 - g Q sg 5 2 A. T lt ' cr " V vii.. Q ' 1- "9..... ... iii! Y. .wyi 4.-A. xuk K tr xlvff - tal , g ""'N,l Class History 45 1 Q 5 l 1 w 1 i 1 4 3 1 NANCY ANN AKESON Nancy Honor Society, Council, Trojan Club, Kickline, Summer of '84 at Kimogerior Point, 6f27!82, Espana '83, The Devil Party, Unforgettable memories with cherished friends - Maura, Rosie, EI., Tricia, Laura, Muf- fie, Davis and especially Claire. Alison A "A true friend is the best possession" I "The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time." james Taylor 'life iff' ,ww DAWN MARIE ANNUNZIATA CSN with M.C. and L.R., Al 5!1lf82, 7f17!82I love you. "I never meant to be so had to you, one thing I said that I would nezier do, a look from yon and I would fall from grace . . . It was the lieat of the moment" 5!8!82 Love you M and D '-.Of all f ,f ff ,.m-...M In DARRIN I. ALDEN Battles '83 and '84, AP II sessions, Hamptons with Dave, Ed, Iesse and Tom, Best of times with the best of friends like Manny, Andrew, Miss, Liz and all the Melted Americans. God Bless Karen. "One day you'll find that I have gone yet tomorrow may rain so I'II follow the sun." Lennon and McCartney LUCIA BAEZA 84,1 x TZ.. is-a.......,,, MICHAEL ANDREA V. Baseball and Track, Skiing, North Carolina, Playing "Gagball," Good times with good friends, Mic, Lip and '84 Prom with Laurie. "Memories of Yesterday will last forever" "In skating over thin ice our only safety is in our speed" 915' TIMOTHY PAUL BAKER Tim, Bake Track, Intramural Basketball, In- tramural Volleyball, Edgemere Park, Football games, Golf with Rich, For St. Iohn's to go to the final four, Golf, Basketball, Thanks a lot Mom and Dad for everything. Seniors 47 IAMES R. BARBAGALLO Bags, jim Intramural Basketball, Times with 1.12, s.L., oi, 1.5, Ai., PD., BB., TB., so., 1.R., yo., Az., R.w., IM., kc., Hr., HM., QB., KB., Edgemere Park, Sugar Daddy's, For the Mets to win the World Series. Thank you for everything Mom, Dad, lean, Ioan. . , .,,. , , . PATRICIA BARRON 48 Seniors Alu ag LISA BARLETTA Italian Club - V.P., Lo Stivale - Editor, Latin Club, Italy '84 with Ioan, Liza, Tricia, Chris and Signor M., rap sessions with Donna, Bar- bara, Patti, Tricia Z., paperdolls with A.M.L. "God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change those I can and Wisdom to know the difference." JEAN BARTHOLOMEW I., IB., Bean Varsity: Field Hockey, Golf, Basket- ball, Trojan Club V.P., French, Italian, German Clubs, MAST, S.C.B., National Honor Society, Student, Class Council Rep. To all my friends, I love you all. "If you try to do something and fail, you are far better off than if you try to do nothing and succeed." Thanks Mom and Dad farm. ..,. 2 1-we ev KRISTINE BARRETTE Krissy Tennis, Basketball, Softball, PTR, Summer '83, Homecoming '84, Malibu with S.L. and S.G., Great times with great friends - SN., BK., KD., C.D., L.R., D.F., M.K.L. - especially Sigahl, Good luck in the future. "The moment is now f but the memory is forever" Thanks Mom and Dad - I love ya. MICHAEL BARTUL it A .grann- PAUL MICHAEL BASILE Base V. Soccer, V. Lacrosse, Colts, Deutsch Klub, Echo, AQ9, G.T. with Gil, Sal, Regs, Cow, Egs, Rio, Grif, Ben, Nix, Mr. T, Hil, Arch, P.H., and Barb. Reg's Parties, Prom '84, Thanks to all those who cared! "Rejoice, Rejoice we have no choice hut to carry on" Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young PETER P. BENNETT Captain Varsity Football and Lacrosse, Varsity Basketball, B.A,A., 'Vice-President AOT, The Devil's House, Slugtests, Frat Parties and Meetings. I will never forget the times with Laura. Memories of Mom. O' 'i'."...""' GREG BAUSO Lots of YA-HOO's with the M's, I's, Buckwheat, and the rest of the clan. To "further" spread Meltism and conquer IGNORE-ance. Long live Elmo and the Pranksters. "Ask not what you can do for your coun- try, Ask what your country? been doing to you" Cwho said that?l THOMAS ROBERT BERMEL Bur,Burn1ul Spanish Club, '82, D.R., R.M., KP., GD., GM., B.D., TS., Y.R., Merc's R.R., Prom '84, Summer '84, skiing "You are only what you think you are" P1 N., . i IENNIFER BELTON jenny "I remember what you like." Carl G. 11ll9!83, 3DD '84, BI '84, "Look of love," RT, Prince, SG, 12l8l84 "Cheap Thril1s," "Purple Rain," "Erotic City," "17 Days" "There ain't nothing wrong if it feels alright" Prince Qu., r CATHERINE MARIE BERTOVICH Cathy Summer '83, '8-1 - Ogden's Sat. Night Specials w Nebraska, Con- certs on the beach - Ioey - Tiffy - S.B., P.S,, 3-C's, KK., L.L., PO., BS, Ioce, Prom '83. "Where do we go from here Faith isa fading tear. . . l-lou' nzueh do you really think You know than a flower does About z4'lzo'sl1eliir1tl the door."' Zebra Thanks Mom and Dad Seniors -19 ff' if 5 e it LUCINDA WHITMORE BICK Tennis Team, Trojan Club, Honor Society, S.C.B., The Beach, and Thanks to Cynthia, Gigi, Lisa, Sarah, Susan and Sylvia . . . "I know I'll never lose affection for peo- ple and things I can still recall. I know I'll often stop and think about them. In my life I loved them all." Beatles URSULA BORELLI I.V. and V. Cheering, Chef Club, Truckers, The Strip, Montauk, Prom '83 w!Rob, Ecl's 8-keg, Manhattan Pub, Lehigh, Pete's, Oct. 22, '82, Beach, Leo's W!Court, Skiing with Wally and Al, Gafilta Fish, Rob's Inn, Cold Mick's, The Village, Surfing WlAlex, Ladies nite at Red's, Halfway House, Rob: I LOVE YOU! "Live life Crazy, It's the only way!" 50 Seniors W SALLY BLANCO Great times with special friends - Larry-bell, Laura "Flo," Rhodney, Curry, Cowa, Mo, especially Dabs, Deb - Thanks for everything, Spring Fling, Canada, Italy '84, Anna - Siesta's, Gelati runs, Iodell - Thanks for all the great seasons - It Wouldn't have been the same without you! Babs f "You've got afriend" Deb f "Can you imagine" I I gf "" f wezfsxffvJlszmsrfsffsfzw-.e f ff SUZANNE BRACCO PHILIP A. BORELLI i PhilBor One nuclear bomb can ruin my Whole day. Skibum, X-Country, Winter Track, Spring Track, Soccer, Tennis, Sports enthusiast, Phil and Bill Lawn Care, A ski weekend en- ding in disaster with multiple stit- ches in the head, leg cast and the chicken pox, Great times with great friends. "We should all be concerned about the future because we will have to spend the rest of our lives there." yy Www? IEANNE MARIE BRANDEWIEDE Kickline, Trojan Club, Key Club, Field Hockey, Spanish Club, French Club, Badminton, GCEC "The future lies before you like the freshly fallen snow f be careful where you tread on it, for every step will show." L.L. Thank you everyone - Good luck Class of '85 TRACEY BRENNAN Trace Good times with C.D., M.M., and L.C., Eisenhower Park, Good times with special friends. "Now is the time to push on, but the past shall never lu' forgotten" "There is only one success f that is be- ing alrle to lizre your life in your own Love and thanks to my family way." ' f X' , ' ' 9 as 2 '49 GREGORY BRYANT E.O., Bry,lan1il Basketball, SADD, Rifle Club, Ger- man Club, Summer beach parties, "Especially the last one of '84 with special friends" V.M.O., Iacksons' Concert, P.Y.T., "snatch," Hello Ande, Oh no! "It's jonny Wadd" "Smooth as silk, Briglzt as snow, This is the story Of the one and only EO." Thanks Mom and Dad ut ri Wt ,QGWQ fi' Cx KEITH BRISOTTI Briz, Biz, O'Biscotty Masquers, Madrigals, MAST, D and D, B.C.M., Summer '83, Feb. '85, golf with S.G., S.D., and R.C. "Smile, he happy, and help others do the same" "lf you can keep your head while all about you are losing theirs then you pro! bably haven't checked with your answer- ing service" Hawkeye Pierce MARK BURCHILL Burch Varsity Football, Varsity Lacrosse, AQDT, Westhampton, Canada, Colang, Slugfests, Frat parties and frat meetings, Great times with great friends. Thanks Mom and Dad. "So many women, so little time" 4 NEIL BROWN . , 'CWILL WILLIAM BLAINE BURTON Birdy V. Football tsplit endsj, V. Lacrosse Csnatch attackj, AKDT, Frat Parties, Hell Night, Colange '83, Brennan's Summer House, Slug Fests, Frat Meeting, Prom '83. Thanks Mom, Dad, and the whole crew. "Don't worry you don't have to do anything that you don't want to!" AfDT "On the end linell" The Doctor Seniors 51 Senio JOAN VIVIAN BUTTAEUOCO Butta, Ioanie B., Miss B. Italian Club, MAST, S.C.B., Thanks to Danielle, Christine, Liza, Patricia, Barbara, Tricia, Lisa, lean for being great friends. "So before we end land then begin! We'll drink a toast to how it's been . . . A few more times I can say, l've loved these days." Billy Ioel Thanks Mom and Dad - I love you. JOSEPH S. CACCAMO Skip, Crrrrrack Varsity Soccer and Lax, S.C. vice President, AKDT functions and Cac- camo parties, Slugfests, The Bird, Nam, El Diablos '83, Canada '84, "R's, T's, the O, oh my!," Defeating the keg. Thank you Mom and Dad "Sometimes you just have to say what the . . .l" TS JOHN 1osEPH BUTZ Band, Iazz Ensemble, Physics and German Clubs, Great times with I.M,, I.S., S.W., T.R., and P.T., Igor, Centrum, and the Cage-a home away from home, B.B.'s at C's. Thanks to my family and friends, but especially to Mom and Dad. CELESTE GERISE CAMPBELL Mania Celeste, Chels Madrigals, Celestones, Badminton, Volleyball, "A friend is one who knows you as you are, accepts you as you have been and still invites you to grow." "I am not yraid of tomorrow for I have seen yester ay and I love today!" Many thanks to all, especially Gregory. SYLVIA AMALIA CABANA Sly, Saliva President of Senior Class, Honor Society, French Club, Spanish Club, Spain '84 "Cherish memories of yesterday, Dream hopes of tomorrow, Live, love and laugh today and forever." A special thanks to a group of boys for always making me smile. Thanks to my family and friends. tespecially L.G.J IANICE LYNN CANZONERI Field Hockey 10th - great times with many terrific friends. "ln crime and enmity they lie Who sin and tell us love can die, Who say to us in slander's breath That love belongs to sin and death." P.S. Memories of the G.C.H.S. will stay with me forever. JENNIFER CAREY IC AHRC, Good times with the gang, The island, Spain '83, I'm getting tense, Doiz and Ang, Hola guapal, Islanders '84, WLIR. To my friends: we made it! To my sisters and father: Thanks for always being there. "The language of friendship is not in words but in meanings." Thoreau RICHARD A. CINI Rich, Ricardo, Dick MAST -- Business Ed., French Club, Italian Club, Spanish Club, A.V. Harold, Scott, Tim, Sean, Bob, Tricia, and lean. B.C.M. with K.B., S.G. and G.L., Summer of '84 "As every thread of gold is valuable, so is every minute of time" - thanks Mom and Dad for those times! ,Te IEFFERY MIN-IEN CHANG jeff, Grenouille Echo, Chantecler, MAST, Fencing team, Honor Society, French Club, Mathletes, H.R.R.C. summers, journey '83, Police '83, Great times fencing, bowling, and skating with Adam, Ryanne, and Anne, Fling '84, Boys' State week, Europe promenade - summer 1984, photo 1-3 with Ien and Gigi. HSCHRADE POWERV' "Motivation, Pride, and Discipline" MARY ELIZABETH CATHERINE CISNEROS Mary Beth, MB Soccer, Lacrosse, Basketball, CT. years w!I.L., A.B., D.F. and S.M. 007, Gerb's House, S.M. 17th B-day SAT, beach. A.K. eats hockey pucks. ABC, Summer of '84, I.H. oh my God! sore thumbs. Thanks and love D.F. S.M., A.K.,1.M., TD., cc. "Turn and face the strain." "Changes" - David Bowie WENDY YVONNE CHEN Love to my family, Cathie, Mary Kay, Ryanne, Tricia, Danielle, and everyone else who has ever made me smile in spite of myself. "Down by the ballroom, I recognized that flaming fountain in those kindred, caring eyes" Aztec Camera "So it goes" Kurt Vonnegut Ir. DEBORAH E. CLARKE Debbie Good times with: L.T., C.W., L.M., T.R., My Hun, D.M., M.L., "P.C.", and the rest, AQHA - dogmaster, Prom '83, Summer '84, W.H.B. - The Caribbean, Reds, Scamin' on surfer doods! and all my brewisters. "Life is short no matter how long you live . . .so live!" Seniors 53 CYNTHIA ANN CLIFFORD Cynth MAST, French Club, Madrigals, S.C.B., Prom '84, France CSummer '84J and all the special friends made there, Thanks Mom, Dad, Di and all my friends. "Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, hut which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you" Nathaniel Hawthorne wt we-'Jr Og. Sue O-.5 Track, PTR, Excellent times with my X, 5fCNX friends - especially. Cora and Pat - l Q4-if "The Nuts," Lost in the G.W. - 9l24l83, Commando tactics, Mon- soon in Florida -Spring Break '84, "No effect," Vacations with Sig, Danish with K.D., Memories with all the Sues - Allnighters. Thanks Mom and Dad. "But I've loved these days" Billy Ioel , N 54 Seniors ,Elk O .. SUZANNE COLUCCI Gill? 5 'Wh V Z' ai? CATHLEEN ANNE COAKLEY Cathie, Sprout Masquers, Celestones, French Club, Tricia, Wendy, Mary Kay, Dee, Lyn- da T Italy with Lex, Drama, llmnb iq-""'fY'l CLAIRE COMAS F3 . National Honor Society, Varsity Ten- nis, Softball, Friends and memories too special to ever forget, B.F.'s since 3rd and 4th, with Nancy and Alison, Homemaking '84 with EJ., My sanity-saver Lisa, and Many, many, great times with Maura, Tricia, Rosie and Diane, "Gus weekend" CEI., M.Mc., R.R., A.D., D.M.J Thanks guys! Mom and Dad - I love you always - Thank you. MARK COLEMAN W9 'WI SUSAN IEAN CONNOLLY Sue Cora, Curry - two greater friends couldn't be had, 402, Canoeing with Debbie, The Nuts, Sue4, BB., Du and me - friends forever, Rockin' in Peconic with Boo and Motz, Lots of love to the D's. Mom, Dad - no one could love you more. "A life lived for others is a life worth living" ANDREA LYNNE CONTE Ange Kickline, Italy, Music, Theater, Dance, USC., Barry! Fantastic times with the best friends ever! Especial- ly: Greg S., Lori, Kristy, Sean, Keith, My sweet 16, Prom '84, 618184. Jeffrey, I love you! "We dreamcrs have our ways of facing rainy days ana' somehow we survive" B. Manilow Hugs and kisses Mom, Dad and Bro's DIANE CORREA RICHARD CONWAY Dick Varsity Hockey, I.V. Soccer, Skiing, Trojan Club officer, Summer '83 and '84, Prom '84, Canada '84. "To my friends and family, especially my Mom and Dad. l love you all, I never realized what a good life I have had. Thanks for being such a special part of it" COURTNEY TERESE CORROON Court, Betty Trojan Club, MAST, Key Club, Soccer, Lacrosse, PTR, Cheering, S,C.B., Reds and the O w!Sal, EI., Maura, Urs, Alex and Iudy, Leo's summer nights w!Urs and Co., Caccamo's lOl30l82, Florida wlMaura, Feb. vacation '84, Italy w!Amy, My 17 B-Day!, Lehigh "It's not the peanuts, it's the prin- ciple!", Pad ling w!Urs, Teaching Alex to ski, Proms '84, LBC, Southampton, Montauk "Piz- zaface and Skip," Hampton Bays, Skiing w!Ray, Skip, Kenner and Dave, KEY WEST. "l will always remember these days and how fast they went, but most of all l'll remember the good times we've spent." ADAM DIGSBY CORRADO Civil Air Patrol CXFO, Blue Beret Pararescue Orientation, Canada '84, I.V., Varsity Fencing 10, 11, 12 CCap- tainj, Rifle Drill Team CCaptainJ 11, 12, Masquers, Madrigals, Botany Club, Danni D's, USFA, AOPA, County Chorus '83, '85, Barry Choir. "WDBSEDDL" "Butfokemall" "l do not want to achieve immortality through my work, I want to achieve it through not dying." Woody Allen 9 MARY COSOLA Seniors 55 PAUL COWIE Basketball, Baseball, Beer Pong, AfiJT, Grove, "The O," Slug Fests, Cles house, R.T.O., Giant, Football, Carolina, Flowing kegs in the comet, Defeating the funnel, Tap the The Slug can't chug, Homecoming keg, Stealing hedges, Sheeps right turn. "My advice to you is start drinking heavily" Bluto Aiwa.. MICHAEL CRISTO 56 Seniors MARGARET ELIZABETH CRAFA Missy Iimmy, Lisa, Britta, Moe, Frank, Steve, Mat, Carl, Coleen, Annie, Dawn, Al, Amy P., Kingspoint, Iones Beach, Meeting Iimmy at Kingspoint on Iune 15, 1984, Playing guitar, Having a good time - Thanks to my family for helping me. "But my dreams, they aren't as empty, as my conscience seems to be." Pete Townshend ln ez, my f ejv f if o gg r 1 ll it at V , 1? 4 A Z 41 pw 52 all J .s 4 4246! Qrftgy, W' 'es 9 my 1' I , W ,,,, ,,, L Qt PETER AUSTIN CROUCHLEY V. Tennis, Skiing, Water skiing, Sail- ing, Bro's place, The truck, That's a lot of money, Parking lot. "I never let school interfere with my education." Mark Twain JERRY CRAIG Ierry Varsity Lacrosse 10, 11, 12, Key Club, Good times with Andrew, jake, Iohn, Ioe, Champ, Mic, Haven, August '84 at Ioe's. "When something is within reach f go foritf' IOHN CROWLEY lack Hoops, Lax, A.N., T.M., I.F., B.P., M.A., IL., C.M., lake, C.H., M.C., I.C., D.F., Haven, Boxer Party. "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no! It ain't over now, 'cause when the going gets tough f the tough get going." Iohn Belushi W. wing, CARLA MARIANA CUELLO Good times, M.T., P.T., K.R,, M.F., Color Guard, G.C.F.D.A., The Bears' Property, Parties, Autumn of '82. Trish, we will achieve those goals! Mom, thanks for caring so much! "Some things do11't COHIL' I1116k. Maki' IIICII COLHII 1ul1iIe you IIIIZIC the CIIIIIZFU. The soke11 word. T1111epnss111g by. Tl1e 6I111116etos11y. 'IIo11e yo11'," MOIRA DAVIS Tennis, Student Council, Class Council, Softball, Badminton, France '84 with Maura and Sanders, Elton '84 with Nancy, February '85, Homecoming '84, Visiting the Wizard! Thanks Tara, Steph, Marcia, Usa, Ianice, MaryEllen, Theresa, Muffie, Nancy, Iudy "You can close your eyes to realities but not to memories." 35,-W .K dr, ,,-,.,, , 14" LINDA CUMMING Lin The PH's, T.B., G.E., K.M., D.S., IS., Mustos, Eisenhower Park, School Yard, April First, RM Night at M.M.S., "My head's connected to my body." "There is 110 time like the old time, when you and I were young" Mom, Dad - Thank you. I love you both very much. Ton I rp dn W 2711111 PATRICIA ANN CURRAN Pat Swimming, Track, Good times with The Nuts, Cora, Susie, S.C., Sally, Slug, Fitz, Warren and especially . . . Thomas, Lost in the Wing 9!21!83, Canada-Thriller '84, Syracuse '84, Annette: Peanut, Peanutbutter and Ielly, Track quarters with Trish and Donny, Rocky Mountains with my clone and Malibu summers with C.C. Thanks to my family. 519. 59.41, gf . ,if . X ware' RALPH C. CUTRONE Varsity Tennis, Class Historian, M"A"S'H, Paper Chase, The Hornet, Bathroom parties in Canadal, L.l.E. jump with Mike and Bill, Trips to N.Y.C., Holland '82, "Hiodey Doe," Hot! Pop!, Paddle Tennis, Raulstons, T's, The O, AfiPT IRepJ. ooIfl111tIa111, I'ddoitr1IIoz1er agz1i11." Thanks Mom and Dad Seniors 57 FRANK DE FILLIPIS JK . 11... ,gy ALISON MARY DOLAN Sonny Lax, Field Hockey, Honor Society, SAAD, Cheering, Best of times with Claire, Debbie, Rosie, Maura, Elizabeth, Laura, Tricia, Gus weekend C.C., R.R., M.M., E.I., D.M., The Devil Party, Prom '84, Special memories with Peter. Thanks to my best friends for making these times worth remembering. Nancy - I couldn't have made it Without you. I love you. Thanks Mom and Dad. 58 Seniors 'Nm Y-.37 PATRICIA LYNN DELANY Tricia, Trish Kickline, Band, Masquers, France '84, Bloomie's, Post - S.A.T.'s, Gerb's House, What Li C1ub?, Thanks Alex for being there! Love you guys!! "No turning hack, no letting go, too late to run too soon to know if all is well, yet time will tell it all" D.S. ELLYN DOLAN Great times with Steph, Nic, Aim, Tree, Tess, Mel, Lor, "Scam much?", Florida, David Letterman, Bill Mur- ray, Bruce, "Cha, cha, cha" 42 - AZN, "lack" To the best parents ever, may I return all the happiness you have given me! I love you! Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Lake and Grandma. 0' ANDRE DELAPORTE Andy, Del Wing-Ding Hockey, Soccer, Good Times with Good Friends, AP II's, Chicklets, Maggot, Dead Concerts and Melted American gigs, Summers at Hawthorne with Busch. "Loose with the truth baby it's your fire, but you know, I hope you don't get burnt!" I.G. "The futures lzere we are it, we are on our own B.W. Thanks everyone! I 1" f' JOHN IOSEPH DOLAN ID Intermural Basketball, Spanish Club, Track, AA., M.T., BB., T.B.,1.M.,1.R., so., LB., Kc., RW., Hr., Az., Edgemere Park, Washington Square with S.D. and I.D. Thanks Mom, Dad, and friends. MAUREEN DOLAN Moe Britta, Iennifer, and Ronni, remember all our "Good Times," Summer of '83 and '84, N.H. and S.H., Don't forget "Friendly's," Brid, You're a Bud! Thanx. Ralph, Stay a pal. To my family, I love you, Now and Forever. "Live today, dream for tomorrow, because tomorrow will he here soon!" f CHRISTINA MARIE DRISCOLL Chrissy Thanks to my family, Vice-president KIJTP, Great times with great friends especially B.K., KD., K.B., L.M., D.F., Beach runs with Lee and Dee, I'll miss you all. The race with Debbie. "What you are is G0d's gift to you, what you make of yourself is your gift to God." il" . 'T' EMMANUEL O. DOMINGO Manny Liz McCloskey, T.M., D.S., C.V., D.A., I.M., M.C., Liz and I - "Perfect Combination," Playing quarters, and spinning on my back, Madonna, Lucky Star, Burning up, "Let's go crazy" "We were sent here for some reason, I'm still wondering why" To my friends - I wish you well. I love you all. JENNIFER DRIVAS len Gymnastics and Kickline "Sometimes you only notice their faults and take their good qualities for granted but then they do something really nice and you realize how special they are to you . . . Friends." Thanks you guys! CAROL DOPMAN Ca The P.H.'s, T.B., Gang at the picnic tables Musto's, Eisenhower, The Beach April Fools, Summer of '83, Baskins To my parents - I love you always Gary - I love you "Many dreams come true And some have silver linings I live for my dreams And a pocketful ofgold" Zeppelin 'wax It 2, , KATHLEEN DUFFY Kathy Track, Softball, Good times with: Piggy, B.K., D.F., S.N., K.B., C.D., S.L., M.K.L., L.R., PTR, 11!12!83, S.N. - The Russians? 2846 The Claw, Oy ve! Prom '84, Puerto Rico '85, Noah! "Life is short so enjoy it" , A PISBY "What a long strange trip zt's been" Thanks Mom and Dad Seniors 59 JAMES DUNDON WILLIAM IAMES DURAND Rio Varsity Lax 3 yrs, I.V. Football, Roulstons, Uncle T's, The "O," Slugfests, AfIJT, Canada '84, Rhode Island, Good times With good friends, Great times with Ioanne 6!9!83, The Bird. "You Can't always get what you want, but if you try sometime you just might find you get what you need!" Rolling Stones 60 Seniors BARBARA DuPONT Student Council, AQIJA, Debbie, Sally, Laurie, and the lunatics, Spring Fling '84, Prom '84, and all the great memories with Paul, 1!14!84, lunches, 9th grade, w!Deirdre, Grad. Night '84, Kickline wfLisa and Christy Susan C. - lifelong friend Sal Pal, "Ain't it good to know you've got a friend?" CHARLIE DUNNE Ray V. Lax fSnatch Attackj, MAST, AGT, Met Fan Club, The Original Four and of course Anders, Reds, The Barn, 6!27!82, Canada '84, Hell Night at Breezy, Cope dips, 7s's, Saturday Afternoons 1!4's. "Keep ginnin' 'til the weekend comes, just a dip between your cheek and gum" S.W. "Never had such a good time in my life before" I.G. Thanks M and D SCOTT E. DWORSAK Scottie MAST, German Club, Trojan Club, Edgemere Park, D and D, Keith and Rich took Sean and me golfing for the first time, Friday football, Rap sessions, Mets, lets, Islanders, Soccer. "Live every day like it was your last and remember only the good die young" Billy Ioel KENNETH M. EGAN Eegs Varsity Football, Baseball, Captain Basketball, AQIPT, Beer Pong, The "O," Slug Fest, Rhode Island, Westhamp- ton, Shoe beers, Right turns, Sa- moans and hedges, Defeating fun- nel, Tap the "B," 'Nam the Devils, Thank you Bill Robinson, "Give me another egg shell." "Show me a good loser, and I'll show you a loser." Vince MOIRA EILEEN EGAN Latin Club, Honor Society, Youth Group, Folk Group, Summer '84 - Camp and Europe, Lunch with Yani, Yurika and Ryanne, Latin with Ann Marie, Lisa and Ieannine. "What one man can do is a dream. What one man can do is love. What one man can do is change the world and make it young again. Here you see what one man can do." Iohn Denver , V. ff IENNIFER FARRELL Thank you to everyone who made high school worth remembering for me, especially Maureen, Veronica, Luci and Britta - I'1l always cherish the great times we had. Thanks Mom, Dad Peggy and Amy for being there whenever I needed you - I love you. 'Q . Wir n LAURA MARIE ESPOSITO Espo A special toast of love to all my friends Debbie, Sal, Mc Mahon, Tricma, EJ., Red, Sonny, Spain '84, Devil Party, Canada, Florida, Cheer- ing, Soccer, Tent Parties, Maniacs, Gus, Vance, Nov. 3, Feb. 18, Thanks BEN, Love ya Rosebud. "Catch it" A - Mannix Mom and Dad -- I hope to bring you all the happiness you deserve. JOHN MICHAEL FASTENAU Wheels Band, Iazz Band, Madrigals, Drum Major, Holland, Wrestling, German Club, Key Club, Honor Society, Great times with friends, Thanks for the memories, Good luck class '85, Thanks to my wonderful family. "lf every word I said would make you laugh, I wouldn't stop talking" "Where words fail, music speaks" DIANA LYNN FAHYS Dee Madrigals, Kickline, K.W., Gail, Sue, Werbs, Miguel C., Lis, Laur, Everyone else - Thanks! Moms, lim- dad, Iennead - I love you! HALP, "My Mick Prince" - I love you forever. "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and l . . . l took the one least traveled by l'm lost." Robert Frostbite -rw-'yr WILLIAM EDWARD FECHT Skiing, Malibu, The juggling Club, Botany Club, The Gong Show, The Talent Show, Canada, Gettysburg, Woody and Bugs, CBS FM, Tippy, Rocky. "Got any ice tea?" v Damone "Better late then never" "Life's been good to me so far" Ioe Walsh "Along the way, take time to smell the flowers" Seniors 61 DEIRDRE MARIE FENNESSY Dee, Di PTR, Good times with good friends especially Sue, Liz, Kathy, Chrissy and M. Kate, Reds, Bessy, WWI, Yadahesay Estelle Borris, Angles w!Barb, Beac runs with C.D. and L.Mc., "les" Stratie, The Snitches Brian "lf people can't accept you the way you are, why try?" B.O'K. Thanks Marie and Idee love you That's All MICHAEL PATRICK FITZPATRICK Fitz Varsity Football, S.C.B., Splanish Club, AGT, Frat parties, Uta '84, Mich. '84, Strohs, Krammer's House, Late night at Burger King and Gus's, The Boo, Fun times with great friends, Thanks Qswego. "What . . .?" Peter Bennett "You're promised two things in life, you're born and you die, everything else you earn K9-ll." The Good Doctor 62 Seniors CARMINE FERRARO Football, Baseball, Great times with great friends, Fokos, "The Lots," Trip to Italy 4l84 w!Maz, Dance the Nite Away "Rock the House and Shock the House ALL NITE." Thanks Mom and Dad for everything. :t" 'var' DEIRDRE CAREY FLYNN Swimming, Echo, Grade Council, Norway '84, Kobenhaun kan du snakke norske?? R.B. with S.M., Beach Action, St. Pat's '84, fun with mes amis, Gerb's house, 5-borough Bike Tour. . . The greatest distance to cover still lies within." "The secret of life is in the liziing, not just standing here and watching your life go by. FAME RANDALL R. FINNERTY Randy, Finneas I. S.C.B., A.V. Team, Trojan Club, IRXSR, Deering 8f84, Audio-visual, "Snatch!", Photo, "Science!", Sev- runs with R.W., WLIR, Billy Ioel 6l84, Don Eaton concerts. "lf l should lioe forever and all my dreams come true, my memories of love will be of you." Iohn Denver is Haan 1'r""'f" .rink . .... .,.. . - . ,, . ..,,..,.....,..,..., ,,, PATRICK FLYNN Wings Hockey, Softball, Key Club, M.K., M.H., G.P., along with G.L., Thanks for the times - see you later. "Success lies not in being the best but in doing your best The only place you can start at the top is digging a hole" Al McGuire MARYELLEN FOGARTY Nlare, Nlel Field Hockey, Honor Society, Band, Orchestra, Key and Trojan Clubs, Holland '83, Russia '84. Great times and countless memories with terrific friends. "Don't count the years, they go too fast, Count yourfriends, they'll always last." Thanks Mom, Dad, Pat, Carol, and Marlene. QF WILLIAM NORMAN GADOL III Iuggling Club President, Social Chairman, Malibu, German Club, Mets Fan Club, Battle of the Bands, Talent Show, Gong Show, Singing "Love Boat." "Let me drive!" Keith "Crash"Moran "For every minute you are angry, you lose 60 seconds of happiness." "When I was 17, it was a very good year" - Frank Sinatra IOHN FRIDAY LISA ANN GAMBARDELLA Lacrosse, Basketball, Trojan Club, French Club, S.C.B., Honor Society, S.L., S.C., L.B., S.S., S.G., M.G., A.G., Spring Fling '83, Eleventh grade, social studies trip to N.Y.C., Being locked out of room 110, Missing the train, Summer Vacations. "Live for today, remember yesterday and dreani of tonzorrozvf' C IOHN FULLER Lacrosse, AP II's, Canada with Iesse, New Year's Eve '82, '83, '84, Late Nighters, Melted functions. "lf trouble comes, I don't pay no mind 'cause l'll be alright someday." - Iorma 'Fair and he well now, let your life pro- ceed hy its own design . . Grateful Dead I'm so glad! KARL HOWARD GARRETT 4 years of Varsity Golf, Spanish Club, B.C.C., the 25 footer in the '83 county championship, '84 State Tournament. Thanks to all who helped me through last year C843 and especially my mother and sister for being there when it cminteol X Seniors 63 PETER A. GERGELY Good times with I.L., IO., A.L., M.V., Dead Shows, The Other One, Lost Sailor -- Saint of Circumstance, Eyes of the World, Ack, Thoyzday. "Get stewed, books are a load of crap" Phil ip Larkin "We got it all here in America, home of the Chrysler 440 cubic inch engine!" Elwood Blues THOMAS SCOTT GILLAN Gill V. Soccer 9-12 - Captain, V. Swim- ming 8-12 - Captain, Great Times with very much loved friends: Base, Igor, Rocky, Slim, Holtz, O.C., Tom- my P., Spo, Ierry, Sam, Intense turf games, Colts 10, Trojans 24, Colts Reunion, Hofstra. Fabulous times with Trish. Lots of love to Helen, Tony and Chris 64 Seniors CHRISTINE GIACOPONELLO Chris Cathy, Liza, Maureen, Tricia, Iean, Ioan, Alex, Andrea, Italy '84. Good times with close friends, Thanks Dad for all your help and encouragement - I love you. "Special joys and special places special friends together The moments pass so quickly but the memories are forever" G. W. Douglas SARAH MARIE GLOBENFELT Thanks and love to Cynthia, Gigi, Lucinda, Teddy, Ioe and Diane for making it bearable. My summers at the beach. The desire to dance. "Life's not worth a damn 'till you can say I am what I am" AMY GIARRAPUTO Cheering, Track, Chef Club, Thanks to - Teres, Tess, Kath, Steph, El, Nic, Sue, Mom and Dad, Italy '83 w!Court, Sue and friends, Band camp '83, '84, Skiing, City and New Hampshire '83. SEAN KEVIN GOWAN Stead "The time has come to say till then, Not good-bye cause we'll meet again, Whether at school or in business sometime, To lose you forever would be such a crime. lcan't forget the times we've had, Either for good or sometimes for bad, l wish you good life and nothing less Good luck '85 and to all may God bless" BARBARA ELLEN GRANT "Everything came so easy, Fantasies were something to believe . . . Seemed like a place. We'd never have to leave. . Michael Stanley Band Band Camp3 - B.G.B. - Rumors - "The song" - Holland - Bagel Runs - Kilroy - Tau Epsilon Phi - W.W. '84 - Health - 3123155-733 - "Feeling 7-up" - "The Surprise" - "Die Sc euling" To those who cared Cyou know whoj - with love! 3 II ,ti gat CHRISTINE GUERRASIO Guerras I.V., Varsity Softball, Tennis, Italian Club, Good times with Susan and Baskin friends. Mommy and Daddy - Thank you for all your love and support. I love you. "Hold fast to dreams For if dreams die Life is a broken-winged bird That cannot fly," Langston Hughes MARC ALAN GREECE Scorpio Tennis, Drama, Key Club, and Women, Steve "Homes" Materia, Mike "Antler" Zilliands, Rich "jackson" Perico, Steve's House, Rick's House, Thrifty Bevg., The Party Mobile, "Lit- tle girl, would you like some candy," "St. Iude Baby!!!", "Very green, definitely very green," Women, The Fury, Jamaica, Led Zeppelin. "So l says to Helen, l says Helen" "Tangerine" KIMBERLY HAEFNER Kim Trojan Club, Great times with Special friends, Sweet Sixteen, Florida '83 and Longbeach Island with C.M., Fire Island with S.N., "I.T. thanks for the rides," Years of memories with P.L., Special times with Billy. "Nothing lasts longer than happy memories. ' Love and thanks to family and friends. ROBERT E. GRIFFITH Griff Captain Varsity Football, Captain Varsity Lacrosse, Varsity Basketball, National Honor Society, Sec. of AIIPT, Rhode Island, Hampton Bays Adven- ture, Slugfests, Famous Quotes, Sulli, Ben, Eg's, Iames, Rio and many other great friends, to finish a Bill Robinson. "O Lord, Thou givest us everything, at the price of an effort" an-sc.. DANIEL ALLEN HAFFNER Dan Drill Team, Fencing, Boating, Werner, Adam, Bob, D.M., lay, B.L., Tub time, Yacht, Beast's place, Virgina, Uniform room, Room 262, Yac ting, Singing Christmas songs at D.M.'s house. "To my friends and family, thanks so much for your love and support. lt got me through the hard times and into the good." ww .ew-at Seniors 65 PETER S. HAGERTY Archie V. Lacrosse, V. Soccer, AGT, Student Council, Sgt. of Arms, Spanish Club, Grade Council, Skiing, Canada '84, RTO oh my, Great times with friends at the Slugs and "T's," The Coronet, Unforgettable times with Alison, Many thanks to my family and Bill Robinson. "An ossifaction weekend is a tree" Steve Testa ep, r t'cll CHRISTOPHER HARIDOPOLOS Harry Track, Softball, M.C., I.C., A.N., K.M., P.F., ID., S.S., S.N., M.E., G.P., C.D., C.R., The Beach, Roma, Deli, Huey Lewis concert, Westhampton, Mark and Oscar. "Those crazy nights I do remember in my youth." "FOOD KING!" "Oh,I must be in the front row." "SHOWTIME" 66 Seniors Men wiv ,iglaiuf O7 can wwe Jamey ,yew ,afaiyn gh awgatwg, Awe nu, azomf 792160Z I wld AUGUST HARDARSON lagvwezi ff7Z6d6fL QJWQZZWQ ' X Ja feel? we fgeefg GISELLE GENINIEVE HAMAD if 544411 5444 ZW fmt! . . , , ' X C1815 41fo'1,dQL fri ,Z0 "For most of us, there is only the unat- 4 H , Z, i-Z-4 "' 1 , ' tended moment, the moment in and out flaw 77 ZXZAZ4' of time the winter lightning or the WL f W ,Zip-2 waterfall, or music heard so deeply that I . f - , Y - it is not heard at all, but you are the 0f772lL7fLM,Q 'WWUVAQLZ music while the music lasts." Q Qyyk y'Q,4 Q f'7Us,lCl1, T..S. Eliot W S5014 I3 0l"??f 01365 Ugigfgfljdb . ,- me Phenv-'gfrof my -inpf cATHLEEN A. HART " "Jaalors!"QqQvic5 at l have newer' Ionesco HOLOK Us loCHC'a' Clirf I strife JILL DAIRE HARRINGTON Muffie Varsity Field Hockey, Varsity Lacrosse, Canada '84, Manager of Boys' Varsity Basketball, G.A.A. Social Chairman, Nantucket, Prom '84, Merestead, S.C.B., Iunior Honor Guard. "Please count on my affection and sup- port, at whatever distance." I. D. Salinger "O tempora, O mores" Cicero Cathy, Space Band '83, '84, Holland '83, Student Exchange to France '84, Alexandra, Christine, Tricia, Deirdre, Chris, Iudith, Clementine, L and T, Special thanks to all my friends and family. Thank you Mom, I love you. "See, I will not forget youg I have carved you in the palm of my hand." Isiah "Don't give up your dreams" ws. .,,, .,,v MARK D. HEANEY Varsity Soccer, Wrestling, Skiing, Comet Soccer, My good friends, Cabin Trips '82, '84, Summers, LBC and ABC, Hofstra '83, Mets fan, Bruce Springsteen, Moosehead, Volleyball, DWEIC, Mr. Weiser, Get- ting lost. "When in doubt, make a left turn" - a not so famous guide Thanks Mom, Dad, Ed, Matt, My Grandfather SEAN HEANEY V. Tennis, AfI1T, Student Council, Pres. of Met Club, Reds, Hell night, Fall of tenth grade, Slam Dancin', Hacky Sack, Killer Dips, I.L., D.T., B.F., N.H., P.H. "You can't always get what you want, But if you try sometimes, you just might find that you get what you need." IEANNINE HEITMANN Fencing Team, French Club, Latin Club, Trojan Club, R.K., Y.S., A.C., I.C., D.M., W.M., T.Z., I.B., BN., I.C., A.M.L., M.E., Mrs. Wa1sh's Chemistry Class, Mr. Richard's An- thropology Class, Fencing team '83- '84 and Mr. Goodwin's party. "Thanks for the memories" GAIL S. HEGEMAN Holland, Crew, French Club, Basket- ball, Band, Great times in France and the vin, Deer Hill retreats, Confirma- tion, Seminar, Battles, Twilite, Gega Iams! Iames Taylor, Led Zep, Rush, Dead. "The secret of Life is enjoying the passage oftirne. . . The secret of Love is in opening up your heart." Iames Taylor fQ 'F' .4"""" ,g g .wh , i -if y yygy MAUREEN ANN HENEGHAN 3 r l M l l Latin Club, Trojan Club, Italian Club, g Key Club, Adrienne, Slobhan, Wen- A dy, Christine, lean, Cathy, Liza, Tricia, Andrea, Kelly, Sandy, Leslie, 4 Thanks for all the memories of fun JODELL MTAITFE HELMU5 times, Good luck and happiness in oo es My 1 I your futures. I G 'A y , x r Soccer, Track, Rap, Yup, Thumbs to Th k M d D dd f XXUKXIQ ' LJ , Eiverpgn, 1PerpetuaSl lpursuit, 7884, alligurligxe asgglipaoitl I lgvelgosl UQ . ,I V 1 ,, iea s, oveyou a y. 1, lj . mga LGT "Good and bad times come and go but QL x jx, ik, VXLLJXKJ memories live forever." To the gang: , , ' -. ' A .I'll f 7 H XQ.. the memories never forget JXLQLX ' lXC9fC3fk CVS "We learn from those we loveg l have ' ' . H - ,. ' learned wel Thanks Mom and Dad. lf,CwxQ Ly- i USP N e ,lg-ji K Q51-1553 LL,QiXu, l Q l Seniors 67 is-t w C 'uc' 'A "'fafD'5 f'wC-58-wix Lt' +15g2Q1 N Lc- 2563. it as N Q, mage-3-Qc K5 .V ,Cx 331 . -a 4 ---t ef .D M 4 f ,, Ki fo t ,X . -A x,,f,,e PETER WILLIAM HESTER Igor Captain Varsity Soccer, Varsity Lax., National Honor Society, Alpha Omega Theta, S.C.B., THE COLTS, the "TURF," Great times with good friends, H.S.S., Rehab., G.C. New Sports, Mom's chocolate chip cookies. "My greatest inspiration is a challenge to attempt the impossible." Albert A. Michelson "Don't let your sorrow come higher than your knees." I , ,,,. ie BRITTA JENSEN Bri, Breet Cross-country, Spring track '83, '84, '85, Band, Music, Playing guitar, "Gegas," U2, New Hampshire and Andrea ,... Tommy . . . being the best friends - Maggie, Joe, Manny, Col, Ca, Marg, Nunzie, Stay, Laura, Gail, Jenn, Frank, Coral. "You may say l'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one" John Lennon 68 Seniors GERARD IRWIN Gerry Trojan Club, Ireland, California. "May the road rise to meet you May the wind be always at your back May the sun shine warm on yourface And, until we meet again May God hold you in the palm of his hand." an Irish Blessing Thanks to my family EDWARD JOSEPH KARCHER Ed, Kroeter Lax, Wrestling 11, 12, Soccer, Soft- ball, MAST, S.C. Delegate, N.Y.C.C., M.K., P.F., M.H., GP., P.D., P.D.'s and M.K.'s houses, Summers '82-'84, Punctuality to H.R., Security Raids, Big Mel's and Pro-Wrestling. "Valhalla, I am coming" - Led Zep "The thrill of just the chase is worth the pain" - Dio "Officer, the light was yellow" Elwood ELIZABETH JAMES EJ. Endless memories with McMahon, Tricma, Bud, ESPO, Sonny, Sugar, Sister snatch, Deb, Special times . . . Homecoming '84 with Cici, Tent par- ties, Nov. 2, 11!3!84, Praying w!Lee, Devil Party, Gus, Maniacs. I'll miss you all. Thanks Mom and Dad. "Beer, Wine and Sangria" Beefsteak Charlie SCOTT HILLER I7 'Vx 4 , , ' '--' Q V V CHRISTOPHER MICHEAL KEANE Chris Concert Band, Stage Band, Fire Aux., To my friends B.G., V.W., E.B., E.M., I.K., P.F. and to my very special friend A.K.S., thank you for everything! Found at most hobby shops, Holland '83, Mil, Figures and models of every sort! "Thanks for the memories" Thanks for everything Mom and Dad! an-'ir' 495 GREG KESSELL Kess, Chicks, Special Shadow Varsity Basketball, Vice President German Club, Vice President lug- gling Club, Officer Key Club, Russia, Summer '84, Mooseheads, Getting proofed at Raulston's, Close friends, Thanks Mom and Dad. "A mind is a terrible thing to waste" "Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun" f"'5 ANDREA KELLY Masquers 10th, llth, 12th, Trojan Club, French Club, A.H.R.C., Stu- dent Exchange, I.B., C.C., F.B., T.S., C.H., C.G., M.H., L.S., T.Z., S.C., C.M., L.Y., France summer of '84, Valence, Paris, Masquers Parties. "If you try you may fail, but if you never try you never succeed." Thanks Mom, Dad, and Mara. RYANNE M. KELTON Daze, len, Adam, Wendy, Iohn, Ieff - I love you all! Yurika - so many dreams, my friend . . . Dad, Mom Buddy - if only I had the words to tell you . . . "Why have the wings, unless you're meant to fly?" - Barbra Streisand "Our greatest glory is not in never fail- ing, but in rising every time we fall." Confucius gram. "r BRIDGET KELLY Bridge Softball, Basketball, Great times with K.D., C.D., K.B., S.N., D.F., L.R., S.L., M.K.L., Puerto Rico 1985, Me and Kathy grounded, Vana's, Outrageous times with Andrew, Kathy and Bobby. "Don't count the years they go so fastg count your friends they'lI always last." Special thanks to Andrew, Family and Friends. 1 T' 'L glue 'Q""""'7' DANA STAUNTON KING My friends - Thanks for hugs, love and fantastic times - Beach, Parties, French fries, M.O.W., Summer '84, Besty, Seminar, Barn - more friends to love - Eddie, justin! Key Club, Band - Holland '83. Himinuh, Huminuh. "lust like a child I've been seeing only dreams, I'm all mixed up but I know what's right" Mom, Dad, Blair - Thanks and love forever, you're the best! Seniors 69 70 Senio QNX' ALEXANDRA PAULINE KIRBY Gerbs Field Hockey, Masquers, Councils, Trojan Club - Best Buddies Cath, Trish - France '84, Thanks Christel - ABC Right Deirdre!! - Sue we're out! - Party MY house!!, Beth eats hockey pucks - Babe's cast party! - I love you all guys - Thanks for be- ing there. "Life is a banquet so we must Live, Live, Live" Y 5 ' 5 1' T 1.5 'if' MICHAEL ANTHONY KRIEG Mike Captain Varsity Wrestling C83-'84, '84-'85J, Wing Ding Hockey, S.C.B., Soccer, V.P. of Key Club, MAST, E.K., G.P., M.H., P.F., G.L., E.L., L.P., WADAMS, Summer 84 Fellowship, Great times with great friends runn- ing the Gauntlet, Horizons, Reds. Thanks Dad and Mom! "lf they give you ruled paper, write the other way" - Iimenez "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might find, you get what you need" The Stones rs WILLIAM L. KRAMER Varsity Football, Basketball, Baseball, Good times with Fitz, Slim, Chubby, Gew, lay, Mouse, Sue, Prom '84 with Tammy, Good times at Slug Fests, Uncle T's, Capri, Staffords, Park City, New Year's Eve '83, The Who concert '82, U-2, Twelve ounce curls, STROH'S, Thanks Mom and Dad. "You are guaranteed only two things in life: being born and dying, the rest you must work for and earn." Q-K J' MICHAEL KRUPICA '1Mike" Civilization however complex and solid it seems is actually quite fragile. Soccer, Swimming, Volleyball, Water- polo, Good times with good friends, Syracuse, The Attitudes. "Nowhere to fall but off Nowhere to stand but on" "Talk about potential for massive growth, I am the little acorn that grows into the giant oak." Thanks Mom and Dad BARBARA ANN KRAWCHUK Track '83, '84, jen, "any problems?", The track, The "p.j.," Chinese for- tune cookies, "Regents and a tan?," proms '84, '85 with Iim, fourth of Iu- ly, '81-'85 with Iim. Thanks and all my love to my Mom and Dad, sisters, Mrs. G. and especially to Iim. lim "l couldn't love you any more than I do" Nick Lowe YANI KWEE Tennis, Badminton, Band, German Club, National Honor Society. Mom and Dad - Thanks for everything! "Our greatest glory is not in never failing but in rising every time we fall." Confucius "Each is given a bag of tools, a shapeless stone, a book of rules, and each must make, as life is flown, a stumbling block or a stepping stone." STEPHANIE LAKE Soccer, Gymnastics, Cross Country. Best of times with El, Nick, Tess, Aim, Tree and Mel. "Scam much?," New Hampshire '84, David Letter- man, Springsteen concert '84, "The G.U." "lack" Luv ya Dave. Thanks Mom, Dad and Grandma "l get by with a little help from my friends." Beatles Smile El - It'll never end. t "U"--.. MARY KATHERINE LAVELLE Mary Kate Softball, Good times with good friends, PTR, Fogelberg, Taylor. "Only as high as I reach can Igrow, Only as high as I seek can Igo, Only as deep as I look can I see, Only as much as I dream can Ibe." DIANE ELYSE LANG E .fr-V Thanks Mom and Dad - Love ya. ra MW ANDREW JOHN LAYTON Studio Staff, MAST, Paper Chase, Summer '84, Maine, The fearsome foursome, Studio crowd past and present, Italy '83, Your Friendly Neighborhood Market and THE TANK. "I have learned that to be with those I like is enough" Walt Whitman yvov' WILLIAM HENRY LATHAM Bill, Hermie, William Track, Riflery, Softball, Physics Club, Chantecler, Seminar, Shelter Island '84 with sine curve on a rock, Labor Day '84, Holland '83, Virginia '84, Allegany '82, '83 fWlRochesterJ. Thanks a lot Mom, Dad, Ioseph, Dar- rin, Randy and everyone else. "Never jump into a pile of leaves with a wet sucker." Linus Van Pelt it AMELIA LAZARAKIS Mia 231, The Village, Summers of '83 and '84 "To love is one thing, to be loved is another, but to be loved by tlze one you love is everything." Seniors 71 WERNER IOHN LEHNER Wiener Schnitzel Fencing, Rifle Drill Team, Track, Foxhunting, Polo, Bob, Dan, and Adam - D.I., D.Mc., Hottub, The yacht, Sev, Roof of beast's station- wagon, Virgina, Tubbing at Werner's, The uniform room, 'RM 262, Competition Horseback, Hot- tubbing, Dragging, Yachting. "Warp drive, Scottie!" "SATIN SHEETS?" "Later, Russ."' GREGORY DAVID CHEN LEUNG Wrestling, Soccer, Modeling, Key Club, Trojan Club, Italian Club, lug- gling, Masquers, "MY ESCAPE," Who honked the horn? "If you can imagine it You can achieve it If you can dream it You can become it." Thanks to all my friends especially E.L., C.M., K.M.: Mac Beth. Thanks Mom, Dad and Lisa who helped to guide me through the pages of my life. fe., ITN.. wwf Seniors QW i ll ANN MARIE LESHKOWICH MAST, Latin Club, French Club, ECHO, Honor Society, Colorguard, Holland '83, Paper dolls with L.B., Rap sessions with D.L., M.E. and D.W. To mom, Mr. M. and Tommy - Thank you for all your love and patience. "lf a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away." Henry David Thoreau WWW .iii mf g. MARC A LIGGIO . Chess Club, M.M., M.O'C., I.R., A.S., C.S., T.V., M.R., B.L., IC., W.M., Dune, Illuminati, Panzerblitz, Science Fiction, Business Politics. "We will either find a way or make one' Hannibal 1 SIGAHL LESS Sig A'-IPA Sec., Masquers Treas., Chefs Treas., A.H.R.C., Tennis, Student Council, N.I.Y. - C.L.C. Cows do climb treesl, the "Vacations," Pole, An- dre, the "Snitches," The happiest, fun- niest times with the best friends ever especially Krissy. Love always to my family and friends XOXOXO "I'll put my life on the line and believe what you say l'Il go out on a limb if you'Il meet me half way" Todd IAMES ROBERT LILLIS The Loaf, Seminar, 7!14!84 to 7!28!84, Paper Chase, Ben's party weekend. Thanks: Mom and Dad, the state of Maine, the Narragansett Company. "lf they give you ruled paper, write the other way." Iiminez "lf you get confused, listen to the music played" Dead LAURA LINCKS Excellent times with Crissy, Kelly, Leslie, Sandy - BERMUDA!, Meegs, Sylvie, Dee - Thanx for making me smile, Thanks to L.S. for making the days a little better, Crepes tS,S.C.H.J, Styx, The Cars, Def Lep. "Take time to smell the roses, Don't hold back your one chance, It hardly lasts." Tommy Shaw l VY? PATRICIA A. LOGAN Patti AQIPA, Great times with the best of friends. Tysen, Houlihans, 5:09 train w!C.M., Sue and Urs, "The Bagel," Chaka-khan!! Years of memories w!K.H., Florida '85, Manhattan Pub, Efrem, Prom '84. "The best of friends never part f so why pretend, that this is the end," I Love You Mom and Dad uf' 'au'-qv-rd' if r1lAt't JOHN IAMES LIPUMA Lip Baseball, Track, Great friends: Tom Mc, Mike, Andrew, lack, Mr. Joe and Co., Suzy D's summer party '84, Rosie's Rockin Caveman party, Ski trips, Beach, Sunday football games, Weekends, Summer nites. "You ean't turn your back on the good old days" Paul McCartney Thanks Iohn, Rose and relatives! ANDREW LOPRESTI Melted Americans MFP-APII's, Italy, swimming, who has sand, scarlet me boy, "seeds that were silent all burst into bloom and decay and the night comes so quiet it's close on the lzeels of the day." GD. "Be pink not blue" - K.O. t,,e, A, Vififffif-,iffW3gi,. eg'jw.i'lff4iQ,M A GWEN LOEFFLER Masquers, Gwema, Chrisa, Katha, Locker Sessions, Leo's, The Locker, The Beach, Chris, Kathy, Katherine, Greg and Iohn - I love you all. '1Can't smile without you" C.U. Thanks Mom, Karen and Didi. Love you Daddy! JAMES ALDEN LOSEE lay Soccer, Council, ACIJT, "sick yak," Bullwinkles at Tim's, Cut feet at the Devil's, Thanks Pete Townshend! "Sometimes, walking in the streets of this city I see all the faces of the winners and the losers Why can't l see a change f Before I say goodbye?" Peter Townshend mf" 'Civ av---ug Seniors 73 SUSAN LOUCKS Confirmation, Fellowship, MAST, Inkspots, Art Club "I want to lizw I want togrow I want to sm' I want to know 1 want to sliaro wlial I can giziv I want to la' I want to limi" john Denver "Go ye into all lliv world" ,wguimv I llllllll ELIZABETH M. LUNDIE "Friend will always know your lzearl, Will amlvrstaizd you from the start, Arid will lu' close when yozfrv apart. Tliat's just llio Il't1Qlffl'lt'lILlS arc." Excellent times with the best of friends. Thank you to my family and friends. I love you "guys" very much. I 74 Seniors 'W' pg 5 an ' . ,,,.'A, , RALPH LUCANO C.K., I.R., C.S., R.F., Roosevelt Field, Italy trip '84, A.L., C.F. remember Hotel Lux. ERIK LUNDQUIST V.P. of Rifle Team, Key Club, Art Club, Skiing, Camping, Hiking, Great Adventure. "A day witlzoat laaglzter is a wasted day" Thanks Mom and Dad 1-MX, ERIC I. LUHMANN Going out the window at the Ring Dance, Good times with good friends Hello Officers! Fitz don't worry about it, Pete you had another acci- dent, Thanks to my family - I love you All! TX 'Y"""'P WILLIAM LYSTER THOMAS MAIER ' L ' " ' V ',.f . ' DANIEL WARREN MANNIX Froggy Warren Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Student Council - Sgt. at Arms, Great times with great friends, Italian Maniac, "Lisa," Steve, "Mr. T," Canada, Sugfests, Schmidts, AOT, Gus' Diner, Good times in Caddy and Caprice, Bodacious, Thanks to Mom, Dad, Great friends, and Dolly Parton. "Thanks for H10 zmforgettable IIIUHIOVIUSH CAROL A. MALKUS Volleyball, "The Diner," My , Friends' houses, Beach, Special friends - Carol B, Sue, Lisa, Tina, Sue O, and all the guys especially Charlie and also K.H. and L.A., Aug. 29, 1984, Summer '84 parties, july 4, '84, Dec. 22, 1983. Thank you Mom and Pop. 3 X FAITH MARSHALL Faitlzic Lora, Cherly, Ph's, Bowie, Elyse, Kim, Helen and Athena, Cathy, Karen, Diana, Duran Duran Concert, Carina and Missi, Eisenhower, MITE. To Ion and Ma, Thanks a lot, love ya. "In all the world theres no such thing as a stranger." PATRICK PETER MALLON Hal Track, Key Club, Trojan Club, Drill Team, Summer '83, Virgina '84, 10!13!84. "Two roads diverged in II wood and I I took the one less frntvclcd by, And that has rmzdv all the differwzcd' To all my friends, thank you - especially for being a part of that difference. GREGORY MARTIN if ,,,..,....-asv 1' Seniors 75 DEBBIE MARTINEZ Cheerleading, SADD Committee, RAP, Homecoming '84, Prom '84, "Spain', Madonna, Could you im- agine?, Whiners, Gus! Good times with M.F., Thanks for all the great memories: Lisa Barb, Sally, Laurie, Alison, Laura, Debbie, Rosie. I love you Mom and Dad. "Though paths may sometimes drift apart, true friendship never leaves the heart." .d"'rs f. .,ti M -Q' at DAISY MATHER Daze, Dois, Dizz, Daisy-Mae Ryanne - my best pal - what would I do without you? Library, Miss W., Mr. H., Harry, got change for a fifty?, Ien, "just a flash in the pan" . . . "that kid with the jowles?" Rienika, my pal. Iohnny. "I've got the horse right here, the name is Paul Revere Ana' there's a guy that says if the weather's clear Can do, can do, This guy says the horse can do. lf he says the horse can do, Can do, can do. . 76 Seniors IOSE MARTINEZ I would like to thank my parents and friends for all the understanding and good times we had. The time l remember the most is when a very special person said to rne, "I love you." Even though there were some hard times, they were exceeded by the good times. MARCIA MATHEU Key Club, S.C.B,, MAST, Great times with Lisa, Moira, Stephanie, Tara, Kristy . . . S.C.W.C., "Visiting the Wizard," Prom '84, "The Babes" Thanks Mom, Dad, Lisa and lim - I love you. ALEXANDRIA L. MASI Alex Kickline, Lehigh, Montauk, Florida with U.B., The gasicious dude, Key West, "INTHICEBOX," Gafilta fish, "Que una ganga para mi," Houlihans, Red Lobster, Miti, Frog- gies Rule, Prom '84, Great time with best friends, "INEIGE" - 38-24 - Love to my family. Skippy - Thank you for everything, I'll always love you! KATHRYN MCCABE "Hawks and the Duffs!", "Do we know a George?", Russia. "Young and restless friend, you'II never pass this way again, so drink the summer wine, reach for the stars while you have time, your restless dreams will lead the way, so dream your dreams and live for each day." B.D. and P.B. .ilo .i... . gt-iw ' 4-ww -auf' THOMAS JOHN MCCAMBRIDGE Wrestling, Pool games at Del's, Working and hanging out with the N.B.'s crew, Going to clubs with Tommy "ROCK THE HOUSE" "I'll check it out" "Before we end and then begin, let's drink a toast to how it's been." THOMAS ANTHONY MCCUTCHEON Mick Baseball, Winter Track, Cross- Country, Good times with good friends, especially I.L., A.N., 2-I.C.'s, M.A., I.F. and others, Bruce Spring- steen, Summer '84. "The reward of a thing well done is to have done it" Thanks Mom and Dad Q"9hfm,. NMM- 'M' 'sf' LEE ANNE MCCARTHY Great times with great friends esp. D.C. and C.W., Westhampton '84, Praying with E.I., Knoll's with M.L., Beach runs with C.D. and D.F., ACDA. "Me too Kev!!" "Sometimes I laugh and ery and ean't remember why, but I still love those good times gone by." I.T. To my family: Love Ya! KEVIN MCDONAGH I.V. Lax, Mooseheads, Student Coun- cil, Botany, SAAD, The Original Four, Das and Soc's, Exorcist, Canada '84, Reading license plates, The bathtub, Tailgate parties at Shea. "A man's got to know his limitations" - Clint Eastwood "Let the disappointments pass let the laughter fill your glass" jackson Browne Thanks Mom and Dad CARA MCCOYD Cora Track, Good times with S.C., C.W., S.C., P.C. and I.R., Rocky Mountains, Clones, Feita, 402, Section, No effect, Spring with Annette, Skippy, Sal, Trish, Brittle, The Whiners, Lost in G.W., The Nuts, 8l26!84 on Long Island, Socializing 7th with L.T. and crew, Luck to Pamie, Sue and Suzie. Thanks Mom and Dad. nf' W DANIELLE MCDOUGAL Seniors 77 HENRY MCKENZIE lrlvnkvn Soccer, Track, Softball, Ultimate Frisbee, Edgemere, MFP's, Marshall Fields, TOS, Having good times with friends, We'll laugh when we get there. Ha, HA, HA. "All you tonrli and all you see is all your lift' will UZTV l7c'." Buckwheat Thanks Mom and Dad - I love you both. vga- LISA SUSAN MCVEIGH MAST S.C B. Kev Club .V Soft , , , , I , - ball, Great times 'with M.M., S.M., T.M., Prom '8-1. Thanks for the memories. Thanks Mom and Dad. "Tl1ere's a seein' Iinielible, it lzangsbetore -If0llVL'I1L'S In our teens, iiicmlilvle Togrtlzer with no tics That is a lite enongli for ine" Pete Townshend S Seniors 49' ,,.-.av-qp., MAURA MCMAHON Cheering, Gymnastics, Unforgetable times with Mah, EJ., Bud, Spo, Sugar, Sonny, Deb, Sal, Nance, Tent parties, Classic party, Nov. 2 '82, Florida '83 with C.C., Gus house, Rosebuds Pub, Canada, France '84 with M.D., Commercial Field, Maniacsl, Camp, Love you Mom and Dad-Thanx "Nothing can come between true friends" Euripides JAMES C. MESLOH Mezz Computer Club, Friday afternoon football with friends, Many great ex- cursions tothe beach, The Cage, Ilyas house on Wednesdays with P.T., S.W., I.B., I.S., and T.R., and other great times with K.M., and S.M. How s it going eh. r f1r1 .N .u- . VERONICA MCMANUS Ronni Great times with friends especially I.F. and M.O .... may your memories be as special as mine. To A.G. . . . always there. Italian Gardens with I.F., M.D. and P.B. "teeth." My "non-memories" of Sag. Beach Boys '84. Cruising in the Rhonda-mobile. Thanks Mom and Dad - I love you both. "Don't stop thinking about tomorrow Don't stop it'lI soon be here It'lI be better than before Yesterdays gone, yesterdays gone" Fleetwood Mac mf f' M' CHERYL MELLINA W . 2 K 1 i ik." 'Vie M' , ll' TARA MEYER Volleyball, Softball, MAST, the "babes" crazy times with S.C. W.C., Purloin! Vamos a la playa - Spain '83 Das padana! - Russia '84, summertime in the Poc's . . . luv ya' S.M., M.M., L.M., M.D., M.E.F .... "Wherever you are it is your own friends who make your world" Thanks Mom and Dad 'sul CHRISTINA G. MILLER Christy Kickline wlBarbara and Lisa, Florida and L.B.l. w!Kim, Skiing wfjanet, Houlahans and great times wlK.H., A.M,, P.L., S.N., U.B., I.R., I.T., L.N.'s wlI.R., KO., LF., E.S., Art 83-84 w!I.K. and I.M. Prom '83, '84 and all the great memories with Ieff, Ian. 15, 1983. "You don't need what you had it you didnt lzazie compassion" Love to my family VW. WILLIAM SCOTT MICHELSON Scott, Roscoe Cross-Country, Winter Track, Spring Track, Good times with K.M., GR., I.M., and RF., Summer '84, Gloversville '84. Thanks Mom, Dad and Lisa for everything, "Those crazy nights Ido remember in my youth Ido recall Those were the best times Most of all" Iourney "Schools been fun, Now it's done. Always keep these years in your heart, Life's just about to start." "Where have all the good times gone" Van Halen CHRISTINE ANN MILLER Chris A.H.R.C., Frisbee, Latin Club, Mas- quers, Love to everyone who helped make it easier, Russia '84, Hofstra '84, W.B.A.U., Arlo, Arlo, Arlo ,... , Chip, Son, Sir, Sire. . . "Argue for your limitations and sure enough they are yours" Richard Bach Thanks to my family, especially my sister Cathy 4-a...,x CHRISTOPHER LAWRENCE MIDDLETON Soccer, MAST, Mathletes, Nat'l Honor Society. "Some men grow mad by studying much to know, but who grows mad by studying good to grow." affix if EDGAR MILLER Thanks Mom and Dad for all your help and support. Also thanks to all my friends for making these three years so much better. fi! V555 QXQPD of O55 of :fat Qfxsw t f Qi 5 ox XT'JDI!5f lrwm X as .Wf l la fo' gg .BULL 5 e C+ 'C ,WAX 5f3'UL ' ' Jeniors 79 ' Qu' JN- TERESA ANN MINUTO Mush Kickline, Trojan Club, Key Club, Social Studies Rm. 136, Italy, Sweet 16, Prom '84, Homecoming, Great laughs, Scamming with Steph, Amy, El, Tess, Sue - Smile babes we're dancing our Way out of here! "l'm not afraid of tomorrow for I have seen yesterday and l love today!" Love to my family W cc.,, ,Wg STEPHANIE MOORE Volleyball, Badminton, Softball, Key Club . . . "It's in there" - Russia '84 Summer '83, '84, Merediths Purloin Dear T.M., V.H., M.M., L.M. and M.D. "Friends are people who Understand your past, Believe in your future And accept you today lust the way you are" Thanks Mom, Dad, Ray and Margaret 80 Seniors f ROBERT I. MONTANO Rob Intramural Softball, Dan, Gerry, Keith, Merc, Bill, Joe, Tom, D.G..'s or K.P.'s or G.D.'s, When Tony hit the curb with car, Football, Baseball, Frisbee, Lacrosse. "A world of indifference, heads and hearts too full, careless of the conse- quence of constant push and pull" KEITH MORAN Houdini Tennis, P.B., B.K., I.L., HesHie, P.C., I.C., M.A., Keg, IC., B.B., Regs, Testa, Halls, R.T.D., What the hock, Shazam, Band, Donkey Kong, Gunga din, Spock, Driving cars, Iackie Chan, Charger, Battle '82 "I can fix it" ' - Spicolli "Once you're nailed, go all out" Houdini "Atl1letics? No, I play Bass" KENNETH ROBERT MOODY Ken Varsity Track, Football, Soccer, S.C.B. Executive Board, Good times with great friends, Thanks T.M., GR., I.M., S.M., NB., C.P., P.T., The "Cage," The "Tunnel," Summer '84, Empire State Games, Gloversville. "I guess in time l'd stop and think it over, everything that we've been through." 38-Special Thanks Mom and Dad 'fi STRATIS MORFOGEN To all my friends the M.A.'s, their thoughts, Iohn "Pic" LoPicollo - and - the boys, D.S., Steiney, Den- nis "Lobo" Levy, "the more I learn, the less I know" I.L.g T.M., H.M., GB., D.F., S.N., D.A., Mary and the girls, Planet Riedel "Wish me well l'm on my way to a better life where bells don't ruin my day" their thoughts 7M IESSE MORGAN Melted Crew, Ole Salt - sorry Ed, Tabs wlEd, Baxters, team Elmo, Pride of Man, Shiny Gramsky's, Marshal Fields, MEP, My experience, Bush + Stupidity : Chin + Wrist, Cana's week, Gluck, Canada wllohn, Thanks to my friends for being the greatest. Much thanks to my grandparents. "As we dove through Iife's aquarium, we lost all equilibrium" 'ff'1,M,,""'h IUNE MORTER Masquers, Best of the best Lee, An- nie, Annie's house, my room, Special memories - Melted Americans, C.M., E.S., Billy - I'll love you always, "Tom's sexy," "Iollys," Mom, Dad, Peter - Thanks and love. "lf I get home before Daylite" Grateful Dead "ln those days everything was simpler and more confused" lim Morrison W. 'hn- THOMAS G. MORINGIELLO III Marvin Soccer, Lacrosse, Great times with great friends especially Fitz, The Who at Shea, Canada tliej, The bird at Akeson's, Thanks Uncle "T" and Mr. Robinson tespecially for your impact on long distance runsj, Tap, Torch and Eat the UB." "Let it all begin, let it all start here." Blue in Heaven PETER IOHN MULLAHEY Gooey V. Football, V. Baseball, Fitz, Birdy, Ray, Kram, "To the turf," Colang, 7"s" Beginning with C.D. 5!24l84 and Prom '84, AKDT parties - Slugfests - midweek meetings, Tap the "B," Road Trip, T.M., F.E. "I anticipate a deeply religious experience" Otter lAnimal Houseb 'N' K SUSAN MORRA Sue, Wom, Lags Kickline - co-captain, Honor Socie- ty, S.C.B., I think I'm ready for col- lege now, Hold on babes, we're dancin' on out of here, Going to R.B. with D.F., Sweden '84, London in springtime, What's the L.C.O.A.? Beach runs, Madonna, M.I. and Euro- peans, Great times with the gang - I love you kids. KRISTINA M. MULLER Kristy Great times with family and friends, especially Tyne, Andrea, Marsh, Nance, and all the "Buds," Summer '84, Beach with I.P., Singing with Barry and Victor, The City. "All it takes is one voice . . . Barry Manilow "The smile on my face you see, can't con- ceive all the happiness in me." Seniors 81 X ix fag? JGRXXQ "X c txt- 0 VX NJ' X I X 'i i I L, li to fg X M vw SEAN MICHAEL MUNNELLY Money Bags, Mr. Money AP II's, Apogee Club, Galactic times with cosmic people, Major pool games at Del's, Beach parties '84, Fishing trips. "Crippled but free, I was blind all the time while I was learning to see." Garciafl-lunter "Some folks trust to reason, Others trust to might, I dorz't trust to nothin' But I know it come right." Bob Weir , ND! W' ' MARYANNE MURRAY Annie, Boota, Abbie Normal Masquers, P.H.'s, Missy, Lee, Iune, Tracey, Patty, Tricia, Friday, Summer '83, 4X1 G.D., You! Rightl, B.M., Garth Day, Tom's Sexy, K.P. Mom, Dad, Mark, Ierry - I love you! June, Lee, Missy - We're not dead yet! "In the world that is my own I begin again" lg .5 "I believe in yesterday" MX , i NJ I x, V, R X is 'WU - l +V I .XJXJ I Nfl 5 1, pi ot' , , X-, ij J MY' MV Q XJ 1 J N 99 P TQ X ,tf1'Y.fy',g, 15.51 , C I ks I l xy' ' ck. vkym N It Q A X div' M wh' ' WS 'Wg-ky I til rf Nt , ' . I' A , ' X N5 N my ay' gi 9 r If J g gvxm ws? Nyce' kbp 1 ,gf QPR gf JY a sp' NJ' 5U fu S' VU, J K' ij 4 I xlib! -. U 82 fe, - W to st"'YNix eniors N A , i 5, tp , N X-f Qyxg .. ALISON K. MUNRO A.K. I.V. Lax, Ken's boat, Summer of '84, Dawny May, 5!11!82, 7!17I82, Good times with Missy and Lisa, Thanks Evy and Bud. "It's casual" "I blink my eye and then it happens again, I lose my way but I discover a friend. It's a typical day on the road to Utopia." Todd Rundgren dreamt, W, MARK IUDE JOSEPH MUSANTE Computers, Risk, Diplomacy, Machiavelli, Lode Runner, Mathletes, Computer Club, Chess Club, IR., M.O'C., I.C., C.O., T.V., M.L., Room 170, Star Trek, Dr. Who, Plastic Model Building. "All that is good does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost" I.R. Tolkien PATRICIA ANN MURPHY Patti Masquers, Youth Group, South Africa, Magazine Drive, Trojan Club, Barry, Latin Club, A.I-I.R.C., Enten- mann's run wfthe 3 Muskateers, Chuckles, I.P., 'Hey Serg,' 'HA!!'. "Lord, grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, and Wisdom to know the difference" Thanks to my family. r""""' an-f 1""t""""Y' ra AYNE DONALD MYSLIK Dweeble at this uncertain stage in our lives, we peer into the future and see only darkness. At these times, we must remember our friends, for they are the eternal lights, their memories illuminating the paths of our futures. The friendships we have developed here will transcend time and space, remaining in our hearts until We meet once more. So to you I say not goodbye, but "Remember, for I shall see you again!" "Biting my trewand pen, beating my selfe for spite, 'FooIe,' said my Muse to me, 'looke in thy heart and write'." Sir Philip Sidney QW LISA NATOLI Kickline, S.C.B., Student Store, Ten- nis, Student Exchange, Unforget- table memories with Debbie, Talks with Claire, Barb . . . Love to the Big Bad Dan Machine, Sister Snatch!, Spain '84, Kickline with Babs and Christy. "The good times we'zie had will soon come to an end, but the memories will always remain." Love you Mom and Dad 'Qs-..,.-ff' SUSAN H. NOVA AA, Dee! E.L.R. you're the best, Yadahesay Ruth! WWI on ice, HUH! S.L. Late Nights, C.M., K.B., The many experiences wfK.H., Pat - The bagell, Trucker - Florida, "The Snitches," K.D .... The Russians? . . . always Kenny. "There's no winter as cold as a life without compassion." All my love to my very special family. "That's All" W. .,., 1' SCOTT THOMAS NESSLER Scotty Varsity Football, Varsity Bowling, Varsity Baseball, The Original Four, Spiro's, Drive to Southold. "P.s.P., knock if Off" -2312 ANDREW NOWACK I-lello Andy, Feather Varsity Basketball, Baseball, I.V. Football, Echo, Key Club, Nassau Haven, Good times with all Havenites, H6969-84. "lf we can get these people off our backs, we're gonna have a rockin' time." - I,F. . . Been such a pleasant stay. But now it's time for me to go. l'oe got to ramble on." BARBARA NEWMAN Soccer, Trojan Club, Key Club, SAAD, Student Court, LP., L.L., I.C., D.F., I.B., T.Z., R.K., "Crepes" QS.S.- C.H.J, HA! tPattyJ "I'a' like to thank all my friends for the good times we'z1e had, l'Il never forget you guys! Keep me in your memories, as I will you, and always he happy!" MARK A. O'CONNELL I.R., I.C., M.M., M.L., Chess Club, Mathletes, French Club, Computer Club, Honor Society, Star Trek, Diplomacy, Dr. Whol, Risk. "The man who makes no mistakes does not usually make anything." Edward Iohn Phelps Seniors 83 NEIL V. O'CONNELL "Mellow is the man who knows what he's been missing, many, many men ean't see the open road" L.Z. "There are those that choose from phantom fears, and kindness that can kill. l will choose a path that's cIear,I will choose free will." Rush 1534999 ' i f Iii " 1 M. NICOLE O'SHEA Nick Thanks to Mel, Steph, El, Tesses, Aim, Kathy, Mom and Dad, Summer '84, Who '82, Russia '84, Springsteen '84, The City, The beach, No newts, B and R, D.L.R. "At the end of every hard earned day, you can find some reason to believe." B. Springsteen -ii. .lx 1,1135 84 Seniors mam if new .e,, JAMES OLCOTT Iirnmy Soccer, Wrestling, Lacrosse, Studio, Tank trips and Maine with A.L., I.L., P.G., M.V., Brendan Byrne-Syracuse- Dead, Great times with the Studio crowd, Sept. 23, '83, Songbird and Deb, Thanks Mom and Dad - Love you. "Maybe tomorrow" "The secret of life is enjoying the passing of time" f.T. ELIZABETH VICTORIA OUTCAULT Liz, Iunior PTR, Gymnastics, Kickline, Baseball manager, Hawaii, Sue: Volpe, Stahel, Schiraldi, My party, Westhampton with Torre, Terrace, Spirit Day - Homecoming - Prom '84, Denis 7l21!83, Weekends with Snatch, Reds, Chaminade. "Laughin' and gigglin"' "Let's party it up by drinking and getting drunk" Thanx Mom and Dad, Love ya 5-.9-f .---qc' EDWARD IOSEPH ORFF Ted Band, Drum Section Leader, Iazz, Ensemble, Latin Club, French Club, Baseball, Fosters Softball, Band Camp: '82, '83, '84, Holland '83, Virginia '84, Russia '85, Newsday, Mailroom at Doubleday, To all of my teachers . . .Thanks. "Superare Optimum!" MARY KAY PALMER M.K., alias "Snarsh" French Club, Masquers, The best of times with Tricia, Cathy, Wendy and Linda, Gig's house and N.Y.C., Sum- mer '84, Music - Clarinet, piano, Tenor Sax, Photography. "The past should be remembered, not dwelled upon, the present lived to the fullest and the future looked forward to with high hopes." M.K.P. '7' 71".P MARIANNE PARRIN Mar Grade Council, Student Council, Tro- jan Club, Key Club, Yip, Thermel Nermel, N.G., B.M.W., Bayview, beach, the Rock, Mom's wedding, N.Y.C., Tash, Shooting Stars, Flowers, Willard and Eugene, M-N- M's, American Pie. "Fate has made us what we are, we must make ourselves what we wish to be!" yy ,,,,,,, i M LESLIE PEEL Trojan Club, Latin Club, Teacher's Aide, Chris, Laura, Ien, Barbara, Mia, Laura L., Shelter Island, "crepes" CSS. - C.H.J, Horses, Swimming, Being outdoors. . . It's the laughter we will remember whenever we remember the way we were CHRISTINE PATERAKIS Chrissy Stage Crew, Art club, Band lHolland '83J, Love and thanks to my friends for the good times shared . . . "To laugh often and love much To find the best in others, To give of one's self without the slightest thought of return, To know that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived! This is to have succeeded." Anonymous DIANE PENTALERI Pento, Panties, Anna Paolini Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Children's Theater, MAST, G.A.A., Kathy, Man- da, Sally, Muffy, Claire, Italy Sum- mer '84, "Belli Capelli," "Basta Bufala", "Ching-Chang-Wolly- Wank" "Sacrifice freedom for security and you will lose both." "You don't need a weatherman to tell you which way the wind blows." KEITH PAVIA 'vi 123' X. HAROLD S. PEPER Harry, Har, Howie, Guten MAST, German Club, Eagle Scout, Good times with friends, Bake's house, Georges, Here and There, When Tim got his pudding, Skiiing, Hiking, Camping, Photography "We stay on the ground And reach for the stars, Those who can't grasp I-Iaven't tried." Mom and Dad, Thanks for it all My friends, They're near when I call. nv 'Th Seniors 85 CHRISTOPHER PEPPARD Varsity Lacrosse, Iunior Varsity Foot- ball, Class Vice-President, Band, Iazz Ensemble. Friends, always remember the times we lzad as we grew through our experiences together. To all of those who touched me through their friendship and love, and to that great group at home, thanks for everything. ,H f fri, ' .4 'K ffqi? ni J 'aff 350' sfi, EDWARD 1. PHILLIPS 86 Seniors I. 'WO' -...N CHRISTOPHER PETERSON Vice President Masquers, Inkspots, C.P., T.H., P.S., I.K., The Basement, The Beach, France, Photography, Guitar. Mom, Dad, thanks for your help, support and love - I love you both. "You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows" Bob Dylan SEAN M. PIERCE Soccer, The Attitudes, Malibu, St. Pats Day, Scammer, Slowdown Cowboy, Bathroom sessions, Road- trips, Hello Mother, Special thanks to RTO, Good times with good friends. S.D. ff "What's so funny about peace, love and understanding" Elvis Costello "For one more time let your madness run with mine" Steely Dan KATHERINE A. PFEIFFER Kathy Track, French Club, Trojan Club. "To serve, to strive, but not to yield" Tennyson SUSAN PISCOPO Sue To special friends, Christine, Cin- dy, may the memories last forever. "Time passes too quickly my friend, good times we've had will soon come to an end, but the memories will always bind us together in a special way that will last forever" Thanks Mom and Dad - I love you. ,,,. ive SYLVIA PLASS Sylvie P.H.'s, Cheryl, Lora, Mike, Sue, Ran- dy, David, Picnic tables. Gang. Beach, Schoolyard, Musto's, "April Fool's," Strawberry Fields, Eisenhower Park, "April 12." Thanks Mom and Dad, love you. Henry - Thanks for caring - I love you! "Many dreams corne true Ana' some have silver linings. I live for my dream and a pocketfal ofgold" Zeppelin WILLIAM HARRISON PRESTON Wompus Madrigals, French and Key Clubs, Canada '84, Barry, Homecoming, Summer, Great times with the best of friends. "The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time. It's okay to feel afraid but don't let that stand in your way." Iames Taylor Thanks Mom and Dad WENDY POOLE Masquers, Italy '83, I.T., My little friend and studio - Thanx for all the great times, The memories are all in my mind. Love ya. Toph - 3 words . . . I love you. Mom and Dad - night, Love you, See you in the morning, Thanks. GREGORY WILLIAM PRIME Captain Varsity Wrestling, President Key Club, MAST, S.C.B., All my close friends, Home, Reds, A S25 parking ticket issued by the crossing guard, Mooseheads "Is that a clip-on?" "Nothing worthwhile comes easy" Thanks Mom and Dad FRANCIS XAVIER POPFINGER Frank The B team summer in Calif. "This is the best l've felt all day" C. F. House. "Do everything in moderation Live life to the fullest" JOHN I. QUINN Varsity Swimming, Tennis, Band, jazz Ensemble, French Club, German Club, Republic Airportp Summer '84, Holland '83, Photography, Skiing, Cross-country flying in my Skyhawk, music. Thanks to my loving family and car- ing teachers. Seniors 87 DIANET RAMOS r"".': fi 'rev 755' in N , THEODORE DAVID RECHNER Rec' Computer Core, Honor Society, Bowling, Igor, Barry Concerts in '83 and '84, Babes in Arms, Summer '84 at Harvard. "Climb every mountain Ford every stream Follow every rainbow 'Til you find your dream" Oscar Hammerstein II 88 Seniors W, JACKIE RAMOS Tec 5, 7, 8, Agape 1, Summer 1984 "We gotta get out of this place girl, there's a better life for me and you" The Animals "Gimme that good, good lovin good love, all you need is love" The Young Rascals "All you need to do is call and l'll be there you've got a friend" Iames Taylor JAMES FITZGERALD REGAN Slug Lax, Football, Slugfests, Canada, Rhode Island, President AfIDT, Good times with great friends, ACIJT meetings-parties, Prom '84 with C.M., Skiing, Stones, Tap the "B," Torch the "B," Uncle T's, Thanks Mom and Dad. "There is nothing wrong with sobriety, in moderation" "Fool that I am, l'd do it all again" Q, t i i Q sy My eg IOSEPH RAPUANO joe Rap Studio type crowd, Independent thinking, Thanks to those who try. "A rock feels no pain" IOSEPH RAYMOND REISERT Ioe Echo, French Club, Mathletes, Physics Club, Rap Group. M.O'C., ML., M.M., T.R., Paris, Sum- mer of '84. "The cultivation ofthe mind is a kind of food supplied for the soul of man." - Cicero Hllfaut cultiver notre jardin" Candide, Voltaire x 1 CHRISTOPHER REPETTO Rep Maybe people only ask you how you're doing 'Cause it's easier than letting on how little they could care But when you've got a real friend somewhere Suddenly all the others are so much easier to bear. Special thanks to the Original Four and many other true friends. 'ZW IANET RIEDEL Michael - it's been GREAT being your neighbor for all these years! Love Iane. Get Melted . . . and be an American. Hey seester, c0uldn't have done it without ya! Hawaii '85. Christy. s,B.m. Thanks. Love to the family - how 'bout a house? With me always Karen. "The show must go on!" Pink Floyd LISA RICCIO Lee "All of my past time is locked in the memory of my mind Those who know me Have the key." Lee Dear family, Thanks for pulling me through. "In the winter Far beneath the bitter snow Lies the seed That with the sun's love in the spring Becomes the ROSE!" IONATHAN B. RIGGERS Iohnny Rig's, Rig's, I.R, Track, Good times with friends, Edgemere Park, When Iim wanted to see how good his brakes worked, Basketball, Soccer, Football. "Meet the Mets" Nw A... ' ELIZABETH MARIE RICE Kickline, President AQIJA, Canada '82 - '84 with P.M., B.D., and D.M. "The Snitches," Summer '83 with S.N. at W.R., The Pole, Great times with the best of friends especially: Barb, Sue, Dee, Beenie and Bessy. A special thanks to Larry and Chris. "No man is a failure who has friends" Clarence Oddbody, ASC QW 'vb DANIEL G. ROCCO Rock, Danny Great times with K.P., R.M., WF., W.G., G.M., G.D., P.B., G.K. and others, There's nothing like them, quick the Dead!, This has been a good experience for all. "Let my inspiration flow" Grateful Dead Seniors 89 QU . j. V nQ5?Ti22zi-fiffiiliif ' ' "fi: 2Ef?j'1ffi Q 'A MICHAEL ROCHFORD Rocks Soccer, Golf, Football games, Weight-lifting. "Ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man." I.F.K. . wif 'WG ROSEMARIE A. ROSATO Rosie Thanks for the wonderful memories from cheerleading, soccer, Southampton, The Clan and backrubs, to Canada, Nov. 2, tent parties, Rosebud's Pub and the MANIACS. Here's to E.I., McMahon, Tricia, Alison, Claire, Debbie M., and Nancy, Gus is our idol. I love you Laura. Thanks Mom and Dad. "In the silence. . . I think ofyou" 90 Seniors YVONNE MARIE ROGOWSKI Trojanettes, Volleyball, Twirling, He- jnal, Canada, Holland, Germany, Virgina, Band Camp, Utah, RPI and Zeta Psi, G.C. Pool, Shell, Iim's house, Smythe Travel, Prom '83, '84, W.W. '83, Summer '83 WXDAP and "The Prix," Malibu, Waterskiing, Roses, "The Group," Barry Concerts, To my family and friends: Thanks for everything. "There is always something there to re- mind me" N.E. WW ...aqua MICHAEL ROSE Captain Bizmo The Melted Americans, Gluck-Open House, Ko., LR., HM., Mc, Es., 1.11, A.L,, LM., s.M., ow., QB., Tc., D.A., P.S., F.D., Bellow's to G.C.G.C., Marshall Field Raw Swimathon Hootch, Axing, 151. "Dats Me" e Karen Orr "See the joker laugh at you" I am the Walrus "Linoleum" DANIEL ROSATO PATRICIA ROSSI Tricia Track, Soccer, Cheering, Here's to great times with Maura, E.T., Deb, Rosebud, Claire and all the maniacs, Rosebud's Pub, Southampton, Canada, Italy '83, Spring Fling '83, The clan doodes, and Bill Dorf, May Gus be with you! "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you might find, you get what you need" The Stones Thanks to my great family. 'Tv'-'avi' IAMES RYAN lim A.Z., R.L., C.K., R.F., M.T., C.C., A.S., Homeroom, Art class, Art field trips, Biology, "Blue Meanie" "Minds are like puruchutes, they only function u1l1e11 open." ,fm ,.,, ,hvnb ' fzfrwl ol JOSEPH SACCA Band, Echo, Good times with I.B., I.M., T.R., P.T., and S.W., the Cage, Slug Beach, Igor, Holland '83, Virginia '84, the beach fI'm going out to the endj "And all you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be." R. Waters cf 'AQ 961, U xifjvlhanks Mom, Dad and Maryanne J A , Q,..g6fi MWA 1 Wm 4'lfN?0-Q17 1 " 'w:'3:?,2:',iAL 'W eh' W era T.B., sc., M.M., ML., L.R., c.M., C.V., R.R., Nassau Blvd., Nirvana, Oblivion, When I grew up in only two months, Sci-fi, the Arts, com- puters, partying. "And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you 11111ke." Beatles I ,-Q' C! ac wi'lrasevreeiirifwaler f ANDREW WATSON SAMAAN Drew V. Soccer, V. Lax, llth Grade Pres., Student Council, Honor Society, AfIJT parties, Good times with the crew, Oasis, Uncle T's, Reds, B.K., B2, The bird at Nancy's, Skiing Utah '84, Michigan '84, Brennan's- summer house, The caprice and caddy El Diablos, Tap the "B," Torch the Pool hopping, "Everyone I know I owe. "Too much of everythirzg is just enough" G.D. ITN M YURIKA SAITO "Moose!," Cross Country Capt., Spring Track, Indoor Track, Fencing, Nassau Concert Orchestra, Concert Mistress, Candy Striping, German Club, Key Club, Chantecler Asst. Editor, Honor Society V.P., Unicycl- ing, Sky Diving, Tennis, Caricature, Swimming, Harvard Summer School, Spring Fling with Ieffrey. "Only those who dare, truly live." Ferrari Thanks Mom and Dad 4"!"""J- KATHERINE CLEMENT SANDERS Kath Worn Trance '84, "The S.S. Schmidt," "My .eprechaun," Beach Action with VVom's, Falafel, "All the women and men," "You're a nis Dee," Al, Anita, Dee2, Legs, Dana, P.A.M., Tricia, MBeth, Gail, Gwen "To be 111 wornzznhood harmony forever" Thanks Mom and Dad, Munchkin, everyone, I love you, now, always. "l'lIl1e kinetic forever!" Seniors 91 Aff" IOSEPH ANTHONY SANTOS Tony Soccer, Wrestling, Skiing, G.D., K.P., R.M., M.D., Summer '84, Iune 16, 1984 on the way home from G.M.'s . . . curb 1. "Some are liorn to move the world to live their fantasies Bat most of as just dream alvoat the things we'd like to lie." PATRICIA GRACE SCARANTINO Trish, Tree Italian Club - V.P., Lo Stivale - Co-Editor, Trojan Club, French Club, Field Hockey, Softball, Great times with friends especially lean, Liza, Chris and Andrea, Italy '84. Lisa, Ioan, Rome-Summer '84 - Domas Pacis. Love and special thanks to my family. "Optima dies prima fagit" "You ean't get what you want 'till you know what you want." joe Iackson 92 Seniors tw ww' MARY ELIZABETH SARNO Liza, DeLila Soccer, Italian Club -- President, Art, Great times with friends - Tricia, Chris, Andrea, Jean, Ioan and Lisa. Italy '84 and the Tower Airline Ordeal. "Follow your dreams and yoa will find happiness" All my love to my mother and father for their love and support. I LYNDA SCELES l look to the sea, Refleetions in the waves strikes my nzemory Some happy, some sad, I think of childhood friends And the dreams we had We live happily forever So the story goes But somehow we missed out On the pot of gold Bat we'll try, oh Lord We'll try to carry on" Always remember my great friends, The Surn- mer of '84, One special weekend in Connec- ticut, Chaminade dance and nights at the Underground. JENNIFER ANNE SCANLON Nif England '83 Picnic Grounds, KB. Patrol, Who '82 with D.W., unforget- table city trips - especially 138th St. and other all-nighters, Summer 1984 with Spike, Track with R.K., learning how not to ski Soni' is ot lniighler slmiirs mzvlli are X X Tl Kell Inu open I I ni' lnnrlliws and love wlmh shines l I k ll ii wins It iillls wi J limi on iifross the Iohn Lenno Special tli.1l1Lslol3nI1l1J - for evervtliing jA.,.,,,,, 'ir KENNETH SCHAFF Ken M.G., P.C. and C.C., I.D. working at ETI, Hawaii Summer '84, The Iacksons, Chevy Nova, Miami Dolphins. "Some men see things as they are and say, why. I dream things that never were and say why not." Robert Kennedy Thanks Mom, Dad, Stephanie, len- nifer, and family - I love you. SUSAN ANN SCHIRALDI Sur' Good times with Sue Stahel, Sue Volpe, and Liz Dutcault, PTR, Red's, "Where's the cactus?", Driving without lights on, All-Nighters at Tainmy's, "You don't have the guts!", "Let's Party!'f, Oldtimers Day, Syracuse, Westhampton, Spirit Day '84, Back massages in English by C.H. "Lim for today . . . Dramn for tonzorrozv . . . I.v11ri1 from iucstc'rday" ' V f , I me fb SUSAN SEO 115 CAROL SCHNIEDER if A DIMPY SETHI When I first came to this school, I did not know anybody here. I want to thank my friends - L.B., EM., S. H., PS., S.G., E.L., IR., I.D., D.H., T.A., CY., S.P., M.T. and CG. for helping me in a totally strange environment. I also want to thank all my teachers for being helpful. I want to thank my science teachers for fun labs in the class. ids KATHY PATRICIA SCHWALENBERG Sc1zwr1I,Kafl1, Burger Kickline, S.C.B., Trojan Club, Magazine Drive, Best of times with C.V., L.V.S., U.B., CLL., and P.S., "Gwema, Chrisa, Katha," "The Twins" Chris, Gwen and Lara - Love you HAI!-lffllfllg 1'sposSz'lvIc" - T and C "Life in flu' fast Irma, surely makes you I0st'yoz1rn11'nd!" Thanks Mom and Dad CHRISTOPHER SIDERIS Seniors 93 STACY SIMARI "No inan is sane who does not knozo how to be insane on the proper occasions" The ph's, Lee CSAT coursej, Cheryl fthe torchj, C.M. Cfightsb, T.M., Volleyball, Track, Aprill lst. "Deliver nie from the reason y0u'd rather cry l'd ratherflyf' Sylvia and Carol, Could not have made it Without you, Friends forever. SPIRO S. SPIRAKIS I Wing-Ding Hockey, Botany Club, Spanish Club, Met Fan Club, Great times with Charlie, Kevin, Scott, Rep and especially CCH, The Original 4, Schmitty's, Reds, "Andurs Kallur," 5l21l84, Sat. Afternoon 1l4's, Ride to Southold, Scotty's noises defeating the funnel, Spring Fling and Prom with Carolyn. Thanks Mom and Dad. "Take time to live" W.H.R. it-nw,.,..w germs' X 94 Seniors DANNY SMERECHNIAK Donny, Sinez Varsity Football, Baseball, Great times with great friends - M.D., Birm, C.F., S.M., T.M., and others, I always try to be where the action is. "Babe, we're gonna rock tonite" and for the rest of our lives! MARY FRANCES ST. IACQUES Mar Love to all my friends - take care. Thanks Mom and Dad. Love ya Steve. Stepping Stone Park - nights at the beach. "Days of barefoot freedorn Racing with the waves Dancing fires on the beach Singing songs together Though it's qinst a rnenzory Soine inernorzes last forever in ""ig,,..-f DEAN A. SPERES Dino V. Football, MAST, S.C.B., Ir. Goya V.S., T.K., M.K., P.S., '84 in Russia "Tomorrow we again embark upon the boundless sea." V' ,i , THERESA STABILE Tess Gymnastics, Cheering, National Honor Society, Steph, Ellyn, Teresa, Moira, Mel, Amy, Pizza demonstra- tion with E.D., Prom '84, Spring Fling with Spring King, Finding Bethpage H.S. with T.M. "What's up?", Which way, right or left?", "Steph, Ellyn, Teresa.. scam rnach?", "Amy, do you want jello?" "Live, Love and Laugh." iv "5 MICHAEL STAFFORD V. Tennis, V. Track ffor a dayj, Ultimate Frisbee Cfor about 5 minutesj, Masquers "The Ramp," "Scammer Re," Homecoming Float '84, LIE. jump, "What? Pink Floyd?", Trips to N.Y.C., Great times with R.C., I.H., I.S. and S.P. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for letting me have 200 kids over while my parents were away. Thanks Mom and Dad. DAVID STEINBRECKER Team Elmo, Hampton Hike, Col- iseum Bodchecks, The Maggots, Lowell-Seats, 11111181 Rockaway, Kitchen Frig, Music, TAMA, Music- Feast, Payne, Cobham. Here you go Mom "A wise :nan will listen to the people sing their tales of thy Expressing Dome." "My houselyour liouse,' 20 times over" T.G.H.H.84 QQ. SUZANNE TIGHE STAHEL Sue Kickline, Gymnastics, Softball, PTR, G.C. Golf Course, Westhampton Spirit Day '84, Red's, The times spent with my friends, Liz O., Sue S., Suzi V., Tammy P., The sticky caper. "May the best days of our past he the worst of our future" "Laughin' and gigglin' " Savana Thanks to my family and friends BRIAN WILLIAM SULLIVAN Sully Football, Lax, Great times with great friends, Devils, Slug Fests, Frat par- ties, R.I. with Sheka, Slug, Rio, Eg's and Pagowg Prom '84, Thanks Mom and Dad. "Happiness is found along the way not at the end of the road." "lt's not whether you win or lose, lt's whether you defeat the funnel" EDWARD STANKEWICK Melted Americans, M.F.P., The Melted Family, Karen keep us in peace, Chicklets with jesse, Baxters, Dead Shows, AP Il's, Uglansy's, Gramskies, Maggot, Florida with Fuller. Drew mi Boy, 9l19!84 All my tunes are for you Mary. "l'll see iny way My own way You can live with the times But l'll keep mine." E.S. .I v ROSEMARY SUSNIARA "For long you live and high you fly And snziles you'll give and tears you'll ery All you touch and all you see Is all your life will ever lie" Roger Waters "We walk away with memories And clutch thern to our hearts" Pete Townshend Seniors 95 PATRICK SWEENEY Crew, Flying Chairs, C.P., F.D., G.B., Magot, Garcia Band, Iarma-Jack at the pier, Melted Americans, M.F.P., Battle of Bands, Dinkle Acker "I'll see my way, my own way" E.S. "lust one way out, I'm heading for that front door." G. Allman 41" , 'ATT ROBERT C. TRENKLE Bob Baseball, The day C.H. "patron- ized" me. Swimming, Water ski- ing, Fishing, Motor boats. "I've been watching those clouds in centerfield for the last hour, they form, then break-ap, only to reform again later." Thurman Munson 96 Seniors .Ms I I ggi , f , ,M K A,,, K K '21, .9 MARY TACCHI fir DONALD TRIOLO Don Soccer, Student Council, Key Club, Iay, Sean, Tim, Archie, Rob, Bullwinkles, The Tams, The Clash, Elvis, The Beat. "Reality is a Dream" The Bazzcocks RN STEPHEN TESTA Cles of T Varsity Football, Tennis, Soccer, Stu- dent Council President, Echo, Reds, The O, Westhampton '83 with P.C., Shoe-beers, Brennan's summer house, Beerpong at B.H.'s, State of Shock, Summer job '84, Billy Idol im- pressions, Special thanks to Cambell's. "I only drink to make other people seem more interesting" PETER TODD TRUESDELL Traes, Tuesday Wrestling, Band - V.P. of Band, B.S.A., E.S., Irreplaceable times with Ken, Garth and Iim, Many enjoyable excursions with IJ., S.W., I.S., I.B., The Cage, Virginia '84, Christmas party at Ken's, Bebido con amigos. "It's nice to be important, but it is more important to be nice" P.T. Everything I am or hope to be I owe to my family and friends. Thanks to everybody! CHRISTOPHER TUOZZO Chris Cheril, Lora, Tom, Mike, Mikki, James, Edga, The Park, Loft, My house, I got the vette, Riding motor- cycles, Hunting, Racing my car. "Partners in crime" MICHAEL VALVANO In synch with Iames, Andrew, Peter, Iim and Fab times with my buddies ahead of and behind me Maine and The Loaf Coliseum 4!30!84 . . . Summer '84 . . . To be on the bus . . .Thanks Mom, Pop and Chele. "Acid" Bill the Cat "Imagination is more important than knowledge" Albert Einstein 'Z' . ,f 7 V J f - ' ' ? JUDITH ANNE TYNAN lady, Tysen Good times and memories never to forget with Alex, Patti, Kim, Ursula, Courtney, Christy . . . I've missed you I.K.L. . , . Houlihan's, Chaka- khan!! Thanks Mom, Dad and family. "Laughter is not at all a had beginning for a friendship, and it is far the best for ending one" Oscar Wilde Good luck to all!!! CHRISTOPHER VAUGHN Coppertone 1.V. Baseball, Enjoys basketball, ski- ing, ice hockey and other sports, Moosehead, T.K.B,, parties at M.H. with KM., G.D., P.T., I.B. Yes concert with G.D., Gristede's lunch breaks at Leo's, evenings at the Oasis. LAURIE TYPERMASS Student Council, S.C.B. - C.M. and Crew, Honor Society, Basketball, SADD, Church - A.V., Homecom- ing '84, Reflex, A! Love to all my friends for making these years great, especially D.C., C.W., B.D., S.B., D.M., and M.F. Times with M.A. Love and thanks - Mom, Dad and David. CHRISTINE VIERLING Chris tTynel MAST, French Club, Gwema, Chrisa, Katha, Good times with good friends especially G.L., K.S., K.M. - I love you guys! Thanks Mom and Dad. "Memories joined together The years that have gone past, Friends too close to leave now, It really went too fast!" Seniors 97 ANTONIO FRANCISCO VINALS Tony Varsity Tennis, Math Club ttreas- urerb, National Honor Society, Rifle Club, MENSA, Young Republicans, Century III Leaders, Tae-kwon-do Karate tlst dan black beltj, Echo, Per. 6ab European History with Dr. Tar- rou, "In vino Veritas," Sevrons. "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I f l took the one less traveled hy, And that has made all the difference." Robert Frost in ,ASW wa'-'Q ,gif AMANDA AMES VOUGHT D.P., M.H. - I couldn't have made it without you guys - I love you. Field Hockey County '83, '84, Lax, "Would you care for some hot chocolate?", Oct.29, 1983, Prom '84. "1t's impossible to conceive of the pleasures in my smile" Thy Rod and thy Staff they comfort me and n1y Cup runneth over" G.C. U.C.C. I owe a debt of gratitude and love to my parents who gave me wings and roots. 98 Seniors :Fifi STEPHANIE VLOGIANITIS Varsity Basketball, Varsity Track, Key Club, Tricia, Laura, Mia, len, Greece '83 and Summer '84. "Hold fast to dreams For if dreams die Life is but a broken-winged bird Who cannot fly." Thanks Mom and Dad for all the support you have given me, I love you. SATORU WAKESHIMA Wok Tennis, German Club, President of the Band, Thanks for the good times P.T., I.S., IM., IB., C.P., C.P., M.V., The Cage, Pete's house, Certain nights at the Beach with certain peo- ple, Guitar, Recording, Life in general. "Nothing is everything. Everything is nothing." Pete Townshend ITS f . X 'D SUZANNE CHRISTINE VOLPE Suzi Great times W!T.P., L.O., Suez, K.S., S.M., L.R., D.D. - Love ya! Varsity Softball, PTR - Gaging wlChubby and Ham! Brooklyn! 7f24!82, ICE CREAM AND COOKIES - 9l2l83, Prom '84, Summer and Homecoming '84, Escapes! Thanks Mom and Dad "Eat and be happy!" "Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime" f T'f "'i' tfllwv I G' 1.131533 f :rl .f ., H70 I . K ff , V' Y Wim" al '. ROBERT RAMSAY WARDLAW Rob Tennis, Golf, Club Med. 'Sev runs whenever possible', fishing. "The fault lies not in our stars but in ourselves" Shakespeare CARRIE LYNNE WATSON Ernie, Baby Watson 8!7l83. BK runs, The station, Sickiwahl, Colorguard, Gega's, Great times with my friends, Special memories with lim. "lf you're going to think, don't think about why people don't love each other, think about wlzy they don't love themselves. Maybe then you will begin to love them." Bob Dylan CHRISTINE WITTECK Tennis, The Hampton's, Florida, To everyone in Studio "I Love You!", Malibu, Westhampton wlWend, jim, Iohn, 16th B-Day, Floyd shows '84, Hangin with M.O., Proms '83, '84, W.W. w!P.I. and D.S., Das boat. Love you Wendy. "You know what I mean" Phil Collins Thanks and love Mom and Dad DONNA LYNN WERBEN Werbs French Club, Wrestling, MASTg Study, Gym, Dance with Dee, Picnic Grounds, Kessel Run, Trashing with len, Special thanks to Chris and the Derelicts - especially Will - who were always there, Mom - You are always in my heart and thoughts, Dad -- Thanks for everything, Karl - You are very special - I love you all. "There is not always darkness and gloom as long as there are dreams" CARRI WROBEL "Don't walk in front of me I might not follow Don't walk in back of me l might not lead Walk beside me and Be my friend." Good times with great friends especially D.C., L.T., and L.M. Thanks Mom, Dad and Dawn ROBERT ERNEST WILDERMUTH Beast, Bob, Bloobist Rifle Drill Team, Horseback riding, Yachting, Swimming, Dan, Werner, Adam and Bill, The Yacht, Sev. The Tub, Racing at beach fvrrommmlj, The "Birth" of the beastmobile, Sev runs during Russ, Yachting, To be an architect. "Red light Werner!" "We're all gona die!!!" W' li COLEEN YEE Guitar, Kickline '83-'85, I.V. Soccer '82, Italiano, Karate, Colorguard '82. "There's no time to lose . . . Catch your dreams before they slip away. . The Rolling Stones Lots of love to my family. Seniors 99 LAURA MARIE YELLEN Masquers, 10th grade council, UFL, USSR '84, WBAU, "What?", Arb, SFOS Love to friends for great times and making bad times better. Thanks to my family for always being there. "We all know SUCCESS, When we all find our own dream, And our love is enough To knock down any wall." P.T. Iles? ANTHONY CONSTANTINE ZOGRAFOS I Tony Masquers, Fencing, Russia '84, Barry '84, Thanks Mom, Dad and Nico for everything. "Life must go on, we all will move on, but as we carry on we will always have memories left in our minds." 100 Seniors 009 ARNOLD ZIMULIS Zim Spanish Club, Functions in 116, Good times with the porchmonkeys, the green door, Neil Young and David Gilmour concerts. "For long you live and high you fly And smiles you'll give and tears you'll cry And all you touch and all you see Is all your life will ever be" 'UW wi. LORA ZAKARIAN Diddy Cherly, Ph's, Mike, David, Picnic table gang and Blonie. Picnic tables, Eisenhower, Beach, june 23, 1983. Dear Mom and Dad, Thanks for understanding and caring. I love you. "Be happy, If you're not happy, Get hap- py, And when you get happy Stay happy." Thanks for everything Iimmy. I love you. Pink Floyd jg I .oi 1 we 'P M0 ev ' f QQL, yd K L , . 'M of ala Alllf grip ,ML TR1ciA zoros U 'W f M . lj Dish, Gigs , I OUL A lQfIasquers, German Club, My love, i F y W U thanks, and best wishes to Stephanie, . 1 TQJN F Q X, A3 Danielle, Ioan, Patti, Missy, Barbara, blfb 3 JOM Ljlkll A f Mark, and especially Mary Kay and ' A QL -Ap AXOJ 'OU .Cathie - you've all been great 'X U N ' V - flfllfriends and I love you all! Summer SW X ll X '84 Theatre Dance meme U 4, fl' f. od A WU f had bi 1 , fi' I , :AX f . H15 Li 4 I Q! J E s E 3 E .I i N M MORIAM l f Q K I, I Q fly ' ' -sf I Vx if s W ,ff E sg ff' . xg A .I f if l l 5. 3, I To Cherish Cdedicated to the memory of Karen Orrj I plea to the eternities to listen to me, Please give me assurance that she is flying free. 1 Oh please, won't you hear me sing 5 On this day of reckoning. l She gave us joy to make it through the day, i Each smile brought more sunshine my way. May her soul be free of all worldly pain, Her realm filled with beauty and lilac rain. " 2, Close the door on the gray day - start anew. 5 You've got to take the first step and push on through. E I Many new days will arise gf We'll just keep these open eyes 3. Never stopping to wonder why ga just gazing at the open blue sky I. ll f A prominent tear we may cry ' ,l But baby just remember, try-try-try I9 N Oh Karen, when I think of you, one in whom I had loved to i confide, ' it I will always think of glistening dew on the rolling countryside. 1, fi I will no longer mourn, but cherish the time, X In which we spoke of the mountain we would climb , 3 The young blossoms will bloom, time will be time 5 2 be that asit may- There is one thing I needn't even say - N But I often sit and pray - 3 t To strengthen the bond, because we all love each other and nothing can i ll ever take that away. ' - Doug Elliot I W.,::i2:'s.1sT'a vs..-nf" "JL W,,,lc.,ll-2-QA, ,, ""' "LSZI'M'A",. - Z: v , In Memoriam 101 MOST LIKELY TO INTERRUPT 1. Debbie Clarke, Spiro Spirakis f 1 2. Rosie Rosato, Danny Mannix DONE MOST FOR SCHOOL 1. Sylvia Cabana, Steve Testa 2. Laurie Typermass, Ralph Cutrone BIGGEST FLIRT 1. Nancy Akeson, Danny Mannix 2. Yvonne Rogowski, Sean Gowan A , mf" . ,WME fi' BEST DANCER 1, Sue Morra, Manny Domingo 2. Diana Fahys, Sean Heaney MOST ARTISTIC 1. Susie Loucks, Mike Rose 2. Stacy Simari, Keith Pavia E, I ,K ' 3:5355 MOST HUMBLE 1, Ellyn Dolan, Greg Prime 2. Yurika Saito, Chris Middleton MOST ATHLETIC 1. Iean Bartholomew, Ken Egan 2. Yurika Saito, Rob Griffith .E 5 , MOST INTELLIGENT 1. jen Scanlon, Ioe Reisert 2. Anne Marie Leshkowich, Greg Bauso MOST GULLIBLE l. Sigahl Less, Mark Burchill 2. Nancy Akeson, Iay Losee ,me : " 1-1 I 1 111. 4 an . Mlm L I BEST MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED SINGER l. Anne Marie Leshkowich, Andrew 1- Celeste Campbell, Adam Corrado 2. Andrea Conte, Eddie Stankewick Samaan 2, len Scanlon, Ioe Reisert F il MOST MUSICAL 1, Gigi I-larnacl, Ted Recliner 2. Gail I-legeman, Eddie Stankewick MOST DEPENDABLE l. Sylvia Cabana, Greg Prime 2. Iennifer Carey, Keith Brisotti K I MOST FUN AT A PARTY 1. Debbie Clarke, Steve Testa 2. Diane Pentaleri, Paul Cowie FRIENDLIEST 1. Patti Murphy, Greg Prime 2. Nancy Akeson, Andrew LoPresti FAVORITE TEACHER 1. Cynthia Morrongiello, Drew Weinlandt 2. Lydia Morrongiello, Roger Regan MOST DRAMATIC 1. Cathie Coakley, Keith Brisotti H6523 Wi iii ie BEST ALL AROUND L 1. lean Bartholomew, Ken Egan 2. Laurie Typermass, Rob Griffith Nw 4-wat MOST INDIVIDUAL 1. Diane Pentaleri, Andrew Salt 2. Stacy Simari, Sean Heaney MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT 1. Sylvia Cabana Steve Testa 2. Courtney Corroon Ralph BEST DRESSED Cutrone 1. Sue Morra, Iay Losee 2. Liz Lundie, Ralph Cutrone 2. Patti Murphy, Adam Corrado MOST HUMOROUS Barbara Newman, Debbie Clarke, mi MOST GENEROUS 1. Sylvia Cabana, Andrew Samaan 2. Patti Murphy, Bill Preston mu TU -r. ,A CLASS CLOWN 1. Debbie Clarke, Paul Cowie S N 2. Diane Pentaleri, A joe Caccamo gm NICEST EYES 1. Moira Davis, Chris Peppard 2. Deirdre Fennessy, Sean Heaney A c BEST FIGUREXPHYSIQUE 1. Cara McCoyd, Ken Egan 2. Deirdre Fennessy, Bill Durand FAVORITE COACH 1. Pam DeMarco Doc Dougherty 2. Udo Guddat BEST LOOKING 1. Cara McCoyd, ' Bill Durand 2. Deirdre Fennessy, Brian Sullivan S .1 If ,-H, f? fi 34 ,gif f 1 4 K' FE' if 4 1' E I '-Q f 4 , 15:2 ' Z! Q . , , 3 'S ' ' ., 5, , in T59 t. 4-.1 Z I The majority of the student body, underclassmen, add their own flavor to the Garden City High School but are also beneficiaries of the seniors' own experiences. This overlapping of knowledge is instrumental in making the journey through the high school years smoother and more productive. M CLASS OF 19 6 CHANOVER - 110 Alzner, Susan, Anderson, Dina, Artz, Lawrence, Ashe, Marybeth, Bashian, Deborah, Belford, Rosemarie, Bindel, Patrice, Bolte, Karin, Boscia, Carol, Brown, Eileen, Brown, Natasha, Clifford, Diana, Conley, Christopher, Connolly, james, Conti, Vincent, Cosgrove, Kevin, Crowe, Megan, DeLatron, Denise, Dell'Olio, james, DeLorme, Christine, Denner, Pamela, Donohue, Stephen, Garcia, Danielle, Ireland, Marco, Kempf, Iames, Koprowski, Daniel, Lanning, Kevin, McCutcheon, Christopher, Seininger, Pretoria, Tran, Thuan GONYA - 126 Barton, Gregory, Borelli, Anthony, Braaten, Donald, Burke, Barbara, Clayton, Leslie, Dollard, Margaret, Driscoll, Dennis, Fabrey, Melissa, Ferragamo, Lee, Freeman, Margaret, Goodwin Rachel, Groh, Priscilla, Haight, Leslie, Harder, Linann, Hen nan, Kathleen, Hegarty, David, Hildreth, Elizabeth, lagrossi Michael, Ioyce, John, Keenan, Maura, Kelsh, Eileen, Kim Barry, O'Grady, Paul, O'I-Iare, Matthew, Volpe, Kathleen Wihnyk, Allison 108 Underclassmen I-Iomerooms GUDDAT - 112 Barnes, Deborah, Bolowsky, Kevin, Brown, Lawrence Burke, Ianice, Cappelli, Andrea, Christie, Stephen, Clarey Ellen, Cohan, Lorrell, Convey, Maurice, Cruickshanks Carol, Cruickshanks, Pamela, Curley, Maura, Delannoy Heather, DeSoye, Thomas, Eckna, Steven, Edwards Michael, Falco, Thomas, Fanuzzi, Gianna, Heavey, Victoria Heneghan, Adrienne, Hewes, Thomas, Lowe, Coleen Lundquist, Mona, Magoulias, Carolyn, Pearl, jennifer, Ric- ca, Edward, Schwartz, Lori 'em A I .,,.., , X f ..... ,....--N WATTS - 134 DeAngelo, Anthony, Dolan, Karen, Dumas, Marie, Dunne, Lisa, Erickson, Lance, Fay, Iohn, Frey, Alanna, Hannon Thomas, Hazarlan, Arthur, Heidelberger, Suzanne, I-Ieni neberger, Lauren, Iezzi, Carina, Lanning, Michael, Long Peter, Looney, Aileen, McGinnis, Thomas, McQueeny Michael, Milazzo, Lisa Ann, Mulford, Peter, Muller Melissa, Murphy, Victor, Nelson, Tanya, Ogazon, Susan Palladino, Marybeth, Sapuppo, David, Tamandl, Barbara. MALACHIAS - 137 Baumgratz, Thomas, Bellmer, Angelique, Cotsalas, Alexis, Cowen, Christopher, Donelan, Douglas, Donner, Robert, Emin, Ralph, Falk, Iohn, Franz, Pamela, Gartner, Carolyn, Gewert, Timothy, Heiselman, William, Housman, Russell, Kelly, Michelle, Krattinger, Nancy, Kruysman, john, Lig- gio, Christopher, Melkonian, Karin, Odell, Carolyn, Pap- pas, Christina, Pesce, Frank, Prime, Christine, Redlien, Scott. MCCUTCHEON - 130 Aquila, Albert, Audubon, Laurel, Berkowitz, Karen, Burn- side, Gregory, Casey, Lisa, Cavarra, Frank, Clark, Thomas Connelly, Carolyn, Davan, Melissa, DeGiacomo, Lisa, Dowden, Patrick, Dutzer, Thomas, Elliot, Douglas, Foresto, Angelo, Griffin, Tracey, Hallissey, Sheila, Hasemann Meredith, Iessop, Michael, Keating, Christopher, Kelly Dorothy, Kirby, Ioyce, Lee, Steven, Musante, Susan O'Neill, Kelly, Prusan, Nina, Zilins, Elizabeth, ROSSEN - 136 Barton, Melissa, Blair, john, Calabro, Maria, Crowley, Michael, Daly, Suzanne, Doolittle, Sage, Drum, Michael, Fa- jans, Terri, Gierak, Dana, Iaenichen, Suzanne, Kelly, Mat- thew, Larsen, Petra, Melkonian, Peter, Moreno, Marc, Morgano, Frank, Mueller, Mark, Noonan, Paul, Oei, Christopher, Palmer, Scott, Psilakis, Debbie, Raad, Amal, Radicy, Kimberly, Savino, Mary, Scalchunes, Christopher, Segal, Scott, Segrete, Elyse, Sheehy, Regina, Siragusa, Karin, Tang, Andrew. 1 luv Underclassmen Homerooms 109 r rr "A SCHALK - 142 D'Alessandro, Anne, Dalton, Patricia, Ehrman, Dianne Fitzpatrick, Margaret, Flynn, Patricia, Hoffelder, Carolyn Iakubowski, Michael, Nolan, Nils, Oliva, Lenore, Pascale Marybeth, Pendergast, Isabelle, Perduto, James, Radtke Courtney, Robins, David, Roepken, Melissa, Spanakos Helen, Steen, Eric, Sullivan, Brian, Tejani, Sharyn, To- maino, Lisa, Tortorello, Matthew, Tully, Paul, Vlogianitis Peter, Vonder Linden, jonathan, Wagner, Gary, Wursteri Katherine 1' 34515 l -if I 1 il X A .Qt all SCHULZ - 161 Browne, Elizabeth, Brudie, Donald, Burke, Melissa, Ehling james, Estes, Raymond, Garcia, Christine, Gluck, Thomas Khalil, Ammar, Kobayashi, Akira, Korde, Rukesh, Kulesh Christopher, McWilliam, Leslie, Patten, Ieanne, Petrella, Mark, Pochedly, Neal, Rath, Geor e, Riedell, Adrienne, Robusto, Claudine, Roller, Miche e, Roman, Christina, Rothenbiller, Debra, Santangelo, Iulie, Seaman, Iulie, Seaman, Robert, Shirley, Robert, Shuhet, Laura, Stepina, Edward, Thoet, Lance, Tsoukalas, Nick 110 Underclassmen Homerooms BLITZ - 141 Becker, Cassandra, Brandewiede, Scott, Bria, Iames, Caciop- po, Anthony, Fischer, Robert, Goss, Patrick, Gray, Iohn Kraus, Andrew, Mangano, Kenneth, Minuto, Dina, Motz, George, Rathgeber, Lisa, Rivera, Ioseph, Saito, Michika, Schneider, Katherine, Sommo, Victor, Stahel, Laura Stefano, Marybeth, Stephan, Anna, Stewart, Allan Sullivan, Pamela, Tesoro, Mark, Vermaelen, Michele Vitale, Diane, Willis, Michele, Wilson, Lori ,.-nu""' MCCAVITT - 144 Carter, Mary, Cashman, Deborah, Cummings, Kathleen Curran, Carolyn, Denihan, Leslie, Greece, Michelle, Hard! ing, Kristen, Hofler, Sarah, I-lordlow, Kara, Kakoyiannis, Theodore, Levine, Rebecca, Liberatoscioli, Tina, McCarthy Caitlin, McGlynn, Peter, Manette, Sean, Martin, Ionathani Michelson, Lisa, Moran, Eileen, Morreale, Matthew, Nessler, Dennis, Pochedly, Pamela, Raia, Alexander, Raia, Iames, Regan, Robert, Sager, Glen, Sern, Garret 4 CHIGER - 175 Alma, Oliver, Aprea, Louis, Bollo, Michael, Cappelletti, juliet, Fedele, Christine, Herlihy, Maura, Knight, Kristina LaRocco, Karen, Mason, Patricia, Redican, john, Robinson Camille, Roes, Geoffrey, Ryan, Thomas, Schwarz, Peterl Slattery, Denise, Steffen, Robin, Steinbrecher, Nancy Swaine, Mary fKatej, Thomasino, Andrea, Tobin, Charlotte, Watts, Sandra, Whicher, james, Whiting, William Wohltmann, Charles, Wydler, Elizabeth, Zapryluk, Peter. KENNEY - 172 Bandelato, Anthony, Brown, Timothy, Chang, jerry, Doher- ty, jacqueline, Donnell, Irene, Donovan, Barbara Eliopoulos, Maria, Foote, Andrew, Heenan, Breidgeen Hussey, jennifer, Krupica, Robert, LoPresti, Marguerite Macchio, Myles, Mansfield, Charles F. III, Mineo, Andrea Moody, Donald, Mullen Eileen, Nicklis, Elizabeth Onufrak, janine, Paisley, Meredith, Quigley, Brian, Raner Kim, Rogan, Gregory, Sampieri, Carl, Sciscente, Michael Skliris, Viki, Spanakos, Athena, Sweeney, Tricia, Waters Virginia, Winter, john, Won, Yunice. CLASS OF 1987 BENNETTER - 108 Barbagallo, Gary, Barnes, lan, Basel, Elizabeth, Cocheo, Peter, Conte, Brian, Conti, Neal, Edmonds, Arthur, Gallic, Michael, Gunn, Christine, Grupp, Nancy, Haffner, Susan, Hanabusa, Mayumi, Hannon, janet, Heitmann, Stephanie, lnfranca, Lea Ellen: Kim, Linda, johanson, Erik, Nemeth, Alan, Olcott, Katherine, Palmieri, Christine, Rupert, joanne, Russell, Daniel, Schreier, Gregory, Sharp, Thomas, Sudholz, Louis. Underclassmen Homerooms 11 1 1 IM, DOLAN - 124 Cancro David' Ca uto Samantha' Chisholm Hillar , , p , , , y, Delany, Brian, Dillon, Sean, Dwyer, Gregory, Eschmann, Marianne, Farrell, Amy, Filipas, john, Giarraputo Elizabeth, Kehoe, Iean, Kenny, Elviranne, Kogut, Bradford, Latham, Scott, Lipuma, Ioseph, Maloney, Michael Marooney, Richard, Mayer, julia, Moody, Christine, Nor: ton, Ieanne, Quinn, Patricia, Schmidt-Alpers, Tania, Silbaugh, Michael, Sullivan, Megan, Trizzino, Iacqueline, Williams, Daniel. STEFEK - 114 Abella, Patricia, Audubon, Robin, Bauso, Suzanne, Boehr- inger, Cindy, Buckman, Paul, Burns, Thomas, Conklin, Iohn, DiGiorgi, Paul, Dillmeier, David, Fraser, Tarrin, Gilde, Heidi, Mallon, Honor, Maniscalco, Paul, Martin, Charlene, McCadden, Grace, McMahon, Iohn, Miller, Dean, Miller, Robert, Milroy, David, Morale, joseph, Pacasoni, Andrea, Pittoni, Mark, Quinn, Anthon , Samuels, Susan Sarego, Leslie, Stutzmann, Pamela, Suliivan, Christopher, Tully, Kerry, as SOLOMON - 127 Averett, Kara, Bocklet, Barbara, Bonvissuto, Michael, Bucci Eric, Cacioppo, Carla, Cassis, Maryse, Cloherty, Brian, Coml unale, Richard, Connolly, james, Corrie, Carolyn, Cowie Ste hen, Griffith lose h, Heane Mea an, Hiller P f P ' Yf S f Deborah, Klein, Kenneth, Martinez, Amanda, Materia, Stephen, Minotty, Patricia, Nappi, Kerin, Pfeiffer, Iohn Ryan, Shannon, Schmitt, Joseph, Spata, Michelle Tomasone, Glenn, Winski, Mark, Zamore, Mary Ida. 112 Underclassmen Homerooms MCATEER f 125 Caputo, Anna Marie, Carey, Allison, Cerwiniski, Robert, Daniels, Amy, DiCarlo, Paul, Durand, Thomas, Franz, Christine: Goddard, Kirsten, Guerriero, Christina, Harr- ington, Sheila, Heaney, Nichole, Hegarty, Iohn, Hess, Peter, Hieber, Iennifer, johnson, Iennifer, Lenny, Meghan, Maggio, Maryann, Manette, Alexander, Muhlsteff, Christopher, Pallini, Bert, Prois, Barbara, Scarantino, Stephan, Suesser, Mark, Sypher, Brian, Tetdro, Patrice, Van Wickler, Sarah, Zelenetz, Paul. M, fi! l 4 4 f Q Q-:I 4 s MAZARESE - 132 Burgreen, jill, Cabana, Horacio, Carsey, james, Chung David, Cosenza, Christopher, Costigan, john, Cowen Susan' Erskine Bonnie Fialcowitz ohn'Iov1no Danielle , ' , 2 ' , I , ' , 1 Kelly, David, Maguire, Kathleen, McAleer, Dana, Miello, Anthony, Mita, Yuriko, Nicols, Richard, Ortiz, Diane Petrella, Danielle, Smith, Scott, Vakalopoulos, Cornelia Viault, Lisa, Vollmer, Devin, Wood, Michael. MARTIN - 140 Alnwick, Peter, Barron, Robert, Fennessy, Patrick, Filipas, Anthony, I-Ialloran, john, Kakoyiannis, Peter, Kelly, james, Kohart, Melinda, Kontolefas, Kristine, Kovach-Anta, Claudine, Maloney, Maureen, McManus, Stephanie, Miller, Kelly, Ohlerich, Kimberly, Ohm, joseph, Radovich, Mary Lee, Schlange, Karin, Shirley, Theodore, Sperry, Stephen, Trentalange, Michael, Verutes, Christina, Waracchi, Mark, Wojciechowski, joy, Wright, Steven. R'-":"bl-P' IU 5 H .. A, CASTELLANO - 128 Barberan, Ronald, Bradley, Daniel, Chen, Daryl, Cioni joseph, Connolly, Kenneth, Conway, Ellen, Corban Christina, Crosby, Kathleen, Davis, Gregory, Evans, john Falk, Sara, Mohamad, Ginine, Molini, Donna, Monticello Lisa, Morrissey, Robert, O'Keeffe, Barbara, Ormond, An' drea, Pecora, AnneMarie, Puccio, joseph, Sheehan, Daniel Smitten, john, Tuozzo, Frank, Vasilakis, john, Vlogianitis Andrea, Von Seelen, Lara, Welch, jesse, Zolfo, Suzanne. 1 BRAUNSTEIN - 138 Carletta, Dennis, Cerruti, Cynthia, Cheong, Albert Creatore, Nicholas, Deakins, William, Emin, Remington Farrell, Leanne, joost, Lisa, Kenny, Christina, Knoerzer, Kellie Ann, Logan, jeanne, Maerhofer, Richard, Manning, john, McBride, Sarah, Mullooly, Robert, Murphy, Suzanne Pagonis, Peter, Pizzarello, Clara, Soutar, Colin, Quigley Christina, Sonn, Frances, Speres, Fotene, Zilins, Michael. Underclassmen Homerooms 113 1 1 1 1 4-.... A 3 .ii t a t ii P , S, as T 1,. In fi., 1 M +L-4 GARBOWSKI - 163 Benevenia, Daniele, Bryan, Victoria, Carey, Patricia, Daly julie, Dunckelmann, Amy, Friedrich, Carl, Funke, jennifer Garcia, Edward, Goyen, Humberto, Hughes, jeanine joseph, Lisa, judson, Stephen, Kelly, Gregory, Lake, David, McElroy, Patrick, O'Connor, Timothy, Paksima, Ali, Palum- bo, Matthew, Pappas, james, Park, David, Raimondi Christine, Ramos, Beatrice, Realmuto, Michael, Sacco Robert, Sama, Vincent, Scalchunes, Valerie, Snaido, Michelle, Trenkle, Kathryn. VISENTIN - 174 Burns, Philip, Canete, j. Edward, Carlson, james, Castellano, Philip, Coman, Gavin, Darcy, john, DeBusschere, Michelle, Dellolacona, William, Dolan, john, Hester, jennifer, Hsiung, jenny, Hundt, Greggory, Krebs, Harold, Lynch, Michael, Melchionni, Keith, Meyer, Karen, Middleton, Laura, Mistretta, Paula, Natoli, Valerie, Obando, Roger, Okada, Yutaka, Phillips, Laura, Pineman, Karen, Pinkney, Tracy, Poole, Shepard, Robb, Devon, Smith, Douglas, Thayer, Danielle, Won, Samuel. 114 Underclassmen Homerooms P z MAHER - 150 Anemone, Paul, Barbagallo, joan, Barbatsuly, Lisa, Bangels Elizabeth, Bianchi, Christa, Bice, Michael, Boyle, Keith Brantuk, Patrice, Campbell, Amy, Clark, Timothy Cosgrove, Karyn, DeLorenzo, Regina, Dundie, Chatherine Engels, Christine, Fennessy, julianne, Finnerty, Robert Geraci, Denise, Globenfelt, Michael, Kalb, Robert, Kenny Thomas, LaMonica, james, Lowe, jennifer, Mangi, Christopher, McArdle, Thomas, McMillan, Kenneth Moran, Bridget, Perico, Richard, Raia, Paul, Santos, Patrick. POLLOCK - 173 Anderson, jacqueline, Cavuoti, Michael, Chirico, jennifer, Costello, Thomas, Daly, Courtney, Domingo, David Dougherty, Steven, Egan, Michael, Fedele, Deborahi Hamilton, Scott, Heneghan, Siobhan, Higgins, David, Im- David, Leder, Gregory, Lesser, Christopher, Lucchesi, Nicholas, Noonan, Patricia, Panico, Thomas, Papachristos, john, Riggers, Lorraine, Sweeney, Kristin, Thayer, Dawn, perial, Hannah, jeans, Tricia, Keusey, Kathryn, Kruysman Weidner, Christine. LSJQF5 D ' af C :A ,- , ,S S Q ' Q--i,,,,r,r,i'4v, ..- i 1 i efe '74 J rv , 1 F9 , S Q x Q .mia 0 I I if .F 2, Q 3 Stooges 0'1- Y., You can't be serious. 9 1 When can I stop smiling? Can I make it to Sev in a minute and a half? 116 Underclassmen Candids Yes, we're posed Check him out. Us cut practice? Never! Q! i We're waiting for the football team. Future Nobel Prize winners What a masterpie IfI catch him, I'll kill him. Rah! 1 D .A , 3 . Trojan Club Hit Squad Underclassmen Candids 117 ifffiw ':'1 GSE:- X se. Izb K What is the meaning of life? 1 I got him to ask me to the prom. 118 Unclerclassmen Candids .1-1' ni, fy V ,f f lfih, 'Z Es: ' ' 'wk 9 Will this pose work on the cover of Seventeen? You really c1ic1n't say that to her! ,V ,,.. - ,N , .,,,,, Now my theory of the cycles of history is Learning how to boogie l ff I S S- is x Era Hola! Back in the USSR Ghostbusters! l Great Party! i F Q 3 My Maidenform is killing me, lf fy Monday morning blues fffVfVTTT" Where's the bathroom? Underclassmen Candids 119 I4 , Gi! ' ' 2 , .. - 4 I ' ? fi R, 2 f E A : 1 , 2 E I 2 'W Q The activities at the Garden City High School have been a significant source of interrelation for our school's students. The meetings of students and faculty to pursue common interests are vital as part of the interplay which takes place in this high school. The class of '85 will look back upon their activities as a way of connecting with other members of the school. as . MJ MV ,ily Z N Z K t, . pghy D E - 3 eree i r W iii" ITIHDRIGHLS MADRIGALS The Celestones is a select group of female singers specializing in two part music. They are perhaps the most successful of all the groups, as they are asked to per- form in many different concerts. President - Celeste Campbell Vice-President - Wendy Chen Secretary - Danielle McDougal Librarian - Iennifer Hussey CELESTCDNES The Madrigals is a select group of mixed voices under the leadership of Dr. Lydia Morrongiello. They perform a variety of music ranging from Renaissance to contem- porary. The group participated in three con- certs along with being part of the Barry Manilow Show. President - Keith Brisotti Vice President - Celeste Campbell Secretary - Ted Rechner Librarian - Wompus Preston ,A , CELESTONES lfll This group is a scheduled class for credit. It is comprised of strin students, and a pianist as a smag Baroque-sized chamber ensemble. The students are really dedicated musicians who work hard, and often take private lessons as well to .develop their technical skills on dif- ficult string instruments. The music performed ranges from the classics to current "pops"-style arrangements. In addition to .assembly and formal evening con- certs, the ensemble performs for local community organizations from time to time, bringing the students and members of the community together in a casual musically enter- taining performance which has been very enjoyable for all. Their training is a continuation of the elementary and junior high string program. Yurika Saito is currently the ensemble's class president, and a fine example of musical talent combined with a student of outstanding academic leadership qualities. Maurice Convey is the ensemble's concertmaster. The Concert Choir, consists of Madrigals, Celestones, and other students wishing to par- ticipate in our school's dynamic music program. Their vocal repertoire runs the gamut from Bach to Broadway and Beethoven to Barry fManilowJ. This unique combination of diverse performers is under the "organized" supervi- sion of Dr. Lydia Morrongiello. Comprised of student volunteers, this group assists both our school and the com- munity. Membership in the Fire Auxiliary, under the supervision of the Garden City Fire Department, pro- vides each member with valuable training in the pro- cedures to follow in case of emergency. All school fire drills are organized and directed by the Fire Patrol and school Administration. Mary Lynne Tacchi is this year's captain and Mr. Walter Lawder is the school sponsor. Concert Choir, Concert Orchestra, Fire Patrol 123 1 RRY BR RRY BR RRY BR RRY BR RRY BR RRY BR RRY BR RRY BR RRY 'IBA as 124 Barry Manilow From October 30 to November 8, 1984, the Garden City Madrigals, Celestones, Concert Choir, and various selected students performed with Barry Manilow at Radio City Music Hall during his Paradise Tour. The per- formers survived the rigors of the nightly gridlock alert, pretzel toss, streamer prac- tice, and the infamous dou- ble header Saturday, and yet managed not only to sing "One Voice" for the spec- tacular finale, but also to hold the "Nail-Barry-with-the streamer" contest. While We were threatened by the perils of falling off the 50- foot balconies, getting lost in the catacombs of that massive edifice, or being at- tacked by the maniacal Barry-freaks, we shared a unique experience and discovered the professional side of the performing arts. Many thanks to Lydia for her selfless devotion and diligence and to Barry for giving us this memorable opportunity. I J7 7 7 -C I T J7 '27 7 -C I T I7 7 7 -C I I 37 JU 7 -C I T J7 7 7 -C I I J7 7 Z -C I T I7 2 27 -C I MJ I7 Z 7 -C NEHG A UUH8 A NEHG A NEHG A NEHG A HUHH A UUH9 fx HUHG 'rK UUHG 'xA SENICDR CLHSS Senior Class Council The class of '85 has succeeded in various different pro- jects, some of which have been unprecedented. With the continued help and support of Ms. Gonya, our class spon- sor, the endeavor of assuring a smoothly running class government has become facilitated. In the beginning of the year, the class of '85 sponsored many bake sales in order to simply make money. Our first dance, "The Fall Ball," was a complete success. The dance was crowded with people. Being a semi-formal dance, added to the am- bience. The attractions of the dance included a dance con- test and prizes at the door. The class of '85 created an original float for Homecoming. Many of the members of our class rode on the float, and many would agree that Homecoming was an enjoyable time for the class of '85. The success of this activity as well as the many other enterprises and events sponsored throughout the year reflects the dedication and concern of the council. President: Sylvia Cabana Vice President: Barbara DuPont Secretary: Sally Blanco Treasurer: Nancy Akeson Social Chairman: Bill Gadol Historian: Ralph Cutrone CLF-ISS JUNICDR COUNCIL if fa S. . ,.,. 3 The Eleventh Grade Council had a very successful year. Its activities included the Pajama Party, the Frisbee League, the Can and Bottle Drive, the Melted American Concert, a bake sale, a candy cane sale for the people of Ethiopia, a chocolate bunny sale, and the massive undertaking of the junior-senior prom. President: Tom Clarke Vice-President: Pat Dowden Secretary: Frank Morgano Treasurer: Petra Larsen Social Chairman: Peggy Fitzpatrick CCDUNCIL Senior Class Council, Iunior Class Council 125 W- I IN lx T 13.1 51 B E. iz STU UUNCIL Executive Board Top Row KI. to r.J: E. Karcher, L. Typermass, S. Testa, 1. Caccamo, M. Davis, S. Spirakis Bottom Row KI. to r.J, S. Daly, A. Samaan, P. Hester, M. Parrin STUDENT COUNCIL This year, the Student Council has diligently worked to uphold the basic prin- ciples of a democratic governing body. Con- sisting of elected Sophomore, Iunior, and Senior delegates, the Student Council Works to fulfill the needs of the student body as a Whole. This year the council sponsored The Battle of the Bands, the annual Winter Wonderland and Spring Fling, helped with the school Blood Drive, and ran the G.O. Drive in the beginning of the year. In addi- tion to these activities in school, the council Went to Oyster Bay High School Where they exchanged ideas with council members from all over the Island. The council's sponsor is Dr. Iames Tarrou. Officers President: Stephen Testa Vice-President: Ioe Caccamo Secretary: Laurie Typermass Treasurer: Moira Davis Parliamentarians: Susie Daly Andrew Samaan Sergeants at Arms: Danny Mannix Peter Hagerty Picture Top Row fl. to rj: Rachel, G. Prime, T. Santos, A. Diplomat, A. Parliamentarian, A. Representative, S. Pierce, A. N. Official Znu' Row tl. to rj: R. Montano, I, Lipuma, A. N. Elector, B. Burton, C. Dunne, A. Kirby, M. Parrin, S. Daly, M. Heaney 3rd Row fl. to rj: E. Karcher, B, Gadol, 1. Losee, P. Hester, A. Samaan, L. Typermass, S. Testa, I. Caccamo, M. Davis, S. Spirakis, Bottom Row fl, to rj: T. O'Neill, R. Reagan, K, Moran, G. Busch 128 Student Council ST DE ,f..Y .ii SCB Executive Board Top row - r. to l. - E. Dolan, C. McCoyd, A. Dolan, P. Hester, L. Natoli, M. Krieg, S. Morra Bottom row - r. to l. - M. Heaney, S. Connolly, I. Brandewiede, I. Bar- tholomew, M. Cisneros, A. Vought, I. Buttafuoco, M. Matheu CI TIZENSHIP B0 RD 42 seniors and 22 juniors, selected on the basis of faculty recommendations, work with one of the Assistant Principals, Mr. Walter Lawder, assisting in the daily operation of the school building. They may be seen in action daily during each period as they work on our student attendance and disciplinary system in the main and attendance offices. Members of the Executive Board supervise the daily operation as well as assist one afternoon a week after school. The Executive Board Members are: Iean Bartholomew, Ieanne Brandewiede, Ioan Buttafuoco, Susan Connolly, Alison Dolan, Ellyn Dolan, Mark Heaney, Peter Hester, Michael Krieg, Cara McCoyd, Marcia Matheu, Teresa Minuto, Kenneth Moody, Susan Morra, Lisa Natoli and Amanda Vought. SCB Top row - I. to r. - D. Speres, C. Repetto, E. Dolan, M. Crowe, I. Onufrak, A. Tang, C. Clifford, C. Dunne, L. Bick, L. Gambardella, Wompus B. Preston, A. Brown, P. Groh, K. Harding, R. Finnerty, T. Rechner, C. McCoyd, P. Hester Znd row - l. to r. - S. Alzner, A. Riedell, M. Paladino, N. Prusan, P. Sullivan, V. Conti, F. McGlynn, R. Conway, C. Curran, L. Clayton, M. Stefano, C. Hennenberger, L. Typermass, S. Daly, C. Giacoponello, T. Brown, M. Ashe 3rd row Y I. to r. - L. Harder, C. Coroon, I. Brandewiede, I. Bartholomew, A. Samaan, M. Cisneros, A. Vought, I. Buttafuoco, G. Prime Bottom row - l. to r. - G. Leung, E. Karcher, S. Connolly, M. Heaney, M. Krieg, S. Morra, L. Natoli, A. Dolan, I. Harrington, L. McVeigh, M. Matheu Student Citizenship Board 129 STUDE C0 RT The Student Court consists of three student justices, one faculty justice, and one clerk. Student justices are appointed by the Student Council President, and ratified by the Stu- dent Council. Students who wish to appeal a penalty for infraction of school rules may submit a brief to the Court explaining why the penalty should be reduced or removed en- tirely. Typically, a student justice investigates the case, and after discussion, a decision is made at the following meeting of the Court. The constitutionality of legislation by the Student Council may also be challenged before the Student Court. Senior Iustice - Barbara Newman Iunior Iustice - Marybeth Stefano Sophomore Iustice - julie Daly Left of right: Dr. Dolan, B. Newman, I. Daly, M. Stefano, Mr. Allen Honor Society Top Row fl. to rj: G. Hamad, I. Reisert, L. Bick, E, Dolan, L. Gambardella, A. Leshkowich, D. Mather 2nd Row Cl. to rj: T. Rechner, M. Krieg, A. Dolan, P. Hester, C. McCoyd, L. Typermass, S. Cabana, L. Lincks, I. Chang, I. Fastenau 3rd Row fl. to r.J: M. Heaney, I. Bartholomew, A. Intruder, A. Vought, A. Samaan, R. Griffith 4th Row fl. to rj: M. O'Connell, T. Vinals, S. Morra, M. Cisneros, C. Campbell, R. Kelton, Y. Kwee, Y. Saito Sprawled on Floor: I. Scanlon The National Honor Society is an organization which recognizes and honors students who demonstrate scholar- ship, citizenship, leadership, and character. Over the years, the Honor Society has developed into a school and community service group as it supervises the honor roll compilation, sends congratulatory notes, provides a tutor- ing service, and raises funds for out of school charities. Along with the privileges and distinction of member- ship comes a responsibility on the part of all members to give of their time and talents, in addition to exemplifying the ideals upon which the Society was founded. Under the direction of sponsors Mr. Maloney and Mr. Sonander, the Society's activities this year included a highly successful bake sale and Christmas caroling at Hempstead General Nursing Home. Officers: President - Ien Scanlon Vice-President - Yurilca Saito Secretary!Treasurer - Ryanne Kelton Honor Roll Chairman - Lisa Gambardella Tutoring Chairman - Ted Rechner NATIONAL HO OR SOCIETY 130 Student Court, National Honor Society KEY Q CLU Executive Board Top Row fl. to rj: M. Heaney, Wompus, B. Preston, E. Karcher, I. Losee Bottom Row tl, to 1.9: C. Corroon, M. Krieg, G, Prime, G. Leung, C. Prime The Key Club is a service organization which strives to reach out and help those in need. Working in conjunction with the Garden City Kiwanis Club, students contribute their time and talents to various activities. These activities include assisting with the Turkey Trot, volunteering time at the Mental Health Center, holding a Christmas party for preschool children at a nearby day-care center, and spon- soring a Pancake Breakfast to help raise money for a charitable cause. This year the club in- cluded 126 members, making it one of the largest Key Clubs in the Long Island district. President: Greg Prime Vice-President: Michael Krieg Secretary: Wompus B. Preston Treasurer: Pat Flynn ,,1:,,.. Nl CL "-.S 4 C1 - .1 4' 0 X N ' E Q N 'LA eV,o' xx Q Q I' -5. N A1 ,Hal ."0fll" There is a plethora of people in the Key Club. Q: ttf im 5 Key Club 131 ISN'T THIS A BIC CLUB? The Trojan Club's purpose is to promote school spirit and involvement. It organizes Spirit Day and Homecoming, sells refreshments at basketball games and plans special events such as movie nights. This year more than 250 students, or one- fourth of the school, signed up for the Trojan Club. The 1984-85 officers were: 132 Trojan Club President: Courtney Corroon Vice-President: lean Bartholomew, Iodell Helmus Treasurer: Nancy Akeson Secretary: Susie Daly, Marybeth Cisneros Historian: Rich Conway Publicity: Alison Wihnyk, Karen Siragusa, Kelly O'Neill Sponsor: Mr. White CLUB T110 Exerzlfizw B0z1rd:T0p row I. fo r. P. Murphy, W. Poole, A. Kirby, L. Esposito, R, Conway, M. Parrin, D. Cashman, I. Onufrak, T. Minuto Bottom row I, to r, A, Wihnyk,M. Cisneros,1. Bartholome-w,C, Corroon, N. Akeson, S. Daly, Mr. White STUDENTS AGAINST DR UNK SADD Officers: Top Mr. McCabe Bottom row I. to r. S. Daly, A. L Dolan, A. Vought The first year of SADD was surprisingly successful. We had large membership of almost 150. Our main purpose this year was to familiarize everyone with our motto that Drunk Driving is a killer. We had many strong public relation campaigns around major school events. In the years to come We hope SADD will become an integral part of the student body. The Association for the Help of Retard- ed Children QAHRCJ is a youth group designed to promote community awareness of the problems facing the retarded. Yearly activities include the Walk-A-Thon, the Christmas party, and the Teen Drive. H Officers: President: Iennifer Carey Vice-President: Chris Miller Secretary: Iennifer Hussey C Treasurer: Patricia Schenck AHRC Top row I. to r. P. Murphy, A. Kelly, D. Chen, A. Helper, A. Friend, N. Alceson, M. Burke Bottom row I. to r. A. Kirby, M. Parrin, C. Corroon, C. Miller, 1. Carey, C. Curran, P. Fitzpatrick, S. Less S.A.D.D., A.H.R.C. 133 ' nglish Mice Hide Mark Petoni, joe Ohm ' ihrarg Hides Student library aides perform a valuable service to the school. They assist the librarians by checking out books, finding magazines, repair- ing books and binding magazines, as well as giving assistance with microfilm readers and printers. Being a library aide teaches students to be quite familiar with the library and all of its resources. 134 English Office Aide, Guidance Aides, Library Aides English Office Aide: Elizabeth Lundie uidance 1Bffice llides Library Aides: Top raw I, In r. I. Dundon, P. Zapryluk Bottom mu' I. In r. D. Mather, T. Zografos, Ms. Westwood Missing: P. Castellano, G. Coman, M. Pittoni Top Row fl. to r.J: I. Chang, M. Musante, M. O'Connell, C. Middleton, J. Chang Bottom Row fl. to rd: C. Oei, B. Kim, I. Reisert, T. Rechner, T. Vinals, Doc The purpose of the Mathlete Club is to promote interest and ability in mathematics by com- 'peting in interscholastic math imeets. There are six such meets each year, and the teams are ranked according to the number of problems answered correctly by the members of the team at the meets. The Carden City squad, led by Ierry Chang, Barry Kim, Chris Middleton, Mark O'Connell, and Ioe Reisert, is presently ranked lst in our division and 3rd in Nassau County. THLET E lIUlTlF'LIT Fu EDP: The Computer Core is made up of expert computer programmers who help with the administrative uses of the computers in the school. Currently the computers are used for attendance, student data records, and generation of lists. A small group within the core is working on transferring the attendance and listing now done on expensive time-sharing facilities to microprocessors owned by the district. CORE students are also involved in writing programs to put guidance functions such as grade reporting, computing of averages, class rank, and honor roll on the microcomputers, CURE led by Dr, Roderic A. Beaulieu, performs an essential service for the school. Members put in many hours and deserve recognition for their work. Computer Crm' fl. to rj: A. Tang, T. Rechner, and Doc ,M ivy, Top Row fl. In rj: I. Kruysman, B. Kim, C. Oei, Dr. Beaulieu Bottom Row KI. to rj: M. O'Conne1l, M, Musante, I. Reisert, J. Chang EEll'l'IF'LIT Fu C LIB The Computer Club has been organized as a result of grow- ing student interest in computers. Advised by Dr. Bergman and Ms. Garbowski, students meet to expand their knowledge through hands-on computer experience and the sharing of ideas. The club hopes to invite guest speakers to the meetings and to provide computer related services to the school. Mathletes, Computer Core, Computer Club 135 CHESS CLU Chess Club KI. fo rj: Mt. Pollock, C. Oei, M. Liggio, I. Reisert, M. O'Connell, B. Kim PHYSICS A ASTRO O CLUB The purpose of the Physics Club is to encourage interest in and promote the study of physics and astronomy through experimentation and practical applications. This year, we spent our entire meager budget and many long hours building a permanent housing for our eight-inch telescope. Although, the students provided much of the labor, Mr. Badger supplied the technical expertise, Without which nothing would have been possible. Ioseph Reisert - President Bill Latham - Treasurer Barry Kim Ted Rechner Garret Sern The purpose of the chess club is to promote interest and ability in chess. The club is open to all who wish to enter. The chess team, which competes with other schools in Nassau County, is comprised of the five best players in the chess club. The chess team has made the playoffs every year for the past eight years, and Won a second place trophy last year. This year's team, composed of Mark O'Connell, John Kruysman, Rukesh Korde, Nick Tsoukalas, and Lance Thoet, hopes to continue the tradi- tion of excellence that has been established. Physics!Astron0my Club Left to right -- G. Sem, B. K1m,j.Ke1sert, M. Badger, B. Latham, T. Rechner, I. LiPuma BOTANY CLU There are billions of botanists in the Botany Club. 136 Chess Club, Physics and Astronomy Club, Botany Club The Botany Club appeals to students who like plants. We col- lect and press herbarian plants, have established a herbarium, take walking field trips, visit ar- boreta, and study various aspects of life to increase our knowledge of them. 1 Chef's Club Top row - I to r -- C. Corroon, A. Giarraputo, C. McCabe, M. Haggerty, Mrs. Maher Middle row - I to r - C. Yee, S. Less, C. Wrobel, T. Minuto, E. Rice Bottom row U. Borrelli JUGGLING The newly reformed Iuggling Club met with great success in its third year, under the leadership of Tom Martin. Iugglers, both veterans and newcomers to the field, improve their skills in this ancient art through long hours of strenuous practice. The talents of the members are demonstrated Whenever jugglable objects are at hand. juggling Club Top row - I. to r. - A. Campbell, A. lug- gler, H. McKenzie, A. Delaporte 2nd row I. to r. - D. Petrella, P. Mallon, T. Santos, Wompus B. Preston, A. Dolan, C. Campbell 3rd row - I. to r. - R. Mon- tano, B. Fecht, A. Samaan, P. Borelli, G. Leung, D. Rocco Bottom - B. Gadol CHEF'S CLU The Chef's Club meets every other Thursday during the school year for boys and girls who like to cook and who are interested in ex- perimenting with different types of recipes. Some of the foods made include different types of appetizers, homemade pasta, cream puffs and eclairs. On field trips we visit ethnic foods restaurants and sample the specialties of the house. Anyone who likes to cook, eat, and clean up can join! Our officers for this year are: President - Ursula Borelli Vice-President - Courtney Corroon Secretary - Michelle Snaido Treasurer - Sigahl Less CLU Chef's Club, Iuggling Club 137 LE CERCLE FRANCAIS f-.I .- if if? 3 . French Club Top row - I. to r. - M. O'Connell, H. Sapien, R. Korde, S. Scarantino, I. Quinn, A. Student, R. Cini, R. Estes, B. Latham, I. Chang, L. Bick, S. Globenfelt, C. Clifford, A. Kelly, G. Hegeman, I. Dougherty 2nd row I. to r. -f Y. Mita, D. Chen, F. Sonn, A. Girl, N. Grupp, A. Tang, W. Myslik, C. Quigley, L. Gambardella, L. Lincks, C. Corrie, S. Cabana, T. Scarantino, D. Werben, D. McDougal, I. Scanlon, A. Leshkowich, A. Member, S. Heneghan 3rd row I. to r. C. Mansfield, P. Quinn, Wompus B. Preston, G. Hamad, I. Reisert, Ioanie McAteer, I. Brandewide, I. Bartholomew Bottom row 1 I. to r. S. Donohue, G. Rath, N. Conti, D. Petrella, In Shame, L. Etudient, Teri, S. Heidleberger, A. Heneghan Le Regime L'lmperatrice: Gigi Hamad Le chef de Cuisine: Ioseph Reisert Cpseudonyme: Vice-Presidentj Le Secretaire: Monsieur Le Wompus Le Tresoner: Theo Rechner Cde temps en tempsj Sponsored by Miss McAteer, the French Club appeals to students interested in increasing their exposure to French culture through social activities always enhanced by food. The club commenced its active season with the rather dubious honor of contributing a guillotine as a float in the Homecoming Parade, which was accordingly followed by presentation ofDar1to11 and a cheese party. The regime also supervised the infamous city trips, a skatinglfon- due party CBlessed with Ioe's and Gigi's renowned chocolate fonduej, a ski trip, and a seven-course dinner affectionately nicknamed he "Beni Bouffe CHA TECLER Tout" fthe major pig-outj. Top raw --- I. to r. - D. Werben, I. Reisert, L. Lincks Bottom row I, ri Scanlon, I. Chang, Y. Saito, B. Latham 138 French Club, Chantecler 7 r. I. CHANTECLER The French calendar I magazine, Chantecler, is published annually to provide high school students with a taste of French culture. Each issue contains prose, poetry, and artwork written by French students. Editor-in-Chief: Ieffrey Chang Assistant Editor: Yurika Saito Art Editor: Bill Latham GER N CL Gt'T7?IlU1Cllli7 Top tL to RJ Herr Guddat, I. Quinn, D. Mather, Y. Kwee, S. Gowan, S. Connolly, S. Colucci, A. Heneghan, S. Tejani, S. Heneghan, A. Soph 2m1tL to Rl Y. Saito, G. Roth, N, Conti, D. Petrella, A. Bellmer, W. Myslik, S. Azner, S. Heidelberger, A, Iunior, W. lzard 3rd tL to RJ I. Kempf, S, Dworsak, I. Brth0lomeu,'H. Peper, M. Carter, P. Basile, G. Kessel, P. Hester, D. Martinez, T. Gillan, S. Natch Bottom Row fl. to Rl Girls! Girls! Girls! Ausgezeichnet The German Club, sponsored by Herr Guddat, began the year with an ex- uberant Oktoberfest celebration, a scrumptious cookout and softball game, and a festive Christmas outing to New York City with culinary delights at Luchows restaurant! For the remainder ot the year, the club has exciting plans for a challenging two-day ski trip, the annual breath-taking canoe trip, and possibly an exhilarating German movie and another appetizing dinner outing. One ofthe clubfs objectives is to learn about and experience parts of German culture and traditions, Looking ahead, the year looks like an all-around productive one. The officers would like to thank the members for all their support and involvement and it behooves one to join this magnificently productive club. President' Paul Basile Vice-President: Greg Kessell Secretary: Mary Carter Treasurer: Harold Peper German Club 139 IL CIRCOL0 I TALIANO Since its inception in 1979, the Italian Club has actively pursued its goal of promoting the language and culture of Italy. The Italian Club's activities reflect the various aspects of contem- porary Italian life, as well as traditional regional customs. The new school year always opens with the traditional trip to New York's Little Italy during the Feast of San Gennaro. The club sponsors more than twenty activities during the academic year, including the annual Carnevale Party, La Fiesta di Primavera, and a ten day tour of Italy during the Easter vacation. The club is sponsored by its founder, Signor Mazarese. L0 STI VALE 't Lo Stiwle Top Row fl. to rj: I. Buttafuoco, Dante, S. Scarantino, Mr. Mazarese Bottom Row KI. to nl: L. Sarno, L. Barletta, T. Scarantino, M. Petrella, T. Minuto 140 Italian Club, Lo Stivale lf 4 una Glumita Latin Club Top Row Il. to nl: L. Barletta, M. Egan, D. McDougal, I. Montana, P. Murphy, M. Crowe, L. Lincks Bottom Row fl. to rj: I. Heitman, A. Leshkowich, W. Myslik, C. Miller, T. Orff, M. Heneghan 'WIQVY' v ic" xc If Q -.,.. ur- faxlqf nurse AQ! Language Tutors: Top row 1 I. to r. - L. Barletta, S. Cabana Bottom row - I. to r. f-ff W. Myslik, L. Lincks, I. Brandewiede, Lisa Natoli Bona Comitas, or "Good Company" is the name given to the Garden City High School Latin Club, A member of the New York Classical League, the Latin Club is composed of a group of students who wish to better their under- standing of their own language and culture by studying that of the ancient Romans. Each year, the club sponsors several activities, including seasonal festivals and cultural excursions around Long Island and New York City. Mrs. Patricia McCutcheon guides the group in their activities. The Latin Club's officers are: Triumverate fconsulsl - Wayne Myslik Ann Marie Leshkowich Christine A. Miller Vicarius Consuls - Ieannine Heitmann Melissa Dawin Servae A Manu - Lisa Barletta Treasurer - Scott Michelson N.Y. Classical League Liason - Moira Egan Q 4fEI11gLIEIgB I utnrz Latin Club, Language Tutors 141 I TERNA TIUNAL EXCHANGE .f'f"' ,-Aim France Top row W- l. to r. - C. Mansfield, C. Clifford, I. Reisert, I. Daugherty, C. Hart, T. Delaney, A. Kelly Bottom row - l. to r. - C. Peterson, M. Davis, M. McMahon, K. Sanders, G. Hegeman, A. Kirby. Student Exchange The Garden City International Student Ex- change is a community organization which sponsors direct exchanges between Garden City students and students in foreign coun- tries. In a direct exchange, the Garden City student spends several weeks living with a foreign student and his family. At another time, the foreign student lives with the Garden City student and his family. During the summer of 1984, two groups of Garden City students participated in direct exchanges. One group visited France and another visited Spain. Students in both groups lived with their exchange families for several weeks and then spent time traveling to other parts of the country. ln return, the Garden City students and their families welcomed the foreign students to their homes for visits. These direct exchanges were memorable experiences for both students and families. Throughout the school year, the ambassadors share their summer experiences with other students and community organizations. Spain Top Row A I. to r. M. jessop, S. Cabana, T. Fajans Middle row - l. to r. E. Kelsh, I. Onufrak Bottom row - L. Natoli 3 lg .... . South Africa, Norway, Sweden S. Morra CSwedenl, D. Flynn fNor- wayj and P. Murphy QSouth Africaj participated in the Youths For Understanding exchange program this summer also. TopRurvfl. 10r.J:C. Miller, L. Yellen, G. Hegeman, D. Barrymore, I. Kempf, T. Zografos, T. Han non, I. Martin, M. Mueller, C. Mansfield, S. Cowan Middle Row fl. to rj: S. Bernhardt, D. Chen, C. Campbell, S. Heneghan, M. Monroe, T. Turner, C. Corroon, A. Kirby, S. Clark, P. Pochedly, B. Davis, I. Fonda, P. Newman Bottom Raw fl. I0 nl: M, Parrin, C. Coakley, T. Zotos, A. Kelly, W. Poole, S. Less, C. Peterson, K. Brisotti, P. Murphy, G. Hamad, and, of course, Inez! WM , ' a ,..,,.. ,,, 7,21 A dl V 'Q' x .1 MASQl EDS In the past 3 years, we have been through the Korean War, made it through the first year of Harvard Law School, We've defeated the White Witch of Narnia, we've lost Charley in Charley's Aunt, we've spent the night with the United States Navy, and through these vast adven- tures we have learned to work together as a group. That is the main objective of Masquers, the group art of the theatre. We'd like to thank Mrs. Spiers for all her help. Zap!! President: Wendy Poole Vice-President: Chris Peterson Secretary: Cathie Coakley Treasurer: Sighal Less JUJOJMC iytgvrilc time 3uL,olfNf0e QM ' H :MQ yomQ6 6150 mspouzd 'MTU 1-Mrc33Xfpt3,15lS3l-QJLCLQLLJG swift G29-Pif ,Gp ,IWW-ff Q AML WilfZ 2L eg Q . M: 70,111 V Xe L eg ,T ESE E ei 14 4 Echo 'T Echo, the school newspaper, began for the current editors when Mr. McGowan informed us that we had about three weeks to produce an issue, start to finish, although the 83-84 editors had given us no advice, no writers, and, worst of all, no keys to the office. Far from relaxing during the summer, Ieff had to fight frantically to prevent us from being evicted from the Echo office. His determination paid off, though, and in late September, with our office restored, we began to work. Although that issue will never rank as one of our best, it was certainly a learning experience QYou mean you're supposed to proof the galleys before sending them to the printer?J, and we will never forget it. Confident that we were at last underway Calbeit falteringlyj we began to enjoy the benefits of the office, despite the perennial disputes between Ioe, jeff and Sue about radio station choice. QWe never really settled the issue, Ioe got WQXR when he was alone: Sue got WLIR, and Ieff split the dif- ference with WNEWJ Nevertheless, we produced the second issue in record time Knot sur- prisingly, considering what the first one was likej, and it was accompanied by a noticeable improvement in quality. Although the quality of our issues improved as the year progress- ed, Ieff had to nag the editors more and more to get their editorials in on time. And so went Echo, the editors blithely unconcerned about finances, until, in January, Robert "You can't spend money you don't have" McGowan awakened us to reality. Now, as we graduate, we will try to forget the bad times, like when Sue locked herself out of the office fall thirty timesj, when none of the typewriters worked, when we were faced with the pro- spect of not printing any more issues due to bankruptcy, when Ioe was nailed by Sam for blasting Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, and when the printer forgot to typeset our headlines. CThat was, of course, just another of the problems which plagued our first issue of senior year.j We will, instead, look back on the brighter moments, like the handful of times Paul ventured into the office, and all of the help Mr. McGowan gave us. We couldn't have done it without him, so we say, "thanks" Editor-in-Chief: Ieff Chang News Editor: Ioseph Reisert Features Editor: Susan Seo Sports Editor: Paul Basile Photo Editor: Kathy McCabe Business Manager: Susan Morra 'Low' W! M 1. 6, fi Paul Basile, joe Reisert, Kathy McCabe, Ieff Chang. . i J' ','- , '1' - " 'f"- S' M ii- .fffffff ':. DISCIPLINE COMMITTEE The Discipline Committee is a branch of the administration that reviews the behavior of students who have accumulated an excessive number of demerits. The Board consists of student representatives from the Senior Class and Faculty members, with Mr. Allen as chair- man. The Committee makes recommendations to Mr, Lawder about the course of action to be followed in dealing with the future behavior of students. Wedgewood clliazion Barbara Krawchuk Wedgewood!Discipline Committee 145 McCabe, L. Clayton. OFFICERS Smiinrsz Allison Dolan Prizes Nancy Akeson Claire Comas Tricia Rossi Homerooms Rosie Rosato Barbara Dupont Publicity Pat Murphy Courtney Corroon Kathy Schwalenberg - Chairperson Iimmr.-lppri'1i!1i'i's: 'Sue Daly Lisa lfreeman Pam Sullivan Peggy Fitzpatrick Lori Schartl Meredith Hasemann 146 Ink Spots!Magazine Drive The Magazine Drive is the only board-authorized fund raising activity at the high school. The committee consists of senior and junior girls who organize and run the drive. More than 250 magazine titles plus in- numerable music selections are offered for sale at competitive prices. Stu- dent salespersons are credited for total sales, and they earn prizes for their participation. A student's grade level class and club are also beneficiaries of a successful magazine sale. Forty percent of the cost of the magazines is returned to the school and distributed to the Student Council, clubs, and each of the three classes based on their level of participation. AZ N Top Row fl. to r.P - P. Sullivan, M. Parrin, M. Heneghal Rachel, K, Hordlow, Mullin, A. Bellmer. Bottom Row fl to r.J - E. Karcher, M. Heaney, I. Scanlon, P. Gergely K ffiaa A f ' .3 M. lx 4 Q . ' K 'Q . VI 1 -xl Xa ! W' L to R First Row: Peter McGlynn, Andrew Layton, james Olcott, Paul Noonan. Second Row: Iohn Darcy, Joe Cioni, Shep Poole. The Technical Directors Club, otherwise known as "Studio" runs all the sound in the building. Its members are responsible for the daily an- nouncements, the music in lunches, and the microphones during assemblies and sporting events. The squad is also responsible for the sound effects in the Masquers' productions. The strong leadership of Mr. James McAleese has led the club to be known for its lectures by Mrs. Spiers and Mr. Prusan. This year's members are Iames Olcott, An- drew Layton falways misses the daily bulletinj, Paul Noonan, Peter McGlynn CSCB in residencej and Sophomores - Shep Poole, Iohn Darcy and Ioe Cioni. v-QP fs L. to R.: Chris Mangi, Mary Tacchi, Eileen Moran, Chris Keene, Marc Greece. The Video Taping group is attempting to keep up with the requests from groups needing video taping done. The members are Rich Cini, Randy Finnerty, and Dave Kruysman. The Audio Visual Squad, with only a few members, is an invaluable organization to the school. The club provides the teachers with the AV equipment, which includes projectors, record players and the like. Mr. Iames McAleese provides the leadership and knowledge for the squad. The members learn how to operate the audio visual equipment and repair minor problems. This year's members are Mary Tacchi, Chris Mangi, Eileen Moran, Chris Keane, and Marc Greece. ,5k. bib L to R - Randy Finnerty, David Kruysman, Rich Cini Technical Directors!A.V. 147 gleaming Varsity Cheerleaders Top Row ll. to r.b - M. Willis, P. Sullivan, L. Esposito, A. Dolan, A, Giarraputo. Bottom Row tl. to r.l - B. Girl, L. Stahel, D. Mar- tinez, V. Borrelli, R. Rosato One of the groups that greatly contributed to school spirit all year round was the Varsity Cheerleaders. Under the leadership of captains Laura Esposito and Rosie Rosato, the cheerleaders brought enthusiasm and spirit to football fans in the fall and basketball spectators in the winter. They also cheered for the soccer team this fall at a very impor- tant game. In addition to their regular cheering ac- tivities, the girls attended band camp at Lehigh University where they learned a show that they per- formed at half time during the football games. They appeared in the Newsday Marching Band Festival at Hofstra University. The cheerleaders enjoyed such activities as the Homecoming parade, and toilet papering for the football, soccer, and basketball players. They also enjoyed a breakfast reception on homecoming morning, followed by a luncheon celebration provided by both captains. The cheerleaders would like to thank Mrs.Kane and Mr. White for their help. . AY ff - i A.-. A U 148 Cheering 'sig Us The junior Varsity Cheerleaders, led by captain Courtney Radtke, add- ed their pep to both the Iunior Varsi- ty Football and Basketball teams. They also joined the varsity squad to cheer for some of their games, in- cluding Homecoming and the foot- ball playoffs, They also attended camp, toilet papered, and appeared in the GO. assembly. i .if IZ" f-.ff NJ Trojanettes Top Row fl. to r.J - T. Delany, S. Morra, S. Spirakis, L. Rice, P. Haggerty, B. Dupont, A. Conte 2nd Row ll. to r.D - D. Fahys, S. Stahel, C. Yee, L. Shuart, N. Akeson, I. Drivas, L. Ferragamo, E. Dolan 3rd Row tl. to rJ - E. Clarey, A. D'Allessandro, L. Outcault, P. Pochedly, L. Natoli, Y. Rogowski Bottom Row fl. to r.l -S. Tejani, T. Minuto, A. Kicker, C. Miller, C. Robusto, J. Brandewide Sitting on Floor - A. Masi 64 'my W . ' ' "' A M M A ' ' .ii ' -'Q H '-'- 5. ' ' fb' ' Me,-1 A fm' .' ,,.' ,H ffl- -ga' " f'ff f ff J' -..W I 4" V' . ' .K . A V D , if Q2 -asf. ' 'X L' " 1 ,f A fr .lg 'W' . A Q . f , , -... ff T g ., -v 1- f . Y ' . 'A f- .a . - of ev' -Y , ' . L 1 - .,1f':g ' ,,. . . K W , , is . ... J ' . v bf?" ' l f - 'f Q . A .V I. .k., K M Q, 2 kk, H ,, '- f' of ' W f' ' V. ., , ' j . ,- w, ' ' A ." "J-w'fi" Wt-M-H A' f lt 'we A' if .' yucjffif' . ' . ,-gf , ,f , .V wi, .4 , X V N v, A mg. . gy. .. A , J ,., ..-, - . I' g N M-W...-4-' , ,mf fkknr' .,q.-an-"-f ...-o-v""" if Cheering, Trojanettes 149 BHND CQNCERT A " Q ...W M 1 k i2 , I 4.4! K, i K L' L1:, VL. I Q W,,, A Xu A gu,,..-Afiki, , A , 1 I G W 5, Q L Q , I t "wif ' 'JJQ ...Q Q P Q' A .QI ' 3 .. BRHSS, PERCUSSICDN 150Bd BHND ,,,, i ,,,,, , ,,,, J AGARDfN CffY,1VfW yokllioo U.S.A. IUHRCHING BHND C ,S ,JV A ,Wulf 2, 4 A ll A Q 'K ,f I 3 I , . 4 W, '31 ' Z 'Q f u 5, g ' 13,21 s N ' ,. . ' 7: 1 , q..g..g--:-.I t T , 5 tl 0 N. I bg, v t ,QE if' ' - my . 3 exif STHGE BHND T The infamous Iazz Ensemble is comprised of twen- ty of the school's best musicians who play a wide variety of music ranging from the big band era to modern jazz and rock. The group plays many con- certs throughout the year, plus the Village Ball. Iazz Ensemble and Stage Band are the two featured ensembles at the big instrumental Variety show call- ed Band Follies '85. This year's theme was 'Strange But True.' Under the capable leadership of Mr, Peter Stanganelli, a great amount of time and effort is spent by these musicians preparing for public appearances. During the summer, the group attended Band camp at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania to prepare for its marching season. Much color and pageantry was added to the football games with the Band's fine music and formations. In October, the group again participated in Newsday's Marching Festival at Hofstra Univer- sity and put on a spectacular show. The band is definitely civic- minded and is always ready and proud to play whenever called upon, especially for Homecoming, Christmas, and Memorial Day Parades. In between preparing for their Christmas and Spring Concert, the band again had their ever popular Band Follies production. The Band's com- petitions this year included the "New York-New York" and the American Legion Marching Band Festivals. On this page we present our tribute to a fine group of students. Drum Mayor 4 Iohn l-astenau Treasurer - loe Sacca Assistant Drum Maior - Barbara Grant Secretary - Frank Defilippis, Neal Pochedly President - Satoru Walxeshima Librarian Y Bob Donner, Gail Hegeman Vice President - Peter Truesdell Field Marshalls - Dana KlI1g,l7dfI'lCd Delaney . V P I .Y Band 151 This year the frisbee team became a varsity sport. A11 members on the team were awarded varsity team letters. The sport became very popular and everyone enjoyed themselves. -,sgaeilm . V Vi '-1 152 Frisbee Team CK Cl. , Et One of the new clubs in the Garden City High School is the Pucker Club. Part of the club's allure is that no one knows why they are all puckered up. Are they brashly try- ing to seduce the camera? Do they want to give the im- pression they're fat? Or are they giving their lips some ex- ercise? If you know, will you please fill us in? KX C , kewl. k 4:-,gy nur' mf' J trend-setting hall monitors, the UNPI-IGTGGENIC by Unphotogenic Club attracts a dedicated minority of students C I J' who suffer from what is com- I-' B monly known as the Candid Camera Complex or the fear of being photographed while do- ing something that is definitely not cool flike sitting in Mathj. Determined to foil even the most aggressive photographer, the members in the club's ac- ., tivities practice strategies on y how to look your worst for a ' picture and how to outsmart 5 photographers. An annual 55 'fi event is the burn-the-effigy of . Alan Funtbonfire, ml 1' , ,,tt.., pdf-n, Pucker Club! Unphotogenic Club 153 MAST A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away The adventure that is sometimes more modestly referred to as MAST 1985 began innocently enough in March, 1984 when the eager Csort ofj staff attended the Columbia University Scholastic Press Association Con- ference. Still mystified about what exactly a quad-pak was, whether a pica was part of the mysterious quad-pak or just some strange South American rodent, and confused about the exact location of the Hudson River, the staff conscientiously opted to ignore the unpleasant and perplexing Cas usualj and went on to the simpler task of painting the Mast office. After many arguments over color, the editors finally decided to paint it two-tone Cto make up for the vetoed two-tone cover which they were still sulking aboutj. After managing to paint the office, create a fire hazard with excessive couches, tables, and toys, and evict our Echo roomies, the staff finally got down to work, just in time to Federal Express our first deadline and thus establish a yearbook ritual, As a reward for accomplishing this phenomenal feat, the staff began a period of intense recreation, rest, and nok-hockey, which unfortunately lasted through the second deadline. Pleading with the semi-retired editors to at least act like they were working, jen and Donna calmly cranked out a signature a day as Wayne vacated his position to pursue an acting career. Faced with the possibility of an August delivery if the next deadline wasn't met, the editors tossed quad-paks and croppers on the laps of anyone lounging in the office and instructed them to make candids pages as soon as they had finished playing Pacman with the cropper. As the spring sports section was miraculously and creatively scrounged together and the last trip to the post office at speeds which would have amazed Superman was made, the yearbook was finally completed and Mast members were allowed to concen- trate on their true vocations, the Battle of the Rat Hole Bugs and the constant redecoration of the office in the hopes of its making the cover of Good Housekeeping. Many thanks to Dr. Morrongiello for the invaluable use of her typewriter, Richie for all the lightbulbs and the removal of the infamous refrigerator, to Phil for tolerating Ien's crazy ideas, and especially to our buddy Drew for his infinite patience, generous cash and pass flow, and of course all the juicy gossip. Thanks Drew and the other select few who never gave up. ' Ei 154 MAST What's a deadline? Publishing Representative Phil St Pierre What do you mean, I'm worth1ess?! Bag the yearbook, it's Miller time! When I grow up, I want to dress just like Mr.Wein1andt MAST office security guard MAST office photographer ...What a pleasant surprise! Y MAST 155 5 2 3 2 F , 2, it E EE 5 I E S sf H 5 if Q 55 A A, , , , n, , , ,.. , , . 5 fgi 'Vx f, . I1 x fa i 5 HF 1 . M wb. W' 3, ., A If l, ! BOYS' SPORTS Charlie Dunne, Ed Karcher 1 ww., x MAST , X x eIQ-' X if ww N0 MAN I 1 N ICLAN wx Garden City High School athletics have always been at the forefront of the spirit of G.C. High. Teams from Garden City carry with them a great tradition which unites present day heroics with the past. This tradition springs from the teamwork of all of those who are involved in the athletic program. The hard work expended by the participation of cheerleaders and spectators has provided not only entertainment, but also a vehicle for unity. FFILL 160 Football i OJ W.,-5 P3 Eg an J-A9911 1 'ti iQ ' .. .. . . 1 1 . 'ic 6 SITTING: W. Burton, A. Kraus, I. Dell'Olio, R. Griffith, P. Bennett, D, Smerechniak, I. Falk, K. Mangano. 2nd ROW: M. Burchill, D. Driscoll, I. Griffith, S. Testa, G. Burnside, M. Moreno, I. Regan, K. Egan. 3rd ROW: Coach Smith, Coach Flatley, M, Fitzpatrick, B. Sullivan, M. Ireland, D. Speres, S. Brandewiede, T. Gray, M. Iagrosse, A. DeAngello, Coach Dougherty. 4th ROW: N. Clue, I. Blain, P. Tully, S. Gowan, G. Comas, B. Kramer, P. Mullahey, L. Brown, H. Krebs. This year's Varsity Football team, hoping to break the 500 mark, was the only team to go untied and undefeated in Nassau County throughout the regular season. Led by captains Rob Griffith and Peter Bennett, the Trojans amassed 251 points, breaking the old record of 227 set in 1982. Senior Ken Egan, after taking his junior year off to concentrate on basketball, came back this fall red hot to lead the rushing game. He ran for 1,025 yards to break the all-time G.C. rushing record set by Rick Frisbie in 1966. Ken is the first running back to gain over 1,000 yards in G.C. history, Kenny, along with junior Paul Tul- ly, led the team in points scored with 60. He was later named to the all-county squad and was a finalist for the Thorp award which is presented annually to Nassau's best player. 38 com- pletions for Robert Griffith led G.C.'s aerial attack with 635 yards. Senior tight end Brian Sullivan caught 12 of these passes for 279 yards. The key to this passing game was G.C.'s offensive line, anchored by senior Scott Nessler. Steve Testa, after being relieved of his soccer obligations, went on to set a Garden City record for the most extra points in a game C73 and the most extra points completions in a season f29J and was thus dubbed "the golden toe." G.C.'s defense allowed only 74 points the entire season. This can be attributed to the leader- ship of Peter Bennett, as well as the fine play by seniors james Regan, Mark Burchill, Mike Fitzpatrick, Billy Burton, and sophomore Gavin Coleman. ALI. COUNTY Ken Egan - 12 'Peter Bennett- 12 Honorable Mention 'Robert Griffith -12 swf ' ALL CONFERENCE Brian Sullivan - 12 Mark Burchill - 12 Andy Kraus - 11 Paul Tully - 11 'Captain COACHES Doc Dougherty Thomas Flatley Kurt Smith Football 1 61 ..,-- 5 , A . ' Q . if ,S ig, .ie-. . .5 as 5 I 1 Q S M 1 ig, . 'sr Sl ... 5 ... le- g . . , E 3 x .tg B' 4 -. t - '- - --,. ' "'Tg552.Q, .te ..L....1ix ...N ::: - 'UQ' P! 'ii' 175,15 -1 sw 13 TOP: I. Pappas, R. Miller, P. Pagonis, B. Deakins, T. Clarke, I. Dolan, C. Soutar 3rd ROW: Coach Dell'Olio, T. Durand, A. Quinn, I. Halloran, B. Delany, S. Judson, R. Barron, P. Alnwick, R. Barboran, Coach Tomani 2nd ROW: A. Jock, D. Miller, I, M. Tough, P. Maniscalco, T. Sharp, O. Pakisima, M. Bice BOTTOM: I. Cameron, P. Kakyannis, B. Quigley, L. Sudholz, 1. McMahon, S. Sullivan, M. Verrachi 162 Football This year's Iunior Varsity Foot- ball team, coached by Iohn Dell'Olio and Steve Tomaini, com- piled a record of 6-1. The team beat MacArthur 22-16 and lost two very close games, one to Plainedge 6-8 and the other to Calhoun 12-14. This year's squad played the majority of the season without nine of its eleven starters. Because of this, many of the players who would not have had a chance to play saw a great deal of action, thus strengthening Garden City's overall football program. We can look forward to seeing many of these individuals on the varsity level next year. SDCCER The 1984-85 Varsity Soccer Team, competing in Division I-A, the "super division" which consists of the top eight teams in Nassau County, looked playoff-bound from the start of the season. Injuries were the main reason for the fall of the Trojan squad in the Divisional Quarterfinals. The team consisted mainly of seniors and only a handful of underclassmen. Varsity veterans Peter Hester and Tom Gillan commanded the team's defense in keeping their opponents at bay. Gther outstanding defensemen included Andrew Samaan, Mark Heaney and goaltender Tom "Messy" Morr- ingello. Leading G.C.'s attack were Paul Basile, Dan Mannix, and Chris Middleton, who all frustrated many goal keepers with unstoppable shots. Contributing to many critical plays were a group of seniors called the "At- titudes" iso called for their good attitudesy Scott Smith and Mick Cavouti showed tremendous potential as sophomores as did juniors Matt Morreale and Iames Perduto. Despite being shut out in the quarterfinals, where a disputed goal led to the infamous "Neil Olkewicz incident," the season had its bright points. Coach Briller celebrated his 200th career win at G.C. Tom Gillan and Paul Basile both won All-county honors and Andrew Sa- maan won an All-division award. TOP: Coawh F. Briller, A. Samaan, M. Heaney, P. Hagjgt-ru, I Caccamo, M. Cavouti, C, Middleton, H. Cabana MIDDLE: D. Mannix, K. Melkonian, D. Triolo, P. Basile, T. Gillan, A. Cacciopo, I. Per- duto, S. Pierce BOTTOM: M. Morreale, S. Smith, A. Delaporte, T. Morringello, P. Vlogianitis, H, McKenzie, M. Krupica Soccer 163 The I.V. Soccer team finished its season with a 9-6-2 record. Many of the teanfs nunnbers are ex- ceHent prospects for next years varsity team due to a high number of graduating players. "The team shows great potential," states Coach Hordlow. 164 Soccer TOP: C. Hordlow, G. Thomasone, P. Hess, V. Sama, R. Seaman, M. Iessop, A. Borelli MIDDLE: I. Pfeiffer, C. Friedrich, M. Realmuto, D. Lake, M. Bollo, T. DeSoye BOTTOM: C. Scalchunes, T. Garcia, T. Palmer, P. Castellano, I. Fialcowitz, I. Connolly, T. Costello The Cross Country team had one of its most successful years ever. Coached by Mr. Busch, the team finished fifth in the Nassau County championship and second in the class A division. The entire team also qualified for and attended the state meet in Sarasota Springs, New York. T. I. McArdle and Chris Conley represented Garden City in the New York Federation Meet. They placed 27th and 78th, respectively. Other con- tributers to the team's success were senior Tom McCutcheon and sophomore Mike "Tink" Egan. BOTTOM: ll to rl K. Cummings, P. Flynn, R. Kelton, Y. Saito, L. Clayton, C. McCoyd, B. Iensen MIDDLE: D. Minuto, S. Hofler, D. Dillmeier, T. McCutcheon, A. Runner, S. Michelson, O. Alma TOP: Mr. King fGir1's Coachj, Mr. Busch fBoy's coachj, L. Giordano, I. Welsh, I. Hegarty, T. I. McArdle, C. Connelly MISSING: T. MacBeth This year's Girls' Cross Country Team, coached by Mr. Warren King and led by captains Yurika Saito, Cara McCoyd and Britta Iensen, finished off its season recording three victories versus six losses, Considering the talent they had lost from last year's squad, their bounteous and "bubbly" spirit drew everyone into a tightly-knit, ambitious group. A tough sport that tests and strengthens the mind and body, it produced marked improvements from Ryanne Kelton, Pat Flynn, Leslie Clayton, Sarah Hofler, Dina Minuto, Kathy Cummings, Mary Carter, Leslie Giordano, and newcomer, Tiffany "Zola" MacBeth, and the tri-captains too. Gains were made by strenuous workouts faithfully performed in and around Garden City in preparation for meets held at Eisenhower and Bethpage Parks. Their endurance and strong will to succeed inspired them to overcome hills, dirt, grass, concrete surfaces, sand and even knee-high puddles, expected obstacles over a 3.1 mile course. Through loyalties felt towards Coach King and their teammates, our girls strove on to defeat the challenges of "the lonely runner." Special thanks should be given to Britta Iensen for her incessant cheering, Tiffany Macbeth for keeping her shoes on, and Yurika Saito and Cara McCoyd for putting up with them all. "GET PSYCHED YEAH!" . . . their spirit lives on . . . ALL COUNTY T. I. McArdle ALL CONFERENCE T. I. McArdle Chris Conley ALL DIVISION T. I. McArdle Chris Conley Tom McCutcheon Iohn Hegarty Oliver Alma Cross Country 165 FIELD HUCKE "Rush! . . . Sticks Down! . . . Weak Side D Go Back!" . . . This was Varsity Field Hockey 1984. It was also a three month marriage to the Warren King Field, three broken noses, gashed shins and mashed fingers. One might ask how this could possibly be considered fun. Yet Varsity Field Hockey 1984 was much more than the above. It was a winning season, a trip to Pennsylvania, a girl's trophy case, Chinese Food, a Conference title, "Ching Chang Wolly Wank" and above all the clinching of the Nassau County Division A Championship for the third consecutive year. Thus when one asks if it is fun, a team member would perhaps say, "What, are you kidding?" Perhaps at the beginning of the season there were doubts, we had very few returning lettermen. However after a 0-0 tie to veteran state champs Carle Place in non-league play, coupled with the obliteration of Massape- qua 3-0 opening day, these doubts soon dissipated. Thus in retrospect, every sit up, every lap, every sprint, every push-up, every "extra-effort," surely paid off. This is the winning tradition. C. Hoffelder, M. Paisley, K Hordlow, I. Bartholomew, S Caputo, D. Kelly MIDDLE:I Norton, K. Olcott, M. Stefano, D Pentaleri, C. Tobin, I. Harr ington BOTTOM: A. Dolan, A Vought, D. Delorme 166 Field Hockey g TOP: il to rl Coach P. DeMarco, as 'LQ TOP: A. Reidel, D. Cashman, M. Roller, L. Middleton, H. Gilde, Coach G. Monsees BOTTOM: A. Farrell, K. Nappi, I. Logan, S, Murphy MISSING: A. Ormond, L. Harder, M. Hasernan, K. Meyer, P. Sullivan The Garden City junior Var- sity Field Hockey team coached by Ginnie Monsees ended their season with an undefeated record. The team was captained by juniors Linann Harder and Pam Sullivan. The team had an outstanding offense as Well as a strong defense. They all Work- ed exceptionally well together. Field Hockey 167 VOLLE YBALL The Varsity and Iunior Varsity Volleyball teams, coached by Mr. McGrath and Mr. Kenney, improved their records this season. The three year Varsity players, Stephanie Moore and Tara Meyer, will be missed next year. However, the promising talent of Iunior and Sophomore Varsity players, Diana Clifford, Debra Rothen- biller, Amy Campbell and Sarah McBride, will be a great asset. Next year's record should be improved with more drive and direction. 168 Volleyball TOP: R. Kenney, N. Crupp, A. Campbell, D. Clifford, K. Tully BOTTOM: D. Benevenia, A. Martinez, L Outcault, M. Davan, M. Herlihy, S. Moore MISSING: T. Meyer, I. Reynolds, C. Campbell ""' .,.. --W . ...,. ., ,- tm .gf- T tt" 1 .... . . . . ,.,, , . .fi - , W1-ew,--1. f MW M W ..LL,., if-W-N, -wiiwtwasre. Q if sw... rw- "' .gms--ess: vf-f -,f-' --zigz K 52 'E sS?'fiwFiFiQ?f"7 "LL -2--1- -E 3 KW " . 3: as M 3 we X . H . .fiz .:,m L g ....y ..,, , . . . 5 was f i ' . sf sa fs. 1f'. f ,. fzffff5'5-f R in rags Ng sk Q xg E, MESA WMS, :Qing gt swiss: Sita N Mwvw f--- " , as 1 .... 9 t 1 L " If fm. A' L tr - . Q 1 - ' - if .1 fii " ., .4 1:22 .. ,ff-f.,, .1- iIi.,g.a..i'.3 f e ..x. W - In Vg,-L W k X c .- . ' f 7.1. 15155, ., L ' ' 1 j-.J f -- ' -fefffw H525- ' . x ' - 1 'vet Y . . A ,,.,,.,,...,....3g..s1,.a..afQf--fr-11-..f.ff..1-1-W. . -f-f . - . g , if , The 1984-5 Girls Varsity Tennis Team culminated the season with a record of 14-1-0. This is the best season the team has had in ten years. Starting out sweating in the summer heat and continuing through the cool winds of October, the team kept up high spirit and was always com- petitive, smiling fand usually eatingj. Early in the season it looked as though it would be just another mediocre season, but it wasn't. Many great matches, especially Cold Spring Harbor lleatherfacej, and trips to McD's and B.K. - thanks Mike. The team closed the season with titles of both Division and Conference Champs. The Girls Varsity Swim Team had a very successful season under the direction of coach Ira Klein. The team captained by Pat Curran started the season off strongly by two quick wins. Then they lost to Long Beach, the county champions, by a score of 72- 96. Despite the score t is was by far the best perfor- mance of the year. There was only one other loss after that. The team ended with a record of six wins and two losses, which is much improved from last year. Twelve out of the seventeen members of the team participated in the state qualification meet. Lara Von Seelen placed second in diving and went to Rochester, N.Y. for the state meet. There she placed sixth in the state. Lauren Pasquale was named an all- county swimmer due to her fine performance in the 100 yard breast stroke. The Nassau Team Champion- ship was the final meet where Garden City placed 4th out of 18 teams. Tennis!Swimming 169 SOCCER gg FRONT ROW L-R: Karen Pineman, Tricia Rossi, Lolly Stahel, Christine Garcia, Mary Beth Cisneros, Susan Alzner, Courtney Corroon BACK ROW L-R: Coach Guddat, Rosie Rosato, Ann Carey, Bridget Moran, Iodell I-Ielmus Ccaptj, Sally Blanco, Mary Maggio, Danielle Garcia, Lisa Michelson, Marianne Eschmann, Laura Esposito, Alanna Frey, Pam Cruickshanks fmgrj, Lorrell Cohan fmgrj. Marianne Eschmann advancing the ball vs. Plainedge. 170 Soccer GIRLS' VARSITY SOCCER 1984 The girls' Varsity soccer team finished its season with a record of 8 and 8. Placed in the newly established top ability league, the girls consistently faced excellent competition. The team was plagued by an unusually high number of injuries throughout the middle of the season, however, the girls came back and played outstanding soccer during the final three ames. g In the first round of the play-offs Z9 ranked Garden City defeated 1158 Plainedge in a very physical game by a score of 3-1 advancing the team to the quarterfinals where they faced lil ranked East Meadow. In an exciting game Garden City played even soccer with East Meadow before finally losing on a controversial penalty kick by a score of 2-1. Congratulations to the entire team for a fine season. A very sad but fond farewell to the graduating seniors. You will be missed and we wish you well. ALL-STAR SELECTIONS: All-American Conference B: Marianne Eschmann All-American Conference: Iodell Helmus Qcaptainj Laura Esposito MaryBeth Cisneros Lisa Michelson Rosie Rosato Tricia Rossi, Lolly Stahel and Bridget Moran celebrating a score vs. Plainedge Mary Beth Cisneros taking a corner kick Christine Garcia and Lolly Stahel Lisa Michelson attacking vs. Locust Valley J.V. Sitting: Mary Hagerty, Valerie Scalchunes, jennifer Funkt, Tricia Ieans, Bonnie Erskin Kneeling: Iennifer Loew, Sheila Hallissey, Petra Larsen, Carla Caccioppio, Karen Cosgrove Standing: Mr. Mazarese, Chrissy Wiedner, Lisa joseph, lane Han- non, Tricia Noonan, Iennifer Hester, Bonnie Bocklet Missing: Meg Heaney, Melinda Kohart Soccer 171 WINTER Standingflto rl:G,Leung T Santos F Davis D Koprowski E Karcher P Mallon M Heanev V Murphy Coach Decker Kneeling: P. Melkonian D Doming P Fennessy 1 Moody I Ificffer N Clue I Fastenau Sitting G Primc M Krieg The 1984-85 wrestling season was an- ticipated with a certain degree of op- timism. The team was to be led by two strong senior captains, Mike Krieg and Greg Prime and coached by two ex- perienced coaches, Dr. Decker and Steve Tomani, along with the assistance of the wrestling legend Frank "the frog" Musio. The team had a rather disappointing season and turned out a losing record. However, there were several bright spots on the mat consistently holding up the Garden City winning tradition. Greg Prime at 138 lbs. was a force to be reckon- ed with as he made a name for himself by installing fear into the hearts of his op- ponents before a match. Mark Heaney C1675 and Dan Koprowski C1775 also ruled the mat at their weight classes. The team had several problems this year. For one, captain Mike Krieg, a strong leader on the team at 132 lbs., was forced to hang up his wrestling shoes early as he suffered from two dislocated shoulder injuries in the middle of the season. The loss of Mike was an important factor, but it was not as significant as the team's main problem, lack of dedicated wrestlers. The team did produce a losing record but the improve- ment from the year before was quite evi- dent. Although the team will be losing Greg Prime, Mark Heaney, Greg Leung, Ed Karcher, john Fastenau, and Mike Krieg graduation day, the future of the wrestling program will consistently con- tinue to get better. The team wishes to express its sincere gratitude to its excellent coaches. Thanks Doc and Steve - you deserved better. 172 Wrestling This year's fencing team slashed their way to a fourth place finish in Nassau County. The team met on a daily basis, every day after school, in the cafeteria to prepare for the tough competition it faced this year. The team finish- ed the year on February 9th at the Nassau County Finals and Individuals, spearing their main opponents, G.N.S., with a 4-1 victory, and sending their co-captain Adam Corrado to a 5th place finish. The team wishes next year's team the best of luck. A I , ,, I ff, 9' 'A - f l ' 1 X I I ff V5 B' 'Q 2 I . ' ' I at Q 'N X t I A J I' QL VARSITY: Adam Corrado fCo-captainl, Ryanne Kelton QCO-captainj, Yurika Saito, Barry Kim, Ted Garcia IUNIOR VARSITY: Paul Zelenetz, Mark Petrella, Werner Lehner, Dan Haffner, Daisy Mather, Iason Cor- rado, Jeannine Heitman SQUAD: Stephanie Heitman, Regina DeLorenzo, Linda Kim, jesse Owens I Fencing 173 BASKQTBIALL W Eiwfiillf P, A. .3 it as " '1 w Top tl to rl: Coach Martin, G. Leder, P Vlogianitis, G. Kessel, G. Bryant, A. Nowack M. Coleman, A. Manager Bottom: M. Harr- ington, M. Crowley, D. Mannix, P. Cowie, K Egan, R. Griffith, I. Crowley, C, McCoyd. WM ,425 z fi WW? aaa A Aiafw wazfsfamyf gpm iw 'T 4-151 mmwuzwiil R W W af wW M A wa X, ga X Z ,amv Jaffa W sw: 174 Basketball W WWW M W WMM? 'QW fm W sf?-,af w """R 4 46:2 W ,NV ' aa it 4 - H -- 1" A' ' ,QM L t,,, 5 M Q, 'k'L' .", E L 12,1 " . ,,,,. 1 , nlla , , 2 M A at o f l - , Y lt , K ,, , M H get 1 ,e,,e 't" 1 ,,e at e 43 V ' ,-',', H A , li "-, at "-' , , 2, l - ' V im ,,ee, , ,,'. ' -',,, ,LVL ' ' V ' . i -Mr x Basketball 175 The Girls Varsity Basketball team, led by seniors jean Bartholomew Stephanie Vlogianitis, and Marybeth I eros, faced a tough conference schedule and fi hed with a record which did not show their true performance. Their overall league record was 7-7 and the highlights of the season were the overtime win over Her- ricks and the near win against county champion Bethpage. lean Bartholornow averaging 28 points a game score 186 points during the season and raised her career total to 1036, She was the only per- son, male or female, in G.C. history to score 1000 pts. Stephanie averaged 15 pts and pulled down 10 rebounds. Marybeth, only having two years experience, dominated the boards and intimidated other teams with hc-r shot blocking ability. Next year's squad should do well with returnees Christine Prime, Christine Delsorme, Sue Alzner, and Karen Pineman. .Q STANDING: R. Levine, C. DeLorme, Mr. Dell'Olio, K, Pineman SITTING: S. Caputo, M. B Cisneros, I, Bartholomew, S. Vlogianitis, C. Prime, T. Dalton, M, DeBuschere 1-l GIRL 176 Girls' Basketball GIRLS' BCDWLING The 1984-85 Girls' Bowling team finished in fourth place in their division. The team was en- thusiastic and rebounded from the dismal per- formance of last year. Sarah McBride rolled a 215 which was the highest glame bowled in the league and also owned t e second highest average 11509. LV. BASKETBALL The Girls' I.V. Basketball team, despite finishing the season with a losing record, felt that overall they had learned a lot of new skills while enjoy- ing themselves throughout the season. Led by juniors Rachel Goodwin, Adrienne Henegan, Eileen Mullen, and Angelique Bellmer, as well as sophomores Katie Olcott, Devin Robb, and Iulie and Lara VonSeelen, the girls improved with every game they played. Coach Kaufman feels that these I.V. players will make a steady nucleus for next year's Varsity team. Girls' Basketball!BoWling 177 WI R TRACK TOP: I. LiPuma, K. Moody, T. I. McArdle, P. Hess, M. Andrea, S. Michelson BOTTOM: O. Alma, P. O'Grady, B. Donner, C. Haridopolus, C. Conley, M. Edwards Six school records were broken as the Boys' Winter Track team developed into one of the top teams in Nassau County. The squad finished second in the Rockland Invitational, second in the Con- ference Two meet and fifth in Nassau County. Ken Moody cleared 6'8" in the high jump and won individual titles at the Rockland Invitational, the Sect. 8 Relays, the Conference Two Championship, the Nassau County Championship, and at the prestigious Eastern States Meet at Princeton. He finished second in the N.Y. State meet. Ken also set a new G.C.H.S. record in the long jump 121' 7M"J as he won the Nassau title. T. I. McArdle, a veteran runner though still a sophomore, set school indoor records in the mile 141295 and the 3200 meter 19:32.91 He finished second in the County 3200 meter and sixth in N.Y. State. Two relay teams also established new indoor marks. The distance medley team of Chris Conley, Oliver Alma, Scott Michelson, and TJ. McArdle ran 11:03.7. In the 800 meter relay C4x200J the new record of 1136.9 was set by Mike Andrea, Chris Haridopolas, Mike Edwards, and john LiPuma. 3, :S f is Y' A ig.. Iliff- 178 Winter Track l HUGKEY DYIQFIG-5 Lf xi ky RIFLERY This years' Riflery team finished sixth in the league this year with a 0-11 record. Doc Tarrou blames inexperience for his team's lack of success. Only two seniors CBill Latham and Stacy Simarij par- ticipated in this fine sport of markman- ship. Next year's team should be quite strong with five shooters expected to return. M 11. to r.b Dr. Tarrou, I. Winter, P. Hess, S. Simari, A. Gunman, 1. Papachristo The Boys' Swim team finished its season with a 9-4-1 record. This gave them the division champion- ship for the second year in a row. The team was led by captains Gar- ret Sern and Bill Whiting. Others who contributed a great deal were Andrew LoPresti and Tom Gillan. Andrew set a team record in the 100 yd. breast stroke. EKU 59 TOP ROW fl. to rJ: T. Baumgratz, B, Whiting, I. Quinn, D. Higgins, D. Kelly, A. Raia MIDDLE ROW: R. Reagan, C. Noda, R. Krupika, D. Kruysman, D. Hegarty BOTTOM ROW: M. Sofolus, A. Fish, N. Burkhouse, G. Sern This year's Boys' Bowling team, coached by Mr. Nelson, swepted Great Neck North 3-0 and 2-1 on their way to a 3-7 season. Scott Nessler led the team as well as the division with a 179 average. EJUDEULU 180 Riflery, Boys' Swimming, Boys' Bowling GYMNFISTICS Finishing fourth in their division, the Girls' Varsity Gymnastics team deserves a lot credit. The girls competed in the highest division and were very successful. Five of these gymnasts were credited with all-county honors and invited to compete in the Nassau County Individual Championships. Among these girls were Iennifer Drivas, the team's captain, competing in all around competition, Laura Esposito on the floor ex- ercise, Michika Saito on the beam and bars, Teresa Stabile on the beam and bars, and Beth Dundie on the beam. Mr. Kast, who has coached the team for many years, would like to say good-bye to this year's seniors, who have been the nucleus of the team for the past three years. Among these girls are Iennifer Drivas, our outstanding all-around competitor, Maura McMa on and Teresa Stabile, who showed their talent on the bars, Tricia Rossi who was outstanding on the vault, Laura Esposito on floor exercise and balance, and Rosie Rosato who also competed on floor exercise. Despite the loss of six key competitors, Mr. Kast awaits the arrival of many new gym- nasts next year. Fortunately, Michelle Spata and Beth Dundie will be back next season. TOP ROW fl. to rJ L. Outcault, Mr. Kast, R. Rosato, M. McMahon, T. Rossi, B. Dundi, K. Bolte, S. Stahl BOTTOM ROW M. Spata, C. Robusto, M. Saito, T. Stabile, I. Drivas, A. Martinez ,gqunnllll Gymnastics 181 J.V. SPRING While this year's team includes only two seniors, Garden City softball has nevertheless retained the enthusiasm and spirit that led them to victory time and again during the 1984 season. Tara Meyer and Theresa Minuto, the seniors, determinedly strive to assert their talents as both teammates and team leaders, while a good number of returning juniors, led by Chris DeLorme in centerfield, prove to be the nucleus of the team. An encouraging outlook is maintained for the upcoming season as the team proud- ly sports a new coach - Mr. Phillip Kaufman - who continually inspires and asserts a truly positive force for all to play by. Top Row L to R C. Delorme K. Hordlow, T. Minuto, T Meyer, A. Bellmer, E. Mullin C. Guerrasio, A. Manager Coach Kaufman Bottom D Clifford, A. Hitter, I. M. Cute L. Ioseph, H. Spanakos, D Kelly 1 igazgs, , g BASEBALL VARSITY: T. Leder, P. Vlogianitis, A. Nowack, B Trenkle, G. Martin, M. Crowley son, B. Kramer, M, Andrea, P Mullahey, P. Cowie, K. Egan, I LiPuma. The Varsity Baseball team is presently 3-2 in league play and 4-4 overall. The team just got back from their southern trip where they played well and had fun too. Strong pitching by Bob "Geke" Trenkle, Scott Brandewiede, Mike Crowley and Iamie Witcher are keeping opposing batters off the bases. Home run hitting Pete "Gooey" Mullahey has led the offensive power. Other strong hitters are Paul Cowie, Andly Nowack, and Mike Andrea. The team is a play-off contender and with a little luck could go a 1 the way. ' JH, -45 wif? The Iunior Varsity Baseball team, led by Mike Caparella, is off to a fine start this year. The team has compiled a 5-1 record and should continue its winning ways throughout the season. Strong pitching by sophomores Pappas, Krebs, and Dolan and balanced hitting are the reasons for this team's success. The team is being led by Mike Caparella, affectionately known as "Cap" "Cap" is not only a fine coach, but a gentleman as well. Baseball 183 M. Tortorello, I. Witcher, A. Iud- may , y af +5 ' .grand Top Row C. Curran, C. Corroon, K. Olcott, M. Stefano, A. Riedell, K. Pineman, P. Mistretta, M, Carter, M. A. Eshmann Middle Row A. Vought, I. Onufrak, M. B. Cisneros, I. Harrington, M. Paisley, L. Harder. Bottom Row A. Dolan, D. Pentaleri. Coach: Fern Lee Ll . W . The Girls' Varsity Lacrosse team has always been "competitive" Last year, for example, the win-loss ratio was approximately 50-50. Yet in 1985, a new coach, Fern Lee, appeared on the Warren King Field and suddenly "competitive" was not enough. A new word was introduced . . . Intensity . . . And after several "Guerilla Drills" we all fully comprehended its meaning. Initially, the team seemed to welcome this en- thusiasm. Yet, when it was decreed that Easter vaca- tion is only a euphemism for Lacrosse practice, some teammates began to wonder . . . last year . . . Hawaii . . . a luxury tan . . . "competitive" did not sound so bad anymore. Yet, the winning has begun and there is no inspiration more effective than that. Thus we anticipate a glorious end. The I.V. Lacrosse team is a team con- sisting of ninth, tenth, and eleventh graders. The coach is Ginny Mancies. The leading scorers are Kerin Nappi and Kristi Middleton. The team prac- tices every day after school and they put in a lot of effort and have a lot of fun. .X Top Row L to R Coach - G. Monsees, I, Hannon, K. Nalppi, I. Norton, I. Hester, D. Cashmann, D. Hiller, L. Sueser, F. Halpin, K. Tully Midd e Row A. Ormond, L. Mid- dleton, M. Rieger, K. Middleton, A, Vought Bottom Row S. Murphy, S. McManus, T. I I 9 Kennedy, T. Nappi, I. Milroy I.:fFlERltJ55E 184 Girls' Lacrosse BOYS' - - ! N-awsQ .4-I C5 Bottom L to R M. Burchill, P. Hester, B. Durand, R. Griffith, P. Bennet, I. Regan, I. Fuller, P, Hegarty, M, Coleman Middle: B. Burton, M. Cavuoti, I. Crowley, A. Samaan, C. Peppard, B, Sullivan, I. Craig, S. Hiller, P. Basile Top Coach Dougherty, A. Kraus, P. Tully, I. Dell'Olio, 1. Perduto, M. Ireland, L, Brown, D. Driscoll, I. Blair, K. Mangano, Coach Dwyer This year's Varsity Lacrosse team is presently 9-0. They have beaten rival Sewhanaka 11-3 and the powerful Manhasset 18-10. T e team also beat three teams, including state champion Louer Merion on their successful road trip to Pennsylvania. The attack is led bty seniors Paul Basile and Scott Hiller, both of whom should win honors this year. The transition game of mid ield is led by co-captain Robert Griffith and seniors Pete Hester, Bill Durand, Brian Sullivan and Ierry Craig. Face-offs have been dominated by the all-county junior Andy "Rat" Kraus. Co-captain Peter Bennett anchors the solid defense of Mark Coleman, Mark Burchill, Iames Regan and goalie Iohn Fuller. The team expects to win the county championships and hopefully continue their success in the state tournament. , J.v. Q, an 0, ni 1 L7 M.. V fx . I 1 Th' ' I.V. L Y-A V 'e L ' D.'.g" 'Y teamjsclogihid by H7 yf ' 1 Nfl- N 5 Q M 1 Bloomquist, is off to an QW' X! X! -if-Q1-Q Kllllillili A fs impressive 6-1 start. Their only loss was to Division, 10-9 in overtime. At- tackmen Chris Sullivan and Tom Durand as well as midfielders Robby Fin- nerty and Carl Friedrich have provided the of- fense. Ken McMillian and Mike "Log" Egan have provided strong defense. iii V Q Boys' Lacrosse 185 BOYS' TRACK This year's Spring Track team is off to a good start with a 3-1 record. The team, led by captains Chris Haridopolos and Ken Moody, expects to do very well in conference competition. Keb Moody broke school records in the high jump, long jump, and the triple jump. The team along with the girls' team combined to place second in the Mid-Island Invitational. Chris Conley will be one of the top half milers next year in his senior ear. Y The team will be looking forward to the conference meet in order to avenge a loss to Wantagh in a dual meet. This loss broke a streak of 36 straight dual meet wins dating back to 1981. The team is going to miss its graduating seniors who have contributed to the winning streak over the past three years. BOTTOM L to R A. Filipas, D. Park, I. Lipuma, J. Hegarty, T. McCutcheon SECOND ROW R. Don- ner, P. O'Grady, I. Evans, A. Aquila, B. Cloherty THIRD ROW C. Conley, R. Estes, C. Haridopolos, P. Hess, T. Garcia, A. Sprinter, T. Filipas, A. Iumper TOP ROW O. Alma, B. Latham MISS- ING T. I. McArdle, S. Michelson, K. Moody, N. Brown, M. Edwards mg EQ E' im an E R 'Nt-. Cm ,W .WM . ,,,.,, ,,,,.,,.. 1 --VV Muffy ..,,.ff ,X V rfwafwsaz- 'utr 21 fmt G 5 , ff-" -"'- I 2 .. ' - ' I f:'fzfi:6,fa:?2mffwf2eg,ymfffk'ffs5:,.-af' ,K 2 'L 4 jig .M gi 4 ' . ,M A mf: .,,,.,:.tW. A I W , E W rs, . 1 V. , J .1 , ' ' f WN- ww it 186 Boys' Track .. Q dblw. A... .. -. Last year, the girls' track team had its best season in history, winning the Nassau County Championship as well as 8 other major invitational and Con- ference Championships, and the team was undefeated in dual meets. Three Garden City girls competed in the N.Y. State Championships in Syracuse. This year's team is well on its way to another fine season and the prospects for a 6th Conference Championship in a row are very good. The team's record, thus far, in dual meets is 4-0 and the team had excellent showings in 2 major Invitational meets -- Ron Lane Relays 12nd place out of 30 schoolsj and the Mid-Island Invitational 13rd place out of 27 schoolsj. Key com- petitors this year are Tricia Rossi and Danielle Garcia in hurdles, sprints and long jump, Iodell Helmus, Sally Blanco and Samantha Caputo in shot put and discus, Leslie Giordano and Chris Garcia in sprints and middle distance, Lol- ly Stahel in 400M hurdles, Debbie Bashian in long jump, Stephanie Vlogianitis in high jump and Cara McCoyd, Britta Iensen and Pat Flynn in distance. Eileen Brown, Karyn Cosgrove, Mary Maggio, and Honor Mallon are among the 13 very promising sophomores on the team. The captains for this year's team are Seniors Iodell Helmus, Cara McCoyd and Tricia Rossi. The coaches are Mr. Mazarese and Mr. Guddat. BOTTOM L TO R T. McBeth, P. Flynn, D. Minuto, K. Cummings, D. Bashian, B. Moran, M. Maggio, L. Von Seelen SECOND ROW P. Cur- ran, I. Helmus fCapt.J, S. Hofler, L. Clayton, E. Brown, M. Kenny, G. Fanuzzi, L. Giordano THIRD ROW T. Sweeney, S. Blanco, S. Caputo, A. Martinez, K. Cosgrove, J. Funke, H. Mallon, S. Vlogianitis, D. Ortiz, D. Garcia TOP Coach Gud- dat, M. Hagerty, B. Jensen, C. McCoyd Ccaptj, T. Rossi Qcaptj, K. Pfieffer, L. Stahel, C. Garcia, B. Dundie, Coach Mazarese .ww.ffm..f..,1..1.. .. ' ' I ll" " ' 'Lf ' .iw in VKVV . .... ..,Zj,j ., . ... I .,,.....W.,.l .... . ,,, A M - U Q .fk ,ff ff.. If W .is j:f,,.v"f5,' lgg,,.1..f f g f I..1...f . M W L' -W iiggzyfgn . ,wr : .4A,.1,l,. . . 3 VLVV ' iffy -, VM" fll .,.,' .f . ' . fm? , . , j Girls' Track 187 E Eff E. 'lr X, - L to R T. McCutcheon, G. Dwyer, I. Bartholomew, K. Garrett, T. Burns, M. Bonvissuto Having won a conference championship and finishing in second place in the county championship last season, the golf team is looking forward to another successful season this year. Losing only one senior from last year, the team is led by four year starter and co-captain Karl "Snarl" Garrett and three year starter captain, lean Bartholomew. jean is the only girl to play on a boys' team in the area. Also returning from last year's team are sophomores Mike "Bonbags" Bonvissuto, Tom Burns, and junior star Chris McCutcheon, who all contribute heavily. The team plays all its home matches at the Garden City Country Club. 188 Golf W'7,,4:i.-t . Mx an Y! i . 'W' t""f'wnnIw .. , - if .nv-.W k if The Girls' Varsity Badminton team, coached by Mr. Mike Kitaeff began this season with an impressive 4-0 record. Led by seniors Yani Kwee, Stephanie Moore, Celeste Campbell and Moira Davis, the team is looking forward to a successful season. The impressive talent of both first year and returning lettermen has built a strong team. Q V 5 9' it -2 J lf ,--, t,,, ,... Y i f . 1 X ' 'i or ets Badminton 189 The Boys' Tennis team is currently 1- 1. Led by senior captain Dan Mannix, the team is expected to place high in the league standings, Singles players Gregg Davis, Matt Moreale and Mike Bollo have played very well. Captain Mannix states, "If I play up to my potential we will be the most dominating team around." TOP C Tobin, I. Bartholomew, L. Pinkney, D. Pentalari BOTTOM M. B. Stefano, I. Harrington, P. DeMarco A Vought, M. B. Cisneros I Q I O I The Boys' Athletic Associa- tion consists of boys from all three grades is dedicated to sponsoring the growth of sport- smanship. The group works in cooperation with the Men's Association on fund raising and other tasks. Various activities are sports nights, ski trips, and a banquet for various athletes at the end of the year. The B.A.A. is sponsored by Doc Dougherty. g, ,-4. ff. The Girls' Athletic Association fosters in- terest in girls' interscholastic teams and special events each month. In conjunction with the B.A.A., the G.A.A. runs an award dessert at the conclusion of each sport season, and a senior dinner at the end of the school year. Mary Beth Cisneros - President Diane Pentaleri - Vice-President Marybeth Stefano - Secretary Amanda Vought - Treasurer Muffie Harrington - Social Chairman lean Bartholomew - Senior Representative Charlotte Tobin - Iunior Representative Tracey Pinkney - Sophomore Representative TOP I. Losee, P. Borrelli, C. Dunne, K. Moran, S. Pierce, I. LiPuma 2nd ROW A. Samaan, B. Gadol, R. Griffith, L. McCutcheon, P. Bennett, I. Percluto, B. Burton BOTTOM R. Montano, B. Fecht, I. Cac- camo, P. Haggerty G.A.A.!B.A.A. 191 N ,. yn' 1 W' 1, f , .. ., ,fm "gk vs X 1' fl' f viii- A ' ' z A ', wr' M' L .' ',YQLf I ff! X ,fm f W M A " "N V' ,s A, A ' 'V' , 7 , .ily ,f, :ff f- W1 mf fl jjllj, ' J. I '4 , , Q W f ff i 1 AH if W fl .w A , A , . A ff ff, N i f ,X Q: P ANP ,45,,,,a A f-, A 'fav fi 1 Ju. I 1,14 fs. 1 :Q-.rv ,' -. '- , -, ., fifl 'f.z, ,' 1 x yay 'A' Q5 ,Q , ,C , W ' , f ff . I A A aff -7Tf25'f ,5 f 'f ' f77,D2,95f' 5.1-' S51 ff 5 " 1 f 1, iff ,f .A ' if, , N, ff - M f -, ' 1 fx fy 0 -' rf- j jgfqf ' I 'l ,1f,I.'1 , ,wif Qfg' ,grfjf ' .rfb-:iq .1-6ffTL2Zff,1 A X "2 fi?" I ff f',, ,-1 A f' 9136! ,X ' ', ff ,- .f If , I, I , ,c ,,q,f. .1 -of , 'f:ff 'f1 Q 'X "' w r ' -' .f " fb f, f F , ' f, 'K I ' : I K N! It ff , ' . I 1.ff4- if ffg-,x h ' AhG:kff'H:KQ MAN S AN I AN 66? A large part of this yearbook is paid for by parents and merchants of the town of Garden City who make contributions to Mast in return for advertising space. It is the generosity of these people in general which keeps our community functioning smoothly. The stores in Garden City, in addition to supplying valuable products and services, often act as a gathering place for the town's youth. Their businesses influence social life by supplying jobs and keeping the community a closely knit continent. Ni was? W il? ie it M., 'V' ew wi M M 2Q.f " MM? tl if if . - get 1.2: 4' .M " 42iAf , Ban-by my salma. ff M f - M 5. ,-:V., , riff r ' ' Q f il QW E , , 1 5 .,,, . fs Fa- , ,. ' 7 Aifwlfifgalgr XI ' ' .,.,1 Q ,,, N V 'V . r K N'i,A and , , I . h 1' Ann M 555 . Jw V 3 in i 'Ek .51E:?n4.gM.1'5- 10561511 3 3 8 if fligj g i W i 'A i M A 2, 1 'ifiiif iii: Erlfliisfik-kl?lffdQ?0 l 5 5255 "' Fhrtune Mr- and Mrs- Affihliiilf 2 Mr. and Mrs. Erik Ieriisenl 1i Q E? Mr. and Mrs. Duncan E. The Keane Family ' r The Kessell Family Mr. and Mrs. Brewster B. King Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Kirby? Mary Lynn and Bill Kramerxlf irl fr .1 M h1 Beth '79, joanne '81, Lynore '82giBilly Sonia and Nick Krawchuk . g .,. .. g i A n1'nQ I0an and Steve Latham as V he eel exll Mrs. Meredith Leshkowich William and Irene Lincks my eae The Luhmann Family i P M M , r Dr. and Mrs. john F. Lundie anti Familyf ff i' i K K 65' if ,. Q r r, N. ,W K it Yi? 5 ,1. , L-,Sfm5115.2,:aw,514,W1LW::yt,Z1',fw,:,M,,W, , ff--,,,m f-,,m,,1.1Q-,..,,W.,:,,,,,m.1-H.,,.lf-gym.:1wg1Wf-v M-W, , "4-'7f5:7'"'5'33WEil'W1 w.W:1 V - Q4 f is Q , 'Jw .. ... ,,,,., ' fw gwTTiiHji,12m5zz,y I -,f , ,,.. MW, . ,,,,, ..., ,,,,. , , ,,,, ...,,, ,,,,, ,,,, , ,,,,, A ., ,A ,,,, ,,,,.. f ,, ,.,,, ,,., 1 N , ,,,,. ,,,, A, w kd ffwif:Mfe2ff1m1fe:,v -6-M'-WM-"' , . ,, wwf Hyi-U21Qfglzwvhzwvxuimswlfwzaerrwx:-laewwl,my1g?,,1QgaeazffWz1.,,,H, fm.,-,fmW,, , . , , if -J 'M ,..i:'iW ' f GEORGE CAMPBELL PAINTING CDRP I 31-40 College Pl. Blvd. Flushing, N.v. 11354 Pa IRogo k Ro Rogo sk Maste Care Ser ce FLORAL PARK TIRE 81 SERVICE 212 Jer cho Turnp ke Floral Park N Y Co g atulat ons to the Class of 1985 Master M nd 775 6400 Tune Ups 354 8950 Wishes to Patrlcla and the Class of '85 GARDEN CITY on AND Mas PATRICK SCARANTINO AND FAMILY SHOE SHOP B f 1985 Garc?2r?2I?Qk4. . Our Love and Best IXHAJR DESIGN Home ofthe ass Weejuns C gi l l t' Cl I I Sp 197 EDGEWDDD STUDIO PORTRAITS FAMILY GROUPS CANDID WEDDINGS 888 FRANKLIN AVE Congratulahons to the Class of 1985 GARDEN CITY, N.Y. 11830 198 Sp CBomauemtune 741 1 080 Formal Waar ol Long laland Bonavanlura Bldg 888 Franklin Avo Gardon Clly PRDM TIME M SPECIAL Prlces for Class of 85 White graduation Jacket Congratulations Class of 85 Our prom pros will E pul you ol can wllh tho lux lhol a lual rlghl lor you 'VW 8 ENTAL Hours MonTuas Thurs 9309 Wod Fn Sal9305 516 248 8393 F Gad Cty NY 11530 - Jr A fig 'Lg 3 2 "2 ,, 1, D I rf 1 , . W 1 . lk' - Q5 'EXTRA BONUC: ' s. 1 . V' . - t 4, , I sl . Xa! 1 2 I . 137' ,fn in - 1 Sponsors 199 Plonoov 2 3199 PAINTS OF BEAUTY cornpllments of OLBRO PAINT COMPANY n srmcnvf WALLPAPEIS PAINTS WALLPAPER ARTISTS suppuss TRAVEL AGENCY INC 114 7th STREET GARDEN CITY N Y 11530 q516y 741 4484 COMPUTERIZED BUT STILL PERSONALIZED TRAVEL ANYWHERE Neptune how, Inc 741 3366 741 4640 'lasffranklm Avenue 132 7th Street Garden C1ty Ggmeras WNV Equipment Supplies Sami f Service Q Renisls 'I HUUI' Prucessmg Congratulatlons to the Class of 1985 Q1 D2 fo Y' 15 6 Administrators Y I I 'TTT'T1 Lssss LL,TLLL -LLW .1:1Lfj1:,.L1,.,.. I K M .. ., ---'--":-1f- '----, : ,-:,:-f-::f:-'--':: ---- A f--f:'---'-- 1. 4 -- 4 4 1 A in ' ' ' TL s L -.111...1:: LI- LLLLL TL1LLT,T A ATIAZTT TITLL -TT- LLT I 111 L1. T -.:1. TTT'TTT TTLT 43fE33 ' A 'E 331- . TTTE . 1T-3 77': grsi L'xk L I 5 3.31 A f i A A ifl 2 ii- LQ: "1k . .i i ':'1::1 .k.f:- 1:5 " -.:-- Lzii T'33: A Tls To slfsss X 1' Q O. K 6' '2 To K 6 o f- f Q 0 'Q .AKD L, Q 6' 0 , Z "' 0 i 'fl' an A ,- . . 200 Sponsors CUNGRATULATIUNSV TO THE Class of 1985 From TIME WAMXST C f 1985 J ff Ch g R b M G ED IN CHIEF ADVISOR U A FN 1 anlon Myslik Drew Weinla F S l h l ! Sponsors 201 1 1 Pres1dent Peter Haeffner VICE Presrdents Ken Akeson Peter Stahel Robert Wrhnyk THE MEN S ASSGCIATION GP THE G RDEN CITY HIGH SCHOOL Congratulatrons to the Class of 1985 Thank You for the Loyal Support of our Programs by the Students and The1r Parents X-6+ QON F 'lf SPO SM.ANzHIP fr Q3 ' GARDEN CITY 50 Years of The Wmmng Trad1t1on Treasurer Ron McG1ynn Secretary Inn Perduto I 6 Q' ea, Q -9 cg, in .IJ l.i,'t.'f 0 .. 2- '5 2 Uvjfgu 'I ' ix m j. s 202 Sponsors -ii A1Q1a1LPH11 UNWE RSITY yi- BEST WISHES TG THE CLASS OF 1985 60 UNUQQP num kg gvnulm lmmsuonsmg: Wa? al L 6 A lull y In-9 U H .WTI 0 46 26105 Shiiemawbe V Congratulatxons to the Class of 1985 THE STUDENT COUNCIL Pres1dent Steven Testa Vlce Pres1dent Ioe Caccamo Secretary Laurre Typermass Treasurer Mo1ra Dav1s Parl1amentar1ans SUSIE Daly Andrew Samaan Sergeants at Arms Dan Mannrx Peter Hagerty Sponsor Dr James Tarrou THE LANGUAGE CLUBS .le Hawk ?'uuag464 Hoang 77Zcf41!eez BIB Beutzrhe Qiluh llihu Euhhat IL CIRCULO ITPTLIPTNO CARLO IYIPTZIARCSC Salute the Class of 1985' Congratulations YVONNE of 85 Mom and Dad CANIVAN HAR WARE INC I66Sfevenbth Street ffaifien City NY 5146 747 WRAP!! We fi Parnts Hlarclwaliel-il lass Wlflgousewares We reparr Lamps Screens -A-5 Stornnwrndows lf You Are Thlnkmg of Going Someplace Why Not Talk ll Over Wlth Someone Who Has Been There? Customnzed Travel Service 107 Seventh St Garden Clty New York NORMAN and JOSEPH HAIR CUTTERS A HAIR DESIGNERS 516 747 10111212 895 5367 182 SEVENTH STREET FOR APPOINTMENT CALL Ray Peck 212 285 3909 GARDEN CITY N v 11530 741 3655 President 747 825 5220 - I 1 A Q O A O . , . . . . - - . , Q M S 575 Q l . ff QQ - L ilpzv 5 A 5, ff I S 1' " " E 5 -"f f f f ' N545 - -'-lsfrrbwyiffk SF'-fhioiiiifik Wkimif fls?H7? ,flak A5 'SWQQZ 'l N J- J 'L www N1 1-ffyefvw-QA-Aff .ef T, ,Ms - Qyz ie A 7:1 5 Hi 5i,,:'1f iv : ' QE ff' A F' H J, S f ' 'S 7 Q ' , vf4 Vi '55-,S . I L f ,V T my . ,V f A , 1, T ,,,' .. T 4 , , T A - +-iq if f ' f f 51 .z 2 i 3 il i E i f 5 T5 lf : . K fl -2 H -r ' SQ - f 2 -1-fv J "L-fs of ? i y T ,- ig i 1 -To jf f T T i 5 eww A 5 55 2 . i . - - , . . V - Sponsors V' 147 Seventh Street Ct Garden ny 746 7191 Bulldmg 1' GI futures together www! FIYSII Federal Member FSLIC We love you Gus Fverx body AIII a French 1211 H me ml Perlod 6 501118 tastv WHVQS cool Buds and Madonna I m t1ne Cathy I w1ll always remember and cherlsh the good t1mes we have had together You are my favorlte locker Wh d buddy and cousm I hope we remarn fr1ends forever Mmiigolelf I love you Your best frlend Chrletrne Dear Mommy and Dad you 1n just let me ughteen years talk to Dennrs Taylor I love you very much Maureen Ann I can probably get Thank you for all your love and support for the past I , l l ,-G. ,i , 5 3' . 1, f I ' x' ' ' fl I yt 1 ' I' -N J is I ,Q 'r C - ' ?"1?. 1 11 I.--..-.. 11' l l I f , .- es 1 ' MAWW 'W J 1 5' ', V , X l -..- 'm N1,sANLJ1t1NN ASSUIIAIIONIJI HULHPYIE , .. f 1 To the PBP all-nighters The times have been intoxicating Th e tales have been quite large The company has been re t g a but most of all the memories will last Love M B and Alex To Kevin, Scott, Spiro, Charlie jerry and Rep! I You guys will never get as many chick s as Shoulders will and he can drink you all under the table' Remember Scamarudy Skaweenuna Zabadibau To Charhe and so on and so forth Peace Love and Granola From everyone in AP Art To all my buddl y e one day meet again to share more special times Another fine ab Finn THSIVS by 3M To have fnends 1S great but to stab aimlessly is like rubbing salt 1n an open wound be casual be friends be kind and loving Kath QPBP foreverh Don t Forget the CAPRICE CLASSIC and the CADDY and the good times th with them Danny and Andrew at went 5 I , . . , . . I es, Ma w . . . ' I , . .ss X 2 ,X al Candids 207 Best Wishes to Mr. Weinlandt Diane Pentaleri Success: to live and be able to laugh to swim casually in the moonlight. Let your inner light shine through And you will have many casual loving and you will ichieve trust learn to trust and you will achieve life. Good luck to everyone! D.C.F. from Lake Chad. I C I relationships. Learn to love and share 1 r I Me and MOOSE ALL THE WAY' Up with W P " In America all the rooms are square but I had the sky at nine Thank you Cath Perhaps you Wish to challenge the Soviet government7 SPECIAL THANKS TO ANI-IEUSILR BUSCH AGT This year s been great and we ve had such fun We ve visited the wizard and went to Coney Island And next year when we re spread all over the map Always remember Iohnny Reynolds lays wrap Love M D Congratulations to Jean Cathie Tricia Liza Christine Laura Maureen Gail and Mia Good Luck never become an object and never give up your dreams Andrea Kelly i 11 '11 I TO: VI-:MV SM., llc., gt.- ,123 Candids 209 Wooms Woob1es Wenches and W61fdOS The good old days weren t always good and tomorrow a1n t as bad as 1t seems fl 5' rf fat Take care Be happy and do DBP forever' Q i All my love always Dana PBP regulars I was a stranger and ye took me 1n Matthew 25 35 Love you guy Hey babes' Let s V1S1t the w1zard on the way to Coney Island Love Tara All you RUSSIHH fans Tour group leader A w1ll no longer be lead1ng you Ruff wanna b1scu1t7 For you the Sen1or Class th1s IS the end but for others lt s lust the beg1nn1ng HSP InM DnC MnM 6 o clock7' 9554' In B1g B Debb1e Carr1 and Laur1e wonderful car r1de l almost lost my arm' 1 1 1 I "That was one I ,, ., Jw' 4' ri. , 1 , :in-1 p. 11' - 1 - 11 fs!-I ' I 1.14"-1 1-Aw 5 I J. . , ,1 'fi ku, .viva - 'Qu 1 1 ' . ' '- r., '-f Z 'lf' 47N ' XL, ,. f , , . . ll ' f ' ff 1 7 M.B. . 1 1 ' f . 1 IJ' ak Candids 21 1 You can always Thanks to Gus for all has Schmldts do another and Boo burgers THANKS R F G Adam Corrado Ryanne Kelton Class of 85 The Hart fam11y The best seven hearts a person could hold 1n then' Everyone Kexth You are my 1nsp1rat1on Best of luck always I love you Chr1s hand Gwen and Chrls Susan Iamne Carol Chr1s Gene Patty D1d you see me? 8: Mommy Thanks for all the love and support Cathleen Que la force S01t avec tm VARSITY SOCCER 84 85 toujours KICKS MULE Yurika Saito Jeff Chang Congratulatrons Ursula Phrlrp and ROSIG and the Class of 1985 Hempstead Ford Subaru Mr Tony Borellz Mr N zck Rosato Class of 1961 Mr. Phil Borelli - Class of 1961 Ah but of course' Andrew 8: Brran Dre and Lergh Someday we ll f1nd our shootxng stars' Untrl then drlnk ketchup Megatro1d Chr1st1ne Thank you for all your love support and encouragement I m glad we ve been frlends for 3 years even though I stlll can t spell your last name Love you Always Your cousm Cathy Have More Be gone w1th you Krng 8: Queen M B and I C Hey bud I m talk1ng to you cordless so let S party Its a long story Gwen Kathy and Chrrs are Ionesm Spec1al thanks to all my fam1ly and frlends who have made these past years both happy and memorable I love you Chr1st1ne , . I I I I ' ll II ' I ll ' II "Bring on the women" , . , , , , I.S. I . ll ' III Mx ,9 ' 1 ' . 1 v f U.. n .. ir T 11 Y V! L. ,P Candids 215 Someday I ll flnd h Chnsty Brrnkley B31 Iilglggnggn and when I do for your cheer and 1nsp1rat1on' MH BD AD SB 8: L 'I' The Llmellghf Ralph lt s lust This IS Crazy your personal1ty Alexandra Wherever I go I w1ll never forget the fr1enclsh1p we Bullseye shared I feel 1n the past years I ve galned a new that fam1ly yours wornprat' I love you and only want the best Be happy always' Love Cathy Was It wh1te7 Suzanne come on sleep over I ll buy you a new t1re tomorrow L T , . . ., . ., . ., . . . . ,, . , . . ." , H ' ' H ' rl 1 - 1 - 1 1 , . 11 1 I ll - - ll - rl .gf 51:5 :wi as 9' if x,,c.., 4.9 'u ,. a . 4 .EN 1, . 5 0 nf' .5 ' i '4.,, ,1Q Candids 217 When you get 1nto a t1ght place and eVeryth1n g goes aga1nst you unt1l 1t seems that you cannot hold up then for that IS just the place and t1me that the t1de W1ll turn Harr1et Beecher Stowe Congratulat1ons to Courtney and the Class of 1985 Terry and Dave Corroon ll ' ' on for a minute longer, never give I O I I 218 Sp K ? 3 X W1 1,1 v?l P1 RMWQF9 J -L my 'Ke- assign Ei? ' we ,i 5,5 M ,,f,, NZZE, 2 N , ' Candids 219 Beach Busters! Wait, let me explain . . . 220 Candids You're kidding?! Ready for gym? What cologne do you use? Really Mom, I don't think I can go to school today I forgot my combination! Santa came! Candids 221 RTIES "What's going on tonight? Are there any parties? Someone should have a func tion." These were just a few of the statements frequently made, asked and answered in school on Friday afternoons. Parties are the focal point in the social lives of Garden City High School students in general, but this is especially true for seniors. To coin a phrase, students live for weekends. In the past three years, we have experienced everything from the basic keg party to the out of the ordinary caveman party. If a party wasn't already planned for a weekend, it usually didn't take much to get one going. All that was needed were some good friends and the desire to have a good time Cwho ever said you can't have a good time without alcohol?J. is t xc? New Q 3522 5 'M 'E vi, 222 Parties 2 K Q , Parties 223 5? ,f Q W ,fu V wk . Z S2 S L f ' ii ' L mK - , - fs b 1 gf. A- '. , 1 T fn L, ,,,w-wferefff zl v ' H1 Candids 225 226 Kiddie Classes O Q Kiddie Classes 227 'hu 228 Kiddie Candids ...-MQ... . , mm .. N M ""' 4"W"b Kiddie Candids 229 5Eh RWQ5? ill u Ms X 1 L L TL ' l 1 W'Q-' - f .Q W K + .. 3 ,5 H V, I., , 232 Kiddie Candids "-f1:' -. fi' in .. M '-Sf: 55 . I? 1 J, .. W 3' . Q .,,. Kiddie Candids 233 Did somebody say Doug Flutie? Hey little girl, want some candy? Penny for a wish Look - Wa ' M . . . and he's all mine 234 Candids She said no! Hi Mom! a yne got a date! is 29 Eat much? Y Wanna dip? , ,. J Hugs for everybody I got rocked! It's casual 'T I just said no We lost the Newlywed Game! .fy ' Candids 235 236 Candids 19, Qu.. 1-11 X .. 1 W 4 Candids 237 'If 1"i " f ' - Nh , at .Q as ia f Y' ,, if Nap time This is the life K .'-- Compliments to the chef 238 Candids The kind you don't bring home to mother You talking to me? Don't tempt me baby 'i' 2 'W""" ' 'ir f Give me the money or I'll shoot 'T See any you like? H KX -tt 5 'X Calgon take me away Sleeping beauty 11 We're holding it for someone I' What a stud! iff af "' l 4.4 Ready for action Candids 239 jig,

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