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. , f, it-fM.fZf'41ff?4fsiz fi , 7 , 15552 ,. ,K H . ., 7 ,m:. i, V ,, ,-,, ,, 6 , W, lux, ,L V, , -- 7' fi T L K .1 'sis A at ,gg- f I . , . if .J 'Y EKU: -1 P1 ':, -iifrs, , -. . we' --if w'.1'h1ff5gef. ' L , .. , KN ,ax K L :Ls iifii , M kf wt . - I fa., if ' 'Fif t y - ' ,I -- , ww 6 ,T , 5, iiiiisiti i ' Let us go together The wa y is difficult t us help each other The wa y is joyful Let us share it wa y is ours alone Let us goin love opens before us The way is longs U Let us begin. . . an , .wgwwl . 1 Q MW M 9 , , 1,f,4gw,fwiff Q, , if' " 3, ' - mfhx.?2E5,fryg:2'1fgiw lg S 5'-f., jk 41 gk,-Q 1 f ' R "5 ,. WM A 57?iWw3si?26sQ Wiw'L,'W'1 ' S ' -Q 5 in. . , f ',zre::...v-Hin: ck: E1Q?4fz:15.riA -f W Q- ' ' fLL5?154flf I " rt' :Q ,EW.y!W'f.',1f '11, ,Bt 71 ,A G" ia ff's125-Q' . T CY "FQ S, ' ' A 'EQPELZ' 1 01", mi Ei mm sww H4 We ' ,,,,R,'3g. Qi "p,gfgQ Q wwf .' R , dv WQWQM f 1ffw f'f Q A 1 1 if ' - V' A, + . '. UQ, A . A' w"V'I' M ,. W ,... " iw - M' , M I7-1"',-P' - M" , -'LV 1 "Qi-' ' - ' 5 ' ' .n'3?1f - , ,Hx H 4' D, ,,,. ,L x fifff f- Wim A ag ' A ,W ,, w , u:1:"1 1 Y mf A f f ,Q wm- A ,Q-M' QM' ,, ', ' ' H- L z A ff uigwiw wi-fff ' 'Q .H 1 'A Arg G HHEZM Cszzw GH SGH GA MEM QUW ME W W v Y Q, fi? x YIUHIV ' if THRCUGH THE LOCKING GLASS Through the looking gloss of the future, we con foresee the mony brood chonges which will toke ploce in our lives. The yeors of our high school ex- perience, os well os those of our youth, hove come to o climox os this, our finol yeor, drows to o close. The looking gloss through which we will be ex- omining our high school yeors moy be thought of os both o window into the future ond o mirror of the post - the entire scope of our lives. . Above oll, we wont to remember our yeors of high school with oll the flovor ond color thot were present, ond with os much enjoyment os we hod ex- periencing them. We hove tried to copture whot oll of us would like to remember - the greot times, the serious moments, the loughter, the teors, ond everything thot mode our yeors os o closs unique. As Corroll viewed worlds of fontosy through his looking gloss with Alice, likewise we from our future reolity will look bock on the dreomworld which wos our time in public school. The 1983 MAST stoff wonts our closs to look in retrospect through the looking gloss ond remember it oll, exoctly os it wos. FA CML TV if SEMUQRS 553 UMDEHCELZ-41X SSMEM if 'MZ ACTUVUTUES V30 LOCKINGARCUND GCHS may will l Doys to remember. . , Every one of our doys in high school begon with the reolizo- tion of onother series of closses, teochers, ond friends. From homeroom we were thrust into the hozords of holl life, ond from there to closses. Lunch served os 0 twenty-seven minute relief ond recovery period, ond then it wos bock to closses. The doy drifted towords the finolclick of the clock, the lost buzz of the bell, ond we were free. Free to go to work, to porticipote on on othletic teom, to otrend the meeting of o club, orjust to ride the big yellow school bus home ond relox. iii? l ' '55 iillllllll? fmilillllnv E 5-5 2 I Q I I W ,,....n--'-' Q 1 . W W hmmm. 4.0. ' 'Q,,.4a-f- . ..,K,5fi1-bfgy-Q ,r'12Q',,, ' H. 4, Su! 4 m M ,N sn " J" - ff M-7, Q' " Zif f, ' 1 W f z,3x"' " 4 a -.x As A ,si Eff: -W 1235: fm wi N, ,ff iii UQ f ff: Mr X '1- ii N ,'.,,:,. my Q., Q50 t? f -. jg I: K- ar . :f ia, S A 1 A - - Wi T....,..m U sh Q "' f Q ' Q9 K J .f S x WW .- 1 31.5 www QE 10 12 X nr , Y 1: ' 'FP s Um is ,F . M V Y WW 1 ii SUMMER 1982 The students ot GCHS used the Summer of '82 os o meons of recuperotion ond preporotion. Stoying out until eorly mor- ning, hitting the beoch, ond continuol porty going were the most frequent woys in which we unwound from the previous term, ond prepored ourselves for the one ropidly opprooching. Some diligent scholors omong us decided to brooden their minds ond get o chonge of scenery by often- ding courses for ocodemic credit or vorious institutions oround the country. Still others engoged in such ocrivities os holding down jobs or toking drivers educotion, All of us would ogree, however, thot the Summer of 1982 wos o time of greotly needed relief before we returned to our former selves -- mild monnered, ottentive students. 12 ,fl .X .. . HOMECOMING 1982 Homecoming, 1982, wos o perfect doy in mony respects. The weother brought bock memories of summer os hundreds of GC. residents wotched en- thusiostic students morch through the streets, promoting school spirit. This fervor corried over to o successful Alumni reception ond pocked stonds ot Worren King Field for the Homecoming gome. The Trojons, led by Cooch Dougherty, treoted the fons by trouncing the Wontogh Worriors 38-o. After the energetic holf-time show, Poul Coccomo ond Trocy Doly were crown- ed Homecoming King ond Queen, chosen by their peers becouse of their service to the school. On the whole, the closs of 1983, the Alumni, the foculty ond the undercloss- men could HOT hove osked for o more successful Homecoming, E r. f A .,, ,M f 1 WM GARDEN C GARDEN UTY 'Fil 5CH00l 0lSWIU OPERATOR , :cl .mil -2 A, A .1 14, fll ,Q ,su 7? 4' 35' gy 6 A z -wif i 'Eff " Ie Hi B In-:nn-Ugg S 1 . Q, X 3 W I Q .. WV it , 1' 'V w,, Q 3, ,gm , 'f "fHs,w vvlr sg 1 f JM-,M 1. f : : , fdijf' a 9 MQ 'ff A ' :W 'f A 5 I-N , 641 5577 V X, Z f""" ' W, ,, V 4 5' ff . 1 ilciw ' , Gif - ' -' - if 'QP ,ng ,sv fs. its H '15 , X .1-W' lndisputably the faculty has acted as one of our major influences throughout our stay at the Garden City High School ranging from our guidance counselors to our teachers and hall monitors Our interactions though not always harmonious have gradually transformed us into free thinking responsible individuals By offering knowledge insight demerits and detentions the faculty has shaped our high school years and has indirectly shaped our futures Teachers have traditionally varied in styles and temperoments Garden City has its shore of young and old wise and semi senile stern and lenient Though their characters have varied as much as the subjects they have taught, each has offered something special and unique, and eoch has influenced us in some way, Aside from teachers, the administrative branch of the foculty has of- fected each student, either positively or negatively. Administering both aid and censure, the main office staff has patterned our conduct - physical and mental, The guidance department has offered indispen- sable assistance in selecting programs of study and in the often confus- ing callege selection process. We owe many thanks to the foculty of the Garden City High School, whose influence will be felt throughout the rest of our lives. D 4 XX f GMM Dr. Robert Gardner Joseph Prusan Superintendent of Schools Principal i Walter E. Lawder Bernard Allen Assistant Principal Assistant Principal Board of Education - Seated: William Heston, Goldy Rosen, James Byrne Standing: Edward Tacchi, George Walker 'W .Q w -ly----. 7 :XX X552 QQ ffm 4 1 L- s ..... W. K ju Yr A I A, S Ni 'NSF H X A R ' Mr , Q 5 w+ 2 Hai I- Wim Zmm, A. M1"'L'L' "":.-gr,- -- f mmm 4 2 ' M YE s , sz ,mi Z: ,. . , 5 ' 5 .-.1, ,,, 5 ,Q :-v ', ,n' A TUDIES Ek 421 , a ,Q 2,1 KI!! 5 V 4 A h WM V if ' I ,4 Y 57,6 :ry I Joseph Formisono 5 112. A I ,:aa,zmz':aW:aaffm? : Mm W ' 'A -:,:1,' -1,, i ysg' "5 'mmA ' I E A - 5 y i 2 9 252 515 3 1 Donald Richards ,, L1 X ,K K ,.g. H M. I 1 ' ' , U if " ' " in V. A--- 'I 2 ' ' ' L V 1 ' ' ' ' 'rf gp I ,,,,.,,,, ,,,, .,f,f fm, H , .. .. i , Wi f'WfL'w,f,'i1-MiL"5f4f2i,4l.1, 4 lwfkikzgdififb, ' 'f W ' ' f ,,,, , 2 " K V E,n::pz,, l' " :ff , - X 5 We -' M ,, MAHWJ J ' LLL ,,Zff9iE,i5ZI - 2 3 T gr . ..,, .. f JZ I 1 ,-1 .,.,, , ,ni , ,, lim 3: Dr. Cynthlo Morronglello Ellen Bmunsfem , f Thomos Momn Carol MCCOVIH "ff: ,- 4 ,, P" , 5 Q m L f' ,,,, , ,, f ' f JQQF ang? - 951, 1 ,,,,, , , in ,,. .. 1 . ' 1iyfewf.5?B W' I A f f f P' ,, H .J -- Q, i "" Ffiff 1- " M 7 . 4j5g:f6'FJi 'iwgijyfgff ,EW . Dr. James Torrou John Whlfe 1 . ,gg VW.t,M, h,,, Wm Vf, ,V Mwnszgw ,,,, If If W - M, Ln -VIV --yy - 1 N : "'V-' , X f " W H 'ff' if J f ,I ,EA ,. , ,,,,, f ,,,,fffW, ENGLISH ,,,,WwH' ,awry gzwfim if 4 George Costigon Stephen Costellono l? fx ., ww V v,m,G ,,,, ,l W i , . "ii',fflV' iz?-1, - fem iiii 4 --fl, in ,,,, ,K l i iiii ffiiiluf, i , 1,s22fw59gF' ,flfgmh e J, , 'tif' 'I' w:,,,wf KU ,,.. ,, gm g ,H , ,Eff , 22 , ,, iigi , WJ T li Dr. Williom Clayton 1 N 5 1 E is llll I i ,a . 2. H H "" , ,,,: , ..,'1' 3 H ,,,,, "" "'-' ' A lz. ,,,, f.-J' :Yi 'IEW f" 'V E, . q e ll, , .,.. E , '1" " all ,,. ,, f ,V awe- V. , Q ,:l,:f. fNA ff , ' ,fr t ,, ww I ,fl , eile 1-:,A . ,, , , 9 QQ, X , W ,, , . g . 1 , rn v -0 TY v f ffl, 1 ls ,Fi 5.5 aff l 5 sf 2..:u,f- Q2 if f HW mg , ' H W ,, ,l,... W, Alfhe0 GOFIYO Roger Goodwin English is the meons by which we communicate in mony different forms. The design of the reochers of the W ,,,, : if - ,. .W fr English deporrmenr, heoded bgYVQQQ . S,, Z Z g ,Cf .-,,-- T , ::. , ', 2 1 f"?f my 7 "" Gnd of . r"' ....... ,l.: M .,..,. '. "ii 1 , ,, . " IIYGVOVY U :': L - ,, V rowde many " " IOFWQUOQ lish pro- ,l,i On m d dr ,,,,,r ' p U ly me l ii oo SCWO' ,ii, ,l,,., ,i,.. i , i-1 ' - M r Inez Spiers ' ,,, 1 :VVV , ,,,, , U W iii,,, I ,,,, H .A lllrr iieiiirr i n QF "N..-oH""'x N Qxv . , .... ww. A i MWW r ' "A"AAA A AA ,,,1 r f 1 Mg ,,,"'.'I"A'AA.--".-"-7-AAA'--"""'?AAAAAA ll r , ,,,. .. , . ,. I .I hk kk ,,,, ,f,. I vi. V V7 T: .-l i Q Jeanne Genovese A " ' ,, me ,,, . A " 1' ' A , an eee A f ": A "'A A :'AA AA AA , ,,,, .. ,. - V K ,,,, I at WK -::- I,:,. . vwrw wwwff- 1, gw uf, .... I if ,LI Q W, we I Robert McGowan R Mary Watts x W new I I Elaine Lynn w-"""""M' MWWWWM Z avw""""""0. ,, nnn . 1'- 'Q fd! EX gk 'N K 1 3 Yi, I 1 Drew Weinlandf Edward Wojnar 2 MW Q 5 2 25 l it ,,,,,, :VZ 5 ,kg 1 ,,.. EE K l iii ' ff Clifford Hordlow Q ,,.- sw Iii Dr. Roderic Beoulieu for the vorlety of student in the Mothemorlcs Deporrment hoe offerings in four different trock to Advanced the stoff to provide e-ooh student which will meet his or ovolloble. much gool every Robert Kenney Willis Slocombe Frederic Brilier s Earl Ewing William Pollock Margaret Visentin Roger Regan il Dr. Sandra We-rtis Q. Ralph Rossen QE? rg Q Sgiisw smww fs' m f as i 1 Pt E s A ? Q A ,S , Q t is t it i is S li . ,si I ,V . Dr Eugene Decker Norman Badger gool of the Scuenc Department, under the ni Dr Eugene Decke s to prepore o ,citizen to hich is becoming more eet these objectives, ience progrom offers , eorth scienceg eoch ents, regents, honors, plocement levels students progress n their interest achievements will hrough the vo s levels of study. W g t, u,t u ....V ifi l"lll' H , s..t u i ww W. ,,,, u ,rs f 2 My ,V sr. W5-www .. I I 1 Barbara Bergman Dr. Michael Borut Eileen Hussey 3 W M-fi .- ,,,,. W . M M fl ,fe Joseph McCabe Donald Maloney . rf WW W ""r -r"" - ,Q ,magsgaw ..,r ' Dr. Harold Turkel Dr. Benjamrn Truncale Paula Walsh L r , , , " ' X , W , f , "" ., -ff ,, . ' . " 'wzihj' 595' H: W 7J"1.Er, wmeiif' fm. ' W 'l " ' 'f 'f Irfy f X E' rr,, , r ' ' , r rrr, l , as ,, l' l' f ' A , , ' . w K . rr,, .,,, 29 l ll' h : ll as ,V llll r , l ' W ii, 5 ,,,, I M I LM- f , ,M .fit s ,sw Wire te Wit ,, l f A,.. .. ,, , ......,fit,5 , ., - ..., M H , , . 1?'5212-mE1,jil"T,f1S:- lA.iLf.'i-PQI. .' ' .Q . 'liiiwfl-52- E- :5 45'1: : "" "M ' ' . ....-V -i ' " . . .... . ,, M. . W, Ee if S' -is f as t Q 7 The Longuoge Deportment, gg g nder the5,supervisl,on of Mork Levine, is designed to rhoke students proficient in the flour longuoge skills - listening, speoklng, reoding, ond writing - ond to give the student on oppreciotion of other peoples ond cultures. Courses ore offered in ltolion, Lotin, French, Germon, ond Sponish ot regents, honors, ond Advonced Plocement levels. Conversotlonol courses ore olso offered to juniors ond seniors. In the lost five yeors, enrollment in longuoge courses hos been steodily increosing with 852 of the stu- dent body involved with the opportunities provided by the Longuoge Deportrnent. 3 M, Y,,, . .W Mork Levine M M 3,3164 gay xx X LL I. W KBW4 qw Ki V ' - 5 H ' vi s r f E., . -,,, X 'ffk ,f ,,L, . , it Q i m ' ' 1 1 ,:f including in some way relate to the individual in modern society. health sciences are becom ,ww V the means of attaining and ' i levels of health will become well as more effective. The i ,,f A -W Yiiif wisiitrggrrfgfff' and by the school seeks to raise questions about modern Nqfhqlie Honon Lg, If I U is to achieve and maintain is the primary goal of the Department. An elective the student may choose the to take part in, gives him the participate in a variety of Robe,,AHen Robert Allen is the f f , ,,,.,f A ,,.,, sw, f Wa ww r i cgurwng 1 r Robert DeFliese Www ,W A its gtg Constantine Chiger llr ttt 1 N fit-if Pamela DeMarco William Dougherty Loretta Stefek-Freiden wi I . WIIIIII ' YW LV ,,,, i .Wt ,,.. ,ii milf: flizffwf f -, . Charlie Morrongiello Richard Bucher Richard Gagliardi Denise Clancy - 0l'flST words variety concepts offered which includes an Advanced the institution of Gallery 110, the same goals in the art program. Clancy are the Fine of Industrial Arts prepare for our courses in Mechanics, Wood Richard is in charge ., iii in V , Carl Russo Russo is in charge REU' Q Q 3 S? A KA N N' .. . Q yn wx w 'Ewa A 1 -A X wwf? gf X 2 Qi Vx xx 1? i . X A K m K A f i ..., A EQLL ,, LiL:LL " -H14 2 .b ars Valli-fi x rf' Jn- Lf. K gk? '- . f . . ' f f -1 . V ' ' Y.: I . ffflff - : , L 4LLLi 4 the hall in the um D ua Perhapgithe mo are theiisubstitutes. toughest with of understanding. Mrs. Mary O'CalIahan and Mrs. Helen Heath, the permanent substitutes comprise less than half of the substitute staffg the otheis being part-time substitutes. and a great deal Sam Napolitano t L A .s. E f Q t sk 1 'Q' i on .- ,' -- ,-noni , , ' 0 1 0 0 U - -ix .. , nn 9 0 -b i f K f. -gf, s ,Q 531, . .sta-:sm H o c S f Q Q , bS..m,g:2-S522 S. ' as 1- . Helen Story R i iii it b . v, X s ., 5 s X f .Xt X Q s x X 2 X X X X .. , Loretta Rtvoll Helen Heath M0ry O'CaIlahan X 3 4, X ,tl W .. fsvgisisii smsise. A .. kfgfffiffr QI Mai- -- as is: , i S 2 fs 5 S 5 . ' 1mr2f"" Nff-. .. :mm :W K 'f S CLASS HISTORY After hoving been off for Summer vocotion, we, os o closs, were not too hoppy to return to school in the Foll of 1980. We were both excited ond opprehensive obout our first yeor ot the Senior High School. Coming from the top sociolly, ocodemicolly, ond othleticolly ot the Junior High, we were surprised to be suddenly bocls ot the bottom os we entered high school. There were new rules ond new teochers to get used to, ond thonlss goes to Mr. Pruson, Mr. Lowder, ond Mr. Allen, ond the olmighty ond oll-knowing Trojon Guide for molsing the tronsi- tion into high school eosier. The first tosls for our grode os o whole wos to elect Closs officers. Through compoigns of posters ond stickers, our friends vied for seots on the grode council, ond 'ofter one, ond in mony coses, two sets of voting, the following choices were mode: Tony DiFolco - President, Tom Burchill - Vice-President, Jonet Colobro - Treosurer, Denise Fontoine - Secretory, Corolyn Tomoino - Sociol Choirperson, Chris Edwords - Closs Historion. The council orronged the first Closs donce ot the Senior High, ond olthough it wos not on overwhelming success finonciolly, it wos well ottended, ond enjoyed by oll. The councils mojor sophomore yeor function wos to pick the Closs ring ond odvertise so eoch student would buy one. We chose the Josten Compony ond work- ed with the representotive, Mr. Thomos Murphy to design o beoutiful ring which sold quite well. These rings were distributed ot our porent-sponsored ring donce in Morch, where everyone found on ottroc- tive clossmote to give the ring o twist, ond its weorer, o kiss. Outside of school, the yeors of 1980 ond 1981 brought us mony highs ond lows. We were too young to porticipote in the elec- tion of Ronold Reogon, but os we look bocls, we moy wonder obout those who did choose him, considering the effects his economic policies ore hoving ond will hove on higher educotion. One of the notionol highs of the yeor wos the releose of the fifty-two Americons held hostoge in lron. While we moy not remember where we were when we heord the news, we oll found our own woys to rejoice. One event obout which there wos no rejoicing wos the shooting of John Lennon on December 8, 1980. His music touched us oll, for we grew up to the Beotles ond the rocls-n-roll which sprong from their innovotion. The news of his deoth coused mony teors in the holls of our school. i The Closs of 1988 returned os juniors in the Foil of 1981, ond before we knew it, our guidonce counselors ond teochers were thrusting thoughts of college into our minds. On o foirly dreory Oc- tober morning, thejunior closs tools the PSAT's: the first step of the mony tests to be token ond forms to be filled out in the next two yeors. The preceding Spring we elected o new ond dynomic council, led by President - Denise Fon- toine, Vice-President -- Potricls Curry, Secretory - Trocy Doly, Treosurer - Jonet Colobro, ond Sociol Choirperson - Corolyn Tomoino. The council members hod o greot deol of work in front of them in preporotion for the junior-senior Prom, but thonlss to the ossistonce of numerous volunteers, ond the guidonce of Closs Sponsor, Mr, Kenny, they pulled through with o very enjoyoble evening for oll the couples who ottended Leonord's thot ' 1 worm June evening. The bond which ployed wos the Gobis Brothers, ond the theme for the , ""' I 'QQ Asn, N 2'-' A C C ,rz , donce wos "l've Loved These Doys." ' il- Tl' 1' , N "V .' Eorlier in the yeor the council hod sponsored o very successful donce with the music of the 19oO's os its theme. ln the Winter we received our results from PSAT's, ond the Closs did very well, with eight semi-finolists ond fifteen com- mended students in the Notionol Merit Scholor- ship competition. ln onother ocodemic ochieve- ment, thirty-seven members of the Closs of 1988 were inducted into the Notionol Honor Society in June. As September of 1982 rolled oround our closs hod finolly reoched our lost yeor together os o group. With the beginning of our senior yeor come hopes of future ochievements os well os feors of foilures. Most of the grode hod college on their minds, but it wos hord to keep it there with the seemingly endless strings of por- ties through September ond October, not to mention thot grond stoge show, done in Brood- 'A ' it ? A .. . ,,. . 1 i ' if ,125 .sh 'if Q woy style of course, which wos the 6.0. - 3 .,,y,g b i ig Assembly. Led by our feorless Student Council f 1-qi. ,tu president Poul Coccomo, oided by officers Colin M Q wx rg 1+ O'Neill, Trocy Doly, Jonet Colobro, Denise Fon- ff 7 if toine, ond Keith Von Seelen Cnot to mention 5 2' ' Q2 G4 numerous Senior celebritiesb, the show wos cer- ' A Si A A M V toinly one of o kind ond mode the students' mg' A. iii W- A if .3 fa' Q. A- ,gl doy very enjoyoble. 1 ' - -1 - A 11.- The months of November ond December proved to be ones of occomplishments in the senior closs. Our soccer, footboll, ond field hockey teoms oll finished well enough to ploy in the chompionship gomes, ond mode us proud in victory ond defeot. The November ond December SAT's were generolly on improvement over those from the preceding spring, ond mony of our friends olso showed their ocodemic promise by goining eorly occeptonce into fine col- leges. The finol sociol event of 1982, the Winter Wonderlond, sow Kerry Anne Decker chosen os Snow Queen from o group of very beoutiful condidotes. As the Senior Council prepores for groduotion of the Closs of 1988, moy we wish oll of you good luck now ond in the future. I KATHLEEN ACER Band, Hofstra '80, '81, '82, Jiba Band Camp, Commando Squad Raids, Holland '88, Drum Major, Uniform room. "5inck," Red Hook. Thanks to 5.L., L.B., M.D. "Grant that l may not so much seek to be understood as to understand, to be loved, as' to love,- for it is in giving that we receive." JEANNINE ANDERSON Cheering, field hockey, Trojan Club, "Life is made of small comings and goings, and for everything we take with us there is something we leave behind." "You can close your eyes to realities but not to memories." Thanks Mom and Dad, I love you. FELIPE ACOSTA REGINA ANDERSON ..Reg,, Trojan Club, teacher's aide, skiing. Good times with friends NY City: 12181, 2f2o!82, Football games, "Those special parties" Skytop and Quonnie. Sorrow can take care of itself but to get the true benefits of jo y, you must shore it. " Mark Twain Thanks Mom and Dad JOSEPH J. ADIPEITRO Great times with LR., M.C., B.L., B.B., E.F., Brooklyn, Jackson Browne, "Max," Lakeridge, Tunn's, Bottles '82 and '83, Thanks MGD. "And let the music keep our spirits high. " "You may try to find your way up around it,-but the need for love will still remain If JOSEPH JOHN ANDREA Great times with our gang: me, Chris, Diane, Eric, Robbie, Jennifer, and Benett. The G.T. Summers '82, '83. NYC Protest. Sharon's car. Lisa's surprise party. Great times with: P.M., l3.B., V.A., S.D., P.D., L.C., T.S., A.M., 5.B,, T.B., RR., Best friends, Chris, Diane. W.O.R.C. Thanks Mom and Dad CHRISTOPHER A. ANDRON "Through the educational system l have found high school to be a definite ex- perience. Where else are you given the op- portunity to awaken at 6 AM, proceed to a hot or cold building, work rigorously, listen to lectures, and take tests for seven hours? We call it high school. JEAN MARIE BARBAGALLO Volleyball, bowling, Honor Society, SCB, jug- glingfleaders club, student store with "Rus- ty" and oldest friend L.L.L, memories of N.H. B.T. Mets, England, 10 bean, Elvira, Pooh Cor- ner, Berthas, and RUSH "Smile, laugh, and help others do the same. " "Let's go girls!" Dr. Torrou Mom and Dad, llove you so. Z", K. 8 X I 1 1 'X he C , X 4 1 ,ff t . -5 t K I ,V IRENE ANN AROMISKIS Softball, lacrosse, waterskiing. Summers at Roxbury with our gang. Excellent times at Mardi Gras. Special thanks to L.L. for always being there. . . for yesterday is but a dream and tomorrow is only a vision, But today, well liv- ed, makes every yesterday a dream of hap- piness and every tomorrow a vision of hope." X. XX LISA CAROLYN BARNES Colorguard, good times with l.H. D.B. K.K. K.H. B.S. A.M. K.A. and S.Y., band camp '81 and '82, summer '81, snick functions, band parties, H.P.B. concert with .l.H. RUSH, Prom '82, S.T.P. and ll Holland '83, Hoboing, weekends "lt won't be long now." Robert Plant Thanks to my family and friends. DEBORAH G. BANGS To great times with great friends. The memories will never be forgotten. Here's to the "lollies" S.W. S.M. M.S. K.J. C.M. Sonja - a very special Thank You. The times and memories we've shared will always be cherished. CLG., Prom '82 b-days, etc.D R.J.R. the very special memories will last forever. sus! 1r"""Y DEBRA DAYLE BARRY Colorguard 80-83, band parties. Thank you Mom and Dad, Linda, Tommy, Billy. Great times with K.K., D.D., K.W.,' C.W., S.Y., L.B., C,V., Summer of '82 with M.F., J.M., D,F., G.W., P.S., M.H., at Breezy. I 'll never forget any of you. , l love you. BRUCE BARTOLF To my friends, Steve, Ed, Joe, Bill - Thanks for Saturday nights the Mets, Y.F., and par- ties. The band, l'll admit it was a blast The Rumors - good music, good times good friends. "The years drifted away like the flakes of melting snow" Thank you all for the priceless gift of friendship. ALLISON HOLLY BATTISTA To oil the years spent having special times with special friends and all the years to come. Ann ie B's M. Lou's, Connie's, and other good bopin times. Mother Kelp, the beach, Prom '61, cocktails, weekends, sum- mer, and close friends, especially Rob Face forward to the future and things as they come. Take Care. GLENN SCOTT BARTON Mast, French club, International Student Ex- change, Chantecler, Summer '82 in Switzerland, Parties, skiing in Canada, photo, Macumba Speaks, weekends with friends, various voyages with Tom and the gang. "Imagine no possessions, I wonder if you can. No need for greed or hunger, A brotherhood of man. Imagine all the people sharing all the world." John Lennon LISA ANN BAYUK "Lol" V. soccer - SOS, Crutches, Phi Tau RHp dogmaster, Laurel summers, especially with A. 6 J.E., l.C. - watersledding, Jo, "A" MaBell's, wild times with Mrs. Fish, J.G., AlL., C.B., M.H., J.E., T.O'C. - Rumbles, Thanks Jeff, I love you. "All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my family" L.B. I JEFFREY P. BATES soccer, sailing, skiing, German club, good times with B.S., D.L., S.M., T.M. 6 E.L. defen- sive driving with M.F. in the H.S. parking lot, "If you could just remember" Jimi Hendrix "you can 't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you just might find, you get need" ANNE DAVISON BENNETT Great times with great friends, esp. KR." Summers in Shelter Island, West Hampton, Canada, Europe, Florida, D.C., AA. Stones with L.J.!LYM 6 D. "For every moment there's a reason to carry on" CATHERINE C. BENNETT "Kit" "HONG" HBGTSYH Soccer, basketball, skiing with LOL, softball, president AQA, Summer '82, Elton John Con- cert, Spirit Day '82, rumbles, thumper, fun- nels, Bayuk's '81 and '82 "You're looking rather lethargic" J.D. To my mother and father whose wisdom has directed and inspired me - All my love, "Smile, God loves you. " T.J.D. HARRY F. BLAIR Varsity Football and Lacrosse, Fidges, AOT, Coumbian Sportsmen. The original eight Some who are last will be first and some who are first will be last. ANNE R. BERGIN lnkspots. . . Photography, Spain And it goes on and on And we have just Watching the river run, begun Further and further from Watching the river run Things that we've done Listening, learning, And leaving them yearning One by one Run river run. Loggins 6 Messina DENISE BLANK Bowling Saturday Mornings, Goody's 4th period, Hamptons 7!4!82, A.L,'s 16th party, Fezzy's Tuesdays and Thursdays, Harry O's. Summer '82 Best Friends through it all, a.L. I miss ya, Bear! "Two roads diverge in a yellow wood . , . and l, took the one less travelled by and that has made all the difference. " ,H ROBERT BINGOLD "Bing" Sergeant at Arms of the Turtles, Basketball, Football, J.A., B.L., M.C., S.S., F.P., L.O. "We be there." "l am worried, do l look worried." GINA M. BORELLI Varsity tennis and badminton, Masquers, AIIDA, 8-19-80, Bermuda '80, Canada and Fla. with KR., J.E., beach K.A.D.? P.G., "Crazy Reds", Hofstra? Love to my wonderful family . . . lt's up to you. You can be all that you want to be,- just see it through and it will happen like you want it ro. . . PETER BOTTINO Football, Italian Club. Summers of '81, '82, Great times with J.S., B.P., B.E., B.L. Lawns, T.M.M. Mr. Bones. "The Hill." Summer nights. Thanx Mom and Dad. "The difficult we do immediately, the im- possible takes a little bit longer. " The United States Marine Corps. "Laugh while you're makin it, Smile while you're takin it, Even though you're fakin it, No one 's gonna know." JANE VERONICA BRENNAN "Some hang on to 'used-to-be,' Live their lives looking behind. All we have is here and now,- All our life, out there to find. The road is long. There are mountains in our way, But we climb them a step every day. " MICHAEL S. BRACCO Basketball, Led Zepplin, stairway to Heaven. Rock-n-roll, When you gotta go, you gotta go. Police - Don't stand so close to me go to college ADRIENNE BRIA PAULINA BREN "To be nobody - but myself- in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else - means to fight the hardest battle which any human can fight, and never stop fighting. " - e.e. Cummings "No man is sane who does not know how to be insane on proper occasions. " DONNA MARIE BROWN "Doods " Good times with close friends. B-day '8O. Varsity soccer, dogging in AQIJA at Homecom- ing, S66 concert in Central Park with MLR. Good rap sessions with D'Errico's. "Everyday is happy or sad, good or bad, but life is always what you make it. " Thanks Mom 6 Dad. SHARON BRYANT if DIANE MARY BUTERA "Magic" Great times wfour gang: me, Joe, Chrissy, Rob, Jennifer, Bennett, Eric. ET, June 12, 17 protests, discos, "G.T." Italian feast, the Knife, sloe gin fizzes, unicorns, NYC, Bobby G., Go Go's concert. Best friends Aever - Joe, Chrissy. Thanks Mom and Dad. "'E.T phone home. "" "Rock the Casbah. " the Clash. THOMAS FRANCIS BURCHILL IV Sports Editor Mast, SCB Executive Board, V.P. Sophomore Class, Junior Honor Guard, Delegate of student Council, Football, Tennis, Hockey, Baseball, Wrestling Soccer "lr is life near the bone where it is sweetest." H. D. Thoreau "The object in life, as in o football game, is to hit the line hard. " Theodore Roosevelt PAUL XAVIER CACCAMO Thanks Mom and Dad . . ..., for all twenty nine parties, for allowing me to drive the Audi after smashing the Volare into a tree, for not disowning me after dreaming of Mrs. Walsh's luscious legs, for forgiving me after 4 Prusan conferences, B Rossen conferences, and 1 Borut conference, and for overlooking the fact l gave away all of your boat bumpers. "l'll miss you Linda Tsai! " KAREN LISA BUSCHMAN National Honor Society, All-state, all-county, LISFA, Orchestra, German Club, bowling, N.Y. Islanders games, horseback riding at RHR. "Don't be afraid to dream, but even more important, don't be afraid to make your dreams come true." Thanks Mom and Dad. JANET MARIE CALABRO "Jan" Cheerleading, Student Council Treasurer, Magazine Drive, V. Baseball Mgr., Prom with Rich, Band CCheeringD Camp '62, Police con- cert, Christmas vocation '81 with J.l., Ver- mont With S.5., Football toilet paper night '82, D.B. with D.W., Lots of laughs with Denise, Debbie, Saunie, Solita, Karen, and Jeannine. Great times with Rich. To my fami- ly- l love you' Dew' mrs. Spears Youre OL grew' -lCCiCJ12f + Im glad 1 had DIUU -For speech. I leaxricd SO much! Leap up qour greor lnumor-'49 Love, Jaifwt, COLLEEN PATRICIA CAMPBELL "To laugh often and much, to win the respect of intelligent people and the affec- tion of children, to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends, to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others, to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition, to know even one life has breathed easier because you lived. This is to have succeeded." - Ralph Waldo Emerson VINCENT E. CAPUTO "Vinnie " Varsity Soccer, Mr. Briller and Mr. Ewing, Signore Moz, 11!7f81, with NP., E.C., and T.D. Thanks, England '77, the Convenience at R.F.'s All you need is love, Beatles Don't dream it, be it. - Rocky DAVID CANZONERI ilmpiiiii' E C , ,. woifminq iii: iliflll iii l roph-rhonlfsfofevefyfhrng S iifili tclicirioiifil iiwiifii im lima iiiiiw iUlCil' illilililji WWC llllCllfl Sl Wwllilf I Wi' iifii VC' M iiiiQilii4 Oil ilflilvl WW Gill ITM llill it CQIRLQI grim I nt? 0 Thanks to all of my friends throughout H.S., without whom it would have been nothing, especially Bob B., Joe A., Bill L., Sue C., Carolyn T. and Erica S. FP. ' "l'll try anything once . . . lf I like it, l'll do it again" "l'm there." JEAN MARIE CARSEY Going sick with Gallic, Spirit Day, Prom 81, 82, S.O.S. before soccer, the Who Concert, AKIJA, unforgettable times with Nooge, L.O., M.T.D., A.M., Gerts! lf you have built castles in the air your work need not be lost, that is where you should be, Now put the foundation under them. Glifi DAVID J. CASE Soccer, Student Council, T.S., l3.W., T.B., Underwear Parties - Rowdie Parties, Aqueboque, No Quote ELLIOT MARK CASE "El, Elbert" Soccer, Honor Society V.P., BP Gas Station, Card Games, and Food. Thanks to all my special friends, especially Felicia Lovaglio - I love you! THOMAS CERRUTI "Toema" Soccer, Track, Windsurfing, water-skiing in Europe, "The mind of man is capable of anything - because everything is in it, all the past as well as all the future." - Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness, "When shall we three meet again Wm. Shakespeare, Macbeth EILEEN THERESA CASEY ,.l,, Leaders, Trojan Colorguard 81-81, N.Y.C, Nuclear Rally 82. Thanks for the times that you've given me,- the memories are all in my mind. Thanks to all my friends. Thanks for all your love, and support Mom and Dad and all Case ys. ANDREW P. CHANG Echo pasteups, Mast, Computer Room, French Club, Riflery. "He who walks softest, travels farthest. " JAMES ROBERY CASTLES "Jim " Summer of '81, '82, good times with good friends, varsity swimming '81, '82, '88 Christmas '81 with KB. when I finally got my license and car. Time passes too quickly my friend. Good times we've had will soon come to an end. But the memories will always bind us together in a special way that will last forever. LAWRENCE CHENG "Larry Kung-Chun Cheng" What's up, men?. . . My name is Larry, butl like people to call me "Chun" because this is my Chinese name. l want to be a Chinese leader. it ,," T NORA CHENG "Nora K ung-Chun Cheng" Hi! I have six brothers, they like to call me "Mai-Mai. " In Chinese it means Little Sister. I want to be a Chinese Godmother, I want to pay thanks to Mrs. Horton, for her help and encouragement. N J JEFFREY S. CLAUSEN "Gus" Varsity Football, Varsity Wrestling, Skiing at Vernon ValleyfHunter Mt., Playing "Gag- ball" Baseball, Softball games at Stewart School on weekends. "All good things must come to an end. " . l l CHRISTINA CHRISTIE "Christina" Nothin 's for certain, it can always go wrong. KELLY ANN COESTER "Summer 82" Hamptons! R.P. - Cham Prom, soccer w!R, DEAD, C.W.R, Good times, Love ya R.P.l Jo. J 6 Ja. J - Party in the Park, "The closet," Last in Hamptons w!GM. Love ya - Jo. J, Ja.J, GM, RP, KJC 6 JC - I love you Mom and Dad, Thanks! ANDREW S. CLANCY As long as a man has a dream in his heart, he cannot lose the significance of life. PETER JOHN CONNOLLY "Pac" Wrestling, Soccer, all sports. "Going to the track" with S.B., N.P., C.M., V.C., B.N. Thank to all ofthe coaches who spent time helping me in athletics. "Live for today. . . Dream for tomorrow . . Learn from yesterday. " Special thanks ta Mom and Dad. You're the greatest. RAYMOND CONNOLLY JOHN CORWIN LAWRENCE GREGORY CONTE IS: Italian, o former member of the Biology Club, a cautious driver. DOES, Just about anything for money Cyes Tom, even Rodneybp wear electric blue socks, go to Speaks o lot. ACHIEVED: A major sociol goal, possession of o cor, seventeen years without o felony conviction. PETER COSOLA CORINNE ANN CORWIN "Corey" "Coors" Mony memories of great times with the very best of friends. The places and things we've done will never be forgotten. A.H.R.C., A1IJA, skiing, concerts, Happy Hour, the Boogets, Summer '61 6 '82 ot E.A.B., Prom '81, Excellent times with F.M.! Thanks Mom and Dad! Oh life goes on. . . PAUL CRONIN "5kip" Wrestling, lacrosse, surfing, skate sessions at Puss's, Rowdies parties I, ll, lll, ll's G opogee sessions ot Antlers with CW., B.F., P.M., D.5., P.C. K.U.S., B.W., C.M., G.D., C.E., B.N. skiing, the K.F., rood trips to Montauk, laying wraps with B.W., F.A., Skips Pub. "Some win some, some lose some, oh, what o for race. " - Bob Morley KEVIN PATRICK CULHANE All the good times with the many good friends, especially T.T., T.C., L.L,, Basketball, Alpha Omega Theta. Thanks to the two best people, M 8 D. "Take your time, think a lot. Think of everything you've got. For you will still be here Tomorrow but your dreams may not, " Cat Stevens PATRICK W. CURRY "Pat" Signers '82, President of Sr. class, juggling, triangle football. "G.O. Breakfast" CSpirit Dayb. Thanks to some great friends and a loving family. "But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities, upon him was the chastisement that made us whale, and with his stripes we are healed. " Isaiah 53,5 DEVON CUMMINGS Photography, skiing, advertising. "We are all faced with a series of great op- portunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations. " R. McKuen PAU LA MARIE CUTRONE Good times with great friends, best of times with P.R., skiing, Summers '80-'82, Florida with 'D,' AIIJA, concerts, volleyball. Thanks Pete for being there. -'We should enjoy here, while we 're here 'cause there's no here there," Thanks Mom and Dad, llove you. STEPHEN CURETON "Ste ve " Concert band, stage band, jazz ensemble. To my friends: you will always be special to me. Thank you. "A bird does not sing because he has an answer, he sings because he has a song. " VICTORIA A. D'ALESSANDRO "Vicki" Kickline '82, '83, Italy '82 great times with Maria, Kathy, Alicia, Mary. Talks with James, Perspicaciaus phone calls with John, band roommates: Chris, Sue, Mary Pat. Friendly's Fish-amajigs, Fiats. "Did we come here to laugh or cry? Are we dying or being born?" Carlos Fuentes llove you Mom and Dad. f M TRACY JEANNE DALY Dear Lord . . . Give me hills to climb and the strength for climbing. Give me courage to go for what I really want. Give me faith - believing can be magic. Give me the friends to make the trip just a little smoother. Help SUSAN KENDRA DANIELS Celestones, O, 4, England '82, Masquers 2, 3, 47 Key Club 3, 45 Deer Hill retreat and Deer- ing weeks, Jr.fSr. Seminar. Thanks for a wild time everyone! Music is then the knowledge of that which relates to love in harmony and system. Plato me share all I have to give. And Lord - Give me love - l'm nowhere without it . . . dead CDMA. JU..,.rYz94'f'-""'ll Dbl? WAQJUW ' jb 'JVC a, 'PHA .,.d0L'.d cpfo GGEOT time im Ed o. Con xv. Rob'P. Ban L., Fred's Gang, The Who, Pete The Who concert 1O!18l82, Th e cow cert, To .I.J. C.O. who made e I gh hard and being good friends. Thhxrfg and Dad, I couldn't have done i 't out you. PAUL D BAN 0"'7 Q.: nd. "Work as hard as you can, and you will never fail. " 3.j2,f,KEP.P.Y ANNE DECKEP, -"' . "Deck" LJ' Cheering, SCB, who i , great times with my best friends. y 4, '82 sailing at breezy. Good times at T.O.C.'s my brothers, Jackson, AfIJA. Crazy times with Tara, M.L.H., P.C. Thanks Tracy. Take good care. ln the noisy confusion of life, keep peace with your soul. . . Thanks Mom and Dad. BARBARA MARIE DAUSCH Varsity Tennis Team, National Honor Society, Mast, SCB, Key Club, Badminton Team. "The essence of pleasure does not lie in the rhing enjoyed, but in the accompanying consciousness. " Kierkegard ALLISON THERESE DEEGAN "Deegs" Good times with excellent G.G., L.5., FK., C.W., J.H., Connie's functions, AQA, "Gloria," summer 82 Reds, Bessie. "Those crazy nights l do remember in my youth, I do recall those were the best times most of all. " Journey Thanks Mom and Dad, I love you very much. JOSEPH A. DeFILIPPIS "Orsky Borsky" APll's, Loft functions, Block Labels, Conoda, Road Trips, Waldorf '79, ACB's, G26, Archives "Tom's copy," B Mulligon "Picture a blue ball spinning free, dizzy with eternity painted with a skinny sky, brush in some clouds 6 sand call it home while the kids shake their bones, while the politicians throwing stones singing, ASHES ASHE5 ALL FALL DOWN!!" BW ALFRED DELLOIACONO "Big Al" Good times with D.P., N.P., BJ., J.C., R.T., cousins C.D. and L.D. Fishing in Montauk ltoly '82, skiing, softball nights out EAST. "A coward dies a thousand deaths, A brave man dies but once. " William Shakespear JOHN M. DEHLER Varsity Wrestling 10, 11, 12 Senior Class delegate, German Club 10, 11 "You can 't always get what you want, But if you try sometimes you just might find, You get what you need. " Rolling Stones JOHN DeMAIO J.V. Wrestling, Varsity Golf Polarbear Club, England '81, Police "You cry for past,- You want the future,- Meanwhile the present is leavin' you fast." GEORGE COOK DELAPORTE "Geordie" Tri-captain soccer, Captain ice hockey, Presi- dent YSO, Grateful Dead, Homecoming '82, Best of times in Vermont, Florida, Colorado, Winning at Hofstra. "How does it feel to be on your own?" Bob Dylan CHRISTOPHER P. DeMARCO "For any feat I can give hopes" e.e, cummings DIANA LYNN DENNER Student Citizenship Board, Field Hockey Manager, Color Guard, guidance aid. Many good times with: K.K., D.B., A.E., C.W., J.L., N.S., B.L,, N,Z,, L.C., M.K., M.D., T.H., E.M., D.C. "The old have everything, the middle ex- pect everything, and the young know everything. " ANTHONY DiCARLO HTOFIYH Low's '78 pickup, Birdman, Fetus Blowes, B.O'B, Thai-Thai, Zion Deliverance, Rush, The Trees, Give me skull, Yellow capri, Tuna, Hansen's parking lot, J.H. Roslyn Duck Pond, Puddinghead, HakaBo, Lowenbrau, Chico, Springfield Blvd., schmegma, AB, APll's, Dingle Berry, Bud why? Give me my Gum- Bach! Big Dave, The Villagers, Special thanks to Mom and Dad. TRACEY MARIE DEPP Excellent times with my very best friends, Chaminode Prom 6 Adam's Apple, AKIJA, weekend of 1O!8f82, Sag Harbor with P.C, Best times with Harold. Don't let go! Thanks Mom and Dad, I love you both "Nothin' left to do but smile, smile, smile. " Grateful Dead JOHN W. DIES ' 'Socrates " J.V. Varsity Soccer, Golf Euro-Tour '82, Smug- glers Notch, Colgate Trips, Soccer Functions, Great times with "The boys" D.F. R.F., V.C., G.D., The Who, Bruce Springsteen, Octipus Mike, Thanks Mom and Dad. "Success is never final. Defeat is never fatal. lt's courage that counts. " Winston Churchill SUZANNE MARIE DeSOYE Kickline, SCB, Honor Society, council, Homecoming, To the best of friends possible, the memories will never fade, Woodies, Summer of '82, 11:45, "Duck!" laughing and crying at the same time, dancin', Hempstead??? "Look now!" "Those crazy nights, I do remember in my youth, I do recall those were the best times, most of all" Journey AI 9 W X I ANTHONY S. DiFALCO "Tony" President 10, 11, Student Council Represen- tative, Honor Society, Soccer, Grease, Spain '82, Pt. Lookout, just takin' things in stride . . . relax . . . Thanks to my wonderful family - You've helped me through the tough times and have been a great comfort to me. "There is only one success - to be able to spend your life in your own way" K C. Morely I ef. if I if SHARON DENISE DILLON "Real isn't how you are made, lt's something that happens to you you become. lt takes a long time." The Velvereen Rabbit Mom, Dad and Sean - Thank you for your patience and support. Love always. DIANE PATRICE DODD .DH Cheering, Best of times with best of friends: P.C., P.G., LK., T.D., Thanks for keeping me together, Florida '82, Le Bombe, Summer of '82 with P.5., HCS, my 16th, 17th B-days, Prom '81, '82, Sleepovers at M.O,'s, Bullwinkle, Steffano, Brownie, Richmond, ski trips. l love you Mom! MARIA DiNATALE Italy, Italian Club CSec. 6 VPD Band Camp, Hofstra, uniform room Exchange program, Friends: V.D., J.F., N.S., K.B., K.A., A.K., l3.V., C.M., J.K., P.S., T.P., S.l. Love to Mom and Dad! ., "lf you can imagine it, you can achieve it. lf you can dream it, you can become it. " William Arthur Ward JAMES DOLAN "Jim" Soccer, Wrestling, Cross Country Track, Ger- man Club "Badily exercise, when compulsory, does no harm to the body,- but knowledge which is acquired under compulsion obtains no hold on the mind." PLATO DEIRDRE A. DITTRICH ' 'Dede ' ' Spanish Club, Latin Club, Leader's Club, Tro- jan Club Treas., flag football, candy striping. Great times with friends. Thanks to my family for all their love. "If every word I said could make you smile, I would talk forever. " "A true friend is someone to share both the good and bad times - Thanks!" SEAN P. DOLAN Echo! Track, Computer club, Karate, Working at McDonalds, Intramural softball, math ex- tra help, Playing badminton in gym with B.B., Wildman D.H., and J.S., Going to McDonalds competition with J.C. and J.S. "The more that you learn, the less that you really know. " RONALD E. DORNAU Varsity Soccer, Hockey CWingsD, Rifle team, Team Nor' Easterns 1981 European Tour, Ski- ing COkemo3, Jackson Browne, Stones, The Who '82 Tour, Great times during senior year. "Nobody rides for free Nobody gets it like they want it to be - Nobody hands you any guarantee - Nobody." Jackson Browne TTB? CHRISTOPHER S. EDWARDS "Egg, Eggie, Eggster. . Wings hockeyp Rowdies soccer, Rowdie par- ties, Antlers' atticp Captain Trips, Country Life with Menace, Johann, Pollack, Camp Hawthorne summers, Traveling with my best friend Tree. "Too much of everything is just enough" Bobby Thanks Mom and Dad MARY THERESA DOWDEN "Dudes" Great times with A.W., M.5., Gay Doods, A.B., M.L.R., J.P., C.C., J.C., T.T. and my everlasting friend Loraine. "10-2-82" The Puddle, S,S. Club, Raddish, the cliffs, Hamp- tons '82. Thanks Mom and Dad. . . l.L.Y. "Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true, " TOMMY G. EFTHIMIOU Living for weekends and Dead shows. Sum- mers - surfing - water skiing. Winters - skiing, skitching, snurfing - shread-out! Scrubrush method for the balcony. Unbroken chain, in the shadows of the moon while we is playin in the bond. Dingleberry, the shock, the mounds, power House, cut through. To my friends - crazy times had by all - Happy trails DOREEN DZIUBA Love is content with the present it hopes for the future and it doesn't brood over the past. lf you have love in your life, it can make up for a great many things you lack. If you don 'r have it, no matter what else there is, it's not enough. "Dzienkuje Marko-OJciec" MICHAEL EHLING "Mike" Best of times with: C.S., C.H., L.S., H.C.S., J.T., and the friends who enjoy the keg parties This world we live in is: A Universe of M ystery A Universe of Magic A Universe of Sexual fantasies A Universe of Awesome Good A Universe of Terrifying Evil, So make the best of it! .S THOMAS ELLIOT AMY SUSAN ERICKSON Crew, J.N.L.B. 05.72, HBC, pink hair, beasts, Easter '62, Pinecrest, Purdue, Girls' State, Magoo. "The road is long with many a winding turn that leads us to who knows where." the Hollies "Must have been the roses." Dead HTB! BRIAN EMMERT "Emms" "Burkus" Captain varsity football, varsity baseball, the TURF, North Carolina, Mets, skiing, football functions, decent times with B.P., B.L., P.B. J.S., D.l., and of course, Bruce Springsteen! "Gentlemen to the goal line." "Are you bagging me?" "No pain, no gain." Thanks Mom and Dad. JANET ESCHMANN Soccer - SOS, Yup-Yups, Good times with P.G., K.P., K.A.D., T.D., S.V., TOC, S.V., L.R., M.L., LOL C,B, and J.C., '80-'81 Mattituck with LOL and A.E, Florida with G.B. "By the grace I am what l am. Thanks Mom and Dad - llove youll!" MARY ENGELS Starry, starry nights, Summer overture '81, white daisies or Cerulean whales, the twelfth fret, special friends that time will never erase: esp. Ursula and Cat for putting me near the wild heart of happiness. "Wings extended sunward, feeling a new vibration, a new life ro shake away the blues." Moxy STEVEN ESSNER Canada 62 - Harmonica Man, Maine with T.E., P. Tosh, J. Cliff Concert, C.C, Revival, Bob, Marley, "Hit Single" Quogue with M.H., Tuna "Blue windows behind the stars, yellow moon on the rise, big birds flying across the sky, casting shadows on your eyes." Neil Young DANIEL ESTAY .tDOnnyH Varsity Tennis, Nor'Eastern Euro-Tour '81, Ski- ing in Switzerland '82 and skiing Windham. 2 .IEANETTE ELEANOR FASTENAU Exchange student to Germany 81, YPF, Cathedral Choir, England 79, German club, Jazz Ensemble, Neighbors, Band Camp 82. "Where words fail, music speaks." Hans Christian Anderson "Life is like music. lt must be composed by ear, feeling, and instinct, not by rule, " Samuel Butler "Wit surprises, humor illuminates. " Eli Schleifer DANIELLE ELENA FANUZZI "Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up ond see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where rheyleadf' l KAREN LOUISE FECHT Kickline, Cheering, The best of times with the best of friends . . . N.Y.C. with D.B., J.B., and M.E., Skiing with S.S. and J.C.g A.L.'s Sweet Sixteen, R.R. with J.A.g Proms '81, '82, '83 with Patrick "God Bless Richard" "Enjoy here because there 's no here there. " UQQY EDMOND D. FARRELL ..Ed., Tennis, bowling, Honor Society, Espana 1982, juggling club, the Grey Stallion, Go Navy, Carvel, signage, poker, football at Osborne, Wang, EF Hutton, Murphy fence, Belmont and Roosevelt. "The one serious conviction that o man should have is that nothing is to be taken too seriously, " MICHAEL JOHN FEDOR "Cheech" Led Zeppelin, Noyac, water skiing, Band, Stage Band, '69 Camaro, J.S., P.B., R.H. E.P. and Stinky "Good times, bad times, you know l've had m y share. " Led Zeppelin CLIFF FELDMAN Conodo 82-82, Dinls Deoth, Archives, U.S. ll's, Roy Lives On, Furter Well I Ain 't Often Been Right But l've Never Been Wrong Seldom Turns Out The Woy It Does In The Song Once ln A While lf You Get Shown The Light ln The Strongest Of Ploces If You Look At lt Right RAYMOND M. FISCHER Vorsity Wrestling, J.V. Locrosse, J.V. Golf, Police, Chonnel 13, Cutlos '74 "Ask me no questions, ltell you no lies. " DOUGLAS FERDINAND MARGARET MARIE FITZGERALD ,.Meg,, Kick line, beoch, soiling comp with the "5 blondsf' A.L.'s Sweet Sixteen, Summer doys ond nights with l.F,, Prom '82, "Makin friends for the world to see, Let people know you've got whot you need With o friend ot hond you will see the light. lf your friends ore there, everything's alright." I love you Mom ond Dod. I PATRICIA FIALCOWITZ ' 'Pottie " "Goodbye," soid the fox. "And how here is my secret, o very simple secret: It is only with the heort thot one con see rightly, whot is essentiol is invisible to the eye." The Little Prince I love you, my friends ond my family. Thonk you. ,if I f'tf7Q Q ,O O -4 L, 1+ wwf 9 i To L, 63? N-sf Viggo so 3 ' Q, x.1f3f,f1 wuaalses Q C 0 ci ci -ij ...J T, wfilduifi' E P EW ' .C 5 35235 L5 K, gl JOAN FlrzsiMMoNs 5 QI Good times with MES., M.S., M.H., A.B.p Art with A.B., S.K.B.'s ond rollerskoting with M.H.p M.S.'s tontrums, Who Concert, Upstote '80, '81, Foirfield '81, Smolley potty 02 "God's gift to you is yourself, Your gift to God is whot you make of yourself." Thanks Mom ond Dad. r . HUGH FLYNN S Track softball and Artie's Parties N V ' ' 9 l-1 C5 H L D 2-Q SZ, Q e' SJ S C ff QHQQWJU QQ ,P , 'J 'O ' 91 fi JE o D .59 3 T3-V2-4-f D' T5 , 'CSM SDE Q? 5 fflgc Q xi 5 Q in ggiggiv Q E Q, 2 F- E015 uggff QEH O L CD' d5'ELlZABETHqxdNfL?RArlPZ - FU 5 --new Dizzy, SGVQ, Pattie and Jeanne, Summer of '79, '81, Dunkin Doughnuts, G.C.S.C. Picnic and Polo, Pizza and M6M's, Bond Follies, '81, Sound of Music and Little Mermaid, Senior project, Pum- pkin Mobile, Vermont - the baked apples, Mosquers, Celestones, Kickline, Garden City Pool, Family and always lots of love. "I was dreamin' when I wrote this, forgive me if it goes astray. " GQ 3 to U 5 :E iii 0' L. FONTAINE Trojonertes, Student Council, Junior president, Sophomore secretory, AQA Prom '82, all summers, Dee's ollnighters, incredible memories with Jan, Solit, Ar, Rich, J.J., and J.D. To my family and friends - Thank you for all the love and support you've shown throughout the years. Thank you for making my world so precious and beautiful, l'm so lucky to have special people in my life. I love you! ROBERT C. FREEMAN DENNIS J. FRANZ 28 "Come to me all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest." 29 "Take My yoke upon you, and learn from me, for l am gentle and humble in heart,- and YOU SHALL FIND REST FOR YOUR SOULS." 30 "For My yoke is easy, and My load is light. " Matthew 12:28, 29, 30 Jesus Christ ROBERT M. FREEMAN "Bobby" Wrestling, Jerry's kids, looping, the "yard," Florida '82 with Dudley, Mike, Antler, the brots and company, skiing, Vermont and out West, BilI's Pub with the Keg Fridge, Antler's Attic with Ant, S.C., pus, D.S., K.V.S., Guiness, G.D., Eggy, M.M., Stemneck, Rasta, P.C., the "block con," F.A.'s "Life in the fast lane, surely makes you lose your mind. " 'X I X HELEN MICHELLE FRIEDMAN "Emily" Varsity Track, Honor Society, French Club, Key Club, Latin Club, Chantecler, Swim Team, Summer '82 Thanks to Edgar, Peppi, Joey, Joanne, and Claudia, for making life wonderful, Special thanks to Mom and Dad for always being there. "Silence is o virtue. " JEAN GALLIC "Georgette Sue Parker" Todd 81, Hamptons 81, B.F. Julie, Ma Adri, lol, 7!27 fidgets, KV. 915 wlDude. Gertz J.C. Am, MH CC. Summer 82 'Nancy' Quiche Dudes, Missy, M. lou, May Beach days T.O. C. Sick times wfCarsey. Thanks Bessy and Jo. "Have a coke and a smiIe" Dr. Ruth .V . A VJ! W ANDREW SCOTT GALLAN FRIENDS: For all the times l've laughed and cried, For all the times l've failed yet tried, To all of you who helped me through, I open up my heart to you. PARENTS: You've given me strength to leave the nest I hope l'll always be this blessed. RICHARD L. GALLO Better D's with R.F. 6 M.B. "Should I stay or should l go If I stay it will be trouble If I ga it will be double" Clash "Those crazy nights, I do remember in my youth, I do recall those were the best times most of all" . .KIM i i . GINA MARIE GALASSI Good times with friends, especially A.D., F.K,, CW., J.H.g Spirit day, K.T.U. "GIaria"g C.W.'s partiesg Florida '81, '82 Deegan Summers, Whiskey Reds, 'I think you've got to make your own life a pleasant and happy one' Thank you Mom and Dad for your guidance and love. MARC R. GENBERG Fencing, ltalian Club, Scum ,, live as if you'd drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. lt's more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in fac- tories. Ask no guarantees, ask for no security, there never was such an animal. " Ray Bradbury K JAMES GERACI PATRICIA DAWN GIESEKE "Patti" German Club President, Trojan Club Exec. Board, Key Club, National Honor Society, Mast, Bowling, Summer '82, German, The Beach, Water skiing, snow skiing, Halloween '80, Neighbors, Great friends M.E.S., J.F., KB, K.McK,A.K. "Catch a wave and you're sitting on top of the world" Beach Boys CHRISTINA MARIA GERGELY "Chris" To list the great times would be impossible but to list the great friends is easy: K.N., MK., A.K., A.V., IH., TN., A.W., and Nancy B. Thanks for the memories, and never forget the special friendships we've had. Thanks to my family: Mom, Dad, and Peter for their love and guidance. "I blink my eyes and it happens again, l've lost my way, but l've discovered a friend. " PATRICIA GIBBONS "Potti" Best of times with the best of friends - l.E., GB., T.O.C., KP., KAD., LK., S.V,, Ml-I. Cheer- ing, SCB, AOA, Tommy, My family. Happy are those who dream dreams and are willing to pay the price to make them come true. Thanks Mom and Dad - l love you!! ri. E' CHRISTINE ANN GILLAN "Chris " Kickline '81-'83, swimming, softball, Excellent times with all my friends especially Lisa, Sue, Margaret, Irene. November 14, 1981 - shar- ing "The Best of Times" with Walter. "Some people think it's holding on that makes one strong. Sometimes it's letting go" Thanks Mom, Dad, 6 Tom ALIX GITELMAN "To believe your own thought, to believe what is true for you in your private heart is true for all people - that is genius. " - Ralph Waldo Emerson, BONNIE P. GOLDSMITH The Leftovers, Rangerflslander disputes, Thumbs, Prom '82, Good times with good friends. . . "Thanks for the times that you've given me, The memories are all in my mind. " PATRICIA ANNE GOWAN Best of Times Forever with Kerry, Diane, Paula, Jackie, Tracey, Michele, Maureen . . . Lebombe, H.C.S. '82 "Time passes by too quickly my friend. Good times we've had will soon come to an end. But the memories will always bind us together in a special way that will last Forever." .. Thanks Mom and Dad" "l love you Elaine" CS fpgiefsj XYOKM DAVID GOTTERBARN dx O., Many a man who is drunk prefers to drive 9 because he feels he is in no condition to x 6 O5 walk, Rush, Tom Sawyer. We don'r need no ' education. OVW 6 clove' 5, 65 Q00 -deli ' MMI IUQJV 'we gp Wm aawag 9085 U 003 QNUM GLENN s. GRAYA' an QI XO OCSVSF C Team Nor'Eastern, Trojan Club, Spanish X36 Newspaper, Riflery, JV Soccer, Memorable L2 moments in Homeroom, Reds, Beach House, t6 kk ,NNC5 Car ride with JD and DF, l look to the sea, 'Y Reflections in the waves Spark my memory. Some happy, some sad. I think of childhood friends And the dreams we had Styx 1385 NANCY LOUISE GROGAN . Varsity Tennis 11, 12. Softball, School Musicals, Celestones, England 82, Student Exchange to Spain, Guitar, Trojan Club, Spanish Club. the Qmeso Happiness is not so much in having or shar- 1 5 - ing. We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give. CIO SAMUEL Gksco in bI X Nlwfidtnonifs Mom and Dad ll Good times with friendsp working on '68 z Charger and '68 Firebird, Oak St. runs, Sum- mer of '82p getting parts from '69 Charger. LQOUV Erleigigent so Gi IBOIW GWOM RAYMOND HAJNY ,.ROy,, Concert Band, Stage Band, Jazz Ensemble. M,F,, i.S,, P.B., C.L., M.V,, JETHRO TULL and Yes, Mikes, Camaro, lohn's Toyota, my '69 Mustang. And the Death! BRIAN HALPIN Georgetown Liquors, CCR, Paris, Dread natty dread, M.H., Erin go brah, Monty Python, Buffalo Springfield, Phil Lesh, Dancing Bear, .l.J., Bermuda, Jefferson Airplane, the beach, soiling, Irelond, Grateful Dead M, later on GC. High, Tom's wisdom. "l'd rather be a free mon in my grave than living as a puppet or a slave. " MICHAEL FRANCIS HANNON Masquers, Theatre, Good times with PLM., CW., A,A., E.P., T.H., Summer of '62 "l just woke you up to tell you I slit your throat." Skip wr MAUREEN HANRAHAN Jimm y Cliff JANE NASH HEALY Canada '79, '80, '81. "There was o young belle of old Natchez whose garments were always in patchez. When comment arose on the state of her clothes, She replied, when Ah itchez, Ah scratchez. " Ogden Nash MARYLEE HEALY Swimming, Trojans, P.T.R., skiing, in Utah with Liz, Summers, LoL's 6 T.O'C parties, Jailbirds. Godo times with special friends K.A.D., S.V., J.E., P.G., KP. Special thanks to my family for all their love. "Some people think it's holding on that makes one strong. Sometimes it's letting go ,, Q EDWARD HEANEY Wings, Soccer Team, Nor' Eastern Europe 1981, Smugglers Notch, WHO, Talking Heads, Dead, W.E. ll, Thanks to all my friends who made High School a memorable experience. "You only get out of life what you put into it." IRENE HILL JENNIFER ANN HICKS "J-4," "Niffer" All my love to Joanne, Fran, Connie, Brenda, Marylou, Kathleen, Lauren, Gina, Allison, Missy, Jeannie. Reds, camping, VSM, Con- nies, Mattituck, Centerreach. "Listen Bucko" To my step-dad: "listen God, look closely after him, he is more fragile than most, and besides, llove him." Love Ya Mom, couldn't have made it without you. TIMOTHY HOCH "Tim" Seeing Springsteen at the Meadowlands, the Limo, Summer, the Beach, Edgemere Park. "Sometimes I laugh and cry, and can't remember why, but l still love those good times gone by. " - James Taylor JANE ANNE HILDRETH Happy hour. The Blew Crew. Montauk. The Cliffs. Believe, for your dreams can come true. All the mystical, magical trips with familiar faces, scenic places, and pastel col- ors that leave traces in my mind and heart forever. My everlasting friend - Kathy. ARTHUR J. HOLMES Varsity golf captain, CYO basketball, the links, vehicles, music, tournament travel, Hamilton trips. "Life is full of learning experiences. " PAUL S. HOLOBIGIAN Thank you very much Mom and Dad for everything. I love you both very much. Good times with: SA., C.M., B.N., P.M., BC. Barbecues, the Toy, Spliff, XR7 Allman Brothers, Dreggs, Grateful Dead. "Maybe you'll find direction around some corner where it's been waiting to meet youg, - Grateful Dead X, ii My ...Va I ,' V su' DERRICK HUTCHINSON JEANNE-MARIE HOWE "Jeanne " 8316, Band Camp, Band parties, The Toy, pumpkin mobile, Jr. dances, 7 o.m. specials, twitch, Vermont, baked apples "Happiness is a bed of tears try and hide your heart away try and forget yesterday, true love calls you think you would hear. " Henry Paul Band SAVERIO ANTONIA IACONIS "Quasimodo, " "5av" Italian Club president, Italy '82 Softball, Jazz Ensemble, Beatles, Jethro Tull, Yes, ELP, II Fex Four. "Don't surround yourself with yourself . . - Yes. "Sounds of laughter, shades of life are ring ing through my open mind inciting and in- viting me, Limitless undying love which shines around me like a million suns - it calls mean andon. . WILLIAM E. HUSCHLE ' 'Hush " Boys' State, Eagle Scout, scouting, rack climb- ing, skiing, back-packing, caddying, Physics, "to live your life in your own way . .. to reach for the goals you have set for yourself . . . to be the you that you want to be , . . that is success. " Thanks to the entire class of '83 for being who you really are. ROBERT A. IANNACONE "Felix" Studio '80-'88, Spring Track '82, Masquers productions, band, Madrigals, good times with good friends, Battle of the Bands '61. "One and one don't make two - one and one make one." P. Townshend. "How about another feer BeIix" B. Schauf. KENNETH INGLESBY ,,5ly,, Varsity basketball, J,V. basketball, Goan Squad, S.C.B., Key Club, Jugglers club, Polar Bear Club, Football with P.C., J.J., M.S., E.P,, L.T., and Murph, Signers. "Live not for what yesterday was nor what tomorrow may be but for what today is. " CAROL ANN JAKUBOWSKI JOSEPH THEODORE ITGEN "Iggy" "Cupcake" Band, Jazz Ensemble, German Club, Key Club, the get togethers of Saturday night. Shea with Bill, Steve, Ed, and Bruce. National Jr. Honor Society. JOSEPH ANTHONY JOHNSON '71, " "StUdIey" J.V. and varsity basketball, J.V. Lacrosse, J.V, football, Trojan club, Key Club, Signers, Goan Squad, Rumors at the Chop, Juggling Club, New Years Eve '81, Bucknell '82, Good times with EP, PC, Sly, EK, MS, JM, LT, MM, LM, EF, BJ. "To laugh often and much, to appreciate beauty, to Hnd the best in others, this is to succeed." Emerson KARYN MARIE JAEGER ..KO,, German Club, Key Club, Mast, Great times with special friends, Band camp, Band, Fosters, Germany '81, Prom '82, retreats, MGM, AABC, night artwork '8O. Steve - you're a special part of my life. "Cherish memories of yesterday, dream hopes of tomorrow. Live, love, and laugh to- day and forever." Special thanks to Mom and Dad. ANDRE JONES M.A.S., Doors, Dead, Todd, art, the Rat Pack, Canada '79-'88, Light-up, Stain, NYC. For all the great years we've spent together, thanks and all my love always to Mary, Jane, Devon, Beth, Sue, Sharon, Lucy, Kelvyn, Juan, and Cindy. Owww, don't do if "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step" - Lao Tzu JOHN P.M. JORDAN ' 'Solo ' ' Varsity football and lacrosse. "The lark Inn," Fishing, Camping, Sump diving. There is more kicking done with the tongue than the foot CAROLINE JORDAN Varsity soccer, varsity lacrosse, Great times with great friends especially DEBBER. Dec. 27, 1981 Wermontb and Feb. 5, 1982. The special times I've had with JACE. A special thanks to Mom and Dad. All my love, Caroline. FRANCES MARIA KALAFATIS "Francine Baby" Dad, every now and then I cry, every night you keep staying on my mind, all my friends say l'll survive, it just takes time. But when you look down upon me l hope, you'll see, that time won 't heal o broken-hearted me. Love and thanks to my friends, but especial- ly to my mom. ' Y I T QP Y I ,p 1 'Q on-1' or' It XX Vrvbu' Xfyfidf 5. af' up Yi., QS x o- 6' if Y' SQ " xx X tg, xv? Www. mm. KALAYOIOGLU X J Long homerooms with Nico, Moria, Anne Lisa and Rita. Thanks Mom and Dad. "Our lives have just begun. " ROBERT F. JORDAN J.V. soccer, G.C. Wings hockey, Jazz Ensem- ble, The Rumors -- "Sickjams" at Ed's house with E.S., J.F., J.A., B.B., M.S., P.S. "lf you smile or me I will understand, That is something everybody, everywhere speaks in the some language. " C.5.N. 6 Y. +-noi" tw-wif TIMOTHY DANIEL KALIBAN Band, Jazz Ensemble, Orchestra, Masquers Grease, Spanish Club, Key Club, Trojan Club, Camp, Maine, skiing, soccer, good times with great friends, You know who you are. Thanks Mom and Dad, Reach for the heavens and hope for the future, and all that we can be, not what we are - John Den ver NEDA KAZEMI Field Hockey, Key Club, Trojan Club. "The Leftovers" "No man is the whole of himself, his friends make up the rest." "l asked for all things, that I may enjoy life, I was given life that I may enjoy all things . . . I got nothing that I asked for - but everything I had hoped for. " Thanks Mom and Dad for all the love. KATHERINE MARIE KEHOE Colorguard, Summers, Weekends, parties, Great times with D.B., D.D., CAV., L.B., S.Y., K.W., M.S., and all my friends. Good luck everyone. lt's living and doing for somebody else on that all of life 's splendor deper-ds. And the joy of it all, when we count it all up, is the jo y of making friends. ANNE MARIE KEEFE Varsity Bowling, Leaders, Trojan Club, English Office, Canoeing with B.C., Good times with good friends, my little sailor, M.K. "Smile and the whole world will smile with you." "Take Life one day at a time. " Thanks Mom and Dad, Ilove you! ALISON MARIE KELLY Love to Mom, Dad, Mike, Therese, Ron, Ron- ny, Patrice, Michelle, Denise, Matthew, John, Michael. Great times with Mike, Mara, An- drea, Christina, Kim, lrene. October 11. Of all the times that l've been burned By now you think l'd have learned That it's who you look like, Not who you are . . . J.B. KATHLEEN KEENAN "Kathy" All the days l thought could never end are gone. All the days that seemed so far away have passed. But -- I still have tomorrows filled with the hope of things to come, and although l watch the sun set now, l know it will rise again. l love you Jane! ELIZABETH KELLY ' 'Liz' ' Kickline, Basketball, field hockey, Trojan Club, Spanish Club. "AlI the pleasures life can bring, friendship is the sweetest thing" Great times with great friends! Thanks for everything, Mom and Dad MARA KELLEN KELLY If a child lives with Criticism He learns to Condemn lf a child lives with Hostility He learns to Fight lf a child lives with Ridicule He learns to be Shy If o child lives with Acceptance and Friendship He learns to find Love in the World Children Learn. EDWIN H. KEUSEY Trojan club, Math Club, juggling club, Signers - Champions '82, Sly, Mike, Pat, J.J., Lou, Leon, Slick, Tom, E. Prusan. New Rochelle, Hartford, Washington D.C., honorary S.C.B., team parties, working with Mike over the Summer. "You only have a problem if you think it's a problem. " STEPHANIE M. KENNELLY ' 'Stef" Varsity swimming, J.V. and Varsity softball, S.C.B., Trojan Club . . . skiing, tennis, summers at Lawrence, good friends. "Success is never final. Defeat is never fatal. It's courage that counts. " Winston Churchill DAVID KIMMINS MICHAEL KENNY Senior year, California '62, Fleetwood Mac at the Meadowlands, Pork parries, Good times with great friends - T.H., J.L., and P.R. with the limo. "Smile, laugh, and help others do the same." Take it easy. JOHN T. KIYASU 1965 - Jazz ensemble, track, chess team. Or- nithology many thanks to my parents and sisters. "Well, think of this - if you consider it a wor- thy thought, that there is always another side than yours - see both and merge them. And if you fail, do so with no regrets." "Oh, O.K." CHARLES JUN-SHIC KOH "Charlie" "Find your limits and exceed them. Dream and make your dreams come true." - Robert Louis Stevenson Mr. Wojnar's class trip to Othello. Kathy L.'s party. Activities: fencing, Key Club, French Club, Kung-Fu Club, Library Aide. Thanks Bobby, Nadir, Kathy, for just being my friends. JACQUELINE ANN KREBS Uackie, " "Red" Best of times with D.D., T.D., P.C., K.T., P.G., M.M. Camp, H.C.S. '82, Trojan Club, Cheer- ing, German club, W.R.'s, F.W.'s Magazine Drive, Lax. All my love and thanks to Mom and Dad. "There never seems to be enough time to do the things you want to do once you find them." - J. C. NADIA CATHERINE KRAINOVICH JOHN ALEXANDER CHARLES KRUPICA "Dr, Kay" Dead shows, getting lost, camping, Tom, Montauk, B.O.B., mind expansion to the limit, Hi Tom, Hi Mom, good friends, good times. closes his ears to the cry of the Poor, will himself cry and not be heard. "You are the only one who knows the truth." -J.K. JOHN P. KRATTINGER ..MUrry,, French club, Masquers - M"'A"S"'H. Breakfast with S.D. 6 J.P., T.G. T.M., 269. "Your education begins when what is called your education ends. " - Justice Oliver Wendell Homles MARY ELLEN KRUYSMAN SC delegate, the Leftovers, French Club Presi- dent, Mast, National Honor Society, workin' for the Thursdays, Norway '82, the GISHAS. Fun with Alicia, Kathy, Nedo - you're always in my heart. "You only live once, but if you live right, once is enough." -Anonymous ROBERT KUZMINSKI CHRISTOPHER LANDI Luce Ends - T.Z. Pub Battle of the Bands - Band Follies '82-'82 Prom with KH. Special friends: T.S., P.C., P.M., S.G., B.W., K.S. "And then one day you find ten years have gone behind you, no one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun." Pink Floyd SYLVIA MARIE LAANO MAST editor, French Club, skiing - camp 8x1, the beach, Parties! Junioritis. P.F. "Senior project" CA+bg Great times with K.K.g CR. - Decade! Genesis, Summer of '82 with B.l. and N.S., the best! . .wait a minute, ldon't understand lr's getting stronger, so grab my hand Don't want to leave you, Don't want to go. . Genesis JAMES P. LANE "Jimbo" Tennis, Track, Pot, Mike, Stef, Tim, '83 Art Work Lyn. - ER., Patty + Mottew, Police concert, April '82, Fleetwood Mac Great times with friends. "Sundown, coming dawn too soon No time to be alone So I 'Il take a glass of memories And understand the blues Oh they're the last thing you lose. " Steve Windwood LEONARD LAMONICA ED LECOMTE Bond, German Club General Chaos, Foreign Policy Forum l"One day the lion will lay down with the lamb, but the lamb won't get much sleep" Woody Allen ROBERT LEE JENNIFER' BETH LONG Winter Track, skiing Good times with oll my new friends, Weekends, Parties, Memories of my greatest friends in Mass. "Life must go on, we all will move on But os we carry on we will always have memories left in our minds." Thanks Mom! MARK LESSER "Stinky" Cheech, John S., Bill P., Karyn, Pete, Bum, Ed, Steve, Bruce, Mike, Joe, Silver, Frigote Band, Stage Bond, Orchestra DAVID MICHAEL LOPEZ "Dove" Trojan Club, Key Club, Spanish Club, Echo, MAST, Winter and Spring Track, Good times "en coche" and with friends W.A., T.K., J.B., SM., Longboat Key. Thank You, Mom and Dad Do not look back. lt will neither give you back the post nor satisfy your day dreams. Your duty, your reward, your destiny are here and now. Dag Hammorskjold LISA J. LEUNG Lacrosse, Volleyball, grade councils, Trojan Club, SCB. Great times with frineds, especial- ly Irene, Chris, Sue, Arlene, Margaret, Pat. Summer of '81, Christmas vacation '81, mun- chies with 5,000 phone calls, 11:45 with "Should I stay or should l go now?" "Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime!" A very special thanks to Mom and Dad for everything! ADRIANA LOPRESTI ..A,, MaBells Lol, Joe, Jan 28, Prom 82, Sweet Six- teen Hesterl, Harry's Best friends through it all, D.B. To RD. - l'll always love and cherish the times we had. - A.L. "There has to be a darkness, if there is to be light." "Peace to all who want it." RD. So Long! ERIC HENRY LOS KAMP l.V. Football, Varsity Football, German Club, Good times with F.D. AND K.W., Baskins, BK. runs with T.M.+S.D. "Throughout the rest of my life l will always remember the memories of high school. Thanks Mom and Dad. " V ' . 1, -V512 gzgi WILLIAM J. LUDEMANN "Lude" J.V., V. Football, Great times with best friends: Chris W., Dave Lude, Susan C., Marc C., Joe A., Bobby B., Paul D., Chuck T., Jethro Tull, Van Halenp The Pabst Blue Ribbon Sum- mer, The 197O Mach 1'sg 1970 Chevelle SS 454, B.K.'s in Farmingdale, Oak St. at 12:00 noon. I Love You Mom and Dad "Never Lose sight of your dreams" FELICIA FRANCES LOVAGLIO Kickline, Italy, Dance!! Cultural Arts Centre. Ballet, modern, jazz, tap. Great times with terrific friends! Especially Elliott Case - I love you! lf you can imagine it, you can achieve it. lf you can dream it, you can become it. William Arthur Ward Thanks Mom and Dad CYNTHIA LILLIAN LUDWIG "cindy" 7th period English 10th grade, Coburg 61, 4th per L.L. wfTy, 5th per wfDoob, Montauk 82, S.l., Excellent times wfD,B., Ty., Okie, J.H., The Rat Pack, Cool Jerks l Love You All!! Thanks Mom and Pam After we leave only our shadows will re- main They too will love. LISA L. LUDEMANN German Club, Band, Leader's Club, Student Store, Honor society. Coburg Summer 1981!!! Great friends "A smile costs nothing but gives much. lt enriches those who receive, without making poorer those who give, lt takes but a mo- ment but the memory of it sometimes lasts forever." 1' LIEN LUONG BARBARA LYNCH lt's true what they say about these years go- ing by fast meaning also that time flies when you're having fun. The Best with N.5., Italy, Laughing, Summer with S.L. and N.S. Cancer with K.S. Family, all friends - thanks for always being there and listening. PATRICIA MCCUTCHEON Lacrosse, Basketball, Genesis. "Give up your heart and you lose your way, Trusting another to feel that way. Give up your heart and you find yourself Living for something in somebody else. Sometimes you wonder what happens to love. Sometimes the touch ofa friend is enough. " Jackson Browne. WILLIAM RUSSELL LYNCH .TL ,, JV and Var. Lacrosse Good times with the best of friends thanks Billy, Brian, Pete, John Thanks Mom for everything you did for me. I couldn't do it without you. THOMAS MARTIN MCDONAGH "Bullfight critics ranked in rows, crowd the enormous plaza full, but only one is there who knows - and he's the man who fights the bull. " Robert Graves, Lacrosse, Football. Thanks Mom and Dad. CHARLES D. MCCALLISTER Pres: Alpha Omega Theta, Varsity Golf, Var- sity Football. Good times with friends H.B., S.O. Summer parties out in Laurel. Florida with Antlers, Bratly, L.D., G.W. RF., M.M. "The times were great, but as with time you must move on, so now I just say good-bye. " Thanks Mom and Dad for everything KATHRYN MARGARET MCKENZIE V. Swimming, Winter!5pring Track, Soccer, Band, Orchestra, Madrigals, Cathedral Choir, England '79, French!German Clubs, Mast. 11!9!79, JM, DK, NW, LF, CW, MA, JF, JZ, DF, AF. "Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference, " 63.5 l l STEVEN MCLAUGHLIN Key Club, German Club, Canada '82, The Who '82, parties at M's house, J.V. Football. Thanks Mom and Dad, JANE A. MACYKO National Honor Society, Varsity Cross Country, Spring and Winter Track, Basketball, GAA lsecretary, SCB, Mast. Love and thanks Mom and Dad. "To laugh often and love much . . . to find the best in others, to give of one 's self . . , to know that one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have success." ll' KARA MARIE MCLOUGHLIN Echo hysteria, Mast, French, German, Trojan Clubs. All the Lisas, Eddie, the rest of the gang, you're the greatest. Thanks for being there through thick and thin. Mom, Dad, and Sheila - I love you. "I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday, and l love today." William Allen White, CAROLINE MAHER J.V. Soccer, Fall '82, skiing with friends, and waterskiing with buddies, 7th period S.S. with Formisano, good times with friends, old and new, Maria's 24 person bathroom, Thanks to all my friends P.S., M.D. and others. "And it's only the giving that makes you what you are. " Jethro Tull. Hi Paul SUSAN MacLEOD STEPHANIE MAIER The "choicest" of times with the "choicest" of friends: B.R,, S.W., D.B., D.S., C.M. Laces, Reds, Lake Tahoe '81. Germany '82, Who concert '82. "lf you can imagine it, you can achie ve it. If you can dream ir, you can become it. " Thanx Mom, Dad, Thom: I love you all. MICHEAL MALERBA Baseball, wrestling, Italian Club Sunday football with J.S. working with J.C. Send P.B. to Hawaii, live for Summer. Good Luck. TRINA MANGANO "To be great is to be misunderstood "All I leave behind is only what l found." "This is your lounge car steward. The lounge is now open serv- ing cold drinks, cold beer, hot coffee, and snacks. Thank you much" Topher: "You are my best friend and I love you so well. " .1 MARIANNE M. MALLON "Nothing is more precious in life than those who are close to you. " Thanks Mom and Dad. Remember great times with great friends. Nothing lasts longer than happy memories. LEON MELKONIAN Mathletes, Astronomy Club, Polar Bear Club, Signers. "We have fought such a fight for a day and a night as never be fought again. We have great glory, my men. And a day less or more, at sea or ashore We die - does it matter when? ANNEMARIE MALONEY Great times with friends, especially "Gerts." Summer '81, '82, Prom '81, '82, Canada '82 with BF. East Hampton '81 with BF, Georgette, Alpha Omega Alpha, "'Apr. 17, 19811 Harry's. Thanks for everything Julie, and all the excellent times with B.F. "Watch the North Wind Rise." "Nothing lasts longer than happy memories." + I' ROBERT MENIG CHRISTOPHER MERCIER "Merc" Jerry's Kids, The Toy, opogees, the ottic, Rowdies parties, the track, Grateful Deod Concett 1O!82, oil good times with good frlneds. "Some folks trust to reason, others trust to might, I don't trust to nothin' but I know it comes out right. " - Dead. CHERYL J. MILLER Outrageous times with Lolliesp . Sonja, Mory, Deddie, Karyn, Steph, Jibo ot Bond Camp. Night "Artwork" '83, Functions. Summer '82 with Dove M. Sonja and Debbie, shoring our high school years hos given me mony special memories - Luv ya both. Mom and Dod -- thanks for olwoys being there. You're the greatest - l love you. Nr EDWARD ADAM METZ Notionol Art Honor Society 125 Key Club 11-12. Foreign Affairs Club 10. SCB11. Art Committee 11-12 Not-Orotoricol Contest - Grd ploce. Package design winner. "These were the best times of our lives. Cherish them always. " PATRICK H. MILLER Football, softboll ot Stew. Golf ot C.U., Surf- ing, skoteout, skiing, "Bring it on Home," fire at Fidges, toy, ottic, Apogee ll's. CW, DS, CM, BN, PH, SC, KUS, BW, GD, CE, PC. "lt's all over now. " -GD. "Don't forget your history Know your dentistry" -B.M.W. CLAUDIA MILANO "Impossible is only a word found in the dic- tionary of fools. " Napoleon. "The mind of man is capable of anything. " Joseph Conrad. Thanks Mom, Dad, Micheal, and Andrea. TODD MILLER , Football, Wrestling, Lacrosse, Skiing, BMX, Conodo'81 "The radical in one century is the conser- vative of the next. The radical invents the views. When he has worn them out, the con- servative adopts them. " GINA MARIE ELENA MINEO J.V. and Varsity Volleyball, Summer of '82, Brother Dave, July 24-25, 1982, Shea with Lee, Hamptons with Kelly, Patchogue with Chazz. Mom, Diane, and Andrea - for making all the bad things good, and the good things better- l love you. THOMAS JOSEPH MOODY JR. German Club. "Hope is perhaps the chief happiness which this world affords." Samuel Johnson Thank you Mom and Dad. V MARGARET MISTRETTA "Marge" Senior class vice-president, kick-line, SCB ex- ecutive board, 11:45? "Let's Dance," "Look at the Keg," "Friends are not always together when they are side by side, even one who is far away is still one in our thoughts." All my love and thanks, Mom and Dad. BETH ANN MORRISSEY "l'd like to get away from Earth awhile. And then come back to it and begin over." Robert Frost VINCENT DEPAUL MITCHELL ' 'Mitch ' ' M"'A"'S"H, Vikings, graduating in January, 1983. . . we seem to have lost, we have not lost, To refuse to fight would have been to lose, to fight is to win, we have kept faith with the past and handed a tradition to the future . . . . all is not what it seems to be. H "Can't beat 'em, cheat 'em. " ALICE RUTH MULRONEY ..MO,, J.V., Varsity field hockey 10-12 ftri-captainb, Varsity softball 10-12, GAA senior class delegate, German Club, Trojan Club, Mast, Band, Summer '82, Lifeguard, "Reds" Road trip with M.S. Good times in G.C. "l will not follow where the path may lead, butl will go where there is no path, and I will leave a trail. " KEVIN MUNNELLY Bowling Team, Chess Club, German Club. M.P., M.Q., L.C., L.Y., B.S. "When the music's over, turn out the lights BILL NICOLS Baseball 10-12, Wrestling 11-12. Dead concert October '82, The Toy, Apogees, the Track. Gorgon, Sunday football games. "Those who wish to be must put aside the emination, get on with the fascination, the real relation, the underlying need" Rush .ll . MICHAEL G. MURPHY ' 'Murph' ' Lacrosse, tennis, skiing, Roosevelt, Signers '82. Good times with great friends. Signage. Murphy fence with E.F. "Get Rad" T.M. "The time has came to say good-bye, our time together may be ended, but our memories linger on forever. " t X f THOMAS DAVID NIMMO French Club 10-12, Key Club 11-12, Trojan Club 11-12, Mosquers 11-12, Russia '82, ltaly '83, Summers in Hampton Bays. "l don't know what the future holds, but I know who holds the future. " MICHAEL NEILL Good times with Mia, Thea, Billy Anthony, Alan, Tom, OBI East, LeMans, the Still Post House, Hot Dog Beach, Cruzin' Mike's 308GT5: Dino Ferroris. "lf you wake up and don 't want to smile. lt just takes a little while, open your eyes and look at the day, You'll see things in a dif- ferent way." Fleetwood Mac. EDWARD ROBERT NOURYAN l "ted" Here's to good times with ALW., IT.S., J.W. Vail, Colorado in '82 and '83. The Grateful Dead. AIKO-AIKO, Shakedown, He's gone, Good Love. The O'Brien at Shelter Island. "From the other direction she was calling my eye, it could be an illusion, but I might as well try" The Grateful Dead. CAMILLE NOVA "Kim " MICHAEL D.A. OGAZON JR. Mr. Ruth's bio class with Tara's baby, massive passive, and the famous Root Trip. Peggy's house parties, Cost parties KGuys and Dolls, Oklahoma, Anything Goesb. Having three moons out that night. In English or in French. "F.U,B. A,H." Benny Hill. GC Wrestling. "Any love is good love. " by BTO Jaime Toi. MARY ELIZABETH NOWACK "Beth y" "Ask, and it shall be given you, seek, and you shall find, knock, and it shall be opened to you. For everyone who asks, receives,- and he who seeks, finds, and to him who knocks, it shall be opened." Matthew 7:7-6 LORAINE O'HALPIN Phi Tai Rho, Vermont, Maine, and Antigua '82, great times with AW, MR, JC, JG, CTITD, KR, AB, AM, and especially M.T.D. for always being there, "Some people think it's holding on that makes one strong. Sometimes it's letting go. " "You see things that are and ask why . . .? I dream things that never were and ask why nor?" TRACY P. O'CONNOR Tennis, PTR, great Summer days at ABC and the LBO dance with Sue and Kim. Fezzy's Tuesday nights. The best af times with the best of friends: Liz, Kim, Sue, Patti, Deck, M.L., JE, LB, JG, and GD. "Friends to the end" EDWARD MARCUS O'HARE Wrestling, soccer, skiing, summer '82, Beach runs, good times in the Ghia PBR's and Van Halen, Wango tango. Gagging with great friends: Scott, Rob, Paul. "l got one foot out the door" -- Van Halen Thanks to my family. BRIAN O'KANE The Attic . . . Mineola Pool . . . Rasta Bowl . . . Surf sessions at Capri . . . Canodo '81, '82 . , . Quogue ... The G. House ... Mt, Washington l'd rather be a free man in my grave than living as o puppet or a slave. Jimmy Cliff STEPHEN PAUL OLVANY "Beaver" Varsity Lacrosse, JV Lacrosse, Alpha Omega Theta Dietician and Social Chairman, Decent times with crazy friends and Buddy Wieser, Conivan Bros., White Lightning ond S,M.H. Thanks Mary had a little lamb, she also had a bear. l've seen her little lamb but l've never seen her bear. CHRISTOPHER W. OLOTT ' 'Buef0rd" Varsity soccer, Nor'Eastern: Euro Tour 81, No- tional Honor Society, Caddying, Sun and Surf, The Who, Genesis, Jackson Browne, Spring Hockey 82, M"A"S"H The greatest accomplishment is not never failing, but rising after you fall. COLIN XAVIER O'NEILL Football, 8 Rack, Wings Hockey, Lax, Student Council Vice President, The Who 1Of12f82, summers in Cutchogue, going to N-P with Wilbs, good times with TT, T,K., E.S., and P.D, No mon's knowledge here can go beyond experience. . . John Locke Much obliged Dad and Mom. Q 'Y 'mei' -infra qcvffv J'lWl5 ULN - JW 'TO +hinic I-Yugi :lr ou! UQ will -ll-4. ,sl of f'Yl:j lf - -l1'mcanlrc0f1b-lluelljl Q1 ,ci lO.rn-PQSJJGIICI CARA ELIZABETH OLEKSA Softball, Bowling, Trojan Club, SCB Ex- ecutive Board, Honor Society . . . Summers in Florida. "Great memories with the best of friends." "Time posses by too quickly my friend, Good times we've had will soon end. But the memories will always bind us together in a special way that will last forever." "Thanks Mom and Dad. . 'l'V' ,paulll-in EMILY O'NEILL "Emma" Masquers, Key Club, Summer of '81, Pt. Lookout, Bi Pic pleasures - unforgettable times with great friends, oth per. w!K.S., Mexico "Smile now while you're with me Smile now while I can see cause someday you'll go 6 never know how much l miss you." "lt's the finest thing in the world to live. Most people only exist. " Y' I -' JIII in in Kp! FEFBI-, 'N VW-Han! iw lilkitcmfo 76 ' as ' ww, 'I have mio.: Uno hop farnilvg J I-CQJYYJ so muah from qoujdfd' rolueualcg l'lvx.ll y1yl "Y - LISA ANNE ONUFRAK Swimming, MAST, National Honor Socie- ty, Jazz Ensemble, Masquers, Track, Key Club, German Club, Trojan Club, SCB, Student Exchange to Spain "Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to live in the gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat." Theodore Roosevelt Thanks Mom, Dad, and Janine f' JAMES JOHNATHAN ORSINI "James" "Europa, Earths Cry Heavens Smile" Carlos, Jimi, Jorma, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Beatles All is changed with time, the future none can see. A road you leave behind - ahead lies mystery "Out of Limits," "The Dega's," "Home Sweet Shellville, " "Yanablow" "l get up I get down, " Jon Anderson LUCY ANN O'TOOLE Photography, Mast, Great times with D.C., J.H., AJ., F.L,, C.L., B.M., S.S., M.T. "To see a world in a grain of sand, and a heaven in a wild flower, Hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour. " -- William Blake STEVEN OSPINA "EdsOn" Wrestling Capt. 11, 12. Blury times in Breezy and Texas. Fire at Fidges, Great Adventure trip, W. Hampton with Sherm. Times were fun but with A.E., Buttons, Harro, J.T., B.S., M.S., J.J., and Chuncky - They were very special, Labor Day with Mr. Von. Thanks Fidge. Senorita, l'm in trouble again. - VanHalen There must be some misunderstanding. - Genesis NADER PAKSIMA Good times with A.D,, D.P., J.C., BJ., L.D., C.D., California summer '82, La Jolla beach, fishing in Montauk, fencing and skiing "The only success in life is to do what you want to do, be what you want to be, and go where you want to go." WALTER A. OSTROWSKI I y "Wally" Y , J X N it N. Qi! X Maseuers, ., Dost oartuesnnj summer Q X ?2 xjfilrggo arfwfattjlllytg Q SJ S L ' ing J he 1 Q' vc' N QS --fx xi 5-:5'1 if XJ' 'X iv T is i V x x gist ss XX Y xl xi E fx, bf Q bf xv 1 'QL Q, X .xg is xl KJ ff Nl Q H , U g E :gpg N lf Y st ml ,J ,E ,XR fc, 1, N 'SLN X1 ' SNS it 51, Tj SSX, -i Y CN cw A fy gi N xx K' Y, XXX, as N3 1 C- is '2XxXu ,'i.s C N N' li' X ii if 'Thi 5 'Q5 X3 if A N QXT M Qxkf X Nia T- gin! Q ix if i JOHN THOMAS PALMER French Club, Library Aid, T.M., J.K., T.G., J.D., . .. LIPR 513, 265, GCB, S.C., Roosevelt Field, Sunrise Mall, Nassau, B.C., L.Z., "The Armada" ROBERT I. PARK Summer '82 at Harvard with Mike, Robert, and especially Debbie. "Enrich the one life you have to live, never be content to merely make the best of things," Theodore Floyd Adams "Wish not as much to live long as to live well." Ben Franklin MICHAEL THOMAS PAMAS Band, Jazz Ensemble, Hofstra, Commando Raids, Football games, good times in Germany, bicycling, hunting, backpacking, skiing, horseback riding, soccer and the Islanders. "Life only comes once so take advantage of it while it's here." "Sometimes I laugh and cry and can 't remember why, but I still loved those good times gone by." "l've loved these days, " Billy Joel WILLIAM EDWARD PETERS "Willy" V, JV, Football, V, JV Lacrosse, Good times with good friends, Bill, Brian, John, Pete, Stinky, Bob, Bill, and Jim from Breezy. "Sometimes I lie awake at night and wonder where the years have gone." Jackson Browne THEODORE G. PAPOULAS "Ted" "Popular" Mast, cartooning, trombone, Band Follies. Fencing, softball, ELP, Studio, Italy "ll Fex 4," Italian Club "l'm so psyched!!" John Kiyasu "Ya gotta laugh!" Paul Sutter "Let's break the journey now, let the stress unload. Talk in confidential terms. Refill the cup and drink it up, say goodnight and wish good luck. " l. Anderson THOMAS MARTIN PETRELLA Italian Club, Italy '82, Carnavale '81, '82, Tempus Fugit, 10 Guys, F-F-B-B, dungeoning, ELP, Yes, Jethro Tull, Who, Billy Joel, "Korn Evil 9" "II Fex 4" "l can 't believe the butler did it! " Paul Sutter "So before we end land then begin? a few more times that I can say l've loved these days. " Billy Joel JEANNE PETROZZO ,,j P ,, Excellent times with excellent friends, sum- mers, Mottituck, concerts, Blue Crew, Hollo- ween '82, Centereoch, Monhasset night trips, S100 bill, SHA friends forever, party hor- dyll, lifetime friend Missy. Thanks Mom ond Dad "l know we've come a long way, we're changing day to day, but tell me, Where do the children play?" - C.5. RALPH PHILIPPI LEON R. PIERCE lll "Lee" Varsity Soccer, Teom Nor' Eostern, Spring Wing Ding, WE 2, Smugglers Notch '83, Deod, Clash, Talking Heods, Elvis Costello, Kinks, Who, all in '82, Great times with greot friends, We will survive. "Life is what you make of it, so make the verses rhyme and all the pieces fit" - Kinks CYNTHIA PISCOPO NICOLAS A. PHILIPPIDES .lV and V Soccer, Europe '61, Southold Stones '81, The Kinks, R.R. THERESA PIZZARELLO "Taja" lnkspots, Students Concerned for the Future June 12, Rally, Gig at Perry's "Give peace a chance." "Musicians make the world more colorful. " 1 JANICE LYNN POLK "Jan" Varsity Soccer, JV Lacrosse, Honor Society, co-editor of Chantecler, Trojan Club, Student Council, best of times with the best of friends. "Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice,- it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved. " -W. J. Bryan ROBERT PRIMROSE PBR Club, Soccer, Wango Tango, Summer of '82, Senior Kickoff of '82, kegs in Ludie's room, going to the Von Halen Concert, Mid- night golfing, and great times with Fred, Pep- pie, and Sted. Tripping Out. Special Thanks to my Mom and Dad ft 5 5 KATHLEEN POLLEY "Kim" Canada '81, SV., M-LR., LG., Smugglers Notch, S.V., Florida w!Ker, summer nights w!S.V. at LBC, T.O'C, AA my good friends, we would all be nowhere without each other. "Go real slow, you'll like it more and mare. Take it as it comes, specialize in having fun. -J.M. ERIC PRUSAN JV Basketball, Polar Bear Club, football with M.S., PC., J.J., E.F., Murph, E.M. and Sly, J.M.'s New Yeor's party, Prom and summer with CQ., Dad, Island Books, Rumors, The Signers. "lt takes a strong friendship to have no jealousy involved, yet it takes the strongest of friendships to admit that jealousy exists. " 'Of'iOf7yfTiOU5 DANIEL PREZIOSI ' iiflfllh MANNY QUINN Window shopping, the Christmas Bloomie's window '82, Celestones, Student Council, Tracey, The Chop, Doc Borut's camp, Tanglewood, Summer '82 "What a fate it is to ga through life having never lived at all. " -common misquotation of the often quoted Anonymous MICHAEL QUINN BARBARA S. REINHARDT Varsity Volleyball, J.V. Softball, rollerskating, "Choice" times with "choice" friends S,M., D.S., C.M., D.B., S.W., Florida '82, 'fBehind Blue Eyes" summer '81, Reunite parties, Great Adventure, Laces, Speaks, cruising to disco "lf every word I said could make you laugh, l'd talk forever." Thanx Mom, Pot, Robert, and Joey. llove you all. if MARY ELIZABETH RASOR "Missy" Masquers, J.V. G Var. Tennis, Good times in Bethel, Maine, Antigua with Al Wil and L.O.H. Vermont! The Stones in D.C. C.S.N., Creeque Alky - M.L.R. Blue Crew, Lunches wfK.K. Halloween '81 in Albany, Jane URRR!! Special thanks to the O'Halpins for so many good times. "Sail away, away. Ripples never come back I A I Genesis PARTICIA S. REINHARDT "Par" Softball, Volleyball, Bowling, Flag Football, Florida '82, Police concert, Chicago concert, '83 Artwork, "The Green Limousine," "The Dip" with S.K., The Great Chases, Spirit Day Dance, Thumpers, Choice Parties, "Summer Nights" . . . Great times with great friends!!! ' MARCOS REGO-MONTEIRO Fencing, Echo, Track, MAST, lnvictus, Gedanken and Gefuhle machen lebenswurdig. "Not enjoyment, and not sorrow ls our destined end or wayg But to act, that each tomorrow Find us farther than today. " Mom, Dad, and Atila: Love to Dad's memory - and our future. ELIZABETH A. REYNOLDS Vermont 82, Utah with M.I.H., Great times with Trents, SOS, PTR, L+A, BO, Thanks to all my friends, especially, T.O'C., l.B. M.S. "If you just put your hand in mine, we're gonna leave all our troubles behind, Gonna walk and don 't look back." Peter Tosh KATHLEEN MAURA RICE AKIJA, Tennis, Badminton, AHRC, Summer of '82, Canada, Annie B. D.C., Good times with great friends, Francois, Con, Jun, Bran, Coors, La G.B., K.K.'s house, Connie's, Joe's Gang. "lf one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours." H, D. Thoreau , .. MARY FRANCES SACKETT Secretary of Band, outrageous times with the Lollies: Sonja, Cheryl, Karyn, Deb, Steph, Billy, Best of friends and times with Alice: Mass., Jiba at band camp, "Artwork functions, nights at the A.A.B.C., Reds, skiing, summer '62, "Ler's drink a roast to how it was, l've loved these days!" - Billy Joel - MARY LOUISE ROSATO "Mary Lou" l'd like to make a toast to those who've helped in the making of fond memories from: Wildwood, Canada, Virginia, the Prom, many remarkable summers. Here's to peace, M, Lee and M. Liz, friendship, friendly strangers, Blue Crew, big cities, Panl-ty's Gang, the colors, Paulette and family, the Dead and good ole Brenda. WILLIAM SACKETI' "Billy, " "Moose" Concert Band, Band Camp, great times with B.S., E.L., S.C., J.I., B.B., L.Y., Saturdays, soft- ball, Honor Society, "Hey!" "What?" 124,522 'MV CAROLINE ANNE ROSENSTOCK "Friendly C" Madrigals, Key Club, Leader Club Treasurer, International Student Ex- change, Cathedral Choir England! Ornery times at R.B. with KW. and K.S. Leisurely nights with K.S., N.S., E.O., B.L., J.C., etc. Prom with L.L.L. Decade! Love and thanks to Mom and Dad. 1 a Zffrfi. haf? ,Q 7"4F,,4,,, . 444 av FZ Thanks bes riendsf the gre time 41 s tim DSA e vehad "Beauty is only sk deep ur ugly goes rig? I down to the bone.' ALICIA REGINA SANDERS Soccer, Basketball, Softball, SCB, Honor Socie- ty, MAST, the GISHASI, senior year, Thanks for the great times, Mary, Kathy, Neda, Vicki, and everyone else. "lt's not what life does with you, it's what you do with life. " "You will never have any friends until you are funny." Thanks Falafel i.isA SCHIRALDI Hpoifey, Leslie" Kickline, Trojan Club, dancing, good times with special friends, Italy, L.P.'s and M.E.'s summer houses, summer Twang, Thanks Mom and Dad. "Time passes by too quickly my friend, Good times we've had will soon come to an end, But memories will always bind us together, ln a special way that will last forever." MARIANNE SANTANGELO Varsity Volleyball - co-captain, Bowling- Lightning Strikers, Badminton, Honor Society, SCB, Prom '82, Sweet Sixteen, Moments with special friends never to be forgotten. A special thank you to my parents "Your guidance and sacrifices today will lead to my successes of tomorrow. " THOMAS F. SCHNAPPAUF "Tom, " "5chnap" Tennis, lnt. Softball, W. skiing, Capt. s-kickers Football, Functions in 116, Stanley Cup Fever, Florida, Floyd Concert Feb. '80, Zep, Floyd, Blind Faith. "We 're just two lost souls swimmin' in a fish bowl, year after year, running over the same old grounds,- and have we found the same ale' fears?" Gilmourflvalters Thanks Lar, for all your help and advice. ARLENE MARY SAPANSKI "Af" "A" J.V. Basketball, Varsity Lacrosse, Council, Tro- jan Club, To all my friends: Thanks for your support, love and memories - which l'll never forget. "The best thing in life is free: friendship." "5MlLE! - always" P.5. llove you Mom and Dad MICHAEL SCHNEIDER Juggling, Polar Bear Club, Tennis, Softball, Trojan Club, Mathletes, L.Z., Signers - "lt's in the hole!" and "We are so out of here!" KIM SCHUELER R.B. ond T.W.'s with C.R., Best of times with Emo, Friendly, N.S. ond concer with B.L., oth with Eppi, Summer of '81 . . . Bipic . . , Leisures ond pleosures, Pt. Lookout. The QVGOF thing in this world is not so much where we stond, os in what direction we ore moving. MARYELLEN SEERY "Mohee" Good times with S.D., J.F., ond M.S., Smolley 32, Bus 35, The Who Concert "Toke the fOOd where the eogle flies - mon follows where his fortune lies." RONNA SCHULMAN Good times with S.C., KM., A.S., M.K., S.L., J.K., P.F., J.H., B.F., B.S., V.S., C.G., "Fred's gong," Certoin night ot C.M.'s - with RP., KA., Constont porty ot 8 Westbury, Anywoys Spring Fling - Interesting night!! "Unfortunotely . . .! Cory, Kyle," "Por- ties, porties, portiesl" "lnfotuotion . . . ob- solutely hopeless." Thonks Dod, J.P., K.P., J.S., B.S., E,S.l RICHARD SEGAL JOHN SCISCENTE ..Monry,, Led Zeppelin, Mike, Pete, Billy, Stinky, Billy, Brion, ond Roy. Borbeques ot Willy's house. CHEECH MOBILE - Skidmore "SUP!" Bingo? Celico MELISSA SHAHIDI "Missy" Speciol thonks to ALL friends especiolly M.LOU, B.S., olly, M.T,D., A.B., Gollic, K.K., Hilde, J.C., L.R., T.D,, Collohon, K.C., T.G., M.N., PLS., Vree, Smutely Mottituck, S.H.A., Mr. B, Protts, Blew Crew, St. Potricks '82, Centerreoch Crew, Deod Concerts, 10f30!62 especiolly with C.T., Times with F.G. Surf's up. Don't dreom it be it Lifetime pol J.P. Thonks Fomily JAMES SHUART Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Murphy's Low SHARON SHARP AYY, Conodo, TGA Tragedy, J.S., D.C., B.M., A.J., M.T., J.H., C.L., L.O., Halloween '81 Ver- mont with Dev. Moth wing, Night scene. "Wild, wild horses couldn't drag me away" Stones AWVE. QQ " elllfcvwynl-2. LAWRENCE SIDERIS r S7A'lD'l'0OQl'O-0lMl'lxB"'w4-Z-3 Ler's remember how lucky we were to gain such precious knowledge, and I hope that someday, we may all give of ourselves to those who are less fortunate than we. i THOMAS L. SILVESTRI .Toms Medicol explorers, Low explorers, Echo, Riflery, Koroto club, ond ostronomy Club . . . Skiing in Conodo with Glenn 80, 81, 82, . . . Weekends with friends or Speaks ond other wild ploces. . . "Here's to the future may it be as good or better than the past hos. " l 1 U .Zi R M 5 , so is rx l OWL U5 i llc mme. sllir QwcMw+Slull9 NANCIJOANSIAEEITRI ky- Oll'C,7LAeQ5,f5LLjF Guo' -limw. ffhdfwh W Bw! gscpfeesinjo if limo l Z-5 CHARLES SIMUNEK ll "Chez" Auto mechonics, Drik biking, Cors, Stones, Who, Genesis. M"A"'S"'H Cnot ployb, Coblevi- sion, Dream: General Motors Cor designer. SAUNIE MARION SIRCH Kickline, Field Hockey, skiing with K.F. and J.C., Band Camp, Prom '82, June 27, 1962, Martha's Vineyard with D.l3. and M.F,, special friends, S.H., C.M., A.L., D.F., God bless Richard. "My friends, as I go through the doors and face the world l'll always look back through the window and see your smiling faces. " -5.5. BRIAN JAMES SKOLNIK "5kulIy" J.V. Tennis, Golf champion, Islanders, eating, "Red," all the excellent times with Ken. "Where have all the good times gone?" "And someone said Fair Warning, Lord will strike that poor boy down, Turned from hunted into hunter, Went to hunt somebody down . . ." GEORGIA ANNE SKIADAS ' 'Joanne " We do not remember days, but only moments. And I will always cherish the moments with my friends. Love and thanks to my friends, especially Frances, Jennifer, Maria, and Michelle, for making hard times beautiful. A special thanks to my family - Mom and Dad - I love you i X MARY ELLEN SMALLEY J.V. Badminton, German Club, Italian Club, water skiing with P.G., good times with J.F., M.S., Halloween '80, '81, Smalley party 1, 2, neighbors, BilI's wedding. Thanks Mom and Dad "5hower the people you love with love, Show them the way you feel, Things are gonna work out fine, If you only will. " - James Taylor PETER SKIADAS A small foreign car reduces your problem at finding a parking space while it increases your problem at finding the car. Long live Rock 6 Rall, Van Halen, Soccer, racing for pink slips, Trans-Am all the way. CYNTHIA LEE SMITH "Cindy" Track - great times with M.E., L.S., and C.H. "You see a stranger who wonders by You see a stranger who caught your eye If that stranger becomes a friend He could be there til the very end." I is LAUREN SMITH ANTHONY STAIS President, Turtles, F.A., fish, summers in Maine, u.p.'s, Shea, basement and K.C., soft- ball, lsles, Yankees, Student Court, SCB. "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of lit- tle minds." Ralph Waldo Emerson "one red hen. " B. Willis CHARLES SPENCER "Charlie" Sports - skiing, swimming, golf, Brian, Bob, Tom, Ted, Kris, Skiing at Camelback, Thurs- day night drag races. "l've seen all good people turn their heads each day so satisfied l 'm on my way. " - Yes JOSEPH STANIECKI PARIS STACHTIARIS MATTHEW W. STARR Rock climbing, skiing, mountaineering, Ger- man Club, All the great times with Mary!! "l shall pass this way but once. Let me make the most of each day and never fear to live as l choose. " GLENN STEWART WILLIAM N STUTZMANN "That which does not kill us makes us stronger." -Frederick Nietzsche PAUL D. STRATON Key Club, Bond, Swimming, camping, hiking, irony '82 "A smile costs nothing but gives much. lt enriches those who receive, without making poorer those who give. lt takes but a mo- ment, but the memory of it sometimes last forever." . . to be the you that you want to be . . . that is success. " BRENDA SULLIVAN All my love to Flipper, Mary Lou, Fran, Jen- nifer, Connie, Kathleen, Anne, Lauren, Missy. Camping, Little Rascals, VSM, Timmy, the Barn, Red's, Connie's, Gloria! "You and I possess within ourselves at every moment of our lives, under all circumstances, the power to transform the quality of our lives." Thanks Mom and Dad WILLIAM STRAVITZ Band, ltolion Club, Bond Camp with M,L., S.W., M.S., C.M., K.J., and Herman. Jiba at band camp. DAVID CHRISTOPHER SULLIVAN "surly" Spanish Club, LBC, Smugglers Notch, Wrestl- ing, Spain - summer of '82, the Toy, good times with the crew. "5un gonna shine on my back door some day." , -G.D. PAUL S. SUTTER MAST, Studio, Felix and the staff, Cross Coun- try, Track, Honor Society, J.B.S,H., the Blimp, Vintner, Joe at the Pier, Greenies on movie nights, PDQ at Carnegie Hall, Chris and Rag EY the Point. "I love you - can I borrow 5?" "Life is just full of irony - and then we die. " -Dan Scollard Cln reference to m y correspondence? 'God doesn 't believe in me. " -CS. MARY PATRICIA SWEENEY Cheering, Trojan Club Reach for happiness . . . it's waiting Chris - December 12, now and forever Mom and Dad - one four letter word seems awfully small to say it all, but somehow it does, LOVE PW MARGARET ANNE SUTTON England '82, April 7, 1982, The Battle '62 "Hold a place for the human race, Keep it open wide Give it time to fall or climb But let the time decide Sometimes you wonder Whats in it for you But you wait and you see Hold on, hond out, hold on. " -Jackson Browne ROBERT PAUL SWEENEY ' Sween-M achine " Track, T.S., T.K., T.D., C.S., C.T., J.C., Genesis, weekend of Oct. 1, 1982 at Red's house. "Pleasure is more powerful than all the year of the penalty. " -J. W. Von Goethe MARYANNE SWEENEY Trojan Club, Celestones, MAST, council, Magazine Drive, Field Hockey, Homecom- ing, football and soccer games. Smiles, laughing and good times. "l know l'lI never lose affection, for the peo- ple and times that have come before. l'll often stop and think about them . . . in my life l've loved them all. Thank you Mom, Dad, and family. I love you. RANDALL ALLAN TACCHI .iwockyl U HTH V. Football, Wrestling, A.C.K. Martial Arts, GENESIS, Santana, greggo cuda, NHP, Tricia, Kathy, and Gregg at Pat's house. Daren, best of friends: T.E., Ferd., Fla. Eagle, GTO, Marines "You must blaze a trail of your own, unknown, alone." "Visions of angels all around dance in the sky, leaving me here forever, goodbye." -Genesis MARY LUCILLE TANTILLO "What matters it how far we go?" his sealy friend replied "There is another shore, you know upon the other side, The further off from England, the nearer is to France,- Then turn not pale, beloved snail, but come and join the dance. " - The Mock Turtle it i d J g X Q , ,inr ROBERT C. TERZI Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble, Italy '82, Holland '88, Computer Core, Italian Club, Riflery, Senior Project, "s'up?", "mils," A.D., M.F., J.5., l.H., D.P., B.5., The Who, Zep, Heavy Metal, The Chop, Wizards, Cheers, The Business. "l never let school get in the way of my education. " -- Ben Franklin JOHN TAYLOR JANE BARBARA TESHER Vane" "Hone" "Go real slow, You'll like it more and more. Take it as it comes, Specialize in having fun." - James Douglass Morrison Thanks Mom and Dad, llove you mi THEA ROSE TERRANOVA "Tucker, " "5kareta " "People say l'm crazy, doing what l'm do- ing. Well, they give me all kinds of warnings, to save me from ruin. People say l'm lazy, dreaming my life away, Well, they give me all kinds of advice, designed to enlighten me." "You ain 't seen the best of me yet." BRUCE ROBERT THOET Tennis, Fencing, Kung Fu Club, Chess Team, Juggling Club, The Who, ELP "The reasonable man adapts himself to the world,- the unreasonable man persists in try- ing to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, progress depends on the unreasonable man. " - George Bernard Shaw KERRY ANNE THOMPSON Special times with special friends have left memories that will last forever! Especially the ones with Tricia. "Look around and choose Kaur own ground, For long you'II live and hig you'II fly, And smiles you'II give an tears you'II cry, And all you touch and all you see, ls all your life will ever be." - Pink Floyd SUSAN TILYOU SCOTT THOMPSON L,S., .l.T., W.O., Spring Track CAROLYN TOMAINO "Dots" Bowling, Band Camp, Chamie Guys - GCCC, K.F.'s17th - M,E., SK., Goody's class, Hamptons July 4th, Hornet, Harry O's. Sickest times with D.B., A.L,, KF., J.B., S.S., will never be forgotten, neither will RD., we miss you Bear. I know it pays making light of living tragedies, remember only these, the sweeter memories. ELAINE LOUISE THUMSER Varsity Softball, Basketball, Volleyball, MAST, SCB - Executive Board, G.A.A., Trojan Club, French Club, Summers in the Adirondacks, traveling, camping, good times with friends, The Police - 4f22f82, Squeeze - 11f24!82, The Who, College Frat parties, P.C.'S parties, Spirit Day '82 "These are the best of times." - Styx Thanks Mom, Dad, and the Class of '63 LUIS TORROELLA "Tex" Basketball, Signers, Juggling Club, Polar Bear Club, water skiing, Houston, summers in Florida, and sick times with P.C., E.K., J.J., Sly, E.P., M.M., M.S., N 1 NGHIA TRAN 4?"B PATRICIA TROCCHIA lt's hard to find true friends who will stand behind you through everything. l love my friends: Helen, Athena Spanakos, Liz Wydler, Vickie Skliris, Christine Kontolefas, Meredith Hazlemon, Linda Backer, Maryanne Hergenrother, J.H. teachers. When I cried you made me laugh, I owe you my life. Thanks Mom and Dad CHRISTOPHER JOHN TREBER "Chris" "Life is funny, you don't know what is going to happen rill if does. " - anonymous Rick James, Rolling Stones, The Clash, J. Geils TYLER TRUESDELL Live for today - tomorrow may never ar- rive - Saturday afternoons at the O, Reds, summer of '82, Tuesdays and Thursdays at Fuzzies, Wingding hockey - Alpha Omega Theta - Good times with KC., K.D., T.C., family sportscar, Great MARIANNE TRENKLE As each us part our separate ways, we must never forget youthful days, for at the time they seem so empty, but in a memory we find plenty. LINDA CAROL TSAI Key Club Recording Secretary, Honor Socie- ty, Spanish Club, MAST, Guidance Aide, Spanish Award, Roswell Park Summer Research Program. "Today is ours: why do we fear? Today is ours: we have it here. Let's banish business, banish sorrow To the gods belong tomorrow. " MARIA ELIZABETH TSOUKALAS "B.B. 4'2" J.M.L.B. CJSD2, HBC, pink hair and oil trucks, Brazen Beasts and Lords, crew, Pamplona '82, Easter '82, Apehunts and the barnyard. "The grass ain't greener and the wine ain't sweeter either side of the hill. " - G.D. "Deliver me from reasons why you'd rather cry - l'd rather fly. " J.M. ANDREA VASSALOTTI Special thanks to my parents and friends. "Remember to let it into your hearts, and then you can starr ra make it better." - The Beatles "We are the music makers, the dreamers of dreams." - A. O. WILLIAM TYNAN SUSAN VIERENGEL "Sue" Great times w!T.D., Sugarbush '82, K.P., M.L.R., J.G., SOS, Soccer, O'C.'s, Dalys, L.B.C., T.O'C., KP., Fezzy's - Senior Year. "Why must you waste your life away? You've got to live for today then let lt go I I I -- Cat Stevens Thanks Dad - l love you MICHAEL A. UMBACH Rush 2112, to good buds, Degaband, guitar, after school club. "All the same we take our chances, laughed at by time, tricked by circumstances. " - Neil Peart WILLIAM JOSEPH VINCIGUERRA "Vince" Junior Varsity, Varsity Football, Italian Club, "S" Kickers "Cowards die many times before their deaths, The valiant never taste of death but ance. " - William .Shakespeare CHRISTINE MARIE VITA ,,BO,, Great times with the gang: me, Diane, Joe, Jennifer, Eric, Bennet, and Robg Disco, Uncle Sam's with Diane during lunch, N.Y.C., Italian Feast, Unicorns, Aug. 1, Escapes, Fog, Bag, The City and the Knife . . . Hal . . . Yea! Best Friends: Diane, Terri, and Joe. Thanks Mom and Dad "Let's Celebrate" JILL CHRISTINA WEIGOLD "dlpper" or "J" Track, Swim Team, Junior C1 Senior Year, Summer '82, Ice Cream fight at GC. Pool with F.D., Great Friends like KA., F.D., M.S., B.D., C,P., T.B., R.A., 5.C,, and V,M. "How strange to think how many friends where lost somewhere behind. " Thanks Mom and Dad. KEITH VON SEELEN "FishKill" A.P.lI's, Apogee Attic, Turtles, Vt. with B.NV., J.C., J.J., Granny, B.S. with B.J., S.S., V.Iax, V. Foot- ball, Sunday Football, Sump Action, Sully, Bob- by and the midknights with C.M., Labor Day functions, Bill's Pub, Plaid Couch, Underwear Parties, Rowdies l, ll, lll, the toy, S.C. room. And to my friends - until we meet again, be fertile and prosper. Thanks Fidge 2 MARC WEISBURG "Oy" "Oyburger" "Kudzu" French Pastry Eating Champ, Music, Running, Ping Pong, Sardines -- Ugh and Pork and Beans -- Ugh There is no point in trusting your judgment if your mind is deceiving you. To understand the essence of funniness, one must be an OY. MELINDA JANE VOUGHT 1.1-innyff "The path is clear Though no eyes can see The course laid down before. And so with Gods and men The sheep remain inside their pen, Though many times they've seen the way to leave." Genesis A.B., F.L., N.G., Ke, llove ya! CARL AUSTIN WEISS, Jr. "Antlers" J.V. 6 V Soccer, J,V. C: V Golf, Apogee Club, Sunday Football League, Nor'Eastern Soccer, The ATTIC, l4.V., D,S., PM., G.D., C.E., S.C., H,P., Hawthorne, Bethel '82, Rowdies l, ll and lll. Always look on the bright side of life . . . Monty Python SCOTT WEISS "Fred J. 5taplemann" "Rastie" Lacrosse, Soccer, PBR Club, Summer of '82, Senior Kickoff, Kegs in Ludies Room, Tuben it, Heres a PER to Sted, Boozer G Peppie, Why am I so Sliced. "All lneed is a beautiful girl. " Von Halen WILLIAM CHRISTOPHER WERBEN "Chris" The best years of my life with Brian and Bruce, Long live the Derelicts Club, weekends with MB., WC. and R.M., two championship football seasons, wrestling and lacrosse, getting away with owing Mr. D. 100 busters. "Werben, what's the little boo-boo this week?" Coach Dougherry ROBERT P. WIELAND Acting, Soccer, Football, Baseball, Ice Hockey, Peanuts, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Goldie Hawn, Jenny "This is not the End. lt is not even the beginn- ing of the End. But is is, perhaps, the End of the beginning. " Winston Churchill, 1942 l ALLYSON WILLIAMS East Hampton, Vermont, Antigua with the O'HaIpinsg Thanks to great friends for all the good times "The best way to know life is to love many things" - Vincent Van Gogh - "When words foil, music speaks" - Hans Christian Anderson "Rejoice, Rejoice, we have no choice but to carry one. . - CSNY MICHELE WHITE Good Luck Pat, Kiera, Georgia 6 Melinda. Thonks for putting up with me ond Magoo. To my family Thank-You for being out of the ordinary, I love all of you. Especially my partner in quest of the beach. - You were right Jone- CLAIRE DOROTHY WILLIAMS Best of times with Debbie, Diana, Kathy, Kim, Maureen and Amy M. Buschmills - New Year's Eve '81, "The wall - D.D.E.M.D,C." Best summer- '52 "Romeo and E.T." Rick . . . Eisenhower Park 714182, FrlendIy's, Italian Club. Take care - BB. J.A. D.B. C.V. E.C. "Live long and prosper. " Q' . KIERA K. WILLIAMS ,Ken Kickline, M.V. - Whot con I soy - "We ore one, you ond l, together we suffer, together exist, ond forever will recreote eoch other," M.W., AB. N.G,, F.L, There ore few things more precious in life thon friends like you. Mom, Dod, Lindo - All my love ond thonx. LISA FRANCES WILSON Echo, locrosse, Honor Society, IslonderfMet gomes, Workin' for the Thursdoys, ond Rush! A speciol thonlss to my friends for everything. "Sometimes l lough ond cry ond con't remember why, but I still love those good times gone by." - James Toylor I love you - Mom, Dod, Lori, Chris wiicix Wg-5-'wx WILLIAM A. WILLIS V.P. of Turtle Club, F.A,'s ond Fish Club. Nights ot Sheo. lslonder gomes - M, Good times ot The Who, OZZY, Von Holen, ond police concerts. Excellent time ot Gronny's House in Vt. with KVS, JJ, JC ond Yukon Jock. Fovorite hongout - Doys ond nights ot Billgs Pub with the K.F. running ond the ploid couch. Zep- pelin 41 01 wish in my life would be to see my mom ogoin. CONSTANCE DEEN WINTER ' 'C onie- Wonie " All my love to my friends who helped moke my H.5. yeors whot they were, especiolly, Jen, Fron, Bren, J.S., J.K., Espo, Centereoch crew, "Reds," Mottituck, Comping, "Glorio." ond the beoutiful memories of Brion S. Love you Mom! "Foring thee well, now let your life proceed by its own design." Deod DEBORAH ANN WILSON "Debbie " Success meons something different to eoch of us. To me it meons self-esteem, which is the best defense ogoinst gossip, envy, ond unfoir criticism. It meons the obility to lough ot yourself ond feel poin when someone is in trouble. To oppreciote the best in others ond ocknowledge shortcomings in ourselves - this is to hove succeeded. ARTHUR J. WISE Vorsity Ice Hockey CWingsD, Teom Nor' Eostern '81 Europeon tour, Voil Colorodo '82 The Groteful Deod, Ailso-Aiko, Shelter lslond, Good Times With Friends, "When it is our time to die, let us now discover Thor we hove not lived. " .. SONJA S. WONG Band V.P., German Club secretary, excellent times with the Lollies: Deb, Mary, Steph, Cheryl, Karyn, Barbara, Jiba at Band Camp, Prom '81, '82, Reds nights at A.A.B.C., night "Artwork '8C3," Holland '83, The best times with Eric. My love to Mom and Dad. "Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime." LAWRENCE YUTER German Club, Chess Team, Mathletes, French Club, Key Club, and Juggling "The other 5heltanaks" Junkleberry shrub is always a move mauve shade of pinky russet. " "Forty-two" - The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy KATHLEEN WYDLER Love and thanks to my family, to Mary and Alicia CGISHAD, Vie, Neda - you're the best! Great times at R.B. with Caroline. I wish suc- cess and happiness to the class of '88, and always remember: "No bird soars too high, if he soars with his own wings. " - W. Blake Good luck! RICHARD ARMEN ZAKARIAN "Zeke" Of "Ph yzekeu . G.C.'s Mel Allen, Nor'easterners, S'Kicke Foot- ball, Met Games, Frat Parties, Walking Baseball Encyclopedia, Feuding with Pretefelder and Co., Good times with friends "Reach for your dream and in whatever you do, be the best even if others say it is doubtful. " - Anonymous Thanks Dad for helping me keep my sanity. SHERRY L. YEE "5nick" Colorguard - Captain, Mast, K.A., L.l3., J.J., K.K., Stones Concert, Snicksl, parties, weekends, summers, Band Camp '81, '82, Band functions, Fosters, Hoboing, my country house '80, '82. STPI and ll, memories of great times with great friends, "Suuure!" "All l want to know is where does the time go?" - Grateful Dead NICHOLAS c. ZOGRAPI-TOSU "Nico" Treas. and V.P. of Masquers, Band, swim team, Russia '82, Greece and Grease, Thanks Mom and Dad. "lt often shows a fine command of language to say nothing. Q' ,, f . . 4, 4: ,Q IN APPRECIATION If A , if ,if I IIII I1- T .Q I 'ai if .- ,f i V,,, . ? A 4' . . . , ,, ,, , :f5f'wE, .. 7. 3, 5" --.Aix 11 nag... ' Aw The Closs of 1983 would like to extend its deepest oppreciotion to Mr. Robert Kenney for his three yeors of odvice ond guidonce os Closs sponsor. We thonk Mr. Kenney first, for his dedicoted service, ond second, for his enjoyoble ond eosy going personolity, both of which mode working for the Council o pleosuroble experience. Willing ond eoger to help the Closs, Mr. Kenney could olwoys be found to offer odvice, both in ond out of meetings. His guidonce hod o rollying effect on the Council when it wos unsure or perplexed obout the often difficult motters it foced. Throughout the three yeors, Mr. Kenney hod o deep understonding of the Council's oljectives ond gove the necessory counsel, but most im- portontly, he ollowed the Council members the freedom to formulote their own decisions. There existed o unique chemistry between the sponsor ond the Council. Mr. Kenney's chorocter occounted for on otmosphere of fun, excitement, ond occomplishment. He blended very well with the feelings, ottitudes, ond gools of the students. Under the fine direction ond core of Mr. Kenney, the Closs of 1983 hos grown into one of the most succgsgul ond energetic groups to poss through the corridors of the Gorden City High Sch I. O OO xy 66 Q -QOX A x. Q l QQ W- .SQQOJ Q 43 o GW Q'?gfQYQ5f0i223c xg fs rigs J uv Xpwfffbgggsi Q0 - ivjagbjxmbgg O O39 XO C Q gg0ADQxiQUp,C3XfQJ SENIOR POLLS Done Most For The School Best Looking Pot Curry, Mory Pot Seeeney Robby Freemon, Koren Fecht Best Figure I Physique Felicio Lovoglio, Bill Stutzmonn eL,LL Most Likely To interrupt Fovorite Teocher Poul Coccomo, Meg Fitzgerold Mr. White, Dr. Wertis Most Dependoble Bethy Nowock, Por Curry F . .V Most Intelligent Friendliesr Morcos Rego-Monreiro, Lindo Tsoi Por Curry, Debbie Wilson Q-Q2 if 5 Most Musicol Most Likely To Be Confused Chris Londi, Koren Buschrnon Kerry Anne Decker, Cori Weiss L-L' K i x it ,iq .iii T iizz , S gg Q it , t ,. , I ,qqz , i , ,Q N, xg , L Most Likely To Succeed Trocy Doly, Pot Curry Funniest Life Of The Potty Mike Honnon, Cotherine Bennett Poul Coccorno, Jeon Gollic mmf Z:t,,,t Rowdiest Most Athletic Keith Von Seelen, Jone Hildreth Jeonine Anderson, Brion Emmett MK' for j S' J 'X' ' X, Most Individual Theresa Pizzarello, Paul Caccamo , 4 ., .. , K. sg:--.M i 1 Best Dressed Biggest Prep Debbie Bangs, Tom Burchill Jill Weigold, Tom Nimmo luv-M X, -af" Worst Case of Senioritis Most Dramatic Scott Weiss, Sue Vierengel Tony DiFalco, Missy Rasor ff! 112 -Q .Writ nifty ' fvtix ,,.A,.,i, ,t N ,X I 11,1 'I s.wi"'A"" ' ' ,yi "l,j,t,x1ll ' "rf I f ly, I prlly-V! Il 1 K KM fm 11 L2 ,A 1.1 'f -gr: f K 1 a i , X A 11 i X Y , 'X I, X I 1 l vs 1 J A i f A f XX if XV ,', ff 5715 hlvx :X . . . Us . K XX, X X K X c - i X X. , ,. if. f ' l., :llfzffftz " ".'Af?yi't i "" ffff1?:7l-'fi t 1 tlimiiiiti A -t.t.:ig,1W' . Il 'W , ,if 1, i fih 1,111 1 ' ,V W 'U Fi x X m f ,',' 1 ,7111 . W ',j5"3tfi'lf,ltXJ , .ggi-'f" X i ix p f- S Tix 3672?-X7 X 'iiists' ' 4+ f' , I if N . 7 ,NX .. J- gi fx. jf if ff N 1 'N . , I f C W J gff jj fr? g ,ff ry XL .X .1 V, I, 1, X, fi' i f " ,f fi 1 ' m . ,fl - X I K! -LY, X 179651: As the Closs of 1983 wos busy being born, President Johnson wos busy building up troops in Vietnom. This oct, os well os U.S. involvement in the Dominicon Republic, produced widespreod onti-wor demonstrotions. The Voting Rights Act brought more violence: roce riots in the Wotts section of Los Angeles. On the peoceful side, Dr, Mortin Luther King Jr. morched to Montgomery, Alobomo in the nome of civil liberties. 1966 brought more violence in the forms of wor in Vietnom ond onti-wor in the U.S. ln Chicogo, Clevelond, ond other Northern cities there were mo- jor roce riots. This decode of civil rights revitolized the feminist movement with the formotion of the Notionol Orgonizotion of Women CNOWD. Johnson's reforms produced the Medicore progrom. The Psychedelic movement hit the country in 1967 os the Beotles releosed their Sergeont Pepper's olbum. Violence continued in the urbon riots of Detroit, Nework, Rochester, ond Woshington. Thurgood Morsholl wos nomed the first block to the Supreme Court, os Johnson entered 0 treoty with Britoin ond the Soviet Union promising peoceful use of outer spoce. Violence erupted ogoin in 1968 with the ossossinotions of Dr. Mortin Luther King Jr. ond Robert Kennedy. There wos o riot ot the Chicogo Democrotic Convention, ond overseos, North Koreon forces seized the U.S. Novy Intelligence ship the Pueblo. Nixon's victory over Johnson brought him foremost into on onti-wor ridden country. Columbio University in New York City wos token over by the students. As the U.S. put the first mon on the moon in 1969 ond took . . o giont step for monkindf' the My Loi mossocre wos reveoled. The youth of Americo flocked to Woodstock to seek refuge from the Wor. Edword Ken- nedy hod o bod yeor os the infomous Choppoquidick incident wos reveoled. As the Closs of 1983 entered kindergorten in 1970, the Beotles broke up. The violence of the sixties corried on into the seventies with the Kent Store Mossocre resulting in the deoths of four students. Cesor Chovez strove for the rights of migront workers by hunger striking. Nixon's outhorizotion of on invosion into Combodio sporked further onti-wor demonstrotions. Reforms were possed in fovor of notionol environmentol protection policies. Nixon's woge ond price controls of 1971 resulted in the devoluotion of the dollor by 8752, The 26th Amendment wos possed, lowering the voting oge to eighteen. Further onti-wor demonstrotions erupted from the publishing of the Pentogon Popers ond the court mortiol of Lt. Williom Colley for the My Loi Mossocre, ln 1972 five men, some of whom were reloted to the Committee to re- elect the President CCREEPD, were orrested for breoking ond entering the Democrotic Porty's heodquorters: Wotergote hod begun. The Senote possed the Equol Rights Amendment which would be defeoted in the Stores ten yeors loter. At the Winter Olympic Gomes held in Munich severol members of the lsroeli teom were killed by terrorists. During the Summer Gomes, Mork Spitz of the U.S. won seven Gold Medols in swimming events. As the Wotergote scondol continued, Vice President Spiro Agnew re- signed, ond Gerold Ford reploced him. Resulting from o treoty signed in Poris, Vietnom releosed U.S. prisoners of wor. The Supreme Court ruling in the cose of Roe v. Wode forbode the Government to interfere in o womon's decision to hove on obortion. The Wotergote scondol reoched its climox in 1974 when President Richord Nixon resigned, ond Gerold Ford reploced ond pordoned him. The Supreme Court in the ruling of Milliken v. Brodley refused to order busing ocross city or district lines. lnflotion wos escoloted by the Arob oil emborgo of 1974. The Vietnom Wor ended in 1975, leoving 57,507 Americons deod ond Copproximotelyb 300,000 wounded. Americon ond Soviet ostronouts 'UQ 3 1976 was a victorious year for the U.S. The bicentennial year was celebrated in New York Harbor by the coming of the Toll Ships. The Democratic Party returned to the White House as Jimmy Carter and run- ning mate Walter Mondale defeated Gerald Ford on November 4. The Olympic Games saw Dorothy Hamill and Bruce Jenner thrust into the spot light. An oil shortage escalated prices and tempers in the Summer months. The feminist movement was propelled by the National Woman's Con- ference in Houston. 1977 saw the deaths of Elvis Presley and Bing Crosby, and the climax of the Disco Fever with John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. The Son of Sam murderer stalked the streets of New York City. 1978 sow the arrival of the treasures of King Tutankhamun at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and other museums around the nation. The Reverend Jim Jones' People's Temple in Guyana was almost completely wiped out by suicides. Hundreds of people died from drinking the cyanide laced kool-aid which Jim Jones persuaded them to drink in the mass suicide. President Carter won victories with the Camp David Accords involv- ing Anwar el-Sadat and Menachem Begin. When the Shah of Iran left his country in 1979 for an indefinite period of time, the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini took control. The American Em- bassy in Teheron was seized by Iranian students and sixty Americans were taken hostage. The Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant molfunctioned sparking greater controversy over the use of nuclear energy as a power source. The American hostages spent 1980 in Iran, the death of the Shah reliev- ing none of the tension. The Winter Olympics saw Eric Heiden and the U.S. Hockey Team win gold medals, the hockey teom's victory over the Soviet Union team bolstered American nationalism. Mount St. Helens erupted spewing volcanic ash over a wide area, causing landslides, and resulting in several deaths. 1980 saw Ronald Reagan victorious at the polls, and the space shuttle Columbia return safely from its first mission, bolstering na- tionalism once again. The year in which the Class of 1983 entered high school was the year after which the Beatles would never get back together. John Lennon was shot and killed in New York City. The hostages in Iran were released minutes after President Reagan took office, as a final humiliation to Jimmy Carter. A few months into office, President Reagan was shot by John Hinkley who would later be acquitted because of insanity. Pope John Paul ll was also seriously wounded in an assassination attempt. The third assassination attempt was successful as Egyptian President Anwar el-Sadat was killed while viewing a military parade. Socialism came to France as Francois Mitterrond was elected presi- dent. The Solidority Union was abolished in Poland, and leader Lech Walesa imprisoned. Sandra Day O'Connor became the first woman to serve on the Supreme Court. Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer were married in "the Wedding of the Century." President Reagan introduced "new federalism" and Reaganomics. Unemployment rose to a post-Depression high of 10.92. Nucleor arms pro- tests were many, culminating in the July 12 rally in New York City. Britain was troubled by the Falkland island crisis, and pleased with the birth of Prince William. Two famous stars of the screen, Henry Fonda and Grace Kelly died, Princess Grace in a tragic automobile accident. Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev also died, and Yuri Andropov took over control of the Soviet Union. Medical history was made in the U.S. when Dr. Clark received the first heart transplant. President Reagan lost several battles in '82 at the polls as well as with his MX missile plan. The drinking age in New York State was raised to 19 years. By far, the most directly influential event in 1988 was our graduation from high school. Some of us had been together from kindergarten on, but now we would each go our separate ways and start anew, new people, new places, new ideas. Good luck to the Class of 1983. iff. 1 1 " ' ' A 1 1 rw 111 ---- 1 1 K 1 1' H .5251 1 K -'TNF 1- ' ' -Sf 5351513 .. , wk.. 111111 , H :-- 1 1 if 'f 1? 1111 1 W 4551 1:.fU".11f1-1 111,11 , 1 :111 3 ,, X 11- 1 .... V .. Ni X 1 1 f , . A ggi K Am Sk .1 . .ff- ik . My .. .. mf : 12-E-Y A in wk' S T . i- FLA' .1415 :E k fii: ,i1Q15 w K 1' K T 1 Q15 W 1 Q , 2 Y i YW N E G 2 5 1 W s, E da' was 4 M N, 4 'ia ' CLASS CDF 1984 114 - Mr. Bruni Acer, Morgoret, Brown, Jocquelin, Buckrnon, Micheol Buckrnon, Gregory, Burke, Ann Morie, Burns, Jomes, Corsey Elizobeth, Corter, Anne, Cerosulo, Joon, Chionese, Jennifer, Chisholm, Jeonnine, Christensen, Suson, Clork, Micheol Clowery, Nicole, Comos, Fronk, Coniglio, Liso, Conzo, Solvotore Cook, Elizobeth, Cosgrove, George, Cosmos, Peter, Creotore Suzonne, Crofton, Kerin, Floherty, John, Horrfield, Kerry Hughes, Eveleen, Jensen, Scott, Peterson, Stocio, Skrocki Elizobeth 108 - Mr. Bennetter Aloirno, Vincent, Alden, Kenneth, Allegro, Morio, Anernone, Andrew, Anderson, Doyno, Anziono, Louis, Areno, Rochel, Ascher, Stephen, Beck, Jomes, Becker, Lee, Bellrner, Adrienne, Berkowitz, Gregory, Bici, Andreo, Blonk, Jennifer, Boddicker, Christine, Bogort, Gobrielle, Cloyton, Loretto, Brennon, Kimber- ly, Brennon, Potricio, Brown, Thomos, Cortelli, Adrionne, Coshmon, Mouro, Gillett, Corol, Hecken, Philip, Mortin, Cornelio, Mulroney, Motthew, Sirnpson, Mortin, Thomosino, Donold, Veress, Loront 1 .., T, ,, ii C L. 124 - Mr. Weinlondt Becker, Suson, Brio, Poul, Coulter, Potrick, Domonte, Anne, Deokens, Corlo, Debe, Peter, Dehler, Toro, DeLorrne, Monica- DeRoddo, Virginio, DeSontis, Thereso, DeVries, Lindo, Dohn Potricio, Donovon, Elizobeth, Donelon, Froncis, Doolittle, Mork- Duel, Gorth, Dumos, Borboro, Dunklernonn, Poul, Eckno Richord, Heoley, Kotherine, Hughes, Eileen, Lipori, Peter, Mc- Corthy, Koren, McLoughlin, Cotherine, Melkonion, Kenneth' Messino, Edno, Munnelly, Keith, Rhodes, Suson, Robinson Jonice, Winski, Christopher 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 125 - Ms. McAteer Apreo, Stephon, Ersleine, John, Esposito, Scott, Folvey, John, For- rell, Potricio, Foy, Noncy, Fierro, Gionno, Finegon, Thomos, Ford Elizobeth, Freemon, Rhondo, Friderichs, Lynn, Furey, Sheilo Gollogher, Alexondro, Gorber, Buckley, Georgi, Christion Gewert, Jomes, Ghilogo, Artes, Giordono, Geoffrey, Gowon Doniel, Groefing, Robert, Gront, Jomes, Gupto, Ajoy, Hodge Cossondro, Mortinez, Corol, Motheu, Jomes, Merritte, George Richmond, Soroh, Schulmon, Joson, Spillone, Deidre 128 - Mr. Costellono Bortul, Micheol, Flynn, Arthur, Fogorty, Morleen, Homilton, Ken- neth, Heoney, Corolyn, Judson, Pionold, Keefe, Joseph, Kelly, Jomes, Kelly, Peter, Kempf, Williom, King, Bloir, Klein, Douglos, Kontolefos, Stothis, Kreig, Timothy, LoMonico, Virginio, Lorsen, Koren, Loshen, Edword, Lowder, Elizobeth, Leder, Williom, Leone, Annemorie, Liberotoscioli, Donno, Lucono, Toro, Lynch, Kelly, Mocchio, Suson, Mojdon, Donno, Moroney, Koren, Morelli, Dione, Mundy, Timothy, Ostrowski, Jill r,,.,,, , 127 - Mr. Mozorese Adoms, Mory, Diller, Kevin, Dougherty, Seon, Forrell, Kimberly Foley, Tricio, Fusco, Potricio, Gommoge, John, Gront, Koren Grosso, Kimberly, Grupp, Joon, Hoight, Jeno, Hebron, George Hogon, John, Hudson, Hubert, lnglesby, Andrew, lngrossio Joseph, Joenichen, Steven, Joworski, Andreo, Johnson, Korin Jones, Borboro, Kelly, Denise, Kiernon, Jonice, Kirby, Melisso Koprowski, Gino, McCorthy, Doniel, Moyer, Kristin, Posquole Liso Pizzo, Soutor, Christopher S' im 132 - Mrs. Lynn Dooher, Jock, Gons, Anne, Joghob, Joonn, Lewis, Dorrin, Lorren son, Dovid, McBride, Angelo, McQuode, Lourie, Mock, Monico Moggio, Joseph, Mogoulios, Jonothon, Moier, Robert, Mollis Deon, Moloney, Eileen, Mosiello, John, Meyer, Christine, Mid dleton, Kimberly, Mulligon, Ann, Mullin, Brendo, Murphy Christine, Murphy, Kimberly, Murphy, Lowrence, Neiro Jeonette, Polssimo, BUon, Pinemon, Louro, Rotolo, Allison Schoff, Williom, Schulmon, Bennett, Schulmon, Eric Q 2 S . " 1-I M' f, 1' Q. 140 - Ms. Braunstein Borzillei, Andrew, Browne, Alison, Conner, Donald, Conserva Vincent, Corwin, Candice, Darcy, Barbara, Dolan, Eileen, Du- Pont, Maria, Mulford, Christopher, O'Leory, Glen, Palladino Robert, Panarella, Adam, Peretz, Craig, Perez-Vega, Jose Pratt, Thomas, Quigley, Micheal, Ramos, Peter, Rego-Monteiro Atila, Santangelo, Thomas, Santangelo, Valerie, Scarpino Sylvia, Schauf, Catherine, Scolpino, Nancy, Seaman, Rebecca ..:,., . Q. 2 ., 1 K S X, l xi 138 - Mr. Richards Burke, Patrick, Christofides, Angelo, Daly, Paul, DiGaetano, Robert, Dwyer, Robert, Goldsmith, Stacie, Hayes, Joseph, Huhta, Susan, Koconas, Timothy, Morano, Thomas, Moreno, An- drew, Noonan, Joyce, Nystrom, Frederick, Oguzhan, Sally, Olds, Robert, Ottaino, Anthony, Pagonis, Thomas, Palmieri, Carolyn, Patten, Marie, Perico, Linda, Quinlin, Barbara, Quinn, Cathleen, Rapuano, Valerie, Regan, Elizabeth, Rogowski, Denise, Thompson, Christopher, Torroella, Maria, Woulfe, Leslie-Ann Q ,, QNE: -ft H A I it ir, ' 1 c ,i'ii Q' i 'F A Segal, Stephanie, Sciliano, Linda, Sirkin, Carolyn, Smith, Donna Sorrentina, Nancy 163 - Mrs. Blitz Burden, Susan, Campbell, Robert, Dewey, Diane, Giarraputo, Christopher, Grill, Adam, Harding, Philip, Luneburg, Keith, Macht, Jerome, Moringiello, Gabrielle, Murillo, Mario, Murphy, Helen-Marie, O'Brien, William, Ogazon, Paul, Peak, Carol, Rogowski, Julia, Sauer, Catherine, Steblai, Daniel, Sutcliffe, George, Sweeney, Richard, Tesoro, Charles, Tetro, Paul, Thayer, Donald, Vakalopoulos, Vickie, Vicory, Barbara, Walker, Maureen, Weekes, Elizabeth, Weekes, Jennifer, Weidner, Mary 'iii' il 150 - Mrs. Maher Bahlke, William, Belger, Mary, Benevenia, Lenore, Calamari, James, Carney, James, Collins, Stacy, Costello, James, Dillmeirer, Elizabeth, Helmus, Christopher, Johnson, Sarah, McDonough, Paul, Napolitano, Nina, Noonan, Mary Beth, O'Conner, Lorraine, Poole, Layre, Rice, Catheline, Schlange, Paul, Schreir, Donald, Sheets, Erik, Spanos, Peter, Spata, Ellen, Spirakis, Alexandra, Stahel, Mark, Stafford, Jeanne, Stankewick, Walter, Stasco, Caryn, Sullivan, Jennifer, Sweeney, Ann Maria, Tobin, Timothy, Weekes, Julia 'as 'ibn . -f 174 - Ms. Visentin Cowie, Marla, Dalton, Stephen, Jaghab, Janice, McConnell Timothy, Macaluso, Joseph, Milazzo, Paul, O'Neill, Kara Roellig, Martha, Sacca, Maryanne, Schiebel, John, Schmitt, Eric Seery, James, Selsas, Nicholas, Semmes, Benjamin, Sutton Susan, Sweeney, Monica, Tejani, Cena, Telfeyan, Jennifer, Tor- torello, Giannine, Tsai, Teresa, Turchiano, Michele, Vermaelen Philip, Walker, Robert, Wardlaw, Christopher, Wieland Stephen, Weiss, Gretchen, Wren, Lauris, Young, Maureen, Zapf Lisa 173 - Mr. Pollock Curtin, Peter, DeAngela, Frank, Dolan, Deborah, Ducey Deborah, El-Dada, Lorena, Elverud, Lisa, Engels, Susan Eschmonn, Alison, Fitzpatrick, Mary Beth, Fonseca, Lawrence Haeffner, Peter, Hall, Mary, Halloran, Jean, Hanley, Moira Heavey, Anthony, Heenan, Margaret, Jenson, Suzanne, Miller Kerry, Paksima, Suzanne, Reinhardt, Robert, Renouard, John Reuper, Steven, Russell, Kathleen, Scorpino, John, Shuart William, Smitten, Steven, Steen, George. 'O CLASS OF 1985 106 - Mr. Sonander Borelli, Philip, Conway, Richard, Cutrane, Ralph, Daly, Gerald Dundon, James, DuPont, Barbara, Egan, Kenneth, Esposito Laura, Fitzpatrick, Micheal, Fogarty, Mary Ellen, Hagerty, Peter, Heitmann, Jeannine, Kelly, Bridget, King, Dana, Lang, Diane, Leung, Gregory, Loeffler, Gwen, LoPresti, Andrew, McCut- cheon, Thomas, McDougal, Danielle, Moringiello, Thomas, Natoli, Lisa, O'Connell, Neil, Outcault, Elizabeth, Peper, Harold, Rochford, Micheal, Rossi, Patricia, Sacca, Joseph, Saito, Yurika- Zotos, Tricia .,... gmc: A H V A M I A s-,r'," vw 3, 9-- 143 - Mrs. McCavitt Barletta, Lisa, Barron, Patricia, Bennett, Peter, Bertovich, Catherine, Brandeweide, Jeanne, Brennan, Tracy, Brown, Neil, Burchill, Mark, Cosola, Mary, Crouchely, Peter, Dolan, Allison, Dolan, Ellen, Dopman, Carol, Egan, Moira, Fennessy, Deidre, Fuller, John, Grant, Barbara, Heaney, Mark, Hegeman, Gail, Maran, Sean, Matheu, Marcia, Montana, Roberto, Murray, Maryanne, Nelson, Douglas, Nowack, Andrew, Rapuane, Joseph, Regan, James, Smerechniak, Danial, Tacchi, Mary Lynne, Zografos, Anthony 165 - Mrs. McCauley Alseson, Nancy Ann, Coleman, Mark, Delaporte, Andre, Dom Ingo, Emmanuel, Dunne, Charles, Guerrasio, Christine, Hart- mann, Barbara, Hester, Peter, Lake, Stephanie, Lazarakis Ameilia, Lipuma, John, McCoyd, Cara, McDougnah, Kevin McMahon, Maura, Miller, Christine, Moody, Kenneth,l Nessler, Scott, Pavia, Keith, Pennachia, Amy, Pfeiffer, Katherine Piscopo, Susan, Riccio, Lisa, Santos, Joseph, Schneider, Carol Schwalenburg, Kathy, Speres, Constantine, Stafford, Micheal, Stankewick, Edward, Trocchia, Joseph, Wardlaw, Robert -.q,,Q.11-Q' - C .... .c,,Y,. P - t .ll, T ...M W, --yew, h--- . - ---' , 162 - Mr. Goodwin Basile, Paul, Bauso, Gregory, Blanco, Sally, Bracco, Suzanne Campbell, Celeste, Cerwinski, John, Clarke, Deborah, Clifford Cynthia, Coakley, Cathleen, Fahys, Diana, Ferraro, Carmine Garrett, Karl, Gergely, Peter, Gillan, Thomas, Hamad, Giselle Krawchuls, Barbara, Kwee, Yani, Less, Sigahl, Lillis, James, Lund quist, Erik, Martinez, Jose, Michelson, William, Mullahey, Peter Myslik, Wayne, Orff, Edward, Riggers, Jonathon, Scarantino Patricia, Spirakis, Spiro, Vollmer, Jennifer, Vought, Amanda J if K in 'hsvss 176 - Mr. Regan Burton, William, Butz, John, Caccamo, Joseph, Carey, Jennifer, Collucci, Suzanne, Comas, Claire, Conte, Andrea, Corado, Adam, Craig, Gerald, Farrell, Jennifer, Giarraputo, Amy, Haff- ner, Daniel, Hiller, Scott, Kessell, Gregory, Layton, Andrew, Lehner, Werner, Lincks, Laura, Masi, Alexandria, Mather, Daisy, Moran, Keith, Munro, Allison, Prime, Gregory, Samaan, An- drew, Sanders, Katherine, Sullivan, Brian, Testa, Stephan, Viogianitis, Stephanie, Watson, Carrie, Yun, Anne 203 - Mrs. Walsh Alden, Darrin, Andrea, Michael, Annunizata, Dawn, Barrette, Kristine, Bermel, Thomas, Buttafuoco, Jean, Chang, Jeffrey, Cowie, Paul, Crowley, John, Duffy, John, Hanrahan, David, Haridopolos, Christopher, Kelly, Andrea, Luhmann, Eric, Maggi, Christina, Martinez, Deborah, Mercier, Gregory, Miller, Edgar, Munnelly, Sean, Rocco, Daniel, Schiraldi, Susan, Seo, Susan, Stahel, Suzanne, Susinjara, Rosemary, Typermass, Laurie Vaughn, Christopher, Werben, Donna, Wrobel, Carrie 207 - Mr. Badger Baker, Timothy, Chen, Wendy, Cini, Richard, Cisneros, Mary Beth, Durand, William, Griffith, Robert, Gururaja, Chandrika, James, Elizabeth, Lavelle, Mary Katherine, Leshkowich, Ann- marie, Logan, Patricia, Lundie, Elizabeth, McKenzie, Henry, McVeigh, Lisa, Malkus, Carol, Martin, Gregory, Miller, Christina, Morter, June, Nova, Susan, O'Shea, Nicole, Plass, Sylvia, Rose, Micheal, St, Jacques, Mary, Schaff, Kenneth, Sideris, Christopher, Trenkle, Robert, Vierling, Christine, Wittecls, Christine 206 - Dr. Turkel Barbagallo, James, Brisotti, Keith, Cristo, Micheal, Delany Patricia, Giacoponello, Christine, Haefner, Kimberly, Hart Cathleen, Kelton, Ryanne, Kreig, Micheal, McCabe, Kathryn Mesloh, James, Moore, Stephanie, Morra, Susan, Musante Mark, Newman, Barbara, Olcott, James, Orr, Karen, Palmer Mary, Paterakis, Christine, Peterson, Christopher, Phillips, Ed ward, Phillips, Robert, Quinn, John, Ramos, Jacqueline Rogowski, Yvonne, Sarno, Mary, Sweeney, Patrick, Valvano Micheal, Wakashima, Satoru W E. A Q 210 - Dr. Truncale Canzoneri, Janice, Corroon, Courtney, Drivas, Jennifer, Duffy Katheleen, Dworsak, Scott, Fecht, William, Finnerty, Randall Globeftfelt, Sarah, Helmus, Jodell, Irwin, Gerald, Keane Christopher, Lathem, William, Losee, James, Loucks, Susan Lucano, Ralph, Lyster, William, McManus, Veronica, Maier Thomas, Mannix, Daniel, Morfogen, Stratis, Muller, Kristina, Pen- taleri, Diane, Riedel, Janette, Rosato, Rosemarie, Ryan, James Salt, Andrew, Weeden, David, Wise, James, Zakarian, Lora 1 I 212 - Mr. McCabe Bortholomew, Jeon, Borelli, Ursulo, Cobono, Sylvio, Cuello, Corlo, Dolon, John, Dolon, Moureen, Dowling, Potrick, Driscol, Christino, Flynn, Deidre, Gobol, Williom, Gombordello, Liso Heoney, Seon, Jensen, Britto, Korcher, Edword, Krupico, i Michoel, Liggio, Morc, Mollon, Potrick, Meyer, Toro, Murphy, Potricio, Porrin, Moryonne, Peel, Leslie, Pierce, Seon, Repetto, Christopher, Sconlom, Jennifer, Sceles, Lindo, Sethi, Dimpy, Simori, Stocy, Zimulis, Arnold ...eq 214 - Mr. Stuckey Apreo, Louis, Bick, Lucindo, Bryont, Gregory, Connolly, Suson Crofo, Morgret, Cumming, Lindo, Curron, Potricio, Dovis, Moiro DeFilippis, Fronls, Fostenuo, John, Flynn, Potricl-s, Horrington, Jill Kirby, Alexondro, McCorthy, Lee, Middleton, Christopher O'Connell, Morls, Peppord, Christopher, Poole, Wendy, Popf inger, Fronk, Preston, Williom, Rechner, Theodore, Rice Elizobeth, Stobile, Thereso, Triolo, Donold, Trusdole, Peter Vinols, Anthony, Wilderrnith, Robert, Yee, Coleen, Yellen Louro 'W iwwmv xfjgzv- PCCP 'JR W WH Iraq ,mv ---- an f gf as if .1 .WS 123 WNW gn Z' . H ,L 411, A mf' V Au.. 2 9, 1 , , if Q f 3 125 ins... 4! ,H 145 -Nh., 14 f. A W 126 'ff 9 vw 4 'L Mg ' 5 ' , w' fx 1 if fi L K V A I J , M Ur Y '7' Efff lj ,mr- .L vi Y ,K My A A X v--....,..V F 4' iw ew, 'I as.-'f --....., , ,,,,,.L . ,V f mem 45 7' . 9 mf ? ,- V315- I ,Of- J w a I . .Q-' S 129 ACTIVITIES ww 4, Throughout our years at the High School a large por tion of our extracurricular time was consumed by the vast number of actlvlties provided by and for us Looking back we must remember this great abundance of activities rang ing from the benevolent Key Club to the school spirited Trojan Club to the time consuming and newly established Juggling Club to the cosmic Astronomy Club. Thanks to these activities the High School is and will remain among EAA the more fond memories of our youth. enum no A Jew.. W 52, 'M' , ' -in sruniam CCDUNCIL Sitting: D. Fontaine, P. Caccamo, C. O'Neill, R. Jordan, J. Calabro, H. Blairy. Standing: Dr. Tarrou, M. Mack, K. Decker, M. Kruysman, J. Dehler, T. Burchill, K. VonSeelen, T. Daly. ln the past 200 years, the Student Council has developed from barbaric origins into what is now a self- supporting intellectual establishment. Part of this progress is attributable to the incessant dedication of its members. Theodore Dreiser best illustrated the qualities of a student representative in his diminutive essay "My Life in a Pollen Tube." Through it he elaborated on the "malignant discrepancies that divide mankind between good and evil." These immortal words have reverberated through the minds of the members of the 1982-83 Student Council, and they have served as a guideline and symposium by which much of the year's policies have been initiated. This year's council, often jocularly referred to as the "Menagerie," raised over S4100 for John Hannon Jr., a recent graduate stricken with cancer. This fundraiser ranks as the most suc- cessful ever in our school. Other charitable projects included a Muscular Dystrophy Bike-a-thon, visits to our local hospital and school for disabled children, donations to UNICEF, and the adoption of 27 goldfish. Student activities were heightened by a Halloween Dance, Winter Wonderland, Spring Fling, a classic GO. assembly, the annual lighting of the Christmas tree, and weekly cocktail parties. The council's success in many ways can be compared to the elongation of a FOOT tip, growth depends on both the nurturing and development afford- ed by time, effort, and dedication. OFFICERS Z i a 2 l i 'wwf Sitting: Tracy Daly - Secretary, Janet Calabro - Treasurer, Denise Fon- The Student Council would also like to thank Manny for all his support. taine - Parliamentarian. Standing: Paul Caccamo - President, Dr. Tarrou, Collin O'Neil - Vice President. 54 fist, x Sitting: B. Newmon, T. Stois, A. Eschmonn. Stondlng: Dr. Dolon, Mr. Allen. DISCIPLINE COMMITTEE The Discipline Committee is o bronch of the od- ministrotion thot reviews the behovior of students who hove occumuloted on excessive number of demerits. The Boord consists of student represen- totives from the Senior Closs ond Foculty members, with Mr. Allen os choirmon. The Committee mokes recommendotions to Mr. Lowder obout the course of oction to be followed in deoling with the future behovior of students. R X a "'1 Sitting: D. Dodd, J. Krebs, J. Colobro. Standing: M. A. Sweeney, C. Sirkin, T. Doly, T. Foley. STUDENT COURT The Student Court consists of three student justices, one odministrotivejustice, one focultyjustice, ond one clerk. Student justices ore oppointed by the Student Council President, ond rotified by the Student Council. Students who wish to oppeol o penolty for infroction of school rules moy submit o brief to the Court exploining why the penolty should be reduced or removed en- tirely. Typicolly, o studentjustice investigotes the cose, ond ofter discussion, o decision is mode ot the follow- ing meeting of the Court. The constitutionolity of legislotion possed by the Student Council moy olso be chollenged before the Student Court. MAGAZINE DRIVE The Mogozine Drive, o mojor fund roising octivity, returns forty percent of the mogozine soles price to the school os well os rewording students who sell subscrip- tions with tongible gifts such os comeros ond rodios. Eoch yeor S1000 is turned over to the Student Council ond the remoinder of the money is divided omong the three closses bosed on the percentoge of soles eoch closs turned in. The drive is orgonized ond con- ducted by o committee ofjunior ond senior girls, ond is sponsored by Dr. Decker. 188 STUDENT CITIZENSHIP BCDARD Seniors ond Juniors, selected on the bosis of teocher recommendotions, work directly with Mr. Lowder in the doi- ly operotion of the school building. They moy be seen in oction eoch period dur- ing the school doy, before homeroom, ond ot night on speciol occosions, os they work on the student ottendonce ond disciplinory system in the moin ond ottendonce offices. Members of the Ex- ecutive Boord supervise the doily operotion of the squod os well os ossist one ofternoon o week ofter school. Sitting: A. Few Standing: A. Fewmore Orgonized in 1935, the Gorden City Chopter of the Notionol Honor Society recognizes students who demonstrote scholorship, service, Ieoder- ship, ond chorocter. Originolly just on honor, the Honor Society hos developed into o service orgonizotion, sponsoring such events os Senior Citizens' Doy. The Honor Society olso supervises the honor roll, sends congrotulotory notes, ond provides 0 tutoring service. Under the direction of sponsors Mr. Slocombe ond Mr. Moloney, this yeor's 37 members in- cluding the officers: Ed Forrell - President, Elliot Cose - Vice-President, Bethy Nowock - Secretory!Treosurer, Jone Mocyko - Honor Roll Choirmon, ond Mory Kruysmon - Honor Roting Choirmon, hope to oct os exomples of scholor- ship ond Ieodership ond stimulote the desire to render service. 134 HCNOR SOCIETY Sitting: A. Chong, M. Sontongello, C. Olesko, K. Buschmon, P. Gieseke, L. Tsoi, J. Polk, K. McLoughlin, M. Sutton, Liso O., S. DeSoye. Stondlng: M. Tsoukolos, J. Kiyosu, M. Kruysmon, B. Dousch, J. Borbogollo, L. Melkonion, A. Gitelmon, Mr. Slocombe, E. Forrell, E. Cose, P. Sutter, L. Wilson, K. Wydler, A. Sonders, B. Goldsmith, J. Mocyko. TROJAN CLUB There ore lots ond lots of Trojon Club members First Row: C. Sirkin, L. Onufrok, L. Wilson, C. Gillon, A. Keefe, B. Compbell, M. Coshmon, A. Cloncy. Second Row: P. Curry, P. Geisike, D. Dodd, T. Doly, M. P. Sweeney, Mr. White, M. A. Sweeney, M. Heoly, D. Kelly, B. Lowder, D. Dittrich. The Trojon Club's purpose ond gool is to encouroge porticipo- tion in school octivities ond promote school spirit. With more thon one hundred members it is one of the lorgest clubs in the school. Principol octivities include the plonning ond corrying out of Homecoming, including the Girls Flog Footboll Gome, Porode, Alumni Reception, ond Homecoming Queen Election. Spirit Doy, Movie Night, ond selling refreshments ot bosketboll gomes olso keep the mony members octive. This yeor the Club sponsored the showing of the film Fame. The Girls Flog Footboll Gome, begun by the Trojon Club four yeors ogo, wos o mojor success os the Seniors rollied in the fourth quorter to win 26-25. This yeor's officers ore: Presidents: Moryonne Sweeney ond MoryPot Sweeney Vice-President: Andy Cloncy Treosurer: Dede Dittrich Secretory: Morylee Heoly Historion: Trocy Doly Publishers: Corolyn Sirkin ond Anne Keefe L P49 b ,451 five-Q, -1' KEY CLUB There ore mony members of the Key Club The Key Club, o community service orgonizotion, is one of the schooI's lorgest clubs. Consisting of 120 octive members, the Key Club strives to old the community, school, ond vorious chorities. This yeor's projects included o cor wosh, popcorn selling during footboll gomes, the Turkey Trot, building o new floot, o Christmos porty or o doy core center, VoIentine's Doy cornotion sole ond the Mother's Doy Poncolse Breolsfost, os well os other octivities. This yeor's officers ore: President- Poulino Bren Vice President- Poul Stroton Recording Secretory - Lindo Tsoi Minute Secretory - Bonnie Goldsmith Treosurer - Jim Beck Sorgeont-ot-Arms - Gorth Duel Foculty Advisor- Dr. Torrou Sitting: A. Chong, M. Rego-Monteiro, L. Wilson, K. McLoughlin, B. Pork, J. Folvey, M. Sontongello. Standing: W. Adoms, T. Chong, B Seomon D Lopez M Quinn, W. Myslik, G. Mocyko, L, Onufrok, J. Kiyosu. Echo, the school newspoper, is o student-run poper thot is supported by the GO. ond revenues roised through odver- rising. Becouse it operotes independent of the school's od- ministrotion, the poper is uncensored, thus ollowing the stoff to oddress whot they feel ore the concerns of the students. All the plonning is done by the editors, who use the recom- mendotions mode by the odvisor, Mr. Robert McGowon, ond others. Echo is published opproximotely ten times o yeor, ond distributed free to oll students ond foculty. This yeor's editoriol stof-f is: Editor-in-chief: Koro McLoughlin News Editor: Robert Pork Editoriol Editor: Morcos Rego-Monteiro Feorures Editor: Andrew Chong Sports Editor: Liso Wilson Business Monoger: Morionne Sontongelo Photo Consultontz John Folvey Advisor: Mr. Robert McGowon , my I Y ...Q-.. .M- ,ni Echo hord ot work L. to R.: B. Thoet, L. Yuter, Mr. Pollock, J. Deon, J. Kiyosu, J. Geroci. A.V. SQUAD The A-V Squod, under the strong leodership of Mr. Jomes McAleese, provides oudio-visuol equipment, which includes projectors, record ployers, ond the like, to the teochers of the school. Instruction of students ond teochers in the use of moteriols for the clossroom is olso o func- tion ofthe squod. 1 I L Sitting: A. Keefe, J. Moher, S. Goldsmith, S. Christionson, E. Dolon. Standing: R. Zockorion, F. Donelon, Mrs. Moher, J. Mosterson, L. Fennessey, V. Borelli. CEI The Gorden City Chess Teom, under the inspir- ing leodership of Mr. Williom Pollock, hos suc- cessfully odvonced to the ployoffs in eoch of its five yeors. The teom, comprised of o remorkobly heterogeneous group of individuols, competes with the finest teoms in Nossou Coun- ty, often with spectoculor results, Co-coptoins ore Bruce Thoet ond John Kiyosu, obly supported by Lowrence Yuter, Christopher Mulford, ond John Kruysmon. L. to R.: T. Zogrophos, G, Cosgrove, M. Buckmon, W. Loshen, D. Lewis, P, Doolittle, P. Dunklemon, C. CHEFS CLUB The Chefs Club is o rother smoll group of students who ore oll very interested in culinory orts, Their octivities include severol boke soles throughout the yeor, The delicious snocks con usuolly be purchosed in the morning in front of the cofeterio. GERMAN CLUB 151' Jiftz 6. The Germon Club enobles students to experience Germon culture ond food through vorious sociol octivities. Such octivities stort with the Oktoberfest ot Eisenhower Pork ond end with the onnuoi beoch porty. Other octivities this yeor include the building of our Homecoming floot Co 4 foot round soccer bollD, porticipoting in the porode, our Christmos porty, going to on Ar- rows soccer gome, o Germon restouront trip, skiing, etc. Mony thonlss to Herr Guddot, our sponsor, for helping us throughout the yeor. Viel Vergnugen CHove funb. This yeor's officers ore: President: Potti Gieseke Vice-President: Jockie Krebs Secretory: Sonjo Wong Treosurer: Keith VonSeelen 'SK RPTWC First Row: M. Kruysmon, K. Jeoger, L. Ludemonn, C. Miller, S. Wong, H. Sockett, B. Sockett, S. Clousen, C. Mercier, B. Nicols, A. Girl. Second Row K McKenzie M Smolley, P. Gieseke, K. Buschmon, D. Hutchinson, K. Von Seelon, A. Kid, T. Gillon, A. Kid. Third Row: J. Grupp, Y. Saito, Mr. Guddot, Y. Kwee, P. Coccomo S Veivengle J. Fostenou, P. Bren, J. Poe, J. Anderson, J. Smith, J. Fostenou, E. LeCompte, B. Peters, M. Holl, T. Geroci. ,A ITALIAN CLUB AL cuug' 0F'PgQ5 QQ 1 . 7 Ir '39 GV? .. Q QP 9 G -42' Seniof The purpose of the ltolion Club is to brooden the underston- ding of the itolion culture by exposing the students to mony leorning experiences vio the multitude of octivities offered. ln the 1982-1983 scholostic yeor, members enjoyed vorious porties, excursions to New York City, itolion films, fund roisers, picnics, ond mony other beneficiol octivities. Thonks to octivity sponsor, Mr. Mozorese, students were given the opportunity to embork on o journey into ontiquity, spending Eoster Vocotion CApril 19825 touring ltoly. president goverio A, loconis The club would olso like to thonk this yeor's officers, Co-Vice Presidents: Tom Petrello ond Morio DiNotole Co-Treosurers: Donny Preziosi ond Thereso DeSontis Secretory: Donno Liberotoscioli Sociol Choirmonz Anne Domonte 1st Row: D. Liberotoscoli, D. Preziosi, M. DiNotole, T. Petrello, S. loconis, A. Domonte, T. DeSontis. 2nd Row: Sophomores, R. Terzi, I. M. Suove, Mr. Mozorese, N. Simori, G. Ferroro, E. Messina, K. Quinn, E. Hughes, Cute Smile. Grd Row: I. Drink, L. Piscopo, L. El Dodo, B. Vicory, J. Telfeyon, G. Koprowski, M. Cowie, P. Milozzo, M. Holl, W. Adoms. 4th Row: W. E. Loveguys, J. Moggio, M. Molerbo, B. Vinciguerro, M. Rego-Monteiro, J. Kiyosu, V. D'AIessondro, T. Popoulos, M. Genberg, K. Gront. FRENCH CLUB 9? The French Club is comprised of students who wont to further their knowledge of the French longuoge ond French culture. Under the direction of Miss McAteer ond the officers, the club hos enjoyed o very exciting yeor. Members porticipote in o culturol excursion to New Yorls City, visits to French restouronts, C.. lively hilidoy porties, ond o doy ot the beoch, followed by on end-of-the-yeor dinner porty. Officers: President: Mory Kruysmon Vice-President: Robert Pork Treosurer: Andrew Chong Secretory: Liso Posquole 1st Row: L. Posquole, A. Chong, Miss McAteer, R. Pork, M. Kruysmon. 2nd Row: S. Seo, J, Borbogollo, L. Wilson, K. McLoughlin, E. Thumser, A. Bici, A. Kriby, T. Deloney G. Koprowski, B. Seomon, K. Mocl4enzie. 3rd Row: I. M. Cute, M. A. Sweeney, N. Kozerni, A. Sonders, K. Wydler, J, Mocyko, L. Onufrok, L. Yuter, J. Polrner, T. Cerruti 4th Row: H, I. There, C. Koh, M. Holi, W. Myslik, J. Chong, G. Borton. 9 LATIN CLUB First Row: S. Someone, K. Williams, P. Caccamo, K, McLaughlin. Second Row: E. Kuesey, T. Orf, W. Myslik, D. Dittrich, M. Healy, J. Macyko, L. Ludemann, E. Farrell, J. Beck, The Spanish Club of 1982-1983 strives to spread the knowledge of Hispanic cultures to interested students. Our efforts include a slide presentation on Spain, a trip to New York City to see a Spanish play, participa- tion in the Homecoming Parade, and holi- day festivities. The officers are: President: David Sullivan Vice President: Nancy Grogan Secretary: Melinda Vought Treasurer: Kiera Williams Social Chairmen: Susan Becker and Joseph Adipietro All in all, this year's Spanish Club has been very enthusiastic and its events have been very productive. Special thanks go to Mr. Castellano, faculty advisor. The Latin Club members, led by fearless Dr. C. Bruni, are indeed a unique breed. They meet daily in mind and spirit to learn Latin, its tradition, and definitely its "culture" O tempora, O mores! Alea iacta est. Tres mures! En fugientl Nam omnes secuti sunt resticam, Quae caudas cultello desecuitg Sane facinus insolitissimum! O tres mures. Carthago deligenda est. Aves summus. This year's officers are: lmperator: Paul Caccamo Consuls: Marylee Healy Kiera Williams Magistrata: Dede Dittrich Legatus: James Beck Gino Borelli SPANISH CLUB First Row: J. Adipietro, D. Sullivan, M. Vought, K. Williams, N. Grogan, A. Bergin, S. Becker. Second Row: T. Bermel, B. Dausch, B, Balkey, Mr. Castellano, T. DiFalco, D. Dittrich, M. Tantillo, P. Haggerty, P. Acosta, E. Far- rell. Thlrd Row: D. Lopez, L. Torroella, M, Murphy, K. McLaughlin, L. Kelly. STUDENT EXCHANGE Sitting: P, Acosto, First Row: K, McLoughlin, N. Grogan, T. DiFolco, E. Forrell, E. O'NeiI, M. Kruysmon Second Row M Tontillo D Sulllvon Coccomos, S. Becker, L. Onufrok, A. Bergin, G. Borton, There were two seporote groups of exchonge students in the Summer of '82 A foirly lorge group troveiled together to Spoin, where they eoch stoyed with o fomily, ond then in September, eoch of their Sponish brothers or sisters come to Gorden City. Another, smoller group troveiled seporotely to other Europeon countries such os Norwoy ond Switzerlond. The purpose of these trips wos to give the students the knowledge ond ex- periences of o foreign culture. The students olso got on-hond experience in speoking the Ionguoges some hove been study- ing since the eighth grode, 2 x P if A Q liiff,-1 LO STIVALE Lo Stivole, the High School's ltolion publicotion published onnuolly since 1980, consists of orticles written by students of ltolion. By porticipoting, students ore oble to expond their knowledge of the culture ond longuoge of ltoly. Lo Stivole hos won first ploce M9805 ond second ploce C1980 owords from the Columbio Scholostic Press Associotion. lt is sponsored by Senore Mozorese. il ' T , . .ii ,,: ,E Y , ' A sim 2 - 'fillll :vt ni 55 in-n-tb Ziff Flrst Row: T. Girl, D. Liberotoscioli, T. Petrello, M. DiNotole, S. Ioconis, A. Dervonte, T. Desontes. Second Row: A. Girl, A. Girl, C, Guerosio, Mr. Mozorese, J, Bottofluoco, V. Dolesondro, M. Holl. f f A CHANTECLER The French colendorfmogoinze, Chontecler, is published on- S' nuolly to provide high school students with o toste of French i 3 r Q culture. Eoch issue contoins prose, poetry, ond ortwork written by E l French students. This yeor's stoff includes: Jone Brennon ond Jonice T Polk os editors, Glen Borton os ossistont editor, Mory Ellen E V . Kruysmon os ort editor, ond Helen Friedmon os treosurer. 7 Y il Sitting: A, Bici, J. Polk, M. Kruysmon. Standing: G. Borton, H. Friedmon. FIESTA Fiesto, The Sponish publicotion of the high school, enobles students to combine their skill in using Sponish with their knowledge of the Hisponic world. lt is open to oll students of Sponish, ond the sponsor is Mr. Sononder. Slttlng: B. Dousch, T. DiFolco, E. O'NeII, E. Farrell, M. Vought. Standing: N. Kozeml, V. Mothewes, D. Lopez, Mr, Sononder, L. Torroello, K. Williams, N. Grogon, A. Bergln. Sitting: M. Engels, W, Adams, P. Bren, A. Bergin. Standing: L. Pasquale, Mr. Goodwin, B. Park. MATHLETES Mothletes is a group of approximately fifteen students with the ability and interest to represent Garden City High School in county and statewide mathematics competitions. The goals of the team are: C15 to increase interest in mathematics of both the participants and the student body as a whole, C25 to enhance the academic reputation of the high school by succeeding in competitions, and C33 to give a group of selected students an awareness of mathematics in areas not normally treated in the curriculum. At the present time, interest in Mathletes is increasing. The team is experiencing the results of expanded programs in both the elementary schools and in the Junior High. Eventually, the team hopes to be the best in Nassau County. The faculty advisor is Dr. Beaulieu. 4 an . I First Row: M. Tacchi, C. Koe. Back Row: J. Palmer, V, Pres, M. Quinn, F. Kill f INKSPOTS lnkspots, the high school literary-arts magazine, is published annually in May and distributed free of charge to all students. Artwork, photography, poetry, and short stories are all included in the magazine which gives students the opportunity to express themselves artistically. This after-school ac- tivity is conducted under the supervision of Mr. Roger Goodwin. Slttlngz L. Melkonian, Dr. Beaulieu, E. Keusey. Standing: T. Rechner. B . f. .l B ,' h.-- Q . st if Nww, . g1w:I g X! . . .. ..... N .. . Q -Egkrixxdt .--1ev' A s ,if 5, . LIBRARY AIDS One of the major factors contributing to the effi- cient operation of the library is the staff of student aides. They volunteer their free time, either during study halls or before and after school, to help in the library. The aides perform a number of services, in- cluding signing out books, checking in returned materials, shelving books and magazines, helping with the copy machine, binding magazines, and assisting both students and faculty. Through their work in the library, these students not only provide a service to the school, but also gain knowledge of library practices and procedures. BoTANY cLuB g Sophomores and Dr. Turkel The Botany Club appeals to students who like plants. We collect and press herbarian plants, have established a herbarium, take walking field trips, visit arboreta, and study various aspects of plant life to increase our knowledge of them. -i Nic, y g COMPUTER coma The Computer Core is made up of ex- pert computer programmers who help with the administrative uses of the com- puters in the school. -'Currently the com- puters are used for attendance, student data records, and generation of lists. A small group within the core is working on transferring the attendance and listing now done on expensive time-sharing facilities to microprocessors owned by the district. CORE students are also involved in writing programs to put guidance functions such as grade reporting, computing of averages, class rank, and honor roll on the microcomputers. CORE led by Dr, Roderic A. Beaulieu, performs an essential service for the school. Members put in many hours and 1 deserve recognition for their work. Standing: Rob Terzi, Paul Caccamo, Derrick Hutchinson. Praying: Man With Mustache, Juc-JGLING cLuB M l You know who you ore. The newly formed Juggling Club met with greot success in its first yeor, under the leodership of Tom Mortin. Jugglers, both veterons ond newcomers to the field, improve their skills in this oncient ort through long hours of strenuous proctice. The tolents of the members ore demonstroted wheneverjuggloble objects ore ot hond. President: Bill Huschle V-P1 Pot Curry Secretory: Joe Johnson Treosurer: Ken lnglesby Sorgeont-ot-ormsz Mike Schneider STUDIO The Studio, the oudio hub of the school, is renowned for its good looking ond oc- coslonolly beorded members. Its members ore responsible for the infrequently suc- cessful doily onnouncements, the borely oudible music in lunches, the too frequent foilure of the microphones during ossemblies ond sporting events, the off-cue sound during the Mosquers productions, ond the disruption of the mojority of Mrs. Spiers' closses. Under the dubious leoder- ship of Mr. Jomes McAleese, the stoff con often be seen hord ot work creoting 0 disturbonce, being lectured to by Mr. Pruson or just noncholontly obusing their oble sponsor. The Studio stoff hos become fomous for their lorge omount of both ser- vice ond cut slips. Perhops the stoff will be N best remembered by the students for keeping the onthem ond bulletin in- teresting, finding new ond exciting woys to screw it up every morning. Sitting: P. Sutter, BCFD. Ionnocone, J. Monning. Standing: A. Loyton, Chris Byrne, J. Olcott. Bond Director Peter Stongenelli 4 During the summer, the Bond went to Bond Comp ot Trenton Stote College in preporotion for the Newsdoy Hofstro Festivol in October. The yeor oheod would be o speciol one. Helped by poperdrives, roffles, ond corwoshes, the Bond roised enough funds to trovel to Hollond, where they performed in the eleventh onnuol Tulip Time Festivol with bonds from oround the globe. The bond morched in the Homecoming, Christmos, ond Memoriol Doy porodes, o well os ploying ot oll home footboll gomes. The highlight o the yeor for oll bond members must be the Bond Follies, where they expond their tolents to include their own speciol kind of octing. - Drum Mojors: Andrew Gollon, Kothy Acer OFFICERS: President: Bill Strovitz Vice-President: Sonjo Wong Co-Treosurer: Bloir King, Dorrin Lewis Secretories: Mory Sockett, Mory Belger Librorions: Liso Ludemonn, Koryn Joeger A A 4 Q Q Q 5 if at I we QW , A 9 ! 1 H mgvilf A Q 1 5 1, , .W Q H ti if H . 1 ' ' ' fm' 4 V 5 16 v .3 , Z H ge- Q W W I ' A I V , 3 A 4. Q. 1, + K , 1, 5 1 I A gill CITY may SC QySARDIlY CITY, IYIW YORIZM ' l 3 u.s.A. H 2 44fe4,,w4W B Trumpets: C. Londi, B. Terzi, M. Pomos, S. Cureton, R. Hojny. Boss: M. Genberg. Trombones: T. Popoulos, M. Rego-Monteiro, B. King, l. Hill, J. ltgen. Sexes: A. Gollon, J. Kiyczsu, J. Fostenou, M. Weisburg. Missing From Photo - Guitars: C. Byrne, S. loconis, B. Jordon. Piano: L. Onufrok, J. Adepierro. Drums: B. Bortolf, T. Kolibon, T. Orff. ,s TV.-,g1x..mi Lf semis is in - f' E 4 : E Z Y-RSL The most populor group in the school this yeor wos probobly the Jozz Ensemble. Leod by the strong trumpet ploying of Chris Londi, the fierce drumming of Bruce Bortolf, ond o sox section which hod been together for the post three yeors, the Jozz Ensem- ble ployed numbers ronging from the lotest in modernjozz to the best in rroditionol swing. The group performed ot oil the usuol con- certs, the Jozz Donce, ond their finol set ot the Villoge Boll wos so hot it melted the snow outside. The Stoge Bond hod onother busy schedule this yeor. lt performed ot both the Christmos ond Spring concerts ond ot the Bond Follies. lt olso performed ot the Jozz Donce with the Jozz Ensemble ond ot the Villoge Boll. STAGE BAND fi at-1 tw'...Lf'...,Q,,apffm..f,,,.,.. -, M f , MM W M fm it 'nf 1010 w. an .4-as First Row: K. Acer, J. Orsini, B. Strovitz, M. Lesser, M. Fedor, L. Pinemon, P. Forrell. Second Row: H. Brooks, Mocoluso, J. Butz, L. Wren, B. Weekes. Standing: S. Morfogen, F. DeFillipis, L. Apreo, E. Stonkiewik, S, Seo, A. Gollogher, J. Brown, D. Cose, Mr. Stongonelli. CONCERT ORCHESTRA - Q mann. ... . First Row: K. McKenzie, J. Fostenou, K. Buschmon, Y. Soito, A. Gitelmon, A. Bici. Second Row: 5. Richmond, M. Socco, L. Wren, J. ltgen, M. Lesser, M. DiNotole, B. Hortmon, D. Sonders. Standing: Mr. Stongonelli, C. Mortin, T. Kolibon, L. Pinemon, P. Forrell, J. Sullivon. The Concert Orchestro consists of the members of the String Ensemble ond select members of the bross, wood- wind, ond percussion sections of the bond. The Concert Orchestro ploys in numerous school concerts throughout the yeor, including the Christmos Con- cert, the Pops Concert, the Bond Follies, ond the Spring Concert. The String Ensemble olso trovels to the junior high ond elementory schools, the Communi- ty Church, ond the Gorden City Cosino. Other octivities include o trip to see the New York ond Long lslond philhor- monics, the Metropoliton Opero, ond 0 Broodwoy musicol. CHCRAL MUSIC MADRIGALS The Modrigols is o select group of mixed voices which, under the leodership of Dr. Lydio Mor- rongiello, performs o voriety of music from Renoissonce to contemporory. The group por- ticipoted in three concerts olong with being port of the Borry Monilow Show. The officers ore: President - Meg Sutton Vice President- Poul Sutter Secretory - Mory Belger Librorion - Kothy McKenzie Flrst Row: Dr. L. Morrongiello, M. Belger, N. Clowery, A. Loyton, T. Prott, M. Cowie, J. Weekes, A. Conte. Se- cond Row: C. Compbell, J. Costello, R. lonnocone, K. Nystrom, M. Holi, L. Onufrok. Thlrd Row: V. Sutton, J. Fostenou, P. Sutter, B. Semmes, A. Corrado, M. Sutton, K. Schueler. CONCERT CHOIR Concert Choir, on ensemble with o membership of opprox- imotely fifty students, is the open chorol group. Concert Choir students cover o voriety of music, from clossicol to pop. This yeor, the Concert Choir, olong with other vocolly copoble students, song with Borry Monilow on Broodwoy oQ the end of Februory. A Select Few ' Left to Right: Dr. L. Morrongiello, S. Doniels, B. Dorcy, B. Mullin, N. Simori, C. Compbell, V. Sutton, M. A. 152 Sweeney, B. Lynch, J. Howe, K. Forrell, C. Compbell, E. Fronz, D. Fonuzzi, K. O'Neill, K. Brennon. CELESTCNES The Celestones is o select group of femole singers speciolizing in two port music. They ore perhops the most successful of oll the groups, os they ore osked to perform in mony different concerts. President- Mory Pot Seeeney Vice President - Noncy Grogon Secretory - Brendo Mullin Librorion - Mory Anne Sweeney MASQUERS I l i , J One of the most fulfilling clubs in the school, Mosquers finds its obode in the Little Theotre. ln this illustrious dwelling the ef- fort wos culminoted to reoch the pinnocle of opening night. It wos not instont sotisfoction thot lured its members tojoin Mos- quers, but the foresight of o polished product. ln our pursuit of perfection, Mosquers holds reheorsols ofter school ond on Soturdoys. While the predominontly student run reheorsols were toking ploce, the costume people would be sewing, the Left to Right: C. Ludwig, N. Zogrophos, M. Tsoukolos, M. Hommon, C. Compbell, E. DiFolco, N. Simori, L. Onufrok, B. Fronz, Mrs. Spiers, W. Ostrowski, A. Erickson. Yi ' 4 s ff- in O'Neil, S. Doniels, T. crew would be building, the props people would be seorching, the house people selling, ond the publici- ty people would ge writing, lt wos oll these foctors combined thot creoted o compony feeling ond mode its members glow with pride. Officers President- Nonci Simori Vice President- Nico Zogrophos Secretory - Koro O'Neil Treosurer - Corolyn Polmieri Mrs. Spiers ond the Mosquers. ,M E R g3 f ' 8 ' I vu ' sg. Wi ? I i Ml lv-wg i is . w Left to Right: N. Zogrophos, D. Gowon, S. Huhto, W. O'BrIon, A. Flynn, A. Erickson, W Osrrowskl, J. Monning, Y 9 LEADERS CLUB Sitting: J. Barbagallo, L. Ludemann, A. Keefe, Ms. Stefek-Freidan, B, Goldsmith, A, Dici, M. Cashman. Standing: M. Mack, B. Jones, L. Wilson, J. Stafford, M. DiNatale, J. Bartholemew, A. Bergin, M, Vought, E. Kelly, M. Mallon. POLAR BEAR CLUB The Polar Bear Club, a revived club under the sponsorship of Dr. Tarrou, is one of the more energetic activities within the school. Two days a week, the club gets together to do workouts in the cold before school. Once in shape, the club anticipates an excur- sion to the beach to do some cold water swimming, The Leaders Club is a student organization which encourages in- terest in physical education through activities after school hours. The pur- pose of the club is to develop physical skills in athletics and physical fitness, and to acquire leadership qualities in all members through ac- tive participation in instructional ac- tivities, Clinics are sponsored throughout the school year which in- clude a Nissequogue River canoe trip, and student clinics in raquetball, tennis, and aerobic dance. Social activities are also sponsored by the club so that friendships are cultivated between members. These activities include a Mother-Daughter Halloween Costume party in Oc- tober, Kris Kringles in December, a Christmas holiday party, end of the year party and an executive bOOrd meeting in June to plan the following year's activities and calendar of events. Sitting: B. Thoet, D. Lopez, J. Macyko, P. Curry, Leon. Standing: E. Keusey, K. lnglesby, L. Onufrak, K. McLoughlin, Dr. Tarrou, J. Geraci, M. Murphy, L. Toroello STUDENT STORE 98 Q ' 1 Q, ' J, Borbogollo, L. Ludemonn, Mr. Regon, A, Keete, Frequently before school, ond during oll lunches, o lorge crowd con be seen milling oround the ever fomous GC. High Window-in-the-Woll - the Student Store. Along with the greot music from within the store, every student Cond teocherb hos o vost choice of merchondise. The stock ronges from combinotion locks, notebooks, book covers, ond folders, which ore oll populor in the foll, to worm ond welcome GLC. sweotshirts, sweoters, ond jockets in the winter, ond winding down the yeor with the infomous l3orron's review books. The fovorites oil yeor round ore, without o doubt, Tic-Tocs Coronge, of courseb, Dynomints, Luden's Cough Drops, ond Holi's Throot Lozenges. Just obout everything necessory to o student Cwithin reoson, noturollyD con be found ot the Student Store ot prices much less thon those in regulor stores. ln oddition to the high quolity merchondise ot the store, there is olwoys friendly service, chorm, ond personolity - oll for free!! Comprised of student volunteers, this group Membership in the Fire Auxiliory, under the supervision of the Gorden City Fire Deportment, provides voluoble troining in the procedures to follow in the cose of on emergency. All school fire drills ore orgonized ond directed by the Fire R G L Potrol ond the school odministrotion. ossists both our school ond our community. 157 TROJANETTES -v,,vv -.i g - - . . Kneeling: K. Lynch, L. Schiroldi, K. Williams, C. Tomoino, E. Fronz, K. Fecht, M. Honley, J. Noonon. Sitting: F. Lovoglio, C. Gillon, S. DeSoye, M. Fitzgerold, S. Sirch, S. Becker, M. Kelly. Standing: D, Dewey, D. Fontoine, G. Tortorello, F. Kolofotis, E. Lowder, E. Kelly, T. Doly, C. McLoughlin, V. D'Allessondo, V. Ropuono, M. Mistretto Twenty-seven girls constitute the Gorden City Trojonettes. The Trojonettes, coptoined by fon- tobulous Sue DeSoye, kick ot vorious events such os ossemblies, bosketboll gomes, footboll gomes, ond in competion. Joining together with the bond ond cheerleoders, the Trojonettes ot- tended Trenton Store Comp ond competed in the Hofstro Morching Bond Competition. Proctices run for severol hours o week, ond the girls proctice very hord to put on o beoutiful show. Coptoin: Sue Desoye Co-coptoinsz Fron Kcrlofotis, Corolyn Tomoino Sponsor: Mrs. Poulo Wolsh. 'Plat 'iii I . 5. . 'x l 3 Q ? 23 16 1 E g CHEERLEADERS Sitting: L. Fredrichs, K. Decker, J. Calobro, D. Rogowskl, P. Gibbons, J, Sullivan. Standing: M. Sweeney, C. Deokins, S. Scarplno, J. Krebs, D. Dodd, J. Anderson, K. Schout 2' fr 'i Z va E J 2 One of the groups that greatly contributes to school spirit and sup- ports the Trojan teams is the varsity cheerleoding squod. Under the leadership of co-captains Mary Pat Sweeney and Jackie Krebs, the cheerleaders bring their enthusiasm and spirit to football in the fall and basketball in the winter. This year they also cheered on the soccer team through some seoson games and the ploy-offs. ln addition to their regular cheering octivities, the girls also attended sum- mer band camp at Trenton. There they joined forces with the Trojanetq tes, the junior varsity cheerleadersf and the marching bond to learn the show which they performed during holf time of the football gomes. They olso oppeared in the Newsday Mor- ching Bond Festival at Hofstra. The cheerleaders also porticipoted in the GO assembly, the Homecom- ing parode, and the Hofstra Cheerleading Clinic. - s , is . X Mil, X Q I T T J g,,,,,, ' K JV CHEERLEADERS The junior vorsity cheerleoders, under the leodership of Jeonnine Chisolm, odd their pep ond enthusiosm to both the junior vorsity footboll ond bosketboll seosons. In oddition they joined with the vorsity squod to cheer for some of the vorsity footboll gomes ond for the footboll ond soccer ploy-offs. The girls olso ottended the Hofsrro Cheerleoding Clinic ond porticipoted in the GO ossembly ond the Homecoming porode. ln oddition to their regulor duties, encouroging the teoms to successful seosons, they ottended bond comp ot Trenton with the vorsity cheerleoders, Trojonettes, ond mor- ching bond. Together these groups performed the holf time shows during footboll seoson ond represented Gorden City in the Newsdoy Morching Bond Festivol ot Hofstro. T i BOYS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION L 'H Sitting: S, Dougherty, T. Finegon, P. Hoeffner. Stondingf B. Stutzrnonn, K, VonSeelen, Doc Dougherty, T. McCutcheon. The Boys' Athletic Associotion consists of boys from oll three grodes is dedicoted to sponsoring the growth of sportsmonship. The group works in cooperotion with the Men's Associotion on fund rois- ing ond other tosks. Vorious oc- tivities ore sports nights, ski trips, ond o bonquet for vorious othletes ot the end of the yeor. The B.A.A. is sponsored by Doc Dougherty. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The GAA. fosters interest in girls' interscholostic teoms ond speciol events eoch month. ln con- junction with the B.A.A., the G,A.A. runs on oword dessert ot the con- clusion of eoch sport seoson, ond o senior dinner ot the end of the school yeor. .pn-an Sitting: B. Nowock, J. Mocyko, M. Allegro, C. Bennett. Standing: S. Goldsmith, A. Mulroney, E. McConhy, Ms. DeMorco, 5. Rhodes. OUTDOORSMAN CLUB SN. N Q A. 'i . . , 1 QQ , S. C3 1 .sg cg L K - ,Mfg M ws. jg .J K ,K C, km L . ,L c. 2- ' mi . 1 , X V. xx X, ,T The Outdoorsman Club is perhaps the most challenging of all the extra-curricular activities. Also, it is the only sponserless club having only one member: Bill Huschle. By means of brilliant time-lapse photography, we have isolated some of the more exciting shots of the club's member. Future events on the club's agenda include the climbing of Mt. Everest and the swimming of the English Channel. Photos clockwise from above: Bill at- tempting a difficult water skiing maneuver, Bill defying gravity, and Bill attempting another intricate water skiing maneuver. ,..., it SEE NO EVIL, SPEAK N0 EVIL, HEAR N0 EVIL CLUB Motivated by the words of the Moral Majority and its leader Reverend Jerry Falwell, a group of students founded the See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil Club. They are shown here symbolically displaying their beliefs, trying to spread their teachings in school Caboveb, as well as at parks Cleft? and on various other outings. When asked to comment on the club's philosophy, one member commented, "lf God hadn't meant for us to See No Evil, Speak No Evil, and Hear No Evil, He wouldn't have given us hands!" MAST Sitting: A. Bici, T. Daly, S. Laano, M. Kruysman, T. Papoulas, A. Gitelman, P. Sutter, C. Campbell, P. Curry. Standing1A. Chang, E. Thumser, M. A. Sweeney, J. Folvey, Dausch, G. Barton, K. McLoughlin, Mr. Weinlandt, M. RegoMonteiro, L. Onufrok, J. Macyko, E. Keusey, D. Lopez, C. Byrne. Missing: M. Tsoukalos, K. Wydler, B. Nowock, T. Burchill, A. Sanders, M. P. Sweeney, J. Brennan. The trials and tribulations of MAST 1Q83l! lt all started one day in Moy, when the staff Crother, soon to be the staff? took a ieisur excursion to the Columbia University Sdholostic Press Association Conference. It was downhill from there. The colorful ideas began J flow like dysentary. "Why don't we personalize the book for everyone?" one future editor asked. Another thought of scratch c sniff divider pages. A third idea was to dedicate the book to McDonold's Cthe promoter of this idea was, needless to say, denied editorial positionb. All of these ideas were eliminated due to poor planning. At one point early on, we considered changing name of the book, o unique idea, indeed. Regretfully, we gave up that idea due to its startling unoriginality, the 1983 staff was J trend setter. As the first deadline approached, our happy-go-lucky sponsor was chagrined at the relative calm with which the s f was handling the assignment. "Sixteen pages should be no problem," one of the optimistic editors was heard saying to the spot r Cthe happy-go-lucky one, you rememberb. The sponsor responded, "Sure, but how about the other forty-four??" PANIC!!! A sli t miscalculation had been made, and all at once, our overworked, underpoid, but nevertheless cheery photographers began sn ping shots of teachers and underclassmen homerooms, while the editors sat in the MAST office and sweoted. Needless to say, missed our first deadline. We made the next one, though, much to our sponsor's amazement. Our business-like and occasionally tistic publishing representative told us how once East Meadow High School had made a deadline by carrying their quad-paks throi 1 'r C J 1 three feet of snow, sub-zero temperatures, and gale-force winds to the post office by dog sled. Accompanying this astoundi 1 hair-raising story was a complete set of indiscriminate diagrams as mysterious, one might note, as the monoliths at Stonehenge, J bound to be the subject of a series on PBS. Anyway, the representative was shocked. Christmas came, and with it another mis J deadline. As our publishing representative doodled and told us how one Christmas Sewanaka gave o deodline to Santa 'Claus J bring to the plant in Texas, he told us that all we had to do was to get the deadline in before New Year's. We rid ourselves of another oO pages on January 7, and were well on the way to another missed deadline. But, with scissors in hand, we made the following deadline, a feat which shocked everyone. Both our sponsor Cthe happy-go-lucky one, remember him?D and the publishing representative were among the most amazed. We got to sit through the story of how St. Paul's lost a whole deadline because someone had thrown up on their quad-paks. Our sponsor began to worry, because one editor began to grow a beard, one became deathly ill, and another, he feared, was on some kind of drug. The straw broke when an editor, who shall remain nameless, neglected to get him Cthe sponsor? a Pepsi from Sev. As the college application process was over Cond there was to be no more win' ing and dining of young alumniD, the staff began to neglect their duties with the utmost attention. During these grueling months, the staff could be seen slaving over incoming proofs, having to share the one and only red ball point pen. The March deadline ap' proached, and the staff waited on the edges of their chairs for the publishing representative. Much to their dismay, his suit didn't match his tie, and he had neither tale nor sketch to present. lt was o sad day in Mudville. We had no questions to ask, and only problems to present, so the representative again gave us the speech about how this deadline was the most important, the fourth "most important" deadline this year. lt is at this point that we must leave off, due to the fact that this very copy needs to be shipped. These questions linger: Will we make it through the snow storm to the post office? Will Paul and Alix grow beards? Will the publishing representative and the sponsor come out and admit they go to the some taylor Cno pun intendedb? Will Buck Miller retire? Will the book ever make it through publication, or will we provide our representative with another tantalizing tale to tell future editors? Who knows? Who cares? Oh yeah: Hey, Drew, you're the greatest. Thanks. , ewes- .. x :XM nt a- -1: aff '1-L K:.' Q A All expenses poid trip to Athens Editors-in-Chief - Ted Popoulos, Alix Gitelmon, Poul Sutter. Another missed deodline . . , - Poul got the ruler stuck up his nose ogoin Whot's o quod-pok? Screw the yeorbook DO Oi il Ol QQ Qi! ii 0 K -of Keeping with the theme Here ore the people who helped to creote yet onother legend for our publishing compony representotive. Working os o teorn, well . . . most of the time, they otternpted to creote the best yeor- bools they could for the Closs of '83 M i " W -WW-...W ---V. W , -q 4 +1 ut' 'K--,W..W, W. JM, 5 'I ,. mei , W K . ff 4 4 Photography: Trocy Doly, Glenn Borton 4 EDITORS "' FW ,H :ffaff-1, ,seg U, Senior Portraits: Slyvio Laono .X ge ,gm t if Ns.. Q X 'Y X 5 Loy-Our: Andrew Chong, Bethy Nowock. Missing: Meg Sutton Copy: Morcos Rego-Monteiro, Colleen Campbell wmv- Senior Polls: Llso Onuflok Missing: Sue Vlerengel 5 1 N 5 ,f M33 we Q N F SES eff 5 1 - ,. , -. 'Ss Activities: Mory-Ellen Kruysmon Missing: Morlo Tsoukolos Business: Pot Curry, Mory-Anne Sweeney Missing: Kathy Wydler mf' T' - . ,gk Sports: Alicio Sonders, Tom Burchill, Jone Mocyko Arr: Mory-Por Sweeney, Borboro Dousch Mm-.pu 1 5 ! X i X L., 167 PDR E 5 at Athletics have been, and always will be, a unifying fac- tor for students, whether they are participants or spec- tators. From football games in autumn to basketball games in winter to lacrosse games in spring, students came out to root Carden City to victory. The cheerleaders gave added interest to the excitement of each contest. Coming from a long line of Trojan winning tradition, every team had its expectations from the past. During 1983, the school had its share of winning teams, but what is really important was the spirit which characterized each team s performance. In the long run, every team was a winner, whether or not they lost more than they won. .,,,,,, f 5101 'L CL SPORTS AT G.C. - A LEGACY V yflyg Q ' ' , A 'M Q , H J A g-fx 1 3, , I Q ' v' wil Af AQ " ,V A-, dz Lg n g V7 ,' M, mgfrf, ifgr xii ,fywr an y 'fu ' - 'Q " :3',g.1 A pc1,ci. f x - ' 1' , 'M' z K K Sm .. Q K w Wm-.Q , f 4-Y ..' . Q- , V5 ,. W ,ff f . , : Wgf I il 14: STA ,E ,V 1 I may K, V 4 Y' X 55,4- I l W , , .I Q A., ,L., '-V . , . + ' V 1 Z, , ,V 1.5 - Q A A KM, ,If IVV l A iff-f T " ' .. M, M. ,4 mg, - ,Y fs ar, , ' A ,TH A vu ,, A A. n. 170 M 53 if can Vvvgg - V U .4-"" ' ww, if "W,..,W-v-Y" v 2 3' ,br ,F , 4 M f .f 2 JK , ,, V. ,. 15 f' ' HW s- 1 ff 4 ,,. f J W mf , l 'fig' gyffn ff ' 1 g J ,w K "is Z ,ii .tn . . S ' ' is 'F ig Q6 S .. - A ' ' A 9 , if- n 45, x. 3" M' fn ar f 'I xx ,ff 13 , O , . A ' ua- -n my M 404. ?4'1f1w f-awfmn-ay, HW. W- ,,..,yM .,n, 1-,Mu-Q, QAKMQL 5 , 1 M . .gg ,Wy- 5 MZ W2 Q an 171 FALL VARSITY FooTBALL il . .Ext 4 L . ii. s ac is First Row: H. Blair, B. Jordan, J. Clausen, R. Bingold, P. Haeffner, S. Dougherty, B. Emmert, B. Stutzmann, C. Werbin, C. O'NeIlI, K. VonSeelen, B. Q Peters. Second Row: R. lronside, D. Thayer, B. Shuart, R. Judson, P. Harding, M. Clark, C. Giarroputo, T. Finegan, M. Stahel. Third Row: G. Hebron, T. Burchill, P. Burke, M. Mulroney, T. Brown, F. D'Angelo, D. McCarthy. Fourth Row: R. Dwyer, S. Conza, A. Moreno, K. Ottiano, K. Alden. There was no sophomorejinx for second year head football coach William . 5 Q Dougherty and his assistants Rob Perpall and Bob Defliese in 1982. Their fine coaching, along with the team's hard work, paid off as the Trojans went undefeated in the regular season for the first time since 1956. Powered by an explosive offensive attack and a tough, swarming defense, the Trojans won the American League Conference ll-B Championship with an 8-O. Many factors helped to contribute to the success of the team, but there is one place where credit is especially due: the offensive line. This group of dedicated individuals are the people who were responsible for the team's success, for it is in the trenches where games are won and lost. Harry Blair, Kenny Alden, Chris Werben, senior captain Brian Emmert, Jim Gewert, and tight ends Bill Peters and Rich lronside were this year's front line of combat. But there were other factors, as well. Senior captain and fullback Bill Stutz- man was the Trojan workhorse C87 carries, 698 yards, 8 TD'sD, punishing would-be tacklers as he ambled on for more yardage. The passing combina- tion of junior captain Sean Dougherty and split end Tom Finegan combined 25 times for 424 yards and 6 TD's, all new school records. Dougherty's 10 passing touchdowns also tied a school record. A winning team usually has a great defense, and this year's defense was na exception. The defense caused opposing offenses to turn the ball over 24 times. Led by linebackers Bill Stutzman, Ron Judson, Phil Harding, and Bill Peters and Kenny Alden, along with linemen Brian Emmert, Chris Werben, Bob Dwyer, Mark Stahel, and John Jordan, the Trojans shut out opponents 3 times. It should also be noted that the secondary of Tom Finegan, Sean Daugherty, junior captain Pete Haeftner, and Jose Perez, along with the linebackers, intercepted 15 passes - another school record. 4 - Although the season ended rather dismally with a 46-13 play-off loss to Llz' 'X N ft- WWF, I 5. ' hated rival West Hempstead, there were many more positive notes. The ijsil w 4535 ,fg y s f'7f"'s V -ss N biggest was the 26-O trouncing of Bethpage to win the Conference ll-B Cham- 43 ' it , at ,ggi g pionship. The Trojans shattered the old school record of points scored in a 4 A "' w e z q 2, B . season C2043 by finishing with 227 points. lt was a fine season, and every ' g ' 1" g " J ' W XY member of the team should be proud of their accomplishments. ' V 1 'fi' J s t X ' 'T A' vig , 'I '9X,,.f I Individual honors were awarded to LQ -. 'i 2, - 'T A fig., AQ jug. . ..,, . .,,, kk - V: . I 1 Li JM K 1, Bill Stutzmann ' . ' , i ffkiifgl ... BYE Sean Dougherty All-County j ,iw -1 . , j Q- . .... Ron Judson . . g 1' - ssfl 'Q I 'lwwauuml 1 Tom Finegan All-Conference . ,sc . A -W.-W..- . Brian Emmert gl , V 4. .r .K . , K W..yk in , .3 35 Chris Werben Harry Blair All-League 'i in .Q S Y X ' 'f i n x, F, , A f X f Q . , ,A 2 ' Q' ff ig 'K " ' M. ,. ,X h " - Q F - Y' wx -,,, A i is A , +53 Y ' ' A :A 3 . , mf' Q if 'RF " V ' im V ii O 342' ' 6 '41 g .r , , ff,h ,c , my vw f .v qv Qt' . ,Egg l. . 4, ,Si 7. , J K,-Q-?.,?k,.1iv .5-iv-ASEE QQ' :Qs .fx . .Hr filgrrzff 532833, 4 1, gi 716 Q ll , X N 'Jin QW. 4 li , , v ., 4 " Pix .JE J "X kr S . K if J X. Qff . ,,, 4. gf-Q5 .., , I ' HWY if sv, x 5 ' 1 Q . Q Q Q1 ' . , L ., 'Cf A AH " ,g gt V ,- ' ' " . 553432 1 . mmm , ,.. fssfiw 1- N J " A .. ,, .1 , . -- ' f T. ' si... ,- "'JI.'i' Wffzv'-vw: mbky . . L'Kk' wifwaf o . -n X ' " K ' ,:,A. . L1m,,, ' all : 1 A L 29 , , f"'. "ff M411 kff. N- 'Y ,G 1 Z , ,,, 'f:'h Iif W 1 A J, , ,4 , w,,i,, 1 5 A f . X - '-ff , , f ' . ... ,g---Y , L ' 5 ff J fa WW " :"'-",f- 'A' -. '?,'2"5:fE 9 w'Lf551E'5 V .. , , -WL , K " Ml W'f'ffWi'1 1 h 2 " iff W A , A , mA..A W, ,... LK ,, y W , E M hp I ,, ,, , M MW ln o rebuilding yeor, the Vorsity Field Hockey Teonn once ogoin hos proven to be one of the top teoms in the county by copturing its fifth con- ference chornpionship in six yeors, ond its first county chornpionship. The teorn finished its leogue seoson with on overoll record of 10 wins, O losses, ond 2 ties. For the second yeor in o row, the teom hos not lost 0 leogue gome. The teom wos led by tri-coptoins Jeonnine Anderson, Alice Mulroney, ond Morio Allegro. The Trojons scored o totol of 36 gools while giving up on- ly 4 gools during seoson ploy with Q shut-outs. This is the first girls' teorn from Gorden City High School to win o county chompionship. Leading Scorers CLeogue Season? Jeon Bortholornew 10 Jeonning Anderson 7 Sue Rhodes 7 Dione Pentoleri 6 Assists fLeogue Ployi Jeonnine Anderson 11 Morio Allegro 6 All-County Morio Allegro Jeonning Anderson leon Bortholomew All-Conference Morio Allegro Jeonnine Anderson Jeon Bortholornew Mouro Coshmon Pot Trocchio 'J 'K-A mm, M A M, fy, X if , Q N5 Wim an vw, '- M ' 1 g,,-W 1 ,1 P-I Q ,,, 3 xi 4 -J"f' K 0 vi' 'E i Kneeling: D. Schreier, L. Pierce, J. Costello, C, Weiss, R. Freeman, P. Connolly G Delaporte C Thompson J Dies P Basile C Edwards Stan ding: Mr. Ewing, N. Philipedas, E. Heaney, E. Case, K. Ottiano, V. Coputo G Stewart R Dornau C Olcott T Gillan P Hester R Coputo Mr Briller, This year's Varsity Soccer Team continued in the footsteps of the past Garden City teams by completing an extremely successful season. The team, with a record of 15-5-2, won the division title and finished second in the county after having progressed as far as the county championship. Vin Coputo led the team with 28 goals and Geordie Delaparte held up the defensive squad in goal. Other outstanding players were Jack Dies, Robby Freeman, Chris Thompson, Tom Gillan, Jim Costello, Chris Olcott, Rob Reinhardt, and Scott Esposito. All-County - Vin Coputo All Conference - Chris Thompson, Jack Dies, Jim Costello MVP - Geordie Delaporte Record 15-5-2 Highlights Won Division Title Beating: 2nd Place in County Southside Championship Hewlett 1-O Berner 1-O CTwiceD Oceanside 3-1 VARSITY SOCCER Individual Achievements 1-10 CDauble Overtime All All County - Vinny Coputo Outstanding + All Conference -- Chris Thompson Defensive Penalty Kicks? Jack Dies Players Jim Costello Tom MVP -- County Championship Gillan Geordie Delaparte Jim Costello Geordie Scoring Delaporte Coputo - 23 goals Chris Dies - 5 goals Olcott Freeman - 4 goals Jock Thompson - 4 goals Dies Rob Reinhardt Scott Esposito JV SOCCER This yeor's J.V. Soccer Teorn, cooched by Mr. Hordlow, wos extremely successful. With o record of 16-1, the teom monoged to copture the leogue title. Outstonding ploy wos turned in by Chris Middleton, Donny Monnix, Andy Somoon, Mork Heoney, ond Henry McKenzie. The teom's only loss wos o non-Ieogue motch. Mr. Briller is surely looking forword to some of these tolented ployers moving up to the vorsity level next yeor. GIRLS' SWIMMING ie. Sitting: J. Conoly, J. Funke, L. Freeman, C. Curran, L. Von Seelon, M. LoPresti. Kneeling: M. Healy, A. Gitelman. Standing: A. Looney, K. McKenzie, Anne Sullivan, L. Onufrak, T. Brennan, L. Pasquale, L. Regan, P. Curran. Led by coach Anne Sullivan, the Girls' Swim Team had a very successful season, with a final record of 8 wins and 1 loss. ln the championship meet, the girls placed fourth in the county. Nearly every school record was broken, the majority of them by league MVP, all-county, and all-state swimmer Liz Regan, The team consisted of both junior high and high school students, and with only a few seniors graduating, the team looks forward to another great season next year. This year's captains were Marylee Healy and Alix Gitelman. GIRLS' TENNIS i i 6 N Slttlng: C. Barrett, B. Dausch, M. Vought, Y. Kwee. Standing: L. Johnson, B. DuPont, W. Adams, Mr. Slocombe, A. Bici, C. Guerasio, S. Soyo. 3' The Girls' Tennis Team was composed of a number of very strong players, but, unfortunately, the team was placed in an advanc- ed league, so their record was not very good. Team captain Barbara Dausch reached the counties, and was very effective on the team all season. There was a vast turnout for the J.V. squad, so the team looks forward to another season, hopefully in a league with girls closer to their ability. The coaches of the team are Mr. Slocombe and Dr. Decker. GIRLS VOLLEYBALL S i E ww! First Row: T. Meyer, A. Mcsi, S. Stohel, D. Anderson, C, Rice, K. Murphy, M. A. Sontongello, J. Borbogollo. Second Row: G. Mineo, C. Dop- mon, S. Simori, C. Ludwig, S, Piscopo, C. Compbell, Third Row: Mr. Kenny, P. Reinhordt, B. Reinhordt, D. Scott, Mr, McGroth. The GirI's Volleyboll teoms, cooched by Mr. McGroth ond Mr. Kenney, improved this yeor with the oddition of ten sophomores. Two sophomores, Toro Meyer ond Stephonie Moore ployed on the Vorsity teom. lt is hoped thot such o turnout is on indicotion thot volleyboll is on the upswing. Seniors, leon Borbogollo, Morionne Sontongelo Cco-coptoinsb, Pot Reinhordt, Bor- boro Reinhordt, Gino Mineo, ond spiking oce Bethy CBerthoD Nowock will be greotly missed. Morionne Sontongelo wos nomed MVP ond to the conference teom. BOYS BOOK OF THE MONTH TEAM One of the sports closest to the Most stoff is the Book of the Month reoding, since the teom often uses the Most office os o troining ground. They find yeorbooks o f good method of checking the boredom enduronce of 'Wim the othletes. Shown in the photo ot the left, is one othlete's foiled ottempt ot reoding on entire yeorbook in one ofternoon. His ottempt ended shortly before this photo wos token, os he fell into o deep slumber in be- tween octivity write-ups. lt should olso be noted thot on the some doy, Andrew Chong set on unofficiol record by completing the 1961 Most in under two hours Ccoptions includedb. Unfortunotely, neither he or ony of his colleogues Ceven Morcosb could equol this in on octuol meet. However, they hod o fine seoson, suffer- ing only o few minor poper cuts. Sitting: S. Ioconis, M. Rego-Monteiro, A. Chong, M. Genberg. Sleeping: J, Kiyosu. GIRLS' SOCCER A. .. ..'. ... 2 This yeor's Gorden City Girls' Vorsity Soccer Teom hod on excellent seoson, finishing in second ploce in the conference with o record of 10-3-1. This wos o fine occomplishment, os this wos only the second leogue seoson for the girls. This yeor the teom ployed in o revis- ed ond stronger conference thon previous teoms hod experienced. lt wos on exciting seoson, os well, with six gomes ending in over- time. One of the highlights wos o victory over the eventuol conference chompions, Port Woshington, by o score of 1-O. ln the county ployoffs, the teom lost on exciting double-overtime gome to Eost Meodow by o score of 4-3. The girls scored 61 gools, while giving up 16, ond registered Q shut-outs during the seoson. On offense, the power wos generoted by Christine Boddicker Cwho is now Gorden City's oll-time leoding scorer, with 36 gools to her credit? with 18 gools this seoson, Suson Vierengel with 15 gools, ond Joon Grupp with 13 gools ond 13 ossists, os well os by the other fine forwords, Coroline Jordon, Liz Reynolds, Alicio Sonders, Julie Weekes, Debbie Wilson, ond Louris Wren. Outstonding ploy ot mid-field wos occomplished through the boll control ond fine possing of Most Voluoble Ployer leon Corsey, Liso Boyuls, M. B. Cisneros, Koren McCorthy, ond Jonice Polls. The teom did o greot job on defense os Coptoin Jonet Eschmonn, Mory Thereso Dowden, Allison Eschmonn, ond sophomore goolie Jonette Riedel consistently controlled the boll ond kept it owoy from the net. The teom's chonces next yeor will definitely be hurt through the loss of ten groduoting seniors. Cooch Guddot, however, is op- timistic, ond hopes thot with the oddition of severol fine ployers from thejunior vorsity teom ond some new ployers, the teom should ogoin be very competitive. Speciol rhonks to Mr. Guddot for putting so much time ond effort into moking our seoson on excellent one, ond olso to Mr. White for being our devoted timekeeper. Speciol Recognition f-""" ALL-COUNTY Christine Boddicker Jeon Corsey ALL-LEAGUE Joon Grupp Suson Vierengel ALL-CONFERENCE Liso Boyuk Jonet Eschmonn Jonice Polk Jonette Riedel 9120 Volley Streom Centrol Home 7-O Win 9!22 Sewonhoko Home 5-5 O.T. Tie W24 Colhoun Awoy 60 Win W26 Herricks Awoy 5-0 Win 9!3O Port Woshington Home 1-O Win 1O!2 Wontogh Home 6-O Win 1O!5 Volley Streom Centrol Home 2-1 O.T. Win 1O!7 South Side Home 2-4 Loss 1O!12 Sewonhoko Awoy 2-1 Win 1Of14 Herriclss Home 7-O Win 1O!16 Port Woshington Awoy 1-2 O.T. Loss 10!19 Wontogh Awoy 6-O Win 1Of21 Colhoun Home GO Win 10126 South Side Awoy 1-3 Loss 2 wg CROSS COUNTRY Front Row: J, Dolon, M. Honley, Y. Soito, J. Weekes, B. Weekes, T. McCutcheon. Bock Row: T. J. McArdle, M. Turchiono, P. Sutter, J. Burns, M. Weisburg, Mr. Busch, J. Mocyko, M, Egon, Mr. King. This yeor the girls' ond boys' cross country teoms both hod very successful seosons. The girls' teom, led by coptoin Jone Mocyko ond the fobulous running of junior phenomenon Jenny Weekes, hod o record of 8-6, ond quolified for county meet, where they finished 14th. Jenny Weekes quolified for the store meet ot Molone, New York, ond fin- ished incredibly in fourth ploce. Other outstonding runners were Michelle Tur- chiono, Betsy Weekes, Jone Mocyko, Moiro Honley, ond Yuriko Soito. The boys' teom wos extremely successful, with on 11-2 record, o third ploce finish in the conference, ond o sixth ploce finish in the county. A highlight of the seoson wos the teom's winning of the Bethpoge lnvitotionol. The teom wos led by co-coptoins Morc Weisburg ond Poul Sutter, Morc Weisburg quolified for the New York Store Federotion meet ond finished impressively. Other excep- tionol runners were Jim Burns, Tom Mc- Cutcheon, Jim Dolon, ond eighth groders T. J. McArdle ond Mike Egon. 5 K ,ll K K K fc, K . V.. .-N :K ,W A, Kjiwasksh My K-,MM KKKSS, K KKKKKKK KMKKK4. K8 . .- A K K K:-vK K KM.. KK K ,MK . V K K wif .. KKK K K, K K, .. K i . . i -s""5A,K A Q-WWW' T ' 'AW' A - 'ia' M- I M ff. .-s.,,ma939m-.."?'NiT ,K M 8' www K me rs, N. -A .Qs X KK KKT.. MK f Y - Q ,Wh - K .mv ' -W 4.5 ,. K .. 5 K' ,..:':' , JM ,ww ss.. K . K K K KK N .. K . ct Q K if KK Y' A KK ,, K Mm. 'K Q Wane- A..if 5' ' n1D""'W" """ M W -- 1. wi M W i " f J , ' K 4" 181 WINTER BOYS BASKETBALL iiliii iiizz i Sitting: J, Long, K. Egon, L. LoMonico, L. Torreollo, K. Culhone. Stondlngz P, Cutrone, Cooch Mortin, T. Depp, P. Gowon, A. Gollon, K. lnglesby, T Elliott J Stonecki Judson, P. Sponos, J. Johnson, S. lnglesby. This yeor, our Vorsity Bosketboll Teom surprised everyone with on impressive 13-6 record, 12-2 in the division. The teom, led by Lenny "l oin't too short" LoMonico, progressed to the second round of the ploy-offs before they were knocked out of competition by o tough Uniondoie teom. This yeor's teom wos unique for o number of reosons. Usuolly, the teom hos been dominoted by o stoble storting five, but this yeor Cooch Mortin effectively shuffled ond utilized both the storters ond the reserves. Also, the teom oppeored on Long lslond Coble Television os they soundly defeoted Her- ricks 72-46. Perhops the most memoroble gome wos the one ogoinst Ploinedge, os Lenny LoMonico set o new school record for most points in one gome: 43. This broke the previous record held by Cori Broun C42 pointsb. Other outstonding ployers were Luis Toroello, Andy Gollon, Tom Pogonis, Joe Johnson, ond Ken Egon. The teom looks forwo Pogonis, Judson, ond Sponos return next yeor. rd to hoving Egon, 'Q .www wwf-qW.., ,N ,, .,,h W .. i A V BOY'S J.V. BASKETBALL This yeor's boysjunlor vorsity Bosketboll teom wos one of the most successful in Gorden City history os it compiled o 17-1 record. The teom, led by cooch Schmerler, rolled through the seoson with relotive eose. The teom wos led by sophomores Poul Cowie, Rob Griffith, Jock Crowley, Greg Bryont, Greg Kessel, ond junior, Jim Gront. Most of these ployers look for- word to competing next seoson ot the vorsity level, 183 GIRLS' BASKETBALL FirsrRow:C. Barrett,J. Gupta, J, Bartholemew, G, Hegeman.5econdRow A Bic: B Nowack M Allegro C Bennett E Thumbser Mr Dell Olio Led by senior co-captains Catherine Bennett and Bethy Nowack, the 1982-1988 Varsity Girls' Basketball Team finished their season with a league record of 9-5. Due to last year's outstanding record, the team was moved up into tough League D, gaining competitors Plainedge, Wantagh, and MacArthur. Nevertheless, the girls placed third in their league and tenth in Nassau County. Returning from last year were senior forward Elaine Thumser, who pulled down her share of the rebounds, and junior guard Maria Allegro, who played a significant role in maintaining team spirit. Other outstanding players were juniors Joan "Flash" Grupp and Maria "T" Torroella, and sophomore Jean Bartholomew. Working best under pressure, the team squeezed a 46-45 victory out of Port Washington in overtime. With the winning jump shot, loan Grupp, known for her unsurpassed quickness, saved the game. Garden City entered the playoffs with great expectations. Despite Coach John Dell'Olio's expertise and Bethy Nowock's 16 points, the team lost to a tough Farm- ingdale, 53-34. Both Jean Bartholomew and Bethy Nowack were named to the All-League and All-Conference teams. Three of its starters being underclassmen, the team looks forward to continued suc- cess next year. X wi 1 T :Q f K EW .SF Telfair GIRLS' .IV BASKETBALL W 1 1 ,M 1-up. P W s bww-1,6 1 L T, 1 The Girls' Junior Vorsity Bosketboll Teom likes to look upon this seoson os o rebuilding yeor. With o rother unim- pressive record, the girls or leosr enjoyed themselves. This yeor's cooch wos Emily Winetrop. Perhops next yeor's sophomores will bring new energy to the reom. 185 BCWLING Left to Right: J. Sontongello, V. Sutton, J. Borbogollo, S. Burden, V. D'Allesscxndro, P, Reinhordt, P. Gieseke, M. A. Sontongello, K. Buschmonn, U. Borelli, Dr. Torrou. The Boys' Swim Teom hod o much more successful seoson this yeor, with oll the teom members returning from lost yeor, ond some odditionol members trying out. Cooched by Anne Sullivon, the teom hod obout twenty members. The teom hod severol members go to the oll- county meet. Also, the members must be proised for their dedicotion to the before school proctices ot both Adelphi University ond Nossou Com- munity College. This yeor, Gorden City High sponsore both girls' Cpicturedb ond boys' Cnot pl turedb bowling teoms. The teoms wou proctice ofter school, under the supervisic of Mr. Nelson ond Dr. Torrou, ot Gorden 4 ty Bowl ond often hod meets ot Sheridc Lones. The girls' teom hod o foirly SL cessful seoson, while the boys' teo floundered. SWIMMING Left to Right. J. Costles, W. Stonkewick, J. Krupiko, C. Spencer, C. Byrne. WRESTLING wiv' Gig ABQ, Cly MV xi' First Row: B. Freemon, J. Olcott, J. Dehler, M. Krieg, 5. Ospino. Second Row: Dr. Decker, G. Prime, K. Melkonion, P. Truesdell, S. Cronin, T. Miller, Mr. Slocombe. Third Row: S. Mocchio, M. Molerbo, M. Murphy, E. O'Hore, C. Werbin, B. Huschei, C. Mercier. This yeor's wrestling teorn, led by the cooching of Dr. Eugene Decker ond Mr. Willis Slocombe, ond coptoined by Jeff Clousen, Steven Ospino, John Dehler, ond Chris Werben, storted off strong, but, due to ct leg injury to the Ieoding wrestler, Steven Ospino, the teom went into o toilspin ond ended the seoson with 0 2-6 record. z'. RIFLERY ls X K 7 l Q .gui-i. Kneeling: R. Ecno, G. Cosgrove, M. Dolittle, B. Lothem. Stonding: Mr. Wojnor, A. Chong, J. Folvey, R. Dornou, G. Groy, Dr. Torrou Despite o slow stort, the Vorsity Rifle Teom set its one of the toughest leogues on Long lslond.. Led by coptoin Ron Dornou, who is ronked eleventh in Nossou County, the teom ochieved o high scoring overoge. Fine performonces by eoch member contributed to the teom's overoll success. sights on o string of victories. The teom ploced third in if sp T K , s.s...,M.,, 'b 4 this .s ,N.b s,.....s A Y ill cs The undefeoted Fencers of 1982-3 were rhe most successful in the teom's eight-yeor history. Over- whelming the other Nossou teoms, the Gorden City teom's record wos 10-O, moking them county chompions. individuolly on vorsity, in o sport thot requires o member to score 5 touches ogoinst on opposing fencer, coptoin Morcos Rego-Monteiro won 20 mot- ches, ond become the first fencer ever without o defeot, while vorsity members Ted Popoulos, John Scorpino, Morc Genberg, ond Noder Poksimo impoled the opposition with neor sweeps. Bruce Thoet successfully filled in for vorsity members, while other younger members goined voluoble ex- perience. The teom won the county competition ond ploced individuolly os well ot the tournoment held ot GC, ff? , 49 X if 'M -: E ss ,V Swat GIRLS' WINTER TRACK 'as z . if . 1--Y 'R IWW? f .mwe- :fix ' -N.:, H . ,,L --min: ... N f s . L:kiM Sitting: P. Curron, S. Burke, T. Foley. Kneeling: J. Noonon, J. Weekes, J, Weigold, S. Collins, J. Mocyko, Standing: B. Weekes, J. Weekes, M. Turchiono, Y, Soito, L. Wren, K. McKenzie. BOYS' WINTER TRACK The Girls' Winter Trock Teom en- joyed o successful seoson under the direction of Cooch John Frosco. The teom consisted of o new group of hord working girls, from both the junior ond senior high schools. The girls hope their hord troining will help them to prosper in the upcoming spr- ing seoson. This yeor's Boys' Winter Trock Teom, under cooches Worren King ond Robert Busch, wos very successful. In foct, the teom wos this yeor's Division QA chompions. Morcos Rego-Monteiro come in second ploce in the conference fifty-five meter dosh. Ajoy Gupto ploc- ed second in the conference in the high jump. The 880 reloy olso ploced second in the conference. The teom looks forword to o greot spring seoson. Flrst Row: C. Horidopolos, T. McCutcheon, M. Cowie, D. Lopez, J. Burns, B. Gorber. Second Row: Mr. Busch, Mr. King, J. Dolon, D. Thomosino, A. Gupto, M. Rego-Monteiro, M. Weisburg. GYMNASTICS Q ll'iL Sitting: R. Rosoto, J. Drivos, A, Mosi, S. Stohel, B. Corsey. Kneeling: D. Rogowski, S. Dlonco, C. Murphy, S. Loke. Standing: Mr. Kost, L. Esposito, G. Weiss, D, Anderson, K. Schouf, T, Stobiie. GYMNASTICS The girls' gymnostics reom finished in Std ploce in Con- ference ll with on overoll record of 7-2. The following girls were outstonding in their events: Cotherine Schouf - ""' Beom, Thereso Stobile - Voulting, Chrissy Murphy - Porollel Bots. Two girls were chosen os best overoll gym- nosfs, Doyno Anderson ond Chrissy Murphy. was WINGS HOCKEY Sitting: L, O'Leary, E. Heaney, Mr, Newlin-Wagner, C, Edwards, Mr. Doerschuk, A. Kidd, F. Camas, C. Weiss. Second Row: P. Flynn, S. Materia, G, Delaporte, A. Wise, S. Hiller, P. Haffner. Back Row: Hogan, J. Maggio, T. Truesdell, R. Dornau, A. De-laparte. Lf. A x TS? f I A A-nr. ...... ai.. ,gif . ,1 ui' V ,312 ,,. 5 4 A This year, the Garden City Wings hc a surprising season. Coming off c outstanding 1962 season, the tear seemed destined for a poor season yi they were able to compile an ir pressive record. Led by the coaching 1 Mr. Newlin-Wagner and Mr. Doerschuc the team kept the winning traditic alive at GLC. Outstanding players wel Geordie Delaporte Ccaptainb, E Heaney, Tyler Truesdell, and Chris E wards in goal. .. ,, so i ,Q C SPRING BOYS VARSITY LACROSSE iswlif' First Row: B. Peters, T. McDonogh, K. von Seelen, H. Blair, J. Jordan, L. LaMonica, R. Freeman, C. Werben. Second Row: R. Sweeney, B. Dwyer, S. Dougherty, J. Larkin, P. Haeffner, C. Georgi, F. DeAngelo, P. Harding, D. McCarthy, Doc Dougherty. Third Row: T. Brown, K. Alden, J. Fuller, P. Sullivan, C. Tobin, R. Griffith, P. Bennett, S. Hiller, A. Samoan, C. Durand. 4 BOYS J.V. LACROSSE Although the 1983 Lacrosse team was o little young and lacking experience, the season was quite exciting. Back from last year's championship team were defensive stand-outs Harry Blair and cap- tain John Jordan. On defense also were sophomore starter Peter Bennett, Kenny Alden, Tom Brown, Bob Dwyer, Frank DeAngelo, Phil Harding, and Dan McCarthy. Goolies Chris Werben and John Fuller were also effective. At midfield the Trojans brought back Bill Peters, Rob Freeman, Len- ny Lamonico, and Tom McDonough - all seniors who were a scoring threat to other teams. Young sophomores who lacked experience, but looked good included Robert Griffith and Bill Durand. Pete Haeff- ner, Andy Borzilleri and Tim Tobin rounded out the "middies." As for the attack, Sean Dougherty, Keith VonSeelen, and Hahn Larkin all worked well together and are fine stickhondlers as well as shooters. Each was a great threat to other teams. Chris Georgi, Brian Sullivan and Scott Hiller backed up the first attack, and each one was o capable replacement. The team might have struggled at times because they were young, but after a 5 strong first game against Manhassett, they " surprised quite a few people. GIRLS VARSITY LACROSSE Standing: D. King, D. Pentajari, A. Sapanski, L. Wilson, C. Jordan, L. Dillmeyer, R. Freeman, P. DeMarco. Sitting: M. Harrington, S. Goldsmith, T. Her- ty, M. Cashman, S. Sirch, M. Fitspatrick, G. Weiss, L. O'Connor, B. Carsey, A. Vought. iiisviiii The 1983 Girl's Varsity Lacrosse Team had a very successful season, The team was skillfully coached by Pam DeMarco, and headed by captains Caroline Jordan and Lisa Wilson. The team was also endowed with such star players as Arlene Sapanski, Christine Boddicker, Michele Turchiano, and Maura Cashman. With the help of many talented juniors and sophomores, the team had a winning season. Traditionally, the lacrosse teams at Garden City have been suc- cessful. This year's team was no exception. GIRLS J.V. LACROSSE Es:-C mah. . .... .. Flrst Row: L. Haite, A. Rydell, M. Paisley, C. Curran, S. Schiraldi, L. McCabe, J. Onufrak, M. Carter. Second Row N. Ackersan, A. Dolan, L. Harder, L. Wilson, C, Hoffelder, L. Frizzie, P. Fitzpatrick, L. Freeman, K. Swain, P Sullivan. BCYS TENNIS """M-. - QQYNMA. lo- 5. i X -ii 1 W R.Q... .k s -is Sf ww s is M ' "'11: i ...W, 48, .s W f. . 4. Yr' . 6 f ' if wi 'iff .. I 2 E' ' .s 2 'V' ' :" l 1 --4 . N1 1.-Sag Ll Standing: H. Brooks, J. Gront, P. Hecken, P. Doley, D. Estoy. Kneeling: A. Testo, 5. Heoney, 5. Huhto, M. Srofford. 41... This yeor's Tennis teom missed the company of eight senior storters from lost yeor. The 9 wins ond 8 losses com- piled by the 1982 squod is considered o greot ochievement. This yeor's teom hoped to perform similorly, even toking into occount the stellor tolent of the other teoms in the leogue. lt is not rote, in foct, it is often thot o teom from this leogue odvonces for into the Stote Tourney. This yeor there were only two Seniors: Tommy Burchill ond Donny Estoy to leod the teom. The rest of the teom wos comprised of three Juniors: Phil Hecken, Poul Doly, ond Jim Grontg two Sophomores: Steve Testo ond Seon Heoveyg ond two junior highsters: John McLououlin ond Dick Hozorion. As one con ploinly see, the teom wos omply supplied with experienced vorsity ployers for yeors to come. BOY'S TRACK First Row: B. Gorber, P. Sutter, J. Dolon Ccoptoinb, M. Rego-Monteiro Ccoptoinb, Ajoy Gupto Ccoptoinl D Lopez, B. Semrnes, D. Schrier. Second Row: Mr. Busch, Mr. King, W. Stonkiewiclt, P. Borelli, M. Weisburg, D Thomosino, A. Rego-Monreiro, M. Cowie, C. Horldopolos. Third Row: C. Winsky, T Morono, K. Moody, J Kiyosu, R. Pork, P. Mollon, T. Boker, J. Borbogollo. Fourth Row: M. Mulroney, C. Olcott, N. Drown, M. Egon, T. McArdle, T. Pogonis. Fifth Row: Mr. Frosco, H. Flynn, L. Murphy, G. Hebron, A. Moreno, J. Gewert, J. Shuort, P. Kelly, T. Krieg, M. Heoney, D. Lothom. W., r fi: -N f 1 . ss. K , ,L some - , -M.,c,1 ' . .A . A A it A . The 1983 seoson for trocls wos onothe chornpion one. ln the lost three yeors, th Gorden City High School hos hod on unto nished record: in those three yeors, the teor hos remoined undefeoted in the regulq seoson, os well os hoving won nurneroil chompionships. The squod hos mony people with th copobilities to go to the county rneets. Moi Cowie, Ajoy Gupto, ond Morcos Regt Monteiro ore just o few of the tolented boy on the teom. The teorn wos truly solid 0 oround. The school owes much of the credit to mon who is very lsnowledgeoble in trocls on field: Mr. Worren King. Mr. King is the reoso for the fontostic trocls teoms of the po severol yeors. Hopefully, this winning streo will continue in yeors to come. 1..W,Mwf . f i Hi' The Garden City girls track team, con- sisting of about forty girls, has been undefeated for the past five years, There are always new records being set. This season the girls had a very strong team, showing a lot of potential talent in every event. Some outstanding performances were turned in by Lorena El-dado in the mile walls, Cindy Smith in the long jump, Julie Weelses in the hurdles, Jill Weigold and Karen McCarthy in the high jump, and Jen- ny Weelses in the 880 yard run. 195 BASEBALL The Vorsity Boseboll Teom wos young, ond rebuilding ofter o successful seoson in '82 With only five returnees, the teom wos led by senior coptoin ond three-yeor storter Brion Emmert ond --' junior co-coptoin Rich lronside, The teom is looking for o ployoff berth, ond Cooch Smith feels the teom should be suc- cessful with the help of Tom Finegon, Ron Judson ond Jose Perez. The boseboll teom hod o very successful trip to North Corolino ond corried this en- thusiosm ond fine ploy into the seoson. 3' 19" ,ar ,uv ,49' ai" .do-f ,Avi Top Row: Cooch, R, Judson, D. Thoyer, B. Emmert, R. lronside, J. Moggio, Cooch Smith. Second Row: J. Motthews, K. Egon, M. Molerbo, J. Hoyes, T, Finne-gon, R. Pollodino. Bottom Row: M. Clork, B. Nichols, G. Buchmon, C. Soutor, J. Perez, K. Melkonion. FQ 'KM nv T J .V. BASEBALL ..,,-qsx' lf E 3 +0 0. I VL.y My .J ..f,.,..,f I I tw ii. - , il . A VARSITY SOFTBALL ...qs ,saw S ef Top Row: J. Grupp, K. Miller. M. Allegro, M. Torello, M. Roellig, C, Borrette, S. Rhodes, K. Smith. Bottom Row: B. Nowock, A. Mulroney, C. Bennett, C. Olelsso, S. Kennel- ly, D, Reinhardt, N. Grogon. E. Thumser. ,Migr wi I -L J.V. SOFTBALL Grit cuwu push gleam Despite the loss of severol of lost yeor's key performers due to groduotion, this yeor's softboll teom hod o successful seoson. The tecmm wos led by returning seniors Eloine Thumser, Cotherine Bennett, Bethy Nowocla, Stephonie Kennelly, Coro Olekso, Alice Mulroney, ondjuniors Morio Allegro, Mortho Roellig ond Joon Grupp. While the teom's performonce yocilloted, the pitching, led by Mortho Roellig, remoined consistent ond strong. Although the seoson did not stort out os successfully os the teom hod onticipoted, the teom showed greot enthusiosm throughout the rest of the seoson. BADMINTON in 'P R ,..,. wi:-1 . , 4 S, J, Q J f . T , - . .5 1 lu First Row: T, Tsoi, J. Noonon. K. Mellsonion, S. Engels, A. J. Romos, C. Sonders, D. Dousch, T. Deloney, M. Kitoefi. The Girls Bodminton Teom, cooched by Mr. Milse Kitoeff, with returning Vorsity members hod o rebuilding yeor. Led by seniors Morionne Sontongello, Alix Gitelmon, Borboro Dousch, Kothleen Rice, ond Gino Borelli, the teom exceeded their expectotions. Amozing first yeor ployers included Joyce Noonon ond Korin Mellsonion. With o rother young teom, the next few yeors should be very good ones for the teom. Kirby. Second Row: K. Rice,J. Holioron H Murphy M Sontongelo C McLoughlin Third Row My .. ,,,..,.......mfwf'-'W"'W"'W fr V 'W A? if X fm QI' GOLF The 1982-83 golf teom wos led by the devostoting combinotion of senior coptoin Art Holmes ond junior Tim Mundy. These ployers olone hod the experience to tolse the teom to victory during the seoson, the county chompionships, ond possibly the stote chom- pionship. ln oddition, during the seoson the teom hod olso been oble to depend on seniors Jock Dies, Chris Edwords, John DeMoio, Corl Weiss, ond sophomore Korl Gorret. The mojority of this yeor's teom wos seosoned veterons who tried to better lost yeor's win- ning record. The Trojons ployed their home motches ot the Gorden City ond Cherry Volley Country Clubs. With oll this in their fovor, the teom members hod on ex- tremely successful seoson. w- "'f ffef , 'ref' QXZFHSQ, 11 musing ff s. :Erin if oils .4 59+ vw.:--gt . , 1 V, f-,usgxs+1ef:.e'- s . 1 - - . be e7Ff5f'N"fsfgf?"':Satire? I in - I T -- - .rfK5iA,x,,,s ,y Li . .. ' 'w?S"?lwf2wz-s -c ss X . A We ,T ,, 5135 -s .A-r-++g.'f.,.a. Q-vu, 'gg sv, my ,.f W u- .mv 'K -Qfsws Kwgwdi Nw ,Z CE ,A ' 3 . , Q ,Q l ' 1 f' :fi 5 I fff'f"i I+ A l N i ADVERT S NG An extremely important part of our book is that of flnan cial contributions Muth of the book is paid for by the Class Council but the most crucial part of the budget IS contributed by The Friends of the Class and the adver tlsers To these people we owe much It is dlfflt ult to ex press our thanks to the Friends but we can thank our advertisers by taking advantage of their products or ser- vices. The business sector is an important part of any com- munity and ours is especially important. The merchants of Garden City add to the town s flavor and atmosphere. S0 support the local merchants' they supported you! 'N BVXIZIT HRW ll lx iw ,' 'f,Q1ff' x 7w.w . ,ag...:"0 . -1 ,.,, , ,,.,,, , M ,,,,. , -,, -f.L,W5m' -,-,M ,, . ,. .. ' M, wg,-,f.4 ,zwfgzfq ,, K H ' 'f MJ: f 'K 5' Q , M, f A 1 ff 4 M1 ffwm M52 M A fm ff mf H f ' ff -fawff-+..:,"4 :, ,V ,, IQ H ' ,V MJ: ' "L' mn, 4g f 47"f"'ff,,":4!f"" nfffyfwyr , na M , 47, KVI f -gujgfir, ' ,ww VV J: A, J ' ' K ,,,, " , ,,,,, . ,f , V , VV ,,,h VVVV V K ,g , , V , V , ,V , , .,,, , V ,V., V A VV L,.,, ,,.L., V V 6,,,,, A, , . ,,,L WW , ., ,. K. .,.u ,,.. . , , . .,,., Y ,J. ,,. , I ,. , ' ,M Y M Mb ! ' 'fL""' ' ' I ' 1 " " - Q Olds f ' ""' ' ' , f , , .,,, 1 A, . I ,wmv if W I f +25 GECRGE CAMPBELL PAINTING CORP. 40-11 149th Street Flushing, N Y 135 12121 353-aaao ,X 2 sw. Nw' Name M fm? hu-an C ,, H ongrafufafionfi GHC! Ea! llflfafwa Lvng' llfgzust The Bank That Knows Long Island Best Offices in Nassau, Suffolk 8c'Queens ,, THE MEN'S ASSOCIATION OF THE GARDEN CITY HIGH SCHOOLS Congratulations to the Class of 1983 Thank You lor the Loyal Support ol Our Programs by the Students and Their Parents. ,,, Q9 -5 ,xy Ov xf XQPO SNAN :HI P 0 Q54 ,C SQHQOX' President Treasurer William Fuller Pete Haeffner Vice Presidents Secretary John Gammage John Nothel Carmine D'Antonio Assistant Sec.lTreas Kenneth Akeson Bob Wihnyk c g tl: t thCI f83 1 GARDEN CITY P,C, The signers would like HUGILI ASSOCIATES omplete Insurance 42123 497-5943 gsm 437-9042 Best of Luck to the Class of '83 E LUCK 20 E32 Q LABS O 90 SQZAFF -4. to wish the class of '83 the greatest success in the future! ROAD SIGNS YOU ST KNOVV AND SEE CHAPTER EI FOR FURTHE KJ. 4 X' xv, M.M. A Q 99, E.K. JJ V AI l Good Luck Class ot'83 N txfx W ,1..... X f KNOW HONOR E1-54 Ky 45 5 2 Ox Q ff E fl -Q XX 2 X We would like to wish the class of '83 the best of luck. Congratulations! CLASS OF '85 Congratulations to the Class of '83 THE STUDENT COUNCIL N esident: Paul Caccamo P dtCI'0N'I t y T yD ly asu e :J tC l b l' mentarian: De F t g ntatAms:KeithV S I B S I ICI dI83 N EL CLUB ESPANOL ISOLA N BELLA Restaurant 81 Pizzeria 935F kl A 741-3961 G d Cty N Y fi! WEDGEWOOD STUDIO Portraits, Family Groups, Candid Weddings 888 Franklin Avenue Garden City, N.Y. 11530 15161248-1514 Congrorulorions ro rhe Class of 1983 I212j 736-2600 gsm 741-zooo I - " , I , 4 1 V, Ray Corrado PROM TIME ,ff AGENT as ,, of PRoMPT, PERSONAL SERVICE I5 TUXEDO F' 1 Q TIME: , rg ,f State Farm Insurance Companies ' SPECIAL Q ' W :Q HOME OFFICES-BLOOMINGTON, ILLINOIS - g pf lf, I Prices for f p , Y- M, AUTO - LIFE - FIRE - HEALTH - BUSINESS Class of 83 D4 In 1 Q i 721 FRANKLIN AVENUE, GARDEN crrv, N.Y. 11530 E EX TRA BONUS: 0 White graduation 1 1 .44 ' ' . R R I Congratulations io f y , Q . - - Class of 83 , V Q -ai 1 ' A Se . 1 I 166 Seventh Street .H fa!! W g E, .,., V N I Garden City, L.I. 11530 OU' Pmm Pm W', Y A ,.1, 'Z put you at ease with 'N b, , I the tux thot'siust Z, ' h I . H, A ' F Paints - Hardware - Houseware ng ' or You I 5 , I Glass - Electrical Supplies " I 1 747-5060 CQOMUUQML LIRQ 741-1030 Formal Wear of Long Island Bonaventure Bldg. SALES 8. RENTALS Wiring for All Types Do-Screws 888 Ffaf1klin.Ave- QCMSQUQS Thurs 9.30.9 1 of Lamps and Garden CNY wed. Fri. sat, 9:36-5 Storm Windows . 888 Franklin Avenue Garden City, N.Y. 1 1530 Phone Pioneer 2-8280 Dry Air Cold Storage Q 516-248-8393 BROTHERS, INC. Fine Furs If You Are Thinking of Going Someplece Why Nqr Talk It Over 1046 Franklin Avenue With Someone who I-In Been There? Repairing and Remodeling Garden City, L.l. customized 1-rays' service OF GARDEN CITY, LTD. 107 Seventh St. Garden City, New York 518-747-10111212-895-5367 212 4 9' Congratulations ISLAND BOOKS Dxid The Law Center and 662 Frautklin Ave., Garden City, N.Y. 11530 45161248-9393 e The Class of '83 -QQEIE YQ, H Books for Practising Lawyers. z F' I Law School Texts SL Casebooks. 'hcgmmsi MR 8t MRS HAROLD 7' ,, ' h M V W ve 1 X3 X " 5' 459' 'Q . f '! ' jmnf 4921. .ef .AQ5 A ka ' 1" ag, 1 In Q . 1 ft ' f516l248-4344 t X Ai K ' ' . lille mvkemwk R Sportswear in the Classical Tradition Co' for Men and Women 174 Seventh Street 169 Seventh st., Garden City 746-7127 Gafdef' City- New Yofk 11530 Congratulations to the Class of '83 Ploneer 2-3199 Ta 'Of as ' 51 Warner Paints of Beauty llcalg , Office: f516lPl 1-4422 S HOITIO f516jCh 8-6291 Robert J. Krener PAINT CUMPANY President 1 Dtsttncttve Wallpapers - 101 Seventh Street, Garden City, New York 11530 Palms - Wa"PaPe' " A"iS"s SUPPHSS 114 7th Street Garden City, N.Y. 11530 Every Brand Name in Broadlooms, Linoleum and Resilient Tile Hand Woven and Domestic Oriental Rugs - Imported Quarry Stone - Ceramic Tile Total Services, Including Cleaning, Repairing, Etc. 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Gently Used Party-Best MSW Ann Miller Clgtheg Michelle Del Pointi Antiques - Collectibles Pat Farrell blczamimgdoles IIE! fmywkirfwtiwaqmf-13911nh: mg, N530 215 . .. C xiii? . n W Classof R C 178, W Masquers Offers So me Words of Wisdom: "To Thine Own Self Be True" - Shakespeare Congratulations Class of 1983 Our Love and Best Wishes to Kara and the Class of '83 MARY JO 8: ED MCLOUGHLIN Saou suovi is i -1 Congratulations to the Class of 1983 MR. 81 MRS. JOHN E. CURRY Congratulations to the Class of 1983 mf PL C9 in Administrators RAY POLLEY1 ENTERPRISES, INC. Specialists in Investment and Commercial Real Estate 15161 747-2900 65 Hilton Ave. Garden City, New York 11530 Congratulations Kim Best Wishes to the Class of 1983 GC SANDWICH SHOP 653 Franklin Ave. Gardin City, NY 11530 Congratulations to the Class of 1983 From the MADRIGALS 81 CELESTONES Congratulations to the Class ol 1983 From the CLASS OF 1984 . W- ,I 3' F' Best Wishes Class of '83 THE DALY FAMILY Congratulations Class ot '83 From the GARDEN CITY HIGH SCHOOL BAND 3' I rf i -f 1" N,...w I Hifi-w E P . I wr if Y '-rug. N ,-A T X K: s l Nqmxh 'H . K my: is-gi,- .Q bu... N 1. x 'is fl Q-Xxfxf X 'f XX i IF X s u. M . V ' .-v 'J k ,- -- A W 4 'wiki' . T - Q' X y ,YH-Sify .Q 4, W. X ,f,. Aw +f yf +-fsf URN if M. Spectotor Edith Prlckley look-o-like Self-explonotory A penny short Preparing for senior yeor xg.. efiwxeif? ,gr rw -. 'L :: Echo office bouncer Who is thot? rf -gg. . K K .-Aifyi' ,.AQ.-.c..u My broker is EF Hutton . S .ii .ln K 1 X x I X Q Q F if Q Q new s e iii E ' " 5 i f 2 . "' 5 . WW R 5,-M A I 1 M Y 'I ie i V k r,rr 3 lf., 2 1 ,nw ft, f Trocey gets ombitious wma if ,P . Giuseppe r 5, x Future in belly doncing Brownlng the Pres Contentment Borbizon Grods It's the thought thot counts ! Whot? ' ' 5 , 'A f H w 1 X 4 X K 4 w Q f, im 4. T V "' ' " ,, ,, , ,v , ,, 1, Q ir ,, K, I yirw Mqgwmkimf 4' ,. H I gp H' D , gfga M A 'M' T' .Q if 5, fm 'gy' 1 , 3,1 Q M4322 gg J, .M , 955 9-2 W: ,J 'Z I ' -f W" ' "LW 55154 , ,,,, ,W 'gulf' -ii, gn ,lf ln My ff, ,, -5 ,W -,Hm-. V, , M W: ' S QQ.. fi '7 1- , M, K f .L ,,,.W"',, K., H .... ,. 7.....Wwg-W.w.wv:yW1.:f,9. , " ,, Q- . V tr- .4- 1 ww. I ws .0 .Aim Y ,,,'L V Hx lux LCOKING ABROAD Gorden City High School students ore very well trovelled. Mony students trovel on their own or with their fomilies, but the rnojority of those who go overseos do so either by woy of the Student Exchonge Progrom or o school sponsored trip. Mony students porticipoted in lost summer's Student Exchonge in- cluding those students who went to Spoin on o group ex- chonge. Mory Ellen Kruysmon went to Norwoy, while Glenn Borton went to Switzerlond. Lost yeor, the school sponsored trips to ltoly, Russio, ond Englond, ond this yeor's trips will be go- ing to ltoly, Russio, ond Hollond. 'Quinn W5 if km TS...-1 1 A a 225 PARTIES Looking ot the non-ocodemic side of our high school yeors, we must remember the Portiesl The finol bell on Fridoy ofrernoon ushers in the forty-eight hour weekend celebrotion. Some of these porties will remoin in our memories forever: who could forget Coc- como porties? All in oil, porties were o very mojor ond importonr port of our lives: o letting go from the week, o meeting of new friends, ond o wonderful senior yeor! Z iii 4 eww ss g ,,...-nr' -,AAM,,,,....... bw- , Q A 2 ge 5 5 . l Vu ww ,iw , NA- rf X ill' 'Q-ini A We're the greoresr! Prerfy Kinky Check if our! Me ond my crutch ls this guy for reol? He did whor? FU' 'Nw W R Deorh to Spoce invaders! This Buds for you! Smile, maybe rhey'II osk us o KN i X L11,,L ..:f , i I think I'm turning Jopone-se. Q True friendship: shoring 0 wolkmon. Liso bugged me to put this in! For my next oct . . . Cinderfelicio Q W i A5 8 I But . . . I hod Doc. B. xv? Q R S- X if is Q S iw t -im - -Q. -:E We mode it! Qffe , X ,, Do you feel boxed in? Moth IS greot ge 'ha SP-iam.. Stick If In your eor' M 2 . ,f n Ee V Y. r .L w -T But cutting moth is better. gsm L' D 5 'M -, ei X , .4 11,1 ,. 'V t 1 , .iff They have cute feet. 2 SKI ...A Just keep doncing Yeo, we're seniors. -v-nm sf- Q-- 9"" Q Malin. awp.. .s Qbvhf- NOUIO Flghrlng? Over Andrewl? im? ' Q Creotivlry in octlon. I chugged Ir. has num 'ww in Studio hord or work. l Flnd the foces In the pom-poms. 2 I U :Vk U ,,,,z, ,, If M AV 1 Joe got o dove. Hello officer, this ls my blke. 1 '17 N? Helping hands. Hypnorlzlng, lsn't Ir? 4 r ,K -Q1 'J Qi? The .lunlor Misses Beware of the Killer Rabbit ui Vyzi I 2 f M f :rr gr I 5 lM J ' 4 See the resemblance? American Cancer Sodery Poster Children if Where's the snack bar? Look! Ed's belng funny What a cardl r s I 4 , , W - -in-N 8 ss ram , .9 f ' il gt L f f g 1' . . 4 7 V VV f Q if T i ig K Wm lwif .s he hos served os the High Sc hoo DEDICA TlCDN l's heod custodion. He con often be seen in Gorden City High School, hurrying to correct on erront thermostot or corrying o heovy-duty metol cutter to open on illegolly opproprioted locker. He's August K. Schmidt, offectionotely known os "Smitty" by students ond foculty members, heod custodion ot the High School. Come Jonuory, the High School will lose Smitty to retirement ofter o long ond distinguished coreer in the Gorden City schools. ln 1959, Smitty's employment in Gorden City begon when o bus driver who hoppened to be o friend of Smitty's told him of o custodiol position opening in Gorden City. For eigh- teen months Smitty worked os o night-time custodion for Hemlock, Homesteod, ond Locust Schools. Then Smitty become o doy custodion ot Homesteod, ond ofter eleven yeors there, he wos promoted to o heod custodion position ot Strotford School. When six yeors hod expired, Smitty switched schools o finol time, ond for the post seven yeors, All these yeors of dedicotion to the G d or en City School System hove eorned Smitty the respect ond odmirotion of the school foculty ond odministrotion "He's on outstondin . g person ond heod custodion," soys English Deportment Choir- mon, George Costigon. "Whotever the problem, he is olwoys quick to the rescue. " Before his custodiol experience, Smitty wos in the grocery business. However, he seems "thoroughly content with his coreer in Gorden City." For over twenty yeors, Smitty's chief responsibility hos been, in his own words, "To moke sure the building is OK. for the students." He likes Gorden City students ond hos found the High School o pleosont ploce in which to work. He hos never considered leoving Gorden City, primorily becouse of the "generol ottitude of both the students ond foculty. " Another reoson Smitty hos enjoyed working ot the High School is the continuol chonges in routine ond the different work experiences he encounters, such os helping students set up for ofter-school octivities ond ossisting teochers with room orrongements ond chonges. When he leoves, Smitty will corry the worm thoughts ond feelings which the people in the High School hove toword him. As sociol studies teocher Joke White exploins, "As sponsor of the Trqon Club, l spend mony hours ot the school in the evening or on week-ends. No motter whot we osk of him, Smitty olwoys does his best to occommodote us in set- ting up for Spirit Doy, Homecoming Movie Night etc ll , , . snow thot our club ond l, personolly, will reolly miss him." Mr. Pruson refers to Smitty, simply os o "gentlemon. " -. M' k :'1 ' p -- WN L A M W ' Qu It 7 .bk I - L 'S Q Xa ra g W 'X nwxf .x A swf 7 x , .: ,,:i. ,. 'X I hx 5 I H. 'V Skip, ,LA 3, . N., E,m WW. , ,Y 9 l w 1 E a r Y 1 ? xx 'wav ' 'I M , . ,ff V all ' 4 iw, ,Q I X if M 2' Ag if-'ua 1 , QM , W' MU Q '

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