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511 . 1 rg 9 N n . . Q I 'Y v 'I H 0 -12'-r f ' f f f v '. Q X X K' o A' qu P"T":-- ,,,- F ,S s ,J j U -5" . f" v., ' 1'-. I rf I I lar' Q , 7 ... a X-4 X. f. r 1, 1 w 4' ""'hv..A. 'ff a -.-,,. n, mi, " -v-, . ,YV ' 'Q .. '- Q, W D. 1,-Ar rufQv Q . N- "'wN- 7':'1gI.1 3.'!'!!,,,y' ma.-.ji-.-.3 ww-4 . xg ' 1 -hw .. ui - ' T . . 'Q M Q 'ft I A ,'ff'-ff 5 nr -Ts xml. ,., SSD.. 'lgh in I9 t ' if .If ,-+I! I I. I , ' ik ' ' ' X 'L ,M3.f, , I Y 1 N' "" " h , 'I .J 'I 1 I.. . , . W.. fsiffiaif . I A I. X I I ' id A 3 eil., "' hw ,I I re-- AST 1982 GARDEN CITY HIGH SCHOOL 1 GARDEN CITY, -1 I ..-. --- WY RK 15 I S 5 f fl rf' A. I I an I I-:GI MJ ' -I 'R , 6 :jim 3 1 tv ' " b . , W' Q E o the outsider, the class of 1982 might seem a vast, homogenous bod y,' however, in actuality, the class is composed of individuals, each with unique interests, abilities, and beliefs, and each a separate piece of the whole, be it our grade, school, town, state, country, or universe. Our lives are also composed of separate pieces. These high school years have shaped us into free-thinking, distinct individuals. Through the separate aspects of the school, the activities, sports, social events, friends, - music, art, and academics, the veil of con- formity which surrounded the earliest piece of our lives, our youth, has been shed. Our experiences and interactions during our years as students will greatly influence the latter stages of our lives, our adulthood. b something animate shifts the significance from a group to individuals. EWU we want to be remembered as one macrocosm, or as the separate entities that we really are? As the class of 1982, we have con- tinually worked together as a whole, but simultaneously each of us has developed a unique identity. Still, if we want to continue this analogy, we can allude to the title of john Knowles' novel. Like Gene and Phineas, we, too, are nearing the end of our high f school careers and must, within ourselves, find a "separate peace ' that will prepare us in our inevitable transformation into adulthood. Of course, being a separate piece of gram if cmfzm... c?ilC1,Ll'l'y... 20 Q5Denio11S... "Vi 1lncLerclcL55men.155 dqcfiv2fie5 152 Sporfs .... 190 dverfisinQg..216 'IIIEII7 ART AT G.C.H.S. A Monday night in May of 1980 marked the gala opening of "Garden City High School's New Look." Under the direc- tion of art instructor Charles Morrongiello, over 100 students, many of whom are of the class of 1982, set out to paint the school building - leaving their marks of in- dividuality on our school by way of original murals. In addi- tion, a lobby art gallery was constructed and lockers were painted bright blues, yellows and reds. The courtyard, renamed "A Garden Plaza," was furnished with a pond, at- tractive shrubbery, park benches, and various creative pieces of sculpture to reflect the famous restful and lush gathering spots of Manhattan. In the words of Mr. Morrongiello, "This creative project was accomplished by the art students through their love, understanding, security, professionalism and friendship which made this project a true artistic expression." . wt- YH YVYA , vw., M ,,..,,.,A,g..?..,,,l. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,-,..., , , ,, . , 4 .ii Vs 53 I ll When I wake up It will be November The leaves will be gone The birds will have flown I will live my life A On the inside Contemplating the house I live in The soul I dwell in It is time to sleep now But this time I will not awake I will sleep inside The innermost room Of my soul Remembering the house I dwelt in - NEWMAN '82 tx V ' 4 E V U m2.A I-'RU 19 1 .L ,una -1 l . : As. M 'it 1.-1413 . v ' .F P' t N Q . M mi 1, - Q: Q :, , I , 1 -ff The Iunior-Senior Prom of 1981, "The Best of Times," signified the beginning of our final year at the Garden City High School. Held at the Huntington Townhouse on a hot and rainy Friday evening, Iune 19, the prom was an occasion of sadness but at the same time one of laughter. We gathered together to say "farewell" and "good luck" to our friends who would be graduating on Sunday, and likewise, to celebrate our emergence as high school seniors. True, before and after the prom, couples functioned separately, going to cocktail parties, and later, enjoying intimate company. However, during the prom, members of our grade, along with up- perclassmen and faculty, congregated on the dance floor, in the lobbies, and at the tables, for one of the few moments during our high school careers when we would function as a whole - the class of 1982. X-. .Xu 'Je ' M5 if 'L SUMMER The summer of 1981 came and went quickly, as sum- mers have a habit of doing. Garden City students spent the three months of freedom in a multitude of ways. While some engaged in the traditional seasonal activities such as beaching, partying, and relaxing, many students entertained themselves by traveling. Several spent the summer abroad, while others remained at home main- taning summer jobs. A few students even decided to broaden their academic horizons by attending various education-related institutions, ranging from science research at exclusive Roswell Park, to Regents Chemistry at the less selective "Camp Mineola." Despite the diversi- ty of activities, it is agreed that the summer was a much- needed, and indispensable piece of last year. vi l in-an 1 ECOMI G The 1981 Garden City High School Homecoming was a memorable part of the past year, and was notably more festive than that of the previous year. Perfect weather, a relatively smooth parade, and a triumphant football victory marked the occasion. Cars and floats, representing the various high school clubs and classes, participated in the parade, as well as a mysterious Trojan, who scared little children along the route. Despite the traditional fender benders, and assorted injuries, the procession advanced spiritedly. The football team, cheered on toward victory by the highly en- thusiastic crowd, shut out a strong Long Beach team 14-0. At halftime, Steve Alfieri and Claire Mullooly were awarded the titles of Homecoming King and Queen Krespectivelyj. Amidst the festivities, the Garden City High School foot- ball field was formally dedicated to Coach Warren King, com- memorating his 41 years of service. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 L Q, '! ,aw YP. I P RTIES JS K ME in D If 9,325 M Iii fi W . emit God invented weekends so that Seniors Could vent their frustrations. Parties are the ultimate release for many, and whether they be intimate gatherings of a few close friends, band initia- tions, cast parties, Grecian functions, or an overflow of students carousing at an "open house," these events are the ones that most of us Will reflect upon fondly later in life. meg JV Oo Qfissmzua W :nw--.ri ai , wx 11, , M,-IU '- ,W iw" ,. ,wx , ,, W, , ,um W, 1: 1"-' V, " "W Wg,-,, W W' H: "371"'U'w':1x:1w's',axw:'lQ ,,,w,:::,:3?WWLdC'1'M?gg4 T,,,3u1u,:n,F ' .11 .1 V ,Q 'w3J11f3W"'4 U Ta lor' ARUU SCHOOL Siu 'Q No school is truly a school until it is brimming with students, The halls of Garden City High School are empty at night - if a book fell, there would be no noise, if a bell rang, there would be no sound With the rise of the sun the school doors are opened and the first signs of life start to trickle into the building, No one yells yet, out of respect for the ag ing walls, but soon the buses arrive and lockers are slammed shut, the cafeteria is packed, and homework is copied. Then the first bell rings "Off to homeroom!" "C'mon, let's go now!" These phrases shift the day into fourth gear, as halls burst into technicolor, smokers stomp out their cigarettes and people run to homeroom, dodging bodies left and right. Then, with patriotism and precision, the Pledge of Allegiance is emotionally and dutifully recited. More bells follow as the day continues. The governing bodies go to work, teachers take to the blackboards, athletes flex their muscles intellectuals seek refuge in the library, and everyone else drives off to Burger King. Then as quickly as the day began it ends with yet another bell. Throngs of people empty out of the school with a holler which slowly subsides to a hush. The school walls sigh, and a mouse scurries across the floor, A--Q MT up-:uw 9 s LJ ,AQ 'N i .h . -www w ' 1 wi- Q 'ww 1 "The masters were id their places , . ., suggesting by sagem ex: pressions and careless postures that cheylhad never bee:n away :im1lif'W iv- ""' X ml.. - M ER 3 ., jf on N , Z J ! I 1 1. ,. N -'w'.,Mf".' wb' f W , lndisputably, the faculty has acted as one of our major influences throughout our stay at the Garden City High School, ranging from our guidance counselors, to our teachers and hall monitors. Our interactions, though not always harmonious, have gradually transformed us into free-thinking, responsible individuals. By offering knowledge, insight, demerits, and detentions, the faculty has shaped our high school years, and has indirectly shaped our futures. Teachers have traditionally varied in styles and temperaments. Garden City has its share of young and old, wise and semi-senile, stern and lenient. Though their characters have varied as much as the subjects they have taught, each has offered something special and unique, and each has influenced us in some way. Aside from teachers, the administrative branch of the faculty has affected each student, either positively or negatively. Administering both aid and censure, the main office staff has patterned our conduct - physical and mental. The guidance department has offered indispensable assistance in selecting programs of study and in the often confusing college selection process. We owe many thanks to the faculty of the Garden City High School, whose in- fluence will be felt throughout the rest of our lives. O I FAC U LTY I Xe 0 o . ff Q r I C ' 4 .io .y O it i Av 75 a. T ' I 9 ' lg! -1 4- L ww, 21 ADMI I TR TIO joseph Prusan Principal Superintendent of Schools Dr. Robert Gardner Bernard Allen Walter E. Lawder Assistant Principal Assistant Principal I BOARD OF EDUCATION Standing: Mr. Walker, Mr. Tacchi, Dr. Hestonp Seated: Mrs. Mitchell, Mrs. Rosen. ,N Nw 'M 'fa lie 1 1 N1 xxx I5 can i ii iw, in , CP img ,w we in We CX an W YW If Ca all if 'NA '7 MM IL RN QNX LQ Mgr Wg Dr. Irvin Fa wk Martin Dwyer gk J , rf , . Elizabeth Heffernan fr William Renison Marlene Schell Q 3 E S lx Al X gg f,rva i,,,,ff3 ff-K1 errffeeee 2 mm,,,rw L W " w""" ,,.1- Q M , MM W' Aw-.sL:3""""'f-5 m ' ,Wu W , H s L may "'-' J w M A I ,, ff ,W W W W , ' :M ,W I --- , if J' K' Q.. 1 -mm mv- .g2ex:i::g::f:g,R'1'1GS'g-:u:::::x252r,ggi, 'T 1 'K 1" 1 -1 m1::r:g:i'5: ' " ' 11:45:57 ---, ' -, 2.- 11235 Nl! ' wwg' 3 -if U Q'-VW, 1 . V M ,Z 5 ' , M , , ,, , ,,,,, , nw., ff ' 'WH J "' ff ,M WW, fy 'V Sf-ymwwwlwl Jw "'Uwwm, W -1 ' U H H f 'W 1 f ' , ff H aww, f ' V V .3 ego "Wh, 'wa "' , -wo f W Noe... E 2 Morronglello Ellen Braunstezn Dr Gerald Dolan 'lose h Formxsano Ant ony Lavorlno Allan Low . Thomas Martln . Walter Nelson . Donald Richards 10. Dr. james Tarrou 11. john White f 1. Dr. Cyntlaia 2. ' 3. . 4. ' 5. ' 6. 7 . 8 9 Deahng, wxth mayor events of the past and present, the Socxal Studxes Department devotes xtself to the tracmg of the governmental, economic, socxal, and cultural developments m America, Europe, Asxa, and Afnca Our program mcludes European Cultural Stuches at the and quarter electxves at the semor level In adclxtlon, Ad vanced Placement courses are offered xn Amencan I-hstory and European Hxstory The department chaxrman 15 Dr C Morrongxello sophomore level, American History at the junior level, ' fn ' A if L Wu ,,,.,f,i,,l2?: X' ww. wh 'QW' W' """ ll" """ fsseflfiwgvgelaw-veiteglq 7 Aww. 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TUQZEEY, ifmpg: 3 w we Lziz'w?m ,-kms? fgwiixil, iiwgq wgzfm, me eagmwt rimv 'Qfmilk e1hr'fx1f i, f 2 if 1 fi 2 1 wi bimfzi, 'iizw zzigjaiwi zzzxv V-'iiiklflwf-QH1213 tiwm ms pkxnvtx 1 M eff me J: i vlizzr Hwir sEQ.f x Ewa EQaisiff 5fliE1i,i,'El, em LgJ 1X 5 Liis i3 r Mzii? iw Nrzizzam, 322 fwm ii'3,lfi2Ei?E2'qiQE m 'zf E rim g 1x Q 'z fiw 1 ZEN fe iiiaff 5i?'f2z 2 Nw, 'sm Sum' i E1: ssff'r i Qzrsei :Eff in gmri iawiwvv . . ,N .. 'U I - -L . Hut latvfllz., the! mum, an www! mxfxzxih, Lind, Yumymi11giIi: 2: uEwt , tm, IEDM!! rm' Eifkl, it UU cl XY1x 2i-qvs Nazi? fluff :ivw iff gum Emgla fw:a.estw:m i 3151 in Hswzsikg wr mzir' mm Ea msg mad My my Z2iiV:EifEQi lm we is zspzssYi Mzqai ww Esiaw ewzz igfwzigixi, ?"7 1 SEV! A Nh if' 3 :Rss z mf:iiizsi m mir Ifmm iiiiimi mezf fEmg "? my ' ' ' W I nt: 'N :ami i 521211 fx'wt A! 2i?f zs1' 2955 I 2 5 Hp, , Q K 4 ' iw 157' f'7Qfg?Q2,g 27 THE The Mathematics Department ,seven- teen course in four Qranging freinds non- regents to Advanced Placementj, enabling the staff to provide each stu- dent with a mathematics program which will meet his or her needs. The Department believes that each student should achievejgsuccess and in the of courses available all students should be able to find a reasonable challenge. Preparation for the Regents Competency Exams has received much emphasis of late Great progress has ,made toward the ppss as 8031 Ofc Sfaduafe school hteracy The Chairman is Clifford Hordlow. 1 TICS X 1 Chfford Hordlow 2 Dr Roder1cBeaul1eu 3 Frederic Brxller 4 Earl Ewing 5 Robert Kenney 6 Charles Kirsty 7 W1111am?ol1ock 8 Ro er Regan 9 Wi lis Slocombe 10 Ma1garetV1sentxn 11 Dr andra Wertls . EL . I . . . I . . . . . . . . . . , . . , ' , a V ,. ' ' , p . . ,.,,.lUs up I . -,. ' . . K ' w Vg? i'g.5g'zgsli51.11,5ifk - img A ., K ' 1 iL,.,?,lf1,.I-if-if.. ,Q - ' Y Q K - 1. ft. . , ' - 1 . ' , ,V . 'W' 'uf QQ 9 4 . I. 5. Enzy- S.. , F I , , .hm 6:22 N -'-av .- . ' 5 rf 0 V ik an 3 . A QE 'L , Q .-jf 4' fa f. K VX iw g ii t yi: 5" , .A ie: 1 ' . Q ff 4. QA' A' '11 -' f rw N W g 'H it lm ' '3 . S Q I ,Q A Q . ,, ,,. , ,L , ,, KEY f rf Mc1ssQfW'eiQ?1?fv 3593335 CIE Wo, W... --'A +2 www- Swifectezi Cf,?rx ia2wf?2s w, +4 Y' 1 gN0'2 WR: V M AMW W5 AQ' 'E RAI I n fxm i P 5 235 '56 me :M paw . 3 , X S 45916537 Lugjvbs' !AXc'y5r:'fJ5 H5 654 Ly,?',,g.43XN3 6 A A ,AA?u,.,.A in Ax 0239 +1 1 Qllicv TQ ,12273 M, , jv I , ,, Fwd f 2220 390 37 f 88 89 104 MQZS W . 1.11i43 'M?. ?f ' M M 105 Numbers in parentheses are mass numbe-ras mf mes? swbia Of mos? common Ssompaa, 30 Lonfhcride Series Actinide Series .wb Hmmm Q s ff 15 ififffpfgfifffidf nga S if U? I ? 3 5: if Q ' E C3 11 Q uf a Q N Q 'N' 5 .. ii 55 Q -f cw M W ' i 5 4 W N0 W 5 5 ' 1 - Q, 'H .wr 3 5! 50 2221 M 'W H 'V ,' 5 EE -,, N W. , -sg Q 2 H3 l , 3 4? 'E + he ' "ik W v- wk if W 12 Mn' 'WWW lff1f"'W"'mw"mW'f,Mi 0 Q an g 4 ig N3 ffl ' G If 1? aw I A -+ K, . ? Q Q + ' + li 0 W A 1 M U44 KT 9 ' Q0 Q ' ""' Y 5, CC z sg ff ww a W ff M5 5 mm L 4 3. 3""m W WMM W""7"""mi'i' Lv . ,-,,i. ,:.., f - 4Q E M 3? Bw 5 W if M ii fl L55 , M :N gg .L , 2 2 3 ZW? ,:... fa ,+ 4' 4 Q fa :ww gi gy iw :Mg gmmwwwnw-ww-mwwmfwwwwmwg w.,M,L 3..WQmm.fmQMW, Refahve atomic masses are based on UC x 12.00000 O V17'5I3E??"""""'i x , s 'P 3 F . f S 2 4 ,N S GROUPS ' H9 l .33 nm IVA VA vm vim 52 O S I W A-1.3 I um sk. , V W-AMT :Q ww' W P , ww nal-'ix i?3,?Pl?g? gqQQQf W s .Q w 3 E A My 4 3 -vf ' H ! E , 5 1 5 G82 6 O77 7 ora ff 8 nw 3 on Q0 on ' wl 3 ' K Isis' lS3?s32p- x?s32'sfQ:f +'- Ts -Tm' Q1 2 25' -, Qs 'Qpf' X: ff N I8 W -Ag is mg fi ,513-'H K .. 1 3 5 rl. .t ' i ,E - ,Lg . ! ar 5 ' 1 -f S E .,. F 1' mi 106 N iw? 0,98 1 we , m r I -1 5 333m iigffapwf Xil?1i35v M533-1 Gflif L 5 es: N ,NA ,F "4 Wi 76 96 MP2 F vw M 2 geza so 0 v ff as . ia Sq I 1 -2 E i z A 'F L 1 'f 1 1 x 2 . 3 Z 121 110 X34 I 4 sm 1 5' if A5 '-Ip? LAQQ: -liinigf f-'1 K1 -ix ,'f' gs' 5 215' Ax - ,Z 1 :,,l IJ hx-,14g'5 l w , N N A !, ' 1,7'f:'7gT'mmm': :MT M MW 5 !f2T'iQTM WO ,4 W W Q V+ .11 1 2 Ke 1 gag wg' do I' ,i Ms I ,,. ff? 5 3.31 4 'Kr 42- fs'5,1w" X'fT1-fivfp R h Vgfi' 7'w'fi" Q 'T' if nw s,5L.q,,:5pfS , , A, A ,WO .,,,, , , ,Mi-L .,, , X I 4 M Q 3 .aw nimmM"Tf?'g wif V' ZJVEESZKQTEQQETVZT. in 'H' an -+73 use .. - 1 mmm +R: m +43 .mmm L: 4' df' ,. - . Q4 Xe 4 2, D... --an QG4 Q33 11: 161.45 i . ' 1 wsu X 'W' an 5 sem , 5156 67 Q35 E 3 , . ,W 1357115 fzwza- Q-.3 Q f f JE Q I Q as 5 Q3 A 2 Q-s 5 3 553 1 X . "' 15' Q 64 1 as H5369 ,E A, , ,F ,,M,,,,, ,, W., A, ., ,.,..-..,-, 12471 4241: ' f 'B ,ig 96 97 1-K 1 1 i i K 5 ii f, 'f7w, QZJ.. 22..n3, E 1 553 9 i?? Ml 9 'QQMY ., 4 ,5. , 4 Y .-Z ff? . -. Q TU X Q32 V i ' 'W I 2' ZW A fy? fx, 5 L3 az J' ffmi 'df E . 2522 15,31 3 gig 2 1 nw Sig P f I , " 3 4. 42 52 fm ""m"M 5 M L' 2 5 Eg! U1 Q ,1 2 M J 5 Q 5 12?-Q gm 3 'ff -wif 4 L+ ' 2 5 2 Q 5, 1 1 z , 51 Y W N MW Y A L, S i j' wg gf V., -.- W. .. '.f,-..-.-- V3 'W' xg fn 09 into 5 gm' Z f ,xl Ox 'W I Q I 9 , ig M NNW? x?'x5HENfX?w'YN L '2 UNM 1 :hi 2 fi-v , X L-MMWAFWW WMA 3 W,M,,, ,N,..,.,,.., .,,, ,,.,..L.,,....-..-... n.. W-1 LANGU GE 1 Mark Levine 2 Donald Bennetter 3 Carmine Brunx 4 Dr Pierre Chanover 5 joseph Genna 6 Udo Guddat 7. Carlo Mazarese 8. joan McAteer 9. Ellen Solomon 10. Alden Sonander , . 0 n Q o n . n o 4 n The Language Department, under the sutpervision of Mark Levine, is designed to make students pro icient in the four language skills -- listening, speaking, reading, and writing -- and to give the student an agpreciation of other peoples and cultures. Courses are offere in Italian, French, German, Latin, and Spanish at Regents and honors levels, and Adv vanced Placement courses are offered in French, German, and Spanish. Conversational French and Spanish coursesrare also offered to juniors and seniors. In the last five years, enrollment in language courses has been steadily increasing, with 8521 of the student body involved with the oppor? tunities provided by the Language Departments l ,L l J EDUCATIQ 1 Robert Allen 2 PQIXIQIQ-DBMHICO 4 Warren Kmg 5 Loretta Stefek Frelden Si raough-my Encouragmg the student to parncxpate 1n 3fhI8t1CS 1n an ef fort to achleve and mamtaln physmal fxtness IS the prlmary goal of the PhyS1Ca1 Educatwn Department The mam em phasw is on carry over sports whxch are taught 1n the hope of bemg useful to the student later 1n hfe An eiectwe system an which the student may choose the sport h w1shes to m gzves hun tl3gplgpportun1ty to paruglgggfe m a sports each quarfeifsome mdoor somefioutdoor Mr. Rebert Allen IS the Department s competent Chairman. W p o o 5 :loe - X - .l v x 'Sw' Q' " 5 .EW X Z gait X 'Agfa ...N 1 U" an 5, The Health Department cemprmsecl of Natalie Horton Patncxa Broderick and Nurse Ellen McAuley as contmually stnvmg to provlde a curnculum mcludmg vanous top1cs that 1n some way relate to the development of the mdwxdual m modern society Due to the fact that the health SCIENCES lncludmg the medxcal scxences are becommg more desmrable levels of health wflli become more complex well as more effectlve The health course offered by the school seeks to reuse and hopefully answer questxons about modern health care and the health sclences , ,V L. V,-y I . . u . ! eophisticategligthe means ogggfgttaining anclllgggeintaining . ',V. 'fkk an ,l'V'. sit, I V ' ,f-' K 1:,jkfq:'i1 K an LTH DUSTRI L RT tc, r Eco oM1c:s The Home Econozmcs Department offers courses wlnch three year sequence mcludes courses m the areas of Num hon Textxles Consumerism Parentzng and Chlld Develop ment Attent1on IS also gwen to spemalty areas such as Inter natzonal Foods and Clothmg Desxgn The Home Econonucs teacher IS Kathleen Maher give students the skills they need for daily living. full y dustrial Arts affords students the opportunity to prepare for our com plex technological society through courses in Ar chitecture and Engineere mg Auto and Power Mechanics, Wood Work- ing, and Alternative Energy Studies. Richard Gagliardi is in charge of the metal shop, Carl Russo is in charge of the Wood Shop, and Richard Bucher is in charge of the Photography curriculum. A e The Department of In- FI RTS Emphaszzmg freedom in personal expression for the artist the Fine Arts Department stresses as well as interpretation 'r These words describe the art concepts offered in a wide variety of art classes which includes an Ad- vanced Placement course. Charlie Morrongiello and Denise Clancy are the Fine Arts instructors. ff V ,sraa J I creativity and imitation, J MUSIC The Choral Musu: Department under the guidance of Dr Lydxa Morrongxello gxves students an opportunity to pursue an mterest na smgmg varxous types of musxc zangmg from classucal te popular by partzcxpatmg In the Madngals Celestcmes er Concert Chex: The hxghlxght ef thxs years calendar was Matixngals and Celestones' tour of England Mr Peter Stenganelll directs me Instrumental Mmm Department cemprmed of the Concert Bessel Urcheetra Stage Rani and Iazz Ensemble Exposing students to assorted forges of musxcal hterature mcluclmg eszfgular rock gazz and etassxcal these groups perform sesferal tnmes throw heat the year The band s successful partxcxpatxun tn New nys Marchtng Festival epztomwecl the schools lxtgh award fer mestmntltip ,, . 1 p . 2 f N f l V . . V . . , V V . . .-,1 . . . 1551- , - . , . ' ' . ' V . . . ' . ,V f , ' ef., 3, t 1 1 p ' , , ' - :f- I ' fwfr- ' , ' V ' ' 1 V f 1 ff? 'eff fi 9 ' 'V I V 7:55, V qi ' 1 fir' V V E v K f iff? V -- '1' g, ' . . - , ' My 'TE' i HA N rx, ,W . 4 '. ' A ll ' "4 ,X . N ation e s s e -E d u c tiitetboifii U INESS c Striving to provide students with an understanding of modernf I I . I ' I I tnisiness e practices Departments gives dent an opportunity master the basic skills off communication compute tion and reasoning which are so necessary for success in life. Whether the student is preparing for' post-secondary educa- tion or immediate employment after gradua- tion it is the hope of the Business Education Department that one will be prepared to deal con- fidently with other peo- ple, make competent and informed decisions, and generally be motivated toward continued self-improvement. 38 WVU 1 Jeanette Blitz 2 john Cluavolx 3: jackie McCauly H LL MO ITURS 1 I V ! D' f X I . K 4, 1 XV,-. l I-1a11 Monfkiifs 1 lack Newcomer 2 Loretta Rxvolx 3 Lee Story 4 Sam Nagpglntano 'l Substxtutei 1 John Vxohs 24 Helen Heath 3 Mary O Callahan SUBSTIT TE james McAleese Robert Hodson Susan Westwood A.V. Specialist Librarian Librarian so I Mary Ann Hergenrother Kay Thompson Learning Disabilities Learning Disabilities Albert Siegel Psychologist i l The Custodial Room Augustus Schmidt, Head Custodian Eileen O'Shea, Matron The Coach DEDICATIO As our years at Garden City Senior High School come to a close, it is extremely difficult to give thanks and credit to those who have made our years here very special. Upon reflec- tion, one man stands apart from all the rest, that man is Mr. Warren King. Warren King attended high school at Peddie, a prep school in New jersey. Despite his 5'8", 155 lb. frame, he competed in both football and track, and was ultimately named as an outstanding athlete. An excellent student, Warren King then proceeded to Dartmouth College, majoring in History, and again taking part in football and track. He played football, performing as both punter and halfback, for one of the most renowned college coaches, Earl "Red" Blaik. In his autobiography, Blaik cites King as one of his superior players. Although he was elected to the college all-star football team, touring Europe as a member of it as well, his football expertise was overshadowed by King's brilliant career in track. In track, War- ren King recorded personal bests of 9.6 seconds in the 100, and 24 feet in the long jump. In 1936, as a sophomore, King ran in one of the several Olympic trials held, running on a vic- torious 440 relay team, but narrowly missed being selected for the Berlin Olympics Cwhere Iesse Owens was labeled as Hitler's mentorj. Upon graduation from Dartmouth in 1938, King moved on to Springfield University to obtain his Masters Degree in Physical Educa- tion, where he also served as varsity backfield coach. Hired in the fall of 1940 by Garden City High School, Warren King arrived with tremendous publicity, as he was widely known for his college football stardom. His debut in Garden City was a successful one, for he coached his team to its first of many undefeated football seasons, and was named Nassau Coach of the Year by Newsday. In 1942, Warren King joined the U.S. Navy, and served aboard a destroyer in the Pacific during World War II, he then returned to Garden City in 1946, and resumed his coaching duties. In the late 1940's, Garden City became Long Island's best track team under the guidance of Warren King, obtaining titles for three consecutive years 11947, 1948, 19493, and setting a state record of 1:29.6 in the 880 relay. The team of 1949 produced Henry Thresher who, like King, was a 9.6 sprinter, and a high school All-American. Warren King's over-all track record at Garden City includes 312 wins, with 21 championships. The Garden City football teams of the 1950's had an outstanding record of 25 wins in 29 games, with undefeated teams in both 1954 and 1956, as well as another championship in 1957. In 1954, King became the first two-time winner of the Nassau Coach of the Year award. Since the 1950's, five additional teams have given up only one game per season, the latest in 1979. Some of the top players under Warren King continued to play the game of football pro- fessionally, including Don McCauley C675 of the Baltimore Colts, and Iohn Cervini C713 of the Detroit Lions. After a football coaching career totalling forty years, and resulting in 142 victories, War- ren King retired, and was succeeded in his coaching position by William Dougherty. In the spring of 1981, the Trojan Club included in its Sports Hall of Fame, comprised of outstanding former athletes and coaches, Warren King. At Homecoming, in the fall of 1981, the football field was officially christened as "Warren King Field." N o one in the class of 1982 will ever forget the loyalty and dedication of Warren King. We thank him for the time and energy he has supplied to better our class, our school, and our lives. Coach King with members of last year's infamous football squad. I l l l E...- X P O fl iQ P x. ,,-ww.-H--av, .... -Q ---- f Coach King fsecond row, first from leftl and his first G.C. football team, 1940. The team was undefeated and Coach King was selected Nassau Football Coach of the Year. Warren King, All-American track star in the '30's. In honoring Coach King for his four decades of coaching at Garden City High School, the Men's Association presented him with his Dartmouth football jersey, number 26, in june, 1981. nl- ggfgg xi may W "This was more final than the momepf: when the Headmaszeghand ed me my Schoolmg h , , , L. ' 1UsQ3xggjggg5gf51fgQ.11,'' ' ' ' """P' .. j i K. Qf' 'g 1 WWF X W X 41223 fry: 5 lliill :ll Garden City's senior class of 1982 is truly a heterogeneous body. There are some who are striving for acceptance into the top-notch universities, some Whose raison d'etre is a winning soccer season, and some who live to party on the weekends. We have our student council presidents, our football team captains, our yearbook editors, and our drum majors, cheerleaders, trojanettes, and color guard. We are all in- dividuals, each possessing unique talents. Yet, in many ways We are similar. We all come down with "senioritis" at one time or another. We are not old enough to accept many responsibilities, but not quite young enough to shun them. We conveniently are old enough to drive, but not responsible enough to take our brothers and sisters across town. We are old enough to Work, but aren't quite responsible enough to save any money. We are old enough to be aware of problems in our World, yet still we are just not experienced enough to be expected to do anything about them. Yes, seniors represent that which everyone else older would like to be once again, and what everyone younger can't Wait to be. DO IT' SEN IORS L... CLASS HISTORY As the class of 1982, we began our high school years as ninth graders, although we technically were not in high school at that time. Under the guidance of Doc Comerford, our participation and development as a class in student government was initiated. We entered a car in the traditional Homecoming Parade and eagerly began our task of earn- ing the money which would be necessary in later years. We greatly enjoyed our elder status in the junior high school, yet looked ahead to our future in the senior high. As sophomores, we zealously became involved in the many activities of the high school. As soon as possible, our class officers were elected. They were: Greg Konner, President, Claire Mullooly, Vice Presidentg Patti Rueck, Secretary, Kim Keppler, Social Chairman, Patty Angus, Treasurer, and Rachel O'Brien, Historian. Mr. Wojnar became our class sponsor, and we set off to our work. Our first dance was held within the early weeks of the school year. Although it was both a social and financial failure, we quickly learned from our mistakes. We began work on our first Homecoming float in the fall, plans were made and designs were drawn. By Homecoming Saturday, 1979, we were prepared to unveil our masterpiece . . . a two-sided float with our year on it in bold red numbers. Our enthusiasm and spirit were evident throughout the day, and we were made even happier when we, the sophomore class, were announced the winners of the float contest. The ring committee of the class council and Tom Murphy, our Iostens ring com- pany representative, worked arduously in the fall of 1979 to produce the best possi- ble design for our class ring. We ordered our rings in early February, after ponder- ing styles, sizes, and prices. On the crisp and clear evening of March 7, 1980, the class of 1982 gathered in the cafeteria to turn rings at the traditional an- nual Ring Dance. The last fund-raising event of the year was the screening of the sci-fi film ,tar Alien. This movie grossed several hundred dollars for the class treasury, putting our grade on its fiscal feet. The junior Class Officers were elected at the end of our sophomore year, so that the new class council could begin its work as early as possible. The new officers were: Meg Chute, President, David DeCroot, Vice Presidentg Rosemarie Moringiello, Secretary, Steve Alfieri, Social Chairmang Patty Angus, Treasurer. During the summer, Mr, Wojnar and the council visited many venues to fi 'if I ' A' 1 A "' I W t ,"""-'af .frvzxaf . -' I 'Q J 1' , 2-. . V ,., .M - . fx., 5- . . K ..... .QM Q. f .v aw ,gr Ae., ..--K .. . 4 - 44? decide the siteof the 1981 ' I 1 ' ' ' I s or -- J' M N H ,:,..:-,, K rt- -f K W ifii N junior-Senior Prom. We . chose the Huntington Townhouse, in spite of its interior, for its quality and reputa- tion. Two bands were selected for prom entertainment: The Cobis Brothers and Opus. The menu was determined, the photographers hired, and the program designed by the council. Homecoming 1980 was here before we knew it, yet the Class of '82 was prepared. We brought out our float from the previous year and decided that a little revitalization was all that it needed. We decorated our many cars and had a huge turnout of supportive juniors. For the se- cond year, our class won the float contest. Meanwhile council members were selling Garden City sweatshirts at the football game. We designed the hooded sweatshirts in the traditional colors of maroon and gray, and the proceeds of the sale helped our treasury grow. Another movie, The Kids are Alright, was shown by the class in the winter of 1981 to raise money. The picture was a musical history of the rock and roll group, The Who. A large turnout of junior high students made the night a financial success for the council, but a viewing nightmare for the audience. In March, 1981, the annual PTA sponsored dance was held. The band Syndicate provided the music at the "celebration," and was able to get everyone out on the dance floor. A good time was had by all. The council spent the end of junior year working on plans for the upcoming Prom, be- ing given for the Senior class. Invitations were sent out to all juniors and seniors in late May, and the guys plucked up their collective courage to ask out those girls of their dreams for a night to remember. The tickets were sold at a fast pace, even at the steep price of 845.00 per couple. On Prom night, june 19, 1981, the rain was plentiful but could not dampen the bright spirits of the crowd. "Dad's good car" had a fresh coat of wax on as it drove up to the valet in front of the hall. Inside, thelong dresses and pastel tuxedos were everywhere. The small brandy snifters that our council had chosen as the Prom souvenir, with the Prom theme, "The Best of Times," inprinted on it in maroon, were given out early in the evening. By the end of the evening, there was doubt as to whether the chandelier on the floor below us would survive the night, such was the fury of our dancing! After the Prom, couples left for early morning par- ties or strollsf?J on the beach. The Senior Class of- ficers were elected in Iune, 1981. They were: Patty Angus, Presidentg Eric Neiderrither, Vice Presidentg Lynore Kramer, Social Chair- mang lean Sweeney, Secretary, and Alison Downing, Treasurer. Our senior Homecoming arrived in October, 1981, and found most in the stupor of senioritis. The council got a little lazy with the float, and did nothing to improve on the job of the previous year. Subsequently we gracefully relinquished the float title to the Class of 1983. During the week leading up to Homecoming, the grade nominated the Homecoming Court, with the criterion being service to the class and school. The Court included Patty Angus, Meg Chute, Kim Keppler, Cathy Lawder, Rosemarie Moringiello, Claire Mullooly, Steve Alfieri, David DeCroot, Rich Estes, David Lara, Vinnie Mistretta, and Eric Neiderrither. As a result of balloting by juniors and seniors, Claire and Steve A were announced as Homecom- ing Queen and King during halftime of the football game. 3, Our class also distinguished itself as the smartest on Long Island in 1982 and in Carden Ci- ty history by having an incredi- ble thirteen National Merit semi-finalists. This number bested all other schools in the area and eclipsed all previous classes at Carden City as well. The semi-finalists were Iohn Beneke, Gabrielle Costello, Iessica Craner, David DeCroot, Patricia Diaz, Edgar Friedman, Susah Koh, Frances Lashen, Kevin Lynch, Margaret Morgan, Andrew Mylott, Toshihiko Saito, and Kenneth Smith. The senior class dance was held in mid-October, on a cold and frosty night. The dance was a costume party and all grades were invited. A disc jockey, AJ. and the Hit Machine, provided the music at the function. The Student Council also 'wa started its busy year under ' t the guidance of Dr. Tarrou. i The officers were: Steve Alfieri, Presidentg Iimmy Criffith, Vice Presidentg David Lara, Secretary, and Cathy Lawder, Treasurer. They organized the Winter Wonderland, a date dance that is held annually on the first Saturday of Christmas vacation. From the lovely court of six, which included Annemarie Burget, Ioanne D'Antonio, lean Gibbons, Lynn Keshian, Lorraine Krebs, and Vikki Vought, Lynn was selected by her peers as the Snow Queen. The dance was a festive and cheerful start to our holiday season. The cold winter nights of early 1982 were brightened by boys' basketball games and movies at the high school. At the final game, Rich Estes inspired the enthusiastic crowd and the team with a memorable rendition of the national anthem. Senior boys per- formed with the cheerleaders and the kickline to provide many memorable moments as the Trojan hoopsters went on to victory. lThey choked in the playoffs the next week.j With the arrival of spring, the senioritis epidemic intensified as we eagerly waited for college acceptances and our graduation. We had our Prom at Leonard's on Iune 25th, and our commencement on Iune 27th included an address by TV commentator Bill Moyers. During these past years of the Class of 1982, the group of us has developed into a unified body. This period has been a key time in all of our lives for education fboth formal and in- formalj, maturation, and develop- ment as individuals. Although we are breaking up as a class, and each one of us will become part of Q - a different world, the separate pieces in all of us which were in- fluenced by Carden City High School and its people will be a lasting testament to our years in this school. Subsequently, we owe a debt of gratitude to our parents, teachers, friends, and, ultimately, to all the members of this most special of classes at Carden City High School, the Class of 1982. ,sf Y Garden Clif, I leg! V QF 'Q r .i . , n-.M O ff sf .:., in , Q , " Y a ,T iii ,,.., " ff C Xi- ' 1 t f , pr t r .Q 5 3- , :Q H i X u 4 , riii,,, 3 T' ' ':' n t , x' . kkhk E .I ,, is A- :L S Q Vk.-' f .. E QM RTC As we reach the end of our high school years, class members will move away from Carden City permanently or temporarily. To understand fully the changes we have experienced, one must realize that Garden City has con- tinuously provided us with an ideal at- mosphere in which to grow and mature, and has remained relatively unaltered during our stay here. From the schools, to the stores on Seventh Street, to the hotel site, the Class of 1982 will bear fond memories of the village. Amidst the quiet, sheltered nature of Garden City there have always been student related activities, ranging from recreation at the pool and Hubbell's Pond to the Village supported athletic associations, ser- vice organizations, and employment opportunities. The village has been a place for friends to congregate, associate, and mature in a healthy, comfortable environment. No matter how far one will travel from Garden City in the future, the town will never be forgotten, and will always be looked upon with pleasant remembrances. :iff 'ff gg is mmno-wA W ' 'g u r Hou m-Swkei I 'NV fl I. , . . 4 x , A X A ,ff - - , Xgf:'f" L -if-' 'K - ' " .. 's ,. K i 1 " -. J.. A. Y'-f' . , 1 . si..-f P .1 iz k ix f 4 vga, ' evwfgifwg fs xi. X M V " in .a.,' fu, -Q' T, " . iff U- if A, . ,.I"" 2 5 ,,.. - 5 ,-,ai 1. gn? Ei., f. 14' M X" ,L x Z f. K my f 5 ' ,rs Wim is ,, -if x MM . ,, . . ,P ..,. -, ' "WH Y z M., A A. .. Hu nk .. ,R K I Le .lf .. N, - P W 9 8 , .,,., 51 THOMAS IOSEPH ADAMS Wrestling, Must, Key Club, Skiing, Shoreham, Stamford, D.P., The Who, The Stones, Wink and the Holes, Ramones Concert, Simon and Garfunkel Reunion, R.M., V.M., R.S., P.K., R.G., C.K., I.P., B.H., I.A. "Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun. Shine on you crazy diamond." Roger Waters FRANK JOHN ALLEGRO V. Football, V. Bowling, I.V. Basketball, Italian Club, Discipline Committee . . . Good times with my friends. Special Thanks Mom and Dad ". . . They turned our power down, they drove us underground, but we went right on with the show. . ." Billy joel DIANE ELIZABETH ALAIMO HDV Special Times with Friends, Surprise 80, Daytona, "Oreo", Road trips. "Live each day to its fullest. Get the most from each hour, each day, each age of your life. Then you could look forward with confidence and back without regrets." "Some get stoned, some get strange sooner or later it all gets real . . . Walk On." NANCY BETH ALLISON "Heava" "Nay" V. Softball, V. Volleyball, Good times with special friends, Cutchogue, 81 16180, 714181 ". .. So if you think your life is a complete confusion cause you never win the game just remember that it's a Grand Illusion and deep inside we are all the same . . ." Thanks to Chief, Mrs. Pause, big Heava and Heavy for everything. I love you all. STEVE M. ALFIERI Student Council President, Varsity Football Baseball, Madrigals, Key Club. A feeling a thought a memory Moments of pride and regret Happiness entwined with hurt Unrelayed truths mingle with unfound fear Look not back, do not flee. Become the best, you're free to be. S.A. LINDA ALOIA MICHAEL AMMIRATI "Ammo" My best friends: Larry, Mike, Iohn, Nicky, Ar- tie, Anne and Barbara. The Capers, Iimmy Byrnes, Dancin', The Vega, The Football Parties. "You can't do precision work with a sledge hammer." L.M. Thanks a lot boys for all the WILD TIMES! iw RICHARD MARK ANEMONE Hslugn Church, Basketball, Youth Group, Going Sick on Saturday Nights, Friends - you know who you are - Thanks, you all! "I had nothing to offer anybody but my own confusion." jack Kerouac I couldn't have done it without your help. DANIEL ANDERSON "Dan-O" President Alpha Omega Theta, Varsity Lacrosse, Good Times with friends at Ten Feat, Loft Trip to Virginia, the Brawl. "If you get confused, listen to the music play." The Dead PATRICIA MARIE ANGUS "Putty", "Tang" "I asked for power, that I might have the praise of men, I was given weakness, that I might feel the need of God . .. I asked for all things, that I might enjoy life, I was given life, that I might enjoy all things I got nothing that I asked for - but everythingl had hoped for." LISA ANNE ANDREWS Summer of '81, M.O., R.M., K.F., M.P., P.P., A.M. "People watch the time go by, they do their jobs and live and die, and in their dreams they rise above, by strength or hate or luck or love," Iackson Browne Thanks Mom, Dad, and Audra JAMES ANNUNZIATA DAVID ANDREW AROMISKIS Varsity soccer, basketball, baseball, The Park, Misty, hockey, skiing, swimming, lacrosse, Roxbury during the summer, The Hamptons, The Blue Max. "To strive to do the best at everything you do, with hard work, failing is never on your mind. Don't waste time and enjoy every minute of your life." WIN' in-ww JOHN AUDUBON "Desire for nothing except desirelessness, hope for nothing except to rise above all hopes, want nothing and you will have everything!" Aratar Meher Baba CAROLYN ATTARDI Great times with I.B., M.M,, L.M., L. Q., B.E., seeing Todd with M.M., 10th grade photo, go- ing to P.L. with I.B. "The simple things in life seem so hard to learn sometimes, and it takes so long. Catch it while you can, too late tomorrow . . ." Todd Rundgren Thanks Mom and Dad. RICHARD ASHE Varsity tennis, Dartmouth St. Not many escape the cell. "The time to hesitate is through." RICHARD BANGS "Bong" V. Football, Finn., P.S., P.B., D.C., I.K., B.P., I.S., I.B., M.A., summer '79-'81, N' "Take it any way you want it, be your own superstar, let the world know, the only way you want it, is the way you are." Outlaws Thanks Dad BOZ BARKER Health O, Kennel Club President, lunches in a bowl, Three Dog Night, memories of S.M., E.G., M.A., hanging out on the North Shore with Fifi. " . . . Under such sebaceous coagulations, how could any young boy be sedate". I.N. "I'm just a working-class dog." Rick Springfield MAUREEN BARRON ,,,o JAMES E. BATES I.V. and Varsity Soccer, Skiing, Sailing, Na- tional Honor Society, German Club. Good Times with Good Friends, Lax, Blue Max QKIAJQ Weekend Ski Trips, The M-Train. "Some people cry and some people die by the wicked ways of love . .. But I'll just keep on rollin' along with the grace of the Lord above." CLAIRE ANNE BARTHOLOMEW Field Hockey, Softball, Trojan Club, Mast, Key Club, Madam Mole, Horizons, Mohawk, Hina, Panz, A.M.B., P.M. with G.D., Good Times with great friends, K.M., K.M., E.M,, Chem, with M.F., E.M., and K.M. Thanks Mom and Dad. SUZANNE BAUER "Sue" Kickline '81-'82, gymnastics, good times with good friends, especially M.F., V.M., S.C., T.B., and S.K. Prom '81, the mel mobile, R.T. Par- ties, Special times with Chris, the Doors! "Today's dearest moments are tomorrow's precious memories." Good Luck to The Class of '82. LORRAINE BARTONE Neil Young, Iorma, Dead, Tucker. Roach, slee-pee Motel Hell, Upstatem billiards, Boom-bas, Cota. Harry's, "Rips", Okaay. A.L., E.M., D.B., F.L. "Sometimes I feel like I'm leaving the life behind, My hands are moving faster than the movin' of my mind." 1 IEFFREY BAYUK Ujeffn of ,,Iay,, Captain Varsity Football and Lacrosse, C.C., Sperry's Gym, Good Times in Laurel, My keg party, Molsons on the beach, S.S., Sperry's car in Levittown, Prom '80. Singing and drinking under the stars Beautiful women and fast cars The times were good So God let '82 part glad. Thank you Mom and Dad for all your love and support. JAMIE SUE BECK "jamie" Key Club, Mast, Honor Society, S.C.B., French Club, badminton, Wrangling in jackson, A.I.F.S. in France, E.G.S. '81, Prom '81, "The big V", "duck and cover", and The profes- sional M. "How fleeting is the moment, Yet catch it, it is thine. The past is only memory, The future blank design." CHRIS BERTOVICH "Bert " Football, Music JOHN BENEKE "Tex" Orchestra, Band Follies, the school musical - "The Sound of Music." "For by grace are ye saved through faith, and that not of yourselves. It is the gift of God, not of work lest any man should boast." Ephesians 2:8,9 KENNETH I. BEYER "Worthy" "New ones comin' as the old ones go. Everything's movin' here, but much too slow- ly now. A little bit quicker and we might have time to say "how do you do?" before we're left behind Cosmic Charlie The Grateful Dead ANNE-MARIE BENNETT Kickline, track, Soccer '80, '81!! - "Menachem", "Monte", Many thanks to great friends - S.P., Rose, K.K., Nena, A.K., D.R., Ian. 31, '81 - Radical Lynn. I love you Dad and family, and my mother whose memory will always be close to my heart. JOHN B. BODE Ianice, Karen, Venes, Schell, Liz, Scott, Sue, Ianice's farewell "Hey, Harry", T.R., Heritage, the Hamptons, Party in the Park, Good times with good friends. CAROL MARIE BRAUN Captain of tennis team, S.C.B., math, V. soft- ball. Good times with K.K., M.O'S., K.S., M.D., A.K., and N.S. - a great best friend. Spirit Day, Summer '80, Florida with N.S. "For all the happy times, sad times, laugh times, cry times, silly sentimental times we've shared, I celebrate you, my friends." TQM .V tg STACY ANN BRIDGES "Check", "Stay" 11th field hockey, Trojan Club, thanks to special friends for making the high school excellent. "I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today." White "Let the disappointment pass, Let the laughter fill your glass, Let your illusions last until they shatter." Iackson Browne Thanks Mom and Dad. KAMILLA BREN Last summer in Boston, Thanksgiving party, senioritis. "Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning." Sir Winston Churchill Thanks Mom and Dad. IEANNE MARIE BROWN ,,I.B.,, Spanish Club, volleyball, soccer, lacrosse, and swimming. "One day at a time - this is enough. Do not look back and grieve over the past for it is gone, and do not be troubled about the future, for it has not yet come, Live in the present, and make it so beautiful that ti will be worth remembering." - I.S.T. REGINA SHANLEY BRENNAN ,,Reg,, Hockey games, Florida '81 . . . great times with friends . . . with D.R .... thanks for everything M.B.M. and M.D. "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, and the Wisdom to know the difference." Thanks to my family, I love ya! ""'f9Ia'ff SANDRA M. BROWN Excellent times with the "immediate" - W.M., I.G., M.R., T.P., M.O., 6 done, 0 to go, Canada '81, the city, Summer '81 fH.T.J, G.N.O. never lasting the whole night, Homecoming '81, thanks D.W. for the best years of my life! - Hold on to everyone you love because if you let them go, you might never get them back - D.W., friends, family. LAURA ANN BRUDIE "If a man does not keep pace with his compa- nions perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer." Henry David Thoreau "The roads were as many as the places I had dreamed of and my friends and I were one. Now the distance is done and the search has begun, I've come to see where my beginnings have gone." Jackson Browne I love you mom and dad. PETER DAVID BURGGRAF The best with my little Buddy, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Panther, The light! L.S.M.A. My family. 'So limitless and free," I.M. "Take your time don't live too fast Troubles will come and they will pass." Ronnie THOMAS LEE BUCKMAN "Tom" Soccer . . . I.V. lacrosse, waterskiing, snowski- ing, "61 Vette", snowmobiling, vacations at Brant Lake, Iunior Prom Four Wheelin' with R.G., B.H. and I.R. "We accomplish in proportion to what we attempt." "Find a way or make a way." fl 7 KRISTIN BURTON HK B ,, Good times with great friends, Southold, Tuesday 2:30, P.T.R., Beach nights, Hilltop House, France. Special thanks to my friends and family. Good luck class of '82. K.B. ANNEMARIE ELIZABETH BURGET Varsity field hockey AAAH! soccer, softball, bowling, hanging at Tuay's To all my friends, Thanks for all the great times, but remember the best is yet to come. Mom and Dad, I never would have been able to do it without ya. Thanks for all your love and support. FLORENCE CADIGAN "Flo", "Lori" Trojan club, Key Club, flag football, K.K., M.S., L.Q., M.M., C.A., Santa's party, Summer '80 and '81, The Stones, Great times with Great friends. "The road ahead is long and hard, But the good times are not through Nor come the day when I forget The fun I had with you." SIMON PATRICK CARR ". . . All this will not be finished in the first 100 days. Nor will it be finished in the first 100 days, nor in the life of this administration, nor even perhaps in our lifetime on this planet. But let us begin . . . and ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country . . ." john F. Kennedy's Inaugural Speech MARY ANN CELENTANO Swimming, Badminton, Band, Key Club, Spanish Club, French Club, German Club. "Take time to be friendly, it is the road to hap- piness, take time to laugh, it is the music of the soul, take time to give, it is too short a day to be selfish." RUSSELL I. CAVALLO Varsity Soccer, Varsity Baseball. Bruce Spr- ingsteen, The Doors, Fidge's "Standing on the hill of my mountain of dreams, telling myself it's not as bad as it seems." Led Zeppelin I PETER CHIANESE Loft, AP2's, football and softball games - Varsity Lacrosse "You got to walk and don't look back." Tosh and Jagger "Won't you try just a little bit harder. Couldn't you try just a little bit more." Garcia, G.D. In memory of the "lost sailor," "Bob" MARK CAVANAUGH "It just doesn't matter!" fBill Murrayj . . . The Moody Blues . . . Fire On High . . . the guitar sketching, and Beck's The Loft K.L., A.K., E.O., T.V., K.S., S.P., R.M., M.P., G.P., G.C. WENDY CHIN Track, Madrigals, Council, Mast, Honor Socie- ty, Library "Be not simply good, Be good for something." Thoreau "I let my music take me where my heart wants to go . . ." C. Stevens JOAN MICHELLE CHIRICO "Ioan" Majorette Captain, C-V.P., Summer of '81 with I.H., S.M., D.P., "The Frog", "The Prixs", Arby's, best times with best friends: Iohn, Sue, Doug, Therese, Kris, Beth, Debbie, Stacey. Thanks Sunshine! "I've loved these days" Thanks mom and Dad - I love you. M MARGARET ELLEN CHUTE ,,Meg,, President Iunior Class, Varsity Lacrosse, Echo, Key Club, Madrigals, Exchange Student to France. "The great man is he who does not lose his child's heart." Meucius "It is not what he has, nor even what he does, which directly expresses the worth of a man, but what he is." Henri Frederic Amiel KENNETH CHARLES CHRISTENSEN "Ken" Stage Band and Concert Band. The fun we had at Band Camp and the England trip. Key Club, 10th-12th Grade Council and the Law Ex- plorers. I'll always remember friends: Kevin, Mark and Andy, driving around in the red Austin Healey, Playing saxophone at the games. CAROLANN CLARK Kelly's party '79, 4!1! 80, Long Beach, Greece, skiing, 1.1. costumes '81, Mirror day. Thanks to my pals: P.F., C.H., S.G., K.F., C.F., R.D., A.M. "Don't forget them please, the sweeter memories To set your mind at ease the truest remedies are the sweeter memories." Todd "All of my love" to Mom and Dad. MICHAEL CHROBET Cap't Var. Rifle, Key Club, Golf tournament England, Canada, Skiing, Sugarbush '81, good times with friends. Outlaws, Genesis, The Rolling Stones. "Looking longingly at the top of the ladder will avail nothing, it's the climb that counts." NANCY ELIZABETH CLARKE C.D., C.M., A.B., T., L.L., K.S., Canada, In- deein' down the 500, The Point, 10-17-18, The Spider mobile, Scorpion Bowls - The Hong Kong "Play it safe - play it wild Life is yours and yours alone Free to settle - free to roam Free to grow - free to change Free to fight to stay the same." TAILYSEC KEVIN J. CLOHERTY Senior year, Summer '81 - Coburg, Germany - student exchange, Band and its activities, England '80 Special thanks to my family and friends. PAUL J. COLEMAN Lacrosse, skiing, running, Joe Straton, Jimmy Griffith, Chris Spencer, Russ Cavallo, Dan Anderson, lax at Hofstra, Virginia lax trip, Henry Smith, Navt. DANIEL JOSEPH CLOWERY Baseball, 10 ft., A,P. 2's, The burning V.W., West 53, It was only a game when we first started, the novelty wore away and the fun departed. A special thanks to Mom and Dad J.C,, P.C., S.G. JAMES R. CONNOLLY Varsity tennis, C.Y.O. basketball, sports editor of M ast, S.C.B., Port, Dartmouth Street, Knox's "Show me a good loser and I'll show you a 1oser." Vince Lombardi JONNY MICHAEL COESTER ,,I0n,, Sailing, skiing, kung-fu, Beggar's Opera Hamptons, N.Y.C., the Ritz, Hot Dog Beach, Scott's, The Underground, Charlie's art class, deft, The Who, Dave M. Nicoll L, Scott Habrian, Ben C., T.S., PB., My Generation "Just when I was getting used to this place." SARAH JANE CONWAY Kickline, Must, T.R., great times with Tina, Marie, Sue, and Vicky. The Millers. "Time passes by too quickly my friend. Good times we've had will soon come to an end. But the memories will always bind us together in a special way that will last forever." NANCY CORREALE kickline, gymnastics Party - Nov. 8, 1980, Feb. 24, 1981 - Always-n-Forever, Eisenhower Park - especially with - F.M., D.M., N.S., Memories with - F.M., D.M., T.C., T.F., M.O., A.M., B.P., N.S. Star One, Marina Beach, Iackson's Con- cert Aug. '81, Parties with B.P. and T.C., '79-'80 "I've got all my life to live." - Gloria Gaynor GABRIELLE IEANNE COSTELLO "Life is an end in itself, and the only question as to whether it is worth living is whether you have enough of it." - Oliver Wendell Holmes, Ir. "No human thing is of serious importance." - Plato IEAN ELIZABETH CORRIE Key Club, Spanish Club, Honor Society, field hockey, soccer, sailing, H.D.A., Ash St., Tek, Elk Lake, Mystic "It's not far down to paradise, at least it's not for me. If the wind is right you can sail away . . . just a dream and the wind to carry me soon I will be free." - C. Cross BARBARA ELIZABETH COULTER "Barb" Hockey, Masquers, working, talking, April 1, 1981, red stemmed roses from B.D., 6th period auditorium, listening to Styx - just B.D. and me. "If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it is yours, If it doesn't, it never was." Thanks to all my friends, but, most of all, thanks to Solita, Iackie, and Bill for making my high school years the Best of Times. I love you! CARRIE ANN COSOLA "Only the strong survive." - IVZ "If you live for love and truth, and live for peace of mind, Iust hold fast to your dreams, my friend, that's just what you'll find." "Wonder of wonders, somehow I survived." "Don't worry 'bout me, I'm free today." - RCB Thanks andlove to everyone! MICHAEL COWIE Varsity Basketball, Varsity Tennis, The Boss, New Iersey N ETS "Man's business here is to know for the sake of living, not to live for the sake of knowing." Frederic Harrison 1 IOHN CRAFA Wrestling, Baseball, Trip down south, 10 Feat Functions. "It's gonna be just like they say them voices tell me so." GD. IESSICA ANN CRANER German Club . . . HDA . . . Inkspots . . . Ginger ale Parties . . . American Werewolf. . . Ho Io's. "My heart is warm with the friends I make And better friends I'll not be knowing, Yet there isn't a train I wouldn't take, No matter where it's going." Edna St. Vincent Millay ,fi Vx" x7 4 . ,7 , ,. .if f , J fjmf f 67 WWW f' J ,A ljwflf' 4 ff ' 7 if Kiev CURRY Bowlin and 12th, Billy ol i Stones Q " t he sai to I ficient you, for f y a that n me." 2 Cor. 12:9 PHILIP WILLIAM CUTRONE Student Council, A.V., Mast, Rifle Team 10, 11, 12, Long Island Fisherman, Sag Harbor, Ber- muda '81, C.C., V.V., B.S., R.S., R.T., S.H., Keys, . . and I planted rose bushes . . Thanks Mom and Dad "This is a song of hope . . . and a new day will dawn for those who stay long." Led Zeppelin EILEEN PATRICIA CUNNINGHAM Grade Council, Key Club, Masquers, Germany '81, Chaminade Plays, Unicorns, Erma, Aunt Sally. "All the while I hungered for the meaning in my life, And now I know we must lift the soul, And catch the winds of destiny, Wherever they drive the boat." Edgar Lee Masters Mom and IOANNA M. D'ANTONIO ,,I0,, Lacrosse, track, soccer, S.C.B., Breezy Point, "The Tray's House" . . . Great Times with good friends SUZANNE MARIE DAVIS Great times with friends, Photography, Water- ville Valley, Daytona Beach '81 with Claudia, M.C,, Karen, W.C. and T.M.F. "To love is one thing, to be loved is another, but to be loved by the one you love is everything." DENNIS MARTIN DEHLER Echo Photo Editor, German Club, Class Coun- cils, S.C.B., Cutting with K.B., S.H.K. with Lia, The Feast, pers. 3 and 6 with S.P. and D.M. GINA MARIE DEBE Memorable times with friends. The Cookie Monster. Thanks Mom and Dad. "One day at a time - this is enough. Do not look back and grieve over the past, for it is gone: and do not be troubled about the future, for it has not yet come. Live in the present, and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering . . ." Ida Scott Taylor JAMES DELAHUNTY DAVID ANTHONY DeGROOT "Dupe" Mast Co-Editor, Iunior Class V.P., Madrigals, French Club, S.M.F.L., Kirstyisms, Free- Market QCapitalismJ, golf with Steve, Mike, and Roger, trip to Yale with I.G., A.M., England with T.M., and, I.E.M.g Simon Parties, Dick, Tim, Gail, and of course, Chubster. "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve." Mr. Charles O'Connor NANCY DELLE "ND," Track, good times with: H.B., C.D., E.D., A.M., S.T., M.T., Ashoken '80 with A.W. and H.D. "Strike out to reach a mountain, Be so nice on the outside, But inside keep ambition." The Who SHEILA MARY DENNEN Helen, Deb, California, Hither Hills "With the eyes of a child you must go out and see that your world's spinning round, and through life you will be a small part of a hope of a love that exists In the eyes of a child you will see." WILLIAM SCOTT DEWEY "Bill" Snow and Water Skiing, hockey, fooling around, Paul, Tom, Mike, Meg, Stacy, Jackie, 6th period auditorium, out on the boat, sitting in bed for one month. "Tonight's the night we'll make history" LYNN ANN DeSOYE "It is not so much a matter of being against self-improvement as it is of being against change. Maturity is a becoming - therefore a changing, a progression toward something better." Louis Binstock "Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomor- row is ours to win or lose." Lyndon B. Johnson ROBERT GLENN DEXTER Later, Norman.. .Click . . . S.M.F .... V.K. . . . B.A. at M.F.P. "Bunny" Hammerman Heavy Metal . . . Priest. "Anyday, anyday I've gotta get up and go, I'm gonna tear up this town. Breakaway, breakaway Every day seems so damn slow, I don't want to be around." U.F.O. WILLIAM DeVINCENTIS "Willie" Wings Ice Hockey, Skiing, attic functions with P.Z., R.T., I.O., C.L., I.W., and M.H. "When this you see, remember me and bear in your mind. Let all the world say what they may, speak of me as you find." WW PATRICIA ANN DIAZ "O sweet spontaneous earth how often have the doting fingers of prurient philosophers pinched and poked thee, has the naughty thumb of science prodded thy beauty, how often have religions taken thee . . . that thou mightest conceive gods Kbut . .. thou answerest them only with springJ" e. e. cummings LAURA ANN ELEANOR DICARLO ,UN I shall never flicker and fade away as fire does, but I will be as the moon and enhance a cer- tain special glow." "Though I may leave you for a while Please don't forget me or my smile. I will be back in blossom too, for you are me and I am you." Mom, Dad, I love you! URSULA ROSE DOHN "Urs" Special thanks to everyone. "Hear my song - sing along Any little song that you know, Everything small small has to grow. California sunlight, sweet Calcutta rain, Honolulu starbright - the song remains the same" jimmy Page and Robert Plant CRISTINA JEAN DiFALCO "Bubs" Good times, N.C., K.K., M.O'S. S.B. M.R., C.M., W.M., T.P., I.G., G.N.O., The Point, T.A., P.M., ID. "I'll just keep on rollin' along with a praise from the Lord above." Led Zeppelin IOSEPH PATRICK DOLAN H1080 IAMES DIGAN I.A. President, Tennis, Great times with friends, late nighters on the back porch, the summer of '81. "Being a Friend to everybody is being a Friend to nobody, though our prosperity might give us friends, it is adversity that pro- ves them." ALISON MARIE DONAHUE Thanks for always being there, my two best friends, Dawn Gilliland and Maureen Fay. All the special times with S.G. I wish For everyone and everything To remain the same, To keep the closeness of my friends, And for life always to be as good as now. MARIORIE ANNE DONNELLY ,,Meg,, "Hold close the times of sharing together. Let them light our lives throughout the years." Memorable times with cherishable friends. Thank you Mom and Dad, I love you both. KATHLEEN CECILIA DOOLEY "Katie" Trojan Club, Key Club, good times with great friends, Summer '81, Spirit Day '81. "There never seems to be enough time to do the things you want to do once you find them." jim Croce "It's whatever you see that life will become." jackson Browne Thanks Mom and Dad. COLIN I. DONOVAN Grand Canyon river dories - going through Lava Falls and Salmon Falls. Kayaking, Lehigh, Buffalo, Radio City - the Grateful Dead - the Outdoor Club - the US II's, fishing, football, and softball. It's all over now, Baby Blue. "Pass this way and go on, you're on the road to heaven." Iack Kerouac I FREDERICK DOPMAN The best of times with T.C., R.S., and all of the rest. Summer '81, Park parties and fancy cars. "The gains of education are never really lost. Books may be burned and cities sacked, but truth, like the yearning for freedom, lives in the hearts of humble men." F.D.R. Special thanks to my parents. RICHARD F. DONOVAN "Lessons learned are like bridges burned, you need to cross them but once." Dan Fogelberg PATRICIA DOUGHERTY I have to live with myself, and so I want to be fit for myself to know. I want to be able, as days go by, Always to look myself in the eye. I don't want to stand in the setting sun And hate myself for things I've done. I want to go out with my head erect, I want to deserve my own respect. EMILY DOUGLAS Camping, New Paltz, Ashoken '80, Vermont '81, good times with excellent friends and all the young worthies. "Stars are flying tonight," "Lata!" "If I could save time in a bottle the first thing that I'd like to do is to save every day till eter- nity passes away just to spend them with you." RACHEL MARIE DUEL P.F., R.P., H.M., T.S., C.C., and M.G. May your futures be as bright as you have made my past! "You'll get through, man, keep as cool as you can. Face piles of trials with smiles. It riles them to believe that you perceive the webs they weave." "I have spent my life seeking all that's till un- sung, bent my eais to hear the tune, and clos- ed my eyes to see. ALISON MARY DOWNING Varsity Soccer Capt., V. Lax, V.F. - H., Sr. Class and G.A.A. Treas., special memories of K.B., N.P., M.D., M-L.B., L.L., S.V. and Hill Top House Five, Beach nites with K.B. and N.P. "Blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting." Elizabeth Bibesco Reach for happiness . . . it's waiting! DEBORAH A. DUNNE "Debbie" Trojanettes, Lacrosse, P.T.R., Ocean City, Chadleys, All the laughter and friendship shared with my best friend, Patty. "Sometimes I can laugh and cry, and I can't remember why, but still those good times gone by." - I.T. "Hold fast your dreams, for hidden in them is the gate to eternity." Good luck to all, '82 CHRISTINE DUDDY TIMOTHY ANDREW DUNNE "Tim" Troop 80 - German Club, Grade Council, Bands, Seiji and the B.S.O., Lenny, Andre Previn, Tedsky, Alf and everybody and everything associated with Tanglewood. St. Thomas More, El Greco, The Beatles, Iohn R. Dunne, Bill Moyers and I.V.T. School Dances, Last Alliance, Band Follies. "Creativity is one's own expression of the Almighty." - T.A.D. RICHARD DUVALL Skiing, lax, Iune 13-14 1981, May 25th 1981, L.A.D., ten feat functions, A.P.2's Going to where the climate suit my clothes. The Grateful Dead "Peace to all who want it" Richard Duvall So long. MARY JANE EGGERS UMJIH Varsity tennis, Must, S.C.B., unforgettable times with the best of friends .. . Spirit Day '81. New Year's, Ca's all-nighter, Iunior Dance, The Falcon, weekends, parties, the beach, S.M., "Best friends never part . . ." "Sometimes I laugh and cry and can't remember why, but I still love those good times gone by." Iames Taylor MAUREEN DWYER "Mimi" Excellent times with good friends and P.M .... Summer '81. "If a man does not keep pace with his compa- nions, perhaps it is because he hears a dif- ferent drummer. Let him step to the music he hears, however measured or far away." Thoreau Mom and Dad thanks for everything. ALIISA EHRSTEDT "Liu" Good friends, Lisa, Iacqueline, Solita, Cathy, Liz, Suzanne, Photography, "crew", cast par- ties, Feb. 12, 1980, Sept. 1980 fgood time?J, New Orleans, Mardi Gras, and L.F. 1982, ski- ing andthe ski lift with I.M. "I get by with a little help from my friends." Beatles "We all have a face that we hide away forever." Y Billxjoel MARY ANN EGEL X, 11Murf1 Twirling, F.L., K.K., R.M., K.M., D.M., E.O., T.T., K.H., E.M., M.M., K.B., CW., C.G., S.M., M.S., England '80!, Summer 1981 fToo bad it had to endj, D.M.'s graduation party, Monty, skiing 1981!, Swenson's, Si fa quel che si puo. Thanks Mom and Dad ' RIAD EL-DADA "Yes they have felt the fury, they must have. It's all around within and without, but do they appreciate it? Was it wasted? Who knows? Who cares? Not me. But they fancy me mad, a sick man. Oh, they're supposed to, so that I can go my own way." AMY Jo ELVERUD Music always Band, England 1980, Deer Hill, Deering Experience, summers in N.D. "Give to the world the best you have and the best will come back to you." Love and Peace to everybody. Thanks Mom. Thanks Dad. i KATHRYN ROSE ESCHMANN S.C.B., Soccer, Track, Mattituck -- "Monta", Canada with Ellie and Lenny - Ian. '81, Spirit Day '81, "What we are is God's gift to us, What we become is our gift to God." "The difficult we do immediately, the im- possible takes a little longer." Thanks to my family. CATHLEEN MARY ENGELS "Cathy" England '79, '81, Cathedral Choir, Celestones, YPF, Summer '81, good friends who will always be good friends and good times that will never be forgotten. "They say that these are not the best of times, but they're the only times I've ever known . . . It's either sadness or euphoria." Thanks Mom and Dad. RICHARD CARTER ESTES, IR. Varsity Track and Field, Varsity Basketball, Co-Editor-in-Chief of Must, French Club, Madrigals, All State and All-County Choruses, Boys' State, National Honor Society, Homecoming Trojan, memorable experiences with Gail, Tim, Dave, France '80. "A vaincre sans peril, on triomphe sans gloire." Corneille BARBARA ESCHMANN Swimming, Track, Lee's room, Canada '81, bb's with L.M., C.V.'s, M.O., L.Q. at Hess I-spy with K.S., apples, squiggalees, N.H.C.C., It must have been Charlie that ate my wallet. "You can live your own life, making it hap- pen, working on your own time, laid back and laughin'." N .Y. CATHERINE L. EVANS "Evie" Somebody's gotta do it! "Take your time, think a lot, Think of all the things you've got, For you'll still be here tomorrow But your dreams may not." - Cat Stevens MAUREEN FALVEY Trojanettes, Spanish Club, Must . . . Boston . . . Best of times with best of friends . . . Spring '81 with Beth. "To a friend's house, the road is never long." "The most wasted day is that in which we have not laughed." Thanks Mom, Dad, and The Class of '82. MARIE ELIZABETH FENNESSY Kickline, Student Council, Excellent times with De, Sarah, Sue, Tina and Vik. "Thanks for the memories." "Our laughters and our tears will soon be yesterday, Our friends will soon be gone, Life isn't fair we all may say, But somehow life goes on." Love ya, Mom and Dad KELLY PATRICE FARRELL Spirit Day, Summer of '81, Poison ice cream at Long Beach, Special times with friends. "Let the disappointments pass, Let the laughter fill your glass, Let your illusions last until they shatter. Whatever you might hope to find Among the thoughts that crowd your mind, There won't be many that ever really matter." - jackson Browne A K1 PAMELA SUZAN NE FERRIS Thanks to: C.C., R.D., T.S., R.P., Long Beach, 411180, 613178, W.E.2, I.J.C.D., 6113180, skiing. "Many dreams come true, and some have silver linings. I live for my dreams and a pocketful of go1d." Led Zeppelin "Take a walk on the wild side." L. Reed "Catch your dreams before they slip away." Rolling Stones MAUREEN ANNE FAY "Mohawk" Kickline, Swimming, Trojan Club, Key Club, Horizons, Clarise, Chem with K.M., E.M., and C.B., Good times with friends A.P., K.M., C.B., G.D., E.M., and T.G. Good luck to everyone. "If you love something, set it freeg If it comes back to you, it's yours, If it doesn't, it never was." Thanks Mom and Dad. MICHAEL S. FINEGAN I.V., V. Football, Baseball, El Dumpo '81, MET GAMES, Oct. '79, Aug. '80, "Don't forget your failures or you'll learn them all over again." - Dan Fogelberg ALICIA MARIE FISCHER ,,Lee,, Concert Choir, Guidance Aide, Masquers, Seminar, Softball manager, Trojan Club, Volleyball manager. "Every person longs to be loved. For himself, as himself. He longs to feel he is the first and the last, the one and the only. And he is forgiven this longing - selfish as it may seem." ., nf JOHN FLYNN "jack" Wings Hockey '79-'81, Tennis, Mast staff, Paul, Ioe, Bob, Bruce, Mike. "There are places I remember all my life, though, some have changed, some forever, not for better, some have gone and some remain." I. Lennon and P. McCartney PATRICIA ANN FITZGERALD "Tricia" Great times with friends, all-niters, beach, summers of '80 and '81, out of towners, Zep- pelin and the Stones. "I got a peaceful, easy feelin'." Eagles "You can't always get what you want, but, if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need." Stones Thanks Mom and Dad MARY ELIZABETH FOLEY "MuryBeth" Upstate with C.H. and C.S., 11!5!80, C.H. and B.T., drivers ed, 915181, McD's especially L.A. and M.M., "A.T." Chop on spirit day, S.BG's B.S. party. "A Friend is one who knows you as you are, understands where you've been accepts what you've become and still gently invites you to grow." Mom, you're the best. wi' CAROL ANN MARIE FLERI Summer of '80 and '81, the beach, concerts, parties . . . WEEKENDS!, 9120! 80, the Falcon, visits from S.M., great times with the best friends ever. "Let the disappointments pass, Let the laughter fill your glass, Let your illusions last until they shatter . . ." Iackson Browne "I've loved these days." Billy Ioel LISA FORD Crew, Backpacking, Horseback Riding, Soft- ball, L.E., C.F., S.H., I.M., L.R., S.D., B.C., September 1980, New Orleans 1982 with K.R. Here's to good friends and good times. CATHERINE FOX "Cathy" Summer '81, Senior Year, football games, get- ting the car, Too bad S.G. Good Luck E.H. and K.K. Thanks Mom and Dad. "The only way to live is to accept each minute as an unrepeatable miracle, which is exactly what it is - a miracle and unrepeatab1e." W, wi. ' EDGAR FRIEDMAN "Gur" French Club, Chess Team. "Let it be observed that slovenliness is no part of religion Cleanliness is indeed next to godliness." IEANNINE ANN FRAITES "Missy" Bobby, Patti, Maria, Maureen O., Dawn M., Nancy C., Monique L., Kathy K., and Michael C. Summer '81, B.R. after 12 midnight Friday nite with Bobby, Patti and Taso, Point Lookout, Saturday with B.M., P.S. and T.A. Huntington with Bobby. House Painting with B.M. at 8:30 am Sept. 10 '80, Oct. 24 '80 - Phoenix Christmas '80 with Bobby. "If you love something set it free, if it comes back it's yours, if it doesn't it never was." CYNTHIA ANNE FROMMANN "Fra" Tai Chi, Softball, T.L., Gooses, Ierques, IJ., Nov. 2, Favorite time is 2:54. "Anything that is thinkable can be thought and done." Think about it. Durrenmatt "Youse guys ain't learned me nuttin' I didn't already knowedf' "Try Try Again, Then Give Up." RICHARD HAGUE FRASER Varsity Lacrosse, Summers at the beach. "No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings." William Blake WILLIAM FULLER "Bill" Camping, Lax . . . good times at Ten Feat ac- commodations . . . smoke out . . . Grateful Dead, Hot Tuna . . . Special APII classes. "We cannot stay by the crystal mountain, the Serpent of dreams has left his shadow there." Jorma Kaukonen NORA ELLEN GALLAGHER Iuly 5, 1980 with Mary-Beth and Gina, Spirit Day '81, The beach with Chris, C.C.C., Good times with great friends - special times with Iena. "It's not how much you have, but how much you enjoy, that marks happiness." All my love to Mom and Dad. MICHAEL GERRETY "Mike" The weekend in Northport, "The world is full of kings and queens, who blind your eyes and then steal your dreams, it's heaven and hell." Black Sabbath STEPHEN JAMES GALLAGHER "Look around and choose your own ground For long you'll live and high you'll fly And smiles you'll give and tears you'll cry And all you touch and all you see Is all your life will ever be." P.F. TEUTA GHILAGA "Towata" Trojan Club, French Club, Great times with great kids like M.F., K.M., C.G., K.M., and E.M. Thanks for everything. "Now I know that my life has given me more than memories And we can see that for every moment there is a reason to carry on." Thanks Mom and Dad SUSAN BIRCH GAMMAGE "Sue" Senior year, Concerts, parties and G.S.! Spirit Day '81 at Chop, Eisenhower Park . . . Funnels! B.S. Party 1O! 231 81, Kamakazi's, Rockville Centre and Grundy's. All my love to my fami- ly and friends. "There never seems to be enough time to do the things you want to do once you find them." I.C. JEAN GIBBONS Varsity Cheering, AQA, Excellent times with the Immediate, GNO, Sag, Teddy, And here is a sunrise to set on your sill, The ghosts of the dawn moving still and near That pass through your sorrows and leave you quite still - Sitting among souvenirs." D.F. ROGER RAYMOND GIESEKE Varsity soccer, water skiing, National Honor Society, snow skiing, "Corvair Corsa", "good times with T.B., B.I-I., P.K., D.A., G.H., and I.C.B. with the "Blue Max" 1R.I.P.J. "Take it to the limit one more time." Eagles "No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings." - William Blake STEPHEN GLOVER Luce Ends, Phoenix Bird, Interstellar Princess, Blorch, Dead, T.Z. pub, Summer '80, and "Ty." ". . . and things will never change, From the way that I see them right now, and I fear that the Rose of the Rock will fade and die." S.G. CHRISTINE KATHLEEN GILBRIDE "Crissy" Gymnastics, Summer of '80, Christmas with Mr. G., R,P., L.E., F.F., Riverhead. Thanks Mom and Dad. "If you love something, set it free, If it comes back, it is yours, If it doesn't, it never was." "Cherish yesterday, Dream tomorrow, Live today." CYNTHIA LYNN GOSS "Cindy" French Club, German Club, Italian Club, Newspaper, tennis, Madrigals, Concert Choir, Texas, Friday the 13th, pickles, and ice cream, Halloween '81, German I, Fire Island '81. "Don't stop thinking about tomorrow. Don't stop, it'll soon be here. It'll be better than before. Yesterday's gone, yesterday's gone." DAWN ANN GILLILAND "Sometimes seems like we just don't care, Don't waste time feeling hurt, we've been through hell together, we awoke from our dream, Things are not always what they seem, Memories linger on. It's like a sweet, sad old song." -Todd Rundgren DANA E. GRIFFIN Good times and flying. "You cannot choose your battlefields, The gods do that for you. But you can plant your standard Where a standard never flew." Nathalia Crane "Humble we must be if to heaven we go, high is the roof there, but the gate is low." R.H. IAMES FRANCIS GRIFFITH Varsity lacrosse, Varsity football, I.V. basket- ball, V.P. Student Council, Alpha Omega Theta, Skiing in Vail '80, Lax trips to Virginia. "There are three ingredients in a good life: learning, earning and yearning." LINDA MARIE HAFFNER Concert Band, German Club, England '80, The Loft, "Motto", "The Rules", U. Room, Mousie. "If you can't be a highway then just be a trail, If you can't be the sun be a star, It isn't by size that you win or you fail - Be the best of whatever you are!" Douglas Malloch Uizvf '1m'1LfEj, . QI 4 , s . A 'P ,r N 1 fl L is ., ,Ib lfbkfga 'bg i- 1 4 1--1 ,w - Eh . -r Q5 git-95.91 Q' T fa 15, E was -B .uf we ,, 'A Q "' . ,Sa , 3 N we Q, e fa -bg ev .,, Q. ' c as 19 . . -9 I 5 F s ' " ebbwftl auf' Q Q U , ,Q MICHAEL GROGAN IAMES HALLIWELL Varsity football, varsity basketball, varsity baseball, Knox's Cave, Waterworks, Guertin, Turkeybowl "The tongue can no man tame, it is an unruly evil." The Bible ,K t - A, 1 ra, lk B ,.. .dv 0 of ... L an ,W ', 3.1, S ARUNA GUPTA is . "Runie" Iunior.,ProrH, Senior Year, Spirit Day, Homecfmiing, Weekends, parties. "One day at a time, - this is enough. Do not look back and grieve over the past, for it is gone, and do not be troubled about the future, for it has not yet come. Live in the present, and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering." - Ida Scott Taylor LORRIE ANN HAMILTON "Lor" Great times in Bayside U.T., P.L., A.L.D, Weekends with N.P. and F.A., H.K.'s parties, Roy's with G.S. and H.K. and the best was Christmas vacation 1980 ending with a begin- ning Uanuary 3, 1981i fA.P.J. Thanks! "Thanks for the times that you've given me. The memories are all in my mind." The Commodores CHRISTINE M. HANLEY "Chris" . Spirit Day '81, 811180, 8f'l0!80, Thanks so much Mom and Dad - I love you! Lorraine, don't forget your keys! Bartending with K.L. - Here's to the 3 musketeers D.L., P.R., CH., and Chaminade boys. " 'Cause we're having a party!" "Bring your good times and your laughter, too!" "I can't get no satisfaction." "Tonight in Iungleland!" 54 rs' ,M PAM HARRINGTON S.C.B., French Club, Canoe Trip '80, Genesis, Louie's party 9th grade, "The Tray's House", Eric's parties, Cruisin' in the HBN, Reina's slumber, Chatterly's with Deb, Oct. 3, 1981, and the best of times with Io. "Raise high the roof beam, carpenters." Salinger SOLITA HANNA "Sol" Masquers, Softball, Spanish Club, Barbara, Denise, Iackie, Ianet, Lia, and Lisa, "The Best of Times", Crew, my 17th birthday, Weiner roasts on the field, three of a kind, the Prom '81. "If every word I said could make you laugh, I'd talk forever." PATRICIA KATHLEEN HART "Ducky" Trojan, French Clubs, Swim team '79, Flag Football '81, Smush parties, C.C., I.N., L.S., D.P., T.G., CLR., I.F., to my friends: I'll miss you all more than you will know or words can express. "He who fears being conquered is sure of defeat." Napoleon Bonaparte "Silence is golden." C C IAMES URBAN HANNON "Hanna" Lax, Hockey, Captain Varsity Lacrosse, surf- ing, Ten Feat, Loft functions, many good times with good friends, shooting at Spike's, special times with R.M. "It's good to be a seeker, but sooner or later you have to be a finder." jonathan Livingston Seagull KELLY ANN MARIE HARTFIELD "Kel" Colorguard, summer of '80 and '81, all those great Friday nights, all the great times, good times we had in band camp, the great band parties, the fun times we had when we got together. I enjoyed my Senior year of high school. Thanks to my friends and to my Mom and Dad. CAROLYN HAYES PATRICK IOHN KELLY HEANEY "Rome was not built in a day. Opposition may come your way, but the harder the battle may seem, the sweeter the victory," Jimmy Cliffe MARGARET ANN HAYES NPESSHH Track, Trojan Club, French Club, P.T.R., Larkin's, All-nighters, Cutchogue, Halloween with K.B., Homecoming, Spirit Day, best of times with the greatest friends, esp. L.K., C.M., I.B., N.I., P.R., K.L. "Special times, special places, special friends to remember, the moments pass so quickly, but the memories are forever." Thanks Mom and Dad. I love you. DOUGLAS ROBERT HEGEMAN UBOOH After school club, England, Degathing, Doing Boos, The Bwoppers, Big Don and all other H.D.B. members, Luce Ends, the Prunes. "But why, Wra?" "Tee Zee" "I want my gar- bage!!" "He said wha?!" - Yin Yang Rush, the Dregs, Led Zep, Mangled Degas EILEEN PATRICIA HEANEY "Eileen" Excellent times with the greatest friends in the world. Thanks for always being there. Best times with W.P. I'1l never forget anything. We can never know about the days to come, but we think about them anyway. I hope they are as happy as the memories I have of the days gone by. MARK L. HEILSHORN "Himer" Football, Tennis, Paul Ziring, Chris Lopresti, James Ostrowski, Rich Tolner, Willy DeVencentis, Ieff Bayuk, Paul Sperry, john Crafa, Lobster at Ieff's house. IOAN ELLEN HEISELMAN Stony Sevowner, Partying, Working at 7-11, Going to concerts, Going to Brooklyn, Going sick with "Gina" and the moped. "Poison all the water, use up all the air, blow your stupid heads off, see if I could care, put me down but don't blame me for what you did, cause inside everyone is a heavy metal kid." Todd Rundgren IOHN HERSEY GLENN T. HENNEBERGER j.V. Baseball, Wrestling, German Club, S.C.B. Executive Board . . ., Blue Max, Hockey at Hubbell's, Lax. "In the days of my youth I was told what it means to be a man. Now I've reached that age, I've tried to do all those things the best I can." Led Zeppelin MARY MICHELE HICKS "Michele" Trojan Club, Lacrosse, P.T.R., special times with special friends, especially Nancy. "Sometimes I lie awake at night and wonder where the years have gone. I would turn the pages back but time would not allow. The way these days just rip along, too fast to last, too vast, too strong." Iackson Browne "I love you Mom . . . Thanks" GREGG A. HENSLEY "Gaggles" I.V. Football 11th, Santana, Allman Bros., Genesis, ZZTOP, The best times with my honey, Tricia, 719181, Getting Kathy's cuda, Having a good time with Chris and Pat at Rip- ples and the painted pony, Summer of '80 with Daren and Syphy, The Lincoln Inn, The slump with P.K., T.S., B.M. "The only way to be is just to be yourself." Gregg Hensley N WILLIAM FOSTER HIGGINS I.B. remember all the safe driving tips you learned on Oxford Blvd., and also remember all the good times we had from eating on ski trips to having great parties with Mon-chi-chi. "One of these things is not like the others. One of these things does not belong." M.G. THOMAS R. HOFFELDER "Tom" Winter track, Spring track, Cross Country, junior Achievement, The many hours spent running on the track and through streets of Garden City, fun weekends spent with friends. "I don't give a damn fo: a man that can spell a word only one way." Mark Twain i.. N THOMAS HOGAN Wings Hockey 10, 11, 12, Loft Functions, Phil Lesh - Box of Rain, Airplane, Special AP II classes, Hot Tuna, A.L.L. "Faring thee well, now Let your life proceed by its own design Nothing to tell, now Let the words be yours, I'm done with mine." Bob , ,,,,,,, yy MARY KATE HOFFMAN "Kate" Girls' I.V. Basketball, Girls' Varsity Lacrosse, Varsity Field Hockey, 12th Grade Council, Leaders, Trojan Club, Donna, Sue, Solita, Lisa, Frost Valley with the Mod Quad. "We can't all be heroes because someone has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by." Will Rogers MATTHEW E. W. HOGE Summers out east in Quogue, Summer '81, wake surfing, P.I-I., D.M., S.Y.C., Flies B.P., Peconic Cliffs, S.E., B.O., Turkey Bridge, T.P., B.P., D.M., M.C., P.H., Neil Young. "Many times I've lied Many times I've listened Many times I've wondered How much there is to know." Led Zeppelin iso short, so longj 12117 PATRICIA ANN HOFFMAN "Tricia" Varsity Field Hockey, I.V. Basketball, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Badminton, Spanish Club Treas., Leader's Club Treas., Youth Group, Student Store Helper, Chris, Sue, Debbie, Magnus, Lisa, Patty, Donna, Kate, Leader's Canoe Trips, Senior-Iunior Prom, Disney World. "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." Iohn F. Kennedy AILEEN GRACE HOLLIS Trojan Club, V. Cheering, V. Lacrosse, Must, Magazine Drive, P.T.R., Parties at Larkin's, Iu- ly 3, All-Nighters, Spirit Day, Celebratin'. "So you're scared and you're thinking that maybe We ain't that young anymore, Show a little faith, There's magic in the night." Springsteen MARK B. HOLOBIGIAN UIACIH A.V., running movies for classes and for movie night, getting through 11th grade. "Only those who dare . . . truly live . . ." Ferrari . . . forever . . . KAREN JEAN HUGHES Spanish Club, Grade Council, Must, Trojan Club, Key Club. "There is a destiny that makes us brothers . . . None goes his way alone. . . All that we give into the lives of others . . . Comes back into our own." Edwin Markham ELIZABETH HORGAN Liz Summers at the point, special people I'1l always remember, getting the car, "R.S." someday. - happiness sneaks in thru a door you didn't know you left open. - it is better to love a short girl than never to love a'tall. - lose your dreams and you will lose your mind. MAGNUS HUTCHINSON "General Hutchinson" German Club, Sr, Class Council, Trojan Club, Spanish Club, Must. Montauk '81, Homecom- ing Day '81, Nothing Book, "Math Roll" with L.I., Taking the long way home. "Generals do it with class!" "Home is where you want it to be." You're the best Mom and Dad! And to ALL my other "Mommies," you're great too! JOHN F. HOYT Captain Color Guard, Summer of '81 with I.C., D.P., and S.M., I.H., A.P., Another late night with B.L., "Pass me another Molsons", "The Prixs"g "The Birds"p Baby Blue and C.C.'s T.A., "Are you on drugs or something?" Those two boltsg "lust a five minute break"p High St., ILIMC "Movin Out" Billy Ioel 1 VICTORIA IAGROSSI "Vicki" "Success is to be measured not so much by the goals one has achieved in life, but by the obstacles he has overcome while trying to succeed!" ,X in ,i ,ii . ifjlfl- Fl it ,i I W 1 S .. lt it S V' 1275 jf. W it jiN'ww, jf it Qf"9lwt"U ,Sf il PJ 1 l Wx tlfltll xlib' my v 'E 'lV'l'V5 DONALD G. IMGRAM "Missy" Masquers, Seminar, Confirmation, Iohn, Whitney, Liz, Iohn, Retreats, Mini Cinema, Rocky Horror, Induction, Weigels, Deering, Deer Hill, C.F. '82, England, Bertha, Sty- ble!Angela, Iournals, Kathy, Steener, Gordon, Cy, Thumper, Glenda, God. "How lucky you are to have known someone that saying good-bye is so damned awful." - Dick Bueck TARA ANNE IRWIN Trojan Club, Debbie, Susan, Regina, September '80, Laces, Surprise party, Lord Stanley's Feast, Mr. Badger's class. "Think deeply, speak gently, Love much, laugh often, Work hard, give freely, Pay promptly, pray earnestly, And be kind." Thanks Mom and Dad. I lf! Ji' QF ly'-'ll ' vxplrt lXy'L"q9 ?RfiLAl5 Ilgfilui Football Lacrosse Track Italian Club Pfonor -Lsociet scB MA SA PK NP MM vyljf A.P., 1.c., JA., Doc D., The Red Vega, Bubba Parties, Beefsteaks. "Flyin' away on a wing and a prayer, who could it be? Believe it or not it's just me." - 1.5. "I'm winning" - Santana LISA RENEE ISSING German Club V.P., Trojan Club, Senior Class Council, S.C.B., . . . "The Nothin' Bookers", "Mousie", Montauk '81, M.H. and her lovable duck, the one and only toilet paper badminton net! To L.H., S.P., and especially M.H.: "Thanks - just for being friends." NANCY SHERWOOD IRWIN 1,NanCf1 Great memories with the best of friends, 9! 13181, the best past three years possible. "Adn our time is flyin' see the candle burnin' low. It's the new world risin' from the shambles of the old. If we could just join hands! That's all it takes." - The Rover To my family - Thanks for being there! PETER E. JENSEN "Pete" Remember: Summer '80, '81, '69, '70 Cutlass, 442 "Only those who dare, truly live." Ferrari Q . l 059 vita YWYK' DAVID JOHNSTON Parties, concerts Cgodzilla, SS:G Parkj, maggot- man, Skiing, Echo insanity. "Time it was, and what a time it was, It was . . . a time of innocence, A time of confidences. Long ago . . . it must be I have a photograph, preserve your memories, They're all that's left of you." - Simon and Garfunkel GUS KARAYIANNIS "The Greek" Football, Basketball, Water and Snow Skiing, Hunting, "Getting it." Toronto convention with the Sons, Fokos Sunday Nights, Buckboard's, Pt. Lookout '80-'81, November 20th I am there, Uncle Sam's Thursday Nights, Goya dances. To all the great times with my friends, Memories with Barbara that will always be there. "Born to be Wild." DONNA MARIE JOYCE "Doha Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, A.K., L.N., J.B., M.M., H and H, J.C., J.O., M.H., L.I., phone"'c'btiversations, Bp. victory, Ponytails, summer '81 "I dedicate this space to my parents whose sacrifices have made my life enjoyable, whose care has shown me kindness, and whose love has given me happiness." "Thanks Mom and Dad, I love you." WILLIAM JOHN KARCHER "Bill" Skiing, soccer, tennis, hockey. CK., M.M., P.Z., C.S., Canada '80, Vermont '81, West End 2!Arby's, Mr. Bruni's Latin class. "Never put off 'til tomorrow, that which can be done today." STACEY ANNE KALKINES "Aceystay" "Honey" "Spacey" Majorette Capt., French Club, Class Council, Italian Club '79, '80, England '80, Florida, New Hampshire, Westhampton, Hanging out with Donald M., T.P.M., Majorettes, C.K., Ms. G., Lydia, H, to H, R.R.'s. "Don't touch me!" Love and thanks to Mom and Dad and everyone at the Big Red O. "Live today as if tomorrow might never come," S.A.K. KATHRYN ELIZABETH KEANE "Peaches" Marching and Concert Band, French Club, C.G., M.E., C.W., K.M,K., M.M., T.T., R.M., K.M., F.L., KB., C.P., L.M,, E.O., S.K., T.M., D.M., E.M., KJ., L.W., L.H., England 1980 "IfI am right, thy grace impart still in the right to stay, If I am wrong, oh teach my heart To find the better way." Anonymous Thanks Mom and Dad! LAWRENCE KEATINC ANNE M. KELLY G.A.A., Trojan Club, Basketball '81, Bethpage - ??? Field Hockey Trip, Drives with "TFM." "He has the right to criticize who has the heart to help." Abraham Lincoln "In the hour of adversity be not without hope For crystal rain falls from black clouds." To my family - You're the best! STEVEN KEENAN "Craps" Bosco and Mallomars, summer nights, Dewars, New Year's Eve, Coney Island, Grarn's house, 4th of july, Rock 'n Roll, Hang- ing out, Twiggy, Wacked, Atlantic City, Manhattan Beach, Florida, Beers. Exploring, Bocchi Ball, the Boys, Cousin Vinnie at the Stones Concert, Ocean Fish, Ant at Bonds, 47th Street with Uncle Ang., Malteds. "The best is yet to come, and I'll be back stronger than ever!" EARL KELTON JOHN 1. KEHOE "john Kehoe" Favorite activities are soccer and track. A cer- tain unplanned, abrupt stop coming from Delaware will never be forgotten. However, the night of Oct. 2nd will be remembered as the most memorable. "Remember, we are shooting for an A today." - T.L. DAVID WILLIAM KENNA "Dave" Skiing, Golf, Concert Band, Iazz Ensemble, White Horse, Hug Dega Band. March 6, 1981. "They say that life's a carousel Spinning fast, you've got to ride it well. The world is full of kings and queens Who blind your eyes then steal your dreams. It's Heaven and Hell." Ronnie Iames Dio, Black Sabbath IAMES PATRICK KENNY "Woe-Fat" Baseball, Fraternity, Ten Feat, Loft Functions, New York Mets. "So blow your whistle freight train, take me far down the track, I'm goin' away, I'm leavin' today, I'm goin', but I ain't comin' back." Grateful Dead '1 KIMBERLEE MARTHA KEPPLER "Kim" Social Chairman, Student Council, S.C.B., and Trojan Club, Executive Board, Cheering, Lacrosse, Homecoming Court, National Honor Society, W.H.B.: "kesh", magic's, 8!20!80, G and S '80, Ian. '81, "Gieks" and Chilly Willy's. Vail, ski camp, Canada, France, and Ft. Lauderdale. Thanks for the wild times M.T.M., A,M.B., R.M., S.P., L.C., and "Big Chon." Mom and Dad, I love you! PETER D. KENNY LYNN KESHIAN "Linita" "I-Iola!", Led Zeppelin, great times with friends, A.P. Art, England with Charlie, Mattituck, Ski trips with Tray, Kung Fu, Church Cheerleading, Genesis 11!29l81, Thanks Mom and Dad. "If you have two coats, give one to the poor. If you have extra food, give it away to those who are hungry." Luke 3:11 "I had a dream -- oh, my crazy dream. Anything I wanted to know, any placel wanted to go." PETER E. KENNY Weekend Ski trips, traveling, flying, good times with friends, B.H., I.B., R.G., T.B., C.B., T.A., H.R., wlI.K. The Blue Max, Mast, I.A, "Flow to the sea, you know where to go. Still we are free, no one tells the wind which way to blow." Moody Blues ANTHONY ROBERT KNOERZER "Antony", "Tony", "Nose" German Club President, Soccer, the Prom, Spring Fling, the Loft, good times with M.C., M.L., G.P., E.O., C.P., G.F., D.C., Coburg, Vien- na, the Who, the Doobie Bros. "Go placidly amid the noise and haste and remember what peace there may be in silence." Anonymous WILLIAM KNOX Mast, Track, Baseball, Springsteen, Islanders, Mrs. Dina, Feb. 6 at the Garden, "Mew", Hawthorne, Peets, "At any rate", Kitty, James Robert, Bones. "You say it's very hard to leave the life we knew, but there's no other way, and now, it's really up to you." Elton John SUSAN JUNG-AH KOH French Club, Ballet, Key Club, Astronomy Club, Grade Council. Andover with Elizabeth, Boston, Charlie in the city, Floie and the horses, Sue, Dancin' Chopin, Simon and Garfunkel. "Man is . . . worthy of all admiration . . . man is rightly believed to be a great miracle . . . a being to be admired." Pico Della Mirandola MICHAEL T. KOCONAS "Mike" Tennis team, Summer of '81 and Stanley Cup Playoffs '80 and '81. "A winner never quits and a quitter never wins." KATHLEEN MARIE KOHLER "Kathy" Good times with friends . . . "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you just might find that you get what you need." Rolling Stones "A smile costs nothing, but gives to those who receive it. It takes but a moment, yet the memory of it sometimes lasts forever." JAMES LEE KOESTER "Co-Captain Varsity Soccer, Tri-Captain Varsi- ty Lacrosse, Going to Hofstra . . . and Scoring! Lacrosse in Virginia, Cranking shots at G.K.'s, LA-X camp with spike and coach. Vermont '81 .... Thanks Mom, Dad, Friends. "Some men think they're born to be king, Maybe that's true. But I think passing love around Is all we were born to do." Doobie Brothers B GREGORY KONNER Tennis, track, Ten Feat, Sugarbush '81, loft functions, Bridgehampton, Vermont. "We know what a person thinks not when he tells us what he thinks, but by his actions." Isaac Singer KERRIE CLAIRE KONNER "Kern Cheering - Trenton, Hamptons - summer '79 with I.P., '81 with I.R. and cowtipping with M.O.'S and L.K., A.O.A., T.P., M.R., W.M., CB., S.B., I.G., C.D., Tuts - Ker, Wal and Mol. 13 years with Mol! Fine house, Pat B., 510.43 Bucko, Kase, Yeaaah! "Ride with the tide, go with the flow." N.N. P.S. Thanks Mom and Dad P.P.S. I love you Bro! PATRICK J. KOSLO Skiing in Vail '81, golf, Sox's bar with T.R., E.D., I.H., IJ., SN., Leo's, Chop, Paul's shell, cackling, D.L.W.'s. "When this you see, remember me And bear me in your mind. Let all the world say what they may, Speak of me as you find." Mick Iagger HELEN KONTOLEFAS "Len" May 28, Gemini, music, the beach, hitting discos, going out, water skiing, roller skating, DJ.-ing, ping pong, badminton, fashion, art, USA, Greece, my box, motorcycle rides, belly dancing, Malaconda Beach, the gang, cruising, being a dance pro, dancing in "Apollo," Aquarius disco - cafeteria, "Laughter is the best medecinef' P.S. Thank you Mom and Dad f. at LYNORE KRAMER Cheering, Prom '81, skiing - Canada, Smell and Kat, Tuts-Ker, Mol, and Wal, Cowtipping, radical Annie's 17th, Too much wine, too much song, wonder how we got along, Florida '81, TC3-10.43, Fine House. "There never seems to be enough time to do the things you want to do once you find them." jim Croce Thanks to my family. IOHN KORDES 1.V,, Varsity soccer, Election committee. Good tunes, the ST, and good times. "I grumlbed because I had no shoes, until I saw a man who had no feet." LORRAINE MARIE KREBS Cheering, Trojan Club, Magazine Drive, good times with C.M., P.H.,1.B., N.I., and K.L. "I've been aware of the time going by, They say in the end it's a wink of an eye." Jackson Browne CHARLES D. KRIEG "Chuck" Ice hockey, Varsity Tennis, Wrestling, Bill Karcher, Tom Lee, Steve Zannos, joe Paykin fAdolfoJ, Iim O'Neill, Piege Film "Never overstay your welcome or you'll never be welcome to stay over." - Steve Zannos MICHAEL FRANCIS LaBIANCA Skiing, U.S. II's, football and softball, looking through cat eyes, The good taste of Canadian Beer, '81, There's nothing like a Grateful Dead Concert, "What ever happened to Lou Siracuse?" "One Step done and another begun, and I wonder how many miles." Robert Hunter REGINA MARIE KRUPICA Stone seveowner, Michael, Casey, Lavelles, Dianefsj, Bayville, bikers, Lorrainefsj, Shielda, Andrewfsj, Terry, R.F., McHebes, M.R., Lon- don, full sailing, 10th St. in Locust Valley, Ripples, Harry's, Lota summers, Parties in the Park, july 14, '81, Nov. 25, '79, tonsils, Mercedes, convertibles, vodka, The Dead. "If you can't be good, be good at it." WILLIAM R. LAKE Varsity Soccer, Varsity Tennis, I.V. Basketball, Knox's Cave, Waterworks . . . Bishop Guertin, I.D., New Hampshire "There is only one success - to be able to spend your life in your own way." Christopher Morley LIA SOFIA KWEE Swimming, early morning practice, badmin- ton, Spanish Club, Mast. "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness." Thanks to all my friends, and special thanks to my Mom and Dad. DAVID LARA La-x 11, 12, Wrestling 11, 12, Student Council, Good times with Bubba, Pitch, M.G., R.F., Mom, Dad. Thanks for trusting and believing in me. I love you. Thank you Aunt Marilyn and Bruce for all of your hospitality and generosity. "Let us, then, be up and doing, With a heart for any fate: Still achieving, still pursuing, Learn to labor and to wait." H. W. Longfellow FRANCES E. LASHEN Excellent times with all my friends, Band trip to London, 1980, Band Follies, Summer of 1979 in California with K.M., Parties, S.L.I.P. Best of luck to everyone in the class of 1982! "It matters not what you are thought to be, but what you are." Anonymous NANCY ELIZABETH LAYTON Celestones, French Club, Choir, Acolytes, Y.P.F., England '79!'81, sing with Barry, Sweet Sixteen, my love for the jokester, memories of great times with all my friends. "lust a dream and the wind to carry me and soon I will be free." Christopher Cross "I've loved these days." Billy Ioel ANN BARBARA LAVELLE HAH COTA Sneezes, LDW LT House, driving in rain, Garvey's Point, Ripples, Harry's, fights, Scopeable, movies, billiards, Le shoe, whale on beach, boom-ba's, LT burps, goop! Silly me, L,B. To my friends, I love you all. "Hey, we got a long way to go so keep on lovin' and make it slow." MICHELLE LAZARAKIS Here's to good friends - live, love, and laugh, today, tomorrow, and forever. "If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours." "Some people think it's holding on that makes one strong. Sometimes it's letting go." CATHERINE MACMILLAN LAWDER "Cathy" Student Council treasurer, Trojan Club, S.C.B., Lacrosse ... Homecoming ... 6!21l81, 9!25!81 . . . great times with the best of friends . . . thanks for your love and support Daddy, Mom, B.L., M.E.B., E.M., I.W. "Yesterday is already a memory and tomorrow is only a dream, but today well lived makes every yesterday a memory of happiness and every tomorrow a dream of hope." THOMAS LEE "Tom" Varsity Cross Country, Winter Track, GREAT friends, family, john, jeff, Rich, Steve, Chuck, Ioe, Jim, Tom, Steve. "I will not give in. I will conquer this hill, I will conquer it alone." George Sheehan MONIQUE LIPARI Masquers secretary, crew, costumes, cast par- ties. Great times with I.D., P.D., M.O., I.P. Legz, Uncle Sam's, Taco's, Valley Stream with P.D., summer '81, Ants concert '81. Special thanks to I.P. and M.R.O., my Mom, Dad, and Michelle Brock. JAMES MICHAEL LOCOPO Eh, Italian Club, Band, Nads, Defectors. "Ya Gotta Believe." Tug McGraw "Confusion will be my epitaph, as I cross a cracked and broken path. If we make it we can all sit back and laugh." Peter Sinfield WILLIAM LIPSEY CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL LOPRESTI "Chris" Tennis, I.O., P.Z., R.T., I.W., W.D., E.B., R.P., M.H., "S.L.B." RT Parties, attic functions, "Go real slow, you'll like it more and more, take it as it comes, and specialize in having fun." ELIZABETH IAQUELINE LOBO To the best of friends - especially the Clique and N.C. "Thank you for the smiles you've given me to- day, I just hope they last the rest of the way." "Take your time, don't live too fast, Troubles will come and they will pass, Don't you worry - you'1l find yourself, just follow your heart and nothing else." - L.S. "M.A.A.M.P. ANDREA LYNN LUCANO "Amie" Mast Thanks to my good friends . . . The memories linger on . . . 7!5!80 with MaryLou, . . . 8l28!81 with Liz . . . Thanks Tara, The Monkees with Fifi . . . Neil jackson, Petty, Dan, Todd, "A Dream Goes on Forever," "just One Victory - and We're on our Way." "You don't know what you've got till it's gone." Ioni MARIE JEAN LUCCA Mast Co-Editor, Hon. Soc., Cast Parties, Poker games, Band Follies and Functions, Italian Bowling, Tuds and Penguines, Prom '81 w! A.K., Kev, Ier, M.N., H.L., A.P., my GI, Enzo's, Ocean City, "Strut" "A smile costs nothing but gives much. It enriches those who receive without making poorer those who give. It takes but a moment, but the memory of it sometimes lasts forever." TIMOTHY PATRICK MCCARTHY IR. june 20 '81 . . . getting to know Claudia, Par- ties, My friends you have made our times together memories, let us not forget or regret. Ireland Summer '81 special memories with special friends. "Living well is the best revenge." Old Spanish Proverb "My Brother was an only Child." lean Shepherd Thanks Mom and Dad KERIN MARIE LUHMANN "Keri" Summer of '81 and '82, Spirit Day '81, Larkin's, 512181, july 3 and 4 '81, Open houses, all-nighters, Chop, cruising, parties at you know who's. "Usually it's too late when you realize what you had." "I know that it's wrong and I should be so strong, but the thought of it gone makes me want to hold on." Thanks Mom and Dad . . . I love you! MICHAEL MCCUTCHEON "Cutch" Varsity Football 11, 12, Varsity Track 10, 11, 12. Good times with great friends. Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen. "May God blessed keep you always, May your wishes all come true. May you always do for others, And let others do for you. May you build a ladder to the stars, and climb on every one. May you stay forever young." Bob Dylan KEVIN JOHN LYNCH Mast, Echo, National Honor Society, French Club, Core, Library . . . Mast functions, Mark's Loft, Insects . . ., Straggling with I.S., Mort, Idi, I.M., D.D., Gail, and M.L. "Living is easy with eyes closed, Misunderstanding all you see. It's getting hard to be someone, but it all works out, It doesn't matter much to me." Iohn Lennon and Paul McCartney ROBERT MCENTEE Coburg exchange, LAX, Utopia - N.Y.C., Ger- man Club. "Ripple" "You may be about to fall, but we go down fighting. Underneath it all, we're here together. So pray for it all day, Fight for it all night, and give us just one victory, and we'll be all right!" Todd Rundgren EILEEN PATRICIA MCGOWAN Majorettes, Religion Teacher, Masquers, England '80, 12!6!80, good times with good friends, K.M., C.W., R.M., M.M., F.L., I.C. "It's nice to be important, but it's more impor- tant to be nice." Thanks Mom and Dad EILEEN MCQUADE P.T.R., S.C.B. executive, Magazine Drive, flag football, Oasis, Horizons. Great times with Kathy, Chris, Bill, and Mary. Live, Love, laugh. "If you think your life is complete confusion cause you never win the game cause your neighbors got it made just remember that it's a Grand Illusion And deep inside we're all the same." Styx Thanks Dad. KATHLEEN MCLAUGHLIN "Katie" Trojan Club, Key Club, Kickline, P.T.R., Great times with Mohawk, Kate, Clairice, A.D., E.M., T.G., Horses. To my friends, family, and especially, Mom and Dad. "Thanks for everything. I never realized what a great life I have. Thanks for being part of it." "Dare to test your wings." Anonymous l ANTHONY MACALUSO The Who: Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend, Iohn Entistle, Keith Moon, Kenney Iones. "I think that if you're smashed into the ground completely, the only real way to go is up." Peter Townshend ERIN VIRGINIA MCNAMARA Track, Soccer, Key Club, Trojan Club, P.T.R., Summer of '81 . . ., especially 714181, Homecoming '81, parties. Excellent times with great friends will always be remembered. "Sometimes I laugh and cry and can't remember why, but I still love those good times gone by." james Taylor Thanks Mom and Dad - you're the greatest. REGINA ANNE MACK Must, S.C.B., Key Club, the Councils, Ramones, Ca's house, A.P. Art, Kelly's house, times at Shoreham, Rucca, S.F.'s. "Sometimes I laugh and cry and can't remember why, but I still love those good times gone by." Iames Taylor Tommy. . . "H.O.L.L.A.N.D." "Bestest times with all my friends." DONALD TERRY MacLEOD IR. .Donn French Club Secretary, Madrigals, Class Coun- cil, best of times with Stacey K., Summers in Southhampton, Florida, New Hampshire, T.P.M., C.K., and H.A.A. III. "The years between have taught me some sweet, some bitter lessons, none Wiser than this - to spend in all things else, But of old friends, Be Most Miserlyf' james Russell Lowell Thanks Mother and Dad ELIZABETH AMY MAIER "Liz" P.D., D.G., L.R., R.S., R.W., going to the junior prom with Iohn Nicols and Iune 9th 1981. "What a long strange trip it's been." Grateful Dead EDWARD MAFFUCCI PATRICK F. MALONEY "Pat" Guitar, Luce Ends and friends, Eat the Machines, Battles '80, '81, I.M.Z.N. "We've traveled many places. Doing the best of things, which no one can replace in." DEBORAH ANN MAHER "Debbie" Leader's Club, Trojan Club. German Club and Spanish Club. Summer of 1980 in Germany with Sue, Lord Stanley's Feast, sixth-period Physics class, Milleridge Inn Halloween Par- ty, Senior Flag Football. "A friend is someone who knows all about you, and likes you anyway." LISA MANGANO Honor Society, Swim team Captain, Key Club, Language Tutors, Italian Club, Trojan Club. Ski trips and the beach - all the good times with good friends, traveling and most impor- tantly - learning. Thanks Mom and Dad! 1 f if A 1 DONALD T. MANCELS To all my friends, especially all the Two's, Hug Dega Band, Degathing, Luce Ends and Company, Taj Parties, T.Z. Pub, A.P. Two's, Iimi Hendrix, C.H., Kenworthy, we say whaa! and we are gone. Thank you Mom and Dad for everything. "lit" MATTHEW SCOTT MANNING Computer Club, Newspapers, Peter Martin, john Newman, Iim Sager, Iohn deLuna. "Let it be." The Beatles DAWN MANISCALCO I'll always remember the best of times with N.S., N.C., F.M., and the homeboys from "Hollywood." The always and forever drum- mer of '81 with Barbara. "When you find the ones you love a lot you must never let them go." Donna Summers CLAUDIA ISABEL MANRIQUE "Laudie" Meeting Scott I. and sharing thousands of great times together, Canada fskij, a broken leg for 10 months, My friends: M.L.R., I.H., C.C., S.S., AJ., M.T., D.B., D.C., Laudie n- Scott . . . forever. "This is the end beautiful friend, the end of elaborate Plans, the end of everything that stands, the end, No safety, No surprise, The end, I'll never look into your eyes again." I.M. MARIAN MANNING Masquers, Elsa, Westhampton - Best of Times, Shenifer, Kim, Caela, M.B.'s, Chilly's 7, T-Bay, Billy Buttons, water skiing, inlet, exer- cise? "My head is in a spin," T-Ball, K.O.C., Hawaii - Ted, Gold and Silver 12!23!80, Ellen - Canada '79, '80, '81, Football, The Music Man. All my love and thanks to my wonderful family. -0 -r""'fY KRISTIN LOUISE MANTZ "Kris" German Club, Celestones, Majoretters '80, L.C.R. Cheering. M.E., K.K., C.W., F.L., M.M., R.M., E.M., P.S,, D.D., M.W., C.G., D.M., T.T., E.D. Halloween of 1980, Great times with special friends. "Seek your dreams and you shall find hap- piness, Follow your heart and you shall find meaning to life." Thanks Mom and Dad. MARK MARESCA Chesca . . . Camelot Inn - Face to Face, Horizons, Pinstripes - 506, Slammers, Horizon Sun, Doors, Doobies . . . Surfing Sun- day's, Rocky!, Thursdays, Delaware canoe trip - 10 mile River, skiing, Hunter Mtn. - Nastar, Dec. Vt. trip - HonKer! IOANNA B. MARTONE The Unicorn, the Rose, and Friends. "To see a world in a grain of sand - and heaven in a wild flower. Hold infinity in the palm of your hand - and eternity in an hour." W. Blake Thanks Mom. Take Care. l PETER MARTIN Favorite Pastimes: Electronics, A few good friends, The Beatles, Stones, and Led Zep- pelin, and an old beat up Les Paul. "The eagle he picks his eye the worm he licks his bone." Iohn Lennon CHRISTINE ANNE MASTERSON "Chris" Varsity Field Hockey, Varsity Softball, P.T.R. Best of Friends make best of memories. Homecoming '79, 7-3-81, 6-6-81, Spirit Day '81, Parties at Larkin's, Florida '81, All- nighters, Southold '80. "You and I have memories longer than the road that's spread ahead of us." Thanks Mom and Dad for always being there. SERCIO EMILIO MARTINEZ "Serge" Mathletes, Physics Club. Great times with I.T. and my great-great-great grand-ape. The ten- inch reflector and Stormin' Normin'. "God does not play dice with the universe." Albert Einstein FRANK ANTHONY MASTROMATTEO Lo Stivule, Italian Club. "When you look over your shoulder and you see the life you've left behind, you can dream, but you can never go back the way you came." A . . jackson Browne . VICTORIA MATTHEWS H J "Vicky" Varsity Swimming-'and Diving, Co-Captain Trojanettes, dancing, Summer of '80, ""No sliceswat tables," Miss Niss, Great times with great friends. L "We're always proving who we are, always reaching forfthat brightened star to guide me far and,-shine me home, out here on my own." V f . 1 - I. Cara Thanks Mom and Dad. ' , MICHAEL MELKONIAN "Mel" Martial Arts, Swimming, Coins, Di, Burn Rub- ber, Iimmy Byrnes, Dancin', Red Vega, New Smyrna Beach. The "Capers" with Mike, Alex, and Larry. Friends, Mike, Alex, Ion, Iohn, Nick, Artie, Walt. "I may not hit rock bottom, but at least I hit the sides." .K ,. N w ,X . , ,..,. S, .XA !, , WENDY JILL MAYER Good times with great friends S.B., M.R., I.G., M.O., T.P., K.K., M.M. The "Immediate," Sum- mer of '81 fH.T.J with S.B. Great times at "89" Wiegel's Place, Homecoming '81, E.W., I.L., and M.R., G.N.O. when it was possible, soaps with the girls, P.T.R. in 10th, laughing with M.O., M.R. THOMAS WILLIAM MERCANTE Football, Lax, Nautilus, Boating, Water skiing. T.G. at Iay's, Lifeguarding, Beach-nite, full moon, beautiful girl, my Le Saber had its time, pals Eric, Scull, Ron, Reebs, bridges jumping, "Slow hand," Ir. Prom, "Yeah, right." "Wam Bam, Thank you Ma'am." - Changes One, Bowie 55 igkdefive sectirifyjzq ltheg 'nexgif' you gain xt x , X.. . f Wagga' X -4 NX he , yy" x vt 3-1. ' , 'i l f 1 X ,Co 1 K- ' Jw auf 1 vi R ,A i I" t 5-- 1 . sf" fx' '- 1 YQ , 1 I 11,-1-ff V, 1 - - ,. 2 ,Xp.,f3..1AMEs.vEDwI,N MEAQ if ,Ei ggi .-... N 2 -" mx 3.4-w,X ky-if 'LTO dx ness ourselft-i-nbfreedqml 'ou list dial-- . P . Y , . . Y ,.fl'l,, . toievetything,ofyesterclayg''From,,theL9dld,' yoiigf flow." 'A ' H.x'y.i.A'n,i,,- V1.5 ff . 'R V. ' - Bruce Lee il fflietlimesixy hjellqylth smile and sirlg with !?1YXh0dY-"x':'l'l'- . I TN 2 w A. :,'.,.,-f-- X '- ou. S ,Y CYNTHIA L. MERWARTH "Cindy" Indeein' down the 500, The Spider Mobile, 10!17!81, N.C., K.S., S.S., T.T. "Look around and choose your own ground, for long you live and high you fly. And smiles you'll give, and tears you'l1 cry, and all you touch, and all you see is all your life will ever be." - Pink Floyd "Face piles of trials with smiles." - Moody Blues JACQUELINE B. MEYER "jackie" Skiing, softball, crew, best times with Barbara, Solita, L.E., L.F., BD., M.P., N.S., R.S., C.F., I.R., summer of '81, '81 prom. "Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime." "Sometimes I laugh and cry and can't remember why, but I still love those good times gone by." Thanks Mom and Dad, I love you. 'X , ,v' i . VINCENT NATHAN MISTRETTA "Vinnie" Student Council, Must, Photo, R.R.S., R.M., T.A., D.D., Smalley parties I, II, Fairfield, Sun- day football, E and I, D.P. "Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime. We'll take the best, forget the rest, and someday we'll find that these are the best of times." Styx Thanks Mom and Dad SHARON MEYER Thanks Beth, Maureen, Mary, Paula for making what could have been a really tough year a nice one. Beth and Ieanne, I'1l trip you yet! V BRIAN PATRICK MOLTER ". . . Angie, ain't it good to be alive." Stones CATHERINE MARY MILLER "Cathy" Soccer, softball, tennis, special times with Chris, Cuff and Cork, canoeing, Leadering, football games, lacrosse, Homecoming, special friends, Bermuda, Vermont. "Don't be dismayed at goodbyes. A farewell is necessary before we meet again, and meeting again after moments or lifetimes is certain for those who are friends." Illusions N ix s LAURA CHRISTINE MONAHAN German Club, Majorettes, Track, Inkspots, Polar Bear, Soccer manager, R.H.P.S. with S.G., H.S., L.Z., German class with F.R., my outfit. "These are the times that try men's souls." Thomas Paine VERONICA MAUREEN MORAN "Ronnie" Twirling 10-12, England '80, skiing, German Club, Labor Day weekends '80 and '81, Band parties, Duncan's parties, Commando Squad, Tacos. I would like to thank all who made my years here wonderful! Good Luck to the Class of 1982. Thanks Mom and Dad, I love you. MARGARET R. MORGAN Time moves quickly - just yesterday we were sophs. We're older and wiser now, having seen the good times and having made it through the bad with little help from our friends. I'll never forget: Southern thunderstorms, Hofstra, Band Follies rehear- sals, London '80, the Knoxville airport I couldn't have made it without y'all. HELEN MORFOGEN xxw ROSEMARIE MORINGIELLO ,,R0,, Student Council Sergeant at Arms, Iunior Class Secretary, Honor Society, Cheering, Magazine Drive Board, S.C.B. Executive Board, january '81, Venice - summer '81. To my family and friends - Thanks for all of the help and support you've given me. I'm so lucky to have such special people in my life. You and all of the good times will never be forgotten . . . I love you! NICHOLAS MORFOGEN Summer '81 with Iohn and Arty at Uncle Sam's and Point Lookout, Prom night at the Copa, Iackson's concert, H.H.'s car, Mike's lit- tle Vega. "You can change a lot of things in your life, but not your destiny." Donna Summer ANDREW JAMES MORREALE Good times with good friends, a special fami- ly, and a very special friend, N.D.! "If trouble comes, I don't pay no mind, I'll be all right someday, deep in my heart I do believe that I'll be all right someday." Jorma Kaukonen "Goin' where those chilly winds don't blow." Grateful Dead IOHN MORRISSEY "Musk" Vermont, Canada, camping with ugly, skiing, baseball, long live TEN FEAT, Loft functions, "The VW Bus." "The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time. Any fool can do it. There ain't nothing to it." Iames Taylor ARTHUR MOSCATO Summer of '81 with Nick and Iohn at Pt. Lookout, Uncle Sam's, I-I.H.'s car, Iackson's concert, elepha's, Mike's car, good times Dan- cin' with the boys. "It's not the size of the wand, it's the magician that uses it." "Dance, sing, shake, swing, rock it everybody to the new, fun thing." Modern Romance DAVID A. MORTAZAVI "Mort" IV Football, skiing, summer of '79 in New Hampshire, Westhampton, the Post-stop Cafe, Magic's and the Artful Dodger. "What is a friend? A single soul that dwells in two bodies." Aristotle "Feats don't fail me now." Little Feat Thanks Mom and Dad. WILLIAM C. MOYER "Cory" Guitar, Lynn, Urs, Buddy, Chris, Dionysus, Outrage and the Prunes, RUSH! "You can get what you want or you could just get old. There's only so much time and only so many hours in a day." Billy joel KATHRYN MARY MORTENSEN "Kutey" P.T.R., Softball, Soccer, great times with friends, K.M., M.F., C.B., E.M., G.D., A.P., and T.G. "Some men see things as they are, and say why? I dream things that never were: and say why not?" Robert F. Kennedy LORRIANE KAREN MOYER "Rainie" Roslyn, McHebe's, Ray's Pizza, Ego Boosters, Sisems, bright white lights, marsh, the barn, Cutchogue, G.H., Cota, Fish people, Celestones . . . Aztec Two-Step, TODD! . . . to KO. and T.B. - Love ya! . .. All my love to L.D., R.K., I.H., L.T., M.V., and D.B .... to LD. and P.B. - thanks guys, I love ya! JOHN D. MOYERS "Hedge" "I.M," Mast, sports announcer, Photo, Ir.-Sr. Seminar, "Dark Star", Puke, 02, Big, Hank, Rocky, B-day at Wiegel's, turning point - 5!30!81, 1 A.M. with Don, Iohn, "Bertha" at Deer Hill, Thanks to Liz the Ear. "Ask, and you shall receive, seek, and you shall find, knock, and the door will be opened to you." "Change is the essence of life." MARYELLEN ELIZABETH MULLIN Band, P.T.R. special times with special friends, especially C.A., L.Q., I.O., Band Camp '81 with IO., seeing TODD with C.A. Many thanks to my family and friends for making these past years so memorable. "Love and love alone Conquers the world that can be so cold. Love is how we show just what we feel." Todd Rundgren 1, if. MICHAEL MULLAHEY CLAIRE MAUREEN MULLOOLY Smiles, laughing, good friends - great times. Student Council, Trojan Club, Magazine Drive, Track, I.V. Cheering, SPIRIT Day, Homecoming, Mattituck with K.E., Phi Tau Rho 82! P.I.L. "I know I'll never lose affection for people and times that have come before. I'll often stop and think about them . . . in my life I've loved them all." MARK MULLAN "Let's drink to the hard-working people, Let's drink to the lowly of birth, Raise your glass to the good and the evil, Let's drink to The Salt of the Earth." The Rolling Stones LINDA MUNRO All the great times with L.Q., C.A., thanks B, knock over another bb! "Let the peace that you discover be a guiding light, Let the path that you uncover, set the world alright." Todd MARGARET MARIE MURPHY "Peggy", "Murph" Softball, Basketball, Volleyball, Ponytails, Canada-skiing, G.A.A. Sec., S.C.B., great times with great friends. "If you can imagine it, you can achieve it, If you can dream it, you can become it. "What you are is God's gift to you, what you make of yourself is your gift to God." Thanks Mom and Dad. ANDREW MYLOTT "Andy" Band, jazz Ensemble, Cross-Country, England 1980, Band Camp, Band Follies, Yale weekend. "We all know success, When we all find our own dreams, And our love is enough To knock down any walls, And the future's been seen, As men try to realize, The simple secret Of the note in a song." Peter Dennis Blandford Townshed MARYBETH MURPHY Trojan Club, Grade Council 10, 11, 12, Winteg Track, skiing, Vermont '80, '81, '82, Alvin, Florida '81, "Best of Times", Reg, West Hamp- ton, Chilly Willies with M.M. and I.P. "Don't be afraid to dream, But even more important, Don't be afraid to make your Dreams come true." IAMES CHARLES MYSLIK "jim", "Chubster" Madrigals-President, England '79, '82, French Club-Treasurer, Band, Band Follies-Stage Manager, Cathedral Choir, parties at S.C.'s house. "Music, the greatest good that man does know, And all of heaven we have be1ow." Addison "It's like I always say . . . Max GERALD MURRAY IRENE I. NEILL "I'll never pass this way again, but I'll always have memories of good times with good friends . . . " "Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice, it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved." WJ. Bryan JOHN J. NEWMAN JR. The SON sets Another school year is over And i wonder where it's leading to Like the bird that flies On the mist of Early morning frosts i will encounter many obstacles WE will rise above them all And in the end iwill have YOU to thank. Peace, Love ERIC NIEDERREITHER "Now that the days have passed away, hopes for tomorrow are here to stay, now that I'm seeing you on your way, I hope we will be together again someday." STEPHEN G. NICKLIS "Steve" "Nick" Football, S.M.F.'s of Hemperville, Rainbow 512181, Ozzy 8!14!81, Fun?! times with "V.K.", B.B., M.F., I.G., Eddie of Maiden. "They say that life is like a carousel, spinning fast so you gotta ride it well, 'cause it's Heaven and it's Hell." Sabbath Iron Maiden's gonna getcha . . . whoever, wherever you are! Later, Norman! ELIZABETH ANNE NOONAN "Beth" Trojanettes, Spanish Club, Key Club, Badmin- ton, German Club, Rifle Team, French Club, photography .... Thanks to all my friends for all the memories they have given me . . . Homecoming '81, the Sporty Wagon, Spring '81 with Maureen, "Friendly's." "Who knows where we shall meet again - if ever." Thanks Mom and Dad. JOHN J. N1coLs Baseball, football, excellent times with C.V., D.O., C.D., D.M., M.L., and ID., the Landmark Motel, land yachting, Competitions, ACB's, Hither Hills and D.R., Trucking up to Buffalo, Taj don't have no mercy, the Cutchogue Pub, Radio City, the alligator, the Grateful Dead, the II's, the future. MARYANN NOONAN Trojan Club, S.C.B., 12th grade council, Spanish Club, . . . the best of times with Liz, Irene, Nancy, Marie, Maureen, Beth, and Nai- Lin . . . Summer '81, Homecoming, "catching the views" with N.C., G.C. vs. Glen Cove, 1980. "There are moments in life when it would be wonderful if the world would stop so those moments could last forever." LINDA JEAN NORTON Field hockey trip, Soccer, Ponytails, G.A.A., Mast, S.C.B., Bethpage???, softball in the rain with Annie, Carol, and Leigh, Great times with Annie, Carol, C.B., and Ei. MTN, D and P, Mul's and C's, thanks for everything. I love you Mom. "All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my mother." i Abraham Lincoln RACHEL O'BRIEN "Public opinion is a weak tyrant compared with our private opinion, what a man thinks of himself is that which determines his Fate." ". . . So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom . . ." Psalm 90:12 STEVEN PETER NOTHEL "Steve" Basketball fMgr.J 10, 11, 12, tennis, skiing, golf with D.D., M.G., B.H., and R.R., hockey games, S.M.F.L., German Club, Band, Barry Opt., Mast '82, C.S.C. Maine, Skytop, B.U. weekends, Deer Hill, 5!17!81, Belmont with D.D., T.N., P.S., B.H., and M.G., beach parties. "Don't cross the river if You can't swim the tide." America IOAN MICHELLE O'CONNELL Cheering, Band Camp '81 . . .V.P., P.T.R., V.V., M.E.M., . . . "I loved you then, I love you still, you know I think I always will, you're a good friend, a good friend to me." MARY CATHERINE NOWACK "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, and we have everything before us." Charles Dickens Muchas Gracias Mama y Papa! 1 TIMOTHY O'CONNOR RICHARD SCOTT ODELL Track, Cross Country, Rush, Van Halen, The Who, Iethro Tull. "What you get out of life is what you put into it." JENNIFER O'HARE "So before we end fand then beginj - We'll drink a toast to how it's been . . . A few more hours to be complete, A few more nights on satin sheets, A few more times that I can say . . . I've loved these days." Billy joel ROBERT N. ODELL The Who, Iethro Tull, Iackson Browne, Peter Frampton, good times with F.M., T.M., K.C., M.H. QRockyJ, and others, Halloween '80 and '81. "Now it's time for me to go it's time to ramble on." Zeppelin Good luck to the Class of '82. BARBARA OLESCHUK "Barb" Trojanettes '80-'82, Point Lookout with Anne, Summer '81 with Dawn, Ir. Prom with Gus, best of times with best of friends - Anne, Tray, and Mike, Let me be your Angel on Nov. 20th, Queens. Very special moments with Gus, the memories will always be remembered. Thanks Mom and Dad. ERROL RICHARD OGUZHAN Who?? I thought he was dead! Runway, the Loft, German Club, Bowling, Wanderers '80, C.T., L.C., I.L., K.B., K.M., M.E., A.K., O.C., M.C., M.P., P.L., S.D., Summer of '81, Levit- town skating. "Hungover, red eyed, dog tired satisfied - it's a long road and a small wheel and it takes a lot of turns to get there. Thank you, Damn it " 1 Charlie Daniels, 1974 LINDA MARIE OLIVA Lo Stivule, Italian Club, Fiesta, and National Honor Society. "Impossible is a word only to be found in the dictionaries of fools." Napoleon MAUREEN PATRICIA O'MAHONY L.A., I.S., N.C., I.P., I.N., G.S., I.F., PS., L.H., M.L., H.K., P.V. "Life is a series of hellos and good-byes. I'm afraid it's time for good-bye again." DAVID H. ORR Skiing, Football, U.S. II Football, U.S. II Water skiing, good times with the II's, the Loft, com- petitions, ACB's, Taj parties, Buffalo, Philly, Calderone, weekend at Ioe's, Bob's weekend. "I got no dime, but I got time to hear your story." Garcia "We say waa." IAMES C. O'NEILL Wings Ice Hockey, Varsity Wrestling, to all my friends who were teachers, to all my teachers who were friends - thank you all. Good times with T.H., G.D., P.R., C.K., C.E., T.T. MOLLY ANN O'SHEA Track, S.C.B., AGA, Canada '81, Prom '81, great times with the best of friends: T.P., j.G., L.K., C.D., S.B., W.M., M.R., M.M., C.B., especially K.K. and M.B. for making everything so special. Bridgehampton '81, The Tuts, cowtip- ping, and just laughing to pass the time away, 51043, Kase and Bucko! "You can't conceive of the pleasure in my smile." Neil Young HENRY IOHN ORFF Baseball, Stage Band, Concert Band, Latin Club, German Club, working in mailroom at Doubleday, trip to England with Band in '80, Hofstra performances in '80 and '81, many of my classes, to all my teachers . . . thanks! "Scientia est clavem sempitero rei secundae." Homer - The Praetor l JAMES ROBERT osTRowsK1 Super times skiing, Canada '81, parties and at- tic functions at Riche's, B.R., Rick Bay, Fe Man, Wilbur, I.W., Bean. "Take your time . . . don't live too fast. Troubles come and they'll pass. Find a woman and you'll find love And don't forget there's someone up above." "It wasn't me." MARYROSE OSTROWSKI Masquers President, Director of . . . Marigolds Chilc1ren's Theater, and everything else. Great times with M.L., M.O., I.P., G.S., at Legz, Ant Concert '81, Cast Parties! To Mom, Dad, and Walt . . . I love you all To all my friends: Thanks for all the memories. "These are the best of times." Styx JOHN PALLADINO "Dino" Baseball, Mike McCutchoen, Carlos and others. "Take your time . . . don't live too fast Troubles will come and they will pass." Lynyrd Skynyrd Sn.,-S HUGH THOMAS PAISLEY "Houston" Co-captain varsity soccer, skiing in Utah . . . "We're History!" Favsisel "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need." Rolling Stones THOMAS CHRISTIAN PALMER ,,T0m,, j.V. Football, trumpet, Concert Band vice- president, jazz Ensemble, TPCC, WNDC, Foster's, London '80, Commando Raids. "The Troubles of our proud and angry dust Are from eternity, and shall not fail. Bear them we can, and if we can we must. Shoulder the sky, my lad, and drink your ale." A.E. Housman IAMILA LYNN PAKSIMA "jamie" Masquers, French Club, Leaders, Dance Club, M.A. M.L. M.R. M.K. R.S. G.S. P,D, P.B.G. Sweet Sixteen, Infancy, And all the good times with M.C. and M.R, Adam and the Ants con- cert. 81 Homecoming "Give peace a chance" john Lennon "If I could make days last forever, if words could make wishes come true, I'd save every day like a treasure." Iim Croce STEPHEN PALUMBO MATTHEW LUKE PANARELLA I would like to say thanks to my family and friends. "To educate fools is folly." adapted book of Proverbs "This world is a dream - but please don't wake me up." Anonymous "Adam was the luckiest man - he had no mother-in-law." Sholem Aleichem SUSAN MARIE PARK Always remember . . . . . . the great times with friends . . . the fantastic summer of '81 - Fran, Riad, and especially Ronny . . . "Don't worry about it!" ANNE REGINA PANZERA "Executive Woman" Trojanettes '80-'82, Softball, Bowling, Italian Club, Trojan Club, Must, Pt. Lookout. ", . . no slices at tables . . .", Thanks to all my friends who've made high school a special place, especially 1.1. "If you love something set it free, if it comes back to you it is yours, if it doesn't it never was." Thanks Mom and Dad. ,Agf CAROLINE MARIE PASCALE Christopher 'n' Caroline 4ever, Trojan Club, Prom '81, Bermuda, Maine, Vermont, Rhode Island, Block Island, Glynn's, Hannafins, The Isle, Cruising in the M.G., Campout '80, Canterbury, Marshall Tucker '81. "Four strong winds that blow lonely. Seven seas that run high. All those things that don't change come what may. If the good times are all gone, then I'm bound for moving on. I'll look for you if I'm ever back this way." MICHAEL I. PAPPAS "Ernie" Wrestling, Basketball, Islander games, The good times with friends. "Be the person you really are and never anybody else." JANET THERESA PATERSON French Club. Good times with friends, especially ID., T.P. "Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime." Styx Thanks to my family, especially to you Mom, never a day passes that I don't think of you and love you more than I did the day before. ,egg M I IOSEPH PAYKIN Paddleball, wrestling, tennis, photography, building airplanes, ping pong, C.K., T.L., P.R., I.O., B.K., C.T., GH., I.K., Z.R., L.N., X.X. Saturday, October 12: "Tom Lee, you're dead, you're all dead." GAIL TAYLOR PERFETTO Co-Copy Editor Must, Madrigals, Band, All- County Chorus, "The Trio" - great times with Dave, Kevin, jerry, Chubster, and other close friends. A special "Thank you" to Rich, Riad, and Nancy. "We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time." T. S. Elliot DARLENE GRACE PELTON "Dar" T.D., C.C., T.L., P.B,, L.S., R.N., P.H., U.D., G.R., M.C., C.F., 1125180 TDP forever 5!21!88. "If you love something set it free, if it comes back it's yours, if it doesn't, it never was." "It takes both the rain and the sun to make a rainbow." Thanks Easter Bunny, "Bawk, Bawk." f X SPENCER PETERSON SUSAN CAROL PEPER "Sue" German Club, Trojanettes, Leaders, Trojan Club, Senior Class Council, Germany '80 with Deb, bicycle trips with Lida and Trish, good times with all of my friends, Prom '81, Mr. Badger's class, the Feast, Homecoming, doing things the hard way. "Forget what life used to be, you are what you choose to be." jackson Browne NICHOLAS PETRILLO Captain of Fencing, I.V. Football, Treasurer of the Italian Club, Discipline Committee: Thanks to all my Italian friends, even though some were Sicilian, and some weren't Italian at all. "You can't always get it, when you really want it." Pete Townshend Special Thanks to Mom and Dad. MICHAEL PETROPOULOS "Max" French Club, Echo, Mast, Photography, S.C.B., F.P.F., Saito-Maxism. "Space is warped, so am I." "Character is made by what you stand for, reputation by what you fall for." Unknown "I have learned that to be with those I like is enough." Walt Whitman ANTHONY PIZZARELLO R.S. in P.A., Gagicide, functions at A's, S.H. and A.P., another late night with B and L, "Pass me another Molsons.", South Avenue, those two bolts, good times with A.V., S.D., S.P., T.S,, C.P., R and R, etc., S-acide, the chair, signs for L, "The Count", "5 minutes!" "It's time to ramble on." Led Zeppelin STEPHEN F. PISTOCCO "Many times I've lied Many times I've listened Many times I've wondered How much there is to know." Led Zeppelin "To the Victor belongs the Spoils!!" ANDREW I. POMPILIO "P0mp" I.V. Baseball, I.V., V. Football, Italian club, softball, great times: N.P., F.A., M.A., I.I., I-I.K., M.C., D.M., G.S., GK., B.O., A.P., L.H., My "Party", "Guido" functions, Road trips, july 8, 1980, 11:40 PM, Grove. "It's my life, God was the one to give it, And I ain't gonna let nobody tell me how to live it." MICHAEL HOWARD PITCHER "Pitch" Wings Ice Hockey 12, Bubba, Iim, Dave, Will, Ierry, Souie, Saturday nights in the van, Christmas Party '80, Montreal '81, Commando raids with jim and Bubba. "There's different people comin' down here now, and they see things in different ways, and soon everything we've known will just be swept away." Bruce Springsteen STACEY VAN MARTER POOLE "Space" I.V., Varsity Cheering, Soccer, Lacrosse, AOA Dogmaster, T.P. Nights, great times in W.H.B. ILY-A-M.B., R.M., KK. "You go your way and I'll go mine, best of luck with whatever you find. But remember the times we had 'cause we will never pass this way again." Mom and Dad. . . Thanks THERESA MARIE POPFINGER ,,T,, Great times with friends. Thanks M.O.S., K.C.K., W.M., M.R., 5.B., I.G., K.C., and T.C. Mom and Dad, thanks, I couldn't have made it without you. I love you very much. "Time in passing brings changes, New friends come and depart, but old friends linger un- changing, for strong are the bonds of the heart." WALTER PRESTON Varsity Basketball 11, 12, Good times at Tim O's, Fu's Garage '63, Tina's Kitchen, The Nova, Awesome, Led Zeppelin, Dead, Yes, Stones with E.P.H. at the Meadowlands. "And if you can't be with the one you love, honey, then love the one you're with." C.S.N.Y. NANCY ELIZABETH POZ V. Soccer, V. Lacrosse, P.T.R., Beach nights with A.D. and K.B., Scotchvalley with the Hilltop House Gang, Best of times with M.H. "Cherish memories of yesterday, dream hopes of tomorrow. Live, love, and laugh, today, tomorrow, and forever." "Your support and love today shape my suc- cess and happiness of tomorrow." Thanks Mom and Dad. STEVE PRESTYLY Lacrosse, Football, "The Turf", Sailing, Skiing, Scuba Diving, "St. Thomas, Virgin Islands", Kicking extra points, Summer '80, Vail, Colorado. "Everybody on the goal line!" Coach Dougherty CHARLES PRAMNIEKS "Chuck" German Club, Captain of Chess Team, Track, Youth Group, Canada, "White House," Good times, Skynyrd, Rossington-Collins Band, Allman Bros., Genesis. "Despise not any man, and do not spurn any thing. For there is no man that hath not his hour, nor is there any thing that hath not its place." "All things are possible to him who believes." Mark 9:23 TRICIA ANN PRIMROSE Thank you Mom, Dad, Tracey, and Robbie for believing in me. I love you all very much. "To be loved is to know happiness and con- tentment, to give love is to know the joy of sharing oneself, for it is through the miracle of love that we discover the fullness of life." Robin St. Iohn 2 THOMAS PURCELL MAURA E. REGAN Cheering, aoa, Excellent times with the "im- mediate", W.M., S.B., I.G., T.P., M.O.'s., The Chop, T.P-ing with K.K., L.K., I.G., Homecom- ing '81, Great times with I.L., November lst., Prom '81, "Vermont?? '81". LYNDA QUAGLIARA "When you're all alone, love one another, When you're far-from home, love one another. When you're down and out, love one another. All your hopes run out, love one another. When you need a friend, love one another. We got to love one another." PAUL ALAN REINICKE IV My nickname is "Magilla Gorilla", but my friends just call me "Magilla." I came to Garden City in Mid 1975, leaving many friends in Glendale, Queens behind. I have myriads of interests, but career-wise, I expect to become an accomplished author, as well as President. My major goal is to dissolve the nuclear Cwarj threat, which would lead to global destruction, I will go to college in Washington D.C. JANE ANN RAYFIELD Echo Business Manager, National Honor Socie- ty, Key Club Secretary, French Club, Band, Madrigals, All-County, England '80, Swimm- ing, Lifeguarding at the Club. "Afoot and light-hearted, I take to the open road, Healthy, free, the world before me, The long brown path before me, leading wherever I choose." Walt Whitman DENISE THERESE RHODES Varsity swimming - captain, Varsity softball, skiing with L.B., weekends at A.B.'s, Bernie, C.F., Homecoming, Bermuda, the caddy, Lake Placid '80, Isles games, L.E. and R.B., dogging party - spring '80. "Laughter is not at all a bad beginning for a friendship, and it is far the best ending for one." GINA MICHELE RICCIO I'd like to thank all my frineds for the fun times we shared together. I'll never forget any of you guys! Thanks for being my special friend, Michael. Long may you all run! Thanks for all your love and support, Mom and Dad. I couldn't have made it without you. ,pf IOHN ANDREW RIEGER Memories: F.I., I.M., T.M., M.W., T.l., B.C., I.M. "Friendship is a language the blind can read, the deaf can hear." 11" ELLEN MARIE RICE Canada, skiing, Florida, Bloom, Reni, The Cadillac, MLKC, Frost Valley. "Live each day to the fullest, get the most from each hour, each day, each age of your life. Then you can look forward with con- fidence and back without regrets. Be yourself but be your best self, dare to be different and to follow your own star." IAMES DONALD RILEY Ulimu j.V. and Varsity Football, Track, S.C.B., library aide, Student Store, weekends, I.S., P.S., M.G., B.S., T.L., I.K. "Don't hold back your last chance, it hardly lasts." Styx ELIZABETH TATE RICHMOND "Liz" The Rolling Stones. Schell, Suzanne, Lisa, Dawn, Adrienne, Liz, Iohn. Feb. 27th, 1981. I.B.'s house. New Hampshire. Montauk - Carolyn, Dede. "Lose your dreams and you will lose your mind." The Rolling Stones PAUL ROGAN l ELIZABETH ROLL London, Band Follies, M.H., "Wubba", Dear- ing - C.F., Mast photographer. "Unknowingly, we plow the dust of stars, blown about us by the wind, and we drink the universe in a glass of rain." Ihab Hassen "And if our hands should meet in another dream we shall build another tower in the sky." Kahlil Gibran TOSHIHIKO SAITO Echo, French Club, National Honor Society, Physics Club, Senior Project, Cross Country, Indoor Track, Spring Track. "I don't know how I got through it, but it was the choicest!" Ioseph Sokol after a Summer at Roswell Park Memorial Institute. "Get psyched, '82" Old Maxyllic saying. PETER GERARD RUDOLPH Hockey, Skiing, Soccer, 10-feat. Loft func- tions, great times with P.C., Vermont, Canada, Summer '81, Grateful Dead 3!10!81, A.P. class. "You can't conceive of the pleasure in my smile." N.Y. JOSEPH T. SANTANGELO Niven C.S., E.M., N.M., A.M., August 2, 1981, Laurie, Uncle Sam's, Dancin', Scruples, Queens, N.Y.C. "Our clothes are bright, we dance all night. we're displayers of good taste." Modern romance. PATRICIA ANN RUECK "Patti" Special times and special friends have left memories that will last forever! "lf you know who you are and what you want and why you want it, and if you have con- fidence in yourself, and a very positive at- titude, you can make your life yours if you ask." ROBERT LEE SCHAUF Madrigals '79-'82, Technical Directors Kstudioj Staff '79-'82. Cathedral Choir, Acholytes, Y.P.F. England '79 and '82. Great times with N.E.L. and great friends. "Don't worry, smile and dance. You just can't work life out. Don't let down moods entrance you. . . Take the wine and shout!" Peter Townshend JOSEPH SCHILLERO ,.I0e,, Varsity Football, I.R., P.S., M.G., B.S., M.P., B.E., D.B.'S house "The world is full of Kings and Queens, who blind your eyes then steal your dreams, it's Heaven and Hell." Ronnie Dio MAUREEN SCHULTHEIS Spanish Club, G.A.A., Trojan Club. Best of Times with F.C., K.K., R.K., Santa's, Conn. '81, Summer '81, 5th pd. Gym, B of B, 10th grade socials, skiing with KB., N.C. "Leave only the best behind." Blondie "It's time to get up, get out, Into something new." Rolling Stones L "Mar DEBORAH E. SCHMIDT "Deb" Guitar. Excellent times with Sheila, Helen, Lorraine, Enng Long Beach 8!10!81, Southold, Rocky, sis, Lines, Wild Horses, Can't you see. Memorable and excellent times with Pete. "I get by with a little help from my friends." DAN SCOLLARD Studio, Band, Orchestra, Senior Project. "Everything under the sun is in tune, but the sun is eclipsed by the moon." R. Waters KIMBERLY P. SCHREIER ,,Kim,, Varsity Soccer and Track, Trojan Club, Exec. Bd. SCB, Key Club, Excellent times with N.C., C.M., B.E., L.A., N.S., T.T., C.B., S.M. Spider- mobile, Maine, Thanks Mom and Dad "Love when you can, Cry when you have to, Be who you must, It's part of the plan." "May you always see waht your life is worth." PATRICIA CATHERINE SCOLPINO "Puffin Ieannine, Bobby, Maureen O, Dawn M., Moni- que L., Nancy C., Lorrie H., Helen K., Mike D, and Genie S, Summer '81, B.R. Friday night, Point Lookout, Upstate, Oct. 25, 1981, Aug. 29, 1981. "If you love something, set it free. If it comes back it's yours, if it doesn't, it never was." DORY SCOTT TIMOTHY SEXTON "Nextos, Stamu, Stimy" Drumming, Biziting for the Battle, Tama, music, music, and' music. Pub. Interstella princess, The Other Side, Snicky Bwopo, Tee Zee, "I want my garbage." Shroms, Patrick working on a swell, Battle '80, '82, Luce EndslEnglishtown. "One day maybe I'll make it!" "Waking up on Sunday morning, And I still can't understand." STEPHANIE SEGRETE Student Council, Key Club, Trojan Club, Thanks to all those special friends. "Daddy I want to let you know somehow, The things you said are so much clearer now. And I would turn the pages back, But time will not allow. The way these days just rip along, Too fast to last, too vast, too strong." jackson Browne IERRY SHEEHAN Tennis, bowling, Honor Society, Core, K.L., Idi, I.M., G.P., K.B., M.P., T.S., I.M., The In- sects, Monty the Python, THE TRIO. "Living is easy with eyes closed Misunderstanding all you see It's getting hard to be someone But it's all right It doesn't matter much to me." Iohn Lennon JOHN SERAFIN "Serf" Lacrosse, skiing, good times at Tenfeat, 4th period A.P. II's, Dead shows, Hot Tuna, Airplane, Fiya, Terrapin. "See here how everything leads up to this day." Garcia "If I told ya all that went down, it would burn off both your ears." Garcia RAFIK R. SIDHOM Soccer, basketball, Great times with all Uncle Sam's Crowd, Memories from the summer of '81 playing S.P. with F.D. and T.C. Cindy, "If you can imagine it, you can dream it. If you dream it, you can become it." W. A. Ward "We've come a long way, and yet this is only the beginning." Luther Vandros SCHELL MONTE SIMPSON Iohn, Liz, Iimmy, Ianice, Scott, Venus, Feb. 27, 1981, I.B.'s house, I.M.'s farewell, Ultimate Canvas, Seeing the world, M.M., B.L.H. and V.N.P. of N.C., M.I.S., rooftop flights. Mom and Dad, your love and care have not been forgotten. RICHARD SMALLEY Wrestling, summer party '81, weekend at Fair- field. Beach Boys, Boogie Boardin', D.P. "So many faces in and out of my life Some will last Some will just be now and then. Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes I'm afraid it's time for goodbye again." Billy Ioel EMILY SIRKIN Trojan club, working on plays, all-nighters, Spirit Day, Homecoming, Dance, skiing, Block Island summers. ". . . around the time when I first went on my own. When the roads were as many as the places I had dreamed of And my friends and I were one." "- We must all do the best we can." Iackson Browne All my love Mom and Dad. LAURA SMERECHNIAK "Smush" Softball, photography, French and Italian Clubs, December 21, Prom, Rich, Great times with special friends, Goose Ierques. "I know I'll never lose affection for the people and things I still can recall. I know I'll often stop and think about them. In my life, I love them all." Beatles EUGENIA SKLIRIS "Genie" Water skiing, tennis, volleyball, wind surfing, music dancing, cruising, St. Paul's Bazaar, San Diego, Malaconda Beach, Greece, the gang, summer fun, "Apollo", 1982. "Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime We'll take the best, Forget the rest, and someday we'll find these are the best of times." Styx BRUCE BOYD SMITH "Bubba" Football - 10, 11, 12, Var. Wrestling - 10, 11, 12, Var, Lacrosse - 10, 11, 12, Fire Aux. - 10, 11, 12. Dave L., Mike P., Iim M., Ierry M., Willie D., Paul S. Football Party '80, Christmas Party '80, Commando raid with Iim and Mike. "Happiness is found along the way not at the end of the road. Life is a journey not a destination." HENRY HELLER SMITH Hunk Paul C., Russ C., Chris S., Steve A., Iim G., Cathy E., jim M., Henry Gags, parties. "Where there is much desire to learn, there of necessity will be much arguing, much writing, many opinions, for opinion in good men is but knowledge in the making." Milton SUSAN SMUTNY "Sue" Kickline 80-81-82, good times with good friends, always. Bermuda February '81, skiing. "Sometimes I laugh and cry and can't remember why but I sure love those good times gone by." james Taylor KENNETH SMITH Vice President Italian Club, Lo Stivale, Wrestl- ing, Astronomy Club, National Honor Society, softball, Foreign Policy Forum, S.C.B., The Who. "Cosi e se vi pare." NANCY E. SNIADO "Sniadowski" Gymnastics, Key Club, good times with Maryann, Irene, Liz, Cathy, Jacqueline, being with good friends. "Nothing lasts longer than happy memories." "Sometimes I laugh and cry and can't remember why, but I still love those good times gone by." james Taylor REGINA ANNE SMITH "Reg", "Gina", "Reggie" L.M., I.M., T.I., S.H., a couple of certain dances. "I wouldn't leave you in times of trouble, we never could have come this far. I took the good times, I'll take the bad times, I'll take you just the way you are." Billy Ioel CHRISTOPHER SOTELL Varsity Basketball, Track, The Stones, The Doors, fun times with I.E. and all my friends, Knoxer's house, Prom '81, "pick 'em up." "You can't always get what you want, But if you try some time you might find, You get what you need." The Stones PAUL THOMAS SOUTAR "Souie" Baseball, football, Iack, Big Ioe, Pitch, Bubba, G-man, morning announcements. "There is a destiny that makes us brothers, none goes his way alone. All that we send into the lives of others comes back into our won." Edwin Markham IEANINE MARIE SPRINGER Swimming, Basketball '81, Bethpage???, Soc- cer, Softball, Languages, Spanish Club. "With a little help from friends . . ." "In the race to be better or best, miss not the joy of being." CHRISTOPHER B. SPENCER Lacrosse, soccer, good times with friends, Fidge's, Canada, Summer of '81. f J PAUL IOHN STACOM Varsity Swim Team, Soccer, work, lifeguard, M.O.D., water and snow skiing, summer of '81, East Marion, Dewey's boat, horseback riding, St. C's, D.B.'s house, Doubleday park- ing lot, Mark's house. "And so my friends we'll say goodnight, for time has claimed its prize. But tonight can always last as long as we keep alive the memory of paradise." Styx PAUL FRANCIS SPERRY II "Sper" Wrestling, water and snow skiing, I.B., "Z", "US", C.L., Stutz. bros., special friends in Bayside, and West Hampton, trip to U.R., West Hampton, trip to Hunter, Canada, Iim's Lawn Care, my Datsun, Mom's "Z", trip out East, special thanks to Mom and Dad. "Ain't it time you mellow out - speed ain't nothing without c1ass." G.R. CLAUDE STEBLAI NANCY G. STEFANO Gymnastics, S.C.B. Exc., Trojan Club, soccer, skiing, tennis, Spirit Day, P.T.R., D.M., Honor Guard, Mattituck Summers, Special friends, Ioan, Ro, Best Friend, Carol. "Blow away the dreams that tear you apart Blow away the dreams that break your heart Blow away the lies that leave you nothing But lost and broken hearted." - Springsteen Thanks, Mom and Dad. MARK E. STUTZMANN Summers of '79, '80, and '81, Iamesport, ski- ing, Canada '80 and '81, Alpha Omega Theta, spring of '80, road trip to W.H.B. in january '81, 9!26!81 and Halloween '81, great times with family and friends, especially G.T., B.S., P.S., I.B,, S.O., E.N. and R.C. ":::'-V X PATRICIA MARIE STEFFEN "It isn't ever the same. In time I will change and you. And the current of our lives But the image of this time will never fade. This moment and you, Are unforgettable." P.S. I love you, Mom and Dad. ERIC WARREN SUESSER "Sues" Skiing, AP II's, the Loft, Vermont, Bogue, Ber- muda, G.D.L. "Life may be sweeter for this, I don't know. See how it feels in the end." Crazy Fingers "I have spent my life seeking all that's still un- sung, Bent my ear to hear the tune and Closed my eyes to see." Grateful Dead IOSEPH BENEDICT STRATON "Ive" "Peppi" Varsity Soccer, Swimming, Lacrosse, Y.S.O. President, Key Club, Coaching, Playing foot- ball and frisbee at the cathedral. "Smile, laugh, and help others to do the same." Anonymous Lots of thanks and love to my family and friends. TRACEY I. SULLIVAN "Tray" Best times with the "Wild 12" CU.K.W.U.R.!J, Summer '79-'81, "M", 5l23!81, Ir. Prom with "S.O. Spec." "Always leave them laughing when you say goodbye." ". . . the sands of time, were erroded by, the river of constant change." Genesis To R.P., S.G., P.W.: "Imagine the clouds dripp- ing - Dig a hole in your garden to put them 1n." I. Lennon Thanks Mom and Dad just for being there. I love you both. STEPHANIE SUSNIARA "He who binds to himself a joy Doth the winged life destroy But he who kisses the joy as it flies Lives in Eternity's sunrise." William Blake "The seeds that were silent all burst into bloom." The Grateful Dead JEAN F. SWEENEY Student Court, Secretary, Cheering . . . Camp '81, Winter Vacation '80, Spirit Day '80 and '81, Prom '81, Ladies Night, Press Box, Skiing with Murphys . . . Alvin???, Nancy, MBM, Michele, Clarence, Ioanie, Spunky. "If you do not understand my silence, you will never understand my words." IOHN SWAINE I.V. and Varsity Lacrosse, The Boss, New York Yankees, '81 U.S. Open "Plenty of people miss their share of hap- piness not because they never found it, but aecause they didn't stop to enjoy it." William Feather NEAL SWEENEY Band, Inkspots, Mrs. Lynn. "There was never a time when I did not exist, nor you. Nor will there be any future when we cease to be." Sri Krishna "Space is the Place", "The wind cries Mary" limi Hendrix CHRISTINE SWEENEY Upstate . . . Good times with Ca, Billy, Mare, Norb Long Beach Nov. 80 Study with C.C., D.M., K.K., C.H., Flo Puff Pookie . . . The apple . . . 9!25!81 ... Summer '79 . . . Westbury Gardens, 10! 251 81 "Sometimes I laugh and cry and can't remember why, but I still love those good times gone by." I.T. Love ya Mom and Dad IRENE SZCZERBA Punk Rock, New York City, 44-61 Saunders, Maureen O'Mahony, Nancy Carracappa, Ed- die Vieto, P.S., N.C., I.F., Billiard, Photography, Volleyball, B52's, Pretenders, Duran Duran, Ioe Iackson, The Police, Macadamia Nuts, Safety Pins, pink hair. "Live life to its fullest, you only live once." CHRISTOPHER M. TESTA "Chris" I.V. and Varsity Tennis, Soccer, Football, Mast, 11th and 12th Grade Councils, Club, Good Times, Friends, Parties, The Doors, L.A. Woman "The time to hesitate is through, No time to wallow in the mire." I. D. Morrison "Sure don't know what I'm going for, but I'm gonna go for it for sure." I. Garcia IWAN M. TIIOE Physics Club, Astronomy Club "And thy striving, be't with loving, And thy living, be't in deed!" Goethe THEODORE DAMON THRESHER ,i-I-edu Unforgettable times with all my friends, Ten- nis, Soccer, Germany, Water skiing, language clubs. Smile and the day is yours. Sun, beach, mountains, fields, lakes, clouds. "Love when you can and cry when you have to . . ." Dan Folgelberg "Memories of yesterday will last a lifetime." Styx RICHARD TOLLNER "Rich" Skiing, Tennis, Hobie-ing, Water skiing, Attic Functions with I.O., C.L., P.Z., I.W., W.D., M.H. "Here's to good friends" Lowenbrau "May the only obstacles in your life be moguls on a ski slope." me SARAH M. TILYOU "Sareo" Good friends Good Times, Hither Hills, "judge, judge ..." Ashoken '80, Soo Long Crabby!", Todd Rundgren - Central Park, D.A. "Surprise, Surprise, Surprise ...!!", Shelter Island, S.S.S., Campin' on Mo's Land, S.S., "Lata!" "If we could give love without the fear of re- jection, there would be room for more love to share." LORRAINE MARY TRINCA MARK ELLIOTT TRIVILINO "Trib" Band, Resurrection Youth Group, Basketball, acolyte, Boy Scouts, Italian Club, L.C., C.T., K.H., R.A,, F.M., K.C., S.P., M.Y., S.B., A.G., 160-DNE "Only the person involved can know his own bitterness or joy - No one else can really share it." Proverbs 14:10 the 23rd psalm Thanks Mom, Dad, and Alan THOMAS VASSALOTTI Scouts, Track, Music, "The Band." "Keep your eyes to the stars, but keep your feet on the ground." "Be at peace with yourself." Thanks Mom and Dad. GERALD TROY JOHN VIRGIL 74 t ,ff " i -N J , ,Q Q S, .A A ALFRED PETER VACCHIANO "Bu Bu" "Page, Platn, Bonham, and Iones. Love and remember always Iohn Bonham - also T.S., the Stones in Philly, The Who at the Garden, my GTO "Many dreams come true and some have silver lingings, I live for that dream and a pocket full of gold." Led Zeppelin Page CHARLES P. VOELKER AP II's, Football, Baseball, Taj parties, Road trips, Land Fishing, camping at Ioe's, summer, Radio City, the Grateful Dead, to the US II's and 10 ft. and Bob. "The world is round, because the rest of the universe is hollow." Bob L. VICTORIA LYNNE VOUGHT I, thanks, I love you. Hey, the Art, not the ar- tist. 2 "To believe your own thought, to believe what is true for you in your private heart is true for all people -- that is genius." Ralph Waldo Emerson PATRICIA MARIE WATTS "Putty", "Ty" Band, Concert Choir, England '80, Summer '80, Italy, Band Follies '81, Canada '81, Dead May '81, Todd April '81, Summer '81 with so- meone special. Special love and luck to: Mo, Ray, Tray, Cin, Ca, Cath. "With our love we could save the world - if they only knew. Try to realize it's all within yourself, no one else can make you change." Beatles - George Harrison IEANETTE C. WALKER "jenny" Remember the good times. "Look and gather all you want to, there's no one here to stop you." Moody Blues IEFFREY P. WELLERSON ,,Ieff,, Soccer, skiing, tennis, P.Z., R.T., I.O., W.D., M.H., M.C., when I first met all of the people in the village. CHRISTOPHER WATRAS ROXANNE WHALEN ADRIENNE HELEN WILLIAMS "Time may change me, But I can't change time." David Bowie CHRISTINE MARIE YELLEN "Chris" Leaders' Club President, flag football, tennis, special times with Cathy, good times with Susan, Debbie, Tricia, Football and Lacrosse games, Homecoming, Senior flag football, par- ties, canoeing. "Anything you want will be yours if you work for it." Sepcial thanks and love to Mom, Dad, and Laura. DOUGLAS WOODS "W0odsy" Summer of '79, balconey, Hawaiian on a stick, cutting. "When I look back on all the crap I learned in high school, its a wonder I can think at all." P. Simon STEVEN VINCENT ZANNOS "Steve", "Greek" England '80, Peege film, Iunior English class, Band, Band camp, Varsity tennis, '80 Olympic Hockey Team, Village soccer, Fosters, W.N.D.C., Commando Raids. "If you think your life is complete confusion , . . just remember, please, it's a Grand Illusion Styx CARRIE SUSAN WREN Soccer, track, Band, choir, German Club, England '79, London '80, German speeches with KBB, F.L., C.G., C.A.P., IJ., B.W., K.M., M.A.E., R.M., E.MCG., L.M., and especially K. Mc., K.K., K.B., and M.M. "When one door closes, fortune will usually open another." Fernando de Rojas ". . . all experience is an arch where through gleams that untravelled world . . ." Tennyson SANDRA L. ZIMULIS "Sandy" Mast, Swimming, Spanish Club, Volleyball, Remember everything! It was great! "The highest reward for man's toil is not what he gets for it, but what he becomes by it." john Ruskin PAUL ZIRING HZEEH Wrestling, Student Council delegate, hanging out and good times. Polish Gigolo, Moneybelt, Summer '82, ski reunion. "Do all the good you can, By all the means you can, In all the ways you can, At all the times you can, To all the people you can, As long as you ever can." john Wesley LAURIE ZOLAS Fencing, Spring Track, Turkey Trot, Library Aide, the City, Chelsea, the Village, japan, "I like flowers . . .", Rocky Horror, Bruce Springsteen. "Success isn't a result of spontaneous combus- tion. You must set yourself on fire." Arnold H. Glasow J 1 X fl!!! Aiiiff-fx' f 21 2 fbi' .XX M -A REINA ZOTOS ,,Ray,, All the good times with Tray, Moe, Ty, and So . . . "If you knew me yesterday, please do not think that it is the same person you are meeting today." " . . . Don't live today for tomorrow Like you were immortal . . ." Genesis CAMERA SHY KYLE HOLFELDER CRAIG LALLY ROBERT MASTERSGN Santa's bride-to-be. Who cares about the game, I'm here!! My jeans are blue, my sweater is white, and my eyes are red. If these colors don't look right . . . The Three Stooges Mmmmmm! Love my dills! Ee of Do you always wear make-up to bed Meg? Alcatraz 838699870-xd4 Mushy! The Fab Four. ii . U .4 ". . . the new movie 'Zombies'g starring . . ." --.-..........,,,.w, ---......... SE IOR POLLS BEST FIGUREXPHYSIQUE MOST ARTISTIC 1. Steven Prestyly, Marie Lucca 1. Tim Dunne, Lynn K9ShiHI1 2. Iohn Ireland, Lorraine Krebs 2. Tim Sexton, Aileen Hollis RTW , , ,,... ....1....,...W....a ..,, M... , , A.,, Y .iiig n l if rrr D X . . .H 1, w Q 'H -. -...g a -'-.5119 . -- -xi DONE THE MOST FOR THE SCHOOL 1. David DeGroot, Meg Chute 2. Steve Alfieri, Claire Mullooly i W iw' Q F S, fa 9 Q S5 ' XX 1 -A .. fi JN - Q gg K K u-- ky SFQ. 556 S Niki, ka X 5 gl gilxf g li. MOST DRAMATIC 1. Don Imgram, Patty Diaz 2. Henry Smith, Ande Lucano MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED 1. Steve Alfieri, Meg Chute 2. David DeGroot, Kim Keppler -W-we A-I MOST MUSICAL 1. Tim Dunne, Laura DiCarlo 2. Tim Sexton, Tricia Primrose BEST DRESSED 1. Steve Alfieri, Ro Morrongiello 2. Donald MacLeod, Patti Rueck WN! fwifif if 'X MOST ATHLETIC 1. james Koester, Anne Kelly 2. Jeff Bayuk, Allison Downing C , 1 A , Q Y -Q MOST HUMOROUS 1. john Morrisey, Molly O'Shea 2. Bill Knox, Anne Panzera FRIENDLIEST 1. Paul Ziring, Eileen Heaney 2. joe Straton, Regina Mack l 129 -I5W H 1 ing rf' If-,sv Z -. ,, ,M m., 'gg' L. MOST INTELLECTUAL 1. David DeGroot, Gabrielle Costello 2. Edgar Friedman, Patty Diaz XV' BEST DANCER 1. Art Moscato, Helen Kontolefas 2. Gus Karayiannis, Patty Diaz ill BEST LOOKING 1. Tommy Hogan, Ioanna D'Antonio 2. Steven Prestyly, Lorraine Krebs MOST INDIVIDUAL 1. Don Imgram, Vikki Vought 2. Edgar Friedman, Ursula Dohn BEST ALL AROUND 1. Iim Griffith, Claire Mullooly 2. Joe Straton, Meg Chute . A BIGGEST PREP 1. Don MacLeod, Eileen Cunningham 2. Tim McCarthy, lane Rayfield BIGGEST SPACE CADET 1. Sergio Martinez, Shelia Dennen 2. Iim Griffith, Ursula Dohn LIFE OF THE PARTY 1. Danny Anderson, Lynore Kramer 2. Mike Amirati, Molly O'Shea 1 I-r'g Q wg ., gf ROWDIEST 1. Steven Prestyly, Molly O'Shea 2. Ken Beyer, Shelia Dennen MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT 1. David DeGroot, Claire Mullooly 2. Steve Alfieri, Meg Chute BIGGEST FLIRT I. Ieff Bayuk, Chris Hanley 2. Mark Stutzmann, Meg Donnelly OPHO ORE CLASS COUNCIL 1979-19 0 1st row: Claire Mullooly - Vice President, Greg Konner - President. 2nd row: Rachel O'Brien - Historian, Patti Rueck - Secretary, Kim Keppler - Social Chairman, Patty Angus - Treasurer. A--u-:snug-..., UNIOR CLASS COUNCIL 19 0-19 1 1st row: Meg Chute - President, David DeGroot - Vice President. 2nd row: Rosemarie Moringiello - Secretary, Steve Alfieri - Social Chairman, Rachel O'Brien - Historian, Patty Angus - Treasurer. SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL 19 1-1982 1st row: Patty Angus - President, Jean Sweeney - Secretary, 2nd row: Lynore Kramer - Social Chairman, Eric Nieder- reither - Vice President, Alison Downing - Treasurer, Rachel O'Brien - Historian. N APPRECIATIO The Class of 1982, would like to express its appreciation to Mr. Edward Wojnar for his three years of service as class sponsor. As we entered the Iunior High School in 1976, the class was composed of students from a variety of schools and backgrounds. Under the direction of our first sponsor, Dr. Robert Comer- ford, the separate parts of the class were unified and a truly effective council was elected. A uni- que chemistry between council and sponsor arose during our stay, and through innovative fund raising activities the treasury was begun. Mr. Wojnar became our sponsor in 1979, following our move to the High School. Taking over from Where "Doc" had left off, Mr. Wojnar provided encouragement and advice in planning council endeavors. His guidance and care have helped make the Class of 1982 one of the most successful graduating classes in Garden City history. Thank you, The Class of 1982 1964- 1964 brought the crushing defeat of Senator Barry Goldwater and the stunning landslide victory of Lyndon B. Iohnson in the Presidential election. As the "Great Society" movement gained momentum, the Civil Rights Act, prohibiting segregation, and the Economic Opportunity Act, working against unemployment were passed. The is- suance of the Warren Commission report sparked unrest among many Americans. Noteworthy United States debuts were made by the Beatles and the Class of 1982 fthe former being slightly more well-received than the latterj While members of the Class of 1982 were concentrating on such mun- dane matters as walking, talking, and eating, the rest of the world was ex- periencing large-scale changes. 1965 saw President johnson building up troops in far-off Vietnam, resulting in widespread anti-war demonstra- tions throughout the U.S. Iohnson's involvement in the Dominican Republic "revolution" bred further contempt among American youth. Meanwhile, amidst the passing of the Voting Rights Act, race riots arose in the Watts section of Los Angeles and Dr. Martin Luther King led the civil rights march on to Montgomery, Alabama. Chicago, Cleveland, and other Northern cities experienced major race riots throughout 1966, and as U.S. involvement in Vietnam increased, stu- dent protests arose throughout the country. The National Organization for Women fNOWj fanned the fire of the growing feminist movement. As Iohnson's call for reform progressed, the Medicare program came into existence. Three years after their triumphant invasion of America, the Beatles released their Sergeant Pepper album, which greatly influenced the "psychedelic" movement around the country fthe Class of 1982, as of 1967, had made no comparable contributionj Throughout the nation, in Detroit, Newark, Rochester, and Washington, urban riots flared. Thurgood Marshall became the first black on the Supreme Court, while the President entered a treaty with Britain and the Soviet Union, pledging peaceful use of outer space. 1968 was a year of great turbulence in America. The assassinations of Dr. Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy, followed by the riot at the Chicago Democratic Convention further sparked the fear and unrest around the country. Outside the U.S., the North Korean forces seized the U.S. Navy intelligence ship Pueblo. As anti-war demonstrations con- tinued, Columbia University in New York was taken over by the students. The 1968 election saw a heavily criticized Lyndon B. johnson defeated by Richard M. Nixon. The Class of 1982 entered kindergarten in 1969, although this event was eclipsed by the first moon landing later that same year. The war in Viet- nam showed no signs of abating, and in protest, thousands of young peo- ple flocked to Woodstock for three days of peace. The brutal My Lai massacre was revealed, contributing to the disillusionment America was feeling toward the war. Senator Edward Kennedy had a decidedly poor year, which included the infamous Chappaquiddick incident. 1970 brought the breakup of the Beatles amidst widely publicized legal disputes fthe class of 1982, however, decided to continue as a group, and consequently entered its first year of grade schoolj. President Nixon ordered the U.S. troops in Southeast Asia to invade Cambodia, resulting in heightened protest throughout the country. 1 During the same year, reforms were passed to enforce national environmental policies, and to increase the power of police enforce- ment officials in the District of Columbia, to serve as a model of tougher police laws for the nation. The economic situation in the United States began to look poor in 1971, the American dollar was devalued by 8.7577 as a result of President Nixon's wage and price controls. Passage of the 26th Amendment lowered the voting age to eighteen. Anti-war sentiment grew as the Pentagon Papers were published and Lt. William Calley was court- martialed for the My Lai incident three years earlier. . t . 1 Q K X 1972 was a poor year for the Nixon Ad- It ministration. Following Nixon's triumphant rt, 1 7 visits to Russia and China during the cam- ta , paign trail, several government-employed A , ,R men were caught inside the Democratic .Q ts X fx, 'N partyfs national headquarters at Watergate. it The Watergate affair detracts from public Qs, E ki"'--'- opinion of Nixon, and Iohn Mitchell resigns his post. During the year, the Senate passed E 5 -RNI N the Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitutioni ' K - 55:51 A In 1973, "Watergate" dominated the American political scene. Spiro T. Agnew resigned from the vice-presidency, and Gerald R. Ford replaced h1?he final effect of the "Watergate" scandal arrived in 1974, when Presi- dent Richard M, Nixon resigned, and Gerald R. Ford became our 38th president. 1975 marked the end of the war in Vietnam. American and Soviet astronauts docked in space, and unemployment in the U.S. reached 92927, the highest level since 1941. The Presidential election in 1976, America's Bicentennial year, produc- ed the defeat of Gerald R. Ford, and the election of Iames E. Carter as leader of our country, with Walter F. Mondale chosen as Vice-President. In 1977, a massive blackout hit New York City, while the Son of Sam Murderer wreaked havoc there as well. The world mourned the passing of Elvis Presley and Bing Crosby. Severe snowstorms paralyzed the Northeast in 1978. ' In January of 1979, the Shah of Iran left his country for an indefinite amount of time, and one month later, the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini gained control of Iran. In Nicaragua, Anastasio Somoza was deposed by the Sandinistas Liberation Front. President jimmy Carter's popularity reached an all time low as instability in the Middle East heightened. In November, a group of Iranian students seized the American Embassy in Tehran, Iran, and took sixty American hostages. The students refused to release their hostages until the Shah was returned to Iran for trial. At the time, the Shah was undergoing treat- ment for cancer in a New York hospital. Mount St. Helens erupted in 1980, causing panic in the Northwest. The thirteenth Winter Olympic games were held in chaotic Lake Placid, New York, and featured Eric Heiden winning 5 gold medals, and our hockey team triumphing over the Russians. The Summer Olympic Games were not a time of elation for the U.S., as we led a major boycott of the event held in Moscow. Ronald Reagan won a land- slide victory over Iimmy Carter on November 4, the first anniversary of the taking of the American hostages. Shock was felt throughout the world as John Lennon was shot and killed outside the Dakota in New York City on December 8. New York fans went wild when the Islanders hockey team won the Stanley Cup in a fierce competition with the Philadelphia Flyers. While OPEC oil prices were chronically on the rise, the Shah of Iran died in Egypt. 1981 started off with a bang when minutes after Ronald Reagan took of- fice as President of the United States with George Bush as his right-hand man, the 52 American hostages were freed from Iran. In March of the same year, Iohn Hinckley Ir., to show his love for actress Jodie Foster, at- tempted to assassinate President Reagan and wounded the President, as well as Press Secretary Iames Brady, and' Washington Policeman Thomas Delahanty in the process. Pope Iohn Paul II was also seriously wounded in an assassination attempt by a Turkish terrorist, while Egypt's Anwar Sadat was brutally murdered by right-wing Moslem fanatics. Trouble brewed further in Northern Ireland throughout the year, while across the chan- nel, France elected a Socialist leader, Francois Mitterrand. In Poland, . Solidarity leader Lech Walesa, along with angry workers, struck and pro- tw tested widespread shortages. However, the movement was crushed by the brutal Soviet proxies also known as the Polish government in December. On july 29, Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer were married in St. Paul's Cathedral in London as the world watched with glee President Reagan also named Sandra O'Connor as the first woman justice on the Supreme Court. During 1982, President Reagan proposed his New Federalism as his economic program halted inflation but stirred unemployment. Protests against nuclear arms spread throughout the world. Elections in troubled El Salvador seemed only to cloud the hazy picture there, but heavy turnouts signaled a rejection of Communist guerrillas. Finally, the Class of 1982 broke up in june. However, like the Beatles, our legacy will live on. Colonel lullxaf Enidnli "We were in shaky the groveling status of Mifddlers to the near-respeCt 5BiHfj?l of Uppers Middlersf' ' ' Kgs! 'U Q, '..... This year's Juniors and Sophs were fewer in numbers than ever before, but this was hardly noticeable. There were still the same number of gifted students, poinclexters, mad scientists, and athletes as in past years. After all, what would we be without them? It's hard for them to Watch all the Seniors walk in, walk out, go to lunch, and not come back, but someday they'1l be there too. And for some of them, it's the only thing to keep them going. rq Q 'AX if "ef fl! V I' ' ff' tg.-I f fl g'-El! M 4 IM. Illlllllll ulllllll' iillllflll ullllllh miiiilll llitllfll lli.Il'ill mmm' 137 IOR CLASS it-J COUNCIL The Iunior Class Council is a group of energetic students who wish to be involved with student government. Under the direction of Mr. Kenney, the class sponsor, the group plans and produces dances, bake sales, and other fund-raising ac- tivities. The main concern of the council members is the planning of the 1982 Prom which they will give the Seniors this year. 1st row: Ianet Calabro - Treasurer, Denise Fontaine - President, Carolyn Tomaino - Social Chairman, 2nd row: Patrick Curry - Vice President, Mr. Kenney - Sponsor, Chris Edwards - Historian. Missing: Tracy Daly - Secretary. CLASS UF 1983 110 - Dr. Chanover Anderson, Jeannine, Caccamo, Paul, Connolly, Peter, Delaporte, George, Dellolacono, Alfred, DiCarlo, An- thony, Dolan, Iames, Edwards, Christopher, Essner, Steven, Estay, Daniel, Fecht, Karen, Fedor, Michael, Fit- zgerald, Margaret, Fitzsimmons, Ioan, Fontaine, Denise, Franz,'Elizabeth, Friedman, Helen, Galassi, Gina, Geraci, Iames, Gitelman, Alix, Goldsmith, Bonnie, Gotterbarn, David, Gowan, Patricia, Hajny, Raymond, Hildreth, Iane, Hill, Irene, O'Neill, Colin, Sager, Ioseph, Schneider, Michael, Stais, Anthony, Tantillo, Mary. 126 - Ms. Gonya Blair, Harry, Bren, Paulina, Brennan, Jane, Bryant, Sharon Buschman, Karen, Butera, Diane, Campbell, Colleen Casey, Eileen, Castles, James, Christie, Christina, Clausen Jeffrey, Connolly, Raymond, Conroy, Thomas, Corwin John, Cosola, Peter, Cronin, Paul, Curry, Patrick, Demar co, Christopher, Dillon, Sharon, Dittrich, Deirdre Eschmann, Janet, Fialcowitz, Patricia, Freeman, Robert C. Hanrahan, Maureen, Kelly, Elizabeth, Krainovich, Nadia Lovaglio, Felicia, Paksima, Nader, Reynolds, Elizabeth Vita, Christine 130 - Mrs. Lynn Anderson, Regina, Arcese, Peter, Aromiskis, Irene, Bar- bagallo, Jean, Barnes, Lisa, Barry, Debra, Battista, Holly Bayuk, Lisa, Bennett, Catherine, Blank, Denise, Bracco, Michael, Caputo, Vincent, Case, Elliot, Cavanaugh, Dun can, Cerruti, Thomas, Elliott, Thomas, Flynn, Hugh Halpin, Brian, Hannon, Michael, Johnson, Joseph, Mc- cavera, Maura, McMillan, Karen, Mallon, Marianne, Miller, Patrick, Ogazon, Michael, Park, Robert, Preziosi Daniel, Williams, Kiera We i fi s 2 5' 95231 A ll 63 MBE! 112 - Mr. Guddat Adipietro, Joseph, Bergin, Anne, Borelli, Gina, Corwin, Corinne, Culhane, Kevin, Cureton, Stephen, Cutrone, Paula, Dausch, Barbara, Deegan, Allison, Dehler, John, DeMaio, John, Denner, Diana, Depp, Tracey, Dies, John, Efthimiou, Thomas, Emmert, Brian, Erickson, Amy, Fastenau, Jeanette, Feldman, Cliff, Franz, Dennis, Freeman, Robert M., Kimmins, David, Maier, Stephanie, Pierce, Leon, Sharp, Sharon, Thompson, Kerry, Werben, Christopher, Winter, Constance GR 134 - Mrs. DeMarco Bangs, Deborah, Daly, Tracy, Daniels, Susan, Defilippis, Joseph, Dolan, Sean, Farrell, Edmond, Ferdinand, Douglas, Gallan, Andrew, Gallic, Jean, Gergely, Christina, Gillan, Christine, Greco, Samuel, Grogan, Nancy, Healy, Jane, Healy, Marylee, Hicks, Jennifer, Holobigian, Paul, Hutchinson, Derrick, Krebs, Jacqueline, Kuzminski, Robert, McDonagh, Thomas, Macyko, Jane, O'Connor, Tracy, Palmer, John, Simunek, Charles, Spencer, Charles, Tilyou, Susan, Wieland, Robert I 136 - Mr. Bruni Brown, Donna, Fanuzzi, Danielle, Heaney, Edward, Hoch Timothy, Inglesby, Kennth, Itgen, Ioseph, Iaeger, Karyn: Iakubowski, Carol Ann, Iones, Andre, Iordan, Caroline Kaliban, Timothy, Kennelly, Stephanie, Kenny, Michael Kiyasu Iohn- Krattinger Iohn' Kru sman Ma 'Laano 1 1 1 1 y I TY, 1 Sylvia, Labianca, Nicole, Lane, Iames, Lee, Robert, Lesser, Mark, Ludwig, Cynthia, Lynch, William, McCutcheon Patricia, Oneill, Emily, Rice, Kathleen, Skolnik, Brian Sullivan, David C. 141 - Dr. Tarrou Andrea, joseph, Gibbons, Patricia, Iaconis, Saverio, Krupica, Iohn, Landi, Christopher, Lynch, Barbara, Mangano, Trina, Melkonian, Leon, Menig, Robert, Mer- cier, Christopher, Metz, Edward, Milano, Claudia, Miller, Todd, Murphy, Michael, Nichols, William, Nimmo Thomas, Nouryan, Edward, Okane, Brian, Onufrak, Lisa' Ospina, Steven, O'Toole, Lucy, Petrozzo, Jeanne, Piscopo Cynthia, Pizzarello, Theresa, Rosato, Mary Lou, Scott Debra, Weisburg, Marc I I I I I I I 137 - Mr. Wojnar Andron, Christopher, Bria, Adrienne, Carsey, lean, Chang, Andrew, Kalafatis, Frances, Kazemi, Neda, Keenan, Kathleen, Kehoe, Kathryn, Keusey, Edwin, Koh, H8 Charles, Lamonica, Leonard, Lecomte, Edward, Leu Lisa, Lopez, David, Lopresti, Adriana, Loskamp, Eric, Ludemann, William, McLaughlin, Steven, McLoughli nf Kara, Maher, Caroline, Malerba, Michael, Mineo, Gina, Mistretta, Margaret, Moody, Thomas, Morrissey, Bethann, Nowack, Elizabeth, Shahidi, Melissa, Silvestri, Thomas, Vierengel, Susan, Yee, L. 142 - Ms. Stefek-Freidin Aprea, Stephen, Bingold, Robert, Conte, Lawrence, DiFalco, Anthony, Kashand, Meridad, Maloney, An- nemarie, Miller, Cheryl, Munnelly, Kevin, Ohalpin Loraine, O'Hare, Edward, Olcott, Christopher, Oleksa Cara, Orsini, James, Pamas, Michael, Papoulas, Theodore, Peters, William, Petrella, Thomas, Philippides, Nicholas' Polk, Ianice, Polley, Kathleen, Primrose, Robert, Quinn, Michael, Rosenstock, Caroline, Sapanski, Arlene, Schiraldi, Lisa, Schulman, Ronna, Seery, Maryellen' Smith, Cynthia, Sweeney, Mary Anne, White, Michele I I I I 144 - Mr. Martin Gieseke, Patricia, Howe, jeanne, McAllister, Charles, McKenzie, Kathryn, Mitchell, Vincent, Nova, Camille, Prusan, Eric, Rego-Monteiro, Marcos, Reinhardt, Barbara, Reinhardt, Patricia, Sackett, Mary, Sanders, Alicia, San- tangelo, Marianne, Schnappauf, Thomas, Sciscente, john, Segal, Richard, Sideris, Laurence, Simari, Nancy, Sirch, Saunie, Skiadas, joanne, Smalley, Mary Ellen, Smith, Lauren, Stachtiaris, Paris, Staniecki, joseph, Starr, Mat- thew, Stravitz, William, Sutton, Margaret, Sweeney, Mary Pat M ' 172 - Mr. Kenney Acer, Kathleen, Bartolf, Bruce, Bennett, Anne, Clancy, An- drew, Coester, Kelly, D'Alessandro, Victoria, Ehling, Michael, Engels, Mary, Gros, Ulrich, Holmes, Arthur, johnson, Elizabeth, jordan, john, Neill, Michael, Olvany, Stephen, Ostrowski, Walter, Philippi, Ralph, Rasor, Mary, Taylor, john, Tesher, jane, Thompson, Scott, Treber, Christopher, Vinciguerra, William, Vought, Melinda, Weigold, jill, Weiss, Carl, Weiss, Scott, Williams, Claire, Willis, William, Wilson, Lisa, Wise, Arthur, Wong, Sonja ff Q 161 - Mr. Genna Dziuba, Doreen, Gallo, Richard, Gray, Glen, Huchle William, jordan, Robert, Luong, Lien, Mulroney, Alice Sackett, William, Schueler, Kim, Shuart, james, Skiadas Peter, Straton, Paul, Stutzmann, William, Sweeney Robert, Tacchi, Randall, Terranova, Thea, Terzi, Robert Thoet, Bruce, Thumser, Elaine, Trenkle, Marianne, Troc- chia, Patricia, Truesdell, Tyler, Tsai, Linda, Tynan William, Umbach, Michael, Vassalotti, Andrea, Williams Allyson, Wilson, Deborah, Wydler, Kathleen 175 - Mr. Slocombe Barton, Glenn, Bates, jeffrey, Bottino, Peter, Burchill Thomas, Calabro, janet, Canzoneri, David, Carl, Marc Case, David, Cummings, Devon, Debany, Paul, Decker Kerry Anne, DeSoye, Suzanne, Dinatale, Maria, Dodd Diane, Dornau, Ronald, Dowden, Mary T., Fischer, Ray- mond, Genberg, Marc, Kalaycioglu, jilda, Keefe, Anne Kelly, Allison, Kelly, Mara, Ludemann, Lisa, Sullivan Brenda, Tomaino, Carolyn, Tsoukalas, Maria, VonSeelen Keith, Yuter, Laurence, Zakarian, Richard, Zografos Nicholas I 1 1 1 ORE CLASS CCUNCIL thusiastic students under the direction of Mr. Martin. They had a very successful year which in- cluded various traditional and new events. The first event of the year was the production of an original Homecoming float, which was filled with gray and maroon helium balloons. Other activities included two very successful dances - a Punk Rock Dance and the traditional Class Ring Dance. The major activity of the year was the ordering of class rings. The design was selected through a contest held for the whole grade. The council has achieved great results and hopes to continue to do as well in the future. lst row: Mark Cowie - Vice President, Monica Mack - President, Sylvia Scarpino - Secretary, 2nd row: Carla Deakins - Treasurer, Marybeth Noonan - Historian, Brenda Mullin - Social Chairman. CLASS UF 19 4 108 - Mr. Bennetter Adams, Mary, Alaimo, Vincent, Alden, Kenneth, Allegro, Maria, Anderson, Dayna, Anemone, Andrew, Anziano, Louis, Arena, Rachel, Ascher, Stephen, Beck, james, Becker, Lee, Bellmer, Adrienne, Beneke, Alice, Berkowitz, Gregory, Bici, Andrea, Blank, jennifer, Boddicker, Christine, Bogart, Gabrielle, Boring, Loretta, Brennan, Patricia, Brown, Thomas, Cartelli, Adrianne, Cashman, Maura, Gillett, Carol, Hecken, Philip, Martin, Cornelia, Mulroney, Matthew, Scuderi, Vincent . The Sophomore Class Council is a group of en- 124 - Mr. David Becker, Susan, Brai, Paul, Coulter, Patrick, Damante, Anne, Deakins, Carla, Debe, Peter, Dehler, Tara, Delorme, Monica, Deraddo Vir inia' Desantis Theresa' DeVries, Linda, Dohn, Patrici, Donelan, Francis, Donovan Elizabeth, Doolittle, Mark, Duel, Garth, Dumas, Barbara Dunckelmann, Paul, Eckina, Richard, Healey, Kathleen Lipari, Peter, McLaughlin, Cathy, Melkonian, Kenneth Messina, Edna, Munnelly, Keith, Rhodes, Susan, Robin- son, janice, Winski, Christopher 125 - Miss McAteer Erskine, john, Esposito, Scott, Falvey, john, Farrell, Patricia, Fay, Nancy, Fierro, Gianno, Finegan, Thomas, Ford, Elizabeth, Freeman, Rhonda, Friderichs, Lynn, Furey, Sheila, Gallagher, Alexandra, Garber, Buckley, Gassmann, Linda, Georgi, Christian, Gewert, james, Ghilaga, Artes, Giodano, Geoffery, Girodias, Susan, Gowan, Daniel, Graefing, Robert, Grant, james, Gupta, Ajay, Hodge, Cassandra, Martinez, Carol, Matheu, james, Merritts, George, Richmond, Sarah xr' 114 - Mr. Mazarese Acer, Margaret, Brown, jacqueline, Buchman, Michael Buckman, Gregory, Burke, Ann Marie, Burns, james Byrne, Christopher, Carsey, Elizabeth, Carter, Anne Cerasuolo, joan, Chianese, jennifer, Chisholm, jeannine Christiansin, Susan, Clark, Michael, Clowery, Nicole Conigilo, Lisa, Conza, Salvatore, Cook, Elizabeth Cosgrove, George, Comas, Peter, Creatore, Suzanne, Crof- ton, Kerin, Flaherty, john, Hartfield, Kerry, Hughes Eveleen, jensen, Scott, Peterson, Stacia, Thai, Hoa-Toan ii. l A ,,,, S' t 2 i,i.a'l 127 - Miss Solomon Diller, Kevin, Dougherty, Sean, Farrell, Kimberly, Foley, Patricia, Fusco, Patricia, Gammage, john, Grant, Karen, Grasso, Kimberly, Grupp, joan, Haight, jena, Hebron, George, Heiselman, Paul, Hogan, john, Hudson, Hubert, Hughes, Eileen, Inglesby, Andrew, Ingrassia, joseph, Ironside, Richard, jaenichen, Steven, jaworski, Andrea, johnston, Karin, jones, Barbara, Kelly, Denise, Kiernan, janice, Kirby, Melissa, Koprowski, Gina, McCarthy, Daniel, Mayer, Kristin, Pasquale, Lisa, Soutar, Christopher 128 - Mr. Castellano Bartul, Michael, Flynn, Arthur, Fogarty, Marlene, Hamilton, Kenneth, Heaney, Carolyn, Judson, Ronald, Keefe, Joseph, Kelly, James, Kelly, Peter, Kempf, William, King, Blair, Klein, Douglas, Kontolefas, Stathis, Krieg, Timothy, Lally, Regan, Lamonica, Virginia, Larsen, Karen, Larsen, Edward, Lawder, Elizabeth, Leder, William, Leone, Annemarie, Liberatoscioli, Donna, Lucano, Tara, Lynch, Kelly, Macchio, Susan, Majden, Donna, Maroney, Karen, Morelli, Diane, Mundy, Timothy, Ostrowski, Jill 138 - Mr. Richards Burke, Patrick, Christofides, Angelo, Daly, Paul DiGaetano, Robert, Dwyer, Robert, Hayes, Joseph, Huhta Susan, Koconas, Timothy, Milazzo, Paul, Morano, Thomas, Moreno, Andrew, Noonan, Joyce, Nystrom, F. Karl, Oguzhan, Sally, Olds, Robert, Ottaiano, Anthony Pagonis, Thomas, Palmieri, Carolyn, Patten, Marie, Perico, Linda, Quinlan, Barbara, Quinn, Cathleen, Rapuano Valerie, Regan, Elizabeth, Roellig, Martha, Rogowski Denise, Thompson, Christopher, Woulfe, Leslie Ann , " . r ' I ..... Q WW ,W ea f i N X I 132 - Mr. Weinlandt Dooher, Jack, Gans, Anne, Lewis, Darrin, Lorenson David, McBride, Angela, McCarthy, Karen, McQuade Laurie, Mack, Monica, Maggio, Joseph, Magoulias Jonathan, Maier, Robert, Mallis, Dean, Maloney, Eileen Manning, John, Masiello, John, Meyer, Christine, Mid- dleton, Kimberly, Mulligan, Ann, Mullin, Brenda, Mur- phy, Christine, Murphy, Kimberly, Neira, Jeannette Pakisima, Bijan, Pineman, Laura, Rotola, Allison ' , A ' ' ' A 'A QL" N 140 - Ms. Braunstein Borzilleri, Andrew, Browne, Alison, Connor, Donald, Conserva, Vincent, Corwin, Candice, Darcy, Barbara, Dloan, Eileen, Dupont, Maria, Mulford, Christopher, O'Leary, Glenn, Palladino, Robert, Panarella, Adam, Peretz, Craig, Perez-Vega, Jose, Pratt, Thomas, Quigley, Micheal, Ramos, Peter, Rego-Monteiro, Atila, Santangelo, Thomas, Santangelo, Valerie, Scarpimo, Sylvia, Schauf, Catherine, Scolpino, Nancy, Seaman, Rebecca, Segal, Stephanie, Siciliano, Linda, Sirkin, Carolyn, Smith, Don- na, Sorrentino, Nancy if -- 148 - Mrs. Horton Belger, Mary, Benevenia, Lenoref, Calamari, James, Carney, James, Collins, Stacy, Costello, James, Dillmeier Elizabeth, Johnson, Sarah, Napolitano, Nina, Nelson Rachel, O'Connor, Lorraine, Rice, Christine, Schlange Paul, Schmidt, Jonathan, Schreier, Donald, Sheets, Erik Spanos, Peter, Spata, Ellen, Spirakis, Alexandra, Stafford Jeanne, Stahel, Mark, Stankewick, Walter, Stasco, Caryn Sullivan, Jennifer, Sweeney, Annmarie, Tobin, Timothy Weekes, Julia 173 - Mr. Pollock Condon, Maureen, Curtin, Peter, Deangelo, Frank, Dolan Deborah, El-Dada, Lorena, Engels, Susan, Eschmann Alison, Fitzpatrick, Mary, Fonseca, Lawrence, Haeffner, Peter, Hall, Mary, Halloran, Jean, Hanley, Moira, Heavey Anthony, Jensen, Suzanne, Lehan, Lorraine, Miller, Kerry, O'Brien, William P., Paksima, Suzanne, Reinhardt Robert, Renouard John, Reu er Steven, Russell I P I I Kathleen, Scarpino, John, Shuart, William, Simpson, Mar- tin, Smitten, Steven, Steen, George 1 163 - Mr. Kirsty Burden, Susan, Campbell, Robert, Dewey, Diane, Giar- Luneburg, Keith, Macht, Jerome, Moringiello, Gabrielle, Murphy, Helen, Ogazon, Paul, Peak, Carol, Rogowski, Julia, Sauer, Catherine, Steblai, Daniel, Sutcliffe, George, Sweeney, Richard A., Tesoro, Charles, Tetro, Paul, Thayer, Donald, Vakalopoulas, Victoria, Vicory, Barbara, Walker, Maureen, Weekes, Elizabeth, Weekes, Jennifer, Weidner, raputo, Christopher, Grill, Adam, Harding, Philip Mary 174 - Mr. Regan Cowie, Mark, Dalton, Stephan, Jaghab, Janice, McConnell Timothy, Macaluso, Joseph, O'Neil, Kara, Sacca, Maryanne, Schiebel, John, Schmitt, Eric, Seery, James Sekas, Nicholas, Semmes, Benjamin, Sutton, Susan Sweeney, Monica, Tejani, Cena, Telfeyan, Jennifer Thomasino, Donald, Tortorello, Gianine, Tsai, Teresa, Ver- maelen, Philip, Walker, Robert, Wardlaw, Christopher Weiss, Gretchen, Wieland, Stephen, Wren Laurie, Young Maureen, Azpf, Lisa .,. I' be 5-silk? K Y K sl 1. ' ff-f f' ,I x' " it L 4 ', A 9 1 S: QQ? 3. 53 E ix 'L u 'S' in i O' ,- f uf, Q ?-M i fffw -un-gpg: GRY' 'K xx wax Wk Q Q 3 QS? . 41 W.,- an X 55 1' Sli' ' rung 1 ,S-1' 5-A-9 www yall' Q49 1 EQ eh . 0 - . o - . . Brinker could not do much without company . . , so he resigned the presidency of the Golden Fleece Debating Society, stopped writing hissohool spirit column for the IIQVfZsgi1PC1',.dI'OPPCd the chair- manship 'ofitiie Unclerprivileged Local Children subcommittee of the Good Samaritan Confraternity, stilled his baritone in the chapel choir, and even . . . resigned from the Student Advisory Committee to the Headmastefs Discretionary Benevolent Fund." f f ' M5 QP 'Qi' Unbelievable as it may seem, slaving over textbooks until three in the morning, striving for straight A+'s with AP credit, and running directly home after school to watch "General Hospital," are not the only activities which occupy a student's time. There are various clubs available to everyone on a Weekly basis at the Garden City High School throughout the school year. Many clubs hold functions on Weekends as Well, although prying a student away from the television set during a Saturday night viewing of "Love Boat" and "Fantasy Island" is rather difficult. After school activities are an integral part of a senior's, junior's and yes, even a low- ly sophomore's life, and Without them, their high school years would not be as memorable. Whether a student is motivated musically, scientifically, culturally, social- ly, or spiritedly, there exists a club with a dedicated faculty advisor to further his or her interests. 1303-AN p0wERl wif. 2 7? ' 1 X ff? 'lt - -thas ' Q . 153 STUDE T CUUNCIL Sitting: R. Mack, M. Kruysman, I. Brown, S. Scarpino, B. Mullin, C. Deakins, M. Cowie, P. Curry, D. DeGroot, C. Lawder, S. Alfieri. Standing: Dr. Tarrou, D. Lara, C. Mullooly, I. Griffith, I. Gibbons, K. Decker. Once again, the Student Council has diligently worked to uphold the basic principles of a democratic governing body. Consisting of elected Sophomore, Iunior, and Senior delegates, the Stu- dent Council works to fulfill the needs of the student body as a whole. This year, the council spon- sored a video-dance, the annual Winter Wonderland and Spring Fling, as well as helping with the G.O. drive in the beginning of the year. In addition to these activities in school, the council worked with representatives from outside the school in order to improve relationships with the community. The council's sponsor is Dr. Iames Tarrou. OFFICERS p Sitting: Dave Lara - Secretary, Steve Alfieri - President, jim Griffith - Vice President. Standing: Cathy Lawder - Treasurer, Claire Mulloly - Parliamentarian. Sitting: Tracy Daly, lean Sweeney, Alison Eschman. Standing: Dr. Dolan, Mr. Allen. DISCIPLINE COMMITTEE The Discipline Committee is a branch of the administration that reviews the behavior of students who have ac- cumulated an excessive number of demerits. The Board consists of student representatives from the Senior Class and Faculty members, with Mr. Allen as chair- man. Recommendations are made to Mr. Lawder about the course of action to pur- sue in dealing with the future behavior of the student. STUDENT COURT The Student Court consists of three student justices, one administrative justice, one faculty justice and a clerk. Student justices are appointed by the Student Council President and ratified by the Student Council. Students who wish to appeal a penalty for infraction of school rules may submit a brief to the court explaining why the penalty should be reduced or removed entirely. Typically, a student justice investigates the case and, after discussion, a decision is made at the following meeting of the Court. The constitutionality of legislation passed by the Student Council may also be challenged before the Student Court. Sitting: Mr. Allen, Dr. Borut, Mr. Nelson. Standing: F. Allegro, Mrs DeMarco, Mr. McAleese, N. Morfogen. 9 lst ROW: L. Krebs, C. Mullooly, A. Hollis 2nd row: A. Kelly, T. Daly, E. McQuade, Sweeney, I. Krebs. M. A. MAGAZINE DRIVE The 36th annual Magazine Drive was one of the most financially successful of the last decade. This major fund raising activity returns forty percent of the magazine sales price to the school as well as rewarding students who sell subscriptions. The reward, in the form of tangible gifts such as por- table televisions, cameras, radios, and savings bonds, is based on the number of subscriptions ob- tained by each student. Each year S1000 is turned over to the Student Council and the remainder of the profits is distributed to the three classes based on the percentage of sales made by each class. The drive is organized and conducted by a committee of junior and senior girls, and is sponsored by Dr. Decker. STUDE T CITIZENSHIP BUARD Fifty-one seniors and twenty-one juniors, selected on the basis of teacher recommendations, work directly with Mr. Lawder in the daily opera- tion of the school First row: C. Lawder, N. Irwin, L. Mangano, L. DeSoye, I. Gibbons, R, Brennan. Second row: A. Kelly, N. Poz, K, Eschman, G. Costello, V. Vought, K, Schreier, I. Beck, V. Mistretta, N. Stefano, E. McQuade, R. Mack, S. Gammage, L. Issing. Third row: T. Mangano, C. Tomaino, T. Daly, L. Kwee, S. Koh, K. McLoughlin, B. Goldsmith, L. Onufrak, I. Brown, S. Kennelly, M. Sutton, S. Conway, C. Nowack, C. Fleri, T. Adams, B. Park, S. DeSoye, S, Pepper. Fourth Row: D. Dodd, I. Krebs, E, Metz, E. Thumser, I. Ireland, P. Curry, D. Dehler, A. Clancy, M, Petropoulos, S, Olvany, G. Hennenberger. The National Honor Society is a service organization which bases its membership on scholarship, character, leadership, and service. To be eligible for membership, a stu- dent must have and maintain a cer- tain grade point average, and also must be nominated by two faculty members. As Well as providing a tutoring service, the club tabulates honor ratings at the end of each academic quarter. This year, members attended a faculty symposium at Adelphi University, held a Senior Citizen's Day, and participated in other com- munity activities. The year ended with the induction of members for 1982-1983. The club is sponsored by Mr. Slocombe and Mr. Maloney. 156 building. They may be seen in action each period during the school day, before homeroom, and at night on special occasions, as they Work on the stu- dent attendance and disciplinary system in the main and attendance of- fices. Members of the Ex- ecutive Board supervise the daily operation of the squad as well as assist one afternoon a week after school. This year's Ex- ecutive Board: Patty Angus, Iamie Sue Beck, Gabrielle Costello, Mary Iane Eggers, Kathy Eschmann, Glenn Hen- neberger, Anne Kelly, Kim Keppler, Eileen Mc- Quade, Regina Mack, Vin- nie Mistretta, Rosemarie Moringiello, Nancy Poz, Kim Schrier, Ken Smith, Nancy Stefano, and Vicki Vought. HO OR SOCIETY F First row: L. Kwee, R. Mack, L. Mangano, I. Craner, C. Costello, I. Sheehan, D. DeGroot, I. Myslik, R. Btes, Second row: P. Angus, I. Corrie, L. Oliva, E man, K. Lynch, R, El-Dada, T. Saito, I. Ireland, R. Gieseki, D. Ioyce, I. Straton, M. Cavanaugh. Third row: F. Lashen, I. Beck, M. Chute, I. Rayfield, M. Lucca, Mylott, S. Zannos. TRDIAN CLU There were many, many people in the Trojan Club this year. EXECUTI E BOARD Sitting: Cathy Lawder, Emily Sirkin, Aileen Hollis, Tracy Daly, MaryLee Healy. Standing: Patrick Curry, Kerrie Luhmann, Nancy Stefano, Tony DiFalco, Diane Dodd, jackie Krebs, Anna Gupta. With over 200 members, the Trojan Club is one of the school's largest and most active clubs. Its primary purpose is to promote school spirit and involve- ment. The club plans and carries out major events such as Homecoming Qwhich includes the Parade, Alumni Reception, and the election and crown- ing of the Homecoming Queen and Kingj, as well as Spirit Day. The Trojan Club also sells refreshments at the home basketball games and concerts and sponsors movie nights. KEY CLUB There were many, many people in the Key Club. The Key Club, a community service organization, is one of the largest clubs in the school. Consisting of approx- imately 125 active members, the Key Club participates in aiding the community, school, and various charities. This year's projects included a car Wash, the Turkey Trot, Senior Citizen's Day, a trip to a day care center, and the annual Mother's Day Pancake Breakfast. The club is open to all interested students and this year's officers are: President: Iamie Sue Beck Vice-President: Meg Chute Recording Secretary: Iane Rayfield Minutes Secretary: Ioe Straton Treasurer: lim Ostrowski Sergeant-at-Arms: Mary Iane Eggers WE? EES First row: I. Rayfield, M. Chute, D, Dehler, P. Diaz, D. Iohnston, T. Saito Second row W Adams G Costello I Corrie K Lynch M Petropoulos T. Papoulas, G. Barton, A. Chang, K. McLoughlin, P. Curry, W. Lashen L Pasquale P Farrell Echo, the Garden City Senior High School newspaper, is a student-run paper that is supported by the GO. and revenues raised through advertising. Because it operates independent of the school's administration, the paper is uncensored, allowing the staff to address what they feel are the concerns of the students. All the planning is done by the editors, who use the recom- mendations made by the advisor, Mr. Robert McGowan, and others. Echo is published ten times a year, and distributed free to all students. This year's editorial staff is: Chairman and Features Editor: David W. Johnston News Editor: Toshihiko Saito Editorial Editor: Patricia Ann Diaz Sports Editor: Meg Chute Business Manager: Jane Rayfield Photography Editor: Dennis Dehler A.v. SQUAD The A-V Squad, under the strong leader- ship of Mr. Iames McAleese, provides Audio-Visual equipment, which includes projectors, record players, and the like, to the teachers of the school. Instruction of students and teachers in the use of materials for the classroom is also a function of the squad. 'Qt First row: D. Lewis, M. Buchman, P. Dunckelmann. Second row: T. Pratt, Mr. McAleese. LIBRARY AIDES One of the major factors contributing to the efficient operation of the library is the staff of student aides. They volunteer their free time, either during study halls or before and after school, to help in the library. The aides perform a number of services, in- cluding signing out books, checking in returned materials, shelving books and magazines, helping with the copy machine, binding magazines, and assisting both students and faculty. Through their work in , the library, these students not only provide a service to the school, but also gain knowledge of library practices and procedures. First row: L. Zolas, Miss Westwood, M. Hall, L. Pasquale. Second row: L. Monahan, I. Calamari, M. Morgan. FIRE PATROL Comprised of student volunteers, this T group assists both our school and the com- munity. Membership in the Fire Auxiliary, under the supervision of the Garden City Fire Department, provides each member with valuable training in the procedures to follow in case of emergency. All school fire drills are organized and directed by the Fire Patrol and school Administration. Bruce Smith is this year's captain and Mr. Lawder is the school sponsor. First row: C. Feldman, D. Cavanaugh, B. Smith, M. Stahl, B. Iones, I. james. Second row: S. Weiss, W. DeVincentis, R. Tacchi, M. Hannon, I. Doe, C. Treber. FOREIGN POLICY FORUM The Foreign Policy Forum meets every two weeks, and consists of students who enjoy involvement in discussing international situations and general policies of the world community. Students meet to discuss a topic or world problem, the effects it may have on the world in general, and the United States in particular. Speakers often address the club members, on historic issues or philosophies. The club has attended a Model United Na- tions each year, either at Harvard University or in New York City. -GY First row: L. Yuter, T. McCarthy, M, Petropoulos. Second row: A. Chang, K. Smith, R. E1-Dada. KUNG EU The members of the Kung Fu Club, under the direction of Mr. Low, are taught Kung Fu C: ,V.d and other Martial Arts. The King Fu Club was formed by Mr. Low five years ago and meets twice a week to introduce its members to Kung Fu and Tae Kwon Do. Q9 A- gr NN 1 npr' First row: C. Koh, B. Paksima, N. Paksima, I. Mead. Second row: Mr. Low fCoachJ, M. Melko- nian, L. Keshian, N. Trimboli, C. Andron, R. Park. CHESS TEAM Chess Club meets weekly to play as well as study the games of chess. There is also a Chess Team that participates in the Nassau County Chess League. The team, in each of the four years since its inception, has suc- cessfully advanced to the play-offs, placing second in the county and winning two divi- p lt sion championships. B. Thoet, J. Kiyasu, L. Yuter, Mr. Pollack CCoachJ, C. Pramnieks. GERMAN CLUB First row: B. Vicory, M. Falvey, I. S. Beck, I. Rayfield, B. Noonan, L. Ludemann, M. E. Kruysman. Second row: D. DeGroot, F. Lashen, M. Hutchinson, S. Peper, L. Issing, A. Knoerzer, K. Bren, E. Oguzhan, C. Wren, A. Bidi. Third row: D. Dehler, K. McLoughlin, I. Fastenau, T. Thresher, T. Palmer, I. Noonan, S. Huhta, M. Lucca, W. Adams, L. Kwee, C. Pramnieks, T. Dunne, M. Celentano, L. Onufrak. Fourth row: C. Peak, C. Miller, M. Sackett, S. Wong, K. Iaeger, M. Morgan, M. Hall, L. Monahan, D. Hutchinson. The German Club provides German anu non-German , students with an opportunity to experience German culture If through various social activities. The variety of functions at- tended by the students range from a spirited Oktoberfest, to R .. a traditional Christmas party, to the ultimate beach party. V' Special thanks from the club to Herr Guddat, its sponsor, for p faithfully devoting his time and energy. This year's officers are: P! President: Anthony Knoerzer Vice-President, Lisa Issing Secretary: Paulina Bren Treasurers: Kamilla Bren Susan Peper Officers: Magnus Hutchinson Errol Oguzhon FRENCH CQLQB f....i..1 3 l F f.. t'E', MH -Q .fit L -1 BE x 1st row: C. McKenzie, S. Rihmond, L. Pineman, M. Sacca, C. Miller, M. Sacket, S. Wong, K. Iaeger, N. Layton. 2nd row: M. Celentano, J. Beck, D. MacLeod, T. Primrose, Miss McAteer, M. Petropoulos, I. Myslik, I. Rayfield, R. Estes. 3rd row: M. Hayes, F. Lashen, B. Noonan, M. Falvey, I. Noonan, K. Lynch, L. Pasquale, M. Hall, E. Hughes, L. Kapraski, M. Kruysman, T. Saito, R. E1-Dada, W. Chin, M. Chute. 4th row: D. DeGroot, T. Cerruti, C. Koh, R. Primrose, G. Perfetto, B. Park, T. McCarthy, S. Kalkines, M. Sacca, K. Lynch. One of the largest and f most popular organiza- ' tions of the school, the French Club, is comprised of students who wish to further their knowledge of the French language and culture. Under the leadership of President Tricia Primrose, Vice- President Michael Petropoulas, Secretary Donald MacLeod, Treasurer lim Myslik, and Co-Social Chairmen Iamie Sue Beck and lane Rayfield, the club enjoyed a very exciting year. Ac- tivities included trips to French restaurants, cultural excursions to New York City, a Hallo- ween party, and the tradi- tional "Fete Ioyeux Noel." The club is sponsored by Miss McAteer. IT LIAN CLUB 1st row: B. Vicory, M. Lucca, N. Petrillo, K. Smith, Sr. Mazarese, I. Locopo, I. Ireland, M. DiNatale, F. Mattemeop2nd row: M. Trivilino, T. diSantos, D. Liberscholi, L. DiCarlo, K. Grant, L. Oliva, S. Huhta, W. Adams, A. Leoni, A. Panzera, E. Messina, C. Quinn, A. Dellolacano, M. Carl, R. Terzi, 3rd row: P. Malazo, M. Hall, T. Petrella, V. D'Alessandro, T. Papoulas, M. Rego-Montiero, I. Calamari, P. Straton. g,,,f"'mg.g,.g..fe Through various educational and enjoyable activities, the Italian Club is actively pursuing its goal of promoting the language and culture of Italy. The new school year always opens with the traditional trip to New York's Little Italy dur- ing the San Gennaro Feast. Other activities include an an- nual Carnevale party, a Columbus day picnic, La Festa di Primavera and the end of the year picnic at Belmont Lake State Park. This year's major activity is a ten day tour of Italy during the Easter vacation. The club is sponsored by its founder, Signor Mazarese. This year's officers are: james Locopo: President Kenneth Smith: Vice-President Maria DiNatale: Secretary Thomas Petrella: Social Chairman 1 Nick Petrilloz Treasurer K f -,. S LATIN CLUB The Latin Club members, led by fearless Dr. C. Bruni, are indeed a uni- que breed. They meet daily in mind and spirit to learn Latin, its tradition, and definitely its "culture" O tempora, O mores! Alea iacta est. Tres mures! En fugient! Nam omnes secuti sunt resticam, Quae caudas cultello desecuit, Sane facinus in- solitissimum! O tres mures. Carthago deligenda est. Aves summus. This year's officers are: Consul: Patrick Curry Imperator: Edwin Keusey Praetor: Ed Farrell Gladius: Helen Friedman Equites: Susan Daniels First row: L. Kwee, S. Conway, M. Falvey, I. Newman, I. S. Beck, Second row: A. Sanders, S. SPANISH CLU First row: I. S. Beck, C. Bartholomew, L. Kwee, Miss Visentin, B. Noonan, M. Falvey, I. Rayfield, M. Celen- tano, Second row: W. Adams, S. Huhta, I. Noonan, L. Keshian, M. Schultheis, S. Zimulis, K. Hughes, I. Brown, E. McQuade, M. Hutchinson, C. Nowack. The Spanish Club has been an important part of the Garden City High School during the 1981-1982 school year. Besides being involv- ed with the schoo1's regular ac- tivities, the Spanish Club has held its own events including service projects and various skating and restaurant trips, as well as par- ticipating in Homecoming. The Spanish Club is open to all students who have some knowledge of the language, or an interest in the culture. This year's officers are: President: Lia Kwee Vice-President: Beth Noonan Secretary: Maureen Falvey Treasurer: Karen Hughes Social Chairmen: Cathy N owack and Ieanine Springer Faculty Advisor: Ms. Margaret Visentin CHANTECLER Chantecler, the French literary magazine, selects French students' prose, poetry, and artwork for publication. The first issue of the year is a traditional calendar featuring French civilization and culture. The second issue consists of creative French writings. All French students receive a copy of this useful magazine which adds a touch of culture to the high school. This year's editors are Frances Lashen and Kathy Acer. I F. Lashen, T. McCarthy, K. Acer "AA Y First row: A. Damante, L. Oliva, V. D'Alexandero. Second row: T. Petrella, M. DiNatale, Mr Mazarese, M. Lucca, K. Smith. LO STIVALE Lo Stivale, the high school's Italian publica- tion published annually since 1980, consists of articles written by students of Italian. By participating, students are able to expand their knowledge of the culture and language of Italy. Lo Stivule has Won first place 11980, and second place H9813 awards from the Col- umbia Scholastic Press Association. It is sponsored by Signor Mazarese. FIESTA Fiesta is the Spanish publication of the high school. The purpose of this publication is to enable students to combine their skill in using the Spanish language with their knowledge of the Hispanic world. It is open to all students of Spanish and its sponsor is Mr. Sonander. This year's editorial staff is: Editor: Victoria Vought Assistant Editor: Linda Oliva Sitting: V. Vought, L. Oliva. Standing: Mr. Sonander. Vg., .ff Tim McCarthy, Jessica Craner, John Newman STUDENT EXCHANGE Four Garden City students spent their summers in foreign countries this year under the auspices of the International Student Ex- change. There are two programs offered to the students: Experiment in International Living and Youth for Understanding. The difference between these programs is that the Experiment offers a two week travel period in addition to a month spent with a family, whereas the Youth program is a two month stay with one family. After this great experience the Ambassadors are able to share their experiences with other students and various community organizations through slide presentations and speeches. INKSPOTS I nkspots, the high school literary-arts magazine, is published annually in May and distributed free of charge to all students. Art- work, photography, poetry, and short stories are all included in the magazine which gives students the opportunity to express themselves artistically. This after-school ac- tivitity is conducted under the supervision of Mr. Roger Goodwin. Vicki Vought, Meg Chute Missing from picture: jenny O'Hare, Pat Angus. 1 l - :alla First row: I. Fastenau, E. Cunningham, K. McLoughlin. Second row: K. Cloherty, C. Ludwig, A. Knoerzer, L. Ludemann, R. McEntee. COBURG EXCHANGE Thirteen ambassadors participated last summer in a direct exchange with Coburg, West Germany. The program differs from the experiment of the youth program in that the student stays with a family in Germany for three weeks, then the brother or sister comes back to live in Garden City for three weeks. BOTANY CLU First row: L. Norton, L. Kwee, M. Lucca, I. Myslik, S. Park, G. Costello, I. Beck. Second row: R. El-Dada, M. Morgan, I. Nicols, I. Ireland, D. Turkelandrhynia, S. Martinez, S. Koh, I. Straton, P. Diaz. Senior Project is a program designed for seniors interested in studying areas outside the regular curriculum. About ten seniors did Senior Projects this year, on topics ranging from telescope building to poetry. Each student presented a written report to the Senior Pro- ject Committee which consists of Dr. Faust, Dr. L. Morrongiello, Dr. C. Morrongiello, Mr. Castellano, and Mr. Levine. The Botany Club is designed to appeal to students who like plants, and are interested in in- creasing their knowledge of them. We collect and press herbarian plants, have established a her- barium, take Walking field trips, visit arboreta, and study the various aspects of plant life in general. E ICR PROJECT First row: S. Poole, L. Lobo. Second row: T. Saito, I. Newman, P. Cutrone, D. Scollard, I. Moyers. ASTRO OMY CLU First row: I. Tjioe, S. Park, M. Cavanaughg Second row: S. Martinez, W. Chin, L. Melkonian. The Computer Core is made up of five expert computer program- mers who help with the ad- ministrative uses of the computers in the school. Currently the com- puters are used for attendance, student data records, and genera- tion of lists. A small group within CORE is currently working on transferring the attendance and listing now done on expensive time-sharing facilities to microprocessors owned by the district. CORE students are also involved in writing programs to put guidance functions such as grade reporting, computing of averages, class rank, and honor roll on the microcomputers. CORE, led by Dr. Roderic A. Beaulieu, performs an essential service for the school. Members put in many hours and deserve recognition for the work they do. The purpose of the Astronomy Club is to foster an interest in both observational and theoretical astronomy. Periodic outdoor ses- sions using one or more of the school's telescopes enable members to learn observatory techniques and to locate key stars and constellations. After-school meetings generally include discussion of astrophysical theory or some technical advance, such as the space shuttle. Activities also include trips to the Vanderbilt Planetarium to make use of the sky theater and observatory. COMPUTER CORE First row: R. Terzi, I. Sheehan, P. Cutrone, Second row: D. Hutchinson, Dr. Bealieu. , Q F 170 MASQUERS First row: S. Carr, M, Lipari, I. Paksima, M. Ostrowski, Mrs. Spiers, D. Imgram, N. Simari, I. Meyer, E. Cunningham, K. Brennan, M. Acer. Second row: L. Aloia, T. Nimmo, A. Flynn, D. Gowan, R. Wieland, J. Manning, B. Franz, K. Farrell, B. Seaman, V. Rapparafano, P. Diaz. Third row: N. Grogan, L. DiCarlo, M. Manning, Mr. Cusak, L. Onufrak, C. Gillet, M. Hannon, W. Ostrowski, A. Erickson, A. Fischer, K. O'Nei1l, T. Kaliban. Missing: S. Daniels, N. Zogrofas, E. O'Neill, A. Morreale, S, Huhta. """'W" 'FK' ' aj-..t Masquers, the high schoo1's co-curricular Theatre Arts group, planned a year full of worthwhile plays. Participants in these productions learn the essentials of stage craft, play productions, and acting. This year, Masquers first completed its fall show, "The Ef- fect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds" by Paul Zindel, which was shown in November. In February, they performed a Children's play, "Pegora the Witch." As their final accomplish- ment, they held an all school musical in the spring. In addition to the plays, Masquers also held a drive to replace costumes lost in the fire in Iune, 1981. Masquers was unable to use the large stage for half the year, but they managed quite well. The officers of the club are: President, Maryrose Ostrowski, Vice-President, Iamila Paksima, Treasurer, Nicholas ' Zografos, Secretary, Monique Lipari and Sergeant-at- Arms, Emily O'Neill. Mrs. Spiers, our sponsor, is be- ing assisted by two Garden City graduates - Iames Cusack with stage craft and Karen Criscuolo with Children's Theatre, and Cece Blake, a performing musician, with "Grease" GARDEN CITY MARCHI G BA . . . . ..,- :.f, : There are many, many people in the Concert Band! fs? 'Ex wk Alf. e lg 11 rs at i ASN Qi- n--.- e, .e. f it . X W g L xl '1- A : ' A - TWIRLERS: Back row: S. Peterson B. Franz E. McGowan K. Brennen D. Liberatoscioli R. Moran E. Hughes M. Morgan D. Schwarz fcoachj. Front row: I. Chirico, M. Egel S. Kalkines. COLOR GUARD: Back row: I. Hoyt, I. Howe, K. Kehoe, D. Denner, D. Schwarz Ccoachj, P. Cutrone, D. Barry, B. Cook, K. Hamilton. Front row: S. Yee, L. Barnes, K. Hartfield. The Concert Band's year is broken up into two basic seasons, marching and concert, respectively. This year's marching season started earlier than in previous years, and was improved due to the Summer Marching Clinic at Trenton, New jersey. This year also marked another first in G.C. history: the Marching Band, Ma- jorettes, and Color Guards were accompanied by the Cheerleaders and Trojanettes, a combination which worked well at halftime shows and highlighted the season with an outstanding Hofstra performance. The Marching Band also played in the major com- munity parades. The concert season starts with the Christmas Con- cert, continues with the Pop Concert, and ends with the Spring Concert. During the concert season, the Garden City Band Follies is one of the more popular events. At this time members of the Band get a chance to show various talents and also have some fun. The Concert Band is under the direction of Mr. Peter Stanganelli. President and Drum Major: Steve Zannos Vice President: Tom Palmer Treasurer: Andrew Mylott Secretary: Patty Watts Iohn Kiyasu Librarian: Andrew Gallan Steve Cureton Ink The Iazz Ensemble, which plays a j .... "':frr,fW ' 'A A , combination of traditional and contem- V -had j ,E 5 . porary jazz music, is an important part 1 iiii A ' of the Instrumental Music Depart- ment's program. The ensemble per- l 'Vee if forms on numerous occasions throughout the year, at the major con- certs, the annual Village Ball, the jazz Dance, and other engagements. The Iazz Ensemble's many achievements in- clude performances in England in 1980 and the recording of a record that same year. ' ,,,' ,," 01: . First row: A. Gallan, I. Fastenau, M. Weisburg, I. Kiyasu. Second row: M. Mullahey, B. Iordan, D. Kenna, I. Audobon, I. Itgen, T. Papoulas. Third row: D. Hegeman, C. Watras, T. Vassalotti, B Bartolf, T. Palmer, C. Landi, A. Mylott, R. Terzi, Mr. Stanganelli Qconductorj. ZZ' LE 77165 HND . .,,.--- ..-- 1-- First row: D. Case, S. Ricmond, K. Christensen, L. Pineman, M. Sacca, K. Hartfield, K. Acer. Second row: P. Maloney, I. Flynn, P. Straton, B. King, I. Hill, M. Fedor, K. Cloherty. Third row: Mr. Stanganelli Cconductorj, R. Hajny, S. Cureton, M. Pamas, A. Macaluso. Fourth row: S. Glover, N. Sweeney, T. Sexton, H. Orff, A. Gallagher. The Stage Band is comprised of a select group of musicians. The reper- toire of music played ranges from popular songs to jazz and Big Band dance music. The Stage Band performs at all of the major concerts at the high school fthe Winter and Spring Con- certs, the Pop Concert and the Band Folliesj, as well as various community activities such as the Village Ball at the Casino, the Jazz Dance for students at the high school and the Presbyterian Church Iazz Concert. 4. X LLW,, . .5 WZ TW., M, ,T E fl ,.,, 9. mu. .... L ..u... ,.....,,,,,.,,.,,,,,,, 1 .l......r Q5 5:12 7. . .,... rms ,.,. W..c....,.. . fy . . , C. .l..-.L.-...- Q . qi, . .. ...M V....,. V...,.,..,....r,,f,...x ,,,, M. .- LLLW,,, -. I ,,,, ,. W. ,ALL - , .W LLW, L,,,, LLW ,,AL . . LLL, H . ,. ,,,L . .. . . First row: I. Tjioe, I. Benekep Second row: C. Wren, M. DiNatale, F. Lashen, K. Acer, M. Genberg, A. Gallan, S. Zannosp Third row: A. Gitelman, K. Buschman, C. Piscopo, D. Kenna, M. Rego- Monteiro, L. Elverud, A. Gallagher, T. Vassalotti, L. Elverud, Fourth row: L. Onufrak, M. Egel, I. Sullivan, D. Scollard, D. Hegeman, I. Kiyasu, M. Lucca, T. Palmer, Mr. Stanganelli Cconductorj. The Concert Orchestra, led by Mr. Peter Stanganelli, was a rather small group this year, consisting of the nine members of the string ensemble along with select members of the brass, wood- wind, and percussion sections of the band. The orchestra played in the numerous school concerts throughout the year, including the Christmas Con- cert, the Pop Concert, the Band Follies, and the Spring Concert. It also traveled to the junior high and elementary schools, the Community Church, and the Garden City Country Club. Other orchestra activities included a trip to see the New York and the Long Island Philharmonics. The orchestra is look- ing forward to continued growth and success in the future. RCHESTRA WTTW ' ' ff 8 is ' Q rl' w . AJ' Concert Choir, with a membership of approximately 80 students, gives many singers the chance to perform in a mixed chorus. Under the direction of Dr. Lydia Morrongiello, Concert Choir is comprised of members of Madrigals, Celestones, and other musically- inspired students. Covering a wide spectrum of music, Concert Choir sang at the annual tree lighting ceremony, at the elementary schools, under the reso- nant arched ceiling of the Cathedral at Christmastime, performed a popular concert in March, and wrapped up the season with a spring finale in May. The officers included President Marian Manning and Vice President Maureen Falvey. First row: S. Kalkines, R. Arena, M. Chute, C. Rosenstock, M. Sutton, L. Frederichs, P. Watts, Dr. L. Morrongiello, Second row: M. Falvey, I. Martone, K. Schueler, M. A. Sweeney, B. Darcey, I. Noonan, C. Engels, 1. Chirico, D. Fenuzzi, W. Chin, L. DiCarlo, Third row: R. Estes, P, Tetro, H. Smith, D. MacLeod, D. Imgram, D. DeGroot, R. Schauf, T. Dunne, B. Semmes, T. McCarthy, I. Costello, I. Calamari, F. K. Nystrom, Fourth row: P. Maloney, M. P. Sweeney, C. Goss, A. Lucano, R. Brennan, M. Roellig, D. Maher, C, Iacobowski, G. Perfetto, N. Layton, N. Grogan, C. Campbell, M. Hall, I. Newman. QNCEHT. . U I ,,,,,,,,,- ,gg -haha-Quaid" H" Y -- ----- ----'ia-ns:-'A-"A -AA hun Q 1 lk! - Una Yr -n-ru f ' ni ,.:... 'uni ENGLAND! ENGLAND! at as-' . 3 A' 51 Celestones is a select singing group composed of twelve junior and senior girls under the direction of Dr. Lydia Mor- rongiello. They perform different types of music, mainly contemporary. In addition to the scheduled concerts, they perform 7 for various organizations. This year they performed with Barry Manilow. In February, they traveled to England to per- form in such places as Westminster Ab- bey, Canterbury Cathedral, and Coventry Cathedral. I Officers: President: Laura DiCarlo Vice President: Ioan Chirico 5 Secretary: Nancy Grogan I Librarian: Nancy Layton 5 . Left to right: L. DiCarlo, M. Sweeney, N. Grogan, C. Campbell, K. Mantz, Dr. Morrongiello, M. Sweeney, N. Layton, B. Franz, C. Engels, I. Chirico. -.-F ., "in-E' --r Af--A-'11--In AN - - --D ---f ' ' --'-ml-nc--V 4 f -'-n--Y-W W " -7' ' fiDFil5fi'.L.5 .- Madrigals is a select group of voices which, under the direction of Dr. Lydia Morrongiello, performs a wide variety of music, ranging from Renaissance to Contemporary. This year the group per- formed extensively on Long Island and sang with Barry Manilow, both on the Island and in New Iersey. Their travels also took them to England, where they sang in several cathedrals and made a guest appearance on British television. This year's officers: President: Iim Myslik Vice-President: Gail Perfetto Secretary: Meg Sutton Librarian: Henry Smith First row: I. Noonan, D. MacLeod, K. Schueler, C. Nystrom, G. Perfetto, I. Newman, Dr. Mor- rongiello, R. Schauf, C. Goss, H. Smith, W. Chin, I. Costello, L. DiCarlo. Second row: S. Alfieri, T. Primrose, D. DeGroot, M. Chute, T. McCarthy, M. Hall, D. Ingram, C. Rosenstock, R. Estes, M. Sut- ton, T. Dunne, C. Campbell, B. Semmes. Missing: S. Carr. BOYS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATIO Li First row: I. Koester, P. Haeffner, S. Dougherty. Second row: P. Kenny, B. Stutzmann, T. Finegan. The Boys' Athletic Association consists of boys from all three grades dedicated to sponsoring the growth of sportsmanship. The group Works in cooperation with the Men's Association on fund raising and other tasks. Various activities are sports nights, ski trips, and a banquet for various athletes at the end of the year. The B.A.A. is sponsored by Doc Dougherty. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATIO The G.A.A. fosters interest in girls' interscholastic teams and special events each month. In con- junction With the B.A.A. the G.A.A. runs an award dessert at the conclusion of each sport season and a senior dinner at the end of the school year. First row: L. Norton, C, Braun. Second row: S. Goldsmith, Ms. DeMarco, M. Murphy. The Student Store, a non-profit organization run by Mr. Roger Regan with the aid of student helpers Tricia Hoffman and Iim Riley, enjoyed another prosperous year. A new and successful feature of the Student Store was the "Special of the Week." The Stu- dent Store also held a Spirit Day special in keeping with the tradi- tion at Garden City High School. The Student Store offers a wide variety of school supplies, assorted mints, and jackets and sweaters at a fraction of depart- ment store prices. The store is located right across from the library and next to the attendance office, and is open in the morning and during all lunches. LE DERS' CLUB Back row: C. Ludwig, L. Keshian, T. Hoffman. Front row: G. Koprowski, C. Miller, Ms. Stefek-Fredan, C. Yellen. STUDE T TORE . Q as as ,wif f 1 5 I fy., ...amp K .., A t g' ,ff f Egg K..L i F c .gy p K 3 2 K Q 3 . s 3 3' . -h in . gif . Qf Q ' . ig QS... .2 ow Iim Riley, Tricia Hoffman, Mr. Regan. The Leaders Club is a service organization for the XPhysical Education Department under the supervision of Ms. Stefek-Freidin. The club's activities this year were comprised of a Father- Daughter Canoe Trip along the Nissequogue River, a Mother- Daughter Halloween party at the Milleridge Inn, and an aerobic dancing clinic. mfg. WZQ' xx nfff E Q. f--- , Z ,7 O., 745' ' t ' 'ni -rf X 1 W I l A . l f Q l 7 . I t l I X ff 5 033 J l Q T F l r V I , ,' E151 I --G-- l T Cl-:J i t , I 1 V l 4........5 5 l -+1......---. 3 FX-1 1 I LANGUAGE TUTORS The Language Tutors provide a valuable service to fellow classmates. Students who excel in foreign languages help others who are having difficulties with their work. Tutoring is provided in French, German, Italian, Latin, and Spanish. CDC jf.:-rvry,.b X ,Sb xl V' fi N ,... , I-. Cf, U Wit 547c23zsf. .. A, 9' I U new GUIDANCE AIDES Guidance Aides do filing, carry messages, and generally aid the counselors and secretaries with clerical assistance. They are a necessary part of the Guidance Office because they keep catalog files in order, post college an- nouncements, show visitors around the school, and keep track of students at college visits. We appreciate their dedication to the smooth-running of our office and school. XX jj, my 'g i' 1 S -19 i X X .-ig' rosary, .Z Q V22 Q V1 Q xf TY MATHLETES l l Mathletes is a group of approximately fifteen T students with the ability and interest to represent Garden City High School in county and statewide mathematics competitions. The goals of the team are: C15 to increase interest in mathematics of both the participants and the student body as a whole, T C23 to enhance the academic reputation of the high school by succeeding in competitions, and f3j to give a group of selected students an awareness of mathematics in areas not normally treated in the usual curriculum. At the present time, interest in Mathletes is in- creasing. The team is beginning to experience the results of expanded programs in both the elemen- tary schools and the junior high school. The team has improved greatly, winning the first meet against six other teams. Eventually, the team hopes to be able to sponsor two squads, and rate the best among schools in Nassau County. RT CO MITTEE C. Moyer, H. Smith, D. Clancy, N. Stefano, K. Coester, S. Segrete, C. Morrongiello, M. Hicks, A. Hollis, F. Allegro, M. Murphy, L. Keshian, I. Coester, S. Pistocco, U. Dohn, D. Pelton, R. Fraser, S. Carr. The Technical Directors Club runs all the sound in the building. They bring the students the morn- ing bulletin, and the sound for assemblies, football and basketball games, etc. Mr. jim McAleese leads the group and teaches them the basics of a sound technician's work and the working of our equipment. Under the sponsorship of Charlie Morrongiello and Denise Clancy, the Art Committee has done much to beautify the school. Their major contribution is the creation of the Gallery 170. TECHNICAL DIRECTORS First row: P. Sutter, D. Scollard, B. Schauf. Second row: C. Byrne, B. Iannacone, A. Rego-Montiero, Mr. I. McAleese. CHEERLEADERS First row: L. Kramer, I. Krebs, K. Keppler, S. Poole, K. Konner, Second row: M. P. Sweeney, I. Sweeney, I. O'Connell, R. Moringiello, A. Hollis, L. Krebs, I. Gibbons. fi The Cheerleaders help in bringing spirit to the school. On cold fall days they are out supporting the football team and on dark winter nights, the basketball team. Even after the sports season was over, they still had enough enthusiasm to enter a cheering competi- tion, where schools from all over Nassau County were represented. all-o Zum -.,,, , v , .mv 4 'w,,,4-,js .a-s"5...iWj.,- W' "U-'-'1'-.:.+'!"""' -'.., l .,. 1 fs, Vygwfmk 'S 5 .,.. A Q -sc ' ...wr ss..s e Q. if elf' llnln' 'Vi' I.V. CHEERLEADERS First row: K. Fecht, I. Calabro, D. Wilson, I. Sullivan, Second row: I. Chisolm, L. Fredrichs, I. Brown, I. Anderson, C. Deakins, C. Schauf. as ,rx f gum- 1 lip This year, under the leadership of captain Ieannine Anderson, the junior Varsity Cheering Squad rooted the var- sity and junior varsity football and basketball teams on to successful seasons. In the County Cheering Com- petition, the squad showed great en- thusiasm in their outstanding perfor- mance, which was the result of hours and hours of demanding practice. TROIANETTE in First row: N. Correale, V. Matthews, S. Smutny. Second row: C. Tomaino, P. Rueck, M. Fennessey, M. Falvey, V. D'Alessandro, D. Dunne, N. Irwin, S. Bauer. Third row: T. Daly, F. Kalafatis, B. Oleschuk, M. Fay, K. McLaughlin, S. Peper, S. DeSoye, C. Gillan, B. Noonan. The Garden City Trojanettes is a group of 25 girls, sponsored by Mrs. Paula Walsh. They kick at football games, basketball games, and at various other events. The group practices an average of 15 hours per week. This year the team competed in a few competitions. In one, they col- laborated with the band to produce a show which they entered in the Hofstra Competition. Other competi- tions included the L.I.K.A. competi- tion, in which they placed sixth in their category Ca total of 45 teams entered the competitionj. The team is headed by captains Nancy Correale, Vicky Matthews, and Sue Smutny. The Trojanettes would like to thank all those who sponsored their squad by faithfully attending their performances. ,gr -X V7 H, ,,,,, 1, WM, f -'W"'T. 401, muy, ,,,,, W AST First row: Linda Norton, Maureen Falvey, Iohn Newman, Sue Park, Rachel O'Brien, Second row: jim "Chubster" Myslik, Iohn Moyers, jamie-Sue Beck, Rich Estes, David DeGroot, Marie Lucca, Simon Carr, Vinnie Mistretta, Regina Mack, Third row: Mr. Phil St. Pierre QTaylor representativel, Lia Kwee, Kevin Lynch, Riad El-Dada, Gail Perfetto, Sandy Zimulus, Sue Gammage, Carol Fleri, Stephanie Segrete, Iane Rayfield, Wendy Chin, Karen Hughes, Mr. Drew Weinlandt Cadvisorl, Gabrielle Costello, Fourth row: Colleen Campbell, Bob Park, Marcos Rego-Montiero, Ted Papoulas, Paul Sutter, Billy Knox, Iim Connolly, Chris Testa, Phil Cutrone, Missinggfrom Qicturez Steve Nothel, Anne Kelly, Tim Dunne, Patty Angus, Peter Kenny, Max the Greek, Liz Roll, lack Flynn, Aileen Hollis, jerry Sheehan, Mary lane Eggers, Sarah Conway, Alix Gitelman, Iane Macyko, Meg Sutton, Missing from staff: adherence to deadlines. W' L , .. L w . 1 5 use S - s -Y Q- I- -- . ,swag Don't crop me! Ahhh, fresh air!! One big, happy family. QFD? 9' a 'J isis Q if . . sa xv cv EDITORS-IN-CHIEF David DeGroot, Marie Lucca, Rich Estes I never get any respect. In .ghd The 1982 Mast staff opted for the casual ap- proach to yearbook production. Laughing in the face of rigid deadlines, rising above the fre- quent feuds between the editors-in-chief, re- maining optimistic under the ominous prospect of a September yearbook delivery, the staff held together and ultimately vanquished mounting pressures and unforeseen circumstances Clike losing most of the photosj to complete its task. Mast consists of student writers, photographers, artists, and many other dedicated students who improvise in such specialized skills as layout and graphics. There is one other intangible element that makes a yearbook staff: drive. Drive made this yearbook possible. The quantity of time, anguish, and lost sleep did not matter, the work got done, and done well. The price in blood, sweat, and tears of the creation of this yearbook was high, but no staffer would say that the fruits of our labors were not worthwhile. Seeing the finish- ed product of so much work is one of the most satisfying feelings in the world. just as satisfy- ing was the feeling of comradeship, as the separate individuals that made up the Mast staff this year united as one. The past year has had its fond memories: of- fice painting, furniture procurement, the Miss Piggy conspiracy, Simon parties, the unforget- table Christmas decorations, Hector and the hose, and editorial staff screaming matches falways a treat, and usually a dead heat between Dave and Mariel. In closing, the staff would like to thank the assistants, typists, and other helpers for all of their service. A debt of gratitude is owed to the juniors who contributed, but we'll give them the responsibility of the yearbook next year in- stead. The impeccable photography of Mr. Buck Miller of Wedgewood was indispensable. And Mr. Phil St. Pierre of Taylor Publishing couldn't have been better in his guidance, con- nivance, and patience. However, the greatest measure of graditude goes to Mr. Drew Weinlandt, our "fine young" advisor, and our friend. Mere words cannot express the ap- preciation we have for his work Qand himselfl. Lastly, the Must staff thanks you, the Class of 1982, for giving us the chance to record the memories of the best class to ever pass through the doors of Garden City High School. t..,, ,ss ,xml . -1 ...asc 9 ' l . s i 6 2? if Q 9 E Who touched our Quad-Paks? Mr. Bufk Miller, Ph0tOgrapher Another missed deadline . . . 187 EDITORS LAY-OUT SENIOR PORTRAITS jim Myslik, Iarnie-Sue Beck, Iohn Moyers Regina Mack ART GIRLS' SPORTS Aileen Hollis Linda Norton, Anne Kelly . CUPY U PHOTO Gall P91'fffff0f K9V11'1 I-Ynch Mike Petropoulos, Simon Carr Missing: Vincent Mistretta, Iohn Newman SENIOR WRITE-UPS Maureen Falvey, Rachel O'Brien BOYS' SPORTS Iames Connolly, Chris Testa' 1107 'S SENIOR POLLS Mary lane Eggers, Sarah Conway wg W I , 2 K FRIENDS OF THE CLASS Elizabeth Lobo, lane Rayfield yl llerrlr ,,, I I 1 1 I +V if . 2- 5' if iq I if W" f l "'fe "' I Wadi? ,Ef V H VV7,z f',,: L , M ,, . f " V, k ' ' "" az s E I IV, i, - f ' I I' Q ? ' ,.,,, ',,, 3 ' 2 - 3 E ACTIVITIES Patty Angus, Tim Dunne ADVERTISING Steve Nothel, Wendy Chin, Sue Gamrnage, Peter Kenny A," 'AA.' gg?-li::.5l., When one takes a mid-winter Saturday afternoon stroll across the majestic Warren King Field, one can hardly keep from hearing echoes of cheers from past partisan crowds. Excellence in athletics in Garden City is a tradition which is grown in the field's grass, whistled through the surrounding trees, and cemented into the border- ing walls. Faithful students do no less than what this tradition demands by voicing their support for the various teams during both favorable and not-so-favorable times. Garden City athletics is by no means a single unit. References are made to the athletic program in toto, even though there are a number of separate, distinct sports. These include the girl's soccer, volleyball, field hockey, basketball, and softball teams, and the boy's soccer, football, baseball, and basketball teams. Not only are Garden City's teams of 1982 extending tradition, but they are also displaying a sportsmanship and compassion unheard of in other districts. Our football players are neither bent on crushing the life out of others, nor are our wrestlers bent on smothering their op- ponents into the mats. l FALL VARSITY FOOTB LL . 3 I First row: M. McCutcheon, M. Heilshorn, I. Schillero, D. Woods, R. Bangs, I. Bayuk, I. Ireland, P. Kenny, M. Ammirti, G. Karayiannisp Second row: C. McAllister, I. Riley, B. Smith, F. Allegro, A. Pompilio, M. Finegan, T. Mercante, B. Peters, B. Stutz- mann, Third row: P. Soutar, H. Blair, I. Iordan, B. Emmert, I. Halliwell, T. McDonough, P. Bottinop Fourth row I. Clausen, E. LosKamp, C. Werben, B. Bingold, B. Ludemann, B. Vinciguerra, Mr. Dougherty QCoachJ, T. Finegan, S. Dougherty, P. Haeffner. OVERALL RECORD G.C. OPPONENTS 0 Valley Stream Central 21 13 Freeport 0 l 0 West Hempstead 26 28 Bethpage 25 c f 14 Long Beach 0 7 Port Washington 0 43 Glen Cove 6 14 Herricks 28 40 West Hempstead 20 irNassau Conference II Championship fLosses to West Hempstead were later reverted to victories by forfeit upon discovery of West Hemp- stead's use of an ineligible fifth-year student. Garden City and Wantagh, Division II-B runner-up, shared the Conference II title.J . 'if This year's varsity football team, led by new head coach William Dougherty, brought the winning tradition back to Garden City football. After suffering through an 0-8 season last year, this year's team defied all predictions by winning the Conference II-A championship with a 4-1 leage record. Their success must be attributed to their hard work, self-discipline and will to win. All of these, plus a new offensive outlook instituted by Coach Dougherty, made for a successful season. The team's forte was its tough defense. The defense, which was led by seniors Iohn Ireland and Ieff Bayuk, posted three shut-outs. Other outstanding performers on defense included Peter Kenny, Bill Stutzmann, and Sean Dougherty, who led the team in interceptions with four. Although the offense was, at times, inconsistent they did turn in some fine performances. Most memorable was their 28-25 come-from-behind victory over then- I previously unbeaten Bethpage. The offense was built around senior halfbacks Mike McCutcheon, who led the team in rushing with 525 yards and jim Halliwell, who led the team in receptions with ten. Sophomore quarter- back Sean Dougherty performed admirably, throwing four touchdown passes. However, no offense could have been generated without the help of the linemen. The line consisted of Iohn Ireland, Ieff Bayuk, Mike Finegan, Brian Emmert, Peter Kenny and Frank Allegro. Although the season ended on a dismal note with the team's 20-0 loss to West Hempstead at Hofstra in the Con- ference Championship game, the team can be proud of a truly fine season. Individual honors were won by jeff Bayuk and Iohn Ireland, who made All-County, also Sean Dougherty, jim Halliwell, Mike McCutcheon, Peter Kenny, Frank Allegro, and Brian Emmert received All-Division honors. , . .. l - 1 -- -- . K - L 'ibm Nl! J.v. FOOTBALL I.V. RECORD . OPPONENTS Valley Stream Central 6 0 Freeport 14 39 West Hampstead 8 14 Bethpage 0 31 Long Beach 0 14 Port Washington 6 20 Herricks 6 First row: S. Iaenichen, P. Harding, S. McLaughlin, C. C-iarraputo, D. Cowan Second row: R. Weiland, T. Krieg, R. Ironside, I. Maggio, I. Gewert, K. Alden, F. D'Angelo, M. Mulroney, D. Thayer, M. Stahl Third row: S. Conza, G. Hebron, P. Burke, J. Perez, T. Pagonis, K. Ottaiano, I. Hayes, Coach Dell'Olio, A. Moreno, T. Brown, C. O'Neil, Coach Tomani. 193 BOYS' V R ITY SOCCER B L- First row: E. Heaney, D. Aromiskis, I. Koester, I. Costello, C. Thompson, E. Case, V. Caputo, C. Olcott, T. Gillan, I. Kordes, R. Cavallo, K. Farrell, C. Hanely. Second row: E. Ewing fcoachb, I. Dies, R. Gieseke, T. DiFalco, B. Lake, P. Connolly, I. Bates, H. Paisley, C. Edwards, G. Delaporte, F. Briller Ccoachj. 10-Il' OVERALL RECORD G.C OPPONENTS 0 North Shore 1 Herricks 3 Glen Cove 5 Plainview Kennedy 5 Bethpage 0 Berner 5 Port Washington 5 Great Neck North 0 Hicksville 2 Chaminade 7 Roslyn 1 Herricks 5 Glen Cove 5 Plainview Kennedy 3 Bethpage 5 Port Washington 3 Great Neck North 'Z Port Washington '2 Oceanside " " 1 Long Beach Section 8 Playoffs Nassau Conference II Championships for for COT? The 1981 varsity soccer team produced yet another divisional title. The title is the eleventh consecutive one for Coach Briller. What the team lacked in experience, due to graduation last year, was made up for by its spirited, hard-working and all-out desire to win. The offense, with a seasonal total of sixty goals, was spearheaded by senior james Koester. Koester ended his varsity career at Garden City with 38 goals, making him 32 on the all-time scoring list. The leading goal scorer on this year's team was Iunior Vinny Caputo who ended up with 18 goals. Dave Aromiskis, Hugh Paisley,Peter Connolly, Russell Cavallo and Bill Lake also contributed to the team's offense. However, the team's success must be largely attributed to the defense. Led by junior goalie, Geordie Delaporte, who registered ten shut-outs, the defense continual- ly kept Garden City opponents at bay. Defensive stalwarts included Roger Gieseke, Tom Gillian and Peter Hester. After winning their opening playoff game in over- time against Port Washington, the team suffered a heartbreaking and controversial set-back at the hands of Oceanside. Although the Trojans dominated the game, they came up on the short side of a 5-2 decision. Despite the loss, it was another suc- cessful season for Trojan soccer. Additional honors were Won by James Koester, who made All-County, and Hugh Paisley, Roger Gieseke, and Dave Aromiskis, who received All- League honors. Boys' J.v. soccmz First row: T. Pagonis, P. Chase, R. Reinhardt, S. Wieland, D. Schreier, Mr. Hordlow fcoachjg Second row: R. Dorneau, G. Gray, K. Ottiano, I. Renouard, I. Bates, K. Nystrom. E, The I.V. soccer team enjoyed another fine season in 1981. The team finished 10- 0-1 in the league and earned another league championship. Co-captains Kiki Ottaino and Rob Reinhardt led the defense while Tom Pagonis and Don Schreier led the offense. The highlight of the season was Nick Philippides' goal in overtime to defeat a very tough Chaminade team, 1-0. 195 ARSITY FIELD HOCKEY ,891- , . 'H -'Lili First row: T. Brennan, T. Hoffman, M. Kirby, S. Rhodes, M. Fitzpatrick, I. Anderson, P. Angus. Second row: P. DeMarco Ccoachj, P. Trocchia, M, Allegro, C. Masterson, A. Kelly, S. Sirch, R. O'Brien, A. Mulroney, K. Hoffman Cmanagerj. Missing from picture: C. Bartholomew, A. Burget, L. Norton. 1, L, The team has Once again proven to be one of the top ' - yr f M' ,,,,. teams in the county. Although they played an extremely V ellr ..., g layy , , J competitive schedule, their overall league record was 10 1 K T wins, 0 losses and 2 ties. The team scored a total Of 36 goals T , while giving up only 3 goals in season play. 'V y K Goals scored in league play - Patty Angus, 10, Jeannine ,,rf K Ji! 3 ,glll .fr 'T Anderson, 9, Pat Trocchia, 6, Linda Norton, 4, Tricia Bren- 51 'l', K 'ttl f,, f W5 t'l , rr, nan, 3, Anne-Marie Burget, 2, Anne Kelly, 1, Marybeth j T r 't ,Q t,l.K ,,f fff Fitzpatrick, 1 KK 'iil' 1 K K 1 v K yt Y, M 't,', K Kl'K, Tricia Hoffman - 33 saves, 3 goals given up , ff lg . OUTSTANDING RECOGNITION t'ii' KKK KKKK 1 ' :H All-Conference Patty Angus, Anne-Marie Burget, Tricia Q if ,n , Hoffman, Anne Kelly, Linda Norton + T , All-County Anne-Marie Burget, Anne Kelly, Linda Norton I ' as , , W Q, f, ee Q: 7 ' . I ali?- N' sy . 5, L Av kink, ,F L. . Oi' - . . www .V. FIELD HOCKEY The Girls' Iunior Varsity Field Hockey Team had an ex- citing season finishing with an overall record of 2-2-3. Leading scorers were Marlene Fogarty, Stacey Goldsmith, Monica Mack and Maryanne Mallon. Lisa Wilson, Lisa Onufrak and Cathy McLaughlin were all outstanding at the link position. Ien Chianese was the stronghold on defense backed up by Mary Anne Sweeney at the sweep position. The two goalies for the team were Maura Cashman and Liz Dillmeier. it fl c Y GM? 'T' W K i. - - -L W, .wt . - -HAQQK Ado:-siwsww s Q, t o -si, 'wwf wilt' CROSS COU TRY First row: I. Weekes, I. Macyko, Mr. Busch Ccoachj, M. Turchiano, B, Weekes, Second row: A. Mylott, M. Rego-Monteiro, M. Weisburg, T. Saito, T. Hoffelder, T. Lee, P. Sutter. The Girls' Volleyball team had a tough season facing top teams from Port Washington, Great Neck North, and Bethpage. Led by a core of seniors including Cap- tain Peggy Murphy, the girls com- pleted their season Winning three of their twelve games. Peggy Mur- phy was selected to the All- Conference Team. Coaches Ken- ney and McGrath look forward to a more successful season next year with a led by returning varsity players Marianne Santangelo, jean Barbagallo, and Gina Mineo. This year's Boys' Cross Country Team performed admirably, recor- ding eight victories versus six losses. Considering the talent C3 top runnersj they had lost from last year's squad, their record is quite and achievement indeed. The team, led by Senior Tom Lee fAll-Divisionl and Mark Weisburg CAll-Division and All-Conferencej placed fifth in their conference and in the Top 20 in the County meet. This was the first year that Garden City had a Girls' Cross Country team. Their record was seven victories versus five losses. The team consisted of Tricia Foley, Moira Hanely, Carolyn Heaney, Iane Macyko, Michele Turchiano, Betsy Weekes, and jenny Weekes. Ienny Weekes led the team throughout the season and made the All-Conference and All- County teams. OLLEYBALL W, Allis: will l"i3 Slllilflll First row: M. Sweeney, I. Aromiskis, L. Loung, D. Blank, D. Fontaine, M. Santangelo, Second row: Mr. Kenney, S. Zimulus, I. Brown, I. Barbagello, N. Allison, G. Mineo, P. Murphy. GIRLS' TENNIS 5 . i i 2 Seated: K. Rice, G. Borelli, N. Grogan Standing: S. Richmond, M. Sacca. The girls' swim team, coached by Annie Sullivan and led by Cap- tains Barbara Eschmann and Denise Rhodes, had a very suc- cessful season, finishing with a 6- 3 overall record and placing fifth in the County Championships. The following girls set new school records this year: Barbara Eschmann - 500 Yard Freestyle Lisa Pasquale - 100 Yard Breaststroke Liz Regan - 200 Yard Individual Medley, 100 Yard Butterfly, 100 Yard Freestyle Vicky Matthews - 1 Meter Diving In addition, the 400 Yard Freestyle Relay Team of Barbara Eschmann, Liz Regan, Patty Cur- ran, and Lara VonSeelen were This year's tennis team was led by Captain Carol Braun and Cathy Evans in doubles and Barbara Dausch in singles. The first doubles team of Braun and Evans was selected for the Sectional Doubles Tournament. First Singles Barbara Dausch was selected to the Sectional Singles Tournament. The firls' overall record was 6-6 in a very com- petitive league. GIRLS' SWIMMING Selected to the A11-QOunty Team- First row: D. Rhodes, M. Healy, Y. Rugowski, D. Flynn, K. McKenzy, Second row: L. Wrath, S. Kennally, L, Pasquale, A. Gitelman, I. Weigoldg Third row: P. Curran, L. Von Seelen, L. Regan, K. Brennan. GIRLS' V RSITY SGCCER ,wha Q First row: C. Wren, A. Bennett, S. Poole, N. Poz, A. Downing, K. Eschmann, L. DeSoye, K. Schreier, Second row: Coach Gud- dat, D. Brown, D. Wilson, I. Eschmann, I. Carsey, L. Wren, C. Boddicker, I. Grupp, Not pictured are: Managers Laura Monahan, Barbara Jones. Garden City's first league soccer team enjoyed a very successful season with a record of 13-1 in league games and 15-2 overall. In winning the conference championship the girls scored 77 goals while giving up 3 and registered 11 shut-outs. Some of the highlights included a 3-0 victory over top conference rival Port Washington and a 3-2 win over the number two team in Suffolk County North Babylon. In the second round of the Nassau County play- offs the team suffered a heartbreaking defeat C1-22 to Cold Spring Harbor in double overtime. Garden City was rank- ed among the top five of 34 teams in Nassau. The team showed a lot of versatility in that most players were able to play most positions and were switched fre- quently. Six players received All-Conference honors and three were elected to the All-County team. Captain Alison Downing was also selected to play on the winning Nassau team against Suffolk in the exceptional senior game. Un- fortunately, three main defenders Nancy Poz, Stacey Poole, and Lisa Bayuk were injured for most of the season. The loss of eight graduating seniors will definitely hurt the team's chances next year. However, Coach Guddat is optimistic about the future since several excellent players from this year's I.V. will be joining the team. In its first year, the Girls' Junior Varsity Soccer team turned in an outstanding record of 8-2. While playing top- rankecl teams such as Massapequa and Berner, the girls showed their fine skills and should have no trouble mak- ing the transition to Varsity next year. Alison Eschmann was chosen Most Valuable Player by Coach Carlo Mazarese. G.C. Opponent 6 Lynbrook 0 0 Berner 7 8 Herricks 1 2 Wantagh 1 4 Floral Park 0 7 Glen Cove 0 2 Massapequa 5 6 Glen Cove 0 1 Massapequa 1 4 Herricks 0 Forfeit by Wantagh 200 , ji qwf. ff ,g . ft 4 .-ff, 'I . 'QW-m"2i!, -it I .X'..'f?'fQ5fQ2iffi'2Lf2 5 E I My is . f- , w " l ,sighs ,Q ' . VIH, 'fc-T' 1 f . I ff f 3.1 ' A + 1 ,fl-1, f 'f-,ww 1 + . - .1 A, - , , V X: :H-, AA ...rf -.X W . ?'h,,1q, .gf-1:25 aft " . Q I 7? , H I 1 , , J 'T -it-'fa' 1' ,PS A 'HW .-My 1 wg, 'i,. ' ,,t U' t , " 'F - Vfjtgxqg-1,3555 . I F i w ,R ,, I - ,gf -, I f S . ' a ful" ' haf wi. 1' H .V ' f Q' This , 'Q r f""7"f155 Nt . A . - K ,vnu ,- I . 1 f.-i'w,2:7 3' - ' .1 . , ' f ' 'l ' . 1- t I 4-- 'Mf ' "" by 'A 1 iw W' 2' . 1- u w 91 f M tw... V' V I I f - . ' 'L , sfn- - 'R' ' ,, ng," Yu'-Q gh I 17, . ' 9 J jjj, . GIRLS' J.v. SOCCER First row: K. Middleton, C. Maher, L. O'Connor, A. Bici, C. Sauer, G. Weiss, B. Carsey Second row: A. Sanders, I. Haight, B. Seaman, M. Peak, C. Iordan, I. Weekes, K. Stacso, I Kiernan, A. Eschmann, Mr. Mazarese. s" WI TER ARSITY ICE HUCKEY N as . J is ik? , First row: M. Pitcher, W. DeVincentis, T. Hogan, Mr. Newlin-Wagner, C. Edwards, Mr. Doerschuk, I. O'Neill, C. Krieg, P. Rudolph. Second row: E. Heaney, G. Delaporte, F. Comas, S. Smitten, I. Mag- gio, C. O'Nei1l, T. Truesdale, B. jordan. Third row: B. Wieland, L. O'Leary, A. Wise, B. Semmes. P. Haeffner. "Awesome" is the way Iim O'Neill described the Garden City Wings' season. The team raced to a 16-3-1 regular season record, holding on to first place from beginning to end. Mr. Newlin- Wagner, has coached this talented squad to one of the best records in team history. The team dominated most of its games, scoring an average of 5.2 goals per game while allowing only 2.0 goals per game. The Wings were led by the offensive firepower of Asst. Captain Tom Hogan, Captains Geordie Delaporte and Peter 1. Rudolph, the strong and dependable defense of Q Asst. Captains Chuck Krieg and Iim O'Neill, and the superb goaltending of Chris Edwards. The team made it to the county semi-finals, but lost 2 out of 3 tolG.C. nemesis Oceanside. Congratulations to the team for a fine season. 5 Q yu. 39 f9' - Q s Y A... 3 201 BOYS' VARSITY BASKETBALL First row: L, Lamonica, I. Halliwell, M. Cowie, D. Aromiskis, K. Culhane. Second row: Coach Tom Martin, T. Pagonis, C. Sotell, K. Inglesby, R. Estes, I. johnson, A. Gallan, manager Steve Nothel. Missing: W. Preston, S. Gummage fmanagerl, K. Farrell fmanagerj. ---- -. .. fur At the onset of this year's Varsity Basketball season, there was much expectation for the team, considering the fine records of the two previous Varsity teams. Three returning starters, guards Mike Cowie and Chris Sotell, who had been named All-Division as a junior, and center Rich Estes, formed a nucleus which had been together for six years. Sparkplug Lenny Lamonica, a 5'7" playmaking junior, and sophomore Tommy Pagonis helped to give the team a strong running game. Coach Tom Martin scheduled some tough games early, and the team responded poorly. After this slow start, the team set out to take the division title. The team stormed through Division II-A as the five starters played up to their ability. Sixth man Iimmy Halliwell, with his finely tuned jumper and stringent defense, also played a large role in the team's turnaround. Impressive victories includ- ed two one-point wins over Glen Cove, one of which was telecast on Cablevision as the high school game of the week, thrashings of Great Neck North, Bethpage, and Plainview Kennedy, and a come-from-behind victory over first-place Port Washington in the last game of the season. Only two losses to Herricks denied the Trojans of the divi- sion crown, as the squad finished 9 - 3, including five consecutive wins at the end to gain second place. Seniors Walter Preston and Dave Aromiskis and Juniors Andy Gallan and Kevin Culhane filled in admirably when needed, as did Ioe johnson and Ken Inglesby. Post-season balloting by the coaches named both Chris Sotell and Mike Cowie to the All-Division and All- Conference teams. . . BASKETBALL TEAM MEMBERS: P. Spanos, T. Elliot, R. Iudson, F. DeAngelo, D. Thayer, P. Burke, L. Torroella, C. Soutar, A. Anemone, C. Thompson, I. Perez, S. Esposito, D. Schreier, R. Sweeney. COACH: George Paulsen. The IV Basketball Team, under the guidance of first-year coach George Paulsen and led by sophomores Ron Iudson, Chris Thompson, Pete Spanos, and junior Tom Elliot, had a successful season, as they won their last seven games. The squad should enrich next year's Varsity Team and shows hopes of continuing G.C.'s Winning hoops tradition. GIRLS' R ITY BASKETB LL Swv' Dm 4' T a A gliunimll X , 41 QQ First row: M. Allegro, C. Braun, L. Norton, D. Ioyce, P. Murphy Second row: A. Kelly, E. Thumser, I. Springer, C. Bennett, B. Nowack, Coach I. Dell'Olio B -an' t Led by Senior Co-captains Donna Ioyce, who averag- utb-zgi:-l , x:-.- P 'X "ri p J A ed 17 points and 11 rebounds per game, and point t 'g.jvx,gfL. L", lst". B B A 2, 5 guard Anne Kelly, 13 points and 8 assists per game, the ' ff'Q.-"' Awa'x, . h wy I gi A 5 Z' ' 1981-1982 Girls' Varsity Basketball Team completed an . - r" " sf' is i .f i tilt? f ga 1 f 1 undefeated season in Conference II-A. Their league - -1- 4 record this season was an outstanding 12-0 and in- g .y 2 cluding 4 non-league victories, an amazing 16-0. A - 2 ,,, .., ' . Iooo M ian ' A H -- -wwf! A A ,,.. .im 'mi . ,. A F? Wiihii '--4 MWVWW Other seniors on the squad who contributed greatly were Carol Braun, Peggy Murphy, Linda Norton, and Ieanine Springer. The girls opened the Section III playoffs with suc- cessive wins at home over Lawrence, 51-47, and Syosset, 43-41. In both games Anne Kelly took charge, her twenty-eight points virtually supplied the firepower for G.C.'s come-from-behind victory over Lawrence, and her two clutch free throws with eleven seconds left pulled out a squeaker versus Syosset. In the semi-finals, Garden City finally met its match, succum- bing to tough Oceanside, 58-43. Linda "Clutch" Norton, Donna Ioyce, and Anne Kel- ly were selected to the All-Division team. The All- Conference team included stars Donna Ioyce and Anne Kelly. Four returning lettermen Maria Allegro, Catherine Bennett, Beth Nowack and Elaine Thumser the girls, along with Coach John Dell'Olio, look forward to another successful season next year. N MM, , gg.. Q S ' E' iffy, ',,' f Ai rl li 1 -- V X 2 14 .- ' 4 an ,I . ,. 5. ,'-I is 5-1 lfif -5 T me GIRLS' I.V. BASKETBALL i v V . ff il 'ff 1 , N gtmlllll si g Ml ey 33 X '. . xg K 1 x jj- . ui F: arf 1 T, , wwal ,X , i t First row: I. Macyko, T. Hoffmann, K. Hoffmann, Second Coach P. McHale. S , bfi' H413 row: C. Miller, C. Yellen, A. Sanders, T. Daly, ul' si.. ... , vw 1,1 The Iunior Varsity Girls' Basket- ball Team had a fun-filled season breaking in many talented athletes new to the sport. The team was led by the dribbling of Tricia Hoffman, Tracy Daly, the hustling of Alicia Sanders and Alexandra Spirakis, and the sharp-shooting of lane Macyko and Mary Kate Hoffman. WRESTLING First row: I. Clausen, B. Stutzmann, I. Paykin, T. Adams, I. Dehler, Second row: M. Reinhardt, P. Connol- ly, C. Mercier, S. Ospina, R. Fischer, B. Smith. Third row: M. Pappas, M. Malearba, C. Krieg, T. Mercante. Fourth row: Dr. Decker, M. Oguzone, T. Miller, I. Beck, B. Nichols, G. Henneburger, T. Finnegan, M. Me1konian,I. DeMaio, E. O'Hare, M. Slocombe. . - ,f-?""'xl'? Wir ui' an . ..-n... Led by the strong 'coaching of Dr. Eugene Decker and Bill Slocombe, this year's Varsity Wrestling Team had an impressive season, compiling a 6-6 record overall C3-3 in league meetsl. Despite the losses of Paul Ziring and Bill Stutzman, the team came on strong, placing fifth in the Division meet. Bruce Smith and Chris Werben took sec- ond in their weight classes, while third place was attained by John Dehler, Steve Ospina, Peter Connolly, and Ioseph Paykin. Mike Pappas had an effective year, and other fine performances were turned in by Tom Adams, Mike Maler- ba, Tom Mercante, Chris Mercier, Mike Melkonian, Ieff Clausen, and Ray Fisher. Several promising wrestlers for the future who were on IV included Tom Finegan and Ken Melkonian. The girls' bowling team finished 4th in their league this season. Leading scorers were Anne Keefe with an average of 163, Ieanine Anderson with an average of 151, and Ioan Grupp with an average of 150. All of these girls scored 200 at least once this year. Selected for post season tournament play were Anne Keefe and Karen Buschmann. GIRLS' BOWLI G Kneeling: I. Grupp, P. Reinhardt, K. Buschman, A. Keefe, G. Perfetto. Standing: Dr. Tarrou, S. Burden, I. Barbegallo, P. Gieseke, I. Anderson, M. Santangelo. BOYS' BOWLING The Boys' Bowling Team, coached by Mr. Nelson, suffered through a difficult season, finishing in last place with a 7- 35 record. The only bright spot was a high score of 240, turned in by Frank Allegro. Other top bowlers were Ierry Sheehan, Riad El-Dada, and Erroll Oguzhan. Believe it or not, the team could be worse next year as only Vinnie Caputo will be returning. Back row: T. Morano, K. Curry, T. Ottiano, E. Farrell, Mr. Nelson. Front row: E. Oguzhan, V. Caputo, K. Munnelly, N. Philapedisf The Varsity Fencing Team ended its season as the co-champions of Nassau County with a record of 9-1. Captain Nick Petrillo was 14-7 individually and was voted fifth on the County Team and placed sixth in the individual meet for the County, while Marcos Rego- Monteiro 117-3 indiv.J was voted third on the County team and placed fifth in the County meet. The IV squad also dominated as their fencers placed first, second, and third in their County meet. PEN CIN G TEAM First row: L, Zolas, B. Paksima, C. Koh, B. Thoet, M. Genberg. Second row M Mulligan M Regolviontiero, N. Pakisima, Mr. Goodwin, I. Scarpino, N. Petrillo. BUY ' WI TER TRACK First row: P. Sutter, T. Lee, I. Kiyasu, I. Kehoe. Second row: T. Saito, M. Rego-Montiero, T. Hoffelder, R. Estes. M. Weisburg. The girls' track team finished sixth in Conference 2. In the Con- ference meet the team had a very good showing. Two 4-lap relay teams finished in the top ten. The team of Lauris Wren, jenny Weekes and Betsy Weekes finish- ed in 2nd, while the team of Wen- dy Chin, Michelle Turchiano, Cin- dy Smith and Julie Weekes finish- ed in sixth place. In individual competition, Carrie Wren took 3rd place in the 1000 meters and len- ny Weekes took 3rd in the 2 mile run. The Winter Track Team com- pleted a fairly successful season under coaches Warren King and Bob Busch. The success of the season rested on a third place finish in their division and fifth in the conference, which were both determined by the perfor- mances in the Conference II meet. The team entered into only two other "developmental" meets. Outstanding individual perfor- mances were turned in by Billy Knox, who captured second in the 1000 meters, Ajay Gupta, who took second in the high jump, Rich Estes and Marcos Rego- Montiero, who placed third and fourth respectively in the 60, and by Tom Hoffelder, who took third in the 60 hurdles. The relay team of Mike McCutcheon, Sean Dougherty, Rego-Montiero, and Billy Knox took second in the country in the mile medley. 1 GIRLS' WI TER TRACK First row: I. Weekes, M. Turchiano, T. Foley, H. Murphy, C. Sauer, G. Borelli. Second row: M. Belger, M. Hanley, A. Rotola, L. Pasquale, W. Adams, K. Schreier, W. Chin. Third row: M. Acer, C. McKenzie, B. Weekes, I. Weekes, M. Chute, B. Lawder, L. Woulfe, L. Wren, C. Wren. The riflery team, this year led by Michael Chrobet with a 267.5 average, pushed itself into third place after a dif- ficult start. With an average of 1283.2, the team only had four losses during the twelve match season. New shooters Ronnie Dornau, Glenn Gray, and Iohn Falvey made outstanding improvement while veteran shooters Michael Chrobet, Cathy Engels, and Phil Cutrone kept up their averages from the year before. They missed the county championship by a mere twelve points. junior varsity shooters George Cosgrove, Mark Doolittle, Paul Bria, and Andrew Chang hope to lead next year's team through a winning season. -fan f 'ff 1--J . A "Fm .. 09 ' s':Aw1:-- -- ' - ..m'f 1.4-rf-"X w x. 4 4 Q First row: M. Doolittle, G. Cosgrove, P. Bria, A. Chang. Second row: Mr. Wojnar, P. Cutrone, G. Gray, R. Dornau, M. Chrobet, C. Engels. GYMNASTICS The girls' gymnastics team finish- ed in 3rd place in Conference Il with an overall record of 7-2. The follow- ing girls were outstanding in their events: Catherine Schauf - Beam, Sue Bauer -- Floor Exercise, Theresa Stabile - Vaulting, Chrissy Murphy - Parallel Bars. Two girls were chosen as best overall gymnasts, Dayna Anderson and Chrissy Mm M Mmm Murphy. The mats on which the gymnastics team performed so brilliantly. SWIMMING The boys' swimming team under coach Annie Sullivan finished the 1981-82 season with a disappointing 2-8 record. Despite the losing record, the outlook for next year's team is op- timistic since the nucleus of the team will be returning. The team was led by captain Iohn Krupica, sophomore Chris Byrne, and freshmen Tom Gillian and Billy Whiting. Other contributors were Iohn Quinn, Jim Castles and Walter Stankewick. Individual honors were won by Tom Gillian in the 500 freestyle and Chris Byrne in the 200 freestyle. g.: ggi? if I le Iim Castles, Walt Stankewick, john Krupica, Charlie Spencer, Chris Byrne. PRIN G BOY ' V R ITY LACROSSE First row: L. LaMonica, P. Coleman, S. Presty1y,I. Koester fco-capt.J, I. Hannon Cco-capt.I, I. Bayuk fco-capt.I, D. Anderson, I. Griffith, C. Spencer. Second row: S. Dougherty, I. Olvany, D. Lara, T. Mercante, R. Freeman, P. Haeffner, C. Werbin, B. Smith, M. O'Shea fmanagerj. Third row: Coach W. Dougherty, K. VonSeelen, H. Blair, I. Iordan, I. Ireland, P. Kenny, I. Swaine, T. McDonough, B. Peters, B. Lynch, C. Lawder fmanagerj. BOYS' I.V. LACROSSE -- m . . .4 . .- ..-M... 0. i - .. .. . . . . , ., . . -. . - - A- . ..... fn- ees.--.s.,..:' .. First row: C. Georgi, C, Giarraputo, G. Sutcliffe, D. McCarthy, A. Bor- zilleri, T. Tobin, S. Iaenicken, S. Smitten. Second row: Coach T. Forester, P. Harding, B. Dwyer, R. Sweeney, M. Stahel, F. DeAngelo, C. O'Neill, I. Renouard, K. Alden, S. Conza. si. ,. . .Q Q' 7 o This year's Varsity Lacrosse team should be a strong contender for a County Championship. Despite the loss of some key performers from last year's divisional title team, this year's squad could be even stronger. Captains Ieff Bayuk, Iim Koester, and all-county goalie Iim Hannon are the cornerstones upon which the team is built. The defense should be the team's forte with three quality players returning, Ieff Bayuk, Pete Kenny and Iohn Ireland. The offense will be led by senior attackmen Dan- ny Anderson and Iim Griffith. There is also much depth at the mid-field position with Dave Lara, all-conference per- former Iim Koester and Steve Prestyly all returning. Iohn Swaine and Chris Spencer should also add speed and quickness to the mid-field position. If Coach Doughterty can unify all of this talent the team should have an ex- cellent season. GIRLS' VARSITY ACROSSE First row: A. Sapanski, S. Poole, A. Downing, N. Irwin. Second row: R, O'Brien, M. Chute, I. Krebs, N. Poz, D. Dunne. The Girls' Varsity Lacrosse team, under the direction of Coach Pam DeMarco, is looking forward to a winning season. Headed by Co-Captains Rachel O'Brien and Nancy Poz, there are seven returning three year Varsity players this season. These players include: Ioanna D'Antonio, Kim Keppler, Meg Chute, Aileen Hollis and Alison Downing. Two juniors returning are Caroline Jordan and Arlene Sapanski. Last year the team finished fifth in the Nassau County Lacrosse League, with a record of 5-5-1. This year the team has a good chance to make the league playoffs. GIRLS' J.v. LACROSSE First row: G. Weiss, M. DeLorne, L. Aloia, M, Cashman L, Regan, L O'Connor, R. Freeman, L. Dillmeier. Second row: B. Crassey, D. Dodd, L Wilson, I. Aromiskis, L. Leoung, M, Turchiano, L. Goldsmith, C. Sirkin GIRLS' T ACK First row: K. Schreier, T. Dehler, C. Schauf, C. Heaney, T. Foley, W. Adams, G. Koprowski, L. El-Dada, L. Monahan, I. Weekes, B. Cook Cmanagerj. Second row: I. Carsey, L. O'Halpin, K. Eschmann, I. Macyko, D. Rogowski, N. Krainovich, M. Hanley, I. Weigold, E. Siciliano, C. Smith, P. Cowan, L. DeVries, P. Fusco. Third row: C. Mazarese fcoachj, W. Chin, K. McCarthy, A. Bennett, N. Clarke, I. Weekes, B. Lynch, B. Weekes, C. Wren, L. Wren, M. Young, C. Fox, U. Guddat Ccoachj. The Girls' Varsity Track team hopes to repeat last year's undefeated season. Although the league meets have not begun, the team continues to be dominant in scrimmages. Coached by Mr. Udo . Guddat and Mr. Carlo Mazarese, the 7 girls should have an outstanding season. Q any ,. ,.,, ,X ....-J 1' ,W 1 4-v--r-., ! "EGU ll.. "'-32' .... . .--'-..... 9712? :v -1, fr-aa. ie-gs LEE? . .... yy The Spring Track team, directed by Mr. King and Mr. Busch, expects to have a very successful season. The team will be led by middle distance stars Billy Knox and Tom Lee, sprinters Mike McCutcheon and Marcos Rego- Monteiro, high jumper Chris Sotell and long jumper Rich Estes. The relays will be led by the mile medley team of Mike McCutcheon, Rich Estes, Marcos Rego-Monteiro, and Billy Knox. This relay is one of the three fastest in the county. The team's depth is not as strong as in past years, but they can look for some record- breaking individual performances from Knox, Estes, McCutcheon, and Lee. BUYS' TRACK A .45 First row: N. Tran-Phuong, I. Costello, I. Dolan, T. Morano, B. Iannacone, T. Lee, M. McCutcheon, T. Saito, M. Cowie, T. Krieg, I. Burns, S. Thompson. Second row: A. Mylott, I. Straton, H. Flynn, B. Garber, T. Cerruti, A. Rego-Monteiro, K. Ottiano, I. Falvey, R. Estes, W. Stankewick, A. Gupta. Missing: M. Rego-Monteiro, B. Knox, T. Hoffelder. VARSITY SOFTBALL First row: P. Murphy. D. Ioyce, A. Kelly. Second row: C. Oleska , K. Hoffman, I. Springer, C. Braun, M. Allegro, L. Norton. Third row: R. Brennan Cmanagerj, E. Thumser, S. Kennelly, B. Nowack, A. Sanders, A. Mulroney, C. Bennett, I. White fcoachj. . uw Tqllqlfri .V. SOFTBALL First row: H. Murphy, I. Chianese, C. Rice, T. Lucano, K. Healey. Second row: D. Dolan, I. Grupp, K. Miller, S. Rhodes, M. Kirby, C. Peak, M. Tor- roello, Mr. Nelson. The Girls' Softball team, coached by Mr. jake White, has all of the talent to have a very successful season. The team includes returning seniors Carol Braun, Anne Kelly, Donna Joyce, Peggy Murphy, and Linda Norton, who should give the team the experience they need for a Winning season. The I.V. team, coached by Mr. Nelson, also has the poten- tial to be a league powerhouse. Both teams an- ticipate fine seasons. l 1 VAR ITY BASEB LL .rss-A .. . f A ip.-..N...................,.w-.-...y fag LQ s A . W .....,-es.-N., 'A k. ..,,,,,, Wm - Q NYU"-A' "W ' i Q- v-m.....w.. ML .. .f, ' . ,.,.. . .4 MM... .AV,. Q First row: D. Woods, T. Finegan, D. Aromiskis, I. Perez, I. Crafa, R. Cavallo, J. Halliwell, M. Pappas. Second row: Coach B. Hiss, M. Finegan, I. Nicols, M. Grogan, S. Gallagher, L. Keating, I. Staneki, B. Emmert, R. Fsup 1. if a. .... - EM . .V. BASEBALL i ,,. sl' fl First row: I, Matheu, M, Clark, A. Moreno, K. Nystrom, C. Soutar, K, Melkonian, A. Panarella. Second row: G. Buckman, I. Gewert, I. Maggio, D. Thayer, I. Hayes, R. Palladino, I. Clausen, Coach R. Gagliardi. M . . V f. W , ,W nn W, M- .S A ,, l ! .. 'lv ,,x.wv" , ...i I.. R. . Ironside, R. Iudson, P. Soutar, Coach R. Smith. 3 t'l'lll'lV ' uh I ' 'I 51:1 ,Auinu uf 4332. J' mf 7 if N 50 't .P if F1 4. z iW.gH113...... G .Q mg 4fg' .,1 g ,tiizgiiidtigllkw-ffff K., . MmW,,Qy.... , ' Zi- f.. We-QA - ff'-i f'-4 wwf W-', The Varsity Baseball Team, despite a mediocre record last season and a tough schedule this year, has expectations of being the team to beat in their division. Mr. Smith and Mr. Hiss will lend their ex- perience and knowledge as they pilot the talented squad. The team will be led by returning players Mike Finegan, Paul Soutar, Brian Emmert, Russ Cavallo, jim Halliwell, Iohn Crafa and john Nicols. The team will be helped by some strong players from last year's predominantly junior I.V. team such as Larry Keating, Dave Aromiskis, and Mike Pappas. BOYS TENN First row P Hecken S Zannos T Burchill S Testa Second row: B, Lake, C. Krieg, M. Schnieder, R. Ashe, M. .- -t.-..,- .,,.m.....,. .-f -Ashes-M--fe-e--Lv W .. ....-., , .., .....,.....e,.i...,d..a . , N , 1, Q X The Varsity Tennis team should have one of the finest teams in Garden City history. Eighth out of the top twelve players from last year's 7th ranked team are returning. The team will be led by all-county player Iim Connolly who should have a fine season. Other key performers in- clude Greg Konner, Bill Lake and Mike Cowie all of Whom received all-conference recognition last year. If the team is to overcome an arduous schedule, Coach Decker will have to find some successful doubles combinations. Seniors Chris Testa, Chuck Krieg and Steve Zannos and freshman Steve Testa should prove valuable in doubles play. Unfor- tunately, the future for Garden City High School tennis does not look too bright as most of this year's team is graduating. Z The Badminton team coached by Michael Kitaeff is expecting a winn- ing season with the dominating force of returning third year Varsity players. The 1981 A11-Conference players were Cathy Nowack, Tricia Hoffman, Mary Celentano and Lia Kwee. Last year's season closed with third place in the division. This year's seniors are Iamie Beck, Maureen Falvey, Linda Haeffner, Tricia Hoffman, Lia Kwee, Beth Noonan, Cathy Nowack, and lane Rayfield, BADMI T0 .. -ma. First row: M. E. Smalley, T. Tsai, L. Kwee. Second row: M. Santangelo, B. Dausch, M. Falvey, B. Noonan, T. Hoffman, I. Brown. Third row: Mr. Kitaff fcoachj, K. Rice, C. Nowack, M. Celentano, I. Rayfield, A. Gitelman, I. S. Beck, L. Haeffner, GULF First row: T. Mundy, I. Dies, M, Chrobet. Second row: I. DeMaio, A. Holmes, P. Koslo, A. Moscato, Mr. W. Slocombe fcoachj. This year's golf team, coached by Mr. Willis Slocombe, hopes to im- prove on its third place finishing of last year. This optimism is not un- founded as the nucleus of last year's team is returning. The team will be led by underclassmen, including juniors Art Holmes and lack Dies and Sophomore Tim Mundy. Other contributors include Pat Koslo, Chuck McAllister, and Art Moscato. The team must overcome the tough courses at the Cherry Valley Country Club and the Garden City Country Club if they are to challenge for a league title. "We had dinner ar a hoc dog stand wich our backs co the ocean. The Boardwalk lights against the deepening blue sky gained an ideal, starry beauty and shooting galleries and beer gardens gleamed with a quiet purity in the Clear twilight." 'ml lil? I"--W fill I '- If Cleopatra's beauty would have been diminished without Antony to bring it to the surface. The Beatles would have been just another group Without Iohn Lennon. Costello without Abbott is unthinkable. And what would the Peanuts be without Snoopy? Similarly, what would MAST be without those mothers and fathers who pledge their hard earned money to afford their seniors the luxury of a fine year- book? Unparalleled appreciation is also in order for all those magnificent industries, as well as those smaller, downtown establishments Cwho are represented in the following pagesj that have helped make the 1982 MAST the best ever. fra" X, 219 2 . W Mr. and Mrs. Mfr. and Mrs Rev. and Mrs. Byron H. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. agnd Mrs I' J I gnd Mrs I iff' KJ' f Mr. and Mrs 4 V, f fMr.andM ' 5 I 1 Mr. ind Mrs 4 r. and Mrs Mr. ind Mrs J' dM . harles I. DiCar1o A . William Dwyer - I - 88 . Hussein B. El-Dada Mrs Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr Mr Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. . and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. .Mrf and and Mrs. IS f' Mrs. ri Ae ,1 fl' bln J K . .. f . I I Q f.A "' - ' " ,I ,rw ,Yak A - is ' 13 .. - w 14 .VT "H fl! J.. ...N Q I g vrlwr. A,x' .'. ' Clfx ,xnxx C, . , , - x E "fb JS? 2'2" X . 'nfsvfft . 'aff y -, ., , , . 1 - w' I 4 An" I." Q XL ff., "Aa ' . .- ., , , . ,,, , V , fi" a 1' ' ge J"'Q ,1 4 W- . v s . . .' K ' .', K i X 1'-'lp I X Q '- .: . ,q, P' V 'u.Axf4 ,. I 5 .11 I T' ' W , .' Q , , H .,,, I Q Q! A . . Aa fav ' I ', v. . . , , . ,f . 'Q ,, 5. ff ,a- 5 1 K Q u ' F4 9 '3l4Vhnr,J'q1lQ, ' .J I .. y ' 41 Q f "" Q 1 ' on Q I X. ' , . I o-A ' Aqzggf f if "Ki '. JH V' ' '. ,".."err rn via 5:,'."'?. vyxpr ' 5 . .4 ' Q. Q 3 , t' o A X , How MAST ACQUIRED ITS NAM ifffsqffalpri , li 6 I ll I its IE WX ' I I 1. I , ,,,, .1 ' ' I llllllfll 1 X E,,. H.. N -I it ' .1 wwf .N ,X I The Shamrock IV during a trial race off Sandy Hook, New Iersey, Iune 21, 1920. Q ww: Every year, the graduating class of Garden City Senior High School looks forward with great an- ticipation to that time in june when they receive that one haven of memories that will last a lifetime: the yearbook, Mast. Yet, many people do not know of how our book acquired its name. In the late nineteenth century, Sir Thomas Lipton, a wealthy British yachtsman, began construction on a series of yachts intended to relinquish the famed America's Cup from the grasp of the New York Yacht Club. It is the fourth ship in this series, the Shamrock IV, from which our sto begins. In 1914, Lipton chaaznged the ownership of the America's Cup. The Resolute was the defender. World War I intervened, however, and the match was postponed until 1920. At first, Lipton was quite successful, winning the first race because Resolute had snapped her mast. The second race was won in a very close finish. Nevertheless, Resolute bounced back to win the final three races in this best of five match and to retain the United States ownership of the America's Cup. It must be noted that in the third race, the Shamrock IV sailed across the finish line ahead of Resolute, yet lost the race due to the com- plex handicap system. Some years later, as the Shamrock IV was being dismantled, its mast Capproximately 100 feet highj was given to our high school, then located at what is now the Ir. High. The High School acquired the mast of the Shamrock IV due to the efforts of two of its residents: George Loring Hubbell and Sir Thomas's attorney, Willard U. Tay or. Sir Thomas had stayed at the Garden City Hotel and thus knew the village. He played golf often at the Garden City Golf Club in its early days. Sir Thomas granted a request by Mr. Hub- bell for the mast and it was donated for use by the village. Thus, in 1935, the first graduating class named their yearbook MAST, in honor of Sir Thomas's gift. The tradition has remained until today. In the early 1950's, a hurricane blew down the mast. It was restored, but damage to an even greater extent later occurred, and finally it was discarded. As the class of 1982 graduates, let us not forget our school and village history. I . fr ll I Shamrock IV gains on the Resolute in a closely contested race in New York's outer harbor. Sir Thomas Lipton, yachtsman, aboard the Shamrock IV. Good Luck Katie and the Class of 82 JAMES F. DOOLEY Equitable Life Assurance Society of U.S. 3333 New Hyde Park Road New Hyde Park, N.Y. 11042 15161 365-3300 EQUITABLE Home Ollice New York, N.Y. AL. LLPO THE FRANKLIN SOCIETY FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 147 Seventh Street Garden City, New York 11530 747-7191 George H. Ruschmeyer, Mgr. Best Wishes to Patrick and The Class of 1982 MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM J. KOSLO Q I.?I3!.'t?3,'.If.I Th V yBest Wishes t th Classof 1982 DIAMOND INTERNATIONAL CORP. WEDGEWOCD STUDIO Portraits, Family Groups, Candid Weddings 888 Franklin Avenue Garden City, N.Y. 11530 15161248-1514 Congratulations to the Class ot 1982 President Richard E. VonSeelen Vice Presidents William Fuller James Perduto William Tierney Robert Spencer THE MEN'S ASSOCIATION OF THE GARDEN CITY HIGH SCHOOLS Congratulations to the Class of 1982 Thank You for the Loyal Support of Our Programs by the Students and Their Parents. 511-,Thy O fp 9 if E 'SX as 14 C D YA ga l Q l -r I SPOMISMAN SHIP Treasurer Robert Spencer Secretary John Nothel Assistant Sec.lTreas George Decker A history of service In 1923, when We Long Island to serve them. opened our first office, We help With mans, Check- bl1SiI'19SS W3,S bOOII'1iI'1g at accgunts, Savings th8 Garden Hotel. And accounts and trust only 250,000 people lived Services. On Long Island- Stop in at one of our 0 OUT aPP1'0aCn Was convenient locations slfnplsi We thought the today. Youill see that our Island Wsnld STOW- And We history of service is just the thought we could help. beginning. Today, alrnost 3 mil- l1on people live here. And L0ng 'rl'1.l.St we have offices all over A 0 0 0 is L- Congratulations to Mark and The Class ol 1982 THE STUTZMANN FAMILY THE Q . ' ' , I pioneer 7-Oi85 evenings x , ' -N'-' . by appointment TREE , 'ST' ,' E s , x , t a Gifts and Needlework ' I r l A was 731 FRANKLIN ffdfluifi GVSDUS GARDEN C!TY,N.Y.11530 iohn I. kordes .Ween my. n. y. Best Wishes to the c,,,,,s,,,1982 CANIVAN BROS. INC. 166 Seventh Street G.C. SANDWICH SHOP Garden City, L.l.11530 , Paints - Hardware - Housewares 653 Frankun Ave' Glass - Electrical Supplies Garden City, N.Y. 11530 747-5060 15163 248-6884 EVENINGS SLIMNASTICS EXERCISE FOR HEALTH AND ENJOYMENT NO EQUIPMENT USED s1.lMNAsrlCs AQUANASTICS GLORIA M. MERCANTE LIMBEMNG UP TIME 135 WICKHAM ROAD Q ISENIOR CITIZENS! GARDEN CITY, N.Y. 11530 ' -1814 Jw: GARDEN CITY Beautiful Fashions To Suit Every Occasion 860 Franklin Ave., Garden City, N.Y. 11530 ' I516i 746-0795 GARDEN CITY JEWELERS 747 Franklin Avenue Garden City, N.Y. 26 Years Serving Garden City AI Levin PI6-2304 Tel.: 746-7577 Congratulations From John and Ron J8rR OPTICIANS INC. Fashion Eyewear - Contact Lenses John Dempsey Ronald Parasmo 540 Franklin Avenue Garden City, N.Y. 11530 Phone Pioneer 2-8280 Dry Air Cold Storage BARBATSULY BROTHERS, INC. Fine Furs 1046 Franklin Avenue Repairing and Remodeling Garden City, L.I. mmoum Houon socierv 3 Gi i ' S 7 1 S Best Wishes Class of 1982 From the NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 229 1 Congratulations and Best Wishes To Jamie Sue, Jane, Meg, Patty Rachel, Tricia, Wendy, and the Class of 1982 SILVER CREEK PRESERVING CORP Eden, New York IITUIIIIITI IIEIIT SEIWIIE nzumc on E UN on sunms - 'Quality Service With the Personal Touch' Specializing in Energy Saving Equipment inthe Future to Tom Jr and the Class ol 1982 Congratulations With Best Wishes Thomas L. Buckman - Owner 645 Nassau Road Uniondale, L.I. 11553 sas-8166 "Try Us . . . You'II Like Us" HUBBELI. 81 KLAPPER, INC. coMPLIIvIENTs of 65 Hilton Avenue Ga"'e"3jgX,25?ggf,g'k1'53" J. J. NEwIvIANg. COMPANY, IN . THE FRANKLIN SOCIETY G..3Z2ZE?Q'1'.'L5.V?E58 FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN I if H ASSOCIATION HAIQ DESIGN 147 Seventh Street Garden City, New York 11530 HCD 747-7191 George H. Ruschmeyer, Mgr. 51 6-248-8393 Pkmee' 2-3199 Compliments of "Paints Of Beauty" FOLEY-PURCELL- MINOQUE INC. OLBRO REAL ESTATE 0 M 11 1 South Tyson Ave., Floral Park - Distinctive Wallpapers - 354-0421 Paints - Wallpaper - Artist's Supplies AUd"eY FOISY- Reanof 114 7th Street Se'V"'9 Garden City, N.Y. 11530 Stewart Manor, Floral Park, Garden City Franklin Square, New Hyde Park Every Brand Name in Broadlooms, Linoleum and Resilient Tile Hand Woven and Domestic Oriental Rugs - Imported Quarry Stone - Ceramic Tile Total Services, Including Cleaning, Repairing, Etc. TELFEYAN CARPETS Est. 1888 in New York One of Long Island's Largest Warehouse Outlet Main Showroom Full Sales and Service 49 Sealey Ave. 919 Franklin Ave. Floor Covering Specialists Hempsted Garden City Guarantee 747-1505 747-1505 Any merchandise sold, serviced, cleaned, repaired or installed by Telfeyan that does not give the service or performance as 232 represented will be replaced, reserviced, reinstalled, adjusted or corrected without charge Good Luck UOSSFS GIJCHUQQSUB Class 111:82 def? u raau l-Cfi-60 I 'Om e M 1 , Def H , A xy.. .-v Q fx .7 Q-f1a?9,f Y Den-5055 N 'iaw ' l l fi ll 47553 -,fi-dur gash, Af? .n Taylor Vyarner l Mon.-Tues.-Thurs. Wed.-Fri.-Sat. ea offlcel 9:30 to 9:w P.M- 9:30 to 5:m P.M- - Home 1516yCh 8-6291 Rbbelgeztelrg l'6l'l6l' Fonuuu. wEAn OF LONG :sumo 101 Seventh Street, Garden City, New York 11530 888 Franklin Ave. 516-741-1080 Garden City, N.Y. 11530 It You Are Thinking 4 of Going Someplace - , r ,f y v Why Not Talk It Over ,fn With Someone f v Who Hag Been There? if K V A -dw : all Q Customizgd Travel Service E, IZIIB v ad ' nik OF GARDEN CITY, LTD. Classic Women's Sportswear 107 Seventh St. . Garden City, New York Ti'::grg:::t:3':2 516-747-10111212-895-5367 175 Seventh Street - Garden City, N.Y. 11530 - 516-746-7127 'gf 233 Good Luck Class of '82 zijlg.. 1 f--- - .. :QW as C I D l C l Limoisines for All Occasions 248-1710 Garden City To the Class of 1982 "Break a Leg" From MASQUERS THEATRE CLUB G.C.H.S. TRAVELGALLERY 1 I O as Professional Travel Agents I I i is Xa I516I248-4344 THE CHEESE CO. 174 Seventh Street Garden City, New York 11530 234 Congratulations Tothe CIassof1982 From THE SPANISH CLUB And FRENCH CLUB H.L. GROSS 81 BRO. Jewelers Since 1910 815 Franklin Avenue Garden City, N.Y. 11530 15161747-6666 SEVENTH STREET STATIONERY "Te Amo" Hallmark Cards Gift Items Office, School and Party Supplies Typewriters and Adding Machines lCIean and Repair Servicel 747-71 42 THINGS AND STUFF 186 Seventh St. Garden City 747-3386 Congratulations Class of '82 CSWEGO OIL SERVICE CDRP 45 Intersection Street 5 Hempstead, N.Y. 11550 516-485-3900 Congratulations to Denise Rhodes Best Wishes and Good Luck In the Future Sincerely, THE CLASS OF 1984 A CLASSIC BAE j 660 Franklin Avenue Garden City, N.Y. 11530 f516y747-2156 Lunch Mon.-Sat. 11:30-3:30 Dinner Sun.-Sat.5:30-9:30 Late Night Snacks 9:30-2:00 Sunday Brunch 12:30-3:30 236 THE CLASS OF '83 Wishes The Class of '82 Much Success in the Future 'N YO 'O A ,ea 43 QD 2. 5 '6 Sf uw G3 Ci 5 2 5 Qi. fd 2 S 2' C, I U' V: 'SQ AQ QL li, v1 S H QP ,mmm Congratulations l '82' The Mast Staff X' Ready for action? Hold on a sec, they're taking my picture and I have to go to the bathroom. A smorgasbord. .. .and then he kissed me. . . Q in -LN. , Kr S 4 wi, Fawdee! just what I needed, a cold shower, Knit one, purl . . . oh, hi! Make like you're asleep, okay? , x .Q '15 nl! t 5,5 it QQ Drinking again, Guiseppe? I've only got thirteen cavities! Uh oh, Meg's hair is out of place, Designer frames? What do you mean I can't smoke? 2' H The Three Musketeers . . . plus two. 'X ,ai Nl A " Q Pepsi in a martini glass? He's not too bright, but he's cute. Get serious, Patty. I'm dancin', I'm dancin'!! The prep squad. And who was that masked man? nd what grade are you in? I just love pictures! 'ily .Q M H... Go ahead . . .just try it. 'hug a Everybody loves me. A new kind of Queen. Dave's finally found a friend. That was some hit. N.Y. Mets farm team. Peggy perplexed? Never! Like hey, have a seat. Look at this cute face. v What a pal. yff I'1l just shout it out! x,s It's my first lesson. I use Ultra-Bright! The seductive look, A i 'Ns Qui . glial Yeah, we lost. 'ew-.. 'WWE My . K .-r I xy ':k, -- JM X . J, , V. N-.M M,-mmuwdl' hh H K, Farrah, eat your heart out. Fi? r.,,,, gy Love me, love my beard. I only drive it on weekends. 243 My friend. My friend. She weighs a fun! 7 MA Wind '5??e1f,5, She ain't heavy . . . Where's the train? Climbing statues? Good hobby. These two weeks have gone just so fast! 'fe rf "The Love Boat promises something for everyone . . . F . Q., Smile - it makes people wonder what you've been up to. W! 'fx H1' I plan to be fllthy r1ch someday Heel boy. X Do homework? What's homework? F. RX-. 245 What a drag. Ahhh, love. You've got the look . . . Hot dogs again? We don't normally do this. SENIORS RULE! The coast IS clear 3 gs Annie Hall? I thought you said the coast was clear --.awk aff " 'Siu .Q vvk ii? 4 Ga 4' ""5"f-f"'ffi ssia 1 f The Zone What do you want? What day is it? .gif ,... Wait 'til you see what's in our right hands. Toasting marshmallows ain't what it used to be . . . My cummerbund is too tight. It really is true what they say about peanut butter. R 5 The Brews Brothers He gave out but his hair spray is still holding Am I w if Q Ja 'K 11555, w my iw J' i.. wg W -- 7-fm g W si S. Q wb-if S Wmfwwks i,: , ..,., :LV i , JW Wxxkfk H - ... ,. 'NL 1 ::::-Fi .. 'f . - ' J 1 iii: ',555:?555:.'5?1-35:5 sift: 5:2259-ff " K K . K X - H ' - T' 'I kills-55:?iE52?iE :Sq iiiiiifi' - N 'qv L L 'iiiifwff ' ef.: X -' g f. J . 2 2- 1: r -- M R A 1 X Fan-fgizi. fig-i-Qgfiiifg WJ, t. -- QX XN K xxx We Q , Z X '5 2 X H. .::.m-t +f- X -fe 15,1 A ,,-5 Qv., ..::: . . . ,....., N.. . .:::......:,. , E5 A 'Y' 5 v , i x E 'x 4' 800pm . . 10:00 p.m. These girls w0n't leave me alone! X ' 1 lY...x fl Q lt all I Don't worry, girls. There's enough of me to go around K 'if ,fQSY' mf nv- X53 I'm stuffed. A . Jonestown cocktails. f D v ag az, . J .' 33? -' ' X 4 3 just toss them a biscuit. Me Tarzan. Who you? 'K You said he was housebroken. Please, not here. We are family! llllllwauqg, These were the slaves of heavy metal? There's notliing like a nice cold one. Peace, love, and granola Don't worry, I use Arrid. 'fl"'e.... I ' el 1' eww Mr? 'T T' .., 192' 5""v,' ' -0- 2 ef 'ff' 1 Q34--a1'vh".'L..1'.s,al K hw How many did we have? Heyyy! Melt that creature. At least she's not talking. gliefwl Surprise! x 3 Getting ready for the Go-Go's E 1'fB?.4wh' 1 My parents are coming home when? I 253 THE JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL H i ryan" Wi m' I 'w-J-ik---J ., -EL""-'- .. Qttfm glans J H - - DDD El H EJCJ DDU DUE! mmm SDE Egg Egg Egg Egg 51351 mmm umm SBS Egg Egg DDU gnu' UUE' UUE' 333 mmm Egg Egg SSS Egg DUO ,E1SBlDBEH,'5',3gl ,DDDHUCIU ann, mm Q 'S DHD dau nav UBB as S S55 E? a s U U U U - mmm umm ODD Uno umm SUSE-3 umm mum mmm Egg SS 2 89 ass sg Q3 G aaa ggg .'i'?:+b:1+v Ole '- ' ' - O Q-3.551 w. Qm?w11'mf,R3-Lf 'saga s2Q,f '.19 Jima-Q I l -. QQ' UWQO 4' 4? env. 15, 5' H if O ri-fa.-ii 3Ii'..f-5, -1' "mi if Q me no lj L: I H O H H Lmg ll i'ill'..O u A I ' -- I 91 H O ll ll- nlllllll IH Ig i ' V, F J? 'gi -Ee, O- WLQLI ly - H OO . O w 1 -- ff ff 5 ! ML L M W .W-T ui ..A. vi . .. ., A i mx W SQ, A : is--F A A V -in fp' ,,,,.,..4-0 -"""Hi-A un., , ... -- I if f -'Mmm J I W. A 3 P v I ' ,,., -'sq-M......." ,, . . N, ' au w is kr' 'll -.4 I -l-l 'Aichi 1-s.i.4:i.M ,, QE :L .,. E, S zfilf ff--. X Y -my Y S yi 9 ffw A Hg ' .,,i'Q,1f : I Q x '47 'V W' " ., 1' an 4 Wu .

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