Garden City High School - Mast Yearbook (Garden City, NY)

 - Class of 1948

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Garden City High School - Mast Yearbook (Garden City, NY) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 160 of the 1948 volume:

l948 mat '1- P-"' ,..-' "NM W"- . . , . .' ' I -. 1 N S Y 1 1 1 1 - X 1 X KK' Q x' , N. V f X 'NN , 1 .M 4 fxlfvfs' Q x Q . X ,pw k 'XX 'NR fl A 3 x X x aff Q? ye- .ff rf 9-Xw..j, 9 'T 'vb S X I' NH 'gl' fi P K. I 948 lltmt JOAN NES WH wHUVx FJ 5 HNb UPN A JOHN? WAPPINEP Garden Cafy High School Garden CIW N Y Sm FANS'-y , A , ,l.k , Bu EVM, h.'1'iV"fiQQ'fV 'XNIL xv H QRIS Pm LHP, Axxvhwr 'I ff -1741 . L" I " V , x . fm ' 7? MARGARET NOTT bedicativn To Miss Margaref Noff-wifh Thanks for her unfirinq work on class projedrs . . . for The energy and enlrhusiasm Jfhaf have made us all work more diliqen+ly...1for her sympafhefic undersfanding of our problems, personal and collecfive . . . for her undofeafable sense of humor.. .for +he genfleness and charm Jrhaf have made her so nice +o know . . . The class of '48 is happy To dedicafe Hs MAST. V a 70l'?hJ0l af The MAST has endeavored To porTray The llTe oT Garden CwTy T-hgh School buT words and phoTo graphs QannoT Tully descrloe The en oymenT whlch we have derlved Trom our sQhola5Tc Qareers Wfe C n appreCuaTe These hgh school days only by llvlng Them To Tour unTorgeTTalale ars S on They wnll have become buT memorues The once Tamll ar vvrll be l3uT vaguely recalled A5 Tnme passes we wa come To value These mem orles more hughly wanhng To relive Tor a whale Those yesTerdays whlcgh e en now make us remlnlsc n when we reallze They vvll be endlng al Too soon ln The years To Come may The I948 MAST zecall To you your hlgh school years and may you rellve an :Ts pages some ol The pleasanT Tunes HT Garden CnTy l-lugh l g , - f- " I ' , ' -x - - 'I - -1 a' 61 l , r' . ra A ' y9 . C , ' I I , . .3 T , ll -1 - l 1 ' v . a ' e T T l . T . C T f LTU N' H J Hum Q ' was 'E magma i i7fil?5H i ,Q Z .1 7 to 9 sv 4 0 Y X A 0 77 Y ... a . mm, t I I X ' 1 r -1 I Q F. Z E5 ? 7 , ' 2 I 2 5 5' 2 ai 1-4. G. RCD, FRANK R WASSUNC5 Supermfendenf of Schools Principal L LLOYD S. MICHAEL Agnes Amis French l-larriel Anlceny Social Sfudies Margaret Arnold Commercial Roger Barber Social Sludies Laurence Bergen English Nadine Clarlc Social Sludies Maurice Colberl Social Sludies J. Noel Corbridge Science Jean Crablree Library Helen Mahar Library Edmund Cross lvlalhemalics Roberl Cunningham lvlanual Arls Verna Debbold Social Sludies Hazel Dumas Office Slafl Jeanne Dunlop French Eslher Ealon French Mary Fay l-leallh Edna Fredericlcs English Cecile Goldberg Crafls 1. 4? f w gg fm N, . xA A W '-fig, ,en I Y 0 r .YW Q Y J 49' ir ww , if an .. I Q 1 . Q L' L H Y A5 fr 1 ly.. V1 ff 'J V ,K 1 K k 4 ww 1. N '4 ,av 1 .vs 1 A U A I, Q . E if 4- .,2"' , . 1 V if Q V my , 7 :AQHA nib am' - 'X 1' 1 mf 5 v. . 6 , b I K .,,, A 3 If 3g My f 11 'QQ If High? 4 lk ip fi 5 LE f 1 ' Y K X 4 L M' .rx ,I , - -,T N' . fl 1 "SEN Ji!! ,J . 5, 'T wi HQ fx Yex if ,gwf ' . . -Y LXR X i X Q M may '52 ff?" Evil s SQ? 1 4' AH Lorraine Smith Physical Eclucalion Marqarel Snyder Physical Educalion James Sleen Physical Educalion John Sfeinberq Social Sfudies Harold Taylor Malhernafics Marian Templelon Spanish Dolores Thompson l-lealrh Winfield Thompson Assisfanl Principal Jessica Van l-lorsen English Murray Waller Science Philip Wardner English John Warriner English Kafhryn Wass Guidance Milton Weiler Ari Jonn Wilmot? lnzluvria' and Fine in' fn Hppreciation OR Jrheir unselfish eicforfs +o aid ihe sfudenis by doing The many necessary Jrasks which confribufe +o fhe overall ehfi- ciency of fhe school organizafion, we, fhe members of 'rhe Ciass of '48, formaily show our appreciafion fo 'rhe members of fhe ofiice sfaff, ihe cusfodians and Mike. Michael Casella Cusfodian J! 1 'ff-nl fi I' ff! NNY GH 1450 O W 39 S 4 W Os Q x " QQ I I 'lux fl-In It W1 u....Qf 5222.42 ,3 , fa X! W I we ' ff , f X, V if :wif ' Rl Z Q I 5 1 'Ill u .... H f - ' - E7 :it lflf .A K f ' Vgllz i 4 ' . x A QU jg jf,-, -3- f s y" x .4 Z- ' K' 5 ' I f Q. . I x , , , gf: f ' ,if , r,4, 7 ,.,, if .4 'U f -' . ,4, xxx 4a ,, ,,., .vw 9 'QA , A " ga - c Semen- C'laAA I, Class Sponsor Dale Safran Presfdenf James Fanmnq Vice Presndenf Donald Hem Secrefary Murray Adams Treasurer I 1 is qs CAROL ACTON Prelfy blond Luonel I amplon lan oves cars horses anylhlng Weslern delermuned and somehmes slubborn loyal lruend vorure expressuon You can say 'rhal again MURRAY ADAMS Persua uve polnhclan class presrdenl an Iuwuor year I-Ionor Socrely member exlremely capable lreasurer of senvor class cross counlry man will undoubledly reach lhe herghls ol achuevemenl HARRY ALEXANDER Tall handsome and sophnslucaled ace bowler member ol lusl aboul every club dullgenl and dependable worlcer lhe mad driver of GEORGE ALLEN Tall darlc and handsome wulh a burld Io march has a way wrlh lhe women genius wurh aw aulomobnle quuel and very easy golng everybody s Iruend ROBERT ANDERSON Varsrly Iellerman In wresllung loolball and Ia Crosse plenly of laughs one ol Coach Taylors boys headung for lar above Ca yuga s walers Ii own as Bobo h JOAN ATEN Dramaluc slar of G C lruenoly un eclulor ol FIESTA wonderful dancer ways wllh a smile respowslble and slncere expressnve blue eyes DAVID BAIRD Secrelary of I-Ionor Socuely The brain of Wal Ter s Wheels co manager ol lhe loolball leam good all round sludenl has a Iunger In all Commlllees BRUCE BARKER Member ol lhe loolball leam brnlllanl baslel ball and baseball player ou slandung sludenl pleasanl sense of humor good loolcnng GORDON BARLOW Snappy dresser genual and easy gomg never wulhoul a smile Conslanlly repaurung has Car alhlehcally Incluned v ry popu r Iuny SUZANNE BARLETT Love em and leave em alhlude Iowa d men engagung personallly enchanhng foulhern drawl "fall, Tender and lerrllucl lun and Iaughler wherever she goes Soulhern Com lorl' CALVIN BEAL Always ready lo help someone oul . . .good mix- lure ol the lighl and serious . . . popular. . .a varsily malman . . .a lennis whiz.. ."Cal." CLARE BIGELOW Beaulilul bland . , .sparkling slale eyes . . . shock- ing remarks . . . nol as quiel as she appears . . . lover ol classical music . . . oh, lhose summers al Bellporl, sailing! . . .'lKlar." ANTHONY BOLOGNESI Slalwarl cenler ol lhe loolball learn . . . lwo year lellerman in lacrosse . . . conscienlious . , . sporls edilor ol lhe ECHO . . . member ol lhe Sludenl Courl . . .easy going . . . lriend lo all . . ."Tony." JOAN BRAZZELL Genlle and unassuming . . . very good company . . . musically inclined . . .lriendly . . .domeslic .. .likes good lood . . .dark hair and lovely while skin . . . easy lo lalk lo. EUGENE BRITTON Six-looler . . . known lor his inlallible 'lgood luck" . . , greal sense ol humor . . . indillerenl lo le- males . . . sludious . . . anolher ol "Taylor's Terrorsw. . . perpelually knocking L. l. climale. HENRY BROOKS Deep voice , . . good build . . . alhlelically in- clined . . . easy lo gel along wilh . . . noled lor his big grin . . .lriendly and happy-go-lucky . . . enjoys a ioke . . ."Brooksie." ANDREA BROWN Green eyes and nice smile . . , well-lraveled . . . arlislic . . . passion lor skiing, swimming and serif ous music . . . good lriend and sympalhelic lislener . . ."Andy." GLORIA BUEHLER Lillle bundle ol dynamile . . . llair lor arl . . . delinile prelerence lor Lalins . . . slunning clolhes ...lalenled lap dancer . . . conlagious giggle . ., loves lo lravel . , ."Glo." ALFRED BUSBY Exlremely popular member ol lhe hall squad . . . known lor his sense ol humor. . . one ol our besl gollers . . . a member ol l'Waller's Wheelsii, . . "Buzz." MADELINE CALDWELL Sense ol humor . . . unprediclable . . . always lale . . . allraclive . . . ambilious . . . versalile . . . arlislic . . . make-up edilor ol lhe Echo . . . meme ber ol lhe Masguers Club . . ."Madie.' Q 'KU' R i - LOUISE CAMERON Cule blond . . . lrank . . . unallecled . . .a good lriend . . . loves lo do crazy lhings . . . passion lor lood . . . aclive in sporls . . . lerrilic driver , , . "Lou," JOY CAMP Maiorelle par excellence , . . beaulilul, expressive brown eyes . . . member All-American Drum Major Associalion . . . loves hamburgers . . . prominenl band member . . . gill ol gab . . .de- pendable. MICHAEL CARLIN An ingenious individualisl . . . known lor his iazz colleclion . . . makes a habil ol lhrowing all inlo hyslerics wilh his sly remarks. . fllvlikefl ANN CARSON Vivacious caplain ol lhe Greys . . . always hurry- ing . . . excilable . . . can lalk a blue slreak . . . enviable brown nalurally curly hair . . . allraclive ...beaming Irish smile . . . popular. MARJORIE CARTER Brownfeyed blond . . . well known lor her Pepso- denl smile . . . perpelual sunlan . . .seems guiel lo lhose who don'l know her . . . always ready wilh a willy remark. q SHIRLEY CHRISTNER Shining blond hair . . . lamous lor her impromplu parlies . . . avid colleclor ol records . . . quick smile . . , lails lo lake lhe opposile sex seriously . . . good lasle in clolhes. CHARLES CLARAHAN Sincere . . . quiel . . . excellenl sludenl . . .mem- ber ol Perkin's Union ...never wilhoul a problem . . . no maller how rushed he always has lime lor you. JAMES CLARK A good sludenl and a swell lellow . . . conslanlly plugging . . . original . . . appreciales a good joke . . .always dependable... likes baseball... diligenl in every underlaking . . .l'Jim." JAMES CODY Lellerman in loolball and baseball . . . clever boxer . . . quick wil . . .one ol Joe's boys seemingly shy . . , always ready lor a laugh everybody's pal . . ."Dago.'l FRANCES COLES Curly hair. . . likes lo knil . , , deep lhinker. never wilhoul an amazingly apl commenl . . . lrank . . . loves music . . . superb violinisl . . . wonderlul egueslrienne . . ."Fran." A '?b LAURINE COLLINS One of lhose lucky gurls wulh a planned fufure lovely slanled eyes always has sornefhung lo sa snnoofh Soulhern drawl enlucung per sonaluly Pene MARY JANE CORDES Tall ard slender blonde loyal fruend generous know for her dnmpled smrle reserved always on lame earnesl sludenl hard worker BRADFORD CORDOVA Draws lhe fair sex likeable and always augh an ever busy un one way or anolher wel dressed proud possessor of a car Brad CAROLINE CORDREY Aspvrlng aulhoress gulf for conversahon llvens up any brudge game wulh I demand a re ea frank nndependenl unpreducfable lavorlle expresslon Beafruce was here Connre DONALD COYNE A freckled Irishman wnfh a gulf wal conscuen hous hor clarunel player one of Waller s Wheels baseball addncf avid Yankee rooler ROBERT CRITCHFIELD Luked by everybody always has a smile presndenl of Honor Socuely greaf on a soccer ne camera fiend wonderful frsend Crllch JANICE CROWLEY Beauhlul gray eyes always snowed under wnlh accumulafed work. . . oughf Io run an Advuce fo lhe Lovelorn Bureau . . . conlinually dashing ohf somewhere . . . known for her good parlies. WILLIAM CULLEN Conscienlious ., .a good mixer. . .sharp shoofer on lhe baskelball floor . . .pole vauller . . . rei- a e. . .swimmer par excellence. ..goEng places ... special inleresl in Breezy Point GRAYSON DARR All-scholasric soccer player.. . lelfer-man in 'rrack . . . always ready for a good laugh . . . one of G. Cfs Golden Glovers . . . has an eye for lhe women. .."Gray." DOLORES DAVISON Well-liked . . . lovely long hair and soulful brown eyes . . . does wonders on roller skares . . . pos- sessor of a large wardrobe. C' 41" 3 T' 'SL' ff' -42' GEORGE DECKER Never WIIIIOUA a problem or a quick smile always rarung fo go we llked by all one of our rnosf dapper dressers ace carfoonusf JOHN DEWHIRST Lefferman rn foofball and baseball beaded for flue Dodgers fun In any company a e Presldenf of B A A everybody s pal Dewey DOROTHY JEAN DONALLY lall slrm and alfracfuve rabid Dodger fan never on fume unusual sense of humor vnce presldenf of Honor Socaefy well liked Treasurer of G A A Doffy ANN DORNAN Tall and affraoflve brunelfe demure :rm n er Ideas ran suncere fruend rn I vrdualrsf bluslmes easlly lovely smile desrre fo lzve nn California ANNE DOWD Grves ferrzfuc parfues very popular every body s frnend famous for her clwanf cheer denf vuce presrdenf of G A A sparklung snnlle and personalufy CHARLES DOWD A dependable friend known and well liked by everyone varsufy baskefball player flwree lefferman an golf excellenf dancer Chuck FAITH DOYLE Affracfuve expressrve brown eyes confa grous laugh well dressed generous popular wrflf boflw sexes loves a good fume lrves for lner weekends JOAN DOYLE Excrfable consouenfuous worker always on fI'fe brown Ifaur loves all sporfs Crazy abouf roasf duck and dancung enloys good musso Bufolf SHELDON DREWS Versafrle aflwlefe good sfudenf belneves rn fakrng lnfe easy loves fo decry flue L I R R one of Joe s Boys ever lovung Dem Bums REGINA DUNN Tall sophnsfucafed bruneffe smarf dresser srncere and lasfnng friend lakes dancsng roller skafnng and clwocolafe sodas manager of sfu denf sfore and presndenf of Craffs Club ' ' ilu' ...f k...' ' ...loves hamburgers and cokes...acfive sfu- go,.. SUZANNE DUVALL lvlainslay ol lhe cheerleaders . . . popular wilh everyone.. . lascinaling laugh . . , has a ioke lor all occasions . . . always gelling in or oul ol lrouble . . . Cule and pelile . .. 'Zonnyf' DOROTHY ENGEL Shorl and cule . . . popular , . . loves horseback riding . . . lorever smiling . . . good sense ol humor . . . sincere . . . always has lime lor your lroubles. EILEEN EVANS Wonderlul personalily under a cynical exlerior . . . marvelous lislener . . . lhe besl ol friends . . . long sullering arl laborer . . . always ready wilh new layouls and ideas . . . Dorolhy Parker wil. THOMAS EVANS Cofedilor ol lhe MAST . . . big slockholder in personalily . . . genial wil . . . excellenl malman . . . superb lasle in clolhes . . .capable chiel ius- lice ol Sludenl Courl. ALYCE EVERTS l-las a snappy reply lor every remark . . . excel- lenl al lhe ivories . . . slriking red head . . . la- nalic Dodger lan . . . lun lo be wilh . . . Masquers Club prolege. A l l JAMES FANNING Tall, dark, and amiable class vice-presidenl . . . class secrelary in l45 . . . lellerman in loolball, la- crosse and caplain ol wreslling learn . . . loves lhose Cardinals! . . ."Ouch." EDWARD FINNEGAN Member ol varsily loolball, wreslling. lacrosse, and baskelball squads . . , smiling Irishman . . . never overworks . . . lriendly lo all . . . prelers blonds . . . always ready lor laughs . . ."Ed'l or "Finnegan" COURTNEY FLEMING A new red head in G. C. lhis year . . . recenlly discharged lrom lhe Navy . . .quiel , . . easy lo know . . . member ol lhe Boys' Glee Club and lvlasquers Club. SUZANNE FOSTER Loves horses and polo players . . .can be seen al Meadowbrook lhroughoul lhe polo season . . . Yankee lan . . . owns her own I947 Sludebaker ...everybody's lriend . . . ouldoor girl . . ."Sue." JANET FRASER Tall and allraclive . . . popular . . . Echols man- aging edilor . . . l-lonor Sociely . . , seems guiel unlil you know her . . . lile ol problems and crises ...mania lor hockey. .."6impy,l fly fear, 'Ok 'ss I 2 W ff life J MARY LOUISE GALLAGHER Tall, allraclive . . . wonderlul shade ol auburn hair . . , excellenl sludenl . . . lives lor lhe base- ball season ...avid Dodger lan . . . sincere lriend. ROBERT GANSHOW Always good nalured . . . baskelball enlhusiasl . . . varsily loolballer . . . quick willed . . . happy- goflucky . . .an unsellish worker . . . lriendly and inlelleclual. PATRICIA GETHIN Sincere . . . dependable . . . guiel and reserved .. . popular. . .easy going ...good friend . . . always has lime lor olhers . . . Capable Caplain ol Leaders Club . . . chronic presidenl ol Home- room I3. DALE GIFFIN The ellicienl presidenl ol our Senior Class , . . lellerman on loolball, baskelball and baseball leams . . . member ol Waller's Wheels . . , always has lime lor everyone's problems . . . good na- lured . . .winning personalily. JOHN GILLIES Casual . . . lamous lor lhose dry remarks in class . . . conslanlly doing lhings backwards.. .always has a 'lory lo lell . . . delesls oral reporls . . . likeable. pr' P95 Q VIRGINIA GLASER Animaled .. . popular . . .always oll lo a house- parly . . . lall and willowy wilh sparkling blue eyes ...looks like a lashion plale . . . lun . . .l'Ginny,' BARBARA GODDARD Charming . . .chic dresser . . . conscienlious slu- denl . . . slighlly shy unlil you know her . . . always willing lo render a helping hand . . . easy lo gel along wilh . . . "Bobbie.'i MYRLE GORGAS Peppy personalily . . . lamous lor parlies . . . always loves a good lime ...adores bowling . . . lerrilic skier. . . slylish dresser . . . ardenl French sludenl. LEOPOLD GORSKI Good guy lo have around . . . quick wil . . . never wilhoul a comeback . . . lull ol lhe devil . ,. one ol lhe "boys", . . will always help a lriend .. . baskelball enlhusiasl . . .l'Leo." FRANK GRIMES One ol our six loolers , . .good hand al sollball .. . shy, quiel and unassuming . . . very versalile . . . dependable . . . lakes lhings as lhey come. EVERETT GROSS Well lrlced seraous buf amuable dnlugenf an every unclerfalcung a dependable fruend easy lo gel along wnlh has a good vonce always well dressed RICHARD HAAG Amvable dnsposuhon good Iookrng prefers bruneffes Honor Socnely member ambr hous snappy dresser Iruend y 'ro everyone varsaly socce man IC JOHN HAGERTY Lnfe of Ihe parly greal fellow foofball en fun Io be wllh consnderale s ner exlraordmaure edllorlal slall of MASI hall cop you won I Iorgel Jack JOHN HALLER Popular wnfh borh sexes lender fafher of Baby Doll an lnmale OI Taylor s Tavern lnlceable and always laughing buf nol wulhoul hrs serrous snde RANDALL HAMMEL One of G C s all hme lacrosse players os sessor of a lane sense of humor conslanlly call :ng some guy Uble shows greaf ralenf rn publrc spealmng Randy ALLEN HAMMOND Smoolh man wnlh women never a dull momenl when Al s around snazzy dresser every body s frnend leader of Mass Norman s True Blue Boys WILLIAM HARRIS A smrlung Irishman snappy dresser versafrle afhlefe lelrer man an lacrosse cross counlry and 'rraclc all scholashc goalie very punc ual busnness manager of fhe MAST WINIFRED HARTUNG Sweel lovely blue eyes cure dumpled smile snncere experr wufh yarn and needles loads of fun on a dale favornle pashme eal ang Wnnme ROBERT HASS Leflerman IU foolball and lacrosse gennal per sonalnly Ialenfed In many fields subfle sense of humor anofher Sian Kenlon fan known lo all as Ignafz ANITA HEISSNER Cure blond wurh dreamy green eyes unfechous grggle scafler bralned never on fume wrrfes poefry on fhe spur of fhe momenf loves musac ky fi sy. DONALD HENN Well lrked by everyone lerlerman ID Ioolball and lrack Honor Socnefy member con genral always has fume for olhers problcms headed for Cornell WILLIAM HERGET A Wes? Vurgnnnan wufh a subrle sense of humor ardenl baskelball and Yankee fan knoww for hrs quick comeback a woman haler GEORGE HEYN Known for hrs smlle favors foolball and la crosse frnendly foward everyone happy go lucky new +o G C NANCY HILL The gurl wn'h 'rhose mfrnguung eyes famed peaches and cream complexvon magnehc personaldy versahle never wlfhoul a problem publrclfy manager of The ECHO ARTHUR HILLMER Easy +o gel along wnh can keep you laughnng all day good srudenl soccer and Irack man nlckname for everyone A or g Sleve NANCY HINKLE Gnlfed wnlh wonderful sense of humor charm garherung secrefary of CHANTECLER born leader sweef Hun ROWENA HOFFMAN Reserved lovely clolhes loyal lrnend exfremely conscuenhous suncere headed for school an Calnfornua dasly commufer on famous LIRR lakes everyone JANET HOFMANN Pehfe lovely blond curls cenler of many achvuhes smoofh on +he dance floor won derful IU class sporfs or al a parly Janny WILLIAM HORNE Sharp dresser good lookrng smoolh dancer a ready smile for anyone an achve member of The Masquers Club popular wlfh bofh sexes headed for bugger fh ngs WILLIAM HORNBUCKLE Besf half msler The school has yer produced always ouf for a good lame never wlfhouf a smre ex+remely popular a good frnend To everyone ' rl' "BI ing . . . expressive blue eyes . . . an assef to any ' I . ...l'BiII." 'Rr' l WILLIAM HOWARD Versafile . . . keyboard mae-sfro . . . debafer . . . soccer lefferman . . . member of INK SPOTS and Honor Sociefy . . . founder and edifor of Excur- sions in Science. WILLIAM HUBBELL Everybodys friend . . . ferrific build . . . mainsfay of varsify foofball, lacrosse and swimming feams . . .known for his many impersonafions . . . good dresser . . ."Bill." MARILYN HUBNER A good friend . . . loyal . . . masfer of fhe key- board . . . falkafive , . . cheerful . . . loves fo drive . . .special inferesf in Mineola . . . a member of Van I-lorsen's Vamps . , . "I-lubbyf THOMAS HUSSEY Edifor of INK SPOTS . . . handsome and quief .. founder of Debafe Club . . . popular. . . enfhusi- asfic . . .forever worrying abouf his nexf dafe .. always a genfleman. CAMBELL IRWIN Oufdoor enfhusiasf , . . adepf af handball . . sincere . . . known for his hunfing yarns ...serious minded . . . usually wifh a problem . . ."Cam." ,fx 5' DONALD JACK Easy going . . . lefferman in foofball and frack . .. shy in mixed company, buf a wolf af hearf . . . good sfudenf . . . always appreciafes a good ioke . . ."Don." MARJORIE JEWETT Confagious laugh . . .easy fo gef along wifh . . . affracfive smile . . . loguacious . . .a sympafhefic lisfener . . . enfhusiasfic . . . dependable and good nafured . . . huge record collecfion. LAURENCE JOHNSON A loyal friend . . . fhree Ieffers in cross counfry, wresfling and frack . . . full of fhe devil . . . pugi- lisf . . ."oh, fhose shoulders". . . one of fhe famed "Java Boys". . .l'Beezy." HELEN JONES Cheerleader . . . lovely hair and guife fhe figure . . . enjoys skiing, skafing and good records . . . quief on occasions, buf gefs along wifh any mis- chievous ideas . . ."Oueenie." SUSAN JONES Effervescenf personalify . . . cufe figure ...knows how fo wear clofhes . . . adepf af missing Trains . . . impish . . . loves fo knif, hafes fo purl . . . "Susie," , ,-f w , , y . WILLIAM KENNEDY A well-known and popular member of llwe wres- lling leam . . . also a handy man wilI'i a lacrosse slick . . .one of "Mos Boys". . . ll'ie perfecl build. ROBERT KEPPLER Killer willi flue women . . . sailing and skiing enllwu- siasl . . . always looking for a good lime . . . usu- ally finds il . . . has a serious side loo . . . fulure profession-pulling leelli . . ."Kep" or "Mum- blesf' MARGARET KIND Lovely, pale gold hair . . . makes llle fellows look lwice . . . full of fun . . .always ready for a good lime . . . neal as a pin . . . passion for knilling argyles . . ."Peggy." MARIAN KIRSTEIN Slim . . . loyal friend . . . band box appearance . . . scallerbrained . . . woman of many loves . .. summers in llwe Poconos . . . Cuba Bound . . . i'Belly.i' HAROLD KNIGHT Fulure in science . . . rifle enlllusiasl . . . good sludenl . . . good-nalured . . . lasl one lo calclw on lo a ioke . . . unassuming . . . mechanically minded . . ."Cl1ip." JACQUELINE KLAUM Sweel, sponlaneous and sparkling . . . wonderful pal . . . famous for lwer Sainl Albans' iidrapew . . . prelly clollnes . . . energelic and capable . . . slar of ECHO slaff . . . sure lo succeed . . "Jackie.'l SHIRLEY KLEIN Our Florida belle . . , snappy blue eyes . . . cas- cading blonde llair . . . smarl wardrobe . . . spar- kling personalily . . . quiel and ambilious sludenl . . . forever anlicipaling fun . . . lwidden and unexpecled wil . . . "Sliirl." JOHN KOHM A walking encyclopedia on wreslling . . . excellenl manager Ifoolball, wreslling, lacrossel . . . fanalic . . . inlwabilanl of room 26 . , . known as "Big Red. 1 i KARL KOHM Ardenl member of lacrosse leam . . . casually makes large sums of money . . . a follower of clolliing slyles . . . one of G. Cfs leading expo- nenls of "Dixieland Jazz". . ."Tl1e Prussian." JANET KONTHER Gal wilh a fulure . . .can always be seen drawing .. . sporls . . .5 Scliolaslic arl keys . .,l'1er voice -a lwidden lalenl ...dependable . ..Iovesl1orse- back riding. l 1' lt' Is. Q., A 33 - -fffizi: ' 101. JAMES KRUYSMAN Newcomer lo G C 'rhus year qulel capable worker conscuenluous ardenl' oasepall fan swell fellow and a good lrlend DORIS KUHN Compelenl presldenl of G A A never wor nes vnm vngor vulaluly loves :ce skalung an an g hopes lo be a nurse never slops laughnng ee THOMAS KUSTES l-landball enlhusnasl good nalured ar workung ECI-IO man ready smnle as lalker conscuenllous always on lime ambullous lnlellugenl snncere lrnend om RICHARD LACEY One ol lhe brains of lhe class member lhe I-lonor Soclely guuel hard worker a droll sense ol humor Pepsu Cola boy DAVID LARSON A Carrol lop ardenl fisherman and ouldoor o good nalured and well lnked by every body llamboyanl personalaly qunle a slory lel er happy go lucky VIRGINIA LAUMAN One of our cule cheer leaders beaulllul nalu rally curly haur acllve G A A member crealor ol many G C dance roulunes pelnfle peppy popular Ginger VINCENT LAYNE The laar haired boy ol room 26 known for sparkling good humor popular wal all racnng lan everybody s bookue Vunnue CARL LEARY New lo C5 C lhas year from S+ John s qunel delermsned approach fo everylhmg wms many friends likes horse racnng and hull bully musuc EARL LEARY Newcomer lo G C served 'rwo years In Japan known for his crew cul and good danc ID proud owner of a Model A au MARIAN LESLIE Beauhful eyes wnlh sweepnng eyelashes oya frnend wonderful sen e of humor we dressed nnleresfed nn France always smnl 'ng . . . unpredicfable . . . headed for Endicoll . . . Mike. mf' PRISCILLA LINDSAY Sure f1re abnlufy impeccably dressed uro pean fraveler excellenf dancer acfuve member of the MAST sfaff charmung smnle ardenf slcuer class secrefary rn lunror year Percy OGDEN LINK Known for has confagaous smlle very popular wnfh bofh sexes good sense of humor capfaun of fhe hall squad fraclc and baseball man Dulce ROBERT LITTLEWOOD Excellenf scholasfuc record varsufy rnfleman leader of Gee Cee s band well lnlced by every one lceen sense of humor presudenf of fhe Masquers Club ROBERT LOESEL Maunsfay of Junior Sk: Club fnne ace slcafer as we fravels by hrs fhumb always ready fo go places famous for hrs parfres MERIAN LOVELACE Loquacious drlngenf Spanlsh sfudenf con versafuonalrsf wufh vnvucl vocabulary good neughbor policy gurl wufh boy friend ID Bogofa ECHO BETTY ROSE LUND True frnend charmmg manner sensuble beaufnful brown eyes reserved nice dresser affracfuve always lendvng a helpmg hand presldenf of fhe Junior Red Cross DONALD MacKAY Aspvranf fo frumpef fnfles fan Kenfon fan hafes mafh one of Warden Taylors rn mafes swell fr end and a hard worlcer DONALD MacLEOD Greaf foofball guard and good af baseball foo perpefual smnle marvelous fenor vonce good sense of humor popular one of fhe boys JOHN MCCAFFREY Quuef serious a hard man fo defeaf In any argumenf wall lend a hand on anyfhnng good boxer good fruend well lrlced JEAN MCCARTHY Good nafured fall and slender dancmg eyes loyal frnend snncere easy going qunef only rn school all around gal ll . .. ' - cheerful . . . faifhful friend . . . co-edifonof ' ' . . . S JAMES MCCARTNEY Famous lor his broad smile . , . lruslraled bowler . . . popular medicine man . . . crazy aboul lhe Yankees . . . vilalily-plus personalily . . .pillar ol lhe lvlasquers Club . . . inlelligenl. NANCY MCDONALD Terrilic ligure . . . cule . . .vivacious . . .dynamic personalily . . . lrank and independenl . . . will always do anylhing lor excilemenl . . . always naving open houses . . . popular wilh everyone . ,. member ol S. S. S .... I'Nan." ARDEN MCKENNEE Tall and reserved bul nol wilhoul her lighler side . . . sophislicaled . . . sincere and lriendly . . . leaving G. C. lor Minneapolis lhis June . . ."l don'l care" look . . flfxrdief' JOYCE McLEAN 5eauly plus brains . . . smarl dresser . . . loves lo drive lhal Ford . . . lacelious . . . one ol Powers' gals . . . sophislicaled . , . mischievous grin . . . member ol lhe "Clolhes Exchange." GERALDINE McMURRAY Always laughing . . . nalural comedienne . . . ac- rive member ol Masguers Club . . . sleady cus- lomer al Klippis . . . advocale ol lhe New Look . . . good worker .,.' 'Gerryf' ROBERT MALONEY Easy going . . .known lor his Irish smile . . .keen sense ol humor . . . everybody's lriend . . . good alhlele . . . Doc Blanchard lan . . . known lo everyone as HMO." DORIS MARCHALLECK Smarl dresser . . . one ol lhe class sophislicales . . . sublle sense ol humor . , . beaulilul auburn hair. . . exolic eyes . . .a member ol lhe "Clolhes Exchange." ALICE MARKOS Thal skin you love lo louch . . . always willing lo lend a hand . . . lull ol lhe devil . . . caplivaling personalily.. .passion lor dill pickles , . . amiable. ADEL MARTIN Sponlaneous laugh . . . beaulilul ligure bug ol lhe class . . .always has lhe dope on any- lhing . . . happy-go-lucky . . . always in a slew ..."Del." WILBUR MARTIN Decidedly sophislicaled . . . dramalic . . . unpre- diclable . . . lakes his lime in doing lhings . . . unassuming . . . usually wilh a problem . . . dis- likes school bul gels along wilh il. A. RICHARD MEARS Phofography fiend . . , known for his numerous and swell parfies . . . generous . . , happy-gof lucky.. .a swell person fo know . . . proud owner of a pilof's license. LILLIAN MEINHOLTZ Affracfive and smiling . . . sfeadfasf friend . . . confinually happy disposifion . . .always ready fo please . . . member of Leaders Club . . . fine pianisf . . . passion for ice cream. NANCY MILLERE Sparkling . . .well known cheer-leader . . .on her way fo Endicoff . . . beaufiful clofhes . . . loves skiing . . . personalify plus.. . neaf as a pin . .. adorable laugh . . . an accenf all her own. GRACE MORAN Cufe as a buffon . . . loves fo roller skafe and knows how . . . lovely brown hair and big blue eyes . . . weakness for horses and spagheffi . . . wonderful friend. DONALD MORRISON Disciple of Joe Miller. . .a I4 caraf baseball fan ...girl shy af fimes . . . never has a care ... well-liked. g I1 A s A, , e 235' ' 2' sl if ' 4 vi' lf .1 .' .Qi 21 .'R1'.,7'. FRANK MULCARE Red-headed Irishman . . . ferrific build . . . will always lisfen fo your problems . . .very generous . . . loves his afhlefics . . . falenfed wrifer of a sporfs column .. .sharp dresser . . .will go places. JEANNE MURPHY Ready, willing and able.. . compefenf vice-presi- denf of fhe Sfudenf Council . . . enfhusiasfic . . . dynamic personalify . . .an assef fo any gafhering ..."Jinx." JOAN MURRAY Very cufe . . . known for her darling clofhes . . . popular . . . can do anyfhing wifh her lovely blonde hair . . . friend fo everyone . . . member of fhe cheerleaders. GLENN NESBITT Good dresser . . . known for his gay wif . . . a lively addifion fo any group . . .good friend . .. mechanically minded . . . soffball enfhusiasf. JOAN NESMITH Co-edifor of fhe MAST . . . subfle sense of hu' mor. . .one of G. Cfs leaders . . . nafural and poised . . . cufe dimple . . . popular and fun fo know. l. 'Y PM 'T' si, i 1:- S' VIRGINIA NEWMAN Brown eyed brunelle known for her willy re marks loves lo lease sporls enfhusrasl perl smrle always ready lo do The excmng lun lo be wrfh Ginny ARMOND NIRDLINGER Well knox l lor has Tuba and bass lrddle playrno droll wal al home on The crnder palhs varsrly lrack and cros couwlry Mee chack HERBERT NUBEL Easy gong generous member ol The soccer and Track Teams good sen e ol humor lulure rn arl conscrenrrous srudenl Randy BARBARA PATTEN Behind lhal reserved expressron dynamrle loves lo do The unexpecled arhslucally clrned lakes lo have lun and knows how ROBERT PATTERSON Co edrlor ol ECHO good burld slrug glung lhru Spanrsh IV lane horseback rrder lrls well rn any galherrng x or Ch p hrs many lrrends MARY ELIZABETH PETERSON urck wulled always rushing aboul pressrve eyes always ready for a good fume lrrend lo everyone lun rn any company sense ol humor Peanul MARIE PHILON Allracfrve blonde dancmg blue eyes or ever rn Trouble well dressed a loyal lrnend of all who know her popular wnlh oolh sexes CYNTHIA PIGOT Known for her dimples and gorgeous complexron lemrnnne dres er loves lo dance has a rnad passion for cals and cnee e oullle C ndy ALBERTA PORTER Beaulrlul brg brown eyes melrculous dresser arlaslrcally rnclrned loyal lrrend oves lo drrve aclnve member ol lvlasguers Club and arl edrror of CHANTECLER conscren frous sludenl BARBARA REA Vo y all acrrve brunelre famous for her bangs freckles and sprauned ankles laps a mean lypewrrler enloys good food domeshcally rncllned 'Clrsh " 4? r' WK ln. 3 . Avy I I . J I S- I . . .H S .II , W1 . . ' f ' F ,wg , . . ID- lf . . 1 fr 'Refi freckles and curly sandy hair . . . cule . . ."B. P," if .f 2,57 Q 'N' ' 'iw' ' ' ' ' ..."Te 'I W I " lo ' if' O ' ' . . . ' . . , ex- it . 4 . . ' - 1 - I I . , g . V . Q ' ' s s . . , rr Z 'll ' ' AA 1 . . . ... ' ,.. l 4 . . , r . . . - 1 ' I 1'- r's if FREDERICK REIFSCHNEIDER Vrce presudenl ol cla s an Iunuor year always good lol' 6 IOIYG usually WIlI'T 5 problem soccer enrhusna I everywhere al once er CAROL RIEGER Enormous blue eyes buobluwg personalrly always has a come back darlrng lrgure un known lo geomelry unexpecled wrlluclsm known lor her galherungs R ggs VIOLET ROLLER Always lull ol pep and ready lo help generous loves lo Talk llaur lor arl conslanlly sm: :ng dependable devnlnsh eyes JOHN ROSS l-lappy go lucky good worker lwo year lellerman In lacrosse gurck wll prelers blonds always ready lor a good lame member ol Waller s Wheels ele ROBERT ROUNTREE Excellenl' pholographer ready laugh pears happy go lucky buf has hs ernous s de weakne s for blondes PATRICIA LOUISE RUTGERS Passlon lor horses beaulllul blonde hair slylush clolhes enloys a good laugh seen rrdung around lown nn her Bulck loves 'ro lravel delermuned cule as a 'rruck CHARLES RUTHERFORD Caplaun and backbone ol Gee Cee baskelball leam has a way wrlh lhe opposule sex sharp ear lor musuc everybody s pal ways wrlh a smrle Rubs HOUSTON SANFORD Real lnend serious co caprann ol lhe lrack learn Long Island 220 champ secrelary lreasurer ol B A A noled lor his brughl swealers Pele MERILYN SCAFF Very prelly cheerleader wonderful lrlend always helping someone In lrouble lols ol personaluly wrlh a bug smile lor everyone popular wulh bolh sexes Merle JEAN SCHLOSSER Makes up an vum and vugor lor whal she lacks henghl lakes Things rn her slrnde arlnslnc her lngure malches her personaluly plus good company RITA SCHOLTOCK Loves advenlure and fravel , , , known for her long wavy hair . . . nice personalily . . . easy lo gel along wilh . . . wanls 'ro own a converlible . . . Reel." ARDEN SCHRADER Lovely blonde hair . . . flashing brown eyes . . . perpelual laugh . . . loyal . . . friend lo everyone . . . loves sporls, especially swimming . . . her iokes are lunny . . ."Ardie." CHRISTINA SCOTT Tall, cheerful red-head with an oursfanding per- sonalify ,. .likes dancing, swimming, singing and semi-classical music . . . makes friends easily and knows how lo keep lhem. JOHN SHARP A gill from Indiana . . .would be losr wilhoul his '37 Buick . . .lull of problems buf has iusl as many solurions . . . classroom comedian . . . one of "Moe's Boys." GEORGE SHEEHY An Irish bundle of dynamile exploding every- where . . . polilician wilh a willy line . . . life of any parly . . . lrack 'ream manager. . . one Sanla Claus who will never lorgel Chrislrnas morning. f' MADELAINE SHERMAN Blonde and pelife wilh limpid green eyes . . . loves 'ro have parries . . . imaginalive . . . avid reader . . . follower of Vogue fashions . . . ami- able , . . unprediclable . . .l'Mimi." WILLIAM SHOEMAKER Prominenl' member of lhe Ivlasquers Club . . . quiel . . .one ol Mr. Wilmoll's camera boys.. . hard worker . . . always willing ro help . . ."God bless you, Abe." DELBERT SHORB Caplain and also high scorer of lhe loofball feam . . . lellerman in baskelball . . . lakes Ihe kidding aboul his well groomed wavy hair Nlike a man". .. "Eli-,yr ALBERT SIBILLA Two lellerman in loolball, wreslling and lrack . .. heavyweighl boxing champ ol Gee Cee . . . everybody's friend . . . jovial . . . dependable ...always has a smile. .."Al." DORIS SIEVERS Vivacious caplain of lhe cheerleaders . . . always a smile and hello lor everyone . . .very allraclive . . . dancing brown eyes . . . popular wilh lhe opposire sex. Q "E7'y 3 rw -ar' ,V ?:tI.' V7 A M EILEEN SIEVERS Good loolcing . . . grear sense of humor and lois of fun lo be with . . . peppy cheerleader . . . nice clofhes . . . big brown eyes . . . charming per- sonaliiy. ELDON SMITH Friendly smile combined wilh a good disposirion . , . handy man wilh a camera ...never misses a iriclc . . . wanis ro be a vererinarian . . . "SmiHy.i' JOSEPHINE SMITH Sfrawberry blonde . . . smiling personaliry . . . always assures you of a good lime . . . loves Eddie Howards music, dancing, chocolare calce . . "Josie" ROSEMARY SMITH Beaufiful hair and dreamy blue eyes . . . lovable . . . favorife indoor sporl is eafing . . . good lislener . . . never wilhoul a problem . . . friendly disposilion . . . frank . . , desires To Travel. JEAN SNYDER Always has a "Hi lhereu for everyone . . . loves popular and classical music . . . enioys playing baslieiball, baseball and badminron . . . spends rnany hours fishing from hor yachl. WILLIAM TESTERMAN Sharp dresser always seen headed for We I Hempslead In has blue Olds never wrlhoul a qulck comeback happy go lucky Monk ARTHUR THOMPSON The gewual red headed co caplaln of lhe lrack leam secluonal mule champ ln 47 we known and llked by all promlsunq colleglale career JOHN TIERNEY G C s clalm lo lame an swammnng flashy scal back of Wolk s A C lerrlllc ense ol humor ardenl Army lan I sooo exclled Bug Jack DIAN TOWNSEND Blushlnq beauly excels IH sporls appea s lo be qulel buf ah' when you gel To know her well Illed by opposlle sex CHARLES TRANFIELD Manager ol lhe rllle leam loolball playe sux fooler congenial lanlhlul member ol INV SPOIS aid Ihe Debale Club sharp wllled one of Orban s boys PHYLIS TUCKER be wllh popular caprrclous laugh good sporl solves everyone s problems fealu e edllor ol The ECI-IO HARRY TUNSTALL Terrllac bowler relurned lo G C lhls year lall and easy golng member of Perkun s Umon and Taylor s Terrors lucky al cards masler of a new Dodge MARYETTA TYLER ma and cule amiable frank capa e secrelary of Spanush Club always qlvmg ad vlce lo lhe lovelorn sparklrng eyes Wesl Pounl morale builder WILLIAM TYLER Always smlllng varslly Ioolball and Iacro se man vuce p esrdenl of lhe band ass member of lhe I-Iarmoneers alway happy a knnd wo d for everyone DOROTHY UELLENDAHL Tall and blonde personallly plus lruendly smnle sporls a gray Plymoulh ex enslve wardrobe lives for weekends member of lhe Clolhe Exchan e I ' " ll Always on lhe go...lnlo everyl'hlng...lun lo S ll ' bl " ' s . ' -r' ,mb ELEANOR UNGER Fun fo be wrlh expressive green eyes lruend lo everyone passuon for food smoolh dresser well groomed haur ANITA VILLA Beaufulul complexion and curly hanr arlusl exlraordunanre loves slcung and lhe greal ouldoors lulred by all loads of lun loolcs forward lo weelcends Nlla AUDREY WAKEFIELD Always lcnlllung excellenl cralls sludenl slunnmg clolhes loyal Iruend always on fume hales +o wall buck prnvale al Oppnes Au EDWARD WARD Orsgunal ready smnle always wrlh a prob em unallecled possesses a hearly laugh baseball enlhusuasl can be seen around Wo s guuel easy lo gel along wnlh WILLIAM WASON Eas gonng dependable friend long and anlcy cross counlry man conlaglous smule well liked JOAN WEITERER Dlmanuluve brunelle lcnown lor her swealer and slcurl combunaruons lover ol sporls espe crally lennus and baslcelball genial personalnly loads ol lun cule DONALD WESTLIN Ex servlceman one ol: Mr Wulmofl s boys lcnaclr for pholography especually on ECHO lrnendly dependable worker never nn a hurry HARRY WHITTLE Good sludenl droll sense of humor seems quuel unlul you gel lo know hum sincere always worryung whiz al mechanical drawung BARBARA WILLIAMS Green eyed lukeable and generous loves lo swam renowned chaulleur lo Jones Beach good nalured lrue friend never on lume good dancer Bobsy MARION WILLIAMS Pelule brunelle presrdenl of French Club psychology Inend dumples busy lrllle mass procrasllnalor sweel dlsposlluon and charmung manner loves lo bowl .Ik'... ' 1 ...loves animals...good hand al fishing... 5 '43 :mm M33-ref? 3. 4-s DONALD WILLIS HARRIET YOUNG Second Tenor in The I-larrnoneers varsiTy PinT sized dynamiTe Torever on The go looToall and Track man con cienTuou worker loves To Talk sparkling eyes and radianT smile congenial personaliTy G C s Vaughn lovely cloThes never wuThouT a problem Monroe member of S S S I-Iarr JOHN WILSON BARBARA ZECHER ExTremely versaTile presidenT oT STudenT Car he Soulful brown Iq d ppy eyes air an Council all scholashc soccer player our Complexion maqrmrlque personamy kid ear wre Tl kl l l V S er Spar 'ng persona ly aways ouTdoor Type oh' ThaT unnocenT expression' ready To held a Triend dynamuTe JANET WISE Masquer member cuTe Zeke Tall aTTracTive big brown expressive eyes CHARLES FIESEL sympaTheTic lisTener sincere axi I Newcomer IO G C In 48 a'WaYS has lm' genT eTTucienT dependable nndivudualisT plclures lalqen prlvalely l'lqeS IO lallq possessor of large and sTylish wardrobe Iraclq man always IIGS G ready Comeback ROBERT WITTICH Tall blonde and quieT member of The varsuTy occer Team . . . ardenT Yankee Tan . . .one ol The '44O" boys . . . never in a hurry . . . life ambiTion: chemical engineer ...' 'WiTTy.'l ROSEMARY WRIGHT Small, green-eyed bruneTTe . . . likes chocolaTe cake, dancing, and good music . . . guieT and sincere . . .congenial . . . Irish smile . . . reliable ...'Sis.' Chuck '53 I Za' Q y ogg ,T Hall of Qame Hall of ?ame Hall of Qame Hall of ?dm6 . "'.f'i! '4 4 V .VV 1 -1' ':" :- ."Il FT. f 1, ,. .D 1 ' 1, 1 ' , 1' . ' l ' 1. 1. " .1' " ' 11','- 1' .,,. ,, ":'1f:, 1: Half of Qame Hall of iw Hall of ?ame a 1 1- i.'. Hall of Qamf' Hall of ?ame Hall of fame Q, 3 1, E ...J 1' .r , 'sz ag- f fm-1 ., g, g i , , M. Fix ' 4 3, 0 L inn is Msg, is if A vii .Q Am IX -ffffrjf' , rfb M3 , QA l g'Q ii 5- to Z' 52 M 'sf ni L 5 2 'Yi sq Claw Poll Na fynugf '10 I H116 I 1- Y OI RopuIar L. van I r I J Nesrnm n J Wlson ec rn ASnar WI-Iutnbe CT Fgure I een annur D Mar ne eCIc W Kenna 3 A Dow W I-IuobeI Q AI ArounfI I I n H Cm IIIeId I ev Onan won! 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Snarpi 3---- . C Q II -' M' -I I if I--- I. I. .- ,, .E 3:2 I-I. Vo g,Q.SI1eeIyt3--- . I'- BCJ Dancer: I J, Snnlosfyer, C, Dowd: 2---V. GIaser, R. I-Iaaqt 3fA. Schzadov . I1 . M ' X Io S Q ed: I-- J. N, Iv , T. Evans, 2fJ. M pny, G. Sweeny' 3---J Cmes: I- J, ScnO',1er, B, Ba IJ? 2-V, L 1 , W, I-I 'QQ 3 -J. ' Iv, J I C nz I If, Ny I , II, E 2 f--f . my, G. Sn I- ----N ', . ff, fl, ' 'I I- J, Muf1Iv, J. WII10rv' 2 J. N - "I, M. Ad 3' 3- A, V'IIa , E C Q. Mc' III.: I J. KX In Q R. NUIBGIT 2 J. Sf1f1IOuwf3v', G, D.cIwq -- , , fI'II. Paw ', T .Q ir: I---Mis N I, Mr. C f Tqe' 2- M53 CIarI M , TayIo 7 3-f-MBV Iff , , Mawr ISU IJIf r ,I IN f 2 I JAX. Dv C UPI' 2 SIQ'fQr l 5 Q Be ' I. 'M 3 I fJ,M1L an J. Sha p' 2--V,GIaeer D.Sno 0' 3- . If X . eq F S is L IA ,Q ff' , "'yZ'3 had Riga! L f wwf- ,Q an f.??lw, . . ,f 5 gy? 'fag ' 'V f,, , , .' , QF...-M-A ,Q - if 41mg wr? giiwilli 4... Q, X .Q , rm?" 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' 43 1 'K . x: 2 .W X gg - fo ll 'Y A, rs? o r fee Horfon M ml Mr an or M n o M Cob ge Weller Mr Pu sell M MacNuH Mr Nephe M Cun no a 010' Coaclou NE of +he malor laclors nnlluencrng fhe repufahon ol a school as 'rhe success of rhe alhlehc: program ol 'rhal' school Garden Cary presenls lo nfs sludenls lhe mosl complele sporls program of any Long Island hugh school and lhe men who drrecl lhese sporrs musl be versahle as well as expernenced In order +o do an elrhcrenl 'ob We pay 'rrubule To our coaches who have led lhe Trolan leam lo a number of Champronshups IO a varaely ol sporls keeping the name of our alma maler IU hugh regard an lhe Oplmon of all who follow her afhlehc evenls 7 I f 0 X1 2 ff!! W -f' Eewrwr5T Co y e n T-Tubbe Fanning S or T 5 lla Tyer Boloqnesn Gu TH ond Row KonarT MCG aTh STan ey Fmneqan Krp Hass MacLeod Drews Ganshow B ckrnan Barker Coach SanTord Thnrd Row Kohrn rngr Mnnners SchreTer Lesle Lee Schauf T-Taqerfy T ese rans el T-IeroeT Heyr l-Tarvle wanson oacgh T-TcvTon Fou Th Rc Day Towb qe Ko rn Heav Duhranarn e ra s Maclvllllah Go con avarese Po y Depasquae ach Km a P ?ovt6a1 Capfa n Sho b ARDEN CITY S TooToall Team openedThe1r schedule a green lnexpermenced comolnahon and when The season Tnnally closed nad To oe conTenT wnTh a record OT Two vlcTorues and sux deTeaTs They gave The Tans some really Tense Thrnlllng momenTs however Srarhnq aqaunbT a powerTul CenTral club The Trolans wenT down To deTeaT snowed under by 3l polnTs Dale GlTTmn sTarred n Thus conTesT louT has ex eoT oral runnuno and mass nm w 0 T lrTTle avaul The Gray and fvaaroon eleven found :T elT unable To score Durunq prachfe The Tollownnq weelc Gnhhn suTTered 3 praaned ankle whrch hampered hum all season 72 I Q '. f 7 A T, , , 4 , W' , 1 .. 1 1 A T ' . 5 - W H :J Zin, fi H Flrf Rowi' 'T' , d , H ' , rg ' , h b, W'lli, Slbi , , T ', 'TTA . Sec . - ' , r , T , ' , ' , , , , Q , -LC l T T1 d, 4 T, , ' , S , C , f we r rid , M h-, ' ATA4 ,Bfr ' , r' ,S , T Cc 'Q C: Ch urcelr. 3 , Movnng ouT To I-Incksvnlle The followang Safurday our boys suf fered anofher Ioss This Tnme The score sTood I3 To 6 aT The funal whusTIe DewhursT In Thrs game began To show an amazing abnlnfy for dnrecTung an effecfuve aerial aTTack w1Th sTIcky fingers Shorb on The receuvnng end The Thnrd defeaT came from PorT Washnngfon Thus Tlme Gee Cee was able To score I2 pounTs To Thesr opponenTs 34 Bofh TDs were on passes one from Dale Gncfrn To Bull STanIey The oTher afTer sux passes were called back on penalfues was a Dew hnrsT To Shorb specnal Gee Cee aImosT Turned The Truck agaunsT SouTh Sade buT an InTercepTed pass on The goal Inne was run for a score and ruune our chances Johnny Dewhursfs passing Donald I-Ienn s runn ng and Elby Shorbs recelvang were prrmarnly responsible for our I2 polnTs Number fnve was suffered aT The hands of Greaf Neck 24 To I4 Elby Shorbs Taknng passes from Dale GnTfnn and John Dew hnrsT was responsible for I2 ponnTs and Deweys pIacemenTs added The oTher Two In a see saw engagemenf The Trolans were unable To score or To prevenT The lone Lynbrook score Even Though Don I-Ienn goT oTT on a couple of nuce runs and Dewey s passes clicked The sum ToTaI of efforf goT us noThung excepf defeaT number sux Lucky seven found us aT Manhassef We finally won Elby sTarTed us In The rnghT dnrecfzon by unfercephng one of Man hasseTs passes and racnng 40 yards for The score JusT before The half Don I-Ienn plunged over for anofher Dewhursf flipped a pass To Shorb for our Thrrd and The game ended wnTh Gee Cee nn The lead I9 To I3 Manhassefs goal posT dusappeared The eughfh game or The game of pannfed goal posTs was won by Fannnng s brawn and Johnny DewhnrsT s To Jam bowled over from The Three and Johnny added The exTra pornf needed To overcome Oceansnde s 6 pomTs Thaf Trlumph ended The season Na+ prevnously menfnoned In our summary was The exceIIenT play of BIII T-lubbeII aT guard along wnTh ThaT of Rocks Beckman capfann eIecT Fanmngs rugged blockung In The backfueld all year cleared The paTh for I-Ienns fasT dashes around end and Deweys plunges Through cenTer AT IeasT we drd as well as They dnd IH 46 Top To Boffom J m Fannmg John De h sf Al S bll 73 i lnlnlnlilllnlnlulil T Row l To R Efger C RaTh J Corbrudge R WelTer P BarreTT R Worsnop R AldworTh Ross u 1 o urn E a J Duhrung Middle Row C Clara an manager C SrnlTh osser S r B GeThun R Ouchlerlone R a W MarTnn C Vanl Mr STeen coach BoTTom Row R Nubel P SanTord G Darr A T-ln mer J Wolson R WuTTnch W Ho ard F Renfschnelder R CrnTchTeld CapTaun Wnlson Soccer ITT-l Mr STeen s able coachnng and capTam John Wnlson s leadership The soccer Team ToughT :Ts way To The SouTh Shore champronshnp and :T Took Sea CIITT Two games To Take The counTy honors ouT oT Then' grasp On SepTember 28Th The G C booTers venTured To Valley STream To play Theur T1rsT game agalnsT CenTral a Team new To league compeTuT1on BeTore The TarsT munuTe of The game was over Johnny Wnlson Team capTam had booTed The ball unTo The neT In The second perlod Bobby STuhr slammed whaT proved To be The wnnmng marlc pasT The goalue A good SouThsude Team mvaded Garden CuTy on OcTober 2nd The only game SouThsnde losT lasT year was suTTered aT Trolan hands As a resulT The score was Toed aT I I aT The halT Tame marlc Bob OuchTerloney accounTed Tor Thus Trolan pounT BoTh Teams played a beTTer second halT wuTh The ball changang Trom Team 74 V- QQ . A E .. A . r U T T --.MMM A M X5 Q - N? ' if Q. . .- 4 L., -f s on A y . A op , . r.-. ' . . , . ' , . , . , . . . . W. , R, B sby, M. Ell'oTT, F. l-l lb , R. dw rds. . ' . A - . h l l. . ' , F. l-lenjes, R. Schl , R. Tuh, . ' . . y, . B rTh, . ' . . ' Q , . w I , ' ' V , ' I . To Team consTanTIy AT The end of The fourTh period The game was sTuII Tied I I and waTh The sun IusTs1nkvng below The horuzon The game wenT nnTo overhme Durmg The IasT overTrme period The Trolans sTarTed poundnng The SouThsade goal Then Bobby STuhr goT The wlnnlng po1nT and Bob Ouchferloney puT anoTher one In for good measure BIII Marhn a freshman sTarTnng hrs fursT game looked good On OcTober 8Th a GreaT Neck Team unvaded Gee Cee To play a non league game The Trolans played a poor game buT won Two To one on ArT I-Iullmer s IasT pernod goal afTer Schlosser had Tied :T up Two days IaTer a sTrong Team from Baldwnn was knocked off The winner s held Garden CzTy ouTpIayed :Ts opponenT Through ouT The game buf was unable To Tally a srngle goal Finally IU The IasT period Johnny Wnlson converTed a pass from Bobby STuhr and slammed :T nnTo The neTs for The wrnnung goal On OcTober I7Th The Trolans walloped Valley STream again Thus Time To The Tune of 4 O Schlosser STuhr and OuchTerIoney again Tallred wnTh one apiece wnTh a freshman Ronnie Edwards 6 On OcTober 20 The only Two unbeaTen Teams In Nassau meT aT Sea Cliff for a non league game Schlosser accounTed for The only Trolan goal on a penalTy booT The score ended 3 I Three days IaTer The Trogans venTured To Rockvnlle CenTer To meeT SouThslde again The Trolans wnTh The loss To Sea Cliff sTlII In mund goT OTT To a bad sTarT SouThslde scored fnrsT buT an The second half John Wrlson and Bobby STuhr boTh scored To Tse up and wnn The game OcTober 3rd The Sewanhaka Indnans came To Garden CnTy looking for Their fnrsT wm They were an aggressive ball club and Thus combined wvTh IusT one referee To make The game a fasT rough and rugged one One specTaTor remarked ThaT The Indsans should have Ieff Their haTcheTs home AIThough we were fmally defeaTed by Sea Cliff 2 O In our IasT encounTer The reTurnlng To The Ilneup of STuhr Schlosser and Ouchferloney The Top scorers and I-Ielmus and Iv1arTm The sTrong defense Gee Cee promuses To have a formadable Team nexT year CongraTuIaTaons To Coach STeen on hns TuTIe wmnlng Team Top To BoTTom Grayson Darr Bob Wxfhch John Helmus 75 accounTIng Tor.The oTher one. Every subsTITuTe saw acTIon ThaT d y. -I o Ro oo er Jr ac l-lelneman T-larve Kaum Ml one o Wason W l-larrus A Kearney W Lucano J Sulllvan BoTTom Row Mr SrnrTh coach M Adarns A Nlrdl nger W l'-lornbuclcle A Th 'noson P SanTord manager C'1-ou Cvun try SUCCESSFUL season was The TorecasT Tor our cross counTry Team Thus Tall however because oT a Tew bad brealcs espe- cially The sTrong wlnds which opposed our harruers on The day oT The secTuonal Garden ClTy s hopes oT gaunnng The crown which Judging on The basis oT our TursT meeT resulTs our hull and dale prospecTs Tor The IQ47 season loolced very brughT The reTurn oT such ouTsTand1ng leTTer men as CapTaun Bell l-lornbuclcle ArT Thompson and Brll l-larrus would be enough To carry any Team Through The season ln addshon To These The Team was sTrengTh ened by The addnTnon oT Joe Sullivan Arnne Nardlmger and lvluzz Adams who gave an excellenT accounhng oT Themselves all season Cpenung Their season agasnsT CenTral and l3reeporT on The TnrsT OT OcTober aT Valley STream The Trolans romped home wrTh an easy Wl Our unnTual wan was Tollowed by slmularly b rlllanT ones Througw ouT The season The resulT oT The secTlonals was an unpleasanT surprlse ouT due To The record oT The Team The season was a succe s 76 .1 er 5 hy P. ' , A. y, A. l , 'dv R W-w. T . ' . - A ' T l lr V , she has come so close To in The pasT Three years, were losT. F. . I ' s. 5 E I -1 1 2 .D I 1 "' in an el A ik' W 5 FN r -9-, Y ,J 9 Q5 Ugg -W-Y my -, - 1 L- Tiffmfwv-f to Rghr o son a er a e uc e ore o a e l'leay luh Capla n Rufherlord Dore us Helrnus Rulhe lod M Sieen coach Kaalzetball T was a banner year for The Trolan baskefball feam The Gray and Maroon quunrel' led by capfann Rubs Rulrherford and sharpshoohng Bobby Sluhr sulllered only one sel back In league compehhon poshng Thxrleen v1c'rorues during Their regular sux feen game schedule Before lhey complefed lhelr ren league encounlers coach Jam Sleen s cagers had clanmed rhe Wesfern Dnynsnon pennanf for fhe Norlh Shore champuonshsp Garden Cnly launched nfs campaugn IU a ralher dlsappounhng manner losing by a hurmlrahng 48 25 verdlcf +0 a vusnhng Roslyn club A somewhal reassurrng 68 48 vncfory over S+ Pauls was offsef when The Trolans Iourneyed lo Oysfer Bay where 78 l Lefr ' l llh mp lmghl, B rl: , Sl nl y, Q hr rl l y, Glflln, K h 'Y Bowl S, l , S ', rn , , r r , r, l I They suTTered Theur second rebuTT un Three sTarTs vua a 57 46 rouT WesTbury Lynbrook and Glen Cove Tell beTore The Gray and Maroon by scores of 56 38 47 39 and 43 29 respecTuveIy WuTh Theur 65 cenTer RuTherTord benched due To sprauned ankle The Trolans meT lvluneola on The laTTers courT The Tunal 53 35 counT was Garden CnTys Thnrd and lasT deTeaT oT The season The Team Tunushed The season un a blaze oT glory play ung consusTenTly good baskeTbalI and scorung an amazung per cenTage of Thenr shoTs Nearly Three Thousand specTaTors crowded beneaTh The vaulTed roof oT The Jamauca Armory on Fruday nughT March I2 To waTch The NorTh and SouTh Shore playoTTs In The open Ing TuIT oT The Twun bull Garden CuTy losT a 54 44 verducT To a pule druvung OysTer Bay uunTeT The score by quarTers sTood I7 I3 Garden CuTy 29 28 OysTer Bay 46 40 OysTer Bay STuhr garnered scorung laurels Tor The losers wuTh I4 pounTs RuTherTord and GuTTun conTrubuTed I2 each Bruce Barker Tom Bowles and Elby Shorb Tallued 2 pounTs each The Tollowung SaTurday aT The Armory saw The Gray and Maroon cagers posT a decusuve 35 3l wnn over Woodmere To clunch The SouTh Shore TuTIe The Trouans Thereby occupued The Thurd place berTh In The Nassau SecTuonal champuonshup a OysTer Boy wenT on To Take The TuTle STuhr agaun paced The Trolans un scorung Thus Tume wuTh I3 markers RuTherTord Tund ung The neT Tor 8 Shorb 6 Barker 4 GuTTun and John Helmus 2 each STuhr gave a superb exhubuTuon un boTh oT These Tourna menT cla hes I-Ie was IaTer chosen among The Ten hand pucked players un The Newsday All 5choIasTuc cage squad and labeled The ouTsTandung man on a good Team The season s scorung ToTals Tor The Trolan squad were as Tol laws STuhr 220 RuTherTord I89 Barker l4O GuTTun III Shorb 84 Cullen 37 Bowles 34 Doremus I8 STanley I5 I-Ielmus and Oucherloney II each KoharT I0 Garden CuTy boasTed pIenTy of heughT under The boards wuTh seven men sux TeeT or Taller EughT members of The Thur Teen man squad wull reTurn nexT year The Trouans ranked Thurd un The Long Island schoIasTuc scor ung records wuTh 340 Tueld goals and 204 Toul shoTs Tor a ToTal of 884 pounTs Thus season Tor The TursT Tume because oT The IumuTed seaTung capacuTy oT The hugh school gym The home games have been held aT Adelphu College The larger Adelphu gym was a greaT umprovemenT for boTh players and specTaTors Top To BoTTom Dale Guffun Bob STul'ur Elby Sho b 79 . . l ' - I - ' 1' 1' ' ll ll ' ' I I '- Sl n. 1 : : :" : . . . . . - ". . r. ons ae oo Kaey on V! 6115 r orlon h'n rn en es lC apfa F WMA tlzny ARDEN CITY launched :rs 47 48 campougn by elcunq our a close decusuon over Valley Sfreann Cenlral 22 20 Afler losing To a powerful Baldwzn squad 22 I6 lhe Gray and Ma roon qrepplers Jroolc Long Beach nnlo camp 29 I9 Lynbrook also fell vuchnn lo lhe Trolan rnalmen 26 I8 before a vlslhnq Nyaclc learn claimed a duspufed 23 20 vuclory The Trolons dropped lhe Farmzngdale and O eanslde malches lo grve lhem e 3 and 4 season Caplaun Jam Fannlnq and Johnny Wulsow led lhe leam an wrns Jam ended The season wnlh sux wnns agaunsl lwo losses he slarled slowly buf as lhe Seaon wenl on he rrnproved qreally Johnny plnned 5 of has slx opponenls and beal lhe one he didn? pm An lnlury receuved durlng prachce rurned Johnny s chances ol cornpermg an The lvlepham chompxonshlp The earn wo composed ol quule o lew promuslng boys who should prove TO oe slandool ln lulure Years Jam Kalovolos held down lhe lO3 :J on a 5 rnlr oo rrl l-l rye on Q Wllso dove eocn o her cons der ole compel lon ln he ll 8C Rze Lll-TQUGT-T he easons record o d aT Tvc vvn a o losse has year Team accomplr ned Two TeaT whrch Tncy ma cerTalny be prouo oT For The TrsT Tlrne lf school hr Tory a Garden CrTy rnle Team broke 9OO nn a meeT Tnls does noT mean mucn To The average person buT coacn MacNuTT wel veruTued The TacT ThaT TT as guuTe an accompllshmenT Secondly The Team placed Bob L4TTlewood on The Nassau CounTy All ScholasTuc Team and anoTher one oT The members Dlclc Leslue recenved honorable menTuon AlThough They dropped Two oT Therr TrrsT Three maTches The Team dud well ATTer losnng To The champuonshup T'TempsTead Team 876 To 919 They came oack laTer ln The season wuTh an amazlng upseT downung The TlTle holders by 899 To 892 The Team Tunlshed TourTh an The secTnonal maTch Thus years Team was bualT around uch ouTsTandlng perTormers as Bob CrnTchTueld Bob l.lTTlewood Dlclc T-laag Duck Leslle and Grunder T-leclcen Even Though The Team s comoosed largely oT Sensors a good J V Team ns comrno ano should eore enT The school well dur ng The 48 49 sea on c oo aag en ruysrnan s e rTc e econ Adams Moxlle STreTch Transhed Jlmenez Upper Rrqh Coach MacNuTT U L1 l l 8 I fi f r s l sT o f - l,s n y ' T . E ' ' ' ' 's , . . . l T ' S I A S . F' n' RovvfLiT'rew d, H , Heck , K rr. , Le li , C i . X X . z X . ry . Q f N 1-:,7A---Y,, ' , .5 .nu-, ., . F 1 , 'il n-.V - y . ' J' 1 "Y rx C ' , , N W PISA 'Q U , IRQ ,mv -- ,CV ., '42 " W' ' '.-ua 90 I wiki - 0 iii. Q if. ,f JW 'W' ,, W . Y-'f 'Um X K, 16. V . 4 ' M is 92 2 -K A Ma. . .Y . U X J- xr I "7 X 1 f 3 -I f Q I ,-' . , fx I "4 1' V. f gin, . Yftw . ' A V ' 4' T ,L , " 1 5 J-,' . 1 f' 'M A-iw 522 J" M ' Ji f N ,xi 6 f , 411, . ' Rs ' M W , If L V ' 9 Q ,Www , fe 54'-"f,Lm ww. L-. -. .w,.v...,w ,. ,. m,......, W., A .. Ear ' -.. 5 'K wfw Wm Q'f.,g4"?W ronf R Schrnefer Trowbrndqe Healy Sfuhr D hrs? Shorb Barke Ouchlerloney S anley Second R Chrxsf anson Beckman Kruy man Conlan Le s MacLeod Lucano Cody D llnnqham Doremus Thlrd Ro Coach Pursell Ha be McCall:-ey Ge lun Wnll ams Coacn Sanford 544426411 ONSIDERING Jrhe refurn of such formndable velerans as Bruce Barker John Dewhorsf Elby Shorb and Bob Sruhr Garden Clfys baseball prospecfs should be brnghl During lasf summer lhese boys played on 'rhe local Amerncan Legron 'ream which won 'rhe s+a+e 'rifle Dale Gnlihn veleran of rhree varsufy years and also a member of rhe Legion feam has been sudeluned for a+ leasl sux weeks wulh a broken collar bone Mr Sanford s boys opened rhe season wulh an amaznng show of power Bobby Sfuhr ser down Roslyn wnlh no hnls whale Garden Clfy s sluggers knocked across I5 runs lhe hnal score was I5 +o I So far fhus year Johnny Dewhnrsl' has proven fully worlhy of has caplanncy he ss currenlly hnfhng well over 500 Excepf for Bobby S+uhr our mound slahf IS quufe green and shou'd be lhe malor problem for Coach Sanford ro overcome Bob Schreufer and Herb Crowley show consnderable lalenl bu+ are no+ exoernenced On The whole fhe Team ns well balanced 'rhe s+a hng nnne being composed of four sensors four Iunuors and one ophomore our lnneup ns one which can be cou1+ed on lo reoresenf u wel 83 C Dam De hrs' Q3 4 Mg? .Q 9 s w Kenned R ss Fnnegan Hubbeul Hammel Has Harris Anderson Fannn B ogneu Carlin Mor Second Ro K Kolurn Pape Maloney Heyn Tyler McGra+lu Goslc Don o ar Delurlc Tluurd o Coaclu Sfeen Smlflu D Koluarf T Kolurn Slrelclu Tora R Orafn Belurun Sylvesler Maesel Kearney Meyer Graves Top Ro sealed Lord Caplaur Harnrne QF -if WV Zac:-vAAe ARDEN CITY is looking lorward lo aruolluer good year in lacrosse Randy Hammel wluo brolce llue league record posling 30 goals lasl year already luas proved luumsell beller an eve rnerung nine in ree ames H rrus a scluolasruc goalie keeps em oul al flue olluer end In belween we ve gol one of flue be ul defenses in flue business composed of Ed Finnegan Bob Haas and Bob Anderson Tluese boys luave maunlauned 'flue besl defensive record un llue league Al mudlueld Bull Kennedy Big Jim Fanning and Bull Hubbell are moving llual ball conslanlly down llue field Up frouul luelpung Randy we luave Peue Ross and Jalce Breen Anolluer advanlage Gee Cee s sluclcmen mainlairu is an equally good second slring. Tlue boys luave won llueir lirsl 'rluree games. Tlue lirsl againsl Poly Prep was won easily 8 lo 2. Manluassel gave us a louglu liglul and was winning going inlo llue 'rluird guarler, bul lwo Goals enabled us To win 5-3. Tlue Trojans also overpowered Peelcslcill 7-5 in one of llue mosl 'Ilurilling games ever seen. 84 F n R u be D haro ye ecor o r STeen coac Terney Ba ke Corne Swzmmzng OACH Jlmmy STeen and hls all sTar swnmmlnq Team Toon Top honors aT The Long Island echonal swnmrnlnq meeT Thus year aT Qceansude N Y The Garden CuTy squad walked away wsTh The champlonshup and a dozen mdnvldual awards Tor The Garden CnTy boys Tns years swlmmlnq Team nad Tn ee members OT lasT years quad baclc They were Ja lc Tlerney WTII am Tyler and John Sharp Two new mernoers were William T-lubbell and Grayson Darr wno anded The Team qreaTly All The squad placed nn Thewr respechve evenfs The nearesT compeTnTor Tar nn The wake OT Their powerTul sTrol4es The ever-Ts won were Tne Tree s yle ouTTerTly oaclcsTrolce lay and hnqhdlvnng Jaclc Ter ey and Grayson Darr placed e Tyle Wlllvam T-Tuooevl e TTerTly T he oaclcsTrolce Gray on Darr B l Tyler Jaclc Trerney Wllam u oell IU The relay F on v dvun Tr rn me er board. 7 CaoTa n T-lubbe 1 H n uc e y T van 4 r s Thumse Th es er Bo les Henn econd R Nrdllnqer Nubel Gerand Bushman Depasquale Flesle RTer Schosser No and Sanford Coach l-lorTon Thlrd R Harvre Burns AIdworTh BarTh Nash Breed Lesle l-lardle o muTh Moxle Thompson Fou Th Row seaTed C ach Mlslcn Joh son D T CO Capla '99 1' ns Sa o Thompson Q09 Coach K nq Track N The TursT Two meeTs OT The I948 season The Traclc Team cap Tured eughTeen TnrsT places ouT oT a possnble TwenTy Tour nn ducafung ThaT again Thus year The Garden CnTy Traclc men wll monopoluze The Long Island honors LasT year enghT school records were esTablushed and sux OT The record holders are reTurnnng To acTlon ID The currenT season They are PeTe SandTord an The 220 yard dash Bull l-lornbuclcle an The 380 yard run ArT Thompson an The mule and Don l-Tenn un The 220 low hurdles The craclx 880 relay Team wnTh Three members reTurnnnq rs also anT1cupaTung an undeTeaTed season Coach Kung has also developed a number oT compeTenT reserves many oT whom are underclassmen OTher Than Those already menhoned The prnmary Team posuhons are occupned by Al Snbllla IU Th shoT puT Randy Nubel IH The dnscus Throw l-larry Thumser and Tam Bowles ln The hugh lump Grayson Darr an The pole vaulT AlThough The season has noT yeT really goTTen under way wuTh such maTerual TT wnll be hard Tor The Team To be unsuccessTul 86 IQ cb ,,an 'iiv X I l y ll Y sf. f - Fran? Row, , lo r.-B. Busby, A. Busby, Hergeh Second Row-Coach Welle' Lundell, Bowles, Dowo l I . T l . O R efschne der HE Nassau Counly Hrgh Schools have hnally added golf fo fhelr llsf of league sporrs The leagues are lhe same as an baslcelball There are rwo leagues +he Norlh Shore and +he Soufh Shore These leagues are dlvnded Info fwo duvnsnons 'rhe easlern and wesfern wufh sux schools In each duvnsuon Garden Culy ns an fhe wesfern dnvnsuon of fhe Norlh Shore League along wulh Grear Neck Manhassef Muneola Glen Cove and Porr Washnnglon The feam boasfs Tour rerurnnng leffer men wrlh Tom Bowles fhe cenrral arfrachon followed by Al Busby Chuck Dowd and Erme Lundell Bob Busby 'rhe only new comer has lhe number hve slof well nn hand and an reserve sfrengfh fhere are Ball Hergef and John Sharp The 'ream has played only Two league mafches so far beahng Glen Cove and Mnneola by decusnve scores The only mafch fhe boys have losf came a+ fhe hands of a power ful Hempsread +eam They came oul on +he wrong end f a 3 lo 2 decusuon Thus was a non league malch and may prove fo be a prellm of rhe sechonal hnals 87 Cap+a n Busby FronT Ro Re Tschnerder Corbrdge Coach Corbrudqe Second Ro Saer Helmus Boden d o le TT m n ourT o Beal La son Spar nq CapTaln Beal Tennw T-TIS year The Tennis Team hopes To repeaT The TeaT whrch IT accomplnshed In I946 when TT won The NYPSAA Sechon ElqhT champnonshup ThaT year :T you wall remember The Team s suc cess depended on The skull oT a Tew Top players whlle Thu year Coach Corbrudge hopes To wrn wrTh a well rounded group corn posed of dependable compeTuTors any one oT whom mughT de velop unTo Thus years sTar In The TursT maTch The Three svngles pos1Tuons wall be Tllled by Cal Beal Bob Boden and John T-lelmus whale The doubles pros pecTs are Gene BruTTon Jack Doremus Don Sayer Don Lynn Dave Same John Marian: Jnm Corbrrdge Cam lrwun and Todd Cornell Beal Boden Helmus and Doremus are all reTurnung Trom lasr year s Team Gene BrlTTon as a promising prospecT and does noT lack TournamenT experuence Aqann The l4eynoTe as allaround sTrengTh noT dependence on any one player A successful Tennis season us an sTore Tor Gee Cee 88 . w . 'O C+ l ' , l , ' A W- X r V llcl' R w-Lesll ,Brl On, SI 6, lfwl . F h R W- W f W li , n V . I . .S Y I l I 5 o 6 K r e ear fn Renew Foofbail L Crosse Rlfe V11 ff 1 Q Soccfr 11. Z1 ' Q. C. 'f ff' 'w 2 Q. ' fn if, o HQ- . b 2 9. f. C. Q D V- ,J 1 a Ek 3. iff 2: 3 f 15" Q :P 5" 'I fn, C. 3 , S. 84" ffm iffri- :fl G. C. 'Q Q. C. F60 XNcg1f:1rrf'-w- T43 Q4 C, I 3. C, '7 '4ff1qp,'ef5.i: 9 9 Q, C. 2 G. C, 866 mfg Bees' 74 S, F, 4 6. C. E95 fw',f3'if"' 252 C. C. 3 3. C. SQL' Sf-wffrfvw 'EQ C. 2 S A S 1 53. Vi. EQ' R" "W 'ffm iff ' g iv H Q 3. "Q, FY: ff-,rw 'ffm' - 'Q ff, N f S. C. 901 if-' f: 49 Cl, C. I Q. C. 7565 fv'x,f1rWi- 345 C. U S. bf' :wht 97 f, U Baskehaall Baseball Go ' 90 Cross Coumrry Wresflmg Track I 1 v' ' ' ' Z: !,n'. . .Y " 1' " ' V VK QQ, T9 43. K i fi. ' nf , L . T ' ' fb , , ,V Z, . - ,X f g 1' 4' ' " k bb TX!1"if'N 'z W' Q X M f , 3 ,4 'fp ,. .I 'S 0 lf: 7 1 K, Ufarrfa, " fx A K fj, .,. ,QQ gf'k'13 Q bl Ii? ww- r ZX C. U' '76 ' ,-I ' 3 1-rw 23M F5 fl ,A 70 bv x.f. xf. gkJ ' ff 'K ff ,fi r ' "1:'YN-'X C Q Nw ?8r,z'-,fr- 1 If 3. f . Q 5 N I -4 Rh' Y' N- e 'n r' ues en eau a C :hc r Seccno w L ra er e n oun re u rn n v e rr o ucv' s N A S ha r Hockey HE I947 Hockey Season proved fo oe a ra+her chsasfrous one for fhe Garden Chy gmrl I+ was C arfed rn a bursf nrhusnasm fwo weeks afrer fhe begfnmng of Jrhe school year and ran Through fo AU Srar Hockey Day an November Wh1le The gurfs were Trymng fhexr 065+ 7 +0 masrer 'rhe hner pownfs of a hockey game Mass Smwfn and Mfss Prafr were lookung over fhe prospecrs and soon came up wrfh 'wo enfhusfashc reams for our fodhcommng games a+ Adelphw and Marys I+ w af rhs Mme Thar our yunx sfarfed workrrg for our Play Day acfices oroughf oroken ankle' and rar. To make ma++ers worse our ihusrrious Gray capfafn wrenched her knee during hr? w mf, 'es r Ire game , :Quo suoporr Us onky from fne sidehres. Aalry T U arrlv X- ' ' foe D .The 1, ' La 5 wee or: , an V :M was awa e 'o me ' ,Eff wh7Q a ' no Ve moz? ga ef. wh- s hens wen The ju our 2 s aye Came rack .sw X ' X' 'f ., S ro Conresr' "Q e X, 6 EVE F e EE 'SOD . 9 I A Firsl' Row--N. Bigelow, V. Newman, L, Meinholfz, L. Cameron, P. Flelcher, M. Slack. Second Row-B. Davis, E. Morrison, J. Muessen, D. Forster, M. Carfer, A. Pen+land, Third Row-D. Kuhn, P. Rogers, J. Wrighf N, Hofmann, D. Townsend. Fourlh Row-A. Carson, M. Wagner, C. Newman. KaAlzet6all C sooner was lhe hockey season over Jrhan rhe baskelball and padminlon season were upon us. The badminlon Play Day appeared very soon, Garden Cily doing very well. Two weeks laler came lhe baskelpall Play Day. We managed 'ro lie one our of four. lNo worse lhan Jrhe loolball Team. lhoughll We senl over fo Greal Neck Two reams divided info red and blue. The scores were as follows: 6. C. Blue vs. l-lempslead Red I2-20 G. C. Red vs, Greal Neck Blue I3-I5 G. C. Blue vs. Porl Washinglon Red O-4 G. C. Red vs. l-lempslead Blue I2-l2 The Garden Ciry girls, led by caplains Dian Townsend and Eleanor Souville, proved lo be an equal malch for Greaf Neck and Hempslead our nol lor Porr Washinglon. Ar Greer Neck everyone enjoyed meeling again. Some of fheir previous rivals also were in hockey and badminlon. Thi year our baskerball season was greally inferrupled by all of Feoruarys holidays The Season ended wirh The Maroons winning lhe maiorily ol lhe games Le? new Pe erson N IH C Pnqo J DoyNe PM cn Mss Nov D Dawson J Sny er A Schrader Kowlzng Ka nun ton urs? Row no e ar us ron 1 con ow Pen land M ac N NUM M Dwyer 93 "'F". li AW: V EE, I h V 44 Lil , , ,V 1 'sas' ' - 0 I , ff TV is x 'X' . ' 3 3 if ,Vi A . 'A 'n vein "gr 1' jf: f S ij H! xiii x I Kadnun ton rabu own eau av e A James W scr em e C rv e Pr gy W A n Wagon B Mnfrie on von N Bow Servaw Kal 7Iewcvm6 U01 eqhzll VS V 6 GU V' EV F NNU wrsf Row N n r eves cap ann H Joves A Dow Um-Aztg Clueerleadel-A U Clceer eadel-A J Duval K Wrosdsen J Vale S Ohsfead D Webb capfam D Forfe J Dowd M Beckman 96 F' f . M'we e, S. Duffy, S. CrcweH, E. Sievers, D. SF r I f ' . , . d V. Lauman, Second Row-M. Scafwf, P. Oimsfead J. Mwfay S. DuvaN!. I Jo o Zeadem C1116 EADERS Club as made up ol four glrls lrorn each grade IU The sensor hlgh school who have been chosen by lhelr classrnares and physu cal educallon leachers for lhelr lnleresl rn class lneur sporlsmanshup abluly and leadershup The mam purposes ol lhe club are lo help al all phys :cal educalnon luncrlons ol whlch lhe GAA lvleel' as The mosl umporlanl and lo asslsl The gym leachers nn lnslruclnon of lhe glrls nn class leaders learn and help prepare The plans 'ro be used during class 'rne following weelc Allhough Leaders Club IS a cornparahvely new organuza 'non I+ has loecorne a malor par? of lhe school aclnvulues program Flrsf Row M Yafes D Tnghe L Mennholfz P Gefhnn A Carson J Murphy Second Row Mnss Dnefer C Schoener D Howell B Dodds C lrnpey N Hofmann M Schenclr J Hughes G Wal luarns B Hurry Muss Srmh 1 On a special day each weelf, aller school, lhe rs+ R w r Q M cr ur e L Memr M Ca B Dooos Se ovd cw V W arf Wok 5 'der rw A F cwr-L A N 49 bmi we af I9 ay bay KaAleet6all sr W Qwr- ewram m w a av Sean d w er' -a r rw TH r Wew e afner r F f Kuiv' A M ss 'Q O8 KN M 4 No 0 f X66 UW x 9 22? ff? A,-fwlyqfr 4 A 91 .4 .fi-ff' iff-iff" if 1 s' ""' ! 7417 Q I 'vig' P I p V 454.-" Q 1 A XX f fy I X I U 4 f AW ff I izifgnwdw, ' ...,-' --,!'i?f' 1 1 J' ,Ia ,U 513. ,:, X 35 'fi 'Y' rsT Row L Me nhoITz P Ives J Wlson presidenT J Mu phy R OuchTerloney M Allen Sec ond Ro D Donally D Kuhn W Bre er C Redvanley J Thoms N Lee J Schlosser R PaTTe son N SeTTle R Noyes H Nubel R Irons H Grinnan Th rd Row R Lffle ood J Conners B KeaT g B Barker R French N Hofmann D Bai d T D TT Student Councrl ANY people realize ThaT The TuTure of The UnuTed STaTes Ines in The hands oT American youTh When The Time comes every young American will be asked To Take his place in governing our counTry One of The TirsT places people govern Them selves is in sTudenT governmenT They are given noT only power buT also a greaT deal of responsubuInTy Toward Their Tellow sTudenTs WiTh This power and responsubiIuTy The Council aims To promoTe hearTy cooperaTion beTween The sTudenTs and The TaculTy Tor The besT inTeresTs oT The school The Council also provides an eTTicienT conTrol To assimiIaTe all sTudenT acTuvaTies so They may progress as rapidly as possible and add To The umTy oT The school IT is TeIT ThaT many oT These exTra curricular acTivuTles are as umporTanT as any oTher parT oT a sTudenT s educaTnon and Therefore greaT sTress should be placed on Them This year The STudenT Council has been hard aT work Trying To accomplish :Ts aims. IT revised and finally seT up a STudenT CourT ThaT has deTiniTe powers and a more workable sysTem To Tollow, Many oTher imporTanT Things have also been accom- plished and as This arTicle goes To press a Io+ oT issues are sTiII on The agenda. Every day The Council is conTronTed wiTh new and serious problems. The hard work of Bob OuchTerloney helped To make The G. O. drive The biggesT ever. PaTTie Ives has done a splendid job in her role as secreTary and Jeanne Murphy our capable vice presidenT has kepT The ball rolling many Times. The sTeady work and fine cooperaTion of The Council has proved iT To be one oT The TinesT in The hisTory of The General OrganizaTion. IOI 6 V COOS 6 SOP TVSEF V5 US C OOO O V' Student Cvart PON Taklnq oTTuce aT The beommng oT Thus school year The lushces oT The STu denT CourT Tound Themselves handicapped n Two ways T1rsT by a lack oT expernence and second by a laclc oT knowledge OT The penalhes To be Issued Tor specuhc oTTenses These handicaps may be aTTrubuTed To The absence oT precedenT The members OT The CourT soughT To elrmunaTe The daTTuculTues noT only so ThaT They m1gnT have a more eTTncuenT orgamzahon buT also so ThaT TuTure courTs would noT have To conTend wuTh sumular obsTacles The TnrsT sTep was The wr1Tnng oT a CourT consTuTuTron more adequaTe Than The ludrcual secTuon oT The presenT General Orgamzahon ConsTlTuT4on The members OT The CourT sTudued charTers OT oTher sTudenT ludlcmaraes an neughborlnq hugh schools nd produced a consTlTuTuon seTTnng TorTh The powers oT The CourT as well as a code oT oTTenses and penalTnes NexT Thus documenT was revfewed by a commuTTee appounTed by The STudenT Councul correcTed and dnscussed In social sTudues classes so ThaT every sTudenT would have an opporTunuTy To malce suggeshons Thus draTT was aqaun revlewed oy The Coun cnl commuTTee and The Tnnushed documenT was puT beTore The sTudenT oody Tor ap proval More Than sevenTy Tnve per cenT oT The school voTed IH Tavor oT :T Tne CourT how has lurlsdlchon over many sTudenT oTTenses whvch unTul Thus amendmenT were enTrusTed solely To The TaculTy IO2 T-T. S P53 G, B. D T A. C r G. S 'y, T. E rs lchIeT' T' eil A. B l feel T, Bow es. .LI lc. . i I . I 6 . . . . . . . , w J Relaurrer R Schauf J Nesrmrh chanrman Mass Arnold T Evans Second o N Bowles R Puclcefl J Leonard 14ctn11tq Cvmmzttee l-IE Facully Sludenr Achvufy Commulree ns composed of rwo sludenr members from each grade one boy and one gurl chosen by The execuhve board of 'rheur respechve classes a represenlahve from lhe Sludenr Council hve Jreachers and lhe ponsor Mass Snyder Meehngs are held every Monday ummednafely afler school The Commulfee has as :ls OH-ICGFS a chairman and a secrelary The purpose of Thus Com mulree as +0 advuse fhe Sludenl Councal whuch lhen acfs on rhe recommendahon of The Commullee on malfers concerning school achvnlues Wulh The approval of The Sfudenr Councnl fhe Achvnry Commnrree has nnuhared The servuce awards The awards are guven ro members ol clubs who have performed a servuce for 'rhenr respechve clubs or commrllees The selechon of pupils 'ro recerve lhe awards us made on rhe basvs of nnferesr afhlude and special qualvhcahons as de ermunecl by rhe na+ure of 'rhe club Who shall receuve lhe awards ns defermnned by secrer ballor of rhe club membershlp and The sponsor The servnce awards are recorded on 'rhe pupil achvrly cards whach are dlsrrnbufed by lhe Achvnly Commurfee In +he Tall and agarn nn 'rhe prrng for sludenls fo lnsl fheur membership IH clubs and commullees Thus year 'rhe mann problem of The Facully Sludenf Acruvlry Commnuree has been concerned wnrh sludenl parhcnparuon an clubs Two ol +he mann ponnls of dfscussuon on 'rhns problem were rhal 'foo many people do nol' belong To clubs or serve on any commuffees and +ha+ some people belong +o loo many clubs and cornmuflees Our commnllee would luke fo do somerhnng lo gave everybody a chance lo Ioan un fhe fun and 6C'lIVlly of our school by gnvnng sfudenfs rhe opporfumry of belonglng fo some of rhe hne clubs meehng afler school IO3 ml Ro -. ' ' , . , , ' 1 ' J, ' , . . R W- O O I , I I rs Row F oes resudeni' J yle nn oy Camp M S Ar Studen t S tore HIS sTore was TursT opened an February I945 To provude The sTudenTs w1Th sTaTron ery supplnes and To handle The dnsTr1buTnon oT review books and workbooks The Tore ns regularly open Trom 8 IO a m To 830 a m Trom Monday Through Frlday and The nnuTnaI unvenTory or sTock was purchased wufh Tunds borrowed Trorn The Gen eral Organuzahon Slnce February l945 The loan has been repaid To The GO and The value oT The nnvenTory plus cash on hand has rnsen above one Thousand dollars IT has been The policy oT The STudenT STore To sell supplues aT a modesT proTnT To daTe all proTuTs earned Trom The sale oT These supplues have been used To pay oTT The unuhal debT and To expand The nnvenTory ExacT dusposnhon oT TuTure proTnTs has noT yeT been deTerm1ned buT They are To be used Tor acTnvlT1es or equnpmenT benehcnal To Garden C:Ty I-hgh School sTudenTs The sTore as convenuenT To The sTudenTs and IT relieves The Teachers oT The Task of handlnng workbooks and revnew books In addlTuon sTudenTs who parTncnpaTe an The operahon oT The sTore are provlded wsTh a useful ac:Tnv1Ty By sellung keepang unven Torues balancnnq books and so TorTh The parTuc:upanTs learn some oT The elemenTs of conduchng business I O4 FI T - . C I Ip ' I, . Do I, R. Du ,Pm Everlrs, F. D Ie, J. , is hold. Trom 2:30 p.m. To 2:40 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday. s Row E orse or ers e uunn E Amy Secon o D Forsfer Mr MacNuff J Tollner Placement Kureau HE Placemenf Bureau under fhe sponsorshup of Mr MacNuff has made proqres fhus year un fundung uobs for ambufuous sfudenfs un Garden Cufy Hugh School The uunuor gurls and boys are fhe ones who have confrubufed fo fhe compefence of fhe bureau A schedule has been arranged so fhaf someone can be un fhe offuce befween fhurd and suxfh peruods fo receuve and affend fo calls So far our cusfomers have been quufe safusfued wufh our applucanfs Mosf of fhe 'obs are for baby suffers however many people have aslced for house cleaners boys for odd 'obs and somefumes people for sfore worlc There are cerfaun requlafuons fhaf musf be followed by employers and employees For example fhe baby suffers musf be provuded wufh fransporfafuon home Rafes have also been consudered and fhey foo are requlafed Thus servuce was begun fwo years ago und r fhe sponsorshup of M ss f-lullcer M MacNuf+ has been fhe sponsor sunce lasf year IO5 Flrf -.M ,J,L d,V,Roq ,J.Ridell,P.Q' , . . dRw-, , , ' s ' ' e ' I ' , r, l R W Howard C Clarahan T Evans A Boloqnesn R Lacey A Nrrdlnnger Second ow Lrrrlewood D Donally R C rrchheld pre denf D Barrd Thrrd Row L Cameron A Por er Souvmlle A Vu a B Hurry N Null' M Wrllrams B Lund M Adams M Lovelace J Fraser rss Earon Fourrh Row J Nesmrrh J McCar'rney R Noyes H Alexander R Haag R Boden T Bowles M Mrner Flrh Row D Kuhn B Sparlng J Alen M Zmmerlern A Carson J Konrher D Henn HE new members of rhe Honor Socuery wenr rrghr ro work afrer rherr mducrron rn March I947 Following a brref delay calculared ro grve 'rhe rovrng Mr Lrrrle wood a chance ro rerurn from a 'rrrp and casr hrs vore They elecred Bob Crrrchheld Presrdenr Dororhy Donnally Vnce Presndenr Davrd Barrd Secrefary and Bob LrHle wood Treasurer Under rhe guidance of rherr sponsors Mrss Earon and Mr Mrner rhe new Iunror members prepared an ourlrne for 'rherr senror year s worlc When rhe lull responsrbrlrry of runnrng rhe Socrery became rherrs rn rhe fall of 47 each member was assrgned rooms for whose rarrng blanlcs he was responsible and Bull Howard was placed rn charge of The Honor Roll Commzrree One of The brggesr robs rhar rhe Honor Socrery underroolc was rhe Sensor Follow Up a survey conducred for The Sundance Deparrmenr ro 'fund our whar rhe Class of 47 was dorng where urs members were erc The rnducrron of new members was held on March 5 I948 The ceremony consrsred of an excellenr 'rallc by Mr Wrlllam Lrrrlewood rhe rnduchon of 22 sennor and 6 rumor members and rhe awardrng of a cerhhcare of honorary membershup ro our Norweqran vrsrlor Brynlull Ornes A hnal rea meehng ar which sensor Soclery members gave brrs of advrce ro rhe Iunuor members rounded our a very busy year IO6 rrsi' ow- . , . Y , . , . ', , , , ' ' , R - R. ' H , H. , . f ' 1 .Sha 1, . ' . ' -. . . +I. E. , . ll, . I, . T . T . , . , , , , ,M Honor Society rs? a u ers rss enr' n 5 spd so o e a War' o Vr W 'ns Wx fmt and ?oand HE Loaf and Found has played an rnnporranf par? nn fhe davly rouhne of Garden Cufy srudenm I+ has fuccesafully encouraged sfuden's ro or ng rn found arhdes nor belongrng o nem ano ro clam rnose Tnaf do belong To rhem The deparrmen was sponsored oy Mass JennrngQ Qenror homeroom whncn opened 1+ from 8 IO ro 835 In fne mornings and from 2 30 To 2 45 rn 'rhe afrernoons AT The begrnnrng of every week afl lo r ooolcs were refurned oy fhe assrsranr manager ro The nead of 'ne dffferenf suorecr oeparrmenfs Durmg every week 'rhe manager Jackie Sforer and +he aisrsranr manager Jean Snyder who opened Jrhe room every mornung ard every avernoon and +he o+ner grrls were kepr pusy cnedurg W sr arrrce and our of ne deparfmenr Ar me eno of every wee? The manager and aisrsfan nager wenr o af rhe homerooms fo coiled any Vo f W e ea e a ound Wnen a umue ar ce e e n ne Lo f and Fourd for a cerra r 1en of fume rne deparrmenr under The Superv won of Mr Jenrrrgs gave rhe arhdes of lo hrng fo me 'a guage oeoa rme ' o oe TDGL he mr rv oe ben overfea o needy C FI Row-A. Sch' der, P, R rg , J. Snyoer, M' J I q f r' rj, J. S+ r r Koh fr , J D. Sievex M. Soaz. Second R w-E, Souv' e A. Jfa, F. S:'e B, '1 'a P. Tudor J. S'n"h C. Sit" M. " 'a'rs. ' ' ..,. , ' r . J r ' '- . F , J rx n 'J 1 A , ,- N C in f ' , ' 1 , A ,, , ' T ma r J N so ar rc ee fh r on rs h d f , P.nror.ffN5w"1' 5 J r Q, grh Q T' r- 1 f rfn r'r'-f! y 'gl ' ' f , at 're W 7 Frsl' Row S Back M Lord P Lnnclsay chairman A Penfland J Thorns Seco d Row R Noyes Mr Warrl er sponsor Mass Nor? Mr MacNu+? W l-larrs Student Yacaltq Relatzom Comnuttee HE Sfudenf Facully Relahons Commurree ns a new orgamzahon esrablushed las? year I946 47 by 'rhe Srudenr Councul There are len sfudenr represenrahves elecfed by The Councrl rhree from rhe Two upper grades and Two from rhe 'rwo lower grades an rhe hugh school The faculry us represenred by rhree members Thus commufree was ser up for 'rhe good of The school as a whole Hs purpose IS fa lceep relahons berween srudenrs and 'rheur 'reachers running smoorhly I+ us nor an agency for solvsng personal problems concerning only rwo or rhree people buf rarher for solvnng problems relahng To rhe enhre faculry and srudenr body One of rhe hrs? problems rhar arose rhus year was Thar sfudenrs were consnsrenlly benng lare 'ro classes afrer gym The marrer was nnveshgared and I+ was discovered noi' ro be enhrely rhe sludenrs faulr Wurh 'rhe cooperarlon of The gym reachers a plan was worlced our which Improved rhe srfuahon The mann prolecr rhaf rhe Commnrfee chose ro deal wurh fhns year was rhar of mm provung 'rhe srudenr arhrude foward scholarshnp lf was felr +ha+ There was a grownng nndufference and anragomshc feeling nn rhe school roward worlc The sophomore class duvuded nnro rhree groups mer wrrh The srudenrs of The Cornmufree To discuss 'lhe problem and offer suggeshons Snnce rhls ns such a long range sfudenr problem no overwhelming resul+s can be expecfed nmmedlarely Jusr rhe slughresf umpravemenf IH scholashc arhrudes wall be sufhcuenr reward for our elrforrs IO8 I -. l , . l ' . ,. . r' -, , c - 1 I 1 ' 485594 Furs Row Miss Norman sponso D Howell R Haag chaurman J ATen V Walker Second Row J McCarTney R Noyes T Hussey R Boden 14AAem6ly Cvmmzttee WO weelcs aTTer The sTarT of school The Assembly CommvTTee had :Ts TursT meeT :ng The CommuTTee Thus year was under The durecTuon oT Mass Norman assnsTed by Mnss Mahar and Mr Rehman Meehngs were scheduled Tor every o+her Monday aTT ernoon All meeTnngs were exTremely mTormal lasTmg anywhere Trom Tvve To snxTy munuTes The more lengThy ones can be aTTrnbuTed To The desire oT some oT The mem bers To chew The rag raTher Than To geT down To busnness The TnrsT malor assembly was The ChrssTmas assembly held The day prior To The vacaTnon For Thus program The versaT1le Mass Norman concocTed an oruglnal and Tnmely slcuT The scene oT whuch Toolc place In The Amerucan occupahon zone oT Ser many ComplemenTary To Thus slcnT was The sungung oT several carols an Torelgn languages by Mr Rehman s TalenTed choruses The lavnshly decoraTed CnrlsTmas Tree presenTed a wenghTy problem The day pruor To The assembly when :T was dnscovered ThaT The Tree was half The slze expecfed The gennuses oT The CommnTTee puT Tnenr heads TogeTher and Tnnally solved The problem by proppung The Tree up on several boxes and a Table Then hndnng These unsughTly props behnnd The Torms oT several al chornsTers O her ouTsTandnng programs presenTed Thus year were The Swednsh enTerTaaners wwo were well recenved an lnTervnew wnTh BrynIolT OTnes oT Norway The Trade as sembly wuTh PorT WashnngTon and prevaews oT evening shows presenTed by The Masquers Club and oThers IOQ 'Sw Auf O as 'VH bebate C 116 Ninth fade bramatzw Club ms' Ro Jr aw W r Ra Neck Secon Row Bergen C Berk N Thompkrns M S+orrs L Jome J Mclfrwfee M Maffwes E Nlclcsdorf Tlwrd Row Erqe P ehren T Du R Spmner A sen VVNMa'm presxdenf IIO kia rrsl Ro ar enfer ec man rn ey econ o arson a e E Souvl e owd D u n res: en? nal n r ra er r M ss Dun op ss Noll Mrs r der s M Pump MIA Ntluletzc l4AAOCldfl0h HE purpose of our GAA rs fo promole good sporlsmanshrp cuhzenshlp lead ershfp and above all frnendshup among ns members Every gvrl nn lhe nigh school from lhe sevenlh grade fhrough ine lwellln grade lS a member of rhe G AA The ohfucers or execuhve councrl conslsf of rhe presndenl vrce presldenf secrefary rreas urer sooual chanrmar' assrslanl soclal chavrman publucury chairman assnslanl publlclly cnaurman Gray cap-Tarn assuslanl Gray capfaln Maroon caplaun asslsfanf Maroon Caplaun and an honorary member represenhng 7lh and 8+h grades There are one Maroon and one Gray delegale To The G A A represenhng every homeroom ln fhe school A n w season ol sporlsrnanlllce Maroon and Gray compehho was maugu afed a+ lhe nnlhahon ceremony ln Seplember AT lhar lme lhe sevenfh grade girl were grven lenfh grade og lers who or lne nexr fnree years are 'ro nelp lhem ln sludmes and cnhzensnlp as well as an alhlehc Larer ln 'rne lall we had our annual All Slar l-loclcey Day al wh ch hme lhere was a compenhve ong confer berweer The Maroons and Grays Th year lhe Grays won rhe Cor' esl whle he Maroors fool: lhe cup lor hoclcey ln March al rne end of our wrnrer season we had our annua meels eslaonsnrrg a new lradlhon +nr ea w a senlo ngn meer for lOlh Illh and l2'rh grades and a lunnor hlgh mee? lor lne 7l'h 8Th and 9Tn grades The Maroons won lhe sensor hgh meer, whale lhe Grays won The Iunlor nrgh meer. W I-Tornbuclrle I-I SanTod J De h T presldeT A Thompson B Ba lcer Emp Itlnletzc p4AAvc1at1on I-IE BAA has many Tunchons IT aTTords every boy IU The school a chance To advance IN The held oT aThleT1cs Boys an The 7Th and 8Th grades compeTe In an unTramuraI schedule and parTucupaTe an all The sporTs The upper grades have The Treshmen Talce parT In TooTbaII basIceTbalI baseball and Traclc They also compeTe aga:nsT oTher schools ThroughouT Long Island The sophomores lunnors and sensors parTncupaTe In varslTy and Iunuor varslTy sporTs and rn The NorTh Shore League dur :ng The baseball Track lacrosse and basIceTball seasons All boys have an equal chance ID Thus seT up and under The careTul supervision oT our coaches Their TaIenT and various abuIlTles are soon dlscovered IT when a boy IS a Treshman he has The abnInTy To play on The varsuTy he IS allowed To buT no boy can play more Than Tour years on any one varsuTy Team AT The conclusion oT each season The BAA gives awards To all The boys on The Teams In The sprung oT each year To conclude The years evenTs a dnnner ns gmven Tor The boys and Thenr TaThers AT Thus Txme The boy who has compnled The IargesT number oT polnTs ThroughouT The year receives a Trophy and all boys wlTh 475 polnTs Or over re-ceuve small Trophies IT a Team goes undeTeaTed or has an excephonally good season each member IS guven a gold ball or shoe by The Men s Assocuahon Mr Sm1Th ns DurecTor oT AThleT1cs and ha buIIT up Thus program so ThaT :T s recognrzed as one oT The besT on Long Island lI2 .. . . . . 5 rs Row B u arns Sparm M Wrllr R Lacey preslden B Keahng M PeTerson econd Ro R erlrn H J Wnse T Hussey C Tranfeld A Francisco B un Studen t federalw M HE STudenT FederalusTs are a chapTer oT a nahonal organnzahon known as The UnuTecl World FederallsTs an organlzahon decllcaTed To The sTrengThenlng of The UnnTed Nahons nnTo a world governmenT ThaT has enough power To keep The peace no maTTer who wanTs To T1ghT lTs supporTers are Trying To awaken The naTuon To The need Tor sTrengThenrng The Un1Ted NaTuons make The governmenT aware oT boTh The neces snTy and The TacT ThaT The people are wullrng and Thus make The UnnTed STaTes The leader IH creahng This necessary change PublucnTy peTlTuon and The balloT are The meThods They employ In Garden CnTy The local group as clurechng uTs eTTorTs To makung The sTudenT body realuze The umporTance of a real world governmenT so ThaT rn The TuTure when They assume The cuhzen s duhes They wxll achvely supporT Thus proIecT To preserve peace raTher Than be nndnTTerenT To :T The local chapTer lusT recenTly formed as aTTempT:ng To Tulfull :Ts goals by nndwndual dnscussnon posTers perhaps an assembly or Two an The TuTure and sumnlar means II3 F'rT - , W'IIi , B. l' q, . ' 'ams. . l ' Tl, . ' , . . S w- . 6 ', R. ill, . ' , . , . I , . ' , .L d. ' rs? Row W arfunq A Markos D o end oh so Se and O ner on n er U a Hmernan J Wrruh M Mohen F Car Crafw C' 116 r-HS year brouqhf io Garden Cnry a new craffs Teacher who has cerfarnly gawned ine reaped and apprecrahon of al! who have worked with her Eady rn Jrhe school year Muse Gddburq s+ar+ed a crafrs duo for ah who were wnfer esfed rn exrra he1p rn rnalcunq such :ferns as oem wahe s and pockerbooxs and workunq rn cerammcs The meehngs consnsred of fun and work This new sysrern has p oyed sucCessfuN dur :ng The enhre year Gur fun consrsfed of refresnmenrs are del ghfful rnusrc: whwch wan produced by a radwo gwven ro 'rhe dub by Mr Wrlmoff rnany Jrhanlcs Much has been accomphsned fnms year In Jrhe hne of Cfdff Many dnCreren+ and orrgmaN prorecfs have been underraken We near a new plan S bewng dascussed for nexr year s rar? clauses boys are beug enrohed Good luck Mwss Goldburq and many Thank II4 Fi - . H , . . T wns , R. Srni'h, A. M'ner, G. J n n. c RQWM J, HHN J. T H , H, Nor+ , E. U q , D. eHend hl, L. ' , . A4 K, , , . oh M. Philon. I ' I ' ' i X 1 Y , ' W , 7 in . , . . . , r I . . Q . , , . . . 5' . , . . . ' I ' ' ' C - ,. H . , ' , 5. wrs w ra a erson co e I or ove ace co e Tor u S Fo forer ecohd Ro r War ner a vrser Wes? rn A Bologness V Gwaser G Dec er rn a e T van The fclw HE ECHO IS The school newspaper and as run whoTTy by The srudenf The purpose of Thus paper IS To serve The school by unTormung The srudenfs oT The news as well as provwdmng experrence rn working on a newspaper If rs pubhshed once every Two weeks Srudenrs may Iorn The sfaff GUYTTHWG Execuhve posmons may be heTd Trom The sophomore year up If ls expecred Thar everyone who ws TH an execuhve po mon will have Taken The Tournahsm course for one year af Teasf In recenr years Me ECHO has suhfered because of rnhahon Rvsrhg pr ce and an hon was Thar Trom gToss To hewsprmnr wh ch defracfed somewhaf from The paper appearance Thus charge eased The TmancmaT prooTem +emporarmTy Then me noose hghrened once agawn curf ng The number of pages and phofographs I+ To oe hoped 'war head year The ECHO TT oe abTe To resfore rrseh To Hrs orwguna co o for On The Frnday The paper comes ou+ The managmg edrror caTTs a reporrers meehng dur ng whwch asswg mehrs Tor The rex? wssue are g ven ouf Srorres are wr 'fren for The ohowrrg week and m oe hanoeo rn oefore Ffoay of Tha' weer Or F gay T e opy T 'rypeo and cnecred Monday The headhnes are wrrrfen and The copy ws sehr TUG pr n er T e proo come oacT Wednesday are checked made To a dummy ang rerurred To fhe pr fer TUG ame day Or Fr day The paper orsrrroufed fo T e nomerooms lI5 F, ' Ro -N. HiT J. F ser, R, P H T - d'f M. L T T - d'r P, T cker . Jer, is .s W-M, d fd' 1. D. . 3 . T . k.. J. K'au , R. Lacey, M. C 'dw ,T ,E 5, ' ' 5. I unchanged budgef have faken Their due. The Tirsr change necesslrared by rhis sifuae ' ' , ,T r 's T, , I X ' U P - I - T TT '. T- 'T ,T usr ' "' .E . 1. HW h ' T . I T sw, 5 . 1 T Q3 ' I T h Fu sr Row A Vulla B Sparlung J Schlosser T Evans T Hussey eduTor M Adams W Howard V Walker J STorer Second R w A He ssner A Po Ter M Caldwel D Donally J KonTher C Tranfueld H Alexander J McCarTney R Boden R LuTTlewood C Clarahan P Tucker Thurd Ro odes S c R Mc ugh mmerleun H orTon B eahng B R Lace Ynk Spam NK SPOTS Garden CuTy Hugh Schools IuTerary magazune has a long husTory oT successful accompIushmenT In The TuITuIIung of uTs purpose The encouragemenT of creaTuve wruTung un The Garden CuTy Hugh School uT has guven To The school a wude range OT unTeresTung and enTerTaunung readung maTeruaI on every possuble subuecT and has auded The deveIopmenT of many TaIenTed sTudenTs INK SPOTS guves To Those unTeresTed un wruTung an opporTunuTy To develop noT only Theur creaTuve abuIuTy buT also Theur cruTucaI TaculTues The sTaTT us chosen on recom merudaTuon OT The Enghsh DeparTmenT and The eduTors by The sTaTT and The meeTungs are held on Thursday aTTernoons AT These meeTungs The work whuch us Turned un by The Englush Teachers and someTumes durecTIy by The sTudenTs us duscussed cruTucuzed an chosen Tor The magazune INK SPOTS has won many awards The NaTuonaI SchoIasTuc Press AssocuaTuon has awarded uT All Amerucan Honor RaTungs and FursT Class Honor RaTungs many Tumes IT has also been awarded TursT pruzes by The Columbua SchoIasTuc Press AssocuaTuon Thus year The magazune has been under The capable durecTuon oT Tom Hussey As we go To press uT has yeT To make uTs appearance buT we may be sure ThaT uT wull uphoId The hugh sTandards seT un Tormer years II6 . , . . o - . I , . f , . I, . , . . . S. Rh . . Bla k, . Cullo , M, Zi ' , . N , . K ' , D. aird. . y. R. CriTchT'IeId, N. Powell. d ' . lrsT o ec er T a s coe TO esmn coe nor Harrs Ha erTy P Lnd ay Second R P Tucker J Schlosser R LnTTlewood R Maloney H Alexande Wrlls J Kohm R Loesel E SmnTh R Anderson B Sparlrng L Cameron Mr Warr ner J T-la er D WesT The Mant HERE are Two essenhals Tor The success oT a year book One ns ndeas and The oTher as The capuTal wnTh which To carry ouT These Ideas Under The general heading oT Ideas one classuhes almosT all OT The plannung OT The book Early an The Tall The sTaTT convened suggesTung a number oT new TeaTures superlahves a maroon leaThereTTe cover a Thurd color more pncTures wnTh less wrrTnng and many oTher umprovemenTs over prevnous Garden CuTy annuals These new TeaTures required some TlTTy more pages Than any oTher precedung MAST buT The edsTors were conT1denT ThaT Thus could be accomplished Through more eTTncrenT plannlng and organnzahon The second essenTual Tunds was a greaT deal more dnTTuculT To obTaan Than The TnrsT ln order To balance The budgeT The MAST embarked on a program oT Tund ralsung The adverhsung quoTa was doubled a brrdge was held and a Sensor TalenT Show was planned To produce The necessary revenue wuThouT unduly Taxing The class Treasury AlThough The uTmosT TrugalnTy was pracTuced mn designing The larger volume nncreases ln prvnhng and publushmg expenses added To The burden ATTer accomplushnng The Two prumary oblechves a Thnrd problem became apparenT meehng The deadline Plannlng The dummy laylng ouT The various secTlons and Taking The necessary phoTographs all had To be done beTore May T:rsT The aThleTuc pncTures proved To be The mosT Troublesome because IT was ne essary To wauT unTll sprung To Take some oT Them IT ns our suncere desure ThaT The I948 MAST wall accompll h r pJ pose To nelp you relfve your hugh school days II7 P R W-e. D T , R. cfalemxear T. Ev U T .dw 'T J, N wh Q -a' ll vv, ir J. Q , . 1 s . ow- , , . . . , . , . r. D. 'i, . , . , . ' , . , . ' , . . i , , ll , . En. 3 IS " -- s Ma s a Qua J We-ex J a Rea Se ono a a e a e a e Souvl fo CS e G al aahe A or c Do a Clean tecler HIS year CHANTFCLFR celeorales :ls Tenfh annlversary Growing rronn a lwo page puollcahon of slorues wrlHen and read by lhe French sludenls nn school CHANTECLFR now conlaans up lo nnne pages and ns senr lo over lwenly schools an France lo Sl Gerrnarn Caen Peronne Sl Brlene Cahors Marseilles Verneuul lwo schools an Parls lwo ln Carnbran and To The Roosevell l-hgh School an Flawan CHANTFCLFR and 'he French deparlrnenl an ns syslem ol loreuqn correspondence loelween French sludenls of Garden C y and French sludenrs al school ln France I recoqnmon ol lhe worlc done by Cl-IANTECLFR In lhe correspondence held lhe slafl llrws year recelved lhe Prix Collechl from le Bureau de Correspondence Scolalre lnler nahonale Pans The Prux a cerhhcale from 'rhe Mlnlsle e de Leducahon Nahonale of France arrived durlng January exarns and ns now proudly on dlsplay ln lhe French classrooms A lhe yolce ol Garden Clly l-hgh School lF French CHANTFCLER has dlslrubuled sforwes wrrlren by Garden Cny French sludenls lar and wde In lhe Novernoer rssue There appeared a shorl arhcle requeshng correspondence for sludenls aboul l2 yea s old From lhls arhcle alone CHANTFCLFR recelved l ol cor respondanls from schools bolh al Peronne and Cahors Several lnlereshnq leflers were also recelved from und vldual chlldren who had recelveo copues of CHANTFCLFR from lhelr lr ends or Fnqhsh leachers CHANTFCLFR does nol only help lurlher Garden Clys unrernahonal relahons hul glves lhe +uden+s an lncenhye lO wrlle lhelr own creahve llferalure ln French Il8 Flr ' RcwfJ. r n . B, Mc ide . s .Ad 'ns G. Buener J. S'crer B. . c Row 114. Sr ve' S. W lc 'W P A. MCK nnee, V. W lc r F. 4 e le-dl M. Lesle N. Flinloe J, Schl ser, This Rcwfcl. OHS. R. Puzkell, R. Lac y. F. ross, M, G , r . P T" D. n ly. A. Penf and O. Rcss J. Wrfzn' D. Slraw Miss Anfs J, Relaur-ler. l ' 1 ' ' f . S N . . . If ' ' . n . S l ' . r . l , , . . . P r . . . pr S - . . I . . . . . F ' . I I . H Mss P y o Rcw Ga a e osfr I ?1eA ta OR The TIrsT Tlrhe uh The hlsTory OT The Garden ClTy Hugh School a Spahush maga zlhe FIESTA was puollshed IT was The worlc OT The TlTTh year Spahlsh class asslsTed by SenOrlTa Plerro as The TaculTy advrsor and The class Teacher IT IS hoT OT mTeresT To Thls class alohe ouT To all The sTudehTs OT Spamsh IN The hlgh school NEWSDAY also Touhd T OT lhTeresT and publlshed a sTory aoOuT The magazlhe ahd a pucTure OT The group oT edlTors Two ssues OT FIESTA were puol shed Th s yea a ChrlsTmas edlTloh ahd a sprmq SdII'IOVl The CVIVISTVTWGS eouTIOh was puT OUT by The TlTTh year Spah sh class alohe buT h The sprlhq ed1To e ass wa ass: ed oy TH rTy uhderclassmerw who wlll manage The rhaqazlhe hexT year FIESTA ha oee erwT o several schools h Soma Arherlca uh excharqe Tor Thelr schoo pup ca lors The paper soo o T e ehTs w h The proTlT GT asroe TO pu chase more supplles TA O d apo O rr'aTey wo rmo eo oo e O sue New me we ex ecT To sell 'hary more e O, r' F6 o roh T FIF e Spar sw s U eh Garoeh CTy I-lg Scvoo w e rho e aoo h r oar O e O Sl ore h e OT Spa rv o e o e e ea IIC? FPS' Rn., -N, 'hlme P. Gem? J. Kzvher I Ferro lvl. ln eace M. Cardwo , Surah' , -M B. Rea B, Favs R. Fewer cr, M. ur - A : '-J. A'er Ied'TO'l. U ,. , . . . . I . I , I- I r, ., I ' fl h To cl 4 s 'S' I 'I' ' . . . . , . 1 h 5 T M I I I ll, 7' . l, f,'l Trflv c M QT' I 's, ' fl l. FIFS ls I r 1' . ' r ' c I a TIT Tlrsf li . O T' O p I . W hope 'AGT 'rr q. 'I Uolca' I O ' STA in I 'T d ,TE In I I I h I Yll cafe r at 'I el S fi Tr' -N is ahd Q 'r rn sl'lll The us , X hfsl. I-lere 5 'O a olgcr ah oe",r maqazfhe xx' y rl rsT Ro eaT ng G adma I mere W a e o J McCar ey J Wr econd Ro J I-lanse R LTTle ood R No es fxcurA1onA ln Sczence I-IE maqazxne EXCURSIONS IN SCIENCE had :Ts orlgln as a hazy Idea In The mind oT ednTor Bull Howard aT The end oT lasT year IT assumed a more concreTe Torm when a sTaTT chosen Tor :Ts scuenTuT1c abIluTy meT and discussed The problem oT sTarTIng a scuenhfnc publncahon Madeline Zummerlenn was elecfed secreTary aT Thus meehng and Jam McCarTney was elecTed Treasurer Mr Corbrndge accepTed The sponsorshnp oT The magazrne The purpose oT The publlcahon was dehned The sTaTT declded ThaT EXCURSIONS IN SCIENCE should have as uTs oblechve The sTImulaTuon oT scnenhhc InTeresT In hugh schools ThroughouT Nassau CounTy and ThaT Thus end should be accomplashed by enabling scnenTnsTs To compare noTes abouT Thelr undnvudual scIenTxTrc achnevemenTs EXCURSIONS IN SCIENCE was To be a gournal ID whlch all hugh school scrence sTu denTs mlghT publnsh Their worlc The problems To overcome were Tremendous IT :T had noT been Tor The generous help oT some people They would have been unsurmounTable The enThusnasm and co operahon oT The sTaTT was also a vITal TacTor oT success EXCURSIONS IN SCIENCE can be proud oT :Ts ach:evemenTs IT has subscrubers IH I-IunT1ngTon I-IempsTead Baldwin and Iv1anhasseT bessdes a large number IH Garden C1Ty IT has provided an example Tor oTher new publucahons IT has been well received In The hugh schools unTo which IT has been unTroduced IT ns a qrowung and proqressuve organuzahon IZO Fi w-B. K I , . I-I r r, M. Zm I in, . I-low rd I diT rl, . Tn , iqhl. S w- , n, . I, w , . y . O U I Irs? Row J ee s M an: Anderson econ Ow Travrs A Harms r' presuder-+ ar us p s en? wn ar e :rams B Thur Mr Wa'rer 6 A 'n a S C dard dnd R b u bam R vrsno E abf rmar' u Eulogy 611164 N rhe nrsr Wednesday of every mdnfh rne Boy Buology CMD has ds reguNar monrhhy meen q The program as a vaned one Ar ohe meehng we ChSS6C+6O earfhworm Wearnvnq rhe parrs of 'rneur anaromy Ar ofne rneehnqs mdvres of grass hoppers a d prorezoa were seeh ard ako we prepared c r owr s des and w prorozda ard Cells under The mncroscope Mr Wafrer wno superyrses +he rneehng The G Brooqy Cho mee s every Thur Gdf O every mdhfn mm drare-'y effe C oo! Tne CMO ohsrr o a presrdenf wee presrdewr Treasurer Two secrerarres dub memoer n eh e s on or rerrr r n rs e ru he hrsr seme fer The Gds Bro og up was prryre ed TO aye Mrs Mrner a sponsor A' me dup rneennqs we saw movre a d u ed The mr r d e and dw fUuC6G a d perfarnrrg TO orcnoqy as a a rrp fc The ronx cd was made 0 he Bd s G70 Gr Bdmqy up T e Boy and Gr Broloqy Cup hope +9 ysrf fhe Museum of Namrar Hrsrory Long Isrard Srare Aqrrculfure Scwooi BoTannrcaN Gardehs and any+hrnd ef e rnaf perrarns d rhe p oloqrcal nnferesfs of he Club mempers l2I F' ---'. W.,lc .C "H, L. ' ,S d R -B. 4, , 'O I ' r M. M lc f re Id K. S I y d, J. B.h'er G. WW . , J. razzeil. ' d Rowe . r. 1 W. Rolf: . K in J. M r har' B. M.Q me J. Rosa J. SM ., J. Ta boi, . We J. Cc' ridwe. Ftudn Re.-1-J. B r .W r p .H 1 r R. Ser in, P. B 3 If rv. I V ' d . , u ' . sa answered a' 'ne QUSSL-OPS which The sfudenrs had ro ash Irs ' I N f ' s X 5 A X r T r e ' f s h X. ' C 5 f ' , A " r . ' . ' . ine ,, W s Yp d rh p Q , Miss FV' 'Wh DU ' Q M's M r 'hs essence r ' ' N. ,es I ' ' y C? ' ' 'N q ' h , s , '. 1 X . ' ,. V " ' 2 'N 'C dec p 5 r E- 3 ' ny uesions ' ' 1 ' N . L'f1' " QB Ze ' eyrx y' fs 'N C 5. h . ' I W5 ' ' ' 2 f ' ' ' , . X V . , X A .44 S . k O , . . . Y , I rs c ar ny r av e e son u es er' r M Mobye C1 e un n Na cos y M re n M Ma us M s Red CMAJ 61116 T-TE Red Cross Club sponsored by Mrss Kerr as a member oT The Nassau CounTy Junuor Red Cross ChapTer an Muneola The chapTer unforms us by leTTer whaT needs To D9 done during The year and :T generally lncludes guuTe a Tew acTlvuTues We decade aT ThaT Txme whaT we as a club would llce To do and would be able To do Then The presxdenT sends an ThaT lnTormaTuon Around OcTober and November Three drlves were sponsored by The Junlor Red Cro s The TursT was The Amerlcan Ald To France drive whuch conslsTed oT corn conTrsbuTlons lne nexT one wa The membershnp drlve wnlch wenr oTT guuTe well lhrougn The coobe-raTuon oT The sTudenT body our school senT ln The regulred amounT Tor The number oT sTudenTs enrolled The Th rd drive was ore TO Tull Chr sTmas sTockmg Tor Tne veTeran a lNlorThborT Durlng January February and March we dna numerous oTher hlngs A Tew weelcs OGIOVG The ChrlsTmas vacanon Dr Mlcnael receuveo a ler e wh ch he DBS ed on To Mlss Kerr lT was Trom a woman rn Ken uclfy who had been debrlved oT ner home ano cloThnng by a Tlood We were able To send cloThes To her TU reTurn Tor whlch she senT us some greens wnuch we used a ChrlsTmas deco raTlons Also Tor The TursT Tnme snnce before The war The club unvuTed The children Trom ST Gales Tor The maTunee oT The PTraTes oT Penzance We hobe Thus can be conhnued KU The TuTure ln March we had our annual Junnor Red Cross Boxlng MaTch whlcn b oved To D6 very succes Tul I22 T: Row--J. M C T' J. Ma sh l, M, P T r , B. L nd lpr ld Tl, E, Mo' lsor. , d J. Fe':L.sor. Sefbn' Rcw-M. J we'T, C, L d, M, DalTo , A. T-lurr S. Feder A. 'v T , .Zim- me T , 'lc is Kerr. , . .... . . . . i - , . . , . SU , . . . W , . . 4 .. . - . S . . ,. I , . . . T D E T . N , F. . . S " ' l S ' . . I TT , . . ,. . 5 , ' r ' s . H rw Pr INSME 0 as Fin 0 UMA .P law, galil lg48 B n R 3 gr f' BAND QF afdefi Gy My Fursf Row M McCandless C Fallnenback A Francnsco R LaTTlewood D Koharf D KoharT H 1 hT A Nnrdlmger ond R w G Kner Blgeow STron R Schrne er W Ty er RoThenberger K Lee G TaTe H Tunsfall C Nubel Thrrd Ro R Dolbeare B Blalceman M YaTes C Hardy S Bransfed P Orarn R CusTer C Crowell G McGraT E Beams FourTh Row C Nnrd In er Mr e unsTa W llarns A Kearny J Marc R Boden R Cherry N Wlluam W Sernrnes R Rowden J Camp Flffh Ro A Moore L Berusch C Cooper R Lesle L rw eTurlr D MacKay C Clarahan T olan Henschel rxf o G DeLeon A STorey me T Le s O MerruTT D Sayer G Wlson L Barrd T or land ARDEN CITY has always been known Tor :Ts Tune band Thus year under Mr Perlun s leadershnp Garden CnTy s band has added To :Ts Tune repuTaTron The band has played Tor pep rallues and a Tew oTher assemblres mosT oT The TooT ball games several concerTs and varuous oTher programs One oT The rouT1nes aT The games was a moclc sTrulce oT parT oT The band There have been Three band concerTs whrch Tool: place un December Aprrl and May On The program un April many solorsTs were TeaTured among These were Tom Nolan Don KoharT l-larry TunsTall Tom Lewus Arnne Nurdlnnger Boo LrTTlewood and Mary Jean McCandless Joy Camps Tune Twrrlung was also enloyed as :T had been aT previous evenTs In May Garden C:Ty and Mineola had The usual exchange assemblies ln whrch The combuned bands gave a Tune program A German band was Tormed Tor The Modern Language NnQhT TU No vember which provrded baclcground musuc Tor The German scene The concerT band played several selechons Tor The ParenTs NrghT nn OcTober On Decorahon Day The band marched The sTreeTs oT Garden CnTy and ended Thenr march aT The school where The annual ceremonnes were held Many oT G C s musncrans performed rn oTher musrcal evenTs such as The STaTe Band and OrchesTra aT l-lunTrngTon an November The STaTe ConTesTs aT Rnverhead rn May and The CounTy Band and OrchesTra aT Malverne an June IZ3 VY xi' -R. ,Q C A T TU 2 A F3 T. ca 0 0 , 4 , f 5 . .Q '- T l 'r " 'iii A ' T 4 .. T. Jil ' ll W' rf 0 47 - .A fag -. N, T T T A A Ty' gf r in ,T f' T Q, f Q nl , L . V X o M' T Dx' 2 2 -L Q , 1 x A. . ffl 1 Q53 Q- fqrmmf A 3 Q , T, 0 'J' Zbg K.n'g , : ' , Secl U o - . Ii A, C. ,AJ.v g,I .l 'Tl, .. l ,I l-li ra , '. F3 mas, Jfr' rl, 'rf rr' ', f f f ls, lf ,'. , C T PTD .,,Nw6TTl. lA.s'hieQ-. ."'l,l3i szl,Wa,. ,.:..',,Ld. 1161-ary Q V Mem' J Kahkvn 3 s Ma M M a we ser' M efers M K Save S lllvtzon Pzcture Uperatom ws M NV 'W Wes+ rw B Spa no M Aoaw W O 0 or-a d cond Row Pefv H ore on e 124 f FPS' R:f.7... Nr Wie' 7, Eu: J. D'TJ'l J. . ,erm SWS' Rav-MI s faf . Bos"'.g" K. Niaf M135 Cf b Ab 'AC Bigelow fDV'3SJO9"'J F. Bvwwe B, C Ma J. Qpne J. ueUer, . 'a. I U Pr' Row' I :", R. Cflfdieid D. il , . rl 4, . Y 5 ,gfvcemaker R La F. Skwsz' R. Liese . P we L. Le f . Se -C. Frei, R. X ,WeY"e. K. C ws H 'som A. Harris .PM Harv y. T. Mcxley R. Noyes. mrs anToro C Declce enn 1 Hauer J WT econd Rc n e sor vars y LTTe oo J MQCa Tne T r a R Lace G Sne Hall Squad T-TE mosT 1mporTanT duTy oT The Half Squad oT Garden CTTy T-hqn S hocT TS To mawn Tarn order TU The nall OT Tne sCnooT The squad has been QVGGTTY Tmproved by a new and e1TTc4enT sysT m IT was Tound haT havvng Trve haTT cops an one TnTersecTTon Tended To conge T amz: Uhoer TUG new sysTem only Two hah cops o1recT TraTTuc: and Two oTners naye roymg po Ts on poTh Tloors Tnese hall cops TTT Tn any posvhon ThaT may be TeTT oper' by any oTher na'T cop wno may oe aosen A new posT has been made TU he pabemenT near he shop The purpose oT Thus posT rs To conTroT The QTudenTs oT Tne sevenTn and eTg'TTh grade wha TrequenT The halls down There T-Tall cops are sTaTToned on The road ThaT runs beTween The schoof To dTrecT The Tlow :JT cars and sTudenTs Tne T-Tall Squad has worked crosely wrTh The STudenT CourT A epresenTaTTve oT The courT coTTecTs ahy TrcTceT nanded ouT oy member OT ne Qquao Tne T KeTs are Then brouqhT TO The CnTeT Jushce who along wTTh The oThe IUOGGS se er es The deTendanTs :T They are Tound quTTTy The Hah Squad TS we spo sored by Mr Rnoad wno was The por o or Tne quad before he wenT TnTo The army Afso To ard e'T1c e cy a rew TTcTeT nas oeen drawn up so ha Tme o an onvcer To Tssue T The sTudenT ourT sTud ed The TTckeT oT oTher cnoos ard Then a oTnTed a commr ee oT T-Ta Cops To devrse a de r am o po n T These o ner TTc3lceTs '25 FnrsT R WenT orTh V Walker J dams C eush umn Coo an econ Ong W Wa cl A Per'T and M Slack M She man J WrghT O Rose N DumonT Co ell ee IV k M l'laup P Rogers M Wllllams preslden F oTel M eTersor' Mlss Dunlop FourTh R l-To Ho mann C5 lnnan J Wlll ams M Mac ourdls C c oene er I R w B Munch C Impey C Redvanly D Web o ne J oms ones ee s n erson use Jones M Ga a er F Co es McCullough A Klaurn frencln C 416 E CERCLF FRANCAIS us organized under The Modern Language DeparTmenT Tor The sTudenTs oT French Everyone an The French DeparTmenT ns a member and many conTrnbuTe To The acT1vuTnes oT The club The programs are arranged by The sponsor Mnss Dunlop and The presudenT Thus year we have had a varued lnsT oT club acTlvuTues We were TorTunaTe To have several Tulm sTrnps depncTung lnTe ID France and some excellenT sludes nllusTraTung cos Tumes OT emghTeenTh cenTury France We also had The pleasure oT seeung La MaTer relle a movne whnch has been acclaumed one oT The besT French Tmlms ever produced AT The same meeTung we were honored To have as a guesT Dr Olav Paus GrunT lnausow dlrecTor oT The U N who complumenTed us on our club and expressed The deslre To nave Thus Type OT club ID schools all over The world There were also a Tew programs presenTed by The sTudenTs Themselves Several ooys Trom The French ll classes presenTed a skfT depuchng The TnghT oT Louns PasTeur agannsT dnsease and some oT The more TalenTed sTudenTs parTnclpaTed nn a TalenT show Those wnTh musucal abnl1Ty presenTed numbers by French composers and The sTudenTs wuTh a Tlalr Tor comedy added The llghT Touch To The show Among oTher acTnvuTnes was an aTTernoon oT bridge played ID French and a meeTung aT whnch we were honored IU havnng Madame KnuazelT who has been well known and lnked by The French sTudenTs 126 ' ow-S, w , . , . A , . R , P. Q A , cl. l h . S Cl Row-J. Sfr , . r . . . . , , . 3 . . . , S. r w . N. L . Th' d Row-S. Blac , S. Sweidler, . T, . , . ' ' l ' Tl, . S , . P - ' . ow-D, well, N. T . l-l. 'A , . 'I . - Narv. A. PorTer, B, Wllliams, L. Cameron. D. Crowley, A. Sibilla, l-T. Brooks, R. CusTer, R. Spencer, E. C 'T . S h r, D. Reig . F'TTh o - . , . . , . b, C. Fry , .Th ,L.J ,J.W k,L,Ad ,J.W' ,S. , , ll gh , . l ,R. , ' I I , . . . . . I 1' ow Dew o uccl Meusn C Blac J Duvanll D Dnffrnch M Cahill Second ow J Ross A Mmer L Vernan G Buehler M Lovelace G Wrllnams J Anderson J Ruedell D Forsfer rn ms ead or ays IV o ehrendf C Rafh S Fosfer Ge lmrnerleun Mlss Morfa A Vlla res denf M wer D Forsfer M Peferson M Gallag er r zzell R haw Fou fh Row us y n J Horron P Krnghf S Thomas M Boyer O ufz aubner A Szelc ey J Mann M sfrum A nolds a vagher M a e Nu M V1 M 1 e :er nf oes o P Fefc er Gvlberf J Sforer E Beams M Beckman E Nnchol C Lund C Jo genson B Dodds M Dw er J Pollacselc R Sheey R Jlmerrez T Cleaver Spanwlc C1116 E marlc fhe pasf year a red leffer year for La Terfulla Espanola The school d d nof have a more colorful and mferesfang group fhan La Terfulra whose meefnngs were conducfed by Presrdenf Anufa Vulla and Secrefary Maryeffa Tyler The club began nfs acfuve program wnfh a serles of rnferesfsng lecfures The fnrsf guven by Merran Lovelace descrnbed her vrsuf lasf summer fo Ecuador and Colombna Roberf Jimenez spolce on his nafave Cosfa Ruca whale Tuluo and Federuco Arango described Chrusfmas and nfs fesflvnhes rn fherr homeland Colombna George Anzuelo descrsbed hns counfry Guafemala before an nnferesfed group of Spanush sfudenfs Roberfo Tulno Federico and George are all Lafun Americans who have been sfudyrng wnfh us fhus wunfer A gala Chrrsfmas parfy proved fo be one of fhe mosf popular evenfs of fhe season On This occasion refreshmenfs were served Sanfa Claus appeared and Lafun Amer: can Chrnsfmas carols were sung Af anofher meefnng colorful frlms on Spam Mexico and Soufh Amernca broughf Spanash cusfoms and culfural background fo fhe sfudenfs of Garden Cnfy l-lngh Faculfy sponsor Muss Moffa as energefuc as fhe language she expounds helped fo end fhe acfnvufles of fhe year wufh a wonderful sprnng fea af wh ch fhe l948 49 sfaff of our new Spanish magaznne FIESTA was presenfed fo fhe group l27 F'rs R -J. r , M. C ll ', J, i , , lr, . ' , . ' ' , . ' . R - V. Sl e, S. Ol l , E. L d, B, M . Th' d R w-P. B , , , . . , P, fhln, M. Z' ' ' , ' , , 1 lp a pr , ry . . , . . nw r J. B 6 , .S . r -R. B b , L. lrwi , , . ' , . , . , .Sf , A. L , . l . . , . BO , , Rey , P. G ll , . Y l 5, N. ff, . Kir- sfel , . Klnd B. Carlson, R. EId+, D. T'gh , S. R'lx . Flfh Row-S, Rh d , N. P well . l h . O l r r l ' Row M Slorrs E Ccurdqls J Crowley M MacNaure A Laubner G Johnson J Goo e-'r W old ar Por er Sul rv N umon V Jo n on Bra y F Co es econ Row N Lee D Rlchards M Sherman DeMar A Markos W l-larrnunq ahl ush N McDonad D Townsen R Smnrh J Wru l e re rson r ze r- rx a ema lr ow l Gorm e rader J Fu Cher M Schumaker E Meuche K Sava as lr Cameron E Gr ss F Re lschnel er Wal nes w sa Ro le M Rehman Fourl ow Wx ra r e C e rn xe r n n e e Wrllr rrme Q rue e o ln mixed C'lwruA l-lE mlxed chorus under lne leaderihlp of Mr Frank Rehman nas oeen very suc cesslul durnng lhus year In lhe early lall Jrhey gave a concerl wulh aulumn as lheur rneme They had as lhemr quesl slar Tom Scoll radro arhsl beller known as The Amerucan Troubaoor Their Thanksquvunq achvrhes were an asiembly Iusr belore vacahon and parlucupahon an 'rhe ouldoor communlly servuce on Thanksquvrng mornung Early rn December lhey began work on lhe Chraslmas program wnuch was gaven rolnlly wnlh lhe bevenlh and erqhlh grade chorus Alrer lhus lhere was of course lhe radllnonal carolung n lhe halle Many members of 'rhe maxed chorus look an achve parl mn lhe produchon ol The Plrafes of Penzance whrch proved an excellenl opporlunny for oblalnnng hrghly val uable experrence lhroughoul lhe enfure year The members were conslanlly benehhng oy lne various experrences ol lherr Conduclor who endeavored lo beslow upon lhem a pleaslnq and professional alrfnude Towards lheur music A newcomer al lhe oeqlnn ng of lh bchool year Mr Rehnnan has now proved lo be a favorlle wnh everyone ln The p :ng of lhs year rhe chorus held ns lradnhonal concerl whrch proved a uccesslful clrmax lo 'rherr achvuhes ol llue year I28 Fi'sr - . , . . l , . ' , . , . , . dl r K, ' sen, D. Mllcheil, J. M shall. R. Collins, E, Osrerhouse. J. Doyle, A. + . B, l' an, J. Hill . D r, . h 5 , F, dl , . l . S d . f , , . ' ' , . , J. B h r E. Joh. , J. B az ll, R. Ma n' , B. Bl k n. Th' d R -N. Lee. . l y, A. Sch . . 'e+ , . , . , , 5 , . . . c , . i ' 'd N. 'lla . , J. Daley. D. Pe . C. Scorl, B. Rea P. Und y, V. l r, r. . h R f D. Macereqor D. Schrader, D. Forsler, M. Donahue, C. Neuman, J. Burke, D. Grunnerl, C. Breed, F. All' ms, R, S ' l n, B. G rh T. Mo l y, M. Cahlr, L. A derso , D. U l rdah' M. l-lrkle. S'x+h Rtvfff, 7 'S B. Snelder, F. G' S R. S h ' le", R. Z b ld, R. CM: held. . . , , . . T l -, , I IS S r., I . . . . S ' A . D U , wg : 4 .Ex fi , M Q j3i'eQiQSQQgQ Mr'-3 4 ml x- --fswf F7 ,ff av 2.5 5 QGQQBKQ Q Ejglgfl 53 . f j,.? zs2Q f Q F225 55,2 ' Q A V 'A' X ai, if ki-i ah- U I Q 'W E urs ow ro u a a n Klaurn w er J Riedel adsworfh A Porfe W Ward Seco d Ro Llf e ood pres denf rry M clc r a a er oy en 'I e cr Rau noeplxe V Wallcer Th rd Ro on or on e er u os e So e eelcs J Tun fa I e ow M Mac 'rolcer S a M Penfland Mlss Norman Fourfh o owley Foffh Ro ea ney Mc vans Nngh ehgae Ill'1 Ro lIlaAquerA C1116 r-IE Masquers Club saw a successful year an 47 48 They gof off fo a good sfarf wrfh fhelr apparenfly well apprecrafed producflon of Whaf A Life fhe original sfory of fhaf confused sfereofype of American youfh I-Ienry Aldrich If mnghf be v II fo menfuon here fhaf Mass Norman and fhe casf worlczng under dlffuculf cond: flons presenfed fhe play affer only fhree weelcs of rehearsals Wlfh fhe play over fhe Club seffled down fo adlusf fhe funcfuonlng of nfs Infernal affaurs Affer some confusaon concerned wnfh funding fhe consfufufaon whnch had been mnslaud fhe conshfuhon was revssed and sfreamluned Membership quofas were Imposed helping fo cure one of fhe weak pounfs of Masquers admlnusfrafvon If had been found fhaf before fhas revnsuon foo few members showed up af meehnqs ID proporfuon fo fofal enrollmenf fhus paralyzsng fhe vofnng acfxon Af fhfs fnme fhe admlnrsfrafuon was pleased and wllzng fo help bring cerfaun necessary nmprovemenfs on fhe sfage and In fhe Green Room Wafh fhus excellenf cooperaflon and supporf fhe Masquers were guven fhe Green Room as fhear ex clusnve properfy half of whuch was fo be readled for Masquers socual use and 'rhe ofher half for properfy buuldung As fhus MAST goes fo press fhe Masque-rs are complefung fhenr sprung producfuon The Imporfance of Being Earnes+ I3O I- I R -J. C wley, G. McM fr y M. C Idwell, J, S+. Joh , M. Dalfon. E. Rolfe. J. . M. D y , , ' I, J. W 4 , r, . . n w-R. 'fl w ' I I B. I'Iu , . Sla , J. Konfhe, S. Klein, M. G II gh , V. B d D. Eg I, D. F sfef. A, , C. K , . . I w-J. Wlls , I-I. N f . R. Lo ffl . B. L nd. S. F f r F. I I. J, W , , s II, N. B23 I , . S , D. h w, . . ' . . R w- J. Sullivan, R, Wllficn. R. Rielheirner, C Fler-n?ng, W, Shoemaker, I-I. Alexander, B. Sparling, I-I. Cr . ' w-A. K I , D. Crowley. J. Carlney, T. E , J. ' f .f I . Slx Row- R. Cflfchlield, P, wCIer1. , I D A ELDREDGE Inc 281 MAIN STREET HEMPSTEAD N Y I3l l I I Buick S6463 and Service T- '- -Ewof' f,'. ATT SPIES' CAMERA SHOP, Inc. 14:35-' afd Impcwea Carvefae Comriefe Suoohe 5: SEVENTH STREET GARDEN QTTY, N, DESPARD 81 CO INSURANCE ONE CEDAR STREET NEW YORK STUART GRATTAN nc EToor Covermq Specualms 77 I32 , I . T06 SETJENTH STREET GARDEN CTTY, N. Y N Gwdv O fig! ii bfi? GARDE CH, PEL ORVILLE T CRONK Inc. FUNERAL DIRECTORS 7 'G f ff!!! .ff ffff ffffff NRIIN XXI YI IMLI' RI l N L: 600 I33 I ---. - -Lg 7,7 - '-"' ,Tiff LW . -. i , 5'f:?,,:?,! - iii g T':X5T - , 'l" . 1 1 5' If , M ,.. -l. -- A L.-gf in-- . gk tt ll' lf- -1 ll-. ?' ',:.' I , 'gl - 1 ,va - -. M. - l' -L :L nm I ., -.- 11 N 4. , 1' ' 1 . 'P 1- 4.59. 'I ,, -, - fi Z in , . .u A V. 1-,,.. ,W ll, ..- V 3 Eli - -2 Ti, --r 1 f ,, - Z l... W4 . HIL' . Riff rn 5, Jr If , 'J-'J I nu 1.1 nn .Izh If FRA., '..' . 'E A'I'15llu ST. 40 URl:IfNX'x'H 5"'f:' GA 1 PES L'I'l'Y, I- l. I!lE5lI'5IlE.XlJ, I.. l. 1 J- c J1.1.p,f.- .114 THE NEW SHOE STORE ads 32 MAIN STREET I-IEMPSTEAD 46 SO MAIN STREET EREEPQRT 4 RALPH B SCHARMAN Remo T49 SEVENTH STREET V SSU GARDEN CITY ART SHOP C e dmc Pcrue Eram mg 640 ERANK N AVENUE rv T H W I34 Ee+I1Fea IQIO 'OEF CV. 4 55 Tf-. Gear' C H -UTS ARTIST, EDLIES I4 I' PI Iuv' 5 ' I r I 'EJII I'f'IIX:T NEI, IHESTE FN: PEIINTT . -I 1 fx' 1-- ' ' 5 'IL' "1"f' ' ' I NWI: I S' f .E-APEEN C TX" , GAR, EN CITY If! I P Imifwwf Im - GOODYEAR EIRESTONE TIRES CUNNINGHAM BROS Hernpsfead Tpke and Nassau Blvd GOODRICH D U S ROYAL WATCHES CLOCKS JEWELRY SDeC I +I'-e Repa T GTC s a YE OLD CLOCK AND WATCH SHOP 'OUIS ROMAINE P p 277 NASSAU BOULEVARD GARDEN CITY SOUTH MAPLE STATIONERY AND SWEET SHOP 257 NASSAU BOULEVARD GARDEN CITY SOUTH L I Co VOQEI A pST d ADELPHI GARAGE NASSAU BLVD SOUTH GARDEN CITY L I The VILLAGE PASTRY SHOP C e Cel: Pe-Hs Ice C a es De C o C e Bak 96 SEVENTH STREET GARDEN CITY BeT+er TI'IIngs for The Home ELECTRICAL I-IOUSEWARES TELEVISION Sales and ServICe I35 Telephone Hem . 5856 ia izlnq In Ir O Eine W IRG rd CIOCIQS - E, ro . T, ' ve. H971 ea 6408 Phone Garden Clfy 2097 WE DELIVER E Iairs - Lay T es - I Pours rearn C In - Ii I us Even I1 Ice Cr am AII ing Done on Premises in GARDEN CITY BANK and TRUST COMPANY OPEN ERIDAY EVENINGS From 7 PM Io 830 PM Une-xceIIec:I IZGCIIIIIGS for Eumchons of All Kinds of DANCES BRIDGE PARTIES WEDDING RECEPTIGNS BANQUETS ETC GARDEN CITY HOTEL Under KnoII IVIamagememII GARDEN CITY N Y LG KATHY C y oo I36 Memoer OI E.D.I.C. ard EedefaI Reserve Sys'ef" PAU . 'I f A Manage" GBVCQW JI 7 Ter, Gamer: Cf, '9II Tf- TERVO'S HOUSE OF SPECIALTIES The Hobby and Muglc Cenfer WIT? FUI Fw' ard Pvi'31raDIrlc Una I4 NASSAU BOULEVARD I, Garden CiIy 94IO ADELPHI DELICATESSEN HENRY J, MUELLERS Prep. Fancy Groceries A Dairy Producfs Home Made SaIads and Cooked Mea'S 40 NASSAU BLVD SO emom CI V MENENDEZ MOTOR SALES Inc Nash Sales and Service I 85 MAIN STREET I-IEMPSTEAD N Y ARNELL MEN S SHOP Inc Co e T D ess Ior Mem 262 FULTON AVENUE BAND BOX SEVENTH STREET GARDEN CITY N Y SAQOENJ CITY N. Y. T L. T, I 0 T-2. I-I"'wS3'ei'J Tc I , . H rr C r T T37 PATTON TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE 210 Tl- TRD STREET JINEQLA L C Ty brew JOSEPH CONSENZ TT S y! sr T72 SEVENTT-I STREET ARDEN V I1 MASCOLA 8: BURKE racer rw Eru ever 657 FRANKLIN AVENUE C YOUR CENERAL ELLCTRTC E ALER GARDEN CITY MUSIC CENTER Radmos Tele-vfsnon Records COMPLETE VTTCT-TENS APPLTANCES R ea T92 SEVENTH STREET GARDEN CTW N V C+ BESTEVER earwer Tawlors yer 659 FRANKLIN AVENUE CARDEN Cm N Y SCHRADER 8: PRATT Inc Texhies 6 WEST 29 STREET NEW YORK V N Y XA 2 I38 l- -N'--iw M 1 .rf-f-. V .f..Q.,.If, A T :EEf.':::if'Q 5' ' 1 L ' I , . , Gafccf' CTW, 875 Rwcfc- Qnroer I r Y A Ha' T I ' Q H 5 if E+ ' , 3 CIT L, 1 Ff"Wi"T W" B9-' F CUT 57W AY?-Y N- Y- Tee. S-eros' CH MEC' T4'T W T E TH , Gnfdwv T V F690 - C5 5 - f - D 5 Re?IabTe Radio ep Irs . . 7 , . . l 0 .LW X . Tr-wdfrfi I Uvvax 'T' 5-'TSP German CIW IISO HUBBELL, KLAPPER and HUBBELL REAL ESTATE 65 I-IILTON AVENUE GARDEN CITY J F HELMUS 81 CO Qeneral Insurance SureIy Bonds an Pension and Group Programs 79 JCIEIN STREET NEW YORK N Y BEE 96 I39 QI -32 HENRY C ALBRECHT GENERAL REAL S ATE PRACTICE 56 SALISBURY AVE STEWART MANOP HOFFMANN S KORNFIELD PHARMACY DELICATESSEN T NEW HYDE PARK PD 'Xl C EJ EXCLUSIVE HAIR STYHST HOWARD 81 BOBS 61 QQVERT AVENUE EMIL BURKLIN 80 SECOND STREET EN Y PA General Insurance , E P' ldfvni Arnenify Hemp Bundcrl, I f. I H75 Par? 4-Q70 Sidi' CTW 970 P vm, - Baum PP We 4 x . G-AQDE TTY E'ff Pav? 4u5D9 I Scnod Supolic- A Toys - Sfeflone 0 WH , ,f D ' ELVWAL mm f f J fa' I IE A 1 ff A Corsages - Cm Howers SARD CTT 52K . 4 C' 9 Qs 140 Congrafulafions Io Hue CLASS OE 48 HARBOR FUEL OIL CO, Inc GLEN COVE L I WOLK S STATIONERY STORE Sha? one y ScI1ooI S ppI e 675 FRANKLIN AVE GARDEN on d C y GARDEN CITY BOOKSHOP Books To CI'w Id e ano Adulfs SOCIAL STATIONERY GREETING CARDS I86 SEVENTI-I STREET GARDEN CITY N Y d d8 HERBERT S MARKET P me Meefs 293 FRONT STREET HEMPSTEAD PARAGON CLEANERS O e Day CIea ng Se ce I56 SEVENTH STREET I4I 1 . I I . . r I r rw ' I r - u IS Y Y Gov en TI 3527 R'orv-3 Ga' eo Cffy Ifio -,Tea 896 I Gafoef CIW 7I33 l ri rw ni rvi STRUSS BPOS PINAFORE PLAYSI-IOP GCS CI ISS SECOND STREET ERANKEIN AVFNUF MODERN BARBER SHOP MARCEL FROM PARIS Inc INCENT wow U N 67 NEW HYDE PARK R 69 SEVENTH STREET IO4OI VINCENT S COFFEE SHOPPE JUSI Ihe Besr OI Everyfhmg Fresh Frulr Sodes and Suhdaes The Year Round 825 FRANKLIN AVENUE GARDEN CITY I42 ffdflv' CIM 5443 r"'1"' 7- 'V 4 OJ x . D II 'efser I'3,5 - Car 5 - Parry Fever? If wsfw w Y A T I YQU- C415 Cam RT1'-A Hobby r-1 R, Naweu 5 ExcIusTve Beauty SeIeh Wrf 6f:TIIF': ff' r-III' Cu' A P A E SEXIE I3C,,,f'IE Mfvfax-if V Lv I :L 'TA LI C Eff. , E D. I ' x'5f"RI'IN QVIW I, I. IN F TY N, V furry, ' f",S24E I PUT NONE BUT AMERTCANS ON GUARD TQNIGHT W J EVANS 8: SON Inc AN Q! WEST STREET N1 N OPK N Luglffreraqe Se-wuce Marme Transporfalfuon I43 E --YE fgeorqe Wfashlmqffqn O Q I l TV, J, TED E! . S DHL' f" , EN Y X , '- T 2 TUGS for Ocean Harbor and Sound Towuno BARG ES Eor Trensporfehon of Bulk Cul and Ofhef Connmodfnes Essex TRANSPORTATION co MCCARREN TOWING LINE Inc JERSEY CITY N J I44 Dlvision of I I5 EXCHANGE PLACE Telephones: or -2988 B g 45121 Bes+ Washes Io The CLASS OE 48 L E K OILCO,Inc GARDEN CITY N Y GARDEN CITY PRODUCE MARKET aIIy E TS and Ve-ge-Tabie I58 SEVENTH STREET M SAVING GC9392 993 Goce esadpod ce GARDEN MARKET I73 SEVENTH STREET GARDEN CITY N Y OSEPH E WHITT YJP d INSURANCE REAL ESTATE WILLIAM L ENEQUIST Inc 721 FRANKLIN AVENUE I . . . . 0 GA'oer CP, R598 I P'one Ga' ef C7'x 900 Qu I rui' ' ' S GARDEN CITY, N. Y. , Pfco. T, EDFOPQ . . - 3 ' I r rI n r u WHFW 3 Lawcri, Prone. I I45 To We Class of '48 CQNGRATUIJXTICNS THOREN S COMPANY 57 HILTON AVENUE N M6 I SAPDE 'STR' WINI MARTIN Presenfs The BEAU MART BEAUTY SALON Hear Sfylmg Re-clucmc Permanenf Wave Specuallsh 642 FRANKLIN AVENUE T47 FAIRCHILD SONS Inc I2OI ERANKLIN AVENUE GARDEN CITY N Y Eor Buslness and Resldenlnal Properjry In II1e WesIern Sechon of Garden CnLy CONSULT REALTY ASSOCIATES Inc 56 SALISBURY AVENUE STEWART MANOR 'cr ar? 4 4 EeIdsIone 3 3753 I48 ' 0 Q. O. WESTLIN, Manager Telephone Garden CIW 585 ' 0 E: aI R . -2I 7 I - ow nnowm-646 GARDEN CITY ffwozzclmjil shop Always Brumful of Fashion News Q33 ERANKLTN AVENUE a G C 1 4 ! 'A'- u-. 5 If 0 ,A L ID LI 5 G RIP ' s J f, ' CTE 1 1 sw " S 6 - S 5 ' " 3. -X Q T 2 is : 4 s . N 2 ,, , 'L ,- T 'X U' G5 QD! Q J 6 ..j. IX? IND fx! f 7 Nl NVY0llIn e phomeG C 3630 SPEC AUZTNC TN THE CARE OF THE HAH? THROUGH SCTENTIETC MASSA HARPER METHGD BEAUTY SALON Permanem' and Emge Waves Eacral Shampoo IO9 SEVENTH STREET GARDEN CITf An Exclusuve Harper Me-Thod Shop I49 .46 JAYNE KAYE ORIGINALS 729 FRANKLIN AVENUE A DEN CNY N HUBBELL KLAPPER and GOODELL INSURANCE 63 EHLTQN AVENUE EDEN LIN 50 C, Q E 4 w. Q C'y wg I GA A f if f 17' I Z " n f , - 5 ,, ' 0 3. E I f X X 1 5 I Qwf I I I 'f, ' ' f I I I mum .L'1:.n.'.mg 5 sv I ,I We , W' ' b""'fH ,, 2, Y 'I ' f 4 I- .fF'W"?,!'E A... 4' X A , qv X 'Omen ENFRKV' T e slogan thats backed y genulne goo ness ln qua 1ty an SEIVICC t e result 01546 years success u e perlence ln t e yearlmoolz We 1nc1 rea Sat1S actxon 1n p easlng you t e year oo pulahslmer as we as your p otograp er an your prlnter JAHN S OLLIER ENGRAVING Makers of Fme Prmtmg Plates for Black or Color CommerclaIArtlsts Photographers 8I7 W WASHINGTON BLVD CHICAGO 7 ILL S3 I I 'XIAHN S QLLIER AGAIN" 11 ' 1, - .1 - 1' 41 ' ,la fl x ' ' I1 field. f' l 'I ' ' 1 ' ,ll - 1: la ' , ll 11 11 41 CO 'Z GARDEN CITY FLORIST ,ffm "" SEVENTH STREET GARDEN CITY N Y PRINTERS OF THE l948 MAST AND OTHER LEADING ANNUALS THROUGHOUT THE EAST I52 Q7 T, .IT re Ser QE I' - ' f f. 1, ff., I lf" .xx ff' ,gg III sk , A ' f Four Sfores on The IsIarTd ,W Ez WIM2. I 1s55.f.. I-git - JV- 7 I79 I .

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