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'fha-'if ,X :ffm-L U iff FP. Yagi.-lbw, 1 , htm . I ,T hun-g., Edifors JANE BUCK CHARLES BUSH B1 wee- Ninaqv Feiufy Advkof iN MMISNU JCHN E. WARRINER , GARDEN CITY I-HGH SCI-IGGI. Garden Cify, New York THE MHSI 1945 9 . YW KV!! rw N F J L V O L J HE gm rw K 45 HM. :EOIXQ51 Qr 'z' 'GW nom 'w ye fr 1 54' i1 . 'zfffffrgfz "H ,-771' 5-fflfv N 3 f .f ,, ,eil 5 V ' 5 VJ ' ji ' 3, 135. V EJ: wi, wf 1,4,, 1 , Qi 11 ' wr. eff 2,1 xnfreffen' w 'fc my pwlx 'LLIQL ,'Q' x'1fL.',1, Y: 'Lg' "vQ" J-' ' Vik 1 iff wi". LC2'fEf1Lf:'Af'. Uv- 9' W "Q UFIQA' me fav rf 'fx x N53 sid, 3 lic 'nidfzifz " 'ew' 12 5,5 'F J 'QW' wp' " W' 134i 'i'i'1 ,. Tm- f1g1Ho1'fam wwf" v.Qr1eQ wa, qc 1 c m-'ff"'NC1 "li '11 Q35 'fx Q rf" F. i..""'gymr' v I A rx KA' :bm j yi .wvvk ly u' I X, 1 v V . : , , V : . III IIIIIIIII II THOMAS BURNE WILLIAM CLARKE EDWARD DANNEMILLER JACK DORE HAROLD EDMONDS CHARLES ELDER KENNETH FIEDLER FRANKLYN KETCHUM ROLAND ALBERT LUTHER RICHARD McKENNEE BERNARD MOLINE JOHN PIERCE THOMAS RIEGER WILLIAM RYERSON -I-hey g Ih II may we p II'1y I +I'1 M! I 801611 IP O you lhe lafesf class fo deparl from fhe Garden Cily High School l convey my sincere congralulaluons and besl wishes for your fulure Fufure is a word which al' one lime was somewhaf prediclable al leasl so far as choice of a career and a place fo frain for if were concerned This unforfunarely is no longer rrue because of sifuahons in which our counlry finds :Tse-lf Today However The lraining and experi ence which you have had in your school days will enable you 'ro rnalce careful choices carried by rhis generahon of adulfs For 'rhaf 'ra persevere in securing fhe prepara lion necessary Jrherelor FRANK R WASSUNG Superinfendenl of Schools Phofo by Bachrach 8 where choices are possible. On you, years hence, will fall 'rhe burden now being i 1 g 0 Sr gqauuiiu an-r"'m QZ9f To fhe Gradualmg Class HILE lhe e words are being wrulreru lhe whole Nazi world rs fallmq lo ple-ce deslrucllorw are yueldurg To 'the mrqhf of Allred Nalrorws In all lhealres ol aclrorw A perlod of reconshucluon and an era of peace are vlsuble on lhe world s horrzon Alfhough rhe way ahead IS urrcerram no one cah doubr nfs challenge lo lhe youlh of Amerrca ll probable fhal mosl' of fhe boy of your class wul experience mlllfary servrce durmq lhe remalmnq years of lhe war ll s cerfam rhal all of y will have fhe opporlurmly lo grve of your fume and lalenls NU The reallzafuon of a beller world My wr h for each of you us lhal y u comhrruc lo be good chzem a cl rhal you wave your fulr mea ure of happme arfo ucce l. S MICHAEL Prmcupal 9 l S 'Phu a nn ' 5 df . I S . . . . . . Z in lhe grealesl' calaclysm mam has ever wilrwessed. The forces ol evil and ' . is 5 l 'l ' .. . . . . ' I . Ou 'Q ' C o ' 1 I' 5 rx l l 3 ' as r ' 3 53. ALMA MATER Towards 'rhe goal of lufe s amblhon Onward we shall qo Wu+h our mmds our hearfs our vusuons Farr +o fruend or foe ln +he varled pa+hs we 'Follow We shall do our parl' Keeping lorlghl fhe flame of memory Garden Clly Alma Maler Thus our song shall be From each loyal son and daughler Smglng praise 'ro 'rhee In fhe years +ha'r follow aH'er lhough our ways dlvlde Garden Clly Alma Mafer Ever be our prlde . . . . I I Ever in our hearls. 1 X! 1 Q FY VH X v,,,,.. , , , K -mw- ,. ,, ,,.,-wwf-,-W. ,,,.........,..,...4., . ..,...,.,.A .... .- -9' ...- . MW. f Q 9' 1 3 . W ,M ,N if cy I ,552 I 1 Xa 1 M -" .,f"'M k N - .W 1 . . 5. p ,iz ,,--" gf V .3- 4 Q S 1 I ' - '- g ' ' . . " ' 1 . 'S ff 2- 2 1 FQ- ! 5 a f m,,,,'-,?,nnw:f' ""'fT'5'92 'W' 11 M .12 .52 lm.-' 'K M my. ' I Qu giigvlifi-2 . :A . ,Q vi h1 x x fx fini , 24 M y ' ,v 'li Alxif ' 4 ., QT -. af' igwfn ,ff 1 I V I 5 Y6-,IZA i 3 R4 wk. sz FPL gg, ., A NNW! f um T , My 4 Q ggkb E X .-Y f f ' N MN A 'W Q' w 4 I 3 mQQwwl4fiii I R I . ' f .X i QQ 'Q 31" .ng If r. 4 X 1 s Y w 45? f ffl Q qi 'f ' "rub ,-. " ij! 5 YQ-P32 , g I sw srff y .5 vi: V ' ' ' 3, QB w , ' i 'Y Y T4 I 1... i Q., . I I ' eff Q A 1 I Y 541 3 , 1, Nw- ,Tw wi ,s Y 1 ,gin - - '5- 1 'W Fm .. ,Q 3 3 ' s ' -4' -,,,L - ' . 4 I - . f J f ' f L. , as six, I 11 Q 5 . '-' ' N. 5 ,I R fl ,K X at . ff Q 1 Gigi! ' Q 5 X X , Q mmm M y a Jr .v, Q .spy .Q ,sg A i x 5 til , , mi fi, v ,., .msg X '- 1 if ' 12, fQ"sa, xy Q, 'l, Q - we v-gg H - H, will Eh glll MMI! - 4 , KWH! K E F . 6 R, L' ff! 1944-1945 EDTEMBER ll l944-ft" e agfafr wi sfooeo merrfy oac-1 'o .ir'::--iapoy lhal a' long asl vacalion wa3 over, Cur iond lacu 'y weicorrfed us wi'h ofgr' smes SVG expressions which were oufsirg wirn lne ioy ol aeeing us al'er fwo endless 'nenrh-. Sev- erai appaiiing lhing-, however were very apparenl Chiel was wilhoul .31 ioke and Casey nad arrived on rme. XfVi?h a second and more rea islie glance abou' lee oo place we louno a rew oiiicc. some addilions lo lhe lacu ry, and a schedule which wai more conlusirg lhan lasl year's. Even rhe clocks had a hard lime ringing al 9:30. lO:22, l2:3l and orher equally impos- sibe momerls. Assembly oays presenred adf dilionai changes. The besl lhing lo do was run on your own schedulefmlar less compli- caled. The G. Q. Drive opened on Se-plember QI wilh lhe new Council swearing lo fulfill lasl -springl draslic promises. Supersales lalks were given al an assembly by such disf linguished people as Joe Fanning, lvlary lvlc- Kibbin, Ruln Grolz, and l.eo Marliruzzi, and lhese appeals musl have had some eilecl, lor lhis years drive lurned our lo be lhe moir suiicesslul in hislory. Many homerooms achieved lOOOfO eller violenrly clubbing a lrzw con oenrious obieclorx Room 6 made Presidenf, Secrefary, and Treasurer lOO'yQ, in live minules aller refusing admis- sion ro any one wilhoul sullicienl lunos. By some sorl of miracle Room 6 always Comes Through wirh perlecl cooperalion in every drive. No one dares ask The kind of insioe pressure rhal is exerled. ln anolher week we seniors Too began To worry aboul funds. As always, lhe solulion was magazines, and in lhe wild dash lor subscriplions nol one Teacher was missed. Even Mr. Machlurl slyly smiled and boughl a year oi Playma+e. The Sfudenf Council The TirsT issue oT The Echo appeared on Thursday, SepTember 29. ATTer greaT hesi- TaTion and discussion on The parT oT The sTaTT, iT was Tinaily decided To use a cheaper grade OT paper and publish an issue every oTher week. ln This way The news was much Tresher and The work much harder, Joe Kal- bacher headed The sTaTT as ediTor unTil Jane uary, when Mary Jane Shaw and Jack Kun- lcel Tools over. OTher Than The change in paper, The Echo remained largely The same. A new column appeared signed by Willie and Chuclc, along wiTh The column enTiTled "Choice BiTs," which everyone seemed To read TirsT. Cn one ouT oT every Two Wednes- days The Pub Room was The cenTer oT a whirlpool oT acTiviTy-The Echo was being puT To bed. Far inTo The nighT a Tew hardy individuals slaved, and when aT lasT The paper was Tinished They had To sTumble home une der The sTars. And The Turor when The Tinf The ECHO ished producT appearedl VVhaT Teacher could compeTe wiTh a copy oT The Echo? Near The end oT SepTember everyThing was preTTy nearly down To The same rouTine. MOQT oT us were geTTing used To crawling ouT oT bed aT unheardfoT hours, having planned our morning dash To school To The lasT second. Miss Jennings was once again holding her aTTernoon ToTewafToTe2 wiTh halT The school in Room lo Trying vainly To soalc up vome l.aTin, Mr. Taylor was bacl aT ThreaTf oning suicide by iumping ouT The window, and lvlr. Thompson was sTill runnirg down The usual Type oT oTTenders, DeTenTion drew Thou- sands. On CcTober I7 The shoe was on The oTher TooT Tor The TirsT Timefour parenTs wenT To school. For one whole evening They wenT from class To class, lfsTened aTTenTivelyl7l To Teachers, drove The halicops baTTy, and were ParenT's NighT "The Wedding" served Tree reTreshmenTs in Tne caTeTeria. Some had Trouble TiTTing inTo deslcs, and some goT a liTTie oTT schedule. buT Tor The mo5T parT They came To The Conclueion ThaT iT miqhT be n'ce To be young again-fQh. yeah? LaTer in CcTober The PTA. provided everybody wiTh a Tree halT day, There was, oT course, one hiTQh To This oTherwise blies- Tul ThouqhT-everybody was To geT a iob and donaTe proTiTs To The scholarship Tund. So we seT ouT happily To mow The lawn clean silver, wash windows. poli,h TurniTure and painT. The nexT day over six hundred dollars was Turned over To The P.T.A. alond wiTh one complainT sTaTing ThaT Two boyi had iprayed each oTher wiTh a ho-'e. The Ivlasduers Club produced iTs lirT,T QT' Pep Rally TorT on The Tirsr oT November wiTn Ken hair' leigh and Ann Leonard in The leading roles. WhaT wiTh Ken under The beo looking Tor a collar buTTon, Billy Damon ruhninq around loolcinq Tor The back sTairs. and everybody else iusT looking conlused, The Wedding showed ThaT This year was To be edual Te lasT when iT came To The Masquere Club. Qur one and only pep rally wae held or Friday niqhT, November 3. Several hundred enThusiasTie sTudenTs gaThered around a huge bonTire ouT on The aThleTic Tield a liTTle aTTer eiqhT. There were cheers ahd speeches, which were heard by Tew, buT neverTheiesQ added To The Turor, The ciimax came when The lvlar, hasseT dummy was Thrown on The Tire, and The rally Tinaly brolce up wiTh a soonTane.Tuf snake dance around The Tire. A Vicfory Merch Erwiu ::i h-:Qi noT abafed wi, The Time Tire grime ro'lcd around cr Salurday, and Tie ucyp rizid IT againl Proving Thar They were ouT rc male ail They couiu, The Juniors gave Tne lirsT dancc ol Tne :ea on on The sixTh ol lxlovembe. Jir about everybody came. Doughnurz were given away unTil iT was icufd ThaT They were supposed To be sold. and The STa'dusT- ers played Tor The TirsT Time in G. C. since Their new TormaTion. Some wild and unprec- edenTed figure wiTh regard To proTiTs was rumored abouT Town The rexT day, The SixTh War Loan opened on Novem- ber 2I wiTh an assembly packed wiTh nol- able people. A chaplain from Texas via MiTchel Field showed us whar The wide open spaces will do To The vocal chords, a Tlyer fresh Trom The European TheaTer relaTed sev- eral experiences and impressed upon us The need of sTrong supporT, while lasT bul noT leasT, Lew Lehr arrived. Looking exacTly like his picTures, he sTepped up To The mike, sneezed several Times, dripped like a TauceT, made laces like a baboon and was oil again. The War Board, headed by Ann Kennedy and under The supervision of Miss Amis, had charge oi disTribuTing The blanks, sTickers, cerTiTicaTes. and all oTher maTerial needed To The Sixfh War Loan Rally deluge The village Tor bonds. Scarcely a door- bell was leTT unTouched, and we are sTill won- dering how Those 7Th and 8Th graders goT around so TasT. ElecTion Day in G. C. High was worTh noTing. Jusl To make us Teel ThaT, even if we were noT exacTly of voTing age, iT mighT The War Board The Budget Calendar, Assembly CommiTTees, and The LosT and Found noT be such a pad idea To see whaT we could do, a rniniaTure elecTion was held. Dewey was Tar ahead in The end. OT courie, some radicals slapped Their "X" down aTTer The name oT Norman Thomas, and some even had The conhdence To wriTe "Me," louT re- gardless OT The senTimenTs oT our esTeemed insTiTuTe, The naTion wenT DemocraTic and mosT people around here vowed ThaT The nexT Tour years would Tell a diTTerenT sTory. BuT The school was deTiniTely Turning bue reaucraTic. The STudenT Council, Teeling ThaT The burden OT governmenT had To be dis- TripuTed, had appoinTed several commiTTees -The BudgeT CommiTTee, The Assembly CommiTTee, The Calendar CommiTTee, and The LosT and Found. People who needed money Te.g. The Echol Tried To geT in good wiTn Bill lv1iTchell. People who had any daTes To reserve saw RuTh T-lauser, and The Thou' sands oT people who losT everyThing They own, hopeTully Tollowed Sally Boudreau abouT. AT The end oT The TirsT guarTer The l-lonor SocieTy inTroduced To The school a poinT sysTern oT raTing. The obiecT oT The plan was To sTimulaTe scholasTic inTeresT and show each person exacTly where he sTood in relaTion To his class. Only a Tew homerooms were chosen To be guinea pigs Tor The TirsT Trial. BuT by The end oT The second r1uarTer, The whole school was included in The experimenT. Mem- bers oT The T-lonor SocieTy supervised The underTal4ing, and more Than one oT Them was The Honor SocieTy Moving Picfu re Operafors heard babbling figures and percenfages ro himself while walking down fhe hall. l-low- ever, now if is possible for anyone fo defer- rnine his relafive sfanding in schoolwork. The l-lonor Sociefy sfarfed ifs work early wifh fhe elecfion of Joe Faucher as presi- denf, June Koharf as vice-presidenf, and Edith Lacey as secrefary. Feeling fhaf fhe ninfh grade was fhe ignored secfion of school, fhe l-lonor Sociefyls firsf acf was fo presenf fo fhern by means of an assernbfy fhe various acfivifies of which fhey could become parf. Shorf speeches were given by represenfafives from every club-each fry- ing fo oufplug fhe ofher. The freshmen leff deferrnined fo loin nof le,s fhar five. Tnanksgiving came arong wifh The oo guesfion, "Vv'haf dale is if fhis year?' And "Who can be sure? Bu? fnaf was rea ,y The leasf of eve ybody s worries, The rnarrs lnaf had appeared fhe week before were enough. And if ir hadrf been for Thanksgv- ing a cerfain Echo coiurnnizf ccuidnlr have rnaoe fne franfic sfalezrwenf "during Cnrigfr rnai vacafion we wil' have 'hree firnea as much firne fo do what we oid, fn a rhfro ai much firne as we will havef' Dinicg llovcnwbc ard Deiernipl' fre Dir, ern: cages rook uo who 'rrcfe ling sue? K of Marriage and fho Famfiyf Fleeorez, " ay 'f wa, worfh you' 'fe fo ge' your ra' on a book dealing wifh rhe subiecf. Numer- ous polls were held around school in regard fo dafing and 'lchoosing a lvlafefl and Chucks oral reporf rnusf never, never be menfioned in anyfhing louder fhan a whis- per? Now who doesn'f believe in Progres- sive Educafionff Hall Cops off Du+y Biology Club December broughT The TirsT oT The Band ConcerTs. WiTh The audiTorium p'Tched inTo compleTe blackness The Twirlers showed us whaT could be done wiTh luminous balons, and Mr. Perkins appeared only as a pair ol: gloves. The Boys' AThleTic BanqueT was held early in December. The TooTball, soccer, and cross- counTry awards Tor I944 were presenTed and The coaches and AI received presenTs. BUT The highlighT and climax ol: The evening was The presenTaTion oT The gold TooTballs To mem- bers oT our undeTeaTed Team. Soon aTTer, The TooTballs were worn by Those sTudenTs who never have been seen on a TooTball Tield. On December I5Th we seniors Tinally aT- TempTed a dance. Wilh Mary Jane again aT The head OT The commiTTee Things goT sTarT- ed. lmmedialrely, The quesTion arose wheThor iT was To be Tormal or inTormal. The girls said Tormal-'ibuT iT's a TradiTionl" The boys saicl INFORMAL! EiTher ThaT or They wouldn'T go. The argurnenT raged Tor days ---Win classes and ouT. To have a dance wilh no boys seemed raTher silly, so The decision was Tinally inTormal. BuT The worsT problem was a Tree. To Tind a Tree which would noT look like a losT sTump in The gym was like looking Tor some edible meaT. Barbara Jones and Kay SrniTh worked Turiously on an immense SanTa Claus used as a back drop, and The resulT was noThing shorT oT an arTisTic masTerpiece-especially wiTh The snow eTTecT eT coTTon. Dick Rieger and Archie lvlallon produced a Tree ouT oT no- where aT The lasT minuTe, and Things began To look a biT brighTer. Friday aTTernoon was spenT in decoraTing The gym-The Task which always resulTs in Trayed nerves, wornouT bod- ies. and general pandemoniunn. Somewhere Scphomores The Band around eeven, lhings were finished and lhe lasl hardy souls ilaggered home lo dregs if ary lime remained. Arriving back al lhe scehe in whar zeemcd ,ile less +han lhirly rnfrure . lney were norriiied lo find a glaring. unshieldod searcnlighl making havoc wilh all our plan. Where wal all rhal darlrne. lhal wa, going lo come in io handy? We never rlicl Tind oul. Senior picluref were lnlen on December I8, l9lh, and 2Olh, wilh The rozuli lhal The Masl edilorg are Qlill frying lo recover. They could nol have chozen more unlirhely days, Tor hall lhe clasi memberg were worlfihg, ahd lne olher half were if parls LIFLUCAWD, Milne The resull was havoc. Bur nolhing can com- pare wilh The day The proofs were relurned. A Cnrislmas pageanl was given on De- cember 2O+h by The Masguers Club. The Giee Club supplied The background music while carrying burning candles wilh everyf one laying privale bels on who would go up in llamez Tirnl. John Burrell slayed on his Tim Carroll and Mr. Sanford af The B.A.A. Award Nigl'l+ r"f".. if' fi fll' lTQL." ,"fi fill' 'IVU 7d,V'l ceer ace 'o waf srce are a 'WEVTFDGT of the Narrrer larny made he' Sage deout. The prize Cririrrnas free icii Trom The Senior dance was qenerously Qiven To The school lo serve a' riecoiaiion for The holie dayz. Some pay il .zo cd a wee oil OSTG. but you canil have oerylhihq. Fo' eeveia. Gays Ch izimas cw 1,5 were played pelween clagzes on a viclro a. our lne eTTecl was some- W. c., losr il yiu .-fi 1 'igr in a radius oi Three icel. hlowcr, il ihis music lacked The Cyiee Cluli rugs, .fi when They walked lhrouqh The hall. irrqinq iigilenl lhlignlii on The lxasl clay l CifIC is icalion. The Chrislmas pifil by llf. lime was overTlowinq. School clo ed Tar Chrislmas vacaiion on December Pl along with sighs oT "Al laslli lmaqine l2 day, To do anylhinq al alil Need we menlion lhal The hiqhliahl OT all high- liqhls was New Yeahs Eve? The second oT January rushed up leavinq us one measly day lo calch our brealh, Beiore we knew il we were baclc wrilinq I944 inslead of T945 while Tiqhlinq hard To slay awalce. Cn January second The French Club spon- sored a movie called "Les Perles de la Cou- ronnef' Consislinq oT some Three reels, il lasled over Two hours. Noi less Than Three languages were spolren, bul who could have done wilhoul The Enqlish lilles? The movie was bul one of The Tealures presenled lhroughoul The year by The French Club. Senior Dance For an unlimiled membership spealcers have been oblained, plays have been given, and local lalenl has performed. The War Bond Drive was brouqhlr To a close wilh an assembly on January ninlh. The lolal amounl sold Turned oul To be S677,l93.5O, wilh The Senior Class coming The Chrisfmas Pageanf French Club in lasT as usual. The Treshmen received a hun- dred dollars Tor The highe3T amounT sold, buT The highlighT oT The program was pre- vided by a Coa5T Guard QuarTeT who sang several numbers. The audience was very ape preciaTive oT Their eTTorTs, ard Dr. Michael was seen To smile dreamily ai The guarTeT gave TorTh wiTh "By The Lighl oT The Silv'ry Moon." The nexl Tew weeltz were 'penl Tryirg To gel' in all The worlc Thal had been ?OVQD'llCVT during The paaT rnonThs. We :bugged in vain To cram ir all Theie iT'le rhirgi TT'aT had seemed so urin'iperTarT iusT a liTTle while ago. And in The broceig erarnz were upon ui. "WhaT are The six Tunclrions OT The Tame ily?" "WhaT color is Tluorineffl Such snaTches oT quick asT rniruTe reviewing could ee heard Trorn The couples lingering in The hallways. as The cloclc Ticlced sTeadiIy on To 9:l5. Then came The ineviTable TorTure oT lhe nexT Three hours aTTer which wiTh varied ,oolrs oT relieT and worry, people aTaggered ouT one by one rnuTTering ThaT by June They would be Sure To lrnow The 5TuTT. A new 5TudenT sTore opened on February 5 To provide everybody wiTh bafc 'uppliey Sale, boonwed, ard The commercial classe' which had charge oT The s'ore were really lcepT busy. They have done a wonderTul iob, as llarcy BooTh can TesTiTy. Tor aT ore poihT she had ThirTyfTive dollars Too rnuch. Gice Club The OrchesTra Also on February 5 The STudenT CourT Tried and senTenced a record crowd oT Twen- Ty-nine. For loiTering in The halls To Throwing srowballs or Talking back To an oTTicer The culpriTs were given various degrees oT de' lenTion. The hail copg had really begun To bear down and did noT sTop To exclude courT judges Trom TickeTs. The Glee Club gave one of iTs annual concerTs on February 9, assisTed by The or- chesTra. The liquid Tone oT The sopranos mighT be aTTribuTed To The waTer dripping Through The rooT on Mr. Nichols' head. Somewhere along in February, music came To The caTeTeria. ReacTion was varied. IT proved a handicap To many who Tried To carry on conversaTion-3, buT some people were deTiniTely puT in The mood wiTn "One lvleaTball." AT Times iT seemed ThaT Joe Fanning goT Tired oT changing records,-and There were Tew who cheered him on, February was The monllh of holidays. Willi Lincoln'-Q BirThclay and Vrawhinglons Birlhf day and only Twenfy-efghT days To begin wiTh February was almosT over beTore iT began. BuT in February appeared Tne issue oT 'Pick' conTaining picTures oT our oul- sTarding l'scienTisTs.l' To geT hold aT a copy was worTh your liTe. Everybody wanTed To .cc G. C. I-l. S. ir pr?nT, And a monln alcr we drew phoTographerr Trom 'Look or raTher Bi,l Qlson od. A. we sit hcro conTif denTly waiTing Tor 'LiTe,l we wsrder whaT iT is abouT Garden CiTy. February and March were monlhs oT The- aTerfgoing Tor everyone. The Masguers Club wenT To see Ten LiTTle Indians, and having influence, was shown backsTage To see seTs and properTies oT The play. Early in March TorTy Spanish advocaTes wenT inTo New York To see a play enTiTled Npueble de las lvlu- ieresf' which means 'lWomen l-lave Their Way," and ain'T iT The TruTh? The Spanish Club This year has been under The presi- dency oT Phyllis l-lansen. They have meT regularly and have had several lecTures by guesT speakers. The STudenf Sfore fx Tashfr' x'Tg,w qyen oy The arf ca' ei was pre ffrwfi rf Tfla'-in 7, Am o 5 qos arm excramahons our local Ta env Troleo Torrh wlTh The newe T creahory From Adele Mc- Greevy in a r1raThlrTq sulT, To lvhml ln a sllnlfy GVGVXTUQ fTlC WQ77 S'lOWp ri THC Tashlors. BuT no' only fhaT---Jackie lappen Jare lnamlhon and Jeanhe Geqer ao' peared lr ore ff '7l oT The azT war aro shorTly aT'er whal noT To wear in ohfl easy esson. Cn March T2 The Seniors wenT en mane Twell, nineTy'slx, anywayl lnTo New York To see Mlhe lempesT. ' We waTched an excellenT produchon Trom somewnere up ln The sTraTo- sphere oT The lasT Tew rows ln The balcony. BuT IT won'T be The play we remember, T-TalT oT us couldn'T Tlnd a nickel as The subway rumbled by: The race To The Traln was equal To Gunder T-Taaq's record: and The aTTempT To geT up The rerfT morning proved hopef l9iS. Fashion Show Modern Language NlqhT was held on The nighT of March I5. For The whole preced- ing week rehearsals were held and perTorm- ances looked raTher sad, BuT on Thursday people somehow remembered Thelr lines and Thelr cue, and gave TorTh wiTh a record per' Spanish Club Sfudenf CourT u JJ' Modern Language Nigh+ Tormance. lT mighT noT have rnaoe much diie Terence To The audience iT we had TorgoTTen some oT our lines. We seemed To be The only ones who knew whaT was going on. Some oT The besT enTerTainmenT oT The eve- ning was provided by Rurh Hauser dribbling coke aTTer a violenT line, Linda MarTin Try- ing desperaTeiy To geT The word idee ouT oT her mouTh and Tailing miserably, George STuhr Trying To acT casual, and BarTon Con- anT in knee briTches. And where did Those beer barrels disappear To? The Sophomores gave Their dance on March Io. NOT only did They provide decoraf Tions and orchesTra, buT They gave us a onefacT Tloor show. Red Murray, Joe Fan- ning, and 'lim Carroll wenT Through a rou- Tine ending wiTh Their Tamous iendiTion oT "Sonny Boyfi lT was noTiced parT?cularly ThaT Red Murray can achieve a lovely, angelic The Red Cross expression in a baby bonnet and Joe can mess up a good ioke enough To conTuse GVQVYOUQ. Ihe annual Red Cross drive opened in The middle oT March. As usual, we begged, bor- rowed, or sTole To make The quoTa IOO per cenT. The Red Cross has been under The sponsorship oT Miss Kerr and Mrs. PeTer- sen This year and has done a wonderTul iob making bed iackeTs, slippers, and oTher ar- Ticies To send To hospiTals. NOT only did They run The Red Cross Drive wiTh The resulT ThaT every homeroom Turned in perTecT quoTas, buT They also sponsored The Red Cross Box- ing Show, held on March 23. There were enough bloody noses To saTisTy everyone, WalT Schraeder and Joe Sibella were The highlighT of The evening, when They ToughT Tor The "championship" Joe sTill holds The Tide. Red Cross Boxing Show The weaTher made a viTal change near The end oT March. Days became balmy-along wiTh oTher Things. Spring Tever oeseended as a large-scale epidemic and our Tahcy Turred To love or anywnere buT To worlz, Ea3Ter va' caTion broughT Temporary reiieT. Many hardy individuals venTured To Tne beaehfTewer venTured inTo The waTer. Some people iile Mimi and Jean McLean reTur-ned To school wiTh a Tan painfully envied by The resT ol us. The day aTTer we came baclf, Third quarf Ter marlcf. appeared, and we wished vacalion could have been longer. BuT on The whole, reporl Cards were preTTy good Tor a Change. Pehearaic sTarred almoif fmmedialey lor The mirgfrel how. Sorqg To be ,earned rouf Tires To be memorized. Pie plaTes banged arouwd while characler, zfagqered across Tre .Tage and The endmen 1,, Tipped TorTh vviTh Their liTTle song and dance. AbouT This Time se-rior hall cops began slowly To diiappear. 'Veddy seIecT'i iuniors TOOi4 over The efalled posiTions and iT did noT Talce Them iorq To geT iffo The swing. The hall copi This year have had The usual lun oT qeTTinq To ease lale and leaving ear y. lAnd They have also handed ouT Their snare of Tic:lceTs.l Bill Qlson has been robbed of his lunch a Tew Times, buT everyone geTs hungry around TiTlh period. The PepsifCola Company sponsored a na- Tionwide scholarship exam on April lo. EiqhT erniorsf Sally Boudreau, Jane Buch Barion Conanl Did Elmerrdorl Mariyn lvlears, Sue lvlarlaey, Joe Faucher, and Bli Qr':n-sTruq- gled Through Two hours oT quesTiors de- siqred Tor super-qeniue- Joe won over I4 Thousand enTries. The Hall Cops INK SPOTS The band held Their maior coricerf oi Tmcf year on April 20, Having rio ies than Two quesf arfisrg, They preeienied a Tife program of music, which varied from Pavanne To The Lord's Prayer. Mr. ETmer Reade, from Mitch- ell Pied, comducred The band in icvera ham iners, and Viricehf Ser-aci, aho Tram Mihchi'-. Fieid, p-Tayed The accordion unTiT he wan Tiff eraiTy worm oui. Marion Goddard receive! an award Tor The beg? SQTQ QT the year, arm Madehne March received an award Tar The besf service To The hand This year. The Hover' Sacimy ihdiichoh came of ApriT 26, aioriq wish QVf'r'iT iecrciy iri regard To rtew merrmer . Sevfrrrfecrr fehiarz were ac- cepted, pas eiqhf iiiricw ar GU ciqhrh riod a1,sembTy. Dr. Eddy from Adelphi wa ide gaesf ipeaTrer, ATTc:r Thr' cr-rfrrmurry ra hrs vmw cgivev Tzr The ww rrifrrrwi .VAT 'h- ' pflYr'TTi if Thr- Timmy. The minriih. riT May iirifi iliirwr mfwri may QT Tarioii, f1fTiviTy, TQUT The Maf ha zarh-' Garf QT a 'iaad ,ihe To mec-T, Thx- Mir Show Tor PTA. schoTarships was heTd May 4-5. The Maiqiiers Cfiih prodiicfzd Capfain Appleiack Taier ir May, TTTK S?0TS aff MaSQue'S CTub 'H 31 CHANTECLER peared-The resull of The years worlc by Sue Marlrey and her srall. The lasi issue ol Chanfecler was publisned, while Georgia Rislc gave a sigh ol relief. The end ol June brouqhf fegonls week and graduafion. For years we had loolped forward 'ro lhe day we would leave. buf all ol a sudden if didnl seem so briqhl, High school had gone quiclfly. The realizalion ol whal lhe worlc meanl, lhe lriervdships we had eslablished, 'rhe loyally of The lacully and lhe general spiril of G. C. l-l. S. dawned upon us. As a class we had worlced hard fhis year. Joe Fanning, as presidenl of lhe G. O., did an ourslanding job. The Handbook has been rewrillen, lhe Conslilulion has been revised, a sludenl sfore has been opened, and a new rnerhod of Council represenrarion has been worked our and successfully inslirufed. We are proud of lhe record we have leff, nor only afhlelically buf in all 'rhe school acfivi- lies. ll is obvious we cannof claim sole credi+. The cooperalion and suppor+ ol lhe whole school is responsible, bur Jrhe grad- uaring class of i945 will nor soon be forgol- len. The gang gapmg af fhe game ARDEN CITY S afhlefnc year of I944 l945 began wufh well founded hop s of a successful year of compefnfnon ros pecfs for a good season In foofball were very brughf even before fhe farf of pracfrce e refurn of vefe ans lncludlng nane or fen lef fe men promxsed a wunnnng feam Pracfuce began on Wednesday a weelc before school was opened l-lead Coach Sandford and as slsfanf coaches Nephew and Thomas had fne feam going fhrough all fypes of exercl es fo lose fhe 'ren pounds of excess adrpose frs sue fhey had garned over fhe summer vacafnon ln early scrnrnmages agannsf Man eola and Valley Sfrearn fhe feam fhough lackrng polish fhaf would come sn fume looked promising especrally fhe hard hnffrng cap fain Bull Clson The Trogans opened fhenr season on Sep fember 30 af Woodmere The day was cloudy and cold buf everybody s sprrnfs were BOY S SPORTS runnrng hugh for our 'reams fnrsf success Loolcsng af fhe ofher feam was demoraluzung for fhey seemed fo be faller huslcuer and fasfer fhan our own Garden Cnfy club Any advanfage Woodmere had was cerfaunly never shown for we fhoroughly fhrashed our opponenfs 26 7 wrfh Brll Olson running for fhree fouchdowns Affer 'rhus unufual vncfory nf was clearly seen fhaf nf would be exceednngly dnffuculf fo sfop our powerful eleven Nexf came vncforues over Soufh Snde and Roslyn fhe laffer benng a wall: over By fhaf fume over confrdence was rollnng rnfo everyone s mund n regard fo The foofball feam and rf had good founda fron Our nexf scheduled game wnfh Oysfer Bay was ralned ouf buf we played If 'rhe fol lowrng Monday If resulfed rn anofher vrc fory fhas berng our fourfh wrfhouf any de feafs Our game wufh Lynbroolc had all fhe ear marlcs of a 'rough confesf for Lynbroolc op erafed on a T formafnon which ns always a rhreaf To everyone s surprise we had nor a buf of frouble wrfh an easy vucfory regrsfered Our heroes In and ouf of acflon I . P- . 4 l I .I S .M . . r T 34 1 1 P-chons speak Xoude 'nan words A.. ' N'-1' -Hvfgilvp v ' 45 W Ja mlm 'kia 'L if ,gjf-sa J.r.z,AK L' x 'Xe .As vraff . If mi- nm., -, 1 ,- ,. . . .- 'M A :Hi ' Y fr , ' ' 'A f ' V - f' 5, I ',+?w M ,ffl Nr ni . mf' ,. Air jf mf' 1 1 ,., . 'U , :. f, K Q ,L ffif ... Y V, A V4 f Jw, Aim 1- ' --1 Q' Lwi , ,ek - 1 K 4 O 1 J I -r K I .J E g. s af 3l I3 Our lasf fwo games agaunsf Maru luassef and Easf Rockaway brougluf all our power fo bear on our opponerufs wuflu Bll Olson Bull Mcliubbun and Jack Dorney run nung wuld Tlue offucual record of flue season was posfed af seven wuns and no defeafs A mark for our ruexf years feam fo maunfaun Af Award Nugluf flue wluole feam receuved gold foofoalls for flueur oufsfardung grud acluuevemerufs Also flue varsufy members of flue feam wenf fo New York Cufy fo see flue award of flue l-leusmaru Tropluy o Les l-for vaflu of Oluuo Sfafe 'lluey luad flue good fume fluey fluorougluly deserved No one reason can be guven for flue suc cess of our feam fluus year buf uf cerfauny may be saud fluaf a large amounf of experf coacluung good maferual fune lean spuruf and an unprecedenfed supporf by flue sfu denf body and parenfs confrubufed separafe ly fo p odu e one of flue greafesf seasons un our foofball luusfory Some oufsfandurug evenfs of flue season lullcu lvlumm Denneluy and Scluraeder un Nloodunees backlueld all affeunoon Jack Dorneys punf refurn af Roslyn Huglu Nel ons vucuous facklung all season especually agaunsf Souflusude Cody s curcu cafclu of fle ccouud foucludown pass fo bea Souflusude lluomp ons fwo fake reverses f Oysuer Jay OI on unfercepfuon and forfy seven yard runback af Lynbrook George Palmers broken fueld runnung for flue lasf foucludowru agaunf Lynbrook Olsons fued day wuflu fwenfy sux bug pounfs agaunsf Easf Rockaway and flue refurn of place kucker Tum Carroll fo acfuon un flue lasf game fo bool fuve exfra pounfs NVluuue foofball lueld our maun unferesf for flue falu season flue soccer squad was quuefy beurug buulf un o an effecfuve macn rue 'lluouglu occer may nof receuve as muclu supporf from flue fudenf body Coaclu J rn Sfeen lua consusfenfly produced oufsfarudung feam 'llue refurn of nune leffermen fo flue squad buulf Mr Sfeen s pre season luopes for a uc essful campaugn and flue furru ouf of ap proxumafely fuffy boys provuded ome new maferual from wluuclu fo puck unduscovered sfars Tlue bug gun of flue squad fluus ycar furrued ouf fo be flue capfaun of flue feam Bob Pofdevun wluo luad prevuously done a swell uob on defense T o reasons for an undefeafed season Tlue schedule seemed unusually fouglu for uf uncluded suclu games as agaunsf Foresf l-lulls flue New York Cufy cluamps and our old ruvals from Sea Cluff However our feam began flue season wuflu wuns over Oceansude Baldwun and Poly Prep Buf uf was nof all easy goung Souflusude was barely nosed ouf affer sux peruods of play and fryung desperafely fo maunfaun a spof less record flue feam dropped a close mafclu fo Sea Cluff Tlue game was a nearfbreaker for flue score sfood af merely P I Tluree - . - 2 . - - . . . C .u . . - - . fu . l . . . F uu - . A , . I . , - u . . - u . . . . 1 , I ' . , - . M. . . . . u l . u f Cu u . F C ' ' . ,un,., ' . '- ., , - AAI A I u . ' T R F u . . . . , .u . . : S X - L ' . S X I , u S ' CE D 1 . . . , V 5 S . . . I W - u . , . S , 4 u . u u ., . . u . u -u , l u T 1' . . u - S ' . S , u 5 . 5. u ' u - u . , . I f . - S - .- . more vucTorues were added To The unuTual Tour buT we losT agaun To Sea CluTT Endung The season un Tune sTyle The Team deTeaTed Sewanhalca and Baldwun So The record sTood aT nune vucTorues and Two deTeaTs Jusf before The gun af a Cross counTry meeT and a snap of Carl aT home un The gym AlThough ove shadowed by The excellenT record oT our TooTball Team The soccer Team cerTaunly luved up To Garden CuTy sTandards Wun or lose They were ouT on The Tueld all season baTTlung Tor Top posuTuon The lasT mayor sporT oT The season was cross counTry OT our Three malor Tall sporTs cross counTry us cerTaunly The mosT under nourushed as Tar as maTerual goes Thus year only Three Tormer members oT The squad re appeared and only one oT Them Jum Daley was a leTTer man OuTsude oT The e Three a whole new squad had To be Tormed Coach Red SmuTh however had hugh hopes Tor a wunnung season As The Team approached uTs TursT meeT uT was clearly seen ThaT more pracTuce was needed Tor any Type of resulTs We losT To Sewanhalca Thus was Tollowed by anoTher de TeaT aT The hands oT The counTry s besT cross counTry Team Chamunade BuT durung These Two deTeaTs The Team was learnung and grad ually umprovung The nexT meeT was a close one losT To Valley STream by The TughT score oT 27 28 AT lasT The Team came ouT on Top wuTh wuns over Oceansude SouThsude and Lawrence The TursT beurg by TorTeuT The Tunal meeT oT The year was The Long Island Funal un whuch over 130 boys parTucupaTed Trom suxTeen duTTe enT schools The Te rn Tunu hed nunTh wuTh Two oT uT runners ouT oT The race because oT ungurues Cross counTry us sTull un The groomung sTage un The hugh school IT was Tounded only Tuve years ago and sunce Then uT has conTunually gauned un unTeresT among The sTudenTs In The Tollowung years uT wull have To cuumb The lad soccer and TooTball Teams WuTh The comung JT wunTer The aThleTucally uncluned members oT The school began Throw ung baslceTballs wresTlung and boxung un The halls Yes' The wunTer sporTs were here Our greaTesT drawung card durung Thus eason was baslceTball Every Fruday nughT aT home games Thus TacT was Tully shown Thus year more Than any oTher our basucelball Team drew crowds so greaT ThaT uT was umpos suble To accommodaTe many un our small gym One oT The reasons Tor Thus enlarged unTeresT un baslceTball lay un The appearance oT Carl Braun on our Team Carl aTTecTuon aTely called The bean pole TransTerred To u Trom anoTher hugh school where he had e Tablnshed a repuTaTuon as an experT baslceT ball player The arruval oT Braun coupled wuTh The TacT ThaT Tour TuTThs oT our lasT years varsuTy STuhr Fuller Qlson and Palmer re sTull nn hgh school led To The n clusuon ThaT a successful season was very ,f 'u . , V - ' s , s . . . ,. - der oT success, The same as our vicTorious . . f . . . . . C - . l r ' ' . . S I ' . ' , 5 ' l . . ' . we ' ' I , ' co - 38 The fighhng five posing and an achon W-- H We ix u 4 15 fl W ,F V 'U V eg? 8' ii? 1" .1 .Wy a ffl away ManhasseT GreaT Neck and Glen Cove The mosT rmporTanT game oT The sea son was played here aga4nsT Mneola Our Team playing Tor all :T was worTh ToughT a losung baTTle agarnsT Mrneola Tor The sec oncl Tame Mineola wrTh :Ts zone deTense could noT be beaTen The season ended wrTh records howmg evrdence oT TourTeen vrc Torres and Three deTeaTs one oT The beT baskeTball seasons rn G C hrsTory The wresTlrng Team Thus year under Mr C5 C are made of WrTh a mrnrmum oT Tacrlnles and maxrmum oT good coachrng The maTmen made a successTul season Dur :ng The course oT The regular season The maTmen losT only Three maTches One oT These was To AmrTyvrlle whrch rs considered second only To Mepham rn wresTlrng on Long Island Thus amazing score was consrdered unlrkely aT The sTarT OT The season Coach Thomas had hardly any experrenced men on The squad buT he worked very hard waTh The boys To produce a wrnnrng combrnaTron The vrcTorres durrng The season were largely due To The eTTorTs of The habrTual Threesome Johnson ConanT and Fann ng When Thrngs were lookrng dark Tor our squad The bug Three helped arou e conhdence and Team morale MosT sporTs rn hrgh school besng specTaTor sporTs noT much rs heard abouT The sporTs carrred on beh nd closed doors Cne oT These specTaTorless sporTs rs rrTlery LlTTle as known abouT rrTlery alThough IT rs one oT The major w:nTer sporTs un G C Our Team rs a mem per oT The Nassau CounTy InTerscholasTrc maTches rs arranged Two maTches wrTh each Team rn The League The won and losT record oT The TrrsT sux maTches was noT Too lmpre sive wrTh Two vucTorres over Mepham and Oceansrde and Tour deTeaTs aT The hands OT HempsTead CenTral Sewanhaka and Cham made grvrng The Trolans a percenTage oT 333 AT The close oT The second round oT League maTches The sharpshooTers showed Therr colors by upprng The Team cores way over many OT The previous maTches WrTh an Impressive 858 vrcTory over Oceansrde and anoTher wrn over Ivlepham coupled wnTh losses To Sewanhaka and l-TempsTead The Whose chesT as shcknng ouT7 S . . . - . I . Thomas, showed whaT maTerial Tellows Trom RiTle League. Each year a schedule oT Twelve 42 How do you luke The uackeTs7 ruTle Team Tunushed wuTh a 400 average Tor The season RaskopT Meader ElmendorT SmuTh l.uTTlewood Kromback and Bulger were The hugh men on The squad The Red Cross beneTuT boxung show was presenTed un The lull Tollowung wunTer sporTs As usual anybody desurung blood curdlung Thrulls was There To wuTness The leaTher slung ung specTacle Openung up wuTh The lower weughT maTches The show puT everybody aT The edge oT Theur respecTuve seaTs And The TughTs became more unTeresTung a They en Tered The heavuer weughTs wnere every punch counTs In one of The Tunal maTches ponenTs slugged so hard un The TursT round ThaT They could hardly sTand up Tor The re maunung Two The lasT evenT oT The evenung was The heavyweughT maTch oT champ Joe Subella vs WalTer Schrader AlThough The e was ome real sluggung The ba Tle dud noT a sume The drasTuc proporTuon oT lasT year maTch un whuch Joe knocked ouT Tom Co roon Judgung Trom gaTe receupTs The show wa a success Tor over S200 was collecTed Tor The Red Cro s Every year a The MasT goes To pres sprung sporTs are uusT geTTung under way Thus year The same polucy musT agaun be Tol lowed as ul TWTGS Tume Tor The yearbook To b p nTed Thus a Tull 1ccounT oT all e games us noT avaulable La T March 26 pracTuce goT under way Tor The I945 baseball season Agaun Thus year k ds SandTord s aT The helm wuTh hus able hand guudung Tne ball club Sux Ou lasT years leTTermen along wuTh many new hopeTul compruse The Team The schedule Tor Thus year shows The Team playung a new school ouT droppung anoTher T-lck vuule whom we have played beTore buT noT un he lasT Tew wTh Two games scheduled Thus year Tnds u wuThouT any engagemenTs wuTh Hemp sTead buT wuTh engagemenT wuTh Sewan haka Muneola GreaT Neck MannasseT PorT WashungTon and Glen Cove Wurh such play ers as Tummy Carroll Lou Koelscl John Ma Ioney Bul Oson George Cody and Boo DewhursT back Trom lasT year and The add Tuon oT Carl Braun a good record Tor Thus year s ba ebau' Team has already ceen sTar d To daTe we have won Tuve ard losT none aeorge Cody and Carl Braun have been . I . . I I . U . T . S Fl . C K . . . 1 S . . . . - ,Sli ,, i . . . . . . . , . I T . . V T , . I I S .. I . I . ' T WalTer Jenny vs. Danny Eldridge, The op- years, has been puT back In The schedule, T T T . ' T S , - S 'S ' I I XII' T ,- V. . . u l' 5 . ' S ul I u u y- s . - . 43 Cody geTTung un shape ouTdoung Themselves To puTch The home squad To vucTory aTTer vucTory George has already puTched humselT a no huTTer whule Carl has done almosT as well Besudes puTchung he has been wallopung The ball consuderably un one game besudes puTchung he scored all Three runs We hope These Two mound men conTunue Theur record a TeaT whuch wull become uncreasungly hard sunce laTer on we play Three and Tour games a week sorT oT hard on Theur arms Mr STeen had The lacrosse players ouT on The Tueld very early Thus season fNlThough aT TursT The lacrosse sTucks seemed To be do :ng more damage Than good a TursT class ouTTuT quuckly shaped up WuTh The reTurn oT bug Bull Fuller Andy Thompson Bob Nelson Joe Fannung and oTher equally good play ers The Team us maunTaunung a hugh percenT age oT vucTorues whuch us expecTed To lasT all season CerTaunly uT success us based upon The number oT boys ouT Tor a sporT The lacrosse Team cannoT lose When The Tlowers began To bloom and The sprung showers began To Talr uT was also Tume Tor The buddung Track sTau To wear away The Toluage growung un The old cunoeu paTh The Track men were abouT The TursT ouT Thus sprung and were seen grundung ouT aps aT an unp ececlenTed raTe IT wll be ve y hard Tor The Team T luve up To I T year s bruIluauT record wuTh The lo s oT Three quauTers oT The relay Team and mosT oT The sprunT deoauTmenT a moderaTely succes Tul season wa all ThaT was expecTed The coach Red SmuTh hopes Through The manupula Tuon oT TalenT To score heavuly agaunsT op posung runners To daTe The squad has won TWO meeTs and losT one Bob PoTdevun Nassau LounTy record holder Jum Daley nd STu Bucknel seem To be The backbone oT The squad all veTerans oT lasT years Tro phy wunnung Team laTely ChueT has been walkung Through school wuTh a perpeTuaI smule on hus Tace The reason Tor Thus smule can be ueaduly ex plauned by The TacT ThaT The Tennus Team Thus year agaun conTauns The Two Bucknell broThers Thus vurTually assures hum oT a Trame work Tor Thus year s squad The Damon broTh ung gaps whule unduscovered Ta enT us ex pecTed To puT The Tunushung Touches on a Tough bunch To beaT No games have been played as yeT due To The heavy amounT oT r n whuch aT prunTung Tume sTull us con un uung Funally arruvung aT our lasT sprung sporT golT Mr Nuchols seems To Thunk ThaT The suT uaTuon could be a loT worse George STuhr us agaun back George has won all sorTs OT TournamenTs on The lsland un New York STaTe and un The EasT WuTh hus broTher Jerry The backbone oT The golT Team us preT Ty umpressuve WuTh Muessen Doyle and luT Tle eughTh grade Tommy Bowles Tullung un The remaunung Three spoTs anoTher com pleTe squad us Turned ouT So Tar The Team has won one maTch and has yeT To be de TeaTed Comung To The end oT Thus chronucle oT The T944 T945 sporTs year we cannoT help buT Teel proud oT The magnuTucenT Teams ThaT were produced ThroughouT The Three seasons . , . ' N. . , . 'S . u K . Q ' ' : u- . . 1 B QR' u' o ' as , L ' I ' . T 5 ' . . ' . a . , a ' T u ers are sure To plug up mosT oT The remain- ' ' . . . I . ' . : I 1 1 1 s - n +1 - 44 as-in , ,f ,I E1 HDE4, LUV ,.lJ.J"-4' may pm Our Impressive lacrosse squad before :T began :Ts excnhng season The wonderful supervnsnon oT Tne boys and The hugh qualnTy oT equnpmenT were greaT asseTs To all The squads The malor creduT goes To Qed SmuTh who besides coach :ng Teams personally has done anoTher splen dad 'ob oT organuzung The whole sporTs pro gram WarTumes have made many dnTTlcul Tues arise In securnng equnpmenT TransporTa Tron capable coaches eTc we exTend our Thanlfs To Mr SmlTh Tor all he has done Tor our boys AbouT now we also begun To Thsnlc oT all The Tellows who were ouT on The Tlelds day aTTer day plugging away To masnTa1n a good name Tor our old Alma MaTer lvlosT oT The Tellows were never rnenhoned IH The Echo some never recesved varsnTy leTTers buT The mann pounT IS ThaT They were all ouT There Trying IusT as hard as The nexT Tellow To do Their bnT Tor The Team MosT oT These boys wall enTer The armed Torces soon aTTergradua Tuon There To TughT a bugger game The Tunda menTals oT whuch They learned In Their hugh school years Trying To malce a success on The aThleTuc Tlelds The TundamenTals oT decency and clean playing learned here' will agam emerge on college grudurons Traclcs basl4eT ball courTs baseball diamonds and wherever They play durung The resT oT Theur lives Here are The boys ho drd ll' again nn me uii u 1 ' Ill lllll llll IIII llll S IIN fxqw rv Q A gym ll Q1 N PM X3 fll GIRLS' SPORTS The GAA Council OLLOWING a TradlTuon OT G C l-l S The Girls AThleTuc Assocualzon sTarTed The year wnTh The Bug and LrTTle SlsTer rnnT1a Tron on The nnneTeenTh oT SepTember ErghT Gray and enghT Maroon sophomores greeTed Their sevenTh grade l1TTle susTers and leo Them across The sTage To be rece ved by The officers OT The G A A Thaf aTTernoon The A A Council meT Tor The TursT Twme and OTTI cnally opened The season Tor gurls sporrs achvrhes The Boys and Gnrls AThleTuc Asso TaculTy On The nexT Wednesday They held a Tea Tor The purpose OT acqualnhng The new Teachers wuTh The worlc and sfandards oT The Two organuzahons AbouT Thus Tume each year baggy gym suuTs are broughT ouT paTched wuTh hope fhaf They wall wuThsTand The sTre and Trarn oT an energeTuc7 y ar d TuTTed loclcer aT school Weels aTTer locler combm nahons have been secreTly disclosed To The owners such phrases as Open Sesame and Abacadabra may be heard mumbled by 'B desperaTe owners Tollowed by The cry Msss PraTT my loclcer wonT open' Th1sTall sensor gym classes hnT an all Trme hugh an enrollmenT as The gurls began To wor ry abouT Those TorTy or T1TTy make ups ThaT had accumulaTed over a pernod oT Tuve years Brnslc auTumn days Tound The more amblhous aThleTes running up and down The hockey held and perTecT1ng dynamic slams IH bad manTon an preparahon Tor The Grey and Maroon games and The conTeT w1Th our rivals ST Marys GcTober 2 was The TlrsT meehng OT homeroom delegaTes waTh The G A A Execuhve Councrl Successlve meeT Tngs resulTed In pep Tallcs unTended To sTrr up The more TorgeTTul sTudenTs abouT aTTer school prachce The weaTher man dealT a cruel blow aTTer The unTense prachce Tor The games wnTh ST Mary s The hoclcey was per manenTly called oTT The badm1nTon haw ever wa Tlnally played In The unvugorahng coolne s oT ST Mary s gym on a rainy day MvdsT The cheers oT some hardy supporTers who walled over our Teams won Three ouT oT The Tnve maTches . , . ., s V T n - rr . - 'ru I ' ' H I ciaTions losT no Time in welcomlng The new f ' ' , ' ' ss s ' - V ' e , an s ' In a LX - - - - ' .. .. . , T 48 Hockey The clumax oT unTramural sporTs Tor The gurls was The All STar Hockey day held on November I7 The anxuously awauTed lusT oT all sTar players was announced along wuTh The wunner of The hockey sea on Bofh Teams proved ThaT They really could sung buT The Grey Team goT OTT To a good sTarT Thus Tall by wunnung The hockey eason as well as The song conTesTl The annual badmunTon TournamenT was held durung The Two weeks Tollowung Thanksguvung vacaTuon Weeks un advance The gurls paured OTT and worked ouT unTalluble sysTems wuTh whuch To down Theur opponenTs lru The Tunals The Maroon champs Joan lvlaruannu and KaThleen Dwyer baTTled wuTh The Grey vuc Tors Joanne Faucher and Rachel Allen Tor a Thurd Grey Truumph The Tall also broughT wuTh uT STudenT Coachung un hockey and badmunTon Thus year The coachung was arranged so ThaT The upper classes coached Theur susTer classes The TwelTTh grade eachung The Treshmen The uunuors The ughTh g ade and The TenTh Tho seventh grade Durung The Tall a new organu aTuon under The guudance oT Muss PraTT and Muss SmuTh was sTarTed aT school The members were called sTudenT leaders The club consusTed of gurls chosen Tor leadershup abuluTues and They worked one exTra gym peruod a week Tor unsTrucTuon and helped un gym classes They kepT The meeT runnung smoofhly and were easuly dusTunguushed by Theur very nuce TuTTung maroon suuTs As an organuzaTuon uT promuses To play an uncreasungly umporTanT role un gurl s sporTs No accounT oT Tall acTuvuTues would be com pleTe wuThouT menTuon of The Cheerleaders FooTball games and pep assemblues could noT be succes Tul wuThouT Theur leadershup un buuldung and maunTaunung school spuruT AT The undoor baskeTball games They demon sTraTed Theur enThusuasm un cheerung The Teams To vucTory BoTh The uunuor and senuor squads were under The supervusuon oT Mr The Cheerleaders 15,9915 ,, KA 31 ,P I W' NM' fas"Yf' 1- 'TX u . , ' Aflfff ' fvlf " 'n T k M u Q L . l u . . e. In V - u Z u - uf uu - - - , . ,, ,, . . . . . . u . . u . . . S V . 1 A ' ' SmuTh and conTrubuTcJ a gucal deal To port ThroughouT The year Followung The badmunTon Tour amenT wun Ter sporTs began BasleTball vo leyball ser vusball newcomb calusThenucs ard STudenT Coach Club were avarlable To The varuous grades The hughlughT oT The ba lceTball ea son was The game wuTh ST Marys An ex cuTung ruup and Tuclc game beTween The TursT Teams resulTed n a Tunal score oT rys T7 G 5 haps The score oT The second Team should be leTT unmen Tuoned They lo T I9 43 The sprung broughT anoTher meeT wuTh ST Marys and Greys and Maroons baTTled once more un Tueld day archery and baseball The mosT umporTanT and excuTung evenT un gurls sporTs was The annual undoor meeT held on March 27 Thus year The G A A celebraTed uTs TenTh annuversary alThough uT was only The nunTh meeT To be held ln I942 There was no meeT The C eys based Theur enTrance upon The an nuversary and sTaged a munua ure curcus The cowns RusTy and Polly carrued un a b rThday cale whuch was presenTed To The uudges The Maroons on The oTher hand cenTered a mosT umpressuve cnlrance abouT a cowboy scenc HughlughT oT The enTrance uncluded Duana KoharT puece un Tour parT harmony and The Old Grey Mare Weelcs beTore The cTual per Tormance OT The meeT Kay could be Tound dashung around pleadung Tor posTers and STyl4e and June spenT hours aT Tryung en Trance rehearsals The evenung oT The meeT Mary and Dr Muchael dud an excellenl' 'ob of creahng The proper nerve wraclcung sus pen e ThroughouT The MeeT and beTore The Tunal core oT 59 59 was announced Cn May ll The senuor gur s a ong wuTh The Men s AxssocuaTuon gave a parTy Tor TaTher Poppa became The b T beau Tor one r'ughT EnTerTaunmenT un The way oT game lcuclf ouTune a puano dueT and oTher specual Tues were provuded FaTher s dance sTeps may NN WW .1 have been a buT anTuguaTed and daughTer ,,..f game Technuque s a buT rough buT every one had a grand Tume In June hours oT work aTTer scnool broughT reward when pans emblems ard blazers 7 were awarded We aTe supper waTchcd The enTerTaunmenT and sang our songs aT The Tra drTuorual banqueT whuch closed The gurls sporT season IT would be our lasT 1 ws. Ak. I and .MJ F? f XQZZHEQ? n 3' P I , K' . :Xl 'W 5 I v w v. J 7 Q I 1 5 W 1, ' . Q ' SA - in 1' ' o- il V 1 :six A ,7 I 'H v 4, . K 1 if X " ..avV Ex' IJ'-U , ip ms 5 r" A f X, 1 - 'K sf- XM -we ga- Q " Jin' Ain. 1 -'Q 7 K x .K ' S - . 1 ,x , ,,, 9 . X. THE CLASS OF 1948 HE Treshman class had high hopes Tor a successTul year, buT iT Took Them a liTTle while To sTarT. The class oTTicers were noT elecTed unTil well inTo The TirsT semesTer. When The class Tinally knuckled down To business, The winning TickeT ran: Bob LiTTle- wood, presidenT: Jack Dobson, vice-presi- denT7 Dale GiTTin, Treasurer: and Jim Fan- ning, secreTary. This arrangemenT was unique in ThaT iT showed The TreshMEN had The up- per hand! A cabineT was Tormed oT represenTaTives elecTed by each homeroom To TaciliTaTe class legislaTion. This group was able To keep Track oT class opinion and run The governmenT in a democraTic manner. Meanwhile, The SixTh War Loan was well under way and The Treshmen goT oTT To a good sTarT. IT is now a well known TacT ThaT This class came Through in Tine Torm, selling The greaTesT amounT in bond value, and as a reward Tor iTs cooperaTion, The Treshman class received a SIOO check. Finally The Time To sTage The annual Tresh- man dance rolled around. AniTa Villa was chosen social chairman. WiTh The help oT The cabineT, AniTa selecTed commiTTee heads. The Tirs'T daTe seT was April I3, buT because of The deaTh oT PresidenT Roosevelt The dance was posTponed. lT was Tinally held on April 27. ln spiTe oT shadows oT The debT and disasTer ThaT we Teared, we came ouT well on Top. And so we Tinish OTT a successTul calendar. proud in The knowledge ThaT we have seT a good Tinancial ToundaTion Tor The graduaTing class oT '49. s 5, .-74, .lfj',rT1 AQ4'f'Y' ds-J "va 'fzggilf NTA4-I it Q "J 9-. - Q- Q- .L P X liingg J ml 4. ,2- 7' J.. 55' 4 , 1 I I .4 1 1 . I ', 24 gf ,. T' r 5422. f HE class of l47 lwe keep Telling our' millee was headed Hy Fo ,lrons, who did a xl selvesl had quile a successful school year. In The early parl of Oclober, They assem- bled in The audiroriurn, where They nomif naled fheir on-coming class ohficers. A weelc larer The elecrions were over and The resulls were as follows: Mall Cosfigan, presidenry very good iob, as was thzyvn by The fine posfers The sophomore girls have done. The dance was a success lal least-lhawdis The opine ion of The lOlh gradersl. Wefqzade pies S95 clear profil. There was an exlrailagded al- Traclion al The dance, which was lhefgionny Jaclc Olaughlin, vicefpresidenlg Diclc Kaley, EOYSZ Rf dlvlhurray' Tlm iarlgoll any Joe Treasurer, and Margo Lauman as secrelary. dimnq al. G T e SUCCQSS O. T e dame by Mr. Fisher and Mr. Graham were The class domq Tlwelr Tamoug and NOTOUZ adl advysorg and were 5 qreay help +0 US HWOUQH There was guire a discussion as how much our we year. rhey were +o be paid, buf 'rhey won in The end. llsn'+ lhal right Ma+'r?l If fools us guire a lime lo gel The final dale arranged for The Sophomore l-lop, bur All in alll We had 5 Sl-'CC955fUl YGGV. and al lasl, we finally agreed on March lblh WGVVS lOOlslPq l:OVW5Vd lor a bigger and bel' for a Sl. Pa'rricl's Dance. The posler corn- fer year as juniors. -4 'N THE CLASS 0F19-47,3 gg, I 4, , 3 To we vugau -.Mc .J-ms , ZX ,, I' 4 1 . , Y I, :Jr .. - --- rx X V 'J' L...,.a T' L A A .Qf f I 5 7 I U, .2 R If 4 I v r ' 4 . , i T .Mi .1.14J:.. ,wg I r's1"f"' .Al ' L,-0 T was wiTh greaT elaTion ThaT lne members of our class realized in SepTember ThaT They were acTually Juniors. We were raTher amazed To Tind ourselves so close To-and yeT so Tar Trom-qraduaTion. Plans were soon TormulaTed Tor a Fall Dance. This was held in QcTober and was a greaT success. All who aTTended seemed To have a Tine Time. Needless To say, The re- ceipTs were a source OT qreaT ioy To our Treasurer, Nancy Anderson. Much credit is due To The cofchafrmen, WalTer Dunne and Emelie Tolley, and Their very eTTicienT come miTTee. ln November, we began a drive To geT our dues paid, The response oT everyone was mosT graTiTying. The co5fecTion oT The dues was perTormed by The nomeroom,orTicers. Two oT The boys' homerooms waged a very Torrid TiqhT in an eTTorT To pay up ailjheir dues TirsT. Which class won is sTill- a Topesg, Tor debaTe. , ' K 1 - S fax! Tl 3 4'-I i . 'A , I During The baslceTball season, The Class oT l46 sponsored Three inTormal dances. They proved To be The climax To Friday niqhT games. This venTure was also proTiTabie. Our plans Tor The TuTure include a Spring Dance on May l8Th, a Senior Prom on Com- mencernenT Night and a commiTTee is now working on arranqemenTs Tor a Junior Class ParTy. Our greaT number oT successes couid never have been possible This year had iT noT been Tor The guidance oT Dr. Michael, Miss Hillcer., and our class advisor, lvlr. Riley, and'iTo Them, we are deeply graTeTul Tor Their valuable assisTance. Y 1 .Few will soon TQrqeT The many occasions ThaTLonTribuTed To malce This year one oT The -.imosgr active years ThaT The class oT IQ46 has ever experienced. .THE CLASS or 1946 xx 54 ' 1 xk'-N L Affx .sf Wim' ,a 6' Y hi J .ldv -45 ri S49- GRADUATES OF JUNE 1944 yum Q J L FPA P X X P I vlv Ai H V' Q f" RM VVNl'iU iiff :F W UKDVFAJD fOf't , ffPff?f"x'f PUBS!! N' f e'w VFPOTVAA F'F!flF7x-4? PHE' W1 UW EW fVf1XL'E?'RfXN fff3WfR ,WUT 9' VH lflr' fm.. wi P!-xi li V M'ffi7-':V"f'-4, '.N flf XBHW "Y W: XV'f1fl xllfrr. :if'i21'l.5 :A 5"ff2HKi3 ,f'4I.Ui"f1.f XPP W J' Y " NW I , CLASS OFFICERS qf a CHARLES WILLIAM OLSON Presldenf of The Sensor class a lefferman In foofball baslcef ball baseball and Iraclc he us an afhlele wnfhouf parallel has a scholashc record fo be envned narural wal oufslandmg MARY SMITH Vnce presaclenf of 'rhe Semor class frnend or acquamrance of everyone an school Presndenf of 'rhe G A A compefenf musncal abnlufy IS envied by all exhllarahng excellenl' II round sfudenf versahle en fhusuashc CHARLES SANDFORD Secrefary of Ihe Sen or class school s foremosl oralor good dancer and a pool shark pas suon for loud Ives relurned 'ro Garden Cnfy 'rhus year Zip er 5 JOHN MALONEY Irea urer of Ihe Sensor class happy go luclcy always a smne for has many frnends sfar sec ond baseman prohcrenr bas lcefball player business man ager of Ihe Masi quuel assumnng Moe L'-Ili? Eau." - F 6. sig' Y - fa 4 I W I XX 5 ' r '- I - ' ' - a - p ." F - - - ' -un: 7 l. gurl i.,- J. L- if ' A 'Y 'J EQ RQ I VJ I HELEN ALDWORTH excels in all sporls-especially accomplished in swimming-lirsl love is her dog, "Rin"-allrao live-enviable, nalurally curly hair-enlhusiaslic and ever willing lo help-well rounded person- alilyf"Dilly" ELEANOR ASTARITA always has a smile on hand lor anyone well dressed al all limes sponlaneous laugh likes lo dance and collecl records beaulilul black hair wilh dark brown eyes lo malch willy ver salie WILLIAM AYERS seclion always ready lor a good lme play boy grealesl worry is going broke good dancer loves lazz generous hardworking make up man lor Echo LORRAINE BAKER Larry allraclive loyal lriend expressive blue eyes inleclious laugh parlial lo lhe Ma runes loves horseback riding ice cream and Vermonl enloys a good argumenl plans lo be an occupalional lherapisl BARBARA BAUER vivacious lorever lalking ol lhose summers on lhe Cape and lhe larm enviable wavy hair dancing blue eyes adepl al oil painling own er ol many beaulilul swealers lull ol lun wanls lo learn lo ski STEWART BIFKNELL slar high lumper also on soccer and baskelball leams everybodys lriend never worries aboul anylhing slar lennis player always lound wilh lhe boys and girls occasional bul always good wisecracks Slew o B ck BARBARA BLOMQUIST enlhusiaslnc ellervescenl cule phologenic prolile passion lor perlume lood and lhe Viking lype lranslalor superbe always will ing lo help considerale baseball enlhusiasl ELLEN BOGNER forever has somelhing lo relale always lrying lo gel lhings done al lhe lasl minule lull ol surprises bul always ready lo laugh wild :mag unalion sparkling blue eyes lransienl member ol Room 2 Xi 4 ' - mf . . - -. ,r 5 " ' U 6 -.Z ' . I s I r I J 5 l amy I . -., 7. r..i .1 x varsily rifle man-mainslay ol lhe lrombone . . . It u it i I a I I 1 ll ' ll--I . . , X E . l i .T - . . iu. T 3 58 K NAN CY BOOTH full of lnfe well known sense of humor 'ralks a blue srreak engagang smnle sparkling feelh smoofh clofhes amblhon +0 be a wrufer Boofhue SALLY BOUDREAU excellenr sfudenr quuel whnz al mafh and sc: ence owner of a pair of beauhful green eyes scrap book and anumal enlhusuas ambxhon +o become a successful horseback ruder GEORGE BOWDREN one of Mr Taylors boys quuel a mafhema flcuan ar hearf member of hall squad per am bnhon ns +0 go Info lhe clorhnng busnness fun fo be wufh walling and companuonable worker avnd sfenographrc sludenl charming personallry adorable laugh snncere cufe and bashful lnkes roller skahng Ln L WMU' MVN' k CARL BRAUN 6 feel 4 cenrer and backbone of baskefball 'ream leadsng scorer an Nassau Counfy goal lender of soccer feam never wn'rhou+ a smnle Nucklehead a gulf from Adelphi every bodys friend one of Neffs boys baseball s ar NANCY BRIGGS fall slender and slrnkung confaguous laugh a braun always ready for a good argumenl wuffy oufsrandung personalnfy po ular wall' all snncere always lafe headed or Welles e JANE BUCK co edaror of fhe Mai blue blue eyes good nalured snapp comebacks loves 'ro argue lucky passuon or chocolafe cake and Gersh wun honor sludenf JOHN BURRELL G C gesfer never wnfhoul a comeback pres udenf of The Masquer s Club mama for druvnng especnally orher people s cars unpreducfable suave exhemely unselfsh and consnderafe Bunny T' , H ll' 4. u .-6 H . - . - F .l lY JEAN Bovo f - . A g A fa 8 .C y :- za ' f 3 - X H .T g , I - v. i J' c F 2 59 CHARLES BUSI-I V anyrhing can be expecled from him-booming voice-an also-ran for G. 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" " + .A . i . - h - nba? " H- - ' g+ l JL J- 'Hp I 'li , J K i :Ls K I ' cl' J FAI- I - - ,IJ f ' ' . yal- - - --I - -I Q 60 N - 5 , 45 1 id' BARTON CONANT maunslay of The wresllnng and boxing 'reams a second Louue Armslrong wufh his 'rrumpel lover of lazz mlellugenl proud owner of The blue and snlver slreak DOROTHY 'TOU RDJIS h arly laugh lovely nalural curls unaT-fecfed good nalured loves To draw smoofh danc er adores dogs namely her black and whsle Dalmahan Soda JAMES DALEY ' one of The hugh boys of The school lellerman In Track and cross counlry excellenf sludenl caplaun of The beloved hall squad malh wizard sporls ednor of The Masf ALICE DELEON prelly vuva nous enchanhng brown eyes generous loyal Truend loves weekends al We T Ponn+ her hearl belongs To an ofhcer In Navy Blue slnclly Temomne Xoxgskzj' ' S UA , vm f mu! g 1' sv'-fl TX-I TT, -e vw A Nik- UNA!-' EueENE DENNEHY N? 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E A. A' V xv 5 . -"V, P." 'd . . .i W ' ' - . Q . . A - A gs! my rl rn 1 A 64 lg Cb CE-9G"Nx W MARY HARMON preffy peppy and perl fashuonably dressed accompllshed dancer lceen sense of humor muddle name Navy Blue member of The band and lwurlung squad BARBARA HAU PT lovely pale gold haar vxvacuous and always on fhe go lnlerary gal loads of 'fun good for laughs loves eahng wrrhng and lhe Bruhsh dabbles In arf loyal RUTH HAUSER cule nafural wavy hair 'rallcahve honor slu denf funger In every school organnzaflon pop ular versahle mefrculous no'red for her IH nocenf faux pas Mas? slaff JOAN HEA LY darlc beauly popular accompllshed arhsf always ready for a coke lceen ardenl' read er of The funnues English and French sfudenf adores swung records and Wullnams beffer lafe 'rhan never Masi' sfaff l os' -f U E ' .V ' ' 1 I . 'V 1 MxL'l . V. -1-- . ."- - ' - -I - . - . 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'S y 1? " Q ,, 'gy is ' N' L, Y "Y NE E - ' -- U , N ' z. .. . -. . we M c Tm ' -- -TF " Lf ' ,JA - U H u . -' H H-.. Y. I . . I . 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A . - I -fr ' -1---H-M rr frs 'f' 'VflLf' 5' ' 'Ka R' ' I 'K 69 lfavlszwi 34' MI MARILYN MEARS girl wiTh The green eyes and unusual hobbies- good bowler-wanTs To Tly To Mexico-smarT- diplomaT-loves color oT blue-Tamous Tor Those parTies MITCHELL MEDLIN excels in arT-admired by many Tor his Tamous hair-do-Tincls Time To go skaTing on Friday nighTs-sTrong armed gymnasTic enThusiasT-- Mickey Q 'sq JJ ..4X'x'T1j FREDERICK MEINI-IOLTZ "' roTund and ever smiling happy go lucky al ways plugging The New York Times be++er MARY MITCHELL peTiTe vivacious expressive Dark Eyes ouTsTanding arTisT1c abiliTy arT sTaTT oT Echo InkspoTs and ChanTecler sparkling personallTy loTs oT Tun enhcing giggle Opera Tan weakness Tor shoes lvT1Tch W' I XXI P11 G WILLIAM MITCI-IELL capTain oT The Tamecl OuTcasT Tnve headed Tor M IT This summer man oT a hundred loves indusTrious when aT work golT and Tennis on The side popular wiTh boTh sexes ROBERT MOLINE leTT Tor The Army in January Training Tor The Tal spoT in a SuperTorTress varsnTy baskeT ball all MeTropolaTan lacrosse player small buT Tull oT zip WALTER MORRIS woTTa man sharpy dresses well sTrong lacrosse experT king pin oT Mr Nephews homeroom smooTh on The dance Tloor Mooney JAMES MUESSEN varsiTy hacker on The links quieT modesT and conservaTlve headed Tor Syracuse .. . .. , l 5 ' '- 2 - - x " I ' I ' ,.- L- R, 1' --1 I fi M X- N- N- I half of any bridge game-"Ffh" T- boxer-"Oh, Those shoulders"-TooTball and " l ' - Rn, ' : A-If . 5 J ' ' . 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Q VAL Y IQ I JOHN MUMM powerful guard on grndnron q eI a pl g ger very funny very ofren pafxenf a won derful fellow sharp wufh a Ienms raclcer an ofher of Nefls boys January graduafe Guam AILAN MURPHY anolher Irishman wnfh red halr To march mem loves flaming colored shnrfs AI WILLIAM MURRAY red headed Romeo varslly baslcefball I Walerloo Hugh razor wnf Irlsh grnn very peppy and popular one of Ihe Sonny Boys e ELIZABETH NOLAN good conversahonalnsl and Iuslener aflrachve parhal To Ihe Army Arr Corps loves 'ro go dancing favored pasfnme ns wrrhng Ieflers spends hours af Slewarf School plans Io be come a Icrndergarfen Ieacher 'Q' PHYLLIS ORAM peppy can always marnlam an argumenf born organazer crazy abouf books bug blue eyes silky blond haur adores Polpourru per fume S C represenfahve for The Echo GEORGE PALMER baslcefball capfann all around a+hIeIe masfer generous January graduafe Mealball MIRIAM PARDY Icnown 'ro her frnends as Mnclcey carefree parfual fo Bing Crosby and 'rhe Navy blond curly haar flufusf of fhe Band RICHARD PEDU model airplane fuend dependable nnferesfed an wresflrng and gymnashcs has a clevnlvsh sfrealr pole vaulrer exfraordmalre ' ' - ui - " u - -- ' ' I - ,QI Mr 1 V' n J v , ' --A .5 1 0 V V A A E , , . ,1. 71,4 ' ' .af I ,ff X 4 H B . f . ' - ber of fhe "SI-afe Guard"-lacrosse player- craffsman--calls almosl everyone "MeaI'baII"- .- - ' a -"R d" Q ' 7I .f'5 gp' L JOHN PETERSEN one of Ihe boys Nordic blond easy Io know Unuled Sfales Ivlarnnes delermuned SHIRLEY PHILLIPS small bundly of energy and Ioquacuousness presadenl of Ihe 8 40 club Choice Bnls amusnng Iroubles beaurnful wavy brown haur afhlehc pug nosed Irnend of everyone EUGENE REARDON pleasnngly plump always smnlmgadrlulces phil osophy aeronauhcs gurls music -.and dogs January graduale Io R P I sfudyung aero naulncal enguneerlng MU RIEL REILLY vnvacnous personalnly beauhlully slanfed eyes long shnny hanr exohc well read expres snve wrnfer greal af solvnng everyones prob X-I Q In , gy ,nvxbgg -uf her own always In Irouble slunmng R ALS Q clofhes Ivllml 1.3.5-AA3sLL.NS Rx-L3 YN-.DS K K ROBERT POTDEVIN Presudenl of The Boys A A capfaun of The soccer Ieam Long Island record holder for 220 low hurdles never wnlhoul a comeback Iall smoorh ofs DORIS OUEREN versahle head drum malorelfe conscaenhous sfudenf neal as a pun always wnllnng Io lend a helpxng hand eals conslanrly, buf never garns wenghf crazy abou? 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A 4 X , 42 2 Nw w ROBERT BOWLES popular wnTh The Taur sex naTural aThleTe varslTy TooTball basl4eTball and Traclc saulmg enThusuasT goo dresser gulllble nauve sporTs a green Mercury HOWARD BUEHLER husTory whuzz quueT and conservahve excel lenT oraTor soccer player pool shark mod esT vuolumsT always pluggung Those good old GnanTs plans To go To Harvard RICHARD DUVALL exTraordunaure modesT nnce smile easygomg always can be Tound aT Wollc s headed Tor prep school PAUL ERHARDT loquaTvous auThoruTy on Englnsh LIT model plane enThuslasT ardenT chess Tollower headed Tor Wesleyan College always hurry :ng beTween classes humming songs every bodies pal Buzz MARY ANN McGRAW whuzz aT l.aTun mehculously dressed looogue woogue enThusuasT on The 88 keys headed Tor Barnard Tond oT mosT everyThnng excepT where gym IS concerned ScoTch red head cuTe JOSEPH SIBILLA wresTllng Teams more Tamed Tor his boxing TeaTs wlld man oehmd seaT OT his I937 Dodge pracTncal lolcer 115 quief in. school--lacrosse .player and pugilisT likeable-sTaunch member oT The Too.Tball and T V - . A 1 7' . " , s X1 ef I Q Q ss. 4 A 'T 1, T V ,' rw' 78 THE CLUBS ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE MR GRAHAM Ea ur! Adv sor NANCY BRIGGS Sruder Charrman John Dunne Torn Evans BI MIcheII Beffy Cronk Tom Burn Sue H aI BAND MR PERKINS Drecfor MADELINE MARCH Rresldenr GEORGE DICK Vrce Pre udenr POLLY HARVEY Secrefary W Ayers D Becker B Conanf J Cusfer DeTurk Duncan R EImendor Frqueroa E Groerr L Gr Berg M God r M Harmor D Henn J H n nsen R r e M Mayer S MlIIukan J Murphy N Armonf ren P T Rofhenberger S ravonr D Srore F Uoeck H Wae e J WneeIer D Adworfh P DeTurk F Edwards H Fourroy A Eransusco T Goefy C Harde L Erwrn A Keerney H Kn gh? D Kohurf Dennrs Koharf en ee T eww R LrHIewoo T Marc and N NuII Oram Same Sforey BIOLOGY CLUB MISS MERRILL Ea uIIy Advisor JOAN MARIANI Presudenr STEVE DECATUR Vice RresldenI DON BODAY Secrefary Barfoor A Behrer M B1 cay D son F Cooney M DaIey G Dernougeof omg Drouqhan J aucner R ummons A Garsrde B Hale M Hunr N Ke J McC r n y M mr PooIe an nppe Q D u us o m r ocr rrey R a M We B WenIwarIn D Wesh n B Why o k BOYS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION BOB ROTDEVIN JIM CUSTER STEWART BICKNELL Sec e ar, WALTER JOHNSON Maroon Capfarn BOB DEWHIRST LleuIenanI TIM CARROLL BILL FULLER Grey Capfarn Lleufenanr BUDGET COMMITTEE MISS GRISWOLD BILL MITCHELL FacuIIy Advusor Charrman Rufh Grofz Leo Marhnuzzu Georgua Kanc CALENDAR COMMITTEE MISS NOLAND FacuIIy Advrsor RUTH HAUSER Charrman Alberf Mom Jean Fanning Joan Afen Sue Harvey Myra ToIIey CHANTECLER MISS AMIS EacuIIy Advisor GEORGIA RISK Eduror France Johnsfone Eluzaberh Mounr Berry Cronk Dons ueren Norma Srarun Audrey Sforer Dorus Green Frances Graham Raf Nash Parry Ives Rafh Rogers Thomas Tay Io Berry Jane RoIIe Paf ScnueI3eI ane CUII Charmelee Adams MarrIyn RedvanIy Pa Rusk CHORUS AND GLEE CLUB MISS MEDUNA FacuIIy Advisor C Adams L Baker E BaraveIIe S oud reau J Boyd S Creamer A de Leon N Ihorpe F Johnsrone A Hopkrns N Isom ay P Ke Iy D Lemc e M Lohr e Marrn M Marache M March J Molne Moore M Pardy R n Rud Sc oen C ScoIr M Snyder B Sproul N 1 L TayIor C Tusch D VVrdma or ECHO MR WARDNER MARY JANE SHAW edlfor JOHN KUNKEL edlfor NANCY BRIGGS Mdnaqrnq EdIIOr BILL AYERS Ma e up Edrfor EDITH LACEY Busnes Edrfor DICK ELMENDORF Sporf Edrfo EdCuIIy Adv: or , , 1, I I. , 2, e..y. rd I. J. I ,' . I l f, HI . . ' A ' , . 'I' . Irs , . - I I I da d. . r, . . . ens. el, V, ' ' Je , . Kible, R. Le-, R. aIIon, D. D. og I . . REI, . I ' , E1 ' ch' '. . , . s' , . k Y A Ti aa, . I , . I . . , 2 - ' I . , , C , I , K ' I ' ' r ' L , . L "s, . ' d, . h, T, 'W . 'I . J NoI , . , P. , D. ' , A. I I 'X - l I ' . MARILYN REISS progyam Chairman FahIbusch, A. Fisher, M. Goddard, M. Gold- M. , . . . 's X, . Carf- ' ' ' ' ' ' ' M. K , . I , . k , . k , L. 5.031 ,.FI,.FEIz- 7- I- I- I- L. . P. , . , . PIsa I, S. d, P. IIIIan, A. J. y, . a I e , S. iII3'f IT. ' ' ' 't I ' 'I ' ' J. , R. R' um M. RT f Cf .R - SIUW - ' r - I - Y ' seII, P, Rr s J, S Irh M. Sry ay J. Tie - ' . T ner , I' . f I . , . r c . 4 Coy I I Coi 1 . D,-Q. Idopf A ' l O Vlce-Rreziden ' L ' ' 79 RUTH HAUSER Advern ng Manager J Klmball G Holmann F Casey J Dunne rnnlll W Jenney C Bull B Mulc P Wagner J Weldln T Carrol S PIII ps rnlllw G S I M Mllclwe Moore M Lawrerce N Boolll M Relly Ko arl A Kennedy L Weldon Severs J Dowd D Russell N Corwln J M ean P Oram A Hale B Duncar J C sler M Lovelace P WTI on J I-Ia m n P Andrew T Scllaeller P R I Joe Kalbaclmer and Drcl Flanagan Ed lor and Managung Edxlor lo Jar FRENCH CLUB MISS DJNLOP Eacully Advrsor PHYLLIS KYDD Presldenl BARBARA JONES Vlce presndenl EMILY TOLLEY Secrelary Erenclm Club rs composed ol an unlurnrled rnembersnup wlncll allends lne programs arranged by llle above ollrcers GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION MISS SNYDER MARY SMITH JOAN HEALY RUTH HAUSER BETTY FLETCHER CAROL STUDWELL JOAN WHEELER JUNE KOHART JEAN FANNING JANE BUCK MARGOT LAUMAN KAY SMITH GINGER LAUMAN MARGARET LORD Eacully Advlsor Presndenl Vice presrdenl Secrelary Treasurer Grey Caplaun Asslslanl Maroon Caplaun Assuslanl Soclal Cllaurman Asslslanl Publlclly Clwalrman Assuslanl Honor ry Member M. S ' .I I ...I s, I. T' lwelll . I P Il I . , . " . . I', . In . ' : ' ' , ' , P. S ' , . Rislr, K. nfllm, . ' ll. H. ' , ' , ' ' I, J. ll... .' ,' ,'-- u. , . , . 's , . Iler- , I , a . . , . ', I. ls. , , . . . . ' V I , I . - I- - ca , . E Il, . d , . , B. T . Haupl, T. Sllaler, J. Buclc, R. Hauser, J. , . A , . , . I - - bel, . Kllpp, R. Ilen, . lllw, . R' lc. J. K I, S.. T' ,I .I au, . Ray. D - I A. , . . . ' , . Ile - ' P, rv Q, I . M' I, E.. nm, D. BO MISS FREDERICKS Grey Sponsor MISS NOLAND Grey Sponsor MRS PLUMP MISS NOTT Maroon Sponsor Maroon Sponsor HONOR SOCIETY MISS EATON Eacully Advl or JOE EAUCHER Pres denl JUNE KOHART Vlce presudenl EDITH LACEY Secrelary Elecled ID IQ44 Sally Boudreau Jane Buck Rullw Grolz Gene Holmann Rullw Hauser Marlon Goddard Brll Olson Sue Marlcey Joe Kalbacller Elected an l945 Georgla Rrslc Plmyllus Kydd Nancy Brrggs Mary Smullw BIII Mllclmel Joe Fannrng Drck Elmendorl Joan Healy Jvm Daley Barlon Conanl Belly Duncan Maru Iyn Mears Mary Jane Slwaw Lrnda Marlln Dons ueren Margarel Snyder Barbara Jones Mary Lou Rusl James Cusler Dol Ganslwaw Jaclc Kenmore Belly Leary Don McCurry Ted Maraclle Fred Edwards INK SPOTS MISS FREDERICKS Facully Advrsor SUE MARKEY Ednlor JOAN HEALY Arl Edulor PAT RICHMOND Cnrculalnon Manager PI-IYLLIS KYDD Busnness Manager E Grallam D ueren A Leonard B Dun n H ar E Edwar s D Lauman McLean N Brnggs N Anderson P Sclle J A M Sm G ns P Maguure J Fauclwer J Kunkel B Jones D Wallerson J Konllwer M Medlln M M cnell K Smulll J Tappen G Parr M Goddard B Sulpllen A Doyle A Hale olwarl Plwllups S Boudre S B Wenlworllw D Carlson S Hardie A Huglwes M Lovelace N llllarn D McCur ry R Mallell A McGreevey LOST AND FOUND SALLY BOUDREAU Clmaurnnan Nugenl D Pardy M Reuss J Ha r man J Taylor D Slory J Woll L Taylor lzsurnmon M ears Tu e Braendle M MacDonald S MacPl1eelers C Adams S Ray M Evans A Fnslwer A Bourdelle H Aldworllw MASQUERS CLUB MISS HOLLINGSWOTH Eacully Adv: or JOHN BURRELL Pre rdenl DICK LAUMAN Vice presrdenl GEORGIA RISK Secrelary BILL DAMON Treasurer M J Sllaw K Srnlllw J McLean B Duncan A Leonard P Maguure P Oram K Sler ling. D. Hanna. E, Vkfonarnla. M. Lfmrna' J. Mcllwaln, E. Redman, J. Spaulding. J. Spaulding, D, Nailw. D, Buclcley J. GIGVQC' RaI R Wy I s C Swf Hel K I I D Meir J Or m Eournoy S gy T Darno C un MAST JANE BUCK Co eoln CHARLES BUSH Co ed Io MR VVARRlNER uly Ad c JOHN MALONEY Busmo s Manager Assocnafe EdI+OFS RuflI Hauser BIII Mncnell Norrnan Wooo ward Joan Healy Ruflw Grorz Jrm Daley Sfaff EIanCe Qralwdrn Sally Ann foung Biroarx Haupl Narcy Boollw Peggy Snfw n Ar e Slurley Rlmllp Helen Alclworllw FV ara Bauer ons u ren Km Heny Tlwolma Znmrnorman ORCHESTRA M R NICHOLS wrfool M RCI orr I Car on C w J color G Buclwlrr J oI'mInn C3 own D n one rw nanl J Wlweccr H EIQ RED CROSS MISS KERR I ry MRS PETERsEII in A I J Taylor A wn r A N wffr M M r 0 m or on o Icay G Moran M Slam J Monr o o el Z mrn I e er c r oney R No ' I Iqf f ro e or SPANISH CLUB IIs, BABIII yAJ PIIILLI, HAIIHI MARK IMTCHELL MARILYN SIEVERS C IQI' ll IlV'ITfIIX" LlI'ILlr A lA'l"lYr'II'r-r .MD .. J. Dow, K. Crowley, A. Lrponarfl, J. Alon M. Moar J. l'lfi'LEJ"7'TdT J. Spfsuolng. J. oauIoInq J L rrndl I - J rn I rn ir on R Waqne or lx Eonn I Ply IV yo H1 vo STUDENT COUNCIL MR STEINBERG E1QuIly Adw or JOE FANNING Pre- darr RUTH OROTZ VICO prosrdenl MARY MLKlBBlN Secrorary LEO MARTINUZZI Treasurer en Tho M Hoa y W orn Murplwy J Clno W J J usl S H ay A MQOM5-ey No son E Rape R Russo C Belle Cr ane MCCurIy A Mo uSlI GC D III B Dung L MarlIn M J W STUDENT COURT MR STElNBERG Eacully Adw or JOE EANNING Ol Ju l MARY M4KlBBlN C rl Inn u r HFC TW u u C I c uc r nf y nrq oi 1 n I Jolwn MaIoPry Bob Dcwlnrr STUDENT WAR BOARD lla, AMR y ANN KENNEDT Cnaumar Ir I I 1 I I r Pn Onrfr rgrrn Bop y Habcfrnan TRAFFIC SQUAD UALLI I N 7 If ow R ff rn owl H T eorq DL U P Boo M VU S. yf. . olley R. Rik. . inn. B. S! ' A . . Sh ' D. Russell, , Ki - Mfl . . F5."lf3.Ql'H C. Tliclw. J. CElf,l'Iol'n Sell. M. B1 rfoof V. J: ten M. L. Rurl. D. . f 1 . a . H, l . . Burng. CQ lv . . e r. B. Bau 4. J. . J. A.E . P. .B sI. lXflL"IW. . Lo 'aio R. fr y. . , 1, F . , . I Eao vlr nr I X Tlx Il V " A I X , ' J. Af .. E. mas . , le , . H . N N I ' X J. . . S sser. J. llson, . Ean- nlnq. .C' er . em . . y. K. 1 X y AII . . . . . . ' . . I4 . I 5 C ' .4 V T D. ' . . r' D. RTS. M, L. Rus'r ' - X - I ' X X ' lf RC C. B , J. D lIy, R. owllsl, , an, l-lal ' ll S' BC T . ' , . .Slma . D - . D A O of . 1 l I . . EcI..ully Advl III A CLR ' REC M. Bf , . ' .',. E. C N. Fahll usfn. X f lch A. f, I. '. Blqolo . Q. Quinn. S. MI CR' A' R "RI M5 Y Jf ff SRI I R lun ph . I J 4 . ki fy V F DOYIUN Ha mr, Jane Builf. Bill Olson. Su: R rl l. M. fl. , Bcglcr, M. Mfavrlw J. Dun Lxlfi I I' B IJ 3' Elf 'R Elefllf Tl' CW TU' Ca , D, Sl . R. Ha :y. V. Jonmn. B. Y W 'J ' 3 -"' CO . . ' . A Lmrofx. ly' Cf -MS EaQulII Anyi or Efcuul Afwlxf' A I A X 1' f. I MRS. SEAMAN Eaaufly Aflyl ffl Jane Soaulnlng Joan Spamfiiing, Pa? Sfknrfr h ' -- F. KUIIY IgW'f,4g,, wc. Nancy MciCaIrncy. Bmfy Cronl, Mr I . I . L . To :rd M. Ru! . Bro r Iyp Slf yen., Larry HL nl lldrv y C Irv In .Jaw K. D I 1. . Primo, A. Bourdollfg. .Mur Curl. Enwly TOIl EY AI BJ 2. ll fl dy, F. B Q X I-1. Fl I .A M. Q ,fq,,IN I-,Il Slarlr. Barbara Bauer. Jwlyn Try an Bi f Bhs' . . . I. E l. . ' T l . " I. O. B I, M. T mein. M. Rl SJ E. CO ', . Ian. Ml. Pl Jon. C. R :V A. Bglw r. B. Z elf .sou Al'AIl'flLrf C'T"'TT J .Q T' Ir""r I3 B Ir, Dc-wl'IfI1I. BII OI on VII llf"y, D.:II'f.I l'TIIl'l7 BNI M74 lIfIl. Cl'u,l .4 .K I TII II 1' Ivl wr BI. r' JIr1r r.I"lfl C " fI"':' T' fl. Cffnfgfy X I A A RI'fgHlfiCI'l If'I'I " T BVI l"'f,PIIIfII. 'I D".D'If-'H lf WI II 'R . Yff. pfffoon' l lzrnf I Ea' Dfw 'J Br F ogl Vv'r,oo ' Scirelary rpurr Nor ar Wc,o 2 rd Cone o rnann A. Doy C. K. Do CCGW ll. C rwr, L, lvVQl- G - Q l-lfafo l-l,jL5n l Qsr . 8I UnexceIIeCI EGQIIIIIGS Ior Euncfiorws OI AII Kinds of DANCES - BRIDGE PARTIES - WEDDING RECEPTIONS BANQUETS, EIC. GARDEN CITY HOTEL c I4 OII Manage GARDEN CITY N Y PA LG IVIf5XII'I IVI Q 6 di? CW WILLIAM H CORDES Rea fo Bu IcIe Conf ac+or X3 NA SAU BOULEVARD e VlIIage Pas+ry Shop 96 SEVENTH STREET RTIN CITY N LEO BEAUTY SALON W I47 SEVENTI-I STREET II.Imd I' n mCnII , . . LI . Y, and er' PIWQVIC ar' T7 I TDO TKII. G'f1'i11'v CIII, ZOQ7 . Nz-U I0 ff if In Mn'Ii-I I r - I r r GA I' , Y. BW' II, fwcINA'I'c1.1I"1Cf1Iw VY, wwIf1I", TTYL' 'f GdI4,1" Cy 404 T ' rl J . I. A , ,.,wI- 1. Q . C,w'.1T I' CIII, f-fl-,I EpfIf,IaII5.I In EQmmmgIwI qwirwqvg 82 K BARBATSULY BROS FINE runs FRANKLIN AVENUE Plumbmg and Heehng Repmr Servuce LOUIS ANZIANO Inc 544 FRANKLIN AVE GARDEN CITY N Y Cl C ly 4 S P I E S GARDEN CITY CAMERA SHOP 5 Q dC e ISI SEVENTH STREET GARDEN CITY N Y CANIVAN BROS Hardware eplx eG de C+y T66 SEVENTH STREET GARDEN CITY Hubbell Klapper and Hubbell REAL ESTATE 65 HILTON AVENUE GARDEN CITY Telephone Garden CIW I I8O - - - - Garden CIM 82:20 Ll' ,I AI' Cflo S'D'a1f' , , , . , . Reoaififq and Refnfvdelinw , 644 L A I GARDEN CITY L I Floral Ferl 6889 Garden Cily 207-208 TCI. Gar en I 687 Cofnplele upplica and E uipmenl Tel on M n i QB67 Goo ollection cl Piclur Frames Pczclcel Size Io II x I4 I 83 Io II1e Class of '45 CGNGRATULATIONS Graduafion comes 'ro you af a rnomenfous Iime In Ine affairs of your coun+ry. WnaIever your responsibilifies and endeavors may evenfually be we are sure you WIII carry on earnesIIy enfnuslashcally and success IuIIy Good luck and God bless you WILLIAM L ENEQUIST Inc Insurance Real Esfafe 72 I FRANKLIN AVENUE GARDEN CITY NEW YORK KORNFIELDS PHARMACY a d I M P 970 G C S JAY RUSSELL 7o'?VV BEAU MART Inc 4 CM 72 O FRANKLIN PHARMACY mmm A K3 O H E BROWN 81 CO Inc 833 FRANKLIN AVENUE Ga den Cty Nfw YoI- 84 ' U , l Ppv'vwf:vIy BrI"IcIrf, F'Ivarr'n Cy 4l Nm-1 I-Iy fx IIa' RG. Givdon CI N, Y. Phone E, . . .970 . . .I PWM and 'rrf"s-'-rar ZW I1,,v. Aw, Gfvfif-P CIM N, Y, Cfmxdww CII, - A if I V-1 I ima I, S'v1a'wv Bums, Sd' f ' 6 2 P an. In Ayr-. Gfavoz-n i N. Y, Iff-run nf Gam 's CI'-, 3 , r ' IX 5 X 1 N' I I I Nr fu Rrxfy. L-, ' N'V"- .' Spf-QEIM, Eanlilf Ax'-, af 7'n S2 Fa' on CII, N, Y, WWWWWWM f I X0 i 1 X X ,pi I w X hx Plwofographers For I945 MAST ir 'k APEDA STUDIOS Inc 86 I 'I' ir New York, New York I"1" L..Ll'f J ot you and your classmates upon your school lute achueve rmmortalnty I0 a carefully planned and executed yearbook From the and desert of Aruzona and the sultry green Island ot Puerto Paco to the snow blanketed slopes of Northern New England we have traveled happy and proud to have been an Instrument In the translatung Into prrnt the humor pathos excltement and sentrment found IO the campus lute ot over seventy Fave colleges and preparatory schools As Former members ot yearbook statts IO our school days we brrng unto our protessuonal dutres a real understandung of the many problems controntrng each yearbook edutor P rl rh ri I ' .I I1 S I' l . d O ' ' ' . MEMBER OF COLLEGE ANNUAL PRODUCERS ASSOCIATION AND AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF GRAPHIC ARTS A ,Annu-I .,v,c,,L:,, . M, ..- m,.....,,.., ,....,,...: AL.:1:1::.,:2.g:Q.f:....:..:.LN.: , . x 5 . ' 5- a s-512, fee ? -gi f Ef .4: i f - m 3fvd5::r: ::- 'R 4 ' " ' ' J

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Garden City High School - Mast Yearbook (Garden City, NY) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Garden City High School - Mast Yearbook (Garden City, NY) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Garden City High School - Mast Yearbook (Garden City, NY) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Garden City High School - Mast Yearbook (Garden City, NY) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Garden City High School - Mast Yearbook (Garden City, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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