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.f 1 2 He' 1 . " f , , ii , I r K I f 15 He annual sjcoff Presents nebroncbuster For Bclufzor-, Duane Huqs Bus. rviq'r: Duane West diccltion To the football team and coaches of Garden City Junior College, who, by their valor and good sportsmanship, their never say die spirit, a commendable record that won the State Championship and participation in the Little Sugar Bowl Classic, we proudly dedicate this annual. This page the compliments of WILLIAMS MUSIC COMPANY WIP? cw IZ GLWUCQW . W-az": 3 23 'M W If RQ FIRST ROW: J. R. Jones, Harold Fansler, Kenneth Lyon, and Charles Renick. SECOND ROW: Everett Miller, Mrs. J.E. Dale, Mrs. L.R. Kester, and Helen M. Reed. - Secretary to Dean Secretary to Dean, MRS. ALMA PROUDFIT MRS. DORA THOMAS Office Staff, MRS. DAVID WILLIAMS, and BETTY JOHNSON if. lf he fn I I ' .5 A 5 W 4 fl g 5 is 6 U y WN . K " W fi W W H ,........... A Secretary to Board of Education MRS. HELEN REED This page the compliments of IDEAL FOOD STORES ADMINI. RATI ' EEDW Yearbooks are always interesting. The interest of the present class in the current book will increase with the passing of time. This year has been a strenuous one marked by uncertainty and tension due to world affairs. lt has been difficult to make plans for the future. ln spite of all the unrest, students are to be comp- limented for doing an admirable piece of work. The year has been a challenging one to you, and you have carried on with remarkable vigor and enthusiasm. Our very best wishes are yours. All of us will do well to re- member that failures in life are not those who are unable to win great victories, but those who never seriously try. Our students have dedicated the Broncbuster to the State Champion Football Team of 1950. We are proud that it takes students who are above average to produce a championship team. Our present student body has performed with efficiency in the classroom as well as in athletic competition. May this book be a constant reminder of a year well spent in the classroom and in the various activities sponsored by the Garden City Junior College. 1 I As we look back across the year's happenings we observe many events of note. One of those is a football championship. Yet more important than the season's football record is what that record signifies: a series of personal campaigns to gain in- dividual proficiency and at the same time to lose self in a larger effort. That will to excellence is not peculiar to footballers, nor is the value of teamwork limited to the athletic field. Indeed other phases of college life, though less spectacular, are equally significant. Today statistics measure the success of the l950 grid season, but itwill be the permanent and ever-needed yardage gains in dis- cipline, diligence, dependability, and selflessness that will measure its influence long after the trophies are tarnished. If This page the compliments of BAKER'S ROLAND EILERTS, B. S. GEORGE THACKER, A. B. , M. A. Kansas University Wichita University JACK MORRIS, A. B. Winfield, Kansas KEITH AKINS, B. S. Emporia, Kansas DAVID WILLIAMS, A. B. , M. E, Western State College, Gunnison, 1 , . . ERVIN H. SCHMIDT, B. S. , M. S. Co orado, Colorado University Kansas State College Manhattan, Kansas DAISY HERRIOTT, B. S. in Ed. , B. S. in L. S. Fort Hays Kansas State College Denver University ED HALL, B. S. Kansas University fin This page the compliments of THE GARDEN CITY LOAN and INVESTMENT COMPANY JULIUS HULQUIST, B. M. , B. M. E. 5 Bethany College, Lindsborg, Kansas Greeley State Teachers College GLADYS BREDFELDT, B. S. , M. A.g Emporia, Kansas Greeley, Colorado DON SLECHTA, A. B. Fort Hays Kansas State College ROBERT DARNES, B. S. Emporia State Teachers College Kansas State College University of Denver EDWIN HOOPER, B. S, in Commerce, B.S. in Education Kansas State Teachers College KENNETH HENDERSON, B.s. Emporia Kansas Fort Hays State Teachers College GLADYS DARNES, A. B, , M, A. Wichita University Greeley, Colorado DOROTHY MEYERS, B. S. Kansas State Teachers College Manhattan, Kansas This page the compliments of the SHALLOW WATER REFINING COMPANY MORTON PHILLIPS, B. S. Emporia State College R. H. SAFT, A. B. , M. S. Wichita University Emporia State Teachers College IRIS LEE, A. B, , M. S, College of Emporia Emporia State Teachers College BERNICE BENDER, B. S. , M. S. Kansas State College Manhattan, Kansas .....--M VETRA BERINGER, B. S. Pittsburg Teachers College WV' MARVIN HAMMOND, B. S, Emporia State Teachers College This page the compliments of PILAND'S ' ' Ui., , A.,...,.,,.,, A LA M , , yew' Lydw' , N f 1 . , , M A -L,j5iH2'WA my Liiffu X , g 4. , , ,,,,, 1 ,. 'V N . I My . I + ..,. . .... : . but only God can make a tree This page the compliments of GARDEN SMOKER SOPHOMORE OFFICERS DUANE HAYS - -- DON POWELL --- ---- Vice-President SALLY SEIDEL ----- ------- S ecretary MARY LOU WAITS --- --- Student Council DON GLEASON ----- --- ------ - President Student Council BROWN, GAY Garden City Cheerleader Z3 Pep Club l, Z, Chorus 1, Z, Juco Play l, Z9 Reporter l. CALDWELL, DONALD Garden City Football l, Z5 G Club 1, Z. BRUNKER, BARBARA Deerfield, Kansas Annual Staff 13 Pep Club l, Z. CLINE, LESLIE Lewis, Kansas Football lg Basketball 1, Z5 Track 1, Z5 G Club 1, Z. BURLIN, BOB Garden City Juco Team Manager 2.3 Pep Club l, Z5 G Club Z. DeCAMP, WILMA Garden City Pep Club l, Z3 Chorus l, Z5 Pep Band 1 Z This page the compliments of KOCH'S CONOCO SERVICE DEGENHART, DARRELL Garden City Annual Staff Z. FRAZIER, JOE Garden City Football l, Zg G. Club l, 2. EGBERT, DON Cimarron, Kansas Pep Club l, Z. GARDNER, DAISY Syracuse, Kansas Chorus 1, 2. ERICKSON, KENT Garden City Pep Club l, Z5 Cheerleader 1. GIESAKING, MELVIN Garden City Football l, 25 Baseball lg Chorus 1, ag G Club 1, 2. FRAZIER, DON Goodland, Kansas Football l, Zg Basketball lg G. Club 1, Z. GLEASON, DON ' Syracuse, Kansas Football l, Zg G Club l, 2.5 Student Council 25 Mixed Chorus l, Z9 Annual Staff 1, Z5 Prom Committee lg Boys' Quartet Z. E l This page the compliments of DIERKS-PETERS LUMBER COMPANY I HANNEMAN, ALBERT Garden City Pep Club l, 2. LADNER, REX Garden City Football 1, Z5 Track lg G Club l, Z. HARTLEY, ERNEST Garden City Mixed Chorus l, Z. LOBMEYER, MARION Garden City Mixed Chorus 1, Z5 Pep Club 1, Z. HAYS, DUANE Garden City Football 1, Z5 Chorus l, Zg Student Council Z3 Sophomore President, G Club l, Z5 Baseball 1,25 Track lg Pep Club 1, Z, Freshman Vice-President' Juco Play lg Annual Staff Z, MUELLER, DUANE Syracuse, Kansas Transfer, Wichita U. Football Z3 Reporter Z5 Pep Club Z5 G Club Z, Annual Staff Z. IRELAND, GERALD Garden City Track 1, Z5 G Club l, Z. NISPEL, BOB Caldwell, Kansas Transfer, Kansas State Student Council President Z5 Football Z5 Annual Staff Z, Pep Club Z9 G Club Z, Reporter Z. This page the compliments of NU-STYLE SHOE STORE ,f OROSCO, YSABEL Satanta Annual Staff. ROBERTS, MILTON Garden City Football lg Basketball l, Zg G Club l, Zg Baseball l, Z. PAPPAS, MARY ANN Garden City Transfer, Portland State College Chorus 2. SCHEUERMAN, RICHARD Garden City POWELL., DON Overland Park, Kansas Football l, Z5 Track l, Z, Baseball l, Zg Sophomore Vice-Presidentg Annual Staff Zg G Club l, Z. SEIDEL, SALLY Garden City Chorus lg Pep Band 1, Zg Play Cast l Pep Club l, 2, Juco Dance Band lg Annual Staff l, Zg Sophomore Secre- tary-Treasurerg Reporter 2. REMICK, HERBERT Garden City Basketball Zg Baseball lg Prom Committee lg G Club l, 2, Annual Staff lg Mixed Chorus Zg Student Council l. SMITH, MELVIN Garden City Baseball lg Pep Club l, Zg Pep Band l, Z. This page the compliments of FIVE-POINTS SERVICE STINEMETZ, DELBERT Garden City WAITS, MARY 1.oU Garden City Mixed Chorus 1, Z5 Football Queen lg Student Council Secretary lg Juco Play l, Z5 Pep Club l, Z5 Student Council 25 Hobo Queeng Annual Staff l, 2. VANCE, MAC Garden City WEST, DUANE Garden City Mixed Chorus 1,29 Annual Staff l, Zg Debate Z. ZELLNER, JOHNNY s Garden City Pep Club l, Z3 Annual Staff lg Reporter Z. CAMERA SHY SOPHOMORES Verlyn Bryson Daniel Colby Eva Deines Jerry Denchfield John Guest Earl Harman Jay Roberson Mary Jo Hedges Norman Vaughn Don McGillivary Lewis Williams Paul Rader Carol Lee Wrench This page the compliments of DeCAMP TIRE SERVICE 5'2" IQ Wgyw ""-..m... m"""'l gh FRESHMAN OFFICERS ZENA AL,I..lSON--- ---Student Council Representative DON FIX --------- ------------------- P resident JOAN BASINGER ------ ---- S ecretary-Treasurer Back Row: HAROLD PATTERSON --- ---------------- Vice-President JIM WEBSTER --------- ---Student Council Representative The largest freshman class in the history of Garden City made its appearance in the fall of 1950. Some were "wheels" recently graduated from high school, a few were veterans, but by and large they were the same green "frosh" that were in the space of one short year would become the wise and classroom-hardened sophomores of 1951-'52. This page the compliments of SHRAKE ELECTRIC COMPANY 'Ulm Hin-4 RAMONA ALLEN ZENA ALLISON DERROL ALMOND ERROL ALMOND RAY ASPER LYLE BAKER BOB BAKER JANE BASINGER JOAN BASINGER BILLY BOLES DICK BONDURANT DUANE BOW MAN This page the compliments of WHITEHURST'S 66 SERVICE f 5 I II If I' ,fy ,Q ' 4 1 ff 1 I I 'ns ,I ov""" HANS BREUER DICK BRUINGTON VIRGIL BRUNTZEI.. DEMPSEY BURTON LEE CALKINS GROVER CRAIG MARGIE DALTON DEAN EILERTS PATTI EVANS MARQUITA FETSCH DON FIX JAKE FLAMINC1 This page the compliments of KEMPER AUTO ELECTRIC REGINALD FORTUNE DAMON FOSTER SALLY GARDINER DEAN GATTERMAN CHARLES GENTNER EVERITT GLASSE JOYCE GOSNELL CARL HELMLE DON HIGHLANDER PAUL HUELSKJXMP ELMO HUNTER BETTY JOHNSON This page the compliments of GARNAND FURNITURE STORE BEVERLY JOHNSON MARY LOU JOHNSON ALVIN JOHNSTON RUTH JOHNSON TED JOHNSON GILBERT KEMPER MANFORD KIMBERLY EYVONNE KRAUSE VIRGINIA KRAUSE This page the Compliments of J. C. PENNEY COMPANY ,321 :,. , ,.,::.?:Ef1,-:--55322215 I . 5 Q A" Q 521 ' I x 3 y MELVIN JOHNSTON JOHN KILLFOIL LEON LEWIS uf 'kan- Sy. 'TC' W 35 WWW 'Blur' 1!Z:".2V, .J-f--5, fm g A' RODNEY LONG HAROLD MARTIN NORMA J. MCCLURE BETTY MILLS MARIE MINTER CLARA M. MOLINEAUX DOROTHY NEAR VIC ORTIZ PAT PARR BOB PEARCE BEULAH PELSER RICHARD RANDALLS This page the compliments of CONARD STUDIO RAYMOND REID BILL. RENICK KAREL ROBERTS JACK ROGERS JESS SCOTT NICKIE SEYMOUR CARL SESSLER DON SHIRKEY CONNIE SPENCER JOHN STEVENSON BOBBY STRAIT JOANNE STREETER 1. This page the compliments of BURTIS MOTOR COMPANY Dwi X 'avi TOM WILLIAMS DEAN WITT CHARLES TYLER KAY J. THOMPSON QTYLERD WARREN VANAMAN RAY WERNER JIM WEBSTER SYLVIA SPANIER QWEISERQ BOB WILCOX KATHRYN WILLIAMS CHUCK BARCLAY DALE PARKERSON DEAN SMITH RONALD BOYD HAROLD PATTERSON GENE SMITH THOMAS ELROD FARRELL PISAR WALTER UNDERWOOD JOHNNY GUEST DALE RANEY DON WADE RUBY MARTIN BOB RICE WESLEY WILKERSON J. M. MILES JOANN SAUCEMAN MENA WOLFF This page the compliments of MYERS MILK PRODUCTS COMPANY Special student l Jim Burke Jone Clugston Silver Dater Delores Degenhart Yvonne Gek Fern Greathouse Sue Green Sharon McDowell Harriett Stanley FI'21HCiS Wolf x. 'E E bg 5 BACK ROW: Bill Stephens, Ronald Hubert, Dean Stuart, Roger Craft, Lowell Mulch. FRONT ROW: Margie Herring, LaVon O'Neal, John Nanniga, Carl Myers, Kay Smith. This page the compliments of THE GARDEN GRILL v V ,,, ,,,, A l sf. This page the compliments of ROSE'S HOUSE OF FLOWERS quarterbacks' castle FOOTBALL TOP ROW: Coach Eilerts, R3 Caldwell, D, Giesaking, Mg Reid, Rg Frazier, D3 Mueller, D5 Rice, B5 Patterson, Hg Long, R, Hays, D, Underwood, Wg Glasse, TgKillfoi1, J, Durr, Tg Mgr. Burlin, B MIDDLE ROW: Coach Morris, J, Tyler, C3 Webster, Jg Nispel, B5 Johnston, Mg Bondurant, D, Kemper G9 Ortiz, Vg Johnston, Ag Langley, B5 Roberson, Jg Gleason, D5 McGillivray, D, Asper, Ry Fix, D. BOTTOM ROW: Powell, D, Williams, T3 Foster, D, Pisar, F, Frazier, JgRanda1ls, D, Parkerson, Dg Kimberly, Mg Hunter, E3 Ladner, R, Bryson, V. GAME REVIEW Pueblo Junior College, Colorado O -- --- Garden City Junior College--- --- 26 McCook Junior College, Nebraska 7--- ---------------------------- --- 32 Dodge City Junior College, Kansas 7--- -------------------------- -- 13 Lamar Junior College, Colorado l3--- --- Z5 Arkansas City Junior College, Kansas l3--- -- 39 Hutchinson Junior College, Kansas Z7 -- -- 6 LaJunta Junior College, Colorado 7--- --- 53 Pratt Junior College, Kansas 6--- --- Z5 Eldorado Junior College, Kansas 7--- --- 32 Coffeyville Junior College, Kansas 9--- --- 10 Del Mar College, Corpus Christi, Texas 4l--- - 0 This page the compliments of ANTHONY'S Durr around the end for a gain against Pueblo. Three weeks of hard practicing proved success- ful when the Bronc Busters completely outplayed aPueblo, Colorado eleven and came out on top with a Z6-0 victory in the opener in Penrose Stadium. Asper scored three touchdowns and Klotz one. The team played inspired football both offensively and defensively. The followingweekthe Busters ventured to Mc- Cook, Nebraska, whereafter a tight 7-7 first half, the locals opened an unsurpassable attack to score 4 more times to win 33-7. Dodge City proved to be a worthy foe as Garden City faced its first league competition. The teams fought to a 7-7 first half as Patterson scored on a pass for the Broncos. After a scoreless third quarter and what seemed to be the same in the 4th, Tuck Glasse fired another pass to Patterson who made a brilliant run to pay dirt. The final score was 13-7. Heavy penalties and an inspired Lamar team gave the Broncos a scare in their next game but the machine refused to be beaten and Garden City came out on top Z5-13. Arkansas City proved no match for the mighty onslaught of the Busters as the Garden City team rolled over the Tigers 39-l3 as Coach Morris clear- ed the Cv. C. bench. Don Fix and Verlyn Bryson each contributed two touchdowns. Durr and Hays each scored one. This page the compliments of K I U L. OnSeptemberl, six- ty enthusiastic boys turn- ed out under a scorching summer sun to open the l95l football season. Un- der the new coaching re- gime of Jack Morris and his assistant Roland Ei- lerts, the predictions all pointed to a propitious and exciting season. Patterson catches the pass that won the game against Dodge. The Busters' bid for the title faltered, as a well coached Hutchinson team, helped by two ruled pass interferences, downed the Garden City team Z7-6. Asper scored the lone tally for the Broncos. Bouncing backfrom their previous defeat the Bust- ers shellacked a La Junta, Colorado team 53-7. The scoring was well divided as the reserves played the entire second half. Pratt Junior College was the next obstacle. After taking the kickoff to their own 45, Ray Asper scored on the firstplay from scrimmage through the center of the Pratt line. Webster, Patterson, and Glasse also J. Roberson eyes Dodge City defensive back. Don Frazier makes six more points against La Junta. contributed to the score as the locals won 25-6. The Juco Busters returned home to play the favored El Dorado Grizzlies. Awin meant a share of the West-1 ern Division title and a possible state championship bid. The Broncos were inspired and ready for the Grizzlies. They scored four times in the last l7 minutes of the first half on passes from Glasse to Patterson and Webs- ter, and two line plunges by Travis Durr. The Busters scored only once in the Znd half while allowing the Grizzlies 7 points. The score was 32-7 as the final gun sounded. This page the compliments of AMERICAN TRACTOR and IMPLEMENT CGMPANY Quarterback Glasse scores against fall.. M13 El Dorado. Action in the Coffeyville game. A meeting of Deans at Eldorado decided that the Garden City team should be picked to play Coffeyville for the state title. The game was a battle from start to finish. Coffeyville scored 9 points in the first quarter on a touchdown and a field goal. The locals scored 6 points on a touchdown by Durr. Hays added the conversion. The Red Ravens were held scoreless the rest of the game by a fighting Buster line led by Duane Mueller. One minute and Z0 seconds remained in the game as the score stood 9-7. Verlyn Bryson came inthe game and calmly booted a field goal. 10-9 the score remained. wg .UM After winning the state play off, Garden City ac- cepted a bowl bid to the Junior Sugar Bowl in Monroe, Louisiana, to play Del Mar College of Corpus Christi. The Del Mar team was fast and experienced. Garden Cityfailedto score as the Texans scored four times in the first half and twice in the second half. The team played hard, clean football for G, C, J. C., but were just outclassed 41-0. This was the final game of the l950 season. Don McGillivray and Don Powell were elected honorary team captains. This page the compliments of STONER'S STORES All Over Town 1. 5251, """"""'m State Champs envision bowl bid. This page the compliments of J. S. DILLON McGi11ivray, Lang ley, and Patterson team up to stop a Del Mar halfback. y BASKETBALL TOP ROW: Coach Hall E., Cline L, 5 Rader P. 5 McGillivray D. 5 Rice B. g Patterson H. 3 Assistant Coach Morris J. MIDDLE ROW: Kimberly M., Roberts M., Webster J., Highlanderg Williams T. BOTTOM ROVN: Manager Gurlin B. 3 Almond, Glasse T. 3 Huelskamp P. 5 Almond. Coach Ed I-lall's basketeers opened the l95l season by winning second place in the Garden City lnvitational tour- nament, losing to Hutchinson in the finals 67-45. Compton, California proved too much for the Broncs by defeating them 82-54, but bounced back to whip Pueblo 66-37 and Phoenix 64-45. The Busters hit their stride on a road trip which netted victories over La Junta 74-56, 'Trinidad 44-41, Clarendon, Texas 76-5l, and Amarillo 47-39. Returning home the Busters trounced La Junta again 64-30 to round out the pre-league play. ln the first league game, the locals suffered a set back at the hands of Hutchinson 62-48 on the victor's court. G, C, J, C. thenbeat Dodge City here on the local court 57-52 in a hotly contested game which was a major ob- stacle in the winning trail. The victors were never headed. This page compliments of HARRY A. ATHERTON Darrol Manager Bob Pat lVlOI't The Broncs left again on a road trip. El Dorado was the first victim as the locals won48-43. Ark City showed the boys a rough time as Garden City managed to win 53-52. Pratt also proved stubborn but the spirit of the team and team work combined to give the Busters a 43-40 victory, The Hallmen returned home for a period of relaxation as they beat Amarillo in a non-league game 60-44. Paul Don Les Tom Bob .Tim Tuck Radar McCook -------- 46 Garden City-- Garden City Tournament: Lamar ------- Dodge City--- Hutchinson--- Compton ---- Pueblo ----- Phoenix ---- La Juanta--- Trinidad-- Clarendon--- Amarillo--- La Junta ---- Hutchinson-- Dodge City-- El Dorado--- Ark City--- Pratt ------ Amarillo--- El Dorado--- Ark City--- Trinidad ---- Dodge City-- Hutchinson-- Pratt ------ Pueblo ---- This page compliments of THE GARDEN NATIONAL BANK The Grizzlies of E1 Dorado proved no match ifor the Broncs as they were defeated 65-45. iArc City and Trinidad also fell in the wake as qthe Broncs were victorious over the Tigers i66-49 and the Coloradoans 68-55. Garden City again tasted defeat by being beat by Dodge City in the last minute. :This defeat tossed the Division into a three way tie between Dodge, Hutchinson, and Garden City. Hutchinson then beat Dodge City to elim- inate the Conqs from the race. ln a battle of which the Blue Dragons of Hutchinson were proven inferior, the Busters handily beat them 74-58. The Western Division title was clinched by Garden City as the Broncs won over Pratt 68-41. This title gave the bid for the Kansas State Basketball Championship to the Busters. The team wound up scheduled play by beating lPueblo, Colorado 64-41. N Patterson jumps and shoots. l i Who do you think will get it? 2 5 V, "'1 ,'.i -t1' f L A if -vs Q W an Q H E Jim Webster fights for the ball. This page compliments of GARDEN CITY COCA COLA BOTTLING CO. 'iii 3591 . ,154 ilk! ,xr v ,,,. W,,5K,. UQ x .W .,J.n ,., ::,n I- W0 ,J Q., , ..,. A ., .. , '-'- we Q 5 Y- -"A ' 5 ,fm Q.. Q y QW ii, -5 SJ .: .. E -.MQ 1 qnvq Q - f w 1 W Rmfy . I.. .. N 1 ,G 513, ,Mx Q . - 5 -1 S ' , it , f 'H ' Q ff? ' U . , -- - lg EE ya 1 ., 1 - - . ws. y ,r ,. , ,,..,,,Q,.f-W-w'+4.e'We GY . . - , 'H' fy- .. . we' 'E ' 5 .f W 4 ' " J 7 1 l ' ' . ' 1 - Q? ' ""' Z m m as m as f- e s I E FE 255 H fe e 5 B I i 'qi - I, ,ygnf f ,M fd ,gg Q. ,, ui sd... me QQ-sw. . H Kit - A W . A"""'lt--w l Wil W w' M ,. ..I'iI' ' 'S K Nile" K, A K 5 32 IWW UU This page the compliments of MESCHKE'S INC, . . . three deep freezes 4 e l Crowned Queen at the Homecoming Game withElDorado, Miss Norma Jean McClure. Her attendants were Miss Gay Brown and Miss Sally Gardiner. Curtis Kinney was crownbearer and Janie Hammond and Jeanie Phillips were flower girls. Reigning over the Homecoming Dance is Queen Norma Jean. Her attendants and escorts from left to right are: Duane Hays, Gay Grown, Joe Frazier, Queen Norma Jean, Rex Ladner, and Sally Gardiner. This page the compliments of REGAN'S JEWELRY it if , CHORUS 4 CHORUS BACK ROW: Darrell Degenhart, Melvin Giesaking, Hans Breuer, Dean Gatterman, Duane 1 West, Dean Witt, Bob Pearce, Duane Dibbens, Jack Rogers. MIDDLE ROW: Norma Jean N McClure, Pat Parr, Don Gleason, Duane Hays, Thomas Elrod, Ernest Hartley, Betty Mills, Mary Pappas. FRONT ROW: Margie Dalton, Gay Brown, Zena Allison, Patti Evans, Julius l Hultquist-Director, Yvonne Giesaking, Clara Marie Molineux, Daisy Gardner, Wilma De- Camp, NOT PICTURED: Accornpanist: Mary Lou Waits. Nlvfrv'-'--mf-1 'L' r.f:,':'::e' . l fs U 4 . , 1 41!sHbJ'z-nr - P ' . ' - . V fi?-Wk? f T f' 41, Z f' 1 Nfif-9+ r is he-' f 9 ' " l - f- X aw '-' ' f C Rpm- Z . K f1.1fJ". O -,pw ,X U X ,.,,, x mm- . '.,fd'e V f in - 9 eviiiaze, ' X 1 1 f ,sgfzmeaaas 0 f f' Z ..fgg,"4ai?2?n25Q f g I Q ':7'f' Mans,-2 X X.. au. I : qi if I 1 X X, 5 Q 44" .s " ...., if ' xo' :1"': 1- 1 , . .5 , 1 ,swf f Z' L-"'n'4 ' i--venxfq , - ' '- . 'ibflilf i' V This page the compliments of THE FIDELITY STATE BANK PEP SQUAD p BACK ROW: Lyle Baker, Don Gleason, Alvin Johnston, Duane Hays, Karel Roberts. MIDDLE ROW: Joan Basinger, Sally Gardiner, Patti Evans, Pat Parr, Betty Mills, Wilma DeCamp. FRONT ROW: Zena Allison, Gay Brown, Clara Marie Molineux, Norma Jean McClure,' Jane Basinger. The members of the G. C. J. C. Pep Club are responsible for the enthusiastic pep furnished the football and basketball champions this year, The club presented several skits, pep assemblies, and rallies during the year. The most memorable of these was the pep rally to encourage the football boys on their way to the Little Sugar Bowl game at Monroe, Louisiana. A The Pep Club boasts sixty members, and the officers for the yexar were .lane Basinger-President, Joan Basinger-Vice-President, Sally Gardiner-Secretary-Treasurer. CHEERLEADER! CHEERLEADERS Zena Allison, Elmo Hunter, Patti Evans, Nickie Seymour, Gay Brown. This page the compliments of THE GARDINER DAIRY and ICE CREAM CO. BRONC BUSTER STAFF 'N-S. DUANE HAYS, EDITOR DUANE WEST, BUSINESS MGR. Mary LOU Waits ---- -------------- A ssistant Editor Darrell Degenhart ---- -- Assistant Business Manager DOH Powell --------- ----------- - -- Sports Editor Joan Basinger--- -- Sales Manager Art ---------- --- Clara Molineux and Jay Roberson Photography ---- ------- B ill Renick, Gerald Ireland Mac Vance, Hans Breuer l 31 I. -h-- " General Staff: Sally Seidel, Bob Nispel, Betty Mills, Jake Fleming, 'f Duane Mueller, Don Fix, Don Gleason, Elmo Hunter. if' K 'TT' u m 'K Sponsors: Verta Beringer, Don B. Slechta. 'hi' vi-!:fSm.!'?'T ' X f , if ' fi" ff This page the compliments of RENICK REXALI.. DRUG STORES 1 and Z NXXN .xn1...3i'.fS' mm X.f11x'1mQ f - r r ' ' X: r X Xu df UU' h U -fffwu' if .'f3Il.fGif f " ffl .J Dv N I .. IIUUP imE? G X: ,Q Y f s 'R The first Edifo Zu! EditO r - -if ASSQjS Editor '::--- SPO Y Reader" er -- COP ag Business 3.iIfi2O1"'-- Fagulty Manager Circulatlon W dz t 1' staff infflude semes e Bagiflge , Joan X ----"" Ruth Johnso ---,--"' ---,.--" Muelle -- ----...-"'-- ----- BrOW ::--------331-----"gsm ,,----""-,Norma nde Berlllce Be - Jake Flamln . 1 ded: ster staff lnc u nd Seme The Seco EditO1""'-- dit0f"" -,----' ""-- - Assistant iitor--"- Make'uP E S orts Editor ------ P I---"-- Society' Edl O-----" C ps' Reader O el' ' ' . Manag Buslllesg Manager circulatlon sas '- prden Cafy Ciiuckes Famous Singers Entertain 7- Tfffe Share fi -- f-fX.XXX--y ff, -eh 'rm-5, 9"'e'wme"'.E"f'7, ,+-X, I ,X -X f .fn sf,--ru fr- X fy'-iff-2 Nm- sf --ff-fi ,. -'f HX.-X,-M1115 Hm995 UU WiU T0highl' f'-. -f - 2. --f .f L- 1- X--ff . ff 'fl' ff!-'fw 1fa', Iwi-ff fuer rf.:-fX-pf will he--X, V,-U zif-wv 2 1 ' 'f, H 551'-Jvh 11 M Vi' 1-f"1' rf-f:.?e-is in nh- if-'vif:ri1I new :Inf 1-vX:v.:m:m,r .U my. ffm- 5-SX .1 - f-X ,.--,X,,f,, , ,V H-f---X hxfhgffhrf, ff...-h .ff ff. un-eff-In fn--X-hf.h'fr'p1 f'v-X-'Mx 7':.X:-X, .--- f..--r -...mfs--I.. fXe..,:-mf, -1-1'-:A I-'mv shui,--1 ' Vffjj 'iff f- '-f Fw J- N1 'ff f f 'H+ ff 5-'ww :v,X.X,,.---, rv--' fe--if--W1 f--X---hw.-Xp QXX..-1 -ff-fs 1. IX- f, X - , M., - -,X fl 'ff V f-.hw f ',ff..-ff..1,.-X,-1-L-y,,X,-if -.f Mffhh 2. s- y-2 ef f-H51-X 1-,-, -Q f ,,-. le rr-If . ef A - X. Q- 5 L2 ,,X , f v-. - 4: 1.,u,f. --M -,ff 31,3 1, . 5.5,-HX Em fX,,QM,A,M,w KA lilly f 701- -- v ' '1 f .-r. 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X- I, I2 A f---.fn --r xvf..-V A -fm .3f.ihpffX.f, X1..,,f- m,,g,,,3,,. 3.-..QX4,,?f1ffg-' ,,f,Q'f, K Mffff-' '1'1z.-wwf,-1f.h.. MX. 1--1-.1-.:fv,fz1.w rf:-ilfzbairfil, .1--WX-f Rf... .X ,J MM - X. fn--W an n.,,1sX ,.h.hX- f-X-..,..-11-fu.-' es:s.1I.+-, ,-f,l55imX' X pluilky' NV, N h-.nhl -v 4:::w.--uf :u .f1XX--u,,f,-- 5g,,X,,g -1 ' " fa: 1. 3' ff .hm---X .1--h,.v.-Xy'XJ + 1,, . vember Puhheatlon Pfese hegan Its aim 1 I llege' , . jllnlifrgto time this year tkgerhe College' O RePorterS'---H or th Johns Rf-1BOb Nispe Gay Brow! Dean Ellen: .de HY 561. Alllsol' -- Zena -Patt1EVan: --"'--- hI1Y Zeunel -,Jo Hufltel Elmo Joann Sauc eman- he . ly by t 1uS1Ve d for t out EXC. ffere ' l ever to be Pu-in r9pOrtlngaCi'1Y aCf1V1ty d neWSPaPeIit of a COLII-Se nd Support h first Prirzgtgo as a fesu 1 happenings a P, f 6 8, 1 ' 115ChOO UNDU S of a R t neW RONC THE B RE ARDWA MAN H SCHUL . ts Of ge the comP11men This Pa "SUN UP" qw, KAm,. A , 'f .'f1jriH':f?ff-iti' if ' ' ir 'Qs ff' Q A three act comedy-tragedy, SUN UP, was presented November 8 and 9, 1950 by the play production class and members of the Garden City Junior College. SUN UP was a play centering around the lives of simple mountaineers from North Carolina who made their living by moonshinin', payin' no mind to the law and not even knowing a government existed farther than revenue men. " Maw Cagle -- Pap Todd--- Ruff Cagle -- Bud -------- Emmy ------ Sheriff --------- She riff's Helper Preacher ------ Stranger -- - Director - ------- Student Director Stage Manager - - - CAST OF CHARAC TERS Mary Lou Waits --------Don Fix --- Bob Langley --- Travis Burr ---f- Gay Brown -- Damon Foster Nickie Seymour -- Dean Eilerts -- Bill Renick - Keith Akins --L- Lee Calkins ---Dale Parkerson This page the compliments of NOLAN MOTOR COMPANY '75fEQEQEQE3QfEEE?E:Ef3:3:i:2:1:5:5:?c3:3:5:1:Z:1:1:1:I -.5.3.g.:.g.3.g.g.3.g.- Dx H m sn Q:, "J 3.1: ' I ,, 3-:ffszw f 3. cmd BOB HISPLL. SALLY GARDIHER Gfrtvmnce 'T' PRINCESS" This page the complim CLARK-SHAW MUSIC The annual si: uf? Presewks DUANE. I-laws, or nam' Lou waws asuKlN6 WQUEEN., THE STUDENT COUNCIL wx? SEATED: Duane Hays, Mr. Thacker, Bob Nispel, Norma Jean McClure, N Kenneth Webster. STANDING: Zena Allison, Don Fix, Mary Lou Waits, l Don Gleason. Student Council, l95O-1951 style, was led by the BMOC fBig Man on Campus, 3 President Bob Nispel and assisted by Norma Jean McClure, Secretary-Treasurer. 1 The Student Council sponsored Hobo Day and the annual Sneak Day. Selling conces- , sions at sports events was another big task with the profits financing the junior college l banquet and prom. N l This page the compliments of MUI..I..IN'S FURNITURE and APPLIANCES "G" CLUB FRONT ROW: Don Gleason, Darral Almond, Don Powell, Gerald Ireland, Dick Bondurant, Bob Nispel, Tom Williams, Jack Morris-Coach, Ed Hall-Coach. SECOND ROW: Harold Patterson, Walter Underwood, Ray Asper, Jay Roberson, Duane Hays, Joe Frazier, Gilbert Kemper, Manford Kimberly, Charlie Tyler, Bob Burlin. BACK ROW: Melvin Giesaking, Milt Roberts, Leslie Cline, Paul Rader, Don McGillivray, Jim Webster, Farrel Piser, Chuck Barclay, Tuck Glasse. The Garden City Junior College G-Club is the organ- A Q ization for those who have lettered in football, basketball, 6 2 track, or baseball. The G-Club this year had charge of I 3 .---N the concessions at the Class A Regional Basketball tourna- ment in order to finance the purchase of track equipment and the annual social function. The G-Club's major social affair of the year was an informal party held in May, This page the compliments of BOYD E. STEHWEIN our hearts were young and gay L5 This page the compliments of TRADER'S GROCERY T SUQQUEN CITY Nasa QJSR .FF Qi'5Li. 6 . H W NNWHM ess: mn l. BillRenickproves he has admirers, at least at the Center. 2. Bill, Paul, and Bill as freshmen. 3. Mr. Akins demonstrates his culinary prowess. 4. The trophy we didn't get. 5. Good-bye, gang. 6. Maybe she's upstairs, Jay. 7. 'S-now good. 8. It was so cold and so early when we wished them well on their trip to Louisiana. 9. Sit down, Rex, so We can be on our way. This page the compliments of FANSI..ER'S TIRE SERVICE and SUPPLY A -1. r f-'NM ma. 3 s 2. ., ix 25' .:..,,ig,,:- ..... , f .. Q, - M f . 'ii L 'im .. T ima W ' 4 ' rs me 1 gm M W 3. 1 .lf E 5 i if if .xr s Q . .,. , A, , , Q M 1 i . 1 ' K lxri G ........, A lj: ' N A ew- A .. , .,,, ga NV R r x. f-a K' i iw. 5 K ' 4 Fl an l,Calculus class--we like this pose. Z. Mary Lou cries ah, while Lee holds up the ceiling with her head. 3. Who's cheering now? 4. Essentials of Reading--Once there were three bears. . . 5. Where friends meet. 7. The workhouse. 8. Ye editor smiles. 9. Butterfingers--not you, Pat! 10, Downbeat by Art Williams 8zCo. ll, Openyour eyes, Tuck. 12, Joan, Norma Jean, and Bob get ideas for the yearbook. 13. Three splits too many. 14. Yes, Bob, we know it's gone. 15. The wheat crop must be good, eh Bob? l6. Duane Mueller absorbs Psychology while Bondurant and Harmon are merely absorbed. 17. Marie and .Terry--jitterbug artists. 18. Ah! What a life, Joe. Y This page the compliments of THE MCALLISTER-FITZGERALD LUMBEWR CO. J, Y Q Q t ' 43? ,ggi Main g N95 71 1. Smittytriesto inspire the gang to hurry to class. Z. Eva Deines tries to see the birdie while the rest sit idly by. 3. Stoverdeals a pint to Williams as Bartlett and Bailey drool. 4. Travis Durr displays leg art to dramatics Class. 5. Germany's gift to Garden City, Hans Breuer, exchange student. 6. What a stinker Elmo proved to be--or is it garlic ? 7, Floradora girls, .lane and Joan. 8. Repeat--We didn't like the pic- ture on page 45. 9. Eilerts as a parson--the others aren't impressed. lO. What, no cuts today, boys? ll, The annual staff ponders a preposterous problem. lZ, Naughty, naughty, boys--not on the campus. This page the compliments of the CO-OP SERVICE STATION L My 192 E , gi 'Uhr' '-,,,,., C 1 r - - 'ff X as cw: uX. '43 5 4 KWH -as , S ci, gf, E2 Q 'vV'V- 3 i f I I BOOSTERS FARMER'S PRODUCE PEARL DRUGS VIRTUE'S THE FAMILY BOOTERIE THE ARMY STORE NAVRAT OFFICE EQUIPMENT JADE CAFE CAMPBELL ABSTRACT CO. WALKER'S OFFICE MACHINES SMITH MOTOR CO. BURTIS-NUNN IMPLEMENT CO. . DELMAR SUNDRIES JOHNS MOTOR CO. GEORGE E. KINNEY, Tax Consultant and Accountant OLL BROWN'S RECREATION SCHOONOVER INSURANCE SERVICE F1NN's CLEANERS PATTERSON JEWELRY DON'S RADIO SERVICE J. H KELLAR TRAIL INN MOTEL VINCENT E. BECKETT

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