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USS GARCIA FF-1040 " Arabian Nights " JAN. 76 -JULY 76 NORTH AMERICA ft NORTH ATLANTIC OCEAN AZORES EQUATOR SOUTH AMERICA SOUTH ATLANTIC OCEAN EUROPE USSR BLACK SEA CASPIAN ROTA PERSIAN ' GULF . ABADAN AQABA SAID V BAHRAIN BANDAR • ABBAS M KARACHI BED SEA1 PORT SUDAN M JIDDA i o«« INDIA SEA AFRICA 0 -i i ARABIAN DJIBOUTI • V V ' SRI LANKA - - £ MOMBASA «i INDIAN OCEAN CAPE OF GOOD HOPE SHIP ' S DATA Built By Launched Commissioned Height Length Draft Bethlehem Steel Company San Francisco, California 31 October 1963 21 December 1964 110 feet 414 feet 25 feet Displacement Complement Armament Homeport 3400 tons 239 1 ASROC system 2 triple MK32 torpedo tubes 2 five inch caliber guns 1 ASW helicopter Charleston, S.C. OUR MISSION The primary mission of the Fast Frigate USS GARCIA (FF 1040) is anti-submarine warfare (ASW). GARCIA is equipped with the most advanced sonar detection and underwater fire control system available. Her armament of Mark 32 torpedo tubes, ASROC (Anti-submarine Rockets), LAMPS (light Airborne Multipurpose System) helicopter, and 5 inch guns provide a versatile and flexible weapon capability. GARCIA ' s specific task, to detect and destroy hostile submarines, is accomplished through coordination of information received from the ship ' s radars, sonar, and electronic warfare equipment. The information permits the ship to select the best weapon to effect its mission. COMMANDING OFFICER cdr v.p. Mcdonough U.S.N. Commander Vincent P. McDonough was born in Boston, Massachusetts, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. McDonough. Enlisting in the Navy after high school, Com- mander McDonough served aboard the USS TOLEDO (CA-133) and as a radar petty officer aboard USS WILLIAM B. BUSH (DD-714) while BUSH partici- pated in the Korean Conflict. Upon release from the Navy, Commander Mc Donough attended Suffolk University in Boston, and taught high school History and Government in the greater Boston area for four years, while holding a Beserve Commission in the U.S. Navy. Beturning to active service in early 1960, Commander McDonough served in the Amphibious Force as Asst First Lieutenant on USS MOUNT MCKINLEY (AGC-7), deployed with the Sixth Fleet. He then served as Deck Dept Head on USS ASHLAND (LSD-1). After attending Air Intercept School Commander McDonough served successively as CIC Officer and Operations Officer on USS LUCE (DLG-7). Beturning to shore duty in 1965, Commander McDonough taught Navigation and Naval Operations at Holy Cross College, Worcester, Massachusetts, for two years. During this time he finished his graduate requirements and received a Master ' s Degree in Education and School Administration from the Massachusetts State College at Worcester. Commander McDonough reported aboard USS TUBNEB (DDB-834) as Executive Officer in July 1967, and after two years of fleet operations he became Chief Staff Officer to Commander Destroyer Squadron TWENTY. (June 1969-September 1970). Commander McDonough then served on the Staff of Commander Cruiser-Destroyer Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet, prior to a year in Vietnam as Commander, Third Biverine, from June 1971 to June 1972. Following a year at the Naval Warfare Course at the Naval War College, Commander McDonough was assigned as Instructor of Military History and Naval Liaison Officer at United States Military Academy, West Point. In addition to various service medals, he holds the Legion of Merit, with Combat " V " , two air medals, the Navy Combat Action Bibbon, the Vietnamese Honor Medal, First Class, and the Vietnamese Staff Medal, First Class. Commander McDonough is married to the former Kathryn Sexton of Boston. The McDonoughs have five children, Thomas, a Lieutenant in the Army, Kathleen, in Nurses Training, Brian, a Midshipman at King ' s Point, and Sean and Francis, residing at home. INTRODUCTION I wish to take this opportunity to extend a " WELL DOSE " to all Garciamen for their personal contribution in making the 1976 MIDEAST cruise a suc- cessful one. It was apparent to all those when we worked for (Commander Middle East Force, Admiral BIGLEY; Commander, U. S. Naval Forces Europe, Admiral BAGLEY and Commander Naval Surface Force, U. S. Atlantic Fleet, Admiral ADAMSON) that the GARCIA carried out her mission with enthusiasm and professionalism . The necessity for maintaining a United States naval presence in the Middle East is well defined by our President. You should all be proud that you contributed to this effort and that you represented the United States on a people to people program in a most coHlfiendable fashion. P. MC DONOUGH - EXECUTIVE OFFICER LIEUTENANT COMMANDER J. P. AUCELLA LCDR John P. AUCELLA attended high school in Boston and graduated from the UNITED STATES NAVAL ACADEMY in 1963. He has served on the USS VAN VOORHIS (DE-1028) and the USS SOMERS (DDG-34). Lcdr AUCELLA has attended the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey where he received a Masters Degree in Operations Analysis. He has also served at the Bureau of Naval Personnel and Office of the Chief of Naval Operations. . . . atta boy!! DEPARTMENT HEADS LT. MICHAEL P. CAVANAUGH Engineering LT. PETER D. HALL 21 May - LT. WILLIAM A. GUNKEL - 29 Mar OPERATIONS LT. ROBERT A. STOREZ 21 May - LTJG THOMAS P. GALLAGHER, III -21 May LT. JOHN E. FLANGAN Supply DIVISION OFFICERS ENS. MARTIN (1ST) ENS. CONNELL (2ND) LTJG WHITACRE (B,M) LTJG HARRINGTON (R) DIVISION OFFICERS ENS. MCNAMARA (OC) LTJG GAMBLE (OE) TfA ; « LTJG GAJAN (OI) ENS. BLACK (NX) ENS. WILLIAMS (DISBURSING) CHIEF PETTY OFFICERS BMC SLEE MMCS KIRTON K y ■ ■ IL ... I i -i3 OSC LEHTONEN , YNC HOLLOWAY IF SKC SAYER A L EMC OLSEN CHIEF PETTY OFFICERS SMC RITTER STGC HAMMACK EWC CRAFT MMC NIEBERT i K 1 V • I 4fli PNC HIBBARD BTCS GRAVES Sam and friend. Must be nice. Let your imagination wander. ■» » !«. SUPPLY DEPARTMENT INTRODUCTION Supply Department made a tremendous showing during the cruise, going to great trouble to obtain badly needed parts and supporting the ship with occasional fog lookouts, laundry facilities, three squares a day, and the Ship ' s Store came through with canned soda water and the infamous GARCIA white shorts and shirts. The Storekeepers pulled through with an amazing 70% plus for filling the ship ' s requisitions. Not to be outdone, the Cooks provided the crew with numerous " fantail-cookouts " and buffet luncheons for visiting dignitaries. A myriad of " funny-money " from rials, shillings, francs, dinars, and rupees back to good old American money was provided by Disbursing. The Ship ' s Servicemen ran the spectrum from washing and pressing whites to regulation haircuts to all of the necessities from the Ship ' s Store. BMC Slee finally has removed the tatoo he received " Free of Charge " from the Mombasa sunbathing mats sold by the Ship ' s Store. What a team — what a team! I ' m the baddest the best dressed. the meanest and also one of A moment we ' ll all cherish and remember. v. « Sure he can smile — I ' m the one that unloaded these boxes. The mighty, mighty WEED (jacks back, jacks back). I still say it tastes better when I cook it. Just gotta keep telling myself I ' m short. I ' m short. You stick your hand in here once more and you ' ll really find out what these can do. You don ' t have to say a thing — I know I ' m cool. Oh, oh — they caught me putting it back in the stew. Beautv and the beast (which one is which)? If you think I ' m going to eat what I just fixed for them, you ' re out of your gourd. What a rogue! Getting breakfast ready. Such enthusiasm is displayed by those in disbursing. Now how does that go — fork; knife on on left, or spoon; fork on right; or . . . ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT INTRODUCTION The heartbeat of GARCIA is provided by the men of the Engineering Department. To B and M Division fall the responsibility of operating the boilers which provide the ship ' s main propulsion. In addition they maintain the evaporators which distill both fresh and feed water. R Division handles all structural repairs including welding and ship fitter work on board and are key figures in the GARCIA damage control organization. " A " Gang personnel are responsibble for all auxiliary equipment including all air-conditioning, refrigeration, steam-heating and hydraulic equipment. The IC men and Electrician Mates care for power and internal communication systems and all electro-mechanical equipment on board. «T»» B " DIVISION B Division is made up of the Boiler Technician (BT ' s) rate. These men operate and maintain two (2) 1200 lb. pressure fired boilers which supply main steam to the main engines aboard the GARCIA. With temperatures constantly hovering around 120 ° the job does tend to be a little " wilting " . Regardless, though, the job gets done in rowsing fashion. How did he get out in the fresh air? Yeah, we see daylight every now and then. What a day. When you ' re thirsty — quench itl Sure I could use one of those, too. Who said anything about style and grace? Where ' s the bottle, where ' s the bottle? Gone — but definitely not forgotten. " ' . vaf A face as cute as mine definitely deserves a rerun. We DO have clean uniforms. Whadda ya ' mean MOTLEY? The boss gets hung-up every now and then. «T» " R " DIVISION R Division is made up of the following rates: Hull Maintenance Technicians (HT ' s), Engineman (EN ' s), Electrician Mates (EM ' s), and Interior Communications (IC). Work encompassed by this division is a very diversified field(s). The range of jobs performed by R Division covers a very technical background involving the welding, brazing and pipe-fitting of the HT ' s; the diesel maintenance and air-condi- tioning and refrigeration capabilities provided for by the EN ' s; all power-plant wiring and motor and generator maintenance and repair are taken care of by the EM ' s. Last, but not least, the IC men provide for, and maintain, all interior shipboard communications systems and the ship ' s gyro equipment, which keeps our course straight and true (generally). Sauve, debonair — you got it, baby. Muscle beach??? Really not sure if that dial should jump around like that. New York ' s favorite son!! ! I actually work, too. Now when the door opens and the little birdie sticks his head out grab him. Arthur Ashe, eat your heart out. It ' s amazing to see how low some people will actually stoop to get a favor. Ill» Now where ' s the ball game? Kiss me you fool! !! OK - you, the fullback - fake dive thru the middle. Hank, flare to the left, John, you run interference. I ' ll score the touchdown. To arms, to arms!!! Now, how did that knot go? I can even print my own name, too. Peek-a-boo Ain ' t it just loverly? The pause that refreshes. This is as much as I do for the day. Foreign correspondents. « c M " DIVISION M Division is made up of the Machinist Mate (MM ' s) rate. They operate out of the main control working with, and around, the main turbines, generators and various other pieces of " heart-beat " machinery. In their domain " down under " they are responsbile for GARCIA ' s propulsion. What - me worry!! Severing the ties (Jan. 6, 76) It ' s really just a glorified way of churning butter. Just to let you know SOME beauty smolders in the engineering department. Huh, huh . . . what ' d he say. Getting into the local decor and dress. Who says it gets hot down here? Why do they always stick me with making the ashtrays? How ' d you say you shut this thing down? The stash. Would you PLEASE quit smoking THAT in here. ti ; ft ttt Oh nothing chief, just dropped a clip. WEAPONS DEPARTMENT INTRODUCTION Other departments, as we have seen, get us where we ' re going, provide us with equipment and food and disseminate vital information, but the Weapons Department personnel are GARCIA ' s Sunday punch. The fabulous First Division, first to begin and last to secure, is probably the most active division on the ship. The Bosun ' s Mates devote endless hours inport and underway to the maintenance of superstructure weatherdecks and hull. They provide boats for liberty, handle securing lines, drop the anchor, and rig equipment for replenishment and refueling. Second Divisions ' combat-ready 5 " 38 guns and fire control system give GARCIA a close in anti-air and anti-surface defensive capability. A S Division is GARCIA ' s anti-submarine warfare threat. With a powerful sonar and an arsenal of deterrents, its men make us a potent threat against any underwater foes. A S DIVISION A S Division is a combination of three ratings. TM ' s (torpedoman ' s mate), GMT ' s (gunnersmate technicians) and ST ' s (sonar techs) who combine to form an effective anti-submarine warfare team. In their spare time they also moonlight as line-handlers during all of Garcia ' s sea and anchor details. " On the way out Jan. 6, 76. Well, Dave, let ' s just see how close she comes. These watches are so Interesting. Enthusiasm just runs amuck in this division. Don ' t kid yourselves — it ' s Santa Claus incognito. What a fugitive! f _ . d There ' s a lot we could be doing, but we rather enjoy this. 1st DIVISION The job of the men in First Division is to keep the ship in top-notch condition. In addition to all the grinding, chipping, and painting, the men in this division also stand bridge and lookout watches and handle the steering of the ship. Ever have one of those days where ya ' just can ' t tell up from down.? Just bracing it. Chief, to make sure it doesn ' t fall over. WlM 1 Who said I could drive a " standard " ? Colorful guys, just colorful. Many spare hours were spent enhancing one ' s mental capacities. Uniform of the dav?? On the bridge. Not me, baby — not on your life! I Ever- watchful. Ambitious sort of fellow -ain ' t he??!! The " Colonel ' Operator?? — long-distance, please. Now he ' s got it straight. y . 2nd DIVISION 2nd Division is made up of the fire control technicians (FT ' s) and the gunnermates (GM ' s). The FT ' s operate, maintain and repair the mk.56 gun fire-control system and mk. 1 computer on board GARCIA. The GM ' s maintain and repair the 5 " 38 gun mounts and all small arms aboard the GARCIA. Jammed-up, again. That ' s ours - are you sure you want to fire now. Head-honcho. You sure nothing went wrong? Their nest Didn ' t bargain for all this pollution when I signed up. just strolling along. OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT INTRODUCTION The Operations Department displays, evaluates, and disseminates the information necessary for GARCIA to fulfill her missions. The Electronics Technicians and Electronic Warfare specialists of OE Division maintain and operate the vast array of electronic equipment found on GARCIA. In hunting down stray electrons and collecting " bits " of information they provide a vital service in achieving maximum performance levels. Reliable communications are the responsibility of OC Division and its two ratings. The Signalmen handle all visual communications . . . flashing light, signal flags and semaphore. The Radiomen utilize teletype and radio in transmitting and receiving tactical signals, operational messages and news from home. The Operations Specialists of OI Division use their sophisticated gear and talents to track surface-air contacts, and submarines. Combat Information Center, where they work and stand watches, is the decision making " nerve center " of GARCIA. NX Division is a pot-pourri aboard GARCIA. It is made up of the Quartermasters (QM ' s), Personnelmen (PN ' s), Yeomen (YN ' s), Hospital Corpsmen (HM ' s), and Postal Clerk(s) (PC3). The QM ' s deftly chart GARCIA ' s courses over the seas, the ship ' s position and directing her to her next assignment. The PN ' s and YN ' s maintain the service record of all hands, provide clerical assistance for other departments and steadfastly reduce the infamous mountain of Navy paperwork. The HM ' s (all two of them) are responsible for keeping the crew healthy and fit despite negative efforts on the part of some of the crew. When " Mail Call " is sounded everyone realizes and appreciates the services of " Squirrel " (PC3). OC " DIVISION Manually and electronically processes all external communications. Disseminate message trafficing involving tactical deployments, personal notes, supply, weaponry, logistics, distress and maritime assistance. Do you really think it looks good?? The three stooges (er... ah... Musketeers). Ya ' know I ' m really not as proficient in this as I thought I was. Another one of those " dog-day afternoons " . Sky King and Space Kadet (shades of Flash Gordon). I ' m getting better . . . only nine parts left over this time. See!! I told you we could skate - out this afternoon. I can tell it ' s going to be another one of " those days ' Dear Mom . . You WILL let me have the afternoon off. ' See Dick run up the hill. ' See Spot chase Jane. " Earth to Steve . . ., Earth to Steve. « " VT " or DIVISION OI Division is made up of the Operation Specialists (OS ' s). These people can generally be found in the " cave " (Combat Information Center). They take care of operating the radar, navigation, and tracking of air surface " contacts " . During all anti-submarine and anti-aircraft warfare operations they are the " hub " of the ensuing action. Sure it tastes good . . . why?? Cruisin ' for burgers. " Hitting the brew(er... beach) " " Home, away from home ' There were some of us who had some very negative opinions of the cruise. " . . . been a hard day ' s night " Is that all he ever does?? Commraderie . . . name of the game. WORK!! . . . Surely you jest. Where ' s the chips?? I ' m short . . . I ' m short. Now how ' ld va ' like to take them home to Mother? Children, children . . . class is now is session. OE " DIVISION OE Division is subdivided into three groups responsible for the maintenance and repair of the shipboard electronics. Radar technicians maintain the air and surface search radars and electronic navigational aids and beacons. Communi- cation technicians work on the ship ' s radio transmitters and receivers. Electronic Warfare technicians are responsible for the ship ' s electronic surveilance and electronic counter-measure equipment. 1 Don " t know if that ' s his eyes or the glare off his glasses. Trend-setter??? Out to sow some oats?!i? % t That loving touch. 1 Council on " crabbirT Would YOU buy a used car from him? Make sure it ' s still not alive. For you sailor . . . cheap!! . carrying his office. NX " DIVISION NX Division, encompassing five (5) ratings, definitely has to be considered as GARCIA ' s " melting pot " . Ratings assigned to this division are as follows: Quartermaster (QM), Hospitalman (HM ) , Personnelman (PN), Yeoman (YN), and Postal Clerk (PC). All of the shipboard and personnel paperwork, such as records, files, orders, " family- grams " etc., are handled by the PN ' s and YN ' s. Needless to say the HM ' s made sure of, and saw to, the physical well-being of all GARCIA crew members. They not only had a " shot " for what was ailing you, but also a few for what may ail you. The QM ' s were responsible for all of the ship ' s navigation. They made sure we got to our destinations, and returned home, safe and sound. Then there ' s PC3. Suffice to say that " Squirrel " kept those cards and letters coming in. Can ' t be all that bad, Ed. He ' s always crawling out of somewhere. J DSE His majesty Dedicated to a very awe-inspiring fellow . . . YOGI!!?? One of life ' s pleasanter moments. Most of these photos were taken during GARCIA ' s second Equator-crossing " ceremony " on " Shellback Day " . . . and he ate it all, too. . . " cept this one. " They came from within " Those Marines — what legs!! I Keith would frequently be found during the middle of the night doing the very The witch doctor (cookin ' ' em up and layin ' ' em on ya ' ). Where supplies were generally procurred (Manama, Bahrain). Another outstanding affair. Getting ready to hit the beach (talk about squared away] r Manama, Bahrain What a pair (the doctor and royal rooster) Shellback Dav. PLAUDITS OF OUR OWN " Bravo Zulu " R 040445 Z MAY 76 FM COMID EAST FOR TO USS GARCIA INFO CINCUSNAVEUR LONDON UK COMNAVSURFLANT NORFOLK VA COMCRUDESGRU TWO DESDEVGRU COMESRON FOUR ADMIN COMID EAST FOR ET UNCLAS E FIO NO310© ASSISTANCE TO DISTRESSED MERCHANT A USS GARCIA 032©3G)Z MAY 76 I. WELL DONE. ASSISTANCE RENDERED REF A IS IN THE FINEST TRADITIONS OF THE UNITED STATES NAVY. RADM. T. J. BIGLEY, USN, COMMANDER MIDDLE EAST FORCE. ET 01443 R 240731Z FEB 76 FM USS GARCIA INFO COMDESRON FOUR R 23141SF FEB 76 FM AMEMBASSY NAIROBI TO USS GARCIA BI UNCLAS NAIROBI 1762 SUBJ: COMMUNICATIONS ASSISTANCE PLEASE ADVISE ALL CONCERNED THAT THIS EMBASSY VERY MUCH APPRECIATES THE ASSISTANCE AND FACILITIES PROVIDED OUR STATE DEPARTMENT COMMUNICATIONS SUPPORT OFFICER IN MOMBASA DURING THE PERIOD 18-20 FEBRUARY. THE USS GARCIA CONTRIBUTED TO THE OVERALL SUCCESS OF A COMMUNICATIONS OPERATION IN SUPPORT OF AMBASSADOR MARSHALL, AND CAN SHARE OUR SATISFACTION IN ANOTHER JOB WELL DONE. MARSHALL FM COMIDEAST FOR TO USS GARCIA INFO ADMIN COMIDEAST FOR COMDESRON FOUR BT GARCIA PVST MOMBASA (U) A. AMEMBASSY NAIROBI 231418Z FEB 76 B. AMEMBASSY NAIROBI 231420Z FEB 76 1. ALTHOUGH NOT SURPRISING, THE OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE OF USS GARCIA ADDRESSED IN REFS A AND B IS NOTED WITH PLEASURE. SUCH PERFORMANCE IS PARTICULARLY IMPORTANT IN THE MEDEAST FOR AREA WHERE CONTINUED READY ACCESS TO PORTS SUCH AS MOMBASA IS IMPORTANT. THE OBVIOUS PLEASURE EXPRESSED BY AMBASSADOR MARSHALL TO YOUR VISIT WILL GO A LONG WAY TO ENSURING THAT MIDEAST FOR SHIPS WILL CONTINUE TO BE WELCOME. 2. WELL DONE. T.J. BIGLEY, RADM. U.S. NAVY BT Hey Van — ya ' better come here — quick! m ifi V3 d? Petra, Jordan A hybrid shore patrol. Jordan - . -•■- «- ?-- -JW- • ■., , mm f. - San Miguel, Azores Is. $ 1m Follow the leader. New crew member. ' Away all boats " fcjfc " ' -j»rt San Miguel, Azores Is. Petra, Jordan Does he always have a can in his paw when he goes over? Crossing the line — Shellback Day Feb. 14, 1976 irtM ? MP » No, no George . . . not there! . m $ ft ! THE END My thanks and appreciation to all those who helped in finally getting this endeavor printed. Especially to LT.jg Gamble, all of the cruise book divisional representatives and to those who spent many, many hours taking all of these pictures. Also my gratitutde to those people whose criticisms (constructive or otherwise) went into the page-by-page piecing together of the book. Love, kisses and a warm doo-dah to you and yours, THE EDITOR ETR3 Printed Published by Liskey Lithograph Corporation Norfolk, Virginia

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