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. 5 fli, ,W 4- . ,W . ffm. Q-X F13 N ,7, gn-nz. H . .4 V A . .,,'m' X -'gil - eq.. i, ,,-,Agn cm f . . 1 ' ' lu- 4 ,.g,y,1:1 . 55,5 . V.. 1 .E -Iva" :ff Tr, , af VH. 5- .:,,,' qw N " ' 'f 1' 1, ' I-rj , .g, V. .g2rfvL, V .wklk ' Fuif - -"'E'5g .guwg Al, 1' AJ' ., .A .i5.f,l?g, Q, fre? ag. , ff 1 are -A '.,'.'n. , v ,z' "L Y lf' 7 , ...I .J 'I .li , . ,h .: , t 'qty "A 'Lag , ' v.-lf:-1 UA ' ' 'D '?. 3 W . . ,u .a ,,fL."' fi, ff. . Q X . . T"-lvl-iff 'H . V 1-.345 ,",.,':,? ' Q-3? , 591' ' Q, 1, , vm. 4 F'-7' - 'iQQ5iL.F- "'1iJu". ' sf f -,. . - -A, .z, 1 A x . I . w , 1 ,1 y qt. V ,, 1, 1 . X I N Y . ' A . A 4 'E m' rv . 4 A ff' if E- 1 1 A i' n , A fx 4 I 4 , D I Hi 4 I R. aa. if is 1 4' .1 x WE 1 l A' . a 4 . J, f sd H?-Ex' 4 T' x F Ax! ll . J , 'fha' I x A i r' X rf 'N 4213 V K , .fav 1 f , , J, f .4 f N. 1 1 1 1 ., , ., v , ,Q ' if ' f f 1 . ' 4 x I is 'way -N 1 , ,-.z,ad E- ,i it 'Ki ' vi' "iii . "Y -HA X Tgfi 1 'V r 1 !55,.,"fh :YH , , ,L .4 , . ,, .K V V s, -Z 1 jg., i .1-1 ' -E lla 5 " , A3- JE. mg-'lun : -3, . iw iri- - -Y, K X Us f X -E 4 ' 'w :G 7' rw iw rg J' I f", 45 5,-7 H 5.3 .r 7,31 f 2.-gk 3 ' -, ., 3- . . 1 , A :iv . "VW-, .' WF: 'iii ' ' A "a- .5453 k. :gem -'21 , wr , We 1'- a L 1 L f P'-. ' x x I ihriu , . x , w Q A 1 -1 -11 Nz' L ,. s w 4' . 4 , 5 , ' 1,.a..m-m +53 .12 ..n .A 1 -1. . W-5 W, P' 'Ab 12 Min , ,V .il nv A 'N 0 'N ..':,: Q. ,h J ZWZTG. ' 1 .gf v4 1, V 1 ' a - f' " gi' bf .5 , '-'Ui 'Eff-A - Q fr 6 . ' gs mnlurrme 1531! A Published' by the Studepts of ji! 1 GARBER HIGH SCHOOL A Vdlume II. 5 'N ' -F73 R mi 1 LTEQLLT. E, .73-.:.,, , Q, ' x M--4" . g....Q. Y" , 'i' X , ,Ni L-H" 4' B' 5 I ff . 1 'rf ,wil nas, 3 'x A X X94 ., ,. .V ,, Hr ,.L ,- - Jn.11si::,- ,-1. 1 r , gm. ,.,. 1 nrrmnrh In this volume of the Wolverine we have endeavoured to leave a. faithful rewrd of the achievements of our high school, a record which may help us to trealure rememberance of the happy and eventful days spent here in the present, but may it bring happy memories to those who review its pages in the years to come L J? ...aid-yi May this volume not only give plenum -I I F 1 N . Eg E1 F Q S x ,L gg -5. f. i' ' F ,4 i ze-Jie P ' 1 Brhirattnu As the Pilgrim Fathers with courage and perserverance went forth and made the way for a great nation, so the past alumni with splendid strength and co- operation made possible the progress of our school. They set excellent standards which the present alumni have upheld and improved. It is our earnest hope that the future alumni will carry out this dream. To them we dedicate this volume of the Wolverine. ry 1 I i - 1 K f :fi . L .F 3 L i ,- ' - , 543 - , ... et :e e l ggi! Q- E112 Elm" BOOK ONE '1'-Wff A Q3 0-u.fl'wlm H29 ' ia?-I., W. :'rhl TL' Q f r im , S I ill X ik . -. ,.--,., -, M-' Q'Q' . . lm L A Amggruvli ,f m2f5gfQ,.Jg i?3l Qu.Q9 rs QQ 1,1. l 'N wMWWw f W I ff f Iv, UTHE LEADERSH 5 5 H N i1W?Eg5'lhiKA -gig --Mali 5 -JimHfii 1 rfQ v Nine F51 5 Y - -M ----HY,-,---H - -- .J 'L Y-.Y H- ,.. li'iA44QAff1?f 1i1 E, GAFfHEDv , 5- fy QH ,5Q rQ QQ ':.i-515293 'ijfgw 4 . G' xy, .ilwsv A. lmmennhg, Sr. Duprrintenhrnt sl' If pea .Meg A :M ww I , ,- Phila-+ -TWZ 1 f "'W Ten - .xr N fl -. . .A,e:,.gkTHg,og5-QQER, nj' H IGH 5cHo.o, g, AVA BRIDGES Sovinl Science SIVIOOTE CROSNOF, Vocational Agriculture B. S.. O. A. M. C., Stillwzm- C. A. BOYD, History A. B., Phillips, Enid VERA MAE CALDWELL Home Erononiivs A. B., Phillips, Enid ' OBE A L SRANGR Engl h - . B. niu'1'si I of Califurn B31 CICS' I. ia, 5 Rf , A Mi-GVIRE X Spa ish, English y ? , B., 'niversity of Cykilliitllllll, iff,-T.. 'ii xv bit' . N Q jj 2' ff 1 x imit- .ii H" in-QL ' A HQ? ' tx, '41-' A -4:alg,4u- . x N f 52:1 f L.. Eleven 6 Fa My ,W Qi WP ,..A ... Q 'L , . 4' ,. .Xi X X E Q Y J' Ex. xx 1 N XV , J Eg W I x Xxx S- X , X r . if Q-QXXITKX N fb x F. .X vi Twelve K LETHA COKER Publis Sclmul of Music A. B., U. C. W., Cl1i1'kzwh:1 LEONE PETERS, NIL1fllL'IllllTit'S A, B., Phillips, Enicl M RS. M .HEEL OVVENSBY History In B. S., Nu1'tl1vz1stc1'n Stairs 'IiL'ilt'i1t'l'5, .V K'ulii'g1'f', Tzihlvquzih l J JW P,-XITLINE OVERIIULT English K5 U L X. R., Nnrtl1uz1stul'n Sfllfk' Tuzwlu-rs' I ' l'cmlli-gc, Tzililuquuh fl I A. M., 'I'u:u'lu'l'S' Prufvssiunzli i 3 Civil:-gf-, xVLlSiliIljj'IUl1, D. C. OCTE ROXLEY Cuinlllr-rrizil Svluml B. S., O, if VV., f'l1i1'kL1'all1l CLYDE C. CHARVOZ Svivmw- A, B., Phillips, Enid BUCK TWO ' 'f57'f,'f"'7jf P3 w..lwf- "cf, fi, x 1 . fs ,H nv :,'v., I Q 07 . 'Q l X X "Wf'V'f-lL 'f THE GAILBER. .55 - HIGH SCHQO-'LL ,W ' I, -'THE PACK" 2 H ,f E Thirleen 'N 1 e 2 V ., M- .. I YL M V' iw? ' 2 ,lffifl-E,f!fgU,QS?,JfLE K 'iw' MISS LFOINF PF l1l"RS LONNIE E SURRET 'Pill Honor Society 28 All Wrestling 2 28 27 '28 Football 28 20 tate MISS LEONE PETERS, Sponsor To Miss Lconc PQ-ters, who has hun our clcvorccl sponsor during our SLIHUI high Srhool lifu, rlo wc owe lll0l'L I wg can wer rcpuy. Hcr faith, sympxriy, spirution. Wu ran hops only than ui rcwzlrcl will hs as great as ours has v Class Colors-"Bluc and Whitt Class Flower-"P:1nsy." Motto-"Now or Never." E .E 'i,f9'-W, HAS E A is-...E L 'ns M W DAW FLETCHER . J' A ,K A Lx f-.flj-in ledx V. Y27, '2 r. Hi. Play 24 ' - , wwe LP ..-.,,4g. .c,'2' Q ' '28 j,.: '30:A 'vbwe -. - gm X S " ni ffsffl.-4, , Fi flilllll 'A' 'WW'-'K l Qllffvffv. Ji i , . , 5 XX, 'ujfi gg ' AQBEAR LE FORD - 1- Pep 1. '25, '29, '30g 1 5 3 VIOLFT IRENE HU . ' Nifiihii-'Q' za Us ff? HHH - , Gee Clll '28, '29, '30: Oper:-tta f Junior Play '28: Basket Ball '302 5 P eitcrary Society "Sf '2P'i: 28 Z7 0 ' reasurcr Senior ass '30, J J I -. I V , ,f q. ' - .Af " V. . ' ' f I r so ll' Zi' O' ' f 'fl' -'J A I n ' I I 1 . 'Is ' E P ' ' , t . .l 4 lm ill lf Q " ., 5 1 ii 1 1.2 '51 fl i, ' 1 f , E 'cf .milf 'W ' :mal cnthusizxsm llzivc hccn :1 constant in x " 11 ,f,,,.' 11. H 'SAA n WALLACE LAFFERTY Ruf-Ne-x '2X. JOHN NIPPER Minstrel '29, Quartvt 'LZSIQ Slickvr Club '30: Glve Club 'ZSIQ Mixerl Chorus '29. ESTHER THORNBRUE Honor Society '27, '28, '20 Valedivtorian '30g Gl-f Cl l "". '2X, '20, '30g naw li-ll '27 'zw uw- Pew Club wan: Oifrlrmslzfv' ,wc J. S. C. .Nz Pep Club, '27, '23, '29, '30, Junior Play '29, High School l'lz1y Class Play '2!I: Annual Staff '30, Student Council '29, Minstrel '2Sl. VVILLA DELL OWENSBY Glee- Club '27, '2X, '2fl: OUL-x'1-Xia '303 llaeikt-'t Hall '27, '23, 29: , '30: . A , 1 , - - l Class President '27 I Class Secretary '2X: Travk '27, '2XZ Pres. Camp Fire Girls '30, ANNA HELEN KRIVOHLAVEK .lunior Hiuh Play '2'7: J. S. C. '27: Secretary and Treasurer Class '291 LOUISE MARGARET GROTHE Pmp Club '27, '28, '29, 'Il0g Svc. J. S. C. Club '27I Junior l'lny '29, High School 0perotta'2Ug Glec Club '30, Opcrcttzx '30. Student Council '2Sl: Pep Club '28, '29, '30: Honor Society '3U3 Glee Club '29. EARL MESSALL - A Football '26, '27, '28, '25l: 111-.nfmmns '26, '27, ' Trfwk '2H, '25l.. vw. lmskr-1 liall '25, 'eng liuf-Nr-x -'28, 'Qing Buys Quartglt 27. '2H: High School Om-rl-ttzi '2fl: , Slfllhlh-ll1llJrll1I.L'2'T, '23, '293 I". F. 0. Sw. '29, '30, I." ,fn liar' nf- S919 'ZSL , I - J - Q1 5 4- Ka D '2flI R I-'iflrru Sixlewz W 1-x J , , FLOYD G. CONN Football '27, '28, 'ZEJQ Basket liall '27, '28, '29: Tennis '27 : Track '27 3 Ruf-Nex '27, '28: V. P. C'asS '27 Captain Basket Ball Team '2H: Slicker Club '29. BLOSSOM TEMPLE liartlesville, Okla. Sac. and Treas. Class '262 Basket liall '26C Pep Club '262 Girl Reserves '26Z Pep Club, '27, '28: WALTER WYLEY CRAMER Football '28, '29: Basket Ball 30: F. F. O. Vice Pres. '29: Ruf-Nex '28, '29. PHYLIS HARRINGTON Glue Club '2SI2 Pep Club '29, 'SCL RICHARD GEORGE TAFT Football '20: High School Play '27, '29, '3 Junior Play '2U: Ops-rctta '29: Annual Staff '2R3 '30: Glee Club '28, '29: Boys Quartet '2U: Mixed Chorus '29: Bus. Mgr. Wolverine '3O. DOROTHY JANE RICHARD Honor Society '28, '29, '3O: Vice Pres. J. S. C. '27: Literary Club '27: Debating Club '26, '27 Pep Club '27: Literary Society '26, BOB BRIDGES l"ay '27, '29, '29, 'flflr Glc-c Club '28, '2Sl: Ho-Hounds '2T: Annual Staff '30g Minstrel '2El1 Basket Ball 'ZPL EDNA IONE DOSSER Honor Society '27i: Pep Club '27: V. P. Juniur Class '2Slg Di-hating Club 'ZG3 Literary Society '2G. x LJ , ' f N, " I If rf 1' ,J , I' -ff W GEO. LOGAN FRANCIS HUFFMAN Slicker Club '30, Track '28: Ruf-Nex '29, He-Hounds '27: Slicker Club '30, Literary Society '27, '28. VELMA MARIE KINDT Prp Club '27, 28, '29, '30, Give Club '30, Operztta '30, Treas. J. S. C. '30, SARAH MILDRED STAM G'e0 Club '27, '2X, '29, '30, Opel-etta '29, '29: J. S. C. Club '27: Pep Club '27, '28, '29, '30, CLYDE HOUSMON . Pep Club '2R: High School Play '29: Play Class '29: Football Queen '30, EVELIN V. SOUTHWICK Opvrettl. '29, '30, Negro Minstrel '29: Quartet '28, '29, '30, Glee Club '28, '29, Junior Play '29: Solo '28, '29, '30: J. S. C. '27: Honor Society '27: Pep Club '30, Choral Club '30: Mixed Chorus '29: Literary Society '27 WESLEY LOWERY AARON STOKER Football '28, '29: Track '29, '30: Football '27, '28, '29: Track '29, '2l0: Cleo Club '28, '29. Glen- Club '28, '29: Open-tta '29. 'fs 0 I' f' Q 14 .f r 1 -iv x' 1, Y r Sr-zwzrfwz Q if 5 'f' I a I Z' 1 by K :A Alf- y .x,,. fl if ". 1 . - I P 2 V MLM ',,f Nhi' . - , W H J. I 'J' , ' if F' up F' 4,1 ill!! . Wu 1- IU' ,SA .U LJ D' WAYNE HARRIS Slicker Club '30, Operutta '30. ESTELLA BOYER Glee Club '28, '29: Operetta '29, '30: Honor Society '27, '28, '29, '30: Pep Club '29, '30g Annual Stal? '30, Solo '30. JOHN WOLFORD Football '28, '29: Literary Club '27: Glee Club '2R: Minstrel '297 Slicker Club '30, Lettcrme-n's Club '29, LIDA KATHRYN POLIFKA Pup C'ulw '26, '27, '22, '30g Glen- Club '2iS: Basket liall '3fI. CECIL ELLIOTT Slicker Club '30: Stock Judging '27. ETHEL MAXINE WORRELL Billings, Okla. Pep Club '27, Glee Club '27 Basket Hall '27. Garber, Okla. Pep Club '28, '29, '30: Play Class '29. Glee Club '21-K, '29, High School Play LLOYD CONN Football '27, '28, '29 3 Basket Ball '27, '28 '20 ' Ruf-Nex '27, 'zzxg Ff of 'Pi '28, 'zuz Tennis '26, Pres. Class, '2T: Junior Play '26. EDA LOU BARHYTE J. S. C. Club '27: Junim' High Play Play Class '29, '30: Basket llall '26, Literary Society '26g '2T. '30 29. Z l Eighieezz Qyfyvv ff,v-- . ,.'yV'.,.Z' X. My ' i'.'L IJ. 441 rf.t:lr4rl,,,,J f' ' R, 4 4L Ly' ' iff 14.4 ig, x 'I . ' fyflfffl .Q - 21' lrJf,142 1 .1 v 'w .4 'I '4 . ,- ' . .. A. , l " I -,T " ' EDA SIMS D ' ,L Literary Society '26, 'ZZTZ if f v f" 1' Pep Club '21-K. '29, '30, Glee Club '28, '2!P, '30: Operetta '20, '30 Quartet '29, '30: Solo '29, '30g Play Class '2Sl: Mixed Chorus '29, Basket Ball '30, MERLE STEBBINS Junior Play '29, MELVIN RIGGS Football '26, '27, '29, '2ll: Football Captain '29, Basket Ball '27, '28, '297 Capt. Jr. Hi. Basket Ball '262 Trask '27, '28: Vice Pres. Class '29: Boy's Glee Club '27, '28, '29: Operetta '2U: Mixed Chorus '29' Negro Minstrel '29: Letter "G"' Club '29, LUCILLE GOODWIN Library Club '27: Campfire Girls '27, '28 IRENE M. MORGAN Pep Club '29, JESSE HUTCHERSON Glee Club, '2El: Negro Minstrel Football '28, '29: Basket Ball '3Hl: Junior Play '29: Track '29, Treas. Junior Class '29, GERALD SPARKS Glee C'ub '27, '2!4: Junior 'z l lay JJ. Football '20: Basket Ball '30, Operctta '29. f HAZEL STAM Honor Society '26: Choral Club '2T: ' ' ' X Pep Club '28, '2!9. Glee Cfulm '2K: Pep Club '26, '27, '28, "U, - flag :. ' 'DJ I . .I Hx "'rf7f' I, .4 - 0i"I it i. l'Vllll'l1'a'Il 44... I 1 qv ar if N If its . 'FWF fp., ,-,mn . r " :sq X Twenty 'WTR' THE GAILBER. H HIGH SCHOOL W N if 2 an CLASS HISTORY The year 1928 held one of the largest classes of Sophomores in Garber High School. There were nearly sixty members enrolled. The Junior Class continued with the same group, with the exception of a few new members. The one outstanding ability of the class was to act as a unit. During this year, our class placed the largest number of football boys on the team and several of them made All- conference team. At the beginning of the school term of 1929, Lonnie Surrett joined our group. He entered at once into the school activities, and because of his unusual ability, became the class president and has continuedxto serve throughout his Senior year. The members of the Junior class were a steady, reliable group and entered into the activities of the school with loyalty and enthusiasm. One of the outstanding achievements of the Junior class was the Annual Junior-Senior banquet, which was declared the most beautiful and the most successful banquet which has ever been given at the Garber High School. This Senior Class began with forty-three members enrolled. Many new members were added and many loyal classmates lost, which we regret very much. Up to this time twelve of our classmates have been lead away into matrimony, four graduated with the class of ,29. At the present time we find that those who have been fortunate enough to follow the class through since the class graduated from Junior High are: Mildred Stam, Robert Bridges, Velma Kindt, John Wolford, Dorothy Richard, Dudley Roland, Clyde Houseman, Lucille Ford, Jesse Hutcherson, Jack Conn, Estella Boyer, Aaron Stoker, .Anna Krivohlavek, Eda Lou Barhyte, Evelin Southwick, Wesley Lowery, Lloyd Conn, Lucile Goodwin, Francis Huffman, Earl Messal, Edna Dosser, Cleda Sims, Wyley Cramer, Violet Hutcherson, Melvin Riggs, Louise Grother and John Nipper. Other members who have joined the class in later years are: Wayne Harris, Gerald Sparks, Lida, Polifka, Dawn Fletcher, Blossom Temple, Phyllis Harrington, Merle Stebbins, Lonnie Surrett, Ethel Worrell, Irene Morgan, Willa Dell Owensby, Richard Taft, Esther Thornbrue, and Cecil Elliot. Except for one, who is a Junior, all the boys who were eligible for the first team in football this year are graduating. The who boys have made the All-conference team are: John Wolford, Guardi Jack Conn, Second Team, Aaron Stoker, Tackle, Wesley Lowery, End, Earl Messal, Fullback. Six members of the Senior Class having an A- average made the Honor Roll. One of these, Estella Boyer, has had the honor of belonging to the Oklahoma State Honor Society for four years. Y EFX HIGH SCHOIOL Jrwmil f3,,L4,J jM1,5,LgTHE GAILBER. - QL, UJUNIORS AND SOPHOMORESH Senior High r 2 EE I-:ff Twenty 1 .,. .,. , I - , Y-, G 'H ee, ..-,- ksAesILPLaeTHIi,QAPiHE,eR, HIGH SCHQQL JUNIOR CLASS 3 I Top row: llleft to rightyl Lloyd Bullard, Wayne Cinnamon, Tommy Green, Clarenee Hamann, Glen Jeffries, Jess: Morris, Ellsworth Parraek, Myles Perks, La Vaun Thorp, Walter Sartain, Hsrman Hauser, Arlie Oghurn, Lawrenee Ryan. Seeond row: Mr. C. A, Boyd QSponsorfl, Jack Gilpin, Lloyd Janssen, Robert Failing, Jerry Maly, Olga Gallatin, Mildred Miles, Helen Sandberg, Inez Linderfelt, Elizabeth Smith, Irene Laflerty, Verna Mae Thorp, Letha Nell Hawkins. Third row: Mildred Venel, Mattie Ogburn, Wanda Beard, Lula Mae King, Eula Oher- lander, Hazel Williams, Lois Atwood, Otto Miller, Ray Bullard, Arthur Duncan, Bill Hawkins, Cleo Haworth. Fourth row: Mary Lou Shore, Pearl Oherlander, Thelma Housmon, Vera Mae Gilger, Bernice Deeds, Daisy Willshire, Adah Myrle Hodges, Mary Ford, Luey Dvoraeek, Beatrice Bowen, Maxine Raulston, Dalomi Gordon. CLASS OFFICERS Walter Sartain ,,,,,,,,,,,,....,,,,, , ,,,I.,,.,,,,,..e ,,,, President Maxine Raulston ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, ,Vice-President Mary Ford W Serretary-Treasurer 51 QE, Colors-Blue and Silver. . 1-E Motto-"Em-elsiorl' ,553 ea.. IE , ff-WHVE , u M..- - jp Ji -"'l"'! i Qi - new ' 1fi'wtM R 4.,-,-..Af-I 1 ,P-fri " 'J'fa-enty-tfwo K il g cf-"',XFflTT71 L., 1 mal AW ME G En, HIGH scHo,oL,,e.:mAu4 L L F, V 2 u , Q 3 r -- il gfqvri aff I. X fir 1 SOPHOMORE CLASS x J l fxhllv, 'N Q7 Top row: Qleft to rightj, Wendell Cole, Francis Hill, Glenwood Clow, Bernard Birdsall, Lionel DePue, Hubert Moore, Amos Workman, George Enochs, Clifford Brucs, Arnold Brunken, Walter Hasselwander, Forest Prickett, Lee Bennett. Sevond row: Glenn Dosser, Herman Semrod, Elmer Grother, Fred Richards, Charles E. Wolford, Samis Peters, Johnson Porter, Beatrice Messall, Bernice Hudson, Lucv Krivohlavek, Bonnie Deweese, Vena Porter, Lois Peavler, Mildred Seeley, Mr. Charvoz, fSponsorj. Third row: Burma Southwirk, Lola Jackman, Wanda Pearhse, Delight Beverlin, Francis Green, Lois Tarlton, Daisy Parrack, Joe Lyhene, Berton Briley, Walter Clay, Edwin Dunrzm, Guy Keith, Miss LaGrange, f'Sponsorj. Bottom row: Laura Bolz, Florence Hill, Helen Armour, Julia Stam, Freda Kindt, Louise Wolford, Betty Failing Pattv Cline Alta Porte I l' B , 1 , r, rine otts, Mary Kleckner, Bonnie Housmon. CLASS OFFICERS Freda Kindt .,,,,..,,,,.,,,,,,.,.,,,,,r,.,,..,,,,,..,,,, ,,,,,,,.. P resident Charles E. Wolford ,,,,,,. ,,,,.,.,,,,,, V ice-President Helen Armour ....,,... ,.,,,,Y ,,.,,,.,,, S e cretary-Treasurer F Colors-Blue and Silver. Flower-Sweet Pea E Motto-"Second to none." R 'W 56,5 hu. ll ,V A I 4 wlifru , , K, Twenty-lhree 1-i, I f -K --A-I If THE GIAILBER. HIGH SCHOOL VN CLASS WILL We, the in-mates of Cell No. 9 of the school of Garber, the state of Oklahoma, about to be released from our short term of imprisonment, not because of good be- havior, but because we have served our full sentence of breaking the Rocks of Know- ledge, do hereby will and bequeath to our wardens and mates the possessions that are dearest to our hearts. We bequeath to Mr. Owensby a private cell for judging juveniles. To Mr. Boyd, we will a pair of roller skates that he may more easily catch those skipping Study Hall. To Mr. Charvoz, we will a higher "Look- out Post" to be used between classes. To Mr. Crosnoe, we will a rock pile for his agriculture students. To Miss McGurie, we will a Public Speak- ing Class that can write orations within at least six months. To Mrs. Caldwell, we will a Home Ec. Class that can tell sugar from salt. To Miss Boxley, we will a new Victrola record for her typing class. To Miss LaGrange, we will an intelligent American Litreature class that is capable of writing book reports. To Miss Lyhene, we will a key ring and the book "How to Answer Ten Questions at Once." To Mrs. Coker, we will a Glee Club that can sing in harmony. We will to the in-mates of Cell No. 13, our Cell No. 9. I, Richard Taft, will my book "I-Iow to Retain that Girlish Figure" to El.sworth Parrack. I, Floyd Conn, will my "Little Brown Jug" to Joe Lyhene, I, Aaron Stoker, will my razor to Leon Huntsinger. I, Earl Messall, will my ability to get through High School in five years to Jack Lafferty. I, John Wolford, will my popularity among the Junior girls to Arthur Duncan. I, Melvin Riggs, will stripes to Arthur Hayes, with hopes that he won't have to wear them many years. I, John Nipper, will my middle name to some unfortunate underclassmate. I, Cecil Elliot, will some of my typing ability to George Enochs. I, Wayne Harris, will some of my "wise cracks" to Tommy Green. I, Cleda Sims, will my voice to Florence Hill. I, Dudley Roland, will some of my good traits to Wendell Cole. I, Robert Bridges, will the High School a mirror to hang in the hall so that the stu- dents may comb their hair. I, Merle Stebbins, will my charming per- sonality to Myles Perks. I, Ethel Worrell, will my "dynamic per- sonality" to Dalomi Gordon. I, Lloyd Conn, will a few of 'my "temper- ance traits" to Claude Compton. I, Esther Thornbrue, will my "drug store complexion" to Daisy Willshire. I, Francis Huffman, will my sweet dispo- sition to Elizabeth Smith. I, Lonnie Surrett, will my "good looks" to Otto Miller. I, Wyley Cramer, wi.l my curley hair to Arlie Ogburn. I, Lida Polifka, will my Psychology grades to Hubert Moore. I, Violet Hutcherson, will my popularity to Louise Wolford. I, Irene Morgan, will my physical beauty to Mattie Og-burn. I, Blossom Temple, will my ability to vamp Clair Gregg to Thelma I-Iousmon. I, Phyllis Harrington, will my absence and tardy record to Maxine Raulston. I, Wesley Lowery, will my ugirlish ways" to Clarence Hamann. I, Clyde I-Iousmon, will my place as Foot- ball Queen fo Lucy Krivohlavek, I, Jesse Hutcherson, will my American Lit. grades to Adah Myrle Hodges. I, Eda Lou Barhyte, will my ability as an actress to Eula Oberlander. I, Evelin Southwick, will my place in the Girls Quartette to Beatrice Bowen. I, Lucile Ford, will my nickname, "Josie", to Mary Ford. I, Gerald Sparks, will my place on the Basketball team to Glennwood Clow. I, Estella Boyer, will my good grades to Vera Mae Gilger. I, Willa Dell Owensby, will my oratorical ability to Elizabeth Porter. I, Anna Krivohlavek, will my "hold on Lonnie Surrett" to Lucy Dvoracek. I, Mildred Stam, will my height to Olga Gallatin. I, Dorothy Richards, will my quiet disposi- tion to Samis Peters. I, Louise Grother, will my class recitations to Julia Stam. I, Velma Kindt, will my "flapperish" ways to Mildred I, Lucille Goodwin, will my glasses to Bob Failing. I, Iidna Dosser, will my Spanish ability to my brother, Glenn. I, Dawn Fletcher, will my writing of next year's will to whomsoever may be so unfortunate. Du'y witnessed on this day by the in-mates of Ce.l No. 9. Signed X ftheir markl. Twenty f our 543 3 W.. --..., f biM.L. fAmp. , THE GAILBER, W - HIGH SCHOIOL L.'-wluil l "SENIORS" Junior High 1 5 E ,f H 1 C221 .Av lg' ' --Y... Tfwent y- jifve " ' v: lfg,gLL,g1,g13LTHE, GAQBEQ, ,. HIGH SCHQQLL ,igmmxil MARGARET RUTH GALLATON IRENE KRIVOHLAVEK PEARL HAUSER MERLINE MAGILL CLAIR GREGG OPAL INGMIRE CEPHAS SCOTT PHYLLIS WEBB ALTA PORTER PEARL SHOUSE ARTHUR HAYES FRANCIS PERKS GWENDOLYN SPARKS MARGUERITE BATEMAN f .5332 " i A Tfwenty-:ix Oi JR as Byr f THE GAILBER, mc:-I scHopL LEON HUTSINGER ETTA CAMPBELL VALERIA THOMAS NEALE LAMB MILDRED SEELEY ELVIN CINNAMON HELEN SIMIK VELTA HOLMES HAZEL MAXWELL GEORGE TOTUSEK PATTY CLINE JOSSIE KRIVOHLAVEK OLIVE HUTCHERSON GUSSIE NEUNDORF 4 U L -+1 Tfwenty-sefuer 1, P. 55 -ILAW, W , W ,, ---.--Z... g xg L TI-IE OAILBEI1, , 41 HIGH SOHOOI. ,,,, LII. if IIA ,, ,LW ,,,.. -,,, , .., ., . W, W, I. I. ,.,,-.,-,,, M., ,,,, , ,.-. -R -H ,, WJ IL? LOIS ORACEY LOVA ORACEY MARVIN SIIIIRR SARA IIRLTON LEONARD IIARNIQS TO'I"IIIR wII.LI,xIvIs DOROTHY IIIITCIIERRON I ELEANOR GOODMAN Jr" LEWIS MIGUIRE 7 I? 6 Ng! I O LVCILLE PORTER ROBERT OOSTRLLO BONNIE IIOIIRMON NETTIE GIBSON Ram RRRNRIIN VERGIE RICHARD 'i I fffa MQW F-- P4 A . .I : I, M V 1 I -I I WWII -, ---,R 1 'fi I M wma -LI 7 HRA ,NM , i-,gIJT1'Zi.f--L MU-A-AJ Tfwenty-eight , . - ww THE GAILBED. I HIGH sci O QL ,w.g.xT...I5jl V! r x 4 -9 P7910- E MILDRED SVRRETT LELAND PARTRIDGE RACHEL BUCHOLZ BLANCHE TARLTON ELDON ELLIOT ESTHER LILY CLOW ROSALIE WORKMAN HAROLD STEVENS VERA GIBSON RITTH HONNEYVVELL KENNETH LAFFERTY ADRIAL PORTER ERMA DEEDS ROBERTA CLIFTON EDITII DIIGGINS ,I rmx. g -M. INK + 'Nm' I L- -..E fil Twenty-nine F3 '- i f' 1 4- F X L -'EHFTZLL ' THE GAILBER, gf' HIGH scrloou. was CLASS WILL We, the class of 1930, of Garber Junior High School, in 48 distinct and separate parts, being about to pass from this present plane of existence and to enter a higher, being also in full possession of a sound body fweight, 4320 lbs., and girth, 1104 in.D and a crammed mind, do make and publish this our last will and testament, hereby making void any former wills or promises to anyone whatsoever. And first we do ask, as the last request of a dying class, that our beloved guardian will deal in all tenderness with the relics and orphans that we are forced to leave behind us. As for such estate as our brilliant minds and diligent hands have been able to wrest for us, by wearying hours of ceaseless toil, from obscure books and close-mouthed and secretive teachers, we do dispose of it as follows: We do will and bequeath to our beloved Superintendent, Prof. J. A. Owensby, a con- tinued interest in our high school career together with sundry well-worn paddles and the privilege of encouraging, correcting, and inspiring us in the future as in the past. To our devoted sponsors we do bequeath a new class with different customs and language fnot so goodpfa class that crowds into the fields of learning as cattle crowd into the green fields of wheat fand one that chews as contentedly as theyj-a class that will be winner in every contest, that will never hesitate to hand over ample supplies of money for every public enter- prise, that will never fail to supply itself with text books, and- above all a class that will be eager to wash dishes after every party. To our faculty, we bequeath a vast store of accumulated and classified knowledge, know- ing that they .will need it in the years to come while we, happily arrived in Senior High School, will have no further use for it. We also leave to them the satisfaction of having been in- structors to the largest and most brilliant class that ever graduated from junior High School. To the Juniors we bequeath our empty desks together with any remnants of gum that may adhere to them, also our iiuent use of the English language, our list of important dates in history, our wonderful grasp of the principles of algebra, the remnants of laboratory equipment that have proved indestructible, any unburned beans found in the cafeteria, and any interesting stories to be found in the farm magazines furnished by the Agriculture Department. 11.. ,fn """' urvvlclp nv ...1 ....,,:::5 , ,, . ,NWI Thirty BOCK THREE eidllwlqlmf W . 1 ' P N 'WFYZQ THE GAILBER, HIGH SCHOOL if ! x w , WW 1' . ,lwlfa , .-.-f:-:-:Ia-.52,jE7::ffZ:121E5'f1f5E5E "J UN IORS AND SOPHOMORESH Junior High Thirty-one 'al 31 H2 il 1 J -Se P, y 2 4' wi , ,-- we W, N , .A Q. . . l li, 'ee Wir- f-safari P-miriofet ,B A -- '----- '- - A ,.,, fri... ..,, . , ,,, , , .. Ya. YJ JUNIORS IN 11-. HIGH Top row, Qleft to rightjz Clyde Boling, Everett Wilcox, Franceis Deweese, Keith Barber, Violet Simmering, Mary Williams, Mary Francis Cowan, Frances Tickel, Doris Worrell. Second row: Naomi Mannin, Edna Stalder, Bernice Morgan, Marvin Bennett, Willie Willshire, Joe Cole, Leo Botts, Merl Huntsinger, Blaine Thomas, Miss Bridges, CSponsorJ. Third row: Lee Cinnamon, Arthur Bartunek, Ward Johnson, Willard Reiger, William Seeley, Leo Reiger, Doris Johnson, Mabel Schreiber, Vona Pinkston, Katherine Miles, Ethelyn Wiles. Fourth row: Vera Sims, Ruth Trout, Helen Camp, Marjorie Germanyg Elizabeth Porter, Ethel Ryan, Elsie Semrad, Irene Adams. CLASS OFFICERS Arthur Bartunek ....,...v,...,,.. . ,..... President Leo Reiger ,.,.... ,--Vice President Bernice Morgan ..,. ...... S ecretary Ward Johnson ..,,......,....,,,....... Treasurer Motto: Finish what you attempt. Colors: Rose and Old Gold. Flower: Sweet Pea l , rig , -l A 2 ...fisi - Thirly-1100 "- ,fi L L lsg,g,l,J,MggSTH,E GAILBER, HIGH 5cHo4oL,,t,ug,ttti.5l5l 2' SOPHOMORE CLASS-Jr. Hi School Top rowzlleft to rigjlltjz Frances Peavler, Dorothy Bueltolz, Leda Rae Snyder, Gran- ville Worth, Alvin Sinnnering, Raymond Moore, VVartl Elliott, Joe Krivohlarek, Otis Kile. Second row: Harold Nlorgan, Ernest Burroughs, llarolcl Ward, Dudley Messal. Elnora Stoker, Mabel Johnson, Thelma Kile, B:tty Reetl. Third row: Max Hauser, Clinton Clay, Wilbur llalbbsrt, llzirolcl Taft, Ernest Williams, Buster Davenport, Leslie Hutcherson, Hobart Proctor, Mrs, Owensby, l,Sponsorj. Fourth row: Eileen Trout, Larinc Marling, Vivian Lafferty, Kathleen liirdsall, Gcrtrutlc Stout, Helen Miner, Ophia Batts, Leah Graham, Milcllul Clarkson, CLASS OFFICERS Leda Rae Snytler Y.,,, ,,,,,,, , , ,,.,,, ,,,, ,,,,, ,,,, I J 1 'esialent Harold Morgzln ,,.,, ,,,,. , ,,,,, X lie: President Hobart Proctor ,, ,, ,,,,,, .. ,,Secrctary-Treasurer Colors-Pink and Golcl. llildil I"lower-American Beauty Rose, Motto 1-"Not at the top but climbing." lg? ,Jw Ki W-Thitiiui"L-A-1 Mg., ,. . kg" -' f -ww - .,. 4 QW7 V I i 'L I unlll ...... jf- ----,,., Thirfy-rhref fe A- ii E M f 4-1 E E e'5iT5ltE7EjL t f ' THE GAILBER. HIGH SCHOOL who Sept Sept. Sept. Sept. Sept Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov Nov. N ov N ov Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. CALENDAR Fon scHooL YEAR, 1929-30 9-School opened. 12-Cafeteria opened. 20--Football Captain elected. 24-Agriculture boys brought back an egg. 25-First game of football. 1-Annual staff elected. 8-Jack Lafferty got fooled on the jug at Bohemian Hall. 9--Beat Tonkawa. 10-Enid speed laws are enforced. 18-Vera Mae took the potatoes down. 22-Dawn broke the camera. 22-Few Senior girls took dancing lessons at Enid studio. 23-Garber Fair. 24-Clyde Housmon elected football queen. 25--Pete Conn stayed awake during American Lit. class. 26-Oh what proofs! 4-Group pictures taken for Annual. ll-Armistice Holiday. 22-Earl Messall's picture comes in late 28--We beat Covington. 2-Stark and another becomes "one", 9-Glee Club Operetta. ll-Senior rings arrive. 13-High School girls spend a peace- ful night in Hawkin,s barn. 13-Coons found to be extinct--Hot dogs popular-How about it boys? 14- Was "The Cock-eyed World" worth it? 15-Some boys enjoy the wet season. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. I6-Lost or misplaced: One Junior and one Senior boy.-Reward. 17-Office girl gets a hair-cut. 20-Dick Taft and McGuire sent let- ters to Santa. , 22-Christmas holidays-Gift exchange enjoyed by Boyd and Owensby. 7-"Three Musketeers" return. 13-Girls go out for basket ball. 20-Basket ball, wine and women won't mix-Therefore we have no basketball squad. 22-Faculty ladies beat High school girls. 12--Prof. introduces "soft balln at chapel. Feb. 14-Also intrroduces the office yard stick. Feb. 17-The basket ball tournament. Mar. 4-Faculty gives banquet for honor society. . Mar. I2-Caldwell orders telephone for Cafeteria. Mar. 14--School carnival. Mar. 21-Junior play. Mar. 28-Successful High school party. April 15-Senior skip day. April 10-High School play. May May May M ay May May 2-Grade school operetta. 6-Jr.-Sr. Banquet-Boyd enjoys Hot dogs and chili. 15-Senior play. 18-Baccalaureate Sermon. 21-Class Day. 2 3-C ommencement. Thirty- f our 5 H ES wig 5 -' --" 5I'."1""' ww, THE GAILBER. "5 HIGH SCHQQL, I ' .. wukx L .,,.I,i liWlT1IIix11 NKH- - """'l 'l """'H'H 'H "'M'M'f"m'E R 5' K9 'I "FIN E FURS" Thirty-five lHvz1r1QDhPr1z1nhvr - Iinpularitg Q9uePn s jr 'X 4 A , -nor.-ig. 4's.."m:a1--Qs: Gllghr Tgnuamnn - ilinnthall Qbuvvn , ,..,.. .. N 5143.--1 -fy"-."".., TMNU1 1 e. I I 1-:T-1--I 11, -,h , 1-'svmfrifswwwr-"a '22-F-fr .ni in-,, I f 1 if C 3 Thirty aight , Wiwzlf .- ' THE GAILBER. vi CLASS OF 1919 Hugh Southwick Lydia Blaser-Ferguson Marjorie Siegle-Ward Pansy Anderson-Valley CLASS OF 1920 Lawrence Schreiber Lola Oberlander CLASS OF 1921 Avis Haggard Carol Mires Cleo Davis Clyde Hurst Elmer Disney Esther LaGrange Esther Schaithman Fred Heckel George Ferguson George Gibson Hursel Wilkerson Hilda Blaser John Macy Juanita Potter Lillian Beckwith-Pope Lock Lafferty Lois LaGrange Myrtle Mires-Alton Ruth Ashmore-Barnes Werner Blaser CLASS OF 1922 Axie Stam-Magee Emil Krivohlavek Emma Oberlander Eula Green-Taft Kenneth Chitwood Lester Peters Nancy Klopfenstine Oral Best-Jones Ray Gibson Roberta LaGrange Stanley Letcher Thelma Southwick-Grogan Verna Gibson CLASS OF 1923 Archie Wilkerson Bessie Lafferty Clara Stam-Reed Ellis Barnes Elsie Gillispie-Ashmore Eva Blaser-Snoddy Floyd Hurst Goldie Roland Irene Gibson Jessie Lewis-Magill Lydia Anglin-Millspaugh Marcella I-Iiltner-Parker Margaret Conklin Minnie Mae Pitzer Nelson Davis Paul Hughes Richard Heckel Richard Overholt Ross McLaughlin Truman McPeak CLASS OF 1924 Agnes Maly Albert Schnaithman Amber Hayes Bertha Green Beulah Mick-Cunningham Carl Ebert Chapley Mitchell Charles McFarland Clarence Daughertee Claude Workman Dennis Matteson Dorothy Taft Ethel LeForce Gertie Klopfenstine-Letcher Golda Anglin-Strong Hilda Kindt James Stochl John Gerkin Lela Leslie-Hugo Lewis Kapka Lois Trosper Lois Walcher-Schnaithman Ola Snoddy-Hasse.wander Paul Graham Pauline Schlosser-Crumpler Ralph Blaser Southwick Raymond Porter Rena Barnes-Hurst Rosie Maly CLASS OF 1925 Allen Daniels Alma Houser-Blaser Carl Sims C.arence Davis Doris Rosenberger-Buyers Eddie Krivohlavek Edith Birdsall Frances Weiser Glenn Croft Glenn Goeller James Dvoracek James Gibson Ladd Vencl Lawrence Minge Lois Toben-Peak Mabel Boyer-Turner Marguerite Moan-Christian Mary Vencl Otho Sparks Ralph Duncan Rose Baker-Heckel William Duncan William Taft CLASS OF 1926 Archie Wilson Alice Bradford-Abbbott Ava Bridges Bert Hutcherson Bettie Dennison-Smith Clarence Beard Clarence Kingery Clifton Beard Desmond Dunlavy Dovie Massey Edward Heckel Edwina Reynolds Ethel Lyhene-Suits Glenn Houston Glenn Hueppelheuser Gladys Haworth Grace Dennison Hal Linderfelt Irene Irvine Irma Graham Jack Coe Lawana McAninch-Van Dall Lelah Clow Leta Norris Lillie Campbell Lula Green Mary Maly Nellie Stapleford-Harbor Opal Cramer-Bridges Sidney Bridges Sylvia Roland Thelma Kingery Thelma Whitney-Reynolds Virginia Coe-Dunlavy Willard Smith CLASS OF 1927 Amy Hangartner Bruce Janssen Della Mae Waas-Brown Dick Swartzwood Donald Peachee Gaile Evans Geneva Green George Rhodus Georgiana Adams Gilmer Rhodes Helen Glick-Kelly Hubert Erwin ...- IRI ,1 HIGH SCHOOL 'J 'N Ivan Millard John Vale Li.lie Sluyter Linfred Goodman Lonna Lyhene Lucille Cooper-Cunningham Lula Lawhorn Mabel Janssen-Moore Maxine Dodd-Stewart Pearl Birkett-Cole Richard Ward Rose Klopfenstinc Wilber Mires Wilma Ferguson-Smith CLASS OF 1928 Arthur Moore Cynthia Byrd Delbert Brunken Earl Gregg Edna Hutcherson Elva Dvoracek Emilie Totusek Esther Coe Etta Hillhouse Gene McLaughlin Genevieve Taft George Porter Guy Sapp He en Barnett Henrietta Boyer-Bish Herman Ford Irene Crane J. C. Failing Jesse Pruett Jimmie Krivohlavek Leah Gage-Norman Lois Rosenberger Louella Seaman Lurene Kindt Mary Eula Smith Martha Trosper Paul Maly Scott Rider Tweed Failing Virginia Norman CLASS OF 1929 Allene Haughey Anna Maud Clow Arthur LaGrange Arthur Sims Auvern Dosser Ben Goodman Bernice Clow Bonnie Dunlavy Buster Bradford Cleo McCullough Courtney Buffington Donald Toben Dorlis Stoker Earl Hutcherson Edna Haworth Eifah Kleckner Floyd Gibson Fred Coe Fred Moore Graden Hale Harry Clay Joe Maly LeMarch Smith Lorna Graham Lorna Graham Lovena Reiger Mae Norris Milton Duncan Marvin Barnes Mary Campbell Marjorie McCullough Nellie Hay Raymond Darnall R. L. Stebbins Ruthe Ray Theodore Hendrickson Velma Reiger Virginia Lyhene Walter Grother Wayne Maupin ma E H Ea fri: ,-A ' 'Hi BCDOI4 FOUR 'gwslnulltlw xW l,. I ' Xv.luIlllllM -.t gun-"QI, Z Q 2 I ,. if Q I hi X A ,W--: r-- r ar 'Xf-" gg,M,MUg,,5iQ,gTHEg GADJBER, HIGH SCHQQL ,QLAWMLI "SHARP CLAWS" S EE H A , ' -A- -Nazis -A-BH ,E gm: ',L1L?f 33V- .... WN... Thirty-nil 4 ' ,, 'f,,T,,,,,,,, , , ,...,,, WY., . ,f ,HWY . V 74 V i' VL' W' ' A W -1 4 3:41 4. j'f'1LsQ cs.-xsz,nEl2, ks A-,wnnoriHsp:H QcJa,T ,V 1, Forlj' i YETIZQDEJ X BZJYD " ' VMEIIVIN 'ENRIQGS CLYDE C. CHARVOZ Coach Captaig X Assistant Qoach f 5' , 1 r f L Q, as ,s" . .s . lf- 0 , 7 .1 r - 1' J' -4' 'i'f11""" s f 1. f ' A A A A A 1 'V S fx -1114? ss sl J E si 'n M1513 Lg 5 s " ARLIE OGBU RN fBigheartJ Right Half-Back---1 year. Wt. 145 lbs.. Ht. 5 ft. 7 in. A fast player. WYLEY CRAMER QKidJ Left Tackle. 2 years. Wt. 145 lbs.. Ht. 5 ft. X in. Consistent player. MELVIN RIGGS fSatchelJ Right Half-back 1CaptuinI: 4 years. Wt. 165 lbs., Ht. 5 1't. 7 in. He hits 'em hard. CLAIR GREGG fG1'9gg'l Right Tackle, 1 yr-nr. Wt. 180 lbs.. Ht. G ft. A good man. MYLES PERKS fFish Wormj LLOYD CONN lPeteJ Center. 1 year. Full-back. 3 years. Wt. 135 lbs., Ht. 5 ft. 11 in. Wt. 150 lbs., Ht. 5 ft. X in. Always fighting. A flood broken field rumwr. WAYNE CINNAMON fCinnam0nJ GLENN JEFFERIES fJef'l'J Right End. 1 year. Left guard. 1 year. Wt. 145 lbs., Ht. 5 ft. 9 in. Wt. 165 lbs., Ht. 5 ft. 11 in. He is not afraid of 'em. One of our big buys. Iforly-am' 7 4 V 1' -"Q 1 . 2 JOE LYHENE QJoeJ JESSE HUTCHERSON fHutchD Full-back. 2 years. Right Half-back. 1 ycnr. Wt. 130 lbs., Ht. 5 ft. 7 in. Wt. 125 lbs., Ht. 5 ft. G in. A fast player. Little but fast. BOB FAILING fBobJ JOHN WOLFORD fJ0hnJ Right Guard. 2 years. Right Guard. 2 years. Wt. 155 lbs., Ht. 5 ft. 9 in. Wt. 160 lbs., Ht. 5 ft. 8 in. Puts up a good fight. All Conference Guard '29. WALTER SARTIN fDocJ EARL MESSALL fStudJ Right End. 2 years. Full Back. 4 years. Wt. 135 lbs., Ht. 5 ft. 8 in. Wt. 170 lbs., Ht. 5 ft. 8 in. A hard fighter. All Conference Full-back '29. WESLEY LOWERY fJellyJ LONNIE SURRETT fSurrettJ Left End. 2 years. Left Guard. 2 years. Wt. 165 lbs., Ht. 6 ft. 1 in. Wt. 130 lbs., Ht. 5 ft. 3 in. All conference end '29. Up and at 'em. 71: , W It J- if I ll 'Ha 131 T f . '. '. f,f!g,.1.5f,e:" gp . .- w- ll , ,gmml l l,.lf,Qm1fm1Q,3-Egg, Q 'Q T71 'A ' Forty-lfwo - L' ' ij, w--vm 1:--mv-,5 r' 'R' ' 1985.3 F' "ri -' .ferr I . -5'-"'2':.z .ix ' ,- affix., X ge. .,. ,H .-4,.,43f,,:,11g . N v-wygq--1'-. ---V - Gi'WF71L. - f THE GAQBER, M' HIGH scH09qli,..:sm.Anf I I Y ww lull' JACK CONN Uackl - Quarter Back. 3 years. Wt. 135 lbs., Ht. 5 ft. 8 in. Little but mighty. AARON STOKER fStokerJ Right Tackle. 3 years. Wt. 165 lbs. ,I-It. 6 ft. 1 in. All Conference Right Tackle '29. RICHARD TAFT fDickJ Right Tackle. 1 year. Wt. 220 lbs.. Ht. 6 ft. 3 in. "Stands like a stone wall." GEORGE ENOCHS fEnochsj Left Tackle. 1 year. Wt. 185 lbs., Ht. 5 ft. 11 in. Dependable player. 1929 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Garber ..... 4. 0 Garber ..... ....., 3 9 Garber ..... ,.,.,, 1 9 Garber ..... .,..,, 1 9 Garber ..... .,,... 3 3 Garber ..... ...,,. 4 7 Garber .. ...... 25 . Garber ..... 7 Garber ..... ,,,,,, 5 2 Garber W ...... 3 2 Garber .,.,. ,.,.,, 1 4 Garber .................. ...,. . . 2 5 TOTALS 3 Garber ,,,,.,,,,.,-,, 3 1 2 Enid ........ - ........, ,,.,, 6 Billings ..... .... 0 Tonkawa .,..,. ,,,,, 0 Nash .............. ..,.. 0 Pond Creek ..... .... 0 Perry ...,...,. ,,,. 0 Medford ....... ,... 0 J er .............. .... 1 2 Marshall ....... ..., 6 Lamont ..... ..., I I Covington ..... ....,, ..,, 6 Perkins .....,. , ,,,,,,,,,,,v-,,,. 6 Opponents .,... ,,,, 3 6 4 3 I H C . Forty-Ihre: 'Q' f N 1 , -.. lL.,.,.,A YWA.,-, C9 r W Iii? 15fX'?'EE f'AA ,u 1GH 4SCr1QQ,e.TfM1w 152 ' 'ip BASKET BALL TEA M 41,vtr to I'1:,Q'hf,?KlLlll' C llvgjgf, Mylcs Pcrks, Jussi- Morris, Lluyal Bullurcl, Curxlcl Sparks VVy1cy Cl'l1lIH'l', .'X1'1iv f1Q'lHlll'Il. Jess: Hutchcrsmm. I... T-ikyi 'TNQ' In my,-A .W --- wJ!- 1 Forty-four 1,3 4-J! 2":' ia ,U ,.,.a -.ft ' ' FU Wm .wt THE GAQBER. mor: sc:-no L sf BASKET BALL SEASON When the basket ball season of 1930 had ended we granted that a very successful season had been completed-a season of attained ambitions despite obstacles of a nature. Our caging squad came from inexperienced ranks, but soon through constant effort and practice, forced themselves to the front like veterans. Our first game was played with the fast Ponca Citians who downed us with a 36-I2 score. After this so-called lashing, the Wolverines, with a fast aerial attack, defeated the Deer Creek Quintet 35-25, in a matched duel, played on our own "dueling grounds". Our next game proved another victory for our squad, and a defeat for the boys of Hunter. The score was decidedly in Garber's favor. After these two victories the Garber quintet went through a period of reconstruction and recuperation. After practically two nights of practice, the Wolverines were downed by the Hunter squad. The next game of the season was with the Tonkara five, who were defeated by a score of 18-14-. With this victory in mind ourichosen squad, determined to win, went to Pond Creek the following Friday to meet the fast Pond Creek cagers. The boys were not outclasscd in style, but lack of experience was against them. However, our squad fought throughout the game with a true Wolverine spirit. Withort further comment we were licked fair and square. But with the conference tournament in view, our boys settled down to a hard week's practice. Our first game was with Hunter, which we won by a scorching score of 27-1. Gur next game was with Medford, who likewise went down with a 25-l7- count., The next afternoon we faced the Pond Creek team, who had beaten us a week before. Well, is seems as though they won again, "or words to that effect." The last game was with the plainsmen of Enid and ended in their favor. This closed the basket ball season of 1929-30, with the Wolverines' names graven on basket ball history. Those who were awarded sweaters at the end of the season are as follows: Myles Perks, Jesse Morris, Jesse Hutcherson, Gerald Sparks, and Wyley Cramer, E X X1 :xxxxx Y m mu ....-mnwli3lil5. . ....,,,, :zzz Forty Jive , N, -5 s r ' r u. '-qv gg -1 - - 5 Q '- . -. ,, , .. 1 f Wi?" VJ r ' ' l M A ' 7 1 - ' 'X ' F . ' K 1 4 --.' -A . .f 1. 'L a ' HIGH SC n so X ty REVIEW OF TRACK Although track is a minor sport in this section of the an dcvmes spring athletic training to this sport. Two hours s. day, fave in time-5 ' HMM IFN. ind triangular meets are scchedulcd lnlirredt A .ir-gbmqmensnafem. ' . During the past season Garber was fairly successful in competing with other schools. vmda dual meet over Hunter, and a triangular meet over Marland and Perry. In the ' Salt Fork Conference Track and Field meet at Jet, Garber won fifth place. Individual honors went to: Wesley Lowery, first place in the I-20 yard high hurdlesg Earl Mesaall, second place in the discus' throwg Aaron Stoker, third place in the high jump, and therelay team won., third place in the relay. if A i , r . .-... r l 'NH Pf Q-1 . , , , ...z . ,am uuu, un ' wsygg vt.. 1.1 A - ug, V A , .ns X, U worth -1-3 , YJ . ,L ' ,.:'."1., i Q' " ' .X li ' 1 . ' , , . rf' Ast , ,ny 2,51 A ,. A ' , ' 'l M' 'Vi .15 -W' - f -' , f,.,'L.t,,. '. jj ,, 'I , 1 V -' "7 f ' - 'il 1' L' 1 .-...,'lZ3r.f "'?9...oii-Y. .' -L" "J a ' - 117' BOOK FIVE Mlllilll 1 Q svilhh ' M ,I xi, sVu.s"lln "hifi, 1 it 4' of lfh, Q 1 W rg, 144' x I 'f.lJ Q 34, h, E ii THE GAIILBEQ. HIGH scuolog JAMQAMM , X Z! W UCUNNING CUBS" M .ay 'El E. lax ETEX ' 1:11 X kagikfm W F orl y-sefv Kb' , . . y HL - - -W Eau I 1.+ll?144.THE Q'ft9'BE gf H 'GH SCHQQL ffeafj1-af2- lffffe GIRLS PEP CLUB GIRLS HIKING CLUB Top row, fleft to rightl: Rosalie Workman, Ruth Honneywell, Margaret Ruth Gallatin, Lucy Krivohlavek, Rachel Bucholz, Vera Gibson, Helen Simik, Dorothy Hutcherson, Phyllis Webb. Second row: Edith Coe, Valera Thomas, Vclta Holmes, Helen Deeds, Pearl Shouse, Mildred Surrett, Gwendolyn Sparks, Lucille Porter. Third row: Opal Ingmire, Netty Gibson, Mildred France, Irene Krivohlavek, Tottie Williams, Aline Hutcherson, Hazel Maxwell, Blanche Tarlton, Miss Pauline, fSDonsorJ. Fourth row: Lova Gracey, Pearl Houser, Lois Gracey, Vergie Richards, Reba Brunken, Adrial Porter, Merline Magill, Margaret Bateman. .I I F 'ffm ,I ,ffujls I tial , ,. .3 fi ,I ggg?,1flr --,MQ ii ii wg, T' ii" 3 'fifigh Il I Wm' 1 rf Q' A 1 l I -mmy ,. f,,, , -'.x.m5,..-.-- V-A ' " Forly-eighf SLICKER CLUB JOURNALISM CLASS I Top row, Cleft to rightjz Robert Failing, Lloyd Bullard, George Logan, Robert Bridges, Jesse Morris, Tommy Green, Wayne Cinnamon. Second row: Miss Ocie Boxley Qteacherl, Blossom Temple, Jack Gilpin, Merle Stebbins, Joe Lyhene, Arlie Ogburn, Lloyd Janssen, Melvin Riggs. Bottom row: Anna Krivohlavek, Mary Lou Shore, Willa Dell Owensby, Lida Polifka, Letha Nell Hawkins, Wanda Beard, Dalomi Gordan. Forty-nine 'Y -'--- - - f -- - -. -, 5' ..--.Y.. .-Y?..,-- , A 1.11. lSA,k Af'l,,.gWfi Eiifi-f? 95335 . 4 ii'lcl9,lTl,rYS5 ficlolilfllaafff " TYPING CLASS VOCATIONAL ACR ICULTURAL CLASS Top row, fleft to rightj: Forrest Prickett, Wayne Cinnamon, Dudley Roland, Lavern Houston, Amos Workman, Clair Gregg, La Vaun Thorp, Marvin Sharp, Lealand Partridge, Lloyd Janssen, Johnson Porter. Second row: Arthur Hayes, Eldon Elliott, Walter Hasselwander, Lonnie Surrett, Arnold Brunken, Jesse Morris, Leonard Barnes, Francis Hill, Lloyd Conn, Donald Bolz, Arthur Stout. Bottom row: Earl Houston, Robert Costello, Clyde LeForce, Arthur Dunean, Gussie Neundorf, Wendell Cole, Elmer Grother, Walter Clay, Elvin Cinnamon, Edwin Duncan, Cephas Scott. -Y A ll izirzgr i X5 cr- - 5 f gg ,Q it i ' ' ,s,.l 1, , sv' W. N' ' lily' -'a- J f i:i1l,rq-+ A ' " A L ,ccc ,,,.L,r..,, Fifty CAFETERIA COOKING CLASS Top row, fleft to rightlz Esther Thornbruc, Wanda Peachee. Letha Nell Hawkins. Eula Oberlander, Rosalie Workman, Lucy Krivohlavek, Violet Hutcherson, Lula May King, Helen Deeds. Second row: Gwendolyn Sparks, Pearl Shouse, Pearl Oberlander, Betty Failing, Vera Mae Gilger, Dorothy Hutcherson, Beatrice Bowen, Mildred Surrett. Third row: Opal Ingmire, Olive Hutcherson, Roberta Clifton, Lois Graccy, Mary Kleckner, Phyllis Webb, Hazel Maxwell, Netty Gibson, Mrs. Caldwell, fteacherl. Bottow row: Mefline Magill, Dalomi Gordon, Vergie Richards, Lucille Porter, Reba Brunken, Adrial Porter, Marguerite Bateman, Lova Gracey. Fifty-one c?f"2:2T'i.r2" f 'I 'rms GAQBEI2. QQ rucn SCHO-OL., lfvrllstllgl HONOR SOCIETY Top row, fleft to rightbz Esther Thornbrue, Estella Boyer, Lawrence Ryan, Joe Lyhene. I Second row: Edna Dosser, Elizabeth Smith, Wanda Peachee, Daisy Willshire. Third row: Irline Botts, Cleo Haworth, Dorothy Richards, Mr. Owensby, fsupt.J. Bottom row: Lucy Dvoracek, Mary Ford, Adah Myrle Hodges, Maxine Raulston. OKLAHOMA HIGH SCHOOL HONOR SOCIETY Garber High School has had a chapter in the Oklahoma High School Honor So- ciety for the past five years. Nominees to this society are made from the highest ten percent of the entire enrollment, scholastically. Only accredited schools are eligible for a chapter in this society. The Oklahoma High School Honor Society is a branch of the National Honor Society. E 55?'J".w,'f ass 'wr' --HA' 'nm f .mL!2" Fitfy-two v EQALLUALQKTHE GAILBEQ, HIGH SCHQOL Jtfgmu H ggggypfafxw ANNUAL STAFF rl Elizuhcth Smith ,,.,,A,, Dawn Flctrlxct' ,.,, . Lonnie Surrctt , Esther Tliornhruc Arlic Oglwurn Robcrt Bridgcs ,, Violet Hutcherson ,,,., Lucy Dvoruuck Surah Hilton , ,, Clco Haworth ,,,,,, George Logan ,, Esta-11:1 Boyer Richzxrd Taft ,,,,, Joe Lyheue ., 'VV .af - X I+' L' X A-,J:4L' Society Editor Music' Editor ,ElliY0l'-ill-ChiL'f Caxlemlnr Editor , ,, Curtoonist , Jok: Editor Kodak Editor Ass't. Bus. Manager Hi Representative , ,.,,,,,,, ,,,,, . Ass't. Editor Ass't. Cztrtoonist ,. ,,,, Literary Editor H., Business Manager v ,,., ,,,,,,. S ports Editor ,--'S-f F i fly-three ,. 1. 1 l "":.!FCL,, THE GTAILBEP. at HIGH sci-io L sf VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURAL DEPARTMENT Under the supervision of Mr. S. M. Crosnoe, this department has made an enviable record this term. More outstanding achievements have never been accomplished in one year in this department than Mr. Cosnoe has attained. Briefly, the aims and purposes of the work of this department are to teach the boys better and more erlicient methods of crop and livestock production, methods of soil preserva- tion, and improvements of living conditions on the farm. It is their belief that most people learn by doing, so all the boys are required to have at least one project, either in crops, live- stock, or poultry production. In this way the boys "earn while they learn." Some of the boys are acquiring a good start in livestock herds through their project earnings. The vocational agriculture department not only works with the boys of the high school., but with the adults of the community. Much community service has been done among the farmers such as vaccinating and other veterinary work, terracing, pruning, culling, etc. This service cannot be definitely estimated in dollars and'cQnts, but we can get some estimate of the earnings of the boys' projects. W t The Garber vocational agriculture department has accomplished some outstanding feats this year. Their community crops booth placed fiifth at Tulsa State Fair, first at Oklahoma City State Fair, and sixth at Garfield County Fair, winning 5170.00 in premiums. Francis Hill's junior Hereford was Grand Champion at Oklahoma City State Fair and second at Wichita Fat Stock Show, earning over 5310.00 for Francis's work. The Vocational boys with projects won 5478.00 in premiums last fall at the various fairs and sold all their livestock at good prices. At the Southwest American Livestock Show at Oklahoma City this spring, the boys won 5162.00 in premiums and sold calves at good prices. These boys learn that three things are required to make a winner-good stock, a good feeder, and a good showman. They learn how to buy, feed, and sell livestock so as to really make a profit on it. Several former voca- tional students are using this knowledge in building up herds of good stock of their own. Crop production is not neglected, as the boys are taught to raise most of their feed at home. Soil preservation is stressed, also poultry and dairy. The vocational boys all over the state are organized as Future Farmers of Oklahoma QF, F. OJ. These boys are nearing completion of a plan for a permanent camp where they may go and have a summer vacation. Ill I f- S ,, H F2 f M114 Z I ' fu, ' ull! Mr- ri. ti if F, . .s ik, .kb 4? " L3 if + ' , . ' V 'I 4. .fggyfaur im.. V ?' L .- L l . vt BCJOK SIX Phhlmlltlw 2,3 x"1,'h, 9 fwgw ,I 1 ' 1 1 'v , W 'fL.+ :., ,MV 1 S ,.. V A. 1 . WFZTLG THE GAILBER. HIGH sc:-lo 1. if f Q 3-1' 1 fs ,,- X '-L iff. .W 1 Q, ,f-ff- - 1.1.1 N, Q 5Jf5L,L --h- R Q ' 1 ' A X1 1X5 X fx 1 N' X X Mx 1 11 L 1: A J M . , 1 ,N X,, if wee-.'-.'f.'g 1 'fn , wp, Q M' 11. .gl-'gf "-. sw..- ES52'3:1:r-2-'-::-:-::.:-:-:-'-'- -:'- - +5-rgqfxf ' 'x " W -.on Wx. -. ,Mage '. Ep . "xx -,. N5 'X '-'-. 'xx Ex- '- -, s'W..:"!g,.. 7, '21 I 3 5, N My + :QM :Q W aff? 1 Wa -,l 1- 'E NX K 1. :fc fx , 1'-Y, ,- .fl 7 V T NQ4 xg , : 0 1. - I l .. -:-.,g:g::.g:g::.,:g:g:3:5'I:::-322:-.'-I: '3"-:-.':"'-."S,,1 ' ,. 11"- 5:Eg.::5:5:5:2:2:5:5:i:2:k..1:-:2S2:2"' :CFI '- -' :f . ' - 1. :' -:-:-: -:- S:Sf:5:55i:2:g.,:g:2:2:Q:Qg:k'-:,'-3.g:g5g.J::',:-:- -.3153 '. 5- sg... .,: .,.'3"".,IgIg1:Zg!g!gI125.gif:"' 'glglgfi 'lv' .g'-'- Tg.:'-I :I Q., 12:1 Ig! 5:51-sf:s:s:z:z:s:s:s:s:sf:1:a1.. ff'-91 '..:z5zEsSs2'ef rag: :5:5:5:5:5:g5:gr1:5gg:3'- . 'N-up my 4 -:- '-:-:-:-:-:-:-':'1:1.'.-.-.3..2 - ' '-'- -. '- . F, -HM, mark:-:2S1'1:1:f-"' -I"'.".g.'i.'.-.-.-.'.-.'.'.'....Q-'-g.. . ' - . . ,H.,v,.,..-,.,,-1-'L.s A-Elm "PACK TON ES" 0 1 1h 11 4 "2 if-if X TNXXXX 5511. Img I I.: .... 1 ' .-..-saum!11l11fH ' ....11.15i'- Fifty-five 1 1 '1 N -. 4 1 1 L: -Q 9 'Z , . ,511 x N 'n .I:' 1 fi 2 J. 1 ,f . , l, I Pe' 21" '4 'x 1 n T, uc " ' an 5. . : A - I-1'-.fix GA R H HR SCHC X JL O R CH ESTR A GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Top row, Qleft to rightjz Velma Kindt, Wanda Peaehee, Mildred Miles, Helen Sandberg, Flstella Boyer, Olga Gallatin, Dawn Fletcher, Cleda Sims, Violet Hutcher- son, Esther Thornhrue. Second row: Louise Wolford, Elizabeth Smith, Louise Mildred Seeley, Ethel Worrell, Evelyn Scuthwiek, Burma Owensby, Letha Cooker, Qdireetorj. Bottom row: Lucy Dvoracek, Pearl Oberlander, Mary Lula Mae King, Eula Oberlander, Lucille Ford, Betty Failing Stam. Grother, Verma Porter, Southwick, Willa Dell Ford, Mary Lou Shore, , Mary Kleekner, Mildred Imp rum: th-ft to 14igl1tJY'-51111111 Nimn-1'. ,AM111111 Stuk:-1', Rivl1:11'ml Taft. VV1-sh-y LLHX1'l'5', xvilylk' S 101111 GARBER SCHOOL HAND BOYS CHOR US IlllI'I'l5. ww: Rlll7L'I'T F11ili11,Q', Ducllcv Rulxxml, Gc1':1l1I Sparks, Iuhn VVc1lf111'al. Ihlrd 11111: l,111111ic Surlm-tt, Lloyd Cllllll, Furl Mcssall, My-lxin Rigfgs, Lcrl1:1 K'r1ku1', fLiil'L'l'IOI'.l 111111 run: .IQ-ssl' HL1tcl1':rsr111, VVQ-mlcll C1111-, .Inc Lyl1c11c, VV11Itc'1' Clay. 11 o iv' Q"4 rw' l9iLi..A:riL..THE GAILQEQJ HIGH SCHQOL ff:fi5zM3 1 l,f ' , A f' - V, X 1 ,ll z f V! ,fy ' X , 5 N 'I ,. MX If lr? f j f lv J! I 1 ,J Il , I' 4 I .fl V 1 I 'D r I I iff X. V ,-.,-' F i fly-eight fx I if 1 f 1 if 4 1 lf '. 1 ll ff . f' N ,f , J . ' A . ' l fi , , .. f i A ' X j'f I I - f Yi! f ., .f .1 jf J , - V ,A i if i 1 ,' ,. ki . , , I I , . Q, ,, l, , X xx ' ', . , f , , fy I X Il . .1 i ' ' f ,f f If ff I . ff "i Miss LONNA LYHENR, H i A, 1 Librarian. 1 i f ' ff ,I Our lihrnryfliris long been one of the outstanding features of our school eqigiprnc-nr. I Wei have nearly three thousand volumes of wcll sclcctcd books suit- able to the needs of thc lwsst high schools in the sraitc. Thr-sc volumes :ire all ucccssioneil and indexed under thc Dewi-y Decimal System and are accessible to thcfstudcnts :lt all times. ' In nclditionfto thc rcgrulnr lilmiry, 'wc have a large reading room upon whose shcVl,ves rindraicks :irc to 'tX'lf0llI'lCl all thc lending pcrioclicals and rnagazines, thus vxsuflplying thc stuclcny'ivitl1 0vn'1'yf opportunity for instruction in currrnt litcruture. Students :irc clicdvzbil to the flifllillllg' room or to the lihrnry hy their teachers as need nlriscs fm' ivork from thcir dcpzxrtlun-nts. f. No library fccs LlY'K"l'l1llI'QIt'Il, :ind the lilvrziry and reading room are open to the students of both the senior and thc junior high schools. gA,Lf"jl . . V pwf'f-Ig, F ' A - rf-1 Woof., or ig. 1 sz- I .M J ,ig lg .L Q 'lill BCCI4 SEVEN mwilvlul 5 1. 1, N-...f.J.?1!f?3 fi: 1 svn 'h 3 I ' fc o If a -.V Q 07 S . X I . I I 4 E i i ! . Q i I I 1 F HE I F1 G9 4 1 5 ' '-'frfxxk X. :V A i:,Ps.1xNN S ga Q12 4 w ' 251--2519 IE. '?af51g'1'i-A, . : a:sgagzgsg:gsgs5sggs:f, ' 2 g.ff4 ,"4ii-1?-,E 1-.3 O 12252sSs5a2ai:2sEs25s:s25E: wi ? fi' ' 1 in 'JU E3E3i,Z355E5E5SgE3E555Z-' 12222555 252525252523 ' Q I 1,4 iq, 5 : h ,lr 1, Y U7 O I Q O F' gi E H43 ,NP 0 1122 JA- , " -1-... Fifly-nine S ixlli' ,M My w1,:aM..2 fpwQ S Sixty-one Sixfy-lqvo S ixly-fhree Bo O I4 EIGHT Ffa, 4 0' X LU, If? gm "gi: ll' 8 ' x an I -., M. I' f THE GARQBER, ':" l HIGH SCHOOL 'WN AMBITIONS OF THE HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS Mildred Miles-To sing in a quartet. Otto Miller-To answer a question in history class. Francis Huffman-Boss a typewriter. Dick Taft-To be captain of a track team. Elizabeth Smith--To make Arkansas a famous state. Dalomi Gordon-To grow tall. Cleo Haworth-To be editor of th: New York Times. Jack Conn-Stay awake at school. Wayne Harris-"World's greatest lover." Mary Ford-Captain of a basket ball team. Maxine Raulston--Be a tap dancer. Glenn Doser-To "Spika da Spanish." Lloyd Bullard-To keep quiet in chapel. Myles Perks-Be a real Englishman. Lloyd Conn-Get to school on time. . Melvin Riggs-To drive a "Greyhound Bus" from Chicago to Los Angeles. Evelyn Southwick-To learn to sing well. Wyley Cramer-To drive in the Indianapolis races. Daisy Willshire-Talk very little during class recitation. Estella Boyer-Wear a red and grey sweater. Jesse Hutcherson--To succeed Knute Rockne. Adah Myrle Hodges-Be a tennis champion of the U. S. Gerald Sparks-Have a date. Violet Hutcherson-Burn the biscuits for her husband. Bee Bowen-Have a quiet, sweet voice. Esther Thornbruc+To successfully fool some Glenn Jeffries-Cause a sensation . Wendell Cole-Pass a Spanish exam. Samis Peters-Make some brunette happy. Mildred Stam-To graduate. Ethel Worrell-To be a brunette. John "Acie" Nipper-Act silly. Olga Gallatin-Make some man a good wife. Eda Lou Barhyte-Get credit in psychology. Wayne Cinnamon-Ride a good saddlehorse. jesse Morris-To go to Billings. Anna Krivohlavek-To marry a shorter name. Willa Dell Owensby-To be world's champion Senior Class-To graduate. Helen Sandberg-Read Latin fast. Jack Gilpin-Make an average of C. Bob Brodges-Have a real Hi School spirit. Tommy Green-To be a Junior. Clarence Hamann-To take a muscular development course. Merle Stebbins-Make the Honor Society. Junior Class-None. Bob Failing--To understand American Lit. Clifford Bruce-To learn to box. good man. typist. :Pi .f l wa Elms Sixty-fi-ve 5' an E GAILBEP. l-non sc:-no L SCHOOL OPENS A Sept. 9th. iff f.s Mr, an FIRST FOOT BALL GAME - Sept. 20th. CAEETERIA OPENS. Sept. 15th. X T, gl. WE BEAT COVINTON Nov. 28th. SENIOR PICTURES ' Dec. 15th. I 'I SENIOR RINGS , J T . F x THE GAILBER. 55' HIGH SCHQOIE-F J.J.A,,Ju1E'wh N f --1-1 T mar? SJW BASKET BALL BEGINS A Jan. 3rd. SENIOR ORATIONS Nif Feb. lst. f GIRLS BASKET BALL Feb. lst. TRACK April lst. Ir' E Q . SENIOR PLAY May 15th. I cis ff? SENIORS RECEIVE DIPLOMAS K . May 23rd. E -il E X I Sixty- Q' Lf n. he .J GAPABER. , HIGH SCHO JOKES Miss Pauline nys, "It might be better for some of you girls: to think more about the three RN: Reading, Riting and Rithmetic, and less about the three M's: Moonlight, Motors and Men." Mr. Boyd: "I won't call the roll today. I don't see anyone who is absent." Mrs. Owensby: "Now, children, I shall ask you to make a sentence using the word, uchagrinedf' Harold Taft: "I smiled at her and she grinned." His partner fat bridgej-"Really, what is your best suit?', John Wolford: "The one I have on." Estelle Boyer: "Seniors aren't what they used to beg are they?" Willa Dell Owensby: "Why not?" Estelle: "They used to be Juniors." Lloyd Jansen: "Hello old top. New car?" Tommy Green: "No! Old car, new topf' Duck: "I am indebted to you for all I know." Miss LaGrange: "Don't mention it, it's a mere triHe." Bob Failing: "I just bought a new suit with two pairs of pants." Mr. Charvoz: "Well, how do you like it?" Bob: "Fine only its too hot wearing two pairs." Librarian, suggesting a new book: "Have you read 'Freckles'?" Ethel Worrell: "No, just plain old brown ones." "Fore!" yelled Mr. Owensby, ready to play. But the woman on the golf course paid no attention. "Fore!" he shouted again with no effect. "Aw", suggested N. R. Colby, his opponent, in disgust, try her once with 'three ninetyd e eight' !" Little Eulela Boyd: "Mother, are you the nearest relative I've got?" Her Mother: "Yes, dear, and your father is the closest., ' Girl: "I dreamed I was autoing last night." He: "Tell me about it." , Girl: "I forgot the dream, but when I awoke, I was walking in my sleep.' ill , I , 'Will' il I f 7. iff? BCOK NINE ."3?-W'?TI?"f1Qf ,, Q5 w..Jnwn "QQ, ":f"f liz gf . Q 'MXSXE E fZ15T?7iT'w mkugfiyqfl HIGH scHo,oIL gf, ,fgifgffldhyiffy f""dJu K: if S I -xt PM MW jwtvgoibi 53 AS UTILITIES Co. 5 A rv' R , , " ' ifli di' I LN 7,9 Stir gb, k i , f ."'i Blackwell Hominy I 'wid Brlgfgan Medford ,jf I I u hi . T nk w jf? Garber 0 a a W I i .. . wr" ' N , S : Our Motto: el .S - I l, , s P L - "Personal Public Service' Vi I .-...Q 1 1 1 1 1 -,,.-.,,,-.,.-.,-..,.1,,.1......,-,,,.-ni..1.,.-..-..-.I-..1..1 1 1 -.I-.vb 'i' -I---I ------- -------------------------------------------------- - - -----H+ i . 5 I ! 1 L Q I I i FEATURE ' ! I SOCIETY BRAND CLOTHES l g Outfitters to Men and Women E North Side Square Phone 302-Enid, Okla. 51221211111IZZIIIIIIZZIZZIZZIIZIZIT. I 21112 IIT.ZZZZZIIZIIZIZZIZZZIIIIIIZZIZIZZZII GIENOWETHQ REE ! l g ENID, OKLAHOMA 5 'I l L 3 5 I 2 -i-------------------------------------M ----------------------------------------------I-I. ,f iq 2712 S ix! f. v D A .X ,, . V . '17 -' Uw21r'1f"1ff-wi -gy-ww ! 7:1-515-ff va 2 - -...ui . , ,,-, sv K h H V,+ffrLi,,,9f'LL... . F, A 2546 B .H SEQH 'G ,- 'e Q, 1 . .1 if M ' ... ... ... ....-:... .4..-......, U ' .li . ' ' J -?ti,J"" Q2-I . LA 'V TJ 6,6 W M iiifsf .J 1 . ' xl 'N X E- 3, . ,gi , 4 '21 VA 2 oy RX! nd Ali? 7 X bo L 1 jf u ,ir :V ,L ,I-fr I x . ' - 4 , ,lp ' Q J jjj' In Wes ality ' Y is JJJN " -roc y and Meats Q, ' PM 0' x K ff M udhes 156 ' Garber, Okla. Xa Q .- r' 'V i i ' 077 ,, yo " .. "' ....."IIZIIIIIIIZIIIIIIIZZII.'2ZZII'Z..'IKi..Ii.'IIIii.ii..IZ.i2..II'Z.'.'I.'fZfIiIq5' V: L H9 -LM L . fi g! HoME BAKING COMPANY gg .A VLA. T ,L G 0 fp QI SQNNY BoY BREAD ,M J.. .Q K High Grade Pasteries for All Occasions Phone 295 Garber, Okla. 3:':l:::::-.::::'l::::::::::'::::::::::::::::i.::.:.i:i...-..-----'CW-u-K i".ii.':.."iZ:::'.QQ li THE MEMBERS AND FRIENDS G Zi H I - of the - B if METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH N. M CONGRATULATE YoU, E And bid you Godspeed, and wish you success. , g W1LLIS H. GERMANY, S. T. B., Minister H ak Q il-"llTll'-Ililill'TllTllllll1'lll'llTllTlillTlllllC'!llilllllllllilllillili"Tllll?lill"-lil4 EE I "" :':::. I ., ' I, vi V. S wenty 1, al 'H fgM,MMyhXTHh GAILBER. Q05 - HIGH SCHQOL T .-.. -------- ....-..-...-.--....-..-..-n--.1-------4-I---a-----1--nu--1 - E Y ,qi . i G RAD UATE S. 1,6 Hard work and honesty in all endeavors ' Q. ' I l are milestones to your success. J.C.PENNEYCN5fW l . E 106-108 W. Randolph Enid, Oklahoma IQIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZIIIIIICII I I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII2 l Garber Gasoline Auto Laundry g Quaker State Oil Accessories i Alemite Service Ethyl' Gasoli e I i "Service that Pleases" f MERLE D. ALLEN - A. L. SMITH i ! HARMAN OIL C0 I ' l i Phone 109 Garber, Oklahoma -l..-----------.-----.--- -------.---- -----.------------------------1 ,,,.-..-..-..-.....-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..........-..-.......-..-..-..-..-..-......-..3. 1 Q PARRIOTT MERCANTILE I 3 A A . RIES and MEATS if 1 . , N. ..fafv l AL 'fn my The Home of . ,REg?'lI4YfpIgAL1TY:-.LOWER PRICES! 7 My fin hone.242 , ',': 'P , Garber, Okla. , ' ' -ff Y' ut f if Lij,ga3::::::::.:::::::..:..:..:..:..:..:..-.:::::::::::::::::::::::i . is if ...H 4 PHARMACY gf ,H C, H'-fs 4, Wlfhe Nyal Store" ,lp-Y ye PIN lzbgrncy ' l -' N A qyfwflf Exclmiw V .A fwlpb' W ' lyhifmaffs X 'V' 'Ig A A H 'YY -A lla" fr Radio lj A . I W 1 1151 fe V ,j'i', Clzorofnffs Wx " Dfnlrrx V it I wGarber, Okla. 3 +.-..-..- -..-.. -----. .--.--.--.--.---------H..--.-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-.-i E Sq E ""' 23? fi ' nz! J. -Xi 1. . Seventy .2-if E2 u 1. 11 1. "The Personal Service Bank" Capital 575,000.00 E B. A. Garber .... ........ P resident M. C. Garber ..... ..... V ice-President ,i G. J. Taft ..... ..... V ice-President G. G. Smith .... ......... C ashier T 10: ll-:I'i':::l7:l-uciz:-:sl-uu1uni:l-lnzulf: 1 --luLui!!-luilu:-ln1u-ll1ll1ll-Ili!!-tilt Q l DE LUXE THEATRE " "VITAPHONE" ' Ex LATEST AND BEST TALKING PICTURES . f Artic Nu-Air Cooling and Ventilating System. H .TQZIIIIIIIIILIIIIIIZI'.IIIIIIl1ZIiiiiZ'.f.iiIZIZZiIIZZI'Z2..."?ZZ 2ITZiff2ZIIii lIII H DR. E. L. GARRETT . DENTIST E il Garber, Okla. +l1ll-sll1l:fll1ll:llI lI1ll1Bill-Sl!ll:-l:'ll1lllTl!'llilZ'lllllTll'1llTll-1ll'1lli'll'TIlTll3'l I ' , JEWELER ' li "Gifts that last." Garber, Okla. l1lq1n1gq1pl1lg1q.-qg.-lgill-lq1ll1gp.-qg1lp.-qqi1.1.gigg1...--lil.-1511.-gp1qp.-1.51.5--1.11 Ei Seventy-two 11" ' o QU V Qs, .5 ' r " .1 'giggfo f A Q Q. 'Fialv 5 H1 fi. si .E DP Q, 1' fe E V , liti A m 'QI v' E 75 E P . gif U3 my . : I 1 Qi ! -7.5! 5 IP I 'LO A L : In V 5 UU T I D2 W 2 5 I' 1 -H ...i E BE PHE L3 i6f"'!X Ivy- 7153" fl I 1' F! n lp , l X 1 - 1 f , 'B yy 7. A .if x 1 O, 1: Ai i P if -' " ' :L s - A A e"rHe'GAq.5kR,A' 5 - its-ileHfsA,lcHOOL 4 -A QE f" fi-f' ," if R ., ' 'N 5' rf 4 f J - 1 I I , , 0 i ' I it J' vi-----------g+r--r4-----T-'--'1-f-4--rf----rr--4---JL-1----L-------------------+ 1' I - A ' y I 1 ' I ! v A ' I L V K .V Lyn I 1. N, ,fl ij V Y ' r, R' ff A ' ,U . 4 f Q -A" .1 1. if ' f ' GARBER, mai LFINERY, INCL - ' L 'I V. - R . . 'P . -J' t rl Y, 'lv , '. L M tl' ' 'I fl- Q !OUxR'fpi01pUOTSLSfOLD EXCLUSIVELY ,'j , FV," L L , 'A 1-I L . Z I , i -f I Ti ' il ' ' A ll 3,11 L W , ,wg GAREER SERVICE 'STATION ' .Zi " I I 'iANDi 'Q U an qv 5. . .. V., ' . 5 ' X 5, t g Ll P 'j ,I XJHARMON OIL COMPANY I ., 1 X S ' hr! . , 1 v 4 " K' f' X QARBER, OKLA. QB-LQ ------ M PM F l A- -W Qi .FRT.....-..............-.....-..-..-.l..I.-...:..f.IIi1I..1:2.:I-".:::::LL.:i::::::i:i:ff!: ,Lt ,I Firestone Firestone Firestone H 3 Gum-Dipped Tires Batteries Brake Lining H N FIRESTONE TIRE STORES, Inc. Enid'S Complete ONE STOP MASTER SERVICE STATION H S. J. Draper, Pres. and Mgr. .. H W. Broadway at Jefferson Sts. PHONE 3660 ll ig'.':::::I:ZI:EZ:::::EE::!:::::3L::.:::::::::.S 5 F O R D ' S FOR MEN'S WEAR QQ fi Covington, Garber, Billings. .,..-..-.,..-..-..-..-..-..-..-.: .A-.:i.:e........:-..:: .:A.:e.:.:e.:-.AT -:l.::..3. .!..-..-.- -1111...-.--.-----n-i:u1:-1:-in ::i:-i:-in ::i:----i::7:ni:--n- - - -ning. l GARBER GRAIN Sz SUPPLY OO. 1 ' I BUY ALL KINDS OF GRAINS QQ E i Handle Best MeA1r-Aster Coal if +-------------- - ------------------------------------------------------------as Q S SU' m ffm Seventy-thru pf' 'F' WWW Vw! f A ,, N .. H l ,f f fi ,J T A cr -U.. -A A , 5 ' A-" HE G BE SCHO,Ol:P .GSJLAGJA-ME , O f f " 'V "1ll1ll -Il-ll1II!'!Ii-ll-Tyfffl-11111-Il, Dl-ul-ll-un-ul-un-uu1su-un-un1n-uu--u!q I - l , y l Q 2 if A M , Off li MW i ff CL wwf KXST J - 'AJ J H "M j" if H jj t LIVAlN XAQHINLRY Co. . X J J X" H V 1' X Diamond Core Drills and Equipment T Enid, A dj I. - , klahoma E bw Jfauf pf 1 ' Y fx Q .. ' 'D--.--'. ,-,, I . -":1::.-.. VA, ,gf YA! ferr w' 4 J '- QF, f. I ,I V ' V . f - , ' , SX 1 I,- hy xC'?l'fWlNTSpPE f-A. A 1 3, pl f fi if , A I 1 xg ' KJ ff, l jf.. A , 1 P : 'lyk ff y ,,- 5 V1 Lf' X' 'The Q Sfore. -- l l.J!, pr.. J K I.. I up A 1:f"JErgd, Y Oklahoma Q , - ,A .' I' i 'F i1.1'ZZIZZ'Z222122ZZ2112112ZZZIZZZIZZIZZZZZI1121121121ZIZZIZZIZZIZZZZZZZZZZZIZZIZZ1 M - 5 M. Sz s. MERCANTILE l ' I Furniture and UndertakinglHardware and Implement ' ,O ,D , i Day Phone 23 A Nite Phone 302 - Jo 2, I Garber, Okla. .gfIIIIIIIIIJIIIZZIIIIZIIIIIIIIICIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZIIII.'IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIi' I LET US DO YOUR DIRTY WORK GARBER LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS Q H I i PHONE 67 HARLEY PARRACK, Prop. 1 ' Ox, fm 4----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E D. , , 'wif Swenty-four Q ,W X pc ,gf P 'W . -Q. .1t TFEZHIT -1 V'.k A f Anas p, - A CHO fm fi wid, - +.- Q- u-u I -Qu I t A G I 'il--u l?r-'--'-I'-I+ E I Z A If fb! Il fx f A ' I 4 . H , ' il X Y eale in , " .W u r, il ' g te ' and so p, at f' ' I .X it f Phone X 1 rber, Okla. ' 4,2fZ.'Zf.2I"'I.'Ii1' :r::::z-:: . 22- :::i:12:::'-"-'....:.:'3:"?:-"-"".. .. , DT f , ll H It .r ll X ' A AGENCY iw if ' -7 We specialize on I H l l L KINDS OF INSURANCE . T H Phone 185 Garber, Okla. i i Ilfl'ZlIIZIIT.'ZIZZZZZZZZZZZZQTZ-ZZ"ZZIZZZZZILIZZIPZZTZZIIZZPZIIIIIIZIITZG I This advertisement is an appreciation ,, 1 of the fine patronage extended us by W Junior-Senior High School. - J Without the merchants financial aid Q your school could not function. Q W Without your continued patronage our fl store could not exist. Reciprocity is It local and national. H T ll WE THANK YOU! l T H e COLBY DEPT. STORE 3 H it S gs - - - -..-.....-...........................-..............................-.....-.......,f, ,nfl fn, fn. fn. Seventy-five fx r,"'Y , IT" Vary' 4.!x.3"' l 4 ,jf L r 2 P W 1 ., a A. . ,J fp' V V 16,1 v ,. V 'rig' i 's.,X:v.-Sv., Ka QQ. ,Q , A W THELGNEBER. 4 HIGH 5cHQOg.,,Af.A.LuE V , 1 if it all w " ' i' D? O .l Oli A P: - in T' ENID BUSINESS COLLEGE Q ,J V! Founded 1899 tif' I L" . Regular Business College Courses gg " 1, 5 Y.ojY',! Also College-Grade Courses ,fe 1 ,f 57,49 gf" SEE US ABOUT YOUR FUTURE Qjfjlvxrllf ' k - 1,-' TW J. E. George, President ., ,iff I L hifi! 'fguhpriygltidnal Association of Accredited Commercial Schools ,gy I. ' ' Qi' fT'fV4"'l Egg..-ny-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..A.- ..-..i..-..s..s..-.f 7-UI .,R.-..-.. ..-..-..-..-..-......-..-..-.....-..-.....-....................-..-..-..-..-..-..g. I 'A if IV ix JOHNSON BROS. CHEVROLET CO. , GOODYEAR TIRES AND TUBES M I Parts and Accessories ? i L ... g fCH EVROVL1-ir! 5 g Phone 103 Garber, Okla. fIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIiiIIIIIIIiIILIfiIiZI.IIIi.IiIIiIIiIIfiIIIIfiIII':if.f 3,35 DE LUXE BARBER SHOP T SN Mack Phillips-0. B. Peachee tl l'-QA "WE APPREOIATE YOUR BUSINESS" ig :g::::SE:::::::::::::z::::z::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::i fi 'FIR STONE TIRES PHILLIPS css" GAS 'XE R 'ms so f, h .Q LADUSAU OIL co. U ' . ' -R 'S A Super Service Station 0 , E5 J Where you get what you want when you want it. ' 'P ' 1, 0 lg ln. PHCNQQZ GARBER, OKLA. Nqr? 1553555:::::3:2::::::::::::::::::i-:::::::i.:::.-:.-::-:.-::.::4:-:i-::::::::::::I3 .5 pw li A ITASH SL CARRY CLEANERS " ro . I? ,RH ?N Llgkpeqsw '45 J' F' PAGE, P p Garber, Okla. X4 5 , 1 A 33'We will call for and deliver." 1.51 All-H f ---Bg--'5'----4?2----5f---------------'-------- - --------------'--'--'--'i' 93 H1 xl: 1 - 'Lo' M FQ F .1 d' E ' A Y EIL J. .g fr A- AJR' f A l'.,, will ' ,,,,,gg,, Wil L, . Q' 'J' "lik ' O . xx K4 A -81' S ty J 1 Q ' n 'ff 7 1 L13 . L Q. , A n- J X J X " l Q 1' A ,, V Y P w'5,Zfm:'I1jjLN Q THEY,-GAILBER, - HIGH SCH 'X 'U'-" ,1"-"-"f""7"""'T'f,""""' ' -"- -' '-""' ' """ ' - , fx' A X iff by '1 1 gp I le v ' . :3 ,rj sooo-fillldgwr. R, . S' an it I lifuffxgd he Q? ' bp 1'- H G, ' ,- f-A 'FN ll-A ' ' I Hopgpdefj one X921 Q ffic I5QglL A S GAEE VIC ST 1 Nq GQ Ena o and ak Sfate fn Phone 103 GA e QD. Ly ner ProP. 'K Q ,,Qf::.n:'.':."'...:1:..':':..l. K f. ..,.A L, ':::!:"- .:iZ.'!'I 'U-N? or ,iff-. Y 1 - A ' 4 17 f A -1 NR-E 1 'if -- ll THE TAFTJF Y Ac ,R H -'Y' ici' 'T L School Headqnaggemfsfgt git . ' Aff' I H Hugh Southwick 'Qx,R:311I,.fmgSZ3f1Spd. fp Q: Q -M-n-M-M-H-n-MH .L-,Z-In-In-,. -----it L , . gf::::::::..::..:::..:..-::.............n-........Tq..3j,E.':':..A..-..T...:f..?...:1?1,.X Vt., HARNESS and SHQEISQQP fc? A i A. A. JONES HQ W A g::.":::::::::::::i.::::z::::::1:-1:12311t::z.rf::z.::-z:::::: :::::::::i C ,X Sr 5, :wif il - 51- f"'-C MODEL GROCERY and MARKET ' N Satisfactory Service Store I L FREE DELIVERY ' 1 Ri Phones 184 and 270 E Garber, Okla. ll g ,.-.,E..-..-.,:..,..-.,:..-.,:.A..E.- A -E :A ,.-....,E..:A.A. E S y xl v. 4- 1 . Q N C Q':1"fi--1.i3'ff'1p '5..m.THE GAILBER. - HIGH 5CH040L Xi H Good Equipment Makes Maytag Sales and I ' a Good Farmer Sewice- I J I Better- one Z'L'fiS'H2Z"l?lirl""""" 1 .. I H ' .5 T ii . 'I n St :: ' - ii , ovilectrical Appliances Mldwest Maytag CO' it :F Ranges :i PHONE 248 i Paints T Garber, Oklahoma in Glass If.:1Z'l1l'l1lI11I11I11T.l1I11:1121111111212f x Glassware H i L My U Seed? I I Ei :fg,,f,,,a 1 1 ' arm m ements " I "' " ' ' 'N' bk Gunsp Flowers artistically arranged R ' Ammunition for all occasions. D T ig CKLAHCMA 5 7 KRIVOHLAVEK M FLORAL CO. 3 I I 107-109 E. Broadway-Enid I I I Local'Phone 4300 I l Long Distance, LD-37 I'2122121212222IIIIIIIIZQ2522222222IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZIIIZLT' I ! l ' ! l THE LEADER GROCERY Sz MARKET Z E l "The high Class friendly Store." E i C 1 g Garber, Oklahoma III.,I.,IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII..I..IfIIf.',l' GARBER HIGH l We have one object: SERVICE. GARBER A ix CHRISTIAN 1 'SX S CHURCH 5 p C. E. VENABLE, Pastor Q R X l ' x Pastor. if ' KX THE CHURCH mu- -u-n-H-0-Wn-H-u-M--I-u-H-I'-I Q faux lg. X :Q NX, ., U ,,,, Ny, . . X. Q i X -X. . ,, N 'll Q ml n ral' fy X J X z X X ,KL --.... xx QQ' f-,1- - 5 N QQ , X K " X G.: 5' G 1, fy! J 1 ' 4? - Q ' K . . 6 Y M : . V VA j , A A 'rH.E,GAYp.BEp: 5- 1 HIQ-H SCHQOIE XLBIPQ, ' fa ,,fp,.f, ji J Il.: I 1 if f' If . V- 1 ' I ' I vi , I A-. Q Q N Q"-7'-"-"-"-'-"-"-"-+"'-"'-"f"-"""i''!"'-"'-"" '-"-"-"-"-"'-"-"-"-"-"5 I--' ' - il- ll l A ,MW H Ydu ARE THERE WITH A L f 1 1 ,., I ll CROSLEY RADIO L t .lim K VN and a 1: H nqmilfall N I , in 1 jf gg G. E. REFRIGERATOR f 'ff ' I! L " I il A If ir GARBER I ELECTRIC CO. N 1 ' E Rs li T' Tis- ix il? U , +-------------------------------.P.--..-.4 wtZLScZ'SE2Ehi03,5baifl WT""""""""'""""""""""""? T at S"'2haE'i'if' " Ei E .V "WelljmI igstjlqriegdttw I f ' S my T-i'2xp?f5n'Lf5 Shoe Repalrlng T Seasonable New Suits HI T 525.00 up I H RAN DOLPH'S 5 I if . II II 'V MEN and BOYS WEAR il G3l'bBl' Shoe " 7 Enid, Okla. i i it::::::::::::::::::::::::::ii'.1:22:11:22:11:11:1:::::::::::::::::::::::Ti' I l GAREER STATE BANK A We pay two kinds of interest Personal and Compound i RAY S. KELTNER, Cashier CECIL CONNER, President I A' GEO. R. FERGUSON, Ass't. Cashier ' , 1 H i I jiIIIZIZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII2222222IIIZIIIIIZT12IIZZZIIIZIIIZIIZIIIIIIIZZIIZI..I Illlfff I . . . . V 3 S1m1k's Radiator and Kennedy Tire U ij Battery Shop Company I 'I Delco Batteries Silvertown Tires I ' PHONE 268 Conoco Products : I .p.-.... - -..-..-..-.....-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-......-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..- -..-..i, 1.1:-nl 1111 n1ln1sl1su1uu:Il1ul11:1n1luininI1ni:n1n1ll1u-ln-nl1nn1nn-n 1n1nu1ua!n I CITY DAIRY A PASTEURIZED JERSEY MILK ' DELIVERIES DAILY i ff PHONE 178 M. L. THOMAS, Prop. i blTlli'llTllTllTll'Tlli 1 Tlll-lQillTllTlllll'1llillTIITIl-1IlilITIITIIU-bllillllluillllllllailii! R l 2 , ' mxxm ff' fi I ly Seventy-nin Z f i 'F hyd A VW uf' if ZPL Wh , V, ,i M i 5 f ' 7 lt5 L M -X W 1 ' ,ff , I if ' , -i f 1 1 '.- ,i , i f Q4 We ' W iuhw Wi V 1' i f W 'yiiiiuiu BV ii ii lf JV .0 W1 fly' Wh jf! in A NA' M ' the Pictures for the I93O Wolverine Wi it EQ i if EN i5i yf .f e r J ' fi iff, ,L-f'A'y'i,' -'Jkt . M ji f !ybvE!f9l45!Eso!LlclTlNe S! ggi ycybr i s' ixictyres through this ,fi Ti f ERTTQQMFNT Cjlrldj X i U Wifi fx N g,,,.,... n.....e .gr3..-..-Q.-..-.-.-.P..-..-..-..-.-.-..-. V -3 Eighty' Y., r.Q"'- g ' o E-.LJQ-'V ish'-'bi - Wx -LN .x1-L-L.l.- Ax Ia.l..,x Qnxq' Tv- -L., 1 If 21" NL' I? 'WA O ix I llif'-,Egnl'G X, 4' I fps-'Q -I,Lf- sg 'gk - '- ' T.-' I1:IIII.L..III:.:,.1.H5..pAeerie-.,.Q 4 '5SH.x,uoo.I.,.I-fIII.I.IIM 'ry fx .L .A ...I fy - I., 3 +91 If Ii-LK iw A Nu ,xr . 5 ,..,, I" I ' ' I,T..Ig.f...4..a.4g.4...4I:...llac:.:Iisz.QJ3.-.. .......... ..-..,. I ' I I Xl I I I I "FRIENDLY SERVICE" I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ENID GENERAL HOSPITAL and I I SCHOOL OF NURSING ,I L. R. DUNNING, R. N., superintendent I NETTIE G. JUNG, Surgical Supervisor I ENID CLINIC I DR. F. A. HUDSON, General Surgery. I DR. W. E. LAMERTON, Internal Medicine I I DR. A. S. PIPER, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat T DR. A. L. MCINNIS, Obstetrics and Gynecology. V I DR, JULIAN FEILD, obstetrics and Children Diseases " I DR. S. H. MCEVOY, Metabolism, Anaesthetist. I DR. H. H. HUDSON, Assistant in Surgery. ,, I R. A. MacDONALD, Bus. Mgr. Complete Clinical and Laboratory Diagnosis I I I PHONE 2000 1, AMBULANCE SERVICE Night and Day Attendant I 1 E II-u-u------------------------M-0-I! Emi 'i' 'I' N f f ,If if I... 414 I I I., Eighty-one A ' l,-I, , ", Jjggj ...II fn 1 LAI 7 .I 1. 1 .I I' , V ,gif , I - fy-, . ...,,L ,,f. .H .AL W ,,,?,,,,,:h1,Z' F ,,M, NJN ,A '- ,mVrA,,--M II I'2l.IILlQA I 'ikfr--5-I 'T EJzg!?1,E,R4M'i II , H PGH ffl Mfafiiwf f , X . I V, ll 4 r p K ,X v , F.. W, .N .1 F 1 - ,f' gf ,' , 'fn I I I I .r' lf! ffl' 1- Eighzy-1 vyvyv 2 I 7 WEST BROADWAY Phone 62I ENID, OKLAHOMA PRINTING -:- RULING -:- BINDING '2' PEBBLING IIIG I IA .vw A I r ' A xr .' . alf- A if FU' Q, K I - 'Q I "'. , iii' i" '4 4 . L I , -ef, s i, W. f .I ., 11 1 is Axrtngraplpa brig.. ffffffgf' ' 502 2' 32, A 1 I ' U 0 ' ' 3 0 - 5717- . ' ' 77! ' Z . 4 M i4f,,z5 ,',f .57 ,gwgzpwfygfwdw wwf 50 ARE gm. mrfksafol 0 v suv onun MA A 55 Assou 0 sw OOIINDED ISIS lg Fnh 1X xx 4 ff'-3vg'! 'Q-Lf, , L- -L , Ina'-Q I 'F ,. gy .. fy 1 . 1 .. 1-' f,, 'L . , Win.. n 1-,r J J- ' we 'iam -:' -. ,fain J 1.,.,,. X , EJ mb Lx 'K eifgfw ' L 471' x, M- , I ,J , nn Q 'ff 1. 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Suggestions in the Garber High School - Wolverine Yearbook (Garber, OK) collection:

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