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3 Putting the Pieces Together Pulling Robbie Richardson and Mike Ferguson apart is like eating peanut butter without jelly. Bobby Hood, Tina Polla, Anissa Vanderhoof and James Brannan look forward to a fruitful year. The essence of spring. Discussing grades is a daily occurrence among faculty and students, as can be attested to by Kim McCoid and Mrs. Combs. r PUTTING THE PIECES OF 0 7 s4 0 l(Je T OeM “I can’t believe that she wouldn’t dance with me, but she’ll dance with HIMI” says a confused Brian Wickum. Tiffany Dangoia, Lisa Bloxton, Kecia Knoernschild, and Tammy Kennedy showing off their pearly whites. Las t year’s prom is cherished but done A memory to what ‘86’ had begun A tradition ‘87’ tries to uphold “Make this prom better,” is what we were told. To some the prom brings a joyful smile To others it brings a tear For four years you’ve treaded a path Which leads you to graduation year And just as it seems the path you chose Has come to an end There’s a door to all you’ve waited for Just around the bend So here’s to your effort and success We’ll miss you when you’re gone So to the class of ‘87’ We dedicate this prom. Laure O’Brien, Matt Struble, and Lisa Endy never fail to see the humor in one of Mike Rendino’s infamous jokes, unfortunately, Drew Taylor seems to be left out in the cold. 8 ' Tfeve% Outyuuv Among all of the couples that were color coordinated at this year’s prom, none “One of the nicest things about prom is dancing the were so beautifully matched as Curtis Marshall and Jenny Kinziger. night away,” thinks Stacey Carlson. It is debateable how much of this year’s prom Mike Fowlkes will truly remember. The story of prom: first dance, second dance, third dance ... and they danced happily ever after. The end. A school year without a home¬ coming?! That’s almost worse than television without MTV. Well, this year that almost happened to us. A homecoming committee was organized, meetings were held, bu t there was only so much the committee could do. Starting at the end of September, daily pleas for help came by way of the P.A. system during both morning and afternoon announcements. Class and club floats needed to be made, convertible cars had to be found, decorations had to be made for the dance. No one seemed to respond, but the an¬ nouncements continued anyway until the day just before the dance. Suddenly the student body seemed to care! The reality that a time honored tradition was not going to miraculously happen by itself sunk home. Floats were made, convertible cars appeared, and decorations were produced. On October 18 students were able to dance the night away. All the hard work had finally paid off. Graduates came home to attend the big event. Of course, they were welcomed with open arms because that is what “Coming Home” is all about. Everything’s coming up roses for Homecoming Queen Michelle Cashwell.’ The Homecoming Court Anita Jones, Stephanie Shrewsbury, Wi¬ nona Landry, Diana Moody, Sandy Meehan, Cammy Hunsley, Mi¬ chelle Cashwell, and Joy Pennington patiently awaiting their Prince Charmings. We taught the Blues Brothers everything they know. Stand back John Travolta because here comes “Wheeling” Wesley Pruitt and Wendy Baker. Crew floats their boat to victory. Todd Banks and Barbara Tyson “cherish” a special moment together. “ ' fyO ' U Mannequins? Close but not quite! Living dolls, Ke¬ vin Wright and Monty Lacey sport the preppy con¬ servative look with a twist—a pink shirt here, and a paisley tie there! Suzanne Green dressing simply “casual” in fashion¬ able but comfortable FORENZA sportswear. A look that Works! It’s hot, it’s cool It’s new and it’s you Stripes, polka dots, flowers, palm trees Tans, legs, muscles, curves, even knobby knees So vogue, so fashionable, so funky and chic So sexy, so ravishing, so smashing, and sleek. Now that’s fashion if I’ve ever seen it That’s fashion to a “T”, a perfect fit Fashion at it’s best, it’s a big hit. You can flaunt it, you can sport it Heck, you can make it world wide But baby if there’s one thing you can’t do It’s hide! Elisa Thomas adds shades of her own to the shades that make up fashions favorite color combo—black and white! The classic color duo that will never go out of style! Chutima Ratanapool ' s classic look is definitely a coca-cola original. Ever wonder what teachers wear on those teacher workdays? Well, here they are folks! Ms. Hamill pre¬ fers the comfort of Outback Red, while Ms. Wood- bridge sports around in sequined denim. Our Ms. Martin and Ms. Rosenblatt find jogging suits quite chic and Mr. Aleo prefers that He-Man look with his plaid shirt. Matt Cosand feeling comfortable in his gray stripped tuxedo and red cumberbund and bow tie as he pursues a very “formal” education. 13 Robert Fisher: “a serious cruzer.” Jim Correia opens the door to a new path of life. The making of an ultra cool cruisin’ machine. 14 s4« tenica ' George McCoy keeps on truckin’. Chris Bolac ready to take his chevy to the levy. Darrell Sadler says, “check it out.” It’s Mr. Tubs-awesome piece of machinery and ev eryone knows it. 15 I don’t make house calls. Eric Davis daydreaming about his upcoming performance. Farmer Edwards and Grandma Gibson typify the good¬ ness of America. Miss Turner obviously hasn’t had her second cup of coffee. She’s still suffering from the “black plague.” Pee Wee Herman, meet your match-Steve Marsh. Marilyn Poppins landing on her own two feet. Will the real Coach Labozetta please stand up? Tim Fitzwater and John Heller really cracked the coach up with this stunt. Halloween is not just another ordinary day for Gar-Field High School. It’s a day when a person can be anything he or she wants to be. On October 31, the student body as well as the faculty did just that and as you can see, they were able to use their imagination to the outermost limits. Halloween is not just a holiday for kids, it’s a celebration for ev¬ eryone. In fact, it is a treat for ev¬ eryone, with a few tricks here and there. Who is that masked man? 17 ' ‘‘ityene Expressing one’s self is only natural. Whether it be by body language, certain looks, or some¬ thing someone says. These are all different forms of communication. In fact, there are so many different forms of communication, that communication is always chang¬ ing. This past year, a lot of expres¬ sions were shared by many stu¬ dents. These expressions became known as “Gar-Field’s English.” Here are some examples: Stop the Madness = calm down Straight Up = be truthful That’s the Ticket = that’s right Bumpin’ = everything’s fine Cool = alright Bad = awesome What’s Up = how are you Mrs. Combs- “No coffee! Don’t you know I can’t funtion without my morning coffee.” Bryan Feeney’s dry idea: “There are 3 nevers in high school: Never come to class unprepared, never underestimate the power of a principal, and never, no matter how much of the research paper your dog ate, let a teacher see you sweat.” Kim Morello- “I’ve got a headache that has Excedrin written all over it.” 18 it ' tyatc ‘ KCct ’’ Kenny Goulet- “What do you mean we don’t graduate until June 16th?” Scott Throckmorton a.k.a. Mr. Bond-“WOMEN! You can’t live with them, you can’t live without them.” Karen Richards - “Wake me up when it’s time for the weekend.” David Hall-“l hate Mondays!” 76e St zn m vtacv On Friday, March 21, 1986, the house lights dimmed, the spot lights shone on stage, and the stars came out to shine. Sophomore, LeShaun Morgan said, “I wanted to see the talent Gar-Field has.” And talent she saw as Clarence “Bam” Wright danced with style and pizazz that would frighten Michael Jackson right out of his sequined socks. 51 50 rocked the stage with their band and drove fans wild. While E.A.U.H. (Exceptionally At¬ tractive Uninhibited Honies) told about the “Kinda Guys They Like” in steady beat. But whether you danced, sang, or just observed from your seat, the Junior Variety Show was an event you could never repeat. 51 50 Jammin’ to the max! Pam Quirin and David Minor set¬ ting the stage for a star-filled night. Clarence “Bam” Wright, the danc¬ ing machine, has a style all his own. 20 Ow Sfaye tvtcC 0 6 “Hey we’re cool, we wear our sunglasses at night.” “What do you mean Mtv turned us down,” says David Minor. Tanya Matthews: “I can’t believe he wanted my autograph.” The bands join together after a drummin’. hard nights work of strummin’ and VIRGINIA MICRO SYSTEMS 13646 Jeff Davis Highway Woodbridge, VA 22191 (703) 491-6502 21 It’s 7:50 a.m. and another school day has begun. It’s time to strug¬ gle through English, parlez through French, figure out qua¬ dratic equations, and sit through study hall. Lunch and tardies go practically hand-in-hand. Then- blessed relief! It’s 1:55 p.m. and the final bell rings. Hundreds of students head for buses and cars to go home and end the day. For others, however, the day is just beginning. Usually a day of four or more hours. A day of minimum wage or, if they’re hard workers, a little more. Gar-Field: Meet your working class! Kelly Hoff and Joey Crespo help the “Nike” tradition live on. Und R: ky Doug Stockman displays the 5-re- cord set that everyone’s been ea¬ gerly awaiting. Brian sets up a new line of fashion for the teenagers of America. 22 7 y 6e (2C 64, " Pamela Fitzkee shows her customers the latest in fashion. Erin Roth makes sure everyone has a coke and a smile! Ne Ne Thompson you deserve a break TODAY! Haven’t you ever wondered what your teachers were like be¬ fore they became what they are today? Well, we found some of the various occupations that got them started. Here they are: Mr. Clark: Farmer Ms. Watts: Picked packed peaches Mr. Sherill: Furniture store Ms. Combs: Worked in a junkyard Mr. Greer: Grave-digger Mr. Roadcap: Worked in a cemetary Mr. Aleo: Fought forest fires Mr. Larson: Built missiles Mr. Wilson: Camp counselor Mr. V.: Worked in a donut shop Mrs. Pitt: Teacher Aide Ms. Heedick: Police station aide Leah Snediker baking everyone’s favorite ... Chocolate Chip Cookies! 23 Eddie Murphy “Stick with me kid, we’ll go places.” The most popular television fam¬ ily around. The Cosby Show A poll was taken among the student body to determine their favorites of 1986. The votes have been carefully tallied and the winners are: FAVORITE TV SHOW: The Cosby Show FAVORITE TV ACTRESS: Cybill Shepherd FAVORITE TV ACTOR: Bruce Willis FAVORITE MUSICAL GROUP: Bon Jovi FAVORITE FEMALE SONG ARTIST: Whitney Houston FAVORITE MALE SONG ARTIST: Peter Cetera FAVORITE MOVIE: Top Gun FAVORITE MOVIE ACTRESS: Whoopi Goldberg and Kathleen Turner FAVORITE MOVIE ACTOR: Tom Cruise FAVORITE COMEDIAN: Eddie Murphy FAVORITE SOAP OPERA: General Hospital FAVORITE MUSIC VIDEO: Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love A Bad Name” Hollywood’s Mr. Nice Guy a.k.a. America’s favorite yuppie sits back and enjoys it all. here comes This 80’s Cinderella copes with teenage problems for a living and comes out winning. Molly Ringwald 24 MOONLIGHTING “Look David, he’s proposing.” “So what, I proposition women all the time.” Cybill Shephard and Bruce Wil¬ lis a.k.a. Maddie Hayes and David Ad¬ dison are the darlings of this years screen. TOM CRUISE “Cruisin’ to the Top” This talented beefcake scored a hit in the “risky business” of show business thanks to “Top Gun.” MISTER MISTER Flying high with their “broken wings”, this rock group welcomes you to the real world. WHITNEY HOUSTON This lady took America by storm “all at once.” MADONNA The “material girl” can even make “true blue” sound like fun. ROB LOWE Rising above the “brat pack”, his per¬ formance in “About Last Night” gained him some attention for more than just his good looks. GENESIS In the beginning music was created, then there was Genesis, who seem to be doing just fine in this “land of confusion.” BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN America’s favorite rocker still rockin’ strong with a 5-record set that fed our hungry hearts and proved he’s still “The Boss!” For emphasizing what is the best Dealing with the most important, Yet not forgetting the rest. Thank you Friends For the times we’ve shared Both good and bad For sharing the happiness and Helping us live through the sad Thanks for making high school worth it And helping make the pieces fit. Thank you Parents For helping us with goals We wanted to achieve And with values we strove to receive For teaching us right from wrong For helping us grow into someone wise, Someone strong. Thank you Gar-Field Thanks for the memories Not one do we regret Thanks for the memories Ones we will never forget. Gar-Field: A head of it’s time! Jason Gerald, Jim Verschueren, Randy Hayes, and Rick - not the ordinary lunch bunch. Take it from Ed Macejka, wearing a tie with hightops is cool. Mike Hustwayte knows to chew his food 24 times before he swal¬ lows it. Charlie Dorazio and Todd Banks - Once in a while you will find a friend who will be a friend forever. Thank you Guidance Counselors For every time you wiped our tears And helped us overcome our fears For every time you held our hand When we were confused didn’t understand. Thank you Principals For punishing us when we didn’t Follow the rules For molding us into sensible adults, Instead of fools 74e Thank you Teachers For helping us see life From a different point of view And helping us make our dreams come true Finally, our lessons were learned And with your help, maturity was earned. 26 0 70temGnie ” Lisa Endy, Dana Caddy, Lisa Whit- sell, and Michelle Evatt: Here’s to friendship ... May it last forever! Julie Sarofim, Joy Pennington, Dee Dee Rojas, Kelly Hoff, Mike Ferguson, Robby Richardson, Steve Thompson, Todd Wickum, Eric Murphy, and Debbie Long al¬ ways stay on top of things! Laura Powell, Dana Derosier, Kim Richmond, Todd Swisher, Kris Flinchum, Susan Dameron, Major Galloway, Mike Forgo, Michelle Richardson, Joanne Sayko, Jodi Saunders, Jack Martin, Mike Hoehn, Cammy Hunsley, and Lisa Ward: “Let the Good Times Roll!” Billy Boros and Cammy Hunsley - Not just a typical high school romance. WE’RE MAKING THE GRADE FOR ... HIGHER EDUCATION For many years recognition for school achievement was limited to athletics or elective courses such as music, art and other outside activities. Now with the progression of a new so¬ ciety, outstanding students are commended for their hard work and efforts in the classroom. Academic letters were received by almost 200 students this year and their was an increase in National Honor Society membership. These students are expanding their horizons and making our school one of the best in the district. “I heard you received an Ac¬ ademic Letter.” “How did you do that Mary?” “Alot of hard work and studying.” ACADEMIC LETTERS Class of 1987 Michelle Babcock, Julie Barker, Ruben Ba- santes, Emily Bohuslar, Denise Breen, Jean- i nie Breslin, Tamara Brown, Bradley Bunn, Helen Carpenter, Marion Carrigan, Kenneth Chase, Cheryl Dixon, Timothy Donovan, Gretchen Ennett, Thomas Filip, Kristin Fite, Ronald Gosnell, Brian Green, Samantha Green, Shari Hart, Teresa Hosier, Eric Iskra, Mary Jacub, Nancy Jordan, Nha Le, Martin Thomas, Kristin Mawanay, Melodee Mir¬ anda, Kim Morello, Casey Moton, Sean Mul- hern, Kim Morrelo, Dean Munson, Jonathan Palmer, Deanna Peschka, Donald Pile, Bren¬ da Robinson, Barbara Sprinkle, Joette Stew¬ art, Richard Stockman, Cynthia Turner, Greta VonWolffradt, William Weston, Shane Williams, Audrea Wilson, Patrick Wine- miller, Amy Yenyo, and Martin Zurflueh. Class of 1988 Christopher Affeldt, Danielle Alsop, Apollo Batyan, Carena Bender, Darren Brain, Dean Brettle, Celeste Browder, Sheila Cephas, Mi¬ chelle Chalfant, Steven Chucala, Alison Cof¬ fee, Jeffery Crowley, Timothy Crowley, Eliz¬ abeth Dobson, Bernie Dombrowski, Kimberly Dormstetter, Karen Embrey, Shawn Engle, Tracy Ferrell, Donna Gam¬ boa, Thomas Garrett, Sandra George, Mat¬ thew Groff, Kevin Gutierrez, Linda Harri¬ son, Lisa Hegele, Michael Hertzog, Deborah Hopson, Jessica Hughes, Regina Johnson, Pamela Jones, Ali Kerem, Kenneth Kerr, Beth Kersher, Jennifer Kreamer, Hung Le, Sean Lewis, Diane Loveitt, Sonia Maine, Su¬ zanne McMoran, Maliala Mojaddidi, Susan Ness, Jennifer Newell, Andrew Pasterchick, Stephanie Pile, Leslie Pitt, Christine Reck- nor, David Ripton, Patrice Riesenberg, John Rocha, Daniel Rotelli, James Schwab, Daniel Short, Priscilla Sierk, Emily Simmons, Fran- cine Smith, Susan Straight, Rhonda Thomas, Terry Thompson, Helen Todd, Anthony Tuggle, Kelly Turner, Felicia Wilburn, Jenni¬ fer Williams, and Cynthia Zeunges. Class of 1989 Allynne Abbott, Liane Arrington, Christo¬ pher Bachman, Nancy Barker, Lorie Bauer, Frank Bloom, Edward Brown, Ramona Car- roll, John Costello, Jennifer Crane, Jennifer Craycraft, Emily Cyr, Kimberly Dempster, Robert Eberhart, Jeffery Fisher, Stephanie Foster, Anthony Ganino, Brian Gero, John Gorkowski, Paul Goyette, Kristin Harr, John Hegele, Crystal Henderson, Katherine Hen¬ son, Janet Huddleston, Steven Hughes, Enid Imel, Clifford Jordan, Jennifer Jordan, Sa¬ maria Joyner, Holly King, Andrew Leight, Denise Mangini, Nidia Martinez, Dina Mc¬ Carthy, Shane McIntyre, Kerry Merritt, Semra Miller, Haroon Mojaddidi, Katherine Moore, Amy O’Daniell, Vanessa Pace, Abid Qureshi, Cynthia Rouleau, Sasha Sabet, Kathy Saplak, Jennifer Snyder, Albert Stumm, Rochelle Taylor, Katrina Vander- hoof, Tonia Walker, Rebecca Whitbeck, Al¬ len Wilson, Constance Wise, and Joseph Witzgall. Semi-Finalists 1987 Merit Scholarship Competition Susan Dockery Jonathan Palmer Semi-Finalist 1987 Achievement Scholarship Brian Green Semi-Finalist National Hispanic Scholar Ruben Basantes Commended Students 1987 Merit Program Tina Day, Brian Green, Mary Jakub, Nancy Jordan, Melodee Miranda, Casey Moton, Brian Scott, and Muriel Turch. Commended Students 1987 Achievement Program Tamara Brown, Terri Denman, Gretchen Ennett, Terrence Gatling, Janet Holley, Kathleen Jones, and Carla Melonson. Free To Be Me Art is not a class that should be taken for an easy “A”. It is a class in which a student can show his or her artistic abilities and tal¬ ents. There are four different levels of art. These levels are not different classes, yet most people seem to think that they are. The fact is that each level is mixed into a class. When given an assignment, each level is slightly different. For example, if a draw¬ ing assignment is given, the lower levels’ picture is usually simpler and done in pencil, while the higher levels’ picture will be more complex and may be done in pen and ink. In order for an art class to be successful, you must first have an art lab. The lab is stocked with many supplies so whatever the students are working on, whether it be draw¬ ing, printmaking, ceramics, fashion design, sculpture or batiquing, the necessary materi¬ als are available. Veronica Ko works on her vastly rising structure. “Mrs. Simpson, honest I’m working!” Danny Bickham tries to get himself out of another tight spot. As Lucia Le works on her masterpiece Beth Jan- son questions it. Dr. Raymond C. Haston, Jr. Family Dentistry 4227 Dale Blvd., Dale City Va. 22193 “Keep Smiling Class of ’87” 30 Art is a class that requires a lot of concentration Shane Shepard works hard to make his drawing before work can begin. perfect. Vickie Orolfo is striving to become the best up- and-coming fashion designer that she can be. Congradulations Class of ’87 Especially Beth Dietz Tom Joyce Beames Dale City Model Homes - 590-2900 31 Just Minding Our Own Business! The clickty, click, click of a typewriter, the whir of a copy machine are all familiar sounds of the Business Department. If you’ve ever wondered how secretaries who write your passes for early dismissals or tardies learned speedy shorthand or how data processors got their start, it was proba¬ bly right downstairs in the Business Department. Upperclassmen can take “Business, Law and Administration” while freshman receive “ An Introduction to Business” class. The classes are benefical because they teach the basics of good secretarial, business and of¬ fice skills. “The classes are not only interest¬ ing,” says Sheila Bowen, “but I’m learning skills I’ll always be able to use.” Substitute Mr. Banks says “This place is better than the Computer Learning Center.” Afra Hersi and Peggy Thompson are quickly be¬ coming our future secretaries. DALE CITY OPTICIANS 4330 Dale Boulevard Dale City, VA 22193 “Prescriptions Filled — Lenses Duplicated -- Sunglasses — Frames” Industrial Cooperative Training also known as ICT is offered to students who are interested in trade, industrial, technical or health occupations. ICT is a great way to earn a credit, make money and leave school early all at the same time. Students can leave school to work at a job which will prepare them for a future in an industrial field. During school, students learn how to be productive workers and prepare for employ¬ ment opportunities. Teachers often visit stu¬ dent work places to observe and to better understand the workplace in order to apply it to a students’ studies. Many jobs and ca¬ reers are open to ICT students giving them a head start on tomorrows career openings. Leslie Browder shakes his head in disbelief as Tony Brula shows him the ropes. Charles Dorazio says a little break is needed sometimes. WOODBRIDGE LINCOLN-MERCURY CORPORATION 14655 Jefferson Davis Highway Woodbridge, Virginia 22193 494-9121 It All Adds Up... For the majority of students, math is defi¬ nitely a four-letter word. With the exception of an elite group who seem to enjoy math, it is usually a subject that is much dreaded during the day. What math subject is considered the hard¬ est by students and teachers alike? Geome¬ try! Why? Mrs. Centola, the head of the Math Department states, “It is a drastic change from Algebra. This is the first place where logic is studied.” Unfortunately, geometry is not the only subject that students find difficult. It seems that you either like algebra and hate geome¬ try, or you like geometry and hate algebra. What comes after the years of algebra and geometry? Math Analysis and calculus. Nice, but why take these classes? • • SOMEHOW __ _______ _ 1 Sheila Cephas, a junior taking Math Anal¬ ysis, says that math is not one of her favorite subjects, but she is taking the class “so that I won’t have to take it in college. If I score well enough on the A.P. exam, it’s one class out of the way in college.” This is fine and dandy, but it doesn’t help anyone who doesn’t have a talent in math. Mrs. Centola has some suggestions for you: take notes, pay attention in class, attempt every homework problem, and ASK QUESTIONS. This probably doesn’t make sense now, but it will all fall into place later. Despite Mrs. Dangerfield’s warm welcome, Joe Portell finds it difficult to get excited about Alge¬ bra II. Shelley Birchmier checks on the progress of an¬ other student while Matt Cosand works diligently on his own. 34 Randy Hayes checks with Mrs. Brunson to make sure that his average is stable. Evidently having math first period is a bit too much for Charles Brittingham. “BEST WISHES BILLY AND THE CLASS OF 1987” Benny E. Blanton, Contractor Complete Home Improvements -- Additions - Decks -- Garages “In Business Since 1970” We’ll Go Down In Why are students doing poorly in the high¬ er level classes? Many teachers feel that the reason is because students are not well pre¬ pared in advance. The History Department is trying to implement tighter restrictions on advances courses such as A.P. History. Ac¬ cording to Mr. Bailey, head of the History Department, the majority of the student body finds history interesting but unfortu¬ nately many of them fail to understand it. He states that “many students enjoy the inter¬ esting stories about historical events and people but they don’t like the concepts, and the concepts are what is important.” He states further that “History is important because what we are as a people and as a nation is a result of what we were. We have to know what we were in or¬ der to know what we can be.” Obviously Billy Wise is more interested in posing for this photographer than he is in listening to Mr. Sawyer. History! Evidently Susan Ness finds the Civil War humorous although Gene Nopwasky, Jenny Newell, and Chris Feather take this period of American history quite seriously. Chris Euler speaks on the negative aspects of the Civil War as his classmates listen to his case. 36 A cademic excellence is achieved by paying attention in class. Jonathan Bennett and Mike Ferguson are all smiles because they were the only ones in Mr. Spencer’s class that knew the answer to the question. LITTLE CAESAR’S PIZZA 14545 Jeff Davis Highway Woodbridge, Virgina 22191 491-2099 “Buy One Pizza — Get One Free” 1. Terry Walker, Shelagh Murphy, and Mike Parker. 2. Rich David and Charleen Connor. 3. Rich David and Charleen Connor. 4. Rich David and Charleen Connor. 5. Charleen Connor and Lisa Fox. 6. Laura O’Brien, Jimmy Venti, and Matt Shoop UOIIIQ to tile V fldp6l 7. Laura O’Brien and Mr. Aleo. 1. Laura O’Brien, Jimmy Venti, and Matt Shoop. 2. The wedding party. 3. Jimmy Venti, Matt Shoop, and Timothy Russell. 4. Julie Turner. 5. Laura O’Brien, Jimmy Venti, and Matt Shoop. 6. Lysette Heaton, Wendy Richmond, Earle Perez, and Kim Richmond. Spring is the time when love is in the air and marriage proposals are abundant. Boy asks girl, girl says YES, and all the prepara¬ tions are begun for a wedding. Weddings also happen in the Social Stud¬ ies Department with Mr. Aleo’s and Mr. O’Shea’s mock sociology wedding. The stu¬ dents research proper etiquette, proceeds, and fashion for their weddings. They perform in all the essential roles needed i.e. brides and grooms, best men and maids of honor, bridesmaids and ushers, mu¬ sicians, and last but not least “the minis¬ ters.” The vows, music performed, and re¬ ception decor are all arranged by the students. “We do this so that the students understand what they will be getting into when they get older,” says Mr. O’Shea. 39 Molecular Matters Dissecting animals, bubbling (and break¬ ing) test tubes, and working with velocity- related problems are probably the things most related with science in a students’ mind. Of course the teachers hope that you get more out of the class than just the expe¬ rience of the lab, but most teachers feel that the labs are important. But that’s not all that goes on back there. There are high-hopes in the Science pod that a computer room will be built in the near future. As Mrs. Hamill, head of the department states, “We need room for our computers!” The science teachers use the compputers for labs, tests, and some use them to average grades. If a computer room were to be added, it would be a great conve¬ nience to all. So, what do the science teachers have in store for us? As Mrs. Hamill says, “1 hope all our science students learn to see the wonder and beauty in the physical world around them-to really appreciate and enjoy scientif¬ ic things.” LaWanda Benefield points out the chemis¬ try between M M’s and school work. Keeping the science department inventory on computer is a time consuming job according to Sheila Cephas and Ms. Hammill. Julie Barker and Nan cy Jordan concentrate on a difficult lab for A.P. Chemistry. Robbie Hayward, Michael Stafira, and Kevin Woodfolk test the poursity and permability of plastic beads. FAMILY COUNSELING CENTER 4326 Dale Blvd., Suite 6 Woodbridge, Virginia 22193 (703) 670-5738 40 Dean Brettle waits patiently as Dan Rotelli at¬ tempts to talk Mrs. Taylor through the proper steps to exit her program. Eric Iskra seems amused by the whole process. Greg Ondo and Christine Recknor concentrate on their physics as Andy Boyd shows a shocked Terry Thompson the errors of her ways. After days of hard work, D. J. Carr and Damiane Miller finally find the large intestine. GILMAR OFFICE SUPPLY 14202 Smoketown Road Woodbridge (Dale City), Va. 22192 Invitations • Rubber Stamps - Photo Copies 41 No Strings Attached, Walking by the band room fourth or fifth period, you will hear various selections of music. The Chamber Orchestra, which is held fourth period plays the most difficult pieces, grade six. Fifth period, the Gar-Field Orchestra, basically plays grade four and five pieces. This year they played a wide range of music, from “Over The Rainbow” to the Missa Brevis with the Concert Choir. After playing with the Concert Choir for their annual Christmas Concert for the sec ¬ ond year in a row, Mr. Trowbridge, the Or¬ chestra Director, feels that this new tradition will continue. “It’s a lot of fun to play with the choir, and it’s great to hear the two groups play together.” Besides their school concerts, the orches¬ tra members can participate in various out¬ side competitions. Junior Regionals is open to freshmen throughout Prince William County and neighboring counties. Senior Re¬ gionals is for sophomores and up, All Coun¬ ty is for freshmen on up, and to be qualified for All State, a student must have been cho¬ sen for Senior Regionals. It is an honor to be chosen for any of these orchestras. The following people should be commended for making All County Orches¬ tra: First Violin - Jenny Newell, Gretchen Ennett, Heather Austin, Laura Winslow, Beth Jakub, Osie Brown, JoAnn Sayko, Sandy Ennett, Angela Mason, Heather Pres- nell, Arwen Wyatt, and alternate Terry Opauski. Second Violin - Wendy Richmond, Audra Wilson, Beth Sunderland, Patricia Richards, Sunday Frey, Jenny Jordan, and alternate Steve Hides. Viola - Kim Rich¬ mond, Marilyn Pugh, Lysette Heaton, Sa¬ maria Joyner, Chad Hartmann, and alter¬ nates Maggie O’Donnell, Ralph Warren, and Rochelle Taylor. Cello -- Earle Perez, Gud- run Ortman, Connie Wise, Stephanie Pile, Mike Chenderian, Allen Wilson, Nancy Fi¬ gueroa, and alternate Lisa Moore. Bass -- Sean Masciandaro, Cecil Conley, Mike Smith, and Alternates Bryan Miller and John Mann. Gretchen Ennett, Arwen Wyatt, Angela Mason, and Nancy Jordan of the Chamber Orchestra work hard on their new piece. Jenny Newell, Deanna Rohrig, Wendy Richmond, and Audrea Wilson of the Chamber Orchestra practice for the next concert. First chair viola in both orchestras, Kim Rich¬ mond and Chad Hartmann take the viola seriously. Dale City Auto Parts 2984 Dale Boulevard Dale City, Virginia 22193 670-3196 42 Cellos and Basses: 1st row: Lisa Moore, Nancy Figueroa, Kristen Rensch, Mike Chendorain, Al¬ len Wilson, Paul Goyette. 2nd row: Geoffrey Gol- liver, John Mann, Bryan Miller, Mike Smith, Sean Masciandaro. Violas: 1st row: Shari Hart, Kari Curlis, Tiffanie Fairweather, Jerry Fairbanks. 2nd row: Rochelle Taylor, Maggie O’Donnell, Kimberly Richmond, Ralph Warren. Chamber Orchestra: 1st row: Cecil Conley, Earle Perez, Stephanie Pile, Gudrun Ortmann, Connie Wise, Jon Palmer. 2nd row: Angela Ma¬ son, Beth Jakub, Jennifer Jordan, Laura Wins¬ low, JoAnn Sayko, Nancy Jordan, Jenny Newell, Chad Hartmann. 3rd row: Gretchen Ennett, Patri¬ cia Richard, Arwen Wyatt, Deanna Rohrig, Mari¬ lyn Pugh, Beth Sunderland, Samaria Joyner. 4th row: Kris Flinchum, Audrea Wilson, Kimberly Richmond, Amy Yenyo, Wendy Richmond, Ly- sette Heaton. Allen Wilson works hard in order to be first chair cello. 2nd Violins: 1st row: Sunday Frey, Tara Lewis, Milly Munoz, Dawn Perkins, Stephanie Tiller, Ka¬ ren Panzo. 2nd row: Shelly Walter, Becky Bank, Jessica Williams, Allyson Gaither, Jackie Carter, Kim Mickins. 3rd row: Jimmy Dick, Greg Shaffer, Osie Brown, Brenda Mayes, Scott Richard, Chris Barrett, Steve Hicks. 1st Violins: 1st row: April Lewis, Terry Opauski, Heather Presnell, Jason Davis. 2nd row: Monica Wright, Liane Arrington, Jenny Lo- paze, Jill Valentine, Kasandra Williams. 3rd row: Alessandra Ennett, Heather Austin, Christina Craig, Debbie Bradley, Jennifer Hamilton, Teresa Lewis. 4th row: Monica Miller, Nicole Dickinson, Jessica Hughes, Jeannine McCalment, Delora Culbreth. AMERICAN FAST PHOTO 14222 Smoketown Road, Prince William Square Woodbridge, Virginia 22192 “Get the picture in just one hour” Concert Choir 1st row: Anissa Vanderhoof, Jennifer Deiringer, Carol Money, Jeannine Valvo, Dionne Rich, Kelly Spellane, Rexanne Wright, Jody Grose, Kathy Breslin, Anita King. 2nd row: Sarah Gresham, Ingrid Abraham, Terri Truitt, Cindy West, Lori Bauer, Jennifer Lee, Susan Straight, Rayanne Gonzales. 3rd row: Delinda Culbreath, Melanie Werner, Karen Cobbs, Kim Taylor, Monica Bak¬ er, Margot Ramsay, Nancy Figueroa, Jackie Cook. The Dominants spend a great deal of time re¬ hearsing to make their performance perfect. At The Top Of Our Lungs Another section of the music department is choir. There are four choirs in which students may participate: Varsity Choir, Treble Choir, Concert Choir, and Dominants. In order to get into any of the choirs, one must audition for a seat. You sing a piece of your choice, a scale, and sight-sing. In class, the choirs sing a wide range of music. Every style possible is sung; this includes renaissance, baroque, classical, romantic, and contemporary. All of this singing leads to four concerts a year. The choirs perform at Christmas Concert, District Festival Concert, Spring Show, and a Pyramid Concert in which the elementary and middle schools sing with our choirs. The Dominants is not just a choir, they are a jazz and show choir and they aim to entertain people. They perform about fifteen con¬ certs a year, performing for various organizations. During the school year the choral students can audition for select choirs. This year the following people were selected for the follow¬ ing choirs: Regional Choir Soprano 1: Rayanne Gonzales,Delinda Culbreth, Jennifer Lee, Nancy Figuero, and alternate Rexanne Wright. Soprano II: Susan Straight, Jeanine Valvo and Terri Truitt. Alto I: Kathy Henson. Alto II: Mary McKelvey, Tina Polla, Rhonda Thomas, Emily Simmons, and Carla Tomasino. Tenor I: Daniel Ackerman, Rick Ewing, and alternate Mila Diaz and Brent Good. Tenor II: Ruben Ba- santes and Dennis O’Brien. Bass I: Jimmy Curlis and Leonard Rowe. Bass II: Ali Kerem, Jeff Bowers and Wayne Conahan. All State Choir Soprano I: Jennifer Lee, 2nd alternate Delinda Culbreth. Alto II: Tina Polla, 1st alternate Mary McKelvey. Tenor I: 1st alternate Daniel Ackerman. Tenor II: Dennis O’Brien. Bass I: Jimmy Curlis. Bass II: Jeff Bowers, 2nd alternate Wayne Conahan. MARKETA DAY ASSOCIATES, INC. 5023-A Backlick Road Annandale, Virginia 22003 “Career Consultant Placement Service” 44 Concert Choir: 1st row: Cory Boggus, Ruben Basantes, Earle Perez, Mike Diaz, Deon Fields, Rich Ewing, Richard Laurence. 2nd row: Rob Phinney, Jim Schwab, Jimmy Curlis, Bob Kren- kel, John Rocha, Greg Lowe, Jeff Bowers, Au¬ brey Stallings, Daniel Ackerman. 3rd row: Wayne Conahan, Ali Kerem, Pat Castle, Ashley Harte, Dennis O’Brien, Leonard Rowe, George McCoy, Brent Good. Concert Choir: 1st row: Dawn Stewart, Caro¬ line Jabs, Yvonne Gilliom, Christina Sanchez - Canete, Kim Tveit, Mendy Barrett, Kathy Hen¬ son, Laura Taylor. 2nd row: Jennifer Walker, Kristan Fite, Cheryl Weston, Emily Simmons, Rhonda Thomas, Carla Thomasina, Shari Hart, Mary McKelvey. 3rd row: Brenda Baumgartner, Nene Thompson, Jackie McNeill, Celeste Brow¬ der, Susan Dockery, Sandra George. Treble Choir: 1st row: Robin Washington, Denise Owens, Karen Atkins, Jessica Atwood, Teena Keltner, Darlene Putiyon, Yvonne Gilliom, LaSondria Pitts, Laureen Billingsley, Amy Greer, Vicky Scott, DeShanta Hannah. 2nd row: Tonya Matthews, Melissa Self, Heather Gefrich, Lisa David, Francine Smith, Rae Boyd, Lisa Hendrich, Carrie Fanning, Julie Wise, Pam Dodson, Tam Le. 3rd row: Carolyn Shoop, Amy Nothnagel, Pam Schmecht, Stacey Medina, Becky Keltner, Director-Eric Bow¬ man, Accompanist-Deborah Moyers. Varsity Choir: 1st row: Jenny Jenkins, Taye Barnes, Kim Freeman, Amy Dudley, Aimee Anderson, George Karakatsanis, Guilherme Alves, Ms. Moyers - director, Cory Barnes, Christine Faulkner, Katie Yachechko, Jenny Abrell, Sheila Baumgardner, Teresa Taylor, Jessica Affricano, Debbie Barlow, Melissa Blackburn. 2nd row: Ada Holmes, Candy Brown, Nancy Hale, Karen Masciandaro, Amy Haugh, Debbie Navarro, Mike Howard, Chris Dailey, Laura Bradley, Dawn LaPlante, Lora Mitchell, Cindy Lyons, Traci Ewing, Martha Oaks, Gil Hicks. 3rd row: Rachel Sutherland, Wendy Hendricks, Serife Kerem, Sherry Schooley, Tonisha Cooper, Hayley McGrail, Debbie Dibble, Rhodelyn Ramos, Dionne Carter, George Cook, Paul Thurman, Rebecca Drake, Michelle Cadwallader, Debbie Ander¬ son, Diane Checkon, Jenny Acord, Valerie Lovelace. 4th row: Kelli Sorensen, Toni Ambrosini, Jamie Bowman, Toi Williams, Karen Derderian, Anne King, Pam Dixon, Elizabeth Edwards. CONGRADULATIONS BEST WISHES Class of ’87 John D. Jenkins Neabsco District Supervisor 45 MUSIC TO OUR EARS Stage Band: 1st row: Matt Howard, Joe Cole, Todd Houston, Terrence Bennett, Scott Hinchee, Jay Knorr, Mary Lepper, Steve Chucala, Rick Fulgencio, Jimmy Curlis. 2nd row: Greg Ondo, Tom Schneider, Cliff Jordan, Jennifer Cramp, Tim Donovan, Cecil Conley. Symphonic Band: 1st row: Holly King, Fran - cine Hosier, Becky Whitbeck, Karen Eyrich, Cheryl Schoenborn, Greta vonWolffradt, Kelly Hiett, Krystine Wilson, Amy O’Daniel. 2nd row: Tracy Middleton, Steve Chucala, Shannon Wheeler, Kim McCoid, Allison Wheeler, Susan Straight, Stephanie Foster, Helen Todd, Janet Holley, Samantha Green. 3rd row: Cheryl Dixon, Cheryl Corbin, Natalie Grimm, Anita Prasch, Mi¬ chelle Disse, Mary Lepper, Rick Fulgencio, Jerry Ford, Karlo Obcemea, Tim Vavrina, Jimmy Cur¬ lis. 4th row: Matt O’Brien, Deanna Hutson, Don¬ ald Pile, Greg Ondo, Walter Trowbridge, Brenda Robison, Eric Davis, Bryan Silvis, Chris Becht, Cliff Jordan, Tom Schneider. 5th row: Jennifer Edwards, Marc Jenner, Aaron Lueck, Todd Houston, Tim Crowley, Joel Mills, Matt Howard, Joe Cole, Shane Smith, Ron Gosnell, Richard Evirs. Concert Band: 1st row: Tara Rainsberger, Ker¬ ry Merritt, Denise Mangini, Beth Woodhouse, Heather Harris. 2nd row: Robin O’Brien, Cheryl Pickett, Michelle Cash, Bridgett Pine, Marc Car- rano, Jennifer Stambaugh, Heather Clemens, Beverly Bachman, Lynda Brown, Jennifer Jef¬ fries, Lisa Volpe. 3rd row: Nikki Meyers, Kathy Jones, Tina Davis, Joanne Dick, Dennis Halman, Matt Young, Ryan Holmes, Carlene St. John, Terri Matthewson, Jeremy Alford, Jennifer Cramp, Skip Foster, Neill Costello, Eddie Brown, Ritchie Stringer, Nidia Martinez, Jeff Brown. Standing: Matt Wyatt, Kevin Woodfork, Ericka Washington, Brian Keener, David Chalfant, Thad Jamieson, D. J. Carr, Alex Brown, Eric Brennan. Varsity Band: 1st row: Dana Medina, Karen Aveni, Christi Plott, Greg Leo, Jenni Stevens. 2nd row: Heather Fullinwider, Alexandra Lucero, Caroline Maze, Monica Rodriguez, Lisette Rios. 3rd row: Jimmy Fernandez, Blake Bethem, Don¬ ald Dyer, Phillip Chapman, Terri Cramp, Pat Wagnon, Terrence Trasdahl, Tom Caruthers, Jerry Wallace, Ron Roney, Kenneth Spencer. Kim Rhorer, Jeff Patton, Tim Hop¬ kins, and Ms. Winner work quite hard to make the HYPHEN as per¬ fect as it can be. 1st row: Linda Harrison, Samantha Harte, Kim Rhorer, Amy Shiflett, Christine Ogden, Jennifer Stanek, Jeff Merrifield, Muriel Turch, Brian Scott, and Helen Carpenter. 2nd row: Ms. Winner, Henry Kim, Pat¬ rick Byrd, Ken Sapp, Jay Baker, Cary Bender, Tim Hopkins, and Tim Donovan. Jeff Merrifield appears to be writing the computer story for the HYPHEN, but what is he really up to? So you buy the HYPHEN again, one of six issues a year. Big deal! Did you know that it is an award-winning publication? The HYPHEN has won Trophy Class which is the highest award given by the Virginia High School League Publications Division, and International First Place from Quill and Scroll since 1982. The HYPHEN staff meets one class period a day, and they get one credit for the year. To get on the staff one must take Journalism I. The following year, one may take Journalism II and be on the HYPHEN staff. Every spring the journalism classes go to Columbia University for a three-day workshop. Ms. Winner, the HYPHEN advisor, feels that “without the workshop, we would not be able to put out the quality publication that we do.” 47 Cool Class-ics Kim Toth and Sean Lewis work hard to keep up with Mr. Edwards. Mr. Corbin shows his class the prop¬ er way to critique a novel. Have you ever found yourself so involved in a novel that you just forget everything and lose total self-consciousness. You do not remember where you are, who you are, or what you are doing. Once minute you find yourself on a deserted island with the love of your life; the next minute the world is depend¬ ing on you to save them from a monster who only you have the power to destroy; and then, be¬ fore you know it, you will have witnessed a murder and it is up to you to prove who did it with¬ out getting killed first. For that short amount of time you just might be living out your fantasy; being where you have always wanted to be, being who you have always wanted to be, and doing what you have always wanted to do. Could this have possibly been what Ms. Combs, head of the English Department, was talking about when she said, “I would have to say that read¬ ing fiction is what students enjoy most about English.” Yet, let us not forget what the students like least about English. What are the majority of stu¬ dents weakest points when it comes to English? Ms. Combs quickly replied, “Grammar!” The structure of sentences, the usage of words, the difference between an adjective and an ad¬ verb, elements every student dreads and the same elements every student must try to under¬ stand and master. A new English course was added to the curriculum this year, Speech Drama. It was up to Mrs. Martin to teach sever¬ al groups of students to speak as well as present themselves with confidence. As one should already know, English is a four-year require¬ ment for graduation and there¬ fore is considered a very impor¬ tant academic course. But why is English so important? Ms. Combs stated that “English is more than just a language, it’s a culture. Therefore, to deny someone his language would be denying someone his culture.” Mrs. Martin really gets into Myrtle Wilson’s murder in the Great Gatsby. 48 Natalie Migliorini works hard to get her homework done before the first bell rings. When it comes to answering ques¬ tions about bibliography formats for research papers, Mrs. Harris’ stu¬ dents always have the answers. Brian Singleton and April Lewis are always giving Mr. Edwards a hard time. 49 We’re Not Just Play Acting! What’s n ew in the English Department? Speech Drama! We have been trying for a number of years to get this course in our curriculum offerings and have finally succeeded. This course is not a part of the Drama Club or the Speech Debate Club. What goes on in Speech Drama? Students learn to develop and orally deliver 3, 5, and 8 minute speeches, practice techniques for debating, participate in drama activities, and learn the elements of good conversation. This may seem like a lot of work, but Mrs. Martin, the Speech Drama teacher, disagrees. She feels that the students benefit be¬ cause it’s never boring. They spend 50% of their time in motion instead of sitting in a desk. Student response to this new course can be summed up be Terry Thompson when she says “I wish there were a Speech Drama II course!” Kim Rhorer looks a bit worried as Mrs. Martin calls on her to give an impromptu speech NOW! Tonya Walker is learning to be con¬ fident and poised when giving a speech. This is only the 10th speech she has given this year! You know what they say Tonya “practice makes perfect.” Jay Baker sits lost in a train of thought as Tracie Johnson catches up on the Great Gatsby. When you combine the number of years Ms. Jandreau, Ms. Harris, Ms. Pannell, Ms. Combs, and Mr. Law¬ rence have been teaching English it calculates up to over 100 years! Kim Rhorer delivers her impromptu speech for Mrs. Martin. It wasn’t that bad, was it Kim? 51 All Tongue-Tied Various foreign languages are offered to the student body. The one classical language which is offered is Latin, and the three mod¬ ern languages offered are German, French, and Spanish. Yet, there is still demand for another language. When Ms. Kabler, the head of the Foreign Language Department, was asked if she could change one thing about the departmental curriculum and what would it be her answer was, “I wish an orien¬ tal language could be added.” It has been said that all languages have something in common. Ms. Kabler feels that all languages are expressions of a culture, and that all of them involve the importance of pronunciation, structure and listening. Why bother learning another language if you already can speak fluently in one? Accord¬ ing to Ms. Kabler, “Career wise, it is an important asset to speak fluently in more than one language. In fact, being able to speak fluently in more than one language offers several profits in major companies. Most importantly though, is having studied a foreign language gives a student a basis for the real world.” The foreign language de¬ partment’s main objectives are for the stu¬ dents to be able to have an experience in another language, for the students to learn the importance of communication, and the chance to have a cultural experience. Keeping all this in mind, can a foreign language be enjoyable? Ms. Kabler believes that there are two main things students en¬ joy most about a foreign language. One is the cultural aspect of the language, the curi¬ osity of the various customs, and how that specific language differs from English. The other, more importantly, is that the students want to be a ble to speak another language. The only problem is that most students are afraid to learn another language. Other classes do not grade on how a student pro¬ nounces his words. Students are not used to being graded for pronunciation in other classes and therefore have a hard time in a foreign language class. Yet, once the stu¬ dents overcome this fear they feel good about themselves and have the ability to achieve a great deal. Writing, writing, writing ... students are always writing whether it be for English class or Ms. Cocca’s Spanish class. Mr. Bailey explains one more time the difference between “die” and “der.” 52 Ms. Watts successfully takes David Presnell through a cultural experience in Since Ms. ElNaggar is all tied up at the moment, Sean Martin takes over the tenses. French. lecture on Latin verb Cindy Grove writes a love letter in French since French is the “language of LOVE.” Le Manage Francais Best man James Jandreau looks on as Danny Short and Karen Embrey say their vows in French. Spring weddings sprung up in the Foreign Language Department. Ms. Heedick and Ms. Piccolo’s French classes performed marriages in the French way. The students wrote their vows and all way spoken in French. Steve Thompson, a groom, felt that his wedding was “pretty cool and an all over success.” Ms. Piccolo likes having the wedding because “it gives the students a chance to compare cultures and see how people across the world live.” Jennifer Trace and Steve Thomp son take a walk down the aisle. Peter McGovern prepares to give away the bride, Karen Embrey. L 54 “Reverend” Thomas Brooks pre¬ sents the happily married couple, Steve Thompson and Jennifer Trace. Danny Short and Karen Embrey ex¬ perience their first marital problem when they try an figure out how to cut the cake. The minister, Donald Pile, lawfully binds Karen Embrey and Danny Short in holy matrimony. 55 Input ... Output Kenny Kerr, Arthur Kurtz, Domenic Bianchini, Aili Lyon, and Richard Williams discuss the finer technical points. 56 Sonny Little and Victor Horne wonder if “it” is still working. DoiT; o nic Bianchini observes Aili Lyon painting her race car. Challenges of Engineering is the new vocational class offered in school this year. Only two oth¬ er schools in Prince William County have this challenging course. “The class is designed to give more experiences in differ¬ ent fields of engineering” says Mr. Lucas. Drafting, designing electronic circuits and C02 powered cars and airplanes for the study of areospace technolgy are just a few of the areas covered in this course. Thomas Brooks says, “Different fields of engineering give me information for a career in engineering.” Also offered is Electronics II. Mr. Wiczalkwoski says “Seeing the students excel in electronics makes teaching worthwhile.” In electronics students fix televi¬ sions, light circuits, curling irons and other equipment donated by the public. Electronics is a two period class and Jeff Jerrell says, “lectures are common” but he adds, “we really enjoy the work.” 57 More Than Just Pretty Bodies Physical education isn’t just physical. Along with physical activities, students must take fifteen weeks of health in each of their two years of P.E. In P.E.9, the students deal with general health concerns. In P.E. 10, the students take Driver’s Education and learn the basics of driving. Even with construction of the new entrance to Gar-Field, range is still going on. The drivers just have to make do with what room they have. As far as the physical aspect of P.E., the teachers are using a computerized fitness program. The computer is fed the student’s age, height, weight, and the results of a physical fitness test. The computer then de¬ termines how physically fit the student is, and gives the student a list of exercises that are on his level so that they are right for the student’s aerobic capacity. The point of all this? To maintain and develop fitness. Students in the nursing program mea¬ sured and weighed the P.E. students for the computer program. “It’s more accurate this way,” says Mr. Zimmerman. Dina McCarthy, Marcy Casterline, and Leslie Hetzler wait anxiously to see if the ball goes into the hoop. Alicia Drago has her arm measured for the computer. Mike Moffitt can lift weights with one leg and spot all at the same time. Even girls can lift 100 pound weights. 58 Endurance is one of the goals in the PE Depart¬ ment, and exercises like this increase it. Freshman Stephanie Tiller tries to absorb the health text so that she can complete the assign¬ ment before the bell rings. Trina Mitchell concentrates on giving Albert Stumm an accurate reading as Mrs. Besch looks on. JOE SCOTT REALTOR Dale City New Homes 590-2900 Congradulations Class of “87” Look, it’s already out of bounds, don’t worry about chasing after it! Ms. Jones’ has made sure that her classes know what the curriculum is all about! Mr. Barrett checks Denise Kramer’s masterpiece of first aid as the victim, Dionne Carter, impatiently watches. TIPPETT JEWELERS 14236 Smoketown Road 491-3718 “A Family Jeweler” 60 Some Real Hair Raising Experiences Price List Price List Shampoo Style $2.50 Facial $2.50 Color Rinse .75 Eyebrow arch $1.00 Cream Rinse .50 Tweeze $1.50 Virgin Bleach $6.00 Lash Brow Tint $3.50 Virgin Tint $6.00 Wax $1.50 Hair Color $10.00 Wigs (clean style) $5.00 Frosting $8.50 Braiding Full Head $25.00 Streaking Painting $8.50 Corn Rows $15.00 Crimping $10.00 Beard Trim .50 Chemical Relaxer $12.00 Combout updo $1.75 Manicure $3.00 Hairshaping $2.00 Pedicure $2.00 Cutting Wigs $2.50 Make-up $1.50 Climatrees $2.00 Charleen Tutsock watches in awe as another fabulous hair style is created. Curls are back and Cosme¬ tology ' s got ’em ... Down the dark corridors and around corners where no one dares to search, three periods a day students change from daily street clothes into crisp, white uniforms to become the hairstyl¬ ing and manicuring professionals of tomorrow. Crimping, cutting, shampooing and styling are only a few of the skills these students learn. “It’s alot of work but it“s very interesting” according to Senatra Newell. Cosmetology also offers such services as perming, bleaching, cutting and frosting to students Elizabeth Longs and Gwendolyn Butler are setting the style. and faculty at very reasonable prices. “The students are very professional,” says Tina Hans- brough. Tina is taking Cosmeto¬ logy I which is a prerequisite for Cosmetology II. Students in Cos¬ metology II participate in the ac¬ tual working salon of the depart¬ ment. Many of the cosmetology students work at local salons af¬ ter school and on weekends. Senetra Newell works at the Hair Cuttery in Manassas and Joyce Soderstrom works at Vin¬ cent de Vincent. Both agree that using their skills now while they are in school will better prepare them for jobs after graduation. 61 Working at Annaburg Manor, Jackie Cross, Bev¬ erly Johnson, Mrs. Besch, Sharon Zeets from Potomac High, and Karen Trott from Wood- bridge High gain experience and learn about the career of nursing. Dee Dee Rojas knows that if a quarter can’t bounce on it, the hospital bed corners aren’t tight enough. Janet Humphrey knows that the best way to treat a patient is with T.L.C. The capping ceremony is a joyous moment for every LPN student. How many people know just what goes on in the LPN lab? Probably not many. For one thing, the LPN class does not operate on a normal school calendar. LPN is not just an ordinary class, and therefore it requires two years, instead of one. From the day after Labor Day until June 17, the preclinical course takes place. The second year then starts on July 5 and lasts until next April. This session is the clinical portion. After graduation, the students work either at Poto¬ mac Hospital, Prince William Hospital, or Annaburg Manor. This enables them to pre¬ pare for their future. If you think LPN is time consuming, wait till you look at it from an academic point of view. For instance, the first year of LPN consists of a general study of health beha¬ viors. Instead of the average one text book course, ten text books are needed to discuss the various topics. The second year consists of a study of diseases and healthy behaviors. As you can see, this class obviously requires a lot of dedication. Is There A Nurse In The House Finer Properties, Inc. 14511-A Jefferson Davis Hwy. Woodbridge, Va 22191 Office: (703) 494-5108 Metro: (703) 690-1040 62 Lara Mitchell carefully adds the necessary ingre¬ dients for banana cake. Caroline Jabs watches Mrs. O’Connor carefully to make sure that everything gets in. BLACK BOTTOM CAKE Combine for filling: 1 cup-8 oz. pkg cream cheese 1 egg 1 3 cup sugar 1 8 tsp. salt Beat well and stir in 16 oz. pkg of semi-sweet chocolate. Batter: 11 2 cups flour 1 cup water 1 tsp. soda 1 cup sugar 1 3 cup oil 1 4 cup cocoa 1 T vinegar 1 tsp. salt 1 tsp. vanilla Mix well. Fill cups with 1 3 chocolate, batter top with tsp. cheese mixture. Bake at 350 for 30-35 minutes. You can sprinkle top with sugar and chopped nuts before baking. Makes 36. Managing an apartment on a budget requires that much effort go into the checkbook. Under Mrs. Kearn’s watchful eye, Tina Bohn throws in the ingredients for brownies. No Place Like Home If one was to walk down that far-off hall and smell the pleasant odor that arises, one may come to the conclusion that only cook¬ ing goes on down in Home Economics, but that’s not true at all! Besides cooking, stu¬ dents learn a variety of crafts that will be useful to them in their lives. There are various units in the curriculum which help students survive in the real world. Part of the curriculum deals with sew¬ ing. In that unit, students made warm-up suits. In the Child Development unit, stu¬ dents carried egg babies. During this crash course of parenting, students learned about the responsibilities associated with children. Raw eggs are used to understand how fragile babies are and how much care and attention they must receive. Along with these units are Single Living, Life Managment Skills, and Interior Housing Design. Each unit con¬ tributes to the knowledge that help students cope in the real world. In conjunction with Home Ec, the Food Services Department learns to prepare their food in the fashion of a catering business, then they cater to the faculty of Gar-Field. Besides learning how to prepare the food the students learn how to price the food. As you can see, Home Economics is not just cooking. These are all aspects as to what you will encounter in the future, when you are out on your own. 63 Laying it Out! As the master plans are drawn up and the switch is flipped, the vocational classes downstairs are in session. “Printing is an essential part of my career goals,” says Son¬ ny Little. Sonny is taking only one of the technical subjects offered in school. Draft¬ ing, printing, graphic arts, and engineering are also offered to students who are interest¬ ed in a career in some sort of architecture or printing work. These classes are an opportunity to piece together what will be tomorrows technology while learning about todays. drafting David Ripton is assured the job will be completed. BANKS AUTO PARTS 13805 Smoketown Road Woodbridge, Virginia 22193 670-3156 Alcides Lopes, Louis Pauline, Paul Thurman and Joe Bohn ask “Are you sure Richard Nixon is on a twenty dollar bill.” No matter how precise a layout may be drawn you can rest assured that one tiny error will be found by Mr. Labozzetta and it will be “back to the drawing board.” 65 The Building Blocks of Construction provides stu¬ dents with introductory experi¬ ences relating to the construc¬ tion industry. Laboratory experiences are conducted in the areas of masonry, electrical wiring, dry wall work, and basic plumbing procedures. “I really enjoy the class,” says Spiro Nomikos, “We take tests like any other class and do homework assignments but we get to put to use what we learned with the equipment.” Designing and constructing an architectual model home is used to teach land development which also teaches the student such skills as surveying and map¬ ping areas. Completion of this course will provide students with the basic skills necessary for pursuing a career in the construction industry. Tomorrow Mr. Washington watches and corrects mistakes. 66 So much equipment requires a lot of training! VIDEO BAZAAR 14206 Smoketown Road, Prince William Square Woodbridge, Virginia 22192 491-6900 or Metro 643-2400 67 Gentlemen Start Your Engines! Jesse Perrin and Beetle Bailey are two of many students who spend two hours each day learning to become auto mechanics. They work on cars donated by local groups or the citizens of the communi¬ ty. There are two prerequisites required before a student may take an Auto Mechanics II class. They are Auto Mechanics I and Power Transportation. “Students learn to operate machinery, flush radiators, rotate tires, and tune-up cars” says Jesse. Although the classes are pre¬ dominated mainly by male students Beetle Bailey thinks that “more girls should take these classes, too!” Jesse Perrin studies the mysteries of an engine block. Amhid and Billy show a novice mechanic how an engine works. Protecting your eyes with a mask is a “must” when using dangerous tools. Billy explains in great detail to his friends how he plans to repair and then enter this beauty into the Grand Frix. 69 Principal Dr. Bailey Assistant Principals Mr. Bradsher Mrs. Berry Mr. Clark Mrs. Baird Mr. Cardinale Mrs. Carr and Mrs. Chiles Mrs. Harte Mrs. Cecil Guidance Counselors Mrs. Coggin Mrs. Huntley Mrs. Fagan Mrs. Jones Mr. Fitzgerald Mr. Rampley Mrs. Harrison Mrs. Rowland Hitting the Books You walk into the room just as the teacher is telling the class that our next project is a term paper. You do two things -- panic and then head for the library. Whether it be a term paper, book report, current events, or pleasure reading, almost every student has entered the library at one time or another. The library has other resources besides books, periodicals, and microfilm. The tele¬ vision sets and VCR’s that you watch those thrilling movies on and the computers you write your basic and pascal programs on are all a part of the Audio-Visual section of the library and are manned by Mr. Wilson. “Gar-Field is the best equipped school in services and equipment,” he states. He adds that the teachers and students take very good care of the equipment and if something does break, they are very good about re¬ turning it. Bobby Campbell uses the library as a place to stop and think. Jay Baker and Terri Thompson browse through the reference books of the library in search of information for their term papers. The library doesn’t always have a serious air to it, as Josh Rivera and Sam Clubb demonstrate. Jim Boyd and Ed Macejka find the reference room very helpful in working on a worksheet for Mrs. Davies. c 72 %•» 74 “Everyone is there for one purpose, and we ail enjoy it. Earle Perez “They’re just generally aiot of fun. ”■ Christina Craig “Clubs give people a chance to do neat things they wouldn’t normally do. ”■ Beth Jakub “You become good Mends with people you otherwise wouldn ’t have spoken to. ”■ Marilyn Pugh “You can be in a group, but individual at the same time. ” ■ Maggie O’Donnell 77 Foreign Affairs 1st Row: Billy Weston, Casey Moton, Tom Martin, Mrs. EINaggar. 2nd Row: Tony Hutten, Tara McMan- amy, Christi Brown, Kathy Brown, Shirley Rivera, Alicia Dr ago, Fazalit Ali, Erin Duvall, Dean Munson. 3rd Row: Jeannie Breslin, Shaun Ruais, David Bach¬ man, Jennifer Jordon, Danielle Alsop, Zachary Rainey, Stephanie Lewis, Missy Sierk, Leslie Pitt, IS ha Le, Verena Nanni. 4th Row: David Vudragovich, Sean Martin, Andy Boyd, Mark Baker, Kent Dixon, Amy Yenyo, Jeannie Schmecht, Vannesa Pace. Jim Bahr, A bid Qureshi, Victoria Orolfo. Not Pictured: Wesley Sierk. 1st Row: Jennifer Cray era ft, Susan Ness, Joette Stewart, Steve Shurtliff, Terry Tyler, Melanie Pike, Debbie Bradley, Jennifer Sierk, Mr. Bailey. 2nd Row: Peggy Thompson, Christie Mark, Scott Hanna, Traci Cano, Richard Williams, Janet Holley, Tim Vavrina, Valerie Wilkins. 3rd Row: Caroline Maze, Steven Robinson, Arthur Kurtz, Chris Keltner, Jude Luellen, Mike Adams, James Ningen, Pat Strong, Tracy Stansill. 4th Row: Heather Harris, Victoria Nanni, Gary Imler. Maurice Jones, Chris Eiland, John Short lift, Casey Moton, Steve Brown, Shane Wil¬ liams, Scott Haak. Throughout the year, the Latin Club re¬ mains busy with a mixture of academics and fun. In the fall, members competed in the Virginia Classical League. Over ninety high schools throughout Virginia attend¬ ed, and Gar-Field students came home with awards in art and academics. David Bachman won fourth place in pen and ink drawing and eighth place in Vo¬ cabulary III. Andy Boyd won third place in sculpture Kent Dixon won fifth place in Level I Pentathlon. Brian Green won sec¬ ond place in Vocabulary IV and sixth place in Latin Oratory. Casey Moton won second place in Grammar IV. Stacy Sen- cock won first place and Kim Tate won second place in pottery. The spring is spent practicing for Certa- men, which are Latin quiz competitions held throughout Northern Virginia. The club is not without fun, though. Students “eat, drink, and be Roman” at club parties held throughout the year. Just as the Latin Club has Certamen, and the student body has It’s Academic, the German Club has “Brain Busters.” which are academic competitions held with Potomac and Woodbridge High Schools every March. Other activities included a large Christ¬ mas party on Dec. 16 and a field trip to the German Embassy in Washington, D.C. on Dec. 18. 1st Row: Leslie Kramer, Debbie Suslowicz, John Crowley. 2nd Row: Amy Brophy, Charlene Withers, Chris Emmerich, Brian Scott, Tom Filip, Greg Le- tourneau, Mrs. Watts. This year, the French club had a Christmas party. They sampled French treats, such as petit fours and bonbons. They also ate French cheese. Every year, the Spanish club tries to experience a taste of the language: they have a taco party! The food is bought with club dues and ail the members dig in. This year the club also enjoyed some Spanish culture. The club members spent a pleasant evening at the Lazy Susan Dinner Theater. They viewed “.Man of La Mancha and enjoyed some “mean cuisine. ” 1st Row: Steve Anderson, Sigrun Ortmann, Melodee Miranda, Christine Ogden, Deanna Rohrig, Mendy Barrett. 2nd Row: Danny Reedy, Tina Day, Rochelle Taylor, biidia Martinez, Greta vonWolffradt, ISha Le, Muriel Turch. 3rd Row: Lysette Heaton, Reagan Edwards, Tammy Brown, Susan Taylor, Deanna Peschka, Kathy Ellis, Dean Munson. BUFFY’S DOG SHOP Center Plaza Dale City, VA 22193 Food — Supplies — Grooming Useful Knowledge The IT’S ACADEMIC team is a group of students interested in knowing more - about everything! When the group meets, the spon¬ sors, Mrs. Cantwell and Mr. Cas- trina, call out dozens of questions about history, literature, and sci¬ ence. The questions are often tak¬ en from past IT’S ACADEMIC epi¬ sodes. The quickest and most knowledgable students are chosen to compete in the tournaments. February 7, IT’S ACADEMIC members competed on televi¬ sion. The other two schools. La Pla¬ ta High School and the national Cathedral School, ranked higher than Gar-Field. The Prince William County IT’S ACADEMIC tournament was held February 21. The competing schools were Brentsville, Stone¬ wall Jackson, Woodbridge, and Osbourn Park. Gar-Field placed 2nd. Greg Letourneau and Beth Jakub concentrate on a question at the PWC tournament. Lonnie Davis, Beth Jakub, Greg Letourneau, Gretch- en Ennett, Brian Green, Lisa Savage, Jon Palmer. cu in DC “Close-Up helps to acquaint stu¬ dents with the Federal and State governments. The club gives stu¬ dents the opportunity to meet with prominent political figures, ’’ states club sponsor Mr. Spencer. Club members meet to go over current political issues. These meetings help to prepare the members for the seminars and workshops they attend during their trip to Washing¬ ton D.C. The trip to D.C. is the dub’s main event. Schools from all over the metropolitan area attend. The Close-Up participants take part in meetings with the news me¬ dia, House of Representatives, Senate, the Defense Department, the Capitol, and the other various federal agencies. During the semi¬ nars and workshops, participants question Congressmen, officials. reporters, and lobbyists about what they do. A lot of hard work and study goes into this club by its members but they gain an indepth look at the workings of the United States federal and state govern¬ ments. The Close-Up Club is comprised of Pat Byrd, Lonnie Davis, Cindy Cross, and Mr. Spencer. The Mad Scientists ! ANIONS Most e«‘ nitrate Most co acetate chloride bromide iodide Most ca Most ca Most ca Most ca Most co sulfate chromate sulfide FORM S fSsf. wr Most an Step 1 PROBLEM Step 2 EXPERIMENT Step 3 SOLUTION | Most cation Most cations nitrate icetote roo ' Most cations Most cations Most cations chloride Most cations Most cotton NH, ‘, cotions of cations oi cations ©• Ba ? and lotions o f seep! li £otufij )mu r» O ' - VTH TWf! nions 1st Row: Fazalit AH, Dennis Ward, Brian Baughman, Pat Winemiller. 2nd Row: Diane Anderson, Tom Filip, Susanne Stubig, Aili Lyon, Jimmy Imel, Tim Riley. Best of Fortunes to the Class of ’87 BETHEM STUDIOS If someone were to attend a sci¬ ence club meeting, they would be amazed at all that the members accomplish. The club is for those students who enjoy the field of sci¬ ence and wish to learn and deal more with science. The club exposes the members and instructs them in using the computer. They try their hands at inputting and figuring problems with the computer. During other times the club members work on the fish tanks in the science de¬ partment or plan field trips. This year the favorite field trip was the visit to the FBI labs in Washington,D.C. In this tour, the students were shown places around the building that are not normally shown to the public. They were offered a chance to watch and ask questions while the FBI workers were in action. A major criteria in the science club is joining the science fair. The members spend a lot of time mak¬ ing and finding ways to present their projects. The work is all worth it if some students win the competitions and are able to go to nationals, which is held this year in San Juan, Puerto Rico. 81 Face The World! The Model United Nations Club is designed to give students an un¬ derstanding of the United Nations. Students are able to experience and participate in proceedings based on the actual United Nations. Every school that participates is assigned to two countries. Stu¬ dents research the country that they are assigned. They then learn the country ' s policies on different issues so they may become dele¬ gates for that country. The delegates go on several MUN trips during the year. They yearly attend simulations at Uni¬ versity of Virginia, Old Dominion University, and New York. The club enables the delegates to realize some of the real contro¬ versial issues of the nations today. The delegates have to put their own personal feelings aside, and stay within their country ' s policy on the issue. The main objective is to debate and compromise with the other delegates until resolu¬ tions or solutions are made. Row 1: Lisa Bushbaum , Kimmi Rhorer, Jeffrey Pat¬ ton, Wanda Ritter ,Jenny Craycraft, Tara Haney, Beth Shoop. Row 2: Chris Euler, Linda Harrison, Lonnie Davis, Tom Weston, Aimee Gibbons, Donna Shelly. Row 3: Mr. Johnson, Jason Griffon. John Rocha, John Gorkowski, Brad Bunn, Albert Stumm, Sasha Sabet, Paul Goyette, David Ripton. The president of the Model United nations club, Jeff Patton. Prince William Model UN III This year the Gar-Field Model United Nations Club hosted its third Prince William MUN simula¬ tion. Twenty different schools from around the county attended the conference. This brought a to¬ tal of220 MUN delegates, who rep¬ resented 96 countries. According to Jeff Patton, president of the club “I ' ve been a member of the club for the past three years, and every year Prince William MUN ac¬ cumulates more participants. " With the help of Old Dominion University students chairing the committees, the three day simula¬ tion went by fairly smoothly. After the long debating of the weekend, the Gar-Field delegates held a dance and award ceremony for the visiting delegates. Many of the delegates dress in their nation’s native attire. 82 History In Abundance History Club: Mandy Souders, Beth Jakub, Terri Denman, and Thomas Filip. The History Club is based on an appreciation for past years. Says 2nd year member Tom Filip, “The knowledge that’s needed to under¬ stand the future can be found through history.” The History Club’s main event of the year is History Day which is held in the spring. Students throughout the school may enter a history- related project to be judged for the Regional History Fair. Club members help set up the projects in the media center. The club went on several field trips this year, including the Air Ground Mu¬ seum in Quantico. The Culture Club is interested in fun and cultural places of interest. In the past, they have been to such places as Hew York and the Ice Capades. This school year the group went to the Lazy Susan Din¬ ner Theatre to see Man of La Mancha. Culture Club: 1st Row: Becky Stuck, Carol Money, and Kristy Tomchek. 2nd Row: Aili Lyon, Marilyn Pugh, Christine Leo, Royal Meek, Jenni Warren, and Ashley Harte. HAIR CRAFTERS FAMILY HAIR CENTER 2940 Dale Blvd., Ashdale Plaza Dale City, Virginia 83 “Without math, you can not solve the wonders of the world”. - Tom Filip Members of the Math Club must share a true love for numbers. They belong to the national associ¬ ation Mu Alpha Theta, a mathe¬ matics organization. They partici¬ pate in math contests held about every six weeks. They are spon¬ sored by the Virginia Math League. 1st Row: Patrick O’Leary, Susan Straight, David Bachman, Aiessandra Ennett, Tam Le Emily Bobus- lar, Tom Filip, Samantha Green. 2nd Row: Julie Barker, Timothy Crowley, Marion Carrigan, Terry hompson, Lisa Hegele, David Ripton, Brian Green, Nancy Jordan. 3rd Row: Darren Brain, Daniel Ro- telli, Sheila Cephas, Jon Palmer, Dean Brettle, Ca¬ sey Moton, Donald Pile. Something You Can Count On! 1st Row: Heather Mason, Tina Day, Julie Barker, Tammy Tomchek, Kathleen Jones, Beth Jakub, Hel¬ en Todd, Leslie Dietz, Patrick Winemiller, Barbie West. 2nd Row: Hung Le, Nha Le, Keith Young, Greg Letourneau, Tom Filip, Tommy Haug, Mike Lenyon, David Ripton, Samuel Benson. 3rd Row: Brian Green, Jon Palmer, Matin Zurflueh, Daniel Rotelli, Matthew Grenke, Edward Macejka,Danny Korpal, James Derderian. The Computer Club remains busy ail through the school year. The Computer Lab is open to them at least once a week to work on pro¬ grams. Every few weeks, members compete in a contest . The students write programs and answer questions about them. The club’s main event, though, is the Compatability Survey held every February. Students answer multiple choice questions about themselves. A computer matches up answers with compatible students of the oppo¬ site sex. Here’s a sample of the survey questions: 1. What do you th . a. a place to get a necessary evi 2. the following, choice? a. see a movie with friends d. 3. Is your best qi a. your appear sense of humo ability 4. What best des a. disaster are 5. When you know a secret would you: a. tell only your best friends b. tell everyone c. keep your mouth shut —would you pay most attention e cars next you most homework .outhwash reason for All The Write Stuff! Kenn Sapp, Aubrey Stallings, and Henry Kim listen critically to a submitted poem. Muriel Turch holds up a prospective piece of artwork as Mr. Sawyer looks on. The SHAMA1S, Gar-Field’s literary magazine, ca¬ ters to the student and searches for their creativity. Poets, artists, photographers, and writers may sub¬ mit their work to the SHAMAN in hopes that it will be published. “We take the best material that the stu¬ dent body submits and put it together in the best way we know,” says Brian Scott, assistant editor. 1st Row: Muriel Turch. 2nd Row: Mandy Souders, Tomicia Woodfolk, Stacy Medina, Susan Dockery, Jennifer Lee, Chet Morris. 3rd Row: Aubrey Stallings, Brian Scott, Kim McCoid, IVes Fleming, Ken Sapp, Reagan Edwards, and Mr. Sawyer ■ sponsor. Chet Morris expresses his opinion on a particular piece of writing. DALE BL VD. ANIMAL CLINIC 4203 Dale Blvd. Dale City, Virginia 22193 85 Four... In A Row Since Crew Club ' s start in 1984, the club has grown from 21 to over 60 members. Its popularity seems attributed to a combination of discipline, hard work, spirit, and fun. Says second year member Billy van Gelder, “•Crew is one of the toughest sports to stick with ... because you have to use every part of your body, including your mind. It ' s a lot of pressure on a person, but wouldn ' t miss it for all the money in the world. " Crew is strictly a team sport. Each rowing member must be synchronized to the split second with the other rowers in the shell. When it ' s not rowing sea¬ son, members work together doing homework in crew study hall or work on fund raisers. The Crew Club is not school sponsored. Each mem¬ ber must purchase their own uniform and insurance. To help pay fo the expensive equipment needed for rowing, extensive fund raisers take place throughout the year. The Gar-Field Crew Boosters Club com- prosed of parents of students in crew was formed to help raise money with such activities as candy sales, row-a-thons, and newspaper drives. All of the hard work pays off. At the many regattas the club attended last spring, the Crew Club won several awards. At the Darrell Winslow Regatta both the girls 5th eight and the JV four won first place, boys varsity four and the 4th eight each placed second. 5 crew members who work and play hard together but will always remain friends are Danielle Alsop, Angela Kirby, Jennifer Crane, Vicki Moats, and Beth Shoop. VARSITY CREW: 1st Row: Treasurer - Tim Gal la way, 1st Vice President - Beth Shoop, President - Kristin Mawanay, 2nd Vice President Bobby Campbell, Sec¬ retary - Jenny Crane. 2nd Row: Gene Nopwasky, Kurt Bolland, Jay Ziesler, Joe Cole, Sean Masciandaro, Robert Thompson, Billy van Gelder, David Rummler, Kirsta Salminen. 3rd Row: David Evans, Edsel Rivera, A.K. Leight, Matt Feeney, John Thurman, Jay Baker, Eric Stoutamyer, Ron Gosnell, Ryan Wilson, Charles Hirons. 4th Row: Laurie Noonan, Elizabeth Chase, Karen Embrey, Danielle Alsop, Angela Kerby, Crystal Henderson, Brian Gero. NOVICE CREW: 1st Row: Rhonda Watson, Caroline Gallaway, Candie Brown, Cyndi Crabtree, Tricia West, Kay Lee, Sundi Powell. 2nd Row: Jason Compy, Lisa Busch, Milly Munoz, Jalanda Norris, Sandra George, Susan Ness, Stephanie Thompson, Stephanie Breyfo- gle. 3rd Row: Noel Bishop, Karen Panzo, Rich Ewing, Christine Faulkner, Jeannie Schmecht, Paul Priebe, Danny van Gelder, Matt Morgan. 4th Row: Scott Coul- bourn, Steve Turner, Keith Lewis, Fred Fenster, Jim Bahr, Chris Galvanek, Heather Presnell, Angie Hartmann. TOP SPINNERS The Tennis Club is composed of those students who simply love the sport. The emphasis of the club is to promote interest in tennis as a recreational sport in¬ stead of a competitive sport. Members hold tennis strat¬ egy sessions, watch video tapes depicting serving, vol¬ leying, etc. to help them become better players. Intramurals are held with 4 to 6 teams of six players each competing in singles and doubles play. These com¬ petitions are for club members. However, single and doubles tournaments are held f or all interested students and faculty. As with all clubs, fund raisers are a must. Money earned by the club has been spent on refurbishing the backboards on our tennis courts, and buying a VHS for members to video tape themselves playing in order to help them critique their playing ability. Aim that racket carefully, Steve Anderson! 1st Row: Tina Day, Cindy Scifres, Stephanie Lewis, Lara Powell, Michelle Chalfant, Donna Gamboa, David Bailey. 2nd Row: Jessica Wil¬ liams, Steve Anderson, Tam Le, Alessandra Ennett, Heather Mason, Nha Le, Helen Todd, Teresa Speck, Jason Davis, Beyv Velasco. 3rd Row: Brian Green, Hung Le, Rich Farley, Julie Barker, Sammy B., Tommy Haug, Lisa Ward, Lynae Skoog, Barbi West, Nicole Pat¬ ton, Jenny Miller, Eric Davis. 4th Row: Jon Palmer, Martin Zurflueh, Tom Filip, Terri Denman, Dan Rotelli, Sean Lamb, Ed Ma- cejka, Danny Korpal, Teri Miller, JoLinda Mozisek, Denise Simcic. Kristin Mawanay, Matt Shoop, Billy Van Gelder, Jeff Tut sock, and Bobby Campbell row to victory. LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! Drama Club has a full season, putting on at least tw o plays a year, blot everyone can be a “star”, but members who do not act help with advertising, stage lighting, props, set construction, ushering, costumes, or makeup. Last Spring, the Drama Club and Choir Department combined their talents to produce the musical comedy, The Pirates of Penzance. Many people worked both on and off stage to make this the best pos¬ sible musical production of the year. In the fall, the Drama Club pre¬ sented three one-act comedies; “II- lucinations”, “Where Have All the Lightning Bugs Gone?”, and “Lone Star”. “Lone Star”, starring Greg Lowe, Wes Fleming, and Osie Brown, was selected to compete in District Competition. “What? Was that my cue?” says Doctor Rob Phin- ney as he stands with Ali Kerem, Jason Davis, and Jill Salyers. 1st Row: Jennifer Edwards, Karo Curtis, Sunday Frey, Amy Shiflett, Tara Lewis, Dawn Covington, Matt Underwood. Mendy Barre tt, Muriel Turch. 2nd Row: Danielle Buchanan, Steve Anderson, Tina Day, Hha te, Allynne Abbott, Michelle Chalfant, Heather Presnell, Pat Strong, Brian Scott, Susanne Stubig. 3rd Row: Susan Dockery, Chris Euler, Stephanie Jefferson, Kelli Sorensen, Stacy Medina, Kimmi Rhorer, Osie Brown, David Chalfant, 4th Row: Rob Phinney, Debbie Suslowiez, John Rocha, Greg Lowe, Ken Sapp, Cory Boggus, Kit Allen, Jared Vanleuven, Rich Ewing. 1st Row: Kathleen Jones, Rexanne Wright, Jason Davis, LaTricia Benefield. 2nd Row: Sarah Gresham, Haney Figueroa. Loranne Wierbinski, Teresa Speck, Lisa Busch, Trade Johnson, Shari Megill. 3rd Row: Chris Garrett, Kim Riley, Danny Reedy, Hicole Dickinson, Andrea Tidd, Marilyn Pugh, Eric Davis, Kathy Ellis, Jessica Hughes. 4th Row: Ali Kerem, Reagan Edwards, Stephanie Foster, Terri Denman, Wes Flemming, George McCoy, Jimmy Curlis, Brenda Mayes, Sheri Harrington. SHA W’S CARPETS 4144 Dale Blvd. Dale City. Va. 22193 (703) 670-9400 or (703) 680-4021 SHA W’S CARPETS Jeff Plaza Woodbridge, Va. 22193 (703) 494-1494 or (703) 690-6441 88 It’s Just A Stage We’re Going Through The Major-General’s daughters:xxxx, Rexanne Wright, Jill Salyers, Pam Werner, Cindy West, Ma¬ jor-General Dennis O ' Brian, Stephanie Foster, Mary McKelvey, Sarah Gresham, Sandra George, xxxx, Coleen Stumm. Backstage Susan Dockery helps fix Rayanne Gonza¬ lez’ costume before the play. Dennis O ' Brian sings about his life as a “Major- General. ” 89 At The Top 1st Row: Christine Ogden, Deanna Rohrig, Kristen Fite, Ron Gosnell, Tina Day, Kristen Mawanay, Melodee Miranda. 2nd Row: Jeannie Breslin, Earle Perez, Brian Green, Julie Barker, Nha Le, Greta vonWoiffradt, Nancy Jordan. 3rd Row: Tommy Martin, Patrick Winemiller, Darold Young, Jon Palmer, Donald Pile, Curtis Marshall, Tom Filip, Patrick O’Leary. in GOVERNMENT and ACADEMICS 1st Row: Kathleen Jones, Jennifer Stanek, Janet Holly, Emily Bohuslar, Beth Jakub, Christin O’Brian, Dean Munson. 2nd Row: Kim Morello, Gretchen Ennett, Audrea Wilson, Jeff Patton, Ruben Basantes, Kathy Ellis, Joette Stewart, Dean¬ na Peschka. 3rd Row: Jerry Ford, Terry Hosier, Amy Yenyo, Eric Iskra, Brad Bunn, Terri Denman, Samantha Green, Casey Moton. Welcome new members! The following new members were welcomed into the National Honor Society on January 14 : Danielle Alsop, Carena Bender, Dean Brettle, Tamara Brown, Helen Carpenter, Marion Carrigan, Michelle Chalfant, Steven Chucala, Carmen Dennis, James Derderian, Cheryl Dixon, Eliza¬ beth Dobson, Susan Dockery, Kim Dormstetter, Karen Embrey, Shawn Engle, Tracy Ferrell, Sandra George, Kevin Gutierrez, Linda Harrison, Lysette Heaton, Sandra Heckman, Lisa Hegele, Michael Hertzog, Deborah Hopson, Regina Johnson, Jennifer Kreamer, Chris Le, Hung Le, Diane Loveitt, Hayda Marquina, Suzanne McMoran, Susan Ness, Jennifer New¬ ell, Jacqueline O’Leary, Leslie Pitt, Christine Recknor, Lisa Rich, Patrice Riesenberg, Johnelle Rivera, Dan Rotelli, James Schwab, Brian Scott, Daniel Short, Priscilla Sierk, Jennifer Stanek, Richard Stockman, Susan Straight, Terry Thompson, Helen Todd, Anthony Tuggle, William Wes¬ ton, Shane Williams, Cynthia Zeunges, Martin Zurflueh. SGC (Student Government Council) members help to enhance communication between the stu¬ dents, faculty, and administration. One student is selected from each first period class to represent their class. All people who are enrolled as Gar-Field students are considered members of the council. Students with grievances or complaints may talk with their homeroom representative, who in turn will discuss the problem with Dr. Bailey. All students are eligible to attend representative assemblies and to participate on committees. SGC Officers: Marya Wright, Brian Woolfolk, and Kristen Fite. Becoming a National Honor Society member is not easy. To become a candidate, the requirements are high. Candidates must be juniors or seniors with a grade point average of at least 3.3. Each prospective member is evaluated by the Gar-Field faculty. Deci¬ sions are made based on character, leadership, and service to the school and community. Only those students who excel in all four categories are selected for membership. The club provides tutors for students who need extra help with their studies. On December 18, the Honor Society brought presents for a Toy Drop-Off. This enabled numerous needy children to receive new toys for Christmas. APPLIANCE CONNECTION 3108 Davis Ford Road Woodbridge, Va. 22192 670-3306 or 690-6363 Metro 90 ) n r HI-STEPS! • ' =e S» -4-. . . ? ' | ; S ... ! X " . _ . v . . .• , .% ■ _ ' : 1 V.? .WWW . . m 2 J tL - gnk «• » Jl V ■ I . ' r— i gS? i pm. 7s flow ; Kimberly King. Sandra Bledsoe. Joy Pennington. 2nd Row: Connie Windham. Lorie Bower. Pamela Fitzkee. Lianne Arrington. Wendy Baker, Deanna Rohrig, Emily Cunha. Jill Baldridge. Ellen Morrison. Kelly Kerrigan. 3rd Row: Mary Poczatek. Melissa Crimmins. Jodie Saunders. Winona Landry. Tammy Brown. Becky Shriver, Lisa Endy, Myrna Williams. Diana Moody. Terri Esformes, Julie Sarofim, Stephanie Massey. When the Indianettes step out during halftime or during a pep ral¬ ly, students and faculty see a group of smiting, energetic girls. It may look like the dancing and prancing is easy, yet lots of work does go into each performance. The girls have grueling work¬ outs almost everyday and must practice, practice, practice. They go over the same routine hundreds of times until they get their moves synchronized to the music. The hard work does pay off, though. Over the summer, the drill team attended Superstar Dr ill team Camp. They brought back many awards for their discipline, perfor¬ mance, and spirit. Two of the In¬ dianettes, Kimberly King and Pam¬ ela Fitzkee, were selected to perform at the Aloha Bow! in Hawaii. Indianettes line up for a performance at the Home¬ coming Game. Sophomore Becky Shriver says, “I’m ready. Start the music! " Mary Poczatek and Julie Sarofim shake it down at a pep rally. 91 3 Cheers ... for the Red, White, Blue Cheerleaders do a lot more than jump around on the football field and basketball court. Their many responsibilities keep them far more busy than Friday nights dur¬ ing the fall and winter months. First of all, cheerleaders practice at least four days a week after school. They stretch and then put in some strenuous physical and vo¬ cal exercises doing a variety of jumps, balancing pyramids, and chanting cheers. Second, cheer¬ leaders decorate players lockers, and bake goodies for the guys to show them how much they are routing for them for the next team victory. They also perform during the pep rallies. The cheerleading squads also at¬ tend summer clinics to learn new techniques, and chants. This past summer our girls won awards for spirit and performance while at¬ tending the University of Virginia cheerleading camp. “Vogue magazine? Sure you can take a picture of us!” exclaim Elena. Carla and Lisa. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS - 1st Row: April Lewis. Michiel Godwin, Elena Johnson. Wendy Motter- shead. Monica Jenkins, Lisa Drotos. 2nd Row: Elaine Madorma, Kelly Wanamaker, Jenni Senn, Diane Ondo. Natalie Grimm. Kris Flinchum, Tanya Wantz. 3rd Row: Stephanie Gayda, Hui Chi Kong, Carla Melonson, Lisa Bradford, Jenny Dieringer, Natalie Migliorini. FALL-WINTER JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEAD¬ ERS ■ 1st Row: Lisette Rios. 2nd Row: Jenny Sny¬ der, Stephanie Tiller, Jenny Giltner, Lora Bradford, Debra Navarro. 3rd Row: Jo Ann Faszcza, Cindy Grove, DeLinda Culbreth, Sheila Cephas, Deborah Hopson, Enid Imel. WINTER-SPRING JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEAD¬ ERS: Tammy Pruitt, Sabrina Iglesias, Amber Has- lacker, Donna Brown, Christine Boyce, and Deanna Davis. FRESHMEN CHEERLEADERS: 1st Row: Gail Fontil- las, Lisa Barnhill, Cindy Bowling, Donna Burrow, Vicky Sedlacek. 2nd Row: Jennifer Minutolo, Shan¬ non Jackson, Shayne Jackson, Tammy Beach. Varsity Cheerleaders Stephanie Gayda. Wendy Mot- tershead, and Natalie Migliorini cheer to the crowd. We’ve Got Spirit! How About You? Junior Varsity Cheerleaders Sabrina Iglesias and Lisette Rios watch the Homecoming Game from the sidelines. Flying High! Captain Lisa Busch and Co-Captains Beth Dobson and Glorie Rodriguez lead the flags at the Homecoming parade. “Three flags are better than one!’’ say Beverly Johnson, Lysette Heaton, and Sigrun Ortmann. All twenty-one flags are chosen the spring before school starts. Prospective flag members learn to twirl the flag for three days before the actual tryouts, in which they must perform a short routine. Flags practice during the early summer to prepare for the Dale City 4th of July parade. Once school starts, the flags work to perfect new routines. Rou¬ tines take between two and three weeks to learn. The captains must first pick out the music and invent a routine. After the rest of the squad learns the routine, the entire half-time show is rehearsed, complete with the Marching Band and Rifles. When football season is over, the Flags continue to practice in order to perform at basketball games. 1st Row: Glorie Rodriguez, Lisa Busch, Beth Dobson. 2nd Row: Sheila Jennings, Sheila Hegert, Melissa Green, Cyndi Crabtree, Dawn Bethel. 3rd Row: Gillian Hicks, Sherie Stewart, Arwen Wyatt, Melinda Barrett, Kim Bridgman, Sigrun Ortmann. 4th Row: Liz Tukey, Elizabeth Woodhouse, Erin Bunn, Wendy Rich¬ mond, Andrea Tidd, Lysette Heaton, Beverly Johnson. Lysette Heaton, Dawn Bethel, and Sheila Jennings perform at Dale City’s 4th of July parade. Bearing Arms! Tryouts for Rifles occur in the spring, before the new school year. In July, the group went to James Madison University for a five day training camp. The girls worked twelve hours a day, with breaks for lunch and dinner. They learned to spin the rifle cor¬ rectl y, and how to perform such manuevers as aerials and butterflies. When football season starts, the Rifles again work hard. They practice after school every weekday, and then perform at the half-time shows. Rachel Sutherland, Michelle Meadows, and Serife Kerem hold the flags during a half time show. Stephanie Fowkes and Tammy Hicks bow their heads during the national Anthem. 1st Row.Tammy Hicks, Michelle Meadows. 2nd Row.Brandi Kelly, Ra¬ chel Sutherland, Serife Kerem, Kelly Hicks. 3rd Row:Danette Dixon, Steph¬ anie Fowkes. 95 in THE SPIRIT! The Pep Club helps to promote school spirit and support athletics. The group coordinates with the band and cheerleaders during the football season in organizing cheers. The club also provides bus¬ es to transport students to “away” games. PERCUSSION: 1st Row: Kim McCoid, Janet Holley, Steve Weetman, Pam Schmecht. 2nd Row: Aaron Lueck, Helen Todd, Matthew Wyatt, Marc Jenner. 3rd Row: Brian Keener, Sean Masciandaro, Cecil Conley. FLUTES: 1st Row: Karen Aveni, Dana Medina, Lisa Volpe. 2nd Row: Johnell Rivera, Amy O’Daniell, Hol¬ ly King, Francine Housier, Teresa Speck, Cindy Ful- gencio. 3rd Row: Jennifer Stevens, Jennifer Jeffries, Heather Clemens, Lynda Brown, Greta von Wolf- fradt, Sonia Maine. 4th Row: Denise Mangini, Karin Eyrich, Kerry Merritt, Krys Wilson, Cheryl Schoen- born, Heather Harris. PEP CLUB: 1st Row: Matt Morgan. 2nd Row: Christinia Craig, Hayley McGrail, Shan Miller, Heather Presnell, Teresa Mathers, Mrs. Frostman. 3rd Row: Jennifer Edwards, Cathy Bryk, Stacia Taylor, Frances Reardon, Karen Panzo, Janet Held. 4th Row: Allynne Abbott, Rebecca Drake, LaWanda Benefield, Liz O’Donnell, Tina Walker, Barbie West, Nicole Patton. 5th Row: Charlene Withers, Parichati Meek, Marci Casterline, Felicia Wilburn, David Garrett, Brenda Mayes, Maggie O’Donnell. LARGE BRASS: 1st Row: Matt O ' Brien, Jennifer Stambaugh, Beverly Bachman. 2nd Row: Deanna Hutson, Jennifer Cramp, Janet Clegg. 3rd Row: Pat Wagnon, Marc Carrano, David Chalfant. TROMBONES: 1st Row: Terri Cramp. 2nd Row: Eric Brennan, D.J. Carr, Mike Johnson. 3rd Row: Todd Houston, Tim Crawley, John Crowley. 4th Row: Thad Jamieson, Matt Howard, Joel Mills. 96 “One ... Two 0 00 Ready ... MARCH!” After school has let out for the day, some students are still busy, especially during football season. The team is on the field working on passes and plays, the cheerleaders are in the gym practicing pyra¬ mids, and the Marching Band is moving across the student parking lot. Drum Majors Allison Wheeler, and Robert Doyle are essential to the Marching Band. SAXES AND LOW WOODWINDS: 1st Row: Mary Lepper, Kenny Spencer, Eddie Brown, Ritchie String¬ er, Jeff Brown. 2nd Row: Joanne Dick, Michelle Disse, Jerry Ford, Jimmy Curlis, Nidia Martinez, Neill Costello. The Marching Band practices Monday thru Thursday during foot¬ ball season. According to Mr. Shrumm, one of G-F’s band in¬ structors, new members only need a few hours to learn to march. Af¬ ter students learn basic marching fundamentals, they learn the mu¬ sic, and finally the intricate march¬ TRUMPETS: 1st Row: Cliff Jordan, Josh Wall, Eric Davis, Brian Silvis, Ryan Holmes. 2nd Row: Brenda Robison, Butch Trowbridge, Matt Young, Dennis Halman, Greg Ondo, Chris Becht. ing formations accompanied by the music. Oh yes! And then, the band must coordinate with the Ri¬ fles, Flags, and Indianettes so they do not bump into each other on the field during the half time perfor¬ mance. All of this takes practice, practice, and more practice so one, two, ready, MARCH! Jimmy Curlis plays that sax. The band prepares to play. CLARINETS: 1st Row: Cathy Davis, Christine Ev¬ ans, Jeannine Breslin, Ann Jebram, Anita Prasch, Monica Rodriquez. 2nd Row: Michelle Cash, Alexan¬ dra Lucero, Shannon Wheeler, Tracy Middleton, Robin O’Brien, Greg Leo. 3rd Row: Cheryl Pickett, Laura Walters, Diane Loveitt, Susan Straight, Tara Rainsberger, Caroline Maze. 97 VICA (Vocational Industrial Clubs of America) is composed of students enrolled in Cosmotology, Printing, Electronics, Drafting, Auto Mechanics, ICT, and Construction. Besides learning a trade that will be useful after graduation, some members sell fruit, sponsor shows, and compete in the Olympics! VICA’s main fundraiser begins in December. Mem¬ bers sell large boxes of oranges, tangelos, and grapefruit. The money raised helps pay for their club activities. Last spring, the Auto Mechanics division sponsored their 1st Annual Car Show in conjunction with Potomac and Woodbridge high schools. In the spring, VICA members compete in VICA Olympic Skill. This is a district competition where students must show their skills in selected catego¬ ries. District winners then compete in the state competition. VICA COSMETOLOGY 1st Row: Elaine Checkon and Charlene Tutsock. 2nd Row: Ms. Vickers, Patricia Kibler, Irene Ryan, Joyce Soderstrom and Tamara Williams. VICA AUTO MECHANICS I 1st Row: Daniel Reedy, Denise King, Heather Brine- gar, and Christopher Turner. 2nd Row: Christopher Tenney, Mark King, George Terrell, Richard Scott, Roger Farrow, Thomas Garrett, and Mr. Dew. VICA AUTO MECHANICS II 1st Row: Richard Harrell, Anthony Bailey, Jesse Perrin, Jay Kline, Martin Askew, Thomas Curran, and Mr. Dew. 2nd Row: Kevin Stanford, Lee Mako- landra, David Albertson, Kenneth Farish, William Blanton, Thomas E. Martin, Imtenan Saeed, Eric Ktotter, and Steven Verburg. 3rd Row: Christopher MacDuff, George McCoy, and James Moore. 98 VICA PRINTING 1st Row: Talisa Fuller, Tara Peatross, Lara Jordan, Robert OBrien, Ronald A vey, and David Hall. 2nd Row: Lee Makolandra, Michael Casteel, Matthew Co¬ sand, and Christopher Affeldt. Not Pictured: Joseph Bohn, Tony Harris, Alcides Lopes, Mark Merritt, Kirk Page, Louis Pauline, Steven Spedden, and Paul Thurman. VICA ICT 1st Row: Joseph Bohn, Anna Miller, Victoria Fissell, Anthony Bailey, Jennifer Ekren, and Lisa Jenkins. 2nd Row: Billy Old ridge, Jesse Briscoe, William Wil¬ liams, Anthony Scalia, and Ernest Jones. 3rd Row: Thomas Garrett, Michael McClelland, James Jones, Steven Miller, and Michael Akers. VICA ELECTRONICS 1st Row: Barry Ford, Matthew Bethea, Michael Gra- num, David Garrett, Michael McClelland, and Michael DeStephanis. 2nd Row: Billy Oldridge, Dean Pellegrini, and Andrew Wilson. 3rd Row: Butch Trowbridge, Kirk Carlson, Robert Ritenour, Sean McAllister, Micheal Gunn, and David Clemens. 4th Row: Richard Midyette and Charles Carlson. 5th Row: Michael Hustwayte, Jesse Taylor, Scott Ber- tetti, and Thomas Doran. mm 99 Working For The Future Students currently enrolled or formerly enrolled in industrial arts courses are eligible to join the In¬ dustrial Arts Club. The club is de¬ signed for those students who wish to do extra work and further their skills. Through the guidance of the sponsor, Mr. Metis, the members build numerous projects. They then go on to compete with other industrial arts students in Region¬ al, northern Virginia, State, and National competitions. INDUSTRIAL ARTS:lst Row: Rick Pennock, Matt Baumgarten, Yancey Kessler, Vann Sayasithsena. 2nd Row: Steve Kurtz, Adam Schieffelin, Robhy Campbell, Dave Payne, Mr. Metis. DRAFTING: Stan Poczatec, David Rummler, John Ondo, John Heller, Thomas George, Colin Goodrich, Tim Fitzwater, John Svienty, Tim Swarthout, Marty Underwood. TOO Let DECA Do It! Francoise Blais and Terri Opauski prepare back- stage for the 1986 Spring Fashion Show. The Spring Fashion show is a major highlight of the DECA club. The fashion show, which is held each year, enables club members to exhibit what they have learned during the school year with re¬ gards to distributive education. Lo¬ cal merchants provide apparel and accessories to the show. It is then the responsibility of the DECA members to piece together the merchandise and plan out the Mia cues or anerca GAR-FIELD Jennifer Kinzinger, Monica Wright, Monica Burruss, Michelle Chalfont, and Suzanne Habbert in West Virginia. 1st Row: Alicia Brown, Elisa Thomas, LaSondria Pitts, Annette Bender, Carolyn Shoop, Kelly Ahern, Michiel Godwin, Stephanie Moyer, Lori Hanna. 2nd Row: James Thrackmortan. Kathy Gardner, Laura Craig, Suzanne Russell, Wendy Baker, Shel Taylor, Karrie Cull, Kelly Turner, Kelley Hoff. 3rd Row: Pam¬ ela Fitzkee, Joy Pennington, Julie Sarofin, Jolie Mul- linax, Michelle Babcock, Arlita Hines, Linda Rob¬ erts, Shirt Nuckols, Betty Jo Lacy, Tom Pitrucci. 4th Row: Sarah Blais, Cheryl Weston, Lenoie Scroggins, Tonya Matthews, Kia Marshall, Cheryl Beighlea, Steven Bryant, Christie Adams, Kelly Lavey, Jodi Grose. 5th Row:Donna Shelly. Terry Opauski, Dianna Moody, Sheryl Davis. show. All of the modeling, chore¬ ography, and promotion is pro¬ duced and performed by the club members. Last spring, the theme for the fashion show was “Around the World in a Day“. The show, held May 1st, included fashion catego¬ ries such as beach wear, formal wear, lounge wear, and career wear. Several of the faculty mem¬ bers (Mr. Murphy, Mr. Roadcap, Mr. Washington, Mr. Courtney, Ms. Shacklette, Ms. Piccolo, Ms. Ver- burg) participated in the event to show off their own modeling ability. 1st Row: Michelle Chalfant, Suzann Habburt, Jenni¬ fer Kinzinger. Monica Burruss, Monica Wright. 2nd Row: Dana Cooper, Julia Hanson, Jocelyn Skifton, Lisa Noonan, Amy d ' Oliveira, Christie Perkins, Dana Caddy. Laura Hicks, Angela Ford. 3rd Row: Andrea Witzgall, Sandra Rodriguez, Danielle Buchanan, Ke¬ vin Stanford, Suzette Brown. Katherine Harnest, Mi¬ chelle Pratt, Beverly Velasco. Michelle Boffman, Lisa Hendrick. 4th Row: Wayne Harrod, Cindy Dick- hete, Mary Poczatek, Mike Ferguson, HuiChi Kong, Chris Turner, Tracey Cross, Michelle Fulcher, Ceda Shoop, Debbie Suslowicz The four purposes of DECA (Dis¬ tributive Education Clubs of Amer¬ ica) are vocational understanding, civic consciousness, social intelli¬ gence, and leadership develop¬ ment. All of these are promoted during the year, but before the DECA Club can actually begin ac¬ tivities, club officers must be elect¬ ed. The officers are then required to go on an officers training trip held in the mountains of West Vir¬ ginia in October. The purpose of the two day re¬ treat is to gather ideas and come up with an itinerary for the club during the year. Club officers brought home several awards, in¬ cluding Best Pester, Runner-up Pumpkin, and Best Overall Activi¬ ty Plans. 101 Helping With Health Care! HOSA (Health Occupations Stu¬ dents of America) is made up of students enrolled in Licensed Prac¬ tical Nursing. Part of the National HOSA Creed states, “I Believe that through education l will be able to make the best the greatest use of my skills, knowledge, and experi¬ ence in order to become a contrib¬ uting member of the health care team and the community. ” HOSA follows the creed by helping ACTS. They donated toys during Christmas, and held a canned food drive in the spring. The collected goods go to the less fortunate of the area. Beverly Johnson, Mrs. Besch, Karen Trott, Delia Rozas, Becky Sealset, Janet Humphrey, Cherie Gibson, Sheila Bowen, Emilia Cunha, Sharon Zeets, Jacqueline Cross, Tracy Grose, Kim Tate, Rebekah Reger, Jean Heldreth.Hot Pictured-.Cheryl Belk, Kelly Hicks. FAMILY COUNSELING CENTER 4326 Dale Blvd.,Suite 6 Woodbridge, VA 22193 (703) 670-5738 Make Your Fortune! p ' 4 «• ■ t F,, Qk yf-j i|§ , 1st Row: Rae Boyd, Emily Bohuslar, Lynn Verity, Christin O ' Brian, Rachelle Gable, Cindy Cross, Fran- coise Blaise, Sean Mulhern. 2nd Row: Jason Compy, Mauricia Smith, Matt Grenke, Shari Megill, Anissa Vanderhoof, Susan Conley, Jenny Withers, Jeanne Hill, Tiffany Fairweather. 3rd Row: Trade Johnson, Felicia Wilburn, Enid Imel, Katie Walcroft, Tammi Krieling. Officers Rachelle Gable, Emily Bohuslar, Christin O ' Brian, Debbie Long, and Michelle Stephens at G- F’s activity fair. FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) is a club in which only students enrolled in a business-ori¬ entated class or who have complet¬ ed a business class may join. FBLA is based on a plan encom¬ passing financial activities, leader¬ ship and promotional functions, business knowledge and skills, so¬ cial awareness, and school service. The club participated in numer¬ ous projects this year. The mem¬ bers held a penny count entitled Project ASK. Students brought in pennies to raise money for the As¬ sociation for the Prevention of Childhood Cancer. Club members raised $688.00 during the project. For Thanksgiving, members col¬ lected canned food to make a bas¬ ket for a needy family in Wood- bridge. The leftovers, over 300 cans, were sent to ACTS. For Christmas the club mem¬ bers participated in bell-ringing for the Salvation Army. The students rang at Potomac Mills Mall during the Christmas holidays. The FBLA members sold Christmas cookies as a fundraiser used to replenish club funds and raised a total of $450. 103 Lending A Helping Hand! John Pope, Emily Cyr, Bridget Pine, Amy O’Daniel, Holly King, Christine Hatter, Julie Wise, Jennifer Craycraft, Mr. Darrough. The Key Club is a service organi¬ zation helping to improve the com¬ munity. They are sponsored by the Woodbridge Kiwanis Club. Key stands for Kiwanis Educates Youth and their motto is “We Build.” Citizenship is very impor¬ tant to the Key Club. Projects in¬ clude helping with Red Cross Bloodmobiles, lowering the school flag, and working to improve the school grounds. 1st Row: Tracey Erving, Prudence Sanders, Heather Brinegar, Denise King, Lakita Sneed, Elisa Thomas, Demetria Jett. 2nd Row: Dionne Carter, Tracey Price, Cynthia Rouleau, Laura Taylor, Nicole Wood, Steve Anderson, Lana Powell, Stephanie Lewis, Bev¬ erly Velasco. 3rd Row: David Vudragovich, Melissa Self, Kim Price, Pam Jones, Vicki Willett, Tamyra Peters, Tina Belmo, Eric Davis, Donna Gamboa. 4th Row: Troy Mickins, Lenore Scroggins, Songia Wash¬ ington, Jackie Carter, LaShune Morgan, Beth Kerscher, Sibyl Carter, Sandra Blackett, Michelle Boffman, Jacqueline McNeill, Felicia Wilburn. Ring-a-Ling went the bells for the Salvation Army on November 29. There was only one difference be¬ tween that ring and the rings of any other day. The G-F Leo Club were ringing the bells. Ringing bells for the Salvation Army is only one of many service projects that the Leo Club does each year. Each Tuesday after school, the members take time to help retarded children with their bowling. This involves telling the young children when it is their turn to bowl, keeping score, tying shoe laces , and zipping jackets. The Leo Club also does other work with the retarded citizens. In April they at¬ tend the Special Olympics and pro¬ vide moral support for the compet¬ itors. In the Fall, Leo Club members collect canned food for ACTS (Action in Community Through Service), the food is sent to needy families throughout the county. 104 In the Teen Counseling program. Ju¬ niors and Seniors provide positive role models for fifth and sixth graders. About every two weeks counselors go to differ¬ ent elementary schools for the sessions. The sessions focus mainly on drug use and peer pressure. Self-esteem, smoking, health, shoplifting, and cheating are also discussed. The counselors make the most of their time with the kids. They perform skits and play games relating to the ses¬ sion topic. Children admire and relate to high school students more than parents and teachers. “One of the advantages of teen counseling is that the kids have to look inside themselves for answers and there¬ fore get to know themselves a little bet¬ ter, ” says teen counselor Kathy Ellis. 1st Row: Melissa Parmelee, Ron Gosnell. Shelia Jennings. Jenny fiewell, Erin Roth. Anissa Vanderhoof, Lara Mcfiana- mey. 2nd Row: Carla Tomasino, JoLinda Mozisek. Marya Wright, Susan Straight. Kimberly Trotman. Laureen Bil¬ lingsley, Francine Smith, Greta vonWolffradt. 3rd Row: Hel¬ en Carpenter, Shelia Essey, Aimee Gibbons, Kim Morello, Shirley Rivera. Melissa Green, Beth Dobson, fiha Le, Tina Day. 4th Row: Tir.a Polla, Sandra George, Amy Yenyo, Brad Bunn, Eric Iskra, Shelia Cephas, Kristen Terry, Rhonda Thomas. Kimmi Rhorer. 1st Row: Kathy Breslin, April Lewis. Ellen Morrison. Elena Johnson. Missy Sierk. Muriel Turch. 2nd Row: Billy Weston. Rhonda Quezaire, Terri Esformes, Joy Pennington, Myrna Williams, Marilyn Pugh. Shari Hart. 3rd Row: Sandra Black¬ ett. Audrea Wilson, Gretchen Ennett. Kathy Ellis, Kurt Bol- land, Cindy Grove, Wendy Richmond, Chris Reck nor, Felicia Wilburn. 4th Row: Daniel Ackerman, Kimberly King, Brian Green. Jeff Patton. Terry Denman, Samantha Green, Jessi¬ ca Hughes, Jennifer Kreamer. Vickie Orolfo, Chrissy Bur- rage, Kay Lee. SADD (Students Against Drunk Driv¬ ing) is a nationwide group representing those teens who are against drinking alco¬ hol while driving. The dub spreads to the public the dangers of drunk driving. “We help protect innocent bystanders from be¬ ing hurt or killed by drunk drivers,” says vice-president Trina Davis. SADD’s main activities occur in the late Spring. Bumper stickers and buttons claiming “I cruize without booze” are passed out to the student body the week before prom. SADD groups nationwide try to get the message across, “Don’t drink and drive.” 1st Row: Trina Davis, Dawn Ricketts. 2nd Row: Rhonda Watson, Tabatha Anderson, Vickie Scott, Carla Green. 3rd Row: Donnie Sketo, Tiffanie Fairweather, Frances Reardon, Dawn Davies, Mr. Robinson. 4th Row: Jennifer Hamilton, Vanessa Pace, Rebecca Drake, Shannon Twine. 105 Eric Davis, a sophomore during last year ' s soccer season, approaches the ball for a hard kick. SPOR TS Why play? Can contact sports be too much fun? ATHLETES TELL ALL Since the beginning of re¬ corded history, sports have been an important part of civilized life. The ancient Greeks started the tradition of the Olympic games as a tribute to their gods. Now, the Olympics are a tribute to athletic skill and talent throughout the world. Currently, students par¬ ticipate in thirteen official sports and one unofficial (not school sponsored) sport. Each athlete has his own personal reason for playing his particular sport. From indoor track to golf to varsity football, literally hundreds of students play sports for hundreds of reasons. " I play because I love it,” says senior Kathy Ellis. " Why else would anyone play? Volleyball is a great game to be in because it ' s fast moving and always exciting.” Sophomore Sean Mas- ciandaro has different rea¬ sons. " It’s excellent condi¬ tioning and training. ” he says about Crew. Crew is the sport of rowing, usually in eight-man hulls, and is an unofficial sport in Prince William County. The school cannot sponsor Crew be¬ cause it is a water sport and the insurance rates would be too high. Sean continues, " It’s never boring. We row on the Occoquan River and if you get tired of looking at the back of the guy in front of you, you can watch the beautiful scenery go by. ” Naturally, to balance out athletics, there is academ¬ ics. Some students have trouble balancing the two and some don’t. The issue is one of setting priorities straight and going from there. " To me, soccer is only a sport, kind of like a hobby, ” says senior Karin Richards. " I like it but it doesn’t con¬ trol my life. ” Fellow senior Barbie Sprinkle comments, " Aca¬ demics is the most impor¬ tant thing, but given the choice between studying and playing I’d pick playing any day. ” Neither academics nor sports controls varsity foot¬ ball and basketball player Danny Raines’ life. " My number one priority is God,” Danny says. " He has always been the most im¬ portant thing in my life. ” Of course, athletic ability is foremost in all sports. Without talent and skill, the teams would suffer at the hands of other district teams. " In a way, it does come naturally,” says Bernie Dombrowski, quarterback for the JV football team. " But it improves because I enjoy working to better it. ” Beth Dietz, soccer player, agrees. " The older I get, the more have to work at it. It seems now that kids start Dean Munson shows his skill the plate. younger and play longer. They also seem to have bet¬ ter coaches than I did at their age. ” Money is a primary prob¬ lem asset for all sports. There are many opinions, fair and unfair, of the athlet¬ ic funding situation for county sports. Some of the " minor” sports, such as soccer, vol- " I play because love it. Why else would any¬ one play? Volleyball is a great game to be in be¬ cause it’s fast-moving.” -- Kathy Ellis leyball, and tennis receive little money for equipment. " We used to use old bas¬ ketball uniforms. The uni¬ forms we have now are three years old,” says Kathy. " We’ve had leftover uni¬ forms a long time,” adds Karin. Watching the defense, Danny Raines takes a break. 107 Back: Jim Miller. Rich David. Joe Crespo. Brian Wickum. Mark Parker. Brian Feeney. Jeff Ash. Middle: Joe Portell, Todd Wickum, Robbie Reese. Allan Vic¬ tor. Troy Hetrick. Dean Munson, Chris Potvin. Front: Robert Seeley, Todd Swisher, Chris McCarthy. Robert Seeley, Joe Crespo, and Brian Feeney, take time out to scrutinize a call. Brian Feeney rolls up his sleeves to do some serious swating. Robert Seeley joins the ranks of the few that crossed the plate for Oar-Field last year. 108 7-Eleven Well, what can one say, 1986 was not a major year for Boys Varsity Baseball. The season was an on-off experience with wins here and loses there. Overall, Boys Varsity Baseball had seven wins and eleven loses. Although this may not seem like an average to jump-up and scream about, this record still is a respectable one. During the past season Coach Labozetta led his team on to victory against Lake Braddock, North Stafford, Osborn Park, James Wood, and Potomac though they had some losses. This just proves the old saying that " you win some and you lose some . " Jeff Ash sits with his glove streched out; he’s ready for the call of strike. Third baseman Troy Hetrick, stands ready for the expected ground ball. G-F , Opponent: 6 Potomac 9 3 Lake Braddock 1 4 Bishop O ' Conn el 8 6 Fauquier to 6 North Stafford 4 2 Stonewall 3 10 Osbourn Park 3 2 Stafford 8 4 James Wood 3 5 Woodbridge 13 9 Potomac 8 4 Fauquier 15 13 North Stafford 4 5 Stonewall 4 12 Osbourn Park 9 5 Stafford 12 3 James Wood 6 5 Woodbridge 13 7 - II Overall 6 - 10 District Ready to catch the ball for the double-play stands Dean Munson. Robert Seeley gives extra effort as he runs towards home. Charlie Hundley Billy Wood Mike Dittmer Mike Ferguson Richie Hartman Gavin Young One at a Time The situation looked terrible, but the best games became reality when they played them one at a time. Gar-Field entered the field facing the massive blue and gold attack of the Os¬ bourn Park Yellow Jackets. The Indians were predicted to lose and were without several key players. Little did the Yellow Jackets know that they were about to be rudely surprised. " When things looked the worst , " said Coach Zimmerman, " we played our best . " The overall mental atti¬ tude of the team was much stronger than teams of the past. The mental growth in¬ creased their performance and the team felt and react¬ ed as one. Jay Harris The leadership of the team was greatly affected by the returning juniors and seniors. Their ability to overcome adversity and " When things looked the worst, we played our best. " - Coach Zimmerman. learn from their mistakes helped the younger players to adjust their skills to the expertise of varsity competi¬ tion. Steve Thompson The game against Wood- bridge showed Gar-Field soccer at one of it ' s finest moments. Gar-Field went ahead early by two goals, but due to injuries to several of their players Woodbridge had the opportunity to come back. Woodbridge tied the game in the final minutes of the game. Senior Shane Smith said, " Woodbridge had to tie us . " As in the past, this years team gave every game ev¬ erything they had. They played every minute of ev¬ ery day possible to make this season the best in the history of Gar-Field. Gus Zaldana Tim Russell, Manager in Dana Cooper Susan Brannan Kim Sunderland Beth Dietz Leah Snediker Jennifer Kinzinger TKl Susan Taylor hustles to get the ball away from Gar-Field ' s goal in action against Osbourn Park. Karin Richards Anne Simmon Cheryl Collins Michelle Cash we!I 112 Barbara Tyson Susan Taylor Samantha Green Tammy Jung Coach Mickle Sullivan Christie Davis 113 After receiving a pass. Frank Zane sets up a touch-and-go with a teammate. The Long Kick It was a season of change for the freshjunior varsity team. They went totally against the J. V. philosophy, the philosophy that junior varsity is to teach the players the game and prepare them for varsity play. " This was my first J. V. team that could already play the game . " stated Mr. Aleo. Most had played in community or church soccer leagues and arrived with basic skills and raw talent. Coach Aleo was able to advance to the finer points of soccer quicker than in the past seasons. The goal for the season was to improve the team consid¬ erably and come out on top against at least one of Gar- Field’s rival schools. " We really wanted to kill Wood- bridgesaid then-sophomore Eric Davis. Coach Aleo said of the team, " They played four excep¬ tional games, but the last final hopeful victory against Woodbridge wasn’t reality.’’ BACK: Coach Aleo. John Lingefelt, Brian Green. Pat Castle, Mike Hood. Buffy Barfield. David Castell, Paul Paul Parker kicks the ball away af- Sanford, Jason Weber MIDDLE: Jan Pederson, Frank Zane, Eric Davis, Joey Witzgall, Dominic Bianchini. Jody ter a spectacular save. Hart FRONT: Paul Parker, Scott Honeycutt 115 Terry Hosier was just as good on offense as defense. Fast Pitch Season With many talented players, and the ability to make it happen, this team set the pace with a fast pitch season. Gar-Field was lead by an outstanding group of players. The Girls Varsity Softball Team defeated Potomac for the first time in four years. James wood entered the Commonwealth Districts and by the end of the season James Wood and Gar-Field were tied for second place. Gar-Field had to travel to James Wood to place for the District Tournament, losing 6-2 in a hard fought battle. The team elected Pat Burian as Most Valuable Player, Alicia Drago as Most Improved, Debbie Long as Best Offensive Player, and Terry Hosier as Best Defensive Player. Sliding into home plate, Debbie Long shows us the determination that earned her the title of Best Offensive Player. Linda Clure concentrates on her throw. i I 116 Voted Best Defensive Player. Terry Hosier played to the best of her ability. G-F Opponent 2 Potomac 6 13 Fauquier 5 5 North Stafford 0 6 Stonewall 0 12 Osbourn 3 4 James Wood 8 5 Deep Creek 4 4 Indian River 3 10 Stafford 5 10 Woodbridge 1 7 Potomac 5 2 Fauquier 3 8 North Stafford 3 5 Stonewall 2 8 Osbourn 3 6 Stafford 8 2 James Wood 1 7 Woodbridge 5 Front Row: Patti Burian, Barbie Sprinkle. Alicia Drago. Dana Caddy. Tricia Walker. Middle Row: Tracey May. Cary Bender, Chrissy Porter. Linda Clure. Back Row: Rosita Espin. Terry Hosier. Coach Jones. Fran Spasoff. Tracey Hyman. Michelle McClure. Debbie Long, Lara Powell. Tricia Walker swings into action in the first game against Potomac. 117 Janine Chuday Sabrina Stamper Renee Washington Jill Shreve Michelle Blackwell Denise Breen Kristie Tomchek Kathy Saplak Laura Chavez j ' S . v . j » ■ ’ ' ■ ■ ' -s i- ' v -- r? Theresa Lewis Julie Manning Kathy Hart Dina McCarthy Jennie Carlson Millie Aspillaga Art abundance of talent and the development of a winning attitude led the Girls Junior Varsity Softball Team to their seven-win , four-loss season. Strength and depth in the pitching staff allowed an experi¬ enced infield to perfect their defensive Neece Rawlinson skills. " Power at the plate " is the only way to describe the team that scored 170 runs in one season. I 118 Travis Schaney Jeff Smith Richard Alvarado Mark Domenick Chris Ondo Danny Short Chris Bachman Eric Lambert Mike Porter Glory Days John Majeski Kevin Higgins Clarence Fowler Jack Martin Danny Bickford Ricky Dickhute No. seed Nha Le returns a shot at the net. Nha won all of her matches in the 1986 season and went on to state competition in doubles. Heather Mason, no. 2 seed, follows through on her serve. Heather also played in doubles com¬ petition as Nha’s partner. CHAMPS! As separate tennis players, se¬ niors Nha Le and Heather Mason made up part of the elite of the 1986 Girls Tennis team. Both had successful seasons, Le going un¬ defeated in regular season play, and Mason losing only three times. What paid off best for these two outstanding athletes, howev¬ er, was not an individual effort. Nha and Heather were also Gar- Field ' s top doubles team. " We play well together , " said Heath¬ er. " I always knew where she was even if I couldn ' t see her. " Throughout the season they won match after match, soundly beating top doubles teams from our rival schools. At season’s end, they had earned the titles of District and Regional Champions and the right to travel to Chesa¬ peake for State competition, where they would face the best girls doubles teams from VA. Donna Gamboa goes airborne to return a long ball. For extra power, Lara Powell leans into an overhand serve. Freshman Denise Simcic. definately one of the younger team members, " gets down” to chase a low shot. Lisa Ward, a junior seeded at number three, looks to the sideline and Coach White for ad¬ vice and support. 120 GIRLS SLAM HOME THE SEASON With awesome talent! To say that the 1986 Girls Tennis Team had a successful season would be one of the larger understatements of recent history. As a team, Gar-Field lost to only one school during the season. Led by seniors Nha Le and Heather Mason as well as juniors Lisa Ward and Donna Gamboa, the girls man¬ aged to beat all the teams that mean anything when playing against Gar- Field. Woodbridge, Potomac. and Os¬ bourn Park all fell to the onslaught of tennis balls and rackets when they came to visit the Indians. Filling up the ranks of a relatively young team were many talented play¬ ers, including junior Lara Powell. Lara helped the team in many ways, losing some but winning several key matches for her school. " I spent some of the season with an ankle problem I got during the summer at basketball camp, " Lara said. " It really hurt my performance for a while but I was 100% by the end of the season. " " I really love to play tennis, " said number-four seed Donna Gamboa. " I practice all the time and I ' ve gotten better since last year. " Improving their game seems to be one of the more important goals for the girls to have. Coach Nancy White has coached the team since its start eight years ago. Being the only coach, she has a unique perspective on the outlook of the Coach Nancy White team. The team has developed over the years, both athletically and as a family-style unit. Before every match, the girls quiet down, stand in a circle, and hold hands. Everything gets quiet around them, even opponent teams. Then one of the girls or Mrs. White leads the rest of the girls in a short prayer. " We ' ve always done it, " said Mrs. White. " One day before a match one of the girls asked if we could pray. We’ve done it ever since. " " We’re a sort of a family, " Mrs. White continues. " If one or two of the girls has a problem, we all try to help out in any way we can. " This family attitude extends well past the end of the season. The girls continue to " hang around " with each other and dose friendships develop over the course of two or three years. " They’re great people, " says fresh¬ man Denise Simcic. " Even though this is my first year on the team. I feel like a part of them already. I’m really look¬ ing forward to next year. " FRONT . Stephanie Lewis. Beverly Velasco. Tina Day, Lara Powell, Lisa Ward. MIDDLE Tam Le. Jessica Williams, Denise Simcic, Donna Gamboa. Jennifer Miller. Cindy Seif res. BACK . Michelle Chalfant. Lynae Skoog. JoLinda Mozisek, Nha Le. Terri Miller, Heather Mason. 121 Mike Kocherans Apollo Baytan Sean Lamb Tommy Bloxton Apollo Baytan smashes an overhead shot at his opponent. Scott Brown concentrates on a basic shot. Greg Wilson Richard Farley Phi! ieteller Tommy Haug Mike Kocherhans leans back to get a ball headed for the fence. Sean Lamb charges the ball to put the shot away. 123 Meeting the Challenge Warming up for the meet, Troy Cheatham, flies for victory. Mark Miller and Dean Pellegrini check their equipment before their jump for Gar-Field and their own personal records. Pushing the body to the limit, Chris Galloway streches for the finish line. 124 BACK ROW: Sean Lewis, Kerry Merritt, Pat Cooper, James Little, AH Kerem, Juan Peoples. William Powell, Glenn Baucom, Chris Dunn, Craig Galloway, David Washington, Tom Filip, John Gor- kowski, Jim Derderian. Mark Miller, Pat Bowman. Ken Clark, Allen Wilson MIDDLE ROW: Mike Johnson. Andrew Gibbons. Jamie Ningen, Dennis Cross. Casey Moton, Brandon Harris, Brian Mulhern, Sean Bennett, John Pope. Albert Stumm. Chris Galloway FRONT ROW: Pat Byrd, Victor Horne, Joe Brazil. Matt Morrow, Brian Wool folk, Kurt Lewis. Sasha Sabet. Greg Rawlinson, Trent Edwards, Major Galloway Coach Hoy reads rules and regula¬ tions of the meet as Mark Miller, Craig Galloway, Pyam Zeraathany, and others listen intently. Andre Clarke launches the discus in a meet against North Stafford. BACK ROW: Jennifer Trace. Karla Stanley. La wand a Benefield. Kish a Town. Deshanta Hannah, Ruby Crenshaw. Emily Bohuslar. Sharalyn Tennis, Tawana Bullock, Debbie Baylor. Mia Burton, Hope Pickett MID¬ DLE ROW: Nene Thompson. Natalie Grimm, Cindi Tucker. Helen Car¬ penter, Lynae Skoog. Yolanda Covington, Susan Moats. Cristell Soder- strom FRONT ROW: Kristin Richards, Sundi Powell. Amy Yenyo, Gina , Christine Sanchez, Trisha Street It ' s All a Matter of Timing With only one runner returning from the 1985 Boys Varsity Cross Country Team, this years members be¬ came very competitive to earn a spot on the squad. To conclude the season Tom Brandt, Joe Brazil, Pat Byrd, Ken Chase, John Pope. David Presnell, and Albert Stumm represented Gar-Field at the District meet. Tom Brandt was the only runner to qualify for the Regional and State meets placing seventh and twenty-fifth respectively. Plagued with injuries, the girls team spent the season trying to recover. Newcomer Mary Karis led the team to an eighth place finish in the District meet. The slogan " T.A.S. " meaning tough and strong " was adopted by the team. Due to the teams ' competi¬ tive spirit and determination the slo¬ gan was very fitting. The injuries, the pain, nothing could stop this team from having the best season possible. BOYS DISTRICT TEAM: Top Row: John Pope, Joe Brazil. Tom Brandt. Ken Chase, Albert Stumm. Tom Filip is on his way in the three-mile race at Front Row: David Presnell, Pat Byrd, David Washington. the U.V.A. Invitational. 126 Tom Brandt fights for the lead at the University of Virginia Invitational. The Cross Country Team consisted of Mark Baker, Eric Beale, Pat Bowman, Tom Brandt, Joe Brazil, Pat Byrd, Ken Chase, Jim Derdarian, Tom Filip, Troy Fontillas, Patrick Hogeboom, Allan McConnell, Matt Morgan, Jamie Nin gen. John Pope, David Pres n elI, Danny Reedy, Albert Stumm, David Vudragovich, David Washington, Kenni Allen, Heidi Clark, Janice Derder¬ ian, Karen Derderian, Jennifer Green, Samantha Green, Marie Karis, Teresa Lewis, Hope Pickett, Sundi Powell, Kris Richards, and Cristell Soderstrom. John Pope, David Presnell, Joe Brazil, Albert Stumm, and Pat Byrd prepare to run at the District meet. 9 6 86 Judges Classic 9 13 86 James Wood Invitational 9 7 86 Quad-Meet at Gar-Field 9 24 86 Tri-Meet at Stafford 9 27 86 George Mason Invitational 10 86 Tri-Meet at Stonewall 10 4 86 U.V.A. Invitational 10 8 86 Tri-Meet at N. Stafford 10 11 86 Open 10 18 86 Georgetown Prep 10 23 86 Districts 11 1 86 Regionals 11 8 86 State GIRLS DISTRICT TEAM: Back Row: Jennifer Green, Cristell Soderstrom, Teresa Lewis, Karen Derderian. Front Row: Heidi Clark, Marie Karis, Sundi Powell. 127 129 Front Row: Kerry Merritt, Tom Brandt, Tom Filip, Patrick Bowman, Marshal Gillon, Chris Dailey. Middle Row: Allen Stewart, Sean Lewis, David Presnell, David Vudragovich, Matt Morrow, Andre Clarke, Moses Plenty. Back Row-. David Hogeboom, Casey Moton, James Little, Mark Miller, Brian Woolfolk, Karlo Obcemea, Tony Blevins. Brian Woolfolk and Tom Brandt led the Indians to a second place finish in the Commonwealth District Indoor Track and Field Championships held at George Mason University. Brian Woolfolk placed first in three events: the long jump, thirty meter dash and eight hundred relay and third place in the five hundred. Tom Brandt out jumped all competitors in the high jump, placed second in the one thousand and third in the one thousand six hundred meter runs. Pat Byrd, Martin Askew, Andre Clarke, Major Galloway and Mark Miller all placed in the top six. James Little and Chris Dailey joined Brian Woolfolk and and Martin Askew to capture the gold medal in the eight hundred meter relay. AQUA DOC Pool Supplies Silk Plants Gifts 4355 Dale Blvd., Center Plaza Arcade Dale City, Virginia 22193 n Speed, Grace and Power Practice, strategy, endurance, and ability are few of the reasons this team was blessed with speed, grace, and power. Front Row: Marie Karis, Sundi Powell. Dionne Butler. Angela Carter. Tawanda Boggs. Middle Row: Christeii Soderstrom. Jessica Williams. Rhonda Mason, Heidi Clark. LaSondria Pitts, Kish a Town. Mia Burton. Back Row: Latricia Benefield, Constance Coaxum, Lucinda Tucker, Susan Moats. Jennifer Green, Leneetha Thompson, La wanda Benefield. Not Pictured Emily Bohuslar. The girls track team finished the season on a good note by placing second in the District Indoor Champion¬ ships. Emily Bohuslar, Dionne Butler and Kisha Town led the team in the sprint races and jumping events. Susan Moats landed the only first place finish with a thirty-five foot plus throw in the shot put. Teammates Leneetha Thompson and La wanda Benefield completed the one, two, three finish by placing second and third respective¬ ly. Rhonda Mason and Connie Coaxum showed promis¬ ing future for the team by competing hard and placing in their individual events. Brian Woolfolk manages to out sprint his teammates during practice. Preparing for a long distance race. James Little tests his endurance. - Kerry Merritt works hard to get into top physical shape for competition. Even the coaches get into the act of keeping physically fit. Brian Woolfolk shows with one motin the feeling of the team. Jennifer Green and LaSon- dria Pitts run with a smile on their face and a joy in their heart. Gar-Field runs in the hurdles at the George Mason invitational. David Vudragovich runs laps in practice to build endurance, speed, and power. WOODBRIDGE LINCOLN-MERCURY CORPORATION 14655 Jefferson Davis Highway Woodbridge, Virginia 22193 494-9121 133 DRIVING FOR EXCELLENCE " Unless we get more players to join the team, golf at Gar-Field will only be a fleeting memory in the fu¬ ture. " says senior Billy O’Hop. Five of six starters on the golf team this year are grad¬ uating. Senior Ben Rote states. " If the team doesn t pick up more support and or play¬ ers. it will no longer exist. ” The team as a whole has improved substantially since the early 80 ' s. Their decisive victory over Os¬ bourn Park by more than 60 strokes proved they could do what they always knew they could. Ben Rote says enthusiastically. " Everyone played up to his potential and we crushed. ” When they finally put it together, the team they knew that could be existed. After driving hundreds of golf balls and seemingly endless hours of putting practice. Jerry Manning ' s hard work paid off. At the match against Osbourn Park. Jerry won the Medal¬ ist Award. The hard work and dedi¬ cation of the entire 1985 golf team made the year a valuable one in lessons learned and experience gained. " Everyone played up to his potential and we crushed " - Ben Rote m Billy O’Hop watches intensely as his put drops in the hole. Wesley Seirk tees off. striving for the best possible shot. Coach Artz looks on as Ben Rote practices his put. Glen Yankoski. Ben Rote. Billy O ' Hop. David Ostrander. Jerry Manning. Bryan Petrauskas. Wesley Seirk Billy O ' Hop is always ready to help a teammate as he and Ben Rote prepare for the Gar-Field O.P. match. The match was later postponed. Front Row. Troy Fontillas, Jack Martin, Brian Watts, Eric Lambert. Back Row.- Clint McClure, Keith Alvarez, Jeff Banks, Jeff Turner, Joel Mills, Chuck McCullough, not pictured Ricky Washington. The JV Boys Basketball Team had a great year and improved with every preformance. The team dominated all their opponents the second half of the year showing their improvements as a team. All the members of the team were very important to the successful season. On the offense the team ran a great fast break that helped them average over seventy points per game. Keith Al¬ varez led the team in scoring, averaging twenty- five points a game. Chuck McCullough, Jeff Banks, Jack Martin. Troy Fontillas, and Brian Watts all contributed with scoring. Jeff Turner added in an occasional ' ' dunk” or two. On defense the JV Indians on the average held their opponents to fifty points a game. Jeff Turner, Joel Mills, Chuck McCullough, and Ira Winston controlled inside while Keith Alvarez, Jack Martin and company controlled the perime¬ ter. The team showed its great improvement dur¬ ing the Woodbridge game. The last game of the season. Earlier in the year they lost a last second game to Woodbridge seventy-five to seventy- four. The Indians showed who was number one as they beat Woodbridge seventy-six to fifty- three to dose out the season. The team finished OF Opponents 67 Flint Hill 60 75 Potomac 60 48 Fauquier 61 80 North Stafford 67 77 Stonewall 54 65 James Wood 5 71 Courtland 51 78 Osbourn Park 66 69 Stafford 39 74 Woodbridge 75 55 North Stafford 36 8! Courtland 47 68 Stonewall 54 75 Flint Hill 53 64 Potomac 42 71 Osbourn Park 62 65 Stafford 38 64 Fauquier 37 66 James Wood 46 76 Woodbridge 53 eighteen and two and champions of the Com¬ monwealth Junior Varsity Division. Reaching for the Basket GF Opponent 34 Courttand 33 34 Potomac 12 32 North Stafford 38 31 Stonewall 43 32 Seton Hall 36 30 Osbourn Park 46 34 Stafford 22 36 Fauquier 32 27 Woodbridge 46 30 North Stafford 41 27 Courtland 33 34 Stonewall 40 34 Fauquier 37 38 Potomac 34 23 Osbourn Park 60 26 Stafford 23 26 Woodbridge 41 Gar-field’s Junior Varsity Girls Basketball Team showed tremendous effort and determination this year in posting a six and eleven season record. The team was lead by Michelle Blackwell, a forward, and Neese Rawlinson. a guard. " The girls gave most of their opponents a good run for their money. ” stated Coach Riddle. A strong hard nosed defense became a trade mark of this year’s team, which gave up an average of only thirty-six points per game. Through team work and dedication the girls made great strides throughout the year. Front Row: Coach Riddle. Teri Mathewson, Leslie Taylor. Neese Rawlinson. Claire Lyson. Stephanie Shrewsburg, Mary Regan. Milagros Aspillaga. Back Row: Regina Johnson. Ericka Washington, Tia Johnson. Stephanie Hosier, Tonia Walker, Michelle Blackwell, Michelle Marsh, Beth Sunderland. 137 7 guess it was just a matter of time before we ran out of energy... ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ Terry Denman As regular season champions, our Girls Varsity Volleyball Team finished first place with a 10-0 record. Every¬ one predicted Gar-Field to go all the way. This was Gar-Field s year. They entered the district playoffs ranked number one and had to face the other four year defending champions, the Potomac Panthers (7-4). " We had ev¬ erything to gain. We were winners in the greatest sense of the word , " said Terri Denman. Potomac won in the fi¬ nal game of the playoffs in the most exciting game in the history of both schools. The season started off at high speed with nothing but wins for the team. Only one major problem plagued the team during the season, the winning feeling caused an air of overconfident as it would with any team. The team felt as though they could handle any¬ thing. Every problem has a solution, so Coach Johnson tried using the school psychologist to calm their emotions. " At first we strongly objected, but we finally agreed and it payed off with a number one district rank at the end of the regular season, " stated Terri Denman. The loss to Potomac in the district finals brought the team closer togeth¬ er. Terri Denman summed up the feel¬ ings of the team when she said, " I guess it was just a matter of time be¬ fore we ran out of energy. just wish it was after Districts . " The season was a success, even with the let down in the finals. Susan Taylor goes for the easy tip-in while her teammates stand ready for a possible return. 138 Front Row: Barbie Sprinkle, Joette Stuart, Susan Taylor. Middle Row: Deanna Peschka. Shawn Engle, Joann Sayko. Melodee Miranda. Nancy Jordan, Dean Munson(Manager). Back Row: Claudia Newhart(manager), Terri Denman, Coach Johnson, Kim Riley, Kathy Ellis. The Smell of Victory The smell of victory can always be sweet but sometimes the agony of defeat sneeks in when you least expect it. Deanna Peschka successfuly returns the ball which kept her opponents on the edge. The team enjoys another successful victory as they go to meet and shake hands with the other team. Nancy Jordan stands ready to return the serve from the other team. Not every return can be a great one as demon¬ strated by Barbie Sprinkle. Kim Riley struggles to keep the ball in the court so that her teammates can get a chance to return it for a point. Topped By Few Senior Curtis Johnson, along with fellow senior William Jackson, were an incredible asset to the team, but they didn 7 do it alone. Curtis scored over 300 points and had more than 350 rebounds to his credit. The combi¬ nation of Johnson and Jackson sparked an emotion much needed to make this team one of the best Gar- Field has ever seen. The team reacted to their every move. They played like a single unit timed perfectly, like an oiled machine programmed to do only one thing, play basketball. The offen¬ sive attack thrilled the crowd every time the ball was touched. The crowd would tense waiting for a spectacular slam from Curtis or William. Without a defense there would be no offense. Steals, blocked passes, and outstand¬ ing rebounds led to the offensive show topped by very few teams in the nation. Curtis Johnson (51) goes up on a slamdunk approach against Osbourn Park. DALE CITY FLOORS 2982 Dale Boulevard Dale City, Virginia 22193 670-2414 Vince Garrett (23) fires off a lay-up against our local rival team the Woodbridge Vikings. Gar-Field Opponent 49 Flint Hill 77 91 Courtland 50 73 Potomac 67 61 Fauquier 76 65 North Stafford 55 69 Stonewall Jackson 61 87 Osbourn Park 66 64 Stafford 60 76 James Wood 63 78 Woodbridge 73 75 Courtland 56 56 Flint Hill 97 63 Potomac 64 67 Fauquier 70 77 North Stafford 76 7 Stonewall Jackson 52 79(OT) Osbourn Park 80 76 Stafford 59 District Record: 11-3 Second Place Overall Record: 12-5 BOY’S VARSITY BASKETBALL: STANDING . Jamel Perkins. Michael Hoehn. Daniel Raines. Damon Hodges, Vincent Garrett. Rodney Garrett, Chris Galloway, Rodney King. KNEELING: William Jackson, Curtis Johnson. William Jackson fights for the rebound from a teammates shot. SITTING: J. Jones. Susan Taylor, Michelle McClure, Robbin Beasley, F. Milbert. KNEELING: Dione McCleod, Jackie Carter, Barbara Tyson, Kathy Saplak, Dana Derosier, Stephanie Moyer. STANDING: Zenus Rainey, Sue Ann Suppy, Terry Hosier, Samantha Green, Lara Powell, Joette Stewart, Zachary Rainey Jackie Carter (22) shoots over a defender. Samantha Green (34) grabs the rebound and gets ready to pass to teammate Susan Taylor (52). 142 CUFF-HANGER GAMES! " The girls ' basketball games were better to watch , " says senior Jimmy Curl is. " They were more exciting than watching the boys dunk up and down the court. " Although some people might dis¬ agree, it cannot be denied that the girls played some cliff-hanger games. " One of our best was against North Stafford. " player Lara Powell said. " We really came together. " Basketball, contrary to popular be¬ lief. is not an easy game to master. It may be easy to learn the basic skills but. as any good coach will tell their players, it takes practice, prac¬ tice, practice to be any good. Senior Terry Hosier comments. " Basketball is not just for boys any¬ more. Our team works as hard as any boys’ team around. " As with all other high-school level sports, the players have a dual com¬ mitment, part to their particular sport and part to maintaining the required level of academic achievement. " It didn ' t always seem worth it to keep up my grades, " continues Terry, " But knew I had to or else. " Mrs. Susan Powell said about her daughter, " I’m behind her 100 per¬ cent. I ' m glad she plays as many sports as she does. ’’ Another fan, junior Eric Davis, said, " I learned more about basketball watching the girls. They were just as physical as any hockey game I’ve ever seen. ’’ The Indians charge the basket after Robbin Beasley (24) shoots in the attempt to get the rebound. Jackie Carter (22) assumes the defensive blocking position against a foe. GAR-FIELD OPPONENT 43 La Reine 47 54 Courtland 48 39 Potomac 62 58 Fauquier 44 64 North Stafford 44 67 Stonewall Jackson 44 47 Seton Hall 53 44 Osbourn Park 57 66 Stafford 25 42 Woodbridge 51 68 Courtland 41 49 Potomac 66 71 Fauquier 61 63 North Stafford 45 71 Stonewall Jackson 46 48 Osbourn Park 59 47 Stafford 21 43 Woodbridge CHRISTMAS TOURNAMENT 58 56 Marshall 31 41 Woodbridge 64 41 Oakton DISTRICT TOURNAMENT 53 68 Fauquier 54 60 Woodbridge 63 Dedication Plus Enjoyment Having fun and enjoying the sport as well as taking it seriously were important factors for the team. Other important factors and a great source of help to Coach Barrett came from manager Brandi Kelly and score keeper Chris Ondo. This season’s most valuable play¬ er was Kenni Allen. Because of her overall demonstration of hard work and determination throughout the season the team elected her as the most valuable player. " It was an enjoyable season for me as the coach because I couldn ' t have had a better group of girls to work with. The team knew how to have fun and be serious at the same time . " — Coach Barrett GF Opponent 39 Osbourn Park 12 25 Courtland 12 26 Potomac 24 33 Stonewall 27 14 North Stafford 18 14 Stonewall 33 23 Woodbridge 25 16 North Stafford 28 15 Stafford 21 38 Osbourn Park 13 15 Woodbridge 22 Front Row: Nicole Patton, Teri Mathewson, Tammy Hutchinson, Brandi Kelly, Veronica Ko, Kenni Allen. Back Row: Denise Simcic. Ericka Washington. Karen Derderian, Claudia Daniels, Susie Touset, Coach Barrett. CYCLES UNLIMITED 3610 Jeff Davis Highway Woodbridge, VA 32191 (703) 491-7034 144 Front Row: Donald Campbell. Skip Saunders, Lamar Smith, Lonnie Washington, Mike Bryant. Back row: Kevin Woodfork, Steve Quesenberry, Marcus Hallman, Carroll Rich. David Orndorff, John Blackwell, Tabby Henderson. GF Opponent 33 Osbourn Park 58 42 Courtland 33 38 Potomac 37 46 Stonewall 35 49 North Stafford 36 40 Stonewall 37 26 Woodbridge 56 37 North Stafford 39 48 Stafford 30 48 Osbourn Park 64 43 Woodbridge 54 The Freshman Boys Basketball Team had both a successful year and a winning record. Injuries to key players Tabby Henderson (point guard) and Marcus Hallman (power forward) forced the remaining team members to play with increased determination. Carroll rich was the leading rebounder and was the second highest scorer. Skip Saunders was the most valuable player and the leading scorer with a total one hunderd eighty-nine points at the end of the season. PIT KINS HOME CENTER 4340 Dale Blvd. Woodbridge, VA 22193 670-2139 Stretching for the advantage, this team was always on top. On the Mat All of their training and work paid off when they got to show their skills on the mat. Taking a quick breath before pin¬ ning his opponent, Danny Short excels in his weight class. Danny Short overrides his oppo¬ nent from North Stafford. 146 Joey Drago powers over his oppo¬ nent and didn 7 lose his energy at any point during his match. With the advantage. Joey Drago, maneuvered his opponent into a position to pin him. Technique and strength were two of the assets this team possessed. Locking arms, Joey Drago and North Stafford opponent, fight for the advantage. 147 148 149 Shawn Engle excels on the vault. Julie Moore concentrates on her next move. Balance S Finesse Stacy Sayko warms up on the bal¬ ance beam. Back Row: Manager - Cretchen Munari. Joanne Sayko. Shawn Engle. Coach Sullivan. Middle Row: Erin Roth, Julie Moore. Front Row: Eliza¬ beth Rather, Stacy Sayko, Tracy Chopin. Shawn Engle performs her routine on the balance beam. 151 The talent and experience these teams possesed makes it much easier for the future. For the Future 152 FRONT ROW-. Darell Williams, Sean Young, Tommy Martin, Bran¬ don Fiarris, Michael Johnson. Jerry Love. James Rawlinson, Allen Stewart, Robert Dorazio. MIDDLE ROW: Bernard Dombrowski, Kaleem Purish, James Little, Aaron Donnely. Kurt Fowlkes, Victor Horne. John Hegele. Richard Dique. BACK ROW: Leonard Van- Lowe, Anthony Tuggle. John Smith. Alan Wilson, Wesley Cox, Kevin Nelson, Craig Galloway, Michael Wallace. Mark Dominick. John Growkowski, Sean Martin. FRONT ROW: . 88 George Thompson. 25 Spiro Nominkos, 12 Uriah Selecman, 55 Matt Meurer, 44 Chad Look,, 8 Joe Knerr, 83 Kevin Kane, . 52 Mark McGuire, 15 Robbie Hayward, 31 John Joseph. . MIDDLE ROW: II Garland Dillard, 54 Jerry Wilson, 75 Thomas Mullins, 50 Michael Bryant, 63 Roland Marcels, . ,71 Thomas Breen. 21 B.J. Schu, ... 26 Walter Pearson. BACK ROW: 65 Shane Richardson, 90 James Lyons. 85 Chris Pierce, 77 Steve Quesenberry, 43 Chad Spin. 42 Carroll Rich, 87 Ira Winston, 62 Kevin Kyles, 30 Tabby Henderson. High Expectations With a perfect season the year before, the team had to live up to high expectations. The team entered the season with one of the hardest reputations to live up to (10-0). The previ¬ ous year was practically a perfect season and the best in the schools ' history. The first four games of the season continued their winning streak, and brought it to a two year regular season record of 4-0. The team looked as if it was going to continue rolling over everything with no problem. However, in the next few games to come they lost their mo¬ mentum and some of the students were beginning to lose faith in their team. With three losses and one tie in the second set of four games their record fell from a perfect 4-0 to an unbelievable 4-3-1. The ninth game of the season brought the feeling of winning back to Gar-Field. A slaughtering win over North Stafford, 34-0, brought back some of the faith lost mid-way through the season. The win even brought a majority of the students out to the game against our arch-rival Woodbridge. Pouring rain and freezing temperatures didn 7 stop students, faculty, and even parents from coming out to see their team. The final game was a muddy, hard- fought battle for the playoffs. Woodbridge ended up victorious, but not after playing one of the best games of their life. The team had a great season despite their not-so- pretty record. Previous records and a winning repu¬ tation can be hard on a team trying to live up to high expectations. Robert Davis gets the Jonathon Lockamy, first down after avoiding Mark Miller. Brian Wool- the tackle of a Stonewall folk, and Chris Galloway Jackson defender. combine to make the tackle of a Stonewall running back. VARSITY COACHES: Front Row: M. Riddle. C. Courtney. C. Washington Back Row: T. Labo- zetta. B. Murphy, J. Roadcap. C. Robinson Quarterback Danny Raines hands off to running back Tony Harris. Gar-Field: Opponent: 6 Calvert Hall 3 13 Osbourn Park 7 33 Stafford 0 23 James Wood 0 13 Fauquier 14 7 Courtland 8 6 Stonewall Jackson 6 6 Potomac 15 34 North Stafford 0 6 Woodbridge 23 Season Record: 5-4-1 Front Row: A. Johnson. L. Burton, R. Jones, S. Bishop. J. Lockamy, D. Raines. A. Clarke, B. Powell, M. Johnson, R. Rawlinson, D. Sketo, M. Watts Middle Row: M. Dominick, S. Cand well, J. Smith, A. Harte, D. Toole, C. Houston. D. Webster, E. Lambert, P. Sanford, R. Davis, T. Harris, B. Wool folk Back Row: T. Bennett. C. Galloway, G. Baucom, K. Clarke, D. Young, B. Wise. R. Washington. G. Simcic. B. Feeney, D. Minor, W. Pruitt, M. Miller, M. Galloway Running back Robert Davis looks for an opening be¬ fore turning up field for a big gain. Third Floor? ! Mr. Corbin gets his point across from a higher point of view. 7 Expected Anything And Everything To Happen” ... Randy Green wait A classic Ms. Jones lectures as Rob Otting, Ramon Pierce, Matt Wyatt, and Carrie Vitko are caught by the camera. Theresa Taylor, Cathy Davis, Monica Rodri¬ guez, Scott Richard, David Brain get all fired up during health. " There is no one at the bus stop. Oh no! Did miss the bus?!!! Great, I’m late for the first day of school! Oh, here comes someone now. Thank goodness!!!” " Well, I made it to school. Now if could find my classroom. Excuse me! Can you tell me where SS03 is?” " Sure its on the third floor. Go past the swimming pool and its the first door on the left.” ”Thanks a lot! Excuse me, where are the stairs to the third floor!” " There is no third floor!” " Boy, what a great day this is turning out to be! Oh, here it is, SS03. think I’ll stick to asking teachers for directions!” Six hundred Freshmen entered these hollowed halls this year. Most were feel¬ ing nervous, scared, and apprehensive, which is a traditional expectation. As the day goes by and classes are found they become more comfortable with their sur¬ roundings. The nervousness of the morn¬ ing subsides as faces are recognized and the normality of school sinks in. By the time the school day is over, the nervous¬ ness has already turned to excitement! ”Hey Caroline, who did you get for En¬ glish?” " Sam, did you get lost yet?” Jennifer Abrell Michael Adams James Adamson Scott Alexander Kenni Allen Valerie Allen Guilherme Alves Aimee Anderson Debora Anderson Michael Anthon Willie Armstrong W. Ashley Karen Atkins Linda August Thomas August Heather Austin Karen A veni John Bagis James Bahr David Bailey Stormy Bailey William Baker Stephen Balcomb Rebecca Bank Bethany Baransky Clyde Barbour Corey Barnes Taye Barnes Lisa Barnhill Brian Baughman Mathew Baumgarten Tammy Beach Stephen Beahm Charlene Bender Kimberly Bender Christopher Bennett Jerome Benton Blake Bethem Tamatha Beyer Shannon Bjork Melissa Blackburn John Blackwell Christina Blais Gregory Blount Wayne Blue her Wayne Bock Kimberly Boe Ta wanda Boggs Paul Boland Heather Bouton Cynthia Bowling Russell Bowling Jam Ha Bowman Douglass Boyer Lora Bradford Jennifer Bradshaw David Brain Jennifer Breeding Thomas Breen Damian Breland Sandra Brennan Stephanie Breyfogle Spencer Broce Class of ’90 Class of ’90 Alex Brown Candace Brown Josephus Brown Kenneth Brown Osie Brown George Bryant Mari Bryant Michael Bryant Dwight Buchanan Lorna Burke Donna Burrow Lisa Buschbaum Michael Butler Michelle Cadwallader Donald Campbell Marvin Campbell Amy Caouette Erica Carlson Michael Carmona Debbie Carr Angelina Carter Dionne Carter Arthur Caruthers Mia Carvalho Michael Casey Becky Casterline Megan Casterline David Chalfant Shannon Chancey Paul Chapman Phillip Chapman Michael Chendorain Justin Childs David Clarke David Click Vernon Cline Constance Coaxum John Cochran Christy Cockerham Constance Cole Kimberly Cole Tammy Compton Shannon Compy Dwayne Con ward George Cook Kenneth Cooley Isaac Cooper Tonisha Cooper Craig Copeland Tangela Cornwell Dawn Covington Trevor Cowgill Terri Cramp Christian Dailey Kristi Dangoia Claudia Daniels Jonna Darby Catherine Davis Jason Davis Jennifer Davis John Davis Lynn Davis Zeranna Davis Eric Dawson Stuart Dean Jennifer Delong Karen Derderian Shawn Deutch Deborah Dibble Nicole Dickinson Eric Dietz Charles Dill Garland Dillard Pamela Dixon Michelle Danath April Doyle Rebecca Drake Amy Dudley Tammy Dumire Chong Durant Erin Duvall Andre Dyer Donald Dyer Bill Dykes Christie Eastman Elizabeth Edwards Jonathan Edwards Kevin Edwards Marcus Edwards Russell Edwards Daralyn Egan Jon Eitel Javid Elahi Asia English Alessandra Ennett Eric Esselstyn Michelle Essey Erin Evans Julia Evatt Sandra Evirs Tracy Ewing Judith Eyler Gerald Fairbanks Samantha Fairweather Melissa Farris Christine Faulkner Diane Felts Heather Ferguson Jimmy Fernandes Joseph Fleming Sean Fleming Wade Fleming Brian Font Gail Fontillas Lewis Forrest Skip Foster Shannon Foy Kimberly Freeman Sunday Frey Christopher Frye Troy Fuchs Heather Full in wider Allyson Gaither Allison Gallahan Caroline Gallaway Anthony Gamboa Class of ’90 160 Jennifer Garrett Christopher Gartrell Francis Gayle Ourania Gellios Frederick Gerhardt Wesley Gilbert Marshall Gillon Dawn Goldsworthy Geoffrey Golliver Larry Goode Robert Gorsuch Steven Gorsuch Carla Green Corry Green Keith Green Randall Green wait Amy Greer Cynthia Grenier Gerard Grenier Kim Grimes Ray Gum Christopher Gutshall Walter Hagans Christopher Hale Nancy Hale Delinda Hall Staci Hall Marcus Hallman Lawrence Hansbrough David Harper Annamarie Harrell Kimberly Harris Paul Harris Jamie Hart Jason Hartman Angela Hartman Robert Hastey Christine Hatter Karen Hatzimanolis Tina Haycraft Lisa Hayes Esther Haymond Robert Hayward Janet Held Octavius Henderson Wendy Henderick Pamela Henry Gillian Hicks Steven Hicks Kenneth Hill Marco Hinkson Kimberly Hoffman Patrick Hogeboom Ada Holmes Ryan Holmes Nathaniel Hoskin Brian Houston Erin Howard Michael Howard Michael Howard Stephanie Hudnell Andrew Huggins Brian Hunkley Class of ’90 Michelle Hutchins Tammy Hutchinson Anthony Hutton Sabrina Iglesias Diana Imler Bryan Jackson Gregory Jackson Reginald Jackson Shannon Jackson Shannon Jackson Shayne Jackson L isa Jarman Stephanie Jefferson Christopher Jenkins Jennifer Jenkins Karen Jenkins Keith Jensen Jeffrey Johns Gregory Johnson Tammy Johnson Terri Johnson James Johnston Anita Jones Brian Jones Reginald Jones Theresa Jones Robert Jordan John Joseph Charles Kane Kevin Kane George Karakatsinis Christopher Karvey Samuel Keen Rebecca Keltner John Kenney Catherine Kennington Serife Kerem Anne King Zerrik King Kimberly Knepper Joseph Knerr Tara Knight Hyun Ko Daniel Konieczko Denise Kramer Angela Kreiger Dennis Krell Steven Kurtz Kevin Kyles Traci Lane James Langley Anthony Lawrence Lucia Le Tam Le Chan Lee Gregory Leo Tara Lewis Michelle Lex Joise L indgren Teresa Lineberger Richard Lloyd Jason Loe ffler William Lomax Class of ’90 162 Class of ’90 Chad Look Francis Lott David Lloyd Alexandra Lucero Aaron Lueck James Lyon Cynthia Lyons Nicole Macduff Bret Mackie Angela Macurdy Tracy Madagan Aaron Magee John Mann Gary Manning Rowland Marcelo Brian Marsh Karen Masciandaro Teri Mathewson Sean Mattingly Elizabeth Maybaum Dwayne Maynard Beth McCarthy Mylinda McConnell Kimberly McCulloch Mark McGuire Marlon McHenry Jeanette McLwain Robert Mclntire Monique McKinney Dusty McLaughlin Timothy McMahon Shaun McManamey Angela McMillion Meghan McRunnel Dana Medina Richard Mericle Christopher Meurer Nikki Meyers Anthony Midgett Dam ion Miller Evan Miller Pamela Miller Teri Miller Tanya Minney Jennifer Minutolo Romeo Miranda Rehman Mirza James Mithchem Lori Moats Lisa Moore Tchula Morgison Shawn Morr is Deborah Motta Thomas Mullins Emlida Munoz Debra Navarro Tisha Never son Kathleen New Spiro Nomikos Gary Normandin Jalanda Norris Cathy Nothnagel Monica Nuckols 163 Brian Nutt Joy Odom Melissa Ogden Ann O ' Hop Roderick Olaes David Oliver David Orndorff Jennifer Orndorff Eugene Otting Ronnie Parker Lajuan Parris Orlando Parson Melissa Parsons Nicole Patton Daniel Pendergrass Gregory Perelli Julia Perez Dawn Perkins James Perkins Sandra Perkins James Perry Jennifer Perusse Jennifer Peters Tamyra Peters Anthony Piccione Christopher Pierce Damon Pierce David Pierce Raymond Pierce Melanie Pike Michelle Pillow Walter Pinson Brian Piper Christina Plott Rebecca Powers David Presnell Kim Price Kyle Price Paul Priebe Paul Puletz Steven Quesenberry Kimberly Rabb Frances Reardon Kristen Rensch Carroll Rich Scott Richard Michael Richardson Dawn Ricketts Lisette Rios Maurice Robinson Steven Robinson Michael Rocha Monica Rodriguez Rachel Rodriguez Robert Rodriguez Brendan Rooney Elizabeth Rosato Lisa Roth William Rouse Shawn Ruais Holley Rupert Christopher Rusch Kenneth Russell Class of ' 90 Class of ' 90 Gina Sanders Prudence Sanders Carmen Santos Janies Saunders Ray Saunders Wilbert Saunders Thomas Schawalder Jessica Scherstrom Adam Schieffelin Jeanne Schmecht Sherry Schooley George Schruefer William Schu Lianna Schwinn Darren Scott Steven Scott Victoria Sedlacek Uriah Selecman Melissa Self Gregory Shaffer Felecia Shands Rayburn Shields Dennis Short Makeba Shorter Stephanie Shrewsbury Bryan Silvis Denise Simcic April Simpson Brian Smith Jimmy Smith Lamar Smith Jacob Smoot Paul Snyder John Somers Kelli Sorensen Teresa Speck Brian Spedden Kenneth Spencer Chad Spin Megan Sprouse Michael Stafira Jennifer Stambaugh Marti Stansbury Edward Stephens Derek Sterns Jennifer Stevens Sharon Stewart Bobby Stocker Brian Stoops Cheryl Strickland Zane Strickler Jennifer Sturcke Daniell Suggs Sean Suggs Matthew Sumpter Anthony Surbeck Susan Suslowicz Rachel Sutherland Lori Swaim Shiron Swinton Sharon Tate Teresa Taylor Brett Templeton James Thee David Thompson George Thompson Stephanie Thompson Robert Throckmorton Jeffrey Thurston Stephanie Tiller Amy Tom Dennis Toole Susan Touset Ylindo Treakle George Tukey James Turch Shannon Twine Matthew Underwood Michelle Valli Daniel Vangelder Carrie Vitko Michael Vito Diane Volonoski David Vudragovich Patrick Wagnon Allison Walcroft Jerry Wallace Paul Wallace Michelle Walter Laura Walters Paul Ward Chauncey Wardrick Ralph Warren Ronnie Warrick Ericka Washington Lawrence Washington Warren Watkins Angela Wayland David Webb Barbara West William Westcott Elizabeth Whelan Gregory Whitaker Ryan White Chris Whitman Lorann Wierbinski Angela Willemsen Vicki Willett David Williams Jessica Williams Michelle Williams Sherll Williams Christine Wilmoth Jerry Wilson Garrett Wingfield Ira Winston Julianne Wise Charlene Withers Charles Wohlhueter Kevin Wood fork Jennifer Woods William Wudski Matthew Wyatt Katherine Yachechko Scott Yeary Lamonte Young Class of ' 90 " Sibling Rivalries” Freshmen Brother Sis Kenni Allen Christopher Allen Stephen Balcomb Raquel Balcomb Lisa Barnhill Regina Barnhill Charline Bender Kimberly Bender John Blackwell Michelle Blackwell David Boyer Douglass Boyer Thomas Breen Denise Breen Kenneth Brown Katrina Brown Michael Casey Paula Casey Diane Checkon Elaine Checkon David Click Roger Click Shannon Compy Jason Compy Terri Cramp Jennifer Cramp Christian Dailey Wendy Dailey Jason Davis Eric Davis April Doyle Betty Doyle Tammy Dumire Sherri Dumire Alessandra Ennett Gretchen Ennett Julia Evatt Michelle Evatt Tracy Ewing Richard Ewing Joseph Fleming Wesley Fleming Skip Foster Stephanie Foster Antony Gamboa Donna Gamboa Keith Green Melissa Green Cynthia Grenier Gerard Grenier Nancy Hale Jeffrey Hale Jason Hartman James Hartman Angela Hartmann Chad Hartmann Andrew Huggins Michelle Huggins Tammy Hutchinson Patt Hutchinson Diana Imler Gary Imler James Johnston Jeffrey Johnston Reginald Jones Pamela Jones Serife Kerem AH Kerem Denise Kramer Dennis Kramer Steven Kurtz Arthur Kurtz Gregory Leo Christine Leo Joise Lindgren Chana Lindgren Richard LLoyd Douglas Uoyd Nicole Macduff Christopher Macduff Bret Mackie John Mackie Brian Marsh Deidre Marsh Hayley McGrail Randy McGrail Christopher Meurer Mike Meurer Romeo Miranda Melodea Miranda Gary Normandin Seung Normandin Cathy Nothnagel Amy Nothnagel Melissa Ogden Christine Ogden Ann Ohop William Ohop David Orndorff Jennifer Orndorff Jennifer Perusse Judy Perusse Michelle Pillow Kenneth Pillow David Presnell Heather Presnell Scott Richard Patricia Richard Michael Rocha John Rocha Lisa Roth Erin Roth Carrie Sabarese Nicole Sabarese Ray Saunders Jodi Saunders William Schu Christine Schu Brian Spedden Steven Spedden Daniell Suggs Sean Suggs Susan Suslowics Deborah Suslowics Shiron Swinton Eugene Swinton Robert Throckmorton James Throckmorton George Tukey Elizabeth Tukey James Turch Muriel Turch Matthew Underwood Martin Underwood Daniel Vangelder William Vangelder Tanya Vanover Tabatha Vanover Michael Vito Lisa Vito Jerry Wallace Michael Wallace Bernard Wardrick Chauncey Wardrick Ryan White Bobby White Lorann Wierbinski Paul Wierbinski Matthew Wyatt Arwen Wyatt Susan Zeunges Cynthia Zeunges " He helps me with homework and I help him with girl problems. ” — Ann Ohop Shannon (left) and Shayne (right) Jackson not only look alike but also think alike. □ was alot of fun being in German class together!” — Lisa Barnhill , " Her friends are like sisters to me and my friends are like sisters to her — Michelle Essey □ " 1 get along pretty good with his friends; he ignores mine. " — Annamarie Harrell □ A " Just Clowning Around” Concentration is the " name of the game! " In October Mrs. Shacklette, Mrs. Templeton, and Mr. Wilson were pleasantly surprised when Mr. Corbin ' s third period Fresh¬ men English class presented them with a pot of flowers. Mr. Cor¬ bin ' s class had been working in the library for four days finding information on various topics in the Readers Guide, SIRS, and Newsbank. The librarians offered them as much help as possible and to show their gratitude the 9th grade English class gave them a pot of chrysanthemums. Each stu¬ dent also wrote a letter thanking the librarians for their help. Mr. Corbin’s third period Freshmen English class shows their budding en¬ thusiasm for learning by presenting flowers to Mrs. Shacklette and Mrs. Templeton. AUTOGRAPHS 169 Jack Martin, J.V. Baseball player, says O.K., I ' m ready now let the game begin! ' ' ‘ " Junior Varsity soccer player Claude Barfield says, " Do you really want my opinion, or are you just " joshin ' me? ' ' EVERY¬ THING ' S FINE in ' 89 ! Christie Eastman and Judy East are in the spotlight saying that just after 6th period, is the time for some seri¬ ous partying! Becoming a sophomore in high school brings about a lot of questions and answers that may influence the rest of a person ' s life. The questions of getting a job start to come out into the open. " What kind of job do I want to get? " ’ If I get a job, will I have time for a social life? " " Once the summer is over, will I be able to keep my job during school without letting my grades go down? " Although these questions are impor¬ tant the most important one is, " Do I even WAfiT a job? " Another subject that arouses a lot of questions is dating. Having a job sometimes limits social life, but when there is time, the question of money always stands out. " Will he she pay (of course it depends on who asks), or will we go Dutch ' ? " " Who will drive? " (Of course that brings about the ques¬ tion, " Will I EVER get my license!? " ) So as they say, ' life gets harder be¬ fore it gets easier. " never fear though, " Everything ' s fine in ' 89! " Allynne Abbott Ingrid Abraham Jennifer Acord Christine Adams Jacquline Adams Scott Adkins Kristi Adkinson Lisa Aiken Dean Albertson Jeremy Alford Corrette Alvarez Toni Ambrosini Marian Anderson Steven Anderson Thomas Anderson Dario Armstrong Liane Arrington Milagro Aspillaga Charles Auld Beverly Bachman Christopher Bachman Laura Bagwell Remona Bailey Jeffrey Banks Claude Barfield Mancy Barker Marc Barnes Lone Bauer Sheila Baumgardner Deborah Baylor Christopher Becht Mark Becton Cheryl Beighlea Anthony Bell Natasha Belmo Latricia Benefield Sean Bennett Dawn Bethel Tracy Betts Domenic Bianchini Daniel Bickford Dons Billingsley Laud Billingsley rioel Bishop Rene Bisson Michele Blackwell Steven Blocker Michelle Boffman Christin Boggio Gregory Boggs Cory Boggus Erie Bowen Patrick Bowman Christa Box Rae Boyd William Boyd Brian Boyer Laura Bradley Joseph Brazil Tommy Brenzovich Kimberly Bridgman Kenya Broadie Amy Brophy Class of ' 89 Class of ' 89 Christi Brown Edward Brown Lynda Brown Rachelle Brown Tanisha Brunson Steven Bryant Catherine Bryk Tawana Bullock Renita Bunch Erin Bunn Mia Burton Lisa Busch Debbie Byrd Susie Calliotte Analuz Carbonell Joey Carpenter David Carr Marc Carrano Ramona Carroll Angela Carter Jacqueline Carter Stacy Carter Paula Casey Marci Casterline Lamoyne Chambers Elizabeth Chase Diane Checkon Derek Cheeks Quenton Chirdon Tracey Chopin Heidi Clark Kenneth Clark Samantha Clarke John Claveloux Janet Clegg Heather Clemens Roger Click Charles Cochran Karen Collins Eduardo Colon Cecil Conley Christina Conner Alexander Conwell Cheryl Corbin James Cosentino John Costello Edward Cote James Cox Cynthia Crabtree Christinia Craig Jennifer Crane Michael Cravens Jennifer Craycraft Michael Creel Melissa Cremeans John Crist Dennis Cross Delora Culbreth Kari Curlis Emily Cyr Lisa David Anthony Davis Deanna Davis 173 Trinia Davis Gregory Deese Bret Delong Brandon Demers Kimberly Dempster Daniel Destephanis Jason Devault Michael Diaz James Dick Donald Dickhute Jennifer Dieringer Joseph Distefano Patrick Dittmer Pamela Dodson Aaron Donnelly Jeffrey Donovan Robert Dorazio Betty Doyle Christopher Dunn Judy East Cutrina Easter Robert Eberhart David Edmonds Jennifer Edwards Donna Ellis Lan Emery Lisa Emery David Evans Lisa Evans Richard Ewing Karin Eyrich Lisa Fair Tammray Fairley William Fairley Carrie Fanning James Fanning Joann Faszcza Michelle Feaganes Elizabeth Federico Matthew Feeney Shane Felde Jonathan Felton Frederick Fenster Deon Fields Sonya Fields Betty Fisher Jeffrey Fisher Kenneth Fisher Denise Fitzkee Wendy Fontaine Troy Fontillas Angela Ford Stephanie Foster Clarence Fowler Katrina Franklin Thomas Frese Andrew From Cynthia Fulgencio Rachel e Gable Lin wood Galloway Craig Galloway Anthony Ganino Roddric Garrett Class of ' 89 Class of ' 89 Larry Gathers Heather Gefrich Scot Genster Brian Gero Kelly Geyer Lynn Gianni Andrew Gibbons Theresa Gil Ion Jennifer Giltner Stephen Gingerich Rayanne Gonzales John Gorkowski Paul Goyette Jennifer Green John Grenke Tiataiie Grimm Wesley Groff Daniel Guillory April Guinn Eric Gunn Alan Guthrie Scott Haak Heidi Hall Shelia Hall Tracy Hall Dennis Halman Madelon Hamner Richard Haney Lloyd Hanna Deshanta Hannah Sheri Harrington Brandon Harris Jackie Harris Mark Harrison Kathryn Hart Richard Hart Alan Hartman Amber Haslacker Michelle Ha si up Amy Ha ugh Tara Heaney John Hegele Leslie Heller Crystal Henderson Stefhon Henry Jennifer Hensley Katherine Henson Keith Herrell Lesley Hetzler Pamela Hicks Tammy Hicks Kevin Higgins Phillip Higgs Horma Hilarion Anita Hill Scot tie Hinchee Charles Hirons Marc Hodge Kristi Holland Randy Hollandsworth Jeter Holloway Robert Holst Robert Honeycutt 175 Tammy Hool Joseph Hoover Kathleen Hopke Jonathon Hornauer Victor Horne Stephanie Hosier Christopher Houston Janet Huddleston Steven Hughes Tammy Hughes Todd Hurm Enid Imel Susan Irwin Robert Jackson Thad Jamieson Angela Jarrett Alien Jenkins Vernon Jennings Elizabeth Jenson Demetria Jett Cassandra Johnson Michael Johnson Michael Johnson Tia Johnson Christina Jones Christopher Jones Josslyn Jones Lisa Jones Clifford Jordan Jennifer Jordan Kenneth Jordan Samaria Joyner Brian Keener Christina Keltner Robert Kepner Ali Kerem James Kessler Clarence King Holly King Kevin Kinnett Missi Knigge Hyun Ko Michael Kraft Leslie Kramer Tammi Kreiling Kelley Lacey Eric Lambert Winona Landry Kurt Laplante Betty Largent Richard Laurence Robert Leblanc Desiree Ledesma Andrew Leight Michael Lenyon Felipe Letelier Robert Lettmann Valerie Lewallen Elan Lewis Keith Lewis Teresa Lewis John Lingafelt Gilbert Lingenfelter Class of ' 89 176 Michael Linkous James Little Jennifer Lopaze Jose Lopes Jerome Love David Ludwig Christy Macdonald Rachel Mackissock Lisa Maddalena Elaine Madorma Denise Mangini Joseph Manuel Michelle Marsh Steven Marsh Jack Martin Judy Martin Sean Martin nidia Martinez Sean Masciandaro Rhonda Mason Shannon Mason Stephanie Massey Teresa Mathers Dawn Matthews Timothy McCafferty Jeanine McCalment Dina McCarthy Derek McCloud Clint McClure Peter McGovern Randy McGrail Michael McGuire Catherine Mclntire Shane McIntyre Kevin McMahon Dywane McHeil Parichati Meek Kerry Merritt Kymberleigh Mickins Tracy Middleton Mane Midgett Monica Miller Semra Miller Wanda Miller Joel Mills Suzanne Mirsky Steven Mitchell Susan Moats Todd Molnar Thomas Mooney Cheryl Moore Heidi Moore Julie Moore Katherine Moore Stanley Morel David Morello Matthew Morgan Stephanie Morrison Matthew Morrow Michelle Morton Charles Mosby Jason Moss er Wendy Mottershead 177 Matthew Moyer Brian Mulhern Gretchen Munari Thomas Murphy Zakia Murphy Verena rianni Kevin Melson Michael nelson William nelson Ronald nesbith Garrett newman Van nguyen James ningen Laura noonan Ana-Marie Moriega Amy Mothnagel Jennifer O ' Reilly Martha Oaks Matthew Obrien Robin Obrien Amy Odaniell Elizabeth Odonnell Margueret Odonnell Elizabeth Oestreich Eric Olivarez Diane Ondo Michael Owens Vanessa Pace Rebecca Palmer Shaun Panone Karen Panzo Daryl Parker Paul Parker David Parks Edward Parmelee Christina Passarelli Louis Pauline David Payne James Pearce Joann Pedro Sue Pedro Tracey Penn Juan Peoples Jamel Perkins Keesha Perkins Eric Peterson Byron Petrauskas Shawn Phelan Lester Phillips Robert Phinney Hope Pickett Madelyn Pine Margaret Plen ty Edward Ponce John Pope Michael Porter Mark Posey Tiffany Price Tracey Price Stephanie Putiyon Kimberly Quiroz Abid Qureshi John Raftery Class of’89 Class of ' 89 Zachary Rainey Tara Rainsberger Elizabeth Rather Gregory Rawlerson Zandra Rawlinson Daryl Redden Kevin Reeves Mary Regan Kate Reynolds Dionne Rich Patricia Richard Michelle Richardson Renee Richardson Edsel Rivera Jason Rivera Linda Roberts Glorie Rodriguez Michael Roles Helen Rote Cynthia Rouleau Sasha Sabet Rizwanda Saeed Kirsta Salminen Symon Sanborn Helen Sanchez- Canete Timothy Sanders Kathy Saplak Lisa Savage Ayou Sayasithsena Stacey Sayko Thomas Schneider Christine Schu Cynthia Scifres Victoria Scott Ken Scroggins Lenor Scroggins Jennifer Senn Kenneth Shelly Carolyn Shoop Elizabeth Shoop Mirwais Shpoon Rebecca Sh river Kimberly Sierk Christopher Simpson Stuart Simpson Stacey Sincock Jennifer Sisson Lynae Skoog Amy Smith April Smith Christine Smith Eugene Smith Jeffrey Smith Kristina Smith Sherri Smith Valinda Smith Jennifer Snyder Donald Spatzer Thomas Spencer Daniel Spin Jimmie Stafford Lynette Stanley Allen Stewart Q Dawn Stewart Lola Stith Julie Stovall Patricia Strawderman Tonya Street Richard Stringer Patrick Strong Albert Stumm Dwayne Stumpf Roy Stutsman Beth Sunderland Sue Suppy belly Swanson Trisha Swarthout Eugene Swinton Lavonda Sykes Kimberly Tate Cynthia Taylor Kasandra Taylor Leslie Taylor Rochelle Taylor Stacia Taylor William Taylor Alice Terault Angela Terry John Thomas Jon Thomas Andrea Tidd Lisa Tirch Mohammad Tokhi Sandy Troiano Darryl Trudeau Kenneth Trujillo Elizabeth Tukey Jeffrey Turner Claire Tyson Kristen Valentine Katrina Vanderhoof John Vanhorn James Vavrick Dana Wakeman Kathryn Walcroft Jennifer Walker Krystol Walker Tonia Walker Josh Wall Christina Wallace Shannon Walter Kelly Wanamaker Tanya Wantz Brian Ward Marsha Ward law Mark Warholic Antoine Warren Charles Washington David Washington Ricardo Washington Robin Washington Mary Watkins Rhonda Watson Stephen Watt Brian Watts Jerry Watts Class of ' 89 Class of ' 89 Jason Webber Yolanda Webster Steve Weetman Melanie Werner Cynthia West Patricia West Thomas Westen Alan Wheat Allison Wheeler Shannon Wheeler Rebecca Whitbeck Bobby White Ramsey Williams Allen Wilson Ryan Wilson Constance Windham Lisa Winemiller Constance Wise Joseph Witgall Carrie Wood Micole Wood Kenneth Woodard Elizabeth Woodhouse Debra Wright John Wright Rexanne Wright Arwen Wyatt David Yacobi Glen Yancoskie Clinton Yeo Yun Yi Meredith York Darren Young Keith Young Matthew Young Shane Young Matthew Zawisa Dennis Ziesler Michelle Zoromski 181 BUMPIN BOOSTERS! YEARBOOK - A rather targe book you get about two weeks before school ends. This book causes a lot of confusion, teachers and other administrators dislike it very much. If they see it open during class, they take it from you, and you don ' t get it back until June 16 at 11:30 a.m. It also gets friends very confused be¬ cause they sign so many of them, they never can remember if they ' d done yours, so they sign it again. Connie Wise - Good luck to the chamber orchestra crew. You taught us a lot! Julie, you ' ve got three more terrific years at G-F- don ' t let the turkeys get you down. Jen, Sam, Jenni, Pat, Helen, Emily, Beck-its been great. But, hey, I ' m not really crazy. As Mrs. Simon put it, a tree fell on me. You have to understand! Keep walking like Egyptians! Remember those crazy days! t School time is no time for fun, so do you really have the answer to the question Erin Evans and Robert Jackson? If so, why is everyone else looking for it? Amy O Daniel! - Hey, what ' s up? We want to wish Holly Sr Chris lots of luck when they move. Holly, you have been a really super friend. Thanks for being there for us! Good luck with the guys! Chris, you are a really great guy. Don ' t ever forger it! Don ' t forget to write! Lots for love from Rami, Eliz, Bev, Kim Sr Amy Sr all your friends! BOOSTER AD - A totally ridicu¬ lous way of saying thanks to your best friend, family, and boy girl¬ friend by means of the yearbook. They have never made sense, be¬ cause by the time you get your yearbook, you ' ve disowned your best friend (to tell the truth, you were the one who toilet papered and egged her house last week), and gone through four different boy girl friends. Sophomore princess Winona Landry and her date Brian Borough seemed to enjoy dancing the night away at this year ' s homecoming, so they took the time to stop and smile for the camera. Are you laughing at the other team ' s goof up or are you just enjoying the football game like the rest of G-F ' s finest, Lisa Emery? Congradulations to the Class of ' 87 Gary McCoy Dale City Model Homes " See, life in school is not that bad, " Lynn Ganino and Jim Verschuran say. You only have to know the right people, and you ' re set for the rest of your high school career! ' Tio, it can ' t go that way, " explains Nr. Washington to Alan Hartman. But Sean Bennett says " yes it can! " , as he tries to prove his point. Geometry - This class is also " sophomore related ' . During the first few weeks of class, a student can look into the future, and say, " Tio problem! I can ace the class! " Then comes the postulates, theo¬ rems and proofs. After that... (Twi¬ light Zone Music!) Live life to the fullest seems to be Nike NcGuires philosophy as he keeps on mo¬ vin ' and groovin ' at the sophomore class dance. As many couples swayed to the pulsating music at the sophomore dance, Jeffrey Fowlkes seemed to be saying " Nay I have this dance? " Stephanie hosier - Terry, Thanks for being such a great sister. Good Luck in college. I ' ll miss you! I Love You, Stephie TAKE A FEEF inm THE WORLD OF G-Fs GREA TS Biology - a class in which a stu¬ dent (usually a sophomore) stud¬ ies different biological features of the world. Much memorization is required as in the structure of DTiA. Then about 3 4 of the way through the year, they compile all supposed acquired knowledge, and they be¬ gin everyone ' s favorite part of the year; DISSECTING! Chris Brown - Scott, Thanks for such a great year! Love Always, Chris 183 Terri Adair. Michael Adams. Christopher Affeldt, Scott Alford. Fazalit Ali, Christopher Allen. Danielle Alsop. Keith Alvarez. David Anderson. Tabatha An¬ derson. Lori Ash. Henry Askew. Hb Auld. Ronald Avey, Rochelle Bailey. James Baker, Monica Baker. Wendy Baker. Alicia Baldridge. Steven Ball. Regina Barnhill, Richard Barrante. Robert Baucom, Brenda Baumgartner. Francis Beachy. James Beall, Robin Beasley. Cheryl Belk. Kathryn Bell, Michael Bell. An¬ nette Bender, Carena Bender, La wanda Benefield. Terence Bennett. Brandon Bennetts. David Biller. Laure Billingsley, Sandra Blackett, Sarah Blais, Chris¬ topher Blevins Gregory Boggs. Kurt Bolland. William Boros. Sheila Bowen. Christopher Bowling, Sherri Bowman, Christine Boyce. Andrew Boyd, Daniel Boyd, Deborah Bradley. Darren Brain, Thomas Brandt. Susan Brannan, Christina Bream. Eric Bren¬ nan, Kathy Breslin. Dean Brettle, Pia Bridges. Heath¬ er Brinegar. Jesse Briscoe, Thomas Brooks, Shelley Brosch, Celeste Browder. Leslie Browder. Donna Brown. Jeffrey Brown, Shonisha Brown, Stephen Brown, Thomas Brown. Martin Brula, Mark Bryant, Marny Burgess. Adam Burnes. Sherry Burnes, Luke Butler. Kimberly Callahan, Lorenz Campos, Traci Cano. Diana Cappel, Stephen Cardwell. Candice Carlson. Joseph Carroll. Sibyl Carter. Tamara Carter. Thomas Caruthers. Michelle Cash, Ronald Cash, Michael Casteel. David Casteel, Stephen Cecil, Shei¬ la Cephas. Michelle Chalfant, Laura Chavez. Jenni¬ fer Childs. Steven Chucala, Janine Chuday, Tracey Clarke. David Clemens, Karen Cobbs, Alison Coffee, Jason Compy. Michael Connor, Troy Connor. Mi- chaele Cooley. Dana Cooper, Edward Cooper. Crys¬ tal Cordell. Cristi Cornett, James Correia, Matthew Cosand. Gina Cosen lino, Norma Costello, Shawn Cramer. Jennifer Cramp, John Crawley, Luis Crevoi- sier. Percy Crevoisier, Jeffrey Crowley. Timothy Crowley, Delinda Culbreth, Emilia Cunha, Brian Dahl. Karl Dalrymple, Jacqueline Darby, Christine David, Cheryl Davis, Eric Davis. Michael Dean, Car¬ men. Dennis, Janice Derderian. Kristen Devine, Jo¬ anne Dick, Michelle Disse. Barbara Dix, Danette Dixon. Kent Dixon. Elizabeth Dobson, Amy Doll- veira, Bernie Dombrowski, Mark Domenick. John Donley, Kimberly Dormstetter, Dorene Dove, Robert Doyle. Alicia Drago, Lisa Drotos, Richard Dulin, Sherri Dumire, Anthony Duncan. Lisa Dupree. David Easier. Michelle Ebert, Dean Edwards. Trenton Ed¬ wards. Carl Eicher. Christopher Eiland, Jeffrey Ei- land. Jennifer Ekren, Donald Ellenberger. Jesse Elly- son, Karen Embrey, Christian Emmerich, Shawn Engle, Suzanne Essary. Christopher Euler, Richard Evirs. Jennifer Fair, Richard Farley. Roger Farrow, Christopher Feather. Tracy Ferrell, Thomas Ferri, Jeffrey Fields, Victoria Fissel, Timothy Fitzwater. Sharon Ford, William Forgo. Raymond Foster, Ve¬ ronica Foy. Talisa Fuller, Kathleen Gaden. Christo¬ pher Galloway. Chris Galvanek, Donna Gamboa, Kathryn Gardner, Christopher Garrett, Thomas Gar¬ rett. Vinson Garrett. Sandra George, Wendy Ger- hardt, Christina Gheen, Cherie Gibson, Katherine Gill. William Gilliom. Brent Good, Eureka Gordon. Stephanie Graham, Jon Grant. Michael Granum. Me¬ lissa Green, Suzanne Green. Sarah Gresham, Jason Griffin. Joanne Griner. Matthew Groff, Lucinda Grove. Michael Gunn. Leina Gunter. Kevin Gutierrez, Suzanne Habbert, Jeffrey Hale, Keith Haller, Kevin Haller, Christopher Hamako. Jennifer Hamilton. William Hamner, Randy Handwork. Tina Hans- brough. Richard Harlow. Katherine Harnest, Heather Harris. Jay Harris. Michael Harris, Linda Harrison. Samantha Harte. James Hartman. Chad Hartmann, Audrey Haun. Andrea Haupt, Brett Havener, Rebek- ah Haymond. Sandra Heckman, Lisa Hegele. Sheila Hegert. David Heiser, Lisa Hendrick. Christina Hens¬ ley. A fra Hersi. Michael Hertzog, Karen Hicks. Mi¬ chelle Hildenbrand. Jeanne Hill, Evelyn Hockett. Kelley Hoff. Tracey Holmes, Michael Hood, Michael Hopke. Kimberle Hopkins. Deborah Hopson. Todd Houston, Michell Huggins, Sherry Huggins. Douglas Hutton. Brian Inge, Caroline Jabs. James Jandreau. Pamela Jefferson. Jennifer Jeffries. Lisa Jenkins. Marcus Jenner, Sheila Jennings. Ernest Jennison. Faith Johns. Alvin us Johnson. David Johnson. Regi¬ na Johnson. Roderick Johnson. Rolland Johnson, Theresa Johnson. Trade Johnson, Wesley Johnson, Jeffrey Johnston. Marcey Jones. Maurice Jones. Or¬ lando Jones. Pamela Jones. Sean Jones. Lara Jordan. Nicola Jordan. Tamara Jung. Marie Karis, Timothy Kashmer. Brandi Kelly. Christopher Keltner, Angela Kerby, James Kerby, Ali Kerem, James Kerney. Ken¬ neth Kerr. Kelly Kerrigan. Beth Kerscher. Patricia Kibler. Anita King. Denise King. Lawrence King, Mark King. Renee Kinney, Douglas Kline, Jeremy Knorr. Hyun Ko, Che Kolbenstetter. Dennis Kramer, Jennifer Kreamer. Robert Krenkel, Arthur Kurtz. Bet¬ ty Lacy. Cyndri Lafreniere. Dawn Laplante, Lori Lay¬ man, Scott Lazerson. Chris Le. Hung Le, Laura Leche. Jennifer Lee. Kyung Lee, Tracy Lee. Mary Lepper, April Lewis. Denise Lewis, Sean Lewis, Armand Lien- ard. Mary-Beth Light. Artie he Lightfoot, Tracey Lilly. Chana Lindgren, Shelly Lip pert. Stephen Livingston, Naomi Locklear. Deborah Long, Diane Loveitt, Va¬ leria Lovelace. Gregory Lowe, Shaun Lucas. Kenneth Ludwig. Lloyd Luellen. Matthew Lynn. William Mac¬ Donald, Daniel Maddox, Sonia Maine, John Ma- jeski. Julie Manning. Latessa Manning, Christina Mark. Jeffrey Marolda, Les Martin, Treena Marlin, Dana Marzette. Brenda Mayes. Caroline Maze. Christopher McCarthy. James McConnell. Jeffrey McCuen, Charles McCullough. Alvin McCullough, Linda McGrail. Jarrett Mclnturff. Mary McKelvey, Michele McLawhorn, Suzanne McMoran, Sandra Meehan. Shari Megill. Christopher Meidt. Jeffre Merrifield. Anthony Merritt. Mike Meurer. Douglas Meyer. Carla Mickelson. Troy Mickins, Natalie Mig- liorini. Thomas Mihaly, Angela Miller. Anna Miller, Brian Miller. Jennifer Miller. Ty Miller. Walter Mitchell. Michael Moffett. Carol Money, Melissa Monroe. Diana Moody, Patrick Moore. Sherry Moore, Lashune Morgan, Michael Mori. Rebecca Morris. Robert Moyers, Rose Munczenski. Darlaine Munselt. Eric Murphy. Susan Ness. Jennifer Newell. Senatra Newell, Lisa Noonan, Charles Nopwasky. Shirllynn Nuckols. Karlo Obcemea, Deanna Ober- meier. Robert Obrien, Jacqueline Oleary, Larry Ok, Christopher Ondo. John Ondo. Marilyn Orr, Denise Owens, Kimberly Owens. Kirsten Page, Daniel Parker, Michelle Parker, Andre Pasterchick, Tara Pealross, Anthony Pellegrini, Thomas Pencak, Tonya Pennington. Christina Perkins. Judy Perusse. Heath¬ er Peterson. Brian Pelrauskas. Thomas Petruzzi. Heather Peverill, Coleen Phelan, James Phillips. Richard Phillips. Cheryl Pickett. Stephanie Pile, Les¬ lie Pitt. Moses Plenty, Stan Poczatek. Mark Poillucci, Palma Poormon, William Post, Lara Powell, Sundi Powell, William Powell. Anita Prasch, Heather Pres- nell, John Proffitt. Tammy Pruitt. Kim Pruna. Rhonda Quezarie. David Quirin, Rhondelynn Ramos. Margot Ramsay, James Rawlinson, Michelle Raymond, Christine Recknor. Oren Reed. Daniel Reedy, Nicole Regele. William Reichenbach, Samantha Rembert, Melvyn Rexrode. Kimberly Rhorer. Kathleen Rich. Lisa Rich. Kristin Richards. Linda Richardson, Wendy Richmond. Patric Riesenherg. Robert Riggle. David Ripton, Johnell Rivera. John Rocha, Daniel Rohrig, Daniel Rotelli. Erin Roth, Leonard Rowe, David Rummler, Harold Ruszczyk. Irene Ryan. Nicole Sa- barese, Chris Sanchez-Canete, Kenneth Sapp, Jodi Saunders. John Sawicki. Travis Schaney. William Schrecongost. Lori Schroeder. Jeffrey Schumacher, James Schwab, George Scott, Richard Scott. Robert Shearer. Susan Sheloski, Amy Shiflett, Amy Shiflett. Daniel Short. Jill Shreve. Stephen Shurtliff, Priscella Sierk, Richard Sierk, Gregory Simcic. Emily Simmons, John Simpson, Yoncha Sin, Brian Singleton. Donald Sketo, Jocelyn Skifton, John Slaustas. Francine Smith. Kimberly Smith. Mauricea Smith, Michael Smith, Nancy Smith. Tamara Smith. Lakita Sneed. Joyce Soderstrom. Kelly Spellane, Kuansueke Sra- gaow, Carlene St. John, Sabrina Stamper. Tracy Stan- sill. Rodney Stephens, Edwar d Stiegel. Steven Stiles, Eric Stoutamyer. Susan Straight, Danny Strickland, Susanne Stubig. Rebecca Stuck, Joshua Sullivan. Deborah Suslowicz, Timothy Swarthout. Kathy Swider. Lesley Swider, Cynthia Taft, Niquelle Talley, Jesse Taylor. Kimberly Taylor. Laura Taylor. Mi¬ chelle Taylor. Melinda Teel. Christopher Tenney, George Terrell. Colleen Terry. Kristen Terry, Jennifer Thomas. Rhonda Thomas. Anthony Thompson. Eric Thompson. Leneetha Thompson. Peggy Thompson. Robert Thompson. Steven Thompson, Terry Thomp¬ son. John Thurman. Roger Thurston, Michael Tilley. Helen Todd. Kristy Tomchek. Terrill Tops, Kimberly Toth, Jennifer Trace. Kimberly Trot man, Lucinda Tucker. Anthony Tuggle. Christopher Turner, Der¬ rick Turner, Kelly Turner. Terry Tyler. Martin Under¬ wood, Mark Unrath. Jeannine Valvo. William Van- gelder. Jared Vanleuven. Leonard Vant owe, Tabatha Vanover. Timothy Vavrina. Beverly Velasco. Lynn Verity, James Verschueren. Lisa Vito, Lisa Volpe. James Waddell, Deborah Wagner, Michael Wallace, Lisa Ward. Robert Wardlow, Jennifer Warren. Shar- lene Washington. Songia Washington . . . CLASS RINGS With this ring...I thee be a Junior i Ordering class rings has been a never ending tradition because it is a status symbol of your junior year. Students start ordering at the end of their sophomore year. Through the years the styles, selections, and price range has varied, for instance in 1967 there were only two styles of rings, one for males and one for females. This was a standard $40.00 gold ring, which had a basic blue stone. With an Indian Head and Gar-Field on the side. Now, every student has a personalized ring. There are a variety of different sizes, shapes, stones, and emblems such as sports or extra curricular activities which can be ordered. They also have a choice of having an Ultrium or Gold ring. These rings are now priced between $50.00 to $200.00. We have been ordering class rings from Herff Jones since 1963. in a hap- nd show- Besides his naturally good looks, Stan Pozcheck is also a very learned fellow. Dr. Frederick G. Stern 2200 Opitz Blvd., Ste. 370 Wood bridge, VA 22191 (703) 494-91 IS or 491-1500 Good Times Jacqueline Darby, Mark Do- menick, Sean Jones, and Lori Schroeder take advantage of their free time in the morning to clown around and have a good time be¬ fore the beginning of first period. Terri Adair Michael Adams Christopher Affeldt Alford Scott Fazalit Ali Christopher Allen Danielle Alsop Keith Alvarez David Anderson Tabatha Anderson Lori Ash Henry Askew Hb Auld Ronald A vey James Baker Monica Baker Wendy Baker Alicia Baldridge Steven Ball Richard Barrante Robert Baucom Brenda Baumgartner James Beall Robbin Beasley Cheryl Belk Kathryn Bell Michael Bell Annette Bender Carena Bender La wanda Benefield Terence Bennett Brandon Bennetts David Biller Laure Billingsley Sandra Blackett Sarah Blais Christopher Blevins Gregory Boggs Kurt Bolland William Boros Sheila Bowen Christopher Bowling Sherri Bowman Christine Boyce Andrew Boyd Daniel Boyd Deborah Bradley Darren Brain Thomas Brandt Susan Brannan Eric Brennan Kathy Breslin Dean Brettle Pia Bridges Heather Brinegar Jesse Briscoe Celeste Browder Leslie Browder Donna Brown Jeffrey Brown Katrina Brown Stephen Brown Thomas Brown Martin Brula Mark Bryant Marny Burgess Adam Burnes Sherry Burnes Luke Butler A Smooth With Style Terri Tyler poses the GQ look while taking a break from class and thinks to himself " Nobody bothers me! " Kimberly Callahan Lorenz Campos Traci Cano Diana Cappel Steven Cardwell Candice Carlson Joseph Carroll Sibyl Carter Thomas Caruthers Michael Casteel David Castell Stephen Cecil Sheila Cephas Michelle Chalfant Laura Chavez Jennifer Childs Steven Chucala Janine Chuday Tracy Clarke David Clemens Karen Cobbs Jason Compy Troy Connor Michaele Cooley Dana Cooper Edward Cooper Cristi Cornett James Correia Matthew Cosand Gina Cosentino 189 Jennifer Cramp John Crawley Jeffrey Crowley Timothy Crowley Delinda Culbreth Emilia Cunha Brian Dahl Karl Dalrymple Jacqueline Darby Christine David Cheryl Davis Eric Davis Carmen Dennis Janice Derderian Kristen Devine Joanne Dick Barbara Dix Danette Dixon Kent Dixon Elizabeth Dobson What A Pair Mary McKelvey and Jill Shreve smile for the camera during Ge¬ ometry while taking a break from angles and triangles. 190 Amy Doliveira Bernie Dombrowski Mark Domenick John Donley Kimberly Dormstetter Dorene Dove Robert Doyle Alicia Drago Lisa Drotos Richard Dulin Sherri Dumire Anthony Duncan David Easier Michelle Ebert Dean Edwards Trenton Edwards Carl Eicher Christopher Eiland Donald Ellenberger Jesse Ellyson Karen Embrey Christian Emmerich Shawn Engle Suzanne Essary Christopher Euler Richard Evirs Jennifer Fair Richard Farley Roger Farrow Christopher Feather Tracy Ferrell Thomas Ferri Jeffrey Fields Robert Finch Victoria Fisse! Timothy Fitzwater Arron Fletcher William Forgo Raymond Foster Veronica Foy Talisa Fuller Kathleen Gaden Christopher Galloway Chris Galvanek Donna Gamboa Kathryn Gardner Christopher Garrett Thomas Garrett Vinson Garrett Sandra George Express Yourself Leslie Swider obviously does not enjoy getting her picture taken . This look is one of the many un¬ forgettable things about her. Christina Gheen Cherie Gibson Katherine Gill William Gilliom Brent Good Stephanie Graham Joe Grant Michael Granum Melissa Green Susan Green Sarah Gresham Jason Griffin Matthew Groff Lucinda Grove Michael Gunn Leina Gunter Kevin Gutierrez Suzanne Habbert Jeffery Hale Keith Haller Kevin Haller Christopher Hamako Jennifer Hamilton William Hamner Randy Handwork Tina Hansbrough Richard Harlow Katherine Harnest Heather Harris Jay Harris 193 Let ' s Hear It For Spirit Jodi Saunders, Wendy Baker, Myrna Williams, and Diana Moody smile pretty and show their school spirit at every game. Michael Harris Linda Harrison Samantha Harte Chad Hartman James Hartman Audrey Haun Andrea Haupt Brett Havener Rebekah Haymond Sandra Heckman Lisa Hegele Sheila Hegert David Heiser Lisa Hendrick Tina Hensley A fra Hersi Michael Hertzog Karen Hicks Michelle Hildenbrand Jeanne Hill Kelley Hoff Tracey Holmes Michael Hood Michael Hopke Kimberley Hopkins Deborah Hopson Todd Houston Michelle Huggins Sherry Huggins Jessica Hughes Douglas Hutton Brian Inge Caroline Jabs James Jandreau Pamela Jefferson Jennifer Jeffries Lisa Jenkins Marcus Jenner Sheila Jennings Alvinus Johnson David Johnson Regina Johnson ] Roderick Johnson Rolland Johnson Theresa Johnson Trade Johnson Wesley Johnson Marcey Jones Maurice Jones Orlando Jones 195 I Pamela Jones Sean Jones Lara Jordan Nicola Jordan Tamara Jung Marie Karis Timothy Kashmer Brandi Kelly Christopher Keltner Angela Kerby James Kerby Ali Kerem James Kerney Kenneth Kerr Kelly Kerrigan Beth Kerscher Patricia Kibler Anita King Denise King Lawrence King Think Fast Sheila Jennings concentrates hard on the question asked, and always comes up with the right answer. Mark King Renee Kinney Douglas Kline Jeremy Knorr Hyun Ko Sherry Kolbenstetter Dennis Kramer Jennifer Kreamer Robert Krenkel Arthur Kurtz Betty Lacy Cyndri Lafreniere Lori Layman Scott Lazerson Chris Le Hung Le Laura Leche Jennifer Lee Kyung Lee Tracy Lee Mary Lepper April Lewis Denise Lewis Sean Lewis Armand Lienard Mary Beth Light Arliche Lightfoot Tracey Lilly Chana Lindgren Shelly Lippert 197 Steven Livingston Naomi Locklear Deborah Long Diane Loveitt Gregory Lowe Shaun Lucas LLoyd Luellen Matthew Lynn Daniel Maddox Sonia Maine John Majeski Julie Manning Latessa Manning Christina Mark Jeffrey Marolda Dana Marzette Brenda Mayes Caroline Maze Christopher McCarthy James McConnell The Agony Must End Heidi Clark, Hope Pickett, and Kristin Richards cool down their legs before they burn up the track. Jeffrey McCuen Charles McCullough Alvin McCutchen Jarrett Mclnturff Mary McKelvey Michele McLawhorn Suzanne McMoran Sandra Meehan Shari Megill Christopher Meidt Jeffrey Merrifield Anthony Merritt Mike Meurer Douglas Meyer Troy Mickins Natalie Migliorini Anna Miller Brian Miller Jennifer Miller Walter Mitchell Michael Moffett Carol Money Melissa Monroe Diana Moody Patrick Moore Lashune Morgan Rebecca Morris Rose Munczenski Darlaine Munsell Eric Murphy 199 Susan Ness Jennifer Newell Senatra Newell Lisa Noonan Charles Nopwasky Shirllynn Nuckols Karlo Obcemea Deanna Obermeier Robert Obrien Jacqueline Oleary Larry Ols Christopher Ondo John Ondo Marilyn Orr Denise Owens Kimberly Owens Kirsten Page Daniel Parker Michelle Parker Andre Pasterchick Teenage Wasteland Some of Gar-Field ' s craziest peo¬ ple that keep everyone laughing are Carl Eicher, Dorene Dove, and Janine Chuday. Tara Peatross Anthony Pellegrini Tonya Pennington Christina Perkins Heather Peterson Brian Petrauskas Thomas Petruzzi Heather Peverill Coleen Phelan Richard Phillips Cheryl Pickett Stephanie Pile Leslie Pitt Moses Plenty Stan Poczatek Mark Poillucci Palma Poormon Lara Powell Sundi Powell William Powell Anita Prasch Heather Presnell John Proffitt Tammy Pruitt Kim Pruna Rhonda Quezaire David Quirin Rhodelynn Ramos Margot Ramsay James Rawlinson Michelle Raymond Christine Recknor Oren Re ed Daniel Reedy Nicole Regele William Reichenbach Samantha Rembert Melvin Rexrode Kimberly Rhorer Kathleen Rich Lisa Rich Kristin Richards Linda Richardson Wendy Richmond Patrice Riesenberg Robert Riggle David Ripton Johnell Rivera John Rocha Daniel Rohrig Brain Power Reading her book intensely while seeking the answer she needs is Natalie Migliorini. Jk.JU. Daniel Rotelli Erin Roth Leonard Rowe David Rummler Irene Ryan Nicole Sabarese Christine Sanchez-Canete Kenneth Sapp Jodi Saunders John Sawicki Travis Schaney Will Schrecongost Lori Schroeder Jeffrey Schumacher James Schwab George Scott Richard Scott Robert Shearer Susan Sheloski Amy Shiflett Daniel Short Jill Shreve Stephen Shurtliff Priscilla Sierk Richard Sierk Gregory Simcic Emily Simmons John Simpson Yoncha Sin Brian Singleton 203 Donald Sketo Jocelyn Skifton John Slaustas Francine Smith Kimberly Smith Mauricea Smith Michael Smith Nancy Smith Tamara Smith Lakita Sneed Joyce Soderstrom Kelly Spellane Kuansueke Sragaow Carlene St.John Sabrina Stamper Allen Stans bury Tracy Stansill Edward Stiegel Steven Stiles Eric Stoutamyer Susan Straight Danny Strickland Susanne Stubig Rebecca Stuck Deborah Suslowicz Timothy Swarthout Kathy Swider Lesley Swider Cynthia Taft Niquelle Talley Jesse Taylor Kimberly Taylor Laura Taylor Michelle Taylor Melinda Teel Christopher Tenney George Terrell Colleen Terry Kristen Terry Rhonda Thomas Anthony Thompson Eric Thompson Leneetha Thompson Peggy Thompson Robert Thompson Steven Thompson Terry Thompson John Thurman Roger Thurston Michael Tilley Looking Good Taking timeout during class change to talk and keep up with the new gossip are veteran gos- sipers Dorene Dove, Joyce Soder- strom and Sean Jones. Helen Todd Kristy Tomchek Terrill Tops Kimberly Toth Jennifer Trace Kimberly Trotman Lucinda Tucker Anthony Tuggle Christopher Turner Derrick Turner Kelly Turner Terry Tyler Martin Underwood Mark Unrath Jeannine Valvo William Vangelder Jared Vanleuven Timothy Vavrina Krista Veil Beverly Velasco " " Hi ► s ' ® ' Lynn Verity James Verschueren Lisa Volpe James Waddell Michael Wallace Lisa Ward Jennifer Warren Sharlene Washington Songia Washington William Washington Lawrence Way land Scott Webb Dexter Webster Michelle Wells Matthew Wheeler Todd Wickum Paul Wierbihski Felicia Wilburn Michael Wilhelm Franklin Wilkerson Valerie Wilkins Jennifer Williams Kasandra Williams Myrna Williams Michael Windt William Wise James Wohlhueter Byron Woods Kyla Wright Lisa Wright 207 Mary a Wright Frank Zane Cynthia Zeunges Spencer and SAJRemember Boh? Fern- TDCS SAJ- Thanks! Zefer- Tomas-Robby. G-F Flags you ' re the best. Love, Beth Dobson To m y i Mends in FBLA-it has been great THANK for all the fun Lynn V. Your histori- an. Lee i l. this year has been real-thanx for being th ere. Good Luck in all you do. Peace forever. Yours Lynn Venty Sandra Heckman escapes from class to go to her lock- Practicing their skits for the next school play are Rob- er and adventure on to next period . ert Doyle and Kelly Wanamaker. Life Styles Jim Verschueren has found a new way to put his books to good use. Being able to do a proper split was only one of the reasons why Emily Cunha was selected to be an Indianette. Varsity cheerleaders Natalie Migliorini and Lisa Dro- tos, taking a break from the Stonewall Jackson game. 210 JUNIORS Looking forward to their senior year And trying not to show their fear Of living in a brand new world. Only one more year to pass through The familiar halls, and remember all Their times of fun and falls. The funs not over, just beginning. Applying to college, adding the trimmings. To their last good look at the school We proudly call Gar-Field, where The cool go to school, and the Good times roll like a great song. Varsity baseball player Todd Wickum can ' t believe the bad call the umpire made during the Osbourn Park game. One can always count on Sean Jones, James Jan- dreau, and Eric Stoutameyer to be walking around and playing it cool during lunch. Matt Dulin, Dori Dove, and Stephen Shurtliff lounging around Lecture Room 2. 211 DecUioai, PeciUoHi, DetiAwnk Ak you mdim, you cm faced o)$k many deeUUmt. Laura O’Brien and Matt Shoop got ' married ' last May as an assign ment for Mr. Aleo ' s Sociology class. For some, the senior year of high school is the best. For others, it is also the scariest. What will I do next year? Will I be able to make it my own? What if I do not get accepted into college? Flow will I even pay for college? These questions and others are thought about by thou- sandsof teenagers across the United States each year. Al¬ though most seniors plan to go to college, others have differ¬ ent ideas. The plans of those who want to go on to higher education are as varied as those who do not. Karin Richards wants to go to college, study business, and venture through Europe. " I have always wanted to fly jets,” says Gilbert Roberts. " Hopefully I will be able to fly in the Navy.” He will not go unprepared, however, as he plans to major in engineering. David Michael Watts has political dreams. He would like to major in international or po¬ litical science. " I hope to be at the United Nations someday.” Others are not so sure about their future. Krystine Wilson knows that she wants a doctor¬ ate. " But I do not know what I want it in; either law, account¬ ing, Spanish, or something.” She would like to be married also. This goal she shares with many of her classmates. Even though the last year of high school can be a little frightening, it can also be a year of hoping and planning to fulfill childhood dreams of fame, fortune and plain old- fashioned happiness. Along with marriage comes the decision of having children. Are they in your future? 213 Daniel Ackerman Linda Adams Kelly Ahern Nancy Akers Anthony Alba David Albertson Deanna Albertson Dianne Anderson Michelle Ashby Martin Askew Brenda Aspitlaga Desiree Ausby Michelle Babcock David Bachman Anthony Bailey Mark Baker Joseph Beahm Ruben Basantes Bryan Battenfeld Penny Baum Eric Beale Lori Beaty Jonathan Bennett Samuel Benson Scott Bertetti Matthew Bethea Bernard Bickham Harrison Billingsley Daniel Bird William Blanton Steven Bishop Sandra Bledsoe Danielle Black Thomas Bloxton Francoise Blais Kimberly Bohr Emily Bohuslar Jeffrey Bowers James Boyd Lisa Bradford Denise Breen Jeannie Breslin Gregory Bresser Jautawn Brimage Donna Brothers Alicia Brown Brigidette Brunelli Danielle Buchanan Suzette Brown Bradley Bunn Tamara Brown William Burcroff Christina Burrage Monica Burruss Lloyd Burton Dionne Butler Gwendolyn Butler Tracy Byrd Dana Caddy Dana Campbell 217 Robert Campbell Donna Cappel Charles Carlson Kirk Carlson Helen Carpenter Marion Carrigan Tami Carter Christopher Cash Michelle Cashwell Patrick Castle Andrea Cecere Kenneth Chase Michelle Chase Elaine Checkon Peg Chuquillangui Andre Clarke Travis Clay brooks Samuel Clubb Joseph Cole Wayne Conahan Kurt Conger Susan Conley Jacqueline Cook John Cook Rubin !respo Cindy Cross Tracey Cross Karrie Cull 219 Chris Cummings George Cunha James Curlis Thomas Curran Wendy Dailey Susan Dameron Lonnie Davis Robert Davis Michael Destephanis Palmer Denny James Derderian Dana Derosier Kristian Dixon Mark Dobash Susan Dockery Timothy Donovan Gretchen Ennett Terri Esformes Rosita Espin Sheila Essey Christine Evans Michelle Evatt Kenneth Farish Bryan Feeney I Robert Fisher Kristan Fite Pamela Fitzkee Wesley Fleming Kristine Flinchum Angela Ford Barry Ford Jerry Ford Stephanie Fowkes William Freeby Roy From Michelle Fulcher Robert Gandee Terrence Gatling Stephanie Gayda Thomas George Jason Gerald Aimee Gibbons Yvonne Gilliom Yolanda Godwin 224 Matthew Grenke Wendell Griffin Jodi Grose David Hall Dwight Hall Lori Hanna Julia Hanson Jennifer Harnest Richard Harrell Tony Harris Lisa Hare Shelby Harrod Patrick Hart Robert Hart Sharilynn Hart Richard Hartman Thomas Haug Randall Hayes Lysette Heaton John Heller Kelly Hicks Kelly Hiett Arlita Hines Hobart Hornauer Teresa Hosier Francine Housier . Matthew Howard Brian Hughes Janet Humphrey Camellia Hunsley Kimberly Hunt Michael Hustwayte Charles Hutchens Patty Hutchinson Deanna Hutson Traci Hyman James Imel Gary Imler 227 Mary Jakub Chante James Michelle James Ann Jebram Monica Jenkins Lisa Jentzen Jeffrey Jerrell Beverly Johnson Kathleen Jones Robert Jones Tracey Jones Nancy Jordan 228 ::: I Kimberly King Rodney King Renee Kinney Jennifer Kinzinger Jay Kline Eric Klotter Burke Knapp Michael Knott Terry Lane Cynthia Laughlin Kelly Lavey Nha Le Deborah Lee Morris Lenyon Christine Leo Greg Letourneau 230 I Douglas Lloyd Jonathan Lockamy Jailene Logsdon Alcides Lopes Teri Lothes Shonenell Lucas Aili Lyon Anna MacEwen Christopher MacDuff Edward Macejka Jerry Manning Andreas Markle Hayda Marquina Deidre Marsh Curtis Marshall Kia Marshall 231 Renee Martin Thomas Martin Angela Mason Kathleen Mason Mark Mattaliano David Matters Tonya Matthews Kristin Mawanay WWOT . Dg Tara McManamey Jacqueline McNeill Anthony McWilliams Michelle Meadows Stacy Medina Carla Melonson Mark Merritt Karen Meseck Richard Midyette Angie Miller Mark Miller David Minor Melodee Miranda Lora Mitchell Trina Mitchell Colleen Moore 233 Linda Moore Troy Moore Kim Morello Cydne Morgan Jo Linda Mozisek Sean Muihern Jolie Mullinax Dean Munson Amy Mussomele Kimberly Myrie Victoria Nanni Claudia Newhart Floyd Morris Ellen Morrison Casey Moton Stephanie Moyer 234 Todd Nyberg-Mastrorilli Patrick O ' Leary Christine O ' Brian Dennis O ' Brien Sheila Oliver Christine Ondo Greg Ondo Terry Opauski Victoria Orolfo Andres Orozco Gudrun Ortmann Sigrun Ortmann 235 David Ostrander Jonathan Palmer Kirk Page Brian Paine Janice Palumbo Brian Parker Melissa Parmelee Jason Pasterchick Jeffrey Patton Denise Payne David Pedersen Dean Pellegrini Joy Pennington Richard Pennock Earle Perez Ingrid Perkins Thomasina Perkins Jesse Perrin Deanna Peschka Ronald Peters David Petruzzi Tracey Pierce Donald Pile Lasondra Pitts Mary Poczatek Christina Polla Michael Porch Joseph Portell Michelle Pratt Kenneth Pillow Melanie Poole John Pruitt 237 Chutima Ratanapool James Rather Robert Reese Alan Reeves Mark Reitmeyer Karin Richards Robert Richardson Kimberly Richmond Wanda Ritter Joshua Rivera Shirley Rivera Gilbert Roberts Brenda Robison Sandra Rodriguez James Rogers Deanna Rohrig 239 Julie Sarofim Patrick Sarsfield Matthew Saville Joann Sayko Anthony Scalia Cheryl Schoenbcrn James Schalow Brian Scott Pamela Schmecht Joseph Shepherd Ronald Schawalder Donna Shelly Jennifer Sierk P Nancy Speakes Aubrey Stallings Heather Sloan Leah Snediker Marcos Spittal Kevin Stanford Karla Stanley Shane Smith Cristell Soderstrom Barbara Sprinkle Nusara Sragaow Collin Smith James Smith Amanda Souders Kim Stanley 241 Matthew Surbeck John Svienty Todd Swisher Amy Taylor Lorrie Thomas Ronald Todt Carla Tomasino Tammy Tomchek Terri Truitt Muriel Turch Cynthia Turner Charleen Tutsock German Vanegas Lori Varner Carole Vaiden Steven Verburg Allen Victor Anissa Vanderhoof 243 Greta VonWolffradt Tina Walker Wesley Walker Darlene Wallace Dennis Ward Eliabeth Ward David Watts Rebecca Weetman Gary Whittington Reginald Wilks Kathryn Williams Richard Williams Audrea Wilson Gregory Wilson Krystine Wilson Patrick Winemiller Laura Winslow Jennifer Withers Andre Witzgall Jennifer Wood William Wood Tomicia Woodfolk Brian Woolfolk Clarence Wright 245 FOND THOUGHTS They have Stood behind ui, kuppoded ul, and helped uk in anyway they could. Now, they wiklt, to addwk a final mekkage of fond thought ak the dakk of 87 lecu ek Gat-Field. Mr. Clarke 12th Grade Principal " Thete uiai olotthey didnt teM me u hen font gotthik Ms. A. Baird Ms. Baird 12th Grade Secretary Ms. Allison 12th Grade Sponsor Mrs. Combs 12th Grade Sponsor Mrs. Templeton 12th Grade Sponsor IVe nemembet gout growth fium gteen fuekhwen, to knowing kophowotek, on to working junior and finally, to anniouk keniwu.. .gout next Step U to umembet that He iptendid achievementofthe intellect, Ike the koul, U evexlaS ng... GajSukt86-34 B.C. Q Mrs. Templeton Ms. Allison Mrs.Combs Mr. Clarke MOST INTELLIGENT Nha Le Jon Palmer MOST ARTISTIC Kathy Ellis Henry Kim MOST QUIETEST MOST TALKATIVE Darold Young Tina Day Ken Chase Danielle Black Robby Richardson Leah Snediker MOST POPULAR MOST MISCUEYIOUS MOST A TULET C Heather Mason Daniel Ackerman Susan Taylor Robert Davis MR. MS. GAR-HELD MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Cammy Hunsiey Jonathan Lockamy Nancy Jordan Brian Green 249 251 Daniel William Ackerman-Ack: Ham Radio Club 10, Key Club 12, indianettes Manager 11-12, Concert Choir 12. Dominants 12. Ambition: To attend a good college and earn a degree in medicine , or become a singer in a Heavy Metal band with my good friend and my party companion Jimmy Kerny. Linda Caroline Adams-Pep Club 9, Drama Club 12. Ambition: To go to college and major in business law, once my career is settled I hope to marry the man of my dreams. Kelly Ann Ahern-Grape Ape: Drama Club 9, DECA 12, Marching Band 9-10. Concert Band 10-1 I. Ambition- I would like to pursue a career in fashion, then find Mr. Right, marry him, and make lots of bucks! Nancy Lynn Akers-Latin Club 11-12. Ambition: To pursue a career in areospace engineering, own an estate in the South, be disgust¬ ingly rich, deliriously happy and to party forever. David Albertson-VICA 11-12. Ambition: To have parties for a year. Deanna Kay Albertson-Varsity Choir 9-10, VICA I 1-12. Ambition: To further my career in social work and start a family. Dianne Marie Anderson-Miss Indy: Science Club 10-12. Ambition: To go to college to study archaeology. I want to be able to travel all over the world, and to live comfortably without having to worry about money. Michelle Yvette Ashby-Shelby: Pep Club 9-12, History Club 10, DECA 10-1 I, Gymnastics Team 9. Ambition: To own a bookstore, to do anything at least once in my lifetime. Brenda Luisa Aspillaga-Pep Club 9-10, DECA 10, French Club I I , History Club 10-11. Ambition: To go to college, make a fortune , travel around the world, buy a mansion and a porsche, and live happily ever after. Michelle Lee Babcock-DECA 10-12. Ambition: To go to college for four years and major in marketing, become a successful retail buyer by 25, and travel around the world. David Ray Bachman-Shorty: Wrestling Team 9-10,12, Latin Club 10-12. Ambition: To serve the Lord, to become a vet, and an artist. Anthony Douglas Bailey-Beattle Bailey: Ambition: To graduate for mom, have a wild party with " chip 5”, get married, and have a bouncing baby boy who acts just like me. Mark L. Baker-Eldra: Freshman Football Team 9, Indoor Track 9- 11, Outdoor Track 9,1 I, Cross Country 12. Ambition: To become a pilot in the Navy and live pleasantly with a wife forever. Richard Todd Banks-Todd: Football 9-10. Ambition: To attend college somewhere, become an officer in the army, marry Barbra Tyson, live with her forever, and have lots of kids. Julie Anne Barker-Baker Barker-. National Honor Society 11-12, Secretary Treasurer 12, Math Club 11-12, Tennis Club 12, Com¬ puter Math Club I 1-12. Ambition: To become a successful aero¬ space engineer, to get a classic convertible, and to have all the fun I can in life without growing up. Melinda Danette Barrett-Mendy: Orchestra 9-10, Concert Choir I 1-12, Spanish Club 9-11, Drama Club 10-12, Flag Corps I 1-12. Ambition: To survive the parties and studying in college, be suc¬ cessful in whatever I do, and own a Mercedes convertible. Ruben Albert Basantes-Chico: Spanish Club 10, Drama Club I I- 12, Who’s Who I I, Concert Choir 10-12, Dominants 10-12, All County Choir 10-12, All Region Choir 10-12, Signet 9-12, Nation¬ al Honor Society I I -12, All State Choir 12, State Honors Choir 12. Ambition: To go to college then medical school, move to Beverly Hills, and become the doctor of the rich and famous, and be on the cover of TIME. Penny Marie Baum-Pen: Ambition: To go to college and live happily ever after with my sweetie Wes Gilbert. Lory Ann Beaty-Lori; Ambition: To marry Kevin and be happy for ever. Matthew Robert Bethea-Neck: Marching Band 9. VICA 11-12. Ambition: To become successful in the career I pursue and open up my own business. Daniel Cecil Bird-Bird: Varsity Wrestling Team 10-12. Ambition: To be spliced genetically with " Bill the cat. " Danielle Annette Black-Nellie: Cheerleading 9-11, Homecoming Princess 9-10. Ambition: To go to VA. Tech and graduate, own my own business (have people work for me), marry that special man, and be rich living on the estate. Francoise Zahava Blais-French Club 10, DECA I I, SGC represen¬ tative 11, FBLA 12, Orchestra 9-10. Ambition: To graduate from ODU and go on to be the president of a large corporation in New York City, also to marry that special someone. Willaim Earl Blanton-Blondie: Marching Band 9. VICA 11-12. Ambition: To further my education, get married to Cindy, have family, and own my own mechanic shop. Sandra Renee Bledsoe-San: Indianettes 9-12. Head Captain 12, Teen Counseling II, Who’s Who 11-12. Ambition: To go to college and major in dance and theater then one day hope to become famous. Thomas David Bloxton-Tommy-. Boys Tennis Team 9-12. Ambi¬ tion: To have my own basket weaving school in Eastern Slomouia and become the general of the Orkin Army. Kimberly A. Bohr-Blondie: Ambition: To pass state board, to get my cos. license, get married, and continue to have a great life with my boyfriend Scott, and my family. Emily Denise Bohuslar-Em: Cross Country 9-10, Indoor Track 9- 12, Outdoor Track 9-12, History Club 9. Class Secretery 9, FBLA 12, Key Club 12, National Honor Society 11-12. Ambition: To be happy and satisfied knowing that I have done my best and worked my hardest to make life the best it can be. Jeffery Scott Bowers-Jeff: Varsity Choir 9, Concert Choir 10-12, Dominants 10-12, Regionals 9-12, All County Choir 10-12, All State 12, Honors Choir 12. Ambition: To be a musical performer, perform in front of large audiences, make lots of money, marry a beautiful woman, have lots of children, and enjoy my Rock ' n Roll life. James Matthew Boyd-Jim: Football Team 9, J.V. Football Team 10, Varsity Football Team 11. Ambition: To be stinking rich and travel the world in search of the ultimate party. Lisa Denise Bradford-Lisa B.: Freshman Cheerleading 9, Varsity Cheerleading 11-12. Ambition: To go to college and major in social work and to live up to all the dreams that I have for myself by reaching for all the rising stars. Denise Breen-Breeny: French Club 9-10, Science Club 10, J.V. Softball 10-11. Ambition: To go to college and do something with engineering, one day get married, and become very rich. Jeannie Mae Breslin- Concert Band 9-10, Symphonic Band II, Marching Band 9-12, Dominants 12, Homecoming Committee I I - 12, National Senior Honor Society 11-12, Latin Club I 1-12. Ambi¬ tion: To go on to college and become a registered nurse, get married, have a family, and to live in Kentucky on a farm with horses. Gregory Allen Bresser-Ambition: To reach for my limits in life, shoot through the ranks in the military, and become a general. Suzette Ruth Brown-Suzy: National Junior Honor Society 9-10, Who’s Who 11, French Club 11, DECA 12. Ambition! To live a very long and happy life and to become an independent fashion purchasing agent of the most excellent degree. Tamara Lizette Brown-Tammy: Marching Band 9. Spanish Club 9. History Club 10. Hyphen I I, Indianettes I 1-12. Model U.N. 12. Ambition: To go to college, travel anywhere and everywhere, make an enormous amount of money, buy that pink and blue convertible Mercedes, and rule the world. Danielle Celeste Buchanan-Dani: Student Council 9-10, Honor Society 9-10, Computer Club 9-10, Drama Club 12. DECA 12. Ambition: To be 1 in everything except failing, to fall in love with a true love, and keep the scum of the earth out of my backyard. Bradley Brian Bunn-Brad-. Freshman Basketball Team 9, Teen Counseling 11-12, National Honor Society 11-12, Hyphen II. Model U.N. 12. Principal Student Advisory Council I I. Ambition: I will attend either William and Mary or UVA, and find an enjoy¬ able profession. My goal is to leave Gar-Field without ever having to use the bathrooms. Christina Burrage-Grape Ape: Teen Counseling 12. Ambition: To go to college and major in business, after college, find a well paying job, hope to marry the man of my dreams, and raise a family. Monica Renee Burruss-lndoor Track 9-10,12, Outdoor Track 9- 10.12, FBLA 10, DECA Treasurer II, DECA Vice-President 12, Who’s Who 12. Ambition: To go to a five year college and major in business administration, and to become an entrepreneur of my own cosmetic center. Gwendolyn Marie Butler-Cosmo G.: Freshman Basketball 9, JV Basketball 10. Pep Club I I. Ambition: To become a success at what ever I do with " God’s” help. Dana Lee Caddy-Peaches: Varsity Softball 9-12, Girls Freshman Basketball 9, SGC 9, French Club 9, DECA 12. Ambition: To become a famous fashion designer in New York City and make megga bucks, also to marry Mr. " Right” and live happily ever after in our mansion. Robert Paul Campbell-Robby: Crew Team 10-12, Crew Team Vice- President 12. Ambition: To go to Florida Institute of Technology, earn a B.S. in flight technology, get a job as a pilot in a major airline and own my own plane. Donna Denise Cappel- Gymnastics Team 9-10, German Club 9-10, DECA I I, SCA Representative 12, Soccer 12. Ambition: Someday I want to own my own house in the country and share the rest of my life with my best friend. Charles Carlson-Chuck: Industrial Arts Club 10, VICA 11-12. Ambition: To take a year off after school, attend a four year college, get a good paying job and retire young, also become a famous skier. Helen Stewart Carpenter-Babs: Hyphen 10-12, Teen Counseling I 1-12, Signet 9-12, Outdoor Track Team I I. Ambition: To go to college, get married to someone rich, intelligent, and gorgeous, and to become a famous national broasdcast journalist. Marion Rosina Carrigan-Maid Marion: Signet 9-11, History Club 9-12, Math Club 11-12, Teen Counseling II, JV Volleyball II, Model UN I 1-12, German Club 9-12, German Club President 11, SGC representative 9-10. Ambition: Graduate, party at VA. Beach, go to college, get married, have lots of kids, get rich quick, but most of all live a happy and fulfilling life. Michelle Cashwell-Cross Country Team 9, Indoor Track Team 9. JV Soccer Team 9, Varsity Soccer Team 10-1 I, Homecoming Court 10- 1 I. Ambition: I plan to attend college, meet the guy of my dreams, and lead a happy life. Patrick Edward Castle-Jig: Varsity Choir 9. Concert Choir 10-12, Soccer Team 9-12. Ambition: To go to college, major in business administration, own a big company, and get rich! Andrea Theresa Cecere-Flags 9-10, Leo Club 9-12, Drama Club 9- 12, Spanish Club 9-10, Latin Club I I. Ambition: To live my life to its fullest, be the best that I can be in whatever path in life I decide to take, be happy, healthy, and successful. Kenneth Chase-Cross Country Team 9-12, Outdoor Track Team 9- I I, Wrestling Team 9-10, Indoor Track Team I I, Symphonic Band 9-11, Dominants 10-12, Latin Club 10-12, Boys State I I. Ambi¬ tion: To eccentrically live ever after in mystery on my private Island. Elaine Pearl Checkon-Blondie: SGC 10-12, VICA 10-12. Ambition-. To get my cosmetology license and become a hairdresser, marry the man of my dreams, be rich, and get a black T-top 300 ZX. Travis Claybrooks-JV Football Team 10. Ambition: To be a busi¬ ness man and a ladies man. Sammuel Leon Clubb-Shades: Football Team 9. Ambition: To be¬ come an aeronautical engineer and own my own aeronautical design company. Joseph Timothy Cole-Joe CoolBand : Crew CLub I 1-12, Marching Band 9-11, Concert Band 9, Symphonic Band 10-12, Stage Band 11- 12. Ambition: To make the Zulu nation a world wide organization. Wayne Allen Conahan-Wayner: Dominants I 1-12, Concert Choir I 1-12, Crew Club 10, All County Choir I I -12. All Regional Choir I I -12, All State Honors Choir I 2, All State Choir 12. Ambition-. If I can’t do what I really want to do (sing and be famous), then I’ll settle for being just rich. Susan Marie Conley-Sunshine: FBLA I 1-12. Ambition: Be an exec¬ utive secretary, earn lots of money, visit Shanon, live at the beach someday, get married to Mark and be happy together forever. Jacqueline Colleen Cook-Jackie: Varsity Choir 9-11, Concert Choir 12. Ambition: To marry the man of my dreams and be happy. Simone Misa Cote-Mony: Ambition: Continue in my business ca¬ reer, marry Bobby, and be happy for the rest of my life. Laura Marguerite Craig-Lady Love: Pom-Pom Squad 9, DECA 12. Ambition: To succeed in life and to past the ultimate test. Tracey Laverne Cross-Boop: Pep Club 9-10, DECA 12. Ambition: To past the ultimate test and to meet the real Christopher Tracey. Karrie Ann Cull-DECA I 1-12, French Club 9. Ambition: To perfect myself in all ways possible, to balance working hard, and to party hard with everything equally balanced. George Cunha-Cunna Head; Ambition: To help Darrell survive Virginia Beach ”87” and try to survive six years of college to become an architect. James Curlis-Jimmy: Drama Club I 1-12, Spanish Club 9-10, Ten¬ nis 9-10. Indoor Track Team I 1-12, Stage Band I 1-12, Symphonic Band I 1-12, Concert Band 9-10, Concert Choir 12. All County Choir 12, All State Honors Choir 12, Marching Band 9-12. Ambi¬ tion: To become a professional bathroom receptionist, to help R.F. standardize the world, and to be totally successful in this great life of mine. Tina Marie Day-Signet 9-12, National Honor Society I 1-12, Dra¬ ma Club I I, Spanish Club I 1-12, Tennis Club 12, Tennis Team 12. Who’s Who I I. Ambition: To graduate from college and have a career that I enjoy. I want to marry, have a family, enjoy life, and serve God. Susan Camille Dameron-Sue: FBLA I 1-12. Ambition: To get a high paying job that makes me happy and rich, then own a beach house and go fishing with Mike Parker forever. Lonnie Mark Davis- Latin Club 9-12, Model U.N. 10-12, It’s Aca¬ demic 12, FBLA 12. History Club 12, Close-Up Club 12, Signet 10- 12, Ambition: To go to and finish a four year liberal arts college. Upon completion, get a job dealing with foreign policy ( diplomat) or conquer a small country. Robert Davis-Dust Machine: Pep Club 9, Track Team 9,10,12, JV Football Team 9, Varsity Football Team 10-12. Ambition: Togo to college and get my degree, then go into pro-football. Valeri Michele Dawson- Ambition-. To get my home girls together and become very rich and famous. Sport my Mustang convertible around the world. Terri Lenette Denman-Giggles: Volleyball Team 9-12, History Club 10-12, Debate Team 10-12. Debate Club 9-12, Model U.N. 12, Drama Club 12, Math Club 9-10, Close-Up Club 12, National Honor Society 12. Ambition: I want to go to Europe, graduate from college, where I will major in international business, play volley¬ ball and stay close by my friends. Dana Marie Derosier-Dana D: Freshman Basketball Team 9, JV Basketball Team 9-11, Varsity Basketball Team 11-12. Ambition: To go to college and major in psychology, be successful in every¬ thing I do, and live a happy life. Cynthia Lee Dickhute-Cindy: Varsity Band 9, Marching Band 9, Concert Band 10, SGC representative 12, FBLA 12. Ambition-. To go to Va. Beach and party with L.M. and M.G., to attend L.S.U., and major in nursing, also to live in Louisiana and be with S.L. forever. Leslie Beth Dietz-Beth: Teen Counseling I 1-12, Signet 9-11, Year¬ book 12, Rifle Team 9-10, JV Soccer 9-10, Varsity Soccer I 1-12. Ambition: After high school I would like to go to college play soccer, get a degree in either sports medicine or criminal justice, then marry a yuppie and have a purple porsche. Cheryl Annette Dixon-Concert Choir 9-10, Symphonic Band I I- 12. Ambition: To go to college and major in mathematics and be successful in what ever I may do. Mark Stephan Dobash-Varsity Wrestling Team 9-12. Ambition: To go to college, be successful, and to live at the beach with women ail around me, loving life. Susan Dockery-Fluffy: Drama Club Costume Director 9-12, Signet 9-12, Shaman 12. Ambition: To attend VA Tech and become a math teacher, get married (to a man who won’t get drafted) and have a peaceful existance on this earth. Tim Donovan-Stage Band 10-12, Hyphen 11-12. Ambition: To keep going, to keep growing and to become a better person while being open to others. Thomas Patrick Doran-Tom: Crew Club 10-11, Drama Club 12. Ambition: To have fun, enjoy what I do, and live life to the fullest extent, also possibly explore electronics, the sea, the unknown. Yvonne Marie Richards Doyle-Ennovy: JV Soccer 9, Indoor Track Team 9-10, Varsity Soccer 10, Latin Club 10. Varsity Soccer I I. Ambition: To become a famous hairstylist with ritzie shops and products, also to keep Stephan happy, get rich, and have a big family. Collen Loretta Eberwein-Ambition: To meet as many people as possible and to make as much money as possible, smile cause I love you. Reagan Michelle Edwards-Ray: Drama Club 9-12, Band 9-10, French Club 9. Spanish Club 12, Jr. Civitan 9, Shaman 12, Year¬ book 12. Ambition: To absorb lots of information, to study people and have all the animals I’ve ever wanted, also to never lose the true meaning of life. Kathy Lorraine Ellis-Academic Letter 10, One Act Play Competi¬ tion ' ' Roomers " 10, Drama Club 10-12, Volleyball 10-12, County Art Scholarship Program 10-12, Teen Counseling 12, Spanish Club 12, Honor Society 11-12, County Art Honors 10-12. Ambition: To be happy. Constanos Marie Elmore-Casper: Deca II, Drama 10. Latin 12. Ambition: To study the mythology and history of ancient Greece and prove beyond a doubt that great Themiscrya existed. Kevin Michael Elmore Ambition: To become a millionaire, to own a black Ferrari and never forget my friends, Kristy, and the good times that we have all had. Lisa Michele Endy-Lisa Lou: Indianettes 11-12, Drama Club 12, Who’s Who I 1-12. Ambition: To go to college, major in psycholo¬ gy, and make ' millions’. Then marry the man of my dreams and live happily ever after. Gretchen Patrece Ennett-Gretch: All-County Orchestra 9-12, Jr. Regional Orchestra 9, Sr. Regional Orchestra 10-12, All-State Orchestra 10-12, Orchestra 9, Chamber Orchestra 10-12, Orches¬ tra Librarian 9,12, Spanish Club 11-12, History Club 10-12, Na¬ tional Honor Society 11-12, Academic Letter 10-12, Pep Club 9, Culture Club 9, Girls State Alternate I I, S.G.C. Representative 10,12, It’s Academic 11-12, Signet 11-12, Principal’s Advisory Council I 1-12. Ambition: To go to college and graduate with a degree in engineering, have a successful career, and marry the man of my dreams. Terri Lynn Esformes-’Lynnie’: Tennis 10, Indianettes I 1-12, Teen Counseling 12. S.G.C. Representative 12. Ambition: To go to college, have a successful career, drive a convertible Mercedes, and always be with Larry. Watch out- here I come!! Rosita Katerina Espin-Cruzer: Pep Club 9, French Club 9-10, Dra¬ ma Club 10, Softball Manager 10-11, Yearbook 11-12. Ambi- tion:To live life to the fullest! To never surrender! To someday have my very own pink convertible Corvette so I can ' cruz’ through the road of life in style. Sheila Essey- Cat Eyes: Drama Club 9-10, Journalism 10-11, Cul¬ ture Club 9, Model U.N. 12, Teen Counseling 12. Ambition: To be successful in life and travel around the world first class. Christine Marie Evans-Tina: Marching Band 10-12, Symphonic Band 9-12, Florida All County Band, A-Battuta, Young Life, Na¬ tional Honor Society. Ambition: To live in a place for more than a year, to get married and become a lawyer. Michelle Evatt-Mish: To become an interior decorator and live forever with Barry. Kenneth Edward Farish-Red: Vica 11-12. Ambition: To get my diploma, go to the beach, go into the Army and get into the Rangers. Then build a ' hot rod’. Bryan Alexander Feeney " Feen Machine”: Freshman Foot ball 9, Varsity Football 10-12, JV Baseball 9, Varsity Baseball 10-12, French Club 10, Junior Class Vice-President. Ambition: To play baseball in college (hopefully turn pro), if not, major in business administration, marry the girl of my dreams (D.M.M.) and live happily ever after. Michael Andre Ferguson-Ferg: JV Soccer 9, Varsity Soccer 10-12, Leo Club 9, DECA 12, FBLA I I. Ambition: To attend college and become a P.E. teacher and a soccer coach.. Then sit back at the beach and party! 254 Nancy Elaine Figueroa-Concert Choir 11-12, Orchestra 10-12. Drama Club 10-12, All County Choir I 2, All County Orchestra I 2. SRA Representative 10, Sr. Regional Choir I 1-12, Honors Choir 12, Teen Counseling. Ambition: To hibernate in college, move to Florida, own a Corvette, become a travel agent, continue my music and drama, be discovered, and star in movies and television. Thomas Joseph Filip Ill-Tom: National Honor Society I 1-12, Sci¬ ence Club 12, president II, vice-president 10, Mu Alpha Theta 10-12, Computer Club 10-12, French 10-12, Culture Club 10-12, History Club I 1-12. Key Club 12, Yearbook Staff 10, Cross-Coun¬ try 9-12. Indoor Track 9-12, Outdoor Track 9-12. Ambition: To support myself in the manner to which I would like to become accustomed. Also, to enjoy life while achieving my goals. Robert Anthony Fisher-Fish: Ambition: To attend Virginia Tech, enter the Air Force and become a ' fly boy’, find that special person and live happily ever after. Kristan Suzanne Fite-Kris: Varsity Choir 9, Concert Choir 10-12, Dominants 12, All County Choir 9-12, Regional Choir 9,1 1-12, Honor Society I 1-12, Principal’s Student Advisory Council I 1-12, Student Governmemt President 12. Ambition: To survive my se¬ nior year, go to college, a choose career that pays well and that I will be successful in. and then get married. Raquel Pamela Fitzkee-Cheerleading 9, Varsity Cheerleading 10, Indianettes 11-12, DECA Secretary II. DECA 12. Ambition: To graduate, get a good tan at the beach, go to college, have a successful career in the fashion industry, find my prince charming, and live. Kristene Lucyna Flinchum-Carrot Top: Gymnastics 9-11, Cross Country I I, JV Cheerleader II. Chamber Orchestra 10-12, All County Orchestra 9-12, Orchestra 9, I I, Regional Orchestra 9, Latin Club 9. Ambition: Hopefully go to college, someday marry a gorgeous bodied, blue eyed man. also to keep in touch with Rin and make sure I am happy with whatever comes out of my life. Jerry Ford-Jay: Concert Band 9. Symphonic Band 10-12, Marching Band 10-12. Band Council 11-12. National Honor Society I 1-12. Ambition: To attend college and graduate, have a great paying job, own a red Porsche, and most importantly marry a girl very special to me--Sonia. Stephanie Fowkes-Rifle Team 10-12, DECA 12, Latin Club 12, JV Soccer 9-10. Ambition: First I want to graduate from high school, then go to college and graduate. I also want to find the " perfect” man and get married. William Howard Freeby-Buck Wheat: To finish school and get a good job, also I’d like to own a car that can go 200 mph. Michelle Enrika Corlleta Fulcher-FBLA II, DECA 12. Ambition: Become successful in my own right, meet Prince! Live the glamor¬ ous life! Try to be happy and make dad proud of this munchkin. Mikaela Yasmine Fulcieno-Emanuelte: VICA 10, DECA 10-11, Drama 10-11. Ambition: To go to New York, star in a major Broadway play, become a hit, and star in Prince’s next movie as the lead. Ricardo Fulgencio-Ricky: Concert Band 9, Symphonic Band 10-12, Stage Band 11-12, Marching Band 9-11. Ambition: To finish col¬ lege , get a good job making lots of money, and of course to STAN-dardize the world. Mary Helen Fulwood-Shorty: Rifles 10-1 I. Ambition: To own my big 4x4 baby blue pick-up truck and live at O.C. Beach. Robert Allen Gandee-Big Rob: JV Football Team 10. Ambition: To be successful in life and get a job that pays over $40,000 a year. also to get married and have kids,- to enjoy life and have fun. Stephanie Gayda-Varsity Cheerleading I 1-12. Ambition: To major in physical therapy and have great memories of high school. Thomas Stevens George-Torn: Computer Club 9, Tennis Club 10, VICA 12. Ambition: To join the military, buy a Mustang, get married, and live in Florida for the rest of my life. Amee Elaine Gibbons-Aims: Spanish Club 10, Model UN 10- 12(vice-president 12), Teen Counseling 12. Ambition: To go to college, travel the world a couple of times, marry the man of my dreams, and have matching Porsche 959’s. Yvonne Elaine Gillion-Angel: Treble Choir 9-12, Concert Choir 12, VICA I I. SGC 12. Ambition: To go to college and be with my honey Skip, then get a job in dancing or singing, and later settle down and get married. Yolanda Michiel Godwin-Freshman Cheerleading 9, JV Cheer¬ leading 10-12, Varsity Cheerleading 12, DECA 12. Ambition: To become a successful advertising executive and ora model in a big company, make " big Bucks”, own a Lamborghini, and marry the man I love. Deborah Ann Gore-Debbie-Doo: SADD 9, FBLA 9, Pep Club 9, Yearbook Staff 10-12. Ambition: To graduate, become a photogra¬ pher and maybe join the army, settle down with Mr. Right, and go to London to meet John Taylor. Ronald Allen Gosnell-Gozzie: Concert Band 9, Symphonic Band 10-12, Marching Band 9-11, All County Band 10, All Regional Band 9, Crew Club I 1-12. National Honor Society 11-12, Latin Club II, Teen Counseling 11-12, Band Council. Ambition: To finish my senior year without highblood pressure, go to a great university and become the best fighter pilot ever known, after¬ wards, I guess, have a couple few kids. Kenneth Phillip Goulet-Freshman Basketball 9. Ambition: To go to college and be successful, but most of all to remember all those special memories I shared with Steph. Brian Thomas Green-Green Machine: JV Soccer 9-11, Varsity Soccer 12, Signet 9-12, Sophomore Class President, Hyphen Staff 10-1 I, Latin Club 9-12, Teen Counseling I 1-12, Principal’s Stu¬ dent Advisory Council, National Honor Society I I, President 12, Boy’s State I I, Governor’s School I I, Who’s Who I I, It’s Aca¬ demic 12. Ambition: To become a naval officer, graduate from Duke and go to Harvard Medical School, after this I will become a famous psychiatrist and an accomplished novelist. Samantha Joy Green-Sam: Basketball 9-12, Soccer 9-12, Cross Country 12, Band 9-12, Teen Counseling 12, SGC 10, National Honor Society t 1-12. Ambition: Get my diploma and attend the Naval Academy, travel the globe, receive wealth and happiness, also live somewhere else besides Dale City. Robert Joseph Grenade-Grenade: Band 9. Choir 9, Cross Country 9. Ambition: To earn a degree in architecture, open my own business, settle down with a wife and have a few kids. Matthew Carl Grenke-Matt: German Club I I, FBLA 12. Computer Club 12. Ambition: To enter the computer field, and work with a major corporation, and live happily ever after! Jodie Elois Grose-Treble Choir 9-10, Concert Choir I 1-12, DECA 12, SGC 12. Ambition: To become a famous singer, share a town- house with my little friend Lori and my nice frie nd Michiel, and marry Glen and always be happy. David John Hall-Spyke: Marching Band 9-10, Yearbook 11-12. Ambition: To own the world’s fastest car and to find as many crossing guards as possible. Lori Jean Hanna-Little Little Lori: Treble Choir 9-10. DECA 12. Ambition: To become a fashion coordinator and have my name known throughout the fashion world, and share a townhouse with my two best friends, Jodie and Michiel. Julia Virginia Hanson-German Club 9-10, DECA 12. Ambition: To be very good in whatever career I choose, and to make lots of good friends throughout the years. Jennifer Harnest-Jen: SADD 9, Spanish Club 9, FBLA 10-1 I, SGC 12. Ambition: To be successful in which ever career I choose, to keep in touch with all of my friends, and most of all, just to be me. Tony Harris-Ambition: I want to have lots of fun, be comfortably wealthy, and most of all I want my life to be exciting and happy. Patrick Micheal Hart-Ambition: To graduate, make too much money, marry a playboy bunny, have three kids, a dog named Spot, and a two car garage in Iowa. Shari Lynn Hart-Shorty: SADD 9, Orchestra 9-12. Concert Choir 12, National Honor Society I 1-12, Teen Counseling 12. Ambition: To attend University of Connecticut, travel to Italy, get married, and have four children and be happy for the rest of my life. Ashley Harte-Smash: Football 9-12. Drama 9-12, Concert Choir 10- 12. Ambition: To be the best at whatever I do, make all kinds of money, and have all kinds of women and live it up. Richard Daniel Hartman-Riche Rich: Varsity Soccer I 1-12. Ambi¬ tion: To become a professional deer hunter. I don’t know how I will get paid but, I will figure it out. Thomas William Haug-Tommy: JV Tennis 9-11, French Club 9-10, Computer Club 9-10. Ambition: To get my diploma, hit the beach, go to college, travel the globe, become rich, and live on the slopes with a blonde and my " 32” Ford. Lesette Heaton-Lee: Orchestra 9-12, All County Orchestra 9-12, Flags 10-1 I, Spanish Club I 1-12, It ' s Academic 12. Ambition: To be rich, famous, and very happy. John Edward Heller-Rilly: VICA 12. Ambition: To own my own sausage factory in western Solomovia and to go to college to get a degree, and fly in the military. Kelly Sue Hicks- Drama Club 9-10, Volleyball Team 10, Rifle Drill Team I 1-12, Latin Club I I, HOSA 12, SADD 9-11. Ambition: Find my place in the world, be happy, make everything my family and friends went through and taught me worth their while. Kelly Renee Hiett-Marching Band 9. Concert band 9, Symphonic band 10-12. Ambition; To be a psycologist and marry the love of my life. Arlita Lynette Hines-DECA 12, LEO Club 12. Ambition: To become a successful model and a computer operator. I also plan to go to college. Janet Rae Holley-All District Band 9, Concert Band 10, JV Soccer 10, German Club 9-12, Marching Band 10-12, National Honor Society 11-12, Symphonic Band I 1-12. Ambition: Graduate, teach school, go to Europe, get paid for playing the oboe, move to Colorado or Nebraska, get married, and retire. Sherrie Lynn Hollomon-Andie Andrews: DECA 12. FBLA 12. Am¬ bition: To attend the college of my choice, become a successful musician, and one day marry my sweetheart Ralph. Timothy Eugene Hopkins-Hop: JV Soccer 10. Hyphen Staff 12. Ambition: To go to college, major in communication and become the next Byrant Gumble of the world. Teresa Ann Hosier-Terry Ho: Basketball 9, JV Basketball 10. Varsi¬ ty Basketball 11-12, Varsity Softball 9-12, National Honor Society 11- 12, Teen Counseling II, Who ' s Who II. Ambition: Go to college (play softball), begin a hopefully successful career, get married and start a family, be happy, and make momma and daddy proud. Matthew Bishoff Howard-Matt: Concert Band 9, Symphonic Band 10-12, Stage Band I 1-12, Marching Band 9-12, All County Band 9-10,12, All County Orchestra I I. Ambition.- To go to Smoketown U. for a while then transfer to a real college somewhere, become a cop, and hang on to BSR. Brian Patrick Hughes-Chunkie: VICA 9-10, FBLA I 1-12. Ambition: To run my own little store so I could be the one giving orders, but if not, just be an accountant for a small business. Janet Ann Humphrey-Short Stuff: Varsity Choir 9, LPN 12. Ambi¬ tion: To finish my nursing education and become the best nurse I can be, also to find that special guy; wherever he might be, I will find him. Camellia Maria Hunsley-Cam: Homecoming Court I I. Ambition: To go to college, be successful, get married, and have a happy life. Kimberly Lynn Hunt-Kim: Varsity Choir 9, DECA 10, Culture Club 12. Ambition: To get my degree in accounting and to style and profile in my purple Jaguar or pink Porsche. Michael Hustwayte-Hust: VICA I 1-12. To graduate and get as far away from school as possible, and hit the beach for a year or two. Patty Ann Hutchinson-Shorty: FBLA 10, DECA 10, Culture Club 12. Ambition: To play golf and to spend Kimbo ' s money, and marry the special someone in my like. Deanna Marsha Hutson-Birdie: Spanish Club 9-12, Symphonic Band 9-12, Marching Band 10-12, Signet 9-12. Ambition: To survive four years of college without forgetting everything I learned in high school, also my secret ambition is a date with K.C. Tracey Michelle Hyman-Theo: Ambition: To go to college, to have a successful career, live in New York, and drive a Mercedes 380 SL convertible. James William Imel-Fury: Wrestling 9, Science Club 12. Ambition: To attend the college of my choice, win a million, and party with Cheech And Chong. Tracy Marie Irby-La Tray: Varsity Basketball 9-10, DECA I 1-12, FBLA 9-10, Track 9-10. Ambition: To go to business school, start my business and marry Kevin John Fowlkes, and be happily mar¬ ried forever. Eric Wayne Iskra-Tennis Team 9-12, National Honor Society I I- 12, Teen Counseling I 1-12, Hyphen Staff 10-1 I, Model UN 11-12. Ambition: I plan to attend a renowned university and pursue a career in dentistry, eventually my enormous income will finance a chalet in the Austrian Alps. Cheryl Ann Jackson-The Pearl: Ambition: To live life to the fullest and complete all my goals. Mary Elizabeth Jakub-Beth: Orchestra 9, Chamber Orchestra ID- 12, All State Orchestra 10-12, Flags 9-10, History Club 10-12, Drama Club I 1-12, Governor’s School I I. Ambition: To become a teacher and (someday when I’m old and gray) to look back on my life and be able to say I’ve accomplished something. Lisa Diane Jantzen-Ambition: To go to beauty school, get my license and move to the mountains, eventually I’d like to go to S.M.U. and take a few classes. Ann Jebram-Annie: Marching Band 9-12, Concert Band 10-12. Ambition: To go to Switzerland, then to college, get married have four kids, and have a tan BMW with a sun roof. Jeffrey Scott Jerrel-Trouble. Beverly Joyce Johnson-Frog: Flags 12, FBLA 11, Drama Club 9, Science Club 9-10, Pep Club 10-11, Orchestra 9. Ambition: To become an LPN, then get a degree in pediatrics, and to marry a member of Duran Duran, probably John Taylor. Curtis Elliot Johnson-CJ: Latin Club 10-1 I, Basketball Team 9. JV Basketball Team 10-1 I, Varsity Basketball 12. Ambition: To go to college and get my degree, and then I will become a professional basketball player on the Atlanta Hawks. Horace Johnson- Track Team 9-10,1 I, French Club I 1-12, Leo Club 10. Ambition: To be successful in whatever plans that come to a trivial decision and hope for money whatever it is. Kathleen Mary Jones-Kathy: Varsity Band I I. Marching Band I I, Latin Club I I, History Club I I -1 2. National Honor Society 11-12, Concert Band 12, Drama Club 12, Model UN 12. Ambition: To become a wealthy congresswoman, keep all of my old friends from high school, and have a room full of stuffed animals. Nancy Elizabeth Jordan-Freshman Volleyball, JV Volleyball 10. Varsity Volleyball I 1-12, Latin Club 10-12, National Honor Soci¬ ety 11-12, Orchestra 9-10, All County Orchestra 9-1 I. Sr Regional 12, Chamber Orchestra 11-12. Ambition: To be educated and disciplined, have no financial worries, make a significant contri¬ bution to the world, and have good friends and a happy home. Darren Kidwell-Durwod Jones: Football 9,1 1-12, Wrestling Team 9 Latin Club I I. Outdoor Track Team I 1-12. Ambition: To be a wealthy accountant, own a five bedroom house on the beach, own a red Lamborghini, and play lead guitar in a rock ' n ' roll band when I’m forty. Kimberly Ann King-lndianettes 9-12, Who’s Who 11-12, Teen Counseling 12. Ambition: To become filthy rich, drive a purple porsche, and live in a purple beach house in Hawaii with the man who I will always love. Jennifer Mary Kinzinger-JenJV Soccer 10, Varsity Soccer I 1-12, DECA 10-1 I. DECA President 12, Model UN 10-12. Ambition: To own Beautiful Impressions, to see M.P. without M.U., and to own an awesome sports car and cruise forever with that special guy. Michael Robert Knott-Knott Head: VICA 10-12. Ambition: I’m planning to attend Cantonsville College for two years to earn a degree in architectural drafting and from there I will secure a good paying job in that field. Hui Chi Kong-Heech: Freshman Cheerleading. Varsity Cheerlead¬ ing 10-12, DECA, Who’s Who I I. Ambition: To go to college somewhere and be the best at what I do, and marry a gorgeous guy, and live happily ever after. Daniel Korpal-Danny: VICA 12. Ambition: To graduate, college, get a good job. then kick back, and have a party. Lori Ann Krisner-German Club I I. Ambition: I plan to find my true love and never leave him. Sean Lamonte Lacey-Monty: Basketball 9, SGC 9, Senior Class Vice-President. Ambition: To graduate from a good college and get a high paying job, marry a beautiful woman, and try to keep in touch with all my high school buddies Sean Lacey-Football Team 9, FBLA I 2. Ambition: To pass account¬ ing Two and to graduate, then to go to college for four years to become a computer programmer. Meredith Sean Lamb-Lambo: Tennis Club 9-1 2, Boys Tennis 9-12. Ambition: To be the touring tennis pro for the playboy country club, and to marry a beautiful woman with a successful career. Kelly Lynn Lavey-Frosty: Orchestra 9-10. SGC 9. Ambition: Be¬ come manager for the group KIX, have a big huge red sign put up at the plaza (no cops allowed), become rich, and take over my dad’s business. Nha Thi Le-Tennis Club 9-1 2, Varsity Tennis 9-12, Spanish Club 9- 12, Computer Club 12, Who’s Who, Signet 9-12, National Honor Society I 1-12. Ambition: I plan to be happy and successful in whatever I do. I hope to marry a wonderful guy and someday meet George Michael of WHAM! Elizabeth Lienard-Beth: DECA I I, FBLA I I, JV Soccer 10. Ambi¬ tion: To become a success in business, marry a handsome man, and own a 4X4 truck. Christine Renee Leo-Chris: Marching Band 9-10. Journalism 10- I I. Culture Club 10. Ambition: I’ll go to college, land a job as a TV newscaster, and own a penthouse in Manhattan, and own a Jaguar. Charlotte Trina Lewis-Ripley: Ambition: To be the lead singer of my own group Serenity 10 and to meet God in a dark alley. Stephanie Lewis-Steph: SGC 11-12, Tennis Club 10-12, Tennis Team 10-12, Captain 12. Ambition: To go to Florida State, marry rich, own a red Porsche, and to be next Chris Evert Lloyd. Kamela Lilly-Kami: Treble Choir 9. DECA I 2. Ambition: Graduate, keep my job, earn more money and raise Andrew the best way I can. Melinda Lineberry-Smoothette: Orchestra 9. Ambition: I hope to go to college and learn more about the business field, get a good paying job and enjoy partying with my friends, especially Jeff. Douglas Frederic Lloyd-Ace: Wrestling 9, German Club I I, Sci¬ ence Club 12. Ambition: To become rhythm guitarist for Van Halen. if not, become rich, have fun, and rock ’n’ roll. Jonathan Mathew Lockamy-Locke: Varsity Football 10-12. Ambi¬ tion: To attend a four year college, make lots of money, get married, have kids and live in the wilderness. Jailene Sue Logsdon-Boo-Boo: Ambition: Go to college, have a successful business, meet the man of my dreams, and live happily ever after in my dream house. Alcides Lopes-Alf: JV Soccer 9-11, Varsity Soccer I 2, VICA I 1-12. Ambition: Go on to the navy and become a diesel and jet mechanic. Francesca Chantil Love-Classy L.: Pom-Pom 9-10, Biology Club 10-1 I, French Club 9-11, DECA 12. Ambition: To pass the ulti¬ mate test and to fulfill my destiny so I can have just enough for the city. Jeffrey Love-Jeff: Ambition: To be history’s greatest artist. Aili Mari Lyon-Dizzy: Science Club 9-1 2, French Club I I, Culture Club 9. 12, Hyphen Staff 10-11, Journalism at U.V.A. 10-11. Ambition: To spend the summer with friends in Paris, study engi¬ neering in college, buy a beach house in California and have a rich and happy life. Edward Michael Macejka-Wildman: Journalism 10-11, Drama Club 12. Ambition: To graduate, hit the beach, go to college, major in communications and become a sports analyst or maybe a roadie for Metallica. Anna MacEwen-Anna Bananna: Indianettes 9-11, French Club 9, DECA II, S.G.C. 12. Ambition: To go to college, be a child psychiatrist, then buy a BIG beach house and marry ’someone’ special to live in it with me. And to be happy! Andreas Markle-Andy: German Club 9-11. Ambition: To become a computer technologist and to own the best car around: a Porsche 91 I Targa. Hayda Marquina-Spunky: Band 9-11, Marching Band 9-10. Drama 9, Spanish Club 10-12. Ambition: To major in a science or math field that will help tomorrow’s society. And to achieve this goal! Curtis Ray Marshall-Carlus Francisco de Montalban: JV Wrestling 9-10, Varsity Wrestling 10-12. Signet 9-12, National Honor Soci¬ ety II -12, Latin Club I I. Math Club 12. Who’s Who I I. Ambition: To pursue idealism, but remain in the realm of realism. Kia Rotanza Marshall-Special " K”: DECA 12. Ambition: To marry K. D. and find a job that pays well. I also want to get all I can out of life. Darrell James Martinelli-D.J.: VICA I 1-12, Stage Lighting I 1-12. Ambition: To help George make it home from Beach Week ’87, be rich and famous and never work a day in my life. Angela Lynn Mason-Angie: Chamber Orchestra. Ambition: To lead a simple yet meaningful life and to apply the proverb " Safe¬ guard practical wisdom and thinking ability...’’. Kathleen Marie Mason-Kate: Orchestra 9-10, DECA I I, VICA 12, FBLA 12. Ambition: To find a career I enjoy and marry the man I love so very much. Mark Brian Mattaliano-Wop: VICA 12. Ambition: To attend a technical college for a trade and then go into law enforcement. David Michael Matters Varsity Soccer 12, Varsity Basketball 12. Ambition: To become a professional athlete, retire rich and marry the girl of my dreams. Kristin Marie Mawanay-Kris: Cheerleading 9, Orchestra 9, All- County Orchestra 9, Jr. Regional Orchestra 9, Chamber Orchestra 10, National Honor Society I 1-12, Crew Club 10-12, President 12, Signet 9-12, Math Club I 1-12, Girl’s State I I, Governor ' s School I I, Who ' s Who I I. Ambition: To travel all over the world...twice and live a fulfilling life with all of my beautiful kids. Susanne May-Shockermolar: Drama Club 9-12, Choir 9-12, Thes¬ pian Society 11-12, Debate Team II. Ambition: To receive a degree in communications drama and spend my spare time trav¬ eling and seeing the world as much as I can. Sean David McAllister Marching Band 9-10, VICA I 1-12, Domin¬ ants Sound Systems I 1-12. Ambition: To never forget the great times in the ’group’. To get my engineers degree in electronics, make money, and party for the rest of my life. Michelle Lynn McClure-’Miss Peach’: Varsity Basketball 9-12, Varsity Softball I 1-12. Ambition: To go to a pretty nice college, play basketball, have fun, and party! After college I would to get married to someone with lots of money so I don ' t have to work. Kimberly Anne McCoid-Kimba: Symphonic Band 9-12. Marching Band 9-11, German Club 10, Literary Magazine 12, All-County Band 9-1 2, Regional Band 9-1 2. Ambition: To achieve total happi¬ ness, own a VW bus, and to meet Bob Dylan! Allan Donald McConnell-Fuzz: Football 9. Concert Band 9, Coun¬ ty Band 9-10, Regional Band 10, Science Club 9-10, J.V. Football 10-1 I, Indoor Track I I, Symphonic Band 10-11, Dominants 12, Cross Country 12. Ambition: To attend college, major in chiro¬ practic and sports medicine, set up my own practice, and run marathons. Theresa Dione McLeod-Dione: Indoor Track 9-10. Outdoor Track 9-10. Ambition: To be successf ul in my career, to marry the man I love, to have children, and to live a long and happy life. Tara McManamey Drama Club 9-12, History Club 10, Model U.N. I 2. S.G.C. 12, S.A.D.D. 9-10. Ambition: To go to college, graduate from medical school, get married, have two children, and live happily ever after. Jacqueline Denise McNeill-Jackie: Choir 9-12, Leo Club. Ambi¬ tion: To be successful at whatever I choose to do. And to experi¬ ence the many pleasures life has to offer. Anthony Antoine McWillaims-Tony: Drama Club 9-11, DECA 12. Ambition: To become a fashion designer and live in a purple palace, also to headline a band that plays clubs in the Big Apple, it ' s original! Michelle Lynne Meadows-Grelim: Rifle Team 10-12. Ambition: Go on to business school and get a job with the FBI, and marry Steve after he becomes rich. Stacy Medina-Stace: Drama Club I 1-12, Treble Chior 11-12, P.A. Track 10, P.A. Academic Games 10, P.A. Mixed Chior 9. Ambi¬ tion: My ambition in life is to have a carer dealing with music. Hopefully I can make it as a famous singer! Carla Lachelle Melonson-LaLa: Freshman Cheerleading 9. Varsity Cheerleading 10-12, Drama Club 9; 12, Treble Choir 10, Concert Choir I I, Dominants I I, Junior Variety Show I I. Ambition: To go to college and achieve my highest goals, have happiness through¬ out life, and make it to the top of the world! (remember my name) Mark Edward Merritt-VICA 10-12. Ambition: To own a print shop with a nice looking secretary and to be involved in the NASCAR racing profession. Angela Marie Miller-Angie: DECA 12. Ambition: To graduate from here, own a 86 Vette, have lots of money, marry Bruce and have a double wedding with Nancy and Chris. Mark Joseph Miller-Mill: Freshman Football. Varsity Football 10- 12, Track I 1-12. Ambition: To go to college and enter the military. Dave Stanley Minor-Smoke: Freshman Football, JV Football 10, Varsity Football 11-12, Latin Club II, Class President 11-12, National Congress of Class Presidents 12, Weight lifting 10-12. Ambition: I plan to go off to college, after that maybe settle down with a cute, short, blond haired girl whose initials are C.O. Richard Elliot Midyette-Rich: VICA I 1-12. Ambition: To kick back, relax, own a Ferrari by the time I’m Twenty, and party forever. Melodee Ann Miranda-Mellow-Dee: Freshman Volleyball, Varsity Volleyball 10-12, Drama Club 9, Spanish Club 10-12, Outdoor Track 10, National Honor Society I 1-12, Signet 9-12. Ambition: To be successful in the career of my choice and live a content, but fulfilling life. Lora Ann Mitchell-Drama Club 9-11, HERO 11-12. Ambition: To graduate then afterwrds start my own restaurant. Trina Elise Mitchell-Lady T: SGC 12. Ambition: To become very successful in life, love, happiness, and travel around the world in 30 days with the man in my life . Linda Denise Moore-Pooky: Ambition: To go to college at ODU be excessively rich and successful in the cooler business, own a fully loaded hot pink Porsche, and be with M.G. Troy Alan Moore-Red: JV Soccer 10. Ambition: To go into law enforcement and on the side run a business selling hunting equip¬ ment or Ford custom engine parts. Kim Marie Morello-Kimmy: Drama Club 9-10, French Club 10-1 I, Spanish Club 10, JV Volleyball 10. JV Soccer 10, Teen Counseling 11-12, National Honor Society I 1-12. Ambition: To have as much fun in life as I’ve had in high school. Go to college, become a CPA, get married and live happily ever after. Cydne Morgan-Brute: Ambition: To go into modeling and fashion designing. To become filthy rich, marry the man I love and to drive a red convertible Jag! Floyd Chester Morris-Chet: Drama Club 9, Track 9. Latin Club 9- 10, 12, Model U.N. 10, 12. Computer Club I I, Science Club I I. History Club 10, Debate Team 9, Shaman Staff I 1-12. Ambition: To enter the world, be a bum and then rescue a millionaire, and as a result live the rest of my infinite life MARILLION around the world. Ellen Arlene Morrison-Lana 1: Indianettes 12. Latin Club I 1-12, Teen Counseling 12. Ambition: To go to college and get a degree in occupational therapy. Earn a lot of money and live in all happiness. Casey John Moton-Stan = SADD 9-10. Indoor Track 10-12, Out¬ door Track 10-12, Latin Club 10-12, German Club I 1-12, National Honor Society I 1-12, Signet I 1-12, Boy ' s State I I, Who ' s Who I I. Ambition: To go to the Naval Academy. Stephanie Diane Moyer- Cantalope-Antalope: Varsity Concert Band 9, Symphonic Band 10-11, Marching Band 9-10, Drama Club 9, Latin Club 10-1 I. Industrial Arts Club I I, DECA I 2. Ambition: To have some kind of a career working with children and share a happy life with my husband and kids. JoLinda Mozisek-Jo: Tennis Team 10-12, Tennis Club 10-12, JV Cheerleading I I, Teen Counseling I 1-12. Ambition: To get a job I enjoy. Get married to someone I ' ll love forever, have four beauti¬ ful children, and own a cocker spaniel. Sean Mulhern-FBLA 12. Ambition: To go to college, earn a degree in business and hopefully computers. Also to become as success¬ ful as possible in whatever I do. Jolie Marie Mullinax-Jo-Jo: Junior Civitans 10. Drama Club I I, DECA 12, Crew Club 12. AmbitiomTo become disgustingly rich and famous and to acquire my dream, a little red corvette. Dean Michael Munson-Rodrigo: Varsity Wrestling 10-12. Varsity Baseball 11-12, Volleyball Manager 12. National Honor Society I 1-12. Ambition: To give back to my community what it has given me. I know not how though, yet. Kimberley Renee Myrie-Special ' K ' : Pep Club 9-10, FBLA 10-12, Latin Club I 1-12. Ambition: To attend NOVA for two years. Then I’d like to transfer to George Mason University. There I would like to obtain a masters degree in accounting. Victoria Nanni-Vicki: Band 9, Culture Club 9, German Club 10-12, DECA I 2. Ambition: To become very successful, get married, have two kids and buy a small jet and a red Porsche 911. Claudia Pauline Newhart- Volleyball Manager 10-12. Ambition: To go to college and study to become a sportscaster. Lori Jean Novack- Outdoor Track 9-11, Indoor Track 9-11, Cross Country 10-1 I, FBLA 9-12. Ambition: To continue working at my GREAT job! Get a business degree, and marry the man I love, and travel around the world with him. Christin O ' Brian-Puff: FBLA 10-1 2.(reporter II, President 12 ). Ambition: To come to my five year reunion wealthy, single and crazy! Attend college and open my own accounting firm. Remem¬ ber me at tax time!! Dennis Patrick O’Brien-Hey You: Drama Club 10-12, All Regional Choir 12, All County Choir 10-12, All State Choir I I. Ambition: To graduate and become a singing, acting brain surgeon lawyer who flies jets for the U.S. Air Force without doing anything in college. William Casmir O’Hop-Boink: JV Soccer 9-10, Varsity Golf 10-12. Ambition: Go off to college! Be successful! Become a business person! Maybe get married after my 1st million. Billy Dale Oldbridge- VICA 11-12, Stage Lighting I 1-12. Ambi¬ tion: Attend a two year college and start a career in electronics, and be happy and wealthy!! Patrick Jerome O’Leary-Algebra I Team (Cambell J.H.S.), Nation¬ al Junior Honor Society 9 (FCJ H.S.), National Senior Honor Society. FBLA 10-11 (KA H.S.), News Paper Staff I I (KA H.S.). Yearbook Staff 10 (KA H.S.). Student Council I I (KA H.S.), Inter¬ national League of Schools I I (KA H.S.), It ' s Academic 10-11 (KA H.S.), Culture Club 12, Science Club 12. Ambition: To major in Aerospace engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. I hope to be able to complete work on a masters degree there. Sheila Diane Oliver-Squeekie: Ambition: To go to college, get a good job. and have a great time. Gregory Thomas Ondo-Jaca: Concert Band 9, All County Orches¬ tra 10, Science Club 9, History Club 10. Symphonic Band 10-12, Marching Band 10-12, Stage Band I 1-12, Dominants I 1-12, Re¬ gional Band 9, 11-12. Ambition: To lead a happy worry free life while continuing my quest of STANdardizing the role model of electric bags in mainstream rock ' n’roll. Terry Lynn Opauski-Shorty: DECA I 1-12. Orchestra 9-12. Ambi¬ tion: To go to college, have a career in the medical field, become filthy rich, and become the first " lady " president. Victoria Orolfo-Vickie: Teen Counseling I 1-12, Latin Club 9-12. Ambition: To graduate from a good college or university and have a high paying career. Gudrun Anneliese Ortmann-Goodge: German Club 9-11, All County Orchestra 9-1 2, Junior Regional Orchestra 9, Orchestra 9- 12. Ambition: To be rich and successful in everything I do and to be very happy for the rest of my very long life. Sigrun Else Ortman-Sigi: Flags I 1-12, Spanish Club 9-12, Orches¬ tra 9. Ambition: To go to college, get a good paying job and earn enough money not to be disgustingly rich, but just enough to be happy. Kirk William Page-The Professor: AISA 10, VICA I 1-12. Ambition: To be the best in the printing field and to continue enjoying the world of printing as much as I did learning it. Jonathan James Palmer-Jon: JV Soccer 9, Varsity Soccer 10-12, Govenor’s School I I, National Honor Society 11-12, Vice-Presi¬ dent 12. SGC I I, Principal’s Student Advisory Council I I, Orches¬ tra 9-10, Chamber Orchestra II -12, All County Orchestra 9-11, Regional Orchestra 9-11, All State Orchestra 10-1 I, Signet 9-12. Ambition: Continue this inner outer essence development trip called life, and enjoy every minute. Janice Lynn Palumbo-Gootey: Teen Counseling 12. Ambition: To go to college, live at the beach, become wealthy, marry Bobby and live happily ever after, and keep in touch with Bren. Brian Parker-Bri: VICA 9, FBLA 10. Freshman Football 9. Ambi¬ tion: To go into business with Richard Mi dyette. become rich, buy a Lamborghini, then marry a smart playboy bunny. To never forget the " group”. Melissa Lynn Parmelee-Kissy-Missy: Varsity Girls Basketball Man¬ ager 10-1 I, Teen Counseling I 1-12, JV Volleyball 10. Ambition: To graduate in the top 50 people, to get my first choice college- make money and be a success. Jeffrey Dean Patton-Jeff: History Club 9-12, Tennis Club 9-12, Tennis Team 9-12, Teen Counseling I 1-12, National Honor Soci¬ ety 11-12, Model U.N. I 1-12, President 12, Hyphen Staff I 1-12, Marching Band 9-10. Ambition: After graduating from law school. I plan on establishing a successful law firm. Then, I hope for a career in politics. Denise Michele Payne-Alky II: VICA 10-1 I. DECA I 2, Softball 12. Ambition: To graduate from here, own a Lamborghini, get out of Dale City, marry B. F. and become a real hillbilly and have baby international scout drivers (ha ha B.D.F.) and live happily ever after. David Scott Pederson-Budster.- VICA 12. Ambition: To restore my " 71” chevelle, fall in love, make lots of money, amd make my parents proud of me. Joy Pennington-lndianettes 9-10, Treasurer II, Captain 12, French Club 10. SGC 9,12. Who’s Who 12. Ambition: Have a beachin time at beach week " SI”, get rich quick, have an awe¬ some penthouse, outrageous bank accounts, and a bad red Ferrari!! Deanna Peschka-Volleyball 9, Varsity Volleyball 10-12, Spanish Club 9-12, National Honor Society 11-12, Teen Counseling 12. Ambition: To go to college and major in business or education, retire early and become a social director on the love boat. Earle Ephraim Perez-Early: Orchestra 9, Chamber Orchestra 10- I 2, Concert Choir 12, All County Orchestra 9-1 2, Senior Regional Orchestra 10-12, All State Orchestra 10-12, Junior Regional Or¬ chestra 9, Voice of Gar-Field 12, National Honor Society I 1-12, SGC I I. Ambition: To go to college and become a professional cellist, but maybe before that I ' ll learn how to do the morning annoucements without messing up. Ingrid Alicia Perkins-French Club 10-1 I, Basketball Team 10-1 I, Track Team 10. Ambition: I hope to go to college and get my accounting degree, then I hope to become a CPA. Tracey Joanne Pierce-Starlight:Key Club 9-12, President I I, VICA 12, Home Coming Committee 12, SGC 12. Ambition: To become an executive secretary, marry S. B. in ”88”, have twins, an a steady job, and live happily ever after. Donald Lee Pile-DP:AII County Band 9-12, All County Orchestra 9- 12, Regional Band 9-12, Regional Orchestra 10,12, All State Orchestra 10, Math Club 11-12, National Honor Society 11-12, Signet 9-1 2, Band Council: Secretary 10, Treasurer I I, Vice-Presi¬ dent 12. Ambition: To attend MIT and major in engineering or some math science related field. Continue my interest in music and if the opportunity is right, maybe play in a brass quintet or major symphony orchestra. Kenneth Pillow-Ken: Wrestling 9-10, DECA 12. Ambition: To pass twelth grade, maybe go to college after a year’s break, find a good job and settle down in my own apartment. Mary Jane Poczatek-lndianettes 10-12, Spanish Club 10. Latin Club I I, DECA 12. Ambition: I’m going to college; seriously. I ' m not Kidding. Christine Louise Polla-TeenJV Volleyball 10, Treble Choir 10, Concert Choir I 1-12, Drama Club I I, Dominants 12. Ambition: Fame, money, power, money, gorgeous guy, money; too much? OK, how about a music degree, house on the beach, husband.... MONEY. Michelle Annette Pratt-Shorty: DECA 10-12. To become a make¬ up artist and live the glamorous life with my sweet heart Ronnie! Hit the beach in 87!! John Wesley Pruitt-Pru: Freshman Football Team, Varsity Football 10- 12. Ambition: To graduate from a respected college and be¬ come a CPA, to marry the girl of my dreams and live happily ever after. Marilyn Ruth Pugh-May-lin: Orchestra 9-12, History Club Vice- president I I, All County Orchestra 9-12, Junior Regional Orches¬ tra 9. Ambition: To grow in my relationship with God and the people I love, especially Todd. To put my education to use, and have a twinkie and a good laugh every now and then. Pamela DeeAnn Quirin-Pammy Q: Class Secretary 10-12. Ambi¬ tion: To be a flight attendant and one day own a travel agency. Have a house on the beach and drive a little red Corvette!!! Daniel Willis Raines-Bird: Class President 9, Math Club 9-11, President of Fellowship of Christian Athletes 10-12, Weightlifting Club I I, Freshman Football 9, Varsity Football Team 10-12, Fre- shan Basketball 9, JV Basketball 10, Varsity Basketball Team I I- 12. Ambition: I plan to attend college an earn a degree in mathe¬ matics. then I want to become a teacher and a hopefully coach on a collegiate level one day. Chutima Ratanapool-Chief: Pep Club 9-10, Leo Club 12, Literary Magazine I 2. Ambition: To go to college and pursue my career in interior design. To save a lot of money to go to Hawaii and buy a new car and to marry D.H. Robert Vernon Reese-Reese: JV Baseball 10, Varsity Baseball I I- 12. Ambition: To recover from beach week ' 87. To go to a small, but partying school and to get my well needed education!! Then give the real world a shot. Karin Lynn Richards-Rin: JV Soccer 9-10, Varsity Soccer I 1-12. Ambition: To go to college and have fun. To own my own business and make lots of money. To have a nice family and be happy! Robert Richardson-Rob: Football 9-10, DECA. Ambition: Beach week ' 87. west coast, Florida and whatever else comes with the sand and the sun! Kimberly Anne Richmond-Kimber: Orchestra 9, Chamber Orches¬ tra 10-12, Senior Regional Orchestra 12, All State Orchestra 12, All County Orchestra 9-1 2. Ambition: To major in music and play with the London Royal Philharmonic Orchestra for the Queen of England and of course Prince Edward! Melanie Dawn Riggle-Wiggle: Varsity Choir 9, Treble Choir 10-1 I, Concert Choir I 1-12, All County Choir I 1-12, State Honors Choir 12. Regional Choir 12, All State Choir 12. Ambition: To be suc¬ cessful, to get married and have four children. Kim Riley-Xerox: Drama Club 9-12, JV Volleyball 10-1 I, Varsity Volleyball 12, Spanish Club 9. Model U.N. 12. Ambition: I plan to attend any college with an AF ROTC that will accept me, and become an Air Force officer. Thao Tim Riley-Tim: To become successful in everything I do, travel the world with...? Get married with....? eventually. Wanda Carol Ritter-Marching Band 9-11, Concert Band 9-11, Key Club 9-11, Secretary 10, President I I, German Club 10-1 I, Tennis Manager I 1-12, Model U.N. I 2, Culture Club I 2. Ambition: I want to go to a good college and make an impact on the business world. Most of all I want to enjoy life. Joshua John Rivera-Bro: Freshman Football 9, JV Wrestling 9-11, Varsity Wrestling I I. Ambition: After graduation I plan to attend NOVA for an electronics degree, planning to become a teacher in God’s word and planting the seed for Jesus Christ. Shirley Rivera-Bunny Legs: Pep Club 9-10, FBLA 9, Spanish Club 10, Latin Club I 1-12, Teen Counseling 12. Ambition: To graduate from college, then live life to the limit with few regrets and work on finding the right guy. Gilbert Roberts-Gil: Ambition: To party at the beach, go to college and make at least $150,000 a year. James Rogers-Jim: Drama Club 9, 11-12, Varsity Choir 9-11, Concert Choir 12. Ambition: To become a very good actor someday. Deanna Lynn Rohrig-De’: Orchestra 9, Advanced Orchestra 10- 12, Junior Regional Orchestra 9, All County Orchestra 10-12, Indianettes 10-12, Secretary I 2, National Honor Society I I. Ambi¬ tion: To attend college as an undecided major, own a ' 65 Mustang convertible, travel extensively, marry the ultimate blonde and never lose my SPECIAL friends. Benjamin Joseph Rote-Ben: Varsity Golf I 1-12. Ambition: To have fun in college and to be successful in life. Own a loaded Porsche 944! Russell Rush-Ross: Leo Club 9-10, FBLA 10-II, DECA 12. Ambi¬ tion: To win the Maryland lottery and then go to college on my winnings. Suzanne Tamara Russell-Susan: Yearbook 9, Pom-Pom 9, Pep Club 10, Cheerleader II, FBLA II, DECA 12. Ambition: To go to college and major in fashion or accounting. Imtenan Saeed- Football 9, Auto Mechanics 9-12. Ambition: To go into the Air Force and be a pilot one day flying a F-16. Also to get a mechanical engineering degree and work for a motor company. Darrell Sadler VICA. Ambition: To be an auto mechanic or work in the automotive field. Jill Salyers-Pumpkin: Drama Club 9-12, Orchestra 9-11, Cross Country I I, Homecoming Committee 12. Ambition: To get a Ph.D. in theatrical and cinnematic arts. Find a wonderful guy, get mar¬ ried and raise a family of nine. Dianna Lynn Sams-Princess Di: Ambition: To become a successful cosmetologist and to own a Mustang GT 5.0 T-Top. Paul Hill Sanford-Soccer 10-1 I, Cross Country I I, Indoor Track I I, Varsity Football 12. Ambition: To go to college, become rich by the age of twenty five, get married and live in a mansion on a beach in Australia. Julie Ann Sarofim-Jules: Freshman Cheerleading, Varsity Cheer¬ leading 10, Indianettes I 1-12, French Club I I, DECA 12. Ambi¬ tion . To be a fashion coordinator or buyer and to live in a big house by the beach, and of course, own a Porsche and to marry a gorgeous guy with an English accent. Matt Saville-Ambition: To party with my girlfriend and all my friends twenty four hours a day!! And later be an auto-body mechanic. JoAnn Marie Sayko-Jo: JV Volleyball 10, Varsity Volleyball I I- 12, Varsity Gymnastics 10-12, Chamber Orchestra 9-12. Ambi¬ tion: To go to college, graduate with a major in business, marry the man of my dreams and live an exciting and happy life. Roland Meinrad Schawalder-Chip: DECA 10-12, VICA 9-12. Am¬ bition: To get out of high school, visit California with Beetle, party my brains out. get married and have ten kids just like me. Cheryl Amastasia Schuenborn-Drama Club 9, Spanish Club 10-12, Marching Band 10-12. Ambition: To win the lottery, buy a yacht, sail around the world, and live happily ever after. Donna Lynn Shelly-Ducky: Drama Club 9-10, History Club 9-10, Spanish Club 9-11, DECA 12, Yearbook Staff 12. Ambition: I would like to complete college and then go into retail merchan¬ dising. I would eventually like to own my own chain of clothing stores. Michelle Rae Shifflett-Mikki: VICA 10-12. Ambition: To get my cosmetology license and work at a good paying place, also to marry Freddy. Ceda Anne Shoop-Cassie: FBLA I I, DECA 12. Ambition: To be¬ come a manager and get married to the guy I love and have a family. John Shurtliff-Shirt . German Club I 1-12, SGC 12. Ambition: To go to a college that accepts me, party it up, make some money, kick back with a babe. Jennifer Ann Sierk-Baby Doll: Drama 9, German Club 10-12, HOSA 10, Pep Club 10-1 I, Vice-President. Ambition: To go to college and become a paralegal secretary, get married to the man I love and have two children and live a long happy life. Heather Sloan-Pick:Freshman Princess. Ambition: To go to busi¬ ness school, drive my convertible Chrysler Labaron, and marry my very special guy S.S. and live happily ever after. Collin Smith-Bad-Dog:VICA I 1-12. Ambition: Build the ultimate mud machine ! Start a " save the whales " charity fund! Put a patent on my home remedy, live a healthy disease free life. James Marty Smi th-JV Football Team 10. Ambition: To become rich and marry a beautiful blonde woman. Shane Smith-Bear: JV Soccer 9, Varsity Soccer 10-12, Concert Band 9, Symphonic Band 10-12, Industrial Arts Club 10. Ambi¬ tion: Attend a college and graduate, then play professional soccer in the MISL, after retirement I would like to broadcast soccer on a major network. Leah Christine Snediker-Sned: Spanish Club 9, JV Soccer 9-10, German Club 10-1 I, Model U.N. 10, Varsity Soccer I 1-12, Signet I 1-12, Computer Club 12. Ambition: To be rich and have a guy marry me for MY money. To get a Porsche before B.K. Cristell Suzanne Soderstrom-Minnie: Cross Country I 1-12, Indoor Track 10-12. Outdoor Track 10-12. Ambition: To be happy and live a great life! I hope to remain athletic and be very rich. Amanda Danielle Souders-Mandy: History Club 10-12, Drama Club 9, 12. Ambition: College, to live out my wildest dreams (ie. the road with Nils Lofgren). Then I’ll do real things, but first I need new pink sneakies. Nancy Geneieve Speakes-Tickles: HOSA I I, DECA 12. Ambition: To live on the beach in Florida, become a surgeons assistant, marry Stan so we can grow old together. Marcos David Spittal- Varsity Basketball 9, Varsity Football 9, Varsity Baseball 9. Ambition: To play professional baseketball in Europe. Get my degree in business and after my basketball career get into the field of accounting. Barbie Faye Sprinkle-Boog-Booga: Varsity Softball 9-1 2, Freshman Volleyball 9, JV Volleyball 10, Varsity Volleyball I 1-12, Varsity Wrestling Manager 10, National Honor Society 11-12, Who’s Who I I, Latin Club 10-1 I, S.G.C. Representative 9, 12. Ambition: To attend college, get my degree in sports medicine, marry Kevin, become rich and have two kids. Nusara Sragaow-Nus: Indoor Track 9, Outdoor Track 9, JV Soft- ball 10. Ambition: To own 31 Baskin-Robbin stores. To live a ' glamorous life’. Roland Aubrey Stallings-The Aub: Latin Club I I, Shaman Literary Magazine 10-12, Drama Club 10. Ambition: To give guitar lessons to Jimmy Page. Kevin Avery Stanford-ANYTIME: VICA 11-12, DECA 12. Ambi¬ tion: To party at the beach with Troy Todt, restore my ' 65 Fury and be successful in the automotive field. Michelle Renee Stephens-Chelle: Drama Club 10-12, FBLA 12, Concert Band 9, French Club 9-10. Ambition: To continue my education at Olivette Nazarene College, become a CPA, marry Mike, have six kids and a ' 45 silver gull-wing Mercedes. Joette Linne Stewart-Jo-Jo Dancer: Varsity Volleyball 9-12 (cap¬ tain I 1-12), Varsity Basketball 9-12, Model U.N. 11-12, German Club 10-12 (Vice President 11-12), Math Club 11-12, National Honor Society I 1-12. AmbitionJo live a life of abundant wealth in my condo with my red Porsche parked outside with K.C. waiting to massage my feet. Susan Marie Taylor- " S”: Varsity Volleyball 10-12, Varsity Basket¬ ball 10-12, Varsity Soccer 11-12, Model U.N. 12. Ambition: To play volleyball in college, become a physical therapist, buy a Mercedes convertible, get revenge on T.G. and shave off his beard. Elisa Renee Thomas Leo Club 9-12, DECA 12, JV Basketball 10. Ambition: To go to college for four years, major in fashion and live a happy, successful, social life. Emaulelle Charlotte Thomas-Lady V: Pep Club 9-11, DECA 10-12. Ambition: To be a fashion model. Be noticed by Prince and star in his next video. Linda Thompson-Lindy: Indianettes 10. Ambition: To go to Con- trol Data Institute, become a computer systems analyst, marry D.J.S. and live happily ever after. Carla Ann Tomasino-Muttley: Latin Club 10-12, Choir 9-12, Key Club 9-10, Teen Counseling I 1-12, Who’s Who II, All County Choir 12. Regional Choir 12, Honors Choir 12. Ambition: To become a successful person, drive an Audi, visit Italy, get married, have children and have a great life. Tammy Lynn Tomchek-Tamster: Latin Club 11-12, FBLA 10-12. Ambition: To remember my friends forever. Kisha Town-Ke-Ke: Track 9-12, State Track 9-11, Gymnastics 9, Volleyball 10, Soccer 9, Softball 10, Pep Club 9, Leo Club 12. Ambition: To go to Jackson State and run. To become successful in psychology, own a yellow and black Porsche and marry V.C. Butch Lee Trowbridge-Jellybean: Concert Band 9, Symphonic Band 10-12, Marching Band 9-12, Dominants Back-up Band 12, VICA I 2. Ambition: To become a successful technician and have a prosperous life. Terri Marie Truitt-Terror: Varsity Choir 9, Treble Choir 10, Con¬ cert Choir I I -12. All County 12, Honors Choir 12, Regional Choir I 1-12. Ambition: To be a singer. Charleen Tutsock-Charlie: VICA 10, 12, Gymnastics 10. Ambition: To be a successful hairdresser, own a shop with Elaine, marry Gus and live a happy life raising our son. Kim Maria Tveit Treble Choir I I, Concert Choir 12. Ambition: To go to college and become a flight attendant. Barbara Elaine Tyson-Barb: Softball 9, Soccer 10-12, Basketball 9- 12. Ambition:To attend GMU, play soccer, graduate and live happily ever after with the one I’ll love forever-T.B. Anissa Dianne Vanderhoof-Pep Club 9-11, FBLA 11-12, Treble Choir 10, Concert Choir 11-12, Teen Counseling 11-12, Girl’s Soccer Manager I 1-12. Ambition-. To travel the world, then start a money making career and maybe at thirty get married. Lori Ann Varner-Little LV: Cheerleading 9-10. Ambition: To work with computers, earn big money for my beach house in Malibu, be a photographer and love that special guy (B.B.). Steven Verburg-ZZ: VICA 11-12. Ambition: To restore my ' 77 Nova, find the lady I love and get married. Tina Louise Walker-Teenie: Pep Club 11-12. Ambition: To be successful in life, marry a rich, gorgeous guy and live in Ohio on a farm with horses. Wesley Keith Walker-Keefer: German Club 9-11, Pep Club 9, Football 10. Wrestling I I. Crew Club I I. Ambition: To join the Air Force and become a photographer. Go to Las Vegas and see Chris Krueger. Get married, have twins and live in Florida. Dennis Ward-Den: Marching Band 9-10, Concert Band 9-10, Sci¬ ence Club I 1-12. Ambition: To be successful and wealthy and have the best time possible for the rest of my life. Elizabeth Lynn Ward-Lizzard: Drama Club 9, FBLA 9-12. Ambi¬ tion: To thank all ofmy friends for their support. David Michael Watts-Wattsy: Football 9-12. Model U.N. 10-12, Weightlifting 10-12, History Club 10. Ambition-. Gra duate from college, marry a beautiful girl and become President. Michael Douglas Welch-Mike: Ambition: To go to carpenters school and get a job in that field making lots of money. Nancy Elizabeth West-Nan: Varsity Choir 9. Ambition: To join the Army-National Guard or go to trade school and major in comput¬ ers. To see Kenya and Valinda graduate! Cheryl Weston-Cheri: Varsity Choir 9-10, Spanish Club 10, Key Club 10-12. Secretary 12, Concert Choir 12, DECA 12. Ambition: To be happy with whatever I do. Lisa Lynn Whitsell-Little Lisa: Ambition: To make a good life for myself by attending college and to make lots of money. Also to marry the man of my dreams and live happily ever after. Shane Corey Williams-Drama Club 12, German Club 10,12. Ambi¬ tion: Go into the Air Force or Naval Academy, major in astronauti- cal engineering and later work on the shuttle program for NASA. Reginald Fairfax Wilks-Regi:DECA 10-12, School Store I 1-12, Leo Club 9-10, FBLA 12. Ambition: To go to college and get a good job so I can retire by age of thirty five and be filthy rich, but most of all be happy. Richard Williams-Archie:Ambition: To leave here as soon as pos¬ sible. to anchor a job as an engineer and to thrash on the waves at Daytona Beach RADNESS ' SI ' . Andrew Scott Wilson-Speedy: VICA: To become a computer re¬ pairer or an FBI agent, to buy a beach house in Hawaii and party til I drop. Audrea Lynn Wilson-Aud: Pep Club 10, Leo Club 9. JV Softball 10, Orchestra 9-12, All County Orchestra 9-12, Teen Counseling 12, National Honor Society I 1-12. Ambition: To finish school, go to college, find a good job. husband, get rich, and be happy. Krystine Damita Wilson-Kyrs: French Club 9, Concert Band 9, Symphonic Band 10-12, Marching Band 9-12, Fresh man Basket¬ ball, JV Basketball 10. Varsity Basketball 12, Model UN 12. Ambi¬ tion: To go to college, have a gratifying job, get married, buy a house, have a family, and most of all, live an enjoyable life!!! Patrick Neal Winemiller-Marching Band 9, National Honor Society I 1-12, Science Club 12. Ambition: To look younger than every¬ body else at the twentieth year class reunion. Laura Winslow-Chiquita: Indianettes I I. Chamber Orchestra 10- 12, All County 9-12, Senior Regionals I I, All State I I. Ambition: To go to college for four years and become an FBI agent, own a condo, a Maxima, get married about 30 years old. (NO KIDS) Jennifer Leigh Withers-Jenny: Pep Club 10-1 I, FBLA 12. Ambi¬ tion: To marry a millionaire, drive my own Porsche and possibly live and party with Susan. Anissa. Rhonda, and Bob!! Andrea Witzgall-Andi: FCA 9, DECA 10-12. Ambition: Become a medical secretary, make a million, pay my car off by the year 2000, and marry Arnie!! Greta Ann vonWolffradt-Marching Band 9-12, Honor Society I I- 12, Spanish Club 9-12, Symphonic Band I 1-12, Concert Band 10, Varsity Band 9. Ambition: I plan to attend college and major in international affairs. I hope to one day work in a U.S. embassy. Jennifer Ann Wood-Sparke: Pom Poms 9-10, FBLA 12. Ambition: College and hopefully become a travel agent. Willaim Wood-Billy: JV Soccer 10, Varsity Soccer I I. Ambition: What I want most in life is to have the one I love. Kimberly, by myside forever and be succesful in whatever I do. Brian Douglas Woolfolk-The Dog: Varsity Football 10-12. Varsity Basketball I I, SGC Vice-President 12, Outdoor Track 12, Indoor Track 12. Ambition: To go on and play college football and major in business administration. After college I hope to play profession¬ al football or join a business company. James Stuart Wright-Wrighty: Ambition: To go as far as I can. college is first on my list, architecture as a major, while doing this party all thru life. Monica Wright-Cuz: Drama Club 9, Orchestra 9-12, Pep Club 9- 10, DECA I 1-12. Ambition: I either want to play in Prince’s band or be an extremely famous fashion designer. Tammy Lin Wright-Tam: German Club 9, Latin Club 9-10. Drama Club II. Ambition: Become the vice-president of my father’s company. Amy Elizabeth Yenyo-Aim: Cross Country 9-10, Indoor Track 9- 12, Outdoor Track 9-10,12, Orchestra 9-12, Latin Club 10-12, National Honor Society I 1-12, Who’s Who 12, Teen Counseling 12, Principals Student Advisory Council I I. Ambition: To enjoy life to the fullest, achieve all of my goals and meet Mr. Right. Darold Sean Young-Woodsy: Varsity Football 12, JV Football I I, National H onor Society I 1-12, FBLA 12. Ambition: To go to col¬ lege, graduate, and become a wealthy businessman. Yowv Fond Memtiei Jennifer Kinzinger-Well it’s finally over!! I can ' t say it ' s been a great four years because it hasn’t. Thanks to Leah for all your help and support through the years. Nusi, I wish you the ability to pluralize words and the money to come to Greece with me, via Europe. Kris ' you gonna eat that bacon’ Dixon, it’s been great-good luck at TN. Michelle your nose is shining, but I love ya anyway. Keep the faith and keep in touch girls, see ya at the beach. Wanda Ritter-Congrates class of ' 87’ we did it! No more GF! Yeah! Tracey your the best! I’m gonna miss you when I go to college. Sis! Remember the troublesome twins mischief Hey Brent better be good! Don’t forget your hugs. Scott thanx for your love and support. I love you! Don’t forget love will conquer all! ILY-FYF Wanda. Tim Riley-Thanks a lot guys for a great time in high school. Thanks Den. W, Butch. T, Joe Cole, Matt, Morgan in alge¬ bra one. Also thanks a lot to Kim T. hope you find what you are looking for, good luck in 12th grade. Good luck guys in my old geometry class don’t work too hard next year. I would like to thank especially Michelle M. for pullin’ by me through the hard times, I appreciate it. Thanks also to C.O. for passing me in Mr. Earl’s class, stay cool. Krystine Wilson-To the class of ' 87’ thanks for all of the good and bad times. I’ve learned a lot. I hope that all of you succeed in whatever you do. Thanks Mom and Dad! I don’t think that I would have made it through these past four years without you. I love you very much!! To Traci and Shellee, I hope that the memories you have of the football and basketball games last until you get into high school. I love you both! God bless you. Krystine Wilson. Karrie Cull-In the two and a half years I’ve been here, I have met a lot of people I am proud to call my pals. To those people I’d like to say thanks for giving a new girl a chance. To the brats, it’s been a wild two years. To my teachers, trust me I did learn a few things. To J.R., I’m sorry things have to be the way they are. And to my favorite secre t agent, 007, take care. I’m going to miss you, keep in touch. I know you’ll go far in life, just include me in some of it, OK? Whenever I see a 007 movie. I’ll see you. Deirdre Marsh-Thank the lord I made it. Dear family, thank you for all your love, Miss U. P.S. I love you. Teddy Bear remember me Deirdre " Sunshine” Marsh. Oh! Thanks to my teachers for all your patience. Stacey Medina-To Kimmi and Jenny, good luck in your senior year! Luv ya! Stace " words”... Beth Dietz-Can you believe it? We re almost out of here! Oh well!! I’d like to thank all of the guys from the corner for everything they’ve done and haven’t done! Take care and enjoy it while you can! Karin we made it kid and next year will be incredible but never forget the good times we’ve already had! SP’S, GMU A.L. you know what I mean?! Mom and Dad I’ll never be able to thank you enough! Granny J. thanks to you to! KRT TOP- thanks for being my friend! Michelle stay healthy! Sissy-I’ll miss you! Slicky Beth. Cindy Cross-To Gar-Field Faculty: It is your hard work and your dedication that makes this school as great as it is. It will be hard for me to leave, but my years here have been fun, exciting and rewarding, I will always look back at Gar- Field with pride and my many thanks. Carla Melonson-Eauh! It’s been a trip! We’ve been through a lot over the years. I’m glad it all worked out for the best. Elena, Lisa, and Ellen I love you all. We’ll always be the best of friends. Remember ail of the goofy things we did- " the real flying girls” so bad! Also thanks to the cheerleaders- we finally got the recognition we deserve!! Good luck next year. To the crew- good luck. I’ll never forget you: B.W., R.D., A.C., S.B., and Aron, I love you all, but I got to go! Mark Walker-Thanks T.S., D.P., M.H., S.S., and all of the gang, love you all. A special thanks to you Jason for always forgiving and forgetting, luv ya boy, you are the best!! Thanks to you Gloria for spending a great deal of my senior year with me. I hope we are together forever. I love you. Elena Johnson-High School was good while it lasted thanks to M.Y., C.U., Z.E.S., Ellen, Lisa, Carla. Thanks for always being there for me. The lunch crew lives on: the real fly girls, B.W., R.D., A.C., and S.B. good luck to you all. Keep in touch. Thanks mommy! Memories: Eauh, goofy, bones, bootie, gudalupe, lake, la-la. Lisa Lisa, luck-e 1, Loch- ness, grocery man, spoon face, album face, ugmug, coty, pinky profile, yo baby, centavo, skinny, transformer, lookin lovely, Ekims, magic, macho, and all the rest! Good luck cheerleaders and friends. Lisa Bradford-The time is here, goo d. To Ellena, Ellen, and Carla I’ll miss all of you an awful lot. Remember all the funny stuff we did! Remember going to visit Corey! To the cheerleaders thanks for all the fun times at camp, good luck Mrs. C and to the crew, I wish you’ll the best of luck. Good luck sis. To my parents thanks for molding me into the person that I will be tomorrow. Most of all thank you God, for without you I wouldn’t be anything, thank you. i Billy Blanton-Thanks Darrell for being my best friend all through school. Sorry about your accident, but I am glad everything turned out OK. Because of it I found my " perfect person’’—Cindy!! Thanks Mr. Dew for teaching me a trade that will pay off in the future. Donna Brothers-Thanks Mom and Dad for being so sup¬ portive of me. Francoise I will always remember all the laughs and lunch! Take care of that car! Thanks for caring DJ. JPM- thanks for opening my eyes to the truth-it hurt but it helped! " Yeah Well’’ love ya Gumby! Donna B. Donna Cappel-My dearest appreciation and thanks must be said to Jim. my Macaulay you’re the best friend that anyone could ever hope for. You’ve listened to a lot and pulled me also from the hole. Thanks for the patience you’ve had with me. Thank you for the strength you’ve given to fight my most important year through. I love you with all my heart- Jimmy Macaulay!! To T.E.-remember that the rainbow al¬ ways shines after the rain, to T.L.-what a stud! To R.R.- someday you ' ll find someone to keep you in control. To M.P.-don’t worry about the shine! Donna. Kevin Staford-I did my time, it’s time to get out. It’s time to party at the beach. Thanks to all my friends. They made it all worth while. Remember homecoming. Troy, Can ' t wait til our cars are done! Steve V. just—Good luck, and all the rest. Thanks to all the girls! GF girls are the best. It wouldn’t be high school without girls. Right guys? Special thanks to Lisa K. Novak, I will always love you! My license plate says " anytime " that doesn’t say anyone. Jennifer Wood-Tami don’t forget the awesome times. Your the best Jen. Jennifer and Ricky, Tami and Chester-what a goup of love. Tami Carter and Jennifer Wood best friends forever!!! Tami don’t you remember the red Chevette last year Jen. Jennifer Wood loves Ricky DeShong always and forever. Butch Trowbridge-Thanks for all the help over the years Tim and Dennis. I love you Cyndie Taylor. Love, me. Earle Perez-Hey gang! This year is over! We re on our way to the big world. Thanks a bunch to G.E., B.J., M.P., L.H., G.O., S.O., M.O., K.R., and all the rest of you guys who I ' ve known throughout my years. You are all the best bunch of characters I’ve ever known. Best of luck and love, especially all you underclassmen, double for the next senior class. Hope that you are just as spirited as we were. The voice of Gar-Field is running out of words and money, hugs and kisses to all. Earle Perez the voice of Gar-Field 86-87. Andrea Witzgall-lt’s Finally over!! Kelly buddy! It’s been great-the parties, the laughs, the guys, the times spent cruzin’ going nowhere! Who could forget! Michelle-who gets lost better than us? " Lock that door! " Chip-what’s laughs without you? You fool! Sherri-got any gum? Arnie you made the past four years the best! I never would have made it without you. I love you! Thanks Mom and Dad for everything. To all underclassmen-especially Joey-later on! Look out Virginia Beach here we come! Love ya’II- Andrea Witzgall. Mendy Barrett-Hi all! It actually has been fun. Susan, thanks for all you did for me. Greta, keep eating Ho-Hos. S.H., L.B., R.W., go big red! It won’t be the same without my toad family. I’ll miss ya. Thanks to all my teachers, especial¬ ly Mr. Bunn, Mrs. Combs, Mrs. Taylor, and Ms. Wolfe. You ' ve done a lot for me. To everyone else: it’s not that you’re not in my memories. I’m just out of space and money. May there always be peace in your life (and some pink clouds-B.S.) I love you all-you’re great! (especially R.S.M.) Susan Conley-Hey! Thank God this year is over! I never would have made it without Jenny W. Anissa V. I think everything is finally OK with M.T. and B.K. thanks to Mom and Dad! I love you! see you at the beach! (hopefully) Love you all. Dear Teddy Bear- sorry that we had so many problems this year but I’m glad everything worked out! I love you forever and ever! Remember you’re the inspiration! Forever-sunshine. Reagan Edwards-Thanks to all my friends and teachers that made G-F a real experience, especially this last year. Re¬ member the fun times, guys?! Amy how many dates for homecoming? Tracey, feel the heat. Jennifer, we’ve had fun in Spanish. Sigrun, you’ve been a good friend. Special thanks to Mrs. Jones for listening and to the yearbook staff for the laughter! Good luck everybody! Reagan. Emily Bohuslar-To all my friends the past four years at G-F have been special to me. To Amy Yenyo, Eric B. and Barbie Sprinkle I give special thanks for all the friendship, love, and good times we have shared. Take care, all my love to you guys. To Ron Roberts I give my everlasting love. You will always have a special spot in my heart. Mom and Dad, I would have never made it without you. Thanks. To the rest of the class of ' 87 ' I wish the best of luck in life. We are tomorrow’s leaders and the hopes of the future. Take care guys, miss you. Emily Bohuslar. Francoise Blais-Thanks to Mom and Dad I made it! April and Marcey (wdbg). Donna it was fun in lunch. Don ' t forget to stare more. Alta-keep up the list. Thanks for the busy sigs hah! Good luck to everyone I left out!!! Bye! Fran. B. (LMS). Anthony McWilliams-Thanks to my abundance of friends whom I’ve blessed with friendship. Extra thanks to Boogie, DC. Tray, MF, WC, MW, and my buddy " j”. You all have made life so nice. To Erika-thanks for that special kind of love bizzarre. All my love to the look-out of my tower. J. White remember Sheila E. ois legend. Love, Anthony-Mr. Tony Michelle Pratt-School was great, when I wasn’t there! Jen- baby your a special friend. We had some fun times togeth¬ er! Thanks for everything! Andrea, Kelly, Donna (the brunch club) thanks for the great times and your friendship! I love ya! Joanne I missed you this year! Dede-Don’t eat the beanie weenies! I love you!(Ronnie) Yellow roses are forev¬ er and so are we!! Thanks Mom and Dad and especially Killer I love you guys! Va. Beach, here I come! Love Mi¬ chelle Pratt. Tina Polla-To my best friends, Kim Morello and Kim Riley! Whenever I think of H.S. I’ll think of you both, because to me you guys were what H.S. was all about. I ' ll always remember the day at the park because that ' s one of the days our friendships were the best. I love you guys!!! Al¬ ways, Tina. P.S. Thanks B.M., S.G., R.P., M.M., and T.P. Tina Walker-Good luck to the class of 1987 and all my friends. Thanks to V.P., J.S., R.P., S.N., S.M. Be a success in life. A special thanks to Cristell, Dennis, Pat, Brian, Ann, Greta, Tammy, Amy, Kurt, Mark, Jay, Shane, Jessica. Janet, Suzanne, Matt, Gil, Becky, Wendy. Rhonda, Jeannie, Kelly, Samantha, Linda, and the rest of the you! Thanks to Mom. Dad, and Terry. I love you very much. Thanks for your support, and to my best friend Denise! Love always Tina. P.S. Good luck. Jeff Bowers-Friends these past four years have passed by quickly. I can hardly believe it’s come to an end. I will miss all of you. Seniors good luck in whatever you do, remem¬ ber, we’re the best! Underclassmen work hard to make G-F the best. Keep up the spirit. I ' d also like to thank my Mom and Dad for encouraging me to be the best. But most of all I ' d like to thank Lorrie for coming into my life. You really mean a lot to me. I love you! Remember that always. Hugs ' 87 ' Thomas Filip-To my class-good luck! 1987 is just the begin¬ here I to find out what life is rreally like....Help I’m not ready for mortgages and Tax¬ parents told me I ' d get what was coming to ship is coming ' s ridiing high....l hope. It’s not empty or full of hot air....hard work is its own I ' ve been told...but stopping to smell the roses will keep me from getting old. T.J.F. Ill 5. Elisa Thomas-High school was great-had fun but glad it ' s over with. Lisa, Sondra, and Monica we did it! Nut thanks for all the good times and the talks. Robert remember " who’s the master?” My sometimes friends J.T., D.P. get your heads straight. The so-called fly girls ya’II tried but still didn’t compare to me. It ' s been a long four ye ars cuz. Demetria and Lashune stay cool. All underclassmen friends I know you’ll miss me. To all my teachers don’t forget me and thanks! Muriel Turch-Olias loves you! For those of you who under¬ stand, bless you. May joy fill all your days, peace always, M.U. Leah Snediker-Coop, time to say later. Keep the marshmel- lows to a sting. Gee, Dana, that doesn’t look like SPRITE! Stay away from all ’’Just and through! Thanks for every¬ thing. " I owe ya! and I mean a lot! Also, thanks to Terri- Bear, Jeff, WWSIV, Dur, Fish, Beet, Karin, Beth, Goober, B.G., E.D., J, and Ma Sned. Court, thanks for taking care of Mom. Keep it up! I’m gonna miss having ya at school, Ma! Congradulations to survivors of Bunn, Turner, Aleo, Martin and V.W. and those who will get them. They’re great, but good luck! Many thanks and best wishes to the class of ’87’. Leah Snediker. Tami Carter-Good golly Miss Molly don’t forget it-love me! Would you like to ride in my red chevette Jen? Don ' t stop going to Kilroy’s and getting them nachos! I know it’s to late but I leave my red chevette to J.W., remember all the times in the IROC with little Jenny. Kris Flinchum-To all my friends, family, and classmates, another year has come and passed us by before we realized it was even here. We have shared many good times I will never forget! G-F has been the best four years of my life because of the friends I have made and people I’ve met. Susan D. and Jen, thank you both for all the advice and friendship. Krista and Val, don’t party too much! Fish, you will always be a great buddy and neighbor. Michelle, hope¬ less. and Roger, have fun taking G-F over next year. Go for the gold H.P.! V and R! Mr. T thank you for being a super teacher for the last eight years. Thanks orchestra buddies. Varsity CL, your the greatest! Befie, you will always be a dear friend. Mom, Dad, and Perry, thank you for every¬ thing. I love you. Karin (Rin), you will always be my best friend, thank you for being there when I needed you. I can’t begin to show the love and friendship within my heart. The past twelve years have been the best because of you. I thank everyone who has been a part of my life these last four years. Long live ’87’ love Kris Flinchum (Karrot Top) Deirdre Marsh-Dear Brian, Steve, Carroll, Jon-Jon, Dario, Les, Frankie, Sean, Terry, Troy, Darryl, Shonie, Chante, Teresa, MeLinda, Tricia, Thomasina, Suzanne, Kim, Dionne, Wayne, Dechante, William, Travis, Chris, John, Larry, and you, thanks! Brian Scott-To all who follow the rainbow, peace, love and everlasting happiness. Kim Bohr-Scott thanks for all the good times! Hope there will be many more! I love you now and always will! Thanks Mom and Dad, love ya lots! Thanks Mrs. Brooks, the girls in Cos. and all my friends, especially D.A., D.P., B.L., E.C., and M.J.! Goodbye Gar-Field, won ' t forget ya! Kim. Sheila Oliver-lt’s been a real experience! Thanks to M.W., J.E., M.Y., J.L., and the rest of the gang for making my years at G-F more memorable and more bearable! Love you all! And I also want to thank Mrs. Johnson for putting up with me for the past three years! Your the best!! David I hope your years here give you as many memories as it ' s given me. Good luck. I.L.Y.M.A.D. Diane Butler-All my junior friends that I leave behind I will miss you all! my brother Michael I hope you do better than I did! Renee remember it all? Karen you know what and Gar- Field Track good luck with it all. Everyone remember me for I won’t forget you all! Oh yeah T.A. go for it! Dennis Ward-Thanks to Tim, Butch, Kevin, and the rest of the team (E.D., B.R., A.A.,) C.P.. Cyndie, Pat, Tina (and Alg. II). and especially Teresa, I love you good luck to everyone in the future, maybe i’ll see some of you again. Dennis Ward (Den) Rock and Roll. Marion Carrigan-Well! This is it! My final farewell to ole G- F! A.M.F.M Thanks Missy for standing by me. You’re the best! X.O.X. to Dad, Mom, and my two big brothers. Thanks for everything!!! I couldn’t have made it without you! I love you all!! As for the rest of the gang, it’s been real! I luv u!! Christen O ' Brian-My love and thanks go to Anthony ' ' Beat- tie " Bailey, my boyfriend of the last three years. I love him now and forever. Love also to Anna Miller, my best friend. To Chip I give heartfelt congrats! Good luck! Best wishes to Billy, Danny, Bill, Matt, and the court!!! Wes Fleming-Penguin Lust forever!! Thanks Eric, Sean, Leonard, without you guys life was dull. So sorry for all trouble. Remember the song. Musicians duet better! Chins up!!! Vickie Orolfo-Good luck Chris and Laura always remember all the fun. Good luck with Lisa £ Kevin you’ll need it, love V. and C. Good luck Kathy Rich from, Vickie. Kris Dixon-I’d like to say thanks to Billy, you’re great Jen I’m glad we got to be friends. Heather and Scott good luck and I ' d like to especially thank my Mom and Larry, your both great, I love you. And to you Joe I love you, thanks for all the great memories. Everyone have a great life. Barbra Tyson-Gosh guys! I can’t believe it’s already the end. Thanks Mommy for always being there when I needed you most. I love you very much!! Thanks Ms. Banks your won¬ derful! Sueb-what can I say!? We ' ve been through lots together. Dione-remember the good times! I’ll always be here! Brian-you ' ll get your ice cream one day. Go for G- Force 5! Well, you gobers-l love you!!! Claire-good luck in all you do! Have fun! I love you very much a nd I ' ll miss you more than you’ll ever know!! Toddles-I love you with all my heart. Remember May 24 and chocodiles. Forever, Barb. Kelly Lavey-lt ' s finally over! Andrea we ' ve had some really good times partying, looking to see if your contacts are still in your eyeball. Homecoming night when no one went home! Being on the look out for cops. Chip your still crazy!!!! Arnie and Mike posing GQ. Michelle, brunch club still lives on. Look out for true scams. Susan buddy, where are we gonna live? Lisa hon why did you have to graduate? I miss you. All the fun times we’ve had! Get in touch with me! Mike-honey, Oldman. Please! Thanks Mom and Dad! I love you! Kelly Lavey (Kello). Angie-Thanks to all my friends especially N.K., D.P.! I wouldn’t have made it without ya! And all my love to Bruce! You made this year the best! I love you!! Thanks A.M., M.J., K.B., E.C., ya made it go by fast!! And Bryan, you’ve taught me a lot and made this year the best! I love you Bryan Ferrell!! Melissa Parmelee-Thanks for everything Maid Marion. I love Ya! M M forever! Ed, enjoy your two yrs. left. Don’t party too hard! To my little brother, I hope you like G-F. Try not to break too many hearts!! Thanks Mom and Dad! Wish me luck! Amy, I’m ready for the beach. Ya got the coolers, right!?!? Sigrun Ortmann-Thanks to my twin sis Gudrin and also Lysette Heaton for a great four years! Keep in touch Lys and Reagan! Good luck Flags! Keep smiling!! Congratulations Jeannie Mae Bresiin we are so very proud of you. Jeannie, you did it! Now on with college and the rest of your life!! We love you! Dad, Mom, Kathy, Shirley, J.B., and Betsy. Jeannie Breslin-Memories; Thank you Mom and Dad for all your support. I love you!! Good luck Dominants and March¬ ing Band! Thank you Mrs. Moyers and Mrs. Taylor and all my other teachers for the best four years of my life. To all of my friends: may God bless each one of you as you head into your future! Love, Jeannie. Linda Moore-Michiel summer of 86, Joy thanks for every¬ thing! Jolie parties and good times! Cindy long talks. Va. Beach 87!!! Julie Baker-To my Mom and Dad, and my sister Nancy, Thanks for all of your love and support through the years. I never could have succeeded without your constant encour¬ agement and nagging! I love you all! To my friends in the class of ' 87’-Dean, Joe, Curt, Kristen, Donald, Marion, Jon, Melodee, Nancy, Sam, Joe, E.C., Terri, Kathy, Gretchen, Wes, Brian G., Brian S., Matt, Tara, Jeannie, Tom, Janet, Morris. Aili, Earle, Mike, Tina W., and everyone else-it’s been fun! Thanks for all the good times and the best of luck. To my best friends, Nha, Susan, Mendy, Cheryl, Greta, Tina, and Donna-Thanks for always being there to brighten my day and make me laugh!!! I’m so glad you all were there to make the last few years so much fun! Special thanks to Nha and Susan-you two have been my closest friends and bestest buddies and I’m proud to say so! With love and the best of wishes for you all, Julie A. Baker. W ME HO0AM Dece 6e 75, 7967 £ Pece 6e 50, 7956 . . . David Garrett played Santa Claus at Potomac Mills. Abbott, Allynne ’89 29, 88, 96, 172 Abraham, Ingrid ’89 44, 172 Abrell, Jennifer ’90 45, 158 Ackerman, Daniel ’87 44, 45, 105, 214 Acord, Jennifer ’89 45, 172 Adair, Terri ’88 186 Adams, Christine ’89 101, 172 Adams, Jacqueline ’89 172 Adams, Linda ’87 214 Adams, Michael A. ’90 158 Adams, Michael ’88 78, 186 Adamson, James ’90 158 Adkins, Scott ’89 172 Adkinson, Kristi ’89 172 Affeldt, Christopher ’88 29, 99, 186 Affricano, Jessica ’90 45 Ahern, Kelly ’90 101, 214 Aiken, Lisa ’89 172 Akers, Michael ’89 99 Akers, Nancy ’87 214 Alba, Anthony ’87 214 Albertson, David ’87 98, 214 Albertson, Deanna ’87 214 Albertson, Dean ’89 172 Alexander, Scott ’90 158 Alford, Jeremy ' 89 46, 172 Ali, Fazalit ’88 78, 81, 186 Allen, Christopher ’88 167, 168, 186 Allen, Kenni ’90 88, 127, 144, 158, 167, 168 Allen, Valerie ’90 158 Alsop, Danielle ’88 29, 78, 86, 90, 186 Alvarado, Richard 119 Alvarez, Corrette ’89 172 Alvarez, Keith ' 88 136, 186 Alves, Guilherme ’90 45, 158 Ambrosini, Toni ’89 45, 172 Anderson, Aimee ’90 45, 158 Anderson, David ’88 186 Anderson, Debbie 45 Anderson, Debora ’90 81, 158 Anderson, Dianne ’87 214 Anderson, Marian ’89 172 Anderson, Steven ’89 79, 87, 88, 104, 172 Anderson, Ta hatha ’88 105, 186 Anderson, Thomas ’89 172 Anthon, Michael ’90 158 Armstrong, Dario ’89 172 Armstrong, Willie ’90 158 Arrington, Liane ’89 29, 43, 91, 172 Ash, Jeff 108, 109 Ash, Lori ’88 186 Ashby, Michelle ’87 214 Ashley, W. ’90 158 Askew, Henry ’88 186 Askew, Martin ’87 98, 130, 214 Aspillaga, Brenda ’87 214 Aspillaga, Milagro ’89 118, 137, 172 Atkins, Karen ’90 45, 168 Atwood, Jessica ’87 45 August, Linda ’90 158 August, Thomas ’90 158 Auld, Charles ’89 172 Auld, Hb ’88 186 Ausby, Desiree ’87 214 Austin, Heather ’90 42, 43, 158 Aveni, Karen ’90 46, 96, 158 Avey, Ronald ’88 99, 186 . . . " pound puppies’ ' were in. Babcock, Michelle ’87 29, 101, 214 Bachman, Beverly ’89 46, 96, 172 Bachman, Christopher ’89 29, 119, 172 Bachman, David ’87 78, 84, 214 Bagis, John ’90 158 Bagwell, Laura ’89 172 Bahr, James ’90 78, 86, 158 Bailey, Anthony ’87 68, 98, 99, 214 Bailey, David ’90 87, 158 Bailey, Remona ’89 172 Bailey, Stormy ’90 158 Baker, James ’88 47, 50, 72, 86,186 Baker, Julie 268 Baker, Mark ’87 78, 127, 214 Baker, Monica ' 88 44, 186 Baker, Wendy ’88 11, 51, 91, 101, 186, 194 Baker, William ’90 158 Balcomb, Raquel ’89 167, 168 Baleomb, Stephen ’90 158, 167 Baldridge, Alicia ’88 186 Baldridge, Jill 91 Ball, Steven ’88 186 Bank, Rebecca ’90 43, 158 Banks, Jeffrey ’89 136, 172 Banks, Richard ’89 215 Banks, Todd 11, 26 Baransky, Bethany ’90 158 Barbour, Clyde 90 158 Barfield, Claude ’89 114, 171, 172 Barker, Julie ’87 29, 40, 84, 87, 90, 215 Barker, Nancy ’89 29, 172 Barlow, Debbie ’90 45 Barnes, Corey ’90 45, 158 Barnes, Marc ’89 172 Barnes, Taye ’90 45, 158 Barnes, Tim ’87 215 Barnhill, Lisa ’90 93, 158, 167 Barnhill, Regina ’88 167, 186 Barrante, Richard ’88 187 Barrett, Chris ’90 43 Barrett, Melinda ’87 45, 79, 88, 94, 215, 265, Ruben ’87 29, 44, 45, 90, 215 Battenfeld, Bryan ’87 215 Baucom, Robert ’88 125, 187 Bauer, Lorie 89 29, 44, I 72 Baughman, Brian ’90 81, 158 Baum, Penny ’87 215 Baumgardner, Sheila ’89 45, 172 Baumgarten, Mathew ’90 100, 158 Baumgartner, Brenda ’88 45, 187 Baylor, Deborah ’89 125, 172 Baytan, Apollo 29, 122 Beach, Tammy ’90 93, 158 Beahm, Joseph ’87 215 Beahm, Stephen ’90 158 Beale, Eric ’87 127, 215 Beall, James ’88 187 Beasley, Robbin ’88 142, 143, 187 Beaty, Lori ’87 215 Becht, Christopher ’89 46, 97, 172 Becton, Mark ’89 172 Beighlea, Cheryl ’89 101, 172 Belk, Cheryl ’88 187 Bell, Anthony ’89 172 Bell, Kathryn ’88 187 Bell, Michael 88 187 Belmo, Natasha ’89 104, 172 Bender, Annette ’88 101, 187 Bender, Carena ’88 29, 47, 90, 117, 187 Bender, Charlene ’90 158, 167 Bender, Kimberly ’90 158, 167 270 Benefield, Latricia ’89 88, 131, 172 Benefield, Lawanda ’88 40, 96, 125, 131, 187 Bennett, Christopher ’90 158 Bennett, Jonathan ’87 37, 215 Bennett, Sean ’89 125, 172, 183 Bennett, Terence ’88 46, 187 Bennetts, Brandon ’88 187 Benson, Samuel ’87 84, 215 Benton, Jerome ’90 158 Bertetti, Scott ’87 99, 215 Bethea, Matthew ’87 99, 215 Bethel, Dawn ’89 94, 172 Bethem, Blake ’90 46, 158 Betts, Tracy ’89 172 Beyer, Tamatha ’90 158 Bianchini, Domenic ’89 56, 57, 66, 114, 171, 172 Bickford, Daniel ’89 119, 172 Bickham, Bernard ’87 30, 215 Biller, David ’88 187 Billingsley, Doris ’89 172 Billingsley, Harrison ’87 215 Billingsley, Laure ’88 45, 105, 187 Billingsley, Lauri ’89 172 Birchmier, Shelley ’87 34 Bird, Daniel ’87 216 Bishop, Noel ’89 86, 172 Bishop, Steven ’87 216 Bisson, Rene ’89 172 Bjork, Shannon ’90 158 Black, Danielle ’87 216 Blackburn, Melissa ’90 45, 158 Blackett, Sandra ’88 104, 105, 187, 288 Blackwell, John ’90 145, 158, 167 Blackwell, Michelle ’89 118, 137, 167, 172 Blais, Ch ristina ’90 158 Blais, Francoise ’87 101, 103, 216, 266 Blais, Sarah ’88 101, 187 Blanton, William ’87 98, 216, 265 Bledsoe, Sandra ’87 91, 216 Blevins, Christopher ’88 187 Blevins, Tony 130 Blocker, Steven ’89 172 Bloom, Frank ’89 29 Blount, Gregory ’90 158 Bloxton, Thomas ’87 122, 216 Blucher, Wayne ’90 158 Bock, Wayne ’90 158 Boe, Kimberly ’90 158 Boffman, Michelle ’89 101, 104, 172 Boggio, Chris tin ’89 172 Boggs, Gregory ’88 172, 187 Boggs, Tawanda ’90 131, 158 Boggus, Cory ’89 45, 88, 172 Bohn, Joseph ’87 65, 99 Bohn, Tina ’87 63 Bohr, Kimberly ’87 216, 267 Bohuslar, Emily ’87 29, 84, 90, 103, 125, 216, 266 Bolac, Chris 15 Boland, Paul ’90 158 Holland, Kurt ’88 86, 105, 187 Boros, William ’88 27, 187 Borough, Brian 182 Bouton, Heather ’90 158 Bowen, Eric ’89 172 Bowen, Sheila ’88 32, 102, 113, 187 Bower, Lorie 91 Bowers, Jeffrey ’87 44, 45, 216, 266 Bowling, Christopher ’88 187 Bowling, Cindy 93 Bowling, Cynthia ’90 93, 158 Bowling, Russell ’90 158 Bowman, Jamila ’90 45, 158 Bowman, Patrick ’89 125, 127, 130, 172 Bowman, Sherri ’88 187, 288 Box, Christa ’89 172 Boyce, Christine ’88 93, 187 Boyd, Andrew ’88 41, 78, 187 Boyd, Daniel ’88 187 Boyd, James ’87 72, 216 Boyd, Rae ’89 45, 103, 172 Boyd, William ’89 172 Boyer, Brian ’89 172 Boyer, David ’90 167 Boyer, Douglass ’90 158, 167 Bradford, Lisa ’87 20, 92, 216, 265 Bradford, Lora ’90 92, 158 Bradley, Deborah ’88 43, 78, 187 Bradley, Laura ’89 45, 172 Bradshaw, Jennifer ’90 158 Brain, Darren ’88 29, 84, 187 Brain, David ’90 157, 158 Brandt, Thomas ’88 126, 127, 130, 187 Brannan, Susan ’88 112, 188 Brazil, Joseph ’89 125, 126, 127, 172 Breeding, Jennifer ’90 158, 168 Breen, Denise ’87 29, 118, 167, 216 Breen, Thomas ’90 153, 158, 167 Breland, Damian ’90 158 Brennan, Eric ’88 46, 96, 188 Brennan, Sandra ’90 158 Brenzovich, Tommy ’89 172 Breslin, Jeannie ’87 29, 78, 90, 97, 216, 268 Breslin, Kathy ’88 44, 105, 188 Bresser, Gregory ’87 216 Brettle, Dean ’88 29, 41, 84, 90, 188 Breyfogle, Stephanie ’90 86, 158 Bridges, Pia ’88 188 Bridgman, Kimberly ’89 94, 172 Bridgman, Kim 94 Brimage, Jautawn ’87 216 Brinegar, Heather ’88 98, 104, 188 Briscoe, Jesse ’88 99, 188 Brittingham, Charles ’90 35 Broadie, Kenya ’89 172 Broce, Spencer ’90 158 Brooks, Thomas ’88 55, 57 Brophy, Amy ’89 79, 172 Brothers, Donna ’87 217, 265 Browder, Celeste ’88 29, 45, 188 Browder, Leslie ’88 33, 188 Brown, Alex ’90 46, 159 Brown, Alicia ’87 101, 217 Brown, Candace ’90 45, 86, 159 Brown, Christi ’89 78, 173, 183 Brown, Donna ’88 93, 188 Brown, Edward ’89 29, 46, 97, 173 Brown, Jeffrey ’88 46, 97, 188 Brown, Josephus ’90 159 Brown, Katrina ’88 78, 167, 188 Brown, Kenneth ’90 159, 167 Brown, Lynda ’89 46, 96, 173 Brown, Osie ’90 42, 43, 88, 159 Brown, Rachelle ’89 173 Brown, Scott 122, 123 Brown, Stephen ’88 78, 188 Brown, Suzette ’87 101, 217 Brown, Tamara ’87 29, 79, 90, 91, 217 Brown, Thomas ’88 188 Brula, Martin ’88 188 Brula, Tony 33 Brunelli, Brigidette ’87 217 Brunson, Tanisha ’89 173 Bryant, George ’90 159 Bryant, Mari ’90 159 Bryant, Mark ’88 188 Bryant, Michael ’90 145, 153, 159 Bryant, Steven ’89 101, 173 Bryk, Catherine ’89 96, 173 Buchanan, Danielle ’87 88, 101, 217 Buchanan, Dwight ’90 159 Bullock, Tawana ’89 125, 173 Bunch, Renita ’89 173 Bunn, Bradley ’87 29, 82, 90, 105, 217 Bunn, Erin ’89 94, 173 Burcroff, William ’87 217 Burgess, Marny ’88 188 Burian, Patti 117 Burke, Lorna ’90 159 Burnes, Adam ’88 188 Burnes, Sherry ’88 188 Burrage, Christina ’87 105, 217 Burrow, Donna ’90 93, 159 Burruss, Monica ’87 101, 217 Burton, Lloyd ’87 217 Burton, Mia ’89 125, 131, 173 Busch, Lisa ’89 86, 88, 94, 173 271 Buschbaum, Lisa ’90 82, 159 Butler, Dionne ’87 131, 217, 267 Butler, Gwendolyn ’87 61, 217 Butler, Luke ’88 188 Butler, Michael ’90 159 Byrd, Debbie ’89 173 Byrd, Patrick ’87 47, 80, 125, 126, 127, 130 Byrd, Tracy ’87 217 . . . 5 tardies failed you for the 6 weeks. Caddy, Dana ’87 27, 101, 117, 217 Cadwallader, Michelle ’90 45, 159 Callahan, Kimberly ’88 189 Calliotte, Susie ’89 173 Campbell, Dana ’87 217 Campbell, Donald ’90 145, 159 Campbell, Marvin ’90 159 Campbell, Robert ’87 72, 86, 87, 100, 218 Campos, Lorenz ’88 189 Cano, Traci ’88 78, 189 Caouette, Amy ’90 159 Cappel, Diana ’88 189 Cappel, Donna ’87 218, 265 Carbonell, Analuz ’89 173 Cardwell, Steven ’88 189 Carlson, Candice ’88 189 Carlson, Charles ’87 99, 218 Carlson, Erica ’90 159 Carlson, Jennie 118 Carlson, Kirk ’87 99, 218 Carmona, Michael ’90 159 Carpenter, Helen ’87 29, 47, 90, 105, 125, 218 Carpenter, Joey ’89 173 Carr, David J. ’89 41, 46, 89, 96 Carr, Debbie ’90 159 Carrano, Marc ’89 46, 96, 173 Carrigan, Marion ’87 29, 84, 90, 218, 267 Carroll, Joseph ’88 189 Carroll, Ramona ’89 29, 173 Carter, Angela ’89 131, 173 Carter, Angelina ’90 159 Carter, Dionne ’90 45, 60, 104, 159 Carter, Jacqueline ’89 43, 104, 142, 143, 1 Carter, Sibyl ’88 104, 189 Carter, Stacy ’89 173 Carter, Tami ’87 218, 267 Caruthers, Arthur ’90 159 Caruthers, Thomas ’88 46, 189 Carvalho, Mia ’90 159 Casey, Michael ’90 159, 167 Casey, Paula ’89 167, 173 Cash, Christopher ’87 218 Cash, Michelle ’88 46, 97 Cashwell, Michelle ’87 10, 112, 218 Casteel, Michael ’88 99, 189 Castell, David ’88 114, 189 Casterline, Bec ky ’90 159 Casterline, Marci ’89 58, 96, 173 Casterline, Megan ’90 159 Castle, Patrick ’87 45, 114, 218 Cecere, Andrea ’87 218 Cecil, Stephen ’88 189 Cephas, Sheila ’88 29, 34, 40, 84, 92, 105, Chalfant, David ’90 46, 88, 96, 159 Chalfant, Michelle ’88 29, 87, 88, 90, 101, 189 Chambers, Lamoyne ’89 173 Chancey, Shannon ’90 159 Chapman, Paul ’90 159 Chapman, Phillip ’90 46, 159 Chase, Elizabeth ’89 86, 173 Chase, Kenneth ’87 29, 126, 127, 218 Chase, Michelle ’87 218 Chavez, Laura ’88 118, 189 Cheatham, Troy 124 Checkon, Diane ’89 45, 167, 173 Checkon, Elaine ’87 98, 167, 168, 218 Cheeks, Derek ’89 173 Chendorain, Michael ’90 42, 43, 159 Childs, Jennifer ’88 189 Childs, Justin ’90 159 Chirdon, Quenton ’89 173 Chopin, Tracey ’89 151, 173 Chucala, Steven ’88 29, 46, 90, 189 Chuday, Janine ’88 118, 189, 200 Chuquillangui, Peg ’87 218 Clark, Heidi ’88 127, 131, 173, 198 Clark, Kenneth ’89 125, 173 Clarke, Andre ’87 125, 130, 218 Clarke, David ’90 159 Clarke, Samantha ’89 173 Clarke, Tracy ’88 189 Claveloux, John ’89 173 Claybrooks, Travis ’87 219 Clegg, Janet ’89 96, 173 Clemens, David ’88 99, 189 Clemens, Heather ’89 46, 96, 173 Click, David ’90 159, 167 73 Click, Roger ’89 167, 173 Cline, Vernon ’90 159 Clubb, Samuel ’87 72, 219 Clure, Linda 117 Coaxum, Constance ’90 131, 159 Cobbs, Karen ’88 44, 189 Cochran, Charles ’89 173 Cochran, John ’90 159 Cockerham, Christy ’90 159 Coffee, Alison ’88 29 Cole, Constance ’90 159 Cole, Joseph ’87 46, 86, 219 Cole, Kimberly ’90 159 Collins, Cheryl 112 Collins, Karen ’89 173 Colon, Eduardo ’89 173 Compton, Tammy ’90 159 Compy, Jason ’88 86, 103, 167, 189 Compy, Shannon ’90 159, 167 Conahan, Wayne ’87 44, 45, 219 189 Conger, Kurt ’87 219 Conley, Cecil ’89 42, 43, 46, 96, 173 121, Conley, Susan ’87 103, 219, 265 Conner, Christina ’89 173 Connor, Troy ’88 189 Conward, Dwayne ’90 159 Conwell, Alexander ’89 173 Cook, George ’90 45, 159 Cook, Jacqueline ’87 44, 219 Cook, John ’87 219 Cooley, Kenneth ’90 159 Cooley, Michaele ’88 189 Cooper, Dana ’88 101, 112, 189 Cooper, Edward ’88 189 Cooper, Isaac ’90 159 Cooper, Pat 125 Cooper, Tonisha ’90 45, 159 Copeland, Craig ’90 159 Copening, Reginald ’87 219 Corbin, Cheryl ’89 46, 173 Cornett, Cristi ’88 189 Cornwell, Tangela ’90 159 Correia, James ’88 14, 189 Cosand, Matthew ’88 13, 34, 99, 189 Cosentino, Gina ’88 189 Cosentino, James ’89 173 Costello, John ’89 29, 173 Costello, Neill 46, 97 Cote, Edward ’89 173 Cote, Simone ’87 219 Coulbourn, Scott ’90 86 Covington, Dawn ’90 88, 159 Covington, Yolanda 125 Cowgill, Trevor ’90 159 Cox, James ’89 173 Cox, Wesley ’89 153 272 Crabtree, Cynthia ’89 86, 94, 173 Craig, Christinia ’89 43, 77, 96, 173 Craig, Laura ’87 101, 219 Cramp, Jennifer ’88 46, 96, 167, 190 Cramp, Terri ’90 46, 96, 159, 167 Crane, Jennifer ’89 29, 86, 173 Cravens, Michael ’89 173 Crawley, John ’88 190 Craycraft, Jennifer ’89 29, 78, 82, 104, 173 Creel, Michael ’89 173 Cremeans, Melissa ’89 173 Crenshaw, Ruby ’89 125 Crespo, Jose ’87 22, 108, 219 Crespo, Rubin ’87 219 Crimmins, Melissa 91 Crist, John 89 173 Cross, Cindy ’87 80, 103, 219, 264 Cross, Dennis ’89 125, 173 Cross, Jackie 62 Cross, Jacqueline 102 Cross, Tracey ’87 101, 219 Crowley, Jeffrey ’88 29, 190 Crowley, John 79, 96 Crowley, Timothy ’88 29, 46, 84, 96, 190 Culbreth, Delinda ’88 44, 92, 190 Culbreth, Delora ’89 43, 173 Cull, Karrie ’87 101, 219, 264 Cummings, Chris ’87 220 Cunha, Emilia ’88 91, 102, 190 Cunha, George ’87 220 Curlis, James ’87 44, 45, 45, 88, 89, 97, 143, 220 Curlis, Kari ’89 43, 88, 173 Curran, Thomas ’87 98, 220 Cyr, Emily ’89 29, 104, 173 . . . we had the option to take exams. d’Oliveira, Amy 101 Dahl, Brian ’88 190 Dailey, Christian ’90 45, 130, 159, 167, 168 Dailey, Wendy ’87 167, 168, 220 Dalrymple, Karl ’88 190 Dameron, Susan ’87 27, 220 Danath, Michelle ’90 160 Dangoia, Kristi ’90 159 Daniels, Claudia ’90 144, 159 Darby, Jacqueline ’88 186, 190 Darby, Jonna ' 90 159 David, Christine ’88 190 David, Lisa ’89 45, 173 David, Rich 108 Davies, Dawn 105 Davis, Anthony ’89 173 Davis, Catherine ’90 159 Davis, Catherine ’90 97, 157 Davis, Cheryl ’88 101, 190 Davis, Christie 113 Davis, Deanna ’89 93, 173 Davis, Eric ’88 16, 46, 87, 88, 97, 104, 106, 114, 143, 167, 190 Davis, Jason ’90 43, 87, 88, 159, 167 Davis, Jennifer ’90 159 Davis, John ’90 159 Davis, Lonnie ’87 80, 82, 220 Davis, Lynn ’90 159 Davis, Robert ’87 154, 155, 220 Davis, Tina 46 Davis, Trina ’90 105 Davis, Trinia ’89 174 Davis, Zeranna ’90 159 Dawson, Eric ’90 160 Dawson, Valeri ’87 220 Day, Tina ’87 29, 79, 84, 87, 88, 90, 105, 121, 220 Dean, Stuart ’90 160 Deese, Gregory ’89 174 Deiringer, Jennifer 44 Delane, Christopher ’87 220 Delong, Bret ’89 174 Delong, Jennifer ’90 160 Demers, Brandon ’89 174 Dempster, Kimberly ’89 29, 174 Denman, Terri ’87 29, 83, 87, 88, 90, 105, 138, 220 Dennis, Carmen ’88 90, 190 Denny, Palmer ’87 220 Derderian, James ’87 84, 90, 125, 127, 220 Derderian, Janice ’88 127, 190 Derderian, Karen ’90 45, 127, 144, 160 Derosier, Dana ’87 27, 142, 220 Destephanis, Daniel ’89 174 Destephanis, Michael ’87 99, 220 Deutch, Shawn ’90 160 Devault, Jason ’89 174 Devine, Kristen ’88 190 Diaz, Michael ’89 44, 45, 174 Dibble, Deborah ’90 45, 160 Dick, James ’89 43, 174 Dick, Joanne ’88 46, 97, 190 Dickhute, Cynthia ’87 101, 221 Dickhute, Donald ’89 119, 174 Dickinson, Nicole ’90 43, 88, 160 Dieringer, Jennifer ’89 92, 174 Dietz, Beth ’87 84, 107, 112, 221, 264 Dietz, Eric ’90 160 Diggs, Christopher ’87 221 Dill, Charles ’90 160 Dillard, Garland ’90 153, 160 Dique, Richard 153 Disse, Michelle ’88 46, 97 Distefano, Joseph ’89 174 Dittmer, Mike 110 Dittmer, Patrick ’89 174 Dix, Barbara ’88 190 Dixon, Cheryl ’87 29, 46, 90, 221 Dixon, Danette ’88 95, 190 Dixon, Kent ’88 78, 190 Dixon, Kristian ’87 221 Dixon, Kris ’87 268 Dixon, Pamela ’90 45, 160 Dobash, Mark ’87 221 Dobson, Elizabeth ’88 29, 90, 94, 105, 190 Dockery, Susan ’87 29, 45, 85, 88, 89, 90, 221 Dodson, Pamela ’89 45, 174 Doliveira, Amy ’88 101, 191 Dombrowski, Bernie ’88 29, 107, 153, 191 Domenick, Mark ’88 119, 153, 186, 191 Donley, John ’88 191 Donnelly, Aaron ’89 153, 174 Donovan, Jeffrey ’89 174 Donovan, Timothy ’87 29, 46, 47, 221 Doran, Thomas ’87 99, 221 Dorazio, Charles ’87 26, 33, 221 Dorazio, Robert ’89 153, 174 Dormstetter, Kimberly ’88 29, 90, 191 Dorn, Michelle ’87 221 Dove, Dorene ’88 191, 200, 206 Doyle, April ’90 160, 167 Doyle, Betty ’89 167, 174 Doyle, Robert ’88 97, 191 Doyle, Yvonne ’87 221 Drago, Alicia ’88 58, 78, 116, 117, 191 Drago, Joseph ’87 147, 221 Drake, Rebecca ’90 45, 96, 105, 160 Drotos, Lisa ’88 92, 191 Dudley, Amy ’90 45, 160 Dulin, Matt 111 Dulin, Richard ’88 191 Dumire, Sherri ’88 167, 168, 191 Dumire, Tammy ’90 160, 167, 168 Duncan, Anthony ’88 191 Dunn, Christopher ’89 125, 174 Durant, Chong ’90 160 Duvall, Erin ’90 78, 160 273 I Dyer, Andre ’90 160 Dyer, Donald ’90 46, 160 Dykes, Bill ’90 160 . . . Mr. Darrough didn’t wear khaki colored pants to school. Easier, David ’88 191 East, Judy ’89 171, 174 Easter, Cutrina ’89 174 Eastman, Christie ’90 160, 171 Eberhart, Robert ’89 29, 174 Ebert, Michelle ’88 191 Eberwein, Colleen ’87 221 Edmonds, David ’89 174 Edwards, Dean ’88 191 Edwards, Elizabeth ’90 45, 160 Edwards, Jennifer ’89 46, 88, 96, 174 Edwards, Jonathan ’90 160 Edwards, Kevin ’90 160 Edwards, Lawrence ’87 221 Edwards, Marcus ’90 160 Edwards, Reagan ’87 79, 85, 88, 221, 265, 288 Edwards, Russell ’90 160 Edwards, Trenton ’88 125, 191 Egan, Daralyn ’90 160 Eicher, Carl ’88 191, 200 Eiland, Christopher ’88 78, 191 Eitel, Jon ’90 160 Ekren, Jennifer ’88 99 Elahi, Javid ’90 160 Ellenberger, Donald ’88 191 Ellis, Donna ’89 174 Ellis, Kathy ’87 79, 88, 90, 105, 107, 138, 222 Ellyson, Jesse ’88 191 Elmore, Constance ’87 222 Elmore, Kevin ’87 222 Embrey, Karen ’88 29, 54, 55, 86, 90, 191 Emery, Lan ’89 174 Emery, Lisa ’89 174, 182 Emmerich, Christian ’88 78, 79, 191 Endy, Lisa ’87 8, 27, 91, 222 Engle, Shawn ’88 29, 90, 138, 150, 151, 191 English, Asia ’90 160 Ennett, Alessandra ’90 42, 43, 84, 87, 160, 167, 168 Ennett, Gretchen ’87 29, 42, 43, 80, 90, 105, 167, 168, 222 Erving, Tracey 104 Esformes, Terri ’87 91, 105, 222 Espin, Rosita ’87 117, 222, 288 Essary, Suzanne ’88 191 Esselstyn, Eric ’90 160 Essey, Michelle ’90 160, 167 Essey, Sheila ’87 105, 222 Euler, Christopher ’88 36, 82, 88, 191 Evans, Christine ’87 97, 222 Evans, David ’89 86, 174 Evans, Erin ’90 160, 182 Evans, Lisa ’89 174 Evatt, Julia ’90 160, 167 Evatt, Michelle ’87 27, 167, 222 Evirs, Richard ’88 46, 191 Evirs, Sandra ’90 160 Ewing, Richard ’89 44, 45, 86, 88, 167, 168, 174 Ewing, Tracy ’90 45, 160, 167, 168 Eyler, Judith ’90 160 Eyrich, Karin ’89 46, 96, 174 . . . Homecoming almost wasn’t. Fair, Jennifer ’88 191 Fair, Lisa ’89 174 Fairbanks, Gerald ’90 43, 160 Fairley, Tammray ’89 174 Fairley, William ’89 174 Fairweather, Samantha ’90 160 Fairweather, Tiffanie ’89 43, 103, 105 Fanning, Carrie ’89 45, 174 Fanning, James ’89 174 Farish, Kenneth ’87 98, 222 Farley, Richard ’88 87, 123, 191 Farris, Melissa ’90 160 Farrow, Roger ’88 98, 191 Faszcza, Joann ’89 92, 174 Faulkner, Christine ’90 45, 86, 160 Feaganes, Michelle ’89 174 Feather, Christopher ’88 36, 191 Federico, Elizabeth ’89 174 Feeney, Bryan ’87 18, 108, 222 Feeney, Matthew ’89 86, 174 Felde, Shane ’89 174 Felton, Jonathan ’89 174 Felts, Diane ’90 160 Fenster, Frederick ’89 86, 174 Ferguson, Heather ’90 160 Ferguson, Michael ’87 27, 37, 101, 110, 222 Fernandes, Jimmy ’90 46, 160 Ferrell, Tracy ’88 29, 90, 192 Ferri, Thomas ’88 192 Ferron, Laveuerne ’87 222 Fields, Deon ’89 45, 174 Fields, Jeffrey ’88 192 Fields, Sonya ’89 174 Figueroa, Nancy ’87 42, 43, 44, 88, 222 Filip, Thomas ’87 29, 79, 81, 83, 84, 87, 90, 125, 126, 127, 130, 222, 266 Finch, Robert ’88 192 Fisher, Betty ’89 174 Fisher, Jeffrey ’89 29, 174 Fisher, Kenneth ’89 174 Fisher, Robert ’87 14, 223 Fissel, Victoria ’88 192 Fissell, Victoria ’88 99 Fite, Kristan ’87 29, 45, 90, 223 Fitzkee, Denise ’89 174 Fitzkee, Pamela ’87 23, 91, 101, 223 Fitzwater, Timothy ’88 17, 100192 Fleming, Joseph ’90 160, 167, 168 Fleming, Sean ’90 160 Fleming, Wade ’90 160 Fleming, Wesley ’87 85, 88, 167, 168, 223, 267, 288 Fletcher, Arron ’88 192 Flinchum, Kristine ’87 27, 43, 92, 223, 267 Font, Brian ’90 160 Fontaine, Wendy ’89 174 Fontillas, Gail ’90 93, 160 Fontillas, Troy ’89 127, 136, 174 Ford, Angela ’89 101, 174, 223 Ford, Barry ’87 99, 223 Ford, Jerry ’87 46, 90, 97, 223 Forgo, William ’88 27, 192 Forrest, Lewis ’90 160 Foster, Raymond ’88 111, 192 Foster, Skip ’90 46, 160, 167 Foster, Stephanie ’89 29, 46, 88, 89, 167, 174 Fowkes, Stephanie ’87 95, 223 Fowler, Clarence ’89 119, 174 Fowlkes, Jeffrey ’89 153, 183 Foy, Shannon ’90 160 Foy, Veronica ’88 192 Franklin, Katrina ’89 174 Freeby, William ’87 223 Freeman, Kimberly ’90 45, 160 Frese, Thomas ’89 174 Frey, Sunday ’90 42, 43, 88, 160 From, Andrew ’89 174 From, Roy ’87 223 Frye, Christopher ’90 160 Fuchs, Troy ’90 160 Fulcher, Michelle ’87 101, 223 Fulgencio, Cynthia ’89 96, 174 Fulgencio, Ricardo ’87 46, 223 Fuller, Talisa ’88 99, 192 Fullinwider, Heather ’90 46, 160 Fulwood, Mary ’87 223 Furner, Rebecca ’87 223 . . . guys wore paisley. Gable, Rachelle ’89 103, 174 Gaden, Kathleen ’88 192 Gaither, Allyson ’90 43, 160 Gallahan, Allison ’90 160 Gallaway, Caroline ’90 86, 160 Gallaway, Tim 86 Galloway, Christopher ’88 124, 125, 141, 154, 192 Galloway, Craig ’89 125, 153, 174 Galloway, Linwood ’89 174 Galloway, Major ’87 27, 125, 130, 223 Galvanek, Chris ’88 86, 192 Gamboa, Anthony ’90 160, 167 Gamboa, Donna 88 29, 87, 104, 120, 121, 167, 168, 192 Gandee, Robert ’87 224 Ganino, Anthony ’89 29, 174, 183 Gardner, Kathryn ’88 101, 192 Garrett, Christopher ’88 88, 192 Garrett, David ’87 96, 99 Garrett, Jennifer ’90 161 Garrett, Roddric ’89 141, 174 Garrett, Thomas ’88 29, 98, 99, 192 Garrett, Vinson ’88 141, 192 Gartreli, Christopher ’90 161 Gathers, Larry ’89 175 Gatling, Terrence ’87 29, 224 Gayda, Stephanie ’87 92, 93, 224 Gayle, Francis ’90 161 Gefrich, Heather ’89 45, 175 Gellios, Ourania ’90 161 Gensler, Scot ’89 175 George, Sandra ’88 29, 45, 86, 89, 90, 105, 192 George, Thomas ’87 100, 224 Gerald, Jason ’87 26, 224 Gerhardt, Frederick ’90 161 Gero, Brian ’89 29, 86, 175 Geyer, Kelly ’89 175 Gheen, Christina ’88 193 Gianni, Lynn ’89 175 Gibbons, Aimee ’87 82, 105, 224 Gibbons, Andrew ’89 125, 175 Gibson, Cherie ’88 102, 193 Gilbert, Wesley ’90 161 Gill, Katherine ’88 193 Gilliom, William ’88 193 Gilliom, Yvonne ’87 45, 224 Gillon, Marshall ’90 130, 161 Gillon, Marshal 130 Gillon, Theresa ’89 175 Giltner, Jennifer ’89 92, 175 Gingerich, Stephen ’89 175 Godwin, Yolanda ’87 92, 101, 224 Goldsworthy, Dawn ’90 161 Golliver, Geoffrey ’90 43, 161 Gonzales, Rayanne ’89 44, 89, 175 Good, Ann ’87 224 Good, Brent ’88 44, 45, 193 Goode, Larry ’90 161 Goodrick, Colin ’87 100, 224 Gore, Deborah ’87 224, 288 Gorkowski, John ’89 29, 82, 125, 175 Gorsuch, Robert ’90 161 Gorsuch, Steven ’90 161 Gosnell, Ronald ’87 29, 46, 86, 90, 161, 224 Goulet, Kenneth ’87 19, 224 Goyette, Paul ’89 29, 43, 82, 175 Graham, Stephanie ’88 193 Grant, Joe ’88 193 Granum, Michael ’88 99, 193 Green, Brian ’87 29, 78, 80, 84, 87, 90, 105, 114, 224 Green, Carla ’90 105, 161 Green, Corry ’90 161 Green, Jennifer ’89 127, 131, 133, 175 Green, Keith ’90 161, 167 Green, Melissa ’88 94, 105, 167, 193 Green, Samantha ’87 29, 46, 84, 90, 105, 113, 127, 142, 224 Green, Susan ’88 12, 193 Greenwalt, Randall ’90 157, 161 Greer, Amy ’90 45, 161 Grenade, Robert ’87 224 Grenier, Cynthia ’90 161, 167 Grenier, Gerard ’90 161, 167 Grenke, John ’89 175 Grenke, Matthew ’87 84, 103, 225 Gresham, Sarah ’88 44, 88, 89, 193 Griffin, Jason ’88 82, 193 Griffin, Wendell ’87 225 Grimes, Kim ’90 161 Grimm, Natalie ’89 46, 92, 125, 175 Groff, Matthew ’88 29, 193 Groff, Wesley ’89 175 Grose, Jodi ’87 44, 101, 225 Grose, Tracy 102 Grove, Lucinda ’88 53, 92, 105, 193 Growkowski, John 153 Guillory, Daniel ’89 175 Guinn, April ’89 175 Gum, Ray ’90 161 Gunn, Eric ’89 175 Gunn, Michael ’88 99, 193 Gunter, Leina ’88 193 Guthrie, Alan ’89 175 Gutierrez, Kevin ’88 29, 90, 193 Gutshall, Christopher ’90 161 . . . we lost to the Wood- bridge Viking Varsity Football Team for the " First time’’ in 6 years. Haak, Scott ’89 78, 175 Habbert, Suzanne ’88 101, 193 Hagans, Walter ’90 161 Hale, Christopher ’90 161 Hale, Greg 111 Hale, Jeffrey ’88 167, 168, 193 Hale, Nancy ’90 45, 161, 167, 168 Hall, David ’87 19, 99, 225, 288 Hall, Delinda ’90 161 Hall, Dwight ’87 225 Hall, Heidi ’89 175 Hall, Shelia ’89 175 Hall, Staci ’90 161 Hall, Tracy ’89 175 Haller, Keith ’88 193 Haller, Kevin ’88 193 Hallman, Marcus ’90 145, 161 Halman, Dennis ’89 46, 97, 175 Hamako, Christopher ’88 193 Hamilton, Jennifer ’88 43, 105, 193 Hamner, Madelon ’89 175 Hamner, William ’88 193 Handwork, Randy ’88 193 Haney, Richard ’89 175 Haney, Tara 82 Hanna, Lloyd ’89 175 Hanna, Lori ’87 101, 225 Hanna, Scott 78 Hannah, Deshanta ’89 45, 125, 175 Hansbrough, Lawrence ’90 161 Hansbrough, Tina ’88 61, 193 Hanson, Julia ’87 101, 225 Hare, Lisa ’87 225 Harlow, Richard ’88 193 Harnest, Jennifer ’87 225 Harnest, Katherine ’88 101, 193 Harper, David ’90 161 Harr, Kristin 29 Harrell, Annamarie ’90 161, 167 Harrell, Richard ’87 98, 225 Harrington, Sheri ’89 88, 175 Harris, Brandon ’89 125, 153, 175 Harris, Heather ’88 46, 78, 96, 193 Harris, Jackie ’89 175 Harris, Jay ’88 110, 193 Harris, Kimberly ’90 161 Harris, Michael ’88 194 Harris, Paul ’90 161 Harris, Tony ’87 99, 155, 225 Harrison, Linda ’88 29, 47, 82, 90, 194 Harrison, Mark ’89 175 Harrod, Shelby ’87 225 Harrod, Wayne 101 Hart, Ashley 89 Hart, Jamie ’90 161 Hart, Jody 114 Hart, Kathryn ’89 118, 175 Hart, Patrick ’87 225 Hart, Richard ’89 175 Hart, Robert ’87 225 Hart, Sharilynn ’87 29, 43, 45, 105, 225 Harte, Ashley ’87 45, 83, 225 Harte, Samantha ’88 47, 194 Hartman, Alan ’89 175, 183 Hartman, Angela ’90 161 Hartman, James ’88 167, 194 Hartman, Jason ’90 161, 167, 168 Hartman, Richard ’87 110, 226 Hartmann, Angela ’90 86, 167 Hartmann, Chad ’88 42, 43, 167, 194 Haslacker, Amber ’89 93, 175 Haslup, Michelle ’89 175 Hastey, Robert ’90 161 Hatter, Christine ’90 104, 161 Hatzimanolis, Karen ’90 161 Haug, Thomas ’87 226 Haug, Tommy ’87 84, 87, 123 Haugh, Amy ’89 45, 175 Haun, Audrey ’88 194 Haupt, Andrea ’88 194 Havener, Brett ’88 194 Haycraft, Tina ’90 161 Hayes, Lisa ’90 161 Hayes, Randall ’87 26, 35, 226 Haymond, Esther ’90 161 Haymond, Rebekah ’88 194 Hayward, Robert ’90 40, 153, 161 Heaney, Tara ’89 175 Heaton, Lysette ’87 39, 42, 43, 79, 90, 94, 226 Heckman, Sandra ’88 90, 194 Hegele, John ’89 29, 153, 175 Hegele, Lisa ’88 29, 84, 90, 194 Hegert, Sheila ’88 94, 194 Heiser, David ’88 194 Held, Janet ’90 96, 161 Heldreth, Jean 102 Heller, John ’87 17, 100, 226 Heller, Leslie ’89 175 Henderick, Wendy ’90 45, 161 Henderson, Crystal ’89 29, 86, 175 Henderson, Octavius ’90 161 Henderson, Tabby 145, 153 Hendrick, Lisa ’88 45, 101, 194 Henry, Pamela ’90 161 Henry, Stefhon ’89 175 Hensley, Jennifer ’89 175 Hensley, Tina ’88 194 Henson, Katherine ’89 29, 44, 45, 175 Herrell, Keith ’89 175 Hersi, Afra ’88 32, 194 Hertzog, Michael ’88 29, 90, 194 Hetrick, Troy 108, 109 Hetzler, Lesley ’89 58, 175 Hicks, Gillian ’90 45, 94, 161 Hicks, Karen ’88 194 Hicks, Kelly ’87 95, 226 Hicks, Laura 101 Hicks, Pamela ’89 175 Hicks, Steven ’90 43, 161 Hicks, Tammy ’89 95, 175 Hides, Steve 42 Hiett, Kelly ’87 46, 226 Higgins, Kevin ’89 119, 175 Higgs, Phillip ’89 175 Hilarion, Norma ’89 175 Hildenbrand, Michelle ’88 194 Hill, Anita ’89 175 Hill, Jeanne ’88 103, 194 Hill, Kenneth ’90 161 Hinchee, Scottie ’89 46, 175 Hines, Arlita ’87 101, 226 Hinkson, Marco ’90 161 Hirons, Charles ’89 86, 175 Hodge, Marc ’89 175 Hodges, Damon ’87 140, 141, 226 Hoehn, Michael ’87 27, 141, 226 Hoff, Kelley ’88 22, 27, 101, 195 Hoffman, Kimberly ’90 161 Hogeboom, David 130 Hogeboom, Patrick ’90 127, 161 Holland, Kristi ’89 175 Hollandsworth, Randy ’89 175 Holley, Janet ’87 29, 46, 78, 90, 96, 226 Holloman, Sherri ’87 226 Holloway, Jeter ’89 175 Holmes, Ada ’90 45, 161 Holmes, Ryan ’90 46, 97, 161 Holmes, Tracey ’88 195 Holst, Robert ’89 175 Honeycutt, Robert ’89 114, 175 Hood, Michael ’88 114, 195 Hool, Tammy ’89 176 Hoover, Joseph ’89 176 Hopke, Kathleen ’89 176 Hopke, Michael ’88 56, 195 Hopkins, Kimberley ’88 195 Hopkins, Timothy ’87 47, 226 Hopson, Deborah ’88 29, 90, 92, 195 Hornauer, Hobart ’87 226 Hornauer, Jonathon ’89 176 Horne, Victor ’89 57, 125, 153, 176 Hosier, Francine 46 Hosier, Stephanie ’89 137, 176, 183 Hosier, Teresa ’87 29, 90, 116, 117, 142, 143, 226 Hoskin, Nathaniel ’90 161 Housier, Francine ’87 96, 226 Houston, Brian ’90 161 Houston, Christopher ’89 176 Houston, Todd ’88 46, 96, 195 Howard, Erin ’90 161 Howard, Matthew ’87 46, 96, 227 Howard, Michael ’90 45, 161 Huddleston, Janet ’89 29, 176 Hudnell, Stephanie ’90 161 Huggins, Andrew ’90 161, 167 Huggins, Michelle ’88 167, 195 Huggins, Sherry ’88 195 Hughes, Brian ’87 227 Hughes, Jessica ’88 29, 43, 88, 105, 195, 288 Hughes, Steven ’89 29, 176 Hughes, Tammy ’89 176 Humphrey, Janet ’87 62, 102, 227 Hundley, Charlie 110 Hunkley, Brian ’90 161 Hunsley, Camellia ’87 10, 27, 227 Hunt, Kimberly ’87 227 Hurm, Todd ’89 176 Hustwayte, Michael ’87 26, 99, 227 Hutchens, Charles ’87 227 Hutchins, Michelle ’90 162 Hutchinson, Patty ’87 167, 227 Hutchinson, Tammy ’90 144, 162, 167 Hutson, Deanna ’87 46, 96, 227 Hutto n, Anthony ’90 78, 162 Hutton, Douglas ’88 195 Hyman, Traci ’87 117, 227 1 . . . we had a fire drill twice in one day. Jabs, Caroline ’88 45, 63, 195 Jackson, Bryan ’90 162 Jackson, Cheryl ’87 227 Jackson, Gregory ’90 162 Jackson, John ’87 227 Jackson, Reginald ’90 162 Jackson, Robert ’89 176, 182 Jackson, Shannon ’90 93, 162 Jackson, Shayne ’90 93, 162 Jackson, William 140, 141 Jakub, Beth 42, 43, 77, 80, 83, 84, 90 Jakub, Mary ’87 29, 228 James, Chante ’87 228 James, Michelle ’87 228 Jamieson, Thad ’89 46, 96, 176 Jandreau, James ’88 54, 195 Janson, Beth 30 Jarman, Lisa ’90 162 Jarrett, Angela ’89 176 Jebram, Ann ’87 97, 228 Jefferson, Pamela ’88 195 Jefferson, Stephanie ’90 88, 162 Jeffries, Jennifer ’88 46, 96, 195 Jenkins, Allen ’89 176 Jenkins, Christopher ’90 162 Jenkins, Jennifer ’90 45, 162 Jenkins, Karen ’90 162 Jenkins, Lisa ’88 99, 195 Jenkins, Monica ’87 92, 228 Jenner, Marcus ’88 46,,96, 195 Jennings, Sheila ’88 94, 105, 195, 196 Jennings, Vernon ’89 176 Jensen, Keith ’90 162 Jenson, Elizabeth ’89 176 Jentzen, Lisa ’87 228 Jerrell, Jeffrey ’87 57, 228 Jett, Demetria ’89 104, 176 John, Carlene St. 46 Johns, Jeffrey ’90 162 Johnson, Alvinus ’88 195 Johnson, Beverly ’87 62, 94, 102, 228 Johnson, Cassandra ’89 176 Johnson, Curtis ’87 140, 141, 228 Johnson, David ’88 195 Johnson, Elena ’87 20, 92, 105, 228, 264 Johnson, Gregory ’90 162 Johnson, Horace ’87 228 Johnson, Michael E. 153, 176, 176 Johnson, Mike 96, 125 Johnson, Regina ’88 29, 90, 137, 195 Johnson, Roderick ’88 195 Johnson, Rolland ’88 195 Johnson, Tammy ’90 162 Johnson, Terri ’90 162 Johnson, Theresa ’88 195 Johnson, Tia ’89 137, 176 Johnson, Tracie ’88 50, 88, 103, 195 Johnson, Wesley ’88 195 Johnston, James ’90 162, 167 Johnston, Jeffrey 167 Jones, Anita ’90 10, 162 Jones, Brian ’90 162 Jones, Christina ’89 176 Jones, Christopher ’89 176 Jones, Ernest 99 Jones, James ’87 99, 228 Jones, Josslyn ’89 176 Jones, Kathleen ’87 29, 84, 88, 90, 228 Jones, Kathy 46 Jones, Lisa ’89 176 Jones, Marcey ’88 195 Jones, Maurice ’88 78, 195 Jones, Orlando ’88 195 Jones, Pamela ’88 29, 104, 167, 168, 196 Jones, Reginald ’90 162, 167, 168 Jones, Robert ’87 228 Jones, Sean ’88 186, 196, 206 Jones, Theresa ’90 162 Jones, Tracey ’87 228 Jordan, Clifford ’89 29, 46, 97, 176 Jordan, Jennifer ’89 29, 42, 43, 78, 176 Jordan, Kenneth ’89 176 Jordan, Lara ’88 99, 196 Jordan, Nancy ’87 29, 40, 42, 43, 84, 90, 138, 139, 228 Jordan, Nicola ’88 196 Jordan, Robert ’90 162 Joseph, John ’90 153, 162 Joslin, Dru ’87 229 Joyner, Samaria ’89 29, 42, 43, 176 Jung, Tamara ’88 113, 196 . . . seniors could leave be¬ fore afternoon announce¬ ments. Kane, Charles ’90 162 Kane, Kevin ’90 153, 162 Karakatsanis, George ’90 45, 162 Karis, Marie ’88 126, 127, 131, 196 Karvey, Christopher ’90 162 Iglesias, Sabrina ’90 93, 162 Imel, Enid ’89 29, 92, 103, 176 Intel, James ’87 81, 227 Imler, Diana ’90 162, 167, 168 Imler, Gary ’87 78, 167, 168, 227 Inge, Brian ’88 195 Irby, Tracey ’87 227 Irwin, Susan ’89 176 Iskra, Eric ’87 29, 41, 90, 105, 227 . . . classroom temperatures were controlled by a com¬ puter in Maryland. Karvey, Laura ’87 229 Kashmer, Timothy ’88 196 Keen, Samuel ’90 162 Keener, Brian ’89 46, 96, 176 Kelly, Brandi ’88 95, 144, 196 Keltner, Christina ’89 45, 176 Keltner, Christopher ’88 78, 196 Keltner, Rebecca ’90 45, 162 Kenney, John ’90 162 Kennington, Catherine ’90 162 Kepner, Robert ’89 176 Kerby, Angela ’88 86, 196 Kerby, James ’88 196 Kerem, Ali ’88 29, 44, 45, 88, 125, 167, 176, 196 Kerem, Serife ’90 45, 95, 162, 167 Kerney, James ’88 196 Kerr, Kenneth ’88 29, 56, 196 Kerrigan, Kelly ’88 91, 196 Kerscher, Beth ’88 29, 104, 196 Kessler, James ’89 176 Kessler, Yancey 100 Key, Kristen ’87 229 Kibler, Patricia ’88 98, 196 Kidwell, Darren ’87 229 Kim, Henry ’87 47, 85, 288 King, Anita ’88 44, 196 King, Anne ’90 45, 162 King, Clarence ’89 176 King, Denise ’88 98, 104, 196 King, Holly ’89 29, 46, 96, 104, 176 King, Kimberly ’87 91, 105, 229 King, Lawrence ’88 196 King, Mark ’88 98, 197 King, Rodney ’87 141, 229 King, Zerrik ’90 162 Kinnett, Kevin ’89 176 Kinney, Renee ’88 197, 229 Kinzinger, Jennifer ’87 9, 101, 112, 229, 264 Kirby, Angela 86 Kline, Douglas ’88 197 Kline, Jay ’87 98, 229 Klotter, Eric ’87 98, 229 Knapp, Burke ’87 229 Knepper, Kimberly ’90 162 Knerr, Joseph ’90 153, 162 Knigge, Missi ’89 176 Knight, Tara ’90 162 Knorr, Jeremy ’88 46, 197 Knott, Michael Robert ’87 229, 257 Ko, Hyun ’88 162, 176, 197 Ko, Veronica 30, 144 Kocherhans, Mike 122, 123 Kolbenstetter, Sherry ’88 197 Kong, Hui Chi ’87 92, 257 Kong, Huichi ’87 101, 229 Konieczko, Daniel ’90 162 Korpal, Daniel ’87 84, 87, 229, 257 Kraft, Michael ’89 176 Kramer, Denise ’90 60, 162, 167 Kramer, Dennis ’88 167, 197 Kramer, Leslie ’89 79, 176 Kreamer, George ’87 229 Kreamer, Jennifer ’88 29, 90, 105, 197 Kreiger, Angela ’90 162 Kreiling, Tammi ’89 103, 176 Krell, Dennis ’90 162 Krenkel, Robert ’88 45, 197 Krisner, Lori Ann ’87 229, 257 Kurtz, Arthur ’88 56, 78, 167, 197 Kurtz, Steven ’90 100, 162, 167 Kyles, Kevin ’90 153, 162 Lacey, Kelley ’89 176 Lacey, Lamonte ’87 12, 230, 257 Lacy, Betty ’88 101, 197 Lafreniere, Cyndri ’88 197 Lamb, Meredith Sean ’87 87, 122, 123, 230, 257 Lambert, Eric ’89 119, 136, 176 Landon, Brenda ’87 230 Landry, Winona ’89 10, 91, 176, 182 Lane, Terry ’87 230 Lane, Traci ’90 162 Langley, James ’90 162 LaPlante, Dawn 45 Laplante, Kurt ’89 176 Largent, Betty ’89 176 Laughlin, Cynthia ’87 230 Laurence, Richard ’89 45, 176 Lavey, Kelly ’87 101, 230, 257, 268 Lawrence, Anthony ’90 162 Layman, Lori ’88 197 Lazerson, Scott ’88 197 Le, Chris ’88 90, 197 Le, Hung ’88 29, 84, 87, 90, 123, 197 Le, Lucia ’90 30, 162 Le, Nha Thi ’87 257 Le, Nha ’87 29, 78, 79, 84, 87, 88, 90, 105, 120, 121, 230 Le, Tam ’90 45, 84, 87, 121, 162 Leblanc, Robert ’89 176 Leche, Laura ’88 197 Ledesma, Desiree ’89 176 Lee, Chan ’90 162 Lee, Deborah ’87 230 Lee, Jennifer ’88 44, 85, 197 Lee, Kay 86, 105 Lee, Kyung ’88 197 Lee, Tracy 88 197 Leight, Andrew ’89 29, 86, 176 Lenyon, Michael ’89 176 Lenyon, Mike 84 Lenyon, Morris ’87 230 Leo, Christine ’87 83, 167, 168, 230, 257 Leo, Gregory ’90 46, 97, 162, 167, 168 Letelier, Felipe ’89 123, 176 Letourneau, Greg ’87 79, 80, 84, 230 Lettmann, Robert ’89 176 Lewallen, Valerie ’89 176 Lewis, April ’88 43, 49, 92, 105, 197 Lewis, Charlotte Trina ’87 257 Lewis, Denise ’88 197 Lewis, Elan ’89 176 Lewis, Keith ’89 86, 176 Lewis, Kurt 125 Lewis, Sean ’88 29, 48, 125, 130, 197 Lewis, Stephanie ’87 78, 87, 104, 121, 230, 257 Lewis, Tara ’90 43, 88, 162 Lewis, Teresa ’89 43, 118, 127, 176 Lex, Michelle ’90 162 Lienard, Armand 88 197 Lienard, Elizabeth ’87 230, 257 Light, Mary Beth ’88 197 Lightfoot, Arliche ’88 197 Lilly, Kamela ’87 230, 257 Lilly, Tracey ’88 197 Lindgren, Chana ’88 167, 197 Lindgren, Joise ’90 162, 167 Lineberger, Teresa ’90 162 Lineberry, Melinda ’87 230, 257 Lingafelt, John ’89 14, 176 Lingenfelter, Gilbert ’89 176 Linkous, Michael ’89 177 Lippert, Shelly ’88 197 Little, James ’89 125, 130, 132, 153, 177 Little, Sonny 57, 64 Livingston, Steven ’88 198 Lloyd, David ’90 163 Lloyd, Douglas Frederic ’87 167, 231, 257 LLoyd, Richard ’90 162, 167 Lockamy, Jonathan Mathew ’87 154, 231, 257 ) Locklear, Naomi ’88 198 Loeffler, Jason ’90 162 Logsdon, Jailene Sue ’87 231, 257 Lomax, William ’90 162 Long, Deborah ’88 27, 103, 116, 117, 198 Longs, Elizabeth 61 Look, Chad ’90 153, 163 Lopaze, Jennifer ’89 43, 177 Lopes, Alcides ’87 65, 99, 231, 257 Lopes, Jose ’89 177 Lothes, Teri ’87 231 Lott, Francis ’90 163 Love, Francesca Chantil ’87 257 Love, Jeffrey ’87 257 Love, Jerome ’89 153, 177 Loveitt, Diane ’88 29, 90, 97, 198 Lovelace, Valerie 45 Lowe, Gregory ’88 45, 88, 198 Lucas, Shaun ’88 198 Lucas, Shonenell ’87 231 Lucero, Alexandra ’90 46, 97, 163 Ludwig, David ’89 177 Lueck, Aaron ’90 46, 96, 163 Luellen, Jude 78 Luellen, LLoyd ’88 198 Lynn, Matthew ’88 198 Lyon, Aili Mari ’87 56, 57, 81, 83, 231, 257 Lyon, James ’90 153, 163 Lyons, Cynthia ’90 45, 163 Lyson, Claire 137 . . . chillin’ was out and illin’ was in. Macdonald, Christy ’89 177 Macduff, Christopher ’87 98, 167, 231 Macduff, Nicole ’90 163, 167 Macejka, Edward Michael ’87 26, 72, 84, 87, 231, 257 MacEwen, Anna ’87 231, 257 Mackie, Bret ’90 163, 167, 168 Mackissock, Rachel ’89 177 Macurdy, Angela ’90 163 Madagan, Tracy ’90 163 Maddalena, Lisa ’89 177 Maddox, Daniel ’88 198 Madorma, Elaine ’89 92, 177 Magee, Aaron ’90 163 Maine, Sonia ’88 29, 96, 198 Majeski, John ’88 119, 198 Makolandra, Lee 98, 99 Mangini, Denise ’89 29, 46, 96, 177 Mann, John ’90 42, 43, 163 Manning, Gary ’90 163 Manning, Jerry ’87 134, 135, 231 Manning, Julie ’88 118, 198 Manning, Latessa ’88 198 Manuel, Joseph ’89 177 Marcelo, Rowland ’90 153, 163 Mark, Christina ’88 78, 198 Markle, Andreas ’87 231, 257 Marolda, Jeffrey ’88 198 Marquina, Hayda ’87 90, 231, 257 Marsh, Brian ’90 163, 167, 168 Marsh, Deirdre ’87 167, 168, 231, 264, 267 Marsh, Michelle ’89 137, 177 Marsh, Steven ’89 17, 177 Marshall, Curtis Ray ’87 9, 90, 231, 257 Marshall, Kia Rotanza ’87 101, 231, 257 Martin, Jack 89 27, 119, 136, 171, 177 Martin, Judy ’89 177 Martin, Renee ’87 232 Martin, Sean ’89 53, 78, 153, 177 Martin, Thomas E. 98 Martin, Thomas ’87 232 Martin, Tommy 90, 153 Martin, Tom 78 Martinelli, Darrell James ’87 257 Martinez, Nidia ’89 29, 46, 79, 97, 177 Marzette, Dana ’88 198 Masciandaro, Karen ’90 45, 163 Masciandaro, Sean ’89 42, 43, 86, 96, 107, 177 Mason, Angela Lynn ’87 42, 43, 232, 257 Mason, Heather 84, 87, 120, 121 Mason, Kathleen Marie ’87 232, 257 Mason, Rhonda ’89 131, 177 Mason, Shannon ’89 177 Massey, Stephanie ’89 91, 177 Mathers, Teresa ’89 96, 177 Mathewson, Teri ’90 46, 137, 144, 163 Mattaliano, Mark Brian ’87 232, 257 Matters, David Michael ’87 232, 257 Matthews, Dawn ’89 177 Matthews, Tonya ’87 21, 45, 101, 232 Mattingly, Sean ’90 163 Mawanay, Kristin Marie ’87 29, 86, 87, 90, 232, 257 May, Susanne ’87 232, 257 Maybaum, Elizabeth ’90 163 Mayes, Brenda ’88 43, 88, 96, 198 Maynard, Dwayne ’90 163 Maze, Caroline ’88 46, 78, 97, 198 McAllister, Sean David ’87 99, 232, 257 McCafferty, Timothy ’89 177 McCalment, Jeanine ’89 43, 177 McCarthy, Beth ’90 163 McCarthy, Christopher ’88 108, 198 McCarthy, Dina ’89 29, 58, 118, 177 McClelland, Michael ’87 99, 232 McCleod, Dione 142 McCloud, Derek ’89 177 McClure, Clint ’89 136, 177 McClure, Michelle Lynn ’87 117, 142, 232, 258 McCoid, Kimberly Anne ’87 46, 85, 96, 232, 258 McConnell, Allan Donald ’87 127, 232, 258 McConnell, James ’88 198 McConnell, Mylinda ’90 163 McCoy, George ’87 15, 45, 88, 98, 232 McCuen, Jeffrey ’88 199 McCulloch, Kimberly ’90 163 McCullough, Charles ’88 136, 199 McCutchen, Alvin ’88 199 McGovern, Peter ’89 54, 177 McGrail, Hayley 45, 96, 167 McGrail, Randy ’89 167, 177 McGuire, Mark ’90 153, 163 McGuire, Michael ’89 177, 183 McHenry, Marlon ’90 163 Mclntire, Catherine ’89 177 Mclntire, Robert ’90 163 Mclnturff, Jarrett ’88 199 McIntyre, Shane ’89 29, 177 McKelvey, Mary ’88 44, 45, 89, 190, 199 McKinney, Monique ’90 163 McLaughlin, Dusty ’90 163 McLawhorn, Michele ’88 199 McLeod, Theresa Dione ’87 232, 258 McLwain, Jeanette ’90 163 McMahon, Kevin ’89 177 McMahon, Timothy ’90 163 McManamey, Shaun ’90 163 McManamey, Tara ’87 78, 105, 233, 258 McMillion, Angela ’90 163 McMoran, Suzanne ’88 29, 90, 199 McNeil, Dywane ’89 177 McNeill, Jacqueline Denise ’87 45, 104, 233, 258 McRunnel, Meghan ’90 163 McWilliams, Anthony ’87 22, 233, 258, 266 Meadows, Michelle Lynne ’87 95, 233, 258 Medina, Dana ’90 46, 96, 163 Medina, Stacy ’87 45, 85, 88, 233, 258, 264 Meehan, Sandra ’88 10, 199 Meek, Parichati ’89 96, 177 Meek, Royal 83 Megill, Shari ’88 88, 103, 199 Meidt, Christopher ’88 199 Melonson, Carla Lachelle ’87 20, 29, 92, 233, 258, 264 Mericle, Richard ’90 163 Merrifield, Jeffrey ’88 47, 199 Merritt, Anthony ’88 199 Merritt, Kerry ’89 29, 46, 96, 125, 130, 132, 177 Merritt, Mark Edward ’87 99, 233, 258 Meseck, Karen ’87 233 Meurer, Christopher ’90 163, 167 Meurer, Matt ’90 153 Meurer, Mike ’88 167, 199 Meyer, Douglas ’88 199 Meyers, Nikki ’90 46, 163 Mickins, Kymberleigh ’89 43, 177 Mickins, Troy ’88 104, 199 Middleton, Tracy ’89 46, 97, 177 Midgett, Anthony ’90 163 Midgett, Marie ’89 177 Midyette, Richard Elliot ’87 99, 233, 258 Migliorini, Natalie ’88 49, 92, 93, 199, 202 Miller, Angela Marie ’87 233, 258 Miller, Anna ’88 99, 199 Miller, Brian ’88 42, 43, 199 Miller, Damion ’90 41, 163 Miller, Evan ’90 163 Miller, Jennifer ’88 87, 121, 199 Miller, Jim 108 Miller, Mark Joseph ’87 124, 125, 130, 154, 233, 258 Miller, Monica ’89 43, 177 Miller, Pamela ’90 163 Miller, Semra ’89 29, 177 Miller, Shan 96 Miller, Steven 99 Miller, Teri ’90 87, 121, 163 Miller, Wanda ’89 177 Mills, Joel ’89 46, 96, 136, 177 Minney, Tanya ’90 163 Minor, Dave Stanley ’87 20, 21, 233, 258 Minutolo, Jennifer ’90 93, 163 Miranda, Melodee ’87 29, 79, 90, 138, 167, 233, 258 Miranda, Romeo ’90 163, 167 Mirsky, Suzanne ’89 177 Mirza, Rehman ’90 163 Mitchell, Lora Ann ’87 45, 63, 233, 258 Mitchell, Steven ’89 177 Mitchell, Trina Elise ’87 59, 233, 258 Mitchell, Walter ’88 199 Mithchem, James ’90 163 Moats, Lori ’90 163 Moats, Susan ’89 125, 131, 177 Moats, Vicki 86 Moffett, Michael ’88 58, 199 Mojaddidi, Haroon 29 Mojaddidi, Maliala 29 Molnar, Todd ’89 177 Money, Carol ’88 44, 83, 199 Monroe, Melissa ’88 199 Moody, Diana ’88 10, 91, 101, 194, 199 Mooney, Thomas ’89 177 Moore, Cheryl ’89 177 Moore, Colleen ’87 233 Moore, Heidi ’89 177 Moore, James 98 Moore, Julie ’89 150, 151, 177 Moore, Katherine ’89 29, 177 Moore, Linda Denise ’87 234, 258, 268 Moore, Lisa ’90 42, 43, 163 Moore, Patrick ’88 199 Moore, Troy Alan ’87 234, 258 Morel, Stanley ’89 177 Morello, David ’89 177 Morello, Kim ’87 18, 29, 90, 105, 234, 258 Morgan, Cydne ’87 234, 258 Morgan, Lashune ’88 20, 104, 199 Morgan, Matthew ’89 86, 96, 127, 177 Morgison, Tchula ’90 163 Morris, Floyd Chester ’87 85, 234, 258 Morris, Rebecca ’88 199 Morris, Shawn ’90 163 Morrison, Ellen ’87 20, 91, 105, 234, 258 Morrison, Stephanie ’89 177 Morrow, Matthew ’89 125, 130, 177 Morton, Michelle ’89 177 Mosby, Charles ’89 177 Mosser, Jason 89 177 Moton, Casey ’87 29, 78, 84, 90, 106, 125, 130, 234, 258 Motta, Deborah ’90 163 Mottershead, Wendy ’89 92, 93, 177 Moyer, Matthew ’89 178 Moyer, Stephanie ’87 101, 142, 234, 258 Mozisek, JoLinda ’87 87, 105, 121, 234, 258 Mulhern, Brian ’89 125, 178 Mulhern, Sean ’87 29, 103, 234, 258 Mullinax, Jolie ’87 101, 234, 258 Mullins, Thomas ’90 153, 163 Munari, Gretchen ’89 151, 178 Munczenski, Rose ’88 199 Munoz, Emlida ’90 43, 86, 163 Munsell, Darlaine ’88 199 Munson, Dean ’87 29, 78, 79, 90, 107, 108, 109, 138, 234, 258 Murphy, Eric ’88 27, 199 Murphy, Thomas ’89 178 Murphy, Zakia ’89 178 Mussomele, Amy ’87 234 Myrie, Kimberley Renee ’87 234, 258 . . ,JV Boys Baseball JV Football teams went undefeated. Nanni, Verena ’89 78, 178 Nanni, Victoria ’87 78, 234, 258 Navarro, Debra ’90 45, 92, 163 Nelson, Kevin ’89 153, 178 Nelson, Michael ’89 178 Nelson, William ’89 178 Nesbith, Ronald ’89 178 Ness, Susan ’88 29, 36, 78, 86, 90, 200 Neverson, Tisha ’90 163 New, Kathleen ’90 163 Newell, Jennifer ’88 29, 36, 42, 43, 90, 105, 200 Newell, Senatra ’88 61, 200 Newhart, Claudia ’87 138, 234, 258 Newman, Garrett ’89 178 Nguyen, Van ’89 178 Ningen, James ’89 78, 125, 127, 178 Nomikos, Spiro ’90 66, 153, 163 Noonan, Laura ’89 86, 178 Noonan, Lisa ’88 101, 200 Nopwasky, Charles ’88 200 Nopwasky, Gene 36, 86 Noriega, Ana-Marie ’89 178 Normandin, Gary ’90 163, 167 Normandin, Seung 167 Norris, Jalanda ’90 86, 163 Nothnagel, Amy ’89 45, 167, 168, 178 Nothnagel, Cathy ’90 163, 167, 168 Novack, Lori Jean ’87 258 Nuckols, Monica ’90 163 Nuckols, Shirllynn ’88 101, 200 Nutt, Brian ’90 164 Nyberg-Mastrorilli, Todd ’87 235 J . . . Burger King intro¬ duced " mini burgers.’’ O’Brian, Christin ’87 90, 103, 235, 259, 267 O’Brien, Dennis ’87 44, 45, 89, 235, 259 O’Brien, Matt ’89 46, 96, 178 O’Brien, Robin ’89 46, 97, 178 O’Daniell, Amy ’89 29, 46, 96, 104, 178, 182 O’Donnell, Liz ’89 96, 178 O’Donnell, Maggie ’89 42, 43, 77, 96, 178 O’Hop, Ann ’90 164, 167 O’Hop, Billy 134, 136 O’Hop, William ’87 167, 235, 259 O’Leary, Jacqueline 90 O’Leary, Patrick ’87 84, 90, 235, 259 O’Reilly, Jennife ’89 178 Oaks, Martha ’89 45, 178 Obcemea, Karlo ’88 46, 130, 200 Obermeier, Deanna ’88 200 Obrien, Robert ’88 99, 200 Odom, Joy ’90 164 Oestreich, Elizabeth ’89 178 Ogden, Christine ’87 47, 79, 90, 167, 235 Ogden, Melissa ’90 164, 167 Olaes, Roderick ’90 164 Oldridge, Billy ’87 99, 235, 259 Oleary, Jacqueline ’88 200 Oleary, James ’87 235 Olivarez, Eric ’89 178 Oliver, David ’90 164 Oliver, Sheila ’87 235, 259, 267 Ols, Larry ’88 200 Ondo, Christine 119, 144, 235 Ondo, Christopher ’88 200 Ondo, Diane ’89 92, 178 Ondo, Greg ’87 41, 46, 97, 235, 259 Ondo, John ’88 100, 200 Opauski, Terry ’87 42, 43, 101, 235, 259 Orndorff, David ’90 145, 164, 167 Orndorff, Jennifer ’90 164, 167 Orolfo, Victoria ’87 31, 78, 105, 235, 259, 268 Orozco, Andres ’87 235 Orr, Marilyn ’88 200 Ortmann, Gudrun ’87 42, 43, 235, 259 Ortmann, Sigrun ’87 79, 94, 235, 259, 268 Ostrander, David 135, 236 Otting, Eugene ’90 157, 164 Owens, Denise ’88 45, 200 Owens, Kimberly ’88 200 Owens, Michael ’89 178 . . . " coke” was it. Pace, Vanessa ’89 29, 78, 105, 178 Page, Kirk ’87 99, 236, 259 Page, Kirsten ’88 200 Paine, Brian ’87 236 Palmer, Jonathan James ’87 29, 43, 80, 84, 87, 90, 111, 236, 259 Palmer, Rebecca ’89 178 Palumbo, Janice Lynn ’87 259 Palumbo, Janice ’87 236 Panone, Shawn ’89 178 Panzo, Karen ’89 43, 86, 96, 178 Parker, Brian ’87 236, 259 Parker, Daniel ’88 200 Parker, Daryl ’89 178 Parker, Mark 108 Parker, Michelle ’88 200 Parker, Paul ’89 114, 178 Parker, Ronnie ’90 164 Parks, David ’89 178 Parmelee, Edward ’89 178 Parmelee, Melissa ’87 105, 236, 259, 268 Parris, Lajuan ’90 164 Parson, Orlando ’90 164 Parsons, Melissa ’90 164 Passarelli, Christina ’89 178 Pasterchick, Andre ’88 29, 200 Pasterchick, Jason ’87 236 Patton, Jeff ’87 47, 82, 90, 105, 122, 236, 259 Patton, Nicole ’90 87, 96, 144, 164 Pauline, Louis ’89 65, 99, 178 Payne, David ’89 100, 178 Payne, Denise Michele ’87 236, 259 Pearce, James ’89 178 Pearson, Walter 153 Peatross, Tara 99 Pederson, David Scott ’87 236, 259 Pederson, Jan 114 Pedro, Joann ’89 178 Pedro, Sue ’89 178 Pellegrini, Dean ’87 99, 124, 236 Pendergrass, Daniel ’90 164 Penn, Tracey ’89 178 Pennington, Joy ’87 10, 27, 91, 101, 105, 236, 259 Pennock, Richard ’87 100, 236 Peoples, Juan ’89 125, 178 Perelli, Gregory ’90 164 Perez, Earle ’87 39, 42, 43, 45, 77, 90, 236, 259, 265 Perez, Julia ’90 164 Perkins, Christie 101 Perkins, Dawn ’90 43, 164 Perkins, Ingrid Alicia ’87 236, 259 Perkins, Jamel ’89 141, 178 Perkins, James ’90 164 Perkins, Keesha ’89 178 Perkins, Sandra ’90 164 Perkins, Thomasina ’87 237 Perrin, Jesse ’87 68, 98, 237 Perry, James ’90 164 Perusse, Jennifer ’90 164, 167 Peschka, Deanna ’87 29, 79, 90, 138, 139, 237, 259 Peters, Jennifer ’90 164 Peters, Ronald ’87 237 Peters, Tamyra ’90 104, 164 Peterson, Eric ’89 178 Petrauskas, Byron ’89 135, 178 Petruzzi, David ’87 237 Petruzzi, Tom 101 Phelan, Shawn ’89 178 Phillips, Lester ’89 178 Phillips, Richard 111 Phinney, Robert ’89 45, 88, 178 Piccione, Anthony ’90 164 Pickett, Cheryl 46, 97 Pickett, Hope ’88 125, 127, 178, 198 Pierce, Christopher ’90 153, 164 Pierce, Damon ’90 164 Pierce, David ’90 164 Pierce, Raymond ’90 157, 164 Pierce, Tracey Joanne ’87 237, 259 Pike, Melanie ’90 78, 164 Pile, Donald ’87 29, 46, 55, 84, 90, 237, 259 Pile, Stephanie 29, 42, 43 Pillow, Kenneth ’87 167, 237, 259 Pillow, Michelle ’90 164, 167 Pine, Bridget 46, 104 I IP 8 J Pine, Madelyn ’89 178 Pinson, Walter ’90 164 Piper, Brian ’90 164 Pitt, Leslie 29, 78, 90 Pitts, LaSondria ’87 45, 101, 131, 133, 237 Plenty, Margaret ’89 178 Plenty, Moses 130 Plott, Christina ’90 46, 164 Poczatec, Stan 100 Poczatek, Mary ’87 91, 101, 237, 259 Polla, Tina ’87 44, 105, 237, 259, 266 Ponce, Edward ’89 178 Poole, Melanie ’87 237 Pope, John ’89 104, 125, 126, 127, 178 Porch, Michael ’87 237 Portell, Joseph ’87 34, 108, 237 Porter, Chrissy 117 Porter, Michael ’89 119, 178 Posey, Mark ’89 178 Potvin, Chris 108 Powell, Lana 104 Powell, Lara 27, 87, 117, 120, 121, 142, 143 Powell, Sundi 86, 125, 127, 131 Powell, William 125 Powers, Rebecca ’90 164 Prasch, Anita 46, 97 Pratt, Michelle ’87 101, 237, 259, 266 Presnell, David ’90 53, 126, 127, 130, 164, 167, 168 Presnell, Heather ’90 42, 43, 86, 88, 96, 167, 168 Price, Kim ’90 104, 164 Price, Kyle ’90 164 Price, Tiffany ’89 178 Price, Tracey ’89 104, 178 Priebe, Paul ’90 86, 164 Pruitt, John Wesley ’87 237, 259 Pruitt, Tammy 93 Pruitt, Wesley 11 Pugh, Marilyn ’87 42, 43, 77, 83, 88, 105, 238, 260 Puletz, Paul ’90 164 Purish, Kaleem 153 Putiyon, Darlene 45 Putiyon, Stephanie ’89 178 . . . Girls Varsity Volleyball had a 10-0 season. Quesenberry, Steven ’90 145, 153, 164 Quezaire, Rhonda 105 Quirin, Pamela ’87 20, 238, 260 Quiroz, Kimberly ’89 178 Qureshi, Abid ’89 29, 78, 178 . . . 2 feet of snow saved us from exams. Rabb, Kimberly ’90 164 Raftery, John ’89 178 Raines, Daniel ’87 107, 141, 155, 238, 260 Rainey, Zachary ’89 78, 142, 179 Rainey, Zenus 142 Rainsberger, Tara ’89 46, 97, 179 Ramey, Dorothy ’87 238 Ramos, Rhodelyn 45 Ramsay, Margot 44 Ratanapool, Chutima ’87 13, 238, 260 Rather, Elizabeth ’89 151, 179 Rather, James ’87 238 Rawlerson, Gregory ’89 179 Rawlinson, Greg 125 Rawlinson, James 153 Rawlinson, Neece 118 Rawlinson, Neese 137 Rawlinson, Zandra ’89 179 Raymond, Michelle ’88 202 Reardon, Frances ’90 96, 105, 164 Recknor, Christine ’88 29, 41, 90, 105, 202 Redden, Daryl ’89 179 Reed, Oren ’88 202 Reedy, Daniel ’88 79, 88, 98, 127, 202 Reese, Robert Vernon ’87 108, 238, 260 Reeves, Alan ’87 238 Reeves, Kevin ’89 179 Regan, Mary ’89 137, 179 Regele, Nicole ’88 202 Reger, Rebekah 102 Reichenbach, William ’88 202 Reitmeyer, Mark ’87 238 Rembert, Samantha ’88 202 Rensch, Kristen ’90 43, 164 Rexrode, Melvin ’88 202 Reynolds, Kate ’89 179 Rhorer, Kimberly ’88 47, 50, 51, 82, 88, 105, 202 Rich, Carroll ’90 145, 153, 164 Rich, Dionne ’89 44, 179 Rich, Kathleen ’88 202 Rich, Lisa ’88 90, 202 Richard, Patricia ’89 43, 167, 179 Richard, Scott ’90 43, 157, 164, 167 Richards, Karin ’87 19, 107, 112, 213, 238, 260 Richards, Kristin ’88 125, 127, 198, 202 Richards, Patricia 42 Richardson, Linda ’88 202 Richardson, Michael ’90 164 Richardson, Michelle ’89 27, 179 Richardson, Renee ’89 179 Richardson, Robert ’87 27, 238, 260 Richardson, Shane 153 Richmond, Kimberly ’87 27, 39, 42, 43, 238, 260 Richmond, Wendy ’88 39, 42, 43, 94, 105, 202 Ricketts, Dawn ’90 105, 164 Riesenberg, Patrice ’88 29, 90, 202 Riggle, Melanie Dawn ’87 238, 260 Riggle, Robert ’88 202 Riley, Kim ’87 88, 138, 139, 238, 260 Riley, Thao Tim ’87 81, 238, 260, 264 Rios, Lisette ’90 46, 92, 93, 164 Ripton, David ’88 29, 64, 82, 84, 202 Ritenour, Robert ’87 99, 238 Ritter, Wanda ’87 82, 239, 260, 264 Rivera, Edsel ’89 86, 179 Rivera, Jason ’89 179 Rivera, Johnell ’88 90, 96, 202 Rivera, Joshua John ’87 72, 239, 260 Rivera, Shirley ’87 78, 105, 239, 260 Roberts, Gilbert ’87 213, 239, 260 Roberts, Linda ’89 101, 179 Robinson, Brenda 29 Robinson, Maurice ’90 164 Robinson, Steven ’90 78, 164 Robison, Brenda ’87 46, 97, 239 Rocha, John ’88 29, 45, 82, 88, 167, 202 Rocha, Michael ’90 164, 167 Rodriguez, Glorie ’89 94, 179 Rodriguez, Monica ’90 46, 157, 164 Rodriguez, Rachel ’90 164 Rodriguez, Robert ’90 164 Rodriguez, Sandra ’87 101, 239 Rodriquez, Monica 97 Rogers, James ’87 239, 260 Rohrig, Daniel ’88 202 Rohrig, Deanna ’87 42, 43, 79, 90, 91, 239, 260 Rojas, Dee Dee 27, 62 Roles, Michael ’89 179 Roney, Ron 46 Rooney, Brendan 90 164 Rosato, Elizabeth ’90 164 Rote, Benjamin Joseph ’87 134, 135, 239, 260 Rote, Helen ’89 179 Rotelli, Daniel ’88 29, 41, 84, 87, 90, 203 Roth, Erin ’88 23, 105, 151, 167, 168, 203 Roth, Lisa ’90 164, 167, 168 Rouleau, Cynthia ’89 29, 104, 179 Rouleau, Lisa ’87 239 Rouse, William ’90 164 Rowe, Leonard ’88 44, 45, 203 Rozas, Delia 102 Ruais, Shawn ’90 78, 164 Rummler, David ’88 86, 100, 203 Rupert, Holley ’90 164 Rusch, Christopher ’90 164 Rush, Russell ’87 260 Russell, Kenneth ’90 164 Russell, Suzanne ’87 101, 239, 260 Russell, Tim 111 Ryan, Irene ’88 98, 203 Sabarese, Carrie 167, 168 Sabarese, Nicole ’88 167, 168, 203 Sabet, Sasha ’89 29, 82, 125, 179 Sadler, Darrell ’87 15, 239, 260 Saeed, Imtenan ’87 98, 239, 260 Saeed, Rizwanda ’89 179 Salminen, Kirsta ’89 86, 179 Salyers, Jill ’87 88, 89, 239, 260 Sams, Dianna Lynn ’87 239, 260 Sanborn, Symon ’89 179 Sanchez-Canete, Christine ’88 45, 125, 203 Sanchez-Canete, Helen ’89 179 Sanders, Gina ’90 165 Sanders, Prudence ’90 104, 165 Sanders, Timothy ’89 179 Sanford, Paul ’87 114, 239, 260 Santos, Carmen ’90 165 Saplak, Kathy ’89 29, 118, 142, 179 Sapp, Kenneth ’88 47, 85, 88, 203 Sarofim, Julie ’87 27, 91, 101, 240, 260 Sarsfield, Patrick ’87 240 Saunders, James ’90 165 Saunders, Jodi ’88 27, 91, 167, 194, 203 Saunders, Ray ’90 165, 167 Saunders, Skip 145 Saunders, Wilbert ’90 165 Savage, Lisa ’89 80, 179 Saville, Matthew ’87 240, 260 Sawicki, John ’88 203 Sayasithsena, Ayou ’89 179 Sayasithsena, Vann 100 Sayko, Joann ’87 27, 42, 43, 138, 151, 240, 260 Sayko, Stacey ’89 151, 179 Scalia, Anthony ’87 99, 240 Schalow, James ’87 240 Schaney, Travis ’88 119, 203, 204 Schawalder, Ronald ’87 240, 260 Schawalder, Thomas ’90 165 Scherstrom, Jessica ’90 165 Schieffelin, Adam ’90 100, 165 Schmecht, Jeanne ’90 78, 86, 165, 168 Schmecht, Pamela ' 87 45, 96, 240 Schneider, Thomas ’89 46, 179 Schoenborn, Cheryl ’87 46, 96, 240, 260 Schooley, Sherry ’90 45, 165 Schrecongost, Will ’88 203 Schroeder, Lori ’88 186, 203 Schruefer, George ’90 165 Schu, B.J. 153 Schu, Christine ’89 167, 179 Schu, William ’90 165, 167 Schumacher, Jeffrey ’88 203 Schwab, James ’88 29, 45, 90, 203 Schwinn, Lianna ’90 165 Scifres, Cindy 87, 121 Scifres, Cynthia ’89 87, 121, 179 Scott, Alford ’88 186 Scott, Brian ’87 29, 47, 79, 85, 88, 90, 240, 267 Scott, Darren ’90 165 Scott, George ’88 203 Scott, Richard 98 Scott, Steven ’90 165 Scott, Victoria ’89 45, 105, 179 Scroggins, Ken ’89 179 Scroggins, Lenore ’89 101, 104, 179 Sealset, Becky 102 Sedlacek, Victoria ’90 93, 165, 168 Seeley, Robert 108, 109 Selecman, Uriah ’90 153, 165 Self, Melissa ’90 45, 104, 165 Sencock, Stacy 78 Senn, Jennifer ’89 92, 179 Shaffer, Gregory ’90 43, 165 Shands, Felecia ’90 165 Shearer, Robert ’88 203 Shelly, Donna ’87 82, 101, 240, 260 Shelly, Kenneth ’89 179 Sheloski, Susan ’88 203 Shepard, Shane 31 Shepherd, Joseph ’87 240 Shields, Rayburn ’90 165 Shifflett, Michelle ’87 240, 260 Shiflett, Amy ’88 47, 88, 203 Shoop, Beth 82, 86 Shoop, Carolyn ’89 45, 101, 179 Shoop, Ceda ’87 101, 240, 260 Shoop, Elizabeth ’89 179 Short, Daniel ’88 29, 54, 55, 90, 119, 146, 203 Short, Dennis ’90 165 Shorter, Makeba ’90 165 Shortliff, John 78 Shpoon, Mirwais ’89 179 Shpoon, Wazir ’87 240 Shreve, Jill ’88 118, 190, 203 Shrewsbury, Stephanie ’90 10, 137, 165 Shriver, Rebecca ’89 91, 179 Shurtliff, John ’87 240, 260 Shurtliff, Stephen ’88 78, 203 Sierk, Jennifer ’87 78, 241, 260 Sierk, Kimberly ’89 179 Sierk, Missy 78, 105 Sierk, Priscilla ’88 29, 90, 203 Sierk, Richard ’88 203 Sierk, Wesley 78, 135 Silvis, Bryan ’90 46, 97, 165 Simcic, Denise ’90 87, 120, 121, 144, 165 Simcic, Gregory ’88 203 Simmon, Anne 112 Simmons, Emily ’88 29, 44, 45, 203 Simpson, April ’90 165 Simpson, Christopher ’89 179 Simpson, John ’88 203 Simpson, Stuart ’89 179 Sin, Yoncha ’88 203 Sincock, Stacey ’89 179 Singleton, Brian ’88 49, 203 Sisson, Jennifer ’89 179 Sketo, Donald ’88 204 Sketo, Donnie 105 Skifton, Jocelyn ’88 101, 204 Skoog, Lynae ’89 87, 121, 125, 179 Slaustas, John ’88 204 Sloan, Heather ’87 241, 261 Smith, Amy ’89 179 Smith, April ’89 179 Smith, Brian ’90 165 Smith, Christine ’89 179 Smith, Collin ’87 241, 261 Smith, Eugene ’89 179 Smith, Francine ’88 29, 45, 105, 204 Smith, James Marty ’87 241, 261 Smith, Jeffrey ’89 119, 179 Smith, Jimmy ’90 165 Smith, John 153 Smith, Kimberly ’88 204 Smith, Kristina ’89 179 Smith, Lamar ’90 145, 165 Smith, Mauricea ’88 204 Smith, Mauricia 103 Smith, Michael ’88 204 Smith, Mike 42, 43 Smith, Nancy ’88 204 Smith, Shane ’87 37, 46, 110, 111, 241, 261 Smith, Sherri ’89 179 Smith, Tamara ’88 204 Smith, Valinda ’89 179 Smoot, Jacob ’90 165 Snediker, Leah ’87 23, 112, 241, 261, 267 Sneed, Lakita ’88 104, 2C4 Snyder, Jennifer ’89 29, 92, 179 Snyder, Paul ’90 165 Soderstrom, Cristell ’87 125, 127, 131, 241, 261 Soderstrom, Joyce ’88 61, 98, 204, 206 Somers, John ’90 165 Sorensen, Kelli ’90 45, 88, 165 Sorensen, Scott 111 Souders, Amanda Danielle ’87 83, 85, 241, 261 Spasoff, Fran 117 Spatzer, Donald ’89 179 Speakes, Nancy Geneieve ’87 241, 261 Speck, Teresa ’90 87, 88, 96, 165 Spedden, Brian ’90 165, 167 Spedden, Steven 99, 167 Spellane, Kelly ’88 44, 204 Spencer, Kenneth ’90 46, 97, 165 Spencer, Thomas ’89 179 Spin, Chad ’90 153, 165 Spin, Daniel ’89 179 Spittal, Marcos David ’87 241, 261 Sprinkle, Barbie ’87 29, 107, 117, 138, 139, 241, 261 Sprouse, Megan ’90 165 Sragaow, Kuansueke ’88 204 Sragaow, Nusara ’87 241, 261 St.John, Carlene ’88 46, 204 Stafford, Jimmie ’89 179 Stafira, Michael ’90 40, 165 Staford, Kevin ’87 265 Stallings, Aubrey ’87 45, 85, 241, 261 Stambaugh, Jennifer ’90 46, 96, 165 Stamper, Sabrina ’88 59, 118, 204 Stanek, Jennifer 47, 90 Stanford, Kevin ’87 98, 101, 241, 261 Stanley, Karla ’87 125, 241 Stanley, Kim ’87 241 Stanley, Lynette ’89 179 Stansbury, Allen ’88 204 Stansbury, Marti ’90 165 Stansill, Tracy ’88 78, 204 Stephens, Edward ’90 165 Stephens, Michelle ’87 103, 242, 261 Sterns, Derek ’90 165 Stevens, Jennifer ’90 46, 96, 165 Stewart, Allen ’89 130, 153, 179 Stewart, Dawn ’89 45, 180 Stewart, Joette ’87 29, 78, 90, 142, 242, 261 Stewart, Sharon ’90 165 Stewart, Sherie 94 Stiegel, Edward ’88 204 Stiles, Steven ’88 204 Stith, Lola ’89 180 Stocker, Bobby ’90 165 Stockman, Doug 22 Stockman, Richard ’87 29, 90, 242 Stoops, Brian ’90 165 Stoutamyer, Eric ’88 86, 204 Stovall, Julie ’89 180 Straight, Susan ’88 29, 44, 46, 84, 90, 97, 105, 205 Straub, Walter ’87 242 Strawderman, Patricia ’89 180 Street, Tonya ’89 180 Street, Trisha 125 Strickland, Cheryl ’90 165 Strickland, Danny ’88 205 Strickler, Zane ’90 165 Stringer, Richard ’89 46, 97, 180 Strong, Patrick ’89 78, 88, 180 Stuart, Joette 138 Stubig, Susanne ’88 81, 88, 205 Stuck, Rebecca ’88 83, 205 Stumm, Albert ’89 29, 59, 82, 125, 126, 127, 180 Stumm, Coleen 89 Stumpf, Dwayne ’89 180 Sturcke, Jennifer ’90 165 Stutsman, Roy ’89 180 Suggs, Daniell ’90 165, 167 Suggs, Sean ’90 165, 167 Sumpter, Matthew ’90 165 Sunderland, Beth ’89 42, 43, 137, 180 Sunderland, Kim 112 Suppy, Sue ’89 142, 180 Surbeck, Anthony ’90 165 Surbeck, Matthew ’87 242 Suslowicz, Deborah ’88 79, 88, 101, 167, 205 Suslowicz, Susan ’90 165, 167 Sutherland, Rachel ’90 45, 95, 165 Svienty, John 100, 242 Swaim, Lori ’90 165 Swanson, Kelly ’89 180 Swarthout, Timothy ’88 100, 205 Swarthout, Trisha ’89 180 Swider, Kathy ’88 205, 288 Swider, Lesley ’88 192, 205 Swinton, Eugene ’89 167, 180 Swinton, Shiron ’90 165, 167 Swisher, Todd ’87 27, 108, 242 Sykes, Lavonda ’89 180 . . . the electricity went out and school was dismissed. Taft, Cynthia ’88 205 Talley, Niquelle ’88 205 Tate, Kimberly ’89 78, 102, 180 Tate, Sharon ’90 165 Taylor, Amy ’87 242 Taylor, Cynthia ’89 180 Taylor, Jesse ’88 99, 205 Taylor, Kasandra ’89 180 Taylor, Kimberly ’88 44, 205 Taylor, Laura ’88 45, 104, 205 Taylor, Leslie ’89 137, 180 Taylor, Marnie ’87 242 Taylor, Michelle ’88 205 Taylor, Rochelle ’89 29, 42, 43, 79, 101, 180 Taylor, Stacia ’89 96, 180 Taylor, Susan ’87 79, 112, 113, 138, 142, 242, 261 Taylor, Teresa ’90 45, 157, 165 Taylor, William ’89 180 » Teel, Melinda ’88 205 Templeton, Brett ’90 165 Tenney, Christopher ’88 98, 205 Tennis, Sharalyn 125 Terault, Alice ’89 180 Terrell, George ’88 98, 205 Terry, Angela ’89 180 Terry, Colleen ’88 205 Terry, Kristen ’88 105, 205 Thee, James ’90 166 Thomas, Elisa ’87 12, 101, 104, 242, 261, 266 Thomas, Emaulelle Charlotte ’87 261 Thomas, John ’89 180 Thomas, Lorrie ’87 242 Thomas, Martin 29 Thomas, Rhonda ’88 29, 44, 45, 105, 205 Thomasina, Carla 45 Thompson, Anthony ’88 205 Thompson, David ’90 166 Thompson, Eric ’88 205 Thompson, George ’90 153, 166 Thompson, Leneeth ’88 131, 205 Thompson, Linda ’87 242, 261 Thompson, Nene 23, 45, 125 Thompson, Peggy ’88 32, 78, 205 Thompson, Robert ’88 86, 205 Thompson, Stephanie ’90 86, 166 Thompson, Steven ’88 27, 54, 55, 110, 111, 205 Thompson, Terry ’88 29, 41, 50, 72, 84, 90, 205 Throckmorton, James ’87 101, 167, 242 Throckmorton, Robert ’90 166, 167 Throckmorton, Scott 19 Thurman, John ’88 86, 205 Thurman, Paul ’87 45, 65, 99, 242 Thurston, Jeffrey ’90 166 Thurston, Roger ’88 205 Tidd, Andrea ’89 88, 94, 180 Tiller, Stephanie ’90 43, 59, 92, 166 Tilley, Michael ’88 205 Tirch, Lisa ’89 180 Todd, Helen ’88 29, 46, 84, 87, 90, 96, 206 Todt, Ronald ’87 242 Todt, Troy ’87 261 Tokhi, Mohammad ’89 180 Tom, Amy ’90 166 Tomasino, Carla ’87 44, 105, 243, 261 Tomchek, Kristy ’88 83, 118, 206 Tomchek, Tammy ’87 84, 243, 261 Toole, Dennis ’90 166 Tops, Terrill ’88 206 Toth, Kimberly ’88 48, 206 Touset, Susan ’90 144, 166 Town, Kisha ’87 125, 131, 243, 261 Trace, Jennifer ’88 54, 55, 125, 206 Trasdahl, Terrence 46 Treakle, Ylindo ’90 166 Troiano, Sandy ’89 180 Trotman, Kimberly ’88 105, 206 Trott, Karen 102 Trowbridge, Butch ’87 46, 97, 99, 243, 261, 265 Trudeau, Darryl ’89 180 Truitt, Terri ’87 44, 243, 261 Trujillo, Kenneth ’89 180 Tucker, Lucinda ’88 125, 131, 206 Tuggle, Anthony ’88 29, 90, 153, 206 Tukey, Elizabeth ’89 94, 167, 168, 180 Tukey, George ’90 166, 167, 168 Turch, James ’90 166, 167 Turch, Muriel ’87 29, 47, 79, 85, 88, 105, 167, 243, 267 Turner, Christopher ’88 98, 101, 206 Turner, Cynthia ’87 29, 243 Turner, Derrick ’88 206 Turner, Jeffrey ’89 136, 180 Turner, Kelly ’88 29, 101, 206 Turner, Steve 86 Tutsock, Charleen ’87 61, 98, 243, 261 Tveit, Kim Maria ’87 45, 243, 261 Twine, Shannon ’90 105, 166 Tyler, Terri ’88 188 Tyler, Terry ’88 78, 206 Tyson, Barbara ’87 11, 113, 142, 243, 261, 268 Tyson, Claire ’89 180 - W - 1 . . . Mrs. Martin acted like an " independent clause.” Underwood, Martin ’88 100, 167, 168, 206 Underwood, Matthew ’90 88, 166, 167, 168 Unrath, Mark ’88 206 . . . Flint Hill dunked through town. Vaiden, Carole ’87 243 Valentine, Kristen ’89 43, 180 Valli, Michelle ’90 166 Valvo, Jeannine ’88 44, 206 Vanderhoof, Anissa ’87 44, 103, 105, 243, 261 Vanderhoof, Katrina ’89 29, 180 Vanegas, German ’87 243 Vangelder, Daniel ’90 166, 167, 168 Vangelder, William ’88 86, 87, 167, 168, 206 Vanhorn, John ’89 180 Vanleuven, Jared ’88 88, 206 VanLowe, Leonard 153 Vanover, Tabatha 167 Vanover, Tanya 167 Varner, Lori Ann ’87 243, 261 Vavrick, James ’89 180 Vavrina, Timothy ’88 46, 78, 206 Veil, Krista ’88 206 Velasco, Beverly ’88 87, 101, 104, 121, 206 Verburg, Steven ’87 98, 243, 261 Verity, Lynn ’88 103, 207 Verschueren, James ’88 26, 111, 183, 207 Victor, Allen ’87 108, 243 Vitko, Carrie ’90 157, 166 Vito, Lisa 167 Vito, Michael ’90 166, 167 Volonoski, Diane ’90 166 Volpe, Lisa ’88 46, 96, 207 vonWolffradt, Greta ’87 29, 46, 79, 90, 96, 105, 244, 262 Vudragovich, David ’90 78, 104, 127, 130, 133, 166 . . . we got the privilege of eating in the hallways. Waddell, James ’88 207 Wagnon, Patrick ’90 46, 96, 166 Wakeman, Dana ’89 180 Walcroft, Allison ’90 166 Walcroft, Kathryn ’89 103, 180 Walker, Jennifer ’89 45, 180 Walker, Krystol ’89 180 Walker, Mark ’87 264 Walker, Tina ’87 96, 244, 261, 266 Walker, Tonia ’89 29, 50, 137, 180 Walker, Tricia 117 Walker, Wesley Keith ’87 244, 261 Wall, Josh ’89 97, 180 Wallace, Christina ’89 180 Wallace, Darlene ’87 244 Wallace, Jerry ’90 46, 166, 167, 168 Wallace, Michael ’88 153, 167, 168, 207 Wallace, Paul ’90 166 Walter, Michelle ’90 166 Walter, Shannon ’89 180 Walter, Shelly 43 Walters, Laura ’90 97, 166 Wanamaker, Kelly ’89 92, 180 Wantz, Tanya ’89 92, 180 Ward, Brian ’89 180 Ward, Dennis ’87 81, 244, 261, 267 Ward, Elizabeth Lynn ’87 244, 261 Ward, Lisa ’88 87, 120, 121, 207 Ward, Paul ’90 166 Wardlaw, Marsha ’89 180 Wardrick, Bernard 167 Wardrick, Chauncey ’90 166, 167 Warholic, Mark ’89 180 Warren, Antoine ’89 180 Warren, Jennifer ’88 83, 207 Warren, Ralph ’90 42, 43, 166 Warrick, Ronnie ’90 166 Washington, Charles ’89 180 Washington, David ’89 125, 126, 127, 180 Washington, Ericka ’90 46, 137, 144, 166 Washington, Lawrence ’90 166 Washington, Lonnie 145 Washington, Renee 118 Washington, Ricardo ’89 136, 180 Washington, Robin ’89 45, 180 Washington, Sharlene ’88 207 Washington, Songia ’88 104, 207 Washington, William ’88 207 Watkins, Mary ’89 180 Watkins, Warren ’90 166 Watson, Rhonda ’89 86, 105, 180 Watt, Stephen ’89 180 Watts, Brian ’89 136, 180 Watts, David Michael ’87 213, 244, 261 Watts, Jerry ’89 180 Wayland, Angela ’90 166 Wayland, Lawrence ’88 207 Webb, David ’90 166 Webb, Scott ’88 207 Webber, Jason ’89 114, 181 Webster, Dexte ’88 207 Webster, Yolanda ’89 181 Weetman, Rebecca ’87 244 Weetman, Steve ’89 96, 181 Welch, Michael Douglas ’87 244, 261 Wells, Michelle ’88 207 Wendling, Pat 122 Werner, Melanie ’89 44, 181 Werner, Pam 89 West, Barbara ’90 166 West, Barbie 84, 87, 96 West, Cynthia ’89 44, 89, 181 West, Nancy Elizabeth ’87 261 West, Patricia ’89 86, 181 Westcott, William ’90 166 Westen, Thomas ’89 181 Westen, William ’87 244 Weston, Billy 78, 105 Weston, Cheryl ’87 45, 101, 244, 262 Weston, Tom 82 Weston, William 29, 90 Wheat, Alan ’89 181 Wheeler, Allison ’89 46, 97, 181 Wheeler, Matthew ’88 207 Wheeler, Shannon ’89 46, 97, 181 Whelan, Elizabeth ’90 166 Whitaker, Gregory ’90 166 Whitbeck, Rebecca ’89 29, 46, 181 White, Bobby ’89 167, 181 White, Ryan ’90 166, 167 Whitman, Chris ’90 166 Whitsell, Lisa Lynn ’87 27, 244, 262 Whittington, Gary ’87 244 Wickum, Brian 108 Wickum, Todd ’88 27, 108, 207 Wierbinski, Lorann ’90 88, 166, 167, 168 Wierbinski, Paul ’88 167, 168, 207 Wilburn, Felicia ’88 29, 96, 103, 104, 105, 207 Wilhelm, Michael ’88 207 Wilkerson, Franklin ’88 207 Wilkins, Valerie ’88 78, 207, 288 Wilks, Reginald Fairfax ’87 244, 262 Willemsen, An gela ’90 166 Willett, Vicki ’90 104, 166 Williams, Darell 153 Williams, David ’90 166 Williams, Jennifer ’88 29, 207 Williams, Jessica ’90 43, 87, 121, 131, 157, 166 Williams, Kasandra ’88 43, 207 Williams, Kathryn ’87 244 Williams, Michelle ’90 166 Williams, Myrna ’88 91, 105, 194, 207 Williams, Ramsey ’89 181 Williams, Richard ’87 56, 78, 244, 262 Williams, Sara ’87 245 Williams, Shane ’87 29, 78, 90, 245, 262 Williams, Sherll ’90 166 Williams, Stanley ’87 245 Williams, Tamara 98 Williams, Toi 45 Williams, William 99 Wilmoth, Christine ’90 166 Wilson, Alan 153 Wilson, Allen ’89 29, 42, 43, 125, 181 Wilson, Andrew ’87 99, 245, 262 Wilson, Audrea ’87 29, 42, 43, 90, 105, 245, 262 Wilson, Gregory ’87 123, 245 Wilson, Jennifer 157 Wilson, Jerry ’90 153, 166 Wilson, Krystine ’87 46, 96, 213, 245, 262, 264 Wilson, Ryan ’89 86, 181 Windham, Constance ’89 91, 181 Windt, Michael ’88 207 Winemiller, Lisa ’89 181 Winemiller, Patrick ’87 29, 81, 84, 90, 245, 262 Wingfield, Garrett ’90 166 Winslow, Laura ’87 42, 43, 245, 262 Winston, Ira ’90 153, 166 Wise, Billy 36 Wise, Constance ’89 29, 42, 43, 181, 182 Wise, Julianne ’90 45, 104, 166 Wise, William ’88 207 Witgall, Joseph ’89 181 Withers, Charlene ’90 79, 96, 166 Withers, Jennifer Leigh ’87 103, 245, 262 Witzgall, Andrea ’87 101, 245, 262, 265 Witzgall, Joseph 29, 114 Wohlhueter, Charles ’90 166 Wohlhueter, James ’88 207 Wood, Carrie ’89 181 Wood, Jennifer ’87 245, 262, 265 Wood, Nicole ’89 104, 181 Wood, William ’87 110, 245, 262 Woodard, Kenneth ’89 181 Woodfolk, Kevin 40 Woodfolk, Tomicia ’87 85, 245, 288 Woodfork, Kevin ’90 46, 145, 166 Woodhouse, Elizabeth ’89 46, 94, 181 Woods, Byron ’88 207 Woods, Jennifer ’90 166 Woolfolk, Brian ’87 90, 125, 130, 132, 133, 154, 245, 262 Wright, Clarence ’87 20, 245 Wright, Debra ’89 181 Wright, James Stuart ’87 246, 262 Wright, John ’89 181 Wright, Kevin ’87 12, 246 Wright, Kyla ’88 207 Wright, Lisa ’88 207 Wright, Marya 90, 105 Wright, Monica ’87 43, 101, 246, 262 Wright, Rexanne ’89 44, 88, 89, 181 Wright, Tammy Lin ’87 262 Wudski, William ’90 166 Wyatt, Arwen ’89 42, 43, 94, 167, 181 Wyatt, Matthew ’90 46, 96, 157, 166, 167 . . . they started selling pretzels in the ala carte lines. If . . . there was only one exit for buses cars to leave school by. Yachechko, Katherine ’90 45, 166 Yacobi, David ’89 181 Yancoskie, Glen ’89 135, 181 Yeary, Scott ’90 166 Yenyo, Amy ’87 29, 43, 78, 90, 105, 125, 246, 262 Yeo, Clinton ’89 181 Yi, Dae 110 Yi, Yun ’89 181 York, Meredith ’89 181 Young, Clarence ’87 246 Young, Darold ’87 90, 246, 262 Young, Darren ’89 181 Young, Gavin 110 Young, Keith ’89 84, 181 Young, Lamonte ’90 166 Young, Matthew ’89 46, 97, 181 Young, Sean 153 Young, Shane ’89 181 . . . Madonna married Sean. Zaldana, Gus 110 Zane, Frank 114 Zawisa, Matthew ’89 181 Zeets, Sharon 102 Zeraathany, Pyam 125 Zeunges, Cynthia 29, 90, 167, 168 Zeunges, Susan 167, 168 Ziesler, Dennis ’89 181 Ziesler, Jay 86 Zoromski, Michelle ’89 181 Zurflueh, James 167 Zurflueh, Martin ’87 29, 84, 87, 90, 246 287 1986-87 Indian Echoes The FINAL Piece Henry Kim. Ms. Shacklette. Kathy Swider, David Hall. Wes Fleming. Donna Shelly, Reagan Bowman. Jessica Hughes. Rosita Espin, Tomicia Wood folk, Theresa Johnson. Sandra Blackett Hot pictured: Debbie Gore. Edwards, Sherri Valerie Wilkins. EDITORS-IN-CHIEF: Henry Kim, Rosita Espin STUDENT LIFE EDITOR: Rosita Espin ACADEMICS EDITOR: Jessica Hughes CLUBS ORGANIZATIONS EDITOR: Reagan Edwards SPORTS EDITOR: David Hall DARKROOM EDITORS: Henry Kim, David Hall FRESHMEN CLASS EDITOR: Valerie Wilkins SOPHOMORE CLASS EDITOR: Sherri Bowman JUNIOR CLASS EDITOR: Kathy Swider SENIOR CLASS EDITOR: Henry Kim ASSISTANTS: Debbie Gore, Sandra Blackett, Donna Shelly, Tomicia Woodfolk Wes Fleming, Theresa Johnson Polished by Jostens Printing and Publishing. A opy was muZZ a n d in de ed f,Z Z Z Z Mr ‘ R ° adcap ' Mr ‘ Barrett ' ™ s book was a, representative, for his continued support and guidance A total of WOO copies at $20 00 ' each ' Conaputer P ro 9 r am. Special thanks to Mr. Al Ramer. our Josh styles in each section in order to set apart the unicuenessofeachare ZZtJL f V° fecu ™ s b °° k used a variety of t Benguiat Bold 8 10 point: Juniors. Seniors. Sports-Lydian Boid 8. 9. ,0. S II potofe 9 JOjmA.Ct AvAomi : S339hh TOhOTV 06448225 r P0 VIR VA 371.8976 Gar Gar Indian echoes PRINCE WILLIAM PUBLIC LIBRARY SYSTEM 3 3159 00554 2811 OHllitsi PAFik UQ For Reference This item for use in the library only. Prince William Public Library

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