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INDIAN ECHOES 1986 GAR-FIELD SR. HIGH SCHOOL 14000 SMOKETOWN ROAD WOODBRIDGE, VA. 22192 ALL EYES ON GAR-FIELD Prince William Library Manassas, Virginia TABLE OF CO NTENTS Student Life . 4 Academics. 32 Sports Ads Organizations .130 Seniors .164 Underclassmen Faculty.272 Index .278 m m 3 pup ALL EYES ON STUDENT LIFE Top Left: Melanie and friend share a moment. Top Right: Ladies are you lost? Bottom Left: A sculpture of student life! Bottom Right: Is this a crowd! or Is this a crowd! ? Top Left: Friends make school worthwhile. Top Right: Kellie Lavey, Lisa Alsop, Cassey Shipley and friends outside during lunch. Above Left: Enjoying the last days of summer heat! Above Right: Taking a break during P.E.??? GOOFING OFF A Gar-Field student’s social life is highly directed towards one practice, goofing off. Naturally we all need some sort of escape from our responsibilities and the lunch room seems to be the perfect place. Each day the lunch room is filled with boisterous ac¬ tivity. Luckily our administrators are generally amused as long as you don’t catch them in a bad mood. These experiences are part of what make high school life so special. “All work and no play makes for a very dull day.” FRIENDS 6 GOOFING OFF IN ’86 Left: Susie Troiano, Leslie Safransky, and Kim Barn¬ hart having a good time. Right: Cool Dudes! Bottom Left: Eric Murphy and Chris Blye pose for the camera. Above: Chul Kong, Alan Victor and Rich David socialize before school. Left: Students talk before going to class and working hard!? 7 GRADUATION 8 Graduation this year was held on June 14, 1985 and contrary to expectations, it did not rain. Although many could not believe it, the moment had finally arrived. Twelve years of hard work had come to an end. The class of 1985 is ready to take on the world. For some this moment is excit¬ ing, for others it is sad, but each and every senior looks forward to it. Top Left: Seniors show their joyous feelings after graduation. Top Right: The parking lot fills for the graduation ceremony. Middle Left: Our valedictorians of 1985. Above: Graduates walking down that long awaited line. Bottom Left: Tia Bauer ... Beach Bound. 9 ’85 POWDER PUFF ' Blue Vs. Red Above: The blue team provides for your halftime entertainment. Right: Darrell Farley coaching. “Girls can do anything Boys can!!” Sound familiar? Well at the end of each school year Gar-Field girls prove this with the Powder Puff Football game. The girls play the game and the guys act as cheerleaders and coaches. In this years game the red team won. Coaches for the game included Brian Murphy, Rudy Walker, Jeff Schaney, and Timmy Rogers. ■ fj I Above: Catch that ball Jenny Waibel! Left: Janice Majeski waits for the ball. Top Right: Watch out Joe Theismann! Right: The blue team warms up. 11 PROM 1985 Top: Butch Parks, Angie Drummond, Brownyn Wilson, Terry Thorne, and friends enjoying the prom. Above Left: “Studly” aren’t we? Above Right: Brian and Chris ... In Love. The annual Junior Senior Prom is an event looked forward to and anxiously awaited for by most, and this year was no exception. This year the prom was held at Stouffers Restaurant, in Crystal City, on June 1, 1985. The music was supplied by SinBad and the theme was “Lost in Love.” Can you think of a better one? As the date of the prom grows nearer, the expectations grow higher and finally everything is ready right down to the corsage and boutonniere. As you await the arrival of your date, you examine your appearance one more time. But wait, before you leave for your evening of romance you must satisfy your camera happy parents with this pose and that. Then, finally, you are on your way! ' Upper Left: Tina Halsey and friends enjoying the festivities. Upper Right: Larry Meade and Terri Esformes having a special moment. Middle Left: Tracey Struble and Roger Kibler dancing the night away! Middle Right: Smile pretty for a picture. Left: Greg and Brenda sitting after a long dance. 13 LUNCH Lunch is the time when friends get together and tell each other what has happened through the first half of the day. After talking they might find the time to do what they’re sup¬ posed to do ... eat lunch! If they are not very hungry, but just want some¬ thing to sink their teeth into, they might just go to the book store and buy some candy. Being with your friends and relieving your mind of your most horrid class is what lunch is all about. Top Right: Students talking in the lunchroom. Right: “Make sure you throw away your trash!” Above: Cheryl Waddell enjoying her lunch time. 14 Top Left: Say “Cheese” for lunch. Top Right: Dishing out money for lunch. Above: Everybody loves ice cream. Middle Left: Friends gather to eat and enjoy the comraderie of lunch. Above: “French fries please!” Left: Sheighla and Susan taking time out to pose. 15 PEOPLE AND PLACES IN G-F Top Left: Taking time from math to pose. Upper Right: Social Studies can be fun. Bottom Right: Tommy Bloxton hanging around before class. Bottom Left: I’d rather be out here. A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A STUDENT Each day the student plays many roles. They have to show manners, be mature, and act silly and wild with their friends. Stu¬ dents spend over half their time with friends doing little things like gossiping, eating lunch or making plans for after school. Friends are the most important things in many of our lives. They listen to us, cheer us up and just take the time to be there. The friends that are made and the roles that are played are what make up student life. 7 jbb Top Left: Tammy Minney waiting on Jeanine Spatzer to use the phone. Top Right: Derek Penney waiting for the bells. Middle Left: Tim Fitz- water taking a break outside. Bottom Right: Friends gather in the hall before school. Bottom Left: Kathy Murphy takes time to smile for the camera. 17 HOMECOMING GAME Homecoming has always been an exciting game. Students pre¬ pare for it all day and show their spirit at the pep rally. The theme to this years Homecoming was “New York, New York.” Anticipation goes through the air,wondering who will be crowned our new queen. The football players and the coaches hope for a big win, and the students can’t wait for the dance. Homecoming is one of the most important activities in high school and this years will always be remembered. Right: The Senior float displayed their outlook of New York. Below: The 1985 Homecoming Princesses. Middle Right: Sophomore float gets a taste of the big apple. Above: The Crew Club showing their spirit at the game. Bottom Right: Dwayne Landry getting ready for the crowd. 18 Above: Gail, Kecia, and Lisa enjoying the game. Left: Gar-Field at its best. Bottom Left: Being manager takes alot of work!! Below: Students hoping for a Gar-Field victory. HOMECOMING COURT 1985 King: Dwayne Landry Queen: Ebbie Hutson ttm Senior Princess: Beth Corbin Senior Princess: Beth White Junior Princess: Camelli Hunsley 1 Junior Princess: Michelle Cashwell Sophomore Princess: Diana Moody Sophomore Princess: Celeste Browder Freshmen Princess: Winona Landry Freshmen Princess: Natalie Grimm 21 THE HOMECOMING DANCE 1985 The long awaited dance finally came on the first of November this year. This is the last and best part of Homecoming weekend. The guys pick up their dates with a beautiful corsage in hand. Excited parents take pictures of the boutonnieres being pinned on and other poses before the happy couples go out to eat. Finally, at the dance the Homecoming court is announced and the King and Queen (Dwayne Landry and Ebbie Hutson) share a dance. Right: Dwayne Landry and Ebbie Hutson - the King and Queen. Below: Taking a break from the dance. Bottom Left: Matt Shoop and Chandra share a special moment. Bottom Right: Dance the night away. oIIaMStfeslf; ttisar ' BBiitaaij . . ; 4 - ■ ’ Left: Michelle Cashwell and Robby Stynes take a break. Below: Sophia Tracey...are you having a good time? Bottom Right: Cammy Hunsley and Todd Wickum enjoying the dance. 23 “CAUGHT YOU” Above: Mike Hoehn always pays attention in class?!! Top Right: Emerson Creel and Lisa Bloxton playing around in the hall. Above: Kecia Knoernschild and Gail Grevey goof off during class!! Middle Right: Mark Fayak takes it easy during lunch. Bottom Right: Kelly Jackson and Tiffany Dangoia...always up to something. 24 Above Left: Robert May and Billy Boros...guilty of what?! Above Right: Melanie Klugh and friends goofing off in the hall. 25 SPIRIT WEEK Right: Mrs. that nose!!! Below: David Hall showing the latest styles in hair and clothing. Bottom Right: Students display their punk spirit during spirit week. Gar-Field Spirit...We’ve got the most! Spirit Week at Gar-Field is a once a year time when people dress up in different costumes to show their spirit. Everyday, all week before the Woodbridge game, was a different day and they were as follows: Monday .Pajama Day Tuesday .Punk Day Wednesday .Class Day Seniors-Tranvestites Juniors-Twins Sophomores-War Paint Day Freshmen-Hat Day Thursday .Jersey Day Friday .Red, White, and Blue Day Not only did the students show their spirit but the teachers as well. During the week spirit links were sold, by the English Dept., to each class. At the pep rally on Friday the winner was an¬ nounced. This years winner was the Seniors. All the general spirit throughout the week showed as the Indians defeated the rival Vikings for the sixth year in a row! 26 Top Left: Junior Secretary, Allynne Baird, shows her spirit for the Indians. Top Right: Pajama Day was fun for all! Middle Left: Steve Hamrick, Brian Dolan, Matt Shoop, and Sean McNeal... WOMEN!!! Bottom Left: Ms. Pannell gives the camera a big smile. Above: Cliff Jordan shows his spirit through his Indian outfit!! 27 itmtuv ' 1 [ Hj I Ft | ' 4 V J 3§L ■wiiisikir m | 1 ■ a t . •• r w aDr SHr ii • p9 K»pwi f 3 ALL EYES ON THE CAMERA Above: Jeanine, Denise, and Lisa take a break from Foreign Language! Top Right: Susan Fawley, Kelly Jackson, and Shelagh Murphy fight for the phone. Middle Right: Calvin Lawrence, Melanie Klugh, Joe Benerice, and Scott Shallow . . . ok, who did it?? Below: Her eyes may be on the camera but her mind is not. Bottom Right: Heather Peverall, Sabrina Stampe r, and Terry Esformes...what’s so interesting? 30 2 ® Above Left: The gangs all here!! Above: Jim Boyd and Brian Feeney have their eyes on the camera. Left: Joy Pennington and Julie Sarofin socialize in the hallway. Left: True love?!?!?! Above: Pat Rowe, Ricky Rowe, and Kenny shy..NEVER!! 31 ALL EYES ON ACADEMICS Top Left: Valerie, Tina, and Keith show that when it comes to homework three heads are better than one. Top Right: Tony explains to Ms. Wolfe how his dog accidentally ate his homework assignment. Bottom Left: Mike, Brian, Mike, and Janice show that when it comes to the class of “’87” English can be fun. Bottom Right: Michela, Tiffany, and Kelly practice the buddy system during Math class. 33 ENGLISH Ms. Winner and Ms. Dodge entered the English Depart¬ ment this year. An improvement of writing skills and inte¬ grating literary work and writing is the English Depart¬ ment’s main objectives this year. Mrs. Combs, head of the English Department, speaks for the whole department when she says she would like to see the students develop an understanding and an appreciation for English. The teach¬ ers would like for the students to realize everything that English can do for them. English is described by Mrs. Combs as a language as well as literature and the knowl¬ edge of one’s language is the knowledge of one’s culture. Top Left: This picture speaks for itself. Top Right: “May I see your hall pass?” asks Shawn Panone. Middle Left: Junior, Helen Carpenter believes studying is a lonely process, but someone’s got to do it. Bottom Right: Floyd Morris says “William Shakespeare is my kind of guy.” 34 Top Left: Junior, Bobby Hart taking a snooze during one of Mr. Edwards’ famous lectures. Top Right: “Pop quiz, on Chapter 5, NOW?!” smiles Senior Marie Ellis confidently. Bottom: Kathy and friends studying overtime. 35 HISTORY Mr. Bailey, the head of the History Department, defines history as the collective experience of man. He goes on to explain that the History Department’s main objectives this year are to make the past meaningful so that the present can be better understood and to explain social relations and political realities. He also believes that students should be able to see why the present problems or situations are the result of the past. Top Left: Kevin and Julie are all smiles when they ACE a government quiz on current events. Top Right: Cutie Pie Mitch Carpenter sporting out in his pink parasol for sociology class. Bottom Right: A new thinking process has just been invented. World Studies I can be absorbed through osmosis. 36 Top Left: Just another ordinary day in an ordinary classroom!. Top Right: Mark Miller is “MAD” for American Studies. Bottom Left: When it comes to history project, both Carla and Elena agree that hard work means a good grade. Bottom Right: “United we stand, divided we fall.” 37 MATH Top: Senior, Pat Wendling struggles to comprehend a mind bog¬ gling computer program. Bottom Left: I’m so confused??? Bottom Right: Mr. Tucker shows his school spirit. He hasn’t missed a Homecoming game yet! After all, mathematicians always know the score! 38 Top Left: “I think I understand now! Can’t I please go home?” asks Allen. Top Right: You ' ve got to be kidding, you actually want me, Talisa, to program this thing. Bottom: Seniors, Robby, Paul, and Chad, future mathematicians??? 39 FOREIGN LANGUAGE What exactly is foreign language? We asked Mrs. Kabler, the head of the Foreign Language Department, for her definition. She sees it as a better understanding of a language and an expression of a culture. This year the Foreign Language Depart¬ ment hopes to achieve this definition through the students. They hope the students get a better understanding of the language as well as the culture. Mrs. Kabler believes that the U.S. education is poor in the way that people are not able to speak fluently. She believes that something must be done to upgrade this. That’s where the Foreign Language Department comes in and hopefully achieves success. The department wants the students to be able to go to a foreign country and survive on a day-to-day level. Top Left: Allen’s condition is stablizing slowly after taking a major French exam. Top Right: Spanish teacher, Ms. Skiffington helps Jimmy and Dionne understand the very complex language of L’Espagnol. Bottom Right: Since when did “The Colonel” learn French, the language of love? Top: Ms. El Naggar’s class getting by with a little help from their friends. Bottom Left: Mademoiselle Heedick, the famous French teacher, shows a touch of Gar-Field spirit. Bottom Right: Sandra George taking a serious killer French test! 41 SCIENCE This year science is offering the all new Science Club to anyone who is interested. The Science Club sponsors STV, which shows science videos on Thursday afternoons. Three new teachers have joined our Science Department this year. They are: Mr. Binder (Physics and Chemistry), Miss Ste¬ venson (Biology), and Mrs. Pitt (Biology II). Mrs. Hamill, the head of the Science Department, states that the main objective this year is to try to get people involved and interested in science, especially in current issues involving science. Someday she would like to see her students become interested in the field of science. As for now, the Science Department’s goal is to prepare our students to make knowledgeable decisions in this technological world. Top Right: In the revised words of Thomas Dolby, “They blinded us with science.” Bottom Left: “Why didn’t anyone tell me we didn’t have school today?” asks a very confused Kristin. Bottom Right: Kenny Kerr is a pretty laid back kind of guy when it comes to science. 42 Top Left: “Science gives me a massive headache sometimes,” states Natalie. Top Right: “I think I finally understand it, Jenneth.” “Well, how about explaining it to me now Linda.” Middle Left: A very worried Danny Bickham, “Oh no, 1 really don’t want to see my grade on the Chemistry test.” Middle Right: Danny Bickham 5 minutes later: “Look everyone, I actually passed my Chemistry test!” Bottom Left: In the words of the famous scientist, David Gilson, “Hey, what’s up?” Bottom Right: Come on, you’re pulling our leg, we’re people not mammals. 43 Top Left: The 1986 winners of the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Metals are Kathy, Krista, and Jeanine. Top Right: When Mr. Legge tal ks, everybody listens. Middle Left: This is only the first part of the Jane Fonda 20 minute workout. Bottom Right: It’s a good thing Chris had her wheaties this morning. 44 Top: Yes, I Kit Allen, am now entering the P.E. Zone. Bottom: So, you want to know about health? Well, you came to the right place. Bottom Right: Jim Rather says, “That’s right, we bad, we bad!” 45 MUSIC Top Left: Amy Yenyo plucking her way to success. Top Right: Making beautiful music means a lot of dedication, hard work, and practice, practice, practice. Above: Gar-Field’s best, the Dominants, are a first class act! Top Left: In the famous words of Mr. Trowbridge, “A one, a two, a one, two, three, and ...” Top Right: “There’s got to be an easier way!” Middle Left: Clay and Jon would rather be playing rock-n-roll! Bottom: Gar-Field’s orchestra students taking it from the top. 47 HOME EC. Top Left: Greg Sheloski in the middle of creating a masterpiece. Top Right: “Let’s Get Cooking!” Bottom Left: Now I know what my Mom has to go through everyday. Bottom Right: Don’t ask me what it is! I just followed directions! INDUSTRIAL ARTS Top Left: “Now, Tony, when it comes to industrial arts, one cannot horse around. Top Right: “I sure hope I’m doing this right!” Bottom Left: This job can only be done by one man! Right, Mr. Cardinale? 49 TECHNICAL Top Left: Clay askes his teacher if they can watch MTV after Joe fixes the TV set. Top Right: In the words of Wayne Souza, “What a hunk of junk!” Bottom Left: Bobby and friends fixing a whatchamacallit. Bottom Right: Mr.Dew asks Barry, Mike, and others to make this car into a Serious Cruisin Machine! 50 COSMETOLOGY Top Left: Revlon couldn ' t do a better job. Top Right: Cosmetology in the “80 light socket. Bottom Right: Michelle Shifflett will soon be the new Farrah s.” Bottom Left: Now girls, this is a much safer way than sticking your finger in a Fawcett. 51 BUSINESS Top Left: Paige Dwyer typing one page after another. Top Right: Matt Wheeler, the cool dude behind the shades, says I’m no fool typing’s cool. Bottom Left: Heather Mason and Debbie Long: Future secretaries? Bottom Right: Steve Petruzzi and Steve Shurtliff: The true businessmen of the “80’s.” 52 53 —- ■ ■ ' . .. ' W U- ' ALL EYES ON SPORTS Top Left: Haskell Stamper, Donnie Hart, and Rich Davcd have a pre-game talk. Top Right: Terry Denman sets up a serve. Bottom Left: Brian Wickum calls the play. Bottom Right: Paul Burke shields the ball from the opponent. 55 JBpF ’ ■ 57 VARSITY BASEBALL BOYS VARSITY BASEBALL Bottom Row: Donnie Hart, Todd Swisher, Joe Por¬ ted, Mike Hamric, Billy Jersey, Mike Migliorini, Troy Hetrick, Robert Seeley. Top Row: Brian Feeney, Chris Potvin, David Freeman, Jim Miller, Jim Miller, Jim Nichols, Jim Ported, Haskell Stamp¬ er, Jeff Ash, Coach Labozetta, Rich David, Mike Parker. Right: Catcher, Haskel Stamper, up to bat. Far Left: Chris Potvin concentrates on playing the bail. Left: Gaf-Field celebrates a job well done!! Below: Pitcher, Mike Parker, gives the batters a look at his fast ball. Above: Commonwealth Most Valuable Player, Billy Jersey, swings for a base hit!! 59 VARSITY SOFTBALL Back Row: Coach Finnigan, Tricia Walker, Kim Barnes, Francis Spasoff, Tracy May, Michelle Meyers, Coach Jones. Middle Row: Alicia Drago, Chrissy Porter, Dana Caddy, Barbie Sprinkle, Debbie Long, Terri Hosier. Front Row: Linda Clore, Patti Burian. Gar-Field players take time out to “get fired up.” m ■ 3i . A • " wifT 60 “Be the best you can be” is the attitude that the team adopted lis year. They spent a lot of time working and playing hard suiting in a successful record of 13-5. The team had many key returners to work with along with iree first year players. Gar-Field encountered many games tha t tsted more than seven innings to top rated teams such as Poto- lac (5-6) and Fauquier (5-6). These close games gave the team onfidence and the incentive to work harder and “be the best they ould!” Many awards were given out at the end of the season which lcluded: Best Charlie Hustle-Barbie Sprinkle, MVP-Linda !lore, Most Improved-Patti Burian, Best Offensive Player-Terri [osier, and Best Defensive Player-Debbie Long. Gar-Field is looking to have a great season next year! ““I Varsity Softball Record 1985 G-F 7 Jefferson 6 G-F 10 Indian River 6 G-F 5 Potomac 6 G-F 5 Woodbridge 2 G-F 9 Fauquier 11 G-F 0 Potomac 13 G-F 10 N. Stafford 6 G-F 5 Fauquier 7 G-F 12 Stonewall 10 G-F 13 N. Stafford I G-F 12 O. Park 10 G-F 5 Stonewall 3 G-F 15 Jefferson 7 G-F 16 O. Park 4 G-F 25 Stafford 9 G-F 10 Stafford 9 G-F 7 Deep Creek 2 G-F 5 Fauquier 6 Coached by: Jennifer Jones Pat Finnigan - game lasted more than seven innings! Above Left: Barbie Sprinkle scores another run for Gar-Field. Above Right: Patti Burian makes the stretch for a close out! Far Left: Sophomore, Terry Hosier, seeks out the fly ball. Left: Captain, Patti Burian, has got everything under control. 61 JV BASEBALL AND SOFTBALL umn GIRLS JV SOFTBALL Front Row: Nusara Sragaow, Traci Hyman, Amy Mussomele, Laura Chavez, Jennifer Carlson, Missy Catterton. Back Row: Lara Powell, Cari Bender, Janine Chuday, Shelly James, Audrea Wilson, Julie Manning, Coach Wilson. NStr. ' i ■ BOYS JV BASEBALL Front Row: Robbie Reese, Dean Musson, Chris Ondo, Paul Sanford, John Majeski, Jerry Motley, Chris McCarthy, Todd Swisher. Back Row: Coach Murphy, Todd Wickum, Joe Portell, Jim Sweigart, Travis Schaney, Joey Crespo, Robert May, Bobby Shearer, Mike Forgo. 62 v V v Top Left: Janine Chuday and Laura Chavez... friends on and off the field! Top Right: Joe Portell taking an easy jog to third base! Middle Left: Nusura Sragaow in full swing. Far Upper Left: Todd Swisher throwing the ball to first base. Bottom Left: Laura Chavez-another one bites the dust!!! Left: Lara Powell striving for a homerun. 63 BOYS VARSITY SOCCER Back Row: Coach Zimmermann, John Foster, Chris Arnold, David Shurtliff, Charlie Hundley, Manager Tim Russell, Assistant Coach Aleo. Middle Row: Jon Palmer, Scott Sorenson, Eric Porterfield, Tommy Brooks, Dae Yi, Reed Vanderhoof. Front Row: Mike Ferguson, Gus Zaldana, Pat Castle, Steve Thomp¬ son, Mike Dittmer, Gavin Young, Shane Smith. The 1985 Gar-Field Boy’s Varsity Soc¬ cer Team ended its season with a 6-6 over¬ all record and a district record of 3-3. “The season went well considering we had a young team, not in age, but in experi¬ ence,” comments Coach Rudy Zimmer¬ mann. Outstanding players Gus Zaldana, Reed Vanderhoof, and Shane Smith were a great help during the team’s season. The Most Valuable Player Award was given to Steve Thompson. Coach Zimmermann hopes to have another good season next year. Boy’s Varsity Soccer Record G-F 2 North Stafford 3 G-F 1 Potomac 2 G-F 3 Woodbridge 2 G-F 3 Stafford 1 G-F 3 Potomac 2 G-F 6 Fauquier 2 G-F 1 North Stafford 0 G-F 1 Stonewall 3 G-F 0 Osbourn Park 1 G-F 1 Stafford 2 G-F 2 James Wood 0 G-F 0 Woodbridge 2 64 Top Left: Steve Thompson makes an awesome save at the goal. Top Right: Chris Arnold sweeps in to steal the ball from the opponent. Center: Eric Porterfield kicks the ball downfield to his teammates. Bottom Left: Mike Dittmer skillfully juggles the ball and out matches his opponent. Bottom Right: Gus Zaldana heads the ball. 65 GIRLS VARSITY Front Row: Christie Davis, Patty Pattenaude, Bronwyn Wilson, Kristin Newman, Jane Ann Boros. Middle: Myrna Williams, Yvonne Richards, Anne Simmons, Brenda Nix, Michelle Depoy, Michelle Cashwell. Back Row: Coach Sullivan, Tammy Brenzovich, Eric Lerfeld, Susan Brannan, Cheryl Collins, Kim Sunder¬ land, Sheila Bowen, Pam LaCava, Kay Lamborn, Barbara Tyson, Assistant Coaches: Terri Kasik, Leah Wilson. Right: Sheila Bowen kicks the ball down field. 66 Top: Karen Putnam goes after the ball with full determination. Top Left: Pam LaCava going in for the kill! Left: Patty Pattenaude throws the ball in from the side line. Above: Cheryl Collins shows her dribbling style. 67 JV SOCCER GIRLS JV SOCCER Back Row: Kim Murello, Chris Rectnor, Stephanie Fowlkes, Susan Taylor, Diana Moody, Leslie Pitt, Jennifer Kinizinger, and Coach Bonnie Walker. Middle Row: Leah Snedicker, Jenny Westerburger, Janet Holley, Kim Toth, Karen Richards, Kim Dormstetter, Roxanne Mackie, and Co-Captain Beth Diez. Front Row: Kim Trotman, Caroline Jabs, So¬ nia Spitzer, and MVP Dana Cooper. BOYS JV SOCCER Back Row: Assistant Coach Zimmerman, Pat Bian- chini, Ray Foster, Bobby Hood, Dwayne Landry, Bill Woods, Brian Green, Pat Castle, Billy O’Hop, Man¬ ager Lisa Warner, and Coach Aleo. Middle Row: Jim Derscheveren, Pat Sarsfield, Troy Moore, Greg Hale, Brian Scott, Paul Sanford, and Mike Hood. Front Row: John Mottershead, Eric Davis, J.T. Mackie, Ricky Phillips, Tim Hopkins, Tim Hoffman, A1 Lopez, and Matt Dulin. 68 Top Left: Brian Green has control of the ball. Center Top: Eric Davis keeps his eye on the ball. Top Right: Greg Hale does some fancy footwork. Center: Great catch Pat Bianchine! Bottom Left: Matt Dulin has such style and grade. Bottom Right: Pat Bianchine stops another goal!!! BOYS TENNIS Front Row: Apollo Bayton, Richard Farley, Hung Le, Jeff Patton, Tommy Bloxton, Sean Lamb, Mike Hopke, Brian Woods. Back Row: Jimmy Curtis, Pat Wendling, Eric Iskra, Darryl Fairley, Scott Brown, Mark VanCuren, Danny Gil¬ lette, Mike Kockcrhans, Wayne Betts, Coach Johnson. MVP: Darryl Fairley Other Outstanding Players: Scott Brown Mark VanCuren Danny Gillette Pat Wendling Scott Brown warms up before a match. 70 Upper Left: Pat Wendling getting ready for the serve. Upper Right: Mark VanCuren is victorious and proceeds off the court! Middle Left: Darryl Fairley approaches the net and hits an impressive backhand volley. Left: Sean Lamb returns the ball. m u rnmui - BOYS TRACK Top Right: Hutch Carpenter, Mark Baker, Drew Taylor, Pat Cooper, Ferron Powell, Tom Phillips, Andre Sanders, Steve Bishop, Troy Cheatham, Cory Cokes, Glen Housier, Robert Davis, David Petruzzi, Darrell Rawlinson, Larry Gibbs, Tony Watt, Brian Woolfolk, Major Galloway. Not pictured: Tom Brandt and Gerald Cephas. Right: Darrell Rawlinson putting power behind his throw! Far Right: Glen Housier has a great deal of strength to throw the discus. Top Left: Ferron Powell...determined to win. Top Right: Drew Taylor, Troy Cheatham, Major Galloway, Ferron Powell, Darrell Rawlinson, Robert Davies, Tony Watt, Brian Woolfolk, and Glen Hou- sier- Yo shorty, are we cool or what?!? Middle: A close call for Tom Brandt. Left: Tony Watt showing off his stuff. The Most Valuable Player this year was Drew Taylor. 73 GIRLS TRACK Top Row: Amy Yenyo, Lisa Brown (manager), Tammy Burhams, Cindy Tucker, Nene Thompson, Tanya Worthy, Linda McGrail, Lisa Ward, Tonya Pennington, Barbie Johnson, and Heather Brinegar. Bottom Row: Laura Novak, Dione McCloud, Carla Stanley, Kim Stanley, Sandra Pitts, Monica Burruss, and Melody Miranda. Right: Linda McGrail continues to stay in the lead. 74 Top Left: No problem for Amy Yenyo to stay in the lead. Top Right: Nene Thompson is about to throw the shotput. Middle Left: The race is only minutes away. Gar- Field will definitely win this one. Bottom Left: Robin White is the “leader of the pack.” 75 VARSITY FOOTBALL Bottom Row: David Clinton, Brian Feeney, Tony Harris, Dave Robinson, Kevin Fowlkes, Robert Da¬ vis, Steve Biship, Gary Phillips, Terrance Gatling, Donny Sketo, Chris Daniels, Brian Woolfolk, Jeff Parker. Second Row: Ashley Harte, Westly Pruitt, Mark Miller, Andre Clark, Robert Seeley, Troy He¬ trick, Darrell Rollinson, Scott Roth, Clarence Wright, Andre Sanders, Terry Bennett, Jason Paster- chick. Third Row: Karlo Obcemea, Jimmy Venti, Mike Hodges, Steve Wander, Joe Bagnerise, David Minor, Matt Meare, John Lockamy, Major Gallo¬ way, Greg Simcic, Darren Kidwell, David Simcic, Joe Makolandra. Fourth Row: Eric Wells, Jim Boyd, Chris Galloway, Chris Blye, Terry Walker, Mike Muer, Glenn Buckman, Steve Bartenes, Brian Wickum, Paul Wantz, Brian Dahl. Right: Managers: Tammy Brenzovich, Becky Stuck, and Lee Makolandra. When the football season began this year, no one had too much faith in our team except the team themselves. Gar-Field was predicted to finish 5-5 by the Washington Post. What a surprise! The Indians finished the regular season a perfect 10-0 and was ranked fourth in the state. The Potomac News said “Gar-Field could not be stopped by anyone during the Indians 10-0 district champion season.” This was the third time in school history that Gar-Field fin¬ ished undefeated. Coach Courtney said that his biggest pleasure of the season was seeing how close the team became. “They were like a family.” He also enjoyed seeing all of the enthusiasm from the student body. 76 Top: Gar-Field defense is ready to crush its opponent. Left: Lee Makolandra shows his spirit. Below: A proud Gar-Field team walks off the field for a halftime break. Bottom: Brian Feeney has such style and grace. 77 Top: No one can stop Kevin Fowlkes!! Left: Gar-Field football team charges through the spirit banner. Above: Robert Davis comes to the rescue. 78 Many of our key players were selected for all area and all district teams. These included Brian Wickum, Chris Daniels, Mike Hodges, Joe Makolandra, Robert Davis, Kevin Fowlkes, Andre Clark, David Simsic, and Darrell Rawlinson. Mike Hodg¬ es and Kevin Fowlkes were selected to the all metro team. Two awards were presented from the Potomac News. “Coach of the Year” was awarded to Coach Courtney and Kevin Fowlkes was named “Co-player of the Year.” Kevin Fowlkes gained over 600 yards rushing as a running back, third in scoring in the area (54 points), and had six interceptions. Left: Coach Courtney relays a message to his players. Bottom Left: Chris Daniels prepares to head down field for another spectacular catch. Below: Gar-Fields team huddles on the field. Bottom Right: Brian he excited or what?!! 79 We are very proud of our football team. 1985 was the year of the Gar-Field Commonwealth District Champi¬ ons. Gar-Field Force was number one from the begin¬ ning and always will be. Right: Joe Bagnerise, Clarence Wright, and Tony Har- ris...looking pretty. Below: Brian Woolfolk takes time out to look at the camera. Bottom Left: Ashley Harte and Tony Bennett smile at the camera. 80 Bottom Left: Robert Davis heading downfield for a touchdown. Top Right: Gar-Field football players discussing their next play. Top Left: Gar-Field defense stops the offense. Above: Gar-Field strives for a touch down. 81 J.V. FOOTBALL « § WW % : r .li HEL3, UHT1EW tJRTffl3 HiEU % FiEgf SARFIEL J W FID UK FlELl .GFfElJ CAR FiELf Front Row: R. Jones, M. Bryant, T. Martin,-, S. Livingston, M. Watts,-,-, T. Thompson, J. Rawlinson Middle Row: C. Garrett, G. Lowe, R. Johnson, K. Briggett, G. Boggs, J. Wulhutter, M. Domenick, D. Pellgrinni, D. Williams, S. Cardwell, R. Marolda Back Row: C. McCullough, - - - J. Jackson, T. Belvins,-, T. Schaney, M. Forgo, M. Young, M. Wallace, E. Underwood FRESHMAN FOOTBALL Front Row: Derek Cheeks Richard Ryons Richard Haney Andrew Gibbons Victor Horne Michael Johnson Dean Albertson Mirwais Shpoon Ryan Johnson Juan Peoples Eddie Cote Clarence King Middle Row: Shane Young Ricky Dickhute Eric Lambert James Little Joe Manuel Bobby Durazio Phil Letelier Alan Wilson Tony Ganino Jeff Smith Matt Zawisa Daryl Parker Eric Gunn Back Row: Craig Galloway Brandon Harris Aaron Donnelly Tom Schneider Jonathan Felton Chris Houston Ken Clark Ricky Washington Charles Mosby Bobby Coggins Robert Jackson Vince Ballard Not Pictured: John Hegele John McGrath GIRLS TENNIS Bottom Row: Stephanie Lewis, Karen Fowler. Sec¬ ond Row: Julie Turner, Maureen Ogden, Nha Le, Donna Liza Gamboa. Third Row: Lisa Ward, Heath¬ er Mason, Kim Barnhart, Colleen Grafenstein, Jenny Miller. Fourth Row: Patrick Wendling, Penny Tuck¬ er, Lara Powell, JoLinda Mozisek, Paige Dwyer, Beth White, Michelle Myers. The Girls Tennis Team was predicted to end up fifth in the district, but they finished first in the district. The team finished 9-1 in the district and after going 2-0 in Regionals, they finished the season with an 11-1 record. This was the fourth year out of the last six that the team won the Commonwealth District title under Coach White. The captains of this years team were Julie Turner, Michelle Myers, Pen¬ ny Tucker, Maureen Ogden, Karen Fowler, Kim Barnhart, Colleen Grafenstien, Paige Dwyer, and Beth White. This years MVP was awarded to Beth White. The team owed a lot of thanks to the team manager, Bev Valsco, who helped a lot throughout the season. Karen Fowler and Heather Mason were rated the top doubles team in the district. James Wood Potomac Stonewall Osbourn Park N. Stafford Potomac James Wood Stafford Fauquier Woodbridge District Tournament: Stafford Woodbridge 3-6 G-F 1-6 G-F 2-7 G-F 2-7 G-F 0-9 G-F 3-6 G-F 4-5 G-F 3-6 G-F 0-9 G-F 7-2 G-F 3-6 G-F 4-5 G-F Left: Karen Fowler shows her determination. Below: Lara Powell displays her stylish backhand. Above: Beth White and Kim Barnhart prepare emotionally for their matches. Left: What concentration Nha Lee!! 85 i ; ■ GOLF 1985 Gar-Field Golf Team Mr. Artz Ben Rote Billy O’Hop Jerry Manning Stephen Jones Alan Stansbury David Ostrander 86 87 VOLLEYBALL 54 Ifc ■ ' Pt i i ' U JMt ' . d Bottom Row: Melodie Miranda(co-captain), Joette Stcwart(co-captain), Chris Seaton, JoAnn Sayko. Top Row: Deanna Peschka, Margret Zawisa, Kathy Rich, Coach Johnson, Assistant Specialist Rick Shelton, Susan Taylor, Barbie Sprinkle, Nancy Jordan. Far Right: Barbie Sprinkle gets set for the next play. The 1985-86 Varsity Volleyball team played to their utmost in every game. The team was pre¬ dicted to finish fifth, but finished a proud second in the regular season, which Coach Johnson feels was quite an achievement. Susan Taylor and Chris Seaton were chosen for All Area First Team and All District First Team. Deanna Peschka received Honorable Mention. MVP was awarded to Susan Taylor for main attacker as well as to Melodic Miranda for setter. Top Left: Joette Stewart getting psyched for the next play. Top Right: JoAnn Sayko concentrates while serving the ball. Middle Left: Gar-Field players yelling after their victory! Bottom Left: Chris Seaton and Deanna Pescka dive to save the ball. 89 J.V.-FRESHMAN VOLLEYBALL f lr [ 1 im f vnfii T 12 ■ fjg |4 li vy JTt-Wil 13 ¥21 1 J.V. Volleyball: Top Row: Jenny Carlson, Kathy Ellis, Chris Mark, Terry Den¬ man, Kim Riley, Jill Shrieve, Kathy Saplak, Missy Catterton. Bottom Row: Coach Sullivan Freshman Volleyball: Top Row: Rachael Gable, Michelle Blackwell, Stephanie Foster, Stephanie Hosier, Tanya Walker, Coach Wheeler. Bottom Row: Bridgette Pine, Theresa Wilson, Milagros Aspillaga, Donna Ellis, Tiffany Fairwather, Maggie O’Donnell. 90 Top Left: Milagros Asprilla watches as Maggie O’Don- nel puts the ball over the net. Top Right: “I got it! I got it!” Middle Left: The J.V. team shows their spirit and sup¬ port for the Freshmen and Varsity Teams. Far Left: Kim Riley making sure her serve will be perfect. Left: Terry Denman jumps to return the ball. Terry Denman received MVP for the J.V. team. Jill Shrieve got most improved, and the “Hustle” Award went to Kathy Saplak. 91 BOY’S CROSS COUNTRY Front Row: David Washington, John Pope, Joe Brazil, Dennis Cross, Eric Beale, Albie Strumm. Back Row: Scott Sorenson, Pat Cooper, Paul Sanford, Tom Filip, Tony Watt, Ferron Powell, Kenny Chase, Mark Salyers, Stacy Heinz, Hutch Carpenter, Carl Johnson, Coach Deagan. This exceptional Cross Country season was made possible by running GREATS such as Ferron Powell, Tommy Brandt, Hutch Carpenter, Mark Salyers, Tony Watt, Paul Sanford, and Carl Johnson. Not to leave unmentioned was the con¬ stant puch by Ken Chase and other dedi¬ cated J.V. runners. The Gar-Field team was expected to have to exert their tre¬ mendous strength in order to come up with fourth in Districts. It was a cold, wet day at the Manassas Battlefields. The mud lay six inches deep. Gar-Field pushed forth to place third in Districts. After Districts, the team went on to place third in Regionals and then wrap up the season nicely with a fourteenth place finish in State. Congratu¬ lations to Coach Deagan and the Boys Cross Country Team for an “exceptional” season. Right: Tommy Brandt ... where’s your socks? Far Right: Mark Salyers weaving his way to victory. 92 Top Left: Paul Sanford leads Gar-Field’s pack. Top Right: Ferron Powell and Tommy Brandt both competing to be the best. Bottom: “Are we GQ boys or what?!” 93 it»: GIRL’S CROSS COUNTRY Top Row: Janice Derderian, Michelle Richardson, Teresa Lewis, Hope Pickett, Cristell Soderstrom, Kris Flinchum, Kris Richards. Bottom Row: Sundi Powell, Lynae Skoog, Yolanda Covington, Jill Salyers, Heidi Clark. Right: Teresa Lewis and Hope Pickett fight their way to the finish line. 94 Above: Front Row: Cristell Soderstrom, Sundi Powell, Kris Richards. Middle Row: Hope Pickett, Mary McKelvey, Janice Derderian and Heidi Clark. Back Row: Jill Salyers Far Left: Sundi Powell fighting to get ahead. Left: Janice Derderian and Jill Salyers striv¬ ing to get in front of Potomac. 95 BOYS VARSITY BASKETBALL Back Row: Chad Coffee, Mike Kendra, William Jackson, Curtis Johnson, Drew Taylor, Shawn Davis, Damon Hodges. Front Row: Mike Horn, Brian Woolfolk, Derrick Penny, Mark Fayak, Paul Burke, Robert Stynes, Rodney King. Not Pic¬ tured: Terrence Gatling. The Gar-Field boys varsity basketball team’s 7- 12 ranking is much better than what the record indicates. They have im¬ proved greatly during the season and were in a good position to challenge in the dis¬ trict tournament. The team finished 6th in the district. Outstanding players were William Jack- son and Mark Fayak. Right: William Jackson grabs the ball before his opponents reach it. Left: Shawn Davis ... easy dribbling. Below: Derek Penny ... it should be an easy two points. Bottom Left: Mike Kendra ... I can make this one! Bottom Middle: Mark Fayak you’re cleared for take off! Bottom Right: William Jackson gets the ball down the court fassssstttt! 97 Right: Gar-Field players paying attention to Coach Bell. Below: Coach Greening telling Robert Stynes the next play. Bottom Left: Coach Bell always into the game! Bottom Right: Coach Roadcap gives instructions. 98 Top Left: Shawn Davis ... what do I do now coach? Top Right: Robert Stynes ... come and get me! Bottom Left: Curtis Johnson ... should I shoot or pass? Bottom Right: Terrence Gatling goes up for a basket. 99 100 101 GIRL’S VARSITY BASKETBALL Front Row: Dione McLeod(manager), Kim Rcinecr, Linda Kasik, Donna Brothers, Wendy Tiller, Robin Beasley, Julie Grimes, Missy Parmelle( manager). Back Row: Marion Carrigan(managcr), Joette Stewart, Susan Taylor, Dawn McCullough, Tracy May, Michelle McClure, Sam Green, Terry Hosier. G-F 49 LaReine 61 G-F 49 Potomac 51 G-F 55 Fauquier 51 G-F 63 N.Stafford 61 G-F 60 M t. Vernon 71 G-F 56 T.C.Williams 60 G-F 64 Stonewall 44 G-F 71 Stonewall 57 G-F 60 Osbourn Park 48 G-F 62 Stafford 49 G-F 49 Woodbridge 63 G-F 54 1 aReine 43 G-F 53 Potomac 67 G-F 63 Fauquier 55 G-F 64 N.Stafford 68 G-F 57 Stonewall 34 G-F 67 Sta fford 44 G-F 51 1 loly Cross 50 G-F 52 Osbourn Park 47 G-F 62 Woodbridge 59 102 Above: Tracy May grabs a rebound for Gar-Field. Top Left: Wendy Tiller fighting the Vikings all the way. Middle Left: Susan Taylor goes in for a shot. Bottom Left: Wendy Tiller dribbles on offense. 103 104 Top Left: Teammates counting down the clock for another victory! Top Right: Michelle McClure shoots for 2! Bottom Left: Team Captains: Wendy Tiller and Tracy May. Bottom Right: Dawn McCullough and Tracy May working together to keep the ball away from the Vikings. Michelle McClure, junior center, scans the floor for an open teammate. 105 GIRL’S J.V. BASKETBALL First Row: Jenny Carlson, Kim Smith, Dana Derosier, Barbara Tyson, Kathy Saplack. Second Row: Sue Ann Suppi, Jacki Carter, Lara Powell, Regina Johnson, Sheri McGill. Above: JV scores another 2! Right: Coach Riddle shows his players what he wants done! 106 BOY’S J.V. BASKETBALL First row: Les Browder, Morris Lenyon, Billy Boros, Roger Mitchell, John Majeski, Jamel Perkins. Second Row: Vince Garrett, Randy Handwork, Glen Bau- com, Martin Huggins, Kenny Scroggins, Chuck McCul¬ lough, Robert Thompson, Coach Roadcap. Left: Gar-Field wins the jumpball! Above: G-F captains meet before the game. 107 GIRL’S FRESHMAN BASKETBALL ► ' ■1 t 1 i tt f ' ■ . 1 j, Front Row: Milagros Aspillaga, Rachelle Gable, Claire Tyson, Beth Sunder¬ land, Betty Doyle. Back Row: Coach Barrett, Michelle Marsh, Michelle Blackwell, Stephanie Hosier, Neece Rawlinson, Leslie Taylor, Cindy Scifres. Woodbridge 47-23 G-F Stonewall 34-41 G-F Potomac 9-46 G-F Stonewall 25-35 G-F North Stafford 21-35 G-F Osbourn Park 21-31 G-F Woodbridge 45-17 G-F Osbourn Park 24-13 G-F Potomac 11-31 G-F North Stafford 25-23 G-F mm BOY’S FRESHMAN BASKETBALL First Row: Marc Barnes Jack Martin Clint McClure Eric Lambert Brian Watts Troy Fontillas Second Row: Coach Cheshire Robert Jackson Jeff Banks Claude Barfield Rodney Garrett Yun Yi Left: The team huddles to discuss their plays. Above: Robert Jackson puts up an easy lay up shot. VARSITY WRESTLING Front Row: Butch Eicher, Mark Dobash, Ethan Newell, Danny Short, Josh Rivera, Dean Munson, Randy Johnson, Kenny Fullem, Kevin Haller Back Row: Coach Legge, Kerby Hicks, Rubin Cre¬ spo, Curt Marshall, David Simcic, Peter Rowe, Ke¬ vin Fowlkes, Greg Simcic, Joe Drago, Dan Bird Right: Ethan Newell, Kenny Fullem, Kirby Hicks, David Simcic, Peter Rowe, and Kevin Fowlkes- ...“Cool, calm,and collective!” 110 Kirby Hicks is determined not to go down J.V. WRESTLING Front Row: Frank Zane, Kuan Sragaow, Kenny Kerr, Mark Linrath, Steve Hughes. Middle Row: Mike Johnson, Sean Martin, Oren Reed, Billy Powell, Troy McClanahan, Andrew Gibbons. Back Row: Steve Ball, Steve Cardwell, Randy Haye, Keith Walker, Keith Thomas, Mike Bell. The 1985-86 Wrestling Team is one of the best teams that Gar-Field has had in the past several years. Tournament Championships came in “threes”...Richmond Christmas Tournament, Commonwealth District, and Northwest Regional. This indicates not only the talent but also the consistency of the squad. Both the J.V. and Varsity teams went undefeated in the District, a first for the Legge-era teams. Coach Legge states that “One of our goals at the beginning of the season was to have an outstanding J.V. team. We believe we accomplished that with room to spare.” Wm. Fleming 38-28 G-F Franklin County 27-48 G-F Stonewall 27-32 G-F Potomac 20-49 G-F Fauquier 24-44 G-F Lake Braddock 40-18 G-F Charlottesville 21-48 G-F North Stafford 3-58 G-F Heritage 18-45 G-F Cox 57- 9 G-F JHW 12-66 G-F Osbourn Park 17-39 G-F Stafford 3-62 G-F James Wood 20-28 G-F Woodbridge 13-47 G-F 112 Greg Simcic fighting to get his opponent down. 113 GYMNASTICS Front Row: Erin Roth, Tracey Chopin, Julie Moore Back Row: Chris Passarell, Stacey Sayko,Coach Su- livan, JoAnn Sayko Not Pictured: Kristine Flinchum, Shawn Engle Left: Erin Roth shows us her style! 114 Left: Tracy Chopin finishes her routine on the uneven bars. Below: Tracy Chopin sprints toward the spring board to do her vault exercise. Bottom Left: Chris Passarell and Stacy Sayko- ...How do they do that? Bottom Right: Stacy Sayko executes a difficult move on the balance beam. 115 BOYS AND GIRLS INDOOR TRACK Back Row: Steve Bishop, Hutch Carpenter, Tony Blevins, Pat Cooper, Chris Galloway, Terrel Tops, Matt Morgan, Chris Dunn, Andre Saunders, Troy Cheatham, Tomm Filip, Danny Reedy, Mark Baker, Eric Beale. Middle Row: Bud Celmer, Major Gallo¬ way, James Little, David Washington, Gerald Ce¬ phas, Managers Pat Bowman, Sean Lewis, Mark Sa¬ lyers, Brian Mulhern, Carl Johnson, Tony Watt. Front Row: Joe Distefano, Joe Brazil, Alan Stewart, Jamie Ningen, Paul Sanford, Sasha Sabet, Ken Chase, John Donely, Jimmy Curlis, Pat Byrd, Casey Moton. Back Row: Manager Karen Cobbs, Nene Thompson, Cindi Tucker, Lawanda Benefield. Middle Row: Kim Quiroz, Sundi Powell, Dawn Rinehart, Emily Bohus- lar, Teresa Lewis, Yolanda Covington, Stephanie Massey, Laura Noonan, Dionne Butler, Mia Burton. Front Row: Marie Karis, Amy Yenyo, Jennifer Green, Kris Richards, Heidi Clark, Kim Doyle, Dina McCarthy. Top: Tony Watts showing great determination in his long jump. Bottom Left: Terisa Lewis fights to keep the lead. Bottom Right: Troy Cheatham does a good job in the long jump. 117 m mmm _ . 118 119 BANKS USED AUTO PARTS, INC. “Northern Virginia’s Largest Auto Parts Dealer” Smoketown Road (1 Mi. W. 1-95) Dale City, VA Washington Area 780-7510 Fredericksburg 373-6643 Woodbridge Area 670-3156 THE KEY ELEMENT PROFESSIONAL!SM I EZlSB I A Full Service Company Residential Commercial Relocation Rentals Property Management Insurance " Rl I () World ' s Largest Relocation Network " Call Collect lor tree Relocation Information - (703) 369-7700 PELO. Manassas (703) 369-5000 Metro 631-1977 [eyproperties) realtor ' Sudley (703) 361-6166 Metro 631-0460 Executive Office Commercial Sales (703) 369-7700 Metro 631-9113 Woodbridge (703) 494-3166 Metro 550-9680 Stafford (703) 659-3151 Metro 690-2022 Rental Property Management 361-3000 Metro: 631-1977 494-3106 Metro: 550-9680 WOODBRIDGE LINCOLN MERCURY CORP. 14655 JEFFERSON DAVIS HIGHWAY WOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA 22191 PHONE 494-9121 METRO 550-9750 T.P. “TOM” DESHAZO GENERAL SALES MANAGER cv PRESCRIPTIONS FILLED LENSES DUPLICATED SUNGLASSES FRAMES REPAIRS V O PTICIANS HERB HUDGINS CERTIFIED OPTICIAN 4330 DALE BOULEVARD GLENDALE PLAZA DALE CITY, VA. 22193 (703) 670-9021 NEXT TO THEATRE Rod Stecher Manager Dale City Auto Parts " For all of your automotive needs " 2984 Dale Boulevard Ashdale Plaza Dale City, Virginia 22193 703 670.3196 A Division of Springfield Auto Parts, Inc. ift : m W • -,S •„ KEEP SMILING CLASS OF ’86! DR. RAYMOND C HASTON, Jr. Family Dentistry 1900 Princess Anne St. Fredrickburg, VA 22401 371-2177 4227 Dale Btvd. Dale City, VA 22193 670-8400 PITKINS Glendale Plaza 4340 Dale Blvd. Dale City, VA CONGRATULATIONS ’86 GAR-FIELD GRADUATES Rick Dashner School Pictures, Inc. SERVlltTAR h ' OPERTIKS nc. REALTORS MIS © 14511 -A Jefferson Davis hwy. office: ( 703 ) 494-5108 WOODBRIDGE, VA 22 1 9 1 METRO: (703) 690- 1 040 Best Wishes To Class Of 1986 CCD CO CO FREE ESTIMATES Benny E. Blanton, Contractor COMPLETE HOME IMPROVEMENTS ADDITIONS • DECKS • GARAGES “In Business Since 1970” Metro 690-1237 (703) 670-6076 ilVDMAff C9VNTR I To the class of ’86 and the “Party All the Time Crew,” (Cindy, Danielle, Franciose, Michiel, Krista, Kim, Christy, April, Lou and Valerie): First I would like to congradulate everyone. I think we pulled it off! Actually, it seems like just a few years ago that we were running around in diapers and now we are all grownup and making a very important step in our lives. “The Introduction of the class of 1986 to a world of hopes and dreams.” So shoot for the stars!! I would like to thank a couple of people. To Danielle Steve, what’s adventure comedy without the two of you? To Cindy, Ricky, Franciose, Michiel, thanks for being there to tie up my telephone line. I wish you all the BEST in everything you do! To two people who showed me the light to parties, I thank Anna Joy for not minding two tag-a-longs during some of the wild¬ est times. I thank my sister, Myrna, for wearing the same size as I do. Much luck happiness in the future. To Mark, who showed me a real friend, all my love multiplied by a million. To Mom Dad, thanks for not putting my bags on the front porch after some trying difficult times. To the Senior Class of 1986,1 would like to advise you to always have a back-up-plan for your goals. For if they should fail, which is possible in life, you’ll be able to go on. Finally I’d like to say that the Class of ’86 are really the one’s who rule!! With Much Love, Stephanie Francine Williams DR. F.G. STERN SENDS BEST WISHES to the CLASS of “1986” THANKS KATHY FOR A GREAT YEAR!! WE LOVE YOU!! G-F FLAG CORPS ’86 ' Its - Family Opticians Featherstone Square 14561 Jeff Davis Hwy. Woodbridge, VA 491-6103 Metro 643-1155 “Our Family Serving Yours’ 14561 Jeff Davis Hwy. Woodbridge, Va. 22191 Bokays °t t aie Ci if 4336 Dale Boulevard Phone 670-2187 Woodbridge, VA 22193 Send flowers to the graduate, she earned them. She worked hard for that diploma; but she doesn’t expect lavish praise, just “Congratulations” or “I’m proud of you” will make all the time worthwhile. Say it with flowers. She earned it. Call us or visit us today. lamily .. mi) Center RONALD M. HUGHES, ADMINISTRATOR 4326 Dale Blvd . Suite 6, Woodbridge, VA 22193 (703) 670-5738 138 Graham Park Rd . Suite 105. Dumfries. VA 22026 (703) 221-6648 9625 Surveyor Ct, Suite 302. Manassas, VA 22110 (703) 368-1683 Rod Stecher Manager Dale City Auto Parts 2984 Dale Boulevard Ashdale Plaza Dale City, Virginia 22193 (703) 670-3196 “For all of your automotive needs.” A Division of Springfield Auto Parts, Inc. Carry Out Available Featuring Tex-Mex and American Food 4303 Dale Blvd. Center Plaza Dale City, VA 703 670-0967 Mixed Beverages Open 7-Days A Week To all my friends: I would like to thank you all for helping me through this year. I would really like to thank the following: Mr. Ed Johnson, Martha and Ruel Haymond, John Snediker, Will Kone, Mark Salyers, Matt Clark, Gardener Kelly, Gerald Cephas, Dorey Searle, James Brannon, Mike Fowkes, War¬ ren Brown, Todd Walquist, David Hastie, Scott Roth, Aili Lyon, Penny Tucker, Mike Blair, Chad Miller, Tom Doran, Ken Chase, Beth White, Melanie Stoops, Brian Knobe, Donna Wilson, Troy Hetrick, Lonny Davis, Ken Hodges, Ms. Davies, Mrs. Wolfe, Mrs. Combs, Mrs. Powers, Mr. Partridge, Holly Smith, Mrs. White, Becky, Joette Stewart, Marion Cariegan, Danny Deutch, Mom, Dad, my brothers and sisters, and all my friends I have forgotten from church and school. I love you all. Love, Russell Dixon cU STOM TAI LO Ri Nq FRANKS Formal weak Prince William Plaza (Behind Rustler Steak House) 494-5898 Aquia Harbor 610-US 1 659-8408 FORMALWEAR SPECIALISTS YOUR PROM SALE RENT Tuxedos Gowns •Bride • Bridesmaid • Flowergtrls •Prom Custom Alterations Military and Civilian Uniforms • Restaurants •Schools Con tracts civilian ■ » » Formal Wear Sales Rentals SHAW’S CARPETS, INC. CARPETS, VINYLS, DRAPERIES AND WALLCOVERING Jeff Plaza Woodbridge (703) 494-1494 FORESTDALE PLAZA DALE CITY (703) 670-9400 (703) 680-4021 (703) 690-6441 TO ALL MY BEST FRIENDS OUT IN THE SMOKING COURT: I WISH YOU ALL THE LUCK IN LIFE, AND HOPE YOU GET ALL THE “SCAMS” YOU WANT. BUT MOST OF ALL, I WISH LISA ALSOP HER PURPLE LIFE IN OUR APT. AS SOON AS I GET OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL. LOVE YA ALL, KELLY LAVEY Featherstone Cleaners l-HR Service Alterations Shirt-Service 14639 Jefferson Davis Hwy Woodbridge, Va. 22191 (703) 491-4545 CONGRATULATIONS SUZIE M. TROIANO and her friends in the CLASS OF ’86 Thank you for the last 12 years and all the hardwork you put into it. Love, Mom and Dad (Armstrong floor fashion o o iSlr $ DALE CITY FLOORS CARPET • VINYL • TILE • HARDWOOD EXPERT INSTALLATION GENE AND GLADYS NOPWASKY (703) 670-2414 ASHDALE PLAZA DALE CITY, VA. 22193 VIRGINIA MICRO SYSTEMS Sales — Service — Supplies Wishes the Class of 1986 a Bright Future! 13646 Jeff Davis Hwy. 491-6502 Woodbridge, Virginia CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1986 Indian Echoes Yearbook Staff ALL EYES ON ORGANIZATIONS Top Left: The Flags performing at our Homecoming game. Top Right: The Dominants back up band. Bottom Left: Gar-Field’s Tennis Club. Bottom Right: Dana Rodgers, Kristie Sholar, and Wendy Townsend - - - Varsity Cheerleader Captains. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: First Row: Lisa Bradford Monica Jenkins Elena Johnson Second Row: Wendy Townsend Suzy Einsmann Hui Chin Kong Kris Fullem Third Row: Carla Melonson Kristie Sholar Dana Rodgers Nancy Snyder WINTER-SPRING VARSITY CHEERLEADERS:nf Left: Susan Fawley Paige Dwyer Middle: Suzy Troiano Michelle Myers Right: Coleen Grafenstein Karen Fowler 132 JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS • FALL WINTER JV CHEERLEADERS: Bottom Row: April Lewis Lisa Drotos Michelle Godwin Donna Brown Shawn Emling Top Row: Kelly Hoff Natalie Miglarini Cindy Grove Samantha Harte Sheila Cephas Delinda Culbreth WINTER-SPRING JV CHEERLEADERS: Bottom Row: Suzanne Russell Tammy Pruitt Top Row: Jo Linda Mozsek Kelly Turner Christine Boyce Kristine Flinchum FRESHMEN CHEERLEADERS: First Row: Wendy Mottershead Second Row: Natalie Grimm JoAnn Faszcza Enid Imel Third Row: Jenny Dieringer Jenny Snyder Tanya Wantz Delora Culbreth Fourth Row: Mona Bailey Jenny Senn Elaine Madorma Kelly Wanamaker Amber Haslacker FRESHMEN CHEERLEADERS 133 FLAGS First Row: Maria Yeary Kathy Murphy Dawn Gallup Second Row: Beth Dobson Sheila Jennings Cindy Crabtree Dawn Bethel Kristin Key Sigrun Ortmann Third Row: Kim Bridgman Lisa Bush Glorie Rodriquez Ann Marie Chester Mendy Barrett Fourth Row: Jackie Darby Erin Bunn Arwen Wyatt Cindy Brown E lizabeth Woodhouse First Row: Lisa Wright Tammy Hicks Michelle Meadows Second Row: Mary Fulwood Stephanie Fowlkes Danette Dixon Kelly Hicks RIFLES 134 INDIANETTES Bottom Row: Kim King Lisa Graupman Wanona Landry Beth Corbin Ebbie Hutson Tanya Marshall Becky Shriver Wendy Baker Stephanie Williams Middle Row: Lisa Endy Diana Moody Myrna Williams Cindy Johnson Sandra Bledsoe Tammy Brown Mary Poczatek Julie Sarofim Terry Esformes Danielle Evans Top Row: Kelly Kerrigan Laura Winslow Lori Bower Tracey Farrell Joy Pennington Pamela Fitzki Jill Baldridge Deanna Rohrig Connie Windham Bottom Left: Kim King and Lisa Endy performing at the first basketball game. Bottom Right: The Indian- ettes waiting for the band to begin playing. VARSITY, CONCERT AND TREBLE CHOIR VARSITY CHOIR: First Row: Mrs. Beauchamp, Mrs. Moyers, Kathy Henson, Nancy Barker, Deshanta Hannah, Lise Winemiller, Jennifer Sturke, Sheila Baumgardner, Doris Billingsley, Lisa Hendricks, Judy Martin, Heidi Moore, Pam Dodson, Rexanne Wright, Robin Washington, Dawn Stewart, Jennifer Dieringer, Dionne Rich, Marsha Deel, Lisa David. Second Row: Shelly Leonard, Amy Haugh, Lola Stith, Deon Fields, Steve Mitchell, Rich Ewing, Michelle Diaz, Lori Bauer, Cyndri La Freniere, Deanna Davis, Vicky Scott, Martha Oaks, Becky Furner, Helen San- chez-Canete, Ingrid Abraham. Third Row: Jennifer Walker, Leslie Hetzler, Melissa Weckenman, Trisha Street, Lisa Aiken, Tracey Price, Amber Haslacker, Van Thihanh Nquyer, Mi¬ chelle Marsh, Rae Boyd, Carolyn Shoop, Amy othnagel, Pam Schmecht, James Rogers, Richard Lawrence, James Fanning, Cindy West, Tamara Stratton, Heather Gefrich, Jennifer Ac¬ cord, Turina Baumgardner, Jackie Cook, Laura Bradley. Not Pictured: Mia Geer, Lavonda Sykes, Melanie Werner, Corette Alvarez. CONCERT CHOIR: First Row: Mrs. Beauchamp, Mrs. Moyers, Jim Schwabb, Jim¬ my Venti, Pam Werner, Nene Thompson, Melinda Barrett, Chris Feather, Susan Feeney, Kathy Obcemea, Kara Pine, Nancy Figuoroa, Jennifer Lee, Sarah Gresham, Jeanine Valvo, Carol Money, Kristin Fite, Anissa Vanderhoff, Jodi Grose, Terri Truitt, Jennifer Phinney, Alicia Diaz. Second Row: Lara Ellenbarger, Mary McKelvey, Ruben Basantes, Eric Lerfald, Pat Bell, Calvin Lawrence, Melanie Riggle, James Fanning, Dana Lee, James Rogers, Kathy Mawanay, Deborah Hopson, Danielle Fisher. Third Row: Brent Good, Ruel Haymond, Jeff Bowers, Carla Tomasina, Evelyn Swecker, Michelle Howard, Lemel O’Neal, Kim Sunderland, Mark Harris, Bobby Krenkle, Suzy Einsmann, Chris Franklin, Carla Melonson, Conchita Irby, Emily Simmons, Dennis O’Brien, Jeff Ingram, Rachel Hayward. Fourth Row: Leonard Rowe, John Wise, George McCoy, Sandra George, Tina Polla, Amy Hunnicutt, Celeste Browder, Anne Simmons, Wayne Conohan, Maurice Jones, Delinda Culbreth, Warren Brown, Donna Anderson, Coleen Stumm, Ali Kerem, Pat Castle, Joe Bagnerise, Ashley Harte. Not Pictured: Greg Lowe, David Lilly. TREBLE CHOIR: First Row: Mrs. Beaucham, Mrs. Moyers, Kim Tviett, Rhonda Thompson, Sherry Kidwell, Monica Baker, Yvonne Gilliam, Margot Ramsey, Jill Jennings, Marya Wright, Karen Cobbs, Laureen Billingsley, Cheryl Weston, Laura Taylor, Brenda Baumgartner. Second Row: Tonya Matthews, Christina San- chez-Cancte, Gina Duque, Caroline Jabs, Sandra Blackett, Ra- chelle Thornton, Kim Cole, Kammy Gaden, Denise Owens, Sherry Huggins, Turina Baumgardner. Third Row: Cheryl Col¬ lins, Anita King, Jessica Atwood, Kathy Breslin, Stacy Medina, Tammy Pruitt, Shirley Duque, Francine Smith, Kim Taylor, Melanie Riggle. 136 DOMINANTS DOMINANTS: First Row: Ali Ramsey, Nancy Snyder, Pat Bell, Jennifer Phinney, Ruben Basantes, Kim Sunderland’ John Wise, Kathy Mawanny. Second Row: Warren Brown, Carla Melonson, Ruel Haymond, Amy Hun- nicutt, Jeff Ingram. Third Row: Jeff Borsels, Celeste Browder, Dennis O’Brien, Pam Warner, Wayne Con- ahan, Dana Lee, Shawn Miller, Coleen Stumm. MARCHING BAND: Drum Majors: David J i I Ison and Gerald Cephas Terri Adair, Beverly Bachman, Chris Becht, Mike Blair, Eric Brennan, Jeannie Breslin, Eddie Brown, Jeff Brown, Lynda Brown, Warren Brown, Keith Campbell, D.J. Carr, Michelle Cash, Janet Clegg, Heather Clemens, Joe Cole, Tom Collins, Jennifer Cramp, John Crawley, Tim Crowley, Jimmy Curbs, Christina Davis, Eric Davis, Joanne Dick, Michelle Disse, Kim Doyle, Robert Doyle, Marie Ellis, Shelly Emling, Karin Eyrick, Jerry Ford, Cindy Fulgencio, Ricky Fulgencia, Donna Gamboa, Ron Gosnell, Den¬ nis Halman, Heather Harris, Janet Holley, Todd Houston, Matt Howard, Michelle Huggins, Deanna Hutson, Jeff Ingram, Thad Jamieson, Ann Jebram, Jennifer Jeffries, Marc Jenner, Mike Johnson, Cliff Jordan, Holly King, Jay Knorr, Andrew Leight, Mary Lepper, Susan Lervold, Jennifer Lewis, Diane Loveitt, Sonia Maine, Denise Mangini, Kim McCoid, Eric McWilliams, Tracy Middleton, Shawn Miller, Dina Mize, Susan Moats, Laura O ' Brien, Matt O’Brien, Robin O ' Brien, Amy O’Daniel, Greg Ondo, Ron Partridge, Denise Peters, Anita Prasch, Tara Rainsberger, Wanda Ritter, Johnell Rivera, Brenda Robison, Pam Schmecht, Cheryl Schoen- born, Laura Beth Straight, Susan Straight, Caroline Struder, Josh Sullivan, Pat Terrell, Jennifer Thomp¬ son, Helen Todd, Claudia Trabitzsch, Butch Trow¬ bridge, Liz Tukey, Tim Vavrina, Lisa Volpe, Greta Von Wolffradt, Josh Wall, Laura Walters, Barry Webb, Scott Webb, Jason Webber, Allison Wheeler, Shannon Wheeler, Mike Wilhelm, Krys Wilson, Matt Young. MARCHING BAND 137 CONCERT BAND CONCERT BAND: First Row: Lisa Volpe, Johnell Rivera, Jennifer Jef¬ fries, Katie Walcroft, Sonia Maine, Jennifer Thomp¬ son, Karen Eyrick, Amy O’Daniel. Second Row: Natalie Grimm, Cheryl Corbin, Tracy Middleton, Michelle Cash, Ann Jebram, Heidi Clark, Mary Beth Light, Bridgett Pine, Stephanie Foster, Janet Clegg, Tracy Ferrell. Third Row: Wanda Ritter, Ritchie Stringer, Matt O’Brien, Beverly Bachman, Nidia Martinez, Eddie Brown, Neill Costello, Jeff Brown, Joanne Dick, Pam Schmecht, Terri Adair. Fourth Row: Jennifer Cramp, Tim Vavrina, Eric Davis, Eric Brennan, John Crawley, A.K. Leight, Matt Feeney, Chris Becht, Josh Wall, Tom Schneider. Fifth Row: Robert Doyle, Jennifer Edwards, Marc Jenner, Ron Partridge, Jay Knorr. » g rctt FLUTE ENSEMBLE: First Row: Joni Achenbach, Holly King, Cindy Ful- gencio. Second Row: Donna Ellis, Denise Mangini, Heather Clemens, Amy Reynolds, Enid Imel. STAGE BAND: Seated: Pat Terrell First Row: Shawn Miller, Sophia Tracey, Tim Donovan - rhythm Second Row: Ricky Fulgencio, Susie Lervold, Amy Reynolds - saxes Third Row: Todd Houston, Matt Howard, Matt Struble, Joe Cole, Claudia Trabitzsch - trombones Fourth Row: David Jillson, Greg Ondo, Aaron Jones, Keith Campbell - trumpets FLUTE ENSEMBLE AND STAGE BAND SYMPHONIC BAND SYMPHONIC BAND: First Row: Greta Von Wolffradt, Francine Housier, Samantha Green, Susie Lervold, Cheryl Schoenborn, Marie Ellis, D onna Gamboa. Second Row: Sophia Tracey, Kim Doyle, Steve Chucala, Gerald Cephas, Shelly Emling, Shannon Wheeler, Susan Straight, Janet Holley, Kathy Mawanay, Helen Todd. Third Row: Stephanie Moyer, Karen Meseck, Diana Lo- veitt, Jeannie Breslin, Cheryl Dixon, Anita Prasch, Michelle Disse, Denise Peters, Mary Lepper, Allison Wheeler. Fourth Row: Brenda Robison, Jeff, In¬ gram, David Ji 1 Ison, Michelle Walker, Butch Trow¬ bridge, Greg Ondo, Aaron Jones, Jerry Ford, Ricky Fulgencio, Deanna Hutson. Fifth Row: Tim Crowley, Don Jackson, Ken Chase, Matt Howard, Ron Gos- nell, Joe Cole, Todd Houston, Allan McConnell, Dan Rider. VARSITY BAND: First Row: Sherri Stanford, Caroline Struder, Ka¬ trina Franklin, Kathy Jones, Derek Onley, Alex Con- well. Second Row: Joe Brazil, Pat Dittmer, Tara Rainsberger, Laura Walters, D.J. Carr, Lynda Brown. Third Row: Eddie Stephens, Stephanie Mor¬ rison, Jeremy Alford, Kerry Merritt, Kim Tate, Cathy Bryk. Fourth Row: Matt Young, Mike John¬ son, Den nis Halman, Ken Woodard, Tom Caruthers, Jason Webber, Tom Camiro. VARSITY BAND 139 CHAMBER AND ALL-COUNTY ORCHESTRA CHAMBER ORCHESTRA: First Row: Jon Palmer, JoAnn Sayko, Beth Jakub, Deanna Rohrig, Jenny Newel. Second Row: Gretch- en Ennett, Laura Winslow, Kim Richmond, Marilyn Pugh, Kendra Uthes. Third Row: Lesette Heaton, Wendy Richmond, Teresa Brooks, Amy Yenyo, Au- dra Wilson. ALL-COUNTY ORCHESTRA: First Row: Clay Wilson, Jon Palmer, Earle Perez, Connie Wise, Gudrun Ortman, Kyra Torango, Stephanie Pile, Allen Wilson, Cecil Conley, Sean Masciandaro. Second Row: Kelly Spellane, Heather Presnell, Chad Hartman, Arwyn Wyatt, Jennifer Jordan. Third Row: April Lewis, Jenny Newell, Lau¬ ra Winslow, Gretchen Ennet, Kris Flinchum, Monica Wright, Wendy Richmond, Deanna Rohrig. Fourth Row: Zohn Tennyson, Kim Richmond, JoAnn Sayko, Amy Yenyo, Kelly Murray, Samaria Joyner, Lysette Heaton, Audrea W ' ilson. JUNIOR REGIONAL ORCHESTRA: First Row: Sean Masciandaro, Connie Wise, Maggie O’Donnell, Arwin Wyatt, Beth Sunderland, Alan Wilson. Second Row: Cecil Conley, Lianne Arring¬ ton, Heather Bassmann, Sameria Joyner, Patricia Richard. ■ ; SENIOR REGIONAL ORCHESTRA: First Row: Clay Wilson, Gretchen Ennett, Jenney Newel, Jon Palmer. Second Row: Laura Winslow, Beth Jakub, Earl Perez. Third Row: Kelly Murray, Amy Yenyo, Laura Beth Straight. SENIOR AND JUNIOR REGIONAL ORCHESTRA FIRST AND SECOND VIOLIN FIRST VIOLIN: First Row: Terry Opauski, Debbie Bradley, Kelly Spellane, Heather Presnell, April Lewis. Second Row: Pasandra Wil¬ liams, Nancy Smith, Elena Brazil, Jennifer Hamilton, Jennifer Jordan, Patricia Richard. Third Row: Jill Salyers, Monica Wright, Diana Moody, Zohn C. Tennyson, Myrna williams, Kristine Flinchum, Beth Sunderland, Arwen Wyatt. SECOND VIOLIN: First Row: Liane Arrington, Karen Panzo, Cyndi Crabtree, Cindy Rouleau. Second Row: Monica Miller, Liz O’Donnell, Charles Hirons, Christinia Craig, Jill Valentine, Jennifer Lo- paze, Rami Carroll, Jimmy Dick. Third Row: Heather Bass- mann, Delora Culbreth, Kym Mickim, Jackie Carter, Tonya Street, Brian Gero, Jeannine McCalment, Dawn Rinehart, Te¬ resa Lewis. VIOLA First Row: Kari Curlis, Alicia Drago. Second Row: Tiffanie Fairweather, Rochelle Taylor, Shari Lynn Hart. Third Row: Samaria Joyner, Doug Hutton, Danette Dixon, Chad Hart¬ mann, Maggie O’Donnell. CELLO-BASS Bryan Miller, Sean Masciandaro, Keith Lewis, Michelle Cov¬ ington, Nancy Figueroa, Paul Goyette, Allen Wilson, Stephanie Pile, Kyra Torango, Connie Wise, Cecil Conley, Mike Smith. VIOLA AND CELLO-BASS 141 FRESHMEN AND SOPHOMORE OFFICERS FRESHMEN OFFICERS: Teresa Lewis (President) Lynn Gianni (Vice-president) Paula Cherry (Secretary) Allynne Abbot (Treasurer) SOPHOMORE OFFICERS: Terry Thompson (Treasurer) Diana Moody (President) Lara Powell (Vice-president) Shawn Emling (Secretary) JUNIOR OFFICERS: Pam Quirin (Secretary) David Minor (President) Brian Feeney Vice-president) SENIOR OFFICERS: LaTanya Osbourne (President) Tracy Jackson (Vice-president) Sonja James (Secretary) Cindy Johnson (Treasurer) JUNIOR AND SENIOR OFFICERS MODEL UN AND NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY i n ' ■a r . n fi fjfc jyf MODEL UN: First Row: Michael Watts, Joel Armstrong, Scott Kehn, Lori Buschbaum. Second Row: Abid Qureshi, Waverly Edwards, Marion Carrigan, SteveCecil, Karin Busch, Kendra Uthus, Will Phillips, Leslie Ohr, Pia Bridges, Paul Wierbinski. Third Row: Mr. Johnson, Sponsor, Tom Frese, Chris Keltner, Kim Tate, Jill Jennings, Kirk Larsen, Paul Goyette, Joette Stewart, Jennifer Kinziger, Chris Euler, Anita Espin. Fourth Row: Jason Griffin, Alan Reeves, David Mohr, Timothy Russell, Rich David, Scott Brown, Eric Iskra, John Jackson, John Rocha, Tonya Aquilar, Matt Groff. Not Pictured - Sundi Powell. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY: First Row: Dania Munson, Nhai-Hang Lam, Christy Davis, Kim Doyle, Laura O’Brien, Kris Fullem, Brian Dolan, Melanie Stoops, Kendra Uthus, Debbie Dormstetter, Nancy Snyder. Second Row: Shelly Emling, Suzy Einsmann, Denise Peters, Linda Clore, Coleen Stumm, Beth White, Dae Yi, Donna Wil¬ son, Vicki Moats, John A. Gellios, laura Jarrait. Third Row: Laura-Beth Straight, Patrick Terrell, Patrick Bell, Scott Soren¬ sen, Sophia Tracey, Timothy Russell, Brendan McConnell, Joel Armstrong, Anne Simmons, David Simcic, Troy Hetrick, Ger¬ ald Cephas, Hutch Carpenter. TEEN COUNSELING: First Row: Nhai-Hang Lam, Christy Davis, Roxanne Mackie, Amy Reynolds, Brian Dolan, Maureen Ogden, Deirdre Rose, Carla Tomasino, Denise Peters, Danielle Evans, Ann Marie Chester, Sandy Freeby, Karen Nungesser, Kathy Mawanay, Helen Carpenter, Suzy Einsmann, Nancy Snyder, Dania Mun¬ son. Second Row: Jennifer Phinney, Beth Dietz, Anissa Vander- hoff, Jo Linda Mozisek, Laura-Beth Straight, Karin Busch, Chris Franklin, Marion Carrigan, Kris Fullem, Linda Clore, Brian Green, Vicki Moats, Wendy Townsend, Jimmy Venti, Ron Grosnell, Penny Tucker, Laura O’Brien, Muriel Turch, Jeff Ingram, Ah-Ling Thayer. Third Row: Kim Morello, San¬ dra Bledsoe, Mike Rendino, Coleen Stumm, Pat Terrell, Dawn McCullough, Sophia Tracey, Anne Simmons, Eric Iskra, Brad Bunn, Charlie Hundley, Tim Russell, Dave Simcic, Scott Sor¬ ensen, Kimberly Howard, Gerald Cephas, Jeff Patton, Kathy Rich, Kathy Murphy, Shelly Emling. Not Pictured - Melissa Parmelee, Patti Burian, Robert Byram, Danielle Fisher, Jen- neth Williamson. PRINCIPAL’S ADVISORY COUNCIL: First Row: Gretchen Ennett, Nancy Snyder, Beth White, Kris¬ tin Fite, Susan Straight, Amy Yenyo. Second Row: John Palm¬ er, Brian Green, Joel Armstrong, Dr. Bailey, Principal, Brad Bunn, Brian Scott, Gerald Cephas, Hung Le. TEEN COUNSELING AND PRINCIPAL’S ADVISORY COUNCIL 143 FOREIGN LANGUAGE FRENCH CLUB Sponsor: Ms. Watts Bottom Row: Kendra Uthus, Karin Busch, Jenni Ste¬ phenson, Ah-Ling Thayer. Second Row: April Lewis, Toni Boggio, Heide Moore, Teresa Lewis, Bridget Pine, Rich Ewing, Judy East, Sundi Powell, Lemel O’Neil, Lisa Busch, Rexanne Wright, Lisa Rouleau. Third Row: Delora Culbreth, Milagros Aspillaga, Jenny Snyder, Michele McLawhorn, Missy Sierk, Deborah Hopson, Melissa Monroe, Sarah Giesham, Rose Munczenski, Lairie Noonam, Julie Sarofin, Cristi Cornett, Kim Morello, Pam Poorman. Fourth Row: Tina Polla, Stephanie Foster, Wesley Sierk, Laura Leche, Mike Harris, Kara Pine, Tom Filip, Bruce Dickinson, Bryan Miller, John Pope, Chris Le, Jennifer Kreamer, Jacki Darby, Dan Rohrig, Jenni¬ fer Tassi. GERMAN CLUB Sponsor: Mr. Bailey Bottom Row: Marion Carrigan, Joette Stewart, Leah Snediker, Cindy Brown. Second Row: Jennifer Sierk, Lisa Rich, Kim Knepper, Tayna Riesenberg, Terry Tyler, Melanie Stoops, Tracy Stansill, Stacy Schoo- ley, Lori Krisner, Janet Holley, Anita Prasch. Third Row: Peggy Thompson, Cindy Bradley, Sherri Bow¬ man, Jason Masser, Richard Williams, Valerie Wil¬ kins, Scott Haak, Donna Wilson, Doug Lloyd, Pat¬ rick Strong, Dionne Rich, Andrea Schell. Fourth Row: Jamie Ningen, Casey Moton, Andy Markle, Mike Adams, Vicki Nanni, Scott Sorenson, John Gorkowski, Joel Armstrong, John Shurtliff, Brian Knoble, Gary Imler, Jeff Fisher, Steve Brown, Dan Bird, Sean Perry. 144 LATIN CLUB iNi-Ji i i ■ ■ ■ n iBwwaww -i . : ; l LATIN CLUB: First Row: Lonnie Davis, Billy Weston, Casey Mo- ton, Nancy Jordan. Second Row: Malalai Mojaddidi, Dania Munson, Nhai-Hang Lam, Tara McMana- mey, Jennifer Phinney, Tammy Tomchek, Stephanie Moyer, Roxanne Mackie, David Bachman, Abid Qureshi, Carla Tomasino, Jeannie Breslin, Karen Meseck, Susan Straight, Alicia Drago, Kathleen Jones, Apollo Bayton, Mrs. Elnaggar-sponsor. Third Row: Kelly Hicks, Nancy Akers, Kathy Swider, Lau¬ ra O’Brien, Pat Sorsfield, Mike Hoehn, Brian Dolan, Janine Chuday, Candice Carlson, Dawn McCul¬ lough, Brian Green, Darren Kidwell, Ken Chase, Barbie Sprinkle, Tammy Wright, Dean Munson. Fourth Row: Sean Martin, Ron Goshwell, Kayla Wright, David Hastie, Aubrey Stallings, Michelle Meehan, Pat Terrell, Curtis Johnson, William Evans, Curt Marshall, Mark Baker, Kirk Larsen, Gilen Le- Tourneau, Tiffany Swain, Amy Yenyo, Chris Seaton, Choi Kong, not pictured Tom Martin. SPANISH CLUB: First Row: Kyra Torango, Nancy Smith, Kim Doyle, Patrice Riesenberg, Lisa Wright, Amy O’Daniell, Kristen Lee. Second Row: Regina Johnson, Miguel Boschulte, Mendy Barrett, Holly King, Teresa Sa- lathe, Mike Diaz, Lysette Heaton, Greta VonWol- fradt, Denise Peters. Third Row: Diana Peters, Elena Brazil, Diana Moody, Pam Jones, Nidia Martinez, Enid Imel, Rochelle Taylor, Kathy Rich, Leslie Sweider, Myrna Williams. Fourth Row: Sheila Ce¬ phas, Phil Higgs, Tonya Street, Beth Kerscher. DEBATE TEAM: Stacy Schooley John Gellios Tony Kerby Leona Cruse FORENSICS: Sonja James Kimberly Sierk CLOSE-UP: First Row: Danielle Evans Tracy Jackson Second Row: William Phillips Laura Jarrait Chris Hinkel Mr. Spencer - Sponsor DEBATE AND FORENSICS DECA DECA Bottom Row: Andrea Witzgall, Keith Taylor, Kath¬ erine Harnest, Stephanie Williams, Judy Kane, Dan¬ ny Luna, Pamela Fitzkee, Monica Burruss, Theresa Buelher. Second Row: Karrie Cull, LaSandra Pitts, Ayda Demirkan, Terry Opauski, Julie Beglin, Lisa Crone, Diana Pasterchiek, Candie Digler, Michelle Mielke, Sandra Rodriguez, Michelle Ashby, Cindy Johnson, Cherie Gibson, Rhonda Meade, Ebbie Hut¬ son, Leona Cruse, Ruth Reyes. Third Row: Jenny McMillian, Kris Dixon, Connie Elmore, Kate Ma¬ son, Darla Chapman, Tracey Irby, Toni Willet, Kim Barnhart, Lin Jacoby, Michelle Meehan, Conchita Irby, Regi Wilks, Jackie Willis, Chris VanLanduyt, Karin Busch, Jennifer Kinzinger, Kristy Pederson, Robin Gurski. Fourth Row: Charles Murrell, Gene Williams, Francoise Blais, Monica Wright, Suzie Troiano, Brigitte Mange, Rachel Beaty, Margaret Zawisa, Jennifer Ekren, Gena Gunn, Kimberly How¬ ard, Robby Wilson, Hans Rodriguez, James Branna, Michela Jordan, Paige Dwyer, Anita Stephens, Kathy Rich, Todd Carpenter, Anna MacEwen, Don¬ na Cappel, Cassy Shipley, Danny Walker. DECA Officers Bottom Row: Monica Burruss, Treasurer Judy Kane, President Danny Luna, Vice Pres. Top Row: Pamela Fitzkee, Secretary Stephanie Williams, Reporter Katherine Harnest, Representative OFFICERS 147 COMPUTER CLUB COMPUTER CLUB: Sponsor: Mr. Tucker Bottom Row: Morris Leman Joel Armstrong Kirk Larsen Mr. Tucker Second Row: Keith Lewis Beth White Jemel Perkins Karen Fowler Laura Jarrait Debbie Dormstetter Third Row: Suzy Einsmann Danielle Evans Floyd Morris Steve Flamric Sean McNeil Coleen Grafenstein Mike Adams Chrissy Porter Fourth Row: David Simcic Dae Yi Scott Sorenson Fiutch Carpenter Pat Cooper Brendan McConnell Russell Dixon Mike Higgins Tom Filip MATH CLUB: Sponsor: Ms. Centola Bottom Row: Coleem Stimm Laura Jarrait Scott Sorenson Second Row: Kristin Mawanay Julie Barker Beth Jakub Dean Munson Joette Stewart Marion Carrigan Emily Simmons Melanie Stoops Nhai-Hang Lam Third Row: Mike Hoehn Jeff Madorma Mark Salyers Danielle Evans Shelly Emling Chrissy Porter Troy Hetrick Dae Yi Fourth Row: Vicki Moats Tom Filip David Simcic Joel Armstrong Brendan McCounell Russell Dixon Donald Pile Pat Bell Patrick Cooper 1 I i MATH CLUB HISTORY CLUB HISTORY CLUB: First Row: Nhai-Hang Lam, Kim Doyle, Mandy Souders, Marilyn Pugh, Christy Davis, Kathleen Jones. Second Row: Bridgett Pine, Gretchen Em¬ mett, Denise Peters, Laura Beth Straight, Kevin Kin- nett, Beverly Johnson, Beth Jakub, Mr. Bailey - Sponsor. Third Row: Tom Filip, Hutch Carpenter, Timothy Russell, Scott Sorensen, Terri Denman, Kara Pine, Michelle Walker. Not Pictured: James Irby. SCIENCE CLUB: Tim Riley, Chet Morris, Tony Kerby, and Jeff Purcell. SCIENCE CLUB 149 Hero Club Bottom Row: Cathy Hanna Shonie Lucas Joyce King Tia Bowens Paula Pelzer Top Row: Sam Mann Terri Knowles Danny Lawray Michael Hodges Hosa Club Bottom Row: Terri Lilly Rootti Riazi Harminder Bhangu Lou Van Leurcn Anna Brewer Lori Layman Afra Hersi Top Row: Mrs. Beach, Sponsor Jennifer Grinkley Crystal Pearson Patricia Roberts Robin Martin Betty Francis Joan Wilson Not Pictured: Mara Baxter Mora Baxter Cheryl Belk Rebecca Seabolt HERO HOSA 150 LEO CLUB LEO CLUB: First Row: LaKita Sheed Karen Panzo Cecelia Marrow Shelley Ebert-secretary Danielle Fisher-president Laura Taylor Mr. Fitzgerald-Sponsor Second Row: Heather Brinegar-secretary Sheila Bowen LaWanda Benefield Jackie Carter Tina Belmo Denise King Third Row: Sibyl Carter Danielle Evans Rachel Beaty Celeste Brouder Karen Cobbs-treasure Monica Baker Lenore Scroggins Sandra Blackett Not pictured: Andrea Cecere Vironica Foy Donna Gamboa Donna Haywood Bridgette Smith Trisha Street Elisa Thomas 151 DRAMA CLUB Scott McGill, Jennifer Jeffries, Cyndi Crabtree, Tara McManamey, Mendy Barrett, Jill Valentine, Lynae Skoog, Rexanne Wright, Kari Curlis, Janet Holley, Jenny Newell, Lisa Jones, Kim Dormstetter, Jeannine Valvo, Keith Lewis, Emily Cyr, Jennifer Phinney, Suzy Einsmann, Jeff Ingram, Kristan Fite, Andrea Tidd, Lisa Savage, Stacy Medina, Pam Werner, Jolie Mullinax, Rae Boyd, Angela Rhoades, Connie Wise, Lisa Busch, Beth Jakub, Bridget Pine, Tammy W right, Kathy Henson, Tracy Middleton, Terry Thompson, Tom Frese, Cheryl Pickett, Shelly Emling, Reagan Edwards, Diane Anderson, Robert Doyle, Sean Masciandaro, Kathy Ellis, Judy Phillips, Pia Bridges, Andrea Cecere, Stephanie Foster, Kim Riley, Kara Pine, Karin Busch, Gerald Cephas, Pat Bell, Wes Fleming, Becky Shriver, Tanya Aquilar, Jill Jennings, Colccn Stumm, Jo Ann Fascza, Danielle Mathis, Nancy Figueroa. SADD SADD: Sponsors: Ms. Jones Mr. Robinson Bottom Row: Vickie Scott Kathy Murphy Malalai Majaddidi Second Row: Cheryl burgess Rhonda Watson Christinia Craig Cristine Sanchez-Canete Third Row: Jennifer Walker Jeff Ingram Jeannine McCalment Elizabeth Woodhouse Lisa Hendrick Fourth Row: Eric Lerfald Gerald Cephas Tia Johnson Shelly Emling PEP CLUB: Sponsor: Ms. Tobin Bottom to Top: Terri McNeill, Jennifer Sierk, Kimberly Sierk, Michelle Feaganes, Donna Gamboa, Anisa Vanderhouf, Tina Walker, Kim Smith, Holly King, Michelle Ashby, Jenny Withers, Beverly Johnson, Kathy Hopke, La Wanda Benefield, Gwen Butler, Kim Mickins, Susan Ness, Linda Harrison, Brenda Mayes, Allen Wilson, Troy Mickins, Elinor Antwi, Joni Achenbach, Terri Adair, Bracy Betts, Dawn Black, Betty Doyle, Jennifer Edwards, Heather Gefrich, Raxane Gonzales, Debbie Hopson, Tammy Hughes, Nicole Kennedy, Danny Lawray, Dawn Mathews, Shantel Miller, Kim Merchant, Vanessa Pace, Wanda Ritter, Lisa Savage, Missy Sierk, VaLinda Smith, Tanya Street, Rochelle Taylor, Trina Vanderhoff, Renee Washington, Cindy Tucker. PEP CLUB 153 IT’S ACADEMIC It’s Academic Sponsors-Ms. Cantwell Mr. Castrina Left to Right: Joel Armstrong Glenn LeTourneau Coleen Stumm Charles Perrin Kirk Larsen Industrial Arts Sponsor: Mr. Lucas Bottom Row: Katherine Harnest Lisa Vito Stphanie Moyer Karen Meseck Top Row: Michael Bell Chris Affeldt Robert Ritenour Javid Eldhi David Hardin Ron Avey INDUSTRIAL ARTS COSMETOLOGY Cosmetology I Bottom R ow: Shari Easier Rosa Marquina Tammy Minney Rene Ruszczky Gina Howard Top Row: Princess Foster Nicole Peters Connie Teel Cherri Cook Brenda Rickman Jeanine Spatzer Mrs. Brooks (sponsor) Cosmetology II Bottom Row: Mrs. Vickers (sponsor) Carrie Hall Lisa Burkhammer Kathy Chuquillangui Mikki Shifflett Top Row: Elizabeth Longs Mike Orem Elaine Checkon Charleen Tutsock 155 VICA Vica Auto Mechanics Bottom Row: Kenny Fullem David Albertson Anthony Bailey Lee Makolandra Barry Huddleston Jose Fernandes Chris Turner Middle Row: Brian Trotman Wayne Souza Tony Scalia Bill Burcoff Bryan Battenfeld Mike Jerrell Collin Smith Rick Hustwayte Teri Lothes Mr. Dew (instructor) Top Row: Steve Verburg Mike Faszcza John Taylor Ron Roberts Mike Fowkes Jim Ehlers Chris McDuff Vica Drafting Bottom Row: Robert Owens Jim Lochner Keith Bridgman Andre Hill Top Row: James Wright Michael Blair Chad Miller Mr. Popovich (sponsor) 156 Vica Electronics Bottom Row: Eric Costello Chuck Carlson Dave Linkous Greg Billingsley Tom Doran Mike Blackburn Billy Oldridge Middle Row: Tony Brozowski Joe Carrigan Terry Leggett Josh Plenty Matt Bethea Steve Bartenes Glenn Stiles Jack Honeycutt Jeff Tutsock Mr. Wiczalkowski (sponsor) Top Row: Clay Wilson Chris Bennetts Carlo Miller Scott Esselstyn Dwayne Landry Pat Bianchini Jeff Lam Brian Purdy Vica Printing Bottom Row: A1 Lopes Talisa Fuller JoAnn Lacy Barry Di Maria Middle Row: Kirk Page Jesse Taylor Pat Zoromski Pat Cope Donnie Martin Tony Harris Top Row: Mr. Vadeboncouer (sponsor) Louie Pauline Paul Thurman Mark Merritt 157 FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA FBLA First Row: Christin O’Brian Jimmy Venti Deidre Rose Marie Ellis Lorrie Thomas Second Row: Lisa Crone Chris VanLanduyt Naomi Locklear Jennifer Holbert Kim Toth Becky Palmer Karen Collins Rachelle Gable Lori Novack Crystal Gruszkowski William Gallik Third Row: Anissa Vanderhoof Lynn Verity LaWanda Benefield Cheryl Collins Michelle Fulcher Monica Smart Sean Coerse Polone Bazile Waverly Edwards Susan Conley Susan Lee Shawn Easier Susan Dameron Fourth Row: Beth Lerner Michelle Moats Jo Locklear Traci Sprouse Songia Washington Suzanne Russel Tim Bell Hobart Hornaver Ron Hart Scott Peirpoint Mary Lepper Ceda Shoop Ann Young Debbie Stewart Aleta Babcock Myrna Thompson 158 CREW CLUB i : ' • • ■ ■ I ; 4 S - - Crew Club Sponsor- Mr. Aleo Bottom Row: Matt Shoop, Tonya Aguilar, David Jillson, Vicki Moats, Robby Wilson. Second Row: Lynette Stanley, Jennifer Thompson, Laura Noonan, Kirsta Salminen, Marci Casterline, Eric Stoutamyer, Sherry Burnes, Tom Perry, Dawn Stewart, Roxanne Mackie, Angie Jarrett, Danielle Alsop, Joyce Moody (Coach). Third Row: Dania Munson, Kristin Mawanay, Ah- Ling Thayer, Brenda Driver, John Thurman, Beth Shoop, Da¬ vid Rummler, Sonia Maine, Ron Gosnell, Jeff Donovan, Trade Johnson, Crystal Henderson, Heather Bassmann, Tom Doran, Cliff Jordan, Chris Kovack. Fourth Row: Chris Kovack, David Evans, Michelle Meehan, Brian Jero, Billy Van Gelder, Kurt Bolland, Jenny Crane, Charles Hirons, Krystol Walker, Jeff Tutsock, Beth Chase, Karin Busch, Jay Baker, Samaria Joyner, Angela Kerby. Fifth Row: Sean Masciandaro, Edsel Rivera, Bryan Wilson, Tim Galloway, Donna Anderson, Melik Benja¬ min, Darrell Williams, Eric Marzo-Wilhelm, Bobby Campbell, Matt Feeney, Robert Thompson, Sean McNeil, Dwayne Landry, Gene Nopwasky, Keith Walker, David Hastie, Billy Wise, Matt Struble, Andrew Leight, Desi Bayton, Brian Dolan, Melanie Stoops. Bottom Row: Julie Turner Stephanie Lewis Steve Anderson Jenny Miller Karen Fowler Donna Gamboa Apollo Bayton Middle Row: Colleen Grafenstein Lisa Ward Nha Le JoLinda Mozisek Kim Barnhart Heather Mason Penny Tucker Beth White Maureen Ogden Paige Dwyer Top Row: Choi Kong Hung Le Hutch Carpenter Pat Wendling Rich David Lara Powell Scott Sorenson Michelle Myers Richard Farley TENNIS CLUB 159 THE HYPHEN The Hyphen Bottom Row: Ms. Winner, Advisor, Lisa De- Francesco, Helen Carpenter, Chuck Carlson, Brian Scott, Dawn Gallup, Suzy Einsmann, Leona Cruse. Middle Row: Holly Smith, Chris Leo, Sheila Essey, Brigitte Mange, Charles Perrin, Muriel Turch, Mar¬ tha Haymond, Debbie Good, Anita Espin, Rose Cummings, Pam Werner, Pete Walsh. Third Row: Kari Pugh, Aili Lyon, Tony Padakis, Shawn Miller, Ace Macejka, Charlie Hundley, Eric Iskra, Terry McNeill, Joe Dierker, Brian Green, George Kreamer, Kathy Castulik, Yvonne Buel. Not Pic¬ tured: Beth White, Tammy Brown, Bill Eyler, Susan Fawley, Susan Arnold. Literary Magazine Bottom Row: Dawn Gallup, Editor Second Row: Pete Walsh, Lisa DeFrancesco, Denise Peters, Holly Smith. Third Row: Muriel Turch, Aubrey Stallings, Brian Scott, Yvonne Buel. Fourth Row: Rosita Espin, Tony Papadakis, Jason Griffin. Not Pictured: Bill Eyler, Editor; Robert Byram. LITERARY MAGAZINE YEARBOOK “INDIAN ECHOES” Staff - Bottom Row: Julie Turner, Valerie Wilkins, Sherri Bowman, Rosita Espin, Debbie Gore, Julie Carter, Tom Cheek. Top Row: Mrs. Shacklette, Cheryl Burruss, Andrea Schell, Kurt Bolland, Tracy May, Gail Grevey, Brian Dolan, Kecia Knoerns- child, Sean McNeil, Brian Wickum, Cindy Bradley. Not Shown: David Hall, Kelly Jackson, Todd Nyberg-Mastrorilli. This year’s yearbook was published by Jostens. Jostens introduced the yearbook staff to many new layout and design techniques. The most important component intro¬ duced to our staff by Jostens was the use of a computer for copy and layout editing and design. We are pleased to say that all copy in this year’s yearbook was produced on an Apple lie. 161 Don’t be fooled by these happy faces, producing a yearbook is harder than it seems. Smile Tracy, an editor’s work is never done! TOOLS OF THE TRADE 162 “Mrs. Shacklette, can we please go home now? We finished the yearbook!” . , 1 —. M ALL EYES ON THE YEARBOOK STAFF 163 ■3 9 pas i ALL EYES ON SENIORS Top Left: Hail! Hail! The gang’s all here! Top Right: Jeff Lam suffers the Monday morning blues. Bottom Left: Roxanne, Vicki, and Matt take time out to strike a pose. Bottom Right: Shelly Leonard and Calvin Lawrence say “Check us out!” ■ . S Kevin Ackerman Samantha Adams Phillip Adkins Tonya Aguilar Melinda Alexander Julie Alford Paul Alger James Allen Lisa Alsop Bryan Anderson Donna Anderson Elinor Antwi Joel Armstrong Susan Arnold Jeffrey Ash Aleta Babcock Tonia Ballard Bradford Ballenger Kimberly Barnhart Lorie Barr 166 Steven Bartenes Turin Baumgartner Polone Bazile Michael Beachy Rachel Beaty Marcia Beavers Julie Beglin Timothy Bell Pat Bell Christopher Bennetts Khalled Berjawi Katherine Besson Dana Black Jefferson Black Michael Blackburn Michael Blair Paul Blaylock Lisa Bloxton Jane Ann Boros Lori Bowles 167 Beth Bowman Richard Boyer Cynthia Bradley Emily Brandt James Brannan David Bratton Elena Brazil Tammie Brenzovich Monica Brimage Ronald Brook Teresa Brooks Che Brown Cynthia Brown Jonathan Brown Pamela Brown Scott Brown Stephen Brown Warren Brown Anthony Brozowski Yvonne Buel 168 Tamara Burhans Patricia Burian Paul Burke Cheryl Burruss Karin Busch Lori Buschbaum Samuel Butler Robert Byram Gwendolyn Byrd Joe Caldarelli Junnette Campos James Caprara Charles Carlson Brown Carpenter Joseph Carrigan Joseph Carter Laura Carter Sean Cassidy Katherine Castulik Gerald Cephas 169 Jason Chapa Darla Chapman Troy Cheatham Thomas Cheek Ann Marie Chester Matthew Clark Stephen Clegg Janet Clemen David Clinton Linda Clore Sean Coerse Chad Coffee Cheryl Collins Thomas Collins Charlene Connors Cherie Cook Patrick Cooper Patrick Cope Beth Corbin Eric Costello 170 Kevin Coutts Michelle Covington Stephanie Covington Cynthia Creamer Emerson Creel James Cremeans James Crocker Lisa Crone Leona Cruse Anne Marie Cullen Margaret Cummings Michelle Daderio Tiffany Dangoia Christopher Daniels Edward David Richard David Christina Davis Shawn Davis Teresa Decker Lisa DeFrancesco 171 Gerald Delane Daniel Deutch Kelly Devine Alicia Diaz Joseph Dierker Michael Dittmer Darrell Dixon Russell Dixon Leon Dodson Brian Dolan Dawn Donovan Debra Dormstetter Lisa Dorn Kim Doyle Patricia Dreischer Paige Dwyer Shawn Easier Brenda Edelshick Waverly Edwards James Ehlers 172 Suzanne Einsmann Lara Ellenberger Marie Ellis Andrea Embrey Michelle Emling Lance Endy Michael Ervin Anita Espin Scott Esselstyn Danielle Evans Karen Evans William Evans William Eyler Michael Faszcza Susan Fawley Mark Eayak Susan Feeney Jose Fernandes Joanne Ferri Danielle Fisher 173 Michael Fowkes Cynthia Fowler Karen Fowler Stephen Fowler Kevin Fowlkes Lisa Fox Steven Franklin Sandra Freeby Matt Friend Kristine Fullem Thomas Fulton William Gallik Dawn Callup Douglas Gathof Darryl Gatling John Gellios Kevin Gianni Robert Gilbert Dennis Gill Rick Glover 174 Deborah Good Gary Goode Robert Gore Colleen Grafenstein Michelle Graham Lisa Graupman Gail Grevey Julie Grimes Tammy Grove Jackie Groves Judi Grow Crystal Gruszkowski Gena Gunn Robin Girrski George Habbert Gregory Hale Steven Hamric Cathy Hanna Maria Harley Kimberly Harris I I 1 S 175 Ron Hart David Hastie Jeanette Hayes Martha Haymond Ruel Haymond Rachael Hayward Albert Henderson Troy Hetrick Michael Higgins Christine Hinkel Robert Hirons Kenneth Hodge Jennifer Holbert Alfred Honeycutt Robert Hood Gina Howard Kimberly Howard Michelle Howard Barry Huddleston William Hundley 176 Sonja Hill Jeffrey Humphreys Amy Hunnicutt Heidi Hunter Richard Hustwayte Dawn Hutson Eborah Hutson John Ingram Conchita Irby Angelique Jackson Kelly Jackson Sherry Jackson Tracey Jackson Melinda Jacoby Sonja James Laura Jarrait Bobby Jefferson Jill Jennings Michael Jerrell David Jillson 177 Carl Johnson Cynthia Johnson Michela Jordan Mita Judy Gina Justice Judith Kane Christine Karis Linda Kasik Scott Kehn Gardner Kelly Michael Kendra Tammy Kennedy Sherri Kidwell Robert Kim Joyce King Mark King Susan King Kevin Kinney Dorothy Kirk Melanie Klugh 178 Christopher Knepp Brian Knobe Kecia Knoernschild William Kone Michael Kocherhans Choi Kong Timothy Korpal Kelly Kreiner Sherry Krell Nancy Kruczek Joann Lacy Jeff Lam Nhathang Lam Dwayne Landry Kirk Larsen Mark Lautieri Calvin Lawrence Daniel Lawray John Layne Kathy LeBlanc I| ' • a 179 ■H8 Dana Lee Kristen Lee Linda Lee Susan Lee Nadine Lenar Michelle Leonard Eric Lerfald Elizabeth Lerner Susan Lervold Glen Letourneau Richard Lewis Steven Lichtenfels David Linkous Jo Locklear Jeri Lothes Jeffrey Love Steven Lowrie Paul Lucero Raoul Luna Michael Lynn 180 Lee Makolandra Miguel Maldonado Rosa Marquina David Marr Tanya Marshall Donald Martin Kristin Mawanay Tracy May Chas McCalley Brendon McConnell John McCuen Dawn McCullogh Scott McGill Annette McMahon Timothy McNabb Sean McNeil Hi Mike Mevrer Doug Meyer Michelle Mielke Carlo Miller Chad Miller James Miller Paige Miller Paul Miller Sean Miller Shawn Miller Tammy Minney Jerold Miranda Dina Mize Michelle Moats Vicki Moats Eva Morgan Beverly Morris John Mottershead Rebecca Mullinax Dania Munson Kathy Murphy Shelagh Murphy Kelly Murray Charles Murrell Lorinda Myers Michelle Myers Ethan Newell Russell Ningen Susan Nuckols Karen Nungesser Katherine Obcemea Laura O’Brien Maureen Ogden Fredric Ohm John Ols Lemel O’Neal ■HBI I t ■ Thomas O’Neal Latanya Osborne Gayl Ouellette Darrell Painter Jennifer Panone Anthony Papadakis Michael Parker Jeffrey Parker Ronald Partridge Diana Pasterchick Donald Pearce Kristy Pedersen Paula Pelzer Derrick Penny Charles Perrin Denise Peters Nicole Peters Stephen Petruzzi Judith Phillips Gary Phillips laa Suzanne Phillips Wilborne Phillips Jennifer Phinney Scott Pierpoint Kara Pine Josh Plenty Christine Porter Christopher Potvin Ferron Powell Kari Pugh Bryan Purcell Jeffrey Purcell Brian Purdy Lisa Quesenberry Darrell Rawlinson Paul Regan Michael Rendino Amy Reynolds Kathryn Rich Brenda Rickman ■ I Daniel Rider Kathleen Rider Tanya Riesenberg Cheri Roberts David Robinson Ron Roberts Christopher Robinson Dana Rodgers Hans Rodriguez James Rogers Deirdre Rose Scott Roth Peter Rowe Richard Rowe Ernest Roy Timothy Russell Carol Ruszczyk Leslie Safransky Mark Salyers Andre Sanders 186 Andrea Schell Stacey Schooley Julie Scifres Rebecca Seabolt Christine Seaton Robert Seeley Gregory Sheloski Cassandra Shipley Robert Shipp Kristie Sholar Matt Shoop David Simcic Anne Simmons Deanna Simpson Trimetria Singleton Deborah Sisson Larry Sizemore Monica Smart Brigitte Smith Holly Smith 187 Nancy Snyder Deirdre Somers Scott Sorensen Wayne Souza Frances Spasoff Jeanine Spatzer Traci Sprouse Sondra Stanley Caron Stansill Scott StClair Jennifer Stephenson Deborah Stewart Glen Stiles Laura Beth Straight Melanie Stoops Victoria Stout James Stringer Matt Struble Coleen Stumm Robert Stynes 188 Catherine Sumpter Kimberly Sunderland Evelyn Swecker William Talley Jennifer Tassi Andrew Taylor Jeffrey Taylor John Taylor Keith Taylor Kimberly Taylor Concetta Teel Patrick Terrell Ah Thayer Tina Thomaidis Susan Thomaidis Kelvin Thomas Myrna Thompson Rachelle Thorton Wendy Tiller Amber Tompkins I i 190 Steven Tompkins Wendy Townsend Sophia Tracey Suzie Troiano Brian Trotman Penny Tucker Julie Turner Jeffrey Tutsock ■ ' • : • ■ Kendra Uthus Lee Valliant Chris Vanlanduyt James Venti Anthony Vining John Volz Cheryl Waddell Barry Wagnon Michelle Walker Patricia Walker Terry Walker Peter Walsh Michelle Walta David Wanamaker Paul Wantz Carol Wardlow Cynthia Washington Anthony Watt Michael Weakley Marvin Weaver Barry Webb Janel Weeks Robert Well Eric Wells Pat Wendling Pamela Werner Beth White Brian Wickum Christine Wilks Jenneth Willemsen Toni Willett Eugene Williams 191 K I Pamela Williams Stephanie Williams Jacqueline Willis Donna Wilson Lewey Wilson Jonathan Wilson Robert Wilson . John Wise Kimberly Wright Stephanie Wright Laura Yates Maria Yeary Dae Yi Ann Young Gavin Young Margaret Zawisa Payam Zeraatbany Patrick Zoromski 192 SENIOR DIRECTORY KEVIN JOSEPH ACKERMAN - Shaggy, Ack, Hey you - Memories: High school was the ultimate head rush. Educationally it rotted, but the bus rides, time before advisory, lunch breaks, and five minutes between classes were great! Usually during class, too. Ambition: To become filthy rich, buy my own island, and have my own country.Many thanks to PBW, TLBR, M, L, all the seniors, and a few lower classmen. JULIE ANN ALFORD - Ju-Ju Bee, Muffin, Sweet, Jules, Girl - Activities: Flags 9. Memories: I’m out! Thanks to MS, DH, MC, CS, Chip, KN, TB, TW, Double TC, PB, Heff, Domi B ZZ! But especially to Mr. C, Ms. Chiles Aunt Muffin for getting me thru it!Ambition: To get a job make life the best for me! Dimples—Remember “NTW.” Mike M Aunt Muffin—I hope you’re always there. PAUL ALGER - A! - Ambition: To be the best in whatever I do in life. LISA RENE ALSOP - Spaz, Flounder, Wild Woman, Snookums II - Activities: FCA 9.Memories: Its been an experience! Thanks to the party gang! May you always find true scam! Kelly—hurry up! VAB86! The usual! Toodles!Ambition: To be disgustingly rich, own a pink and purple porsche, find Mr. Right, and be happy. And scam forever while living the purple life! JAIWS! BRYAN S. ANDERSON - Anderson, BA, Bubs - Activities: Concert Band 9-10; Science Club 12.Memories: It’s been fun, thanks JP, BP, and CK, the most unpredictable dudes I know. Thanks too to GL for getting me through ASH (yawn)—I’m outta here.Ambition: To defy the odds, live life to the ultimate and find an end to PI, watch out Bond, Z10 lives. DONNA ANDERSON - Jock, Donette - Activities: Pep Club 9; Treble Choir 9, 10, 11; Concert Choir 12; History Club 11; Crew Club 12; Teen Counseling 12.Memories: The past 4 years have been great, thanks to the wonderful and special friends I have become so close to. Thanks Strap, your the best.Ambition: Go to college, make lots of money, travel, live life to its fullest, marry a rich guy, if not rich then one with a great body! ELINOR STELLA ANTWI - Slim, Eleanor Rigby, Rosevelt - Activities: Pep Club 11-12; FCA 11-12; Key Club 12.Memories: I thank all my teachers for the help and encouragement they have given me. I also want to thank Mrs. Rowland for helping me. Thanks!Ambition: To go to 4 years of college, become a registered nurse, or own my own business, get married and have lots of children. JOEL SCOTT ARMSTRONG - Activities: Model United Nations 10-12, Presi¬ dent 10-12; German Club 9-12; Principal’s Student Advisory Council 12; Com¬ puter Club 11-12, Vice-President 11; Its Academic 12; National Honor Society 12; Math Club 12.Memories: I wish to thank everyone-teachers and students-for all of your help. It was a lot of fun and a lot of work. Ambition: Major in chemical engineering and law, then make millions of dollars. SUSAN ARNOLD - Snoozan, Arnold, Arnie, Dizz, Ssss, Airy - Activities: SGC Representative 9-10; Gar-Field Indianettes 9-11; Hyphen 11-12; Powder Puff Football 12.Memories: It was fun but now it is time to move on to bigger and better things. Thanks Shelagh, Susan, Robin, Tiffany, KJ, KM, PB, CS, BE, MJ, J K, LG and gang.Ambition: 1 plan to go to college, major in journalism and be an anchorwoman on the NFL Today Show. Plus meet DLR. JEFF ASH - Activities: JV Football 10; JV Baseball 10; Varsity Baseball 11- 12.Memories: High School went by fast. It was made a lot better by friends and coaches.Ambition: Enroll in School of Forestry at Syracuse, NY. After that, become a forest ranger in any mid-western state. ALETA BABCOCK - Activities: FBLA 12.Memories: It’s been fun and I’ll miss it. Special thanks to my best friend TS.Ambition: To get a good job and go to a community college, then maybe in a few years settle down and have a family. KIMBERLY ANN BARNHART -Kim, Kimmy, PB - Activites: Pep Club 9; JV Softball 9; Tennis 10-12; Powder Puff 12; DECA 12.Memories: Its been great but I’m glad it’s over. Thanks to DR, RM, SB, AT, CL, JL, RW, JT, JD especially to Suzie. Thanks mom dad. I love you all.Ambition: To get a job I like, then go to college (maybe). Get married, have kids, and live a happy life. LORIE ANN BARR - Sis, Clutch, Spyder Woman, Barf Buddy 1 - Activities: Girls Soccer 9-10; FBLA 12.Memories: Summer of ’85—Bruce Springsteen concert with Donna, jock parties, my SPYDER and all my friends, NY’s at Susan’s. Ambitions: To find myself and be the best at whatever it is I decide to do. Dreams: Hawaii, special guy, a baby, blue pickup with tractor tires. STEVE BARTENES - Big B, Stevie, Teeney, Burrito - Activities: Freshman Football Manager 9; JV Football 11; Varsity Football 12; VIC A 12; German Club 10.Memories: High School was fun while it lasted, but I’m glad I’m out. Thanks Lulu, JAB, Gary you have been a real good friend. Well, AMF.Ambition: Go to college or trade school. Become an electronic tech, or trashman and eventually open my own electronic shop trash service and get rich. POLONE BAZILE - Loni, Busybody - Activities: Pep Club 9; FHA 10; FBLA 12; COE 12.Memories: High school was fun, but I’m definitely looking forward to the future. Thanks to all my friends, especially mom and dad for all their support.Ambition: To go to college, become a successful accountant, and enjoy spending all my money! RACHEL MICHELLE BEATY -Chel, Chellen, Rae, Ju Ju Bee - Activities: Pep Club 9; Leo 12; DECA 12; SGC Representative.Memories: I wouldn’t have made it through these long years of mental anguish without the Bridge, thanks babe. To the rest MT, SK, MM, etc. Thanks! Ambition: I hope to successfully complete my educ ation and get on with my life. MARCIA BEAVERS - Mush , Musherroo - Activities: DECA 11.Memories: High school was alright, some teachers made it worth while. But most of all my best friend Cha-Cha made it even better.Ambition: Graduate, become a secre¬ tary, and live happily ever after with the man I love. JULIE BEGLIN - Jewel, Coon, Bell - Memories: It was okay. Thank God its over! What made it the best was Jeanette, Kris, Keary, Dawn, and Steve. Thanks for the partin’ good times.Ambition: To became a FAMOUS hairstylist, live in Florida on the beach and party all the time. DANA AUBURN BLACK - Inez, Diz, Rub-a-dub - Activities: FHA 9; FBLA 10,12; DECA 12; Powderpuff Football 12.Memories: It was great when I was with my friends! Especially thanks to KF for making school fun! I’ll never forget you!Ambition: To get married to someone special in my life, and never have to work! Good luck DB, KT, LV, HP, KF, KG love you guys! MIKE BLACKBURN - Mikey, Redneck - Activities: VICA 10-12.Memories: Glad to be leaving because it rots. Ambition: To marry Andrea Schell and adopt her baby boy, then live a happy life with my family. LISA MARIE BLOXTON - Lees, L.B., Lisa-Lisa, Brute- Memories: Thanks to Kecia K, Dana R, Gail G, Kristie S, Beth C, Lisa F, Tracy M, and Char C, for making school great! Good-luck TB, MF, JP, MH, and BB, I’ll miss ya! Va Beach 86’ here we come!Ambition: To become an executive secretary, make some BIG BUCKS, find my PERFECT man, marry him, and get anything I want! JANE ANN BOROS - Jane Bob, Mary Jane - Activities: Varsity girls soccer 9- 12; Captain 12.Memories: EH you’re the best. Thanks for 4 great years, CM and HM at lunch. Mom and Dad thanks for all the support. I love you!Ambition: To go to college, major in physical education, get married and have lots of babies. Have success and happiness all my life. LORI DENISE BOWLES - Activities: Gymnastics 11; FBLA 11.Memories: Gar-Field is a great school, and I never would have made it through these past 4 years if the staff wasn’t so great. I want to thank all of you!Ambition: To go to college, and reach my highest goals, and to make it to the top of the world! BETH BOWMAN - Memories: School was N.B.F.D. It was fun, it was nice, but I’m ready to go A.M.F.M.Ambition: To rock out every chance I get, to paint my pictures, and to be a C.D. counselor at S.W.P.I. and enjoy life. RICHARD BOYER - Rich, Rodney - Memories: High school has been great. I’ve met alot of interesting people here. I never knew school could be so fun until I started at Gar-Field. Ambition: To become a multi-millionaire, to sit on a beach and watch the sunset with my wife. Or even become a gigolo like George. CYNTHIA E. BRADLEY - Cindy - Activities: National Honor Society 9,10; German Club 9-12; Yearbook 11,12.Memories: High School was a experience! I would never have made it without DS, AT, DG, LT, RE, EM, and many others. Thanks for always being there!Ambition: After I graduate, I plan to go to college, find a good job and make a lot of money. JAMES A. BRANNAN - Activities: DECA. Memories: School is boring in class, but fun between classes. Glad I’m finally free of Gar-Field penatentory. Ambi¬ tion: I hope to open a mens clothing store, be a millionaire by 25, and move to London. ELENA E. BRAZIL - Elaine, Bana - Activities: Spanish Club 9-12, Secretary 11 - 12; Drama Club 9; History Club 12.Memories: It wouldn’t have been H.S. w o friends, especially Margaret, Sophia, Kathy and Janet, thanks guys. Remember the football games, wrestling meets (BLT) and basketball games!Ambitions: To marry a rich man and have a couple of kids and hopefully to live happily ever after. TAMMIE D. BRENZOVICH - Doc, Gimper - Activities: Soccer 9-11; Student Athletic Trainer 12.Memories: It was fun, I guess. Thanks to JF, SK, SS, CT, SC, and CM for making my days. Special thanks to Mrs. D. for helping me thru school.Ambition: To become an Athletic Trainer and enter the guys locker room. MONICA BRIMAGE - Monty, Monnie - Activities: Track 10; FBLA 11.Memo¬ ries: School was alright, it got tough sometimes but that’s life. But these four years past so quick I kinda want to do it again (ha ha).Ambition: I would like to continue on with a higher education, and some day have something to do with law. SENIOR DIRECTORY RON BROOKS - Ronnie, RB - Activities: Wrestling 10-11; Baseball 9.Memories: My last three years were great thanks to Rich and Joe. I won’t miss the work, but I ' ll miss all my friends and the goodlooking girls.Ambition: To be a millionaire before I ' m 20, own a Ferrari, travel and have fun. TERESA BROOKS -Tree, Biff - Activities: Drama Club 10,12; Journalism I 10; All County Orchestra 9-12; Jr. Regional Orchestra 9; Chamber Orchestra 11- 12.Memories: It’s made me stronger ... Thanks to my teachers, my parents, and my good buddies Al, CF, MC, and Fred the Chicken. Hallelujah everybody, it’s overlAmbition: 1 want to be anywhere from moderately to disgustingly rich, preferably leaning towards the disgustingly. CHE MARSHALL BROWN - Lil Man, Go-Go “C”, Playboy - Activities: History Club 9; Spanish Club 10-11; FBLA 10; Leo Club 12.Memories: High School has been great. Special thanks to God, the teachers, my mother and father, and all the young ladies that made it possible.Ambition: To go to a four-year college and marry the woman of my dreams. CYNTHIA RENE BROWN-C in, Iny - Activities: German Club 10-12, Treasur¬ er 11 12; Flag Corps 11-12.Memories: Thanks to JM for all the great times, DG, KM, ME, and CC for being great friends, and Flag Corps for the memories. It was greatlAmbition: To become an airline stewardess, get married, have kids, and become rich. JONATHAN M. BROWN -Stacey Adams, John, Shorty Slim, Imp - Activities: DECA 10-12; Pep Club 11-12.Memories: Schools been good, glad it’s over. Special thanks to Charles Murrell, Mr. “Fresh”. And especially my lady Tonicia Woodfolk, without them I wouldn’t have made it.Ambition: Go into the Air Force, win the Million Dollar Lotto, retire from the Air Force, marry Tonicia, have four kids, and live by Charles and Pennie. PAMELA BROWN - Memories: I’m glad I made it out of Gar-Field Senior High School. It was a good experience for me. Ambition: To work hard and stay with my man JS. SCOTT WARREN BROWN - Ott - Activities: Tennis 9-12; Model UN 12; Varsity Band 9; Drum Ensemble 10; Concert Band 11; Marching Band 11; Symphonic Band 12.Memories: Though mentally ran low at times, physically I was there. Rusty and Lou both made the time intriguing. Mr. J. good luck with your next prodigy.Ambition: To win Wimbledon, pay off my Porsche, and eventu¬ ally settle down. STEPHEN A. BROWN - Bashful, Teddy Bear, Brute - Activities: Key Club; VICA.Memories: I found high school to have a lot of ups and downs, mainly downs. All in all school here was a blast, especially with Tracey.Ambition: My ambition is to become the best auto mechanic around and to marry TP in ’88. WARREN DOUGLAS BROWN - Adonis - Activities: Concert Band 9; Sym¬ phonic Band 10,12; Marching Band 10-12; Concert Choir 11-12; Dominants 12.Memories: Fascinating and interesting, but quite illogical.Ambitions: To make it through high school without ending up in a padded room, and to live happily ever after. ANTHONY BROZOWSKI - Tony, Ski, Ski Man, To-Bro, Bro, Tony Ski - Activities: VICA 11 -12.Memories: I think high school was a good experience for me, especially making new friends and meeting new people. I took the good with the bad. Ambitions: Have a decent job with good pay, live a good life, and wait for that special girl to come along someday, I know she will! YVONNE ANA BUEL - Yvon, Fefon, Critter, Miss Scarlet, Boogie - Activities: Drama 9; Culture Club 10-1 1, Vice-President 11; Literary Magazine 9-12, Prose Editor 11; Yearbook 1 1, Academics Editor 11; The Hyphen 10-12, Advertising Manager 12.Memories: Is it over so soon? The classes were worth taking and the teachers worth having, but my greatest moments were in journalism and lun¬ ch. Ambitions: To do the things I’ve dreamed of, including traveling across the US, to eventually settle down with my companion, and to be content at last. TAMMY BURHANS -Tams, Bun, Vandon, Baggy, Bur-butt - Activities: Pep Club 9; FBLA 9; German Club 9-10; Outdoor Track 9-12; Indoor Track 10-12; Powder Puff Football 12.Memories: Thank God it’s over! Thanks Amber, Fran, Diana, Linda, Michelle. Vandon, you are my life I love you. I’ll never give you up—It’s only you forever.Ambition: To marry Vandon, have lots of kids, and be as happy as I am right now. I love you Vandon. We are one. PATRICIA LYNN BURIAN - Patti, Patsy, Pat, Patty-wagon, Packy- Activities: Varsity Softball 9-12; Teen Counseling 11-12; Powder Puff 12; Latin Club 12.Memories: School was O.K. Thanks a lot my friends: Sue-Fal, Bren E., Robin G., Murf, Susan A., Linda C., Mark W. Most of all thanks to my boyfriend Patrick R., I LOVE YOU!!!Ambition: Go to college, become a Physical Therapist and become very rich. Marry the man I love and live happily ever after. PAUL BURKE - Activities: Freshman Basketball 9; J.V. Basketball 11.Memo¬ ries: It was great. It went by really quick. Shawn, Mark, Wick, Kenny, and Mike D. we had some great times.Ambition: My ambition is to move to California, get married, and work for Long Beach Vice. CHERYL DELAINE BURRUSS -Carefree, Atomic, Shirley, Bur - Activities: Track 9; J.V. Cheerleading 10; Spanish Club 10; Indianettes 11; Teen Counseling 11-12; Powder Puff Football 12; Who’s Who Among High School Students 11. Memories: The years at G-F went by so fast. Thanks for the wild and crazy times Kim; Leona, remember committing slander is a tort. Thanks to BS, JT. E, W, PC, and especially WT. Without ya’ll I wouldn’t have made it!Ambition: To live my life to the max, go to college and be successful. Marry myself a handsome, rich man. KARIN BUSCH - Jaems - Activities: French Club 9-12, President 12; Drama Club 11; DECA 12; Teen Counseling 11; Model UN 12; Crew Club 12; Signet 9- 12. Memories: Thanks Jen, Ken, AL, for seeing me through. You made it fun “And if you think I’m kidding lady ...” Luff vous. Remember guys, its Au Revoir not Adieu.Ambition: To go to college, get into marketing advertising, jet around to french speaking countries and to have someone want to marry ME because of MY big bucks. LORI BUSCHBAUM - Activities: Orchestra 9; Drama Club 9; Model United Nations 11-12, Secretary 12.Memories: It w as fun while it lasted. Thanks to everybody for the help, especially KW, KC, WK, Mr. J„ RB, LC, CP, Mrs. R„ F, M, MM.Ambition: To go to college, be successful in life, and get out of Dale City! ROBERT BYRAM - Heezhere!?! - Activities: Signet 9-12; Science Club 9-10; Shaman Staff 10-12; Marching Band 10-11; History Club 10-11; Latin Club 11- 12; Teen Counseling 11-12; Boys State 11; Who’s Who Among American High School Students 11.Memories: J.O. Huberty finally proved that actions speak louder than words.Ambition: To infiltrate the Urantian polity and to meet Roger Waters. JOE CALDARELLI - Activities: VICA 11; History Club 9.Memories: I couldn’t of made it without RB, GC, JF, DK, BB, RM, MG, and most important the love and support of Jewel Mitchell. Love YalAmbition: To make mega bucks, live in a mansion with my wife and five kids, be a gigolo like GC, and drive the Rodney Mobile. JUNNETTE CAMPOS - Memories: High school is wonderful. So many activi¬ ties around you. It is great for doing homework that you can learn in the school.Ambition: To become a great success in whatever I do in the upcoming future. JAMES GREGORY CAPRARA - Kimo, Kimy, Kerne - Activities: Freshman Football; Industrial Arts Club 10; Hero 11. Ambition: I would like to join the USMC and fly jets. BROWN HUTCHENSON CARPENTER III - Hutch, Bad Barium, Ootch - Activities: Indoor Track 11-12; Cross Country 12; National Honor Society 11-12; National Merit Finalist 12; Who’s Who Among American High School Students 12; Boys State 11; SIGNET 9-12; Math Club 12. Memories: Senior year was great - I’d almost do it again. Friends are great- The Group, MS, CC, NW, - Boys State Yeah! DEW I luv ya.Ambition: Finish my academic career at the Universi¬ ty. Marry a pretty girl and come back to our twenty-five year reunion happy, healthy, and incredibly wealthy. JOSEPH MATHEW CARRIGAN - Redneck, Tank II, Josephina - Activities: Model United Nations 10-12; VICA 11-12.Memories: Good while it lasted but its time to party on. Mr. Wand and Miss Tobin are two ace teachers, but Miss Zophy takes the cake.Ambition: Graduate, go to a two-year tech, school and become an electrician in the tri-state area. CHARLES EARL CARLSON-C huck. Chuck E. Cheese - Memories: It was fun while it lasted, especially in English with Powers and Martin. The best times were in Journalism I II. Thanks Hyphen!Ambition: My ambition is to be rich enough to buy a Ferrari and get all the girls I want. JOSEPH CARTER - J.C. - Activities: Track 10.Memories: It could have been better, but I guess it was okay. Special thanks to all of the home boys girls who made school fun.Ambition: To get a college education and make good money at whatever I do. Good luck to all the young ladies in G-F, I hope to meet you all later. LAURA MICHELLE CARTER - Sheddie - Activities: Chorus 9-10; French Club 10-11.Memories: I think high school is great but the seniors should be allowed alot more privileges.Ambition: I plan to go to college, get married, and have kids as well as be a social worker and model. SEAN CASSIDY - Memories: It was a good time in my life, but I am glad it’s over.Ambition: To make a million dollars. KATHERINE M. CASTULIK - Katy, Writer - Activities: The Hyphen 10-12, Business Manager 1 1-12; German Club 9; Drama Club 10; Shaman 11 .Memories: It was fun while it lasted, but I wouldn’t want to do it over again!Ambition: To publish my many novels, that my friends have always pushed me to finish, and to make them all best-sellers. SENIOR DIRECTORY DARLA KAY CHAPMA N - Spanki - Memories: I could never have made it w o you Tom. You’re the greatest! Thanks Mrs. Martin, Ms. Wimmer Mr. Greer- .Ambition: To live happily w Tom. Tom, Thanx for everything! I love ya! TROY CHEATHAM - Fly Guy - Activities: Basketball 10; Football 10; Track 11-12.Memories: High school is fun, I learned alot of things. Education is still number one.Ambition: To become a professional basketball player. TOM CHEEK -Cheeks, Tommy, Thomas - Activities: Yearbook 12.Memories: It was awesome!!!Thanks Mom and Dad for everything. Thanks JH,SM, and espe¬ cially JC - I love you!!!Ambition: To go back to N.C., get rich, and live happily ever after. ANN MARIE ELIZABETH CHESTER - Ann - Activities: ' Flag Corps 9-12; SGC 10-11; Varsity Soccer Manager 10,12; Powder Puff 12; Teen Counseling 12.Memories: The best four years of my life! So many memories I’ll always remember. My closest friends - Thanx - Shelly L., Kathy M., Jackie D., and of course David C., and Maria Y.Ambition: Make it thru college successfully, move to Colorado or Arizona and open my own nursery school. GERALD ANTHONY CEPHAS - Jerle, Gerbil, Gerald Dearest - Activities: Symphonic Band 9-12; County Band 10-12; Regional Band 9-12; Marching Band 9-12; Drill Captain 11; Drum Major 12; Band Council 11-12, Vice-President 11, President 12; Signet 9-12; Governor’s School 11; National Honor Society 11-12, President 12; SGC 10; Track 9-12; Drama Club 9-12; Spanish Club 9-10.Memo¬ ries: High school has caused me to grow a lot. Thanks SE, Jl, DP, RH, MC, MS, JFPB, CS, JW for making this an experience that I’ll remember always.Ambi¬ tion: After graduation, I plan on going to medical school, becoming a very successful doctor, becoming disgustingly wealthy, and having cupboards full of gummi bears. JASON CHAPA - Activities: Spanish Club 9; Freshman Football 9; Track.Me¬ mories: It has been a great 4 years here. I am going to miss the friends and teachers here, especially KH, Mrs. B., Mrs. W. Thanks.Ambition: To attend college, and major in business or computers. Become very wealthy, while owning a business and own a new Monte Carlo SS. MATTHEW A. CLARK - Matt, Clark - Activities: Latin Club 9; French Club 10; Indoor Outdoor Track 9,12.Memories: We all wish that we had a chance to redo past mistakes, but time and seniors move on.Ambition: To see the world, while bettering myself mentally and emotionally. Get rich. STEPHEN W. CLEGG -Steve, Beav - Memories: It was fun, but I don’t think I would want to do it again. The lunches have got to go. Good luck to JL, RN, BH, DM, EN, DG, KK, PB, also JC, and JW.Ambition: To graduate from high school and college and become a millionaire. JANET ANN-MARIE CLEMEN - Bright Eyes, New Year’s - Activities: Fresh¬ man Volleyball 9; JV Softball 10.Memories: It was an experience. I could have never made it without LH, SK, CH, AE, TB. I give all my love to RC.Ambi¬ tion: I plan on going to a business school. I want to be a success in the business administration and management field. LINDA CLORE - Gonad, Lun, LC, Lindr - Activities: Varsity Softball 9-12; National Honor Society 11-12; Teen Counseling 11-12; Powder Puff 12; Fresh¬ man Basketball 9; JV B-Ball 10; Varsity B-Ball 11.Memories: I’m glad it’s over but it went too fast. These were four special years. Thanks Debbie, Allan, Lisa F., Patti and especially MOM and J. Jones. Couldn’t have done it without you.Ambi¬ tion: Play college softball, become the head of a big business, find me Mr. Marvelous and live happily ever after. The End! CHAD COFFEE -Activities: Basketball 10-12.Memories: It was a good place to sleep. Thanks to the people that helped me pass.Ambition: To have a good time at college for four years and to be a pilot. CHERYL ANN COLLINS -Sherry, Colly - Activities: JV Soccer 9-10; Varsity Soccer 11; FBLA 11-12; Treble Choir 9-12.Memories: It was okay I guess, but Thank God its over with. I had some really great times. Good Luck underclass- men!Ambition: To graduate! To become a successful millionaire, and to have tons of gorgeous guys around me! THOMAS A. COLLINS - Englebert Skjellyfetti - Activities: Marching Band 9,10,12; Symphonic Band 11-12.Ambition: To go over Niagara Falls in a barrel. CHARLENE CONNOR - Char, Charlie, Shaii, Lene - Activities: DECA 11; Powder Puff 12.Memories: The past 4 years have showed me the importance of friendship and who my friends really are. Thanks you guys for sticking by me, especially Chris.Ambition: To live a happy life with someone I love and to die with few regrets. PATRICK A. COOPER - Pat, Ty, Tycoon - Activities: Cross Country Indoor- Outdoor 9-12.Memories: I feel that high school is a great place to visit, but not to stay. So pass if you can. Good luck Cindi, Little Sis.Ambition: My ambition is to become a self-made millionaire. ERIC COSTELLO - Lou, Louie - Activities: VICA 11-12; Concert Band 9.Mem¬ ories: I came, I saw, I did my time, and I’m gone.Ambition: To get a porche and party, maybe get a job and settle down. CHERIE ANNE COOK - Tip-Toes - Activities: Cosmetology 9-11; Powder Puff 12.Memories: It’s been great! Thanx’s alot Freddy, Mita, Linda, Mrs. Brooks, and Anita. Don’t ever forget the lunch line JennyHAmbition: To have fun, get my camaro, move to California, and live happily ever after! Beach-Bound ’86. PA TRICK J. COPE - Pat, Copie - Memories: I had some fun in high school, but I am glad it is over. Thanks to DA, BE, KH, JK, JJ, and Ed.Ambition: To be rich!! MARY ELIZABETH CORBIN - Beth - Activities: Indianettes 9-12, Co-Captain 12; Homecoming Princess 9-11; SGC 9,10,12; Who’s Who Among American High School Students 12; Sophomore Beauty Pageant 9; FBLA 12.Memories: It was full of experiences—some good ones some bad ones. There are alot of memories. Thanks LB, DR, KK, and EH for making it worthwhile. KEVIN COUTTS - Activities: Band 9; Industrial Arts Club 11.Memories: It wasn’t much till my senior year. Thanks to RM, SE, SP, JJ, NM, KP, The Ski Brothers and gang. Ambition: To go to college, be a commercial artist, move away from Dull City and get rich. MICHELLE LYN COVINGTON - Mich, Chimmel, Cov - Activities: G-F Or¬ chestra 9; G-F Intermediate Orchestra 11-12.Memories: High school was kinda like, ya know—to be honest, was really, uh...well. I’m glad it’s over!!Ambi- tion: To own a red Mercedes-Benz 380 SL convertible so I can sport around and show it off. STEPHANIE LORRAINE COVINGTON -Chaka, Billie Jean, Wonder Woman - Activities: DECA 10-11; FBLA 10; FHA 9.Memories: Thank you Lord! Life was a hard and good experience during my four years. I want to thank my family, Toni, and most of all my fiance Keith.Ambition: I plan to attend F.I.T. in New York and major in Fashion Merchandising. One day I’ll come back a rich and famous designer with my husband KP and our little punkin. CYNTHIA CREAMER - Cindy, Shadow - Activities: HOSA 12 at G-F; FBLA 10 and FHA 9 at Osbourn Park.Memories: This school is great even though this is my first year here, I came from OPHS. I learned a lot but I am glad it’s over.Ambition: To marry TB, raise my daughter right, become a nurse, and have a good time while I am still young. EMERSON CREEL - Confusion - Activities:Freshman Football 9; Varsity Foot¬ ball 10-1 1.Memories: Gar-Field taught me a lot but I could of never made it with out all of my wild and rowdy friends. Ambition: To hunt and fish the rest of my life and to own the biggest fourwheel drive truck in the world. JAMES W. CREMEANS- Jim - Activities: JV Football 9; Varsity Wrestling 11; Varsity Club I I.Memories: High school has been great, enabling me to meet people all over the world and travel to different places.Ambition: Build the ultimate Mustang, graduate from college, start my own martial arts class, and make between 90,000 100,000 dollars a year. JAMES H. CROCKER - Jim, Jaime, Jimbo - Activities: Spanish Club 9-10; Outdoor Track 10-11.Memories: It was alright overall but there were a few memorable times like my letters to LF and 3rd period of my senior year.Ambition: After college I hope to make $50,000 yr with my practice and to have a Lam- broghinni by the time I’m 30. LISA DAWN CRONE - Shorty, Lee, Bubba - Activities: FBLA 11; DECA 12; FBLA 12.Memories: I feel that high school is the best years of your life, even though once you’re a senior you have no privileges. Loads of fun.Ambition: My ambitions are to live a long and happy life and to be successful in everything I do. LEONA E. CRUSE - Activities: SGC 9; French Club 9; Hyphen 10-12, Sports Editor 12; DECA 12; Debate Club 12.Memories: I’ll miss seeing my friends but I won’t miss the work! Good luck to everybody and to the HyphenlAmbition: My major goal in life is to become the best female sportswriter in the USA! And to take Phyllis George’s place on the NFL Today! ANNE MARIE CULLEN - Air Marie - Memories: I couldn’t have done it without Janel’s craziness, Mary’s reasoning, or Randy’s love. Thanks Mom and Dad for always supporting me emotionally and financially.Ambition: To marry Hooper immediately, be a bech baby with Mary and write “101 Ways to Skip Successfully” with Red. MARGARET ROSE CUMMINGS - Rosie, Rose, Rosemary - Activities: Pep Club 10; Jr. Civitan 11; Hyphen 12.Memories: School was great thanks to AM, HH, ME, JT, SH, OL. I’ll tumble for ya, GS interview, Pirates Hagerstown. Go for it! Capitals in ’86.Ambition: I’m going to be a famous sportswriter and cover hockey in the New York area. Then marry either a hockey player or a baseball player. SENIOR DIRECTORY SHIRLEY M. DADERIO - Shorty, Smurfette, Snickelfritz - Memories: I’m glad it’s over but the last 2 years with Dean were special. Thanks for your love and support Mom and Dad. Love ya TH.Ambition: To be a successful secretary and make lots of money. Share my life with DD and live happily ever after. TIFFANY ELIZABETH DANGOIA - Tiff, Ms. R - Activities: Powder Puff Football 12.Memories: It was a blast! Thanx Kelly, Kellie, SA, SM, MJ, TK, TT, DD, gang! Kel—great things happen at or following parties.9-7-7-21! Lari, I love you! Beach ’86!Ambition: Go to ODU and party for 4 years. Then marry a rich man and live in luxury forever! ED DAVID - Skippy - Activities: Football 9.Memories: It was great. The best times were at the parties with JV, DG, WG, EN, DG, and RS. The worst was at OC. Ambition: Move on to college, maybe study hard and graduate, get a good job and make $100,000 a year and get married. RICH DAVID - Rich - Memories: It was a true experience, met alot of great friends and teachers, overall it was great. Best of luck to the underclassmen, always.Ambition: I plan to attend college in Florida, hoping to play baseball for a small college, enjoy life. CHRISTINA J. DAVIS - Christy, Chris, Mickey - Activities: Concert Band 9; Symphonic Band 10-12; Marching Band 9-12; JV Soccer 9-10; Varsity Soccer 11- 12; Teen Counseling 11; National Honor Society 11-12; History Club 11-12; Regional Band 9.Memories: I have never worked so hard and had such fun. Thanks Kim, Hang, and Laura-Beth for making it more bearable. Never forget the Thrift Shop, SG (Twiggy) and Europe!Ambition: To attend a 4 year college and go to graduate school to become an orthodontist, get married at 28 and be comfortably wealthy. TERESA LYNN DECKER - T, Trese - Activities: JV Cheerleading 10.Memo¬ ries: Nancy and Chris it’s been great! I ' ll never forget you! Thanks for everything Nancy! Long live the two stooges! Ha!Ambition: To become an executive secre¬ tary, stay in touch with me “bestest”, party hardy, and live happily ever after J. LISA DEFRANCESCO - Chessie, Chess - Activities: German Club 10-12; Na¬ tional Honor Society 11-12; the hyphen 10-12; the Shamon 11-12; Drama Club 12.Memories: I couldn’t have survived without all the philosphers. It’s been fun, but I never want to do it again! Thanks.Ambition: To go through college as well as I did through high school! KELLY ANNE DEVINE - Kell, Kellogs, Melly - Memories: High school had it’s ups and downs. I’ll miss it when I’m gone. Good luck Krissy, Patty and Kim, Love ya!Ambition: To become successful in what ever I do. ALICIA MELANIA DIAZ - Licia, Cia, Diz - Treble Choir 9-10; Concert Choir 11-12; Drama Club 10 -12; SADD 10.Memories: Its been terrific. Love and thanks to PW, TM, JT and SP. its been existant to say the least. Love ya alllAmbition: I plan to be the best I can be, at whatever it is. But: most of all be me! JOE DIERKER - Johnny Appleseed, Hoser, Tennessee Jed - Activities: Drama Club 9-10; the hyphen 11-12..Ambition: To slide through life without hurting anyone. MICHAEL DAVID DITTMER - Activities: Varisty Soccer 9-12.Memories: There are good and bad times, live for the good times. Thanks Mr. Zimmermann and Mr. Aleo, good luck Pat.Ambition: To play 1st division soccer at a 4 year college. DARRELL DIXON - Activities: J V Football 10; FBLA 3 yrs.Memories: Four of my worse years were spent at G-F.Ambition: To succeed in life with riches and plenty of women. RUSSELL ALLEN DIXON - Russ, Big Russ - Activities: Model UN 12; Key Club 10; Latin Club 10.Memories: It was interesting but I am glad it’s over. Warning teachers—there are seven more after me. Thanks Mrs. J. Jones for helping me through the last four years.Ambition: To graduate, go to BYU, go on a mission for church and become a doctor. Also have several kids and a lovely wife. BRIAN DOLAN - Dolan, Spike, Bri, Dad, Disco - Activities: Freshman Football 9; Junior Civitan 9, Treasurer 10; JV Soccer 10; Crew 11-12; National Honor Society 11-12; Signet 12; Teen Counseling 12; Latin Club 12; Yearbook 11, Senior Editor 12.Memories: SM there’s the Fiero! MR LO invite me to the wedding. JL where’s Boo Boo? DL look the ! ?! out! TM 7 2. BM, RM, MM ARF! OIN K! Thanks to all of you everyone for everything.Ambition: Be in CA when it falls into the Pacific. DAWN MARIE DONOVAN - Dawn-Dawn, Dawn Juan, Dawnie - Memories: High school was great, but I’m glad its over. There were alot of great times with Kris, Julie, and Jeanette. You are great friends. Don’t forget those great times- !!Good luck Jeff! I won’t ever forget you SI!!Ambition: To go to college and major in business administration and to party forever! DEBRA A. DORMSTETTER - Debbie, DD - Activities: Flags 9-10; National Honor Society 11-12; JV Soccer 10.Memories: It was great but nothing last forever. Thanks to everyone who helped me through the rough times. I’ve learned enough to last a lifetime.Ambition: To own a Porche and bust out of Dull City. LISA DORN - Activities: Leo Club 9-12, Vice-President 11; Cheerleader 10- 11.Memories: High school is nice with the right people. You should be friendly to people but a word to the wise, never get involved in other people’s business.Ambi¬ tion: To be a psychiatrist in the military (Air Force). One day have my own office make lots of money. To be happy as much as possible. KIMBERLY ANN DOYLE - Kim, Kimbilly - Activities: Spanish Club 9,11,12; Concert Band 9; Marching Band 9-12; Stage Band 11; Symphonic Band 10-12; Teen Counseling 11; National Honor Society 11-12; Band Council 12; County Band 9-12; Regional Band 9-12.Memories: It was a THRILLER, but I couldn’t have made it without my CYO buddies, friends from band, KKS, DM, HL and Beebop.Ambition: To roam through the cobblestone streets of Spain, and to learn not to worry, right Hang! DEANNA PAIGE DWYER - Paige - Activities: SGC 9-10; Tennis Club 10-12; Tennis Team 10-12; Cheerleading 11-12.Memories: The past three years with M + K + C have been great. The Fearsome 4-some lives on at Tech!Ambition: College, successful career in fashion merchandising, achieve the three P’s - a penthouse, a playboy (polo wearing), and a PORSCHE 911. SHAWN L. EASLER - Shawndie, Spunky - Activities: FBLA 12.Memories: My first year was the best, but I do have to say that I will miss school.Ambition: To get my cos. license and hopefully one day open my own shop. BRENDA KIM EDELSCHICK - Bren, Cheeks - Activities: Freshman Cheer¬ leading 9; Varsity Softball 10; DECA 10-11; Powder Puff Football 11-12; FCA 9- 11; Spanish Club 9.Memories: Softball and cheerleading were great. Thanx Patti, Susan, and the gang for all the good times. And Kenton, thanx for making me extremely happy!Ambition: To be happy, live a happy life with Kenton, let him buy me a Porsche, and to graduate with a fashion degree. WAVERLY V. EDWARDS, JR. - Wave, Stony - Activities: Computer Club 9- 11; FBLA 11-12.Memories: High school is a pretty good place if you get the right classes or just ones your interested in. If you don’t its a ! ?Ambition: I want to go to college, be a school teacher for 1 or 2 years, then start my own computer teaching business. SUZANNE M. EINSMANN - Suzy - Activities: Cheerleading 9-12; Drama Club 11-12; Journalism 11-12, assn’t editor 12; National Honor Society 11-12; Teen Counseling 11-12; History Club 11-12; Concert Choir 12.Memories: High school is a time for living, learning, and experiencing but you can’t do that without good friends and fun times. Special thanks to DS, BW, SS, CH, HC, KF and especially Nancy.Ambition: My ambition is to graduate from college, acquire a successful career, get married, have children, and grow old with the man I love. LARA ELLENBERGER - Rara - Activities: Treble Choir 9-11; Concert Choir 12; Volleyball 9-10.Memories: I’ve changed alot! Thanks Sue for sticking by me and being the best friend anyone could have. Donette, Scrawny and my lunch mates, I’ll miss you.Ambition: To go off to college and have a successful career. To co-author “The Shu Rara Descriptive Poem Book.” Dedicated to the ones we love. JANET MARIE ELLIS - Marie, Ree, Macey - Activities: Varsity Band 9; Concert Band 10; Symphonic Band 11-12; Marching Band 11-12; History Club 11; FBLA 11-12.Memories: It’s been interesting, to say the least. I would never have made it without my friends. Thanx ST, DM, KR, MZ, and last but not least EB!! Luv ya.Ambition: To go to college, major in business, marry rich, and live it up! MICHELLE JOY EMLING - Shelly, Shel, Shelly-Bean - Activities: Symphonic Band 9-12; Band Council 11-12; Marching Band 9-12; County Band 10-11; Regional Band 9-11; County Orchestra 9; SADD 10-12; Teen Counseling 11-12; SGC 9-11, Secretary 12; Drama Club 11-12; Signet 9-12.Memories: It was great! Thank you GC, JP, PB, LS, KD, CS, you helped me through the rough times. Especially you, Jeff! I love you! Smile!Ambition: Go on to college and hopefully become a successful, not to mention rich, engineer. LANCE ROBERT ENDY - Ambition: My ambition is to go on to college and become a C.P.A. DANIELLE R. EVANS - Stuff, Hop-A-Long - Activities: Indianettes 11-12; Leo Club 10-12; FHA 9; Teen Counseling 11-12; Who’s Who Among American High School Students 11; Symphonic Band 9-11; Marching Band 9-10; Gymnastics 10.Memories: It’s finally over! I couldn’t have made it without Steve, Dani, and Stef, thanks you guys. We’ve traveled our quest!Ambition: To be a successful business woman, own my BMW before the age of 40, and spend the rest of my life with SB. KAREN ELIZABETH EVANS - Peaches - Activities: JV Cheerleading 1983- 84.Memories: G-F’s been fun because I shared it with my best friends JF, SS. SENIOR DIRECTORY Thanks to all my friends and a special thanks to my family and especially Kathy and SC.Ambition: My ambition after school is to have a successful career in business and to make my future the best it can be. Love ya RB!! WILLIAM EVANS -Brian, Willie, WB - Activities: Latin Club.Memories: The best four years of my life but I could not have made it without the crew. Thanks Pat, Dan, Laura, Kelly and the concert crew. Remember all the good times and the ones to come.Ambition: Set up my own dentistry office, move southwest, get rich, and watch the world go by. SUSAN K. FAWLEY -Sue, Sue-Fa! - Activities: Varsity Choir 9; Treble Choir 10; Gymnastics 9; JV Cheerleading 10-11; Varsity Cheerleading 12; the Hyphen 11-12; Latin Club 12; Powder Puff Football 12.Memories: Montclair parties, thanks to my friends Patti, Bren, Robin, Sue A, Murf, and gang. I love yalAmbi- tion: Go to college, then some day settle down and raise a family. Most impor¬ tant—to hit Va. Beach in ’86. See ya’ll there. MARK FAYAK -Activities: JV Baseball 9; Freshman Basketball 9; JV Basket¬ ball 10; Varsity Basketball 11-12.Memories: I had my good times thanks to SD, PB, KF, but all things must end.Ambition: To go to college and play basketball, then become rich. SUSAN FEENEY - Sue, Shu - Activities: Treble Choir 9 11; Concert Choir 12.Memories: It’s gone by so fast. Lara thanks for reforming me! Donette, Mattie, and all my surrogate brothers, I love you all.Ambition: To get out on my own, have a good, successful career and share my life with JO. To publish the Rara Shu Dictionary. JOSE FERNANDES - Hoss, Joe - Activities: VICA 11-12.Memories: I think high school was great because it is the last years of school. High school was boring most of the time but great other times.Ambition: To make lots of money. JOANNE F ERRI -Jo-Jo - Activities: Pep Club 9; DECA 12.Memories: It was fun! Thanks to Lisa, Karen—that’s the closest we’ll get to Hawaii, Michelle “Huntin Partner” and Teresa let’s butt-race!!Ambition: Get a good job, be rich, own a FAST car, buy a green glass for Karen, to figure out whatever happened between me and DP. DANIELLE DENISE FISHER - Lady D, Pookie, Dani - Activities: Treble Choir 10; Concert Choir 11-12; Teen Counseling 1 1-12; Leo Club 11-12; SADD 10; National Honor Society 11-12.Memories: Thanks Mom and Dad, Anthony, Eric, Brenda, Monica, Danielle, La Tonya, Sheila, and Polone. I couldn’t have made it without you! Gracious! I’m glad it’s over!Ambition: To be an extremely successful corporate attorney, own a purple Rolls Royce before I die, and marry PMT! MICHAEL VANCE FOWKES - Mikey - Activities: Wrestling 9; Outdoor Track 11; VICA 10-12; Science Club 11 Memories: It has had its good times and bad t imes, but it was much easier to bear with my friends CM, RH, MH, SC, MS, MC, TA, JS.Ambition: To become a rich mechanical engineer, and to find the perfect female and marry her. KAREN L FOWLER - Activities: Varsity Gymnastics 9; Varsity Cheerleader 10- 12; Tennis Team 1 1-12.Memories: I would have never made it without Colleen, Paige, and Michelle. Fearsome 4-some, C-C Crew. The work wasn’t to bad, but the parties were great.Ambition: To go to college, have a good job, and then obtain the three major P’s in life; a Porsche, a penthouse, and a Playboy. STEPHEN ALLEN FOWLER - Puma (thanks to DH) - Activities: VICA.Me¬ mories: It wasn’t so bad, but am I glad I am getting out!Ambition: To marry JS and make her very happy. To become a bricklayer. Do something good for man kind. JOHN KEVIN FOWLKES - Dimples - Activities: Varsity Wrestling 10-12; Varsity Football 10-12; Track 12.Memories: My thoughts about high school are.... and that’s about it. Oh! Girls are the main courses.Ambition: To become a success real fast. LISA ANN FOX - Foxy, Fox, Lew-Fox - Activities: DECA 11; Powder Puff Football 12; Key Club 9; SGC 9-10.Memories: Beach ’85—room 208, sometimes, Kristie, Lisa B, Cena, Dana, Kecia. The V-Crew lives on!!Thanx Linda, Char Con, and Jonathan—LYB. Most of all thanx Kristie for everything. Ambition: To go to college and learn something, and get married to a gorgeous hunk of a man when I’m 28 whom my dad likes. CHRISTINE M. FRANKLIN -Chris, Dizzy - Activities: Drama Club 9-10; Flag Corps 10; Indianettes 11; Hyphen 10-12; Concert Choir 11-12; Latin Club 11; Shaman 10; Powder Puff 12.Memories: Thanks to KM,MY,AC,TB everyone. It went by quickly painlessly. Special care-bear opus hugs to MM KK.Ambition: To finish my term paper on time make it into MWC to study psychology so I can finally cure my brothers. STEVEN ANDREW FRANKLIN - Sven, Frankie, Steve - Activities: Drama Club 9-10.Memories: The four year ordeal is at last coming to an end, it has greatly matured me and I’m grateful that it is ended.Ambition: To be a flower child or an entrepeneur. SANDRA FREEBY - Sandy - Activities: Orchestra 9-10; Spanish Club 9-12; AFS 9-11; JV Soccer 9-10; Teen Counseling 11; Culture Club 12.Memories: It’s been fun! Thanks to the friends at lunch.Ambition: To attend the college of my choice and become an elementary teacher. After college, I plan to get married and have a happy life. MATTHEW FRIEND - Matt - Memories: I guess when you sift thru the BS High School was pretty good. Thanks to KB, KV, JC.Ambition: I would like to live anywhere but Dale City, make 60,000 a year and simply be the best!! KENNETHP. FULLEM -Ken, Skinhead - Activities: Wrestling 9,10,12.Memo¬ ries: Could have been better. I’m glad it’s all over! Thanks to all my friends. I couldn’t have made it without you!Ambition: To be the best Marine in the corps. KRISTINE FULLEM - Kris, Weenie - Activities: Freshman Cheerleading 9; Varsity Cheerleading 10-12, co-capt. 11; Signet 9-12; History Club 11-12; Teen Counseling 11-12; National Honor Society 11-12, SGC 9,10,12.Memories: High school is a time for great memories, close friends, and new experiences. But, most importantly, it’s a time to figure out who you are and what you want to become. Meet the challenge!Ambition: To attend JMU, graduate with a degree in ac¬ counting, and become a successful business woman, wife, and mother. TOMMY FULTON - Tom-Tom - Activities: VICA 11-12.Memories: Fun while it lasted, but I wouldn’t do it again. Good luck to all my friends, I really enjoyed my senior year. Good luck freshman.Ambition: Someday be my dad’s boss. WILLIAM JOSEPH GALLIK, JR. - Will, Bill - Activities: German Club 10-11; FBLA 12.Memories: High school was fun while it lasted, but I wouldn’t do it again. Thanks CLIP, ED, JV, RS, DG for all the good times!Ambition: My ambition is to go to college, become a computer programmer, and retire as a millionaire. JOHN GELLIOS - Greek, BJ, Johnbo - Activities: Spanish Club 9; National Honor Society 11-12; Debate Team 12.Memories: It was great! I really had fun, especially with all of my friends. I wish you all good luck.Ambition: To complete college and become an economist, start a family, have a couple of children, and live happily with my family. KEVIN GIANNI - Activities: JV Football 10.Memories: Gar-Field has been great! School has taught me a lot! Thanks to friends and family who made it what it was. I’ll never forget FF!! Remember partying w the guys.Ambition: To lead a happy life while I’m making major bucks and sporting my Toyota 4-wheel drive truck! But still gotta have time to party! Beach ’86! DENNIS GILL - Joyslick - Memories: Gar-Field was great! Parties were great! Friends were great!Ambition: To become successful and to have a wife as good looking as TK. DEBORAH ANN GOOD - Deb, Al, Diff, Goodovich - Activities: JV Cross Country 9-10; Drama Club 11; The Hyphen 1 1-12.Memories: Biff, Fred and I made the most of it. I am ready to leave. Thanks to my best buddy for helping me get through it.Ambition: I want to be a published writer. Money doesn’t matter, I just want to have a happy life. GARY GOODE -Activities: Freshman Football 9; JV Football 10.Memories: I really didn’t enjoy high school until my senior year, and its not the best thing to do, but it was alright while it lasted.Ambition: To graduate, go to college, learn about business management, and hopefully own a couple of weight lifting gyms and win first place in body building competition. COLLEEN CLAUDETTE GRAFENSTEIN - Activities: Tennis 10-12; JV Cheerleading 10; Varsity Cheerleading 11-12; Tennis Club 10-12.Memories: I would not have made it without the C-C Crew—Karen, Paige, and Michelle. Sexy baby Sexy. Thanks Mrs. White for everything.Ambition: To attend college and have a satisfying high paying career. Then obtain the 3 major P’s in life—a porsch, penthouse, and a playboy. MICHELLE GRAHAM -Activities: Gymnastics 1 1.Memories: I ' m glad I made it. Thanks to Mom, Dad, Annette, and Jose. I made it through High School. Thanks! LISA GRAUPMAN - Activities: Flags 10; Indianettes 1 1 -12.Memories: Its been great! Thanks to Jeff, who made my junior and senior years the best—Love ya! Thanks to JF, KP, and KK—couldn’t have made it without you! Indianettes 1.Ambition: Attend business school, make lots of money and live in a house on the beach with Jeff. GAIL ELLEN GREVEY - Whale, Grove - Activities: Indianettes 10-11; Year¬ book 10-12, Student Life Editor 11, Editor-in-Chief 12; Powder Puff 12.Memo¬ ries: School was a lot of fun, HOWEVER, I’m glad its over. Thanks to KK, LB, TM, DR, BC, CC, KS, BW, and LF for being great friends. We made it! Va. SENIOR DIRECTORY Beach ’86—Are You Ready?!Ambition: Go to college, meet the perfect guy, get married, live a rich, happy, and successful life. JULIE ANNE GRIMES - Ju, Jul’s - Activities: Freshman Basketball 9; JV Basketball 10; Varsity Basketball 11-12; Softball 9-10.Memories: I just want to thank the people who mean the most to me and made G-F interesting. Thanks Judi, EC for making life difficult the B-Ball teams and all the fun we have had.Ambition: To have a great life and own a black convertible Mercedes and to see David G w a decent girlfriend. TAMMY LYNN GROVE - Tam, Dizz - Activities: Jr. Civitans 9-10; Powder Puff 12.Memories: 1 am glad it is over!! Special thanks to AE, DK, SK, JC, MC, CF1! Summer of ’85, OC or BUST!, and especially Chris R.MAmbition: Live at O.C. again this summer! Become a photographer, most of all marry the man I love, live by the beach, and always be happy!! JACQUELINE KAY GROVES - Angel, Dizzy, Blondie - Activities: Cosmeto¬ logy 10-12; VICA 10-12.Memories: High school was great but I couldn’t make it through without my friends, especially David, Steve, Tracy, John, Julia, Jessica and Jim, they’re the best.Ambition: To become a professional hair dresser and marry the man of my dreams. JUDITH ELAINE GROW - Judi, RP - Activities: Freshman Cheerleading 9; J V Cheerleading 10-11 .Memories: It was an experience that I’ll never forget! Thanks to all the people for making it so great! Especially Julie and Kevin and LaTanya! ILYA! Thanks DG for a great sophomore year.Ambition: To graduate from college, have a great career, be rich and happy with the man I love, and drive a convertible white Mercedes! GENA RAE GUNN - Gigi - Activities: Freshman Basketball 9; JV Basketball 10; Varsity Basketball 12; DECA 12; SGC 9.Memories: High school has been a very social experience for me, and its all been great but I’m at the point where I’m glad its over with.Ambition: My ambition is to receive my diploma and pursue the opening and operation of my business. ROBIN LYNN GURSKI - Robby - Activities: SGC 9, FBLA 10, DECA 12, Latin Club 12.Memories: Thanx Sue A., Patti B., Kristie S., Sue F. (YGLI), Mita J. (Forever if ever). You all made it worthwhile. Terri E. hang in there, just one more year to go.Ambition: Marry a gorgeous billionaire so I’ll never have to work a day in my life, have three kids and live in Hawaii. GREGORY H. HALE - Greg - Activities: Signet 9-12; Computer Club 11-12; Math Club 12; JV Soccer 10-11; Varsity Soccer 12.Memories: It’s been an interesting 4 years at G-F. Thanks “Mott " , JM, CK, and “RAMBOA " for making it fun. Thanks coaches Aleo and Zimmermann for everything.Ambition: Go to college, get a job, and make lots of money, and live at the beach. STEVE HAMRIC - Beaver, Beave, Stever - Activities: Freshman Basketball 9; Outdoor Track 9-12; Indoor Track 10-12.Memories: Me and Shoop had a blast. Thank you Jodi, you made it all worth while.Ambition: To own a black Ferrari, but mostly to marry the girl I fell in love with almost 2 years ago—I love you Jodi!! CATHY HANNA - Munckin, Smurfette, Cassy - Model UN Club.Memories: It’s been great a G-F thanks to my friends BM, SB, JD, SD, and MH. Thanks a lot you guys, its been great.Ambition: To go to beautician school and get my license and open my own hairstyling shop. MARIA A. HARLEY - Angel - Activities: Hero Club 1 1.Memories: Glad it’s over! Good luck to the underclassmen.Ambition: To be rich, get married and have a family. GARY ' HARRELL - Surf - Activities: Key Club 10; Soccer 10-12; Yearbook 11; Cross Country 9.Memories: High school has taught me what 1 really am, and I have learned that I really am someone.Ambition: 1 want to go to college and get my degree (Masters at least) by the time I’m 26, and then make money and have a good life. KIMBERLY ' JO HARRIS - Kim, KimJo - Activities: Freshman class secretary 9; Flag Corp 10-1 I; SADD 10-12; Powder Puff 1 2; Latin Club 12.Memories: It was fun but now it’s time to move on. Thanks to all of the people who were always there when I needed them. Good Luck!Ambition: Go to college, meet a very wealthy man, get married and live happily ever after. DA VII) HASTIE - Hastiecake - Activities: Indoor Track 10-1 1; Outdoor Track 10; Cross Country I 1; Crew 12; Latin Club 12.Memories: School was tripendicu- lar. Dave and Ken, Marathon Men. Thanks Ruel, Tonja and Gurnie. You’re the best. Good-bye to Nancy, Scott, Rob. Love ya’ll.Ambition: College. Someday become an underwater photographer and travel the world. Run the Boston Marathon and a triathlon. Find the right girl; together forever. JEANETTE ANNE HAYES -Jet, Net, Hazel - Memories: It was OK but I’m glad its over! Thanx Julie, Kris, Keany, and Dawn for helping me get through it.Ambition: Be an accountant for a rock-n-roll band and open a doobie factory. J. RUEL HAYMOND - Activities: Varisty Cross Country 9-12, manager 12; Dominants 12.Memories: Dominants, barbershop, music period! Found true friendship in all classes. Ballooning with LDS buddies! Seminary at 6:00. Love to all who know me and remember!!Ambition: BYU hopefully, have an awesome time, then on a 2 year church mission, then a beautiful wife to love and honor, enough kids to love! MARTHA HAYMOND - Mar, Marfga - Activities: Junior Civitans 9; Hyphen 12; SADD 12; Teen Counselor 12.Memories: 1 grew up a lot. Thanks to my favorite twin—I love you Ruel! Good memories are left here. I plan to create many more.Ambition: I plan to go to college, go on an LDS mission, major in psychology, get married have 7 children. RACHAEL HAYWARD - Rach - Activities: Rifles 9; Junior Civitans 10-11, president 11; Varsity Choir 9; Treble Choir 10,12; Concert Choir 10-12; All County Choir 10; Regional Choir 10.Memories: I’m glad it’s almost over. A special thanks and all my love to Calvin! I Love You!!Ambition: To graduate from G-F and live life to its fullest with the one I love. ALBERT HENDERSON - Albie - Activities: Freshman Football 9; Industrial Arts Club 11 .Memories: It wasn’t too bad! It got better every year. Thanks to DT, RG, MW, RR, BP and especially PJ, I love ya!Ambition: To relax for a year, go to trade school and learn computers, make big bucks, buy fast cars, and be with Pam forever. TROY HETRICK - Mr. H - Activities: Freshman Football 9; JV Baseball 10; Varsity Baseball 1 1-12; JV Football 10; Varsity Football 11-12; Drama Club 10; National Honor Society 11-12.Memories: I only liked the first day and the last day of school, but my girlfriend, Chrissy, made the other 178 days wo rthwhi¬ le.Ambition: Go to college, get a Master’s Degree in science, get married and have at least two kids, be a successful engineer, and gey my Lamborghini. MIKE HIGGINS - Hig - Memories: High school to me was like a big social time. You learned a few things but could still have a good time. Good luck underclass¬ men.Ambition: I plan on graduating and then going on to college to be an engineer and computer science major and then own a condo on the beach. ANDRE K. HILL - Magic A. - Memories: It’s been fun while it lasted but I’ll never do it again. Bye Kim M., Anita H., and Travis C. Keep cool and stay out of trouble.Ambition: To make a lot of money and move to Germany with Kim M. The girl I love. CHRISTINE MARIE HINKEL - Kristy, Chris, Chrissy, Sugar, Blondie, Babe - Activities: Volleyball 9-11; Spanish Club 11; French Club 9.Memories: It was fun, but lasted too long! Thanks to SK, JC, AG, PT, JT, Emerson, TG, AE, AM. 1 love you all! Good-bye G-F.Ambition: To graduate and take a long Carribean trip, and marry the one 1 love. Thanks forever. I love you Rob. KENNETH HODGE -Slim - Activities: Track 9-10.Memories: There has been so many good times and bad, Im just glad its comming to an end.Ambition: To become rich, successful and own my own company. MICHAEL ALAN HODGES JR. - Hollywood, Holly - Activities: Football 9- 12.Memories: I fee! it can be changed in some places, but overall I think it is very nice.Ambition: I can only hope to be the best I can be in life. JENNIFER LYNN HOLBERT - Jen - Activities: Treble Choir 9-11; FBLA 1 1- 12; SADD.Memories: Its been great! I’ll never forget the fantastic times I had! Thanks to my family and friends for always being there when I needed them.Am¬ bition: to live a happy, healthy, and successful life. JACK HONEYCUTT -Activities: Industrial Art Club 9; Ham Radio Club 10; VICA 1 1 -12.Memories: school was good while it lasted. I will be glad to be out. Life is rough out there. I will probably miss Gar-Field.Ambition: to party my butt off at Va. Beach and to go back to school at a technical college. ROBERT HOOD - bobby. Bob, Fish, Tuna Fish, Hood - Activities: Football 9; JV Soccer 10-11 .Memories: It was great while it lasted. Good luck to the party animals: Brian, Mike, Ray, John, Karen, Beth, and Tom. Missy, I finally made it.Ambition: to go to college, become a successful lawer, make lots of money, drive a sporty car, and marry my angel Missy. KIMBERLY DIANE HOWARD - Kim, Nilia - Activities: Teen-Counseling 11- 12; DECA 12.Memories; Thanks to G-F grads, CB and LC. I made it! I’ll never forget DT either. We’ve had some wild times. Love you alllAmbition: To live and experience Moo-Moo! Travel the world. Be wild, crazy, happy and loaded. MICHELLE HOWARD - Mich, Smiley, Mouth - Activities: FBLA 9; Teen Counceling 12; Varsity Choir 10; Concert Choir 11-12; Dominants 11-12; All County Choir 11-12; Regional Choir 12; Va. All State Choir 12; Drama Club 12.Memories: School was great, classes were tough, but I finally made it! I’ll miss my teachers (some of them) and my friends. Good luck to all!Ambition: After School, I’m going to college to major in music. Someday I’ll be as good of a teacher as Mrs. Moyers. SENIOR DIRECTORY BARRY HUDDLESTON - Barney, Bear, Barryroo, Trollman - Activities: Con¬ cert Band 9.Memories: My thanks and best wishes to JPL, CL, SB, ME, MF. Its been a great four years, but I wouldn’t repeat them for anything.Ambition: Go to college and study to be a cop. Get married and buy a house with a two car garage and a pool in the back yard. WILLIAM DOUGLAS HUNDLEY -Charlie, Zulu, Chaddie, Branch - Activi¬ ties: JV Soccer 9; Varsity Soccer 10-12; Model UN 10-11; Latin Club 10-11; 1984 Govenor’s School for the Gifted 10; Signet 9-12; Journalism 11-12; SGC rep. 9,11-12; Black National Merit Semi-Finalist.Memories: I’ve really enjoyed it here, but I’m ready to go to college. I’ll always remember lunch. Hey Simcic, I’m whipped! Drew, give me some mayonaise.Ambition: Go to UVA or Brown, major in political science, and make America safe for Liberalism, or be a Navy pilot and own a Porshe 911 Convertible! HEIDI LEE HUNTER - Lil’ Red, Carebear - Activities: Orch. 9-10; Junior Civitans 10-11; FBLA 12; Senior Class 12.Memories: School has been a trip. Mom and Dad: I love you. Thanks Cabby and Mary for all those crazy tZimes. (ILYLT) Beware MenlAmbition: Go to college. Become a successful business woman, marry a sexy rich man that I can love as well as spend his money, and enjoy! AMY LEE HUNNICUTT - Jughead, Mouse, Aim, Amy Lee - Activities: Pep Club 9; Treble Choir 10; Concert Choir 1 1-12; Dominants 12; Regional Choir 1 1; Hero Club 11.Memories: It was wonderful! Cardinale was a trip - thanks. I still wish Mr. Gainous was here though! To the gang: Thanks Jeanine, Shelagh, Kimo, Celeste and Michelle. ' Ambition: To marry Kimo, have a Lamboghini, two chil¬ dren, and listen to Creamy yell every night and own my hair design shop! EBORAH LOUISE HUTSON - Ebbie, Cantalopes, Lou-Lou, capt.;PSI B-7 - Activities: Indianettes 9-1, Captain 12; SGC 9-11, Vice President 1 1; Homecom¬ ing Princess 9-11; DECA 11-12; Gymnastics 9.Memories: High School has been great. I’d like to thank BC for our friendship in the past. I’ll treasure it forever! Thanks BB and Jane you are both super people. I’ll miss everyone here at G- F!Ambition: I plan to go to college and also be on a drill team as Great as the Indianettes! But I’m still looking for that “special guy”. JOHN JEFFREY INGRAM -Jeff, Ingy, Sheff - Activities: Marching Band 9-12; Sym. Band 10-12; Dominants 10-12; Concert Choir 12; Drama 11-12; SADD 10- 12.Memories: Thanks to Mr. Jones, Mrs. Moyers and Mrs. Taylor also David, Jerry, Barry, the Band and Choir. Special thanks to Gerald and of course Shelly whom I can never forget.Ambiton: Pick a college that will take me and major in college. CONCHITA N. IRBY ' - Chee Chee - Activities: Girls Basketball 9,12; Treble Choir 9,12; Concert Choir 9,12; DECA 12.Memories: High School is a way to teach people how to act before you hit the real world. I’ve learned a lot. It prepares me for college and I met different kinds of people.Ambition: To become a singer and a fashion model. 1 plan to go to college and study music, business and communications. ANGELIQUE JACKSON - Angie - Activities: DECA 9; Hero 1 1 .Memories: It had its good times and bad times. I’m glad its over with.Ambition: To work harder and stay with my man John Newman (Reese). KELLY EAE JACKSON - Kel-Kel, Ms.V, Kell 1, Kel-Fae - Activities: Indian¬ ettes 9; Yearbook 12; Powder Puff 12.Memories: It was a blast! Thanks Kellie (MYBB), Gina, Tiff, LW, SA, SM and KG. You all made it special. Tiff some of the best things happen at or following parties 7-21-9-7. Ms.O and Ms.R I’ll never forget all the memories -squeally wheels, phone calls, side walks, bananas, TP and hubcaps. Andy - remember! (dreams)!Ambition: To go to ODU (party), make big bucks and always be happy. Beach 86 here we come! SHERRY ANN JACKSON - Short-cake - Activities: VICA; Basketball manag¬ er; Pep Club.Memories: The year I’ve been in school has been a pain. I’m glad this is my last year. School has been a lot of work and a lot of fun.Ambition: When 1 get out of High School I’m going to modeling school. So I can make lots of money to take care of my baby. TRACEY RENEE JACKSON - Tray, Scooter - Activities: Track 9; Cheerleading 10-11; Jr.Class Secretary; Senior Class Vice-President; Leo Club 9; DECA 10; Pep Club 12; Close jup 12; FBLA 12; Who’s Who Among Distinguished High School Students.Memories: Schools finally over - Thank goodness! I still have a long way to go. Kevin and Kim (thanks) I couldn’t have made it without you.Am¬ bition: To go to Va. State and then move to New York. Keep in touch with all my friends - KM and KF and to be with Alonzo Johnson... forever! ALLEN JAMES - AJ - Activities: Football 9,11; Wrestling 9-12; Track 9-12; Art Club 9,10; Vocational School 11.Memories: I’ve just moved here to Gar-Field, and I like the system, and the people here are great. Nice looking girls too.Ambi¬ tion: I Would like to be an architect or maybe make a career out of the service. If possible, a millionaire. A chain of Karate Schools. SONJA MONIQUE JAMES - Sony, Sone, Brown eyes - Activities: JV Basket¬ ball 9; Piano 9; Varsity Softball 10; Gospel Choir 10; FHA 11; Forensics 11-12; Leo Club 12; Senior Class Treasurer 12; FBLA 12. Memories: It was a learning experience that will follow me throughout life. Many thanks to my family, friends, and teachers. Most of all 1 thank God.Ambition: To become a successful doctor, own a Mercedes Benz 450, live in a mansion, marry a wealthy man, and hit the Lotto for a million. LAURA J. JARRAIT- LJLB, GA, Brainiac - Activities: National Honor Society 11-12; Signet 12; Drama Club 10; Math Club 12; Close Up 12.Memories: It was definitely an experience and I loved it, but I wouldn ' t go through it again. Thanks for the great times Pam, McCormick and Reggie!Ambition: To get a job in the math or computer field, get rich, drive a Corvette, marry a super guy and be happy. BOBBY JEFFERSON - God, Father Bob - Activities: Freshman Football 9; Wrestling 10.Memories: It wasn’t one of the finer moments of life but I survived. (Will you?)Ambition: To succeed and be the best in my field. JILL ELAINE JENNINGS - Jen, Thirsty, JJ - Activities: Track 9; Drama 9,11,12; Student Council 10; Treble Choir 12.Memories: Thanks KW for all the good times. High School was great! I met lots of great friends I’ll never forge- t!Ambition: To become a broadcaster and live a very enjoyable life. DAVID JILLSON - Activities: All County Band 9; Concert Band 9; Symphonic Band 10-12; Stage Band 11-12; Marching Band 9-12; Drum Major 12; Computer Club 10; Crew Club 11-12; President 12.Memories: Its been very exciting (and mildly educational) Thanks to Jeff I, Laura O, Matt S, Vicki M, the Band, Mrs. Allison and Ms. Simon in Math, and most of all Mr. Jones and all the jokes. Ambi¬ tion: To attend a large university and persue a career in chemistry while keeping in touch with music. Make many friends, get rich, and have a great time doing it. CARL A. JOHNSON - CAJ, Lewis - Activities: Cross Country 10-12; Indoor Track 10-12; Outdoor Track 9-12; Spanish Club 1 1 .Memories: Its been a steping stone of better things to come. Hopefully all the torture of schoolwork will pay off in years to come.Ambition: My ambition is to attend school, get a good job and to be able to spend loosely on the things 1 want. CYNTHIA MARIE JOHNSON - Cindy, Spice - Activities: Cheerleader 10-11; Indianettes 12; Senior class secretary.Memories: High School is a good experi¬ ence. There are good times and bad times, but the best times are those spent among friends.Ambition: To attend Bauder Fashion College in Atlanta and open my own clothing store. MICHELA LOUISE JORDAN - Miggy, Chela, Ho-Ho - Activities: SGC repre¬ sentative 9-11; DECA 12; Leo club 12; Powder Puff 12.Memories: Purr-feet, deli¬ ciously scandalous! Thanks MM, JP, TD, and the rest of the B-crew. I had such a naughty time and made such a pretty mess- do you think I ' m a nasty girl?Ambi- tion: To be a Playboy bunny centerfold and Playmate of the year. MITA JUDY - Meechelle, Mighta, Meeda - Memories: It was o.k.- Thanx madre and daddy for everything! Love ya’ll! Jeff Me- Thanx for being my true friend, love ya babe! Carrie S. Annie’s 1- LET’S HIT THE BEACH! Later G-F!Ambi- tion: To get out of Dale City be very happy and very rich! Marry the best looking guy in the world, wherever he may be! I’ll find him! REGINA CATHERINE JUSTICE - Gina, Shorty, Lil Lar - Activities: Flags 9- 10; Co-capt 10; Spanish club 9-10; J V cheerleading II; Powder Puff 12.Memories: I can’t believe it’s over! Thanks to my friends, it was all worth while- Donna, Julie, Kelly, Tiffany and expecially Mom! I LOVE YA ALLJAmbition: Go on to college with Larry and share a happy and successful life with him. Oh, and Larry- ILYSM! LINDA KASIK- Activities: JV basketball 9-10; Varsity basketball 11-12; NHS II- 12.Memories: Thanks Wendy, Michelle, Gavin, Jane, Frances and Robert for everything. Special thanks to Scott- I couldn’t have made it without you. Dad I love you!Ambition: Go to college and fill each day with all the happiness David has given me. You mean the world to me David. I’ll love you forever! SCOTT KEHN - Activities: Freshman football; SGC rep. 9,12; Model UN 1 I; VP 12; Student Council 12.Memories: High School was great after you get past all the tests. Thanks to MP, GG, LA, TR, and Adolph Coors, you fellows made the weekends.Ambition: To graduate from a good college, earn too much money at a job I really enjoy, and eventually become the monarch of my own kingdom. MICHAEL PAUL KENDRA - Kooky, Kook, Jerome - Activities: Freshman Basketball 9; JV Basketball 10-11 .Memories: Best years of my life especially in between classes. Thanks Andy. Remember Geometry. The best times were all the Go-Go’s we attended. Remember Time Will Reveal.Ambition: To attend college and become a successful rich person. I would also like to attend Pfeifer college. Remember our motto Bojangle. TAMMY LYNNE KENNEDY - T-Bird, Tee, T-T - Activities: SGC Rep. 9-10; DECA Club 10-11; Sophomore Beauty Pageant; Powder Puff Football 1 2.Memo- SENIOR DIRECTORY ries: Its been great! Especially my junior year. B clan forever! Thanks Tina, Kerry, And Angie! Your the best! Mark thanks for the summer of 85! I’ll never forget it!Ambition: Go to college and party, marry a rich sexy playboy, drive a Porsche and be happy forever! Va. Beach or Bust 86! SHERRI KIDWELL - Activities: Varsity Choir 9-11; Treble Choir 10-12; Pep Club 9; Drama 11.Memories: These past four years have been a lot of fun. My special thanks to: TB, SS, SC, CT, CR, JH, JJ.Ambition: To find a good paying job. Then find the perfect guy and marry him. ROBERT Y. KIM - Memories: It was great while it lasted, I can’t wait until I’ve gone to college. I will miss my friends and teachers. I wish Gar-Field the best of years to come.Ambition: Major in pre-med, graduate with a doctors license and live happily ever after. JOYCE KING - Jo Jo - Memories: High School was ok, but I am glad that it is my last year.Ambition: Work hard and take care of my beautiful daughter Monique. MARK KING - Marcos, Marcus - Memories: I consider Gar-Field High School as a major contribution to my future of wealth and success. Although it wasn’t too bad I’m glad its over.Ambition: To go to college and then join the Air-Force to become a pilot and come out making $75,000 a year being an airline pilot. RICHARD KING - Kingman, King - Memories: High School was very fun. It was the best years of my life. But it could have been less work. Good luck to all underclassman. G-F 1.Ambition: To join the Air Force and become a fire fighter. SUSAN ANNETTE KING - Muffy, Short Stuff - Activities: Volleyball 9-11; Softball 10; Powder Puff Football 12; Junior Civitens.Memories: It was there and had to go! Thirsty H - this Buds for you! Tammy G - a beach for you to play horse on! Janet C - self control, Andrea E - more green!Ambition: A one-nite stand with Sylvester Stallone and party until I marry! Chris C, I love you! KEVIN KINNEY ' - Activities:Freshman Football 9; German Club 10-11; Jour¬ nalism 11; Video Tech 12.Memories: High School was great. Thanks JPF for throwing up in my car. Best of luck to my friends: RN, JPF, EN, BR, SB, DG and EM.Ambition: Go to college and have fun. MELANIE KLUGH -Shorty, Krazy Klugh, Moo - Gar-Field Rifle Drill Team 9; SGC represenative 9-12; Junior Civitans 10; FHA 10.Memories: High School, well what can I say, its been real! Thanks to many friends! Enjoy it while you can!Ambition: To get out of Gar-Field, leave Dale City, and enjoy my life for once! Go to Bahamas, Jamaica, Virgin Islands, Hawii and live it up. CHRISTOPHER J KNEPP -Spike, Fuzzy, Knapp - Science Club 12.Memories: Its been real! All four of my years at Gar-Field were really fun, but I’m glad its all over! F-A-T-E-R!Ambition: To go to college and major in engineering. Be the richest dude in the world and live at the beach! Surfs up dude! BRIAN ANTHONY KNOBE - BK, Obi-Wan - Freshman Football 9; JV Foot¬ ball 10; Computer Club 12.Memories: High School has been a great learning experience. It has also been a time for maturing. These past four years will last forever in my heart.Ambition: To advance swiftly in the computer industry and to get rich while doing it. I also want to live a full life. KECIA ANN KNOERNSCHILD - Quiche, Kirsha, Twiggy - Yearbook 11 - Student Fife Editor 12; Powder Puff 12.Memories: Thanks to my best friends Fisa, Dana, Gail, and Tracy. It was a blast! It was fun BW, MF, TW, MH, CK, TK, CC, and Cuz. The V-Crew - Fisa B, Dana, Kristie, and Fisa F, 86 208 will rock again! Fove ya Dad and Mom.Ambition: To marry my perfect man with dimples and be a travel agent. MICHAEL KOCHERHANS - Poko Hanis, Coco Hanis - Activities: Tennis 10- 12; Indoor Track 12.Memories: How hard it is to skip classes. Friends that didn’t do DG, JB, JM. To All That Prolong For Education Are Full OF.Ambition: Get what 1 don’t want. To get a yacht and travel the seas. WILLIAM V. KONE - Kone boy, Will, Bill - Activities: Model UN 10-12, Forensics 11-12; Manager Volleyball 12.Memories: Its a pain. But you have to stick with it or else you can suffer another year with your favorite bum.Ambition: Go to college, join the Army as an officer or run for President of the Anarks-A,Z- Party. NANCY ' KRUCZEK - Kroaze, Kruczek - Memories: It was okay, but I am glad it’s over. I never would have made it without my b friends Teresa and Angie, especially “T”. Stionized always. Ambition: To become a very rich person and spend money like crazy and live happily ever after with my sweetie Chris A. 1FY. JOANN LACY- Joe, Shorty, Jody Bear - Activities: VICA 12. Memories: School has been fun. The teachers, principals and counselors have been great. But most of all school’s been great because of my friends. Ambition: To live a long happy life with Norman.(1 love you babe) To graduate and to make something of myself in the real world. JEFF LAM - Fambo, Fambert - Activities: Spanish club 10; VICA 11-12; Crew 12. Memories: School has been a trip thanks to the Zulu Nation- BD, DT, DF, SM, MR, CH, and I am glad I finally “gradutated.” Ambition: To be president of the YBDA, and own my own brewery, and go to college and get an “edumacation.” NHAT-HANG LAM - Hang - Activities: Teen Counseling 11-12; History club 11- 12; AFS 10; Fatin club 10-11; NHS 11-12; Math club 12. Memories: It has been exhausting but fun. To all my friends, especially Kim, Christy, and Faura-Beth: Thank you for making these past four years so special! Ambition: To successfully major in aerospace engineering, make FOTS of money, buy my parents their mansion, and lead a happy life! DWA YNE FRANCIS LANDRY - D, Frog, Dwayney - Activities: D + D club 9; VICA 11-12; Crew 12; Soccer 9-12. Memories: The most fun anyone could have with their clothes on; Jeff I’ll never forget you; BM- Arf! MM-Crash! RM- I can’t see; BD and SM- Party Naked; BC I’ll always treasure our time together. Zulu Nation Rules “86” Ambition: Go back South and attend FSU; party one more time on July 4th with the gang and the Beach Boys; become a Chippendale poster model. CALVIN LAWRENCE JR - Cal, Mr. Hallway - Activities: Wrestling 11-12; FBFA 10-12; Concert choir 11-12; Dominants 12; All county and regional 11-12; State choir 12. Memories: First I give thanks to God and my family, then, Suzie Troiano, Kim Barnhart, Cindy Grove, FD, DR, and all my love to Carla R. To Matt M. and Che B. good luck. Ambition: To become whatever God would have me be and to marry Angie Coates. DANIEL L. LA WRA Y- Danny, Danz, Doc - Activities: SGC 9-10; Pep club 11-12; dance dj 11-12; Variety show 11-12. Memories: I have enjoied high school but it’s time to move on, keep the school crankin CW Diggs, Hac, Furg, Cope, and all of my peoples. Ambition: To go to college, then become a pro basketball coach or a mailman. Also get married and have lots of kids. Be cool ya’ll. JOHN PAUL LAYNE - Pope, Holmes - Memories: It was ok but they need to give more time between classes, right RN? Good luck KK, SC, DG, BR, BH, and most of all KF. BC no fat chics. Ambition: To graduate from Polytech Institute. Then move to Cambodia and be a rice farmer. KATHERINE MARIE LEBLANC- Kathy, Peaches, Krazy - Activities: FHA9- 10; JV Soccer 10; HOSA II; ICT 12. Memories: Gar-Field’s been great. I’ll miss it. Thanks Tracey and Paige, also my mom and dad. Steve, I love you and not even the K’s can take that away! Ambition: To have a huge wedding when Steve and I are married and once and for all pay back ??? for all the trouble she’s caused me! DANA LEE- Jeans, Bruce Lee - Activities: Drama and Dominants. Memories: High school has been excellent, the last three years have gone by so quickly. I’ve seen a lot of my friends go and now it’s my turn. I’ll miss it. Ambition: To become a singer, actress, model, dancer, newsreporter, and when I’m around 40 a fashion designer. Marry a rich old man. KRISTEN LEE - Memories: It’s been great! I would never have made it through without my friends, Jo and Danny. Thanks for being there guys. Fove ya Danny. Ambition: To go to college and make lots of money. SUSAN CAMILLE LEE- Sue, Susic-Q - Activities: FBFA 12. M emories: It was ok. The best times were with my friends. Thanks SC and JF for some really great times! Good luck underclassmen. Ambition: To have a successful life, a lot of fun living, a good job, and have a family of my own. MICHELLE LEIGH LEONARD - Sholly - Activities: Cheerleader 9-10; Basket¬ ball 10; Cross Country II. Memories: In my case, high school has been a number of wonderful things. I have gone to a different school for each year, and have made lots of friends and had many great experiences. Ambition: To get a super job and settle down and live in one place for the rest of my life with a future husband and kids. NADINE KATHRYN LENAR - Tittle woman, Spankie, Duck - Activities: Pep club 9; VICA 12. Memories: High school was the best 9-11 thanx to Eddie. I love ya! 12 was fun thanx to CW, KE, and MM. Ambition: Have a good paying job. Be happy and marry Eddie, my special sweetheart. Because you mean a lot to me. Me You forever. ERIC LERFALD - Red, Brain - Activities: Concert Choir 10-12; Varsity Choir 9; Soccer Manager 10-12; Drama Club 10. Memories: It has been interesting to say the least. I have enjoyed the memories and the company of friends and acquaint¬ ances. Good-bye Gar-Field! Ambition: Go into the Coast Guard, then become a police officer. ELIZABETH YVONNE LERNER- Beth, Spazo, Spunky - Activities: FBFA 11- 12; COE 12. Memories: THANK GOD IT’S OVER! Thanks Mr. C (Daddy) for all the great times and good advice. Bye Mr. C; Momma O; Mr. Artz; and all my good buddies. Ambition: Continue working with IBM. Make more money; move to Florida; Buy a 4x4 and a new 3-wheeler; and someday get married. SENIOR DIRECTORY SUSAN KAREN LERVOLD - Bubbles, Susie - Activities: All County Band 9; County and State Ensemble 9-10; All State 9; Marching Band 9-12; All State Alt. 11; Stage Band 12. Memories: It’s been fun! But I’m sorry that my irresponsibili¬ ties have come to an end. Thanks JS, MT, and most of all TC. DD, may the $’’goose” farm live on forever! Thanks mom and dad! Ambition: To go to the University of Maryland and possibly major in music. Later I’ll get married, have two kids and lots of money. STEVE LICHTENFELS - Shorty - Memories: High school has been fun, the teachers have been nice, the students are ok, and the athletics were pretty good. I can’t wait to get out and start making money. Ambition: To work for my dad, as a construction worker; or any other job that has to be done outside. DAVID LINKOUS - Dave, Country boy, Hick - Activities: VICA 12. Memories: It was a trip. It was pretty good except for the work. Thanks to JC, JM, MB, and WF for helping me out when I moved here. Ambition: To go to WVU with a few friends and study! But, of course, we won’t be studying school work. JO LOCKLEAR - Josie - Activities: COE 12; FBLA 12. Memories: I finally made it! I couldn’t have done it without Kris, Scott, Ant, and Mike. Good luck Na and Jules. Love ya Doug! Ambition: To go to college and then make lots of money at IBM. JERI ANN LOTHES - Elmer, J. Fudd, Angel - Activities: SGC 12; DECA 12. Memories: Switching classes with Teri, Senior pranks at MV and all my new friends. Many thanks to Steven- I LOVE YOU. Smile! Ambition: Continue as a paramedic and continue to study photography. Someday I’ll marry that special guy in my life. RAOUL DANIEL LUNA - Danny, Twiggy, Tick - Activities: VICA 10; DECA 10-11; VP 12. Memories: Played it off like it was a joke! Glenn, Deirdre, and Jeff all made it FANTASTIC! Robby, always remember the cherries in our cars. Ambi¬ tion: To live the Purple Life! ROSSINGTON DANEAL LUNES- Ross, Rashington, Dan - Activities: Drama 10-11; VICA 12; Tennis 11. Memories: It was a trip thanx to Renne, KK, Wayne, Gus, LA, Berta, Sam, and everyone else ( U know who UR)! Ambition: To star in a Levi’s 501 Blues commercial or to become an MTV VJ. TRACEY MacCALLUM - Ray-Ray, Tray, Iron lungs - Memories: Em glad it’s over. I had a great time in high school. I won’t ever forget my best friends KL and PM, good luck! Ambition: To become rich without going to college, marry a very rich guy, and have fun living and spending money. ROXANNE MARIE MACKIE - Rocky, Runt, Sproket - Activities: Teen Coun¬ seling 11-12; Spanish Club 9-12; Latin Club 12; JV Soccer 11; Literary Magazine II; History Club II; Orchestra 9; Varsity Soccer 12. Memories: It was a great talkative 4 years thanks and love to my buddies Becky and Michelle (TTM always!) All my love and laughter to BD, SM, DL, JL, VM, KB, DK, and DR. Ambition: To go to college, become successful, rich, and happy, while living in Rio de Janiero, drive a red fcrrari and marry a Chippendale look alike. JEFF MADORMA - Jeffray, Jeteray, Scrub - Activities: NHS 11-12. Memories: I’ll always remember these last four years, all the friends I’ve met, and all the good times. Sec ya all later. Ambition: Go to WVU, become a millionaire, and go cruisin with David, Joey, and Matt in my Lamborghini (and I’ll chauffeur Dana and Lisa) JOSEPH P. MAKOLANDRA - Big, Mak - Activities: Football 9-12. Memories: High school was great, it just went by so quick. I want to thank all my friends for making it enjoyable.(Ron, Rich, and Kris) Ambition: To go to college, be very successful, and to be happy with myself and my life. MIGUEL MALDONADO - Memories: It has been an ugly experience. I’m glad to get out of here. Ambition: To go to law school and later the Navy and afterwards make lots of money and get involved in politics. ROSA MARQUINA - Activities: VICA 9-12. Memories: It was a great year I am going to miss my friends and the school. Ambition: To be a good cosmetologist but I want to study more yet into cosmetics. TANYA RENEE MARSHALL - Activities: Drama Club 9-10; Who’s Who 11; Latin Club 12; Indianettes 11; co-captain 12. Memories: Good times spent with good friends! Special thanks to Sandra B.(love ya!), my bro Chrt, and especially my babes Mike, ILY! Indianettes - YOU’RE THE BEST! Ambition: Graduate from GF, go to college, become a psychologist, and then its off to the mountains with Mikee! (S. Rem. AM, BD, CM, DM, MH, MM, MP, RD) KATHLEEN ROSE MAWANAY - Kathy, Ma-wa-nay - Activities: Symphonic Band 9-12; Marching Band 10-12; Regional Choir 10-12; All State Orchestra 11; Concert Choir 12; Honors Choir 12; All County Choir 12. Memories: It was fun and I’m glad it’s almost over! Thanks to everyone, especially Mrs. Moyers and the Dominants! The past four years have been terrific! Ambition: I hope that one day I’ll become one of the best vocal coaches at the metropolitan opera. TRACY LYNN MA Y- Trac-me, Trace - Activities: Basketball 9-12; Teen Coun¬ seling 11; Powder Puff 12; Yearbook 10-12; sports editor 11; editor-in-chief 12; Softball 10-12. Memories: What an experience but it was great. Thanx to KK (WTF?) GG, DR, LB, LF, KS, CK, BW, and my little bro Hal, miss ya! Thanx mom and dad and esp. Gary, ILY!! Ambition: Attend college, major in account¬ ing, own my own business, live in style, marry Gary, have kids, and own a 280 ZX turbo. TGMFF. BRENDAN MCCONNELL- Stretch - Activities: Marching Band 9; Signet 9-12; NHS 11-12. Memories: Yes, several times; I’ve still got 5 more years of college to go; many thanks to those who helped along the way. Ambition: To go to VA Tech, graduate and get a master’s degree in engineering, and help design the world’s tallest building. JOHN MCCUEN - Vietnam John, Mccoon, Javier - Memories: The last four years haven’t been that bad, but I’m glad it’s over. Hasta luege mis amigos! Ambition: To be able to read my own cartoon in the Sunday morning comics, and be a green beret. DAWN MARIE MCCULLOUGH - Dawnzie, S - Activities: Basketball 9-12; Track 10; Powder Puff 12; Girls State 11; Signet 9-12; Latin Club 11-12; Band 9-10; Teen Counseling 12. Memories: Academically it was a real pain, socially it was great. Thanks to my best buddy Amy for everything. Remember the “DAY” girls (SPIV) are “SET”. Ambition: Finally make it to the beach without getting mono, meet a gorgeous beach bum with a yellow convertible porsche, become a vet, and party thru. ANNETTE TAMAR MCMAHON - Punk’n, Netsie, Cabby - Activities: Pep Club 9-10; FBLA 12; Junior Civitans 11; Senior class. Memories: High school was excellent thanx to friends: RC, “Carebear”, MG, Hotto, Emmy, and the Brew Crew! I luv ya mom dad. Beware men! Ambition: To become a successful business woman and make big bucks. Marry the guy of my dreams and live in Paradise with JC. SEAN GA VIN MCNEIL - Thief, Sty, McSteal, Dive - Activities: Cross Country 9; Junior Civitans 9; VP 10; Crew II. Memories: Zulu rules. School had its ups and downs, but I was mostly up. BOMD- I’ll split a Mic. DL- I need my board, JL- need a case or two? DM I’ll never forget you. RM, oop’s, MM-CCD, BM-Arf. Ambition: To win a lottery, become an instant millionaire and then party till I die! Then have Brian throw a killer wake for me. RHONDA LA YNETTE MEADE- Rhondue, Rhondaroo, Hillybilly - Activities: Cheerleading 9-11; DECA 12; Crew 12; Powder Puff 12. Memories: Well, I’m not gonna miss it but I will miss my friends. Thanx to KC, ST, KB, especially Sacha; JD, RW thanx again! It’s been real! Ambition: To become an executive secretary for a big fashion company. Also become rich and own a mansion and a Porche 911. MICHELLE MEEHAN - Miki, Mik, HTH - Activities: Concert band 9-10; Spanish Club 9-12; Secretary 11; Latin Club 12; Cheerleading 10-11; DECA 12. Memories: May all the snotty, two-faced girls of GF get what they deserve. Thanks for the best times Roxanne, Rebecca, BD, DL, JL, SM, VM, DK, ST, KB, DR. All MY luck Sandy! MATT J. MEURER - Mo dog - Activities: Football 9-12; Wrestling 9-12; Base¬ ball. Memories: High school was a great time. Playing football set it up and I’m glad I met the people I did, thanks. Ambition: To be on the top. I want to be able to control what’s going on with me and my life. SANDRA ANNE MERGLER - Sam, Sandy, Smurf - Activities: FBLA 12. Memories: It’s been real; and it’s been fun; but it ain’t been real fun! Thanks to Sam L.; I wouldn’t have made it without you! LY! Ambition: To live life to its fullest! Make lots of money! And marry my one and only JLK! I love you, babe! (7-25-84) KELLIE MESECK - Kel-Kel, Kel I, Ms. O - Activities: Powder Puff 12. Memo¬ ries: Thanks SA, SM, JP, MM, TD, DB, TT, BE, and especially Kelly. Love you all! Kent- always remember the beautiful memories we’ve shared, enough to last us a life time. I love you always. Ambition: To make mom and dad proud. Thanks and I love you. To one day marry that special someone- Kent Colby. Beach ’86! DOUGLAS J. MEYER - Doug - Activities: Football 9-10. Memories: Great experience. I made a lot of friends, had a lot of fun, and I’m glad to get out! Ambition: To go to college, get a good job, and marry Jenny Panone and love her the rest of my life. MICHELLE MARGARET MIELKE- Milkbone, Waddles, M + M - Activities: SCG 10-11; DECA 12; Powder puff 12. Memories: Well, it has been a blast. Thanks to DB, TD, KM, KJ, and DD. We finally made ' it. Yea! Tom, thanks for everything, I love you! Ambition: To go to college, be Successful in the fashion world, drive a Porsche by the age of 24. Find a perfect man with money and marry him. CARLOM. MILLER- Slick - Activities: Video Tech 9; VICA 12. Memories: GF was a school with high spirit, I just couldn’t get my spirit going till my senior year. SENIOR DIRECTORY But I still had a lot of fun. Ambition: To go to college then enlist in the military. Retire and work for IBM if they’re around and become a wealthy millionaire. CHAD L. MILLER - Chadricka, CHUD, Leroy - Activities: Football 9; Com¬ puter Club 9-11; German Club 11; Track 10; VICA 10-12; Stuntman 11; Model UN 12; Track mgr. 12. Memories: School has served a purpose I guess; it was a very fast four years and GF made them full of fun and struggle. Bye! Ambition: To become a wealthy architect and live with a lovely wife and 2 kids, with a car faster than most. Have fun and party. JIM MILLER - Jimmy, James, Jimbo - Activities: JV Baseball 10; Varsity 11-12. Memories: All of the fun I had with my friends in and out of school. Ambition: To go to a two year college and improve grades then transfer to Harvard and make some bucks PAIGE MILLER - Pobo, Miller, Babbie - Memories: Glad it’s over! Thanx to Mom, TM, KL, EW, and especially MA- I love you! You all made it even better. Ambition: To marry Mike, make lots of money and live happily ever after. SEAN MILLER - McCormick - Memories: Marching Band 9-10; Video Tech Club 9-12; Junior Civitains 11. Memories: Thanks to captain P.P. Head, Bean Head, L Jean Lima Bean, “TLAV”, for all their help, see ya at the beach! Ambition: To own a Delorean at age 25. I would also like to invent the perfect defensive weapon. To see Joe with a headful of hair. Bye! SHAWN PATRICK MILLER - Activities: Stage Band 10-12; Marching Band 10-12; Junior Variety Show 9-12; Dominants 12; Hyphen 11-12. Memories: A great place to visit, but I’m sick of living here. Thanks to Dina for making the last two years bearable. I love you! Ambition: To become a succesful musician. Not famous, just Successful. No nine to five job for me. TAMMY MINNEY- S-S, Tammy Lynn, Tabatha - Activities: Cosmetology 10- 12; VICA 10-12. Memories: Schools been great but I’m glad its over. Thanks for the great times S.R., J.M., J.S., M.B., J.O., and all the crazy girls in Cosmetology. Ambition: To get my Cosmetology license and work hard and earn lot s of money. JEROLD C. MIRANDA - Jay - Activities: National Honor Society 11-12; Signet 9-12; Outdoor Track 11-12; Math Club 12; Computer Club 12; Culture Club 12. Memories: It was fun while it lasted and I’m glad for all the friends I’ve made along the way. Thanks everybody! Ambition: To first become the richest man in history, then purchase the Hawaiian Islands and rule as absolute monarch. DINA ALINE MIZE - Dean, Ding A Long, C.C. - Activities: Drama Club 9; Junior Civitan 10-11; Varsity Band 9; Concert Band 10; Symphonic Band 11-12; Marching Band 12. Memories: Am I really getting off restriction? The best of G- F, Marie, Sophia and Theresa. Special thanks to Shawn, love ya. To Tom “Oh, well”. Ambition: To buy a house on the beach in Florida, and to have a dog named Nick who can catch a frisbee. MICHELLE LEE MOATS- Duck, G.G., B, Dizzbop - Activities: Drama Club 9; Football Manager 10-11; FBLA 12. Memories: What chaos! Thanks for the good times-K.F., C.F., S.R., P.W. Becky-Be careful, Chris-Don’t od on chocolate. I’m gonna miss y’all alot! VICKI LYNN MOATS - Vic, Pecan Pie, Peach Pouch - Activities: Drama Club 9-11; Spanish Club 11-12; Crew Club 11-12; Vice President 12; National Honor Society 11-12; Teen Counseling 12. Memories: These 4 years have flown by, allowing for some special friendships, thanks Laura, Maureen and Kristin. Also, wouldn’t have survived without W.T., B.C., M.R. and D.L.-all my love. Wendy- Mr. Muscles is yours! Ambition: To thank everyone in 25 words or less, to move to Europe, go to a Swiss ski resort and find a good looking ski instructor!! EVA MORGAN - Evanity, Vanity, Apollonia - Memories: High school was a beach and I’m elated that I’m finally through with it! Ambition: My ambition in life is to marry a rich, very handsome young man to own a hot pink, bad Porsche! BEVERLY DEE MORRIS - Memories: It was fun the last few years. I’m glad to be getting out. I couldn’t have done it without my friends, especially Jennifer and Cathy. Ambition: To graduate from high school, then travel before I settle down and have a family. JOHN D. MOTTERSHEAD - Mott, Motto, Scrub - Activities: German Club 9- 12; JV Soccer 10-11; Varsity Soccer 12.Memories: G-F’s the greatest! I had fun, I learned a lot, but I shall not return.Ambition: Leave Dale City, go to college in Southern California, ride some waves, sport my ’Stang, and unload some of the stuff they’ve crammed into my brain. REBECCA MULLINAX - Becky, ESP, Shorty - Activities: Orchestra 9; Spanish Club 10-12; History Club 11-12; Teen Counseling 12.Memories: It was an inter¬ esting trip into a new dimension. Thanks Rocky for the past 7 yrs. and Micky for the past 4 yrs. Remember the summer of ’84! A special thanks to BD, DL, SM JL for the summer of ’85! to DR for always being there for me.Ambition: To always live for the moment, to teach Rocky to talk slower to teach Micky how to dive safely. DANA MUNSON - Activities: Spanish Club 10; Latin Club 11-12; Teen Coun¬ seling 11-12; National Honor Society 11-12; Crew Club 12; Special Olympics Volunteer 11.Memories: The experience was unforgettable but worth remember¬ ing in future years. It was made even more worthwhile because of the good friends I shared it with.Ambition: To survive medical school so I can become a half-way decent pediatrician and make mucho dinero!! KA THLEEN ANN MURPHY - Kathy - Activities: Flag Corps 11 -12; SADD 9- 12; SGC 9; French Club 11-12; Powder Puff 12; Teen Counseling 11.Memories: The memories will last forever, the friendships even longer. Thanks Flags for a GREAT year! TA, CH, CF, AC, MY, DG JD - I won’t forget you.Ambition: To go to law school, pass the bar, move to New York City, and to eventually become the District Attorney of the Big Apple. SHELAGH MURPHY - Murf, Smurf - Activities: Varisty Choir 9; Concert Choir 10-11; Tennis Manager 11; SGC 9-10,12; Model UN 12.Memories: Times I’ll never forget parties, friends, boyfriends will all be cherished! Thanx to the gang Wayne! I couldn’t have made it w o ya’ll! ’86 4-ever!Ambition: Go to college and be a head shrinker. Wayne you’re an inspiration! Don’t forget our plans ( a church in Ireland). I LOVE U! KELLY MICHELLE MURRAY - Kel, Kiwi - Activities: Orchestra 9-12; All County Orchestra 9-12; Regional Orchestra 9-12; All State Orchestra 10-12; Model UN 12; SGC 12.Memories: I basically enjoyed high school. I don’t think anyone co uld have the same unique experiences anywhere except here at G- F.Ambition: I hope to earn a masters in musical performance. Someday I would like to be a successful professional musician. CHARLES MONROE MURRELL, JR. - Charlie, CJ, Ice Man - Activities: Basketball 10-12; DECA 10-12; Pep Club 10-12; Spanish Club 9; Leo Club 9- 10.Memories: Schools been fun. Thank God for blessing me to make it out. Thanks to all of the crew, especially Jonathan Brown Mr. “Fresh.’’Ambition: Join the Air Force or go to college. Come back with a lot of money and driving a corvette. Than marry my one and only love PCM. MICHELLE IVfYERS - Shell - Activities: Cheerleading 9,10,12; Softball 9-11; Basketball 10; Tennis 12.Memories: Classes were hard but the rest was great! Thanks Colleen, Karen Paige - I love ya’ll. Tammy, the parties were excellent. All my love to Kevin.Ambition: To go to college and be happy and to fulfill the three major P’s in life - a porsche, a penthouse, and a playboy! ETHAN NEWELL - Eth - Activities: JV Wrestling 10; Varsity Wrestling 11-12; Spanish Club 9; DECA 10; Drama Club 11.Memories: It was great and I’ll never forget it! Especially with my friends, the party crew - DG, KK, JV, BR, SB, JL. Thanks for the memories.Ambition: To go on to college, become a business executive, make money, and always stay happy. RUSSELL KENNETH NINGEN - Russty - Activities: Signet 9-12.Memories: Thanks to JL KK for keepin’ me laughin; good luck with KL, JD; Wrinkles, my fault it didn’t work out, never forget ya girl.Ambition: Live at a beach where it’s hot year round, marry the girl I love when I find her, enjoy life, and have a good time. KAREN NUNGESSER - Yo-Swish, Muscles - Activities: Teen Counseling 1 1- 12.Memories: It has been a fun 4 years. JF may your Hwaa! Hwaa! last forever. Remember all of our great times. D R Ho and many mo.Ambition: to buy Joanne some Ann Page Mayo and a new green glass. To make lots of money and stop traffic on a deserted road. KATHERINE G. OBCEMEA - Kathy, Kat, Kit-Kat - Activities: Spanish Club 10-12; Varsity Choir 9; Treble Choir 10; Concert Choir 11-12.Memories: It’s been real. I’ll never forget it and if I had to do it all over again ... I wouldn’t. Special thanxs to my Mom and Dad. I wouldn’t have made it without you.Ambition: To first become the world’s greatest surgical nurse, then travel the whole wide world and lastly, search for the man of my dreams, “the world’s richest doctor.” LAURA MARIE O ' BRIEN - L.O., Loria, Laramie, Princess - Activities: March¬ ing Band 10-12; Signet 9-12; Latin Club 11-12; Teen Counseling 12; National Honor Society 11-12; Symphonic Band 10-12. Memories: J.T., P.T., M.S., D.M., D.P., and all the rest of the Lunch Bunch - thanks for all the smiles, I love y’all! V.M. - test seatbelts! M.O. - where’d my locker go? J.P. - potential?! D.J. - manhole! Mike - HooHa I am! (and always will be). Ambition: Go to a fantastic college, party heavily, think several deep thoughts, marry a tall, dark, handsome man who will buy Porsches for our two-car garage. MAUREEN GAIL OGDEN - Mo, Mouwi, Lil Mo - Activities: Signet 9-12; Tennis 9-12; Tennis Club 10-12; Teen Counseling 12. Memories: I loved every minute! Thanks for the great times: Linda K., Ron, Laura O., and especially Brad. Good luck G-F tennis! Ambition: To be a linguistics major and speak about four languages, work for the government traveling all over the world, and make a lot of money. LEMEL KIM O ' NEAL - Mel, Bubbles - Activities: FCA 9; Varsity Choir 9; Concert Choir 10-12; French Club 9,11 -12; All County Choir 11. Memories: It’s SENIOR DIRECTORY been a lot of fun, and I’ve met some interesting people and made some lifelong friends. I’ll never forget it!! Ambition: Go to college, get a good-paying job and live happily ever after. THOMAS L. O’NEAL - Bum - Activities: Marching Band 9-10; V1CA 10-12. Memories: It was a trip! (where nobody konws). Thanks to the teachers. Good luck John, Biff, Mandy, Kim, and all my friends! Love you Dee! Ambition: To learn something from all my experiences in life. To always do what I enjoy doing. And in the end be happy and joyous. LATONYA JOSETTE OSBORNE - Peaches, Big Red, Poopee - Activities: Varsity Choir 9; Concert Choir 10-11; Sophomore Class Sec. 10; Jr. Class Pres. 11; Sr. Class Pres. 12; FBLA 12; Who’s Who Among American High School Students 11; SADD 10; Regional Choir 10; J.V. Cheerleader 11; Jr. Variety Show 11-12; All County Choir 1 1. Memories: Thanks to Diana, Tracey, Judi, Julie, and Steph C., my senior year was the best! Sidney, you have made me the happiest girl ever! Thanks Mom and Mike Offley!Ambition: I plan to major in Business Administration and become a legal secretary. Then I hope to marry the only man I love-SBC, I love you! GA YLANNE OUELLETTE - Frog, Tigger - Activities: Pep Club 9.Memories: It could have been a lot better than it was.Ambition: My ambition is to marry DH and become a race car driver. JENNIFER PANONE -Jenny, Jen - Activities: FBLA 9-11; Rifles 9; SGC 9-11; COE 12; FCA 9.Memories: Thanks Miggy we had some good times. Shawn, hang in there. Mom Dad thanks for everything. I love you both! Friends forever AS, BC, KM.Ambition: I want to spend the rest of my life as Jennifer Lynn Meyer and live happily ever after. MIKE PARKER - Activities: JV Baseball 10; Varsity Baseball 11-12.Memories: All in all I had a good time. Thanks to Shelagh and Scott, and to Susan who made the last two years bearable.Ambition: Go to college, major in psychology, and play baseball. Then graduate and marry Susan and live in our 165 room mansion. RONALD EDWARD PARTRIDGE - Reg, Rockin’ Ron, Football - Activities: Marching Band 9-12; Concert Band 9-10,12; Symphonic Band 11.Memories: I don’t want to do it again. Thanks Laura, Sean, Jennifer, Sonia, Kim, Jerry and gang. Now it’s time to GTFO.Ambition: To pursue a career in law enforcement. Watch out world here comes Ron. DIANA MARY PASTERCHICK -Chick, Lady D, Shortay - Activities: Indoor Track 9-10; Outdoor Track 9-10; Cross Country 10; Boys Varsity Basketball Manager II; DECA 12.Memories: Having special friends each year has helped me through high school. Thanks LaTanya, LaShawn, Charlie, Zadock (ILY) and my Latino Amigos. Go-Go Doug E-Fresh.Ambition: To marry DRD, to be as happy and good as my parents Michael and Jacqueline (Love you) Ms. Olympia 2000 ! DONALD B. PEARCE - Bickey, Bic, VetteMan - Activities: SCA 9-10; JV Baseball 9.Memories: It was fun, but it took too long, the Friday nights I’ll never forget and the PARTIES. Later—Big Dave!Ambition: I hope to go on to college and ROTC, then USAF—I wanna FLY. KRISTY PAGE PEDERSEN - Kris, Bickle, Woofie - Activities: Flags 9,11; DECA 12.Memories: Couldn’t have done it without buddies, KH, LG, CG, and KL. Its been GREAT! Scott, make these years your best! Thanks Ma and PA XXX-OOOJAmbition: To graduate from college, and become a rich and famous fashion designer, buy a pink Caddillac (convertible) and tour the world with BRUCE! PAULA PELZER - Lolly - Activities: DECA Club, FBLA, HERO Club.Me¬ mories: It has been fun. The last three years were the best. I love you Bobby.Am¬ bition: I want to be a secretary after I graduate and marry the guy of my dreams. You know who you are. CHARLES PERRIN - Chuckles - Activities: The Hyphen 84-86; Its Academic 85-86; Model UN 84-85.Memories: Warning, some material may not be suitable for parental discretion. Censorship is not admitted. Ambition: To become dictator of a small Latin-American country. DENISE LALUAN PETERS - Deni, Bagg, Dee Say - Activities: Symphonic Band 9-12; Marching Band 9-12; Spanish Club 9-12; Vice President: Literary Magazine 9-11; History Club 10-12; President 11-12; National Honor Society 11- 12. Memories: Thanks Tanya, Robert, Scott, and Gerald for the great times. Never conform Pete and Debbie. Stand fast and long last Gar-Field!Ambition: To work in a large multinational corporation in Peru, make $100,000 a year before I am 35, and to own a 67 Charger. NICOLE ANNETTE PETERS - Nikki, Cutie Pie - Activities: VICA two years; Leo Club 10-11.Memories: I really enjoy being in high school. Also being with all my friends, AJ, SJ, GG, CBW, KLH, and all the rest. Good luck to them all.Ambition: To make it in the world and also pursue my career in Cosmetology, and to meet that right person. JUDITH RENEE PHILLIPS - Judy, Judes, Kato - Memories: I’m glad I don’t have to try and do it over! Thanks to Mom, Dad, Di-Di, Michelle and Mendy. You got me through it alPAmbition: To drive cross country in my Mercedes and travel the world! RONALD G. PHILLIPS - Activities: Football 9,11,12.Memories: It’s probably going to be the worst 4 years of my life.Ambition: To be well off in life and raise a family. SUZANNE PHILLIPS -Suzy Q, Suzy, Q - Memories: It was fun. Many changes occured. I’ll miss all my friends.Ambition: To make a good life for myself, and to prove to my dad I could do it. JENNIFER SUSAN PHINNEY - Jen, Mini-Phinney, Phin-face - Activities: Concert Choir 10-12; Dominants 11-12; Orchestra 9; All-Country Choir 10-12; All-Country Orchestra 9, Regional Choir 10-12; Signet 9-12; Teen Counseling 11-12; Latin Club 12; Drama Club 11-12; All-State Choir 12; State Honors Choir 12.Memories: Wonderful! Thanks to LO, SE, JI, CS, and NS. I’m going to miss you! Patrick, the best is yet to come - I love you!Ambition: To go to college, become a teacher, get married and have tons of kids! SCOTT PIERPOINT -Activities: COE 12; FBLA 12.Memories: Its finally over but Its been fun. Thanks to all my friends: John, Barry, Jo, Ant, and everybody else. I love you Becky. Ambition: Go to college and make lots of money by working on computers, then marry Becky. KARA KINNANE PINE - Princess Eugelena, Anastasia, Kara K - Activities: French Club 9-12; Secretary 11; Concert Choir 12; Drama Club 9-12; Vice President 10; History Club 11-12; Model UN 12; Signet 9-12.Memories: High School has been utterly funkadelic. Thanks to all the Winkenthrumpians who made it so great. Take care Bridget and have a blast.Ambition: I want to attend the University of Florida and become a pharmacist. Marry a wealthy, georgeous man and drive a Mercedes-Benz Convertible. JOSH PLENTY - Acivities: Track 10,11; VICA 1 l,12.Memories: High School was fun while it lasted but it is time to move on to bigger and better things.Ambi¬ tion: I hope to become the best mechanical engineer in the world. CHRISSY PORTER - Activities: Varsity Softball Team 9-12; French Club.Me¬ mories: High School has been great, but it wouldn’t have been without Troy.Am¬ bition: I plan to be an architect and design beautiful buildings through out the world. CHRISTOPHER LA WRENCE POTVIN -Potty, Potsey, Mr Baseball - Activi¬ ties: JV Baseball 10; Varsity Baseball 11,12. Memories: Four years at Gar-Field go by fast. Thanks to all my friends and coaches Labozetta and Murphy. Good luck G-F BasebalPAmbition: To kick back with a 6-pack of yoo-hoo and talk a little baseball with Bob Vecker. KARI MICHELLE PUGH - Kar-Bear, Ker, Rib - Activities: The Hyphen 10-12; Shaman 10-12.Memories: I couldn’t have made it without those mornings in the theory hall. I especially want to give my love to Todd, Christie, Chris, and Andy. Thanks guys!Ambition: I want to live my life to the utmost while making a profound statement in our society. Thanks to MIB, I love him. BRYAN CLARENCE PURCELL - Nap, Nappy, Bip - Activities: Science Club 12.Memories: It was real, especially with the help of my buddies Chris, Jeff, and Bryan. But it’s time to move on to bigger and better things.Ambition: To graduate from VPI, become an engineer, make big bucks, and to be very content. JEFF PURCELL - Bandanna Man, Purcell - Activities: Science Club 12.Memo¬ ries: Gar-Field has been really barbaric, I had some outstanding times I won’t forget,and learned to despise Spanish. Many a thank to: BA, BIP, CK, GL.Ambi¬ tion: To get through four years of college, excell in physics, to live life to its fullest, stay close with all my friends, and play the guitar. LISA MARIE QUESENBERRY - Seesa-Ree, Princess U, Triple L - Activities: Varsity Choir 10; FBLA 11; Drama Club 10-12.Memories: Coleen, I couldn’t have made it without you! I love you. Thanks for everything. Mom and Dad! Good-bye G-F, I’ll miss you!Ambition: To achieve Health, Wealth, and Happi¬ ness. (Especially Happiness!) DARRELL RAWLINSON - Rawl, Rawlie - Activities: Football 9-12; Wrestling 9,10; Indoor Track 11; Outdoor Track 11,12.Memories: It was a drag the first two years, then it picked up and became a little more fun.Ambition: To go to a good college and try to become somebody. MICHAEL RENDINO - Brain, Dino, Kid Mello - Activities: Freshman Football 9; Junior Civitans 10; Crew Club 11; Signet 11-12; Yearbook 11; Teen Counseling 12.Memories: BD thanx 4 the parties, MS-Bro, thanx 4 a home VW, LO I give all my smiles ILY always! DL, JL, BC so many others you look mahvelous.Am¬ bition: Fly 2 Zululand, become king exile everyone w aids, then marry my wiggy, sexy princess buy us matching porsche 91 l’s. SENIOR DIRECTORY AMY REYNOLDS - Amy, E. - Activities: Girls Soccer 9-10; Symphonic Band 11; Stage Band 12; Signet 9-11.Memories: Academically boring, socially excel¬ lent. Thanx to my best friend Dawn for the memories of many parties, valentines, ear muffs, and camping.Ambition: To make lots of money, marry someone cute, and be a parent exactly like my own. KATHRYN ELIZABETH RICH - Kathy, Goldie, Kaz - Activities: Freshman Volleyball 9; JV Volleyball 10-11; Varsity Volleyball 11-12; DECA 12; Concert Band 9; Teen Counseling 11-12; History Club 11 .Memories: There were good and bad times but the good ones wouldn’t have been so much fun without ST, EB, MZ! Keep in touchlAmbition: To get a B.A. in fashion merchandising, open my own business, and become successful. DANIEL RAY RIDER - Deerslayer, Dino - Activities: Signet 9-12; Marching Band 9-10; Concert Band 9; Symphonic Band 10-12.Memories: I tend not to think about high school.Ambition: To become a forester. Also to fill my game tag every year. KM Ell send you the golf ball. KATHLEEN H. RIDER - Rider, Kath, Fluff - Activities: Volleyball 9-10; Basketball 9-10; Softball 9-10.Memories: High school - a very interesting experi¬ ence. Thanks for all your help Mom Dad. Thanks to DW, KM, I love ya’U. Jon, I love ya!!Ambition: To go to WSS and get a job with the government and make mega bucks, and to marry a goodlooking dude with lots of money. BRENDA MICHELLE RICKMAN - Brender, Brandy - Activities: V1CA 9-12; Cosmetology 9-12.Memories: It’s been a blast and I’ve learned a lot since my wild times of 9th grade. It’s been worth all the trouble. I’m glad I finally made itlAmbition: To be successful happy in my career. I hope to find a relationship that lasts forever, and have the best time of my life. RONALD JAMES ROBERTS -Activities: Indoor Outdoor Track 10,12; Cross Country 10,12; VICA 11-12.Memories: It was the best, but without Emily B and friends it would have been a lot less. Good luck to all. EDB I’ll never forget you, never!!!Ambition: To go to college, get a degree in business or basketweaving and become very rich and maybe drive a porsche. DA VID JAMES ROBINSON - Dave - Activities: Freshman Football 9; JV Football 10; Varsity Football 11-12; JV Baseball 11; History Club 12.Memories: School was not a favorite activitiy, however, I think my final year will be most enjoyable because it is the last year. Thanks to Dad, Teresa, JL, ST, KB, BM, MM, RM, EH.Ambition: To graduate, try out several vocations, enjoy the company of many young ladies prior to final career selection. HANS L. RODRIQUEZ - Hansy - Activities: German Club, DECA Club, Leo Club, German Club.Memories: High school was especially fun because I made it to the top.Ambition: Graduate from high school. After that I plan to go to college and take business courses, and work for my dad’s business. DEIRDRE ANNE ROSE - Dee, Miss FBLA, Dee Dee - Activities: SGC 9; Spanish Club 10; FBLA 9-12.Memories: I’m glad to get out, but I’ll miss my “second mommies” in the business department—best of luck to you all!!Good luck FBLAIAmbition: To make a million before I’m 30 as a CPA or become a teacher and marry the richest man I can find!! JK Ma Rose!! MICHAEL SCOTT ROTH -Scott - Activities: Football 10-12; German Club 10- 11; History Club 11; Computer Club 12.Memories: I came, I saw, I made friends, I learned, I experienced, I left, I’ve been changed!Ambition: Attend a good engineering school on an ROTC scholarship, graduate, and live successfully ever after with my beautiful wife. RICHARD ROWE - Ricky, PeeWee - Activities: Freshman Football;.JV Wres¬ tling 9; Varsity Wrestling 10-12.Memories: High School is the last step to becom¬ ing an adult. In other words, you had better have a great time before its over.Am¬ bition: To become a success, get married, be happy, have kids, two german sheppards or win a million dollars in the Maryland lottery. CAROL RENEE RUSZCZYK - Nea, Squeaky - Activities: Jr. Civitians 9; Cosmetology 10-12; VICA 10-12.Memories: It was fun while it lasted, but I’m glad it’s finally over. I wouldn’t go back for nothing. Good luck Harry.Ambition: To become a successful beautician. To marry TP and have two kids. Bye Gar- Field Forever! TIMOTHY MICHAEL RUSSELL - Tim, Tyrell, Lawnboy - Activities: Latin Club 9-10; Indoor Track 10; German Club 11; Model UN 11-12; Varsity Soccer Manager 10-12; History Club 12; Teen Counseling 12; National Honor Society 11-12; SGC 12.Memories: High School was a trip thanks to Paul, Ray, Scott, Mike, Kevin, “the corner” and AB for all the rocking parties and great times.Am¬ bition: To go to college and become an engineer or to join a rock band and get into some non-stop partying. LESLIE ANNE SAERANSKY - Les, Sneezy, Bambi - Activities: FBLA 10; Powder Puff Football 12.Memories: High School was OK and I had some great times but I’m glad it’s over and done with!!!Ambition: To be a professional secretary or to win a lottery and not have to work at all!!! MARK SALYERS - Activities: Cross Country 10 12; Outdoor Track 10-12; Indoor Tract 12.Memories: Not as bad as I thought.Ambition: To do everything thought impossible. ANDREA M. SCHELL - Mom, Drea - Activities: German Club 9-12; Yearbook 12.Memories: Gar-Field was fun. Good luck to all of my friends. All my love to Mom and Dad and David. I love you Mike!!!Ambition: To go to Va. Beach and then spend the rest of my life with my son David and Mike. STACY SCHOOLEY - Stac, Acy - Activities: Varsity Choir 9; Pep Club 9; German Club 10-12.Memories: I had a great time learning new things and maturing but it’s always sad to say goodbye. Best wishes to TB, SK, CR, SC, CD, JG, and TO.Ambition: Get a job, go to college and major in accounting, then, later live in the midwest and start a family. BECKY SEABOLT - Bee, Shorti, Dazed and Confused - Memories: It’s been real. It’s been fun, but it hasn’t been real fun! Thanks Kelly and Mom, I never would have made it through without you.Ambition: Live life to its fullest degree, graduate from nursing school with honors, then fall in love, get married, and have a nice family. CHRISTINE KAY SEATON -Chris, Squirt, Airhead - Activities: JV Volleyball 9; Varsity Volleyball 10-12; Freshmen Basketball 9; JV Basketball 10; JV Softball 9; Sophomore Beauty Pageant 9; Forensics Club 10,12; Latin Club 12; Powder Puff 12.Memories: Thanx Mom, Dad, Judi, Shelagh, the Gang, Mr. J for 4 supportive years. Thanks, GLW, for wonderful memories, and BPW for being the key to my future.Ambition: To graduate from medical school, become a mega- rich doctor, marry the man of my dreams (BPW?) and live happily ever after in Beverly Hills, CA! JEFF SEDLACEK -Activities: Outdoor Track 9-11.Memories: It was fun while it lasted, but since its over I won’t complain, I’ll just be happy that I made it.Ambition: To go out into the big world and become some kind of business person in computers or programming. ROBERT ASHLEY SEELEY - Oil, Seals - Activities: Freshmen Football 9; JV Football 10; JV Wrestling 9; Varsity Wrestling 10; JV Baseball 9-10; Vasity Baseball 11-12; National Honor Society 11-12; SIGNET 9-12; High School Academic All-American 11; MITE ’85 (Georgia Tech) 11.Memories: Thanks Scott S., David D., Mom, Dad, Mrs. Taylor and the gang for the good times. I especially thank my baby, I LOVE YOU FRANCES!! DeBarge!!Ambition: After getting my engineering degree and marrying my lady (maybe Fran), I’ll buy a drum set and become the best drummer the world’s ever known. GREG SHELOSKI - Ski - Memories: It was a trip. Ambition: I’m just here to ride the rainbow!! ROBERT SHIPP - Captain Shipp, Bob Boat - Memories: Although I didn’t like the work, I though high school was a trip. I would like to thank BC, CC, the Pie, Bush-Ed, and Mr. Volz for making it fun.Ambition: My ambition is to go to college, move to Hawaii, and learn how to surf. I also plan to party with wild women at the beach. KRISTIE ANNE SHOLAR - Kris, Purdle - Activities: SGC 9-11; Freshmen Cheerleading; Varsity Cheerleading 10-12; Powder Puff Football 12.Memories: It’s been great ... Thanks V-Crew, Room 208! Lisa F., Lisa B., Cena, Dana, Kecia—next year! Also Charlene, Tracy, Gail, Brian, Jonathan—Thanks!! To Tom, who made my senior year the BEST—ILY!!!Ambition: To move to Texas then California. Be super rich and famous!! Be very happy with the special “someone” who can give my everything—TM! ANNE SIMMONS - Firm, Strap, Tree - Activities: Treble Choir 9-10; Concert Choir 11-12; JV Basketball 10; JV Soccer 9; Varsity Soccer 10-12; History Club 11-12; National Honor Society 11-12; All-County Choir 10-12; Teen Counseling 11-12.Memories: I learned a lot and had many interesting experiences. Thank you to everyone who helped me make it through—JW, TR, SR, KO, LE, SF—but most of all “Jock.’’Ambition: To go to college, find a job, and make friends that are as great as the friends I have made in the last four years. DEANNA SIMPSON - Muffin, Babies - FBLA 12.Memories: I’m out! Thanx Julie, Paige, Elizabeth, Cindy Tracey! DP:DETB! JTA:ILY! Scott:Good Luck- !Ambition: To find Prince Charming, ride off into the sunset in a 1967 mustang convertable and live happily ever after. TRIMETRIA SINGLETON - Tris, Metria, Tri - Activities: Soccer 10; FBLA 10-12; Youth Services Board 12; SGC Representative 10; Science Club 9; Debu¬ tante.Memories: It is a great place to prepare for the future, but it goes by so fast, so enjoy it while you can.Ambition: My ambition is to go to college, major in business, and become a top executive and to have a red sports car. DEBORAH L. SISSON - Deb, Shorty, Debbers - Memories: It was a blast! Special thanks to Mrs. Hundley, Mom and Dad, Debbie, Cheryl, Robert, and Jeff. Thanks for the love and support you gave.Ambition: Buy a surfboard, build a hut, and be a beach bum at Myrtle Beach. SENIOR DIRECTORY MONICA ROCHELLE SMART -Activities: Band 9,11; Chorus 9,11; Volleyball 10,11; Softball 10-11; Basketball 11; FBLA 12.Memories: Although I’ve only been here one year, 1 had a great time. Thanks PB, DF, and AM for making it possible.Ambition: Be the best I can be and succeed! BRIGITTE MARIE SMITH - Barbie, Brigitte Mange, Farah - Activities: Dra¬ ma Club 9; Leo Club 10-12(Vice President 12); Hyphen 11-12 (photo editor 12); DECA Club 12.Memories: G-F has been a big party, I loved all four years. But it wouldn’t have been great if Kim, Rachel, Wendy, and Danny hadn’t been there. ThankslAmbition: To be a “top-notch”Fashion Designer, Fashion Journalist, actress, model, marine biologist, and mortician. Hey, don’t ask me! HOLLY SMITH - Short Stuff, Holly Berry, Holly Bear - Activities: SADD 9; Journalism I 11; Hyphen 12; Shaman 12; Drama Club 12.Memories: It’s been a struggle and I’ll miss it, but I’m glad its over. I couldn’t have done it without CH, CB, JK, BE, and especially BF.Ambition: to be an interior designer in New York and make a lot of money. MICHELLE SMITH - Michi, Dimples, Bozo - Activities: Drama Club 10; French Club 10,11; Gymnastics 10,11 (co-captain 10).Memories: It was fun! Thanks to CW, KL, PB, DS, CS, SW, ZZ Jules, NTW, and the pumpkin. To Jimmy I leave all my love. ILYEA!Ambition:To move to Ft. Lauderdale, open a bar and wait for the one I love! JW - I,L,Y! NANCY LYNN SNYDER - Activities: Cheerleader 9-12; Choir 9; Concert 10,11; Dominants 12; Regional Chorus 9-12; Announcer 12; Teen Counseling 11,12; French Club 11,12; History Club 11,12.Memories: Fantastic! DS, SS, CH, HC, and BW may all your Champagne dreams come true! SE thanks! I love you! KF - 15 years as fabulous as the first 15 - and love!Ambition: to make it to the White House - in style! ROBERT SCOTT SORENSEN - Serge, the Terminator, Captain Chemistry - Activities: J V Soccer 9; Varsity Soccer 10-12; Cross Country 12; Concert Band 9; Symphonic Band 10-12; Marching Band 10-12; German Club 10-12; National Honor Society 11-12; History Club 11-12; Signet 9-12; Boy’s State 11; Teen Counseling 12.Memories: This was the best four years of my life. Thank you DD, LK, (I love you both), NS and DS.Ambition: To become an officer in the Air Force. Marry a rich and beautiful woman, and own my own European soccer team. WA YNE SOUZA - Memories: I think high school is alright, but the only classes I liked were Auto Mechanics and Mr. Murphy’s class.Ambition: To succeed in life, drive a fast car, and have a good looking woman. FRANCES ANN SPASOFF - Fran, CC, Saggy - Activities: Freshmen Class President 9; Pep Club 9; German Club 9-10; Varsity Softball 9-12.Memories: High School was fun but Robert Seeley made it the best. Thanks also to my friends for making it fun. Robert,I.L.U. “Debarge”.Ambition: To go to college and get a job I like. I also plan to kick back with RS and enjoy life to the fullest. JEANINE MARIE SPATZER - Activities: FHA 9; VICA lO.Memories: It was the best four years of my life. It’s finally over. Thanks for sticking it out Mom Dad. We made it thru together. Love You.Ambition: To become one of the best beauticians around, to own my own shop and make millions! Thanks for the excellent times GS, TM, RG, CC. Good luck little brother! CARON ANN STANSILL - Activities: Cross Country 9; Basketball 9-10; Hy¬ phen 11 .Memories: It would have been nice if I could have spent all four years in one school, but ... Ambition: To be successful and single. SCOTT MCKENZIE ST. CLAIR - Activities: Freshman Basketball 9; JV Bas¬ ketball 11; Outdoor Track 12; Cross Country 12; Tennis Club 12.Memories: Thanks to PW and all my MB’s, it wouldn’t have been the same without you.Am¬ bition: After college, to move to England and get on with life. JENNIFER L. STEPHENSON - Jenn, Adelphi, A1 - Activities: French Club 9- 12; Crew Team 12.Memories: After four ungodly years, its finally over. KV KB: Je tes le meillure.Ambition: My ambition is to get back to New England live somewhere beautiful, never have any kids, and be maniacally happy with my life. GLENN STILES - Memories: High School was great!! Thanks to Robby (Berta) JT, GZ, CT, ST, KB, DL, MW and Jodi - I love you. Good luck to all - AMF.Ambition: Graduate—PartyMJoin the Air Force, make a lot of money, and live wealthy for the rest of my life. MELANIE STOOPS - Activities: Varsity Cheerleading 10-11; Yearbook 10-11; National Honor Society 10-12; Mu Alpha Theta 10-12; Crew Team 12; SCG 11 - 12; German Club 12.Memories: Thanks so much to everyone for a memorable senior year. Special thanks to Kim Chase, Beth White, and Charlie Hundley for everything.Ambition: A great marriage, lots of kids, and a jaguar. VICKI STOUT -V ic, Mouse, Tori - Activities: DECA 12.Memories: High school was excellent! It was rough but we’ve made it through! I’ll never forget you Andy! Scott, CJ, Duane, Jim, Rock On! Bye Tammy!!Ambition: I hope to one day work with children. I hope to see Andy once more before the Marines steal him away again. Love Ya Much! LAURA ELIZABETH STRAIGHT - Laura-Beth - Activities: Concert Band 9; Symphonic Band 10-12; All County Band 10-12; All County Orchestra 11-12; Regional Band 9,11-12; John Philip Sousa National High School Honor Band 11; Marching Band 9-12; Orchestra 9-12; Special Olympics Volunteer 9,11; Latin Club 11; History Club 12; National Honor Society 11-12; Teen Counseling 11- 12.Memories: High School has been a terrific experience! Thanks to all my friends for so many special times! Especially Kim, Hang, Christy and all the band people. You guys are the best!Ambition: To attend college, pursue a career in archaeology, be involved in music and enjoy life to the fullest extent! MATTHEWSTRUBLE - Matt, Metric, Strudel - Activities: Marching Band 9- 11; Stage Band 10-12; Symphonic Band 10-11; Crew Team 11-12.Memories: School is over, what am I going to do next year? Thanks to MR for an interesting 4 years. TB’s have fun in band, BD and SM keep partying. The Group - have fun in the future.Ambition: To become an FBI agent, own a big house, and nice cars. ($$$) (Volkswagons) COLEEN MARIE STUMM - Stumbo, Chuck, Grace - Activities: Treble Choir 9; Concert Choir 10-12; Dominants 11-12; All-County Choir 9-12; Regional Choir 10-12; All-State Alternate 11; All-State Choir 12; Signet 9-12; National Honor Society 11-12; Drama Club 10-12; Who’s Who in American High School Students 12; Girl’s State ’85; Its Academic 12. Memories: “Be a Bunni,” Bent Nails, JMU, test tubes, “The Slug,” New York, Winkenthrump, “HJD,” Domin¬ ants, State—UVA, ANALYSIS, Lisa, Dents ... I loved it all!!!Ambition: To take up professional belly dancing (just kidding Pat!), be swept away by a desert sheik on a camel named “Desire,” and truly become Princess F. CATHERINE SUMPTER -California Flash, Flash - Activities: I participated in the Marching Band at La Mirada High School in California my freshman through junior years.Memories: High School can be fun if you want it to be, but having to move in your senior year can really be hard unless you reach out and go for it.Ambition: I would like to get a job with the g overnment as a typist clerk and work with battered children. KIMBERLY ANN SUNDERLAND - Kim, Ralph - Activities: Varsity Choir 9- 10; Concert Choir 11-12; Dominants 12; JV Cheerleading 10; Varsity Cheerlead¬ ing 11; JV Soccer 9; Varsity Soccer 10-12; Who’s Who Among American High School Students 11.Memories: Thanks to the Dominants Mike H for their support. Billy J. (Big Brother) thanks for listening. Have a great three years BETH!Ambition: To go to school, become a doctor, be rich happy travel the world. JENNIFER ANN TASSI - Ref, Taj, Jenni - Activities: Varsity Chorus 9; Treble Chorus 10; French Club 12.Memories: High School? “Ain’t never been there, they tell me its nice.” Hey Mel, who’s got the bees? Good times to Mel, James, Jeff, Pat, Daniel.Ambition: To burn out, not fade away. To cut through the red tape and find “me.” ANDREW PAUL TAYLOR - Drew, Bojang les - Activities: Basketball 9-12; Cross Country 10; Track 11-12.Memories: It has been real. Thanks Lunch Crew. David, Charlie, Hutch, Darrell, Andre, Chris, and the Zulu nation. Kook, what’s our motto?Ambition: To go to college, play basketball, get educated, then marry a model and become a pope by 45. KEITH LA WRENCE TA YLOR - Memories: High school was a great place to meet people but four years can get depressing.Ambition: To go to college or technical school and then join the Air Force. Oh yeah—and win the million dollar lottery. KIMBERLY TA YLOR - Memories: Its been something I’ll never forget! Thanks to CL, SE, and AM for being the best friends a person could have. Have Fun!Ambition: To find someone special to spend my life with and to lead a good one. CONCETTA TEEL - Smiley - Activities: Treble Choir; Cosmetology.Memories: It was fun and games and hard work but I did learn something.Ambition: To graduate from Gar-Field, open up my own beauty shop, and become a profession¬ al gospel singer. PATRICK TERRELL - Pat, Bruford, Phil - Activities: Symphonic Band 9-10; Stage Band 11-12; Marching Band 9-12; All County Band 9; Dominants 9-12; Musical 11; Signet 9-12; National Honor Society 11-12; History Club 10; Latin Club 12; SGC 9; Principal’s Student Advisory Council 12; Math Club 12.Memo¬ ries: It was a fantastic experience. Shawn, Todd, Tom D., thanks for everything. Joe, Tom, Pete, take care! Tim and Chet, keep the faith. Olias loves you all!Ambi- tion: To attend Virginia Tech, major in engineering and get a good paying job that can support my musical habits. Of course I’d like to drum for YES too, but ... AH-LING THA YER - Rose Petal - Activities: French Club 10-12; Teen Counsel¬ ing 11-12; Crew Club.Memories: I will always remember the Prom of ’85 and SENIOR DIRECTORY Bob’s Big Boy! It was a blast! Thanks to my friends DM, KF, PH, KB, JS, KU KO who made high school tolerable. Special thanks to Heather my best friend who’s love and support I will always cherish.Ambition: To get an apartment with Heather, to experience everything at least once, see the world, and have a healthy, exciting happy life. CHRISTINA THOMAIDIS -O Possum, The Kid, Hurricane - Memories: June 6!!! It was great, parties were killers. Thanks TD, KM, KJ, SM AY!! Special thanks to Cathy and Lisa for helping me get through the rough times and dragging me home after parties.Ambition: Go to ODU, party, get smart, make big bucks, and own any car other than a GREMLIN! P.S.: I’ll nver forget you Steve W.!!! EDWARD THOMAS - Allen, Ace, Weasle - Memories: The best and longest four years of my life. BM, GG, TS, remember Tucker’s class. Thanks CM, EH, DK, SB, and grads RS, DH, DG, and MV for making it happen.Ambition: To become a successful and mega-rich architect, then buy a cottage at Nags Head and cruise the avenue. MYRNA LaJOYCE THOMPSON -Gumby, Gurnie - Activities: Pep Club 9; JV Soccer 10; Varsity Soccer 11.Memories: It was great while it lasted but I’m glad it’s over. Thanks to everyone who’s made it worthwhile. Sherry, Melissa, Nene, Eric—Love You AlllAmbition: First of all, get my RX7, then go to college and major in computer science, then get married, raise a family and be rich and happy. WENDY ANN TILLER - Lou, Red, Wen - Activities: Freshman Basketball 9; JV Basketball 10; Varsity Basketball 11-12.Memories: Finally!! Thanks VM, AT, LK, DY, SS, TB, SM, DL, MW, EB—much love and friendship. Amby (SD’s, CC’s, “Jimbo”) Vic (AC, “Vette”) I love ya guys! I made it!Ambition: Attend college, go to plan “A” and hope he’s still waiting—right DY? If that fails go with Vic and find our ski instructors. AMBER LYNN TOMPKINS - Ambie, Ammy, Ber - Activities: Pep Club 9; German Club 9; FBLA 9-12; Powder Puff 12.Memories: Its been great, but I’m glad it’s over. Remember CC and SD, Thanx to Tams, Wendy, MW, FS, RS, KB and especially Travis. I love you.Ambition: Marry TH, have lots of babies and be happy. Thanx Mom and Dad, I couldn’t hav made it without you. I love you. STEVEN WAYNE TOMPKINS - Activities: Freshman Football 9; FBLA 10- 12.Memories: High School is a great institution where learning and other skills are instilled in the youth of today, but I had fun anyway. Good luck.Ambition: To get a good job, high pay, and live a very happy bachelor life. WENDY ANN TOWNSEND - Activities: French Club 9; Freshman Cheerlead¬ ing 9; Varsity Cheerleading 10-12; Concert Band 9-10; Teen Counseling 11-12; History Club 11-12; Who’s Who Among American High School Students 11; Powder Puff Football 12.Memories: It’s definately been interesting! Thanks to all my friends. Mom, Dad, Wade, and especially Charley—you made the years mean something.Ambition: To become a sports psychologist, work for the Washington Redskins, get married and live happily ever after. SOPHIA ANNE TRACEY -Stacey, Soph, Soapy Suds - Activities: History Club 11; Teen Counseling 11-12; National Honor Society 11-12; Stage Band 11-12; Symphonic Band 9-12; All County Band 9-12; All Regional Band 9-12; All Virginia State Band 11-12; Solo and Ensemble 9-12.Memories: High school’s been great! Thanks for your continuous friendship Kathy, Elena, Marie, and Dina. Thank you Mama and Dad for all your love and help. Ambition: I hope to go to college, be successful, and live a long and happy life. SUZANNA MONICA TROIANO - Suzie, Suz - Activities: Pep Club 9; German Club 10; SGC 10,12; JV Varsity Cheerleading 10-12; DECA 12; Powder Puff 12.Memories: An experience! Thanx LS, CL, RM, DR, RW, JT, GS the rest of the “gang”—Don’t forget me! Thanx Mom, Tom, Kim 4 everything. I love you! Good luck SandylAmbition: To graduate, start my career, travel the world, then marry settle down w Tom in a lighthouse in Rhode Island! PENNY RENE TUCKER - Penny, Pen, Nickel - Activities: Latin Club 9,12; Tennis Club 10-12; Tennis Team 11-12; Band 9; History Club 10-11; Teen Counseling 12.Memories: I guess it was something I had to do. Some of it was fun some of it wasn’t. I’m glad it’s over with. Thanks to VO, TA, AT who made it the best it could be.Ambition: To go to college, marry someone very rich, very gorgeous, have 3 children, own an Alpha Ramero car, and to live happily ever after. JULIE DAWN TURNER - Vern, Jul - Activities: Freshman Basketball 9; Indianettes 10-11; Tennis Club 12; Tennis Team 12; Yearbook Staff 12.Memo¬ ries: Thanks to all my friends, especially LO, VM, JM, and CB. I made it through the past 4 years! A special thanx to MVC—you’re the best!Ambition: To live life to its fullest with Mark right by my side! (ILYSM!) JEFFERY ALLEN TUTSOCK - Tut, Jeffthro Bodean - Activities: Crew Team 11-12; VICA 11-12.Memories: As soon as it’s good its over! Jacki, I love ya! RW, GS, MW, GZ and the class of’86 may we always be friends!Ambition: To take all that life has to give, succeed, be rich, live long, be happy, to love and be loved, and to be remembered! KENDRA UTHUS - Ken, Pete, Kenny - Activities: Signet 9-12; French Club 9- 12; All County Orchestra 9-12; All Regional Orchestra 9-12; All State Orchestra 10; National Honor Society 11-12; Model UN 12; Drama Club 11.Memories: Thank God it wasn’t reality. Karin: Be bop; Jenn: Sleep and be merry; Pete: what’s left? Kev: 1 love you.Ambition: To like a few things but only in moderation. CHRISTINA LYNN VANLANDUYT -Chris - Activities: Track Manager 10; FBLA 12; Powder Puff Football 12.Memories: High School was a lot of fun. I’ll miss the great times but ... Thank God it’s over! Thank you Lisa and Jennifer for always being there.Ambition: To live in New York City and have my own IROQZ! after majoring in business at Georgetown U. JAMES ALLEN VENTI - Jimmy, Venti, Prep - Activities: Freshman Football 9; Indoor Track 9; Drama Club 9-10,1 2; JV Football 10; JV Wrestling 10; History Club 10-12; FBLA 11-12; Varsity Football 1 2; Concert Choir 12; SGC 9; Teen Counseling 1 1.Memories: It was worth it. Thanks Mrs. C and 4th period for all the good times. Mrs. R Mrs. W FBLA wasn’t it great!!SR, MM, KF, JW, AS, SF, LO, ME, DR take care.Ambition: Graduate, go to college, get my degree in whatever, and be happy at my job, and at life, and PARTY!!! ANTHONY VINING - Ant - Memories: It was great thanks to Jo, Scott, Wayne, Gayl, and Mr. Murphy.Ambition: My ambition is to restore my 68 AMX, then take Karen N. out in it and have fun. JOHN DERRICK VOLZ - Pigeon - Activities: Science Club 9-10; Drama Club 11; JV Football.Memories: High School was OK. The parties were great. Thanks to the Party Crue for making the last 2 years the best.Ambition: Party the first couple of years after high school, and then go live in Brazil for the rest of my life. CHERYL WADDELL - Woodzy, Punky, Mousey - Activities: FCA 9; SGC 9; FBLA 11; Crew Team 12; Gymnastics 11-12; Powder Puff Football 12.Memories: Excellent! Thanks to all who helped me through! Mr. Courtney I couldn’t have done it without you! All memories will be remembered! Love ya’ll!Ambition: Graduate from G-F in “6 86” though I would rather stay! Major in social work at college, then answer my Dad’s prayer and “Marry a Millionaire!” MICHELLE L. WALKER - Chelle - Activities: Varsity Band 9; Concert Band 10; Symphonic Band 1 1-12; Marching Band 9-11; German Club 9-10; Girls JV Basketball 10; History Club 11-12; Powder Puff Football 12.Memories: Great times I won’t forget! Thanks to all my friends especially to Bobby for making high school the best! I love ya!Ambition: To be rich and live at the beach. Also, to marry my marine, Bobby Kalski and live happily ever after. TERRY LEE WALKER - C - Activities: Football 12.Memories: It was fun while it lasted. Good luck to all the seniors and to next years football team.Ambition: To make a lot of money and drive a Porsche 944 Turbo. PETE WALSH - Petri, Petrovich, Opus - Activities: The Hyphen 10-12; Model UN 1 l-12.,Memories: I’d like to thank Pat, Joe, Tom, Tim, Chet, Shawn, and assorted others! As the Grateful Dead said “What a long strange trip it’s been- !”Ambition: To write several bestsellers, become God-Emperor of the Known Universe, and get the fullest of what life is full of. MICHELLE WALTA -Chell, Shorty, Babe - Activities: German Club 9.Memo¬ ries: School had it’s times. I want to thank Katrina for being there and most of all to Rob. Your the BEST!!Ambition: Maybe I’ll become a secretary or keep my recent job. I really just want to be a ...! DAVID THOMAS WANAMAKER - Dave TV - Activities: SGC; Spanish Club.Memories: I enjoyed my four years at Gar-Field and this was the stepping stone to my future.Ambition: I would like to go to college and be very successful in what I do, own a giant house and drive a Porsche 911. PAUL WANTZ - Buddy, Prep, Biff - Activities: German Club 10-11; JV Foot¬ ball 10-11; Varsity Football 12.Memories: It was a trip. Couldn’t have made it without KA, TR, EB, and friends. Thanks SCG.Ambition: Graduate, go to the beach for a week. After that, who cares!!! CAROL LYNN WARDLOW - Big Mama, Mouse, Shorty - Activities: Pep Club 9; FBLA 9; DECA 12.Memories: Thanx to Nay, Su-Z-Q, Kim-E and new buddy Karen. The years were great! Good Luck and enjoy life. Nay don’t forget “85” alive.Ambition: To get a good job that can support me, marry John and live the happiest and most special life ever. John, I will love you forever. ANTHONY STEVEN WATT - Tony, Stoney, Scopes - Activities: Freshman Football 9; Cross Country 10-12; Varsity Track 9-12.Memories: 1 guess it was okay, but if I had to do it again I wouldn’t. Thanx PM, RW, CB, CJ, PC, DMB, AY, EB, NS, DM, and anybody I forgot. I couldn’t have done it without you.Ambition: To run in the 1988 Olympics. To find someone to grow up and spend the rest of my life with in a house in Paradise. SENIOR DIRECTORY MARVIN R. WEAVER, JR. - Marv - Activities: History Club 11; Model UN 11-12.Memories: It’s not as bad as I thought it would be. High school is grea- t.Ambition: Join the Air Force after college so I will have a better education and be a USAF officer. BARRY ALAN WEBB - Activities: Varsity Band 9; Symphonic Band 10-12; Marching Band 9-12.Memories: For the most part, my high school life was a big bore with the exception of a couple of classes. Still, I’ll miss high school. Ambition: In the next few years, I plan to go to college, ace all my courses, and make megabucks in a mathematical career. JANEL R. WEEKS - Nel, Red, Cupid - Activities: Cheerleading 9-10; SGC 9- 10. Memories: Thanks to Anne, my babe from the 902nd, MF, PM, TM, KL for some memorable years at G-F. Lots of love to Mom and Dad.Ambition: To grow 2 feet for KS and write a best-seller with AMC entitled “101 Ways to Skip School Successfully.” ERIC RANDALL WELLS - Porky, Moose - Activities: Freshman Football 9; J V Football 10; Varsity Football 11 .Memories: High School is a trip, but if the ladies weren’t here, I wouldn’t be here either. Ambition: Someday I would like to run my own charter fishing boat and fish all day. PAMELA JANE WERNER - Pam, PJ - Activities: Treble Choir 9; Concert Choir 10-12; Dominants 12; All-County Chorus 10-12; Regional Choir 10-12; All-State Choir 12; Honors Choir 12; Drama Club 11-12; Hyphen Staff 11- 12.Memories: The work has been hard, but I’ve learned a lot. To Bruce, the Dominants, UMYF, and my friends, I love ya! You’ve made it all worthwhile.Am¬ bition: To go to college, major in Journalism, write for a newspaper and or magazine, some day get married, and have a few kids. “TDMFE!” DIANE E. WHITE - Beth, Bop - Activities: Varsity Tennis 9-12; Signet 9-12; Journalism 10-12; Tennis Club 10-12; French Club 11; National Honor Society 11-12; Governor’s School for the Gifted 11; Mu Alpha Theta 10-12.Memories: Whew! Thanks to “the Group” for the great times, and special thanks to HC and DBA. I’m gonna miss you. Mom and Dad ILUIAmbition: To play pro tennis, become a lawyer, marry brains, brawn, and bucks, have perfect kids, own an island, sailboat, porsche, and live happily ever after. BRIAN SCOTT WICKUM -Wick, Nap - Activities: Football 9-12; Basketball 9- 12; Baseball 9; Yearbook 12.Memories: High school itself I would never do again. Thanks to CC, KK, KS, TM, GG, SD, MR, RS, LB, TK, RR and a lot of other people I can’t fit. Ambition: Go to college and party with everybody, and then I will get my degree. JENNETH WILLEMSEN - Yenneth, Nethy, Jen - Activities: JV Basketball 9; Varsity Basketball 9; SGC 9; Pep Club 9; French Club 11-12; SADD 12; Teen Counseling 12.Memories: It’s been quite a struggle but each tear ' was worth the laughter in between. Carole, WUVA-YA! PW, I’m no longer looking back, just lost’n love.Ambition: To attend a college that has a football team. Successfully achieve a degree and enjoy the “Glamorous life.” ILUVUMD. CV your the best. CHRISTINE WILKS - Chris, Squish - Activities: Drama Club 10; HOSA 11. Memories: I’m glad it’s over, and I can’t believe I made it! Lots of love and thanks to Scrappy, SK, and Mom.Ambition: Get rich, get married, buy a deserted island, and live happily ever after. NATHANIEL EUGENE WILLIAMS -Gene, Mr. Fresh, Fresh - Activities: Pep Club 11; DECA 11-12; SGC 12; Basketball Manager 12.Memories: My four years at G-F were a real learning experience. I will miss all the people and friends that I made while I was here. Thanks to LB, CM, JB, SC, DP, KC, NTIAmbi- tion: To major in business administration, enter the service (Army), own a black camaro, and achieve all my goals that I have set for myself. Good luck Charles Jonathan! PAMELA RENEE WILLIAMS - Pammy, Bones, Twiggy - Activities: Signet 9- 10; Math Club 12; SADD 10; FBLA 12.Memories: It was great. Memories will last forever! Couldn’t have survived without the support of my friends (esp. my bestest friend—thanx for everything Alicia!)Ambition: To graduate from college with a business degree. Meanwhile, finding and or convincing a special someone that I’m the right one for him. STEPHANIE FRANCINE WILLIAMS -Stef, Stuff, Cassidy - Activities: Duke Ellington School of Arts, major: Dance 9; Orchestra 10-11; Leo Club 11; Indian- ettes 11-12; DECA Historian 12; Computer Club 10; SGC 11; Gymnastics Manager 10.Memories: Awesome!! Couldn’t have gotten through it without “Hop-a-long” and “Sugar.” As for the rest of the gang and teachers I have remembrance of those loud trying times.Ambition: To become a psychologist (child) and help little minds like the class of ’86. To drive a purple Ferrari and to own Lord Taylor’s. JACQUELYN MARIE THERESA WILLIS - Jac, Slick Jac, Jack-n-the Box - Memories: High School was fun while it lasted. It’s over and done now. I’m going to miss high school, my friends, and some teachers.Ambition: To go to college, major in computer science, build a nice big house, buy a cherry red Mazda RX 7, and have a nice fat pay check to keep me warm at night. DONNA WILSON - Activities: Orchestra 9-11; German Club 11-12; National Honor Society 11-12.Memories: High school is filled with many decisions which can affect the rest of one’s life. To be successful you have to set goals and be determined.Ambition: My ambition after high school is to attend a university to study engineering and afterwards to work in the same field. JONATHAN WILSON - Joh, Johnny, Willy - Activities: Concert Band 9-10; National Honor Society 11-12.Memories: Thanks to all my friends JM, TB, GH, BA, VH, SC. Thank God for fast cars, easy money, California girls, and summer vacation.Ambition: Own a Ferrari, retire at thirty, have a beautiful wife, and lie on a beach until I die. LEWEY CLAYTON WILSON - Clay - Activities: Indoor Track 9; Varsity Wrestling 11-12; VICA 11-12; All State Orchestra 10-12; Regional Orchestra 10- 12; County Orchestra 9-12.Memories: High school was great but it went too fast. I’d like to thank all the ladys who made time so special to me.Ambition: I plan to go to an expensive school, get rich, and become a miser with a harem. ROBERT KENT WILSON - Robby, Rob, Roberto - Activities: Industrial Arts Club 9; VICA 10-12; Crew Team 11-12; DECA 12.Memories: Great!! Thanks to Glenn, Jodi, Danny, Jeff, Jacki, Gus, Charlie, (the gang). Also Rhonda, Suzie, Kim, Diana, Dee everybody else. You too Ryan. Especially Mom and Da- d!!!Ambition: To never forget my friends! Attend Radford, become a commercial artist, own a grey convertible Mustang, but NEVER overwork ... CAUSE I’LL BE AT THE BEACH!! JOHN WISE - Heatmiser, Dr. Shock, Studly - Activities: Marching Band 9; Concert Band 9; SAE 9; Pep Band 9; Jazz Band 9; Concert Choir 12; Dominants 12; Varsity Soccer 10; Honor’s Choir 12; All-State Choir 12; Regional Chorus 12; All-County Chorus 12.Memories: Oh Well!! It was fun at best! Now the fun begins. Thanx Mr. P., Miss S., and Mrs. C. I love you AS!Ambition: To be happy! Nothing more. KIMBERLY WRIGHT - Kim, Kimmy - Activities: French Club 9-10.Memories: Glad to be out, so I can go to another school. Thanks JJ for all the great fun and great cruisin. Happy Trails, Chickadee!! IHYMC.Ambition: To meet my goal and to someday marry my one true love. STEPHANIE WRIGHT - Stephy - Activities: Pep Club 9-11; FBLA 11- 12.Memories: High school was fun and hard work. I wish all my friends the best in the future and I hope we all keep in touch. My best to Christine, Elinor, and Tanya. Thanks.Ambition: I wish to attend college and get into the compute field. LAURA MICHELLE YATES - Kcromp, Lala - Activities: Varsity Choir 9-10; Treble Choir 11; FBLA 11; DECA 12.Memories: It’s finally over, but it was pretty fun while it lasted. Glad to have met a lot of people through the past years. You have really made Gar-Field Sr. High fun. Special thanks to Cassy.Ambition: Go to college and try to get where I want. Try to find a great husband. MARIA ANNE YEARY- Dizzy, Dingy, JB - Activities: Flag Corps 9-12; French Club 10-12; SADD 12; Powder Puff 12.Memories: It was great but it’s time to go! Thanks Ann for everything!!To all my other friends (esp. KM, SR, DG, JD, AR, MR, BD, SM) Thanks we had a good time.Ambition: To go to college to study law. May life be fun while it’s here. DAE YI - Dae, Night - Activities: JV Soccer 10; Varsity Soccer 11-12; National Honor Society 11-12.Memories: Some of the best times occured in the 4 year span at G-F. Thanks to all the special friends who made it memorable. Weenie, you’ll find Mr. Right. Wendy, don’t do Plan B. MR will be there.Ambition: Survive college, become a millionaire, and cruise in a certain red convertible Mustang for the rest of my life. ANN MARIE YOUNG - Annie, Amy, Annabell - Activities: Outdoor Track 9; Varsity Choir 9-10; Indianettes 10-11; FBLA 10-12; Who’s Who Among Ameri¬ can High School Students 11-12.Memories: I loved it!! I will never forget these 4 years. Thanx to Quiche Tiney, also to gals LB, Wail, BC, EH, TD, guys—SL, LC, BP, GW, MS. Good Luck Indianettes. ILUIAmbition: I am planning to go into computers for the big bucks, also marry a rich hunk, own a beach house in Malibu, and a red porsche 930 turbo! GAVIN YOUNG -Activities: JV Soccer 9; VICA 11; Varsity Soccer 10-12; Teen Counseling 12; Crew Team 12; Indoor Track 12.Memories: High school has been a great experience that deeply influenced the course of my life and left me many memories I’ll always cherish. I give all my friendship and thanks to ST (NYE; soccer games) TL (valuable memories of our younger days!) Woods (wish you the best!).Ambition: To study and become a wealthy commercial pilot. MARGARET ANN ZA WISA - Maggie, Mar, Gritz - Activities: Freshman Volleyball 9; JV Volleyball 10-11; Varsity Volleyball 12; HERO 10; FBLA 11; DECA 12.Memories: Great friends, I’ll be lost without you. I’m going to miss all the wrestling meets, basketball and football games. Thanks! Elena, Kathy, So- SENIOR DIRECTORY phia, Marie, Tanya.Ambition: To pursue a career in the art field, find Mr. Right, settle down and have the opportunity to increase the world’s population. PA YAM ZERAA TBANY - Grasshopper, Bruce - Activities: Weightlifting Club 11; Model UN 12; SGC 9,12.Memories: These 4 years were probably the happiest years of my life thanks to all my friends and no thanks to CC.Ambition: Go to college, after graduation become a Green Beret, and after that an LAPD officer. Top Left: It’s more than just a pizza! Top Right: Seniors past and present are still found in the halls of Gar-Field - Chutimar Sragaow, Brian Dolan, and Pamela Hobbs. Above: Drew Taylor, Playboy Covergirl of the Year! Right: Michelle Meehan’s inquisitive look. SENIOR SUPERLATIVES MOST TALENTED Gerald Cephas and Kathy Mawanay MOST ATTRACTIVE Dwayne Landry and Charlene Connor BEST PERSONALITY QUIETEST Ruel Haymond and Beth White Paul Burke and Karen Evans 209 SENIOR SUPERLATIVES MOST INTELLIGENT BIGGEST FLIRT Joel Armstrong and Beth White Maria Yeary and Jonathan Brown CUTEST COUPLE MOST MISCHIEVOUS Robert Seeley and Frances Spasoff Rhonda Meade and Kenny Fullem 210 SENIOR SUPERLATIVES MOST TALKATIVE Bobby Jefferson and Shelagh Murphy BEST DANCERS Ruel Haymond and Beth Corbin ■ ■ BEST DRESSED Jeff Tutsock and Beth Corbin MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Gerald Cephas and Nancy Snyder 211 H I SENIOR SUPERLATIVES MOST ATHLETIC Ebbie Hutson and Kevin Fowlkes MOST POPULAR Ebbie Hutson and Kevin Fowlkes MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED Kristie Sholar and Kenny Fullem 212 This year the senior class chose Ebbie Hutson as Ms. Gar-Field for 1986. Along with being Ms. Gar-Field, Ebbie received the title of Homecoming Queen. In her four years at Gar-Field she has been a member of the homecoming court, a member of the SGC, and a member of the Indianette Drill Team, which she is captain of this year. Ebbie competed in gymnastics in her fresh¬ man year and received her varsity letter. She also participated in many clubs throughout her years at Gar-Field such as the FCA and DECA. EBBIE HUTSON DWAYNE LANDRY MR. AND MS. GAR-FIELD 1986 Dwayne Landry was selected as Mr. Gar-Field by the 1986 senior class as well as receiving the honor of being Homecoming King and Most Attractive. In his four years at Gar-Field Dwayne has participated in clubs like the D D club in 9th grade and VICA in 11th and 12th grade. Dwayne has also played on the soccer team for the past four years. After graduation Dwayne plans to attend Louisiana State University and wants to become a pilot in the United States Air Force. 213 ' Arr.iogeil I ttf » . % f « ■ WO«. » % » Of M ON » « t,,t U f flit ' »»f Iff % ' " esaurus l( ri )NA K V ALL EYES ON JUNIORS Juniors Responsibility is forming in a mind of contemplation proving things only through experimentation. Meaning is shown more and more everyday things happen in many different ways. History abounds around a curve or a bend wanting hopelessly for this class to end. The Junior year does not lack Seniors look forward Juniors look back. Top Left: Jennifer Sierk, getting ready for that certain someone. Top Ri| vesome twosome!!! Bottom Left: Pam Brown stops to pose for the camera. 215 Daniel Ackerman Linda Adams Kelly Ahern Nancy Akers Anthony Alba David Albertson Deanna Albertson Dianne Anderson Michelle Ashby Brenda Aspillaga Desiree Ausby Michelle Babcock David Bachman Joseph Bagnerise Anthony Bailey Mark Baker Brent Balcomb Richard Banks Julie Barker Timothy Barnes Melinda Barrett Ruben Basantes Bryan Battenfield Penny Baum Jose Baytan Joseph Beahm Eric Beale Lori Beatty Jonathan Bennett Michael Bennett Scott Bcrtetti Matthew Bethea Bernard Bickham Harrison Billingsley Daniel Bird Steven Bishop Danielle Black Francoisc Blais William Blanton Richard Bias Sandra Bledsoe Thomas Bloxton 216 Christopher Blye Kimberly Bohr Emily Bohuslar Christopher Bolac John Boulden Tia Bowens Jeffrey Bowers James Boyd Lisa Bradford Denise Breen Jeannie Breslin Gregory Bresser Keith Bridgett Jautawn Brimage Jason Brooks Lisa Brown Tamara Brown Danielle Buchanan Bradley Bunn William Burcroff Lisa Burkhammer Christina Burrage Monica Burruss Lloyd Burton Dionne Butler Gwendolyn Butler Patrick Byrd Dana Caddy Robert Campbell Dana Campbell Keith Campbell Donna Cappell Charles Carlson Kirk Carlson Helen Carpenter Todd Carpenter 217 Marion Carrigan Julie Carter Lana Carter Tamara Carter Christopher Cash Michelle Cashwell Patrick Castle Andrea Cecere Linda Chapa Kenneth Chase Michelle Chase Elaine Checkon Peg Chuquillangui Andre Clarke Travis Claybrooks Samuel Clubb Joseph Cole Wayne Conahan Kurt Conger Susan Conley Jacqueline Cook John Cook Reginald Copening Diana Cornett Simone Cote Jose Crespo Rubin Crespo Cindy Cross Karrie Cull Chris Cummings George Cunha James Curlis Thomas Curran Susan Dameron Lonnie Davis Robert Davis 218 Valeri Dawson Tina Day Christopher Delane Terri Denman Palmer Denny James Derderian Dana Derosier Michael Destephanis Cynthia Dickhute Leslie Dietz Barry Dimaria Shannon Distefano Cheryl Dixon Kristian Dixon Mark Dobash Susan Dockery Timothy Donovan Thomas Doran Charles Dorazio Michelle Dorn Joseph Drago Colleen Eberwein Reagan Edwards Jennifer Ekren Kathy Ellis Constance Elmore Kevin Elmore Lisa Endy James Engle Gretchen Ennett Terri Esformes Rosita Espin Sheila Essey Michelle Evatt Kenneth Farish Bryan Feeney 219 Michael Ferguson Laveuerne Ferron Figueroa Nancy Thomas Filip Robert Fisher Kristan Fite Pamela Fitzkee Wesley Fleming Kristine Flinchum Barry Ford Jerry Ford Stephanie Fowkes William Freeby Michelle Fulcher Scott Fulford Richard Fulgencio Mary Fulwood Rebecca Furner Major Galloway Robert Gandee David. Garrett Terrence Gatling Stephanie Gayda Thomas George Aimee Gibbons Yvonne Gilliom Yolanda Godwin Ann Good Colin Goodrick Debbie Gore Ronald Gosnell Kenneth Goulet Brian Green Samantha Green Robert Grenade Matthew Grenke Christine Haines Carrie Hall David Hall Dwight Hall Lori Hanna Julia Hanson Jennifer Harnest Richard Harrell Tony Harris Shelby Harrod Patrick Hart Robert Hart Shari Hart Ashley Harte Richard Hartman Thomas Haug Heather Hawkins Randall Hayes Lysette Heaton Stacy Hein John Heller Kieth Herrell Kelly Hicks Pamela Hicks Kelly Hiett Michael Hillman Arlita Hines Damon Hodges Michael Hoehn Janet Holley Timothy Hopkins Hobart Hornauer Teresa Hosier Francine Housier Matthew Howard Richard Hudson Martin Huggins Brian Hughes Janet Humphrey Cammy Hunsley Kimberly Hunt Michael Hustwayte Charles Hutchens Patty Hutchinson Deanna Hutson Traci Hyman James Imel Gary Imler 221 Tracey Irby Eric Iskra John Jackson William Jackson Mary Jakub Chante James Lisa Jantzen Ann Jebram Monica Jenkins Jeffrey Jerrell Beverly Johnson Curtis Johnson Elena Johnson Jay Johnson Kathleen Jones Kevin Jones Robert Jones Nancy Jordan Dru Joslin Laura Karvey Herman Keels Kristen Key Darren Kidwell Darrell King Kimberly King Rodney King Jennifer Kinzinger Jay Kline Eric Klotter Burke Knapp Michael Knott Hui Chi Kong Daniel Korpal George Kreamer Lori Krisner Lamonte Lacey 222 Sean Lacey Sean Lamb Dominque Lamitte Brenda Landon Terry Lane Cynthia Laughlin Nha Le Theresa Le Deborah Lee Morris Lenyon Christine Leo Greg Letourneau Stephanie Lewis Elizabeth Lienard Celena Lilly David Lilly Kamela Lilly Melinda Lineberry Trevelee Little Douglas Lloyd Jim Lochner Jonathan Lockamy Jailene Logsdon Elizabeth Longs Alcides Lopes Teri Lothes Shonenell Lucas Aili Lyon Christopher MacDuff Edward Macejka Anna MacEwen Jerry Manning Andreas Markle Curtis Marshall Thomas Martin Thomas Martin 223 Darrell Martinelli Eric Marzo-Wilhelm Angela Mason Heather Mason Kathleen Mason Mark Mattaliano David Matters Tonya Matthews Kristin Mawanay Robert May Sean McAllister Michael McClelland Michelle McClure Kimberly McCoid Allan McConnell George McCoy Theresa McLeod Tara McManamey Terri McNeill Anthony McWilliams Michelle Meadows Stacy Medina Carla Melonson Mark Merritt Karen Meseck Richard Midyette Brian Miller Mark Miller Ty Miller David Minor Melodee Miranda Trina Mitchell Joseph Moody Colleen Moore James Moore Linda Moore Troy Moore Kim Morello Cydne Morgan Floyd Morris Ellen Morrison Casey Moton 224 Stephanie Moyer Jo Mozisek Sean Mulhern Julie Mullinax Dean Munson Amy Mussomele Victoria Nanni Claudia Newhart Vienna Nightingale Lori Novack T. Nybes-Mastrorilli Christine O’Brian Dennis O’Brien Christine Ogden William O’Hop Billy Oldridge James O’Leary Sheila Oliver Steve O’Melia Christine Ondo Greg Ondo Terry Opauski Victoria Orolfo Gudrun Ortmann Sigrun Ortmann David Ostrander Kirk Page Brian Paine Jonathan Palmer Janice Palumbo Brian Parker Melissa Parmelee Timothy Parrish Jason Pasterchick Jeffrey Patton Denise Payne 225 David Pedersen Jan Pedersen Joy Pennington Earle Perez Thomasina Perkins Jesse Perrin Kathleen Perry Sean Perry Deanna Peschka Heather Peterson David Petruzzi Tracey Pierce Donald Pile Kenneth Pillow Lasondria Pitts Mary Poczatek Christine Polla Melanie Poole Michael Porch Joseph Portell Michelle Pratt John Pruitt Marilyn Pugh Richard Quinn Zenas Rainey Chutima Ratanapool James Rather Robert Reese Alan Reeves Karin Richards Yvonne Richards Robert Richardson Kimberly Richmond Arthur Rider Melanie Riggle Kim Riley Thao Riley Robert Ritenour Wanda Ritter Joshua Rivera Shirley Rivera 226 Gilbert Roberts Brenda Robinson Sandra Rodriguez Deanna Rohrig Arnold Rollins Benjamin Rote Lisa Rouleau Suzanne Russell Darrell Sadler Jill Salyers Dianna Sams Paul Sanford Julie Sarofim Patrick Sarsfield Matthew Saville Joann Sayko Anthony Scalia James Schalow Roland Schawalder Cheryl Schoenborn Brian Scott Donna Shelly Joseph Shepherd Michelle Shifflett Ceda Shoop Wazir Shpoon Stephen Shurtliff Jennifer Sierk Heather Sloan Collin Smith James Smith Shane Smith John Snediker Leah Snediker Cristell Soderstrom Amanda Souders Nancy Speakes Marcos Spittal Barbara Sprinkle Nusara Sragaow Karen Stafford Aubrey Stallings 227 Kevin Stanford Karla Stanley Kim Stanley Michelle Stephens Joette Stewart Richard Stockman John Stoltz Matthew Surbeck John Svienty Todd Swisher Susan Taylor Lisa Tenney Zohn Tennyson Cynthia Thomas Elisa Thomas Lorrie Thomas Linda Thompson Paul Thurman Ronald Todt Carla Tomasino Tammy Tomchek Kisha Town Claudia Trabitzsch Butch Trowbridge Terri Truitt Muriel Turch Christopher Turner Cynthia Turner Charleen Tutsock Kim Tveit Barbara Tyson Carole Vaiden Anissa Vanderhoof German Vanegas Lori Varner Margaret Vaught 228 Steven Verburg Allen Victor Greta VonWolfradt Mark Walker Tina Walker Wesley Walker Steven Wander Dennis Ward Elizabeth Ward David Watts Rebecca Weetman Linda Weiler William Westen Cheryl Weston Lisa Whitsell Gary Whittington Reginald Wilks Kathryn Williams Richard Williams Shane Williams Stanley Williams Tamara Williams Andrew Wilson Audrea Wilson Bobbi Wilson Gregory Wilson Krystine Wilson Patrick Winemiller Laura Winslow Jennifer Withers Andrea Witzgall Jennifer Wood William Wood Brian Woolfolk Clarence Wright James Wright 229 Kevin Wright Monica Wright Tammy Wright Amy Yenyo Camilie Young Clarence Young Darold Young Amy Zurflueh Martin Zurflueh Keary Gartrell Kelly Lavey John Mackie AUTOGRAPHS 230 Top Left A “Dio” Trio. Top Right: Frank Zane: Is this really necessary? Middle Left: Monty, Lisa, and Denise take time to pose for a picture. Middle Right: Eric says “This Indianette never looked better!” Bottom Left: Anna, Robby, Mark, and Debbie: The gangs all here. j 231 - S ALL EYES ON SOPHOMORES Unlike a Freshman a Sophomore has no excuse To act like a fool, but their time is still spent to amuse The classes get harder, and their lives are better known Writing shows meaning Personalities better shown Driving is the highlight of a sophomore’s year Many show excitement holding back their fear Pieces taking shape, in the puzzle of life Ideas balanced, on the blade of a knife With two more years to go And a life long ahead Classes are taken, but There’s much more to be said. Top Left: Jay Harris and his gang enjoying life at Gar-Field. Bottom Left: Robbie, Danielle, Chris, and Kristen prove friendship makes the world go round. Top Right: April Lewis, the sweet of the sweets. 233 Terri Adair Michael Adams Christopher Affeldt Scott Alford Fazalit Ali Christopher Allen Danielle Alsop David Anderson Tabatha Anderson Thomas Anderson Lori Ash Hb Auld Ronald Avey James Baker Monica Baker Wendy Baker Alicia Baldridge Steven Ball Richard Barrante Robert Baucom Brenda Baumgardner Mava Baxter Mora Baxter Apollo Baytan James Beall Robbin Beasley Cheryl Belk Kathryn Bell Michael Bell Annette Bender Carena Bender Lawanda Benefield Terance Bennett Brandon Bennetts David Biller Laure Billingsley Lauri Billingsley Mary Black Sandra Blackett Sarah Blais Angela Bland Christopher Blevins 234 Kurt Bolland William Boros William Boulden Sheila Bowan Christopher Bowling Sherri Bowman Christine Boyce Andrew Boyd Daniel Boyd Darron Boyd Kim Boyd Deborah Bradley Darren Brain Thomas Brandt David Brannan Susan Brannan Christina Bream Eric Brennan Kathy Breslin Dean Brettle Pia Bridges Heather Brinegar Jesse Briscoe Elizabeth Brooks Thomas Brooks Shelley Brosch Celeste Browder Leslie Browder Donna Brown Jeffrey Brown Stephen Brown Thomas Brown Martin Brula Lisa Bryant Mark Bryant Teresa Buehler Cherryl Burgess Marny Burgess Sherry Burnes Tracy Byrd Kimberly Callahan Thomas Cameron 235 Lorenz Campos Traci Cano Diana Cappel Steven Cardwell Candice Carlson Jennifer Carlson Joseph Carroll Jennifer Carter Sibyl Carter Thomas Caruthers Michelle Cash David Castell Melissa Catterton Stephen Cecil Edward Celmer Sheila Cephas Robert Chamberlain Laura Chavez Steven Chucala Janine Chuday David Clemens Karen Cobbs Charles Cochran Alison Coffee Jason Compy Troy Conner Michael Conner Shelley Cook Dana Cooper Cristi Cornett James Correia Matthew Cosand Jennifer Cramp John Crawley Luis Crevoisicr Percy Crevoisier 236 Jeffrey Crowley Timothy Crowley Delinda Culbreth Emilia Cunha Brian Dahl Karl Dalrymple Jacqueline Darby Christine David Cheryl Davis Eric Davis Michele Dehaven Ayda DeMirkan Janice DerDerian Kristen Devine Joanne Dick Michelle Disse Barbara Dix Danette Dixon Kent Dixon Elizabeth Dobson Amy D’Oliveira Bernie Dombrowski Mark Domenick John Donley Michael Doplemore Kimberley Dormstetter Dorene Dove Robert Doyle Alicia Drago Brenda Driver Lisa Drotos Richard Dulin Anthony Duncan Kristopher Dunn Lisa Dupree Gina Duque Shirley Duque Michelle Ebert Dean Edwards Trenton Edwards Carl Eicher Christopher Eiland 237 Jeffrey Eiland Donald Ellenberger Karen Embrey Shawn Emling Christopher Euler Michael Evans Jennifer Fair Tammray Fairley William Fairley James Fanning Richard Farley Christopher Feather Tracy Ferrell Thomas Ferri Timothy Fitzwater William Forgo Gregory Fosmark Jeffrey Fosmark Raymond Foster Veronica Foy Talisa Fuller Kathleen Gaden Christopher Galloway Chris Galvanek Donna Gamboa Kathryn Gardner Christopher Garrett Thomas Garrett Vinson Garrett Sandra George Christina Gheen Cherie Gibson Katherine Gill William Gilliom Steven Glass Brent Good Jon Grant Melissa Green Suzanne Green Sarah Gresham Jason Griffin 238 Kimberly Griffin Wendell Griffin Joanne Griner Matthew Groff Lucinda Grove Leina Gunter Kevin Gutierrez Suzanne Habbert Howard Hale Jeffrey Hale Keith Haller Kevin Haller Christopher Hamako Jennifer Hamilton Randy Handwork Tina Hansborough Katherine Harnest Brad Harris Heather Harris Jay Harris Mark Harris Michael Harris Linda Harrison Samantha Harle Chad Hartmann Andrea Haupt Brett Havener Rebekah Haymond Sandra Heckman Lisa Hegele Sheila Hegert David Heiser Lisa Hendrick Christina Hensley Afra Hersi Michael Hertzog Donna Heywood Karen Hicks Laura Hicks Jeanne Hill Donald Hinegardner Kelley Hoff 239 Sherrie Holloman Tracey Holmes Michael Hood Michael Hopke Kimberley Hopkins Deborah Hopson Todd Houston Michelle Huggins Jessica Hughes Douglas Hutton Barbara Irwin Michael Irwin Caroline Jabs Cheryl Jackson Donald Jackson James Jandreau Pamela Jefferson Jennifer Jeffries Lisa Jenkins Marcus Jenner Sheila Jennings David Johnson Regina Johnson Rolland Johnson Theresa Johnson Tracie Johnson Wesley Johnson Jeffrey Johnston Maurice Jones Pamela Jones Sean Jones Stephen Jones Lara Jordan Nicola Jordan Tamara Jung Marie Karis Timothy Kashmer Branoi Kelly Christopher Keltner Angela Kerby James Kerby 240 Ali Kerem James Kerney Rebecca Kerney Kenneth Kerr Kelly Kerrigan Beth Kerscher Anita King Denise King Lawrence King Mark King Jeremy Knorr Cheri Kolbenstetter Heather Kone Dennis Kramer Jennifer Kreamer Jean Kreinar Robert Krenkel Arthur Kurtz Betty Lacy Cyndri LaFreniere Lori Layman Scott Lazerson Chris Le Hung Le Laura Leche Jennifer Lee Kyung Lee Mary Lepper April Lewis Jennifer Lewis Sean Lewis Armando Lienard Mary-Beth Light Tracey Lilly Chana Lindgren Stephen Livingston 241 Naomi Locklear Deborah Long Diane Loveiett Gregory Lowe Shaun Lucas Kenneth Ludwig Lloyd Luellen Matthew Lynn William Macdonald Daniel Maddox Sonia Maine John Majeski Samuel Mann Julie Manning Christina Mark Jeffrey Marolda Brenda Mayes Caroline Maze Christopher McCarthy Troy McClanahan Gerald McCloy Jeffrey McCuen Charles Mcculough Corinna McDowell Bret McGill Linda McGrail Jarrett Mclntruff Mary McKelvey Michele Mclawhorn Jennifer McMillian Suzanne McMoran Eric McWilliams Timothy McWilliams Sandra Meehan Francisca Megargee Shari Megill Kimberly Merchant Jeffrey Merrifield Anthony Merritt Mike Muerer Douglas Meyer Carla Mickelson 242 Troy Mickins Natalie Migliorini Thomas Mihaly Angela Miller Brian Miller Jennifer Miller Steven Miller Suzanne Mirsky Walter Mitchell Maliala Mojaddidi Carol Money Michelle Money Melissa Monroe Diana Moody Thomas Modney Patrick Moore Lashune Morgan Michael Mori Dean Moslow William Mowry Robert Moyers Rose Munczenski Darlaine Munsell Eric Murphy Susan Ness Jennifer Newell Senatra Newell Jennifer Noble Lisa Noonan Charles Nopwasky Shirllynn Nuckols Karlo Obcemea Robert O’Brien Leslie Ohr Larry Ols Christopher Ondo John Ondo William Onks Denise Owens Kimberly Owens Pamela Owens Robert Owens 243 Kirsten Page Daniel Parker Michelle Parker Kathryn Parkin Andre Pasterchick Louis Pauline Tara Peatross Anthony Pellegrini Thomas Pencak Tonya Pennington Christina Perkins Thomas Petruzzi Heather Peverill James Phillips Richard Phillips Cheryl Pickett Stephanie Pile Leslie Pitt Moses Plenty Stan Poczatek Mark Poillucci Palma Poormon Sara Powell Sundi Powell William Powell Anita Prasch Kimberly Presho Heather Presnell John Proffitt Tammy Pruitt Rhonda Quezaire David Quirin Dorothy Ramey Margot Ramsay James Rawlinson Michelle Raymond Christine Recknor Oren Reed Daniel Reedy Samantha Rembert Melvyn Rexrode Kimberly Rhorer 244 Kathleen Rich Lisa Rich Kristin Richards Linda Richardson Wendy Richmond Charles Riddle Patricia Riesenberg Robert Riggle David Ripton Johnell Rivera Jennifer Robinson John Rocha Daniel Rohrig Daniel Rotelli Erin Roth Leonard Rowe David Rummler Harold Ruszczyk Irene Ryan Nicole Sabarese Chris Sanchez-Canete Kenneth Sapp Jodi Saunders John Sawicki Jonathan Scaggs Travis Schaney Pamela Schmecht Will Schrecongost Lori Schroeder Jeffrey Schumacher James Schwab Richard Scott Michelle Shatley Robert Shearer Susan Sheloski Amy Shiflett Pamela Shipley Daniel Short Jill Shreve Stephen Shurtliff Priscilla Sierk Richard Sierk 1 A Gregory Simcic Emily Simmons John Simpson Yoncha Sin Brian Singleton Donald Sketo Timothy Smelcer Francine Smith Kimberly Smith Kimberly Smith Larry Smith Michael Smith Nancy Smith Tamara Smith Lakita Sneed Joyce Soderstrom Steven Spedden Kelly Spellane Kuansueke Sragaow Sabrina Stamper Allen Stansbury Tracy Stansill Allan Stephens Edward Stiegel Steven Stiles Karen Stone Eric Stoutamyer Susan Straight Stephanie Stramer Timothy Street Danny Strickland Rebecca Stuck Dwayne Stumpf Joshua Sullivan Deborah Suslowicz Tiffany Swaim Kathy Swider Lesley Swider Cynthia Taft Niquelle Talley Jesse Taylor Kimberly Taylor 246 ,gpi Laura Taylor Michelle Taylor Melinda Teel Christopher Tenney Robert Tennis George Terrell Kristen Terry Rhonda Thomas Anthony Thompson Eric Thompson Jennifer Thompson Leneetha Thompson Peggy Thompson Robert Thompson Steven Thompson Terry Thompson John Thurman Roger Thurston Michael Tilley Helen Todd Kristy Tomchek Terrill Tops Kyra Torango Kim Toth Jennifer Trace Kimberly Trotman Edward Trujillo Lucinda Tucker Anthony Tuggle Derrick Turner Kelly Turner Terry Tyler Martin Underwood Sean Underwood Mark Unrath Jeannine Valvo 247 William VanGelder Jared VanLeuren Timothy Vavrina Krista Veil Beverly Velasco James Verschueren Lisa Vito Lisa Volpe James Waddell Brian Wade Deborah Wagner Daniel Walker Michael Wallace Steve Wanamaker Lisa Ward Robert Wardlow Jennifer Warren Renee Washington Songia Washington Will Washington Lawrence Wayland Scott Webb Michael Welch Michelle Wells Jenny Westenberger Matthew Wheeler Todd Wickum Paul Wierbinski Michael Wilhelm Franki Wilkerson Valerie Wilkins Darrel Williams Jennifer Williams Kasandra Williams Kimberly Williams Myrna Williams Bill Williams William Wise James Wohlhueter Jonathan Wood Jennifer Woodcock Bryan Woods 248 Kayla Wright Lisa Wright Marya Wright Lisa Yates Clinton Yeo Troy Yoder Frank Zane Cynthia Zeunges ALL EYES ON FRESHMEN k j K 4 ■ i P . m w 1 1 Top Left: Lesley Hetzler proves that homework can be a lot of fun. Top Right: Too cool for words. Bottom Left: I’m not sleeping. I’m thinking. Freshman A freshman can be seen As a person of fun Working so hard to get everything done. New, scared, happy or sad Mischievious, lonely and bad Many of the qualities shown by all Trying to make it, Not to fall. A freshman might see Gar-Field As the worlds biggest school Trying not to get lost or act like a fool. Waiting forever, but Not coming too soon. For summer break, you Have to wait until June. Freshmen are imaginative Sometimes in the wrong way But no matter what they do They’re here every day. 251 Allynne Abbott Ingrid Abraham Joni Achenbach Jennifer Acord Christine Adams Lisa Aiken Dean Albertson Jeremy Alford Valerie Allen Carla Alston Richard Alvarado Marian Anderson Steven Anderson Willie Armstrong Liane Arrington Milagro Aspillaga Charles Auld Ronald Austin Beverly Bachman Christopher Bachman Laura Bagwell Remona Bailey Raquel Balcomb Vincent Ballard Jeffrey Banks Claude Barfield Nancy Barker Marc Barnes Heather Bassman Lorie Bauer Sheila Baumgardner Deborah Baylor Christopher Becht Mark Becton Cheryl Beighlea Anthony Bell Natasha Belmo Latricia Benefield Christopher Bennett Sean Bennett Dawn Bethel Tracy Betts 252 Domenic Bianchini Daniel Bickford Donovan Billings Doris Billingsley Noel Bishop Rene Bisson Dawn Black Michele Blackwell Steven Blocker Frank Bloom Christina Boggio Gregory Boggs Cory Boggus Miguel Boschulte Eric Bowen Faytayar Bowens Patrick Bowman Christina Box Rae Boyd William Boyd Brian Boyer Laura Bradley Joseph Brazil Tommy Bre ' nzovich Kimberly Bridgman Kenya Broadie Amy Brophy Edward Brown Katrina Brown Kwame Brown Lynda Brown Steven Bryant Catherine Bryk Tawana Bullock Erin Bunn Scott Burner Mia Burton Lisa Busch Debbie Byrd Susie Caliotte Robert Campbell Erica Carlson 253 James Carmichael Joey Carpenter David Carr Marc Carrano Ramona Carroll Angie Carter Jackie Carter Stacy Carter Paula Casey Marci Casterline James Cha Lamoyne Chambers Paul Chapman Elizabeth Chase Diane Checkon Derek Cheeks Paula Cherry Quenton Chirdon Tracey Chopin Heidi Clark Kenneth Clark David Clarke Samantha Clarke Tracey Clarke John Claveloux Janet Clegg Heather Clemens Roger Click Christopher Cockrum Bobby Coggins Kimberly Cole Timothy Coles Michael Colgrove George Collatos Karen Collins Cecil Conley 254 Christina Conner Alexander Conwell Cheryl Corbin John Costello Edward Cote Scott Coulbourn Yolanda Covington James Cox Cynthia Crabtree Christinia Craig Jennifer Crane Michael Cravens Jennifer Craycraft Michael Creel Melissa Cremeans Ruby Crenshaw John Crist Brian Critchlow Dennis Cross Delora Culbreth MaryEllen Cummings Terrence Cummings Kari Curbs Emily Cyr Lisa David Anthony Davis Deanna Davis Marsha Deel Gregory Deese Brandon Demers Kimberly Dempster Daniel Destephanis Jason Devault Michael Diaz James Dick Donald Dickhute Jennifer Dieringer Joseph Distefano Patrick Dittmer Pamela Dodson Aaron Donnelly Jeffrey Donovan 255 Robert Dorazio Betty Doyle Aimee Dunn Christopher Dunn Judy East Robert Eberhart Kevin Edge Jennifer Edwards Choudhary Elahi Donna Ellis Jesse Ellyson Sherin Elzeni Susan Emery Lisa Emery David Evans Erin Evans Julia Evatt Richard Ewing Judith Eyler Karin Eyrich Tiffany Fairweather Carrie Fanning Joanne Faszcza Michelle Feaganes Elizabeth Federico Matthew Feeney Shane Felde Frederick Fenster Deon Fields Robert Finch Fiona Davies Callie Firsdon Jeffrey Fisher Kenneth Fisher Denise Fitzkee Joseph Fleming § mam 256 Wade Fleming Aaron Fletcher Kathy Flynt Troy Fontillas Andrew Ford Angela Ford Stephanie Foster Clarence Fowler Shannon Foy Lori Frank Katrina Franklin Tasha Freeman Thomas Frese Cynthia Fulgencio Rachelle Gable Linwood Gallaway Craig Galloway Anthony Ganino Felicia Garrett Roderic Garrett Larry Gathers Francis Gayle Mia Geer Heather Gefrich Federick Gerhardt Brian Gero Kelly Geyer Lynn Gianni Andrew Gibbons Theresa Gillon Jennifer Giltner Steve Gingerich Rayanne Gonzales John Gorkowski Andre Gorruso Robert Gorsuch 257 Steven Gorsuch Paul Goyette Jennifer Green John Grenke Natalie Grimm Wesley Groff April Guinn Eric Gunn Alan Guthrie Scott Haak Heidi Hall Shelia Hall Tracy Hall Dennis Halman Richard Haney Lloyd Hanna Deshanta Hannah David Hardin Kimberly Hardin Kristin Harr Sheri Harrington Brandon Harris Paul Harris Mark Harrison Sean Harrison Kathryn Hart Richard Hart Alan Hartman Amber Haslacker Michelle Haslup Chad Hasty Amy Haugh Tara Heaney Leslie Heller Dishon Hemphill Crystal Henderson Stephon Henry Jennifer Hensley Katherine Henson Lesley Hetzler Tammy Hicks Kevin Higgins 258 Phillip Higgs Anita Hill Scottie Hinchee Alfred Hines Charles Hirons Marc Hodge Ran Hollandsworth Jeter Holloway Robert Holst R.J. Honeycutt Tammy Hool Joseph Hoover Kathleen Hopke Jonathon Hornauer Victor Horne Stephanie Housier Christopher Houston Fonda Howell Janet Huddleston Steven Hughes Tammy Hughes Thomas Hummel Todd Hurn Enid Imel Jamie Jackson Robert Jackson Rodger Jackson Thad Jamieson Angela Jarrett Vernon Jennings Demetria Jett Michael Johnson Michael Johnson Ryan Johnson Terri Johnson James Johnston 259 Cary Jones Christina Jones Kimberly Jones Lisa Jones Clifford Jordan Jennifer Jordan Samaria Joyner Brian Keener Christina Keltner Ronnie Kennedy Ali Kerem Patricia Kibler Diana Kidwell Clarence King Holly King Kevin Kinnett Renee Kinney Kimberly Knepper Chris Kovack Michael Kraft Leslie Kramer Eric Lambert Winona Landry Richard Laurence Shawn Lavey Tracy Leak Barry Leake Robert LeBlanc Andrew Leight Michael Lenyon Felipe Letelier Robert Lettmann Valerie Lewallen Elan Lewis Keith Lewis Kurt Lewis Teresa Lewis John Lingafelt Gilbert Lingenfelter Michael Linkous James Little Marina Little 260 Jennifer Lopaze Jose Lopes Jerome Love David Ludwig Christy MacDonald Rachel Mackissock Bret Mackie Lisa Maddalena Elaine Madorma Denise Mangini Joseph Manuel Steven Marsh Jack Martin Judy Martin Sean Martin Nidia Martinez Sean Masciandaro Stephanie Massey Teresa Mathers Danielle Mathis Dawn Matthews Timothy McCafferty Jeanine McCalment Dina McCarthy Clint McClure Aaron McGill Peter McGovern Randy McGrail John McGrath Michael McGuire Shane McIntyre Troy McKinney Kevin McMahon Meghan McRunnel Jerry McWilliams Kerry Merritt Prudence Meyer Kimberly Mickins Tracy Middleton Marie Midgett Daniel Miller Monica Miller 261 Semra Miller Wanda Miller Joel Mills Michael Mills Elissa Mincy Steven Mitchell Susan Moats Haroon Mojaddidi Todd Molnar Cheryl Moore Heidi Moore Julie Moore Katherine Moore Stanley Moore David Morello Matthew Morgan Scott Morris Stephanie Morrison Cecelia Morrow Matthew Morrow Charles Mosby Joseph Mosley Jason Mosser Deborah Motta Wendy Mottershead Matthew Moyer Brian Mulhern Gretchen Munari Thomas Murphy Zakia Murphy Verena Nanni Kevin Nelson William Nelson Ronald Ncsbith Garrett Newman Van Nguyen 26 2 9HI Chester Nightiii,’,ale James Ningen Laura Noonan Sadia Noreen Amy Nothnagel Jennifer O’Reilly Martha Oaks Matthew O’Brien Robin O ' Brien Amy O’Daniell Elizabeth O’Donnell Margueret O’Donnell Eliza Oestreich Roderick Olaes Eric Olivarez Diane Ondo Anthony Onley Michael Owens Vanessa Pace Rebecca Palmer Shawn Panone Karen Panzo Daryl Parker Denise Parker Paul Parker Ronnie Parker David Parks Edward Parmelee Christina Passarelli David Payne Joann Pedro Sue Pedro Juan Peoples Gregory Perelli Jamel Perkins Kecsha Perkins Thomas Perry Tamyra Peters Eric Peterson Lester Phillips Robert Phinney Hope Pickett 263 Madelyn Pine Michael Pinkney Margaret Plenty Joseph Pomeroy John Pope Michael Porter Mark Posey Tiffany Price Tracey Price Tammy Pritchett Stephanie Putiyon Kimberly Quiroz Abid Qureshi Robert Raetz John Raftery Zachary Rainey Tara Rainsberger Rodrigo Ramos Elizabeth Rather Gregory Rawlerson Zandra Rawlinson Daryl Redden Michael Creel Kevin Reeves Mary Regan William Reichenbach Dionne Rich Patricia Richard Market Richardson Michelle Richardson Renee Richardson Dawn Rinehart Edsel Rivera Jason Rivera Linda Roberts Robert Robinson 264 Glorie Rodriguez Michael Roles Helen Rote Cynthin Rouleau Richard Ryons Sasan Sabet Theresa Salathe Kirsta Salminen Mary Saplak Lisa Savage Ayou Sayasithsena Vann Sayasithsena Stacey Sayko Jimmy Schieffelin Thomas Schneider Christine Schu Cynthis Scifres Brad Scott Victoria Scott Ken Scroggins Lenor Scroggins Jennifer Senn Kenneth Shelly Carolyn Shoop Elizabeth Shoop Mirwais Shpoon Rebecca Shriver Kimberly Sierk Christopher Simpson Stuart Simpson Jennifer Sisson Lynae Skoog Amy Smith April Smith Eugene Smith Jeffrey Smith Kristina Smith Philip Smith Sherri Smith Valinda Smith Jennifer Snyder Donald Spatzer 265 Iva Spencer Thomas Spencer Daniel Spin Jimmie Stafford Sherri Stanford Lynette Stanley Thane St. Clair Edward Stephens Allen Stewart Dawn Stewart Glen Stewart Pamela Stewart Sherron Stewart Lola Stith Eric Stokes Julie Stovall Tamara Stratton Tonya Street Trisha Street Richard Stringer Patrick Strong Caroline Struder Albert Stumm Jennifer Sturcke Beth Sunderland Kelly Swanson Eugene Swinton Lavonda Sykes Theresa Talley Ashok Tandon Kimberly Tate Cynthia Taylor Kasandra Taylor Leslie Taylor Rochelle Taylor William Taylor Sharalyn Tennis Alice Terault Angela Terry Colleen Terry Donald Thee David Thomas 266 Jennifer Thomas John Thomas Jon Thomas William Thurston Andrea Tidd Lisa Tirch Sandy Troiano Kenneth Trujillo Elizabeth Tukey James Turch Claire Tyson Kristen Valentine Katrina Vanderhoof James Vavrick Diane Volonoski Dana Wakeman Kathryn Walcroft Deborah Waldron Jennifer Walker Krystol Walker Tonia Walker Josh Wall Christina Wallace Shannon Walter Laura Walters Kelly Wanamaker Tanya Wantz Brian Ward Mark Warholic Charles Washington David Washington Ricardo Washington Robin Washington Ralph Watkins Rhonda Watson Stephen Watt 267 Brian Watts Jerry Watts Jason Webber Melissa Weckenman Steve Weetman Melanie Werner Cynthia West Patricia West Thomas Westen Michelle Wetherbee Alan Wheat Allison Wheeler Shannon Wheeler Bobby White James Williams Ramsey Williams Sherll Williams Allen Wilson Andrea Wilson Ryan Wilson Steven Wilson Constance Windham Lisa Winemiller Constance Wise Joseph Witzgall Carrie Wood Nicole Wood Kenneth Woodard Elizabeth Woodhouse Debra Wright John Wright Mike Windt Rexanne Wright Kimberly Wrona Arwen Wyatt David Yacobi Glen Yancoskie David Yates Yun Yi Meredith York Darren Young Keith Young 268 Matthew Young Michael Young Shane Young Matthew Zawisa Dennis Ziesler Neil Zinn 269 Wimmmii? Top Left: Joe and Paul always ready for a picture. Top Right: Doctor Mark prepares to operate as Nurse Lisa takes notes. Left: Kevin and Tracey getting ready for class. Above: Santa Twinkie with his helpers, Alan and Tony. 270 Top Left: Now I know why the library alarm went off! Top Right: Hi, my name is Tom. Middle Left: Twinkie and the gang. Middle Right: Did you call me? Bottom Left: Erin, Marie and Sandy show their school spirit. 271 Ns. ALL EYES ON FACULTY Above Left: Mrs. Ayres displays her “witchy” costume on Halloween. Above Right: Mr. Darrough gives his students the finer points about history. Bottom Left: Officer Finnigan . . . hard at work!!! Bottom Right: Mrs. Martin, alias Mary Poppins, reads to her class. ADMINISTRATION Top: Dr. J. Zuill Bailey, Principal Middle Left: Mr. Bradsher, Assistant Principal, 10th grade Middle: Mr. Cardinale, Assistant Principal, 12th grade Middle Right: Ms. Harte, Assistant Principal, 9th grade Right: Mr. Clarke, Assistant Principal, 11th grade • VS? ' ,wm se mm m i « . r •• • vamM-n ' , M ' ■ , MK3V4 mm ■ ■ i i a ►.• ■ I i f fftf m M mm r ' - 1v Allison Ms Ayres Mr Bailey Ms. Baird Ms. Barley Mr. Barrett Ms. Beale Mr. Bell - Math - English - Foreign - Secretary - Business - P.E. - Secretary - Science Ms Berry Ms. Besch Language Ms. Brunson „ Mr. Bunn Ms. Byrd Ms. Cahill Ms. Cantwell - Secretary - L P M Mr Binder - Math - Social - Special Ed. - Aide - Social Ms. Carr Ms Carr - Science Ms. Cecil Studies Ms. Chiles Mr. Clemmons Studies - Secretary - Secretary Mr Castrina - Secretary Ms. Centola - Secretary - Science Ms. Coffee Ms Coggin Ms Collates - English Ms. Crim - Math ,, Ms. Dangerfield Mr.. Darrough - English - (iuidanee - Copier Clerk Ms. Combs - English Mr. Cryan - Math - Social Ms. Deegan Ms Dodge Ms Earl - Fnglish Mr. Edwards - Guidance Ms. Elvin Studies - P.E. - English - Science Ms. Edmondson - English Ms. Elnaggar - Social Ms. Engels Ms. Fagan Mr 1 it gerald Mr. f ' lannagan - Home F.e. Ms. Golliday - Foreign Studies - Business - Guidance - (iuidanee - Science Ms. (ierhard - Bookkeeper ' Language Mr. Greer Ms. Gruber Ms. Flamill - Special Cd. Ms. Graham - Social - Science ' - Science - Social . Studies Studies Ms. Harris Ms. Harris Ms. Harrison Ms. Hcedick Ms. doctor Ms. Huddle Ms. 11 ust is Ms. Johnson - Switchboard - English - Guidance - Foreign - Secretary - Science - Special Ed. ' - Business Mr. Johnson Ms. Jones Ms. Jones Language Ms. Kabler Ms. Koepping Mr. Larson Mr. Legge - Social - P.E. - Guidance Mr. Jones - Foreign - English - Social . - P.E. ' Studies Mr. Lucas Ms. Magargal - Music Language Ms. Marx Studies Mr. Milbert Ms. Little - Industrial - English Ms. Mago Ms. Martin - Social Ms. May - P.E. - hnglish Arts Mr. Murphy - Business - English Studies - Foreign Mr. Mitchell Ms. Moyers - Industrial Ms. Murphy Ms. O ' Connor Language - Custodian - Music Arts - Math - Home Mr. O’Shea Ms. Pannell Ms. Parker Mr. Pearson Economics - Social - English - Math Social Ms. Piccolo Studies Mr. Pugh Mr. Ramos Studies - Foreign Mr. Polly - Art - Math Mr. Rampley Language ' 276 - Science English Mr. Riddle - P.E 1 Ms. Smith Ms. Sncdiker Mr Spencer Mr. Roadcap Ms. Robertson Mr. Robinson Mr. Rodeffcr Ms. Rose - Secretary - Aide - Social - Business - Math - P.E. - Science - Business Ms Turner Mr. VanWinkle Studies Ms. Rosenblatt Ms. Rowland Ms. Sanchez Mr. Sawyer Ms. Shacklctte - English - Math Ms. Vcrbeck - Special lid. - Guidance - Business - Social - Media Ms. White Mr. - Special P.d. Mr. Sherrill Mr. Shriver Ms. Simon Studies Center - Math W ' ic alkowski Mr Wilson - Activities - Special Ed. - Math Ms. Simpson Ms. Skiffington - Industrial - Media Dir. Ms. Taylor Ms. Templeton - Art - Foreign Arts Center Ms. Sullivan - Science - Media Ms. Tobin Language - P.E. 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I 59, 234 Baker, Mark 72. 216, 145, 116 Baker, Monica R. 136, 234, 151 Baker, Wendy R. 135, 234 Balcomb, Brent S. 216 Baleomb, Raquel 252 INDEX Baldridge, Alicia 135, 234 Ball, Steven B. 234 Ballard, Tonia 166 Ballard, Vincent T. 252, 83 Ballenger, Brad for 166 Banks. Jeffrey M. 255, 109 Banks, Richard T. 216 Barfield, Claude 252, 109 Barker, Julie A. 148, 216 Barker, Nancy L. 136, 252 Barnes, Marc 252, 109 Barnes, Tim A. 216 Barnhart, Kimberly 7, 84, 85, 147, 159, 166 Barr, I.oric A. 166 Barrante, Richard A. 234 Barrett, Melinda D. 134, 136, 216, 152, 145 Bartenes, Steven W. 157, 166 Basantes, Ruben, A. 136, 216, 137 Bassmann, Heather 141, 159, 252 Battenfeld, Bryan 156 Baucom, Robert G. 234, 107 Bauer, Loric A. 136, 252 Baum, Penny 216 Baumgardner, Sheila R. 136, 252 Baumgardner, Turin 136, 166 Baumgartner, Brenda A. 136, 234 Baxter, Mava M. 234 Baxter, Mova I . 234 Baylor, Deborah R. 252 Baytan, Apollo, 70, 159, 234, 145 Baytan, Jose 216 Ba ilc, Polone M. 166, 158 Bcachy, Francis M. 166 Beahm, Joseph L. 216 Beale, Eric L. 216, 92, 116 Beall, James R. 234 Beasley, Robbin L. 234, 102 Beaty, Lori A. 216 Beaty, Rachel M. 147, 166, 151 Beavers, Marcia L. 166 Becht, Christopher 252, 137 Bee ton, Mark C, 252 Beglin, Julie A, 147, 166 Beighlea, Cheryl A. 252 Belk, Cheryl 234 Bell, Anthony W. 252 Bell. John P. 148, 166, 152, 137 Bell, Kathryn M. 234 Bell, Michael G. 154, 234 Bell, Timothy G. 166, 158 Belmo, Natasha A. 242, 151 Bender, Annette M. 234 Bender, Carcna L. 62, 234 Benefield, Latricia 252 Benefield, Lawanda P. 153, 234, 158, 151. 116 Benjamin, Melik H. 159 Bennett, Christopher 252 Bennett, Jonathan 216 Bennett, Michael 216 Bennett, Sean 252 Bennett, Tcranee L. 76, 80, 234 Bennetts, Brandon 234 Bennetts, Christopher 157, 166 Bertctt i, Scott D, 216 Besson, Katherine M. 166 Bethea, Matthew ' R. 157, 216 Bethel, Dawn M. 134, 252 Betts, Tracy L. 153, 252 Bianchini, Domcnic 253 Bianchini, Patrizi 68, 69, 157 Bickford, Daniel S. 42, 243 Bickham, Bernard D. 216 Biller, David B. 234 Billings, Donovan 253 Billingsley, Doris 136 Billingsley, Hapri 216 Billingsley, Laurc 234 Billingsley, Lauri 136, 234 Bird, Daniel C. 144, 216, 110 Bishop, Noel D. 253 Bishop, Steven E. 72, 76, 216, 1 16 Bisson, Rene C. 253 Black. Dana A. 166 Black, Danielle A. 216 Black, Dawn C. 153, 253 Black, Mary C. 234 Blackburn, Michael 157 Blackburn, Michael 166 Blackett, Sandra 136. 234, 151 Blackwell. Michele 90. 253 Blair, Michael 156, 166, 137 Blais, Erancoise 147, 216 Blais, Sarah 234 Bland, Angela 234 Blanton, William E. 216 Bias, Richard C. 216 Blaylock, Paul A. 166 Bledsoe. Sandra 135, 143, 216 Blevins, Christoph 234 Blocker, Steven J. 253 Bloom, Frank L. 243 Bloxton, Lisa M. 24, 166 Bloxton, Thomas 16. 70. 216 Blye, Christophe R. 7, 76, 217 Boggio, Christina A. 253 Boggs, Gregory M. 253 Boggus. Cory M. 253 Bohr, Kimberly A. 217 Bohuslar, Emily D. 217, 116 Bolac, Christoph L, 217 Bolland, Kurt E. 159, 161, 235 Bords. Jane A. 66, 166 Boros, William W. 25, 235, 107 Boschultc. Miguel 253, 145 Boulden. John 217 Boulden, William 234 Bowen, Erie K. 2.53 Bowen, Sheila M. 235. 151 Bowens. Faytayar 253 Bowens, Tia 150, 217 Bowers, Jeffrey 136, 217 Bowles, Lori D. 135, 166 Bowling, Christophe S. 235 Bowman, Beth B. 166, 393 Bowman, Patrick J, 253, 116 Bowman, Sherri A. 144, 161, 235 Box, Christa D. 253 Boyce, Christine M 133, 235 Boyd, Andrew 235 Boyd, Daniel 235 Boyd, Darron C. 235 Boyd, James 31, 76, 217 Boyd, Kim D, 235 Boyd, Rase A. 1 36. 253, 152 Boyd, William A. 253 Boyer, Brian 253 Boyer, Richard 155, 393 Bradford, Lisa D. 132, 217 Bradley, Cynthia E. 144, 166, 393 Bradley, Deborah S. 141. 235 Bradley, Laura A. 136, 235 Brain, Darren G. 235 Brandt, Emily A. (66 Brandt, Thomas 235, 93.92 Brannan, David N, 235 Brannan. James A. 147. 393 Brannan, Susan 235 Brazil, Elena E. 141, 166, 393, 145 Brazil, Joseph E. 231 139, 92, 116 Bream. Christina M. 235 Breen, Denise M 217 Brennan, Erie S. 235 138. 137 Brcnzovich, Tarnmie 76. 166, 393 Brcnzovich, Tommy 253 Breslin. Jeannie M. 217, 139, 137, 145 Breslin, Kathy J. 136, 235 Brcsser, Gregory Jr. A. 217 Brettle. Dean W. 235 Bridges. Pia 143. 235. 152 Bridget!, Keith B. 217 Bridgman, Keith A 156 Bridgman. KimberK 134. 253 Brimage. Jautavvn 217 Brimagc. Monica 166 Brincgar. Heather, A, 74, 235, 151 Briscoe, Jesse L. 235 Broadie, Kenya E. 253 Brooks, Elizabeth 235 Brooks. Jason W. 217 Brooks. Ronald P. 166 Brooks, Teresa W. 166 Brooks. Thomas K 64, 235 Brophy, Amy L. 253 Broseli. Shelley A. 235 Brothers, Donna M 102 Browder, Celeste K. 21. 136, 235, 137, 151 Browder, Leslie D. 235, 107 Brown. Alicia L. 21 7 Brown, Che i66 Brown, Cynthia 134 Brown. Donna J. 133. 144, 235 Brown, Edward S. 253, 138. 1 37 Brown, Jeffrey N. 235, 138, 1 37 Brown, Jonathan M. 166 Brown, Katrina 253 Brown, Kwame 253 Brown, Lynda K. 253, 139, 137 Brown. Pamela A. 166 Brown, Scott. W. 70, 143, 166 • Brown, Stephen A 166 Brown, Stephen D. 235 Brown. Tamara 1 . 135, 160, 217 Brown, Thomas P. 235, 209 Brown, Warren 1 36. 166, 1 37 Bro owski, Anthony 157, 166 Brula, Martin, A. 235 Bryant, l.isa H, 235 Bryant, Mark A. 235, 82 Bryant, Steven C. 253 Bryk. Catherine A. 253, 139 Buchanan, Danielle 217 Buehler. Teresa D. 142. 235 Buel. Yvonne A. 160, 166 Bullard. Matthew H Bullock, Taw ana D. 253 Bunn, Bradley B. 143, 217 Bunn, Erin D. 134, 253, Burcroff, William 156, 217 Burgess, Cherryl L, 153, 161, 235 Burgess, Marny L. 235 Burhans, Tamara 74, 166 Burian. Patricia 60, 61. 166 Burke, Paul T. 166, 209. 196 Burkhammer. l.isa K. 155, 217 Burner, Scott A. 253 Burnes, Sherry 159, 235 Burrage, Christina 217 Burruss, Cheryl D. 166 cBurruss, Monica R. 147, 217 Burton, Lloyd, J. 217 Burton, Mia T. 253, 116 Busch, Karin L. 143, 144. 142, 159, 166, 152 Busch, l.isa M. 137, 144, 253, 152 Buschbaum, Lori E. 143, 166 Butler, Dionne M. 217, 116 Butler, Ciwcndolyn 153 Butler, Samuel E. 166 Byram, Robert O. 160, 166 Byrd, Debbie P. 253 Byrd, Gwendolyn M. 166, 217 Byrd, Patrick C 21 7, 1 16 Byrd, Tracy R.235 c Caddy, Dana L. 60, 217 Caldarelli, Joe A. 166 Caliotte. Susie H. 253 Callahan, Kimberly 235 Campbell, Dana I 217 Campbell, Keith A. 217, 138. 137 Campbell, Robert 159, 217, 253 Campos, Junnctte 166 Campos. Loren I.. 236 Cano, Traci M. 236 Cappel, Diana D. 236 Cappel, Donna D. 147 Caprara, James 166, 394 Cardwell, Steven L. 236 Carlson, Candice L. 236. 145 Carlson, Charles E. 157, 166, 217 Carlson, C ' harles M. 160. 394 Carlson, Erica H. 253 Carlson, Jennifer 61, 90. 236, 106 Carlson, Kirk 217 Carmichael, James C. 254 Carpenter, Brown H. 23, 143, 148, 159, 166, 394, 138, 92, 1 16 Carpenter, Helen S. 143, 160, 217 Carpenter, Joey C. 254 Carpenter, Todd E. 147, 217 Carr, David J. 254, 139, 137 Carrano, Marc S. 254 Carrigan, Joseph M. 157, 166, 394 Carrigan, Marion R. 143, 144, 148, 218, 102 Carroll, Joseph 236 Carroll, Ramona R. 141, 254 Carter, Angela Y. 254 Carter, Jacqueline 141, 254, 151. 109 Carter, Jennifer D. 236 Carter. Joseph C. 166. 394 Carter, Julie A. 160, 218 Carter. Lana R. 218 Carter. Laura M. 166, 394 Carter, Sibyl I). 236. I 51 Carter, Stacy M. 254 Carter, Tamara I.. 218 Caruthers, Thomas G. 236, 1 39 Casey, Paula M. 254 Cash. Christopher R. 218 Cash. Michelle A. 235, 137 Cashwell. Michelle 21, 23. 218 Cassidy, Sean P. 166 Castell, David M. 236 Casterline, Marci 1 59, 259 Castle, Patrick 64, 68, 136. 218 Castulik, Katherin 160, 166 Catterton, Melissa 61, 90, 236 Cecere, Andrea T. 218, 151 Cecil, Stephen E. 141, 236 Celmer. Edward G. 236. 1 16 Cephas, Gerald A. 143, 153, 166, 152, 139, 209, 211, 1 16 Cephas, Sheila 1 33, 236, 145 Cha, James H. 254 Chamberlain, Robert E. 236 Chapa. Jason M. 166, 170 Chapa, l.inda 218 Chapman. Darla 147, 166. 170 Chapman, Paul 254 Chase, Elizabeth M. 159, 254 Chase, Kenneth D. 218, 92, 145, 1 16 Chase, Michelle A. 218 Chavez, Laura B. 62, 63, 236 Cheatham, Troy T. 72. 73, 166, 170, 117, 116 Checkon, Diane M. 254 Checkon, Elaine P. 155, 218 Cheek, Thomas E. 160, 166, 170 Checks, Derek B. 254, 83 Cherry, Paula E. 254. 152 Chester, Ann M. 134, 143, 170 Chirdon, Quenton C. 254 Chopin, Tracey L. 254, 114, 115 Chucula, Steven 236, 139 Chuday, Janinc 62, 63, 236, 145 Chuquillangui. Peg 218 Clark. Heidi L. 254, 138, 95, 94, 1 16 Clark. Kenneth R. 254. 83 Clark, Matthew A. 170 Clarke. Andre I. 76, 218 Clarke, David L. 254 Clarke, Samantha 254 Clarke. Tracey L. 254 Claveloux, John K. 254 Clay brooks, Travis 218 Clegg, Janet L. 254. 138, 137 Clegg, Stephen W. I 70 Clemen. Janet A. 170 Clemens. David W. 236 . Clemens, Heather R. 254, 138, Click, Roger L. 254 Clinton, David A. 76, 170 Clore, Linda 60, 143, 170 Clubb, Samuel L. 218 Cobbs, Karen 136, 236, 151, 116 Cochran, Charles S. 236 Cockrum, Christopher A. 254 Coerse, Sean 170, 158 Coffee, Alison A. 236 Coffee, Chad 170, 96 Coggins, Bobby 254, 83 Cole, Joseph T. 218, 138, 137 Cole, Kimberly 136, 254 Coles, Timothy M. 254 Colgrove, Michael 254 Collatos, George 254 Collins, Cheryl 67, 136, 170, 155 Collins, Karen J. 254, 158 Collins, Thomas 170, 137 Compy, Jason 236 Conahan, Wayne 136, 218, 137 Conger, Kurt 218 Conley, Cecil 141, 254 Conley, Susan M. 218 " , 158 Conner, Christina A. 255 Conner, Troy L. 236 Connor, Charlene 170, 209 Connor, Michael A. 236 Conwell, Alexander F. 255, 139 Cooke, Cherie A. 155, 170 , Cook, Jacqueline 136, 218 Cook, John A. 218 Cook, Shelley 236 Cooper, Dana M. 68, 236 Cooper, Patrick 148, 170, 92, 116 Cope, Patrick J. 157, 170 Copening, Reginald 218 Corbin, Cheryl A. 255, 138 Corbin, Mary E. 20, 135, 170, 211 Cornett, Cristi A. 144, 236 Cornett, Diana L. 218 Correia, James 236 Cosand, Matthew S. 236 Costello, Eric W 157, 170 Costello, John N. 255 Cote, Edward J. 235, 83 Cote, Simone M. 218 Coulbourn, Scott A, 255 Coutts, Kevin 171 Covington, Miche L. 141, 171 Covington, Stephan 171, 255 Covington, Yolanda 94, 1 16 Cox, James W. 255 Crabtree, Cynthia 134, 255, 152 Craig, Christinia 141, 153, 255 Cramp, Jennifer, 236, 138, 137 Crane, Jennifer 159, 255 Cravens, Michael C. 255 Crawley, John R. 236, 138, 137 Craycraft, Jennifer, L. 255 Creamer, Cynthia E. 171 Creel, Emerson 171, 395 Creel, Michael L. 255, 263 Cremeans, James W. 171, 395 Cremeans, Melissa A. 255 Crenshaw, Ruby 255 Crespo, Jose 62, 218 Crespo, Rubin N. 218, 110 Crevoisier, Luis E. 236 Crevoisier, Percy N. 236 Crist, John B. 255 Critchlow, Brian 255 Crocker, James 171, 395 Crone, Lisa D. 147, 171, 395 Cross, Dennis 255, 92 Crowley, Jeffrey B. 237 Crowley, Timothy M. 237, 137 Cruse, Leona 147, 160, 171, 146 Culbreth, Dclinda 133, 136, 237 Culbrcth, Delora L. 141, 144, 255 Cull, Karric A. 147, 218 Cullen, Annemarie M. 171 Cummings, Chris P. 218 Cummings, Margaret 171 Cummings, Maryellen 255 Cummings, Terrence J. 255 Cunha, Emilia 237 Cunha. George C. 21X Curlis, James B. 218, 137, 116 Curlis, Kari M. 141, 255, 152 Curran. Thomas 218 Cyr, Emily M. 255, 152 D Daderio, Shirley 171 Dahl. Brian C. 237 Dalrymple. Karl S. 237 Dameron. Susan 218, 158 Dangoia, Tiffany E. 24, 171 Daniels, Christoph 75, 79, 171 Darby. Jacqueline J. 144, 237 David. Christine A. 237, 149 David, Edward H. 159. 171 David. Lisa VI. 136, 255 David. Richard 7, 58. 143. 171, 55 Davies, Fiona C. 256 Davis. Anthony S. 255 Davis. Cheryl A. 237 Davis. Christina J. 66, 143, 171. 137 Davis, Deanna L, 136, 255 Davis, Eric A. 69, 237, 137 Davis, Lonnie M. 218, 145 Davis. Robert 72, 73, 81, 218 Davis. Shawn D. 171. 96, 97. 99 Dawson, Valeri 219 Day, Tina M. 171 Decker, Teresa L. 171 Deel. Marsha L. 136. 255 Dcese, Gregory N. 255 Dcfrancesco. Lisa 160. 171 Dchaven, Michele L. 237 Dclane, Christophe 171 Delane, Gerald 172 Demers, Brandon J. 255 Demirkan, Ayda 147, 237 Dempster, Kimberly 255 Denman, Terri E. 90. 91, 219, 149 Denny. Palmer 219 Derderian, James M. 68, 219 Derderian, Janice 237, 95, 94 Derdsier, Dana M. 219, 106 Destcphanis, Daniel 255 Destcphanis, Micha 219 Dcutch, Daniel 172 Devault, Jason S. 255 Devine, Kelly A. 172 Devine, Kristen L. 237 Diaz, Alicia M. 136, 172 Diaz, Michael A. 136, 255, 145 Dick, James J. 141 Dick, Joanne M. 237, 137, 138 Dickhute, Cynthia L. 219 Dickhutc, Donald R. 255, 83 Dieringer, Jennifer 133, 136, 255 Dicrkcr, Joseph E. 172 Dietz. Leslie B. 143, 219 Dimaria. Barry 157, 219 Dissc, Michelle L. 237, 139. 137 Distcfano, Joseph 255, 1 16 Distcfano, Shannon 219 Dittmer, Michael 64, 65, 172 Dittnicr, Patrick G. 255, 139 Dix, Barbara F. 237 Dixon, Cheryl A. 219, 139 Dixon. Dancttc E. 134. 141, 237 Dixon, Darrell C. 172 Dixon, Kent L. 237 Dixon, Kristian 147, 219 Dixon. Russell A. 148, 172 Dobash, Mark S. 219. 110 Dobson, Elizabeth 237 Dockery, Susan C. 219 Dodson, Leon L. 172 Dodson. Pamela L. 136, 255 Dolan. Brian O. 27. 143. 159. 161. 172, 208. 145 Doliveira, Amy M. 237 Dombrowski, Bcrnic 237 Domcnick, Mark A. 237 Donley, John R. 237, 116 Donnelly, Aaron 255, 83 Donovan, Dawn M. 172 Donovan, Jeffrey A. 159, 255 Donovan, Timothy 219, 138 Doplemorc, Michael A. 237 Doran, Thomas P. 157, 159. 219 Dorazio, Charles 219 Dorazio, Robert J. 256, 83 Dormstcttcr. Debra A. 143, 148, 172, 15 Dormstctler. Kimberley 68, 237 Dorn, Lisa T. 172 Dorn, Michelle B 219 Dove, Dorcnc 237 Doyle, Betty 153. 256. 108 Doyle, Kim 143, 172. 139, 137, 149. 145116 Doyle, Robert 237. 152, 138. 137 Drago, Alicia D. 60, 141. 237, 145 Drago. Joseph 219, I 10 Drcischcr, Patrici 172 Driver, Brenda I. 159, 237 Drotos, Lisa M. 133, 237 Dulin, Richard 237 Duncan. Anthony W, 237 Dunn. Aimcc 256 Dunn, Christopher R. 256, 1)6 Dunn. Kristopher J. 237 Dupree, Lisa F. 237 Duquc. Gina V, 136, 237 Duquc. Shirley J. 136, 237 Dwyer. Deanna 132. 147, 159, 172, 52 E Easier, Shawn L. 172, 158 East. Judy K. 144, 256 Ebcrhart, Robert D. 256 Ebert. Michelle L. 237 Ebcrwcin Colleen I.. 219 Edclschick, Brenda 172 Edge. Kevin W. 256 Edwards. Dean A. 237 Edwards, Jennifer 153, 256 Edwards, Reagan M. 219 Edwards Trenton 237 Edwards Wavcrly 143. 172, 396, (58 Ehlcrs, James T. 156. 172 Eichcr, Carl J. 237, 1 10 Eiland. Christopher E. 237 Eiland, Jeffrey T. 237 Einsmann. Suzanne 132. 136, 143, 148, I), 173, 396. 152 Ekren. Jennifer D. 147, 219 Elahi. Choudhary J. 256 Ellcnbcrgcr. Donald 237 Ellcnbergcr. Lara 136. 173. 396 Ellis, Donna L. 90. 256, 138 Ellis. Janet M. 173. 396, 139. 137. 158 Ellis. Kathy L. 90. 219. 152 Ellyson, Jesse B. 256 Elmore. Conslanc M. 147, 219 Elmore. Kevin 219 Elzcni. Sherin I. 256 Embrey. Andrea 173 Embrcy, Karen R. 238 Emery, Lan S. 256 Emery, Lisa M. 256 Ending, Michelle J. 143, 153, 173. 396, 12, 139. 137 Ending, Shawn, M. 238. 142 Endy, Lance R. 173, 396 F.ndy, Lisa M. 135. 219 Engle, James A. 219 Ennetl, Gretchen 143. 219. 149 Ervin. Michael L. 173 Esformcs, Terri L. 135. 219 E-spin, Anita C. 143. 160, 173 E-spin, Rosita K. 160. 219 Essclstyn. Scott S. 157. 173 Esscy, Sheila M . 219 Euler. Christopher R. 143. 238 Evans, Danielle R. 135. 143. 148, 173, 146, 151 Evans, David M. 159. 256 Eivans, Erin I . 256 Eivans, Karen 173, 209 Eivans. Michael 238 Evans, Trevor R. Evans. William B. 173, 145 Eivatt, Julia M. 256 Evatt, Michelle 219 E- ' wing, Richard A, 136. 144. 256 Eylcr, Judith 256 E-ylcr, William C. 160, 173 Eyrich. Karin M. 138, 137 F Fair, Jennifer A. 238 Fairley, Tamm ray J, 238 Fairley, William M. 238 F’airwcather Tiffany 141. 256 Fanning, Carrie A. 256 Fanning, James B. 136, 238 Farish, Kenneth L. 219 Farley, Richard W. 159, 238 Farley, Susan 30 Faszcza, Joann A 133, 256, 152 F ' aszcza, Michael 173 , Fawley, Susan K. 30. 132, 160, 173 F ' ayak, Mark 173. 97, 96 f- ' cagancs, Michelle 153, 256 Feather, Christopher 136. 238 Federico, Elizabeth 256 Feeney. Bryan A. 31, 58. 76. 77. 219, 142 Feeney, Matthew R 159. 256 E-ccncy, Susan 136, 173 Fcldc. Shane C. 256 Felton, Jonathan A. 83 Fenslcr. Frederick 256 Ferguson. Michael 64. 220 Fernandes, Jose M. 156, 173 Ferrell, Tracy L. 238 Fcrri, Joanne E-. 173 Fcrri, Thomas J. 238 Fcrron, Lavuerne 220 Fields, Deon D. 136, 256 Figueroa, Nancy E. 136, 141. 220. 152 Filip, Thomas J 144. 148. 220. 149. 92. I 16 Finch, Robert A 256 Firsdon. Cal lie J. 256 Fisher, Danielle D. 136. 173 Fisher. Jeffrey R 144. 256 Fisher. Robert A. 220 f- ' isher. Kenneth I 256 Fite. Kristan S. 136. 143. 220. 152 F ' ilzkec, Denise I 256 F’itzkce. Pamela P 135. 147. 220 Fitzwater. Timothy 238 Fleming. Joseph I) 256 Fleming. Wade R 257 Fleming. Wesley T. 220, 152 Fletcher, Aaron C. 257 Flinehum. Kristine 133, 220, 94 Flynt, Kathy T. 257 Fontillas. Troy Y. 257. 109 Ford, Andrew W 258 l ord, Angela 258 Ford, Barry T. 220 Ford. Jerry R. 220. 139. 137 Forgo. William M 62. 238 Fosmark, Gregory J. 238 Fosmark. Jeffrey I 238 Foster. Raymond 68. 238 Foster, Stephanie A. 90. 144. 257, 152. 138 Fowkes. Michael V. 156. 174 Fowkes. Stephanie 68. 220 Fowler. Cynthia A. 174 Fowler. Karen I . 84. 85. 148. 159. 174 Fowler, Stephen A. 174 Fowlkes. John K. 174, 212, I 10 Fox, Lisa A. 174 Fay, Shannon M 257 280 Foy, Veronica M. 238, 15 Frank, Lori 257 Franklin, Christin 136, 143 Franklin. Katrina 257, 139 Franklin. Steven 1 74 Freeby. Sandra 143, 174 Free by, William Ft. 220 Freeman, Tasha Y. 257 Frese, Thomas A. 143, 257, 152 Friend. Matthew A. 174 Fulcher, Michelle H. 220, 158 Fulgencio, Cynthia R. 257. 1 38, 137 Fulgencio, Ricar N. 220. I 39 F ' ullem. Kenneth 31, 156, 210, 212, 110 Fullem, Kristine M. 143, 174 Fuller. Talisa K. 157. 258 Fulton. Thomas 1. 174 Fulwood. Mary H. 134, 220 Furner. Rebecca A. 136, 220 Gable, Rachelle K 90, 257, 158, 108 Gadcn, Kathleen M. 136, 238 Gallavvay, Lin wood T. 257 Gallik, William J. 174, 158 Galloway. Christopher 76, 238. I 16 Galloway, Craig 83 Galloway, Major 72, 73, 220 Gallup. Dawn M 134, 160, 174 Galvanck, Chris L. 238 Gamboa. Donna L. 84. 153, 159. 238. 139. 137. 151 Gandec, Robert A- 220 Ganino. Athony .1. 257 Gardner, Kathryn L. 238 Garrett, Christopher R 238 Garrett, David R. 220 Garrett, Felicia M. 257 Garrett, Roddric L. 257. 109 Garrett, Thomas F. 238 Garrett, Vinson,V. 238, 107 Gartrell. Kcary M. 230 Gathers, Larry J. 257 Gathof, Douglas, 1 74 Gatling, Darryl L. 174 Galling, Terrence 76, 220, 99 Gayda, Stephanie 220 Gayle, Francis ,L 257 Geer. Mia 257 Gefrich. Heather 136, 156,257 Gcllios, John 143, 174 George, Sandra L. 41. 136, 238 George, Thomas S. 220 Gcrhardt, Frederick I 257 Gcro, Brian M. 141, 257 Gcycr. Kelly S. 257 Gheen, Christian 238 Gianni, Kevin 1 74. 397 Gianni, Lynn M. 257, 142 Gibbons, Ainice 17 220 Gibbons, Andrew, I . 257, 83 Gibson, Cheric G. 147 Gilbert, Robert G. 174 Gill, Dennis 174, 397 Gilliom. Yvonne F, 136, 220 Gillon, Theresa R 257 Giltncr. Jennifer 257 Gingerich, Steve M 257 Glover, Rick I). 174 Godwin, Yolanda M. 133, 220 Gonzales, Rayanne M. 153, 257 Good, Ann M. 200, 397 Good, Brent D. 136 Good, Deborah A. 160, 175 Goode, Gary R 175, 397 Good rick, Colin C. 220 Gore, Deborah A. 160, 220 Gore. Robert C . 175 Gorkowski. John 144, 257 Gorruso, Andre 257 Gorsuch. Robert M. 257 Gorsuch. Steven 258 Gosnell. Ronald A, 143, 159, 220, 137, 145 Goulet, Kenneth P. 220 Goyctte. Paul N. 141, 143, 258 Graffenstcin, Colic 84, 132, 148, 159, 175, 397 Graham, Michelle 175, 297 Graupman, Lisa M, 135, 175, 397 Green, Brian T. 68, 69, 143, 160, 220, 145 Green, Jennifer 258, 1 16 Green, Samantha 220, 139, 102 Grenade, Robert J. 220 Grcnke, John D. 258 Grenke, Matthew C. 220 Gresham, Sarah R. 136 Grevcy. Gail 24, 161, 175, 288 Griffin, Jason T. 143, 160 Griffin, Kimberly M. 230 Griffin, Wendell, 11. 239 Grimes, Julie A. 175, 102 Grimm, Natalie S. 21, 133, 258, 138 Griner, Joanne 239 Groff. Matthew F 143. 239 Groff, Wesley M. 258 Grose, Jody 136 Grove, Lucinda L. 133, 239 Grove, Tammy L. 175 Groves, Jackie K. 175 Grow, Judith 175 Gruszkowski, Crystal 175, 158 Guinn, April 258 Gunn, Eric E, 258, 83 Gunn, Gena R. 147, 175 Gunter, Lcina 239 Gurski, Robin 1 147, 175 Guthrie, Alan N. 258 Gutierrez, Kevin A. 238 H blaak, Scott M. 144, 258 I labbert. George W. 175 Habbert, Suzanne M. 239 Haines, Christine 220 Hale, Gregory H. 68, 69. 175 Hale, Howard D. 239 Hale, Jeffrey I). 239 Hall. Carrie 155, 220 Hall, David J. 26, 161. 220 Hall. Dwight P. 220 Hall. Heidi N. 258 Hall, Shelia M. 258 Hall, Tracy L. 258 Haller, Keith 239 Haller, Kevin 239. I 10 Halman, Dennis F. 258, 139. 137 Halterman, Franklin D- Hamako, Christopher 239 Hamilton, Jennifer 141, 239 llamrie, Steven 27, )48, 175 Handwork, Randy A. 239. 107 Haney, Richard D. 258, 83 Hanna. Cathy I. 150. 175 Hanna, Lloyd S. 258 Hanna, Lori J. 220 Hannah, Deshanta Y. 136, 258 Hansborough, Tina 239 Hanson. Julia V. 220 Hardin, David J. 258 Hardin, Kimberly A. 258 Harley,: Maria A. 175 Harnest, Jennifer 220 Marnest, Katherine 147. 239 Harr, Kristin 1. 258 Harrell, Richard M. 220 Harrington, Sheri L. 258 Harris, Brad 239 Harris, Brandon I 258, 83 Harris, Heather J. 239, 137 Harris, Jay P. 233. 239 Harris, Kimberly J. 175 Harris, Mark A. 136, 239 Harris, Michael W. 144, 239 Harris, Paul A. 258 Harris, Tony 76, 80, 157. 220 Harrison, L.inda 153, 239 Harrison, Mark A. 258 Harrod, Shelby W. 220 Hart, Kathryn D. 258 Hart, Patrick M. 220 Hart, Richard J. 258 Hart, Robert 35, 220 Hart, Ronnie S. 176, 158 Hart, Shari 141, 220 Hartc, Ashley R. 76, 80, 136, 220 Harte, Samantha 133, 239 Hartman, Alan D. 258 Hartman, Richard D. 220 Hartmann, Chad F. 141, 239 Haslacker, Amber L. 133, 136,256 Haslup, Michelle G. 256 Hastic, David J. 159, 176, 145 Hasty, Chad A. 257 Haug, Thomas W. 220 Haugh, Amy E. 136, 256 Haupt, Andrea 239 Havener, Brett P. 239 Hawkins, Heather 220 : . Sv I ■■•mm ■ ; ■ ’ ■■■ ' Hayes, Jeanette 176 Hayes, Randall D. 220 Haymond, Martha 160, 176 Haymond, Rebekah 239 Haymond, Ruel 176, 139, 209, 211 Hayward, Rachael 136,. 176 Heaney, Tara K, 258 Heaton, Lyscttc, 220, 145 Heckman, Sandra L, 239 Hcgelc, Lisa A. 239 Hcgcrt, Sheila F. 239 Hein, Stacy 220, 92 Heiscr, David F. 239 Heller, John F. 220 Heller, Leslie A. 258 Hemphill, Dishon 258 Henderson, Albert 176 Henderson, Crystal M. 159, 258 Hendrick, Lisa R. 136, 153, 239 Henry, Stefhon A. 258 Hensle y, Christina 239 Henson, Katherine 136, 258, 152 Herrell, Kicth 220 Hersi, Afra A. 150, 239 Hcrtzog, Michael 239 Hetrick, Troy I . 58, 76, 143. 148. 176 Hctzler, Lesley A. 136. 258 Heywood, Ponna E. 239 Hicks, Karen A. 239 Hicks, Kelly S. 134, 220, 145 Hicks, Kirby B. I 10. Ill Hick, Laura 239 Hicks, Pamela R. 134, 220 Hicks, Tammy L. 258 Hielt, Kelly R. 220 Higgins, Kevin S. 258 Higgins, Michael F. 148, 176 Higgs, Philip 259, 145 Hill, Andre K. 1 56 Hill, Anita K. 259 Hill, Jeanne M. 239 Hillman, Michael S. 220 llinchcc, Scotlie L. 259 Hincgardner, Donald L. 239 Hines, Alfred R. 259 Hines, Arlita L. 220 Hinkel, Christin M. 176, 398. 146 Hirons, Charles S. 141, 159, 259 Hirons, Robert 176 Hodge, Kenneth 1 .176, 398 Hodge, Marc A. 259 Hodges, Damon C. 220, 96 Hodges, Michael A. 76, 150,398 lloehn, Michael D. 24, 220, 145 Hoff, Kelley L. 135, 239 Holbert. Jennifer 176, 398, 158 Hollandsworth, Randy 259 Holley, Janet R. 68, 144, 220, 152, 139, 137 Holloway, Jeter B. 259 Holst, Robert J. 259 Honeycutt, Alfred 176 Honeycutt. Robert J. 157, 259, 398 Hood, Michael S. 68 Hood. Robert 68. 176. 398 Hool. Tammy l.. 259 Hoover, Joseph A. 259 Hopke. Kathleen E. 153. 259 Hopke, Michael J. 70 Hopkins. Timothy E. 68, 220 Hopson, Deborah E. 136, 144, 153 Hornauer, Hobart C. 220, 158 Hornauer. Jonathon 259 Horne. Victor 259, 83 Hosier. Stephanie 90, 259 Hosier, Teresa 60, 61, 220, 102 Housier, Francine 220, 139 Houston, Christi C. 83 Houston. Todd D. 138, 137 Howard, (iina 155, 176 Howard. Kimberly 143, 147, 176, 398 Howard. Matthew 22. 138, 137 Howard, Michelle A. 136, 176 Howell, Fonda D. 259 Huddleston, Barry 156. 176 Huddleston, Janet 259 Hudson, Richard T. 221 Huggins, Martin 221, 107 Huggins, Michelle N. 240, 137 Huggins, Sherry A. 136 Hughes, Brian P. 221 Hughes, Jessica L. 240 Hughes, Steven A. 259 Hughes, Tammy J. 156, 259 Hummel, Thomas 259 Humphrey, Janet A. 221 Humphreys, Jeffrey C. 177 Hundley, William D. 64, 143, 176 llunnicutt, Amy l„ 136, 177, 137 Hunslcy, Cameili M. 21, 23, 221 Hunt. Kimberly I . 221 Hunter. Heidi I.. 177 Hurm, Todd M. 259 Hustwayte, Michael 221 Hustwaytc, Richard 156, 177 Hutchens, Charles 221 Hutchinson, Pall A. 221 Hutson, Dawn M. 177 Hutson, Deanna 221,139, 137 Hutson, Eborah L. 20, 22. 135, 142, 177, Hutton, Douglas 141, 240 Hyman, Traci M. 62, 221 I Intel, Enid M. 133, 259, 145 Intel, James W. 221 Imler, Gary K. 144, 221 Ingram, John J. 136, 143, 153, 177, 152, 137 Irby, Conchita 136, 147, 177 Irby, James F. 149 Irby, Tracey M. 147, 222 Irwin. Barbara D. 240 Irwin, Michael G. 240 Iskra, Eric 143, 222 J Jabs, Caroline E. 69, 136, 240 Jackson, Angelique 177 Jackson, Cheryl A. 240 Jackson, Donald R 240 Jackson. Jamie I . 259 Jackson. John II. 143, 222 Jackson. Kelly I 24. 30. 161. 177 Jackson. Robert K 259, 109 Jackson, Rodger D. 259 Jackson, Sherry V 177 Jackson. Tracey R 177, ' 146, 142 Jackson, William 222, 96, 9 r- Jacoby, Melinda A. 147, 177 Jakub, Mary 148, 225. 142, 149 James, Chante R. 222 James, Sonja M. 146, 142 Jamieson, Thad S. 259, 137 Jandreau, James L. 240, Lisa D. 222 Jarrait, Laura J. 143, 148. 177, 146 Jarrett, Angela 159. 259 Jebrant, Ann C. 222, 138, 137 Jefferson, Bobby F. 177, 211 Jefferson, Pamela 240 Jeffries, Jennifer L. 240, 152, 138, 137 Jenkins, Lisa M. 240 Jenkins, Monica G. 132, 222 Jenner, Marcus P. 240, 138, 137 Jennings, Jill F.. 136, 143, 177, 152 Jennings, Sheila A. 134, 240 Jerrell, Jeffrey, S. 222 Jerrcll, Michael 156, 177 Jett, Dcmctria R. 259 Jillson, David G. 159, 177, 138, 139 Johnson, Beverly J. 74, 153, 222, 149 Johnson, Carl 178, 399, 92, 116 Johnson, Curtis E, 222, 96, 99, 145 Johnson, Cynthia M. 132, 147, 178, 142 Johnson, David C. 240 Johnson, Elena 132, 222 Johnson, Jay 222 Johnson, Michael E. 259, 139 Johnson, Michael S. 259, 137 Johnson, Randall W. 110 Johnson, Regina L. 240, 145, 109 Johnson, Rolland L. 240 Johnson, Ryan M. 259 Johnson, Terri L. 259 Johnson, Theresa J. 240 Johnson, Tia R. 153 Johnson, Trade J. 159, 240 Johnson, Wesley A. 240 Johnston, James L. 259 Johnston, Jeffrey 240 Jones, Aaron T. 139 Jones, Cary T. 260 Jones, Christina M. 260 Jones, Kathleen M. 222, 139, 149, 145 Jones, Kevin S. 222 212, 213 Jones, Kimberly J. 260 Jones, Lisa N. 260, 152 Jones, Maurice T. 136, 240 Jones, Pamela R. 240, 145 Jones. Robert A. 222, 83, 82 Jones, Sean 240 Jones, Stephen D. 240, 86 Jordan. Clifford 159, 260, 137 Jordan, Jennifer S. 141, 260 Jordan, Lara C. 240 Jordan, Michcla 147. 178 Jordan, Nancy E. 88. 222, 145 139, 157, Jordan, Nicola S. 240 Joslin, Dru S. 222 Joyner, Samaria 141, 159, 260 Judy, Mita 178 Jung, Tamara A. 240 Justice, Regina 178 K Kane, Judith M. 147, 178 Karis, Christine A. 178 Karis, Marie T. 240, 1 16 Karvey, Laura L. 222 Kashmcr, Timothy P. 240 Kasik. Linda 178, 102 Keels, Herman .1. 222 Keener, Brian C. 260 Kchn, Scott A. 143, 178 Kelly. Brandi M. 240 Kelly, Gardner D. 178 Keltner, Christina F. 143, 260 Keltner, Christopher O. 143, 240 Kendra, Michael P. 178, 96, 97 Kennedy, Jicolc M. 153 Kennedy, onnie 260 Kennedy, ammy L. 178 Kerby, Arcla P. 159, 240 Kcrby, Jacs A. 240, 149, 146 Kerent, A R. 136, 241 Kerem, A T. 260 Kerney, Jncs 241 Kerney, Rtccca F. 241 Kerr, Ken th A. 42, 241 Kerrigan, elly L. 135, 241 Kerschcr, eth 241, 145 Key, Kristi M. 134, 222 Kibler, Pa cia 260 Kid well, D-ren W. 76, 178, 222. 145 Kidwell, Dna M. 260 Kid well, Slrri L. 136 Kim, Robe 178 King, A nit 136, 241 King, Clarice E. 260 King. Darrl 222 King, Deni M. 241, 151 King, Holl ' K. 153, 260, 137, 145 King, Joyed:. 150, 178 King. Kintlrly. 135. 222 King, Law rice D. 241 King. MarkV 241 King. Rodn. G. 222, 96 King, Susar . 178 Kinnett, Ken L. 260, 149 Kinney, Ken W. 178 Kin inger, Jnnife 68, 143, 147. 222 Kirk, Dorot A. 178 Kline. Jay 22 Klottcr, Eri 222 Klugh, Mel. ie F. 5. 25. 30. 178 Knapp, Bur-. A. 222 Knepp. Chrioph .1. 179 Knepper, K iberly 144, 260 Knobe. Bria A. 144, 179 Knoernsehih Kecia 24, 151. 179 Knurr, Jcrciv J. 241. 137 Knott, Mich.J 222 Knowles, Teie E. 150 Kocherhans.vlichae 70. 179 Kolbenstcttc Cheri 241 Kone, Hcatlr I . 241 Kone, Williai W. 179 Kong. Hui ( 132. 179. 222 Korpal, Dan I .1 222 Korpal, Tim hy A. 179 Kovack, Chr .1. 159. 260 Kraft. Mich;I 260 Kramer, Deris P. 241 Kramer. Lcs: A. 260 Kreanter, Gorge II. 160. 222 Kreamer, Jctifcr I . 144, 241 Kreinar, JeaiN. 241 Kreinar, Kell 179 Krell. Sherry V 179 Krenkel, Rotrt 136, 241 Krisner, Lori 44, 222 Krucvck. Nary 179 Kurt , Arthu .. 241 L Lacey, Lamo e 222 Lacey, Sean 223 Lacy, Betty ,1241 Lafreniere, Cidri L. 136. 241 Lam. Jeffrey 57, I 79 l am, Nhatliag II. 143, 148, 179. 149. 145 Lamb. Scan 223 Lambert, EriiR. 260, 109, 83 l.amitte, Domique 223 l.andon. Breni S 223 Landry. Dwa e 18. 20. 22. 68, 135. 157. 159. 179 209. 21 3 Landry, Wino.i 1. 21. 260 Lane, Terry I 223 Larsen, Kirk 1 143. 148. 154. 179. 145 282 I.aughlin, Cynthia 223 Lauticri, Mark 1 79 Lavcy, Kelly 6, 230 Lavey, Shawn 260 Lawray, Daniel L 150, 153. 179 l.awrcncc, Calvin F.. 50. 136, 179 Layman. Lori A. 150. 241 Laync, John P. I 79 Lazerson, Soctt A. 241 Lc, Chris H 144, 241 Le, Hung B. 70. 143, 159. 241 Le, Nha T. 159, 223 Le, Theresa T. 223 Leak, Tracy E. 260 Leake, Barry L. 260 Leblanc, Kathy M. 179 Leblanc, Robert T. 260 Leche, Laura E. 144, 241 Lee, Dana 136, 180. 137 Lee, Deborah A. 223 Lee, Jennifer E. 136, 241 Lee, Kristen C. 180, 151 Lee, Kyung, H. 241 Lee, Linda M 180 Lee, Susan 180, 155 Leggett, Terry 157 I.eight, Andrew K. 1 59, 260, I 38. 137 Lenar, Nadine K. 180 Lenyon. Michael S. 260 l.enyon, Morris H. 148, 223, 107 Leo, Christine R. 223 Leonard, Michelle D. 136, 180 Leppcr, Mary 241, 139, 137, 158 Lcrfald, Eric J. 135, 153, 180 Lerner, Elizabeth 180, 158 I.ervold, Susan K. 180, 139, 137 LeteJier, Felipe A. 260 Letourneau. Glen M. 154, 180, 145 l.ctourncau, Greg P. 223 Lettmann, Robert W. 260 Lewallen. Valerie N. 260 Lewis, April R, 133, 141, 144, 233, 241 Lewis, Elan C. 260 Lewis, Jennifer L. 241, 137 Lewis, Keith A. 141, 148, 260, 152 Lewis, Kurt M, 260 Lewis, Richard L. 180 Lewis, Scan C. 241 Lewis, Stephanie A. 84, 159, 223 Lewis, Teresa M. 141, 144, 260, 94. 142. 117. 116 Liehtenfels, Ste B. 180 Licnard. Armando 241 Lienard, Elizabeth 223 Light, Mary-Beth 241, 138 Lilly, Cclcna j. 223 Lilly, David 223 Lilly, Kamcla J. 223 Lilly, Tracey D. 241 l.indgrcn. Ghana 241 Lincberry, Melin I. 223 Lingafclt, John 260 l.ingcnfeltcr, Gilbert 260 Ljnkous, David K. 157, 180 l.inkous. Michael D. 260 Little, James F 260, 83 Little, Marina D. 260 Little, Trcvclee J. 223 { Livingston, Stephen 241, 82 Lloyd, Douglas F. 144, 223 I.ochner, Jim 156, 223 Lockamy, Jonatha M. 76, 223 Locklear, Jo Rae 180, 158 Locklear, Naomi 242, 158 ' Logsdon, Jailene 223 Long. Deborah R. 60, 242. 152 Longs, Elizabeth M 155, 223 Lopazc, Jennifer L. 141, 261 Lopes, Alcides 68, 157, 223 Lopes, Jose A 261 l.othcs, Jcri A. 180 Lothcs, Teri A. 156, 223 Love, Jeffrey T, 180 Love, Jerome C. 261 Lovcitt, Diane M. 242. 139, 137 Lowe., Gregory W. 242 l.owrie, Steven R, 180 Lucas, Shaun P. 150, 223, 242 Lucero, Paul 180 Ludwig, David B. 261 Ludwig, Kenneth S. 242 Luellen, Lloyd G. 242 Luna, Raoul D. 147, 180 Lynn, Matthew P. 242 Lynn, Michael P. 180 Lyon, Aili M. 160, 223 MacDonald, Christy 261 MacDonald, William S. 241 Mac Duff. Christopher 156, 223 Maccjka, Edward M. 160, 223 Maccwen, Anna Y. 147, 223 Mackie, Bret S. 261 Mackie. John S. 68, 230 Mackie, Roxanne 68, 148, 159, 181, 145 Mackissock. Rachel 261 ' Maddalena, Lisa 261 Maddox, Daniel M. 242 Madorma, Elaine M. 133, 261 Madonna. Jeff 148, 181 Mahr, Steven 181 Maine, Sonia D. 159, 242, 138, 137 Majeski, John J. 242, 107 Makolandra, Joseph 76, 181 Makolandra. Lee J 76, 77, 156, 181 Maldonado, Miguel A. 181 Malone, Anncsia Y. Mangini, Denise I) 261, 138, 137 Mann, Samuel 148, 242 Manning, Jerry L. 223, 86 Manning, Julie A. 52, 242 Manuel, Joseph W. 261, 83 Mark, Christina C. 90, 242 Marklc, Andreas 144, 223 Marolda, Jeffrey A. 242 Marquina, Rosa 155, 181 Marr. David M. 143, 181 Marsh, Ladonna M. 136 Marsh, Steven A. 261 Marshall, Curtis, R. 223, 145, 110 Marshall, Tanya R. 135, 181 Martin, Donald 157, 181 Martin. Jack 261, 109 Martin, Judy M. 136, 261 Martin, Scan 261, 145 . Martin, Thomas 223 Martin, Thomas D. 223 Martinclli. Darrell J. 224 Martinez, Nidia 261, 138, 145 Marzo-Wilhelm, Eric 159, 224 Masciandaro. Scan 141, 159, 261, 152 Mason, Angela L. 224 Mason, Heather L. 159, 224, 52 Mason, Kathleen 147, 224 ' Massey, Stephanie 261, 116 Mathers, Teresa A. 261 Mathis, Danielle K. 261, 152 Mattaliano, Mark 224 Matters, David M. 224 Matthews, Dawn 153, 261 Matthews, Tonya 136, 224 Mawanay, Kathleen 136, 143, 139, 137, 209 Mawanay, Kristin 148, 159, 181, 224 May, Robert H. 25, 62, 181, 224 May, Tracy L. 60, 161, 103, 104, 102 Mayes, Brenda S. 153, 242 Maze, Caroline 242 McAllister, Scan D. 224 McCaffcrty, Timothy 261 McCallcy, Chas R. 181 McCalmcnt, Jean M. 141, 153, 261 McCarthy, Christopher 62, 242 McCarthy, Dina K 261, 116 McClanahan, Troy 242 McClelland, Mich P. 224 McCloy, Gerald M. 242 McClure, Clint J. 261, 109 McClure, Michelle 224, 104, 105, 102 McCoid, Kimberly 224, 137 McConnell, Allan 224, 139 McConnell, Brend P. 143, 148, 181 McCoy, George E. 136, 224 McCuen, Jeffrey 242 McCuen, John G. 181 McCullough, Dawn M. 143, 181, 145, 102 McCulough, Charles 242 McDowell, Corinna 242 McGill, Aaron T. 261 McGill, Bret A. 242 McGill, Scott A. 181, 152 McGovern, Peter W. 261 McGrail, Linda A. 74, 242 McGrail, Randy S. 261 McGrath, John F. 261 McGuire, Michael R. 261 Mclnturff, Jarrett 242 McIntyre, Shane K. 261 McKelvcy, Mary 136, 242, 95 McKinney, Troy D. 261 McLawhorn, Michele D. 144, 242 McLeod, Theresa D. 224, 102 McMahon, Annette T. 181 McMahon, Kevin L. 261 McManamcy, Tara L. 224, 152, 145 McMillian, Jennifer 177, 242 McMoran, Suzanne M. 242 McNabb, Timothy •181 McNeil, Sean 27, 148, 159, 161, 181 McNeill, Terri 153, 224 McRunnel, Meghan 251 McWilliams, Anthony 224 McWilliams, Eric D. 242 137 McWilliams, Jerry S. 261 McWilliams, Timothy D. 242 Meade, Rhonda L. 147, 182, 210 Meadows, Michelle 134, 224 Medina, Stacy L. 136, 224, 152 Meehan, Michele 147, 159, 182, 208, 145 Meehan, Sandra 242 Megargce, Francisca S. 242 Melonson, Carla 132, 136, 224, 137 Merchant, Kimberly 153, 242 Mergler, Sandra 182 Merrificld, Jeffrey 242 Merritt, Anthony 242 Merritt, Kerry T, 261, 139 Merritt, Mark E. 157, 224 Meseck, Karen E. 154, 224, 139, 145 Meseck, Kellie R. 182 Meurer, Matthew J. 76 Meurcr, Mike D. 182, 242 Meyer, Douglas 182, 242 Meyer, Prudence G. 261 Mickelson, Carla 1,. 242, 153 Mickins, Kymberlei 141, 261 Mickins, Troy C. 153, 243 Middleton, Tracy L. 261, 152, 138, 137 Midgctl, Marie A. 261 Mielke, Michelle M. 147, 182 Miglidrini, Natalie R. 133, 243 Mihaly, Thomas R. 243 Miller, Angela M. 243 Miller, Brian D. 243 Miller, Brian J. 224 Miller, Carlo, 1 57, 182 Miller, Chad L. 156, 182 Miller, Daniel A. 261 Miller, James E. 58, 192 Miller, Jennifer A. 84, 159, 243 Miller, Mark J. 37, 76, 224 Miller, Monica 141, 261 Miller, Paige L. 182 Miller, Paul l.. 182 Miller, S an N. 182, 137 Miller, Semra C. 262 Miller, Shawn 160, 182, 137 Miller, Steven R. 243 Miller, Ty 224 Miller, Wanda S. 262 Mills, Joel F. 262 Mills, Michael T. 262 , ■■ ■ mM Mincy. F.lissa Y. 262 Minncy, Tammy l.. 17, 155, 182 Minor, David S. 76. 224, 142 Miranda, Jcrold C. 182 Miranda. Melodee A. 88 Mirsky, Suzanne R. 243 Mitchell, Steven D. 136, 262 Mitchell, Trina E. 226 Mitchell, Walter R. 243, 107 Mize, Dina A. 182, 137 Moats, Michelle L. 182, 151 Moats, Susan I. 262, 137 Moats, Vicki 143, 159, 182 Mojaddidi, Haroon 262 Mojaddidi, Maliala 243, 145 Molnar, Todd M. 262 Money, Carol L. 136, 243 Money, Michelle R. 243 Monroe, Melissa C, 144, 243 Moody, Diana 21, 68, 135, 141, 243, 145, 142 Moody, Joseph W. 224 Mooney, Thomas E. 243 Moore, Cheryl A. 262 Moore, Colleen M. 224 Moore, Heidi S. 136, 144, 262 Moore, James A. 224 Moore, Julie A. 262, 114 Moore, Katherine X. 262 Moore, Patrick J. 243 Moore, Troy A, 68, 224 Viorel, Stanley 262, Morello. David W. 262 Morello. Kim M. 143. 144, 224 Morgan, Cydne G. 224 Morgan, Eva 182 Morgan, Lashune D. 243 Morgan, Matthew 262, 116 Mori, Michael A, 243 Morris. Beverly D. 183 Morris, Floyd C, 148, 224, 149 » Morris, Scott A. 262 Morrison, Ellen A, 224 Morrison, Stephanie A. 262, 139 Morrow, Cecelia 262 Morrow, Matthew j, 262 | Mosby, Charles D. 262, 83 Mosley, Joseph 262 Moslow. Dean E. 243 Mosser, Jason S. 262 Motley, Gerald E. 62 Moton, Casey J. 144, 224, 145, 116 Motta, Deborah A. 262 Mottershead, Joh D. 68, 183 Mottershead. Wendy 133, 262 Movvry, William D. 243 Moyer, Matthew E. 262 Moyer, Stephanie D. 154. 225, 139. 145 ' Moyers. Robert T. 243 Mozisek. Jo L 84. 133. 143. 159, 225 Mulhcrn, Brian 262, 1 16 Mulhern. Sean 225 Mullinax, Julie M. 225, 152 Mullinax, Rebecca 183 Munari, Gretchen M. 262 Munczenski, Rose M. 144, 243 Munson, Dania L. 143, 159, 183, 145 Muson, Dean M. 62, 148, 225, 145, I 10 Murphy, Erie M. 7. 243 Murphy, Kathleen A. 17, 143, 153, 183 Murphy. Shelagh 30, 183. 21 I Murphy, Thomas F, 262 Murphy, Zakia T, 262 Murray, Kelly 134, 183 Murrell, Charles 147, 183 Mussomclc, Amy 62, 225 x Myers, l.orinda E. 183 Myers, Michelle E. 84. 132, 159, 183 N Nanni, Verena 262 Nanni, Victoria 144, 225 Nelson, Kevin I . 262 Nelson, William M, 262 Nesbith. Ronad J. 262 Ness. Susan I). 153, 243 Newell, Ethan 183, 110 Newell. Jennifer 1.. 243. 1 52 Newell, Senatra i, 243 New hart, Claudia P. 225 Newman. Garrett P, 262 Nguyen, Van T. 262 Nightingale, Chester 263 Nightingale, Vienna R. 225 Ningen. James A, 144, 26.3 146 Ningen, Russell K. 183 Noble, Jennifer M. 243 Noonan, Laura A. 144, 159, 263, 116 Noonan, l.isa 243 Nopwasky, Charles 159, .343- Noreen, Sadia 26.2. Nolhnagel. Apy 136, 265 ' Novack, Lori 225, 151 Nuckois, Shirtlynn 243 Nuckols, Susan M. 18.3 . Nungesser, Karen L, .143, 161 Nybcrg Mastror, Todd .161, 225 O ' Reilly, Jennifer A. 263 ' Oaks, Martha A., 136, 262 Obccmeu, Kit rip G. 76, 243 Obcemea, Katherine 136, 161 Obrian, Chrislin E. ,225 Obrien, Dennis " .1.36, 2,25, 13? Obrien Laura 143, 183, ' 137, 1.45 Obrien, Matthew J. 263. 138; 137 , Obrien, Robert W, 243 Obrien, Robin L, .263,. 137 Odanicil, Amyl, 263, 138 137, 145 Odonncli, Elizabeth,,141, 263 OdonneU, Margucret 90, 91, 141, 263 Oestretch, Eliza L, 263 Ogden. Chrlsttne 225 Ogden,, ' Maureen 14,. 143, 159, 113- Ohm, Frcdric J. 1,8:3 Ohop, William 68, 22.5,, 86 Ohr,-Leslie K. 143,143 Olaes, Roderick 263 Oldridgc, Billy Of 157, 225 Oleary, James P. .22.5 ' Olivarez, Erie S. 263 Oliver, Sheila I). 225 Ols, John B. 183 Ols, Larry M. 243 G ' Melia, Steve 2,2.5 O ' ndo, Christine 225 O.ndo, Christopher S ' , 243 Ondo, Diane R, 263 Ondo, Greg X,. .22.5, 139, 137 ' Ondo, John A. .2:43 Orient, Lemcl 136, 144, 183 . Orteal, Thomas I.. !84 Ottks. William A, .243 On ley, Ant hony 2.63 Opaus ' ki,, Terry L, 141, Ml., .225- Orem, Michael J, 155, Orolfo, Victoria E. 225 Ortmann, Gudrun, 225 Ortmann, Sigrun 134, .225 Osborne. Latunya J. 184, 142 Ostrander, David 225, 86 Ouellette, Gayl A. 184 Owens, Denise K. 1.36, 243 Owens, Kimberly 6, 243 Owens, Michael W„, .263 Owens, Pa me la M. 243 Owens, Robert L. 156, 243 Pace, Vanessa I, 153, 263 Page. Kirk W. I 57, 22:5 Page,, Kirsten, E, 244 Paine. Brian ML 225 Painter, Darrell S. 184 Palmer, Jonathan J. 64, 143, 225 Palmer, Rebecca 263, 15) , Palumbo, Janice l„ 225 ' Pa none, Shawn, 263 1 . Panzo. Karen L. 141, 263, 151 PapadaJds, Anthony C. 184 Parker, Brian D. 225 Parker, Daniel A. 244 Parker, Daryl B. 263, 83 Parker, Denise A. 263 Parker, Jeffrey 184 Parker, Michael 58, 59, 184 Parker, Miehelle P, 244 Paries , Paul E. ,263 Parker, Ronnie ft. 263 Parkin, Kathryn M. 244 ? Parks, David W» ; :26 : 3 Parmetee, Edward 263,.... ' Parmeles Mdlisif 22.5:, 102 Parrish, Timothy J. 225 Partridge, Ronald 1,13, 138, J.|f Passarclli, Christina 263, 114, 115 Pastcfchwk, Andre 24:4 ; Pasterchiefc, Diana ' 1:47 ' ,, 184 ' Pttsftflfehiek, Jason 2:25 Patton, Jeffrey 20, 143, 225 Pauline, •■ ' Louis 1.57 " , ,2:43- • Payne, David M. 263 Payne, Denise M. 383 Pearce, Donad B. 184 • Pearson ' , Crystal iSfiF Pea truss, Tara 1SL 244 Pedersen, ' David S ' , ' 326 Pedersen, jpi-L, 326 Ptdfrscfli;, Kristy P, 14?, I §4: Pedro,. Joann. ' V, 263: 4 Pedro, Sue P. 263 Pellegrini, " Anthony 244 Pelzcr, Paula N. 150, 184 Pancak, Thomas M. 244 pennlngwti,: Joy..!», 31 ' 226 . ' Pwmlngtdn, ' Tonya .74, .244 Pen;iy,Lberrick, i.. if 184 4 9% 160 Peoples, Juan N. 263, 83 Pefelli, ' ,Gregory 263 ' Perez, Earle E. 226 Perkins, Cbr istlrth: .144 " Perkins, Jamel E. 148, 263, 107 :PdrM ' nSj.,Ke©htt M.,263 ' Perkins, Thomastna A, 2:16 - Perrin,, Charles 154 160, 184- Perrin, Jesse J,, 226 Perry Kathleen ,A. ,22:6 Perry, Sean D, 144, ,126 Perry. Thomas A. 150, 263 Pesclli Dearest 84 18, 226,, 145 Peters, Denise L. 143, 160. 184, 139. 137, 149. 145 Peters, Nicole 155, 184 Peters, ' Tantfw L. 2,63 1 Peterwtk Eric W. 263 Peterson. Heather,: R. .226 ' Pmmmk David 7% 226 Petruiri,,: -Stephen 1:84;, S3 PetruKi, Thomas .244 Pevcrill, Heather 30, 244 . Phillips, James D. 244 Phillips, Judith 184, 152 Phillips, 1 ester V. 263 Phillips, Richard 244 Phillips, Rondal G. 184 Phillips, Sob® !©- I’85 Phillips, Wjlbor S. 143. 185, 146 Phinney, Jennifer 136, 143, 185, 152, 137, 175 Phinncy, Robert S,, ' 263 Pickett,. Cheryl ,14. 244 152. " Piekctt, Hope L» 163, 94;,. ' 95 Pierce, Tracey J. 226 .Pitrpolrtt, Scott IIS Pile, Stephanie K. 141, 244 ■pillow.,, KiCttiiai: p,. " 22i " Pin©,, Kara 1.36, 144 185. 1.52, 149 Pine, Madelyn B, 90, 144, 263, 152 . 138, 149 Pinkney,, Mieteii 263 284 Pitt, Leslie 68. 244 Pitts. Lasondria 147. 226 Plenty, Josh 157, 185 Plenty, Margaret A. 263 Plenty, Muses M. 244 Poczatek, Mary J. 135, 226 Poczatck, Stan J. 244 Poillueei. Mark .1. 244 Pol la, Christine 136, 144, 226 Pomeroy, Joseph B. 263 Poole, Melanie G. 226 Poormon. Palma L. 144, 244 Pope, John R. 144, 263, 92 Poreh, Miehael 226 Ported, Joseph 25, 58, 62, 63, 226 Porter, Christin K. 60, 148, 185 Porter. Miehael D. 263 Posey, Mark A. 263 Potvin, Christop L. 59, 185 Powell, Perron W. 185, 92. 93 Powell, Lara K. 62, 63, 84, 159, 142, 106 Powell. Sundi G. 144, 244, 94. 95, 116 Powell, William A. 244 Prasch. Anita R. 144, 244, 139, 137 Pratt, Michelle A, 226 Presho, Kimberly I). 244 Presncll, Heather 141. 244 Price. Tiffany 263 Price. J ' racey 136, 263 Pritchett, Tammy C. 263 Proffitt, John 244 Pruitt, John W. 226 Pruitt, Tammy L. 133. 136, 244 Pugh, Kari M. 160 Pugh, Marilyn R. 226. 149 Purcell, Bryan C. 185 Purcell, Jeffrey T. 185, 149 Purdy. Brian 157. 185 Putiyon, Stephanie 263 Quesenbcrry, Lisa 185 Quezaire, Rhonda 244 Quinn, Richard M 266 Quit ,. David L. 244 Quirin, Pamela 142 Quiroz, Kimberly L, 263, I 16 Qureshi, Abid R 143, 263, 145 R Ractz, Robert G. 263 Rafiery, John M. 263 Rainey, Zachary D, .263 Rainey, Zcnas D. 226 Rainsbergcr, Tara L. 263, 139, 137 Ramey, Dorothy I). 244 Ramos. Rodrigo N, 263 Ramsay, Margot M. 136, 244 Ratanapool. Chulima 226 Rather, Elizabeth 263 Rather, James J. 45, 226 Rawlerson. Gregory 263 R awl in son, Darrell 72, 76, 185 Rawlinson, James 1. 244 Rawlinson. Zandra D. 263 Raymond, Michelle F. 244 Rccknor, Christine 68, 244 Redden, Daryl J. 263 Reed, Orch B. 244 Reedy, Daniel R 244. 116 Reese. Robert V. 62, 226 Reeves, Alan G 143, 226 Reeves, Kevin A. 263 Regan. Mary E. 263 Regan. Paul W. 185 Reichenbaeh. William 263 Rembert, Samantha 244 Rendino. Michael 143. 185 Rex rode, Melvyn C. 243 Reyes, Ruth F. 147 Reynolds, Amy P. 143, 185, 138 Rhoades, Angela D. 152 Rhorer, Kimberly F. 244 Rich, Dionne L. 136, 144, 263 Rich, Kathleen T. 143, 147, 245, 145 Rich, Kathryn E. 88, 185 Rich, Lisa M. 144, 245 Richard, Patricia L. 141, 263 Richards. Karin 226 Richards, Kristin 245, 94, 95, 1 16 Richards, Yvonne M. 226 Richardson, Linda 245 Richardson, Markcl 263 Richardson, Michelle 263, 94 Richardson, Renee 263 Richardson, Robert 226 Richmond, Kimberly 226 Richmond. Wendy 245 Rickman, Brenda M. 155, 185 Riddle, Charles E. 248 Rider, Daniel R 186, 226, 139 Rider. Kathleen 186 Ricsenberg, Patricia 245, 145 Ricsenberg, Tanya 144, 186 Riggle, Melanie 136, 226 Riggle, Robert F. 245 Riley, Kim 90. 91. 226, 152 Riley. Thao 226. 149 Rinehart, Dawn M. 141. 263. 116 Ripton, David T. 245 Ritenour, Robert J. 226 Ritter. Wanda 153. 226. 138. 137 Rivera, Fdsel P. 159, 263 Rivera, Jason P. 263 Rivera. Johncll D. 245, 138, 137 Rivera, Joshua J. 226. I 10 Rivera, Shirley G. 226 Roberts, Chcri Y. 186 Roberts, Gilbert 226 Roberts, Linda L. 263 Roberts. Ron J. 156 Robinson. David J. 76, 186 Robinson, Jennifer 245 Robinson, Robert F. 263 Robison, Brenda S. 226. 139. 137 Rocha, John 143. 245 Rodgers, Dana I 132, 186, 131 Rodriguez, A less, L. 226, 131 Rodriguez, Glorie 134, 265 Rodriguez,, Harts L. 147, 186 Rogers, James D. 136, 186 Rohrig, Daniel 144. 245 Rohrig, Deanna 226 Roles. Michael 265 Rollins, Arnold 226 Rose; Dcirdrc 143, 186, 151 Rote, Benjamin J. 226, 86 Rote, Helen M. 265 Rotclli. Daniel J. 245 Roth, Erin L. 245, 114 Roth. Michael S. 186 Rouleau, Cynthia A. 141, 265 Rouleau. Lisa 144. 226 Rowe, l.eonard L. 136, 245 Rowe, Peter 31. 186, I 10 Rowe, Richard I. 31. 186 Roy, Ernest 186 Rummler, David M. 159, 245 Russell, Suzanne T. 133, 227, 151 Russell, Timothy 143, 186, 149 Ruszczyk, Carol R. 155, 186 Ruszczyk, Harold 245 Ryan. Irene V. 245 Ryons. Richard A. 265, 83 s Sabarese, Nicole M. 245 Sabet, Sasan K. 265. 116 Sadler. Darrell 227 Saf ranskuy. I.eslie 7. 186 Salathc, Theresa Salminen, Kirsta Salyers, Jill I Salyers, Mark I Sams, Dianna L. Sanches-Canetc, Heicn Sanchcz-Canete, Chris Sanders, Andre D. 72, 76, Sanford. Paul H. 62, 68, 227 Saplak, Mary K. 90, 91, 265 Sapp, Kenneth W. 245 Sarofim, Julie A. 31, 135, 144, Sarsfield, Patrick 68, 227 Saunders, Jodi M. 245 Savage, Lisa J. 265, 152 Saville, Matthew B. 227 Sawicki, John M. 245 Sayasithsena, Ayou 265 Sayasithsena, Vann 265 Sayko, Joann M. 88, 89, 227, 1 1 Sayko, Stacey L. 265, 114, 115 Scaggs, Jonathan B. 245 Scalia, Anthony M. 156, 227 Schalow, James S. 227 Schaney, Travis L. 62, 245 Schawaldcr, Roland 227 Schell, Andrea 144, 187 Schieffclin, Jimmy 265 Schmccht, Pamela T. 136, 245, 138, 137 Schneider, Thomas 265, 138, 83 Schoenborn, Cher A. 227, 139, 137 Schooley, Stacey R. 144, 187, 146 Schrecongost, Will 245 Schroeder, Lori A. 245 Schu, Christine T, 265 Schumacher, Jeffrey 245 Schwab, James R. 136, 245 Scifres, Cynthia J. 265 Scott, Brad D. 265 Scott, Brian T. 68, 143, 160, 227 Scott, Richard S. 245 Scott, Victoria L. 136, 265 Scroggins, Ken A. 265. 107 Scroggins. Lenore A. 151 Seaton, Christine 88, 89, 145 Seeley, Robert A. 58, 76, 210 Scnn, Jennifer J. 265, 155 Shallow, Scott 30 Shatley, Michelle 245 Shearer, Robert D. 62, 245 Shelly, Donna L. 227 Shelly, Kenneth W. 265 Sheloski. Susan H. 245 Shepherd, Joseph S. 227 Shifflct, Miche R. 155, 227, 51 Shifiett, Amy L. 245 Shipley, Cassandra 6, 147 Shipley, Pamela N. 245 „ Sholar, Kristie A. 131,212 Shoop, Carolyn S. 136, 265 Shoop, Ceda A. 227, 151 Shoop, Elizabeth R. 159, 265 Shoop, Matt 22, 27, 159 Short, Daniel R. 245, 1 10 Shpoon, Mirwais 265, 83 Shpoon, Wazir A, 227 Shrevc, Jill A. 90, 91, 245 Shriver. Rebecca M. 135, 265. 152 Shurtliff, John 144 Shurtliff, Stephen 227, 245, 52 Sicrk. Jennifer 144, 153. 227 Sierk, Kimberly A. 153, 265, 146 Sicrk, Priscilla 144, 153. 245 Sierk, Richard 245 Simcic, Gregory 78, 246, 110, I 13 Simcic, John 78, 1 10 Sirnmons, Anne M. 136. 143 Simmons, Emily J. 136, 148, 246 Simpson, Christopher 265 Simpson, John L. 246 Simpson, Stuart L. 265 Sin, Yoncha 246 Singleton. Brian 246 Sisson, Jennifer M. 265 Sketo, Donald B. 76. 246 Skifton. Jocelyn I). Skoog. I.ynac M. 265. 152. 94 Sloan. Heather I). 227 Smart, Monica R. 151 Smelcer, Timothy 246 Smith. Amy .1. 265 Smith, April K. 265 Smith. Brigitte M. 151 Smith. Collin W. 156. 227 Smith, Eugene E. 265 Smith, Erancine M. 136, 246 Smith. Holly E. 160 Smith, James Marty 227 Smith. Jeffrey E. 265, 83 Smith. Kimberly .1. 153, 246 Smith. Kimberly I . 246, 106 Smith, Kristina E. 265 Smith, Earry K. 246 Smith. Michael R. 141, 246 Smith. Nancy Y. 141, 246, 145 Smith, PhiIip K. 265 Smith, Shane M. 64, 227 Smith, Sherri D. 265 Smith, Tamara E. 246 Smith, Valinda D. 153, 265 Snediker, John C. 227 Snediker, Ecah 68, 144, 227 Sneed, Eakita K. 246, 151 Snyder, Jennifer A. 133, 144, 265 Snyder, Nancy E. 132, 143, 188, 139, 21 I Soderstrom, Cristell 227, 94, 95 Soderstrom, Joyce A. 246 Somers, Dcirdrc E. 188 Sorensen, Scott R. 64, 143, 144, 148, 159, 188, 92 Senders, Amanda 227, 149 Souza, Wayne M. 156, 188 Spasoff, Frances A. 60, 188, 210 Spatzer, Donald J. 265 S patzcr, Jcaninc 17, 155, 188 Spcakes, Nancy 227 r Spedden, Steven 246 Spcllane, Kelly A. 141, 246 Spencer, Iva C. 266 Spencer, Thomas E. 266 Spin, Daniel I. 266 Spillal, Marcos 1). 227 Sprinkle, Barbara 60, 61, 88, 227, 145 Sprouse, Traci I., 188 151 Sragaow, Kuansueke 246 Sragaow, Nusara 61, 227 Stafford, Jimmie D. 266 • Stafford, Karen D. 227 Stallings, Aubrey 160, 227, 145 Stamper, Sabrina D. 30, 246 Stanford, Kevin A. 228 Stanford, Sherri E. 266, 139 Stanley, Karla L, 228 Stanley, Kim 228 Stanley, Lynettc M. 159, 266 Stanley, Sondra D. 188 Stansbury, Allen 246, 86 Stansill, Caron A. 188 Stansill, Tracy J, 144, 246 StClair. Scott M. 188 StClair, Thane C. 266 Stephens, Allan 246 Stephens, Anita J. 147 Stephens, Edward 266 Stephens, Michelle R. 228 Stephenson, Jennifer 144, 188 Stewart, Allen I). 266 Stewart, Dawn M. 136, 159, 266 Stewart, Deborah 188. 151 Stewart. Cilen B. 266 Stewart. Joette I . 88, 89. 143. 144. 148, 228. I Stewart, Pamela G. 266 Stewart, Sherron B 266 Stiegel. Edward K 246 Stiles. (Jlcn I 57. I SS Stiles. Steven A 246 Slith. I ola M. I 36. 266 Stokes. Erie I 266 Stoltz. John 228 Stone. Karen J 246 Stoops. Melanie A 14 3. 144. 148, 188 Stout. icloria I I XX Stoutamyer, Eric M. 159, 246 Stovall, Julie A. 266 Straight, Eaura 143, 188, 137, 149 Straight. Susan D. 143, 246, 139, 145 Strainer, Stephanie 246 Stratton, Tamara E. 136, 266 Street. Tonya 141, 153, 266, 115 Street, Trisha 266, 151 Strickland, Danny 246 Stringer, James R. 188 Stringer, Richard J. 266, 138 Strong, Patrick 144, 266 Strublc, Matthew 159, 188, 138 Struder, Carolin E. 266, 139, 137 Stuck, Rebecca E. 76, 246 Stumm, Albert 266, 92 Stumm, Colccn 136, 143, 154, 188, 137 Stumpf. Dwayne L. 246 Sturckc, Jcnnifc J. 136, 266 Stynes, Robert E. 23, 188, 96, 98. 99 Sullivan, Joshua S. 246, 137 Sumpter, Catherine M. 188 Sunderland, Beth D. 141, 266, 108 Sunderland, Kirrtb A. 136, 188, 137 Suppy, Sue A. 106 Suslowicz, Deborah J, 246 Svicnty. John M. 228 Swaitn, Tiffany L. 246, 145 Swanson, Kelly R. 266 Swecker, Evelyn D. 136, 188 Sweigart, James L. 62 Swidcr. Kathy N. 246, 145 149, Swider, Lesley A, 246, 145 Swinton, Eugene E. 266 Swisher, Todd 58, 62, 63, 228 Sykes, Lavonda G. 266 T Taft, Cynthia D, 246 Talley, Niquclle 246 Talley, Theresa J. 266 Talley, William 188 Tandon, Ashok K. 266 Tassi, Jennifer 144, 188 Tate, Kimberly A. 143, 266, 139 Taylor, Andrew P. 189, 208, 96 Taylor, Cynthia D. 266 Taylor, Jeffrey 189 Taylor, Jesse 157, 246 Taylor, John W. 156, 189 Taylor, Kasandra S. 266 Taylor, Keith 147, 189 Taylor, Kimberly 136, 246 Taylor, Kimberly S. 189 Taylor, Laura A. 136, 247, 151 Taylor, Leslie A. 266 Taylor, Michelle R. 247 Taylor, Rochelle E. 141, 153, 266. 145 Taylor, Susan M. 68, 88. 228. 103. 102 Taylor, William S. 266 Teel, Concelta 155, 189 Teel, Melinda E. 247 Tenney, Christopher 247 Tenney, Lisa A. 228 Tennis, Robert 247 Tennis, Sharalyn 266 Tennyson, Zohn C, 141, 228 Terault, Alice E, 266 Terrell, George 247 Terrell. Patrick 143. 189, 138. 137. 145 Terry, Angela E. 266 Terry. Colleen M. 266 Teryr. Kristen A 247 Thayer. Ah I 143. 144. 159. ISO Thee, Donald I . 266 Thomaidis, Chrisli 189 Thomaidis, Susan 189 Thomas. Cynthia 228 Thomas, David I . 266 Thomas, I lisa 228, 151 Thomas, Jennifer 267 Thomas, John E. 267 Thomas, Jon W. 267 Thomas, Kelvin A. 189 Thomas, Eorrie 228, 151 Thomas, Rhonda .1 136, 247 Thompson, Anthony 247 Thompson, Jennifer 159, 247, 138, 137 Thompson, Ecnectha 74, 75, 136, 247, 116 Thompson, Linda E. 228 Thompson, Myrna E. 189, 151 Thompson, Peggy S. 144, 247 Thompson. Robert M 159, 247, 107 Thompson, Steven 64, 65. 247 Thompson, Terry A. 247, 152, 142 Thornton, Rachcllc 136, 189 Thurman, John D. 159. 242 Thurman, Paul S. 157, 228 Thurston, Roger E. 247 Thurston, W ' illiam E. 267 Tidd, Andrea M. 267, 152 Tiller, Wendy A. 189, 103, 104. 102 Tilley. Michael 247 Tirch, Lisa R. 267 Todd, Helen E 247. 39. 37 Todt. Ronald T 228 Tomasino, Carla A. 136, 143, 228, 145 Tomchek. Kristy E, 228, 247 Tomchek. Tammy I. 145 Tompkins, Amber 187 Tompkins, Steven W. 190 Tops, Terrill I 247, 116 Torango, Kyra 141, 247, 145 Toth. Kimberly 247, 151 Town, Kisha R. 228 Townsend, Wendy A. 132. 143, 190 Trabitzsch, Claudia 228, 138, 137 Trace, Jennifer E. 247 Tracey, Sophia A. 23, 143, 190, 138, 139 Troiano. Sandy 267 Troiano, Suzie M. 7, 132, 147, 190 Trot man, Brian K. 156, 190 Trot man, Kimberly 68, 247 Trowbridge, Butch l.. 228, 139, 137 Truitt, Terri M. 136, 228 Trujillo. Edward 247 Trujillo, Kenneth 267 Tucker, Lucinda R. 153, 247, 116 Tucker, Penny R. 84, 143, 159, 190 Tuggle, Anthony W. 247 Tukey, Elizabeth A, 267, 137 Turch. James D. 267 Turch, Muriel M 143, 160, 228 Turner, Christopher I 56. 228 Turner, Derrick B. 247 Turner, Julie 84. 159, 161, 190 Turner, Kelly A. 155, .247 Tutsock. Charteoh 155 Tutsock. Jeffrey A. 157, 159, 190. 211 Tveit. Kim M 136, 228 Tyler. Terry W. 144, 247 Tyson, Barbara E. 228, 106 Tyson, Claire I 267, 108 Underwood. Marlin 247 Underwood. Scan I 347 Unralh. Mark W 747 Utlius. Kendra 14 E 144. 190 v Vaidcn. ( a role ' 78 Valentine. K listen 141 ' ( 7. Is 1 Vallianl. I ee 190 Valvo. Icannmc I ( . 747. 157 Vandcrhool. Vnissa 136. 14! I s t, 1 ' , s. d Vanderhool. kali I 1st. 7 7 Vanegas. (ierman ' ’’S 286 William t ' Sf, 248 Vanlanduyt, Christ 147, 190, 151 ¥;a®tea¥©n;,. Jared. W, 348 ' Vscn t " , Lori 228 Vaught. Margaret 228 VwriAi James B 2 ? Vavrina, Timothy A. 248, 138, 137 Veil, Krista M. 248 " Velasco Beverly ,248 ' Vcnti, James A 136, 143, 190. 151 Vcrburg, Steven L. 156, 229 Verily, Lynn M. 151 ¥©i i si©i).u©:r®n, Jattef .248. Victor, Allen 7, 229 Vining, Athony A. 190 " Vito Lisa R. 248- ' Voloiosii,, Diane M -lif Yelp, Lisa M. Ml 13% 13? Volz, John D, 190 Vonwolfradt, Greta 229, 139, 137. 145 Waddell Ctjcryl U 44 ffft " Waddill,. " Jarass ' 248 Wad , Brian P. -MS Wagner, Deborah £. 248 Wagnon, Barry K. 190 VittfeittatJ, Dana. Si IS? Waferott, Rfltbrjft- j§f MU Waldron, Deborah 267 Walker, Daniel W. 147, 248 Walker, Jennifer D. 136, 153. 267 Walker. Krystol 159, 267 Walker, Mark A. 229 Walker, Michelle L 190, 139, 149 Waller, ' Patricia. -A, 60 , 190 Waller,. " Terry iL 36, ' !« Walker, Tina L. 153, 229 Walker, Tonia L. 90, 267 Walker, Wesley 159. 229 Will, lost M% 13». 13? Walla Ctrlsiina 3s? Wallace, Michael 248 Walsh, Peter 160, 190 Walla, Michelle U. 191 Walter. Shannon M. 267 Waters, I aura A, 263 13® . 133 ' Wanamaker, David T. 191 Wanamaker, Kelly M. 155, 267 Waitmaler, Slit .|,. 248 ' Winiftr, Steven. J ' 76, 22:9 Wantt, ' Patti tft Want , Tanya L. 267 ’ Ward, Brian 267 Ward, Dennis C. 229 i Ward, Elizabeth L. 229 Ward,. l.isa A. tm 84 241 Wardlow, jCarol L. 191 Wardlow, Robert W. 248 Warbol ' fc, Marl. .16.7: Warren, Jennifer 1.. 248 Washington, Chas E. 267 Washington, Cynthia 191 Washington, David 267, 92, 1 IS Washi ngto. ieardo V. 267, 83 WIsh!ogit;o4 tetfeiff 136 . ' 26? ' Wlshingt ff.. Songlit 248.,, Ijtj Washington, William 1. 248 Watkins, Ralph 267 Watson, Rhonda t 135, 267 Watt, Anthony S, 191, 92, I 17. 1 16 Watt, Stephen E. 267 Watts, Brian A 268 Witts, Dttwd M 214 Till ’ ■ WittS,,. Jerry .268 " Wiyland, l.awfcnce 24f Weakley, Michael 191 Weaver, Marvin R. 191 Webb. Barry A. 191. 137 Webb. Scott 248. 137 Webber, Jason J. 268. 139. 137 Weckenman, Melissa 136, 268 ... Weeks, Janel R. 191 Weetman, Rebecca B. 229 ' W«etmatt, ; Sieve A. 268 Witter, Linda J. 229 - Welch, Michael D. 24 ; 8 Will, Robert C. 191 Wells.EricR.78, 191 Wells, Michelle L. 248 Wendling, Patric D. 40. 70. 71. 84. 159, 191 Werner Melanie 268 Werner, Pamela. J, 136, ISO, 191, 152 Vest Cynthia L. 136, 268 West, Patricia. A. .268 Westcn, Thomas 268 Westen. William C. 229, 145 Westenberger, Jenny 68,. .248 Weston, Cheryl A. 136, 229 Wet her bee, Michcll .361! Wheat, Alan R, 268 " Wheeler, Allison, 268 ; 139. 137 Wheeler, Matthew W i 248, 52 Wheeler, Shannon 268, 139, 137 White. Bobby 268 White, Diane % 20, 23 85. 209 Whitseli, Lisa L. 229 Whittington Gary .12.9 Wlehnnt . Brian 8. 161, 191 Wickum, Todd 62, 23, 248 Wicrbtnski, Paul J. 143, 248 Wilhelm, Michael D, 248, 137 Wjlkcrson, Franklin 248 Wilkins, Valerie A. 144, 161, 248 Wilks, Christine B. 191 -Wilks, Reginald 147, 229 Wltemten,, Jenneth 19! Willett Toni A. 147 Williams. Darrel M, 159, 248 Williams, Eugene 147, 191 Williams. Jennifer 248 Williams, Kasandra J, 141, 248 Williams, Kathryn I 229 Williams, Kimberly M. 248 Williams, Myrna 141, 248, 145 Williams. Pamela R, 192 Williams. Richard N. 144, 229 Williams, Shane C. 229 Williams, Stanley R. 229 Williams, Slephani 135, 147, 192 Williams, Tamara F. 229 Williams, William B. 248 Willis, Jacqueline 147, 192 Wilson. Allen W. 156, 83 Wilson, .Andrew S. 219 Wilson. Audrca L. 62, 229 Wilson, Bobbi S, 147, 229 Wilson ,. Donna 143 144, 192 Wilson, Gregory 2.29 Williams, Myrna 141, 248, 145 Williams, Pamela R. 192 Williams, Richard N. 144, 229 Williams, Shane C. 229 Williams, Stanley R. 229 Williams, Slephani 135, 147. |92 Williams, Tamara F. 229 " Wiliams,, Wiliam. B. 248 Willis, Jacqueline 147, 192 Wilson, Allen W. 156, 83 Wilson, Andrew 8, 229 Wilson, Audrca L. 62, 229 Wilson, Bobbi S. 147, 229 Wilson, Donna 143, 144, 192 Wilson, Gregory 229 Wifcon, Jonathan l . 192 Wilson, Krystine D. 229, 137 Wilson. Lewey C, 192 Wilson, Robert K. 159, 192 Windham.:: Constance ' 135 Wjndt, Michael A 268 Wlaomliter,. ?i«t 8, 1 36 Wincmiller, Pair N. 229 Winslow . Laura A. 2.29 Wise COttststnce I. 141. 132 Wise, John J. 136. 192. 119 Wise, William 159, 248 Withers. Jennifer Witzgall, Andr N Wohlhueter. James 248 Wood. Jennifer A. 229 Wood. Jonathan C. 24! Wood. William A. 229 Woodard, Kenneth 139 Woodcock, Jennifer 24 Woodhousc, Elizabeth Woods, Bryon K. 70, 2 Woolfglk. Brian 73, 79, 229, 96 Wright, Clarence B. 76, 229 Wright, Debra A. 268 Wright, James S. 156, 229 Wright, John M. 268 Wright. Kayla D 249, 145 Wright, Kevin H. 229 Wright, Kimberly M. 192 Wright, Lisa M. 249, 145 Wright, Marya C. 136, 249 Wright, Monica 141. 147, 229 Wright, Rcxanne 136. 144. 268. 152 Wright. Stephanie 192 Wright, Tammy L. 229, 152 Wrona. Kimberly M. 268 Wyatt. Arwen. T. 141. 268 Yaeobi, David J. 268 Yancoskie, Glen S. 268 Yates. David T. 268 Yates, Laura 1. 192 Yates, Lisa K. 249 Yeary, Maria 1 34. 192, 210 Yenyo. Amy E. 74. 75, 143, 229. 145. I 16 Yeo, Clinton J, 249 Yi, Dae H. 64. 143. 148. 192 Yi, Yun H. 268. 109 Yoder, Troy A. 149 York, Meredith K. 268 Young, Ann 1. 192, 151 Young, Camille 229 Young. Clarence K. 229 Young, Darold 229 Young, Darren 268 Young, Gavin 64. 192 Young, Keith R. 268 Young, Matthew J, 269, 139. I 37 , Young, Michael J, 269 Young Shane 269, 83 Zaldana, Gustavo 64. 65 Zane, F rank 231, 249 Zawisa, Margaret. 147, 197 Zawisa. Matthew 269, 83 Zeraatbany. Payam 192 Zeunges, Cynthia L. 249 Ziesler. Dennis 269 Zinn. Neil A. 269 Zoromski, Patrick I 57, 192 Zurfluch, Amy G, 230 Zurcluch, Martin G. 230 INDIAN ECHOES ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS 1985-86 Editors-in-Chief.Gail Grevey, Tracy May Student Life ..Kecia Knoernschild Organizations.Cindy Bradley Sports...Sean McNeil Academics.Rosita Espin Seniors .Brian Dolan Underclassmen.Debbie Gore Faculty.....Gail Grevey, Tracy May Staff: Kurt Bolland Sherri Bowman Cheryl Burruss Julie Carter Thomas Cheek David Hall Kelly Jackson Todd Nyberg-Mastrorilli Andrea Schell Julie Turner Brian Wickum Valerie Wilkins Sponsor: Mrs. Shacklette Special Thanks To: Mr. A1 Ramer - Jostens Printing and Publishing Mr. Rick Dashner - School Pictures Company ALL EYES ON GAR-FIELD 288 TCHBEb h□ h□ T V PRINCE WILLIAM PUBLIC LIBRARY SYSTEM Chinn Pa4Pte ) Ub Prinoe Wm, V PR NCE WILL IAM PUBLIC LIBRARY SYSTEM 3 3159 00063 2179 For Reference This item (or use in the library only. Prince William Public Library

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