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I 1 INDIAN ECHOES 1985 GAR-FIELD SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL 14000 SMOKETOWN ROAD WOODBRIDGE, VA 22192 GETTING THE MOST OUT OF GAR-FIELD l CONTENTS Student Life.4 Academics.46 Sports.70 Ads.136 Organizations . . 148 Seniors.184 Underclassmen. 230 Faculty.276 Index . :.286 - ; 2 Contents Contents 3 4 Student Life Student Life 5 1984 GRADUATION Mr. Gainous opens the graduation ceremonies. Laura Adams receiving her diploma. The class of 1984 anxiously awaits their diplomas. Graduation ceremonies of 1984 were a great success even though it rained. Before it rained they made it through scholarships and the special awards. Mr. Berch, the speaker, gave his speech which told what he felt the students will most remember from their years at Gar-Field. When the rain started, Mr. Lacey announced that the class of 1984 was officially graduated. 6 Student Life Paul Pyrz, Lisa Powell, and Brenda Scharp enjoy their long awaited graduation. Daryl Anderson smiles as he walks across the platform. Gar-Field’s newest graduates pause for a picture. Bobby Peters escorting Carol Coloma to get her diploma. Graduation 7 1984 PROM Jeff Beadle and Tracey Struble ... a happy couple. Cindy Jones and David Kidwell ... all smiles. The Crystal City Stouffers Ballroom was the site for a beautiful night of dancing and romance. It was sponsored by the class of ’85, music was by Sinbad, and the food was catered by Marriott. The atmosphere was definitely classy with everyone in long gowns and tuxedos. The 1984 prom will be hard to top. Scott Yates and Stephanie Jones enjoy dancing together. James Leake and Rynae Aiken . . . posing pretty. 8 Student Life Alonzo Johnson, Kim Jackson, Quinton Simms, and Kim Jones taking a break from Kevin Attreed and Michelle Hoff enjoy posing during Prom, dancing. P " 1 V 1 § 8 , £ ' I k left — Couples dance the night away! Chandra Medcalf, Joe Chatfield, Travis Cookus, and Kathy Nagley enjoying their evening. POWDER PUFF ' 84 Debbie Eicher — determined to win. Terri Kasik goes for the goal. Gar-Field’s best looking cheerleaders. Heading for the end zone. Powder Puff football has been held at Gar-Field for 6 years now. On May 25, 1984 the seventh Powder Puff football game was held. This game consists of female players and male cheerleaders. The seniors are divided into two teams, Team A and B. They have coaches and choose their team name. This year team B won the game with a score of 6-0. The players play not only to win but to have fun! 10 Student Life The blue team celebrating. Terri Kasik on the move again. 3§||p -sag ? : r - Christine Fulgencio going for a loose ball. Terri Kasik — a great quarterback. Looks like a “jump” ball. Powder Puff 11 CAREER NIGHT Join the Navy for a life at sea. Mark Zawisa and Stanley Benton looking at pamphlets. A volunteer doing her job. 12 Student Life Wanda Trupin, from a travel agency, talking about travel plans. A career in cake decoration could be fun. Career Night’s main objective is to give the students background in the fields they wish to pursue in their future years. The students see occupations ranging from military careers (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines) to electrical engineering. While on the career night tour through Gar- Field’s hallways, the students had the opportunity to ask and receive information. The answers received from these occupational tradesmen sometimes influence the decisions of the future for many students. A group discussing career matters. A broadcasting career with WPWC. Career Night 13 THE YEAR OF THE GOLD FOR G-F Benita proudly shows us her gold medal. middle right — Benita tells the class of her experiences at the Olympics. One of the many filled pages of Benita’s winning records. Benita Fitzgerald graduated from Gar-Field in 1979. Benita participated in the 1984 Olympics and won a gold medal in the 100m hurdles. G-F hosted a parade to con¬ gratulate Benita on her outstanding performance in the Olympics. In the parade many of Gar-Field’s groups came out to honor Benita, such as the cheerleaders, Indianettes, and the marching band. Benita will be remembered always, and honored for her achievement. The Olympic women’s track and field records with Benita’s signature. 14 Student Life G-F CELEBRATES WITH BENITA The G-F marching band leading the parade. Kim Fitzgerald, directing the band. left — Benita Fitzgerald is interviewed by the press. G-F Varsity Cheerleaders show their spirit. G-F Indianettes perform for Benita. Year of the Gold 15 ARENA SCHEDULING Mike Hamric, Brian Murphy, Larry Meade and Mr. Zimmerman working hard at the P.E. booth. Lisa Stiles, Angie Drummond, and Susan Gazda signing up for art. Pam Himelright and Laura Tipton take time out from scheduling. 16 Student Life Students waiting to turn in their schedules. Alex Stallworth and Ike Snead smile for the camera as they wait in line. Laura Tipton helping Mrs. Vickers at the LPN-Cosmetology table. left — Long lines of students wait to get their schedules approved. Near the end of the school year Gar-Field holds Arena scheduling. Arena scheduling allows students to take the classes they want during the class period they want. The process can be fun or it can be complicated. It’s fun if you can get the classes you want, but it only takes one class to mess up the whole schedule. The lines are long, but most students usually get the classes they want. Never¬ theless, Arena scheduling allows the students to make their own decisions. By being able to act mature and responsible, the Arena scheduling somewhat prepares the students to prepare for college by choosing their own classes. Scheduling 17 GAR-FIELD IN UNIFORM Indianette: Tanya Marshall, Football Player: Jeff Schaney, and Varsity Cheerleader: Karen Fowler J.V. Cheerleader: Judi Grow Football Player: Haskell Stamper Middle Right — Flags: Kathy Murphy, Kristen Key, and Kim Harris Right — Football Players: Barry Miller and Tony Harris 18 Student Life Varsity Cheerleader: Karen Fowler Stuntman: Jimmy Lemons Football Player: Bart Rogers During the school year many students who participate in sports or activities wear uniforms on game days. These uniforms vary from football jerseys to Indianette, Flag and Rifle uniforms, and cheerleader’s skirts and sweaters. These uniforms represent spirit for the school and let other students know what is happening on that day. Uniforms represent the many days of hard work and practicing the students do! Flags: Maria Yeary and Ann Chester Indianette: Susan Arnold middle left — Flag member: Kristen Key Uniforms 19 WEDDING BELLS RING The Entire Wedding Court SOCIOLOGY WEDDINGS Many seniors decide to take sociology as one of their electives for their senior year at Gar-Field. During the year relationships are studied in sociology. At the end of the year weddings are staged for the students enrolled in sociology. The couples involved write their own vows. The weddings are silent and very serious. Students portray clergymen to marry the couples. Following the weddings, there are receptions complete with cake and refreshments. Most of the work for the weddings is up to the students, so there’s a different approach and atmosphere each year. The weddings are symbolic of what almost all of us will go through sometime in our own lives. Tracey Baker and David Stynes cutting the cake. 20 Student Life Pam Mullinax and Brian King . . . their first moment. Lisa Powell and Matt Rotelli, newlyweds. v “ ‘ , i 4 •S Lisa Baith and Bobby Burton enjoy cutting their wedding cake together. Dewayne Beaty and Pam Sessoms, posing for their wedding portraits. ' . . % . Jimmy Tutsock and Denise Jones, the happy couple. Wedding Bells 21 FRIENDS Terry Thorne and Mike Migliorini, good friends . . . Where would any student be in Gar-Field without friends? They are those special people who help you make it through high school and life. As you walk through the school you see friends everywhere — walking, eating, socializing, laughing and even crying. Friends are what make school so fun. Many students are not only with their friends in school, but after school too. Foot¬ ball games, parties, jobs, shopping, and just hang¬ ing around are just some of the things friends do. ¥ f A 111 f i 4W y Friends laugh together outside the building. 22 Student Life Michelle Wheeler and Haskel Stamper smile big for the camera. Friends socializing together during lunch. Good friends . . . together in lunch. Friends take time out of class to pose. AREN ' T THEY GREAT! Friends 23 LET ' S BREAK!!! Charles Pitts, Troy Mickens, Tim Mincy and Jeff Conward in “Windmills” come easy for Troy Mickens. breaking form. Breakdancing is a type of dancing that consists of acrobatics, gymnastics, and athletic skills. The moves in breaking are very complicated and dangerous if incorrectly performed. Many people have been injured, but the craze goes on. Even though it is considered a new style of dancing, it started in the streets of New York nearly 10 years ago. Its popularity quickly spread throughout the country. The best groups such as New York City Breakers and Rock Steady Crew are based in New York but there are thousands of groups throughout the country. Some local groups are Dynamic Force and Jam Masters. Many experts believe that breakdancing is not just a passing thing but will be with us for a long time. 24 Student Life Jeff Conward jumps into a “1990 Hand Spin.” Nice “hand glide” Chris Daniels! Above — Jam Masters’ Jeff Love attempting a “tank.” Left — One of the breakers from Dynamic Force, Troy Mickens, is caught in the middle of an “air move.” Mike Rendino doing a “kneespin.” Dynamic Force’s Chris Daniels beginning a “headspin.” Breakdance 25 LUNCH Gar-Field beauties taking sun during lunch. Friends together for lunch, Kellie Meseck, Kelly Jackson, and Tifanny Students on their way to the downstairs cafeteria. Dangoia. For many students, lunch is not just for eating. Lunch is used for taking a break, socializing with friends, and doing last minute homework. Many students eat lunch but when they’re done, they’re seen in Gar-Field halls with many friends. Without the 30 minute break in classes, we would all go crazy!! 26 Student Life Friends getting rowdy during lunch. Tammi Atwell at her locker. Nobody bothers us! Students in the main lobby going back to class. Young Love! Lunch 27 GAR-FIELD ' S BEST Shelagh Murphy and Debbie Good enjoying ciass!? Michelle Hoff and Tracey Struble . . . good friends. Emerson Creel stops for a picture. Tanya Marshall and Mike Poilucci enjoy time before school. The people are the ones who make up the school. There are many fine people in Gar- Field and these are only a few. Many work very hard to get where they are and we are proud to have them with us. Patty Pastiva, Susan Fawley, Shelagh Murphy, and Judi Kane pose for a picture between classes. 28 Student Life Melissa Gardiner in the lunchroom. Mita Judy working hard. Kristy Sholar at her locker. Janice Majeski... a pretty smile. Cheryl Burruss poses in her uniform. Kenny Carroll, Ferron Powell and Ruel Haymond . . . before a track meet. G-F Best 29 ALL SMILES . . . Who wouldn’t smile during lunch?! Kenny Carroll showing his best. JoAnn Sayko smiling with friends. Kate Mason and Cindi Mickelson smile big at the end of school. Ebbie Hutson smiling pretty for the camera. 30 Student Life Richie Hartman, Danielle Alsop, and Jill Baldbridge enjoy their time during lunch. Rhonda Meade ... a happy face. A whole class of smiles! Seeing a smile or a happy person makes everyone’s day. Smiles show happiness, friendliness, and enjoyment. During lunch and between classes there are many people with wide smiles across their faces. There would rarely be a time when a person could walk down Gar- Field’s halls and not be greeted with a smile. AND HAPPY FACES Smiles 31 DR. BAILEY In addition to the incoming freshmen and the 100 new faces that arrived at Gar-Field this year, there was one new face which all of the student body soon recognized as a definite part of Gar- Field Senior High School — the face of Dr. Zuill Bailey, the new principal. A graduate of East Carolina University and a recipient of a Master’s Degree from the University of Illinois, Dr. Bailey began teaching in Virginia in 1966 at Woodbridge Senior High School. In 1978, Dr. Bailey was appointed to the position of Supervisor of Music by the Prince William County School Board. This year, Dr. Bailey switched from instructional supervisor to become Gar-Field’s new principal. Though Dr. Bailey has been principal for only a short period of time, he believes Gar-Field is a superb school and is impressed with “the caliber of its students.” In the future, he hopes to spend more time with both the students and the teachers seeking ways to improve our school. Dr. Bailey is determined to make Gar-Field a model school. “More power to you, Dr. Bailey! Gar- Field is behind you 100%!” 32 Principal Dr. Bailey concentrating as he looks out his office window. Dr. Bailey after crowning the queen. Dr. Bailey working at his desk. Dr. Bailey 33 PEP RALLIES top — G-F Varsity Football players waiting to be introduced, middle — Indianettes doing a routine for the crowd, bottom — Football players listening to Coach Robinson. top — Chandra Medcalf leading the school in spirit, bottom — Calvin Lawrence shows his spirit. 34 Student Life top — Indianettes performing their routines middle — Students gathered in the gym bottom — Beth Corbin and Joy Pennington watching the pep rally Cheerleaders lead students in chants. Members of the Volleyball team after being introduced. Pep Rallies are held throughout the school year to show spirit for our teams and encourage victory. During pep rallies the teams are introduced, the cheerleaders do chants, and the Indianettes and the Flags perform. All the students attend and show spirit for their classes. The pep rallies this year were a great success and everyone left rowdy and spirited. Pep Rallies 35 1984 HOMECOMING Homecoming King Timmy Rogers with his date Barbi Gazda. Homecoming Queen Stacey Komar. “Purple Rain” came to Gar-Field Senior High School this year. This is not to say that it rained on our parade. Homecoming 1984 was a great success! The highlight of the dance was the 10 ft. by 8 ft. face that resembled the face on Prince’s ‘ ‘Purple Rain” album slip cover. The boutique welcomed couples as they entered the purples, silvers, grays, and whites of the decorative main lobby. Silver chandelieres hung sparkling from the ceiling while a punch bowl fountain kept students thirst away. Halfway through the dance, Homecoming princesses were announced and escorted to the middle of the dance floor. The last couples to approach the floor were the King and Queen, Timmy Rogers and Stacey Komar, escorted by their dates. Timmy and Stacey shared a slow dance and soon after the other couples joined in. The evening was sprinkled with sounds of Prince and his Revolution. Music was dj-ed by junior Bob Gore. Homecoming 1984 was very enjoyable for everyone. Thanks to the SGC for bringing “Purple Rain” to Gar-Field. 36 Student Life top left — Senior princess Kim Dean with her date Kenny Hendley bottom left — Dana Rogers and date Jeff Bloxton enjoying the dance Couples break in dancing to have their pictures taken. Couples having a drink at the punch bowl fountian. Junior princesses Ebbie Hutson and Beth Corbin. . fomecoming 37 SPIRIT WEEK Emerson Creel in his jersey on jersey day. Robby Wilson and Jeff Tutsock kick back in the sun. The purpose of spirit week is to build up enthusiasm for the big football game against Woodbridge. Each day of spirit week represents school spirit. Monday was twin day; Tuesday was career day; Wednesday was class day; freshman day was backwards day, sophomores day was punk rock, juniors were babies and beach, and seniors were nerds. Thursday was jersey day and Friday, the big day of the pep rally, was red, white, and blue day. This year Gar-Field’s spirit led our team to victory! above — Matt Shoop and Roger Kibler . . . aren’t they cool?! bottom — Gar-Field the cool cat ready for sun! 38 Student Life One of Gar-Field’s classes show spirit by buying spirit links. Rhonda Meade and Charmane Delaverson sporting their summer i wear. WE ' VE GOT THE MOST!!! Spirit Week 39 SPIRIT OF THE GAME Senior Princesses: Kim Dean, Stacey Komar, and Dawn McManamey. 1984 Homecoming Court: King: Timmy Rogers Queen: Stacey Komar Princesses: Senior: Dawn McManamey Kim Dean Junior: Beth Corbin Ebbie Hutson Sophomore: Danielle Black Michelle Cashwell Freshmen: Kelley Hoff Pam Jefferson Gar-Fields Homecoming game was played against Fauquier High School. The game was very exciting and filled with G-F spirit. During half-time, the band per¬ formed, the floats were judged, and the Homecoming Court was escorted in cars around the track. At the end of the evening all the Gar-Field fans cheered as the Indians won the game 10 to 6. top — Tina Taylor and Mona Aldridge riding on the senior float middle — Cheerleaders display the sophomore float bottom — Gar-Field fans cheer the team to victory 40 Student Life Stuntman Matt Shoop and Cheerleader Chandra Medcalf show their spirit. Gar-Field’s mascots . . . Jennifer Jones and Tara Edelschick Mike Brown on the senior float. Indianettes Ann Young and Kathy Nagley. G-F’s Varsity Cheerleaders and stuntmen Spirit 41 20 YEARS OF RIVALRY FOR G-F’s football players shown after their victory over Woodbridge. Indianettes Anna McEwen, Beth Corbin, and Lisa Graupman performing at the game. Kevin Fowlkes cheering on the team before the big game. 42 Student Life G-F AND WOODBRIDGE Coach Robinson proudly receiving the trophy. Indianettes Susan Arnold, Shawne Cosand, and Gail Grevey watching the Woodbridge band. " GAR-FIELD VICTORY ' ' Rivalry 43 j GETTING THE MOST OUT Timmy Sterns, Emi Hamako, Kerri Hoffman, Cena Litton, Kim Barnes, Terry Thorne. 44 Student Life OF STUDENT LIFE Jeff Parker and Christine Vanlanduyt Butch Parks, Tony Matthews, Shawne Cosand, Brian Murphy, Kim Barnes, Jenny Waibel, Charlie Einsmann, Nydia Fuentes. Student Life represents the many activities that do not take place in the classroom or on the athletic field. These activities are as important to life as school itself. School days are days of fun, activity, and friends. These are days we will remember all our lives. Student Life 45 46 Academics I Academics 47 MATH Our Math Department at Gar- Field offers a wide variety of courses to please every student. Everything from remedial math (through General, Algebra, and Geometry) right up to Calculus and computers. Remedial Math is for the students who have not passed math competency tests, and General Math with Algebra 1 and II are for the students who have problems getting started with math. This all leads to Algebra I or Geometry then on to Trig or Math Analysis — and Oh No!! CALCULUS! There are two more math courses that deal with something a little different. They are Consumer Math and Computer Math. Consumer Math helps with everyday mathematics, and Com¬ puter Math teaches the fundamen¬ tals of writing math-oriented com¬ puter programs. With all of these courses, our Math Department helps all students deal better with a main element of life — Math. Lisa, Kenny, and Alex wondering what they’re do¬ ing here. Jean, Tara, and Jennifer demonstrate the art of computer programming. Mrs. Brunson answers a difficult question. 48 Academics Brent looks on as another student runs her program. Sacha Bridges explains a math problem. Math Is Fun???!!! Academics 49 For 9th through 12th graders, one of the places familiar to all is the Social Studies pod. Walking by the various classes, one gets a wide range of history. Starting with the Paleolithics and Neolithics of World Studies, one learns his ancient ancestry, and progression and learnings of man. American Studies takes the stu¬ dent into the culture and govern¬ ment of the American people. Then there’s that “fun” class known as Sociology. This teaches students about the “real” world. Skits, role playing, and lively dis¬ cussions are all a part of the learn¬ ing techniques applied in this class. Yes, History has been made, can’t be escaped, and must be learned. So, students make the best of it and take at least 3 years, or even up to 5 years of history in their four years at Gar-Field. Chery Schoenborn enjoys a joke. HISTORY Kim Wright discussing Columbus. Linda Cashwell poses pretty. Tonya Worthy “dolls ” up for “ him.” Shelagh Murphy and Debbie Good paying attention in class. 50 Academics Chandra laughs at Mr. Larson’s “joke.” Who are these masked men? Roger and Mona in History class. History. Yuck. Hard at work. Cheryl Waddell, Talking again? Wait. Don’t take my picture. Looks like Mr. Adidas didn’t want to smile. History’s so much fun. Academics 51 SCIENCE Tara Edelschick and Jennifer Jones plotting to blow up the world? Mr. Bell lends a helping hand. Robert and Steve anxiously waiting for the bell to ring. gwm (ImmS In this day and age, science is becoming an important part of everyone’s life. At Gar-Field, students are fortunate to have an excellent science program with many courses to choose from. Courses offered are: Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, with advanced courses in Biology and Chemistry. Consumer Chemistry is advised for those who only wish to use science in every day life. For the super-scientific minds, the science fair each spring gives students the chance to win awards and scholar¬ ships for their hard work. The science club offers students an opportunity to meet regularly to plan conventions and other science related activities. 52 Academics Miss Gruber’s sixth period class shows their good study habits. Academics 53 ENGLISH Some people love it. Some peo¬ ple hate it. But no matter what, every student must take 4 years of essays, dittos, short stories, poems, and even the dreaded research paper — that is to say, 4 years of G-F English. Grades 9-12 may sign up for basic, regular, or enriched English courses. Seniors also have the option of taking the Advanced Grammar and Composition course, a preparation class for college level English. The English department is in¬ volved associated with other ac¬ tivities (besides assigning home¬ work in class!) Journalism class and The Hyphen are taught and super¬ vised by Mrs. Smith. Forensics is overseen by Mr. Edwards. Mrs. Powers, Mrs. Little, and Mr. Corbin are sponsors of G-F’s literary magazine, The Shaman. “Those dreaded term papers! Maricio in the library.” Look at that face! That teacher’s aide’s face! Kathy Williams and Ricky Simmons. The play, “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown”, was sponsored by the English department. Hmmm . . . English class gets better every year! Kristi Moore and Todd Ebron. 54 Academics “Let me tell ya’ a little bit about English class,” says Michael Mori. Threse Smith and Katrina Linkous complete their English assignments in the library. Are you sure you’re ready for class today Eric Davis? Debbie Sisson knows the answer! cv rx No t more homework! class. David Iseminger in English Academics 55 FOREIGN LANGUAGE With different cultures intermingling in our present day society, a second language is often a useful tool. The foreign language department offers a variety of languages, each ranging from one to five years of excellence. The choice is yours: French, German, Spanish, Latin, or English as a second language. Clubs for each are formed yearly. The members demonstrate their knowledge against other schools in competition, sometimes bringing home a trophy for their hard work and dedication. PLACE Charles DE GAULLE PLACE PIGALLE BOULEVARD St MICHEL Parle vous Franqais? This class knows everything. What are you looking at? 56 Academics Ms. Martinez knows the answers, as her students well know! prim s ' uot o mV 3D« ' ' SKPft Mike enjoys a quiet moment away from ‘ " NiP ' class. Mark Baker says “I hate tests!” The English as a second language class has fun with crossword puzzles. Academics 57 Physical Education 9 includes 15 weeks of Health and 21 weeks of sports activities such as basketball, handball, volleyball, and archery. Students are also required to take physical fitness tests. Those who do well are recognized for their high athletic achievement. Physical Education 10’s cur¬ riculum is similar to that of P.E. 9’s. However, in addition to Health and sports activities, P.E. 10 offers Driver’s Education. In this class one learns about driving “on the range.” Upon completing Driver’s Education with a passing grade, one may apply for a driving permit at age 15 years and 8 months. For those students who are in¬ terested in taking more than 2 years of P.E., semester courses of physical education are off ered. Health instruction is not included in Elective P.E. j W- " Mr. Indian guarding the P.E. lobby. Terry Thorne, Barry Miller, Neil Wolfe, and Mike Migliorini puzzle over today’s health problems! Got any idea when we can start the next exercise? Elise Brooks and Mary Cox stretch before the aerobic routine. Brian Wickum obsessed with spiking the volleyball. 58 Academics Donnie Hart watches the volleyball as it heads over the net. Demonstrating the use of archery equipment to Marvin White. Karen Putnam and Terri Esformes are ready for Health class today! Don’t you need the handball to play the game, Amy Mussinelli!? sPiK . m fJP m ■ , , ijlP Winding up for the serve is Bicky Pierce. Academics 59 MUSIC Music is another extracurricular activity class in which students may become involved at Gar-Field. Our Music Department contains three large sections: Band, Choir, and Or¬ chestra. Band classes include: beginning band, varsity band, sym¬ phonic band, and the stage band. The Choir Department has three main choirs: Treble, Varsity, and Concert — along with the perform¬ ing group “The Dominants.” Gar- Field also has two Orchestras. One is a general orchestra and the other is a small “chamber” orchestra. All of our musicians are very good and our school has won many awards in various competitions. Because of their skills, many Gar-Field students take extra classes in music theory and some are in more than one music group. This helps students if they want to excel in the music field. All these music classes enable G-F to have a terrific soun¬ ding music department! Mr. Trowbridge discusses a piece with the Chamber Orchestra. Mrs. Moyers instructs the Concert Choir in the fine art of conducting. The Dominants show their stuff while preparing for the Christmas concert. 60 Academics Practice, Practice, Practice — Makes Perfect. Mark Putiyon practices for his moment in the spotlight. Terance shows you how it’s done. Charmane and Laura take a break from practicing. Mr. Schrum — “One, Two, Three, Four!” Boo-Boo-Be-Doo! Academics 61 ART Taking a fine arts class, such as sculpture, drawing, or painting is more than just an “easy A” class or a “free period.” It is a class in which one has the chance to ex¬ press himself through his creation of art. This may be considered “easy” for some, but for others, it takes a lot of hard work. For the students who believe they have no artistic ability whatsoever — that’s no excuse! Mr. Pugh, Mrs. Wooley, and Mrs. Simpson are here to assist G-F students in becoming full- fledged artists. All in all, art is fun. It is a chance for one to express himself through creativity. Wash-a wash-a, wash-a Chris Rodriguez! “Listen Mark, if I say it’s gonna be a vase, it’s gonna be a vase, OK?” says Todd Land. Aren’t you supposed to be drawing Jeff Tuano? “Hey” says John McCain, “can’t you see I’m carving my printing block?” 62 Academics HOME EC Chef Danny serves the special. I guess we dump this in next. Miss Aiken directs the pre-mixing. For students interested in learning how to cook, sew, live by themselves, or take care of children, Gar-Field offers a variety of Home Ec. classes. Some of these include Food Services, Single Liv¬ ing, and Child Development. Besides learning how to balance budgets, serve 4-course meals, and treat diaper rash, students learn to co-operate and get along with each other. But best of all, . . . it’s fun! What is that? Guess who got the “crumby job.” Looks like Lashon gets to lick the bowl. Academics 63 L.P.N. AND D.E. Two of the many types of job training offered at Gar-Field Senior High School are L.P.N. and D.E. L.P.N. — Licensed Practical Nurs¬ ing instructs students in the fun¬ damentals of nursing. The course is designed to prepare them for the tests required to become a reg¬ istered nurse. D.E. — Distributive Education teaches students the skills necessary to be successful in the world of marketing and sales. They learn to develop themselves in the math and communication aspects of their area of business. These two courses are helpful in providing first hand experience at the job careers the students think they might pursue. Roger, Dan, and Eugene spend a spare moment at play. Changing Fashion? Preparing for nursing. L.P.N. has adults too! — Regina and Claudia. Jennifer and Charlie joke with their friends in D.E. 64 Academics INDUSTRIAL ARTS Power and Transpo rtation, Auto Mechanics, Masonry and Construction all fall under the title of Industrial Arts. These classes are designed to teach students things they need to know if they plan to pursue one of those fields as a career. The majority of students taking the classes are guys, but girls are welcome too. Only students serious about learning a trade should take these classes, as they in¬ volve dangerous equipment. I need a bigger hammer... or do I? ! It’s all here in I. A. Mr. Zacchinni shows his class the proper technique. Craig and Mike catching up on the latest news. AN AHEAD accidents Good advice. Scott showing how to build a better brick wall. Academics 65 TECHNICAL Steve Zahn works patiently on a radio. This is not as easy as it looks . . . Jackie says, Now I ve got Electronics, Communications, Printing, and Mechanical drawing are the technical classes that Gar-Field offers. Electronics exposes the students to electronic components and their operations. Communications covers many aspects including illustration, sketching, photography, television, radio and other equipment that students learn to use in this field. Mechanical drawing is a class that teaches students in areas of orthographic projection, technical geometry, and pictorial drawing. Printing teaches students to use in¬ struments and equipment involved in the printing process. 66 Academics Oops!. . . Academics 67 BUSINESS Click . . . click . . . click, click, click ... To anyone familiar with the business areas of Gar-Field, this is a typical sound. The labored typ¬ ing away of a beginner versus the quick tapping of an old pro. The thorough range of classes of¬ fered in the business field are a great help to many students wishing to make this their career. Through typing, steno, accounting, and data processing, students are taught the various methods used in the big business world outside of Gar-Field Senior High School. Some students are even fortunate enough to be accepted into the Co- Operative Ed. program. With this, they attend a half day of school and then go to their respective jobs. This offers on-the-job training, high school credits, and a salary. But, before one can get that far, the typ¬ ing technique must be mastered. One area that is fast becoming our future is the world of computers. Nowadays, everything seems to be run by computers. And yes, Gar- Field does offer courses in this area. But, typing is a must, so it’s back to the keyboard! Click . . . click . . . click. ) Francoise tries hard to study. Typing is a piece of cake. Jonathan Brown and Tim talking as usual. Danny Deutch and Doug Gathof increase their speed. The three musketeers. Debby Stewart ponders the concept of computers. 68 Academics Gar-Field goes computer crazy. Let’s have a cheer for Data Processing! DATA PROC Somebody likes typing. Future secretary? Jimmy Venti enjoys class. Academics 69 70 Sports Sports 71 JV and Varsity Baseball Pages 74-77 Boys Tennis Pages 82-83 m M Boys and Girls Track Pages 92-95 Spring Sports JV and Varsity Softball Pages 78-81 Boys and Girls Soccer Pages 84-91 OUT OF SPORTS Spring Sports 73 VARSITY BASEBALL IMIllHHi • • - ; -s. I fc Top Row: Scott Warren, Gary Foster, Paul Pryz, Kevin Manbeck, Vince Tassa, Scott Shearer. Middle Row: Billy Jersey, Coach Lobazetta, David Black Bottom: Matt Victor. The 1984 Gar-Field Varsity Baseball team had a season of inconsistency. They had their moments of triumph with an impressive win over Potomac 11-2, but they also had their disappointments, losing to James Wood 6-5 in nine innings. Outstanding defensive players in¬ clude: Gary Foster, Vince Tassa, Matt Victor, and Scott Warren. In batting, Gary Foster, Scott Warren, Vince Tassa, Paul Pyrz, Matt Victor, and Billy Jersey had their share of homeruns which led the team to many victories. G-F had one player, Matt Victor, to par¬ ticipate on the first team All Districts with Gary Foster and Vince Tassa making the second team. The John David Venti was awarded to Paul Pyrz. Billy Jersey makes the play on second. 74 Sports First baseman, Gary Foster, warms up before a game. Coach Lobazetta hits to the players for fielding practice left — Scott Warren is ready for the tagout. Mike Migliorini throws the ball to the infield. ii The G-F G-F G-F G-F G-F G-F G-F g G-F G-F G-F G-F G-F G-F GF G-F G-F 2 15 6 10 8 2 11 4 4 2 I 4 26 5 ItAl - jit " el arsify Bas Fauquier McKinley Tech Stafford Benitictine Stonewall N. Stafford James Wood : auquier Jptomai affor newa: Potomac Woodbri Woodbr: N, Stafford James Wood earn m , till r Varsity Baseball 75 JV BASEBALL Troy Hedrick shows his style. The 1984 Boys JV Baseball Team, coached by Mr. Murphy, had a very exciting season this year. Coach Murphy’s primary goal for the team was to prepare them for the Varsity team. The team’s overall record this Season was 6-5. Most Valuable Player went to John Ols. Best Offensive players were Jimmy Miller and Troy Hedrick. Best Defensive player went to Robert Stynes. Other outstanding players were Rich David and Robert Seeley. Coach Murphy is looking to have an excellent team next season and wishes future Varsity players good luck. Mike Parker at work pitching. Coach Murphy watches on. 76 Sports John OIs teases the opposing pitcher. N. Stafford Fauquier Osbourn Park Potomac Stafford Stonewall Coach: Mr. Murphy Most Valuable Player: John OIs left — Gar-Field players getting ready to play. Most Valuable Player John OIs above left — Rich David warms up. left — Gar-Field steals another base. J.V. Baseball 77 VARSITY SOFTBALL Row 1: Patti Burian, Linda Clore, Gus Simpson. Row 2: Linda Chopin, Brenda Edelschick, Cathy Rider, Crissy Porter, Terri Hosier, Barbie Sprinkle. Row 3: Coach Finnigan, Trisha Walker, Frances Spasoff, Tracy May, Dana Caddy, Coach Jones. The 1984 Varsity Softball season was one of ups and downs. It was a very competitive one led by MVP Gus Simpson, Best Defensive Player Dana Caddy, and Best Offensive Player Cathy Rider. In spite of difficulties and a record of 5-7, the team managed to make it to the play-offs. In a very close game, they lost to the Stafford Indians. Outstanding players include: Linda Clore, Tracy May, and Crissy Porter. Because the team was a young one, coach Jones believes that they are “building for the future.” G-F had one player, Gus Simpson, chosen to participate on the All District Team as an outfielder. Short-stop, Linda Clore, is up to bat. 78 Sports Trisha Walker takes the first pitch. Pitcher, Crissy Porter, shows her form. left — Second baseman, Terri Hosier. “I’m ready” says Frances. The 1984 Varsity Softball Team G-F 2 Fauquier 1 G-F 3 Potomac 20 G-F 19 Jefferson 11 G-F " 1 Stafford 4 G-F 17 Stonewall 7 G-F 8 N. Stafford 10 G-F w - Woodbridge 5 G-F 5 Potomac 11 G-F 5 Stafford 4 G-F I - 2 Stonewall 1 G-F Fauquier 4 G-F 7 I Woodbridge 19 G-F 8 N. Stafford 5 G-F 7 M -• Stafford 19 Coaches: Jennifer Jones Mr. Finnigan ‘ MVP: Gus Simpson h -■ .Sr „ V, : J ' V:Vt, : r-.i t .3 Varsity Softball 79 JV SOFTBALL Row 1: Charmane Delaverson, Julie Grimes, Margie Crespo, Kim Barnes, Coach Brown. Row 2: Amy Mussomele, Mona Aldridge, Tracey Hyman, Susan King. The 1984 Girls JV Softball Team, coached by Tom Brown, had an overall good season. Hard work and practice allowed them to hold a record of 3-6. Outstanding players include Lisa Stiles, voted MVP, Kim Barnes, and Julie Grimes. Coach Brown is looking forward to having another successful season next year with returning players and new ones, too. Susan King bunts the ball. 80 Sports Susan King alert on first base. Tracey Hyman ready for action. Coach Tom Brown nervously looks on left — Mona Aldridge, “Where’s the ball?” Pitcher, Lisa Stiles, throws a strike. J.V. Softball 81 BOYS TENNIS The 1984 Boys Tommy Bloxton Scott Brown Jimmy Curtis Rich Devenney Darryl Fairley Buddy Frye Rick Gillespie Danny Gillette Tommy Haug Eric Iskra Sean Lamb Chris Macrae Stan Stafira Todd Turner Mark VanCurren Tennis Players Freshman Sophomore Freshman Senior Junior Senior Senior Junior Freshman Freshman Freshman Junior Senior Sophomore Junior Coach: Mr. Johnson Darryl Fairley during practice. The coach, Mr. Johnson, hoped his team would take fourth place in the District at the start of the season. Unfortunately though, “We lost all the close ones . . . the ones that were three sets and the tie-breakers.” He credits this to his team’s lack of experience. He says the team will be much better next year and there was no question in his mind that the team showed tremendous spirit. This team worked well together and were con¬ sistently giving each other support, whether it was at practice or in a game. The 1 seed was held by Rick Gillespie. The team had such great depth that the next six seeds were constantly changing from day to day. With a team of seasoned players returning next year, Gar-Field should be looking at a successful season. f t Mark VanCurren shows his form. Tommy Bloxton runs to return the ball. Buddy Frye keeps his eye on the ball. Scott Brown displays his backhand stroke. Left — Stan Stafira caught in action. Gar-Field players take a break between matches. Buddy serving at his very best. Boy’s Tennis 83 GIRLS VARSITY SOCCER The 1984 Girls Varsity Soccer Team Gar-Field 0 Potomac 0 Gar-Field 3 Brentsville 2 Gar-Field 0 Stonewall 0 Gar-Field 2 Woodbridge 5 Gar-Field 1 Potomac 2 Gar-Field 6 Brentsville 0 Overall Record: 2 wins, 2 losses, and 2 ties. Coach: Tom Gill All District First Team: Debbie Eicher Kathy Picard All District Second Team: Bonnie Walker Pam LaCava Karen Putnum Jane Ann Boros MVP: Senior Debbie Eicher The 1984 Girls Varsity Soccer Team had a season of ups and downs. Coached by Mr. Gill, they ended their season third in the District with a record of 2-2-2. Outstanding players include Kathy Picard, Bonnie Walker, Pam La Cava, Karen Putnum, Jane Ann Boros, and Most Valuable Player Debbie Eicher. The team had many exciting games in¬ cluding the District Tournament. Foul weather caused many game cancellations, and therefore they did not get to play many of the other teams. Next year should be a very suc¬ cessful and exciting season. A Gar-Field player out in front. 84 Sports Gar-Field takes the ball down the field. Ill Girl’s Varsity Soccer 85 GIRLS JV SOCCER Standing: Sherry Krell, Tammy Brenzovich, Laura Moody, Sam Green, Lea Sneidiker, Coach Sullivan. Kneeling: Trimetria Singleton, Sandy Freeby, Melissa Gardiner, Stephanie Fowkes, Myrna Thompson, Sherry Collins, Lori Barr, Kay Lamborn. Sitting: Christie Davis, Michelle Cashwell, Susie Thomaidas, Beth Drietz, Amy Reynolds, Karin Richards, and Debbie Dormstetter. The 1984 Girls JV Soccer Team had a good season this year. Due to many rainouts, games were not played, leaving them with many days of hard practices and a record of 3-2-2. Leading players for the team were Kay Lamborn, Amy Reynolds, Susie Thomaidis, Melissa Gardiner and Karin Richards. Coach Sullivan is looking forward to a fine season next year. Most Valuable Plyer was awarded to Kay Lamborn, but every player counted in the teamwork and hard practices that lead them to their fine record. Co-Captains were Laura Moody and Yvonne Richards. Susie Thomaidas takes the ball down the field. 86 Sports Yvonne Richards steals the ball away from her opponent. There is nothing like one on one competition. Girl’s J.V. Soccer 87 BOYS VARSITY SOCCER Row 1: Esayas Demissew, Tommy Brooks, Mike Dittmer, Jim Macaulay, Gavin Young, Alex Vanegas, Reed Vanderhoof. Row 2: Scott Sorenson, Scott Arnett, Kevin Miller, Steve Grover, Sean DeVal, Eric Porterfield, Steve Dent, Patrick Bianchini. Row 3: Coach Zimmermann, Jim Tutsock, Chris Arnold, David Shurtliff, Charlie Hundley, Tim Russell, Mike Deguzman. Not Pictured: Gus Zaldana. The 1984 Gar-Field Boy’s Varsity Soccer team, coached by Rudy Zimmermann, emerged sixth in the district with an overall standing of 5-9. The scoring was led by MVP Mike Dittmer, who was quick and created many scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates. Chris Arnold and Gus Zaldana were very instrumental in the backfield defense. Although all the defenders par¬ ticipated fully, it helped to bring their team to a modest finish. Coach Zimmermann is looking forward to another good season next year. Team cap¬ tains for this season were Jim Tutsock and Chris Arnold. The MVP was awarded to Mike Dittmer. Mike Dittmer, ready to take on anyone. 88 Sports Chris Arnold shows his dribbling style. Gus Zaldana throws the ball in to his teammate. left — Steve Dent caught in action. The 1984 Boys Vorsify Soccer Teom G-F 0 Potomac G-F S JJ N. Stafford G-F i 1 ’ft ' " Stafford G-F 0 Woodbridge G-F 3 Potomac G-F 2 Fauquier G-F 1 EC Glass G-F 0 Green Run G-F 0 Stonewall G-F 4 Fauquier G-F 1 N. Stafford G-F 3 James Wood G-F 1 Stonewall G-F 1 Woodbridge Coach: Rudy Zimmermann Gar-Field players fight for the ball! Boy’s Varsity Soccer 89 BOYS JV SOCCER Top Row: Coach Aleo, John Foster, Dae Yi, Bob Hood, Jon Palmer, Scott Sinclair, Dwayne Landry, and Scott Harris. Bottom Row: Billy Ohop, John Mattershead, Pat Wendling, Mike Fergurson, Pat Castle, and Brian Green. As all sport teams, the JV Boy’s Soccer team had their “ups and downs” in the beginning of the 1984 season. However, as the season progressed, Coach Aleo became very impressed with this year’s group of boys. Their overall goal was “to be the perfect TEAM” in every sense of the word. In the ex¬ citing game against Brentsville, a varsity team, the JV boys fulfilled their goal. At the end of game regulation time, the score was tied 44. After two overtimes, a “shoot-out,” and a “sudden death,” the better team prevailed — Gar-Field. The season ended with an impressive record of 3-3-1. Mr. Aleo compliments this JV team as being the “best” and having “more skill” as compared to the past. J. T. Mackie challenges his opponent. 90 Sports Brian Green and John Foster sprint for the ball. Mike Ferguson “out-dribbles” his opponent. Gar-Field changes the direction of play. left — JV player, Pat Wendling, kicks another one in. Brian takes things into his own hands. Boy’s J.V. Soccer 91 GIRLS OUTDOOR TRACK Alise Brooks takes the lead. Toni Whillet giving it all she’s got. The 1984 Girl’s Outdoor Track team, coached by Mrs. Brown, finished third in the district. Many records were set throughout the season: Robin White —100m Hurdles (district), 100m Hurdles (regional), and second place in State competition. The Girls 1600m Relay team consisting of Stephanie Jones, Robin White, Tina Walls, and Sheila Lynn set a District record. Coach Brown is looking forward to another successful season next year. Margaret McKelvey and Tammy Burhans running a practice lap. 92 Sports Alise Brooks handling the hurdles with ease. Chris Fulgencio finishing a long mile. IwBil yHpip 1 Stephanie Jones sprinting to the finish line. left — Emily and Robin take a break at practice. Datrice Ferrell edges out to win. Girl’s Track 93 BOYS OUTDOOR TRACK Frank Johnson leads the Indians to victory. Ferron Powell runs a practice lap. The 1984 Boys Outdoor Track and Field team, coached by Mr. Williams, ended their season with a 3-2 record. He was a good coach bec ause he handled troubles which arose throughout the season with con¬ sideration, fairness, and professionalism. Gar-Field placed third at the Albemarle Invitational, which was held in Char¬ lottesville, Virginia. Senior Pat Mann, the star member of the team, was awarded MVP. He contributed greatly to this year’s team effort, and will certainly be missed next season. Track and Field events include discus, long jump, pole vaulting, high jump, shot put, 100 and 200 yard dash, hurdles, 880 relay, mile relay, and the mile and two mile run. Indians in their jump to victory. 94 Sports Robert and Derrick are determined to win. Mark Baker takes his hurdles seriously. “Nobody is going to beat me!” says Frank Johnson. left — Robert Stanley takes the curve with ease. ■ Rudy Walker glances back to see the other runners. Boy’s Track 95 Varsity Volleyball p. 112 : ’ ■ ■ . ■ . fi ■ ■ . : r:m Boys Golf p. 106 r ‘ GETTING THE MOST 96 Fall Sports out of sports Fall Sports 97 VARSITY FOOTBALL TA -: ' mm Bottom Row: Barry Miller, Mark Barnes, David Robinson, Reggie Johnson, John Lockamy, Joe Makolandra, Troy Hetrick, David Clinton, Robert Stanley, Fred Smith, Darrell Rawlinson, Glenn Housier, David Simcic. Second Row: Charlie Einsmann, Rudy Walker, Donnie Hart, Tim Rodgers, Chris Daniels, Andrea Clarke, Rick Divver, Bart Rogers, Terrence Gatling, Kevin Fowlkes, Brian Woolfolk, Robert Davis, Tony Harris. Third Row: Walter Beardsley, Scott Roth, Andre Sanders, Jeff Schaney, Jeff Parker, Major Galloway, Mike Hodges, Frank Johnson, Mark Zawisa, Stanley Mann, Craig Motley, David Shannon, Cris Galloway, Emerson Creel. Top Row: David Farish, Shawn Anthony, Dean Munsell, Roger Loy, Mike Lickess, Mark Baker, Billy Hicks, Bobby Peters, George McCoy, Brian Wickum, Tim Talley, William Jackson, Haskell Stamper, and Eric Wells. Senior Bobby Peters ready for action. G-F players show their excitement after scoring the extra point. 98 Fall Sports lost its first district game c ' ’ v • „ Wjackets. This ytlar was th« pPoar-Field history. Robert? n to score the only G-F touch Game 3: September 21, 198i Stafford 0 Gar-Field ck on the winning streak f Gar- ■nd victory of the season over tl ■ley scored in the first half with ' point. Barry also kicked a fielcU ase the final score. e 4: Septerf Is Wood 13 October 5, 1984 Gar-Fieh Fauquier . S I ' . . V . ■ ■ . Hi 1 $ -■ ' , A fS i . f I J v GAR-FIELD VARSITY FOOTBALL RECORD OVERALL 5-4-1 KM, id 21 MSI I Game 6: October 12, 1984 W.T. Woodson 32 Gar-Field 0 v s 2 m , .. - JR . 2 " 2m 1 with a spectaclar win over Anacostia. Gar-Field traveled to Fairfax to challenge a northern Virginia [ on defense as he intercepted a powerhouse. The Cavaliers controlled the ball most of the » « __ ' y of the game. Two game, but G-F played tough. Coach Robinson considered this quarterback Brian game to be the low point of the season. sail Game 7: October 19, 1984 the visiting r to play Osbourn a 89-yard kick off 1 7 the In¬ state. G-F back from a Raiders in the ; ld and damp night, olonels. After three 1 13-6. However, th touchdown making of the game G-F el- have won the ga front of a large homecomi r-Field’s defense held to a defense led to the fford Indians. Robert Miller adding the ex- ter in the game to in- Stonewall Following th dians facedt showed great 10 point deficit iff fourth quarter. Game 8: October 26, 1984 Potomac 20 Gar- Alt hough out gunned by a powerful Potomac team, ranked in the top 20 in the Metropolitan area, G-F displayed its courage and heart in front of a large crowd at Ralph Barnett Stadium. North Stafford 7 vember 2, 1984 mm Winchester to take play the Colonels led ught back and scored In the last remaining p for the extra point tempt failed. ‘Falcons cried” -6 victory. Barry -red on a 36-yard pass by quarterback Brian Wickum th|| game kicks id a 22-yard field goal. Rudy Gar-Field 15 Coming into this game 17 players were unable to play. Major line-up changes were made forcing a change in the Indians of¬ fense attack. The new faces in the line-up proved to be very productive. Controlling the ball most of the time gave G-F a 15 to 7 victory over the Wolverines. Game 10: November 10, 1984 Woodbridge 7 Gar-FieJd 9 The fifth straight victory for the Indians over Woodbridge was a off by a 48-yard touchdown run by quarterback Terrence tling and Barry Miller’s 26-yard field goal which gave G-F a 9-0 halftime lead. Good defense grasped a tight grip on the Vikings to keep them from scoring territory. 2r in layed excellent de Si ' ' Varsity Football 99 Jeff Schaney and Kevin Fowlkes trap the opponents ball carrier. The “injured crew” of football players stick together. Joe Makolandra in a moment of frustration. Gar-Field’s hand-off play gains 10 yards. 100 Fall Sports A rowdy G-F team is fired up to win! Junior quarterback Brian Wickum in action. Major Galloway and Glenn Housier sack Potomac’s quarterback early in the game. Varsity Football 101 Joe Makolandra and Brian Woolfolk tell who is number one. G-F cheerleaders await the return of the football players. The Indians pep talk before the big game. The best way to describe the 1984 football season would be inconsistency. Reasons for the 84 team’s inconsistent play were inexperience and an inordinate number of injuries. In all ten games that were played, never did the same twenty-two players start the game. The highlights of this football season were the 17-17 tie to Stonewall Jackson, who at the time, were ranked number four in the state. Winning the last two games against North Stafford and beating Woodbridge for the fifth time in a row, enabled the te am to break its season-long cycle of not being able to put together back to back victories. Under the circumstances of a large number of inexperi¬ enced players and a very difficult schedule, the 1984 Varsity Football Team continued the Gar-Field football tradition, and played with courage and determination. Chuck Robinson n f f « ‘ 1 Clowning around at the Woodbridge pep rally. 102 Fall Sports TEAM AWARDS FOR 1984: Quarterback Terrence Gatling looking to pass down-field. Overall MVP: Barry Miller Offense MVP: Rick Divver Defense MVP: Kevin Fowlkes Most Improved: Glenn Housier Billy Joe Mulgrew Award: Frank Johnson ALL POTOMAC NEWS Offense: Rick Divver Barry Miller Defense: Kevin Fowlkes Bobby Peters runs through a spirited G-F crowd. Sen ior captains Bart Rogers and Rick Divver call the toss of the coin. ALL DISTRICT Offense: Rick Divver Barry Miller Defense: Kevin Fowlkes Varsity Football 103 JV FOOTBALL Bottom Row: Shane Shepard, Mike Hoehn, Chris Krueger, Allan McConnell, Bryan Feeney, Mike Watts, Mike Miller, Jason Pasterchick, Travis Claybrooks, Dominique Lamitte. Middle Row: Marty Smith, Greg Simcic, Eugene Stapleton, Robbie Richardson, Brent Balcomb, Steve Bishop, Tod Creneti, Wesely Pruitt, Brian Miller, Ashley Harte. Top Row: David Minor, Paul Wantz, Steve Bartenes, John Volz, Danny Bickham, Todd Banks, John Boulden, Jim Boyd, Bobby Galandi, Keith Walker. Not Pictured: Corey Cokes and William White. Gar-Field’s defense stops the Panthers. Quarterback Todd Creneti looks to hand the ball off. 104 JV Football FRESHMAN FOOTBALL Top Row: Chris Garrett, Travis Schaney, Chuck Riddle, Jim Wallheater, Bobby OBrian, Kevin Matera, Chuck McCullen, Glen Baucum, Roland Johnson, Deryl Williams, Todd Wickum, Larry Ols, Brian Dahl, Frank Tiffany, Jimmy Craig, Mark Dominik. Middle Row: Mark Bryant, Billy Wise, Donnie Skedo, Andy Pasterchick, Louie Pauline, Sammy Mann, Dwayne Stump, Brian Sayer, Danny Short, Tom Mooney, Mike Forgo, David Clemens, Greg Boggs, Anthony Thompson. Bottom Row: Tony Brule, James Livingston, Butch Eiker, Phillip Rowe, Carlo Obscemea, Mike Evans, Billy Powell, Leonard VanLowe, William Boulden, Calvin Mills, Eric Murphy, Chris Ondo, Steve Cardwell. Calvin Mills breaks away to gain yards for Gar-Field. Terry Be nnit avoids a tackle. Freshman Football 105 BOYS GOLF Left to Right: David Ostrander, David Mambro, David Borough, Bobby Chamberlain, David Pratt, Steve Jones, Billy Chop, Kevin Vioral. Kevin Vioral takes his golf seriously. Freshman Steve Jones concentrates hard. 106 Fall Sports Bobby Chamberlain takes a practice swing. Billy Chop warms up before a tournament. David Pratt concentrating hard. David Boroughs shows us his style. David Mambro, with a pretty follow-through. Golf 107 GIRL ' S TENNIS Maureen Ogden, Kim Barnhart, Terri Esformes, Jolinda Mozisek, Beth White, Paige Dwyer, Nah Lee. Middle Row: Courtney Neal, Stephanie Lewis, Donna Gamboa, Heather Mason, Lisa Ward, Penny Tucker. Front Row: Laura Lienard, Janice Majeski. The 1984 Girl’s Tennis Team finshed with a district record of 6-2. They placed second only to Stonewall. The team was led by senior captains Janice Majeski and Laura Lienard. The number one seed was Beth White, followed by Nah Lee with second and Janice Majeski with the third seed. Beth White, as number one seed, went to Districts and placed second in the singles division. She and Nah were picked for the All District Team as seed numbers one and two. Most valuable player went to Beth White and the Coaches Trophy went to Janice Majeski, who had a dif¬ ficult time getting started this season due to a sprained ankle. This year’s team was a special one. Nancy White, the coach, led an inexperienced team to placing second. Although the team did not have much experirence, they were a group of girls who had the determination and desire to work hard and win! Senior captain, Janice Majeski, returns the serve. 106 Fall Sports Sophomore Nah Lee plays good defense. Number one seed, Beth White. Girl’s Tennis 109 CROSS COUNTRY Front Row: Karen Gordon (manager), Emily Bohuslar, Carl Johnson, Emily Brandt, Amy Yenyo, Mary McKelvey, Robin White, Daniel Parker, Ruel Haymond, Stan Poczatec. Second Row: Kenny Carroll, Stephen Petruzzi, Ken Chase, David Hastie, Tom Filip, Pat Cooper, Farren Powell, and Tom Brandt. The 1984 Cross Country season was one of success for some runners, and improvement for others. The success and improvement for the Gar-Field runners was due to the help, knowledge, and experience of Jack Hudson, the team’s parent assistant from Woodbridge High. The Boy’s team had several newcomers with a lot of talent. The most impressive was freshman Tom Brandt. He had a very successful season placing third at James Wood, second at Handley, and first at George Mason, proving to be a valuable asset to the team. The Girl’s squad had many talented runners this year. Amy Yenyo was the biggest asset to the team. She had a good season, always placing within the top 25 runners of each race. Amy was Gar-Field’s only runner to make it to the Regional and State meets, where she ran her best time placing 40th. Overall the Boy’s team placed 5th at Districts, just miss¬ ing a spot for Regionals, and the Girl’s team placed 8th. The most valuable runners for the 1984 Cross Country season were Amy Yenyo and Ferron Powell. Tom Brandt nears the finish line. 110 Fall Sports MVP Amy Yenyo warms up before her meet. Junior Ruel Haymond was a valuable asset to the team. Senior Kenny Carroll strides out to lead the pack. Ferron Powell and Tom Brandt fight for the finish. Cross Country 111 VARSITY VOLLEYBALL Bottom Row: Kay Lamborn, Chris Seaton, Patty Patenaude, Mona Aldridge. Top Row: Melody Miranda, Coach Johnson, Susan King, Susan Taylor, Deanna Peschka, Jeff Betty, Joette Shrieve. The 1984 Varsity Volleyball Team, coached by Mr. Johnson, finished a satisfactory season with a 5 win, 7 loss record. This year’s team showed good sportsmanship and a desire to win and im¬ prove their game. MVP Mona Aldridge took her team to the Commonwealth District Tournament where they battled Stonewall Jackson to place third overall. Coach Johnson is look¬ ing forward to another exciting season next year. Sophomore Joette Shrieve serving a powerful serve. 112 Fall Sports Junior Chris Seaton ready to set the ball up for her teammates. Kay Lamborn spikes the ball to earn a point for Gar-Field. MVP Mona Aldridge returns the ball. Patty Patenaude saves the ball from going out of bounds. G-F Girls Varsity Volleyball Team Record: 5-7 Gar-Field defeated by Fauquier. Victory for Gar-Field over Stonewall. Gar-Field defeated by Osbourn Park. Gar-Field defeated by Woodbridge. Gar-Field defeated by Potomac. Gar-Field defeated by Fauquier. Victory for Gar-Field over Stonewall. Victory for Gar-Field over Osbourn Park. Victory for Gar-Field over Woodbridge. Gar-Field defeated by Potomac. Gar-Field defeated by Fauquier. Victory for Gar-Field over Stonewall. Gar-Field placed third in the District. Volleyball 113 JV VOLLEYBALL Bottom Row: Missy Parmelee, JoAnn Sayko, Nancy Jordan. Middle Row: Kim Merelo, Barbie Sprinkle, Kristy Hinkle, Kathy Ellis. Top Row: Claudia Newhouse, Margret Zawisa, Kathy Rich, Becky Bagloy, Kim Riley, Tina Taylor, Coach Sullivan. Not Pictured: Susan King. Sophomore Barbie Sprinkle awaits the return. Susan King sets the volleyball up for her teammates. 114 Fall Sports Freshman Volleyball Front Row: Jenny Carlson, Gina Duque, Sonia Spitzen, Patti Kibler, Kathy Harnest. Middle Row: Larinda Robinson, Missy Sierk, Kathy Breslin, Missy Caterton, Kate Havey, Kathy Gill. Top Row: Katie Parkin, Sandra George, Coach Wheeler, Jill Shrieve, Karen Embrey. Coach Wheeler gives a pep talk to his team before the game. Freshman Kate Havey concentrates on serving the ball. Volleyball 115 Getting the Most 116 Winter Sports Girls Varsity Basketball pages 120-121 Out of Sports Winter Sports 117 BOYS VARSITY BASKETBALL Bottom Row: Terrance Gatling, Charles Einsman, Alonzo Johnson, Chris Simmons, Donnie Hart, Mark Fayak. Top Row: Quinten Doyle, Brizty Wickum, William Jackson, Andrew Taylor, Shawn Davis, Todd Motley, and Brian Jones. The 1984-1985 Boys Varsity Basketball team started out slow but came on strong later in the season. The team showed the ability to overcome hardships, and still came out on top. The team was led by seniors Todd Motley, Chris Simmons, and Alonzo Johnson. Juniors Mark Fayak and Shawn Davis should be the nucleus of a strong team next year. Coaches Larry Bell and Mr. Greening are looking forward to an exciting and suc¬ cessful season next year. Gar-Field met Woodbridqe for the fourth time in the District final game. The boys dominated the Vikings 95- 77 to take the Commonwealth Championship. Senior Todd Motley led his team by his outside shooting ability. 118 Winter Sports Junior Brian Wickum goes for a loose ball. A fine trap by Mark Fayak and Drew Taylor causes Stonewall to have problems. Brian Jones in a “jump ball” situation. Chris Simmons out-dribbles his opponent. pip Boys Basketball 119 GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL Bottom Row: Karen Putnam, Coach Milbert, Janice Majeski. Middle Row: Susan Taylor, Dawn McCullough, Tracy May, Michelle McClure, Linda Clore. Top Row: Missy Parmelee (manager) Wendy Tiller, Joette Shrieve, Gina Gunn, Linda Kasik, and Julie Grimes. The Girls Varsity Basketball team, under first year coach Fred Milbert, made their presence felt in the Com¬ monwealth District. Strong victories over Stonewall Jackson and Fauquier led the team to a 20-6 overall record. The team was lead by senior captains Janice Majeski and Karen Putnam. “We surprised a lot of people,” stated Janice, “because no one thought we would be as high in standings as we were.” With three returning starters for next year and many second string players returning, the team should carry on its winning ways. In the semi finals of the Regional playoffs, Gar-Field upset the Vikings to move on to the final game of the Regionals in Danville. There they met and lost a close game to George Washington High School, 61-55. iH - Junior Wendy Tiller concentrates on her free throws. 120 Winter Sports w% m | 3r iA m £| r « Junior Julie Grimes gives it her all. Michelle McClure, starting sophomore, looks to pass the ball. Linda Kasik runs the play. Senior captain Janice Majeski dribbles past her opponent. Girl’s Varsity Basketball 121 BOYS JV BASKETBALL Robby Stynes dribbles right past his opponent. Paul Burke eagerly awaits to attack the ball. 122 Winter Sports GIRLS JV BASKETBALL Top Row: Heather Mason, Krystine Wilson, Samantha Green, Terry Hosier, Traci Snyder, Coach Jones. Bottom Row: Dana Derosier, Barbara Tyson, Elisa Thomas, Amy Mussomele, and Gwen Butler. Barbara Tyson looking to score. Sam Green takes an inside move to score. J.V. Basketball 123 BOYS FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Top Row: Coach Cheshire, Chuck McCollough, Glen Baulcom, Eugene Underwood, Randy Handwork, Steve Stiles, Chris Tenny. Bottom Row: Les Browder, John Proffitt, Billy Boros, William Boulden. John Proffitt runs the play. Billy Boros looks to pass to a teammate. 124 Winter Sports GIRLS FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Top Row: Coach Jones, Jill Shrieve, Monika Evans, Sabrina Stamper, Laura Powell. Bottom Row: Rachael Cuegar, Emily Simmons, Jennifer Carlson, Lisa Ward, and Regina Johnson. Freshman players nervously look on their teammates. Emily Simmons stops her opponent. Wmm Freshman Basketball 125 VARSITY WRESTLING The 1984-1985 varsity wrestling team had a tough season. Dual meets were frustrating and Gar-Field lost matches by just a point or two. Unfortunately, many wrestlers were injured at strategic times. Then there was the problem of some wrestlers not making weight. The team record was 3 wins and 5 losses which meant sixth place for the Gar-Field Indians overall. Despite the regular season, things looked up for the wrestling team when they captured third place at the District Tournament, held at Stonewall Jackson. Champions for the Indians were: Mark Dobash (co-captain) at 112 lbs. and Kevin Fowlkes at 167 lbs. Peter Rowe at 176 was runner-up. Outstanding individuals for Gar-Field were: Roger Kibler (co-captain) at 119, Nam Shin at 126, Bob Bowen at 145, and Todd Land at 185. Nam Shim fights to pin his opponent. 126 Winter Sports Kevin Fowlks struggles to earn points for Gar-Field. Senior Todd Land waits for the first move. Junior Peter Rowe takes his opponent down. Roger Kibbler gets a last minute tip from his coaches. Look out!! Gar-Field is on the attack. Varsity Wrestling 127 JV WRESTLING $ G-F in a tough position. Steven Ball seconds before taking his opponent down. Gar-Field fights to stay on top. 128 Winter Sports ■ Randy Johnson does a fast move on his opponent. y Ricky Rowe is ready for a challenge. Dean Munson struggles to escape. Wrestlers in action. Clay Wilson fights for the turnover. JV Wrestling 129 Gymnastics Top Row: Coach Sullivan, Tina Gheen, Kim Dormstetter, Michelle Graham, Kris Flinchum, Donna Cappel, Cheryl Waddell, Michelle Smith, Wen¬ dy Baker. Bottom Row: Jenny Warren, Erin Roth, Carol Money, Kathy Breslin, JoAnn Sayko, Charley Tutsock, Jeannine Valvo. The 1985 gymnastics team, coached by Mrs. Sullivan, doubled its membership from six, in the previous year, to twelve this season. Individual and team scores also increas¬ ed greatly. Three girls from the team made tremendous im¬ provements. Sophomore JoAnn Sayko was the Best All Around gymnast this season. Freshman Kathy Breslin ex¬ celled in the floor exercises, the bars, and the balance beam as did freshman Erin Roth on the bars. Coach Sullivan is looking forward to another exciting season next year. Freshman Kathy Breslin shows her flexibility on the balance beam. 130 Winter Sports Best All-Around gymnast, JoAnn Sayko preforms on the balance beam. Kathy Breslin moving gracefully. Carol Money displays her ability on the floor exercise. Kris Flinchum carefully keeps her balance. Michelle Smith shows her style. Gymnastics 131 GIRLS INDOOR TRACK Top Row: Tammy Burhams, Nene Thompson, Tonya Worthy, Lori Novak. Middle Row: Karen Gordan, Cindy Tucker, Mary McKelvey, Jennifer Hamilton, Kristell Soderstrom. Bottom Row: Linda McGrail, Dione McCloud, Emily Bohuslar, Franscoie Lamitte, Amy Yenyo, Emily Grant. Sophomore Amy Yenyo runs at her own pace. 132 Winter Sports Sheila Lynn races side by side to the end. Emily Bohuslar leaves her opponents behind. Robin White doing her part in the relay. Kristell Soderstrom concentrates hard. Amy Yenyo leads the race. Girls Track 133 BOYS INDOOR TRACK Bottom Row: Major Galloway, Tony Watt, Ron Roberts, Steve Hamric, Tom Brandt, Donny Skito, Pat Cooper, Kenny Carol, Gerald Cephas, Cory Cokes, Hutch Carpenter, Ferron Powell, Earl Schoenborn, Carl Johnson, Frank White, John Jason, Stan Pocyztec, Gayln Turner, Tony Blevins, Tom Phillip, David Hasting, Andre Saunders, Jimmy Dererian, and Tom Petruzzi. Pat Cooper giving it his best. 134 Winter Sports Carl Johnson rounds the corner. Steve Hamric makes his pole vault a successful one. Boys Track 135 NOTHING WAS EVER ACCOMPLISHED WITHOUT ENTHUSIASM. CONSISTENCY GIVES YOU THE LAW OF AVERAGES. GO GET ’EM GAR-FIELD!! Request lines 221-1480 or Metro 690-1480 Visit WPWC daily 9 A.M. till 4 P.M. groups by appointment 1480 A.M. Country Radio Raymond Woolfenden, Sr. President Raynee Woolfenden Vice President Member: Prince William County Chamber of Commerce; Greater Manassas Chamber of Commerce; Mount Vernon Lee Chamber of Commerce ®hc HAPPY BROADCASTING COMPANY, INC TOP SHOT COUNTRY SOUND 214 SOUTH MAIN STREET P fl RPIY IRQ DUMFRIES,VIRGINIA 22026 (703) 221-1480 221-1124 METRO 690-1480 MEMBER w P W Win People With We’re Partners With We’re Picking With We’re Proud We’re Wonderful Prince William c Country Country Country Country County ASSOCIATED PRESS NEWS MARINE CORPS NEWS NASCAR RACING STATION JAMES MADISON UNIVERISTY FOOTBALL KEEP SMILING CLASS OF ’851 DR. RAYMOND C. HASTON, Jr. Family Dentistry 732 No. Washington St. Alexandria, VA 22314 683-6442 4227 Dale Blvd. Dale City, VA 22193 670-8400 Now, this is the way class should always be. Congratulations Class of ’85! BONNIE’S PASTRY SHOPPE Matt Bullard leads the pack at lunch. RESTAURANT — COCKTAIL LOUNGE TIMOTHY KEARNEY General Manager Ashdale Shopping Ctr. 703-670-2600 The marching band practicing in the school parking lot after school. 137 J(omar 3 }forist °f jbafe dity 4336 Dale Boulevard Phone 670-2187 Woodbridge, VA 22193 0m . %;■ mm Send flowers to the graduate, she earned them. She worked hard for that diploma; but she doesn’t expect lavish praise, just “Congratulations” or “I’m proud of you” will make all the time worthwhile. Say it with flowers. She earned it. Call us or visit us today. Is this the typical G-F student? A demonstration of the art of relaxation during lunch. VIRGINIA MICRO SYSTEMS Sales — Service — Supplies Wishes the Class of 1985 a Bright Future! 13646 Jeff Davis Hwy. 491-6502 Woodbridge, Virginia Friends gather in the hall during lunch. The 1984 HYPHEN STAFF would like to congratulate MARTHA SMITH for receiving the AGNES MEYER OUTSTANDING TEACHER AWARD. We feel it’s about time that she was recognized for the TERRIFIC work she does. WE LOVE YOU, MA! From: Todd, Yvonne, Katy, Leona, Lisa, Charmane, Joe, Anita, Chris, Dawn G., Eric, Tim, Pam, Dawn H., Barbie, Roger L., Jeff, Chandra, James, Christie, Ethan, Patty, Charles, Michelle, Kari, Chuck, Pete, Steve, Beth, and Roger W. GALLERY OF HOMES, PRINCE WILLIAM, INC. For Personalized Service Stop in or Call Collect for Free Open 7 i ws Weekly Area Map — Motel Pickup Buying ... Selling ... Relocating Listing Brochure Coast to Coast Over 1700 Offices Relocating Kit Call Us Now ... “We Bring People Home” CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1985 FORESTDALE PLAZA Between Dart Drug and Safeway 4148 Dale Blvd. Woodbridge, Virginia 22193 WOODBRIDGE (703) 670-9191 • METRO 273-136 PROPERTY MANAGEMENT AND NOTARY SERVICE Contact Us at 670-9191 For a Career in Real Estate m REALTOR Erv Whitaker President Home: 703-670-7903 139 r Congratulations Pam Ziesler and Her Friends in the Class of ’85. T hanks for all the hard work and happy memories. We u ie prcud of you! Dad, Mom J.J. Dry Cleaning Coin-Op Laundry ROYAL VALET 4138 Dale Blvd. Forestdale Plaza Alteration Shoe Repair 14511-A Jefferson Davis Hwy. Office: (703) 494-5108 Woodbridge, VA 22191 Metro: (703) 690-1040 PITKINS Students work hard in English while Bronwyn Wilson finishes a lollipop. Glendale Plaza 4340 Dale Blvd. Dale City, VA SERVlltTAR Ramona Hutt, Cheryl Suslowicz, Amy Smead, Cathy Ehlers, Sarah Wanamaker, and Becky Bickham pose during a football game. Two students working hard in the library. MLS OPERTIES nc. REALTORS i @mstrong floor fashion o D l| DALE CITY FLOORS CARPET • VINYL • TILE • HARDWOOD EXPERT INSTALLATION GENE AND GLADYS NOPWASKY (703) 670-2414 2982 DALE BLVD. ASHDALE PLAZA DALE CITY, VA. 22193 WOODBRIDGE LINCOLN MERCURY CORP. 14655 JEFFERSON DAVIS HIGHWAY WOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA 22191 PHONE 494-9121 METRO 550-9750 T.P. “TOM” DESHAZO GENERAL SALES MANAGER 141 Class isn’t as much fun as posing for the camera. Shari Falce and Lisa Fontane study hard in the library. Congratulations to LAURA MOODY and the Class of 1985 Hold fast your dreams! Within your heart Keep one still, secret spot Where dreams may go, And, sheltered so, May thrive and grow Where doubt and fear are not. O keep a place apart, Within your heart, For little dreams to go! (by Louise Driscoll) Love, Mom, Dad, and Diana MERCURY LINCOLN FREE ESTIMATES Benny E. Blanton, Contractor COMPLETE HOME IMPROVEMENTS ADDITIONS • DECKS • GARAGES “In Business Since 1970” Metro 690-1237 (703) 670-6076 Family Opticians Featherstone Square 14561 Jeff Davis Hwy. Woodbridge, VA 491-6103 Metro 643-1155 “Our Family Serving Yours” 14561 Jeff Davis Hwy. Manager Woodbridge, Va. 22191 Karen E. Wauis 491-6103 Kelly Jackson and friend studying in the library. 142 Ike Sneed and friend pose in the G-F parking lot. The computer welcomes new arrivals to the mock election. Rod Steelier Dale City Manager Auto Parts 2984 Dale Boulevard Ashdale Plaza Dale City, Virginia 22193 (703) 670-3196 “For all of your automotive needs.” A Division of Springfield Auto Parts, Inc. BANKS USED AUTO PARTS, INC. “Northern Virginia’s Largest Auto Parts Dealer” Smoketown Road (1 Mi. W. 1-95) Dale City, VA Washington Area 780-7510 Fredericksburg 373-6643 Woodbridge Area 670-3156 143 I WOODBRIDGE MAGNAVOX HOME ENTERTAINMENT CENTER 14577 JEFFER90N DAVIS HWY. • WOODBRIDOE, VA. 22191 ( 703 ) 4 . 94-2001 AUTHORIZED SALES AND SERVICE SHAW’S CARPETS, INC. CARPETS, VINYLS, DRAPERIES AND WALLCOVERING Jeff Plaza (703) 494-1494 FORESTDALE PLAZA DALE CITY (703) 670-9400 (703) 680-4021 Students scheduling their classes for next year. Students take a break outside during lunch. To my Classmates and Friends, It seems only yesterday when the Class of ’85 first walked the halls of old G-F as faceless freshmen. Since that day, we have learned how to be real people, the kind of people that are going to make this sometimes crazy world work. Our junior year was our “year of living dangerously”. We explored the world from “behind the wheel.” It was also the year reality set in. We learned we must take direct responsibility for our actions. Many of us learned the hard way. But in one way or another we made it. It has now arrived, OUR YEAR. The year when we rule. The year of decisions. Life these past four years hasn’t been easy, but I for one, would not trade them for anything. I will always treasure my memories of Gar-Field and of you dearly in my heart. I have seen so many grow from freshmen int o individuals with your own styles and values. Over the years, you have affected me. Each experience, whether painful or pleasurable, was necessary to my formation. Each of us has contributed to what the rest of us have become. These people especially have played impor¬ tant roles in my life: To my parents, who had the biggest effect on my life, THANKS. I love you! Everything I am, you helped to make me, that is a debt I’ll never even make the minimum payment on! And next, to Stacey. I’ve seen you mature from a “freshman cheerleader” to a person I love dearly. Thanks for your support over the last four years and thanks for being different with me. I love youl Emi, Kerry — we made itl Who would believe us “mooning T V drinkers” would become such wonderful human beingsl I’m gonna miss the poking and pig noises! Roger, we had our moment s. Make sure you look back with a smile! Be who you want to be! Bobb, George, Bobby, and Chip: you set the standards high for your successors. I guess everything was for the best. Mrs. Martha Smith and Eric G. — Thanks for the “second chance in life.” Ma, may you only get out of teaching what you put into it — EVERYTHING) And Eric, I know you love mel I hope you get your life just the way you want it. Everyone: The time has come for us to go in our own directions. May we “choose the path less travelled by” and know we have “made all the difference. " Look back with only warm thoughts, for nothing, now, can be changed. I wish everyone love, happiness, suc¬ cess, and peace. May our class and our generation make this world a better place to live. May our paths cross in the future, and may there be sparks of recognition and love in our eyes! 144 Courtney Neal, where’s my ride? Farewell, Mercedes—Michelle Ruth Taylor-Puckett ;i Featuring Tex-Mex and American Food 4303 Dale Blvd. Center Plaza Dale City, VA Carry 703 670-0967 Out Available Mixed Beverages PRESCRIPTIONS FILLED LENSES DUPLICATED SUNGLASSES FRAMES REPAIRS Open 7-Days A Week HERB H UDGINS CERTIFIED OPTICIAN 4330 DALE BOULEVARD GLENDALE PLAZA DALE CITY, VA. 22193 (703) 670-9021 NEXT TO THEATRE Todd Ebron discusses English with Mrs. Roche. Mark VanCuren and Roger Dowd model the GQ look. GOLDEN DRAGON RESTAURANT OPEN 7 DAYS 11:30 A.M. TO 10:00 P.M. PHONE 491-4166 OR 491-4167 AMERICAN and CHINESE FOOD BANQUET ROOM AVAILABLE 14575 Jefferson Davis Highway, Woodbridge, Virginia 22191 (In Featherstone Shopping Center) Could this be your license plate? 145 Dr. F. G. Stern and G-F Students Best Wishes to the Class of “ 1985 ” The Seniors are all “twisted” up in the main hallway. Stacey Komar, Janice Majeski, Bronwyn Wilson, Brenda Nix, and Peggy Hicks serve refreshments. Congratulations Mercedes-Michele Ruth Taylor-Puckett (METRO) 690-2388 (-703) 6 " 70-3153 “Today the hyphen . . . Tomorrow the World!’’ SFaraE ' s °Wood6ridcje Travel tours - Cruises - tickets - reservations 146 Love Always, Mom and Dad WANDA C. TURPIN TRAVEL AGENT 2924 DALE BOULEVARD ASHDALE PLAZA WOODBRIDGE, VA 22193 YOUR PROM jfl - SHR. i Tim Sheffield and friend discuss the question: Where’s the beef? HEADQUARTERS FRANK’S CUSTOM TAILORING AND FORMAL WEAR 494-5898 PRINCE WILLIAM PLZ. WOOD. BEHIND RUSTLES STEAK HOUSE • TUXEDO SALES RENTALS •DRESS SALES RENTALS • WE STOCK OUR OWN TUXEDOS AND DRESSES •CONTEST WINNING PAGEANT DRESSES • EXPERT ALTERATIONS ON ANY CLOTHING GOOD LUCK SENIORS BY: 1 FCT CONGRATULATIONS 1985 GRADUATES AND OUR DAUGHTER SACHA C. BRIDGES! JAMES M. BRIDGES, LTD A PROFESSIONAL CORPORATION Certified Public Accountant Congratulations i God Bless (703) 590-1131 (703) 670-6300 METRO 690-1961 (703) 590-1131 (703) 670-6300 METRO 690-1961 MARIA PAZ C. BRIDGES JAMES M. BRIDGES, CPA ADMINISTRATOR JAMES BRIDGES, LTD. JAMES BRIDGES, LTD. P.O. BOX 1520 A PROFESSIONAL CORPORATION 14003 MINNEVILLE RD. A PROFESSIONAL CORPORATION 14003 MINNIEVILLE RD. CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT DALE CITY, VA 22193 CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT DALE CITY, VA 22193 147 148 149 CHEERLEADERS Varsity: Karen Fowler, Monica Jenkins, Carla Melanson, Nancy Snyder, Hai Chi Kong, Dana Rodgers, Suzy Einsman, Kristie Sholar, Wendy Townsend, Chandra Medcalf, Kris Fullem, Kim Sutherland. Junior Varsity: Theresa Decker, Lori Varner, Rhonda Meade, Suzy Thomaidis, Cindy Johnson, Sandra Stanley, Tracy Jackson, Michelle Meehan, Suzy Trojan, Judy Grow. 150 Organizations Freshmen: April Lewis, Kelly Hoff, Shawn Emling, Lisa Brotos, Natalie Migliarini, Donna Brown, Cindy Grave, Sheila Cephas, Delinda Culbreth, Samantha Harte, Sandy Meehan, Kelly Turner. Varsity Stuntmen: Chad Miller, Randy Hooper, Jimmy Lemmond, Roger Kibler, Matt Shoop. Organizations 151 FLAGS Top: Ann Chester, Kelly McNichol, Kim Harris, Kathy Murphy, Jackie Darby, Kristy Pedersen. Middle: Andrea Cecere, Kristen Key, Beth Jakub, Lysette Heaton, Michelle Dietz, Andi Fisher. Bottom: Maria Yeary, Dawn Gallup, Kim Urban. Not Shown: Cindy Brown. Kathy Murphy and Kim Harris perform. The Flags in formation. 152 Organizations RIFLES Leslie Dietz, Stephanie Faukes, Linda Teves, Cindy Midgett, Mary Fulwood, Lisa Wright, Michelle Meadows. Michelle Meadows performs during a football game. The rifles team performs with precision. Organizations 153 INDIANETTES Deanna Rohrig, June Poczatek, Julie Turner, Co-Capt. Kathy Nagley, Captain Shawne Cosand, Co-Capt. Jean Morrissey, Pam Ziesler, Ebbie Hutson, Ann Young, Cheri Colon, Tanya Marscall, Beth Corbin, Jay Pennington, Sandra Bledsoe, Cheryl Burrass, Mary Poczatek, Michelle Hoff, Betsy Rumph, Colleen Clark, Anna MacEwen, Tiffany Fitzwater, Danielle Evans, Lisa Graupman, Tracey Struble, Linda Thompson, Kim King, Tammi Atwell, Stephanie Williams, Tia Bauer, Chris Franklin, Sandy Grantham. Not Pictured: Gail Grevey, Susan Arnold, Theresa Landon. Cheri Colon and Julie Turner pose at the parade. The Indianettes performing for the crowd. 154 Organizations Performing in West Virginia Everyone wants to get close to the clown. Performing for Benita The Indianettes practice until their routine is perfect. Organizations 155 " the hyphen " Top: Roger Loy, Tim Harps, Leona Cruse, Barbie Johnson, Steve Watson, Pete Walsh, James Mirsky, Joe Dierker, Todd Brown. 2nd Row: Jeff Madorma, Ethan Newell, Beth White, Anita Espin, Charles Perrin. 3rd Row: Kari Pugh, Eric Griffin, Yvonne Buel, Lisa DeFrancesco, Katy Castulik, Christie Moore, Pam Hobbs. Bottom Row: Michelle Taylor-Puckett, Dawn Hutson, Chandra Medcalf, Charmaine Delaverson, Chris Franklin, Chuck Rotblut, Dawn Gallup. Charmane Delaverson, photo editor, and friend. Chandra Medcalf and Patty Pastiva discuss current issues on the staff. 156 the hyphen Chuck Rotblut, photographer for the newspaper, poses for the camera. Eric Griffin, Michelle Taylor-Puckett, and Pam Hobbs edit articles with Ms. Smith. Yvonne Buel thinks hard on the subject of her article. Anita Espin, ready to hand in a new article for editing. the hyphen 157 VARSITY CHOIR Row 1: Gina Duque, Sherri Burnes, Caroline Jabs, Shirley Duque, Philip Ray, Mike Collins, Chris Feather, Jared Carillo, Cheryl Weston, Laureen Billingsly, Leslie Swecker, Sundi Powell, Jennifer Bischoff, Daria Smith, Rhonda Queszaire. Row 2: Denise Owens, Christina Sanchez, Laura Taylor, Kim Williams, Nicki Talley, Jim Schwab, James Rogers, Wesley Sierk, Rhonda Bishop, Vicky Pettit, Stephanie Stramer, Natalie Migliorini, Terri Carmona, Jen Lee, Sherri Kidwell. Row 3: Lisa Hendricks, Lisa Jenkins, Tammy Pruitt, Brenda Baumgartner, Brent Good, Maurice Jones, Ali Kerem, Bobby Krenkel, Theresa Johnson, Christell Soderstrom, Carol Wardlow, Melin¬ da Teel, Kim Boyd, Kammy Gaden, Turina Baumgardner. Row 4: Tonya Pennington, Celeste Browder, Anita King, Nene Thompson, Tabatha Vanover, Mark Hull, An¬ thony Johnson, Kevin Matera, James Tanning, Marya Wright, Kim Taylor, Kay Lee, Sandra George, Deanna Albertson, Dee Dee Bolesworth. CONCERT CHOIR Row 1: Nancy Snyder, Kelly Smith, Pam Himelright, Calvin Lawrence, Kathy Obcemea, Mike Offley, Jennifer Phinney, Bob Goewey, Kristen Fite, Lemel O’Neal, Tim Spence, Leslie Swecker, Bill Novitsky, June Pocztek, Bruce Evatt, Rachael Hayward, Kay Stringer, Jessica Atwood. Row 2: Shawn Anthony, Evelyn Swecker, Michelle Howard, Dennis O’Brien, Colleen Jabs, Willis Foley, Pam Brady, Joe Bagnerise, LaTanya Osbourne, Colleen Clark, Waiter Beardsley, Betsy Rumph, Mike Feeney, Jennifer Bagnerise, David Lilly, Dawn McManamy, Mona Aldridge, Susan Spellane. Row 3: Shelagh Murphy, Emily Brandt, Pat Bell, Pam Werner, Jeff Bowers, Becky Bickham, Reuben Basantes, Vicky Kastl, Chris Franklin, David Porter, Brenda Harman, Ashley Horte, Jennifer Turner, Eric Lerfald, Alicia Diaz, Denise Carmichael, Danielle Fisher. Row 4: Kim Sunderland, Crystal Good, Aubrey Stallings, Anne Simmons, Steve Brown, Amy Hunnicutt, George McCoy, Col¬ leen Stumm, Jeanine Wise, Pat Castle, Dana Lee, Mike Brown, Leanne Stumm, Randy Hooper, Amy Smead, Betsy Stoy. TREBLE CHOIR Row 1: Carla Tomasino, Cheryl Weston, Lorie Hanna, Yvonne Gillion, Becky, Jennifer Holbert, Jeanine Valno, Anissa Vanderhoof, Susan Feeney. Row 2: Mary McKelvey, Rhonda Thomas, Francine Smith, Pam Himelright, Jodi Grose, Kristin Richards, LaKita Sneed, Carla Melonson, Melanie Riggle. Row 3: Cheri Horne, Amy Fitzpatrick, Cheryl Collins, Veronica Foy, Sherry Kidwell, Deborah Hopson, Terri Truitt, Karen Cobbs, Monica Baker. Row 4: Tina Polla, Ceda Shoop, Tina Beckler, Donna Anderson, Tracey Wanamaker, Jill Shreve, Becky Bagby, Wendi Baker, Tara Ellenberger. 158 Choir DOMINANTS 1984-85 Dominants The Dominants work hard to get where they are The Dominants prepare to go on stage. Even Bob Goewey has spirit. The Dominant’s band stop rehearsal to pose for the camera. Dominants 159 MARCHING BAND 1984-85 MARCHING BAND Kim Fitzgerald, Tanya Worthy — Drum Majorettes, Jennifer Thomson, Sonia Maine, Rhonda Ligotski, Leah Wilson, Laura O’Brien, Cheryl Schoeborn, Jerri Adair, Jennifer Jeffries, Krys Wilson, Marie Ellis, Susie Lervold, Greta von Wolffradt, Donna Gamboa, Chris Leo, Pam Schmecht, Kim Doyle, Cindi Tucker, Terri Adair, Anita Prasch, Karen Meseck, Stephanie Moyer, Susan Straight, Jeannie Breslin, Ann Jebram, Christie Brannan, Shelly Emling, Gerald Cephas, Jimmy Curlis, Tim von Wolffradt, Josh Sullivan, Ricky Fulgencio, Jerry Ford, Tom Brooks, Kathy Mawanay, Laura Beth Straight, Greg Ondo, Monica Evans, Jeff Ingram, Eddie Beavers, Scott Webb, Eric Davis, Jennifer Cramp, Robert Doyle, Brenda Robison, Keith Campbell, Barry Webb, Michelle Walker, Mike Stewart, Kevin Baker, Aaron Jones, David Jillson, Mike Blair, Dan Green, Cindy Shoop, David Hall, Matt Struble, Barbie Johnson, Steve Jamison, Matt Howard, Joe Cole, Ron Gosnell, John Crawley, Tim Crowley, Eric McWilliams, Richard Crespo, Kim McCoid, Janet Holley, Glenda Campbell, Ron Partridge, Jeff Patton, Pat Terrell, Darrell King, John Svienty, Todd Houston, Denise Peters, Scott Mason. The marching band practices for the football game. Kim Fitzgerald, Tanya Worthy — Drum Majorettes 160 Organizations CONCERT BANDS Cydne Morgan, Jeannie Breslin, Francine Housier, Janet Holley, Terri Adair, Pam Schmecht, Heather Harris, Tracy Ferrell, Cheryl Dixon, Jimmy Curlis, Angie Capelotti, John Crowley, Janice Derderian, Kelly Ahern, Mary Beth Light, Leslie Pitt, Kris Erickstrup, Tim Crowley, Keith Campbell, Aaron Jones, Brenda Robison, Kevin Baker, Trese Smith, Don Jackson, Dan Bird, Scott Brown, John Svienty, Mike Lamborn, Darrell King, Tim Vavrina, Karlo Obcemea, Eric McWilliams. Haydan Marquina, Greta vonWolffradt, Cheryl Schoenborn, Samantha Green, Mark Finn, Steve Wanamaker, Sean McAllister, Donna Gamboa, Ann Jebram, Julie Manning, Monica Evans, Wanda Ritter, Anita Prasch, Dan Bickham, Cindy Dickhute, Francisca Megargee, Michelle Disse, Mary Lepper, Dan Green, Dennis Ward, Mark Domenick, Diane Loveitt, Josh Sullivan, Mark Harris, Tom Brandt, Terance Bennett, David Hall, Wayne Betts, Wayne Harrod. Organizations 161 SYMPHONIC BAND Donald Pile, Karen Putnam, Gerald Cephas, Kelly Hiett, Chrystine Wilson, Christy Davis, Pam LaCava, Leah Wilson, Kim Fitzgerald, Tanya Worthy, Kathy Mawanay, Susan Straight, Helen Todd, Amy Reynolds, Matie Ellis, Dena Mize, Laura O’Brien, Susan Lervold, Sophie Traciy, Karen Messick, Stephanie Moyer, Shelly Emling, Christie Brannan, Kim Doyle, Michelle DePoy, Missy Hiett, Joyce Hilins, Steve Chucala, Kim Merrifield, Danielle Evans, Denise Peters, Kim McCoid, Laura Karvey, Rick Fulgencio, Jerry Foud, Tom Brooks, Richard Crespo, David Jillsom, Mike Vlair, Michesse Walker, Scott Sorenson, Greg Ondo, Deanna Hutson, Jeanine Wise, Laura Straight, Alan McConnell, Cindy Shoop, Tim VonWolffradt, Scott Mason, Matt Struble, Joe Cole, Tom Gosner, Ron Gosnell, Matt Howard, Shane Smith, Steve Jamieson, Ken Chase, Butch Trowbridge, Mike Stewart, Barry Webb, Jeff Ingram, Jeff Patton, Greg Wilson, Tom Collins, Ron Partridge, Don Stewart, William Talley, Todd Houston. VARSITY BAND Pratece Riesinberg, Lisa Volpe, Diana Cappel, Kim Owens, Johnell Rivera, Sonie Maine, Jennifer Thompson, Jennifer Jeffries, Reagan Edwards, Cindy Shoop, Judy Rosado, Cheryl Pickett, Cindy Tucker, Michelle Cash, Carrie Bender, Joanne Dick, Wilberto Pitre, Mike Wilnilm, Eddie Beavers, Eric Daves, Robert Doyle, Andy Boyd, Scott Webb, Tom Carruthers, Marc Jenner, Jay Knorr, Dean Moslow, Deniss Kramer, Troy Yoder, Troy Mickens, Leonard Rowe. 162 Organizations CHAMBER ORCHESTRA Teresa Brooks, Charmane Delaverson, Rick Dunn, Gretchen Emett, Kris Flinchum, Beth Jackub, Gay Joshlyn, Rachel Larsen, Kristin Mawanay, Kelly Mar- ray, Earle Perez, Edwin Perez, Marilyn Pugh, Kim Richmond, Deanna Rohrig, JoAnn Sayko, Kendra Uthus, Clay Wilson, Laura Winslow. ALL-COUNTY ORCHESTRA Wendy Richmond, Amy Yenyo, Audrea Wilson, Lysette Heaton, Chad Hartman, Diana Moody, Jessica Hughes, Nancy Jordan, Kelly Spellane, Jenny Newell, April Lewis, Mendy Barrett, Jon Palmer, Debbie Stewart, Gudrun Ortman, Stephanie Pile, Andy Palmer. Organizations 163 JUNIOR REGIONAL ORCHESTRA Wendy Richmond, Diana Moody, Jessica Hughes, Kelly Spellane, April Lewis, Jenny Newell, Chad Hartmann, Brian Miller, Kyra Torango, Stephanie Pile Mary McKelvey, Mike Smith. Jon Palmer, Amy Yenyo, Lysette Heaton, Andy Palmer SENIOR REGIONAL ORCHESTRA 164 Organizations VIOLA ORCHESTRA Doug Hutton, Lysette Heaton, Danette Dixon, Chris Recknor, Rachel Larsen, Sheri Hart, Kathy Savoie, Lisa Sketo, Alicia Drago, Chad Hartmann, Ben Johnson. FIRST VIOLIN ORCHESTRA Monica Brirnage, Audrea Wilson, Monica Wright, Nancy Jordan, Donna Wilson, Amy Yenyo, Diane Moody, Wendy Richmond, Mike Hillman, Heather Presnell, Kelly Spellane, April Lewis, Jenny Newell, Francoise Blais. Organizations 165 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Lisa Gazda, Andy Palmer, Bobby Peters, John Geanino, Don Gamboa, Tara Edelschick, Leah Wilson, Pam Ziesler, Jennifer Jones, Chutimar Sragaow, Eric Griffin, Brent Young. DEBATE FORENSICS 1984-85 Debate Forensics 166 Organizations IT ' S ACADEMIC Mike Brown, Michael Burke, Eric Griffin, John Ganino, Kirk Larson, Mrs. Gerri Cantwell, Brent Young, Greg Baumgardner. JUNIOR CIVITANS 1984-85 Junior Civitans Organizations 167 KEY CLUB Terry Carmonce, Billy Westen, Carla Tamosino, Mr. Kirk Darrough, Sheila Oliver, Chuck Rotblut, Tommy Graham. ilSl HERO CLUB James Caprata, Amy Hunnicutt, Dan Lawray, Ronald Carter, Alan Reeves, Stephanie Bishop, Terai Knowles, Marie Karis, Nancy Speakes, Kristen Page, Maxine Aiken, Melvin Suggs, LaGranda Jordan, Lashon Willett, Tanya Ritsenberg, M. G. Moran. 168 Organizations STUDENT GOVERNMENT COUNCIL Ebbie Hudson, Don Gamboa, Chutimar Sragaaw, Dawn McManamey. TEEN COUNSELING Ray Barrante, Karen Nungesser, John Foster, Kathy Fich, Sophia Tracey, Gerald Cephas, Crystal Good, Linda Clore, Jenny Waibel, David Simcic, Anne Simmons, Laura Moody, Leslie Safransky, Kim Fitzgerald, Sandy Freeby, Laura-Beth Straight, Wendy Townsend, Sacha Bridges, Robert Bryam, James Venti, Bruce Evatt, Kim Dean, Michelle Hummel, Pam Nicholson, Kim Howard, Tia Bauer, Becki Bickham, Patti Burian, Kris Fullem, Nancy Snyder, Mrs. Jones, Christy Daves, Cheryl Burruss, Shelly Emling, Kim Doyle, Mona Aldridge, Danielle Evans, Danielle Fisher, Michelle Hoff, Kathy Rouleau, Hang Lam, Rhonda Ligotski, Jennifer Phinney, Ramona Hutt, Ahling Thayer, Roxanne Mackie, Susie Einsmann, Stacy Astrin, Teresa Landon, Kathy Murphy, Cheryl Suslowicz, Pam Day, Delira Dormstetter, Dania Munson, Terri Tuano. Organizations 169 Tommy Haug, Brian Miller, Ashley Haute, Travis Schaney, Anthony Ashby, Drew Taylor, Frank Johnson, Mike Higgins, Ray Foster, James Mirsky, Mark Dobash, Wesley Sierk, Carey Cokes, Pam Naikleson, Kalissa Powell, Jessica Hughes, Monika Evans, Tom Filip, Wes Flemming, John Svienty, Chris Recknor, Kim Morello, Katie Parkin, Carole Vaiden, Pam Day, Karen Busch, Jenny Stephenson, Dan Rohrig, Jenny Bishoff, Kim Dormstetter, Tammy Tiller, Lemel O’Neil, Colleen Moore, Denise Breen, Fran. Blais, Jenni Trace, Isabel Santa-Ana. SPANISH CLUB r» St m E p Sandy Freely, Vicki Moats, Andrea Embrey, Muriel Turch, Kim Morello, Cheryl Schoeborn, Che Brown, Calvin Lawrence, Ms. May 170 Organizations GERMAN CLUB Chad Miller (Vice-Pres.), Cindy Brown (Sec.), Ray Barrante (Pres.), Mr. Bailey, sponsor, Shelley Ebert, Heather Brinegar, Jennifer Sierk, Tara Peatross, Allen Stansbury, Sarah Blais, Ayda Demirkan, Diana Cappel, Traci Cano, Donna Cappel, Anita Prasch, Sandra Johnson, Keith Walker, Wanda Ritter, Cindy Heininge, Stacey Schooley, Kim McCoid, Marion Carrigan, Joette Stewart, Aileen Marquand, Heather Kone, Leah Snediker, Heather Harris, Richie Barrante, Shane Williams, Chris Cash, Gary Imler. LATIN CLUB Billy Westen, Laura Beth Straight, Dawn Gallup, Crystal Good, Chris Franklin, Robert Byram, Lonnie Davis, Scott Smith, Kim Fitzgerald, Greg Baumgartner, John Jackson, Chet Morris, David Bachman, Hang Lam, Lynne Cummings, Carla Tomassino, El Naggar, Kirk Larsen, Tia Bauer. Organizations 171 HISTORY CLUB Tayna Aquillar, Greg Baumgartner, Steve Berlin, Wayne Bitts, Tammy Brown, Ed Albright, Bonnie Byram, Robert Byram, Terri Denman, Russell Dixon, Suzy Einsmann, Donna Anderson, Marie Ellis, Grethchen Ennett, Kris Fullem, Debbie Good, Mark Harris, Michelle Ashby, Afra Hersi, Laura Hicks, Keith Higdon, Mike Hutchinson, James Irby, Kerry Irby, Brenda Aspillaga, Beth Jakob, Stephen Jameson, Wes Johnson, Hung Le, Roxanne Mackie,Stanley Mann, Allan McConnell, Dawn McManamary, Becky Mullinox, Greg Ondo, Jeff Patton, Tara Pestross, Denise Peters, Kara Pine, Marilyn Pugh, Toyeb Qureshi, Phillip Ray, Scatt Rath, Kathy Rouleau, Frank Rowe, Tim Russell, Mandy Sauders, Jim Schwab, Donna Shelly, Ann Simmons, Donnie Sketo, N ancy Snyder, Scott Sorenson, Tim Spence, Rhonda Thomas, Wendy Townshend, Sophia Tracey, Terry Tuano, Michael Walker, Marvin Weaver, William Washington, John Ganino, Tim Frye, Trevor Evans, Fred Smith, Christy Davis, Hang Lam, Tom Petruzzi, David R., Buddy Roy, Marrion Carrigan. Bart Rogers and Michelle Wheeler enjoying Mr. Larson’s class. History class is not supposed to be all fun and games. 172 Organizations AMERICAN FIELD STUDY Daniel Sutherland, Kent Dixon, Russell Dixon, Mike Blair, James Curless, Dania Munson, Kim Doyle, Hang Lam, Laura Beth Straight, Kathy Gill, Christy Davis, Michelle Haney, Sandra Rondriguez. One of the newest clubs to form inside Gar-Field High School’s walls was the AFS club, sponsored by foreign language teacher Miss Freidman. Although no Gar-Field students attended a school located in a foreign country, the club was more active this year than it has been in the past. On the weekend of June 29, Gar-Field club members housed 20 of the 40 adventurous young teenagers that left their native countries to explore the United States. (Woodbridge Senior High School students were hosts to the other 20 students.) At various times during the school year “International Weekends” were held in Washington D.C. Gar-Field club members socialized with students from diverse parts of the world, learning of many new cultures and meeting exciting new people. In the fall of 1984, for a short time, northern Virginia area teenagers housed the AFS foreign exchange students who had been living in the southern part of the United States for that preceding year or for that past summer. This brief exchange was the last time that the majority of the foreign teenagers were to see the United States. Afterwards, the AFS exchange students returned home to their native countries. This past year the Gar-Field AFS club also participated in a program of exchanging on y United States students. Citizens of one state spent a year, or shorter length of time, in another state housed by a host family. Throughout that period of time, the native Americans attended their host area high schools. Since this club began, about 2V2 years ago, it has become more involved in AFS program activities. Many lasting friendships have been made and many different cultures have been explored and or experienced. The Gar-Field branch has been successful in pro¬ moting an understanding between students of other countries and members of its own club, the very goal of the American Field Ser¬ vice exchange student program. Organizations 173 CREW. Kathy Gardner, Tayra Aguilar, Sean McNeil, Terri McNeil, Matt Struble, Wayne Conahan, Bil ly VanGelder, Jim Derderian, Jeff Kutsock, Mike Rendino, Beth Dietz, Vicki Moats, David Jillson, Kurt Bolland, Bob Campbell, Tom Doran, Matt Shoop, Mr. Pugh, Danielle Alsop, Kris Richards, Rhonda Meade, Kristi Mawaney, Chuck Rotblut, Roger Kibler, Charmane Delaverson, Laura Moody, William Withers. The shell is carried by Terri, Wayne and others. The oars are carried to the water. 174 Organizations GAR-FIELD ' S NEWEST CLUB into the water. The Crew rows out onto the water. The Crew relaxing in the art lab. Organizations 175 VICA Laura Tipton, Michelle Battaglia, Tracy Wakeman, Jackie Groves, Rebecca Weetman, Kathy Chu- quilangui, Charleen Lustoch, Linda Weiler, Anna Miller, Tracy Peters, Tammy Minny, Tom O’Neal, Ed MacBride, Mike Jerrell, Mike Blackburn, Doug Gathof, Mide Collins, Chris Lee, Mike Higgins, Mike Fowdes, Barby Huddleston, Brian Trotman, Ron Roberts, Jose Hernandes, Carlos Thompson, Mike Beachy, David Bratton, Tommy Fulton, Rick Glover, Cliff Johnson, Kevin McCord, Maria Mendoza, Jim Nichols, Nick Rodriquez, Larry Sizemore, Jeff Taylor, Rodney Stephans, Ron Berish, Quing Doyle, Ken Haines, Anthony Kattapy, Curt Sigler, Cara Williams, Robbey Wilson, Mike York, Pat Zoromske, Chris Arnold, Richie Shaw, Mike Humphreys, Andy Sanpeitro, Steve Berlin, Darryl Fairley, Sam Goodrich, Wade Taylor, Barry Smallwood, Susan Brown, John Buzzella, Brian Bell, Chad Miller, Joe Caldarilli, Joe Hummel, Denis Haught, Scott Stewart, Todd Peirce, Christina Smith, Julie Mckinley, Stene Fowler, Dan Green, Scott Lavey, Mide Barber, Meckkres, Stacy Carlson, Holland, Lloyd, Jeff Schaney, Daryl Sears, Tony Byrne, Westphal Tom, Rob Peters, Kevin Cecil, Dave Farisn, Harold Haycraft, Baytan Souis, Tom Conaway, Steve Zanh, Chris Bennetts, Dwayne Laundry, Gavin Young, Honeycutt Alfred, Steve Mahr, Clay Wilson, Jeff Tutsoch, Ron Jart, Dave Pattle, Berton Stan, Eric Bunno, Tim Cross, Ron Bernosky Brisan, Purdy, Rodney Tucker, Mam Dallman, Dave Bedard, Tom Doran, Carlo Miller, Matt Ballard, Alam Wooldridge, Joe Carrigan, Jeff Lam, Ralph Roses, Costello Eric, Mike Blackburn, Lynn Gammonds, Bart Haines, Tina Wheeler, Reenie Rieszezyk, Mitchill Morgan, Jessica Hurrood, Judy Stendens, Carrie Hall, Deana Carrieet, Lourie Teed, Marylou DeMan- zle, Beth Longs, Wyndy Lidford, Mikki Skifflett, Amanka Burnham, Kim Craftive. 176 Organizations Rog Rittenour, Ron Partridge, Jessica Taylor, Billy Vangelder, Rickey Jose Mandera, Jeff Jerrell, Palmer Denney, Charles Carlson, Shane Smith, Robby Richardson, Billy Oldridge, Brian Sayre, Albert Hederson, Kirk Page, David Garrett, William Wood, Mike McClelland. COSMETOLOGY INDUSTRIAL ARTS Judy Steven, Elizabeth Long, Mikki Shifferr, Kathy Chuquillandui, Tia Bowens, Gwen Butler, Charlie Tutsock, Dlaine Checkon, Carrie Hall, Rebecca Weetman, Diane Cor¬ nett, Denise Payne, Mary Lou Denarzra, Stacy Rogers, Lyana Garcia, Wendy Kledford, Amanda Burnford, Kim Crabtree, Lisa Burkhamer, Linda Weiler, Jessica Atwood, Robin Wagner, Angie Toman, Laurie Reed. Organizations 177 SADD 1984-85 SADD COMPUTER CLUB Matt Cosand, Dean Brittle, Mark Harris, Tandy Bennets, Brian Singleton, Darin Brian, Tommy Filip, Jeff Dean, Kathy Rech, Tracie Johnon, Kieth Higdon, Daved Ripton, Mike Adams, Mari Liniath, Mike Smith, Jared Vaneleuven, Steve Brown, John Ganino, Dan Rotelli, Gaye Joshlyn, Matt Lewis, Michael Blair, Brett Havener. 178 Organizations DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUBS OF AMERICA Dan Sutherland, Michelle Asbury, Sandy Soulsby, Samantha Lelaikes, Janet Holcombe, Kathy Sewell, Roger Dowd, Kim Barnes, Haskell Stamper, Brian Jones, Sheri Bowe, Wendy Grimes, Eugene Williams, Leslie Motley, Brian Walker, Susanne Aguilar, Charles Pitts, Bob Bowen, Marcia Beavers, Tina Halsey, Tammy Kennedy, Charlene Connor, Diana Stephens, Kathy Wright, Patria McMillan, Shari Falce, Lisa Fontane, Becky Franke, Michelle Ashby, Lisa Warner, Tina Taylor, Domini Boyd, Damon Hodgog, Brenda Aspillaga, Stephanie Covington, Margie Crespo, Susan Gazda, Angie Drummond, Lisa Stiles, Brenda Edelschick, Beth Beuley, Mary Cook, Cheryl Nazelrod, Katrina Linkous, Mandy Soulders, Judith Kane, Michelle Babcock, Liz Burrows, Kim Hyman, Shari Dean, Michele Weakley, Michelle Wheeler, Ebbie Hutson, Michelle Hoff, Danny Luna, Julie Alford, Rosemary Doran, Trese Smith, Theresa Grigsby, Robin White, Kristin Newman, Francoise Lamitte, Sean Thomas, Elena DeLeon. Officers: Theresa Grigsby — Secretary Robin White — Treasurer Kristin Newman — Vice-President Francoise Lamitte — President Sean Thomas — Vice President Elena deLeon — Historian Organizations 179 DRAMA CLUB Kim Riley, Walter Beardsley, Joe Hummel, Brian Friend, Colleen Strumm, Gerais Cephas, Steve Zahn, Dthan Miwill, Scott Brooks, Ali Kerem, Tony Ashiy, Authey Stall¬ ing, Jamid Roger, Ashlen Harte, Jennifer Turner, Becky Bickum, Vicki Moats, Tracy Ferrell, Jennifer Phinny, Pat Bell, Dabed Eilakd, Denise Carr, Dara Pine, Devvie Vood, Tina Lolla, Laureen Billingsly, Randy Hooper, Kendra Wither, Karen Brsch, Nancy Figuerow, Eric Simpson, Brenda Baumgartner, Mike Ofly, Debbie Bradly, Lisa Bryant, Kate Havery, Wesley Seirk, Rachael Haywart, Lisa Quesenbery, Pam Werner, Dylan McGee, Kay Stringer, Carlone Mave, Susan Dochey, Mindy Barrett, Kimmi Thorer, Shirley Duque. CULTURE CLUB Krissy Devine, Yvonne Buel, Daniel Sutherland, Randi Barnhill, Michele Dehaven, Chris Leo, Yvonne Richards, Janine Valoo, Tom Filip. 180 Organizations LITERARY MAGAZINE 1984-85 Shaman SCIENCE CLUB Ali Leon, Harrison Billingsley, Rosita Espirin, Derise Green, Mr. Flanagan, Tony Ashby, Tony Kerby, Mark Hall, Tom Filip, Henry Kim. Organizations 181 INDIAN ECHOES INDIAN ECHOES STAFF 1st Row: Chutimar Sragaow, Kathy Nagley, Gail Grevey, Tracey May. 2nd Row: Rodney Nixon, Pam Zeisler, Chuck Rotblut, Kecia Knoernschild. 3rd Row: Brian Dolan, Mike Rendino, Jennifer Coffee. 4th Row: Cindy Bradley, Yvonne Buel, Debbie Gore, Laura Moody. 5th Row: Sean McNeil, David Shurtliff, Eric Bunn. Co-Editors-in-Chief, Jennifer Coffee and Kathy Nagley. Underclassman editor David Shurtliff and Kathy Rouleau. 182 Indian Echoes «tyr ' • ‘P Tom Filip and Debbie Gore Gail Grevey, Student Life Editor Mike Rendino and Rodney Nixon Eric Bunn, Senior Section Editor, explains layouts to Laura Moody, Academic Co-Editor. Brian Dolan and Sean McNeil working on the index of the yearbook. Pam Ziesler, Academics Co-Editor, Chutimar Sragaow, and Kecia Knoernschild Indian Echoes 183 184 Seniors Seniors 185 Andrew Ackerman Jerri Adair Debra Agee Suzanne Aguilar Mona Aldridge Catherine Anderson Andrew Ackerman — " Andy,” “Drew,” “Drewski,” “Magnum,” “Murdock,” “Momar.” Thoughts about High School: I thought High School was a trip. I came, I saw, 1 left. To all underclassmen “Momar Lives.” Ambition: To major in Human Fulfillment and to own a corvette. Jerry M. Adair — “A.J.,” “Clutch.” Activities: Mount Vernon Marching Majors (9, 10); Mount Vernon Concert Band (9, 10); Mount Vernon Soft- ball J.V. (10); Gar-Field Senior High Marching Indians (11, 12); Gar- Field Concert Band (11, 12). Ambition: To one day own my own horse, to party with my friend, Julie Cash, and keep in touch with my friends in the service (especially Eric M.). Memories: To never forget my friends at Mount Vernon, especially Julie C. (Big Mouth), never forget my friends here, and to remember the Florida band competition, Disney World, and Epcot. Suzanne Aguilar — Thoughts about High School: High School is definitely the roughest. You realize what kind of person you hope to become, and what you want out of life. Is it possible? Ambition: I want to have lots of fun and be comfortably wealthy. Most of all, I want my life to be exciting and happy. Anika Monique Aldridge — “Mona,” “MoMo,” “Smiley,” “Fred,” “T.T. " Activities: Treble Choir (9, 10); Concert Choir (11, 12); Regional Choir (11); Softball (9-11); J.V. Volleyball (10); Varsity Volleyball (11, 12); SGC (9-12); Sec. Treasurer of the Senior Class; Teen Counseling (11, 12); History Club (11). Thoughts about High School: These have been the best years of my life, 1 wouldn’t change anything. Thanks !’! to all my coaches and teachers. Love ya Art, Leanne, and Andy. Ambition: I would like to go to college and receive my pilot’s license in all seven fields. I want to grow up and be like my parents. Catherine Anderson — “Cathy,” “Cat,” “Hollywood.” Activities: J.V. Softball (9); FCA; Indoor and Outdoor Track (10); SGC Representative; FBLA; Who’s Who Among American Students (11); Culture Club (12). Thoughts about High School: My four years have definitely been in¬ teresting, and I owe it all to Gar-Field. Nice to be a part of it, see ya later. Ambition: My life ambition is to go to college and major in com¬ munications and after college become a model. Judy Anderson — “Muffy,” “Udy,” “Verona V.” Activities: FBLA (11, 12); Secretary for FBLA (12). Thoughts about High School: High School was all right. It gave me something to do during the day. Thanks to E.G., B.L., L.O., S.M., for all the great times. PARTY!! Ambition: To become successful and rich; to travel the world, to own a red porsche 924 and to live happily ever after with Rick Allen. Christopher M. Arnold — Activities: Varsity Soccer (10-12); Capt. (11- 12); VICA (11, 12). Thoughts about High School: It was real and it was nice, but it wasn’t real nice. Ambition: To go to college to study architec¬ ture and hopefully play soccer. If that doesn’t work. I’ll settle for a cooler of Bud. Vivienne Lenore Arnold — “Viv,” “Arnie.” Activities: Spanish Club (9- 10); Orchestra (9-12); Outdoor Track (10); Pep Club (12); Crew Club (12). Thoughts about High School: I’ve had my best years at Gar-Field. I’ll never forget lunch, football games, Drivers Ed., etc. and all my friends — they know who they are. Ambition: After high school, I plan to attend an Art college and major in design, travel and live comfortably. Antonio Ashby — “Tony Bones,” “Sticks,” “Ton.” Activities: Drama (10-12); Science Club (11, 12); Varsity Choir (11, 12); Junior Varsity Show MC (11); SGC (12). Thoughts about High School: It was a great pleasure to be here for my last three years. I complained some but it was o.k. Ambition: To go to Berkley College up in California and then work for some big computer firm like Apple. To also become a Gigolo!! To compete for Mr. America in the year 2000. Stacy Louise Astrin — “Stace,” “Louise.” Activities: Freshmen (9); French Club (10-12); Junior Varsity Cheerleader (10, 11) (Capt.); Teen Counseling (12); Who’s Who (12). Thoughts about High School: It got better each year; It wouldn’t have been the same without you, MMRT-P. Remember all the great times, I LOVE YA and “LET’S LEAVE!” Ambi¬ tion: Go to college and study psychology; make money, and fulfill my “ENGLISH DREAMS”; then move to California and sport a (tacky) red mercedes benz convertible. Judith Anderson Mike Anderson Shawn Anthony Cathy Archambault Chris Arnold Vivienne Arnold Michelle Asbury Antonio Ashby 186 Seniors Tammi Atwell — Activities: French Club (9-12) (Sec. 10-11, Pres. 12); Math Club (9); Pep Club (10); Who’s Who Among American High School Students (11); Indianettes (11-12). Thoughts about High School: High School has been a special part of my life that I will always remember. Thanks to all my friends and some special teachers, you made Gar-Field great. Ambition: I want to become an engineer. 1 would like to marry K.B. and start B Engineering Company. Donna Marie Aveni — “Na,” “Gimpy,” “Tona.” Activities: SADD (Publicity Chairman) (11); Flag Corps (11); Pep Club (10, 12) (Sr. Block Pres.); French Club (9, 10); Drama Club (12). Thoughts about High School: I’ll miss all my friends: L.W., T.W., T.A., D.C., S.J., T.B., J.I., S.E., and FLAGS. Jerry — remember “Charlie”! I Luv ya’ lots!! Lisa — " Pookie” and “Sonny”! Ambition; To be happy in whatever I’m doing. One day I want to get married and raise a family. Nancy Darlene Bachert — “Peaches,” “Sad Eyes,” “Pretty Eyes.” Thoughts about High School: High School was great. Thanks to all my friends: Cheryl, Cathy, Joanie. Thank you teachers: Courtney, Wimmer, Stehens, and Johnson, love you all. Ambition: 1 want to have children and be married to Dave Gutierrez, live in Florida, and take Charly with me, and live a happy life. Kevin H. Baker — Activities: Marching Band. Thoughts about High School: Different from my old school, Camden High, Camden, S.C. bet¬ ter facilities, better teaching, much larger than Camden. A lot of friendly people. Gar-Field has made this an enjoyable senior year. Reginald Mark Baker — “Mark.” Activities: J.V. Football (11); Varsity Football (12); Indoor Track (11, 12); Outdoor Track (11, 12); Debate Club (11). Thoughts about High School: High School taught me a lot about people and life but it’s only a step on the ladder of life and hap¬ piness. “Slum Crew” lives! Ambition: To become an aerial navigator in the United States Marine Corps and someday marry a beautiful woman and be well off. Jennifer Michelle Bagnerise — “Scooter.” Activities: Varsity Choir (9); Pep Club; Spanish Club (Sec. 10, Pres. 11); Concert Choir (10-12); Indoor-Outdoor Track; All-County Choir; Regional Choir; Drama Club. Thoughts about High School: 1 have really enjoyed my four years at Gar-Field. It has been a great experience. I wish my brother Joe Joe the best of everything. Ambition: After High School I plan to attend college and major in law. Also I wish to become a member of the Delta Sigma Theta. Tonia Yvette Ballard — “Tee.” Thoughts about High School: High School has been an exciting experience. It has its ups and downs. I’ll always remember my friends and all the good and bad I’ve had in Gar- Field. Ambition: To graduate from high school, go to college, marry the man I love, and raise a beautiful family. Kim Rochelle Barnes — “Bubba,” “Bubs,” “Granny,” “E-Riden.” Ac¬ tivities: SCG (11, 12); DECA (12); Softball (11, 12); Homecoming Float (12); Powderpuff (12); Leo (10). Thoughts about High School: Thanks B.-Clan for making school fun. I love ya B-F’s E.H., K.H., T.H., S.C., K.K. Remember the Gar-Field-Woodbridge game!!! Ambition: To become a successful lawyer and defend the good. Mark Barnes — Activities: Freshman Football; JV Football (10, 11); Varsity Football (12); German Club (10-12). Thoughts about High School: I am glad that it’s finally over. Thanks for all the fun times Mike. Ambition: Finish college and get a well-paying job. Also keep in touch with my friends. Randi BarnhiU - “Cat,” “Red,” “Randette,” “Lucky.” Activities: Cuture Club (10-12); Chess and Battle (9-11); Computer Club (11); United Nations Club (12); Yearbook Staff (11); Yearbook Organizations Editor (12). Thoughts about High School: Gar-Field is a really great school and I believe that my years at Gar-Field were the best years of my life. Ambition: To become the best Marine Biologist possible without losing my inner crazinnss. Raymond A. Barrante — “Ray,” “Rader,” “Rex,” “Sanchez,” “Terri¬ ble Ted,” “Awesome Ray,” “Big Ray.” Activities: German Club (9-12); Vice-President (11); President (12); Teen Counseling (12); Who’s Who Among American High School Students (11); Signet (9, 12); Ham Radio Stacey Astrin Tammi Atwell Donna Aveni Nancy Bachert Elizabeth Bado Kevin Baker Reginald Baker Jennifer Bagnerise Tim Baransky Kim Barnes Mark Barnes Randi Barnhill Raymond Barrante Michelle Battaglia Seniors 187 Gregg Baumgartner Tia Bauer Luisito Bayton Walter Beardlsey Grant Beck Kristina Beck Tina Beckler David Bedard Diane Beighlea Robert Benedetto Stanley Benton Club (9); French Club (12). Thoughts about High School: Like anything else, it had positive and negative aspects. Special thanks to all my friends. Extra special thanks to Herr Bailey and Mrs. Watts. Ambition: United States Navy, after which l plan to settle down and marry that special someone, it is also my ambition to see Led Zeppelin reform. Michelle Battaglia -- “Mishey B.” Activities: Cos. 1, II, 111; V1CA (12). Thoughts about High School: All 1 can say is that it was an experience, one 1 can look back on and wish 1 could do all over again. Ambition: To become a successful hairdresser and make mucho bucks and become a wife to my everloving fiance Guy Robinson, I’ll love him forever. Tia Bauer — “Kicker,” “Airhead. " (But it’s not true). Activities: SGC (9); Marching Band (9); Latin Club (10-12); Vice-Pres. (12); SADD (11); Indianettes (12); Teen Counseling (12). Thoughts About High School: Socially it’s been great, but the work is no big loss. 1 never could have made it without Sandy G., Dizzy, W.B., J.G., P.Z , L.C., and the lunch crew. Ambition: To graduate, party through college, and become the world’s greatest R.N. Greg Baumgartner — “Beaureguar d,” “Beau,” “Bo-Regard,” “Evilot- to,” Renagade,” “Transcendentalist.” Activities: Latin Club (10-12); Chess and Battle (9, 10); Literary Mag. (11, 12); History Club (11, 12); President and Founder (11); It’s Academic (12); Signet (9-12). Thoughts about High School: High School has been a long, steep journey. As 1 reach the summit, f view the past four years at trial, and realize that 1 am not atone. Ambition: Major in Philosophy, build a log cabin in Oregon or Canada, and discover the total nature of truth and beauty. Luisito Rivera Baytan - “Louie,” “Lou,” “Big Lou,” “Luau,” “Tidal Wave. ’Activities: Power Team (Hawaii, 10); V1CA (11, 12); Computer Club (12). Thoughts about High School: It was all right, something to do between weekends. Got to give credit to everyone who helped. Ambi¬ tion: Be an Electronic Engineer, make a lot of money so 1 may be able to spend, spend, spend! Walter Beardsley — Activities: Freshman Football (9); J.V. Football (TO); Varsity Football (11, 12); French Club (9); Concert Band (9); Wrestling (9); History Club (11, 12); Latin Club (11, 12); Drama (11, 12); Concert Choir (12); Signet (9-12). Thoughts about High School: It’s been real. High School has given me a lot of great experience that I’ll never forget, bul I’m glad it’s over, just the same. Ambition: To go on to college, get a good job that I enjoy doing, make lots of money, marry a beautiful woman, and eventually be ruler of the planet. Kristina Leigh Beck - “Kris,” “Finkelstein,” “Alex.” Ac¬ tivities: VfCA (12); SCT (12). Thoughts about High School: Ugh! without S.B., L.T., T.K., and M.M. the good times would have been few. They’re the greatest! T.H. you’re so special finally, it’s the end. Ambi¬ tion: To either get my Ph D. in Education, live in Europe, or become a forestry researcher, and live happily ever after. Tina Beckler — “Batty,” “Bucket.” Activities: Treble Choir (10-12); Senior Club (12). Thoughts about High School: It was O.K. We all had fun going out and doing stuff. I’m glad it’s gonna be over soon. I’m gonna miss a lot of people. Ambition: To attend NOVA for two years and then head on over to Shenendoah Conservatory for X-amount of years. Spend a lot of time at the beach. David Bedard — Activities; VICA (12). Thoughts about High School: It was fun while it lasted, I will miss alt my new and old friends, and good luck to them all. Ambition: Someday I wish to own my own electronics shop and to participate in a country and western band. Diane Lynn Beighlea — “Dee,” “Brut.” Activities: Summer Talented in Art Workshop (9 11); German Club (9); VICA (10-12); Underclassman Art Award. Thoughts about High School: High School is a great place to be with your friends, I want to thank all of them who’ve been there for me, especially Barbara. I’ll never forget all the good times I had at G-F. Ambition: To be an artist, cosmetologist and to do my best for the one 1 love. Over all I want to be happy with my life. Stanley Robert Benton — “Stan,” “Stan the man,” “Stanley Q,” “Gas man.” Activities: Stage Lighting (11, 12); VICA (11, 12); Industrial Arts Club (11). Thoughts about High School: no comment. Ambition: To pass twelfth grade on my first try. John Beranek Rod Bernosky Jeffrey Betty 188 Seniors Beth Beuley Rebecca Bickham Barbara Black David Borough Bob Bowen John Beranek — Activities: Signet (912); VICA (11, 12). Thoughts about High School: It’s just another step ... (or in the words of the Big E. “don’t ripple the water”). Ambition: To really live life, or maybe just roc.k-n-roll. Ronald Berish — “Ronn.” Activities: VICA (9-12). Thoughts about High School: It was all right. I think I will miss it and all of the trouble in it too. Ambition: To own my own towing service and to finish my race car before April and win a few. Catherine Elizabeth Bernhardt — “Kate,” " Shorty,” “Peanut.” Ac¬ tivities: Cosmetology (10); Offices Services I (11); Offices Services II (12); COE (12). Thoughts about High School: Thanks Nancy, Cheryl, and Joanie, my best friends. Nancy, remember “maternity.” Thanks Mrs. H. Johnson for being a great teacher. I love ya, Eddie S. Ambition: I want to move to California and attend UCLA and I want to take theatre and become a great actress. Roderick Colten Bernosky — “Rod,” “Colt.” Activities: VICA (12). Thoughts about High School: I haven’t been here long, but this school is really cool. The girls here are a lot better. Thanks Sean, Steve, Ralph, Louis, and everyone else in Electronics. Bye! Ambition: To get as far away from Sean W. as possible so I can pass college (he destroys all my projects), and become an electrical engineer. Jeff Betty — “Jeff.” Activities: German Club (9-12); Band (9, 10); Foot¬ ball (9); Model U.N. Treasurer (12); SGC Alternate (12); Who’s Who in High School Students (12). Thoughts about High School: Gar-Field’s been a blast, in part because of its teachers, but mostly because of its students. I hope my future is half as fun and exciting. Ambition: I hope to use my abilities acquired at Gar-Field and those gained in college, to their greatest advantage in the foreign affairs field. Beth Beuley — “Flash.” Activities: FBLA (10); DECA (11-12). Thoughts about High School: Thanks for having friends like Leslie and Pam who made lunch so interesting, and thanks to Clare for making art so much fun. Gar-Field was fun. Ambition: 1 plan to go on to College and study Fashion Design. Hopefully I will be able to make it as a Designer. Rebecca A. Bickham — “Becky,” “Bicky Beckham,” “B.B..’’Activities: Dominants (11); Culture Club (9-10); Concert Choir (10-12); Drama Club (10-12); Varsity Choir (9-10); SGC (9-10). Thoughts about High School: These four years were the hardest to live through. To Cheryl, Everett, Amy, Vicky and Jen: Thanx! For all the shoulders and advice, I love you all. Ambition: I want to grow up and be a kid. Barbara Black — “Barbie,” “Bubba,” “Wimp,” “Bobbie,” “B.J..” Ac¬ tivities: FHA (9); Leo Club (10); VICA Club Treasurer (10-12). Thoughts about High School: I had a great time and I’ll never forget G—F. The school, though, is a very Gloomy Place, and it is run like a jail. Ambition: To become a successful hairdresser. John Black — “Jonny Blade,” “John ‘E’ Black,” “Stinky,” “Chugger,” “Don Wan,” “ZULU.” Activities: Stunt Man; Computer Club (11-12); Glee Club (9-12); Tennis (9-12); Varsity Football (10-12). Thoughts about High School: Beetle was a very good time. I saved a lot of cigaret¬ tes and would sign a statement to that effect. Thanx to all my women, you all needed me. Ambition: To keep my job at Hardees forever; to get some new clothes; to get my commodore disc drive; see the movie ZULU DAWN; “Don’t Mess With My Coolness!” David Anthony Borough — “Dave.” Activities: Golf Team (10-12); SGC Class Representative (9-11). Thoughts about High School: It has been great and if 1 had to do it all over again ... I wouldn’t. Thanks Science Department and C.H. Ambition: To be the only person in the National Park Service making over $50,000 a year. Sheri Bowe — " Bo-woman” “Bo-Bo,” “L-Bo. ’’Activities: SGC (9-11); Sophomore Beauty Pageant (9); Powder Puff Football (12); Junior Civitans. Thoughts about High School: It was great, but I’m history in G.S.H.S.! Shelagh Murphy — Have a Blast, and Kathy LeBlanc take care of Steve! I’ll miss you! Bye! Ambition: To go to college and pursue a career, I would enjoy! To marry the man I love and live Happily Ever After! Bye Guys!! Forever!! Bob Bowen — Activities: JV Wrestling (10); Varsity Wrestling (10-12); Domini Boyd Richard Boyd John Bozzella Lisa Bradley Pamela Brady Camela Brann Christie Brannan Sacha Bridges Christina Britton Seniors 189 Scott Brooks Tom Brooks Michael Brown Susan Brown Eric Bunn Dawn Burgess DECA (1012). Thoughts about High School: Graduation B.F.D. Ambi¬ tion: To retire at age 25. Domini Boyd — “Diz,” “Brighty,” “Speedy,” “Disaway,” “Trash.” Activities: SGC (9-12); Varsity Soccer (10-12); DECA (12); Spanish Club (9-10). Thoughts about High School: High school was great especially the social life. I am really going to miss all the people. Some classes were definitely exciting too. Ambition: After high school 1 plan to be a profes¬ sional model and on the side a heavy equipment operator for a construc¬ tion company. Lisa Bradley — Activities: FHA (11); Varsity Choir (9-10); Pep Club (12). Thoughts about High School: 1 think High School is a place to learn, not a place to come and talk too much in class and make trouble. Ambi¬ tion: I plan to become a secretary, and to further my education. Pamela Ann Brady — “Pam,” “Pammy.” Activities: Concert Choir (10-12); Varsity Choir (9); Treble Choir (11). Thoughts about High School: It was great! Thanks M.M., R.I., D.B., W.L., S.G., and T.B. for helping me thru my four years. Best of luck to the Freshmen. ’85 rocks! Ambition: To hopefully graduate, go to college and learn about com¬ puters and end up on a funny farm. Camela Brann — “Candy.” Activities: Cosmetology (10-12); V1CA (10- 12). Thoughts about High School: My high school years were great! But I wouldn’t go back for nothing. I’m gonna miss all my friends like L.C., J.A., M.I., D.K., and T.G. Ambition: 1 want to graduate more than anything, then become a police woman and get an apartment with Lou Smith (parties). Christie Brannan — “Chris,” “C.J.,” “Bab.” Activities: Concert Band (9) ; Symphonic Band (10-12); Stage Band (12); Marching Band (10-12). Thoughts about High School: It’s a one life experience for me. Good Luck to whoever lived through it such as I did. Ambition: To go to col¬ lege, get my degree, get married and settle down. Sacha Bridges — “Sach,” “Sachie,” “S.P.” Activities: Cheerleading (9-12); Signet (9-10); Teen Counseling (12). Thoughts about High School: Gar-Field will always be an unforgettable part of my life. My friends made it all worthwhile. Thanx R.M. — Hang in there, only 1 more year!! P.H. — You’re the best!! C.U. at W.L., N.C.H Ambition: To be successful at whatever I choose to do. But most of all to be happy and enjoy life to the fullest!! Christina Britton —- “Tina,” “Strawberry.” Activities: German Club (9); Teen Counseling (11). Thoughts about High School: It was o.k. but I’ll be glad when it’s over. Ambition: To go to college and maybe be a teacher. Thomas Malcolm Brooks — “Tom,” “Tom-Tom.” Activities: Concert Band (10); Symphonic Band (11-12); Marching Band (9-12); JV Soccer (10) ; Varsity Soccer (11-12); AFS (10); Spanish Club (9-10); Signet (9- 12); Regional Band (10). Thoughts about High School: Thanks Jeff, Shelly, John for everything. It’s been the best 4 year of my life. Ambi¬ tion: To attend the Air Force Academy and major in aeronautical engineering. Michael Thomas Brown — “Mike,” “McBro,” “The Bro.” Activities: Signet (9-12); Concert Choir (10-12); Regional Chorus (11); Teen Counseling (11); All-County Chorus (12); “It’s Academic” (12); Model UN (12); Senior Class (12); SGC (11-12); Drama (12); The Campaign That Failed (11). Thoughts about High School: Hey, it’s been a blast! Thanks to everyone who 1 met along the way — Billy, sorry about your car — at least you have your nose!!! Ambition: Find someone rich — marry her, buy a sock company and move to the Bahamas! Michael Todd Brown — “Crazy.” Activities: The Shaman (10-11); The Hyphen (12) (As Artist Extraordinair). Thoughts about High School: High School is a place where students are studied . . . beware Freshmen! Ambition: Do something fun. Moneymaking, and to get my name known. Be my own boss. Susan Karen Brown — “Geddy,” “Susie B,” “Sue Boo.” Activities: VICA (12). Thoughts about High School: It was all right aside from the work, but I’m glad it’s over. Thanks J.J., L.T., and K.B. for all the great times. Ambition: To become a high paid architectural engineer, build my own house and live happily ever after. Susan Burian Mike Burke Marci Burnett Liz Burrows Bonnie Byram James Calfee Laurie Callahan Glenda Campbell 190 Seniors Eric A. Bunn — “Skeet,” “Skeeter,” “Fun Bun,” “Mr. Bond,” “Fred Gonzalas.” Activities: Track (9, 11); Industrial Arts Club (10); VIC A (11, 12); Stage Lighting (11, 12); Yearbook (11, 12). Thoughts about High School: It was quite an experience. Thanks to Mom, Dad, Brad, Bren, Shawn, David, Laura, Pam, John, Ray, Buddy, James, Tim, and Christine. You all have been a powerful force, driving me towards my lifetimes goal. Ambition: Go to the Beach, attend a major Engineering In¬ stitution, live in California, drive a ’74 Charger, and settle down with that special someone. Dawn Burgess — Thoughts about High School: School was okay! I made it through because of my best friends Wanda Mickens and Alex Stallworth. I’ll never forget them. Thank God I’m out! Ambition: To become a Commercial and Graphic Artist. Have a nice place and find a decent guy. Susan Burian — Activities; Gymnastics (9-10); DECA (10-11); FBLA (12). Thoughts about High School: It was fun but I’m glad it’s finally over. Thanks for everything Theresa. Ambition: Get a good job. Be hap¬ py and stay with A.K. for the rest of my life. Michael Burke — “Mike.” Activities: Freshman Football (9); Intramural Ping Pong (9); German Club (11-12); It’s Academic (11); Teen Counsel¬ ing. Thoughts about High School: School’s all right! It’s a great place to learn and become socially inclined. School has been the best time of my life! Ambition: To attend VA Tech and major in Engineering. To raise a family and attend all metal concerts. Finally, to get as big as a tank. Marcelle Hope Burnett — “Spunk.” Thoughts about High School: High School has been a memory 1 won’t forget. Ambition: I plan to pursue a career as a secretary for the government. Elizabeth Burrows — “Liz,” “Grubs,” “Wally,” “Babs,” “Uninunibaguni.” Activities: Varsity Choir (9-10); Majorettes (10-11); Powder Puff (12); DECA (12). Thoughts about High School: It was an experience! Couldn ' t have done it without: Christine, Melisa, Teny, Charlie, Sisson’s and Mom. Also Shawn who I’ll always love with all my heart. Ambition: To go to college and marry S.T.S. at R.M.A. Also to be happy in everything I do! H.T.O.Y. Bonnie Sue Byram — “Bon,” “B,” “Little B.” Activities: Travel Club (9); Choir (9); Culture Club (10); Literary Magazine (10-12); Newspaper (11); History Club (11-12); Yearbook (10-11); COE (12). Thoughts about High School: Nothng that affects you in life is wasted. Special love and gratitude to Mrs. Powers, Mrs. Smith, Mr. Saywer, and J.C. for believing in and inspiring me. Ambition: To be healthy, wealthy, and wise and most of all to be happy and at peace with myself and my life. Tony D. Bryne — “Sly.” Thoughts about High School: This kid knows how to party, he hates school and he hates teachers, the only reason he goes is for the women. Rock and Roll forever. Ambition: I have no ambition. James Calfee — “Opi.” Thoughts about High School: High School was fun. I had my best times with B.F., W.B., D.M., D.E. You all are all right. Ambition: To someday be rich. Lourie Callahan — “Hot Dog,” “Stripe.” Activities: Boys Varsity B-Ball Manager (10); VICA (10-12); Cosmetology (10-12). Thoughts about High School: It was fun while it lasted, but I’m glad it’s finally over. I’m gonna miss: C.B., M.M., T.A., M.B., C.B. Ambition: To get my Cosmetology license, move to Baltimore and marry Danny!!! I love you forever Danny. And live happily ever after with D.D. Glenda Colleen Campbell — “Glen,” “Glenda Sue.” Activities: Drama (11); Marching Band (9, 11-12); Orchestra (9); Concert Band (9-11); State Page (9); Arts and Crafts (9); Talented in Art Program at VCU (11) ; Junior Variety Show (11); History of Rock-n-Roll Musical (9). Thoughts about High School: Gar-Field was “interesting.” Thanx C.C., T.F., C.D.S., W.B., T.L., T.E. for being there. Thank you Marco for 2 wonderful years — I love you ‘5.’ Ambition: I’d like to spend as much time as I can studying art, then maybe teach it myself. Stacey Lavette Carlson — Activities: Varsity Softball (10); VICA Club (12) ; Latin Club (11). Thoughts about High School: It was the best four Stacey Carlson Denise Carmichael ■ Kenneth Carroll Michele Carter Linda Cashwell Kevin Cecil Colleen Checkon John Checkon Lisa Cheeks Kimberly Chiddix Michael Chesley Colleen Clark Jennifer Coffee Donna Collatos Seniors 191 Dena Collier Cherlyn Colon Felix Colon Thomas Conaway f i Mike Collins Mary Cook Yvonne Corley Shawne Cosand Tadd Crawford Richard Crespo Timothy Cross years. I’ve met so many good friends. I’ll miss ail of them. Thanks Gar- Field for showing the way. Ambition: to attend college and get my degree and then live life to its fullest. 1 would like to spend my life with that someone special. Denise Marie Carmichael — “Dizzy,” “Diznlse,” “Thumper,” " Beef,” “Hey You — The Airheaded Flirtatious One!” Activities: Concert Band {9-10); Marching Band (10); SGC (10); Teen Counseling (11); Tre¬ ble Choir (10); Concert Choir (11-12); Ail-County Choir (11-12); All- Regional Choir (11-12); Dominants (12); Drama Club (11-12); Signet (9- 12). Thoughts about High School: I’ll always remember the fantastic times with friends like Tippy, Airhead, Sparky, Mike, Walter, and especially Bambi and Flower! Thanks for everything! Ambition: To live in the mountains, get married, find a decent nickname, and to stop my lip from shaking! Kenneth Lee Carroll — " Cookie,” “Kenny.” Activities: Indoor Track (11-12); Outdoor Track (11-12); Cross Country (11-12). Thoughts about High School; I want to thank all the runners in G-F, they made my last two years my best. Good luck to all of you!! Love y’all!! Ambition: To compete in the ’88 Olympics like P.M. and R.W. and have a lot of money! Linda Marie Cashweil -- Activities: Basketball (9); indoor Track (10); Cross-Country (9-11); Outdoor Track (9 11). Thoughts about High School: It was a memorable experience. Special thanx to D.L., J.W., R.W., and D I. , blue is definitely your color, but I’m gonna miss ya! R.W., I’ll be watching the tube for you in 1988. Good Luck! Ambition: ! want to be a computer programmer, make mucho dinero, marry Joel Jimmy Richie, and live in Florida. Kevin W. Cecil — “Cee-Cee,” “Cees.” Activities: Outdoor Track (10); Indoor Track (10, 11); Captain - Cross-Country (11); ViCA (11, 12); Par¬ ty (9. 10); Party Hard (11, 12). Thoughts about High School: I don ' t want to leave, but! don’t want to stay. You know what I mean, Vern??? Ambition: To live a happy and successful life and have a ferocious Doberman named Cujo. Colleen Mary Chekon — “Kris.” Activities; Drama (9); Key Club (12). Memories: Michelle B., Tracy P., Kim H., Cindy M., Kathy M., Saman¬ tha C.» Nancy S., THANKS! Football games, prom, Homecoming, it’s been fun but I’m glad I’ll be gone. Ambition: To be successful in whatever 1 do! John Checkon — “Dave, " “Mega-mouth.” Activities: Math Club (10); Key Club (11, 12); Track (10, 11); Cross-Country (11); Drama (12); Literary Club (12). Thoughts about High School: A great place to be when one wants to get away from Mom and Dad, Ambition: To be suc¬ cessful in whatever 1 do and to be a happy father. Mike Chesley — “Chester,” “Chesley.” Thoughts about High School: High School went by so fast, but that’s good cause ! was getting sick of it. But ail in all High School is great! Ambition: To go to college and to be an Electronic Engineer so I can make money. Samantha Carol Chichester — “Sam,” “Sammie,” “Sammy Jo,” “Sammie Sue.” Activities: Spanish Club (10, 11); HOSA (11, 12). Thoughts about High School: f will never forget the times in the junior locker bay. Love to all rny friends, Kathy and Cindy made all the bad times laughable. Thanks! Ambition: To go to college for my Bachelors in Nursing and become filthy rich. Linda Ann Chopin — “Lit Tank, " “Little Linda.” Activities: Spanish Club (9, 10); J.V. Softball (10); Varsity Softball (11). Thoughts about High School: It was a lot of fun and a lot of hard work. I wish the upcom¬ ing students at Gar-Field lots of luck and many good times. Ambition: Become a computer programmer and spend the rest of my life with the most important person in my life, Matthew Struder. Jeffrey Chuday — “Jeff,” “Chewy,” “Mag” “Chufatt.” Thoughts about High School: It has been a blast. The best times were before school, lunch, and the five minutes between. Have fun bawls, Doc, Bugman. Ambition: To make money, money, money, have what 1 do, and be the first man to drive around the world. Colleen Ann Clark — “Beaver,” “Bookie,” “Betty Sue,” “C,” “C.C.,” Lynne Cummings Anthony Currier Natasha Davis 192 Seniors Mark Dallman Pam Day Kim Dean Shari Dean Charmane Delaverson “Clark.” Activities: Indianettes (12); Dominants (11, 12); Concert Choir (10-12); Drama Club (9-11); SADD (11, 12); All-County Choir (11, 12); Regional Choir (10, 11); Selected All-State Alternate (11); Who’s Who Among American High School Students (11); SGC Representative (9- 11) ; Sophomore Class President; Varsity Band (9); All Virginia Honors Choir Alternate (12). Thoughts about High School: High School . . . it’s the most freedom you’ll ever have to dream about your future. Thanks to everyone who made it so very special, especially Tiffany. Ambition: 1 hope to major in music education, work for my masters, and strive for all my dreams. Donna Collatos — “Mumbles.” Activities: Drama Club (10); Mass Casualty (10); Latin Club (12); Shape American High School (9, 10); Shape Belgium. Thoughts about High School: It’s amazing how much you have to learn before you realize how little you know. — Snoopy. Michael Collins — “Mike.” Activities: Bass Choir (9); Varsity Choir (10- 12) ; German Club (11-12); VICA (11-12). Thoughts about High School: It’s been fun, and it’s been long, but I’m done. So long. Ambition: To en¬ joy my life to the fullest. To get more money, a better job, and a woman to love. Cherlyn Diane Colen — “Cheri,” “Oh Cheri,” “Dingy,” “Airhead.” Activities: Indianettes (11-12); FBLA (12); Senior Class (12); Spanish Club (11-12). Thoughts about High School: Been a great four years. Thanks to: B.E., J.J., C.W., L.J. Summer of ’84 was the best — Tina, Cara, and Laura — YOU’RE THE BEST! Ambition: To go on to college and major in business administration. Then go to live with Tina and Party! Thomas Richard Conaway — “Freak.” Activities: Freshman Football (9); VICA (11-12). Thoughts about High School: It was great meeting all the people, but I couldn’t go through those classes again. Ambition: I plan to go to college and advance my knowledge and skills in the elec¬ trical field, and make enough bucks to build the baddest 4WD! Glen Conward — “G.M.C.” Activities: HERO Club. Thoughts about High School: School has been hard work, but fun all at the same time. Ambition: I’d like to go into the Air Force then get out into the world. Then marry the girl of my dreams, Michelle Dorotch. Mary G. Cook — “Mary Jo,” “M.J.” Activities: FBLA (12); COE (12); DECA (12); Varsity Choir (9). Thoughts about High School: I’m really sad about leaving High School. It’s been a blast! Thanks for all the memories and good times. Barbie, Kim, Both Shari’s and both Lisa’s. Ambition: Go to college and start a business career. Thanks for everything Mom and Dad! Gary, Good luck your senior year. I love you!!! Shawne Cosand — “Shawnee,” “T ,” Activities: SGC (9-11); Spanish Club (9); History Club (11); Teen Counselor (11); Who’s Who Among American High School Students; Indianettes (10) Lettered (11), Captain (12); Powder Puff (12). Thoughts about High School: Indianettes: 1 love Ya! Thanx to all of my friends — Faye, Kat, Jean, Choo, Jill, Mike, Ken¬ ny, Lance, and Derrick — Love you all! Ambition: Get into a Business College, get a good job in New York and live iri my Penthouse with my Porsche and my honey!! (Whoever that is!) Richard Crespo — “Crespo,” “Voe,” “Skipper,” “Lurch.” Activities: Chess and Battle Club (9); Video Tech (10); Junior Class (11); Indoor Track (11); Stage Band (12); Symphonic Band (12); Marching Band (10- 12). Thoughts about High School: There was a lot of work, but it was fun while it lasted. Thank God i t’s over! Good-Bye, Good Luck, and Good Riddance!! Ambition: To be the best Policeman I can be, and live a long enjoyable single-swinging bachelor life! Timothy Cross — During my years at Gar-Field I studied electronics, ac¬ counting, and data processing. I’ve really had a good time at Gar-Field. I am going to get into the Air Force as an aviation engineer, I also wish Gina the best of luck in the future! Anthony Currier — “Tony,” “TC.” Activities: Drama Club (12); Tennis (12). Thoughts about High School: It’s been fun. I’ll never forget the good times 1 had with my friends. Thanks for everything. Ambition: To become highly successful in the computer field and live a healthy life. Michael Delaney David Depoy Michelle Depoy Margaret Dick Michelle Dietz Dean Diffenbaugh Richard Divver Thomas Dollarhide Rosemary Doran Seniors 193 Chirstine Dormstetter Roger Dowd Stephen Doyle Angela Drummond Greg Dunn Todd Ebron Natasha Davis — “Tash,” “Tasha,” “Nat.” Activities: DECA Club (10). Thoughts about High School: 1 have a lot of real good memories since my freshman year. Mostly with Craig and Lori. It wouldn t have been worth it without them. Ambition: To have a good long life, have a few kids, and live happily ever after with my sweetheart Craig. Mark Dallmann — Activities: VICA (12). Thoughts about High School: High School has been fun especially this year, 1 would have never made it without my friends Jo and Pat. Just kidding Bill, Rad, and John. Ambi¬ tion: My ambition is to get a nice car and get rid of my bomb. I hope to do good in life. Greg Davis — “Disco,” “Loser.” Thoughts about High School: I don’t remember much because 1 slept through it. Kabler’s Spanish II class was a blast 3rd period 83-84. Ambition: To become a flower child. Seriously, go to college and become a cheerleader. Pamela Jean Day — “Pam,” “Blondie,” “Pamy,” “Pamelina.” Ac¬ tivities: Math Club (9, 10); French Club (9-12); Teen Counseling (12); National Honor Society (11, 12). Thoughts about High School: The high school years are some of the most exciting years in one’s life but they go by so quickly! Ambition: To fulfill in my life God’s plans for me, whatever that may be! Kimberly A. Dean — “Kim.” Activities: Freshman Cheerleader; Varsity Cheerleader (10, 11); Teen Counseling (11, 12); SGC Representative (11, 12); Homecoming Court (11,12); Powder Puff (12). Thoughts about High School: Gar-Field has been very good to me. I’ll treasure the memories forever. Thanks - Som - for always being there and to Kenny (1ALY). Ambition; To go on to college and get a degree in Business Ad¬ ministration. After college, I plan on getting married and being happy. Shari Dean - “Sad,” “Duck.” Activities: Basketball (9). Thoughts about High School: Donna, you were always understanding like a real friend should be. Joyce, you’re one of a kind and then there was Cheryl, the crazy one. Ambition: To become a dancer and to get an apartment with Donna Knott. Charmane Delaverson — “Char.” Activities: JV Softball (10, 11); Or¬ chestra (9, 10, 12); The Hyphen (11, 12); Photo Editor (12); Crew Club (12). Thoughts about High School: The Friendships, the laughs, and the tears have made them four trying years, but thanks to R.H., L.M., M.D., and lil’ K.C., the memories will last forever. Thanks Mr. T, Mrs. S, and Mr. V. for everything! TTGAOPILYA1! Ambition: To go to college . . . somewhere and then move to N.Y. and become a fashion photographer for GQ. When I’m rich and have my porsche 944 and my 67 mustang - LIVE IT UP! Elena Marie DeLeon — Activities: FBLA (11, 12); DECA (10-12), DECA Historian (12); Teen Counseling (11). Thoughts about High School: I had some really good times and there are many people to remember, K.W., C.S., J.R., D.R., thanks for all your love and support! Ambition: To make it into F.I.T. and become very successful in the world of Fashion! Michelle Marie DePoy — “Michi,” “Mich.” Activities: Indoor Tiack (9); Outdoor Track (9); Indoor Track (10); Outdoor Track (10); Varsity Soc¬ cer (11, 12); Symphonic Band (9-12). Thoughts about High School: There were poor times (TJR9ARCMK), but there were great times too!!! (Aidele, Sqrlhamcm)il, BNSoccer), Lisa, Pam, David — Thanks — Love you AFF1! Chris — 1 Wuvoonaf. Ambition: To go to college, become a geneticist, get married, and have lots of little blond-haired, blue-eyed babies!!! Margaret Dick — “Peggy,” “Jupiter,” “Crash.” Activities: Varsity Choir (9, 10), Treble Choir (11). Thoughts about High School: To Heather and Angie, it’s been a wild four years!! Thanks for being there when 1 needed you!! Thanks Traci, Kim, Willis, and everyone else! Am¬ bition: To relax and have a wild time! Michelle Dietz — “Mici,” “Shelle,” “Breezy,” “Red.” Activities: Flag Corps (10-12). Thoughts about High School: To all underclassmen enjoy it while you can. Thanks to all my friends, especially C.D., M.Y., A.C., J.C., and the entire Flag Corps. Ambition: To go to college and learn the real meaning of the word party and to study to be a Biology teacher. Tammy Echelbarger Tara Edelschick Paul Edwards Catherine Ehlers David Eiland Charlie Einsmann Darren Ekren Todd Ellard 194 Seniors Dean T. Diffenbaugh — “Diff,” “Ruggish IV,” “Lunch,” “Deano.” Ac¬ tivities: Freshman Football; V 2 year Varsity Football (10); VICA. Thoughts about High School: To all those little freshmen (Tony P.) 1 leave you lunch. Ambition: To make it through five years of partying with Tim M. Christina Dormstetter -— “Chrys, " “Rabbit, " “SCOTC. " Activities: Concert Band (9); Symphonic Band (10-11), Marching Band (9-10); Flags (11-12); French Club (11-12); Sophomore Vice-President; Teen Counseling (11). Thoughts about High School: All of it was great ex¬ cluding the classes! Thanx D.G., M.D., K.M., A.C., and all the other lit¬ tle Haggles but especially Lee, love ya babe! AW1AB. Ambition: To live a long and happy life. Roger Dowd — “Rog,” “Rio.” Thoughts about High School: I would not have made it without my dear friends Chris H. and Peggy W. psss fresh (Mark V.) Chuck you need a new pair of black shoes! (not bass weejuns) and just don’t shave your head! Ambition: To become rich and famous and have lots of money and girls. A limo to take me to my concerts. And an Astin Martin for home (black or red). Stephen L. Doyle — " Teedie.” Activities: VICA Club (12). Thoughts about High School: It was a fun place to be, but I’m glad it’s over with. As for C.T.C.M., J.S. and the rest, Good Luck, but most of all, I wish Kim the best of luck in everything she does. Without her school and other things wouldn’t have been the same. P S. 1 love you. Ambition: To make it through Trade School and be successful in whatever career I choose and hopefully go back with Kim. Angela Marie Drummond — “Angie,” “Ang,” “Angie D.-crash,” “Spanky,” “Marsha.” Activities: Freshman Cheerleading (9); Varsity Cheerleading (10); Homecoming Court (10); CAKS (10); Varsity Cheerleading (11); DECA (12); Powder Puff (12). Thoughts about High School: High school was great, but I’m glad it’s over. I never could have made it without my friends. Thanks Michelle, Lisa, Sue, Michelle, Soraya, and Jackie. Ambition: To go to college in New York and pursue my career as a fashion buyer. Then marry that special person I fell deeply in love with a few years ago — I Love You, Jeff!! Gregory S. Dunn — “Greg.” Activities: SGC Rep. (9); French Club (10- 12). Thoughts about High School: It’s been a blast!! James and John (Richard’s epecerie), J.G. (V.L.M.). I’ll never forget the great times I’ve had at G-F. Ambition: Go to Va. Tech! Study Business and hopefully get a job making lots of money with a big corporation. Tara Edelschick — Activities: Spanish Club (10); National Honor Socie¬ ty (11, 12); Teen Counselor (11); Mascot (12); Powder Puff (12). Thoughts about High School: Time spent in school wasn’t great, but thanks to Jones 1, Choo, Jones 2, Zhean, Kat, Luella, Roya, Mike, and William, these years were the best and the wildest. Ambition: I want to own a driving school so that I can teach my friends the “right” way to drive and to eat waffle ice cream with Jennifer. Catherine Mary Ehlers — “Cathy.” Thoughts about High School: No Comment! Thanks for making it bearable, Marg., a true friend, for guessing; Leona, for helping me grow up, and Slaw, for introductions and caring enough to slap me when hysteria took over. Ambition: To live in a Park Avenue with all male servants, but mostly to be rich, happy, famous, and sane — not necessarily in that order! David Eiland — Activities: Football (10); Drama Club (11, 12); History Club (11, 12); Latin Club (10, 12); Track (12). Ambition: To tour Western Idaho. Charlie Einsmann — “Tuna,” “Bawls.” Activities: Freshman Football; JV Basketball (10); Golf (10, 11); Varsity Basketball (11, 12); Varsity Football (12); Math Club (10, 12); Computer Club (12). Thoughts about High School: The five minutes in between have been the best part. Thank you Carmalita, Joyce, and Nancy. Ambition: Go to college free, possibly in one of the military academies, so 1 can get a new car. Get more sup. Have a good paying career and then get married. Rebecca Lynn Espinal — “Becky,” “Crash.” Activities: Volleyball (9- 10); Band (9); SGC (9); FBLA (9) (Committee Chairman) (12). Thoughts about High School: My craziest times were spent with friends at Gar- Field. Good luck to C.C., D.D., K.B., D.L. All my love and thanks to Rebecca Espinal Bruce Evatt Darryl Fairley Shari Falce David Farish Kellee Felter Michael Finlayson Karen Fisher Kim Fitzgerald Tiffany Fitzwater Willis Foley Lisa Fontane John Foster Lizbeth Franke Seniors 195 Brian Friend Dionisio Gamboa John Ganino Lisa Gazda Susan Gazda Daniel Gillette Crystal Good Robert Goewey John Good Samuel Goodrich Karen Gordon Lee Gorsuch Dianne Goulla Tamara Graham Steve Hall. Ambition: To live my life to the fullest, do as much “socializ¬ ing” as possible, especially with the man I love and party as much as possible. Bruce Evatt — “Banana Bandit,” “Brewster,” “B.T.B.B..” Activities: Varsity Choir (11); Concert Choir; Dominants (12); Regional Chorus (11) . Thoughts about High School: G-F was fun. I’ll miss “The Bench.” Thanks D.C.B.C., Mom and Dad W., Mr. and Mrs. Y., DOC, E.J., B.B., A S., C.S. and my family. Ambition: To graduate and go to college. Then buy an estate and grow bananas, and maybe get into police work. Darryl Fairley — “Yannich Noah,” “Fairley,” “The Prince,” “Yan- nich,” “Ace.” Activities: VICA (12); Tennis (10-12). Thoughts about High School; High School was okay thanks to some friends and teachers. Eddy and the rest of the cruisers, you’re all on the one. Ambition: To become an architect and be a rich and famous tennis player and own my own tennis resort in California. David Farish — “Big Dave.” Activities: Football (9-12); Weightlifting (9-12); VICA (11-12). Thoughts about High School: It was fun while it lasted but I’m glad that it’s finally over. Hopefully Seniors will get more privileges than we got. Ambition: Go to a good college and study elec¬ tronics. Then make megabucks doing it. Kellee Dawn Felter — “Kell.” Activities: Flag Corps (11); Math Club (12) ; Tennis Club (12). Thoughts about High School: They were the best and worst years of my life. Thanks for helping me survive M.A., M.D., R.L., K.H., K.M., Popcorn and all my friends who have graduated or will be. Ambition: To go to college in Florida and major in something that I will enjoy. Michael Finlayson — “Finy.” Activities: Freshman Football (9); Varsity Football (10). Thoughts about High School: School has been an ex¬ perience I’ll never forget. I wish 1 could live it over. On second thought, I couldn’t take all the work again. Ambition: 1 plan to become a success in whatever I do. But first, 1 have to decide what I want to do. Karen JoAnne Fisher — “Goldilocks.” Activities: Varsity Football Manager (11-12); Teen Counseling (12); Math Club (12). Thoughts about High School: It was a riot! Thanx for the great times — Swish, Paul, David S., Ashley, Greg S., and all the coaches. Duck, J.V. and S.R. — remember James Wood. C.G. and T.S. — want some Mickey D’s straws? Ambition: Go to college, get a good job and marry someone with lots of money. Most of all, 1 just want to be happy. Kim Lynette Fitzgerald — “Doll,” “Kimberly,” “Fitz. " Activities: 9th: Leo Club; Marching Band; French Club; Pep Club; SGC Representative; County Band; Regional Band; County Orchestra, Symphonic Band; Solo and Ensemble. 10th: Leo Club; Marching Band; French Club; SGC Representative; County Band; Regional Band; County Orchestra; Sym¬ phonic Band; Solo and Ensemble. 11th: Drum Major; Leo Club; Latin Club; Solo and Ensemble; County Band; County Orchestra; Regional Band; SGC Representative; Symphonic Band. 12th: Stage Band; Sym¬ phonic Band; Drum Major; Leo Club; SADD; Latin Club. Thoughts about High School: High School’s been great. I had a lot of fun and even learned a little. Thanks to Larry, Wendy, Brigitte, Pam, Lisa and good friends. Ambition: To succeed as a professional classical and jazz flutist and saxophonist. And to enjoy life and the wealth of my rich husband. Tiffany Jo Fitzwater — “Bunny,” “Fitz,” “Tiffo,” “Fittany,” “Fit,” “Breezy,” “Betty Jo,” “Tiffason.” Activities: Drama Club (9-10); Sophomore Beauty Pageant (10); Indianettes (11-12); Latin Club (12). Thoughts about High School: Interesting, but given the chance I would not do it again! Everything is ahead of me, all my memories behind me — I love ya Beave! Ambition: To get two years of college behind me and fly off to Texas to be the prominent wife of an Air Force officer. Willis Foley III — “Butch, " “Will,” “Dude,” “Wilamina.” Thoughts about High School: It was great, not school, but the socializing. Thanx D.L., M.B., J.C., R.C., and Jeff, John and Paul. To all others thanx, it was great. Long live ’85. Ambition: Graduate, go to Virginia Beach, Col¬ orado and PARTY! John Everett Foster — “J.F..” Activities: French Club (11-12); Model UN (11-12); JV Soccer (10-11); Varsity Soccer (12). Thoughts about High School: Bumming arund this dump for the past four years was 196 Seniors Sandy Grantham Daniel Green Ellen Grieff Eric Griffin Theresa Grigsby okay. I ' ll always remember the rocking parties with R.V., D.S., E.B., J.M., etc. Party hardy guys! Ambition: Go to college and get my degree in his tory. Then maybe I’ll go to Ireland and jam with Bono and the Edge for a while. Lizbeth Ann Franke — “Becky,” “Weasie,” “Pooh Bear,” “BQ.” Ac¬ tivities: JV Cheerleader (9); Track (9); Pep Club(9); Varsity Softball (10); Rugby Manager (10); Pep Club (10); SGC (12); DECA (12). Thoughts about High School: Great place to socialize and have fun with friends. Thanx to E.B. Ambition: Go to college, major in business management, make mega bucks, party a lot, and have tequilla sunrises for breakfast every day. Brian Friend — “Friendly.” Activities: Concert Band (9); Chess and Battle (9, 10); Drama Club (12); Mu Alpha Theta (12). Thoughts about High School: It was great being with friends throughout the year, but I wish it happened someplace else. Ambition: To be able to sleep till 12:00 for a whole year, and be in a position where the weekend really means something. License to Kill! Dionisio Sales Gamboa — “Don,” “Ghandi,” “Gambi.” Activities: Cross-Country (10, 12); Indoor Track (10, 12); Outdoor Track (10); Mar¬ ching Band (10); Wrestling (11); SGC Representative (11); SGC Presi¬ dent (12); Tennis Club (11); Tennis Team (12); National Honor Society (11, 12); Spanish Club (9, 10). Thoughts about High School: My Senior year was the toughest, but I’m glad I saw it through. Thanks for making me laugh F.J., M.B. . . . That kept me going when times got tough. Am¬ bition: To become an Air Force M.D. and buy my Dad his boat. John Ganino — “Chin Lee.” Activities: Signet (9-12); National Honor Society (11, 12); Math Club (11, 12); Latin Club (10, 11); History Club; Computer Club (10, 12); (President). Thoughts about High School: It’s been interesting! Thanks G.B., for giving me someone to argue with and thanks B.Y., G.S., K.H. for giving me good jokes about our teachers. Ambition: To get the be st possible education I can, get a job in engineer¬ ing and make “Ganino” a respected name in my field. Lisa Marie Gazda — “Lis,” “Beeb.” Activities: National Honor Society (11, 12); Math Club (10, 12); Powder Puff (12); FBLA (11). Thoughts about High School: It was a great experience thanks to good friends and teachers. P.L., M.D., L.C., K.E., thanks for being there when I needed you all! (Remember ADBF-83)? Ambition: To go to college and pursue a career in Engineering. Someday, I hope to marry the man 1 love!! Susan Gazda — “Suzi,” “Sue’s.” Activities: JV Football (10); Sophomore Beauty Pageant (10); DECA (11, 12); Powder Puff (12). Thoughts about High School: The friends 1 made and the memories we shared will last a lifetime. I wouldn’t have made it without the gang! Thanx, Ang, Red, Leese, Kob, Wheelies, and Kris, and yes B.R., too. Ambition: Go to ODU (party), buy a Ferrari, and own a penthouse at the beach to share with that special guy that means so much to me. I love you, C.N. Danny Gillette — Activities: Tennis (10-12). Thoughts about High School: The last four years in Gar-Field have been pretty fun, but I’m glad this was my last year of High School. Ambition: I would like to go on to college and major in business or computer programming. Robert Goewey — “Bob,” “Goodh,” " Go-Go,” “Para Bob.” Activities: All-County Choir (9-12); Regional Choir (9-11); Dominants (11, 12); Science Club (11, 12); Health Occupations Students of America (11, 12); Honors Choir (12). Thoughts about High School: Was great near the end. I leave my great voice and dancing skills to the future Dominants, and Thanks Mrs. Moyes for everything. Ambition: To study medicine, go through the career ladder and become a Physician Assistant in the Army. Crystal Good — “Cuddles,” “Flash,” “Cryst.” Activities: Varsity Choir (9); Concert Choir (10-12); All-County Choir (12); Teen Counseling (12); Latin Club (12). Thoughts about High School: It was totally great! Thanx to all my friends for making it fun! Especially B.J., J.B., C.S., D.G., and all the Concert Choir people. Ambition: To go to college, become a veterinarian, marry Gary, get rich and have a blast!!! John Speros Good — “Zeek,” “Spero.” Thoughts about High School: It was definitely an experience — especially meeting the new female in- Wendy Grimes Timothy Gutierrez Barbara Haines Darrin Haller Anthony Halman Emi Hamako Seniors 197 Lynn Hammond Mike Hamric Kim Hanberry Cheryl Hardy Brenda Harman Sheri Harrell dividuals. Thanx, Jerry, Duane, Pornpon for making it last. Ambition: To become a hermit and live my life in Alaska and find happiness through silence. Sam Goodrich — Activities: V1CA (12); Tennis Crew (12). Thoughts about High School: School would’ve been much better if I could’ve graduated early and gone to the beach w o the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. Too many Geeks. Ambition: To be President of the U.S. or an architectural engineer and make the girl of my dreams mine. Karen Lynn Gordon — “QP,” “Munchkin,” “Ms. Mgr.,” “Dancer,” “Kay.” Activities: Cross-Country (12, mgr.); Indoor Track (11, 12, mgr.), Outdoor Track (11, 12, mgr ); FBLA (9, 11, 12). Thoughts about High School: I’ve enjoyed my 2 years at G-F. It’s been great!!! 1 wish to thank all my friends who made my 2 years very memorable. Ambition: To Graduate!! A special thanks to the CC Track Teams who made these 2 years interesting, exciting, and enjoyable. Good Luck to you all in the future. Dianne Elizabeth Goulla — Thoughts about High School: It was a quick four years. 1 had some good times with my friends and teachers, but I’m glad it’s over. Thanks “HULK.” Ambition: Get married, have a few kids, live happily ever after and always love T.B.H Sandra Grantham — “Sandy,” “Shorty,” “Shrimpy.” Activities: SGC (9-12); Latin Club (11, 12); Indianettes (11, 12); Math Club (12); Signet (9-12). Thoughts about High School: What can I say, it’s been great! Thanks a million to everybody especially Tia B., Pam B., Domini B., Walter B., and the whole lunch gang! Love ya’ll! Ambition: To survive my senior year and college, to live long enough to hear Tia or Denise C. say something intelligent. Be happy forever!! Ellen Grieff — “Eilie,” “Elbow,” “Cassie.” Activities: FBLA (11, 12). Thoughts about High School: 1 made it through thanks to J.A., B.L., L.O., S.M., and the gang outside. Thanks for all the fun times, PARTY HARDY, Rock-n-Roll! Ambition: To be rich, famous, happy, and own a Porsche 944. Eric Griffin — “DM.” Activities: Signet (10-12); NHS(11, 12 - Presi¬ dent); Hyphen Editor (10-12); Shaman Editor (10-12); Math Club (12); It’s Academic (12); Computer Club (12). Thoughts about High School: The things I learned about myself here, made the whole experience highly bearable. Ambition: To go to the University of Hawaii and lie on the beach, writing bad poetry and casting it into the ocean in little bottles. Theresa Grigsby — Activities: DECA (Secretary). Thoughts about High School: High School is a good opportunity to discover more about yourself. To make lots of firends and still be able to find time to party!! Ambition: My ambition is to reach my goal in life, be successful and be happy. Wendy Lee Grimes — “Wen,” “Frog.” Thoughts about High School: Meeting all of the people was half the fun of coming to G-F. To a very close friend, V.T., Thanks. Friends for life. Ambition: To graduate, get a very good job and be happy. ' Barbara Haines — “Barbi.” Activities: VICA; HERO. Thoughts about High School: High School is a place for growing and finding yourself. Thanks Michelle, Pam, Rachel, Tracy for that. I love you all. Ambition: Complete high school, go to New York to study about hair and fashion, own my own beauty salon, one day. Also go to college. Ken Haines — “Maverick.” Activities: VICA (11, 12). Thoughts about High School: 1 believe that high school has been a real drag. Ambition: My ambition is to become a United States Ranger. April Hall “Appie,” “Aprilri.” Thoughts about High School: It was hard, but fun and I’ll miss it. I could have never made it without my best friends Adelina, Terri, Cindy, and Sam. Ambition: After High School I plan to work and then get married and spend the rest of my life with Ronnie, whom I will love forever! Darrin Haller — “Doc.” Activities: Spanish Club (10); Math Club (12); Computer Club (12). Thoughts about High School: High School brought about many good friends. It was fun while I was here but I’ll be glad when it’s over. Ambition: To be a pilot in the Marines, get a college Scott Harris Cynthia Harroll Timothy Harps Pornpan Harris Pat Hart Theresa Hart Dennie Haught Harold Haycraft 198 Seniors education, and a degree in Engineering. Anthony L, Halman — “Tony,” “Buckwheat.” Thoughts about High School: High school was boring, but my favorite and nicest teacher was Mrs. Rosenblatt, (only reason I’m wr iting this is because she might read this.) Ambition: To be a successful automobile mechanic and run my own business, and never see Pete, Butch, and Darla again, just kidding. Tina Cavell Halsey — “Hips,” “T,” “Cavell,” “Tinita.” Activities: SGC (12); DECA (11, 12); Powder Puff (12). Thoughts about High School: Thanx “B” clan, the nights were never boring, Margie and Tami, a special thanx; to a very special person Thanx for March 1st, never forget it!! Ambition: To become a cruise director, stay single and to in¬ vest in a good moped (right Stace?!) Emi Hamako — Activities: Cheerleading (10, 11); Homecoming Court (10); Powder Puff (12). Thoughts about High School: Thanks to the “B” clan it was the best it could have been, but I’m glad to be getting out. Special thanks to K.H. and S.A. Ambition: Go to college, be comfortably well-off, lead a happy life with Scott and always be close to my best friend, Kerry. Mary Lynn Hammond — “Lynnie Poo.” Activities: Cosmetology (10- 12). Thoughts about High School: Thank you Gar-Field for a fantastic time. Mom, Dad, Shelly, Mike, and Tracey, I love you and you’ll be pro¬ ud of me someday! Ambition: To own my own Beauty Shop in California and marry Danny Dickerson and love him forever! Mike Hamric — “Hambone,” “Bone.” Activities: Freshman Basketball (9) ; JV Basketball (10); JV Baseball (10, 11); Varsity Baseball (12). Thoughts about High School: William and Larry made it liveable. Good times far outdo the bad times. If you work hard for 3 years you’ll get what you deserve. Ambition: I plan to go to college, have fun, and make my life the best it can possibly be. Me and Larry will have a blast. Kim A. Hanberry — “Kimba.” Activities: German Club (9-12); Jour¬ nalism (10). Thoughts about High School: I’ve had some pretty wild times here. There have been some killer parties, but I’m glad it’s over! Ricky, thanks for everything! 1 love you! Ambition: I plan to finish high school, settle down with Ricky and take night classes to get a degree in journalism. Cheryl Hardy — “Cheri,” “Kit.” Activities: LPN (12); Cheerleading (10) ; FBLA (10); HOSA (11, 12). Thoughts about High School: A lot of good times, hard work, and good friends. Couldn’t have made it without Cyndi and Cindi. Thanks to Amy for all the advice. Ambition: To have my prince charming (Marc) sweep me off my feet and carry me away. Hopefully to live happily ever after!! Brenda Harman — “Bren,” “Boo Boo,” “Harman Brenda.” Activities: Varsity Choir (9, 10); Concert Choir (11, 12); Dominats (11); All-County Choir (11); Teen Counseling (11). Thoughts about High School: The past four years have been super. Many thanks to my teachers, and friends who made it all worthwhile. Ambition: 1 intend to achieve all that’s possi¬ ble (especially money and happiness) and to marry C.M. Timothy T. Harps — Activities: Hyphen (10-12); Electronics Club (9). Thoughts about High School: High School has been to me what it was designed to be — a learning experience. 1 found that anything outside of the Lord is vanity. Ambition: My ambition is to become a minister of God first, then I would like to attend a Bible college. Sheri Renee Harrell — Activities: Latin Club; Drama; Science Club; Art Club; Swim Team; Track; Homeroom Alternate; Member of Junior Classical League. Memories: All the good friends I have met I will always remember. AH the lunches and football games 1 have gone to I will keep a special place in my heart. Ambition: My goal is to go to a good University and find a career that will fit the lifestyle I wish to live. Pornpan Harris — “Popcorn,” “Porn,” “Porno,” “Sunshine.” Ac¬ tivities: Flag Corps (10, 11); JV Softball (11); Concert Band (9); Powder Puff (12). Thoughts about High School: I had some good and bad times, but I’m glad it’s over. Thank you Ah-Ling for being there. J.H. you always have a special place in my heart. Ambition: To be a successful secretary, marry the man of my dreams, and live happily forever in a mansion. Lori Hayes Peggy Hicks Missy Hiett Robert Higdon Joyce Hilins Daniel Hill Pamela Himelright Pamela Hobbs Michelle Hoff Kerry Hoffman Lloyd Holland James Hoover Glen Housier Joseph Hummel Seniors 199 Michelle Hummer Michael Humphreys James Hunter Annette Hurley Ramona Hutt Todd Ingram Kim Hyman David Iseminger Angela Jackson Craig Jackson Kim Jackson Steven Jamieson David Jebram 200 Seniors Cynthia Lynn Harrod — “Marge.” Activities: Concert Band (9). Thoughts about High School: It’s been four long and hard years, it’s finally over. Thanks L.S., M.A., M.D., T.E., and especially M.J. for all your support. Ambition: To go to college, get my degree in nursing and make life the best it can be. Theresa L. Hart — Activities: DECA (10, 11); FBLA (12). Thoughts about High School: These four years were a blast, but I’m glad it’s fnally over. Thanks to all my friends for all their help, especially Susan. Ambi¬ tion: Who knows what I’ll be doing when I grduate. I’d like to drive an eighteen-wheeler for a while and then settle down with J.V.G. Dennis Haught — " Ho tt,” “Slick,” “Ace.” Activities: V1CA (12). Thoughts about High School: It was long until my senior year. Thanks Yannich, A.B., CD., E.F., G.H., I.J., K.L., M.N., O.P., Q.R., S.T., U.V., W.X., Y.Z. Ambition: To be an architect and make mega bucks, also win a lottery in Canada so I don’t pay the tax. Harold Haycraft — “Indiana Jr.,” “The Big H.” Activities: Industrial Arts Club (10); VICA (11, 12). Thoughts about High School: School was o k., I wouldn’t want to stay any longer, but I am going to miss all my friends, especially my girlfriend, Lisa C. Ambition: Graduate from here, go to college, and become a very good repair technician. Also to stay with Lisa C., as long as 1 can. Samuel Henry Jr. — “Squint.” Activities: Track (12). Thoughts about High School: I feel that my High School years have been the best years of my school career. Ambition: My ambition is to become a Marine Aviator. Brian Hubbard — Thoughts about High School: School was lame, everybody is a kook. I’m glad these four years are over, 1 mean 5 years. Lori Christina Hayes — “Airhead,” “Dizzy.” Activities: Freshman Basketball; JV Softball (9); JV Basketball (10); JV Softball (10); DECA Club (10). Thoughts about High School: It was a good four years, but I’m glad to be out. Thanks to my bestest friends (Tasha D., Lynn T., Patty P.) I would have never made it. Ambition: To work and go to college at night. Then get married to Dean and have bundles of kids and live hap¬ pily ever after. Peggy Hicks — “Peg,” “Tigger,” “Eggert,” “Tiggs.” Activities: SGC (9); FBLA (10); Culture Club (10); Powder Puff (12); Who’s Who Among American High School Students (12); Signet (9, 10). Thoughts about High School: Thanks to Brenda, Kendra, Heather, and especially Matt for a great three years!! (Don’t forget: BJ-PAKK, Summer of ’84, Good Ole McDees) Love ya!!! Ambition: To be happy and successful in life and to always be with Matt. Good luck everyone! (Karen, be good!!) See ya at the beach!! Melissa Lynn Hiett — “Missy. " Activities: Symphonic Band (9-12); Stage Band (11, 12); Marching Band (9-11); All-County Band (9-12); All-Regional Band (9-12). Thoughts about High School: Bobby, LUPO, 1991, don’t ever break your promise, 1 love you very much. Also, Mom, Dad, KNA, Dave, Cope, Mrs. Lewis, Thanks I love you. Ambition: To finish college and get married, but before that go to the beach and have a big party! Joyce Ann Hilins — “Joycee,” “Joyce Ann, " “Gus,” “Wind Brain,” “PITA.” Activities: Ham Radio Club (9); Concert Band — 1st Chair (9, 10); Symphonic Band (11, 12); Cosmetology (10-12); VICA (10-12); Secretary (11, 12); LCOC Youth Group (9-12); Secretary (10, 11). Thoughts about High School: An experience which I won’t forget! Thanks Mom, Dad, Mike, Rach, Scott, Barb, Billy, Tami, Lisa, Shair, and Bobby, I love ya all!! Ambition: To specialize in a field of Cosmetology, open a chain of shops and become MEGA RICH. Then marry a man who will share love with me! Pamela Himelright — “Lil Pam.’’Shorty.’’Munchkin.” Activities: Varsi¬ ty Choir (9, 10); Treble Choir (11, 12); Concert Choir (12); Powder Puff Football (12). Thoughts about High School: Fantastic! Thanks to my friends. Thanks Sach, L.M., Flash, L.T. and all the rest. Let’s never forget the memories of 85! Thanks Mom and Dad! Ambition: To work for the F B I. as a supervisor or Director. C.U. in W.Y. N.C. ok S.B.!! Pamela Lyn Hobbs — “Pam,” “Pami,” “Pamilyn.” Activities: French Billy Jersey Sherry Jessee Anthony Jenkins Alonzo Johnson Amanda Johnson Club (9); Junior Civitans (10); The Hyphen (10, 11, 12) News Editor (12). Thoughts about High School: I’ve learned a lot and had a great time thanx to my friends and JII. Thanx for being there Kathy! Ma Smith, you were great! Ambition: To find that very special island and live there forever with that very special person! ILYMBH! Michelle Hoff — “Mish,” “Chello,” “Murry I.” Activities: fndianettes (1012); Teen Counseling (11, 12); Who’s Who Among American High School Students (12); DECA (12). Thoughts about High School: High School was filled with great friendships and memories. Thanks to Kevin, my Junior year was filled with smiles and good times. (Va. beach and wdjmr) Love ya Tev! Hey Trace . . . It’s Murry l. Ambition: Attend col¬ lege, have a successful career, eventually marry an architect, live in a beach house, drive a new corvette, and have a bank account filled with money!! Kerry Hoffman — Activities: JV Cheerleading (10); Powder Puff (12); FBLA. Thoughts about High School: Thanks to the B-clan it was great!! Don’t ever forget the great times. Thanks a lot Emi!! Karen, Cena, and Tammy!! It would’ve been nothing without you! Ambition: To go to col¬ lege and room with Cena at Potomac State!! Jim Hoover — “Edgar,” “James P. Hoover I,” “Phred,” “Bogus In- igivities.” Activities: Pep Club (12). Thoughts about High School: Fun, but nothing like “Fast Times. " Thanks to A.B., L.S., F.S., T.J., M.VC., R.D., and all the other “Bogus sinners” who made this liveable! Keep in touch no collect calls please! Ambition: To get a band up, finally, move to Idaho, and grow rhubarb! Keep my long hair and always have Anette to run her hands through it! Glenn Housier — “ 24,” “Hershel.” Activities: Varsity Football (11, 12); Outdoor Track (10-12); Indoor Track (11, 12). Thoughts about High School: Slum Crew, fun for all, Track meets, the Go-Go, Joe Rockhood, F.R.J., R.S., “The Boys,” my theories, plums, Mad Dog Crew, and all night fun, WAHOO! Ambition: To go to school and study Sociology, and then come back and udar Mr. O ' Shoa to the rub! A.G.F.C.K.M.A.S.S. Joseph T. Hummel — “Joe,” “Hummer,” “GQ.” Activities: Drama (11, 12); VICA (11, 12); SGC Rep. (12). Thoughts about High School: After arriving at G-F, I was pleased to find that I was able to make many friends in only two years. It was fun here and I’m going to miss it! Special thanks to my good friend J.M. Ambition: To go on to college or Technical school, follow a career in Architecture, own a nice house, fast car (and motorcycle), and dress sporty, maybe settle down. Michelle Hummer — “Mich,” “Michy,” “Squeaky,” “Pudgey-Face.” Activities: Varsity Soccer (9); Signet (9-12); Teen Counseling (12). Thoughts about High School: High Schol was o.k., but the parties were killer. Thanks for everything Melissa (we’ll go running some day!) 1 love you, Marky! Ambition: To graduate from college and marry Mark Davis and then to work with children and live a long, very happy life! James Hunter — Activities: Band (9-10); German Club (11-12). Thoughts about High School: An interesting place but 1 wouldn’t want to go through this again. I’m glad it’s almost over. Ambition: To go to col¬ lege and become an aeronautical engineer; to design the world’s best airplane. Also I would like to learn how o fly. Ramona L. Hutt — “Jabba,” “MoMo,” “Monie,” “Mona.” Activities: Orchestra (9); D.E. Winter Fashion Show (9); Culture Club (10-11); French Club (11); Junior Class (11); Senior Class (12); Crew Club (12); Teen Counseling (12). Thoughts about High School: I’ve had a lot of fun and made a lot of friends. Thanks to Lamo, Charmane, and Marie. Todd Ingram — “Todd 1,” “Heavy Metal Todd.” Activities: Jr. Variety Show (10, 11); Consciousness Expansion Club (9-12). Thoughts about High School: It seems more concerned with procedure than education, but you can learn if you look and work for it. Laura, I’ll always think of you. Ambition: To further my education and to enjoy my life to the fullest. See everyone on the other side! Kerry Irby — Activities: Art Club (9); Pep Club (10); NAHS (10); History Club (11, 12). Thoughts about High School: They always say high school is the best time of your life. Personally, I like to think the best is still to come. Have fun anyway! Ambition: I’m going to travel when they finally let me out, then K.L.M. forever!! Angelia Johnson Barbie Johnson Dawn Johnson Gay Joshlyn Victoria Kastl Douglas Kile Barbara King Richard King Donna Knott Stacey Komar Anthony Kotrady Roger Kibler Jennifer Jones Colleen Jabs Pam LaCava David Forest Iseminger — “Dave,” “Slam,” “Iceman,” “Icey.” Ac¬ tivities: Industrial Arts Club (9, 10); VICA (11, 12); Tennis Club — Boys Tennis (10-12); Slam Dancing Club (9-12). Thoughts about High School: High school was o.k., but I’m glad it’s over. Thanks Bobby, Missy, Kelly, and Cope. It was real fun. Ambition: To graduate and take it easy, then buy a Delorean and make a million. Angela Jackson — “Angie,” “Sam,” “Muley,” “Wild,” “Rowdy.” Thoughts about High School: I’m more than glad it’s over. I did my time — later — never again. Jeff W. remember banana daiquiri’s. Ambition: Hold onto 18 and never go back home! HARLEY DAVIDSON, HEAVY METAL, AND B.H.’S FOREVER. FREEDOM RULES. Thanks Vicky. Craig A Jackson — “C.J..” Activities: Freshman Football; Radio Club (10); Leo Club (11). Thoughts about High School: I would like to thank my teachers for their patience. And also wish my friends the best possi¬ ble success in the future. (A.S., T.S., G.C.). Ambition: To attend a rspec- table college and to achieve my own personal goals. Steven Jamieson — Activities: Marching Band (9-12); Model UN (11, 12); Chess and Battle Club (9, 10). Thoughts about High School: 1 lived through it, thank God! Ambition: Go to college, go in the Army as an M.P. Billy Jersey — “B.J.” “Sky,” “Hoover,” “ 5.” Activities: Varsity Baseball (3 years); JV Wrestling (1 year). Thoughts about High School: High School had its ups and downs, overall it was fun, I would never have made it without Mark and Rodney, and especially Lisa, for the happiest days of my life. Ambition: I plan to go on to college, hopefully on a Baseball Scholarship, and then someday play in the major leagues. Also to live happily ever after with Lisa. Barbie Jill Johnson — Activities: Concert Band (9-11); Stage Band (12); JV Basketball (10, 11); Outdoor Track (11, 12); Indoor Track (12); Mar¬ ching Band (9-12); JV Soccer (10). Thoughts about High School: I had some wild times thanks to fiiends. Special thanks to C.G., J.B., C.S. for being there! Also band, thanks to the trombone section. Ambition: My ambition in life is to go to college and become the best sports writer there is! Also to meet Duran Duran! Frank R. Johnson — Activities: Freshman Football (9); Weightlifting Club (9-12); JV Football (10, 11); Varsity Football (12); Indoor Outdoor Track (11, 12); Debate Forensics Club (11, 12). Thoughts about High School: I never would have come through alive without the “Slum Crew.” ! hope next year’s seniors do a little better in the privilege area. Ambition: To become a cadet at the United States Military Academy, graduate, and then buy the most expensive Mercedes-Benz I can afford. Anthony Jenkins -- “Tony,” “Bologna.” Activities: Varsity Chorus (9, 10). Thoughts about High School: It was a total trip! But with friends like Liz, Chris, Lisa, Charlie, C.C., C.R., K.D., P.W., C.H., L.F., it made it possible to live through. Ambition: To succeed at whatever I may do and to have a Porsche by age 2511! Sherry Jessee — Activities: Pep Club (9-11). Thoughts about High School: There were good times and bad but in all it was great. 1 enjoyed my junior year but my senior year was the best. Ambition: To get my degree in business and become rich. Gay Lynn Joshlyn — “Gaye,” “Guy,” “Gabriel.” Activities: Orchestra (9-11); Chamber Orch. (12}; All-County Orch. (9-12); Junior Regional Orch. (9); Senior Reg. Orch. (10-12); Ail-State Orch. (10-12); Teen Counseling (11); Computer Club (12); Secretary (12). Thoughts about High School: Music and friends made it great, I will always remember the good times and forget the bad, I had a fantastic four years. Ambi¬ tion: To go to James Madison University and major in music, teach for a while and one day be a member of the N.S.O.! Victoria L. Hast! -- “Vicky.” Activities: Varsity Choir (9); Latin Club (9); Concert Choir (10-12); Science Club (11); Dominants (11, 12). Thoughts about High School: The choir program was my support through all of high school. It’s whe " I met my closest friends and had my best experiences. Ambition: To first become the world’s greatest surgeon, arid then in 10 years cal! Mark and ask him to marry me. Colleen Jabs — Activities: FBLA (11-12); Treble Choir (11); Concert Scott Lamb Kay Lamborn Teresa Landon Francoise LaMitte Todd Land 202 Seniors Choir (12); Dominants (12); All-County Chorus (12). Thoughts about High School: The years just got better from ninth grade to twelfth grade. 1 thank all my friends especially Susan and Tricia, for making those years special. Ambition: To become a rich, successful business woman and live a fantastic life. Jennifer Jones — “Shones,” “J.J.,” “Jenn,” Activities: Freshman Basketball (9); JV Basketball (10); Spanish Club (11-12); G-F Mascot (12); National Honor Society (12); Teen Counseling (11); Powder Puff (12). Thoughts about High School: Great!! Thanks to a little help from my friends: T.L., Jean, Choo, Kat, Soraya, Shawnee, Billy, Mike, L.T., David, Jill, Shones, Renee, and Fran. And everyone else. Ambition: Get rich quick! Or, live happily ever after, ipso facto, Hawley-Smoot, Forever and ever AMEN!! Roger W. Kibler — “Rudi Kabuki,” “Rent-a-Rudi,” “Colonel K,” “Rogersue,” Activities: Freshman Football (9); Freshman Wrestling (9); Varsity Wrestling (10-12); Varsity Stuntman (12); German Club (11-12); Crew Club (12). Thoughts about High School: Moga-Mooga!! I’m glad the fight is over, but I will miss it and everybody — Yes even the underclassmen. Stay in touch all. Ambition: Save the world from Baron Silas Greenback. Eie a pilot. Maybe I’ll be a Chippendale. Make the world safe for democracy! Richard James King — “Vincent.” Activities: Art Club (9-11); Chorus (9-10); French Club (10-12); Science Club (11); JETS (11); Computer Club (12). Thoughts about High School: School is a major turning point in life. If you succeed socially as well as gradewise, you will most likely succeed in the real world. Ambition: I would like to have an enjoyable job that pays well, many friends, and a fulfilling life. Donna Lyn Knott — “Bucket,” “Don Knotts,” “Sticks,” “D.K..” Ac¬ tivities: French Club (11); Pep Club (10); HOSA (11). Thoughts about High School: Gina, Shari, and Tammy! Thanks for making my school years and summers the GREATEST! 84 vettes, Jeff, Nags Head, lifeguards, Gene, Ocean City, Shakey’s and southern accents!!! Ambi¬ tion: To have the best time possible this summer while living at the beach! Stacey Komar — “Stace.” Activities: FBLA (9-10); Junior Civitans (9- 11) ; SGC (10-11); Sophomore Beauty Pageant (10); Homecoming Princess (12). Thoughts about High School: It was Super!!! Boo — Always Remember — V.P., D.P., L.M., J.M., Y.C. Thanks — Mom and Dad I LOVE YOU!!! “B” Clan You’re Super Special!!! Ambition: Go to college, become a flight attendant, eventually own my own Airlines, and marry someone with BIG BUCKS! Then own a mansion in California!! Pamela LaCava — “Pam,” “Pammy.” Activities: Varsity Soccer (9- 12) ; Marching Band (9); SGC (10); Powder Puff Football (12). Thoughts about High School: High School was great but I’m glad I’m out! Thanks Miche, Pat, Kim, and especially Lisa — it wouldn’t have been the same without ya! Ambition: To go to College and graduate!! Get a good pay¬ ing job and drive a black Trans Am!! Kay Lamborn — “Hotdog.” Activities: Frosh Volleyball; Varsity Volleyball (10-12); G-F Soccer (11-12). Thoughts about High School: I had a good time, but sometimes it was a real drag. I’ll miss it, but most of all I’ll miss Vicky and Sandy and the rest of the gang. Thanks Bea for the last 5 years, I love ya! Ambition: Go to college in Calif., find my gorgeous Porsche driver, get married and have baby Porsche drivers. (HA! HA! Just kidding, Fernando!) Francoise Denise LaMitte — “Frankie,” “Peach,” “Squeaks,” “Fran- nie.” Activities: Frosh Cheerleader (9); Junior Varsity Cheerleader (10); Varsity Cheerleader (11); FHA (9); Leo Club (10); Secretary DECA (11); President DECA (12); SGC Representative (9, 10, 12). Thoughts about High School: I think H.S. was 4 of the years of my life. I wouldn’t have made it w out R.M.M., K.D.J., E.L.H., K.R.B., R A W., T.E.L., and all the others, Thanks. Ambition: After grad. I hope to become a professional model, I also plan on attending college and majoring in Fashion Merchandising and marry Bobby Burton. Todd Land — “Conan,” “B.G..” Activities: Varsity Wrestling (10-12). Thoughts about High School: What thoughts?! No, it was fun while it lasted, but all good things come to an end. Ambition: To be successful, get rich, and coach wrestling someday. Michelle Lankford Rachel Larsen Linda Lassiter Beth LeBlanc Christopher Lee Wendy Leight Samantha Lelaikes James Lemons Matthew Lewis Michael Lickiss Laura Lienard Seniors 203 Rhonda Ligotski Carol Limbaugh Katrina Linkous Cena Litton Roger Loy Jackie Luther Denise Long Michelle Lynch Sheila Lynn Edward McBride Chris Macrae Janice Majeski Mauricio Maldonado Stanley Mann 204 Seniors Teresa Landon — Activities: Indianettes (11 12); Marching Band (9-10); Concert Band (9-10); Regional Band (9); Who’s Who Among American High School Students (12); JV Softball (10); Teen Counseling (12); Shaman (12). Thoughts about High School; It’s been great! 1 never could have made it without S.K., K.K , my li’l sis, Bren and especially the In¬ dianettes! Thanks! You guys are great! Ambition: To successful make it through college, excel in the field of Public Relations and find hap¬ piness with the man of my dreams. Mechelle January Lankford — “Jan,” “Shelly.” Activities: Track (10); FHA (10), HERO (10); Leo Club (10); HOE (12); SADD (12). Thoughts about High School: High School was a wonderful experience for me. I’d like to expedally thank L.a Trice Tucker and Tonia Ballard for the good times. Good Luck Lonzie!! Ambition: I plan to attend college and become a pharmacist. Soon after, many Mr. Lee Lee Proctor and raise a happy family in our happy home. Rachel Larsen — Activities: Signet (9-12); Orchestra (9-12); Adv. Or¬ chestra (12), French Club (9-10); Science Club (11-12); Math Club (12). Thoughts about High School: Jt was definitely a good experience although 1 would never do it again! Ambition: To go to William and Mary, become a biologist, and live until I am one hundred years old! Linda S. Lassiter — Thoughts about High School: All in all it was just another brick in the wall . . . Sandy U., I’ll always remember the “killer” times we’ve had. Yaah . . . party, party, party!!! Ambition: To own the Anheiser-Busch Co. by June 14, 1985; become the national spokesper¬ son, and pronounce that date national “Get-Wasted Day!!!” Noelle L. Lathe — “Billy Squire,” “Nellie,” “Leona.” Activities: Soft- ball (9); DECA (10-11); Ind. Arts (11). Thoughts about High School: Couldn’t have made it without C.E. thanks for the adventure and priceless friendship (and Rose Anna) Jim S, love ya always (leech), remember Blue Eyes! Also mom was “really” always there for me. Am¬ bition: To be normal — But. . . Why start now?! Beth LeBlanc — “Peanut,” “Shorty. " Thoughts about High School: I had better times out than in. Van Halen ’82, ’84, summer nights, Greaseman in the morning, Lisa, Ellen, Judy, Suzanne and Butch, love ya. It was fun. Ambition: Get out of here, win the lottery, meet Van Halen. buy my ’67 Mustang and marry Butch Chirdon and live a happy life with him. And Butch, PLAY GUITAR!!! ILU. Wendy Leight — “Windy.” Activities: Flag Corps (10); Leo Club (10- 12); Treasurer (10-11); DECA (12). Thoughts about High School: It was like cool! Thanx to Kim, Michelle F., Brigette, Parn, John G. and especially to my one and only Chris. Ambition: Live in Paris and N.Y.C., be a buyer for Bloomingdale’s, drive a red Mercedes Sports Coupe, and marry a gorgeous man, preferably C.S. James E. Lemons — “Jim.” “Crazy,” “Bum,” “Maniac,” ‘WStSsP ' “ m p f ” Activities: Indoor Track (9, 12); Outdoor Track (11-12); Stunt¬ man (12); Spanish Club (10); Chess and Battle (9); Science Club Pres. (11); Comp. Club (12); Junior Class (11); Senior Class (12); Glee Club (9-12). Thoughts about High School: High School has been fun. I would like to thank Tom and Steve for getting me into pole vaulting. Also like to thank Randy H. for starting the Stuntman program. Thanx guys. Am¬ bition: My ambition is to go to college for 4 years and major in Chemistry and Music, 1 hope to continue Pole vaulting and cheering throughout col¬ lege. (I B —ia gsgg i s Matthew W. Lewis -— “Matt,” “Tree,” “Bones,” “Bird.” Activities: Marching Band (9-11); Concert Band (9-11); JV Basketball (10-11); History Club (11); SGC Representative (9-11); National Honor Roll (11); Mu Alpha Theta (12); Who’s Who Among American High School Students (11); Treasurer Computer Club (12). Thoughts about High School: During my stay I learned about myself and my friends. My teachers made my stay memorable, 1 would like to thank them. Ambi¬ tion: 1 want to go to college and earn a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, become a Computer Programmer and live a comfortable life. Mike Lickiss — “Big Red,”Lickey Baby.” Activities: Freshman Foot¬ ball; JV Football (10-11); Varsity Football (12); Weightlifting (9-12); Key Club (11-12). Thoughts about High School: A one time experience. Foot¬ ball made it really worthwhile. Thanks to my teachers and coaches who helped me get through all this beaurocratic mess. Wendy Martin Peter Mattaliano Lisa Matthews Brian Mazzone Kathleen McAllister Rhonda J. Ligotski — “Sam.” Activities: Concert Band (9); Symphonic Band (10-12); Stage Band (12); Marching Band (10-12); Orchestra (11, 12); Teen Counseling (12); Solo and Ensemble (10-12); Thoughts about High School: Thanks to all my friends who have helped make memories I’ll never forget — Bob and Mike. G-F has definitely been interesting, but it’s time to move on. Ambition: To go to college, become a Systems Analyst, get a good job, marry the man of my dreams, and have lots of kids! Cena M. Litton — Activities: Freshman Cheerleading (9); JV Cheerleading (10, 11); (Capt.); Varsity Cheerleading (11); Powder Puff (12). Thoughts about High School: It was great thanks to the “B” clan, Kerry, and Kristie — thanks 1 love ya. 7 digits Margie! Jim Nichols, I’ll love you forever. Ambition: Go to college in West Virginia and room with Kerry, Get a job, get married and have kids. Pot. State Krry! W. Virginia here we come! Denise Long — Activities: Freshman Girls Basketball (9); JV Softball (9); JV Girls Basketball (10); Varsity Softball (10); Varsity Girls Basket¬ ball (11). Thoughts about High School: My friends are what made High School so fun. Good Luck Robin, Linda, Jen, and Janice. Never forget some of the best times we had. Ambition: To join the Air Force and travel to world-wide countries, stay single, and own the newest model sports car. Roger Lee Loy Jr. — “Rog.” Activities: JV Football (10); Varsity Foot¬ ball (11, 12); Journalism (10-12); Art Editor (12). Thoughts about High School: I really enjoyed High school. I’ve met a lot of people and had a lot of good times. Too bad it had to end. For those underclassmen, enjoy it while you can, because it doesn’t last long. Ambition: If everything works the way I plan, I will go to college and earn my degree. With a lit¬ tle luck, I will move into an exciting career that will satisfy me and my goals in life. Jacqueline Luther — “Ducky,” “Quack.” Activities: (9); Sophomore Class Vice-President (10); SGC Representative (12); Teen Counseling (12). Thoughts about High School: Although my high school years have been short, I’ll never forget the class of ’86 especially Tiffany, Sheleigh, Kelly, Suzy, Debbie, Ann, K.M., M.J., K.F., and N.S. Ambition: Upon graduation, to attend Michigan State University and afterwards become a successful buyer for Bloomingdale’s while having every year contain new and exciting experiences. Michelle Lynch — Activities: FHA (9); FBLA (11, 12). Thoughts about High School: I’m glad it’s over, I didn’t learn anything. Ambition: My am¬ bition is to spend the rest of my life with Cal Ripken Jr. Ed MacBride — “Eddie Mac.” Activities: Wrestling (9, 10); DECA (11, 12); VICA (11, 12). Thoughts about High School: It was o.k. until half way through my sophomore year, then it was great! I’d like to thank Nay for that. I’d also like to thank Mr. Dew. Ambition: Marry Nadine, get rich quick, and build a couple of goats for rapid transportation. Maurico H. Maldonado — “Mauro.” Activities: Soccer Team (9, 10); Art Club (9). Thoughts about High School: I believe that High School is just an early scene of the play called life, which could foreshadow the final outcome in an individual’s life. Ambition; To be the best I can be, get a college degree and serve society to the best of my abilities. Stanley Mann — “Stan,” “Stan the man,” “Spas,” “Slincky.” Ac¬ tivities: Football (9-12); SGC (10-12); History Club (12); Teen Counsel¬ ing (12). Thoughts about High School: It was a great four years, thanks to all my friends, but now it’s time to move on and face the real world. Ambition: Graduate from college, join the Air Force, and to live a happy and successful life. Janice Marie Majeski — “Jan,” “Little Maj.” Activities: Jr, Civitans (9); Sophomore Pageant (10); Cross-Country (9); JV Softball (9); Freshman Basketball; Tennis (10-12) (Capt.); Varsity Basketball (10-12) (Capt.); Powder Puff Football (12). Thoughts about High School: It was a good experience but I’m glad to get out. Thanks to all my friends who made it worthwhile. A special thanks to Bobby F. (l.L.Y.F.) Pete Mattaliano — “Hank.” Activities: Industrial Arts Club (11); VICA (12). Thoughts about High School: School was very exciting, 1 loved every minute of it especially all the great times I had in electronics. Dylan McGee Julie McKinley Dawn McManamey Patricia McMillan Kelly McNichol Chandra Medcalf Larry Meade Timothy Meadows Kimberly Merrifield Seniors 205 Cynthia Midgetl Mike Migliorini Barry Miller Kimberly Miller Susan Mills Mark Minor James Mirsky Cheryl Mitchell Liz Montano Lisa Matthews — Activities: FHA; HERO; LEO; DECA. Thoughts about High School: High school has been fun and a very rewarding ex¬ perience which I’ll never forget all the days of my life Good Luck! T.M. Ambition: My ambition is to become a successful Fashion Coordinator. Brian Mazzone — Thoughts about High School: 1 disliked all the people who sat between the lunchroom and the office, right in the middle, I think the average people were better than they were. Ambition: To get married, get a good job, have a family, forget about all the high school people who I disliked and have a very happy life. Kathy McAllister — Activities: COE (12); Flags (11); FBLA (12). Thoughts about High School: School was fun, but I’m glad it’s over. Sam, never forget all the great times! (Mike Harris) Good Luck in school Mike! Ambition: Go to college and major in Business. Patria McMillan — “BB.” “Be-Bop,” “Tria.” Activities: FHA (9); Drama (10); HERO (11); DE II (12). Thoughts about High School: It is an experience Ill never forget. And I’m so glad to get out I feel sorry for the people who are left in this school. Ambition: I would like to go to col¬ lege and go into business or computers or Real Estate. Kelly McNicho! — “Kell,” “Nickol,” “Charlie Brown.” Activities: Chorus (9); Key Club (10, 11); HOSA(ll, 12); LPN (12); Flags (11, 12); Who’s Who Among American High School Students (11, 12). Thoughts about High School: High School was great! Thanks to Tracy, Kim and Dawn for the memories but especially thank you Todd for making my senior year the “best.” Ambition: To pursue a career in nursing and live a long and happy life. “THANKS TIM”!!! Larry Meade — “Shahab,” “The Shiek,” “Lil Man,” “Conan.” Ac¬ tivities: JV Wrestling (9); Varsity Wrestling (10); JV Baseball (10); Varsi¬ ty (12). Thoughts about High School: Some of it is fun and some of it stinks. You should try and enjoy because it’s harder after high school. Ambition: To play college and professional baseball. To be rich and have fun. Overall, just to be successful. Timothy Wayne Meadows — “Timbo,” “Tim,” “Lunch,” “Ruggish III.” Activities: Freshman Football; VICA. Thoughts about High School: To all those little freshmen (Tony P.) I leave you “LUNCH.” Ambition: To make it through five years of partying with Dean and Sharon. Chandra Faye Medcalf — “Faye,” “Froggie,” “Liza,” “Queen Faye,” “Frog Meister,” “Bugs,” “Cha.” Activities: Freshman Cheerleader (9); Varsity Cheerleading (10-12); Capt. (12); CAKS (10); Key Club (10); Teen Counseling (11, 12); Newspaper (12); Signet (9). Thoughts about High School: Four terrific years thanks to GH rahs (LUV YAH), “Louella " (NFY!) “Kristieame,” (IMYSM) Kat, “Roger, Sue” and “Ma¬ thew” (moogamooga). “Spanky,” Heineysmurf, and Marsha (strings at NS), Mom O’C you’re the best! Ambition: To marry a man who can af¬ ford a house with a garage big enough to hold my Ferrari(s)! Kimberly Ann Merrifield — “Kim,” “Field.” Activities: Freshman Basketball; Varsity Band (9); Concert Band (10, 11); Symphonic Band (12); Marching Band (9-11); Vice-Pres. of Latin Club (10); Spanish Club (12). Thoughts about High School: There were good times and bad and I’m glad it’s over. I hope school is easier for my little brother Jeffie. Good luck Penny and Rach! Ambition: Graduate from G-F Go on to “Smoketown U” for my math and science credits, transfer to a four year school and go into the medical field. Barry Miller — “Barrus,” “Sheikh.” Activities: Freshman Football; Var¬ sity Football (10, 11, 12). Thoughts about High School: I’m really glad it’s over. It was fun, but I’d never want to do it again. Thanks to everybody S.K., J.S., B.R., T.R., R.D. (Good Luck JoJo). Ambition: To go to college, maybe do some kicking, then graduate and become a suc¬ cessful engineer and have some kids. Kimberly Ann Miller - “Kim.” Activities: FBLA (12); COE (12). Thoughts about High School: Thanks to the “gang” it’s been great! We had some wild times. Good Luck to my brother, Steve, you’ll make it. Steve D. — thanks for the memories. Ambition: ,To succeed in whatever career I choose. Then move to the beach with B.2., L.F., L.W., M.C., and S.F. Susan Lynn Mills — “Sue,” “Susi,” “Susi Lynn,” “Skates,” Laura Moody Christie Moore Renee Moore M. G. Moran Michelle Morgan 206 Seniors “Princess,” “Shorty.” Activities: Potomac Figure Skating Club (9, 11, 12); Junior Class; Senior Class; HOSA (11); Latin Club (11, 12); Junior Variety Show (11). Thoughts about High School: Thanks to all for help¬ ing me through these tough years. I’ll never forget R R, K.B., P C. and the “BABES,” D.M.T., The Lunch crew, M.L., Special thanks to J.M.W. Ambition: To become a physical therapist and to skate in com¬ petition for a long time to come! Mark Minor — Thoughts about High School: I’m glad it’s over. Ambi¬ tion: 1 hope to make money and be wealthy by 21. if I can’t do that, Presidency of a company will be fine. Cheryl Anne Mitchell — “Sweet Pee,” “L.C,” “Shorty.” Activities: VICA (10-12). Thoughts about High School: It was fun while it lasted but it is time to move on to better things. Thanks Shari, Donna, Candy, Dawn, and Mr. Legge for all the good times, Thank you Mom, Dad, and Greg for being there, I love you! Ambition: To be a successful hair¬ dresser and to marry Greg. Elizabeth Anne Montano — “Lisa.” Activities: Marching Band (9-12); Drama Club; Wilderness Hiking Club; FBLA (12). Thoughts about High School: As a senior, high school is a pocketful of memories to look back at and start my new life as a responsible adult. Ambition: I want to live a happy enjoyable life, be very wealthy one day and meet someone special to share my life and love with forever. Laura Nicole Moody — “Moody,” “Moody Blues,” (thanx Kenny), “Pooky,” “Perky,” “Chicky (thanx Todd-i-fer,” “Brute” (thanx K.P.), “Lamo.” Activities: Orchestra U; Shaman Literary Club (10); Culture Travel (10, 11); French Club (11); JV Soccer (Co-Capt. 11); Who’s Who Among American High School Students (11); Yearbook (12); SGC Representative (12); Teen Counseling (12); Crew Club (12) — Founder; Powder Puff Football (12). Thoughts about High School: Hey dudes! Golly, these four years have been the best ever! Thanks to good times and great friends! Yea team! Long life “gourmet” (haha) cooking and green apples! Sianara Kimosabis! Ambition: After college, to be successful and earn a good living; to be happy, healthy, and wise and have fun at whatever 1 do! Christie Dee Ann Moore — “Rainbow,” “Kizzy,” “Mo,” “Moe,” Missy. Activities: FBLA (10); Key Club (10-12); Secretary of Key Club (12); Journalism (11, 12). Thoughts about High School: High School wasn’t a bad place. It was somewhere to go, somethng to do. I’ll probably miss it ten years from now, though. Ambition: My first ambition is to decide on a career, then everything else will fall into place. Other than that I’m realy too young to care! Renee M. Moore — “Odie.” Activities: FCA (9, 10); FCA Fashion Show (9); SGC (9, 10); Homecoming Decorations (9); Leo Club (12). Thoughts about High School: I have truly appreciated my years at Gar-Field. The years spent here are those that will have the most bearing on my future both educationally and socially. G-F thanks for making as good a future for me as possible. To earn my M.D. in the field of Anesthesiology. To lead a successful and competitive life. To make my mark in the world that would add hope to our society. Michelle Aimee Morgan — “Shell,” “Mrs. HoHo,” “Gorgeous,” “Ding- Dong.” Activities: Volleyball (9); Varsity Choir (9, 10); Treble Choir (11) ; Cosmetology (10-12). Thoughts about High School: High School was vereee . . . fun, boring, happy, and sad. Thanx Pam, Barbie-Doll, nd Lynnie-Pooh, you all need jobs. I love you Rachel and would never trade you for the world. Ambition: To become top beautician in the world with lotso money, lotso babies, lotso friends. May gorgeousness live ooonnn GET THE BEEF EVERYONE!!! Jean Marie Morrissey — “Jeannie,” “Podo,” “Sheeney.” Activities: Spanish Club (10); Teen Counseling (11); Indianettes (10-12); Co-Capt. (12) ; Powder Puff Football (12). Thoughts about High School: These four years had some very special memories for me. Without Tara, Jenn, Choo, Shawne, Kathy, it wouldn’t have been worth it! Thanks Indianet¬ tes, you’re the best! Ambition: Travel, Greece first, then who knows? Next, college and hopefully a career in Marine biology or wildlife research. Maybe just a wonderful life with a wonderful man. Victoria A. Moss (Flynn) — ’’Vicky,” “Bea.” Activities: Volleyball (9- 11); DECA (12); FCA (9, 10). Thoughts about High School: I’ll miss it. There are some excellent memories. Kay L. No more N.B.’s please! Jean Morrissey Victoria Moss Craig Motley Dean Munsell Brian Murphy Kathy Nagley Sharon Naylor Trade Nelson Pamela Nicholson Brenda Nix James Nichols Seniors 207 Rodney Nixon Billy Novitsky Lisa O’Donnell Michael Offley Katherine Ostrander Scott Page Andrew Palmer Roy Parks Patty Pastiva Patty Pattenaude Edwin Perez Tracy Perry Bobby Peters Tracy Peters And Sandy S. don’t sit in Kay’s front seat, it’s dangerous! Ambition: To live a happy life with my husband Charles! To Kay L. and Sandy S. 1 love you both and I’m going to miss you! Dean Munsell — Activities: Football (3 years); V1CA (1 year). Thoughts about High School: High School has been an important part in my life. It’s where 1 met my girlfriend and all my friends. It’s been great! Ambi¬ tion: I am going to be a mail carrier. 1 want to work with people. Brian Patrick Murphy — “Murph,” “Smurf.” Activities: Freshman Football (9); JV Football (10); Varsity Football (11); Varsity Track (10, 11); Varsity Wrestling (11); SGC Representative (10-12). Thoughts about High School: Friends 1 made i’ll never forget, but there’s a few I would like to. Thanks for everything K.S., S.K., J.S., T.R., J.M., 2nd period English was a blast! Ambition; To graduate, make money, and live at the beach. Kathy Nagley -- “Kit,” “Kat,” “Shathy.” Activities: Yearbook (10-12); Co-Editor (12); History Club (11); Flags (10); Indianettes (11, 12); Co- Capt. (12); Powder Puff (12); JV Show. Thoughts about High School: It was the best four years thanks to Sya, Lue, Shean, Chu, Jenni, Tara, Faye, Wanny, Pam, Jill, (May, Whale, and Quiche), Shorty-Jimbo, J.G., and my last year with Cookus, Indianettes — YOU’RE THE BEST! Am¬ bition: To go to college in WVA and buy a vfitte or porsche. Then spend the rest of my life with Travis and become a real hillbilly. 1LY! VA Beach “85,” James Nichols — “Jim.” Activities; Freshman Football (9); JV Baseball (9, 10); Varsity Baseball (11, 12); Gar-Field V1CA Club. Thoughts about High School: 1 thank C.L. for making my last two years at G-F the best they could be. Ambition: To go to college and have the best time of my life. Pamela Felecia Nicholson — Activities: Freshman Cheerleader (9); Mar¬ ching Band (10); Concert Band (10); Pep Club (11); Concert Band (11); Leo Club (12); Teen Counselor (12); Pep Club (12); Debutante (12). Thoughts about High School: High school to me was an interesting ex¬ perience to me. You’ll like it at times and others you won’t. You just have to hang in there. Ambition: My ambition is to go to college and major. Brend a Denise Nix — “Beanie,” “Bren, " “Beaner.” Activities: Freshman Basketball; Signet (9-11); Culture Club (9, 10); JV Soccer (10); Varsity Soccer (11, 12); FBLA (11); Powder Puff (12); Who’s Who Among American High School Students. Thoughts about High School: Best friends is all there is . . . Thanx Paula, Kim, Peggy, Kendra, Heather oh yeah, BJPAKK, McDees, soccer, and other loves including my summer with Greg. Ambition: To live the life that I’ve always wanted with a Christopher Atkins look-alike. Sharon Ann Naylor — Thoughts about High School: It’s been something I’ll always remember, Thanks D.G. and J.T. I ' ll never forget you “Hulk,” You have been a great teacher and a wonderful friend. Ambi¬ tion: Live a long happy life with that someone special. Have Doug for myself someday and teach him how to treat a woman. Rodney Nixon — ‘‘Rappin’ Rod,” “Nix,” “Bill.” Activities: Freshman Football (9); JV Football (10, 11); Basketball (9-12); Weightlifting (10, 11); Yearbook (12). Thoughts about High School: High school was fun especially the times 1 spent with my friends. Thanks to B.J., M.D., C.H., T.M., and S B. for making my four years here fun and exciting. Ambi¬ tion: To get a high paying job doing something I really enjoy and also to own a Camaro. William Novitsky - “Novotsky,” “Nose-itsky,” “Barfitsky,” “Buffalo,” “Biwie,” “Polock.” Activities: Soccer (10, 11); All-County Chorus (10, 11) ; Regional Chorus (10, 11); All-State Chorus (11); Concert Choir (10- 12) ; Dominants (11-12); SN Club (10-12); Sophomore Beauty Pageant (10); Junior Varsity show (10, 11); G-F Barbershop Quartet (11, 12). Thoughts about High School: Geeze — it was great! Memories will last forever, especially New York! Thanx Tracey, Mike, Mark, Jenny, Tara, Jean, Jennifer, Betsy for making it worthwhile. Ambition: To go to col¬ lege and be successful at. . . something, anything! Lisa Ann O’Donnell — “Liza,” “Lise,” “Tiff.” Activities: FBLA (12). Thoughts about High School: I’m glad to be getting out! 1 never would 208 Seniors David Plenty June Poczatek Michael Pollucci David Porter Michael Posey have made it without J.A., E.G., B.L., S.M., S.S., R.B., D.C. Thanks for everything! Ambition: Stay at Va. beach as long as possible, then to be successful at whatever I choose to do with my life! Michael Kent Offley — “Mo,” “Mr. Offley short,” “Teddy.” Activities: Concert Choir (10-12); Dominants (11, 12), All-County Choir (10-12); Regional Choir (10-12); All-State Choir (11); Junior Varsity Show (10); Drama Club (12). Thoughts about High School: High school was always the highlight of the year for me. Thanks to the Music department and my friends, these four years have been great! Ambition: To continue my music and go into theatre to start on my career. Katherine Ostrander — Thoughts about High School: I’d rather not think about it, it makes me ill. Ambition: I’d rather not think about it. Scott Page — “Spurdy.” Activities: VICA (11, 12). Thoughts about High School: I met a lot of friends in high school and had a lot of fun ex¬ periences, but my senior year was my best ever. Ambition: To maybe join the Air Force and go to college while in there, and then be a helicopter pilot someday. Andrew Edward Palmer — “Andy,” “The Bass Player,” “Scruffy,” “Abe,” “Flirt.” Activities: Orchestra (9-12); Jr. Regional Orch. (9); All- State Orch. (10-12); All-County Orch. (9-12); Dominants (9-12); All- County Choir (10); Regional Choir (11, 12); Stage Band (11); Junior Variety Show (10); Pillow Talk; Signet (9-12); Na tional Honor Society (11, 12); Who’s Who Among American High School Students (12); Mock Elections — Co-Chairman; Orchestra President (11); Student An¬ nouncer (12). Thoughts about High SchoolJt was a great time. I’m glad I was able to go through school with all my friends especially M.A., L.S., and the Dominants. Ambition: Everybody keeps asking me if I’ve decid¬ ed where I’m going to college, and I hope that by the time this yearbook comes out, I’ll know! Roy Parks — “Butch. " Thoughts about High School: Most of the time I hated it. It was a lot of fun with J.M. and the gang. T.A.Y. Ambition: Move to GA and become a police officer. Live at the beach for the rest of my life. Patricia Pastiva — “Patty,” “Tricia,” “Patty Mae.” Activities: Leo Club (Sec.) (10); Journalism (11); Advertising Manager of the Hyphen (12); Powder Puff (12); French Club (12). Thoughts about High School: Memories: The summer of ’84 in VA Beach meeting the lifeguards with S.B. and 2nd lunch with P.L. and L.G. Enjoy your senior year L.B., K.J., C.S., S.M., L.C., S.A., J.L., K.M., and T.D. Ambition: To be very suc¬ cessful, rich and happy while living in Rio de Janiero, driving a mercedes 500 SL, and married to a Chippendale’s look alike. Patricia Patenaude — “Patty,” “Patty-Pat,” “Pat,” “Squirt,” “Runt.” Activities: JV Volleyball (9, 10); Varsity Volleyball (11, 12); JV Basket¬ ball (10); Varsity Soccer (9-12); SGC Rep. (9); Powder Puff Football (12). Thoughts about High School: It was great! I’ll miss it but I would never be able to do it again! Thanks to Sketo, Lori, and especially David!!! 1 love you!!! Ambition: To go to college somewhere and become something!!! After Graduation, move to Hawaii and never come back!!! Edwin Perez — “Ed.” Activities: Orchestra (9-11); Chamber Orchestra (12); All-County Orchestra and Who’s Who Among American High School Students (11). Thoughts about High School: The memories will always be with me. Thanks to all my friends especially John, Barry, Mike, Debbie, and Diane. It was a great learning experience. Ambition: To go to college and have a happy, successful life. Tracy Lynn Perry — “Ttac,” “Tra.” Activities: Key Club (10, 11); FBLA (12). Thoughts about High School: I’m sorry to see it end. It was real, it was fun — it was real fun. Thanks Kell. Ambition: To go to col¬ lege and proceed in a data processing career. But most of all be happy and successful in whatever I do. Bobby Peters — Activities: Freshman Football; V. Football (12); Freshman Basketball; JV Basketball (10); Track (9); SGC Represen¬ tative (9, 10); VICA (11, 12); National Honor Society (11, 12); Industrial Arts Club (10). Thoughts about High School: It was fun for awhile, too bad my senior year wasn’t so great. I will miss all my friends. Ambition: After graduation I plan to major in electrical engineering and work with my father in Washington D.C. Karen Putnam Vasana Raasch Kevin Reece Jeff Rhodes Sarah Rice Seniors 209 Robert Richardson Sharon Robinson Bart Rogers Christine Rodriguez Ralph Roles Charles Rotblut Kathleen Rouleau Tracey Lashone Peters — “Teepee.” Activities: VICA Club (10-12); Cosmetology I, 11, III (10-12); FHA (11); Leo Club (10). Thoughts about High School: 1 think high school is a big step towards the future, it prepares you for potential conditioning in years. Ambition; I plan to pro¬ gress mentally and physically in the field of Cosmetology. Also to become more creative and achieve in any future endeavor. David Plenty — “Buckwheat.” Activities: Track (10); VICA (10); Com¬ puter (10, 11). Thoughts about High School: Too hard, too tough, too rough and it was the worst experience of my life! Ambition: To become a robot engineer, work on the black market and to be rich and mostly, to expand my knowledge of electronics. June Poczatek — Activities: Varsity Choir 9; Concert Choir (10-12); All-County Chorus (10-12); Regional Choir (11); Indianettes (11-12); Drama Club (9); Who’s Who (11-12). Thoughts about High School: High School was excellent and 1 will always cherish the memories. To Mary and Stan; always do your best and don’t ever give up. Ambition: After four to five years of college, I want to travel the world and search for the perfect man, a millionaire. Michael Pollucci — “Poch,” “Polluch,” “Cool boy.” Activities: Golf (10) ; G-F Bud Crew (11). Thoughts about High School: Screwed up most of the time, but it was fun. Thanks to my babes Tanya for everything 1 love ya. Ambition: 1 want to do too many things so 1 can’t write them all down, 25 words maximum. Seriously, I’m going to college, I’m not kidding. Kallisa M. Powell — “Lisa.” Activities: Pep Club; Softball. Thoughts about High School: I enjoy high school. I get a chance to socialize and make friends. I enjoy the chance to have free education. Ambition: I would like to go to college and become a microbiologist. If I don ' t go to college right after high school, I would like to go into the Air Force. David Pratt — “Dave.” Activities: VICA (12); Baseball (10-12); Golf (11-12). Thoughts about High School: 1 have been here too long, but it ' s been great the last 3 years until my senior year when they changed everything. “Dr. Bailey” Ambition: To become an Electronic Technician and drink Budweisers and be famous and drive my ' 57 Chevy. Mark Putiyon — “Little Brother,” “Joe,” “Sanchez,” “Billy,” “Dr. Love.” Activities: Concert Choir (10); Dominants Barbershop (10); All- County (10); 1st Alt. for Regionals (10); Concert Choir (11); Dominants (11) ; All-County (11); Regionals (11); 1st Alt for State (11); Concert Choir (12); Dominants (12); All-County (12); State Honors Choir (12). Thoughts about High School: I loved these four years of my life mostly because of my friends, especially you Vicky, I’ll see you in 10 years. Thank you all, and I love you. Ambition: My ambition is to join the Military for four years then get out and go to college and get a degree in business administration, and be good at it. Karen Allison Putnam — “Midget,” “Buffy,” " Buf,” “Mighty Shortl- ing. " Activities: Freshman Basketball (9); Varsity Basketball (10-12); Varsity Soccer (10-12); Concert Band (9); Symphonic Band (10-12); Stage Band (10-11); Marching Band (9-11); Band Council (11-12). Thoughts about High School: It had its good and bad times and was an experience I’ll never forget. Thanks to all my friends, also Mr. Gill and Mr. Jones. Ambition: I intend to go to college, earn a physical therapy degree, and get physical with my patients. If that fails. I’ll marry a rich man. Jeffrey Joseph Rhodes — “Dapper,” “Jeffie,” “Shorty,” “Banana,” “Moler.” Activities: Freshman Football (9); Wrestling (9-10); Weightlif¬ ting (10); VICA (11-12). Thoughts about High School: There were the good times and there were the bad times “know what I mean,” But I am sure am glad it’s over with. Ambition: My ambition is to show my bad Mustang, get rich, and have plenty of women, and most of all stay out of trouble. Sally Rice — “Miss Sarah,” “Bobbsey Twin.” Activities: Softball (9); Yearbook (9); Debate Club (10) (Vice-Pres. 11); Girls’ State (11); Who’s Who Among American High School Students (11); Model UN (11) (Vice- Pres. 12). Thoughts about High School: Thanks Kay, Beth, Gefrich and especially Don for playing this delightful game of life with me. Remember no matter where you go, there you are. Ambition: To quit Hardee’s, read and analyze every book worth reading, become a politi¬ cian, and have a nice fat salary to keep me warm at night. Betsy Rumph Soraya Sabet Rose Sanchez-Canete Lisa Saplak Sean Thomas 210 Seniors Jerome Sims — “Rome,” “Roman,” Activities: Freshman Basketball. Thoughts about High School: 1 have had an experiernce of my life. It has had its ups and downs over the years but mostly its ups. Ambition: I wish to attend Virginia Tech University and major in an Engineering field in 4 years. Nancy Sisk — Activities: FHA Secretary (9); FBLA (12); COE (12) Work Study Program. Thoughts about High School: I think that High School has been a blast! I will probably miss it when 1 get out. Ambition: My career plan is for computers, 1 plan to major in computer science in college. I hope to sell some of my art work also. Sharon Robinson — “Pete,” “Hogpie. " Activities: Spanish Club (9, 10); VIC A (12). Thoughts about High School: It’s finally over! Linda, Tim, Dean and most of all Tammy, thanks for being such great friends! I’ll miss you Tammy, be good. Ambition: Go to college, become a successful accountant, make lots of money and spend the rest of my life with the person I love, T.L.! Timothy Scott Rodgers — “TSR,” “4x4,” “Tim. " Activities: Freshman Football (9); JV Football (10); Varsity Football (11, 12); Wrestling (9). Thoughts about High School: High School was great while it lasted. Thanks for all the good times we had B.R., J.S., R.W., D.H., R.D., I’ll remember them all. Love ya Barbie. Virginia Beach “85.” Ambition: To be a beach bum. Christine Rodriguez — “Chris,” “Tina,” “Trina.” Activities: Sophomore Beauty Pageant (9, 10); Teen Counseling (11); NPFL Club (9-12). Thoughts about High School: If everyone had a Melisa, Liz, Charlene, Tony, Lisa, and especially Bart to spend High School with — they’d love it as much as 1 did! Ambition: To have a car to match every outfit 1 wear! Bart Rogers — Activities: JV Baseball (9); JV Football (9); JV Football (10); Varsity Football (11, 12). Thoughts about High School: High School was great, all the memories and friends 1 had I’ll never forget. Ambition: Play college football, get a good job, be successful in life. Ralph W. Roles — “Raphie Poo,” “Spanky,” “Spike.” Activities: French Club (10); VICA (10-12). Thoughts about High School: It was better than getting drunk on the Berzerker. Ambition: To graduate, go to college, get a master’s in Electronics, live with three 20 year old blondes and own a Rolls Royce with a big back seat. 1 love you Cathy! Karalyne Ross — “Kasey.” Activities: Drama Club (9-12); International Student Theatre (9-11); Pep Club (9-11); Student Council (9-11). Thoughts about High School: As a new student I’m not yet sure of my thoughts towards this school, but so far it has been enjoyable. Ambition: I plan to become a child psychologist. Charles M. Rotblut — “Chuck,” “Chucks,” “Upchuck,” “Ear, " “Frog.” Activities: Cross-Country (9-11); Track (9, 11); Key Club (10- 12); Vice-President (12); Wrestling (10); Boys’ State (11); Yearbook (11, 12); Photographs Editor (12); Journalism 1 (11); Hyphen (12); Crew Club (12). Thoughts about High School: High school was a learning ex¬ perience in more ways than one, Roger, when are we going to play whib- ble ball and hockey? Christie, thanks for being there. Ambition: To go to KU, join a frat, get a master’s in something, and relocate to Australia. Kathaleen L. Rouleau — “Kathy.” Activities: French Club (9-12); Drama Club (10-12); History Club (12); Yearbook (12); Teen Counseling (12). Thoughts about High School: I had my share of good times and bad, but thanks to Terri, Deb, Patty, ' 01 “What his name,” and the " gang " High School was . .. “interesting!” Ambition: To backpack through Europe with Lisa, camp in the mountains of Colorado with Cin¬ dy, and cruise around the world with . . . Betsy Sue Rumph — “Bets,” “Boop, " “Butsy,” “B2,” “Betsi Boo,” “Pretty Eyes.” Activities: Junior Variety (9, 10); Signet (9, 10); SGC (12); Varsity Choir (9); Concert Choir (10-12); All-County Choir (9-12); Regional Choir (9-11); Dominants (11, 12); lndianettes (9-12); Secretary (12); Co-Captain (11). Thoughts about High School: Pamisue — Ocean City, Randy-Roo. GET A BUCKET! Jen — S.A.B. and M.M.C.! Markie — my very best friend, Scruffy — my special friendship, hugs and Ted¬ dy Bears! Clare Sarsfield Jeff Schaney Jacki Schutt John Seabolt David Shannon Howard Shaw Cynthia Shoop David Shurtliff Ricky Simmons Nancy Sisk Lisa Sketo Debbie Slaughter A1 Slocumb Barry Smallwood Seniors 211 Amy Smead Fred Smith Keiley Smith Robert Smith Scott Smith Trese Smith Aubrey Sneed Steve Soltes Sandra Soulsby Christy Sparks Timothy Spence Susan Spillane Dawn Sprowls Chutimar Sragaow Lisa M. Saplak — Activities: Pep Club (10-12); FBLA (12). Thoughts about High School: High School was great! Thanks to M.A. (C.B.), L.B., M.L. (C.R.), D.A.. Pookie, and Sonny. 1 will never forget you ail Ambi¬ tion: To become successful in the secretarial field and earn a lot of money. Soraya Sabet — “Kob,” “Sya ” Activities: Mascot (10, 11); Yearbook (11), Thoughts about High School: It was fun, but I’m glad it’s almost over. Thanks Michelle for always being the greatest friend. Kat remember the great times. ILYH. Ambition: To go to Shepherd College with Michelle and Kathy then own my own bar. Girls let’s Party! Clare Florence Sarsfield — Activities: FBLA (11-12); COE (12). Thoughts about High School: Thanks to: Kim W., Michele W., Teresa K.» Elena D., Marcia D., Becky R., Biff B., Donna M., Jacy C., and Beth B. 1 wouldn’t have made it without ya’lll! Ambition: My ambition is to be very successful and make a living with Business and Art and Aiding animals, and to find my knight in shining armor! Jeffrey Drake Schaney — “The Senator,” “Jeff.” Activities: Freshman Football (9); JV Football (10); Varsity Football (11-12). Thoughts about High School: I’m glad it’s over. Best of luck to all who follow our class, ’85 was the best alive. Ambition: To go to college (WVU) and have a successful career. Thanks B.R., T.S., T.R., R.W., and everyone else. Go get ’em TRAV. LUV YA ANG, MARCH 10. Howard R. Shaw - “Alky,” “Billy,” “Carpet,” “Richie.” Activities: V1CA (12); SGC Representative (12). Thoughts about High School: It was a little too long. Thanks for helping me get through it. D.H., B.P., N.F., L.C., B.F., HUMMER, and TUCKERS 5th Period ALG1 Class, Me. Ambition: To become an architect and make mega bucks and throw the biggest party Dale City ever saw. Then settle down and get married. Cynthia Shoop - “Cindy,” “Cindy Low,” “Cm,” “Calendar Girl.” Ac¬ tivities: Varsity Choir (9); Concert Choir (10-12); All-County Choir (11- 12); Regional Choir (10-12); Honors Choir (12); Symphonic Band (12); Stage Band (11-12); Marching Band (12); SGC (12); Pep Club (9); Track (10). Thoughts about High School: It was a lot of fun while it lasted, I couldn’t have made it without my friends. I ' m really grateful to Mr. Jones for making my senior year the best. Ambition: To graduate from college and get married and have a family. David C. Shurtliff - “Dave,” “Big Dave,” “Peachy,” “Chuck.” Ac¬ tivities: JV Soccer (10); Varsity Soccer (11-12); German Club (9-11); Journalism I (10); Indian Echoes (11-12). Thoughts about High School: Definitely an experience, but not worth repeating except for the parties and jammin’ times with E.B., J.M., J.F., R.V., S.W. Ambition: To attend a major college in Virginia and then cruise chicks, find some tasty waves and finally settle down to make some heavy cashflow. Ricky Simmons — “Slick Rick,” “Tiiger.” Activities: Freshman Football (9); Marching Band (10-11); Concert Band (9); Sym (10-12); Stage Band (10-12). Thoughts about High School: It was great! I’ve had a lot of fun, met a lot of different people and even found someone special. 1 love you Tatiana. Ambition: To go out and enjoy life to the best of my ability. AMF G-F, LU-to-LU. Lisa Sketo — Activities: Orchestra (9-12); JV Volleyball (10); Varsity Volleyball (11-12); SGC Representative (9); Math Club (12); Science Club (12); Who’s Who Among American High School Students (11). Thoughts about High School: It’s been an “interesting” four years to say the least. Thanks to P.P. and of course, D.T.F. for helping me get through my senior year. Ambition: I plan on going on to college and fin¬ ding a job where I’ll become rich and be able to travel. Deborah Diane Slaughter — “Debby,” “Deb-Deb,” “Dudette,” “Boo- Boo,” “Binky.” Activities: Drama Club (10-11) (Stage Manager); Pep Club (11); FBLA (12); COE (12); SGC Representative (10). Thoughts about High School: It was a great four years, but it went by too fast. Am¬ bition: To attend UVA, earn a master’s degree in accounting. Get my career off the ground, get married and have some children. Dennis A. Slocumb — “Al.” Activities: Marching Band (9-11); Varsity Band (9-10); Drum Ensemble (11). Thoughts about High School: I liked most of it except 12th grade English. The weekends were fun. Ambition: To move to Alabama, own a K-30 with 44 inch Gumbo Monster Mud- ders and become an Alabama State Trooper. 212 Seniors Greg Stafira Alex Stallworth Haskel Stamper Robert Stanley Q Diana Stephens Barry Smallwood — Activities: Freshman Football (9); German Club (10-11); VICA (12). Thoughts about High School: It was fun, but I’m glad it’s over. Ambition: To become an architect and attend college for 4 years. Fred W. Smith — Activities: Freshman Wrestling (9); Varsity Wrestling (10, 12); Varsity Football (12); Outdoor Track (10); Indoor Track (11); Latin Club (10); German Club (11-12); Hyphen Staff (11); Junior Class Club (11). Thoughts about High School: It was great!! Have fun as trucelent seniors (R.O.M., M.M.), Remember I will always love you, Becky. Have fun Collin. I’m torquing to college!! Ambition: Go to col¬ lege, marry that special girl, own a $40,000 dollar car, and have a career making $50,000 a year, before I’m 30. Kelley Smith — “K.B.,” “Big K.” Activities: Drama (9); FBLA (9); SADD (12); Concert Choir (12). Thoughts about High School: In my years here at Gar-Field I’ve grown to love many people. I would have never made it without you! Thanks T.F., S.J., C.S., R.H., God Bless You All. Ambition: I plan to attend college to study music. My ultimate dream is to become a Gospel Singer and I know with God 1 cannot fail. Scott Smith — “Spaz,” “Sputnik,” “Popeye.” Activities: Latin Club (12); Math Club (12). Thoughts about High School: Well, I survived four years of Gar-Field. What’s next in life? Hopefully I will strike it rich. Am¬ bition: To do something I enjoy — as long as it brings me tons of money. Treise Danell Smith — “Reesey.” Activities: JV Basketball (9-10); Var¬ sity Basketball (11); Varsity Journalism (11); Advanced Band President (11); School Newspaper (11); Yearbook Photographer (11). Thoughts about High School: I have not yet begun to party! Ambition: I hope to become a famous photographer or camera person for Sports Illustrated! Aubrey Bernard Sneed — “Ike,” “Iceburg,” “Reds.” Activities: Wrestl¬ ing (9-12); Video Tech Club (10-12); DECA (9, 12). Thoughts about High School: High School was an experience to remember and thanks to my family,. I’m finished. Be cool trip crew, Alex, C.J., Tony, Nutt, etc. AND BE LOVELY!!! Ambition: To possibly go to college, and one day return to G-F rich and famous and see my little brother with all the ladies. “O K. BRAN” Christy Sparks — “C.H.,” “Chris,” “Mrs. Tutten.” Activities: Or¬ chestra (9); Piano (11); VICA (10-12); Smoking, skipping and barely passing class (9-12). ISS (9-12). Thoughts about High School: G-F, great! Classes, reeked! Ray, perfect!! Thanx everyone! Euy —■ had a blast before, during and after school!!! Just . . . around! Ready or not here I come. Ambition: To actually GRADITATEM! To live long, happy, and contently forever with Ray and my friends. To always keep a sense of humor about life!!! Susan Spellane — “Doozie,” “Elmer Fudd.” Activities: Varsity Choir (9) ; Concert Choir (10-12); Dominants (12); All-Co. (9-12); Regionals (10-11). Thoughts about High School: The past four years have been so great, thanks to all my friends, especially M.A., M.P., C.S., T.W., but most of all Leanne, Jeanine, Colleen. Ambition: To become rich and suc¬ cessful and have a great time! Chutimar Sragaow — “Choo,” “Choo-Choo.” Activities: Spanish Club (10) ; SGC Representative (10); SGC Secretary (12); Teen Counseling (11) ; National Honor Society (11); Secretary (12); Math Club (12); Year¬ book (12); Powder Puff (12). Thoughts about High School: Gar-Field is a special place. Thanx to my friends Tara, Jennifer, Jean, Shawne, and Kathy for making it the most unforgettable years of my life. THANKS TEACHERS! Ambition: Go to college, so I can become a pediatrician. If not I’d like to go into the business fields and become very rich. Greg Stafira —- Activities: Chess and Battle Club (9-10); History Club (11-12); Computer Club (12) (Vice-Pres.). Haskell Stamper — “Hack,” “Cecil.” Activities: Varsity Football (12); Varsity Baseball (11-12); Freshman Football (9); Junior Varsity Baseball (9-10); Freshman Basketball (9); JV Basketball (10); DECA (10-12); Vice-President DECA 11 Thoughts about High School: It has been great, but I’m glad it’s over. Good luck to my freshman sister, Sabrina. Ambition: To go to college, play baseball, and someday play baseball for the New York Yankees, and become a lawyer. Timothy Sterns Donald Stewart Scott Stewart Lisa Stiles Pamela Stiltner Betsy Stoy Debra Strahl Rhonda Stienhoek Steven Strychowski Seniors 213 Tracey Struble Leona Stumm Duane Suppy Cheryl Suslowicz Daniel Sutherland Leslie Swecker Christina Taylor Michelle Taylor-Puckett Adelina Teves Timothy Alexander Sterns — “Tim-Tim,” “Sterns,” “Ice-T. " Activities: FHA (910); HAM Radio (9); Fashion Show (9-10); LEO Club (11); SGC (10-11); History Club (11). Thoughts about High School: I had a lot of fun and I’ve learned a lot. I was always a quiet person and never got in trouble. But I loved every bit. Ambition: To become an Engineer and make a lot of money. Hopefully go to ODU. But never forgetting Momarl! Donald Stewart — “Don,” “Stew.” Activities: Marching Band (9-11); Drum Major (11); Swim Team; Symphonic and Stage Band. Thoughts about High School: I had some fun times but I’m glad to get out! Ambi¬ tion: I hope to pursue a career in music. Lisa Marie Stiles — Activities: JV Softball (9-12); DECA (12); Powder Puff (12). Thoughts about High School: It has left me with some great memories. Thanks: Michelle (T.B. “83”), Angie, Susie, Jackie, Michelle, Sonya and especially Mom and Dad! You’re great! Virginia Beach “85”!! Ambition: I’m going to go to college, become rich, buy my red convertible Mercedes!! Get married and travel with that special someone. Elizabeth Ann Stoy — “Betsy, Not you - the other Betsy.” Activities: Concert Choir (11-12); Treble Choir (10-11); All-County (10); Marching Band (11); Signet (9-11). Thoughts about High School: Couldn’t have made it without friends! Special thanx to W.W. for 12 years of friend¬ ship and to D.C. for help with certain Firefighters! “Rubber Duckie . . .” Ambition: To awaken one day and discover that certain parts of my life were just bad dreams!! Seriously, to become a Shock-Trauma Nurse at Med-Star. Debra Coriene Strahl — “Debbey,” “Teddy,” “Durby,” “Texas,” “Butch.” Activities: Volleyball (9); Rifles (11-12); V1CA (12). Thoughts about High School: High School was a blast! Thanks to all my friends, especially Lisa B., Doug A., Chrys S., but most of all to my sister for all her support. Ambition: To settle down and to live out my dreams with Danny M. Steve Strychowski — “Frosty.” Activities: Science Club (9-10); Spanish Club (10). Thoughts about High School: It was real and it was fun but I’m glad it’s over now. Sure, I’ll miss the before and after school ac¬ tivities. Ambition: Hit the beach, open a restaurant, live in luxury and drive my PORSCHE with a built-in Glove Box. TOOT-TOOT. Tracey Lynn Struble — “Trace,” “Screwball,” “Apple Struble,” “Strudle,” “Murry II,” “Struble-cake.” Activities: Indianettes (10-12); Treas. (12); Class Vice-Pres. (10-12); HOSA; SADD (11); Sophomore Beauty Pageant; Homecoming Princess (11); Who’s Who Among American High School Students (12). Thoughts about High School: It’s been a great four years thanks to T.H., T.T., M.H., and the “gang.” Now on to bigger and better things, hey Michelle, it’s Murry II! Ambition: To be successful and happy. Also to own my very own porsche and have a bank account with one million dollars. Look out world, here I come! Leona Stumm — “Leanne,” “Annie,” “Dimples,” “Lee-Lee,” “Diz¬ zy,” “Dolly Levi,” “Dorothy.” Activities: Treble Choir (9); Concert Choir (9-12); All-County Choir (10-12); Regional Choir (10, 11); Float Decorating Committee (9, 10). Thoughts about High School: My friends and family made the last four years terrific, especially Susie, Mona, and Andy. Much thanks to all my teachers especially Mr. Flanagan and Mrs. Moyers. Ambition: Head onward to college, graduate and eventually marry someone who can make me as happy as my parents are. (9); “The Mikdao” (9); French Club ( 10 ); Teen Counseling (11 -12); Na tional Honor Society (11-12); Computer Club (12); Math Club (121 Powder Puff Football (12). Thoughts about High School: When you first get here all you want is out. Now that I’m out it’s like — This is all? ' Ou’ est la douce vie? ncr! a m iio r S - her , Activities: President of Key Club (11-121 Hm CA !A ' il 2 k thoughts about High School: I will remember the good times and the bad times, but 1 am glad it is over. Ambition: I intend to go to college and major in Accounting and minor in Business Management T. Activities: Sophomore Class Secretary-Treasurer; Video Club (10); Suzie Thomas Terry Thomas Valarie Thorpe Tommie Tiller Laura Tipton 214 Seniors Junior Civitan (11); SGC (10) and (12); Junior Class President; S.A.D.D. 11; Senior Class President 12; Video Tech President 12; DECA (12). Thoughts about High School: Wouldn’t have made it without my friends. Thanks K.U., C.W., C.C., C.C., L.T., K.T., and Mom, Luv ya! Remember summer 84!! Ambition: To marry a rich man and never work a day the rest of my life!!! Adelina Teves — “Ad,” “Addie,” “Moe,” “Lina.” Activities: FHA (10); Rifle Team (11), Captain (12); Shaman (12); French Club (12). Thoughts about High School: High School — I’m going to miss it. Duck, Appie — thanx! You’re GREAT! Rifles 1. Here’s to — A.H., T.K., CM., E.B., T.G. and memories. Ambition: To finish college and med. school with honors and to become an excellent and successful doctor. Also to travel the world. Suzanne Theresa Thomas — “Suzy,” “Suzy Q.” Activities: SGC (3 years); Soccer (2 years); Ten nis (2 years); Model UN (2 years); Debutantes; Latin Club (2 years); History Club (2 years). Thoughts about High School: High School is an exciting and innovating ex¬ perience. I have met people that I will remember forever, and I have memories 1 will treasure for a lifetime. Ambition: 1 plan to become a lawyer. 1 would like to become a Senator and I would like to go to Har¬ vard Law School. Valerie Thorpe — Thoughts about High School: Classes were a drag, the parties were great. Thanx to all the freaks (remember the bus tun¬ nel) Thanks to T.R. I never would have made it without ya. Ambition: Make much bucks, be the most famous movie director, and make P.R. very happy and very rich. Laura Madelaine Tipton — “Oscar,” “Laurie,” “L.T..” Activities: VICA (10); VICA President (11-12). Thoughts about High School: High School was great, but it’s my friends that made it that way. Thanx T.T., S.B., C.W., C.C., K.U., C.C., K.T. Don’t forget summer 84! Luvya all! Ambition: To move on to college and major in business so one day I’ll own my own High Styling Salon in Australia and be extremely wealthy. Michelle Ruth Taylor-Puckett — “Muffinhead,” “The Main Muffy,” “Mercedes,” “Prep,” “Legs,” “Ed,” “Spike,” “Ms. Rolling Stone,” “T-p” “Madamoiselle Editor,” “Tiffy,” “Pres.,” “Madonna,” “Toyota.” Activities: Freshman Volleyball; Freshman Basketball; SGC Rep. (9-12); Student Council; Science Club (9); Freshman Class; Pep Club (9); Sophomore Class; French Club (10-12); Culture Club (10-12); Journalism I (10); Junior V. Volleyball (10, 11); The Hyphen Asst. Editor (11); Junior Class; Latin Club (12); Key Club (12); Who’s Who Among American High School Students (11); Pep Club (12); Debate Club (12); History Club (12); Shaman (12); Crew Club (12); Model United Nations Club. Thoughts about High School: Kerry, Emi: Thanks for everything the past six years; Cobb, George: made my underclassman years special; Roger: Always there, love you for it; Stace: you’ll always be my bestest buddy, thanks, I love you; RCM: to what may have been, I’ll always love you. Ambition: Major in Journalism at University of Kansas, head east to law school, marry my doctor, ac¬ quire a Mercedes for every outfit, a Swiss bank account, my mansion on the hill, my name in the Social Register and to someday be known as Senator Mercedes Michelle Ruth Taylor-Puckett-?? Tamra Truitt — “Lady T.,” “Chewbakka.” Activities: DE I (11); DE II (12); HERO Club (11); JV Volleyball (10). Thoughts about High School: An experience I will never forget. Glad to finish! Ambition: Go to col¬ lege, major in Sociology, and marry Ricky Moore. Kendra Stoy Trujillo — “Kemma,” “Kemmer,” “Kanka,” “Kiki.” Ac¬ tivities: Homecoming Float (9, 12); JV Soccer (10); Culture Club (10); Homecoming Prom (11); Varsity Soccer (12); Track (12); Homecoming (12); Powder Puff (12). Thoughts about High School: These four years have been the best! 1 love you guys — Brenda, Peggy, and Heather, M.H. — Thanx! Chuck T., what can I say TOO BAD! Bye G-F! Ambi¬ tion: I want to be accepted to at least two schools, get Bachelors in psychology, and move on from there! ODU here f come. Thersa Tuaho — “Terri,” “T2,” “Ethy.” Activities: Literary Magazine (9); Spanish Club (10); Spanish Club (9); Literary Magazine (12); Teen Counseling (12); History Club (12). Thoughts about High School: It was no bowl of cherries, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Thanks “gang” — wish I could take you guys with me. Ambition: To go to col¬ lege, to have a great time, and to do everything!! Tamara Truitt Kendra Trujillo Theresa Tuano Rodney Tucker Kathleen Turlip Gaylon Turner Jennifer Turner Sandra Umbarger Kimberly Urban Mark VanCuren John Vanderhoof Tim Vonwolfradt Barry Wagnon Jenny Waibel Seniors 215 Tracy Wakeman Rudy Walker Thomas Wallace Sarah Wanamaker Lisa Warner Robert G. Warring Jacqueline Watkins Steven Watson Michelle Weakley Robert Weiler Jeff Wells Dawn Wheat Sean Wheat Christina Wheeler Kathleen Ellen Turlip — “Kiki,” “Crazy,” “Airhead,” “Kats,” “Birdlegs.” Activities: SGC (11, 12); Who’s Who Among American High School Students (11, 12); Math Club (12); Computer Club (12); Gym¬ nastics (9-12). Thoughts about High School: It was great! Thanks Steph for being my wittle buddy! Thanks Kim for being my personal teen Counselor! PJK 84! Thanks for putting some spice in my life!! Ambition: To go to college, become an accountant, and marry a tall dark, hand¬ some, and muscular man!! Gaylon E. Turner — “Turbo.” Activities: JV Indoor Track (11); JV out¬ door Track (11); Varsity Indoor-Outdoor Track (12). Thoughts about High School: High School has been great with help from my friends, especially Scooter and Kelly. I hope that all my friends have great re¬ maining years. Good luck with Brian, Scooter! Ambition: 1 hope to suc¬ ceed in life with everything. My main goal in life is to have a family and a “sporty” car. Kimberly Dawn Urban — “Kim.”K.D. Bug. " Activities: DECA (10); Leo (10); SGC (10-12); JV Volleyball (10); SADD (12); Flag Corps (11); Co- Capt. (12). Thoughts about High School: VA Beach 84, football games, and parties were great. Flags was excellent. Most of all thanks T.T., P.G., D.G., L.T., J.K., S.M., T.A., and J.S.! I love you Mom and Dad and Lori, Thanks!!! Ambition: To live my life to the fullest and to do something totally different in this huge world. Mark Van Curen — Tennis (11, 12); DJ (11, 12). Thoughts about High School: “Dig if you will” . . . FABULOUS! Thanks J.T., R.D., D.G., and especially M.P. for pulling me through! Have fun in school while you can — underclassmen! Ambition: Become rich and famous and live happily ever after, if not, rich and famous will have have to do. Also dye my hair like Roger Dowd! Timothy von Wolffradt — “Tim.” Activities: Concert Band (10); Sym¬ phonic Band (11, 12); Stage Band (12); Marching Band (10-12). Thoughts about High School: High School was fun. But now it is over and it is time to strive forward to try something new. Ambition: To strive to be the best that I can, and to become the most successful in my carrer. Barry Wagnon — Thoughts about High School: High School was the longest four years of my life, but probably the most memorable. Ambi¬ tion: My first and foremost ambition is to graduate by the year 1990 and kick back and enjoy. Jennifer Waibel — “Jenny,” “Jen,” “Weeb,” “Sugar-thighs,” “Weeble-wob.” Activities: Cross-Country (9-12); Indoor and Outdoor Track (9-12); SGC Rep. (9-11); Girls Varsity (10-12); Teen Counseling (11, 12); Who’s Who Among American High School Students (11); Na¬ tional Honor Society (11); Powder Puff (12). Thoughts about High School: Finally! Friendships 1 will always cherish. Michelle, Soraya thanks for making my senior year great! Good Luck Kecia and Jeff. Most of all MR. BUNN! Matthew you’re a sweetie! Ambition: Go to col¬ lege and major in elementary education. Brian ... 1 love you, our time will come, we’re just a forever couple! Tracy Wakeman — “Space M.” Activities: VICA (2 years); Treble Choir (1 year); Flags (1 year). Thoughts about High School: The times in Cos. class were great, but the best was C.H.’s mellon dress and the Cheesies. M M’s forever. Ambition: To be a beautician and to live my life the fullest. And one day get Tommy’s ring. Rudolph H. Walker — “Rudy,” “The Pimp,” “Rudy Pup,” “Roo-Roo.” Activities: FCA (9); Freshman Football; Freshman Basketball; FCA (10, 11); JV Football (10); SADD (11); Outdoor Track (11); Varsity Football (12); Indoor Outdoor Track (12); SGC Representative (9-11). Thoughts about High School: Great learning, grand time, the best experience of my life. Ambition: To go to college and pursue a career in Computer Science. Tom Wallace — “Little Honey.” Thoughts about High School: It was in¬ teresting. I got to become good friends with many people, but one special person, Darla Chapman. Ambition: To become a pilot and make millions of dollars so me and Darla can be happy. Lisa T. Warner — “Lisee,” “Lisa 1.” Activities: Key Club (9, 10); Seniors Michelle Wheeler Robin White Melissa Whited Vicki Wichelt Lashon Willet DECA (10-12). Thoughts about High School: High School was a blast! Thanks to Mom and Dad. Look out Virginia Beach here comes Barbie, Kim, Shari, Mary, Lisa and me too! Ambition: Go to Nova and become a Dental Hygienist. Then move to the beach with Lisa, Shari, Mary, Bar¬ bie, Kim and life to the fullest! Steven G. Watson — “Watson.” Activities: German Club (9-12); The Hyphen (10-12); Outdoor Track (10); Frosh Football. Thoughts about High School: Memories: “YES” Franklin, Pizza Hut, Terri, The Hyphen, MA, CSS, GMC, Cathy, German Club, V.O.G.S. ' 84, Mr. Bailey, Carol, Shurtliff, Bunn, Betty, Divver, Barrante and Bedard . . . whew! Ambi¬ tion: To keep in touch with my best friends forever and to move back to Alaska and “Carry on (like) my Wayward Son”! Jeff Wells — Thoughts about High School: It’s about time I’m out!! Thanks to J.S., G.S., R.B., J.W., M.R., J.T., D.S., D.W., S.L., J.S., and Mr. C. and Mom and Dad. Ambition: To GRADUATE!!! To either be in the park service at N.C. or go into the Coast Guard. Good Luck Eric you’ll need it. BYE! Dawn Christine Wheat — “Weaties. " Activities: Freshman Basketball; JV Volleyball (10). Thoughts about High School: High School was really crazy. I’ll never forget all of my good friends and nice teachers. All of you new guys, live it up while you can. Ambition: I plan on majoring in Police Science at NOVA, then I plan on becoming a police officer and hope to marry a really great guy. Sean Christopher Wheat — “Wheathead,” “007,” “Skinny,” “Various profance names,” “Vern.” Activities: Concert Band (9); Symphonic Band (10); Marching Band (9-12); Stage Lighting (11, 12); VICA (12). Thoughts about High School: It was better than a weekend with the Playmate of the year. Seriously, it was the best time I had and still be conscious. Love ya! Bye. Ambition: To go to college and study electronic engineering. Wow! Make a whole lot of money and live a normal life with a Caribbean vacation once a week. Every week! Michelle Wheeler — “Mich,” “Stubby,” “Turbo,” “Short Stuff.” Ac¬ tivities: SGC (9, 11, 12); DECA (10, 12); lndianettes (10, 11); Teen Counseling (11). Thoughts about High School: I will never forget all the friends I’ve made — especially Soraya — the teachers I’ve loved and hated, the crazy lunch shifts and the wild Parties!! Ambition: To become a rock star so I can meet John Taylor with Duran Duran after I dye my hair pink! Peggy White — “Pegalo,” “Poogie. " Activities: FBLA (12). Thoughts about High School: Thanx to Chris and Roger I wouldn’t have made it. Remember summer ’84 always!! C.H. remember F.B. and all the guys . . . L.B. and A.D. Ambition: Travel about, meet every member of Duran Duran, spend the rest of my life with A.D. 1 love you C.H, R.D., L.B. and mostly you, Alan. Vicki Wichelt — “Vic.” Activities: Majorettes (9-11); French Club (10); FBLA (12); Math Club (12). Thoughts about High School: High School was great, but I’m definitely looking forward to the future. Ambition: I plan to go to James Madison University and then become an Accountant. Cara Williams - “Kink,” “Punky.” Activities: VICA (12). Thoughts about High School: School is terrible, but the friends you meet are great. Thanx a lot T.T., C.C., L.T. Don’t you all forget the summer of ’84! Love ya Tina Taylor! Ambition: To live long enough to enjoy life to its fullest. All my life goes to Bill Keplinger. Kathy Jeneene Williams — “KittyKat,” “Kat.” Activities: Treble Choir (9, 10); Music Man (9); Drama (9-11). Thoughts about High School: Well, it’s been fun these last four years thanks to Cathy A., Tracey J., and Tina W. for making it that way. To the upcoming seniors, hang in there, 86 is coming soon!!! Ambition: To become a crime reporter for a big newspaper in New York or California. Bronwyn Beth Wilson — “Boo,” “Arwyn,” “P.P.” Activities: Varsity Soccer (84-85); Varsity Softball (83); JV Softball (82); Latin Club (84); Powderpuff (85). Thoughts about High School: Thanx “B” clan, To Stace — the memories of (P.P., M.J., L.M., P.N., D.P., V.P., Y.C.). High School was great, but I’m ready for college!!! Ambition: Go to col¬ lege, be a stewardess marry a pilot and drive a white 944 Porsche!!! Cara Williams Kathy Williams Tamatha Williams Bronwyn Wilson Roger Wilson Leah Wilson William Withers Neil Wolfe Michael Woodfin Seniors 217 Alan Wooldridge Tanya Worthy Kathy Wright Shawn Wright Michael York Brent Young Leah Marie Wilson — “Gimpy,” “Denise,” “Beastress. " Activities: French Club (9); JV Soccer (10); Varsity Soccer (11, 12); Concert Band (9, 10); Symphonic Band (11, 12); Marching Band (10-12); NHS (11, 12); Signet (912). Thoughts about High School: It’s been a lot of laughs and too much hard work! Thanks to K.P., T.A., T.W., D.A., and D.C. for the laughs in class and while chasing guys around the halls! Ambition: To go to college and become a scientist of some sort, go to lots of Duran concerts and meet John Taylor! Roger Wilson — “Rog,” “Bugman.” Activities: JV Basketball (10); Journalism (10-12); Ham Radio Club. Thoughts about High School: It was lots of fun, but I’ll be glad when it’s over. Thanks to everyone (D.H., T.M., C.E., J.C.) and everyone else. Especially to D.D. for making the last two years the best. Ambition: To go on to work on a newspaper and become a broadcaster. To get married and live happily ever after. Mike Woodfin — Activities: V1CA (11, 12). Thoughts about High School: 1 think High School was a pretty cool deal. It’s too bad nobody goes for an education. Ambition: My ambition is to become an auto mechanic. If I can’t do that I will probably sit around the house and drink beer. Tanya Renee Worthy — “Hollywood,” “Beastbuddy.” Activities: Out¬ door Track (9-12); Indoor Track (11-12); Concert Band (9); Symphonic Band (10-12); Orchestra (10-12); All-Region Band (9, 11-12); All-County Orchestra (11); All-Va. Orchestra (11); Signet (9-12); Pep Club {9 12); President (12); Leo Club (10); Culture Club (10); Marching Band (10- 12); Drum Major (12); Who’s Who Among American H.S. Students (12). Thoughts about High School: It was a real pain, but it was worth it! Thanks to T.A., L.W., D.A., L.L., and the gang, the greatest friends around. A special thanks to Mr. J. and the whole band. You’ve been like a family! Ambition: To prove that I can have it all! Kathy Wright — “Rude Girl,” “Gold Platted.” Activities: FHA (9); Drama Club (10); DE I, II (11-12); HERO Club (11). Thoughts about High School: It was a very challenging experience and I’ll never forget the good times I had in Gar-Field. Specially my junior year with B.C. Ambition: To attend a Modeling School, join the Navy or Air Force. Then marry the man I love, Brian Cail! Shawn Renee Wright — “Kitten,” “Brat,” “Sister Shawn Renee,” “Nun,” “Renee.” Activities: Rifles (11); Girls Soccer Manager(lO); French Club (11); Volleyball Manager (10); AFS Club (12); Pep Club (12); Winter Guard (12). Thoughts about High School: Maybe I wasn’t there long, but G-F will always be number one with me. It gave me the best and worst times of my life and I’ll miss it. Thanx E.B. Ambition: l plan to go to college and learn a couple more foreign languages, then find a job I am happy doing. Eventual y, I plan to settle down. Brent Young - Activities: Signet (9-12); NHS (11-12); Treasurer (12)- Math Club (12); It’s Academic (11-12); Computer Club (12); Model UN (12). Thoughts about High School: Gar-Field is just a struggle that we must overcome. Thanks to E.G., K.H., J.G., G.B., and G.S. for making it easier. Ambition: Get a Ph.D. in astro physics and live as a beach bum on the beaches of another planet. If that’s impossible, an IBM junior executive. Steve Zahn — “Stef,” “Stephen.” Activities: Chess and Battle Club (9)- SGC Rep.; Electronics (11); VICA (11-12), VICA Officer (12); Drama Club Lighting (12). Thoughts about High School: It was a blast. Thanks Laura O., Shawn Wright, Moreen Ogden, Sean Wheat, Ralphie, Eric B Rod B„ Tim C. Ambition: Air Force first. Space Shuttle second, Presi¬ dent of Tech-Tronics Int. third, and final, command my own Third World Country. Barbara Zeunges — “BJ, " “Barbie,” “Barb.” Activities: FBLA (12) CUE (12); Teen Counseling (12). Thoughts about High School: Thanks to Mary-Jo it was fun. Warriors 1982 was the best!! Love to all the gang. Thanks to Mom, Dad, Boo and Winny, I made it!! Ambition: Go to the beach with Mary C. and Lisa W. and the gang. Make lots of money and raise a family. Best wishes Larry, I LOVE YOU!! Pamela Sue Ziesler — “Shorty,” “Crip,” “Spike,” “Pammie-Poo ” Ac¬ tivities: Indianettes (12); Yearbook (12); National Honor Society (11-12) Orchestra (9-11); Spanish Club (9). Thoughts about High School- It’s Steve Zahn Mark Zawisa Barbara Zeunges been a blast (except for the homework). Thanks everybody for everything; especially my friends. Ambition: To live my life the way 1 want, To have: A good job, lots of money, good vacation time, and Ran¬ dy S. Margaret Crespo -- “Margie.” Activities: JV Softball (11); DECA (12); Powder Puff (12). Thoughts about High School: Thanx to the “B” clan, C. L., T.K., T.D., K.G. But especially Tina H. Thanx for all of your help. It ' s finally over. Right? Ambition: To go to college in Fla., own a Laser, to take life one day at a time. And to know C.L. can dial 7 digits. Mike Mitrione - “Marshal,” “Trione.” Activities: V1CA (12); ICT (12). Thoughts about High School: High School was a total drag and I would probably never do it again. And thanks to C.B., S.B., T.C., R.B., L.T., school would have been a dead zone without them. Ambition: To be rich and live in Washington state. Anita Kay Stringer — “Short Kayke,” " Kay-Kay,” “Bobsey (Twin).” Activities: All-County Chorus (9-11); Dominants (11-12); Concert Choir (10-12); Treble Choir (9-10); Drama Club (11-12); Literary Magazine (12); Model UN (12). Thoughts about High School: It ' s been the fastest four years of my life. I’m going to miss it, the teachers and all the friends 1 leave behind. Ambition: To be the best I can be, at what I want to be, whatever that may be. Thanks to Sally and Eric. Kristin Michelle Newman — “Kris,” “Munch,” “Cookie.” Activities: SGC (9, 10); Cheerleading (9, 10), Co-Capt; Girls Varsity Soccer (10- 12); DECA (11, 12), Vice-Pres.; Teen Counseling (11); Special Olympics Volunteer (10); Powder Puff Football (12). Thoughts about High School: Social life was great! I’d never have made it without my friends — T.H., D. A., M.H., S.G., L.C., M.C., and especially T.K. — thanks for everything! C.L. — 9-10 was great, sorry about 11-12. Mom and Dad — I made it! THANKS!! Ambition: Go to college in California — study to be a sports trainer or fashion designer. Stay single ’til 28, buy a pink Porsche, then marry a gorgeous blonde. ■ r S. Kristin Newman Seniors 219 MOST INTELLIGENT Pam Ziesler and John Beranek MOST MISCHIEVOUS Kim Barnes and Andrew Ackerman mr • •£■ mm MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Laura Moody and Bobby Peters - BP QUIETEST Pam Day and Roger Loy SENIOR SUPERLATIVES 220 Superlatives MOST TALKATIVE Tracey Struble and Brian Murphy MOST ATTRACTIVE Kim Dean and Mark VanCuren BEST DRESSED MOST POPULAR Patty Pastiva and Mike Hamric Michelle Wheeler and Timmy Rogers Superlatives 221 MOST ATHLETIC Donnie Hart and Robin White LI BEST PERSONALITY Chris Rodriguez and Butch Parks BEST COUPLE Larry Gibbs and Kim Fitzgerald 222 Superlatives MR. AND MS. GAR-FIELD Stacey Komar and Timmy Rodgers Ms. Gar-Field This year, Stacey Komar was chosen to be Ms. Gar- Field of 1985. Besides having been selected as Ms. Gar- Field, Stacey was also this year’s Homecoming queen. For her years at Gar-Field, Stacey has been a member of Junior Civitans and an SGC representative. She also received some business awards. After graduation, Stacey plans to attend Southern Seminary College. She hopes to become a flight attendant one day. Mr. Gar-Field This year, the Gar-Field Senior class of 1985, chose Timmy Rodgers as Mr. Gar-Field. In addition to having the honors of Mr. Gar-Field, Timmy was also this year’s Homecoming king in October. As for extra-curricular ac¬ tivities, Timmy has been playing football for all four years of high school. As for the future plans of Mr. Gar- Field, Timmy plans to attend Old Dominion University after graduation. Mr. and Ms. Gar-Field 223 WATCH OUT WORLD The Fun Bunch Cara Williams enjoys school. 224 Seniors I HERE WE COME Sacha Bridges having fun. Happy Seniors Jenny Waibel and Michelle Wheeler, Buddies Shawne Cosand, Colleen Clark, Tracey Struble, Chandra Medcalf, Michelle Hoff, and Betsy Rumph enjoy lunchtime. SENIOR YEAR Chandra Medcalf, Mike Hamric, and other happy seniors. Top: Seniors in Mr. Greer’s class. Middle: Senior girls enjoying lunch. Bottom: Sheri Dean, relieved it’s her last year. 226 Seniors THE BEST YEAR Top: Chandra Medcalf, Kenny Carol, and Shawne Cosand. Middle: Seniors with Happy seniors! Mr. Pugh. Bottom: Senior pyramid Seniors 227 SENIOR CARS PINTOLAND! Eric Bunn and his ’74 Charger 228 Seniors LET ' S CRUISE Lisa Wirt and John Beranek with his Ford Dave Pratt and his ’57 Chevy. Icabod’s car. Old cars are in. Seniors 229 u 1 cC LU Q 230 Underclassmen Juniors 231 Kevin Ackerman Phillip Adkins Tonya Aguilar Julie Alford Paul Alger Lisa Alsop Donna Anderson Lisa Anderson Elinor Antwi Joel Armstrong Susan Arnold Ricardo Aspillaga Bradford Ballenger Michelle Babcock Kimberly Barnhart Patrick Bell Polone Bazile Francis Beachy Marcia Beavers Rhonda Baeri Tim Bell Christopher Bennetts Steven Berlin Patrizi Bianchini Janice Best Dana Black Jefferson Black Michael Blackburn Michael Blair David Blais Paul Blaylock Dana Bowen Jane Boros Lisa Bloxton Lori Bowles JUNIORS Beth Bowman Richard Boyer Cynthia Bradley David Bratton Elena Brazil Tammie Brenzovich JUNIORS The Junior year can most easily be classified as a place of no return. You have gone through two years already and have only one more to go. So why go back? The junior year may be considered as one of the hardest years in high school. Not only is it hard, but it is the time to begin planning a future for yourself. The only real way to get through the rather long year is to look forward to next year and hope it arrives very shortly. And like all good things, it will! 232 Juniors Keith Bridgman Monica Brimage Teresa Brooks Shelley Brosch Jonathan Brown Pamela Brown Anthony Brozowski Cynthia Brown Ronald Brooks Scott Brown Stephen Brown Warren Brown Che Brown Yvonne Buel Matthew Bullard Tamara Burhans Patricia Burian Paul Burke Brian Burner Cheryl Burruss Karin Busch Lori Buschbaum Samuel Butler Robert Byram Joe Caldarelli Junnette Campos Brown Carpenter Charles Carlson Joseph Carrigan Linda Carter Shawn Cassidy Katherine Castillik Gerald Cephas Darla Chapman Troy Cheatham Ann Chester Jul Christensen Matthew Clark Stephen Clegg Janet Clemen Linda Clore Sean Cocrse Sean Cokes Sean Cokes Gary Combs Cheryl Collins Tom Collins Charlene Connor Jeff Conward Cherie Cook Patrick Cooper Patrick Cope Michelle Covington Mary Corbin Eric Costello Norma Costello Kevin Coutts Emerson Creel James Crocker Lisa Crone Leona Cruse Ane Cullen Margaret Cummings Juniors 233 Daniel Deutch Kelly Devine Alicia Diaz Michael Dittmer Darrell Dixon Russel Dixon Leon Dodson Brian Dolan Dawn Donovan Debby Dormstetter Lisa Dorn Kim Doyle Patricia Dreischer Anthony Duncan Page Dwyer Shawn Easier Scot Ebron Brenda Edelschick Waverly Edwards Suzanne Einsmann Jennifer Ekren Donald Ellenberger Janet Ellis Andrea Embry Charlotte Emerick Michelle Emling Lance Endy Michael Ervin Scott Esselstyn Danielle Evans Karen Evans Trever Evans William Evans William Eyler Michael Faszcza Mark Fayak Susan Feeney Jody Ferguson Jose Fernandez Joanne Ferri Laverne Ferron Aaron Fletcher Karen Fowler Michael Fowkes Stephen Fowler Sue Fowley John Fowlkes Lisa Fox Christine Franklin Steven Franklin Sandy Freeby Matthew Friend 234 Juniors Timothy Frye Kenny Fuilem Kristine Fuilem Thomas Fulton Danielle Fisher William Gallik Dawn Gallup Melissa Gardiner Darryl Gatling Terrence Galling John Gellios Kevin Gianni Dennis Gill Bryan Goff Deborah Good Robert Gore Michelle Graham Lisa Graupman GailGrevey Julie Grimes Amy Gross Jackie Groves Tammy Grove Judy Grow Crystal Gruszkowski Gena Gunn Gregory Ffale Steve Flamric Cathy Ffanna Marvin Ffans Maria Harley Kim Harris Ronnie Hart Chad Hartmann David Hastie Jeanette Hayes Martha Haymond Jonathon Haymond Rachael Hayward James Heininge Albert Henderson Troy Hetrick William Hicks Michael Higgins Andre Hill Charles Hill Christine Hinkel Robert Hirons Michael Hodges Tim Hoffman Jennifer Holbert Robert Hood Randy Hooper Juniors 235 Cheri Horne Cheryl Howard Gina Howard Kim Howard Barry Huddleston Sonja Hull Charles Hundley Amy Hunnicutt Jackie Hunnicutt Heidi Hunter Richard Hustwayte Deana Hutson Eborah Hutson Carlos Hyman John Ingram Tracey Jackson Sherry Jackson Sonja James Laura Jarrait Bob Jefferson Marcus Jenner Michael Jerrell Pat Jerrell Nancy Jeuffer David Jillson Clifton Johnson Cynthia Johnson Sean Jones Michella Jordan Mita Judy Gina Justice Christine Karis Linda Kasik Scott Kehn Michael Kendra Tammy Kennedy Jeffrey Keys Sherri Kidwell Robert Kim Mark King Richard King Susan King Kevin Kinney Melanie Klugh Chris Knepp Brian Knobe Kecia Knoernschild Michael Kockerhans William Kone Hui Kong Kelly Kreinar Sherry Krell Nancy Kruczek Joanne Lacy Jeffrey Lam Nhathang Lam Dwayne Landry Kirk Larsen Mark Lautieri Calvin Lawrence John Layne 236 Juniors Katherine Leblanc Dana Lee Kristen Lee Susan Lee Mickey Leggett Terry Leggett Nadine Lenar Elizabeth Lerner Susan Lervold Glen Letourneau David Linkous Jo Locklear Jeffrey Love Steve Lowrie Paul Lucero Danny Luna Michael Lynn Roxanne Mackie Jeff Madorma Steven Mahr Joe Makolandra Annesia Malone Haydanid Marquina David Marr Tanya Marshall Donald Martin Raymond Mason Kristin Mawaney Tracy May Chas McCalley Brendan McCarthy Brend McConnell Kevin McCord John McCuen Dawn McCullough Scott McGill Annette McMahon Timothy McNabb Sean McNeil Rhonda Meade Maria Mendoza Sandra Mergler Karen Meseck Donald Meyer Cynthia Mickelson Heide Deleria Christopher Daniels Edward David Richard David Juniors 237 Michelle Mielke Carlos Miller Chad Miller James Miller Paul Miller Sean Miller Shawn Miller Tammy Minney Jerold Miranda Dina Mize Michelle Moats Vicki Moats Beverly Morris Jo Mottershead Rebecca Mullinax Dania Munson Kathleen Murphy Shelagh Murphy Kelly Murray Charles Murrell Lorinda Myers Michelle Myers Ethan Newell Russel Ningen Seung Normandin Susan Nuckols Karen Nungesser Kim Nunnallee Katherine Obcemea Laura O’Brien Maureen Ogden Fred Ohm John Ols Lemel O’Neal Thomas O’Neal Latanya Osborne Brian Paine Darrell Painter Jennifer Pannone Jeffrey Parker Michael Parker Diana Pasterchick Donald Pearce Kristy Pedersen Paula Pelzer 238 Juniors Derrick Penny Charles Perrin Denise Peters Nicole Peters Stephen Petruzzi Rondal Phillips Judith Phillips Suzanne Phillips Jennifer Phinney Scott Pierpoint Kark Pine Josh Plenty Eric Porterfield Christopher Potvin Ferron Powell Brian Purcell Jeffrey Purcell Kari Pugh Brian Purdy Lisa Quesenberry Gayl Quellette Lorie Barr Darrel Rawlinson Amy Reynolds Kathryn Rich Daniel Rider Kathleen Rider Cheri Roberts Ron Roberts Christopher Robinson David Robinson Richard Rocha Dana Rodgers Beth Corbin grades papers while another student is busy at work. Carla Rodriguez Carlos Rodriguez Hans Rodriguez Manuel Rojas James Rogers Michael Roth Peter Rowe Richard Rowe Buddy Roy Timothy Russell Carol Ruszczyk Leslie Safransy Juniors 239 Mark Salyers Andre Sanders Ana Santa Kathleen Savoie Stacey Schooley Andrea Schell Earl Schoenborn Chris Seaton Robert Seeley Samuel Shaver Gregory Sheloski Nam Shin Cassandra Shipley Marion Shipley Shion Patrick Kristie Sholar Matt Shoop Candace Sigler David Simcic Anne Simmons Trimetr Singleton Deborah Sisson Holly Smith Michelle Smith Nancy Snyder Scott Sorensen Wayne Souza Frances Spasoff Jeanine Spatzer Traci Sprouse Chris Squire Sandra Stanley Scott St. Clair Anita Stephens JeniStephenson Glen Stiles Victoria Stout Laura Straight James Stringer Matt Struble Coleen Stumm Robert Stynes Joshua Sullivan Kim Sunderland Evelyn Swecker William Talley Joseph Tamony Jennifer Tassi Andrew Taylor Jessie Taylor John Taylor Keith Taylor Kimberly Taylor Kendrick Terry 240 Juniors Ah Thayer Christi Thomaidis Edward Thomas Cynthia Thomas Myrna Thompson Rachelle Thorton Wendy Tiller Amber Tompkins Steven Tompkins Tammy Tonstad Wendy Townsend Sophia Tracey Suzie Troiano Brian Trotman Penny Tucker Daniel Turner Julie Turner Theron Turner Jeffrey Tutsock Kendra Uthus Christ Vanlanduyt Lee Valliant Jared Vanleuven James Venti Craig Volonoski Anthony Vining John Volz Cheryl Waddell Michelle Walker Patricia Walker Wesley Walker Peter Walsh Michelle Walta Tracy Walter David Wanamaker Paul Wantz Carol Wardlow Cynthi Washington Anthony Watt Marvin Weaver Janel Weeks Patric Wendling SCHOLASTIC APTITUDE TEST Three times a year students cram, review, study, and pray for the biggest test of their life and possibly career, the Scholastic Aptitude Test. Students go to S.A.T. reviews and spend many hours after school stu¬ dying for this all important test. If the results of your test are good they can improve your chances of being accepted to the college of your choice. If your scores are not that well, do not fear. You can always take the test again when it rolls around next. Pamela Werner Barry Webb Robert Wilson Juniors 241 Jenneth Willemsen Reginald Wilks Toni Willet Eugene Williams Pamela Williams Stephane Williams Charles Wilson Mr. Bunn teaching American Studies I. Dana Rogers during math class. Donna Wilson Jonathan Wilson Lisa Wirt John Wise Kimberly Wright Stephame Wright Laura Yates 242 Juniors Sandra Bledsoe Thomas Bloxton Kimberly Bohr Emily Bohuslar Chrisotpher Boac Tia Bowens Jeffrey Bowers Clifford Blye Darron Boyd James Boyd Lisa Bradford Denise Breen Jeannie Breslin Keith Bridgett Jautawn Brimage Jason Brooks Alicia Brown Che Brown Tamara Brown Sherry Bruner Bradley Bunn William Burcroff Lisa Burkhammer Christina Burrage Marny Burgess Lloyd Burton Gwendolyn Butler Dana Caddy Robert Campbell Keith Campbell Angela Capelotti Donna Cappel Charles Carlson Kirk Carlson Terri Carmona Helen Carpenter Marion Carrigan Julie Carter Michelle Cashwell Patrick Castle Andrea Cecere Rob Chamberlaine Kenneth Chase Michelle Chase Elaine Checkon Kathy Chuquillangui Andre Clarke Samuel Clubb Joseph Cole Wayne Conahan Kurt Conger Jaqueline Cook Reginald Copening Diane Cornet Simone Cote Stephanie Covington Todd Creneti Joey Crespo Rubin Crespo Tracey Cross Chris Cummings George Cunha James Curlis Sophomores 245 Thomas Curran Susan Dameron Richard Darker Linda Davidson Robert Davis Lonnie Davis Tina Day Stephen Deckard Christophe DeLane Terri Dinman Palmer Denny Audra Dent James Derderian Dana Derosier Cynthia Dichute Leslie Dietz ToqrKny Dietz Deanna JDiffenbaugh Christopher Diggs Barry Dimaria Patrick Disse Shannon Distefano Cheryl Dixon Kristian Dixon Mr. Dew lending a hand. Mark Debash Susan Dockery Timothy Donovan Thomas Doran Charles Dorazio Michelle Dorn Joseph Drago Reagan Edwards Jennifer Ekren Kathy Ellis Connie Elmore Kevin Elmore Lisa Endy Gretchen Ennett Terri Esformes Aneta Espin Sheila Essey Michelle Evatt Kenneth Farish Bryan Feeney Michael Ferguson 246 Sophomores Nancy Fig Thomas Filip Robert Fisher Kristan Fite Wesley Fleming Kristine Flinchum Angela Ford Barry Ford Jerry Ford Stephanie Fowkes William Freeby Rebecca Furner Michelle Fullcher Ricar Fulgencio Scott Fulford Major Galloway Robert Gandee David GarrettQ Michael Gatewood Stephanie Gayda Thomas George Aimee Gibbons Glenda Godwin Yolanda Godwin Ann Good Colin Goodrick Ronald Gosnell Deborah Gore Kenneth Goulet Jimmie Graham Brian Green Samantha Green Robert Grenade Wendell Griffin Jody Grose David Gundler Carrie Hall David Hall Robert Hall Angela Haney John Hang Lori Hanna Mary Halwood Tina Hatnes Sophomores 247 Julia Hanson Jennifer Harnest Richard Harrell Tony Harris Shelby Harrod Patrick Hart Robert Hart Shari Hart Ashley Hart Richard Hartmann Heather Hawkins Randall Hayes Lysette Heaton Stacy Hein Cynthia Heininge Dwayne Heyd Kelly Hicks Kelly Hiett Micheal Hillman Arlita Hines Damon Hodges Michael Hoehn Tonya Holland Janet Holley Timothy Hopkins Hobart Hornauer Teresa Hosier Francine Housier Matthew Howard Brian Hughes Janet Humphrey Camelli Hunsley Kimberly Hunt Michael Hustwayte Eddie Hutchens Patt Hutchinson Deanna Hutson Traci Hyman James Imel Gary Imler Eric Iskra William Jackson Mary Jakub Chante James Sonja James Lisa Jantzen Ann Jebram Monica Jenkins Jeffrey Jerrell Beverly Johnson Curtis Johnson Elena Johnson Robert Johnson Aaron Jones 248 Sophomores Robert Jones James Jones Nancy Jordon Dru Joslin Laura Karvey Herman Keels Kristen Key Thoams Kibler Cheryl Kidwell Darren Kidwell Henry Kim Darrell King Jeff King Kimberly King Rodney King Renee Kinney Jennifer Kinzinger Dorothy Kirk Eric Klotter Melinda Knapp Michael Knoll Huj Kong Daniel Korpal Jennifer Kreamer Lori Krisner Christoph Krueger Jerry Kune Lamonte Lacey Sean Lacey Sean Lamb Dominque Lamitte Terry Lane Julie Lassiter Cynthia Laughlin Jason Laybrooks Hung Le Nha Le Deborah Lee Christine Leo Eric Lerfald Greg Letourneau Stephanie Lewis Nadine Lenar Jim Lockner Kamela Lilly Melinda Lineberry Douglas Lloyd Jim Lochner Jonatha Lockamy Jailene Logsden Elizabeth Longs Alcides Lopes Shonenell Lucas Aili Lyon Sophomores 249 Christopher Macduff Edward Macejka Anna MacEwen John Mackie Jose Madera Miguel Maldonado ) Jerry Manning Aileen Marquand Andreas Markle Haydanid Marquina Deirdre Marsh Curtis Marshall John Marshall Thomas Martin Angela Mason Heather Mason Kathleen Mahon Mark Mattalino Tonya Matthews Kristin Mawanay Siddika Mawane Robert May Kevin McCage Sean McAllister Kathleen McAllister Kimberly McCoid Allan McConnell George McCoy Mich McClelland Theresa McLeod Tara McManamey Terri McNeill Anthony McWilliams Michelle Meadows Carla Melonso Mark Merritt Kellie Meseck Richard Midyette Anna Miller Mark Miller Ty Miller David Minor Melodee Miranda Trina Mitchell Joseph Moody Colleen Moore Linda Moore Troy Moore Kim Morello Cindy Morgan Floyd Morris Gerald Motley William Mowry Stephanie Moyer Jo Mozsek Sean Mulhern Amy Mussomele Jolie Mullinax Dean Munson Kimberley Myria Victoria Nanni Cheryl Nazelrod Claudia Newhart 250 Sophomores John Pruitt Rhonda Price Keith Price Ralph Presnell Michelle Pratt Lisa Portz Joseph Portell Michael Porch Christine Polla Mary Poczatek Alexander Pock Lesondra Pitts Ronald Pindney Donald Pile Tracey Pierce David Petruzzi Kumi Peters Deanna Peschka Sean Perry Earle Perez Joy Pennington Dean Pelligrini David Pederson Denise Payne Larenzo Patton Jeff Patton Clarissa Patton Jason Pasterchick Mary Outland Sigrun Ortmann Victoria Orolfo Terry Opauski Greg Ondo Christine Ondo James Oleary Billy Oldridge Christine Ogden William O’ Hop Dennis O’Brien Christine O’Brien Leonard Nuckols Lori Novak MOCK ELECTION This year America saw the Presidential election take place in both a national level as well as a high school level. Gar-Field was one of thousands nation-wide to participate. It was the first of its kind. A select group of students volunteered to portray various political figures of the 1984 election. It was run as a debate and executed very well with candidates portraying various Republican and Democratic nominees. There was a large number of students present due to the extra credit from their history teachers. Sophomores 251 Kirk Page Todd Page John Palmer Janice Palumbo Brian Parker Denise Parker Melissa Parmelee Pamela Quirin Tayeb Qureshi Chutim Ratanapool Hames Rather Rovert Reese Alan Reeves Karin Richards Yvonne Richards Robert Richardson Melanie Riggle John Riley Kim Riley Robert Ritenour Wanda Ritter Joseph Rivera Shirley Rivera Gilbert Roberts Brenda Robinson Melissa Rickwell Stacy Rodgers Sandra Rodriguez Deanna Rohrig Delia Rojas Edward Ross Lisa Rouleau Russell Rowell Darrell Sadler Jill Salyers Dianna Sams Paul Sanford Julie Sarofim Patrick Sarsfield Matthew Saville Joann Sayko Anthony Scalia James Schalow Roland Schawalder Cher Schoenborn Jeffrey Schroyer Julie Scifres Brian Scott Brian Scott Eric Denn Kathy Sewell Donna Shelly Joseph Shepherd Miche Shifflett 252 Sophomores Curtis Shoemaker Ceda Shoop Wazir Shpoon Jennifer Sierk Deanna Simpson Heather Sloan Collin Smith John Shurtliff Michael Smith Shane Smith Timothy Shearer Leah Snediker Traci Snyder Cristell Soderstrom Amanda Souders Nancy Speakes Steve Spedden Barbara Sprinkle Nusara Sragaow Karen Stafford Aubrey Stallings Kevin Stanford Karla Stanley Kim Stanley Sandra Stanley Anita Stephens Joette Stewart Richard Stockman John Stolz Stephanie Stramer Sonia Strickler John Svienty Todd Swisher Timothy Talley Amy Taylor Susan Taylor Barbara Tedrow Lisa Tenney John Tennyson Susan Thomaides Cynthia Thomas Elisa Thomas Lorrie Thomas Linda Thompson Paul Thurman Donald Tiffany Ronald Todt Carla Tomasino Tammy Tomchek Walter Trowbridge Terri Truitt Jeffrey Tuano Muriel Turch Christopher Turner Sonhom ores 253 Cynthia Turner Cynthia Turner Charleen Tutsock Kim Tveit Barbara Tylon Carole Vaiden Anissa Vanderhoof German Vanegas Lori Varner Steven Verburg Allen Victor Greta VonWolfradt Nancy Wadsworth Mark Walker Wesley Walker Scott Walton Steve Wanamaker Dennis Ward Elizabeth Ward David Watts Vebecca Weetman Linda Weiler Nancy West William Westen Cheryl Weston William White Lisa Whitsell Reginald Wilks Shane Williams Tamara Williams CLASS RINGS Class rings are one of the most enjoyed and awaited occasions of the year. Most sophomores and some juniors and seniors, take out their savings or beg their parents to buy them a ring. Whether it is white or yellow, gold or ultrium, everyone loves get¬ ting their ring. They symbolize that you are now at least a junior. After a person gets his or her class ring, one goes through the usual customs that go along with it. They have to get it turned the number of times as their graduating class year. It is turned towards the thumb if you plan to go to college and towards the pinky if you are not. If it is turned the wrong way, taken off, or the stone is touched, you have to start all over again. The last person who seals your ring is always a loved one. Later on, many people give their ring to a boyfriend or girlfriend. If you did not get your ring this year, oh, what you’re missing. 254 V J Tamara Williams Audrea Wilson Andrew Wilson Gregory Wilson Krystine Wilson Patrick Winemiller Laura Winslow Jennifer Withers Andrea Witzgall William Wood Brian Woolfolk Clarence Wright James Wright Kevin Wright Monica Wright Amy Yenyo Camille Young Clarence Young English class waiting for the bell. Barry Wagnon checking it out. Sophomores 255 FRESHMEN « Jerri Adair Paul Adamcik Christopher Adams Michael Adams Christopher Affeldt Scott Alford Christopher Allen Danielle Alsop Bryan Anderson David Anderson Tabatha Anderson Lori Ash James Baker Monica Baker Wendy Baker Alicia Baldridge Steven Ball Regina Barnhill Richard Barrante Robert Baucom Brenda Baumgartner Mava Baxter Mova Baxter Apollo Baytan Glendon Beachy James Beall Edward Beavers Christine Beck Cheryl Belk Annette Bender Carenda Bender Lawanda Benefield Brandon Bennetts Raymond Best Wayne Betts Rickie Biehl David Biller Laurie Billingsley Jennifer Bischoff Mary Black Sandra Blackett FRESHMEN On the first day of school a few thousand people open the door to a whole new world. It is a great step from the “feed-me” atmosphere to the “your on your own” atmosphere. Although many people usually make great slanders against these new students, they have yet to realize the fact that they once were in that same position. It is a common m isconception that all Freshmen are geeks. This is not true at all! Only a quarter of the class usually are. All kidding aside, Freshmen have become a symbol of mockery in the school without just reason. So Freshmen, when you are Seniors remember you were once one of the new people yourself. 256 Freshmen Sarah Blais Chris Blevins Gregory Boggs Deanna Bolesworth Kurt Bolland William Boros Kim Boyd Parick Bowe Eric Bowen Sheila Bowen Christopher Bowling Sherri Bownman Christine Boyce Andrew Boyd Deborah Bradley Darren Brain Tom Brandt David Brannan Susan Brannan Kathy Breslin David Brettle Pia Bridges Heather Brinegar Jesse Briscoe Elizabeth Brooks Thomas Brooks Celeste Browder Leslie Browder Donna Brown Katrina Brown Stephen Brown Thomas Brown Martin Brlya Lisa Bryant Mark Bryant Teresa Buehler Marny Burgess Scott Burner Sherry Burnes Parchie Bushey Kimberly Callahan Lorenz Campos Tricia Cano Diana Cappel Candice Carlson Jennifer Carlson Jared Carrillo Raquel Carrillo Ellen Carroll Joseph Carroll Sibyl Carter Thomas Caruthers Michelle Cash Melissa Catterton Stephen Cecil Edward Celmer Sheila Cephas Lamoyne Chambers Fazalitali Chouhdary Steven Chucala Janine Chuday Howard Clark Tracy Clarke Freshmen 257 David Clemens Karen Cobbs Tammy Cocus Alison Coffee George Collatos Jason Compy Michael Connor Michelle Cook Shelley Cook John Cook Michael Cooley Dana Cooper Sean Cordwell Joseph Corley Cristi Cornett I 1:56 p.m. James Correia Matthew Cosand James Craig Shawn Cramer Jennifer Cramp John Crawley Scott Cray Sean Cray John Crowley Tom Crowley Mary Ellen Cummings Emilie Cunha Danielle Currier Brian Dahl Karl Dalrymple Jacquelin Darby Diana Dare Christina David Christina Davis Delia Davis Eric Davis Jeffrey Dean Michele Dehavin Ayda Demirkan Diana Dulbreath Janice Darderian Kristen Devine Joanne Dick Steven Dimascio Michelle Disse A rather wild English class. 258 Freshmen Friends in the library. Barbara Dix Darrell Dixon Dannette Dixon Kent Dixon Amy Doliveira Bernie Dombrowski Mark Domenick John Donley Beth Dobson Kim Dormstetter Robert Doyle Alicia Drago Brenda Driver Lisa Drotos Richard Dulin “Let’s split this scene!” Tony Duncan Kristopher Dunn Shirley Duque Gina Duque David Easier Michelle Ebert Erica Ehly Carl Eichor Jeffrey Eiland Jennifer Ekren Tracey Ellard Karen Embrey Shawn Emling Kris Erikstrap Michael Evans Working hard in Science. Monica Evans Jennifer Fair Tammray Fairley William Fairley James Fanning Mike Fargo Richard Farley Christopher Feather Tracey Ferrell Thomas Ferri Mark Finn Andrea Fisher Amy Fitzpatrick Timothy Fitzwater Sharon Ford Freshmen 259 Jeffrey Fosmark Gregory Fosmark Raymond Foster Veronica Foy Lori Frantz Talisa Fuller Kathleen Gaden Christopher Galloway One of several tough classes offered to students. Chris Galvenek Dona Gamboa Kathryn Gardner Christopher Garrett Vinson Garrett Larry Gathers Francis Gayle Sandra George Bob Gelder Laura Ghavez Christina Gheen Katherine Gill William Gilliom Steven Glass Brent Good Melissa Green Suzanne Green Sarah Gresham Howard Griffith Jason Griffin Joanne Griner Lucinda Grove Michael Gunn Alan Guthrie Kevin Gutierrez MAKING THE BIG BUCK During each school year various clubs and organizations sell and profit from assorted candy sales. Each club has the inten¬ tion of supporting their own causes. The candies range from your simple chocolate bar to the more complex Gummi Bears of the German Club. The candy is sold with the intention to raise various amounts of money in order to attend plays or go on trips to other schools to further the educational horizons of the students. Although students, in particular, love all the candy, administrators tend to take a different view when wrappers and candy are left behind to clutter hallways. But if students would comply with the rules, there would be no reason why administators could not have a positive outlook on the very im¬ portant candy sales. 260 Freshmen Erwin Guyett Carolyn Haggerty Howard Hale Jeffrey Hale Keith Haller Jennifer Hamilton Randy Handwork Tina Hansbrough Amy Harding Kathy Harnest Heather Harris Jay Harris Mike Harris Mark Harris Brad Harris Linda Harrison Samantha Harte Andrea Haupt Brett Havener Kathleen Havey Heather Heatherill Sandra Heckman Sheila Hegert David Heiser Lisa Hendrick Christina Hensley Keith Herrell Michael Hertzog Karen Hicks Laura Hicks Jeanne Hill Steven Hicks Alfred Hines Evelyn Hockett Vincent Hodovan Kelley Hoff Sherrie Holloman Michael Hood Mike Hopke Kimberly Hopkins Deborah Hopson Todd Houston Michelle Howard Fonda Howell Jessica Hughes Michae Hutchinson Douglas Hutton Michelle Hyman James Irby Donald Jackson Pamela Jefferson Jennifer Jeffries Lisa Jenkins Sheila Jennings Freshmen 261 John Jewell Alonzo Johnson David Johnson Norman Johnson Jeffrey Johnston Regina Johnson Rolland Johnson Reginald Johnson Reginald Johnson Theresa Johnson Tara Johnson Theresa Johnson Terri Johnson Wesley Johnson Sandra Johnson Bryan Jones Eric Jones Maurice Jones Pamela Jones Sean Jones Lara Jordan Michela Jordan Marie Karis Timothy Kashmer Krista Keil Nicole Kennedy James Kerby Angela Kerby Ali Kerem James Kerney Rebecca Kerney Kenneth Kerr Beth Kerscher Kelly Kerrigan Patricia Kibler Tod Kichenmaster Jackie Kim Anita King Denise King Mark King Jeremy Knorr Debra Koger Che Kolbenstetter Heather Kone Dennis Kramer Jennifer Kreamer Jean Kreinar Robert Krenkel Rachel Krueger Arthur Kurtz 262 Freshmen Michael Lamborn Lori Layman Scott Lazerson Barry Leake Sue Leckman Jennifer Lee Kyung Lee Tracey Lee Michael Lemmonds Mary Lepper April Lewis Sean Lewis Armand Lienard Mary-Beth Light Tracey Lilly Chana Lindgren Naomi Locklear Diane Loveitt Gregory Lowe Shaun Lucas Matthew Lynn Daniel Maddox Senia Maine John Majeski Samuel Mann Julie Manning Jeffrey Marolda Tom Martin Kevin Matera Brenda Mayes Cynthia Mickelson Tony Mickins Natalie Migliorini Angela Miller Daniel Miller Jennifer Miller Brian Miller Steven Miller Calvin Mills Several students mentally prepare for a tough English class. Septimus Mincy Suzane Mirsky Meliala Mojaddidi Diana Moody Carol Money Thomas Mooney Collette Moore Lashune Morgan Michael Mori Dean Moslow Robert Moyers Rose Munczenski Darlaine Munsell Eric Murphy Marvin Parker Michelle Parker Kathryn Parkin Andre Pasterchick Tara Pestross Anthony Pellegrini Tonya Pennington Thomas Pencak Christina Perkins Tom Petruzzi Victoria Pettit James Phillips R. Phillips Wilber Phillips Stephanie Pile Cheryl Pickett Wilberto Pitre Leslie Pitt Moses Plenty Stan Poczatek Mark Poillucci Lara Powell Sundi Powell William Powell Anita Prasch Heather Presnall Tiffany Price John Proffitt Tammy Pruitt Rhonda Quezaire Dorothy Ramey Margot Ramsay James Rawlinson Michelle Raymond Phillip Ray Christine Recknor Pren Reed Willi Reichenbach Samantha Rembert Freshmen 265 Annette Render Melvyn Rexrode Kimberly Rhorer Kathleen Rich Kristin Richards Linda Richardson Wendy Richmond Charles Riddle Patrick Riesenberg Kavid Ripton Brenda Rishop Joshua Rivera Juanita Robinson Larinda Robinson John Rocha Daniel Rohrig Daniel Rotelli Erin Roth Franklin Rowe Leonard Rowe David Rummler Harold Ruszczyk Nicole Sabarese Christina Sanchez Kennith Sapp Jodi Saunders John Sawicki Brian Sayre Jonathan Scaggs Travis Schaney Elzeni Sherin Pamela Schmecht Will Schrecongost Lori Schroeder James Schwart Richard Scott Tobert Shearer Susan Sheloski Amy Shiflett Pamela Shipley Daniel Short Jill Shreve Steven Shurtliff Priscilla Sierk Rechard Sierk Gregory Simcic Emily Simmons Eric Simpson John Simpson Brian Singleton Donald Sketo Timothy Smelcer Daria Smith David Ripton 266 Freshmen Daria Smith Kimberly Smith Michael Smith Larry Smith Nancy Smith Stephen Smith Tamara Smith John Snediker Joyce Soderstorm Lakita Sneed Kelly Spellane Sonia Spitzer Kuansueke Sragaow Jimmie Stafford Sabrina Stamper Allen Stansbury Allan Stephens Edward Stiegel Steven Stiles Eric Stoutamyer Susan Straight Tim Street Danny Strickland Rebecca Stuck Dwayne Stumpf Debora Suslowicz Michelle Sutter Tiffany Swaim Kathy Swider Lesley Swider Cynthia Tall Niquelle Talley Joseph Tamony Rebecca Tamony Corline Jabs Laura Taylor Kimberly Taylor Michelle Taylor Melinda Teel Christophe Tenney George Terrell Colleen Terry Kristen Terry Jennifer Thomas CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS At Gar-Field there are an unlimited number of clubs and various organizations in whidh the student body may participate in during the course of their four year tour of this inspir¬ ing school. The clubs range from Foreign Language to Drama. Usually there are no specific requirements to be a member, but loyalty to the organization during the year is greatly appreciated. The members not only attend meetings but also plan trips, sell can¬ dy, and attend seminars or plays throughout the course of the year. These clubs usually meet every second Tuesday or every fourth Tuesday of each month. Rhonda Thomas Anthony Thompson Eric Thompson Leneetha Thompson Freshmen 267 Jennifer Thompson Peggy Thompson Steven Thompson Penelope Thompson John Thurman Roger Thurston Donald Tiffany Frank Tiffany Michael Tilley Edward Tiujillo Helen Todd Kristy Tomchek Kyra Torango Kimberly Toth Jennifer Trace Kimberly Trotman Omar Truman Lucinda Tucker Anthony Tuggle Derrick Turner Terry Tyler Sean Underwood Martin Underwood Mark Unrath Jeannine Valvo Tabatha Vanover Timothy Vavrina Margaret Vaught James Verschueren Lisa Vito Kevin Vioral Lisa Volpe James Waddell Brian Wade Bryant Wadsworth Deborah Wagner Michael Wallace Robert Wardlow Lisa Ward Jennifer Warren Songia Washington Will Washington George Waugh Larry Wayland Scott Webb Dexter Webster Laura Welkenson Eric Wells Jennifer Westenberger Mathew Wheeler Marvin White 268 Freshmen v- ' : ' ,y Gary Whittington Todd Wickum Paul Wierbinski Michael Wilhelm Frank Wilkerson Clarence Williams Darrell Williams Jennifer Williams Kasandra Williams Myrna Williams Richard Williams Kimberly Williams Michael Windt William Wise Michelle Wells James Wohlhueter Jonathan Wood Jennifer Woodcock Bryan Woods Kayla Wright Edward Walbright Marya Wright Lisa Wright Freshmen 269 Michelle Asbury, Kelly Felter and Bob Bowen enjoy their lunch break. The future of Gar-Field rests in the hands of our physicsts. Ebbie Hudson and friends wrap-up another day of American Studies. 270 Underclassmen Janice Majaski and Karen Putnam pose for the camera. Another exciting day in Science. James Hunter preparing for class. “Wow, I’m actually getting my picture taken.” Underclassmen 271 Everybody posing for pictures at the mock election. Tina Taylor taking it easy. Mike Woodfin and Danny Hill. ‘Watch-Out! Ramona” 272 Underclassmen Charles Pitts and David Plenty plan a day in the library. Underclassmen 273 274 Faculty Faculty 275 ART Mr. Pugh — Crew Club Ms. Si mpson Ms. Wooley BUSINESS COSMETOLOGY Ms. Brooks Ms. Vickers 276 Faculty ENGLISH Mr. Abler — Sophomore Class Ms. Ayers — National Honor Societ Mr. Castrina Ms. Combs — Freshman Class Mr. Corbin — Shaman Ms. Crimm — Culture Club Mr. Edwards — Drama Ms. Floris Ms. Frostman — Cheerleaders Ms. Little — Shaman Ms. Magargal Ms. Martin — Drama Mr. Rampley — Debate Forensics Ms. Powers — Shaman Ms. Pannell Ms. Roche — Freshman Class Mr. Sheppard Ms. Smith — Hyphen Ms. Turner Faculty 277 FOREIGN LANGUAGE Mr. Bailey Ms. El Naggar Ms. Heedick — Culture Club Ms. Kabler INDUSTRIAL ARTS Mr. Artz — Golf Mr. Dew Mr. Lucas — Ham Radio Club Mr. Murphy — Baseball Mr. Vadeboncouer Mr. Wiczalkowski — Stage Lighting 278 Faculty MATHEMATICS Ms. Allison — Rifles Ms. Brunson — Computer Cub Ms. Centolla Ms. Dangerfield Ms. Ferguson Mr. Mattice Mr. Partridge Mr. Ramos Ms. Rosebrook Ms. Simon Mr. Van Winkle Ms. Tobin Mr. Tucker Ms. White — Tennis MEDIA Ms. Templeton Mr. Wilson Faculty MUSIC PHYSICAL EDUCATION Ms. French-Jones Mr. Legge — Wrestling Ms. Jones Mr. Milbert Ms. Sullivan — Soccer Mr. Thomas — Football Mr. Zimmerman SCIENCE Mr. Bell — Basketball Mr. Cheshire — Science Club Mr. Clemmons Mr. Earl 280 Faculty Mr. Flanagan — Science Club Ms. Gruber — Flags Ms. Hamill Ms. Huddle Mr. Polly — Junior Class Mr. Rodeffer — Junior Class Ms. Stromfors Ms. Taylor — Senior Class Mr. Wheeler — Wrestling SOCIAL STUDIES Mr. Aleo — Soccer Mr. Baily — History Club Ms. Bittner Mr. Bunn Ms. Cantwell — “It’s Academic” Mr. Darrough — Key Club Ms. Elvin — Key Club Mr. Greer — G-F Club Faculty 281 Mr. Johnson — Tennis — Model U.N. Mr. Larson Ms. Marx Mr. Pearson Mr. Spencer SPECIAL EDUCATION Ms. Byrd Ms. Dodge Ms. Higgins Mr. Shriver Mr. Larson plots the days events. Ms. Kabler dances with a friend. 282 Faculty Mr. Sherill finds being an athletic director humorous. The switchboard keeps Ms. Harris busy. With Ms. Galliday, every cent is accounted for. Ms. Coggin barely has time to smile with work involved at the Guidance Department. i I ■MR Ms. Boreland is happy about V H V this year’s decline in absences. Faculty 283 Ms. Judy Pierson, Secretary Mr. Frank Bradsher, 9th Grade and Secretary, Ms. Janice Carr Dr. Zuill Bailey, Principal Ms. Crystal Dean, Secretary 284 Faculty Ms. Joyce Hart, 12th Grade Mr. Joe Cardinale, 11th Grade Ms. Barbara Chiles, Secretary Faculty 285 QQQQQQ Ackerman, Andrew 186, 220 Ackerman, Daniel W. 246 Ackerman, Kevin J. 232, 265 Adair, Jerri M. 160, 186, 256 Adair, Terri L. 160, 161 Adamcik, Paul J. 256 Adams, Christopher 256 Adams, Curtis C. Adams, Linda C. 244 Adams, Michael 178, 256 Adkins, Phillip D. 232 Affeldt, Christopher 256 Agee, Debra L. 186 Aguilar, Suzane Y. 179, 186 Aguilar, Tonya S. 172, 174, 232 Ahern, James T. Ahern, John G. Ahern, Kelly A. 161, 244 Aiken, Maxine 168 Akers, Nancy L. 244 Alba, Anthony W. Albertson, David E. 244 Albertson, Deanna 244 Albright, Edward 172 Aldridge, Ahika M. 40, 80, 81, 112, 113, Alexander, Melinda Alford, Julie 179, 232 Alford, Scot 256 Alger, Paul 232 Alicea, Matthew Allen, Christopher 256 Alsop, Danielle R. 31, 174, 256 Alsop, Lisa R. 232 Anderson, Bryan S. 256 Anderson, Catherin 186 Anderson, David W. 256 Anderson, Dianne M. Anderson, Donna S. 172, 232 Anderson, Judith N. 186 Anderson, Lisa M. 232 Anderson, Michael J. 186 Anderson, Tabatha 256 Anderson, Thomas E Anglin, Grace A. 244 Anile, Marianna Anthony, Shawn 98, 186 Antwi, Elinor S. 232 Archambault, Cathy 186 Armstrong, Joel S. 232 Arnold, Christopher 88, 89, 176, 186 Arnold, Susan 19, 232 Arnold, Vivienne 186 Arnoldi, Diane 223 Artmann, Gina 244 Asbury, Michelle L. 179, 186, 244, 270 Ash, Jeffrey D. Ash, Lori A. 256 Ashby, Antonio, T. 170, 180, 181, 186 Ashby, Michelle Y. 172, 179 Aspillaga, Brenda 172, 179, 244 Aspillaga, Ricardo 232 Astrin, Stacey 169, 187 Atwell, Tammi L. 27, 154, 187 Atwood, Jessica 177, 244 Aveni, Donna M. 187 Avey, Ronald L. bbbbbb Babcock, Aleta M. Babcock, Michelle 179, 232 Bachert, Nancy 187 Bachman, David R. 171, 244 Bado, Elizabeth E. 187 Baer, Rhonda 232 Bagby, Rebecca A. 114, 244 Bagnerise, Jennife 187 Bagnerise, Josep W. 244, 273 Bailey, Anthony 244 INDEX Baker, James F. 256 Baker, Kevin H. 160, 161, 187 Baker, Mark 57, 244 Baker, Monica R. 256 Baker, Reginald M. 95, 98, 187 Baker, Wendy R. 130, 256 Balcomb, Brent S. 244 Baldridge, Alicia 31, 256 Ball, Steven B. 256 Ballard, Matthew 176 Ballard, Tonia V. 24 Ballenger, Bradfor 232 Banks, Richard T. 244 Baransky, Timothy 187 Barber, Michael A. 176 Barker, Julie A. 244 Barnes, Kim R. 44, 45, 80, 179, 187, 220 Barnes, Mark E. 98, 187 Barnes, Timothy A. 244 Barnes, William A. 244 Barnett, Kenneth W. Barnhart, Kimberly 108, 109, 232 Barnhill, Julie A. Barnhill, Randi C. 180, 187 Barnhill, Regina 256 Barr, Lorie A. 85, 239, 256 Barrante, Raymon A. 169, 171, 187 Barrante, Richard A. 171, 256 Barrett, Melinda D. 163, 180, 244 Bartenes, Steven W. 232 Barth, Jennifer 244 Basantes, Ruben A. 244 Battaglia, Michell 176, 187 Batttenfeld, Bryan 244 Baucom, Robert G. 124, 256 Bauer, Tia 154, 169, 188 Baum, Penny 244 Baumgardner, Turin Baumgartner, Brenda A. 180, 256 Baumgartner, Gre T. 167, 171, 172, 188 Baxter, Mava M. 256 Baxter, Mova L. 256 Baytan, Apollo 256 Baytan, Luisito 188 Bayton, Jose 244 Bazile, Polone M. 232 Beachy, Francis M. 232 Beachy, Glendon R. 256 Beale, Eric L. 244 Beall, James R. 256 Beardsley, Waite W. 98, 180, 188 Beaty, Lori A. 244 Beaty, Rachel M. Beavers, Edward G. 160, 162, 256 Beaver,Marcia L. 179, 232 Beck, Christine E. 256 Beck, Grant 188 Beck, Kristina 188 Beckler, Tina 188 Bedard, David E. 176, 188 Beglin, Julie A. Beighlea, Diane D. 188 Belk, Cheryl 256 Bell, Brian L. 176 Bell, John P. 180, 232 Bell, Kathryn M. Bell, Timothy G. 232 Bender, Annette M. 256 Bender, Carena L. 162, 256 Benedetto, Rober J. 188 Benefield, Lawanda P. 256 Bennett, Jonathan 244 Bennett, Michael 244 Bennett, Terance L. 161 Bennetts, Brandon 256 Bennetts, Christop 176, 252 Benton, Stanley 12, 188 Beranek,John M. 188, 189 Berish, Ronald 176, 220 Berlin, Steven J. 172, 176, 232 Bernhardt, Cathy Bernier, Robert D. Bernosky, Roderick C. 176, 188 Bertetti, Scott D. 244 Besson, Katherine Best, Janice M. 232 Best, Raymond A. 256 Bethea, Matthew R. 244 Betts, Wayne J. 161, 172,256 Betty, Jeffrey B. 112, 188 Beauley, Beth 179, 189 Bianchini, Patrizi 88, 232 Bickham, Bernard D. 161, 244 Bickham, Rebecca A. 140, 169, 180, 189 Biehl, Rickie R. 256 Biller, David B. 256 Billingsley, Fred Billingsley, Harri 181, 244 Billingsley, Laure 180 Billingsley, Lauri 256 Bird, Daniel C. 161, 244 Bischoff, Jennifer 170, 256 Bishop, Rhonda D. Bishop, Stephanie L. 168, 244 Bishop, Steven E. Black, Barbara 189 Black, Dana A. 232 Black, Danielle A. 40, 244 Black, Jefferson 232 Black, Mary C. 256 Blackburn, Michael 176, 232 Blackburn, Michael 176 Blackett, Sandra 256 Blair, Michael 160, 173, 178, 232 Blais, David J. 232 Blais, Francoise 165, 170, 244 Blais, Sarah 171, 257 Blanton, William E. 244 Bias, Richard C. Blaylock, Paul A. 232 Bledsoe, Sandra 154, 245 Blevins, Christoph 256 Bloxton, Lisa M. 232 Bloxton, Thomas 245 Blye, Christopher Blye, Clifford T. 245 Boggs, Gregory M. 257 Bohr, Kimberly A. 245 Bohuslar, Emily D. 110, 111, 245 Bolac, Christoph L. 245 Bolesworth, Deanna 257 Bolland, Kurt E. 174, 257 Boros, Jane A. 232 Boros, William W. 124, 257 Borough, David A. 107, 189 Boulden, John Boulden, William 124 Bowe, Sheri L. 179 Bowen, Bob 179, 189, 270 Bowen, Dana S. 232 Bowen, Eric K. 257 Bowens, Tia 245 Bowers, Jeffrey 245 Bowles, Lori D. 232 Bowling, Christophe S. 257 Bowman, Beth B. 232 Bowman, Sherri A. 257 Boyce, Christine M. 257 Boyd, Andrew 162, 257 Boyd, Daniel Boyd, Darron C. 245 Boyd, Domini 179, 189 Boyd, James 245 Boyd, Kim D. 257 Boyd, Richard 189 Boyer, Richard 232 Bozzella, John L. 189 Bradford, Lisa D. 245 Bradley , Cynthia E. 182, 232 Bradley, Deborah S. 180, 257 Bradley, Lisa L. 189 Brady, Pamela 189 Brain, Darren G. 257 Brandt, Emily A. 110 Brandt, Thomas 110, 111, 257 Brann, Camela 189 Brannan, Christie 189 Brannan, David N. 257 286 Brannan, James A. Brannan, Susan 160, 162, 257 Bratton, David L. 176, 232 Brazil, Elena E. 232 Brean,Dean 178 Breen, Denise M. 170, 245 Brenzovich, Tammie 86, 232 Breslin, Jeannie M. 160, 161, 245 Breslin, Kathy J. 115, 130, 257 Brettle, Dean W. 178, 257 Bridges, Nepthal S. 49, 169, 189, 225 Bridges, Pia 257 Bridgett, Keith B. 245 Bridgman, Keith A. 232 Brimage, Jautawn 245 Brimage, Monica 165, 233 Brinegar, Heather A. 171, 257 Briscoe, Jesse L. 257 Britton, Christi L. 189 Brookes, Alicia 92, 93 Brooks, David R. Brooks, Elizabeth 58, 257 Brooks, James S. 180, 190 Brooks, Jason W. 245 Brooks, Ronald P. 233 Brooks, Teresa W. 163, 233, 257 Brooks, Thomas K. 88, 190 Brooks, Thomas M. 88, 160, 162 Brosch, Shelley A. 233 Browder, Celeste K. 257 Browder, Leslie D. 120, 257 Brown, Alicia L. 245 Brown, Che 170, 233, 245 Brown, Cynthia 152, 170, 233 Brown, Donna J. 151, 257 Brown, Glorine Brown, Jonathan M. 68, 233 Brown, Katrina 257 Brown, Michael T. 41, 167, 190 Brown, Michael T. Brown, Pamela A. 233 Brown, Scott W. 83, 233 Brown, Stephen A. 178, 233 Brown, Stephen D. 257 Brown, Susan 176, 190 Brown, Tamara L. 172, 245 Brown, Thomas M. 257 Brown, Thomas P. Brown, Warren 233 Brozowski, Anthony 233 Brula, Martin A. 257 Bruner, Sherry 245 Bryant, Lisa H. 180, 257 Bryant, Mark A. 257 Buehler, Teresa D. 257 Buel, Yvonne A. 156, 157, 180, 182, 233 Bullard, Matthew H. 137, 233 Bunn, Bradley, B. 245 Bunn, Eric A. 176, 182, 183, 190, 228 Burcroff, William 245 Burgess, Dawn M. 190 Burgess, Marny L. 245, 257 Burgio, Lisa A. Burhans, Tamara 92, 233 Burian, Patricia 78, 169, 233 Burian, Susan M. 190 Burke, Michael D. 167, 190 Burke, Paul T. 233 Burkhammer, Lisa K. 177, 245 Burner, Brian K. 233 Burner, Scott A. 257 Burnes, Sherry 257 Burnett, Marcelle 190 Burrage, Christina 245 Burrows, Elizabeth 179, 190 Burruss, Cheryl D. 29, 154, 169, 233 Burruss, Monica R. Burton, Lloyd J. 245 Busch, Karin L. 170, 233 Buschbaum, Lori E. 233 Bushey, Parchie V. 257 Butler, Gwendolyn 123, 177, 245 Butler, Samuel E. 233 Butman, Mark A. Buzzella, John 176 Byram, Bonnie 172, 190 Byram, Robert O. 169, 171, 172, 233 Byrd, Anthony B. Byrd, Gwendolyn M. Byrd, Patrick C. Byrne, Tony 176 CCCCCC Caddy, Dana L. 78, 245 Caldarelli, Joe A. 176, 233 Calfee, James L. 190 Callahan, Kimberly 257 Callahan, Lourie M. 190 Campbell, David W. Campbell, Glenda C. 160, 190 Campbell, Keith A. 150, 161, 245 Campbell, Robert 174, 245 Campos, Junnette 233 Campos, Lorenz L. 257 Cano, Tricia M. 257 Capelotti, Angela 161, 245 Cappel, Diana D. 162, 257 Cappel, Donna D. 130, 171, 245 Caprara, James 168 Cardwell, Steven L. Carlson, Candice L. 257 Carlson, Charles E. 233 Carlson, Charles M. 177, 245 Carlson, Jennifer 115, 125, 257 Carlson, Kirk 245 Carlson, Stacey 176, 191 Carmichale, Deni M. 191 Carmichael, John E. Carmona, Terri M. 168, 245 Carpenter, Brown H. 233 Carpenter, Helen S. 245 Carr, David A. 180 Carrigan, Joseph M. 176, 233 Carrigan, Marion R. 171, 172, 245 Carrillo, Jared T. 257 Carrillo, Raquel A. 257 Carroll, Ellen I, 257 Carroll, Joseph 257 Carroll, Kenneth L. 29,30,48, 110, 111, 191 Carter, Joseph C. Carter, Julie A. 245 Carter, Linda C. 233 Carter, Michelle L. 191 Carter, Roland S. Carter, Ronald L. 168 Carter, Sibyl D. 257 Caruthers, Thomas G. 257 Cash, Christophe R. 171 Cash, Michelle A. 257 Cashwell, Linda 191 Cashwell, Michelle 40, 50, 86, 162, 245 Cassidy, Sean P. 233 Castle, Patrick 90, 245 Castulik, Katherine 156, 233 Castulik, Lisa N. Catterton, Melissa 115, 257 Cecere, Andrea T. 152, 246 Cecil, Kevin W. 176, 191 Cecil, Stephen E. 257 Celmer, Edward G. 257 Cephas, Gerald A. 160, 162, 169, 180, 233 Cephas, Sheila 251, 257 Chamberlain, Rob E. 107, 245 Chambers, Lamoyne 257 Chapa,Jason M. Chapa, Linda Chapman, Darla 233 Chase, Kenneth D. 110, 245 Chase, Michelle A. 245 Chavez, Laura B. Cheatham, Troy T. 233 Checkon, Colleen M. 191 Checkon, Elaine P. 177, 245 Checkon, John D. 191 Cheeks, Lisa M. 48, 191 Chesley, Michael R. 191 Chester, Ann M. 19, 152, 233, 251 Chichester, Samant Chiddix, Kimberly G. 191 Chopin, Linda 78 Chouhdary, Fazalit 257 Christensen, Jul M. 233 Chucala, Steven 162, 257 Chuday, Eugene J. Chuday, Janine 257 Chuquillangui, Peg 176, 177, 245 Clark, Colleen A. 154, 191 Clark, Howard 257 Clark, Matthew A. 233 Clarke, Andrea L. 98, 245 Clarke, Patrick A. Clarke, Tracey L. 257 Clay, Greg B. Claybrooks, Travis Clegg, Stephen W. 233 Clemen, Janet A. Clemens, David W. 258 Clinton, David A. 98 Clore, Linda 78, 233, 169 Clubb, Samuel L. 245 Cobbs, Karen 258 Cochran, Charles S. Cocus, Tammy L. 258 Coerse, Sean 233 Cof fee, Alison A. 258 Coffee, Chad Coffee, Jennifer L. 182, 191 Cokes, Corey L. 170 Cokes, Sean A. 233 Cole, Joseph T. 160, 162, 245 Collatos, Donna M. 191 Collatos, George 258 Collier, Dena M. 192 Collins, Cheryl 86, 233 Collins, Michael 176, 192 Collins, Thomas 162, 233 Colon, Cherlyn D. 39, 192 Colon, Felix, 154, 192 Combs, Gary w. 233 Compy, Jason 298 Conahan, Wayne 174, 245 Conaway, Thomas 176, 192, 228 Conger, Kurt 245 Connor, Charleen 179, 233 Connor, Michael A. 258 Conward, Gilbert 24, 25, 233 Conward, Glenn Cook, Cherie A. 233 Cook, Dorothy M. Cook, Jacqueline 245 Cook, John A. 258 Cook, Mary G. 23, 179, 192 Cook, Michelle 258 Cook, Robert Q. Cook, Shelley 258 Cooley, Michaele A. 258 Cooper, Barry E. Cooper, Dana M. 258 Cooper, Patrick 110, 233 Cope, Patrick J. 233 Copening, Reginald 245 Corb in, Mary E. 35, 37, 40, 233, 238, 239 Cordwell, Sean 258 Corley, Joseph D. 258 Corley, Yvonne M. 192 Cornett, Cristi A. 258 Cornett, Diana L. 177, 245 Correia, James 258 Cosand, Matthew S. 178, 258 Cosand, Shawne 45, 154, 192, 225, 227 Costello, Eric W. 176,233 Costello, Norma 233 Cote, Simone M. 245 Coutts, Kevin 233 Covington, Michel 233 Covington, Stephan 179, 245 Cox, Mary 52 Crabtree, Keith T. Crabtree, Lowell S. 177 Craig, James J. 258 Cramer, Shawn 258 Cramp, Jennifer 258 Crawford, Tadd L 192 Crawley, John R. 160, 258 Cray, Scott W. 258 Creel, Emerson 28, 38, 98, 233 Creneti, Tod 245 Crespo, Jose 245 Crespo, Margaret A. 80, 179, 218 Crespo, Richard 160, 162, 192 Crespo, Rubin N. 245 Crocker, James 233 Crone, Lisa D. 233 Cross, Timothy S. 176, 192 Cross, Tracey 245 Crowley, Jeffrey B. Crowley, Timothy M. 258 Cruse, Leona 156, 233 Culbreth, Delinda 151 Cull, Karrie A. Cullen, Ane M. 233 Cullop, Eric L. 287 Cummings, Chris P. 245 Cummings, Lynne M. 171, 192 Cummings, Margaret 233 Cummings, Maryellen 258 Cunha, Emilia 258 Cunha, George C. 245 Curlis, James B. 160, 161, 173, 245 Curran, Thomas 246 Currier, Anthony 192 Currier, Danielle 258 Cutone, Terri A. dddddd Daderio, Shirley Dahl, Brian C. 258 Dallman, Mark J. 193 Dalrymple, Karl S. 176, 258 Dameron, Susan 246 Dangoia, Tiffany E. 26 Daniels, Christopher 25, 98, 237 Darby, Jacqueline J. 152, 258 Dare, Diana 258 Darker, Richard 246 David, Christine A. 258 David, Edward H. 233, 237 David, Richard 77, 237 Davidson, Linda A. 246 Davies, Moira M. Davis, Cheryl A. Davis, Christina J. 86, 162, 169, 172, 237, 258 Davis, Delia A. 258 Davis, Eric A. 55, 160, 258 Davis, Gregory Davis, Lonnie M. 171, 246 Davis, Natasha J. 192 Davis, Robert 98, 246 Davis, Shawn D. 118, 237 Dawson, Thomas 218 Dawson, Valeri Day, Pamela 169, 193 Day, Tina M. 246 Dean, Jeffrey S. 258 Dean, Kimberly 37, 40, 193, 221 Dean, Shari A. 179, 193,225 Deckard, Stephen D. 246 Decker, Teresa L. 150, 237 DeFrancesco, Lisa 156, 237 Dehaven, Michele L. 258 Delane, Christophe 246 Delane, Garald 237 Delaney, Michael P. 193 Delaverson, Charma 39, 61, 80, 156, 163, 174, 193 Deleon, Elena M. 179 Deleria, Heidi 237 Demirkan, Ayda 171, 258 Denman, Terri E. 172, 246 Denn, Eric 252 Denny, Palmer 177, 246 Dent, Audra L. 246 Depoy, David 193 Depoy, Michelle 162, 193 Derderian, James M. 174, 246 Derderian, Janice 161, 258 Derosier, Dana M. 123, 246 Deschamps, Roger C. 237 Destephanis, Micha Deutch, Daniel 68, 234 Devine, Kelly A. 234 Devine, Kristen L. 180, 258 Diaz, Alicia M. 234 Dick, Joanne M. 172, 258 Dick Margaret M. 193 Dickhute, Cynthi L. 161, 246 Dierker, Joseph E. 156 Dietz, Leslie B. 86, 153, 174, 246 Dietz, Michelle 152, 193 Dietz, Tommy A. 246 Diffenbaugh, Dean 193 Diffenbaugh, Deann 246 Diggs, Christophe R. 246 Dimaria Barry 246 Dimascio, Steven W. 258 Disse, Michelle L. 161, 258 Disse, Patrick 246 Distefano, Shannon 246 Dittmer, Michael 88, 234 Divver, Richard 98, 103, 193 Dix, Barbara F. 259 Dixon, Cheryl A. 161, 246 Dixon, Danette E. 165, 259 Dixon, Darrell C. 245, 259 Dixon, Kent L. 173, 259 Dixon, Kristian 246 Dixon, Russell A. 172, 173, 234 Dobash, Mark S. 170, 246 Dobson, Elizabeth 259 Dockery, Susan C. 180, 246 Dodson, Leon L. 234 Dolan, Brian O. 90, 182, 183, 234 Doliveira, Amy M. 254 Dollarhide, Thom L. 193 Dombrowski, Bernie 259 Domenick, Mark A. 169, 259 Donley, John R. 259 Donovan, Dawn M. 234 Donovan, Timothy 246 Doran, Rosemary A. 179, 193 Doran, Thomas P. 174, 176, 246 Dorazio, Charles 246 Dormstetter, Chr D. 193, 259 Dormstetter, Debra 86, 169, 234 Dormstetter, Kimbe 130, 170 Dorn, Lisa T. 234 Dorn, Michelle B. 246 Dove, Dorene Dowd, Roger L. 16, 64, 145, 179, 194, 254 Doyle, Kim 160, 162, 169, 234 Doyle, Quint G. 118, 176 Doyle, Robert 160, 259 Doyle, Stephen L. 194 Drago, Alicia D. 165, 259 Drago,Joseph 246 Dreischer, Patrici 234 Driver, Brenda I 259 Drotos, Lisa M. 62, 151, 259 Drummond, Angela M. 16, 179, 194 Dulin, Richard 259 Duncan, Anthony W. 234, 259 Dunn, Gregory S. 194 Dunn, Kristopher J. 259 Dunn, Rickie R. 163 Duque, Gina V. 259 Duque, Shirley J. 115, 180, 259 Dwyer, Deanna 108, 238 eeeeee Easier, David W. 259 Easier, Shawn L. 234 Ebert, Michelle L. 171,259 Ebron, Scot S. 234 Ebron, Todd I, 54, 145, 194 Echelbarger, Tammy 194 Edelschick, Brenda 78, 179, 234 Edelschick, Tara 41, 52, 166, 194 Edwards, Paul D. 194 Edwards, Reagan M. 162, 246 Edward, Trenton Edwards, Waverly 234 Ehlers, James T. Ehlers, Catherine 140, 194 Ehly, Erica H. 259 Eicher, Carl J. 259 Eiland, David S. 194 Eiland, Jeffrey T. 259 Einsmann, Charles 45, 98, 118, 194 Einsmann, Suzanne 150, 169, 172, 234 Ekren, Darren 194 Ekren, Jennifer 234, 246, 259 Ellard, Todd A. 194 Ellard, Tracey L. 259 Ellenberger,Donald 234 Ellenberger, Lara Elliott, Eric D. Ellis, Janet M. 154, 162, 172, 234 Ellis, Kathy L. 114, 246 Elmore, Constanc M. Elmore, Kevin Elzeni, Sherin I. Embrey, Andrea 170, 234 Embrey, Jonothan Embrey, Karen R. 115, 259 Emerick, Charlotte 234 Emling, Michelle J. 160, 161, 169, 234 Emling, Shawn M. 151, 259 Endy,Lance R. 234 Endy, Lisa M. 246 English, Christina L. Ennett, Gretchen 163, 172, 246 Erikstrup, Kristine E. 161, 259 Ervin, MichaelL. 234 Esformes, Terri L. 59, 108, 246 Espin, Anita C. 156, 157, 246 Espin, Rosita K. 181 Espinal, Rebecca L. 195 Esselstyn, Scott S. 234 Essey, Sheila M. 246 Evans, Danielle R. 154, 162, 168, 234 Evans, Karen 234 Evans, Michael 259 Evans, Monica D. 125, 160, 161, 170, 259 Evans, Trevor R. 172, 234 Evans, William B. 234 Evatt, Bruce 195 Evatt, Michelle 246 Ewing, Thomas Eyler, William C. 234 ffffff Fair, Jennifer A, 259 Fairley, Darryl N. 176, 195 Fairley, Tammray J. 259 Fairley, William M. 259 Falce, Shari L. 141, 179, 195 Fanning, James B. 259 Fargo, Michael 259 Farish, David W. 98, 176, 195 Farish, Kenneth E. 246 Farley, Richard S. 259 Faszcza, Michael Fawley, Susan K. 28 Fayak, Mark 118, 234 Feather, Christophe 259 Feeney, Bryan A. 246 Feeney, Michael S. Feeney, Susan 234 Felter, Kellee D. 195, 270 Ferguson, Jody L. 234 Ferguson, Michael 90, 91, 246 Fernandes, Jose M. 234 Ferrell, Tracy L. 161, 259 Ferri, Joanne E. 234 Ferri, Thomas J. 259 Ferron, Laveuerne 234 Figgatt, Cheryl A. Figueroa, Nancy E. 180, 247 Filip, Thomas J. 110, 170, 178, 180, 181, 183, 247 Finlayson, Micha M. 195 Finn, Mark 161, 259 Fisher, Andrea L. 152, 259 Fisher, Danielle D. 169, 235 Fisher, Karen J. 195 Fisher, Robert A. 247 Fite, Kristan S. 247 Fitzgerald, Kim 15, 160, 162, 171, 195, 222 Fitzkee, Pamela P. Fitzpatrick, Amy E. 259 Fitzwater, Tiffany 154, 195, 259 Fitzwater, Timothy Fleming, Wesley T. 170, 247 Fletcher, Aaron C. 234 Flinchum, Kristine 130, 247 Foley, Willis 195 Fontane, Lisa A. 141, 195 Ford, Angela A. 247 Ford, Barry T. 247 Ford, Jerry R. 247 Ford, Sharon E. 259 Forgo, William M. Fosmark, Gregory J. 260 Fosmark, Jeffrey L. 260 Foster, John 90, 91, 169, 195 Foster, Raymond 170, 260 Foud, Jerry 162 Fowkes, Michael V. 176, 234 Fowkes, Stephanie 86, 147, 234 Fowler, Anthony W. 127 Fowler, Cynthia A. Fowler, Karen L. 18, 19, 150, 234 Fowler, Stephan A. 176 Fowley, Sue 234 Fowlkes, John K. 98, 100, 234 Fox, Lisa A. 234 288 Foy, Veronica M. 260 Frank, Lori 179, 260 Franke, Lizbeth A. 195 Franklin, Christin 156, 171, 234 Franklin, Steven 154, 234 Freeby, Sandra 86, 169, 170, 234 Freeby, William H. 247 Friend, Brian T. 180, 195 Friend, Matthew A. 234 Frye, Timothy E. 172, 235 Fryling, Warren M. Fuentes, Elizabeth Fuentes, Nydia 45 Fulcher, Michelle E. 247 Fulford, Scott A. 247 Fulgencio, Ricar N. 160, 162, 247 Fullem, Kenneth 235 Fullem, Kristine M. 150, 169, 172, 235 Fuller, Talisa K. 260 Fulton, Thomas I, 176, 235 Fulwood, Mary H. 153 Furner, Rebecca A. 247 999999 Gaden, Kathleen M. 260 Gallahan, Bruce C. Gallik, William J. 235 Galloway, Christophe 98, 260 Galloway, Major 98, 101, 247 Gallup, Dawn M. 152, 156, 171, 235 Galvanek, Chris L. 260 Gamboa, Dionisio 108 Gamboa, Donna L. 160, 161, 260 Gandee, Robert A. 247 Ganino, John 48, 166, 167, 172, 178, 196 Gardiner, Meliss M. 29, 86, 236 Gardner, Kathryn L. 174, 260 Garrett, Christophe R. 260 Garrett, David R. 177, 247, 258 Garrett, Vinson V. 260 Gatewood, Michael M. 247 Gathers, Larry J. 260 Gathof, Douglas 68, 176 Gatling, Darryl L. 98, 235 Gatling, Terrence 103, 118, 235 Gayda, Stephanie 247 Gayle, Francis J. 260 Gazda, Lisa 166, 196 Gazda, Susan 16, 179, 196 Geer, Venessa D. Gefrich, John Gelder, Robert 260 Gellios, John 235 George, Sandra L. 115, 260 George, Thomas S. 247 Gerhardt, Wendy L. Gharez, Laura 260 Gheen, Christina 130, 260 Gianni, Kevin 235 Gibbons, Aimee E. 247 Gibbs, Larry A. 222 Gill, Dennis 235 Gill, Katherine M. 115, 173, 260 Gillette, Daniel 196 Gilliom, William M. 260 Gilliom, Yvonne E. Glass, Steven R. 260 Glover, Rick D. 176 Godwin, Glenda P. 247 Godwin, Yolanda M. 247 Goewey, Robert 159, 196 Goff, Bryan P. 235 Golden, Gail R. Good, Ann M. 247 Good, Brent D. 260 Good, Crystal L. 169, 171, 196 Good, Deborah A. 28, 50, 172, 180, 235 Good, John W. 196 Goode, Gary R. Goodrich, Samuel M. 176, 196 Goodrich, William Goodrick, Colin C. 247 Gordon, Eureka R. Gordon, Karen L. 110, 196 Gore, Deborah A. 182, 183, 247 Gore, Robert C. 235 Gorsuch, Sharon L. 196 Gosnell, Ronald A. 162, 247 Gosnell, Todd 162 Goulet, Kenneth P. 247 Goulla, Diane E. 196 Grafenstein, Colie Graham, Jimmie 247 Graham, Michelle 130, 235 Graham, Tamara 196 Grantham, Sandra 154, 197 Grantham, Timothy L. Graupman, Lisa M. 154, 235 Green, Brian T. 90, 91, 247 Green, Daniel J. 160, 161, 176, 199 Green, Melissa 260 Green, Samatha 86, 123, 247 Green, Suzanne M. 161, 260 Grenade, Robert J. 247 Gresham, Sarah R. 260 Grevey, Gail 182, 183, 235 Grieff, Ellen C. 197 Griffin, Eric J. 156, 157, 166, 167, 197 Griffin, Jason T. 260 Griffin, Wendell H. 247 Griffith, Howard H. 260 Grigsby, Theresa A. 179, 197 Grimes, Julie A. 80, 120, 121, 235 Grimes, Wendy L. 179, 197 Griner, Joanne 260 Grose, Jody 247 Gros, Amy R. 235 Grove, Lucinda L. 260 Grove, Tammy L. 235 Grover, Stephen T. 88 Groves, Jackie K. 176, 235 Grow, Judith 18, 150, 235 Grubbs, Kevin Gruszkowski, Crystal 235 Gundler, David A. 247 Gunn, Gena R. 120, 235 Gunn, Michael 260 Guthrie, Alan N. 260 Gutierrez, Kevin A. 260 Gutierrez, Timot W 197 Guyett, Erwin W. 261 hhhhhh Haggerty, Carolyn J. 261 Haines, Barbara 176, 197 Haines, Christine Haines, Kenneth 176, 197 Hale, Gregory H. 235 Hale, Howard D. 261 Hale, Jeffrey D. 261 Hall, April 197 Hall, Carrie 176, 177, 247 Hall, David J. 160, 161,247 Hall, Dwight P. Hall, Robert 247 Haller, Darrin J. 197 Haller, Keith 261 Haller, Kevin Halman, Anthony 197 Halsey, Tina C. 179, 197 Halwood, Mary 247 Hamako, Christophe Hamako, Emi J. 44, 197 Hamilton, Jennifer 261 Hammond, Mary L. 197 Hampton, Patrice M. Hamric, Mike 16, 197, 221, 225 Hamric, Steven 235 Hanberry, Kimberly A. 197 Handwork, Randy A. 124, 261 Haney, Angela M. 173, 247 Hang, John 247 Hanna, Cathy L. 235 Hanna, Lori J. 247 Hans, Marvin L. 235 Hansborough, Tina 261 Hanso, Benny D. Hanson, Julia V. 248 Harding, Amy M. 261 Hardy, Cheryl 197 Harley, Maria A. 235 Harman, Brenda L. 197 Harnest, Jennifer 248 Harnest, Katherine 115, 261 Harps, Timothy 156, 198 Harrell, Richard M. 248 Harrell, Sheri R. 198 Harris, Brad 261 Harris, Heather J. 161, 171, 261 Harris, Jay P. 261 Harris, Kimberly J. 18, 152, 235 Harris, Mark A. 161, 126, 172, 178 Harris, Michael W. 261 Harris, Pornpan 198 Harris, Scott B. 90, 198 Harris, Tony 18, 98, 278 Harrison, Linda 261 Harrod, Cynthiia L. Harrod, Shelby W. 248 Harroll, Cynthia, 198 Hart, Donald 59, 98, 118,222 Hart, Patrick E. 248 Hart, Patrick M. 198 Hart, Robert Hart, Ronnie S. 235 Hart, Shari 165 Hart, Theresa 198 Harte, Ashley R. 248, 264 Harte, Samantha 150, 261 Hartman, Richard D. 31, 248 Hartmann, Chad E. 163, 165, 235 Hastie, David J. 110, 235 Hatnes, Tina 247 Haug, Thomas W. Haught, Dennis L. 176, 198 Haupt, Andrea 261 Havener, Brett P. 178, 261 Havey, Kathleen S. 115, 180, 261 Hawkins, Heather 248 Haycraft, Harold W. 176, 198 Hayes, Jeanette 235 Hayes, Lori 199 Hayes, Randall D. 248 Haymond, Jonathan 29, 110, 111, 235 Haymond, Martha 235 Haymond, Rebekah Hayward, Rachael 180, 235 Heaton, Lysette 152, 163, 164, 165, 248 Heckman, Sandra L. 261 Hegele, Lisa A. Hegert, Sheila E. 261 Hein, Stacy 248 Heininge, Cynthia 171, 248 Heinige, James 235 Heiser, David E. 261 Heller, John E. Henderson, Albert 235 Hendrick, Lisa R. 261 Henry, Samuel A. Hensley, Christina 261 Hernandez, Jose 176 Herrell, Kieth 261 Hersi,Afra A. 172 Hertzog, Michael 261 Hetrick, Troy L. 76, 98, 235 Heyd, Dwayne C. 248 Hicks, Billy J. 98, 235 Hicks, Karen A. 261 Hicks, Kelly S. 248 Hicks, Laura 172, 261 Hicks, Peggy 146, 199 Hicks, Steven W. 261 Hiett, Kelly R. 248 Hiett, Melissa 199 Higdon, Robert K. 172, 199 Higgins, Brian E. Higgins, Michael F. 170, 176, 235 Higginson, Mary T. Hilins, Joyce 162, 199 Hill, Andre K. 235 Hill, Charlie 235 Hill, Daniel J. 199, 272 Hill, Jeanne M. 261 Hillman, Michael S. 165, 248 Himelright, Pam K. 16, 199, 265 Hinegardner, Donald L. Hines, Alfred R. 261 Hines, Arlita L. 248 Hines, Valissa Hinkel, Christin M. 114, 235 Hirons, Robert 235 Hobbs, Pamela L. 156, 157, 199 Hockett, Evelyn L. 261 Hodges, Damon C. 179, 248 Hodges, Michael A. 98, 235 Hodovan, Vincent A. 261 Hoehn, Michael D. 248 Hoerr, Christine Hoff, Kelley L. 40. 150, 261 Hoff, Michelle 9, 28, 152, 169, 199, 255 Hoffman, Timothy 235 Hoffman, Kerry 44, 199 Holbert, Jennifer 235 Holcombe, Janet 179 Holland, Lloyd 199 Holland, Tonya R. 248 Holley, Janet R. 160, 161, 248 Hollomom, Sherrie 261 Honeycutt, Alfred 176 Hood, Michael S. 90, 261 Hood, Robert 90, 235 Hooper, Randel, 150, 180, 235 Hoover, James P. 199 Hopke, Michael J. 261 Hopkins, Himberle T. 261 Hopkins, Timothy E. 248 Hopson, Deborah L. 261 Hornauer, Hobart C. 248 Horne, Cheri L. 236 Hosier, Teresa 78, 79, 120, 248 Housier, Francine 161, 248 Housier, Glenn 98, 101, 199 Houston, Todd D. 160, 162, 261 Howard, Cheryl L. 236 Howard, Gina 236 Howard, Kimberly 236, 169 Howard, Matthew 160, 162, 248 Howard, Michelle A. 261 Howell, Fonda D. 261 Hubbard, Robert B. Huddleston, Barry 176, 236 Hughes, Brian P, 248 Hughes, Jessica L. 164, 170, 261 Hughes, Valerie D. Hull, Mark Hull, Sonja K. 236 Hummel, Joseph T, 176, 180, 199 Hummer, Michelle 169, 200 Humphrey, Janet A. 248 Humphreys, Michael 176, 200 Hundley, William D. 88, 236 Hunnicutt, Amy L. 168, 236 Hunnicutt, Jackie 236 Hunsley, Camelli M. 248 Hunt, Kimberly L. 248 Hunter, Heidi L. 236 Hunter, James 200, 271 Hurley, Annette M, 200 Hustwayte, Michael 248 Hustwayte, Richard 236 Hutchens, Charles 248 Hutchinson, Michael 172, 261 Hutchinson, Patt A. 248 Hutson, Dawn M. 156 Hutson, Deanna 162, 236, 248 Hutson, Eborah L. 30, 37, 150, 169, 179, 236, 270 Hutt, Ramona L. 140, 169, 200 Hutton, Douglas 165, 261 Hyman, Carlos D. 236 Hyman, Kimberly P. 179, 200 Hyman, Michelle 261 Hyman, Traci M. 80, 81, 248 Hyatt, Missy 162 Imel, James W. 248 Imler, Gary K. 248, 171 Inchauteguiz, Rach Ingram, John J. 160, 236 Ingram, Richard T. 200 Irby, James F. 172, 261 Irby, Kerry L. 172,200 Irvin, Mark S. Iseminger, David 55, 200 Iskra, Eric 248 m Jabs, Caroline E. 267 Jabs, Colleen M. 202 Jackson, Angela 150, 200 Jackson, Angelique Jackson, Craig A. 200 Jackson, Donald R. 161, 261 Jackson, John H. 71 Jackson, Kelly F. 26, 142 Jackson, Kimberly Y. 9, 200 Jackson, Sherry A. 236 Jackson, Tracey R. 236 Jackson, William 98, 118, 248 Jakub, Mary 152, 172, 248 James, Chante R. 248 James, Michelle James, Sonja M. 236, 248 Jamieson, Steven E. 160, 172, 200 Jantzen, Lisa D. 248 Jarrait, Laura J. 236 Jebram, Ann C. 160, 248 Jebram, David W. 200 Jefferson, Bobby F. 236 Jefferson, Pamela 40, 261 Jeffries, Jennifer L. 160, 162, 261 Jenkins, Anthony M. 201 Jenkins, Lisa M. 150, 261 Jenkins, Monica G. 248 Jenner, Marcus P. 236 Jennings, Sheila A. 261 Jerrell, Jeffrey S. 248 Jerrell, Michael L. 176, 236 Jersey, William J. 74, 201 Jesse, Sherry 201 Jeuffer, Nancy 236 Jewell, John 262 Jillson, David G. 160, 236 Johnson, Alonzo M. 9, 118, 201, 262 Johnson, Alvinus R. Johnson, Amanda L. 201 Johnson, Angelia L. 201 Johnson, Barbie J. 156. 160, 201, 248 Johnson, Benjami S. 165 Johnson, Beverly J. Johnson, Carl 110 Johnson, Clifton C. 176, 236 Johnson, Curtis E. 248 Johnson, Cynthia M. 150, 236 Johnson, David C. 262 Johnson, Dawn M. 201 Johnson, Elena 248 Johnson, Frank R. 94, 95, 98, 170, 201 Johnson, Norman L. 262 Johnson, Randall W. 127 Johnson, Regina L. 125, 262 Johnson, Reginald 98, 262 Johnson, Reginald 262 Johnson, Rolland L. 248, 262 Johnson, Sandra L. 171, 262 Johnson, Tara A. 262 Johnson, Terri L. 262 Johnson, Theresa J. 262 Johnson, Trade J. 178 Johnson, Wesley A. 172, 262 Johnston, Jeffrey 262 Jones, Aaron T. Jones, Bryan K. 118, 179, 201, 239, 262, Jones, Eric 160, 248, 262 Jones, Ernest Jones, James C. 249 Jones, Jennifer A. 41, 44, 48, 52, 166, 202 Jones, Kimberly D. Jones, Kimberly J. 9 Jones, Maurice T. 262 Jones, Pamela R. 262 Jones, Robert A. 249 Jones, Sean 236, 262 Jones, Stephen D. Jordan, Lagranda 168, 201 Jordan, Lara C. 262 Jordan, Michela 236, 262 Jordan, Nancy E. 114, 163, 165, 247 Jordan, Nicola S. Joshlyn, Gay L. 163, 201 Joslin, Dru S. 249 Judy, Kenneth Judy, Mita 29, 236 Jung, Tamara A. Justice, Regina 44, 236 kkkkkk Kane, Judith M. 28, 179 Karafas, Richard J. Karis, Christine A. 236 Karis, Marie T. 262 Karvey, Laura L. 162, 249 Kashmer, Timothy P. 262 Kasik, Linda 236 Kastl, Victoria 201 Kattapy, Anthony 176 Keels, Herman J. 249 Kehn, Scott A. 236 Keil, Krista 262 Kendra, Michael P. 236 Kennedy, Nicole 262 Kennedy, Tammy L. 179, 236 Kerby, Angela P. 262 Kerby, James A. 262 Kerem, Ali T. 180, 262 Kerney, James 262 Kerney, Rebecca F. 262 Kerr, Kenneth A. 262 Kerrigan, Kelly L. 262 Kerscher, Beth 262 Key, Kristen M. 18, 19, 152, 249 Keys, Jeffery A. 236 Kibler, Patricia 115, 267 Kibler, Roger, 38, 127, 151, 179, 202 Kibler, Thomas 249 Kichenmaster, Tod 262 Kidwell, Cheryl L. 236, 249 Kidwell, Darren W. 249 Kidwell, Sherri L. Kile, Douglas 201 Kim, Henry S. 181, 249 Kim, Jackie J. 262 Kim, Robert 236 Kimble, Edward E. King, Anita 262 King, Barbara 202 King, Darrell 160, 161, 249 King, Denise M. 262 King, Jeffery S. 249 King, Joyce E. King, Kimberly 154, 249 King, Mark A. 262 King, Mark W. King, Richard J. 202, 236 King, Richard J. King, Rodney, G. 249 King, Susan A. 80, 81, 112, 236 Kinnett, Donald L. Kinney, Kevin W. 236 Kinney, Renee S. 249 Kinzinger, Jennife 249 Kirk, Dorothy A. 249 Kissel, James P. Kline, Jay Kline, Jerry Klotter, Eric 249 Klugh, Melanie F. 236 Knapp, Melinda L. 249 Knepp, Christoph J. 236 Knobe, Brian A. 236 Knoernschild, Chris Knoernschild, Kecia 182, 183, 236 Knorr, Jeremy J. 262 Knott, Donna 44, 202 Knott, Michael 236, 249 Knowles, Terri Kocherhans, Michae Koger, Debra L. 262 Kohrman, Joseph F. Kolar, David W. Kolbenstetter, Che 262 Komar, Stacey 36, 40, 146, 202, 223 Kone, Heather L. 117, 262 Kone, William V. 236 Kong, HuiC. 150, 236, 249 Kong, Myong C. Korpal, Daniel J. 249 Korpal, Timothy A. Kotrady, Anthony 202 Kramer, Dennis P. 262 Kreamer, Geroge H. Kreamer, Jennife L. 249, 262 Kreinar, Jean N. 262 Kreiner, Kelly 236 Krell, Sherry A. 86, 236 Krenkel, Robert 262 Krisner, Lori 249 Kruczek, Nancy 236 Krueger, Christoph 249 Krueger, Rachel S. 262 Kune, Jerry 249 Kurtz, Arthur L. 262 Lacava, Pamela L. 162, 207 Lacey, Lamonte 249 Lacey, Sean R. 249 Lacy, Betty J. Lacy, Joann C. 236 Lam, Jeffrey 236 Lam, Nhathang H. 171, 172, 173, 189, 236 Lamb, Michael S. 202 Lamb, Sean 249 Lamborn, Kay L. 86, 112, 113, 202 Lamborn, Michael L. 161, 263 Lamitte, Dominque 249 Lamitte, Francoi D. 179, 202 Land, Todd E. 127, 202 Landon, Teresa K. 159, 202 Landry, Dwayne 90, 176, 236 Lane, Terry D. 249 Lankford, Michelle 203 Larsen, Kirk D. 171, 236 Larsen, Rachel 163, 185, 205 Lassiter, Julie C. 249 Lassiter, Linda 208 Lathe, Noelle L. 206 Laughlin, Cynthia 249 Lautieri, Mark 236 Lavey, Kelly Lavey, Scott J. 176, 203 Lawray, Daniel L. Lawrence, Calvin E. 34, 170, 236 Laybrooks, Jason 249 Layman, Lori A. 263 Layman, Robby M. 203 Layne, John P. 236 Lazerson, Scott A. 263 Le, HungB. 172, 249 Le, Nha T. 109, 249 Leake, Barry L. 263 LeBlanc, Katheri M. 237 LeBlanc, Mary E. 203 Leckman, Susan 263 Lee, Christophe R. 176, 203 Lee, Dana 237 Lee, Deborah A. 249 Lee, Jennifer E. 263 Lee, Kristen C. 237 Lee, Kyung H. 108, 263 Lee, Linda M. Lee, Susan 237 Lee, Tracy R. 263 Leggett, Mickey 237 Leggett, Terry 237 Leight, Wendy 203 Lelaikes, Samant S. 179, 203 Lemmonds, Michael 263 Lemons, James 19, 151, 203 Lenar, Nadine K. 237, 249 Leo, Christine R. 160, 249 Lepper, Mary 161, 263 Lerfald, Eric J. 249 Lerner, Elizabeth 160, 237 Lervold, Susan K. 162, 237 Letourneau, Glen M. 237 Letourneau, Greg P. 279 Lewis, April R. 151, 163, 165 Lewis, Matthew W. 178, 203 Lewis, Sean C. 263 Lewis, Stephanie A. 108, 249 Lichtenfels, Ste B. Lickiss, Michael 98, 203 Lienard, Armand 263 Lienard, Elizabeth Lienard, Laura L. 44, 108, 203 Light, Mary-Beth 161, 263 Ligotski, Rhonda 160, 169, 204 Lilly, David Lilly, Kamela J. 249 Lilly, Tracey D. 249, 263 Limbaugh, Carol 204 Lindgren, Chana 263 Lineberry, Melin I 249 Linkous, David K. 237 Linkous, Katrina M. 55, 179, 204 Litton, Cena 44, 204 Litts, Brenda K. Livingston, Stephe Lloyd, Douglas F. 249, 252 Lochner, Jim 249 Lockamy, Jonatha M. 98 Locklear, Jo R. 237, 249 Locklear, Naomi, 263 Logsdon, Jailene 249 Long, Deborah R. Long, Denise M. 204 Longs, Elizabeth M. 176, 177, 249 Longs, Epharim Lopes, Alcides 249 Love, Jeffrey T. 25, 237 Loveitt, Diane M. 161, 263 Lowe, Gregory W. 263 Lowrie, Steven R. 237 Loy, Roger 98, 156, 204, 220 Lucas, Shaun P. 263 Lucas, Shonenell 249 Lucero, Paul 237 Ludwig, Kenneth S. Luna, Raoul D. 237 Luther, Jacqueli M. 204 Lynch, Michelle R. 204 Lynn, Matthew P. 263 Lynn, Michael P. 237 Lynn, Sheila M. 204 Lyon, Aili M. 181, 249 mmmmmm MacBride, Edward F. 176, 204 MacCallum, Trace L. MacDonald, William S. MacDuff, Christoph 250 Macejka, Edward M. 250 Macewen, Anna Y. 154, 250 Mackie, John T. 250 Mackie, Roxanne 169, 172, 237 Macrae, Christop J. 204 Maddox, Daniel M. 263 Madera, Jose O. 250 Madorma, Jeff, 156, 237 Mahr, Steven 176, 237 Maine, Sonia D. 160, 162, 263 Majeski, Janice M. 29, 44, 108, 120, 146,204, 271 Majeski, John J. 263 Major, Michelle Makolandra, Joseph 98, 100, 102, 237 Makolandra, Lee J. Maldonado, Mauricio H. 204 Maldonado, Miguel A. 250 Malone, Annesia Y. 237 Mambro, David 107 Mangin, Jason H. Mann, Samuel 263 Mann, Stanley R. 98, 172, 204 Manning, Jerry L. 250 Manning, Julie A. 161, 263 Marble, Sherry Y. Markle, Andreas 250 Marolda, Jeffrey A. 263 Marquand, Aileen 171, 250 Marquina, Haydanid 161, 237, 250 Marquina, Rosa Marr, David M. 237 Marsh, Deidre 250 Marshall, Curtis R. 250 Marshall, John J. 250 Marshall, Richard T. Marshall, Tanya R. 18, 28, 154, 237 Martin, Andrew S. Martin, Donald 237 Martin, Thomas 263 Martin, Thomas D. 250 Martin, Wendy 205 Mason, Angela L. 250 Mason, Gary D. 160 Mason, Heather L. 108, 120, 250 Mason, Kathleen 30, 250 Mason, Raymond S. 162, 237 Matera, Kevin L. 263 Mathews, Carl A. 45 Mattaliano, Mark 250 Mattaliano, Peter 205 Matthews, Lisa R. 205 Matthews, Tonya 250 Mawanay, Kathleen Mawanay, Kristin 163, 174, 237, 250 Mawani, Siddika R. 160, 250 May, Robert H. 250 May, Tracy L. 78, 120, 182, 237 Mayes, Brenda S. 263 Maze, Caroline 179, 263 Mazzer, Heather 262 Mazzone, Brian 205 McAllister, Kathle 205, 250 McAllister, Sean D. 161, 250 McCabe, Kevin H. 250 McCain, John 62 McCaltey, Chas R. 237 McCarthy, Brendan 237 McCarthy, Christop 263 McClanahan, Troy 263 McClelland, Mich P. McClure, Michelle 120 McCoid, Kimberly 160, 162, 171, 250 McConnell, Allan 122, 162, 250 McConnell, Brend P. 237 McCord, Kevin D. 176, 237 McCoy, George E. 98, 250 McCuen, Jeffrey 263 McCuen, John G. 237 McCullough, Dawn M. 120, 237 McCullough, Charles 124, 263 McDaniel, Lisa C. McDowell, Corinna 263 McDowell, Tammy McElroy, Carmen McGee, Dylan O. 179, 205 McGill, Bret A. 263 McGill, Scott A. 237 McGrail, Linda A. 263 McHugh, Laurie A. Mclnturff, Jarrett 263 McKelvey, Mary 92, 110, 164, 263 McKinley, Julie 176, 205 McLawhorn, Michele D. 263 McLeod, Theresa D. 250, 263 McMahon, Annette T. 237 McManamey, Dawn 40, 122, 169, 205 McManamey, Tara L. 250 McMillan, Patria 205, 224 McMillan, Jennife 263 McMoran, Suzanne M. 263 McNabb, Timothy 237 McNeil, Sean 174, 182, 237 McNeill, Terri 250 McNichol, Kelly 152, 174, 205 McRunnel, Kyle P. McWilliams, Anthon 250 McWilliams, Eric D. 160, 161 McWilliams, Jerry S. McWilliams, Timothy D. Meade, Larry R. 16, 205 Meade, Rhonda L. 31, 39, 54, 150, 174, 237 Meadows, Michelle 153, 250 Meadows, Timothy 205 Medcalf, Chandra F. 9, 34, 41, 51, 150, 156, 205, 224, 225, 226, 227 Meehan, Michele 150 Meehan, Sandra 151, 263 Megargee, Francisca S. 161, 263 Melonson, Carla 150, 250 Mendoza, Maria E. 176, 237 Merchant, Kimberly 263 Merelo, Kimberly 114 Mergler, Sandra 237 Merrifield, Jeffre 263 Merrifield, Kimberly, 162, 205 Merritt, Anthony 263 Merritt, Mark E. 250 Meseck, Karen 160, 162, 237 Meseck, Kellie R. 26. 250 Meyer, Douglas 237 Meyer, Prudence G. 263 Mickelson, Carla L. Mickelson, Cynthia 30, 237, 264 Mickens, Wanda A. Mickins, Troy C. 24, 25, 264 Midgett, Cynthia L. 153, 206 Midyette, Richard 250 Mielke, Michelle M. Migliorini, Mich C. 22, 58, 75, 206, 238 Migliorini, Natalie R. 151, 264 Miller, Angela M. 264 Miller, Anna M 176, 250 Miller, Barry J. 18, 58, 98, 206, 265 Miller, Brian D. 264 Miller, Brian J. 164 Miller, Carlo 176, 238 Miller, Chad L. 151, 171, 176,238 Miller, Daniel A. 264 Miller, James E. 238 Miller, Jennifer A. 264 Mi ller, Kimberly A. 23, 206 Miller, Mark J. 250 Miller, Paige L, Miller, Paul L. 238 Miller, Sean N. 238 Miller, Shawn 238 Miller, Steven R. 264 Miller, Ty 250 Mills, Calvin W. 264 Mills, Christina Mills, Susan L. 206 Mincy, Septimus K. 24, 264 Minney, Tammy L. 176, 238 Minor, David S. 250 Minor, Mark S. 206 Miranda, Jerold C. 238 Miranda, Melodee A. 112, 250 Mirsky, James 156, 170, 206 Mirsky, Suzanne R. 264 Miskin, Edward J. Mitchell, Cheryl 206 Mitchell, Trina E. 250 Mitrione, Michael 218 Mize, Dina A. 162, 238 Moats, Michelle L. 128 Moats, Vicki 170, 174, 238 Majaddidi, Maliala 264 Money, Carol L. 130, 131, 264 Montano, Elizabeth A. 206 Moody, Diana 164, 165, 264 Moody, Joseph W. 250 Moody, Laura 86, 169, 174, 182, 183, 206 Mooney, Thomas E. 264 Moore, Christie 54, 156, 206 Moore, Colleen M. 170, 250 Moore, Coluette M. 264 Moore, James A. Moore, Linda D. 250 Moore, Renee M. 206 Moore, Troy A. 250 Moran, M. G. 168, 206 Morelio, Kim M. 170, 250 Morgan, Cydne G. 161, 250 Morgan, Lashune D. 264 Morgan, Michelle A. 206, 176 Mori, Michael A. 55, 264 Morris, Beverly D. 238 Morris, Floyd C. 171, 250 Morrissey, Jean 44, 48, 154, 207 Moslow, Dean E. 264 Moss, Victoria F. 207 Mosser, Brian K. Motley, Craig 98, 207 Motley, Gerald E. Motley, Leslie C. 179, 207 Motley, Todd L. 118, 207, 250 Motta, Donna 207 Mottershead, Joh D. 90, 238 Mowry, William D. 250 Moyer, Stephanie D. 160, 162, 250 Moyers, Robert T. 264 Mozisek, Jo L. 108, 250 Mugrage, Angela L. Mulhren, Sean 250 Mullinax, Jolie M. 250 Mullinax, Rebecca 172, 238 Munczenski, Rose M. 264 Munsell, Darlaine 264 Munsell, Dean 98, 207 Munson, Dania L. 172, 238 Munson, Dean M. 127, 161, 250 Murphy, Brian P. 16, 45, 207, 221 Murphy, Eric M. 264 Murphy, Kathleen A. 18, 152, 238 Murphy, Shelagh 28, 50, 238 Murray, Kelly 238 Murrell, Charles 238 Mussomele, Amy 59, 80, 120, 250 Myers, Lorinda E. 238 Myers, Michelle L. 238 Myrie, Kimberley R. 250 nnnnnn Nagley, Kathy 9, 44, 154, 182, 207 Nanni, Victoria 250 Naylor, John N. Naylor, Sharon A. 207 Nazelrod, Cheryl A. 179, 250 Neal, Courtney 108, 144 Nelson, Tracie L. 207 Nersi, Afro 264 Neuffer, Natalie E. Neuharth, Wendy A. Newbold, Craig Newell, Ethan 156, 180, 238 Newell, Jennifer L. 163, 165, 264 Newhart, Claudia P. 114, 250 Newman, Kristin 179, 219 Nibblins, Latonya Nicely, Bobby S. Nichols, Daniel L. Nichols, James S. 176, 207 Nicholson, Pamela 169, 170, 207 Ningen, Russell K. 238 Nix, Brenda 85, 146, 207 Nixon, Rodney L, 23, 182, 183, 208 Noble, Jennifer M. 264 Nopwasky, Charles 264 Normandin, Seung W. 238 Novack, Lori 251 Novitsky, William 208 Nuckols, Leonard E. 251 Nickols, Shirllynn 264 Nuckols, Suan M. 238 Nungesser, Karen L. 238 Nunnallee, Kimbe J. 238 Nutt, Wayne oooooo Obcemea, Karlo G. 161, 264 Obcemea, Katherine 238 Obrian, Christin E. 251 Obrien, Dennis 251 Obrien, Laura 160, 162, 238 Obrien, Robert W. 264 ODonneli, Lisa A. 208 Offley, Michael K. 180, 208 Ogden, Christine 68, 251 Ogden, Maureen 108, 109, 238 Ohm, Fredric J. 238 Chop, William 90, 107,251 Oldridge, Billy D. 251 Oleary, James P. 251 Oliver, Sheila D. 168, 264 Ols, John B. 77, 238 Ols, Larry M. 264 Ondon, Christine 251 Ondon, Christophe S. 264 Ondo, Greg T 160, 162, 172, 251 Ondo, John A. 264 Oneal, Lemel 170, 238 Oneal, Thomas L. 176, 238 Onks, William A. 264 Opauski, Terri L. 251 Orolfo, Victoria E. 251 Orozco, Andres Ortmann, Gudrun 163 Ortmann, Sigrun 251 Osborne, Latanya J. 238 Ostrander, David Ostrander, Katheri 208 Ouellette, Gayl A. Outland, Mary C. 251 Owens, Denise K. 264 Owens, Kimberly E. 162, 264 PPPPPP Page, Kirk W. 252 Page, Kirsten E. 168, 264 Page, Scott 208 Page, Todd S. 252 Paine, Brian H. 238 Painter, Darrell S. 238 Palmer, Andrew 163, 164, 166, 208 Palmer, Jonathan J. 90, 164, 252 Palumbo, Janice L. 252 Panone, Jennifer L. 238 Parker, Brian D. 252 Parker, Daniel A. 264 Parker, Denise A. 110, 252 Parker, Jeffrey 45, 98, 238, 265 Parker, Marvin L. 265 Parker, Michael 76, 238 Parker, Michelle P. 265 Parkin, Kathryn M. 115, 170, 264 Parks, Roy J. 45, 208, 222 Parmelee, Melissa 114, 120, 252 Partridge, Ronald 160, 162, 172 Pasterchick, Andre 265 Pasterchick, Diana 238 Pasterchick, Jason 251 Pastiva, Patrici M. 28, 208, 221 Patenaude, Patty 112, 113, 208 Patton, Clarissa 251 Patton, Jeffrey 160, 162, 172 Patton, Lorenzo 251 Pauline, Louis Payne, Denise M. 177, 251 Payne, Pamela R, Pearce, Donald B. 59, 238 Peatross, Tara N. 171, 172, 265 Pedersen, Davis S. 251 Pedersen, Kristy P. 152, 231 Pellegrini, Anthon 265 Pellegrini, Dean A. 251 Pelzer, Paula N. 238 Pencak, Thomas M. 265 Pennington, Joy L. 55, 154, 155, 251 Pennington, Tonya 265 Penny, Derrick L. 234 Perez, Earle E. 163, 251 Perez, Edwin E. 163, 208 Perkins, Christina 265 Perkins, Daniel Perkins, Mike D Perrin, Charles 156, 239 Perry, Sean D, 251 Perry, Tracy L. 208 Peschka, Deanna 112, 251 Peters, Denise L. 160, 162 ,172, 239 Peters, Kumi 251 Peters, Nicole 239 Peters, Robert 98, 103, 166, 176, 208, 220 Peters, Tracy L. 176, 208 Petruzzi, David 25i Petruzzi, Stephen 110, 238 Petruzzi, Tom 172, 265 Pettit, Victoria L. 265 Peverill, Heather Phillips, James D. 265 Phillips, Judith 239 Phillips, Richard Phillips, Rondal G. 239 Phillips, Suzanne 239 Phillips, Wilber S. 265 Phinney, Jennifer 169, 239 Pickett, Cheryl M. 162, 265 Pierce, Hask T. 176 Pierce, Tracey J. 251 Pierpoint, Scott Pile, Donald L. 162, 163, 251 Pile, Stephanie K. 164, 265 Pindney, Ronald 251 Pine, Kara 172, 239 Pinkney, Ronald Pitre, Wilberto 265 Pitt, Leslie 161, 265 Pitts, Charles L. 24, 273 Pitts, Lasondria 251 Plenty, David 209 Plenty, Josh 239 Plenty, Moses M. 265 Pock, Alexander 251 Poczatek, June F. 15 4, 209 Poczatek, Mary J. 154, 251 Poczatek, Stan J. 110, 265 Poillucci, Mark J. 265 Poillucci, Michael 28, 209 Poling, James L. Polla, Christine 251 Poole, Mikeal R. Porch, Jon Porch, Michael 251 Portell, Joseph 251 Porter, Christin K. 78, 79 Porter, David 209 Porterfield, Eric 88, 239 Portz, Lisa A. 251 Posey, Michael W. 209 Potvikn, Christop L. 239 Powell, Ferron W. 29, 94, 110, 111, 239 Powell, Kallisa 170, 209 Powell, Lara K. 125, 265 Powell, Sundi G. 265 Powell, William A. 265 Powers, Ann Powers, Mary E. Prasch, Anita R. 160, 171,265 Pratt, David N. 107, 209, 229 Pratt, Michelle A. 251 Presnell, Heather 165, 265 Presnell, Ralph 251 Price, Keith K. 251 Price, Rhonda C. 251 Price, Tiffany 265 Priebe, Laurie A. Proffitt, John 124, 265 Pruitt, John W. 251 Pruitt, Tammy L. 265 Puckett, Mark S. Puckett, Michele R. 45, 156, 157 Pugh, Kari M. 156, 239 Pugh, Marilyn R. 63 172 Purcell, Bryan C. 239 Purcell, Jeffrey T. 239 Purdy, Brian 176, 239 Putiyon, Mark A. 61, 209 Putman, Karen 59, 85, 120, 162, 209, 271 qqqqqq Quesenberry, Lisa 180, 239 Quezaire, Rhonda 265 Quellette, Cayl 239 Quirin, Pamela 252 Qureshi, Tayeb R. 172, 252 rrrrrr Raasch, Vasana 209 Ramey, Dorothy D. Ramos, David 209 Ramsay, Margot M. 265 Ratanapool, Chutim 252 Rather, James J. 252 Rawlinson, Darrell 98, 239 Rawlinson, James M. 265 Ray, Phillip S. 172, 269 Raymond, Michelle F. 265 Recknor, Christine 165, 170, 265 Reece, Kevin 209 Reed, Oren B. 265 Reese, Robert V. 252 Reeves, Alan G. 168, 252 Reichenbach, Willi 265 Rembert, Samantha 265 Render, Anita 266 Rendino, Michael 25, 182, 183 Rexrode, Melvyn C. 266 Reynolds, Amy P. 162, 186, 239 Rhodes, Jeffrey 209 Rhorer, Kimberly E. 266 Rice, Sarah C. 209 Rich, Kathleen T. 114, 239, 266 Rich, Kathryn E. Richards, Karin 86, 252 Richards, Kristin 174, 266 Richards, Yvonne M. 87, 252 Richardson, Anth J. Richardson, Linda 266 Richardson, Robert 177, 210, 252 Richardson, Robert 210 Richmond, Kimberly 163 Richmond, Wendy 163, 164, 266 Rickman, Brenda M. Rickman, Mark Riddle, Charles E. 266 Rider, Daniel R. 239 Rider, Kathleen 78, 239 Riesenberg, Patric 162, 266 Riesenberg, Tanya 168 Rieszezyk, Reenie 176 Riggle, Melanie 252 Riggle, Robert E. Riley, John 252 Riley, Kim 114, 180,252 Riley, Thao Ripton, David T. 178, 266 Rishop, Brenda 266 Ritenour, Robert J. 177, 252 Ritter, Wanda 161, 271, 252 Rivera, Johnell D. 162 Rivera, Joshua J. 252, 266 Rivera, Shirley G. 252 Roberts, Cheri Y. 239 Roberts, Gilbert 252 Roberts, Ron J. 176, 239 Robertson, Bethann Robinson, Christop 239 Robinson, David J. 98, 239 Robinson, Juanita D. 266 Robinson, Larinda A. 115, 266 Robinson, William R. Robison, Brenda S. 160, 161,252 Robison, Sharon 210 Rocha, John 266 Rocha, Richard B. 239 Rockwell, Melissa M. 252 Rodgerc, Dana L. 37, 150, 239, 242 Rodgers, Stacy D. 252 Rodgers, Timothy S. 37, 40, 98, 210, 221, 223 Rodriguez, Aless L. Rodriguez, Carla M. 239 Rodriguez, Carlos 239 Rodriguez, Christi 62, 210, 222 Rodriguez, Hans L. 239 Rodriguez, Sandra 173, 252 Rogers, Bart 14, 98, 103, 210 Rogers, James D. 180, 239 Rohrig, Daniel 266 Rohrig, Deanna 154, 163, 170, 252 Rojas, Delia 252 Rojas, Manuel 239 Roles, Ralph W. 210 Rollins, Arnold R. 98 Rooney, Patricia Rosado, Judy 162 Rose, Deirdre 239 Ross, Edward J. 252 Ross, Karalyne S. 210 Rotblut, Charles 156, 157, 174, 182 Rotelli, Daniel J. 178, 266 Roth, Erin L. 130, 266 Roth, Michael S. 98, 239 Rouleau, Kathaleen 169, 172, 210 Rouleau, Lisa 252 Rowe, Franklin D. 172,266 Rowe, Leonard L. 266 Rowe, Peter 125, 239 Rowe, Phillip W. Rowe, Richard L. 127, 239 Rowell, Christophe A. Rowell, Russell A. 252 Roy, Ernest 172, 239 Rummler, David M. 266 Rumph, Betsy S. 154, 210, 225 Russell, Suzanne T. Russell, Timothy 88 172, 239 Russell, Tina M. Ruszczyk, Carol R. 239 Ruszczyk, Harold 266 Ruthford, Mark D. Ruthford, Tracy D. ssssss Sabaree, Nicole M. 266 Sabet, Soraya K.210 Sadler, Darrell 252 Sadoff, Jennifer E Saemann, Britta Safransky, Leslie 239 Salyers, Jill 252 Salyers, Mark 240 Sams, Dianna L. 252 Sanchez, Canete R. 210 Sanchez, Christina 266 Sanders, Andre 98, 240 Sanford, Paul H. 252 Sanpietro, Andy 176 Santa, Ana I 170, 240 Saplak, Lisa M. 210 Sapp, Kenneth W. 266 Sarofim, Julie A. 252 Sarsfield, Clare 211 Sarsfield, Patrick 252 Saunders, Jodi M. 266 Saville, Matthew B. 252 Savoie, Kathleen A. 154, 240 Sawicki, John M. 266 Sayko, Joann M. 30, 114, 130, 131, 163, 252 Sayre, Brian E. 266 Scaggs, Jonathan B. 266 Scalia, Anthony M. 252 Scaramuzza, Stephe Schalow, James S. 252 Schaney, Jeffrey D. 18, 95, 100, 176, 211 Schaney, Travis L. 266 Schawalder, Roland 252 Schell, Andrea 240 Schieffelin, Michelle Schmecht, Pamela T. 160, 161,266 Schoenborn, Cher A. 50, 160, 161, 170, 252 Schoenborn, Earl 240 Schooley, Stacey R. 240, 271 Schrecongost, Will 266 Schroeder, Lori A. 266 Schroyer, Jeffrey 252 Schumacher, Jeffre Schutt, Jackline 211 Schwab, James R. 172, 266 Scifres, Julie D. 252 Scott, Brian C. 252 Scott, Brian T. 252 Scott, Richard S. 266 Seabolt, John T. 211 Seabolt, Rebecca L. Sears, Daryl 176 Seaton, Christine 112, 113, 240 Sedlacek, Jeffre A. Seeley, Robert A. 240 Sewell, Kathy L. 179, 252 Shaner, Shawn S. Shannon, David 98, 211 Shatley, Cynthia L. Shatley, Michelle Shaver, Samuel E. 240 Shaw, Howard 176, 211 Shearer, Robert D. 266 Shearer, Timothy S. 253 Shelly, Donna L. 172, 252 Sheloski, Gregory 240 Sheloski, Susan H. 266 Shepherd, Joseph S. 252 Sherfield, Timothy 146 Sherin, Elzeni 266 Shifflett, Miche R. 176, 252 Shifflett, Tammy Shiflett, Amy L. 266 Shin, Nam (J. 240 Shipley, Cassandra 240 Shipley, Marion K. 240 Shipley, Pamela N. 266 Shipp, Robert J. Shoemaker, Curtis 253 Sholar, Kristie A. 29, 150, 240 Shoop, Ceda A. Shoop, Cynthia L. 162, 211, 253 Shoop, David 38, 41, 152, 160, 174, 240 Short, Daniel R. 266 Shpoon, Wazir A. 253 Shreve, Jill A. 112, 115, 120, 125,266 Shurtliff, David C. 88, 89, 182, 211 Shurtliff, John 233, 265 Shurtliff, Stephen 266 Sierk, Jennifer 253, 271 Sierk, Priscilla 115,266 Sierk, Richard 170, 266, 180 Sigler, Candace L. 240 Sigler, Curt A. 176 Simcic, Gregory 266 Simcick, John 98, 169, 240 Simmons, Annie M. 169, 172, 240 Simmons, Emily J. 125, 266 Simmons, Ian C. 118, 119 Simmons, Ricky E. 54, 211 Simon, Jane L. Simpson, Deanna L. 253 Simpson, Eric O. 180, 266 Simpson, John L. 266 Sims, Amber Sims, Jerome Sin, Yoncha Singleton, Brian 178, 266 Singleton, Trimetr 86, 240 Sisk, Nancy J. 211 Sisson, Deborah L. 55, 240 Sizemore, Larry 176 Sketo, Donald B. 172, 266 Sketo, Lisa K. 165, 211 Slaughter, Deborah 211 Sloan, Heather D. 253 Slocumb, Dennis 211 Smallwood, Barry 176, 211 Smead, Amy I, 140, 212 Smelcer, Timothy 266 Smith, Brigitte M. Smith, Christine 176 Smith, Collin W. 253 Smith, Daria D. 266 Smith, Francine M. Smith, Fred W. 98, 172,212 Smith, Holly L. 240 Smith, James Smith, Kelley L. 212 Smith, Kimberly J. 267 Smith, Larry K. 267 Smith, Michael R. 267 Smith, Michelle D. 130, 131, 240 Smith, Michelle L. Smith, Nancy Y. 267 Smith, Robert J. 212 Smith, Robin R. Smith, Scott S. 212, 271 Smith, Shane M. 162, 253 Smith, Stephen 267 Smith, Tamara L. 267 Smith, Trese D. 55, 161, 179, 212 Snediker, John 267 Snediker, Leah 86, 253, 271 Sneed, Aubrey B. 17,142, 212, 224, 228 Sneed, Lakita K. 267 Snyder, Nancy L. 150, 169, 172, 240 Snyder, Traci A. 120, 253 Soderstrom, Cristell 253 Soderstrom, Joyce A. 267 Soltes, Steve 212 Somers, Deirdre L. Sorensen, Scott R. 88 , 162, 172, 240 Souders, Amanda 172,179, 253 Soulsby, Sandra K. 178, 212 Souza, Wayne M.240 Sparks, Christy M. 212 Spasoff, Frances A. 78, 79, 240 Spatzer, Jeanine 240 Speakes, Nancy 168, 253 Spear, Jeffrey C. Spedden, Steven 253 Spellane, Kelly A. 163, 164, 165, 267 Spellane, Suan M. 212 Spence Timothy 172, 212 Spittal, Marcos D. Spitzer, Sonia E. 115, 267 Spoon, Sharon L. Sprinkle, Barbara 78,114, 253 Sprouse, Traci L. 240 Sprowls, Dawn 212 Sragaow, Chutimar 166, 169, 182, 183, 212 Sragaow, Kuansueke 267 Sragaow, Nusara 253 Stafford, Jimmie D. 267 Stafford, Karen D. 253 Stafira, Gregory 213 Stallings, Aubrey 180, 253 Stallworth, Alex D. 17, 45, 48, 213 Stamper, Haskell, 18, 23, 98, 179, 213 Stamper, Sabrina D. 267 Stanford, Kevin A. 253 Stanley, Karla L.2 53 Stanley, Kim 253 Stanley, Robert 95, 98, 213 Stanley, Sandra D. 150, 240, 253 Stansbury, Allen 267, 271 St. Clair, Scott M. 90, 240 Steenhoek, Rhonda Stephens, Allan 267 Stephens, Anita J. 240, 253 Stephens, Diana M. 179, 213 Stephens, Rodney L. 176 Stephenson, Jennifer 170, 240 Sterns, Timothy A. 44, 213 Stevens, Judith A. 177 Stewart, Deborah 60 Stewart, Donald P. 213 Stewart, Joette L. 253, 271 Stewart, Loretta L. Stewart, Michael 162 Stewart, Scott C. 176, 213 Stiegel, Edward K. 267 Stienhoek, Rhonda 213 Stiles, Glen 240 Stiles, Lisa 16, 81, 179,213 Stiles, Steven A. 124, 267 Stiltner, Pamela D. 213 Stiltner, Rodney W. Stockman, Richard 253 Stoltz, Fredrick B. Stoltz, John 253 Stout, Victoria L. 240 Stoutamyer, Eric M. 267 Stoy, Elizabeth 213 Strahl, Debra 213 Straight, Laura 160, 169, 173, 240, 271 Straight, Susan D. 160 162 Stramer, Stephanie 162, 253, 267 Street, Timothy 267 Strickland, Danny 267 Strickler, Laura L. 253 Stringer, Anita K. 180, 218 Stringer, James R. 240 Struble, Matthew 160, 162, 174, 240 Struble, Tracey L. 8, 28, 154, 214, 221, 225 Struder, Matthew Strychowski, Ste E. 213 Stuck, Rebecca L. 267 Stumm, Coleen 180, 240 Stumm, Leona A. 214 Stumpf, Dwayne L. 267 Stynes, Robert E. 240 Suggs, Melvin E. 64, 118 Sullivan, Joshua S. 160, 161, 210 Sunderland, Kimb A. 150, 240 Suppy, Duane M. 214 Surbeck, Matthew T. Suslowicz, Cheryl 140, 169, 214 Suslowicz, Debor J. 264 Sutherland, Daniel 64, 173, 178, 180, 214 Sutter, Michelle L. 267 Svienty, John M. 160, 161, 170, 253 Swaim, Tiffany L. 267 Swarthout, Timothy Swecker, Evelyn D. 240 Swecker, Leslie D. 214 Sweigart, James L. Swider, Kathy N. 267 Swider, Lesley A. 267 Swisher, Todd 253 mm Taft, Cynthia D. 267 Talley, Niquelle 267 Talley, Phillip L. Talley, Timothy S. 98, 253 Talley, William 162, 240 Tamony, Joseph 240, 267 Tamony, Rebecca P. 267 Tamony, William P. Tassi, Jennifer 240 Taylor, Amy 253 Taylor, Andrew P. 118, 170, 240 Taylor, Christina 39, 40, 114, 214, 272 Taylor, Jeffry 176 Taylor, Jessie 177, 240 Taylor, John W. 240 Taylor, Keith 240 Taylor, Kimberly 267 Taylor, Kimberly S. 240 Taylor, Laura A. 267 Taylor, Michelle R. 214, 267 Taylor, Susan M. 112, 120, 253 Taylor, Wade W. 176 Tedrow, Barbara L. 253 Teel, Concetta Teel, Melinda F. 267 Tenney, Christophe 124, 267 Tenney, Lisa A. 2563 Tennis, Robert Tennyson, Zohn C. 253 Terrell, George 177, 267 Terrell, Patrick 160 Terry, Colleen M. 267 Terry, Kendrick S. 240 Terry, Kristen A. 267 Teves, Adelina J. 153, 214 Thayer, Ah L. 169, 241 Thomaidis, Christi 241 Thomaidis, Susan 86, 150, 253 Thomas, Cynthia 241, 253 Thomas, Edward A. 241 Thomas, Elisa 120, 253 Thomas, Jennifer 267 Thomas, Lorrie 253 Thomas, Rhonda J. 172, 267 Thomas, Sean 179, 210 Thomos, Suzanne T. 214 Thomas, Terry 214 Thompson, Anthony 267 Thompson, Carlos R. 176 Thompson, Eric L. 267 Thompson, Jennifer 160, 162, 268 Thompson, John Thompson, Leneetha 267 Thompson, Linda F. 154, 253 Thompson, Myrna L. 86, 241 Thompson, Peggy S. 268 Thompson, Penelope 268 Thompson, Steven 268 Thorne, Terry J. 22, 44, 58, 180 Thornton, Rachelle 241 Thorpe, Valarie P. 214 Thurman, John D. 268 Thurman, Paul S. 253 Thurston, Roger E. 268 Tiffany, Donald L. 253, 268 Tiffany, Frank E. 268 Tiller, Tommie G. 170, 214 Tiller, Wendy A. 120, 241, 262 Tilley, Michael 268 Tipton, Laura 16, 17, 176, 214 Todd, Helen E. 162, 268 Todt, Ronald T. 253 Tomasino, Carla A. 253, 271 Tomchek, Kristy L. 268 Tomchek, Tammy L. 253 Tompkins, Amber 241 Tompkins, Steven W.241 Tonstad, Tammy L. 241 Topping, Michael W. Torango, Kyra 268 Toth, Kimberly 268 Townsend, Wendy A. 150, 169, 172, 241 Trace, Jennifer L. 170, 268 Tracey Sophia A. 162, 169, 172, 241 Troiano, Suzie M. 150, 241 Troiano, Thomas M. Trotman, Brian K. 176, 241 Trotman, Kimberly 268 Troupe, Deanna J. Trowbridge, Walter 162, 253 Truitt, Tamra A. 215 Truitt, Terri M. 253 Trujillo, Deedra C. Trujill, Edward 268 Trujillo, Kendra 215 Truman, Omar 268 Tuano, Jeffrey M. 253 Tuano, Theresa G. 169, 172, 215 Tucker, Lucinda R. 160, 162, 268 Tucker, Penny R. 108, 241 Tucker, Rodney 176, 215 Tuggle, Anthony W. 268 Turch, Muriel M. 253, 270 Turlip, Kathleen 215 Turner, Christophe 253 Turner, Cynthia 254 Turner, Daniel 241 Turner, Derrick B. 268 Turner, Gaylon 215 Turner, Jennifer P. 215 Turner, Julie 154, 241 Turner, Kelly A. 150 Turner, Theron H. 241 Tutsock, Charleen 130, 176, 177, 254 Tutsock, Jeffrey A. 38, 174, 176, 241 Tveit, Kim M. 254 Tyler, Terry W. 268 Tyson, Barbara E. 120, 254 UUUUUU Umbarger, Sandra 215 Underwood, Martin 268 Underwood, Sean E. 124, 268 Unrath, Mark W. 268 Urban, Kimberly D. 39, 152, 215 Uthus, Kendra A. 163, 241 vvvv •j Carole 170, 254 I Lee 241 il;eannine A. 130, 268 In, Mark 16,82, 145,215, 220 |oof, Anissa ; , loof, John R. 88, 215, 254 ™l, German 254 ex, William 49 Ili8§jijhnet, Sam liuyt, Christ 45, 241 en, Jared W. 178, 241 Tabatha J. 268 Lori 150, 254 Spj ' i Margaret 268 Timothy A. 161, 268 i sta M. , Beverly ames A. 69, 169, 241 Steven L. 254 eren, James 268 lien 254 | nthony A. 241 Kevin B. 268 thony D. iaR. 268 ike 162 ki, Craig 241 lisa M. 162, 268 hn D. 241 :: radt, Tim 160, 162, 215 jjfradt, Greta 160, 161,254 vwwww H, Cheryl L. 51, 130, 241 ill, James 268 jf Irian P. 268 ||rth, Bryant 268 yU ' rth, Nancy 254 Deborah E. 177, 268 jj, Barry 215, 255 !;Jennifer 45, 169,215, 255 [hn, Tracy M. 176, 216 it, Edward 269 Brian K. 174 Daniel W. A 9S4 Michelle L. 160, 162, 171, 172, 241 m, Patricia A. 78, 79, 241 ' Rudy 95,98,216 m Wesley 241,254 , Michael 268 Thomas 216 Peter 156, 241 pMichelle U. 241 f Tracy 241 ,John T. , Thomas E. Scott T. 254 aker, David T. 241 laker, Sarah 216 aker, Steve J. 161, 254 Paul 240, 241,265 jjbennis C. 161, 254 Elizabeth L. 254 lisa A. 108, 125, 268 luv, Carol L. 241 j[jv, Robert W. 268 IVade I, Lisa J. 23, 179,216 |, Jennifer L. 130, 268 :ij, Robert G. 216 ;j 3 ton, Cynthi 241 . gton, Songia 268 jgton, Wil L. 172, 268 s, Jacqueline J. 216 Steven 156, 216 mthony S. 241 David M. 254 , George A. 268 d, Lawrence 268 y, Michael jiy, Michelle 179,216 , Mrvin R. 172, 241 Barry A. 162, 241 IScott 160, 162, 268 Webster, Bruce R. Webster, Dexter R. 268 Weeks, Janel R. 241 Weetman, Rebecca B. 176, 177, 254 Weiler, Linda J. 176, 177, 254 Weiler, Robert 216 Welkenson, Laura 268 Well, Robert C. Wells, Eric R. 98, 268 Wells, Jefferson 216 Wells, Michelle L. 269 Wendle, Scott Wendling, Patric D. 90, 91, 241 Werner, Pamela J. 180, 241 West, Nancy 254 Westen, William C. 171, 254 Westenberger, Jenn 268 Weston, Cheryl A. 254 Westphal, Thomas A. 176 Wetherbee, Alan L. Wheat, Dawn 216 Wheat, Sean 216 Wheeler, Christina 176, 216 Wheeler, Matthew W. 268 Wheelre, Michelle 23, 179, 217, 220, 225 White, Diane E. 108, 109 White, Marvin E. 59, 268 White, Nicholas A. White, Peggy White, Robin A. 110, 111, 179,217,222 White, William 254 Whited, Melissa M. 217 Whitesell, Lisa L. 254 Whittington, Gary 269 Wichelt, Vicki 217 Wickum, BrianS. 68, 98, 101, 118, 119 Wickum, Todd 269 Wiervinski, Paul J. 269 Wilhelm, Michael D. 269 Wilkerson, Frankli 269 Wilkinson, Lisa R. Wilks, Christine B. Wilks, Reginald 241,254 Willemsen, Jenneth 241 Willett, Lashon 168,217 Willet, Toni A. 92, 241 Williams, Cara 176, 217, 224 Williams, Clarence L. 269 Williams, Darrel M. 269 Williams, Eliz A. Williams. Eugene 179, 241 Williams, Inez E. Williams, Jennifer 269 Williams, Kasandra J. 269 Williams, Kathy J. 54, 217 Williams, Kimber M. 269 Williams, Myrna 269 Williams, Pamela R. 241 Williams, Richard N. 269 Williams, Sara J. Williams, Shane C. 254, 171 Williams, Stephani 154, 241 Williams, Tamara F. 254 Williams, Tamatha 217 Williams, Willia B. Willis, Jacqueline Wilson, Andrew S. 254 Wilson, Audrea L. 163, 165, 255 Wilson, Bronwyn B. 217 Wilson, Donna 165, 241 Wilson , Gregory 162, 254 Wilson, Jonathan D. 241 Wilson, Krystine D. 120, 160, 162, 254 Wilson, Leah 160, 162, 166, 217 Wilson, Lewey C. 241 Wilson, Robert K. 38, 176, 241 Wilson, Roger K. 217 Windt, Michael A. 269 Winemiller, Patr N. 255 Winslow, Laura A. 61, 255 Wirt, Lisa M. 229, 241 Wise, Jeanine M. 162 Wise, John J. 241 Wise, Williams 269 Withers, Jennifer 255 Withers, William 174, 215 Witzgall, Andr N. 255 Wohlhueter, James 269 Wolfe, Neil E. 58,217 Wood, Jonathan C. 269 Wood, William A. 255 Woodcock, Jennifer 269 Woodfin, Michael 217, 272 Woods, Bryon K. 268 Wooldridge, Alan 176, 218 Woolfolk, Brian 98, 255 Worthy, Tanya R. 50, 160, 162, 218 Wright, Clarence B. 255 Wright, James S. 255 Wright, Kathy 179, 218 Wright, Kayla D. 269 Wright, Kevin H. 255 Wright, Kimberly M. 50, 241 Wright, Lisa M. 153, 269 Wright, Marya C. 269 Wright, Monica 165, 255 Wright, Shawn 218 Wright, Stephanie 241 yyyyyy Yates, Laura M. 241 Yates, Lisa K. 269 Yeary, Maria 19, 152, 241 Yenyo, Amy E. 110, 111, 163, 164, 165, 255 Yi, Dae H. 90, 241 Yoder, Troy A. 162, 269 Yokum, Christophe R. York, Michael 176,218 Young, Ann M. 41, 154, 241 Young, Brent R. 49, 166, 167, 218 Young, Camille 255 Young, Clarence K. 255 Young, Darold 255 Young, Gavin 88, 176, 241 Young, Michael J. 269 zzzzzz Zahn, Steve 66, 176, 180, 218, 268 Zaldana, Gustavo 89 Zane, Frank Zawisa, Margaret 114, 241 Zawisa, Mark C. 12, 98, 218 Zeraatbany, Payam 241 Zeunges, Barbara J. 23, 218 Zeunges, Cynthia L. 269 Ziesler, Pamela 154, 166, 182, 183, 218, 220 Zoromski, Patrick 176, 241 295 INDIAN ECHOES ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS 1984-1985 Editors: Editors-in-Chief .... Student Life. Organizations .... Sports . Academics. Seniors. Underclassmen .... Faculty, Photo Editor Staff: Cynthia Bradley Brian Dolan Tom Filip Debbie Gore Kecia Knoernschild Sean McNeil Rodney Nixon Michael Rendino Kathleen Rouleau Chutimar Sragaow Jennifer Coffee, Kathy Nagley Gail Grevey Randi Barnhill Tracy May Yvonne Buel, Laura Moody, Pam Ziesler Eric Bunn David Shurtliff Chuck Rotblut Sponsor: Stephen Sawyer Special Thanks to: Tom Scarry — Taylor Publishing George Deel — LaMont Studies School Pictures Co. GETTING THE MOST OUT OF GAR-FIELD 296 Closing H PARKRBQI • ■ - ■— For Reference This item for use in the library only. Prince William Public Library I i -V I. ■ i i •!

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