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. ON OUR WAY INDIAN ECHOES 1984 GAR-FIELD SR. HIGH SCHOOL 14000 SMOKETOWN ROAD WOODBRIDGE, VA 22192 Title Page 1 Sleeping on the job? CONTENTS STUDENT LIFE.4 ACADEMICS.46 SPORTS.70 ADS.136 ORGANIZATIONS. 148 SENIORS.188 UNDERCLASSMEN . . 230 FACULTY.276 INDEX.286 Brenda and Debbie, best friends. Don’t miss the bus! 2 Table of Contents Gar-Field’s finest! The beginning of another day. Table of Contents 3 Roger Dowd, punk of the Crop! ' iH ' Jennifer and Chutimar talk before class 4 Student Life Sacha Bridges, you’re on Candid Camera! ON OUR WAY TO FUN student life Student Life 5 ON OUR WAY TO FUN Bradsher’s office isn’t supposed to be fun. Lunch, a time to relax. Only a bull at heart. Everybody wants in the picture. 6 On Our Way to Fun Friends occupy all corners! " ■ . . Jean, Soraya, and Lisa caught out of class. Left: The bell rings in 5 minutes. G-A-R-space-hyphen-space-F . . . Jennifer and friend stop in the hall to oblige the camera. On Our Way to Fun 7 FAMILIAR FACES David Black, Big Bad Senior! Ellen Grieff,What a smile! Chris plays it cool. Boo, Buddy! 8 Familiar Faces : Diana Kennedy, get to class. Left: Hi There. -v :■ . Ka : ' m I’m still asleep! Rachel Larsen, pretty smile! James Mirsky, what are you up to? iHi Familiar Faces 9 FUNNY FACES Emerson Creel, a cool guy. Daphne and Tina, smile. m Tony, Mr. Muscles. 10 Funny Faces Stephanie, Gus, and Kevin, buddies Holly and Tammy enjoying lunchtime. Left: Acting Innocent. Gar-Field’s Models Isn’t that sweet? Funny Faces 11 HAVING FUN Holly and David studying hard. Togetherness! Chris Rodriguez Pam and Eva — Friends! 12 Hauing Fun A real cool guy. Holly Heininger poses pretty. Leslie getting pretty. Kyra Martin get ready for class. Left: Shawne Cosand and Jean Morrissey Having Fun 13 FRIENDS Future secretary. Getting into the latest gossip. Mr. Bradsher and Mrs. Carr. 14 Friends Chandra Medcalf, an aide at work. Young Love. EVERYONE NEEDS THEM Friends 15 ALLWORK Hurry or you’ll be late. They are actually paying attention. if I Right: When in doubt, ask the teacher. % - -A Lisa Wirt, Gotcha! Our quarterback at work. 16 All Work No Play NO PLAY Taking it easy. Shawne and Chandra stop to pose. What are you hiding? A Senior pyramid. All Work No Play 17 WORKING HARD Working hard in the Library. Right: Work can be fun. Cheri and friends, get to class. Finishing before the bell rings. Talking helps you work. 18 Working Hard All play no work! litwm I’m no secretary! I’m all alone. Left: Anybody get the answer? Future Artists. am Working Hard 19 BLOOD DONATIONS The nurse does her job. This is no laughing matter. 20 Blood Donations POWDER PUFF Christine and Rod. The Winners! •®s fj , ' Jfi " SO | ” AM V p CY A 1 PE Pv ' uflnHH ' ■■ ■ If J ■.JACKIE J Jw ■ m f MM 1 8 m. 4 1 A rough play The coaches help out Left: The fans watch on. Powder Puff 83 21 -f LUNCH TIME IS Enjoying a good meal. Lunch isn’t just for eating. Right: A time for gossip. Come on, look at the camera. Spending lunch with friends. 22 Lunch FUN TIME A time for resting. A time for doing homework. -{TMORAIL Left: The new look? A time for socializing. Chuck Toler, don’t be shy. Lunch 23 GRADUATION ’83 Pam Jones is happily escorted away. Friends say goodbye. We made it! Tom Beams, a happy guy. 24 Graduation 83 4 i Leslie Batdorf and Marshall Barrett listen on. Getting ready for that time. Before . . . After. . . ONTO THE FUTURE Graduation ’83 25 PEP RALLIES The crowd gets rowdy. Cindy Jones, ain’t she sweet! Right: Football players get the spirit. The band keeps everyone going. Rifles do their stuff. 26 Pep Rallies A rifle member does a fine job. Juniors, a spirited group. Look at that team. GET THE SPIRIT Pep Rallies 27 PROM 1983 1983 Prom The 1983 Junior-Senior Prom was a huge success. The Crystal Ci¬ ty Stouffers was a perfect setting and everyone enjoyed the music provided by Sinbad. Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to dress up and dance the night away. Thanks to the hard work of the Junior Class and their Sponsors: Mrs. Dangerfield, Mrs. Filip, Mr. Van Winkle and Mrs. White. No corners were cut, and the Prom was a truly classy affair. Sitting down for a rest. Tracey Cosand, dance the night away. Lisa and Steve, isn’t that cute. Chris and Jean, what a couple. 28 Prom 1983 Kevin and Sherry dance away. Dawn and Bobby having a good time. Left: Shawne and Derrick, that’s sweet. Robin and date dance peacefully. Everyone’s having a great time. Prom 1983 29 1983 SOPHOMORE BEAUTY PAGEANT The Beautiful Winners! Beth Corbin Gus Simpson smiles pretty. 30 Sophomore Beauty Pageant ’83 Leslie Batdorf, she deserved it all. The girls do a dance. And the winner is . . . ' 83 Sophomore Beauty Pageant 31 CLASS RINGS Tina Taylor admires Tracey Struble’s ring. Andy Palmer finally gets his ring. A lot of confusion. 32 Class Rings ARENA SCHEDULING Steve Thomaidis helps out. Debbie Ball, First in line. Left: That dreadful line. i i i Lit j ■ 1 " Arena Scheduling 33 BIG, BAD SENIORS . . . Three big, bad Seniors: Travis Hubbard, Chuck Denson and Brian Johnson. Another big, bad Senior Terry Adams. Middle Left: Steve Khalili and Stephanie Jones enjoy American Studies II. Bottom Left: Seniors Michelle Penny and Lisa Parish. Top: Class of 84 Members Kirby Smith and Eartha Johnson. Bottom: Liz Burrows and Melisa Burnette best friends!! 34 Big Bad Seniors Seniors Chris Varner and Bruce Simpson in the parking lot. Two big, bad cars property of Seniors Debbie Eicher and Kevin Attreed. The latest fad; personalized license plates. JEAN-ME, Jean Engleka, TUMBLR, Dawn Campbell, and MELIS, Melisa Burnette AND THEIR BIG, BAD CARS! Big, Bad Seniors 35 HOMECOMING COURT The 1983-84 Homecoming Queen, Karen Gianni. Senior Princess Lisa Powell and date Rob Kriener Senior Princess Kathy White and escort Sean Murphy Junior Princess Kim Dean and her date Ken Hendley 36 Homecoming AND DANCE Sophomore princesses Ebbie Hutson and Beth Corbin Karen Gianni crowns King DeWayne Wilson Julie Novitsky with prince Jim Ford Freshman princesses Heather Sloan and Danielle Black. Homecoming 37 SPIRIT WEEK ’83 Twins — Sara Wanamaker and Pam Hobbs. Karen Gianni and Jackie Connor on jersey day. Right: Double Trouble. Masquerade Day: Guess who?? Carol Coloma and Bill Goodrich, ALOHA! 38 Spring Week ' 83 WWW Clowning around. Typical Freshmen! I said, “Don’t mess with me, I’m Mrs. ‘T’!” Gar-Field’s groupies. Left: Show us your stuff, Lisa! Spirit Week “83” 39 JUNIOR VARIETY SHOW Gar-Field Beauties: Mike Petruzzi, Shawn Anthony, Landon Hale, Janice Creneti, and Billy Novitsky PYT’s dance to Beat It. Come on feel the noise! 40 Junior Variety Show Seraph rocks Gar-Field! ;x M.C.’s Glenda Campbell, and Tony Ashby Kathy Nagley, Tina Taylor, Sarah Wanamaker on the good ship lollipop. X Junior Variety Show 41 VICTORY. . The picture says it all. A Night of Victory! It was a cold night in November when the rivals met face to face at Ralph Barnet Stadium. The rivals, Woodbridge and Gar- Field, entered the stadium ready to play the biggest game of the year. The stands were overflowing with Indians and Vikings, each there to cheer their team on to victory. Although the Vikings put up a good fight, the Indians once again came through with a victory of 6-3. Soraya Sabet and Jennifer Jones . . . ready to win. 42 Victory! A GAME TO REMEMBER A game well done. Gar-Field is ready for the Vikings. Middle: Who’s 1? . . . Gar-Field Above: Sack ’em Breaking through the crowd. GAINOUS APPRECIATION DAY The crowd awaits Mr. Gainous our principal. Jim Ford and Mr. Zimmerman conversing with Mr. Gainous Originally founded on December 7, 1953, Gar-Field Senior High School celebrated its 30th anniversary on December 8, of this year. The area on which the first Gar-Field was originally built, where Saunders Middle School now stands, was donated by Mr. M. G. Manderfield and Mr. Gilmer Garber, thus the name “Gar-Field.” In 1973, the student body moved from the old address, which was built to relieve overcrowding from Occoquan High School, to its present location — 14000 Smoketown Road. Four principals have presided over Gar-Field during its 30 year history. They were Herbert J. Saunders (1953-63), Samual P. Cox (1963-74), Dr. David D. Meyers (1974-78), and Philip F.Gainous (1978-present). Gar-Field has changed and grown alot since 1953. The first enrollment at 500 has increased to 2,600. All that remains from the early years is a never-dying school spirit that still flourishes. Mr. Bradsher and Mr. Gainous observing the school environment. 44 Gainous Appreciation Dap HAPPY BIRTHDAY GAR-FIELD The Stage Band plays Our Principal enjoys the entertainment provided Left — Mr. Gainous is appreciated in colorful banners by the student body. “Happy Birthday Gar-Field” read the cake that was enjoyed by the students, parents and faculty at the ceremony. Happy Birthday Gar-Field 45 Honor Society Members: Chris Sprouse and Teresa Bishop fd intellect 46 Academics National Merit Students: Landon Hale, Terry i Kristen Uthus, Marie Davis, Matt Letourneau, Bishop, Brent Campbell, Eddy Smith, and Dali Murdy. Not Pictured: Mary Jane Lombardo, ON OUR WAY TO LEARNING Every school day is full of friends, laughter, and good times. But the day is also made up of classrooms and teachers. Here at Gar-Field, we are offered a variety of courses. All of these classes, individually, and as a whole, have one special purpose. They are designed to enlighten us, educate us, and fill us with knowledge. Anyone can be intelligent, but without the ability to learn, not even the simplest things can be done. Through high school, we are offered an educa¬ tion just waiting to be acquired. It takes discipline and dedication, but one can never get something for nothing. Still, there is something wonderful about learning and education; once knowledge is acquired, it can never be taken away. It is something that will last a lifetime. Learning is a precious thing. It helps you to achieve your goals, and get the very best out of life. ACADEMICS Academics 47 Straight T alk Every student takes classes in which they do well, and some, not so well. But nearly everyone holds some opinion about the largest of the academic departments, English. For four long years, everybody has to take English, and for many it’s the longest period of the day. Compositions, spelling tests, grammar excercises, novel assignments, poetry, and literature work are some of the common tor¬ tures the students must endure. (After all, what is exciting about spelling tests?) Plus, in the junior and senior years, the infamous term paper strikes terror into the hearts of the upperclassmen. Who says teachers don’t get even? You can usually see the ridiculous smirks on their faces. Sometimes, the attempt to survive such overwhelming odds seems in vain to students. But one can survive and prosper if he wants to. After all that reading, writing, thinking, and pondering, quite a few minds have been thoroughly blown away, educated, or both. English is necessary, and it can teach you a lot. And, look at the bright side — we all graduate sooner or later! Diane Arnoldi, Lisa Warner, and Sheri Bowe in English. 48 English Did you know we’re having a vocabulary test today? Important tools for English lovers. Katrina Linkous, Michelle Carter, and Darren Farley find their English class humorous. English 49 History in the Making A candid look at a G-F social studies class. Mr. Sawyer’s class studying ancient Rome. Michelle Battaglia can’t wait to take Sociology when she’s a senior! A debate in Mr. Johnson’s class. I 50 Social Studies Here at the illustrious Gar-Field, we, the students, have the privilege of taking three to five years of Social Studies. The bare minimum of history is three years. We all know at sometime in life, everyone starts at the bottom. You guessed it, the freshman year. Freshmen take World Studies I. Wouldn’t you know it, they have to relearn what they did not learn last year! The next year enables all past freshmen to move up on the ladder of life, because this is the only year in which social studies is not required. However; there are some sophomores who are history buffs, so an exciting course called World Studies II is offered. The start of the junior year finds most students tak¬ ing American Studies I. This course examines the ear¬ ly beginnings of America. Finally, but most importantly, is the SENIOR year! This is the best year of high school, and it offers two social studies courses. Seniors can take an educa¬ tional course called American Studies II (alias Government), and a human relationship class called Sociology. The years spent in social studies classes are history in the making for students at Gar-Field. John Good gets the news. Social Studies 51 It All Adds Up Math is a four letter word which strikes fear into the hearts of more than a few Gar-Field students. Although math is not one of the more popular subjects offered here, it is one of the most important. This word, math, is not just a class, it is a tool used to describe our world, and the situations it presents us with. Math is not all formulas and functions, it is used in the “real world” more than the average person realizes. Whether the extent of your mathematical knowledge is counting on your fingers, or be- Math is a breeze for Walter Beardsley, Sandy Gran¬ tham, and Brian Friend. ing able to derive complex formulas, everyone uses math to some degree. Peo¬ ple in many professions; bricklayers, policemen, computer programmers, and nuclear physicists all make use of their mathematical skills. As you can see, math is not a subject to be feared, but something you can always count on. 52 Math I hate doing problems on the board. The hams in Mr. Tucker’s class. Brian King would rather watch girls than study formulas. m Al , rH , H V -4 Mr. VanWinkle watches his class work. Math 53 Programming the Future Are you tired of hearing people complain about the Age of Computers? Some say that computers will mess up everything from your mailing address to your credit rating. Fortunately, many of these goofs are the result of human error. Fortunate, you say? Yes, fortunate because these problems can be corrected, simply by placing the right people behind the machine. Skilled operators are needed. Next question: Where do you get the needed skills? For many, the answer is right under their noses. Yes, within the walls of our very own Gar-Field lies the answer. With the courses offered in Data Processing, you can be that skilled, sought-after person. Into computers, but on a smaller scale? Well, never fear, because once again good ol’ G-F has the solution. This time, you can learn all about home computers in the popular Computer Math course. Here, you can create programs for everything from a weekly football pool to money management to video games. So, anyone out there complaining about the present state of things, here’s your chance to do your part in programming the future. Kevin Miller studies his program directions. Chris Hall awaits the outcome of his program. 54 Computers Todd Davies makes a new discovery. Computers 55 Test Tubes and Bunsen Burners Today, science plays a very important part in our world. Every day, it is constantly changing, and we need to learn the basic concepts of nature and the universe. Here at Gar-Field, the average student has an opportunity to take one or more years of science. The classes include Earth Science, Biology, Advanced Biology, Chemistry, Advanced Chemistry, and Physics. The subjects range from laws and properties of nature to structures and life cycles of organisms. Each year, the Science Department holds a science fair. This fair gives students a chance to perform experiments using the scientific method, on the basis of their own initiative. Through lectures and bookwork, students absorb processes and for¬ mulas. These in turn are applied to the “real world” in the form of labs. Many of our society’s future geologists, physicists, and biologists will graduate from Gar-Field. Who knows, your lab partner in Chemistry may turn out to be the next Einstein! This class takes careful notes. 56 Science Lee Newhart makes up a test. Tom Kujawa, Skip Adams, June Poczatek, and Lisa Gazda have different opinions about science. Science 57 Job Training What do a piston ring, a transistor, and a hair curler have in common? The answer is vocational education. These courses are for students plann¬ ing to attend a trade school or enter directly into the job market after high school. Some think these classes are just “basket weaving courses.” On the contrary, they are very demanding. The classes include Masonry, Con¬ struction, Auto Mechanics, Licensed Practical Nursing, Cosmetology, and Distributive Education. These instruc¬ tional courses enable students to feel responsibility. They can hold their heads high, knowing they are well prepared for the “real world.” There are many other job-related courses at Gar-Field, including Drafting, Electrici¬ ty, Mechanical Drawing, and Com¬ munications. This vocational prepara¬ tion department is a very good pro¬ gram, giving students an interesting career that could last a lifetime. David Farish works diligently on his AM radio. 58 Vocations Sean Wheat, putting it back together Dean Munsell laying bricks Hello, down there! The artist at work Vocations 59 It’s Everybody’s Business Although it is best known for typing, the Business Department also includes other areas of learning in this con¬ stantly growing segment of our society. It’s everybody’s business. There are many types of courses in this depart¬ ment in cluding General Business. In this class, one acquires an understanding of how big business works, along with its capability to “run over the little guy.” Other courses, such as Stenography, Office Technology, and Data Processing help those who wish to pursue a career as a secretary or clerk. Accounting is also included, teaching students how to manage money and balance the books. Advanced courses work to improve and finalize skills taught in the first year. Business Management teaches you the ups and downs of running your own business. Also on the list is Personal Typing, a one semester course, which teaches basic typing knowledge. The useful skills learned through the Business Department can prepare students directly for the job market. Pam Sessoms happily completes her assignment. Philip Moores finds new insight through typing Gina Whittle checks her spelling. Mrs. Johnson’s typing class listens attentively to her instructions. 60 Business tt In Genera! Business, Elinor Antwi gets her books ready. Steve Thomaidis, Patti Piatt, and Bobby Thayer in Accounting. Business 61 Makin ' Music A lot of dedication is required to succeed in the music field. There is a demand of excellence in every performance. Students at Gar-Field possess a great deal of musical talent. Luckily, they are given an opportunity to im¬ prove and utilize these talents, thanks to an excellent music department. Through daily practice and scheduled concerts, students learn to develop their skills, and increase their love of music. The levels of musical instruction range from beginning to advanc¬ ed; the stage band and Dominants being the most elite. Kathy Picard gets ready to play. Ask any member of this “musical fami¬ ly,” competition is tough, but most definitely worth the challenge. Talent is only part of the effort. 62 Music Tom Diekmeier lives to the beat of his own drum. Kevin Campbell — an aspiring musician (and cute too!) Music 63 Creative Endeavors The art department is the place to find very creative and talented members of Gar-Field’s student body. The art program has a wide selec¬ tion of course offerings. These include drawing, pain¬ ting, ceramics, textile arts, theater arts, commercial art, wire sculpture, and printing. The courses are presented at different levels of difficulty for the more advanced artists at Gar-Field. Melanie Bevell putting her dreams on paper. Marion Shipley creates a Ziggy. 64 Art The Making of a Household Thinking about a single life? Are you wondering how you will survive in this cold, cruel world ALL ALONE? Well, don’t sweat it. Believe it or not, Gar-Field can help you with this desperate predicament. The answer is Home Economics. This department could be your salvation. Through Home Ec, you can learn such useful skills as sewing, clothing management, cooking, and organizing your home. In the single living course, you can pick Susan Beck cuts out a pattern. up useful tidbits dealing with: how to live with (or without) your roomies, managing your Swiss bank accounts, and how to supplement your junk food diet with a little nutritious substance once in a while. If family life is more your style, the Child Development course can help eliminate some of those little surprises that often occur when raising children. So, stop fretting and give your fingernails a break; sign up for Home Economics. What’s wrong with this machine? Tonya Matthews and Melanie Klugh are baking something special. Home Ec 65 It’s All Greek to Me In this ever-increasing exchange of inter¬ national culture, knowledge of a foreign language is becoming very important. Gar- Field’s excellent foreign language depart¬ ment offers secondary languages for study. The languages include Spanish, French, German, and Latin. English is also taught as a second language. The levels of study range from one to five years. The first year is generally very basic, as students learn beginning vocabulary and sentence structures. The second through fifth years deal with increasing knowledge literature, vocabulary, and culture. Each foreign language has its own club. These clubs are designed to help accent the classroom studies. Dealing mainly with culture, the clubs make trips to restaurants, plays, and other cultural activities. Glenda takes time out from Spanish. German is fun! Waiting for the latest fashion from . . . Kathy Rouleau and Tiffany Fitzwater in French. 66 Foreign Language Becky and Maria planning a vacation. Leslie Marceron isn’t camera shy. What’s happening behind the scenes? Latin is where you’ll find Mark Van Curen and Jenny Waibel. June is learning French. Foreign Language 67 — Let s Get Physical Physical education, or P.E., as it is com¬ monly known, is a course that all students are required to take some time during their high school years. Two years, P.E. 9 and 10, are usually taken in succession during the freshman and sophomore years, as many students wish to “get it over with early.” Health is included in both courses for a period of twelve weeks. One exception to this is the substitution of Driver’s Education in place of a health unit in the sophomore year. During this time the students are Soccer is a ball! taught the rules of the road, along with various techniques to help keep the rubber- side down while out on the highway. Passing the classroom phase enables advancement to on-the-range driving, when students are let loose on the road. Only two years in this course are re¬ quired, but students who enjoy the active life may enroll in a semester course of Elec¬ tive P.E. So, come on Gar-Field, let’s get physical! Kicked back. 68 P.E. Jump ball! P.E. 69 JV and Varsit Pages 76-79 Boys’ and Girls ' Socce ■ti Pages 80-87 Ufci 70 Spring Sports Wf m. Z mS ON OUR WAY TO VICTORY Spring Sports 71 VARSITY BASEBALL Front Row: Matt Victor, Billy Jersey, Vince Tassa, Gary Foster, Acie Shrewsbery, David Black, Scott Warren, Alan Houston. Second Row: Gary Kehn, Cary Nichols, David Freeman, Mark Thurston, Paul Pyrz, Kevin Manbeck, Jim Portell. Scott Warren warms up his swing before his turn at bat. The 1982-83 Indian baseball team had an excellent season led by MVP Mark Thurston and the winner of the John Venti award, Jim Portell. The John Venti award was given to Jim for his athletic and academic ability and his leadership and sportsmanship. One of the highlights of the team’s season was a tie with the eventual state champion Potomac Panthers. Junior Matt Victor and Seniors Jim Portell and Acie Schrewsberry were chosen to participate on the All-District team. The Gar-Field team is looking forward to another great team with many members of the team returning to the team to continue the winning tradition. 12 Varsity Baseball All-District team member Matt Victor watches from the dugout. Winding up for a practice pitch. Team members return to the bench after a good start. Alan Houston, during pitching practice. Acie Shrewsbery, also an All-District Team member prepares for a game. Varsity Baseball 73 JV BASEBALL The 1983 Gar-Field J.V. Baseball Team Gar-Field 9 Lake Braddock 8 Gar-Field 5 Parkview 6 Gar-Field 0 Stafford 12 Gar-Field 11 Potomac 5 Gar-Field 6 Stonewall Jackson 2 Gar-Field 12 North Stafford 8 Gar-Field 2 James Wood 7 Gar-Field 11 James Wood 3 Gar-Field 6 Woodbridge 3 Gar-Field 13 Potomac 2 Gar-Field 1 Potomac 5 Gar-Field 10 Stafford 4 Gar-Field 8 Brentsville 0 Gar-Field 17 Brentsville 4 Gar-Field 14 Stonewall 7 Gar-Field 13 North Stafford 1 Gar-Field 2 Woodbridge 4 Overall record: 11 wins and 6 losses District record: 7 wins and 3 losses The 1983 J.V. Baseball team had a very successful year compiling a 7-3 district record. This excellent record enabl¬ ed the team to place second in the district. Jimmy Nichols earned the MVP award with a batting average of .442. Haskel Stamper and John Ols both compiled excellent of¬ fensive records with batting averages of .400. Coach Mur¬ phy named Mike Migliorini outstanding pitcher. Mike had a record of 8-2 and a 1.80 ERA. Mike Migliorini warming up. 74 JV Baseball Our players round the bases. Another score for the Gar-Field team. The team prepares for the game. • % — r • « - ■ : :• ■ Our player slides into second. J.V. Baseball 75 VARSITY SOFTBALL Front Row: Patty Burian, Gus Simpson, Brenda Scharp, Stephanie Royer, Bronwyn Wilson, Denise Long. Second Row: Linda Clore, Chrissy Porter, Colleen Reichenbach, Frances Spasoff, Pam Miller, Kelly Arvai, Stacy Carlson. Third Row: Coach Jones, Tracy May, Patty Conlan, Coach Finnigan. Members of the team discuss the game. Pam Miller prepares to steal a base. 76 Varsity Baseball Stephanie Royer rounds the bases. Pam Miller heads for the bench. STRIKE! The Gar-Field team watches the game. The team listens to the coaches before a big game. mKBSmm SAFE! Varsity Softball 77 JV GIRLS’ SOFTBALL Fro nt Row, Left to Right: Chris Seaton, Julie Grimes, Linda Chopin, Lisa Stiles, Lori Hayes, Mona Aldridge. Second Row: Beryl Johnson, Kim Barnhart, Lisa Prevost, Charli Delaverson, Sondra Stanley. Third Row: Julie McKinley, Teresa Landon, Tricia Walker, Dawn Kuykendall, Lisa Johnston, Ms. Baggett. Gar-Field Indians 23 Chantilly 13 9 Potomac 10 7 North Stafford 23 9 Woodbridge 13 19 Potomac 5 4 Stonewall 13 15 Stafford 5 8 Stonewall 12 2 North Stafford 6 23 Stafford 13 5 Woodbridge 6 78 | jPf JH p 1 . 1 1_ Another hit for Gar-Field! 78 JV. Softball Our catcher at work. This 1983 JV Softball team was young but very talented and should add a great deal to the team next year. Coach Baggett said the team was better than the record shows as many games were lost by a few runs. The MVP of the team was Lisa Johnston. Cited as outstanding defense playes by Ms. Baggett were Lori Hayes, Mona Alderidge, and Julie Grimes. Outstanding offense players were Lisa Johnston, “Helen” Stiles, “Mini” Walker. Lisa Stiles and Lisa Johnston also were the team captains. Warming up. The team returns to the bench. J.V. Softball 79 VARSITY GIRLS’ SOCCER Front Row: Evelyn Zaldana, Patty Patenaude, Debbie Eicher, Kristin Newman, Jane Ann Borris. Second Row: Terri Guttormson, Terri Kasik, Karen Putnam, Pam LaCava, Lori LaCava. Third Row: Barbara Rouleau, Annette Adams, Beth Hoffman, Chari Thompson, Ronnie Walker, Kathy Picard, Sandi Guttormson. MVP and All District Team Player Lori LaCava The girls’ Varsity Soccer team had an excellent season, finishing second in the District tournament, and third in regular season play. Coach Vadeboncoeur cited the win over Woodbridge as the season highlight. This loss broke Woodbridge’s 44 game winning streak. The MVP was Lori LaCava and winning the Sportsmanship award was Terri Kasik, Beth Hoffman was the most improved player. For¬ ward Lori LaCava and Goalie Debbie Eicher were both named to the All-District team. 80 Varsity Girls’ Soccer Debbie Eicher, All-District Goalie Annette Adams waits for the ball. Bonnie Walker clears the ball. Gar-Field playing a tough game against Stafford. Terri Guttormson waiting for a throw-in. Varsity Girls ' Soccer 81 JV GIRLS’ SOCCER First Row: Barbie Johnson, Christy Davis, Kelly O’Leary, Tammy Brezovich, Amy Reynolds, Sandy Freeby, Leah Wilson. Second Row: Kendra Trudillo, Lorie Barr, Kim Sunderland, Norma Barfield, Anne Simmons, Brenda Nix, Sherrie Collins, Debbie Newman. The JV team waits in anticipation of the beginning kick off. Our players race down the field after the ball. 82 J. V. Girls ' Soccer L I ■ ! r m ■ ■ . if - ' H , ; : ' ■ •■’ a y a.- ; ■ - Ml i m m ' W» f - . Lorie Barr, Kelly O’Leary and a friend relax before a game. Gar-Field in their opponent’s territory. • , ' W . ... - ,.r ■ - . « ...... ... ;■ ■ - v - : • A view of the game from the sidelines. The girls battle Woodbridge for the ball. J. V. Girls ’ Soccer 83 BOYS’ VARSITY SOCCER Front Row: Essays Dempsey, Ovid Rijfkogel, Chris Peevy, Jim Owens, Gus Zaldana, Mike Dittmer. Second Row: Sung Shin, Alex Vanegas, Eric Porterfield, Steve Grovei Scott Arnett, Amir Elzeni. Third Row: Coach Rudy Zimmerman, Tony Smith, Billy Ondo, Byron Armstrong, Chris Arnold, Jim Tutsock, Matt Brophy, Coach Chris Aleo. Alex Vanegas watches his team mates from the sidelines. 4 Boys Varsily Soccer Mike Dittmer watches for the ball intently. Goalie, Jim Owens looking to clear the ball. Coach Zimmerman helps Gus Zaldana prepare for the game. Amir Elzeni during goalie practice. Jim Tutsock, ready for the ball. Boys ’ Varsity Soccer 85 JV BOYS’ SOCCER Jst: Danny Kidd, Tom Brooks, Gavin Young, Pat Wending, Scott Sorenson. 2nd Row: Nick Rodriguez, Reed Vanderhouf, Kevin Miller, Bill Novitsky, Dwayne Landry, Robby Brooke. 3rd Row: Darren Sloper, Steve Dent, Dave Jebram, Scott Harris, Dave Shurtliff, Charlie Hundley, John Foster. Danny Kidd makes another terrific save for Gar-Field. 86 J V. Boys Soccer Players watching the game from the bench. The JV team had a great rebuilding season, finishing with an exciting win over Woodbridge. When asked to name the team MVP, Mr. Aleo remarked that he could not pick an in¬ dividual. The entire team made a fan¬ tastic effort. Scott Harris steals the ball from his opponent. Danny Kidd boots the ball clear. Gar-Field takes possession of the ball. J. V. Boys ’ Soccer 87 BOYS’ TRACK The 1983 Boys’ Track Team Rod Mason puts it all in a toss of the discus. Karl August sprints to the finish of his race. 88 Boys ' Track V State champion triple jumper Roger Bennett. Randy White hurls the discuss in a home meet. Danny Geiger clears the high jump. Tom Phinney tries to clear the bar. Hurdler Pat Mann on his way to another victory. Boys ’ 7 rack 89 GIRLS’ TRACK First Row: Traci Cosand, Nicole Fields, Daphne Coerse, Amy Martin, Rhonda Gainor, Vonda Sparks, Rhonda Early. Second Row: Cathy Anderson, Alise Brooks, Viviar. Arnold, Tammy Burhans, Michelle Depoy, Eartha Johnson, Jenny Wabel, Wanda Hunter. Third Row: Tina Walls, Stephanie Jones, Linda Cashwell, Peggy McKelvey, Denist Novak, Michelle Dortch, Tonya Worthy. Fourth Row: Sherill Burriss, Danielle Evans, Diana Pasterchick, Robin White, Chris Palmer. A newcomer to the team, Tammy Burhans, became a valuable asset in the high jump. The strain shows on Chris Palmer as she leads the pack. 90 Girls ' Track Coach Brown keeps track of the points at a dual meet Gar-Field sprinters Stephanie Jones and Rhonda Gainor fight for the lead. Jenny Waibel nears the end of her leg of the relay. Peggy McKelvey nears the end of her race. Center: Hurdler Robin White proudly shows off the trophy she won at the George Mason Invitational. Girls ' Track 91 Front Row, L to R: Jeff Woods, Chris Coffee, Mike Arrington, Rich Gillespie. SecondRow: Coach Johnson, Buddy Frye, David Vetters, Mike Gillette, Mike Smith, Stan Stafira, Eddie Smith, Charles Huett. Coach Johnson, when summing up his team’s 1 and 7 season, said, “we excelled in one area as we often ’snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.’ ” Although the team had a disappointing season, the players put a lot of effort into their matches. Mr. Johnson named Senior David Vetter the Most Valuable Player. 3ys Tennis A Gar-Field player watches for the ball intently. Number 2 seat, Buddy Frye, returns an opponent’s serve. The team listens to Coach Johnson’s last minute instructions. Mike Arrington and Eddie Smith play a doubles match. ' 11,, ■ Mike Smith in his match against Potomac. Eddie Smith prepares to return an opponent’s shot. Boys’ Tennis 93 VACATION?? SUMMER Members of the girls’ tennis team such as Beth White and Karen Fowler practiced in the scorching August sun to perfect their winning form. Teams that compete during the fall season take advantage of the time allotted during the summer to practice as much as possible. Summer Vacation? June 9, 1983, the last day of another school year. For most students this marks the beginning of a lazy, fun fill¬ ed summer. But for many of Gar-Field’s athletes it means the beginning of a lot of hard work in preparation for the long seasons ahead. Almost all of our athletes use this “vacation” to condition their bodies and im¬ prove their skills in order to carry out the Indians win¬ ning tradition. Many athletes attend camps to receive advice from different sources than they are normally exposed to dur¬ ing the regular season. Some of our coaches hold camps for their athletes, such as baseball and wrestling. This gives the coaches a chance to scout the talent for the up¬ coming season. Many athletes opt not to attend these camps and clinics, but it’s not because they don’t want to improve their performances. Many of these athletes lift weights and run daily to stay in top condition. A trip to any of the local weight rooms during the summer will show you all the heart our athletes put in during the off season. So the next time you hear someone talk about “sum¬ mer vacation,” think about it. Is it really a vacation after all? 94 Summer Vacation Several members of the track team competed in meets during the summer. Senior hurdler Pat Mann performed excellently. He won several medals at various meets during his “vacation,” including a gold medal at the Junior Olympics. Gar-Field graduate Roger Bennett also traveled to the Junior Olympics in Pennsylvania to turn in an award winning perfor¬ mance in the triple jump. Many Gar-Field Athletes workout with weights to keep in shape during the summer. Wrestler Chris Varner and Baseball player Kevin Manbeck were regulars a the Dale City Recreation Center weight room this summer. Chuck Toler, an Indian wrestler, competed in many werstling tournaments during the off-season in preparation for the highlight of his summer. With the support of many. Chuck was able to attend the Na¬ tionals competition in Indiana. Chuck gained national recognition with a performance that won him two medals. Attending these many tournaments gave Chuck an advantage over his opponents during the wrestling season. Summer Vacation 95 ■ mm Girls’ Tennis, Boys’ and Girls’ Cross Country Pages 106-107 96 Fall Sports I Football, pages 100-105 Golf, page 99 Volleyball, pages 110-113 ON OUR WAY TO VICTORY SPORTS Fall Sports 97 Practice Makes Perfect After sixth period most Gar-Field students rush home to grab a snack and settle in front of the television to watch the latest episode of “General Hospital.” But our Gar-Field athletes our not your average students, 1:55 is only the beginning of the day for them. Most teams prac¬ tice at least two hours a day, six days a week. These practice sessions include weight lifting, cardiovascular conditioning, and refinement of the athlete’s skill. Coaches use this time to go over game strategy for the upcoming competition and to help the team members prepare mentally. These practices are draining, physically and mentally. This is when our Indian athletes push themselves to the limit, all for that one moment of victory. Stephanie Jones and fellow track members stretching out before practice. Beth White, a sophomore, puts in long hours on the tennis court. An important part of these long practices is the warm-up session Time out from practice for a little camera attention. 98 Practice Makes Perfect GOLF ddidas fL r t 1 l.WJ L ' Mr. Artz, (Coach), Bobby Chamberlain, David Boroughs, Mike Poillucci, David Pratt, Jeff Thiel, Jeff Ryan, Charlie Einsmann. Jeff Ryan follows through on his swing. Bobby Chamberlain takes a practice swing. Jeff Thiel shows us his style. David Pratt warms up before a tournament. The golf season was moved from the spring to the fall this year. This move enabled the players to practice all summer long and take advantage of the more favorable weather. This was a statewide change, and it is expected to help improve the golf players’ skills. Golf 99 Varsity Football W- ■ 7 t 7 v -r ; ; SP : HI Ml ■ ■ t 1 tJB-A t : IS ' xm • t jv? »• . M i - ' a s m e if ui- t inn, : ; • • » • ' • •! • . ». • -i., ,: » jf - . • ‘ ■ • • » -n « •i ' ' $ -4- v 1 • • -- W : . ■ •» i! . . • ' Jm .»». ; ' %. i •. S -1 » - . - v ■ ■?, • • ■ . ’ .. ■ »• ■ •«(»« snj i ? « ?J. sKmwwwt .MBs •- ‘t ‘ " wattife imsp,.. «■ . w ■ tan wwi awiB i i Mi wm • • i j ,■ .w «jnMtB«MaMpir‘ ■ - ..... -« iMiaMiaMiMiMiiii ' Hj MMCiMliMWaaMMiiSi ■ I.Mr ... ‘. . i . _ t • -a ga MMaiBMii Ml 4 ' 1 St I AMI , esi r M . M Ms«i« St . .; A «-« . • . - wsasjfe icar aisfi ’ • ■ j i • -» s« t. ‘-mm hk ;.b — " “ » m ggggg ' •■•- ' ffjf jHHB MMHiaK ■ tvmmmsmmmmm ■m | ■ iB iaaaiBaima — —«■»» «»« ■i.. h First Row, Left to Right: Bart Rogers, Barry Miller, Ken Bryant, Vince Tassa, Tony Gordon, Chuck Denson, Scott Yates, Derrick Washington, Eric Kreinar. Second Row: Bob¬ by Kalski, Donnie Hart, David Black, Joe Makolandra, Jeff Schaney, Jeff Bloxton, Pat Mann, Rudy Walker, Steve Mooney, Bobby Farrington, Glenn Housier, Walter Beard¬ sley, Danny Hillman. Third Row: Mike Fuylett, Tim Rogers, Chris Coffee, David Simcic, Bobby Burton, DeWayne Beatty, DeWayne Wilson, David Shannon, Rick Diver, Kevin Attreed, Pat James. Fourth Row: Steve Love, Keith Bradford, Howard Harris, Steve Comer, Phil Cecere, Greg Slusser, Charles Sebastian, Howard Houston, Chuck Boyer, Pat Cone, Emerson Creel, Roger Loy, Mike Finlayson. Mr. Herbert Saunders presents the elated Gar-Field team with the trophy named in his honor. Another touchdown for the Indians! The Indians wait to be introduced before the Woodbridge game. They went on to win with a touchdown by Pat Cone. 100 Varsity Football 1983 Varsity Football G-F 0 Robinson 12 G-F 18 H. D. Woodson 8 G-F 21 North Stafford 7 G-F 21 Stafford 0 G-F 0 West Springfield 7 G-F 8 Stonewall Jackson 28 G-F 23 James Wood 7 G-F 21 Potomac 0 G-F 11 Fauquier 13 G-F 6 Woodbridge 3 The defense stopping Woodbridge again David Black returns a kick-off Chuck Boyer fights for an extra yard. Senior Bobby Kalski says it all. Gar-Field had a winning season and tied for first place in the Commonwealth District. Varsity Football 101 DEFENSIVE FIRST TEAM: DeWayne Wilson, Senior, Captain, also named the outstanding defensive back for 1983 Pat Mann, Senior. SECOND TEAM OFFENSE: Howard Houston, Senior, David Black, Senior. Chuck Denson, Senior. SECOND TEAM LINEBACKERS: Vince Tassa, Senior. The team psychs itself up before the game against H.D. Woodson. They went on to win 18-8. Steve Mooney blocks as our quarterback prepares to throw a pass. HONORABLE MENTION SQUAD Steve Mooney, Senior, Captain, Running Back. Chuck Boyer, Senior, Quarterback. Donnie Hart, Junior, Wide receiver. Emerson Creel, Sophomore, Offensive tackle. Roger Loy, Junior, Defensive tackle. Tony Gordon, Senior, Captain, Linebacker. Bobby Kalski, Senior, Linebacker. Dwayne Beaty, Senior, Captain, Defensive Back. 102 Varsity Football JV FOOTBALL r t i m siAjr a ■ ' •• -m ■ iteJIfe . First Row: Robert Davis, Steve Schupp, Bam Wright, Robert Clinton, Paul Wantz, Jim Venti, Troy Hetrick, Andre Sanders. Second Row: Stanley Mann, Andrea Clarke, Brian Woolfolk, Chris Daniels, Jeff Parker, Mike Jerrell, Mark Barnes, Darrell Rollinson, Robert Seeley, Kevin Gianni, Mark Zawisa. Third Row: Reggie Baker, Doug Meyer, John McCain, David Farish, Buddy Wantz, Scott Roth, Steve Lowrie, Scott Shearer, Brian Wickum, Mike Lickiss. Our quarterback makes another spectacular pass. Anthony Pena carries the ball as a Potomac player tries to block him. The Freshman Football team had a record of 2-5-1 at the end of their challenging season. Jonathan Lockamy lead the team as the seasons most valuable player. The 1983 Junior Varsity team had a rough but pleasing season. They finished with a record of 4-3-1 with a tremendous victory over our rival Potomac. Robert Davis was named the most valuable player, and Scott Shearer was named the most improved player. JV Football 103 JV AND FRESHMAN FOOTBALL Freshman Jason Pasterchick waits to return a kickoff in a game against Potomac. Mike Lickiss takes a break from the game. Coach Courtney directs the game from the sidelines. Anthony Pena dodges the tackle of his Potomac rival. The defense prepares to block Woodbridge. Todd Creneti passes the ball. 104 JV and Freshman Football FRESHMAN FOOTBALL mi ti-m ... .. j s- mmwm - III EISS8 ¥ ' gp» it r mm r i --• fasm mm t«x ■■■ $ ' ) Offense First Row: J. Lockamy, R. Rickardson, J. Bagnerise, P. Denny, T. Qureshi, M. Watts, R. Jones. Second Row: T. Pena, M. Hull, D. Tiffany, J. Krueger, B. Grubbs, M. Miller, J. Portell, S. Clubb. Third Row: C. Blye, M. Galloway, R. Pinkney, W. Jackson, B. Harris, W. Hawkins, H. Hornauer. Defense First Row: D. Pellegrini, S. Sheperd, T. Kibler, J. Pasterchick, D. Bird, C. Delaney, B. Money. Second Row: T. Creneti, M. Baker, B. Moody, B. Parker, R. Crespo, S. Lacey. Third Row: J. Boyd, W. Pruitt, G. McCoy, M. Fisher, A. Harte, B. Feeney, B. Harte. ' :, lr ♦ We escape the tackle in a game against Woodbridge. The team picks itself up after another first down against Woodbridge. .i. 1 JV team member Robert Davis returns a punt. Freshman Football 105 CROSS COUNTRY Top Row: Ron Roberts, Mark Moody, Drew Taylor, Ferron Powell, Ruel Haymond. Second Row: John Checkon, William Tally, Mark Salyers, Earl Schoenborn. Third Row: Tom Filip, Chuck Rotblut, Rodgie Sneadman, Tony Watt, Amy Yenyo, Kevin Cecil, Martha Haymond. Fourth Row: Debbie Good, Christine Jefferson, Denise Novack, Robin White, Pat Cooper, Sheila Lynn. Fifth Row: Emily Bohuslar, Beth Bado, Chris Palmer, Carl Johnson, Peggy McKelvey, Kenny Carroll, Linda Cashwell. Kenny Carroll, running in a meet, finds his endurance to be valuable. A top runner for the girls team, Peggy McKelvey leads the pack. Kevin Cecil, concentrating on the lead. 106 Cross Country The girls team finished 16th at the state meet. Top runner from the boys team, Ruel Haymond, trys to break from the pack. Denise Novack nears the finish line. David Stynes edges out a Parkview opponent. Carl Johnson rounds a corner near the finish. Freshman Amy Yenyo was a valuable asset to the team, constantly finishing near the top. Crosscountry 107 GIRLS TENNIS Top Row, Left to Right: Janice Majeski, Beth White, Kathy White, Bobbie Sunday, Na Le. Middle Row: Kristen Key, Colleen Grafen, Maureen Ogden, Paige Dwyer. Bottom Row: Karen Fowler, Kim Key, Laura Lienard. The 1983 Girls Tennis team had another winning season with an 11-1 record. Despite the loss of 6 seniors from last year’s team, the Indians rallied under the leadership of cap¬ tains Diana Kennedy, Bobbie Sunday, and Kathy White to at¬ tain a berth at the Regional Tournament. The cooperation and enthusiasm of the team, combined with their hard work, con¬ tributed to the remarkable success of the season. The MVPs were Bobbie Sunday and Kathy White. Kathy White returns a shot in a crucial match against Woodbridge. 1983 Girls Tennis Team G-F 7 Fauquier 2 G-F 5 Stonewall 4 G-F 7 Woodbridge 2 G-F 6 James Wood 3 G-F 8 Potomac 1 G-F 7 Fauquier 2 G-F 6 North Stafford 3 G-F 7 Stafford 2 G-F 7 James Wood 2 G-F 6 Stonewall 3 G-F 4 Woodbridge 5 108 Girls Tennis K) Bobbi Sunday, who shared the number one seed with Kathy White, volleys the ball to Junior Janice Majeski, warms up before a match, her opponent. Freshman sensation, Na Le, keeps her eye on the ball. Senior captain, Diana Kennedy, returns the serve of her Woodbridge opponent. Beth White serves to her opponent. GirlsTennis 109 VARSITY VOLLEYBALL WEs " ' • r Mf 4 FT 1 VARSITY Top Row, Left to Right: Kathy Chantelau, Co. Capt. Kathy Picard, Coach Johnson, Co.Capt. Michele Taylor, Patty Patenaude. Bottom Row: Mona Aldridge, Kay Lamborn, Lisa Sketo, Amy Trout. Not Pictured: Chris Seaton. Slam it over the net! Our players hit the ball over the net backwards. Another excellent bump for the Indians. 110 Varsity Volleyball Put all of your power in it! Patty Patenaude shows her powerful serve in a game against Osbourn Park. Mr. Johnson combines coaching and cheering from the sidelines. Varsity player Lisa Sketo serves the ball. Kay Lamborn returns the ball. All of the 1983 volleyball teams demonstrated two extremely important characteristics: good sportsmanship and a deep desire to perform well. The var¬ sity season was highlighted by an impressive upset victory over Woodbridge and a near upset of league power Stonewall Jackson. The varsity team had a record of 3 wins and 7 losses. Senior, Kathy Picard was named the MVP. Coach Johnson is looking forward to another excellent season next year. Varsity Volleyball 111 JV AND FRESHMAN VOLLEYBALL Junior Varsity Top Row: Kathy Rick, Margaret Zawisa, Coach Decker, Michele Puckett, Becky Espinal. Middle Row: Judy Kane, Andrea Embrey, Kathy Rider, Co-Capt. Bottom Row: Susan King, Co-Capt., Chris Hinkel. Andrea Embrey, a member of the JV team, serves the ball against Fauquier. Following through on her spike. Bump that ball over the net. Diana Peschka, A Freshman, spikes the ball. 112 JV and Freshman Volleyball The Junior VarsityVolleyball team was in a number of close matches and demonstrated great courage in holding together under pressure. They were led by MVP Susan King. The freshman Volleyball team had an excellent season. They finished with a 6-2 record, which earned them the Commonwealth District championship. Freshman Melodee Miranda was named this outstanding team’s most valuable player. Nancy Jordan bumps the ball over the net. The JV team’s MVP, Susan King, shows her winning style. Freshman: Top Row: Becky Bagby, Coach Wheeler. Middle Row: Susan Taylor Capt., Deanna Peschka, Stacy Rodgers. Bottom Row: Melodee Miranda, Nancy Jor¬ dan, Barbie Sprinkle. The Freshman team shows the form that made them district champions. JV and Freshman Volleyball 113 KVS ' U r t kr mmtl0 W 1 1 « 114 Winter Sports ON OUR WAY TO VICTORY Winter Sports 115 BOYS VARSITY BASKETBALL Front Row, Kneeling: Donnie Hart, Charlie Einsman, James Leake, Alonzo Johnson, Back Row, Standing: Melvin Smith, Donnell Johnson, Chris Simmons, Victor King, Kirby Smith, Rick Nibblins, Bill Wendle, Richard Spasoff, Quenten Sims, Todd Motley. Donnell Johnson shoots for another basket. % The team was jubilant after its victory over our rival, the Potomac Panthers. 116 Boys Varsity Basketball We get the tip-off against Potomac. Todd Motley runs down the court. Rich Spasoff goes for the rebound in a game against Potomac. Melvin Smith, making a great effort. Boys Varsity Basketball 117 ' ' ' «v BOYS JV BASKETBALL Bottom: Mark Fayak,_, Robby Stynes, Brian Woolfolk, Mike Kendra, Top Row:_, Brian Wickum, Shawn Davis, Scott St. Clair, Drew Taylor, Charles Morrell, Matt Lewis, Chad Coffee. Gar-Field out dribbles its Potomac opponent. Another blocked shot for the Indians. 118 Boys JV Basketball Our player dribbles past the Raider guards. Gar-Field blocks Potomac. We get the ball past the Raiders. Stonewall gets the ball but we recover fast. The team scores again against Potomac. Another point for the Indians. Excellent form on a layup. Boys JV Basketball 119 BOYS FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Left to Right: James Jones, Terrance Gatlin, Warren Jones, Andre Clark, Joe Crespo, Bob Bunn, Coach Zacchini, Curtis Johnson, Damon Hodges, Rodney King, Ken Goulet, Mike Hoeln. Not Pictured: William Jackson. Andre Clark, Rodney King, and Brad Bunn all wait for the rebound. a William Jackson goes for another basket. Damon Hodges passes the ball to his teammate Mike Hoehn. 120 Boys Freshman Basketball GIRLS FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Top Row: Barbra Tyson, Heather Mason, Krystine Wilson, Sam Green, Jerri McNeil, Cheryl Decker, Brenda Landon, Terri Hosier, Tracey Snyder, Gwen Butler, Dana Caddy. Bottom Row: Amy Mussomele, Susan Taylor, Dana Derosier. Barbara Tyson jumps for the ball. Gwen Butler prepares to take a foul shot in a game against Stafford. Gwen Butler, Susan Taylor, and Amy Mussomele plan the game strategy. Brenda Landon looks for someone to pass the ball to. Girls Freshman Basketball 121 GIRLS JV BASKETBALL r Top Row: Coach Jennifer Jones, Michelle Walker, Cathy Rider, Dawn McCullough, Ann Simmons, Linda Clore, Barbie Johnson, Chris Seaton, Julie Grimes. Bottom Row: Lin¬ da Kasik, Wendy Tiller. Shoot for the lead! 122 Girls JV Basketball Barbi Johnson scored 12 points in this game’against Woodbridbe. The JV team goes up for the ball in a game against Potomac. Dawn McCullough takes a foul shot. Wendy Tiller shoots for two in a game against Wood- bridge. The team won the game 49-29. Another point for the team. Girl ' s JV Basketball 123 GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL Top Row: Coach Tom Gill, Karen Putnam, Gus Simpson, Denise Long, Michelle McClure, Tracy May, Michelle Taylor, Janice Majeski, Sheryl Bryant, Debbie Eicher, Coach Yvette Baggett. Bottom Row: Captains Bonnie Walker and Terri Kasik. 124 Girls Varsity Basketball Sheryl Bryant takes a foul shot in a game against Potomac. Karen Putnam passing the ball in a game against f’otomac. The team takes a break from practice to pose for our camera. Coach Gill watching intently from the sidelines. The 1983-84 Girls Varsity Basketball team started the season with challenging games against top ranked teams in the metropolitan area. These games gave them a chance to work as a team and get the experience of tough basketball. They started the commonwealth season with a win over Potomac 73-41 and continued it by taking first in the district. Team leaders were Senior Michelle Taylor averaging 17 points per game and Senior Bonnie Walker with 12 points. Along with them is Senior Terri Kasik with 4.3 assists per game. Girls Varsity Basketball 125 INDOOR TRACK c . . D . inaoor i racK l earn M e le CasSl A™? P V ft " T in S Capt; Peg McKelve V. Capt, Chuck Boyer, Capt, Pat Mann, Capt. Second: Mary Outland nef GavbnTurnedKeifh cJ nZ ' l ' ?° hu t s ' ar - Sch da Campbell Ron Roberts, Kenny Carrol, Pat Cooper. Third: Yvonne Richards, Tanya Worthy, Tony Watt Tom Phin- R Lr k 1 ft j P o ‘ F0 ,y rth: I om Flhp ’ Frank Johnson - Dione McLeod, Derrick Washington, Carl Johnson. Back Row: Jerry Allen Glenn Housier Mark RobertStenleu trfe£ R ' AnTR BUn u’ T 6 ™ Re ® ce ; Ferr ° n P ™ el1 Not Pictured: Shawn Anthony, Mark L. Baker, Steve Hamric, Mike Kramer, Steve Mahr Tim Russell Stanley, Beth Bado, Brooks, Tammy Burhans, D.ana Pasterchick, Nusara Sragaow, Karla Stanley, Kim Stanley, and Coach Kevin Willims, Coach Ruth Brown ’ Chuck Boyer passes the Woodbridge runner in the relay. The Gar-Field runner with a clear lead. 126 Indoor Track The Gar-Field runners break from the pack. Tony Watt rounds the turn in the mile race The strain shows on Ron Roberts’ face as he nears the end of the 1000m race. Frank, Derrick and Glenn pose for a picture Jenny Waibel runs in a race at the William and Mary Track Invitational A typical view at a track meet Indoor Track 127 Members of the boys and girls track teams relax after a job well done, following one of many invitationals they attended. Gar-Field runners wait for the meet to begin. Chuck Boyer con templates his events. A good performance in the pole vault. Younger members of the team gave much needed support. 128 Indoor Track VARSITY WRESTLING WRESTLING Front Row: Robert Seeley, Nam Shin, Chuck Taler, Ron Cadwallader, Roger Kibler, Mark Dobash, Kenny Fullem, Danny Tassa Mng. Second Row: Coach Wheeler, Barry • Deel, John Pratt, Tadd Land, Peter Rowe, Kevin Fowlkes, Darrell Rawlinson, Bruce Simpson, Coach Legge. The wrestling team’s heavyweight wrestler, Barry Deal, won many crucial matches for the team. Mark Dobash gets into position. ■Hi Ready, set, go, Peter Rowe. Varsity Wrestling 129 KM ' -«■§ Runner-up in the District, John Pratt, is the winner again. Roger Kibler pins his opponent. Gar-Field wrestlers warm-up. Wrestlers in action. Heavyweight Barry Deel. 130 Varsity Wrestling Seniors: John Pratt, Bruce Simpson, Barry Deel, Ron Cadwalder, and Chuck Toler. Mark Dobash is the victor. Varsity Wrestling 131 JV WRESTLING Front Row, L-R: Matt Shoop, Dean Munson, Paul Lucero, Dion Gamboa, Joey Drago, Tory Lane, David Bachman, Ethan Newell, Scott Stewart. Second Row, L-R: Curtis Nice, Dan Bird, Jimmy Imel, Myles Godby, Rick Rowe, Sean Coerst, John Jackson, Darren Kidwell, Curt Marshall, Robin Crespa. Determination!!! 132 JV Wrestling This Gar-Field grappler has control of his opponent Gar-Field evading the pin Going for the turn over A view of the Gar-Field bench. Robert Seely struggles to escape. JV Wrestling 133 GYMNASTICS First Row: Dena Collier, Terri Carmona, Jessica Atwood, Donna Cappel. Second Row: Mrs. Sullivan (Coach), Danielle Evans, Stephanie Williams. Third Row: Kris Flinchem, Michelle Smith. i « % ,, » ■ - competition. Donna Cappel waits for her turn in the vault Kris Flinchum concentrates on her beam routine. The 1983-84 girls gymnastic team consisted of 6 girls: Dena Collier, Michelle Smith, Jessica Atwood, Donna Cappel, Terri Carmona, Danielle Evans, Kris Flinchum, and manager Stephanie Williams. The Most Valuable Gymnast was junior Dena Collier, who was also captain of the team. Sophomore, Michelle Smith was co-captain. The team was coached by newcomer to G-F, Mickey Sullivan. 134 Gymnastics Danielle Evans poses during her beam routine. The team is introduced before the meet. Dena Collier concentrates on her beam routine. The girls take a break between events. The gymnast concentrates on her balance beam routine. Gymnastics 135 136 Sports ADVERTISING! Some of the cost of your yearbook is carried by the wonderful establishments you are about to view. 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Take care, all my love to you both! And of course, best of luck to you, Raj. I doubt I would have made it through this maniacal adventure without you. We’ve had a lot of good laughs and good times, bud. Remember to keep soaring like an eagle — and fighting like a hawkl Remember: Fiero or Fiero SE?, “May I use your circle template?”, Snake post, Minolta use abuse, Capt. Bummish, Red Slob, Tilley the Hun, Massa Gill, Chuck Baby, pep rallies and zoom lenses, Kobiashi Maru, “I need pictures!” little sis and mama, “Killer!”, Heavy Bruisers, “Speedlimiti”, Mr. Bunn, rednecks, anorexia, Mr. Earl and happy children, Roolie and Risa, TACTICAL), “That’s what she said!”, Pa Sawyer, Mr. Scary, and DEADLINES!!! MikeS. Hill Ads 139 JAMES M. BRIDGES, LTD. A PROFESSIONAL CORPORATION Certified Public Accountant P.O. BOX 1462 DALE CITY, VIRGINIA 22193 TELEPHONE (703) 670-6300 METRO 690-1961 JAMES M. BRIDGES, CPA MARIA PAZ C. BRIDGES Administrator James Bridges, Ltd. A Professional Corporation Certified Public Accountant 14003 Minnieville Rd. Dale City, VA 22193 140 Ads Congratulations to Chris and his friends for a job well done. May you continue to succeed in the future. Thanks for caring. We Love You, Dad, Mom, Lori Ann and “Cinder” Rofftflt RofflER DALE CITY AUTO PARTS Rod Stecher 670-4100 Manager 2984 Dale Boulevard HAIR CRRFT€RS Ashdale Plaza Dale City, Virginia 22193 (703) 670-3196 FAMILY HAIR CENTER Ashdale Plaza 2940 Dale Blvd. Dale City, Virginia - KIRVAN JONES REALTOR 2944 DALE BOULEVARD WOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA 22193 OFF: 670-3131 METRO: 273-1658 RES: 494-6012 “For All of Your Automotive Needs.” A Division of Springfield Auto Parts, Inc. Hours: 6:30-6:00 KinderCare Ages 2-12 14900 Cloverdale Rd. 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Woodbridge, Virginia 22191 (703) 494-6699, Metro 643-1222 “Best of Wishes to the Class of 1984 ” gJHIWWSfcWi ' jSffi 148 Organizations ON OUR WAY TO ACTIVITIES organizations Z Organizations 149 CHEERLEADERS The Varsity Cheerleading Squad lead by Carol Coloma, Lynn Corman and Somer Sloan, proved to be an irreplaceable part of the halftime activities during the football and basketball seasons. All of the squads did a fine job of rallying the fans to support the teams on their way to victory. Chandra Medcalf is all smiles at a football game, Varsity Cheerleaders Row 1: Wendy Townsend, Chandra Medcalf, Lynn Corman, Kim Dean, Francois Lamitte, Kris Fullem. Row 2: Carol Coloma, Somer Sloan, Dawn McManamey, Nancy Snyder, Kristie Sholar, Margaret Fullem. Junior Varsity Cheerleaders Row 1: Cena Litton, Suzie Einsmann. Row 2: Judy Grow, Karen Evans. Row 3: San¬ dra Stanley, Rhonda Meade. Row 4. Dana Rodgers, Teresa Decker. Row 5: Stacey Astrin. Freshmen Cheerleaders Lori Varner, Kristin Mawanay, Elena Johnson, Monica Jenkins, Lisa Bradford, Suzy Thomaidis, Michelle Godwin, Carla Melonson, Danielle Black. 150 Cheerleaders Every year a large number of girls go out for the position that every girl dreams about, becoming a cheerleader. What are cheerleaders? Composed Helpful Enthusiastic Everywhere Rowdy Leaders Energetic Active Dependable Extra-spirited Real people Smiles Left: Dawn McManamey waiting for the kick-off. Bottom: JV Cheerleaders on the sidelines before the big game. Bottom: Watching the game go by Bottom: Dana Rodgers doing her routine at the pep rally. Cheerleaders 151 FLAGS Row 1: Maria Yeary, Gena Gimmi, Gina Justice. Row 2: Cathy Piaskowski, Pornpan Harris, Kristy Pederson, Debbie Dormstetter, Donna Aveni, Andrea Cecere, Deanna Troupe, Michelle Dietz. Row 3: Chris Dormstetter, Ann Chester, Kim Harris, Robin Grove, Kelly McNichol, Kellee Felter, Chris Franklin, Lisa Graupman, Daphne Godby, getting prepared to do her routine. Ann Chester and Maria Yeary at a pep rally. Kim Urban, Chris Franklin, Maria Yeary, Kellee Felter, and Kelly McNichol perform¬ ing at a football game. 152 Flags MAJORETTES Vicki Wichelt, Tammy Furman and Donna Dove perform at halftime The Majorettes this year, although few in number, were led to a successful year by senior Donna Dove, who of her four years at Gar-Field had been Co-Captain during her freshman and sophomore years and Captain in her junior and senior years. Tammy Furman, Donna Dove (Capt.) and Vicki Wichelt. Donna Dove performs very precisely at halftime. Majorettes 153 M INDIANETTES The 1983-84 Indianettes were led in a spectacular year of performances by their captain Barbie Gazda and co-captains Betsy Rumph and Jennifer Dubuisson. The Indianettes started out by winning first place in the Fourth of Ju¬ ly parade. From there, they went to camp at the University of Richmond where they won a Sweepstakes trophy. They did a great job performing at the Varsity football and basketball games. The Indianettes would like to thank their sponsers for all their help and sup¬ port this past year. Row 1: Betsy Rumph, Jenni Dubuisson. Row 2: Tammy Johnson, Julie Turner, Melisa Burnette, Sandy Grantham, Michelle Wheeler, Annette Hodge, Cherlyn Colon, June Poc- zatek, Cindy Jones, Debbie Ball. Row 3: Joy Pennington, Anna McEwen, Sandra Bled¬ soe, Ann Young, Tiffany Fitzwater, Michelle Hoff, Kathy Nagley, Susan Arnold, Jean Morrissey. Row 4: Ebble Hutson, Beth Corbin, Teresa Landon, Kim King, Lisa Wirti, Tammi Atwell, Tracey Struble, Gail Grevey, Jill Lewis, Shawne Cosand. Not Pictured: Barbie Gazda. Indianettes sporting their evening uniforms. Michelle Hoff and Beth Corbin lead the Indianettes across the field. 154 Indianettes Jill Lewis and Tracey Struble smiling at the crowds. The practice pays off. The Indianettes begin their routine while marching along the track at the beginn¬ ing of the football season. Wearing their warm weather uniforms, the Indianettes perform with the marching band at the halftime show. Indianettes 155 RIFLES Top Row: Beth Dietz, Katie Kane, Jenny Panone, Debbie Strah!. Bottom Row: Adelina Teves, Connie McCord, Shawn Wright. Under the leadership of Katie Kane and Jenny Panone the Rifles this year performed well and were a vivacious part of the football half-time activities and showed their school spirit like nobody else. Team Captains Katie Kane and Jenny Panone Right: The rifles concentrating on their routine. The rifle squad shows a different look. 156 Rifles PEP CLUB Alright Gar-Field, beat them Vikes! Go G-F! Pep Club 157 MARCHING BAND 1983-84 Gar-Field Marching Band Drum Majors: Kim Fitzgerald, Scott Knuth, and Kevin Campbell. Percussion Section Row 1: Jeff Patton, Daryl Anderson, Ron Partridge, Shawn Miller. Row 2: Keith Bridgman, Darrell King, John Miller, Sean McAllister, Reggie Wilks. Row 3: Warren Brown, Sean Wheat, Pat Terrell, Sean Miller, Kirk Larsen. Row 4: Tom Collins, Tom Diekmeier, Matt Lewis, Ben Srock, Ai Slocumb. 158 Marching Band Flute Section Row 1: Jerri Adair, Leah Wilson, Tanya Worthy, Jennifer Wilson, Pam Bryant, Krystine Wilson. Row 2: Christie Davis, Rhonda Ligotski, Laura Karvey, Haydanid Marquina, Kelly Hiett, Laura O’Brien. Row 3: Greta VonWolfradt, Suzanne Robbins, Glenda Campbell, Chris Larson. Trumpet Section Row 1: Aaron Roberts, Scott Sorensen, Scott Ahern, Victor King, Mike Blair, Mike Brown, Mike Stewart. Row 2: Butch Trowbridge, Dennis Ward, Keith Campbell, David Jillson, Barry Webb, Billy Blanton. Row 3: Rick Simmons, Jeff Ingram, Karen Putnam, Brenda Robison, Aaron J W ‘- UJI ' Walker. Clarinet Section Row 1: Danielle Evans, Shelly Emling, Gerald Cephas, Tom O’Neil, Tammy Brown.Row 2: Barbara Rouleau, Christie Brannan, Kim Merrifield, Missy Hiett, Cindy Dickhute, Karen Meseck. Row 3: Michelle Dorn, Kim Doyle, Kelly Ahern, Ann Jebram, Jeannie Breslin, Stephanie Moyer. Saxes, Mellophones and Low Woodwinds Section Row 1: David Hall, Ricky Fulgencio, Doug Warren, Alan Reeves, Jim VonWolffradt, Tommy Brooks, Dawn Matera. Row 2: Pat Winemiller, Wanda Ritter, Lori Adams, Kathy Mawanay, Laura Beth Straight, Jimmy Curliss, Betsy Stoy, Denise Peters. Low Brass Section Row 1: Ron Gosnell, Joe Cole, Barbie Johnson. Row 2: Matt Howard, Richard Houston, Matt Struble, Steve Jameson, Robert Byram. Row 3: Scott Mason, Dan Rider, Richard Crespo. Marching Band 159 CONCERT BAND 1983-84 Gar-Field Concert Band Row 1: Laura O’Brien, Amy Reynolds, Glenda Campbell, Krys Wilson, Jerri Adair. Row 2: Suzanne Robbins, Marie Ellis, Pam Nicholson, Dina Mize, Michelle Stephens, Kris Larson, Francine Housier. Row 3: Jimmy Curlis, Tom O’Neal, Michelle Dorn, Lisa Rouleau, Kim Stanley, Cheryl Dixon, Dana Derosier, Wendy Townsend. Row 4: Karla Stanley, Allan McConnell, David Hall, Richard Crespo, Tim VonWolffradt, Ricky Fulgencio, Jerry Ford. Row 5: Greg Ondo, Aaron Jones, Jon Wilson, Brenda Robison, Michelle Walker, Aaron Roberts, Mike Blair, Dennis Ward, Butch Trowbridge, Mike Tamony. Row 6: Dan Bird, Dan Bickham, Shane Smith, Joe Cole, Ron Gosnell, Barbie Johnson, Matt Howard, Pat Winemiller. Row 7: Cathy Adair, Jeff Patton, Tom Collins, Matt Lewis, Greg Wilson, Ron Partridge, Bryan Anderson. VARSITY BAND Row 1: Pam Bryant, Lisa Bradford, Donna Cappel. Row 2: Linda Chapa, Cydne Morgan, Melodie White, Haydanid Marguina, Chris Leo, Kelly Hiett. Row 3: Tammy Brown, Ann Jebram, Rebecca Weetman, Samantha Green, Greta VonWolfradt, Traci Snyder, Cheryl Schoenborn. Row 4: Stephanie Moyer, Karen Meseck, Kelly Ahern, Cynthia Dickhute, Joe Drago, Mark Dobash, Vicky Nanni, Ronald Scott. Row 5: Robert Stanley, Keith Campbell, Andre Clarke, James Wright, Bill Blanton, Joe Crespoe, Allan Reeves, Brian Grubbs. Row 6: Tommie Tiller, Sean Miller, John Miller, Regi Wilkes, Randy Johnson, Darrell King, Wayne Herrod. J 60 Concert Band and Varsity Band SYMPHONIC BAND Row 1: Missy Hiett, Sophia Tracey, Gerald Cephas, Kathy Mawanay, Kirk Larson, Leah Wilson, Kim Fitzgerald, Jennifer Wilson, Tanya Worthy. Row 2: Chris Dormstetter, Kim Doyle, Joyce Hilins, Shelly Emling, Christi Brannon, Cathy Chanteleau, Christy Davis, Pam LaCava, Rhonda Ligot- ski, Debbie Smith. Row 3: Denise Peters, Kim McCoid, Danielle Evans, Barbara Rouleau, Kathy Picard, Dawn Matera, Matt Bethea, Deanna Hutson, Laura Beth Straight, Donald Pile, Lori Adams. Row 4: Mike Stewart, Karen Putnam, Jeff Ingram, Barry Webb, David Jillson, Scott Ahern, Tom Brooks, Steve Zawisa, Matt Struble, Steve Jameson. Row 5: Mike Brown, William Talley, Richard Houston, Dan Rider, Scott Mason. RoW 6: Tom Diekmeier, Pat Terrell, Matt Earman, Mark Patton. The Trumpet Section of the Symphonic Band The Low Woodwind and Horn Section of the Symphonic Band The Clarinet Section of the Symphonic Band Symphonic Band 161 STAGE BAND Row 1: Dawn Matera, Missy Hiett, Scott Knuth, Shawn Miller, Cindy Shoop. Row 2: Matt Struble, Richard Houston, Kevin Campbell, Tom Diekmeier. Row 3: Rick Simmons, Mike Stewart, Victor King, Scott Ahern, Karen Putnam. Tom Diekmeier shows that he is one of the best on drums. Dawn Matera, Scott Knuth, and Missy Hiet. The saxiest picture in the yearbook. Matt Struble, Mi ke Stewart, Kevin Campbell, Rick Simmons, Richard Houston, Victor King, Scott Ahern, and Karen Putnam. The big bad brasses. 162 Stage Band ORCHESTRA 1983-84 Gar-Field Orchestra MUSIC TEACHERS Mr. Trowbridge, Mrs. Moyers, Mr. Jones, Mrs. Nelson, Mr. Schrum Orchestra and Music Teachers 163 TREBLE CHOIR Row 1: S. Stramcr, L. Swecker, R. Hayward, C. Jabs, Y. Gilliom, L. Hanna, P, Himelright, R. Inchauteguiz. Row 2: K. Lilly, T, Walls, S, Kidwell, H. Peterson, E. Swecker, B. Starr, T, McDowell, T. Beckler, T. Woosley. Row 3: J, Grose, J. Holbert, A, Diaz, J. Tassi, D, Chapman, L. Strickler, A. McNeil, P. Brady, K. Obcemea. Row 4: C. Young, S. Phillips, S. Fawley, B. Stoy, C. Shoop, C. Collins, A. Del Castillo, M. Morgan.Row 5: P. Dick, D. Fisher, A. Hunnicutt, T. Crockett, D. Anderson, A. Simmons, K. Crocker, L. Ellenberger. VARSITY CHOIR D. Albertson, T. Ashby, J. Atwood, J. Bagnerise, T. Baumgardner, J. Bowers, T. Carmona, P. Castle, M. Collins, K, Conger, J. Cook, D. Cornett, K. Crocker. S. Daderio, G. Davis, C. Eubanks, B. Evatt, K. Fite, B. Furner, G. Golden, E, Hinson, M. Howard, M. Hull, J. Humphrey, K. Hunt, S. Kidwell, C. McCord, G. McCoy, K. Naegel, K. Noble, S. Normandin, D. O’Brien, M. Pratt, L. Quesenberry, J. Rogers, L. Swecker, K. Sunderland, S. Taylor, C. Tomasino, T. Truitt, W. Westen, C. Weston, L. Yates, A. Young, N. Fuentes. 164 Treble Choir and Varsity Choir CONCERT CHOIR Row 1: Julie Novitsky, Kay Stringer, Andrea Cuilik, Linda Wheelehan, Leslie Swecker, Mark Putiyon, Mike Offley, Bob Gowey, Eric Lerfald, Mark Holmes, Mike Petruzzi, Nancy Snyder, Peggy McKelvey, Janice Creneti, Jennifer Phinney, Pam Sessoms. Row 2: Susan Spellane, Jennifer Bagnerise, June Poczatek, Angie Jordan, Tammy Echelbarger, Landon Hale, Willis Foley, David Ryan, Jim Ford, Mike Feeney, Joe Korman, Vicky Kastl, Karla Swabb, Pam Werner, Terri Whoosely, Latanya Osborne. Row 3: Lemel O’Neal, Robin Lynch, Betsy Rumph, Jennifer Turner, Mary Jane Lombardo, David Porter, Mike Hodge, Steve Buchner, Eric Anthony, Billy Novitsky, Bill Harder, Becky Hickham, Linda Kelleher, Colleen Clark, Shelagh Murphy. Row 4: Dawn Matera, Amy Smead, Leanne Stumm, Brenda Harman, Kathy Naegel, Pat Bell, Shawn Anthony, Russell Slaughter, Andre Salmon, Tom O’Neil, Mike Brown, Crystal Good, Colleen Stumm, Mona Aldridge, Lee Newhart, Sharon Wilson. ALL-COUNTY CHOIR 1983-84 All-County Choir Gar-Field’s fine choir department sent 43 students out of a group of 120 to participate in All-County Choir this year. The concert was held at Woodbridge Senior High on November 18 and 19, and was very well performed. HONORS CHOIR 1983-84 Honors Choir The Gar-Field Choir Department sent six very talented singers to Honors Choir this year. The auditions, which are open only to seniors, were held at VCU in October. The students selected were Linda Wheelehan, Mary Jane Lombardo, and Dawn Matera as sopranos; Karla Swabb and Pam Sessoms as altos; and Steve Buchner as bass. Also selected but unable to attend was Jim Ford. The concert was held in Roanoke, Virginia. Concert Choir, All-County Choir, and Honors Choir 165 “DOMINANTS” Row 1: Jennifer Turner. Row 2: Vicky Kastl, Becky Bic kham, Steve Buchner, Bob Goewey, Colleen Clark, Mary Jane Lombardo. Row 3: Everett Hinson, Pat Bell, Mark Putiyon, Bill Harder. Row 4: Linda Wheelehan, Mike Offley, Billy Novitsky, Kay Stringer, Betsy Rumph, Jim Ford. Row 5: Scott Knuth, Richard Houston, Glen LeTourneau, Kathy Mawany, Jeff Ingram, Pat Terrell, Andy Palmer. Row 6: Amy Smead, David Porter, and Not Pictured: Scott Ahern. The “Dominants” is Gar-Field’s award winning Jazz Show Choir. The group is comprised of twenty-seven vocalists and instrumen¬ talists that must audition each year for their part. Their repertoire ranges from soul and blues to more up beat contemporary selections that they rehearse each day in class. The students participating in the “Dominants” find the ex¬ perience to be very enjoyable while also learning performing techni¬ ques such as enunciation, stage personality, professional vocal pro¬ jection, choreography, and self-confidence. This group has traveled to New York City for the Eastern Jazz and Pop Festival, as well as the Blue Ridge Show Choir Invitational and Mid Atlantic Show Choir Festival, winning first place trophies in all three. The “Dominants” have also traveled to neighboring elementary and middle schools for very enjoyable and exciting re¬ quest performances. Colleen Clark, Glen LeTourneau, Steve Buchner, and Vicky Kastl sing “I’m gettin’ nothin’ for Christmas” in rehearsal for the Christmas Concert. Mark Putiyon and Billy Novitsky can’t stop smiling during choreography practice. 166 ‘‘Dominants’’ Bill Harder, Steve Buchner, Mark Putiyon, and Billy Novitsky in perfect harmony. Jennifer Turner and Bob Goewey find that it s hard to sing and smile for the camera at the same time. Vicky Kastl and Mark Putiyon, a special duet. Practice makes perfect. w The whole group is “Singing the blues” while watching their director carefully. “Dominants’’ 167 Ms. Cantwell, Brent Young, Steve Thomaidis, Jim Ford, Teresa Bishop DEBATE FORENSICS Brenda Starr, Jim Ford. Row 2: Frank Johnson, Mark Baker, Brian Hooper. Row 1: Michelle Haney, Chris Seaton, 168 " It ’s Academic ” and Debate Forensics JUNIOR CIVITANS Row 1: Tammy Grove, Andrea Embrey, Brian Dolan, Mike Rendino. Row 2: Susan King, Janet Clemen, Paul Broyles, Kim Doyle, Sean McNeil. Row 3: Heidi Hunton, Dina Mize. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Row 1: Annette Adams, Kathy Picard, Debbie Smith, Lynn Corman, Sherry Mitchell, Marie Davis. Row 2: Chris Sprouse, Teresa Bishop, Janine Schroyer, Lisa Tilley, Kendra Lee, Mary Jane Lombardo. Row 3: Stan Stafira, Greg Fulton, Brent Campbell, Eric Kreinar, Matt LeTourneau, Jim Ford. Junior Ciuitans and National Honor Society 169 LEO CLUB Row 1: Kim Fitzgerald, Wendy Leight, Tracey Stinger, Mr, Bradsher, Latrice Tucker, Deborah Harrod, Robin Clinton. Row 2: Pam Brown, Lisa Parish, Michele Penny, Katrina Irving, Reggie Wilks, Cinthia Howell. Row 3: April King, Barbara Byrd, Sheryl Bryant, Wanda Hunter. Row 4: Brian Woolfolk, Lisa Dorn, Carol Coaxum, Tonia Ballard, Jeanie Harris, Shonie Lucas, John Dorn, Rosalyn Taylor. Row 5: Quenten Sims, Kim Byrd, Derrick Penny, Clarence Wright, Elisa Thomas. Row 6: Tony Copening, Dominique Lamitte, Timmy Sterns, Samantha Cosby. Row 7: Maria Hill. TEEN COUNSELING 1983-84 Gar-Field Teen Counseling 170 Leo Club and Teen Counseling KEY CLUB Row 1: Tracy Perry, Daniel Sutherland, Chuck Rotblut. Row 2: Kelly McNichol, Chris Larson, Tammy Graham, Tracey Pierce, Lisa Blanton, Muriel Turch. Row 3: Dan Teves, Mike Blair, Russell Dixon, Mike Lickiss, Brian Crawford, Mr. Darrough. Mr. Darrough, Sponsor of the Key Club Key Club International is a High school service organization, sponsored by Kiwanis International. Members engage in such activities as working the snack bar, ringing bells at Christmas time, and holding blood drives. They also go to, and participate in, District and International conventions. Key Club 171 HISTORY CLUB 1983-84 Gar-Field History Club Gar-Field has a new club joining it’s ranks — the history club. The idea to form such an organization is not new. For several years the idea has been considered by both the faculty and the student body. This year, a group of students got together and approached Mr. Bailey and Mrs. Bittner, asking them if they would be willing to serve as sponsors. They ac¬ cepted, and hence, the birth of a new club. This is an organization geered towards students with an interest in any period of local, state, national, or world history. The club has discussions, trips, and related activities throughout the year. 1 72 History Club DECA Distributive Education Clubs of America 1983-84 DECA FCA Future Consumers of America 1983-84 FCA DECA and FCA 173 FBLA 1983-84 FBLA DRAMA CLUB K. Ahern, S. Moyer, S. Buchner, J. Salyers, L. Jarrait, A. Harte, T. Hedrick, J. Venti, J. Hammar, S. Anthony, L. Riley, K. Riley, M. Souders, R. Byram, K. Pine, R. Devenney, K. Uthus, Y. Buel, D. Deutch, E. Lerfald, K. Rouleau, E. Franklin, D. Slaughter, J. Dierker, J. Creneti, J. Ford, R. Lynch, T. Walker, D. Newman, B. Eyler. 174 FBLA and Drama Club MATH CLUB K. Schaerr, S. Wichelt, D. MacMurdy, G. Fulton, A. Adams, T. Bishop, R. Shubring, R. Bilodeau, B. Campbell, K. White, S. Qureshi, D. Austin, L. Bates, S. Stafira, B. White. SCIENCE CLUB Mr. Cheshire, J. Stolkes, J. Allen, M. Hall, A. McConnell, V. Kastl, T. Pena, B. Crawford, Mr. Flanagan, S. John, T. Braus, S. McGill, J. Ken nedy, S. Chucala, S. Qureshi, T. J. Volz, T. Ashby, C. Coloma, J. Lemmons, R. Karson. Math Club and Science Club 175 FRENCH CLUB 1983-84 French Club GERMAN CLUB 1983-84 German Club 1 76 French Club and German Club im SPANISH CLUB 1983-84 Spanish Club LATIN CLUB I 1 1983-84 Latin Club Spanish Club and Latin Club 177 STAGE LIGHTING Row 1: Scott Felter, Ralph Roles, Sean Wheat. Row 2: Mr. Wiczalkowski, Eric Bunn, Steve Zahn, Stanley Benton, Alan Wooldridge, Mr. Mayhew. VIDEO TECH Ike Sneed, Karl August, Mr. Wilson, Allen Howard — President 178 Stage Lighting and Video Tech h HAM RADIO Row 1: Daniel Ackerman, Darren Farley, Jack Hunnicut. Row 2: Tim Riley. Row 3: Brian Purdy, Steve Mahr. INDUSTRIAL ARTS 1983-84 Gar-Field Industrial Arts Club Ham Radio Club and Industrial Arts Club 179 COSMETOLOGY 1983-84 Cosmetology Class VICA 1983-84 VICA 180 Cosmetology and VICA HOSA W ' - ' - m 1983-84 HOSA Top: K. Burian, E. Ortmann, S. Jacobs, D. Irvin, I. Lightfoot, C. Sullivan, R. Emelie, J. Vause. Middle: D. Tilitsky, C. Richardson, B. Ritz, J. Mussemele, Mrs. Kunze. Bottom: S. Cormier, M. Walker, S. McCuiag, J. Schuette, R. Triehel, R. Stokes. HOSA and LPN 181 SADD Presidents: K. Harris, E. Murphy, Vice-Pres.: S. Emling Chair Persons: Publicity — D. Aveni, Letter writing — S. Sorenson, Court monitoring — J. Wilson Students Against Drunk Driving is an awareness group formed to help students and parents become aware of drunk driving problems. Some of our main goals are A. To get more strick drunk driving laws and penalities passed; B. To help unaware students and parents become aware of everyday problems that occur concerning drunk driving; C. To help other area schools start SADD organizations and to work with them; D. To raise drinking age to 21; E. To get students more involved with others; F. There are also the biannual Awareness Weeks, one in December and one in April or May. The one in December is before the holidays. The Awareness Week in the Spring is before the prom and graduation; G. We also have guest speakers coming to speak to the school about drunk driving. LITERARY MAGAZINE “Shaman” The 83-84 “Shaman” Gar-Field’s Literary Magazine, “The Shaman,” gives students the opportunity to submit works of art, poetry, and articles as well as partake in the production of the magazine. Any student may participate in this, and the Shaman staff meets regularly during activity period. “The Shaman” 183 EWSPAPER “the hyphen” 1983-84 Gar-Field Newspaper (the hyphen) Staff Barbie Johnson revising a story. 184 the hyphen Roger Loy’s creative concentration. the hyphen is an independent business environment within the school. Students on the staff are responsible for producing the monthly news magazine, including developing story ideas, selling ads, writing articles, editing, and designing pages. Thie year, three judging organizations awarded the hyphen top honors: George H. Gallup from Quill and Scroll, Trophy from Virginia High School League, and Medalist from Columbia Scholastic Press Association, making the publication the highest rated news magazine in the county. Editing is hard work, Lisa Powell. ik. 4,1 Steve Durham scrutinizes the finished product. Margo Arends and Mary Pat Dolan take a well-earned break. the hyphen 185 YEARBOOK “Indian Echoes” 1983-84 Yearbook (Indian Echoes) Staff and Sponsor Mr. Sawyer Tracy May and Gail Grevey, all smiles in yearbook class. Allen Howard, (organizations Co-Editor; Jennifer Coffee Co-Editor) demonstrating what the yearbook staff does in class. Jean Engleka, (Sports Editor), Kathy Nagley, (Student Life Editor), and Soraya Sabet having fun in yearbook class. 186 Indian Echoes I Lisa Tilley (Academics Editor), Mike Hill (Faculty Editor), and Bonnie Byram (Ads and Closing Editor) one big happy family. Roger Martinez, Scott Felter, and Chuck Rotblut; the yearbook’s best photographers. Jimmy Macaulay (Co-Editor-in-Chief) and his good friend Santa Claus (Kathy Nagley). Chris Jefferson and Chris Fulgencio doing the best part of yearbook, TYPING! Randi Barnhill, Kathy Hill (Underclassmen Editor), and Stacey Shurtliff (Senior Editor) showing yearbook can be fun. Lisa Tilley (Academics Editor) and Julie Novitsky (Co-Editor-in-Chief) show that sell¬ ing one-thousand books can be a killer. Indian Echoes 187 188 Seniors VHi - , . Sits ' ' ■ " , $ ViW- r • ■ | , 3 . ! : I, , , Jenni Dubuisson in the senior locker bay. v Mis ' ' MM jg , 5 " ■• , r v , -v . r ■ : ■ ; m Mil ON OUR WAY OUT Patricia Turner going over her notes before American Studies. Debbie Ball and junior Michelle Wheeler wait to start their routine at the pep rally. Julie Abrell Catherine Adair Annette Adams Laurah Adams Lori Adams Patricia Adams Ronald Adams Skip Adams Terry Adams Scott Ahern Rynae Aiken Lisa Akers Daryl Anderson David Andrew David Angle Eric Anthony Margo Arends Jeffrey Asbury Kevin Attreed Karl August 190 Seniors Janine Brown Kevin Brown Michael Brown Kenneth Bryant Sheryl Bryant Edward Bryk Steven Buchner Sheldon Bullock David Burnett Melisa Burnette Brian Burrage Darrell Burrow Elizabeth Burrows Dawna Burroughs Robert Burton Monique Butler Kimberly Byrd Jeffrey Caddy Ron Cadwallader Brian Cail Seniors 193 La Rhonda Cain Ronald Callahan Mary Calliotte Brent Campbell Dawn Campbell Kevin Campbell Schonda Campbell Charles Carr Brenda Carter Philip Cecere Katherine Chantelau Noel Chase Robert Chavez Fred Chopin Stella Chucala Mary Clark Robin Clinton Kelly Clolinger Marie Clubb Carol Coaxum 194 Seniors Scott Knuth Scott Knuth, a tall handsome senior this year, is a very talented young man, especially when it comes to music. Since entering Gar-Field, Scott has participated in many of our fine music department’s classes. These include Orchestra, which Scott took as a freshman; Sym¬ phonic Band which he participated in for four years; Jazz Band, which he was a member of for three years; and also Marching Band for three years; the last year in which, he was one of the three Drum Majors. Scott has also been selected for All-County Band for three years and played in the back-up band for the Jazz Show Choir, the “Dominants.” Other than being able to play the alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones, he has achieved the academic rank to be selected for American Legion Boys’ State, and Who’s Who in American High School Students. Scott, an active Eagle Scout, plans to major in Biology and minor in Music when he goes to college. Scott, we wish you well! Scott Knuth with his tenor and baritone saxophones. Chris Coffee Carol Coloma Steve Comer Patrick Cone Michael Conlan Patricia Conlan Jacqueline Connor Gary Corbin Sharon Corbin Lynn Corman Samanta Cosby Sherri Coughenour David Cox Brian Crawford Todd Crawford Albert Creel Janice Creneti Karen Crocker Andrea Cuilik Robin Dameron Seniors 195 Richard Davies Annette Davis Marie Davis Mark Davis Patricia Dawson Bill Decker Barry Deel Michael Deguzman Esayas Demissew Charles Denson James Dent Scott Derosier Robert DeSanto Richard Devenney Jerrine Dibbley Tomas Diekmeier Gregory Divers Brenda Dobson Mary Pat Dolan Mary Domenick 196 Seniors Donna Dove Shawn Doyle Marcia Drage Mark Drotos Jennifer Dubisson Kimberly Duncan Patrick Dunn Sean DuVall Keith Eads Matt Earman Michael Eggleston Deborah Eicher Elizabeth England Jean Engleka Kathy Evans Jay Fair Robert Farrington Rose Donohue Leslie Favreau Richard Felter Seniors 197 Janice Creneti Janice Creneti, a senior this year, has been very ac¬ tive in both choir and drama. She has proven herself to be a talented singer here at Gar-Field as well as in the Northern Virginia area. She has participated in the Con¬ cert Choir and the All-County Chorus for the past three years. She also represented Gar-Field in the All-Regional Choir her junior and senior years. Janice has appeared in numerous drama club productions during the past three years, including “The Music Man,” “The Man Who Came To Dinner,” and “Safe Harbor,” as well as two children’s plays. Janice has been a member of the National Honor Society for the past two years. She was also named in Who’s Who Among American High School Students. This year, Janice is participating in the Teen Counseling program along with everything else. Her ambitions for the future are to go to college at the University of Boston where she wants to major in marine biology and minor in theatre. Senior Janice Creneti Kimberly Fennell Michelle Fletcher Michael Flynn James Ford Gary Foster Jeff Fowler John Fraber Eric Franklin Buddy Frye Christine Fulgencio Margaret Fullem Greg Fulton Dawn Funkhouser Tammy Furman John Gallik Bill Gathof Alan Gay Barbara Gazda Timothy Gemsheim Karen Gianni 198 Seniors Genevieve Gimmi Leslie Glover Daphne Godby Tracey Goff Anthony Gordon Israel Graulau Heidi Greaves Mark Grosskopf Robin Grove Landon Hale Christopher Hall Merita Hall Lisa Hamako Daniel Hamilton Jill Hammar William Hammond Sydni Hampton John Hanner Wendy Hanner Minonne Hans Seniors 199 Mr. Corbin’s second period Advanced Placement English class. Kendra Lee waiting up before going home as Superman leaps into action in the background. William Harder Barbara Harris Howard Harris Shauntay Harris Elizabeth Haymond Judy Haywood Christine Heininge Holly Heininger Richard Hersam Robin Hertzog Diana Hicks Katherine Hill Lisa Hill Maria Hill Michael Hill Daniel Hillman Everett Hinsor Michael Hodgr Donald Hogar David Holme: 200 Seniors Scott Knuth, Kim Fitzgerald, and Kevin Campbell lead the band on during a pep rally. fek J Carol Coloma and Tracey Baker socializing during a fire drill. Mark Holmes Brian Hooper Howard Houston Richard Houston Allen Howard Tracey Howard Cynthia Howell William Hubbard Wanda Hunter Selina Irving Bryan Jackson Craig Jackson Joann Jackson Patrick James Christine Jefferson Beryl Johnson Brian Johnson Donnell Johnson Eartha Johnson Janice Johnson Seniors 201 Jolayne Johnson Larry Johnson Robert Johnson Joe Johnston Lisa Johnston Tanya Johnston Cynthia Jones Denise Jones Parker Jones Stephanie Jones Angela Jordan Robert Kalski Kathryn Kane Patrick Kashmer Terri Kasik Leon Keene Linda Kelleher Diana Kennedy Jeanette Kennedy Karen Kerr 202 Seniors Pamela Kestner Kimberly Key Teresa Keys Steven Khalili Robert Kidwell Brian King Victor King Scott Knuth David Kolar Robert Kolich Michael Kollock Michael Kramer Eric Kreinar Raymond Kujawa Dawn Kuykendall Michele Lamonica Candy Lane Kimberly Lane Pamela Lassiter Caroline Lautieri Seniors 203 James Leake Duna-Ra Le Kendra Lee Michelle Levay Michaela Lineberry Lisa Lingafelt Faith Logan Mary Jane Lombardo Heidi Lonsinger Stephen Love Angerlus Lucas Timothy Lucas Peter Luther Robin Lynch James Macaulay Dale MacMurdy Jaclyn Makolandra Kimberly Makolandra Kevin Manbeck Patrick Mann 204 Seniors Chris Palmer and Holly Heininger stopped by the camera. Steve Buchner and Donna Dove dance at Homecoming, which was held in the lob¬ by this year. Venita Maples Lesley Marceron Kyra Marten Theresa Martin Roger Martinez Dawn Matera John Mazzarella Paul McBr ide Bridget McCall Christina McCoart Connie McCord Sylvia McGeehan Karen McGrail Constance McGuire Margaret McKelvey Annette McNeil Alice Meehan Tami Merritt Laura Meseck Kevin Miller Seniors 205 Tracey Goff and her friends working in the hall. Drum Major Kevin Campbell directs the Marching band in the student parking lot over Summer Vacation. Mark Miller Sheryl Mitchell Theresa Mize Deborah Montgomery Mark Moody Stephen Mooney David Moore Paul Morrow Amanda Mosby Pamela Mullinax Mary Mullins Eileen Murphy Jill Mussomele Anne Naclerio Tammy Naghdi Melanie Nay Jennifer Neiger Lee Newhart Antoine Newman Margaret Nicholas 206 Seniors Kristen Noble Romana Norton Denise Novack Julie Novitsky Kelly O’Leary Thomas O’Neil Eric Ortmann Christine Palmer Robert Parker Lisa Parish Mark Patton Lisa Pauline Cynthia Pavone Virginia Payne Lisa Pellegrini Michele Penny Ronald Perelli Jack Pesce Michael Petruzzi Thomas Phinney Seniors 207 1 Jill Hammar and Daphne Godby goofing off during lunch. Mike Eggleston waiting for the bell to ring during lunch. Catherine Piaskowski Patricia Piatt Kathleen Picard Camille Piper Donna Poillucci Joel Powell Lisa Powell Daniel Pratt John Pratt Jeffrey Putiyon Anthony Pyrz Kimberly Quezaire James Rastatter Charles Redmond Rebecca Richard Mark Ricketts Mark Rickman Leo Riley Florence Robinson Robert Ritenour 208 Seniors Darrin Rogers Virginia Roles Matthew Rotelli Barbara Rouleau David Ryan Jeff Ryan Eva Rzucidlo Deneim Salyers John Sanderson Susan Sanderson Filipe Santos Jodie Sargent Ken Schaerr Brenda Scharp Janine Schroyer Rosemarie Schubring Charlene Schutt Charlie Sebastian Roxanne Sedmock Pam Sessoms Seniors 209 Todd Schackelford Tammy Shaffer Kevin Shettles Sung-un Shin Juliana Short Stacey Shurtliff Bruce Simpson Jerry Simpson Michael Simpson Quenten Sims Nathan Singleton Stephen Sisson Russ Slaughter Somer Sloan Greg Slusser Debbie Smith Eddy Smith Kirby Smith Melvin Smith Patrick Smith 210 Seniors f Senior Will We, the graduating class of 1984, being of sound minds and bodies, do hereby leave the following: To the Junior class of 1985, we leave our hope for the future, and our ability to “get through” the last year of high school. To the Sophomore class of 1986, we leave our spirit, and our zest for life. To the Freshman class of 1987, we leave all of our unfinished homework with the hope that you will finish yours. To the Faculty, we leave our eternal gratitude for making us work, forcing us to try when we did not want to, and helping us make it through our final year. To Guidance, we leave all of the hassels we gave you about col¬ lege applications, with the sincere hope that next year will be easier. To the Administration, we leave our thanks for keeping us in when we wandered, and for showing us the way to a better life. To Mr. Gainous, we leave our special thanks. Thank you for stick¬ ing up for us and making our school days a little easier. And to Gar-Field, we can leave only what you gave. You were the source of our spirit and made up most of our lives. To you we leave our love, support, and our memories. We’ll never forget you. Thomas Snediker Kelly Sparks Richard Spasoff Christopher Sprouse Benjamin Srock Kimberly Stafford Stanley Stafira Brenda Starr Julie Staudinger Victoria Steele Michael Sterner Lisa Stevens Erin Stewart Dawna Stiles Tracey Stinger Rosalind Stokes Gary Stronko David Stynes Cynthia Sullivan Joseph Sullivan Seniors 211 Karen Gianni, Donna Dove, Stacey Komar, Michelle Weakley, and Mary Clark in the gym lobby after a pep rally. Landon Hale, a Senior active in choir, Drama, and Academics, is caught during English. William Sullivan Roberta Sunday Karla Swabb James Tarlton Dan Tassa Vince Tassa Amber Taylor Michele Taylor Rosalyn Taylor William Taylor Daniel Teves Robert Thayer Jeff Thiel Stephen Thomaidis Karen Tidd Lisa Tilley Lori Tillman Chuck Toler Ray Totten Rhonda Treichel 212 Seniors Amy Trout Latrice Tucker Carol Turner Patricia Turner James Tutsock Randy Underwood Lori Urban Kristen Uthus Christopher Varner Terri Varva Boni Vassiliades Linda Vaught Cheryl Veil Matt Victor Tammy Vieth Norman Voss Bonnie Walker Toni Walker Steven Walker Tina Walls Seniors 213 1 Andrea Cuilik pausing for a moment from her work. Mary Pat Dolan and Margo Arends on their way to class. Tonya Walls Michelle Walters Scott Warren Derrick Washington Cathryn Webster William Wendle Wayne Wenner Linda Wheelehan Dawn White Janeen White Kathy White Kim Whitt Virginia Whittle Steven Wichelt Jessica Williams Laura Willis DeWayne Wilson Rich Wilson Sharon Wilson Deanna Woolfolk 214 Seniors Teresa Woosley Anthony Wright Elizabeth Wright Heather Wright Melissa Wright Danny Yacobi Scott Yates Stephen Zawisa Alex Vanegas Steve Wirt Richard Gillespie Seniors 215 SENIOR SUPERLATIVES Best Personality Most Popular Jim Ford and Kathy White were both deservingly voted “Best Personality” Pam Sessoms was voted “Most Popular” as was David Black who was unavailable. Most Attractive “No Popularity Contest” Every year, seniors look forward to voting for the Senior Superlatives. Well, here they are and the senior tradition lives on. This shows who the seniors feel are the most spirited, best dressed, most talkative, etc. Many feel that Senior Superlatives are just a popularity con¬ test, but they aren’t. The people chosen have proven to the class that they deserve the superlative they were voted for. Tracey Baker is always well dressed, and Landon Hale is definitely always talking. So, despite what some students think, senior superlatives are not a popularity contest. It is just a way for the seniors to remember the most prominent people in their class. Most Likely to Succeed are Lisa Powell and Pat Cone. Denise Jones and Eric Kreinar were voted “most attractive” by the senior class. 216 Senior Superlatives SENIOR SUPERLATIVES Most School Spirited Most Intelligent Steve Thomaidis and Lynn Corman Most Athletic Most Mischievious Senior Superlatives 217 SENIOR SUPERLATIVES Most Talented Quietest Teresa Bishop and Greg Fulton Best Dressed Most Talkative Tracey Baker and Jimmy Tutsock Landon Hale and Debbie Ball ' {■18 Senior Superlatives SENIOR SUPERLATIVES MS. GAR-FIELD Karen Gianni Karen Gianni has been selected as this year’s Ms. Gar-Field. Karen has contributed a lot during her years here. As a sophomore she was business editor of the Shaman, member of the Culture club, and the band. As a junior she was class treasurer, a teen counselor, and again a band member. As a senior she is SGC Vice-President, Homecoming Queen, and a DECA contributer. The class of 1984 wishes Karen well in the years to come. MR. GAR-FIELD DeWayne Wilson has been selected as this year’s Mr. Gar-Field. He has been active in foot¬ ball for all four high school years. This year he was captain of the Varsity football team. He was nam¬ ed the Outstanding Defensive Back for 1983 and was also this year’s Homecoming King. The Class of 1984 wishes DeWayne well for the future. DeWayne Wilson Mr. and Ms. Gar-Field 219 SENIOR DIRECTORY Julie Lynn Abreli — “JuJuBe” — Activities: Cheerleading 9-10; French Club 10; FBLA 10-12; Who’s Who Among American High School Students 12; COE 12; Drama Club 11-12; Signet 9-12. Memories: The memories will last forever. Paydays and trips to S-mall, “MWCTD” with Faith, 7:10 with Jan and Marie, Steno with Leslie, Enjoying Simon and John (and a great four years) with P-M, June 26, 1981, and every day since with Scott. Ambition: To graduate from college with a major in- Advertising, make a fortune before age 30, drown myself in materialism, and marry the man I love. Cathy Adair — “Cat” — Activities: Marching Band 10-11 At MT. Vernon HS; Gar-Field Marching Band 12; Softball 10, Mt. Vernon HS. Msmories’ Never forget all the fun times and all the homework. Ambition: Be an artist and become a millionaire. Annette Marie Adams — “Netti,” “Walli” — Activities: Girls Varisty Soccer 9- 12; Advanced Orchestra 9-12; Signet 9-12; National Honor Society 11-12; German Club 11-12; Powder Puff Football 12. Memories: It’s been great, but I couldn’t have made it without my friends — THANKS! MH, PC, TG, BD, MP, DD, KP, and RC . . . but Mer, “why is it so cold in here?” Ambition: To become a rich doctor, marry so¬ meone special and be very happy! Laurah Adams — “Virginia Slim” — Activities: FHA 10; HERO 11-12. Memories: l.S.S. has been good to me!!! I’ve waited a long time for my Senior year, But I know now I’ll remember High School as the best years of my life. Thanks Pam for everything. Ambition: I’d like to succeed at writing acting, and marry the man Hove . . . wherever he may roam. Lori Adams — “Dizzy,” “Smiley” — Activities: Concert Band 81-82; Marching Band 81-84; Symphonic Band 83-84. Memories: High School is as much as you put into it, good or bad. Ambition: I would like to get a job where I could work withand help people in need. Patricia Lynn Adams — “Patty,” “Morty,” “Peppermint Patty” — Memories: They were a great 4 years thanks to my friends. I’m glad I’m finished! Bye Gar-field! Ambition: to have a very successful life. And to spend the rest of my life with the per¬ son I love. Skip Adams — “Skippy,” “Skipper” — Memories: High School was great. Especially days of leave with R.K., E.M., N.L., and O.C. with J.K. I wouldn’t want to go through it again. Ambition: To move on to VA Tech. Terry L. Adams — “Atom Bomb,” “Atom Ant,” “Baby-Here,” “Cut Slip,” “Short Cut” — Activities: Football 9-10; Track 10-12; Swimming 9-10; Orchestra 9-10; Drama Club 9-12; Student Gov’t. 9-10; Sophomore Class President; FCA 11-12; FCA Sgt. At Arms 12. Memories: High school is a period of transition and prepara¬ tion. High school is what you make out of it. Ambition: To enter the field of corporate law. I also hope to achieve personal status as the best person I can be. Rynae Sharmaine Aiken — “Nay-Nay” — Activities: Basketball, and Track, 9, Junior Variety Show. Memories: It was fun while it lasted. All my thanks to: My entire family, James, and all my friends through the years. Ambition: I want to have a career in the computer field, make money, a little later on in my life, I would like to build my life with my love, James C. Leake, Jr. W.T.B.O.L., To Dee-Dee. Lisa Akers — “Prudence” — Memories: I am glad I finished, but I would never do it again! Ambition: To marry Bill, and party forever. David Andrew — Memories: It’s been the most interesting 4 years of my life, but I am glad it’s over. I just hope I can keep in touch with friends. Ambition: I think I am gonna bum around for a year and then either go to college and learn a trade or go into the Navy and learn a trade. Eric S. Anthony — “Hawaiian Beach Bum,” “Bum,” “frog,” “Tonto II” — Ac¬ tivities. Bass Choir 9-10; Concert Choir 10-12; Tennis Team 11, 12; Mikado; Music Man, All-County Chorus 9-12; Regional Chorus 10-12. Memories: It was fun. Music helped me through high school. I’m glad to get out and hit the beach. Ambition: To graduate, and go to Hawaii to do some surfing. To be a Beach Bum and be the best surfer. Margo Arends Mar,” “Boo,” “Teddy” — Activities: Journalism I; Journalism II; Business Manager — the hyphen. Memories: It was pretty out of hand. M.P. — Say can I what? SMA!! Nippy-Thanks for always being there, Ook! Scott — I love you, lets party. Ambition: I want to marry Scott, go to school, set up our home, have lots of kids and live happily ever after. Jeff Asbury — Activities: Freshman Football 9. Memories: It was a fun time of my life and I met friends that I will always remember. Ambition: To join the Air Force, be happy and successful. Kevin Charles Attreed — “Champion” — Activities: Frosh Football 9, JV Foot¬ ball 10-11, Varsity Football 12; VICA 10, 11. Memories: It was “scrumptious ” 11th and 12th grade were the best. Thanks to J.B., T.H., G.F., T.G., P.P., K.M., M.V. Am¬ bition: To go into Architecture and drive a Ferrari. Karl J. August — “Karl” — School Activities: 12 Indoor Track, SGC 9-12, Video Tech 11-12. Thoughts about high school: I thought high school was pretty fun and learning, well no, ya I guess it was kinda fun but not learning. Ambition: After high school I plan to go into computer programming and work for I.B.M. or one of those big companies. You know what I mean “Don’t you?” Daniel Austin Dan, The Clam, “Tormentor 2” — School Activities: Tennis V°; l9 ??-9 9, ub 11; Tennis Club 9 - 1Q ; Si 9 net 9-12. Thoughts about high school: 84 RULES 1 Hey L.B., isn’t R.D. a 4006? Best wishes to Larry, Greg, Eddy, Steve and even the Tintinnabulator! Ambition: I plan to attend Virginia Tech in 1984 and pursue a career in Engineering or Computer Science. Avery — “Dee Dee,” “Dawnie,” “Delrose” - School Activities: FBLA 9’ C 0 a 9 e 10; COE 12; Yearbook 10, 11. Memories: High School was the most fun anyone can have with their clothes on. Th anks family, I love you. To the PYT’s (MP, RA, EJ, DW, LP, CC, SC, KB, PS, LA, TB, SJ, T and TW) keep smurf¬ ing. I couldn’t have done it without you. Ambition: To become the best systems analyst I can be. I would also like to become the type of woman my parents can be proud of. Lisa Michelle Baith — “Lee” — Memories: I’m glad it’s almost over. Thank you, Steve, for making my last 3 years in high school so special. Ambition: To get married, have a few kids and to be rich. Debra Lynn Ball — “Debbie,” “Sam” — Activities: 9-10 Cheerleading; 11-12 In- dianettes; 11 Tean Cuunseling; 12 Powder Puff. Memories: It’s been great, but it’s time to move on.Thanks to everyone for making it so great and special love and thanks to Otter, my B F and Gary, my Big Brother. Amtibion: Try to go to college and move in an apartment w Brenda until I find me a guy with his own condo and jacuzzi, (on the beach), and then live happily ever after. Christopher Baransky — Memories: I thought it was rather boring, especially math, science, and English. Ambition: To get out of school and have a long vacation. Norma Barfield — “Nermal” — Activities: JV Soccer 11; Varsity 12; Powder Puff Football 12; Teen Counseling 12. Memories: My friends were great! Thanks a bunch L.C., T.B., M.F. You’re the best friends ever. Thanks Mom and Dad. It was lots of fun, but I’m glad it’s over. Ambition: To go to college and get my degree in Nursing. Jeffrey Alan Beadle — “Jose,” “Champion” — Activities: Football 9, 10, 11; VICA 11, 12. Memories: I had a great time, especially in 11th and 12th. Thanks to K.A., G.F., P.P., T.H. K.M., T.G., M.V.. Ambition: To pursue a career in Architec¬ ture or go to Lebano n and become a P.L.O. member. Dwayne Beaty — “Dwayne,” “Wayne,” “Yum,” “Hawk” — Activities: 9 Freshman Football; 10 JV Football; 11 Varsity Football; 12 Varsity Football. Memories: It was fun and I’ll miss it. Good luck to M.G., S.K. and K.L. To Robin, I will always love you. Ambition: to live happy life with my family and friends. Susan Elaine Beck — “Susan,” “Susie” — Activities: Pep Club 9; SBC 9, 10, 12; FBLA 10; Leo Club 11, 12; DECA 12. Memories: It’s all that you make it be. Thanks Lisa and Janice for showing me how to live and David for teaching me to love. Ambi¬ tion: To see A1 pass Algebra, to Johnny grow but most of all to go into fashion design and make David as happy as he makes me. Mark Olin Bellinger — Activities: Signet 9-12; Teen Counseling 12; Football 9; Who’s Who in American High Schools 12. Memories: Have fun while you can, because it’s over quick. Thanks to: Eric, Bill, Andy, all other friends, teachers, anda- nyone else who made things easier. Ambition: To make my first million before I am 25. Karen Bennett — Activities: Flag Corps 9; FBLA 10. Memories: It’s been a long 4 years! Thanks Jenni for making the first 3 years fun! I miss ya. Thanks Lisa L. and Roseann L. or S. for being good friends. Ambition: To go to college, have fun, be a success at whatever I’ll do, and to be happy! Bye G-F!!! Richard Bilodeau — “Rick,” “Ricky” — Activities: JV Tennis 10; Math Club 12; Chess and Battle 9-10. Memories: High School was a lot of fun. A loving thanks to Tina for making my Junior and Senior years the best years of my life! Ambition: To go to college, major in Accounting and make a lot of money. Teresa Dianne Bishop — “Ter’bear,” “The Defiant One,” “Auntie” — Ac¬ tivities: Spanish Club 10-12; Signet 9-12; National Honor Society 11, 12; Governor’s School 11; Treble Choir 10; Leo Club 10; Junior Civitans 11; It’s Academic 12; Shaman Staff 12; SGC Representative 12. Memories: All things considered, I would have rather been in Philadelphia. Ambition: To finally, once and for all, destroy the sterotype of the old maid school teacher. Elisa Marie Blanton — “Lisa” — Activities: Marching Band 9,10; Key Club 10,12; HERO 11; SGC Representative 11, 12; FBLA 10. Memories: They were the best years of my life! Thank you Mike Gillette and Wayne Bunton for being the two best friends a girl could have. Take care Brian and remember all the good times we have shared. So long “Frog” and all the Key Club members! Ambition: I plan to go on to college, get a degree in teaching and become either an English teacher or a history teacher of high school students in North Carolina. I also plan to get married and have children. Caroline Marie Blot — “Squirt,” “Brew” — Activities: Sweetheart Court, Soft- ball, Track 9, 10; Treasurer of Student Council, VICA, Jr. Civitan 10; Cheerleader, DECA 11, 12; Homecoming Court 11. Memories: It’s a good way to meet new people also. It was also a good place to organize parties. Ambition: To become a buyer or owner of a high fashion store. Also to travel all over the country and live at the beach with a millionaire! Jeff Bloxton — Activities: Freshman Football 0; JV Football 10; Varsity Football 11, 12; Golf Team 11; Weightlifting Memories: A lot of cool times with my friends, P°je, G.S., J.T., G.B., P.C. Ambition: To earn over $30,000 a year in a job I enjoy. Roger K. Bohr Activities: VICA 11, 12. Memories: To spend my life with a cer¬ tain beautiful blonde who’s name I will not mention here so as not to embarass her. (Her initials are R.G.) Lisa Ann Bowles — “Brut,” “Maniac” and “Tex” — Activities: Band 10-12. Memories: High School has been fun, but I’ll be glad to get out after all these years. Ambition: To get married, have kids and be able to work as a secretary. Elizabeth Britt — “Liz” — Activities: Spirit Club 9; FHA 9, 11. Memories: It was an experience but come graduation, I can’t wait to get out! Ambition: go to college and get a good job. Randall Brooke — “Randy,” “P.C.” — Activities: Spanish Club 9, 10, 12; HOSA 12. Memories: I’ll always remember the times I have spent with Susan (My Princess) Good luck Kevin, Rick, Rob, and the rest of ’84. Good-bye G-F. Ambition: To keep in 220 Seniors - SENIOR DIRECTORY touch with all of my friends and make more friends. Also, 1 want to go to a college of my choice and do as well as I can at it, but still have fun! Robert Brooke — “Robby” — Activities: J.V. Soccer 11; Spanish Club 12. Memories: there were good times and there were bad times (were there good times??) Thanks to Randy, Kevin, and Rick for being part of it all. Ambition: To make as much money in as little time as possible and live life to its fullest. Alise Brooks — “Little A,” “Lisa” — Activities: Indoor Track 9-12; Outdoor Track 9-12; Spanish Club 11, 12; FBLA 12; Varsity Choir 12. Memories: I’ll never !! My ambition is to become a computer scientist and be in the 1988 Olympics. Diane Michelle Brown — “Di,” “Lady Di” — Activities: FBLA 11-12; Reporter 12; Teen Counseling 11-12; Who’s Who Among American High School Students 12. Memories: These past 4 years have been the best of my life. Thanks to all my friends especially Kim, Kathy and Julie, I will never forget all the good times we had — especially the football games and lunch time. Donna Brown — Activities: DECA 10-12. Memories: It was alright I guess, but I’m glad I’m out. Ambition: To keep working and marry Mark. Eileen Brown — “Leenie Woman,” “Giggles,” “Schnuckie,” “Gumbey,” “Mar¬ tha,” “Flirt” — Activities: Treble Choir 10, Culture Club 10; Teen Counseling 11; All County Chorus 11, 12; Regional Choir 11; Concert Choir 11, 12; Dominants 11, 12. Memories: My most memorable experience was being a part of Gar-Field’s Choir Program, especially Dominants!! Thank you Mrs. Moyers, 1 love you! Thanks Mary Jane, John, M and M, Sara, Peggy, Janice, Jim and Steve for being great friends. You’re all very special to me and 1 love you!! Eric Harvey Brown — Activities: Marching Band 9; Symphonic Band 9-12; Stage Band 11-12; Signet 9-12; Ham Radio 10-12. Memories: Gar-Field was great, but it went too fast. I’m glad I got to meet so many great people in all my classes, especially Band classes. Mark and Bill — I’ll have to teach you to drive someday. Ambition: Graduate from college, get married (not necessarily in that order), and be a big success. Kevin Brown — “Buck-Wheat,” “Melvin” — Activities: Spanish Club 10-12. Memories: It was a great experience, and I met a lot of people who are close friends. Ambition: To become a doctor. Sheryl Eileen Bryant — “Shorti,” “Puddin,” “Peanut,” “Fadeaway” — Ac¬ tivities: Freshman Basketball 9; JV Basketball 10; Varsity Basketball 11, 12; FHA 9- 10; Powder Puff Football 12. Memories: It was swell! Thanks to all my teachers and friends (S.C., E.J., T.W., R.A., T.H., K.W.) and most of all to the basketball team. Ambition: To marry into wealth and to pursue my own career, in which I plan to become rich, successful and famous, (after college of course). Edward J. Bryk — Activities: Marching Band 10-12; VICA 11, 12. Memories: It was alright but started too early for me. Ambition: To become a good auto Mechanic and live a happy life with friends and family. Steven Arleigh Buchner — “Puke-ner,” “Fuzz-Face,” “Buck,” “Bruke-ner” — Activities: Concert Choir 11, 12; Dominants 11, 12; All County Choir 11, 12; Regional Choir 11, 12; Honors Choir 12; Junior Variety Show 11, 12. Memories: My mother always told me that if I didn’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all! Ambition: I would like to go to college and have a great time, but mainly I would like to be happy and successful in anything I should decide to do. Melisa Burnette — “Mel,” “Melis” — Activities: Varsity Choir 9-10; Drama Club 10; JV Cheerleading 10; Teen Counseling 11-12; Indinettes 12. Memories: High School was o.k., but friends made it the best! Liz and Chris you are the best friends I could ask for. Thanks T.J., C.C., and C.T., and S.A., for being so special. I love you, Mark! Ambition: To go to college and be successful at anything! Then Maybe get mar¬ ried and have a bunch of kids. Brian Wayne Burrage — “Hey-Dued (Mason),” “He-you (Sullivan)” — Activities: Chess and Battle 9-10; VICA 10-12. Memories: It was fun while it lasted and if I had to do it over again I wouldn’t! Good luck Popeye. Ambition: To make lots of money, but a 1984 corvette or lambergine or a porsche 924slx. ly Pat, Mark, David and Dwayne. Thanks for all your help Mrs. Parker. Ambition: To go to college. Then become rich and famous and replace Howard Cosell on Monday Night Football. Ron Cadwallader — “Cardiac Kid,” “Sweat Pea,” “Sweets” — Activities: 9 JV and Varsity Wrestling; 10 Varsity Wrestling; 12 Varsity Wrestling. Memories: 1 loved these 4 years of love, hate, anger, trust and honesty. Coach Legge, thanks for everything you did for me. Thanks Chuck, John, Bruce and even little Kenney. Thanks, G-F, you’re great!! P.S. — none of this w out you, Mom. Ambition: To pur¬ sue a career in college sports and the reserve. One day I would like to coach wrestling. Hoover Call, Jr. — “Brian” — Activities: Band; Freshman Football. Memories: A nice place to visit, But I wouldn’t want to live there. Ambition: “To Lovem and Leavem” To say goodbye to all my friends and not have a tear shed. La Rhonda Casey Cain — “Rhonda” — Activities: Treble Chorus 9; Journalism I 10; SGC 12. Memories: For the most part, it was pretty good. I learned a lot in the past 4 years. There were some experiences I’ll never forget, but I’m ready to move on. Ambition: To go to college, maintain a successful career, and a fulfilling life. At some point in time, I want to focus on traveling. Ronald J. Callahan — Activities: Varsity Football 11, 12; Junior Civitans 11. Memories: I thought high school has been one big mess of people doing everything but I’ll never forget K.K. Ambition: to become a FBI agent and bust people and drive a mercedes 200 SL with a t.v. and a wet bar. Brent Campbell — “Goon,” “Gloomy” — Activities: Math Club 10-12, V.P. 11, Pres. 12; Orchestra 9-12; All-County Orchestra 9, 10, 12; National Honor Society 11-12. Memories: My experiences at G-F have been a good beginning for the future. (So long to the morning “study group) it’s been fun.) Ambition: To complete college and graduate studies, and to obtain a University Level position in the physical sciences. Dawn W. Campbell — “Dawnie,” “Woddles,” “DWC,” “Heather,” “Tumblr” — Activities: FBLA 10; Leo Club 11; Gymnastics 9-11. Memories: It was a good ex¬ perience. But it’s over! Yea! I’ll always remember the good times with my friends. Good luck — Weeble (thank u), Mickey and Jennifer. All my love to Bobby. I.L.Y.F. Good luck class of 85! Ambition: To go to college, be a physical therapist, live a good life and own a nice car. Kevin Eugene Campbell — “Pooh,” “Soupie,” “Soup, " ’’Big Bro’,” “Pong,” “D.M.” — Activities: Marching Band 9-12; Drum Major 12; Drum Major Academy 12; Symphonic Band 9-12; Stage Band 9-12; Who’s Who Among American High School Students 10; Dominants 11; Marching Band Camp 9-10. Memories: I’ll always cherish the good thoughts of “old G-F” Good luck little soups! Ambition: To major in political science, and to pursue a career in law or government. Schonda Renee Campbell — “Slim” — Activities: FCA 11; Indoor Outdoor Track 9, 10, 12. Memories: I had fun hanging out with everybody, but boy am I glad I am Graduating! Ambition: To pursue a career in graphic Arts, to attend the art In¬ stitute of Philadelphia, and make it big in the business world. Charles Andrew Carr — “Andy” — Activities: Marching Band 9-10; Leo Club 9- 10; FBLA 10-12; Debate 11, 12. Memories: I couldn’t have made it without my friends Matt, Billy, Gena, Tammy, Todd, Mark. Ambition: After two days in Va. Beach, I hope to forget the past 4 years. And then go to college. May even do substitute teaching here. Philip Cecere — Activities: Spanish Club 10-12; Varsity Football 12. Memories: These four years went by fast and I’ve had some pretty good times here at G-F. Ambi¬ tion: To become an accountant buy a porsche, and be rich for the rest of my life. Kelly E. Clolinger — “Lip,” “Kacey” — Activities: Girls Softball and Basketball 9-11; Circulatory Newspaper 9. Memories: High school is very much a big part of my life, but something we all have to leave behind, of which many good friends and ex¬ periences 1 will never forget. Ambition: In the near future I hope to be a successful Marine (OCS) in which to follow my friends’ (Roily) tracks. I just want to enjoy what I become and be my very best. Elizabeth Ann Burrows — “Grubs,” “Bab’s,” “Wally” — Activities: Chorus 9-10; Majorettes 10, 12. Memories: It was the best. I had a lot of times I’ll never forget thanks to Melisa, Chris, and T.J., C.M., J.B., Also the person who I love very much, Shawn Sisson. All of you made me realize what true friends are. I love all of you and never forget it! Ambition: To go on to college, have a good time with life and make lots of money. Dawna K. Burroughs — “The mysterious C.Q.” — Memories: It could have been better, but 1611 miss it and all my friends, remember C.Q. lives!! Ambition: To become a rich and famous video producer and live a long and happy life and party forever! F. Marie Clubb — “Lynstad,” “Fred,” “Mars,” “Marray,” “Stix,” “Sismar,” “Manee” — Activities: Gymnastics 9-12; Drama Club 10-12; French Club 9-10; Or¬ chestra 9, 11; Powder Puff Football 12. Memories: I wouldn’t trade the years or the friends for the world. Thank Barney, Jans, Robby, Kathy, Barbara, etc. 1 love you all! Sept 14, 1982 TTOTM Carol Coaxum — “C.C.,” “CIE-CIE” — Activities: FCA; Track; Hero 11, 12; Variety Show 12; Pep Club 12. Memories: Being in school and hanging around with friends was nice, but there comes a time to leave. Ambition: Graduate, go into the Reserves for a year, go on to college, and do all that I can for my son Timmy. Robert E. Burton II — “Spike” — Activities: Freshman Football, Basketball 9-11; Track 10; DECA 10-12; FBLA 11; Student Gov’t 11; Football 12; Indoor Track 12. Memories: High School is like a vast, empty, time frame waiting to be filled in with your experiences. Ambition: To live life in the fullest + some! Spike!! Spike!! Monique Claire Butler — “Nicki” — Activities: FBLA. Memories: I had lots of great times thanks to Trac, Gina, Pooch, Lisa, Christy, Betsy, and Robin. I’ll never forget you all. You’re the best! Remember Fridays! Ambition: I plan to go to a business school. And to marry the one I love so very much. Kimberly Byrd — “Mama,” “Byrdy,” “K-msha” — Activities: FCA. Memories: It was an enjoyable 4 years, I had lots of fun with my people’s (Tonia, Chris, Barbie, Deanna and Howard, too). Ambition: To be totally a responsible and independent young lady in the years to come. Jeffery Scott Caddy — “Jeff,” “Caddyshack” — Activities: Spanish Club 11; Cross Country 12. Memories: Lots of hard work and good times with friends; especial- Chris Coffee — “Vacc” — Activities: Football 9; JV 10; Varsity 11-12; Basketball 9; JV 10; Tennis 11-12; Weightlifting 9-12. Memories: It had its up and down moments but I couldn’t have made it without my friends, with Big Feet. Ambition: to become a rich farmer. Carol Coloma — “C.C.,” “Shorty” — Activities: Varsity Cheerleading 11, 12; Co- Capt. 12; Flag Corp 10; German Club 9-12, Pres. 11, 12; Who’s Who Among American High School Students 11. Memories: It was great thanks to C.F., C.P. R.L., and the G-F rahs. Bill, without you I’s never have made it. Ambition: to go to college and hopefully — with my parents support graduate!! Patrick B. Cone — “Pat,” “Pat-Pat” — Activities: JV Football 9-10; Varsity Foot¬ ball 11-12; Track 9; Weightlifting 10-12; and Sophomore Beauty Escort 10. Memories: I had a great time thanks to my friends (quarter games) and especially Chris. Ambition: To become a rich businessman and live on the beach in a mansion. Patricia Eve Conlan — “Patty,” “Pat-Pat,” and “Pookey” — Activities: JV Soft- Seniors 221 SENIOR DIRECTORY ball 10; Varsity Softball 11; FHA 11; FBLA 12; and Powder Puff Football 12. Memories: High school has been absolutely great!! Ambition: To follow my interests in medicine and enjoy a happy life with my someone special! Thanks Mer-Mer, Robert, Netti, and most of all, Turkey. Jacqueline Connor — “Jackie,” “Jack,” “Shorty” — Activities: FBLA 11-12; Teen Counseling 11-12; and COE 12. Memories: I’ll never forget all the good times and thanks especially to my best friend Karen, who made it worthwhile. I wish you all the happiness in the world because you truly deserve it. Most of all, thanks Ricky, I’ll always love you. Ambition: To marry the man I love and always be happy. Gary Matthew Corbin — “GMC,” “Garylldoit,” “Fink,” “Garyain’tgonnadoit- nomore,” “Gare-Bear,” and “Clicker” — Activities: Spanish Club 10-11; Shaman 10-11; The Hyphen 10-12. Memories: Without my family and friends, I wouldn’t have made it! Ambition: Get married, have children, and become rich working for Playboy, (photography) Sharon Corbin — Activities: Varsity Football Manager and Baseball Manager 11- 12; SGC Rep 12. Memories: It was the best time of my life, especially my junior and senior years. I’m gonna miss it! Thanks to all the football coaches!! Ambition: Get a good job and get married in about ten years and have a good time and be happy. Samantha Gail Cosby — “Sam” — Activities: Freshman Basketball 9-10; JV Basketball 10-11; Leo Club 12; and Powder Puff Football 12. Memories: High School had been a great experience with your true friends like Sheryl, Kim, Walt, Vicki, Ros, Maria, Carol, Lisa, and the special ones (W.M.L. HI and M.G.N.). Ambition: To become a successful famous Black lawyer and be financially secure — “filthy” rich. Sherri D. Coughenour — “CoCo,” “Coconut,” “Cokey” — Activities: Gymnastics 9; Track 9; Chorus 9-11; All-County Choir 9; and ICT 11-12. Memories: I didn’t enjoy it, but then who does. I will miss my friends and the teachers who helped me make it. Thanks B.A.! Ambition: To graduate! And then to get a good job and marry Barry. Brian S. Crawford — “B.S.,” “Lav” — Activities: JV Football 10; Science Club 12; and Key Club 12. Memories: It was four long years that went by fast. I will always remember the friends I made, and the “sewing circle.” Ambition: To attend college and major in Aerospace Engineering. Janice Blair Creneti — “Jan-Wan,” “J.C.,” and “B.J.” — Activities: Concert Choir 10-12; Drama Club 10-12; French Club 10; Teen Counseling 12; Junior Varie¬ ty Show 10-12; All-County Choir 10-12; Regional Choir 11; “Man Who Came to Din¬ ner”; Signet 10-12; and Who’s Who in American High School Students. Memories: It’s a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live hereQ Thanks to everyone in C.C. and Drama, and the 11 grade lunch crew. Love to Marie, Robyn, Mike B., Steve, M.J., and Eileen. Thanks for the rides, Julie! Ambition: To graduate from college with a major in Marine Biology and live in a beach house with my husband, kids, and a pet seal. Karen Crocker — Activities: Drama Club 9; FCA 11-12; Varsity Choir 9-12. Memories: It’s been a lot of fun. Thanks to Kay S. Karla S., and S.N.! Ambition: To go to college so I can get a good job. Andrea Lea Cuilik — “PeeWee,” “Shortie” — Activities: Varsity Choir 9; Treble Choir 10-11; and Concert Choir 12. Memories: I’ve had a lot of fun and met a lot of good friends. Ambition: To work at Giant for a couple of years. I’d also like to thank Leslie, Jill, and MaryAnn for all the good times. Robin Dameron — “Blondy,” “Woodstock” — Activities: Sophomore Beauty Pageant 9th; FBLA 19; SGC 11; Powder Puff Football 12. Memories: High School was just another 4 years. I had fun but thank God its over! Richard “Todd” Davies — Memories: I will remember my last two years at G-F forever. We had some wild times in our “Hot Rods,” John Z. and Jeff S. Ambitions: I want to thank Shelagh M. and Chris S. for being there to help me through some rough times. Good luck next year. I’ll miss you all. Doris Annette Davis — “Hollywood,” “Anny” — Memories: It was great while it lasted, but I’m glad it’s over. Michelle and Frog, remember all those wild gimes. Chris (Doc), thanks for always being there. Live it up girl!! Ambition: To earn my first million by age 20 and spend it all by 21. Kick back, relax, and get rich quick in Hawaii. Colleen S., I’ll send ya a postcard! Marie Davis — “Ree,” “Mawee Dabis,” “PM” — Activities: Cheerleading 9; FBLA 10; French Club 10-11; Who’s Who Among American High School Students 12; SGC Rep 12; Drama Club 11-12, President 11; National Honor Society 11-12; and Signet 9-12. Memories: No matter how much I say I hate this place, I know I’ll never forget it and the people I’ve met here — especially Julie and Jim. I love you both! Ambition: To overcome my laziness and pessimism; to finally achieve inner peace; to fall in love and get married; and to live happily for as long as I am supposed to. Patricia Lynn Dawson — “Trish,” “Squish,” “Trid,” “Trish fish” — Activities: Drama Club 10; Signet 9-12; Teen Counseling 11-12; FBLA 10-12, President 12. Memories: The past four years have been the best. Thanks guys, especially R. Ambi¬ tion: To major in Accounting in college and become an international accountant. Barry Deel — “Bear” — Activities: Football 9, 10, 12; Wrestling 10-12; and Drama Club 12. Memories: It was a place to talk to my friends. A place to laugh, and I really wish I could be in high school four more years. Ambition: To go to law school and study law. Jimmy Dent — “Jim” — Activities: It’s good to see your friends. The Auto-Lab needs some updating in equipment but it’s all right. Memories: To be a mechanic or a PA State Trooper. Scott Derosier — “Scotty D.,” “D.B.” — Memories: Even though it had its bad and good times, I still enjoyed it. But I wouldn’t do it again. Ambition: To get a good job, have a nice family, and live in Daytona Beach, Florida. Bob E. DeSanto — “Animal” — Activities: Auto Mechanics. Memories: It’s a terri¬ ble place. Ambition: To get out of school. Richard V. Devenney — “Rich,” “Pie Man,” “Fred” — Activities: Tennis Team 11, 12; Drama Club 11, 12; French Club 12. Memories: It wsa tough but I survived. Goodbye to Klutch, Olivia, Tormentor, Captain Fold, Buckwheat, and the Critic. Am¬ bition: To attend Va. Tech and get a degree in architecture. Jerrine Dibbley — “Jerri,” “A.T.’s Shadow” — Activities: FBLA 10; Softball 12; Powder Puff Football 12. Memories: It wouldn’t have been the same without A.T., C.P., C.F.,.M.D., and B.M. Ambition: To go to a four year college, graduate, and be an F.B.I. agent. Tomas Allan Diekmeier — Activities: Marching Band 9-12; Stage Band 10-12; Symphonic Band 9-12. Memories: Fascinating and Interesting, but quite illogical. Am¬ bition: To pursue a musical life. Gregory Walter Divers — “Greg” — Memories: High School has been great thanks to Rich and Bob, and a special thanks to Debbie. Good Luck everybody. Ambi¬ tion: I hope to go to college, have fun’ and make a lot of money. Brenda Dobson — “Brennie” — Activities: FBLA 10, 12; Teen Counseling 12; Girls State; Who’s Who Among Amer. High Students. Memories: It was great, thanks to all my friends who helped me out when I needed them the most — also thanks for the laughs. Ambition: To be a successful criminal lawyer who has 4 children and a lov¬ ing husband and can afford to own the Dallas Cowboys and fly to the Caribean once a year. Mary Pat Dolan — Activities: Treble Choir; Drama Club 10, 11; Hyphen Ad Manager; SGC. Memories: As the new morning sunshine is ribbon and each day, a new gift; wrap them up in your heart and give them away. Thanks Margo; you’ll never know how much. My prayers are with you Laurah. Steve Durham: Chin up boy! — Please believe in yourself I do. Donna Marie Dove — “Dizzy” — Activities: Sophomore Beauty Pageant 9; Co- Captain of Majorettes 9, 10; Jr. Class Sec.; Teen Counseling 11, 12; Captain of Ma¬ jorettes 11, 12; Powder Puff Football 12; DECA 12. Memories: It has been a wonder¬ ful experience. I’ll treasure these memories forever. I’ll miss G-F tremendously and the people I leave behind. To the people who made it happen: BS, CJ, KG, JC, KK, KW, Most of all Gena — Luv ya all! Ambition: I would like to move on to College and pursue my career. Then settle down someday and remain very happy as I am now. Shawn Doyle — Ambition: Join the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Marcia Ann Drage — “March” “Shorty” “Halfpint” “Blondie” — Activities — FBLA 10-12; Historian of FBLA 12; SGC 11; Who’s Who Among American High School Students 11; COE 12. Memories: It was fun at times. Thanks Wes, Angel, Tree, Chere, Lipsy and all the CBers for your help. I’ll always remember Friday nights, parties and FBLA trips. Good luck Dawn. Have fun like I did. Don’t get caught doing it either. Ambition: To try and further my employment with IBM, go to college. Move into an apartment with my friend. Mark Drotos — “Dro,” “ban-dan,” “Renno” — Memories: I enjoyed high school mainly because of the people. Roger, Peter, Kevin plus all the partying buddies. Also 6 period art. Ambition: Go on to college, then take life easy,get my mansion in Califor¬ nia. Have my own private investigating business. Kimberly Ann Duncan — “Kim,” “Kimba,“ ”A1,” “Whitey” — Activities: SGC 9; Choir 9, 10; Forensics and Debate 11, 12. Memories: High school was a transition in my life. Excited about the future and also fearing it. I will use my high school ex¬ perience to guide me. I would like to thank my best friends: Diane (the serious talks,) Kathy, (the cheering talks), Julie (the boy talks). I would also like to give a special thanks to Mama-Jones — you are always there for me. Kathy T. and all future seniors, have a blast your last year! BYE! Patrick Joseph Dunn — “Pat,” “Little Pat,” “Jose” — Activities: Spanish Club 11. Memories: I’m glad it’s over. It’s been fun in school with my friends: Jeff, Pat and Mike. Ambition: Go to college, get married and be a stock broker at EF Huton. Matt Earman — “Sacman,” “Mattehew” — Activities: Freshman Football 9; Sym¬ phonic Band 11-12. Memories: The best four years of school I’ve had, but the first two don’t compete with the last two, thanks to Peggy. Ambition: Four years of col¬ lege. Happiness with Peggy forever. Major in Forestry, and Park Management. Michael E. Eggleston — Activities: Indoor, Outdoor Track 10; Video Tech 10-11; FBLA 11; Freshmen Football 9. Memories: It has been a long time since my freshmen year, but glad to get out. Ambition: I want to go to college and or join the military (preferably the Air Force). Deborah Eicher — “Debbie,” “Deb,” “Ike” — Activities: Softball 9; Basketball 9- 12; Varsity Soccer 10-12; Co-Captain; SGC Rep 10-12; Symphonic Band 10; Powder Puff Football. Memories: I will always value the friends I’ve made. Thanks Lori, Terri, Jennifer, Dawne, and all my teachers and coaches. Gar-Field has been great! Thanks for everything Mom and Dad, I couldn’t have done it without you. You’re the greatest!! Ambition: To graduate from college and become a P.E. teacher and live a happy, successful life. Elizabeth Jane England — “E.J.” — Memories: It was fun while it lasted. Thanks a lot to DCBC, Doc, MR. and Mrs. Y, my mom and dad, and all my friends. You all made it a wonderful year! Ambition: To go to college and find my R.M. Jean Marie Engleka — “Jeanie,” “Jeanifer,” “Pookie” — School Activities: Gym¬ nastics 9, 10; Varsity Choir 9; Treble Choir 10; Sophomore Class Secretary 10; Junior Class President 11; Yearbook 11, 12 Sports Editor 12; Teen Counseling 11, 12; SGC 10-12. Memories: These past four years and the friends I’ve made (especial¬ ly you Christopher) have given me some great memories, but I’m glad it’s finally time to move on and face the real world. Ambition: To attend college, go to law school, open a prosperous practice, and have a happy life with special people. 222 Seniors . SENIOR DIRECTORY Kathy Anita Evans — Activities: FBLA; Treble Choir 9, 10; Leo Club 11. Memories: I had some good years and had some bad years, but they help me to learn more about myself and others. I hope my sister Karen makes the best out of her high school years; once you become a senior, there’s no going back. Thanks to all my teachers, and Mrs. Jones. Ambition: I hope to attend college and be with W. Mickens. Gerald Fair — “Jay” — Memories: High school went by quick and I made some good friends. I had some fune. Ambition: To be a firefighter. Richard Scott Felter — “Scottrick,” “Scotty,” “Scotty tissues,” “Scooter” — Ac¬ tivities: Spanish Club 9; Industrial Arts 10, 11; Stage Lighting 12; Yearbook. Memories: I made it!!! The years at Gar-Field were awesome! (eric) Remember 110 Eric! I will miss all the friends I made. The three stooges, Larry Curly and Moe; I leave you all the good times we had together! Ambition: To return to Florida and go to work for a big electronic firm. Helene Michelle Fletcher — “Michelle,” “Shell,” “Shelly,” “Mushie” — Ac¬ tivities: SGC 10, 11; Hyphen 11; Shaman 11, 12; Teen Counseling 12; DECA 12. Memories: It had its moments. Thank you Sherri, Lisa, Tricia, and especially my bestest friend Mimbi who was always there to share in those moments. Ambitions: To become a Radio City Music Hall Rockette, insure my legs with Lloyds of London and live happily ever after with someone I love and care for. Michael Lee Flynn — Activities: Football 9; Basketball 9-12. Memories: I am glad its over, but its been a lot of fun, I know I’ll want to come back. Thanks Michelle, it’s not over yet! Ambitions: Go to work and make a lot of money. Have lots of parties. Get married to Michelle, and settle down. Janies E. Ford — “Jim,” “Jimby,” “Jimu” — Activities: Model United Nations 10; Class President 9; Class Rep. 10; Japan-U.S. Senate Scholarship Recipient 11; “It’s Academic” 12; National Honor Society 10-12, President 12; All-County, Regional and State Choirs 11-12; Who’s Who In American High Schools 12; Model Executive Government 11; Model General Assembly 12; “Dominants” 12; Yearbook 9-10; Newspaper 10. Memories: The past four years will have the greatest effect on my life because of the divinely-inspired ideas and ideals I’ve gained, and they have only been gained through the people that have molded my life. Thank you one and all. Ambi¬ tion: To complete the plan successfully and contentedly. Gary Foster — “Murdock,” “Dqueegie,” “Coo Breeze,” “Spanky,” and “Champ” — Activities: Freshman Football 9; JV Baseball 9-10; Varsity Baseball 11-12; SGC 9-12. Memories: It was great, but I’m glad this is it. Thanks: M.V., K.M., S.S., T.H., K.A., J.B., P.P., Baseball Mr. Land and Mr. M. Ambitions: To go on to school, do some work and get a job. To also challenge Lobozetta to a busting contest, later coach. TGMFF Jeff Fowler — “Jefro,” “Groucho” — Activities: Track 9-10; Football 9-10. Memories: It’s great seeing everyone but I don’t think I’ll miss it too much. Ambitions: To get out of high school and become a billionaire. Eric Franklin — “Hey You!,” “Fish,” “Rick” — Activities: Drama Club 9-12; Latin Club 11-12. Memories: It was a shade better than a lobotamy, but not by much. Ambition: To get a parking sticker. Eugene Frye — “Buddy,” “Budd,” “Bud” — Activities: Tennis 9-12. Memories: Before school, chemistry projects at D.J.’s, Nag’s Head ’83, before and after school were champion but during school was alien. Ambition: To make bu-ku bucks without having to do anything. Mary Christine Fulgencio — “Chris” — Activities: Band 9; FBLA 10; Volleyball Manager 11; Spanish Club 11-12; Yearbook 12; Teen Counseling 12. Memories: I can’t imagine how I would have survived the hardships and joys of my years in Gar- Field without my friends: B.J., C.J., B.D., and C.C. — I’ll never forget you. Margaret E. Fullem — Activities: Freshman, JV and Varsity Cheerleading; SGC Representative 9, 11; Sophpmore Beauty Pageant; Powder Puff Football; Teen Counseling 12. Memories: The social was great; without my friends at school would not have been as fun. To David I would like to say — I love you dearly even though our difficulties, thanks for being such a friend. Ambition: To attend college get a B.S. degree in Elem. education, child psychology, then marry Tony. Greg Fulton — French Club 10, 11, 12; Senior Class Treasurer 12; National Honor Society 12; Math Club 12. Memories: I really enjoyed my four years here. This school helped prepare me for college and my future life. Ambition: To be a computer expert or math engineer and make a lot of money. Dawn Theresa Funkhouse — “grandma,” “Redwood” — Varsity Choir 10, 11; Homecoming Committee 10; AFC 12. Memories: Gar-field is a great place to be, especially with friends — Thank you Lee! Ambition: To become a handicapped deaf teacher, if that doesn’t work then I’m gonna get into politics. Tammy Louise Furman — “Tam,” “Furm, Tam-bows, Bing” — Activities: Ma¬ jorettes 10-11; Teen Counseling 11-12. Memories: I met a lot of special friends who helped me through it all. Thanks M.L. for my J..S. Hey Hobbie! I’ll miss you! D.S.!! John, you mean the most. Ambition: To become a rich lawyer, live in a big house with a white picket fence with that special someone, and have a dog named Sam. Billy Gathof — “Egg,” “ William Shatner” — Memories: High school was good to me but thank God it’s all over. The rest of you ‘be easy.’ Have a lot of money and women. Alan Gay — “Big Al,” “Eyes” — Activities: 10 Video Tech.; 11 VICA. Memories: It had good times and it had bad times. When we leave I’ll always remember the class of 84!!!Ambition: To be the best at whatever I do. Barbara Kay Gazda — “Barbi” — Activities: Indianettes 10, 11, 12, Captain 12; Sophomore Beauty Pageant 10; Powder Puff Football, Teen Counseling 12. Memories: Thememories of ‘84’ and the people I’ve grown to know and love (especially M.F., thanks for being you) it will always be remembered as a special part of my life. Timmy, always remember VA beach, pizza delight, a single yellow rose, Valentines Day “82”, “watching tv,” and everything in between. You’ll always have a special place in my heart. Indianettes, thanks for making my senior year GREAT!!! You’ll always be number 1!! Ambition: America taught me — “money is everything,” so I’ll marry the richest guy around and have an affair with the guy I really love! Timothy S. Gemsheim — “Tim,” “Gimp” — Activities: SGC 9; DECA 11-12; Teen Counseling 11-12. Memories: It was a lot of fun, bein g with friends and having a lot of good times. Ambition: To join the Air Force and live life to the fullest and enjoy it. Look out world here 1 come! Karen Gianni — Activities: Business Editor, Shaman 10; Culture Club 10; Band 10-11; Junior Class Treasurer; Teen Counseling 11-12; SGC Vice President 12; Powder Puff Football 12; DECA 12; Homecoming Queen. Memories: It’s been very special and memorable. Thanks to great friends like: Kev., D.D., C.J., B.S., K.K., and Charry. To my favorite sis Jackie — all our dreams WILL come true. Most of all David D. you’ve made these three years very special!! I love you!! Ambition: To go to college, travel to Paris, study fashion, be rich!! Genevieve Gimmi — “Gena,” “Mama” — Activities: Flags 11-12; Flag Captain 12. Memories: I learned a lot. The friends I’ve made were great! Love ya; Donna, Daphne, Kel, Popcorn, Freddy, you all mean a lot to me! I will never forget you Cath. Ambition: to make a career in cosmetology and make the man I love very happy. Hopefully Mark! Leslie Glover — FBLA 12, COE 12. Memories: It had its ups and downs, but friends like Jill, Amber, Lisa, Andrea, Kim, and Julie, made it all worthwhile. Ambi¬ tion: To succeed in my career and to marry that special guy. Daphne Godby — “Daph” — Activities: Flags 11-12. Memories: Its been great the couple of years I lived here. Thanks to my family and friends (especially G.G., J.H., K.U., M.W., L.P., T.T., and D.S. (love you!) for being there. Ambition: To go to col¬ lege and have a successful life and career; but most of all just be happy (and rich). Tracy Goff — “Shorty,” “Smurfette,” “Squeaky” — Activities: None. Memories: It was great but I’m glad I don’t have to go through it again. Ambition: To go to a business school and become very successful in life. Anthony P. Gordon — “T’Bone,” “Rock,” “K.C.,” “Gordo,” “Crunch,” “Bone,” “T.” — Activities: Weight Lifting; Freshmen Football, Varsity Football 10-12. Memories: Gar-field has been a trip. I’m glad I’m finally out. If I could start over I wouldn’t even think about it. Ambition: After this year I’m going into the military and ROTC to James Madison. If things go right I will be flying a plane. Coach Robinson, “I’m Flying my own bird. Israel Graulau — Memories: Nice place to visit, but I would not want to live here, too strict. Ambition: College, then a technical job. Heidi Deborah Greaves — “Heidi-Ho” — Activities: German Club 10-12. Memories: I’ve met some great people and had some great times. To T.M., B.B-a, and P.Poo: Y’all are terrific! Thank to T.M., I’ve got no more car trouble! To Anne: All the great times together will be remembered and all my love to Matthew Steven. To Kimmy: Remember: Amtrack, WW and FW, Goobers, High ‘n’ Dry, and SQUEAL them big sheels!! Love ya! To Mom, Dad, Bryan, (Max and Stubby, too) 1 LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!! Ambition: To move on to bigger and better things, get a career going in the business world, and to always be happy, whatever I do. Robin Grove — “Bird” — Activities: Pep Club 9; Flag Corps 11, 12; Powder Puff Football 12. Memories: High school has been great! I will never forget my friends, especially Roger! Ambition: Go to college, make lots of money and be very happy. Landon Hale — “Sugarman,” “Churchmouse” — Activities: Drama 9-12; SGC Rep. 12; Concert Choir 12; Wrestling 10; Afro-American Club 10. Memories: High school was great. I’m going to miss it. Good luck and goodbye to J.F., M.P., S.B., S.G., M.B.,.F.R.J., P.S. and L A. Ambition: One of these days, I hope to be wealthy, with a good family, and to help those less fortunate than me. Merita Lynn Hall — “Mer,” “Fidget” — Activities: Orchestra 9-12; Signet 9-10; Jr. Civitans 10; Sophomore Beauty Pageant 10; Key Club 12; Powder Puff Football 12. Memories: It’s been an unforgetable four years! The friends made it all wor¬ thwhile. (Special thank to Netti, Pat-Pat, Carol, and most of all Robert for making this last year the best!) Yo Blood! What time is it? I don’t wanna. Ambition: To become a doctor’ have a “very” profitable career. Get married, have Kids and live a happy and exciting life. Jill Hammar — Memories: It was a good laugh! Thanks to a lot of people who not only made me laugh, but helped me to understand. I almost wish I could be a freshman again. Almost. Ambition: To be happy, whether driving my yellow conver¬ tible MG through Paris or freezing in an unemployment live’ just to be happy. But I also hope somehow I can make others happy too! William Michael Hammond — “Mike,” “Stu” — Memories: A lot of fun with Garym and Bob W. and everyone else who spent their mornings at Bob’s Big Boy. Hope to spend a lot more time with Amy. I LOVE YOU! Ambition: Go on to a com- munitycollege and continue working for my Father. Sydni Theresa Hampton — “Terri,” “Hobbit” — Activities: FBLA 11-12. Memories: I’m glad I don’t have to come back! EVER! Thanks to Rano and J.J. Typ¬ ing was a trip! Ambition: To be a computer programmer and someday (maybe) marry M. Hey Rano, maybe we’ll just Rock-n-Roll! Good luck B.P. and Beth. Minonne Hans — Activities: FBLA 12; and COE 12. Memories: I didn’t take the time to learn, but thanks to Miss Early, I have a successful career. Ambition: To move to Washington with my sister and become a secretary! Joseph Hansler — “Joe” — Activities: Spanish Club 10; SGC. Memories: Thanks to my good friends J.H., D.N., A.M., and R.S. Ambition: To get my name called over the intercom. Seniors 223 SENIOR DIRECTORY Barbara Harris — “Bobbi-Jo” — Activities: Cosmetology I, II, and III. VICA 10-12. Memories: I’m glad to finally get out. I’ve had some experiences I’ll never forget. Thanks for being there for me Camille and Constance. Ambition: To get my Cosmetology license and make big bucks, or marry a guy in the service and travel. Howard Harris Jr. — “Bull” — Activities: Varsity Football. Memories: It was rather fun. Good luck every one from the Bull Star. Ambition: To be successful at whatever I do. Shauntay Deniece Harris — “Shaun,” “Mellow Yellow,” “Tay,” “Tootie” — Ac¬ tivities: FCA 10; Drama 11; Powder Puff Football. Memories: It’s had its ups and downs but I enjoyed myself, thanks to my friends C.C., R.T., B.C., P.S., D.S., and the rest of the bunch. I would’ve never made it without my parents’ love! Ambition: I plan to continue working with preschool children, go into the military, and sooner or later be reacquainted with that someone special. Holly Elizabeth Heininger — “Hoi,” “Hobbie,” “Holly-Berry” — Activities: Volleyball 9; Teen Counseling 11-12. Memories: Mike, you couldn’t make me happier — I’ll be there soon! Tammy, thanks and never forget N.Y.E. ’82 and “LSSADC” write me! Ambition: To go to college and study accounting, and to marry Mike. Robin Larriane Hertzog — “Rob,” “Nibor,” “Nibs” — Memories: My years at G-F were filled with ups and downs, but most important true friends. Tracy, I will remember you above everyone . . . always the listener no matter what. I love you for that and we will never be far apart, no matter how many miles are between us. “T” keep looking, HE is out there somewhere! Ambitions: My most important necessity is happiness. To the one I love, DAVID, the best days of my life I spend with you. (I almost forget. . . my CORVETTE!! Kathy Hill — “Olivia,” “Newt,” “Kat” — Activities: Journalism I 10; Yearbook 11, 12; Junior Civitan 11. Memories: I will always remember the good times I had here, especially all the fun with “Klutchy,” “Thy,” and Theresa. Remember Dairy Queen Pros, the carnival, and “Oh — a red chevette!” Thanks for everything Mrs. Harris. Ambitions: To go to college and become eithera computer tech, or a veterinarian. Also, to have loads of fun the rest of my life. Maria Hill — “Ria,” “Ree,” “Rea” — Activities: German Club 11, 12. Memories: I think High School is where you have a great opportunity to learn. Ambitions: I want to become an accountant and a computer operator. Michael S. Hill — “Mike,” “Hey you with the camera,” “Mikey,” “MSH” — Ac¬ tivities: Chess and Battle 10-12; Indian Echoes Staff Member 11; Faculty and Photography Editor 12; VICA 12. Memories: It got better as the years went by, thanks to the people I met and the many friends I made. Ambitions: To attend col¬ lege, majoring in architectural drafting, to find a job in that or possibly begin my own business, and to someday find the right girl to share my life with. Daniel Hillman — “Danny,” “Dan” — Activities: Football 9, 11, 12; Junior Civitans 11, 12. Memories: It was a heck of an experience, but happy to be leaving. I will miss football camp. Ha Ha!! Ambition: Go to college and reach my goals, (whatever they are)?? Garnett Everett Hinson — “Ev,” “Evy” the “E,” “Curly” — Activities: Drama Club 10; Concert Choir 11, 12; “Dominants” 12. Memories: It has been fun especial¬ ly near the end when you can drive and start going to social events, like the parties! Also when you go to school you can see all of your friends that you can’t see at home. Ambitions: To go to college and major in electronics and as I go along, help others. Mohamed Ahmed Hirse — “Ha Beeb” — Activities: Computer Club. Memories: In my years of high school I liked if and if it was the stinking years of my life!!! Ambi¬ tions: I go to high school to get our of high school. Michael Tevis Hodge — “Ekim,” “Hodgepodge,” “Hodgie,” “Hodgiemotto,” “Mikale” — Acti vities: Varsity Choir 9-10; Concert Choir 11-12; Dominants 11; All County Choir 11-12; SGC 10-11; Pep Club 11; Pep Club Pres. 12. Memories: High School was fun and a lot of hard work. I enjoyed it and my friends; be sad to go! Thanks Mrs. Taylor and DOMINANTS 82-83 BSA lives on. Ambitions: Go to school and become an architect: and to eat cookies in math class in college, and try not to be so desperate, but not serious. Holly Holifield — Activities: Varsity Choir 10-12; Junior Representative for Stu¬ dent Council, Varsity Cheerleader 11; Newspaper 11; Tennis 9. Memories: A very in¬ teresting experience. Ambitions: To get married and have a home and children, but also a career in physical therapy. Brian Hooper — “Hoop,” “Red” — Activities: VICA; Stagelighting 11-12; Pep Club 12; Debate Forensics 12. Memories: Special thanks to the “Minority Group” for all the great times! Don’t forget R.R.! Howard Houston — “Hollywood” — Activities: Track 9; JV Football 9; Varsity Football 10-12; Basketball 9, 10. Memories: A scholastic mind Boggling experience which students should have a great attitude about. Ambitions: To come back to Gar- Field and be a head football coach. Sorry coach C.R.! Richard Daniel Houston — “Rich” “Mr. President” — Activities: Symphonic Band 9-12; Marching Band 9-12; Stage Band 11-12; Orchestra 10-12; County Band 9-12; Regional Band 10-12; County Orchestra 11-12; Band Councill2, Band Presi¬ dent 12; Junior Variety Show 11-12; Dominants 12. Thoughts about high school: Here s to the band: thanks Mr. Jones, hang in there Mr. Schrum, thanks Mr. C. wherever you are. It s been great: Friday nights, “Jerks,” band danville, theory. Allen Bruce Howard — “Howie,” “Bruce,” “Chest” — Activities: Video Tech 11-12; Organization Editor 12.Memories: It was great but thank GOD its over. Thanks to Mr. Wilson, Jill, Linda, Jennifer, Colette, Julie and Bonnie. Ambitions: To jointhe marine corps and see whathappens after that. Brian Hubbard — “Thrasher” — Memories: Way to many kooks and posers. They can go die. Ambitions: To live in a scummy gutter in New York, seriously to make more money than I can handle, so much that I will kill my cat and have a party. Travis Hubbard — Memories: 11 and 12 were the best years with G.F., K.M., K.A., J.B. and the Prince. Ambition: Become a life-guard at a beach, have a Porsche 944 before I am 25 and marry the daughter of a millionaire, or join the Marines and kill people. Wanda Darlene Hunter — Activities: 9, 10, 12 Indoor Track, 10, 12 Outdoor Track; 9, 10, 11, Varsity Choir, Leo Club 10, 11, 12. Memories: High School was “Great” just being around friends and being able to graduate. Ambition: To go to col¬ lege and be a success and to have a career as a lawyer and if that does not work I will get a job making lots of money. Selina Irving — Activities: FHA 81-82. Memories: High School was not my favorite thought, but it was fun while it lasted. Ambition: I hope to be well educated and meet someone whom I can love and care for. Craig Jackson — “Bud,” “Jack,” “Mich” — Memories: The best time of my life but I am glad it is over. Math sucks! Ambition: To go to college and become rich and successful. Joann Natice Jackson — “Jo Jo,” “Claws” — Activities: 9 Treble Choir, 11 Ten¬ nis, 12 FBLA. Memories: I would have never made it without 44, 79, 53, R F M K.L.M., K.D.F., M.T.H., J.M.P., M.M.M., T.P., S.C., M.V., Killer, M.J., Thanks Mrs. R., Mrs. W., Mrs. M., and all the other teachers for the memories. Ambitions: Attend college and be successful in the business world then get married and be successful at that. Patrick James — “Poje,” “Whalepig” — Activities: Football 11-12; Tennis 12; Weightlifting 10-12. Memories: Bogusly Experience, but keep it to yourself. I would not want to reincarnate this again. Ambition: To design my own pair of Jeans. To Eat Alot!! Get my Porsche and my high paying job and laugh at all of the fools. Ah yes, and to own my own island. Christine Jefferson — “Tina,” “Chris” — Activities: Indoor and Outdoor Track 9-11; Cross Country 12; FBLA 12; Culture Club 12; Key Club 12; Powder Puff Foot¬ ball 12; Yearbook Staff 12. Memories: I would like to give my thanks to all my friends who made my high school years something that I will never forget! Especially my senior year! Bobby Jenkins — “Jenk” — Memories: I was there! Ambition: To go to Hampton Institute, then go to the Air Force and Retire. Brian Johnson — “Iceson” — Activities: Golf 12. Memories: These past years have been a really fun and learning experience that I will never forget. Ambition: To go to college, get a good job, and make my life a success. Beryl Jeannine Johnson — Activities: Orchestra 9-12, J.V. Softball 11; All Coun¬ ty 10—12; French Club 12. Memories; During High School I have grown and matured. I thank my parents and my friends like C.F., T.G., my sisters, B.M., and many others who have helped me survive high school. Ambition: To go to college and get the most education I can, go off and find a nice paying job. Eartha Johnson — “Lil,” “Eark Mae,” “Earf” — Activities: Basketball 9, 10; Track 10, 11, 12. Memories: It was long but I finally did it with the help of Kirby and friends and cousins G.P., R.A., S.B., S.C., M.P., Good luck Lana, Carla, Lisa, and Christine. Ambition: To go to college, major in accouting, be successful and marry Kirby Smith, and get a green Honda Accord and love them both until death do us part. Janice Annette Johnson — Activities: School Orchestra 9; Latin Club 11-12; Na¬ tional Honor Society 11-12. Memories: High School was a learning and growing pro¬ cess for me. Ambition: I would like to attendeither the college of William and Mary or University of Virginia where I can enroll in a pre-medicine program. I would like to become a successful surgeon. Jolayne Ann Johnson — Activities: DECA 10-12. Memories: I am glad it is over. Thanks to Donna and Jeni it went by fast. Ambition: To get out of school forever. Become rich and marry Jimmy. Larry Gene Johnson, Jr. — “Nipsy,” “Wally,” “Fraggle Rock” — Memories: Hey, man it is all right ya know?! Thanks to Kim I made it! Ambition: To become a tradesman at Steamfitting and marry Kim Whitt and live happily forever. Joe Johnston — “Ashly” — Activities: SGC Representative 10. Memories: Thank God it is over. Good Bye G-F. Ambition: To search for and find every party I can! Lisa Gayle Johnston — “Doc” “Crazy Girl” “Speedy” — Activities: Freshman Basketball; Track 9; JV Basketball 11; JV Softball 11; Varsity Basketball 12; Varsity Softball 12. Memories: It was the most memorable 4 yrs. of my life. My friends were always there to share a joke and coaches: Tg YB and JJ were there too. The ad¬ ministrators specific teachers helped me survive my sophomore year. A special love and thanks goes to mom for sharing all the “highs” and lows with me. I’ll never forget it. Ambition: To go to college get my masters continue my sports career and become one of the best teachers around while living A facet paced life. Tanya Johnston — “Renee” “Rae Rae” “Cheese” “Tan TAN” “Diz” — Ac¬ tivities: FBLA 11. Memories: It’s okay, but I wouldn’t do it again if they paid me. I might be able to miss it if I try real hard. Thanks to Halfpint and Vinny ... I had a great time. Ambition: To graduate, sleep for a week, get a good job, then sit back and take life as it comes, and to come back and haunt Gar-Field teachers. Cynthia Jones — “Cindy” “Cin” “Blondie” — Activities: Orchestra 9-10; Pep Club 9; Indianettes 11-12, Treasurer 12; FBLA 11-12; Sophomore Beauty Pageant 11-12; Junior Variety Show 11-12; Powder Puff Football 12. Thoughts about high school: I loved every minute of it, but it went to fast! All those great times with my friends K.G., K.K., B.S., C.W., S.W., — I couldn’t have made it without you. Thanks to Mom and Dad too, but the one who made all this special was David K. (I love you!) 224 Seniors I SENIOR DIRECTORY Ambition: To be a successful business woman and pursue my happiness to the quv that fits me perfect. . . David! P e " ' f e ” cn f Jo " ® — “Dennis” “Neece” - Activities: Freshman Cheerleading V, JV Cheerleading 10; Junior Civitan 10; Sophomore Beauty Pageant- Varsity Cheerleading 11; Spanish Club 11. Memories: It was a blast! Thanks to all my friends especially, Loud Mouth 2, “Spanky”! Em and Cha remember the trip home from dccc a’ u ad huh?!! Choc -P°P-tarts?? At Tech?? (ha-ha) Ang-Pr. William Fair, BEES. Ambition: To go to college and to become a physical therapist. Someday own my Dad s car, and make MEGA — BUCKS!!! But most of all be happy ' " GL — Spank. Parker Jones — “Butch,” “Butchy,” “Boy” — Activities: Chess and Battle 10-12- Culture Club iM2; AFS 11-12; German Club 12; Computer Club 11-12. Memories’: It I could do it again, 1 would spend more time in school, and not be absent 1 month per year. Ambition: Invent a world famous video game and survive college in that order. ’ Stephanie Anne Jones — “Steph,” “Legs,” “Calves,” “Shortie,” “Stefy” - Ac- Vi 1 1 ' s T ndoo , r , Track 912; ° utdoor Track 9-12; Cross Country 10-11; French Club } 2 ' Girl s Varsit V H-12; Key Club 10; Powder Puff Football 12; Football Manager 12. Memories: It was a great experience I will never forget,thank to track and friends. Special thank to Pat and Coach Williams for always being there. Ambition: Become an officer in the Air Force or Marines, travel to the Bahamas, own black and red Porsche and be very happy. I would also like to see Pat win the intermediate hurdles in the Olympic Games! Angela Sherese Jordan — “Angie” — Activities: Varsity Choir 9-10; Concert 11- 12; JV Cheerleader 11; Travel Club 11. Memories: My four years in high school were filled with much happiness and 1 thank all of my friends, for helping me have a suc¬ cessful year, and dad and Kelvin Teel. Ambition: I would like to attend college and get my baccalaureate degree in nursing. Kathryn A. Kane — “Katie,” “Captain Katie,” “Candy,” “Candice” — Activities: Rifles 10-11; Captain 11-12; the Hyphen 11-12; Drama Club 9-12; SGC 9-10; Debate 10-11; Treble Choir 9-12; Concert Choir 11. High school was terrific!!! Friends like D.K., L.U., P.A., B.H., and J.P. and the gang made it all worth it. Good luck Rifles!! D.D. Terri Lynn Kasik — “ 10,” “Baby-Face,” “Dish-Off,” “Grape” — Activities: JV Basketball 9-10; VICA 12; SGC Representative 12; Varsity Soccer 11-12; Varsity Basketball 11-12. Memories: Fantastic, especially during B-ball and soccer seasons because of all my very special friends and teammates that mean so much to me! It’s been great having Mr. V. and Mr. A led! My special thanks go to my SJ buds, Bonnie, Denise, Debbie and Linda for all the great times. I’ll cherish them always! Love Ya All!! Ambition: To go to college, play basketball and to get nothing but success and happiness out of life itself. Linda Kelleher — “Lynn,” “Lin-Lin,” “Boofetter” — Activities: Varsity Choir 9; Treble Choir 10; Concert Choir 11-12; Drama Club 9-10. Memories: It was ohtay! Met a lot of neat-o people. Ambition: To become successful and make big buck-a-roos. Diana Kennedy — Activities: Volleyball 9; Vice-President 9; Softball 10; Tennis 11-12. Memories: It was great with my friends. We really knew how to have fun. Am¬ bition: Go to college, have fun, party with the gang and let life roll out the red carpet!! Kimberly Lynn Key — “Kimmi,” “Kim” — Activities: Sophomore Beauty Pageant 10; TRJCP 11; Floats 11-12; Junior Variety Show 11; VICA Vice-President 11; Longwood Talented in Art Workshop 10; Teen Counseling 12; Tennis 12; Powder Puff Football 12. Memories: Special thanks to all my friends, especially Don¬ na, Bobbie, Cindy, Karen, Kathy, and Jackie for all the love and friendship. I had a lot of fun. Love ya! Ambition: To hopefully become rich and famous, but most important to go to college, get a job, get married to someone wonderful and live a happy and healthy life. Teresa Keys — “Shrub,” “TREE” — Activities: FBLA 11-12; COE. Memories: Thanks to Michele W., Marcia D. and Kim W. I would have never made it without them. Also to Mike — I will never forget you. Ambition: To continue my life with hap¬ piness and fulfill my dreams. Steven Khalili — “Steve” — Memories: I had a great time and I made a lot of friends. Ambition: To study the world of business and of course, have my first million before I’m 25. Brian D. King — “Toad,” “Sporty,” “Juan,” “Gut’s!” — Activities: Football 11; Wrestling 11. Memories: It has been a long time but I fianlly made it thanks to Scott, Barry, Tom, and mostly Cindy. Good luck Jeff! Ambition: make it through college and be successful at whatever I choose for my career. Victor King — “Sir Vic of the courts” — Activities: Stage Band, Tennis, Key Club, Basketball. Memories: A fun place to be in life. Ambition: Accounting clerk and teaching college. Scott Carl Knuth — “Noof, Noofer” — Activities: Symphonic Band 9-12; Stage Band 10-12; All County Band 9-12; All Regional Band 9-11; All Virginia State Band 9-11; Marching Band 9-12; Drum Major 12; American Legion Boys’ State; Who’s Who Among American High School Students 11; “Dominants” 11-12. Memories: It was a great experience. I’ll never forget the people who made it special. Ambition: To attend college and to find a meaningful career in the Biology field. Mike Kollock — “Dr. Nix” — Activities: DJ 83-84. Memories: It has been a nice place to visit but I wouldn’t want to get stuck here another year! Ambition: To own a skating rink. Michael A. Kramer — “Mike,” “Merc 2,” “Captain” — Activities: Freshman Football, JV Football, Varsity Football. Memories: It was hard the first couple years but then it got easier. It got easier and I’m glad it’s over!!! Ambition: To go on to col¬ lege and then a career in the military or maybe become a soldier of fortune. Kim Lane Memories: The school days were okay but the nights and weekends were a lot better. I love you Todd!!! Pamela Lassister — “Pam” — Activities: FBLA 10; Junior Civitan 11. Memories: It was real!!! Thanks Heidi and BONI (ph) for your support!! We’ve had some WILD times!! PARTY on!! Ambition: To go to college and get a nursing degree. Then show my horse and be HAPPY!!! James Carl Leake Jr. — “Freaky Leake,” “Flip” — Activities: Basketball 9, JV Basketball 10; Varsity Basketball 11, 12; FHA 10. Memories: I want to thank my family and friends for helping me get through four years of high school. Ambition: Join the Army, become successful and marry Rynae. Kendra Ann Lee — “Klutch,” “Krenda,” “Dra,” “Kenraaken,” “China” “Ken- dracule” — Activities: Signet 9-12; Spanish Club 10-12; the Hyphen 10-12; National Honor Society 11-12; Teen Counseling 12. Memories: Times flies whether you’re having fun or not. Thank ’Thy, Olivia, Ter’bear, Trace, Puma, “Pherface, Garebare, and Jim. It s been a giggle. Ambition: To live until I die. Michelle Paige Levay — “Michie” “Shelley” — Activities: Freshmen Cheerleading 9, JV Cheerleading 11; Powder Puff Football 12. Memories: You learn a lot about yourself and other people. I would have never made it without your help — Mom, Dad, NICK, LISA, TAMMY, JOHN, and most of all Allen. I LOVE YOU ALL. Ambition: To get a good job, or go to a business school, then marry the man of my dreams, and lead a fulfilling life. Lisa, maybe we can be neighbors. Michaela Lineberry — “Mitch” “Shay” — Memories: Okay thanks to Ro (RPP- PTKBBMHC, Tieso vive) Lori Bourbon (RTB nad panhandle) Kenny, Hixson and the Brew Crew. Ambition: To marry the Calvin Klein model and get straight A’s just once. Lisa Lingafelt — Activities: Powder Puff Football 12. Memories: School was ok, I’ll remember all the good times with Dawna, Karen B., Karen Me. All love goes to you three. Lylas, C.V. (remember M. McDonald’s!) Thanks also to Mom and Dad. I made it! P.S. Never forget T.E.!! Ambition: To be extremely rich by the time I’m 20!! Faith Theresa Logan — “Spanky,” “Roscoe,” “Barney,” “Berlin,” “Irving” — Activities: Cheerleading 9; Varsity Choir 9; Science Club 9-12; Drama Club 11-12; SGC Rep. Alternate 12; Powder Puff Football 12. Memories: I loved every minute otf it! Thanks IB (3 yrs!), KC, GH, MC, JA, MD, MS, SC, and KAK. Ambition: Go to col¬ lege, major in criminal law or medical technology; get married, travel then settle down have 2 or 3 kids and spend my life surrounded by those I love. Mary-Jane Lombardo — “Martha,” “M-J,” “Mary Hare” — Activities: Spanish Club 10; Governors School 10; Teen Counseling 11; National Honor Society 11, 12- All County Chorus 11, 12; Regional Choir 11; State Choir 11; Honors Choir 12. Heidi Lonsinger — Activities: German Club 11; German Club Treasurer 12. Memories: My High School years were great, but I am going to be glad to leave. Am¬ bition: After school I would like to go to college. Stephen Love — “Love Boat,” “Wild Love,” “Dr. Love” — Activities: Football 11, 12; Golf 11.Memories: Fun and a lot of pressure. Ambition: To have fun and make a few bucks down the road. Angelus LaWane Lucas — “Angie, Sunshine” — Activities: Fashion Show; ICT; Choir. Memories: Free at last! Thank you to some teachers and friends for a wonder¬ ful school year. Ambition: To go to college and take foreign language and business and administration. Peter James Luther — Memories: High school was fun. I met many great people, but I’m glad it’s almost over. Ambition: To live life to its fullest. Jaclyn Makolandra — “Jackie” — Activities: Pep Club. Memories: It was an ex¬ perience I will never forget. Through the good and bad, I will always remember Ms. Wimmer and Ms. Parker. Ambition: I plan on going to college to get an A.S. degree in Data Processing, then I am going into the Marine Corps as an officer. Kevin Manbeck — “Kev-Man,” “Champion,” “Frobee” — Activities: JV Baseball 9-10; Varsity Baseball 11-12; and Jr. Civitans 10-12; Memories: I got by with a little help from my friends: P.M., M.V.P., G.F., P.P., S.S., K.D., and especially “S.M.” and G.S. Ambition: To go to college, study business, and to become a corporate lawyer. Patrick Darren Mann — “Skeets,” “Pac-Man” — Activities: Frosh Football 9; JV Football 10; Varsity Football 11-12 24; Varsity Track 9-12; Indoor Track 10-12; and Spanish Club 12. Memories: It was definitely a learning experience. Thanks to Stephanie, Eva, Pam, Tracey, and Sharon for making it special. Ambition: I want to be a computer specialist, make millions of dollars, then own the NIKE corporation and later win an Olympic Gold Medal. Myrtle Venita Maples — “Vennie” — Memories: Gar-Field is a wild school. All the people I’ve met who have become my friends are great people. Ambition: To own a chain of Beauty Salons and be the best (or close to the best) at everything I do. Kyra Dawn Marten — “Ky” — Activities: Freshman Class President; Pep Club 9- 10; Signet 9-10; and Powder Puff Football 12. Memories: It was an experience I never want to forget. I couldn’t have made it without Renee, my du-dreams and especially you Amy, Thanks! Ambition: Live a fairytale life with a very special man! And make sure Amy gets all the “pinky” she can handle. Love ya. Theresa Martin — “Tracy” — Memories: I enjoyed going to Gar-Field, and I learn¬ ed a lot, Thanks. Ambition: Go to college, learn, live and be happy. Roger Martinez — “RIM,” “Penguin,” “Opus,” “Raj,” “Rogue,“ ’’Commodore” — Activities: Spanish Club 9-10; Chess and Battle Club 10-12; Symphonic Band 9- 11; All-County Band 9, 10; All Regional Band 10; Orchestra 10-11; HAM Radio 11- 12; and Yearbook 12. Memories: I wouldn’t have enjoyed high school nearly as much Seniors 225 SENIOR DIRECTORY without friends like “MSH,” teachers like “Chuckie Baby,” and cartoons like “Bloom County.” Ambition: To become a pilot, and possibly an aeronautical engineer. Dawn Rebecca Matera — Activities: Marching Band 9-12; Leo Club 10; Musical “The Gondoliers” 10; Stage Band 11-12; Concert Choir 11-12; Symphonic Band 12; Homeroom Rep. 11; All-County Choir 12; Regional Choir 11-12; Honors Choir 12; FCA 11-12; SADD 12; The Society of Distinguished American High School Students 11-12. Memories: A syncopated song in my heart, “I did it my way. Ambition: A degree in Music Therapy, Marriage, family, happiness, and the drive to always learn more. Paul McBride — “McBride” — Activities: JV Basketball 11. Memories: It was fun, but I’m glad I’m getting out. Ambition: To go to college and major in computer science and mathematics, get a good job and start rolling in the money. Bridget Mary McCall — “Mimbee,” “Charlie” — Activities: FBLA 10; Pep Club 10; Who’s Who Among American High School Students 11. Memories: I can never forget all the hours I spent on homework; I’m glad it’s over. Don’t think I would have made it without my best friend Shell. Ambition: To be the best at whatever I do, get filthy rich, and after I’ve bought my Porsche, marry my one and only Brian. Connie D. McCord — Activities: Treble Choir 11; Varsity Choir 12; Rifle Drill Team Co-Captain 12. Memories: It was great. All my love — Brian, David, Walter, Tony, Jimmy, Hopp, Steve, Freddy, Fili, (and Teresa), Eddie, and Roy. Remember the fun — Lynne, Tia, Pam and thanks Kristen, Cindy, Lisa, Trac, Teresa, and Susan, and Good luck to everyone and my friends in choir and band. Ambition: To be happy and rich, eventually get married and have a family and to meet as many peo¬ ple and make as many friends as I have here at G-F. Mary Mullins — “M M” — Activities: FBLA 12; and COE 12. Memories: Thanks to Jeff, my mom, and all my friends; it’s been a lot of fun, but I’m glad it’s finally over. Ambition: To get out on my own, maybe go to college for a year or two, and spend the rest of my life with Jeff. I love you, Jeffrey! Eileen Murphy — Activities: Who’s Who Among American High School Students 11-12; Latin Club 11-12, Girl’s State 11; Yearbook Staff, Closing and Business Editor 10; Organizations Editor 11; SADD 12. Memories: These past four years at G-F have been some of the best times I’ve ever had. Thanks to L.W., K.M., K.H., M.A.D., A.C., C.G., and B.J. for making these four years really special. Ambition: To go on to college and major in engineering. Jill Mussomele — Memories: Sometimes it was a blast, some not. I wouldn’t have made it without Leslie, Jim, Michelle, and Susan. Thank you all, I hope we all keep in touch. Ambition: I plan on graduating from nursing, and making lots of money. Then marry my 1 sweetheart, Chris, and live happily ever after. Tammy Lynn Kathleen Naghdi — “Unil” — Memories: My four years at G-F were the best years of my life. Thanks to Juli e and Heidi. Also, special thanks to Mrs. McKenna, Mrs. Ayres, Mrs. Roche, and Mrs. Bitner. Without you all I never would have made it. Ambition: I’m planning to attend the University of Maryland. I also would like to get married, have four kids, and spend the rest of my life saving up for my red Ferrari. G-F ’84 and all that good stuff. Mom, I love you. Melanie Nay — “Nini,” “Goffy,” “Curly” — Activities: Frosh Football Manager 11-12; and Drama Club 12. Memories: Of the years I spent at G-F, I liked 12 the most. I’ll miss it. Ambition: I’d like to make good money at writing poetry, because that’s what I like to do and it can pay well if you’re good. Karen Lynn McGrail — Activities: Homecoming Decorating 10; and Teen Counsel¬ ing 11-12. Memories: It was great. Thanks for always being there, D.S., You’re the best! And everyone else. Love ya, Mom and Dad. Ambition: To go on to a business school and major in business administration, and to give all my love to Randy Starling and make him happy. Constance Lee McGuire — “Lee,” “BUG” — Activities: VICA 11, 12. Memories: It was O.K. Ambition: My ambition is to become a successful hairdresser and maybe someday own my own shop! Special thanks to my parents and my loving boyfriend, Terry. 1 love you!! Margaret Lynn McKelvey — “Little Peg,” “Gy, “McPig,” “Mickelvee Woman” — Activities: Indoor and Outdoor Track 9-12; Orchestra 9-11; All-County 9, 10; Regionals 9; Cross-Country 10-12; Treble Choir 11; Concert Choir 12; All-County 12. Memories: Great Life! What an experience, I’ll never forget it, it’s the best time of your life. Remember the B.W.A.!!! Ambition: To attend a four-year college and become a teacher. Annette McNeil — “giggles,” “mouth” — Activities: Homecoming 9-12; Pep Club 11; Sergeant at Arms 12. Memories: It was slow riding but tons of fun thanks to my good friend Linda! Ambition: I want to go to college, then return to High School as a teacher. Then get married. Alice Meehan — “P.K.,” “Lisha” — Activities: Spanish Club 10-12; Drama Club 10. Memories: Just being with all my friends made school great, especially KLU. Never forget the great times. Ambition: To have the best, do my best, and be the best. Laura Marie Meseck — “Clumsy Smurf,” “Short Stuff,” “MuMu” — Activities: FHA 9, 12; Yearbook 10. Memories: Changing schools was very difficult for mr but the following people made it not so difficult: Pornpan, Lisa Tilley, Mike Hill, Bill Decker, and Greg Dunn. Ambition: My ambition in life is to be a very successful police officer, wife, and mother. My ambition is to lead a happy life and to share my hap¬ piness with others. Sheryl Ann Mitchell — “Sherri” — Activities: FBLA 10, 12; National Honor Society 11, 12. Memories: Lots of fun, good times, and memories. An experience not be forgotten. Ambition: To live, love, and be happy. Theresa Anne Mize — “Shorty,” “Tessa,” “Tree” — Activities: Drama 10; Junior Civitan 11-12. Memories: All my love and appreciation goes to my mom, dad, brother and sister who supported and helped me through these past four years. Special thanks to R.H., P.M. and T.M. I couldn’t have made it without you all. Mark Patrick Moody — “Mark” — Activities: Cross Country 12; Indoor Track 12; Outdoor Track 12; German Club 9-12; and Teen Counseling 12. Memories: Well, making Varsity Cross Country the first time I tried out for it; and the fun and often the crazy times with great friends, especially Julie, Jeff, Jim, and Shawn. Watching Ruel run over cars while running C-C. Finally, all those times me and Jeff went running — Thanks, Jeff, Coach Williams, (right, left, right) Ambition: Go to college, major in Business Management or law. G-F ’84 1, Va. Beach ’84! Paul Morrow — Activities: Freshman Football, and Wrestling. Memories: Something I don’t want to go through again. Ambition: To join the Navy and try to make it big in the money. Amanda Mosby — “Panada,” “Flinch,” and “Mandy” — Memories: The day that I was in school, was enjoyable. Ambition: I plan on going into the Army of the fashion industry. Pamela Marie Mullinax — “Pam,” “Pammy, “Puma,” “Shortie,” “Munchkin” — Activities: SGC Rep. 9-10; Orchestra 9-10; the Hyphen 10-12; News Editor 11, Co- Editor-in-Chief 12; Teen Counseling 12; Who’s Who Among American High School Students 11; and Signet 9-12. Memories: True friendship is one of the most important things that comes out of high school. I love you Eva, Tracey, and little “Bicky!” Discovery, confidence, and encouragement are what makes you go on. Thank you, Mr. G. and most of all Ma Smith. You gave me four wonderful years of “enlighten¬ ment Ambition: To always be a successful writer, be it in the eyes of few, or in those of the world. Someday . I’ll prove (especially to Matt L.) that life holds magic, and also , someday down life’s cobbled path I’ll marry “that very tall person.” Jennifer Neiger — “Jeni,” “Punk” — Activities: DECA 10-12. Memories: Thanks to Donna, Jolayne and Holly. I made it through the last year. Ambition: To get rich and spend money all at the same time. Antoine Newman — Memories: It’s good in the way of meeting people but the rest of it can go. Ambition: I plan to go into printing in the future. Fredrick Nibbins — “Rick” — Activities: Basketball. Memories: High school is great as a once-in-a-lifetime thing. Ambition: I plan to be a mailman. Margaret Jean Nicholas — “Meg” — Activities: Freshman Cheerleading 9; JV Cheerleading 10-11; Junior Civitan 10; Powder Puff Football; and DECA 12. Memories: The good times I’ve had and the terrific friends I’ve made are things I wouldn’t trade for the world. It’s the people that made it so special because they are so very special. If I were to thank everyone who had ever meant anything to me, I would take up the whole page — But I want Sylvie, Diane and Margaret to know I wouldn’t have made it without them. Hang in there, Michelle, you only have one year left, please make the most of it. Ambition: To drive back to our ten-year reunion in my Mercedes 400SL and live in the PINK of things forever!! I love you all and I hope we stay in touch always. Kristen Noble — Activities: Varsity Choir 10-12. Memories: Thanks to everybody at the DCBC bench — I couldn’t have made it without you. Ambition: To find my RM and be happy. Special thanks to Mom, Doc, Mr. and Mrs. Y and Mom and Dad W., Cindy, Connie and everyone else. I love you all very much. Romans Norton — “Rano,” “Ro,” “Wenchette” — Activities: Journalism I and II 11-12; SGC Rep. 12; Jr. Civitan 11. Memories: O-Tay, Thanks to Miguele DeGuz- man and the Guzman Boys, Chris C., J.J., T.H., S.W., L.S., and most of all AGR — ILYF! Ambition: 1 — to become a rich journalist, 2 — become Italian, and 3 — Marry David Lee Roth, A1 Pacino, AGR, or Tom Cruise. Julia Evelyn Novitsky — “Julie,” “Jewel,” “Roolie,” “July,” “Ski,” “B.B.,” and “Pilot” — Activities: Leo Club 9; Signet 9-12; Treble Choir 9; Concert Choir 10-12; All-County Choir 10-12; Regional Choir 10; Teen Counseling 11-12; Yearbook 11, Editor-in-Chief 12; and 1983 “Talented in Art” Scholarship at Radford. Memories: A very special thanks to those so dear to me: Linda, Kim, Diane, Bonnie, Kathy, Gary, Tom, Mike, Allen, Jim, Janine, and many others. To Everett — Luv ’ya! and to Kevin — “Sweet Dreams — forever.” Ambition: All I ask of my life is that I will be happy, though — to be the best graphic designer would be helpful. Eric Ortmann — “Otis” — Activities: G-F Amatuer Radio 9-11; Orchestra 9-11; Stage Lighting 12; VICA 12; and German Club 9-11. Memories: It left much to be desired but I still learned something. I enjoyed electronics most of all because it was actually fun. Ambition: Get a job, and make some money for one year and go to col¬ lege to learn computer maintenance. When I come back home, I’ll be driving a new BMW. Christine Palmer — “Chris” — Activities: Outdoor Track 9, 11, 12; Indoor Track 11-12; Cross Country 12; Sophomore Beauty Pageant 10; SGC Rep. 10-11; and Jr. Civitan 10. Memories: High school has been great and in a lot of ways I’d like to stay, but life goes on. Thanks to all my friends who made it worth while. Special thanks to P.C. — I love you. Ambition: I plan to study psychology in college, find a good job, make lots of money, get married and live happily ever after. Lisa L. Parish — “Cheese” — Activities: FHA 10; Hero 11; Debate Forensics 11; and Pep Club 12. Memories: Thank God it’s over. It wasn’t all peaches and cream. Ambition: To become a very classy and well rounded young lady. Then pursue my career in cosmetology and marry Bob G. David Mark Patton — “Mark” — Activities: Concert Band 9-11; and All-County Band 11. Memories: It was fun while it lasted but I’m glad it’s over. I’ll never forget the band trip to Danville and all the great friends from the band, especially M.W., L.O., and S.K. Lisa Ann Pauline — “Lisa Girl,” “Big Mama” — Activities: DECA 10-11; FBLA 11-12; and COE 12. Memories: It was a fun four years, but I’ll be glad to get out. Thanks to my friends I made it. Ambition: To graduate, get a steady job, and enjoy life. Lisa Pellegrini — “Shorts” — Activities: Flag Corps 11; and FBLA 12. Memories: 226 Seniors SENIOR DIRECTORY It’s been pretty good. I’ve met some of my best friends here. Thanks to J.R., T.P., D.G., and C.M. I’ll never forget you. Senior year is the best, but it goes by the fastest. Enjoy it and take it slow. Don’t be in such a hurry to grow up. Michele Ann Penny — “Penny,” “Maya,” “Chele” — Activities: Flag Corps 9; In¬ door Track 10; FHA 10-11; Girl’s State 11; Who’s Who Among American High School Students 11; Teen Counseling 12; and SGC Rep. 12. Memories: If I had to go through high school all over again, 1 wouldn’t. I can say that 1 had some fun times. I couldn’t have made it without my true friends: E.J., D.A., D.W., L.P., C.C., R.M., L.B., L.P., K.B., L.C., R.A., and especially Curtis. Ambition: To go to the college of my choice, become a lawyer, and marry Curtis. Also to own a Porsche by the time I’m 25, and live to be 200 years old. Michael Petruzzi — “Mike,” “Petruzzi,” “Truzzi,” “Super Tick” — Activities: Chess and Battle Club 9-10; Drama Club 11-12; SGC Rep. 11; “The Man Who Came To Dinner” 11; “The Lonely Doll Maker " 11; and “Who Can Fix The Dragon’s Wagon” 12. Memories: High School? So that’s where I’ve been going the past four years. I thought it was some severe punishment for the incredibly mediocre crime of being a teenager. Ambition: To grow up, be successful and rich and have everything I want. Mostly to grow up. Thomas Phinney — “Tom,” “Gumby” — Activities: Freshman Football 9; JV Football 10; Outdoor Track 11; FBLA 11-12; and Indoor-Outdoor Track 12. Memories: They were the best years of my life. I couldn’t have made it without my friends J.J., S.C., C.S., J.G., J.A., J.P., and M.P. Ambition: To go on to college, get a masters, get rich, and marry a beautiful angle. Catherine Ann Piaskowski — “Cathy,” “Thy,” “Shorty,” “Yack Yack Face,” “Mom” — Activities: Pep Club 9-10; Drama Club 10; Spanish 11-12; FBLA 10-11; Flag Corps 11-12; The Hyphen 10-12; Teen Counseling 12; and Powder Puff Foot¬ ball 12. Memories: These past four years have flown by much too quickly. Thanks Kendra for always being there and for making good old G-F bearable. Gar-Field, you’ll always be 1 to me. Ambition: To be something that Mom and Dad can always be proud of. Patricia Allyson Piatt — “Patti,” “Pete,” “ ‘Grouchy Smurf” — Memories: It was great!! Thanks most of all to Lynn, Lisa, Debbie, and Rhonda. But, thanks even more to Scott Litton for making my senior year the best. I love you! Good luck Cena!! Ambition: To go to college, become a legal secretary, get married and have a family. Kathleen Picard — “K.P.,” “Cheech” — Activities: Concert Band 9; Symphonic Band 10-12; Soccer 12; Volleyball 9-12; Teen Counseling 11-12; and National Honor Society 11-12. Memories: It was a UNIQUE experience. A student learns too much in too short a time. Ambition: To go to college and major in science. Camille Annette Piper — “Carmel” — Activities: VICA 10-12. Memories: It has been hard with Cos. but, I’m glad I stuck it out. Thanks for the wonderful years, Scott. Ambition: To become a hairdesigner, make mucho bucks, and live happily ever after with my best buddy, Scott. Donna Marie Poillucci — “Pooch,” “Gumby,” “Roongie Doodle,” “Mooch,” and “Joe” — Activities: SGC 12; Softball 12. Memories: It was real fun. But not REAL fun! Thanks guys! L.H., J.O., T.T., N.B.,.K.J., M L., K.S., A.C., B.S. Ya’ll are the best! Otay Buwheat. I’m Gumby Dammut. Boo Boo squat forever! Thanks a lot Pokey. Luv ya Theresea and Diane. Don’t-cha-know? John, you’re the best. Thanks Mom. Ambition: To become a successful business woman, have lots of money, and live with Mom H. To eventually go on a cruise with Pokey and marry the guy of my dreams. Lisa Gail Powell — “Lis,” “Pow-WOW” — Activities: Homecoming Princess 9-12; Sophomore Beauty Pageant 9-10; Marching Band 9; Symphonic Band 10; Sophomore Sec Treas. 10; Vice-President SGC 11; President SGC 12; Wrestling Manager 10; Co-Feature Editor of the Hyphen 12; Powder Puff Football 12. Memories: Thoughts about College! (Although 10 grade was memorable, Opie) Thanks to Suz, Mich, and Jill — You’re especially special peoples! (and Ma, Pa, and Lara — I love ya!) Ambitions: To be the next Richard Cohen or Sigmund Freud, and to learn how to “Keep your feet on the ground, your head in the sky, don’t look back and don’t ask why.” BiiBBiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii , Thanks to Chele, Shelly, Patty and a big thanks to T.B. for helping me through. Ambi¬ tion: To become a public accountatn. To have a nice family and be happy. James T. Ricketts — “Stanky” — Activities: Football 9-12. Memories: Going to i miss E.D. and Hogpie. They made it worth coming, glad it’s over! John Leo Riley — “Leo,” “Crackerjack,” “C.J.,” “Flyboy,” “Smiley” — Ac¬ tivities: JV Baseball 9; JV Football 10; Drama 9-11; SGC 11. Memories: Thanks to all H those who really made high school fun for me. I’m really gonna miss it here. Ambition: Actor, intelligence agent, computer expert, military pilot (Navy), and to be so rich as || to be able to buy a six pack of women!! (hehehe) Florence Ann Robinson — Activities: VICA. Memories: I really liked school sometimes. Ambition: I hope to work in a shop and open up my own shop someday. Virginia Roles — Activities: FBLA 11; French Club 11-12. Memories: High school is a time to grow and learn. Stella, Stacey — Good Luck. Ralph and Cathy — All the B best. Ambition: Go to college, work for a successful business, and travel all over. Barbara J. Rouleau — Activities: French Club 10-12; SGC Representative 12; Drama Club 10; Marching Band 11, 12; FCA 12; Varsity Girls Soccer Manager 11- 12. Memories: An experience I won’t forget nor the memories that were made. Ambi- ■ tion: My future plans are to go to college, and study for a career in medicine. Jeff Ryan — “Merc. 1” — Activities: FBLA 10, 12; Golf 11-12. Memories: It was something to do, but now I’m glad it’s over and done with. Ambition: To become a success in my chosen field. Eva Marla Rzucidlo — “Ever,” “Shorty,” “Half-pint,” “Munchkin” — Activities: SCG Representative 9-10; Orchestra 9, 11; Signet 10-12; Who’s Who Among American High School Students. Memories: It’s a place for learning, experiencing, laughter, and friendship. Thanks P.M. and T.B. I’ll never forget any of our “ex¬ periences.” Ambition: To become the world’s greatest radiologist and sometime in my career find the cure for “spiritual paralysis.” John Roger Sanderson — Activities: Culture Club 11-12; Key Club 11-12. Memories: It was o.k. The teachers were nice and the food was “Lousy.” Ambition: To get out of high school, to get a job and earn a decent living. Susan Sanderson — “Suzie,” “Frog” — Activities: FBLA 11; FHA 11; Drama Club 12. Memories: They have been really fun. But I’m glad it’s over. Thanks to M.L., A.D., K.Q., you’ve been great friends. Mrs. Crim — you have helped a lot too, Thanks. Ambitions: I want to become a flight attendant and get my flying license. Kenneth M. Schaerr — “Ken,” “Kenny” — Activities: Signet 9-12; French Club 10-11; Mu Alpha Theta 12; Science Club 12. Memories: It was o.k., but I’m glad it’s finally over. Ambition: To pursue a career in medicine and have fun along the way. Brenda Kay Scharp — “otter” — Activities: Symphonic Band 10-11; JV Softball 10; Varsity Softball 11-12; Powder Puff 12. Memories: I met the greatest friends here and it’s going to be hard to say good-bye. The class of ’84 gave me the best memories of high school. It wouldn’t of been as important to me without two special people. Thanks Debbie and Dewayne. (Thanks mom and dad.) Ambition: To go to college, get an apartment with Debbie, meet a successful man, fall in love and get married. Good- luck class of ’85. Best wishes!! G-F 1. Janine Schroyer — “T-Bear,” “Jo Bob” — Activities: Future Farmers of America 9-11; National Honor Society 11-12; Flag Corps 11; Waitress at Jr. Sr. Prom 10; Marshall at Graduation 11; Beta Club 9; Jr. Optimist Club 9. Memories: Thank God for Fridays, aspirin, and June, 1984!! Ambition: To live in North Carolina, married to my Philly-boy, and to manage a greenhouse business (after graduating from North Carolina State University). Rosemarie Schubring — “Rosie,” “Ro” — Activities: Spanish 9-12;Jr. Civitan 11; Mu Alpha Theta 12. Memories: Mitch L. (remember Tieso!) Lori Bourbon, Kenny and Hixson. Ambition: To go to college, to have fun. Charles Monroe Sebastian — Activities: Freshman Football; JV Football; Varsity Football. Memories: It was excellent. Ambition: Study police sciences and have a good time. John Pratt — “Johnathan,” “Wildboy,” “Big Baby” — Activities: Freshman Foot¬ ball 9; JV Football 10; JV Wrestling 9; Varsity Wrestling 10-12; and Junior Variety Show 10. Memories: It was a true learning experience, but fun. I wouldn’t have made it without my friends, especially: Danny P., Vince T., Ron C., Jeff R., and Betty H. Ambition: To go to college and wrestle. Then to marry Betty, have a big family, and live happily ever after. Anthony Paul Pyrz — “Head,” “Pyre,” “Champion” — Activities: JV Baseball 9-10; Varsity Baseball 11-12; Varsity Football 11-12; and Signet 11-12. Memories: It seems like yesterday I was as lost as the freshmen this year. Do as much as you can when you can. Ambition: To become successful and gain satisfaction in doing so. To have friends and good times like these last four years all my life. Kimberly Elizabeth Quezaire — “Kim,” “Frenchie,” “Goldie” — Activities: JV Cheerleading 9; Co-Captain 9; Captain 10; Class Secretary 9; Class Representative 9; Pep Club 9, 10; Multi-Ethnic Cultural Club 9-10; JROTC 9-10; Powder Puff Foot¬ ball 9-10; Track 9-10; FCA 11; Junior Variety Show 12. Memories: While in Man- nhiem American High School, I traveled the world over, made friends, and left them behind. These have been four long years I will always remember. “The Bison.” Ambi¬ tion: To attend college, get my M.D. in occupational therapy, and be commissioned as a second lieutenant in the United States Army. “Being all I can be.” James J. Rastatter — “Razz,” “Rat” — Memories: It’s been good to me. Ambi¬ tion: To be the best auto mechanic in the NASCAR circuit. Charles B. Redmond — “Chuck” — Memories: It wasn’t bad, but I’m glad it’s over. Ambition: Go to the Air Force, then to college to hopefully become a dentist. Rebecca Anne Richard — “Becky,” “Shorty,” “Specks,” “Obie Knobie” — Ac¬ tivities: Marching Band 9; German Club 11, 12. Memories: High school was great. Roxanne Sedmock — “Suzy” — Activities: DECA-1 10. Memories: Four years I will never forget! It’s been a lot of fun. Ambition: To be happy and successful in my career. To make lots of big bucks and buy a new camaro! Pamela Kay Sessoms — “Pam,” “Kaye,” “P.K.,” “Pres,” “hey You” — Ac¬ tivities: Sr. Class Pres; County Choir 9-12; Regional Choir 10-12; Honors Choir 12; Man Who Came to Dinner; FBLA 10; FCA (Fashion Show) 11; Sophomore Beauty Pageant 9; Freshman Float; PYT; Varsity Cheerleading 12. Memories: High school is a place of growth and change you come here as a kid and leave as an adult. My deepest appreciation is extended to Laurah Adams. Laurah, I wouldn’t trade you for the world. Thanks Angie, Robin, Janice, Angie, Deanna and the PYT’s God bless you all. My ambition is to become a successful psychologist or lawyer. Robert Kevin Shettles — “Kevin” — Ambition: To make a good income and maybe someday get married. Stacey Shurtliff — Activities: Class Secretary 9; JV Track 9; Yearbook 10-12; Senior Section Editor 12; Powder Puff Football 12. Memories: High school was some of the best and some of the worst times of my life. This year has been the best of my life. Thanks to Barb, Stella, Virginia, and Beryl, for making this year the best. Ambi¬ tion: To go to medical school and be the best doctor 1 can be. To eventually be able to live very comfortably and to raise a beautiful family. Bruce Simpson — Activities: Sophomore Class President; SGC Representative 10- 12; Teen Counseling 12; JV Wrestling 10; Varsity Wrestling 11-12. Memories: It was really cool except for the work. Now it’s time to move on to bigger and better things, the 3 Musketeers live on. Ambition: To make it BIG after college and have everything I want. And make one big party out of life. To go to ODU and major in surfing. Jerry Simpson — “Gus,” “Gusto,” “Fud,” “C.T.” — Activities: Who’s Who Seniors 227 SENIOR DIRECTORY Among American High School Students 12; Sophomore Beauty Pageant 9-11; Jr. Civitans, treasurer 10-11; Treble Chorus 11; Track 9; Varsity Cross Country 9-12; Freshman Basketball 9; JV 10; V 11; Softball 10-11. Memories: Finally!! Ambition: To attend college and upon graduation, begin a successful career in Architectural Engineering. Nathan Singleton — Activities: Track and Field, DECA, FBLA. Memories: I think high school gives you a good learning experience in different subjects. Ambition: To become a successful model and enjoy life to its fullest. Stephen Sisson — “Steve” — Activities: JV Football 10; VICA 10-12. Memories: I’ve really enjoyed my five years here, and I have met a lot of great people. Ambition: My main ambition is to complete a four year college and become successful in an engineering field. Somer Lynn Sloan — “Som,” “C” — Activities: Cheerleading 9-12; Jr. Civitans 10-12; Teen Counseling 11-12; Who’s Who Among American High School Students 11; Powder Puff 12. Memories: They’ve been great years! All thanks to Kim, Gary, Kevin and I love ya all, especially M.D. I’ll never forget all the great times we’ve all shared! K.D. You’re the best friend in the world! Debora Smith — “Debbie” — Activities: Concert Band 9; Symphonic Band 10-12; National Honor Society 11-12; Signet 9-12; Teen Counseling 12. Memories: The past four years had a slow start but ended too soon. Ambition: To attend the college of my choice, major in psychology or business, and lead a happy successful life. Eddy Smith — Activities: JV Tennis 9, 10; Varsity Tennis 11; Spanish Club 11; Who’s Who Among American High School Students 12. Memories: Thanks to all who touched my life: J.H., S.T., Deeni, M.P., G.S., D.A.! M.D., J.A., K.L., T.B., M.K., P.D., P.K., and everyone else too numerous to mention. Ambition: To marry the woman I love, be financially secure, and enjoy life to the fullest. Kirby F. Smith — “Ice Cream,” “Smooth” — Activities: Football 9; Basketball 9, 10, 11’ 12; DEI. Memories: I thought high school was pretty fun. I enjoyed myself very much and still got an education. Ambition: I plan to go to college and get a degree then become an accountant and work for the government and marry Eartha (if she acts right). Melvin Darryl Smith — “Mel” — Activities: Basketball 11, 12. Memories: High school is very nice while you are there but, when you leave, never think about it again. Ambition: To go through college and then get drafted in the pro’s to play basketball or to teach in business. Robert Leon Smith — “Bobby” — Activities: Shaman 9-11; Hyphen Art Editor 12. Memories: I don’t like. I’ll be glad when it’s oyer. Ambition: To be a commercial artist. Thomas Snediker — “Tom” — Activities: German Club 10-12. Memories: I think I’ll miss the people but not the work. Ambition: To get into a good college and find an interesting career. Richard Kancho Spasoff — “Rich,” “Spas,” “Poohbear” — Activities: Freshman Basketball, JV Basketball 10; Varsity 11-12; Teen Counseling 12. Memories: The memories will stay with me forever. Thanks Greg, Bobby T., Mr. Bunn, Frances, and Robert, but most of all I thank Patti Burian. You made it worth while. Ambition: To be rich and healthy while playing basketball and spending time with my lady. Rodney Speaks — Activities: Freshman Football; DECA-1. Memories: It was fun but four years of getting up at 7:00 I will not miss. I’d like to say good luck to Keith, Brian, Terry and the rest of the fellows. Ambition: To be rich and live in the tropical islands. Now is that an ambition!! I know, I know. Benjamin Craig Srock — “Spike,” “Ben” — Activities: Marching Band 9-12; Spanish Club 9. Memories: I hated it at first but now I like it. It just took time. Ambi¬ tion: To become a professional musician. Christopher Scott Sprouse — “Pher,” “Crispus,” “Cwistofer” — Activities: Hyphen 10-12; Shaman 10-12; Spanish Club 10-12; Signet 9-12; National Honor Society 11-12; Creator of Bermander 10-12. Memories: These four years have been the strangest years of my life. Thanks to everyone who helped me through them! Special thanks to Ma Smith, who gave me the opportunity to create B.M. and taught me how to write like a real human being. Ambition: To survive and have fun at it! (A little fame and fortune might be nice, too!) Good Luck to you, Bermander, wherever you are. Stanley Stafira, Jr. — “Dex” — Activities: Chess and Battle Club 9-11; Tennis 10-12; Math Club 9-12; French Club 9, 12; National Honor Society 11-12; Signet 11- 12. Memories: It was great while it lasted but I am glad it is finally over. Ambition: To go to college and become a success in what ever I do. Brenda Ann Starr — “Crazy Moose,” “Radical Californian,” “Hey You!, Girl!,” “Bren” — Activities: FFA 9-10; Drama 9-12; Forensics 11-12; California Scholarship Foundation 9-10; Treble Choir 11-12; Frosh Football Manager 11-12; SGC Represen¬ tative Alternative 9, 10, 12; SADD 12. Memories: I still am suffering from culture shock. From California liberalism to East Coast conservatism is too heavy a load. Am¬ bition: I want to be somebody, I don’t know who yet. I want to do everything possible — really live. Julie Staudinger — “Ju” — Activities: VICA 10, 12. Memories: High school was fun and I’m sorry it’s over. I am going to miss Gar-Field. Ambition: To work hard and be as successful as I can be no matter what 1 decide to do. Victoria Lynne Steele — “Vicki” — Activities: 10-12. Memories: High school was great but 1 couldn’t have made it without my friends. Ambition: to be successful at whatever I choose and to live up to my own expectations. To find that someone special and be happy. Michael W. Sterner — “Mike” — Memories: Best years of my life, even though it was a lot of work. I’m gonna make this year a killer one. Ambition: To chase whatever comes my way, especially girls. Dawna Stiles — Activities: Pep Club 9; Teen Counseling 11-12; Powder Puff Foot¬ ball 12. Memories: I would had never made without K.M. and L.L. (never forget J.E.) B.S. — never forget all of our memories. Ambition: Go to college and face the world from there. Joseph Michael Sullivan — “Joe” — Activities: VICA 11-12; and Distributive Ed 11. Memories: It was fun while it lasted, but I’m glad it’s over. Ambitions: To pursue a career in drafting and join the armed service. Willie Sullivan II — “James,” “Billy Dee,” “Rocky,” “Cool” — Activities: Basketball 9; VICA Club 11-12; SGC Rep. 12. Memories: It’s been fun getting in the one, the only, the unique class of “84.” Another year for Blair (Kathy W.) Good luck Tootie (Shauntay Harris). Ambition: To become a world renowned architect. Roberta Sunday — “Bobbie,” “Beeper” — Activities: Tennis 9-12; Tennis Club Vice-President 12; Secretary of Senior Class. Memories: I want to thank some special friends of mine. D.D., K.W., J.M., K.G., C.J., K.K., P.A., and last but not least IL- YCC, I’m gonna miss all of you!! I loved my high school years! They went by so fast. G-F was good to me, I hate to leave, gonna miss you G-F. Ambition: To play tennis my college years, and to major in Physical Education. I’m going to miss everyone. Love you . . . all! Karla Lynn Swabb — “Shortie,” “Karlie” — Activities: FBLA 10; Varsity Choir 9-11; Concert Choir 11, 12; All-County Choir 9, 11; Regional Choir 11. Memories: It’s been worth it — I’ll miss it. Ambition: To go to college, and get a degree in music and teaching. James E. Tarleton — Memories: It was fair, but I could have done without it. Ambi¬ tion: Go to a technical school and repair computers. Daniel Tassa — “Danny,” “Tater,” “Dan the Manager Man,” “Junior Baby” — Activities: Varsity Wrestling Manager 9-12; Football Manager 11-12; and JV Baseball Manager 9. Memories: I’ll miss the wrestling tournaments to Pennsylvania. To the wrestling team — may the force be with you. To the great class of ‘84’ — live long and prosper. Ambition: To cook the world’s largest plate of spaghetti, I ’m hoping that I’ll make it as a writer. Vincent A. Tassa III — “Vince,” “Psycho,” “Kamakazii,” and “Grub” — Ac¬ tivities: Varsity Wrestling 9-11; Freshman Football, JV Football 10; Varsity Baseball 11-12; and G-F Club 12. Memories: High School was a lot of fun. I met and made a lot of friends. K.T., I’m glad I met you. ILY Ambition: To be a professional ballplayer after college or to be an architect or commercial artist. Amber Lynn Taylor — “Am,” “Lynn” — Activities: FBLA 10. Memories: It had it’s good and bad times. I will miss my friends and all of the special memories. Leslie: don’t forget all of the great laughs we had. Thanks for always being there and caring. Jerri: I wish you the best in everything you do. Keep in touch always. Michele Taylor — “Mitch” — Activities: JV Volleyball 9; Varsity Volleyball 10-12; JV Basketball 9-10; Varsity Basketball 11-12; JV Softball 9; and Varsity Softball 10. Memories: 1 hated the homework and research papers. I’ll never forget the dumb things I did (lunar objects on buses). Ambition: To go to college, have a successful career, and to be able to say “In your face” to anyone who thought I couldn’t make it. Rosalyn P. Taylor — “Roz” — Activities: SGC Rep. 9-12; Band 9-12; FCA Treasurer 10; FCA Vice-President 11; and Culture Club 10. Memories: I’m very thankful for my friends: Tracy S., Shauntay H., Brian C., and Tim S. Ambition: To live for the moment and Robert Bradley. William Travis Taylor — ‘ ‘Buzz” — Memories: It has taken me so long to com¬ plete the necessary credits because of my accident in November ’81. Ambition: To become successful with masonry work and still have time to have fun. Kimberly Ann Tennell — “Kim,” “Kimmy ” — Activities: Varsity Basketball; and Varsity Softball. Memories: I’m glad it’s over! Thanks to Heidi for being a great friend. Remember Train AM Train, The marsh, Andy’s G.M! Ambition: To stay young!! More Train Train! To be a successful fashion designer. Daniel Teves — “Kamakazi,” “Danny,” “Dan” — Activities: Wrestling 10, 12; and Key Club 11, 12. Memories: It’s an experience I’ll never forget. Robert Thayer — “Mr. Thayer,” “Bobby,” “Bob,” “Bobert” — Memories: I try not to think about high school. I think of it as a stage, where most teachers are acting. Ambition: To become rich and famous and own many beautiful woman. If not own them, then I’ll be content to just photograph them. Stephen D. Thomaidis — “Steve” — Activities: Drama 9-10; Debate Forensics 10; SGC 9-12; It’s Academic Intramurals 11; It’s Academic Captain 12. Memories: Wow! I’ll be glad to kiss this place goodbye, but it’ll be hard to leave my friends. Thanks J.H., K.V., A.M., D.N., and C.C. Ambition: Go to college and hopefully graduate. After that I’d like to be rich and get a Porsche. Karen Michelle Tidd — Activities: FBLA 12. Memories: High School has been okay. I’ve had good times and bad times. I want to say thanks to Caroline, Patty, Becky, and Steve T. I love you Eric! Ambition: After high school, I plan to go to the Woodbridge Beauty Academy and become a beautician. And some day get married to Eric. Lisa Tilley — “Tilmonster,” “Brain Smurf,” “Ping” — Activities: German Club 10; Pep Club 10; Junior Civitans 11; National Honor Society 11-12; Signet; Indian Echoes 11-12; Academics Editor 12; Teen Counseling 12. Memories: It’s been four fun-filled years. I owe everything to my best friends — Debbie, Patti, Lynn, and Mikey! Thanks also to Rhonda and Leslie.Ambition: College, law school, and politics are my career ambition; but most of all, I want to be happy. Look out world, here I come!! Lora L. Tillman — “Lori,” “Pip,” “Pippi” — Memories: It hasn’t been easy, but I stuck with it and I’ve made it with a little help from my true friends, Thanks Mark and Tracey and Kim. Charles Howard Toler — “Chuck” — Activities: Varsity Wrestling 9-12; SGC 228 Seniors SENIOR DIRECTORY Rep. 9-10. Memories: It went by so quickly I forgot what my thoughts were. Thanks Joe, Deb, M.B., Bruce, Chris, Al, and Bud. Ambition: I would really like to go into the Naval Academy and wrestle, but if I’m not accepted, I will continue my education by going to college and wrestling and eventually I’ll end up in the NCAA Finals! Rhonda Treichel — “Trickel,” “Charlie,” “Rainbow,” “Ronnie” — Activities: Concert Band 9-10; Symphonic Band 11; Who’s Who in American High School Students 11; Marching Band 9-11; and HOSA 12. Memories: It was a great growing experience with lots of ups, downs and tears, but was mostly full of smiles, laughter, wonderful friendships, and memories. Ambition: To become a nurse and live happily ever after with my 1 sweetie, Kevin. Special thanks to all my friends and especially to Mom and Dad for their love and support through the years. I love Y’all! Amy Jean Trout — “Amos,” “Amy,” “A.J.,” “Aim” — Activities: Volleyball 9- 12; DECA 10-11; Teen Counseling 11-12; FBLA 11; and Powder Puff Football 12. Memories: A place for fun, laughs, cheers and hopes, to happen. I couldn’t have made it without Kyra, Tony, L.U., M.T., and G-F. Volleyball you’re 1. Ambition: Go to George Mason, buy a hotel for Kyra, live with Tony, and be ri ch and happy forever! Kyra — keep teaching me everything you know. Latrice Mechelle Tucker — “Pink Lady,” “T” — Activities: President of the Leo Club 12; Indoor-Outdoor Track 10-12. Memories: Very fun, had some nice times and bad times, but overall very fun. Ambition: Is to be a fashion coordinator, go to a fashion school or college, and if things go right, have my own boutique specializing in men’s clothing. Carol Trac Turner — “Trac” — Activities: FBLA 9-10. Memories: I want to thank Nigi, Weiner, Pooch, Lis, Chrusty, RD, K.F., If it wasn’t for ya’ll I Wouldn’t have made it. Greg O’Keef — I’ll always love you. You mean the world to me. I’m only yours, forever! Ambition: To stay with Greg and go to college. Jim Tutsock — “Tut,” “Smedly” — Activities: JV Football 10; Varsity Football 11; Varsity Soccer 10-12. Memories: It was fun while it lasted, I’m glad i t’s over. Good luck Class of ’84. Ambition: To finish school and become an apprentice and maybe play a little ball in college. I love you Annette, thanks. Lori Urban — Activities: SGC Rep. 9-12; DECA 10-11; Teen Counseling 12; and Powder Puff Football 12. Memories: I’ve had many good times thanks to my friends: Diana (Peabody) Katie (The Lake), Rosie (J.B.), Michaello (The Who) and Amy (New Years Eve) Thanks Mom, Dad, and Kim. Ambition: To be happy in whatever I do, with Greg beside me. Kristen Uthus — “Kris,” “Klu,” “Harpo” — Activities: French Club 10-12; Presi¬ dent 12; Drama 12; National Ffonor Society 12; Signet 9-12; and Orchestra 11. Memories: As much as I hated the work, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Thanks to my teachers and friends, but most of all to you A.M. Ambition: Drag myself through med school and become a mad scientist playing with genes and chromosomes and eventually winning the Nobel Prize for my discoveries. Christopher Allen Varner — “Chris,” “Lava Man” — Activities: Sophomore Class Vice-President; SGC Rep 10-12; JV Wrestling 10; Varsity Wrestling 11-12; Teen Counseling 12. Memories: Good times, rough times, but mostly great times thanks to the GBDT and especially JE. Ambition: To go to college and try to ac¬ complish something in my life. Boni Susan Vassiliades — “BBA,” “PH” — Activities: Softball 9; Drama 10; and Junior Civitans 11. Memories: I’ve learned a lot here, from teachers as well as friends. Especially my junior year, thanks to J.G., P.D., and H.G. Ambition: To be happy and successful in whatever 1 decide to do. Cheryl Veil — Activities: SGC 10. Memories: These four years were hard but it’s going to be worth it when it’s over. Ambition: To get out of school, get a good job, become rich and get married. Matthew David Victor — “Matt,” “Vic,” “MVP,” “J.B.,” “HRH,” “Orson,” “Duke,” “Spike,” “Champion,” “Babe” — Activities: JV Baseball 10 MVP; Varsity Baseball 11-12; Teen Counseling 12. Memories: It was great while it lasted. But it is time to move on. Couldn’t have done it without Mom and Dad — love you both. One more thing —- Love ya Gus!!! Ambition: Go to college, become an architect, and someday wear the pin-stripes in Yankee Stadium. Tammy Vieth — “S.S.” — Memories: It was a lot of hard work, but thanks to my friends Tanya, and Ginny, I got through it. Special thanks to mom for all her love and support, and Janet for being a sister and a friend. Ambition: To be successful in my career, and to one day marry the one I love. Steven Edward Walker — “Stephanas” — Memories: It was an experience. I had good times and I had bad times. Ambition: To go into the Army and then to college, and then back into the Army. I also plan to marry Cynthia Howell. Toni Felise Walker - “Ton,” “Ti,” “Toe-knee,” “Esther,” “Toni Jean,” “TJ” — Activities: FBLA 10-12; Drama 9-12; Pep Club 9; Teen Counseling 12. Memories: My four years here are UNFORGETTABLE!! I would not have made it without the Gang. Thanks for being there. Good luck to little bro Keith (you’ll need it!) Ricky, I’ll always luv U. Ambition: Go on to college and become a physical therapist. Eventually settle down and get married. Tina Walls — “Shortie” — Activities: Freshman Basketball, Varsity Outdoor Track 9-12; Indoor Track 10-12; Cross Country 11; FCA 10; HERO 11; Powder Puff 12. Memories: Gar-Field was great even though 1 had my ups and downs, but thanks to Cathy A. Robin W., and Jenny W. for being such good friends. Ambition: After graduation, I plan to attend college and to major in computer science. Scott Warren — Activities: JV Baseball 9-10; Varsity Baseball 11-12; Jr. Civitans 10. Memories: I thought it was great while it lasted. Special thanks to D.S., M.G., D.B., D.W. Ambition: To be a college graduate and be a millionaire before the age of 30. Derrick Lynell Washington — “D-Train,” “Square bush” — Activities: JV Foot¬ ball 9-10; Varsity 11-12; Indoor Track 11-12; Outdoor Track 11-12. Memories: High school was once in a litetime experience. Good luck Frank, Bobby. Don’t break too many hearts. Good-bye T.W., E.H. Ambition: To go on to a major college, become rich and famous and get married to the one I love — watch out Toni W. — and own a Porsche. Look out world, here I come!! Kim Weatherholtz — Memories: I would like to thank Mrs. Carr for all her help, Mr. Bradsher, too. You guys are the best. Ambition: All I wanted to do was graduate! Bye-Bye Gar-Field! Robert, all my love, now and always!! Let’s party! Cathryn Webster — “Cat,” “Cathy,” “Thumper” — Activities: Flag Corps 9; FBLA 10; SGC 10-12; Powder Puff Football 11-12; Who’s Who Among American High School Students 11; Spanish Club 11; Debate Team 12; Virginia Girls’ State 11; Teen Counseling 12. Memories: I had fun, hope G-F keeps on shining. Hope the class of 84 dreams come true for everyone. Good luck 84 in everything you do. Ambition: Go to college, work in the U.S. Embassy in London, to get married to the man I love, have 3 or 4 kids, have lots of fun, be rich and be very happy. Linda Carol Wheelehan — “Wheelehaner,” “Wheelebunny,” “Shortie,” “Lin,” Leen-da-Lion,” “Debbie,” “Veele Han Tobogan,” “Wheelebuger,” “Co-Pilot” — Activities: Treble Choir 9; Concert Choir 10-12; “Dominants” 11-12; All-County Choir 10-11; Honors Choir 12; Regional Choir 10-11; Drama Club 11-12. Memories: It was a blast. . . Thanks so much to Julie, Chris, Gary, and that Watson fellow. You’s guys is great! Ambition: Just hope, luck, and lots of fun! Julie — let’s go for a ride! Hey Chris — ’Elio? Later ... Dawn Wrenea White — “DiDi,” “Shorty,” “Peewee” — Activities: Concert Band 9; Symphonic Band 10-11; FBLA 12. Memories: It’s been a great 4 years, long but great. Thanks Patty, Kim, Annette, Chris, C.S., D.M., M.U., T.S., D.S., Mrs. L., Mrs. D., Mel!, Mr. (papa) J., the Band and Matt. Love ya! Thanks class of 84 ! Ambition: To go to college, major in business management. To live free and happy!! Dwayne White — Good place to meet the girls and learn. Ambition: I want to become rich and famous, of course. Or go to the NBA. Janeen Patrice White — Memories: My high school years have been enjoyable. Ambition: I plan to be a secretary or go into business management. Kathy White — “Blondie” — Activities: Tennis 9-12; Tennis Club President 10-12; Class Vice-President 9-12. Memories: It was great while it lasted. Best of luck to the tennis team. Special thanks to B.S., S.M., and mom White. Ambition: To study vet medicine in college. Kimberly Anne Whitt — “Kimi,” “Little Whitt” — Activities: Jr. Civitans 11; FBLA 12. Memories: I made it! Thanks to Clare S., Teresa K., Michele W., Marcia D., and to Larry J. I could never have made it without your love and help. Ambition: To become a fashion merchandiser and make it big! To be as happy as I am now forever. To marry the one I love, W.G. Virginia Mary Whittle — “Gina,” “Weenie” — Activities: Jr. Civitans 11; FBLA 12; Powder Puff Football 12. Memories: The good times and good friends will never be forgotten. Without Mom, Dad, David, and Chelle I would have never made it. I love you guys! Good luck, Trac, Nick, Annie, Lisa, Wirt. Ya’ll made it all worth it. Thanks!! Ambition: To move to Florida with David, get our Ford 4-wheel drive turck with humongous tires, be a beach bum and live happily ever after. Hey David, Early Mornins! On! Don’t forget, I’m forever yours . . . faithfully. I love you! Steven R. Wichelt — “Steviekins,” “Critic,” “Brain” — Activities: Spanish Club 10-11; Science Club 11-12; Tennis Club 12; Math Club 12. Memories: High school is the place for good times and I had my share. 1 thank all my friends for the support and good times they gave me. Ambition: Once I graduate, I hope to go to college and study pre-med. After college, I hope to become involved with NASA in aeronautic medicine. Kathy Williams — “Kassie,” “Wenda-Kath” — Activities: DECA 10; VICA 11- 12. Memories: When you think about it, it was worth all the trouble. Right, Greg? Am¬ bition: Within a year after graduation, I plan on owning my own shop, thanks to Mrs. Brooks, and forever and faithfully goes to Greg. Laura Willis — Memories: I had a lot of fun during high school thanks to all the great people I met here. Ambition: I want to get out of school and enjoy life toits fullest doing the things I enjoy most — party. Sharon Lynn Wilson — “Babycakes,” “Sissy,” “S,” “Pooh Bear,” “Crash” — Activities: Treble Choir 10-12; Concert Choir 12; All-County Choir 12; SGC Representative 9-11; Volleyball 9-10; Track 12; Powder Puff Football 12; Teen Counseling 12. Memories: It’s been great, thanks to Sissy “T”, Kim, Cindy and Ceda, but most of all Joe. 1 love you. Memories Live on . . . Ambition: To attend East Carolina University, major in jazz music, and to live it up in Tallahassee with Virginia crusin’ in my new Trans Am. Deanna Lynn Woolfolk — “Dee-Dee” — Activities: FHA, Track, SGC Represen¬ tative. Memories: I really enjoyed spending my high school years with Howard. Ambi¬ tion: To begin my career and future with Howard Houston. Teresa Noelle Woosley — “Terri,” “Woos” — Activities: Treble Choir 9-12; Con¬ cert Choir 12. Memories: The worst part was getting up in the morning. Good Luck Sandy and Sam! Ambition: To be Mrs. Chris Williams, have a good career that I enjoy and become a millionaire! If none of the above, I’ll be an old maid. Elizabeth Ann Wright — “Betsy” — Memories: I liked Gar-Field and most of the people in it. Lunch time is always crazy! Ambition: To go to junior college then business school and major in business and administration. Scott J, Yates Activities: Football 11-12. Memories: Fun, exciting, sometimes depressing. Ambition: Go on to a small college, play football if things work out. Steve Zawisa — “Knee,” “Wisa” — Activities: Concert Band 10-11; Symphonic Band 12; JV Football 10-11; Spanish Club 9. Memories: 1 believe high school was very important to me because it broadened my knowledge and comprehension of the world. Ambition: To become a police officer. Seniors 229 I, Professor Gerard Grendleston, have just returned from a journey to the deepest, darkest jungle called “On Our Way.” In this jungle, I made a great discovery! There are people living there who call themselves “students” of a society referred to as Gar-Field. This is a very strange and backwards place. The students are a lways talking about going “home.” I asked them, “Isn’t Gar-Field your home?” and they looked at me strangely and said, “No.” I could gqt no further enlighten¬ ment from them, as to where their “home” really is. Another thing that I thought strange and backwards, is that they do things the exact opposite that we do. If their home is the place where they actually live, as we do, then they are indeed an upsidedown place. While we sleep at home and go out to have fun; they sleep at Gar-Field, and go home to have fun!! At least, that is what 1 comprehend¬ ed from their conversations. Having now returned from my four year study of these students and their seperate tribes, I have decided to report them to the public. While looking through the following pic¬ tures, and the few comments I have made, please keep in mind what you have just read. Sincerely yours, Professor Grendleston " gs , 4 : Professor Grendleston’s First Views of Gar-Field J ' ■ ' isSr ' " ... Prof. Grendleston 231 Sophomore Beth White and Junior Janice Majeski, friends on and off the court. .. Filling the academic requirements for the football team. Cinderella stopping at her locker during spirit week. A typical Gar-Field hallway during class. 232 Underclassmen Heading home Time for a class discussion in Mr. Edward’s English room. Upper: Taking a break from the pressures of school. Lower: Smile for the camera in the home ec room. Underclassmen 233 Lunch is a time for fun. The “Junior” Spirit shines through. Kathy Turlip and Laura Moody strenuously studying for an American Studies Test. Norma Barfield’s jersey reads Gar-Field 1 Steve Grover in his ’80 MGB finds that driving a car to school is a privilege. 234 Underclassmen Trying to learn in English, can really be a task at times mmmrni Arriving early to class seldom occurs, especially for June Poczatek. Margie Crespo and Tina Halsey posing for a friendly picture. Tony Ashby and other science aides help teachers handle some of the load. A daily part of student life is riding the bus home. Underclassmen 235 ■H Juniors Being a “Junior” seems to be the highlight of a student’s life. This clan has been nicknamed, “On Our Way Up,” and it fits. This tribe is full of vivacious, spirited students who have just realized “ON OUR WAY UP” that life was meant to be fun. It would ap- as Juniors, the students constantly com¬ pear that they have just one thought in pete with the Seniors to show that they mind, and that is to be permitted to enter have spirit too. I believe that this is the the Senior tribe. So all through their days most competitive group of them all. Andrew Ackerman Jerri Adair James Ahern Mona Aldridge Rodney Alexander Julie Alford Jerry Allen Matt Alecea Cathy Anderson Judy Anderson Shawn Anthony Chris Arnold Vivienne Arnold Michelle Asbury Antonio Ashby Stacey Astrin Tammi Atwell Donna Aveni Nancy Bachert Beth Bado Jennifer Bagnerise Reginald Baker Tonia Ballard Tim Baransky Mike Barber Kim Barnes Mark Barnes Randi Barnhill Ray Barrante Michelle Battaglia Tia Bauer Gregg Baumgartner Luisito Baytan 236 Juniors Walter Beardsley Kristina Beck Tina Beckler David Bedard Diane Beighlea Robert Benedetto Stanley Benton John Beranek Ron Berish Cathy Bernhardt Jeff Betty Beth Beuley Becky Bickham Barbara Black Michael Blair Elizabeth Blankenship Dave Borough Dana Bowen Bob Bowen Domini Boyd Richard Boyd Robert Boyle Lisa Bradley Pam Brady Candy Brann Christie Brannan Sacha Bridges Mario Britton Tina Britton Scott Brooks Tom Brooks Mike Brown Michael T. Brown Susan Brown Eric Bunn Jim Bryan Pamela Bryant Susan Burian Michael Burke Marci Burnette Bonnie Byram Barbara Byrd James Calfee Lourie Callahan Darin Calwell Glenda Campbell Patrick Cardenas Stacey Carlson Denise Carmichael Kenny Carroll Michelle Carter Linda Cashwell Kevin Cecil Colleen Checkon Juniors 237 Dave Checkon Lisa Cheeks Mike Chesley Samantha Chichester Kim Chiddix Linda Chopin Jeff Chuday Colleen Clark Greg Clay Jennifer Coffee Donna Collatos Dena Collier Mike Collins Cheri Colon Julio Colon Gary Combs Tom Conaway Glenn Conward Mary Cook Barry Cooper Shawne Cosand Tadd Crawford Audra Creasy Margie Crespo Richard Crespo Tim Cross Lynne Cummings Tony Currier Mark Dallman Gail Davis Natasha Davis Mark Dawson Pamela Day Kim Dean Shari Dean Mike Delaney Charmane Delaverson David Depoy Michelle Depoy Peggy Dick David Dietz Michelle Dietz Dean Diffenbaugh Rick Divver Rosemary Doran Chris Cormstetter Michelle Dortch Roger Dowd Andy Downey Steve Doyle Angela Drummond 238 Juniors Jackie Duke Paul Dulaney Greg Dunn Todd Ebron Tammy Echelbarger Tara Edelschick David Edwards David Eiland Charlie Einsimann Darren Ekren Todd Ellard Matthew Enos Becky Espinal Bruce Evatt Mickey Ewing Darryl Fairley Shari Falce David Farish Darren Farley Mike Feeney Kellee Felter Kim Fennell Michael Finlayson Vernon Fish Karen Fisher Kim Fitzgerald Tiffany Fitzwater Connie Fogle Willis Foley Lisa Fontane John Foster Tony Fowler Deanna Fratzke Brian Friend Mike Fryling Don Gamboa John Ganino Lisa Gazda Susan Gazda John Gefrich Larry Gibbs Danny Gillette Robert Goewey Crystal Good John Good Gary Goode Bill Goodrich Sam Goodrich Karen Gordon Diane Goulla Juniors 239 Here are some of Gar-Field’s finest socializers in the Senior locker bay. Brian Graham Tammy Graham Sandy Grantham Daniel Green Ellen Grieff Eric Griffen Wendy Grimes Steve Grover Sandra Guttormsen Kenneth Haines April Hall Darin Haller Toni Halman Tina Halsey Emi Hamako Lynn Hammond Mike Hamric Kim Hanberry Cheryl Hardy Brenda Harmon Tim Harps Janie Harr is Porpan Harris Scott Harris Cindy Harrod Deborah Harrod Donnie Hart Patrick Hart Theresa Hart Dennis Haught Harold Haycraft Lori Hayes Peggy Hicks Missy Hiett Keith Higdon Joyce Hilins Pam Himelright Pamela Hobbs Chris Hoerr Michelle Hoff Kerry Hoffmann Janet Holcombe Lloyd Holland Jim Hoover Glenn Housier Cynthia Howell Joseph Hummell Michelle Hummer Mike Humphreys James Hunter Annette Hurley Manijah Hussaini Ramona Hutt Rachel Inchauteguiz 240 Juniors Todd Ingram Kerry Irby Mark Irvin Katrina Irving David Iseminger Colleen Jabs Angela Jackson Craig Jackson Darw Jackson Steven Jamieson David Jebram Anthony Jenkins Billy Jersey Sherry Jessee Alonzo Johnson Angelia Johnson Barbie Johnson Dawn Johnson Frank Johnson Mandy Johnson Reggie Johnson Bryan Jones Jennifer Jones Kimberly Jones LaGranda Jordan Gay Joshlyn Vicky Kastl Tom Keefer Wanda Kestner Roger Kibler Doug Kile Barbara King Donny Kinnett Chris Knoernschild Donna Knott Stacey Komar Anthony Kotrady Pamela LaCava Scott Lamb Kay Lamborn Francoise Lamitte Todd Land Juniors 241 Teresa Landon Rachel Larsen Linda Lassiter Noelle Lathe Scctt Lavey Robby Layman Beth Leblanc Wendy Leight Sam Lelaikes James Lemons Jill Lewis Matt Lewis “Of course we’re not skipping!” Diane Arnoldi says, and then smiles innocently. Mike Lickiss Laura Lienard Rhonda Ligotski Carol Limbaugh Katrina Linkous Cena Litton Denise Long Roger Loy Michelle Lynch Ed Macbride Chris Macrae Janice Majeski Patrick Mallette Stanley Mann Irene Manning Wendy Martin Pete Mattaliano Lisa Matthews Kathy McAllister John McCain Dylan McGee John McHugh Julie McKinley Dawn McManamy Patria McMillan Kelly McNichol Larry Meade Tim Meadows Chandra Medcalf Kim Merrifield 242 Juniors Wanda Mickens Cynthia Midgett Mike Migliorini Barry Miller Kim Miller Sue Mills Mark Minor James Mirsky Cheryl Mitchell Mike Mitrione Laura Moody Christie Moore Renee Moore Philip Moores Michelle Morgan Jean Morrissey Craig Motley Leslie Motley Todd Motley Donna Motta Dean Munsell Brian Murphy Kathy Nagley Sharon Naylor Craig Newbold Arthur Newman Kristin Newman Jim Nichols Pam Nicholson Brenda Nix Rodney Nixon Bill Novitsky Wayne Nutt Lisa O’Donnell Kathy Ostrander Scott Page Andy Palmer Butch Parks Patty Patenaude Pamela Payne Edwin Perez Tracy Perry Paul Pyrz and Chutimar Sragaow wait for the bell to ring at the end of the day. Bobby Peters Tracy Peters Todd Pierce Charles Pitts Andrew Ackerman David Plenty June Poczatek Mike Poillucci Patty Pomper Tim Popp David Porter Mike Posey Juniors 243 Patricia Pastiva Mary Powers David Pratt Michele Puckett Mark Putiyon Karen Putnam Vasana Raasch David Ramos Kevin Reece Samantha Reed Brian Reynolds Jeff Rhodes Sally Rice Robert Richardson Ed Robinson Sharon Robison Tim Rodgers Chris Rodriguez Bart Rogers Ralph Roles Charles Rotblut Kathy Rouleau Chris Rowell Betsy Rumph David Sager Lisa Saplak Clare Sarsfield Jeff Schaney Jackie Schutt John Seabolt Daryl Sears David Shannon Howard Shaw Chris Sheehan Cindy Shoop David Shurtliff Curt Sigler Jane Simon Ricky Simmons Amber Sims Jerome Sims Nancy Sisk Lisa Sketo Debby Salughter A1 Slocumb Barry Smallwood Amy Smead Christine Smith Colleen Smith Fred Smith Jeff Smith Kelley Smith Kelvin Smith Lori Smith 244 Juniors Scott Smith Aubrey Sneed Steve Soltes Dede Somers Sandy Soulsby Christy Sparks Jeff Spear Susan Spellane Tim Spence Dawn Sprowls Chutimar Sragaow Greg Stafira Alex Stallworth Haskell Stamper Robert Stanley Rhonda Steenhock Diana Stephens Rodney Stephens Tim Sterns Mike Stewart Lisa Stiles Pam Stiltner Betsy Stoy Debra Strahl Kay Stringer Tracey Struble Matt Struder Steve Strychowski Leona Stumm Eugene Suggs Cheryl Suslowicz Leslie Swecker Christina Taylor Adlina Teves Sean Thomas Carlos Thompson Terry Thorne Greg Thronton Valarie Thorpe Tommie Tiller Laura Tipton Tamra Truitt Not even the cold weather can dampen our spirit. The Beginning of Spirit When a student becomes a junior, strange things occur. While before he went through life quiet¬ ly, not making any noise, he suddenly becomes spirited. He realizes that only two more years of high school are left, and it is a time to have as much fun as possible before his time is up. The Juniors certainly give the Seniors good competition when it comes to pep rallies, decorating for spirit week, and homecoming floats. Kendra Trujillo Terri Tuano Rodney Tucker Juniors 245 Kathy Turlip Gaylon Turner Jennifer Turner Smile for the camera Debbie, Patty, and friends. Sandy Umbarger Kim Urban Mark Van Curen John Vanderhoof Sam Vankoughnet Heather Vilt Tony Vito Timothy Wolffradt Barry Wagnon Jennifer Waibel Tracy Wakeman Rudy Walker Tom Wallace Sarah Wanamaker Lisa Warner Robert Warring Steven Watson Michelle Weakley Robbie Webster Robbie Weiler Jeff Wells Dawn Wheat Sean Wheat Michelle Wheeler Tina Wheeler Peggy White Robin White Melissa Whited Vicki Wichelt Lashon Willett Cara Williams Kathy Williams Tammy Williams Bronwyn Wilson Leah Wilson Roger Wilson William Withers Mike Woodfin Alan Wooldridge 246 Juniors Tanya Worthy Kathy Wright Shawn Wright Chris Yokum Mike York Brent Young Steve Zahn John Zanella Mark Zawisa Barbara Zeunges Pamela Ziesler Upper: Enjoying the sun during lunch Lower: Jennifer and Heather Vilt proving that sisters can be friends. Upper: The gang’s all here in the gym. Lower: Studying hard for American Studies in the library Juniors 247 Sophomores The “Sophomore” clan is also known as the “On Our Way, No Way” group. The reason for this, I think is because they simply don’t know where they are going. I see them walk around G-F just waiting to be allowed to become “Juniors.” 1 feel sorry for them, but one thing I must admit, although these “Sophomores” don’t know where they are going or who they are, they do show spirit and a will to succeed. These things are needed if a student is to pass from “Sophomore” to “Junior.” ON OUR WAY, NO WAY Samatha Adams Kevin Ackerman Paul Alger Lisa Alsop Bryan Anderson Donna Anderson Lisa Anderson Elinor Antwi Joel Armstrong Susan Arnold Aleta Babcock Brad Ballenger Kim Barnhart Steve Bartenes Turina Baumgardner Polone Bazile Mike Beachy Rachel Beaty Marcia Beavers Brian Bell John Bell Tim Bell Chris Bennetts Steve Berlin Mellisa Besson Patrick Bianchini Greg Billingslee Dana Black Jeff Black Mike Blackburn Paul Blaylock Lisa Bloxton Jane Ann Boros 248 Sophomores Vince Boughton Beth Bowman David Bratton Elena Brazil Tammie Brenzovich Terri Brickley Keith Bridgman Monica Brimage David Brooks Ronnie Brooks Teresa Brooks Che Brown Cindy Brown Jonathan Brown Mike Brown Pam Brown Scott Brown Steve Brown Warren Brown Anthony Brozowski Yvonne Buel Matt Bullard Tammy Burch Dawn Burgess Tammy Burhans Patti Burian Paul Burke Brian Burner Lisa Burris Cherl Burruss Karin Busch Lori Buschbaum Howard Butler Robert Byram Lito Cabading Joe Caldarelli Chuck Carlson Junnette Campos James Caprara John Carmichael Hutch Carpenter Joe Carrigan Chandra and friends ham it up for the camera. Joseph Carter Christina Cash Sean Cassidy Katy Castulik Gerald Cephas Troy Cheatham Ann Maria Chester Julie Christensen Stephen Clegg Janet Clemen David Clinton Linda Clore Sophomores 249 Sean Coerse Chad Coffee Cheryl Collins Tom Collins Charlene Connor Jeff Conward Cherie Cook Pat Cooper Pat Cope Beth Corbin Eric Costell Michelle Covington Stephanie Covington Kevin Coutts Emerson Creel Jim Crocker Leona Cruse Rosie Cummings Gena Gunn Michelle Daderio Tiffanye Dangoia Chris Daniels Ed David Rich David Christina Davis Shawn Davis Marion Dechat Teresa Decker Lisa DeFrancesco Jerry DeLane Steve Dent Danny Deutch Kelly Devine Alicia Diaz Joe Dierker Mike Dittmer Darrell Dixon Russell Dixon Brian Dolan Dawn Donovan Debbie Dormstetter Lisa Dorn Kim Doyle Patricia Dreischer Paige Dwyer Tad Dulaney Shawn Easier Scot Ebron Brenda Edelschick Waverly Edwards 250 Sophomores Suzy Einsmann Jenny Ekren Brandt Elis Lana Ellenberger Marie Ellis Andrea Embrey Shelly Ernling Lance Endy Michael Ervin Anita Espin Scott Esselstyn Danielle Evans Karen Evans Trevor Evans William Evans Bill Eyler Bradley Farley Mike Faszcza Susan Fawley Mark Fayak Susan Feeney Jose Fernandes Joanne Ferri Danielle Fisher Michael Fowkes Cindy Fowler Karen Fowler Steve Fowler John Fowlkes Lisa Fox Chris Franklin Steven Franklin Michelle Fraser Sandy Freeby Matt Friend Tim Frye Ken Fullem Kristine Fullem Tommy Fulton Bruce Gallahan William Gallik Dawn Gallup Melissa Gardiner Darryl Gatling Kevin Gianni Dennis Gill Rick Glover Myles Godby Bryan Goff Gail Golden Debbie Good Bob Gore Sophomores 251 Students hard at work on their Biology classwork. Colleen Grafenstein Michelle Graham Lisa Graupman Gail Grevey Julie Grimes Judi Grow Tammy Grove Jackie Groves Crystal Gruszkowski Robin Gurski Greg Hale Steve Hamric Cathy Hanna Lewis Hans Kim Harris Marshall Harris Velvet Harris Ron Hart James Haskins David Hastie Jeanette Hayes Martha Haymond Ruel Haymond Rachael Hayward James Heininge Troy Hetrick Robin Hickey Roger Hicks Mike Higgins Andre Hill Charlie Hill Robert Hirons Timothy Hoffman Jennifer Holbert Alfred Honeycutt B obby Hood Gina Howard Kimberly Howard Michelle Howard Barry Huddleston Simone Hughes 252 Sophomores The “Map” board in the Driver’s range office which the in¬ structors use to give directions. Drivers Education: The Experience Imagine getting behind the wheel of a car. It’s you and your car against the elements. Either you can control the car and live, or lose control and risk possi¬ ble injury to yourself and your passengers. This is the experience most new drivers go through, although they may not realize it. In order to give the students the experience they need, and the confidence, G-F has made Drivers Education a regular part of P.E. 10. The students learn the necessary book work, but most importantly, they get behind the wheel of a moving car. Amy Hunnicutt Heidi Hunter Rick Hustwayte Annette Hurley Charlie Hundley Dawn Hutson Eborah Hutson Carlos Hyman Jeff Ingram Angelique Jackson Kelly Jackson Mary Jackson Sherry Jackson Tracey Jackson Laura Jarrait Concetta Jeel Bobby Jefferson Mike Jerrell David Jillson Carl Johnson Cranshaw Jones Michela Jordan Mita Judy Gina Justice Judi Kane Linda Kasik Craig Keefer Scott Kehn Kooky Kendra Sophomores 253 James Kennedy Jeff Keys Sherri Kidwell Robert Kim Joyce King Mark King Richard King Susan King Kevin Kinney Melanie Klugh Chris Knepp Kecia Knoernschild Terri Knowles Michael Kocherhans Matt Kolich Will Kone Myong Kong Tim Korpal Joe Kohrman Skylar Kovack Kelly Kreiner Sherry Krell Chae Kwon Joann Lacy Shay Lakers Jeff Lam Nhathang Lam Dwayne Landry Mechelle Lankford Kirk Larsen Kathy LeBlanc Glenn LeTourneau Mark Lautieri Danny Lawray Calvin Lawrence John Layne Kathy LeBlanc Cathy Ledden Kristen Lee Linda Lee Susan Lee Nadine Lenar Eric Lerfald Beth Lerner Steve Lichtenfels Brenda Lifts Jo Rae Locklear Michael Long Epharaim Longs 254 Sophomores Jeffrey Love Steve Lowrie Paul Lucero Joe Lugo Daniel Luna Jackie Luther Mike Lynn Tracey MacCallum Roxanne Mackie Dawn MacMurdy Jeff Madorma Steve Mahr Joe Makolandra Lee Makolandra Annesia Malone David Mambro Sharon Manning Rosa Marquina David Marr Rick Marshall Tanya Marshall Raymond Mason Tracy May Kathleen Mawanay Siddika Mawani Kevin McCage John McCain Mike McCarthy Brendan McConnell Kevin McCord John McCuen Dawn McCullough Sue McDaniel Scott McGill Annette McMahon Tim McNabb Sean McNeil Rhonda Meade Kellie Meseck Sandy Mergler Maria Mendoza Michele Meehan Sophomores 255 Doug Meyer Michelle Mielke Carlo Miller Chad Miller Jimmy Miller Kenny Miller Paige Miller P aul Miller Jean Miller Shawn Miller Bonnie Miner Tammy Minney What’s so funny? Jerold Miranda Dina Mize Michelle Moats Vicki Moats Cindy Morel Beverly Morris John Mottershead Becky Mullinax Dania Munson Kathy Murphy Shelagh Murphy Charles Murrell Lorinda Myers Ethan Newell Debbie Newman Earl Newman Stevie Nicks Russell Ningen Skip Normandin Susan Nuckols Karen Nungesser Kim Nunnallee Kathy Obcemea Laura O’Brien Maureen Ogden Fred Ohm John Ols Lemel O’Neal Thomas O’Neal Latanya Osborne Gayl Ouellette Darrell Painter Jenny Panone Tony Papadakis Jeff Parker Mike Parker Ronald Partridge Diana Pasterchick Bickey Pearce Kristy Pedersen Paula Pelzer Derrick Penny 256 Sophomores Tommy Perrie Charles Perrin Jesse Perrin Denise Peters Steve Petruzzi Judy Phillips Rondal Phillips Suzy Phillips Will Phillips Jennifer Phinney Scott Pierpoint Kara Pine Josh Plenty Chris Poole Jon Porch Chrissy Porter Eric Porterfield Chris Potvin Laurie Priebe Kari Pugh Bryan Purcell Jeff Purcell Brian Purdy Ferron Powell Lisa Quesenberry Darrell Rawlinson Kira Reed Michael Rendino Amy Reynolds Kathryn Rich Yvonne Richards Brenda Rickman Arthur Rider Dan Rider Robert Ritenour Shirley Rivera Suzanne Robbins Aaron Roberts Cheri Roberts Gilbert Roberts Ron Roberts Brenda Robison Chris Robinson Richard Rocha Dana Rodgers Stacey Rodgers Carla Rodriguez Hans Rodriguez James Rogers Manuel Rojas Deidre Rose Sophomores 257 Renne Ruszczyk Scott Roth Peter Rowe Richard Rowe Buddy Roy Rae Ruiz Tim Russell Jennifer Sadoff Leslie Safransky Mark Salyers Andre Sanders Isabel Santa Ana Kathleen Savoie Steve Scaramuzza Andrea Schell Earl Schoenborn Stacey Schooley Tina Schumacher Ronald Scott Becky Seabolt Jeff Sedlacek Robert Seeley Chris Seaton Cindy Shatley Nam Shin Robbie Shipp Matt Shoop Kristie Sholar Candie Sigler David Simcic Anne Simmons Rajiv Singh Trimetria Singleton Debbie Sisson Brigitte Smith Holly Smith Michael Smith Michelle Smith Nancy Snyder Scott Sorensen ART With all of the courses available to students, it is often hard to decide which one to take. For some this is not a hard decision. They choose the one course that they enjoy. A favorite among students today is Art. 258 Sophomores Wayne Souza Frances Spasoff Jeanine Spatzer Traci Sprouse Scott St. Clair Michael Stafn» Sandra Stanley Marc Starr Anita Stephens Jeni Stephenson Debbie Stewart Glenn Stiles Rodney Stiltner Fred Stoltz Laura Straight James Stringer Matt Slprubk Coleen Stumm Robert Stynes Duane Suppy Kim Sunderland Daniel Sutherland Evelyn Swecker William Talley Mike Tamony Jennifer Tassi Andrew Taylor Jeff Taylor John Taylor Keith Taylor Dartrice Ferrell Patrick Terrell Kendrick Terry Ah Ling Thayer Allen Thomas Kelvin Thomas John Thompson Myrna Thompson Shelley Thornton Wendy Tiller Amber Tompkins Steve Tompkins Sophomores 259 Tammy Tonstad Wendy Townsend Sophia Tracey Suzie Troiano Brian Trotman Penny Tucker Julie Turner Dan Turner Tod Turner Jeff Tutsock Kendra Uthus Lee Valliant Christina Vanlanduyt fJJimmy Venti Anthony Vining Craig Volonoski John Volz Cheryl Waddell Keith Walker Michelle Walker Tracia Walker Kim Walsh Pete Walsh Michelle Walta Tracy Walter Mitzi Walthall David Wanamaker Paul Wantz Carol Wardlow Doug Warren Cynthia Washington Mark Waterstraat Tony Watt Mike Weakley Marvin Weaver Barry Webb Pat Wendling Pam Werner Elizabeth Westhoff Beth White Melodie White 260 Sophomores ,v Taking time to study before class in the locker bay is a common practice at Gar-Field. William White Brian Wickum Jenneth Willemsen Toni Willett Charlotte Williams Elizabeth Williams Eugene Williams Pam Williams Stephanie Williams John Willingham Jackie Willis Clay Wilson Craig Wilson Donna Wilson Jon Wilson Robby Wilson Lisa Wirt Scott Witherall Chris Wright Karen Wright Stephanie Wright Laura Yates Maria Yeary Dae Yi Ann Young Gavin Young Margaret Zawisa Payam Zeraatbany Pat Zoromski Sophomores 261 Freshmen The students, belonging to the “Freshmen” clan, also have another name to which they are referred. This name “On Our Way, In the Way,” was ON OUR WAY, IN THE WAY given to them by the eldest clan called the “Seniors.” 1 felt sorry for the “Freshmen,” because no one seemed to like them. Even though considered the underdog, the “Freshmen” have a lot of spunk, which unfortunately, sometimes lands them into trouble. Daniel Ackerman Linda Adams Kelly Ahern Nancy Akers David Albertson Deanna Albertson Dianne Anderson Grace Anglin Michelle Ashby Brenda Aspillaga Jessica Atwood Michelle Babcock David Bachman Rebecca Bagby Joseph Bagnerise Anthony Bailey Angie Baker Mark Baker Todd Banks Julie Barker Timothy Barnes Julie Barnhill Mindy Barrett Jennifer Barth Ruben Basantes Bryan Battenfeld Penny Baum Jose Baytan Eric Beale Lori Beaty Jon Bennett Mike Bennett Danny Bickham Dan Bird Steven Bishop 262 Freshmen Danielle Black Mike Blackburn Francoise Blaise Sandra Bledsoe Jeff Bloom Tommy Bloxton Bill Blanton Chris Blye Kim Bohr Emily Bohuslar Chris Bolac Matthew Bethea John Boulden Tia Bowens Jeff Bowers Dan Boyd James Boyd Debbie Boyle Lisa Bradford Denise Breen Mark Breland Jeannine Breslin Keith Bridgett Jautawn Brimage Jason Brooks Lisa Brown Tammy Brown Paul Broyles Brad Bunn Lisa Burkhammer Chrissy Burrage Monica Burruss Lloyd Burton Gwen Butler . Dana Caddy Bobby Campbell Dana Campbell Keith Campbell Tom Campbell Angela Capelotti Donna Cappel Chuck Carlson Is that a new kind of exercise? Kirk Carlson Terri Carmona Helen Carpenter Marion Carrigan Julie Carter Ron Carter Chris Cash Michelle Cashwell Patrick Castle Andrea Cecere Bobby Chamberlain Linda Chapa Freshman 263 Anchalee Chatrabutr Elaine Checkon Kathy Chuquillangui Andrea Clarke Sam Clubb Joseph Cole Kim Collins Wayne Conahan Kurt Conger Jackie Cook Janie Cook Tony Copening Diana Cornett Norma Costello Simone Cote Shawn Cramer Tod Creneti Joey Crespo Rubin Crespo Tammy Crockett Tracey Cross Chris Cummings George Cunha Jimmy Curbs Tom Curran Susan Dameron Angie Davis Lonnie Davis Robert Davis Terry Davis Valeri Dawson Tina Day Stephen Deckard Chris DeLane Ayda Demirkan Eric Denn Palmer Denny Audra Dent Jim Derderian Dana De rosier Mike DeStephanis Cindy Dickhute Beth Dietz Tommy Dietz Dee Diffenbaugh Chris Diggs Barry Dimaria Pat Disse Cheryl Dixon Kris Dixon Mark Dobash 264 Freshmen Susan Dockery Tim Donovan Tom Doran Charles Dorazio Michelle Dorn Dawn Drage Joey Drago Kathy Ellis Coni Elmore Kevin Elmore Lisa Endy Gretchen Ennett Terri Esformes Rosita Espin Sheila Essey Chris Eubanks Michelle Evatt Pam Falk Kenneth Farish Bryan Feeney Mike Ferguson Laveuerne Ferron Thomas Filip Mike Fisher Robert Fisher Kristan Fite Pamela Fitzkee Kris Flinchum Angela Ford Jeffy Ford Todd Ford Stephanie Fowkes Brian Frazier Billy Freeby Elizabeth Fuentes Nydia Fuentes Ricky Fulgencio Freshmen 265 Scott Fulford Mary Fulwood Becky Furner Major Galloway Robert Gandee David Garrett William Gatewood Terrence Gatling Stephanie Gayda Frank Gayle Tom George Aimee Gibbons Yvonne Gilliom Carlos Godby Glenda Godwin Michelle Godwin Ann Good Colin Goodrick Debbie Gore Ron Gosnell Ken Goulet Jimmie Graham Timmy Grantham Brian Green Samantha Green Wendell Griffin Jodi Grose Brian Grubbs David Gundler David Hall Patric Hall Michelle Haney Lori Hanna Julia Hanson Jennifer Harnest Richard Harrell Bobby Harris Tony Harris Shelby Harrod Pat Hart Robert Hart Shari Hart Ashley Harte Richie Hartman Tommy Haug Heather Hawkins Wendell Hawkins Randy Hayes Lysette Heaton Cindy Heininge John Heller Kieth Herrell Kelly Hicks Marc Hicks 266 Freshmen Kelly Hiett Michael Hillman Alfred Hines Arlita Hines Damon Hodges Mike Hoehn Sherrie Hollomom Tim Hopkins Hobart Hornauer Terry Hosier Francine Housier Stephen Hudson Brian Hughes Sonja Hughes Mark Hull Janet Humphrey Cammy Hunsley Kimberly Hunt Brad Hurst Mike Hustwayte Charles Hutchens Patty Hutchinson Deanna Hutson Traci Hyman James Imel Gary Imler Eric Iskra John Jackson William Jackson Beth Jakub Chante James Lisa Jantzen Ann Jebram Scholars prepare for their World Studies I class, which is usually taken in the freshmen year. Kit Jeffrey Monica Jenkins Jeff Jerrell Beverly Johnson Curtis Johnson Elena Johnson Randy Johnson Tammy Johnson Aaron Jones Freshmen 261 James Jones Robert Jones Warren Jones Nancy Jordan Scott Joslin Laura Karvey Larraine Kelshain Jeremy Kennedy Kristen Key Tommy Kibler Tod Kichenmaster Darren Kidwell Who has the homework today? Craig Kilgore James King Jeff King Kimberly King Rodney King Renee Kinney Jennifer Kinzinger Jay Kline Eric Klotter Mike Knott Hui Chin Kong Danny Korpal Gerage Kreamer Lori Krisner Nancy Kruczek Chris Krueger Robby Kuntz LaMonte Lacey Sean Lacey Sean Lamb Dominique Lamitte Brenda Landon Terry Lane Christine Larson Julie Lassiter Cyndi Laughlin Kelly Lavey Darlene Lawson Nha Le “I’m ready for Broadway,” says a student as she waits in line in the school bookstore, which is run by the Distributive Education Club. 268 Freshmen Time for lunch! The Lunchroom Experience One of the least enjoyable things a freshman will ever have to deal with in G-F is the lunchroom lines. The food lines often seem to stretch on forever and never move. People in the lines often rush forward whether the per¬ son in front of them is moving or not. Then, because the lines are so long and time consuming that once the stu¬ dent has his food he only has five or ten minutes to eat. The lunchroom experience in G-F can be a frustrating experience and few people forget it. Deborah Lee Chris Leo Stephanie Lewis Beth Lienard Kamela Lilly Melinda Lineberry Doug Lloyd Jonathan Lockamy Dennis Lochman Alan Logan Jailene Logsdon Elizabeth Longs Shonenell Lucas Scott Ludwig Aili Lyon Chris Macduff Ed Macejka Anna MacEwen Sean McAllister Michelle McClure Kimberly McCoid “Are you looking at me?” asks Mandy. Allan McConnell Geroge McCoy Laurie McHugh Mike McClelland Diane McLeod Tara McManamey Terri McNeill Kyle McRunnel Anthony McWilliams Freshmen 269 J. T. Mackie Michelle Major Jeanette Mallette Jerry Manning Andy Markle Haydanid Marquina Deirdre Marsh Curt Marshall John Marshall Tommy Martin Angela Mason Heather Mason Kate Mason Mark Mattaliano Tonya Matthews Kristin Mawanay Robert May Michelle Meadows Paula Melcher Carla Melonson Mark Merritt Penny Merryman Karen Meseck Carla Mickelson Brian Miller John Miller Mark Miller Ty Miller Tina Mills David Minor Richard Midyette Melodee Miranda Eddie Miskin Trina Mitchell Joseph Moody Colleen Moore James Moore Linda Moore Kim Morello Cynde Morgan Jerry Motley Bill Mowry 270 Freshmen A student in Mr. Bunn’s social studies class room taking advantage of his time alone. Stephanie Moyer JoLinda Mozisek Sean Mulhern Dean Munson Amy Mussomele Kimberley Myrie Vicki Nanni Mike Naylor Courtney Neal Claudia Newhart Latonya Nibblins Curtis Nice Lori Novack Matthew Howard Dennis O’Brien Christine Ogden William O’Hop Billy Oldridge J. P. O’Leary Sheila Oliver Chris Ondo Greg Ondo Terry Opauski Carolyn Orloff Victoria Orolfo Gudrun Ortmann Sigrun Ortmann David Ostrander Mary Outland Kirk Page Todd Page Brian Paine Jon Palmer Janice Palumbo Brian Parker Denise Parker Melissa Parmelee Jason Pasterchick Clarissa Patton Jeff Patton Lorenzo Patton Denise Payne Scott Pederson Dean Pellegrini Tony Pena Joy Pennington Earle Perez Deanna Peschka Kumi Peters Amy Peterson Heather Peterson David Petruzzi Freshmen 271 Smile! Don’t hide from the camera. Tracey Pierce Donald Pile Ron Pinkney LaSondria Pitts Alexander Pock Mary Poczatek Michael Porch Joe Portell Lisa Portz Ann Powers Michelle Pratt Wesley Pruitt Marilyn Pugh Pam Quirin Tayeb Qureshi Chutim Ratanapool Jim Rather Kira Reed Robbie Reese Alan Reeves Jeff Revelle Karin Richards Yvonne Richards Robert Richardson Kim Richmond Kim Riley Tim Riley Robert Ritenour Wanda Ritter Joshua Rivera Shirley Rivera Gilbert Roberts Juanita Robinson Brenda Robison Stacy Rodgers Sandra Rodriguez Deanna Rohrig DeeDee Rojas Arnie Rollins Patricia Rooney 272 Freshmen Lisa Rouleau Rusty Rowell Darrell Sadler Jill Salyers Dianna Sams Paul Sanford Julie Sarofim Pat Sarsfield Joann Sayko Tony Scalio Scott Schalow Chip Schawalder Cheryl Schoenborn Jeffrey Schroyer Brian Scott Brian Scott Donna Shelly Shane Shepherd Michelle Shifflett Tammy Shifflett Marion Shipley Curtis Shoemaker Ceda Shoop John Shurtliff Jennifer Sierk Deanna Simpson Heather Sloan Collin Smith James Smith Reggie Smith Stacey Carlson in deep thought, while in her science class. Shane Smith John Snediker Leah Snediker Traci Snyder Mandy Souders Barbara Sprinkle Nusara Sragaow Karen Stafford Aubrey Stallings Kevin Stanford Karla Stanley Kim Stanley Freshmen 273 Matt Starr Michelle Stephens Michael Stewart Doug Stockman John Stoltz Stephanie Stramer Laura Strickler Todd Surbeck James Sweigart Todd Swisher Tim Talley Amy Taylor Jesse Taylor Susan Taylor Barbara Tedrow Lisa Tenney Zohn Tennyson Susie Thomaidis Cynthia Thomas Elisa Thomas Lorrie Thomas Linda Thompson Tim Thornton Paul Thurman Donald Tiffany Troy Todt Carla Tomasino Tammy Tomchek Deanna Troupe Bobbie Trout Butch Trowbridge Terri Truitt Jeff Tuano Muriel Turch Chris Turner Cindy Turner Kim Trett Barbara Tyson Sherry Upton Carole Vaiden Anissa Vanderhoof 274 Freshmen Tracey Struble and TinaTaylor goofing off during class officer pictures. Cito Vanegas Albert VanLanduyt Lori Varner Margaret Vaught Steve Verburg Allen Victor Jennifer Vilt Greta Von Wolffradt Nancy Wadsworth Mark Walker John Walters Steve Wanamaker Dennis Ward Elizabeth Ward Wade Ware Michael Watts Rebecca Weetman Linda Weiler Nancy West Billy Westen Cheryl Weston Lisa Whitsell Reggi Wilks Catherine Willemsen Shane Williams Tamara Williams Evelyn Willing ham Andrew Wilson Audrea Wilson Gregory Wilson Krystine Wilson Patrick Winemiller Laura Winslow Jenny Withers Andrea Witzgall Billy Wood Gary Wood Brian Woolfolk Clarence Wright James Wright Kevin Wright Monica Wright Amy Yenyo Camille Young Clarence Young Darold Young Brian Ziehmn Freshmen 275 276 Faculty ON OUR WAY TO CLASS FACULTY Faculty 277 FACULTY So you’ve gotten this far in the yearbook and you realize that the last major section left is — yes, FACULTY! Your first thought is “Why should I look at pic¬ tures of people whose only purpose was to assign homework and give tests?” Well there are reasons this section continues to appear year after year. As we, the students, pass through our four years of high school we make many friends. At least a few of these friends are teachers who were remarkable in their own special way. Everyone has a teacher they remember. So just as your class friends are recorded in this book, your teachers also deserve a space of their own. You wouldn’t believe how many “Wanted” posters were cut up for the pictures. School Principal Mr. Phillip Gainous 12th Grade Secretary Ms. Carr 11th Grade Principal Ms. Harte ■ 10th Grade.Secretary Ms. Chiles 10th Grade Principal Mr. Cardinale 278 Administration Secretary Ms. Dean 12th Grade Principal Mr. Bradsher 11th Grade Secretary Ms. Cerami 9th Grade Principal Mr. Clark Administration 279 Mr. Abler — English Sophomore Class Mr. Aleo — Social Studies Ms. Allison — Math Rifles Mr. Anderson — Alternative Ed. Mr. Artz — ICT VICA Ms. Ayres — English National Honor Society Ms. Baggett — Physical Ed. Ms. Bittner — Social Studies Ms. Brown — Physical Ed. Ms. Brunson — Math, Senior Class, Computer club Mr. Bunn — Social Studies Ms. Byrd — Special Ed. Ms. Cantwell — Social Studies, “It’s Academic” Ms. Cash — Math, Drama Mr. Castrina — Reading Mr. Cheshire — Science, Science Club Mr. Clemmons — Science Ms. Combs — English, Freshman Class Ms. Cone — E.S.L. Aide Mr. Corbin — English, Shaman Mr. Courtney — l.S.S. Ms. Crim — English, Culture Club Ms. Dangerfield — Math Mr. Darrough — Social Studies, Key Club Ms. Davies — Social Studies National Honor Society Mr. Dew — Industrial Arts Ms. Dodge — Special Ed Mr. Earl — Science Mr. Edwards — English Drama Ms. El Naggar — Foreign Language S ' Ms. Centola and Ms. Tobin notice an intruder as they make preparations for the school day. 280 Faculty One of Mr. Gainous’ spirit activities; announcing the fall football line-up Ms. Elvin — Social Studies Key Club Ms. Fagan — Guidance Ms. Fansler — Media Center Freshman Class Mr. Fitzgerald — Guidance Leo Club Mr. Flanagan — Science Science Club Ms. Frere — Business Pep Club Ms. Friedman — Foreign Language, A.F.S. Ms. Fritz — Foreign Language, Spanish Club Ms. Frostman — English, Cheerleaders Ms. Good — Business Mr. Greer — Social Studies, G-F Club Ms. Gruber — Science, Flags Ms. Heedick — Foreign Language, Culture Club Ms. Huddle — Science Ms. Johnston — Home Ec. Mr. E. Jones — Music, Marching Band Ms. J. Jones — Physical Ed. Ms. Kabler — Foreign Language, S.G.C. Mr. Larson — Social Studies, Chess and Battle Mr. Legge — Physical Ed., Wrestling Ms. Levinrad — Business, Pep Club Ms. Little — English, Shaman Mr. Lucas — Industrial Arts, Ham Radio Ms. Magargal — English For teachers the school day doesn’t end at two. Here, Ms. Combs tends to grades and class planning. Ms. Martin — English Drama Ms. Marx — Social Studies Mr. Mattice — Math Mr. Mayhew — Business Stage Lighting Ms. Melvin — Math Mr. Miller — Distributive Ed. D.E.C.A. Faculty 281 Ms. Pierson, the freshman secretary, labors through daily paperwork. Ms. Moyers — Music, “Dominants” Mr. Murphy — Industiral Arts Club Mr. O’Shea — Social Studies Ms. Pannell — English Debate Forensics Mr. Partridge — Math Mr. Pearson — Social Studies Mr. Polly — Science, Junior Class Mr. Popovich — Industrial Arts Ms. Powers — English, Shaman Mr. Pugh — Art Mr. Ramos — Math Mr. Rampley — English Ms. Roche — English Freshman Class Mr. Rodeffer — Science, Junior Class Ms. Rose — Business, FBLA Ms. Rosenblatt — Special Ed., Indianettes Ms. Rowland — Guidance Mr. Sawyer — Social Studies, Indian Echoes Mr. Schrum — Music Mr. Sheppard — English Mr. Sherrill — Athletic director Mr. Shriver — Special Ed. Ms. Simpson — Art Ms. Skiffington — Foreign Lang. Ms. Smith — English, Hyphen Mr. Spencer — Social Studies Ms. Spiker — Distributive Ed. Ms. Stromfors — Science Ms. Sullivan — Foreign Lang. Ms. Taylor — Science, Junior Class 282 Faculty Even the teachers are going punk. Ms. Fritz, Ms. Heedick, Ms. Wolfe, and Ms. El Naggar dress during Spirit Week. Ms. Templeton — Media Center, Indianettes Ms. Simon — Math Mr. Trowbridge — Music, Orchestra Mr. Tucker — Math Ms. Turner — English Mr. Vadeboncoeur — Industrial Arts Mr. VanWinkle — Math Ms. Warlick — English Debate Forensics Mr. Washington — Industrial Arts Ms. Watts — Foreign Lang., French Club Ms. White — Math, Senior Class Mr. Wiczalkowski — Industrial Arts, Stage Lightning Mr. Williams — Special Ed. Mr. Wilson — Media Center Ms. Wimmer — Business, FBLA Ms. Wooley — Art Mr. Zacchini — Industrial Arts Mr. Zimmerman — Physical Ed. Mr. Bunn takes his class through time in American Studies I. Ms. Kabler shows her spirit on masquerade day. Faculty 283 “Cheerleaders” root for the faculty team. 284 Faculty “And remember, term papers are due tomorrow.” Maria Yeary and Ann Chester share a laugh as they wait in Mr. Bradsher’s office for a pass. Everybody needs a break from English, including Mr. Edwards and his students. The staff discusses plans before the 1983-84 school year begins. Faculty 285 A Abrell, Julie 190 Ackerman, Andrew 236 Ackerman, Daniel 179, 262 Ackerman, Kevin 248 Adair, Catherine 190 Adair, Jerri 159, 236 Adams, Annette 80, 81, 169, 175, 190, 217 Adams, Laurah 190, 210, 217 Adams, Linda 262 Adams, Lori 159, 161, 190 Adams, Patricia 190 Adams, Ronald 190 Adams, Samantha 248 Adams, Skip 57, 190 Adams, Terry 34, 47, 190, 191, 193 Ahern, James 174, 236 Ahern, John Ahern, Kelly 159, 160, 17, 262 Ahern, Scott 159, 161, 162, 190 Aiken, Rynae 190 Akers, Lisa 190 Akers, Nancy 262 Albertson, David 262 Albertson, Deanna 164, 262 Aldridge, Mona 78, 110, 165, 236 Alexander, Dean Alexander, Rodney 236 Alford, Julie 236 Alger, Paul 248 Alicea, Matthew 236 Allen, Jerry 175, 236 Alsop, Lisa 248 Anderson, Bryan 248 Anderson, Catherine 90, 236 Anderson, Daryl 158, 196, 190 Anderson, Dianne 262 Anderson, Donna 248 Anderson, Judith 236 Anderson, Lisa 248 Andrew, David 190 Angle, David 190 Anglin, Grace 262 Anthony, Eric 165, 190 Anthony, Shawn 40, 164, 174, 236 Arends, Margo 185, 214, 190 Armstrong, Joel 248 Arnett, Enoch Arnold, Christopher 236 Arnold, Susan 154, 248 Arnold, Vivienne 90, 236 Arnoldi, Diane 48 Asbury, Jeffery 190 Asbury, Michelle 236 Ashby, Antonio 41, 164, 234, 236 Ashby, Michelle 175, 262 Aspillaga, Ricardo 262 Astrin, Stacey 150, 236 Attreed, Kevin 35, 100, 190 Atwell, Tammi 154, 236, 134 Atwood, Jessica 164, 262 August, Karl 88, 178, 190 Austin, Daniel 55, 175, 191 Aveni, Donna 152, 182, 236 Avery, Dawn 191 B Babcock, Aleta 248 Babcock, Michelle 262 Bachert, Nancy 236 Bachman, David 262 Bado, Elizabeth 106, 236 Bagby, Rebecca 113, 262 Bagnerise, Jennifer 165, 236 Bagnerise, Joseph 105, 164, 262 Bailey, Anthony 262 Baith, Lisa 191, 262 Baker, Gary Baker, Mark 105, 168, 262 Baker, Phyllis Baker, Reginald 236 Baker, Tracey 199, 103, 218, 191 Ball, Debra 2, 33, 154, 189, 204, 218, 191 Ballard, Tonia 170, 236 Ballenger, Bradford Banks, Richard 262 Baransky, Chris 191 Baransky, Timothy 236 Barber, Micheal 236 Barfield, Norma 234, 191 Barker, Julie 262 Barnes, Kim 236 Barnes, Mark 103, 230 Barnes, Timothy 262 Barnhart, Kimberly 78, 248 Barnhill, Julie 262 Barnhill, Randi 187, 236 Barr, Lori 82, 83, 248 Barrante, Raymon 236 Barret, Melinda 262 Bartenes, Steven 248 Barth, Jennifer 262 Basantes, Ruben 262 Bates, Larry 52, 194 Battaglia, Michelle 51, 236 Battenfield, Bryan 262 Bauer, Tia 236 Baum, Penny 262 Baumgardner, Turin 248 Baumgartner, Greg 164, 236 Baytan, Luisito 236 Bayton, Jose 262 Bazille, Polone 248 Beachy, Francis 248 Beadle, Jeffrey 191 Beale, Eric 262 Beardsley, Walter 52, 100, 237 Beaty, Dwayne 191 Beaty, Rachel 248, 262 Beaver, Catherine 191 Beavers, Marcia 248 Beck, Grant 191 Beck, Kristina 237 Beck, Susan 65, 191 Beckler, T ina 164, 237 Bedard, David 237 Beglin, Jeffery Beglin, Julie 248 Beighlea, Diane 237 Bell, Brian 248 Bell, John 248 Bell, Timothy 166, 248 Bellinger, Mark 191 Bender, Greg 191 Benedetto, Rober 237 Bennett, Jonathon 262 Bennett, Karen 154, 191 Bennett, Michael 262 Bennets, Christopher 248 Benson, Colin 191 Benton, Stanley 178, 237 Beranek, John 237 Berish, Ronald 237 Berlin, Steven 248 Bernhardt, Cathy 237 Besson, Katherine 248 Bethea, Matthew 161 Betty, Jeffery 237 Beuley, Beth 237 Bevell, Melanie 64, 199, 191 Bianchini, Pat 248 Bickham, Bernard 262 Bickham, Rebecca 165, 166, 237 Billingsley, Fred 248 Billingsley, Harri Bilodeau, Richard 52, 54, 191 Bird, Daniel 61, 105, 262 Bischof, Robert 191 Bishop, Steven 262 Bishop, Teresa 46, 47, 168, 169, 175, 218, 191 Black, Barbara 237 B lack, Dana 248 Black, Danielle 37, 150, 263 Black, David 8, 12, 72, 73, 100, 101, 216, 192 Black, Jefferson 248 Blackburn, Michael 248, 263 Blackwell, Angela Blair, Michael 159, 171,237 Blaise, Francoise 253 Blankenship, Eli 237 Blanton, Elise 171, 192 Blanton, William 159, 160, 263 Blaylock, Paul 248 Bledsoe, Sandra 154, 263 Bloom, Jeffrey 263 Blot, Caroline 192 Bloxton, Jeffrey 100, 192, 263 Bloxton, Lisa 248 Blye, Christopher 105, 263 Blye, Clifford Bohr, Kimberly 262 Bohr, Roger 192 Bohuslar, Emily 106, 263 Bolac, Christopher 263 Boros, Jane Ann 248 Borough, David 237 Boulden, John 263 Bowe, James 192 Bowe, Sheri 48 Bowen, Dana 237, 263 Bowen, Robert 237 Bowers, Jeffrey 166, 263 Bowles, Diana 263 Bowles, Lisa 192 Bowles, Lori Bowman, Beth 249 Boyd, Chris Boyd, Daniel Boyd, Domi ni 237 Boyd, James 105, 263 Boyd, Richard 237 Boyer, Charles 16,100, 101, 192 Boyle, Deborah 263 Boyle, Robert 237 Boyles, Deborah Bradford, Keith 100, 192 Bradford, Lisa 150, 253 Bradley, Lisa 237 Brady, Pamela 164, 237 Brady, Scott 192 Brann, Camela 237 Brannan, Christie 159, 161, 237 Bratton, David 249 Brazil, Elena 249 Breeden, Michael 192 Breen, Denise 263 Breland, Mark 263 Brenzovich, Tammy 82, 249 Breslin, Jeannie 159, 263 Brickley, Terri 249 Bridges, Sacha 57, 237 Bridgett, Keith 263 Bridgman, Keith 158, 249 Brimage, Jautawn 163 Brimage, Monica 249 Britt, Elizabeth 192 Britton, Christi 237 Britton, Mario 237 Brooke, Randall 192 Brooke, Robert 87, 192 Brooks-Alise 90, 192 Brooks, David 249 Brooks, Scott 86 Brooks, Jason 263 Brooks, Ronald 249 Brooks, Teresa 249 Brooks, Thomas 159, 161, 237 Brosh, Shelly Brown, Alicia 263 Brown, Che 249 Brown, Cynthia 249 Brown, Diane 192 Brown, Donna 192 Brown, Eileen 192 286 Index Brown, Eric 63, 142 Brown, Janine 193 Brown, Jonathan 249 Brown, Kevin 193 Brown, Michael 193, 237 Brown, Michael 159, 161, 165, 249 Brown, Michael 237 Brown, Pamela 170, 249 Brown, Scott 249 Brown, Stephen 249 Brown, Susan 237 Brown, Tamara 159, 160, 253 Brown, Thomas Brown, Warren 158, 249 Broyles, Paul 169, 253 Brozowski, Anthony 249 Bryan, Jim 237 Bryant, Kenneth 193 Bryant, Pamela 159, 160, 237 Bryant, Sheryl 170, 193, 124 Bryk, Edward 193 Buchner, Steve 165, 166, 167, 174, 205, 193 Buel, Yvonne 174, 249 Bullard, Jason Bullard, Lori Bullard, Matt 249 Bullock, Sheldon 193 Bunn, Bradley 253 Bunn, Eric 178, 237 Burch, Tammy 249 Burgess, Dawn 249 Burhans, Tamara 90, 249 Burian, Patricia 34, 181, 249 Burian, Susan 76, 237 Burke, Michael 237 Burke, Paul 249 Burkhammer, Lisa 263 Burner, Brian 249 Burnett, David 193 Burnette, Marcelle 237 Burnette, Melisa 34, 154, 155, 193 Burrage, Brian 193 Burrage, Christina 263 Burris, Elissa 249 Burroughs, Dawna 193 Burrow, Darrell 193 Burrows, Elizabeth 207, 193 Burruss, Cheryl 249 Burruss, Monica 263 Burton, Lloyd 263 Burton, Robert 203, 193 Busch, Karin 249 Buschbaum, Lori 249 Bushey, Archie Butler, Gwendolyn 120 Butler, Howard 249 Butler, Monique 193 Butler, Samuel 263, 261 Butman, Mark Byram, Bonnie 187, 237 Byram, Rob 159, 174, 249 Byrd, Barbara 170, 237 Byrd, Kimberly 61, 170, 193 Byrne, Tony C Cabading, Lito 249 Caddy, Dana 263, 120 Caddy, Jeffrey 193 Cadwallader, Ron 193 Cail, Hoover 193 Cain, LaRhonda 194 Calfee, James 237 Callahan, Lourie 237 Callahan, Ronald 194 Calliotte, Mary 194 Caldwell, Darin 237 Campbell, Dana 263 Campbell, David Campbell, Dawn 29, 194 Campbell, Glenda 41, 66, 159, 237 Campbell, Brent 47, 169, 175, 194 Campbell, Keith 159, 160, 263 Campbell, Kevin 62, 158, 162, 206, 194 Campbell, Robert 263 Campbell, Schonda 194 Campbell, Thomas 263 Campos, Junnette 249 Capelotti, Angela 263 Cappel, Dennis Cappel, Donna 160, 255, 263, 134 Caprara, James 249 Cardenas, Patrick 237 Carlson, Charles 249, 263 Carlson, Kirk 263 Carlson, Stacey 76, 237 Carmichael, Denise 237 Carmichael, John 249 Carmona, Frank Carmona, Terri 164, 249, 263, 134 Carpenter, Brown Carpenter, Chris Carpenter, Helen 263 Carper, Bobby Carr, Charles 194 Carrell, Mark Carrigan, Joseph 249 Carrigan, Marion 263 Carroll, Kenneth 106, 237 Carter, Brenda 194, 263 Carter, Joseph 249 Carter, Michelle 49, 237 Carter, Roland 263 Carter, Ronald Cash, Christina 249, 263 Cashwell, Linda 106, 237 Cashwell, Michelle 263 Cassidy, Sean 249 Castle, Patrick 164, 263 Castulik, Katherine 249 Cecere, Andrea 152, 263 Cecere, Philip 53, 194 Cecil, Kevin 106, 237 Cephas, Gerald 159, 161, 249 Chamberlain, Rob 99, 263 Chamberlain, Timmy Channels, Michelle Chantelau, Katherine 110, 161, 194 Chapa,Jason Chapa, Linda 160, 263 Chapman, Darla 164 Chase, Noel 194 Chatrabutr, Anchal 263 Chavez, Robert 194 Cheatham, Troy 245 Checkon, Colleen 237 Checkon, Elaine 264 Checkon, John 106, 238 Cheeks, Lisa 238 Chesley, Michael 238 Chester, Ann 152, 249 Chichester, Samantha 238 Chiddix, Kimberly 238 Chopin, Fredrick 194 Chopin, Linda 78, 238 Christensen, Julie 249 Chucala, Stella 175,194 Chuday, Eugene 238 Chuquillangui, Peggy 264 Clark, Colleen 166, 238 Clark, Mary 212, 194 Clarke, Andrea 109, 160, 263, 120 Clay, Greg 238 Clegg, Stephen 249 Clemen, Janet 169, 249 Clinton, David 249 Clinton, Robin 170, 194 Clinton, Robert 103 Clolinger, Kelly 194, 249, 122 Clore, Linda 76 Clubb, Marie 194 Clubb, Samuel 105, 264 Coaxum, Carol 170, 194 Coerse, Sean 249 Coffee, Chad 249 Coffee, Chris 92, 100,195 Coffee, Jennifer 238 Cole, Joseph 159, 254 Collier, Dena 238, 134 Collins, Cheryl 164, 250 Collins, Kimberly 264 Collins, Michael 164, 238 Collins, Thomas 158, 250 Coloma, Carol 38, 150, 175, 195 Colon, Cherlyn 18, 82, 154, 238 Colon, Felix 238 Combs, Gary 238 Comer, Steve 195 Conahan, Wayne 264 Conaway, Thomas 238 Cone, Patrick 100, 102, 194, 216, 195 Conger, Curt 164, 254 Conlan, Michael 195 Conlan, Patricia 76, 195 Conley, Christine Connor, Charlene 249 Connor, Jacqueline 38, 195 Conward, Gilbert 250 Conward, Glenn 238 Cook, Cherie 250 Cook, John 164, 264 Cook, Mary 283, 264 Cooper, Barry 238 Cooper, Patrick 106, 250 Cope, Patrick 250 Copening, Reginald 254 Corbin, Gary 195 Corbin, Mary 30, 37, 154, 250 Corbin, Sharon 195 Corman, Lynn 150, 169, 217,195 Cornett, Diana 164, 264 Cosand, Shawne 13,15, 17, 29, 154, 238 Cosby, Samantha 170, 195 Costello, Eric 250 Costello, Norma 254 Cote, Simone 264 Coughenour, Sherri 195 Coutts, Kevin 250 Covington, Michele 250 Covington, Stephanie 250 Cox, Davie 195 Cramer, Shawn 264 Crawford, Brian 171, 175, 195 Crawford, Tadd 238 Crawford, Todd 195 Creasy, Audra 238 Creel, Albert 195 Creel, Emerson 10, 100, 250 Creneti, Janice 40, 165, 125, 198, 195 Creneti, Tod 104, 105, 264 Crespo, Jose 105, 160, 264 Crespo, Margaret 238 Crespo, Richard 159, 238 Crespo, Rubin 264 Crocker, James 250 Crocker, Karen 164, 195 Crockett, Tamara 164, 264 Cross, Timothy 238 Cross, Tracey 264 Cruse, Leona 250 Cuilik, Andrea 165, 214, 195 Cummings, Chris 164 Cummings, Lynne 238 Cummings, Margaret 250 Curlis, James 159, 264 Curran, Thomas 164 Currier, Anthony 238 Curry, Arthur D Daderio, Shirley 164, 250 Dahl, Christine Dallman, Mark 238 Dameron, Robin 195 Index 287 Dameron, Susan 264 Dangoia, Tiffanye 250 Daniels, Christopher 103, 250 David, Edward 250 David, Richard 250 Davidson, Linda Davies, Lorna Davies, Moira Davies, Richard 55, 196 Davis, Annette 196, 264 Davis, C hristina 82, 159, 161, 250 Davis, Cleo Davis, Gail Davis, Gregory 164 Davis, Jeffrey Davis, Karen Davis, Linda 264 Davis, Lonnie Davis, Marie 47, 169, 196 Davis, Mark 196 Davis, Natasha 238 Davis, Robert 103, 105, 264 Davis, Dhawn 250 Davis, Terry 264 Dawson, Patricia 196 Dawson, Thomas Dawson, Valeri 264 Day, Pamela 238 Day, Tina 264 Dean, Kimberly 36, 150, 238 Dean, Shari 238 Dechat, Marion 250 Deckard, Stephen 264 Decker, Teresa 150, 250, 120 Decker, William 195 Deel, Barry 195, 129 Defrancesco, Lisa 250 Deguzman, Michael 195 Delane, Christopher 105, 264 Delane, Gerald 250 Delaney, Michael 238 Delaverson, Charmagne 78, 238 Deleon, Elena Demirkan, Ayda 254 Demissen, Esayas 84, 195 Demont, Tod Denny, Palmer 105, 264 Denson, Charles 34, 100, 195 Dent, Audra 269 Dent, James 195, 264 Dent, Stephen 250 Depoy, David 238 Depoy, Michelle 90, 238 Derderian, James 164 Derosier, Dana 264, 120 Derosier, Scott 196 Desanto, Robert 196 Destephanis, Michael 264 Deutch, Daniel 250 Devenney, Richard 196 Devine, Kelly 250 Diaz, Alicia 250 Dibbley, Jerrine 196 Dick, Margaret 238 Dickerson, Danny Dickhute, Cynthia 159, 160, 284 Diekmeier, Tomas 53, 63, 158, 161, 162, 218, 196 Dierker, Joseph 250 Dietz, David 238 Dietz, Leslie 156, 284 Dietz, Michelle 152, 238 Dietz, Tommy 164 Diffenbaugh, Deanna 264 Diffenbaugh, Dean 238 Diggs, Christopher 264 Dimaria, Barry 264 Disse, Patrick 264 Dittmer, Michael 84, 85, 250 Divers, Gregory 100, 196 Divver, Richard 238 Dixon, Cheryl 264 Dixon, Darrell 250 Dixon, Kristian 264 Dixon, Russell 250 Dobash, Mark 160, 284 Dobson, Brenda 196 Dockery, Susan 265 Dodson, Leon Dodson, Pete 250 Dolan, Brian 169, 250 Dolan, Mary 185,212, 196 Dollarhide, Thomas Domenick, Mary 196 Donohue, Rose 197 Donovan, Dawn 197, 250 Donovan, Timothy 265 Doran, Rosemary 238 Doran, Thomas 265 Dorazio, Charles 265 Dormstetter, Chris 152, 161, 238 Dormstetter, Debbie 152, 250 Dorn, John 170 Dorn, Lisa 170, 204, 250 Dorn, Michelle 159, 265 Dortch, Michelle 238 Dove, Donna 153, 265, 212, 197 Dowd, Roger 4, 238 Downey, Andrew 238 Doyle, Kim 159, 169, 250 Doyle, Shawn 197 Doyle, Stephen 238 Drage, Dawn 265 Drage, Marcia 197 Drago, Joseph 160, 265 Dreischer, Patricia 250 Drotos, Mark 197 Drummond, Angela 3, 238 Dubuisson, Jenni 154, 188, 197 Duke, Jacquiline 239 Dulaney, Paul 239 Dulaney, Tad 250 Duncan, Kimberly 209, 197 Duncan, Leroy Dunn, Gregory 239 Dunn, Patrick 197 Durham, Stephen 185 Duvall, Sean 197 Dwyer, Deanna 108, 250 E Eads, Keith 197 Earman, Matthew 161, 197 Easier, Shawn 250 Ebron, Scot 250 Ebron, Todd 239 Echelbarger, Tammy 165, 239 Edelschick, Brenda 250 Edelschick, Tara 239 Edwards, Paul Edwards, Waverly 250 Eggleston, Michael 208, 197 Ehlers, Catherine Ehlers, James Eicher, Deborah 35, 80, 81, 197, 124 Eiland, David 239 Einsmann, Charles 99, 239 Einsmann, Suzanne 150, 251 Ekren, Darren 239 Ekren, Jennifer 251 Elis, Brandt 251 Ellard, Todd 239 Ellenberger, Lara 164, 251 Ellinwood, Tina Ellis, Marie 251 Ellis, Kathy 265 Elmore, Constance 265 Elmore, Kevin 265 Elzeni, Amir 84, 85 Embrey, Andrea 112, 169, 251 Embrey, Denise Embrey, Jonothan Emerick, Charlotte 159 Emling, Michelle 181, 182, 251 Endy, Lance 251 Endy, Lisa 265 England, Elizabeth 197 Engleka, Jean 5, 20, 28, 186, 197 Enloe, Kelly Ennett, Gretchen 265 Enos, Matthew 239 Ertle, Robbi Ervin, Michael 181, 251 Esformes, Terri 265 Espin, Anita 251 Espin, Katerina 265 Espinal, Rebecca 112, 239 Esselstyn, Scott 251 Essey, Sheila 265 Eubanks, Christian 265 Evans, Britton Evans, Danielle 90, 159, 161, 251, 134 Evans, Karen 150, 251 Evans, Kathy 197 Evans, Trevor 251 Evans, William 251 Evatt, Bruce 164, 239 Evatt, Michelle 265 Ewing, Thomas 239 Eyler, William 174, 251 F Fair, Gerald 197 Fairley, Darryl 239 Falce, Shari 239 Falk, Darrell Falk, Pamela 265 Farish, David 58, 103, 239 Farish, Kenneth 265 Farley, Bradley 251 Farley, Darren 49,179, 239 Farrington, Robert 29, 100, 197 Faszcza, Michael 251 Favreau, Leslie 192, 197 Fawley, Susan 164, 251 Fayak, Mark 251 Feeney, Bryan 111, 192, 265 Feeney, Michael 165, 239 Feeney, Susan 251 Felter, Kellee 152, 239 Felter, Richard 178, 186, 197 Fennell, Kimberly 198, 239 Fernandes, Jose 251 Ferrell, Dartrice Ferri, Joanne 251 Ferron, Laveuerne 265 Filip, Thomas 265 Finlayson, Michael 100, 239 Fish, Chris 239 Fisher, Danielle 164, 251 Fisher, Karen 239 Fisher, Michael 105, 265 Fisher, Robert 265 Fite, Kristan 164, 265 Fitzgerald, Kim 61, 158, 161, 170, 239 Fitzkee, Pamela 265 Fitzwater, Tiffany 66, 154, 239 Fletcher, Helen 198 Flinchum, Kristine 265,104 Flynn, Michael 198 Flynn, Victoria Fogle, Connie 239 Foley, Willis 165, 239 Fontane, Lisa 239 Ford, Angela 265 Ford, Bar r y Ford, James 37, 44, 165,166, 168, 169, 216, 198 Ford, Jerry 265 Foster, Gary 72, 198 Foster, John 239 Fowkes, Michael 251 Fowlkes, Stephanie 265 Fowler, Anthony 239 Fowler, Cynthia 251 Fowler, David Fowler, Jeffrey 198 288 Index Fowler, Karen 94,108, 251 Fowler, Stephen 251 Fox, Lisa 251 Fraber, John 198 Franklin, Christine 152, 251 Franklin, Eric 198 Franklin, Stephen 251 Fraser, Michelle 251 Fratzke, Deanna 239 Frazier, Brian 265 Freeby, Sandra 82, 251 Freeby, William 265 Friend, Brian 52, 239 Friend, Matthew 251 Frye, Eugene 8, 92, 93, 198 Frye, Timothy 251 Fryling, Warren 239 Fuentes, Elizabeth 265 Fuentes, Nydia 164, 265 Fulford, Scott 265 Fulgencio, Mary 187, 213, 215, 198 Fulgencio, Ricardo 159, 265 Fullem, Kenneth 251 Fullem, Kristine 150, 251 Fullem, Margaret 33, 150, 198 Fulton, Gregory 169, 175, 218, 198 Fulton, Thomas 251 Fulwood, Mary 266 Funkhouser, Dawn 198 Furman, Tammy 153, 198 Furner, Rebecca 164, 266 Gallahan, Bruce 251 Gallik, John 198 Gallik, William 251 Galloway, Major 105, 266 G Gallup, Dawn 251 Gamboa, Dioniscio 239 Gandee, Robert 266 Ganino, John 56, 239 Gardiner, Melissa 251 Gardner, Micki Garland, Johnn y Gathof, Doug Gathof, William 198 Gatling, Darryl Garland, Johnny Gathof, Doug Gathof, William Gatling, Darryl 1 251 Gay, Alan 198 Gayda, Stephanie 266 Gayle, Francis 266 Gazda, Barbara 33, 154, 198 Gazda, Lisa 56, 239 Gazda, Susan 239 Geer, Venessa Gefrich, John 239 Gemsheim, Timothy 198 George, Michael George, Thomas 266 Gianni, Karen 36, 37, 38, 188, 212, 219, 198 Gianni, Kevin 103, 251 Gibbons, Aimee 266 Gibbs, Larry 239 Gill, Dennis 251 Gillespie, Richard 93, 215 Gillette, Daniel 239 Gilliom, Yvonne 164 Gimmi, Genevieve 152, 199 Girard, Robert Glover, Leslie 199 Glover, Rick 251 Godby, Carlos 266 Godby, Daphne 10, 152, 208, 199 Godby, Myles 251 Godwin, Glenda 150, 266 Godwin, Yolanda 266 Goewey, Robert 165, 166, 167, 239 Goff, Tracy 204, 206, 199 Golden, Gail 164, 251 Good, Marie 266 Good, Crystal 165, 239 Good, De borah 106, 251 Good,John 51, 239 Goode, Gary 239 Goodrich, Samuel 239 Goodrich, William 239 Goodrick, Colin 266 Gordon, Anthony 199 Gore, Deborah 266 Gore, Robert 251 Gorsuch, Sharon Gosnell, Ronald 159, 266 Goulet, Kenneth 266 Goulla, Diane 239 Grafenstein, Colleen 108, 251 Graham, Brian 240 Graham, Jimmie 171, 266 Graham, Michelle 252 Graham, Tamara 240 Grantham, Sandra 52, 154, 240 Grantham, Timothy 266 Graulau, Israel 199 Graupman, Lisa 152, 252 Greaves, Heidi 199 Green, Brian 266 Green, Daniel 240 Green, Samatha 160, 266, 120 Grevey, Gail 154, 185, 252 Grieff, Ellen 8, 240 Griffin, Eric 40 Griffin, Wendell 266 Grimes, Julie 78, 252, 122 Grimes, Wendy 240 Grose, Jody 252, 266 Grosskopf, Mark 199 Grove, Robin 29, 152, 199 Grove, Tammy 169, 252 Grover, Stephen 84, 240 Groves, Jackie 164, 252 Grow, Judy 150, 252 Grubbs, Brian 105, 160, 266 Gruszkowski, Crystal 252 Gulli, Daniel Gundler, David 266 Gunn, Gena 250 Gurski, Robin 252 Gutierrez, Timothy Guttormsen, Sandra 80, 240 Guttormsen, Theresa 80, 81, 215 H Haines, Kenneth 240 Hale, Greg 252 Hale, Landon 40, 47, 165, 213, 218, 199 Hall, April 240 Hall, Christopher 54, 199 Hall, David 159,266 Hall, Dwight 266 Hall, Lynn 199 Haller, Tony 240 Halsey, Tina 240 Hamako, Emi 240 Hamako, Lisa 199 Hamilton, Daniel 199 Hammar, Jill 174, 208, 199 Hammond, Mary Hammond, William 199 Hampton, Sydni 199 Hamric, Mike 240 Hamric, Steve 252 Hanberry, Kim 240 Haney, Angela 168, 266 Hanna, Cathy 252 Hanna, Lori 164, 266 Hanner, Jon 199 Hanner, Wendy 199 Hans, Minonne 199 Hans, Marvin 252 Hanson,Julie 266 Harder, William 157, 165, 166, 167, 200 Hardy, Cheryl 240 Harman, Brenda 165, 240 Harnest, Jennifer 266 Harps, Timothy 240 Harrell, Richard 266 Harris, Barbara 200, 240 Harris, Howard 100, 200 Harris, Kimberly 152, 182, 252 Harris,Marshel 252 Harris, Pornpan 152, 240 Harris, Robert 105, 266 Harris, Scott 86, 87, 240 Harris, Shauntay 2-0 Harris, Tony 160, 266 Harrod, Cynthia 240 Harrod, Deborah 170, 240 Harrod, Shelby 266 Hart, Donald 100, 240 Hart, Patrick 240, 266 Hart, Patrick 240 Hart, Robert 105, 266 Hart, Ronnie Hart, Shari 266 Hart, Theresa 240 Harte, Ashley 105, 174, 266 Hartman, Richard 266 Haskins, James 252 Hastie, David 252 Haug, Thomas 266 Haught, Dennis 240 Hawkins, Heather 266 Hawkins, Wendell 105, 266 Harcraft, Harold 240 Hayes, Jeanette 252 Hayes, Lori 78, 240 Hayes, Randall 266 Haymond, Elizabeth Haymond, Jonathon 106, 107 Haymond, Martha 106, 200, 252 Hayward, Rachael 164, 252 Haywood, Judy 200 Heaton, Lysette 266 Hedrick, Trina 174 Hein, Stacy Heininge, Christine 200 Heininge, Cynthia 266 Heininge, James 252 Heininger, Holly 11, 12, 13, 205, 209, 210, 200 Heller,John 266 Henderson, Albert Hernandez, Angelo Herrell, Keith 266 Hersam, Richard 200 Hertzog, Robin 55, 200 Hetrick, Troy 103, 252 Hickey, Robin 252 Hicks, Billy Hicks, Diana 200 Hicks, Kelly 266 Hicks, Latrenda Hicks, Marc 266 Hicks, Peggy 240 Hicks, Roger 252 Hiett, Kelly 159, 160, 266 Hiett, Melissa 159, 161, 162, 240 Higdon, Robert 240 Higgins, Michael 252 Hilins, Joyce 63, 161, 240 Hill, Andre 213, 252 Hill, Charlie 252 Hill, Daniel Hill, Katherine 186, 203, 200 Hill, Lisa 200 Hily, Maria 170, 200 Hill, Michael 180, 200 Hillman, Daniel 100, 200 Hillman, Michael 267 Himelright, Pam 164, 240 Hines, Alfred 267 Hines, Arlita 267 Hines, Valissa Hinkel, Christin 112 Index 289 Hinson, Everett 164, 166, 200 Hirons, Robert 252 Hirsi, Mohamed Hixson, David Hobbs, Pamela 38, 240 Hodge, Annette 154 Hodge, Michael 165, 200 Hodges, Damon 267, 120 Hodges, Michael Hoehn, Michael 267, 120 Hoerr, Christine 240 Hoff, Michelle 154, 240 Hoffman, Timothy 252 Hoffman, Kerry 240 Hogan, Donald 200 Holbert, Jennifer 164, 252 Holcombe, Janet 240 Holland, Lloyd 240 Hollomom, Sherrie 267 Holmes, David 200 Holmes, Mark 165, 201 Honeycutt, Jackie 252 Hood, Robert 252 Hooper, Brian 168, 200 Hoover, James 240 Hopkins, Timothy 267 Hornauer, Hobart 105, 267 Hosier, Teresa 167, 120 Housier, Francine 267 Housier, Glenn 100, 240 Houston, Howard 100, 201 Houston, Richard 159, 161, 162,166, 201 Howard, Allen 57,178, 186, 201 Howard, Gina 252 Howard, Kimberly 252 Howard, Matthew 159,164 Howard, Michelle 252 Howard, Tracey 200 Howell, Cynthia 170, 201 Hubbard, Robert 34, 201 Hubbard, Travis 34, 201 Huddleston, Barry 253 Hudson, Stephen 267 Hughes, Simone Hughes, Sonja 267 Hull, Mark 105,164, 267 Hummel, Joseph 240 Hummer, Michelle 240 Humphrey, Janet 164, 267 Humphreys, Michael 240 Hundley, William 86, 253 Hunnicutt, Amy 164, 253 Hunnicutt, Jack 179 Hunsley, Camelli 267 Hunt, Kimberly 164, 267 Hunter, Heidi 169, 253 Hunter, James 240 Hunter, Wanda 90, 170, 201 Hurley, Annette 140, 253 Hurst, Brad 267 Hussaini, Manijah 240 Hustwayte, Michael 267 Hustwayte, Richard 253 Hutchens, Charles 267 Hutchinson, Patt 267 Hutson, Dawn 253 Hutson, Deanna 161, 267 Hutson, Ebbie 37, 154, 253 Hutt, Ramona 240 Hyman, Carlos 253 Hyman, Traci 267 I lmel, James 267 lmler, Gary 267 Inchauteguiz, Rachael 164, 240 Ingram, Jeff 159, 161, 166, 253 Ingram, Richard Irby, Kerry 241 Irvin, Mark Irving, Katrina 170, 201, 241 Iseminger, David 241 lskra, Eric 267 Jabs, Colleen 164, 241 Jacob,S181 Jackson, Angela 241 Jackson, Angelique 253 Jackson, Bryan 201 Jackson, Craig 201, 241 Jackson, Craig Jackson, Joann 201 Jackson, John 267 Jackson, Kelly 253 Jackson,Mary 253 Jackson, Sherry 253 Jackson, Tracey 253 Jackson, William 105, 167, 120 Jakum, Mary 267 James, Chante 267 James, Patrick 100, 201 Jamieson, Steven 159,161, 241 Janitzen, Lisa 167 Jarrait, Laura 174, 253 Jebram, Ann 159, 160, 267 Jebram, David 86, 241 Jefferson, Bobby 253 Jefferson, Christine 106, 107, 167, 201 Jenkins, Anthony 241 Jenkins, Bobby Jenkins, Monica 150, 267 Jerrell, Jeffrey 267 Jerrell, Michael 103, 253 Jersey, William 72, 241 Jessee, Sherry 241 Jillson, David 159, 161,253 Johnson, Alonzo 241 Johnson, Amanda Johnson, Angelia 241 Johnson, Barbie 82, 159, 184, 241, 122, 123 Johnson, Beryl 78, 201 Johnson, Beverly 267 Johnson, Brian 201 Johnson, Carl 106,107, 253 Johnson, Clifton Johnson, Curtis 267 Johnson, Curtis 267 Johnson, Cynthia 252 Johnson, Dawn 241 Johnson, Donnell 201, 116 Johnson, Eartha 34, 90, 201 Johnson, Elena 150, 267 Johnson, Frank 168, 241 Johnson, James Johnson, Janice 201 Johnson, Jolayne 202 Johnson, Larry 202 Johnson, Randall 160, 267 Johnson,Reginald 241 Johnson, Robert 215, 202 Johnson, Tamra 154, 267 Johnston, Joseph 202 Johnston, Lisa 78, 202 Johnston, Tanya 202 Jones, Aaron 159, 267 Jones, Bernadette Jones, Bryan 241 Jones, Cranshaw 253 Jones, Cynthia 26, 154, 202 Jones, Denise 3, 216, 202 Jones, James 267 Jones, Jennifer 4, 241 Jones, Kimberly 241 Jones, Parker 202 Jones, Robert 105, 267 Jones, Stephanie 11, 34, 90, 98, 202 Jones, Warren 267 Jordan, Angela 165, 202, 267 Jordan, Lagranda 241 Jordan, Michela 252 Jordan, Nancy 113 Jordan, Suzanna Joshlyn, Gay 241 Joslin, Scott 268 Judy, Kenneth Judy, Mita 253 Justice, Regina 152, 253 K Kalski, Robert 202 Kane, Judy 253 Kane, Kathryn 156, 202 Karis, Christine Karvey, Laura 159, 268 Kashmer, Patrick 202 Kasik, Linda 253, 122 Kasik, Terri 80, 202, 124 Kastl, Victoria 241 Keefe, Jennifer Keefer, Craig 253 Keefer, Thomas 241 Keene, Leon 202 Kehn, Scott 253 Kelleher, Linda 165, 202 Kelshain, Lorraine 268 Kendra, Michael 253 Kennedy, Diana 9, 108, 202 Kennedy, James 254 Kennedy, Jeanette 202 Kennedy, Jeremy 268 Kennedy, Tammy 61 Kerr, Karen 202 Kestner, Pamela 203 Kestner, Wanda 241 Key, Kimberly 108, 109, 203 Key, Kristen 108, 268 Keys, Jeffery 254 Keys, Teresa Khalili, Steven 34, 217, 203 Kibler, Roger 241 Kibler, Thomas 105, 268 Kichenmaster, Tod 268 Kidwell, Darren 268 Kidwell, Robert 232, 203 Kidwell, Sherri 164, 254 Kile, Doug 241 Kim, Robert 254 King, Barbara King, Brian 53, 203, 241 King, Darrell 158 King, Jeffery 268 King, James 268 King, Joyce 254 King, Kim 154, 268 King, Mark 254 King, Richard 254 King, Rodney 268 King, Susan 112, 113, 168, 254 King, Victor 159, 162, 198, 203 Kinnett, Donald 241 Kinney, Kevin 254 Kinney, Renee 268 Kinzinger, Jennifer 268 Kirk, Dorothy Kline, Jay 268 Kline, Jeff Kline, Jerry Klotter, Eric 268 Klugh, Melanie 65, 254 Knepp, Chris 254 Knoernschild, Chris 241 Knoernschild, Kecia 254 Knott, Donna 241 Knott, Michael 268 Knowles, Terri 254 Knuth, Scott 153, 162, 166, 203 Kochel, Kenneth Kocherhans, Michael 254 Korhman, Joseph 254 Kolar, David 203 Kolich, Matt 254 Kolich, Robert 203 Kollock, Michael 213, 203 290 Index Komar, Stacey 212, 241 Kone, William 254 Kong, Hui 268 Kong, Myong 254 Korman, Joe 165 Korpal, Daniel 268 Korpal, Timothy 254 Kotrady, Anthony 241 Kovack, Skyler 254 Kramer, Michael 203 Kreamer, George 268 Kreinar, Eric 168, 216, 203 Kreiner, Kelly 254 Krell, Sherry 254 Krisner, Lori 268 Kruczek, Nancy 268 Krueger, Christopher 105, 268 Kujawa, Raymond 57, 233, 203 Kuntz, Robert 196, 268 Kuykendall, Dawn 203 Kwon, Chae 254 L LaCava, Pamela 48, 63, Lacey, Sean 105, 268 Lacy, JoAnn 254 Lam, Jeffrey 254 Lam, Nhathang Lamb, Michael Lamb, Sean 241, 268 Lamborn, Kay 110, 111, 241 Lamitte, Francoise 150, 241 Lamonica, Michele 203 Land, Todd 241 Landon, Brenda 268, 120 Landon, Teresa 79, 154, 242 Landry, Dwayne 252 Lane, Candy 203 Lane, Kimberly 203 Lane, Terry 268 Larsen, Kirk 158, 161, 254 Larsen, Rachel 9, 242 Lassiter, Julie 268 Lassiter, Linda 242 Lassiter, Pamela 203 Lathe, Noelle 242 Laughlin, Cynthia 268 Lautieri, Caroline 203 Lautieri, Mark Lavey, Kelly 268 Lavey, Scott 242 Lawray, Daniel Lawrence, Calvin Lawson, Darlene 268 Layman, Robby 242 Layne,John Le, Nha 108, 109, 204, 268 Leake, James 204 Leblanc, Katherine 254 Leblanc, Mary 49, 242 Ledden, Catherine 254 Lee, Christopher Lee, Deborah 268 Lee, Kendra 169, 200, 204 Lee, Kristen 254 Lee, Linda 254 Lee, Susan 254 Leight, Wendy 170, 242 LeLaikes, Samantha 242 Lemons, James 175, 242 Lenar, Nadine 254 Leo, Christine 160, 269 Lerfald, Eric 165, 174, 254 Lerner, Elizabeth 254 Letourneau, Glen 166 Letourneau, Greg Letourneau, Mathew 47, 169 Levay, Michelle 204 Lewis, Jill 154, 155,242 Lewis, Matthew 158, 242 Lewis, Stephanie 269 Lichtenfels, Steve 254 Lickiss, Michael 49, 104, 171, 242 Lienard, Elizabeth 269 Lienard, Laura 108, 242 Lightfoot, L. 181 Ligotski, Rhonda 158, 161, 242 Lilly, Kamela 164, 269 Limbaugh, Carol 242 Lineberry, Melin 204, 269 Lineberry, Michael Lingafelt, Lisa 204 Linkous, Katrina 242 Litton, Cena 150, 242 Litts, Brenda 254 Lloyd, Douglas 269 Lochman, Dennis 269 Lockamy, Jonathon 105, 269 Locklear, Jo Rae 254 Logan, Faith 204 Logsdon, Jailene 269 Lombardo, Mary 62, 165, 166, 169, 204 Long, Denise 242, 124 Long, Michael 254 80, 161, 241 Longs, Elizabeth 269 Longs, Epharim 254 Lonsinger, Heidi 204 Love, Jeffrey 255 Love, Stephen 99, 204 Lowrie, Steven 255 Loy, Roger 99, 185, 242 Lucas, Angerlus 204 Lucas, Shonenell 170, 269 Lucas, Timothy 204 Lucero, Paul 255 Ludwig, Kenneth 269 Ludwig, William Lugo, Giuseppe 255 Luna, Danny 255 Luther, Jackie 255 Luther, Peter 204 Lynch, Michelle 242 Lynch, Robin 165, 204 Lynch, Timothy Lynn, Michael 255 Lynn, Sheila 106 Lyon, Aili 269 M Macaulay, James 86, 186, 204 Macbride, Edward 242 Maccallum, Trace 255 Macduff, Christopher 269 Macejka, Edward 269 Macewen, Anna 269 Mackie, John Mackie, Roxanne 255 Macmurdy, Dale 47, 175, 204 MacMurdy, Dawn 255 Macrae, Christopher 242 Madorma, Jeff 255 Mahr, Steven 255 Majeski, Janice 108, 109, 232, 242, 124 Major, Michelle 270 Makolandra, Jaclyn 204 Makolandra, Joseph 99, 255 Makolandra, Kimberly 204 Makolandra, Lee 255 Malone, Annesia 255 Mambro, David 255 Manbeck, Kevin 11, 72, 94, 204 Mann, Patrick 89, 102, 217, 204 Mann, Stanley 103, 242 Manning, Irene 242 Manning, Jerry 240 Manning, Sharon 255 Maples, Myrtle 205 Marble, Norman Marble, Sherry Marceron, Lesley 67, 204 Markle, Andreas 270 Marquina, Haydanid 159, 160, 240 Marquina, Rosa 255 Marr, David 179, 255 Marshall, Curtis 270 Marshall, John 270 Marshall, Richard 255 Marshall, Tanya 255 Marten, Kyra 13, 205 Martin, Andrew Martin, Donald Martin, Theresa 205 Martin, Thomas 270 Martin, Wendy 65, 242 Martinez, Roger 186, 205 Mason, Angela 270 Mason, Gary Mason, Heather 270, 120 Mason, Kathleen 270 Mason, Raymond 159, 161, 255 Matera, Dawn 159, 161, 162, 165, 205 Mattaliano, Mark 270 Mattaliano, Peter 242 Matthews, Lisa 242 Matthews, Tonya 65, 270 Mawanay, Kathleen 159, 161, 166, 255 Mawanay, Kristin 150, 270 Mawani, Siddika 255 May, Robert 105, 270 May, Tracy 76, 186, 255, 124 Mazzarella, John 265 Mazzone, Brian McClure, Michelle Mcallister, Jeffrey Mcallister, Kathleen 242 Mcallister, Sean 158, 242, 269 McBride, Paul 205 McCabe, Kevin 255 McCain, John 242, 255 McCall, Bridget 205 McCalley, Chas McCann, James McCarthy, Brendan 255 McClelland, Michelle 269 McCoart, Christina 205 McConnell, Allan 175, 269 McConnell, Brenda 255 McCord, Connie 156, 164,205 McCord, Kevin 255 McCoy, George 105, 164, 269 McCuen, John 255 McCullough, Dawn 255, 122 McDaniel, Suzanna 255 McDowell, Tammy 164 McGee, Dylan 242 McGeehan, Sylvia 205 McGill, Scott 175, 255 McGrail, Karen 205 McGuire, Constance 205 McHugh, John 242 McHugh, Laurie 269 McKelvey, Margaret 90, 91, 105, 165, 205 McKinley, Julie 78, 242 McEwen, Anna 154 McLeod, Theresa 269 McMahon, Annette 255 McManamey, Dawn 150, 151, 242 McManamey, Tara 269 McMillan, Patria 242 McNabb, Timothy 255 McNeil, Annette 62, 164, 205 McNeil, Sean 169, 255 McNeill, Terri 269, 120 McNichol, Kelly 152, 171, 242 McRunnel, Kyle 269 McWilliams, Anthony 269 Meade, Larry 242 Meade, Rhonda 150, 255 Meadows, Michelle 270 Meadows, Timothy 242 Medcalf, Chandra 15, 17, 150, 242 Meehan, Alice 205 Meehan, Michelle 255 Melcher, Paula 270 Melonson, Carla 150, 270 Index 291 Mendoza, Maria 255 Mergler, Sandra 255 Merrifield, Kimberly 159, 242 Merritt, Tami 205 Merryman,Penny 270 Meseck, Karen 159, 160, 270 Meseck, Kellie 255 Meseck, Laura 205 Meyer, Douglas 109, 255 Mickelson, Carla 270 Mickelson, Cynthia Mickens, Wanda 242 Midgett, Cynthia 243 Midyette, Richard 270 Mielke, Michelle 256 Migliorini, Michael 74, 243 Miller, Barry 100, 243 Miller, Brian 270 Miller, Carlo 256 Miller, Chad 256 Miller, James 158, 160, 255, 270 Miller, Kevin 54, 86, 205, 256 Miller, Kimberly 243 Miller, Mark 105 Miller, Mark 206, 270 Miller, Paige 255 Miller, Paul 255 Miller, Sean 158, 160, 256 Miller, Shawn 158, 162, 256 Miller, Ty 270 Mills, Christina 270 Mills, Susan 243 Miner, Bonnie Minney, Tammy 256 Minor, David 256, 270 Minor, Mark 243 Miranda, Jerold 256 Miranda, Melodee 113, 270 Mirsky, James 9, 243 Miskin, Edward 270 Mitchell, Cheryl 169 Mitchell, Sheryl 206, 243, 270 Mitrione, Michael 243 Mize, Dina 169, 256 Mize, Theresa 206 Moats, Michelle 256 Moats, Vicki 256 Montgomery, Debbie 206 Moody, Joseph 105, 270 Moody, Laura 243 Moody, Mark 206, 206 Mooney, Stephen 100, 102, 206 Moore, Christie 243 Moore, Colleen 270 Moore, David 206 Moore, James 270 Moore, Linda 270 Moore, Renee 243 Moores, Philip 60, 243 Morel, Cindy 256 Morello, Kim 270 Morgan, Cydne 160, 270 Morgan, Michelle 164, 243 Morris, Beverly 256 Morrissey, Jean 13, 154, 243 Morrow, Paul 206 Mosby, Amanda 206 Motley, Craig 243 Motley, Gerald 270 Motley, Leslie 243 Motley, Todd 243, 117 Motta, Donna 243 Mottershead, John 256 Mowry, William 270 Moyer, Stephanie 159, 160, 174, 270 Mozisek, Jo 278 Mulhern, Sean 270 Mullinax, Pamela 12, 206 Mullinex, Rebecca 256 Mullins, Mary 206 Munari, William Munsell, Dean 59, 243 Munson, Dania 256 Munson, Dean 270 Murphy, Brian 243 Murphy, Eileen 206 Murphy, Kathleen 182, 256 Murphy, Shelagh 165, 256 Murray, Kelly Murrell, Charles 256 Mussomele, Amy 49, 270, 120 Mussomele, Jill 181, 206 Myers, Lorinda 256 Myrie, Kimberly 270 N Naclerio, Anne 206 Naegel, Kathleen 164, 165 Naghdi, Tammy 206 Nagley, Kathy 15, 41, 154, 186, 243 Nanni, Victoria 160, 270 Nay, Melanie 206 Naylor, John Naylor, Michael 270 Naylor, Sharon 243 Neal, Courtney 270 Neiger, Jennifer 206 Neuharth, Wendy 270 Newbold, Craig 243 Newell, Ethan 256 Newhart, Claudia Newhart, Lee 57,165, 206 Newman, Antoine 206 Newman, Arthur 243 Newman, Deborah 82, 174, 256 Newman, Earl 256 Newman, Kristin 80, 243 Nibblins, Frederic 117 Nibblis, Latonya 270 Nice, Curtis 270 Nicholas, Margaret 206 Nichols, James 243 Nicholson, Pamela 243 Ningen, Russell 256 Nix, Brenda 82, 243 Nixon, Rodney 243 Noble, Kristen 164, 207 Normandin, Seung 164, 256 Norton, Romana 256 Novack, Denise 106, 107, 207 Novack, Lori 270 Novitsky, Julia 37, 265, 287, 203, 207 Novitsky, William 40, 86, 165, 166, 167, 243 Nuckols, Susan 256 Nungesser, Karen 256 Nunnallee, Kimberly 256 Nutt, Wayne 243 O Obcemea, Katherine 164, 256 Obrien, Dennis 164, 270 Obrien, Laura 159, 256 Odonnell, Lisa 243 Offley, Michael 165, 166 Ogden, Christine 270 Ogden, Maureen 108, 256 Ohm, Fredric, 256 Ohop, William 270 Oldridge, Billy 270 Oleary, James 270 Oleary, Kelly 83, 207 Oliver, Sheila 270 Oliver, William Ols, John 256 Ondo, Christine 270 Ondo, Greg 270 Oneal, Lemel 165, 256 Oneal, Thomas 159, 165, 256 Oneil, Thomas 207 Opauski, Terry 271 Orloff, Carolyn 271 Orloff, Ronald Orolfo, Victoria 271 Ortmann, Eric 181, 207 Ortmann, Eric 181, 207 Ortmann, Gudrun 271 Ortmann Sigrun 271 Osborne, Latanya 165, 256 Ostrander, David 271 Ostrander, Katherine 243 Ouellete, Gayle 256 Outland, Mary 271 P Page, Kirk 271 Page, Scott 243 Page, Todd 271 Paine, Brian 271 Painter, Darrel 156 Palmer, Andrew 32, 166, 243 Palmer, Christine 90, 106, 194, 207 Palmer, Jonathan 271 Palmer, Kelly Palumbo, Janice 271 Panone, Jennifer 156, 256 Papadakis, Anthony 256 Parish, Lisa 170, 207 Parker, Brian 271 Parker, Denise 271 Parker, Jeffery 103, 256 Parker, Micheal 256 Parker, Robert 105, 207 Parker, Yvonne Parks, Roy 243 Parmelee, Melissa 271 Partridge, Ronald 153, 256 Pasterchick, Diana 90, 112, 113, 256 Pasterchick, Jason 104, 105, 271 Pastiva, Patricia 2 Patenaude, Patty 80, 110, 111, 243 Patton, Clarissa 271 Patton, Jeffery 158, 271 Patton, Lorenzo 271 Patton, Mark 161 Pauline, Lisa 207 Pavone, Cynthia 207 Payne, Deenie 271 Payne, Pamela 243 Payne, Virgina 207 Pearce, Donald 256 Pederson, David 271 Pederson, Kristy 152, 256 Pellegrini, Dean 105, 27 Pellegrini, Lisa 207 Pelzer, Kim Pelzer, Paula 256 Pena, Anthony 104, 105, 175, 271 Pennington, Joy 69, 154, 271 Penny, Derrick 170, 256 Penny, Michelle 170, 207 Perelli, Ronald 207 Perez, Earle 271 Perez, Edwin 243 Perrin, Charles 256 Perrin, Jesse 257 Perrie, Tommy 257 Perry, Tracy 171, 243 Pesce, Jack 207 Pescha, Deanna 271 Peters, Demion Peters, Denise 159, 161, 257 Peters, Kumi 271 Peters, Robert 243 Peters, Tracy 243 Peterson, Amy 271 Petruzzi, David 271 Petruzzi, Micheal 40, 165, 207 Petruzzi, Stephen 257 Phillips, Judith 257 Phillips, Ronald 106, 257 Phillips, Suzanne 164, 257 Phillips, Wilbor 257 Phinney, Jennifer 165, 257 Phinney, Thomas 89, 207 Piaskowski, Catherine 156, 184, 205, 208 292 Index Piatt, Patricia 61, 208 Picard, Kathleen 62, 80, 110, 161, 169, 208 Pierce, Todd 243 Pierce, Tracey 171, 271 Pierpoint, Scott 257 Pile, Donald 161,272 Pine, Kara 257 Pinkney, Ronald 105, 272 Piper, Camille 208 Pitts, Charles 243 Pitts, Lasondria 272 Plenty, David 243 Plenty, Josh 257 Pock, Alexander 272 Poczatek, June 57, 67, 154, 165, 235, 243 Poczatek, Mary 272 Poillucci, Donna 208 Poillucci, Micheal 99, 243 Poling, James 272 Polla, Christine 272 Pomper, Patricia 243 Poole, Christoper 257 Porch, Joe 257, 272 Portell, Joseph 105, 272 Porter, Christine 257 Porter, David 165, 166, 243 Porterfield, Eric 84, 257 Portz, Lisa 272 Posey, Michael 243 Potvin, Christopher 257 Powell, Ferron 106 Powell, Joel 208 Powell, Lisa 36, 185, 216, 208 Powers, Ann 243, 272 Pratt, Daniel 208 Pratt, David 99, 244 Pratt, John 208 Pratt, Michelle 164, 272 Priebe, Laurie 257 Pruitt, John 105 Puckett, Michelle 112, 244 Pugh, Kari 257 Pugh, Marilyn Purcell, Bryan 257 Purcell, Jeffery 257 Purdy, Brian 179, 257 Putiyon, Jeffery 208 Putiyon, Mark 165, 166, 167, 244 Putman, Karen 80, 159, 161, 162, 244, 124 Pyrz, Anthony 72, 208 Q Queen, Juanita Quesenberry, Lisa 164, 257 Quezaire, Kimberly 208 Quirin, Pamela 272 Qureshi, Samina 175, 175 Qureshi, Tayeb 105, 272 R Ramos, David 244 Rastatter, James 208 Ratanapool, Chutim 272 Rather, James 272 Rawlinson, D arrell 257 Redmon, Charles 208 Reece, Kevin 244 Reed, Kira 257, 272 Reed, Samantha 244 Reese, Robert 272 Reeves, Alan 159, 160, 272 Reid, Lilly Rendino, Michael 169, 257 Revelle, Jeffery 272 Reynolds, Amy 82, 257 Reynolds, Brian 244 Rhodes, Jeffery 244 Rice, Sarah 244 Rich, Kathryn 112, 257 Richard, Rebecca 208 Richards, Karin 272 Richards, Kimberly Richards, Yvonne 257, 272 Richardson, Anthony Richardson, Robert 105, 244, 272 Richardson, Robert Richmond, Kimberly 272 Ricketts, James 208 Rickman,Brenda 257 Rickman, Mark 208 Rider, Arthur 257 Rider, Daniel 159, 161,257 Rider, Kathleen 112, 120 Riesenberg, Tanya Riley, Leo 174, 208 Riley, Kim 272 Riley, Thao 272 Ritenour, Robert 272 Ritenour, Robert 208, 257 Ritter, Wanda 159, 272 Rivera, Joshua 272 Rivera, Shirley 257, 272 Robbins, Suzanne 159, 257 Roberts, Aaron 159, 257 Roberts, Cheri 257 Roberts, Gilbert 257, 272 Roberts, Ron 106, 257, 127 Robertson, Bethanny Robertson, Sean Robinson, Christopher 257 Robinson, Edward 244 Robinson, Florence Robinson, Juanita 272 Robinson, William Robinson, Brenda 159, 257, 272 Robinson, Sharon 244 Rocha, Richard Rodgers, Dana 150, 151, 287 Rodgers, Stacy 113, 257, 272 Rodgers, Timothy 100, 244 Rodriguez, Aless Rodriguez, Carla 257, 272 Rodriguez, Carlos 86 Rodriguez, Christi 12, 244 Rodriguez, Durwin Rodriguez, Hans 257 Rogers, Bart 100, 244 Rogers, Darrin 209 Rogers, James 257 Rohrig, Deanna 272 Rojas, Delia 272 Rojas, Manuel 257 Roles, Ralph 178, 244 Roles, Virginia 209 Rooney, Aileen Rooney, Patricia 272 Rose, Deirdre 257 Rotblut, Charles 106,171, 187, 244 Rotelli, Matthew 52, 217, 209 Roth, Michael 258 Rouleau, Barbara 80, 159, 161, 209 Rouleau, Kathaleen 66, 174, 244 Rouleau, Lisa 272 Rowe, Peter 258 Rowe, Richard Rowell, Chris 244, 272 Roy, Ernest 258 Ruiz, Stella Rumph, Betsy 51, 154, 165, 166, 244 Russel, Timothy 258 Ruszczyk, Renee 258 Ryan, Davie 165, 209 Ryan, Jeffery 99, 209 Rzucidlo, Eva 12, 209 S Sabet, Soraya 7, 186 Sadler, Darrell 272 Sadoff, Jennifer 258 Safransky, Leslie 258 Sager, David 244 Sahu, Meghamala Salmon, Andre 165 Salyers, Deneim 209 Salyers, Jill 174,272 Salyers, Mark 106, 258 Sams, Dianna 273 San Pietro, Andy Sanders, Andre 103, 258 Sanderson, John 209 Sanderson, Susan 209 Sanford, Paul 273 Santos, Filipe 209 Saplak, Lisa 244 Sargent, Jody 209 Sarofim, Alan Sarofim, Julie 273 Sarsfield, Clare 244 Sarsfield, Patrick 273 Savoie, Kathleen 258 Sayko, Jo Ann 273 Scarmuzza, Stephen 258 Schaerr, Kenneth 46, 175, 209 Schalow, James 273 Schaney,Jeffery 100, 244 Scharp, Brenda 2, 74, 204, 209 Schawalder, Roland 272 Schell, Andrea 258 Schieffelin, Michelle Schoenborn, Cheri 160, 273 Schoenborn, Earl 106, 258 Schooley, Stacey 258 Schroyer, Janine 169, 209 Schroyer, Jeffery 273 Schubring, Rosemary 175, 209 Schumacher, Christine Schutt, Charlene 209 Schutt, Jackline 244 Scott, Brian 273 Scott, Brian 273 Scott, Ronald 160, 258 Seabolt, Becky 258 Seabolt, John 244 Sears, Daryl 244 Seaton, Christine 78,158, 122 Sebastian, Charley 100, 209 Sedlacek, Jeffery 258 Sedmock, Roxanne 209 Seeley, Robert 258 Sessons, Pamela 36, 60, 165, 210, 216, 209 Sewell, Kathy Schackelford, James 210 Shackelford, Joy Shaffer, Tamela 210 Shannon, David 100, 244 Shatley, Cynthia 258 Shaw, Howard 244 Shearer, Timothy Sheehan, Christopher 258 Shelley, Donna 273 Sheloski, Gregory Shelton, Roger Shelton, Ronnie Shepherd, Joseph 105, 273 Shestok, Michael Shettles, Kevin 210 Shettles, Susan Shifflett, Michelle 273 Shin, Nam 258 Shin, Sung 84, 210 Shipley, Marion 64, 273 Shoemaker, Curtis 273 Sholar, Kristie 150, 258 Shoop, Ceda 164, 244, 273 Shoop, Cynthia 102, 244 Shoop, David 103, 258 Short, Juliana 210 Shurtliff, David 244 Shurtliff, John 86, 273 Shurtliff, Stacey 187, 210 Sierk, Jennifer 273 Simcic, John 258 Simmons, Anne 82, 122 Simmons, Ian Simmons, Ricky 159, 162, 244 Simon, Jane 244, 258 Simpson, Bruce 35, 210 Simpson, Deanna 273 Simpson, Jerry 11, 30, 74, 194, 217, 210, 124 Simpson, Michael 210 Sims, Amber 244 Sims, Jerome 244 Sims, Quenten 170, 210 Sines, Richard Sines, Shelly Singh, Rajiv 258 Singleton, Nathaniel 210 Singleton, Trimetr 258 Sisk, Nancy 244 Sisson, Deborah 258 Sisson, Stephen 210 Sizemore, Larry Sketo, Lisa 110, 111, 244 Slattery, Anthony Slaughter, Deborah 244 Slaughter, Russell 165, 210 Sloan, Heather 37, 273 Sloan, Somer 150, 210 Slocumb, Dennis 158, 244 Slopper, Darren 86 Slusser, Gregory 100, 210 Smallwood, Barry 244 Smead, Amy 155, 165, 244 Smith, Brigitte 258 Smith, Christine 244 Smith, Colleen 244 Smith, Collin 273 Smith, Deborah 63, 161, 169, 197, 210 Smith, Eddy 47, 55, 98, 92, 210 Smith, Fred 244 Smith, Holly 258 Smith, James 244 Smith, Kelley 244 Smith, Kelvin 244 Smith, Kirby 34, 203,210, 117 Smith, Lori 244 Smith, Shane 245, 273 Smith, Melvin 210, 117 Smith, Michael 258 Smith, Michael 258 Smith, Michelle 258 Smith, Patrick 210 Smith, Reginald Smith, Richard Smith, Robert Smith, Robert Smith, Scott Snediker, John 273 Snediker, Thomas 211 Sneed, Aubrey 178, 245 Sneidiker, Leah 273 Snyder, Nancy 150, 160, 165, 258 Snyder, Traci 120 Soltes, Steve 245 Somers, Deidre 245 Sorenson, Scott 84, 159, 182, 158 Sorenson, Shawn Souders, Amanda 174, 273 Soulsby, Sandra 245 Sparks, Christy 245 Sparks, Kelly 211 Spasoff, Frances 76, 258 Spasoff, Richard 211, 117 Spatzer, Jeanine 258 Speaks, Rodney Spear, Jeffery 245 Spedden, Steven Spellane, Susan 245 Spence, Timothy 165, 245 Sprinkle, Barbara 113, 273 Sprouse, Chris 46, 169, 211 Sprouse, Traci 258 Sprowls, Dawn 245 Spragaou, Chutimar 4, 245 Spragaou, Nusara 273 Srock, Benjamin 158, 196, 207, 211 Stafford, Karen 211, 273 Stafira, Gregory 169, 245 Stafira, Stanley 175, 211 Stafne, Michael 259 Stallings, Aubrey 273 Stallworth, Alex.245 Stamper, Haskell 245 Stanford, Kevin 273 Stanley, Karla 273 Stanley, Kim 273 Stanley, Robert 102, 160, 245 Stanley, Sandra 78, 150, 258 Starr, Brenda 164, 168, 211 Starr, John Starr, Matthew 259, 274 Staudinger, Julie 211 Stclair, Scott 259 Steele, Victoria 211 Steenhoek, Rhonda 245 Stephens, Anita 259 Stephens, Diana 245 Stephens, Michelle Stephens, Rodney 245 Stephenson, Jeni 249 Sterner, Michael 211, 274 Sterns, Timothy 170, 245 Stevens, Judith Stevens, Lisa 211 Stewart, Deborah 259 Stewart, Erin 211 Stewart, Michael 159, 161, 245 Stewart, Michael 162, 274 Stewart, Robert 274 Stiles, Dawna 211 Stiles, Glen 259 Stiles, Lisa 78, 245 Stiltner, Pamela 245 Stiltner, Rodney 259 Stinger, Tracey 170, 211 Stockman, Richard 274 Stokes, Rosalind 181, 211 Stoltz, Fredrick 259 Stoltz, John 175, 274 Stootman, Michael Stoy, Elizabeth 164, 245 Strahl, Debra 156, 245 Straight, Laura 159, 161, 259 Stramer, Stephanie 164, 274 Strickler, Laura 164, 274 Stringer, Anita 165,166, 245 Stringer, James 259 Stronko, Gary 211 Struble, Matthew 159, 161, 162, 259 Struble, Tracey 32, 37, 154, 155, 245 Struder, Matthew 245 Strychowski, Steve 245 Stuart, Carolyn Stumm, Coleen 165, 259 Stumm, Leona 165, 245 Stynes, David 107, 211 Stynes, Robert 259 Suggs, Melvin 245 Sullivan, Cynthia 181, 211 Sullivan, Joseph 211 Sullivan, Wille 212 Sunday, Roberta 108, 109, 193, 212 Sunderland, Kimberly 82, 164, 259 Suppy, Duane 259 Suslowicz, Cheryl 245 Sutherland, Daniel 171, 259 Svienty, John Swabb, Karla 165, 212 Swecker, Evelyn 164, 259 Swecker, Leslie 164, 164, 165, 245 Sweigart, James 274 Swisher, Todd 274 T Talley, Phillip Talley, Timothy 274 Talley, William 106, 161, 259 Tamony, Joseph 259 Tarlton, James 212 Tassa, Daniel 212 Tassa, Vincent 72, 212 Tassi, Jennifer 164, 259 Taylor, Amber 212, 274 Taylor, Amy Taylor, Andrew 106, 259 Taylor, Christina 10, 32, 41, 245 Taylor, Jeffery 259 Taylor, Jessie 274 Taylor, John 259 Taylor, Keith 259 Taylor, Michele 110, 212,124 Taylor, Rosalyn 172, 212 Taylor, Susan 113,164, 274, 120 Taylor, William 212 Tedrow, Barbara 274 Teel, Concetta Tenney, Lisa 274 Tennyson, Zohn 274 Terrell, Patrick 158,161, 166, 259 Terry, Kendrick 259 Teves, Adelina 156, 245 Teves, Daniel 171, 212 Thayer, Ah Ling 259 Thayer, Robert 61, 212 Thiel, Jeffery 22 12 Thomaidis, Stephen 33, 61, 168, 217, 212 Thomaidis, Susan 150, 274 Thomas, Allen 259 Thomas, Angela Thomas, Cynthia 274 Thomas, Elisa 170, 274 Thomas, Kelvin 259 Thomas, Lorrie 274 Thomas, Sean 245 Thompson, Carlos 245 Thompson, John 259 Thompson, Linda 80, 274 Thompson, Myrna 259 Thorne, Terry 245 Thornton, Gregory 245 Thornton, Rachelle 259 Thornton, Timothy 274 Thorpe, Valarie 245 Thruman, Paul 274 Tidd, Karen 212 Tiffany, Donald 105, 274 Tiller, Tommie 160, 245 Tiller, Wendy 259, 122, 123 Tilley, Lisa 7, 169, 187, 203, 212 Tillman, Lori 212 Tipton, Laura 245 Todt, Ronald 174 Toler, Charles 23, 95, 212 Tolliver, Johns Tomasino, Carla 274 Tomchek, Tammy 274 Tompkins, Amber 259 Tompkins, Steve 259 Tonstad, Tammy 260 Totten, Ray 212 Townsend, Wendy 150, 250, 260 Tracey, Sophia 161, 260 Treichel, Rhonda 181, 212 Troiano, Suzie 260 Trotman, Brian 260 Troupe, Deanna 152, 274 Trout, Amy 110, 213 Trout, Charles 274 Truitt, Tamra 245 Truitt, Terri 274 Trujillo, Deedra Trujillo, Kendra 82, 245 Tuano, Jeffrey 274 Tuano, Theresa 245 Tucker, Latrice 213 Tucker, Penny 260 Tucker, Rodney 170, 245 Turch, Muriel 171, 274 294 Index Turlip, Kathleen 246 Turner, Carol 213 Turner, Christopher 274 Turner, Cynthia 274 Turner, Daniel 260 Turner, Gaylon 246 Turner, Jennifer 62, 165, 166, 167, 246 Turner, Julie 154, 260 Turner, Kevin Turner, Patricia 213 Turner, Rodney Turner, Theron 260 Tutsock, Charleen Totsock, James 84, 85, 218, 213 Totsock, Jeffery Tyson, Barbara 274, 120 U Umbarger, Sandra 246 Underwood, Randolph 213 Urban, Kimberly 152 246 Urban, Lori 213 Uthus, Kendra 260 Uthus, Kristen 47, 213 V Vaiden, Carole 274 Valliant, Lee 260 Vancuren, Mark 67, 246 Vanderhoof, Anissa 274 Vanderhoof, John 86, 246 Vanega, Alexander 84, 275 Vanegas, German 215 Vankoughnet, Sam 246 Vanlanduyt, Albert 275 Vandutt, Christie 260 Varner, Chris 28, 35, 95, 213 Varner, Lori 150, 275 Varva, Terri 213 Vassiliades, Boni 213 Vaught, Linda 213 Vaught, Margaret 275 Veil, Cheryl 213 Venti, James 103,174, 260 Verburg, Steven 275 Victor, Allen 275 Victor, Matthew 72, 73, 215, 213 Vieth, Vammy 213 Vilt, Heather 246 Vilt, Jennifer 275 Vining, Anthony 246 Vollmer, John Volonoski, Craig 260 Volz, John 175, 260 Vonwolfradt, Tim 159, 246 Vonwolfradt, Greta 159, 160, 275 Voss, Norman 213 W Waddell, Cheryl 260 Wade, Brian Wadsworth, Nancy 275 Wagnon, Barry 246 Waibel, Jennifer 67, 90, 91, 246, 127 Wakeman, Tracy 246 Wayford, Brian 170 Walker, Bonnie 80, 81, 213, 124 Walker, Keith 260 Walker, Mark 275 Walker, Michelle 159, 181, 260, 120 Walker, Patricia 78, 260 Walker, Rudy 106, 246 Walker, Steven 213 Walker, Toni 90, 174, 213 Walker, Wesley Wallace, Thomas 246 Walls, Tina 204, 213 Walls, Tonya 164, 214 Walsh, Kim 260 Walsh, Peter 260 Walta, Michelle 260 Walter, Tracy 260 Walthall, Mitzi 260 Walters, Michele 214 Wanamaker, David 260 Wanamaker, Sarah 38, 41, 246 Wanamaker, Steve 275 Wantz, Paul 103, 260 Ward, Dennis 159, 275 Ward, Elizabeth 275 Wardlow, Carol 260 Ware, Wade 275 Warner, Lisa 48, 246 Warren, Douglas 159, 260 Warren, Steven 72, 214 Warring, Robbert 246 Washington, Cynthia 260 Washington, Derric 214 Waterstradt, Mark 260 Watson, Steven 246 Watt, Anthony 106, 260, 127 Watts, David 105, 275 Weakley, Michael 260 Weakley, Michelle 246 Weatherholtz, Kim Weaver, Marvin 260 Webb, Barry 159, 161,260 Webster, Bruce 246 Webster, Cathryn 214 Weetman, Rebecca 160, 275 Weiler, Linda 275 Weiler, Robert 246 Welch, Richard Wells, Jefferson 3, 246 Wendle, William 214 Wendling, Patrick 86, 260 Wenner, Wayne 214 Werner, Pamela 165, 260 West, Nancy 276 West, Terri Westen, William 164, 275 Westhoff, Elizabeth 260 Weston, Cheryl 164,275 Wheat, Dawn 246 Wheat, Sean 59, 158, 178, 246 Wheelehan, Linda 165, 166, 189, 217, 214 Wheeler, Christina 246 Wheeler, Michelle 154, 190, 246 White, Dawn 214 White, Diane 94, 98, 108, 109, 175, 232, 260 White, Dwayne White, Janeen 214 White, Katherine 36, 108, 175, 193, 199, 216, 214 White, Melodie 160, 260 White, Peggy 246 Whte, Robin 90,91, 106,246 White, William 261 Whited, Melissa 246 Whitesell, Lisa 275 Whitt, Kimberly Whittington, Gary Whittle, Virginia 61, 214 Wichelt, Steven 52, 54, 214 Wichelt, Vicki 107, 246 Wickum, Brian 103, 261 Wilks, Reginald 156, 160, 169, 275 Willemsen, Catherine 275 Willemsen, Jenneth 261 Willett, Lashon 246 Willett, Toni 261 Williams, Cara 64, 246 Williams, Charlotte 261 Williams, David Williams, Elizabeth 261 Williams, Eugene 261 Williams, Greg Williams, Kathy 214, 246 Williams, Kathy Williams, Pamela 261 Williams, Sara Williams, Shane 275 Williams, Stephanie 21, 134 Williams, Tamara 275 Williams, Tamatha 246 Williams, Tina Willingham, Evelyn Willingham, John 261 Willis, Laura 214, 261 Wilson, Andrew 275 Wilson, Audrea 275 Wilson, Bronwyn 75, 246 Wilson, Charlene Wilson, Craig 261 Wilson, Dewayne 100, 102, 188, 216, 214 Wilson, Donna 261 Wilson, Gregory 275 Wilson, Jennifer 159, 161, 182 Wilson, Jonathan 261 Wilson, Krystine 159, 275, 120 Wilson, Leah 82, 159, 161, 246, 261 Wilson, Lewey Wilson, Richard 214 Wilson, Robert 261 Wilson, Roger 246 Wilson, Sharon 165, 214 Winemiller, Patrick 159, 275 Winslow, Laura 275 Wirt, Lisa 16, 154, 261 Wirt, Stephen 215 Witherall, Scott 261 Withers, Jennifer 275 Withers, William 246 Witzgall, Andrea 275 Wood, Gary 275 Wood, William 275 Woodfin, Michael 246 Wooldridge, Alan 178, 246 Woolfolk, Brian 103, 275 Woolfolk, Deanna 214 Woolsey, Teresa 164, 165, 215 Worthy, Tanya 90, 159, 161, 246 Wright, Anthony 215 Wright, Christopher 261 Wright, Clarence 170, 275 Wright, Elizabeth 215 Wright, Heather 215 Wright, James 160, 275 Wright, Kathy 247 Wright, Kevin 275 Wright, Kimberly Wright, Melissa 215 Wright, Monica 275 Wright, Shawn 156, 247 Wright, Stephanie 261 Y Yacobi, Danny 215 Yates, Laura 164, 261 Yates, Scott 100, 215 Yeary, Maria 152, 261 Yenyo, Amy 106, 109, 275 Yi Dae 261 Yokum, Christopher 247 York, Michael 247 Young, Ann 154, 164, 164, 261 Young, Brent 168, 247 Young, Camille Young, Clarence 275 Young, Darold 275 Young, Gavin 87, 261 Z Zahn, Steve 274 Zaldana, Gus Zanella, John 247 Zawisa, Stephen 161, 179, 215 Zeraatbany, Payam 261 Zeunges, Barbara 247 Ziehmn, Brian 275 Ziesler, Pamela 247 Zoromski, Patrick 261 INDIAN ECHOES ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS 1983-1984 Staff Editors: Randi B arnhill Eric Bunn Editors-in-Chief.Julie Novitsky, Jimmy Macaulay Scott Felter Student Life.Kathy Nagley Chris Fulgencio Organizations.Jennifer Coffee, Allen Howard Gail Grevey Sports.Jean Engleka Chris Jefferson Academics..Lisa Tilley Roger Martinez Seniors.Stacy Shurtliff Tracy May Underclassmen.Kathy Hill Chuck Rotblut Faculty, Photo Editor.Mike Hill Soroya Sabet Closing.Bonnie Byram David Shurtliff Sponsor: Stephen Sawyer Special Thanks to: Tom Scarry — Taylor Publishing George Deel — LaMont Studios School Pictures Co. Our Indian Echoes staff worked very hard this year t put this book together. We combined our ideas anc energy to make a yearbook that would give us picture: and names to remember this school year forever. W had a lot of fun, as well as trying times, in making thi book. We hope you will enjoy it and be proud of it as W€ are. Julie Novitsky Jimmy Macaulay ON OUR WAY ► ► 296 Acknowledgments For Reference This item for use in the library only. Prince William Public Library TBbiiD EDhDTV PO VIR 03077986 VA 371.8976 Gar Gar Indian echoes ■ PRINCE WILLIAM PUBLIC LIBRARY SYSTEM I I 3 3159 00345 0504 f wmmmmmmmm ON OUR WAY |E.

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