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¥ V4i : INDIAN ECHOES 1983 A YEAR ALL OUR OWN " Gar-field Senior High School 14000 Smoketown Road Woodbridge, Virginia 22192 Principal: Phillip Gainous Charlie McKoy gives the camera a grin. Most school-spirited — Bill Putnam and Most Talented — Pam Jones pose for a picture. Customers line up at the school book store. Mike Drury and Jim Portell Juniors Kendra and Cathy outside their classroom. 2 Table of Contents Stacy Keller in deep concentration. CONTENTS Student Life.4 Academics 56 Sports 80 Commercial Break 144 152 188 • • • 234 Faculty.282 Index.294 Organizations . Seniors. Underclassmen Lunchtime boredom!!! Learning to type can be fun! Acie Shrewsbury, Pat Rowe, and Rod Mason watch their team from the sidelines. Table of Contents 3 STUDENT LIFE Eric Greene studying hard. Jenny Morgan in her seductive pose. Colleen Clark David Stynes in the book store. 4 Student Life Pat Rowe, Gordon Jenkins, Jim Portell goofing off. Leigh Grow, Jean Engleka, Linda Saunders enjoying class. Matt Robbins Nini Matos talking in class?! Scott Taylor takes a break in Mr. Bradsher’s office. TRADITIONS ALL OUR OWN ... Student Life 5 GRADUATION 1982 Mr. Clark addresses the graduates. Graduation is a time of mixed emo¬ tions. The joy of no more school, the sadness of friends separating, and the fear of surviving in the real world. The graduating class of 1982 had these feelings and many more as they took their place in line with the more than 1,000 seniors to receive their diplomas. The senior class was the largest in the history of Prince William County and possibly the state of Virginia. The class had five valedictorians who spoke to the class during the ceremony. The Ralph L. Barnett Stadium was totally packed with parents, friends and relatives of the graduating seniors as the ceremony proceeded. Threatening skies and a chance of rain held off during the exercise to allow for a memorable experience for all involv¬ ed. Congratulations class of ’82 — You made it! Family and friends fill the crowded stadium. Brian Banks receives his diploma in a moment expressing the true meaning of graduation 6 Graduation 1982 The graduates enjoying the ceremonies. Cathy Keene receives her diploma from Mr. Gainous. Crystal Jones is happily escorted by Acie Shrewsbury. Eddy McCarthy and Becky Wingo. Eagerly awaiting their diploma. Carl Ackerman lets out a shout of joy. Graduation 1982 7 me AN EVENING OF ROMANCE Pam Jones and Mark Boodee flash a big smile for the camera. Ricky Roberson dances the night away. A slow song sets the mood for the evening lUtf i ! Taking a break from dancing. The 1982 Junior-Senior Prom was a memorable one indeed. It was held in Fredericksburg, on June 4, at the Sheraton Inn. The theme of the Prom was “Just Once,” an appropriate theme for the largest class ever to graduate from Gar-Field. The great cascading stairway which led down to the ballroom was laced with tinsel and fluff. The students danced until 1:00 a.m. to the exciting music of Network. 8 Jr.-Sr. Prom Lori Haag and Mike Browne all “decked out. 1 » Everyone having a good timel! Mary Toms and Billy Basham. Tom McGinnis and Margaret Fullem. Jr.-Sr. Prom 9 ACTIVITY FAIR Isn’t anyone ever gonna sign up? Pat Brooks and Ivy Mason take a minute off from working hard to get their picture taken. Activity Period was started in the 1981-82 school year from an idea of Mrs. Lockette’s. It was started mainly so freshmen could find out about the clubs and organizations of Gar-Field at the fair and then have a chance to participate. That is one of the benefits of activity period — no longer do students without after¬ school transportation have to miss out on joining clubs and organizations. Although the activity period has been a great success, some of the teachers still feel that the activity period is an intrusion on their class time. They also feel that, as teachers and sponsors, the students felt that at the fair they were sup¬ posed to sign up. This has caused a few problems with oversized clubs. Also they feel that students joined a club simply to get out of class. Other teachers feel that the activity period has been a great success. Hopeful¬ ly activity period will be continued and improve year after year. 10 Activity Fair Mark Snediker and Chris Moyers Tracy Cosand Kristin Uthus taking her work very seriously. Activity Fairs are sooo exciting!!! I Students signing up under protest. Karen Webster supports the Key Club. Activity Fair 11 SENIORITIS STRIKES... Debbie Grimm, Pam Miller, Tammi Krein, and Sherry McCarthy avoid going to class at all costs. » Billy Stynes posing ... Sara McKelvy, Lorraine Beisley, and Donna Wilson relax during class. 12 Senioritis Senioritis — The mere word can strike fear and anxiety in the hearts of teachers, parents, and administrators. This highly contagious disease has such horrible symptoms as BOREDOM, MISSED ASSI GNMENTS, SKIPPING CLASS, TARDIES, and an all-round HATE of school. Even the best students have symp¬ toms of senioritis. What is to be done about this horrible disease? Many a worried teacher has tried to bring her class back to the reality of school without success. These poor, helpless students seem to be terminally stricken!!! Even with all the end-of-senior-year activities such as prom, graduation prac¬ tices, and powder puff, seniors for some reason cannot seem to get up enough motivation to give their classes their best effort. After all, you’re only a senior once!!! So BEWARE underclassmen. Cases have shown that some victims are actual¬ ly long gone by the end of their junior year — when the reality of becoming a senior hits!!! Hopefully a cure will be found — Other than that, the only hope is keeping the students alive and well until they can be released from their misery when they reach their long-awaited destination — GRADUATION! Steve Pellien, Arleen Morel and Kim Sholar. Mike Drury daydreaming. Stacy Keller caught working!?!? Senioritis 13 POWDER PUFF 1982 “David Raffield coaches his team” The Blue team getting ready for action. The G-F Band members in a serious moment Melissa Wiles shows her intensity. 14 Powder Puff 1982 BLUE TEAM WINS IN O.T. Tom Murphy and Troy Smith nervously look on. Jim Oliver refereeing the game. This year’s powder puff game was a very exciting one indeed. Both teams gave it their best effort but in the end it was the Blue Team that was victorious. An overtime bootleg run by key player Sharon Prudot was the deciding play and won the game. Another key player was Lisa Johnson. The Blue Team was coached to a winning game by Rob Kriener, Troy Smith, Brian West, and David Raffield. The Red Team also had some outstanding players. Christy Simpson and Patsy Majeski each contributed to the team’s fine playing. They were coached by Ed¬ die McCarthy, Warren Thompson, Tim Arbisi, and Charles Wagner. The game was refereed by Mr. Courtney, Mr. Stevens and Mr. Oliver. The girls in a serious huddle. The cheerleaders rooting their team to victory. Powder Puff 1982 15 THE WEDDING OF THE YEAR The happy couple — Melodie Martin and Rob Kreiner The lovely bridal party — Sharon Prudot, Trudy Gay, Michelle Thorlton, Lori Haag, Melodie Martin, Kelly Donnelly, Wendi Rumph, Linda Solcombe, and Nancy Leeker. The “Preacher” in a happy moment The ceremony being performed. 16 Wedding Bells David Quisenberry, Nancy Leeker, Melodie Martin, Rob Kreiner, Sharon Prudot and Bruce Nickle ready to cut the cake. The entire wedding party poses for the “wedding album.” The sociology wedding was a culminating activity to the marriage and family unit in which student couples planned weddings and looked at the ins and outs of dif¬ ferent types of relationships. Hopefully the weddings will be con¬ tinued every year but it will be up to the sociology teacher, Mr. O’Shea, who originated the wedding idea three years ago. The wedding was enjoyed by all but it was still a learning experience. Manners, etiquette and dress were explored and experienced as was the joy and nervousness of an actual wedding. The whole school took part in the festivities. The band provided a string quartet for the reception and food services catered a beautiful buf¬ fet brunch. Students elected all the major participants. Here comes the bride! Melodie Martin Lisa Major and Tom Murphy, wedding Bells 17 FRIENDS That’s what friends are for, sharing. Friends working together. A friend is a priceless gem, an open heart and mind, always there to cheer you up when you are down. Someone to talk to and to complain to, even though he or she has something better to do. Friends will always take time out to be there when you need them. This type of friendship is very important to students. Each morning in the halls, they meet and tell each other what has been going on in their lives. The friendship, however, doesn’t end there. Students call each other after The Gang’s all here! Students seeking aid from Mr. Bradsher. school and talk for hours. Most of all friends are made through school or school related activities. Without this outlet, school might become unbearable. Everyone needs someone to confide in, they need the opi¬ nion of someone they know would probably agree with them. Who would they turn to if their parents restricted them for no valid reason? What if they broke up with their boyfriend or girlfriend. Without friends, we might all go nuts! 18 Friends Young Love ... Cena Litton and Scott Arnett Jeff Sheloski and Anne Naclerio Gwen Price and David Jarboe What a group? Kathy Nagley, Chutimar Sragoaw, Tina Taylor, Shawne “Have a Coke and a Smile” Jenny Waibel and Gerry Simpson. Cosand, and Soraya Sabet. Mark Moody and Jim Ford — Good Friends. What a Pair?! Vivian Griffith and Steve Khalili. Friends 19 WORKING CLASS “What ever happened to self-service?” PIZZA HUT The bell rings dismissing students from fifth period. Just one more period to go, but not for the majority of the working class at Gar-Field. Now it’s time to leave school, hurry out to the student parking lot, jump in their cars, and quickly drive to their respective jobs. These students who need an after-school job, for one reason or another (usually financial), sacrifice many luxuries enjoyed by non-workers. Those who get off early enough might catch the dance, however those are the lucky ones. Working also leaves little time for homework, let alone that 12 page term paper due at the end of the month. Still, the employed Indians stick it out. Somehow the weekly paycheck always seems to justify the means. And with the coming of summer, money is a definite must to get the good times rolling and keep ’em rolling. Angie Walker, serving ice cream 20 Working Class Service with a smile — Kathy Novitsky. Jenny Bucknam working at Mobil Gas Station as a cashier. 1 Sliiiiil im Greg Lybarger checks the oil while working at a gas station. The Golden Arches — McDonalds provides many students with a good part time job. Like many other G-F students, Michele Penny works at a fast food restaurant. Dale Crockett spends much of his time working in a book store. Working Class 21 A cafeteria worker cleans up after the student invasion of the lunch room. Ken Moyers, with lunch in hand, has a ques¬ tioning look on his face. What a drag. Students wait in lunch lines longer now due to fewer shifts. 22 Lunch After lunch, the main lobby provides a good place to hang out until the bell. Jimmy Tutsock, Mark Grosskopf, Scott Warren, Kevin Manbeck, David Black, and Pat Mann enjoy¬ ing their lunch. Students hang around the halls after the bell rings enjoying lunch as long as possible. Enjoying lunch outdoors. Bobbie Sunday going back to class after lunch with a friend. LUNCH 15 minutes: “I don’t know if I can wait that long.” 10 minutes ... 5 minutes ... Finally, the bell for lunch rings. Out of the woodwork they come like hungry wolves. Most are headed for the cafeteria. Some just prefer to sit in the hall and socialize. Now with only two lunch shifts there are more people to see at lunch. Chances are that you and your best friend have the same shift. It’s a little more crowded but a lot more fun. Crowded tables are a common site in G-F ' s Lunch 23 cafeterias. How do you like it — long or short? Bobby Kalski — a typical male haircut. The layered look. 24 Hair Styles Lynn Corman Tonya Wall in French Braids. n Chris Sprouse ... A unique style. That’s totally Wowl Along with the clothing, teenagers, boys and girls alike, put a lot of work in their hair. Hair has always been an important part of the student’s appearance. It is a means of expressing oneself. If you want to see some of the latest hairstyles, take a seat in the main lobby and observe. Hairstyles have changed over the many years. The old styles gave way to the Lady Di, the long hair ac- tivitist style to the short John Kennedy style. After a while the old can make a new and better comeback, they just have new names. The popular style worn in the 1980’s is called wings or feathers. Still, there are new styles coming out every day. Hair has changed so much in the last few years. Now it is becoming normal to see someone with blue, orange, red, green, and or purple hair. What will they think of next? wm Mr. Cool — Mark Portz Joanna Waibel — Wings Hair Styles 25 PEP RALLIES CATCH THE SPIRIT! A few seniors show their spirit at the Potomac pep rally. Donny Shiner says Gar-Field is number 1! The senior class and band are getting fired-up. “R-O-W-D-l-E that’s the way we spell Rowdie; Rowdie, let’s get Rowdie.” This is just one of the many sounds you’ll hear at a Gar-Field Pep Rally. Pep Rallies have been going on ever since the first school rivalry. It has now become a ritual to have at least two pep rallies during football season. One, obviously, on the big Friday of the Gar-Field — Woodbridge game. Cer¬ tain traditions have come out of pep rallies, things such as the Pep Club and the screaming war between the juniors and the seniors, to see who has the most spirit. Sometimes the seniors win; sometimes the juniors, but whoever the victors may be, they all have a great time. The Indianettes doing their thing. 26 PEP RALLIES The senior class and freshman class pack the gym bleachers. The varsity football team waits for their introduction as the junior class shows their spirit. Amy Martin (far right) introduces the girl cross country team for the 1982 season. Juniors at their best, showing that they too have enthusiasm. | The Gar-Field Indian helps to get the students The flag corps puts on another good performance for the students and faculty of G-F. PEP RALLIES 27 ROWDY. CLOTHING Donna Piolluccii Wearing the famous surf shirt and designer jeans — Stephanie Jones. 28 Clothes Lisa " Surf Shirt” Fox All different styles. Todd Cullop wears the preppie look. Pat Rowe sports blue jeans, dock siders, and a Fox shirt; doesn’t he look studious? The preppie look. The GQ look. Shelly Perry, Bill Stynes, and Kristin Tilley show the casual fashion. Izod, Calvin Klein, Cheeno, Levis, Lee, and Le tigere; these are just a few of the names you might find on a Gar- Field student’s slacks or shirts. They are the new designers of today’s fashion. Teenagers put a great deal of importance on their clothing. Gar-Field has all the latest fashions, the new designer clothing. The name a student wears, unfortunately, determines part of the popularity he or she seeks. With designer jeans costing from 40 to 60 dollars a pair, not all parents can pay the price, especially if there is more than one teenager in the family. With clothing, it is again a case of history repeating itself. In the 50’s girls wore dresses down to their knees, as they do now. Penny loafers have also made a strong and successful comeback. New styles are being made every day. The OP’s (Ocean Pacific) and surf shirts are found everywhere, even in the winter. Styles in the future will probably be just as wild and wonderful as they are now. Remember the old saying “It’s the clothes that make the man or woman.” CLOTHES 29 GOOD TIMES Going home is a great time. Being with that someone special. Good Times Pam Miller, Jenny Bucknam, and Diana Judy — Getting the Gossip. Hanging Out Believe it or not, studying can be fun too. Part of being a teenager is having and remembering the good times. Good times are the special moments we will always remember and hold dear to our hearts. It’s being with that special someone, that person who makes you feel good inside. Good times are when you are finally given your high school diploma. Good times are when you’re playing that sport that makes you feel like you are flying. All through life there will be good and bad times. But we will always remember the good times of high school. POSING PRETTY GAR-FIELD’S HAMS Posing is a section for the hams of the school. You know, those of us that just have to do something crazy when anyone with a camera goes by. Luckily, Gar-Field has been blessed with many such people. Everyone has a little ham in them. Just don’t be afraid to show it every now and then. So if someone of the 1982-83 Yearbook staff says “Smile,” go ahead, flash that grin and pose. Gar-Field’s football team is full of photogenic people. A senior class pyramid is formed in the main hallway. Four G-F students strike a dashing pose for a yearbook photographer Debbie Good and Lisa Fox give a somewhat unusual pose. 32 POSING PRETTY Willy Kalski gives a cute pose Jenny Waibel gets a ride from friend Linda Cashwell Vivian Griffith, Becky O’Quinn, Margie Mitchell; Renee Kahrer, Janet Morrissey Gar-Field’s finest; Michele Penny, Dawn Avery, Renee Atkins, Gwen Price Loraine Beisley, John Cotton, Kenny Koontz, Marc Snediker Pretty Posing 33 TRANSPORTATION I Christi Rodriguez uses the best form of transportation “walking” “BJW-486” Transportation plays a role in the life of every student, everyday. The means of transportation to school are as varied as the people being transported. We all must come to school by one form of transportation or another. Some walk, some drive, and some even ride. Whatever the means, Gar-Field students enjoy the many forms of mobility. Those lucky enough can drive to school or ride with a friend, while the less for¬ tunate are restricted to either walking or riding the “yellow eagle’’ better known as the school bus. Transportation is not, however, just used to get to and (or running in some freshmen’s cases) becomes the only means of transporta¬ tion. Students must walk to classes, lunch, and to and from their ride home. Of all the means mentioned, walking is that which all students have in common. Transportation 34 Ford trucks are ram tough. THE DREADED IN-SCHOOL SUSPENSION The entrance to I.S.S. Matt Brophy and Sean Murphy — I.S.S. isn’t all that bad. I.S.S. The new method of punishment seems to have many more advan¬ tages than disadvantages for students. You don’t get unexcused absences and you get credit for all work you do while in I.S.S. But it’s not as easy as it seems — I.S.S. is a self-contained classroom with strict discipline, run by Mrs. Cone and Mr. Courtney. But even with the advantages of I.S.S. over O.S.S. some students feel that they should be allowed to stay home and even come in tardy or skip knowing they’ll have O.S.S. Why do students get I.S.S.? Students get I.S.S. for a number of reasons. Smoking at the wrong time or in the wrong place, too many tar¬ dies, skipping school or class, and a number of other things will get the student into trouble. Although the teachers don’t enjoy all the extra paper work I.S.S. causes (grading papers and making assignments) some teachers wish their students would work as well all the time. Hard at work I.S.S. 35 FIERCE RIVALRIES All that remains of the Potomac effigy after the football players got a hold of it PLUS STRONG LOYALTIES THIS SEASON Fauquier is just an Indian Echo. VACUUM THE VIKINGS — The theme for the senior class hallway decorations. 36 Rivalries Danny Geiger, Matt Brophy, Rod Mason, and Acie Shrewsbury devour the Potomac “dummy Seniors make the prediction which comes true — Woodbridge bites the dust. This season was a season for rivalries. The traditional Gar-Field-Woodbridge rivalry was as strong as ever, with the spirit week preceeding the game being full of spirit and enthusiasm. Hallways were decorated, there was a pep rally, and the chain link competition between classes was held as a fund-raiser for the English department. Another important game for the Gar-Field Varsity Football team was the Potomac-Gar-Field game. The game was an important one to both teams and there was much excitement and competitiveness at both schools. Rivalries can be a fun part of any team’s season and all teams need to have the support from their fellow students and teachers. Now their are two rivalries, the Gar-Field-Woodbridge rivalry, and the Gar-Field-Potomac rivalry. Despite the burdon of two rivalries, we all know that Gar-Field will always remain num¬ ber 1! We can always rise to the challenge. Potomac WHO? " ... rising up TO THE CHALLENGE OF OUR RIVALS... ” Rivalries 37 HOMECOMING WEEKEND Pam Miller and Christine Scalia having a great time at the bonfire. Coach Robinson leading the crowd in cheering on the team. THURSDAY NIGHT The fun and celebration of homecoming weekend all begins on Thursday night with the tradi¬ tional bonfire, which was preceed- ed by a J.V. football victory over Woodbridge, 20-6. Excitement and anticipation are on everybody’s mind. The football team and coaches are hoping for a win, the girls are nervous about the crowning of the queen and the big dance, and everyone is looking forward to a great weekend. Homecoming is a big part of high school and the memories are long-lasting. Homecoming Weekend 39 THE 1982 HOMECOMING COURT Kathy White and Susan Hill look on as Michelle Yacobi is crowned by Mr. Gainous. 40 Homecoming Court The Homecoming Queen Freshman princess Beth Corbin and her proud father. Sophomore princess Angie Drummond and Emi Hamako wave to the camera FRIDAY NIGHT The night of the football game is also the night of the half-time festivities. The 1982 Homecoming Court: Queen — Michelle Yacobi, Sr. Princesses — Susan Hill, Kelly Arvai, Jr. Princesses — Lisa Powell, Kathy White, Sophomore Princesses — Angie Drummond, Emi Hamako, Freshman Princesses — Ebbie Hud¬ son, Beth Corbin. The float competition was won by the seniors. The game unfortunately, was lost to the district co-champion Fauquier Falcons by a score of 14-13 in the last few seconds. Despite the loss, the spirit and enthusiasm of the homecoming festivities was con¬ tinued through to Saturday evening, the dance. Homecoming Court 41 Michelle Yacobi flashes a smiie. Steve Khalili and Lisa Powell Gar-Field Homecoming Cake Homecoming Dance The king and queen (Acie and Michelle) share a dance. David Cassady (from Potomac), Jenny Bucknam, Pam Miller, Derrick Young, Rod Mason, and Kelly Arvai. SATURDAY NIGHT The final night of the homecoming weekend is the night everyone has been waiting for. Dates arrive at their girlfriends’ houses with cor¬ sages in hand. Nervous girls pin their boutonnieres on their dates, parents madly take pic¬ tures, begging to let them take just one more picture before the happy couple goes off to a fancy restaurant for dinner. Finally at the dance the king is crowned. The 1982 Homecoming King was also Mr. Gar-Field — Acie Shrewsbury. Princes were Jim Portell and Danny Geiger. Ebbie Hudson and her date pose for a picture. Homecoming Dance 43 Smiling princess Susan Hill and her date. SOPHOMORE BEAUTY PAGEANT The winner — Sue Flynn poses with her flowers and trophy. Becky Lee answering her question. Contestants in the beauty pageant 44 Beauty Pageant Mary Toms answering the judges’ questions Sue Flynn and MaryBeth Grafmeller The 1982 Soph omore Beauty Pageant was won by Sue Flynn. The 1st runner-up was Nancy Leeker, the 2nd runner-up was Mary Toms, the 3rd runner-up was Susan Hill. The escorts were David Black, Patrick Cone, Robert Parker, James Tutsock, Kevin Manbeck, Gary Foster, Jeff Fowler, Steven Khalili, and DeWayne Wilson. JoAnn Jackson was Mistress of Ceremonies and John Pratt was Master of Ceremonies. The Presentation of Awards was by Jackie Bell — winner of the 1981 Sophomore Beauty Pageant. Beauty Pageant 45 SPIRIT WEEK Tracey Cosand and Debbie Stockman dressed up for class day. Jenny Morgan on surf day. 46 Spirit Week The Junior Class of ’84 Mary Clark wearing DeWayne Wilson’s jersey on jersey day. The girls team supports the football players. Debbie Good shows her spirit. SPIRIT, AN ASSET TO VICTORY Spirit Week at Gar-Field is held the week before the Gar-Field-Woodbridge game. It is the time when students and teachers get to act wild and crazy and go all out. This year’s spirit week was no exception. Each day during the week students wore something different. There was Preppy Day, Surf Shirt Day, Class Day, Jersey Day, and Red, White, and Blue day. Students did all this to boost spirits for the up¬ coming game. On the day of the “Big Game’’ spirits were high and G-F was ready to crush Woodbridge. Relaxing outside on surf day. Spirit Week 47 DRESSING UP FOR HALLOWEEN Lisa Offley as Mrs. Mickey Mouse I 48 Halloween Pam “Punk Rocker” Sessoms Baby Dumpling Shauntay Harris You’re in the army now! Joanna Waibel Two Gar-field squaws show their spirit. Annette McNiel says the devil made me do it. Th is year the drama club did something no other club before them had done. This year the members dressed up for the day and spon¬ sored a Halloween dance. For every student that came to the dance in a costume there was a Vz price admis¬ sion to the play “THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER.” For one day the school was visited by ghost and goblins, devils, babies, and even a bag of jelly beans. Monsters walked the halls and kitty cats came to class. Gar-field looked more like a horror movie rather than a high school. The day and the dance were a great success. Mr. Shepherd said that the new tradition would be con¬ tinued in the next years to come. Robin Lynch, Tony Wright, Janice Creneti, Mike Petruzzi, Marie Clubb, Jim Ford, Faith Logan: Drama club dress up. Halloween 49 AR-FIELD ' S SPIRIT: OWN Pam Jones is a classic example of Gar-Field’s spirit. 50 G-F’s Spirit Pat Brooks and Myles Watson show support for the senior class. ALL OUR THE ROAR OF THE CROWD, THE NEEDED SPARK! Gar-Field students are proud of their school. The student body plays an important role in cheering the teams on to victory. It gives everyone a chance to participate and have a feeling of pride when the team wins. Although the fans aren’t out there on the field or court, their spirit can spark the team and get their spirits up. The coaches appreciate the fans. They work long hard hours to pro¬ duce fine athletes and the recogni¬ tion the fans give them is a great reward. Students must never lose the willingness to support the school. The Marching Band, Pep Club, teachers and students must realize that their growing spirit can spread confidence to the teams to go out and DEFEAT any team they face. The roar of the crowd can make a difference between victory and defeat. Getting spirited in the main hallway The crowd cheers the team on to a victory. Dressing up as an Indian is one way to show your spirit. Tippy, Ramona, and Daphne Gar-field students hav e a spirit that is hard to match. G-F students are some of the most rowdie and fun loving people around. When pep rally time comes the whole school goes a little mad. Even the teachers get a little excited about the big game. G-F even has a contest to see what class has the most spirit. In all of the cheers and chants there is one theme “GAR-FIELD IS 1.” G-F’s Spirit 51 THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER " Chris Chantaleu and John Cotton AN EXCELLENT G-F PRODUCTION This year’s play was a great suc¬ cess. The play is about a famous radio man who goes to eat dinner at the Stanley’s house. But before he goes in he slips and falls on a patch of ice outside the front door. He has to stay at the house for several weeks and proceeds to make everyone’s life in the house miserable. Mr. Sheridan Whiteside — John Cotton Maggie Cutler — Lisa Offley Lorraine Sheldan — Janice Creneti Beverly Carlton — Jim Ford Dr. Bradley — Bill Putnam Nurse Preen — Cheryl Herrell Mrs. Stanley — Marie Davis These are some of the major characters in the play. The play was performed on November 18, 19, and 20 . Lisa Offley, Bill Putnam, Marie Davis, and Jimmy Venti during a scene. Marie Davis, Jimmy Venti, Robyn Lynch, Pam Sessoms, Linda Wheelehan, Danny Deutch John Cotton, Chris Chantaleu and Todd Gallentine Marie Davis, Tiffany Fitzwater, and Linda Wheelehan on stage. Cheryl Herrell as nurse Preen School Play 53 GOOF-OFFS Steve Thomadis and Debbie Eicher goofing off during a lab. I ' l Joel Koziol and Kathy Novitsky getting frisky. Faith Logan gives her opinion about having her picture taken Wk 1 - 1 i 1 54 Goof-Offs Bill Putnam, Bart Boodee, and Pam Jones goofing off during music LOOK! “It’s a bird,” says Vonda Sparks. Somer Sloan, Kim Sholar, Denise Jones, and Kim Dean take a break from making posters. Michelle Weakley and Margaret Fullen Even though Gar-Field has a serious reputation, it’s not all work. We have our share of crazies. Sometimes you need to take a break from the grind. But don’t worry, as long as you don’t spend all day goofing off, it won’t hurt a thing. Remember, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!” High school is full of many good times. Between worry¬ ing about tests, future plans, keeping our grades up, and impressing our teachers, there’s still time to catch up on the latest gossip, make new friends, and line up dates! Goof-Offs 55 After Hours Wouldn’t you like Kelly Arvai for a teacher? David Kastl reading in the library. Billy Ondo — Homework casual style. An Academic Angel... Lori LaCava 56 Academics Suzi Kerney in art class. Kevin Manbeck, Study, Study, Study! Chemistry student, Theresa Thompson carefully pours the solution Jennifer Bodner in a tense moment. Knowledge, what is it? Knowledge, accor¬ ding to Webster, is “the fact or condition of knowing,” but it is more than that. Knowledge is one of the most precious possessions a person can have. It is something that, once gained, may never be taken away. Lack of knowledge is a terrible disadvantage, for without it there are no skills or abilities, and without these, there is no advancement and no civilization. Knowledge makes you equal to others and therefore is the key to freedom. Knowledge, when properly used, can lead to a successful and prosperous life. Students today are very fortunate to have education available through teachers and schools like Gar-Field. High school prepares us for a future by offer¬ ing a wide selection of academic courses; Science, History, Mathematics, Art, Music, Foreign Language, and many others. Webster has another definition of knowledge; “what is known or learned through study of experience.” Knowledge is a tool for tomorrow. Through Gar-Field, students accumulate through study and ex¬ perience, a knowledge all our own. Academics 57 ENGLISH English is the largest academic department within the school and is the only subject required during all four years of high school. Various levels of the course are available at all grade levels and include Basic, Regular, and Enriched classes. Another course, Advanced Gram¬ mar and Composition, is available for seniors in prepara¬ tion for college level English. During a four year period, grammar skills, composition, and literature are taught. At some point during each year, students are exposed to a special literary selection such as Romeo and Juliet, Julius Caesar, and Beowulf. In their junior and senior years, students are required to write a term paper. The English Department includes classes in Journalism and sponsors the production of the school newspaper. It also contributes sponsors to such organizations as the Drama Club, Forensics, and the Literary Magazine. Steve Thomaidis, busy at work. Susan Hill, editor of the Hyphen, and Craig Turner, Hyphen Photographer, debate over the subject. Eddie Day takes it easy. Tom Sookshawee, " I hate research papers.” ' Joanne Jackson wishing she were somewhere else. Where it all begins. Steve Wichelt, the Critic. Mary Mullins Research,research,research. English 59 SOCIAL STUDIES The Social Studies Department here at Gar-Field offers the students a full spectrum of classes. World Studies I deals mainly with the study of Western Civilization, from the caveman to WWII. American Studies I pertains to American History and current events. American Studies II involves studies of Virginian and American Government. It also covers Economics. Enriched varieties of these classes are also offered. The Social Studies department also has electives to choose from if you want to further your studies in that area. World Studies II is one of them. It entitles a closer look at the non-western cultures of the world. Another is Sociology. It involves the study of human behavior and the ways which they interact with each other. The Sociology class holds its annual wedding ceremony toward the end of each year. Together these courses make up the Social Studies department and the world of history. Ken Nast absorbing his American Government. 1 Mr. Greer teaching a class of economics. Chris Gardner and Janice Kitchen. Two wise people? 60 Social Studies Mr. Bunn, “Where’s your homework?” Tammy Demont, Mike Frasier, Walter Carter, Bernadette Jones, Shelby Michele Puckett and Michelle DePoy, “Welcome to Social Studies.” Freeman, Todd Demont, and Latanya Osbourne. Kim Rogers. Presidents past... and future? Mr. O’Shea: The effects of Sociology. John Pratt, Cindy Pavon, and Pat Mann. Social Studies 61 COSMETOLOGY Cosmetology is a three-year course which begins at tenth grade and continues on through the junior and senior years. In the spr ing of the freshman year, students are inter¬ viewed and tested for a genuine in¬ terest in this field. A minimum of 2000 hours is required to qualify to take the state license examination. A variety of services, most related to hair care, are available. Chemical treatment of hair, shaping, and designing hair styles along with make-up analysis are other segments of the program. This class is designed as training for students who wish to pursue this field professionally. Candy Ethridge and Pam Sloan, taking it easy. Joyce Hilins and Christy Sparks, trying a new style. Angela Tutsock at work on Mrs. Muse. 62 Cosmetology Decapitation ... no, just Cosmetology. Tracy Wakeman and Tracy Peters Wm- .JhH y| -Or c Jackie Groves “The Trophy Room’’ The world of Cosmetology. HOME ECONOMICS home economics Tina Williams in the Home Ec. department. Home Ec. in action. The Home Economics Department covers many aspects of home life in¬ cluding Food and Clothing Manage¬ ment, Single Living, Home Fur¬ nishings and Housing, Homemaking and Child Development. Each course deals with a different aspect of home life and prepares students for career possibilities. Food Management gives students experience in cooking techniques and skills, meal planning, kitchen management, and table ser¬ vice. Single Living deals with situa¬ tions arising while living alone and looks at roommates, finances, food, and home care. Child development studies all aspects of the growth and development of children. Home Fur¬ nishings and Housing is a study of housing types, construction, fur¬ nishings and selection of ac¬ cessories. Clothing Management teaches students skills in basic sew¬ ing, knowledge of textiles and selec¬ tion and care of fabrics. The Home¬ making class provides instruction in food and clothing, engagement, wed¬ ding and money management. These courses help prepare students for future living, whether single or married. Loyonne Milton and Patty Patenaude making something special. Ms. O ' Connor and Sherry McCarthy talking while Chandra Medcalf works quietly in the background. Ms. Norbrey demonstrates cooking to Dawn Matera and Barbara Walker. Home Econ omics 63 MATHEMATICQ Making the best of it Kathy White and Barbara Byram Not another lecture! t. It u possible to fitte the vertex: of a pdrahoi.i cjyjckJy when theequation is xvn t«c»s n a form ■m-.h a . theflf poi»t on ttepjpii of •tch the pore beta juit ft? Thti form ix simitar to Itiv point-slope form ot the linear fuitelfcw equation. except that tite " 4i»« s:i’Mir ‘d ' • , , . 1 ta«sh ro» the above «jtjafk t! to v ax- + fix + c Rsawrnbei that 4 tV • 4»v - 4 b f akutate value of v for v • 0. 1, 2..V 4. 5, md ' ■ . tV thew joints to Ho! the [urate b «te jntpb pa per You should probably ctJHprm the vcaiv on the . ax» j that the fr ph writ ft» « the paper. c Marl u»»r vertex on the graph. atui n( r 4owu the ordered pair. U. Where d» the uwvrtBnate of ttte vertex !» ' up ut the etftmim ' l e H » until ou fmd the m v for - ? a»»l t S without vttbv itu«H«s dtete (uaiibiw into the f }«.slM n - ' a hi pr Nente in which jujciiv Tbs? lavi pro.Vem form of the quadtetk •u h you t an find the sketch I hr yraph of the f. rn vertex m i . .tr? epT “Cashing” in on mathematics. “Pay attention — quiz tomorrow!” “Does any of this make sense to you?” Eddie Smith, “Who, me?” The Math Department offers a variety of math courses at all levels. Algebra I and II, Geometry, Math Analysis, Advanced Algebra, Trigonometry, and Calculus, all are open to students with some restric¬ tions on grade level and academic ability. For students with low mathematical aptitude General Math, Remedial Math, and a two-year Algebra I class are provided. Algebra I is an academic course utilizing the real number system. Geometry deals with logical geometric forms and pro¬ ofs. Algebra II prepares students for more advanced mathematics and teaches basic properties of the com¬ plex number system. Math Analysis, Advanced Algebra, and Trigo¬ nometry deepen the student’s understanding of trigonometry and review advanced algebra, respec¬ tively. Calculus is a highly advanced course dealing with advanced geometry, theory, and algebra. Three other classes are also offered to students; Advanced Senior Math which teaches students basic com¬ puter operation and mathematical application, Consumer Mathematics dealing with math on an everyday basis, and Remedial Math, which is primarily designed for those students which have not passed the Math competency examination. With the exception of General and Consumer Math, all classes are considered to be academic courses. The Math Department also sponsors Mu Alpha Theta, the math club, which is open to all interested students. MATHEMATICS Brian Jackson and Todd Shackelford; just hanging around before class. That must have been a good one. Mary Martin says “Cheese.” Math 65 SCIENCE Science class at work. Chris Arnold, Bob Tischof, and Pat Hart. “Sure, I understand!?” Charles Huet, “I’ll never understand why I’ taking this class.” Robin Clinton, Steve Manchester, “Well, would you look at that!” Space Travel 66 Science Tara Edleshick and Robin White concocting a new formula. Hillary Hamster. Mike Eggleston, Eric Brown, and Alan Wooldridge: Chemistry enthusiasts. Scientific tools of the trade. The Science Department offers a variety of courses ranging from physical to biological science. These courses include Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and others. Earth Science teaches students about the physical world around us, while Biology deals with living organisms from the simplest to the most complex forms. Chemistry studies the chemical elements and their reactions with each other. Physics explores the relationships of Energy, Matter, and Motion. Other classes, such as Advanced Biology and Advanced Chemistry, are available to students that are ge¬ nuinely interested in the science field. A strong math background is required for most of these courses. Other features of the Science Department include the annual science fair, in which students may display their scientific knowledge, talent and creativity, and also the Science Club which is open to all students interested. Mike Hammerick, Greg Clay, Charles Rotblut, Mrs. Hammill, Tara Edelshick, Steve Comer “I should have an “A”.” The world of science. Science 67 The Art department offers a wide variety of subjects to interested students. Every six weeks four different studios such as drawing, etching, fashion of jewelry, to name a few, are offered. A total of fourteen studios in all are available. First year students are encouraged to alternate every six weeks, while advanced students may take a studio in depth. Art is available from levels I through V and is open to all grades. Jeri Dobson and Antrone Thomas display their artistic prowess. Mike George making a mug. Julie Lepard, a florist of a different sort. Theresa Martin, " I’m glad I have extra paper!” With a steady hand, Roger Loy paints a vase. Margo Maxwell ‘Sew what’ MUSIC The Music Department includes three main musical organizations in addition to several classes. Band, Choir, and Orchestra are subdivided into various levels of ability. The bands include Varsity, Concert, Symphonic, Begin¬ ning, and Stage Bands. Symphonic Band is available to exceptionally talented students by audition only. Stage Band is a more academically-oriented class which studies literature, history, and arrangement of popular music and is open to any interested advanced students. Choir also makes up a large part of the Music Depart¬ ment and includes Mixed, Bass, Treble, and Concert Choirs. Concert Choir includes sight-reading skills, per¬ forming experience and vocal quality and is open to students by audition only. The Dominants are open to a limited number of students through audition and teaches various performing techniques including staging, vocal quality, and choreography through extensive performing experience. Other aspects include Orchestra, which is open to any student with previous orchestral experience. Piano, Theory I and II, are a few electives in the Orchestra depart¬ ment. Marching Band, an extra-curricular activity, is open to any students presently taking a band class. Mark Putiyon singing it with feeling Pam Jones — Heavenly Accompaniment Take a deep breath, Darnell Marshall Music 69 PHYQICAL EDUCATION e f? B 1 m Sports mm II For The Health m - a of m m Off the wall Tough Guys The next Dr. J? jTlf Eddie McCarthy (Class of 82) and Pat Mann on Randy White, “This thing is heavy!” the track. 70 Physical Education “I left my sneakers at home.” My shoelace is untied! Leslie in health. Missing a health book? The P.E. Department plays a major role in school academics and activities. The required courses of Health Physical Education 9 and 10 teach students basic sports but also important knowledge about students’ health and welfare. Also included in the course are annual health screenings instigated at the beginning of the year and fitness tests in which students may receive recognition for high achievement. An individualized part of the P.E. Health program in¬ cludes Driver’s Education. At the completion of this course, a student is eligible for an operator’s license at age sixteen. Also available is Elective Physical Education for students who have completed P.E. 9 and 10 and wish to continue physical education. It is a semester course and includes no Health instruction. Hangin’ Out Physical Education 71 FOREIGN LANGUAGE Donnell Johnson, Doug Stermer, Steve Walker, Really?! Tara Edleschick, Lisa Baith, Kristin Newman, Landon Hale. The next crop of foreign language teachers. ‘You said it!’ Miss Fritz: “Another 100%” 72 Foreign Language Just be candid! “Tu hablas espahol?” Exchange of Culture The Foreign Language Department offers a variety of secondary languages including Spanish, French, German and Latin. English as a second language is available for foreign students. The study of a language not only includes the mastering of speech skills but deals with culture and geography of countries which speak that particular language. Academic levels range from basic to highly ad¬ vanced; from one to five years of instruction are available. Each Foreign Language has its own club sponsored by one or more department teachers. Club activities include trips to foreign restaurants and the annual group trip to Europe. | ROMANOS RERVM DOMINOS GENTEMOVE TOGATAM Octavian points the way. Karen Boling, Rhonda Early, Tom Beames, “Did you get all of that?” Foreign Language 73 INDUSTRIAL ARTS AND I.C.T. The industrial arts department consists of seven different courses specializing in a specific field. Manu¬ facturing, Communications, Graphic Arts, Electricity, Mechanical Draw¬ ing, Construction, and Power and Transportation are all included. Many of these classes, such as Mechanical Drawing, which teaches students areas of orthographic pro¬ jection, technical geometry and pic¬ torial drawing are pre-requisites to more advanced vocational courses. Electricity, which exposes students to electronic components and their operation, is another example of a prerequisite course. Other classes like Construction, dealing with basic concepts of house building such as wiring, surveying, and plumbing are simply for the benefit and knowledge of the student. Manufacturing shows stu dents the concepts of maufactur- ing technology. Students use tools and apply skills to duplicate pro¬ ducts. Areas include metals and woodworking along with plastic technology. Communications covers many aspects of this field including il¬ lustration, sketching, photography, television, radio and others. Students learn to use equipment in these fields. Graphic Arts teaches students the use of printing equip¬ ment. Power and Transportation deals with the basic studies of power, assembly, breakdown of motors, and alternate power sources. The Industrial Cooperative Train¬ ing course instructs students for future occupations in trade, technology, industry, and health. In¬ struction ranges from in-classroom to on-the-job experience. I.C.T. is available only to eleventh and twelfth graders. I.C.T. II, a continuation of the course, is offered to seniors. Will it be fixed in time for General Hospital? 74 Industrial Arts and I.C.T. Chris takes a break from Drafting. drafting V.I.C.A. is for everyone, Steve Pellien and Mark Nutter. Where did everybody go? Esayas Domissew, ‘What do you mean, put it back together?’ Mr. Wiczalkowski repairs a radio as the class looks on. Industrial Arts and I.C.T. 75 BUSINESS -i ‘2 Michelle Hiner at the adding machine. Mrs. Sullins writing class plans. Zadock Futrell types in his program. Jack Bowen and Laura Willis demonstrate good typing techniques. 76 Business Carole Tamony, “Now is the time for all good men.. Carla Wiggins, ‘2+2=?’ Scott Arnett, intently studying. The Business Department provides a wide range of business training. The two preliminary business courses are Beginning Typing and General Business. In Be ginning Typing you learn the keyboard and standard forms for typ¬ ing reports, tables, and letters. General Business gives the student an understanding of the American business system and the role it plays. They also learn management of personal finances and career planning. After successful completion of Beginning Typing and General Business a student may choose either Clerk Typing I, Stenography I, Accounting I or Data Processing I. In Clerk Typing students learn such skills as filing, calculating, and duplicating. Emphasis is placed on improving typing skills and speed. Stenography covers these areas along with shorthand. Both classes are block periods. After taking either of these classes, students may choose to continue by taking the second level of these courses. Students may also apply for C.O.E. and if accepted receive on-the-job training and pay for their hours worked. Data Processing teaches programming for students who wish to progress further. Data Processing and Accounting II are also available. Other classes include Business Management, which teaches the aspects of running your own business and Personal Typing, a one semester course which teaches typing exclusively. Typing: A good skill to learn. Everybody’s typing. Business 77 L.P.N. AND D.E. The Licensed Practical Nursing course is for students wishing to become registered nurses. The entire course runs a total of eighteen months. Preclinical instruction oc¬ curs during the first nine months . . . The second nine months begins the July following graduation. Preclinical experience is obtained in the classroom for the first three periods of each day. Supervised clinical practice begins in July after completion of the first year and students must work 40 hours a week with part of that time devoted to for¬ mal instruction. Students who complete both phases of the course may apply to the Va. State Board of Nursing for permission to take the examination for a license to practice. The Distributive Education Department is designed to teach students marketing techniques and includes classes such as Fundamentals of Marketing, Marketing, Advanced Marketing, and Fashion Merchandising. Fundamentals of Marketing help students develop mathematical, social, communicative, and other skills needed for job entry in sales and marketing. In Marketing, students combine on- the-job training and classroom instruction. Advanced Marketing continues the program on a managenial level and improves the student’s marketing skills. Fashion Mer¬ chandising is a course for interested students that have a career objective in apparel. Bob Bowen absorbed in Distributive Education Intensive Care Melinda Riesenberg, “All I need now is a patient!” Annette Hodge and Timmy Chamberlain ! 78 L.P.N. and D.E. Steve Welchell — Say cheese please! “It’s Friday!” Maria Rocha Kevin Campbell, He’s just a “wild and crazy guy” Colleen Smith waits for the ball. Joanne Ferri and Barbie Labaj, a cute twosome. Candids 79 Michele Penny stops at her locker. SPORTS Freshman goal line defense comes through. Diane Hicks shining on. A 8EA90N ALL OUR OWN John Litwin during a tough game. Pre-pep rally enthusiasm shown by the football players. 80 Sports Wrestling trophies won last season The track trophy case. Number who? Number 1!! A WINNING TRADITION Gar-field Indians. They fit together like a good team should. To be a Gar-field Indian takes pride, support, spirit, and dedication. It means giving more of yourself than you even knew you had to give. It means carrying the red, white, and blue above all obstacles, challenges, and op¬ ponents to become a champion. This feeling, this spirit, is what has driven G-F into setting a winning tradition. No other school in this area has been able to achieve such heights as Gar-field has. What other school can boast about holding over 48 district championships, over 21 regional championships, or 7 state titles? The answer is none. Gar-field and its In¬ dians have triumphed in the past, and 1983 continued the tradition, the winning tradition. 1982 SPRING SPORTS Mike Smith; Boy’s Tennis p. 87, Boy’s Golf p. 97 Girl’s Varsity Soccer p. 86 Mike Hamric; Varsity Baseball p. 90, J.V. Baseball p. 92 Gus Simpson; Varsity Softball p. 94, J.V. Softball p. 96 Doug Boik; Boy’s Track p. 100, Girl’s Track p. 98 John Litwin; Boy’s Varsity Soccer p. 84 82 Spring Sports Display case in front of the school store speaks for itself. Cross Country: Just one of our well spirited teams. A SYMBOL OF OUR SPIRIT SYMBOL, (slrhbul) 1. a visible sign of something invisible; as an idea, quality, or feeling. Symbolism in Gar-field is a unique and special thing. Everywhere in the school, students and athletes alike are surrounded by Indian paraphernalia and slogans. This idea, this feeling, is so apparent and domineering that it can’t but help to instill the G-F pride in all of us. Everywhere throughout our school these symbols can be found. From the Indian posters painted by dedicated cheerleaders to G-F items such as gym bags, baseball hats and t-shirts, to the huge INDIAN lettering in the press box of Ralph L. Barnett Memorial Stadium. G-F’s symbols represent many things to the students and athletes. To the students it is a way to demonstrate their support and pride of the athletes and of Gar-field. To the athlete it shows that someone cares. Symbol. No matter what dictionary is consulted on the subject, the definition is clear: in all our own ways, we are telling the world that Gar-field Indians are the best. We don’t need a dictionary to spell that out for us. THE Indian! Ralph L. Barnett Memorial Stadium beginning to fill with fans before a track meet. “I-N-D-I-A-N-S ... Gar-field Indians are the best!” Spirit and Sports 83 BOYS SOCCER " A TOUGH. REBUILD¬ ING SEASON " INDIANS Row 1: Bryan Sims, Marc Snediker, Chris Peevy, Tom Diekmeir, Doug Lerfald, Mike Deguzman, John Henry Row 2: Matt Brophy, Steve Grover, Ovid Ri- jfkogel, Scott Arnett, Mike Beach, Jimmy Tutsock, Sung Shin, Shawn Carson Row 3: Kevin Bunton, MGR, Matt Robbins MGR, Amir Elzeni, Kenny Johnson, Jeff Sykes, Jim Brown, Mark Szklennik, John Litwin, Gerado Aguilar, Sean Duvall, Coach Aleo, Coach Zimmerman. Matt Brophy keeps pace with Stonewall striker. The 1982 Varsity Boys Soccer Team went through a major rebuilding year as they lost many seniors from the 1981 Regional Championship Team. This year’s MVP, Shawn Carson, was chosen for his team leadership, spirit, and scoring ability (7 goals, 2 assists) and who enabled the team to have an overall record of 6-5-1 on the season and placed them 4th in the Commonwealth District. The team consisted of only a few seniors, but plen¬ ty of underclassmen, including key freshman player Steve Grover. The few seniors, including John Litwin, Chip Henry, Jim Brown, Mike Beach, Shawn Carson, and Mark Szklennik, proved to be the dominating force on the squad. The team played well, and hopes to have a better season in 1983. John Litwin shows his kicking style. 84 Boys Soccer ‘‘Where’s the water?” Mark Szklennik takes a well deserved break. Seniors John Litwin and Shawn Carson discuss the game. MVP Shawn Carson Mike Deguzman Varsity Boys Soccer Team Record GF 9 Stafford GF 1 Stonewall GF 0 Potomac GF 1 North Stafford GF 2 Fauquier GF 1 Woodbridge GF 5 Stafford GF 0 Stonewall GF 4 Potomac GF 3 North Stafford GF 0 Fauquier GF 1 Woodbridge District: 4th MVP: Shawn Carson Overall: 6-5-1 Matt Brophy John Litwin setting up for the goal. Coaches Zimmerman and Aleo watch closely. Boys Soccer 85 o-j.wrowo-i-i ' Nioiw-i GIRLS SOCCER “TEAMWORK AND LEADERSHIP " Row 1: Amanda Coker, Patty Pattenaude, Theresa Dittmer, Beth Evans, Paula Nix, Peggy Secrist, Lori LaCava Row 2: Annette Adams, Terri Guttormsen, Margaret Selby, Pam LaCava, Cathy Cox, Debbie Loreland, Kathy Picard, Diane Ottinger Row 3: Michelle Hummer, Barb Hoffman, Beth Hoffman, Chari Thompson, Coach Vadeboncoeur, Debbie Eicker. Beth Hoffmann sending the ball back in the right direction. The Girls Varsity Soccer Team had a strong and productive season in 1982, as they finished 9-3 overall in the Commonwealth District. Led by co-captain and MVP Cathy Cox, the team played exceptionally well by outscoring their op¬ ponents by an average of 6-1. Cathy was chosen MVP for team leadership and outstanding scoring ability. She had 23 goals for the season, which enabl¬ ed her to be 1st in the district in scoring. This was the second year in a row that Cathy was picked to be on the All-District 1st team. Cathy was also chosen to be the All-District MVP. Coach Vadeboncoeur commented that the team worked well together, showed a lot of team spirit and unity. And most of all, were really fun to work with. GF 3 1982 Girls Varsity Team Record Overall: 9-3 Stonewall 4 GF 12 Potomac 0 GF 12 Fauquier 0 GF 1 Woodbridge 2 GF 11 Stafford 0 GF 6 Potomac 0 GF 6 North Stafford 1 GF 4 Stonewall 3 GF 8 Fauquier 0 GF 4 Stafford 0 GF 5 North Stafford 2 GF 0 Woodbridge 2 MVP: Cathy Cox 86 Girls Soccer Lori LaCava drives through defenders down the field. Beth Evans shows her powerful form. The girls get rowdy for the up-coming game. Cathy Cox takes a quiet break from practice. Diana Ottenger shows her power-kick. Annette Adams shoulders the ball, as Beth Evans looks on. Girls Soccer 87 BOYS TENNIS Varsity Tennis Team: Row 1: John Hineline, Ken Pope, Mike Gillette, Buddy Frie, Coach Johnson, Row 2: Kip Leathers, Jimmy Barnhart, Mike Smith, Tony Johnson. " DISTRICT CHAMPS " With the state’s most power¬ ful one two combination of seniors Kip Leathers (7-0), and Ken Pope (7-0), the Boy’s Ten¬ nis Team breezed through regular season with an unblemished district slate of 6- 0. To add depth to the G-F at¬ tack were seniors Jimmy Bar¬ nhart, 3 seed, (7-0); John Hineline, 4 seed, (3-4); Mike Gillette, 5 seed, (6-1); and Buddy Frye, 6 seed, (3-4). Kip Leathers, a four year let- terman was named team MVP. Kip was undefeated in regular season singles as well as being district runner-up at 1 seed singles. The combination of the top seniors’ excellent play allowed the team to compile a 24-1 win loss record for the past 4 years. Row 1: Danny Auston, Eddy Smith, Mike Arrington, Richard Bilodeau, Stan Stafira, Monty Lerner Row 2: Jimmy Fullem, Kevin Miller, Bill Harder, Chris McCrae. 1982 Boys Varsity Team Record Overall: 9-3-1 GF 2 Lake Braddoci k 7 GF 0 Danville 7 GF 3 Martinsville 3 GF 5 Northern 2 GF 3 Franklin Co. 2 GF 3 Mt. Vernon 6 GF 8 Fauquier 1 GF 5 Potomac 4 GF 6 Stafford 3 GF 8 James Wood 1 GF 6 Stonewall 3 GF 7 N. Stafford 2 GF 8 Woodbridge District: 1st 1 Regionals: 3rd MVP: Kip Leathers 68 Boys Tennis Mike Gillette Ken Pope concentrates on his game. Most Valuable Player: Kip Leathers. Mike Gillette keeps his eye on the ball. Mike Smith returns a strong serve. Jimmy Barnhart prepares for the serve. Boys Tennis 89 " HEAVY VARSITY BASEBALL HITTING " Center: Steve Carson, MGR Row 1: Steve Hargraves, Billy Thayer, Acie Shrewsbury, Tim Arbisi, Marcus Johnston, Tom McGinnis, Jim Farrington, Gary Keene, Row 2: David Wilkens, James March, Bob Malloy, Cary Nichols, Jim Portell, Mike Meadows, Mike Thurston, David Freeman. The 1982 Varsity Baseball season was a great success. Overall the team outscored their op¬ ponents 157 to 93. By doing so, the team finish¬ ed in 2nd place in the District, and also advanc¬ ed to the 1st round of the Regional Playoffs before they could be stopped. The team was very well balanced, as it had many fine seniors. These outstanding players included Billy Thayer, Bob Malloy, Jim Farr¬ ington, and Mike Wilkens. All-District players in¬ cluded Bob Malloy and David Wilkens, 1st team; Billy Thayer and Tom McGinnis, 2nd team; Jim Farrington, Honorable Mention. Many juniors also contributed to the team. They include Jim Portell, Acie Shrewsbury, David Freeman, and Mike Thurston. They are all anxiously awaiting the 1983 season. 90 Varsity Baseball Coach Labozzetta talks with Acie Shrewsbury. Mike Meadows defendina first base. Gary Keene looking to strike ’em out. 1982 Varsity Baseball Team Record Overall: 9-6-1 GF 7 Benedictine 7 GF 2 Highland Springs 4 GF 15 Osbourn Park 0 GF 9 Fauquier 1 GF 3 Potomac 8 GF 8 Stafford 7 GF fc 3 James Wood 4 GF 4 Stonewall 9 GF 22 North Stafford 6 GF 9 Woodbridge 7 GF 18 ■MdJFauquier 5 GF 6 Stafford 5 GF 6 James Wood 7 GF 13 Stonewall 19 GF 15 North Stafford 0 GF 12 Woodbridge 9 District: 2nd place Regional: 1st round MVP: Bob Malloy John David Venti Memorial: Jim Portell Jim Portell, with protective face mask, concentrates on the game. Varsity Baseball 91 . . . . " SWINGING JV BASEBALL into success " Row 1: Scott Warren, Vince Tassa, Matt Victor, Larry Meade, Rudy Walker, Gary Foster, Mike Miglorenni, Mike Hamric Row 2: Coach Murphy, Tim Shreve, Paul Pyrz, Donny Kinnitt, Haskall Stamper, Kevin Manbeck, Robbie Combs, Bart Rogers, Donny Hart. Tim Shreve fires one back home. The 1982 Junior Varsity Baseball team had an overall outstanding season, finishing 11-3. By beating Wood- bridge in the final game, G-F took first p)lace in the Com¬ monwealth District. The entire team worked well together with an overall batting average of .350. Outstanding offensive players included Scott Warren and Donny Hart, with batting averages of .453 and .429 respectively. Outstanding defensive players included Vince Tassa and Gary Foster. Matt Victor was chosen MVP because of his team le adership on and off the field. He batted .425 for the year, with 5 homeruns, and led the team in RBI’s. Coach Murphy commented that the 1982 JV Baseball team was one of the finest ever and should contribute next year on the varsity level. Haskall Stamper prepares for the pitch. 92 JV Baseball Vince Tassa, alert behind the plate. Robbie Combs concentrates on his power Mike Hamric shows good form on the mound. GF 15 1982 J.V. Baseball Team Record Overall: 11-3 Potomac 6 GF 7 Potomac 8 GF 8 Stafford 6 GF 9 Stonewall 8 GF 15 North Stafford 14 GF 9 Woodbridge 88 GF 6 Woodbridge 11 GF 7 Potomac 5 GF 8 Potomac 5 GF 7 Stafford 9 GF 3 Stonewall 2 GF 11 North Stafford 1 GF 4 Woodbridge 3 GF 9 Woodbridge 8 MVP: Matt Victor Outstanding offensive players: Scott Warren Donnie Hart Outstanding defensive players: Vince Tassa Gary Foster Mike Hamric gets ready to bunt. Tim Shreve covering first base. JV Baseball 93 VARSITY SOFTBALL wSmlm j9 - C| v P ; HI 0$ ' j IPMSlr? I m M || 1 m j| K r: i | ; ■ il gW | A i iV jfi JB A || iPR , | Wit | 4 -f ! 1 1 VI f n , i i j 1 Row 1: Stephanie Royer, Pam Miller, Chris Strychowski, Sharon Canada, Mary Cox, Kathy Walker Row 2: Nini Matos, Colleen Reichenbach, Christi Simp¬ son, Sharon Lohr, Michele Taylor, Ms. Jones, Coach. The 1982 Varsity Girl’s Softball team had a pro¬ ductive and challenging season. The team finished with an overall record of 10-7, and with a district record of 8-4. This placed the team 2nd in the Com¬ monwealth District. Outstanding players included junior Stephanie Royer who had a great season as she was chosen to be on the All-District 2nd team. Outstanding seniors included Sharon Canada, short stop, and Sharon Lohr, catcher, both of whom placed on the All-District 1st team. Sharon Lohr was also chosen as Most Valuable Player of the team, as well as the prestigious title of Potomac News MVP. The team played well together all season. With six returning juniors and two sophomores, the team hopes to be just as competitive in 1983. Gus Simpson warms up before batting 94 Varsity Softball 1982 Varsity Softball Team Record Overall: 10-7-1 GF 15 Ft. Hunt GF 11 Fauquier GF 15 Potomac GF 3 Stafford GF 2 Mt. Vernon GF 17 Stuart GF 9 Woodbridge GF 16 Stonewall GF 6 North Stafford GF 9 Woodbridge GF 5 Fauquier GF 11 Potomac GF 1 Stafford GF 6 Robinson GF 11 Stonewall GF 10 North Stafford GF 3 Woodbridge MVP: Sharon Lohr 14 4 9 5 4 15 18 16 2 7 19 3 2 7 3 0 5 Pam Miller gets ready to swing. Jeanne Leuders Stephanie Royer shows her stuff. Varsity Softball 95 Colleen Reichenbach waits for the play. J.V. SOFTBALL " YOUNG AND TALENTED " Row 1: Bronwyn Wilson, Brenda Scharp, Denise Long, Janice Majeski, Gus Simpson, Row 2: Noelle Lathe, Mona Aldridge, Lisa Stiles, Lori Hayes, Susan Gazda, Row 3: Patty Conlan, Yvonne Klune, Diane Hicks, Ms. Baggett, Coach. Waiting on the mound. Throwing strong. The Girl’s Junior Varsity Softball Team showed a lot of talent in 1982. The team was very young, starting all freshmen with the exception of three sophomores. The season started slow but finished strong as they won their last 5 out of 6 games. The Indians really showed their strength when they handed Potomac, the district champs, their only two losses. The team had many outstanding players. The winning pitcher for G-F was Janice Majeski, a freshman. Patty Conlan, Denise Long, and Lisa Stiles were the offensive strength as they proved to be the oustanding hit¬ ters. The defense was led by Diane Hicks and Brenda Scharp. Leading base stealer was April Eberly. With the help of these fine athletes and coaching from Ms. Baggett, the team finished 7-4 overall, and thus placed high as 3rd in the Commonwealth District. Diane Hicks playing third base. 1982 J.V. Softball Team Record GF 11 Potomac 5 GF 9 Stonewall 16 GF 9 N. Stafford 10 GF 9 Woodbridge 33 GF 24 Stafford 6 GF 10 Potomac 8 GF 13 Stafford 5 GF 28 Robinson 10 GF 15 N. Stafford 9 GF 16 Stonewall 12 GF 6 Woodbridge 9 96 JV Softball " A SURPRISING BOYS GOLF SUPER SEASON " 1982 Boy’s Golf Team: Joe Bloxton, Jimmy Johnson, Eddie Maloney, Eric Michael, Keith Bjorklund, Bill Basham, John Dell, and Scott Davis. MVP Keith Bjorklund “Keep your eye on the ball... full stroke now ... follow through ... look at it go!” The 1982 Boys Golf Team had many surprising events come their way this year. The team had a good overall season, finishing 4-3 in the district. They did especially well during the District Tournament, when the boys pulled together to upset Stonewall Jackson and James Wood to place second in the Commonwealth District. The team then qualified for regional play at Charlottesville. The team placed 5th overall. The low medalist at regionals was Eddie Maloney, who shot his season’s best score with an 81. The season’s MVP was Keith Bjorklund. Over the past 4 years at G-F, Keith has attained an average stroke of 78. He will attend James Madison University to continue his excellent career. Coach Chris Courtney was pleased with the team’s per¬ formance and wishes good luck to all the boys in the future. " DISTRICT AND REGIONAL GIRLS TRACK CHAMPIONS " The 1982 Girl’s Outdoor Track Team Peggy Benham and Anne Ganino lead the pack at the District meet. Showing sheer determination is freshman, Robin White. Daphne Coerse concentrates on her style. Lori Holtam starting from the blocks. Rhonda Early throwing the discus. 98 Girls Track Eartha Johnson long jumping at the district meet. Amy Martin breaking the tape at Districts. Mitchi DePoy Rhonda Gainor, running strong in the relay. Commonwealth District Champs Northwest Regional Champs The 1982 Girl’s Outdoor Track Team continued to carry the Gar-field track tradition of superior perfor¬ mance. The girls were undefeated in their dual meets with district competition and continued to finish high in their invitational and relay meets. The team had many outstanding athletes, all of whom showed great heart and pride as they broke record after record. The hardworking team literally raced by their com¬ petition to give them the District and Regional cham¬ pionships. The team, coached by Miss Brown, has an excellent record in district and regional competitions. Since the VHSL started the competitions for girls in 1972, G-F has captured 9 out of the 10 district and regional crowns. Along with fine coaching from Miss Brown, the team was led by MVP, senior Denise Klugh. Denise threw the shot put and discus. She was a highly con¬ sistent scorer for the Indians since coming to G-F in her sophomore year. Denise placed first in both events at the district meet in 1982. At regionals, she took first place in discus and third place in shot. Finally at the state meet, she took fourth place in shot. The team was very proud of her. Denise Klugh and Coach Brown Girls Track 99 BOY ' S TRACK " SECOND TO NONE " THE 1982 BOYS’ STATE CHAMPION TEAM “Stick!” Relay handoff from Ervin Hannah to Joe Miller. Pat Mann showing off his hurdling form. Ervin Hannah handing off to Lynwood Lovelace. With 3 laps to go, Ed Novak and Mike Good move up in the pack. 100 Boys Track STATE CHAMPS Eric Green leads the 2-mile relay at the Newport News Relays. Boys Track 101 Ed Novak and Mike Good vie for first place. Is Steve Manchester working hard or hardly working? Brian Banks and friends stretching out before a meet. The 1982 Boy’s Outdoor Track Team had an outstanding season. They won all of their district dual meets except one 3 point loss to James Wood. The boys team also had an ex¬ ceptional relay and invitational meet record. They swept the Stafford Relays and Albermarle Invitational, as well as taking a close second place in the Newport News Relays. At the Commonwealth District meet, held at Fauquier, the boys crushed the competition. Second place in the district was Stonewall Jackson, trailing by an almost unbelievable 115 points. At the Northwest Regional meet, held at the University of Virginia, the Indians took se¬ cond place to E.C. Glass by just 1 point. Finally, when the Virginia AAA- State Meet was held the following week at UVA, Gar-field brought it all together to take a dramatic first place over defending state champions Men- chville of Tidewater. G-F won the meet by 1 point. Congratulations to our Indians. Brian Banks running in the 100 meter run. Mike Drury talks with injured Doug Boik about the meet. Ervin Hannah sprinting to victory. “The team had a lot of heart,” commented Head Coach Jim Oliver. The team was his first state championship team and he couldn’t have been more pleased with them. " They had a lot of heart and pride. " “What separated this from past teams was their friendship, unity, drive, and most of all pride.” Coach Oliver was selected as “Coach of the Year” by the Potomac News. Coaches Cheshire and Oliver confer with James Wood Coach. Zadock Futrell running hard to win in the 440 relay. 102 Boys Track Fighting for positions are G-F’s Eric Green and Steve Manchester. State champion in shot put is Dave Guiterrez. Doug Boik pole vaulting his way to 1 The 1982 Boys Track Team not only had a great coach but outstanding athletes as well. The Most Valuable Player award went to Brian Banks. Selected as Outstanding Athlete and Most Improved Player were Dave Guiterrez and Doug Boik respectively. Dave had the highest amount of points for any member of the team all season. Brian Banks and Dave Guiterrez were also selected as All-American Hi gh School Track Athletes. The Virginia AAA State team was comprised of: Brian Banks, Dave Guiterrez, Ervin Hannah, Mike Drury, Doug Boik, Lynwood Lovelace, and Joe Miller. Congratulations to the entire winning team for bringing home to Gar¬ field a state championship, and more impor¬ tantly, PRIDE. 1982 Boys Outdoor Track Team Record GF 136 North Stafford 30 GF 86 Woodbridge 46 GF 104 Stonewall 39 GF 78 Fauquier 50 GF 83 James Wood 86 GF 118 Potomac 32 GF 98 Stafford 52 1st Commonwealth District 2nd Northwest Regional 1st Virginia AAA State Boys Track 103 1982 FALL SPORTS The offensive line looks tough against Homecoming rival, Fauquier. Var- “Year of the Trophy,” sity Football p. 116 122. see the Woodbridge game one more time on page Debbie Grim. Volleyball p. 108 Stephanie Jones. Cross Country p. 110 Frosh offensive line. Frosh Football p. 112, J.V. on p. 114 104 Fall Sports Tom Beames and Carole Tamony try to smile through the cold. Gar-Field’s finest: the Marching Band during halftime. We’re wet but we’re number 1! GAR-FIELD FANS: A RARE BREED Try to imagine for a moment, if you will, a football game without fans. Imagine the quiet, empty stands void of life. Imagine half-time without a band and talented girls in flashy uniforms, waving their flags, rifles, and batons. Imagine it. What’s a football game without these? Just a game you may say. Two teams of young men hitting, passing, and running against each other. Both fighting. But for what? Without the support of the students, band, and drill teams, there just doesn’t seem to be much point in playing at all. Gar-field fans are notorious for supporting their teams to the fullest extent. At freshman and junior varsity games, loyal students and older varsity players attend to give support to these young red, white, and blue teams. This year’s fans showed more support and pride than any other group has in past G-F memory. It is easy to support a winning team; but when a team isn’t constant winners, they need to know that someone is there to stick with them, through thick and thin. 1982’s fans have become personally attached to this year’s teams. They travelled to all away games, whether it be a stone’s throw to Woodbridge, or a night’s trip to Winchester. They took all wins and losses personally. Tears of disappointment stung their eyes in bitter losses, yet, those same tears turn¬ ed to joy when the team came up with fantastic wins. Gar-field fans are a tough breed, indeed. Whether they show their spirit through playing their hearts out in the band; or doing precision-timed routines in bit¬ ter cold weather; or jumping on the track, leading the crowd in enthusiastic cheers; or just simply buying a ticket and yelling in the stands. Whatever the method, G-F fans are there. By the looks of this year’s spirit and support, this tradition will carry on through Indian hearts for many years to come. Support from the upperclassmen boosted the young teams. Fall Sports 105 , r TOUGH PLAY ON THE blRLo TENNIS courts means success Row 1: Daphne Coerse, mgr., Vivian Ruiz, Mona McFadden, Lisa Cope. Row 2: Anette Hodge, Janice Majeski, Beth White, Maureen Ogden. Row 3: Diane Kennedy, Kathy White, Bobbie Sunday, Diane Jordan, Joann Jackson. Most Valuable Player went to Lisa Cope. T Joann Jackson practices her serve technique. 106 Girls Tennis Mona McFadden shows off her backhand. Kathy White waits for the serve. Vivian Ruiz demonstrates her powerful and well-executed serve. 1982 Girls Tennis Team Record GF 9 James Wood 0 GF 8 North Stafford 1 GF 8 Woodbridge 1 GF 7 Stonewall 2 GF 9 Fauquier 0 GF 9 Stafford 0 GF 8 Potomac ' 1 District Record: 7-0 Overall Record: 12-0 , - - ft Lisa Cope Janice Majeski sets for a mid-line return. Mary Cate looks to her opponent for the serve. Beth White enjoying the game as she springs to the line. The 1982 Girls Tennis team had a crushing season as usual. The team, under the superb guidance of Coach White, swept the district, finishing with an unblemished, undefeated 12-0 record. This completes 30 straight wins in Commonwealth District matches. They have now beaten rival Woodbridge three straight years in a row. After winn¬ ing the district title, the girls were handed a disappointing blow, however, by being beaten in the first round of regional play. The team was led by several outstanding players in¬ cluding MVP Lisa Cope. Lisa, G-F’s 1 seed, won the singles district title. Lisa, along with Vivian Ruiz, placed se¬ cond in the district doubles competition. » Kathy White poses pretty before her game. Girls Tennis 107 VOLLEYBALL VARSITY, J.V., AND FROSH TEAMS SPIKE IT ALL The Varsity victory score over Osbourn Park. 1982’s volleyball teams went through some rough times over the season. The varsity team began the season with only two returning players from last year’s squad, in¬ cluding Michele Taylor and Debbie Peschka. To add to the team’s dilem¬ ma, only nine girls were on the team. “A definite rebuilding year,” was how Coach Jones described it. The girls, however, stuck it out through the season to finish 3-7 overall, including two wins over rival Woodbridge. The varsity team’s MVP was Stephanie Royer, who was also chosen to be on the Potomac News’ all-district se¬ cond team. The J.V.’s season was a little more productive as the 10 girls evened their record at 5-5. The team split a win and a loss against every opponent. The frosh team had a tough season but gained experience along the way, as they finished 0-4. 108 Volleyball Varsity Volleyball: Row 1: B. J. Brown, Debbie Grim, Michele Taylor. Row 2: Nina Kay, Stephanie Royer (co-capt.). Row 3: Kathy Picard, Kay Lamborn, Ms. Jones, Debbie Peschka (co-Capt.), Wendi Ols. J.V. Volleyball: Row 1: Patty Patenaude. Row 2: Lisa Sketo, Tamara Truitt, Mona Aldridge, Amy Trout. Row 3: Kathy Chanteleau, Kathy Rider, Michelle Puckett, Kim Urban, Chirs Seaton, Mr. Johnson. Freshman Volleyball: Row 1: Susan King, Lori Buschbaum. Row 2: Chris Hinkle, Janet Clemen, Kathy Rich, Margaret Zawisa, Andrea Embrey. MVP Stephanie Royer sets the ball up. Serving the ball is J.V. player Patty Patenaude. Michele Taylor prepares for her varsity match. Volleyball Team Records Varsity J.V. Frosh Osbourn Park Loss Win Potomac Loss Loss Loss Stonewall Loss Loss Loss Fauquier Loss Win Woodbridge Win Loss Osbourn Park Win Win Potomac Loss Loss Loss Stonewall Loss Win Loss Fauquier Loss Loss Woodbridge Win Win Overall: 3-7 5-5 0-4 Chris Seaton shows the strength that made the J.V. squad G-F’s best. Time out for the varsity team. Debbie Grim concentrates on her overpower- Debbie Grim, B. J. Brown and Wendy Ols ing serve. demonstrate how to bump, set, and spike. Volleyball 109 CR098 COUNTRY DEDICATION PAYS OFF FOR BOTH TEAMS Row 1: Earl Schoenborn, Steve Manchester, Chris McCrae, Mike Good, Lynwood Lovelace, Ervin Hannah, Eric Green. Row 2: Coach Williams, Rhonda Gainor, Martha Haymond, Shawn O’Neal, Tony Fowler, Charles Rotblut, Greg Newman, Ruel Haymond, Robin White, Nichol Fields, Tina Walls. Row 3: Amy Martin, Christine Jefferson, Denise Novak, Peggy McKelyvey, Debbie Good, Stephanie Jones, Gus Simpson, Linda Cashwell. Not Pictured: Jenny Waibel, Vonda Sparks. Jenny Waibel in the last mile of the Judges Obviously near the finish line, Amy Martin Classic. smiles in relief. Girl’s MVP Peggy McKelvey leading in a home meet. 110 Crosscountry f ■ u Eric Green concentrates on the course ahead of him. “The girls and boys cross¬ country teams are composed of the finest group of athletes here at G-F. Their love for the sport coupled with their desire to ex¬ cel academically and athletical¬ ly made it easy for me to work with them. The loss of our seniors: Amy Martin, Mike " FINEST ATHLETES AT G-F " Good, Lynwood Lovelace, Steve Manchester, Greg Newman, Eric Green, and Ervin Hannah will be greatly missed. These seniors taught us an idea that no one can remove, “We have nothing to lose and everything to gain.” These words will keep the winning tradition alive.” — Coach Kevin Williams After a tough hill at UVA, Steve Manchester is up in front. Meet Judges Classic Hor nes)Wood Itiv- L. George Mason Inv. ' UVA Invitational William and Mary Inv. Georgetown Prep mg; tipp I Meet Placings Boys Girls 18 W 2 V 8 M § v ' Boys Overall District Record: 6-1 Girls Overall District Record: 6-1 DISTRICTS Boys Girls A 2nd 5th REGIONALS 4th 7th STATE 9th — The 1982 Cross Country teams had success ful seasons this year. The boys team was led by MVP Mike Good. He was selected because of his team leadership and the per¬ formance he gave which was indicative of the hard work and dedication he showed for the sport. The girls were led by their MVP Peggy McKelvey. Peggy was one of the most consistent runners on the team. She was G-F’s only girl to qualify for the Regional and State meets. Boy’s MVP Mike Good is followed closely by Lynwood Lovelace at James Wood. Cross Country 111 FROSH FOOTBALL EXPERIENCE NEEDED EXPERIENCE GAINED -% IS IsnW CiS- 1 1 H — l ! TTk t ' • Row 1: D. Clinton, S. Osbourne, A. Watt, J. Chaps, T. Mosher, J. McAllister, L. Cabading, T. Hetrick, J. Korhman, J. Hinebaugh, R. Singh, R. Shelton, J. Venti, J. Miller, R. Rowe, J. Makoandria. Row 2: K. Kinney, E. David, C. Daniels, C. Miller, F. Stoltz, K. Capara, B. Goff, S. Tompkins, D. Myer, D. Raninson, P. Rowe, M. Hodges, S. Mahr, E. Wells, S. Kehn, B. Jefferson, S. Lowry, A. Henderson, C. Coffee, B. Hicks, J. Tamony, R. Hood, D. Simcic, R. Williams, T. Blackwell, G. Phillips, R. Gore, B. Burner, R. Seeley, A. Sanders. The offensive line breaks through Potomac’s defense to make way for The front line of the kick-off receiving team gets ready for the kick. Todd Blackwell. The 1982 Freshman Football team had a challenging season this year. The young Indians were inexperienced, yet they learned quickly from their mistakes. The team finished 2-4-2 overall, with strong wins over the Edison Eagles of Fairfax and also a district win over the Stonewall Jackson Raiders. Although the team was faced with multi¬ ple setbacks and disappointments, they continued to work hard. The frosh team was led by Most Valuable Player, Scot Shearer. The freshmen look forward to next year when many will play on the J.V. and varsity levels. 1982 Freshman Football Team Record GF 0 Potomac 20 GF 14 Edison 0 GF 6 James Wood 6 GF 6 North Stafford 20 GF 0 Potomac 27 GF GF 0 14 Stafford 0 Stonewall U GF 0 Woodbridge Overall: 2-4-2 2 112 Freshman Football Chris Daniels and Scott Keene Linebacker David Simcic and fellow players hold back the competition. Shawn Davis makes the game-tying reception against James Wood. Robert Seeley blocks for ball-carrier Andre Sanders. i Chris Daniels thinks that wide receiver is a lonely position. Robert Seeley takes off past Potomac defenders. Shawn Davis runs his pattern as receiver. Freshman Football 113 J.V. FOOTBALL A TOUGH BUNCH OF INDIANS J.V. Football: Row 1: David Fowler, Kim Bryant, Derek Washington, Steve Sisson, Mark Barnes, Barry Miller, Larry Gibbs, Mike Eilann, Pat James, Rod Nixon, Jack Peske, Donnie Hart, David Shannon. Row 2: Greg Slusher, Steve Love, Pat Davies, Steve Comer, Mike Fryling, Rudy Walker, Tim Rodgers, Roger Shelton, Bart Rodgers, Kevin Atrid, Paul Pyrzc, Danny Hillman, Jeff Shaney. Row 3: Fred Beardsley, Mike Finlayson, Bryan King, Roger Loy, Keith Brafford, Dave Farrish, Charlie Sebastian, Mike Lickess, Steve Zanella, Steve Zawiza, Shawn Anthony, Mark Zawiza. 1982 J.V. Football Team Record GF 0 Potomac 7 GF 7 Fauquier 0 GF 0 McNamara 7 GF 14 North Stafford 0 GF 7 Potomac 7 GF 7 Stafford 6 GF 14 Stonewall 6 GF 20 Woodbridge 6 Overall: 5-2-1 Warming up before the second half. The 1982 Junior Varsity football team had a tough, yet successful season. The team finished 5-2-1 overall, with a district record of 5-1-1, their only loss in the district was to rival Potomac. The team capped off their season with a crushing victory over Woodbridge, which got the Homecoming Spirit Bonfire off to a roaring start. The team had a good attitude, led by Most Valuable Player Bart Rodgers. The team looks forward to 1983 and a challeng¬ ing year on the varsity squad. 114 JV Football The defense shows its strength by sacking Potomac’s quarterback. A clean handoff from quarterback to the running back plus good blocking up front equals one excellent play. Jimmy Tutsock waits for the snap. Barry Miller and Chris Coffee talk about the game. v k " fc ; 4 ' w Jeff Shaney and the offense on the line of scrimmage. Quarterback David Black scrambles from defenders. The defensive line gets ready to stick it to the offense. Donnie Hart takes off with good blocking from the line leading the way. JV Football 115 _______ . . THE YEAR OF VARSITY FOOTBALL the trophy Row 1: M. Brophy, S. Yates, T. Gordon, M. Drury, C. Coffee, B. Kalski, J. Ricketts, K. Dulaney, R. Futrell, A. Shrewsbury, V. Tassa, D. Washington, R. Div- vers, S. Litton, A. Houston. Row 2: J. Bryant, T. Rodriquez, C. Gardner, D. Geiger, D. Castle, S. Mooney, G. Stronko, D. Parker, D. Black, R. Callahan, D. Beatty, R. Mason, W. Kalski, B. Farrington, E. Cook. Row 3: K. Hendley, F. Sparks, J. Bloxton, J. Tutsock ' , M. Mullins, D. Wilson, G. Jenkins, C. Denson, A. Stokes, D. Diffenbaugh, Pat Mann, M. Schmitz, D. Young, L. Williams, C. McCoy. Row 4: W. Brockman, D. Munsell, R. Martin, P. Cone, B. Parker, S. Mur¬ phy, B. Murphy, C. Boyer, H. Houston, P. Rowe, Paul Mann, J. Offley, L. Young. Jeff Bryant running back to the sidelines. 116 Varsity Pat Cone and the awesome defense were a deciding force this Football season. Tight-end, Ronnie Callahan concentrates on the defense on the field. “The 1982 Varsity football season could be summed up by saying that we came so close but were so far away. A total of 21 points, 3 touchdowns, was the difference between a 9-1 record and being District Champs. The two games that best exemplified the season were played back to back, the 8th and 9th weeks of the season. In both these contests, the team played with great courage and conviction, only to fall short in the final seconds. " WE CAME 80 CLOSE, BUT WERE 80 FAR AWAY. " These games were against Potomac and Fauquier; who were eventual District Co-Champions. The 1982 Varsity Football team played well and with great pride during the entire season. In a word, Character, is the best way I know how to describe this football team.” — Coach Chuck Robinson Coach Robinson on the sidelines. The G-F “high-five,” demonstrated by Mike Drury and Acie Shrewsbury. Charlie McCoy and Pat Cone in warm-up exercises. A muddy Bobby Kalski tells who’s the best. Acie Shrewsbury on the sidelines. Mark Schmitz, Chuckie Denson and Tony Gor¬ don on the bench, taking a break. The defense in the huddle, listening to Andre Stokes. Varsity 117 Football GAR-FIELD INDIANS VARSITY FOOTBALL RECORD OVERALL: 6-4 Game 1: August 26,1982 Robinson 10 Gar-field 13 In the first game of the season, G-F handed the visiting Rams a loss as quarterback Acie Shrewsbury completed a 95-yard drive to Howard Houston on a 19-yard pass with 1:12 remaining in the 4th quarter. Dwayne Parker scored this year’s first TD on a 2-yard run in the first quarter. Game 2: September 3, 1982 McNamara 7 Gar-field 12 Running back Dwayne Parker rushed for 85 yards and two touchdown runs of 1 and 2 yards respectively. Acie Shrewsbury contributed with 69 yards rushing. G-F achieved its highest ranking in the Washington Post Poll this week at Number 3. Steve Mooney scored with a 6-yard run in the first quarter. This was followed by a Dwayne Parker score with the go- ahead touchdown on a 1-yard run with 2 minutes remain¬ ing in the third quarter to beat the Raiders in Manassas. Game 7: October 15, 1982 James Wood 0 Gar-field 28 Kent Dulaney scored twice on runs of 13 and 33 yards, while Dwayne Parker rushed for 149 yards and a 6-yard TD run. Chuck Boyer also added 6 points on a 5-yard run. Place kicker Mike Finalayson added all 4 extra points to complete the shutout over the Colonels on a rainy night in Winchester. Game 3: September 17, 1982 North Stafford 19 Gar-field 13 Gar-field lost its first regular season game since 1980, breaking the 15-game winning streak this week in its first district game at North Stafford. Kent Dulaney had a 23 yard touchdown run while Mike Drury scored on a 26-yard Shrewsbury pass. Game 8: October 22, 1982 Potomac 12 Gar-field 7 In one of the most heated games of the season, the Pan¬ thers stopped the Indians 2 yards short of victory with a first and goal on the 4 yard line with 44 seconds left in the game. Parker scored the only TD for G-F on a 17-yard run in the first quarter. G-F dropped out of the Post Poll this week finally ranked at 16th. Game 4: September 24, 1982 Stafford 6 Gar-field 28 Kent Dulaney carried 4 times for 113 yards and 2 scores as G-F gained 294 yards rushing, including a 33-yard run by Zadock Futrell and a 54-yard Shrewsbury run. This win over District foe Stafford placed G-F 6th in the Post Poll. Game 5: October 1, 1982 West Springfield 7 Gar-field 0 In front of the Spartan’s Homecoming crowd on a drizzling night, a fumble recovered by West Springfield was the only score of the night, shutting out G-F with 5:13 left in the first half. Game 6: October 8, 1982 Stonewall Jackson 7 Gar-field 14 Game 9: October 29, 1982 Fauquier 14 Gar-field 13 In the Homecoming game, the tables were turned as G-F’s defense had their backs to the goal. The District Co- Champion Falcons broke through, however, to beat the In¬ dians by 1 point. G-F’s scores came by a 46-yard pass from Chuck Boyer (substituti ng in for injured Shrewsbury) to Mike Drury. Eric “the Weasel” Brockman topped off the score with a 79-yard TD run in the 3rd quarter. Game 10: November 5, 1982 WoodbridgeO Gar-field 1 G-F shut out the Vikings for the 3rd consecutive year, in what was to be THE GAME of the season. Gordon Jenkins 36-yard fumble return was the only score in a defensive struggle that gave G-F back its pride, by retiring the Herb Saunders trophy to Gar-Field forever. Varsity Football One picture is worth a thousand words And who might that happy Injun be? Gordon Jenkins of course! YEAR OF THE TROPHY After suffering two close losses in a row, the 1982 Varsity Football team was a little discouraged as they entered the final week of football. However, the last game of the season is no ordinary event at G-F. No, it is Wood- bridge week, and that’s when The Spirit runs through every Indian. Throughout “spirit week,” the players were shown in various ways that the entire school was behind them. The game itself was an emotional one: this would be the last game that the seniors would play in together; and G-F had a 5-4 record go¬ ing into the game, a loss would mean a .500 season. These factors were important, but not as important as winning The Trophy. The Herb Saunders Trophy has been passed between G- F and WB for many years now. Three con¬ secutive wins by one school would retire the trophy. Indian victories in ’80 and ’81 set up for the showdown this year. The G-F fans turned out, literally, by the thousands to cheer the Mighty Indians on. And then IT happened.Lineman Andre Stokes makes a tough hit on WB’s back, the ball slips loose and bounces right into the hands of Defensive back Gordon Jenkins ... Gordon runs the ball 36 yards for the only score in the defensive dominating game. Gar-field wins the Trophy and it comes home to Indian Country where it will stay — forever. No, this team didn’t go 10-0 like last year’s star-studded team did. 1982’s team was just that — a team, with high emotions, great deter¬ mination, and most of all, by winning the trophy, they proved that they too had the ability to carry on the winning tradition in their own special way. The thousands of ecstatic and elated G-F fans. Nothing feels quite like a sweet victory. Woodbridge Game 123 1983 WINTER SPORTS BOYS VARSITY BASKETBALL, p. 132; Boys JV Basketball, p. 128; Boys Frosh Basketball, p. 126 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS, spirit found throughout the sports section. VARSITY WRESTLING, p. 142; JV Wrestling, p. 140. GYMNASTICS, p. 134; Indoor Track, p. 136-139. GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL, p. 130; Girls JV Basketball, p. 128; Girls Frosh Basketball, p. 126. 124 Winter Sports Tracksters Linda Cashwell, Jenny Waibel, and Robin White enjoy relaxing at a basketball game. Sharing some good gossip are Sara McKelvey and Susan Folley at a gymnastics meet. Steve Manchester doesn’t look too happy about the game, does he? Sherry McCarthy finds wrestling funny! DeWayne Wilson and Kelly Arvai watch the game. BEHIND THE SCENES Most of us are quite familiar with the types of sports at G-F and what goes on during the games. But what goes on off the court, wrestling mats, balance beams and track? What’s life like in the locker room for the athletes, or for that matter, in the stands for the fans? Most of us consider the lighter side of attending sporting events: socializing. Sure, a game can be an ideal event to see or meet that certain someone. We’ve all been guilty of that charge at one time or another. But have any of us stopped to ever think about what the athletes go through? Inside the locker room, a nervous tension fills the air. Silence falls and butterflies hit the athletes. Some athletes are so confident and self-assured that they claim they are never nervous or fidgety. Don’t believe them. If an athlete wasn’t a little hyped up over their upcoming confrontation they would never cut it. The adrenalin would not flow, and the desire to win would be lost. “Getting up” for a game is more important than most of us realize. Pep rallies aren’t held just to see which class is the rowdiest. They serve the pur¬ pose of showing the athletes that the fans are behind them 100%, and that they want to win just as badly as the athletes do. This feeling and support is naturally more crucial to some sports than others. Gymnasts, for example, need silence to concentrate. But a roaring crowd can have so much of an effect on a basketball team or on a wrestler that they could decide the difference bet¬ ween a victory or a defeat. So the next time you’re sitting with your friends or that someone special in the stands, give a little shout. Show you care. If you don’t believe this, ask a coach, or better yet, ask an athlete. Bruce Simpson " kicks-back” before he has to wrestle. Winter Sports 125 ROSH BASKETBALL YOUNG DRIBBLERS The Frosh girls fight for possession. The 1983 Boys and Girls Freshman Basketball teams both enjoyed successful seasons this year. The girls team finished the season in first place in the district with a 9-1 record. All-around team play and effort from all the players was at¬ tributed to the success. An excellent defense was also responsible as the girls held their opponents to an average of less than 19 points per game. The girls were led by leading scorers Wendy Tiller and Tracy May, with defensive strength in the form of GiGi Gunn and Dawn Mc¬ Cullough. The high re¬ bounders were Tracey May and Linda Clore. The boys team had a little bit tougher season than the girls did, as they finished with a .500 season at 5-5. They did have good strength at key positions, however, as they out shot their competition by 2.3 points per game. Row 1: Julie Grimes, Julie Turner, Wendy Tiller, Chris Seaton. Row 2: Kathy Rider, Gena Gunn, Dawn Mc¬ Cullough, Tracey May, Linda Clore, Judy Kane, Coach Baggett. Row 1: Andre Saunders, Steve Hamric, Mark Fayak, Robbie Stynes, Mike Kendra,Scott St. Clair. Row 2: Chad Coffee, Paul Burke, Shawn Davis, Drew Taylor, Brian Wickum, Rich David, Mike Higgins, (Mgr.). Not Pictured: Scott Shearer. 1983 Boys Freshmen Basketball Team Record GF 33 Stafford 39 GF 43 Stonewall 25 GF 30 Potomac 16 GF 33 Woodbridge 38 GF 37 Potomac 34 GF 36 North Stafford 39 GF 31 Stonewall 37 GF 40 Stafford 39 GF 47 North Stafford 40 GF 42 Woodbridge Overall: 5-5 58 Linda Clore looks to pass. 126 Freshmen Basketball Judy Kane going up for the ball. 1983 Girls Freshmen Basketball Team Record ! Stafford Potomac Woodbridge Potomac North Stafford Stonewall Stafford Stonewall North Stafford Woodbridge Overall: 9-1 y 12 11 8 24 | 21 21 19 27 18 15 A foul shot with style. Mark Fayak looks to his teammates before passing the ball. Drew Taylor jumps to get the ball for G-F. The offense fights for another score. Freshmen Basketball 127 J.V. BASKETBALL TALENT AND HARD WORK PAY OFF The 1983 Boys and Girls Junior Varsity Basketball teams had very successful seasons this year. The boys team finished the year with a 13-4 overall record, while taking the district championship with a 12-1 district record. The team was led by Bobby Peters and Todd Motley. The girls team also swept the district by attaining a 10-2 district record and finishing 11-3 overall. The girls were led by Denise Long, Trina Hedrick, and Lisa Johnston. As Coach Jones aptly put it: “It was a successful season which saw all of the players gain knowledge and skill in the game.” Row 1: Laura Llenard, Linda Kasik, Patty Patenaude, Lori Hayes, Barbie Johnson. Row 2: Denise Long, Jennifer Jones, Tricia Hedrick, Sam Cosby, Lisa Johnston, Coach Jones. Mike Hamric looks for an open teammate. Row 1: Charlie Elnsmann, Brian Jones, Alonzo Johnson, Mike Hamric, Donnie Hart. Row 2: Roger Wilson, (Mgr.), Craig Motley, Matt Lewis, Paul McBride, Bobby Peters, Haskell Stamper, George DeBorde, Todd Motley, Mark Ammons, Donnell Johnson, Che Brown (Mgr.) I h GF GF GF GF GF GF GF GF GF GF GF GF GF GF GF GF 41 45 50 52 51 38 85 45 49 76 66 60 72 54 50 1983 Boys J.V. Basketball Record Langley Prince George Potomac Prince George Stafford James Wood Stonewall Fauquier Woodbridge North Stafford Stafford James Wood Stonewall Fauquier North Stafford Woodbridge OVERALL: 13-4 GF GF GF GF GF GF GF GF GF GF GF GF GF GF 33 76 36 41 46 40 54 30 41 60 40 45 41 41 1983 Girls J.V. Basketball Record 4 Vernon North Stafford Setbn Stafford Stonewall Fauquier Stafford Stonewall Woodbridge Fauquier North Stafford Potomac 5 Woodbridge Potomac n OVERALL: 11-3 128 JV Basketball Alonzo Johnson takes it to the " D”. The pre-game strategy instructed by Coach Shorter. Bobby Peters: another fantastic shot. Todd Motley shows his form on the foul line. Brian Jones with a picture-perfect lay-up. JV Basketball 129 IRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL Row 1: Debbie Eicher, Terri Kasik, Gus Simpson, Sheryl Bryant, Karen Putnam. Row 2: Coach Gill, Stacy Keller, Bonnie Walker, Pam Sullivan, Michele Taylor, Janice Majeski. The 1983 Girls Varsity Basketball team at first appeared to be faced with the all dreaded “re¬ building season.” But with good coaching, a lot of determination, and a little bit of luck, this team sur¬ prised quite a few un¬ suspecting opponents. They finished 13-9 overall, but more importantly, they held an 8-4 district record. The girls reached their peak at the end of the season as they won their last 8 out of 9 games. Fur¬ thermore, the team played well enough to take home the Commonwealth Dis¬ trict championship in the district tournament. Thus giving the team another berth in the Northwest Regional playoffs. G. W. of Danville disappointingly beat the Indians in the first round of regional play, however. The girls had a terrific season though and should be very proud. Forget the rebound Woodson, that’s two points for Gar-field! 1983 Girl’s Varsity Basketball Team Record GF 33 H.D. Woodson 55 GF 69 Mt. Vernon 80 GF 74 Anacostia 44 GF 84 North Stafford 31 GF 62 Seton 86 GF 42 Stafford 36 GF 77 Fairfax 33 GF 48 Stonewall 36 GF 41 Fauquier 39 GF 35 Langley 57 GF 59 Potomac 24 GF 46 Woodbridge 49 GF 37 Stafford 40 GF 49 Stonewall 47 57 GF 61 Fauquier GF 57 North Stafford 50 GF 67 Potomac 52 GF 69 Woodbridge 37 OVERALL: 12-6 Girl’s Varsity Basketball Coach, Tom Gill. Stacy Keller demonstrates her foul shot style. 130 Girls Varsity Basketball Who’s going to get possession? (G-F!!) Looks like a jump-ball situation for Michele Taylor. Sheryl Bryant drives to the basket. Janice Majeski fights for two. Girls Varsity Basketball 131 B0Y9 VAR9ITY BA9KETBALL Row 1: Richard Spasoff, Derrick Penny, Bobby Doyle, James Leake, Bobby Burton, Perry Mullins. Row 2: Eric Brockman, Rick Nibblins, Melvin Smith, Bill Wendle, Rob Willet, David Freeman, Kirby Smith, Joe Tucker. The 1983 Boys Varsity Basketball team improved over last year’s team in many respects. The overall record was the first winning record in 3 years. The team had a mixture of exceptional teamplay blended with budding individual talent. Although they were a young team, they matured quickly and soon became very competitive. This year laid the ground work for what appears to be the start of a great new program at G-F. The team was led by all-district first team players Melvin Smith and Kirby Smith. Senior Perry Mullins was also named as honorable mention all¬ district. Boy’s Varsity Basketball: Always reaching for the top! 132 Melvin Smith drives through his defenders. Boys Varsity Basketball Kirby Smith demonstrates his jumper. 1983 Boy ' s Varsity Basketball Team Record GF GF GF GF GF GF GF GF GF GF GF GF GF GF GF GF 75 52 62 63 85 73 60 68 81 77 81 64 62 80 70 78 68 63 Prince George 58 H. D. Woodson 78 Anacostia Potomac Prince George Stafford James Wood Stonewall Fauquier Potomac jodbridqe 57 53 58 68 64 69 67 68 78 d 72 54 Stafford James Wood 76 Stonewall 74 Fauquier 74 North Stafford 69 Wood bridge 72 Overall Record: 11-7 District Record: 8-6 ■ David Freeman sets up for a rebound. Frosh Derrick Penny taking it to Stonewall Jackson. “Jump ball, get it, get it!!” David Freeman takes it down the court. A hand above the competition: Melvin Smith. Bill Wendle waits for the rebound. Boys Varsity Basketball 133 GRACEFUL COMPETITION GYMNASTICS Coach Fortenberry, Manager Sara McKelvey. Row 1: Ebbie Hutson, Dena Col¬ lier, Karen Fowler. Row 2: Marie Clubb, Dawn Campbell, Susan Folley. Not Pic¬ tured: Susan Burian. Dena Collier vaulting over the horse. The 1983 Gymnastics team had a rough time rebuilding after the loss of many seniors. The team was plagued with many injuries, but even these setbacks did not stop the girls. They stuck together as a team and with a lot of spirit and hard work they made it through the season. This year’s MVP was Dena Collier. Dena placed fifth in the vault at the district meet which enabled her to advance to the regional meet. 1983 Gymnastics Team Record: GF vs. Fauquier Win GF vs. South Lakes Loss GF vs. Stonewall Loss GF vs. North Stafford Loss GF vs. Stafford Loss GF vs. Potomac GF vs. James Wood Loss GF vs. Woodbridge Loss Overall Record: 1-6 Dawn Campbell before warming up on her 134 Gymnastics floor routine. Coach Fortenberry Ebbie Hutson beginning her run before she vaults. A touch of class — Ebbie Hutson. Karen Fowler warming up on the balance beam. Showing agility on the uneven bars is Dena Collier. Dena Collier with a winning grin for the judges. Marie Clubb during her routine on the unevens. Gymnastics 135 IRLS INDOOR TRACK CHAMPIONS AGAIN! Row 1: Daphne Coarse, Kathy Anderson, Amy Martin, Jenny Waibel, Robin White, Stephanie Jones. Row 2: Nicole Fields, Tina Walls, Rhonda Gainor, Susan Cashwell, Mitchi DePoy, Vonda Sparks. Row 3: Wanda Hunter, Tippy Sookshawee, Chris Palmer, Christine Jefferson, Denise Novak, Elicia Hern¬ don, Tracey Cosand (Mgr.). “Champions again” is an appropriate title for the 1983 Girls In¬ door Track team. The girls again swept the Commonwealth Dis¬ trict and Northwest Regional meets to capture the cham¬ pionships at both AAA meets. At the Virginia State meet, the girls placed fourth overall. High jumper Rhonda Gainor leaped the highest in the state to take home the state championship in her event. Middle dis¬ tance runner, senior Amy Martin was awarded the Most Valuable Runner Award for her efforts and triumphs over her years spent running forG-F. 136 Girls Indoor Track Amy Martin running with a comfortable lead. Peggy McKelvey rounding one of the endless corners in indoor track. I District competition is no challenge for Gar-field. Tina Walls running the second leg of the 880 A determined look on G-F’s Jenny Waibel. relay. MASON P | I Mitchi Depoy shows her stuff over the hurdles. Rhonda Gainor leaves all her competition in the dust. A threat in the shot put: Daphne Coarse. Girls Indoor Track 137 0Y8 INDOOR TRACK RUNNING TO THE TOP Row 1: Eric Green, Roger Bennett, Pat Mann, Gordon Jenkins, Todd Cullop, Mike Good. Row 2: Rod Mason, Charlie McCoy, Lynwood Lovelace, Chuck Boyer, John Offley, Floyd Sparks. Row 3: Randy White, Irvin Hannah, Steve Manchester. The 1983 Boys Indoor Track team was no sur¬ prise this year as they too ran all over their competi¬ tion. The team easily won the Commonwealth District meet and then went on to place third at the Northwest Regional meet. At the Virginia AAA State meet the boys were led by Roger Bennett to take sixth place overall. Roger won the triple jump event with a new state record leap. Also leading the team was this year’s MVP Pat Mann, chosen for his abilities and leader¬ ship on the team. Irvin Hannah leads the pack. 138 Boys Indoor Track Two-mile relay runner, Mike Good. An excellent athlete, Lynwood Lovelace was an asset to the Indian track attack. Steve Manchester takes a strong lead over rival, Woodbridge. Zadock Futrell leads the way at the District meet. All eyes are on superstar Roger Bennett at the Heritage High Invitationals. Randy White exhibits his form of throwing the indoor shot put. Boys Indoor Track 139 YOUNG, TALENTED GRAPPLERS J.V. WRESTLING HP r JH| Row 1: Ricky Rowe, Greg Clay, Bob Bowen, Pat Harris, Joe Corman, Myles Godby. Row 2: Ed White, David Simcic, Robert White, Brian King, Shawn An¬ thony, Wayne Lovelace, Paul Delaney, Robert Seely. i i i mm ■ f — I | 1983 Junior Varsity Wrestling Team Record 6-2-0 Freshmen Wrestling Tournament Nam Shin 1st Darrell Rawlinson 2nd Robert Seely 1st David Simcic 4th - ; . . , : . Coach Wheeler gives last minute instructions to Shawn Anthony. Many freshmen and sophomores made up this year’s 1983 J.V. Wrestling team. The frosh grapplers proved to be the district’s best, with 10 wrestling both on J.V. and Varsity levels. This leaves a great amount of optimism for future champion teams for Gar-Field. Robert Seely moves in quick to take down his opponent. Paul Delaney waits for the whistle. As Varsity Coach Legge stated: “The future is very encouraging with young men like these par¬ ticipating in our program.” JV Wrestling Roll ’em over!! Take him down, Nam Shin! David Simcic ready to attack. Robert Seely, on the top and in control. m : " ;; 4 : ' : - ' } - rf 4 -4 Determination shows on Bruce Simpson. Wrestling 141 VARSITY WRESTLING REBUILT TOUGH Row 1: Chuck Toler, Nam Shin, Les Quesaire, Chris Varner, Roger Kibbler, Kenny Fullem. Row 2: Sung Shin, Ralph Linkous, Bruce Simpson, Vince Tassa, Donny Shiner, Larry Gibbs. Row 3: Fred Smith, John Pratt, Barry Deel, Pat Rowe, Peter Rowe, John Cotton. John Pratt and Vince Tassa discuss the meet. 1983 Varsity Wrestling Overall Record: 10-1 1 K 98 lb. 1121b. 1191b. 1261b. 1321b. 1671b. 176 lb. ? Kenny|Fullem Les Quezaire Clujck Toler Carry Gibbs Vince Tassa att Rowe v District Regional 5th 3rd 2nd 3, isaf i Chris Varner at the Christmas Tournament. After the devastating loss of nine seniors from last year’s District and Regional championship team, the 1983 Varsity Wrestling team did not at first look too hopeful. But with the use of many talented underclassmen, the team surprised many opponents to become a first-rate con¬ tender. Led by the outstanding wrestling of co-capt., 119- lb., junior, Chuck Toler, the team moved along with swift maturity. Chuck culminated his great season with a record of 28-4 and placed third in the state meet. The team’s highlight of the season, however, was in an upset victory over rival Woodbridge, 30-26, in a regular season dual meet. Sideline activity 142 Varsity Wrestling The Captains meet the competition. Barry Deal takes control of his match. John Cotton: quicker than the eye can see. and 119 pounder, Chuck Toler, one way to skin a Panther, as he win 13-12 in an exciting District dual meet this season against Potomac. Varsity Wrestling 143 beats district rival Tony Thomas. Chuck started the match tough and aggressively to COMMERCIAL BREAK “Now available for the first time anywhere (at G-F) is the Incredible 1983 Indian Echoes Yearbook! No other book is quite like it. The unique styling and design make it this year’s hottest gift for the whole family! 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SPECIALIST IN SCHOOL PICTURES • SPORT PICTURES • FAMILY GROUPS VALERIE THALL PICTURE IT TODAY SEE IT FOREVER 690-1800 FAIRFAX COUNTY 670-7235 PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY in the future. ongratuiations and Good Luck! ■Mg• dl _ ' f h Mr - and Mrs - Thomas E. Beames M®bil and Famil ' ✓ s y DALE CITY MOBIL COMPLETE AUTO SERVICE • GUARANTEED REPAIRS CERTIFIED MECHANICS TOWING AND ROAD SERVICE Phone (703) 670-8700 Bob Gardener, Owner 670-9496 Bill Ewing, Gen. Mgr. Metro 690-2665 Advertisements 151 ORGANIZATIONS The Marching Band and Flag Corps strut their stuff during half-time. 152 GROUPS ALL OUR OWN ... Organizations he ® anc a a R®P Rally Perhaps G-F’s finest group ever: The Dominants The Flag Corps performing for the students Teen Counselor Jenny Bucknam. Mary Martin and Latin Club Sponsor Indianettes take a break from practice. Organizations Gar-Field is comprised of many groups and organizations. A stu¬ dent can belong to any number of clubs if he she so wishes. Each club works toward a certain purpose, such as making money or helping others. When a student joins a certain club, he she becomes part of a family. Take Drama for example. The people become closely knit together due to the trials and tributlations of putting together a play. The member of this club becomes part of a special family, the Drama Family. Such it is with every club. Students are continually pushed together with the other members of their club and soon become good friends. It is a special family that the student becomes a member of. They meet their new friends and sometimes continue to correspond throughout the rest of their lives. Clubs bring people together and the people give the club a name. They are the reason for the club existing, and without the students support the clubs of Gar-Field would no longer exist. 153 CHEERLEADERS Varsity Cheerleaders: Row 1: Ms. Frostman, Carol Coloma, Margie Mitchell, Lynn Corman, Sherry McCarthy, Angie Drummond, Somer Sloan. Row 2: Kim Dean, Denise Jones, Stephanie Johnson, Kim Sholar, Shandra Metcalf. Junior Varsity Cheerleaders: Row 1: Sasha Bridges, Cheryl Hardy, Christen Newman, Cena Litton, Holly Heininger, Angie Jordan. Row 2: Diana Hicks, Kari Hoffmann, Stacey Astrin, Emmie Hamaka, Meg Nicholas. Freshman Cheerleaders: Row 1: Rhonda Mead, Kristi Scholar, Lisa Bloxton, Susan Einsmann, Brenda Eddleshack. Row 2: Dana Rogers, Kris Fullum, Wendy Townsend, Nancy Snyder, Judy Grow. THE SPIRIT OF GAR-FIELD Gar-Field Cheerleaders This year the Gar-Field Cheerleaders have a total of thirty- three members, ten on the freshman squad, twelve on the junior varsity and eleven on the varsity squad. The purpose of the cheerleaders is to support all school activities, academic as well as athletic, and to promote school spirit among the students. Throughout the year the cheerleaders sold ribbons, buttons and pom poms to support various activities. Cheerleading is a year round activity and involves much hard work and time. This year the team captains are Kristie Sholar and Nancy Snyder (freshman), Kristin Newman and Meg Nicholas (junior varsity) and Lynn Corman, Stephanie Johnson and Sherry McCarthy (varsity). Sponsors are Mrs. Wolfe (freshman), Miss Bag- get (junior varsity) and Mrs. Frostman (varsity) along with Miss O’Connor as the overall sponsor this year. Varsity cheerleader Kim Sholar. 154 Cheerleading Sherry McCarthy, Stephanie Johnson, and Lynn Corman, Varsity Captains Junior Varsity Cheerleaders Nancy Snyder and Kristie Sholar, Frosh Captains Varsity Cheerleaders Kristin Newman and Meg Nicholas, J.V. Captains Freshman Cheerleaders Cheerleading 155 MAJORETTES First Row: Donna Dove. Second Row: Tammy Furman, Liz Burrows, Vicky Wichelt The 1982 Majorettes were a flashy, spirited part of the Half¬ time and Pep Rally entertain¬ ment. The squad was led by junior captain, Donna Dove. All of the girls worked hard and this was reflected in their per¬ formances. Donna looks for¬ ward to leading the Majorettes to more high-styled fun next year. Vicky Wichelt and Liz Burrows Capt. Donna Dove 156 Majorettes Vicki takes a break before her routine. FLAG CORPS m- wm mmmstm wkm inw Mini iff— - 1 (Capt.) Jane Melhorn, (Co-Capt.) Carole Tamony The 1982-83 Flag Corps This year’s Flag Corps was a great sight to see. With only 4 returning girls from the previous year, this year’s Flag team practiced hard and succeeded well in performing for the crowds. This year’s Corps was led by their captain Jane Melhorn and co¬ captains Carole Tamony and Kim Mcleod. The Corps started this year with a performance at the 4th of July parade where they placed 2nd in both drill and marching competitions. The girls of this year’s Corps would like to thank their sponsors Mrs. Gruber and Mrs. Parker for all their help. The after-effects of performing! Precision during the Pep Rally. Flags 157 INDIANETTES THE ONE AND ONLY Row 1: Leslie Batdorf, Co-Capt.; Jill Pennington, Capt.; Tami Krein, Co-Capt. Row 2: Deggie Stockman, Betsy Rumph, Beth Corbin, Ebbie Hutson, Michelle Wheeler, Christine Scalia, Debbie Ball, Kelli Leiter, Cindy Jones, Margo Maxwell, Barbi Gazda, Lisa Rockhill. Row 3: Jan Witty, Susan Arnold, Michelle Hoff, Jean Morrissey, Jennifer Turner, Kelly Jackson, Lisa Wirt, Tracey Struble, Karen Holley, Kim Anderson, Jennifer Longey, Jenni Dubuisson. Not Pictured: Laura Arnold, Shawne Cosand, Jill Lewis. 158 Indianettes Senior Indianette Kelli Leiter Just a fraction of the Indianette awards The squad at the Dale City 4th of July Parade, notice the first place award in foreground. Kim Anderson and Jill Lewis Co-Captain Leslie Batdorf in practice. Buddies: Indianette Lisa Rockhill and Ch- erleader Sherry McCarthy. Indianettes 159 Stretching out the line... PEP RALLY POWER!! Indianettes strut their stuff during a routine. He’s one spirited Principal — Mr. Gainousl i i There’s no question who’s 1 — GAR-FIELDI Flags are one of the main attractions of the rallies. 160 Pep Rally PEP CLUB Pep Club members include: Elecia Herndon, Vonda Sparks, Carol Coloma, Tanya Worthy, Tammy Williams, Racheal Beatty, Lisa Saplak, Stephanie Wright, Mike Hodge, Sherri Jessee, Lisa Conway, Aron Stewart, Tracey Stulter, Cindy Johnson, Lisa Garcia. Give me a " G” R-O-W-D-l-E S-E-N-l-O-R-S ETC!! Pep Club 161 RIFLES The 1982-83 Rifles Team: Row 1: Melanie Klugh, Timi Rogers, Nancy Gilliam, Barbie Labjai. 2nd Row: Jenni Panone, Cathy Gray, Katie Lane. Captains Timi Rogers and Nancy Gilliam ... faster than the eye can see... RIFLES Rifles Is a precision drill team per¬ forming various routines with a rifle. This definition comes from Rifle sponsor, Mrs. Dodge. Rifles perform at the half-time of football and basketball games and at Pep Rallies. To be a member of the Rifles, one must go out for try-outs held each spring. The try-outs consist of spins, routines, and aerials. 162 Rifles Picture Perfect! Learning new routines in practice. 3IRL8 VARSITY G-F CLUB Acie Shrewsbury Varsity Girls: Rhonda Gainor and Amy Martin. Punter Jim Portell Girls Varsity G-F Club 163 Girl’s Varsity: Row 1: Robin White, Peggy McKelvey, Rhonda Gainor, Amy Mar¬ tin, Stephanie Jones, Tina Walls. Row 2: Michele Taylor, Bonnie Walker, Linda Cashwell, Jenny Waibel. Female Tracksters dominate the Girls Varsity. The G-F Club: Row 1: Sean Murphy, Greg Bowen, Gordon Jenkins, Willie Kalski. Row 2: Charlie McCoy, Acie Shrewsbury, Jim Portell, Kenny Hendley. DOMINANTS I i The 1982-83 Dominants: Row 1: Billy Novitsky, Linda Wheelehan, Lisa Offley, Pam Jones, Jill Ingram, Sara McKelvey, Steve Buckner, Debbie Wheelehan, Andre Soloman. Row 2: Sarah Phinney, Mike Hodge, Mike Sharon, Mark Putiyon, Leslie Batdorf, Tony Johnson. Row 3: Eileen Brown, Mike Scott, Chris Arnold, Sean Eubanks, Andy Palmer, Susan Fraker, Chris Chantaleau, Mary Jane Lombardo. 164 Dominants Some of the boys performing on stage. Dominant Sponsor, Mrs. Moyers. The Dominants: One group of extremely talented young people. MARCHING BAND Gar-Field High School Marching Band Showing their spirit at a Pep Rally. Drum Major Bart Bodee Mr. Jones BRING IN THE BAND “That was the best performance I’ve seen from this band in a long time!’’ yelled Gar-Field’s Music Director, Mr. Ed Jones, after this year’s closing football game at Woodbridge High School. Needless to say, the 1982 Gar-Field Fighting Indians Marching Band and Halftime Revue was very successful in enter¬ taining at Pep Rallies and during halftime. The intricate marching drills performed with gusto at the football games were created and taught to the Band by its director Ed Jones, with much assistance from his talented Assistant, Mr. Don Car- nohan. Leadership and Band Spirit were provided by this year’s one and only Drum Major, Bart Boodee. Sometimes faced by harsh weather, muddy sidelines and dented instruments, the Band stuck in there creating that special atmosphere that only the Band can create. Not always in uniform, but always in spirit, the dedicated band members followed the team to away games with high hopes of cheering their team on to victory. Always driving 166 Marching Band Stand up straight now! themselves for that last bit of energy to make the Band stronger, always caring, trying and working; the Band gave it their all. From the freshmen who made up over half of the Band to the out¬ standing section leaders that led the ranks, to the courageous parents that manned the popcorn booth, to the G-F alumni and Band supporters. Gar-Field’s Marching Band had a special togetherness that is the key to having a great organization! This school had something to be proud of ... The Band. Marching to their own music . .. Up in the stands: cheering the team on to victory. Another precision-timed routine by the Band. Marching Band 167 VARSITY CHOIR Row 1: Cindy Brooks, Kim Merrifield, Laura Yates, Liz Burrows, Kristen Noble, Temal O’Neal, Leslie Swecker, Michelle Daderio, Sharon Manning, LaTanya Osbourne, Karla Swabb. Row 2: Evelyn Swecker, Pam Himelright, Kathy Abcemea, Wanda Cosby, Anita Espinn, Carol Thompson, Kris Fullem, Nancy Snyder, Kim Sunderland, Susan Fawly, Shelagh Murphy, Michelle Morgan, Lisa Bradley, Tracey Stinger. Row 3: Rachel Inchautequiz, Cindy Johnson, Ann Young, Mike Feeny, Patrick Bell, Bob Goewey, Ed McGiboney, Skip Normandin, Joe Kobrman, Wanda Hunter, Sherry Kidwell, Becky Bickhaus, Peggy Dicks, Rachael Hayward. Row 4: Kelly Aldridge, Lee Newhart, Mark Holmes, Mark Gatlin, Mike Collins, Eric Lehrfald, Tony Jenkins, James Rogers, Brenda Harmon, Suzy Phillips, Karen Crocker, Stacie Schooley, Jennifer Tassi. CONCERT CHOIR Row 1: Linda Kelleher, Maria Bridges, Julie Novitsky, Pam Sessoms, Sara McKelvey, Lisa Offley, Bill Putnam, Mark Putiyon, Irene Manning, Debbie Wheelehan, Susan Spellane, June Poczatek, Linda Wheelehan, Kay Stringer, Debbie Stockman, Janice Creneti. Row 2: Cindy Hileman, Sara Phinney, Colleen Clark, Holly Bunton, Pam Brady, Becky Bickum, Bob Goewry, Mark Holmes, Mark Gatlin, Billy Novitsky, Betsy Rumph, Karla Swabb, Jill Ingram, Mary Jane Lombardo, Jennifer Bagnerise, Kathy Novitsky, Leslie Batdorf. Row 3: Vickey Kastl, Cindy Shopp, Suzan Fraker, Crystal Good, Eileen Brown, Eric Anthony, Dave Kastl, Mike Offley, Mike Hodge, Jim Ford, Robin Lynch, Amy Smead, Dawn Matera, Deana Seagar, Colleen Clark, Angie Jordan, Katie Kane. Row 4: Joe Johnson, Chris Chanteleau, Aaron Breneman, Mike Sharron, Mike Brown, John Green,e Steve Buchner, Russ Slaughter, Pat Collins, Willis Foley, Mike Morgan, Larry Coaly, Andre Salman, Mike Scott, Everett Hinson, David Porter. 168 Varsity Concert Choirs V 111 ORCHESTRA Row 1: Cellos: Roxanne Mackie, Mickelle Covington, Gaye Joshlyn, Dale MacMurdy, Michael Arrington, Tony Wright, Marie Clubb, Kristen Uthus. Row 2: Violins: Diane Arnoldi, Elana Brazil, Marshal Harris, Tammy Shaffer, Eva Rzucidlo, Debbie Newman, Bronwyn Wilson, Charmand Delaverson, Heidi Hunter, Dawn MacMurdy, Deanna Fratzke, Marion Dechat, Rachel Larsen, Peggy Mckelvey, Becky Mullinax. Row 3: Violins: Donna Wilson, Staci Holt, De- nain Salyers, Carolyn Stuart, Jennifer Coffee, Merita Hall, Laurie Priebe, Edwin Perez, John Ganino, Renea DeStephanis, Tim Hoffman, James Kennedy, Sandy Freeby, Beryl Johnson. Row 4: Violas: Kathy Savoie, Kim Nunnallee, Lisa Sketo, Eric Ortmann, Vivienne Arnold, Brent Cambell, Matt LeTourncae, Bob White, Diana Jordan, Kelly Murray, Teresa Brooks, Lorie Barr, Sandi Guttormsen, Pam Ziesler. Row 5: Basses: Debbie Stewart, Clay Wilson, Andy Palmer, Erin Stewart. TREBLE CHOIR Row 1: Rhonda Meade, Peggy McKelney, Pam Werner, Jennifer Holbert, Susan Fenny, Heather Peterson, Deedra Trijillo, Yuonne Thacker, Annette McNeil, Kay Stringer, Tonya Walls, Connie Teel. Row 2: Teresa Thacker, Heather Vilt, Sharon Wilson, Connie McCord, Angela Walker, Alicia Diaz, Dewei Wheelehan, Judy Phillips, Tina Beckler, Rhonda Steenhoek, Mona Aldridge, Jennifer Turner, Kathy Williams, Carol Thompson, Tippy Sookshawee. Row 3: Tammy Echelbarger, Brenda Starr, Jerry Simpson, Donna Anderson, Tara Ellenbarger, Colleen Stumm, Deanna Seger, Susan Fraker, Ann Simmons, Kathy Eblers, Samantha Strickland, Betsy Stoy, Cheryl Collins, Angela Lucas, Denise Carmichael, Katrina Linkhons. Orchestra T reble Choir 169 CONCERT BAND ijju» ilLO W " I PI ■ 1 -Ouii. 1st Row: Kat-y Rich, Teresa Landom, Leah Wilson, Denise Carmichael, Christy Davis, Amy Reynolds, Laura Lienard, Laura O’Brien. 2nd Row: Kirk Larsen, Karen Fisher, Annesia Malone, Laurie Lemmons, Glenda Campbell, Karen Giani, Beth White, Pam Nicholson. 3rd Row: Barbara Rouleau, Kim Doyle, San¬ dy Johnson, Don Gamboa, Laura Willis, Dawn McCullough, Joyce Hilins. 4th Row: Barry Huddleston, Karen Fowler, Dylan McGee, Juli Christensen, San¬ dra Templeton, Mauy Wintrode, Tommy Brooks, Dan Pratt. 5th Row: Laura Beth Straight, James Stringer, Tim Von Wolfradt, Chris Kahlid, Pat Cardenas, David Jillson, Jeff Ingram, Dan Green, Scott Sorrensen. 6th Row: Diana Hicks, Jack Peace, Jon Wilson, Mard Zawasa, Steve Miye, Eric Parrish, Dan Rider, Darnell Marshall, Scott Masor, Eric Costello, Haicey Cole. 7th Row: Matt Lewis, Bryan Anderson, Tom Collins, Warren Brown, Ron Partridge, Steve Clegg, Barbie Johnson, Steve Zawisa, Robert Cox, Jeff Betty, Steve Jamieson. VARSITY BAND 1st Row: Windy Townsend, Sue Millo, Suzanne Robbins, Maria Ellis, Simone Hughs, Dina Mize, Kim Sowers, Becky Seabolt. 2nd Row: Michelle McDowell, Penny Tucker, Tod Turner, Scott Pierpoint, Mike Blair, Aaron Roberts, Diana Hicks, Michelle Walker, Barry Webb, Robert Stanley, William Talley, Richard Crespo, Matt Strudder, David Marr, Doug Warren, Kevin Coutts. 3rd Row: Scott Brown, Sean Miller, Al Slocumb, Brendon McConnell, Darrell Dixon, Cliff Blue, Ronald Scott. 170 Concert Band Varsity Band TEEN COUNSELING Members of the 1982-83 Teen Counselor Staff. CHESS AND BATTLE Row 1: James McCann, Mike Taylor, Mike Hill, Chris Robinson. Row 2: Micheal Long, Roger Mar¬ tinez, Randi Barnhall. Mr. Larson Sponsor Teen Counseling Chess and Battle 171 HOSA HEALTH OCCUPATION SERVICE OF AMERICA 1st Row: Brenda Moore, Lisa Kelly, Lisa Canino, Stephanie Cooley, Carolyn Burn, Christine Nagley, Tammy Miller. 2nd Row: Mrs. Kunze, Fawn Avery, Hope Carpenter, Betty Hamilton, Pam Adams, Carolyn Rhode, Tracy Waterstaat, Laure Sherwood. 3rd Row: Evon Simms, Kay Mollot, Judy Tally, Krista Wetzel, Judy Woods, Denise Harvy, Gwen Price, Cindy Belk, Michelle Ritter. rv • ! «,-t The purpose of this organization is to enhance the student’s knowledge in improving the family life, personal growth and consumerism abilities to survive in the future of adulthood. Any school member may pay $4 to become a member on the National, State, and Local level. The club was chartered in 1945, and has a long, successful history. 172 HOSA FCA VICA ... ' . The 1982-83 VICA Club Micheal Howard (Treasurer), Constance McGuire (Sec.), Todd Brown (Parliamentarian), Rick Putiyon, Scott Masters (President), Delpha Nichols (Reporter). Members: Jim Hilins, Joyce Hilins, Mark Bataglia, Constance McGuire, Ricky Putiyon, Micheal Howard, Todd Brown, Angi Tutsach, Cristi Gulli, Vince Kotrady, Kim Key, Delpha Nichols, Jacki Groves, Teresa Ware, Tom Henry, Rich Coutts, Gary Foster, Scott Brady, Jacy Cole, Jeff Bone, Joe Sullivan, Brian Burrage, Barbara Harris, Camille Piper, Kevin Turner, Greg O’Keefe, Jeff Putiyon, Willie Sullivan, Darrell Courts, Mard Schritz, Derrick Young, Patty Freely, Carla Kim¬ brough, Terry Hayes, Mahamed Ahmed, Diane Beighlea, Don Shiner, Florence Robinson Not Pictured: Scott Masters. Mrs. Vickers — Sponsor. The purpose of this organization is to form a common bond among students, leadership, development, dignity of work, realistic vocational goals, purposeful life, enthusiasm for lear¬ ning, high standards, worthy activities and projects, functions of labor and management, interest and esteem, and patriotism. To become a member, a student must be enrolled in (post-secondary or secondary) preparatory courses in trade, industrial, technical and health occupations education. Vica 173 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY This organization is comprised of the school’s top scholars. Acceptance into this prestigious organization is based upon a stu¬ dent’s comulative grade point average. The club’s membership is comprised strictly of juniors and seniors. Juniors must main¬ tain a 3.5 GPA and seniors a 3.3 GPA. The sponsors of this years society are Ms. Ayres and Ms. Davies. The president of this year’s National Honor Society if Ms. Susan Hill. DEBATE FORENSICS Sponsors: Mrs. Pannell and Miss Warlick The purpose of this organization is to increase confidence and ability in oral communications. Members of this club participate in the VSHL Debating Forensics competition. To become a member a student must attend the meetings and be an active participant. First Row, L-R: Eddie SanNicholas, John Cephas, Jim Ford, Duane Khuene, Dale Crockett, Tom Beames. Second Row: Wendy Ols, Sara Phinney, Bonnie Brown, Sara McKelvey, Maria Bridges, Jill Ingram, Maria Rocha, Joyce Brown, Susan Hill, Cyndi Clark. Third Row: Mrs. Ayres, Beth Jacobson, Mary Sue Cate, Debbie Peschka, Jane Melhorn, Diana Jordan. 174 National Honor Society Debate and Forensics FBLA FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA The 1982-83 Future Business Leaders off America. FBLA Officers: Beth Jacobson, Pat Brooks, Beth Hoffmann, Ivy Mason, Tammy Lily, Kathy Novitsky, Michele Dubois. Beth Jacobson and friends at a meeting. FBLA Sponsor: Mrs. Rose, Mrs. Wimmer This activity is a co-curricular ciub for business students. It involves them in conferences at various places; such as, Virginia Beach, Richmond, San Fran¬ cisco, etc. To become a member a student must be either currently enrolled or have completed a business class. An annual dues of $6 is collected from all members. Sponsor Mrs. Rose holds a meeting. FBLA 175 DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUBS OF AMERICA DECA The 1982-83 DECA Members Officers include: Laurie Lemons, President, Katrina McMillan, DE 3 Vice-President, Steve Irvin, DE 2 Vice-President, Tim Chamberlain, DE 1 Vice- President, Rhonda Gainor, Fash. Mer., Lisa Pauline, Secretary, Cindy Hileman, Treasurer, Dawn Buch, Historian. The purpose of this organization is to develop future leaders for Marketing and Distribution. Students participate in open house and Initiation Day, Fashion Shows, Employer-Employee Banquet, District Leadership Conference, X-mas party for Muriel Humphrey Career Fair. The club prepares students to begin work in a marketing business by teaching them how to work with employees and customers. The coordinators of the club are Mrs. Spiker, Mr. Miller, and Mr. Dise. INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB The 1982-83 Industrial Arts Club Row 1: Mario Britton, Eddie Haskins, Darrin Sloper. Row 2: Jeffrey Keys, Lee Makolandra, Todd Blackwell, David Iseminger, Trevor Evans. Row 3: Tim Barensky, Scott Felter, David Farrish, Pete Metaliano, Kevin Ackerman, Eric Bunn, Bobby Peters, Stanley Benton. 176 Deca lndustrial Arts KEY CLUB " CARING, OUR WAY OF LIFE " Row 1: Tracy Perry (Sec.), Mike Good (Pres.), Jack Bowen (Vice Pres.), Karen Webster. Row 2: Tracy Cosand, Tippi Sookshawee, Janet White, Charles Rotblut, Lisa Fox, Lisa Offley, Judith Fuchs, Maria Rocha. Row 3: Edward SanNicholas, Dan Sutherland, Mr. Darrough, Matt Robbins, Tony Capara, Shelly Perry, Kelli McNickel, Russell Dixon, Steve Manchester, Tom Sookshawee. The Gar-Field Key Club is an organization with one main purpose — service. The club offers service to both the school and community. The club runs the school snack bar daily and also sponsors the annual blood drive. Members attend District and International conventions. Because the Key Club is directly sponsored by the Woodbridge Kiwanis Club, members of the Key Club visit local Kiwanis meetings. This year’s sponsors are Mr. Darrough, Ms. Elvin, and Mr. Shriver. This year’s president was Mike Good who was also elected Lt. Governor of Division 10-C in Capital District Key Club LEO CLUB Sponsor: Mr. Bradsher The purpose of this organization is to help young people develope as responsible and generous human beings, and to provide a unique service to the local community. There are fund raising activities throughout the year for scholarships, sight-hearing impaired, March of Dimes, Children’s Hospital, and the needy children at Christmas. To become a member a student should as a member of the club to submit their name to the adv or or see the advisor individually. Top to Bottom: Kevin McCabe, Loyonne Milton, Tippy Sookshawee, Tammy Brandt, Lisa Prevost, Lisa Stevens, Susan Beck, Pam Sullivan, Diana Stephens, Barbara Black, Patty Pestiva, Tanya Worthy, Tracy Peters, Kim Fitzgerald, Mike Brown, Mr. Bradsher. KeyClub Leo Club 177 DRAMA CLUB The 1982-83 Drama Club Members of the club take a break from rehearsal. Lisa Offley and Bill Putnam study their lines. 178 Drama Mrs. Martin and Mr. Sheppard Reading their lines for “The Man Who Came to Dinner” is Pam Sessoms, Marie Davis, and Chris Chantaleau. HAM RADIO Members of Ham Radio: Eric Ortmann, Mario Britton, Todd Demoir, Roger Martinez, Dave Checkon, Mr. Lucas, Brian Purdy, Felix Colon, Alan Woolbridge, Muhammed Hirsi, Jim Hilins, Eric Brown, Brian Fox, Mark Howard, Todd Gallentine. STAGE LIGHTING 1st Row: Ricky Putiyon, Perry Flinchun, Asif Aleemi. 2nd Row: Mr. Wiczalkowski, Duane Kuehne, Floyd Sparks, Scott Masters, Dave Freeman, Brian Hooper, Mr. Mayhew. Ham Radio Stage Lighting 179 THE LATIN CLUB The 1982-83 Latin Club Latin Club Sponsor: Mrs. El Naggar The Latin Club provides a chance to explore and develop areas of interest and to take part in activities which cannot be done in the classroom. These activities include: Cereamens — Latin version of “It’s Academic,’’ Di nner at Mediterranean restaurants, and Latin Conversation. To become a member a student must attend meetings, pay dues, and sign up. Stephenie Rendino (Pres.), Kirk Laisen (Scribe) and Kim Merrifield (Vice Pres.). THE SPANISH CLUB The 1982-83 Spanish Club Spanish Club Sponsor: Ms. Friedman The Spanish Club is to promote an understanding of the Spanish people and culture, and to have fun. Students eat at Spanish and Mexican Restaurants, cook¬ ing demonstration, making and breaking pinatas, Christmas party, visit to Smithso¬ nian and a Taco Party. To become a member a student must be currently taking Spanish or have taken it in the past. Mary Martin of the Latin Club 180 Latin Club Spanish Club FRENCH CLUB Row 1: Tammy Atwell, Greg Fulton. Row 2: Pam Day, Jim Ford, Leslie Faureau, Rachel Larsen, Cindy Shoop. Row 3: Barbara Ronleau, Kathy Ronleau, Stephanie Jones, Robert Bynam. Row 4: Kara Pine, Vicki Wilchelt, Mr. Watts. CULTURE CLUB v v; Billy Ludwig, secretary; Cathy Crowley, Bonnie Byram, Vice-President; John Hoy, Annie Jachimowicz, Tim Mullins, treasurer; Barbara Byram, President; Angy Jordon, Laura Moody, Michele Puckett, Sponsors: Miss Heedick, Mrs. Huntley, Mrs. Sheard. French Culture 181 SCIENCE CLUB Junior Civitan Members: L. Arnold, D. Bal, T. Bishop, S. Boyer, J. Campbel, J. Clark, L. Corman, B. Dolan, A. Embrey, M. Feeney, G. Foster, C. George, J. Grevey, T. Gore, T. Haynes, J. Haywood, R. Hertzog, K. Hill, D. Hillman, P. Hobbs, J. Holcombe, T. Howard, K. Kerr, J. King, K. Lamborn, P. Lassiter, S. Leliakes, R. Leliakes, J. Leopara, J. Longey, K. Manbeck, J. Majeski, T. Martin, K. Mckinley, S. McNiel, P. Miller, M. Mitrone, T. Mize, J. Onao, B. Parker, S. Pauley, P. Piatt, S. Raffielt, M. Renders, R. Rodgers, R. Rusczyk, B. Sarsfield, C. Scalia, B. Sharp, R. Schubring, J. Simpson, S. Sloan, S. Soulsby, T. Tayler, L. Tilley, K. Urban, L. Urban, B. Vassiliader, S. Wanamaker, M. Walters, J. Westoff, K. Whitt, M. Smith. Row 1: President Kelly Morris, Karen Brown, Carol Coloma. Row 2: Mr. Simon, David Black, Steve Wichelt, David Diete, Mr. Earl. JUNIOR CIVITAN8 182 Science Junior Civitan GAR-FIELD ' S TRUE LEADERS SGC OFFICERS The Student Government Council plays an important role in G-F. These fine officers were chosen last spring by the student body. President is Mike Gillete, Vice-President is Kelly Arvai, and Secretary-Treasurer is Lisa Powell. LIT. MAGAZINE THE " SHAMAN " The Shaman contains works by the finest artists, writers and poets in the school. Everyone pictured above has contributed to the magazine. SGC Lit. Magazine 183 THE HYPHEN GAR-FIELD’S 1 NEWSPAPER 184 The 1982-83 Hyphen Staff: Rhonda Early, David Conger, Mike Gillette, Ma Smith, Kendra Lee, Cathy Piaskowski, Pam Mullinax, Jackie Campbell, Ann Barber, Ken Koontz, Sharon Zahn, Fred Bassett, Craig Turner, Rod Mason, Debbie Miller, Susan Hill, Brendan Bunn. Hyphen Rhonda Early Arranging a lay-out in time for the deadline. Formally known as “Smoke Signals,” Gar-field’s newspaper is now the hyphen. The paper got its name from the hyphen in G-F. The editors for the fine paper are as follows: Editors-in- Chief: Susan Hill, Brendan Bunn, Ken Koontz, Assistant Editor. Brendan Bunn Editor Susan Hill helps out her staff as much as possible. “Isn’t typing fun?” Mike Smith and Rod Mason like playing “Scoop”! i l Hard work on layouts, artwork, and copy, is all part of the hyphen’s success. C Hyphen 185 YEARBOOK STAFF INDIAN ECHOES The 1982-83 Indian Echoes Yearbook Staff THE EDITORS: Editors-in-Chief Mike Good, photography, and Beth Jacobson, copy. 186 Yearbook Senior Editor Christine Scalia and Faculty Editor Mike Gillette. The sponsor, Mr. Sawyer with staff member Karen Holley. Student Life Editors Julie Grevey and Dawn Avery Underclassmen Editors Jimmy McCaulay and Stacy Shurtliff Bonnie Byram and Mike Hill Academic Editors Linda Brozena and Julie Novitsky. AND THE STAFF: Allen Howard and Jason Coster Staff member Jean Engleka with Sports Editor Jenny Bucknam Jennifer Coffee Kathy Nagley and Kathy Hill Yearbook 187 Lisa Tilley and Matt Robbins A CLASS ALL OUR OWN The Senior class shows who’s 1 at a pep rally. Todd Cullop 188 Seniors Rebekah Bullard Greg Bowen and Roger Bennett ... SENIORS 1983! rz jz Seniors Gordon Jenkins and Kent Colby in Sociology class. Mike Good shows his true G-F spirit ■ML-, ' . .V- cm u. % The first place Senior float. Debbie Grim participates in a game of “Twister” during lunch. Gar-Field’s Senior Class of ’83 is the first ever to be made up only of students from the Dale City area. With about 610 Seniors, this class shares a special closeness. Leading the Class of ’83 as Freshmen were Marcus Lawrence (Pres.), Linda Saunders (Vice-Pres.), and Pat Brooks (Sec. Treas.). Sophomore officers were Mike Gillette (Pres.), Becky Sandidge (Vice-Pres.), and Susan Hill (Sec. Treas.). These students helped the 10th grade class put on a suc¬ cessful Sophomore Beauty Pageant. In our Junior year, Sara Braun (Pres.), Tom Beames (Vice-Pres.), and Susan (Sec. Treas.), led the class in even more responsibility. Last year the class gave an excellent Junior Variety Show and Junior Senior Prom. This year Susan Hill moved up to become our president, Myles Watson took over as Vice-Pres., and Daphne Coerse serves as Sec. Treas. The Seniors took first place in the float competition at the Homecoming game, where Michelle Yacobi was crowned Homecoming Queen, and Acie Shrewsbury crowned King the following night. Gar-Field’s Seniors have always set a fine example for others and this class hasn’t broken the tradition. Best of luck to the Class with class, ’83! v n Mr. and Ms. Gar-Field: Susan Hill and Acie Shrewsbury 189 • • • NOTHING BEATS THE SPIRIT Dale Crockett Senior Claee Officer : Susan Hill (Pres.), Myles Watson (Vice-Pres.), Daphne Coerse (Sec. Treas.). i i i Part of the hyphen staff: Rod Mason, Sean Murphy, Todd Cullop. 190 Seniors Beth Jacobson • • • OF A GAR-FIELD SENIOR! Varsity Football Players: Pat Rowe, Gordon Jenkins, Rod Mason, Jim Portell. Tony Johnson and his " harem.” iVv Pat Rowe One of G-F’s top tennis players, Vivian Ruiz. Daphne Coerse and Tippy Sookshawee dress up for “beach day.” Seniors 191 ■m jjtj m Benjamin Adamson Kellie Aldridge Asif Aleemi John Alford Patrick Allen Erik Anderson REMEMBER ... Football Games ... Homecoming Benjamin Adamson III “Ben” “B.J.” Activities: Concert Band 11, Symphonic Band 12 Memories: Concert Band Festival of 1982. Kellie Kristiene Aldridge “Kell” Activities: Varsity Choir 9, 10, 12, Treble Choir 11, H.E.R.O. Club 11, 12 Memories: Work was difficult, but it made me a stronger person. Thanks to all my teachers for pushing me. John H. and Maria R., thanks for being there when I needed someone. Ambition in life — to go into Christian Music Ministry and become a caterer. Patrick Timothy Allen “Forgetful” Activities: Soccer 9, Baseball 10, 11, Foot¬ ball 9-11 Memories: Meeting my girlfriend Dawn at G-F. Kimberlee Nadine Anderson “Kim” Activities: Indianettes 12, F.H.A. 11, 12, Orchestra 9, 10 Memories: Modeling in the D.E. and F.H.A. Fashion Shows and making the Indianettes. Caroline Antwi “K.C.” Memories: I’ll miss all my teachers very much. And also, I will miss Mrs. Rowland most of all. I just have to get out of this place. And who knows, I may end up marrying a rich guy. Christopher Lee Arnold “Chris” “Clyde” Activities: Marching Band 9-12, County Band 10, 11, Regional Band 9-11, Concert Band 9, Symphonic Band 10-12, Jazz Band 10-12, Orchestra 11, 12, County Orchestra 10, Dominants 12 Memories: There have been some great times here at G-F, the best part is with the people who made it happen. Thanks Mr. Jones, Mr. Carnohan, and Prez of G-F A, Bart. Bloop! Bloop! Laura Gail Arnold “Arnie” Activities: S.G.C. 9, 10, 12, Indianettes 10-12, Sec. 12; Powder Puff Football 12 Memories: The Summer of ’81, two weeks in our Florida condo and meeting two, blonde, tan, “wild-eyed Southern boy” surfers. Michael Arrington “Mike” Activities: Orchestra 9-12, All-County Orchestra 11, Tennis 11, 12 Memories: Through four years of high school they expect me to come up with one or two good memories. High school wasn’t that bad. Catherina Aruta “Cathy” Activities: Marching Band 9, V.I.C.A. 11, 12, Rifles 10, 11, Softball Manager 9, Cosmetology 10, 11 Memories: My most memorable high school experience will be to graduate. Kelly Ann Arvai Activities: Freshman Basketball, J.V. Cheerleading 10, Varsity Cheerleading 11, Sophomore Beauty Contest 11, Homecoming Princess 11, 12, Softball 12, Memories State Wrestling at Va. Beach, Goose Creek, NWYRS and skiing, W.E.S.B.’s, food fights,, K.D. July ’81. They were all memorable thanks to all my friends, ’specially you Jen — Luck Always!! Fawn Avery “Lee” Activities: Junior Civitans 11, L.P.N. 12, F.H.A. 11, Memories: Meeting new people, football games, and parties. Kimberlee Anderson Douglas Anger Caroline Antwi Byron Armstrong Christopher Arnold Laura Arnold Michael Arrington Catherina Aruta Kelly Arvai Fawn Avery 194 Seniors ... Friday Nights ... Pep D. Tyrone Baldwin “Ty” “Lando” “Captain T” “Drummer Boy” Activities: F.H.A. Fashion Shows, DECA 11, Band 9, 10 (Drums) Memories: Being with the ladies and having them to hug and to hold. To all the ladies who are left, Ty says, “May you find that groove.” I’m gone!!! Ambition — To go all over the world, modeling for the young ladies and to be on the cover of GQ magazine. Brigette Elaine Banks “Banks” Activities: F.H.A. 11 Memories: My most memorable experience was when I met Crystal and Resa. Ann Marie Barber “Twiggy” Activities: Track 9, Pep Club 10, Spanish Club 9, Journalism 11, Feature Edi tor of hyphen 12, Literary magazine 12 Memories: Never will I forget the hard work and long hours I put into high school. It was not easy and I’m glad it ' s all over. I will miss all my friends but I can honestly say I won’t miss the cafeteria food. Marshall Wayne Barrett Activities: Concert Band 9, Symphonic Band 10-12, German Club 11, 12 Memories: Longest four years of my life, at least it wasn’t five years. To the L.O.O.S.R.: Hail Swampmaster!! Leslie Ann Batdorf “Dizzy” (and others I can’t name!) Activities: Varsity Choir 10, Concert Choir 11, 12, Indianettes 11, 12, Co-Capt. 12; Dominants 12 Memories: You’re the best Ritchie — I couldn’t have done anything without you. Karen H. and Kim-ber-ly, it ' s been an experience!! Tony and Pam — cut-throat time! Dizzy Pill-Pretty Woman. Untouchables — Yea!! Mark Battaglia Activities: V.I.C.A. 11, 12 Memories: It’s been a long four years and I’m glad it’s over. Ambition — To become a successful hairdresser and to own and manage a few beauty shops. Thomas Edward Beames II “Tom” Activities: Marching Band 10-12, Sym¬ phonic Band 9-12, Boys’ State 11, Nat’l Honor Society 11, 12, Alternate Gover¬ nor’s School 11, Junior Class V-P. 11, Band President 12, S.G.C. 12 Memories: It’s difficult to compress four years into thirty words. Thank you Papa J, D.C., Bart, Chris, and Jill. Brick Brothers Forever! Lorraine Beisley “Lori” “Lips” Activities: Teen Counseling 12, F.B.L.A. 12 Memories: My thanks to CB for many loving memories, to Deanna for being my “bestest friend,” to Rhonda for 11 great years, and to the French Gang for lots of great times. Mary Ellen Benedict “Benetellinney” “Bb” Activities: Concert Band 9, Latin Club 10-12, F.B.L.A. 11-12 Memories: Close Encounters, Alien, and having our own “close encounters”; fourth period Latin (III) anonymous letters; Cape Hatteras in th e summers; and the good times with Diana and my “sweetie.” Kara Leigh Beranek “Skye” “Riff” Memories: It’s only a dress-rehearsal ... “SHOW-TIME!” Lisa Marie Bernhardt “Lil’ Lisa” Activities: Cosmetology 10, 11 Memories: High School was great!, but I’m glad it’s over! It would be hard to do it over again. Thanks April G. and Janet V. for caring and always being there when I needed ya, and Mom for pushing me to go. I love ya! Rallies ... Cliques .. Khader Azzouz Tyrone Baldwin Brigette Banks Ann Barber Buddy Barnett Marshall Barrett Leslie Batdorf Mark Battaglia Brett Baugh Thomas Beames Peter Beardsley Lorraine Beisley Mary Benedict Roger Bennett Kara Beranek Lisa Bernhardt Seniors 195 Jr . Sr. Prom ... Research Papers ... Groovers ... Jonathan Black Colette Blais Cara Bohannon Lenora Bohr Lisa Boland Karen Boling Jeffrey Bone Bart Boodee Scott Boros Alan Borough Gini Bosch Gregory Bowen James Boyd Debra Brain Edward Brann Aaron Breneman Jonathan Black “Jon” Memories: Making it through four years of high school because I had teachers who cared. Colette Susan Blais “Shorti” “Sam” Activities: Soccer 9-11, Video Tech 9-12, Boys Freshman Basketball Manager Scorekeeper 11, Football Manager 12, Powder Puff Football 12 Memories: Coach hunting with Sharon, lunch with Sharon, Mary, and Jo, drawing with Laura, Sociology with Tony and Eddie, and waterskiing with Beth and Taugner. But most memorable of all. . . Graduation! Cara Bohannon “Morris” Activities: Concert Band 9, F.B.L.A. 11, S.G.C. 11, 12, Symphonic Band 10-12, Marching Band 10-11, Treasurer 12; National Honor Society 11,12 Memories: All the times at Fraser with the R.C. and the dancing in the halls at 3 a.m. Special thanks to Mark and Diana for being the greatest of friends. Lenora Ann Bohr “Lee” “Leanne” Activities: Marching Band 9, F.H.A. 11, 12, Pep Club 11, F.C.A. 12 Memories: Meeting all my new friends and teachers. They all played an important part in my life! Lisa Boland Activities: DECA 10-12 Memories: Thanks Wayne for pushing me to go to school this past year. I couldn’t have finished without you. You are that one in a million to me. Karen Ann Boling “Kiki” “Annie” Activities: Pep Club 10, 11, Sgt.-at-Arms, Sec., and President; Teen Counseling 11, 12, Literary Magazine 11, 12 Memories: Thanks to all the friends and teachers that made Gar-Field the best of everything. Johnie, Lorraine, Marc, Jill — I’ll never forget all the good times we had together. I luv you all. Jeffery Carl Bone “Jeff” Activities: Auto Mechanics 11, 12 Memories: My Auto Mechanics class in my junior year. Bart William Lawrence Bood6e “Scruffy” “Brat” “the Cricket” “Bartums” “Hey you with the trombone.” Activities: Marching Band 9-12, Drum Major 12; Dominants 10-12, Band Council 11-12, Stage Band 10-12, Symphonic Band 9- 12, Orchestra 9-12, Pit Orchestra 9-12, Signet 9-12, National Honor Society 11-12, Boys’ State 11, Who ' s Who Among American High School Students 11- 12, Forensics Debate Team 12, It’s Academic 12, Chess Battle Club 11, Drama Club 10-11, Jr. Variety Show 10-12, County Band 9, 10, 12, Regional Band 9, 11, 12, All-State Band 11-12 Memories: Here’s to: Band trips, tobacco juice, Ben-Gay, Dominants, F-T initiations, JAZZ, football games (RAH!), Beautiful Poetry, U.Va. trips (OW!), Crab Chips, Band Camps, matadors, Mr. Jones’ office — Baa!, ’speshally: T.B., The Gang, Bandpeople, NOOF, and Clyde-bloop. Alan Keith Borough III “Keith” Activities: Freshman and J.V. Basketball, S.G.C. Rep. 10-12 Memories: When I met the girl of my dreams. I love you, Deb. Ambi¬ tion — To go to college, join the AF and be a filthy rich pilot. James Allen Boyd “Jim” Activities: Chess Battle Club 11, Math Club 12, Science Club 12 Debra Ann Brain “Debbie” Activities: Pep Club 9, F.B.L.A. 11 Aaron Turner Breneman “Ant” Activities: Varsity Choir 9, Concert Choir 10-12, All-County Choir 9-12, All-Regional 9-12 Memories: Thank you Pam, Bill, Mike, and everyone else for making school very fun. 196 Seniors ... Qchool Lunches ... Friendships ... 9now Days Maria Bridges Eileen Britton Eric Brockman Bradley Brooke Patricia Brooks Matthew Brophy Bonnie Brown Debra Brown Joyce Brown Monica Brown Maria T.H.C. Bridges Activities: Literary Magazine 10-12, Varsity Choir 10, 11, Concert Choir 12, Spanish Club 11, 12, Teen Counseling 11, 12, Math Club 12, National Honor Society 11, 12, Who’s Who Among American High School Students 11, 12 Memories: The friends, {who were) made and who will continue to be so, and the great teachers I’ve had, all of them were there for me during the ups and downs at Gar-Field High. Eileen Annette Britton Memories: High school has been an experience I’ll never forget — but i’ll be glad when it’s over. Ambition — After high school I would like to be a clerk typist, to make a lot of money and be happy. Bradley Stephenson Brooke “Bird” Memories: Trying to stay out of trouble was my specialty. Patricia Brooks Activities: Indoor Track 9, Outdoor Track 10, Freshman Class Secretary, F.B.L.A. 11, 12, Sec. 12; Powder Puff Football 12 Memories: I met a lot of good friends. Thanks for the great times. J.M., don’t forget all the times GOing on the B.T. EXPRESS. Matthew Charles Brophy “Matt” “The Broph” “Mateo” “Mr. B” “Legs” “Brophy Back!” “Megaton leg” “ 14” Activities: Soccer 11, 12, Varsity Foot¬ ball 12, S.G.C. 12 Memories: Making Varsity Soccer in my Junior year — Kick¬ ing the football in my Senior — Pressure is painful! Amir, Grove, Mr. Z, Peevy, “Rollers,” “The Click,” Danny, Sherry, I’ll never forget you! Bonnie Louise Brown “Bon” “BB” “Little B” Activities: Concert Band 9, Sym¬ phonic Band 10-12, Stage Band 10-12, Marching Band 9-12, Literary Magazine 10-12, National Honor Society 11, 12, Teen Counseling 12, Signet 11, 12 Memories: Marching Band’s trip to Danville, 6th period English 11 with Mr. Ed¬ wards, and Stage Band’s tour of the schools. Debra Ann Brown “Debbie” “Deb” “Deb Deb” “Lil Deb” Memories: I had a lot of good times and made a lot of special friends. Traci you’re the best! Thanks for everything. Joyce Yvette Brown Activities: National Junior Honor Society 9 (Germany), Na¬ tional Honor Society 11, 12, J.V. Cheerleading 11, Memories: Angie and Tracey, remember all the times at lunch; coming back from Rocky III and cheerleading — wearing th e wrong uniform (T.B.), Monica Rene Brown “Moni” “Motor Mouth” Activities: Freshman Volleyball, Varsity Volleyball 11, S.G.C. 9-11, V.I.C.A. 11, DECA 12, Pep Club 9, Cosmetology 10-12, Orchestra 9 Memories: All the great times I have had with my friends and the CYO, especially convention ’81 and ’82 and Va. Beach ’82! It was my parents who made my high school years memorable, I LOVE YOU! Paul Edward Brown “Mr. X” “Dietrich” “Pollster” Activities: S.G.C. Rep. 11, V.I.C.A. 11, 12, Memories: The thing about high school that is most memorable to me is all of my good, joking around times that I had in my Electronics class with all my good friends. Teresa Maria Brown “Resa” Activities: F.H.A. 11 Memories: Trying to get to class on time, meeting new people. Lisa Ann Browning “Shortcake” “Charlie’s Angel” Activities: Softball Manager 9, D.E. 10 Memories: My most memorable experiences were and will be my first week of 9th grade and last week of 12th. Linda Christine Brozena “Lynn” “Binky” Activities: Marching Band 9-10, Drum Major 11; Leo Club President 10-11, Yearbook Staff 12, Symphonic Band 9-12, Orchestra 9-12, County Band 10-12, Regional Band 9-12, County Orchestra 10-12, Math Club 12 Memories: High School has given me innumerable memories, and there’s so many to thank for making that possible. Especially Dale, Beth, Kathy, Carole, Mary, Karen, and Kim. God Bless you all! Paul Brown Sandy Brown Teresa Brown Lisa Browning Linda Brozena Jamie Bruce Seniors 197 College Applications . . . Jocks . . . Spirit Jeff Bryant Dawn Buck Jennifer Bucknam Jason Bullard Rebekah Bullard Rosetta Bullock Brendan Bunn Kevin Bunton Katrina Burton Barbara Byram Rodney Byrne Jackie Campbell Anthony Caprara Eric Carlson Walter Carlson Joe Carroll Jeff Bryant “The Assassin” Activities: Freshman Football, J.V. Football 10, Var¬ sity Football 11, 12, Varsity Club 11, 12, Weightlifting Club 9-12, Outdoor Track 9, 10, 12, Spanish 9, 10, Indoor Track 9-12 Memories: Making all the teams, be¬ ing a better person. Through this I learned to love all my friends, especially the G-F Football Team. Dawn Buck “Bucky” Activities: DECA Historian 12 Memories: Meeting all kinds of new people. Having fun throughout my years of high school. Jennifer Mary Bucknam “Jenny” “Step” Activities: Girl’s Outdoor Track 9, Boy’s Indoor and Outdoor Track Manager 10-12, Yea rbook Staff 11-12, Sports Editor 12; Teen Counseling 12, Powder Puff Football 12 Memories: Couldn’t have made it without ya’ Kelly! Remember these?: Stonewall, Manassas, sophomore year, rednecks, W.E.S.B., Southern rock, Kings Dominion, football players, “Big,” concerts, skiing, Myrtle Beach, " 18,” Virginia Beach, etc!!! Thanks to everybody at G-F, Potomac (David), Stonewall, and Woodbridge (Bob)! Rebekah Diane Bullard “Heart” “Reaf” Memories: Just one thing about high school, Is it real or is it fantasy ... “Make It Real.” Rosetta Marie Bullock Activities: Freshman Basketball, J.V. Basketball 10, 11, F.H.A. 11, Concert Band 9-11, DECA 12 Memories: Meeting and going places with R.B. and J.M. Having lunch with T.T. and laughing at his hilarious jokes. Be¬ ing able to listen and withstand Gillface’s corny jokes. Brendan Patrick Bunn Activities: Literary Magazine 10-12, Editor Collage 10, Shaman 11-12, hyphen Newspaper staff 10-12 Editor 12; Drama Club 10, Who’s Who Among American High School Students 12, Governor’s School 11, Signet 9-12 Memories: Raising the magazine from a little Collage to a Shaman. Trying to keep hyphen from dashing when David was being typeset. Watching Chris get caught in the elevator doors. Remember Paul Simon: " Preserve your memories, they’re all that’s left you.” Kevin Scott Bunton Activities: Marching Band 10-12, Soccer 10-12 Memories: High school has been a time never to be forgotten. Katrina Michelle Burton “Kat” “Kay” Activities: F.H.A. 11-12 Memories: Meeting special people in my sophomore year. They gave me special memories that I will always remember. Good luck to my 3 best buddies Crystal, Resa, and Brigette. Barbara Ann Byram “Bear” “Babe” “B” Activities: Latin Club 10-12, Math Club 11, Teen Counseling 11, 12, Travel Club 10-12, Vice-President 11; Who’s Who Among American High School Students, Science Club 11 Memories: Mr. Shaf- ferman’s Biology Class, my three years of Latin, and Miss Centola’s Math Analysis class. Rodney Lee Byrne Activities: Freshman Football Memories: I’m glad it’s over and I wouldn’t do it over again for the world. Jackie Campbell “Princess” “Jack” Activities: the hyphen staff 12 Memories: It hasn ' t been memorable and I hope to forget it, except for my friends. Especially Mary, Jodie, and Debbie. I’ve had a few good teachers like M.S. and E.J. Anthony Albert Caprara “Tony” Activities: DECA 10, School Store 10, Ski Club 10, Key Club 12 Memories. High school was the most fun one could have with their clothes on. I will probably miss it all (I doubt it), especially the football games. Billy Joe Carroll Activities: J.V. Football 10 Memories: Coming in late every day because C.N. and R.C. were so slow. 198 Seniors Summer Vacation ... Crowded Hallways ... SAT ' s ... Sandra Carter Walter Carter Mary Cate Richard Cecilio John Cephas Chris Chantelau Angela Cheek Traci Chiddix Cynthia Clark Jeanette Clark Sandra Lee Carter “Sandi” Memories: The most memorable experience of my high school years was meeting Rob. Walter William Carter “Walt” “Walt-Walt” Activities: Key Club 11, 12, F.B.L.A. 12, S.G.C. 12 Memories: I wouldn’t have made it through high school without good friends like Rob, Dave, Leigh, Sam, Kent, Randy, Kathy, Za, Jackie, Bill, Bobby, Big Sis June, Roy, and Pete. Mary Sue Cate Activities: Girl’s Tennis 10-12, Spanish Club 11, 12, National Honor Society 11, 12, Who’s Who Among American High School Students 11, 12 Memories: My most memorable High School experiences have been the friendships I have made with my fellow students and teachers, Especially Aimee and Mr. Bunn! Richard J. Cecilio “Olive” “D-H” “Brick” Memories: Chinese suspension, Jungle Juice Parties!!, TOGAS!!!, and many true friendships. John Walter Cephas Activities: National Honor Society 11, 12, German Club 10, 11, Literary Magazine 11, Outdoor Track 9, 12 Memories: I had a great time (believe it or not). Thanks to D.S., B.J., D.H., D.P., J.C., and D.N. Traci Kathleen Chiddix Activities: D.E. 9, F.B.L.A. 11 Memories: My most memorable High School experience was when all of us worked in Guidance and the Pizza Party we had. Jeanette Marie Clark “Jenny” “Genny” “Toaddie” Activities: Freshman Cheerleading, S.G.C. 9, 10, Sophomore Beauty Pageant 10, Jr. Civitans 11, 12, Sec. 12; Powder Puff Football 12 Memories: Thanks to all my friends. Steph, Jules, Chris, thanks for listening, I love you all. Special thanks to you — Robert Parker for really making my Senior year at G-F one BIG memory. Thanks for giv¬ ing me a chance. I LOVE YA!! Va. Beach ’83! Sheryl Faye Claspell “One of the three stooges” “Freddie” Activities: Freshman Volleyball, F.H.A. 10, H.E.R.O. 11, 12 Memories: All the talks, tears, talks, laughs, talks, dances, and fights with Shelly, Betty, and Flossie. Shelly — thanks for always being there to listen to me. Lots of love to Weasel! Daphne Sue Coerse “Daph” “Daph-Daph” “Daph of Coerse” “Twiggy” “Piglet” Activities: Pep Club 9, S.G.C. Rep. 9, F.B.L.A. 10-12, Outdoor Track 10-12, Indoor Track 11, 12, Senior Class Sec. 12, Tennis 12, Debutante 12, Teen Counseling 12, Powder Puff Football 12 Memories: Memories are many! Friends, Football games, dances, track meets, Tennis. Thanks Denise, Tony, Zadock for always being there. You’re all great. Thanks Mom and Dad. Good Luck Sean! Let’s Jet! Smile! Terri Lee Coffey “TLC” Activities: Band 9-11 Memories: My whole Senior year with all my friends! Michael William Cogswell “Mike” Memories: My most memorable High school experience was the day I graduated. BSHHKm Sheryl Claspell Denise Clemmer John Clubb Daphne Coerse Terri Coffey Michael Cogswell Seniors 199 Shirley Colbert Kent Colby Teresa Collier James Cole Patrick Collins Steven Collins Robbie Combs Patricia Combs David Conger Lisa Conway Preppies Cruisin ' Janet Conwell Edward Cook Thomas Cook Stephanie Cooley Joseph Cooper Lisa Cope Kent Weston Colby “Moon” Activities: Freshman Football, Key Club, S.G.C., Intramurals Memorials: Meeting my girlfriend Julie Lamb, complications of arena scheduling, good times at football games, crazy-acting friends, the day of July 30th 1982, food fights, playing in a band. Teresa Deanna Collier “Lady T” Activities: State Finalist in Miss United Teenager Pageant Memories: Having Col. Mabrey as a substitute. Patrick A, Collins “Pat” “Pad” “Pac” “Patsy” “Irishman” “Lucky” Activities: Bass Choir 9, 10, Concert Choir 11, 12, Chess Battle Club 11, 12 Memories: Music Camp with all its enjoyable moments in the yard. Including the Frisbee and Sandal incidents. I will never forget the lake. I will also remember the morn¬ ings at school. Steven Eugene Collins “Steve” Activities: H.E.R.O. Club Memories: The Graduation. Robbie Combs J.V. Baseball 11 Patricia Combs “Tricia” “Patsy” Memories: The locker searches, getting caught smoking in the bathrooms, getting chased through the woods, and waiting for these years to be over. David Conger “David” “Editor of the Bizarre” “Penguin Friend” Activities: Chess Battle 10-12, Drama Club 12, Shaman 12, Smoke Signals hyphen ID- 12 Memories: Fond are my memories with “the gang.” I’ll always remember Chuckie, Ma Smith, and the time Jim Bags got carried away. Lisa Genevieve Conway “Lili” “L.C.” Activities: Spanish Club 11, Indoor and Outdoor Track Manager 11, 12, Volleyball Manager 12, Pep Club 12 Memories: Elecia Herndon and I tried to convince Vonda Sparks that flirting with D.B. and B.B. is not the way to get a boyfriend. So long C.C. and L.P., E.J., C.N. Janet Lea Conwell “Jan” Activities: Choir 9, 10, Shaman 12 Memories: My Junior and Senior years have been the best. I’ll always remember the good times I’ve had with the BBFC. Thanks Deane, Mary, Kelly, Christy, Evelyn, Janine, Mom. Stephanie Rente Cooley “J.B.” “Stephie” Activities: Drama Club 10, L.P.N. 12 Memories: I just want to thank Jane, Bruce, Tommy, Kris, Larry, and the DCBC bench for helping me make it through this final year. To Charlie, I LOVE YOU! 200 Seniors • • • G-F 7, Woodbridge 0 • • • Qenior Wills .. . Tracey Leigh Coeand “Spaci” “Lacy-Spacy” “Airhead” Activities: Homecom¬ ing Committee 11, Varsity Football Manager 12, Treble Choir 11, Lettered; Drama Club 11, S.G.C. Rep. 11, 12, Powder Puff Football 12 Memories: All the great times with my friends: Debbie, Donny, Todd, and Jean (airhead attack). Especially being with Steve my Senior year! Shawne don’t forget “Get a grip” and “Grody to the max!” Live it up class of ’84! John Rowland Cotton “Esquire” “C.B.” Activities: Wrestling 9-12, Chess Battle Club 10-12, It’s Academic 11, 12, Teen Counseling 11, 12, Drama Club 12, Math Club 12, Signet 9-12 Memories: Now that I’m leaving they all seem great. Especially April Soccer games, researching Chuckie’s papers at the library and seeing E.T. I have a feeling the best is yet to come. Michael Scott Coughenour “Mike” Memories: The most memorable ex¬ perience is when I finally graduate from Gar-Field! And I’ll be free. James Darrell Counts Activities: Basketball 11, V.I.C.A. 11,12 Laura Craig Activities: Freshman Volleyball Memories: The first day of Mrs. Turner ' s English class with Greg, Debbie, Tim, Susan, and all the others! Dale Ray Crockett “Crock” Activities: All-County Band 10-12, All-County Or¬ chestra 10, Regional Band 10-12, Symphonic Band 10-12, Stage Band 11, Dominants 12, Marching Band 10, 11, Band Council 11, Head Drum Major 11, National Honor Society 11, 12, S.G.C. Representative 12 Memories: Drum Ma¬ jor, Linda, Todd, Suzanne, Blues Brothers, 108, W.S. I as a Senior, securing the Saunders trophy for good, Sehor Brooks, and all the wonderful people who taught or advised me. Todd Franklin Cullop “Scooter” Activities: Outdoor Track 10-12, Indoor Track 11, 12, Cross Country 12, Signet 9-12, the hyphen 11, 12, Sports Editor 12; Travel Club 10, Who’s Who Among American High School Students Memories: Gar-Field was the greatest — football games, parties, Jll trips, track meets — STATE CHAMPS! Thanks to Dale, Steve, John, Zadock, Rod, Gordon, Vivian, Leigh, and most of all, Jenni. Elaine E. Cummings “Bobbie” Activities: S.G.C. Rep. 12, A.F.S. 12 Memories: Being an aide for one of the nicest English teachers, Mrs. Roche, in my Senior year. I hope all the graduates of ’83 will have all their dreams become a reality in the future. Melody Monique Cunningham “Burgandy” “Hollywood” “Mel” Activities: Chorus 9-11 (2 G-F, 1 Philippines), Softball 9, 10 (Philippines) Memories: The most memorable experience was being with and having the time of my life with all my friends here at Gar-Field. (And they know who they are.) David James Dawson “Sporty Shorty” “Dave” “Ivan” Activities: Sophomore Beauty Contest Escort 10, DECA 10, School Store 10, Key Club 11, F.B.L.A. 12 Memories: Hanging out with Rob, Walt, Kent, Bill, Jim, Charlie, Andre, Jeff, Paul, and Zadock during school (Before and during class and lunch). Good luck gang. Tracey Cosand Jason Coster John Cotton Michael Coughenour James Counts Richard Couts Laura Craig John Crocker Dale Crockett Cathleen Crowley Todd Cullop Elaine Cummings Melody Cunningham Jerry Cusati David Dawson Rate Deckard Seniors 201 • • • Powder Puff Football ... Designer Jeans ... Freaks Renee Defrees Daniel Demissew Renee De Stephanis William Desmarais Rodney Dickhute Mark Dierker Ren6e Defrees “Ren” “Renicle” “Victor Sink” Activities: F.B.L.A. 10-12, Powder Puff Football 12 Memories: My ambition is to ride off into the sunset in a 4x4 and to live in Bermuda for the rest of my life and grow a palm tree of my very own. RenOe De Stephanis “Shorty” “De Stephani” “Rene” Activities: Orchestra 9- 12, All-County Orchestra 9, 11, Solo and Ensemble 9-12 Memories: It could have been better! William Desmarais “Bill” Memories: The fun I had in Mrs. Filip’s math class and the odd people, like Kevin, that I met. Rodney Luther Dickhute “Warpie” “Frog” “Huckle-Berry-Dumbell” Activities: Varsity Band 9, Concert Band 10, 11, Symphonic Band 12, Marching Band IQ- 12 Memories: Life at Gar-Field has been lots of fun! My Junior year was the best of all, thanks to Danny, Lee, Dawn, Chryssie, Missy, Mark, Liz, and Mrs. Melvin! Thanks! Mark Allen Dierker “Big Dek” “Big Red” “Alice” “Fireball” Activities: Pep Club 10, 11, S.G.C. 12, Forensics Debate 12, Shaman 12 Memories: Rednecks rule. Scott gets caught cheating. Rude, Crude, Socially Unaccepted, and Moral¬ ly Depraved will live forever. Goodbye G-F. Think Green Like Bunn’s Ties. Drew Allen Diffenbaugh Activities: Freshman Football, J.V. Football 10, Varsity Football 11, 12 J.V. Baseball 9 Theresa Christine Dittmer “Tree” “Surfie” Activities: Girls Varsity Soccer 9- 12, Symphonic Band 9-12 Memories: These years at Gar-Field have been very memorable. I wouldn’t have made it without the great friendship of Kathy Walker and Michelle Hiner. They made the good times last. Rossana Maria Donley Activities: Freshman Homecoming Princess Memories: I’ll never forget all the great times we all had at the football games and dances. Thanks for everything, it’s been great! Angela Lorette Dorn “Angie” Activities: F.H.A. 9, 10 (Stafford High) S.G.C. Rep. 11, Track 9, 10 Memories: I’m glad that this is my last year of high school. I have learned a lot from my teachers. I wish them the best of luck at teaching. Also, I wish my sister, Lisa Dorn, and my brother John Dorn, good luck at Gar-Field. Thanks to my mother and father, if it weren’t for them I wouldn ' t be where I am today. Robert Edward Doyle “Bobby” Memories: High school has both its good and bad points and it helps prepare you for life in the real world. Michael James Drury “Mike” Activities: Freshman Football, J.V. Football 10, Varsity Football 11, 12, Freshman Basketball, Varsity Basketball 10, Indoor and Outdoor Track 11,12 Memories: High school was great. I will miss it. I met some great girls I will never forget. Had great times with K, M, N, C, love ya mugs. Rhonda Jean Early “Red” “Ronnie” Activities: Freshman Basketball, the hyphen 10-12, J.V. Basketball 10, 11, Track 11, 12 Memories: Thanks to Karen, Angie, and Lorraine for helping me through the rough times and sharing the good. I Drew Diffenbaugh Chris DiMascio Theresa Dittmer Rossana Donley Angela Dorn Robert Doyle Michael Drury Beth Duncan Rhonda Early Ronald Eberly 202 Seniors • • • Arena Scheduling • • • ... Surf Shirts ... SRA ' S Deborah Sue Edwards “Deb” “Debbie-Bob” “TB” Activities: Cheerleading 9, Class President 10, Pep Club 9-12, T.O.E.C 10, F.B.L.A. 12, Treble Choir 11, C.O.E. 12, Powder Puff 12 Memories: Although I’ve only been at Gar-Field for two years, it’s been great! I’ve met a lot of great people — Karen and Kathy, Thanks! David Baker Elmore “Elmo” “Mo” “Elmano” “Dave the Wave” “Wizz” “Elwood” Activities: Freshman Football, Band 9, F.B.L.A. 10, Jr. Variety Show 11 Memories: My acceptance in the G.F.T.T., or it could have been not graduating last year, but it will be graduating this year. Party Hardy G-F! Richard Anthony Emelio “Emo” Activities: Freshman Football, Chess Battle 10, DECA 10-12 Memories: Meeting and getting to know my friends in school. I never would have made it this far without them. Thanks for the memories Tracy, Karen, Rate, Lisa, Becky. Pamela Suzzette Faulkner “Pam” “Suzi” “Biscuit” Activities: DECA I 10, DECA II 11, Powder Puff Football 12 Memories: There were a lot of fun times I’ll always cherish. Thanks to special friends (especially Christine) for being there. Michelle Fayak “Shelley” Activities: Cosmetology 10-12, VICA 11, 12 Memories: My most memorable experience was English in 11th grade with Jill P., Jim P., Jennie M., Connie P., and Jean M., I’ll miss you all! Love ya. Edward Chico Fernandez IV “Chico” “Eddie” “Ed” Activities: J.V. Football 10, F.H.A. 11, 12, H.E.R.O. 11, 12 L.E.O. 12 Memories: I plan to go into the Air Force Reserves and to be a successful businessman and to marry the lady I love, Sharella M. Johnson. Richard Lynn Finlayson “Rick” Memories: My most memorable high school ex¬ perience was when I went for an interview at Fort Belvoir in my Cooperative Of¬ fice Education (C.O.E.) class. And my proudest was bei ng a Senior at Gar-Field. Michael Lee Flaherty Activities: J.V. Football 10 Memories: I didn’t do anything special, just bummed around with the jammin’ dudes and tried to have a good time. Perry Lee Flinchum Activities: German Club 9-12, H.A.M. Club 11, V.I.C.A. 12 Stage Lighting 12 Memories: I just want to say thanks to “Duckie” at WB and Good-Bye to G-F. Brian Lee Fox “Foxy” Activities: H.A.M. Club 10-12, Video Tech 11-12, S.G.C. Rep. 12, V.I.C.A. 11, I.A. Club 12 Memories: Mr. Johnson’s World Studies II class. I wish the best of luck to all my friends. Also, I would like to thank everyone in the main office for a wonderful time the last 3 years. Tammy Mechele Fox Memories: It was the best time of my life, but I’m glad it’s finally over. I hope to get married, have lots of kids, and talk Dad into keeping the Camaro. Deborah Edwards David Elmore Richard Emelio Michael Estabrook Sean Eubanks Pamela Faulkner Michelle Fayak Edward Fernandez Debra Ferri Richard Finlayson Alice Fishpaw Michael Flaherty Perry Flinchum Anastacia Flowers Brian Fox Tammy Fox Seniors 203 Substitute Teachers . . . Mini Skirts .. . Beowulf Susan Fraker Kristine Fratzke Michael Frazier Lois Freeby Patricia Free by David Freeman Susan Elaine Fraker “Sue” Activities: Treble Choir 9, 11, 12, Concert Choir 10-12, All-County Chorus 12, State Honors Choir 12, Collage Shaman Staff 11, 12, Drama Club 10-12 Memories: There hasn’t really been anything great for me in school, except for Larry and music, the people are what made the school special. Kristine Michele Fratzke “Kris” Activities: Chess Battle Club 11, 12 Memories: Many thanks to Mr. Carnohan and Mrs. Combs without whom I never would have stayed. Thanks to Sara M. for her class! Keep in touch Stephl! Michael Craig Frazier “Mike” Lois Marie Freeby “Odis” “Shorty” Activities: Varsity Soccer 9, 10, V.I.C.A. 12 Memories: The good times were great, the bad times weren’t too bad. But boy am I glad it’s almost over. Good luck Patty. Thanks to all my friends, especially Barbara. Patricia Ann Freeby “Patty” Activities: Soccer 10, V.I.C.A. 11, 12, Cosmetology 10-12 Memories: My most memorable experiences were Cosmetology, thanks to Mrs. Brooks and Carla, and to Mike for sharing my last year in school and many more years with me. Thanks Mom, Dad, and Lois. Eric Richard Fretwell “Fret” Memories: All the good times with Marshmallow, Bouncing Betty, and Duane. I hope Marsh and Betty will forgive me for the cuts, but you know I love you. Judith Lynn Fuchs “Nudith” Activities: Outdoor Track 9, J.V. Cheerleading 10, D.E. I 10, D.E. II 11, Key Club 11, 12 Memories: All my memories of love, tears, laughter, and friendship. I couldn’t have done it without my two best friends — Andra and Karen. Kimberly C. Fulford “Kim” “Lardo” Activities: F.B.L.A. 10 Memories: “Porky,” “NAE,” and “O,” ya’II are the greatest! Someday I’ll find my chickens, cows, and pigs! James J. Fullem II “Jim” “Jimmy” “Midget” Activities: Tennis 10, 11 Rodney Zadock Futrell “Za” Activities: Freshman Football, J.V. Football 10, Varsity Football 11, 12, Track 9-12 Memories: It’s been hard but Vivian and I finally made it together. Thanks to all: Especially N.K., D.C., T.C. Ambition — go to college and major in business. Rhonda Michelle Gainor Activities: Indoor Track 9, 11, 12, Outdoor Track 9-12, F.H.A. 11, Drama Club 10, 11, Fashion Merchandising Vice-Pres. 12, Girls’ Var¬ sity Club Vice-Pres. 12 Memories: I am really going to miss the people that I’ve run with. Carla, I wish you the best in Cos., I know you will do great. Good luck to rising Juniors and Seniors, enjoy it while you can. Angie, I hope you like living in Fairfax. Good Luck, I’ll miss you. Todd Gallentine Activities: German Club, Treasurer 11, Wrestling 11, 12 Memories: High school was a trip ... where to, I don’t know! I couldn’t have made it without Garp, Molsen, The Bellamy Bros., and Colleen ... I love you. Lisa Ganino Memories: Thanks Mona for being a friend through thick and thin. And to my one and only love, Jeff Ruiz, I will be with you forever. Christopher Scott Gardner “Chris” “Bear” Activities: Freshman, J.V., and Var¬ sity Football, Weightlifting Memories: Getting to know the people at the skating rink and meeting my Babe. (Janice K.) Eric Fretwell Judith Fuchs Mary Fugate Kimberly Fulford James Fullem Rodney Futrell Rhonda Gainor Todd Gallentine Lisa Ganino Christopher Gardner 204 Seniors Nikes .. . Letter Jackets . . . McDonald ' s . . . w m Johnny Garland Crystal Gaymon Karen Gazda Daniel Geiger Christine George Michael Gillette Nancy Gilliam Michael Gilmore Scott Golembiowski Darren Good Karen Sue Gazda “Karen” Memories: “Gimmicks” in Algebra; Mickey, Scott, Kim, Richard Pryor with BFW; Mountain Dew (1 and 2); Zingers; Two Trios; Beowulf; Uh Huh, Uh Huh, Uh Huh. Thanks Linda, Tammy, Debbie, Pam. Special Thanks: Jane and JS. Daniel Donald Geiger “Danny” Activities: Freshman, J.V. and Varsity Football, Indoor and Outdoor Track 9-12 Memories: School was great, I think I even learned something too! I just want J.P. to know that I.W.A.L.H.! Don’t worry kids, your time will come. Christine Marie George “Georgee” Activities: F.C.A. Memories: All the fun Kim, Vicki, and I used to have at lunch time. Michael Norman Gillette “Mike” “Studly” “Trac-Two” “GQ” Activities: S.G.C. President 12, Sophomore Class President 10, Smoke Signals the hyphen 11, 12, Indian Echoes 11, 12, Hugh O’Brien Leadership Foundation for Outstanding High School Sophomores 10, Varsity Tennis 11, 12, Frosh Football 9, J.V. Foot¬ ball 10, J.V. Baseball 10, Teen Counseling 12, Bass Choir 9, Leo Club 10, 11, Collage 10, French Club 10, Travel Club 10, 11, Math Club 10, S.G.C. Rep. 9-11 Memories: Chasing 500 bleached mice at the Sophomore Beauty Pageant; the, uh, explicit movies in Salem; the caved-in blender float of 1980; Journalism Trips; Ft. Belvoir parties; D.C.; my friendship with C.T.; and discovering Terri- Bear. (Bigfoot, it wasn’t me.) Nancy Diann Gilliam “Queen of the Mountain” “Giggles” Activities: Rifles IQ- 12, Capt. 12; Teen Counseling 11-12 Memories: The football games were Great. Rifles was a blast at times, I’ll miss it. Going to the skating rink. Timi, remember the walking around during 6th. Michael Troy Gilmore “Gilby” Memories: Meeting my girlfriend, Cindy, who I want to thank for all her love and understanding. I hope we’ll always be together. I’ll never forget all the great times. James Michael Good “Mike” Activities: Freshman Football, Indoor Track IQ- 12, (Lettered 10-12); Outdoor Track 9-12, (Lettered 10-12); Cross Country IQ- 12, (Lettered 10-12), M.V.P. 10-12; Key Club 10-12, Lt. Governor 12, President 12; Yearbook Staff 11-12, Editor 12; DAR Good Citizen, 12 Memories: All the times that I went running with Steve. Thanks Steve, Coach Williams. Thanks to all of my friends and teachers for helping me to become all that I could. Mr. Har¬ dison, thanks for giving me the confidence and inspiration to strive “onward and upward.” Remember everyone, “Peace in the Middle East!” Toni Lynn Goodroe “Joey” “Sunshine” “Scottie” Activities: F.B.L.A. 9, 12 Memories: Meeting a lot of nice people and following a lot of nice-looking guys. Good Luck to all the Juniors. April Lynnette Gray “Frog” Activities: V.I.C.A. 11, F.B.L.A. 12 Memories: These have been the Best 4 years of my life! Thanks Lisa B! And I love you Tony! Sum¬ mer of ’83 will be a killer! Catherine Louise Gray “Cathy” Activities: Pep Club 10, F.H.A. 11, Rifles 12 Memories: In my Junior year, meeting someone I really enjoy being around. Having a great time with all my friends. Eric Douglas Greene “Eric (Santiago)” “Apache” Activities: Cross Country 9- 12, Varsity 12; Indoor Track 9-12, Outdoor Track 9-12 Memories: I’ll never forget my two younger brothers, Ervin and Winnie. God Bless Kevin, Chesire, and watch over good old Stephannie. Michael Good Toni Goodroe April Gray Catherine Gray Eric Green David Greth Seniors 205 • • • • • Julie Grevey Karen Grieff Vivian Griffith Leigh Ann Grow Cristina Gulli Kevin Guthrie Cindy Hall Betty Hamilton Robin Hamlett Ervin Hannah ... Senior Teaching Day Class Rings Amy Hanning Matthew Harrington Patanochia Harris Stacy Harris Julia Hasley Terence Hayes Karen Denise Grieff “Kady” Memories: High School was made worthwhile by Laura, Anita, and Eileen. Hi John! No one spent more time in I.S.S. This is one place I won’t miss ’til I’m old. Vivian Griffith Activities: C.O.E. 12 Memories: Thanks Nini, Rebecca, and Darlene for all the great times we have had and all the ones we will have! Love ya Leigh Ann Grow “Lee-Lee” “Leak-Leak” Ecology Club 9 Memories: My Senior year and all the great friends I’ve made. D.S., S.M., W. C., T.A.T., B.S., K.T., Z.F., T.C., R.W., C.M., Love you all!! Cristina Gulli Activities: V.I.C.A. 11, 12 Memories: High school was great. Plans for the future, I hope to own my own beauty shop some day and make lots of money!! Thank you Mike for all your love and support. Betty Hamilton “Betty” “Betty Boo” “Bee” Activities: S.G.C. Rep. 11 Memories: School was alright, but I would have never made it if it weren’t for my friends. Thanks to Sheryl C., Shelly Y., Karri L., Cindy H., Tammy M. t Judy W., and to all the crazy things we did!!! All my love to Eric F„ Duane K., David D., Chris C. Robin Hamlett “Rob” Activities: Jr. Civitans 12 Memories: Thanks to Bridget and Julie for making High School the BEST years of my life! To the Glendale Gang — I will love you forever! I Love You Brian. Ervin L. Hannah “Junior” Activities: Indoor and Outdoor Track 10-12, Cross Country 12 Amy Beth Hanning Memories: My very first day at Gar-Field. Matthew Richard Harrington “Matt” “Matt Landers” “Amino Acid” “Space Cadet” Activities: Chess and Battle 9, 10, 12, Literary Contributor 10-12, Year¬ book Staff 12 Memories: High School is a rare, memorable moment of our lives. I really have enjoyed the Good Times that I’ve had in my four years at G-F. Goodbye, but not forever. Julia Lynne Hasley “Ju-Ju” “Juls” Memories: I don’t have any memorable ex¬ periences, all I can say is I would never have made it without all my friends. Terence Joseph Hayes “Terry” Activities: Chess Battle Memories: Getting to make and meet new friends. 206 Seniors Punkers • • • • • • The Mall _ 1.8.8. _ Candy Sales Kenneth Hendley Deborah Hendrickson Thomas Henry Elecia Herndon Cheryl Herrell Lisa Hicks Cynthia Hileman James Hilins Angela Hill Susan Hill Deborah Ann Hendrickson “Deb” “Debbie” Activities: Band, Flags Memories: My most memorable moment was my last year in high school — they say good things come to those who wait, and it looks like it has. Thomas Joseph Henry Memories: All the friends I met at “The Wall” and hang¬ ing out there every morning. Getting my face pounded in. Most importantly, fall¬ ing in love with Paula. Elecia Pamella Herndon Activities: Pep Club 11, 12, Volleyball 12, Track 12 Memories: As a Senior finally getting my locker where it’s supposed to be. Cheryl Ann Herrell “Chary Harry” Activities: Drama Club 9, 10, F.H.A. 11, Jr. Civitans 12, Powder Puff Football 11, 12 Memories: Thanks to Diana, Kelly, Jen¬ ny, and Michele, school has been bearable. I’ll always remember our trips to McDonald’s during lunch. Well to say the least, it’s been real. Lisa Gaye Hicks “BoJo” Memories: The moment I realized that it was almost over. James Hilins “Jim” Activities: Marching Band 9, 10, 12, Indoor Track 10, Science Club 9, Ham Club 11, 12 Memories: G-F Marching Band will always be great, long live Gar-Field Fishing Team and G-F A. Class of ’83 rules. School is out, now we’re free, we’re the class of ’83. Angela M. Hill “Angie” Activities: Freshman Basketball 9, the hyphen 10, 11, J.V.Basketball 10, Varsity Soccer 9, 10 Memories: My most memorable high school experience was meeting T.L.W. and playing B-Ball and Soccer. Susan Marie Hill “Susan Q” “Grape Ape” “Miss Susan” Activities: Class Secretary-Treasurer 10, 11, Class President 12, the hyphen 11, 12, news editor 11, co-editor-in-chief 12; National Honor Society 11, 12 President 12; Teen Counseling 11, 12, Homecoming Princess 10, 12, Sophomore Beauty Pageant 10, 11, SIGNET 9-12 Memories: Having Lisa as my best sissa; Love you always. Mr. Bunn’s 2nd period; Thanks and much love Mr. Bunn. Jll and running the Home for the Criminally Cheerful; Thanks Mrs. Smith. Lynette Virginia Hinchee “Lynnie” Activities: Cheerleading 9, F.B.L.A. 10 Memories: I can’t believe it’s almost over, but I would never do it again. I would have never made it without Arleen, Michele, Kim, and especially Larry. Thanks for always being there. Michelle L. Hiner “Squeaky” Memories: To all the good times I’ve had with my friends, and to the guy I care about and want to spend forever with. I Love You Paul Hardesty. Forever Together. Michael B. Hoerr “Genghis” Memories: Parties, fights, cutting class, World Studies II with Ed Johnson, “Battle of the Bands” in ’79, ’80 Gar-Field- Woodbridge game, Friends, Having a good time, 2 years with Mrs. Sheard English 10 and 11. Elizabeth Carol Hoffmann “Beth” Activities: F.B.L.A. 10-12, Historian 11, Treasurer 12; Teen Counseling 11, 12, Varsity Soccer 9-12, Girls’ State Alter¬ nate 11, SIGNET 12 Memories: Thanks Cyndi, Sandra, Lori, and Stacy for put¬ ting up with me for the last four years. Good Luck in life! Karen Lynn Holley Activities: Spanish Club 9, Flags 10, 11, Teen Counseling 11, 12, Indianettes 12, Who’s Who Among American High School Students 12, Yearbook 12 Memories: I’ll always remember the crazy and special times with Robyn — I miss you! Thanks L.B. for helping me believe in myself. Indianettes — you made my Senior year worth it. Lynette Hinchee Michelle Hiner Tim Hodge Michael Hoerr Elizabeth Hoffmann Karen Holley Seniors 207 Senior Portraits ... Exams ... Parties ... Levi ' s Sarah Holm Alan Houston Jon Howard Mark Howard Michael Howard Reginald Howard John Hoy Laura Hudson Charles Huet Cynthia Huffstickler Melva Hunt Fazilah Hussiani Eric Hutson Carolyn Ingram Jill Ingram Steven Irvin Sarah Lea Holm “Joey” Activities: Junior Achievement 10, Treasurer, S.G.C. Rep. Debating Forensics 12, Vice-President; Culture Club 12 Memories: Being involved in Youth for Christ at my school last year. Sharing and bringing the love of Jesus into my school, seeing young people come to know Jesus. Alan Houston Activities: Freshman Football, J.V. Baseball 10, Varsity Football 12, F.B.L.A. 12 Memories: Thanks C.T., B.J., M.W., and K.N. for being good friends in need throughout high school. Good luck E.C., you’ll need it. (Just Kidding) Jon Gregory Howard “Fat Boyl” Activities: Indoor and Outdoor Track 12, V.I.C.A. 11, 12 Mark Westfall Howard “Fingers” “The Bassaphonist” Activities: Ham Club 11, 12, Vice-President; Chess Battle Club 9, 10, Marching Band 10, 11, Sym¬ phonic Band 9, 10 Memories: My times with Joyce were special, I Love Ya. Todd, the Brew Crew and his driving, WTFIR. I hope that “Medieval” Rocks-n-Rolls and we get our contract. John Francis Hoy IV “Little Chit” Chess Battle Club 9-12, Travel Club, Culture Shock 11,12 French Club 9, 10 Memories: When I was walking down the main hall with my sister and we decided to get some attention, so we sat in the middle of the hall and had a tantrum. Laura M. Hudson “Night-Prowler” “Dizzy B” Activities: F.B.L.A. 11, 12, Key Club 11 Memories: Thanks to some great friends, I made it! " M M’s” — motor¬ cycles, boats, water-skiing — husbands?! Georgia colleges, look out! High school was fun, my friendships I’ll always cherish. Andy, someday us! Cynthia Sue Huffstickler “Cindy” “Kinky” Memories: When I graduate I hope to always be with the one I love, Mike. I hope one day we will get married and have no children. I’d also like to thank my great friend Kathy, Thanks for being there, I’ll never forget you. Melva Rae Hunt Activities: F.B.L.A. 11 Memories: The best thing about High School was lunch, thanks to Bridget, Paige, Julie, Christine, Sister Mary Rose, and Jo Rae. Jennifer Jill Ingram “Jillifer” “Jilly” “Bubbles” Activities: S.G.C. 9, 10, 12, Tre¬ ble Choir 10, Concert Choir 11, 12, Dominants 11, 12, Marching Band 10, 12, N.H.S. 11, 12, SIGNET 9-12 Memories: My most memorable times were with my friends: Prom (thanks to Tom), Marching Band, “Dominants.” Being with “the Gang,” Sara, Marc, M. Bunn, and my two “big brothers. " Steven M. Irvin “Steve” 208 Seniors ... Report Cards . .. Yad Piks Roines ... Dances Ann Jachimowicz “BW” “Curly” Memories: Special thanks to Dorothy, Debbie, Jean, Lisa, and my best friend Cathy, thanks for all the crazy times, without you all these four years would have been hideous. Beth Anne Jacobson Activities: F.B.L.A. 10-12, Secretary 11, Vice-President 12, SIGNET 9-12, Mu Alpha Theta 10, National Honor Society 11, 12, Who’s Who Among American High School Students, Yearbook 11, 12, co-editor 12; Teen Counseling 11, 12 Memories: Each day was a memorable experience thanks to Carole, Alan, Linda, Mary, Kathy, and Karen. You ' re all very special and you mean a lot to me. Gordon Jonkins “Flash” Activities: Freshman Football 9, J.V. Football 10, Var¬ sity Football 11, 12, Indoor and Outdoor Track 10-12, Teen Counseling 11 Memories: Gar-Field has given me many memories, experiences, and special friendships that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. A special thanks to Jenny, Rod, and all the “Groovers.” Brian Keith Jensen “BJ” “Shorty” “Munchkin” Memories: Becoming a Senior. The day I came from vacation, it was a blast and the freshmen are finally smaller than me. Anthony Rico Johnson “Tony” “TJ” “Birdman” “Birdie” Activities: Tennis 9- 12, Dominants 11, 12, Concert Choir 10-12, Teen Counseling 11, 12, Honors Choir 12 Memories: What I will remember most is the “Bird Family.” (Mark, Pam, Bill, Aaron) and others who corrupted me! Myles, Trina, Daphne, Zadock, and Jeff. Stephanie LeneA Johnson “Peanut” “Li’l Bear” Activities: Marching Band 10, Varsity Cheerleading 11, 12, Co-Capt. 12 Memories: My most memorable ex¬ perience was becoming a Varsity cheerleader in my Junior year. Velma Denise Johnson “DeDe” Activities: Spanish Club 9, F.B.L.A. 11 Memories: The first day I came to this school I met a lot of people but no one was my friend until I met Crystal G., B. Banks, T. Brown. Now those are my true friends, I will always remember them. Marcus Randell Johnston Activities: Baseball Pamela D. Jones “Pam” “Birdwoman” Activities: Cheerleading 9, Track 9, Tre¬ ble Choir 9, Concert Choir 10-12, Dominants 10-12, State Band 12, SIGNET 9, 1 0, Drama Club 11, 12, Honors Choir 12, All-County Chorus 9-12, Regional Choir 10-12, All-State Choir 11 Memories: When I think of High School, I’ll think of Dominants. Mrs. Moyers, Bill, Tony, Mike, and every Dominant are very special people who made high school worth it. Diana Lea Jordan “Db” Activities: Orchestra 9-12, Jr. Reg. Orchestra 9, Sr. Reg. Orchestra 11, All-County Orchestra 9-12, Girls Tennis 11, 12, National Honor Society 11, 12, F.B.L.A. 12 Memories: Mr. Edward’s 6th period, Mr. Bunn’s 2nd period, Orchestra, dances, all the wild times with Mary, Alien, and Close Encounters. Diana Lee Judy Activities: Indianettes 9, Drama Club 10, 12, Junior Civitans 11, 12, Varsity Cheerleading 11, Class Rep. 11 Memories: All the good times with Cheryl; State Wrestling Match with Kelly A., I’ll never forget it! Surfing Conven¬ tion ’82, remember Kelli L. Robert William Kalski “Kalsk” Activities: Freshman Football 9, Varsity Football 10-12, Art Team 12, Weightlifting 9-12 Tim Jabs Ann Jachimowicz Beth Jacobson David Jarboe Gordon Jenkins Brian Jensen Anthony Johnson Stephanie Johnson Velma Johnson Marcus Johnston Christopher Jones Pamela Jones Diane Jordan Diana Judy Ren6e Kahrer William Kalski Seniors 209 • • • Book Thomas Kane David Kastl Vincent Katroady Nina Kay Gary Kehn Stacy Keller Reports_Senior Banquet ... Bake Sales David A. Kastl “Dave” Activities: Stage Band 12, Concert Choir 12 Memories: Well, it definitely wasn’t my 5-day vacation in my Freshman year, but all the times I shared with my friends have to be the Best, especially Jim, Traci, Tammy, and Kelli. I love you all. Mary Celina Kay “Nina” “Squid” “Squints” “Crab Face” Activities: Volleyball 9-12, Band 9-11, Stage Band 12 Memories: Thanks to all my friends and team¬ mates who put up with me and my sense of humor. Especially V.R., M.B., S.Y., L.G., C.T., R.F. — J.D., J.B., most of all J.C. Gary Alan Kehn “Ground Hog” Activities: Baseball 10-12 Memories: I’m very glad I’m finally getting out. I’ve enjoyed all of it but there are better things to look forward to. Good Luck Baseball team. I Love You Diana. Stacy Lynne Keller “Stace” Activities: Freshman Basketball 9, J.V. Basketball 10, Varsity Basketball 11, 12, Teen Counseling 11, 12, Girls Varsity Club 12, F.B.L.A. 10-12 Memories: My most memorable high school experiences have been participating in girls basketball. Susan Marie Kerney “Suzi” “Suey” Activities: German Club 11 Memories: Go¬ ing to the football games every year with my crazy friends (Brenda, Connie, Debbie). Carla Lynn Kimbrough Activities: S.G.C. 12, V.I.C.A. 12 Memories: School has really been a great accomplishment for me. I give thanks to my Cosmetology class, my best friends, and especially the person I most admire and love, Ricky. “Bye.” Janice Elaine Kitchen Activities: Majorettes 9-12, Co-Capt. 12 Memories: Get¬ ting to know the gang from the skating rink. I’ll never forget finding the one I really love, Chris G. Nathalie Monique Annie Klaus Activities: French Club, Track Memories: When the teachers I dislike don’t show up for class. Yeah! Kenneth Houston Koontz Activities: SIGNET 9-12, the hyphen, Asst. Editor 12; Teen Counseling 12, Shaman 12 Memories: The first time I ever drove a car. Later on, wrecking the car for the first time. Buying my penguin while I was in Quebec, and meeting the man from Galaxy 7 on a New York subway. Tami Krein “Marcia VIII” Activities: Girls ' State 11, Who’s Who 11, 12, Concert Band 9, S.G.C. Rep. 12, Indianettes 10-12, Co-Capt. 12; National Honor Society 11, 12, Jr. Civitans 12, Teen Counseling 12 Memories: Thanks to the lunch crew (and especially Sherry), being a Senior’s been the best year ever. Duane Kuehne Activities: Drama 9, Stage Lighting 11, 12, National Honor Society 11, 12 Memories: When Floyd and I turned off the lights during “The Music Man.” Susan Kerney Carla Kimbrough Janice Kitchen Nathalie Klaus Kenneth Koontz Joel Koziol Mark Kramer Tami Krein Mark Krisner Duane Kuehne 210 Seniors Homework • • • Mr. Legs . . Laura Lynn LaCava “Lori” “Mouse” “Loretta” “Lulu” Activities: Soccer 9-12, Marching Band 9-11, Symphonic Band 9-12, Powder Puff Football 12, All-State Band 11 Memories: Thanks to Beth, Fish, Debbie, Kenny, Kelly, Sandra, Cyndi, and especially Junior. I’ll always love you! High school would never have been the same without you. Good Luck always! Roseann Lacey “Rosey” Activities: F.B.L.A. 11, 12, Key Club 12 Memories: I’m glad it’s over, but I will never forget Karen and Jenni and all the fun times we had together. I wouldn’t have made it without the help of Chris, Jerry, Diana, Mom, and Dad. Marcus Kevin Lawrence “Mark” Activities: Freshman Basketball, Freshman Class President, Key Club 10 Memories: The times I spent with Sharon. I will always remember her. Kelli Dawn Leiter “Kel” “Cricket” Activities: Cheerleading 9, Sophomore Beauty Pageant 9, 11, Indianettes, 12, Powder Puff Football 12 Memories: Cheerleading was great (J.J.), the summers were very memorable (Diana, Surf¬ ing Convention ’82), being on Indianettes for my last year was the best way to end. (Cindy, love ya!) Rhonda Ren6e Lelaikes Memories: These last four years have been an ex¬ perience! Thanks to all my friends who made it a little more worthwhile. Lauren S. Lemons “Laurie” “Winkie” “Boomer” Activities: Marching Band 9- 12, D.E.C.A. 10-12, Vice-Pres. 10, Pres. 12; S.G.C. Rep. Alternate 12, Powder Puff Football 12, Varsity Softball Manager 9, Drama Club 11, 12 Memories: Gar-Field has had it’s ups and downs, but I’ll always treasure the special moments and special friends. Thanks for everything Mike M., Steve M., Jill P„ Bill P., Cara B., Bobby K., and all the others. Julie Ann Lepard Activities: Jr. Civitans 11-12, Newspaper 11-12, Collage 11, Longwood Art College 11 Memories: Bridget, a great 12 years of friendship! Robin H., Randy L., B.S., Robby S. — Ya’II are the BEST! about G-F “.. . with a little help from my friends!” Douglas Dean Lerfald “Doug” “Dougy” Activities: F.B.L.A. 10-12, Varsity Band 9, Concert Band 10, Varsity soccer 11-12 Memories: High school has been the biggest learning experience of my life. In a way, I’m sorry I’m leaving, but time to move on. Plans — to go to Moorehead State University in Minn. Afterwards to go into the Air Force. Tammy Jo Lilley “Shorty” “Shadow” “Tattoo” Activities: F.B.L.A. 11-12 (Presi¬ dent 12) Memories: Rosie and Beannie — Crazy times at lunch; thanks 21, luv ya; Pat — remember the Fat Man, 79 he’s my Mann; Jenni and the elbow; G-F 1 always. Randall Dennis Link “Randy” Ralph B. Linkous Jr. “Grit” “Don’t Believe ’em Ralph” Activities: Wrestling 9- 12, Math Club 11, 12, President 12; Football 9, Teen Counseling 12, F.B.L.A. 12, Mu Alpha Theta Memories: I would like to thank my classmates and teachers for four years of memorable experiences. Keep on winning, G-F Wrestling. Whoop! Whoop! Edward Scott Litton “Scott” “T.C.” “Loverboy” Activities: Freshman Football 9, J.V. Football 10, Varsity Football 12, DECA 10, 11, V.I.C.A. 11, 12 Memories: Just being with Amber made me happy, don’t ever forget the great times we had. Remember we will always be together forever. I Love You. Lynwood Harold Lovelace “Winnie” Basketball 9, 10, Indoor Track 11, 12, Out¬ door Track 9-12, Cross Country 12 Memories: It was great while it lasted. I’m gonna miss all of my friends and teammates. Thanks a lot Stephannie, you made it worthwhile. Stacey Lucero “Spacey” Activities: Band, Pep Club, Culture Club Memories: The weekends and the partying was really great. Miss Davies Government class. Special thanks to Judy for being my friend and to Mrs. Powers. Judi Lynn Ludwig Memories: My years in High School I will treasure, for my best friend, Lynn, made it all worthwhile. . Military Recruiters . . . Laura LaCava Roseann Lacey Marcus Lawrence Kelli Leiter Rhonda LeLaikes Lauren Lemons Julie Lepard Douglas Lerfald Mary Lewis Tammy Lilly Randall Link Ralph Linkous Edward Litton Lynwood Lovelace Stacey Lucero Judi Ludwig Seniors 211 • • • Indian Pride . . . Spirit Week Gregory Lybarger Greg Lydell Sandra MacEachron Renee Mahaffey Teresa Malley Steven Manchester Gregory Lee Lybarger “Spike” “Greg” Memories: It was a blast, I had a lot of good times and some bad. But I wouldn’t do it again. Greg Lydell Memories: Sitting in I.S.S. Yeah! Sandra Alice MacEachron Activities: F.B.L.A. 11, 12, Flags 10, DECA 12 Memories: It was a memorable period of my life with friends like Beth H., Alexis M., Jan W., and Angie H. I’ll treasure the memories and friendships always. Rende Lynne Mahaffey Memories: When I finally made it to the 12th grade. Teresa Ann Malley “Tree” “Malley” “Corkie” Activities: F.H.A. 9, C.O.E. 12, F.B.L.A. 12, Class Rep. Memories: The day I met the greatest guy in the world. I love ya Buzz. Ambition — to move to New York with Els and start living my life! Steven James Manchester “Bird” “Capt. Anorexia” Activities: Indoor and Out¬ door Track 10-12, Cross Count ry 11, 12, G-F Club 11, 12, Key Club 12 Memories: Thanks: Winnie, Donny, Leigh, Todd, Debbie, Shawne, Mike, Eric, the track team. You made these 4 years the best 4 years of my life. Good Luck G-F. “Peace in the Middle East!” Paul Edison Mann III “Food World” Activities: Freshman Football 9, J.V. Foot¬ ball 10, Varsity Football 11, 12, J.V. Wrestling 10, Varsity Wrestling 11 Amy Martin “Amos” “Scotter” “Rat” Activities: Track 9-12, Capt. 12; Cross Country 9-12, Capt. 12; Varsity Club 12, President; DECA 12, F.H.A. 11, Pep Club 10 Memories: As I go I will miss my family here at Gar-Field. Mom — Mrs. Brown, Brother — Mr. Williams, Son — Winnie Poo, crazy Michele and Eartha, Sisters — Lisa, Rhonda, Tiersa, Jenny, Linda, Baby — Ervin Jr., Rap — Greene, Eric, Good — Steff, Peggy, camp. Catherine Lee Martin “Cathy” Mary Margaret Martin “Mare” “Missy” “Mary Anne” Activities: Latin Club 12, Jr. National Honor Society 9, 10, Foreign Language Club 10, Quantico Highstep- pers 9, 10 Memories: Being inducted into the Junior National Honor Society. My friends who were there when I needed them — especially JoAnne, Mona, Mark, Roger, Lisa, Angela, etc., we all had our times. Robert K. Martin “Bobby” “Yo Man” “White Boy” Memories: All the times before school and during lunch with W.C., R.W., K.C., D.J., B.S., J.B., Z.F., and everyone else. Ivy Michelle Mason Activities: Orchestra 9, F.B.L.A. 11, 12 Memories: High school itself was an experience. I met some nice people and had some fun, but my most memorable experience will be that of graduation. L. Roger Mason “Rod” Activities: Freshman Football 9, J.V. Football 10, Varsity Football 11, 12, Varsity Track 10-12, Weightlifting Club 9-12, the hyphen 12, S.G.C. 12, Who’s Who Among American High School Students 11 Memories: I’ll never forget my years here at G-F, I’m going to miss the friends, football, and the social hour at lunch with all the “Groovers.” I especially thank Gordon J. and a special thanks to Kelly A. for a fantastic Homecoming. Scott Allen Masters “Scrith” Activities: V.I.C.A. 11, 12, President 12; Stage Lighting 11, 12, S.G.C. Rep. 11, 12 Track 11, Video Tech Club 9, Ham Club 10, Weightlifting Club 11 Memories: All the times Ricky and I beat the system, the singing Woody and I did in Math, and all the people Steve and I cracked on in the halls. . . . Concerts Paul Mann Tawana Marble Darnell Marshall Amy Martin Catherine Martin Mary - Martin Robert Martin Ivy Mason Rod Mason Scott Masters 212 Seniors • • • " Fast Times” ... Scholarships ... 18 and " Legal «i Nidia Matos Larry Mayes Thomas McCain Sheryl McCarthy Steven McClaude Pamela McClure Charlie McCoy Linda McGinn Ramona McFadden John McHale Nidia Elena Matos “Nini” Activities: J.V. Softball 9, 10, J.V. Volleyball 10, Varsi¬ ty Softball 11, Varsity Volleyball 12, C.O.E. 12, F.B.L.A. 12 Memories: Drew, Always Remember!!! Happy 21st Viv!! Steff, James, andJen, the old gang, let’s keep in touch. Lots of love to Viv, Beck, and Darlene who have helped me through a lot. Thomas C. McCain “Tom” Memories: It’s been a fun 4 years thanks to Kidwell’s M. Had some great times with D, some H times with R and C. Ambition — To get H from M.D.! Sheryl McCarthy “Sherry” “Marcia Vb” Activities: Varsity Gymnastics 9, 10, Cheerleading 9-12, F.B.L.A. 10-12, Who’s Who 12, Powder Puff 12 Memories: The friends I’ve made along the way will always be the most important thing to me. I’ll never forget all the fun we Seniors on “first lunch” have had. Steven Patrick McClaude “Otis” Activities: Spanish Club 10, 11, Graphic Arts Club 11, F.B.L.A. 10 Memories: Most memorable High School experience “will” be Graduating and getting my diploma. Pamela Lee McClure “Pam” “Pinky” Activities: J.V. Softball 10, Prom Commit¬ tee 11 Memories: Standing in line for lunch! Thanks T.M., T.M., N.K., M.L., J.L., J.D., J.B., M.W., and G.N. Hope to stay alive for a long time. Thanks everyone. Charlie Lorenzo McCoy Jr. “Chuckles” “Chunkles” “Dimples” “Cruisin’ Cuban” “The Garbage Man” Activities: Football 9, Varsity Football 12, Track 11, 12, Weightlifting 9-12 Memories: School lunch and all my friends I have been fortunate to make especially: J.H., L.G., J.W., R.W., W.C., P.M., A.S., L.B., C.R., C.S. The Football team and all the fellas in the weightroom and Track team and “The Group.” Ramona McFadden “Mona” “Moe” Activities: Marching Band 9, 10, Varsity Tennis 11, 12, S.G.C. 10-12 Memories: Well, I made it! Thanx to all my friends — especially Lisa. Mark — 13 months I’ll never forget. Good Luck Megha and Bob¬ bie, have a great Senior year. Sara Luise McKelvey “Say-rah” “Aras” “Ra” “Sara M.” Activities: Treble Choir 9, 10, Concert Choir 11, 12, Dominants 12, All-County Choir 11, 12, All-Regional Choir 11, Gymnastics 9, 10, Manager 11, 12; National Honor Society 11, 12, Secretary 12; Who’s Who 11, SIGNET 12 Memories: High School has been a time for growing. Special Friends have encouraged me to be myself. Now I am ready to graduate and to face life with a big SMILE. Audrey Denise McKinley Kathleen McKinley “Kathy” “Kat” Activities: Class Rep. 10, 12, S.G.C. Rep. 9- 12, Junior Civitans 9, 11, 12, Powder Puff Football 12 Memories: It was fun and full of laughs. Thanks to all my friends for making it worthwhile. Kimberli Michelle McLeod “Kim” Activities: Flag Corps 11, 12, Co-Capt. 12; F.B.L.A. 12 Memories: Gar-Field was a pretty good school to me. These four years have really flown by!! I wish Renee and Audrey the best, and to all the underclassmen — Live it up because you’ll miss G-F when it’s over. James J. McNabb Jr. “Jim” Activities: Stage Band 12 Memories: The end of my Freshman year “turned the world around.” Thanks for everything B. Kastl, D. Kastl, E. Kreiner, M. Jon. Sara McKelvey Audrey McKinley Kathleen McKinley Gale McLeod Kimberli McLeod James McNabb Seniors 213 Mark Melcher Jane Melhorn Tina Melia Terri Melia Stacey Mentiply Gregory Merritt Dominic Micer Lisa Midgett Angela Miles Deborah Miller Warpath Honor Roll Senior Float Pamela Miller Susan Miller Tammy Miller Loyonne Milton Brenda Mitchell Margaret Mitchell Mark Melcher Activities: Drama Club 11, 12, Teen Counseling 12 Memories: High School was boring, but thanks to my friends, Joe, " Todd,” Dale, and one special person, Melisa, I made it through. Jane Melhorn Activities: Flag Corps 10-12, Capt. 12; VICA 12, National Honor Society 11, 12, Memories: the times under the lights. Carry on G.G. The times with C.W. " A " twosome trio?! Karen — watching shadows — F.D.G. Club — Cruisin’ (WOW). Scottish 3 Uh Huh. Thanks!! Tina Marie Melia Memories: My most memorable High School experience was when I got my first boyfriend. Dominic Micer “Who?” Activities: Freshman Football 9, J.V. Football 10, (I can still feel the pain.) Memories: Freshman games. Sophomore schemes. Junior pains, and Senior dreams. All the special friends and good times shared: Smoke-filled rooms, free form existence, cherries and cream, with psychedelic dreams. Angela Miles “Angie” Activities: F.H.A. 11, Volleyball 9 Memories: My most memorable High School experience was keeping a big secret without anyone knowing. Deborah Anne Miller “Debbie” “Red” Activities: Freshman Basketball 9, Teen Counseling 12 Memories: All the great times that I spent hanging around with Jim, Connie, Bucky, and Wade. Pamela Ann Miller “Pam” “Bitty” Activities: S.G.C. Rep. 10-12, Junior Civitans 12, Varsity Club 12, J.V. Softball 10, Varsity Softball 11, 12 Memories: My friends and the times we had together will always be remembered. Thanx for making my years at Gar-Field terrific! See Ya Monday! Va. Beach ' 83. Susan Miller “Bernie” “Hot P” Activities: German Club 11, Jr. Civitans 12 Memories: To all the great times with my friends, especially Denise, Michelle, and Sherri. Never forget the Lecture Hall stairs, Shell! I loved the good times, but I’m glad I’m out. Tammy Renay Miller Activities: Spanish Club 10, 11, Pep Club 10, J.V. Softball Manager 10, Prom Committee 11 Memories: These four years were great! But I’m glad they’re over! I couldn’t have made it without P.M., T.M., D.P., and lots more!! All my love goes to Patrick Houten forever!! Loyonne Yvette Milton “Slim” “Boo” Activities: Track 9, F.H.A. 11, 12, F.B.L.A. 10 . Margaret Maria Mitchell “M M’s” (not plain either) “Margie” “Rah-Rah” Ac¬ tivities: Freshman Cheerleading, J.V. Cheerleading 10, 11, Capt. 11; Varsity Cheerleading 12, F.B.L.A. 12 Memories: It was one GREAT experience — meeting all kinds of people, learning how to live, love, and laugh, and friendships that will never end. Ambition — Live life to its fullest remaining a kid at heart and most important, being happy. 214 Seniors Gossip _ Drive-ins _ Prince William Park Mark Mitchell Ronda Mitchell Michelle Mitrione Pamela Moats Cheri Mockler Jean Monk Fernando Montes Angela Moore Brenda Moore Arleen Morel Mark Lubke Mitchell Activities: Football 9, Ham Club President 11 Memories: High School was wild for me but like most people, I would not go through it again. Bye to the gang and good tuck in the future. “Take It Easy.’’ Ronda Lynn Mitchell “Ronnie” “Slick” Activities: German Club 11, F.B.L.A. 12 Memories: Chasing all the good-looking guys and trying to keep out of trouble. Michelle Mitrione “Mich” Activities: F.H.A. 10, 11 Powder Puff 12 Memories: It’s been fun these last four years. I have met a lot of really sweet people. I hope that I see them after graduation. I’m glad it ' s overl Pamela Rae Moats “Pam” Memories: Thanks Karen and Jane for making it a great year! Da! Da! Da! Uh Huh! Uh Huh! Uh Huh! Let’s not forget all the good times. Jean Renee Monk “Tiffy” “J” Memories: Working for two years as Mrs. White ' s math aide. Also, sitting in the halls during lunch talking to all my friends. Glad it’s over though. Brenda Moore “Short Cake” Memories: My most memorable thing about Gar- Field was meeting new friends every year. Thanks, especially S.S., S.K., Z.F., and the others. Always remember the football games. Arleen Carol Morel “Lil Arleen” “Weiners” “Marcia” Activities: Freshman Cheerleading, S.G.C. Rep. 9, Powder Puff Football 12 Memories: It was a long four years but, I wouldn ' t have made it without L.H., M.Y., K.P., K.K., K.S., A.S., L.A., B.S., J.W., G.B. Thanks for all the great times. Jennifer Carole Morgan “Jenni” Activities: Track 9, F.B.L.A. 11, Class Representative 12 Memories: I’ll never forget all the very special friends I’ve made here. What time is it? 7:09 p.m. Got to G.O. One Day In Your Lives. Michael Morgan “Mike” “Hoss” “Little Brother” Activities. Concert Band 11, Symphonic Band 11, 12, Stage Band 12, Marching Band 10-12, All-County Band 12, Regional Band 12, Concert Choir 12, Regional Choir 12, All-County Choir 12 Solo and Ensemble 12 Literary Magazine 12, J.V.Wrestling 11, Honors Choir 12 Memoires: The great times in band and choir with Wadell and Buckwheat. May the Fishing Team keep fishing; Big Brother keep going for it; and Me, Sis, and Big Brother stay together forever. So long and Bloop! Janet Lorene Morrissey “Jan” Activities: F.B.L.A. 10-12, Freshman Volleyball 9, J.V. Volleyball 10, Pep Club 9-11, Vice-President 11; S.G.C. Rep 9-12, Col¬ lage 10 Memories: G-F has been great thanks to Miss Q (Mrs. L), Cathy, Linda, Ann, and my sis, Jean. I have met a lot of valuable friends. My rainbow has pro¬ spered at G-F. Kenneth Leroy Moyer “Kenny” “Ken” Activities: Concert Band 10, 11, Sym¬ phonic Band 12, Stage Band 10-12, Marching Band 9, 10, V.I.C.A. 12 Memories: The whole four years was a part of my life I won’t forget. The friends made it all worthwhile. (I could have done without some of it, though.) John Christopher Moyers “Chris” Activities: Smoke Signals 10, Collage 10, Shaman 11, 12, Prose Editor; the hyphen 12 Memories: Once, while moving some chairs for Mr. Walt Bailey, I got trapped in that abominable little elevator near the cafeteria. Jennifer Morgan Michael Morgan Amy Morris Janet Morrissey Kenneth Moyer John Moyers Seniors 215 Winning Traditions ... Valley Girls ... " E.T. " ... Perry Mullins Ronald Mullins Walter Mullins Debra Murphy Robert Murphy Sean Murphy Christine Nagley Stephen Nanney Kenneth Nast Irene Nelson Diana Neuhaus Peggy Newbold Tam Ngo Delpha Nichols Cary Nichols Robert Nichols 216 Seniors Perry Orlando Mullins “Lando” “Iceman” “Modelman” “Pom” Activities: DECA 10-12, F.H.A. 11, 12, S.G.C. 11, Fashion Shows 9, 11, 12, Varsity Basket¬ ball 11, 12, Varsity Track 11, 12, Spanish Club 12 Memories: Sharing my moments with Latrice, my love, and being with Doreen who has been a wonder¬ ful friend. To everyone else, “Don’t push me ’cause I ' m close to the Edge.” Am¬ bition — To become a model and become a professional Basketball star. Ronald Timothy Mullins “Tim” Activities: Culture Club 12 Memories: The nights spent up until 2:00 to finish everything due tomorrow. Wal ter Brian Mullins “Brian” “Moon” “Walt” Debra Ann Murphy “Debbie” “Frenchy” Memories: I went through many things, which are unforgettable. Good luck Poncho, I’ll miss you! Thanks Mom and Dad, you helped me through these past years — I love you both! Sean C. Murphy “Murph” “O’Grady” Activities: Freshman Football 9, J.V. Football 10, Varsity Football 11, 12, Weightlifting 9-12, Spanish Club 11, 12, Science Club 11, 12, Art Team 12 Memories: It was “Oh-Tay.” Thanks to all my friends, parents, but especially W.K., A.P., and K.W. So long suckers. Christine Kimberly Nagley “Chris” “Poo-Tub” Activities: Spanish Club 9 Memories: I had four wonderful years at Gar-Field but I’m glad it’s over. I think my favorite year was my Sophomore year when I met Chris. Stephen Andrew Nanney “Steve” Activities: SIGNET 9-12, Math Club 12 Memories: There have been many great friends (including one special one), and many great times. I thank “The Group,’’ Valerie, and Mr. Bunn for being here. Kenneth Ray Nast Memories: My intentions after High school are to go to a trade school and become a diesel mechanic or work for the airlines. Irene Clarissa Nelson “Renie” “Ida” Activities: F.H.A. 10, 11, DECA 12, S.G.C. 12 Memories: Thanks to Shirley, Greg, Dietrich, and Dee Dee, they have made high school a very special place to be and an enjoyable one, too. Diana Michele Neuhaus “Mic” Activities: Mikado 10, Drama Club 11, Pep Club 11 Memories: All the new friends I’ve met, being in the Mikado, and good ole American football games. Tam Co Ngo Activities: Drama Club 12 Memories: It was fun but I wouldn’t go through it again. Thanks to all teachers and friends, I’ll never forget you all. Am¬ bition — Go to trade school, then get a job and get married to the right girl. Delpha Lorraine Nichols Activities: Literary Magazine 11, 12, V.I.C.A. Reporter 12 Memories: David and Theresa helped me through 82 “Chew,” Trip to the Mountains, OZZY’s Tom C. Zombies, Saturated Pineapple, Red Fingertips, Crystal Blue Unicorns, Hot Rod 4 x 4’s. Get Rambunctious — Go for it! Robert Lane Nichols “Robby” “Rob” Activities: German Club 11,12 Memories: My most memorable High School experience was arena scheduling, what madness! Mr. O ' Shea ' s Sociology • • • Herff-Jones ... Scopin ' _ Kathryn Ann Novitsky “Kathy” “Lil Bit” Activities: Treble Choir 10, Concert Choir 11, 12, Teen Counseling 11, 12, SIGNET 9-12, F.B.L.A. 11, 12, Chapter Reporter and Regional Secretary 12; Who’s Who Among American High School Students 11 Memories: Surviving four years at Gar-Field is something I’ll always remember. I never would have made it without my friends, especially Mary, Beth, Linda, Carole, “the McDonald’s Crew,” and especially Patrick. Mark Anthony Nutter “Hollywood” “Big Nutt” Activities: Freshman and J.V. Football, F.H.A., F.C.A., J.F. Wrestling Memories: 1983 — the year I made it out of Gar-Field. Jon Eric Offley “Jon-Jon” “Awfly” Activities: Close-up 11, 12, Chess Battle 11, 12, F.B.L.A. 12, Varsity Football 12 Memories: My most memorable ex¬ perience is after I graduated; me and my girl went out for a night on the town. Lisa Adair Offley “Buttons” “Lis” “Torby-O” Activities: Dominants 12, Concert Choir 12, Drama Club 11, 12, Forensics 11, 12, All-County and Regional Choir 12, Debate 12, Key Club 12 Memories: I’ve met so many people and made lifetime memories. Thanks to “the group” I’ve acquired fantastic friends, warm sincere moments, and a sense of “belonging.” Jeanne Marie Ogden “Schween” “Jeanne the Bean” “Dancing Qu een” Ac¬ tivities: Track 10, 11, Tennis 9, 10, Drama Club 11 Memories: All my times with Tammy and Rossana, they made it worthwhile, fun, and easier to get through. Gregory Lee O’Keefe “Greg” Activities: V.I.C.A. 11, 12, Industrial Arts Club 10, Marching Band 9-11 Memories: The best thing I can remember about High School was meeting the greatest girl in the world, Trac Turner. Wendy Ann Ols “Wen” Activities: Freshman Volleyball, J.V. Volleyball 10, 11, Varsity Volleyball 12, National Honor Society 11, 12 Memories: I will always remember the close friends I’ve made during my four years here. Without them, I wouldn’t have made it. Thanks Deb, T-Bird, Monica, and the Gar-Field Volleyball Team! James Andrew Ondo “Jimbo” Activities: Freshman Football Memories: ft wasn’t too bad, but I wouldn’t want to go through it again. William George Ondo “Billy” “Bill” Activities: Symphonic Band 9-12, Marching Band 9-11, R egional Band 9-12, SIGNET 9-12, National Honor Society 11, 12, Tennis 11,12 Memories: I would like to thank the staff for an excellent education and just as importantly, Sylvia, friends, and acquaintances, for a fine social education. James Harrison Owens “Jim” “Bo” “Peach” Activities: Band, J.V. Soccer, Homecoming Escort Memories: Lejeune — Gar-Field, Soccer — a kick in the grass, Junior Prom doublin’ with Rodge — what a trip home, Quantico weekends with G.A., working at the Quenn, meeting C.P. Thanks: DM, MB, CK, BY, TC, WT, SC, J and JM, CC, MH, The Crew, Mom and Dad. Susan Lyn Paolino “Sue” “Kupcake” Activities: Drama Club 10, 11, Jr. Variety Show 10-12, Manager of Flag Corps 12 Memories: I love you Ray, thanks for all your love and support. Thanks J.S. for showing me more of life. DeWayne Parker Activities: Frosh Football 9, Varsity Football 10-12, Track 9, 10, 12, Wrestling 10 Memories: It’s been one crazy experience. I would like to wish Howard, Robbie, and Ronnie the best of luck next football season. I Love You, D.H.!! Kathryn Novitsky Mark Nutter Jon Offley Lisa Offley Jeanne Ogden Gregory O’Keefe Joey Oliver Wendy Ols James Ondo William Ondo Darlene O’Neal Rebecca O’Quinn James Owens Susan Paolino DeWayne Parker Scott Pauley Seniors 217 Cars • • • Jobs Chris Peevy Kolleen Penman Jill Pennington Judy Perry Michelle Perry Deborah Peschka Cris Pf ohl Diana Phillips Sara Phinney Mary Piatt Laurrie Pieper Tina Pieper Cherelle Plenty Robin Poland Deborah Polansky Constance Polla _ Herbert J. Saunders Trophy ... Chris Peevy Activities: Freshman Basketball, J.V. Basketball 10, Varsity Soccer 11, 12 Memories: I think High School was a good experience, I met a lot of friends here. I am just glad I don’t have to do it over again. Jill Denise Pennington Activities: Indianettes 10-12, Captain 12; Memories: My best times at Gar-Field were making Indianettes; becoming a " Groover;” and best of all being with Danny G. (ILYSM) Michelle Renee Perry “Shelly” Activities: Pep Club 9, F.B.L.A. 10-12, Key Club 11, 12 Memories: Graduation is my most memorable moment, knowing that I made it. Thanks to my friends, especially Kristin and Billy, even more so Mike. Mike, thanks for all your love and support. Deborah Sue Peschka “Debbie” Activities: J.V. Volleyball 9, 10, Varsity Volleyball 11, 12, J.V. Softball 10, National Honor Society 11, 12 Memories: I keep in my memory the good friends that I met through school activities; strange times that B.J., Nina, and I had in volleyball; and Wendy for helping me through the rough spots. Cris Pfohl Activities: Freshman Basketball Memories: It was great while it lasted, but it feels greater for it to be over! Diana Marie Phillips “Lady Di” “Dianana P.” “Williams” “Yates” “Ebron” “Jo” Memories: In the evening of my memory I will always return to D.C.B.C., there echoes, re-echoes — Doctrine application, study. Crossing the stage June 3 my thoughts will be — D.C.B.C., Traizer, Montrose. Sara Elizabeth Phinney “Sarius Phineus” “Pinky” “Benetellinney” Activities: SIGNET 9-12, S.G.C. Rep. 9, 10, Key Club 10-12, Drama Club 10, 11, Latin Club 11, 12, Culture Clu b 11, 12, Teen Counseling 11, 12, National Honor Society 11, 12, Who’s Who Among American High School Students 11, 12, Concert Choir 11, 12, Dominants 11, 12 Memories: Everything at G-Fwas memorable! Thanks, Mr. Bunn and 2nd period, the Latin triumvir, Royal Court, and especially Mrs. Moyers, the Dominants, and " the gang.” Laurrie Pieper “Short Skit” Activities: J.V. Softball 9, 10 Memories: The fun I had in softball. My Sophomore year when Susan was around and my Junior year with Carol. We had great times. Cherelle Sherry Plenty “Sherry” “Sher” Activities: Pep Club 12 Memories: I think that I will miss High School life after I have enlisted in the Army. It’s going to be a very long road to travel, but I’ll make it. Deborah Polansky Activities: German Club 9, F.B.L.A. 11 Constance Julia Polla “Connie” “George” Activities: Teen Counseling Memories: The fun times in and after school with Debb-O, Bucky, Wade, and Jim. it went so fast, too bad it’s over. 218 Seniors Signing Yearbooks • • • ... P.D.A. ... Movies ... Mark Alan Portz Memories: My most memorable experience was graduating from this place in only four years. Gwendolynn Price “Gwen” “Gwennie” “Winnie” Activities: Freshman Basket¬ ball, J.V. Basketball 11, F.H.A. 11 Memories: The fun times with my best friends Rynae, Eartha, and Karla, and going with Ronnie Jackson. Thanks to him for making my Junior and Senior years very nice and worthwhile. Ricardo Tangalin Putiyon, Junior “Ricky” “Rick” “Ricko” “Bruce” “Chuck” Activities: Ham Club 10-12, V.I.C.A. 11, 12, Stage Lighting 11, 12 Memories: My most memorable high school experiences were that of beating the system! the high school system! and not getting caught, and almost getting caught. William DeMerritt Putnam “Billiam” “Billy-Bob” Activities: Varsity Choir 9, Concert Choir 10-12, Dominants 11, All-County Choir 9, 10, 12, Regional Choir 10-12, Indianettes Manager 12 Memories: Specific experiences are difficult to name but thanks to 80-81 “Dominants Group” for providing the fondest of the memories I have of school. This list of fellow students is too long but you know who you are. One teacher, Mr. Bunn, I give my sincere gratitude Richard Lee Ray Activities: D.E. 11,12 Memories: Since I’m basically a girl wat¬ cher it would be seeing all the beautiful women that stroil the halls at Gar-Field. Also, the good times I had with my friends. Andrew Graham Reeves “Graham” Activities: Drama Club 10-12 Memories: I could handle it. Colleen Marie Reichenbach “Popcorn” “George” Activities: J.V. Softball 9, Varsity Softball 10-12, J.V. Volleyball 9, 11, F.H.A. 12 Memories: The first day I c ame to Gar-Field and met a lot of new people. Going to the football games and having a great time with my friends. Stephanie Denise Rendino “Steph” “Doctor” “The Mushroom” Activities: Chess Battle 9-12, Latin Club 3 yrs., Homeroom Rep. 1 yr. Memories: My, these four years have gone by quickly. It was fairly enjoyable and kept me off the streets. Haleyon days of lazy youth forever. Cynthia Lynn Reynolds “Cindy” “Birdie” Activities: Pep Club 9, Drama at P.H.S., Latin World Drama Band at P.H.S. Memories: I’ll never forget the many memories and great times and the wonderful friends I’ve made in the past 4 years. Thanks G-F and C.M., C.S., A.S., Mr. G., Mike, Mom and Dad. David Lynn Rider “Gunther” Memories: All the good times with my friends. Melinda Susan Riesenberg Activities: National Honor Society 12 Ovid Alexander Rijfkogel “Opium” “0” Activities. Soccer Memories: When I came to this school for the first time. Also when I met my beautiful girlfriend, Gale. And all the hard years of studying in this school. Matthew Christopher Robbins “Matt” “Stilts” “Shorty” Activities: Chess Battle 9, French Club 9, 10, Varsity Soccer 9-12, Teen Counseling 11, 12, Literary Magazine 12, Key Club 12, Indian Echoes 12 Memories: It was a good but tough four years at G-F. I had fun while it lasted. The people at G-F make it worth coming to school. Thanks for everything G-F. Maria Elisa Armenta Rocha Activities: Ham Radio Club 9, 10, Key Club 12, Na¬ tional Honor Society 11 Memories: I will always remember Mr. Bunn and the things he taught us to remember. Thanks Mr. Bunn, for a memorable learning experience. James Portell Mark Portz Gwendolynn Price Ricardo Putiyon William Putnam Leslie Quezaire Richard Ray Andrew Reeves Colleen Reichenbach Stephanie Rendino Cynthia Reynolds David Rider Melinda Riesenberg Ovid Rijfkogel Matthew Robbins Maria Rocha Seniors 219 • • • • • • Kings Dominion Lisa Rockhill Chuck Rodgers Robyn Rodgers Conrad Rodriguez Timi Rogers Larry Ross Lisa Marie Rockhill “Marcia VII” “Pat” “Shorty” Activities: Indianettes 11, 12, Concert Choir 10, 11, Girls’ State 11 Memories: High School was fun. The friends I’ve made, Indianettes, and the experiences will be everlasting memories. Sara Robyn Rodgers Activities: Christmas Fashion Show 11, F.B.L.A. 12, S.G.C., Junior Civitans Memories: High School was great. It was nice meeting new people each year. I will miss all my friends when I graduate. My best memorable experience was meeting Tim, my boyfriend. He meant the most to me through High School. Conrad Mason Rodriquez “Rad” Activities: V.I.C.A. 11, 12 Memories: The best memories I had were coming from school and a tardy sheet in the mail every day. Thanks Eve, for 2 wonderful years. Larry Ross “Ross” “Arco-body” Memories: My most memorable experience will be finally getting out of this school, forever. Thank you C.R. for being there when I needed you. Patrick Rowe “Pat” Activities: Varsity Wrestling 11, 12, Varsity Football 11, 12, Who’s Who Among American High School Students 12, Varsity Club 12, Latin Club 12, G-F Club 12, Teen Counseling 12. • Stephanie Michelle Royer “Steffie” “Froggie” “Roy” “Marcia IV” Activities: Cheerleading 9, J.V. Softball 9, 10, Varsity Softball 11, 12, Key Club 12, J.V. Volleyball 10, 11, Varsity Volleyball 12, Capt.; Indoor Track 11, 12, Culture Club 12, Jr. Civitans 11, 12, F.B.L.A. 10-12, S.G.C. Rep. 9-12, Varsity Club 12, Powder Puff Football 12, Sophomore Beauty Contest 9, 10, Teen Counseling 12 Memories: Nothing compares to the love I have for my friends. May the memories and closeness last forever! A beginning to a wonderful future. Class of ’83 — I Love You! Thanx. Vivian Lynn Ruiz “G,T.” “Peanut” “Tattoo” “Racket Ruiz” “Taco” Activities: Tennis 9-12, Powder Puff Football 12 Memories: I’ll never forget the memories that made these 4 years the greatest. Thanks C.H., N.K., C.T., and Mr. B., but special thanks 1.21, gps bmm zpvs mpwf uibu’t njof gpsfwfs. Grace Marie Safransky “Grade” “Biondie” Activities: F.B.L.A. 11, 12, Drama Club 12, Powder Puff Football 12 Memories: All the great fun with my friends, especially Michelle; but without Mark I wouldn’t have made it. I will stay with him forever! Mark, I Love You! Eduardo San Nicolas “Eddie” “San” Activities: National Honor Society 11, 12, Key Club 12, Pep Club 12 Memories: My most memorable experience was in Mrs. Snyder’s Geometry class. Rebecca Ann Sandidge “Becky” “Sunshine” “Burn-out” Activities: Basketball 9, Class Vice-President 10, DECA 10-12 Memories: What a joke!!! Robert Anthony SanPietro “Robby” Activities: Freshman Football Memories: Getting Out! Bridget Sarsfield “Bridge” Activities: JMU Art Workshop 10, Longwood Art Workshop 11, Jr. Civitans 12 Memories: Julie, Thanks for a GREAT 12 years friendship! Robin H., Randy L., Noel R., R.A.K., Robby S., J.A.L., Ya’II are the BEST! THE D.G. PARTY WITH THE G.G. 4-EVER! Linda Ann Saunders “Lin” “Sanch” “Linda Lou” “Bumpy” Activities: Freshman Class Vice-President, Indianettes, S.G.C. Rep, Teen Counseling Memories: I would have to say that my friends are what made my high school years unforgettable. ESPECIALLY: CYO, M.B., M.D., J.M., and all the gang! Good luck to everyone!!! ' 83 rules always and forever!! Christine Marie Scalia “Chris” “Buffy” Activities: Indian Echoes 11, 12, Senior Section Editor 12; Indianettes 12, Junior Civitans 11, 12, Teen Counseling 12, Varsity Baseball Scorekeeper 12 Memories: Thanks to my friends and Indianet¬ tes — you made my Senior year Great!! Arnie, always remember the football games! Va. Beach ’831 Jr. Variety Shows Patrick Rowe Stephanie Royer Vivian Ruiz Grace Safransky Edwardo San Nicolas Rebecca Sandidge Robert SanPietro Bridget Sarsfield Linda Saunders Christine Scalia 220 Seniors • • • • • Pat Benatar . . . Trouble Funk Shelley Schalow Susan Schieffelin Mark Schmitz William Schneider Gregory Scroggins Karen Sears Scott Sedlacek Deana Seger Erik Seikel Susanna Seikel Susan Schieffelin “Penguin” “Pong” “Suzie Q.” Activities: Pep Club 9, 11, 12 Memories: Thanks to all my friends and some teachers that I couldn’t have made it without. Thanks a lot! Mark Andrew Schmitz Activities: J.V. Football 11, Varsity Football 12 Karen Lynn Sears Activities: Junior Civitans 12, F.B.L.A. 11, 12 Memories: School was good thanks to my friends, especially Tracey. I give my love to “Emo” who has always been there for me. I’ll miss school, but I’m glad it’s over. Deana Lee Seger “Deanie” Activities: Treble Choir 9-12, Concert Choir 12 Memories: If nothing else, G-F taught me to accept all kinds of people. I owe my survival to Lori, John, Susan, Janet, and Di. Well guys, on to bigger and better thins and crises. Erik Louis Seikel “Hey You” Memories: Good times, Bad times, you know I’ve had my share ... To those of you that haven’t been parolled, later days and pur¬ ple haze! Susanna Marie Seikel “Susie-Q” “Susie” “Sue” Activities: DECA 12, Junior Civitans 9 Memories: So many people! Too much work! I ' m glad it’s over . .. hopefully. Time to live it up! (June) Michael Joeseph Sharron “Mike” and constantly referred to as “Mark” (my brother) Activities: “The Music Man” 11, Concert Choir 11, 12, Dominants 11, 12, Barber Shop Quartet 12, All-County Chorus 11, 12, Regional Chorus 12 Memories: I couldn’t have spent a more meaningful High School education anywhere else. Nor would I want to. My thanks to teachers and staff and to all my friends. Jeff Francis Sheloski “Free-bird” “SKI” Memories: Well, it’s finally over! I met a lot of new friends. I’d like to thank Monica, Mark, Todd, and Steve, also Mr. Bradsher (if ya know what I mean) Resurrection Rocks On ... Donald Shifflett “Don” “Donnie” “D.L.” Activities: C.O.E. 12 Memories: My friends Gerald, Matt, Kevin, and the great times that we had in some of my classes, especially Bill and Mike in Tucker’s, I will never forget, and Rosie. Donald Marshall Shiner “Don” “Donny” “Shorty” Activities: Video Tech 10, Wrestling 9-12, Memories: There are too many memorable moments I’ve had. Thanks to all of you. Leigh G., Steve M., Debbie S., Paul B., Traci C., Shawne C., Jean E., Todd, Ralph, Stephanie J., and most importantly, Brently Vause. Tom Self Chris Sesekhalid Michael Sharron Jeff Sheloski Donald Shifflett Donald Shiner Seniors 221 • • • Essays . . . Organizations . . . Pop Quizzes Kimberly Sholar Timothy Shreve Acie Shrewsbury Lisa Simpson Elsie Sisson Robert Smalls Anthony Smith Kathy Smith Melissa Smith Michael Smith Mona Smith Marc Snediker Jacqueline Snow Komson Sookshawee Tippawan Sookshawee Amy Soper Kimberly Lynne Sholar “Kim” “Marcia I” Activities: Gymnastics 9, J.V. Cheerleading 11, Varsity Cheerleading 12, Powder Puff Football 12 Memories: This year has been the greatest. I owe it all to my friends. (1st Lunch, Twister, Pyramids, Goddess Debbie). Also to the one I love most, Steve. Timothy Scott Shreve “Tim” Memories: School was uncool to many rules, but after school was great. Mike, remember the little OJHHFS ANX and screw the system. Drew, we had a ball getting in trouble all through the years. Let ' s keep up the good work. Acie Shrewsbury III “Aciebugg” “Buggsy” “Shrewpucky” Activities: Freshman Football, Freshman Basketball, Varsity Football 10-12, J.V. Basket¬ ball 10, J.V. Baseball 10, Varsity Baseball 11, 12 Memories: There are so many memories that you encounter at Gar-Field, you can’t really narrow it down to a couple. You underclassmen enjoy the years you have left, they’re the best you’ll ever experience. Lisa Simpson “Brat” “Blondie” “Lee” Activities: DECA 12, Powder Puff Foot¬ ball 12 Memories: I’ve met some very special people these last 4 years, but the one that is No. 1 in my heart is Chris (I wuv you!) Thanks Mom, Dad, and Bro. Edna Elsie Sisson “Els” “L” “P.R. Buns” “Pookie II” Activities: Soccer 11, 12 Memories: It was great at the beginning and even better now, can’t wait to leave but I will miss it. See ya at the “Big Apple” Tree! Never forget ya, Evey! Robert Allen Smalls “Redfoot” Memories: School parties and the Friday night football games. The girls basketball game in which G-F came back from 12 points down in the 4th quarter. Kathy Leah Smith “Cocktail” Activities: F.B.L.A. 10-12 Memories: My ambition is to be a Beach Bum. The best time was at lunch with Peggy, Renee, Ricky, and Scott. I also couldn’t have made it without Cindy (Kinky) or Ricky, they were always there when I needed them. Thanks ya’II. Melissa Denise Smith “Missy” “Shrimp” Activities: F.B.L.A. 10, Powder Puff Football 12 Memories: Bummer! Thanks Dad, Harold, and Mr. Cardinale for everything. I’ll never forget ya Evelyn, Bertie, Michelle, and Sharon. Thanks Evelyn for always being there. I’ll love you forever Harold! “83” Michael Andrew Smith “Smitty” Activities: Varsity Tennis 10-12, the hyphen 11, 12 Memories: I met the most important person in my life here, and to G-F I am grateful forever for that. As long as I always have you Holly, the rest won’t matter. I love you forever. Mona Katrina Smith Activities: F.H.A. 11, 12 Memories: Ambition — To go to college and major in business administration and get a good job. High School has been a true experience and can be a joy and a pain. Marc Andrew Snediker “Sned” “Scrappy” Activities: SIGNET 9-12, German Club 11, 12, Varsity Soccer 11, 12, Literary Magazine 12 Memories: The day I met J.J.I. (God Bless you, Jill), Driver’s Ed (and what not), and Graduation ’82 when Hank E. almost exploded. Jacqueline Marie Snow “Jackie” “Snowy” Activities: Pep Club 9, F.H.A. 11, Flag Corps 12, F.B.L.A. 12, Memories: When I met Mark Portz and my other friends such as: Cathy Gray, Sue Paolino, and Diana Neuhaus, etc. Komson Sookshawee “Tom S.” Memories: I’m really happy I came to this school. I have learned everything from this Gar-Field H.S. Thank you for everything. I’m going to miss this school so much I might come back! Tippawan Sookshawee “Tip” “Tippy-Toe” “Tippy” “Tippecanoe and Tyler too” Activities: Treble Choir 9, 10, 12, Varsity Choir 10, Outdoor Track 10, 11, Indoor Track 11, 12, Volleyball Manager 11, F.B.L.A. 11 Memories: I am so glad I came to this country and came to high school here. This is an experience I will always remember. Thanks to my Mom and Dad!!! I think you’re qreat. Thank You!! Amy Elizabeth Soper “Arne” “Amis” Activities: J.V. Cheerleading 11, Who’s Who Among American High School Students 11, 12, Powder Puff Football 12 Memories: My most memorable high school experience has been being with the person who has made me the happiest. Thanks Todd!! 222 Seniors The Go-Go ' s ... Ozzy Osbourne Floyd Sparks Activities: Stage Lighting 11, 12, J.V. Football 11, Varsity Football 12, Varsity Indoor Track 12, Varsity Outdoor Track 12 Memories: The night Duane and David along with me were working a play, and Duane hit blackout by accident in the middle of the performance. Vonda Lynn Sparks “Honda” Activities: Indoor and Outdoor Track 9-12, Pep Club 10-12, Teen Counseling 11, 12, Spanish Club 10, 11 Memories: Thanks to Susan S., Elecia H., Lisa C., and Robin W., I would have never made it without them. Hi gh School was a great experience, but I am glad to finally leave. Cathy Spillman “Cat” Activities: DECA 10, 11, Key Club 11, Pep Club 10 Memories: My High School years have been fun thanks to all my good friends and Tim. I hope I have a great Senior year and can’t wait to graduate! Andra Leigh Steffey Memories: These past 4 years have been great! I wouldn’t have made it without Judith or Karen. Thanks for always being there, especially with my “B.J.Z.” experience. I’ll always love you both! Kathleen Louise Stephens “Kathy” “Kathy Jo” Activities: F.B.L.A. 11, Key Club 10, Teen Counseling 12 Memories: Thanks to all the GREAT people that made my years at Gar-Field the best in my life. Bridget be good (if you can). Steph and Deb, thanks for everything. Michelle Stephens “Mickey” “Joe” “Mitch” Memories: Becoming a Senior. Deborah Michele Stockman “Debbie” Activities: Spanish Club 9, Treble Choir 10, Concert Choir 11, 12, S.G.C. Rep. 10, Indianettes 11, 12, Treas. 12- Teen Counseling 12, Who’s Who Among American High School Students Memories: Special people — Donny, Leigh and Steve, Indianettes, wonderful friends — they made everyday special — Great times n’ beautiful memories I’ll never forget! Andr6 Stokes Activities: J.V. Football 10, Varsity Football 11, 12, Weightlifting 10, 11 Memories: During my Junior year, just socializing and hanging around was fun. Each day was a memorable experience as you meet new people. Jacqueline Stoy “Jacque” Activities: Spanish Club 10, 11, SIGNET 9-12 Memories: Science was always a blast, field trips, Chempals, Copernicus, THPUS, and Albert the Moose are just a few of my many memorable ex¬ periences at G-F. With them are many people I’ll always remember too. William E. Stynes “Bill” “Blee” Memories: All the serious crack sessions we got into in the halls, K.C., R.W., W.C., J.B., B.M., D.J., Z.F., but most of all Kristin T. Pamela Jane Sullivan “Pee” “Pixie” Activities: J.V. and Varsity Basketball, J.V. and Varsity Track Memories: Running for the bus. Cutting up in the hall. The cold morning in Pittsburgh when we had to wait for the bus. Scoping, hanging! Jim Summerfield “Hey you” Memories: I had a great time in Gar-Field too bad I have to leave. Maybe I’ll be back but maybe not. Cheryl Stephanie Tait “Taitum” “Potatohead” “Taiter Tot” “Marsha VII” Ac¬ tivities: Outdoor Track 9-12, Indoor Track 11-12, S.G.C. Rep. 11-12, Powder Puff 12, Jr. Civitans 12, Sophomore Beauty Contest 10 Memories: I had a great time, but glad to leave. Thanx to all my friends, couldn’t have done it without you. Thanx Mom and Dad. Love you all!! Spanky thanx for everything. • • • Floyd Sparks Vonda Sparks Cathy Spillman Keith Stanford Andra Steffey Kathleen Stephens Michelle Stephens Deborah Stockman Andre Stokes Jacqueline Stoy Samantha Strickland Monica Striker William Stynes Pamela Sullivan Jim Summerfield Cheryl Tait Seniors 223 School Rivalry ... Extra Credit Work Carole Tamony Diedre Tassi Michael Taylor Scott Taylor Kelvin Teel Sandra Templeton Antrone Thomas Carol Thompson Chari-Lynn Thompson Kenneth Thornton Mark Thurston Kristin Tilley Martin Toman Michelle Tompkins Wade Townsend Joseph Tucker 224 Seniors Carole I. Tamony Activities: Flag Corps 10-12, F.B.L.A. 11, 12 Memories: I am forever grateful to my friends that made G-F so memorable. Good luck to the best: Beth, Mary, Kathy, Linda, Dale, and Alan. Be good Mike and Billy. Diedre Lee Tassi “DeeDee” Activities: Marching Band 11, 12 Memories: To friends I will always remember that helped time fly. To S.K., a friend I can count on and J.T., have a good time and enjoy your H.S. years! Michael Stuart Taylor “Taylor” “Moore’s Shadow” Activities: Chess Battle Club 12 Memories: The day I won the NOVA math contest, and the day I met Cara. David Scott Taylor “Scott” Activities: Freshman Basketball, Freshman Foot¬ ball, J.V. Football 10 Memories: I’ve had a pretty good time and I hope the future will be even better. Good luck to the underclassmen, but just remember the Class of’83 is 1. Kelvin Teel Activities: Track, I.C.T., V.I.C.A. Memories: The last year of school. Sandra Gail Templeton Activities: Concert Band 11, 12, Beginning Band 9, Var¬ sity Band 10, Marching Band 9-12 Memories: My friends were the ones that made my school years memorable, especially Terri and Angela, Thanks! Being in the Marching Band was fun, it was a great experience. Carol Denise Thompson “Sam” “Tommy” “Trouble” Activities. Concert Band 9-11, Varsity Band 11, Varsity Choir 12, Treble Choir 12 Memories: Getting out. The teachers were hard, good, but fun. But getting out will be what I most remember. Chari-Lynn Marie Thompson “Chari” “Bigfoot” Activities: Girls Varsity Soccer 9-12, Travel Club 10, F.H.A. 10 Memories: GREAT! Thanks to friends, teachers, and teammates, but I’m glad it’s over. Special thanks to V.R., M.G., Z.F., D.G., and N.K. Your friendships will always be treasured! Thanks Mom and Dad. Kristin Delayna Tilley “Kris” “Kritin” Activities: Pep Club 9, Key Club 11, 12 Memories: My most memorable High School experiences were when I met Billy and the football games in 10th grade with Shelly and Laura. Martin Allen Toman “Tim” “Bob” “Tom” “Earl” “Hank” “Mark” “Pud” Memories: My most memorable High School experience was my midget wrestl¬ ing match in Earth Science against Jeff “The Polack” Sheloski, in 9th grade. Michelle Elizabeth Tompkins Activities: Drama 11, 12, Powder Puff Football 12, Varsity Baseball Scorekeeper 12 Memories: I’d like to remember all the friends I’ve made at Gar-Field, especially Jessica and Grace and all the crazy stuff we’ve done or pulled. Also, I’d like to thank Mr. Stevens for being such a great teacher. I’ll miss ya. Wada Richard Townsend “Big W” “Crip” “Rich” “Little Guy” “Cunningham” Activities: Literature Club 10-12, Latin Club 10 Memories: Finding out I passed Chuck’s English exam with flying colors and finishing my Freshman year with the same body as I started it with. Joseph Brian Steven Tucker “Joe” “Cooley High” Activities: Basketball 10-12, Track 10-12 Memories: My most memorable High School experience was when I ( met Janeen White, the school year of 1982. Clubs ... Food Fights ... Bonfires • • • Merle Clifford Turner III “Sonny” Memories: High School has been an ex¬ perience. I will be happy when it is over. Ambition — To go to diesel mechanic school, buy my own rig, and become an independent truck driver, and to be successful and make a lot of money. Randall Turner “Randy” Memories: All of the partying with R.S.P. before, dur¬ ing and after school. Richard David Valvo “Rich” John Van Gelder Memories: Getting 2 days of I.S.S. for throwing a firecracker at a bonfire! Doreen Rita Vargo Activities: (In Germany) Powder Puff Football 1, 2, 3, Foot¬ ball Manager, J.V. 2, Varsity 3, Pep Club 3, Varsity Club 3, CYO 1, 2, 3, Drama Club 1, Spirit Week 2, 3, Prom Comm. 3, ROTC 1, 2, Swim Team 1, 2, 3, Keyet- tes 2, 3, Friendliest 3. (At Gar-Field) Key Club 12, German Club 12 Memories: The past is something to remember, the future is something to look for, but the time to live is now. Kevin Karsten Verburg Memories: Sitting in the hall during lunch and cracking on Bill. David Martin Vetter “Vet” Activities: German Club 12, Tennis 12, Chess Bat¬ tle Club 10 Memories: Meeting the refugee from the Planet of the Apes in my math class. Andrew Justin Victor Memories: Watching football games. Michael Volpe “Micro-Freak” Memories: It lasted too long and I’m glad to get out even though I didn’t go too much. “The rest of you can party hardy.” Mary Ann Walbridge “Teddy” “Murry” Activities: F.B.L.A. 11, 12, V.I.C.A. 11 Memories: Thanks to Beth, Linda, Kathy, Alan, and Mr. Stevens for everything. A special thanks to Carole, remember TDG, SDB, Basketball and Baseball games. Good luck to Billy, Mark, and Mike. Angela Marie Walker “Angie” Activities: Varsity Cheerleading 10, 11, Spanish Club Memories: My most memorable experience was becoming a Varsity Cheerleader in my Sophomore year. Trying out was the best thing I ' ve ever done. Meeting new people and becoming good friends. Barbara Walker Activities: Varsity Choir 9, 10, Concert Choir 10, 11 Memories: My years at Gar-Field have been great. I especially want to thank Mr. Robinson for making my last years more enjoyable. I will always miss you Mr. Robinson, you’re a 1 coach!!! Merle Turner Randall Turner Angela Tutsock John Underwood Richard Valvo John Van Gelder Doreen Vargo Kevin Verburg David Vetter Andrew Victor Michael Volpe Ellen Wade Joanna Waibel Mary Walbridge Angela Walker Barbara Walker Seniors 225 • • • After-School Practices ' 83 ... Senioritis Jeannie Walker Rheatte Walker Tam Walker Lynn Walter Dietrich Washington Tracy Waterstraat Jeannie Walker Activities: Freshman Volleyball, Junior Vareity Show 11, F. B.L.A. 11 Memories: When I was going out with Jeff Watson. I just want to thank you for being such a good close friend. I still love you. Rheatte LaVon Walker “LaLa Tee’s Girl” Activities: F.H.A. 11, 12 Memories: Ambition — I plan to attend Computer school, marry the man I love, Lawrence and have a beautiful family. Thanks Lisa Cheek, Terri West, and the rest of my friends for making this year an experience I’ll never forget. Dietrich Washington Activities: Track 10, Varsity Track 11, J.V. Football 10, Varsity Football 12, Weightlifting Club 10 Memories: High School has been very fun. I also learned a lot, too! I’ve enjoyed my 4 years at Gar-Field Senior High, both as a student and as an athlete. Juniors don’t worry, your time will come when you will become a Big, Bad, Senior. Tiersa Alanda Watkins “T.T.” “Tee” “Joey” “Tiers” “Mouse” Activities: F.H.A. 11, D.E.C.A. 12 Memories: Graduation is going to be very emotional, the friends that you come to know and love are just irreplaceable. Special thanks to “Amos” and “Gainor Woman.” Myles Entzminger Watson “Wats” “Myles E.” Activities: S.G.C. Rep. 11, 12, Senior Class Vice-President 12, Teen Counseling 12 Memories: Thank you, Trina for being, “A very special part of my life.” You made my Senior year a most memorable one. Forever, For Always, For Love. I Love You. James K. Webb “Jim” “Sweat” Memoires: In Art, when I cut my finger in work¬ ing with linoleum and blood spurted all over the table. Karen Diane Webster “Man Hands” “Snoopy” Activities: Outdoor Track 9, Key Club 11, 12, D.E.C.A. II 11 Memories: I’ll always remember the good times I’ve had here, I’m glad that Judith and Andra were always there and always will be. Judith Anne Westhoff “Judy” “Judes”Activities: Junior Civitans Memories: Here’s to all the friends I’ve made over the past years, love and luck to you all! Janet Elaine White “Janice” “J.E.W.” Activities: Key Club 10-12, Junior Civitans 12 Memories: School was great! My junior year was the best! Grapevine thanks for all the great times and never forget those wild get togethers! Eat your G. L. sweet revenge is coming! Ambition — To get through college and find the lucky guy. Karla Wiggins Activities: S.G.C. Rep. 10-12, F.B.L.A. 11, 12, F.H.A. 11 Memories: My most memorable High School experience is being friends with Gwen, Kim, and Rosalyn. Kimberly Denise Wilks “Brat” “Shortie” “Kid” Activities: F.H.A. 9-12, Pep Club 11, 12, F.B.L.A. 12, Powder Puff Football 12, H.E.R.O. 12, Junior Civitans 12, Senior Float Committee 12 Memories: High School was a lot of fun and a great experience. I will always miss the crowded halls, corny jokes, and phony friends. Tiersa Watkins Myles Watson James Webb Karen Webster Judith Westhoff Debra Wheelehan Janet White Randolph White Karla Wiggins Kimberly Wilks 226 Seniors Qenior Trip • • • Cap and Gown Robert L. Willett, Jr. “Rob” “Slick” “Shorty” Activities: Freshman Basketball 9 J.V. Basketball 10, Varsity Basketball 11, 12, Key Club 11 Memories: Spending most of my time with the friends I really care about the most. Russell Williams “Russ” Donna Denise Wilson “Dimples” “PB” “DD” Memories: All the great times at the football games really cheering them on. Right, Kelly? Dorothy A. Wilson Activities: D.E.C.A. 10 Memories: There really weren’t any. But special thanks to Jean, Debbie, Cathy, Anne, Lisa, for making my four years in high school bearable. Janice Deborah Witty “Jan” Activities: Rifles 11, Indianettes 12 Jeffrey Allan Woods “Jeff” Activities: Tennis Memories: My most memorable experience in High School is that of placing 2nd in a regional tennis tournament under a team that was undefeated in season play. We placed 4th that year at my other High School in North Carolina. J. Mark Yates Memories: My most memorable experience was while dissecting a pig in Biology. Barry and I had a great time cutting up that pig. Alexander Yenyo, Jr. “Bucky” Memories: Pep rallies; loved the football games, especially after the game! Senior Prank. Derrick Young “Hare” Activities: Varsity Football 12, Tennis 12 Memories: None really sticks in my mind, believe me, we’ve had our share of “memorable experiences.” (Full moons don’t usually come every night.) I wouldn ' t trade my friends for the world. Lance Kerry Young “Lardbutt” Activities: Varsity Football 12 Memories: The most memorable experience was my Junior when I skipped to go swimming and almost got caught. Robert Willett Russell Williams John Williamson Erica Willis Donna Wilson Dorothy Wilson Janice Witty Kathryn Woodfin Jeffrey Woods Judith Woods Cheri Workman Alan Wyatt Mark Yates Alexander Yenyo Derrick Young Lance Young Seniors 227 Diploma • • • GRADUATION • • • Marchelle Young Sharon Zahn Evelyn Zaldana Neal Zoromski Virginia Beach!!! Rhonda “Miss Athletic” Gainor takes time out for a picture. 228 Seniors Barbara Jean Brown “B.J.” Activities: Freshman Volleyball 9, J.V. Softball 10, 11, J.V. Volleyball 10, 11, Varsity Volleyball 12 Memories: I’ve had a lot of fun at G-F, especially in Volleyball. I hope to have an exciting career in the future. Edward Charles Dandar “Ed” “Eddie” Activities: Marching Band 9-12, Dominants 11,12, Stage Band 10, 12 Symphonic Band 10-12, County Band 7, 8, 10, 11, Regional Band 7-11 Memories: When Dominants won Grand Champions at E.C. Glass Invitational and First Place at JMU Competition. Patrick Laine Gallagher “Pat” Activities: Weightlifting 9, 10, J.V. Football 10, 11, Indoor Track 11,ArtTeam 12, German Club 11, Varsity Tennis 12 Memories: The fun and laughs I had with Tom M., Mike D., and David K., but the most fun I ever had was with Tom’s M. Katrina Furnette McMillan “Trina” “Tree” “Trin” “Tia” Activities: Track 9, Class Rep. 9, F.B.L.A. 10, D.E.C.A. 11, 12, Vice-President 12; S.G.C. Rep. 12, Radio School News (D.E.) 12 Memories: Meeting the “all-important” people in my life at that time, thanks for making G-F tolerable ... I’ll always remember all those Myles and miles of travel... Natalie Victoria Middleton “Vicki” Activities: Basketball 9, Track 9, F.H.A. 11, F.C.A. 12 Memories: If I had to do it over, I would, these experiences will help me throughout life. Good luck to Samantha, Rosslyn, Monica, Kim, Christine, and Thanks! Kelly D. Morris “Poochie Cakes” “Kelly-Poo” Activities: Orchestra, All-County Orchestra, Regional Orchestra, Marching Band, Debate and Forensics, Culture Club, Latin Club, Who’s Who Among American High School Students, Girls’ State, Powder Puff Football Memories: I’ve found my bygone days at G-F brim¬ ming with a multitude of joyous, challenging, and unforgettable experiences I’ll cherish eternally. Thanks to my extremely special companions who’ve made if all easier to endure and uncommonly worthwhile for me. I luv ya! Sara Braun Barbara Brown Pat Collins Edward Dandar Eddie Day Denise Embry Nicole Fields Patrick Gallagher Katrina McMillan Natalie Middleton Kelly Morris Jimmy Ondo Kathy Walker Seniors 229 NIORSUPERLATIVESSENIORS Nini Matos Best Dressed Bobby Martin Most Popular Danny Geiger Kelly Arvai Most Talkative Tracey Cosand Mike Howard Laura Arnold Most Likely to Succeed Sara Phinney Mike Gillette 230 Seniors PERLATIVESSENIORSUPERLATIV Quietest Jimmy Fullem Cindy Hall Most Attractive Michelle Yacobi Jim Portell i it Bill Putnam Most School Spirited Jill Pennington Rhonda Gainor Most Athletic Zadock Futrell Seniors 231 MIORSUPERLATIVESSENIORQ Mos t Mischievious Debbie Grim Steve Pellien Most Talented Bart Boodee Pam Jones Tony Johnson Best Personality Margie Mitchell Tom Beames Most Intelligent Joyce Brown 232 Seniors MR. AND MS. GAR-FIELD Acie Shrewsbury was chosen by the Class of ’83 to be this year’s “Mr. Gar-Field.” Acie has contributed much to the Senior class over the years. He has proven to be one of the outstanding forces on 3 separate athletic teams. Acie showed his talents in basketball, baseball, and football. In baseball, Acie lettered in his Junior year playing third base and centerfield. Acie also lettered in his Junior year by quarterbacking on the Varsity Football team. He has com¬ piled many awards in his sports carrer, among these are Most Valuable Offensive Player, and honorable mention awards for the all-district and all-Potomac News teams for his super season in football this year. He is in the G-F Club this year, and was in the Ski Club in his Sophomore year. Acie was crowned this year as the se¬ cond Homecoming King to reign at G-F. Acie’s goals for the future are to be successful and earn lots of money. The Class of ’83 is proud to have Acie represent them, and wishes him all the best in his future. Earning the title of “Ms. Gar-Field” this year is Susan Hill. Susan has been a real leader these past four years and has contributed much to the class of ’83. She was Secretary Treasurer in her Sophomore and Junior years, Senior class President, and a Teen Counselor for two years. Susan’s merits include winning the Century III leadership program, being a homecoming princess for two years, and participating in the Sophomore Beauty Pageant and winn¬ ing third runner-up in her Junior year. Susan was also voted most valuable staffer on the hyphen newspaper staff. She was news editor in her Junior year and co- editor-in-chief in her Senior year. Susan is also a winner in academics. She has been in the SIGNET program for all four years at Gar-Field and is the President of the National Honor Society. Susan’s plans are to go to U.Va. and pursue her career interest in political science or education. Susan Hill has truly earned the title of Ms. Gar-Field. Seniors 233 JUNIORS Patie Piatt Kathy Hill Helping out in the hall Steve Comer and Friends 234 Juniors Mark and Lynn at pep rally Sam and friends look into the past Class Officers Donna Dove, Secretary Kathy White, Vice President Jean Engleka, President The Junior year is the time that most students look forward to. It is when they start being considered upper classmen. It is also a time to raise money for the most important event that year, the Junior-Senior Prom. Another important event that occurs is when they receive their rings. Everyone looks for¬ ward to this day with enthusiasm. This year’s Junior Class has proven to be very spirited. They beat out the Senior Class in Spirit Hall, proving that Juniors rule. Time after time they’ve shown their spirit, and just think, there’s still next year! Juniors 235 Julie Abrehl Annette Adams Laurah Adams Lori Adams Patty Adams Terry Adams Skip Adams Gerardo Aguilar Scott Ahern Rynae Aiken Lisa Akers Dean Alexander David Andrew Dawn Anderson David Angle Eric Anthony Scott Arnett Jeff Asbury Kevin Attreed Karl August Dan Austin Dawn Avery Lisa Baith Tracey Baker Debbie Ball Norma Barfield Larry Bates Dwayne Beaty Susan Beck Jeff Beglin Mark Bellinger Karen Bennett Melanie Bevell Jeffrey Beadle Greg Bender Rick Bilodeau Bobby Bischof Teresa Bishop David Black Angela Blackwell Lisa Blanton Jeff Bloxton Jennifer Bodner Roger Bohr Donna Bowen Jack Bowen Lisa Bowles James Bowe Chuck Boyer Keith Bradford Scott Brady Having fun? 236 Juniors Kim Fulford and friend relaxing outside. Myke Breeden Randy Brooke Robby Brooke Alise Brooks Diane Brown Donna Brown Eileen Brown Eric Brown Janice Brown Karen Brown Kevin Brown Michael Brown Kenneth Bryant Sheryl Bryant Edward Bryk Steve Buchner Sheldon Bullock Dave Burnett Melisa Burnette Brian Burrage Dawna Burroughs Darell Burrow Robert Burton Nicki Butler Kimberly Byrd Jeffrey Caddy Ron Cadwallader Brian Cail Ronny Callahan Mary Calliotte Brent Campbell Dawn Campbell Kevin Campbell Schonda Campbell Dennis Cappel Chris Carpenter Bobby Carper Trinia Carper Brenda Carter Charles Carr Philip Cecere Timmy Chamberlain Kathy Chantelau Robert Chavez Joann Cho Fred Chopin Stella Chucala Mary Clark Marie Clubb Larry Coaly Carol Coazum Juniors 237 Chris Coffee Vicki Coleman Carol Coloma Steve Comer Tom Conaway Pat Cone Michael Conlan Patty Conlan Jackie Conner Victoria Copsland Gary Corbin Sharon Corbin Lynn Corman Samantha Cosby Sherri Coughenour David Cox Brian Crawford Todd Crawford Janice Creneti Karen Crocker Robin Dameron Charles Danson Todd Davies Annette Davis Marie Davis Mark Davis Patricia Dawson George DeBorde Billy Decker Mike Delguzman Esayas Demissew Jimmy Dent Scott Derosier Robert Desante Richard Devenney Jerrine Dibbley Tom Diekmeier Brenda Dobson Mary Pat Dolan Mary Ann Domenick Rose Donohue Donna Dove Pam Miller 238 Juniors Normal clothes for a day at school Shawn Doyle Marcia Drage Mark Drotos Michelle DuBois Jenni Dubuisson Kim Duncan Pat Dunn Steve Durham Sean DuVall Keith Eads Matt Earman Michael Eggleston Debbie Eicher Amir Elzeni Jane England Jean Engleka David Estabrook Kathy Evans Gerald Fair Leslie Favreau Scott Felter Michelle Fletcher Mike Flynn James Ford Gary Foster David Fowler Jeff Fowler John Fraber Eric Franklin Christine Fulgencio Margaret Fullem Greg Fulton Dawn Funkhouser Tammy Furman Buddy Frye John Gallik Billy Gathof Marcus Gatlin Alan Gay Barbi Gazda Tim Gemsheim Karen Gianni Juniors 239 Richard Gillespie Gena Gimmi Leslie Glover Daphne Godby Tony Gordon Israel Graulau Heidi Greaves Debbie Griffith Mark Grosskopf Robin Grove Daniel Gulli Terri-Guttormsen Landon Hale Chris Hall Merita Hall Lisa Hamako Jill Hammar Mile Hammond Terri Hampton Jon Hanner Wendy Hanner Minonne Hans William Harder Howard Harris Shauntay Harris Lisa Hartman Beth Haymond Tery Haynes Judy Haywood Christine Heininge Holly Heininger Richard Hersam Robin Hertzog Mark Hess Diana Hicks Kathy Hill Lisa Hill Maria Hill Mike Hill Dan Hillman Everett Hinson David Hixson 240 Juniors Michael Hodge James Hochl Julie Hochl Donald Hogan David Holmes Mark Holmes Brian Hooper Howard Houston Richard Houston Allen Howard Tracey Howard Brian Hubbard Travis Hubbard Bryan Jackson Craig Jackson Joann Jackson Pat James Michelle Jay Christine Jefferson Beryl Johnson Brian Johnson Dannell Johnson Eartha Johnson Janice Johnson Jolayne Johnson Larry Johnson Rob Johnson Joe Johnston Lisa Johnston Rae-Rae Johnston Bernadette Jones Cindy Jones Denise Jones Parker Jones Stephanie Jones Angela Jordan Suzy Jordan Bobby Kalski Katie Kane Patrick Kashmer Terri Kasik Linda Kelleher Juniors 241 Diana Kennedy Jeanette Kennedy Kim Kennedy Karen Kerr Pam Kestner Kim Key Teresa Keys Steven Khalili Robbie Kidwell Julie Kim Brian King Jonathon King Scott Knuth Kenny Kochel David Kolar Robert Kolich Mike Kollock Michael Kramer Eric Kreinar Tom Kujawa Dawn Kykendall Michele Lamonica Kim Lane Timmi Lathe Caroline Lautieri James Leake Kendra Lee Matt Letourneau Michelle Levay Gillian Lewis Michaela Lineberry Lisa Lingafelt Faith Logan Mary Jane Lombardo Jennifer Longey Heidi Lonsinger Stephen Love Angie Lucan Bill Ludwig Barbara Lukens Peter Luter Robyn Lynch 242 Juniors Allan, Randy and Tim at Activity Fair ' ■Sr - Jimmy Macaulay Dave MacMurdy Cathy Moffett Kimberly Makolandra Kevin Manbeck Patrick Mann Vennie Maples Norman Marble Lesley Marceron Kyra Marten Robby Martin Theresa Martin Roger Martinez Dawn Matera Margo Maxwell John Mazzarella Paul McBride Bridget McCall James McCann Christy McCoart Connie McCord Sherry McDowell Sylvia McGeenan Karen McGrail Constance McGuire Margaret McKelvey Annette McNeil Alice Meehan John Meehan Laura Meseck Kevin Miller Mark Miller Lesley Miner Sherri Mitchell Theresa Mize Mark Moody Alex Mongrain Debbie Montgoner Keith Moon Steve Mooney David Moore Jim Morrison Drew and Steve going to class Juniors 243 Paul Morrow Amanda Mosby David Mosher Donald Motiey Wayne Nutt Pam Mullinax Mary Mullins Mickey Mullins Brian Murphy Eileen Murphy Jill Mussonels Anne Naclerio Tammy Naghdi Melanie Nay Cyd Negrette Jeni Neiger Ann Nalson Lee Newhart Antoine Newman Meg Nicholas Kristen Noble Rano Norton Denise Novak Julie Novitsky Kelly O’Leary Tom O’Neil Eric Ortmann Chris Palmer Todd Palmer Lisa Parish Bobby Parker Mark Patton Lisa Pauline Cynthia Pavone Virny Payne Barry Peel Lisa Pellegrini Michele Penny Ron Perelli Jack Pesce Mike Petruzzi Cathy Piaskowski 244 Juniors Lisa Parish and the gang. Patti Piatt Kathy Picard Camille Piper Donna Pullucci Joel Powell Lisa Powell Dan Pratt John Pratt Jeff Putiyon Anthony Pyrz Kimberly Quesaire Samina Quereshi Anna Raftery James Rastatter Becky Richard James Ricketts Mark Rickman Leo Riley Robert Ritenour Donnie Roberts Florence Robinson Durwin Rodriguez Tomas Rodriguez Darrin Rogers Kim Rogers Virginia Roles Barbara Rouleau Matt Rotelli Danna Russell Jeff Ryan Eva Rzucidlo Megha Sahu Andre Salmon Deheim Salyers John Sanderson Suzie Saunderson Filipe Santos Jodie Sargent Ken Schaerr Brenda Scharp Laura Schmidt Rosemarie Schubring Studying? Or not. Juniors 245 Charlene Schutt Mike Scott Roxanne Sedmock Pamela Sessoms James Shackelford Tammy Shaffer Kevin Shettles Sung Shin Julie Short Stacey Shurtliff Bruce Simpson Jerry Simpson Michael Simpson Stephen Sisson William Skinner Russ Shughter Somer Sloan Debbie Smith Eddy Smith Kirby Smith Melvin Smith Tom Shediker Kim Sootkoos Kelly Sparks Rich Spasoff Rodney Speaks Jeff Spigoli Chris Sprouse Benjamin Srock Stanley Stafira Brenda Starr Julie Staudinger Mike Sterner Lisa Stevens Erin Stewart Dawna Stiles Tracey Stinger Rosalind Stokes Pattrick Strassner Gary Strunko David Stynes Cindy Sullivan Joseph Sullivan Willie Sullivan Roberta Sunday Karla Swabb James Tarlton Amber Taylor Buzz Taylor Michele Taylor Vince Tassa 246 Juniors Look how strong we are! 1 Brain Murphy, Bobby Farrington and Mike Flynn ready to face anyone. Ik Travis, Bobby and Tracy ready to face Mr. Bradsher. Lori Urban just back from 7-11. Julie Novitsky selling yearbooks. Greg Bender just relaxing. Juniors 249 Haskel waiting in school store Taking a break during fire drill Watch for the teacher Bob leaving school early The hallway during lunch SOPHOMORES 250 Sophomores “85” shines Showing spirit at game School gets everybody tired Class Officers Chris Dorm Stetteder Colleen Clark The Sophomore Class of 1982-83 has proven exceptionally spirited this year. For the first year a Spirit links contest was held, the sophomores won, show¬ ing that they’ve got spirit too. This year they will put on the Sophomore beauty pageant and begin earning money for next year’s prom. At the end of the year, they order their rings, which is one of the highlights of the Sophomore year. With everything that they’ve ac¬ complished this year, it’s easy to see that they are going to be a great Junior Class. Andrew Ackerman Curtis Adams James Ahern Mohammad Ahmed Mona Aldridge Jerry Allen Mark Ammons Catherine Anderson Judy Anderson Shawn Anthony Chris Arnold Vivienne Arnold Diane Arnoldi Michelle Asbury Antonio Ashby Stacey Astrin Tammi Atwell Donna Aveni Nancy Bachert Jennifer Bagnerise Ben Baker Tammy Baldwin Tonia Ballard Chris Baransky Tim Baransky Mike Barber Mike Barker Mark Barner Kim Barnes Randi Barnhill Ray Barrante Toni Jean Bates Michelle Battaglia Tia Bauer Gregg Baumgartner Walter Beardsley Tina Bechler David BeDard Diane Beighlea Robert Benevetto Stanley Benton John Beranek Ron Berish Cathy Bernhardt Jeff Betty Beth Beuley Becky Bickham Barbara Black Dave Borough Sheri Bowe Bob Bowen Studying for a last minute test. 252 Sophomores Susan Brown Jim Bryan Pamela Bryant Kathryn Bullard Eric Bunn Holli Bunn Susan Burian Mike Burke Renee Burr Liz Burrows Donna Butler Bonnie Byram Barbara Byrd James Caipee Laurie Callahan Darin Calwell Glenda Campbell Patrick Cardenas Stacey Carlson Denise Carmichael Kenny Carroll Michelle Carter Linda Cashwell Kevin Cecil Noel Chamberlain Michelle Channels Dave Checkin Lisa Cheeks Mike Chesley Kim Chiddix Linda Chopin Jeff Chuday Colleen Clark Greg Clay Jennifer Coffee Dena Collier Sophomores 253 Audra Creasy Albert Creel Margie Crespo Richard Crespo Brice Crites Tim Cross Lynne Cummings Tony Currier Christine Dahl Mark Dallmann Greg Davis Karen Davis Natasha Davis Mark Dawson Pamela Day Kim Dean Shari Dean Mike Delaney Charmane Delaverson Elena DeLeon Tod Demont David DePoy Michelle DePoy Peggy Dick Merb Dien David Dietz Michelle Dietz Dean Diffenbaugh Chuck Dillon Rick Diwer Kathy Donnelly Andy Downey Chris Dormstettler 254 Sophomores The gang’s all here. Michelle Dorich Roger Dowd Steve Doyle Angie Drummond Jackie Duke Paul Dulaney Greg Dunn Robert Ebron Todd Ebron Tammy Echelbarger Tara Edelschick Paul Edwards Cathy Ehlers David Eiland Charlie Einsmann Todd Ellard Tina Ellinwood John Embrey Leanne Enmon Matthew Enos Rebecca Espinal Bruce Evatt Brant Fagernas Darryl Fairley Shari Falce David Farish Mike Feeney Kellee Felter Michael Finlayson Berrick Finney Vernon Fish Karen Fisher Kim Fitzgerald Tiffani Fitzwater Vicky Flynn Willis Foley Anthony Fowler Lisa Fontane Jihn Foster DeAnna Fratzke Shelbe Freeman Brian Friend Sophomores 255 Mike Fryling Don Gamboa John Ganino Lisa Garcia Lisa Gazda Susie Gazda Venessa Geer John Gefrich Ghene Gerezgher Larry Gibbs Danny Gillette Robert Goewey Tracey Goff Crystal Good John Good Gary Goode Sam Goodrich Sharon Gorsuch Dianne Goulla Sandy Grantham Dan Green John Greene Ellen Grieff Eric Griffin Wendy Grimes Eddie Gross Steve Grover Tim Gutierrez Sandi Guttormsen Kenneth Haines Darrin Haller Tony Halman Tina Halsey Emi Hamako Bill Hamlett Lynnie Hammond Mike Hamric Kim Hamberry Cheryl Hardy Brenda Harman Tim Harps Pornpan Harris Scott Harris Deborah Harrod Cindy Harrod Donnie Hart Patrick Hart Theresa Hart Dennis Haught Harold Haycraft Lori Hayes Sophomores 256 -■ Sophistication. Trina Hedrick Peggy Hicks Missy Hiett Joyce Hilins Danny Hill Pam Himelright Valissa Hires Pamela Hobbs Annette Hodge Chris Hoerr Michelle Hoff Kerry Hoffmann Janet Holcombe Lloyd Holland Staci Holt Glenn Housier Michelle Hummer Mike Humphreys Wanda Hunter Manijah Hussaini Ramona Hutt Kim Hyman Rachel Inchautequiz Todd Ingram Donnie Iris Mark Irvin David Iseminger Colleen Jabs Angelia Jackson Angelique Jackson Steven Jamieson Davicl Jebram Anthony Jenkins Billy Jersey Sherry Jessee Alonzo Johnson Angelia Johnson Antony Johnson Barbie Johnson Frank Johnson Kathy Johnson Mandy Johnson Reggie Johnson Sandy Johnson B ryan Jones Jennifer Jones Kim Jones LaGronda Jordan Gaye Joshlyn Kennie Judy Vicky Kastl i Sophomores 257 Jennifer Keefe Tom Keefer Wanda Kestner Roger Kibler Danny Kidd Doug Kile Donny Kinnett Chris Knoerschild Donna Knott Terri Knowles Stacey Komar Anthony Kotrady Pam LaCava Scott Lamb Kay Lamborn Francoise Lamitte Teresa Landon Karen Landry Rachel Larsen Linda Lassiter Scott Lavey Robby Layman Beth LeBlanc Chris Lee Wendy Leight Samantha LeLaikes James Lemons Jill Lewis Matthew Lewis Mike Lickiss Laura Lienard Rhonda Ligotski Katrina Linkous Cena Litton Denise Long Wayne Lovelace Roger Loy Danny Luna Michelle Lynch Tim Lynch Sheila Lynn Ed Macbride Chris MacRae Janice Majeski Stanley Mann Irene Manning Andy Martin What? Fire drill. Sophomores 258 Pete Mattaliano Lisa Matthews Brian Mazzone Kathy McAllister John McCain Andrea McClendon Dylan McGee John McHugh Julie McKinley Patricia McMillan Kelly McNichol Larry Meade Tim Meadows Chandra Medcalf Kim Merrifield Wanda Mickens Cynthia Midgette Mike Migliorini Barry Miller Kenny Miller Kim Miller Sue Mills Mark Minor James Mirsky Cheryl Mitchell Mike Mitrone Steve Mize Mike Mongrain Laura Moody Scott Moon Christie Moore Renee Moore Suzanne Mordensky Michelle Morgan Jean Morrissey Claudia Morton Lesley Motley Todd Motley Donna Motta Bill Munari Dean Munsell Kathy Nagley Sophomores 259 Sharon Naylor Craig Newbold Arthur Newman Kristin Newman Jim Nichols Pamela Nicholson Brenda Nix Rodney Nixon Billy Novitsky Lisa O’Donnell Mike Offley Kathy Ostrander Vanessa Outten Scott Page Andy Palmer Butch Parks Eric Parriss Patty Patenaude Edwin Perez Tracy Perry Bobby Peters David Pienty Charles Pitts June Poczatek Mike Poillucci Patty Pomper David Porter Mike Posey Susan Powers David Pratt Katina Prevost Sean Przybyl Michele Puckett Mark Putiyon Karen Putnam Suzette Raffield Samantha Reed Brian Reynolds Jeff Rhodes Sally Rice Edward Robinson Sharon Robinson Students battle it out in Chess and Battle 260 Sophomores Tim Rodgers Chris Rodriguez Bart Rogers Ralph Roles Charles Rotblut Kathy Rouleau Chris Rowell Betsy Rumph Soraya Sabet David Sager Lisa Saplak Alan Sarofim Clare Sarsfield Jeff Schaney Laura Schmidt Charlene Schutt Jackie Schutt John Seabolt Daryl Sears Charles Sebastian David Shannon Richie Shaw Roger Shelton Cindy Shoop David Shurtliff Ian Simmons Ricky Simmons Jane Simon Amber Sims Lisa Sketo Tony Slattery Debby Slaughter Al Slocumb Barry Smallwood Amy Smead Christie Smith Colleen Smith Fred Smith Jeff Smith Kelvin Smith Lori Smith Mike Smith Watch out for Mr. Cardinale Sophomores 261 Richard Smith Scott Smith Ike Sneed Steve Soltes Dede Somers Sandy Soulsby Christy Sparks Jeanine Spatzes Susan Spellane Tim Spence Dawn Sprowls Chutimar Sragaow Greg Stafira Haskell Stamper Robert Stanley Rhonda Steenhoek Herbert Steigelman Diana Stephens Rodney Stephens Deanna Stermer Tim Sterns Mike Stewart Lisa Stiles Silas Still Betsy Stoy Debra Strahl Kay Stringer Tracey Struble Steve Strychowski Carolyn Stuart Leanne Stumm Tracy Stutler Cheryl Suslowicz Tenie Taylor Judy Thomas Sean Thomas Carlos Thompson Teresa Thompson Terry Thorne Greg Thornton Valarie Thorpe Tommie Tiller Laura Tipton Kendra Trudillo Tamia Truitt Terri Tuano LaTrice Tucker Rodney Tucker Kathy Turlip Gaylon Turner Jennifer Turner 262 Sophomores Rodney Turner Sandy Umbarger Kim Urban John Vanderhoof Sam Vankoughner Linda Vaught Frank Vestal Heather Vilt Tony Vito Tim Von Wolffradt Jenny Waibel Tracy Wakeman Rudy Walker Tom Wallace Sarah Wanamaker Lisa Warner Robert Warring Steve Watson Michelle Weakley Harry Wedding Raymond Wedding Richard Welch Diana Wells Dawn Wheat Sean Wheat Michelle Wheeler Tina Wheeler Peggy White Robert White Robin White Melissa Whited Vicki Wichelt Lashon Willett Cara Williams Kathy Williams Tammy Williams Tina Williams Bronwyn Wilson Leah Wilson Roger Wilson William Withers Neil Wolfe Mike Woodfin Alan Wooldridge Tanya Worthy Kathy Wright Sandy Wyatt Mike York Brent Young Steve Zahn John Zanella Mark Zawisa Barbara Zeunges Pam Ziesler Sophomores 263 FRESHMEN Freshman Cheerleaders showing us how it’s done Gar-Field fans cheering the team on. Such a smile Students eager to leave Pep Rally Life in the easy lane at Gar-Field 264 Freshmen ■ Late for class again The Freshman year is a year of discovery. Students find out that at one time (Middle School) they were “big- shots,” and suddenly they are only freshmen. The school appears gigantic, and the atmosphere unfamiliar. This is what most every freshman class goes through, but after the first couple of days of high school, they realize that it really isn’t so bad. This year’s freshman class has been ex¬ tremely spirited for their first year here at G-F. They have shown a lot of school spirit, and it is apparent, that they are go¬ ing to make a great Sophomore Class. Class Officers Frances Spasoff Shelly Emling Beth White Kim Harris 265 Kevin Ackerman Julie Alford Paul Alger Lisa Alsop Bryan Anderson Donna Anderson Lisa Anderson Elinor Antwi Joel Armstrong Susan Arnold Aleta Babcock Brad Ballenger Kin Earnhart Lorie Barr Steve Bartenes Kevin Battle Turina Baumgardner Polone Bazile Mike Beachy Rachel Beaty Marcia Beavers Julie Begin Brian Bell Patrick Bell Chris Bennetts Steve Berlin Patrick Bianchini Guy Billingsley David Blais Paul Blaylock Lisa Bloxton Jane Anne Boros Vince Boughton Denise Bowles Carol Bowman Chris Boyd Tammy Brandt Elena Brazil Tammie Brenzovich David Bratton Monica Brimage Teresa Brooks Che Brown Cindy Brown Jonathan Brown Pam Brown Scott Brown Warren Brown Tony Brozowski Yvonne Buel 266 Freshmen Matt Bullard Dana Black Jeff Black Mike Blackburn Todd Blackwell Dawn Burgess Gary Burgess Stephanie Burgess Patti Burian Lisa Burris Cheryl Burruss Tammy Burch Tammy Burhans Paul Burke Brian Burner Karin Busch Lori Buschbaum Eddie Butler Howard Butler Robert Byram Lito Cacading Junnette Campos James Caprara Charles Carlson Hutch Carpenter Joseph Carrigon Joseph Carter Roland Carter Sean Cassidy Katy Castulik Linda Clore Gerald Cephas Jason Chapa Ann Marie Chester Julie Christensen Steve Clegg Janet Clemen David Clinton Eddie Coaly Melissa Cochran Sean Coerse Chad Coffee Becky O’Quinn and Vivian Griffith Cheryl Collins Tom Collins Jeff Conward Charlene Connor Cherie Cook Tammy Cook Patrick Cooper Patrick Cope Freshmen 267 Beth Corbin Stephanie Corington Kevin Coutts Michelle Covington Robert Cox Emerson Creel Jim Crocker Chris Cross Leona Cruse Rosie Cummings Auther Curry Michelle Daderio Tiffana Dangoia Tim Daniel Chris Daniels Ed David Rich David Christina Davis Shawn Davis Marion Dechat Teresa Decker Lisa DeFrancesco Jerry DeLane Tami Demont Steve Dent Roger Deschamps Kelly Devine Danny Deutch Kathy Dewell Alicia Diaz Carolyn Dillon Mike Dittmer Darrell Dixon Russell Dixon Joe Dierker Pete Dodson Brian Dolan Nancy Donnelly Dawn Donovan Debbie Dormstetter Kim Doyle Tricha Dreischer Tad Dulaney Paige Dwyer Shawn Easier Scot Ebron Brenda Edelschick Waverly Edwards Suzy Einsmann Darren Ekrn Jenny Ekren 268 Freshmen Anette aren’t you a Devil Lara Ellenberger Janet Ellis Andrea Embrey Charlotte Emerick Shelly Emling Lance Endy Michael Ervin Anita Espin Scott Esselstyn Danielle Evans Karen Evans Trevor Evans William Evans Bill Eyler Mark Fayak Susan Fawley Jose Fernandes Liz Fernandez Susan Feeney Joanne Ferri Cindy Fowler Karen Fowler Stephen Fowler Mikes Fowkes Lisa Fox Christine Franklin Steven Franklon Sandy Freeby Mike Friend Elizabeth Fuentes Ken Fullem Kris Fullem Tommy Fulton Bernadette Funk William Gallik Dawn Gallup Time for a swim. Melissa Gardiner Doug Gathof Jackie Groves Scott Shearer Dennis Gill Rick Glover Myles Godby Bryan Goff Debbie Good Brett Goodman Bob Gore Colleen Grafenstein Michelle Graham Lisa Graupman Gail Grevey Freshmen 269 Julie Grimes Tommy Grove Judi Grow Crystal Gruszkowski Gena Gunn Robin Gurski Louis Naines Ron Hait Greg Hale Maria Ham Steve Hamric Cathy Hanna Deke Hans Kim Harris Marsha Harris Maria Hartman James Haskins David Hastle Jeanette Hayes Martha Haymond Ruel Haymond Rachael Hayward Kaye Hedgespeth Dale Heinen James Heininge Albert Henderson Tina Hertlew Michael Hess Troy Hetrick Robin Hickey Roger Hicks Mike Higgins Andre Hill Charlie Hill Mike Hill Tim Hinebaugh Christy Hinkel Timothy Hoffman Jennifer Holbert Jache Honeycutt Bobby Hood Gina Howard Taking a break for lunch 270 Freshmen You must beware in the halls Kim Howard Michelle Howard Barry Huddleston Simone Hughes Jeff Humphreys Charle Hundley Amy Hunnicutt Ricky Hustwayte Heidi Hunter Del Hutson Ebbie Hutson Chuck Hyman Jeff Ingram Conchad Irby Kelly Jackson Mary Jackson Tracey Jackson Bobby Jefferson Mike Jerrell David Jillson Caro Johnson Clifton Johnson CyndiJohnson Kristina Johnson Cranshaw Jones Michela Jordan Debbie Jordy Mark Joyner Mita Judy Gina Justice Judy Kane Scott Karatas Christine Karis Linda Kasik Michael Kendra Craig Keefer James Kennedy Tammy Kennedy Jeff Keys Todd Kichenmaster Sherri Kidwell Robert Kim Freshmen 271 Joyce King Mark King Richard King Susan King Tony King Kevin Kinney Jerry Kline Melanie Klugh Chris Knepp Kecia Knoernschild Mike Kocherhans Joe Kohrman Matt Kolich Bill Kone Chel Kong Timothy Korpal Skyler Kovack Kelly Kreinar Sherry Krell Nancy Kruczek Chae Kwon B Labaj JoAnn Lacy Kenneth Ladage Jeff Lam Nhat-Hang Lam Dwayne Landry Kirk Larsen Mark Lautieri Danny Lawray Calvin Lawrence John Layne Kathy LeBlanc Cathy Ledden Kristen Lee Linda Lee Susan Lee Nadine Lenar Eric Lerfald Beth Lerner Glenn Letourneau Michelle Levesque Another spirited Indian. 272 Freshmen Steve Lichtenfels David Lilly Brenda Litts Jo Rae Locklear Epbraim Longs Michael Long Jeff Love Steve Lowra Danny Luna Jackie Luther Mike Lynn Tracey MacCallum Roxanne Mackie Annette McMahon Dawn MacMurdy Jeff Madorma Steve Mahr Joe Makolandra Lee Makolandra Annesia Malone David Mambro Sharon Manning Lisa Macler Rosa Marquina Donald Martin Donnie Martin David Marr Rick Marshall Tanya Marshall Raymond Mason Kathy Mawanay Greg May Tracy May Robby McCalley Jeff McAllister Kevin McCabe Mike McCarthy Allison McCallum Kevin McCord Brendan McConnell John McCuen Dawn McCullough Jenny Longey Freshmen 273 Sue McDaniel Michelle McDowell Kim McEwen Eddie McGiboney Scott McGill Tim McNabb Sean McNeil Rhonda Meade Michelle Meehan Dan Melhorn Otis Melvin Sandy Mergler Doug Meyer Cyndi Mickelson Michelle Mielke Chad Miller Jimmy Miller Paige Miller Paul Miller Sean Miller Shawn Miller Doris Milner Bonnie-Scott Miner Tammy Minney Dina Mize Jerold Miranda Vicki Moats Michelle Moats Charles Moore Cindy Morel Beverly Morris Doug Morris Tommy Mosher John Mottershead Becky Mullinax Dania Munson Kathy Murphy Shelagh Murphy Kelly Murray Charles Murrell Kay Neal Kim Neal 274 Freshmen Curtis Nice Russell Ningen Skip Normandin Karen Nungesser Kim Nunnallee Kathy Obcemea Laura O’Brien Maureen Ogden Freddy Ohm John Ols Lemel O’Neal Tom O’Neal Teresa O’Neil Ronald Orloff LaTanya Oborne Steve Osborne Gayl Ouellette Darrell Painter Jennie Panone Tony Papadakio Jeff Parker Ronald Partridge Diana Pasterchick Don Pearce Kristy Pedersen Paula Pelzer Derrick Penny Lori Pensivy Charles Perrin Deltian Peters Denise Peters Heather Peterson Janet Petersen Steve Petruzzi Gary Phillips Judy Phillips Suzanne Phillips Jill Phillips Freshmen 275 Josh Plenty Chris Poole Jon Porch Lisa Porn Christine Porter Eric Porterfield Chris Potvin Ferdom Powell Lisa Prevost Kari Pugh Bryan Purcell Jeff Purcell Brian Purdy Juanita Queen Darrell Rawlinson Donald Redman Scott Rehn Lillie Reid Michael Renoino Amy Reynolds Chris Rice Kathryn Rich Kim Richards Brenda Rickman Kathy Rider Pam Rider Tonya Riesenberg Aaron Roberts Cheri Roberts Ron Roberts Suanne Robin Richard Rocha Dana Rodgers Nick Rodriguez Hans Rodriguez Caria Rodiguez James Rogers J John Baronic enjoying Science Yvonne Parker m ■ , i Peter Beardsley late for class. 276 Freshmen Rick Diwer. A Cheryl Waddell Cydney Negrette Aileen Rooney Deirdre Rose Buddy Roy Peter Rowe Richard Rowe Anthony Roy Rae Ruiz Timothy Russell Carol Ruszczyk David Ryan Jennifer Sadoff Leslie Safransky Mark Salyers Andre Sanders Kathy Savoie Andrea Schell Michele Schieffelin Earl Schoonborn Stacy Schooley Renee Scott Ronald Scott Steve Scuramazza Becky Seabolt Chris Seaton Jeff Sedlacek Robert Seeley Chris Shater Cindy Shatley Greg Sheloski Ronny Shelton Nom Shin Richard Sines Lisa Shire Kristie Sholar David Simcic Anne Simmons Richard Sines Rajiv Singh Jacqueline Sisk Debbie Sisson Larry Sizenore Darren Sloper Freshmen 277 ✓ Brigitle Smith Holly Smith Kelley Smith Michael Smith Michelle Smith Nancy Snyder Scott Sorensen Kim Sowers Frances Spasoff Jeanine Spatzer T. Sprouse Sandra Stanley Mike Statne Scott St. Clair Anita Stephens Jennifer Stephenson Deberah Stewart Glenn Stiles Freddy Stoltz Laura-Beth Straight James Stringer Matt Struble Coleen Stumm Robert Stynes Kim Sunderland Daniel Sutherland Evelyn Swdcker William Talley Mike Tamony Jennifer Tassi Andrew Taylor Jeff Taylor Dolan Taylor Keith Taylor Patrick Terrell Kendrick Tercy Yvonne Thacker Ah-Ling Thayer John Thompson Wendy Tiller Coreen Tipton John Tolliver Amber Tompkins Steven Tompkins Myrna Thompson Rachelle Thornton Tammy Tonstad Wendy Townsend Sophia Tracey Carol Trby Connie Tuel 278 Freshmen Suzie Trojano Penny Tucker Dan Turner Julie Turner Tod Turner Jeff Tutsock Deedra Trujillo Kendra Uthus Lee Valliant Chris Vanlanduyt James Venti Anthony Vining John Votz Michelle Walker Patricia Walker Cheryl Waddell Kim Walsh Peter Walsh Michelle Walta David Wanamaker Paul Wantz Bobby Ware Carol Wardlow Doug Warren Cynthia Washington Mark Waterstraat Tony Watt Mike Weahley Marvin Weaver Barry Webb Robbie Webster Pat Wendling Eric Wells Pam Werner Elizabeth Westhoff Beth White Melodie Wnite Brian Wickum Melvin Wylie Toni Willatt David Williams Elizabeth Williams Eugene Williams Pam Williams Rick Williams Anne Williamson Clay Wilson Donna Wilson Robby Wilson Jennifer Wilson Jonathan Wilson Freshmen 279 Mary Wintrode Monica Winston Lisa Wirt Scott Witherall Jesse Wood Chris Wright Kim Wright Stephanie Wright Cacra Yates Maria Yeary Dae Yi Ann Young Gavin Young Gus Zaldana Margaret Zawisa Payam Zeraat Pat Zoromski Food can be fun 280 Freshmen Goofing off in band. Work or sleep? Some real spirit Student teaching day. Freshmen 281 FACULTY THEY DO MORE THAN TEACH THE CHILDREN Teach • er — N. One who teaches or instructs; esp., One whose occupation it is to instruct. Not only do they instruct, teachers also serve as coaches, chaperones, sponsors, disciplinarians, hall monitor, counselors, and most importantly, friends. The teachers of Gar-Field have done an excellent job of preparing the youths of our school to become the leaders of tomorrow. Our hats are off to the many faculty members who have gone beyond the realm of their duties to provide the youth with an education for today the leadership of tomorrow. 282 Faculty Opposite Page, Top Left: Mr. O’Shea, the Sociology teacher, busily plans for the mock wedding. Top Right: Ms. Taylor takes time out to pose. Bottom Right: Mr. Cardinale boogies at the Super Dance. This Page, Top: Mr. Stevens smiles while waiting to give blood. Bottom L®fh Athletic Director, Mr. Sherrill. Bottom Right: Mr. Bunn chats with senior class president, Susan Hill. Faculty 283 A FACULTY ALL OUR OWN Mr. Phillip Gainous, Head Principal I t I ' A native of Washington, D.C., Mr. Gainous has established himself as both a friend and ad¬ visor to the faculty and student body. Noted for his patience and kindness, not to mention his “t.v. good looks,” Mr. Gainous’ professional career started at Kramer Jr. High where he was a faculty member. From there, he traveled to Wakefield High where he taught and served as the Head Football coach. The next stop was Wakefield High, where he was an assistant prin¬ cipal. From there, Mr. Gainous came to Gar- Field where he is now the head principal. 284 Faculty Joseph Cardinale 9th grade principal Joyce Harte 10th grade principal Frank Bradsher 11th grade principal THE PRINCIPALS OF GAR-FIELD; THE BACK BONE OF OUR SCHOOLS DISCIPLINE Faculty 285 PARENT TEACHING DAY A SUCCESS Maxine Aiken — Home Economics, HERO Chris Aleo — Social Studies Stephanie Allison — Math Judy Ayres — English, Honor Society Byron Baily — Foreign Language, German Club Walter Baily — Social Studies Carol Baker — Guidance Counselor Ms. Barly — Business Larry Bell — Science, Basketball Jean Bittner — Social Studies Kay Borland — Attendance Lucille Brooks — Cosmetology, VICA Ruth Br own — Phys. Ed., Track Mike Bunn — Social Studies Geri Cantwell — Social Studies, It’s Academic Don Carnohan — Band Chuck Castrina — Reading Janice Carr — Junior Secretary, LEO Club Helen Cecil — Guidance Secretary Jane Centola — Math, Math Club 286 Faculty Lt. Col. Fred Williamson, parent of Ann and John Williamson, speaks to Ms. Bittner’s classes on the civil war. Nancy Cerami — Sophomore Secretary Melvin Chesire — Science Robert Clemmons — Science Carmalita Combs — English, Drama Ms. Cone - I.S.S. Tom Corbin — English, Lit. Magazine, Drama Chris Courtney — I.S.S., Football Ms. Dangerfield — Math, Jr. Class Kirk Darrough — Social Studies Crystal Dean — Secretary Gene Dew — Ind. Arts Ray Dise — Distributive Ed. Faculty 287 James Earl — Science, Science Club Ms. Early — Business Charles Edwards — English Ms. El Naggar — Foreign Language Barbara Elvin — Social Studies, Key Club Betty Fagen — Guidance Counselor Ann Fansler — Librarian Kathryn Filip — Math Roger Fitzgerald — Guidance Counselor Jim Flanagan — Science, Freshman Class Ms. Frere — Business Ms. Frostman — English Mr. Edwards, being a con¬ cerned teacher, takes time out to discuss students’ pro¬ gress with parents. 288 Faculty TEACHER PARENT COMMUNICATION Tom Gill — P.E., Basketball Sue Good — Business Bob Greer — Social Studies Chris Hamill — Science, Freshman Class Clara Harris — English Linda Higgens — English Ms. Hoschar — E.S.L. Aide Jean Huntley — Guidance Counselor Ed Johnson — Social Studies, Tennis, Volleyball Hannah Johnson — Business Ed Jones — Band Joyce Jones — Guidance Counselor Teen Counseling Irene Kabler — Foreign Language, SGC Mr. Kohler — Math Kathy Kunze — L.P.N. Harold Larson — Social Studies Faculty 289 LENDING A HAND Ms. Levinrad — Business, Pep Club Ms. Little — English Art Longacre — Guidance Counselor Mr. Lucas — Ind. Arts, Ham Radio Kathy Magargal — English Ms. Martin — English Ms. Marx — Social Studies Harold Mattice — Math Robert Miller — Distributive Ed. Debbie Moyers — Choral Director Henry Murphy — Ind. Arts, Baseball, Football Ms. Norbry — Home Ec., F.C.A. Emily O’Connor — Home Ec., Cheerleading Patrick O’Shea — Social Studies Ms. Pannel — English Harry Partridge — Math Ms. Paul — Art, Senior Class Ken Pearson — Social Studies Judy Pierson — Senior Secretary Richard Polly — Science 290 Faculty John Popovich — Ind. Arts Ms. Powers — English, Lit. Magazine Cheryl Prince — Orchestra Ron Pugh — Art, Senior Class Mr. Rampley — English Chuck Robinson — Phys. Ed., Football Ms. Roche — English Gary Rodeffer — Science Mary Rose — Business Nancy Rosenblatt — Special Ed. Linda Rowland — Guidance Counselor Russell Rowson — Math Colonel Jim Mabry, war veteran and former Social Studies teacher, substitutes for absent Mr. Larson. Steve Sawyer — Social Studies, Yearbook Lallie Sheard — English Lawrence Sheppard — English Bob Sherrill — Athletic Director John Shriver — Special Ed. Ms. Simmons — Social Studies Ida Simpson Barbara Smith — Guidance Secretary Jean Smith — Library Secretary Martha Smith — English, Newspaper Nate Spencer — Social Studies, Close Up Program, Football Mr. Stevens — Social Studies, Baseball 292 Faculty FROM BATTLEFIELDS TO BLACKBOARDS Vilma Templeton — Librarian Jim Thomas — Phys. Ed., Football Edgar Tucker — Math Jeanean Tucker — English Paul Vadeboncouer — Ind. Arts, Soccer Gary Van Winkle — Math Estell Vickers — Cosmetology, VICA Laverne Warlick — English, Debate Forensics Clyde Washington — Ind. Arts, Football Myra Watts — Foreign Language, French Club Joseph Wheeler — Science, Wrestling Nancy White — Math, Tennis Richard Wiczalkowski — Ind. Arts Beverly Wilson — Bookkeeper Steve Wilson — Media, Video Tech Ms. Wimmer — Business Darlene Wooley — Art Mr. Williams — Special Ed., Track Maude Young — Guidance Director Rudy Zimmerman — Phys. Ed., Soccer Faculty 293 Abrell, Julie 236 Ackerman, Andrew 252 Ackerman, Kevin 176, 266 Adams, Annette 86, 87, 236 Adams, Curtis 252 Adams, Laura 236 Adams, Lori 236 Adams, Patricia 236 Adams, Ronald Adams, Skip 236 Adams, Terry 236 Adamson, Benjamin 194 Aguilar, Gerardo 84, 236 Ahern, James 252 Ahern, John Ahern, Scott 236 Ahmad, Mohammed 252 Aiken, Rynae 236 Akers, Lisa 236 Aldridge, Ahika Aldridge, Kellie 168, 194 Aldridge, Mona 96, 108, 160, 252 Aleemi, Asif 179, 194 Alexander, Dean 236 Alford, John 194 Alford, Julie 157, 266 Alger, Paul 266 Allen, Jerry 252 Allen, Patrick 194 Alsop, Lisa 266 Ammons, Mark 252, 132 Anderson, Bryan 170, 266 Anderson, Catherine 252 Anderson, Daryl Anderson, Donna 168, 266 Anderson, Doreen Anderson, Erik 194 Anderson, Judith 252 Anderson, Kimberly 158, 159,194 Anderson, Lisa 266 Andrew, David 236 Anger, Douglas 194 Angle, David 236 Angsten, Karen Anthony, Eric 168, 236 Anthony, Shawn 114, 252, 140 Antwi, Caroline 194 Antwi, Elinor 266 Appleby, Anthony Arends, Margo Armstrong, Byron 12, 194 Armstrong, Joel 266 Arnett, Enoch 19, 84, 236, 77 Arnold, Christopher 164, 194, 252, 66 Arnold, Christopher Arnold, Laura 182, 194, 230 Arnold, Susan 158, 266 Arnold, Vivienne 169, 252 Arnoldi, Diane 169, 252 Arrington, Michael 88, 168, 194 Aruta, Catherine 194 Arvai, Kelly 40, 43, 183, 194, 230, 56, 125 Asbury, Jeffrey 236 Asbury, Michelle 252 Ashby, Antonio 252 Astrin, Stacey 154, 252 Atkins, Renee 33 Attreed, Kevin 114, 236 Atwell, Tammi 181, 252 August, Karl 236 August, Karl 236 Austin, Daniel 88, 236 Aveni, Donna 252 Avery, Dawn 10, 33, 186, 236 Avery, Fawn 172, 194 Azzouz, Khader 195 Babcock, Aleta 266 Bachert, Nancy 252 Bagnerise, Jennifer 168, 252 Bailey, Denise Baith, Lisa 236 Baker, Garry 252 Baker, Reginald Baker, Tracey 236 Baldwin, Tamara 252 Baldwin, Tyrone 195 Ball, Debra 158, 182,236 Ballard, Tonia 252 Ballenger, Bradford 266 Baltrip, Sylvia Banks, Brigette 195 Banks, Olander Baransky, Chris 252 Baransky, Timothy 176, 252 Barber, Anne 95 Barber, Michael 183, 252 Barfield, Norma 236 Barker, Michael 252 Barnes, Kim 252 Barnes, Mark 114, 252 Barnett, Buddy 195 Barnett, Carl 13, 15 Barnhart, Kimberly 266 Barnhill, Randi 170, 252 Barr, Lorie 168, 266 Barrante, Raymond 252 Barrett, Marshall 195 Barrino, Tonya Bartenes, Steven 266 Batdorf, Leslie 158, 159, 164, 168, 195 Bates, Larry 236 Bates, Toni 252 Battaglia, Mark 172, 195 Battaglia, Michelle 252 Battle, Kevin 266 Bauer, Tia 252 Baugh, Brett 195 Baumgartner, Greg 252 Baumgartner, Turinea 266 Bazile, Polane 266 Beachy, Francis 266 Beadle, Jeffery 236 Beahm, Sandra Beames, Thomas 105, 174, 195, 232, 73 Beardsley, Peter 195 Beardsley, Walter 114, 252 Beatty, Dwayne 116, 236 Beaty, Rachel 161, 266 Beaver, Catherine Beaver, Randolph Beavers, Marcia 266 Beck, Susan 177, 236 Beckler, Tina 252 Bedard, D vid 252 Beglin, Jeffrey 236 Beglin, Julie 266 Beighlea, Diane 173, 252 Beisley, Lorraine 12, 33, 195 Bell, Brian 266 Bell, John Bell, Patrick 168, 266 Bellinger, Mark 236 Bender, Gregory 236 Benedetto, Robert 252 Benedict, Mary 195 Bennett, Karen 236 Bennetts, Christopher 266 Bennett, Roger 188, 195 Benson, Colin Benton, Stanley 176, 252 Beranek, John 252 Beranek, Kara 195 Berish, Ronald 252 Berlin, Steven 266 Bernhadt, Catherine 252 Bernhardt, Lisa 195 Betty, Jeffrey 170, 252 Beuley, Beth 252 Bevell, Melanie 236 Bianchini, Patrizi 266 Bice, Deborah Bickham, Rebecca 168, 252 Billingsley, Fred 266 Bidoleau, Richard 88, 236 Bischof, Robert 236 Bishop, Teresa 182, 236 Black, Barbara 177 Black, Dana 267 Black, D vid 23, 115, 116, 182, 236 Black, Jefferson Black, Jonathan 196 Blackburn, Mike 267 Blackwell, Angela 236 Blackwell, Todd 112, 176, 267 Blais, Colette 196, 70 Blais, David 266 Blankenship, Eli Blanton, Elise 236 Blarkburn, Michael Blaylock, Paul 266 Bloxton, Jeffrey 116, 236 Bloxton, Lisa 154, 266 Blye, Clifford 170 Bodner, Jennifer 236, 57 Bohannon, Cara 196 Bohr, Lenora 196 Bohr, Roger 236 Boland, Lisa 196 Boling, Karen 196, 73 Bone, Jeffery 173, 196 Boodee, Bartholomew 54, 166, 196, 232, 69 Boros, Gregory 196 Boros, Jane 266 Borough, Alan 196 Borough, David 252 Bosch, Virginia 196 Boughton, Vincent 266 Bowe, James 236 Bowe, Sheri 252 Bowen, Dana 253 Bowen, Donna 236 Bowen, Gregory 163, 196 Bowen, Jack 177, 188, 236, 76 Bowen, Robert 293, 78, 140 Bowles, Diana 266 Bowles, Jeffrey Bowles, Lisa 236 Bowles, Lori Bowles, Tammy 266 Bowman, Carol 266 Boyd, Chris 266 Boyd, Comini 253 Boyd, James 196 Boyd, Richard 253 Boyer, Charles 116, 119, 122, 182, 236 Boykins, Roderick Boyle, Robert 253 Bradford, Keith 114, 236 Bradley, Lisa 168, 253 Brady, Pamela 168, 253 Brady, Slott 170, 236 Brain, Debra 196 Brandt, Tamara 177, 266 Brann, Camela 253 Brann, Edward 196 Brannon, Christie 253 Bratton, Dovid 266 Braun, Sara 229 Brazil, Elena 169, 266 Breeden, Michael 237 Breneman, Aaron 168, 196 Brennemen, Shari Brenzovich, Tammy 266 Bridges, Maria 168, 174, 197 Bridges, Nepthal 154, 253 Brimage, Monica 266 Britton, Christi 253 Britton, Eileen 197 Britton, Mario 176, 179, 253 Brockman, Eric 116, 197, 134 Brooke, Bradley 197 Brooke, Randall 237 Brooke, Robert 237 Brooks, Alise 237 Brooks, Cindy 168 Brooks, Scott 253 Brooks, Patricia 10, 50, 175, 197 Brooks, Teresa 169, 266 Brooks, Thomas 169, 253 Brophy, Matthew 84, 85, 116, 35,37, 197 Brown, Barbara 108, 229 Brown, Bonnie 174, 197 Brown, Che 266, 132 Brown, Cynthia 266 Brown, Debra 197 Brown, Diane 237 Brown, Donna 237 Brown, Eileen 164, 168, 237 Brown, Eric 179,237 Brown, Felicia Brown, Janine 237 Brown, Jonathan 266 Brown, Joyce 174, 197, 232 Brown, Karen 182, 237 Brown, Kevin 237 Brown, Michael J. 168, 253 Brown, Michael 237 Brown, Michael, Todd 173 294 index Brown, Monica 197 Brown, Pamela 266 Brown, Paul 197 Brown, Sandy 197 Brown, Scott 170, 266 Brown, Susan 253 Brown, Teresa 197 Brown, Warren 170, 266 Browning, Lisa 197 Brozena, Linda 187, 197 Brozowski, Anthony 266 Bruce, Jamie 197 Bryan, Jim 253 Bryant, Jeffrey 116, 198 Bryant, Kenneth 114, 237 Bryant, Pamela 253 Bryant, Sheryl 237, 130, 131 Bryk, Edward 237 Buckner, Steve 164, 168, 237, 79 Buck, Dawn 176, 198 Bucknam, Jennifer 21, 30, 31,43, 153, 171, 198, 187 Buel, Joseph Buel, Lee Buel, Yvonne 266 Bullard, Jason 198 Bullard, Kathryn 253 Bullard, Matthew 267 Bullard, Rebekah 188,198 Bullock, Rosetta 198 Bullock, Sheldon 237 Bunn, Brendan 184,198 Bunn , Eric 176, 253 Bunton, Holli 168, 253 Bunton, Kevin 84, 198 Burch, Tammy 267 Burgess, Dawn 267 Burgess, Gary 267 Burgess, Stephanie 267 Burhans, Tamara Burian, Patricia 267 Burian, Susan 253 Burke, Michael 253 Burke, Paul 267, 126, 127 Burner, Brian 112, 267 Brunett, David 237 Burnette, Melisa 237 Burr, Renee 253 Burrage, Brian 237 Burris, Elissa 267 Burroughs, Dawna 237 Burrow, Darrell 237 Burrows, Elizabeth 156,168 Burruss, Cheryl 267 Burton, Katrina 198 Burton, Robert 237, 134 Busch, Karin 267 Buschbaum, Lori 108, 267 Bdtler, Donna 253 Butler, Monique 237 Butler, Rodney 267 BUtler, Samuel 267 Byram, Barbara 181, 198, 65 Byram, Bonnie 181, 187, 253 Byram, Robert 181, 267 Byrd, Anthony Byrd, Barbara 253 Byrd, Charels Byrd, Gwendolyn Byrd, Kimberly 237 Byrne, Rodney 198 Byrne, Tony Cabading, Lito 112, 267 Caddy, Jeffrey 237 Cadwallader, Ron 237 Cail, Hoover 237 Calfee, James 253 Callahan, Lourie 253 Callahan, Ronald 116, 237 Calliotte, Mary 237 Calwell, Darin 253 Campbell, Dawn 237, 136 Campbell, Glenda 170, 182, 253 Campbell, Brent 169, 237 Campbell, Jackie 184, 198 Campbell, Kevin 237, 79, 69 Campbell, Shonda 237 Campbell, Thomas Campos, Junnette 267 Cappel, Dennis 237 Caprara, Anthony 177, 198 Caprara, James 112, 267 Cardenas, Patrick 170, 253 Carlson, Charles 267 Carlson, Eric 198 Carlson, Stacey 253 Carlson, Walter 198 Carmichael Denise 169, 170, 253 Carpenter, Brown 267 Carpenter, Chris 237 Carpenter, Lori Carper, Bobby 237 Carper, Kimolyn Carper, Trina 237 Carr, Charles 237 Carrell, Mark 253 Carrigan, Joseph 267 Carroll, Billy 198 Carroll, Kenneth Carrubba, Tim Carter, Brenda 237 Carter, Joseph 267 Carter, Michelle Carter, Roland 267 Carter, Sandra 199 Carter, Walter 199,60 Cashweil, Linda 110, 33,163, 253 Cassidy, Sean 267 Castulik, Katy Cate, Mary 107, 174, 192, 199 Cecere, Philip 237 Cecil, Kevin 253 Cecilio, Richard 199 Cephas, Gerald 267 Cephas, John 174,199 Chamberlain, Noel 253 Chamberlain, Timmy 176, 237, 78 Channels, Michelle 253 Chantelau, Christopher 52, 53, 164, 168, 178, 199 Chantelau, Katherine 108, 237 Chaps, Jason 112, 267 Chapman, Boyd Chavez, Robert 237 Checkin, Dave 253 Cheek, Angela 199 Cheeks, Lisa 253 Chesley, Michael 253 Chester, Ann 157, 267 Chiddix, Kimberly 253, 59 Chiddix, Traci 199 Cho, Joann 237 Cbopin, Fredrick 237 Chopin, Linda 253 Christensen, Julie 170, 267 Christian, Deandra Chucala, Stella 237 Chuday, Eugene 253 Clark, Colleen 4, 168, 251, 253 Clark, Cynthia 174, 199 Clark, Jeanette 10, 182, 199 Clark, Mary 46, 237 Claspell, Sheryl 199 Clay, Greg 253, 66, 140 Clegg, Stephen 110, 267 Clemen, Angela Clemen, Janet 108, 267 Clements, Geroge Clemmer, Denise 199 Clinton, David 112, 267 Clinton, Robin 66 Clore, Linda 267, 126 Clubb, Marie 49,168, 237, 136, 137 Clubb, John 199 Coaly, Eddie 267 Coaly, Larry 168, 237 Coaxum, Carol 237 Cochran, Katherine 267 Coerse, Daphne 98, 106, 46, 51, 190, 191, 193, 199 Coerse, Sean 267 Coffee, Chad 112,267, 126, 127 Coffee, Chris 115, 116,238 Coffee, Jennifer 169, 187, 253 Coffee, Terri 199 Cogswell, Michael 199 Colbert, Shirley 200 Colby, Kent 189,200 Cole, James 173, 200 Coleman, Vicki 238 Collier, Dena253, 136, 137 Collier, Teresa 200 Collins, Cheryl 169, 267 Collins, Cynthia Collins, Michael 168, 254 Collins, Patrick 168, 200, 229 Collins, Steven 200 Collins, Thomas 170, 267 Coloma, Carol 154, 161, 182, 238 Colon, Cherlyn 254 Colon, Felix 179, 254 Combs, Gary 254 Combs, Patricia 200 Combs, Robbie 92, 93, 200 Comer, Steve 114, 238, 67 Conaway, Thomas 238 Cone, Patrick 116, 117, 238 Conger, David 184, 200 Conlan, Michael 238 Conlan, Patricia 96, 238 Conley, Christine Conner, Michael Connor, Charlene 267 Connor, Jacqueline 238 Conward, Gilbert 254 Conward, Jeff 267 Conway, Lisa 161, 200 Conwell, Janet 200 Cook, Cherie 267 Cook, Edward 200 Cook, Mary 254 Cook, Tammy 267 Cook, Tommy 200 Cooley, Stephanie 170, 200 Cooper, Barry 254 Booper, Joseph 200 Cooper, Patrick 267 Cope, Lisa 106, 200 Cope, Patrick 267 Copeland, Victoria 238 Corbin, Gary 238 Corbin, Mary 41, 158, 268 Corbin, Sharon 238 Corington, Stephanie 268 Corman, Joe 140 Corman, Linh 24, 154, 155, 182, 238 Cosand, Shawne 191, 254 Cosand, Tracey 11, 46, 177, 192,201,230 Coxby, Samantha 238 Cosby, Wanda 168 Costello, Eric 170 Coster, Jason 187, 201 Cotton, John 33, 52, 53, 201, 142, 143 Coughenour, Michael 201 Coughenour, Sherri 238 Counts, Darrell 173, 201 Coutts, Kevin 170, 268 Coutts, Richard 173, 201 Covington, Micheal 169 Covington, Michelle 268 Covington, Stephan Cox, Davis 238 Cox, James Cox, Robert 170, 268 Craig, Laura 201 Crawford, Brian 238 Crawford, Tadd 254 Crawford, Todd 238 Creasy, Audra 254 Creel, Albert 254 Creel, Emerson 268 Creneti, Janice 49,53, 168, 238 Crespo, Margaret 254 Crespo, Richard 170, 254 Crocker, James 268 Crocker, John 201 Crocker, Karen 168, 238 Crockett, Dale 21, 174, 190, 201,69 Cross, Christopher 268 Cross, Timothy 254 Crowley, Cathleen 181, 201 Crowley, Peter Cruse, Leona 268 Cuilik, Andrea Cullop, Todd 28, 188, 190, 201 Index 295 Cummings, Elaine 201 Cummings, Lynne 254 Cummings, Margaret 268 Cunigan, Tracy Cdnningham, Melody 201 Currier, Anthony 254 Curry, Arthur 268 Cusati, Jerry 201 Daderio, Shirley 168, 268 Dahl, Christine 254 Dallman, Mark 254 Caluisio, Christine Dameron, Robin 238 Dandar, Edward 229 Cangoia, Tiffany 268 Daniel, Timothy 268 Daniels, Christopher 112, 113,268 David, Edward 112, 268 David, Richard 268, 126 Davies, Richard 114, 238 Davis, Annette 238 Davis, Christina 170, 268 Davis, Gregory 254 Davis, Jeffery Davis, Karen 254 Davis, Linda Davis, Marie 52, 53, 178, 238 Davis, Mark 238 Davis, Natasha 254 Davis, Shawn 113,268, 126 Dawson, David 201 Dawson, Patricia 238 Dawson, Thomas 254 Day, Edgar 181, 229, 58 Day, Pamela 254 Dean, Kimberly 55, 154, 254 Dean, Shari 254 DeBorde, George 238 Dechat, Marion 169, 268 Deckard, Rate 201 Decker, Karl Decker, Teresa 268 Decker, William 238 Deel, Barry 142, 143 Defrancesco, Lisa 268 Defrees, Renee 202 Deguzman, Micheal 84,85, 238 Delane, Gerald 268 Delaney, Michael 254 Delaverson, Charmaine 169, 254 Deleon, Elena 254 Demissew, Daniel 202 Demissew, Esayas 238 Demont, Tamara 268, 60 Demont, Tod 179,254,60 Demsko, Robert Deneke, Elizabeth Denson, Charles 116, 117, 238 Dent, James 238 Dent, Snephen 268 Depoy, David 254 Depoy, Michelle 99, 254, 60 Derosier, Scott 238 Desanto, Robert 238 Desohamps, Roger 268 Desrriarais, William 202 Destephanis, Renee 169, 202 Deutch, Daniel 53, 268 Devenney, Richard 238 Devine, Kelly 268 Dewell, Kathy 268 Diaz, Alicia 268 Dibbley, Jerrine 238 Dick, Margaret 168, 254 Dickerson, Danny Dickhute, Rodney 202 Diekmeier, Tomas 84, 238 Dierker, Joseph 268 Dierker, Mark 202 Dietz, David 182, 254 Dietz, Michelle 157, 254 Diffenbaugh, Dean 254 Diffenbaugh, Drew 116, 202 Dillon, Carolyn 268 Dillon, Charles 254 Dillon, Gerald Dimascio, Christopher 202 Dipaola, Emanuel Dittmer, Michael 86,268 Dittmer, Theresa 202 Divers, Gregory Diwer, Richard 116, 254 I Dixon, Darrell 170, 268 Dixon, Russell 177, 268 Dobson, Brenda 238, 68 Dodson, Leon 268 Dolan, Brian 182, 268 J Dolan, Mary 238 Dollarhide, Thomas Domenick, Mary 238 Donley, Rosanna 202 Donnelly, Kathleen 254 Donnelly, Nancy 268 Donohue, Rose 238 Donovan, Dawn 238, 268 Dorman, Erek Dormstetter, Chris 254 Dormstetter, Debbie 268 Dorn, Angela 202 Dorn, John Dorn, Lisa Dorich, Michelle 255 Dove, Donna 156, 235 Dowd, Roger 255 Downey, Andrew 254 Doyle, Kim 170, 268 Doyle, Robert 202,134 Doyle, Shawn 239 Doyle, Stephen 255 Drage, Marcia 239 Dreischer, Patricia 268 Drotos, Mark 239 Drummons, Angela 40,41, 154,256 Drury, Michael 2,13, 102, 116, 117, 121,202 Dubois, Michelle 175, 239 Dubuisson, Jenni 158,171, 129 Dulaney, Kent 116 Dulaney, Paul 255,140 Dulaney, Tad 268 Duncan, Beth 202 Duncan, Kimberly 239 Dunn, Gregory 255 Dunn, Patrick 239 Durham, Stephen 239 Durnal, Robert Duvall, Sean 84, 239 Dwyer, Deanna 268 Eads, Howard 239 Early, Rhonda 90, 184, 202, 73 , ' pE Earman, Matthew 239 Easier, Shawn 268 Easterwood, Jeffrey Eberly, April Eberly, Ronald 202 Ebron, Scott 268 Ebron, Robert 255 Ebron, Todd 255 Echelbarger, Tammy 169, 255 F Edelschick, Tara 255, 67 Edelshick, Brenda 154, 268 Edgar, Mary Edwards, Anthony • ; ; Edwards, Deborah 203 Edwards, Paul 255 Edwards, Waverly 268 Eggleston, Michael 239 Ehlers, Catherine 255 Ehlers, James Eicher, Deobrah 86, 54, 239, 130 Eiland, David 114, 255 Einsmann, Charles 255, 132 E-nsmann, Suzanne 154, 268 Ekren, Darren 268 Ekrenfjennifer 268 Ellard, Todd 255 Ellenberger, Lara 169, 269 Elfinwood, Tina 255 Ellis, Janet 170, 269 Elmore, David 203 Elzeni, Amir 84, 239 Embrey, Andrea 108, 182, 269 Embrey, Denise 229 Embrey, Jonothan 255 Emelio, Richard 203 Emerick, Charlotte 269 Emling, Michelle 265 Endy, Lance 269 England, Elizabeth 239 Engle, Daniel Engleka, Jean 5, 171,187, 235, 239 Enmon, Leanne 255 Ennis, Susan Enos, Matthew 255 Ertle, Bobbi Ervin, Michael 269 Espin, Anita 168, 269 Espinal, Rebecca 255 Esselstyn, Scott 269 Estabrook, Davis 239 Estabrook, Michael 203 Eubanks, Sean 164, 203 Evans, Britton Evans, Danielle 269 Evans, Karen 269 Evans, Kathy 239 Evans, Trevor 176, 269 Evans, William 269 Evatt, Bruce 255 Ewing, Thomas Eyler, William 269 Fageraas, Brent 255 Fair, Gerald 239 Bairley, Darryl 255 Falce, Shari 255 Parish, David 114, 176, 255 Farrington, Robert 116 Faszcza, Michael Faulkner, Pamela 203 Favreau, Leslie 181, 239 Fawley, Susan 168, 269 Fayak, Mark 269, 126, 127 Fayak, Michelle 203 Feeney, Michael 168, 182, 255 Feeney, Susan 169, 269 Fetter, Kellee 255 Felter, Richard 176, 239 Fernandes, Jose 269 Fernandez, Edward 203 Fernandez, Liz 269 Ferri, Debra 203 Ferri, Joanne 269, 79 Fields, Nicole 110, 229 Figueroa, Henry Finlayson, Michael 114, 255 Finlayson, Richard 203 Finney, Berrick 255 Fish, Vernon 255 Fisher, Karen 170, 255 Fisher, Patrick Fishpaw, Alice 203 Fitzgerald, Kim 177, 255 Fitzwater, Tiffany 53, 255 Flaherty, Michael 203 Fletcher, Helen 239 Flinchum, Perry 179, 203 Ftowers, Anastacia 203 Flynn, Michael 239 Flynn, Victoria 255 Foley, Willis 168, 255 Fontane, Lisa 255 Ford, James 19,49, 168, 174, 181, 239 Fortner, Jeanne Foster, Gary 92, 173, 182, 239 Foster, John 255 Fowkes, Michael 269 Fowler, Anthony 110,255 Fowler, Cynthia 269 Fowler, David 114, 239 Fowler, Jeff 239 Fowler, Karen 170,269,136, 137 Fowler, Stephen 269 Fox, Brian 179,203 Fox, Lisa 28,32, 177, 269 Fox, Tammy 203 Fraber, John 239 Fraker, Susan 164,168,169, 204 Franklin, Christine 204, 269 Franklin, Eric 239 Franklin, Steven 269 Fratzke, Deanna 169, 255 Fratzke, Kristine Frazier, Michael 204, 61 Freeby, Lois 204 Freeby, Patricia 173, 204 Freeby, Sandra 169, 269 Freeman, David 90,179, 204, 134, 135 Freeman, Shelby 255, 61 Fretwell, Eric 204 Friend, Brian 255 Friend, Matthew 269 Frye, Eugene 88, 239 Fryling, Warren 114, 256 Fuchs, Judith 177, 204 Fuentes, Elizabeth 269 Fugate, Mary 204 Fulford, Kimberly 204 Fulgencio, Mary 239 Fullem, James 88, 204, 231 Fullem, Kenneth 269, 142, 143 Fullem, Kristine 154, 168, 269 Fullem, Margaret 9, 55, 239 Fulton, Gregory 180, 181, 239 Fulton, Thomas 269 Funk, Bernadette 269 F nkhouser, Dawn 239 Furman, Tammy 156,239 Futrell, Rodney 102, 116, 204, 231, 78 Gainor, Rhonda 99, 110, 163, 176, 204, 228,231 Gallagher, Patrick 229 Gallentine, Todd 53, 179, 204 Gallik, John 239 Gallik, William 269 Gallup, Dawn 157, 269 Gamboa, Dionisio 170,256 Ganino, John 169,256 Ganino, Lisa 170,204 Garcia, Lisa 161,256 Gardiner, Mellissa 269 Gardner, Chris 116,204 Garland, Johnny 205 Gathof, Douglas 269 Gathof, William 239 Gatlin, Marcus 168, 239 Gay, Alan 239 Gaymon, Crystal 205 Gazda, Barbara 158, 239 Gazda, Karen 205 Gazda, Lisa Gazda, Susan96, 256 Geer, Venessa 256 Gefrich, John 256 Geiger, Danny 116, 37, 205, 230 Gemsheim, Timothy 239 George, Christine 182, 205 George, Micheal 68 Gerezgher, Ghenet 256 Gianni, Karen 55, 170, 239 Gibbs, Larry 114, 256, 142 Gill, Dennis 269 Gillespie, Richard 240 Gillette, Daniel 256 Gillette, Micheal 88,89, 183, 184, 186, 205, 230 Gilliam, Nancy 162, 205 Gillison, Catherine Gilmore, Michael 205 Gimmi, Genevieve 157, 240 Girard, Robert Glover, Leslie 240 Glover, Rick 269 . Godby, Daphne 157,240 Godby, Myles 269,140 Goewey, Robert 168, 256 Goff, Brian 112, 269 Goff, Tracey 256 Golembiowski, Scott 205 Good, Crystal 168, 256 Good, Darren 205 Good, Deborah 32, 110, 47, 269 Good, John 256 Good, Michael 100, 101, 110, 111, 186, 189,205 Goode, Gary 256 Goodman, Brett 269 Goodrich, Samuel 256 Goodrich, William Goodroe, Toni 205 Goodwin, Pamala Gordon, Anthony 116, 117, 120,240 Gore, Robert 112, 269 Gorsuch, Sandra Gorsuch, Sharon 256 Goulla, Diane 256 Grafenstein, Colleen 269 Graham, Michelle 269 Grantham, Sandra 256 Graulau, Israel 240 Graupman, Lisa 269 Gray, April 205 Gray, Brian Gray, Catherine 162, 205 Greaves, Heidi 240 Green, Daniel 170, 256 Green, Richard Greene, Eric 4, 101, 103,110, 111, 205 Greene, John 108, 256 Greth, David 205 Grevey, Gail 269 Grevey, Julie 182, 186, 206 Grieff, Ellen 256 Grieff, Karen 206 Griffin, Eric 256 Griffith, Debra 240 Griffith, Vivian 19, 33, 206 Grim, Deborah 12, 104, 108, 109, 46, 189, 232 Grimes, Julie 270, 126 Grimes, Wendy 256 Gross, Eddie 256 Grosskopf, Mark 23, 240 Grove, Robin 157, 240 Grove, Tammy 270 Grover, Stephen 84, 256 Groves, Jackie 173, 269,61 Grow, Judie 154, 270 Grow, Leigh 206, 5 Gruszkowski, Crystal 270 Gulli, Cristina 173, 206 Gulli, Daniel 240 Gunn, Gene 270, 126 Gurski, Robin 270 Guthrie, Kevin 206 Gutierrez, Timothy 256 Guttormson, Sandra 169, 256 Guttormson, Theresa 86, 240 Haines, Kenneth 256 Haines, Louis 270 Hale, Gregory 270 Hale, Landon 240, 64 Hall, April Hall, Christopher 240 Hall, Cindy 206, 231 Hall, Merita 169,240 Haller, Darrin 256 Halman, Anthony 256 Halsey, Tina 256 Ham, Maria 270 Hamako, Emily 41, 256 Hamako, Lisa 240 Hamilton, Betty 171, 206 Hamilton, Daniel Hamlett, Robin 206 Hamlette, William 256 Hammar, Jill 240 Hammond, Mary 256 Hammond, William 240 Hampton, Sydni 240 Hamrick, Mike 82,92, 93, 256,61, 132 Hamric, Steven 270, 126 Hanberry, Kim 256 Hanna, Cathy 210 Hannah, Ervin 110, 206 Hanner, Jon 240 Hanner, Wendy 240 Hanning, Amy 206 Hans, Minnone 240 Hans, Marvin 270 Harder, William 88, 240 Hardy, Cheryl 154, 256 Harman, Brenda 168, 256 Harper, Gregg Harps, Timothy 256 Harrington, Matthew 187, 193, 206 Harris, Barbara 173 Harris, Chotima Harris, Howard 240 Harris, Kimberly 265, 270 Harris, Marshel 1-9, 270 Harris, Patanochia 206, 140 Harris, Parnpan 157, 256 Harris, Scott 256 Harris, Shauntay 48, 240 Harris, Stacy 206, 61 Harrod, Cindy 256 Harrod, Deborah 256 Hart, Donald 92, 114, 115, 256, 132 Hart, Patrick 256, 66 Hart, Robert Hart, Ronnie 270 Hart, Theresa 256 Hartman, Lisa 240 Hartman, Marcia 270 Haskins, James 176,270 Hasley, Julia 206 Hastie, David 270 Haught, Dennis 256 Haycraft, Harold 256 Hayes, Jeanette 270 Hayes, Lori 96, 256 Hayes, Terry 173, 206 Hayes, Virginia Haymond, Elizabeth 240 Haymons, Jonathan 270 Haymond, Martha 110,170 Haynes, Evelyn 182, 240 Hayward, Rachael 168, 270 Hayweed, Judy 240 Hedgespeth, Rebecca 270 Hedrick, Trina257 Heinin, Dale 270 Heininge, Christine 240 Heininge, James 270 Heininger, Holly 154, 240 Heishman, Michael Henderson, Albert 112, 270 Hendley, Kenneth 116, 120, 122, 207 Hendrickson, Debora 207 Henry, Thomas 173, 207 Herder, Donna Herndon, Elecia 161, 207 Herrell, Cheryl 53, 207 Hersam, Richard 240 Hertlew, Tina 270 Hertzog, Robin 182, 240 Hess, Mark 240 Hess, Michael 270 Hetrick, Troy 270 Hickey, Robin 270 Hicks, Billy 112, 270 Hicks, Diana 96, 154, 170, 240 Hicks, Lisa 207 Hicks, Peggy 257 Hicks, Peggy 257 Hiett, Melissa 257 Higdon, Robert Higgins, Michael 270, 126 Hileman, Cynthia 168, 176, 207 Hilins, James 173, 179, 207 Hilins, Joyce 170, 173, 257, 61 Hill, Andrew 270 Hill, Angela 207 Hill, Charlie 270 Hill, Daniel 257 Hill, Katherine 182, 187,234, 240 Hill, Larry Hill, Lisa 240 Hill, Maria 240 Hill, Michael 10, 171, 187, 240 Hill, Michael E. 270 Hill, Susan 40,43,45, 174, 184, 185, 190, 207, 233,58 Hillman, Daniel 114, 182,240 Hillstrom, Eric Himelright, Pam 168, 257 Hinchee, Lynette 207 Hinebaugh, Rhonda Hinebaugh, Tim 112, 270 Hiner, Michelle 207, 76 Hines, Valissa297 Hinkel, Christin 108, 270 Hinson, Garnett 168, 240, 74 Hirons, Robert Hirsi, Mohamed 279 Hixson, David 240 Hobbs, Pamela 182, 257 Hodge, Annette 257, 78 Hodge, Mschael 112, 161, 164, 168, 241 Hodge, Timothy 207 Hoehl, James 241 Hoehl, Julie 241 index 297 Hoerr, Christine 257 Hoerr, Michael 207 Hoff, Michelle 158, 257, 59 Hoffman, Timothy 169, 270 Hoffmann, Elizabeth 86, 175, 207 Hoffmann, Kerry 154, 257 Hogan, Donald 241 Holbert, Jennifer 169, 270 Holcombe, Janet 182, 257 Holland, Lloyd 257 Holley, Karen 158, 171, 207, 286 Holm, Sarah 208 Holmes, David 241 Holmes, Mark 168, 241 Holt, Staci 169, 257 Honeycutt, Alfred 270 Hood, Robert 112, 270 Hooper, Brian 179, 241 Hrosley, Renatta Housier, Glenn 257 Houston, Alan 116, 120, 208, 76 Houston, Howard 116, 241 Houston, Richard 241 Howard, Alien 187, 241 Howard, Gina 270 Howard, Greg 208 Howard Kimberly 271 Howard, Mark 179, 208 Howard, Michael 173, 208, 230 Howard, Michelle 271 Howard, Reginald 208 Howard, Tracey 182, 241 Hoy, John 181,208 Hubbard, Robert 241 Hubbard, William 241 Huddleston, Barry 170, 271 Hudson, Laura 208 Huet, Charles 208, 66 Huffstickler, Cynthia 208 Hughes, Simone 170, 271 Hummer, Michelle 86, 257 Humphrey, Tara Humphreys, Jeffrey 271 Humphreys, Michael 257 Hundley, William 163,271 Hunnicutt, Amy 271 Hunt, Melva 208 Hunter, Heidi 169, 271 Hunter, Wanda 168, 257 Hussaini, Manijah 257 Hussaini, Fazilah 208 Hustwayte, Richard 271 Hutson, Dawn Hutson, Delbert 271 Hutson, Eborah 43, 158, 271, 136, 137 Hutson, Eric 208 Hutt, Ramona 257 Hyman, Carlos 271 Hyman, Kimberly 257 Inchauteguiz, Rachel 168, 257 Ingram, Carolyn 208 Ingram, Jill 50, 164, 168, 174, 208 Ingram, John 170, 271 Ingram, Richard 257 Irby, Conchita 271 Irvin, Mark 257 Irvin, Scott Irvin, Steven 176, 208 Irving, Katrina Irving, Selina Iseminger, David 176, 257 Jabs, Colleen 257 Jabs, Timothy 209 Jachimowicz, Ann 181, 209 Jackson, Angela 257 Jackson, Angelique 257 Jackson, Bryan 241, 65 Jackson, Craig 241 Jackson, Craig A. Jackson, Joann 106, 241,59 Jackson, Kelly 158, 271 Jackson, Mary 271 Jackson, Tracey 271 Jacobson, Beth 171, 174, 175, 186, 190, 209 Jalis, Randall James, Patrick 114, 241 Jamieson, Steven 170, 257 Jarboe, James 19, 209 Jay, Michelle 241 Jebram, David 257 Jefferson, Bobby 112, 271 Jefferson, Christine 110, 241 Jenkins, Anthony 168, 257 Jenkins, Bobby Jenkins, Gordon 4, 116, 119, 120, 123, 163, 189, 191, 209 Jensen, Brian 209 Jerrell, Michael 271 Jersey, William 257 Jessee, Sherry 161, 257 Jillson, David 170, 271 Johnson, Alonzo 257, 132, 133 Johnson, Angelia 257 Johnson, Anthony 88, 164, 191, 209, 232, 257,77 Johnson, Barbie 170, 257 Johnson, Beryl 169, 241 Johnson, Brian 241 Johnson, Carl 271 Johnson, Clifton 271 Johnson, Cynthia 161, 168, 271 Johnson, Donnell 241, 72, 132 Johnson, Eartha 241 Johnson, Frank 257 Johnson, Janice 241 Johnson, Jolayne 241 Johnson, Kathleen 257 Johnson, Kristina 271 Johnson, Larry 241 Johnson, Reginald 257 Johnson, Robert 241 Johnson, Sandra 170, 257 Johnson, Stephanie 154, 155, 209 Johnson, Velma 109 Johnston, Joseph 168, 241 Johnston, Lisa 241 Johnston, Marcus 90, 209 Johnston, Tanya 241 Jones, Bernadette 241, 61 Jones, Bryan 257, 132, 133 Jones, Christopher 209 Jones, Cranshaw 271 Jones, Cynthia 158, 241 Jones, Denise 105, 55, 154, 241 Jones, George Jones, Jennifer 257 Jones, Kimberly 257 Jones, Pamela 2, 8, 50, 54, 164, 209, 232, 69 Jones, Parker 241 Jones, Robert Jones, Stephanie 28, 104, 110, 163, 181, 241 Jordan, Angela 154, 168, 181, 241 Jordan, Diana 106, 169, 174, 209 Jordan, Lagranda 257 Jordan Michele 271 Jordan, Suzanna 241 Jordy, Debra 271 Joshlyn, Gay Lynn 169, 257 Joyner, Mark 271 Judy, Diana 30, 209 Judy, Kenneth 257 Judy, Mita 271 Justice, Regina 271 Kahrer, Renee 33, 209 Kalski, Robert 24, 116, 117, 55, 241,255 Kalski, William 116,33, 163, 209 Kane, Judith 271, 126 Kane, Kathryn 162, 168,241 Kane, Thomas 210 Karafas, Scott 271 Karis, Christine 271 Kashmer, Patrick 241 Kasik, Linda 271 Kasik, Terri 241, 130 Kastl, David 116, 168,210, 56 Kastl, Victoria 168, 257 Kay, Nina 108, 210 Keefe, Jennifer 258 Keefer, Craig Keefer, Thomas 258, 271 Keene, Worley Kehn, Gary 210 Kehn, Scott 112 Kelleher, Linda 168, 241 Keller, Stacy 3, 13, 210, 130, 131 Kendra, Michael 271, 126 Kenneny, Diana 106, 242 Kennedy, James 169, 271 Kennedy, JXanette 242 Kennedy, Kim 242 Kennedy, Tammy 271 Kerney, Susan 210, 57 Kerr, Karen 182, 242 Kestner, Pamela 242 Kestner, Wanda 258 Key, Kimberly 173,242 Keys, Jeffery 176, 271 Keys, Teresa 242 Khalili, Steven 19, 42, 242 Kibler, Roger 258, 142, 143 Kichemmaster, Todd 271 Kidd, gster 258 Kidwell, David Kidwell, Robert 242 Kidwell, Sherri 168, 271 Kile, Douglas 258 Kim, Julie 242 Kim, Robert 271 Kimbrough, Carla 173, 210 King, Anthony King, Brian 114, 242, 140 King, John 182, 242 King, Mark 272 King, Richard 272 King, Susan 108, 272 King, Tony 272 Kinnett, Donald 92, 258 Kinney, Kevin 112 Kitchen, Janice 210, 60 Klaus, Natalie 210 Kline, Jeff Kline, Jerry 272 Klugh, Melanie 96, 161, 272 Knepp, Christopher 272 Knowernschild, Chris 258 Knoernschild, Keci 272 Knott, Donna 258 Knowles, Terri 258 Knuth, Scott 242 Kochel, Kenneth 242 Kocherhans, Michael 272 Kohrman, Joseph 112, 272 Koler, David 242 Kolich, Matthew 272 Kolich, Robert 242 Kollock, Michael 242,61 Komar, Stacey 258 Kone, Wellima 272 Kong, Myong 272 Koontz,Kenneth 33, 184, 210 Korpal, Timothy 272 Kotrady, Anthony 258 Kotrady, Vincent 173, 210 Kovack, Skyler 272 Koziol, Joel 54,210 Kramer, Mark 210 Kramer, Michael 242 Krawczyk, Katherine Krein, Tami 10, 12, 158, 192, 210 Kreinar, Eric 242 Kreiner, Kelly 272 Krell, Sherry 272 Krisner, Mark 210 Kruczed, Nancy 272 Kuehne, Duane 174, 179, 210 Kujawa, Raymond 242 Kuykendall, Dawn 242 Kuykendall, Kim Kwon, Chae 272 Labaj, Barbara 162, 272, 79 LaCava, Laura 86, 87, 211, 56 LaCava, Pamela 86, 258 Lacey, Roseann 211 Lacy, Joann 272 Laitinen, Kirsti Lakemper, Tommy Lam, Jeffrey 272 Lem, Nhathang 272 Lamb, Michael 170, 258 298 Index Lambert, Kenneth 272 Lambert, Louis Lamborn, Kay 108, 182. 258 Lamitte, Francoise 258 Lamonica, Michele 242 Landon, Teresa 170, 258 Landry, Dwayne 272 Landry, Karen 258 Landry, Monique Lane, Kimberly 242 Larsen, Kirk 170, 180, 272 Larsen, Rachel 169, 181, 258 Lassiter, Linda 182, 258 Lassiter, Pamela Lathe, Noelle 96, 242 Lautieri, Caroline 242 Lautieri, Mark 272 Lavey, Scott 258 Lawray, Daniel 272 Lawrence, Calvin 272 Lawrence, Marcus 211 Layman, Robby 258 Layne, John 272 Leake, James 242, 134 Leblanc, Katherine 272 Leblanc, Mary 258 Ledden, Catherine 272 Lee, Christopher 258, 272 Lee, Kendra 184, 242 Lee, Kristen 272 Lee, Linda 272 Lee, Sophia Lee, Susan 272 Leight, Wendy 157,258 Leiter, Kelli 158,211 Lelaikes, Rhonda 182, 211 Lelaikes, Samantha 182, 258 Lemmonds, Mark Lemons, James 258 Lemons, Lauren 170, 176, 211,60 Lenar, Nadine 272 Lepard, Julie 291, 68 Lerfald, Douglas 84,211 Lerfald, Eric 168,272 Lerner, Elizabeth 272 Letourneau, Mathew 169, 242 Levay, Michelle 242 Levesque, Michelle 272 Lewis, Jill 159, 258 Lewis, Mary 211, 242 Lewis, Matthew 140, 258, 132 Lewis, Michael Lichtenfels, Steve 273 Lickiss, Michael 114, 258 Lenard, Laura 170, 258 Ligotaki, Rhonoa 258 Lilly, David 273 Lilly, Tammy 175,211 Limbaugh, Carol Lindgrin, Sonny Lineberry, Michaela 242 Lingafelt, Lisa 31, 242 Link, Randall 211 Linkous, Katrina 169, 258 Linkous, Ralph 211, 142 Litton, Cena 19, 154, 258 Litton, Edward 116, 211 Litts, Brenda 273 Little, Robert Locklear, Jo 273 Logan, Faith 49, 54, 242 Lombardo, Mary 164, 168, 242 Long, Denise 96, 258 Long, Michael 273 Longely, Jennifer 158, 159, 182, 242 Longs, Epharem 273 Longsinger, Heidi 242 Love, Jeffry 273 Love, Stephen 242 Lovelace, Lynwood 100, 110, 211 Lovelace, Wayne 258, 140 Lowrie, Steven 112, 273 Loy, Roger 114, 258,68 Lucas, Angerlus 169, 242 Lucas, Timothy Lucero, Stacey 211 Ludwig, Judi 211 Ludwig, William 181, 242 Lukens, Barbara 242 Luna, Joel 273 Luna, Raoul 268 Lund, Karri Luther, Jacqualin 273 Luther, Peter 242 Lybarger, Gregory 21, 212 Lydell, Gregory 212 Lynch, Robin 49, 53, 168, 242 Lynch, Michelle 258 Lynch, Timothy 258 Lynn, Mihcael 273 Lynn, Sheila 258 Macaulay, James 187, 243 Macbride, Edward 258 MacDallum, Eliza Maccallum, Tracey 273 MacEachron, Sandra 212 Maceachron, Sharon Mackey, Michele Maclear, Lisa 273 Mackie, Roxanne 169, 273 Macmurdy, Dawn 169, 273 Macmurdy, Dale 169, 242 Macrae, Christopher 258 Madagan, Sharon Madagen, Thomas Madorma. Jeff 273 Mahaffey, Renee 212 Mahaffey, Ronald Mahanes, Christopher Mahoney, Scott Mahr, Steven 112, 273 Majeski, Janice 96, 106, 107, 182,258, 130, 131 Makolandra, Jaclyn Makolandra, Kimberly 243 Malley, Teresa 212 Malone, Annesia 170, 273 Mambro, David 273 Manbeck, Kevin 23,92, 182, 243, 57 Manchester, Steven 31,101, 103, 110, 111, 177,212, ' 66, 125 Mann, Patrick 23, 100, 116, 243,61, 70 Mann, Paulie 116, 119, 120, 212 Mann, Stanley 258 Manning, Irene 168, 258 Manning, Sharon 168, 273 Maples, Myrtle 243 Marble, Norman 243 Marble, Tawana 212 Marceron, Leslie 243 Margrave, Debra Marler, Lisa Marquina, Rosa 273 Marr, David 170, 273 Marshall, Darnell 170, 212, 69 Marshall, Richard 273 Marshall, Tanya 273 Marten, Kyra 243 Martin, Amy 27, 99, 110, 163, 212 Martin, Andrew 258 Martin, Catherine 212 Martin, Donald 273 Martin, Mary 153, 177, 212, 65 Martn, Robert F. 116 Martin, Robert K. 212, 243 Martin, Theresa 182, 243, 68 Martinez, Roger 171, 179, 243 Mason, Gary Mason, Ivy 10, 175,212 Mason, Leon 3, 116, 37, 43, 184, 185, 190, 191,212 Mason, Raymond 273 Masters, Scott 173, 179, 212 Matera, Dawn 168, 243,65 Matos, Nidia 5,94, 230, 213 Mattaliano, Peter 176,259 Matteson, Douglas Matthews, Lisa 299 Mawanay, Kathleen Mawani, Siddika273 Maxwell, Margo 158, 243, 68 May, Tracy 273, 126 May, Greg 273 Mayes, Larry 213 Mayo, Samieleen Mazzarella, John 243 Mazzone, Brian 259 McAllister, Jeffrey 112, 273 McAllister, Kathleen 157, 259 McBride, Paul 243, 132 McCabe, Kevin 177 McCain, John 259 McCain, Tom 213, 254 McCall, Bridget 243 McCalley, Chas 273 McCallum, Allison 273 McCann, James 171, 243 McCarthy, Sheryl 12, 46, 154, 155, 159,213, 125,63 McCeney, Darryl 273 McClaude, Steven 213 McClendon, Andrea 259 McClure, Pamela 213 McCoart, Christina 243 McCourt, Kevin 273 McConnell, Brendan 170, 273 McCord, Connie 169, 243 McCord, Kevin McCoy, Charlie 2, 116, 117, 163, 213 McCrae, Chris 110 McCuen, John 273 McCullough, Dawn 170, 273, 126 McDaniel, Sandra McDaniel, Suzanna 274 McDonough, Patrick McDougal, Christin McDowell, Michelle 170, 274 McDowell, Sherry 243 McElroy, Gary McEwen,Kimberly 274 McFadden, Raona 104, 106, 51, 193,213 McGee, Dylan 170, 259 McGeehan, Sylvia 243 McGiboney, Edward 168, 274 McGill, Scott 274 McGinn, Linda 213 McGrail, Karen 243 McGuire, Constance 173, 243 McHale, John 213 McHugh, John 259 McKelvey, Margaret 110, 163, 169, 243 McKelvey, Sara 12, 164, 174, 213, 136, 137, 125 McKenton, Rick McKinley, Audrey 213 McKinley, Julie 259 McKinley, Kathleen 182, 213 McLeod, Gale 213 McLeod, Kimberly 213 McMahon, Annette 273 McMillan, Katrina 176, 229 McMillan, Patria 259 McNabb, James 213, 273 McNabb, Timothy McNeil, Annette 49, 169, 182, 243 McNeil, Sean 274 McNichol, Kelly 177, 259 Meade, Larry 92, 259 Meade, Rhonda 154,159, 274 Meadoes, Timothy 259 Medcalf, Chandra 154, 259, 63 Meehan, Alice 243 Meehan, John 243 Meehan, Michele Melcher, Mark 214 Melhonr, Daniel 2, 74 Melhorn, Jane 157, 174, 214 Melia, Theresa 214 Melia, Tina 214 Melvin, Otis 274 Mendoza, Maria Mentiply, Stacey 214 Mergler, Brehda Mergler, Donna Mergler, Sandra 274 Merrifield, Kimberly 168, 180, 259 Merritt, Gregory 214 Meseck, Kellie Meseck, Laura 243 Meyer, Douglas 112, 274 Micer, Dominic 214 Mickelson, Cynthia 274 Index 299 Mickens, Wanda 259 Middleton, Natalie 229 Midget, Lisa 214 Midgotte, Cynthia 259 Mielke, Michelle 274 Migliorini, Mike 92, 259 Miles, Angela 214 Miller, Barry 114, 115, 259 Miller, Carlo Miller, Chad 112,274 Miller, Deborah 184, 214 Miller, James 112, 274 Miller, Kenneth 259 Miller, Kevin 88, 243 Miller, Kimberly 259 Miller, Mark 243 Miller, Paige 274 Miller, Pamela 12, 30, 94, 95, 39,43, 182,214 Miller, Paul 274 Miller, Sean 170, 274 Miller, Shawn 274 Miller, Susan 214 Miller, Tammy 171, 214 Mills, Gregory Mills, Susan 170, 259 Miiner, Doris 274 Milton, Loyonne 177, 214, 63 Miner, Bonnie 243, 274 Minney, Tammy 274 Minor, Charles Minor, Mark 259 Miranda, Jerold 274 Mirsky, James 259 Mitchell, Brenda 69, 214 Mitchell, Cheryl 259 Mitchell, Jerrold Mitchell, Margaret 33, 154, 214, 232 Mitchell, Mark 215 Mitchell, Ronda 215 Mitchell, Sheryl 243 Mitrione, Michael 259 Mitrione, Michelle 182, 215 Mize, Dina 170, 274 Mize, Stephen 170, 259 Mize, Theresa 243 Moats, Michelle 274 Moats, Pam ela 215 Moats, Vicki 274 Mockler, Cheri 215 Moffett, Mary 243 Mongrain, Alexander 243 Mongrain, Michael 259 Monk, Jean 215 Montes, Fernando 215 Montgomery, Debbie 243 Moody, Luara 181,259, 72 Moody, Mork 19, 243 Moon, David 259 Mooney, Stephen 116, 243 Moore, Angela 215 Moore, Brenda 171,215 Moore, Charles 274 Moore, Christy 259 Moore, David 243 Moore, Kendal Moore, Renee 259 Mordensky, Suzan 259 Morel, Arleen 13,215 Morel, Cindy 274 Morgan, Jennifer 4,46, 215 Morgan, Michael 168,215 Morgan, Michelle 259 Morris, Amy 215 Morris, Beverly 274 Morris, CXeryl Morris, Doug 274 Morris, Kelly 182, 229 Morrissey, Janet 22, 33, 215 Morrissey, Jean 158, 259 Morrow, Paul 244 Morton, Claudia 259 Mosby, Amanda Mosher, David 244 Mosher, Tom 112 Motley, Craig 132 Motley, Donald 244 Motley, Leslie 259 Motley, Todd 259, 132, 133 Motta, Donna 259 Mottershead, John 274 Moyer, Kenneth 22, 215 Moyers, John 11, 215 Mullinax, Pamela 169, 184, 244 Mullinax, Rebecca 274 Mullins, Mary 244, 59 Mullins, Perry 216, 134 Mullins, Ronald 116,181,216 Mullins, Walter 216 Mullins, William Mummaw, Frank Munari, William 259 Munsell, Dean 116, 259 Munson, Dania 274 Murphy, Brian 116, 120, 244 Murphy, Deborah 216 Murphy, Eileen 244 Murphy, Kathleen 274 Murphy, Robert 216 Murphy, Sean 116,35, 163, 190,216 Murphy, Shelagh 168, 274 Murray, Kelly 169, 274 Murrell, Charles 274 Mussomele, Jill 244 Myerovich, Sean Naclerio, Anne 19, 244 Naghdi, Tammy 244 Nagley, Christine 172, 216 Nagley, Kathy 19, 157, 187, 259 Nanney, Stephen 216 Nast, Kenny 216, 60 Nay, Melanie 244 Naylor, Kenneth Naylor, Sharon 260 Neal, Beverly 274 Neal, Kim 274 Negrette, Cyd 244 Neiger, Jenniffer 244 Nelson, Irene 216 Nelson, Otchula 244 Neuharth, Wendy Neuhaus, Diane 216 Newbold, Craig 260 Newbold, Margaret 216 Newell, Ethan 274 Newhart, Lee 168,244 Newman, Antoine 244 Newman, Arthur 260 Newman, Deborah 169, 274 Newman, Earl 275 Newman, Gregory 110 Newman, Kristin 154, 155, 260 Ngo, Huong Ngo, Tam 216 Nice, Curtis 275 Nicholas, Margaret 154, 155, 244 Nichols, Cary 90, 216 Nichols, Delpha 173, 216 Nichols, James 260 Nichols, Robert Nicholson, Pam 170 Ningen, Russell 27b Nix, Brenda 260 Nixon, Rodney 114, 260 Nizza, Michelle Noble, Kristen 168, 244 Normandin, Seung 168, 274 Norton, Romana 244 Novack, Denise 110, 244 Novak, Scott Novitsky, Julia 168, 187, 244 Novitsky, Kathryn 20, 54, 175,217, 76 Novitsky, William 164, 168, 260 Nungesser, Karen 275 Nunnallee, Kim 169, 275 Nutt, Wayne 243 Nutter, Mark 217, 75 Obcemea, Katherine 274 Obrien, Laura 170, 275 O’Donnell, Lisa 260 Offley, Jon 116,217 Offley, Lisa 48, 50, 52, 53, 164, 177, 178,217,79 Offley, Michael 168, 260 Ogden,Jeanne 217 Ogden , Maureen 106,275 Ohm, Fredric 275 O’Keefe, Gregory 173, 217 Oleary, Kelly 244 Oliver, Jay 217 Ols, John 275 Ols, Wendy 108,109, 174, 217 Ondo, James 217, 229 Ondo, William 217, 56 O ' Neal, Darlene 217 O’Neal, Lemel 168, 275 O’Neal, Shawn 110 O ' Neal, Thomas 244, 275 O’Neal, Teresa 275 O’Neal, Thomas Opauski, Michael O’Quinn, Rebecca 33,217 Orloff, Ronald 275 Ortmann, Eric 169,179, 244 Osborne, Latanya 168, 275, 61 Osborne, Stephen 112, 275 Ostrander, Katherine 260 Ouellette, Gayl 275 Outten, Vanessa 260 Owens, Jim 217 Page, Scott 260 Painter, Darrell 275 Palmer, Andrew 164,169, 260 Palmer, Christine 244 Palmer, Kelly Palmer, Todd 244 Panone, Jennifer 162, 275 Paolino, Susan 217 Papadakis, Anthony 275 Parish, Lisa 244 Parker, DeWayne 116, 120, 122, 217 Parker, Jeffrey 275 Parker, Michael 275 Parker, Robert 182, 244 Parker, Yvonne Parks, Roy 260 Parrish, Eric 170, 260 Partridge, Ronald 170, 275 Pasterchick, Diana 275 Pastiva, Patricia 177 Patenaude, Potty 86, 108, 109, 260, 63 Patton, Mark 244 Pauley, Scott 182, 217 Pauline, Lisa 176, 244 Pavone, Cynthia 244, 61 Payne, Pamela Payne, Virginia 244 Pearce, Donald 275 Pederson, Kaisty 157, 275 Peel, Larry 244 Peevy, Chirs 84, 218 Pellegrini, Lisa 157, 244 Pellien, Steven 232, 75 Pelzer, Kim Pelzer, Paula 275 Penman, Kolleen 218 Pennington, Jill 158,190, 231, 218 Penny, Derrick 275, 134, 135 Penny, Michele 21, 33, 244, 79 Pensivy, Lori 275 Perelli, Ronald 244 Perez, Edwin 169, 260 Perrin, Charles 275 Perry, Judy 218 Perry, Michelle 29, 177, 218 Perry, Tracy 177, 260 Pesce, Jack 114, 170, 244 Peschka, Deborah 108, 174, 218 Peters, Demion 275 Peters, Denise 275 Peters, Robert 176, 260, 132, 133 Petersen, Janet 275 Peterson, Hkather 169, 275 Petruzzi, Michael 49, 244 Petruzzi, Steven 275 Pfohl, Cris 218 Phillips, Diana 218 Phillips, Judith 169, 275 Phillips, Rondal Phillips, Suzanne 168,275 Phillips, Wilbor 275 Phinney, Jennifer 276 Phinney, Sara 164,168, 174, 230,218 Phinney, Thomas Piaskowski, Catherine 157, 184, 244 Piatt, Mary 218 Piatt, Patti 182, 245 Picard, Kathleen 86, 108, 245 Pickett, Clyde 276 Pieper, Laurie 218 Pieper, Tina 218 Pierpoint, Scott 170, 276 Pine, Kara 181, 276 Piper, Camille 173, 245 Pitts, Charles 260 Plant, Robert 276 Plenty, Cherelle 218 Plenty, David Plenty, Josh 276 Plott, Cynthia Poczatek, June 168, 260 Poillucci, Donna 28, 245 Poillucci, Michael 260 Poland, Robin 218 Polanskey, Deborah 218 Polla, Constance 218 Pomper, Patricia 260 Poole. Christopher 276 Porch, Jon 276 Portell, James 2, 4, 90,91, 163, 191,219,231 Porter, Christine 276 Porter, David 168,260 Porterfield, Eric 276 Portz, Mark 219 Posey, Michael 260 Potvin, Christopher 276 Powell, Ferron 276 Powell, Joel 245 Powell, Lisa 42, 183, 245 Powers, Susan 260 Pratt, Daniel 170, 245 Pratt, David 260 Pratt, John 45, 245,61,142 Prevost, Katina 260 Prevost, Lisa 177, 276 Price, Gwen 19,172, 219 Priebe, Laurie 169 Przybyl, Sean 260 Puckett, Michael 260 Puckett, Michael 260 Puckett, Michele 108,181, 260, 61 Pugh, Kari276 Purcell, Bryan 276 Purcell, Jeffrey 276 Purdy, Brian 179, 276 Rut-yon, Jeffrey 173,245 Putiyon, Mark 164, 168,260 Putiyon, Ricardo 172,179, 219,69 Putman, Karen 260,130 Putnam, William 2, 52, 54, 178,219, 231 Pyrz, Anthony 92, 114, 245 Queen, Juanita 276 Quesenberry, Donald Quesenberry, Isaac Quezaire, Kimberly 245 Quezaire, Lkslie219,142, 143 Quinn, Darlene Quereshi, Samina 245 Raffield, Suzette 182, 260 Raftery, Anna 245 Rastatter, James 245 Rawlinson, Darrell 112, 216 Ray, Richard 219 Reaves, Cheryl Redman, Donald 276 Reed, Samantha 260 Reeves, Andrew 219 Reichenbach, Colleen 94, 95, 219 Rehm, Scott 276 Rendino, Michael 182, 276 Rendino, Stephanie 180, 219 Reynolds, Amy 170, 276 Reynolds, Brian 260 Reynolds, Cynthia 219 Renolds, Noel Rhodes, Jeffrey 260 Rice, Christian 276 Rice, Sarah 260 Rich, Kathryn 108, 170,276 Richard, Rebecca 245 Richards, Kimberly 276 Richardson, Anthony Ricketts, James 116,245 Rickman, Brenda 276 Richman, Mark 245 Rider, Daniel 170, 276 Rider, David 219 Rider, Kathleen 108, 276, 126 Reisenberg, Melinda 78,219 Risenberg, Tanya 276 Rijfkogel, Ovid 84, 219 Riley, Carole Riley, Lee 245 Ritenour, Robert 245 Robbins, Matthew 5, 84, 177, 187.219 Robbins, Suzanne 170 Roberts, Aaron 170, 276 Roberts, Betty Roberts, Cheri 276 Roberts, Donnie 245 Robertson, Bethann Robertson, Donna Robertson, Sean Robinson, Edward 171, 260 Robinson, Florence 173, 245 Robison, Sharon 260 Rocha, Maria 174, 177, 219 Rocha, Richard 276 Rock, Jeffrey Rockhill, Lisa 158, 220 Rodgers, Charles 220 Rodgers, Dana 154, 276 Rodgers, Sara 182, 220 Rodgers, Timothy 114, 261 Rodriguez, Carla 276 Rodriguez, Carlos 276 Rodriguez, Conrad 220 Rodriguez, Durwin 245 Rodriguez, Hans 276 Rodriguez, Robert Rodriguez, Tomas 116,245 Rodriquez, Christine 34, 261 Roederer, Eric R gers, Bart 92,114, 261 Rogers, Darrin 245 Rogers, Kimberly 245 Rogers, Kimberly 245 Rogers, Timi 162, 220 Rojas, Manuel Roles, Ralph 261 Roles, Virginia 245 Rooney, Aileen 277 Rooney, Laura Rose, Deirdre 277 Ross, Larry 220 Rotblut, Charles 110, 171, 261, 67 Rotelli, Matthew 245 Rouleau, Barbara 70, 181, 245 Rouleau, Kathleen 181, 261 Rowe, Pat 3, 4, 29, 116, 120, 171, 191,220, 142 Rowe, Peter 112, 277, 142 Rowe, Richard 112, 277, 140 Rowell, Chris 261 Roy, Anthony 277 Roy, Ernest 277 Roy, Richard Royer, Snephanie 94, 95, 108, 109,220 Ruiz, Snella 277 Ruiz, Vivian 106, 107, 69, 191,220 Rumph, Betsy 158, 168, 261 Russell, Donna245 Russell, Timothy 277 Ruszcyk, Carol 182, 277 Ryna, David 277 Ryan, Jeffrey 245 Rzucidlo, Eva 169, 245 Sabet, Soraya 19, 69, 261 Sadoff, Jennifer 277 Sadoff, Nicole Safransky, Grace 220, 61 Safransky, Leslie 277 Sager, David 261 Sahu, Meghamala 245 Salmon, Andre 164,168,245 Salyers, Deneim 169, 245 Salyers, Mark 277 San Nicolas, Eduardo 174, 177, 220 San Pietro, Andy Sanders, Andree 112, 113, 277, 126 Sanderson, John 245 Sanderson, Susan 245 Sandidge, Rebecca 220 Sanpietro, Robert 220 Santos, Fslipe 245 Saplak, Lisa 161, 261 Sargent, Jody 245 Sarofim, Alan 261 Sarsfield, Bridget 182, 220 Sarsfield, Clare 261 Saunders, Linda 5, 220 Savoie, Kathleen 169, 277 Scalia, Christine 39,158, 171, 182, 220, 186,32 Scaramuzza, Stephen 277 Schaerr, Kenneth 245 Schalow, Shelley 221 Schaney, Jeff 114, 115,40, 261 Scharp, Brenda 96, 182, 245 Schell, Andrea 277 Scholl, Andrea Schieffelin, Michele 277 Schieffelin, Susan 221 Schmidt, Laura 245, 261 Schmitz, Mark 116, 117, 173, 221 Schneider, William 221 Schoenborn, Earl 110, 277 Schooley, Stacey 168 Schubring, Rosemarie 182, 245 Schutt, Charlene 246, 261 Schutt, Jackline 261 Scott, Maria Scott, Michael 164, 168, 246 Scott, Renee 277 Scott, Ronald 170,277 Scroggins, Gregory 221 Seabolt, Becky 170, 277 Seabolt, John 261 Sears, Daryl 261 Sears, Karen 221 Seaton, Christine 108,109, 277, 126 Sebastian, Charles 114, 261 Sedlaced, Jeffrey 277 Sedlacek, Scott 221 Sedmock, Rozanne246 Seeley, Robert 112,113, 277, 140, 141 Seger, Deana 168, 169, 221 Seikel, Erik 221 Seikel, Susanna 221 Self, George 221 Sese, Khalid Sessoms, Pamela48, 168, 178, 240 Sesekhalid, Chris 221 Sewell, Kathy Shackelford, James 246, 65 Shackelford, Joy Shaffer, Tamela 169, 246 Shannon, David 114, 261 Sharron, Michael 164, 168, 221, 79 Shater, Brian Shater, Christopher 277 Shatley, Cynthia 277 Shaw, Howard 261 Shea, John Shearer, Timothy 269 Sheloski, Gregory 277 Sheloski, Jeffrey 19, 221 Shelton, Roger 114,261, 277 Shelton, Ronnie 112 Shettles, Kevin 246 Shettles, Susan Shifflett, Donald 221 Shin, Nam 277, 141, 142 Shin, Sung 84, 246, 141, 142 Shiner, Donald 26, 173, 221, 142 Shive, Lisa Sholar, Kim 13, 46, 55, 154, 222 Sholar, Kristie 154, 155, 277 Shoop, Cynhtia 168, 181, 261 Short, Juliana 246 Shreve, Timothy 92, 93, 222 Schrewsbury, Acie 3, 7, 90, 91, 116, 117,37,42, 120, 121, 163, 222,233 Shurtliff, David 261 Shuttliff, Stacey 187, 246 Siegel, John Simcic, John 112, 113, 277, 140, 141 Simmons, Anne 169, 261, ■ ' ! 1 ' r s ' feS 277 Simmons, Ricky 261 Simon, Jane 261 Simpson, Bruce 246,142 Simpson, Jerry 19, 82,94, 96, 110, 169, 182,246, 130 Simpson, Lisa 222 Simpson, Michael 246 Sims, Amber 261 Singh, Rajiv 112, 277 Sisk, Jacqueline 277 Sisson, Deborah 277 Sisson, Edna 222 Sisson, Stephen 114,246 Sizemore, Larry 277 Sketo, Lisa 108, 169, 261 Sbinner, William 246 Slattery, Anthony 261 Slaughter, Deborah 261 Slaughter, Russell 168, 246 Sloan, Somer 55, 154, 182, 246 Slocumb, Dennis 170, 261 Sloper, Alicia Stoper, Darren 176, 276 Sloper, Stephen Slusser, Gregory 114 Smalls, Robert 222 Smallwood, Barry 261 Smead, Amy 168, 261 Smith, Anthony 222 Smith, Brigitte 277 Smith, Christine 261 Smith, Colleen 261, 79 Smith, Deborah 246 Smith, Eddy 88, 246, 65 Smith, Fred 261, 142 Smith, Holly 277 Smith, Jeff 261 Smith, Jerry Smith, Kathy 222 Smith, Kelley 277 Smith, Kelvin 261 Smith, Kirby 246, 134, 135 Smith, Lori 261 Smith, Melissa 222 Smith, Melvin 246, 134, 135 Smith, Michael 261 Smith, Michael A. 89, 277 Smith, Michelle 277 Smith, Mona 222 Smith, Richard 261 Smith, Robert J. Smith, Robert L. Smith, Scott 261 Smith, Wendy Snediker, Marc 11, 84, 33, 222 i Snediker, Thomas 246 Sneed, Aubrey 261 Snow, Jacqueline 157, 222 Snyder, Nancy 154, 168, 277 Soltes, Steve 262 Somers, Deirdre 262 Sookshawee, Komson 177, 222, 58 Sookshawee, Tippy 51, 169, 177, 191, 193,222 Sootkoos, Kimberly 246 Soper, Amy 222 Sorensen, Scott 170, 277 Soulsby, Sandra 182, 262 Sowers, Kimberly 170,277 Sparks, Christy 262, 62 Sparks, Floyd 116,179, 223 Sparks, Kelly 246 Sparks, Vonda55, 161,223 Spasoff, Frances 265, 278 Spasoff, Richard 246, 134 Spatzer, Jeanine 262, 278 Speaks, Rodney 246 Spear, Jeffrey Spellane, Susan 168, 262 Spence, Timothy 262 Spillman, Cathleen 223 Sprouse, Chris 24, 246 Sprouse, Traci 278 Sprowls, Dawn 262 Sragaow, Chutimar 19, 262 Srock, Benjamin 246 Stafira, Gregory 262 Stafira, Stanle 88, 246 Stafne, Michael Stallworth, Alex Stamper, Haskell 92, 262, 132 Stanford, Keith 223 Stanley, Robert 170, 262 Stanley, Sandra 277 Starner, Mike 246 Starr, Brenda 169, 246 Starr, John Starz, Sharon Staudinger, Julie 246 St Clair, Scott 278, 126 Steele, Victoria Steenhoek, Rhonda 169, 262 Steffey, Andra 223 Steigelman, Herbert 262 Stephens, Anita 278 Stephens, Diana 177, 262 Stephens, Kathleen 223 Stephens, Michelle 223 Stephens, Rodney 262 Stephenson, Jeni 278 Stermer, Deanna 262 Stermer, Douglas 72 Sterner, Michael Sterns, Ralph Sterns, Timothy 262 Stevens, Lisa 177, 246 Stewart, Deborah 169, 278 Stewart, Erin 161, 169, 246 Stewart, Michael 262 Stiles, Dawna 246 Stiles, Gian 277 Stiles, Lisa 96, 262 Still, Silas 262 Stinger, Tracey 168, 246 Stockman, Deborah 46, 158, 168, 223 Stokes, Andre 116, 117, 120, 223 Stokes, Rosalind 246 Stoltz, Fredrick 112, 278 Stootman, Michael Stoy, Elizabeth 169, 262 Stoy, Jacqueline 223 Strahl, Debra 262 Straight, Laura 170, 278 Strassner, Patrick 246 Strickland, Samantha 169, 223 Striker, Monica 223 Stringer, Anita 168, 169, 262 Stringer, James 170, 278 Stronko, Gary 116,246 Struble, Matthew 278 Struble, Tracey 158, 262 Struder, Matthew 170 Strychowski, Steven 262 Stuart, Carolyn 169,262 Stumm, Coleen 169, 278 Stumm, Leona 262 Stutler, Traci 161, 262 Stynes, David 4, 246 Stynes, Robert 278,126 Stynes, William 12,29,223 Suggs, Melvin Sullivan, Cynthia 246 Sullivan, Joseph 173, 246 Sullivan, Pamela 177, 223, 130 Sullivan, Willie 173, 246 Summerfield, James 223 Sunday, Roberta 23, 106, 246 Sunderland, Kimberly 168, 278 Suslowicz, Cheryl 262 Sutherland, Daniel 177, 278 Swabb, Karla 168, 246 Swallow, Kimberley Swecker, Evelyn 168, 278 Swecker, Lkslie 168 Tait, Cheryl 223 Talley, Phillip Talley, William 170, 278 Tamony, Carole 105, 157, 224, 77 Tamony, Joseph 112, 278 Tarlton, James 246 Tassa, Daniel Tassa, Vincetn 92, 93, 116, 119,246, 142 Tassi, Deidre224 Tassi, Jennifer 168, 278 Taylor, Amber 246 Taylor, Andrew 278, 126, 127 Taylor, Christina 19, 109, 262 Taylor, David 5, 224 Taylor, Jeffrey 278 Taylor, John 278 Taylor, Keith 278 Taylor, Michael 108, 170, 224 Taylor, Michele 94, 163, 246, 130, 131 Taylor, Rosalyn 247 Taylor, Vickie Teel, Concetta 169 Teel, Kelvin 224 Templeton, Sandra 170, 224 Terrell, Patrick 278 Terry, Kkndrick 278 Testa, Ricky Tetreault, Laurie Teves, Adelina Teves, Daniel 247 Thacker, Teresa 247 Thacker, Yvonne 169, 278 Thayer, Ali 278 Thayer, Robert Thiel, Jeffrey 247 Thomaidis, Stephen 54, 247, 58 Thomas, Anthony 247 Thomas, Antrone 224 Thomas, Christy Thomas, Edward Thomas, Joyce 247 Thomas, Judy 262 Thomas, Sean 262 Thompson,Carlos 262 Thompson, Carol 168,169, 224 Thompson, Chari 86, 224 Thompson, John 278 Thompson, Myrna 278 Thompson, Theresa 262,57 Thorne, Terry 262 Thornton, Gregory 262 Thornton, Kenneth 224 Thornton, Rachelle278 Thorpe, Valarie 262 Thurston, Mark 90, 224 Thurston, Steven Tidd, Karen 247 Tiller, Tommie 262 Tiller, Wendy 2, 78, 126 Tilley, Kristin 29, 224 Tley, Lisa 182, 187, 247 Tillman, Lori 247 Tipton, Coreen 278 Tipton, Laura 262 Tokhi, Homaira Tokhi, Suraya Toler, Charles 247, 142, 143 Tslliver, John 278 Toman, Martin 224 Tompkins, Amber 278 Tompkins, Michelle 224 Tompkins, Steven 112, 278 Tonstad, Tammy 278 Totten, Ray 247 Townsend, Wade 224 Townsend, Wendy 154, 278 Treichel, Rhonda 247 Trojano, Anthony Trojano, Suzie Trout, Amy 108, 247 Trudillo, Kendra 262 Truitt, Tamra 108, 262 Tuano, Theresa 262 Tucker, Joseph 224, 247, 13 Tucker, Latrice262 Tucker, Lejune Tucker, Penny 170 Tucker, Rodney 262 Tuel, Connie 278 Turlip, Kathleen 262 Turner, Carol 247 Turner, Daniel 27s Turner, Gaylon 262 Turner, James 2 Turner, Jennifer 158, 169, 162 Turner, Julie 79, 126 Turner, Kevin 173 Turner, Merle 225 Turner, Patricia 247 Turner, Randall 225 Turner, Rodney Turner, Theron 302 Index ;k, Angela 173, 225, 61, Walker, Toni 247 Wallace, Thomas 263 :k, James 23, 84, 115, Wallager, lien , 247 Walls, Tina 110, 163,247 :k, Jeffrey 279 Walls, Tonya 24, 169, 247 rger, Sandra 263 Walsh, Kim wood,John 225 Walsh, Peter wood, Randolph Walta, Michelle , Kimberly 108, 182, Walter, Lynn 226 Walter, Tracy , Lori 182, 247 Walters, Michele 182, 247 , Kendra 279 Wanamaker, Dovid 279 , Kristin 11, 169, 247 Wannamaker, Sarah 182, , Roberto 263 it, Lee 279 Wantz, Paul 279 Richard 225 Wardlow, Carol elder, John 225 Ware, Robert elt, Robert Ware, Teresa 173, 247 styne, Kathy 279 Warner, Lisa 263 ren, Mark Warren, Douglas 170, 279 irhoof, John 263 Warren, Steven 247 as, Alexander 247 Warring, Robert 263 ughnet, Sam 263 Washington, Cynthia 279 iduyt, Christian Washington, Derrick 114, iDoreen 225 247 r, Chris 247,142 Washington, Dietrick 22, 116 Terri 247 Waterstreat, Mark 279 ades, Boni 182, 247 Waterstraat, Tracy 172, 226 t, Linda 263 Watkins, Tiersa 226 heryl 247 Watson, Myles 50, 190, 193, James 112, 113, 52, 226 279 Watson, Steven 263 rg, Kevin 225 Watt, Anthony 112, 279 , Frank 263 Weakley, Michael 263, 279 , David 225 Weakley, Michelle 55 onnie Weatherholts, Kim 247 .Andrew 225 Weaver, Marvin 279 , Benjamin Webb, Barry 170, 279 , Matthew 92, 247 Webb, James 226 Tammy 247 Webster, Bruce 279 eather 169, 263 Webster, Cathryn 247 , Anthony 279 Webster, Karen 11, 177, 226 vnthony 263 Wedidng, Harry 263 ar, John 247 Wedding, Raymond 263 DSki, Craig Weed, Patrick Michael 225 Weiler, Fred lohn Weiler, Robert alffradt, Tim 170,263 Welch, Richard 263 Norman 247 Wells, Diana 263 )m, Manit 247 Wells, Eric 112,279 3m, Somchit Wells, Jefferson 277 ell, Cheryl 279 Wells, Michael Daniel Wendle, William 247, 135, Ellen 225 134 on, Barry Wendling, Patrick 279 1, Jennifer 19, 110, 33, Wenner, Wayne 247 ,263, 125 Werner, Pamela 169, 279 3, Joanna 25, 48, 225 West, Terri 247 ■nan, Tracy 157, 263 Westhoff, Elizabeth 279 idge, Mary 225 Westhoff, Judith 31, 182, 226 r, Angela 20, 169,225 Wheat, Dawn 263 r, Barbara 225,63 Wheat, Sean 263 r, Bonnie 163,247, 130 Wheelehan, Debra 164, 168, r, Jeannie 226 169, 226 r, Katherine 94 Wheelehan; Linda 53, 164, r, Michelle 170, 279 168, 247 r, Patricia Wheeler, Christina 263 r, Rheatte226 Wheeler, Michelle 158,263 r, Rudy 92, 114,263 Whelchel, David 79 % Steven 247, 72 White, Elizabeth 104,106 ' , Tam 226 White, Dawn 247 White, Diane 170, 265 White, Dwayne 247 . White, Janeen 247 White, Janet 177,226 White, Katherine 106, 107, 40, 235, 247, 64 White, Melodie 279 White, Peggy 263 White, Randolph 226, 70 White, Robert 169,.263, 140 White, Robin 98, 110, 163, 263,66,125 Whited, Melissa 263 Whitt, Kimberly 182, 247 Whittle, Virginia 248 Wichelt, Steven 182, 248, 59 Wichelt, Vicki 156, 181, 263 Wickum, Brian 279, 126 Wiggins, Karia226, 76 Wiley, David 248 Wilks, Kimberly 226 Willett, Lashon 263 Willett, Robert 227, 134 Willett, Toni 279 Williams, Cara 263 Williams, Carmelita Williams, Connie Williams, David 279 Williams, Elizabeth 279 Williams, Eugene 279 Williams, Greg 248 Williams, Jessica 248 Williams, Kathy 263 Williams, Kathy J. 169 Williams, Lawrence 116 Williams, Neil Williams, Pamela 279 Williams, Reginald 248 Williams, Richard 112, 279 Williams, Russell 227 Williams, Stephani Williams, Tamatha 161, 263 Williams, Tina 263, 63 Williamson, Aene 279 Williamson, John 227 Willingham, John Willis, Erica 227 Willis, Laura 170, 248, 76 Wilson, Bronwyn 96, 169, 263 Wilson, DeWayne 116, 121, 248, 125 Wilson, Donna 12, 169, 227 Wilson, Donna D. 279 Wilson, Dorothy 227 Wilson, Jennifer 279 Wilson, Jonathan 170, 279 Wilson, Keith 248 Wilson, Leah 170, 263 Wilson, Lewey Wilson, Luke Wilson, Richard Wilson, Robert 277 Wilson, Roger 263, 132 Wilson, Sharon 169,248 Wilson, Thomas Windt, David Wintrode, Mary 170, 280 Wirt, Lisa 158, 280 Wirt, Stephen Witherall, Scott 280 Withers, William 263 Witty, Janice 158, 227 Wolfe, Neil 263 Wood, Jerry Woodall, Mark 248 Woodfin, Kathryn 227 Woodfin, Michael 263 Woods, Jeffrey 227 W-ods, Judtih 172,227 Wooldridge, Alan 179, 263 Woolfolk, Deanna 248 Woosley, Teresa 248 Workman, Cheri 227 Worthy, Tanya 161, 177, 263 Wright, Anthony 49, 169, 248 Wright, Christopher 280 Wright, Elixabeth 248 Wright, Hkather 248 Wright, Kathy 263 Wright, Kimberly 280 Wright, Melissa Wright, Stephanie 161 Wright, Thomas Wyatt, Alan 227 Wyatt, Sandra 263 Wylie, Melvin 279 Yacobi, Danny 248 Yacobi, Michele 40, 41, 42, 231 Yarbrough, Guner Yates, Laura 168 Yates, Mark 227, 280 Yates, Scott 116, 248 Yeary, Maria 157, 280 Yenyo, Alexander 227 Yi, Dae 280 York, Michael 263 Young, Ann 168, 288 Young, Brent 263 Young, Derrick 116, 43, 173, 227 Young, Gavin 288 Young, Lance 116, 227 Young, Marchelle 228 Zahn, Sharon 184, 228 Zahn, Steve 263 Zaldana, Gloria 228 Zaldana, Gustavo 280 Zanella, John 114, 263 Zawisa, Margaret Zawisa, Mark 114, 170, 263 Zawisa, Stephen 114, 170, 248 Zeraatbany, Payam 280 Zeunges, Barbara 263 Ziesler, Pamela 169, 263 Zoromski, Neal 228 Zoromskl, Patrick 280 Index 303 INDIAN ECHOES ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS 1982-1983 Editors: Editors-in-Chief.Michael Good, Beth Jacobson Student Life.Dawn Avery, Julie Grevey Organizations.Eileen Murphy Sports.Jenny Bucknam Academics.Linda Brozena, Julie Novitsky, Matt Harrington Seniors.Christine Scalia Underclassmen.James Macauley, Stacey Shurtliff Faculty.Mike Gillette Staff: Special Thanks to: Bonnie Byram Jennifer Coffee Jason Coster Jean Engleka Kathy Hill Michael Hill Karen Holley Allen Howard Kathy Nagley Matthew Robbins Lisa Tilley Sponsor: Stephen Sawyer Tom Scarry — Taylor Publishing George Deel — LaMont Studios Memory Makers HOtAN ECHOES OUR PAGES ARE YOUR PAST “We hope that this yearbook holds special memories for everyone. This book was made for the students, by the students, and consists of memories of the student’s lives. It is a book “All Our Own”. The staff worked very hard on this and we know our efforts haven’t been wasted. Through producing this record of history, much “artistic friction” was created amongst the staff. This friction shows how much this staff was concerned with creating a volume that they could be proud of and that you too, will be proud of. We sincerely hope that you enjoy it. Beth Jacobson Mike Good 304 Acknowledgements 0 t « PRINCE WILLIAM PUBLIC LIBRARY SYSTEM 3 3159 00890 6385 For Reference This item for use in the library only. Prince William Public Library If . ' r$ 7A ;■ i »? .-.V T ».. s 7;

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