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Prince William ublic -ibiix) Maaattai, Vii-giau N WWafn INDIAN ECHOES 1982 Garfield Sr. High School 1400 Smoketown Road Woodbridge, VA 22192 TABLE OF CONTENTS - STUDENT LIFE 32-57 ORGANIZATIONS 58-99 SENIORS 146-217 JUNIORS 218-227 SPORTS 100-145 2 Table of Contents CLOSING 284-304 FACULTY 274-283 SOPHOMORES ' mmF -n n VV g ° s OF " 85 ' " FRESHMEN 248-273 Table of Contents 3 e right direction Wrong Way! Mike Good Irene Nelson in a moment of solitude. Christi Simpson and Bobby Meixner share papers A lunch crew, Paul Delaney and friends, does its stuff Jody Sargent Opening S jV ' | I 1 4 • 1 14 ESE| [ | . ' Hr i | Crossing over to a good time Joe Limbaugh, Theresa Fogoros, and Suzy Zara Ovid Rijfkogel tries unsuccessfully for a bubble. Kelli Leiter gives a pretty smile for the camera Michelle Perry and Kristen Tilly He’s the guilty one! Mike Howard, Jimmy Small and Robert Simpson 6 Opening Jon Kanis at a time of deeper concentration. Mark Kramer studying hard. ERA takes its toll! Grace Safransky and Eddie Day . . . but we want your picture, Rheatte Brown! Brian Johnson displays his talent on stage. Opening 7 Ellen Bland studies with a friend Karen Webster Jeff Dorton Brenda Moore, Tracy Howard and others enjoy the out doors during lunch. Some students use lunchtime to socialize Denise Latimer and Karen Boling Others, like Becky Lee Pam Cryan and Brenda Ferry prefer socializ ing in the cafeteria 8 Opening 9L . ' ■ If M ' ' r ' jfl 1 , Bh HHj fa ' SJ % J m •: Tjjj m { - If H ►I ?: i b ' ■ ! r LiV Mrs. Johnson keeps the school store in order A real Gar-Field indian? Angela Orth m Jeanette King, Shauntay Harris, Sonji Harris, Kim Wilks, and Rheatte Brown Francos Lamitte Eddie Fernandez models the typical dress — Izod shirts and designer jeans. AX .. X ■ • v . •. i- • ' " m ' A ■ • • . , 5 , 4 ■ ' ii ?. ■ Opening 9 AND DOWNS MOVIN’ ON ... Diane Halsey hard at work. The chefs of the future? Norman, Reggie, Stephanie, and Sherry Hey, pick on people your own size! Mike Howard and Robert Simpson Mark Kramer 10 Opening Michelle Hogancamp Oscar Steele makes himself at home. Opening 11 No Way But The Right Way Bobby Martin (right) and friend work in automechanics. Mike Hamond hard at work. Only one way to act — c razy, as Tracy Malone, Angela Orth, and Jeff Dorton prove. April Jones yields a smile. Lisa Smith and Sharella Johnson take their own pace. 12 Opening Mary Beth Grafmuller and Jeannie Leuders Caught ya, Sharon Robinson! Missy Deluisio J.P. with the distinguished look. Mr. Clemmon’s restless class. Thomas Cavey takes time out. Opening 13 Which way is up? Gordon Jenkins and Danny Geiger share a practical joke. Biology at its best! Bob Artz and Jimmy Wolfort looking suspicious. Mike Howard shares his craziness. A relaxed moment during elections for Gini Cook, Victor Graulau, and Rick MacDonald. 14 Opening Linda Mott — A little mixed up, huh? Pat Brooks and Jennifer Morgan enjoy group projects. Tina Ellinwood A typical audience during an assembly. Laura Arnold smiles a pretty one. Opening 15 H«U, to move on Peggy McKelvey and Angela Orth relax before practice. Angie Tutsock and Barbara Smith share a laugh Chris Taylor and Rhonda Mitchell getting rough Curtis Johnson and Lionel Greene between classes. Mike Fraser, Wayne Nut, and friend during P.E. Opening 17 Juwie SB M m El ' ■ |i tvJ k Ek I r: j V 4Q xB? • w , Ife . ■£ x Iyi —._ WT ' . Jj T " . ,a fjL jl X jEg FRIENDS Craig Gladden and Julie Hasley — Isn’t love grand? Mrs. Wooley’s art class relaxes a while. Caught ya, Michelle Embrey! Melody Martin and Vince Walker, aren’t friends terrific? 18 Opening make the world go ’round Angie Talbot caught by surprise. Cheerleading — is that anything like karate? James Brown and Sharon Prudot Sandy Brown smiles a pretty one. He went that way! Mike Mclntire Peter Luther. Todd Palmer, and friends at lunch. Opening 19 Stephanie Schubring, Renee Grimm, Cindy Chase and Cathy Curran Lookin’ Straight Ahead Gar-Field under constructipn. Peter Kasseri Mrs. Brooks and cosmetology class Good times take the right of way Mike Good demonstrates the casual look. Mrs. Comb’s English class 22 Opening Suzan Kerem Cheryl Hardy Wonder which one does all the work? Matt Harrington and John Thibodeau m m Rita Guba and Nancy Gilliam Jennifer Morgan, Mr. Courtney, and Rosana Donley Sara McKelvey Chris Arnoldi Just follow the arrows!! Opening 23 ■ ANY WHICH WAY Liz Sprinkle won’t stop for the camera. Indianettes “do their stuff” during pep rally. 24 Opening YOU CAN The football crew — Bruce Nichols, Gordon Jenkins, Acie Shrewsbury, Dave Gutierrez, Rob Kreiner, and Joe Miller Hiding from someone, Tim? Cindy Sears and Lori Smith Mrs. Turner’s sophomore English class Opening 25 All STOP and GO ' vs0te The senior in the best of us! Sharon Canada and Jeannie Lueders LTJHi Indianettes Julie Ritz and Mary Toms Lori Tillman and Tracey Howard 26 Opening Randy Jalis ♦ k • • Susan Hill Mrs. Firaben’s class on project day Mrs. Huddle’s biology class Kendal Moore Shauntay Harris Opening 27 Hank Earl with the “macho” look Mr. Robinson’s P.E. class practices archery. 28 Opening i —. ' fc II • ... fwii FOOTBALL! Robert, Darnell, and Jane get their work done in the The gang’s all here! Tim Chamberlain, Mickey Mullins, Chris Palmer. Steve Khalili Gary Foster, Kim Key, Scott Warren, and Dennis Chappel Susie Seikel and friends study in the stands Opening 29 Mike Coughenour and friend Pam Faulkner and Scott Irvin Andra Stephy « ' %? " a v ' • V MO PUMC TURN ON THAT SMILE! Mark Robinson — Future teacher? Scribble, Squiggle, Scribble. 30 Opening Kathy Keene puts on a pretty one! Aren’t they sweet? Opening 31 ■ . ' -.v •. . - ; A ’ i f ' . ■ •; P,E. — a really swinging cla$s! A restless class in the math pod Isy Majeski, Jeannie Lueders, Terry Lucero, Mary Beth Grafmuller, Christi Sirttpsc Cathy Curfan. Sue Flynn, Eddie McCarthy, fins Be Jeannie Lueders, Shawn Kelly, Donna Burns, Mary Bet h Gra fmuller, and Sue Flynn Henry Figueroa . J 1 Vff I |- j ( _ V — rl • . i ■dr i i [ . «; |M j(r it i S ; - j 1 f i ' nfiOTrfr tl 1 in y. d m 1 _ I » J W ' ( ■ A typical Gar-Field hallway between classes jrf- 11 4 34 Student Life Student Life 35 Junior Variety Show This year’s Junior Variety Show was a huge success, so much so that it was put on a second time. The show started with music from the eighties and flashbacked to acts from the twenties, thirties, forties, up to the eighties. Hits from the show include, among many excellent performances, Keith Steighner, who played the banjo; Leo Maruschak, his friends Boris and Zebo, singing “Rhinestone Cowboy,” and Alan Phillips and Mark Boodee, the Blues Brothers. Jerry Bartee imitates the Elvis. Remembering it (the twenties) well are Lisa O’Hara and Mark Robinson. M.C. Donna Pardo (Laura Fisher) questions Demented Debutante contes¬ tant Risque Hoozbaug (Jay Townsend). Gar-Field’s rhinestone cowboy Leo Maruschak and his singing buddies Zebo and Boris. 38 Student Life Sophomore Beauty Pageant Jerry “Gus” Simpson, second runner-up; Nancy Leeker, first runner-up; Jackie Bell, winner; Beth Secrist, third runner-up; and Suzanne Puletz, fourth runner-up. Sophomore contestant Stephanie Royer with escort Bobby Doyle. Brendan Bunn escorts Susan Hill and Jenny Clark. M.C. questions Top 10 finalist Kassie Thorne. Thirty-four freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior girls enjoyed “Ladies Night” April 10, 1980 in the Sophomore Beauty Pageant. The girls are not pictured above are as follows: Vicki Addison, Becky Boutwell, Diane Brown, Chris Cornell (Top 10), Robin Dameron, Rossana Donley, Donna Dove, Joann Drum¬ mond, Lynn Frasier, Cheryl Herrell, Naomi Homan, Diana Judy, Dawn Kujawa, Ginger Kepano, Tish Mayle (Top 10), Melodie Martin, Kelli Mc¬ Cormick, Kathy Motta, Denise Novack, Lynette Pierson, Lisa Powell (Top 10), Pamela Sessoms, Kelley Sewell, Christi Simpson, and Michelle Thorleton. Master of Ceremonies Greg Taylor was accompanied by Mistress Jill In¬ gram. Escorts not pictured above were John Cotton, David Dawson, Mike Drury, Mike Good, Ralph Linkous, Perry Mullins, Cris Pfohl, Myles Watson. Student Life 39 Putting It All Together Bet you did not know Gar-Field was responsible for building houses, did you? Mr. Clarence Leggett heads the Building Trades class and Mr. Clyde Washington the Masonry class, which together worked this year on building a house in Lakeridge. The framing, plumbing, and electrical work is done by the Building Trades class and the bricklaying is done by the masonry class. Last year a house which students had worked on for 3 years, was sold for over $100,000 at Independent Hill. Houses are built one at a time and once a house is sold, the money is used to build another one. The Vocational Foundation Committee takes care of the financial part by buying the materials and selling the house. Students are not paid for their work, but they receive on the job training. Alex Smith surveys the grounds. ▼n 5 r ' % UN rggjt mm lHv s■ m[%. . mm r - SP. ■ ' a flggB b 1%;) ■ w : y4 ■ sHH Wm c v- . ' V j E-%- ' “’ ' Student digs out foundation with a bulldozer Mr. Leggett and Mr. Washington examine blue prints for Lakeridge ' | ie popular Rubik’s Cu ie and Jennifei MM BUG 1 % 1 |F SENIOR PROM This year’s prom was almost non-existent due to lack of funds, but thanks to various sales and mainly the Junior Variety Show profits, it was held at the Fredricksburgh Sheraton on June 5, 1981. David Raffield and Julie Ritz enjoy the music of the live band. Students dance the night away. Christi Simpson and her date from Stonewall, Rudy Villereale relax outdoors. Sweethearts Laura Maclver and Mike Sweeney enjoy their evening together 42 Student Life GRADUATION: class of ’81 Principal Mr. Phil Gainous leads the graduates to their places on the field for the ceremony. Senator John Warner inspires graauaieb wm. nis opening speech. Kim Sebastian expresses her relief at the end of high school. Tom Mehr receives his diploma from Mr. Gainous. Student Life 43 If Diana Otti harlie Dixon M Student Life Homecoming mums for sale Pose pretty, Susan! Joanna Weibel dels ’81-’82 Indianette ' atenaude hard Tom Waters A a V v f Fjl ■HKtir . i ■■1 LJjj- 1 1 ri . iO im £ 1 ?• ' ■ ' ' 4Kt T nibI 1 jW 8 H • ' y- ji MJM N 5 i -o ; ✓1 A SEASON OF SUCCESS . . . and that ' s the truth! ' 81 Football District Champions Indianettes — a routine all their own! Cheerleader Sharon Moore 46 Student Life Pep Rally psyches team to victory. Student Life 47 BINGO! Randy Brooke and Dave Burnett — G-F at work Alonzo Johnson relaxes as he works. Sandy Suber practices her music. Sandy Carter does her science classwork. Kelly Leiter works on chemistry lab. Amanda Mosby types efficiently. “-rC SmCOi r tt Lite GAR-FIELD FOR SALE Ten ine scnooi was ot no real value and ought to be sold if it would soon be lacking their presence. Student Life 49 50 Student Life if SPIRIT WEEK Traditionally Gar-Field prepares for the big Woodbridge Gar-Field football game by having spirit week the week prior to the game. Cowboy day, surf shirt day, jersey day, and class day were among the categories for dress this year. Some students chose only to express their spirit by yelling at the pep rally, the final spirit week event, but others went all out to show the whole school how spirited they are! Seniors Sharon Prudot and Jimmy Barnhart on class day. Spirited junior Lisa Ganino on surf shirt day Rhonda Early — more hats N shades day. Michelle Brown and Karen Boling — hats N shades day. Student Life 51 1981 HOMECOMING COURT ... Mr. Gainous crowns Becky. Crowned as Gar-Field’s 1981 Homecoming Queen was senior Becky Lee. Princesses were seniors Lori Lockwood and Melody Martin, juniors Michelle Yacobi and Kelly Ar- vai, sophomores Lisa Powell and Kathy White, and freshmen Lisa Lindsay and Denise Long. The game was a victorious one over James Wood and the float contest was a victory for the seniors. 1981 Homecoming Queen Becky Lee Senior princesses Lori Lockwood and Melody Martin Junior princesses Michelle Yacobi and Kelly Arvai Freshmen princesses Denise Long and Lisa Lindsay 52 Student Life AND HOMECOMING DANCE The king and queen share a dance. Stephanie Royer and boyfriend Tom Murphy in a warm embrace. That’s all folks! Mike Anderson and Nancy Leeker share their affection. Student Life 53 1981 JUNIOR MISS PAGEANT On November 7, seven girls from Gar-Field, with girls from other local schools, competed in the 1981 Junior Miss Pageant. The numerous rehearsals and get-togethers such as a pool party, slumber party, and skating party enabled the girls to make new friends while also taking part in a once in a lifetime experience. Janet Lawson wasfirst runnerup, receiving a $500 scholarship and winning the youth fitness award also. The poise and appearance award was given to Michelle Thorleton. Mary Cox was another Gar-Field winner, taking the academic award, a $100 scholar¬ ship. Other girls participating in the pageant for Gar-Field were Vicki Flaherty, Laura Maclver, Mary Linn O’Neil, and Kassie Thorne. Mary Cox, Michelle Thorleton, and Janet Lawson during the youth fitness routine. Runner-up Janet Lawson with fellow Junior Miss winner. Laura Maclver and Vicki Flaherty during the youth fitness routine. Kassie Thorne during introductions. Mary Linn O’Neill during the poise and ap¬ pearance routine. Michelle Thorleton singing “I Am Woman” for the talent portion. 54 Student Life Orchestra Turns Japanese “The Mikado” On October 23 and 24, the music department put on a play, “The Vlikado,” a musical comedy about a ove triangle that contains forgotten oriental melodies. Tony Appleby played the Mikado, other vocal parts were played by Suzan Kerem, Jeff Lippert, Mark Robinson and Shelly Van Alstyne. Juanita Heatwole pro¬ vided instrumental accompani¬ ment on the piano. “Little Maids” Charlene McCeney and Pam Jones describe the life of Japanese girls. Mark Boodee and Jeff Lippert look to the future. Shelly Van Alstyne ponders her problems. Suzan Kerem and Tony Appleby examine death certificate. Along with castmates, Mark Boodee (bottom right) remembers lost loves Student Life 55 There’s No Turning Back. Before long the lazy days, crazy days, bad times, and good times of high school will just be vague memories of the past. Senior Anne Ganino hard at work! Rhonda Herring Pam Sessoms and Kathy Evans share their music. 56 Student Life Look to the Future. Senior Mary Cox Boyfriends, girlfriends, good friends and moments alone have shaped us all in preparation for the days to come. Nancy Leeker, Kassie Thorne and Sharon Prudot share a laugh. Calvin Britton — The devil made me do it! Eddie Lesko and Donna Reny Jill Ingram Student Life 57 58 59 Indianettes Row 1: Kelly Donnelly (Co-Capt.), Cathy Hart (Capt.), Lisa Lurty (Co-Capt.). Row 2: Lisa Rockhill, Barbie Gazda, Jennifer Turner, Mary Toms, Leslie Batdorf, Suzanne Williams, Laura Arnold, Betsy Rumph, Debbie Stockman. Row 3: Michelle Thorlton, Pam Harris, Laura Mclver, Lisa Colna, Sherry Farley, Collette Brown, Debbie Hudson, Karen Kidwell, Misti Barrett, Julie Stirling, Christa Foley, Jill Pennington, Mark Boodee (Manager). Row 4: Tami Krein, Melissa Wiles, Lynn Frasier, Julie Ritz, Kerry Dowd, Stephanie Thomas, Janet Lawson, Corky Robinette, Donna Hobgood, Sylvia Gib¬ son, Lisa Beightol, Jennifer Dubuisson. Lynn Frazier and Melissa Wiles perform before an enthusiastic home crowd. Captains: Lisa Lurty, Cathy Hart, and Kelly Donnelly. 60 Organizations Varsity Cheerleaders Row 1: Diana Judy, Sherry McCarthy, Sharon Moore, Tammy Lawson. Row 2: Danielle McKinney, Melodie Martin, Lynn Corman, Rita Guba. Row 3: Kelly Arvai, Stephanie Johnson, Angela Walker, Wendy Neth. Captains: Tammy Lawson, Melodie Martin, and Wendy Neth. Diana Judy exhibits the spirit that won her a spot on the varsity squad. Organizations 61 J.V. Cheerleaders Row 1: Debbie Ball, Margie Mitchell, Margaret Fullem, Somer Sloan. Row 2: Meg Nicholas, Julie Abrell, Melisa Burnette, Denise Jones. Row 3: Tracey Baker, Joyce Brown, Jennifer Longley, Amy Soper, Kim Sholar. The J.V. captains are Meg Nicholas and Margie Mitchell. 62 Organizations Freshman Cheerleaders i Row 1: Angie Drummond, Cena Litton. Row 2: Kim Dean, Francoise Lamitte, Kristen Newman. Row 3: Sacha Bridges, Chandra Medcalf, Stacey Astrin, Michelle Weakley. A little pre-pep rally discussion. Organizations 63 Flags Karen Holley smiles before the home crowd. Row 1: Alexis McHugh (co-capt.), Carol Colma, Denise Lester (co-capt.). Row 2: Crystal Jones, Laura Barnhill, Gena Gemmi, Beverly Bischof. Row 3: Kim McLeod, Linda Coicombe, Carole Tamony, Jane Melhorn, Lynn Smith. Laura Barnhill concentrates on her routine. Flags show their spirit at pep rally. 64 Organizations Rifles L to R: Jan Whitty, Mariana Mossier (Co-Capt.), Cathy Aruta, Kendall Johnson, Nancy Gilliam, Diana Fass (Capt.). Diana Fass I Jan Whitty Organizations 65 Majorettes L to R: Vicki Wichelt, Janice Kitchen, Donna Dove, Becky Lee, Tammy Furmen, Cindy Hileman. Becky Lee Mrs. Morrison 66 Organizations Dominants Row 1: Charlene McCeney, Jill Ingram, Chris Arnoldi, Julie Stirling, Kathi Conahan, Sara Phinney, Wendi Rumph, Donna Burns, Pam Jones, Stacie Fowler, Terri Trelinskie. Row 2: Bruce Foote, Bill Putnam, Mark Robinson, Tony Johnson, Tim Beauchamp, Brian Johnson, Mike Sharron, Mike Mclntire, Mike Scott, Mark Boodee, Carl Schultz, Bob Malloy. The Dominants casual look. Dominants, a jazz and show choir, is taught as a class stressing performing and entertaining techniques. It is composed of 23 musicians and singers who audition in the spring of the present year for a spot in the group. The Dominants won the 1980 Mid-Atlantic Jazz and Show Choir Competition. They also took first place in the 1981 East Coast Pop and Jazz Festival competing against 25 other schools. In addition, they took first place in the 1981 Blue Ridge Invitational competition. Donna Burns gives flowers to the sponsor on behalf of the Dominants. Organizations 67 Treble Choir Row 1: Mrs. Moyers, Tammy Echelbarger, Terri Woosiey, Debbie Wheelehan, Kim Duncan, Mary Pat Dolan, Pam Sessoms, Kay Stringer, JoAnn Cho, Jean Engleka, Robin Lynch, Andrea Cuilik. Row 2: Florence Agatep, Kathi Evans, Sonja Jefferson, Mona Aldridge, Linda Kelleher, Anita O’Donnal, Teresa Bishop, Ruth Weissman, Teresa Thacker, Katie Kane. Row 3: Debbie Edwards, Carol Coaxum, Leanne Stumm, Stephanie Gray, Heidi Rejerson, Eileen Brown, Tracey Cosand, Kelly Sparks, Brenda Carter, Sharon Wilson, Kathi Williams. Bass Choir Row 1: Robert Kolick, D. Porter, E. Anthony, J. Johnston. Row 2: M. Collins, A. Salmon, D. Jarboe, Mr. Goodwyn, director. 68 Organizations Symphonic Band Row 1: (Left to Right) Brooke Dill, Cara Bohannon, Linda Brozena, Gigi Atwater, Karen Brown. Row 2: Greg Baumgartner, Pam LaCava, Debbie Smith, Lauri Young, Lisa Powell, Cathy Chanteleau, Kim Fitzgerald, Tim Beauchamp. Row 3: Terri Delaverson, Sally LaCava, Diana Fass, Tom Beames, Kathy LaFollette, Pat Devenney, Roger Martinez, Theresa Dittmer, Brenda Scharp. Row 4: Cindi Rothermeh Missy Hiett, Michelle DePoy, Lisa Johnson, Marianna Mossier, Cathy Picard, Dawn White, Suzanne Williams. Row 5: Bill Ondo, Debbie Kahler, Bonnie Brown, Brian Otter, Ed Dander, Scott Ahern, DeWayne Wilson, Kevin Attreed, Scott Knuth, Marshall Barrett, Lori LaCava. Row 6: Scott McCarty, Richard Houston, James Bowe, Ben Spivey, Eddie Maloney, Norman Atwater, Bart Boodee, Mike Morgan, Chopper Walton. Row 7: Ben Srock, Tom Diekmeier, Eric Krinar, Mark Patton, Debbie Eicher. Stage Band Row 1: (Left to Right) Scott Knuth, Marianna Mossier, Dale Crockett, Sally LaCava, Ken Moyer. Row 2: Ben Spivey, Bart Boodee, Eddie Maloney. Row 3: Bonnie Brown, Chris Arnold, Brian Otter, Tom Diekmeier. Not Pictured: Juanita Heatwole. Organizations 69 RDM Varsity Band Front Row: Colleen Clark, Beth Achenback, Tina Bauer, Cheryl Suslowicz, Karen Gianni. Second Row: Sancy Johnson, Lynne Cummings, Laurie Calahan, Dylan McGee, Dionisi Gamboa, Barbara Rouleau, Kim Merrifield, Laura Willis, Rosalyn Taylor. Third Row: Darnell Marshall, Jack Pesce, Steve Mize, Eric Parish, Mark Zawisa, Tom Brooks, Ed Bryk, George Jones. Fourth Row: Greg Jones, Steve Jamieson, David Pratt, Robert Stanley, Charles Carr. Fifth Row: Danny Engle, Matt Lewis, Al Slocumb, Dawna Burroughs, Tim Sterns. Concert Band Rhonda Treichel, Tanya Worthy, Teresa Landon, Rhonda Luyotski, Cynthia Plott, Darlene Gregory. Second Row: Greg Fulton, Lisa Bowles, Leah Wilson, Laurie Lemons, Stephanie Johnson, Carol Tompson, Pornpan Harris, Joyce Hilins. Third Row: Trina Hedrick, Rosetta Bullock, Ramona McFadden, Joyce Thomas, Christie Brennan, Chris Dormstetter, Cheryl Callahan, Sandra Templeton. Fourth Row: Unknown, Lisa Blanton, Brian Friend, Kevin Bunton, Nina Kay, Ken Moyer, Bill Decker, Dan Pratt, Samantha Crosby. Fifth Row: Wayne Speak, Chris Khalid, Cathy Schmecht, Wayne Bunton, Don Hillman, Danny Kidd, Lori Adams, David Lizana, Karen Putnam, Rickie Simmons. Sixth Row: John Ouellette, Rodney Dichhute, Mike Eggleston, Ben Adamson, Bill Spriggs, Dan Greene, Unknown, Brenda Mergler, Bill Hamlett. Row Seven: Darnall Marshall, Mike Brown, J. C. Cole, David Harris, Darne Marshall, Sean Wheat, Walter Beardsley, Matt Earman. 70 Organizations Orchestra Row 1: John Ganino, Peggy Mckelvey, Cindy Jones, Deanna Fratzke, Beryl Johnson, Eric Ortmann, Jennifer Coffee, Diane Arnoldi, Staci Holt, Vi¬ vienne Arnold, David Curtis, Charmane Delaverson, Julian Goodrich. Row 2: Sandy Guttormsen, Merita Hall, Ramona Hutt, Laura Moody, Tamela Shaffer, Lisa Sketo, Diane Smith, Susan Katsarelis, Annette Adams, Carolyn Truart, Pamela Ziesler, Pamela Mullinax, Andrew Palmer, Robert White, Dale MacMurdy. Row 3: Anthony Wright, Micheal Arrington, Gaye Joshlyn, Rachel Larson, Brent Campbell, Mark Deskephanis, Renee Destephanis, Diana Jordan, Valerie LeTourneau, Cheryl Prince. Organizations 71 Marching Band 72 Band It’s Academic Row 1: Jeff Bagato, Louis Marshall. Row 2: Tom Rotelli, Steve Smith, Greg Link. Mu Alpha Theta Members of: Carl Pollack (Pres.), Steve Moore (V.P.), Michele Brown (Sec.), Kirk Brandt (Treasurer), Chopper Walton (S.G.C.). Members: Louis Marshall, Jeff Bagato, Matt Rotelli, Tom Rotelli, Valerie Le Tourneau, Janet Lawson, Pam Day, Tammi Atwell, Patty Pomper, Stan Stafria, Brent Campbell, Carla Vernarelli, Steve Smith, Mark Harper , Angela Orth, Greg Knehans, Linda Burdiecker, Patty Huffman, Bob Cousins, Ralph Linkous, Maria Rocha, Peggy Secrist. Organizations 73 Latin Club lilHWXM Row 1: Susan Katsarelis (Vice-president), Mrs. El-Naggar (Sponsor), Matt Rotelli, Sara Phinney, Mary Benedict, Barbara Byram, Stephanie Ren- dino, Rebecca Young (President), Marybeth Grafmulier. Row 2: Tom Rotelli, Brian Otter, Steve Smith (Secretary-Treasurer), Kirk Brandt, Leigh Wilson, Greg Link, Rick MacDonald, Billy Ludwig, Sean Eubanks. French Club Row 1: Laura Rotblut, Pam Hobbs, Karen Putnam, Cheryl Suslowicz, Janice Creneti. Row 2: Barbara Rouleau, Donna Aveni, Tricia Dawson, Kay Stringer, Marie Clubb, Charles Einsman, Rachel Larsen, Julian Goodrich (Pres.) Row 3: Jean Cashwell, Kristin Uthus (Sec.), Walt Beardsley, Leslie Favreau (Vice-Pres.), Tammi Atwell, Sarah Tedeschi, Julie Abrell, Kathleen Rouleau. Row 4: Jeff Chuday, Greg Fulton (Treas.), Greg Link, Kenny Schaerr, Steve Moore, Marie Davis, Leah Wilson, Suzanne Williams. 74 Organizations Spanish Club First Row: Rosemarie Schubring, Sonya Armstrong, Tina Larguier, Lori Smith, Dale Heinen, Jackie Stoy, Sabra Suter. Second Row: Alice Meehan, Lisa Bennett, Jan Witty, Lori Urban, Jennifer Bagnerise, Vonda Sparks (Secretary), Lisa Conway, Lisa Johnson. Third Row: Miss Friedman (Spon¬ sor), Jill Hammer, Diane Smith, Elise Benavider, Tammy Miller, Maria Bridges, Karen Hicks, Unknown, Jasmine Figueroa, Mary Sue Cate, Gaylon Turner, Terry Reynolds. Fourth Row: Roger Martinez, Theresa Bishop, Mary Jane Lombard, Tina Bauer, Pam Ziesler, Jeff Goerger, Terri Tuano, Cheryl Veil, Betsy Wright, Tracey Baker, Kendra Lee, Deneim Slayers, Betsy Stoy. Fifth Row: Unknown, Chris Sprouce, Randy Brooke, Gary Cor¬ bin, Bill Decker, Brian Hooper, Steve Wichelt, Dave Burnett, Phil Cecere, Shawn Murphy, Mark Harper, David Weissman, Randy White. German Club First Row: Sandy Johnson, Carol Coloma, Shelly VanAlstyne, Beth Brown, Mr. Bailey. Second Row: Mrs. Firaben, Lisa Tilley, Eddie Pittman, Pete Beardsley, Bill Harder, Brian Jensen, Dennis Cappel, Marshall Barrett, Jay Harvey. Third Row: Chris Hopkins, Wendi Briggs, Lisa Lindsay, Kay Zim¬ merman, Terri Melia, Erich Ortmann, Kim Hanberry, Melissa Whited, Frank Mummaw, Carolyn Goodwin, Tina Britton, Marc Snediker. Fourth Row: Ray Barrante, Mike Lambert, Tom Keefer, Susan Miller, Pat Gallagher, John Gallik, Byron Armstrong, Perry Flinchum, Ken Zugel, Gary McElroy. Tim Snediker. Fifth Row: Tim Shelp, John Cronin, Todd Galentine, Lisa Akers, Heidi Greaves, Brigitte Bailey, Joh Cephas, Wayne Thomas, Mike Fryling, David Shurtliff, Heidi Reiersen, Steven Watson, Mickey Ewing. Organizations 75 WMBMB F.B.L.A. Row 1: Sonji Parham, Cara Bohannon, Debbie Brain, Tippi Sookshawee, Marcia Drage, Pam Sessoms, Tracey Stinger, Renee Defrees, Sandra McDaniel, Kellie Komar. Row 2: Robin Clinton, Lisa Blanton, Lisa Bush, Tammy Lilly, Jeannie Walker, Brenda Dobson, Harvey Hinchee, Nicki Butler, Dawn Campbell. Row 3: Eddie Maloney, Jeff Ryan, Ivy Mason, Jennifer Morgan, Roseann Lacey, Sandra MacEachron, Mary Walbridge, Christine Fulgencio, Gini Bosch, Pat Brooks, Karen Dennison, Cathy Piaskowski, Huong Ngo. Row 4: Alan Kahoe, Karen Bennett, Vicki Coleman, Michelle Lamonica, Holly Heininger, Ann Naclerio, Teresa Thacker, Amber Taylor, Tomy Wright, Tricia Dawson, Janine Brown. Row 5: Laura Hud¬ son, Sonya Shaffer, Margie Mitchell, Jeanette Ruths, Robin Dameron, Terri Hanes, Carla Vernarelli, Janet Morrissey, Susan Beck, Michelle Flet¬ cher, Jerrine Dibbley, Bridget McCall. Row 6: Carole Tamony, Missy Smith, Michelle Mitrione, Doug Lerfald, Frank Washington, Bobby Meixner, Kathy Smith, Peggy Newbold, Hugo Rivas, Mike Ostrander, Deborah Polanskey, Mary Benedict, Toni Walker, Traci Chiddix. 76 Organizations S.G.C Chris Aldrich, Mark Annons, Laura Barnhill, Tia Baver, Mike Beech, Rebecca Bickham, Beverly Bischof, Cara Bohannon, Domini Boyd, Denise Brosius, Monica Brown, Paul Brown, Stephanie Buck, Greg Burrill, June Carter, Debra Cheek, John Clubb, Carol Coburn, Tracy Cosand, Cathleen Crane, Cheryl Daderio, Terri Delaverson, Todd Demont, Kelly Donnelly, Angela Dorn, Kerry Dowd, Debbie Eicher, Jean Eubanks, Mike Fletcher, Gary Foster, David Fowler, Trudy Gary, Ron Gemsheim, Mary Beth Grafmuller, Julian Goodrich, Sandy Grantham, Debbie Grimm, Betty Hamilton, Ervin Hannak, Cathy Hart, Karen Hicks, Annette Hodge, Naomi Homan, Scott Irvin, Velma Johnson, Joe Johnston, Crystal Jones, Diana Judy, Steve Khalili, Simone Lamitte, Matt Lewis, Lisa Lingafett, Greg Link, Jeff Lippert, Traci Lockwood, Lynwood Lovelace, Paula Malina, Lesley Marceron, Debbie MarGrave, Scott Masters, Ramona McFadden, John McHugh, Tinia Mitchell, Linda Mott, Pam Mullinax, Perry Mullins, Kathy Neilson, Mona Newman, Steve Nicely, Delpha Nichols, Tina Pack, Chris Palmer, Patty Patenaude, Brent Penny, Patty Pomper, Sharon Prudot, David Quisenbury, Chere Reaves, Samantha Reed, Stephanie Rendino, Julie Ritz, Stephanie Royer, Kenny Runyan, Tomas Saffer, Mega Sahu, Leslie Scroggins, Debbie Shelton, Ricky Simmons, Christi Simpson, Jerry Simpson, Amy Smeade, Troy Smith, Cheryl Tait, Angir Talbot, Vince Tassa, Tim Keys, Rosalyn Taylor, Theresa Thacker, Stephanie Thomas, Chuck Toler, Jim Tutsock, Cheryl Veil, Carla Vernarelli, Heather Vilt, Nor¬ man Voss, Jennifer Waihel, Chopper Walton, Cathryn Webster, Brian West, Michelle Wheeler, Eric Williams. S.G.C. Officers Vince Walker (Vice-President), Brooke Dill (Secretary), and Rick MacDonald (President). Organizations 77 DEC A Scott Ahern, Dean Alexander, Renee Anderson, Christine Andrejko, Doug Anger, Christine Arnoldi, Virginia Atseff, Kim Baith, Carl Barge, Carl Barnett, Lisa Barrino, Rex Berfield, Loretta Blackwell, LeAnn Bohr, Lisa Boland, Greg Bowen, Roger Bowen, Randall Bowler, Donna Brown, Sharon Brown, Stephanie Buck, Carolyn Bullock, Sheldon Bullock, Robert Burton, Mike Cardinal, Cindy Cassidy, Boyd Chapman, Steve Clem, Joni Coates, Jane Cook, Sharon Cooper, Todd Crawford, Edgar Day, Jeane Dellaprenna, Judy Dellaprenna, Fred Diezel, Rose Donohue, Kathy Doolaughty, Tina Ellinwood, Richard Emilio, Mike Estabrook, Pam Faulkner, Bobby Farrington, Cheryl Fegley, Mike Flynn, David Fowler, John Fraber, Judith Fuchs, Rhonda Gainer, Joy George, Cathy Gillison, Mary Goode, James Greg, Gene Harman, Tina Harris, Cynthia Hayes, Vicki Herd, Rhonda Herring, Naomi Homan, Reggie Howard, Ernest Hudson, Bobby Jenkins, Donnell Johnson, Fred Johnson, JoLayne Johnson, Lisa Johnson, Susan Kane, Tom Kane, Worley Keene, Kim Kennedy, Chris King, Marsha Knotts, David Kolar, Michael Kollock, Laurie Kuhnke, Stacey Kuykendall, Nicole Lathe, Debbie Ledbetter, Becky Lee, Laura Lemons, Edward Litton, Terri Lucero, Barbara Lukens, Lisa Flurty, Gwen McCloud, Katrina McMillan, Valerie Martin, Donna Mergler, Pam Miller, Cheri Mockler, Sharon Moore, Troy Moore, Cheryl Morris, Linda Mott, Perry Mullins, Jennifer Neiger, Antoine Newman, Marylinn O’Neill, Loretta Palio, Lisa Pauline, James Perkins, Dean Phillips, Greg Phillips, Anne Raftery, Richard Ray, Mark Rickman, Brenda Roberts, Donnie Roberts, Ramona Robinson, Jeanette Ruths, John Sanderson, Amy Sargent, Blecky Sanigs, Alan Sarofim, Steve Schrecongost, Roxanne Sedmock, Chris Shartzer, Billie Denise Slocumb, Donna Smith, Kirby Smith, Melvin Smith, Tony Smith, Kimberly Sootkoos, Cathy Spillman, Thomas Staffer, Kathy Stephens, Doug Stermer, Teresa Thacker, Stephanie Thomas, Amy Trout, Jeri Tucker, Joe Tucker, Jimmy Tutsock, Lori Urban, John Voilmer, David Watson, Karen Webster, Randolph White, Grant Williams, Kathy Williams, Cheri Workman, Lisa Worley, Angela Wright, Christie Wright, Michelle Yacobi. Christine Arnoldi puts up a bulletin board for Deca ” 78 Organizations School Store Row 1: Angela Wright, Sharon Moore, Teri Lucero, Rhonda Herring. Row 2: Renee Anderson, Donna Smith, Christine Andrejko, Chris Arnoldi, Jeri Tucker, Carolyn Bullock. Row 3: Linda Miller, Joni Coates, Stacey Kuykendall, Marylinn O’Neill, Kim Baith, Susan Kane, Lisa Lurty. Row 4: Mrs. Johnson, Laurie Kuhnke, Randy White, Dean Phillips, Gwen McCloud. Organizations 79 G-F Club Row 1: Rob Kreiner, Marshall Trotter, Troy Smith. Row 2: Steve Carson, David Raffield, Eddy McCarthy. Row 3: Brian West, James March, Brian Banks. Some minor sports like cross country have G-F club members. Mo G-F ci b members were varsity football layers. 80 Organizations Girls Varsity Row 1: Patsy Majeski, Vicki Flaherty, Jeanie Leuders, Mary Beth Grafmuler. Row 2: Cheiko Homan, Peggy Benham, Mary Cox, Christi Simpson, Kelly Sewell. Row 3: Sharon Canda, Karen Canody, Ann Ganino, Sharon Lohr, Chris Strychowski, Sara Braun, Susan Walvius. Jeanie Leuders, Sharon Canada and Karen Canody Debbie Grimm and Sara Braun Organizations 81 National Honor Society Jeffrey Bagato, Misti Lin Barrett, Thomas Barry, Elsie Benavides, Mark Boodee, Kirk Brandt, Linda Busdiecker, Virginia Cook, Mary Cox, Aimee Dubuisson, Vicki Flaherty, Ch ristina Foley, Anne Ganino, Charles Hall, Mark Harper, Juanita Heatwole, Chiecko Homan, Susan Katsaraelis, Janet Lawson, Valeri Letourneau, Mark Levine, Richard MacDonald, Laura Maclver, Robert Malloy, Marianne Mossier, Edward Novack, Lisa O’Hara, Brian Otter, Thomas Rotelli, Peggy Secrist, Diane Smith, Stephen Smith, Julie Stirling, Christine Thompson, Kassie Thorne, Shelly VanAlstyne, Carla Vernarelli, Suzanne Williams, Leigh Wilson, Rebecca Young, Tinini Mitchell, MaryLinn O’Neill Teen Counseling ii fgj - r §1 a faJL, m MmLJi ly jPjf f J n jUl Timi Rogers, Diane Smith, Lynn Smith, Vonda Sparks, Michelle Thorlton, Kassie Thorne, Mary Toms, Allison Weiser, Melissa Wiles, Patty Yauss, Rebecca Young, Mary Bahorich, Janilyn Baker, Elsie Benavidis, Beverly Bischof, Mark Boodee, Maria Bridges, James Brown, Karen Boling, Bar¬ bara Byron, Stephanie Buck, Cindy Chase, Linda Colcombe, Gini Cook, John Cotton, Mary Cox, Karen Dennison, Kelly Donnelly, Kerry Dowd, Margo Duarte, Aimee Dubuisson, David Geary, Lynn Frasier, Nancy Gilliam, Mary Beth Grafmaller, Lori Haag, Pamela Harris, Susan Hill, Beth Hoff¬ man, Karen Holley, Beth Jacobson, Gordon Jenkins, Tony Johnson, Peter Kaserman, Stacy Keller, Shawn Kelly, Kellie Komar, Ken Koontz, Sally LaCava, Janet Lawson, Rebecca Lee, Nancy Leeker, Valerie LeTourneau, DeAnna Long, Laura Mclver, Michael Marra, Tom McGinnis, Stephanie McNeese, Robert Meixner, Tom Murphy, Bruce Nickle, Raymond Noel, Kathy Novitsky, Gareth Owen, Brent Penny, Sara Phinney, Angela Plott, David Raffield, Julie Ritz, Matt Robbins. 82 Organizations Junior Civitan Row 1: Merita Hall, Stephanie Royer, Gus Simpson, Chris Palmer, Kathey Meilson, Vicki Skets, Cathy Martin, Cathi McCoart, Shelley Havener, April Henderson. Row 2: Gary Foster, Rene Thomaidis, Beth Haymond, Denise Jones, Somer Sloan, Kim Fayard, Bruce Nickle, Debbei Hedson, Karen Kidwell, Kathy LaFollette, Kim Janecek, Mrs. Fagan, Sponsor. Row 3: Julie Lepard, Jenny Clark, Kevin Manbeck, Scott Arnett, Kari Dugan, Mary D’Arcangelo, Steve Khalili, John Bazyk, Lisa Huggins, Barbara Hoffmann, Kristi Ellenberger, Wendy Neth, Laurie Selgelid, Cindy Mackey, Mrs. Rowland, Sponsor. Organizations 83 F.H.A. Officers: Francoise Lamitte, Renee Moore, Robert Gaymon, Paris Cheeks, Brock Yorker, Carl Barge. Row 1: Mona Smith, Michelle Price, JoAnn Cho, Patty Palmer, Collette Brown, Angie Wright, Alex Stallworth, Craig Jackson, Shauntya Harris, Troy McKinney, Mark Nutter, Eddie Fernandez. Row 2: Angie Johnson, Belinda Mason, Tonya Johnson, Lisa Parish, Carol Coaxam, Tyrone Baldwin, Resa Brown, Perry Mullins, Unknown, Bobby Jenkins, Meyrl Garr, Amanda Mosbey, Joe Miller, Taras Ballard, Kendall Johnson, Timmy Sterms, James Perkins. Row 3: Pam Payne, Lisa Mauheros, Amy Martin, Thersa Watkins, Lakrishia Jackson, Loretta Blackroell, Kim Byrd, Kathy Wright, Shelby, Eartha Richardson, Curtis Johnson, Mrs. Michelle Johnson, Gwen Price, Karla Wiggins, Layonne Milton, Kim Jones, LouLeta Kent, Lisa Steth, John Dorn. Row 4: Barbara Black, Michelle Carter, Rhonda Gearer, Erica Willis, Danielle McKinny, Eddie Tucker, Donald Quash, Irene Nelson, Dee Dee Johnson, Ralph Sterns, Terri West, Rheatte Walker, Cathy Evan, Joe Tucker, Lisa Williams, Sonya Jefferson, Cathy Williams, Amber Sims, Tina Williams, Todd Truit, Walter Mickens, Susan Ckearhey. Row 5: Donell Johnson, Steven Walker, Vicki Millison, Kathy Ellison, Sonji Parham, Jackie Snow, Kathy Gray, Christi Simpson, Sheryl Heryl, Deana Judy, Tina Samuels, Simone Lamita, Caroline Bullock, Vickie McDongal, Brent Penny, Jim Tulsa. H.E.R.O. Row 1: Kellie Aldridge, Jene Johnston, llene Cohen, Joanne Dodson (Treas.), Eric Brochman. Row 2: Tammy Kile, LeJune Tucker, Trinia Carper, Lore Rhodes, Ervin Hannah, Andy Hammond (Vice-Pres.), Steven Collins. 84 Organizations Weight Lifting Row 1: Bruce Nickle, Greg Link, Tom Murphy. Row 2: Bob Castro, Wes Swogger, Bobby Reynolds, Brian West. Row 3: Charlie McCoy, Raymond Noel, Troy Smith, David Raffield, Melvin Klugh, Kevin Walker. Row 4: Matt Ryerse, Bill Kalski, Paul Mann, Scott Masters, Mike Queen. Row 5: Doug Boik, Brent Penny, Eric William, Hamid Nejati. A.F.S. First Row: Mrs. Hamill, Simone Oliveira, Beth Brown. Second Row: Heidi Reiersen, Margo Duarte. Organizations 85 Video Tech Row 1: Collette Blais, Todd Shackelford, Robert Beggs, Durwin Rodriguez. Row 2: Brian Fox, Salim Mawani, Alan Gay, Mike Eggleston, Mr. Wilson. Industrial Arts Row T. Edward Robinson, William Gathof, Edward Bryk, Emanuel Dipaola, Robert Johnson. Row 2: Peter Luther, Scott Brady, Allen Howard, Chris Baransky, George Smith. Row 3: Mr. G. Dew, David Greth, Robert Desanto, Jeff Putiyon, Larry Johnson, William Gibson, James Rastatter, Kelly Palmer. Row 4: Chris Hopkins, Louis Wedding, James Bowe, Jackie Sisk, Robert Girard, James Tarlton, Gary Mason, Ray Totten, Robert Ritenour. 86 Organizations H.A.M. Club ■ at ' ' — . • i i 9 1 Row 1: Mark Howard, Jill Hiling, Timmy Sterns, Craig Jackson, David Curtis, Ricky Putiyon, Mark Mitchell. Row 2: Wayne Wenner, Mark Destephanis, Greg Phieffer, Anthony Stallworth, Byron Armstrong, Perry Flinchum, Steve Wirt. Row 3: Roger Wilson, Stan Hague, Eric Brown, Brian Fox, Bret Campbell, Mark Kramer, Randy White, Fred Chopin. Chess and Battle Organizations 87 Science 1st Row: Ginger Hayes, Rebecca Young, Rick MacDonald, Pat Devanney, Angela Plott, Jenny Bucknam, Barbara Byram. Second Row: Faith Logan, Steve Smith, Bob Malloy, Sean Eubanks, Paul Robinson, Mark Levine, Christine Thompson. Third Row: Garry Cosgriff, Bill Ashton, Jeff Robinson, Scott Addison, Greg Link, Sean Murphy, John Allen King, Richard Smith. Culture Row 1: Sharon Zahn, Sacha Bridges, Michelle Channels, Sonya Shaffer, Simone Olivera, Rebecca Young, Julian Goodrich, Karen Dennison, Col¬ leen Smith. Row 2: Susan Katsarelis, Michele Fletcher, Tammy Shaffer, Lisa O’Hair, Heidi Pierson, Rosalyn Taylor, Vicki Sketo, Christy Ellenberger, Chere Reaves. Row 3: Becky Bickham, Rick MacDonald, Lisa Kenble, Dolly Stahl, Kebbie Stahl, Victor Gralau, Chopper Waton, Louis Marshall, Carl Pollack, Tom Rotelli, Eileen Brown, Miss Heedick, Steve Moore. 88 Organizations VICA Vocational Industrial Clubs of America Stage Lighting Club Stan Hague, Unknown, Jimmy Collins, Mark Destephanis, Chris Taylor, Greg Pfeiffer. Organizations 89 L.P.N. Members of: Sandi Gould, Michelle Hans, Carolyn Hoverter, Kathy Keene, Lori Monroe, Jenny Fuller, Susan Stanton, Teresa Wheelehan, Lyne Wells, Katherine Whitaker, Ruth Brown, Becky Rhodes, Kim Wolfe, Traci Pollard, Tammy Davis, Helen Naylor, Donna McManiman, Kimberly Sawyer. Sponsor: Kathleen Kunzern. Forensics Row 1: Julian Goodrich, Katie Kane, Lisa O’Hara. Row 2: Lisa Offley, Mary Pat Dolan, Sean Eubanks, Steve Thomaidia. Row 3: Diane Hutson, Sabra Suter. 90 Organizations Cosmetology Row 1: Elizabeth Sprinkle, Ronda Cassidy, Teresa Ware, Florence Robinson, Charlyn Stagg, Carol Lipponese, Brenda Watson, Mary Walbridge, Mrs. Vickers, Cathy Aruta. Row 2: Angela Marshall, Lisa Clark, Kerry White, Julia Staubinger, Barbara Smith, Dora Jones, Dawn Pague, Holly Har¬ rison, April Jones, Lisa Bernhardt, Carol Maruschak. Row 3: Robin McMillian, Crist Coruzzo, Michelle Embrey, Patty Freeby, Janet Rolley, Michelle Fayak, Candy Ethridge, Cristi Gulli, Tina Pack, Michelle Lee, April Gray. Row 4: Robin Allen, Elain Robinson, Cathy Hinkle, Heather OKeefe, Carla Kimbrough, Stacy Mentiply, Mrs. Brroks, Pamela Sloan, Janet Vieth, Tammy Summerfield. Kerry White brushes out just washed wig. Florence Robinson practices rolling hair. Organizations 91 Pep Club Row 1: Cathy Piaskowski (reporter), Janet Morrissey (vice-pres), Gene Baker (sgt. at arms), Karen Boling (pres), Vonda Sparks (sec), Sharon Wilson, Mrs. Hundley. Row 2: Carol Coloma, Laurie Rhoades, Sherri Jessec, Shelby Freeman. Row 3: Janine Brown, Elaine Robinson, Tanya Wor¬ thy (treas), Michele Brown, Chris Thompson, Debbie Harrod. Row 4: Matt Brophy, Bob, Kim Baith, Doug Boik, Bruce Nickle, Kathy Schmecht, Charlie McCoy. Row 5: Ted Corrick, Mark Deicker, Eric Franklin, Susan Fleshman. Is there any doubt who’s number one? 92 Organizations Key Club Officers: Naomi Homan — President, David Quisenberry — Vice-President, Melodie Martin — Secretary, Rene Thomaidis — Treasurer. First Row: Chris Papadakis, Sonya Schafer, Charlene McCeney, Stephanie Jones, Unknown, Julian Goodrich, Naomi Homan, Janeen White, Lee-Anna Grimm, Unknown, Carla Vernarelli, Amanda Coker, Melodie Martin, Kelly Donnelly. Second Row: Peggy Secrist, Misti Barrett, Michele Brown, Anne Ganino, Vicki Flaherty, Holly Strahl, JoAnn Drummond, Michelle Thorlton, Nancy Leeker, Barbara Byram, Trudy Gay, Janalyn Baker, Unknown. Third Row: Mary Beth Grafmuller, Donna Burns, Unknown, Janet Lawson, Mary Cox, Jane Ehlers, Annette Adams, Lisa Kemble, Roy Walton, David Guisenberry, Jeannie Lueders, Rupert Bullard, Tom Barry, Mr. Darrough. Fourth Row: Christin Tilley, Michelle Perry, Mike Good, Jon Smith, Charles McCoy, Walter Carter, Troy Smith, Gareth Owens, Tom Rotelli, David Dawson, Robert Willet, Mike Mclntire. Organizations 93 Collage Row 1: Lisa Blanton, Samantha Reed, Dawn Avery, Sandra Beahm, Bonnie Arrington, Connie Arrington, Karen Boling, Maria Bridges, Julie Lepard. Row 2: Chris Sprouse, Todd Brown, Terri Tuano, Lisa Offley, Julian Goodrich, Karen Gianni, Suzan Kerem, Alan Beardsley, David Hargis, Mike Gillette. Row 3: Robert Smith, Gary Corbin, Navnit Singh, John Crocker, Brendan Bunn, Victor Graulau, John Cephas, Margo Duarte, Susan Fraker, Jon Kanis. Not Pictured: Chris Moyers, Jennifer Bagnerise, Wade Townsend. 94 Organizations The Hyphen Row 1: Aimee Dubuisson (Asst, editor), Tom Barry (feature editor), Mrs. Martha Smith (advisor), Susan Hill (news editor). Row 2: Ken Pope (reporter), Angie Hill (reporter), Vicki Flaherty (reporter), Linda Mott (art editor), Rene Thomaidis (advt. manager), Rhonda Early (sports co-editor). Row 3: Victor Graulau (production), Linda Busdiecker (reporter), Margo Duarte (circulation mgr.), Todd Cullop (reporter), David Conger (exchange editor), Mike Gillette (business mgr.) Row 4: Susan Kerem (reporter), Brendan Bunn (reporter), Scott McCarty (sports co-editor), Jon Kanis (production; reporter), Scott Lichtman (production mgr.), Rick MacDonald (editor-in-chief). Linda Mott, Ken Pope, Suzan Kerem Organizations 95 Indian Echoes Jane Ehlers Vicki Flaherty Steve Schwab Rita Guba Becky Huntsinger JoAnn Cho 96 Indian Echoes II I Mike Good Mike Gillette Mike Mclntire Julie Grevey Christa Foley Jennifer Bucknam Kendal Moore Lisa Beightol Christine Scalia Brenda Mitchell Eileen Murphy Stacy Shurtliff Jimmy Macaulay Beth Jacobson Bill Munari Dawn Avery Indian Echoes 97 psfflagwBn Scdtt McCarty Karen Holley Kerry Hoffmann Emi Hamako and Kerry Hoffmann Jim Portell Laura Arnold Alan Borough 98 Organizations Jeanne Ogden Greg Clark r Traci Lockwood and Sonja Arr. .atrong Jimmy Barnhart and Ronnie Gemsheim Organizations 99 SPORTS Stacy Keller at Gar-field game. Girls basketball p. 136-139. Jenny Waibel, Girls indoor track 142-143. Frank Rhoades waits for practice. Boys cross Doug Boik pole vaulting. Boys indoor track p. 140-141, boys outdoor track p. 110-113. country p. 122-125. Dawn Campbell shows her form. Girls gymnastics p. 148-149. Mike Good running strong in cross country. 101 Varsity Baseball 1st Row: Pickel (manager), David Wilkins, Randy McCloud, Jim Portell, Ronny Fisher, Jim Farr¬ ington, Tom McGinnis, Billy Theyer. 2nd Row: James March, Jeff Arvi, Tim Humphreys, Steve Hargrave, Mike Meadows, Doug Gressly, Bobby Schweir, Mike Adams. Not Pictured: Bob Malloy. . $ M . ■ ■- ■ ’ .■■■. ' WStM ; i; . : : : ■■ ■ ■ G-F 1 p; . . OAKTON 7 ||| G-F 2 BENEDICTINE 10 |® G-F 6 STAFFORD 5 G-F 20 JAMES WOOD 0 G-F 7 ' ' . • ' = STONEWALL 8 G-F 5 WOODBRIDGE 7 «|| G-F 13 FAUQUIER 6 G-F 12 ROBINSON 2 G-F 4 LAKE BRADDOCK 1 ft G-F 2 ’ LAKE BRADDOCK 3 «%§ IS G-F 9 PARK VIEW 7 G-F 9 %mwMx STAFFORD 7 Ipt G-F 0 JAMES WOOD 2 |f| G-F 7 STONEWALL 1 m ■$$ G-F 5 WOODBRIDGE 6 G-F 1 FAUQUIER 4 ’■:.. j ' . ■ •• ■ • ; ;;; . , H I $1 ©de ta.- -to 102 Baseball Sports 103 Varsity Softball Front Row: Kathy Bohi, Annette Beadle, Rose Canada, Sharon Lohr, Chris Strychowski, Mary Cox. Back Row: Jennifer Jones, Colleen Reichenbach, Debbie Eggleston, Jeanne Leuders, Christi Simpson, Leanne Worthen, Beth Benham, Carol Curran. The 1980-81 Varsity Softball team had a lot of potential this season. They had a very suc¬ cessful team, even though they placed second in the Commonwealth District to Stafford. Miss Jones, the team’s coach, said that she looked forward to next year with many new players moving up from J.V. Sharon Lohr was the all District catcher and Rose Canada pitched her first no hitter shut-out. 104 Softball J.V. Softball Back Row: Debbie Eicher, Stephanie Royer, Pam Miller, Debbie Peshka, Michele Taylor, B. J. Brown, Karen Gazda, Kathy Walker, Laurrie Pieper, Coach Cindy Waddell. (Not Pictured: Michele Herer, Samantha Strickland, Kim Gathof.) Front Row: Captains: Nini Matos, Sara Braun, Karen Canody. Softball 105 GIRLS SOCCER Top Row: Joe Caputo, Diana Ottinger, Tanya Baker, Bonnie Walker, Chari Thompson, Beth Hoffman, Annette Adams, Kathy Picard, Paul Vadebon- coeur. Second Row: Collate Blais, Bar¬ bra Hoffman, Beth Evans, Lori LaCava, Cathy Cox, Kathy Keene, Theresa Ditt- man, Amanda Coker. Sitting: Debbie Hudson, Peggy Secrist, Debbie Loveland, Tammy Miles, Sabrina Bent, Patty Freeby, Laura Wallich. ■ W.‘ . it • ■ • • ' 7 . W4MK " s. SF ' rs.s sp ' T ' ’- ■» . ,:.T ■■■■■■ " • V - § . « Sip, A " -• V. - - -- Xi 106 Soccer p7hp£i f x $ ■ Win Loss Record: District 8-1-1 Overall 8-3-1 : ' k ; : Outstanding Team Members: Cathy Cox, Laura Wallich, Lori LaCava, Theresa Dittmer, Tammy Miles The girls had an excellent season coming very close to winning their first district championship. The team should be very strong next year. Sports 107 Sffe ' ■ . ' ■ ■ Top Row: Matt Robbins, Steve Brown, Bill Moore, Scott Begley, Mike Anderson, Bob Diekmeier, Bill Gentry, Kevin Bunton, Chris Aleo. 2nd Row: Rudy Zimmermann (coach), Mike Beach, Shawn Carson, Mark Buckon, Rob Wilson, Ashley Stringer, Bobby Tarnal, Jae Shin, John Litwin. Sitting: Jeff Sykes, Chip Henry, Allen Moore, Tom Diekmeier, Stan Wybersky, Baron Williams, Robert Grimes Not Pictured: Brian Johnson. Outstanding Team Members: MVP — Mike Anderson, Outstanding Forward — Steve Brown, Outstanding Midfielder — Mike Ander¬ son, Outstanding Defender — Mark Buckon, Most improved — Mike Beach Winning the first commonwealth district and first regional title was a satisfying way to end the high school careers of our fifteen graduating seniors. The winning of the district and regional titles was truly a fine ex¬ ample of what a team effort can produce. The team had an excellent year with a win loss record of 7-0-2 District; 2-0 Regionals; and 8-1-2 overall. BOYS SOCCER 108 Soccer Boys Golf 1st Row: Drew Donnelley, Jay O’Brian, Buck Rodgers. 2nd Row: Eddie Maloney, Scott Thomas, Keith Bjorkman, John Deli. Top Row: Bob Bowden, Coach. Gar-Field’s golfing team had 4 wins, 1 loss and one tie for the 1980-81 season, placing 3rd in the District tournament. Scott Thomas shot a 77 in the District match which qualified him for the regionals at Char¬ lottesville’s Keswick Country Club. He shot well there, but did not qualify for the State Tourney. Among Gar-Field’s outstanding team members were Keith Bjorkland and Scott Thomas along with Jay O’Brien. Mr. Bowden said that they were very steady golfers. Mr. Bo wden felt that the team had a good season, but had a few bad breaks. He said that the team failed to qualify for the Regionals by one stroke, but still felt that Gar-Field had the most consistent golfers in the District. Boys Varsity Track mmmm I ■ §■; I m Stl I This year G-F track team lost a great deal more than its seniors, it lost an excellent coach and friend, Mike Campbell. He coached the boys team for eleven years. In these eleven years he has established a winn¬ ing tradition in G-F track. He has won the district title for seven con¬ secutive years, four regional titles, and has placed second, fourth; and sixth in the state meet. G-F became known throughout the state as a result of Mr. Campbell’s efforts. He was more than a coach to his athletes, he was a friend, inspiring in them to set and achieve personal goals and to strive onward in every aspect of their life. Mr. Campbell has now moved on to bigger and better things. We will always remember him as a champion and an achiever. We wish him the best of Suck and happiness, and most of all we thank him. Track Coach Mike Campbell. Tommy Mason long jumping at Stafford Relays. Tony Kepano throwing the discus. 110 Track Mike Drury high jumping. Sports 111 GIRLS VARSITY TRACK fmmg SSSSI i§®SS The girls’ team had an excellent season this year, win¬ ning 3 out of 4 dual and tri-meets. It was very young and inexperienced but surprised quiet a few people by win¬ ning the district title and continuing on to win the regional title also. Ruth Brown, the girls’ coach, credits this hard work as “Good ole G-F pride!” The team also broke several records this season — in the district and regional 800 meter relay and the school ■ and regional 1600 meter relay. Jackie Bell, Rhonda Gainor, Stephanie Jones, Amy Martin, and Tina Walls were relay members. ' mi Outstanding team members were district champs Jackie Beil, Peggy Benham, Denise Klugh, and Stephanie Thomas, who was also regional champion. Nicole Fields displays her excellent long jump form. 112 Track High jumper Sue Flynn displays good form. Sports 113 Tennis 1st Row: Mr. Johnson, Chris Meairs, Kip Leathers, Jimmy Barnhart, Jim Hineline, Tony Johnson, Jim Hineline, Mike Smith, Mr. Miller. Row 2: Buddy Frye, Mike Outstrander, Mark Jackson, Eddy Smith, Monty Lerner. DISTRICT MATCHES G-F 7 G-F 4 G-F 9 G-F 5 G-F 6 G-F 6 G-F 6 G-F 0 G-F 1 G-F 7 James Wood Stafford Fauguier Potomac Woodbridge Stonewall MATCHES Courtland Henrico Lake Bradduck Mt. Vernon 2 G.W. Danville Invitational G-F 0 G-F 1 G-F 7 2 5 Danville Martinsville Franklin County 9 8 2 O CO CO CO O) CO Sports 115 FALL SPORTS VARSITY FOOTBALL intUfc 6»8FltU tunes srtEW Aim %X %dl Ws %4k ““ “ 44 — Row 1: Kent Delaney, Dwayne Parker,Tom Murphy, Jim Higgins, Vanden McGee, Lionel Green, Acie Shrewsberry, Bill Doss, John Venti, Tim Arbisi, Rob Kriener, Chuck Denton, Mike Queen, Ken Henley, Mark Szklenni, Adrian Lawray, Rodney Futrell, Jeff Bryant, Drew Diffenbaugh. Row 2: Eric Brockington, Bordon Jenkins, Grant Williams, Bill Kalski, David Raffield, Ed McCarthy, Rick Roberson, Andre Stokes, Greg Link, Kevin Walker, Ray Benard, Charles Wagner, Rod Mason, Bob Castro, Mike Drury. Row 3: Eric Williams, Pat Rowe, Paul Mann, Brian West, Sean Murphy, Troy Smith, Buck Collins, Joe Miller, Warren Thompson, Dave Gucterras, Brian Banks, Howard Houston, Marshall Trotter, James March, Brent Penny, Walter Mickens. Not Pictured: Melvin Klugh, Scott McCarty, Joe Brooks, Chuck Grey, Robert Digs, Eric Corbin. 1981 VARSITY FOOTBALL RECORD 10-0 Gar-Field 31 Anacostia 0 Gar-Field 17 Peterburg 14 Gar-Field 41 N. Stafford 6 Gar-Field 27 Stafford 7 Gar-Field 15 Marshall-Walker 6 Gar-Field 28 Stonewall Jackson 0 Gar-Field 10 James Wood 9 Gar-Field 42 Potomac 9 Gar-Field 24 Fauquier 3 Gar-Field 14 Woodbridge 0 Tom Murphy heads for another six. 116 Varsity Football Another six for Gar-Field courtesy of Marshall Trotter. When it was all over and the dust had cleared, the 1981-82 Gar-Field Indians varsi¬ ty squad found themselves finishing the regular season with a perfect 10-0 record and a number one ranking. Joe Miller who gained over 1500 yards was an important reason for the outstanding season. The regular season ended on a high note when the team shut out Woodbridge to give the In¬ dians their second win in two years over the Vikings. Ken Hendley stopping up the hole. Varsity Football 117 J.V. FOOTBALL First Row: Greg Bender, Vincent Tassa, Patrick Mann, Bobby Kalski, Tony Gorden, Mickey Mullins, James Ricketts, Jimmy Tutsock, Jack Pesce, Jeff Fowler, Joey Aldrich, Jeffery Beadle. Second Row: Robert Farrington, Jeff Bloxton, Floyd Sparks, Steve Mooney, Harper Morrison, Chris Cof¬ fee, Dwayne Beatty, Gary Stronko, Dewayne Wilson, Brian Crawford, John Pratt, Kevin Atreed, Steve Zawisa, Mike Kramer. Third Row: Eric Kreinar, Tom Phinney, Mark Schmitz, Chuck Boyer, James Bowe, Larry Williams, Brian Murphy, Patrick Cone, Robby Martin, Tony Briody, Charles 118 J.V. Football Getting hyped up The J.V. football team had an outstanding season. They finished with an 8-0 record. Only James Madison managed to score on them. The team’s success was based on, not on just one or two superstars, but from a combined effort from the total team. It was truly a group effort. Tony Gordon running wild. Williams, Pratt, and Gordon awaiting the play. J.V. Football 119 Freshman Football 1st Row: R. Stevens, J. McHugh, R. Miller, L. Gibbs, R. Walker, H. Stamper, W. Lovelace, D. Shannon, J. Shaney, R. Diwer, R. Kibler, B. Rogers. Row 2: S. Authony, G. Harper, M. Lickiss, M. Fryling, R. Shelton, W. Beardsley, C. Pitts, R. Boyle, T. Meadows, M. Enos, T. Rodgers, J. Smith. Row 3: J. Harvey, F. Johnson, G. Goode, M. Pryzybl, T. Conaway, M. Burke, D. Diffenbaugh, R. Simmons, B. Elis, S. Mann, T. Motley, B. Smallwood. 1981-82 season record 7-1 Gar-Field 7 Gar-Field 12 Gar-Field 18 Gar-Field 6 Gar-Field 7 Gar-Field 13 Gar-Field 12 Gar-Field 13 Potomac 0 Woodbridge 0 N. Stafford 0 Stafford 0 James Wood 6 Stonewall 8 Fauquier 16 Woodbridge 0 120 Freshman Football The coaches getting the team ready for the game. Quarterback David Shannon launching the team towards another touchdown. Led by the rushing of Jim Saunders, the tackles of Larry Gibbs, and the key blocking of Dean Diffenbaugh, the 1981-82 freshman squad finished with an impressive 7-1 record. That would prove to be the finest record of any freshman team in the district. The team had five shutouts, including two over arch¬ rival Woodbridge. We can expect nothing but continuing excellence in the coming years. Haskell Stamper intently watching from the sidelines. Freshman Football 121 BOYS CROSS COUNTRY Row One: Carl Pollack, Charles Rotblut, Kevin Sanders, Greg Burril, Eric Green. Row Two: Mike Good, Tom Barry, Eddie Novack, Gareth Owen, Frank Rhoades, Steve Manchester, Greg Newman, Wayne Meyer. The Cross Country team before practice poses for a picture. Carl Pollack, Eric Green, Charles Rotblut, Frank Rhoades and Eddie Novack relax before their races. The boys’ and girls’ coach Melvin Cheshire 122 Crosscountry Frank Rhoades running strong on G-F’s course. Jon Smith at James Wood Invitationals. Gareth Owen racing for the finish. A fast start for the boys’ team at their only home meet at Gar-Field. Steve Manchester, Greg Newman, and Eddie Novack running against Woodbridge. The boys’ Cross Country team had another excellent year. The boys’ team went 5-1 in district competition. The team placed 2nd in districts and qualified to go to regionals. At regionals the boys’ team out ran a strong E. C. Glass team for a 4th place finish, qualify¬ ing them for the st te competition. This is the first time since 1974 that the boys’ team has qualified for state and the first time in ' Gar-Field’s history that the boys and girls cross country teams have both qualified for the state meet. The Boys also won the varsity A divisions at the George Mason Invitationals and at the William and Mary Invitationals. The cap¬ tains of the team this year were Frank Rhoades and Gareth Owen. The most valuable runner award went to Mike Good. m f V Mike Good finishing at University of Virginia. Andy Haymond at George Town Prep. Senior Wayne Meyer showing his form. Crosscountry 123 GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY Row One: Angela Orth, Anna Ganino, Amy Martin, Peggy Benham, Vicki Flaherty. Row Two: Jenny Weibel, Janice Majeski, Peggy McKelvey, Gus Simp¬ son, Linda Cashwell. Not Shown: Jean Cashwell. Gar-Field’s top three girls, Peggy Benham, Angela Orth, and Anne Ganino, running in the top three positions at the Woodbridge dual meet. 124 Crosscountry Peggy Benham running at George Town Prep. Angela Orth striding out at Gar- Fields home course. “Little” Peggy McKelvey shows her form. The girls Cross Country team had its best season in the history of Gar-Field. The girls went undefeated in district competition and easily won the district cham¬ pionship. This is the first time the girls had ever won the district title. The girls placed second in regionals with a strong performance by all the girls. In state, the girls placed eighth to finish a fine season. The team captains this year were Peggy Benham and Vicki Flaherty. Peggy Benham also won the most valuable award. The girls’ team relaxes at the starting line before the race. Amy Martin, Janice Majeski and Gus Simpson nearing the finish line. Vicki Flaherty and " Little” Peggy McKelvey running with the pack. Jean Cashwell at the state meet. With a determined look, Jenny Waibel runs on. Crosscountry 125 GIRLS TENNIS Row 1: Denise Klugh, Diana Jordan, Lisa Cope, Mary Cate, Vivian Ruiz. Row 2: Ramona McFadden, Bobbie Sunday, Kathy White, Lesley Marceron. Not Pictured: Catherine Curran, Mary Beth Grafmuller. Mary Cate in action. Vivian Ruiz hamming it up. 126 Tennis Mary Cate showing her form. Top seed Vivian Ruiz returning a shot. Kathy White in action. The Team was a cohesive unit and worked well together. They were all “Super Stars.” They became district champions with a record of 12-0. Mrs. White said that the entire team was outstanding but mentioned in particular Denise Klugh and Vivian Ruiz. Tennis 127 VARSITY VOLLEYBALL Row 1: Sharon Canada, Carol Maruschak, Mary Cox. Row 2: Chieko Homan, Sara Braun, Sheri Weedon, Teresa Thomaidis. Row 3: Miss White, Karen Cannoda, Debbie Peshka, Michelle Taylor, Nini Matoes. 128 Varsity Volleyball J.V. VOLLEYBALL Row 1: Wendy Ols, Becky Adkins, Debbie Grim, Stephanie Royer, Amy Trout, Traci Bice. Row 2: Cathy Chanteleau, Kathy Picard, B. J. Brown, Colleen Reichenbach, Nina Kay, J. Jones (Coach). Won WOODBRIDGE STONEWALL — twice FAUQUIER — twice Loss POTOMAC — twice WOODBRIDGE Once the season began some bright spots emerged. Debbie Grim, a first year player, showed promise along with Colleen Reichenbach and Wendy Ols. Also Stephanie Royer was another outstanding player. J.V. Volleyball 129 FRESHMAN VOLLEYBALL Row 1: Patty Patenaude, Kay Lamborn, Christi Brannan. Row 2: K. Williams, Coach Katrina Linkous, Vicki Flynn, Michelle Puckett, Michelle Morgan. 130 Freshman Volleyball WINTER SPORTS 131 BOYS VARSITY BASKETBALL GAR-FIELD VARSITY BASKETBALL The Varsity team suffered a disappointing season finishing with an overall record of 11-11. They did manage to end up with a district record of 9-5. The team went to Districts only to lose to Woodbridge in the semi-finals 56-50. The team was led this year by Senior Curtis Johnson who had a team-leading 16.1 ppg. avg. He was voted to be the te ms M.V.P. Thanks to an outstanding J.V. team, next year promises to get the team back to its usual fine form. 132 133 BOYS J.V. BASKETBALL The team in a casual moment. Members include Chris Coffee (20), Rich Spasoff (12), Melvin Smith (52), Mark Grosskopf (22), Bill Wendel (54), Joe Tucker (40), Donnell Johnson (30), Mike Flynn (42), and David Freeman (34). J.V. BASKETBALL The J.V. team had an overall outstanding season, finishing 14-6 and winning 10 out of their last 12. Coach Bell is confident that this team will contribute to Gar-Field’s winning history on the varsity team. Probable members on that team include Melvin Smith, the J.V. team’s M.V.P., James Leek, David Freeman, and Bobby Burton. The most improved player on the J.V. team was Bill Wendel. These players and others helped make this J.V. team one of the finest ever at G-F. 134 BOYS FRESHMAN BASKETBALL BOYS FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Although finishing the season with an overall record of 5-5, Coach Vadeconcouer was optimistic with the team’s performance saying that freshman basketball prepares players for J.V. and Varsity and does not concentrate on winning. The teams finest moment was in the last game, coming from a large deficit in the first half to blow away arch-rival Woodbridge. Mark Ammons was voted team M.V.P. The Freshman team in an informal moment. 135 GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL Front Row: Mary Beth Grafmuller, Coach Gill, Patsy Majeski. Second Row: Kathy Walker, Cindy Chace, Arleta Cosby, Sue Flynn, Susan Walvius, Stacie Keller, Jean Cashwell, Christi Simpson, Jeannie Lueders, Catherine Curran. Christi Simpson going for two. Sue Flynn in action during state competition. Cindy Chase putting it up. Stacy Keller going for a rebound. Cindy Chace passing it off. Arleta Cosby and Susan Walvius awaiting the shot. I 137 GIRLS J.V. BASKETBALL Front Row: Cheryl Bryant, Coach Jones, Terrie Kasik. Second Row: Debbie Eicher, Sam Cosby, Michelle Taylor, Rosetta Bullock, Bonnie Walker, Gwen Price, Gus Simpson, Rhonda Early. Michelle Taylor grab bing a rebound GARFIELD J.V. GIRLS TEAM The girls had an outstanding season under the guidance of Miss Jones finishing 17-0. In one game alone the team scored 98 pts., a probable record at Gar-Field. The team averaged between 65 and 70 pts. a game while holding the opposition to between 25 and 30 pts. a game. Coach Jones attributes the team’s success to lots of hard work and team pride. The team M.V.P. was Terri Kasik. GIRLS FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Front Row: Janice Majeski and Karen Putnam. Second Row: Coach Baggett, Brenda Nix, Jennifer Jones, Linda Cashwell, Dawn Wheat, Denise Long, Sherri Dean. GAR-FIELD FRESHMAN GIRLS TEAM This year’s team had a very successful season under the guidance of a very experienced coach, Miss Yvette Baggett. Captains Janice Majeski and Karen Putnam led the team to an 8-2 record. Coach Bag¬ gett feels that this year’s team will contribute a great deal to next year’s JV and Varsity squads. 139 BOYS INDOOR TRACK Members Pictured Are: R. Futrell, E. Hannah, G. Butler, R. Noel, E. Greene, D. Quisenberry, D. Washington, B. Sims, L. Lennon, D. Bolk, J. Bucknam (Mgr.), S. Manchester, B. Bowen, P. Mann, T. Cullop, M. Eggleston, G. Jenkins, C. McCby, P. Kepperling, C. Boyer, S. Masters, G. Newman, E. Novack, G. Stronko, M. Howard, R. White, G. Burrdw, M. Drury, S. Mooney, L. Lovelace, E. Williams. The boys team, led by new coach Jim Oliver, had an ex¬ cellent year. The boys won their 6th straight indoor district title and finished high in the regional meet as well. The weather plagued the team’s season and all dual meets had to be cancelled. The team only ran at two invitational meets and showed great potential at them. The team lost a lot of talent last year but with mostly underclassmen the hard working and gutsy team outran a strong Stonewall team to win the district meet. Coach Oliver was very pleased with the team’s perfor¬ mance this year and feels they should be even stronger next year. Members qualifying for the state meet were Dave Gutierrez, Greg Clark and Lynwood Lovelace. Gerald Butler long jumping at the District meet. 140 Track The boys mile relay team before the race. Danny Gieger pole vaulting for Gar-Field. Track 141 GIRLS INDOOR TRACK Members Pictured: M. Penny, D. Woolfolk, J. Waibel, A. Martin, S. Jones, R. White, M. Depoy, C. Coaxum, N. Fields, L. Hayes, M. Cox, S. Royer, L. Tucker, C. Tait, D. Klugh, D. Hicks, A. Roth, P. McKelvey, L. Bird, T. Sookshawee, L. Conway. This is the first year that the girl’s indoor track team has had the chance to compete in a district meet. They made the best of it, placing first at district and also win¬ ning regionals. They are expected to finish well at state also. According to coach Ruth Brown, there were many top runners, including sprinters Rhonda Gainor and distance runners Peggy Benham and Anne Ganino. Angela Orth running the girls mile. 142 Track Stephanie Jones running with a comfortable lead. Jenny Waibel running the mile relay at the district meet. Peggy Benham and Anne Ganino in the mile run. f Two Gar-Field girls in the blocks for the 60 yard dash. Track 143 WRESTLING ' i 1981-82 Varsity Wrestling j G-F 40 Cave Spring 15 G-F 42 William Fleming 13 G-F 42 McLean 26 G-F 66 Fauquier 9 G-F 36 Potomac 16 G-F 53 Stonewall Jackson 21 G-F 50 North Stafford 15 G-F 69 Woodbridge 0 Christmas Tournament Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania 1st Gar-Field 167V2 pts. 2nd Clearfield 158Vs pts. 3rd Bedford 136V2 pts. Commonwealth District Tournament 1st Place Northwest Regional Tournament 1st Place GAK FJXELD Varsity: Row 1: Danny Tassa (manager), Ron Cadwallader, Bobby Reynolds, Hamid Nejati, Majid Kashanikhah, Matt Ryerse, Bruce Nickie, Chuck Toler. Row 2: Coach Tom Legge, Tom Murphy, Wes Swogger, Whitey Norman, Charles Wagner, Eric Thoreson, Brian West, Pat Rowe, Paul Mann, Assistant Coach Joe Wheeler. Not Pictured: Kenny Harting. State Tournament 6th Place 1981-82 J.V. Wrestling G-F 43 O’Connell 7 G-F 15 James Wood 51 G-F 21 Potomac 43 G-F 49 Stonewall Jackson 8 G-F 50 North Stafford 22 G-F 41 Woodbridge 18 V. J r J.V.: Row 1: Pat Weed, Terry Thorne, Roger Dowd, Donny Shiner, Danny Teves, Vince Tassa, Ralph Linkous. Row 2: Rick Diwer, John Pratt, To dd Gallentine, John Cotton, Barry Deel, Kevin Turner, Tim Rodgers, Bruce Simpson. Not Pictured: Mike Migliorini. SUPER SENIORS LEAD G-F WRESTLERS From the very beginning, the outlook for the 1981-82 season was bright. This year’s team, which was dominated by a majority of seniors, has to be considered as one of the best teams in the illustrious history of Gar-Field wrestling. Dedication, hard work, and motivation were qualities that led to a perfect record of 14-0. In addition, the team placed 1st in the Xmas, District, and Regional Tournaments, and 6th in the State Meet. Gar-Field also defeated West Springfield and Falls Church, which were ranked as two of the top teams in Northern Virginia. Seniors leading the team were Bobby Reynolds, Hamid Nejati, Bruce Nickie, Tom Mur¬ phy, Wes Swogger, Whitey Norman, Charles Wagner, Eric Thoreson, and Brian West. All nine also qualified for state, along with sophomores Ron Cadwallader and Chuck Toler. Bobby Reynolds, unfortunately, was injured towards the end of the season. Bobby is con¬ sidered, by everyone involved in high school wrestling, as one of the best wrestlers in the state, even though he had the misfortune of not being able to compete in the State Tournament. The team has certainly upheld their winning tradition. “This season has been one of the most enjoyable and gratifying that I’ve ever been a part of,” stated Coach Legge. Other team members who played an important role in the team’s success were Pat Rowe and Kenny Harting (185), Paul Mann (Unlimited), who placed 5th in the Xmas Tournament, Matt Ryerse, and Majid Kashanikhah. J.V. was led by Vince Tassa, Ralph Linkous, Kevin Turner, and John Cotton; with outstanding freshman wrestlers Larry Gibbs, Tim Rodgers, and Rick Diwer. 144 Top left: Ralph Linkous. Top right: John Pratt. Second left: Bruce Nickle. Second right: Hamid Nejati. Third left: Vince Tassa. Above: Kenny Harting. Left: Tom Murphy. 145 Left: Christmas Tournament Champions. Below: Charles Wagner. Se¬ cond left: Chuck Toler. Second right: Bruce Nickle. Third left: District Champions Third right: Whitey Norman. Bottom left: Tom’Murphy. Bottom right: Ron Cadwallader. 146 Districts Regionals State Ron Cadwallader 1st 1st 2nd Hamid Nejati 2nd 2nd 4th Chuck Toler 2nd 3rd Bruce Nickle 1st 1st 4th Tom Murphy 1st 4th Wes Swogger 1st 1st 5th Whitey Norman 2nd 1st Charles Wagner 1st 2nd Eric Thoreson 1st 3rd 6th Brian West 2nd 2nd J Top left: Brian West. Second left: Award presentation to Bobby Reynolds by former G-F wrestling coach, Jack Dun¬ can. Top right: Hamid Nejati. Third left: Wes Swogger. Above: Eric Thoreson. Left: Regional Champions. 147 3IRLS GYMNASTICS Bottom Row: Kelley Sewell, Dena Collier, Lee-Anna Grimm, Susan Burian. Top Row: Coach Hora, Kelli Leiter, Dina DeLucca, Janet Lawson, Misti Barrett, Dawn Campbell, Marie Clubb, Sara McKelvey. Coach Hora and Manager Sara McKelvey Janet Lawson shows off her style. Kelley Sewell concentrating on her bar routine. Dina DeLucca prepares to begin her floor exercise. Janet Lawson shows form on the beam. Lee-Anna Grimm poses for the judge. 149 SENIORS 150 Seniors “S-E-N-l-O-R-S, Seniors, Seniors are the best!” The class of ' 82 shows their winning spirit at the pep rally for the Homecoming game. Seniors 151 Jeff Abrell Carl Ackerman Scott Addison Vicki Addison Jackie Akers Christopher Aldrich Carl Ackerman “Los” A ctivities: Literary Club (Collage) 10-11 . Thoughts about High School: High School was a trip. I had a blast; not with the classes or the work, but I loved the partying and the laid-back life. Ambition: To lead a good, long life; to take in some killer parties; to be happy; to have an excellent time; and to ROCK forever! Scott Addison Activities: Key Club 12, Science Club 12. Thoughts about High School: The peo¬ ple are great. Thanks J.L.A. Ambition: To go to college and get a degree in Biological Sciences; then marry a rich woman and live happily ever after. Vicki Lyn Addison Activities: Sophomore Beauty Contest 10. Thoughts about High School: It was fun, but I sure am glad I chose to graduate early. Ambition: To become an Interior Designer. Jackie Akers “Hey Buddy” Thoughts about High School: It was great while it lasted but I ' m glad it’s over. Thanks Jimmy and Karen, if it wasn’t for you two I never would have made it! Am¬ bition: To marry Jimmy, own a small business and live Happily Ever After. James Aldrich “Bill” Activities: Chess and Battle Club 9-11, Math Club 12. Ambition: After I graduate from High School, I hope to get a scholarship and go to college at the University of Jacksonville, Fla. Sandy Alexander “Space Cadette”, “Dizzy” Thoughts about High School: I ' m really glad it’s over. If it wasn’t for my friends I never would have made it. Ambition: To own a Corvette and to live a happy life with my babe, Rich. Theresa Allen “Pepper” Activities: Pep Club 9-11, (Vice Pres. 11), FBLA 11-12. Thoughts about High School: It was definitely different. The days were long, but the years went fast. Thanks to my darlin’ Mark for making all my dreams come true. Ambition: To marry Mark after graduation, start my career, have lots of little Markies, and live happily after after. Martha S. Alliason “Allyson”, “Bugs” Activities: National Safety Council Member 10-11, Keyettes 9-10, Chug-A-Lug Club 10-11, Latin Club 11, French Club 9, Manager of Men ' s Gym¬ nastics 11, Pep Club 12, FHA 12. Ambition: I would like to get a major degree in landscape ar¬ chitecture and a minor degree in business. Ren6 Latisha Anderson “Little Starr” Activities: Chorus 10, Drama Club 9. Thoughts about High School: Gar-Field is an o.k. school. All except for the kids in this school. They don’t know how to act. Ambition: My ambition is to become a singer. I want to go to college for 4 years so that I can become a professional. Christina Andrejko “Tina”, “Dr. A.” Activities: Girls Varsity Tennis 10, DECA 12 . Thoughts about High School: I couldn’t have done it without Mary and Donna. When there ' s been so many good times, you forget the bad ones. Ambition: To some day snag Chris into marriage, decide on a career and succeed, and settle down in a nice home with lots of iove. Carlron Apperson Thoughts about High School: It was usually pretty boring, but the parties and the people made it bearable. I learned a lot in my G-F yrs. but not in class. There were a lot of great times, really. Ambition: To get through college, make lots of money, buy a Harley- Davidson and find a great wife somewhere along the way. (The Harley comes first though). James Aldrich Sandy Alexander Theresa Allen Martha Alliason Renee Anderson Christina Andrejko Carlton Apperson Timothy Arbisi Robert Arcaro Adele Archie 152 Seniors Margaret Arnold “Peg”, “Peggie”, " Piggy”, “Woodstock " , “Peglet” Activities: Track 9, Soc¬ cer 9, FBLA 11-12, Drama Club 12, Thoughts about High School: It ' s had its ups and downs, wild and quiet times. Raisin ' Hell and RUNNIN ' WILD! Best of my love to Snoopy, Lee, Goph, and Martian. Ambition: To love and be loved, to live life to the utmost, to be a success, and to make all my magical, fairy tale dreams come true. Christine Arnoldi “Chris” Activities: Orchestra 9-11; All County Orchestra 9-11, Concert Choir 12, Dominants 12, Key Club 12, DECA 12 (Vice-President, 12). Thoughts about High School: It was the best four years of my life. I wouldn’t trade these years for anything. Ambition: To go to college and major in music, study business management, and to live a long and prosperous life. Bonnie Arrington “Bonn” Activities: Collage 12, Pep Club 12. Thoughts about High School: I like high school, because when I look back at what I have learned, I feel smart, and want to tell people what or how to do whatever they don ' t understand. I am going to miss my friends, but I will always remember Gar-Field ' s 1. Ambition: I want to be a P.E. teacher, because I love sports and showing how to do them. I also love bowling and hope to be a pro-bowler. Connie Arrington “Conn” Activities: Collage 12, Pep Club 12. Thoughts about High School: I think that High School was fulfilling and I met new friends every year that I’ve been in Gar-Field and I’m going to miss them all when school is finally over. Gar-Field is ft 1. Ambition: My ambi¬ tion is to be an Artist and a Pro Bowler. I love drawing and bowling very much and I love being with my teammates. Patricia Artia “Patty” Activities: FBLA 11; COE 12. Thoughts about High School: The past four years have been great, but I ' ll be glad to leave. Ambition: To become an engineer or a computer programmer and live a long, wonderful life with Dave. William H. Aahton II “Bill”, “Billy” Activities: Drama Club 12, Key Club 12, Science Club, Who’s Who Among American High School Students. Thoughts about High School: I had a good time, the people were great, but it is time to move on and expand my horizons. Ambition: To keep growing the rest of my life and reach the goals I have set for myself. Virginia Atseff Activities: Outdoor Track 10, Cross Country 11. Thoughts about High School: Glad it ' s over!!! Ambition: To be happy and make a life with Mark. Jeff Bagato “The Hobbit” Activities: French Club 9, National Honor Society 11-12, Math Club 12, Culture Club 12, Chess and Battle Club 12, It ' s Academic Team Alternate 12. Thoughts about High School: It’s better in the Shire. Ambition: To go to college, become an electrical engineer with a minor in computer science and be a writer in my spare time. Mary Virginia Helen Elizabeth Bahorich “Ginger " Activities: Class Representative 9, Pep Club 11, Indian Mascot 11, Teen Counselor 11-12, PWC Art Workshop 11-12, Who ' s Who Among American High School Students 12, MWFC 12, Art Team 9-12. Thoughts about High School: Over the past 4 years, everyone at G-F helped to shape my life and prepare me for my future. I ' ll never forget all the wonderful people I met here. Ambition: For myself, I hope to find a life in¬ volving my love for art, Bill and people. For my 969 classmates I wish personal success and happiness. Bridget Bailey “Bink” Activities: German Club 12, SGC 11-12. Thoughts about High School: The work, I can do without, but I’m going to miss all of my friends, and going to games. It was great! Ambition: Become a flight attendant, travel all over the world, and sp end the rest of my life with Steve. Lori Renee Baillargeon “Rowdy” Thoughts about High School: You know it ain’t easy, you know how hard it can be. Ambition: To be a professional photographer, marry a rock star and be FREE! Kim Baith “Kimmy” Activities: Pep Club 9, Varsity Soccer 9-10, Treble Chorus 9, DE 12. Thoughts about High School: High School has been the best 4 years of all, thanx to Sue, Cindy, Rhonda and especially Ronnie. Ambition: To be rich, famous and successful, move to Florida and marry Ronnie! Ramon Arends Margaret Arnold Christine Arnoldi Bonnie Arrington Connie Arrington Kelly Arthur Patricia Artis John Artz William Ashton Virginia Atseff Jeffrey Bagato Patricia Bahle Mary Bahorich Brigitte Bailey Lori Baillargeon Kimberly Baith Seniors 153 Eugene Baker Janilyn Baker Benjamin Baldwin Valerie Baldwin Brian Banks Robert Bardon Carl Barge James Barnhart Laura Barnhill Dorothea Barr Misti Barrett Thomas Barry Jerry Bartee William Basham John Bazyk Michael Beach Janilyn Baker “Jan” Activities: French Club 9 (WSHS), Ski Club 9 (WSHS), Teen Counselor 12, Key Club 12. Thoughts about High School: It’s been fun. Even though I got transferred from WSHS in my sophomore year I really enjoyed my 3 years at G-F. Ambition: My ambition in life is to go to NOVA for a year and then transfer to a bigger college and major in Business. Ben Baldwin Thoughts about High School: I had a good time but I’ll be glad to leave. Ambition: To have plenty of money and take it easy for the rest of my life. Valerie Baldwin “Val” Thoughts about High School: I really can’t believe four years of high school are almost finished. There have been some bad times, but I have learned and grown from them. Ambition: My ambition is to get married to Jay, have kids, and to become a millionaire before I turn 25. Robert Bardon “Bob” Thoughts about High School: Don’t let anyone say being a senior is easy, but I’m glad I’m getting out. Ambition: To go to college for two years and then go to trade school in Florida. Jim Barnhart II “Barney”, “J”, “JB”, “Barnyard” Activities: Football 9, Tennis 10-12, Key Club, Drama Club 9, Ski Club, Tennis Club, Travel Club. Thoughts about High School: It was a blast, times I’ll never forget! All the friends, (J.F., G.B., Kelly, Mr. Earl, Mr. J, Jenny) and anybody else, thanks! Gar-Field’s the BEST! Ambition: To become a “Movie Star,” and then a “Tennis Pro,” and then get married, and become a teacher or a Social Worker. Wish me luck! Laura Barnhill Activities: Pep Club 9, Flag Corps 10-12, Who’s Who Among American High School Students 11-12, SGC Representative 12, Key Club 12, FBLA 10, 12. Thoughts about High School: The challenge is there and you hate it, but when it’s over you’ll miss it. Ambition: To have a good job and spend the rest of my life with the man I love. Misti Lin Barrett “Mist” Activities: National Honor Society 11-12, Signet 9-12, Indianettes 11- 12, Gymnastics 9-12, Choir 9-10, Powder Puff Football 12, Key Club 11-12, Culture Club 12, Math Club 12, Jr. Miss 12. Thoughts about High School: It was a lot of hard work, but with the help of my friends I’ve finally made it through — Thanks so much guys. Ambition: To graduate from college, find a good paying job and live a happy life. Thomas Barry “Elmo Banny” Activities: Cross Country 11-12, Indoor Track 11-12, Outdoor Track 11-12, Governor’s School, Key Club 12, National Honor Society 11-12, Signet Forever, Smoke Signals 11-12. Thoughts about High School: I am expected to summarize four of the most important years of my life (so far) in twenty-five words, and I only have one ... Ambition: I plan to annex the Sudetenland. Jerry Allen Bartee “Bart”, “Snake” Activities: J.V. Wrestling 9, 11, V. Wrestling 12, Jr. Variety Show 11-12, V. Baseball Manager 10. Thoughts about High School: High school was great while it lasted, but if it weren’t for my friends and all the good-lookin’ girls I don’t think I would have finished. Ambition: To be discovered as a country western singer and make it BIG. Then buy everyone in our class cars. Any kind they want! John Bazyk “Johnny”, “Johnny B”, “Snooks” Activities: Freshman Basketball 9, Varsity Basketball 10-12 (State Champions 1980). Thoughts about High School: It was full of ups and downs, with the last year and a half being an up. I’ll miss it, but time to move on. Ambition: To play college basketball, be with Wendy forever and spend lots of time at the beach. (And be financially secure — Rich!) Michael Beach “BS” Activities: Varsity Soccer 9-12. Thoughts about High School: I never would have made it without M.M. and J.G. Ambition: To go out in life and be happy in whatever I do. 154 Seniors Alan Beardsley “Al” Activities: Collage 10, Co-Editor Collage 11, Literary Club 11, Collage 12. Thoughts about High School: I enjoyed it, almost as much as getting a flat at Springfield Mall. Almost. Yes, I really enjoyed it. Ambition: I would like to attend college and get my Master’s. Then I think perhaps write or teach. Timothy Dean Beauchamp “Tim”, “Beech-nut” Activities: International Club 9; Cross-Country 9-10, Track 9-10, Concert Band 11, Symphonic Band 12, Concert Choir 12, Dominants 12. Thoughts about High School: The only way I made it was by taking it one day at a time. Thanks Ron, Pam and the Dominants for your encouragement. Ambition: To graduate from Asbury Col¬ lege then to pursue a career in which I can use all my skills to the best of my ability. Raymond Bedard “Moose”, “Slim”, “01’ Fatty” Activities: 78-79 Freshman Football, 79-80 JV Football, 80-81 JV and Varsity Football, 81-82 Varsity Football. Thoughts about High School: It was fun while it lasted. Good luck to all other classes. Ambition: To go to college, and work in business administration. Maybe play football if possible. Robert Beggs “Mr. Macho” Activities: Video Tech Club 9-12. Thoughts about High School: High school was alright but I wouldn’t want to stay there all my life. Ambition: My ambition is to go in the Air Force and study electronics then go to college. Lisa Rene Beightol “Lisa”, “Lee-B”, “Lucinda” Activities: Volleyball 9-10, Basketball 9, Class Vice President 10, SGC Rep. 10-12, Yearbook Staff 12, Indianettes 11-12, Lettered, Who’s Who Among American High School Students 11-12, LBNSD 12. Thoughts about High School: Smiles, Tears, In’ettes and Friends! Thanks to Mom, Dad, Kerry, Glni, Marian, Wanda and especially to Scottie for making it the best! Ambition: To go to college, major in accounting, get my CPA, be very happy, rich and live a long life. Mike Bella “The Ripper” Activities: Freshman Football, Junior Variety Show. Thoughts about High School: It’s one big setback in my career and I can ' t wait to get out. It’s a waste of time but that doesn ' t matter because time’s a waste anyway. Ambition: “ROCK THE NATION " — in my land of course. David John Bellinger “Dave”, “The Man” Activities: Rockin, Jammin, Playin. Thoughts about High School: It has a lot to offer, but it was not for me. But there was a lot of killer times. Just play the game, Jack! Ambition: To live in the Motor City Madhouse, work and play hard. Make lots of duckies, and speak easy, play my rhythm machine. Elaie L. Benavides “Moo-Moo” Activities: French Club 11, Spanish Club 12, Teen Counseling 12, National Honor Society 11-12. Thoughts about High School: I’ll miss my friends and the crazy times we spent; but it’s time to go on. Ambition: To have a career, get married, and get rich quick!! Margaret Anne Benham “Peggy”, “Peg”, “P.G.” Activities: Cross Country 9-12; Indoor and Outdoor Track 9-12, Girls Varsity Club 10-12. Thoughts about High School: It was a lot like run¬ ning. The years were like hills: INSURMOUNTABLE! But when you reach the top there ' s a feel¬ ing of pride and accomplishment. Ambition: To be successful in life. Kimberly Bennett “Kim”, “Bango” Activities: Pep Club 10, Pep Club President 11, FBLA 11, COE 12, Travel Club 12. Thoughts about High School: It was fun and time really flew! I’ve had a lot of great times. Thanks Laura for being the best friend anyone could ever have. Ambition: To go to college and be the best ever in the Data Processing Field. Then I want to marry rich (richer than me at least). Rex Berfield Activities: Football 9-10, DECA 10-12. Thoughts about High School: For underclassmen you can do whatever you want but you just can’t get caught. Ambition: Virginia State Police. Donald Bilbrey Thoughts about High School: It was fun, but the surrounding woods during lunch were funner, by far, except when Mr. Cardinale “made the scene. " Ambition: um ... well, uh ... Hell, I DunnoU Laura Bird “Brute”, “Tweety” Activities: Track 11-12, Indoor 12, Key Club 12, Pep Club 10. Thoughts about High School: Thought it would never end ... Thanks to all my friends for all the good memories, keep in touch! It will never happen Trisha! Revenge is sweet SM! Ambition: To become a Forest Ranger, become Ms. America Body Building Champ and own " Golds’’ gym. Beverly Bischof " Bev” Activities: Teen Counseling 12, Flag Corps 12, FBLA 10, SGC 12. Thoughts about High School: Like Wow! G-F has given me many priceless memories and ex¬ periences I ' ll never forget! Especially my best friends Kendal, Timi, and Jan. I’ll miss it. Ambi¬ tion: My ambitions are to be successful, work hard at helping others and live life to the fullest! Brett Bischof “B.B.” Activities: Golf ' 80, FBLA ' 81. Thoughts about High School: High School is something you need to prepare you for life. Ambition: College and to become a Golf Pro for Club or professional. Alan Beardsley Timothy Beauchamp Ray Bedard Robert Beggs John Beglin Lisa Beightol Michael Bella David Bellinger Elsie Benavides Margaret Benham Kimberly Bennett Rex Berfield Donald Bilbrey Laura Bird Beverly Bischof Brett Bischof Seniors 155 Lisa Bishop Cynthia Bivings Keith Bjorklund Loretta Blackwell Donna Blakley Nyla Bland Joe Bloxton Douglas Boik Mark Boodee Randal Bowler Steven Brain Kirk Brandt Laura Bratcher Robert Breeding Cindy Brennan Joseph Brooks Joe Bloxton Activities: Freshman Football 9, JV Football 11, Track 9-10, FBLA 10, Key Club 12. Thoughts about High School: It was an enjoyable 4 years of my life, but now it’s time to move ahead. Ambition: To go to college and become an accountant. Then I’ll become a Major League Baseball Umpire. Douglas Boik Activities: Indoor Track 9-12, Outdoor Track 9-12. Thoughts about High Sc hool: I had a great time. A lot of great looking girls. I might have even learned something. Thanks everyone! Ambition: To marry a rich old lady, get rich, and have affairs with young women. Mark T. Boodee “Bootie”, “O.J.” Activities: Freshman Football 9, JV Football 10, Indoor Track 9- 10, Indianettes Manager 11-12, Bass Chorus 9, Concert Choir 10-11, DOMINANTS 10-12, All County Choir 9-12, All Regional Choir 10-12, All State Choir 11-12 Signet 9-12, Drama Club 10- 12, Teen Counseling 11-12, National Honor Society 11-12, SGC Representative 10, 12. Thoughts about High School: The overall congenial spirit of Gar-Field lends itself to the crea¬ tion of friendships and a sense of belonging which is vital to one’s happiness in high school. Ambition: To attend a reputable university, receive a solid medical degree, specialize in obstetrics and gynecology and really get into my work. Kirk Lee Brandt Activities: Varsity Chorus 9-12, Math Club 11-12, Drama Club 11-12, Science Club 12, Honor Society 11-12, Tennis 12, Key Club 12, Latin Club 12. Thoughts about High School: It was an experience, sometimes good and sometimes bad. Ambition: To get rich, live on a farm in Iowa, and raise little piggies with that one special person. Robert Breeding “Fester” Thoughts about High School: At times it seemed to be hard, but I’ll never forget my 4 years at Gar-Field. I’ll miss the friends, teachers, and memories. Ambition: To go to college, have a successful career, and to enjoy life. Cindy Brennan Activities: FBLA 12. Thoughts about High School: It’s been fun but I’m glad it’s over. Thanks to Norm for caring so much. I will never forget it. Ambition: I want to become a successful legal stenographer, and be happy in all I do. 156 Seniors Tammy Cadwallader Cheryl Callahan Tracy Camp Toniko Campbell William Campbell Sharon Canada Carter Cannon Karen Canody Michael Cardinal James Carpenter Traci Lynn Camp “Breeze”, “Spacey” Activities: Partying all four years. Thoughts about High School: I think High School was a lot of fun, and if I had it to do over again I wouldn’t. Ambition: I want to drive across country in my own 18-wheeler and party all the way! Sharon Canada “Chung Soe” Activities: Varsity Volleyball 9-12, Varsity Softball 9-12, Girls Varsity Club 9-12. Thoughts about High School: I never thought high school could be so fun. The one thing I really enjoyed was playing sports and being with my friends. They kept me going and I’ll miss them a lot. Ambition: My ambition is to go to college, meet someone with money and someday marry him and just be happy! Michael Cardinal “Mike” Activities: Baseball 10, Class Representative 9-12, SGC, Season Ticket Committee Chairman. Thoughts about High School: i thought it was fun but the weekends were well worth waiting for. If it wasn’t for my friends it wouldn’t have been worth it. Ambition: Go to a trade school, and work and have a full cooler of Michelob in my back seat of my car at all times! Shawn Carson Activities: Varsity Soccer 11-12, Riff-Raff Club 10-12. Thoughts about High School: I had a good time, thanks to Jimmy B., Chip H., Best of luck in the future. Good luck next year G-F soccer. Ambition: To make so much money I have to throw it away to an adoring frenzied mob. June Catherine Carter Activities: Freshman Basketball, JV Basketball, Varsity Basketball, Key Club, Class Representative 9. Thoughts about High School: Thanks to my brother Walt, Vick N., Roy W., Bill, Kent K„ Rob W„ Bobby D„ Ricky S„ Steph W., Darlene G„ Perry M., Trish D„ David L., Little sis Irene. My years at G-F have been great. Good luck to all of you. Ambition: Plan to attend Old Dominion University and major in Business and Law. Jean Marie Cashwell “Jeanie”, “Whimp” Activities: Key Club 9, FBLA 10, DECA 10, Varsity Club 10, Indoor Track 9, 12, Outdoor Track 9, 12, Cr ss Country 10, 12, French Club 12, Culture Club 12. Thoughts about High School: No Thrill! Je prefere dormir et manger and to party. Ambition: To become a Whimp and then open the world’s largest (coed) spa in the world. Norm Catterton Thoughts about High School: It was pretty fun, but I ' m not sad to leave. I ' m ready to go onto bigger and better things. Ambition: To become wealthy, own land and farm it. Shawn Carson June Carter Mary Carver Jean Cashwell Robert Castro Norman Catterton Seniors 159 Thomas Cavey Cynthia Chace Tracy Chapman Debra Cheek Paris Cheeks Thomas Chestnut Leticia Chevalier James Chiles Meighan Chisholm Cindy Chopin Annette Christiansen Gregory Clark Phillip Clark Stephen Clarson Steven Clem Thomas J. Cavey IV “Tom” Thoughts about High School: I think that this high school could have been a lot better if we had the right kind of administrators. The ones that let you do what you like to do, not what they did 30 years ago. P.S. I like to drive fast cars. Ambition: To become a get-rich- quick millionaire and to get involved in the business field. Cynthia Ann Chace “Cindy”, “Chacey” Activities: Basketball 9-12, Teen Counseling 12. Thoughts about High School: It is hard to sum up 4 yrs. in 25 words — they wouldn’t have meant so much if it weren’t for my 2 best buds! Thanks!! Ambition: To be so rich that I can fly to Paris for lunch and be back for dinner at my mansion on King Street — party at my mansion — 20 yrs. from now be there — Aloha! Theresa Marie Chapman “Tracy” Thoughts about High School: I really enjoyed these years. I met a lot of people and learned a lot about life. Ambition: To be successful and to have a good life with someone special. Paris Cheeks “Munchskin” (I’m short) Activities: FHA Club 2 Years (FHA — Future Home Economics of America). Thoughts about High School: High school has been fun. I have met many people and experienced a lot. I met the challenges of my potential in school and I feel I’ve ac¬ complished a lot during my 4 yrs. of high school. Ambition: I would like to marry a special person in my life and I would like to attend, after graduation, Virginia State University and major in Com¬ munications. After that, I would like a good job and raise my little boy. Meighan K. Chisholm Jr. “Jr.” Activities: 1980 — JV Football. Thoughts about High School: Ex¬ periences that you will never forget. Ambition: To progress in the United States military as a fighter pilot in the Air Force. Cindy Chopin Activities: FBLA 12, COE 12. Thoughts about High School: High School was great, although hard work, stick with it and it’ll help you in the future. Annette Christiansen “Frack”, “Dale”, “Net”, “A-Net” Activities: Nothing Much. Drama Club 12, FHA 12. Thoughts about High School: It was a real experience. Thanks Chip for being such a great friend even when we had dumb fights. Everybody Take Care. Ambition: To go to B.Y.U. in Hawaii and then go in San Diego and live. I would like to be a nursery school teacher. Gregory C. Clark “Greg” Activities: Outdoor Track 9-10, 12, JV Basketball 10, Varsity Basketball 11-12, Teen Counseling 11, Who’s Who Among American High School Students 12, Ski Club 12. Thoughts about High School: You get out of it only what you put into it. Ambition: To make it through UNC and med school, drive a sporty Porsche and sail into the sunset with the lady of my dreams. Phillip E. Clark Jr. Thoughts about High School: Even though it hasn’t been all easy I’d like to think of this time as a fun four years. Ambition: I’d like to study to become a computer programmer. Stephen Clarson “Pickle” Activities: Varsity Baseball 10-12, Varsity Football 12, French Club 9- 10, Smoke Signals 9, Soccer 12, Varsity Club 12. Thoughts about High School: Fun at times, glad to get out and go on. Pedro and Gomez made it worthwhile. Remember the O Bro’s house. Baseball was great. Ambition: Go to ODU become an Oceanographer, become a billionaire, buy a Busch and UST, go to India and learn yoga, later Lobo don’t go to Schytzo. Dawne Clements “Hey, Hey Dan” Thoughts about High School: Never would have made it without my buddy Ed and Chris! Thanx Sherri and Colleen for two years of troubl e and Michelle for her ad¬ vice! Ambition: GRADUATE!!! Then go onto college become a physical therapist, reach the top of society’s ladder, marry a rich doctor and live happily ever after! Dawn Clements 160 Seniors Kevin Climo “Climo”, “Captain Climo " , “Igmo " , " Spike " Activities: Spanish Club 12. Thoughts about High School: I wouldn ' t want to discourage future seniors. Ambition: To go to VPI (Virginia Party Institute) and visit friends. To also become an Electronic Engineer. Debra Sandra Coates “Debbie” Activities: Cheerleading 9, 11. Thoughts about High School l learned and experienced a lot. I will miss all of my friends, they made it all worthwhile. I am glad that it ' s almost over. Ambition: To further my education. To be successful in whatever I may pursue throughout my life. To live a long, happy, healthy, fulfilling life. Joni Coates Activities: Pep Club 9-10, French Club 9, Ski Club 10-11, Volleyball 11, Key Club 11- 12, Yearbook 11, DECA 12. Thoughts about High School: I thought high school was a really great and fun experience, but I ' ll be glad to be out and on my own. Ambition: After high school, I plan on going to college and then on to a career in fashion merchandising. Carol S. Coburn Activities: Basketball 9, Drill Team 10, SGC 11-12. Thoughts about High School: My memories of high school are happy ones, full of fun times, hard work, and high dreams. Ambi¬ tion: My ambition is to make someone special totally happy and content for the rest of his life. I LOVE YOU, LEE! Denine Coffey “Roni” Thoughts about High School: School wasn ' t really as bad as it ' s cracked up to be. Even though sometimes I never thought I ' d make it, it’s been a " memorable experience.” Ambition: I’d like to be an accomplished writer, and maybe hit the big time " someday. " Maybe I ' m reaching too high, but I’m going for it. Amanda Coker “Loon”, “Banana” Activities: Key Club 12, Travel Club 12, Soccer Manager 11. Thoughts about High School: I really enjoyed it thanks to DS, TG, JR, TC, and TG. I ' ll never forget you and all the fun times. Ambition: To go to college and make something of my life. Linda Colcombe “Yin”, “Luaty” Activities: Flag Corps 11-12, Teen Counseling 12, Drama Club 12, Culture Club 12, Smoke Signals 11, FBLA 11, SGC Representative 9-11, Pep Club 9, Ghost Chasers Club " Sergeant of Alarm” 12. Thoughts about High School: The football games and per¬ formances were the best! “The last of the Colcombe Indians. " May Potomac High School rule from now on — " GO BO!” Ambition: A beautiful queen like Lori; tall and wasted like Cordelia; a trivial wiz like Kerry; a Harvard sex expert like Gini; or a Potomac cheerleader! Frances J. Collins “Buck”, “Guzzler” Activities: Cross Country 9-10, Weight Lifting 12, Varsity Football 12, Key Club 12. Thoughts about High School: It was good, but I ' m glad it ' s over. I wish Dunk and I didn’t get talked into joining the Key Club. Ambition: To go to school and get an associate degree, and join the military as an officer, and be like the Boss. James Collins “Jim”, “Jimmy” Activities: Freshman Football 9, JV Football 10, Stage Lighting 11- 12. Thoughts about High School: I wish I’d taken school more seriously, although I ' m glad to be get¬ ting out. Thanks to everyone who helped me through it especially B.F. Ambition: To become a com¬ puter technician and marry Bridget and then live in total bliss. Terry T. Collins Activities: I am a Home Room Representative. Last year I was a Jr. Class Representative and was involved in the Jr. Variety Show. Thoughts about High School: I don ' t have much to say about high school but it was fun. I’m still glad to be getting out this year. Ambition: My ambitions are to go into the military and to college and take up law. Kathi Conahan Activities: Freshman Volleyball 9, Variety Show 9-11, Concert Choir 12, Dominants 12, Honors Choir 12. Thoughts about High School: I learned a lot and met some really great people. It will be sad to leave, but I’m looking forward to moving on. Ambition: To enjoy life to its fullest and to have a successful career. Lisa Marie Colna “Coona”, “Bargoney Sister-2” Activities: Sophomore Beauty Contest 9, Homecoming Float, SGC Representative 10-11, Indianettes 11-12. Thoughts about High School: I had the best time of my life here and I owe it all to Kelly and Stephanie. Ambition: To graduate, marry a rich man and raise Siberian Huskies for the rest of my life. Virginia Cook “Gini”, “Scarlet”, “Gimmy” Activities: Teen Counseling 12; Flag Corps 11-12; Na¬ tional Honor Society 11-12; Drama Club 12; Pep Club 9; SGC Representative 9-11; Culture Club 12; Gar-Field Ring; Ghostchasers Club 11-12. Thoughts about High School: Gar-Field is a silly place. I had a BLAST thanks to my best buddies Ketty, Yind, Cork, and Yowie. Ambition: Go to college and graduate school, become a businesswoman millionairess, live in a huge penthouse apartment with gorgeous men, and be happy. Kevin Climo Debra Coates Joni Coates Carol Coburn Denine Coffey Amanda Coker Linda Colcombe Wayne Coleman Teresa Collier Buck Collins James Collins Terry Collins Lisa Colna Kathi Conahan Virginia Cook Sharon Cooper Seniors 161 Christine Corazzo Eric Corbin Carmen Cornelison Jeffery Cornett Doris Cornwell William Corrick Christine Corazzo “Chris”, “Danny”, “J.B.” Activities: Cosmetology 10-12, VICA 10-12. Thoughts about High School: High School was fun and I learned a lot about life in general, but I wouldn’t care to do it over. Good Luck future G-F students. Ambition: I would like to become a professional Cosmetologist and have my own shop. But most important to me, I want to live a happy life. Carmen Michelle Cornelison Activities: Spanish Club (Secretary), Who’s Who in Foreign Languages in Georgia and Florida High Schools, SGC Representative, Honor Roll 9, National Beta Club 10. Thoughts about High School: I thought it was fun and I’ll always remember it, but it is not any comparison to college, since I became a college freshman in my senior year in high school. Ambition: To further my education by going on to college to major in speech pathology, so I will be able to help young kids with speech and hearing impairments. Doris Cornwell “Sunshine” Thoughts about High School: I will always treasure the memories of Gar-Field, especially the special people I’ve met. Thanks Theresa, Kathy, (Mark -n- Theresa — Love Ya both!!) Ambition: To get a good job as a secretary in the government and share my life with someone very special. William T. Corrick Activities: Pep Club 11-12. Thoughts about High School: It was fun while it lasted but I never would go through it again even for a million dollars. Ambition: To marry a rich Lady and Exploit her wealth. Richard Corson “Rich” Activities: Freshman Football 9; Basketball 9-12; Key Club 12; Junior Civitan 12. Thoughts about High School: High School has been pretty fun. I’ll be sorry to see it end and I will miss everyone. I hope we all keep in touch. Ambition: I plan to go to college and study engineering. Maybe if I’m lucky I will make a lot of bucks, get married and have a few kids. Arleta Glinda Cosby “Lata”, “Cos”, “Fish”, “Hotshot” Activities: Freshman Basketball, Disco Fashion Show (Model) 9, JV Basketball 10, Treasurer for FBLA, " Sewing Circle” 11, Junior Civitan 12, SGC 9-12, FBLA 10-12, Varsity Basketball 11-12. Thoughts about High School: G-F has been an ever-changing experience, thanks to: Colette, Wendy, Melvin, Jimmy and Kimberely. May the good times and friends last forever. " ENDLESS LOVE” Ambition: To become “filthy rich”; a movie star; live in Hollywood; drive a “Corvette” and “Jaguar”; attend Colette’s and Squashie’s wedding; to marry Caesar Augustus Roy III. Shelli Coulther “Pee Wee” Thoughts about High School: I dislike the work and some of the teachers but the people (my friends) make it all worthwhile, with a few exceptions of teachers. Ambition: To get a good secretarial job or to enter a business which may benefit me in the future. Get married and possibly have a family. Robert Cousins “Bob” Activities: Math Club, Computer Course 12. Thoughts about High School: It was alright, could have been better. Ambition: Go to college, be an engineer. Catherine Anne Cox “Cathy”, “Fish” Activities: Concert Band 9, Marching Band 9, 12, Soccer 9-12. Thoughts about High School: I had a great time! I wish it wasn’t over so soon. I couldn’t have made it without L.L.L. and the Big “O.” Ambition: To make it at least through college, then I’ll go from there. I want to be successful in whatever I do. Mary Cox “4.0” Activities: Varsity Volleyball 9-12, JV Softball 10-12, Signet 9-12, Girl’s Varsity Club 11-12, National Honor Society 11-12, Key Club 12, Teen Counseling 12, Who’s Who Among American High School Students 12. Thoughts about High School: It’s been great! Thanks especially to AG, VF, and GG. The big B-R won’t be the same without its game warden. Ambition: To attend MIT, find a rich engineer, get married and have six kids. Linda Craig Thoughts about High School: It has been the best years of my life. I will miss it. Am¬ bition: My ambition is to become a kindergarten teacher. Cathleen Crane “Cathie” Activities: Freshman Class Reporter 9; Pep Club 10; SGC Represen¬ tative 12. Thoughts about High School: I’m glad I didn’t hold my breath until it was over. Ambi¬ tion: Get rich quick. Meet a FANTASTIC guy, buy some land, drive off in the sunset in a 4x4 and live happily ever after. Richard Corson Arleta Cosby Gary Cosgriff Bradley Costello Shelli Coulther Robert Cousins Catherine Cox Mary Cox Linda Craig Cathleen Crane 162 Seniors Grady L. Crittendon Thoughts about High School: I was obligated, but I wouldn’t do it again for anybody. Ambition: Go to college, become filthy rich being an architect, have my condominium, Mercedes and Porsche, and kickback. Dana Crone “Dane,” " Slick”, “Chickie " Thoughts about High School: The friends I had were irreplaceable. I ' ll miss seeing them every day. As for the work, I leave it all to the underclassmen. Good Luck! Ambition: To be a great artist, a great writer, and a great wife to Billy. John Cronin Activities: Bass Choir 9, Concert Choir 10-12, Regional Choir 11, State Honor ' s Choir 12, German Club 11-12, President of German Club 12. Thoughts about High School: It has been really great. I ' ll miss a great many friends, but hope to keep in touch with some. Ambi¬ tion: To be able to endure eight years more school and become a doctor. Kevin Crotta Activities: Auto Mechanics. Thoughts about High School: Not much. Ambition: To get out. Linda Denise Curd Activities: Cheerleader 9, High Stepper 9, Varsity Soccer 10, Drama Club 11, Junior Civitans 12, Key Club 12, SGG-9, 12. Thoughts about High School: The love, laughter, tears and friendships will always be remembered. Thanks LF, DT and daddy for making it so special. Ambition: To find something I can do well, do it and be happy. To give my family as much love as my parents gave me. Catherine Curran Activities: Basketball 9-12; Softball 9; Tennis 12; Girls ' State 11. Thoughts about High School: Thanks to Mary Beth and Cindy. It was GREAT! I couldn’t have asked for two better best friends. Thanks Meg and MOBO. Ambition: To live in the White House with my two bestest Buds, be a self made millionaire and to see “Coach-Boss” at the Top! David R. Curtis “Curtia”, “Little One” Activities: SGC 9-11; Orchestra 9-12, Amateur Radio 12. Thoughts about High School: My freshman and senior years were great but the rest of G-F I can forget! Ambition: To go to college and become the best Electronics Engineer this world ' s ever seen. Cheryl Daderio Activities: SGC 12. Thoughts about High School: It was a good place and I would hate to leave. If it wasn’t for Jon, I wouldn ' t have made it. Ambition: To marry Jon and have little babies. Become a secretary and help with the bills. Thanks Mom and Dad. Keith Crane Cheryl Creamer John Crews Donald Critchley Grady Crittendon Dana Crone John Cronin Harvey Cross Kevin Crotts Lori Crowell Pamela Cryan Linda Curd Catherine Curran David Curtis Elizabeth Czul Cheryl Daderio Seniors 163 Mary D’Arcangelo Laurie Davies Craig Davis Scott Davis Tammy Davis Kimberly Day Ronquillo Dean Virginia DeCastro Terri Delaverson John Dell Jeane Dellapenna Judy Dellapenna Judina Delucca Karen Dennison Ralph DePaulo Mark Destephanis Mary D’Arcangelo Activities: Junior Civitan 3 Years. Thoughts about High School: I met a lot of different people and even met one special one that I want to marry. I liked GAR-FIELD but I can’t wait till I get in college. Ambition: My ambition is to go to college for engineering, get a good job and marry Keith. Tammy Davis “Tabby” Activities: Drama Club 10, Licensed Practical Nurse Course 12. Thoughts about High School: I liked school but I don’t want to come back. Good-Bye G-F. Am¬ bition: My ambition is to become an RN, get married and get my master ' s in Nursing. Kimberly Day “Kim”, “Blondie” Activities: Pep Club 11, Pep Club Treasurer, FBLA 12. Thoughts about High School: Besides the work, it’s been great. I’ll miss the class of 82, but I have to move on. Ambition: To go to college, have a successful career, get married and lead a happy life. Virginia De Castro Thoughts about High School: It was easy street as long as I had: C.V., B.H., Mickey, and Val. Just want to say thanks to them and all my teachers for the rough times they gave me. Ambition: To graduate and not be married to C.V. like Val, Eddie and Grady say at our 10 year reunion! Terry Lynn Delaverson “Terri” Activities: Solo and Ensemble Festival 9-12; County Band 11- 12; Regional Band 11-12; County Orchestra 11; Marching Band 10-12; Symphonic Band 9-12; Orchestra 10-12; Teen Counseling 11; Track Manager 10. Thoughts about High School: It’s been a lot of hard work, but the friends I’ve made along the way have made it all worthwhile. Ambition: To attend Virginia Tech and major in Biology. John Dell “Chicago” Activities: Fr. Baseball 9, Basketball 9, Golf 11-12. Thoughts about High School: School was alright, I wouldn’t want to do it again. I met a lot of new people. I just hope Billy doesn’t drink too much Bud. Ambition: Is to be the leading money winner on the PGA tour. I want to be a well known sportscaster, and take life as it comes. Judina DeLucca “Dina” Activities: Gymnastics 11-12, Key Club 12. Thoughts about High School: It really went by faster than I thought it would. Thanks to all my friends who I shared it with. Ambition: Become a physical therapist and buy a Pprsche before I’m 25. Then live my life the best I can. Karen Leigh Dennison “Candy”, “BB” Activities: Freshman Cheerleading 9, Drama Club 9, French Club 9, Co-Captain JV Cheerleading 10, Track 10, Teen Counseling 11-12, FBLA 11-12, Culture Club 12, French Club 12, National Honor Society 12, Debutante 12. Thoughts about High School: It was a lot of fun but a lot of hard work. I had many good teachers who I want to thank. I learned many things but especially the value of choosing my friends wisely. Thanks a lot Yvonne, Carla, Mark ... Ambition: Like millions of other Americans, I want prestige and wealth. After high school, I plan to attend college and get a high-paying job. I want to study business management and incorporate my love to travel in my career. Ralph DePaulo “Nicky” Ambition: To become a chef and own my own restaurant. Mark De Stephanis Activities: Cross Country 9-10, G-F Amateur Radio 11-12 (vice pres, pres), Orchestra 9-12, Stage Lighting 11-12, Who’s Who Among American High School Students 12. Thoughts about High School: There were some good times and bad but, in the end I hope it turns out good for everyone of the graduating class of 1982 ( 1). Ambition: To become a doctor and help all the sick people that I can. 164 Seniors Patrick Andrew Devenney “Pat”, “Disco” Activities: Concert Band 10, Symphonic Band 11- 12, Marching Band 10-12, Band Council 12, SGC 10. Thoughts about High School: I loved my time at Gar-Field. Chris, Sally, Linda, and Terri you really made it special. Brian, Kirk, Steve, you ' ve been really good friends. Thanks. Ambition: I want to go to college and get my degree and teach American History. I’ve always wanted to be a teacher. David Wayne Dick Activities: Motor Cross Club 9. Thoughts about High School: Coming here didn ' t kill me. I learned a lot. Class I enjoyed the most was auto mechanics because I like work¬ ing on engines and other complicated machinery. Ambition: Go on to technical school and become an aviation mechanic. Kathy Doolaghty Activities: DECA. Thoughts about High School: It was really fun, I got to meet a lot of nice people but I’m glad to get out so that I can go now with my life. Ambition: I want to be an airline stewardess and later on in life I want to get married and have a little girl, but most of all be happy with John. William E. Doss, Jr. “Billy” Activities: Freshman Football 9, JV Football 10, Varsity Football 12. Thoughts about High School: It was great getting to know everyone. I made a lot of good friends, I’ll miss G-F, but I gotta go. Ambition: I would like to go to college and major in elec¬ tronics, and live a happy, exciting life. Kerry Dowd “Ketty”, “Quickee”, “Kinky” Activities: Indianettes 11-12, Teen Counseling 11- 12, FBLA 11-12, SGC Representative 11-12, Culture Club 12, Drama Club 12, Key Club 12, Band 9, Ghost Chasers Club 11-12. Thoughts about High School: The last two years were the best, especially because of my best friends — Gini and Linda. I’ll always remember them and G-F. Ambition: Definitely go to college. Then maybe enter the field of Criminology or settle down and raise a family — or both! Jo Ann Drummond “Charlie”, “Jo”, “Edith”, “Joan Drymond” Activities: Sophomore Beauty Pageant 11, Key Club 12, FBLA 12, and COE 12. Thoughts about High School: Thanks to the " gang " it’s been a great 4 years, I’m glad it’s over, but I’m really gonna miss it. (Angie, you’re gonna make it!) Ambition: To someday have my own business but most of all be happy and successful. Patrick DeVenney David Dick Fredrick Diezel Robert Diggs Brooke Dill Donald Dixon Richard Dodge Joanne Dodson Michael Dollarhide Kelly Donnelly Kathy Doolaghty Jeffrey Dorton William Doss Kerry Dowd Mike Drotos Joann Drummond Seniors 165 Margaret Duarte Aimee Dubuisson Karen Dugan John Duncan Michele Dunn Scott Durham Diane Dwyer Catherine Dyer Hank Earl Crystal Edwards Starranne Edwards Jane Ehlers Wendy Ekren David Ellard Kristi Ellenberger Tracy Ellington Margaret A. Duarte “Margo” Activities: Science Club 9, Drama Club 9-12, “Collage” 11-12, Smoke Signals 11-12, AFS Club 11-12, Teen Counseling 12, Spanish Ciub 12. Thoughts about High School: If this is preparation for life you can keep it! I don’t have any great burning desire to return once I’m out. Ambition: To work with autistic children, to someday be happily married. To change in my life what I can and accept the things I can’t. Aimee Dubuisson Activities: Assistant Editor, Smoke Signals 12, National Honor Society 11- 12, Teen Counseling 12, Marching Band 9, 11, Signet 9-12, Spanish Club 9. Thoughts about High School: Goodbye Gar-Field! I’ll miss the stampedes, the noise, the confusion, the frustra¬ tions, and most important, the great times and wonderful people of these four years. Ambition: Besides attaining world-wide fame and glory and coveting vast earthly riches, becoming the doctor who saves Africa or New Jersey, whichever needs the most help. Kari Dugan Activities: Drama Club 9, Journalism Club 9, Outdoor Track 10, Jr. Civitans 12, Key Club 12. Thoughts about High School: There is no better place than Gar-Field to meet all kinds of people. I had fun and a lot of memories to look back on. Ambition: To survive in the world, have a successful career that I enjoy, never suffer a broken heart and to love Richard forever. John Andrew Duncan “Andy”, “Dunk” Activities: Key Club 12. Thoughts about High School: It has been, I guess, a pretty killer four years at G-F. Still I am glad to get out of school. Ambition: To go to College and graduate with a BS degree, move to Florida, settle down and rake in the bucks! Michele Dunn “Chele” Activities: Freshman Volleyball, Sophomore Class Rep. Thoughts about High School: It was different, but WILD! Didn’t learn too much from school, but, I did learn about people and growing up. (Right Troy? Becky? Keith? Derek?) Ambition: To graduate from whoever will accept me, go to med school and become one hell of a Pediatrician. That or major in Psychology! Scott Durham “Scottie” Activities: Gar-Field Football 9-11, Key Club 12, Drama Club 12, Culture Club 12, Scie nce Club 12, Weight Lifting Ciub 9-11, Signet 9-12, SGC 10-12, Senior Class President 12, FCA 11-12, LBNSD 12. Thoughts about High School: I had a lot of fun find¬ ing ways to beat the system, I guess I really should’ve spent as much energy in class ... Ambi¬ tion: I want to take on the world, on its own terms, and win. Diane Michele Dwyer “Dee” Activities: Junior Civitans 9-10, FBLA 10-11. Thoughts about High School: High School was a lot of fun as well as headaches but when it all comes to an end I’ll wish I was still here. Ambition: My ambition is to get a good job, later get married and live hap¬ pily ever after. James Henry Earl Jr. “Hank” Activities: Basketball Manager 9-12, Weight Lifting Club 10-12, Football Manager 12, Science Aid. Thoughts about High School: These four years have in many ways been, the best in my life. I have made many friends and have enjoyed it all. Ambition: I hope to land a good job and do well with my life. Jane Ehlers “Hane” Activities: SGC Representative 11-12, Yearbook Staff 11-12, Key Club 12, FBLA 11. Thoughts about High School: I will always remember the laughs and the tears and the friends that made me happy. Thanks Charlie and Lady Di for being there when I needed you. Ambition: To go to college and become a police officer. To keep Diane out of trouble and to keep in touch with Charlie. Wendy Ekren “Weazy”, “Wendi” Thoughts about High School: My freshman year was fantastic thanks to " the gang.” I’ll be glad to get out and rest my mind and forget the B.S. ... PLLLLL! Ambition: To have a wonderful marriage with Ricky for the rest of my life and make him as hap¬ py as he has made me. David Ellard “The Miracle Whipper” Activities: MWFC President 12, PWC Art Workshop ' 81, Art Team 9-12. Thoughts about High School: High school is the first important step you take and one that is never forgotten. Ambition: I plan to attend VCU and major in the Arts. I plan to become a commercial artist. Kristi Ellenberger “Kris” Activities: Concert Band 12, Jr. Civitans 12, Culture Club 12, Spanish Club 9. Thoughts about High School: I had a fun time thanks to special friends V.S. and C.C. but I’m glad it’s over. Ambition: To go to college and become a social worker. Then have a small family and live happily ever after. Tracy Ellington “Oneway”, “T.T. 2” Activities: Platform Committee 10; PTA 10-12; Thoughts about High School: It would’ve been a drag without my friends and after they either graduated or quit it was a drag. I’m just glad it’s over. Ambition: To marry Rickie try to keep him out of trouble. And move out of Virginia with him. 166 Seniors Dale Elliott David Elmore Michelle Embrey Teddy England Michael Estes Elizabeth Evans Deborah Fairbanks Jeffrey Falter Sherrie Farley Jennifer Farr David Baker Elmore “Elmo”, “Dave the Wave”, “Mo” Activities: Band 9, FBLA 10. Thoughts about High School: It could have been better, but I know I could have done better. You just can ' t screw around. I ' ll probably miss it if I try. Ambition: To get out of school, continue playing bass and play some really hot ROCK-N-ROLL. % Michelle Embrey “Michie” Activities: Cosmetology 10-12, VICA 10-12. Thoughts about High School: High School was great. I had some wild times, but I am glad it ' s over. Ambition: I hope to become a professional cosmetologist and eventually open my own shop. Live my life to the fullest, and when the right person comes along, get married. Ted England Thoughts about High School: I will be glad to graduate and I am glad that I have been able to attend this school. Ambition: To go to college and make the best grades I can. Then I would like to get a good job in the science field. Michael B. Estes “Brown Bear”, “Baby Bubba” Activities: Football 9, 11; FBLA 11-12. Thoughts about High School: I think school is really a blood curdling experience. I’ll tell you, the teachers sure try really hard to teach you something and if you want to get somewhere in life you better hang with the work. Ambition: I want to get the_out of high school and go to a voca¬ tional school and learn about computer sciences at CLC. Elizabeth Lee Evans “Beth” Activities: SGC 9-12, Indoor Track 9, Girls Varsity Soccer 9-12, Best Western, Culture Club 12, New York. Thoughts about High School: Some parts were fun, but not enough to remember. I’m looking forward to college!!! Ambition: Go to college, get mar¬ ried, live in a beach house in Florida. Sherrie L. Farley “Shar-Bear”, “Bambino”, “Fish” Activities: Jr. Civitan 9-10, Indianettes 11- 12. Thoughts about High School: The only thing I ' ll miss are my friends! Thanks Mom, Dad, Diane and Indianettes, I would of never made it without you. I.L.Y. JOHN!! Michael Farria “Mike " Thoughts about High School: It was alright. I guess I’ll be glad to get out of here that’s for sure. Ambition: To own a Lamborghini and to be a disc jockey like Howard Stern. Jim Farrington “J.F.” Activiites: Football 9-11, JV Baseball 10, Varsity Baseball 11-12, Ski Club. Thoughts about High School: It was great. I’ll never forget any of my friends (J.B., Gerald) and especially Carol. Thanks Carol, for the best years of my life. Ambition: To go to George Mason and become a successful businessman; and be happy with Carol forever. Diana Faaa Activities: Symphonic Band 9-12, Rifles 10-12, Co-Captain of Rifles 11, Capt. 12, FBLA 12. Thoughts about High School: It was fun while it lasted but I ' m glad it ' s over. Thanks to Cathy and Lisa for making it as fun as it was. Ambition: To go to college and to become a nurse. Jorge I. Feliciano Activities: Soccer Mgr. 10, FBLA 11. Thoughts about High School: Learned a lot, but will not do it again if you paid me!! Ambition: To become a Professional Firefighter. First I am going in the Air Force for more training. % Michael Farria James Farrington Diana Fass Christopher Feagan Cheryl Fegley Jorge Feliciano Seniors 167 Robert Fentrer Brenda Ferri Kathleen Fick Tammy Fields William Fitzgerald Vicki Flaherty Brenda Ferri “Brenna” Thoughts about High School: I want to thank all my friends for being there when I needed them. You’re all great and I love ya all! To the Junior Class live it up because it’s almost over. Ambition: To live my life to the fullest, and be as happy the rest of my life as I will be on graduation day. Kathleen Fick “Fick”, “Kathy”, “Slim” Activities: Junior Civitans 12, DECA 12. Thoughts about High School: The friends I made are great, but if I’d got a dollar for each time a teacher hassled me I ' d be a trillionaire. Ambition: To live high, wild, and free. To keep in touch with all my friends. Tammy Racheile Fields Thoughts about High School: High school was great! I had a good time while I was here and I’m going to miss it and all the people. Ambition: To be a teacher for the hand¬ icapped, and to make my husband John and our new baby happy. Vicki Flaherty “Vic” Activities: Track 9, Cross Country 9-12, Girls’ Varsity Club 11-12, Newspaper 11-12, Yearbook 11-12, Key Club 12, National Honor Society 12, Jr. Miss 12. Thoughts about High School: IT’S BEEN GREAT! I’ve learned to make it through ups and downs — with a little help from my friends. Thanks Jon and Anne, for everything. Ambition: To major in communications in college and get a good job — just to be happy. Susan Flynn “Sue”, “Fly”, “Susie” Activities: Freshman Basketball, JV Basketball 10, Varsity Basketball 11-12, Cross Country 10, Sophomore Beauty Contest 9, Powder Puff Football 12, Girls’ Varsity Club 12. Thoughts about High School: I wish I could start over again, I would approach it dif¬ ferently. (Except for: friends, basketball, and my Clandestine rapport with “Strike Out King”) Ambi¬ tion: To continue my education at a college, and hopefully play ball. (Coach Crowgan I want a ...) Theresa Fogoros Activities: G-F T.T. 9-12. Thoughts about High School: It was hill of “highs” and lows — I wouldn’t have missed it for anything! John .. thanx to you it will be done ..’81. Penagartenagy enagon! Ambition: Peace of mind and to do something I enjoy. To live up to my own expectations. ’82 rocks on ... Christina Foley “Christa”, “Stacy” Activities: Pep Club 10, Teen Counseling 11, Indianettes 11-12, Lettered, Yearbook Staff 12, Powder Puff Football 12, National Honor Society 11-12, Who ' s Who Among American High School Students 11-12. Thoughts about High School: I had a great time, especially towards the end, thanks to all my friends. Special thanks to Julie — without you I wouldn’t have made it. Ambition: To go to college and pursue a career in education or business, get married, and have a large family, but most of all to be happy and healthy. Maria Fontana Activities: FHA 9, HERO 10. Thoughts about High School: For the last two years that I have been at Gar-Field I have met a lot of nice people and have had a lot of good times. I hope that my sister will have a good time in her years to go. Ambition: I would love to meet a very rich man and travel all over. And own a very large yacht where my friends and I will all travel and party together. Marsha Dawn Folks Thoughts about High School: NO COMMENT!!! Ambition: To marry Trey on June 26, 1982, and live happily ever after! Bruce Foote Activities: Freshman Football, Bass Choir 9, Concert Choir 10-12, Regional Choir 11- 12, Honors Choir 12, Dominants 12. Thoughts about High School: I had a great time and made a lot of friends. Mrs. Bittner, thanks for helping me out when I needed it. I hope everybody had a good time like I did. Ambition: To hopefully graduate and get me a good paying job and go to NVCC. Kerry Flannigan Kevin Flannigan Michael Fletcher Susan Flynn Theresa Fogoros Christina Foley Marsha Folks Maria Fontane Bruce Foote Stacie Fowler 168 Seniors Earlene Frasier Jennifer Fuller Bridget Funk Dana Gaddy Anne Ganino Kimberly Gankiewicz Murrell Garr Kimberly Gathof Trudy Gay Mark Gayda Earlerve Lynn Frasier Activities: Pep Club 9, Ski Club 9, Indianettes 10-12, Class Representative 11-12T‘Teen Counselor 12, RIPP’s 12. Thoughts about High School: It ' s been fun, but I think you learn more from the people here, then the books. RIPP’s and Wesley made it the best!! Ambition: To go to college, make lots of money, marry Wesley, and be happy always!! Jennifer Fuller “Jenny (T.D.)” Activities: DECA 10, LPN 12. Thoughts about High School: It was alright but I’m glad I ' m getting out! Ambition: To get my license in nursing, marry Bill and live happi¬ ly ever after. Bridget Funk “Peanut” Thoughts about High School: It was great. THANKS to JIM, CARLA, and TERRI. Ambition: Take some college courses and go into printing and get married a year after graduation. Anne M. Ganino Activities: Outdoor Track 9-11; Indoor Track 10-11, Cross Country 11-12, FBLA 10-11, Math Club 11-12, Girls Varsity Club 12, National Honor Society 11-12, Key Club 12. Thoughts about High School: To the freshmen — make the best of these years — they go fast! VF, MC, PB, and PN — I couldn’t have made it without ya! Ambition: To live it up in college, marry a rich, young, athletic, man, and make it big in the business world. Murrell D. Garr Jr. “Mr. Garr”, “Mr. G.”, “Jr.”, “David” Activities: Parking Lot Committee, DECA 9-11, SGC 10-12. Thoughts about High School: High School has been one of the best decisions in my life. It has furthered my education and given me a positive outlook on life. Ambition: My ambi¬ tion is to either go to the Navy or to manage my own business and become a self-made millionaire and be known worldwide. Kim Gathof “D.D.”, “Scooter”, “Mega” Activities: Soccer 9, Pep Club 9, JV Softball 11. Thoughts about High School: I’ve semi-enjoyed my years at G-F. My friends and the good times made it bearable. Thanx BB and HH. Goodbye G-F. Ambition: To become an airline stewardess and make enough money to live happily and luxuriously with someone very special. (E-Z) Trudy L. Gay Activities: Key Club 10-12, SGC Representative 12. Thoughts about High School: The Social aspects were great but this is supposed to prepare me for life? Ambition: To become a police officer, bust all of my friends and rid them of their black (or green) habits. Robert L. Gaymon Jr. “Little Rob” Activities: Frosh and JV Football " 80”, FHA. Thoughts about High School: I think G-F is one of the best in Prince William County, G-F has a good teaching staff and one of the finest coaching staffs for all sports. G-F was nice while it lasted. Ambition: My ambi¬ tion for the future is to attend the Art I Institution of Philadelphia or enlist in the US Air Force and then later in life get married. Ronald Gemsheim “Ronnie” Activities: Football 9, Golf 9, SGC 9, 11-12, Ski Club 11-12, Key Club 12. Thoughts about High School: It’s a place for learning, experiencing, dissappointment, friend¬ ship, laughter, and love. I’ll definitely miss it! Ambition: To succeed in life, make an honest living, and achieve all the goals I have set for myself. Joy George “Smiley” Activities: DECA. Thoughts about High School: High School has been a very rewarding experience. Ambition: My greatest ambition is to be a commercial artist. Another ambi¬ tion is to get married and raise my children with Greg. Sylvia Gibson “Frick”, “Chip”, “Silu” Activities: Varsity Chorus, Pep Club 9, Concert Choir 10-12, Indianettes 12, Regionals Choir 11, Honors Choir 12, Drama Club 12, FHA 12. Thoughts about High School: I’ll never forget G-F and my friends when it’s over. I ' ve learned a lot. Special thanks to Kale, I wouldn’t have made it without you. Ambition: To have fun, graduate, go to college, and become a physical therapist. Robert Gaymon David Geary Ronnie Gemsheim Joy George Sylvia Gibson Gidget Giddings Seniors 169 John Gillis Catherine Gillison Dovel Gilmore Joseph Giltner Mark Gimmi Craig Gladden Mary Goode Julian Goodrich John Gordon Bettina Gotze Sandra Gould Marybeth Grafmuller Cynthia Grantham Victor Graulau Charles Gray Carol Green Joseph D. Giltner “Fuzzy”, “Joe Fro Bro” Activities: DECA 9-11, Mu Alpha Theta 11-12, Chess and Battle 9-10, Freshman Football, Ind. Arts 11, Freshman Basketball, VKV 9-12, SGC 9-11, Pep Club 9-11. Thoughts about High School: The fun and friends will always bring fond memories to mind. I wish I wasn’t leaving my old life behind, but I must start anew. Ambition: Be a rock star with a million seller. To marry my little squirt. To drive my Camaro forever. To change the world. Mark Anthony Gimmi “Marky”, “Vedo” Thoughts about High School: The best four years of my life. I think I’ll stay. Ambition: To be a successful business man and own my own little humble hard¬ ware store. Just Kidding!! Bettina Gotze “Tina” Activities: Mikado 12, Drama Club 12, German Club 12, French Club 12, Culture Club 12, Concert Choir 12. Thoughts about High School: I had a wonderful year and shall never forget Gar-Field or all the nice people I met. It was a great experience for a German student. Ambition: Try to study English and History, hopefully in the U.S. to be a teacher in high school. Craig Raymond Gladden Thoughts about High School: It was all right, thanks to all my friends who made it that way. Ambition: To go on! And on! And on! Julian Goodrich Activities: Tennis 9, Orchestra 9-12, French Club 9-12, Cross Country 10, Culture Club 11-12, Key Club 12, Newspaper 12, SGC 12, Drama Club 9, 12, Collage 12. Thoughts about High School: It was fun, but I would not go through it again. Ambition: To become an actor and make a lot of money. John Gordon “Poo”, “Clyde” Activities: Groveton High School — Freshman Football, Track (79- ’80) (’78-79) Gar-Field Track — (’80-’81). Thoughts about High School: An obstacle that you have to pass. Ambition: To be successful in whatever I do. Sandra Anne Gould “Princess” Activities: Rifle Team 11, Pep Club 9-10, Student Government Representative 9-12, License Practical Nurse Course 12. Thoughts about High School: It was fun, but I wouldn’t go through it again! All my success goes to my mom and dad and Steven Hendricks. Ambition: To finish License Practical Nursing Course, go on to be an RN, become the wife of a wonderful man named Steven Hendrick! Mary Beth Grafmuller “MoBo” Activities: Jr. Civitan 9, Mascot 9 (w S.P.), SGC Rep. 11-12, Varsity Tennis 11-12, Basketball 9-12, Ski Club 10, Latin Club 12, Key Club 12, Teen Counseling 11-12. Thoughts about High School: It’s funny how you can grow so close to people you never thought you would. Graduation will be sad. Seniority is great! C.A.C. Class of ’82 rules!!! Ambition: I hope to re¬ main forever close to the friends I have, pursue a suitable career, marry rich, and most of all, live a fun life! Cindy Grantham Activities: Home Economics 10-11, DECA 10. Thoughts about High School: I met a lot of nice people, but I’m glad it’s over with. Ambition: To go to drafting school and become an architect. Charles Gray “Chuck” Activities: Freshman Football 9, JV Football 10-11, Varsity Football 12, Wrestling 11, Weight Lifting 9-12. Thoughts about High School: It was great while it lasted, but it would be hard to do over again. Ambition: To continue my education, by going to college and study Aeronautical Engineering. Carol Ann Green Activities: Pep Club One Year, Chess and Battle Club 12. Thoughts about High School: I have always made high school fun for me. I really enjoy the teachers helping me out. I en¬ joy the different clubs this school offers. I really had a lot of fun in high school and I hope you will too get involved in a club. Ambition: To become a LPN, to help other people out, because I really enjoy helping a lot of people. 170 Seniors Mary Greene " Me-me " Activities: JV Volleyball 10. Thoughts about High School: High school was great but I ' m glad it’s over. If it wasn ' t for the KRG, I never would have made it. Thanks KRG! Ambi¬ tion: I ' m going to marry Tim Keys and make him happy. I ' ll also be following up on a career in Physical Therapy. I love you, Tim! Darlene Gregory “Dee” Activities: Track 9, Concert Band 9-12, Marching Band 12, Spanish Club 12. Thoughts about High School: Great experience, but I would not do it over again. I would not have made it through if it hadn ' t been for my friends, Denise and Charita. Ambition: To go to col¬ lege and to pursue a career in either nursing or physical therapy. Lee-Anna Grimm “Banana”, “Pony Legs " Activities: Varsity Choir 10, Indianettes 11, Varsity Gymnastics 11-12, SGC 12, Key Club 12, RIPP ' S 12. Thoughts about High School: Thanks to my friends who have made the greatest part of my life worthwhile. RIPPS: Love you, thanx for the fan¬ tastic memories. K.D. wwhimmttcs. Ambition: To go to college and to lead a successful and happy life in the career of my choice. Kimberly Lynn Grove “The Wind” Activities: DE I 9-11, DE II 9-11. Thoughts about High School: The only thing I liked about school is getting out. Ambition: To help my future husband spend his first million. Rita Lynn Guba “Ritzy”, “The Goobe " Activities: Pep Club 10, Key Club 11-12, Yearbook 11-12, Prom Committee 11, JV Cheerleading 11, Varsity Cheerleading 12. Thoughts about High School: Four fun-filled and memorable years I will never forget. Thanks to my mom and dad, teachers, and many friends, especially “Nana ' ' and “Chibi”! Ambition: To live an exciting life full of health and happiness — cruise the beaches of California, go to Hawaii, visit New York, and in my spare time, travel to Europe. Luis Guerra “Cheech” Activities: Tunnel Smoking Club 10-11, Tokers Club 10-12. Thoughts about High School: It’s a trip. I loved it, especially the woods during lunch shifts. Ambition: Urn!... Eh ... Hell! Who cares!?! David M. Gutierrez “Dave”, “Gutz” Activities: Freshman Football 9, Varsity Football 10-12, Indoor Track 9-12, Outdoor Track 9-12, Boys’ Varsity Club 12, Travel Club 12. Thoughts about High School: Without Laura, Billy, Sweet Daddy, Mike, Troy, Cindy, Bridget and the G-F Football Team, I would have never made it. Thanks everyone, you ' re the greatest! Ambition: Marry Laura and travel around the world, go to all the Ted Nugent and Judas Priest concerts ever, and someday see coach Labozetta smile. Lori Haag “Wari”, “Leni”, “Lor-H”, “Buckwheat” Activities: Teen Counseling 12, SGC 10-12, Track 10, Pep Club 9, Powder Puff Football 12, Jr. Civitan 9, Key Club 12, FBLA 11. Thoughts about High School: It was a time to make friends and become involved. THANKS TO ALL MY FRIENDS (Especially M.F.). I will never forget the memories. “BYE " ! Ambition: To go to college, become suc¬ cessful in whatever I do, make lots of money and own a Ferrari by my 25th birthday. Stanley Richard Hague IV “Slav”, “Stan” Activities: Stage Lighting 9-12, Video Tech 11, Ham Club 11-12, VICA 12, Audio Tech 11. Thoughts about High School: It was fun, but I’m finally glad it ' s over with. Later on Geeks!! Ambition: To become an Air Force electronics engineer, and one day work with NASA. Charles Hall “Chuck” Activities: National Honor Society 11-12; Science Club 12, COE 12. Thoughts about High School: It was great! Thanks to all my friends and teachers for making it what it was. Ambition: To give Jane all the tendered loving care she deserves, to take it easy and just make it in life. Cristin L. Halpin “Cris” Activities: Volleyball 9, Concert Band 9-10, Marching Band 9-10, French Club 9, Thoughts about High School: I never would have made it without the patience and understanding of my parents and the help and love of my boyfriend, Steve. Ambition: My ambition is to go to college, teach early education, get married, and have a happy family. Mary Greene David Greer Joe Grega Darlene Gregory LeeAnna Grimm Kimberly Grove Stephen Guastella Rita Guba Luis Guerra David Gutierrez Karen Gwinn Lori Haag Cynthia Hadley Stanley Hague Charles Hall Christin Halpin Seniors 171 Diane Halsey Eva Hams James Hardee Stephen Hargrave Mark Harper David Harris Diana Halsey “Duck”, “Lady Di” Activities: Band 9-10, FHA, Pep Club 10-11. Thoughts about High School. It was really wild thanks to my pals Jane, and Charlie, and remember I love you to death. Ambition: To design punk rock clothes for Frederick’s of Hollywood, and start a feather farm. Jim Hardee Activities: Baseball and Track 78-79. Thoughts about High School: It was all right, only because of the women though! AMF! Steve Hargrave “Buck” Activities: Freshman Representative 77-78, Junior Varsity Baseball 78-79, Varsity Baseball 80-81. Thoughts about High School: High school was really fun but it’s now time for bi gger and better things. Ambition: To one day make it big in business and con¬ tinue my baseball playing. David Harris Activities: Concert Band 10-12. Thoughts about High School: It was fun while it lasted. Ambition: To become a Chemical Engineer, travel, and make money. Pamela Rhona Harris “Pam” Activities: Treble Choir 9, Signet 9-12, Concert Choir 10-12, In- dianettes 11-12, Teen Counseling 11-12, National Merit Achievement Commended Students, Powder Puff Football 12, Who’s Who Among American High School Students. Thoughts about High School: It’s been an enjoyable four years, even with all the ups and downs. Thanks to all the special friends who made it happen. Love Ya! Ambition: To become a business executive, find that one special person to share the rest of my life with, and enjoy life to the fullest. Sharon Harris “Butty” Thoughts about High School: High school was the ultimate trip. Good luck to all my friends a nd Good Luck to Ms. Q. I’ll see you around. Ambition: I would like to get into the Air Force but if not I would like to go to college and get my master’s. Paula Harrison “Rennie” Activities: Pep Club. Thoughts about High School: Thank God I’m out, I never want to do it again. I wouldn’t of made it without my mom and Keith. Ambition: To get out of school and get a good job. And have anything I want. Mary K. Harsh “Mare”, “Gomer” Activities: Varsity Band 9, Concert Band 10-11. Thoughts about High School: I would never have gotten through it without Sheree being there. I can’t say I’m sorry to be leaving! I won’t forget it. Ambition: To be successful at whatever I do, and to always be happy. Cathleen Hart “Cathy” Activities: Cheerleader 9, SGC 9-12, Varsity Choir 9, Concert Choir IQ- 12, Regional Choir 10-12, Honors Choir 12, FBLA Parliamentarian 10, M.C. for Sophomore Beauty Contest 10, Class President 11, Statistician for Boys Varsity Baseball 10-12, Teen Counselor 11, Indianettes 10, Sec. 11, Capt. 12. Thoughts about High School: Indianettes made it great! I ' ll never forget the wild times shared with wild friends!! M.T. remember “Tuspits” and ’’UVA” D.R. always remember excalibur!! Think Snow!!! Jill Ann Haught “Jilly Bean”, “Whimper” Thoughts about High School: Thanks to all of my “true” friends — Cheryl, Cath, Deb and Linda, but I never would’ve made it through without Kel and Michael. Ambition: To go to college, get a good paying job as an undercover cop and most of all, marry Mike Radovich and live happily ever after. Shelley Havener Activities: Freshman Basketball, Junior Civitans 9-12, Variety Show 10. Thoughts about High School: I’ll never forget all my friends and the great times we’ve had in the past four years. Ambition: To go on to college and major in some field of medicine. Carol Anne Hayes Activities: FHA 78-81, FBLA 81-82. Thoughts about High School: The best part was skipping and lunch. Also, not getting caught. Thanks to good friends. Thanks to my ex-boyfriend-(cowboy). It was great. Ambition: I want to live my life independently and make lots of money. I want to party every night to get a better high on life. Pamela Harris Sharon Harris Paula Harrison Mary Kay Harsh Cathleen Hart Kenneth Hartina Jill Haught Shelley Havener Lisa Hawkins Carol Hayes 172 Seniors Andy Haymond Activities: Cross Country 9-12, Indoor Track 9-10, Outdoor Track 9-10, 12. Thoughts about High School: I really like the people. I know the classes are important but sitting in class is really boring. I wouldn ' t mind doing it again though. Ambition: Go to college for two to four years, spend two more years on a mission for the Mormon Church, and then become a chef. Lawrence Hemby Activities: Moto-Cross Club 9. Thoughts about High School: In the beginning It seemed rotten and I felt like escaping but in reality it turned out to be a great escape! Ambi¬ tion: Go into computer training and become a technician and make “Big Bucks.” William Davio Hempel “Billy” Activities: Baseball. Thoughts about High School: I think school was a lot of fun especially my senior year. I ' ll miss Gar-Field especially all of the girls. Ambition: I want to go to college preferably the University of North Carolina and take up either sports- writing or sportscasting. April Henderson “Apie” Activities: Flag Girl 10, Cheerleading 9, Beaching Team 11-12, FBLA 10, Jr. Civitan 12, Student Government 9-10, 12. Thoughts about High School: The memories and friends that I ' ve made here will always be treasured in my mind. Thanks Brad for being there. Ambition: To go to " Smoketon U,” then maybe WSS, marry Brad, have lots of kids and stay in touch with all of my friends. Vicki Herd “V " , “Chestnut” Activities: JV Softball 9-10, Distributive Education 10-12. Thoughts about High School: It was nice but it’s time to move on. Ambition: To attend a two year college and to see the world. Cheryl Hersam Thoughts about High School: It was okay. Ambition: To be a flight attendant. Karen Jean Hicks Activities: Spanish Club 10-12, SGC Club 12. Ambition: Go to college and be successful and in a couple years marry the one person I love, Kenny Harting. Jaye Lynn Hidalgo Activities: DECA 9-10, FBLA 11. Thoughts about High School: School itself was okay but I never could have made it without my friends. Ambition: To keep my job with the government and live a long and happy life. Andrew Haymond Juanita Heatwole Lawrence Hemby William Hempel April Henderson Steven Henri John Henry Gary Hensley Vicki Herd Cheryl Hersam Kimberly Hess Karen Hicks Jaye Hidalgo James Higgins William Hill Christopher Hilmer Seniors 173 Harvey Hinchee Rebecca Hine Jon Hineline Donna Hobgood Stephen Hoffman Barbara Hoffmann Nellie Hollandsworth Chieko Homan Naomi Homan Gregory Hooper Ronald Horner Jeff Hosfeld Linda Houck Carolyn Hoverter Wanda Howell Deborah Hudson Harvey Hinchee II “Harv”, “Hinch”, “HH”, “Chuck” Activities: FBLA 10-12, Basketball 9-12, Football 9, Baseball 10. Thoughts about High School: 9th grade wasn’t much, 10th grade was interesting, 11th grade was great, 12th grade was fantastic. Ambition: To be successful in everything I attempt. To play basketball for a college. To have a healthy sex life till I ' m 90 years old. Donna Jean Hobgood “Hobba”, “Unis” Activities: Freshman and JV Cheerleader, Indianettes 12, “RIPPS” 12. Thoughts about High School: It supplied me with unforgettable memories, thanks to the RIPPS — Birdie, Janet, Lee, Willis, Lynn, Tammy, Kelly, Jilly, and most of all, thanks to Rob. I love you all! Ambition: To lay around for a year till Jill graduates then we’ll head for the high point of our lives “SMOKETOWN-U.” Barbara Anne Hoffman “Barb”, “Arabrab” Activities: Varsity Soccer 9-12, FBLA 12, Jr. Civitan 12. Thoughts about High School: It was great while it lasted. The good friends and good times. I wish it didn’t have to end. Ambition: To attend college and eventually be successful in whatever career I choose. Stephen Hoffmann “Steve” Activities: Varsity Soccer 10, Varsity Golf 10. Thoughts about High School: Nice place to visit but I wouldn ' t want to stay there. Ambition: Join the Air Force and be a pilot. Nellie Hollandsworth “Nel” Activities: Pep Club, Freshman Volleyball. Thoughts about High School: I’m glad I finally made it. Now, no more hassles from any teacher. Good luck to all other students. (Don’t screw up.) Ambition: To get the h— out of here and never come back, to become a pro. hairdresser, and to one day own a Barracuda. Thor Smith Walter Holmes Thoughts about High School: High School is alright, but there are more pro¬ blems with it than I can write. Ambition: I plan on going on with my education. I am interested in auto mechanics. I will probably go into it as a career. Chieko Homan “Chibi”, “Cheech” Activities: Varsity Volleyball 9-12, JV Softball 10, Varsity Softball 9, Key Club 11-12, Freshman Basketball, Varsity Club 10-12, National Honor Society 12. Thoughts about High School: It could’ve been better; “Nana” and “Ritzy”, thanks for the fun times and being there when I needed you and helping me get out of my shell. P.G., M.B., and C.H. thank you for giving me a second chance!!! Ambition: I’ll go to college for a few years and hopefully become a veterinarian and if that doesn’t work I’ll join the ARMY!!! Naomi Homan “Nana”, “Squirt” Activities: Pep Club 10, Sophomore Beauty Pageant 11, Key Club 11, 12 President, DECA 12, Other Things. Thoughts about High School: I ' m sure you all would love to give me huge sums of money, but try to keep it in small bills so my parents won’t think I’m doing something illegal. Many thanks to Ritzy, Chibi, T.B., Mr. Hamlin, and HaCI. Am¬ bition: Pursue a career in marketing, remain 5 ' 0 like Pat for the rest of my life and live in Georgetown, with J.D. Jeff Hosfeld Activities: Video Tech. Club 80-81. Thoughts about High School: It was good, it has taught me many lessons. Especially my senior year, Thanks to “Doc” and to Debby Hugg- man for putting up with me. Ambition: After graduation, I plan to go to NVCC and get an A.A.S. degree in Police Science and go in to the State Police. Carolyn Hoverter “Bubba Bean”, “Boulders” Activities: Pep Club 9, HOSA 12. Thoughts about High School: It’s been a great 4 years. I couldn’t have made it without all my friends I will never forget it. Special thanks for all the memories Kooky and Kathi and Bean. Ambition: To finish my nursing class and become an LPN and go to college and become a specialist in obstetrics or pediatrics. Wanda Howell “Dee Dee” Thoughts about High School: I had some good times and some bad times, it’s finally here, the last year. For me — I’m free. Ambition: To make something out of myself. To enjoy life and have fun doing it. Deborah Lynn Hudson “Debbie”, “Smiley”, “Lulu”, “Speckles” Activities: Cheerleading 9-10, Girls Varsity Soccer, Lettered 9-12, Orchestra 9-12, Lettered, Jr. Civitan Club 9-12, French Club 10, Indianettes, Lettered 12, Soph. Beauty Contest 9-10, Soph. Class Secretary Treasurer, SGC, Jr. Beg Orchestra 9, Powder Puff 12. Thoughts about High School: The friendships I made (especially Karen), the things I learned, the fun times and experiences, I will remember and love always. Thanks Mom and Dad. Ambition: Marry Danny and be the best wife in the world, giving all my love. 174 Seniors Ernest Hudson “Eray” Activities: JV Football 10, DE I 10, DE II 11, DE III 12. Thoughts about High School: It was fun while it lasted. Ambition: To get out of high school and live it up! Alisa Huggins “Lisa”, “Licha”, “Lea” Activities: JV Volleyball 9, 11, Jr. Civitan 12. Thoughts about High School: It was terrific. I’ve got great memories of special people and times. I’ll miss everyone. Cindy — we finally made it!! Dave — I love you. Ambition: To attend college and study dance and respiratory therapy. And to hopefully marry Dave someday and make him very happy. Tracy Marie Huhn Thoughts about High School: I’m glad it’s over with and I wouldn’t ever wa nt to do it again. Ambition: To live comfortably in the country and have a horse. Rebecca Huntsinger “Becky” Activities: Yearbook 11-12, FBLA 11. Thoughts about High School: It was great but it wouldn’t have been the same without V.A.D. and Anne Martin. Thanks, Love you D.L.S. Ambition: To go to college and be happy for the rest of my life. Diane Hutson Activities: Drama Club 12, FBLA 12. Thoughts about High School: I’ve had my ups and downs in Gar-Field. I’ve had fun and made a lot of friends but I’ll be glad to leave. Am¬ bition: My main ambition is to finish 4-6 years of college and become a psychologist. Sometime soon I hope to get married. Peter A. Inchauteguiz Jr. “Freddy”, “Petey” Activities: FBLA 11, Spanish Club 12, Travel Club 12. Thoughts about High School: School was good and I had a lot of great times, but I’m looking forward to having better times. Ambition: To go to college and eventually run Time-Life Books. Kerry Jackson “Action” Thoughts about High School: It was alright, but I’m glad it’s over with and I hope I never have to go back again. It was really a blast. Ambition: To become a firefighter and be rich and famous. Lacricha Jackson Activities: Basketball 9, Softball 9. Thoughts about High School: It’s an alright school. High school is fun sometimes and other times could be a headache. It’s good to go to school because at least you will have something to fall back on and that is your education. Ambition: I want to go to college for designing clothes and I want to be successful in whatever kind of work I do. Randall Jails Thoughts about High School: It was alright when I was in the woods partying. Am¬ bition: To play the guitar as well as Jimi Hendrix. Ernest Hudson Dana Huff Patricia Huffman Alisa Huggins Tracy Huhn Rebecca Huntsinger Diane Hutson Peter Inchauteguiz Dawn Iseminger Gregory Jabs Kerry Jackson Lacricha Jackson Mark Jackson Randall Jalis Kimberly Janecek Sonya Jefferson Seniors 175 Christopher Jensen Wesley Jess Jeffrey Joerger Brian Johnson Curtis Johnson Kendall Johnson Kenneth Johnson Lisa Johnson Sharella Johnson Veronica Johnson Jerri Johnston April Jones Crystal Jones Darryl Jones Dora Jones Gregory Jones Christopher Jensen “Chris” Activities: Varsity Soccer and Varsity Goff at former school. Thoughts about High School: The beginning step of our independence; it is hard, trying, but most enjoyable. Ambition: To work hard and be productive, whether it be in success or failure look upon my life with modesty. Wesley Jess “Wes” Activities: Basketball 9-11, Honor Roil 10-12. Thoughts about High School: I had fun during my four years in three different high schools and especially in California. I’ll always remember high school and often look back to my friends and teachers. Ambition: I want most of all to marry wealth and be able to be happy with myself, visit places where I lived, and live in Europe. Jeffrey Joerger Activities: Spanish Club 10, Chess and Battle Club 9. Thoughts about High School: Getting through high school for me has been like a gamble. Many things I worked skillfully for, other things I was just lucky to accomplish. Ambition: Go to college, learn French and perfect my Spanish and German. Get a career, to travel (especially to the Caribbean and California) and use languages. Brian H. Johnson Activities: Varsity Soccer, Drama Club 11-12, Concert Choir 10-12, Dominants 11-12. Thoughts about High School: The school work was part of high school that wasn’t my favorite part, but I have enjoyed my friends. I’ll miss all the fun I had with P.J., M.B., C.K. and B.M. Ambition: i plan to attend college after high school and major in medicine. If that doesn’t work out I want to be in some kind of business with a good salary. Curtis J. Johnson “Magic” Activities: Freshman Basketball 9, JV Basketball 10, Varsity Basketball 11-12. Thoughts about High School: It was a real experience, I had a fun time especially my senior year. Ambition: To go to college and play basketball and get my master’s degree. After that make a lot of money. Lisa Johnson “Lisa Bean” Activities: Indoor Track 9, Outdoor Track 10, Indoor and Outdoor Track 11-12, Spanish Club 12, Jr. Civitans 12, Beg. Band 9, Marching Band 10-12, Varsity Band 10, Concert Band 11, Symphonic Band 12. Thoughts about High School: i am glad that it is over. It was fun and my friends were helpful. Especially Kim, Amy, Wanda, Pam, Sonya and my B.B. Diana Fass. Ambition: To attend college and pursue a career in forensic medicine. To get the best out of life and enjoy. Sharella Michelle Johnson “Rella” Activities: Pep Club. Thoughts about High School: It has been the best four years of my life so far. It has been challenging and a big responsibility. Ambi¬ tion: I’m going into the Army and become a nurse. And then get married to Edward. Veronica Marveye Johnson “Vee” Activities: Drama Club, Collage Literary Club. Thoughts about High School: I feel high school is a stepping stone to a broader source of education both socially and academically. Ambition: After high school I’m going to Computer Learning Center. Then work at a job in programing while going to a junior college to further my education. I want to get as far as a Systems Analyst. Dora Ann Jones Activities: Chorus 9, Cosmetology 10-12. Thoughts about High School: I really thank Gar-Field for making my last four years a pleasure and I hope I can go far on what I have learned. Ambition: I wish to go to college and study child development and I can still proceed in my cosmetology field any time. 176 Seniors Kevin Jones Debra Kahler Alan Kahoe Susan Kane Jon Kanis Peter Kaserman Majid Kashanikhah Susan Katsarelis Carol Keefe Mary Keene Debra L. Kahler “Debbie” Activities: Symphonic Band 10-12, Marching Band 10, 12, Regional Band 10-12, County Band 10-12, County Orchestra 10-11, Youth Symphony 12, Orchestra IQ- 12. Thoughts about High School: A time of learning, growing, and good times. I would not have made it if it weren’t for Linda, Terri, Pat, and the band. Thanks. Ambition: I want to major in music and eventually teach music on the college level. I also would like to marry a millionaire. Alan Kahoe Activities: FBLA 12. Thoughts about High School: High school is good. I think it is really important because it will determine your future. Ambition: My ambition is to become a worker in the computer field and being satisfied with it. Jon Kanis “M. Jon” Activities: Newspaper Staff 10-12, Collage Literary Magazine Staff 11-12, Drama Club 11-12, Aggravation for Middle-Aged Teachers 10-12. Thoughts about High School: I couldn ' t have made it without my “good friends and a bottle of wine. " Many thanx go out to Ma Smith and the beloved Smoke Signals! Ambition: To one day have a by-line in Rolling Stone and to meet Jim Morrison in the jungles of Africa. “Strange days have found us.” Peter G. Kaserman “Pete” Activities: Freshman Football, Freshman Basketball, Chess and Battle 9, 12, JV Basketball 10-11, FBLA 12. Thoughts about high school: It was a very quick four years. It was pretty fun but I ' m glad that I am leaving. Ambition: To go to college and study law enforcement and have a good future. Majid Kashanikhah Activities: JV and Varsity Wrestling 11-12. Thoughts about High School: I think high school is pretty fun to be in even when I’m sure all of us are glad to be out of it. Ambi¬ tion: I’d like to go to college for four years and major in printing. Susan Katsarelis Activities: Orchestra 9-10, 12, National Honor Society 11-12, Latin Club 11- 12, Culture Club 11-12. Thoughts about High School: “M-l-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E”. Ambition: To become a fine musician. Mary Keene “Kathy”, “Mean Kathy Keene” Activities: Pep Club 10, Varsity Soccer 9-12. Thoughts about High School: I ' ve had a great time here at G-F. I will never forget all of the great times and the memories also Tom C. Ambition: My ambition is to go to George Mason and study to be a nurse. Shawn Olaf Kelly “Skelly”, “Kel”, “Shawn-a-thon” Activities: Freshman Football 9, JV Foot¬ ball 10, Chess and Battle 10-11, Track 10, Latin Club 11, Key Club 12, Ski Club 12, Toughie Club — President 12. Thoughts about High School: Fun of school, girls who drool, men who play and gaze. T’was all fun and the playin’ is done, and on to the better days. Ambition: My am¬ bition in life is to marry a rich lady, get divorced, and then live off my first wife’s alimony checks. Lisa Kemble “Lee”, “Grasshopper” Activities: Culture Club 11-12, Key Club 12, Class Representative 11-12. Thoughts about High School: I am very happy that I was able to spend my last years of high school at Gar-Field. It is a beautiful school and I was proud to be a Gar- Field Indian. Ambition: To be a speech pathologist. Peter Kepperling “Pete” Activities: Key Club 12, SGC 12. Thoughts about High School: It has been the four most fun-filled years of my life. The friends and experiences I’ve met with will be unforgettable. Ambition: To enter college, study Journalism, and become extremely rich and famous at the age of 25. Suzan Kerem “Suzi”, “Suz”, “Suwannia” Activities: Volleyball 9, Pep Club 9, Treble Choir 9- 10, SGC Representative 10, Concert Choir 10-12, Key Club 11, Dominants 11, Mikado 12, Drama Club 12, Collage 12, Smoke Signals Staff 12, All-County Chorus 12. Thoughts about High School: Fantastic!! The memories will last forever. Thanks to " SOAP” and other terrific, caring friends, I’m ready to leave Gar-Field ' s isolated confines. Hello cruel world ... Ambition: To be the best darn Navy journalist ever enlisted, AND a U.S.O. star too! Thanx to Mrs. Powers and Mrs. Moyers — you ' ve helped a bunch! Shawn Kelly Lisa Kemble Lolita Kent Peter Kepperling Suzan Kerem Joanne Keys Seniors 177 Timothy Keys Susan Kilby Tammy Kile Rebecca Killings Gary King Jannette King Timothy B. Keys “Manzano” Thoughts about High School: If I had a chance to go through it again, I wouldn’t, but it has been nice. Ambition: To get a good job and get married to Mary Greene. I love her very much. Susan Kilby “Myrtle”, “Margaret” Activities: Key Club 12, FBLA 12. Thoughts about High School: I will be glad to get out and not have the hassles and rules anymore. But I will really miss my friends. Thanks you guys! Ambition: To get out of school and live it up for a while. Then get started on my career and finally settle down and be happy! Stephen W. King “Steve” Thoughts about High School: High school was pretty fun, especially lunch! Senior year was such a hassle, parking stickers, pictures, and caps and gowns. Ambition: To succeed in everything I try. To make it into professional soccer. Brian Klotter “Brian” Thoughts about High School: Gar-Field was alright, I had some pretty good times here! Denise Renee Klugh “Jama”, “Bagooba”, “Magilla”, “Gill”, “Dee” Activities: Softball 9, Basket¬ ball 9, Outdoor Track 9-12, Girls’ Tennis 10-12, Indoor Track 12, Girls’ Varsity Club 9-12, Ski Club 9, SGC 9. Thoughts about High School: Many thanks to Gar-Field. “Ditto” Daph, “Go Tony” thanks for support and friendship. I ' ll always remember G-F. Thanks Mom, Dad, Greg — I love ya a lot. Ambition: To go to college and major in physical education. I would also like to work with handicapped children. Being rich and famous wouldn ' t be bad. Melvin Kent Klugh “Captain Klugh”, “Hotlips” Activities: Freshman Football 9, JV Football 10, FBLA 10, Varsity Football 11-12, SGC Representative 12. Thoughts about High School: It was fun and interesting and i will never forget the halls of Gar-Field and all the memories with Arleta, Alexis, and Eric and the rest of my friends. Ambition: My ambitions are to go to college and to become successful in whatever I intend to do. Greg Knehans “Gumme Luscious” Activities: Signet 9-12, Mu Alpha Theta 12. Thoughts about High School: If it were not for Elmo, Tarzan, Lump, and Michele, my high school years would have amounted to just four more years of tedious study. Ambition: To help Elmo annex the Sudetenland. Marsha Knotts “K-nots” Activities: Treble Choir 9, Concert Choir 10-12, DECA 12. Thoughts about High School: It was like a job you didn’t get paid for. Ambition: To go to Florida to work for Walt Disney World Productions and to lead a fairy tale life with Jeffy. Kellie Ann Komar Activities: SGC Representative 9-10, 12, FBLA 11 — President 12, Teen Counseling 12. Thoughts about High School: My high school years are memorable (especially 11 and 12). The teachers and counselors are great, but most of the students leave a lot to be desired. Ambition: To go to college and earn a degree that will make lots of money easy to come by. Natalie King Stephen King Kenneth Kiser Brian Klotter Denise Klugh Melvin Klugh Gregory Knehans Marsha Knotts Albert Koch Kellie Komar 178 Seniors Richard Kramer Katherine Krawczyk Robert Kreiner Laura Kroman Laurie Kuhnke Stacy Kuykendall Mary Labaj Sally LaCava Thomas Lacy Kathy LaFollette Kathy Krawczyk “B.K.”, “Kbunny”, “Kitten” Thoughts about High School: The first four years were the toughest. R.S. and J.C. made it all worthwhile. My friends added the special touch — thanx DD and HH! Ambition: To finally make it out of school and become a Legal Secretary, and to marry someone special and caring — R.S. Robert J. Kreiner “Rob” Activities: G-F Club 81-82, Freshman Football 9, Varsity Football 10-12, Thoughts about High School: My freshman and sophomore years were o.k. but my junior year was the best. I enjoyed being with my friends, especially with my sister Donna. Ambition: God willing, go to college and try to play football. If not, a beach bum. Laurie Kuhnke “Kinky”, “The Other One” Activities: German Club 10, FHA 11, Drama Club 12, DE 12. Thoughts about High School: It was one trip, I won’t be able to forget! I learned a lot that didn ' t have much to do with school. Ambition: To be happy with my failures, if I don’t succeed to be one of the Best Dance Choreographers in the world. Stacey Kuykendall “Stac” Activities: Gymnastics 3 Yrs., SGC Rep. 9, FBLA 11, DECA 12, Parliamentarian. Thoughts about High School: I learned more about people than school work. Good -n- Bad times, Pam, Deb and Juanie helped me through them. Chris made my years special. Ambition: For my future I want to be happy. Have a dependable job that I like and become rich fasti! Mary Helen Labaj “Len”, “Taamo” Activities: Volleyball 9-10, Drama Club 9, Basketball 10, Soccer 10, Softball 10, Track 10, President of the Teen Club for American Embassy, Pep Club 12, Key Club 12. Thoughts about High School: High school was one of those experiences you only want to go through once. Ambition: To live my life to the fullest, be happy with whatever I do, and party ever chance I get. Sally La Cava “Sal” Activities: Symphonic Band 9-12, Stage Band 12, Regional Band 9-12, County Band 9-12, Orchestra 9-10, Marching Band 9-10, Drum Major 12, Key Club 12, Teen Counseling 12, Band President, Senior Class Rep. Thoughts about High School: It was great, I’ll always value the friendships I’ve made. I hope that the friendships I’ve made will continue. Ambition: To go to East Carolina University and pursue a career that suits me best, then to move on with my life filled with happiness. Tom J. Lacy “Radar” Activities: HERO Club 11, Football Manager 10. Thoughts about High School: I think my years in high school have been the best years of my life, even though I don’t like the RULES! Ambition: My ambition in life is to be a good Industrial Engineer and own my own chain of restaurants. Kathy Lynn La Follette “Laugh-a-lot” Activities: Concert Band 9, Pep Club 9-10, Symphonic Band 10-12, Marching Band 10-11, Jr. Civitans 12, Student Government 10, 12 (alt.) Thoughts about High School: It was an experience, but a lot of fun. I’ll miss the wild times I had with my good friends that were always around when I need them. Ambition: To make it through college, establish a career, then someday get married and hopefully be very happy. Duane Landry Activities: Woodbridge — Freshman Football, Switzerland — JV Basketball 10, Ski Team 10, Varsity Basketball 11. Thoughts about High School: High school is something that everyone needs to mature and to be introduced into the world of reality. Ambition: After I finish this year I will go to college and study to be a computer engineer and move back to Switzerland. Christina Marie Larguier “Tiny Tina”, “Toni”, “Fame” Activities: Cheerleading 9, SGC 11-12, Senior Class 12, Key Club 12, Spanish Club 12, Track 11-12, Softball 10, Student Council 10, Powder Puff Football 12. Thoughts about High School: A wonderful experience that has taught a lot about friendship and life. A special thanks to L.H. T.B. R.T. and Fame 2, mom and dad. Ambition: To go to college and to succeed highly with what I choose to do. I hope to eventually live the life of my dreams and to always have enough money to be happy. Nicole Lathe “Nikki” Activities: DECA, Travel Club. Thoughts about High School: It was nice, but I’m glad to be leaving. All of my friends made school what it was. Ambition: To continue my career at Francoise’s and to someday become a designer. Ritchie Latulipe Thoughts about High School: School was an intellectual experience, but I still en¬ joyed it. If this was an all male school, I wouldn’t be here, ‘‘Thanks girls.” Ambition: 1) To reinvent the Ford Pinto. 2) To become a professional bum and live in the gutter with my friend, Joe. Simone Lamitte Duane Landry Christina Larguier William Lassiter Nicole Lathe Ritchie Latulipe Seniors 179 Lynda Laurendeau Adrian Lawray Janet Lawson Tammy Lawson John Leake Sarita Leassear Henri Leathers Kenneth Lee Michelle Lee Rebecca Lee Nancy Leeker John Lehman John Lennartz Montgomery Lerner Deanna Lester Valerie LeTourneau Lynda J. Laurendeau “Daigo”, “Super Freak” Activities: FHA 79-81, FBLA 80-82. Thoughts about High School: High school has been somewhat like a prison to me. It has held me back from doing what I would like to do. Ambition: I want to live my life to its fullest potential without undue in¬ terference from outsiders. This includes of course becoming financially well-off. Janet Lawson “Grape” Activities: Indianettes 10-12, Gymnastics 9-12, Teen Counseling 11-12, Signet 9-12, Dominants 11, Concert Choir 10-11, Math Club 12, Key Club 12, National Honor Society 11-12. Thoughts about High School: So far I’ve somehow survived through the ups and downs. Ambition: Attend college working part time as a bartender. After school, find a good and profitable job, raise horses, live in purple, and have a good time. Tammie Lawson “T” Activities: JV Cheerleading 80-81, Varsity Cheerleading Co-Captian 81-82, FBLA 81-82, Senior Class SGC 81-82, TNA 81-82. Thoughts about High School: Having true friends at G-F is a must, having someone to share moments that become special will mean more to you now, than ever. Ambition: After high school is over, Computer School is my main goal to complete and successfully become a Data Analyst and make enough money to live better than comfortable. John Wesley Leake Jr. “Johnson or JR” Activities: Latin 78-80, Drama Club 78-80. Thoughts about High School: My thanks Johnny and Debbie for all their help, but most of all I would like to thank my mother for the love she administered. Ambition: I plan to go to college and pursue the art of medicine until I have conquered it. Also to live life to the fullest. Kip Leathers Activities: Tennis 9-12. Thoughts about High School: High School has been a memorable experience, but I am glad it’s over. Ambition: My ambition is simply to do my best in all things that I want. Michelle Marie Lee Thoughts about High School: It was fun, but it’s time to move on to better things. Special thanks to Holly, Carol, David, Jack, and Vonda, for great times! Ambition: To become a professional cosmetologist and marry a man who looks like Burt Reynolds. Rebecca Lee “Becky”, “T.H.” Activities: Majorettes 10-12, Captain 11-12, Teen Counselor 12, Youth Advisory Council 11-12, DECA 12, Senior Class Representative, D.E. Reporter 12, Homecoming Princess 12. Thoughts about High School: They’ve been an unusual but good four years. Thanks to David, Cindybear, Stepanie, and Lisa. Ambition: To marry David, maybe become a fashion designer or commercial artist, and to live happily ever after. Nancy Leeker “Dewey”, “Nance” Activities: Cheerleading 9-11, Teen Counseling 11-12, Vice- President of Junior and Senior Class, Sophomore Beauty Contest 11, Who’s Who Among American High School Students, Powder Puff 12, Key Club 12. Thoughts about High School: It was fun, crazy, sometimes heartbreaking and some wonderful people made it very special (espec. M.M. and M.A.) Gaudamus! Ambition: To go to college and major in Physical Therapy then go into Sports Medicine. JOCKS! Be rich, happy and married. Mel, Florida here we come!! John Lehman “Fish”, “Camp Zama Man” Activities. Chess and Battle 10-11. Thoughts about High School: Thank God for weekends. Ambition: To go to the University of Alabama, get my master’s degree in Architecture and make a million. Deanna Denise Lester “Banana”, “T”, “Mama plas” “Nesie”, “Lestoil”, “Mom” Activities: FBLA 10-11, Flag Corps 10-12, Co-captain 11-12, Regional FBLA Competitions. Thoughts about High School: High school has been pretty fun for the most part; I just hope Lexi, and MB stay in touch at college! Don’t forget the fun!! Ambition: Once out of college, I’m gonna become ‘‘Perry Mason — female.” Lexi and MB — I ' ll bail y’all out when you hit trouble. Watch for my reruns. Valerie LeTourneau “Larry” Activities: NHS 11-12, Orchestra 9-12, Mu Alpha Theta 12, Science Club 12, Teen Counseling 12. Thoughts about High School: It was rough, but worth it. I learned how to get along with (or around) people. Ambition: To get a degree in college, and evenutally get mar¬ ried and live happily ever after. 180 Seniors Mark Philip Levine Activities: National Honor Society, Chess and Battle Club 11-12, Science Club 11-12, Culture Club 12. Thoughts about High School: High School was a good experience toward my future. It helped prepare for life in college and for the future. Ambition: My ambitions are to graduate from college with an Engineering degree and use this education to better our world. Joe Limbaugh “Hippy” Thoughts about High School: Lot of memories and good friends. Even though I did do some work. Ambition: My dream is to be on the stage, but will try my best to be a Special Education Teacher, hope to teach at G-F. Jeffery D. Lippert “Lips” Activities: Bass Choir 9-10, Concert Choir 10-12, Dominants 11, Regional Choir 10-12, All-Virginia Choir 11, State Honors Choir 12, SGC 11-12. Thoughts about High School: An interesting concept, a place where thousands of people go to get frustrated. Many thanks to Carnohan and Goodwyn. You helped a lot. Ambition: To attend East Carolina University and major in Music. Then to teach Music in the Public school system, or starve. James Lippold “J.R.” Activities: FBLA 11, Travel Club. Thoughts about High School: So far it has been the best four years of my life. Thanks to some very special friends, even getting in trouble was a blast. Ambition: To strive with utmost desire, to succeed in the recording industry; if not that, to become 3 OPA Lisa Rene6 Lipscomb “Lee”, “Lis”, “Double L” Activities: Jr. Civitan Club 9, DECA 10, FBLA 11- 12. Thoughts about High School: The experience I have recieved from high school has helped me tremendously, and I would like to thank everyone who helped me make it! Hollie Renae Lively “Renae” Thoughts about High School: High school was something I’m glad I got to experience. It can be hard work but also fun. I ' m going to miss it. Ambition: I hope to succeed in everything I do in life, especially my profession. I want to be rich and happy all my life. Sharon Edith Lohr “E”, “Big-Stick” Activities: Basketball 9, Varsity Softball 9-12, Captain 11-12, Jr. Civitans 9, Girls’ Varsity Club 11-12. Thoughts about High School: Even though I leave with tears I will always remember the 4 years of growing and learning. Thanks to everyone!! Ambition: To at¬ tend a 4 year university and major in Criminal Justice. DeAnna Long “Turtle”, “Slick”, “Smilie” Activities: FBLA 11-12, Key Club 12, Science Club 12. Thoughts about High School: High school is a part of my life that I would not have wanted to miss out on. Ambition: To pursue a career in Biological Science. I hope to raise and breed dogs after college. Mark Levine Scott Lichtman Joseph Limbaugh Brian Liming Greg Link Jeffrey Lippert James Lippold Lisa Lipscomb Anthony Little John Litwin Hollie Lively Rebeka Locklear Lori Lockwood Traci Lockwood Sharon Lohr Deanna Long Seniors 181 Janet Lotspeich Wendy Loy Teresa Lucero Jeanne Lueders Lisa Lurty Joseph Lynch Wendy Loy “Whimpee” Activities: Softball 9, Majorettes 10-11, Science Club 12, “Sewing Cir¬ cle” 11. Thoughts about High School: Never could have made it without Kelly (sis), her family, the “Sewing Circle.” Special thanks to my mom! “I’d never go through it again!!” Ambition: Go out west, decide on a career, be successful, have a horse ranch, find a man who makes me hap¬ py and who I can make happy. Teresa A. Lucero “Teri”, “Shortie” Activities: SGC 9-12, Homecoming Committee 10-12. Thoughts about High School: I’ve got some great memories and some that are unforgettable. I’ve met some terrific people that I’ll never forget! I’ll A.L.Y. " J”, “R”. I’ll never forget you Steph, Renee, and Karen. Hope Steph will learn how to drive right. Oh Emily don’t forget “Governors”, " Smiles” 8-21-81 WOW! Ambition: To go to college, major in business and fashion merchan¬ dising at “Tech,” own my own chain of stores and meet that special person and always be “HAPPY” and “RICH”! Jeanne Ann Lueders “Jeannie”, “Lue” Activities: Basketball, Softball, Powder Puff Football, Key Club. Thoughts about High School: Experiences and friendships are priceless! Thanks Class of ’82. You gave me memories I will always cherish. Gar-Field is the best. Ambition: To drive to the class reunion in a Mercedes 450. Lisa A. Lurty “Birdie” Activities: Freshman Basketball, Indianettes 10-12, Co-Captain 12, SGC 10-12, Class Representative 10-12, Sec.-Treas. Junior Class, Soccer Manager 10-11, “RIPPS” 12. Thoughts about High School: I hated the work, the friends I made and social life were great and I’ll treasure those memories always — I LOVE YOU “RIPPS.” Ambition: To find a rich man and live happily ever after. Rick MacDonald: “Rick MacDonald” Activities: Smoke Signals Staff 9-12, Editor 12, SGC 9- 12, President 12, Latin Club 11-12, Science Club 11-12, Math Club 9-11, Governor’s School 11. Thoughts about High School: None — high school isn ’t conducive to thought. Ambition: Immor¬ tality and to find the sound of one hand. Laura Ann Maclver Activities: Varsity Tennis 9, Treble Choir 9, Signet 9-12, FBLA 10, Indianettes 11-12, Teen Counseling 11-12, National Honor Society 11-12, Who’s Who Among American High School Students 11-12, Prince William County’s Junior Miss Pageant 12. Thoughts about High School: I will always cherish my memories of G-F. Thanks to the Indianettes and Mrs. Ayres for making it all worthwhile. I’ll never forget it! Ambition: To make my life as worthwhile and beneficial to myself and others as I possibly can. Cynthia Mackey “Cindy”, “Pooh”, “Legs” Activities: Math Club 9-10, SGC 12, Junior Civitans 12. Thoughts about High School: High school is just the stepping stone to life, once gone it can be looked back upon with fond memories. Ambition: To become the best pediatrician around and make kids happy. I want to make a lot of money, too. Michael Maddox “Myke” Activities: SGC 9-10; Sophomore Beauty Pageant Escort 10, Freshman Football, Class Representative 9-10, JV Football 10. Thoughts about High School: School was a lot of fun. I had a lot of good times. I’m really going to miss it. Ambition: To make a lot of money, marry a beautiful girl, and to live way up on top of a large mountain. Jeanette Madrid Activities: FHA 12. Thoughts about High School: I’m glad it’s over. Thanks a lot Denise for all the fun times and Helen who will always be my dearest and best friend. Ambi¬ tion: To become successful in whatever I choose to do. Patricia Ann Majeski “Patsy”, “Maj”, “Coach” Activities: Varsity Soccer 9, Co-Capt. Sophomore Beauty Contest 9, Varsity Basketball 9-12, (Co-Capt), Girls Varsity Club 10-12, SGC Representative, Powder Puff Football 12. Thoughts about High School: It’s been a great four years that I’ll never forget! Thanks for always being there Herm! I Love ya! (A.T.S.) Ambi¬ tion: To continue playing basketball in college and to become a physical education teacher or a commercial artist. Mostly, just to be happy! Lisa Major Activities: Freshman Volleyball, DECA. Thoughts about High School: What an ex¬ perience! Glad it’s over, but I’m gonna miss the good times. Best wishes to everyone from the class of ' 82. Ambition: Total happiness. Good Friends, a good husband, lots of money and lots of fun. Richard MacDonald Laura Maclver Cindy Mackey James Maddox Michael Maddox Jeanette Madrid Edward Maine Patricia Majeski Lisa Major Kimberly Malina 182 Seniors Robert W. Malloy “Bob”, “Big Bob " Activities: Varsity Choir 9, French Club 9, Bass Choir 10, JV Baseball 10, Culture Club 11, Varsity Baseball 11-12, Regional Choir 10-12, Dominants 11- 12, National Honor Society 11-12, All-County Choir 9-12. Thoughts about High School: Every year became better as I got to meet and know more people. I’m glad it’s over but there still is a long way to go. Ambition: To go to college and major in Computer Science. After college I ' d like to work for a major computer firm. Eddie Joe Maloney “DRF” Activities: Concert Band 9-11, FBLA 10-12, Symphonic Band 12, Marching Band 9-12, Golf 9-12, Spanish Club 12, Orchestra 12, Stage Band 12. Thoughts about High School: I loved it. I wish I could live it over again. Ambition: My ambition is to go to college. After college, I want to be an accountant and make a lot of money. Theresa Juanita Manuel “Teaa”, “Twink” Thoughts about High School: This last year has been rough. I would never have made it without the help of my friends and especially Todd for always being there. Ambition: To marry Todd, to be rich and live in an exotic place in my man¬ sion on the hill. James Aaron March “Red” Activities: Freshman Football 9, Varsity Football 11-12, JV Baseball 9-10, Varsity Baseball 11-12, Gar-Field Club 12. Thoughts about High School: High School? O! It wuz alrite. I reely turned a lot. Ambition: To further my education, become finan¬ cially stable and live my life to the fullest! Michael P. Marra “Mike” Activities: Teen Counseling 12, Key Club 12, Drama Club 12, Debate and Forensics 12, Who’s Who Among American High School Students 11. Thoughts about High School: I’ve met a lot of great people and made some good friends and without them I couldn’t have made it! I thank you all. Ambition: To graduate, go to law school and hopefully, one day get my Mercedes 450 SL! Anne L. Martin Activities: Pep Club 9, Flag Corps 10-11, Lieutenant 11, FBLA 11, Yearbook Staff 11. Thoughts about High SchooWve had some wild-n-crazy times in school but after twelve years I’m ready for more wild-n-crazy times. Ambition: To marry Mark Parker and also to continue in my art design schooling in hopes of getting a satisfying job. Jeanne Maria Martin “Martian” Activities: DECA 10, Drama Club 12. Thoughts about High School: Definitely the most interesting years of my life. I’ve met lots of people I’ll never forget. Piggy and Snoopy don’t eat too many “Purple eggs.” Ambition: To stay as happy as I can in this messed up world. Melodie Kay Martin “Mel”, “Lewey” Activities: Cheerleading 9-12, Captain 12, Key Club 11- 12, Secretary 12, FBLA 11-12, Homecoming Princess 9, 11-12, Sophomore Beauty Contest 9- 11, 1981 U.S. Cheerleader Achievement Award. Thoughts about High School: All the smiles, tears, teachers, and friends made my four years great! Ambition: To go to college and study to become a probation social worker in the Police Department. Ronda Martin Activities: Basketball 9, SGC Representative, Varsity Soccer 9-12. Thoughts about High School: Everyone was great but if I had a dollar every time a teacher gave me a headache I would have enough money to buy that vat. Ambition: To be lowered into a vat of Budweiser with a snorkel and drink myself dry. Valerie Martin Activities: DECA II 11, DECA III 12. Thoughts about High School: Thanks to my friends it was great but other than that I’m definitely glad to see it go. I won’t miss it. Ambition: To get out of this place, make it on my own, and be with my friends, and most of all to be happy. Carol Maruschak Activities: Varsity Softball 9, Varsity Volleyball 9-12. Thoughts about High School: I had a great time. Jim made it a lot of fu n. Ambition: To be a beautician, get rich, and then get married. Mary Anne Maslo Thoughts about High School: High school is the most valuable education a person can achieve. This last year has matured me and has made me ready for my career ahead. Ambition: To be successful in everything I do, especially my career. Robert Malloy Eddie Maloney Rhonda Manning Theresa Manuel James March Michael Marra Louis Marshall Anne Martin Jeanne Martin Joselito Martin Melodie Martin Ronda Martin Valerie Martin Vernon Martin Carol Maruschak Mary Anne Maslo Seniors 183 Joseph Massowd William Mathena Salim Mawani Samieleen Mayo Edward McCarthy Scott McCarty Charlene McCeney Constance McClaude Gwendolyn McCloud Todd McCluney Catherine McCoart Troy McDaniel Wanda McDougal Dana McElroy Lisa McElwain Milton McFarren Joseph Massowd “Joe” Activities: Cross Country 10, Band. Thoughts about High School: I thought it was a very profuse acquisition of knowledge, besides that it was a heck of a lot of fun. Ambition: I would like to become a professional wino and live in the gutter with my best friends Ritchie, Peggy, Debbie, Misti, Patty. Salim R. Mawani Activities: Cross Country 9-10, Video Tech 9-12, Key Club 11-12. Thoughts about High School: It was o.k., plenty of laughs especially during lunch. I’ll be glad to get out and move on to better things. Ambition: To finally become a citizen of the United States. To someday understand why I went through all this mess! Samieleen Denise Mayo “Sam”, “Missy”, “Mayo” Activities: Rifles 11-12, FBLA 12, Spanish Club 10. Thoughts about High School: High school was like a see-saw with all the ups and downs. My best parts were with “L.H.S.” He made it all worthwhile. (“Amor”). Ambition: To be very independent, make my money, live my life as I see fit, and to leave all the complications of life behind. Scott McCarty “Scoop”, “Usherman” Activities: Freshman Football, Band 9-12, All-County Band 9, Regional Band 9, Marching Band 10-11, Varsity Football 12, Newspaper 12, Signet (too long). Thoughts about High School: My thanks to Elmo, Gumme, and Cowboy, who stood with me all four years; and to G-F, for teaching me unarmed combat in the halls. Ambition: To stop Elmo from taking over the Sudetenland and make the world safe for " juveniles”; and to ban Duron paint hats from the civilized world. Todd McCluney Activities: FBLA 12. Thoughts about High School:! had a lot of fun, going out with my friends, but the best times were those that I spent with my girl, Kellie. She means the world to me. Ambition: To go to college, get a degree, get rich, marry someone very special and ma ke bsbiss Cathy McCoart “Missy”, “Ca-Ca-”, “Cat” Activities: Junior Civitan 12, FBLA 10, Key Club 12, Wednesday Night Get Together Club 12. Thoughts about High School: The friends and memories were great. Kenny, you’re a very special guy and Kath you will always be my B F. I love you both. Ambition: To have a good career doing something I enjoy. To get happily married to a very special person and to raise four healthy children. Troy McDaniel “Bambino”, “Mick” Thoughts about High School: I made a lot of friends that I’ll never forget, like Sherrie (my bambino), Diane, Billy, and Paul. Ambition: To go to an elec¬ tronics school and just take everything from there. Wanda Victoria McDougal “Vickie” Activities: JV Basketball 10, Girl’s Track 11. Thoughts about High School: I think high school is a maturity period for young adults. Once conquered the rest should come as common sense. Ambition: To major in business administration and business management before i have any children. Dana Lynn McElroy “The Ranger” Activities: Basketball, Football 9-12, Baseball 10-11, French Club, National Honor Society, Track, Student Senate, SCA Delegate, Homecoming Court, Math Team. Thoughts about High School: I thought of high school as a preparation for what’s ahead in the world. Ambition: My ambition is to get rich and to give to the needy, poor and helpless. I think people shouldn’t be selfish about what they have. Lisa McElwain “Weenie”, “Peanut” Thoughts about High School: Those long classes and killer tests. I don ' t think I would have survived without my friends. Those were great times. I’ll miss it. Ambition: To marry Johnny, and to be successful in whatever career I choose. 184 Seniors Vandon McGee Activities: Varsity Football 10-12, Indoor Track 10, Lettermen Club. Thoughts: I really enjoyed my 3 years at Gar-Field. Ambition: I want to attend college to play football or run track, and get a good education. Christi McGowan Thoughts about High School: It ' s just about over and now it’s time to move on to bigger and better things. Ambition: To go to college for one, but most important to make up for all the time I ' ve missed with Mark this past year. Laurie Alexiia McHugh “Alexiis, Alex, Lexi, sista plas” Activities: Varsity Choir 9, Concert Choir 10-12, Flag Corps 11-12, FBLA 10, Jr. Variety Show 11. Thoughts about High School: High School was O.K. Thanks for the " Great Fun” Nesie and MB. Notes for GMD. Sam, I’m always here to listen (STSB) Ambition: After college I plan on taking my CPA test and start working for the mafia. I’ll need that legal advice later Nesie. Michael Mclntire “Mike” Activities: Dominants 12, Yearbook Staff 12, Key Club 11-12. Thoughts about High School: It was a blast, but I’m glad it’s over. I couldn’t have made it without Bart, Wendi and John. Wendi, you ' re a great friend, thanks. Ambition: To be happy in life, go to college and get my DUS, have a successful Orthodontic practice in San Diego, buy a Porsche 928. Krista Mclver “Dingy Chick” Activities: Pep Club 9-12, Chess and Battle 10-12, Volleyball 9, French Club 9-10, Science Club 11, Travel Club 11, SGC 9-12. Thoughts about High School: It was a wonderful period in my life, but now it is time for me to move on. Ambition: To go to col¬ lege and Med. School, and become the best doctor I can be, but most of all, I want love and happiness. Troy Lamont McKinney Thoughts about High School: Well high school was fun while it lasted. But I’m looking forward to graduating this year. Ambition: I really don’t have a particular goal I want to reach. But I want to be successful in whatever career field. Donna McManirnan Activities: Varsity Band 9, Marching Band 10, Symphonic Band 10, HOSA 12 (Secretary), LPN. Thoughts about High School: I have really enjoyed high school. Some of my most memorable moments happened in High School. I am really going to miss it, TEE HEEI Ambition: After I finish with LPN, I plan to attend college. My greatest goal is to become a nurse practitioner midwife. James T. McManus “Mac” Thoughts about High School: If they don’t let you get away with anything it can be boring as hell! Live it up Juniors. Ambition: To be a fully certified Auto Mechanic and move to Florida, find the right blue-eyed blonde and settle down. Stephanie Diane McNeese “Steph” Activities: Treble Choir 9, Jr. Civitan Club 9-10, Junior Variety Show 11-12, Drama Club 12, Key Club 12, Teen Counseling 12. Thoughts about High School: It was interesting at times but I wouldn’t like to do it again, Thanks to all my friends and one terrific teacher — Miss you all. Ambition: To marry Bobby and make him very happy and to become some type of successful Lawyer. To make " Big Bucks” and to live high. Robert C. Meixner Jr. “Bob”, “Bobby” Activities: FBLA 12, Tennis Team 10, Key Club 12, Teen Counseling 12. Thoughts about High School: It was great, it went by too fast, I would like to have some of it over again. Ambition: I hope to go on to college and become an architect. If that doesn ' t work, I will be a California Beach Bum. Christopher J. Melhorn Activities: Band 9, Cross Country 10. Thoughts about High School: It was alright, but I would not want to do it again. Watch out for the cops in the parking lot. Ambi¬ tion: To become an Educated Bum. Karen Mersing “Karen” Thoughts about High School: I know now that I probably will miss the people and out of school activities, but I can’t say too much about school itself. Ambition: To become a successful interior designer. I am also looking forward to new adventures and challenges in my life ahead. Vandon McGee Thomas McGinnis Christi McGowan Laurie McHugh Michael Mclntire Krista Mclver Danielle McKinney Troy McKinney Daniel McLeod Donna McManiman James McManus Stephanie McNeese Kris Meairs Robert Meixner Christopher Melhorn Karen Mersing Seniors 185 Wayne Meyer Eric Michael Walter Mickens Cynthia Miller Gerald Miller Harold Miller Pamela Miller Vernon Miller Michael Mills James Minor Donna Minzes Jean Miskin Tinina Mitchell Patrick Molinari Kelly Monk Sharon Monroe Wayne Meyer Activities: Cross Country 11-12, Indoor Track 12, Outdoor Track 12. Thoughts about High School: Nice place to be when I wasn’t in class. Ambition: To go to college and ma¬ jor in mechanical engineering. Eric Douglas Michael Activities: JV Basketball 10, Golf 12, VICA 12. Thoughts about High School: Do I have to think about it? Ambition: To become a pilot, preferably on the Goodyear Blimp. Walter G. Mickens “Mick” Activities: JV Football 11, Varsity Football 12, DECA 10, FHA 12, HERO Club 12. Thoughts about High School: I really enjoyed high school and I also enjoyed the girls. I wish the best of luck to the rising seniors, especially the girls. Ambition: i would like to promote myself to music and become a disc-jockey. Pamela Ann Miller “Pam” Activities: FHA 9, Pep Club 9, HERO 11, DECA 12. Thoughts about High School: It’s taught me a lot and one thing it taught me is I never want to do it again. Ambi¬ tion: To get married this August and to join the U.S. Marine Corps. But most of all to be the best at whatever I choose. Vernon W. Miller Activities: Varsity Baseball 10, Varsity Football 11. Thoughts about High School: I had good times, I had bad times, but this year it’s good times, getting out of school for good. Ambition: To be able to play professional baseball in the future, or become a plumber. Mike Lee Mills “Dudley” Activities: Freshman Football 9, Weight Lifting 10. Thoughts about High School: I couldn’t have made it without my friends like Dave, Sweets, Troy, Bridged, Cin¬ dy, and most of all Kathy. She made me get up in the mornings to go. I guess it was O.K.! Ambi¬ tion: I hope to go to a trade school or Northern Virginia Community College. I plan to get mar¬ ried to Kathy Gallion, and have about 2 babies and live my life with her forever. Jim Minor “The Joker” Activities: Bass Choir 9-11, Audio Tech 11-12, Video Tech 9-12, Vice- President 11, Thoughts about High School: It was rough, if it weren’t for the great people I’ve met and the parties it would have been a drag. Ambition: To buy a Harley 1200 and grow my hair long and to live in Florida until I go into the Navy. Good riddance Gar-Field. Donna Minzes Activities: FBLA. Thoughts about High School: Crazy. Glad it’s over! It was worth it though. There were the good times and bad times, but we made it! Ambition: To sail to the Bahamas in a tiny sail boat. Tinina Lavista Mitchell “Nina” Activities: DECA Reporter, Cheerleading, National Honor Society, French Club, Student Council Representative, Glee Club, Miss Junior. Thoughts about High School: High school can be a lot of things. To me it is either fun or boring. It all depends on your attitude towards it. Ambition: After completing 4 years of college, majoring in computer science, I would like to find a job as a computer programmer and be successful. Patrick D. Molinari “Pat” Thoughts about High School: It ' s been rough, but I got by with a little help from my friends. Friday and Saturday nights were the best. Ambition: To join the World Security Bureau and help save mankind. 186 Seniors Donna Moore Jeanette Moore Michael Moore Sharon Moore Sheri Moore Stephen Moore Troy Moore William Morris Lori Morrone Mariana Mossier Donna Moore Activities: FBLA 11-12; Thoughts about High School: Thanks to TA, WB it’s been great! TA — Will it ever snow again in Woodbridge? WB — you’ve made this last year unforget¬ table for me. Ambition: To go to college, become a lawyer, and be filthy rich. Also, to be together forever with you know who if the world doesn’t end first. Michael Edward Moore “Moore”, “R.C.” Thoughts about High School: High school was fun. I wish I didn’t have to leave. I’ve made a lot of friends, some real close. I’ll never forget any of it. Ambition: To go to college and study aerospace and aeronautical engineering, then get married and have a nice family, and just be happy. Sharon Moore “Moo”, “Fish”, “ ' A Pisces” Activities: Cheerleading 9-12, SGC 9-12, Teen Counseling 11-12, DECA 12, School Store 12, Sophomore Beauty Contest 9, Band 9. Thoughts about High School: A blast thanks to all my friends, especially Lee-Anna Grimm! Bottoms up to all the loyal Bud gang! Ambition: To establish myself in the world of fashion and lead a challeng¬ ing and exciting life. Sheri Jean Moore “M.B.”, “Sista Plas”, “Thewi” Activities: Varsity Choir 9-11, FBLA 11, Flag Corps Manager 12, Junior Variety Show 11. Thoughts about High School: High school 3 wasn ' t too bad. Lexi and Nesie made it what it was, FUN! G-F won ' t be the same without us! S.T.S.B. Ambition: To graduate and keep in touch with Lexi and Nesie. Hey! Maybe even get a full-time job!! Who me? Work? Never!! (Hollywood?!) Stephen Moore “Steve”, “Sweet Daddy” Activities: Math Club 11-12, Culture Club 12, French Club 12, Who’s Who Among American High School Students 11. Thoughts about High School: Not counting my freshman year, I had a good time. I couldn’t have ever made it through without " The Boys at the Bench. " Ambition: To go to Va. Tech, become an engineer, and attend high school reunions filthy rich. Troy Moore “Weeble”, “Super Coz” Activities: DECA 10-12. Thoughts about High School: I t was fun, but I’m glad I ' m out. I’ll miss all the girls. Ambition: To win a Gold Medal in the Olym¬ pics for boxing, and to take two years of college to become a forest ranger. Lori Morrone “Bonehead” Activities: FBLA 11. Thoughts about High School: I had a great time with all my friends but I’m glad to leave. Ambition: To become a good secretary and then to become part owner in an oil company, and marry a millionaire. Mariana Mossier Activities: Rifles 11-12, Symphonic Band 9-12, Stage Band 12, Marching Band 9-10, Key Club 9-12, Signet 9-12, National Honor Society 11-12. Thoughts about High School: I haven’t enjoyed it. Too many people are preoccupied with being popular instead of being themselves. Ambition: To go to college, get some good friends, and have fun. Linda Joyce Mott Activities: DECA 10-12, Smoke Signals 12. Thoughts about High School: Un¬ fit for print!! Ambition: To become a self-made millionaire — what else!? Anthony J. Motta “Tony” Thoughts about High School: I met a lot of friends and enjoyed the last 2 years a lot. Ambition: I already joined the USMC and plan to go in right after school. Kathryn L. Motta “Kathy” Activities: Cheerleading 11, Key Club 12, SGC Representative 12, Senior Class Representative 12, Sophomore Beauty Contest 11, Wednesday Nite Club 12, Rob Kreiner Fan Club (all my life). Thoughts about High School: G-F, you taught me and shared with me the things that have prepared me to say “GOOD-BYE”! Missy and Banana — you taught me even more!!! Ambition: America taught me — " Money is everything,” so I ' ll marry the richest guy in the world and have an affair with the guy I really love!!! William H. Muchler, Jr. " Bill” Thoughts about High School: I had some great times, but the thing I ' ll miss the most is friends. Ambition: To go to school and go into the field of computer programming. Lisa Muncy Activities: Art Program 11, Manassas Art Contest 2nd Place. Thoughts about High School: I have enjoyed my time at Gar-Field. I have had a lot of friends and good times. I have learned a lot, but I’m glad it’s over. Ambition: When I come back from overseas, I’m going to go to college in Alabama. I hope to have an art studio and marry Steve. Stratton Motley Linda Mott Anthony Motta Kathryn Motta William Muchler Lisa Muncy Seniors 187 Thomas Murphy Kathleen Murray Andrew Myers Bryan Myers Helen Naylor Susan Neilson Tom Murphy “Tom”, “Murf” Activities: Freshman Football, JV Football, Lettered Varsity Football 11-12, Wrestling — Lettered 9-12, Teen Counseling 11-12, Track 12, Weightlifting Club, Sophomore Beauty Contest Escort. Thoughts about High School: Great experience love, laughs, friends. Four years I’ll always remember. It was fun but now it is time for bigger and better things. Four more years Steffi! Ambition: To go to college, be successful and have a nice house and family with Stephanie. Kathleen A. Murray “Kathy”, “Rebel” Activities: Varsity Band 78-80, Concert Band 80-82, Mar¬ ching Band 80-82, FBLA 81-82, Chess and Battle Club 81-82. Thoughts about High School: Really want to know? I’ll miss it just a little, but my friends and fun I’ll miss the most, never believed I’d sur¬ vive it though. Ambition: Go to college. Be satisfyingly successful and like Spock says “Live long and Prosper and Be happy with what I find. " Helen M. Naylor Activities: FHA 11, HOSA 12. Thoughts about High School: I liked high school but I’m glad it’s over. Thanks! Jeanette Good Luck! Ambition: To finish LPN and become a nurse. Susan Kathleen Neilson “Kathey”, “Kat”, “JB’s Mom” Activities: Jr. Civitans 11, Jr. Civitans (Pres.) 12, SGC Rep. Thoughts about High School: It was the fastest 4 yrs. of my life. I hated the work, but loved my terrific friends, Thanks Kath for being a great friend. Ambition: Go to college become a very rich and successful child psychologist, marry someone even richer! Be perfectly happy and content and live life to the fullest! Hamid Nejati “Habibi” Activities: Wrestling. Ambition: To get out of high school and be a champion wrestler, then go to college and win the NCAA wrestling. Wendy Neth “Wendy Sue”, “Wenny”, “Blue-Eyes” Activities: Freshman Cheerleader, Jr. Civitans (Lt. Gov.) 10, JV Cheerleader 11, Jr. Civitan (Deputy Gov.) 11, Varsity Cheerleader 12, Jr. Civitan (Gov.) 12. Thoughts about High School: True friends and of course Johnny B. made it worthwhile. I ' ll never forget everything that I’ve experienced. Mr. Gerhart what are you going to do without F and F? Ambition: To go to college and study computers and or accounting, get married and have a career. David Alan Newman Thoughts about High School: The 4 yrs. I spent here seemed like a lifetime but was well worth it. I met a lot of nice people and one very special person. Ambition: To qo to college, major in biology and live in Hawaii. Hopefully I ' ll become independently wealthy. Thien Co Ngo Activities: Math Club 81-82. Thoughts about High School: This school was complete¬ ly different from my school in Vietnam, I enjoy it very much, and I ' d like to say thanks to ESL teacher Mr. Levin. Ambition: I don’t know what I want to be but I think that what I ' ll be is what I have to be! Bruce E. Nickle“Brewski”, “Punker”, “Brusk”, “Pup”, “Brutus” Activities: Freshman Wrestling 9, Wrestling 10-12, Teen Counseling 11-12, Boys Varsity Club 12, Jr. Civitans 12. Thoughts about High School: It was fun I had some wild times with some good friends. Keep the winning tradition G-F Wrestling. Good Luck and Goodbye. Ambition: To go to college, study, wrestle and go wild. Raymond A. Noel “Ray-Ray”, “Ray” Activities: Indoor Track and Outdoor Track 10-12, JV Football 11, Weightlifting 11, Teen Counselor 12, SGC 12. Thoughts about High School: High School is where everything new happens and just begins to happen cause it’s a big world out there. Ambi¬ tion: Is to go to Texas A M University and major in Engineering. I will also get involved in the ROTC Program to go in the Air Force. Paula Jenise Nix “Pooh”, “Muffy”, “Stevie”, “Nicky” Activities: Spanish Club 9, FBLA 10, Girls Soccer 10, 12 — Culture Club 12 — New York. Thoughts about High School: My thoughts are of the special people through the years " The Sewing Circle”, “Hardees Gang”, Kathleen, Maria, David, Anne, Jody and Bobby. Thanx for making it special. Ambition: To be a respected psychologist, have enough money to give my children all they want and to always have family and friends who love me. Cindy Nolan Activities: FBLA 12. Thoughts about High School: I had a lot of good times, filled with memories. Thanks to J.M., L.O., and R.H. Ambition: To be happy at whatever I do, and to get mar¬ ried someday. (Guess who?) Hamid Nejati Wendy Neth Patricia Newbold David Newman Thien Co Ngo Steven Nicely Bruce Nickle Paula Nix Raymond Noel Cindy Nolan 188 Seniors Duane Norman Edward Novack Donald Nungesser Laveta Nutter Joan O’Connor John O’Donnell Mary O’Donnell Lisa O’Hara Maria O’Hop Paul Oien Daphne O’Keefe Anella Oliva Donald Nungesser “Don” Thoughts about High School: High school was okay and fairly easy but my grades weren ' t. I managed to make it through my three years at G-F. Ambition: To become a successful auto mechanic, make big bucks, and have the trickiest car in Dale City. Lisa O’Hara “Mom”, “Scarlett”, “Sleaze” Activities: Drama Club 9-12, Vice President 10-11, President 12, Signet 10-12, National Honor Society 11-12, Culture Club 11-12, Junior Variety Show 11. Thoughts about High School: Peachy. Thank heavens for Mrs. Combs, Mr. Sheppard, a Rick MacDonald, and " General Hospital.” My love to the old gang. Ambition: I’d like to hold onto the Il¬ lusion that I “could have been” a great actress, so I ' l l safely become an English teacher. Maybe. Daphne O’Keefe Thoughts about High School: It was okay until they start messing with you. My friends were really great. Ambition: To live a “happy” life. Anella Oliva “Nellabear”, “Bear” Activities: FBLA 11. Thoughts about High School: High school is a challenging and intellectual experience. You must strive hard to achieve your goals, yet still tiiey remain too high to grasp. Ambition: To come up with a solution to solve all of the world’s problems. Trisha Ondo “Midget”, " Shorty” Activities: Ecology Club 9-10. Thoughts about High School: I couldn’t have done it if I didn’t have my friends. Ambition: To live a happy and fulfillin ' ! life. Angela Jeanne Orth “Angel”, “Ang” Activities: Outdoor Track 9-12, Indoor Trar 11-12, Cross Country 11-12, FBLA 10-11, Math Club 11-12, Girls’ Varsity Club 12. Thoughts abc High School: It taught me a lot, especially how lazy I am and how much I’ve missed. It carries my most loved and hated memories. Ambition: To find Gareth the right girl. GOD HELP HERI (I’m trying Gareth.) Simone Oliveira Trisha Ondo Mary O’Neill Angela Orth Seniors 189 Michael Ostrander Brian Otter Diana Ottinger Lisa Overton Gareth Owen Tina Pack Loretta Pallo Elaine Paolino Chris Papadakis Rebecca Paradis Lisa Parady Beverley Patton Wanda Paul Rebecca Pearson Brent Penny Cynthia Perry Mike Ostrander Activities: Boys Tennis 11-12, FBLA 12. Thoughts about High School: It was fun, but it went a little too quickly. Ambition: To go to college and graduate. Brian Otter “little ‘o’”, “Ott”, “Otter”, “Bao” Activities: Marching Band 9-12, National Honor Society 11-12, Concert Band 9, Symphonic 10-12, Stage Band 11-12, Regional Band 9-12, County Band 9, 11-12, Latin Club 12. Thoughts about High School: It was fantastic, I don’t want to leave. Thanks to all my friends, especially those in band, and on the bench. Thanks to all my teachers. Ambition: To be happy, enjoy life and be successful in whatever I do. Diana Ottinger “Ott”, “Dizzy”, “Mouth”, “Toes” Activities: FHA 12, MWFC 12, Girls Soccer 9-12. Thoughts about High School: I enjoyed the social life and the extracurricular activities in the hallways, but the academics have got to go. Mr. Gainous made it worth my time. Ambition: My friends and I want to live in a penthouse in NYC and do what we want when we want and for however long we want. Lisa Overton Thoughts about High School: I will look back at high school as being the best times of my life. I will always remember my friends and the good times we had. Ambition: I hope my life takes me to the places I want to go and gives me the good things in life, love, happiness and success. Gareth D. Owen “Jock” Activities: Cross County 9-12, Indoor Track 10-12, Outdoor Track 10-12, Who’s Who Among American High School Students. Thoughts about High School: Good luck to the Tuffy Club (Brian, Shawn, Frank and Bob). High school was fun, but thank God it is over. Ambition: To go to college and become a successful businessman. Also, to own a Jaguar and make sure Angel doesn’t become a NUN!!! Tina Pack Activities: SGC Rep. 12, VICA 9, 11 Year of Cosmetology. Thoughts about High School: It was the hardest 4 yrs. of my whole life but thanks to my dear friends and teacher cooperation I made it, and thanks to my mom, dad, and Myron. Ambition: To go out into the big world and be a successful hairdresser. Also, plan in advance in hairdressing school in Canada and marry Myron. Loretta Marie Pallo “Bean” Activities: DECA I, II, III. Thoughts about High School: I ' ve had a lot of fun, but I’m ready to get out in the big world. TGIO Ambition: To become a Park Ranger and save Smokey Bear IX. To be happy and live each day to the fullest. Chris Papadakis “Waddles”, “Wad” Activities: Culture Club 12, Key Club 12, SGC Rep. 12, SGC Season Ticket Committee, FBLA 12. Thoughts about High School: It’s been fun, but I’m glad to get out. Thanks to my good friends who made it all worthwhile. Ambition: To be successful in the business world, marry a rich good looking guy, and live happily ever after. Rebecca Paradis “Becky Lee” Thoughts about High School: I enjoyed going to G-F and learning something! Best of all were the friends I made and good times we had Cyndal, Wennie, Morrone and Smith. Ambition: To become a Dental Assistant, marry the most important person in my life. Bob Bishop who has brought me more happiness than I could ever expect. Lisa Parady Activities: Gymnastics 9-10, Sec. for DE 11. Thoughts about High School: The best times of my life!!! Jean, Jqdy and Shelli driving me crazy it wouldn’t have been the same without them. Ambition: To be the best at whatever I do. Brent Penny “Mr. Be” Activities: Freshman Basketball, JV Basketball 10, Indoor Track 11-12, Out¬ door Track 11-12, JV Football 11, Varsity Football 12, Spanish Club 12, Varsity Club 12, Jr. Civitans 12, FHA 12, SGC 12, Teen Counseling 12. Thoughts about High School: I enjoyed all the good times and all the people while at G-F. Although it is time to move on I will never forget this experience. Ambition: I w int to go to college and pursue a job in aviation. I also hope to be happy and suc¬ cessful in life. Beverly Patton “Bev”, “Bucky”, “Buckwheat”, “Lee”, “Sweetleaf”, “Beaver” Thoughts about High School: School was like taking a trip one boring weekend and when it was finished JACKPOT!! My love to Goph, Piggy, Snoopy, and Jack Daniels!! Ambition: To keep my sanity and to become a doctor!! Cynthia Perry “Cindy” Activities: Travel Club 12, FBLA, Cooperative Education 12. Thoughts about High School: It’s been a great 4 yrs. that I’ll never forget. Thanks to all my friends that I made while I was here. Ambition: To attend college part time and continue my work at IBM and lead a long and happy life with Teddy. 190 Seniors Frank J. Petrilli III Activities: Drama Club 11-12. Thoughts about High School: It could have been better, but what is high school without any teachers? Ambition: To be rich, own a BIG house, and an extremely fast car. In reality, join the Army, get married, and have lots of children. Gregory Von Pfeiffer “Greg” Activities: Stage Lighting 80-82, Amateur Radio Club 80-82. Erich John Pfleeger Activities: Freshman Football, Track 12. Thoughts about High School: High school for me wasn’t fun until my junior year, but now it’s gone by too fast. I’ll miss good ole G-F. Ambition: Go to college and study Nuclear Medicine, and marry the woman I love. Dean Phillips Activities: Concert Choir 10, Video Tech 11, DECA 12, School Store 12. Thoughts about High School: It was fun, but I ' m glad it’s over. Ambition: To go to college and major in business management. Then get me a good job. Gregory Phillips “Greg” Activities: DE 10, 12. Thoughts about High School: It was fun when I went and even more when I didn’t. Ambition: To finally get out of school and start to live it up. Juanie Phinney Activities: Class Vice-Pres. 9, Varsity Choir 9-10, FBLA 10-12, (Chapter Treasurer 11-12, State Historian 12) Key Club 12, French Club 9, SGC 9-12. Thoughts about High School: It was only as good as you made it. These 4 years weren’t always the best but I’ll never forget them. Thanks Stacey, Debbie, and Janet! Ambition: Go to college and live it up. Get a high paying job. Make it big and settle down. David C. Pine “Big Dave” Activities: Honor Society 9, Key Club 12, Thoughts about High School: My sophomore year was the best, but I do enjoy being a senior. I just wish that seniors got more privileges. Ambition: If accepted I will attend the University of Florida and study to be a dentist. My main goal is to own a Mercedes Benz. Frank J. Piwowarski III “Pork” Activities: JV Wrestling 10. Thoughts about High School: Larry, Whitey and Paul really helped me through high school. We stuck together during the good and hard times. Ambition: I hope to be the manager of the Heidelberg, cruise in my ’Vette, have no more times without the Big R. and spend time with Babe. Angela Dee Plott Activities: FHA 80-81, Teen Counseling 81-82, Science Club 81-82. Thoughts about High School: Despite the problems encountered, high school has been wonderful. I’ve en¬ joyed it, but now the past is behind and the future ahead. Ambition: To go to College and graduate with a major in chemistry a nd wood products and enjoy life to the fullest. Ken Plumley “Plumbob”, “Plumpley”, “Plug” Activities: Football 9 (WSHS). Thoughts about High School: High school had its ups and downs, but I hated every minute of it and I ' ll be glad to leave! Me and my friends had some wild times. Ambition: To move back to the country and live in the mountains. William B. Poff Jr. “Puff” Thoughts about High School: High school was fun but four years was enough for me. Ambition: To get a good job and make a large sum of money. Damiano Pesce Michael Peters Frank Petrilli Greg Pfeiffer Erich Pfleeger Dean Phillips Gregory Phillips Juanie Phinney John Piatt Todd Pierpoint David Pine Frank Piwowarski Angela Plott Kenneth Plumley Tony Poehler William Poff Seniors 191 Carl Pollack Kenneth Pope Michelle Price Sharon Prudot Robert Purdy Beverly Queen Carl J. Pollack Activities: Math Club 9-12, Cross Country 12, Signet 9-12. Thoughts about High School: Don’t take it too seriously. Ambition: To get into college that will take me and I can af¬ ford and graduate as an Engineer. Kenneth Pope “Ken” Activities: Tennis 9-12, Newspaper Staff 12. Thoughts about High School: High school was nice, but it wasn’t exactly what I expected it would be. I’m glad it’s over. The same thing over and over gets boring. Ambition: My only ambition is to live happily by having all of my creature comforts. Michelle Price “Mickey” Activities: FHA 12, Leo Club 12. Thoughts about High School: It has been fun! But I wouldn’t want to go through it again. Thanks to my friends VD, VB, BM, and CT who made school more interesting. Ambition: To go to college and get a good job then settle down to get married and have about 5 children. Sharon Marie Prudot “Prudot Bo”, “Dot”, “Roo” Activities: Class Rep. 10-12, SGC 9-12, SGC Rep. 10-12, Key Club 12, FBLA 12, Ski Club 10-12, Softball 9-10, Powder Puff Football 12. Thoughts about High School: The memories of ’’82” and the people I’ve grown to know and love will always be remembered as a special part of my life. Ambition: To leave my 15 bedroom house, get in my Porsche, drive to my Yacht, and leave on a cruise with Ronnie just because we were bored!! Robert F. Purdy, Jr. “Bobby” Thoughts about High School: It was fun I am glad it is over with. Ambition: To attend a trade school. Chris Queen Thoughts about High School: G-F has been a pretty fun school to go to for 4 yrs., but I guess I’ll be extremely glad to get out. Ambition: To go to a 4 year college and get a degree in Oceanography. David Quisenberry “Carrot top”, “Dave”, “Preppie” Activities: Indoor Track 9-12, Outdoor Track 9, 11-12, FBLA 10-12, Key Club 11-12, SGC 12. Thoughts about High School: I would not have missed it for the world, the people were great and I love you all. See ya at college. Love DL always!! Ambition: I want to have a successful 4 years at Va. Tech and live a good life with beer and football games on Sunday. David Raffield “Critter”, “Super Grip” Activities: Freshman Football, JV Football 10, Varsity Football 11-12, Outdoor Track 9-12, Indoor Track 10, 12, Teen Counseling 12. Thoughts about High School: I learned more on the football field than in the classroom. CH “Excalibur” " I’ll never work” " Stay to the road and beware of the moon”. Ambition: To be a coach or a drill sergeant; I want to put someone through pain, I went through on the practice field, and teach. Heidi Reiersen “Teddy” Activities: Gymnastics Club (Norway), Country Youth Club (Norway), German Club, Travel Club, Culture Club, and the " Looking Good” Later on a Yazz-Balley Club. Thoughts about High School: I think it’s very confusing and unpractical. Too many people in the corridors. But the courses are just fantastic, all the things you can choose between. Ambition: I want to learn as many languages as my brain can take and work as a guide secretary in a travel agency. Donna Reny “Donna” Activities: Log Association 12, TTT 11-12, Platform Comm. 12. Thoughts about High School: It was great but I’m glad it is over. I’ll miss all of my friends, especially TF, IM, TG. Tenth was the best. Rock -n- Roll forever! Ambition: To move to Georgia, get a good job and fall in love. Get married, have kids; stay slim and not become an old maid. Robert K. Reynolds “Bobby” Activities: JV Baseball 9-10, Varsity Wrestling 9-12, G-F Club 12. Thoughts about High School: It was fun, had a lot of good times. G-F wrestling, keep the tradi¬ tion of winning. Ambition: To go to a Jr. College, study hard, wrestle. Teresa Ann Reynolds “Terri”, “Terrence”, “Territhy” Activities: Signet 9-10, Spanish Club 12, Boulevard Cruisers 10-12, Brown’s Bum 10. Thoughts about High School: Weil, I made it out of here, no thanks to Ms. Brown. Michelle, Laura, Teresa, Shelley and Kriten made school relative¬ ly amusing. Ambition: To keep a job, a car, and have some totally amusing adventures in next few yrs. Beyond that, my ambitions are nonexistent. Diana L. Reza “Buster”, “Na-Na”, “Shpowty” Activities: Chorus 11, Drama 12. Thoughts about High School: Considering I’m the new kid in town, G-F was great!! Thanks to all of my wonderful friends, especially Donna Hobgood. Thanx everyone!!! Ambition: Finishing going to school and live my life to its absolute fullest but never settling down!!! Christopher Queen Michael Queen David Quisenberry David Raffield Heidi Reiersen Donna Reny Daniel Reyes Robert Reynolds Teresa Reynolds Diane Reza 192 Seniors Lori Rhodes Activities: Pep Club 12. Thoughts about High School: It was fun, but I ' m glad it’s over! Good-bye Gar-Field. Ambition: To own a restaurant. Lawrence Richardson “Lawre”, “Luvie” Activities: Tennis 10, HERO Club 10, Basketball 11. Thoughts about High School: High school has been very beneficial because it builds the foun¬ dation for your career and life — but it has finally come to an end! Thank God! Good-bye G-FI Ambition: When I leave high school I plan to join the Air Force for a career. Then after basic training, marry Darlynn F. After marriage have kids (2), then settle down. LYDPRF4EVER Julia Ritz “Julie” Activities: Indianettes 10-12, Teen Counseling 11-12, Who’s Who Among American High School Students 11-12, FBLA 11. Thoughts about High School: Mary, thanks for always being around — Think JMU. Good luck INDIANETTES! Ambition: To go to college. Hugo Rivas “Huey”, “Upa”, “CHUPA” Thoughts about High School: School had its ups and downs. I’m kind of glad it’s over. Maybe someday I ' ll wish I was still here. Ambition: To probably attend college, then find a good steady job with a good income, and then maybe someday I ' ll settle down. Ricki Lamar Roberson “Blockhead” Activities: Varsity Football 11-12, Track 10-11. Thoughts about High School: High school was very rewarding for me in sports as well as learning. I will miss many of my friends, but I will look forward to seeing them again. Ambition: To complete my four years of college, and become a very rich and successful person. Charles Jeffery Robinson “Jeff” Activities: Science Club 10, 12, Chess and Battle Club 10, Key Club 12, Drama Club 12, Who’s Who Among American High School Students 11. Thoughts about High School: I would like to thank all of the super people who made these the best four years of my life. I’ll miss you all. Ambition: A career that will provide a happy, successful and wealthy life among a million beautiful women. If not successful and wealthy, so be it. Paul Robinson Activities: Science Club 11-12, Math Club 9-12, Golf 9, Freshman Football 9, JV Football 10, Varsity Football 11, Key Club 12, Signet 10-12, Basketball 9, National Honor Socie¬ ty. Thoughts about High School: It was all right, but it was hell getting up so early for four years straight. Ambition: To go to college. Mark Robinson Activities: Jr. Variety Show 10-12, Concert Choir 10-12, “Dominantsl” 11-12, Teen Counseling 11, All-County Chorus, Regional Chorus, All-Virginia State Chorus, All- Virginia Honors Chorus. Thoughts about High School: Goodbye to all my friends from my pain¬ ful freshman year, which seemed to drag on forever, to my glorious senior year, that ended way too soon. Ambition: To become an acclaimed musical performer who, by the age of 25, is ex¬ tremely rich and famous ... and rich. Brenda Roberts Activities: DE I 10, DE II 12, PTA 10-12, Platform Committee 10. Thoughts about High School: I ' m glad it’s over. I’ve had a lot of fun but it ' s time for me to fly. Thanks Ed, Stephanie, and everyone else. Ya’II party hardy!!! Ambition: To move in with Mike, drive fast cars, and raise a little hell! But whatever I do I’m gonna do it well and be happy forever!!! Elaine Marie Robinson Activities: Pep Club, VICA. Thoughts about High School: I enjoyed it but if I had to do it again I would not change anything about it. When I leave I’ll miss it all. Ambition: I hope to complete some of my studies and after I come out of the army to become full time hairdresser. Franklin Rhoades Lori Rhodes David Richards Lawrence Richardson Suzan Richardson Julia Ritz Hugo Rivas Ricki Roberson Brenda Roberts Cordelia Robinette Elaine Robinson Jeff Robinson Mark Robinson Paul Robinson Ramona Robinson Steven Robinson Seniors 193 Yvonne Rojas Robert Rolin Apryl Rollins Ernesto Romero David Rossomandc Laura Rotblut Thomas Rotelli Cindy Rothermel Wendi Rumph Patrick Runge Pamela Ruoff Anthony Russo Kimberly Ruszczyk Jeanette Ruths James Rychel Matthew Ryerse Pamela Ruoff “Pam”, “Panella”, “Squeak” Activities: Freshman Basketball 9, Varsity Tennis 10-11, Powder Puff Football 12. Thoughts about High School: I made a lot of friends and had some great times! I’ll miss it!! Ambition: Stay out of trouble and be the best in whatever I do! Patrick D. Runge Activities: Lettermen’s Club 11, Varsity Football 11, French Club 10-12. Thoughts about High School: I enjoyed going to G-F and I will miss all my friends. The class of " 82” is number one. Ambition: To go to college, become a well-known architect and become rich, so I can live wealthy for the rest of my life. Wendi Rumph “Chic” Activities: Debate Club 9, Varsity Choir 9, Concert Choir 10-12, Dominants 12, Regional Choir 11, State Honors Choir. Thoughts about High School: My years at G-F were filled with many special friends and a lot of memories. You will always be with me. Ambition: To continue in my musical endeavors and someday have my name in lights. But most of all, to be with the guy I love. Laura Sue Rotblut Activities: French Club 78-82, SGC 78-81, Ecology Club 78-80, Fled Cross Youth Group 78-79, Drama Club 80. Thoughts about High School: High school was a lot of fun. I especially liked the abundance of courses and extracurricular activities. This is why I like high school. Ambition: To become a special ed teacher for the emotionally disturbed. Yvonne Rojas “Cookie”, “Y-vonnie”, “Vonnie” Activities: SGC 9, FBLA 12, Pep Club 9. Thoughts about High School: High school is a once in a lifetime learning experience and I’ll always treasure every minute. Special thanks to Mr. Ryres and Mrs. Bittner. Ambition: To be successful in a medical career, travel, enjoy life’s natural beauties, and to make the life of those I meet a little more special. Kim Ruszczyk “Duck” Activities: G-F Majorettes 80-81. Thoughts about High School: I ' m glad I’m getting out. I don’t ever want to see the inside of G-F again. Ambition: Go to college and work and marry Pat Gulli. Jeanette Ruths “Smily” Activities: DECA 79-82, FHA 80-81. Thoughts about High School: High school has been a confinement on my life. Though I’ll miss my friends, I’m glad to be leaving. Ambition: I would like to become a hotel manager. I also want to make a lot of money and become rich; live my life to the fullest. James L. Rychel “Jim”, “Vicious Polack” Activities: Freshman Football 9, JV Football 10, Var¬ sity Football 11, Jr. ROTC 11, All Activities Took Place at Westport High School and Butter High School. Thoughts about High School: It was a very happy time of my life and it will help me in my future plans. I learned a lot from it, and wish I could do it again. (Not really) Just Kidding! Ambi¬ tion: To become the best damn Marine anywhere around. And also to win friends and influence people and marry a beautiful woman. Matthew Ryerse “Matt”, “Thew” Activities: Chess and Battle Club 9-12, Wrestling 9-12, SGC 12, Signet 9-12. Thoughts about High School: Couldn’t be possible without the music of Geddy, Alex and Neil. Ambition: To go to college and bec ome a pilot. 194 Seniors Tom Saffer “Big Tom” Thoughts about High School: They said it wouldn ' t be fun, but I had a great time. Even though I had a fun time, I’m glad it’s over. Ambition: College to study land¬ scaping and business management. Hopefully I’ll own my own business and become a wealthy Executive. Robert Nicholas Sapp “Nickii” Thoughts about High School: I think high school is a good way to get to know people. I myself kind of enjoy school because it’s a place to go and find out where all the parties are and where you can find adventure. Ambition: I myself would hope that I could become a poet, I have found that over the years here at G-F, people have really enjoyed what I have written and inspired those who didn’t. Mari-Rose Sarsfield Activities: Gymnastics and Bus Tunnel Activities. Thoughts about High School: My thoughts about high school are I’m glad I don ' t have to think about it anymore. Am¬ bition: Is for life Is to live it, love it, and laugh at it... Teri Schaeffer “T” Activities: Treble Choir 9-10, Concert Choir 11-12, Drama Club 12, Track Manager 10. Thoughts about High School: I had lots of fun in all my classes especially music and I shall miss all my friends whom I leave behind but life goes on. Ambition: To live in Calif, and become one of the first if not the first singing veterinarians. Carl W. Schultz “The Big C” Activities: Jr. Variety Show 80-81, Drama Club 81-82, Dominants 81-82. Thoughts about High School: Well, it was a cosmic experience! I had lotza fun and a few bad days! I’ll miss “Uncle Chuckie " and “tudgy” and the " X” Ambition: Well I’ll probably still be charming like I am now ... but I’ll be in charge of the crew of Schultz Racing Ent. Michael K. Scott “Mike” Activities: Freshman Football. Thoughts about High School: It’s a nice place to goof off in but I wouldn’t want to learn anything here — S.L.M.F. Ambition: I just want a million dollars, a keg of beer and the fastest car in northern Va. Good joke isn ' t it? Marie Michelle Scott “Mary Ellen”, “Grace”, “Mich” Activities: Volleyball 9-10 (MAHS), Varsi¬ ty Track 10 (MAHS), Art Workshop 11, Art Team 10-12, Key Club 12, MWFC 12. Thoughts about High School: 4 years of my life having too many memories to ever forget. Thanks for everything Debbie! C.S. remembers always: I Love You! Ambition: To get a boyfriend! Ha Ha right Deb? To succeed in my career by helping people face their pain so they can be happy. Elizabeth Ann Scotti “Ann”, “Annie” Activities: Football Manager 9, Wrestling Manager, Honor Society Treasurer, Cheerleader 11, FBLA 12. Thoughts about High School: 4 school years full of laughter and sometimes tears, it ' s been fun, lots of friends but I’ll be glad when this year ends. Ambition: To be successful in whatever career I choose, and have fun doing it. Thomas Saffer Tina Samuel Robert Sapp Mari Sarsfield Kimberly Sawyer Teri Schaeffer Kathryn Schmecht Stephen Schrecongost Stephanie Schubring Carl Schultz Steven Schwab Penny Scites Michael Scott Michelle Scott Elizabeth Scotti Leslie Scroggins Seniors 195 Cynthia Sears Peggy Secrist Laurie Selgelid Kelley Sewell Kenton Shafer Sonya Shaffer Ravi Shamaiengei Christine Shank Mark Sharp Mark Sharron Christine Shartzer Elizabeth Shaw Gregory Shepherd Pansy Shifflett Garth Shrader Fred Siegel Cynthia Sears “Cyndy” Thoughts about High School: It was an experience never to be forgot¬ ten. Ambition: I would like to have a profession that would make me financially independent for the rest of my life. Thanks Mom for all the love and understanding. Peggy Secrist “Peg”, “Deb” Activities: Varsity Soccer 9-12, Marching Band 9-12, Band 9-11, Signet 9-12, Banana Club 10, National Honor Society 11-12, Key Club 11-12, Math Club 11-12, Science Club 11-12, Culture Club 12, Powder Puff Football 12. Thoughts about High School: What a way to go ... Thanks Deb and Mist for making the good times better and the bad times not quite so terrible. Ambition: To graduate from the Naval Academy and live a life full of suc¬ cess, happiness, and satisfaction. Laurie Selgelid “Jello” Activities: Drama Club 9, Bowling Team 9, Horseback Riding Club 9, French Club 11, Jr. Civitans 12. Thoughts about High School: I enjoyed meeting all the in¬ teresting people and friends and I’ll miss them a lot. A special thanks to K.J. who is the greatest friend ever. Ambition: To go to college and do better than I did in High School; to become a successful Physical Therapist and get married to a doctor. Kelley Sewell “Sewell Butt”, “Yama”, “Kel” Activities: Gymnastics 9-12, FBLA 10-12, Girls Varsity 11, RIPP’S 12. Thoughts about High School: The friends I made and the wild times we had — that’s what I’ll always remember. And T.K. and “Tiger Torrice” made it all special. Ambi¬ tion: Go to college, have a successful career then find Mr. Right and live happily ever after! Sonya Shaffer Activities: Pep Club 10, FBLA 12, Key Club 12, Culture Club 12, SGC 12, Drama Club 12. Thoughts about High School: Make the most of it. Thanks to a few special friends — I made it!! Many happy memories will always be with me. I’ll miss it... Ambition: To go to col¬ lege, study psychology, get my black Trans-Am, and be a happy and successful person. Christine T. Shank “Chris”, “Christy” Activities: FHA 11 (Vice-President). Ambition: I would like to go to college and become a Pharmacist. Christine Shartzer “Chris” Activities: DECA 11-12; Jr. Civitans 12. Thoughts about High School: It would be alright if you don’t have to attend. Leave it to the more ambitious people. Ambition: 1st, to finish school. 2nd, get out on my own and party. Liz Shaw “Southern Comforter” Activities: Jr. Civitans 10, 12; Beta Club 9-10, Yearbook Staff 9-10, French Club 9-10, Ski Club 11-12, Travel Club 12. Thoughts about High School: These last two years have been great. Without Susan and Kas, I probably would have gone bonkers, you guys are really special. Ambition: To be a finalist in the Ms. Fat America contest and have a tattoo. 196 Seniors Barbara Sigler Libby Simmons John Simon Christi Simpson Donald Simpson Robert Simpson Navnit Singh Rebecca Singletary Gregory Sizemore Vicki Sketo Barbara Sigler “Bobbi” Thoughts about High School: It was fun while it lasted, but it will be great to get out!! Ambition: To marry Tom and have tons of kids and own a Corvette. Libby Simmons “Munchkin” Activities: HERO Club 11. Thoughts about High School: School was a busy time. It has made me realize, that I can do anything. Thanks to all my friends at G-F. Ambition: To make my dreams come true. John Simon Activities: Science Fair (3rd Place G-F, 1st Place County) 79, Collage 81-82, Art Workshop at Radford U. 80, Art Workshop at James Madison U. 81. Thoughts about High School: I’ll try to look at Graduation not as the end of school, but as a beginning of life. It’s an unforgettable experience. Ambition: To go to the Philadelphia Institute of Art, and to be a com¬ mercial illustrator. Christi-Lynn Simpson “Herman”, “Dr. C” Activities: JV Basketball 9, Cross Country 11, Varsi¬ ty Basketball 10-12 (Co-Captain), Varsity Softball 9-12, Sophomore Beauty Contest 9-11, Var¬ sity Club 12, FHA 12, SGC Rep. 12, Powder Puff Football 12, Who’s Who, Girls’ State. Thoughts about High School: Thanks to administrators, coaches, and close friends. G-F has been great! Goofy You! Thanks! A.T.S.! You’re Special R.V.! I LUV YOU!! Ambition: To graduate from college and just live a happy, successful life! To be just like my mom! Robert Simpson “Spudz Boy” Thoughts about High School: There are beautiful people everywhere, the way they show they care, makes me want to say, it ' s a beautiful world. For you — not me. A.Y.M. Ambition: To have my own business. Furthermore, to live long and prosper. It Is also my ambition to get Bigg Russ elected. Rebecca Singletary “Bacci”, “Motor Mouth” Activities: German Club 9-10, Drama Club 10- 11. Thoughts about High School: I think school was great. I met many nice kids and teachers that I will miss. Mostly Debbie Cheek, my best friend! Ambition: To get a good career in the Air Force and to raise a good, healthy family one of these days. Carla Skinner “Soap” Thoughts about High School: Thanks to Suzan, “Suwannia”, Bridjet " Peanut” and Jean " Dimples”, it ' s been the best four years ever. Ambition: To marry Chris and to someday own my own business. Diane Smith “Smitty” Activities: Orchestra 9-12, National Honor Society 11-12, Teen Counsel¬ ing 11-12, Spanish Club 12. Thoughts about High School: The memories of the past four years will be with me always. Thanks to all of my friends, especially Charlene and Christine. It’s been great! Ambition: To earn a college degree, have a career that I enjoy, and be happy. Carla Skinner Denise Slocumb Mark Sluss Barbara Smith Diane Smith Donna Smith Seniors 197 George Smith James Smith Jonathan Smith Lori Smith Lynn Smith Steve Smith George Michael Smith “Mike,” “Smitty,” “8ball,” “Speedy,” “LHR,” Activities: Wrestling 11. Thoughts about High School: It is O.K. Ambition: After graduation, party ' till I pass out. Jonathan Michael Smith “Jon,” Activities: Cross-Country 9-12; Outdoor Track 11-12; Indoor Track 11-12; Key Club 12; Class Representative 12. Thoughts about High School: It was very enjoyable, I learned a lot but I’d rather not do it again. Thanks to all my friends, especially Vicki. (Bye Bye)! Ambition: Go to col¬ lege and become a medical doctor. Get my commission in the U.S. Army while in college. Lori Smith “Beaner,” Thoughts about High School: It’s been fun but I’m glad to be leaving and going on to better things. Ambition: I want to go to college for a couple years and then be able to drive my own rig (Kenworth) and then get mar¬ ried someday. Lynn Smith “Lynnie,” Activities: Flag Corps 11)12; FBLA 10-12; Teen Counseling 12. Thoughts about High School: It was great while it lasted, but it is time to move on to other things. Ambition: To get my job as a travel agent or flight attendant and then settle down with the one I love. Stephen Smith “Steve,” Activities: Concert Band 9; Math Club 11-12; Science Club 11-12; Varsity Track 9-12; Indoor Track 9-11; Boys’ Varsity Club 12; SGC Representative 12; Key Club 12; Homecoming King Finalist 12. Thoughts about High School: Stay yourself, keep clean, you’ll make it. If you don’t (A.M.F.). Thanks to a very special girl who I’ll never G.U.O. Football players stay intense (G.F.I.). Ambition: To go to V.A. Tech and further my education then get the best job available and marry that right girl “she knows who she is.” (K.L.D.) Troy Smith Activities: Football 9-10; J.V. Baseball 10; SGC Representative 9-10; Sophomore Beauty Pageant Escort 10. Thoughts about High School: It was fun while it lasted. 9th and 10th grades were the best, but I’m glad it’s over. To Vince, Deb, and many others, I owe you a lot! Ambition: To finish high school, go to col¬ lege, if college doesn’t work out, you’ll find me at the beach! Bernhardt Anthony Spivey “Big Bad Ben,” “Bass Guitar,” “Ben” Activities: Marching Band (3 yrs.); Wrestling (1 yr.). Thoughs about High School: My thoughts about High School are not in many words because it has been tough, but on the other hand it has been really fun this year. Ambition: My ambition is to go into the service for which I want to go into the field of Meteorology (Study of the atmosphere and weather). William T. Sprague “Billy,” “Bill,” “Smiley” Activities: Concert Band 9-12: Video Tech 9; Track 9; FBLA 12; Chess and Battle 12. Thoughts about High School: Very Interesting! I loved meeting all of my friends. Special thanks to S.G., E.M., and especially C.P., without her my senior year would’ve been a bore. Ambition: Go to college, become a swim coach, and eventually coach the United States swim team. Elizabeth Sprinkle “Liz,” “Lizzy,” Activities VICA 10-12. Thoughts about High School: I’m sure glad I’m getting out. Thanks Wendy for all the good times, and thank you Jimmy for being there, I love you! Ambition: To pursue a career as a cosmetologist and marry Jimmy, also to have a nice family. Donna Stahl “Snoopy,” “Stanky-Ranky,” “Passionate Pooch.” Activities: FBLA 10; Drama 12. Thoughts about High School: It was great while it lasted. Thanx to my friends; PIGGY, BUCKWHEAT, GOPH, who I’ll love forever! I’ll cherish the wild and crazy times always!! Ambition: To become a great success in the outside world. And to someday live and love and be happy with DAVID the rest of my life! Janelle Stalcup “Bobbie” Thoughts about High School: Different. Ambition: To become a stewardess, and “fly the friendly skies.” Tamera Smith Troy Smith Troy Smith Jeffrey Speaks Bernhardt Spivey William Sprague Elizabeth Sprinkle Donna Stahl Janelle Stalcup Michele Stanbridge 198 Seniors Cynthia Steinmetz “Cindy” Activities: JV Cheerleading 10, Key Club 11-12, Sophomore Beauty Pageant 10. Thoughts about High School: It’s been a long four years. It was fun, but I’m glad it’s over. T.G. made it all worthwhile. Ambition: Go to college and decide from there, and be successful in whatever I choose. Debra Stermer “Deb”, “Debbie”, “Eppi”, “Baby Gee”, “Grinch” Activities: FBLA 10-12, Ski Club 12, SGC 10-12. Thoughts about High School: I’ll never forget the great memories of Debbie Hill. She was the one who helped make my life special! THANKS SHARON PRUDOT, Stacey, Juanie, Jill, and Brenda. Ambition: To find that someone special, and live happily ever after. Julie Stirling “Julie”, “Jewel”, “Tracy” Activities: Drama Club 9, Pep Club 10, Teen Counseling 11, Indianettes 11-12, Lettered, National Honor Society 11-12, Dominants 12, Who’s Who Among American High School Students 11-12. Thoughts about High School: A great friend (Christa), good teachers (especially the Social Studies teachers), and fun songs made it a wonderful time. Ambition: To go to BYU, marry a wonderful guy, have lots of cute kids, and live happily ever after. Robin Stootman Thoughts about High School: During high school I learned a lot and I met a lot of friends, but I’m ready to get out. Ambition: I think I’d make it in an art school or secretary school. If I can, I’m going to be both an artist and a secretary. Mike Storey Activities: Baseball 9, Basketball 9. Thoughts about High School: My thoughts about high school are simple. If you need it, use it the most you can. If you don’t, just get passing grades and get out. Ambition: My ambition is to be a mechanic and eventually drag race professionally. But un¬ til then I will keep working odd jobs. Dolly Strahl “Baja”, “Worm” Activities: Junior Class Representative, Senior Class Representative, Culture Club 11-12, Key Club 12. Thoughts about High School: I enjoyed it very much. Especially painting the Junior Class walls. I just wish everyone could have as much fun as I did. Ambition: To be an in¬ terior designer or to be a computer technician. Linda Strickland “Linda” Thoughts about High School: It was alright but I am glad to be getting out and moving on to better things. Ambition: To get married after I make some money. And go to a little school or training. Chris Strychowski “Beaufont”, “Poo” Activities: JV Basketball 10, Girls’ Varsity Club 10-12, Varsity Softball 10-12, Powder Puff Football 12. Thoughts about High School: The friends that I met in school were the best. They made the years go by a lot faster. Ambition: To get a good job and make a lot of money. After that I want to get married to a nice looking doctor. James Sullivan Thoughts about High School: I met a lot of nice people and coul d not have made it without my friends A-Z especially B.T. and G.S. Ambi¬ tion: To get an outdoor job and make good money then marry Betty Tiller and never lose my friends. Jeff Sykes “Jeff” Activities: Soccer 10-12. Thoughts about High School: Well I guess it was good for me but I’ll never come back. Ambition: To go to col¬ lege and then get a job. Patrick Steenhoek Cynthia Steinmetz Debra Stermer Julie Stirling Robin Stootman Michael Storey Dolly Strahl Linda Strickland Christine Strychowski James Sullivan Shannon Sullivan Todd Swails Wesley Swogger Patricia Swoope Jeffrey Sykes Mark Szklennik Seniors 199 Angela Talbot Tammy Tassitino James Taylor Donna Teel Irene Thomaidis Teresa Thomaidis James Thomas Sheree Thomas Stephanie Thomas Wayne Thomas Anthony Thompson Charita Thompson Christina Thompson Claude Thompson During Thompson Kenny Thompson Tammy Tassitino “Tam”, “Tass” Thoughts about High School: School was alright thanks to my friends but I’m glad the Hassles are over! Ambition: Go to business school and become a secretary. Donna Lisa Teel Activities: COE 12, FBLA 12. Thoughts about High School: My thoughts about high school are they have nice teachers, great principals and G-F is a nice school to go to as a stu¬ dent. Ambition: To work as a secretary for the government or go to a business school for business management. Irene Thomaidis “Ree”, “Rene”, “Thi” Activities: FBLA 10, Jr. Civitan 11-12, Key Club 11-12, Teen Counseling 11, Smoke Signals 11-12, Collage 11. Thoughts about High School: My last year was a blast thanks to DMSP and the rest of the security force. Summer of ’82 WILL be a killer!!! Ambition: To study either Advertising or Marketing at a 4 yr. college and learn to NEVER take anything Seriously, and stay young forever. Teresa Thomaidis “Tat”, “Bd”, “T” Activities: Volleyball 9-12, Thoughts about High School: I’m GLAD it’s over!!! It was a trip!! Ambition: Go to college, graduate and GO FOR ITU James Darell Thomas Activities: Football 9, 11, Basketball 9. Thoughts about High School: Met a lot of people, had some fun, but don’t think that I’ll do it again. Ambition: To get an ROTC scholar¬ ship, go in the military for 4 years and get a master’s degree in Communication. See you on tv. Sheree L. Thomas “Rainbow”, “Puff” Activities: Choir 9-12, Pep Club 9-11. Thoughts about High School: It was fun, but I’m glad it will soon be over. Ambition: To be successful in my career and marry the guy I love and give him a son or instead of a child raise puppies. Stephanie Thomas “Steph”, “Bargoney”, “Sister-1” Activities: SGC Class Rep. 10-12, DE 12, In- dianettes 11-12. Thoughts about High School: I couldn ' t have gone thru it without my friends, In’et- tes and Lisa. Ambition: To have a career, husband, children, and to be filthy rich. Anthony Thompson “Rice Patty”, “Jajo” Thoughts about High School: High school was pretty good. I had some of my best times in G-F. Ambition: To marry Karen and get the hell out of here!! 200 Seniors ■■I Rhonda Thompson Activities: Indianettes 11-12. Thoughts about High School: There are many good memories that will always stay with me. Now that it’s coming to an end. I’ll really hate to leave. Injunettes were Greatl Ambition: To become rich and famous and live happily ever after! Eric Thoreson Activities: Football 9-10, Wrestling 9-12, German Club 11. Thoughts about High School: Well what can I say, Life’s a bummer. Ambition: To be successful in life and to do everything there is to do in this world. Michelle Thorlton “Froggie”, “Mitch” Activities: Cheerleading 9-11, SGC 9-11, Sophomore Beau¬ ty Pageant 10-11, Choir 9-10, Girls’ State Concert Choir 11, Jr. Miss 12, Indianettes 12, Sec-Treas. 12, Drama Club 12, Key Club 12, Teen Counseling 12, Powder Puff Football. Thoughts about High School: Love, tears, laughter, fears. Without those people who really cared, I wouldn’t have made it. I still believe that Tom Murphy isn’t a virgin! Ambition: To go on to college, become a psychologist and find that special person to make my life complete! Kassie Thorne “Happy” Activities: French Club 9, SGC 9-12, Math Club 9, JV Cheerleading 10, Class Rep. 10-12, Homecoming Princess 10-11, Soph. Beauty Pageant 10-11, FBLA 10, Varsity Cheerleading, Teen Counseling 11-12, Ski Club 9-12, Jr. Civitan 12, Travel Club 12, National Honor Society 11-12, Jr. Miss 12. Thoughts about High School: I was happy, Thanks Susan and Liz, you gals really made it great, LVA! Ambition: To be happy the rest of my life — TMWAS Mary Toma “Mer” Activities: Indianettes 11-12, Teen Counseling 12, Who’s Who 11. Thoughts about High School: It was great and I hate to see it end, but I hope the friendships I’ve made will never end. Ambition: To go to college and from there, pursue a successful career in whatever I choose. Sheila G. Torrance Thoughts about High School: It has been 4 years that I’ll never forget Thanks to everyone who made it possible, especially the gang and Denise. Ambition: To live a happy and suc¬ cessful life in whatever I do. Theresa M. Trelinskie “Terri” Activities: Treble Choir 9, Basketball 9, Track 9, Concert Choir IQ- 12, Dominants 10-12, Junior Variety Show 11-12. Thoughts about High School: G-F has left me memories of friends and very special people, Bill B., Mrs. B., Master G, and all ’’Dominants.” I love you and Thanksl Ambition: Go to college, major in music, find my prince charming, and be a star! Watch out world here I come! Marshall Trotter “ 14” Activities: Football, Basketball. Thoughts about High School: I’ll miss all the good times and the young ladies of G-F. Ambition: I want to own a business and have two Cor¬ vettes 1952 and 53! Benjamin Todd Truitt “Todd” Activities: JV Football 10, Concert Band 10-11, FHA Club 12, HERO Club 12. Thoughts about High School: It was a place to hide, didn’t worry about the world, just hung in for the ride. Now it’s me and the world one and one, I ain’t gonna stop until I’m on top. Ambition: My ambition is to go to Hollywood and become rich and famous, either that or go into the Navy. If I go to Hollywood, the Transfusion Band can come too. Jeri Tucker Activities: DECA 12. Thoughts about High School: It was a long four years but an ex¬ perience I’ll never forget. Take care MS and Ms. H. Monica Thompson Rhonda Thompson Eric Thoreson Michelle Thorlton Kassie Thorne Robyn Thornton Mary Toms Sheila Torrance Andres Torres Therri Trelinskie Anthony Troiano Marshall Trotter Benjamin Truitt Douglas Tuck Edward Tucker Jeri Tucker Seniors 201 Steven Turner Carlos Valdez Danny Vallejo Shelly Vanalstyne William Vanover Brentley Vause Steve Turner “Bruiser” Activities: DE I 10. Thoughts about High School: School is like climbing a mountain, long, hard, a lot of sweat, and pressure. Oh what a relief it will be to finish school. Ambition: To become a long haul truck driver, to make plenty of money, to meet some nice woman, and of course to be happy and secure. Dan Vallejo Thoughts about High School: I believe that high school is definitely an experience. However, if I had my choice, I’d take the test and get out. I think that I’m wasting my time. Ambi¬ tion: I would like to be either a lawyer or a band member. Quite a contrast huh? Oh well, I can’t help it. I have many interests. I think I will probably be in a band. Shelly Van Alstyne “Munchkin” Activities: Gymnastics 9-10, Concert Choir 10-11, German Club — President 10, German Club 10-12, “Dominants " 11, Junior Variety Show 11, National Honor Society 11-12, Culture Club 12. Thoughts about High School: High School had a lot of ups and downs. For me it was a time of changes. Thanks Lala for being there. Ambition: Just to find something I enjoy, do it well, and be happy. (And to reach 5 ' 4 " ) Carla Vernarelli “Carlie” Activities: Signet 9-12, SGC 9, 12, FBLA 11-12, Key Club 12, NHS 11-12 (12 — Secretary) Math Club 12. Thoughts about High School: It’s the perfect thing to fill those 4 in-between years. I’ve learned a lot. I feel prepared to face the world beyond High School. Ambition: To be 1 in the career I decide to pursue (probably accounting) and spend all my life doing what I can do to help people. Mary Vezina “CC” Activities: FBLA 12, SGC 12. Thoughts about High School: It’s been a good learning experience, in some ways it can really prepare you for life. Ambition: I want to become a C.P.A., and eventually have my own accounting firm. Bonnie Via “Boo”, “Munchkin” Activities: Varsity Chorus 9, Color Guard 10-11, Varsity — Tre¬ ble Choir 10-11. Thoughts about High school: It was really fun! I met a lot of really nice people, and found some really good friends. I’ll miss it. Ambition: I want to go on to college and become a secretary, and later get married and have a family. Robert Volpe “Bob”, “Chinaglia” Activities: Soccer 12. Thoughts about High School: High School is a place where you are equipped for the world when you graduate. Ambition: I hope to be on the 1984 Winter Olympic Hockey Team and win the Gold from the Russians, again! Paul Wade “Lorry” Thoughts about High School: I think high school is a place where you have to go just to get through a part of life, but if I really had to would I do it again? Ambition: To go on to college and study printing, and after college I want to open my own print shop in Hawaii. Kathy Waldman Activities: FHA 11, Drama 12. Thoughts about High School: I can’t say I’m not happy to graduate, but I’ve had fun and made a lot of friends. I’ll never forget G-F. Ambition: Study forestry, get a Ph.D and work for the forest service. Carla Vernarelli Mary Vezina Bonnie Via Anna Vinchiarello Robert Volpe Paul Wade Daniel Waggoner Charles Wagner Katherine Waldman Kevin Walker 202 Seniors Vince O ' Brien Walker “Re Run " , “Sanford " , “Butterball " , “Pillsbury”, “Fame”, “ALKIE” Ac¬ tivities: Freshman Class Vice Pres., Sophomore Class Pres., SGC Vice Pres. 11, 12, Teen Coun¬ cil 12, Fash Mer. Model 9-10, Indoor Track 10, Key Club 12, Senior Banquet Comm. 12, Homecoming Comm. 9, Co-Chairperson Senate Youth Nominee 12. Thoughts about High School: I really had a great time, full of fun, lots of memories and most of all my close friends. Thanks a lot Tina and Jim, Kevin Linda, Troy, Denise, Billy, " Kab”, Mark, Lori. YAH!!! Ambition: Go to college, study political science. Face the real world and enjoy life with Down to earth good people! Be all that I can be! “Best " Watch out Republicans! Mark Waller Activities: First Year Attended. Thoughts about High School: From the time I’ve been here it’s been a great year (so far). Ambition: To be successful in business, after I graduate from The Citadel, in Charleston SC and marry a rich Southern girl. Leroy S. Walton “Chopper” Activities: Marching Band 9-11, Math Club 11-12, Culture Club 12, Who’s Who in American High School Students 11-12. Thoughts about High School: High school has been an experience I will never forget. It was a learning time yet a fun time to meet many different people. A.M.F. Ambition: To attend college and become an engineer and be very suc¬ cessful. Also get married to the right girl and spend the rest of my life with her. Roy Walton “Ro”, “Wop”, “Slick” Activities: SGC 12, Key Club 12. Thoughts about High School: It was alright and I hope that my future years will be as good as Gar-Field was and I hope I meet as many people and make as many friends. Ambition: To graduate from high school and pursue a happy life and be very rich. Susan Katherine Walvius “Watson”, “Big Bird”, “Fulgy”, “Sassusan”, “Poor Attitude”, “Demolition Driver” Activities: Girls’ Varsity Basketball 9-12, Girls Varsity Club, Senior Class Representative, SGC Representative, Ski Club 11-12, Girls’ State (alt.) Travel Club 12, United Prep Army (Joint Chief of Staff). Thoughts about High School: I had a great time. Thanx to all my close friends, couldn’t have done it without you. Special thanx to Kassie and Liz. LOVE YOU ALL!! Ambition: To move to Fantasy Island, be a doctor and marry Tattoo. To divorce Tattoo after one year and marry K.K. and live happily ever after. Michelle Ward “Goober” Activities: Pep Club 1979, Video Tech 1978, Track (Girls) 1980. Thoughts about High School: School was alright when I decided I could fit it into my schedule. I thought it would last forever, but I’ll miss it. Ambition: I hope to become the best secretary ever. Now I ' m ready to help the “Y” write his best seller. Richard Wardman Activities: Basketball 10. Thoughts about High School: It was great but four years is long enough. Ambition: To make it through college and get a decent job. Derrick Washington “Tug” Activities: JV Basketball 9, Varsity 10-12, G-F Club, FHA Club. Thoughts about High School: I’d never do it again. Ambition: Hopefully go to college and play B-ball. Frank Washington “Sporty Shorty” Activities: FBLA 11-12, SGC 11-12, Key Club 12. Thoughts about High School: The Gar-Field guidance counselors don’t do a very good job at giving ad¬ vice to students about what courses they should take to enter college and continue in their desired fields. Ambition: I would like to go to college and continue my studies in Data Processing. Valerie Denise Washington Activities: Volleyball 10, HERO Club 12. Thoughts about High School: It was an experience like no other. I’m glad to get to bigger and better things. It’s been fun Pam Harris. Ambition: To become a very high paid secretary or model. I also hope to marry the one " I love” Tony Vantree. Mark Watring Activities: Jr. Civitans 12. Thoughts about High School: These past years have seemed to fly by so fast and here it is already my senior year. I thought it was fun and I had a good time. Ambition: I will probably end up being a pilot for some airlines, but I’m not sure when I am going to start training for it. David T. Watson Thoughts about High School: I had some good times but 12 years was enough for me, but I know I will miss it later. Ambition: Go to a Vocational and Tech. School for carpen¬ try and get married in a couple of years. Phillip Walker Vince Walker Mark Waller Leroy Walton Roy Walton Susan Walvius Diana Ward Michele Ward Richard Wardman Derrik Washington Frank Washington Valerie Washington Thomas Waters Wanda Watkins Mark Watring David Watson Seniors 203 Denise Watson Donna Webb Sherri Weedon Allison Wei ser David Weissman Brian West James West John Wheaton Teresa Wheelehan Terri Whitaker Austin White Jerry White Karla Wiggins Melissa Wiles Terry Wiley Monnie Wilkie Denise Watson Activities: FHA 12. Thoughts about High School: It was a fun few years, but I’m glad it’s over! Thanks to Jeanette and Helen for making it worthwhile. Good luck to Sharon. Ambition: To get a good job and eventually get married and have a couple of kids, and get a Ferrari! , Sherri Weedon “Wee Wee”, “Weed” Activities: Varsity Basketball 9-11, Varsity Volleyball 9- 12, Varsity Club 10-12. Thoughts about High School: I learned a lot about responsibility, self- respect, and partying. I owe this to my coaches and my friends and I will miss them very much. Ambition: My ambition is to get into the summer program in New York and to be a mounted park ranger. Allison Weiser Activities: FBLA 10-11, JV Cheerleader 11, Senior Class Representative 12, Travel Club, Teen Counselor. Thoughts about High School: I hope more people notice the advantages toward high school. I wouldn’t have made it as easily if it wasn’t for David and my big sister. Ambition: Maybe I’ll go into the Medical field or maybe into Marine Biology, but I definitely want a beach house in Florida with David! Brian West Activities: Football 9-12, Wrestling 9-12. Thoughts about High School: It has been an experience. I couldn’t have made it without all the good friends and good times. Ambition: To stay single, go to college, play football, and have fun. Jimmy West Thoughts about High School: It was hard work but Liz and I finally made it together. I’ve had a lot of good friends in High School, will miss it! Ambition: To graduate from High School, get a good job, and get married to Liz. John Wheaton, Jr. Thoughts about High School: I am going to miss it very much when I leave and go out on my own. I will miss seeing all of my friends. Good-bye class of “82.” We are the best. Teresa Wheelehan “Trish” Activities: Distributive Education 10, Dominants 11, Licensed Practical Nursing 12. Thoughts about High School: Very enjoyable socially, extremely crowded, not enough discipline, would like to see more in-school activities such as movies, programs by students, assemblies, etc_Ambition: To graduate from high school and a school of Practical nursing and major in pediatrics and obstetrics. Terri Whitaker “T-Brid” “Winnie” Activities: Pep Club 9. Thoughts about High School: It was great experience but I’m glad to be getting out. My friends and Mark made it special. Ambition: To go to college, become a nurse. To marry Mark and make him very happy. Jerry White Thoughts about High School: I have enjoyed going to G-F thanks CC, KD, LC, LH, JS, BB, MW, and WJ. Seniors enjoy it while you can. Ambition: To go into the computer field, make a pile of money, find the girl of my dreams and get married. Melissa Wiles “Lissa”, “Willis” Activities: Indianettes 10-12, Treas. 12, SGC 11-12, Class Representative 11-12, RIPP’s 12. Thoughts about High School: I’ve had some great times and there are so many great memories. I’m going to miss all the RIPP’s, especially L.F. I love you all. Monnie Wilkie Activities: Varsity Choir 9-12, Drama Club 12. Thoughts about High School: The years were great and my teachers were all a part of It. I would do it all over again. Ambition: To go to college and get a higher education and hope to be wealthy. 204 Seniors David Wilkins “Wilk” Activities: Freshman Football 9, JV Football 10, Varsity Baseball 11-12. Thoughts about High School: I had a great time and I hate to see all the great times go. My friends made school great. Ambition: To become successful in life in whatever I do and meet up with a great girl and settle down. Marie Williams “Ree”, “Rokea”, “Marika” Activities: Softball 78-79, FHA 79-80, Pep Club SI- 82. Thoughts about High School: I think high school can be very interesting and influential on a person. It makes a student feel he is getting somewhere or has accomplished something by just being there. Ambition: After finishing school I would like to go to college and major in fashion design, accounting or business administration along with computer programming. I then would like to put all of my knowledge to something useful and meaningful. Suzanne T. Williams “Suz”, “Zany” Activities: French Club 9-12, Varsity Band 9, Girls Track 9, Drama Club 9, Concert Band 10-11, Symphonic Band 12, Indianettes 11-12, National Honor Society 11-12. Thoughts about High School: High School is like a roller coaster, full of ups and downs, and only when it’s over, you’ll realize what fun you had. I’ll miss everybody. Ambition: To attend William and Mary College, eventually become an M.D. and marry after I reach my goals, (preferably to someone rich) Leigh Anne Wilson “Mouse”, “The Defender” Activities: National Honor Society 11-12, French Club 9-10, Literary Club 11, Mu Alpha Theta 11-12. Thoughts about High School: As Ms. Fowler would say, “You’ve gotta eat a lot of cheese to get to the topi” Thanx Staples, Nella-Bear, JR Fish and Elmer. Ambition: To never be average, someday be perfect to impress my dad and always Be independent, self-supporting and rich. Clyde Michael Wiltshire “Clyde”, “Coppertone” Thoughts about High School: I couldn ' t have made it without my Coppertone in the summer time. Ambition: My ambition in life is to become a star in a Coppertone commercial. Rebecca Wingo “Becky” Thoughts about High School: I wish I could start all over again, it’s gone by too fast. My friends made things a lot easier for me. I couldn’t of made it without them. Ambition: To complete my education and find a successful career. Kimberley Wold “Kim” Activities: German Club 12, Culture Club 12. Thoughts about High School: It was fun, but I’m glad I’m finally getting out. Ambition: To either go into computers or commercial art. Jeff Woods “Woody” Activities: Spanish Club. Thoughts about High School: It was great . I can’t wait to get out. Thanks to all. Especially Chibi, Naomi, Terri, Jeanne, Rick, David, John and me. Ambition: To finish high school. To be free for a while. Then go to college finish it. Then I will become a miliionaire. David Wilkins Eric Williams Grant Williams Marie Williams Michael Williams Suzanne Williams Leigh Wilson Stephanie Wilson Clyde Wiltshire Rebecca Wingo Ronald Witt Kimberly Wold James Wolford Mark Wolson Jeff Woods Lisa Worley Seniors 205 Angela D. Wright “Angie”, “Candy” Activities: Track 9, Leo Club 10, Pep Club 10, DECA 10, FBLA 12, FHA 12. Thoughts about High School: It’s been really fun a great experience and responsibilities. I’ll never forget! I met “Larry Blackwell” in 9th grade and lots of other friends. It was nice. Ambition: To become a nurse or a doctor. I’m thinking about going into the Army or to school (college). Randall Wyatt “Randy” Thoughts about High School: To graduate as soon as possible. Ambi¬ tion: To be good at whatever I do. Patricia M. Yauss “Patty” Activities: Concert Choir 10-12, Teen Counseling 11-12, Senior Class Committee 12, SGC Representative 10. Thoughts about High School: It was great. I’ll miss all the gang in G.C. especially “Mom.” The friends are super, the homework wasn’t. Ambi¬ tion: To finish college and be something. Rebecca Young Activities: Smoke Signals 9-11 (Editor-in-Chief 11), SGC 9, 12, Latin Club 11- 12 (President 11-12), Science Club 11-12, Culture Club 11-12, NHS 11-12, Teen Counseling 11-12, Signet 9-12, Governor’s School 11; Girls’ State 11. Thoughts about High School: Omigod — is it really gonna end some day? Actually, it’s been incredible and has taught me more than I can say. Ambition: To be President, conquer the world, and find a cancer cure. In lieu of these, I’d be satisfied with more than four hours sleep nightly. Karen Zawoiski “Kathy” Thoughts about High School: It’s one of those things in life that must be, and now it’s been! And I am glad. Ambition: To marry the same guy as Trudy Gay! Kay Zimmerman Activities: FBLA 12, German Club 12. Thoughts about High School: I thought that the four years I spent in High school were enjoyable, but I’m glad they’re over. Ambition: I want to travel as far as I can go, and never stop. I want to be an airplane pilot, and fly high in the skies. Senior Statistics Kathryn Mae Ashline “Kath,” “Kathy 2,” “Meatball” Activities: Jr. Civitan 12; FBLA 12; SGC 12; Powder Puff Football. Thoughts about High School: It was the worst 4 years of my life.Thanks Kathey 1, Mr. Aleo, Mr. Larson, Mrs. Rowland, Steve and dad. Ambition: To stay out all night, graduation night, partying! I’M FREE!!! Terry Childers “Terry,” “T.C.” Thoughts about High School: Right now I consider it a farm of incarceration, however I’m sure I’ll miss H.S. later on. Hindsight is 20 20. Ambition: Machinist and Metallurgy training, be filthy rich, drive a Ferrari, and own my own business among other fantasies too vulgar to be discussed herein. Charl es T. Dixon “Charlie,” “Chuck” Activities: SGC 9-12; Track 11-12. Thoughts about High School: It’s been an experience I would not have turned down for anything. I’ll miss two very special people, Jane and Lady Di. Ambition: To go on to college and study Law and finally Politics, then finally start a commune for the incurable kinky. Robert Michael Donovan “Bobby,” “E-Bob” Thoughts about High School: It’s a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live here. Ambi¬ tion: Get rich, have fun, and be happy. Janet Dueringer Activities: Orchestra 9. Thoughts about High School: I can’t wait ’til I get out! Ambition: My ambition is to become a very successful veterinarian in the state of Washington. Also, I hope to have a pet lion someday. Renee A. Grim “Pickles,” “Cutey,” “Hot Pepper” Activities: Homecoming princess 10; SGC representative 11-12; DECA 11; Jr. Civitan 12; Sophomore Beauty Contest 11; Powder-Puff Football 12. Thoughts about High School: Nerdy City, what’s the difference bet¬ ween a h.s. and a law school? I’d say about 10 ft.! HA-HA! I love you David Michelow! Walter Holmes Thoughts about High School: High School is alright, but there are more problems with it than I can write. Ambition: I plan on going on with my education. I am interested in Auto Mechanics. I will probably go into it as a career. Andrea Irby Activities: Indoor Track 10. Thoughts about High School: It was pretty fun, but a little long. I still really enjoyed it. Ambition: To get married to my fiance Charles Neal, and to get a decent-paying job. Denise Antonette Kye “Niecy” Activities: HERO Club 11-12; Pep Club 12. Thoughts about High School: Even though H.S. hasn’t been all fun and games, it’s been an interesting experience and has helped prepare me for the future. Ambition: My ambition in life is to go into the field of computer analyst, and someday get married. Jim Love “Jimmy” Thoughts about High School: This is my 1st year in Gar-Field and I must say that the friendliness and companionship of the students and teachers that I’ve met makes a newcomer feel welcome. Ambition: To advance my studies in computer science. Deborah Loveland “Deb,” “Peg ’n Deb” Activities: Girls’ Varsity Soc¬ cer 9-12; Marching Band 9-12; Powder Puff Football 12; Banana Club 10. Thoughts about High School: My friends were and are the best. Gar-Field .. . was great!! Ambition: To be a veterinarian and not faint at the sight of blood — mainly I just want to be happy! Tracy Ann Malone “Spacey” Activities: Drama Club 12; Debate Club 12; Forensics Club 12; Key Club 12; French Club 10; Intramural Basketball 9; Intramural Soccer 9-10. Thoughts about High School: From what I saw as a “part-time” student, it was great! Good friends, good teachers, good gosh! What am I saying? Ambition: To see the world as the greatest National Geographic spokeswoman ever! I guess get married too, but not until I’m through with my fun! Cheryl Morris “Flossie” Activities: FBLA 10. Thoughts about High School: It was great while it lasted, but I’m glad it’s over. Good luck to you Freddie, thanks for being there for me. Ambition: To go to perfor¬ ming arts school and someday have my own dance studio. Lisa Palmer “Styx,” “Lerch,” “Woodbridge,” “Flash” Thoughts about High School: I hated getting up early, hated going to class, but loved leaving — even if school wasn’t over. But without Christi, Kim and Jeanette, I wouldn’t have made it! Ambition: To get out of here, get a good job and become Mrs. Craig A. Moss. Amy Jo Sargent “Tutor,” “Jo-Jo” Activities: DECA; Home Economics. Thoughts about High School: High school was great but I would rather go out into the working world than go through it again. Ambition: Hopefully after graduateion, I will continue working and en¬ joying my freedom and responsibility. Thomas Semrov “Mad Russian,” “Dirty Semrov” Activities: Freshman Football 9; School Band 9; .Weightlifting 10. Thoughts about High School: I thought of High School as a big joke except when it came to my grades and I’ll miss all the girls. Ambition: Go on to col¬ lege and take Electronic Engineering courses and then get a high pay¬ ing job. Brian Srock Activities: I participated in all the weekend activities dur¬ ing football, such as cruising, partying, and just raising hell! Thoughts about High School: High school is a great place to meet people and have a good time. It seems that all the work is a chore, but it’s worth it. Ambition: After graduation, I plan to take a few math courses at Nova for awhile, then hopefully receive my bachelor’s degree in computer theory and circuitry design. I ' d like to design computer circuits as a career. David Dwayne Taylor Thoughts about High School: It’s over! ... It’s over! ... Time to get the hell out! Ambition: To become the best mechanic on foreign cars, specializing in only Mercedes Benz. Henry Thompson “Kido” Thoughts about High School: To me, High School is a much better place than staying home. You get to meet a lot of people. Since this is my last year, I’m partying to make the best of it. Ambition: When I get out of school, I would like to go to college and maybe end up in the forces a few years later. I have been looking up to it and this is my final year. Carmelita Regina Williams Activities: Hero Club 12; SGC 12. Thoughts About High School: High school is very important even though you get tired of going. It really helps you in the long run. Ambi¬ tion: My ambition is to graduate from school and get my high school diploma, get a nice job, go to the air force. CLASS OF 1982 This year’s senior class is the largest that Gar-Field will ever have. It is composed of students from Dale City, Dum¬ fries, and Woodbridge. As freshmen, the class of ’82 was led by officers Peggy Benham (pres.), Vince Walker (v.p.), and Cathy Crane (sec.Areas.). For the sophomore year, Vince moved up to president, with Lisa Beightol as v.p., and Debbie Hudson as the secretary treasurer. During this year, the class of ’82 began to show their spirit, winning 1st place in the Spirit Hall and 2nd place in Class Floats. The 1980 Sophomore Beauty Pageant was another project, which was well-done and raised a substantial amount of money for the class treasury. The junior year had Cathy Hart (pres.), Nancy Leeker (v.p.), and Lisa Lurty (sec. treas.) in charge. This was, by all means, their busiest year. Besides winning 1st place in the hall and float competitions, and 2nd place in the class yell at the pep rally, the junior class sponsored two dances, had two sellout performances for the Junior Variety show, and gave the Class of ’81 a prom that will be long remembered. This year, the class officers are Scott Durham (pres.), Nan¬ cy Leeker (v.p.), and Michelle Thorlton (sec. treas.). The class topped off their spirited years taking 1st place in all three events for spirit week — hall, float, and class yell competi¬ tions. Other senior activities include the Powder-Puff Foot¬ ball game, Senior Banquet, Bac¬ calaureate, and the GRADUATION! 1982 Class Officers Michelle Thorlton and Nancy Leeker. Not pictured: Scott Durham. climax of high school life, Congratulations to each and every member from the class of ’82, and may you reach your ambitions in life!!! Seniors 207 Senior Superlatives Most Intelligent Steve Smith Mary Cox Most Likely to Succeed Rick MacDonald Peggy Secrist Most Talented Most Mischievous Janet Lawson Mark Boodee Brian Liming Sharon Prudot 208 Seniors Quietest Becky Wingo Bobby Reynolds Most Talkative Jimmy Barnhart Naomi Homan Best Dressed Donna Burns Brian Johnson Most Attractive Becky Lee Richard Corson Seniors 209 Best Personality Lori Lockwood Ronnie Gemsheim Most Popular Melodie Martin Rob Kreiner Most School Spirited Jimmy Barnhart RitaGuba Most Athletic Joe Miller Christi Simpson 210 Seniors Mr. and Ms. Gar-Field Besides winning the category for the most popular female, Melodie Martin has been a very active student during her four years at Gar- Field. She was a cheerleader each year, serving as a varsity captain in her senior year. As a dedicated cheerleader, she won a 1981 National Cheerleader Award. Melodie also participated in many extracurricular activities. She was a member of the Key Club and FBLA, a teen counseling alternate, and an ACTS advocate. She was also a contestant in the Sophomore Beauty Pageant each year, and a homecoming princess her freshman, junior, and senior years. Aside from all her activities, Melodie is a part time employee of Mont¬ clair Country Club. She plans to attend James Madison University to major in Criminology. Melodie has truly earned the title of Ms. Gar-Field. Also winning the most popular category, Rob Kreiner was voted Mr. Gar-Field by the senior class of 1982. He was a football player all four years, playing on the varsity team when he was only a sophomore. During his senior year, he served as one of the captains. Rob’s outstanding ability and talent in football earned him a spot in the 1st Team All District for 1981. He was also awarded the Most Valuable Player and received the Billy Joe Mulgrew trophy at the 1981 Varsity Football Banquet. Besides playing football, Rob was a member of the Varsity Club and voted this year’s Homecoming King by the majority of the student body. After high school, Rob plans to continue his football career on through college. Seniors 211 Picture time. Tina Pack prepares for the final pic¬ ture of her high school years. “The Annual Event” Senior pictures often set the scene for coats and ties, like John Wheaton, Gary Hensley, Stratton Motley, and Pete Kepperling. “Ham it up for the camera!” That’s exactly what Scott McCarty and Ken Pope do. “P-A-R-T-Y, party-hardy at Gar-Field High!” Theresa Fogoros and Craig Glad¬ den during lunch break. Our favorite couple. The All-American couple still holds true ... A football player, Marshall Trotter, and a cheerleader, Tam¬ my Lawson. 212 Seniors Memories ... A sentimental moment for the six senior cheerleaders as they received carnations from the rest of the squad for the final game of the season. Morning munchies. The Key Club snack bar was responsible for selling doughnuts and juice in the morning. Here, Bobby Meixner, Naomi Homan, and Joni Coates work their shift. Joe Cool. Joe Miller takes time out to pose for the camera. “I have to study.” Greg Clark tries to ignore the photographer, while studying the book . .. upside down! " Shoot for 2!” Andy Haymond saves a walk across the graphic arts room. “Gar-Field is 11” Lori Haag, Shawn Kelly, Tina Larguier, and Denise Brosius — loyal fans at a football game. Seniors 213 “I write the songs ..Sharing his talent with the year¬ book photographer is Tim Beauchamp. The Fearsome Foursome? James Thomas, Marshall Trotter, Jim Higgins, and Eric Corbin at their morning hangout. 214 Seniors “Smile!” Beth Evans volunteers for one of many senior candids. Bus Tunnel Club. Posing for the camera are members Donna Stahl, Peggy Arnold, Donna Blakley, Dennis Staudinger, Bev Patton, and Jimmy Minor. “Yeah, we’re seniors.” Lured away from their classroom work are seniors Jeff Speaks, Pete Inchauteguiz, and Mark Jackson. Seniors Only. Kim Baith, Brian West, Vince Walker, and Cathy Hart in the main hall after lunch. Seniors 215 “Let’s go cruise!” Tony Russo stands proudly in front of his Chevy van. “Smarkle!” Smile and sparkle were the words often told to the Indianettes, as it shows here on Cordelia “Corky” Robinette. Best of Friends. Another group of high school chums gets their picture taken for the yearbook. — Teri Lucero, Stephanie Schubring, and Renee Grim. Homeward Bound. One advantage of being a senior is getting the priori¬ ty over underclassmen to obtain a parking sticker. Having less than six classes, Pam Cryan is caught by our photographer while going to her car. “82!... 82!... 82!” The senior class calms down from their exuberant spirit for a picture during the first pep rally of the year. 216 Seniors “I’ll walk you to class.” Sharon Moore and Mark Gayda walk¬ ing to class together. “Baby face, you ' ve got the cutest ...” Patsy Majeski taking a break from basketball practice. “Seniorsl” The senior class of 1982 always showed their dominant spirit to win the “Most Spirited Class” title. Here, Gareth Owen and Christi Simpson participate in the class yell, (middle left) The Six Stooges. Clowning around for the camera are (above) Sharon Canada, Karen Canody, and Jeanne Lueders (upside down); and (below) Rob Kreiner, Joe Miller, and James March (sitting). Bosom Buddies. Rita Guba and Naomi Homan take a souvenir picture Seniors 217 JUNIORS Top left: Susan Hill — Secretary Treasurer, Tom Beames — Vice-President, Sara Braun — President. Top right: Gathering for the first day of school. Bottom: Alex Mongrien, Patricia Cornwell, Lisa Clark. 218 Juniors Juniors 219 Ben Adamson Kellie Aldridge Asif Aleemi John Alford Kim Anderson Caroline Antwi Byron Armstro ng Chris Arnold Laura Arnold Michael Arrington Cathy Aruta Kelly Arvai Julie Aub Fawn Avery Khader Azzous Tyrone Baldwin Taras Ballard Mark Balls Brigette Banks Ann Barber Carl Barnett Marshall Barrett Leslie Batdorf Mark Battaglia Brett Baugh Tom Beames Peter Beardsley Randy Beaver Mary Benedict Kara Beranek Lorraine Beisley Lisa Bernhardt Jon Black Richie Blackmore Colette Blais Bart Boodee Cara Bohannon Leanne Bohr Lisa Boland Karen Boling Scott Boros Alan K. Borough Gini Bosch James Boyd Debbie Brain Eddie Braun Sara Braun Aaron Breneman Maria Bridges Eileen Britton Eric Brockman 220 Juniors Brad Brooke Patricia Brooks Matt Brophy Barbara Brown Bonnie Brown Debra Brown Joyce Brown Monica Brown Paul Brown Sandy Brown Teresa Brown Lisa Browning Linda Brozena Jamie Bruce Jeff Bryant Jenny Bucknam Jason Bullard Rebecca Bullard Rosetta Bullock Brendan Bunn Katrina Burton Kevin Bunton Barbara Byram Rodney Byne Jackie Campell Tony Caprara Eric Carlson Wally Carlson Trinia Carper Roger Carr Bobby Carrera Tim Carrubba Sandi Carter Walter Carter Mary Cate Richard Cecilio John Cephas Chris Chantelav Boyd Chapman Anne-Marie Chesley Traci Chiddix Joann Cho Terry Churchill Cyndi Clark Jenny Clark Sheryl Claspell John Clubb Dapne Coerse Terri Coffey Mike Cogswell llene Cohen Juniors 221 Shirley Colbert Kent Colby James Cole Pad Collins Steven Collins Bobbie Combs David Conger Mike Conner Lisa Conway Janet Conwell Eddie Cook Tommy Cook Stephanie Cooley Joe Cooper Lisa Cope Tracey Cosand John Cotton Nicholas Couch Mike Coughenour Darrell Counts Rich Coutts Laura Craig Kenny Creason John Crocker Dale Crockett Cathy Crowey Todd Cullop Elaine Cummings Melady Cunningham Jerry Cusati Edward Dandar David Dawson Eddie Day Renee Defrees Bob Demsko William Desmarais Renee De Stephan Rodney Dickhute Mark Dierker Drew Diffenbough Chris Dimascio Theresa Dittmer Rossana Donley Angela Dorn Ronny Downing Bobby Doyle Jeanne Edgar Amir Eczemi Rhonda Early Kent Dulaney Mike Drury David Dragone 222 Juniors 1 Debbie Edwards Jamie Ellinwood Richard Emelio Danny Engle Mike Estabrook Sean Eubanks Pamela Faulkner Michelle Fayak Edward Fernandez Debbie Ferri Mary Fielden Nicole Fields Henry Figueroa Ricard Finlayson Patrick Fisher Alice Fishpaw Mike Flaherty Perry Flinchum Staci Flowers Jeani Fortner Brian Fox Tammy Fox Susan Fraker Kris Fratzke Patty Freeby David Freeman Eric Fretwell Judith Fuchs Mary Fugate Kim Fulford Jim Fullem Rodney Futrell Rhonda Gainor Patrick Gallagher Todd Gallentine Bobby Galloway Lisa Ganino Chris Gardener Crystal Gaymon Rob Gaymon Karen Gazda Danny Geiger Christine George Mike Gillette Nancy Gilliam Scott Golembiowski Darren Good Michael Good Lynn Goodroe Sandra Gorsuch Cathy Gray April Gray Heidi Greaves Eri: Greene Juniors 223 Ricky Green Shannon Greene David Greth Julie Grevey Karen Grieff Vivian Griffeth Debbie Grim Crish Gulli Kevin Guthrie Leigh Grow Rob Halford Cindy Hall Betty Hamilton Robin Hamlett Eivin Hamach David Hargis Matt Harrington Pat Harris Tina Harris Julia Hasley Jerry Hayes Mike Heishman Kenny Hendley Tom Henry Elecic Herrdon Cheryl Herrell Lisa Hicks Cindy Hileman James Hiling Angie Hill Susan Hill J. Hilius Lynette Hinchee Mitchelle Hiner Tim Hodge Mike Hoerr Beth Hoffman Michelle Hogancamp Karen Holley Alan Houston Greg Howard Mark Howard Mike Howard Reginald Howard John Hoy Travis Hubbard Laura Hudson Charles Huet Andy Huffstickler Alicia Humphrey Fazialh Hussaini Eric Hutson Jill Ingram Scott Irvin 224 Juniors Steve Irvin Annie Jachimowicz Beth Jacobson Tim Jabs David Jarboe Gordon Jenkins Brian Jensen Boel Jerlstrom Stephanie Johnson Tony Johnson Velma Johnson Marcus Johnston Chris Jones Donald Jones Pamela Jones Diana Jordan Diana Judy Renee Kahrer William Kalski Tom Kane David Kastl Nina Kay Gary Kehn Dan Kelley Stacy Keller Susan Kelley Susan Kerney David Kidwell Carla Kimbrough Avery King Chris King Janice Kitchen Ken Koontz Vince Kotrady Joel Koziol Mark Kramer Tami Krein Mark Krisher Duone Kuehne Kim Kuykendall Lori LaCava Roseanna Lacey Louis Lambert Marcus Lawrence Debbie Ledbetter Kelli Leiter Rhonda LeLaikes Mark Lemmons Laurie Lemons Julie Lepard Doug Lergald Mary Lewis Michael Levis Carlos Litton Juniors 225 Tammy Lilly Traci Lindsay Randy Link Ralph Linkous Lynwood Lovelace Stacey Lucero Judi Ludwig Karri Lund Gregory Lybarger Greg Lydell Sandra MacEachron Lori Madagan Sharon Madagan Renee Mahlaffey Teresa Malley Steve Manchester Paul Mann Ray Manzareel Darnell Marshall Amos Martin Amy Martin Bobby Martin Cathy Martin Belinda Mason Ivy Mason Rod Mason Scott Masters Nini Matos Larry Mayes Tom McCain Sherry McCarthy Otis McClaude Pam McClure Charlie McCoy Sandra McDaniel Ramona McFadden John McGarry Linda McGinn John McHale Sara McKelvey Audrey McKinley Kathy McKinley 226 Juniors ■aadliMiila Gale McLeod Kim McLeod Katrina McMillian Jim McNabb Mark Melcher Jane Melhorn Theresa Melia Tina Melia Stacey Mentiply Donna Mergler Dominic Micer Vicki Middleton Angela Miles Debbie Miller Michelle Miller Pam Miller Susan Miller Tammy Miller Loyonne Milton Brenda Mitchell Margie Mitchell Mark Mitchell Ronda Mitchell Michelle Mitrione Cherie Mockler Jean Monk Fernando Montes Angie Moore Brenda Moore Kendal Moore Arleen Morel Jennifer Morgan Mike Morgan Amy Morris Kelly Morris Janet Morrissey John Moyers Ken Moyer Brian Mullins Perry Mullins Ronald Mullins Bob Murphy Juniors 227 Sara Phinney Mary Piatt Diana Philips Chris Pfohl Debbie Peschkad Daige Perry Michelle Perry Jill Pennington Kolleen Penman Steve Pellien Chris Peevy Scott Pauley DeWayne Parker Susan Paolino Jim Owens Rebecca O’Quinn Darlene O’Neal Jim Ondo Blly Ondo Greg O’Keefe Wendy Ois Jeanne Ogden Lisa Offley Jon Offley Anita O’Donnal Mark Nutter Pedro Nunez Tina Nugent Kathy Novitsky San Nicolas Delpha Nichols Gary Nichois Tam Ngo Greg Newman Peggy Newbold Diana Newhaus Irene Nelson Kenny Nast Steve Nanney Christine Nagley Sean Murphy Debbie Murphy 228 Juniors Laurie Pieper Cherelle Plenty Lachelle Plenty Robin Poland Deborah Polansky Constance Polla Jim Ported Mark Portz Gwen Price Ricky Putiyon, Jr. Bill Putnam Donald Quash Darlene Quinn Rick Ray Graham Reeves Colleen Reichenbach Stephanie Rendino David Rider Melinda Riesenberg Ovid Rijfkogel Matt Robbins Timothy Robertson Maria Rocha Lisa Rockhill Sara Rodgers Conrad Rodriguez Eric Roederer Chuck Rogers Timi Rogers Laura Rooney Larry Ross Pat Rowe Stephanie Royer Vivian Ruiz Grace Safransky Becky Sandidge Bobby Sanpietro Bridget Sarsfield Linda Saunders Christine Scalia Shelley Schalow Mark Schmitz Juniors 229 Bill Schneider Chris Scott Greg Scroggins Karen Sears Scott Sedlacek Deanna Seger Erik Seikel Susie Seikel Tom Self Chris Sesekhalid Mike Sharron John Shea Jeff Shebsky Tim Shelp Jeff Sherwood Donald Shifflett Donny Shiner Kim Sholar Tim Shreve Acie Shrewsbury John Siegel Paula Sine Elsie Sisson Anthony Smith Keith Stanford Cathy Spillman Vanda Sparks Floyd Sparks Kim Sosebee Amy Soper Tippy Sookshawee Komson Sookshawee Jackie Snow Marc Snediker Wendy Smith Mona Smith Missy Smith Kathy Smith Mike Smith 230 Juniors Sharon Starz Andra Steffey Kathy Stephens Michelle Stephens Ralph Sterns Debbie Stockman Andre Stokes Wendy Stramer Samantha Strickland Monica Striker Bill Stynes Jim Summerfield Sabra Suter Cheryl Tait Carole Tamony Diede Tassi Scott Taylor Michael Taylor Kelvin Teel Sandra Templeton John Thibodeau Antrone Thomas Carol Thompson Chari Thompson Jeff Thompson Samantha Thompson Kenny Thornton Kristen Tilley Martin Toman Michelle Tompkins Wade Townsend Tony Troiano LeJune Tucker Craig Turner Kevin Turner Merle Turner Randy Turner Angela Tutsock Roberto Valdes Juniors 231 Robert Valvo Richard Van Gelder John Van Pelt John Venti Kevin Verburg David Vetter Benjamin Victor Andrew Victor Janet Vieth Mike Volpe Ellen Wade Joanna Waibel Mary Walbridge Angela Walker Barbara Walker Jeannie Walker Kathy Walker Lynn Walker Rheatte Walker Tam Walker Chuck Wanamaker Dietrich Washington Tracy Waterstraat Tiersa Watkins Myles Watson Jim Webb Karen Webster Luios Wedding Fred Weller Judith Westoff Debbie Wheelehan Janet White Randy White Karls Wiggins Larry Willett Carmelita Williams Robert Willett Lisa Williams Russ Williams Erica Willis Kimberly Wilks Donna Wilson 232 Juniors Dorothy Wilson Ray Wilson Keith Wilson Tom Wilson Jan Witty Tommy Wright Kathy Woodfin Alan Wyatt Michele Yacobi Jacqueline Yalicki Juniors 233 Top left: Jim Higgins, Eartha Johnson, James Thomas. Top right: Freshman Homecoming Float. Middle left: Jill Haught, Kathy Fick, Pat Molinari, Harvey Hinchee. Bottom right: Lisa Smith. Bottom left: Stephanie Wilson, Barbara Byrd, Paulette Brochman, Kim Byrd. 234 Candids Troy McKinney, Erica Willis, Pam Harris. Kim Rogers, Betsy Page, Jody Sargent, Donna Reny. Ms. Quatrino, Mary Bahorich, Becky Wingo, Richard Finlayson, Wesley Jess. Rhonda Early Patricia Cornwell, Carol Lapponese, Oawn Page, Lisa Clark. Candids 235 SOPHOMORES Top: Jean Engleka — Secretary Treasurer, Bruce Simpson — President, Chris Varner — Vice President. Middle left: Joanne Cho. Middle right: Pam Sessoms, Robyn Clinton. Bottom: Mike Bella. 236 Top left: Craig Gladden, Chris Shartzer, Joann Cho, Tina Harris. Top right: Nichole Lathe. Middle left: Angie Talbot, Karen Gwinn, Tracy Ell¬ ington, Cheryl Creamer. Middle right: Craig Gladden, Mike Bella. Bot¬ tom: Tina Harris, Carter Ann Cannon. Sophomores 237 Julie Abrell Lori Adams Andrew Ackerman Annette Adams Laura Adams Patty Adams Skip Adams Rebecca Adkins Gerado Aguilar Scott Ahern Rynae Aiken Lisa Akers Joe Aldrich Dean Alexander Daryl Anderson Dand Andrew David Angle Eric Anthony Margo Arends Scott Arnett Jeffrey Asbury Kevin Attreed Gigi Atwater Norman Atwater Karl August Rick Augustosky Daniel Austin Dawn Avery Denise Bailey Tracey Baker Debbie Ball Chris Baransky Norma Barfield Larry Bates Jeffery Beadle Sandra Beahm Chuck Beasley Dwayne Beaty Cathy Beaver Susan Beck Jeff Beglin Mark Bellinger Greg Bender Karen Bennett Lisa Bennett Melanie Bevell Traci Bice Ricky Bilodeau Bob Bishof Teresa Bishop David Black 238 Sophomores Angela Blackwell Lisa Blanton Jeff Bloxton Jennifer Bodner Roger Bohr James Bowe Greg Bowen Roger Bowen Lisa Bowles Chuck Boyer Keith Bradford Scott Brady Mike Breeden Tammy Briggs Tony Briody Don Britton Paulette Brockman Randy Brooke Robby Brooke Alise Brooks Colleen Brown Diane Brown Donna Brown Eileen Brown Eric Brown Felicia Brown Janine Brown Karen Brown Kevin Brown Mike Brown Kenneth Bryant Sheryl Bryant Edward Bryk Steve Buchner Sheldon Bullock David Burnett Melisa Burnette Brian Burrage Dawna Burroughs Darrell Burrow Bobby Burton Donna Butler Nicki Butler Kimberly Byrd Jeffery Caddy Ron Cadwallader Brian Cail Ronnie Callahan Ma ' y Colliotte Brent Campbell Dawn Campbell Sophomores 239 Schonda Campbell Dennis Cappel Chris Carpenter Bobby Carper Charles Carr Brenda Carter Philip Cecere Timmy Chamberlain Kathy Chantelau Robert Chavez Fred Chopin Stella Chucala John Churchill Mary Clark Lease Clements Robin Clinton Marie Clubb Yvonne Clune Larry Coaly Carol Coaxum Chris Coffee Vicki Coleman Carol Coloma Steve Comer Tom Conaway Pat Cone Michael Conlan Patty Conlan Christine Conley Jackie Connor Victoria Copeland Gary Corbin Sharon Corbin Lynn Corman Samantha Cosby Sherri Coughenour David Cox Tom Cox Briah Crawford Todd Crawford Janice Creneti Karen Crocker Andrea Cuilik Mike Dalvisio Robin Dameron 240 Sophomores i ..rie Davis Mark Davis Tricia Dawson Bill Decker Barry Deel Mike Deguzman Charles Denson Jimmy Dent Scott Derosier Richard Devenney Jerrine Dibbley Tom Diekmeier Manuel DiPaola Brenda Dobson Mary Pat Dolan Mary Ann Domenick Rose Donahue John Dorn Donna Dove Shawn Doyle Marcia Drage Greg Driver Mark Drotos Michelle duBois Jenni Dubuisson Kim Duncan Patrick Dunn Steve Durham Sean DuVall Keith Eads Matt Earman Jeffrey Easterwood Michael Eggleston Debbie Eicher Jane England Jean Engleka Susan Ennis David Estabrook Britt Evans Kathy Evans Jay Fair Sophomores 241 John Fraber Eric Franklin Buddy Frye Christine Fulgencio Margaret Fullem Greg Fulton Dawn Funkhouser Tammy Furman John Gallik Stacey Galloway Billy Gathof Mark Gatlin Alan Gay Barbara Gazda Tim Gemsheim Roma Gerda Karen Gianni Bill Gibson Daryl Giddings Richard Gillespie Joe Gillian Gena Gimmi Robbie Girard Leslie Glover Daphne Godley Tracey Godd Carolyn Goodwin Anthony Gordon Israel Graulau Heidi Greaves Mark Grosskopf Robin Grove Danny Gulli Terri Guttormsen Don Hales Merita Hall Lisa Hamako Daniel Hamilton Jill Hammer Mike Hammond Terri Hampton Wendy Hanner Jon Hanner Marva Hans 242 Sophomores Craig Jackson Joann Jackson Pat James Christine Jefferson Bobby Jenkins Atoneo Johnson Beryl Johnson Brian Johnson Donnell Johnson Eartha Johnson Janice Johnson Mike Kramer William Harder Bobby Hart Gene Harman Minonne Hans Barbara Harris Howard Harris Sharntary Harris Monica Hart Cindy Hayes Ginger Hayes Beth Haymond Tery Haynes Tory Haynes Christine Heininger Holly Heininger Angela Henry Richard Herson Robin Hertzog Mark Hess Diana Hicks Kathy Hill Lisa Hill Maria Hill Mike Hill Dan Hillman Eric Hillston Valissa Hines Everett Hinson David Hixson Michael Hodge Donald Hogan David Holmen Jerome Holmes Mark Holmes Brian Hooper Chris Hopkins Howard Houston Richard Houston Allen Howard Brian Hubbard Travis Hubbard Bryan Jackson N Sophomores 243 Jolayne Johnson Larry Johnson Robert Johnson Dave Johnston Joe Johnston Lisa Johnston Tanya Johnston Cindy Jones Denise Jones Parker Jones Stephani Jones Angela Jordan Suzy Jordan Bobby Kalski Katie Kane Pat Kashmer Terri Kasik Leon Keene Robert Kolich Linda Kelleher Diana Kennedy Kim Kennedy Kim Key Teresa Keys Steve Khalili Karen Kidwell Robbie Kidwell Julie Kim Lisa Kim Brian King John Allen King Jeff Kline Cynthia Kniceley Scott Knuth Kenny Kochel David Kolar 244 Sophomores Eric Kreinar Tom Kujawa Dawn Kuykendall Michele LaMonica Kim Lane Pam Lassiter Caroline Lautieri James Leake Kendra Lee Matt LeTourneau Michelle LeVay Michaela Lineberry Lisa Lingafett Faith Logan Mary Jane Lombardo Jennifer Longey Heidi Lonsinger Stephen Love Tim Lucas Billy Ludwig Barbra Lukens Peter Luther Robin Lynch Jimmy Macaulay Dale MacMurdy Jaclyn Makolandra Paula Malina Kevin Manbeck Pat Mann Norman Marble Lesley Marceron Debbie Margrave Kyra Marten Robby Martin Theresa Martin Roger Martinez Sophomores 245 Gary Mason Jeffrey May John Mazzarella Paul McBride Bridget McCall James McCann Connie McCord Christine McDougal Sherry McDowell Gary McElroy Sylvia McGeehan Karen McGrail Peggy McKelvey Annette McNeil Alice Meehan John Meehan Brenda Mergler Tami Merritt Dyan Meyer Jane Meyer Kevin Miller Mark Miller Brian Miso Sheryl Mitchell Theresa Mize Cathy Moffett Alexandra Mongrain Harper Moniser Debbie Montgomery Mark Moody Steve Mooney David Moore Paul Morrow Amanda Mosby Pam Mullinax Mary Mullins Mickey Mullins Brian Murphy Eileen Murphy Jill Mussomele Anne Naclerio Tammy Naghdi 246 Sophomores Kenneth Naxior Harry Newbill Lee Newhart Antoine Newman Mona Newman Jay Nichelle Meg Nicholas Robert Nichols Kristen Noble Hong Nogo Romana Norton Denise Novack Julie Novitsky Kelly O ' Leary Tom O’Neil Eric Ortman Chris Palmer Mark Patton Sonji Parham Lisa Parrish Bobby Parker Lisa Pauline Cindy Parone Virginia Payne Lisa Pellegrini Kim Pelzer Michele Penny Jack Pesce Mike Petruzzi Ronald Pevelli Tom Phinny Donna Piollucci Cathy Piaskowski Patti Piatt Kathleen Picard Tina Pieper Camille Piper Joel Powell Lisa Powell Davy Powers Danny Pratt John Pratt Sophomores 247 Mike Price Ranessa Price Jeff Putiyon Anthony Pyrz Ike Quesenberry Samina Qureshi Anna Raftery James Rastatter Alfredo Remante Becky Richard Kim Richard James Ricketts Mark Rickman John Riley Rob Ritenour Donnie Roberts Florence Robinson Durwin Rodriguez Tomas Rodriguez Robert Rodriguez Darrin Rogers Kim Rogers Liana Rojas Matt Rotelli Barbara Rouleau Kenny Runyan Donna Russell David Ryan Jeff Ryan Eva Rzucido Nicole Sandoff Megha Sahu Andre Salrhon Deneim Salyers John Sanderson Suzie Sanderson Filipe Santos Jodie Sargent Ken Schaerr 248 Sophomores € r 1 4 Brenda Scharp Laura Schmidt Rosie Schubring Charlene Schutt Charles Sebastian Susie Sedmock Pamela Sessoms Todd Schackelford Tammy Shaffer Bryan Shater Kevin Shettles Sung Shin Melanie Shivar Julie Short Stacey Shurtliff Bruce Simpson Gus Simpson Lisa Simpson Bryan Sims Stephen Sisson Woody Skinner Russ Slaughter Somer Sloan Greg Slusser Debbie Smith Eddy Smith James Smith Melvin Smith Richard Smith Robert Smith Robert Smalls Tom Snediker Kim Sootkoos Kelly Sparks Rich Spasoff Rodney Speaks Chris Spouse Benjamin Srock Stanley Stafira Sophomores 249 Julie Staudinger Doug Stermer Mike Sterner Lisa Stevens Ed Stewart Erin Stewart Dawna Stiles Tracey Stinger Rosalind Stokes Brian Stout Jacquie Stoy Patrick Strassner Gary Stronko David Stynes Cindy Sullivan Joe Sullivan Bobbi Sunday Karla Swabb Phillip Talley James Tarlton Daniel Tassa Vincent Tassa Amber Taylor Michele Taylor Rosalyn Taylor Vicki Taylor Daniel Teves Teresa Thacker Bob Thayer Ed Thibodeau Jeff Thiel Steve Thomaidis Joyce Thomas Tony Thomas Karen Tidd Lisa Tilley Lori Tillman Chuck Toler Ray Totten Rhona Treichel Amy Trout Joe Tucker Carol Turner Patricia Turner Jimmy Tutsock Randy Underwood Lori Urban Kristen Uthus Alex Vanegas Chris Varner Dori Vassiliades Cheryl Veil Matt Victor Tammy Vieth 250 Sophomores John Vollmer Norman Voss Bonnie Walker Derrick Walker Steve Walker Toni Walker Tonya Walls Michele Walters Teresa Ware Scott Warren Jeff Weaver Cathyrn Webster Ruth Weissman Diana Wells Jeff Wells Bill Wenble Wayne Wenner Teri West Linda Wheelehan Janeen White Kathy White Kim Whitt Gins Whittle Steven Wicheli Annette Williams Greg Williams Jessie Williams Kathy Williams Reginald Willism Tinika Williamson Laura Willis Dewayne Wilson Luke Wilson Marla Wilson Sharon Wilson Dave Wimdt Steve Wirt Deanna Woolfolk Terri Woosley Betsy Wright Heather Wright Melissa Wright Tony Wright Danny Yacobi Steve Zawisa Neal Zoromski Sophomores 251 Top left: Brett Baugh. Top right: Mr. Gainous. Middle: Mr. Brad- sher. Bottom left: Mrs. Johnson. Bottom right: Chris Hopkins, Mike Breeden, Todd Shackleford, Carol Turner, Karen Tidd, Lori Tillman, Jane England. 252 Candids Candids 253 FRESHMEN Top left: Crytstal Jones. Top right: Michele Brown. Bottom: Scott McCar¬ ty, Ken Pope. Bottom right: Mark Robinson, Cathy Hart. 254 Freshmen I Top left: Lisa Beightol, Mary Toms, Michelle Thorlton, Nancy Leeker, Harvey Hinchee. Top right: Mark Boodee, Janet Lawson. Middle left: Mit- chel Hiner. Middle right: Jeanne Lueders, Debbie Hudson, Barb Hoff¬ mann. Bottom: Troy Smith. 15 fcii s Freshmen 255 Beth Achenbach Andrew Akerman Curtis Adams Florence Agate Debra Agee James Ahern John Ahern Mona Aldridge Rodney Alexander oooooooooeo 1 » 0000000006 © Jerry Allen Mark Ammons Catherine Anderson Judy Anderson Shawn Anthony Chris Arnold Vivienne Arnold Diane Arnoldi Michele Asbury Stacey Astrin Tammi Atwell Donna Aveni Nancy Bachert Jennifer Bagnerise Ben Baker Mark Baker Phyllis Baker Tammy Baldwin Timothy Baranshy Mike Barber Michael Barker Kim Barnes Mark Barnes Randi Barnhill Ray Barrante Tonya Barrino Toni Bates Tanya Bates Michelle Battaglia Tim Bauer Gregg Baumgartner Walter Beardsley Tina Beckler David Bedard Diane Beighlea Stanley Benton John Beranek Ron Berish Cathy Bernhardt Beth Beuley Becky Bickhan 256 Freshmen Barbara Black Ricky Blackwell Elizabeth Blackenship Dave Borough Cheri Bowe Dana Bowen Jeff Bowles Domini Boyd Richard Boyd Robert Boyle Lisa Bradley Pam Brady Candy Brann Shan P Mike Brown Susan Brown Pamela Bryant Kathryn Bullard Eric Bunn Holli Bunton Susan Burian Mike Burke Renee Burr Grea Burrows Elizabeth Burrill Rodney Butler Bonnie Byram Barbara Byrd Tony Byrne Jimmy Calfee Laurie Callahan Darin Calwell Patrick Cardenas Stacey Carson Denise Carmichael Lori Carpenter David Carr Joy Carr Mark Carrel Kenny Carrol Michell Carter Linda Cashwell Freshmen 257 Kevin Cecil Michelle Channels Lisa Cheeks Mike Chesley Kim Chiddix Linda Chopin Jeff Chuday Colleen Clark Laura Claveloux Greg Clay Angela Clemen Jennifer Coffee Dena Collier Cindy Collins Mike Collins Julio Colon - wUirim. Tony Currier Christine Dahl Mark Dallman Greg Davis Natasha Davis Karen Davis Picture Not Available Mark Dawson Kim Dean Shari Dean Bruce Decker Karl Decker Mike Delaney Charmane Delaverson Elena Deleon Tod Demont David Depoy Michelle Depoy Margret Dick 258 Freshmen David Dietz Michelle Dietz Dean Diffenbaugh Chuck Dillon Rick Diwer Tommy Dollarhide Kathy Donnelly Chris Dormstetter Roger Dowd Steve Doyle Angie Drummond Greg Dunn David Duvall April Eberly Todd Ebrow Tammy Echellbarger Tara Edelschick David Edwards Cathy Ehlers Charlie Einsmann Darren Ekren Todd Ellard Brandt Elis Richard Ely John Embrey Leanne Enmon Matt Enos Bruce Evatt Mickey Ewing Darryl Fairley Shari Falce David Farish Mike Feeney Kellee Felter Michael Finlayson Vern Fish Kim Fitzgerald Tiffany Fitzwater Vicky Flynn Willis Foley Lisa Fontane John Foster Anthony Fowler Deanna Fratzke She ' be Freeman Freshmen 259 Brian Friend Mike Fryling Tammy Galloway Dionisio Gamboa John Ganino Lisa Gazda Susan Gazda Venessa Geer John Gefrich Ghenet Gerergher Ghenet Gerezgher Larry Gibbs Danny Gilletter Robert Goeway Crystal Good John Goon Gary Goode Bill Goodrich Sam Goodrich Alonzo Goodwin Sharon Gorsuch Dianne Goulla Sandy Grantham Stephanie Gray Dan Green John Greene Ellen Grieff Eril Griffin Sandra Griffith Wendy Grimes Steve Grover Jackie Groves Tim Gutierrex Sandra Guttorm Alex Guzman Ken Haines Darrin Haller Tony Halman Tina Halsey Emi Hamako Bill Hamlett Lynn Hammond Mike Hamric Kim Hanberry Cheryl Hardy 260 Freshmen Brenda Harmon Gregg Harper Tim Harps Porpan Harris Scott Harris Deb ah Harrod Donald Hart Patrick Hart Theresa Hart Paula Harting James Harvey Dennis Haught Harold Haycraft Donna Hayes Lori Hayes Judy Haywood Trina Hedrick Donna Herder Peggy Hicks Missy Hiett Keith Higdon Joyce Hilins Danny Hill Pam Himelright Rhonda Hinebaugh Pamela Hobbs Annette Hodge Chris Hoerr Michelle Hoff Kerry Hoffman Llyod Holland Janet Holcombe Staci Holt Terri Hopkins Glenn Housier Mike Humphreys Wanda Hunter Maniga Hussini Ramona Hutt Kim Hyman Rachel Inchauteguie Steve Innes Mark Irvin David Isominger Colleen Jabs Freshmen 261 Craig Jackson Steven Jamieson David Jebram Tony Jenkins Sherry Jesser Alonzo Johnson Angelia Johnson Barbie Johnson Frank Johnson Kathy Johnson Reggie Johnson Sandy Johnson Kim Johnston Bryan Jones George Jones Jennifer Jones Kim Jones Robert Jones La Granda Jordan Gaye Joshlyn Kenny Judy Scott Karafas Vicky Kastl Jenni Keefe Tom Keefer Leslie Keller Roger Kibler Danny Kidd Doug Kile Donny Kinnett Chris Knoernschild Donna Knott Terri Knowles Stacey Komar Anthony Kotrady Pam Lacava Mary Lacy Scott Lamb Ken Lambert Kay Lamborn Francoise Lamitte Teresa Landon Karen Landry Rex Lantz Rachel Larsen Linda Lassiter Noelle Lathe Robert Layman Beth Leblanc Chris Lee Sonny Lee Wendy Leight Jimmy Lemons Maria Lenzini 262 Freshmen Jill Lewis Matt Lewis Mike Lickiss Laura Lienard Rhonda Ligatski Samantha Lelaikes Carol Limbaugh Lisa Lindsay Katrina Linkous Cena Litton David Lizana Denise Long Wayne Lovelace Roger Loy Michelle Lynch Tim Lynch Sheila Lynn Ed MacBride Beth MacCallum Christopher MacRae Ron Mahaffey Janice Majeski Stanley Mann Irene Manning Andy Martin Wendy Martin Michele Mason Pete Mattaliano Lisa Matthews Brian Mazzone Travon Mayfield Kathy McAllister John McCain Dylan McGee John McHugh Julie McKinley Kelly McNichol Larry Meade Tim Meadows Chandra Medcalf Maria Menduza Patria McMillan Kim Merrifield Cynthia Mickelson Wanda Mickens Mike Migliorini Barry Miller Kenny Miller Kim Miller Susan Mills Mark Minor James Mirsky Cheryl Mitchell Mike Mitrione Freshmen 263 Steve Mize Mike Mongrain Laura Moody David Moon Christine Moore Renee Moore Suzanne Mordensky Michelle Morgan Jean Morrissey Claudia Morton Donna Motta Craig Motley Leslie Motley Todd Motley Frank Mummaw Dean Munsell h I ' l Sean Myerovich Kathy Nagley Cherril Navey Sharon Naylor Dale Neined Ann Nelson Craig Newbold Arthur Newman Kristin Newman Curtis Nice Jimmy Nichols Brenda Nix Rodney Nixon Billy Novitsky Lisa O’Donnell Mike Offley Mike Opauski Kathy Ostrander John Ouellette Vanessa Outten Betsy Page Scott Page 264 Freshmen Andy Palmer Butch Parks Eric Parrish Patty Pastiva Patty Patenaude Lisa Patton Pam Payne Edwin Perez Tracy Perry Bobby Peters Glenn Petry David Pienty Charles Pitts Cynthia Plott June Poezatek Mike Poillucci Patty Pomper David Porter Mike Posey David Pratt Mike Przybyl Michele Puckett Mark Putiyon Karen Putnam Samantha Reed Mark Reid Robert Rendetto Tony Reynard Jeff Rhodes Betty Roberts Eddie Robinson Sharon Robison Tim Rodgers Chris Rodriguez Bart Rogers Aileen Rooney Charles Rotbiut Kathy Rouleau Chris Rowell Freshmen 265 Paul Dulaney Betsy Rumph Lisa Saplak Clare Sarsfield James Saunders Kevin Saunders Stephen Scaramuzza Jeff Schaney Jackie Schutt Mike Scott Debra Scrahl John Seabolt Daryl Sears David Shannon Howard Shaw Mike Shebon Debbi-Marie Shelton Roger Shelton Susan Shettles Cindy Shoop David Shurtliff Gary Sibigtroth Ricky Simmons Jane Simon Amber Sims Jacqueline Sisk Lisa Sketo Debby Slaughter LisaSlith Dennis Slocumb Alicia Sloper Barry Smallwood Amy Smead Christine Smith Donna Smith Fred Smith Jeff Smith Lori Smith Mike Smith Scott Smith Ike Sneed Michael Soares 266 Freshmen MB Steve Soltes Dede Somers Sandy Soulsby Christy Sparks Wayne Speak Jeff Spear Susan Spellane Tim Spence Dawn Sprowls Chutimar Sragaow Greg Stafina Hawkell Stamper Robert Stanley Marc Starr Rhonda Steenhoek Herbert Steigelman Diana Stephens Rodney Stephens Deanna Stermer Timothy Sterns Mike Stewart Lisa Stiles Reed Still Lisa Stith Betsy Stoy Kay Stringer Tracey Struble Matt Struder Steve Strychowski Carolyn Stuart Roger Stull Leona Stumm Tracy Stutler Eugeen Suggs Cheryl Suslowicz Leslie Swecker Jere Taylor Laurie Tetreault Tina Taylor Adelina Teves Faith Thomas Judy Thomas Freshmen 267 Sean Thomas Carlos Thompson Theresa Thompson Greg Thornton Terry Thorne Valarie Thorpe Laura Tipton Tamra Truitt Terri Tuano LaTrice Tucker Rodney Tucker Kathy Turlip Gaylon Turner Jennifer Turner Sandy Umbarger LeeAnn Upshut Kim Urban Mark VanCuren John Vanderhoof Sam Vankoughnet Linda Va ught Frank Vestal Heather Vilt Tony Vito Tim Von Wolffradt Danny Wade Rudy Walker Tracy Wakeman Tom Wallace Sarah Wanamaker Lisa Warner Jenny Watbel Steven Watson Michelle Weakley Bruce Webster Pat Weed Harry Wedding Raymond Wedding Robbie Weiler Ruth Weissman Dawn Wheat Sean Wheat Michelle Wheeler Tina Wheeler Dwayne Whetsel 268 Freshmen Peggy White Robert White Robin White Melissa Whited Vicki Wichelt Lashon Willett Cara Williams Kathy Williams Tamatha Williams Tina Williams Bronwyn Wilson Leah Wilson Roger Wilson Wiliia Withers Kenneth Zugel Pam Ziesler Barbara Zennges Anita Zarzecki Mark Zawisa Larry Zlahn Mike York Neil Wolfe Chere Wood Shawn Woodfin Mike Woodall Alan Wooldridge Tanya Worthy Kathy Wright ■VI Mr tp 3 . r 1 EL. Sandy Wyatt Angos Young Andrwe Young Brent Young Freshmen 269 ' ; - " Top left: Staci Holt. Top right: Delpa Nichols, Theresa Fogoros, Rhonda Lelaikes. Middle left: Mark Robinson. Middle right: Kerry Hoffmann, Holly Heininger. Bottom: Janet Lawson, Mark Boodee. 270 Candids Top left: Mark Boodee. Top right: Cheryl Tait, Sean Mur¬ phy. Middle left: Tim Beauchamp, Mark Robinson, Carl Schultz. Middle right: Doug Boil, Steffenie Thomas. Bot¬ tom: Mr. Bunn. Candids 271 272 Candids Candids 273 FACULTY Mr. Clark Mrs. Lockett Mr. Courtney Mr. Cardinale Mr. Bradsher Mr. Castrina 274 Faculty Ms. Huffman Mrs. Pearson Mr. Levin - • Mr. Pugh Mrs. Aiken Mr. O ' Shea Faculty 275 p I r ■ i n c ■ i p a Mr. Phillip Gainous, Principal Mr. Frank Bradsher 11th Grade Principal Mr. Joseph Cardinale 10th Grade Principal Mr. George Clark 12th Grade Principal 276 Administration Mrs. Joyce Harte 11th Grade Principal Mrs. Ann Lockett 12th Grade Principal Mr. James Gerhard 9th Grade Principal Mrs. Nancy Cerami Jr. Secretary Mrs. Kay Borland Jr. Secretary Miss Glenda Canfield Miss Debby Huffman Mrs. Judy Pierson Soph. Secretary Fresh. Secretary Sr. Secretary Administration 277 Administrative Asst. Mr. O ' Shea Bookkeeper Mrs. Wilson Cosmetology Mrs. Brooks English Mrs. Bentley English Mrs. Harris English Miss Turner J. ' 1 Alternative Ed. Mr. Donovan Art Mrs. Paul J I Art Mr. Pugh Business Mrs. Early Cosmetology Mrs. Vickers English Mr. Castrina English Mrs. Higgins Foreign Language Mr. Bailey Business Mrs. Frere Distributive Ed. Mrs. Johnson English Mrs. Combs English Mr. Rampley i Foreign Language Mrs. El-Naggar Business Mrs. Hundley Distributive Ed. Mr. Miller English Mr. Corbin English Mrs. Roche Foreign Language Mrs. Firaben Art Mrs. Simpson Business Mrs. Johnson Distributive Ed. Mr. Dise English Mrs. Sheard Foreign Language Miss Kabler Business Mrs. Lockhart Art Miss Wooley English Mrs. Barrett English Mrs. Frostman English Mr. Sheppard Foreign Language Mr. Levin 278 Faculty Guidance Mrs. Baker Home Ec. Miss Norbrey Guidance Mrs. Fagan f f Home Ec. Miss O’Connor Guidance Mr. Fitzgerald Industrial Art Mr. D. Dew L.P.N. Mrs. Olson Math Mrs. Melvin Math Miss Allison Math Mr. Rowson Math Mrs. Dangerfield Math Mr. Van Winkle Guidance Mr. Longacre Guidance Mrs. Rowland Industrial Art Mr. Levinral Industrial Art Mr. Leggett vA It U II ' II II Industrial Art Mr. Murphy Industrial Art Mr. Popovich Industrial Art Mr. Washington Math Mrs. Filip Math Mrs. Waite Industrial Art Mr. Wiczalkowski HHpBi Math Miss Martin Math Mrs. White, N. Home Ec. Mrs. Aiken Industrial Art Mr Lucas 7 Industrial Art Mr. Vadehoncoeir L.P.N. Mrs. Kunze Math Mr. Mattice I.C.T. Mr. Artz Faculty 279 Music Mr. Carnohen Physical Ed. Miss Jones. Jen Physical Ed Mr. Milillo Physical Ed. Mr. Thomas Physical Ed. Miss Waddell Physical Ed. Mrs. Walus Music Mr. Goodwy n Music Mr. Jones Library Ms. Fansler Business Mrs. Sullins Library Mrs. Templeton Mr. Gerhard Custodian Mr. Bolender Science Mr. Cheshire Science Mrs. Hamill Music Mrs. Moyers Music Mrs. Prince Physical Ed. Mr. Cortney Mr. Baily Mr. Stevens Science Mr. Jones Science Mr. Polly w U. V Science Mrs. Taylor 280 Faculiy Social Studies Mrs. Bittner Social Studies Mr. Bowden Social Studies Mr. Bunn Social Studies Mrs. Cantwell Social Studies Mrs. Elvin O’Shea, Bunn, Hollis, Cantwell, Aleo, Larson Ms. Wimmer Ms. Jones and Susan Flynn Mr. Girolomo and students Special Ed. Mrs. Zophy Special Ed. Mr. William Special Ed. Mr. Shriver Social Studies Mr. Spencer Social Studies Mrs. Simmons Social Studies Mr. Gussie Social Studies Mr. Johnson Social Studies Mr. Larson Social Studies Ms. Marx Social Studies Mr. Pearson Social Studies Mr. Sawyer Faculty 281 Mr. Sherril Mr. Spencer Mr. Jones ! Mr. Sawyer Mrs. Combs 282 Faculty Mr. Greer and Mrs. Wimmer Mr. Thomas Faculty 283 Closing An illusioning view of Gar-Field. ' Danny Yacobi taking a break from his classes. Gar-Field’s future track stars. Eric Greene, Steve Manchester, and Greg Newman. 284 Closing Is Senior Christy Simpson trying to fly? Bill, Bill, and Kent getting ready to leave school. Peter Kepperling helps out Stephanie Johnson in the library. BRENDA MITCHELL sits pretty, and takes time out to pose. The 1982 ‘‘BIGG RUSS” STUDENT COUNCIL: I to r: Robert Simpson — HEAD HONCHO, Bigg Russ Paul Brown — POLLSTER, Mike Howard — DRONE, Eric Micheals — WORKER, and Ken ‘‘OUR IMPERIAL LEADER” Lee — VICE PRESIDENT. The shy one in the box is Russell " Chip” Fellers. Closing 285 WPWC HAPPY BROADCASTING COMPANY INC. Top Shot Country Sound 214 South Main Street, P.O. Box 189 221-1124 Dumfries, Va. 22026 221-1480 NASCAR RACING STATION w P W C Win People With Country We’re Partners With Country We’re Picking With Country We’re Proud We’re Country Wonderful Prince William County Marine Corps News — A. D. News “Cousin Ray” 286 Ads Send Flowers to the Graduate She Earned Them She Worked Hard For That Diploma; But She Doesn’t Expect Lavish Praise, Just “Congratulations” Or “I’m Proud Of You” Will Make All The Work Worthwhile. Say It With Flowers. She Earned It. Call Or Visit Us KOMAR’S FLORIST OF DALE CITY 4336 Dale Blvd. Woodbridge, Va. 22195 Phone: 670-2187 Ann Nelson and Eartha Johnson hard at work in the Bill Stynes in his Firebird. Congratulations Class of 1982 For All Your Real Estate Questions, Call “Your Agent” on Duty at “Your Real Estate Office” Local Owned and Operated • Sales • Rentals •Listings • Investments Local 670-6101 Metro 385-9317 HOMEYER BACHMAN REALTY INC. 4321 Dale Boulevard Woodbridge, Virginia 22193 library. Ads 287 Do You Own a Mortgage? Would You Like to Sell or Borrow on It? Would You Like to Rent a Home? Call Lloyd Grooms (703) 670-4466 PITKINS Glendale Plaza Dale City jazzercise A Fun Way to Fitness Office Hours 9-4:30 Call: 221-7482 or Metro 643-1394 DALE CITY PAINT DEC. CENTER 4808 Dale Blvd. Dale City, Va. 22193 703 — 590-2450 We Carry a Complete Line of Duran Paints and Wall Coverings Pete the Freshman bear. Don’t all freshmen look alike? Mr. Mabry has retired but still continues to substitute. ALL WORK GUARANTEED Vo r Don By Prxjomkmml “ I FOUR SEASONS CUSTOM TAILORING W SpnioJlu in Alteration and Custom Tailoring for M»n. Women and Children FEATHERSTONE SQUARE LOWER LEVEL WOOOSRSOCE. VTRCTtlA TELEPHONE 70J W0 Formal Rentals — 15% Discount to Sr. — 10% Discount to Jr. HYLTON REALTY. INC. 57SB NORTMTON COURT WOOOBRIDGE. VIRGINIA 22183 (DALE CITY) LLOYD GROOMS NEW HOMES VA FHA CONV. OFFICE (703) 300-2000 METRO 643-1250 RESIDENT (703) 670-4466 Ads 289 Aadland, Carrie Abrell, Jeff 152 Abrell, Julie 238 Achenbach, Beth 256 Ackerman, Andrew 256 Ackerman, Carl 152 Adams, Anette 238 Adams, Curtis 256,16 Adams, Jack Adams, Laura 238 Adams, Lori 238 Adams, Patricia 238 Adams, Ronald Adams, Skip 238 Addison, Scott 152 Addison, Vicki 152 Adkins, Rebecca 238 Agatep, Florence 256 Agee, Debra 256 Aguilar, Gerardo 238 Ahern, James 256 Ahern, John 256 Ahern, Scott 238 Aiken, Ryane 238 Akers, Jacquelin 152 Akers, Lisa 238 Aldrich, Christopher 152 Aldrich, James 152 Aldrich, Joseph 238 Aldridge, Ahika 256 Aldridge, Kellie 220 Aleemi, Asif 220 Alexander, Dean 238 Alexander, Rodney 256 Alexander, Sandy 152 Alford, John 220 Allen, Jerry 256 Allen, Theresa 152 Alliason, Martha 152, 24 Anderson, Angel Anderson, Catherine 256 Anderson, Curtis Anderson, Daryl 238 Anderson, Judith 256 Anderson, Kimberly 220 Anderson, Renee 152 Anderson, Tina Andrejko, Christian 152 Andrew, David 238 Anger, Douglas Angle, David 238 Anthony, Eric 238 Anthony, Shawn 256 Antwi, Caroline 220 Apperson, Carlton 152 Appleby, Anthony 55 Arbisi, Timothy 152,16 Arcaro, R obert 152 Archie, Adele 152 Arends, Margo 238 Arends, Ramon 153 Armstrong, Byron 220 Arnett, Scott 238 Arnold, Christopher L. 220 Arnold, Christopher 256 Arnold, Laura 220, 15 Arnold, Margaret 153 Arnold, Vivienne 256 Arnoldi, Christine 23,153 Arnoldi, Diane 256 Arrington, Bonnie 153 Arrington, Connie 153 Arrington, Michael 220 Arthur, Kelly 153 Artis, Patricia 153 Artz, John 153,14 Aruta, Catherina 220 Arvai, Kelly 220, 28, 252 Asbury, Jeffrey 238 Asbury, Michelle 256 Ashline, Kathryn Ashton, William 153 Astrin, Stacy 256 Atseff, Virginia 153 Attreed, Kevin 238 Atwater, Gerylie 238 Atwater, Norman 238 Atwell, Tammie 256 Aub, Julie 220 August, Karl 238 Augustosky, Richard 238 Austin, Daniel 238 Aveni, Donna 256 Avery, Dawn 238, 20, 97 Avery, Fawn 220 Azzouz, Khader 220 Bachert, Manfred Bachert, Nancy 256 Bagato, Jeffery 153 Bagnerise, Jennifer 256 Bohle, Patricia 153 Bahorich, Mary 153 Bailey, Denise 238 Bailey, Brigitte 153,36 Baillargeon, Lori 153 Baith, Kimberly 153 Baker, Eugene 154 Baker, Garry Baker, Janilyn 154 Baker, Phyllis 256 Baker, Reginald Baker, Tracey 238 Baldwin, Benjamin 154 Baldwin, Tamara 256 Baldwin, Tyrone 220 Baldwin, Valerie 154 Ball, Debra 238 Balls, Mark 220 Ballard, Taras 220 Banks, Brian 154 Banks, Brigette 220 Baransky, Chris 238 Baransky, Timothy 256 Barber, Anne 220 Barber, Michael 256 Bardon, Robert 154 Barfield, Norma 238 Barge, Carl 154 Barker, Michael 256 Barnes, Kim 256 Barnes, Mark 256 Barnett, Carl 220 Barnhart, James 154,51, 210, 209 Barnhill, Laura 154 Barnhill, Randi 256 Baron, Melissa Barr, Dorothea 154 Barrante, Raymone 256 Barrett, Marshall 220 Barrett, Misti 154 Barrino, Lisa Barrino, Tonya 256 Barry, Thomas 154 Bartee, Jerry 154,38 Bartels, Bruce Bartels, Tracie Barth, Sandra Basham, William 154 Batdorf, Leslie 220 Bates, Larry 238 Bates, Toni 256 Bates , Tonya 256 Battaglia, Mark 220 Battglia, Michell 256 Bauer, Tim 256 Baugh, Brett 220 Baumgartner, Greg 256 Baumgarter, Sean Bazyk, John 154 Beach, Michael 154 Beadle, Jeffrey 238 Beahm, Sandra 238 Beames, Thomas 220 Beardsley, Alan 155 Beardsley, Peter 220 Beardsley, Waite 256 Beasley, Charles 238 Beaty, Dwayne 238 Beauchamp, Tim 155 Beaver, Catherine 238 Beaver, Randolph 220 Beck, Susan 238 Beckett, James Beckler, Tina 256 Bedard, David 256 Bedard, Raymond 155 Beggs, Robert 155 Beglin, Jeffrey 238 Beglin, John 155 Beighlea, Diane 256 Beightol, Lisa 155,97 Beisley, Lorraine 220 Bella, Michael 155 Bellinger, David 155 Bellinger, Mark 238 Benavides, Elsie 155, 31 Bender, Gregory 238 Benedetto, Robert Benedict, Mary 220 Benham, Margaret 155, 16 Bennet, Lisa 238 Bennett, Karen 238 Bennett, Kimberly 155 Benson, Colin Benton, Stanley 256 Beranek, Kara 220 Beranek, John 256 Berfield, Rex 155 Berish, Ronald 256 Bernhardt, Cathy 256 Bernhardt, Lisa 220 Beuley, Beth 256 Bevell, Melanie 238 Bice, Traci 238 Bickham, Rebecca 256 Bilbrey, Donald 155 Bills, Mark Bills, Thomas Bilodeau, Richard 238 Bird, Laura 155 Bischof, Beverly 155 Bischof, Brett 155 Bischof, Robert 238 Bishop, Lisa 156 Bishop, Theresa 238 Bivings, Cynthia 156 Bjerve, Anette Bjorklund, Keith 156 Black, Barbara 257 Black, David 238 Black, Jonathan 220 Blackburn, Barbara Blackwell, Angela 239 Blackwell, Loretta 156 Blackwell, Patrick 257 Blair, Sean Blais, Colette 220 Blake, Victor Blakely, Laura Blakely, Donna 156 Bland, Douglas Bland, Nyla 156,8 Blank, Russell Blankenship, Eli 257 Blankenship, Regin Blanton, Elise 239 Blevins, Eddie Bloxton, Jeffrey 239 Bloxton, Joe 156 Bodner, Jennifer 239 Bohannon, Cara 220 Bohr, Lenora 220 Bohr, Roger 239 Boik, Douglas 156 Boland, Lisa 220 Boling, Karen 220,8,51 Bolling, Steven Boodee, Bart 220, 69 Boodee, Mark 156,55,208 Booth, Charlotte Booth, Craig Boros, Gregory 220 Borough, Alan 220 Borough, David 257 Bosch, Virginia 220 Bowe, James 239 Bowe, Sheri 257 Bowen, Dana 257 Bowen, Gregory 239 Bowen, Roger 239 Bowens, Craig Bowles, Randal Jam Bowles, Jeffrey 257 Bowles, Lisa Ann 239 Boyd, Cynthia Lynn Boyd, Domini 257 Boyd, James 220 Boyd, Richard 257 Boyer, Charles J. 239 Boyer, Pamela Iren Boyle, Robert H. 257 Bradford, Keith L. 239 Bradley, Lisa L. 257 Brady, Pamela 257 Brady, Scott 239 290 Index Brain, Debra Ann 220 Brain, Steven A. 156 Brandt, Kirk Lee 156 Brann, Camela 257 Brann, Edward 220 Brannan, Christie 156 Bratcher, Laura K. Braun, Sara 220, 37 Breeden, Michael 239 Breeding, Robert 156 Breneman, Aaron 220 Brenneman, Shari L. 257 Breenen, Cindy 40 Brewer, Larry Brewer, Linda Bridges, Maria T. 220 Bridges, Nepthal S. Briggs, Tammy J. 239 Briggs, Wendi Ann 257 Briody, Anthony J. 239 Britton, Calvin L. 57 Britton, Christi L. Britton, Donovan R. 239 Britton, Eileen A. 220 Britton, Mario Dat 257 Brockman, Eric A. 220 Brockman, Paulette 239 Brooke, Bradley S. 221 Brooke, Randall N. 239, 48 Brooke, Robert M. 239 Brooks, Alise 239 Brooks, Joseph Lam 156 Brooks, Patricia 221, 15 Brooks, Thomas M. 257 Brophy, Matthew 221 Brosch, Tracey L. 157 Brosius, Denise 157 Brown, Barbara J. 221 Brown, Bill Brown, Bonnie L. 221 Brown, Colette E. 157, 36 Brown, Colleen 239 Brown, Debra A. 157 Brown, Debra Ann 221 Brown, Diane L. 151 Brown, Diane M. 239 Brown, Donna L. 239 Brown, Eileen 239 Brown, Eric 239 Brown, James Chris 157 Brown, James R. 157,19 Brown, Janine M. 239 Brown, Joyce 221 Brown, Karen 239 Brown, Katherine 157 Brown, Kevin 239 Brown, Lawrence 257 Brown, Michael J. 239 Brown, Michael T. 257 Brown, Michael T. Brown, Michele 157,51 Brown, Monica 221 Brown, Paul 221 Brown, Russell Brown, Sandy 221,19 Brown, Sharon 157 Brown, Susan 257 Brown, Teresa 221 Browne, Michael 157 Browning, Lisa 221 Brozena, Linda 221 Bruce, Barry 157 Bruce, Jamie 221 Bruce, John Brueser, Tracy 157 Bryant, Jeff 221 Bryant, Kenneth 239 Bryant, Pamela 257 Bryant, Sheryl 239 Bryk, Daniel 157 Bryk, Edward 239 Buchanan, Ian 157 Buchanan, Neil Bucheit, Andrew 157 Buchner, Lisa 158 Buchner, Steve 239 Buck, Stephanie 158 Bucknam, Jenny 221,97 Bugge, Stephen 158 Buhle, Patricia Bullard, Jason 221 Bullard, Kathryn 257 Bullard, Rebecca 221 Bullard, Rupert 158 Bullock, Carolyn 158 Bullock, Rosetta 221 Bullock, Sheldon 239 Bullock, Spear Bunn, Brendan 221,39, 56 Bunn, Eric 257 Bunton, Holli 257 Bunton, Kevin 221 Bunton, Wayne 158 Burchett, Gerry 158 Burgess, Marshall 158 Burian, Susan 257 Burke, Michael 257 Burke, Nancy Burks, Robert Burks, Trisha Burnett, David 239, 48 Burnett, Douglas 158 Burnette, Melias 239 Burns, Donna 158,209 Burr, Renee 257 Burrage, Brian 239 Burrage, David 158 Burrill, Gregory 257 Burrow, Darrell 239 Burton, Casaundra Burton, Katrina 221 Burton, Robert 239 Busdiecker, Linda 158 Bush, Lisa 158 Butcher, John Butler, Donna 239 Butler, Gerald 158 Butler, Monique Butler, Nicki 239 Butler, Rodney 257 Butler, William 158 Byram, Barbara 221 Byram, Bonnie 25 Byrd, Barbara 257 Byrd, Kimberly 239 Byrne, Rodney 221 Byrne, Tony 257 Byrne, Wayne Caddy, Jeffrey 239 Cadwallader, Ron 239 Cadwallader, Tammy 159 Cail, Hoover 239 Cain, Kimberly Cain, Larhonda Calfy, Karen Callahan, Cheryl 159 Callahan, Lourie 257 Callahan, Ronnie 41 Calliotte, Mary 239 Calwell, Darin 257 Camp, Tracy 159 Campbell, Dawn 239 Campbell, H. Brent 239 Campbell, Jackie 221 Campbell, Shonda 240 Campbell, Toniko 159 Campbell, WM Bruce 159 Canada, Sharon 159,26 Cannon, Carter 159 Canody, Karen 159 Cappel, Dennis 140, 29 Caprara, Anthony 221 Caprara, James Cardenas, Patrick 257 Cardinal, Michael 159, 22 Carlson, Eric 221 Carlson, Erik Carlson, Stacey 257 Carlson, Walter 221 Carmichael, Deni 257 Carmichael, John 2 Carney, Sharon Carney, Travis Carpenter, Chris 240 Carpenter, James 159 Carpenter, Lori 257 Carper, Bobby 240 Carper, Kimolyn Carper, Trinia 221 Carr, Charles 240 Carr, David 257 Carr, Joy 257 Carr, Roger 221 Carrell, Mark 257 Carrera, Roberto 221 Carroll, Billy Joe Carroll, Kenneth 257 Carrubba, Tim 221 Carson, Shawn 159 Carter, June 159 Carter, Michelle 257 Carter, Sandra 221,48 Carter, Walter 221 Carver, Mary Ann 159 Casey, Dennis Cash, Dawn Cashwell, Jean 159 Cashwell, Linda 257 Cassidy, Cindy Castro, Robert 159 Cate, Mary Sue 221 Cates, Kevin Catli, Evangeline Catli, Gelinoalyn Catterton, Norman 159 Cavey, Thomas 160,13 Cecere, Philip 240 Cecil, Kevin 258 Cecilio, Richard 221 Cephas, John 221 Chace. Cynthia 20,160, 32 Chamberlain, Timmy 240, 4, 29 Channels, Michelle 258 Chantelau, Christo 221 Chantelau, Katheri 240 Chapman, Boyd 221 Chapman, Theresa 160 Chavez, Robert 240 Cheek, Debra 160 Cheeks, Lisa 258 Cheeks, Paris 160 Chesley, Annemarie 221 Chesley, Michael 258 Chester, Bryant Chestnut, Thomas 160 Chevalier, Leticia 160 Chiddix, Kimberly 258 Chiddix, Traci 221 Childers, Terence Childers, Theresa Childers, Timothy Chiles, James 160 Chisholm, Meighan 160 Cho, Joanne 221,22,96 Chopin, Cindy 160 Chopin, Fredrick 240 Chopin, Linda 258 Chorro, Torres Christiansen, Anne 160 Chucala, Stella 240 Chuday, Eugene 258 Churchill, John 240 Churchill, Terry 221 Clark, Colleen 258 Clark, Cynthia 221 Clark, Gregory 160 Clark, Jeanette 221,39 Clark, Mary 240 Clark, Phillip 160 Clarke, Walter Clarson, Steve 160 Claspell, Sheryl 221 Claveloux, Laura 258 Clay, Greg 258 Clegg, Adam Clem, Steven 160 Clemen, Angela 258 Clements, Dawn 160 Clements, Lisa 240 Climp, Kevin 161 Clinton, Robin 240 Clubb, F. Marie 240 Clubb, John J. Jr. 221 Clunne, Yvonne 240 Coaly, Larry 240 Coates, Debra 161 Coates, Joni 161 Coats, Lisa Coaxum, Carol 240 Coburn, Carol 161 Coerse, Daphne 221 Coffee, Chris 240 Index 291 Coffee, Jennifer 258 Coffey, Denine 161 Coffey, Terri 221 Cogle, Malinda Cogswell, Michael 221 Cohen, llene 221 Coker, Amanda 161 Colbert, Shirley 222 Colby, Kent 222 Colcombe, Linda 161 Cole, James 222 Coleman, Carl 161 Coleman, Vicki 240 Collier, Dena 258 Collier, Teresa 161 Collins, Cathy 258 Collins, Cynthia 258 Collins, Francis 161 Collins, James 161 Collins, Michael 258 Collins, Patrick 222 Collins, Steven 222 Collins, Terry 161 Colna, Lisa 161 Coloma, Carol 240 Combs, Gary 258 Combs, Leon Combs, Patricia Combs, Robbie 222 Comer, Steve 240 Comings, Donna 258 Conahan, Kathi 161 Conaway, Thomas 240 Cone, Patrick 240 Conger, David 222,51, 56 Conlan, Michael 240 Conlan, Patricia 240 Conley, Christine 240 Conner, Michael 222 Connor, Jacqueline 240 Conway, Lisa 222 Conwell, Janet 222 Cook, Edward 222 Cook, Jane Cook, Jeni 14 Cook, Mary 258 Cook, Melissa Cook, Tommy 222 Cook, Virginia 161 ' Cooley, Stephanie 222 Cooper, Barry 258 Cooper, Joseph 222 Cooper, Michele Cooper, Michele Cooper, Sharon 161 Copeland, Victoria 240 Cope, Lisa 222 Corazzo, Christine 162 Corbin, Eric 162 Corbin, Gary 240 Corbin, Sharon 240 Corman, Lynn 240 Cornelison, Carmen 162 Cornett, Jeffery 162 Cornwell, Doris 162 Corrick, William 162 Corson, Richard 162, 209 Cosand, Shawne 222 Cosand, Tracey 258 Cosby, Arleta 162 Cosby, Sanantha 240 Cosgriff, Gary 162 Costello, Bradley 162 Cotton, John 222, 50 Couch, Nicholas 222 Coughenour, Michael 222,29 Coughenour, Sherri 240 Coulbourn, David Coulther, Shelli 162 Counts, Darrell 222 Cousins, Robert 162 Coutts, Richard 222 Cox, Catherine 162 Cox, David 240 Cox, James 240 Cox, Mary 162,54,57,208 Craig, Laura 222 Craig, Linda 162 Crane, Cathleen 162 Crane, Keith 163 Crawford, Brian 240 Crawford, Todd 258 Crawford, Todd 240 Creamer, Catherine Creamer, Cheryl 162 Creason, Kenith 222 Creel, Albert 258 Creneti, Janice 240 Crespo, Margaret 258 Crespo, Richard 258 Crews, John 163 Critchley, Donald 163 Crittendon, Grady 163 Crocker, John 222 Crocker, Karen 240 Crockett, Dale 222 Crone, Dana 163 Cronin, John 163 Cropper, Leslie Cross, Christopher Cross, Harvey 163 Cross, Timothy 258 Grossman, Troy Crotts, Kevin 163 Crowell, Lori 163 Crowley, Cathleen 222 Cryan, Pamela 163, 8 Culik, Andrea 240 Cullop, Todd 222 Cummings, Elaine 222 Cummings, Lynne 258 Cummings, Lisa Curd, Linda 163 Curran, Catherine 163, 32 Currier, Anthony 258 Curtis, David 163 Cusati, Jerry 222 Czul, Elizabeth 163 Dabney, Brian Daderio, Cheryl 163 Dahl, Christine 258 Dali, Claus Dali, John Dallman, Mark 258 Daluisio, Christin Davisio, Mike 240 Dameron, Robin 240 Danby, Shawn Dandar, Edward 222 Darcangelo, Mary 164 Davies, Richard 241 Davis, Annette 241 Davis, Craig 164 Davis, Gregory 258 Davis, James Davis, Jeffery 241 Davis, John Davis, Karen 258 Davis, Larry 164 Davis, Linda 241 Davis, Marie 241 Davis, Mark 241 Davis, Natasha 258 Davis, Tammy Marie 164 Dawson, David 222 Dawson, Mark 258 Dawson, Patricia 241 Dawson, Thomas Day, Edgar F. 222 Day, Kimberly 164 Day, Pamela Dean, Kimberly 258 Dean, Ronquillo 164 Dean, Shari Anne 258 Decao, Stephen Decastro, Virginia 164 Deckard, Rafe Decker, Bruce 258 Decker, Karl 258 Decker, William 241 Deel, Barry 241 Defilippis, Mark Defrees, Renee 222 Deguaman, Alexander Deguzman, Micheal 241 Delaney, Alfred 5 Delaney, Michael 258 Delaverson, Charmaine 44 Delaverson, Terri 164 Deleon, Elena 258 Dell, John 164 Dellapenna, Jeane 164 Dellapenna, Judy 164 Delucca, Judina 164 Deluisio, Missy 13 Demont, Tod 258 Demsko, Robert 222 Dennis, Angela Dennis, Rebecca Dennison, Karen 164 Denny, Kelly Denson, Charles 241 Dent, James 241 Denzer, Jeffrey Depaulo, Ralph 164 Depoy, David 258 Depoy, Michelle 258 Derosier, Scott 241 Desanto, Robert Desmarais, William 222 Destephanis, Mark 164 Destephanis, Renee 222 DeVenney, Patrick 165 DeVenney, Richard 241 Devore, Anita Diaz, Donna Dibbley, Jerrine 241 Dick, David 165 Dick, Margaret 258 Dickerson, Danny Dickerson, Norman Dickhute, Rodney 222 Diekmeier, Thomas 241 Dierker, Mark 22 2 Dietz, David 259 Dietz, Michelle 259 Diezel, Fredrick 165 Diffenbaugh, Dean 259, 41 Diffenbaugh, Drew 222 Diggs, Robert 165 Dill, Brooke 165 Dillon, Charles 259 Dimascio, Christopher 222 Dipaola, Manuel 241 Dittmer, Theresa 222 Divers, Gregory Divver, Richard 259 Dixon, Charles 44 Dixon, Donald 165 Dodge, Richard 165 Dobson, Brenda 241 Dobson, Jerri 165 Dodson, Joanne 145 Dolan, Marypat 241 Dollarhide, James Dollarhide, Thomas 16, 259 Domenick, Mary 241 Donley, Rosanna 222, 23 Donnelly, Kathleen 259 Donnelly, Kelly 165 Donohoue, Rose 241 Donovan, Robert Doolaghty, Kathy 165 Dormstetter, Christopher 259 Dorn, Angela 222 Dorn, John 241 Dorton, Jeffrey 165, 8, 12 Doss, William 165 Dove, Donna 241 Dowd, Kerry 165 Dowd, Roger 259 Dowd, Stacie Downing, Ronald 222 Doyal, Bobby 202, 39 Doyle, Shawn 241 Doyle, Stephen 259 Drage, Marcia 241 Dragone, David 222 Dreher, Cynthia Driver, Greg 241 Drotos, Mark 241 Drotos, Mike 165 Drummond, Angela 259 Drummond, Joann 165 Drury, Michael 222, 33 Duarte, Margaret 166, 51 Dubois, Michelle 241 Dubuisson, Aimee 166 Dubuisson, Jenni 241, 4 Dueringer, Janet 292 Index Dugan, Karen 166 Dulaney, Kent 222 Dulaney, Paul Duncan,John 166 Duncan, Kimberly 241 Dunn, Gregory 259 Dunn, Michele 166 Dunn, Patrick 241 Durham, Scott 166 Durham, Stephen 241 Duvall, David 259 Duvall, Sean 241 Dwyer, Diane 166 Dyer, Carrie Dyer, Catherine 166 Eads, Howard 241 Earl, Hank 166,28 Early, Rhonda 222, 51 Earman, Matthew 241 Easterly, Doug Easterwood, Jeffrey 241 Eberly, April 259 Eberly, Ronald Ebron,Todd 259 Echelbarger, Tammy 259 Eczemi, Amir 222 Edelschick, Tara Edgar, Jeanne 222 Edgar, Mary Edwards, Anthony Edwards, Crystal 164 Edwards, Deborah 223 Edwards, David 259 Edwards, Paul Edwards, Robert Edwards, Starranne 166 Eggleston, Michael 241 Ehlers, Catherine 259 Ehiers, Jane 166,96 Eicher, Deborah 241 Einsmann, Charles 259 Ekren, Darren 259 Ekren, Wendy 166 Elis, Brandt 259 Ellard, David 166 Ellard.Todd 259 Ellars, Frank Ellenberger, Kristine 166 Ellington, Tracy 166 Ellinwood, Jamie 223 Ellinwood, Tina 15 Elliott, Dale 167 Elmore, David 167 Elston, Ronald Ely, Richard Elzeni, Amr Emelio, Richard 223 Embrey, Denise Embrey, Jonothan 259 Embrey, Michelle 167, 18 Emelio, Richard England, Elizabeth England, Teddy 167 Engle, Daniel 241 Engleka, Jean English, George Enmon, Leanne Ennis, Susan 241 Enos, Mark Enos, Matthew 259 Estabrook, David 241 Estabrook, Michael 223 Estes, Michael 167 Eubanks, Sean 223 Evans, Britton 241 Evans, Elizabeth 167 Evans, Kathy 11,241, 50, 56 Evans, Zeda Evatt, Bruce 259 Everett, Kenneth Eves, James Ewing, Mickey 24 Ewing, Thomas 259 Fair, Gerald 241 Fair, Vickie Fairbanks, Deborah 167 Fairley, Darryl 251 Falce, Shari 259 Falter, Jeffrey 167 Farish, David 259 Farley, Sherrie 167 Farr, Jennifer 167 Farria, Michael 167 Farrington, James 167 Farrington, Robert 242 Fass, Diana 167 Faulkner, Pamela 29, 223 Favreau, Leslie 242 Fayak, Michelle 223 Fayard, Kimberly 242 Feagan, Christopher 167 Feeny, Michael 259 Fegley, Cheryl 167 Feliciano, Jorge 167 Felter, Kellee 259 Felter, Richard Felter, Scott 242 Fennell, Kimberly Fenske, Jean Fenter, Robert 168 Ferguson, Valarie Fernandez, Edward 223, 9 Ferri, Brenda 168, 8 Ferri, Debra 223 Fertsch, Pam Fick, Kathleen 168 Fielden, Mary 223 Fields, Edwina Fields, Nicole 223 Fields, Tammy 168 Figueroa, Henry 33, 223, 33 Figueroa, Jasmine Finlayson, Michael 259 Finlayson, Richard 223 Finney, Stanley 16 Fish, Jeffrey 242 Fish, Vernon 259 Fisher, Patrick 223 Fishpaw, Alice 223 Fitzgerald, Kim 259 Fitzgerald, William 168 Fitzwater, Tiffany 259 Flaherty, Michael 223 Flaherty, Vicki 168,4,54, 96 Flannigan, Kerry 168 Flannigan, Kevin 168 Fleming, Sue Ellen Fletcher, Helen Fletcher, Michael 168 Fletcher, Michelle 242 Flinchum, Perry 223 Flowers, Anastacia 223 Flowers, James Flynn, Michael 242 Flynn, Susan 33,168, 32,33 Flynn, Victoria 259 Fogoros, Theresa 6,168 Foley, Christina 168,97 Foley, Willis 259 Folks, Marsha 168 Fontane, Lisa 259 Fontane, Maria 168 Foote, Bruce 168 Fortner, Jeanne 223 Foster, Gary 29, 242 Foster, John 259 Fowler, Anthony 259 Fowler, David 242 Fowler, Jeffrey 242 Fowler, Stacie 168 Fox, Brian 223 Fox, Tammy 223 Fraber, John 242 Fraker, Susan 223 Franklin, Eric 242 Frasier, Earlene 169 Fratzke, Deanna 259 Fratzke, Kristine Frazier, James Frazier, Michael 17 Freeby, Patricia 223 Freeman, David 223 Freeman, Shelbe 259 Freeman, Tony Fretwell, Eric 223 Friend, Brian 260 Froehle, Michelle Frye, Eugene 242 Fryling, Warren 260 Fuchs, Jenny Fuchs, Judith 223 Fugate, Mary 223 Fulford, Kimberly 223 Fulgencio, Mary Fulkerson, David Fullem, James 223 Fullem, Margaret 242 Fuller, Alexandra Fuller, Jennifer Fulton, Gregory 242 Funk, Bridget 169 Funkhouser, Dawn 242 Furman, Tammy 242 Futrell, Rodney 223 Gaddy, Dana 169 Gaddy, Kenneth Gainor, Rhonda 223 Gallagher, Patrick 223 Gallaher, John Gallentine, Todd 223 Gallik, John 241 Galloway, Bobby 223 Galloway, Kenneth Galloway, Stacey 241 Galloway, Tametha 260 Gamboa, Dionisio 260 Ganino, Anne 56 Ganino, John 260 Ganino, Lisa 51,223 Gankiewicz, Kimberly Gardiner, William Gardner, Chris 223 Garland, Johnny Garr, Murrell 50, 169 Garza, John Gathof, Douglas Gathof, William Jr. 242 Gathof, Kimberly 169 Gatlin, Marcus 242 Gay, Alan 242 Gay, Trudy 169 Gayda, Mark 169 Gaymon, Crystal 223 Gaymon, Robert 169 Gazda, Barbara 242 Gazda, Karen Sue 223 Gazda, Lisa 260 Gazda, Susan 260 Geary, David 169 Geer, Venessa 260 Gefrich, John 260 Geiger, Danny 223, 14 Gemsheim, Ron 169,210 Gemsheim, Timothy 242 George, Christine 223 George, Joy 169 George, Michael Gerda, Roma 242 Gerezgher, Ghenet 260 Gianni, Karen Gibbs, Charles Gibbs, Larry 260 Gibson, Sylvia 169 Gibson, William 242 Giddings, Daryl 242 Giddings, Gidget 169 Giffin, Angela Gillespie, Rebecca Gillespie, Richard Gillette, Daniel 260 Gillette, Michael 223,21, 95, 97 Gilliam, Nancy 223, 23 Gillian, Shannon 242 Gillikin, Andreas Gillikin, Eric Gillis, John 170 Gillison, Catherine 170 Gilmore, Dovel 170 Gilmore, Michael Giltner, Joseph 170 Gimmi, Genevieve 242 Gimmi, Mark 170 Girard, Robert 242 Givens, Ronald Gladen, Craig 18 Glover, Leslie 242 Godby, Daphne 242 Goewey, Robert 260 Goff, Tracy 242 Golembiowski, Scott 223 Good, Crystal 260 Good, Darren 223 Index 293 Good,John 260 Good, Michael 5,22,97 Goode, Gary 260 Goode, Mary 170 Goodrich, Julian 170 Goodrich, Samuel 260 Goodrich, William 260 Goodroe, Toni 223 Goodwin, Alonzo 260 Goodwin, Carolyn 242 Gordon, Anthony 242 Gordon, John 170 Gorham, George Gorsuch, Sandra 223 Gorsuch, Sharon 260 Gotze, Bettina 170 Gould, Sandra 170 Goulla, Diane 260 Grafmuller, Mary 33, 170, 13,32,33 Grantham, Mary Grantham, Sandra 260 Graulau, Israil 241 Graulau, Victor 170,14 Gray, April 223 Gray, Catherine 223 Gray, Charles 170 Gray, Stephanie 260 Greaves, Heidi 223, 242 Green, Carol 170 Green, Daniel 260 Green, Lionel 17 Green, Richard 224 Greene, Eric 223,41 Greene, John 260 Greene, Lisa Greene, Mary Ann 171 Greene, Shannon 224 Greer, David 171 Greer, Harold Grega, Joe 171 Gregory, Darlene 171 Greiner, Heather Greiner, Tracy Greth, David 224 Grevey, Julie 224, 97 Grieff, Ellen 260 Grieff, Karen 224 Griffin, Eric 260 Griffith, Sandra 260 Griffith, Vivian 224 Grigsby, Michael Grim, Debora 224, 37 Grim, Renee 20 Grimes, Wendy Lee 14, 260 Grimm, Lee Anna 171 Grosskopf, Mark 242 Grove, Kinberly 171 Grove, Robin 242 Grover, Stephen 260 Groves, Jackie 260 Grow, Leigh Ann 224 Gradalupe, Jacquel Grastella, Stephen 171 Guba, Rita 23,171,96,210 Guerra, Luis 171 Gulli, Cristina 224 Gulli, Daniel 242 Gundler, Denise Guthrie, Kevin 224 Gutierrez, David 171,25 Guterrez, Tim 260 Guttormsen, Sandra 260 Guttormsen, Theres Guzman, Alex 260 Gwiazdowski, Angel Gwinn, Karen 171 Haag, Lori Ann 171 Hadley, Cynthia 171,36 Hagerty, Kevin Hagerity, Linda Hagin, Robin Hague, R. Stanley 171 Haines, Kenneth 260 Hales, Donald 242 Hall, Charles 171 Hall, Cindy 224 Hall, Merita 242 Hallam, Kimber Haller, Darrin 260 Halman, Anthony 260 Halpin, Cristin 171 Halsey, Diane 10, 172 Halsey, Tina 260 Hamako, Ime 260 Hamako, Lisa 242 Hamilton, Betty 224 Hamilton, Daniel 242 Hamlett, Robin 224 Hamlett, William 260 Hammer, Jill 242 Hammond, Mary 260 Hammond, Micks 242, 12 Hammond, William Hamn, Erica Hampton, Sydni 242 Hamric, Mike 260 Hanberry, Kim 260 Hannahi, Ervin Hans, Eva Michelle Hans, M. Minonne 243 Hardee, James R. 172 Harder, William 243 Hardy, Cheryl 260, 23 Hargis, David 224 Hargrave, Stephen 172 Hari, Bobby 243 Harman, Brenda 261 Harman, Gene 243 Harper, Gregg 261 Harper, Mark 172 Harper, Sandra Harps, Timothy 261 Harrington, Matthew 224,22 Harris, Barbara 243 Harris, Chotima Harris, David 172 Harris, Howard 243 Harris, Pamela 172 Harris, Patanochia 224 Harris, Pornpan 261 Harris, Scott 261 Harris, Sharon 172 Harris, Shauntay 243, 9, 27 Harris, Stacy 9 Harris, Tyrone Harrison, Holly Harrison, Paula 172 Harrod, Deborah 261 Harsh, Mary Kay 172 Hart, Cathleen 172,41 Hart, Donald 261 Hart, Monica 243 Hart, Patrick 261 Hart, Robert Hart, Theresa 261 Harting, Kenneth Harting, Paula 261 Hartman, Carol Hartman, Lisa Harvey, James 261 Haskins, Franklin Hasley, Julia 224,18 Hatton, Heidi Haught, Dennis 261 Haught, Jill 172 Havner, Shelly 172 Hawkins, Jeffrey Hawkins, Lisa 172 Haycraft, Harold 261 Hayes, Carol 172 Hayes, Cynthia 243 Hayes, Donna 261 Hayes, Jerry 224 Hayes, Lori 261 Hayes, Virginia 243 Haymond, Andrew 173 Haymond, Elizabeth 243 Haynes, Teresa 243 Haynes, Tory 243 Haywood, Judy 261 Heatwole, Juanita 173 Hedrick, Trina 261 Heinen, Dale Heininge, Christin 243 Heininger, Holly 243 Heishman, Michael 224 Hemby, Lawrence 173 Hempel, Michael 1 Hempel, William 173 Henderson, April 173 Hendley, Kenneth 224 Henri, Steven 173 Henry, Angela 243 Henry, Brock Henry, John 173 Henry, Mark Henry, Thomas 224 Hensley, Gary 173 Herd, Vicki Lynn 173 Herder, Donna 261 Herndon, Elecia 224 Herrell, Cheryl 224 Herring, Kevin Herring, Rhonda 56 Hersam, Cheryl 173 Hersam, Richard 243 Hertzog, Robin 243 Hess, Kimberly 173 Hess, Mark 243 Hicks, Diana Kay 243 Hicks, Karen Jean 173 Hicks, Lisa Gayle 224 Hicks, Norman Hicks, Peggy 261 Hidalgo, Jaye Lynn 173 Hiett, Melissa 261 Higdon, Robert Higgins, James 173 Hileman, Cynthia Hilins, James Hilins, Joyce 261 Hill, Angela Hill, Daniel 261 Hill, Katherine 243 Hill, Lisa 243 Hill, Maria 243 Hill, Michael 243 Hill, Richard Hill, Susan 27,39 Hill, William 173 Hillman, Daniel Hillstrom, Eric Hilmer, Christopher 173 Himelight, Pam 261 Hinchee, Harvey 174,21 Hinchee, Lynette Hine, Rebecca 174 Hinebaugh, Rhonda 261 Hineline, Jon 174 Hiner, Michelle Hines, Valissa Hinson, Garnett Hixson, David Hobbs, Pamela 261 Hobgood, Donna 174 Hodge, Annette 261 Hodge, Michael Hosge, Timothy Hoerr, Christine 261 Hoerr, Nichael Hoff, Nichelle 261 Hoffman, Stephen 174 Hoffmann, Barbara 174 Hoffmann, Elizabeth Hoffmann, Kerry 261 Hogan, Donald Hogancamp, Michele 11 Hohensee, Justine Holcombe, Janet 261 Holden, Cathy Holland, George Holland, Lloyd 261 Hollandsworth, N. 174 Holley, Karen Holloway, Henry Holmes, David Holmes, Jerome Holmes, Mark Holmes, Walter Holt, Staci 261 Holtam, Loretta Homan, Chieko 174 Homan, Naomi 174, 209 Hooper, Brain Hooper, Gregory 174 Hopkins, Terri 261 Horne, Milita Horne, Renetta Horner, Ronald 174 Hosfeld, Jeff 174 Houck, Linda 174 Housier, Glenn 261 Houston, Alan Houston, Howard Houston, Richard 294 Index Houten, William Hoverter, Carolyn 174 Howard, Allen Howard, John Howard, Mark Howard, Michael 10,6, 14 Howard, Reginald Howard, Tracey 8,26 Howell, Lena Howell, Wanda 174 Hoy, John Hubbard, Robert Hubbard, William Hudson, Deborah 174, 22 Hudson, Ernest 175 Hudson, Laura Huft, Charles Huff, Dana 175 Huffman, Patricia 175 Huffstickler, Cynthia Huggins, Alisa 175,36 Huggins, Robert Huhn, Tracy 175 Hummer, Michelle Humphrey, Alicia Humphreys, Michael 261 Humphries, Lisa Hunt, Melva Hunt, Philip Hunter, Wanda 261 Huntsinger, Rebecca 175, 96 Huskey, Laura Hussaini, Manijah 261 Hussaini, Fazilah Hutchens, David Hutson, Diane 175 Hutson, Eric Hutt, Ramona 261 Hyman, Kimberly 261 Inchauteguiz, Peter 175 Inchauteguiz, Rachel 261 Ingram, Jill 57 Ingram, Todd Innes, Steven 261 Irby, Andrea Irby, Steve 261 Irvin, Mark 261 Irvin, Scott 29 Irvin, Steven 225, 10 Iseminger, David Iseminger, Dawn 175 Jabs, Colleen 261 Jabs, Gregory 175 Jabs, Timothy 225 Jachimowicz, Ann 225 Jackson, Angela Jackson, Angelique Jackson, Bryan Jackson, Craig Jackson, Craig A. 262 Jackson, Joann Jackson, Kerry 175 Jackson, Lacricha 175 Jackson, Mark 175 Jackson, Michael Jacobson, Beth 225, 97 Jalis, Randall 175,27 James, Patrick Jamieson, Steven 262 Janecek, Kim Marie 175 Januszonis, Anthony Jorboe, James 225 Jarrell, Deborah Jebram, David 262 Jefferson, Christi Jefferson, Sonya 175 Jenkins, Anthony 262 Jenkins, Bobby Jenkins, Gordon 225, 14, 25 Jenkins, Jill Ann Jensen, Brian 225 Jensen, Christopher 176 Jerlstrom, Boel 225 Jersey, William Jess, Wesley 176 Jessee, Sherry 262 Jett, Michelle Joerger, Jeffrey 176 Johnson, Alonzo 262, 48 Johnson, Andrea Johnson, Angelia 262 Johnson, Anthony 225 Johnson, Barbie 262 Johnson, Beryl Johnson, Brian 176,7,209 Johnson, Brian K. Johnson, Curtis 176,17 Johnson, Donnell Johnson, Eartha 30 Johnson, Frank 262 Johnson, James Johnson, Janice Johnson, Jolayne 244 Johnson, Kathleen 262 Johnson, Kendall 176 Johnson, Kenneth 176 Johnson, Larry 244 Johnson, Lisa 176 Johnson, Reginald 262 Johnson, Robert 244 Johnson, Sandra 262 Johnson, Sharella 176, 12 Johnson, Stephanie 225 Johnson, Velma 225 Johnson, Veronica 176 Johnston, David 244 Johnston, Jerri 176 Johnston, Joseph 244 Johnston, Kimberly 262 Johnston, Lisa 244 Johnston, Marcus 225 Johnston, Tanya 244 Jones, April 176,12 Jones, Bryan 262 Jones, Christopher 225 Jones, Crystal 176,45 Jones, Cynthia 244 Jones, Darryl 176 Jones, Denise 244 Jones, Donald 225 Jones, Dora 176 Jones, George 262, 44 Jones, Gregory 176 Jones, Jennifer 262 Jones, Kevin 177 Jones, Kimberly 262 Jones, Pamela 225, 54 Jones, Parker 244 Jones, Robert 262 Jones, Stephanie 244 Jordan, Angela 244 Jordan, Diana 225 Jordan, Lagranda 262 Jordan, Suzanna 244 Joshlyn, Gay Lynn 262 Joyner, Hubert Jozwiak, Victoria Judy, Diana 225, 30 Judy, Kenneth 262 Kahler, Kebra 177 Kahoe, Alan 177 Kahrer, Renee 225 Kalski, Robert 244 Kalski, William 225 Kane, Kathryn 244 Kane, Susan 177 Kane, Thomas 225 Kang, Min Chul Kang, Sang Hoon Kanis, Jon 177,7 Karafas, Scott 262 Kaserman, Peter 177,21 Kashanikhah, Majid 177 Kashmer, Patrick 244 Kasik, Terri 244 Kastl, David 225 Kastl, Victoria 262 Katsarelis, Susan 177 Kay, Nina 225 Kearns, Bonnie Sue Keating, William Keefe, Carol 177 Keefe, Jennifer 262 Keefer, Thomas 262 Keeling, Victor Keene, Cathy 31,45 Keene, Mary 177 Keene, Worley 244 Kehn, Gary 225 Kelleher, Linda 244 Keller, Leslie 262 Keller, Stacy 225 Kelley, Dan 225 Kelley, Susan 225 Kelly, Shawn 33,177 Kemble, Lisa 177 Kemble, Terri Kendall, Stephenia Kennedy, Diana 244 Kennedy, Kim 244 Kent, Lolita 177 Kepano, Ginger Kepperling, Peter 177 Kerem, Suzan 177,23, 55, 56 Kerney, Susan 225 Kerst, Stefan Key, Kimberly 29, 244 Keys, Joanne 177 Keys, Teresa 244 Keys, Timothy 178 Khalili, Steven 29, 244 Kibler, Roger 262 Kidd, Lester 262 Kidwell, David 225 Kidwell, Karen 244, 22 Kidwell, Robert 244 Kilby, Susan 178 Kile, Douglas 262 Kile, Tommy 178 Killings, Rebecca 178 Kim, Julie 244 Kim, Mi Sean 244 Kimbrough, Carla 225 Kinder, Barry King, Avery 225 King, Brian 244 King, Christopher 225 King, Gary 178 King, Jannette 178,9 King, John 244 King, Natalie 178 King, Steve 178 Kinnett, Donald 262 Kinney, Robert Kiser, Kenneth 178 Kitchen, Janice 225 Kline, Jeff 244 Kline, Jerry Klopp, Craig Klotter, Brian 118 Klugh, Denise 178 Klugh, Melvin 178 Knegans, Grgory 178 Knepper, Scott Kniceley, Cynthia 244 Knock, Thomas Knoernschild, Chris 262 Knott, Donna 262 Knotts, Marsha 178 Knowles, Terri 262 Knuth, Scott 244 Koch, Albert 178 Kochel, Kenneth 244 Kochel, Timothy Kolar, David 244 Kolich, Robert Kollock, Michael 244 Komar, Kellie 178 Komar, Stacey 262 Koontz, Denneth 225 Kotrady, Anthony 262 Kotrady, Vincent 225 Koziol, Joel 225 Kramer, Mark 7, 10, 225 Kramer, Michael Kramer, Richard 179 Kranich, Tina Krawczyk, Katherine 179 Krein.Tami 225 Kreinar, Eric 245 Kreiner, Robert 179,25, 53, 210, 211 Krisner, Mark 225 Kroman, Laura 179 Ksanznak, Diane Kuehne, Duane 225 Kuhnke, Laurie 179 Kujawa, Raymone 245 Kuykendall, Dawn 245 Kuykendall, Kim 225 Kuykendall, Stacey 179 Kye, Denise Labaj, Mary Helen 179 Index 295 Lacava, Laura 225 Lacava, Pamela 262 Lacava, Sally 179 Lacey, Roseann 225 Lacy, Mary Joan 262 Lacy, Thomas 179 Lafollette, Kathy 179 Lagomarsino, Lucille Lamb, Michael 262 Lambert, Kenneth 262 Lambert, Louis 225 Lamborn, Kay Lynn 262 Lamitte, Francois 262, 9 Lamitte, Simone 179 Lamonica, Michele 245 Lancaster, William Landon, Teresa 262 Landry, Duane 179 Landry, Karen 262 Landry, Maurice Lane, Kimberly 245 Lantz, Rex 262 Large, Darrell Larguier, Christina 179 Larsen, Rachel 262 Lassiter, Linda 262 Lassiter, Pamela 245 Lassiter, William 179 Lathe, Nicole 179 Lathe, Noelle 262 Latimer, Terri Latimer, Denise 8 Latulipe, Lance 179 Laurendeau, Lynda 180 Lautieri, Caroline 245 Lavey, Scott Lawray, Adrian 180 Lawrence, Marcus 225 Lawson, Janet 180,54,208 Lawson, Tammy 180 Layman, Robby 262 Leak, John 180 Leake, James 245 Leassear, Sarita 180 Leathers, Henri 180 Leblanc, Mary Elizabeth 262 Ledbetter, Deborah 225 Lee, Carl Donald Lee, Christopher 262 Lee, Kendra 245 Lee, Kenneth 180, 303 Lee, Ki 262 Lee, Michelle 180 Lee, Rebecca 180, 8, 52,209 Lee, Wen-1 Leeker, Nancy 180, 39, 53, 57,207 Leffler, Michelle Lehman, John 180 Leight, Wendy 262 Leiker, Warren Leiter, Kelli 6, 225, 48 Lelaikes, Rhonda 225 Lelaikes, Samantha 363 Leming, Sheri Lynn Lemmonds, Mark 225 Lemmonds, Scott Lemons, James 262 Lemons, Lauren 225 Lenar, Diane Lennartz, John 180 Lenzini, Maria 262 Lepard, Julie 225 Lerfald, Douglas 225 Lerner, Montgomery 180 Lesko, Edward 57 Lester, Deanna 180 Lester, Janet Letourneau, Matthew 245 Letourneau, Valeri 180 Levay, Michelle 245 Levesque, Michelle Levine, Mark 181 Lewis, Jill 263, 32 Lewis, Mary 225 Lewis, Matthew 263 Lewis, Michael 225 Lichtman, Scott 181 Lickiss, Michael 363 Lienard, Laura 363 Light, Donna Ligotski, Rhonda 363 Lilly, Tammy 226 Limbaugh, Carol 363 Limbaugh, Joseph 6, 181 Liming, Brian 181,208 Lindsay, Lisa 363, 52 Lindsay, Traci 226 Linebarger, James Lineberry, Michaela 245 Lingafelt, Lisa 245 Link, Greg 181 Link, Randall 226 Linkous, Katrina 363 Linkous, Ralph 226 Lippert, Jeffery 181,55 Lippold, James 181 Lipscomb, Lisa 181 Little, Anthony 181 Litton, Carlos 225 Litton, Cena 363 Litton, Edward Litwin, John 181 Lively, Hollie 181 Livingston, James Lizana, David 363 Locklear, Rebekah 181, 32 Lockwood, Lori 181,52,210 Lockwood, Traci 181 Logan, Faith 245 Lohr, Sharon 181 Lombardo, Mary 245 London, Debra London, Eddie Long, Deanna 181 Long, Denise 363, 52 Longey, Jennifer 245 Longey, Kathryn Lonsinger, Heidi 245 Lotspeich, Janet 182 Love, Stephen 245 Lovelace, Lynwood 226 Lovelace, Wayne 363 Loveland, Deborah Loy, Robert 363 Loy, Wendy 182 Leuders, Jeanna 33, 182, 26, 13, 32 Lukens, Barbara 245 Lukens, Bonnie Lund, Karri 226 Luong, Lai Lurty, Lisa 182 Luther, Peter 245, 19 Lybarger, Gregory 226 Lucas, Timothy 245 Lucero, Stacey 226 Lucero, Teresa 182,32 Ludwig, Judi 226 Ludwig, William 245 Lydell, Gregory 226 Lynch,Joseph 182 Lynch, Michelle 363 Lynch, Robin 245 Lynch, Timothy 363 Lynn, Sheilia 363 Lyons, Andrea Macaulay, James 245, 97 Macbride, Edward 363 Maccallum, Beth 363 MacDonald, Richard 182, 14, 208 MacEachron, Sandra 226 Maclver, Laura 182, 42, 54 Mack, Pamela Mack, Rosalyn MacKay, Mark MacKey, Cindy 182 MacMurdy, Dale 245 MacRea, Christopher 363 Madagan, Lorinda 226 Madagan, Sharon 226 Maddox, James 182 Maddox, Michael 182 Madrid, Jeanette 182 Mahaffey, Renee 226 Mahaffey, Ronald 363 Mahlkov, Marc Mahr, Christine Mai, True Maine, Edward 182 Majeski, Janice 363 Majeski, Patricia 182, 32,37 Major, Lisa 182 Makolandra, Jaclyn 245 Makolandra, Kimberly Malina, Kimberly 182 Malina, Paula 245 Malley, Teresa 226 Malloy, Robert 183 Malone, Tracy 12 Maloney, Eddie 183 Manbeck, Kevin 245 Manchester, Steve 226 Manley, Lyvonne Mann, Patrick 245 Mann, Paul 226 Mann, Stanley 263 Manning, Irene 263 Manning, Rhonda 183 Manuel, Theresa 183 Manzareel, Ray 226 Marble, Norman 245 Marceron, Lesley 245 March, James 183 Margrave, Debra 245 Marinho, Izabella Marquina, Celina Marra, Michael 183 Marshall, Darnell 226 Marshall, Kelly Marshall, Louie 183 Marten, Kyra 245 Martin, Amos 226 Martin, Amy 226 Martin, Andrew 263 Martin, Anne 183 Martin, Caterine 226 Martin, Jeanne 183 Martin, Joselito 183 Martin, Melodie 183, 18, 52,210,211 Martin, Rebecca Martin, Robert F. Martin, Robert K. 226, 12 Martin, Ronda 183 Martin, Sandra Martin, Theresa 245 Martin, Valerie 183 Martin, Vernon Martin, Wendy 263 Martinez, Roger 245 Maruschak, Carol 183 Maslo, Mary Anne 183 Mason, Belinda 226 Mason, Gary 246 Mason, Ivy 226 Mason, Leon 226 Mason, Michele 263 Mason, Nita Massowd, Joseph 184 Masters, Scott 226, 7, 10 Mathena, William 184 Mathers, Janette Matos, Nidia 226 Mattaliano, Peter 263 Matthews, Henry Matthews, Lisa 263 Mawani, Salim 184 May, Jeffrey 246 Mayes, Larry 226 Mayfield, Travon 263, 31 Mayo, Samieleen 184 Mazzarella, John 246 Mazzone, Brian 263 McAllister, Kathleen 263 McBride, Paul 246 McBrien, Kelly McCain, John 263 McCain, Tom 226 McCall, Bridget 246 McCann, James 246 McCarthy, Edward 184, 32 McCarthy, Sheryl 226 McCarty, Scott 184 McCasrty, Stephen McCeney, Charlene 184, 55 McClaude, 296 Index Constance 184 McClaude, Steven 226 McCloud, Gwendolyn 184 McCluney, Todd 184 McClure, Pamela 226 McCoart, Catherine 184 McCoart, Christina McCord, Connie 246 McCoy, Charlie 226 McDaniel, Sandra 226 McDaniel, Troy 184 McDougal, Christi 246 McDougal, Wnada 184 McDowell, Sherry 246 McElroy, Dana 184 Mcelroy, Gary 246 McElwain, Lisa 184 McFadden, Ramona 226 McFarren, Milton 184 McGarry, John 226 Mcgee, Dylan 263 McGee, Vandon 185 McGeehan, Sylvia 246 McGinn, Linda 226 McGinnis, Tom 185 McGowan, Christi 185 McGrail, Karen 246 McHale, John 226 McHugh, John 263 McHugh, Laurie 185 Mclntire, Michael 185, 67, 93,97 Mclver, Krista 185 McKelbey, Margaret 246, 17 McKelvey, Sara 226, 23 McKinley, Adrianne McKinley, Audrey 226 McKinley, Julie . 263 McKinley, Kathleen McKinney, Cindi McKinney, Danielle 185 McKinney, Troy 185 McLeod, Daniel 185 McLeod, Gale 227, 4 McLeod, Kimberly 227, 28 McManiman, Donna 185 McManus, James 185 McMillan, Katrina 227 McMillan, Patricia 263 McNabb, James 227 McNeese, Stephanie 185 McNeil, Annette 246 McNichol, Kelly 263 McQuain, Dwala McVay, Jeffrey Meade, Larry 263 Meadows, Michael Meadows, Timothy 263 Meairs, Kris 185 Means, Mark Medcalf, Chandra 263 Meehan, Alice 246 Meehan,John 246 Meinen, Marie Meixner, Robert 185, 5 Melcher, Mark 227 Melhorn, Christopher 185 Melhorn, Jane 227 Melia, Theresa 227 Melia, Tina Maria 227 Mendoza, Maria 263 Mentiply, Stacey 227 Mergler, Brenda 246 Mergler, Donna 227 Merrifield, Kimberly 263 Merritt, Gregory Merritt, Tami Lynn 246 Mersing, Karen 185 Meyer, Diane 246 Meyer, Jane 246 Meyer, Wayne 186 Micer, Dominic 227 Michael, Eric 186 Mickelson, Cynthia 263 Mickens, Walter 186 Mickens, Wanda 263 Middleton, Leroy Middleton, Natalie Migliorini, Michael 263 Miles, Angela 227 Miller, Barry 263 Miller, Charles Miller, Cynthia 186 Miller, Deborah 227 Miller, Gerald 186 Miller, Harold 186 Miller, Joe 25,37,210 Miller, Kenneth 263 Miller, Kevin 246 Miller, Kimberly 263 Miller, Lolita Miller, Mark 246 Miller, Michelle 227 Miller, Pamela 227 Miller, Pamela Ann 186 Miller, Susan 227 Miller, Tammy 227 Miller, Vernon 186 Mills, Michael 186 Mills, Susan 263 Milton, Loyonne 227 Minor, James 186,37 Minor, Mark 263 Minzes, Donna 186 Mirsky, James 263 Miskin, Jean 186 Miso, Brian 246 Mitchell, Brenda 227, 97 Mitchell, Cheryl 263 Mitchell, Margaret 227 Mitchell, Mark 227 Mitchell, Ronda 227, 17 Mitchell, Sheryl 246 Mitchell, Trinina 186 Mitrione, Michael 262 Mitrione, Michelle 227 Mize, Stephen 264 Mize, Theresa 246 Mockler, Cheri 227 Moffett, Mary Catherine 246 Molinari, Patrick 186 Monarain, Alexander 246 Mongrain, Michael 264 Moniser, Harper 246 Monk, Jean 227 Monk, Kelly 186 Monk, Lisa Monroe, Sharon 186 Montas, Frederick Montes, Fernando 227 Montgomery, Debbie 246 Moody, Laura 264 Moody, Mark 246 Moon, David 264 Mooney, Stephen 246 Moore, Angela 227 Moore, Brenda 227, 8 Moore, Christy 264 Moore, David 246 Moore, Donna 187 Moore, George Moore, Jenaette 187 Moore, Kendall 227, 4, 27, 97 Moore, Michael 20, 187 Moore, Renee 261 Moore, Sharon 187,46 Moore, Sheri 187 Moore, Stephen 187 Moore, Troy 187 Mordensky, Suzan 264 Moreau, Daniel Morel, Arleen 227 Morgan, Jennifer 227,5, 23, 41 Morgan, Michael 227 Morgan, Michelle 264 Morris, Amy 227 Morris, Cheryl Morris, Kelly 227 Morris, William 187 Morrison, Bonnie Morrison, Harper Morrissey, Janer 227 Morrissey, Jean 264 Morrone, Lori 187 Morrow, Paul 246 Morton, Claudia 264 Mosby, Amanda 246, 48 Mossier, Marianna 187 Motley, Craig 264 Motley, Donald Motley, Leslie 264 Motley, Linwood Motley, Todd 264 Mott, Linda 187, 15 Motta, Anthony 187 Motta, Donna 264 Motta, Kathryn 187 Moye, Robert Moyer, Kenneth 227 Moyers, John 227 Muchler, William 187 Mulley, Lisa Millinax, Pamela 246 Mullins, Mary 246 Mullins, Perry 227 Mullins, Ronald 227 Mullins, Walter 227 Mullins, William Mummaw, Frank 264 Munari, Bill 97 Muncy, Lisa 187 Munsell, Dean 264 Murdock, Jane Murphy, Bob 227 Murphy, Brian 246 Murphy, Deborah 228 Murphy, Eileen 246, 97 Murphy, Sean 228 Murphy, Thomas 188,53 Murray, Kathleen 188 Muse, Michael Mussomele, Jill 246 Myerovich, Sean 264 Myers, Andrew 188 Myers, Bryan 188 Myles, Louis Naclerio, Anne 246 Naghdi, Tammy 246 Nagley, Christine 228 Nagley, Kathy 264 Nan, Jung Nanney, Constance Nanney, Stephen 228 Nash, Robert Nast, Kenny 228 Navey, Cherril 264 Naylor, Helen 188 Naylor, Kenneth 247 Naylor, Sharon 264 Neal, Charles Neiger, Jenniffer Neilson, Susan 188 Neined, Dale 264 Nejati, Hamid 188 Nelson, Irene 228, 5 Nelson, Otchula Neth, Wendy 188 Neuhaus, Diane 228 Newbill, Harry 247 Newbold, Craig 264 Newbold, Margaret 228 Newbold, Patricia 188 Newhart, Lee Newman, Antoine 247 Newman, Arthur 264 Newman, David 188 Newman, Erica Newman, Gregory 228 Newman, Kristin Ngo, Huong Ngo, Tam 228 Ngo, Thien 188 Nice, Curtis 264 Nicely, Steven 188 Nichelle, Jay 247 Nicholas, Margaret 247 Nichols, Cary Lee 228 Nichols, Delpha 228 Nichols, James 264 Nichols, Robert 247 Nickle, Bruce 188 Nicolas, San 228, 25 Nix, Brenda 264 Nix, Paula 188 Nixon, Rodney 264 Nizza, Michelle Noble, Kristen 247 Noel, Raymond 188 Nogo, Hona 247 Nolan, Cindy Leigh 188 Norman, Duane 189 Index 297 Norton, Romans 247 Novack, Denise 247 Novack, Edward 189 Novitsky, Julia 247 Novitsky, Kathryn 228 Novitsky, William 264 Nugene, Tina 228 Nunez, Mark 228 Nungesser, Donald 189 Nutt, Wayne 17 Nutter, Laveta 189 Nutter, Mark 228 O’Connor, Joan 189 O’Donnal, Anita 228 O’Donnell, John 189 O’Donnell, Lisa 264 O’Donnell, Mary 189 Oehlenschlager, M. Offley, Jon 228 Offley, Lisa 228 Offley, Michael 264 Ogden, Jeanne 228 O’Hara, Lisa 189,38 Ohop, Maria 189 Oien, Paul 189 Ois, Wendy 228 O’Keeffe, Daphne 189 O’Keefe, Gregory 228 Olbeter, Kurt O’Leary, Kelly 247 Oliva, Anella 189 Oliveira, Simone 189 Oliver, William Ols, Wendy Ondo, James Ondo, Trisha 228 Ondo, William 189,228 O’Neal, Darlene 228 O’Neil, Thomas 247 O’Neill, Mary Linn 189, 54 O’Pauski, Michael 264 O’Quinn, Rebecca 228 Orth, Angela 189,9,12, 17 Ortmann, Eric 247 Osinga, Jonathan Ostrander, Katherine 264 Ostrander, Michael 190 Otter, Brian 190 Ottinger, Diana 190,44 Ouellette, John 264 Outten, Vanessa 264 Overton, Lisa Marie 190 Owen, Gareth 190 Owens, Jim 227 Pack, Tina 190 Page, Betsy 264 Page, Charles Page, Scott 264 Pallo, Loretta 16, 190 Palmer, Andrew Palmer, Christine 29, 247 Palmer, Kelly 19 Palmer, Lisa Paolino, Elaine 190,28 Paolino, Susan 228 Papa, Frank Papadakis, Anna Paradis, Rebecca 190 Parady, Lisa Marie 190 Parham, Sonji 247 Parker, Dewayne 228 Parker, Reginald Parker, Robert 247 Parks, Roy Jessie Parrett, Stephanie Parrish, Eric Parrish, Lisa 247 Parsons, Jennifer Pastiva, Patricia Pastiva, Stephen Patenaude, Patty 45 Patton, Beverley 190 Patton, Dorothy Patton, Mark 247 Paul, Wanda 190 Pauley, Scott 228 Pauline, Lisa 247 Pavone, Cynthia 247 Paxton, Lonnie Payne, John Ray Payne, Pamela Payne, Virginia 247 Pearson, Rebecca 190 Peevy, Chris 228 Pellegrini, Lisa 16,247, Pellien, Steven 228 Pelzer, Kim 247 Pena, Frances Penman, Kolleen 228 Pennington, Jill 228 Penny, Brent 20, 190, 20 Penny, Michele 11, 247 Pevellik, Ronald 247 Perez, Edwin 265 Perkins, James Perkins, Paul Perry, Cynthia 190 Perry, Michelle 6, 228 Perrt, Paige 228 Perrt, Sheryl Perrt, Tracy 265 Pesce, Damiano 191 Pesce, Jack 247 Peschka, Deborah 228 Peters, Michael 191 Perters, Robert 265 Petrilli, Frank 191 Petruzzi, Michael 247 Petry, Glenn 265 Pfeiffer, Greg 191 Pflefger, Erich 191 Pfohl, Cris 228 Phillips, Dean 191 Phillips, Diana 228 Phillips, Gregory 191 Phinney, Juanie 191 Phinney, Sara 228 Phinney, Thomas 247 Piaskowski, Catherine 247 Piatt, John 191 Piatt, Mary 228 Piatt, Patricia Picard, Kathleen 247 Pieper, Laurie 229 Pieper, Stephen Pieper, Tina 247 Pierce, Haskel Pierpoint, Todd 191 Piety, Jeffery Pine, David 191 Pinna, Jean Piper, Camille 247 Pish, Robert Pittman, Edward Pitts, Charles 265 Piwowarski, Frank MP 191 Plenty, Cherelle 229 Plenty, Lachelle 229 Plenty, David 265 Plott, Angela 191 Plott, Cynthia 265 Plumley, Kenneth 191 Poczatek, June 265 Poehler, Tony 191 Poff, WM Blade Jr 191 Poillucci, Donna 247 Poillucci, Michael Poland, Robin 229 Polanskey, Deborah 229 Polla, Constance 229 Pollack, Carl 192,36 Pomper, Patricia 265 Poole, Barronica Pope, Kenneth 192 Porch, Gregory Portaro, Elsa Ported, Jim 229 Porter, David 265 Portz, Mark 229 Posey, Michael 265 Powell, Joel 247 Powell, Lisa 247 Powers, Davy 247 Pratt, Daniel 247 Pratt, David 265 Pratt, John 247 Price, Gwendolynn 229 Price, Michael 248 Price, Michelle 192 Price, Vanessa 248 Prudot, Sharon 192, 19, 30, 51,57,208 Przybyl, Sean Puckett, Michael 265 Puckett, Michele Purdy, Robert 192 Putiyon, Jeffrey 248 Putiyon, Ricky 229 Putiyon, Mark 265 Putman, Karen 265 Putnam, William 229 Pylkkanen, Minna Pyrzs, Anthony 248 Quash, Donald 229 Queen, Christopher 192 Queen, Juanita 192 Queen, Michael 192 Quesenberry, Ike 248 Quinn, Darlene 229 Quisenberry, David 192 Qureshi, Samina 248 Qusenberry, Isaac Raffield, David 192,41, 42 Raftery, Anna 248 Ragsdale, Jerry Raper, Glenn Rasmussen, Dale Rasmussen, Deelyn Rasmussen, Terry Rastatter, James 248 Ray, Richard 229 Reager, Jim Reaves, Cheryl Reed, Michelle Reed, Samantha 265 Reese, Kerry 2 Reeves, Graham 229 Reichenbach, Colleen 229 Reid, Mark 265 Reiersen, Heidi 192 Remante, Alfredo 248 Rendetto, Robert 265 Rendino, Stephanie 229 Reny, Donna 192 Reyes, Daniel 192 Reynard, Anthony 265 Reynolds, Brian Reynolds, Noel Reynolds, Robert 192, 209 Reynolds, Teresa 192 Reza, Anthony Reza, Diane 192 Rhoades, Franklin 193 Rhodes, Jeffrey 265 Rhodes, Lori Lynn 193 Richard, Rebecca 248 Richard, Kim 248 Richards, David 193 Richardson, Lawrence 193 Richardson, Lisa Richardson, Suzanne 193 Ricker, Terry Ricketts, James 248 Rickman, Mark 248 Rider, David 229 Riffkogel, Ovid 6, 20, 229 Riley, J. Leo Risenberg, Melinda 229 Ritenour, Robert 248 Ritz, Julia 26, 42, 45 Rivas, Hugo 193 Rivers, Robin Robbins, Matthew 229 Roberson, Ricki 193 Roberts, Betty 265 Roberts, Brenda 193 Roberts, Donnie 248 Roberts, Jason Robertson, Donald Robertson, Paul Robertson, Samantha Robertson, Sean Robertson, Timothy 229 Robinette, Cordeli 193 Robinson, Edward 265 Robinson, Elaine 193 Robinson, Florence 248 Robinson, Jeff 193 Robinson, Mark 193, 30, 298 Index 38 Robinson, Paul 193 Robison, Sharon 265,13 Robison, Steven 193 Rocha, Maria 229 Rockhill, Lisa 229 Rodgers, James Rodgers, Robert Rodgers, Sara 229 Rodgers, Timothy 265 Rodriguez, Conrad 229 Rodriguez, Durwin 248 Rodriguez, Robert 248 Rodriguez, Tomas 248 Rodriquez, Christi 265 Roederer, Eric 229 Rogers, Bart 265 Rogers, Charles 229 Rogers, Darrin 248 Rogers, Kimberly 248 Rogers, Timi Lynn 229 Rojas, Liana 248 Rojas, Yvonne 194 Rolin, Robert 194 Rollins, Apryl 194 Romero, Ernesto 194 Rooney, Aileen 265 Rooney, Laura 229 Rooney, Matthew Ross, Larry 229 Rossomando, David 194 Rotblut, Charles 265 Rotblut, Laura 194 Rotelli, Matthew 248 Rotelli, Thomas 194 Rothermel, Cindy 194 Rouleau, Barbara 248 Rouleau, Kathaleen 265 Rouse, Wayne Rowe, Pat 229 Rowell, Christopher 265 Royer, Stephanie 229, 39, 53 Ruhren, Sonja Ruiz, Vivian 229,21 Rumph, Betsy 266 Rumph.Wendi 194 Runager, Richard Runge, Patrick 194 Runyan, Kenneth 248 Ruoff, Pamela 194 Russell, Donna 248 Russo, Anthony 194 Ruszczyk, Kimberly 194 Rutherford, Roby Ruths, Jeanette 194 Ryan, David 248 Ryan, Jeffrey 248 Rychel, James 194 Ryerse, Matthew 194 Rzucidlo, Eva 248 Sabet, Soraya Saddler, Terry Sadoff, Nicole 248 Saffer, Thomas 195 Safranaky, Grace 7, 229 Sahu, Meghamala 248 Salmon, Andre 248 Salyers, Deneim 248 Samuel, Tina 195 San, Nicolas Sanders, Kevin Sanderson, John 248 Sanderson, Susan 248 Sandidge, Rebecca 229 Sanpietro, Robert 229 Santmyer, Susan Santos, Filipe 248 Saplak, Lisa 266 Sapp, Robert 195 Sargent, Amy Sargent, Jody 248, 5 Sarofim, Alan Sarsfield, Bridget 229 Sarsfield, Clare 266 Sarsfield, Mari 195 Saunders, Andrea Saunders, James 266 Saunders, Kevin 266 Saunders, Linda 229 Sawyer, Kimberly 195 Scalia, Christine 229, 97 Scallan, Timothy Scaramuzza, Stephen 266 Schaffer, Steven Schaeffer, Teri 195 Schaerr, Kenneth 248 Schalow, Shelly 229 Schaney, Jeffrey 266 Scharp, Brenda 249 Schieffelin, Susan Schlesinger, John Schmecht, Kathryn 195 Schmidt, Laura 249 Schmitz, Mark 229 Schneider, Dana Schneider, David Schneider, William 20, 229 Schott, Wallace Schrecongost, Stephen 195 Schroider, Terri Schroyer, May Schroyer, Kimberly Schubring, Rosemary 249 Schubring, Stephanie 20, 195 Schultz, Carl 195 Schutt, Charlene 249 Schutt, Jackline 266 Schwab, Steven 195,96 Scites, Penny 195 Scott, Michael 195 Scott, Michelle 195 Scott, Chris 230 Scotti, Elizabeth 195 Scrahl, Debra 266 Scroggins, Gregory 230 Scroggins, Leslie 195 Seabolt, John 266 Sears, Cynthia 196,25 Sears, Daryl 266 Sears, Karen 230 Sebastian, Charles 249 Secrist, Peggy 196, 208 Sedlacek, Scott 230 Sedmock, Roxanne 249 Seger, Deana 230 Seibert, Patricia Seikel, Erik 230 Seikel, Susanna 29, 230 Self, George 230 Selgelid, Laurie 196 Semrov, Thomas Sese, Khalid Chris 230 Sessoms, Pamela 249, 56 Sewell, Kelley Ann 196 Shackelford, James 249 Shafer, Kenton 196 Shaffer, Sonya 196 Shaffer, Tamela 249 Shamaienger, Ravi 196 Shank, Christine 196 Shannon, David 266 Sharp, Mark 196 Sharron, Mark 196 Sharron, Michael 230 Shartzer, Christine 196 Shater, Brian 249 Shaw, Elizabeth 196, 4 Shaw, Howard 266 Shea, John 230 Sheldon, Michael 266 Sheldon, Phillip Sheloski, Jeffrey 230 Shelp, Timothy 230 Shelton, Debra 266 Shelton, Roger 266 Shepherd, Gregory 196 Sherwood, Jeff 230 Sherwood,John Shettles, Kevin 249 Shettles, Susan 266 Shick, Faith Shifflett, Donald 230 Shifflett, Pansy 196 Shiflett, Letitia Shin, Sung Un 249 Shiner, Donald 230 Shivar, Melanie 249 Sholar, Kim 230 Shoop, Cynthia 266 Short, Juliana 249 Shrader, Garth 196 Shreve, Timothy 230 Shrewsbury, Acie 230, 25 Shurtliff, David 266 Shurtliff, Stacey 249, 97 Sibigtroth, Denise Sibigtroth, Gary 266 Siegel, Fred 196 Siegel, John 230 Sigler, Barbara 197 Silvrants, Ricky Simmons, Libby Kay 197 Simmons, Ricky 266 Simon, Jane Leslie 266 Simon, John 197 Simpson, Bruce 249 Simpson, Christi 197, 5, 32, 37,42,210 Simpson, Donald Simpson, Jerry 39 Simpson, Lisa 249 Simpson, Robert 6, 10 Sims, Amber 266 Sims, Bryan 249 Sin, Channa Sine, Paula 230 Singh, Navnit 197 Singletary, Rebecca Sisk, Jackie 197, 266 Sisson, Deborah Sisson, Edna 230 Sisson, Stephen 249 Sizemore, Gregory 197 Sketo, Lisa 266 Sketo, Vicki 197 Skinner, Carla 197 Skinner, William 249 Slater, Sandra Slattery, Anthony Slaughter, Deborah 266 Slaughter, Russell 249 Sloan, Somer Lynn 249 Slocumb, Billie Slocumb, Dennis 197 Sloper, Alicia 266 Sloper, Stephen Sluss, Mark 197 Slusser, Gregory 249 Small, James 6 Smalls, Robert 249 Smallwood, Barry 266 Smead, Amy 266 Smiley, Paul Smith, Anthony 230 Smith, Barbara 197, 17 Smith, Christine 266 Smith, Colleen Smith, Deborah 249 Smith, Diane Marie 197 Smith, Donna 197 Smith, Donna Marie 266 Smith, Eddy 249 Smith, Fred 266 Smith, George 198 Smith, James Alexander 198 Smith, James Patrick 249 Smith, Jeff 266 Smith, Jonathan 198,33 Smith, Kathy 230 Smith, Kelvin Smith, Kirby Smith, Lisa 266, 12 Smith, Lori Lynn 198, 245 Smith, Lori Lynn 266 Smith, Lynn 198 Smith, Melissa 230 Smith, Melvin 249 Smith, Michael 266 Smith, Michael A. 230 Smith, Mona 230 Smith, Richard 249 Smith, Robert Jeffrey Smith, Robert Leon 249 Smith, Scott Steve 266 Smith, Steve Chris 198,208 Smith, Steven T. Smith, Susan Smith, Tamera 198,41 Smith, Troy 198 Index 299 Smith, Troy 198 Smith, Wendy 230 Smith, Yolanda Snediker, Marc 230 Snediker, Thomas 249 Sneed, Aubrey 266 Snow, Jacqueline 230 Soares, Michael 266 Soltes, Steve 267 Somers, Deirdre 267 Sookshawee, Komson 230 Sookshawee, Tippaw 230 Sootkoos, Kimber 249 Soper, Amy 230,51 Sosebee, Kimberly 230 Soulsby, Sandra 267 Sparks, Christy 267 Sparks, Floyd 230 Sparks, Kelly 249 Sparks, Vonda 230, 30 Spasoff, Richard 249 Speak, Wayne 267 Speaks, Jeffrey Speaks, Rodney 249 Spear, Jeffrey 198 Spear, Rick Spellane, Susan 267 Spence, Timothy 267 Spillman, Cathleen 230 Spillman, Janet Spivey, Bernhardt 198 Spoon, Lisa Sprague, William 198 Spratt, Michelle Sprinkle, Elizabeth 198, 24 Sprouse, Chris 249 Sprowls, Dawn 267 Sragaow, Chutimar 267 Srock, Benjamin 249 Srock, Brian Stafira, Gregory 267 Stafira, Stanley 249 Staggs, Lloyd Stahl, Donna 198 Stalcup, Janelle 198 Stallworth, Alex Stamper, Haskell 267 Stanbridge, Michelle 198 Stanly, Robert 267 Stanford, Keith 230 Staples, John Starr, Marc 267 Starz, Sharon 231 Staudinger, Julie 250 Steele, Oscar 11 Steele, Victoria Steenhoek, Patrick 199 Steenhoek, Rhonda 267 Steffey, Andra 31,231, 29 Steigelman, Herbert 267 Steinmetz, Cynthia 199 Stephens, Diana 267 Stephens, Kathleen 231 Stephens, Michelle 231 Stephens, Rodney 267 Stermer, Deanna 267 Stermer, Debra Ann 199 Stermer, Douglas 250 Sterner, Michael 250 Sterns, Ralph 231 Sterns, Timothy 267 Stevens, Lisa 250 Stewart, Donald 250 Stewart, Erin 250 Stewart, Michael 267 Stiles, Dawna 250 Stiles, Lisa 267 Still, Silas Reed 267 Stinger, Tracey 250 Stirling, Julie 199 Stith, Lisa 267 Stockman, Deborah 231 Stoebe, Mark Stokes, Andre 231 Stokes, Rosalind 16, 250 Stone, Louella 2 Storey, Michael 199 Stout, Brian 250 Stoy, Elizabeth Stoy, Jacqueline 250 Strahl, Debra 267 Strahl, Dolly 199 Stramer, Wendy Strassner, Patrick 250 Strawderman, Michael Strickland, Linda 199 Strickland, Samatha 231 Striker, Monica 231 Stringer, Anita 267 Stringer, Kay 44 Stronko, Gary 250 Stroud, Richard Struble, Tracey 267 Struder, Matthew 267 Strychowski, Cristine 199 Strychowski, Steve 267 Stuart, Carolyn 267 Stumm, Deanne 267 Stutler, Traci 267 Stynes, David 250 Stynes, William 231 Suggs, Melvin 267 Sullivan, Cynthia 250 Sullivan, James 199 Sullivan, Joseph 250 Sullivan, Shannon 199 Summerfield, James 231 Sunday, Roberta 250 Suslowicz, Chery 267 Suter, Sabra 231,48 Swabb, Karla 250 Swails, Todd 199 Swain, Sandra Sweatman, Edward Swecker, Leslie 267 Swogger, Wesley 199 Swoope, Patricia 199 Sykes, Jeffrey 199 Szenas, Benjamin Szklennik, Mark 199 Tait, Cheryl 231 Talbot, Angela 200,19 Talley, Phillip 250 Tamony, Carole 231 Tarlton, James 250 Tassa, Daniel 250 Tassa, Vincent 250 Tassi, Deidre 231 Tassittino, Tammy 200 Tate, Smauel Tayloe, Denise Taylor, Amber 250 Taylor, Barbara Taylor, Christina 17 Taylor, David Taylor, David D. Taylor, James 200 Taylor, Jere Todd 267 Taylor, Michael 20,231 Taylor, Michele 250 Taylor, Rosalyn 250 Taylor, Sharon Tayolr, Sherrie Taylor, Vickie 250 Taylor, William Tedeschi, Sarah Teel, Donna 200 Teel, Kelvin 231 Templeton, Sandra 231 Terry, Jana Lynn Testa, Ricky Tetreault, Laurie 267 Teves, Adelina 267 Teves, Daniel 250 Thacker, Teresa 250 Thayer, Robert 250 Thayer, Billy Thibodeau, Edwin 250 Thibodeau, John 231,23 Thiel, Jeffrey 250 Thomaidis, Irene 200, 45, 50 Thomaidis, Stephen 250 Thomaidid, Teresa Thomas, Anthony 250, 28 Thomas, Antrone 231 Thomas, Donna Thomas, Faith 267 Thomas, James 200, 30 Thomas, Jeffery Thomas, Joyce 250 Thomas, Judy 267 Thomas, Rose Marie Thomas, Sean 268 Thomas, Sheree 200 Thomsa, Stephanie Thomas, Wayne 200 Thompson, Anthony 200 Thompson, Bill Thompson, Carlos 268 Thompson, Carol 231 Thompson, Chari 231 Thompson, Charita 200 Thompson, Christina 200 I nompson, Claude 200 Thompson, During 200 Thompson, Jeffrey 231 Thompson, Kenny 200 Thompson, Monica 201 Thompson, Rhonda 201 Thompson, Robert Thompson, Samantha 231 Thompson, Theresa 268 Thompson, Warren 37 Thoreson, Eric 201 Thorlton, Michelle 201,54, 207 Thorne, Kassie 201,4, 39, 54, 57 Thorne, Terry 268 Thornton, Gregory 268 Thornton, Kenneth 231 Thornton, Robyn 201 Thorpe, Valarie 268 Thurston, Kathryn Thurston, Mark Thurston, Steven Tidd, Karen 250 Tilley, Kristin 6,231 Tilley, Lisa 250 Tilley, Robert Tillman, Lori 250, 26 Tipton, Lori Tipton, Laura 268 Toler, Charles 250 Tolten, Ray 250 Toman, Barbara Toman, Martin 231 Tompkins, Michelle 231 Toms, Mary 201,26 Torrance, Sheila 201 Torres, Andres 201 Totten, Curtis Totten, Ray Touch, David Townsend, Wade 231 Treichel, Rhonda 250 Trelinskie, Theresa 201 Troiano, Tony 201 Trotter, Marshall 201 Trout, Amy 250 Truitt, Benjamin 201 Truitt, Tamra 268 Tuano, Terri 268 Tubbs, Robert Tuck, Douglas 201 Tucker, Edward 201 Tucker, Jeri 201 Tucker, Joseph 250 Tucker, LaJune 231 Tucker, Latrice 268 Tucker, Rodney 268 Turlip, Kathleen 268 Turner, Carol 250 Turner, Craig 231 Turner, Gaylon 268 Turner, James Turner, Jennifer 268 Turner, Kevin 231 Turner, Merle 231 Turner, Patricia 250 Turner, Randall Truner, Steven 202 Tutsock, Angela 231,17 Tutsock, James 250 Umbarger, Sandra 268 Underwood, John Underwood, Michael Underwood, Randolph 250 Upshut, LeeAnn 268 Urban, Kimberly 268 Urban, Lori 250 Uthus, Kristin 250 Valdes, Roberto 231 Valdex, Carlos 202 Vallejo, Reza 202 Valvo, Richard 232 Van Gelder, John 232 VanAlstyne , Shelly 202 Van Curren, Mark 268 Vanderhoof, John 268 Vanegas, Alexander 250 300 Index VanKoughnet, Sam 268 Vanover, William 202 VanPelt, John 232 Vanstaden, Pamela Varner, Chris 250 Varva, Terri Vassiliades, Bonie 250 Vaught, Linda 268 Vause, Brentley 202 Veil, Cheryl 250 Venti, John 232 Verburg, Kevin 232 Vernarelli, Carla 202 Vestal, Frank 268 Vetter, David 232 Vezina, Mary 202 Via, Bonnie 202 Victor, Andrew 232 Victor, Benjamin 232 Victor, Matthew 250 Vieth, Janet 232 Vieth, Tammy 250 Vilt, Heather 268 Vinchiarello, Anna 202 Vito, Anthony 268 Vollmer, John 251 Volpe, Michael 232 Volpe, Robert 202 Vonwolffradt, Tim 268 Voss, Norman 251 Wade, Daniel 268 Wade, Ellen 232 Wade, Paul 202 Waggoner, Daniel 202 Wagner, Charles 202 Wagnon, Barry Waibel, Jennifer Waibel, Joanna 232,44 Wakeman, Tracey 268 Walbridge, Maryann 232 Waldman, Katherine 202 Walker, Angela 232 Walker, Barbara 232 Walker, Bonnie 251 Walker, Derrick 251 Walker, Jeannie 232 Walker, Katherine 232 Walker, Kevin 202 Walker, Lynn 232 Walker, Phillip 203 Walker, Rheatte 232 Walker, Rudy 268 Walker, Steven 251 Walker, Tam 232 Walker, Toni 251 Walker, Vince 203 Wallace, Thomas 268 Waller, Mark David 203 Walls, Tina Louise Walls, Tony Lynn 16,251 Walsh, Mark Anthony Walter, Lynn Walters, Michele 251 Walton, David Walton. Lerov 203, 36 Walton, Roy 203 Walton, Virginia Walvius, Susan 203, 4 Wanamaker, Charles 232 Wanamaker, Sarah 268 Ward, Diana 203 Ward, Judith Ward, Michele 203 Ward, Thomas Wardman, Richard 203 Ware, Teresa 251 Warner, Lisa Jane 268 Warren, Steven 29,251 Warring, Robert Washington, Derrik 203 Washington, Derrik 232 Washington, Dietri 232 Washington, Frank 203 Washington, Priscilla Washington, Valeri 203 Watbel, Jenny 268 Waters, Thomas 203, 45 Waterstraat, Tracy 232 Watkins, Tiersa 232 Watkins, Wanda 203 Watring, Mark 203 Watson, David 203 Watson, Denise 204 Watson, Myles 232 Watson, Steven 268 Weakley, Michelle 268 Weaver, Jeffrey 251 Webb, Donna 204 Webb, James 232 Webb, Thomas Webb, Tim Lee Webster, Bruce 268 Webster, Cathryn 251 Webster, Karen 232, 8 Wedding, Harry 268 Wedding, Louis 232 Wedding, Raymond Weed, Patrick 268 Weedon, Sherri 204 Weiler, Fred Allan 232 Weiler, Robert 268 Weiser, Allison 204 Weissman, David 204 Weissman, Ruth 251 Welch, Gregory Wells, Diana 251 Wells, Eric Wells, Jefferson 251 Wells, Michael Wendle, Williams 251 Wenner, Wayne 251 West, Brian 16,204 West, James 204 West, Steven West, Terri 11,251 Westhoff, Judith 232 Wheat, Dawn 268 Wheat, Sean 268 Wheaton, John 204 Wheeleham, Teresa 204 Wheelehan, Debra 232 Wheelehan, Linda 251 Wheeler, Christina 268 Wheeler, Michelle 268 Weissman, Ruth 268 Whetsel, Dwayne 268 Whitaker, Terri 204 White, Auatin 204 White, Dawn White, Janeen 251 White, Janet 232 White, Jerry 204 White, Kathertine 251 White, Peggy 269 White, Randolph 232 White, Robert 269 White, Robin 269 Whiting, Shirley Whitt, Kimberly 251 Whitted, Melissa 269 Whittle, Virgini 251 Wichelt, Steven 251 Wichelt, Vicki 269 Wiggins, Karla 204 Wilburn, Mark Wiles, Melissa 204,41 Wiley, Keith Wiley, Terry 204 Wilkie, Monnie 204 Wilkins, David 205 Wilkinson, Bryan Wilks, Douglas Wilks, Kimberly 232,9 Willett, Lashon 232 Willett, Robert 232 Williams, Annette 251 Williams, Brenda Williams, Cara 269 Williams, Casrmelit 232 Williams, Connie Williams, Eric 205 Williams, Grant 205 Williams, Greg 251 Williams, Jeffrey Williams, Jessica 251 Williams, Kathy 251 Williams, Kathy 269 Williams, Lawren Williams, Lisa 232 Williams, M. Todd Williams, Marie 205 Williams, Michael 205 Williams, Neil Williams, Reginald 251 Williams, Russell 232 Williams, Suzanne 205 Williams, Tamatha 269 Williams, Tina 269 Williamson, Tinika 251 Willis, Erica 232 Willis, Laura 251 Wilson, Bronwyn 269 Wilson, Dewayne 251 Wilson, Donna 232 Wilson, Dorothy 233 Wilson, Leah 269 Wilson, Leigh 205 Wilson, Luke 251 Wilson, Marla 251 Wilson, Ray 233 Wilson, Richard Wilson, Roger 269 Wilson, Sharon 251 Wilson, Stephanie 205 Wilson, Tom 233 Wiltshire, Clyde 205 Windt, David 251 Wingfield, Michael Wingo, Rebecca 205, 209 Wirt, Stephen 251 Withers, William 269 Witt, Ronald 205 Witty, Janice 232 Wold, Kimberly 205 Wolfe, Neil 269 Wolfe, Ricky Wolford, James 205,14 Wolson, Mark 205 Wood, Cheri 269 Wood, Donna Woodall, Mike 269 Woodfin, Kathy 233 Woodfin, Shawn 269 Woods, Jeff 205 Wooldridge, Alan 269 Woolfolk, Deanna 251 Woosley, Teresa 251 Workman, Cheri Worley, Lisa 205 Worthy, Tanya 269 Wright, Angela 205 Wright, Anthony 233 Wright, Betsy 251 Wright, Christie 206 Wright, Elizabeth Wright, Heather 251 Wright, Kathy 269 Wright, Melissa 251 Wyatt, Alan 233 Wyatt, Randall 206 Wyatt, Sandra 269 Yacobi, Danny 251 Yacobi, Michele 233, 52 Yalicki, Jacquelin 233 Yarbrough, Guner 206 Yates, Mark Yauss, Patricia 206 Yenyo, Alexander York, Melinda 206, 32 York, Michael 269 Young, Andrew 269 Young, Brent 269 Young, Derrick Young, Ella Marie Young, Katherine 206, 24 Young,Lance Young, Lauri Young, Marchelle Young, Rebecca 206 Young, Reginald 20 Zahara, James Zahara, Susan 6 Zahn, Sharon Zahn, Steve Zaldana, Gloria Zarzecki, Anita 269 Zawisa, Mark 269 Zawisa, Stephen 251 Zawoiski, Karen 206 Zeanwick, Cindy 206 Zeunges, Barbara 269 Ziesler, Pamela 269 Zimmerman, Kay 206 Zlahn, Larry 269 Zollner, Catherine Zoromski, Alois 206 Zoromski, Neal 25 Zugel, Kenneth 269 Index 301 A COLD WINTER . . . Bad weather forced one early dismissal. Gar-Field’s snow covered parking lot. Bus loading, a fun experience. A lone student walking to her car. 302 BUT WARM INSIDE One of Gar-Field’s finest typing up exams Three Gar-Field beauties posing for the camera. Mrs. Canfield? Maybe! A class working hard. mammm Indian Echoes Acknowledgements 1981-1982 Editors: Editor-in-Chief.Ken Lee Opening.Vicki Flaherty Organizations.Jane Ehlers Sports.Steve Schwab, Mike Good Seniors.Rita Guba Underclass .Becky Huntsinger Faculty.Jo Ann Cho Closing.Eileen Murphy, Bill Munari Staff: Special Thanks goes to: Dawn Avery Tom Scarry — Taylor Publishing Lisa Beightol Tab Schaffer Jennifer Bucknam George Brown Christa Foley George Deel — LaMont Studios Mike Gillette Julie Grevey Beth Jacobson James Macaulay Michael Mclntire Brenda Mitchell Kendall Moore Christine Scalia Stacey Shurtliff Sponsor: Stephen Sawyer The 1982 Indian Echoes staff hopes you’ll enjoy this annual. We did our best. “The 1982 Indian Echoes Staff” For Reference This item for use in the library only. Prince William Public Library ESESST QOhDTV PO VIR VA 371.8976 Gar Gar Indian echoes 00188322 PRINCE WILLIAM PUBLIC LIBRARY SYSTEM 3 3159 00476 6817 PRINCE WILLI AW PUBLIC UBRARV SYSTEM Chinn P w FV q. 1 M Prfcoe Wro, VA

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