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INDIAN ECHOES VOL. 37 GAR-FIELD SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL 14000 SMOKETOWN RD. WOODBRIDGE VA 22193 PRINCIPAL: Mr. Philip Gainous Prince William I’ublic Libra rj J r a in i SI OPENING STUDENT SPORTS ORGANIZA¬ TIONS PEOPLE FACULTY SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHO¬ MORES FRESHMAN CLOSING 2 OPENING ( - TABLE OF CONTENTS _ J OPENING 3 THE GRAND ILLUSION Top Left: Dennis Dent friend. Top Right: Phyllis Dove, Denise Tan- kins, Darnella Barry study in the media center. Center Left: Carol Edwards, Jeff Via, Liz Thomas, Gucci Stokes. Bottom Left: The new class rooms. Bottom Right: Wayne Edwards. v Top Left: Susan Walvius chats a while. Top Right: Becky Wingo, Sue Flynn study. Center Left: Scott Sturdivent. Center: Mike Harpster. Center Right: Sherri Wiggins. Bottom Left: Liz Thomas. 5 WATCHING THE MAGIC HANDS Top Left: Becky Gallegos. Middle Left: Walter Schwenger, Charles Jones, Willie Schwenger. Top Right: Jeanne Ludwig. Middle Left: Steve Pellion and Debra Watts. Bottom Left: Suicide Circle! 6 ■ Top Left: Casandra Burton. Upper Middle Left: Orchestra. Lower | Middle Left: Kris Davis. Bottom Left: The " Social Hour. " Top Right: Varsity Chorus. Bottom Right: Mike Cardinal. 7 CATCHING A GLIMPSE IN TIME Top Left: A rare moment in “HISTORY.” Mr. Bunn Mr. Lookabill goofing off. Top Right: Bret Bischoff. Bottom Left: James Watson. Center Left: Jason West. Bottom Right: Jerry Brown Rich Noble watch Serge Wing lift. 8 OPENING Top Left: Arnold Barr friend. Top Right: Ravi Schamanger, Pat Stehnhock talk to a friend. Center Right: Anthony Johnson. Bottom Right: Bob Tarnai. Bottom Left: Martha Martin and Laurie Roytos getting in on some good gossip. OPENING 9 THE LOCKER IMOiMSTER HAS ARRIVED 10 During the 1979- 80 school year a locker monster was born. For the first few weeks of school he terrorized stu¬ dents and teachers by committing such acts as stealing homework, messing up the social studies pod and defacing school property. As time went on the school began to accept the locker monster and named him “GARF.” “GARF” seemed to be touched by the gesture and started to improve his image. In fact, he became so well liked that the newspaper staff asked him to join. For the remainder of the year he starred in his own comic strip and became known as “The Locker Monster Who Made Good.” The school year may end, but “GARF” and his legend will live forever. It is said that he lives on the roof and those who wish to see him may visit him there. Top Left: Rick Van Curan. Top Right: Tom Wanamaker. Center Left: Charles Jackson. Center Right: Laurie Holley. Bottom Left: Crystal Jones, Casandra Burton “get down.” Bottom Right: Dwight Dunn signs a yearbook. 11 WALKING THE MAGIC CARPET 12 13 msm GROWING OLD BEFORE YOUR mt m ' . . Top Left; Penny Labossier on Kids’ Day. Top Right: James Thomas in library. Bottom Left: Debbie and David Kibiloski. Center Right: Dale Childers, Nanu Nanu. Bottom Right: Steve Bates, Dwayne Grigsby, D erek Fox, and Tommy Lovelace studying? m Top Left: The Future Mr. and Ms. G-F H.S. Center Left: Paul Torrice. Bottom Left: Ricky Lovette. Top Right: Jeff Via. Bottom Right: LeAnne Davidson and Sherri Moore in Chorus. •« t Upper Left: Cheerleaders at the It’s Aca¬ demic competition. Upper Right: Becky Lee, Stephanie Buck, and Cindy Brennan changing classes. Center: The Gang. Bottom Right: Randy Nichols in the Media center. 16 Top Left: “Caught in the act. " Middle Left: Charlotte Grady. Middle Right: Steve Duckworth. Bottom Left: Joe Lynch, David Bellinger, Mark Gayda. Bot¬ tom Right: Mary Goode, and Theresa Thompson. 17 OUT OF SIGHT Upper Left: Ricky Testa, Keith Crane. Upper Middle: Paul Hamilton. Upper Right: Stephanie Harmon. Middle Left: Robin Hilberg. Middle Center: A Masonry student. Middle Right: Debbie Loveland takes a test. Bottom Center: Devona For¬ ester. Bottom Right: Glen Hood. 18 Top Left: The decoration of the lower media center. Top Right: Darwin Craw¬ ford. Center Left: Julie Wooldridge. Cen¬ ter Middle: Tom Schultz. Center Right: “Don’t shoot me,” says Kay Wathall. Bot¬ tom Left: Emma Carrell. Bottom Right: Sheri Prater fumbles through the file drawer. 19 REFLECTIONS OF OURSELVES Opposite Page, Top Left: Cindy Bunting Top Right: Mr, Pugh and Diane Winslow Middle Left: Phyllis Dove and Denise Tankms. Middle Right: Debbie Richardson. Bottom Left: Kelly Simpson Bottom Middle: Michele Puletz and Mr Wilson. Bottom Right: Lois Berdaus. This Page, Top Left: Julie Bittner. Top Middle: Indianettes take a break after performing. Top Right: Julie Ritz, Indianette, marches in step Center Left: The Indianettes per form one of their high-kick routines. Center Right Tim Geranic pauses at his locker Bottom Left Michele Moriarity, a Flag Twirler. Bottom Right Susan Slade making a quick phone call. 21 I £ i SPACING OUT Top Left: A music student. Top Right: Mark Jenkins, Varsity Football player. Middle Left: Angie Lockhart. Center Middle: Leisure time. Center Right: Arnold Barr, Darnella Berry and Brian Suggs. Bottom Right: Dale, Murel, Brian, Willie and Earl pose " purty. " 22 i. Top Left: Deana Fowler learns a new song. Top Right: Keri Hoschar. Mid¬ dle Left: Steve Hiner. Mid¬ dle Right: The Majorettes perform at the Pep Rally. Middle: Mr. Egan, busy at work. Bottom Left: Mr. Bunn. 23 THE CHANGING COLORS OF THE MAGIC DISC ' ...CaSk—» . Top Left: Mark Todd. Top Right: Michele Puletz and Pam Johnson. Middle Lett: Indianettes, Cissy Parker, Holly Dorsey, and Kelly Donnelly keep in time with the music. Middle Right: Terrie Byrnes flashes a smile. Bottom Center: Toni Lightfoot taking notes in the library. 24 Student Life Top Left: Dwight Crone. Top Right: Vickie Maddox and Laurie Holley on their way to History. Middle Left: Ken May displays his Indian! Middle Right: Richard Kilby. Bottom Left: Jeff Alvey. Bottom Right: Kevin Kelly. 25 26 Student Life Opposite Page, Top Left: Steve Peline and Michele Yacobi. Top Right: “This is my Teddy Bear. " Middle Left: Amy babysits in Home Ec. Middle Right: Valerie Carr and Paul Smith. Bottom Left: “Won ' t you smile for the camera? " Bottom Right: Socializing. This Page, Top Left: The Indianettes perform on the track. Top Right: Jim Forge. Middle Left: Jenise Koziol, Senior Homecoming Princess and Janet Arcuni, Indianette, pose with the senior class float. Middle Right: Terri Trelinski. Bottom Left: The Indianettes slide into their routine. 27 WATCH THE MAGIC HAND ymgmm MNRtAN COUNTRY 28 ahi’ Opposite Page, Top Right: “Day-dream¬ ing. " Top Left: G-F ' s emblem. Middle Left: Steve Dreger. Middle: A rifle team member. Middle Right: Brian Suggs, Dale Brown. Bottom Left: " It’s fun to have friends. " Bottom Right: Pat McGarry and Brian Wolfe. This Page, Top Left: Calvin Britton and friend. Top Mid die: Orchestra student. Top Right: Mark Stobey. Middle Left: " Babysitting.” Mid¬ dle Right: " Caught ya! " Bottom Left: " The boys are back in town. " Bottom Right: Jo Ann Breeding and Janet Fair. 29 30 S ' udent Life ■ ■ mmm ■ s - WSSBilSi ‘M , ’. ' Vi " r Upper Left: Clyde Paterson. Upper Right: Michelle Rhodes. Middle Left: Stephanie Harmon. Middle Right: Art student drawing. Bottom Left: Kelly Morris and friend. 33 Upper Left: Kevin Stevenson. Lower Left: Scott Henderson. Upper Right: Charlie Dixon. Middle Right: Rhonda Kellogg. Lower Right: Russell Monzon. 34 Upper Left: Mark Crammer. Middle Left: Lee Kemble. Middle: Dwayne King. Lower Right: Valerie Carr sitting, Sherry Foster. 35 Upper Left: Brenda Bratten. Upper Right: Charlie Simmons. Middle Left: Gary Dockery, Scott Alvey. Middle Right: Cheryl Morris. Bottom Left: Karen Williams, Todd Hanson. 37 38 Top Left: Ronny Wells waits for water. Top Right: Bobby Enrigues. Middle Right: Janet Morissey talks with a teacher. Bottom Left: Donna Hunter prac¬ tices her trade. Bottom Right: Scott Holtzman and Lisa Williams discuss the Christmas traditions. 39 GRADUATION 1979 40 41 OTHER SENIOR ACTIVITIES 42 43 MUSIC ON THEIR MINDS . . • ' I’W ' ® s 1- V .® ' £ IWjj 4 :iip|S|6 t Jt A 1 rratw i IKf? J 45 46 L Among the Gar-Field performances the most outstanding ones came from the Concert Choir and the Junior Variety Show. For the Fall Concert the choral department did a vari¬ ety of music to bring in the new year and the Christmas con¬ cert was splendid with a climax of the four music depart¬ ment teachers doing a quartet harmony. The Concert choir also got new costumes this year from hard work at fund rais¬ ing. The Dominants were also greatly enjoyed by everyone! For the Junior Variety Show our winner was Susan Grow. The Masters of Ceremony were Amy Henniger and Leslie DuBreuil. Much talent was recognized that night and enjoyed by many. 47 DRACULA DRACULA!!! The first play for the drama club of 19 9-81). A great many enjoyed the outstanding performance of Scott McGrath and Denise Petrelli, the two main actors of the play. The play showed for three nights and was a great success. The drama club is very active this year busying working on a comedy “Plaza Suite” and hopefully a spring musical!!! Mr. Shepard and Mrs. Combs are sponsors for the drama club and are always looking for new actors and actresses to per¬ form in the school plays. Much appreciation goes to them and the students for their hard work. Thank you! 48 49 SOPHOMORE BEAUTY CONTEST OF 1979 The Sophomore Beauty Contest of 1979 consisted of 40 girls. An estimate of 200 persons filled the auditorium to view the contestants. A preliminary to eliminate a certain percentage of girls was conducted before the actual contest began. The judging was accented on beauty, poise, and speaking ability. The finalists were chosen on how well they answered personal questions. Afterwards four runners-up and the winners name was announced. The fourth runner-up was Karen Ottinger. The third runner-up was Laurie Roytos with second runner-up Barbara Cardinal and first runner-up, Kelli Davis. The Win¬ ner of the Sophomore Beauty Contest of 1979 was Adriana Rios. Adri is presently attending Mary Washington College. To your left is Karen Crespo To your right is Susan Salvati Upper picture is Adri Rios, Kelli Dav is, Karen Ottinger. Top to the right is Sandra Hays. Bottom to the Right is crowning of Adriana Rios. 50 . HOMECOMING 1979-80 This year, Gar-Field held its Home¬ coming game on Oct, 26. At the foot¬ ball game our mighty Indians defeated Arch Bishop Carrol, 3-0, Dur¬ ing half-time a formation of the court, cheerleaders and band was presented where Michele Puletz was crowned Queen by Mr. Gainous, school princi¬ pal at Gar-Field. The Homecoming Court consisted of two princesses from the freshman class — Nicole Fields and Rosana Donnoly, sopho¬ more class — Kassie Thorn and Lori Lockwood, junior class — Jill Verdyne and Geri Valliant, and three from the senior class — Jenise Koziol, Kelli Davis, and our Queen Michelle Puletz. The Homecoming “Float Contest’’ was enjoyed by many, as each class contributed a float. First place went to the senior class (Wizard of Oz) float. On Saturday October 27, 1979 the Homecoming dance was held in the school gym and was sponsored by the SGC. Decoration appropriately fit the theme of “Fairy Tales” with colors of blue, pink, and yellow. Alumni, stu¬ dents, faculty, and guests danced to the music of Disco Connection. The Queen and her court at intermission of the dance gave a promenade of var¬ ious formations with their escorts. The class of 1980 was honored. The entire celebration of Homecoming was brought to a climax with a final dance honored the Queen of Home¬ coming for 1979-80, Miss Michele Puletz and the Gar-Field Varsity Foot¬ ball team. 52 |LKK jMlwIjUUCK ™UfEf HE IKfttil ' ON KUH ? Co4»ff.I(K‘RY , T U DOCK Opposite Page — Top Left: Senior float. Top right: Teresa Trundy and friend. Middle Right: Kelli Davis and Jemse Kozial. Bottom Right: Suzie Puletz and Michele Puletz. This Page — Top Left: Nicole Fields and Ros- sana Donely. Center Top Left: Jill Verdyn and Gen Valliant. Center Bottom Left: Kassie Throne and Lori Lockwood. Bottom Left: Junior float. Top Right: Michele Puletz. Bottom Right: Freshman float. 53 SENIOR Most Popular Most Attractive Most School Spirited Bret Rogers Amy Davis Kenny Colcombe Laurie Roytos Mike Wilkens Christy Overholser 54 BP SUPERLATIVES Friendliest Luchion Green Laura Jensen Most Talkative Richard Noble Lisa Hiser Best Dressed Steve Smith Lori Woodruff Best Personality Derek Verdeyen Lisa Nattania Most Athletic Lance Sherrill Kelly Simpson 55 Most Intelligent: Jenise Koziol Jay Christie Most Likely to Succeed: Jean Arcuni Bill Clark (not pictured) Quietest: Dana Purdy Paul Slezak (not pictured) 56 MR. AND MS. GARFIELD Ms. Gar-Field for the 1979-80 school year was Michele Puletz. She started off her spirited school years by joining the pep club her freshman and sophomore years. In Michele’s junior year she tried out for the cheerleading squad and she made the J.V. team. She started her career on the yearbook staff. She also participated in the Sopho¬ more Beauty Contest representing the junior class. Michele’s senior year was by all means her busiest year. She was put up to the Varsity cheerleading squad, and was appointed Sports Editor of Indian Echoes. Also in her senior year she was voted Homecoming Queen by the majority of the student body. Michele joined DECA her senior year only to be elected Vice President of the Green color code. She participated in the D.E. Student of the Year contest and the Apparels and Accessories Contest representing Gar-Field. Along with all of her school related activities, Michele has been holding down a job at Kinney’s Shoe Store. She has been named Employee of the Week, and was awarded Out¬ standing Part-Timer Sales for 1979. After high school Michele plans to attend George Mason University to major in Marketing and Retailing. Mr. Gar-field for the 1979-80 year was B. J. Zwinak. Throughout his 4 years at Gar-field, B. J. has contributed a great deal to the class of 1980. During B. J.’s 4 years at Gar¬ field, he has been active on the Gar-field football and wres¬ tling teams. He played on the freshman, junior varsity and varsity football teams while he managed to acquire the Com¬ monwealth District, All District, Northwest Regional Tackle Championship titles. B. J. was voted the Most Valuable Player award by the football coaches for 1979. B. J. has acclaimed titles in wrestling while at Gar-field. In the unli m¬ ited weight class, B. J. took 2nd in State, 1st in District and 1 st in Region during his senior year. Outside of athletics B. J. has participated in the Teen Counseling Program and Student Government. B. J. accepted a football and wrestling scholarship to Virginia Tech upon graduation. Gar-field is proud to have named B. J. Zwinak — Mr. Gar-field for the 1979-80 year. .: ' PORTS JS . M il ill W£zi ' A B PKING bPUHIb bPHINU brUri I 5 SPRING SPORTS SPRING SPO RTS SPRING SPORTS SPRING S PORTS SPRING SPORTS SPRIN G SPORTS SPRING SPORTS SPR ING SPORTS SPRING SPORTS S PRING SPORTS SPRING SPORT S SPRING SPORTS SPRING SPO RTS SPRING SPORTS SPRING S PORTS SPRING SPORTS SPRIN G SPORTS SPRING SPORTS SPR ING SPORTS SPRING SPORTS S PRING SPORTS SPRING SPORT SPRING SPORTS SPRING SPORT 3 SPRING SPORTS SPRING SPO RTS SPRING SPORTS SPRING S PORTS SPRING SPORTS SPRIN 3 SPORTS SPRING SPORTS SPR ING SPORTS SPRING SPORTS S PRING SPORTS SPRING SPORT S SPRING SPORTS SPRING SPO RTS SPRING SPORTS SPRING S PORTS SPRING SPORTS SPRIN R SPORTS SPRINO SPORTS SPR Upper Left: Hercules Talastas. Middle Left: Coach Zimmermann, Steve Brown. Bottom Left: Girls Soccer. Middle: Don na Sommers. Bottom Right: Tommy Mason. 61 VARSITY BASEBALL JUST KEEPS ON WINNING Row 1: Richard Carter (manager). Tab Schaefer (statistician), Terry Raley, Guy Reynolds, Pete Caddigan, Steve Nickerson, Ron Emmons, Nick Colietti. Row 2: Frank Potvin (statistician), Mike Hosier, Kenny Johnson, Don Crawford, John Haragos, Phil Somers. Row 3: Coach Lookabill, Geoff Brown, Phil Warren, Matt Zavash, Mike Covington, Tommy Shelor, John Asbell, Bob Bohi. G-F 6 Danville, PA 0 G-F 10 Fort Hunt 3 G-F 10 James Wood 4 G-F 23 Hayfield 0 G-F 10 Lake Braddock 12 G-F 0 Hayfield 5 G-F 14 Lake Braddock 0 G-F 8 Spotsylvania 0 G-F 3 Stafford 0 G-F 5 Stonewall Jackson 3 G-F 5 Fauquier 4 G-F 14 Bishop O’Connell 11 G-F 5 Woodbridge 0 G-F 18 Stafford 9 G-F 0 Stonewall 7 G-F 18 Spotsylvania 3 G-F 13 Fauquier 1 G-F 3 James Wood 6 G-F 7 Woodbridge 3 G-F WINS DISTRICT CHAMPIONSHIP — (9-1) Overall 15-4 Northwest Regional Tournament Gar-Field 19 Heritage 2 Gar-Field 2 Woodbridge 11 FINAL RECORD 16-5 62 The Indians won their fourth District Championship in the last 5 years. The Indi¬ ans were led by their 12 seniors, including all district performers Mike Covington, Terry Raley and Geoff Brown. Junior John Asbell was also all district as well as being named to the Washington Star’s All Metropolitan team. The Indians outs- cored all opponents 203 runs to 84 for their opposition. 63 J.V.’S GAIN NEEDED EXPERIENCE G-F 5 Fort Hunt 2 G-F 2 Lake Braddock 13 G-F 12 Hayfield 2 G-F 6 Lake Braddock 5 G-F 6 Spotsylvania 5 G-F 8 Stonewall Jackson 3 G-F 4 Fauquier 0 G-F 1 Bishop O’Connell 0 G-F 3 Stafford 4 G-F 7 Woodbridge 10 G-F 9 Stonewall 8 G-F 1 Fauquier 0 G-F 4 Woodbridge 2 G-F 1 Spotsylvania 0 The Gar-Field Junior Varsity Baseball team once again attained a high level of success in the Commonwealth District. Coached by Bill Brown, the Indi¬ ans mastered the fundamentals of the game, as evidenced by their six one run victories. The most valuable player awards went to Bobby Schwier and Ron¬ nie Fisher. All of the younger Indians will have an excellent chance of playing varsity base¬ ball next year, as the Senior Indi¬ ans graduated twelve players. Center: Steve Hargraves. Bottom Left: Bobby Reynolds. Bottom Middle: Rick Outland, Ronnie Fisher, Coach Brown, Steve Hargraves. Bottom Right: Bobby Reynolds. Row 1: Tom McGinnous, Randy McCloud, Rick Outland, Bobby Reynolds, Steve Hardgrave, Tim Arbisi, Ronnie Fisher, John Dangerfield, James Watson. Row 2: James March, Bobby Schwier, Wayne Moran, Tim Humphries, Mike Meadows, David Thomas, Doug Gressley, Frank Brown, Coachf Brown. Not Pic¬ tured: Bill Keating. 64 VARSITY SOFTBALL — AN OUTSTANDING SEASON! First Row: Carol Maruchak, Christy Simpson, Karen Exline, Tammy Gallihugh, Kelly Davis, Elizabeth Attread. 2nd Row: Sharon Lohr, Kathy Bohi, Beth Bent- ham, Sharon Canada, Donna Hapner, Rose Canada. Back Row: Mrs. Lockett (coach), Cheryl Stewart (manager), Michele Miller, Heather Dawes, Lisa Lohr, Sue Slade (manager). GF 7 Bishop O’Connell 8 GF 6 Ft. Hunt 11 GF 3 Ft. Hunt 10 GF 2 Spotsylvania 10 GF 8 Stonewall 6 GF 7 Fauquier 6 GF 6 Stafford 5 GF 7 Bishop O’Connell 4 GF 16 Stonewall 3 GF 4 Stafford 17 GF 8 Fauquier 1 GF 3 Woodbridge 1 GF 13 Woodbridge 12 GF 12 Spotsylvania District Champions Regional Champions 3 GF 15 Charlottesville State Playoffs 10 GF 6 James Madison 7 65 The Girls’ Varsity Softball Team had an outstanding season. Of fourteen games they were victorious in ten. They were District Champions, Regional Champions and lost to James Madison in the State Playoffs by one run. There are great expecta¬ tions for next year, seven of the start¬ ing line-up will return! This Page: Top: Tammy Gallihugh. Below Left: Donna Hapner. Below Right: Michele Miller. Bottom Left: Coach Lockett, Beth Benham. J.V. SOFTBALL HAS STRONG TEAM Row 1: Donna Summers. Susie Dorwaldt, Sharon Prudot, Paula Cullen, Lauri Hollar, Tammy Miles. Row 2: Coach Flanagan, Vickie Herd, Debbie Eggleston, Jill Verdeyen, Mary Cox, Patti Swoope, Sherri Ste¬ phenson, Lisa Veil. G-F 7 BishoD O’Connell 13 G-F 18 Ft. Hunt 7 G-F 9 Ft. Hunt 8 G-F 22 Stafford 7 G-F 31 Stonewall 12 G-F 12 Stafford 6 G-F 29 Stonewall 10 G-F 13 Bishop O’Connell 8 G-F 4 Woodbridae 19 Last year’s Girls’ J.V. Softball team were strong hitters and winners. Of the nine teams they played, Gar-Field defeated seven. Debbie Eggleston had a strong 7-1 record as pitcher. We look forward to another successful season in 1980. This Page: Center Left: Jim Verdeyen. Center Right: Tammy Miles. Bottom: Coach Flanagan coaches third base. 67 BEST SEASON EVER! Row 1: Kendall Ferguson, Robert Grimes, Scott LaTulipe, Stan Wybersky, Alan Moore, Ashley Stringer, Baron Williams, Bob Tarnie, Mike Outland. Row 2: Mike Beach, Scott Begley, Steve Brown, Jae Cho, Mark Bucknon, Kevin Dorsey, Billy Moore, Mike Olin. Row 3: Jorge Felicino (manager), Scott Haviland (manager), Tom Felicino, Roman Tajividi, Mike Anderson, Bob Diekmeier, Alan Kautzman, Duffy McMaster, Glen Slocum, Bill Gentry, James Olin, Jae Chin, Coach Zim- mermann. I was very pleased with the outcome of our soccer season, particularly so as this was considered a rebuilding year (we carried 16 sophomores). It was the best record (9-3-1) I’ve been given by a team since coming to Gar-Field in 1975. The team worked very hard to improve themselves as the year progressed and were very ably led by captains Jae Cho, Mike Olin, and Mike Outland. We outscored our opponents 39-22 and had 13 individuals score at least one goal each with Steve Brown leading the scoring with 10 goals and Jae Cho with 9. Coach Rudy Zimmermann This Page: M.V.P., Jae Cho. Opposite Page: Top: Steve Brown attempts to score. Center: Mike Olin. Bottom Left: Scott LaTulipe. Bottom Middle: Glen Slocum. Bottom Right: Stan Wybersky makes a save. 68 TEAM RECORD 9-3-1 G-F 0 Fort Hunt 1 G-F 2 Mount Vernon 0 G-F 2 George Mason 1 G-F 4 George Mason 3 G-F 4 Stafford 0 G-F 5 Loudoun 1 G-F 2 Osbourn Park 3 G-F 1 Woodbridae 7 G-F 6 Osbourn Park 0 G-F 2 Stonewall 1 G-F 3 Woodbridge 3 G-F 4 Stafford 1 G-F 4 Stonewall 1 Most Valuable Player: Jae Cho Outstanding Forward: Mike Olin Outstanding Midfielder: Jae Cho Outstanding Defender: Glen Slocum Most Improved Player: Bill Gentry 69 FIRST YEAR A CHALLENGING ONE Row 1: Billie Reeves, Karen Walker, Debbie Saunders, Laura Wallich, Donna Marks, Debbie Hudson, Kim Bates, Peggy Seacrest, Marci Willis, Sherri Morris, Lois Freebee. Row 2: Coach Saxe, Jenise Koziol, Rhonda Martin, Diane Ottinger, Kathy Keen, Michele McDonald, Patsy Majeski, Beth Evans, Barbara Hoff¬ man, Cathy Cox, Debbie Loveland, Denise Taylor, Tanya Baker. The first year for the Gar-Field Girl’s Soccer Team proved to be a challenging one. The team, coached by Mr. Saxe, steadily improved throughout the season, although they were plagued by many injuries. The girls worked together well as a team and Mr. Saxe commented that “the girls are really spirited and aggressive.” Outstanding players for the 1979 season were goalie Jenise Koziol and forward Patsy Majeski. There is much hope and promise for the future of the Girl’s Soccer Team. This Page: Right: Patsy Majeski. Opposite Page: Top: Jenise Koziol saves the ball while Denise Taylor looks on. Center Left: Karen Walker. Center Right: Denise Taylor. Bottom Left: Debbie Loveland kicks the ball. Bottom Right: Debbie Hudson. 70 r+M- fij 1 i i G-F 1 Fort Hunt 3 G-F 3 Mount Vernon 4 G-F 5 Stafford 0 G-F 0 Bishop O’Connell 5 G-F 3 Woodbridge 2 G-F 2 Stonewall Jackson 3 G-F 1 Bishop O’Connell 2 G-F 1 Woodbridge 3 G-F 1 Stonewall Jackson 2 71 TEARIN’ UP THE TRACK Row 1: Mike Queen, Tom Evatt, Mark Clemmons, Tommy Mason, Conrad Stronko, Greg Long, Bobby Enriquez, George Pop, Kenny Johnson. Row 2: Andy Cervarich, Curtis Bogoss, Phil Lew, Andy Haymond, Todd Austin, Tom Dorsey, David Radfield, Troy Smith, Bernie Sisson, Charles Jones, Tommy Lovelace, Joe Miller. Row 3: Richard Buka, Charles Edwards, Bryan Jones, Kenrick Newman, Stuart Mitchell, Jerry Brown, Steve Perry, Tom Mehr, Brian Banks, Charles Pope, Tony Kepano, Brad Collier, John Donahue, Lance Sherrill. 1979 was a very successful year for the Boys’ Track Team. The team was not defeated in any double or triple competition and with their 6-0 season record they went on to win the District Title. Richard Buka captured the District championship for the 120 yd. high hurdles, Charles Edwards was the district champion for intermediate hurdles, and Kenny Johnson set the District record for the triple jump. Tommy Dorsey was said to be the best “all around” team member and Charles Pope the best distance runner. The 1979 season was a record breaking year! The school records for the 880 relay and the mile relay were set at 1:26:9 and 3:15:4, respectively. Steve Perry set a new jump record of 6 ' 8 V 2 " . At the Volunteer Track Classic in Tennessee the team won the 440, 880 and mile relays, something never done before in the history of the VTC. A new VTC meet record for the mile was also set by the Indians at 3:16:18. Although five top senior men will be missed from the team this year, there are great expectations of the new talent! 72 Opposite Page: Steve Perry — School High Jump Record. This Page: Top: Leo Maruschak. Center Left: Kenny Johnson. Center Right: Mile Relay Team — Charles Edwards, Tommy Mason, Lance Sherrill, Joe Miller. Bottom Left: Lance Sherrill. Bottom Middle: Tommy Mason. Bottom Right: Charles Edwards. 73 GIRLS’ TRACK TEAM STRIDES TO VICTORY Row 1: Sherrie Ferrell, Kelly Simpson, Cindy Simmons, Suzanne Marushak, Benita Fitzgerald, Lea Crouch. Row 2: Peggy Benham, Stephanie Thomas, Jackie Bell, Jeanie Cashwell, Collette Brown, Stacy Funkhouser, Wanda Watkins. Row 3: (manager) Cheryl Minor, Teena Chapman, Denise Tankins, Brenda Jones, Marguerite Cephas, Theresa Trelinskie, Monique Fields, Sue Flynn, Andrea Butler, Loretta Pallo, Loletta Kent, Tracy Brooks, Janine Dorton, Coach Brown. The Girls ' Track team under captains Benita Fitzgerald, Stacy Funkhouser, and Suzanne Maruschak had its best sea¬ son in the past few years. In addition to an excellent win-loss record, the team was high-spirited and full of optimism. The entire team worked hard and reached many of their goals. They were first in the region and came in second in state, losing by only one point to Thomas Jefferson. 74 II INDIVIDUAL STANDOUTS 1979 SEASON Benita Fitzgerald: State competition; First in Hurdles, First in 220, Second in 100 and Second in high jump. Kelly Simpson: District competition and Regional Competition, First in 880; State competition. Fourth in 880. 440 Relay Team: Cindy Simmons, Sheri Ferrell, Jackie Bell, Colleen Cos- griff; First in Regional Meet, Broke School Record. 880 Relay Team: Cindy Simmons, Sheri Ferrell, Jackie Bell, Colleen Cos- griff; First in District, Broke District Record. Opposite Page: Benita Fitzgerald. This Page: Top: Kelly Simpson. Center Left: Kelly Simpson. Center Right: Colleen Cosgriff. Bottom Left: 880 Relay Team. Bottom Right: Benita Fitzger¬ ald. 75 BOYS’ TENNIS FULL OF SURPRISES Row 1: Mark Todd, Jim Hineline, Kip Leathers, Don Vena, Mark Spuhler, Giles Kyser, Coach Johnson. Row 2: Tim Burgsma, John Lennartz, Hercules Talastas, Tom Fass, Randy Burgsma, Dan Burgsma. Not Pictured: Abbie Saylor. In 1979 the boys’ tennis team had another sensational season. The team cap¬ tured the district title for the second year in a row, surprising the favored team with defeat. Key players for the year were Mark Spuhler, who was named as our Most Valua¬ ble Player, Randy Bergsma, our most improved and aggressive player. Hercules Talastas, a great control player, helped win the district doubles title. Giles Kyser did exceptionally well in tournament play whil e Abbie Saylors’ three set victory at Stonewall Jackson was a key in winning the District Title. Don Vena made a good showing in Regionals after having been out with injuries, and Kip Leathers, a freshman, remained undefeated for the year. Having only two seniors graduated, we look forward to a great season in 1980. This Page: Mark Spuhler. Opposite Page: Top: Abbie Saylor. Bottom Left: Hercules Talastas. Bottom Rigth: Doubles team Mark Spuhler and Hercules Talastas. 76 OF GiE Gi£ G£ G£ G-F 5 James Wood 5 Fauquier 8 Stafford 7 Spotsylvania 8 Woodbridge 5 Stonewall Jackson 4 2 1 2 1 4 G-F Doubles Team of Talastas and Spuler won District Doubles Tournament. REGIONALS: G-F 2 Cave Springs 7 District: 6-0 Overall: 9-3 77 GOLF — WENT FOUR A GOOD SEASON Row 1: Eddie Malaney, Gary Yancoskie, Gary Shatz, Drew Donneley, Keith Bjorklund. Row 2: Greg Yancoskie, Scott Thomas, Tom Pishock, Todd Kilbourne, Mike Kelly. The 1979 Gar-Field Golf Team had a good season. Coached by Mr. Popovich, six members placed in District Competition. Greg Yancoskie, Tom Pichock, Scott Thomas, Keith Bjorklund, Gary Shatz and Gary Yancoskie all placed for G-F. The team went on and took 5th place in Regional competition and Keith Bjorklund was a medalist and went to state where he took 21 st place. Congratulations! 78 Opposite Page: Keith Bjorklund. This Page: Top: Graduates Richard Beamer and Todd Kil- bourne. Center Left: Greg Yancoskie. Center Right: Scott Thomas. Bottom Left: Todd Kil- bourne. Bottom Right: Gary Shatz, Gary Yanco¬ skie, Tom Pishock, Keith Bjorklund. 79 FALL SPORTS FALL SPORTS FA LL SPORTS FALL SPORTS L SPORTS FALL SPORTS FAL L SPORTS FALL SPORTS FAL L SPORTS FALL SPORTS FALi L SPORTS FALL SPORTS FAL; L SPORTS FALL SPORTS FAL L SPORTS FALL SPORTS FAL L SPORTS FALL SPORTS FAL L SPORTS FALL SPORTS FAL Top Left: Steve Donovan and Scott Latulipe. Top Right: Coach Lookabill and Coach Lobezzetta. Center Left: Girls ' Track. Center Middle: Kelli McCormick. Center Right: Donna Hapner. Bottom Left: Varsity Football Huddle. Bottom Right: Varsity Cheerleading captains, Susan Salvati and Amy Davis. 81 A HUSTLING, AGGRESSIVE TEAM Coke , ' tt-rtj 7 lii-EU) " Wl A «l»«w ,C 1 ., Row 1: Tommy Mason, Lance Sherrill, Brian Suggs, Vandon McGee, Bobby Schwier, Scott Latulipe, Luchion Green, Doug Turner, Steve Donovan, Steve Chi¬ solm, Ricky Outland, Greg Long, Mickey Mulgrew. Row 2: John Dangerfield, Clyde Patterson, Doug Waggy, Bob Kreiner, Brian Moore, Walter Schwenger, Rich Noble, Mark Asseline, Art Simmons, Gary Harris, Mark Failor, Mike Miniara, Jim Failor, Ron Emmons. Row 3; Mike Radovich, Brian McGowen, Troy Smith, Scott Astrin, Mike Quatro, Jim Fargo, Bobby Winston, Serge Wing, Tom Foley, Willie Schwenger, Alan Nesaw, Derek Verdeyen, Jason Grooms, Conrad Stronko. Row 4: Chris Shrader, David Gutierez, Joe Miller, Warren Thompson, B. J. Zwinak, Tom Mehr, Kenny Colcombe, Bret Rogers, Leo Maruschak, Mark Jenkins, Bill Clark, Jim Cooper, Tony Kepano. TEAM RECORD 7-3 G-F 21 Anacostia 6 G-F 56 H.D. Woodson 0 G-F 14 St. Johns 20 G-F 20 Stafford 7 G-F 27 Spotsylvania 14 G-F 7 Stonewall 12 G-F 13 James Wood 3 G-F 3 Carroll 0 G-F 26 Fauquier 0 G-F 14 Woodbridge 15 Outstanding Defensive Player — Doug Turner Outstanding Offensive Player — Bret Rogers Most Valuable Player — B.J. Zwinak Most Improved Player — Jason Grooms Billy Joe Mulgrew Award — Lance Sherrill Opposite Page — Center Left: G-F returns for second half of game. Center Right: Team captains Doug Turner, Lance Sherrill, Brian McGowen, Luchion Green. Bottom Middle: Coach Robinson, Leo Maruschak, and Coach Campbell. This Page — Top: Center, Bill Clark. Center Left: Jason Grooms. Center Right: Tommy Mason on the touchdown punt return against Woodbridge. Bottom Left: Offensive Line. Bottom Right: Coach Zimmermann and Conrad Stronko. GAR-FIELD’S 1979 OVERALL RECORD: 7-3 GAR-FIELD vs. ANACOSTIA Gar-Field’s season opener matched the Indians against Anacostia of D.C. This game marked the debut of Chuck Robinson as Gar-Field’s head coach. Hard work and preparation offensively and defensively was evident in the final score. G-F 21, Anacostia 6. GAR-FIELD vs. H.D. WOODSON In Gar-Field’s second varsity foot¬ ball game, the Indians played host to H.D. Woodson. The Warriors proved no competition to the Indians. Final score: G-F 56, H.D. Woodson 0. GAR-FIELD vs. ST. JOHNS In the third game of the season, the Gar-Field Indians were faced against the St. Johns Cadets. Gar-Field took command early in the game and it seemed that their undefeated record would hold. But misfortune came and St. Johns rallied coming back to defeat G-F. Final score: G-F 14, St. Johns 20. GAR-FIELD vs. STAFFORD Gar-Field faced Stafford High School in the fourth contest of the sea¬ son. Knowing that the game against Stafford was the first district opponent for the ’79 edition of Indian football, the team played effectively beating Stafford. Final score: G-F 21, Stafford 7. GAR-FIELD vs. SPOTSYLVANIA The Indians traveled to Spotsylvania for the fifth game of the ' 79 season. The Knights of Spotsylvania were the second district opponent to meet defeat at the hands of the Indians. Final score: G-F 27, Spotsylvania 14. GAR-FIELD vs. STONEWALL JACK- SON The sixth game of the season against Stonewall Jackson was for the Commonwealth district lead, as both teams came into the game undefeated in the district. Unfortunately the Indi¬ ans met defeat at the hands of the Raiders. Final score: G-F 7, Stonewall 12 . GAR-FIELD vs. JAMES WOOD Gar-Field’s opponent in the seventh football game of the ’79 campaign was James Wood High School. This contest was a must win situation for the Indians if they were to stay in con¬ tention for the district crown. James Wood had been a real threat for the Indians the past three years. Our record versus the Colonels was 0-2-1. The entire team responded to this challenge by defeating James Wood. Final score: G-F 13, James Wood 3. GAR-FIELD vs. ARCHBISHOP CAR- ROLL The eighth ball game was a non¬ league contest against Archbishop Carroll of the Washington district. Car- roll came into the game riding a 20 game winning streak compiled over the last two football seasons. They were ranked 1 in the Metropolitan Area. The homecoming victory was a slim three-point margin of victory made possible by a 41 yard field goal. The three points were all that was needed because the Indian defense successfully prevented the highly regarded Carroll offense from scoring. The victory made HOMECOMING ’79 a roaring success. Final score: G-F 3, Carroll 0. GAR-FIELD vs. FAUQUIER In the ninth contest of the ’79 foot¬ ball season, the Indians traveled to Warrenton to face Commonwealth dis¬ trict opponent Fauquier. This also was a must win game for the Indians. The Indians wasted little time establishing their superiority over the Falcons, evi¬ dent by the effective performance of the Indian offense. The Indian defense turned in its third shutout of the year and its second in a row. Thus the stage was set for the final regular season confrontation. Final score: G-F 26, Fauquier 0. GAR-FIELD vs. WOODBRIDGE The final regular season game of 1979 was a game of great rivalry and pride. Gar-Field Indians were hosting arch-rival Woodbridge Vikings in a match that meant a chance for a wild card slot and into the playoffs for G-F. The game seemed to be in the hands of the Indians until Woodbridge came back in the second half and lead with a one point margin until the final sec¬ onds ticked away, giving Woodbridge this victory. Final score: G-F 14, Wood- bridge 15. This Page — Top: Mike Radovich rejoices. Cen¬ ter Left: Varsity Cheerleader Suzi Puletz. Center Middle: Varsity Cheerleader Geri Valliant. Cen¬ ter Right: Lance Sherrill. Bottom Left: Mark Jen¬ kins and Doug Turner. Bottom Right: Gar-Field Safety. 85 A SPECIAL THANKS TO THE 1979 VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM This is a special thanks to a very special group of young men. You will always be remembered and appreciated for your dedication, hard work, and tremendous effort for Gar-Field football. It is our sincere hope that in some small way, as a result of your participation on the 1979 Gar-Field football team you will be better prepared to successfully meet the challenges of your future. Our experiences during the 1979 football season can serve us all well, if we have learned valuable lessons from our success and failure. We must not hesitate to apply this knowledge to meet successfully future challenges that we all must face. Coach Robinson 86 Opposite Page — Top: Varsity Cheerleader, Michele Puletz. Center: Gar Field Celebrates. Bottom: Gar-Field defense. This Page — Top Left: Derek Verdeyen and Coach Campbell celebrate after interception touchdown against St. John’s. Top Right: Lance Sherrill receives the ball. Center Right: B. J. Zwinak. Center Left: Coach Robinson gives a pep talk while the team warms up. Bottom: Mark Jenkins. J.V. EXPERIENCE ROUGH GOING 1979 Junior Varsity Football Team: Michael Adams, Tim Arbisi, Bobby Artz, Brian Banks, Ray Bedard, Bex Berfield, Doug Boik, Joe Brooks, Mike Browne, Jamie Chiles, Walt Clark, Bruce Collier, William Doss, Scott Durham, Darren Evans, Jim Farrington, DeElzer Fields, Mark Gayda, Charles Gray, John Haag, Jim Higgins, Keith Hodges, Ernest Hudson, Raymond Johnston, Shaun Kelly, Melvin Klugh, Adrian Lawray, Joe Lynch, Mike Maddox, Clifton Martin, Jim McCourt, Mike Meadows, Joe Michell, Pat Molinari, Tom Murphy, Brian Myeres, Duane Norman, Tommy Pace, Mike Queen, David Raffield, Paul Robinson, Greg Size¬ more, Oscar Steele, Sheldon Sherial, Troy Smith, Ben Trivett, Marshall Trotter, Todd Truitt, Charles Wagner, Mort Wolson, Randy White, Terry Wiley, Grant Williams. OFFENSE The G-F Indians experienced rough going this year in our J.V. program from an offensive standpoint. There were times when we moved the ball with no problems at all. Some key injuries had a great deal to do with our inconsistency. There were several games which saw our offense move the ball the way it is supposed to be moved. One such game was the last game at Woodbridge. This offensive showing was a prime example of ball control. The beginning of the second half saw Woodbridge kick off to us. We drove the ball 80 yards and used all but 19 seconds on the clock of the 3rd quarter. That is the kind of ball we expect from G-F football teams. Some of our standouts on offense this year were Doug Boik, Charles Wagner and Vandon McGee in the backfield. Brian Banks had a good year at wide receiver. The offensive line had several standouts and we will be expecting big things from these guys on the varsity next year. DEFENSE Our Junior Varsity football team was spearheaded by a defense that at times could stop anyone. They proved this in their last victory over Woodbridge with a score of 7-0. Focus¬ ing on the defensive leaders, many names come up, but to mention a few. Our defensive line was held together with the experience and outstanding play of Butch Martin. One of the best tacklers on the team, Co-Captain Tim Arbisi is expected to make the same big plays on the Varsity level as he did on the J.V. level. Tom Murphy, one of the defensive secondary leaders, was an outstanding special teams man. His punt returns are ones we all are looking forward to next year on the Varsity team. zv Opposite Page — Center Right: David Raffield. Bottom Right: Offensive line. This Page — Top: Mar¬ shall Trotter. Center Left: Tom Murphy for the touchdown. Center Right: Touchdown! Bottom Right: A little coaching from the sidelines. A TALENTED, YOUNG TEAM W Jk ’ T y ' W SKtHmi ■K Pi -Tm jj ... wjjr -jl W .. » 1 1 JBbbP i Step 4 1 ■ T Sm ■ 4 JfSm Js 2L « W ■jiff , dk ' z l 4 . ■ nsarai m.iw r.r:tifcj4rM wJ fenrafil |S— Wjgg — wa ai a— ■If ' yf£ fijjPI jplllSijl ■ ' ■ : D ' Imm| WSSMsF wwt.JM IW A ,Jr Row 1: Robby San Pietro, Casey Johnson, Robby Nash, Danny Geiger, Wally Brown, Mike Howard, Brett Baugh, Mike Drury, Randy White, John Underwood. Row 2: Dewayne Parker, Paul Mann, William, Kalski, Tom Shennial, Eugene Crawford, Check Rogers, Mike Gillete, Honny Wilson, Aaron Mason, Drew Diffen- baugh, Gordon Jenkins, Randy Link, A. C. Shrewsbury, Ralph Linkous, Danny Engle. Row 3: Larry Williams, Tim Gerac, Mike Good, Rodney Burn, Shaun Mur¬ phy, Craig Turner. Not Pictured: Jim Portell, Ken Hendley, Frank Gouzalez, John Venti, Kent Dulaney and Steve Pellien. Opposite Page — Left: We ' re 1. Center Right: Freshman Coaching Staff. Bottom Right: Gordon Jen kins looks to hand off the ball. This Page — Top: John Venti and Jim Ported. Bottom Left: Victory Cele¬ bration. Bottom Right: Dwayne Parker going for a touchdown. G-F 0 TEAM RECORD 6-1-2 RED TEAM Potomac 7 G-F 0 Woodbridge 3 G-F 20 Culpepper 0 G-F 14 Stafford 6 G-F 20 Osbourn 14 G-F 14 Spotsylvania 14 G-F 20 Potomac 0 G-F 18 O’Connell 0 G-F 6 Woodbridge 0 G-F 0 BLUE TEAM Spotsylvania 18 G-F 0 Stonewall 14 G-F 0 Brentsville 14 Gar-Field’s Freshman Red team got off to a slow start. After losing two close early season games they then did not lose over their final seven games. This enabled them to finish the season with the best record among freshman teams in the area. The freshmen were smaller than most teams they played, but played inspired football, especially in crushing unbeaten Potomac. Then they rose to the occasion by stopping Wood- bridge eight times inside their twenty yard line in the last three minutes to preserve the 6-0 win. The young Indians played extremely well together, learning new offenses and defenses in preparation for their future years at Gar-Field. 91 UNDEFEATED IN DISTRICT I Congratulations to the Girls Varsity Volleyball team who went undefeated in the district this year. Their impressive 10-0 record is one to be recognized. They continued to regional competition where they placed second. Congratula¬ tions to a group of girls who worked continuously hard throughout a successful season. Best of luck to all of the girls next year. 92 Opposite Page — Top Right: Beth Benham. Center Left: Sharon Canada. Bottom Left: Rose Canada. Bottom Right: Carol Maruschak. This Page — Top Left: Rose Canada, Carol Maruschak and Beth Ben¬ ham. Bottom Left: G-F plays as a team. Bottom Middle: Beth Benham and Carol Maruschak. Top: Donna Hapner, Chieko Homan. Middle: Rose Canada, Sharon Canada, Beth Benham. Bottom: Mary Cox, Stephanie Thomas, Sara Brown, Suzanne Maruschak, Monique Fields, Carol Marushak. Not Pictured: Sherri Weedon. TEAM RECORD 10-0 G—F vs. Stonewall 15-12 15-5 G-F vs. Bishop O’Connell 15-0 15-2 G-F vs. Brentsville 15-1 15-2 G-F vs. Osbourn Park 15 6 15-9 G-F vs. Woodbridge 14- 9 15-0 G-F vs. Stonewall Jackson 12-10 7-12 15-3 G-F vs. Bishop O’Connell 15- 1 15-6 G-F vs. Brentsville 15-4 15-3 G-F vs. Osbourn Park 15-7 15-10 G-F vs. Woodbridge 15-3 13-9 93 BUMP, SET, SPIKE JV TEAM RECORD 5-3 G-Fvs. Stonewall 8-15 13-15 G-Fvs. Bishop O’Connell 15-5 15-1 G-Fvs. Brentsville 15-6 15-10 G-Fvs. Woodbridge 7 15 15 10 14-6 G-Fvs. Stonewall 715 1513 1115 G-Fvs. Bishop O’Connell 15 0 15 1 G-Fvs. Brentsville 15-6 15-2 G-Fvs. Woodbridge 15-8 11-5 15-11 Volleyball is not an individual sport and depends on total team effort. There was a high level of ability demonstrated by the team. The seasonal highlight was defeating Woodbridge in the last meeting and finishing the season with a winning record. r j r n : 4 lt 4 1 ' i|Jy. Jft 7 _ 9 " 7 4 I | ' vSI ' ? . n 1 ' fyji m 34 1 ft ffik % J JBk Ml £ | Row 1: Sheri Raymond, Donna Summers, Leanne Worthen, Becky O ' Quinn, Mary Greene, Teresa Tho- maidis. Row 2: Colleen Reichenbach, Annette Beadle, Lisa Beightol, Karen Canody, Debbie Peschka, Sheryl Holtam, Miss Frost. FRESHMAN TEAM RECORD 2-4 G-Fvs. Stonewall 13-15 15-5 1 5-8 G-F vs. Potomac 6-15 8-15 G-Fvs. Stonewall 15 8 13-15 5-15 G-Fvs. Potomac 5-15 15-10 13-15 G-Fvs. Woodbridge 12 15 150 1614 Center Left: J.V. team rejoices. Center Right: J.V.’s Donna Summers. Right: Freshman Nicole Fields. Far Right: Coach Hoffman advises the Freshman team. 94 SPIRIT, SKILL, AND UNITY VARSITY: Row 1: Susan Salvati, Amy Davis, Suzi Puletz, Jill Verdeyen, Colleen O ' Mara, Christie Overholser. Row 2: Tish Mahle, Geri Valliant, Laurie Roytos, Michele Puletz, Kelly Simpson, Jackie Lear. JUNIOR VARSITY Row 1: Sharon Moore, Melodie Martin, Donna Hobgood, Kassie Thorne, Karen Dennison. Row 2: Debbie Hudson, Cindy Hadley, Nancy Leeker, Michele Thorlton. Row 3: Cindy Steinmetz, Maria Thomaidis, Cindy Hardy, Tracy Truitt. FRESHMAN Row 1: Kelly Leiter, Debbie Coates, Arlene Morel, Stephanie Royer, Margie Mitchell. Row 2: Pam Jones, Colleen Penman, Jenny Clark, Lynnette Hinchee, Julie Jacobson. 95 CHEERLEADERS — THE SPIRIT OF GAR-FIELD Cheerleaders have to smile through it all. All of the hard work, many hours of practices, hundreds of posters, cook¬ ies, cakes, and candy for all of the teams, the pep rallies, the many victories, sometimes the defeat. The given up dates and parties, long weekends away from home, but somehow it’s all worth it in the end. This Page — Top Right: Varsity captain Amy Davis. Below: Freshman Julie Jacobson. Bottom Left: JV’s Donna Hobgood, Debbie Hudson, and Cindy Hadley. Bottom Right: Varsity stunt. Opposite Page — Top Left: Varsity Tish Mahle. Top Middle: Varsity Co-Captain Susan Salvati. Top Right: Fresh¬ man Debbie Coates. Center Left: Debbie Hudson. Center Middle: JV ' s Cindy Hadley and Cindy Hardy. Center Right: Freshman Colleen Penman. Bottom Left: Freshman Jenny Clark. Bottom Right: JV lineup. 96 97 MOVING ON Row 1: Mike Potvin, Eric Green, Frank Rhodes, Salim Mawani, Andy Cerva- rich, Eddie Novak, Name Unavailable, Name Unavailable, Bryan Jones. Row 2: Ned Dickerson, Mark Destephanis, Steve Destephanis, Charles Rhodes, Greg Newman, Tom Evatt, Mark Clemmons, Andy Haymond, Stuart Mitchell, Shawn McCormick. George Pope and Vicki Flaherty led the Indians this past fall season on the Cross Country team. The Cross Country team is composed of guys and girls although they compete separately. Shawn McCormick was named as G-F’s 2 run¬ ner behind George Pope. Top female standouts include Peggy Benham who placed in districts and Jean Cashwell who was the only girl to place in regionals and went to state. With many returning runners for next year, we look forward again to another successful season. G-F 28 James Wood 24 G-F 33 Stonewall Jackson 23 G-F 41 Stafford 38 G-F 17 Spotsyvania 47 G-F 23 Fauquier 28 G-F 38 Woodbridge 22 Row 1: Peggy Benham, Christi Simpson, Vicki Flaherty. Row 2: Colleen Cos- griff, Jean Cashwell, Sue Flynn, Kelli McCormick. Opposite Page — Center Right: Peggy Benham, Jean Cashwell. Bottom Right: On your mark, Get set, GO! This Page — Top Left: Shawn McCormick and George Pope. Top Center: Vicki Flaherty. Center Left: Andy Haymond. Center Right: Bryan Jones, Stuart Mitchell and Fr ank Rhodes lead the way. Bottom Left: Coach Che sire and Mark Clemmons. Bottom Right: G-F girls off to a good start. 99 TEAM RECORD 7-5 G-F 7 Fauquier 2 G-F 5 James Wood 4 G-F 3 Stafford 6 G-F 9 Spotsylvania 0 G-F 3 Woodbridge 6 G-F 4 Stonewall 5 G-F 8 Fauquier 1 G-F 5 James Wood 4 G-F 5 Stafford 4 G-F 8 Spotsylvania 1 G-F 4 Woodbridge 5 G-F 4 Stonewall 5 Placed Third in District The team worked together well and supported each other continuously. The girls worked hard and improved as the season progressed. The three top sin¬ gles players, in order, are Kelli McCormick, Dana Purdy, and Laura Purdy. The four top doubles are Dana Purdy and Laura Purdy, Kelli McCormick and Doreen Connoley, Sharon Shute and Vivian Ruiz, Laura Fisher and Dorothy Conway. Congratulations for another successful season. SWINGING INTO FALL ... ' ' L 100 Opposite Page — Top: Kelli McCormick. Bottom Left: Dana Purdy. Bottom Right: Laura Purdy. This Page — Top Left: Dana Purdy. Top Right: Kelli McCormick. Bottom: Doreen Connolley. 101 WINTER SPORTS WINTER SPOR rS WINTER SPORTS WINTER SP ORTS WINTER SPORTS WINTE R SPORTS WINTER SPORTS WIN TER SPORTS WINTER SPORTS WINTER SPORTS WINTER SPOR TS WINTER SPORTS WINTER SP | ORTS WINTER SPORTS WINTE R SPORT! WINTER SPORTS WIN TER SPORTS WINTER SPORT S WINTER SPORTS WINTER SPO RTS WINTER SPORTS WINTER S PORTS WINTER SPORTS WINTE R SPORTS WINTER SPORTS WIN TER SPORTS WINTER SPORTS WINTER SPORTS WINTER SPOR TS WINTER SPORTS WINTER SP ORTS WINTER SPORTS WINTE R SPORTS WINTER SPORTS WIN TER SPORTS WINTER SPORT S WINTER SPORTS WINTER SPO RTS WINTER SPORTS WINTER S PORTS WINTER SPORTS WINTE Top Left: Varsity Cheerleader . Middle Left. Lance Sherrill, Conrad Stronko. Middle: Maria Tait. Bottom Left: B. J. Zwinak. Below: Christie Simpson. 103 BOYS’ VARSITY BASKETBALL MAKES HISTORY Assistant coach Spivey, Othell Wilson, John Bazyk, Warren Thompson, Leonard Hamilton, Mike Wilkins, Derek Washington, Steve Perry, Kevin Smith, George Suggs, Scott Johnson, Steve Smith, Mike Wilson, Bobby Schwier, Coach French. CAPTURE THE SPIRIT Capture the spirit was the theme of the 1979-80 Basketball season. That is exactly what our boys’ Varsity team did. All of the accomplishments made by this hardwork¬ ing and dedicated team have not come easily. These accomplishments serve as proof that through years of tireless effort by the members of the team as well as by coaches Jim Spivey, Ken Horton, Bob Levine, and head coach Rick French, hard work does indeed reap rewards. The Indians finished their regular season with a 19-0 record. We avoided defeat by a slim margin as 14 points in the game against Lake Braddock, and as wide a margin of 52 points in the final game of the regular season against archrival Woodbridge. Gar-Field continued into the District tournam ent. In the semi-final round the Indi¬ ans crushed Woodbridge. Our undefeated record was preserved when G-F conquered Stafford in the final round, and captured the Commonwealth District Crown. The Indians then advanced into the Northwest Regional Tournament where we were opposed by Pulaski County High School. We were victorious in the semi-final round and continued into the finals where George Washington of Danville met defeat at the hands of the Indians. Gar-Field then looked towards the possibility of a State AAA Title. The Indians trav¬ eled to Charlottesville on March 7th for the state semi-finals against Marshall Walker. Victory did not come easily to the Indians although we pulled it off with a final score of 81-73. Gar-Field’s ultimate goal of a State Championship was at our fingertips. In the AAA State Championship game, on March 8th at University Hall, UVa, Charlottesville, Vir¬ ginia, the Indians were up against Booker T. Washington of Norfolk. Opposition was tough but the Indians came out on top with a final score of 67-65 making Gar-Field the first Commonwealth District team to capture the Virginia AAA Title. A very sincere and heartfelt congratulations to the members of the 1979-80 Varsity team that made it all happen: Steve Perry, Othell Wilson, Steve Smith, Kevin Smith, George Suggs, Mike Wilkins, Scott Johnson, Derrick Washington, Bobby Schwier, Mike Wilson, John Bazyk, Warren Thompson, and Leonard Hamilton. Much gratitude also to the many loyal and enthusiastic fans who also played a vital role in the success of our team. The many fans who attended the state tournament were a potent catalyst to the team’s performance. It is our hope that the enthusiasm that has developed over the years will remain as intense in the future. We feel that the support by Gar-Field students, parents and staff will promote many more successful champions in years to come. The emotions of the team are exemplified by Steve Perry, “The 1979-1980 basket¬ ball season has been very kind to us. Winning the district, regional and state titles and being rated the top team in the Washington area, while remaining undefeated are achievements that we will not soon forget.” Once again, congratulations to an outstanding group of young men for a job well done. 104 VARSITY BASKETBALL 1979-1980 G-F 110 Ballou 80 G-F 61 Stafford 44 G-F 81 Annandale 53 G-F 89 O’Connell 62 G-F 93 Kennedy-Armstrong 51 G-F 65 Lake Braddock 51 G-F 97 Stonewall Jackson 55 G-F 73 O’Connell 37 G-F 75 James Wood 57 G-F 83 Fauquier 49 G-F 69 Woodbridge 50 G-F 85 Stafford 63 G-F 78 Spotsylvania 46 G-F 76 Stonewall Jackson 58 G-F 105 Spotsylvania 76 G-F 114 James Wood 73 G-F 73 Lake Braddock 58 G-F 94 Fauquier 59 G-F 96 Woodbridge 44 Opposite Page — Ri ght: Steve Perry. This Page — Top: John Bazyk attempts foul shot. Center Left: G-F’s Othell Wilson takes command over Vike’s Jerry Roadcap. Center Right: Bobby Schwier. Below: Mike Wilson. 105 106 STATE 107 J.V. STRUGGLES THROUGH SEASON From Left to Right: Coach Horton, Peter Kaserman, Greg Clark, Brian Banks, Eric Micheal, Brent Penny, John Giltner, Harvey Hinchee, Richard Corsen, Todd Williams, Curtis Johnson, Robert Rogers. J.V. Basketball 1979-1980 Team Record 8 - 1-8 GF 88 Ballou 58 G-F58 Stafford 58 G F 75 Annadale 68 G-F75 O ' Connell 84 G-F40 Armstrong Kennedy 55 G-F47 Lake Braddock 64 G-F65 Stonewall Jackson 31 GF 64 James Wood 32 G-F38 Fauquier 57 G-F47 Woodbridge 57 G-F49 Stafford 43 G-F47 Spotsylvania 57 GF 45 Stonewall Jackson 50 GF 40 Spotsylvania 47 G-F44 James Wood 40 G-F67 Lake Braddock 44 GF 62 Fauquier 51 108 The boys Junior Varsity basketball team was successful in the win and loss col¬ umn for the 1979-1980 season. It was also a good year for getting the invaluable playing time and needed experience for years to come. Next year, big things can be expected from these JV players. The squad leaders were Harvey Henchee and Brent Penny. The “Most Valuable Player " was Richard Corson and the “Most Improved Player " was Peter Kaser- man. Other team members included Curtis Johnson, Eric Michael, Brian Banks, Greg Clark, Robert Rodgers, Todd Williams, Jeff Williams, Bob Doyle, and Perry Mullins. Opposite Page — Bottom Middle: Harvey Hin- chee. Bottom Right: Brian Banks. This Page — Top: J.V. Cheerleaders. Left Center: Curtis Johnson. Middle Center: Harvey Hinchee. Bot tom Left: Brent Penny. Bottom Center: Curtis Johnson. Bottom Right: Brent Penny. 109 FRESHMEN LOOK TO THE FUTURE Marcu Lawrencel BobbyDoyle M ke rury. Acie ' u wsbu 6, ROb Wi " itt ' P " y MU|N " S ' ChHs Alan Borough. Joey Cooper. BOYS’ FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM RECORD: 7-4 G-F 42 Posomac 46 G-F 50 Woodb ridge 52 G-F 47 Stonewall Jackson 29 G-F 57 Woodbridge 54 G-F 41 Potomac 35 G-F 25 Stafford 22 G-F 56 Spotsylvania 50 G-F 47 Stonewall Jackson 42 G-F 36 Woodbridge 37 G-F 67 Spotsylvania 63 G-F 30 Stafford 34 110 The Freshman Basketball Team coached by Bob Levine, finished this year with a 7-4 record. Offensive leaders for the team were Perry Mullins with a sixteen point average and Bobby Doyle with a thirteen point average. Other offensive scoring came from Acie Shrewsberry and Jeff Williams. Rob¬ ert Willett received The Most Improved Player Award and proved to be a defensive asset. His performance helped mark good team performance. One of the reasons for the team’s success was the performance of people like Alan Bor¬ ough, Joey Cooper, Mike Drury, Marcus Lawerence, Lyn¬ wood Lovelace, Chris Peevy, and Chris Pfohl. These fresh¬ men make the future bright for G-F Basketball. The team survived only by team effort. Every team they faced outweighed them and were taller than the G-F Fresh¬ men. Without total team effort, the 1979-80 Freshman Boys Basketball would not have been successful. Opposite Page — Bottom Center: Chris Pfohl. Bottom Right: Bobby Doyle. This Page — Top Left: Rob Willitt. Top Center: Bobby Doyle. Top Right: Acie Shrewsbury. Middle Left: Bobby Doyle and Mike Drury. Middle Right: Coach Lev¬ ine and team. 11 ] GIRLS’ VARSITY BASKETBALL TRIUMPHS AGAIN! Row 1: Sherri Weedon, Brenda Miller, Donna Hapner. Row 2: Lori Miller, Christi Simpson, Catherine Curran, Wanda Dean. Row 3: Patsy Majeski, Laura Catalano, Lisa Lohr, Susan Walvius, Lisa Shelor, Kris Harting, Beth Walvius, Jennifer Jones (coach). GIRLS’ VARSITY BASKETBALL 1979-1980 G-F60 Albemarle 24 G-F49 Charlottesville 40 G-F53 Annandale 59 G-F74 Fort Flunt 38 G-F57 Stafford 48 GF 51 Fort Hunt 38 G-F51 Robinson 56 G-F70 Spotsylvania 27 G F 74 Stonewall 45 GF 63 James Wood 57 G F 66 Fauquier 42 G-F59 Woodbridge 25 G-F47 Stafford 58 G-F77 Spotsylvania 29 G-F39 Holy Cross 72 G-F64 Robinson 53 G-F44 James Wood 63 GF 63 Fauquier 45 G F 50 Woodbridge 19 GF 59 Stonewall 46 Opposite Page — Bottom Middle: Catherine Curran. Bottom Right: Susan Walvius. This Page — Top Left: Miss Jones and Miss O’Con¬ nor. Center: Donna Hapner. Right Center: Laura Catalano. 113 GIRLS’ J.V. HAVE BEST SEASON EVER I i |i II [; ! 114 ■HI W I i whM ■ ■t ' -. jf m Vu ' jj Row 1: Mary Beth Gratmueller, June Carter, Carol Curran, Chris Strychowski. Row 2: Sue Flynn, Cindy Chase, Terrie Patterson, Cindy Hadley, Arleta Cosby. Row 3: Annette Beadle, Debbie Grim, Kris Davis, Jean Cashwell, Kathy Frost (coach). Undefeated!! The Girls JV Basketball team went for an outstanding 17-0 record. Scoring was led by Mary Beth Graf- muller, Debbie Grim, Chris Strychowski, Arietta Cosby, Cindy Chase, and Cindy Hadley. The leaders in rebounding were Annette Beadle, Sue Flynn, and Debbie Grim. The team averaged 52 points per game while giving up about 23 per game. The rest of the JV squad was June Car¬ ter, Carol Curan, Terrie Patterson, Kris Davis, Jean Cash- well, and Vicki McDougal. The entire put forth a fine team effort to make the season most successful. GIRLS ' JV BASKETBALL 1979 1980 G-F 54 Annandale 6 G-F 54 Fort Hunt 25 G-F 24 Stafford 20 GF67 Fort Hunt 32 GF 47 Robinson 43 G-F 61 Spotsylvania 5 G-F 48 Stonewall 24 G-F45 James Wood 17 G-F 59 Fauquier 18 G-F61 Woodbridge 21 G-F 42 Stafford 12 G-F 58 Spotsylvania 1 1 G-F 68 Robinson 59 G-F 57 James Wood 20 G-F 46 Fauquier 32 G-F 44 Woodbridge 26 G-F Stonewall Top Left: Sue Flynn. Top Center: Cindy Hadley. Far Left: Cindy Hadley attempts two points. Mid¬ dle: Vicki McDougal. Bottom Middle: Marybeth Gratmueller. Above: Chris Strychowski. 115 GIRLS’ FROSH SHOOTS FOR THE TOP Row 1: Tammy Fox, Becky O’Quinn, Laricha Jackson, Rhonda Early. Row 2: Sara Braun, Debbie Miller, Angie Hill, Erica Willis, Gwen Price Row 3- Monica Brown, Kathy Walker, Becky Sandige, Rosetta Bullock, Stacy Keller, Nicole Fields, Coach Kathy Hofmann. The girls Freshman Basketball team earned a tie for the district championship with a 7-1 season record. The Indians’ single loss came from a 34-40 defeat to the Potomac Panthers. In their next meeting Gar-Field came back to a 43-23 victory over Potomac. The frosh squad consisted of Ros etta Bullock, Sara Brown, Angie Hill, Stacy Keller, Kathy Walker, Nicole Fields, Tammy Fox, Becky O’Quinn, Lacricha Jackson, Rhonda Early, Debbie Miller, Erica Willis, Gwen Price, Monica Brown, Becky Sandrige. 116 GIRLS ' FRESHMAN BASKETBALL OVERALL RECORD 7-2 G-F34 Potomac 40 G-F45 Woodbridge 17 G-F29 Stonewall 12 GF 43 Potomac 23 G-F31 Stafford 19 GF 40 Woodbridge 14 GF 26 Stafford 12 G-F35 Wakefield 44 G F 29 Stonewall 15 117 A TALENTED, YOUNG TEAM Varsity: Caris Erickson, Stacy Kuykendall, Janet Lawson, Kelley Sewell, Maria Tait, Karen Williams, Page Wilson. J.V.: Misti Barrett, Tracye Bartels, Kristin Hawley, Sara McKelvey, Darlene O’Neal, Kelly Rose, Kim Sholar, Shelley VanAlstyne. 118 Not many students realize the hard work and dedication that the Gar-Fiek Gymnastic team puts in during their five month season. The team this year was a young one with only two seniors on the squad. The seniors, Maria Tait and Page Wilson were also team cap¬ tains. The team was rounded out by Chris Erickson, Stacy Kendall, Janet Lawson, Kelley Sewell, Karen Wil¬ liams, Misti Barrett, Kristin Hawley, Sara Mckelvey, Darlene O’Neal, Kelly Rose, Kim Sholar, Shelly Van Alstyne. The team won three out of four dual meets with their most impressive vic¬ tory at the Park View invitational, where they took third place out of the twenty-five high schools in the compe¬ tition. Opposite Page — Bottom Left: Page Wilson. Bottom Center: Caris Erikson. Bottom Right: Maria Tait. This Page — Top Left: Stacy Kuyk¬ endall. Top Middle: Kelli Sewell. Cent er Left: Darlene O’Neal and Coach Susan Bruesar. Bot¬ tom Left: Maria Tait and Page Wilson. Bottom Right: Sara McKelvey. 119 WEATHER HAMPERS SEASON 120 INDOOR TRACK Despite the bus accidents and can¬ celled dual meets, the Indoor Track team continued to be the class of the Commonwealth district. “An overall team effort’’ is how Coach Mike Campbell commented about an early season victory at the Stonewall Jackson Invitational Indoor Track meet. That statement is also appropriate when talking about G-F’s performance in the district meet as Gar-Field outdistanced second place Woodbridge 146-99 while placing in every event except the high jump. District champions included Tom Mehr, shot put; Brad Collier, 60 yard high hurdles; Tommy Lovelace, long jump; Lance Sherrill, 600 yard dash; the 880 and mile relay teams. After winning district, sophomore Joe Miller moved on to win the regional champi¬ onship in the 300 yard dash. 121 WRESTLING WINNING TRADITION For the second year in a row, the 1979-80 wrestling team added icing to the cake by finishing their season as Virginia State Runner-ups. Team captains Matt Rose and Tommy Pringle also led their team¬ mates to District and Regional Cham¬ pionships with a team record of 11 -1. Seniors, B.J. Zwinak, Jim Failor, Matt Rose, and Tommy Pringle will be greatly missed next year as the Indi¬ ans take to the mats. These young men have been a vital part of the win¬ ning tradition at Gar-Field, making possible a record 31-1 win-loss record for the past three years they have wrestled. Next year’s contingent of wrestlers have their work cut out for them but with many returning lettermen such as Bobby Reynolds, Bruce Nichols, Wes Swogger, Mark Failor, Charles Wagner, Tom Murphy, Chuck Cotton, and Brian West, it is certain they will rise to the occasion and compete with the same intensity as their teammates have in the past. Good luck seniors — continue your winning ways throughout life. Coach Duncan Varsity: Bobby Reynolds, Bruce Nichols, Tommy Pringle, Matt Rose, Tom Murphy, Jim Failor, Charles Wagner, Mark Failor, Wes Swaggard, Paul Torrice, Chuck Gotten, Brian West, B. J. Zwinak. J.V.: Frank Piwowarski, Stein Hook, Hamid Najeti, Melvin LaMonds, Tom Roltsh, Tim Arbisi, Mike Queen, Tom McGinnous, Steve Brown, Robert McLean, Brian Moore, Eric Thoresen. 122 Districts Regionals State (98) Bobby Reynolds 2nd 2nd 4th (105) Bruce Nichols 3rd 4th (112) Matt Rose 1st 2nd 5th (126) Wes Swaggard 3rd 4th (132) Jim Failor 3rd 4th 7th (138) Tommy Pringle 1 St 1 St 2nd (145) Mark Failor 4th (155) Charles Wagnor 3rd (167) Chuck Cotton 4th (UNL) B. J. Zwinak 1 St 1st 2nd 123 1st IN DISTRICT 1st IN REGION 2nd IN STATE 1980 VARSITY WRESTLING G-F 23 William Fleming 30 G-F 55 Armstrong Kennedy 6 G-F 33 Hayfield 19 G-F 50 Groveton 15 G-F 52 Brentsville 4 CHRISTMAS TOURNAMENT BOILING SPRINGS, PENNSYLVANIA G-F 39 Spotsylvania 11 G-F 42 Fauquier 7 G-F 35 Stonewall 17 G-F 34 Stafford 22 G-F 39 James Wood 12 G-F 65 Woodbridge 0 124 Opposite Page — Far Left: Bobby Reynolds. Top Right: Tommy Pringle. Middle Right: Spec¬ tators cheer on Brian McGowan. Bottom Right: Jim Failor. This Page — Top Left: Whitey Nor¬ man. Left Center: Steve Brown. Middle Top: Tom McGinnous. Middle: Eric Thoresen. Bottom Left: Frank Piwowarski. Below: Tim Arbisi. 125 f§ ORGANIZATIONS ORCHESTRA (L-R) Row 1: D. Curtis, L. Wallick, S. Katsarelis, V. Fair, C. Arnold, N. Deoples, C. McCeney, D. Smith, J. Goodrich, S. Swenson, T. Delaverson. Row 2: R. DeStephanis, T. Ritter, J. Brozena, M. Brown, C. Bullock, L. Stuart, C. Prince, D. Holcombe, I. Mason, V. LeFourneou, M. Potvin, S. Stewart, B. Otter. Row 3: C. Prince, D. Jordan, A. Tainter, P. Brooks, M. DeStephanis, D. Hudson, L. Paxton, M. Otter, J. Christie, F. Potvin, B. Dixon, P. Slazak, R. VanCuren. CONCERT CHOIR (L-R) Row 1: L. Ensmingiu, S. Daigneau, L. Cooley, L. Whitt, D. Parker, L. Trundy, D. Stokes, K. Weidham, T. Lightfoot, C. Patterson, C. Snow, J. Heatwole, J. Via, L. Orolfo, B. Johnston, N. Staten, S. Yauss, L. Wenies, D. Petrelli. Row 2: P. Youss, L. Watson, B. Kane, J. Lawson, J. Lippert, V. Eaton, M. Seitz, M. Eaton, S. VanAlstyne, M. Boodie, R. Stultz, B. Chictka, S. Codespodi, K. Lillman, S. Gibson, S. Barrett, N. Aubuchen, K. Hart. Row 3: K. Hoschar, S. Puletz, F. Thomas, K. Sebastion, B. Johnson, L. Rogers, M. Robinson, M. Knotts, C. DeMarco, J. Beard, W. Rumph, D. Crone, B. Foote, L. Little, D. Bennett, L. Bratcher, D. Phillips, D. McDonald. Row 4: D. Burns, S. Fowler, D. Ruminor, M. Sgroi, B. Butcher, T. Trelinski, K. Johnson, L. Hollar, P. Harris, R. Mentiply, T. Fetherolf, S. Tierny, T. Fawley, L. Rumph, D. Childress, A. Farria, D., T. O ' Quinn. ORGANIZATIONS 129 DOMINANTS (L-R) Row 1: L. Ensmenger, S. Daigneau, P. Harris, T. Lightfoot, K. Lillman, S. Barrett. Row 2: T. Fawley, N. Slaten, T. Trundy, K. Sebastion, D. Stokes, S. Codespoti, A. Farria. Row 3: J. Beard, R. Mentiply, M. Boodei, B. Chichka, T. Trelinski, D. Thoreson. Row 1: S. Barrett, B. Malloy, P. Babick, L. Johnson, M. Goodwyn, (Director). Row 2: J. Minor, J. Lippert, K. Delaney, M. Gillette, D. Ruminor, F. Thomas, C. Kearney, L. Cooley. Row 3: T. Collins, R. Mentiply, B. Butcher, J. Via. 130 ORGANIZATIONS TREBLE CHOIR (L R) Row 1: P. Freeby, D. Moore, L. Rocklill, S. McKelvez, D. Minzes, L. Huff, M. Burnes, M. Thorlfon, D. Breneman. Row 2: A. Martin, M. Azala, M. Barrett, L. Schaeffer, V. Eaton, A. Talbot, L. Copley. Row 3: K. Meyers, S. Jefferson, V. Dickinson, T. Goodie, C. Fawler, T. Perkins, S. Fraker. Row 4: P. Jones, M. Eaton, B. Walker, S. Buck, N. King, T. Brueses, D. Seger. VARSITY CHOIR (L R) Row 1: C. Dorris, C. Parker, L. Bourke, C. Dunley, C. O’Keefe, A. Breneman, A. Spring, B. Putman, R. Stroud, B. Via, J. Lang, K. Carper, L. Grimm, P. Haynes, J. Dawson. Row 2: B. Walker, K. Aldridge, N. Wiseman, J. Uy, K. Brandt, P. McGarry, T. Eickhorn, J. Miller, T. Breuser, M Gerndon, A. O ' Donnol, H. Sifontes. Row 3: H. Beatty, J. Froom, L. Davidson, S. Moore, C. Vervena, T. Collins, R. O’Dell, N. King, K. Gankiewicz, B. Walker, B. Williams, T. Childress, Mr. Goodwyn (Director). ORGANIZATIONS 131 VARSITY BAND (L. to R.) Row 1: D. Ward, C. Jones, A. Cole, T. Downs, S. Beaty, C. Spillman, J. Walker. Row 2: R. Cecilio, S. Pieper, C. Davis, D. Anger, A. King, B. Demsko, K. Ellenberger. CONCERT BAND C. Arnold, K. Arthur, K. Aruta, J. Bankson, M. Barrett, M. Benidect, D. Benton, T. Bergsma, C. Bohannon, S. Braun, T. Brosch, B. Brown, W. Bunton, E. Carlson, H. Chisholm, C. Clarke, E. Dandar, P. Devenney, A. Dubuisson, D. Eggleston, D. Gregory, C. Halpin, M. Harpe, M. Harsh, R. Hassinger, A. Haymond, T. Hershey, J. Hilans, D. Huff, K. Johnson, C. Keefe, D. Kipwell, D. Klugh, T. Krein, L. Lemons, D. Loveland, D. MacC- arthy, J. Maloney, J. Massoud, D. McGettigan, A. Moore, J. Morgan, R. Natania, G. O ' Keefe, C. O’Neil, T. O’Neil, D. Payne, R. Pelzer, W. Paul, M. Rhodes, R. Robey, S. Robison, M. Romanski, M. Ross, K. Schmecht, K. Sears, P. Secrist, L. Seidl, K. Sizemore, A. Smith, B. Spivey, B. Sprague, D. Sweeney, J. Taylor, N. Templeton, T. Truitt, C. Walton, S. Ward, B. Waymire, R. Wells, R. White, S. Williams, T. Williams. 132 ORGANIZATIONS STAGE BAND K. Ahern, J. Brozena, E. Carlson, T. Cooley, S. Costello, C. Dill, V. Fair, D. Garza, J. Gordon, D. Harp, B. Johnson, K. Kersse, J. Murdock, L. Paxton, A. Phillips, M. Schaeffer, D. Slade, P. Slezak, P. Smith, S. Stewart, J. Stiles, J. Taylor, S. Taylor, D. Thomas, R. VanCuren, R. Wells. SYMPHONIC BAND K. Ahern, J. Alvey, B. Aruta, D. Asprey, E. Atreed, T. Baugh, T. Beams, R. Bergsma, K. Beuley, B. Boode, J. Bradshaw, J. Breeding, B. Brown, R. Brown, J. Brozena, L. Brozena, S. Costello, A. Crocker, T. Delarerson, B. Dill, C. Dill, T. Dittmer, L. Earman, J. English, D. Evans, J. Fair, V. Fair, D. Fass, T. Fass, D. Garza, J. Gordon, B. Greisen, D. Harp, D. Holcombe, M. Hosier, M. Howard, D. Jordan, D. Kahler, K. Kersse, K. Klemm, M. Knapp, M. Koger, G. Kyser, L. LaCava, S. LaCava, P. MacKissock, V. Maddox, S. McCarthy, T. Miles, B. Moore, M. Mossier, K. Newman, B. Ondo, C. O ' Neal, B. Otter, M. Otter, T. Payton, L. Paxton, N. Peoples, L. Pierson, A. Phillips, B. Reeves, D. Robey, S. Schneider, B. Schneider, B. Secrist, D. Slade, P. Slezak, P. Smith, S. Stewart, J. Stiles, S. Taylor, D. Thomas, R. VanCuren. ORGANIZATIONS 133 THE 79-80 GAR-FIELD Kenny Ahern, Jeff Alvey, Chris Arnold, Cathy Aruta, Elizabeth Attreed, Melissa Beatty, Sabrina Bent, Randy Bergsma, Tim Bergsma, Lenora Bohr, Bart Boodee, JoAnn Breeding, Traci Baugh, Bonnie Brown, Jeanne Brozena, Linda Brozena, Wayne Bunton, Awanda Buterbaugh, Cindy Clark, Jacy Cole, Edward Dandar, Terri Delaverson, Pat Devenney, Brooke Dill, Craig Dill, Jeffrey Dorton, Janine Dorton, Lynn Earman, Debbie Eggleston, Janet Fair, Vicki Fair, Tom Fass, David Garza , Debbie Ffarp, Jim Hilins, Danny Holcombe, Mark Howard, Dana Huff, Chip Jarrett, Lisa Johnson, David Jordon, Debbie Kahler, Kimo Kersse, Lucille Klemm, Marie Knapp, Lori LcCava, Sally LaCava, Debbie Loveland, Eddie Maloney, Diane McCarthy, Suzanne McCarthy, Tammy Miles, Marianna Mossier, Ken Moyer, Ricki Nattania, Greg O ' Keefe, Billy Ondo, Kelly O ' Neal, Brian Otter, Mike Otter, Billy Parker, Lonnie Paxton, Dean Payne, Alan Phillips, Diane Robey, Ron Robey, Mark Schaeffer, Steve Schneider, Beth Secrist, Peggy Secrist, Misty Shaw, Kevin Sizemore, David Slade, Paul Slezak, Ben Spivey, Steve Stewart, Jody Stiles, Scott Taylor, Nancy Templeton, Sandra Templeton, Rick VanCuren, Chopper Walton, Susan Ward, Brian Waymire, Scott Webber, Ronnie Wells, Tom Williams, Lauri Young. Band Director — Mr. Ed Jones. The Gar-Field Marching Band of 79-80 is a fine group of talented young musicians with a large amount of school spirit. During football season the Marching Band performs for all of our home football games and several away games, when requested. In order to prepare for football games, the band rehearses two hours daily. Pep rallies and bon fires are included in the busy schedule during this time of year. The band is asked each year to march in the Dale City, Quantico and Dumfries Christmas parades. The Marching Band competes with marching bands from other schools in Virginia. At many times during the competitions the Indianettes, Flag Corps, Rifle Team, and Majorettes assist the band. This year the band was headed by Drum Major Tom Fass with Assistant Drum Major Kenny Ahern, and Assistant Drum Majorette Elizabeth Attreed. Percussion Leader, David Garza, led the Percussion section. The Marching Band works hard to keep up the high standards necessary to be the best. Gar-Field takes great pride in the band and at the same time, the Marching Band takes great pride in Gar-Field. 134 ORGANIZATIONS MARCHING BAND ORGANIZATIONS 135 INDIANETTES (L-R) Front: M. Tait, C. Parker, H. Dorsey, A. Katsarelis (Co-Capt.), L. Jensen (Captain), M. Vermilyea (Co-Capt.), D. Judy, K. Donnelly, B. Bout- well. Kneeling: J. Pinna, S. Geiger, N. Betz, J. Arcuni, B. Arnold, D. Benton, T. Fetherolf, J. Arcuni. Seated: B. Gallegos, M. Bell, C. Hopun, L. Holley, L. Woodruff, L. Lurty, J. Lawson, M. Wiles, J. Ritz. Standing: L. Heiser, B. Kidwell, L. Weaver, C. Hart, M Sisson, K. Windham, K. Touch, V. Maddox, E. Berdaus. Not Shown: M. Kepano, L. Frasier. Each spring an estimated 100 Gar-Field girls try out in high hopes of attaining one of the 38 spots on the Gar-Field Indian- ettes Drill Team. Formed in 1971, the team was designed to be a dancing high-kick drill team. The purpose of the team would be to entertain at athletic and extracurricular events. In addi¬ tion to their dancing ability, the Indianettes have as much spirit as a cheerleader, and the disciplinary conduct of a military group. Over the past nine years the Indianettes have expanded into a more professional team. New styles of dance have been added to perfect their routines. The Indianettes function year- round. They perform at Pep Rallies, Parades, Football and Bas¬ ketball games. Band and Drill team competitions, and other community services. In the Indianette’s past drill team competitions, the team has never received less than first place. This year the team was headed by Captain, Laura Jensen. Being an Indianette can prove to be a very rewarding and exciting experience. M. Vermilyea (Co-Capt.), L. Jensen (Capt.), A. Katsarelios (Co-Capt.) 136 ORGANIZATIONS MAJORETTES Left to Right: J. Kitchen, W. Loy, (Co-Capt.) S. Parrett, R. Sprowls (Capt.), B. Depoy, B. Lee. Not Shown: C. Hileman. RIFLE TEAM Front: S. Pluto (Co-Capt.), C. Brown (Capt.). Middle: P. Brown, S. Daigneau, D. Gholson. Back: A. Wyatt, J. Gresley, D. Fass, J. Gaussiran. Captain Cindy Brown and Co-Capt. Susan Pluto. ORGANIZATIONS 137 FLAG CORPS (L-R) Row 1: M. Moriarty (Co-Capt.), C. Brown (Capt.), P. Johnson (Lt.). (L-R) Row 2: D. Berry, L. DeBruil, A. Martin, L. Naylor, E. Melhorn, L. Scallon, D. Smith, L. Molinari, D. Hensley. Not Shown: C. Hayward, L. Barnhill, C. Hudson. COLOR GUARD (L-R) Row 1: T. Schroeder, B. Via. Row 2: L. Copley, T. Miller (Capt.), M. Kent. 138 ORGANIZATIONS STUDENT GOVERNMENT COUNCIL (L-R) Row 1: H. Dorsey, J. Arcuni, B. Gaitwell, T. Mahle, L. Rhottblut, B. Wiseman, L. Fisher, S. Clark, P. Christie. Row 2: V. Maddox, L. McGuiver, P. Pashkovski, K. Gahn, C. Brown, D. Ruffner, C. O ' Mara, J. McCoart. Row 3: R. Martin, J. Arvai, P. Hudson, Chadley, L. Ballard, W. Foley, C. Salvati, L. Beichol, C. Hart, L. Holley, K. Simpson. Row 4: M. Montaigne, R. Nattania, S. Crawford, R. Outland, M. Radovich, P. Torres, P. Allega, A. Sullivan, R. VanCuren, L. Catalano, A. Cosby, M. Kepano, L. Lurty, J. Verdeyen. F.B.L.A. (L R) Row 1: K. Smith, P. Swoop, A. Miller, R. Nattania, K. Hart, D. Stahl, C. Hardy. Row 2: C. Dedano, T. Poher, L. James, K. Wagus, C. Taylor, P. Ruoff, D. Turner, K. Sewell, C. Jones, P. Nix, J. Arcuni. Row 3: K. McCoart, D. Rice, D. Hayes, M. Klugh, J. Bisgrove, J. McCoart, A. McHugh, S. Mayo, A. Ganino, K. Thorne. Row 4: K. Denny, P. Buhle, L. Bohart, L. Beightol, M. Rehanek, D. Dwyer, W. Dean, D. Ruffner, T. Bloxton, B. Kid- well, J. Schultz, C. Brown. Row 5: P. Johnson, J. Wooldridge, L. Lurty, V. Toler, J. Cashwell, D. Slade, M. Radovich, L. Catalano, S. Schrader, A. Cosby, T. Malone, C. Fegley. ORGANIZATIONS 139 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY (L-R) Row 1: J. Bittner, J. Wiseman, S. Daigneau, E. Attreed, S. Fields, J. Fair, L. Berdus, C. Leone. Row 2: S. Maruschak, C. Wilson, S. Raymond, K. Kelley, S. Tierney, J. Grafmaller, D. Purdy, J. Koziol, A. Davis. Row 3: S. Haviland, R. Nichols, J. Eckenfels, L. Purdy, A. Tainter, S. Snider, A. Devaney, B. Griffin, J. Fochs, S. Bull. Row 4: W. Schwenger, R. Bergsma, T. Bezanson, F. Potvin, G. Kyser, B. Clarke, J. Hatchel, B. Collier, J. Melhorn. TEEN COUNSELING (L-R) Row 1: D. Echelbarger, J. Wiseman, L. Naylor, J. Arcuni, H. Dorsey, M. Vermilyea, A. Katsareles, B. Reeves. Row 2: B. Sadler, C. Clarke, D. Holmes, B. Boutwell, A. Stringer, L. Teta, J. Alvey, B. Vowell, C. Martin, T. Mahle, M. Willis, M. Battista, R. Martin, B. DePoy. Row 3: L. Berdus, V. Maddox, M. Puletz, J. Gressly, P. Wilson, M. Arcaro, W. Phillips, D. Lyons, J. Fair, L. Earman, S. Posey, T. Pielmeier, K. Touch, P. Johnson. Row 4: C. Salvati, L. Manikas, T. Byrnes, K. Baugh, T. Patton, J. Verdeyen, L. Jensen, E. Berdaus, T. Litwin, L. Matwiczyk, J. Caddigan, L. DuBreil, N. Clay, P. Paschkovsky, K. Gahn. Row 5: N. Austin, D. Harp, M. Bell, N. Staten, L. Nattania, N. Long, B. Gonzoles, J. Boyd, C. Davis, M. Kepano, J. Eckenfels, K. Davis, S. Salvati, L. Roytos, M. Martin. Row 6: R. Quigley, R. Dew, S. Schneider. 140 ORGANIZATIONS SPANISH CLUB (LR) Row 1: K. Mclver, C. Hadley, J. Goodrick, J. Norvelle. Row 2: J. Focks, D. Hudson, T. Malone, B. Walvius, K. Dorsey. (L-R) Row 1: V. Hashemjadeh (Vice-Pres.), R. Rutherford (Treas.), M. Sisson (Sec.), L. Maxwell (Pres.). Row 2: S. Schat, C. Clarke, D. Stockman, C. Nagley, R. Hamlett, B. Sansfield. Row 3: A. Barbere, V. Sparks, K. Holley, J. Grevey, C. Gonzales, D. Holmes. FRENCH CLUB ORGANIZATIONS 141 GERMAN CLUB (L-R) Row 1: T. Chapman, R. Crouse (Sec.), Miss Busey (Sponsor). Row 2: Mr. Bailey (Sponsor), G. Atseff, L. Kuhnke, C. Soper (Vice-Pres.), R. Diekmeier (Treas.), J. Donahue (Pres.). (L-R): J. Dorton, Moe, P. Haynes, C. O’Neal, L. Earman, L. Thomas. Not Present: J. Hatchell (Pres.). 142 ORGANIZATIONS IT’S ACADEMIC (L-R) Sitting: G. Link, M. Montagne, T. Bezanson, J. Boyd. Standing: P. Slezak, K. Brandt, R. Young, S. Schneider, C. Nanney, W. Phillips, W. Bailey (Sponsor). MU ALPHA THETA (L R) Sitting: (President) Tim Bezanson. Standing: Randy Nichols (Vice), Bill Clarke, Allen Sullivan, Joe Hatchel, Paul Slezak. ORGANIZATIONS 143 DRAMA CLUB (L-R) Row 1: S. Williams, K. Mclver, C. Clarke, P. Christie, C. Leone, J. Dawnson. Row 2: K. Wing, J. Gressly, D. Eldridge, W. Phillips, L. O’Hara, S. Tierney, K. Pace, T. Brueser. Row 3: Mr. Sheppard (Sponsor), K. Blanchard, S. McGrath, M. Duarte, D. Hays, M. Radovich, S. Sturdivant, C. Blanchard, N. King, M. Sweaney, Mrs. Combs (Sponsor). Not Pictured: L. Potblut, C. Herrell. CHESS AND BATTLE (L-R) Row 1: J. Boyd, W. Phillips, Mr. Longacre (Sponsor), A. Cevarich, K. Lee, S. Posey, D. Jordan, P. Allega. 144 ORGANIZATIONS VIDEO TECH Row 1 (Left-Right): S. Mawani, J. Minor, P. Batt, Unknown, M. Ausley. Row 2: Mr. Wilson (Sponsor), T. Wanamaker, A. Sullivan (Pres.), S. Sulli¬ van, M. Shenal, G. Ward. Row 3: Not Pictured: J. West, R. Faulkner, D. Shinner, B. Wolfe, R. Saunders. STAGE LIGHTING (L-R) Row 1: M. Sweeney (Pres.), C. Jenkins (Vice Pres.). Row 2: G. Ward, R. Faulkner, R. Bernosky, R. Wiczalkowski (Sponsor). ORGANIZATIONS 145 ( INDUSTRIAL ARTS (L-R) Row 1: D. Ahern, J. Beckler, P. Felber, M. Felber, K. Mueller, B. Rolin. Row 2: G. Hensley, S. Sevens. H.A.M. (L-R) Row 1: R. Shannon, S. Johnson, S. Sullivan. Row 2: R. Wiczalkowski (Sponsor), S. Mitchell (Pres.), R. Saunders, S. De Stephanis. Not Pictured: D. Scheaffer (Vice-Pres.), C. O’Mara (Sec.). 146 ORGANIZATIONS D.E.C.A. L. Coleman, P. Holmgren, D. Horswell, M. Luther, G. Motley, L. Neth, A. Smith, D. Ahern, F. Bachert, R. Baillargeon, C. Critton, P. Buhle, M. Cardinal, J. Cashwell, L. Coats, J. Fuchs, J. Fuller, D. Hicks, R. Highberg, K. Isaacs, D. Johnson, C. Jones, A. Martin, B. Mathena, L. Mott, B. Roberts, R. Ruszczyk, T. Saffer, B. Toman, T. Wheelehan, T. Arbesi, R. Berg, L. Blackwell, L. Copper, R. Dean, J. Higgins, H. Holloway, E. Hud¬ son, E. Johnson, L. Lipcomb, T. Miller, L. Monk, T. Morre, P. Morris, L. Pallo, M. Queen, J. Ruths, T. Saddler, L. Spoon, R. Thompson. SCHOOL STORE (L-R) Row 1: M. Vermilyea, S. Pluto, M. Puletz, C. Taylor, K. Wagus, J. Gressly, T. Miller. Row 2: S. Edwards, B. Ulrih, W. Dean, L. Holley, L. Jensen, B. Kidwell, T. Moore, L. Naylor. Row 3: V. Maddox, L. Major, L. Lipscomb, I. Mason, M. Jones, T. Chapman, D. Smith, C. Burton, W. Ray, M. Garr, J. Tucker, L. Kent. Row 4: P. Holmgren, M. Kepano, N. Staten, G. Williams, G. Shrader, R. Woltner, W. Ray, L. Monk, T. Bloxton, Mr. Carr (Sponsor). ORGANIZATIONS U7 L.P.N. Row 1 (L-R): O ' Rourke, B. Jeffries, S. Hasse, Mrs. Chase, P. Taylor, Mrs. Kunze RN, D. Anders, M. Levesque, K. Mullens, V. Page, K. Scrogum, R. Jacobs, R. Wheeler, E. Johnson, C. Roudsbush. Row 3: S. Day, L. Besdle, R. Istes, C. Browning, D. Smith. Row 4: V. Lynes, B. Mesde, P. Morris, E. Fuller, S. Snellings, S. Clark, M. Williams. COSMETOLOGY (L-R) Row 1: C. Maruschak, A. Jones, L. Hagerty, N. Hollandsworth, W. Howell, M. Lee, L. Williams, J. Stonley. Row 2: C. Corazzo, C. Skinner, S. Campbell, S. Morris, L. Spoon, D. Hensley, R. Anderson, B. Smith, L. Sprinkle, D. Jones. Row 3: H. Harrison, J. Hensley, T. Hinkle, R. Noble, M. Campbell, V. Carr, J. Ludwic, S. Detap, P. Wainauskis, D. Hunter, R. Pieper, T. Pack, S. Azzauz, D. Schlegel. 143 ORGANIZATIONS (L-R) Row 1: A. Chesley, C. Grantham, S. Thompson, V. Swang, C. Hayes. Row 2: D. McKinney, T. Christian, M. Garr, M. Hogancamp, J. Schawal- aler. Row 3: Mrs. Anderson (Sponsor), M. Crawford. GIRLS JR. CIVITAN (L-R) Row 1: S. Havener, D. Hudson, D. Taylor, S. McNeese. Row 2: P. Ruaff, C. Hadley, M. D’Arcangelo, D. Dwyer, T. Manuel, W. Neth. ORGANIZATIONS 149 SCIENCE CLUB (L-R) Row 1: R. Nichols, T. Bezanson, C. Boling (Vice-Pres.), D. Ahern. Row 2: J. Doran (Pres.), J. Boyd. ECOLOGY CLUB (L R) Row 1: J. Talley, J. Uy, L. Ann. Row 2: Mr. Rerraro (Sponsor), P. McGarry, S. Harris, B. Griffin. Not Pictured: S. Grow, T. Ondo, D. Richardson, B. Williams, R. Williams. 150 ORGANIZATIONS SKI CLUB (Left to Right) Row 1: A. Orth, K. Donnely, B. Liming, S. Bent, P. Simms, S. Pardue, M. Martin, S. Sullivan, H. Dorsey, T. Mahle, N. Clay, A. Weiser, C. O’Mera, J. Arcuni, C. Bedile. Row 2: B. Wiseman, M. Graffmuller, C. Darden, M. Battista, C. Clarke, J. Litwin, L. Fisher, B. Benham, C. Maruschak, J. McCoart, W. Foley, C. Salvati, B. Boutwell, K. Gahn. Row 3: L. Beichol, D. Burns, L. Haag, J. Lawson, K. Simpson, J. Verdeyen, D. T. Morrison, L. Ballard, C. Weiser, C. Cosgrif, T. Byrnes, P. Pashkovski, D. Summers, A. Stringer. Row 4: L. Lurty, T. McNeil, R. Outland, L. Catalano, S. Henderson, P. Allega, T. Payton, R. Booker, D. Gresley, M. Radovich, B. Gentry, J. Arvai, S. Crawford, J. Boyd. PEP CLUB (L R) Row 1: D. Hayes (Sgt.-atArms), B. Sadler (Pres.), T. Pottor (VicePres.), S. Mason (Sec.), D. Romanski (Treas.), K. Mclver. Row 2: T. Allen, K. Keene, C. Hoverter, J. Snow, S. Thomas, C. Foley, J. Stirling, L. Bird, R. Guba, N. Homan, D. Parr, D. Echelbarger, D. Slocumb, C. Snow. Row 3: B. Brown, A. Schroyer, M. Ward, K. Baugh, K. Tilley, S. Perry, M. Buck, S. Buck, D. Lyons, R. Kellogg. ORGANIZATIONS 151 KEY CLUB (Left to Right) Row 1: T. Ondo, W. Phillips. Row 2: J. Alvey, L. Fischer, M. Sandridge, J. Rivera, C. Cosgriff, T. Brouch. Row 3: C. Hadley, J. Giltner, D. Hudson. Not Pictured: Mr. Darrough (Sponsor). GIRLS VARSITY (L-R) Row 1: R. Canada (Sec.), K. Exline (Vice Pres.), D. Hapner, S. Maruschak (Pres.), B. Griffin. Row 2: Mrs. Jones (Sponsor), L. Catalano, P. Wilson, J. Bell, E. Attreed, L. Prudy, J. Bittner, C. Cosgriff. Row 3: P. Majeski, D. Purdy, K. McCormick, K. Simpson, C. Simmons, S. Canada, B. Benham, C. Maruschak, S. Weedon. Not Pictured: Lisa Lohr. SMOKE SIGNALS Row 1 (L-R): S. Raymond, J. Boyd, D. Jordon, S. Tarnai, W. Phillips, L. Purdy. Row 2: L. Busdieker, B. Claffey, L. Fisher, B. Vowell, R. Young, J. Bittner, K. Kelley. Row 3: E. Zelek, J. Townsend, Garf, R. MacDonald, C. Davis, B. Griffin, M. Montagne, N. Austin, D. Kujawa, D. Purdy. H.E.R.O. (L-R) Row 1: T. Long, B. Channel. Row 2: L. Stregg, R. Bailey, V. Bridget!, V. Carter, L. Cehen, K. Luchter (Pres.), M. Queen (Sgt.-at-Arms), H. Sifontes. Row 3: R. Davis, S. Newman, S. Bates (Vice Pres.), B. Johnson, D. Hicks, W. Williams, E. Baker, T. Vantree, Mrs. Aiken (Sponsor). ORGANIZATIONS 153 INDIAN ECHOES m r - JjU A m • ' cttI JBw imp " I fpljlllSI Jk 3 la « 7 %. at mf m- . « i ; .y : cHk % ? i Ih — Row 1 (L-R): B. Arnold, L. Berdus, S. Tarney, D. Shiner. Row 2: S. Raymond, J. Breeding. Row 3: J. Schaerr, R. Dew, M. Puletz, B. Morris. Row 4: C. Davis, T. Fawley, B. Jacobson. Row 5: L. Dubreuil, C. Jones. Row 6: S. Morris, J. Wisemann, C. Greer, K. Lee. Not Pictured: J. Vy, V. Frierson, J. Boyd, S. Stewart. Bottom Right: B. Arnold Editor-in-Chief. The Indian Echoes Yearbook Staff of 1980 is composed of well characterized, hard-working, and dedicated young men and women. Each one spent one class period a day, throughout the year designing, drawing, arranging, com¬ posing, photographing, typing, and editing, to put together this volume of Indian Echoes. Mr. Steve Sawyer sponsored the yearbook staff for the fourth consecutive year. This year the staff was under the direction of Rebecca Arnold, Editor-in-Chief. The section editors were: Terry Fawley — Student Life; Michele Puletz — Sports; Sherri Morris and Charles Jones — Organizations; Barry Morris and Danny Shiner — Under¬ classmen; Cindy Greer — Seniors; John Boyd and Suzy Tarnai — Faculty; Carolyn Davis and Sheri Raymond — Closing; Jan Wiseman — Distribution; and Rodney Dew — Business. The other contributors to the yearbook included Brian Jacobson, Joy Schaer, Kenny Lee, Leslie Dubreil, Lois Berdaus, Scott Stewart, Victor Frierson, JoAnn Breeding, and Jerry Uy. The Cover was designed by Rebecca Arnold. The Theme was “Illusions,” implemented by Charles Jones and Barry Morris. Each of these people deserve a special thanks for the tremendous amount of leadership, effort and talent they displayed. The Yearbook Staff feels that the quality of the 1980 yearbook is far better than any of our yearbooks in the past. They hope the Gar-Field students will agree. Yearbook Editor-in-Chief, Miss Rebecca Arnold 154 ORGANIZATIONS Upper Left: Rodney Dew, Michelle Puletz, Jan Wiseman. Upper Right: Brian Jacobson. Middle Left: Terry Fawley. Center: Sheri Ray¬ mond, Mr. Thompson. Bottom: Carolyn Davis, Jan Wiseman, Sheri Raymond, Jerry Uy. ORGANIZATIONS 155 §Si§l Mr. Phillip Gainous was born in Washington D.C. As an undergraduate, he attended American University. Prior to becoming a principal, Mr. Gainous taught school at Kramer Junior High in D.C. He later became a teacher and the head football coach at Coolidge High School. After Coolidge, he became the assistant principal at Wakefield High School in Arlington, Va. As an assistant principal, Mr. Gainous realized that he would like to become a principal so that he could lead his “own” school and put some of his ideas and philosophies into operation. He sums it up best when he says, “As of now my future is Gar-Field.” cot t Left: Mr. Phillip Gainous, Principal. Above: Mrs. Linda Dawes, Secretary. Middle: Mr. Frank Bradsher, Red Sub-School Principal. Bottom: Mr. Michael Campbell, J.V. Football Coach, Asst. Coach Varsity Football, Indoor Track Coach, Outdoor Track Coach, Purple Asst. Principal. Mr. George Clark, Green Asst. Principal Mrs. Janice Carr, Red Sec. Mr. Peter Egan, Blue Asst. Principal Mrs. Cathy Dixon, Blue Sec. Mrs. Kay Borland, Green Sec. Mrs. Ann Lockett, Orange Asst. Principal Ms. Debby Huffman, Orange Sec. Mr. Bob Sherrill, Athletic Director Ms. Betty Colletti, Purple Asst. Principal Mrs. Glenda Canfield, Purple Sec. Officer John Urban, Community Resource Officer 161 Barbara Smith Guidance Secretary Betty Fagen Counselor Joyce Jones Counselor Tom Shutt Counselor Helen Cecil Guidance Secretary Roger Fitzgerald Counselor . Art Longacre Counselor Maude Young Guidance Director ill Jt Carol Baker Counselor is Jean Huntley Counselor Linda Rowland Counselor f Tom Bosley Alternative Education 162 Steve Wilson Audio-Visual Specialist Jean Smith Media Secretary Mary Webber Media Secretary Mr. Phillip Gainous and Mrs. Linda Dawes (top) and Mrs. Gail Hubbard and Signet class (bottom) discuss problems at Gar-Field and the world. Wrestling coaches Mr. Jack Duncan (top) and Mr. Robert Levine (bottom) teach others about their favorite sport. 163 ft Maxine Aiken — Food Ser¬ vices Chris Aleo — Social Stud¬ ies, Freshman Football Stephanie Allison Mike Abler — English Ms. Anderson — Home Ec. Jim Artz — I.C.T., Football, VITA Kathey Bentley — English Judy Ayers — English Byron Bailey — Foreign Language Walter Bailey — Social Studies, It’s Academic Mrs. Barrett — English Jean Bittner — Social Studies Gwen Blackwell — Art Bob Bowden — Social Studies Mr. Bowling — Industrial Arts ¥ Ruth Brown — P.E., Gym¬ nastics Susan Brueser — P.E. Mike Bunn — Social Stud¬ ies, Asst. Football Coach Barbara Brown — ness Lucille Brooks — Cosme¬ tology Donald Carnahan — Music David Carr — D.E. Charlie Castrina — English Melvin Cheshire — Sci¬ ence, Cross Country Ms. Centola — Math i Carmalita Combs — Eng hsh Tom Corbin — English Melissa Cradlin — Special Ed. Martha Crigler — Math Wanda Dangerfield — Math Tom Archibald — English Mrs. Barrett — Math Debbie Breneman — Cho¬ rus Geri Cantwell — Social Studies, Coach Robert Clemmons — Sci¬ ence Kirk Darrough — Social Studies, Key Club 164 r Barbara Davis — Social Studies Mr. De Leonardis — Math Clyde De Long — Math Gene Dew — Industrial Arts Chris Girolamo — English Chris Goeller — Science Nelson Good — Math Sue Good — Business Melvin Goodwyn — Music Mrs. Grady — Math Bob Greer — Social Stud les David Gussie — Social Studies, Debating Team Clara Harris — English Cheryl Heedick — Foreign Language, French Club Linda Higgins — English Mrs. Horne — English 165 Jean Roch6 — English Ed Johnson — Social Stud¬ ies, Boy’s Tennis Jean Johnson — D.E. Clarence Leggett — Indus¬ trial Arts Ms. L. Murphy — Science Mrs. Pannel — English Mrs. Powers — English Cheryl Prince — Music Robert Levine — Science Harold Mattice — Math Emily O’Conner — Home Ec., Cheerleading Ron Pugh — Art ■1 Mr. Oliver — Foreign Lan¬ guage Jean Polk — Social Studies Chuck Robinson — Drivers Ed., Football Bob Lookabill — Social Studies, Freshman Foot¬ ball, Varsity Baseball H. Murphy — Industrial Arts Mr. Lucas Arts 1 A Industrial Hannah Johnson — Busi¬ ness Mr. Levin — Foreign Lan¬ guage Susan Marletto — English Adrian Naranjo — Foreign Language Harry Partridge — Math Ed Jones — Music, March¬ ing Band Irene Kabler — Foreign Language, S.G.C. Tony Lobezzetta — Indus¬ trial Arts, Freshman Foot¬ ball A Richard Polly — Science Patrick O ' Shea — Social Studies John Popovich — Indus¬ trial Arts Harold Jones — Science Mike Milillo — P.E., Foot¬ ball Robert Miller — D.E. Sharon Olsen — L.P.N. Linda Little — English Kathy Kunze — L.P.N. Ken Pearson Studies I WNMMBHHi — Social 166 Gary Rodeffer — Science Guy Schafferman — Sci¬ ence Beatrice Smaugh — Sci¬ ence Mrs. N. Turner — Foreign Language Clyde Washington — Industrial Arts Darlene Wooley — Art Lallie Sheard — English Lawrence Sheppard English, Drama Club John Shriver — Special Ed. Ida Simpson — Art Lynda Sinnett — Business June Sullins — Business . I Nathan Spencer — Social Studies, Freshman Football Jeanette Tucker — Sci¬ ence Jeanean Turner — English Martha Smith — English, Journalism, Newspaper Gary Van Winkle — Math Estell Vickers — Cosmetol¬ ogy Cathrine Waite — Math Simon Walus — P.E. Myra Watts — Foreign Language- - Joe Wheeler — Science, Football, Wrestling Richard Zimmerman — PE Rudy Zimmerman — P.E., Soccer, Ski Club 167 Kenny Ahern Todd Alston Joseph Andrejko Jean Arcuni Anita Allen Barry Anderson Margaret Arcaro Philip Arhart Kenny Ahern " Kenny” Activities: Marching Band 9-11, Drum Major 12; Symphonic Band 10-12; Science Fair 9-10; County Science 1st Place 10; Stage Band 12. Ambi tion: To make the Best of Life. Someday I hojae to be rich and famous, maybe . . . Thoughts about High School: The school itself didn ' t do a single thing for me; it’s the jaeople who were in it that made High School something I ' ll never forget. Anita Allen Activities: Key Club, Smoke Signals, Junior Civitan. Ambition: I would like to go to college, get a degree in veterinary medicine and set up my own practice. Thoughts about High School: High School is where you learn about life and people. After it’s over, you ' re never the same. I ' ve had a lot of great times at G-F and I’ll never forget all the friends I made, or the good times I had. Todd Alston “T.K.A.” Activities: Track 9-12; FBLA Class Vice President 10; FBLA 10. Ambition: To become a meteorologist, work for the National Weather Service, and some day become one of the Nations top weathermen. Thoughts about High School: It was a very exciting experience. The Track meets and cracks were great, and the peo pie were friendly. Margaret Arcaro “Margie” Activities: Teen Counseling 11, 12. Ambition: To attend art school and become a successful fashion illustrator. Thoughts about High School: I have learned a lot in high school and have made some great friends. There were many times I will Always remember. Janet Arcuni " Cuni, Bird” Activities: Class Representative 9-11; Chairman for Prom, SGC, National Tennis 12 Indianettes 12; Vice President Sr. Class 12; SGC; FBLA; Teen Counseling. Ambition: To marry a millionaire, then a doctor, then an Arab, then a mafia gangster, then a race car driver, etc.. . . Thoughts about High School: It’s been real and it’s been fun but you can have it! Jean Marie Arcuni “Jeannie, Wop” Activities: Spanish Club 9-10; Indianettes 11-12; Youth Service Program 11; Outstanding Underclassman Science Student 11; National Hon. Society 11,12 (Pres.); Girls ' State 11. Ambition: To work with the handicapped and mentally retarded and to live a full and happy life. Thoughts on High School: This is a time needed to learn about yourself and about others; and I did a lot of learning. Phillip Roy Arhart Ambition: To be an Architect and make a million. Thoughts about High School: High School is fun, if you think boot camp is fun. Lorie Arnold Activities: FBLA 10-11; DECA 12. Ambition: To be successful and live a full and happy life with Rusty D. Thoughts about High School: It was ok while it lasted but I am glad it is over with. Rebecca Ann Arnold “Becky, W.W., Boss” Activities: Who ' s Who Among American High School Students; Pep Club 9; Drama Club 10; Indianettes Drill Team 10-12; Indian Echoes Yearbook Staff 10-12, Staff Member 10, People Editor 11, Editor-in Chief 12; Literary Magazine 11; FBLA Officer 11; Miss Virginia Teenager Beauty Pag eant State Finalist 12; Miss Teen U.S.A. Pageant 12. Ambition: To attend Virginia Intermont or Troy State University and pursue a career in the performing arts or jour¬ nalism. After I get settled in a career, marry and live a happy, successful life. Thoughts on High School: “Determination” is the key word in all phases of school life. I think the saying “You get out what you put into it’’ still holds true. Special thanks to Warren Jen¬ kins for being my guiding light through it all. W ' f " V’ Philip Archer Lorie Arnold Janet Arcuni Rebecca Arnold 170 SENIORS Bridget Aruta " Bambi” Activities: Band Ambition To become a law secretary. Thoughts about High School: The work is hard, the play is fun. But I ' m sure glad it ' s all done! John H. Asbell III " Rooster " Activities: Freshman Basketball, Football; J.V. Basketball 9, J.V and Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball 10; Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball 11; Varsity Football and Baseball 12. Ambition: Go to college and be a professional Base¬ ball player. Thoughts about High School: School was fine, all my teachers were great. All my friends were great, I hate to leave. Margaret Ashline Activities: DECA 10, 11 Thoughts about High School: I WON ' T MISS IT! Mark T. Asselin Activities: Gar-Field Weight Lifting Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Junior Varsity Football 10, 11; Varsity Football 12. Ambition: To become a Commercial Airline Pilot in the future and to go to the Air Force Academy to start any career in the right direction, and most of all to have Sherri ' s love forever. Thoughts about High School: I feel high school is a good experience. I enjoyed high school life and if I had a second chance I would do it all again. I am glad to learn all the hard work but not so glad to leave all the good friends. Gregory Atkins " Greg " Activities: DECA 11, FBLA 11. Ambition: To move to the She nandoah Valley, attend Harrisonburg School, and take up a trade. Thoughts about High School: It ' s a nice place to be for a while, but face it! I ' ll be glad to get out. Elizabeth Attreed " Blueberry " Activities: National Honor Society; Concert Band 9; Orchestra, Symphonic Band 10, 11, 12; Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12; FBLA 10; Drum Major 12; County Band 10, 11, 12; Regional Band 12; Girl ' s Varsity Softball; Girl ' s Varsity Club; Junior Miss Pageant ' 79; America ' s Youth in Concert ' 79. Ambition: To go to the University of Virginia and become a Dentist, and also meet up with Donna to be roomies. Thoughts about High School: My High School years have been great. Thanks to three special people my junior year was the Best; " Jules, Don and Ran.” Thanks guys. Margie Bailey Activities: FBLA 9 12; DE 10; COE 12. Ambition: To make the people who are very important to me happy. My family, friends and most of all my boyfriend, Dave. Thoughts about High School: High School has taught me the important things in life, gratitude, respect and most of all, friendship. Thanks I.D., S.R., T.B., S.S., V.T. h ' A Gregory Atkins Angela Banks Elizabeth Attreed Kathy Barnett Bridget Aruta Margaret Ashline Margie Bailey Timothy Barrett John H. Asbell III Mark T. Asselin Regina Bailey Pete Batt SENIORS 171 Traci Baugh Activities: Symphonic Band 9 12; National Honor Society 10 12; March¬ ing Band 9 12; French Club 10; Teen Counseling 12. Thoughts about High School: It ' s really been great and I ' ve learned a lot through my experiences. I’ll always have the memories with me. John Stephen Beard " Snowman” Activities: Concert Choir 9 12; Vocal Ensemble 11- 12; Regional Chorus 10 12. Ambition: Spend a summer with my best friends and then start college or trade school or work or . . . take it easy. Thoughts on High School: I wish I ' d graduated last year. I’ll miss some friends and some teachers but other than that I ' m glad I ' m leaving. Christine Bedell " Chris” Activities: Chorus 10; Ski Club 12; Key Club 12. Ambition: To be filthy rich, travel around the world, and live life to its fullest. Thoughts about High School: It was fun but I couldn ' t have made it without my friends. I ' ll remember it always! Terry Belk " Lurch " Ambition: To become a great commercial artist and work for a tele¬ vision network. Thoughts on High School: School is like a book. You got to flip every teacher over before you get to the end. And then you pass it on to some silly freshman. Monique Bell Activities: Indianettes 11; Indianettes 12; FBLA 10. Ambition: To further my education and receive my degree in commercial art and design. Catherine Annette Benham " Cassy, Cathy, Casandra” Activities: DECA 9, 10; School Store 9, 10; Softball 9 (Manager); Soccer 11; Tony Swanson Fan Club 12. Ambition: To graduate (hopefully) become an airline stewardess, travel around the world and meet a bunch of people (tall, dark, and handsome — preferably). Thoughts on High School: G-F taught me a lot of things (skipping, get ' n caught). If anything it taught me that too much living and not enough learnin’ can get you into a lot of trouble. Thanks Angel for everything — it was interestin ' Thanks Kara! Va. Beach here we come! Amiel Carlos Bent Activities: Indoor and Outdoor Track 9-12; Varsity Letterman; Marching Band 9-12, Lettered. Ambition: To go to college and major in Computer and or Electrical Engineering; make a lot of money and live well. Thoughts on High School: Four years in high school seems like a long time, but when you look back it ' s not. Lois Berdaus “Loey” Activities: French Club 9, 11; Signet 10-12; National Honor Soci ety 1112; Yearbook 12; Teen Counseling 12. Ambition: To attend college, major in art and eventually become an Interior Designer. Thoughts on High School: It was fun while it lasted, but I ' m glad it ' s over. Randall Bergsma “Randy” Activities: Tennis 9-12; Marching Band 9-12; National Honor Society 11-12; Signet 9-12; Concert Band 9-11; Symphonic Band 12. Ambition: Go on to college, study Christian education, and maybe become a U.S. Naval Chaplain. Thoughts about High School: High school is the time when one changes and matures. It gives the basics for the direction you choose in life and kids become more independ¬ ent. In any case, I ' m glad it finally ended. Making friendships and learning how to get along with others is included in the process. Everyone learns, or must if he intends to be successful, to carry his weight. Terry Belk Amiel Bent Monique Bell Raymond Benton Traci Baugh Leslie Beaumont Cathy Benham Lois Berdaus John Beard Chris Bedell Chuck Bennett Randy Bergsma 172 SENIORS Darnella Berry Rex Biddle Jim Blakeney Christopher Blanchard Teresa Besser Julie Bisgrove Donald Blatt Jr Cindy Bloxton Natalie Betz Timothy Bezanson Veronique Bishop Julie Bittner Darnella Ranea Berry ‘‘Short Stuff, Berry” Activities FBLA 2 yrs.; Flag Corps 12. Ambition: My ambition is to go on to college, get married, settled down, and have chil dren. Thoughts about High School: High School life has played a big role on my future. I ' ve had rough times, but through it all it was worth it. I’ll miss it! Teresa Besser Activities: FBLA 10, 12 Reporter; FBLA Subchapter 11. Ambition: Go to Californ ia as soon as possible. Thoughts about High School: I ' ve met a lot of friends but, I ' m glad to be out. Natalie Betz " Bear” Activities: Track 9; FBLA Treasurer; Indianettes 1012; Prom and Homecoming Committee 11, 12; Sophomore Beauty Contest 10; Teen Counseling 11, 12; Powder-Puff. Ambition: To marry the coach of Dallas Cowboys (D.T.) and become a Dallas cheerleader. Thoughts about High School: It was good for meeting a lot of special people, but you can meet them anywhere. Julie Bisgrove Activities: FBLA. Ambition: To graduate from high school and work in some field of computers. Thoughts about High School: High School has been great but it will be better to be out. Veronique Bishop “Ver” Activities: SGC 9, Pep Club 9, Rifles 10, 11; Homecoming Princess 11. Ambition: To attend art college and become a greeting card illustrator. I hope! Thoughts about High School: My friends and I have had some great times! Steve, thanks for showing me something I never would ' ve found p. 438 Soc. Book Julie Bittner “Jacob " Activities: Tennis Team 9, 10, 11, Newspaper 10, 11, 12; Girls Varsity Club 11, 12; National Honor Society. Ambition: To be happy, pure and simple. Thoughts about High School: Biggest time of change in my life. Special thanks to Kim for being the best friend anyone could ever have. Also, thanks to the Johnson’s for their friendship and support and to all those people who will never know how much I admire them. Donald E. Blatt Jr. “Don” Ambition: To go into the Army and go to college and become a teacher ' s aide, working with handicapped children. Cynthia Bloxton “Block” Activities: Pep Club 9, 10; SGC 9, 10, Freshman Float 9, FBLA 9, 10, 11, 12; J.V. Cheerleader 10; Teen Counseling 11; COE 12. Ambition: To become an airli ne stewardess, travel around the world and marry Kevin Thoughts about High School: It was a lot of fun but I ' d never do it over again. I ' ll never forget the great times I ' ve had or great friends I made. SENIORS 173 Bob Bohi Dale Bradshaw Kenneth Bridged Christina Brooks Craig Boling Jordan Brasch Alton Brimage Cyndi Brown Debra Bortz Joseph Boyle Brenda Byatton JoAnn Breeding Robert Bohi “Bob " Activities: J.V. Baseball 9-10; Varsity Baseball 1112. Ambition: To become a professional baseball player. Craig Boling Activities: Chess and Battle Club; Science Club (Vice President). Ambi tion: To attend a prestigious college and become successful after graduating. Thoughts about High School: The work was hard, but the rest was fun. Time sure does fly. Dale W. Bradshaw Ambition: To make a lot of money and live it up all the time. Thoughts about High School: Did not like it at all. JoAnn Marie Breeding “Jabber” Activities: Concert Band 9; Marching Band 9; V. Band 10; Marching Band 10; Concert Band 11; Marching Band 11; Symphonic Band 12; Marching Band 12; Yearbook 12. Ambition: My ambition is to go to college, to increase the knowledge of studies I already have. I hope to become a better musician and spend everyday of my senior year with my friends. Thoughts about High School: It was a real challenge and a lot of fun. Thanks to all my teachers and the close friends I met; it was the best 4 years of my life! I’ll miss ya G-F, but I’ll always treasure the memories of being a part of you. Cynthia Brown “Cyndi” Activities: FBLA 9, 11, 12; Rifles 10 11, Captain 12; Powder Puff 12. Ambition: To become a secretary for the government, and to always be with Robbie C. Thoughts about High School: It was an experience I ' ll always remember Thanks to Robbie, Patty, Paul and RIFLES! I ' ll miss it! 174 SENIORS Dona Brown Karen Brown Cathy Browning Teresa Brownlee Dona Brown “Dona Marie” Ambition: To graduate from high school, get a job and achieve my ultimate ambition to have a family. Thoughts about High School: It’s been a long one. Gar-Field has been the best one. Senior year has been the best. Karen Mae Brown Activities: FBLA 9 12; DECA 10. Ambition: To get a good govern¬ ment job and be successful. Also, to enjoy life as long as I can. Thoughts about High School: It was okay, but I’m glad it ' s over. Stacie Brown “Speedy 11 " Activities: Spanish Club 9; FHA 9, 10; Orchesis Dance Club 11; Principal’s Advisory Committee 11; FBLA 12; Teen Counseling 12; COE 12. Ambi¬ tion: Obtain my BA in Business Administration at the University of Florida in Gaines¬ ville, Florida. Thoughts about High School: A once in a lifetime opportunity. You wouldn ' t want to repeat. Connie Bruno Ambition: Airline Stewardess. Thoughts about High School: Want to graduate and move on to my career. Tammy Bryant Ambition: Go to college and get a decent job — marry Patti Wilson ' s brother. Thoughts about High School: It was alright; I ' m up for parole in June. Lorye V. Bullock " Slim” Activities: DECA 10-12; Track 9; FBLA 10; Fashion Show 10. Ambition: To graduate from college with a degree in Journalism, do some modeling and become a foreign correspondent. Thoughts about High School: My three years at GF was an experience I have NO desire to repeat, but also an experience I ' ll never for¬ get. Stacie Brown Connie Bruno Wendy Bryant Susan Bull Alice Browne Tammy Bryant Chris Buckingham Lorye Bullock SENIORS 175 Cynthia Bunting “Cindy " Activities: Freshman Chorus 9; Varsity Chorus 10; Pep Club 10; FBLA 10-12; Reporter for DECA 11; Concert Choir 11; DECA 10-12 (Reporter 11, Red Pres. 12). Ambition: To go to a good police academy and become a great Police Woman. Thoughts about High School: The last four years have been interesting and I’ll never forget you " Dave Dee, " and " Shane Jones. " Michael F. Burrow " Puppy Dog” Activities: Law Enforcement Club 9, 10; Master of Ceremonies — Sophomore Beauty Contest 10. Ambition: To initiate germ warfare against Russia by mailing to them a school lunch (by the U.S. Postal Service). Thoughts on High School: I met a lot of interesting people in G-F — it was a joke. Wallace Bush Ambition: To become an Auto Mech. and get involved in Auto Racing. Thoughts about High School: It was fun while it lasted. Jim Caddigan Activities: Class President, SGC Representative 9; Signet 10; FBLA; Class Treasurer 11. Ambition: To graduate from college. Christian Caldwell " Chris” Activities; Science Club V.P. 2 years, and Pres. 1 year; Win ner of Earth Science Division of Science Fair 76-77. Ambitions: To be a computer tech. Thoughts about High School: I just took it one day at a time and never looked ahead until I had finished that day. Magdalene Campbell “Maggie " Activities: Vica Club (Treasurer). Ambition: To become a successful hairdresser and to be very happy. Someday I even plan on having my own beauty shop and then sit back and not worry about anything. Thoughts about High School: My High School life was the best years of my life. I ' ve enjoyed it greatly and wish it would never end. I loved being with friends and seeing them all. Andrew Cann “Andy” Ambition: To graduate before I’m 20. Thoughts about High School: Blimey! Thomas G. Caprara " T.C., Tom, Terd” Activities: Key Club 10-12; J.V. Football 10; G-F BH Team; Bass Choir 10; Concert Choir 11. Ambition: Get a political science degree and be a successful member in our government. Thoughts about High School: I met someone very special to me that I ' ll always love, she helped me through it all! Robert Cardinal " Bang-Bang Bobby” Activities: Indoor Track 10-11; Outdoor Track 10-11; Cross Country 11; G-F T-P Team. Ambition: To finish college at VPI with my B.A. and become a CPA with enough money, a woman or 2 and always be in shape. Thoughts about High School: It had some rough spots but for the most part it was decent except for Alan ' s party and Lisa ' s toga party! Cynthia Bunting Michael Burrow James Caddigan III Thomas Capara Regina Burnette Wallace Bush Chris Caldwell Robert Cardinal Maggie Campbell Sharon Carney Andrew Cann Larry Carpenter 176 SENIORS Valerie Carr Activities VICA 10, 12 Ambition: To become a professional hairdresser and perhaps go to college to study psychology. Thoughts about High School: Without my friends, I never would have made it — thank you Mrs. Brooks!!! Linda Carter Activities: Law Enforcement 9 11. Ambition: Become a police officer. Thoughts about High School: Glad it ' s over with. Venetta Carter Activities FBLA 10 12 Ambition: To make a success with my life, and to make all my loved ones around me happy. Thoughts about High School: I really enioyed attending Gar Field. I think it is the best in the county. Laura B. Catalano " Cat” Activities: Class Representative 9 12; SGC Representative 9 12; French Club 9 11, Treasurer 11; Drama Club 11; Ski Club 11, 12; Teen Counseling 11, 12; Girls Varsity Club 12; Girls J.V. Basketball 9 10; Varsity 11 (Co-Captain, Let¬ tered), 12 (Captain); Girls Softball 10, Lettered and 12. Ambition: To attend college and maior in political science. Thoughts about High School: I have a simple principle for the conduct of life — never to resist an adequate temptation. Darlene Cekala Activities: Cheerleading 9, Pep Club 9; DECA 10. Ambition: To be with Jimmy and to make a happy and successful life for David and Chris. Thoughts about High School: I have gotten to meet a lot of new people. Even though, I am glad school is over. I hope my friends and I do not grow apart after we all graduate. Betty Ann Channel " Panda " Activities: Hero Club; Food Service. Ambition: Nurse or a dietician in a hospital. Thoughts about High School: Very expensive — nice place to visit but I wouldn ' t like to live here. Celia Chapman Ambition: My ambition is to become the richest woman in the world. So far, I have $43.73. Thoughts about High School: The only thing I like about this place, besides my friends, was leaving at 11:30 a.m. Marteena Chapman " Teena” Activities: Marching Band 9-11; Track 9 12; FBLA 10; DECA 12. Ambition: To be a successful businesswoman. Thoughts about High School: It was a long four years. I just hope one day I can look back on the past four years and appreciate all that Gar Field has done for me. Laura Catalano Ed Chapman Darlene Cekala Marteena Chapman Valerie Carr Venetta Carter Betty Channel Leslie Charleston Linda Carter Venita Carter Celia Chapman James Chastine SENIORS 177 Barbara Chichka “Baboo” Activities: Orchestra 9 10; Concert Choir 11-12; Ensemble 12. Ambition: Go to Fla. with T.J. and “Poo” and B.H., become a beach bum, and fall in love. Thoughts about High School: High School years are meant to have fun and I did! But, man, I can ' t wait till I graduate! Steven Chisholm “Steve” Activities: Freshman Football 9; J.V. Football 10; Varsity Football 1112; Key Club 10, Weightlifting 10-12. Ambition: To do well in college and most of all to keep the happiness that I have with Laura, forever. Thoughts about High School: It ' s been a long 4 years but I hope that everyone else has had as good a time as I did! Gonzoll Phillip Jay Christie Jr. Activities: Adv, Orchestra 9-12; Key Club 10-12, V.-Pres. 12; National Honor Society 11-12; Smoke Signals Exchange Editor 12. Ambition: To attend college, go to Law School, and practice Law. Thoughts about High School: It’s whatever you choose to make it. Brian Claffey Ambition: (To learn how to spell, only kidding). To wipe out and destroy disco wherever it may lurk, hide and to become the richest rock-n-roller there has ever been. Thoughts about High School: High School was a lot of fun, but I know I must leave and move on. Sharon Elaine Clark Ambition: To go into L.P.N., Geriatrics or Respiratory Therapy. Thoughts about High School: High School only happens once in a person ' s life. Thank God!! Bill Clarke “Bill” Activities: Football 9-12; Lettered 11-12; Weightlifting 9-12; Mu Alpha Theta 9-12; Vice President 10, Treasurer 11; National Honor Society 11-12; Key Club 9; Governors School 11; Signet 9-12; Auti Principal Club 11-12. Ambition: To en|oy a life of happiness, love and wealth with that special person. Thoughts about High School: I hope the friends, memories and love I ' ve had in high school stay with me in life. It was a lot of fun. Debra Cleghon “Debbie” Activities: ICT. Ambition: Own my own business and be my own boss. Thoughts about High School: Goodbye!! Crystal A. Coaxum “Coastum” Activities: National Honor Society 1112. Ambition: To become the best individual I can be. Thoughts about High School: Although high school has been a rewarding fun experience, I would not want to go through it again. Karen Chopin Bill Clarke Jay Christie Debbie Cleghon John Chendorain Dale Childress Brian Claffey Crystal Coaxum Barbara Chichka Steven Chisholm Sharon Clark Ricky Cochran 178 SENIORS Tammy Cochran Heather Cole Willie Collins Debbie Condon Steven Codispoti Lori Coleman Sylvia Colon Danny Cone Jacqueline Colbert Kenny Colcombe Teresa Colletti Brad Collier Steven James Codispoti " Steve, Italian Stallion” Activities: Wrestling 10 12; Concert Choir 9 12; Vocal Ensemble 12 Ambition: To join the USAF and follow in the Data Processing Field. Thoughts about High School: Enjoy it while it lasts. Kenny Colcombe Activities: Cross Country 9; Indoor Track 9 12, Outdoor Track 9 12; J.V. Football 10; Varsity Football 11 12; Sophomore Beauty Contest Escort 10; Gradu ation Escort 11. Ambition: To go to college and someday marry Jill Verdeyen. Thoughts about High School: High School was great. But if I did it all over I ' d be on the G-F smoking team. Lori Coleman Activities: DECA Ambition: To be head bookkeeper of a finance com pany. Thoughts about High School: It was good, but I wouldn ' t do it again. Teresa Colletti Activities: Orchestra 9 12, Signet 9 12. Ambition: To become a good doctor and make people happy and healthy. Thoughts about High School: I had a great time but I wouldn’t want to do it again. Brad Collier Activities: National Honor Society; Indoor Track 10 12; Outdoor Track 9 12. Ambition: To get through college and spend the rest of my life traveling Thoughts about High School: Enjoy what you can and don ' t worry too much about the rest SENIORS 179 Ben Cook Cheryl Copeland Michelle Crawford Holly Ann Cross Cynthia Cook Steven Copenhaven Robert Crawford Lea Crouch Terri Cook Jim Cooper Coleen Cosgriff Shelly Costello Benjamin J. Cook " Ben” Activities: FBLA; DECA; Masonry. Ambition: To have fun in my leisure time, look for work, and be up to date on the facts. Thoughts on High School: Good for your head and social mobility. Cynthia Cook " Cindy, Cookie” Ambition: To get out of school, attend Smoketown U , and be " boss. " Maybe if all works out, marry my first love, (T.Z.). Thoughts on High School: High school is a big joke. All the teachers are a riot. I ' ll miss everyone and probably wish I was back at good old G-F — one day??? Terri Cook “Cookie, Ter-Bear” Activities: FBLA 9 11; Pep Club 11, 12; Teen Counsel ing 12; Ski Club 11, 12. Ambition: To attend Clemson University and have the time of my life. Also to share it all with my friends. Thoughts on High School: We’ve all learned more than we think and maybe someday well appreciate Gar-Field the way we should. Cheryl Copeland Activities: FBLA 10; French Club 10; Explorers Club 10-1 1. Ambition: To go to college in Al. and attend Lair School. Thoughts on High School: I feel high school is another achievement in maturing. This being my first and only year at Gar Field, it has really been great. Colleen Cosgriff Activities: Outdoor Track 9- 1 2; Indoor Track 10, 12; Ski Club 1 2; Var sity Club 12; Key Club 12; FBLA 9-11. Thoughts on High School: I had a lot of fun while it lasted and I ' m really going to miss it. Shelly Costello “Shell” Activities: Marching Band 9; Symphonic Band 9 12; Stage Band 12. Ambition: To graduate from high school and find something that I really enjoy doing. Thoughts on High School : These four years have been four fantastic years. I never would have made it without all my good friends — Especially Terry! Michelle Crawford Activities: FBLA 9-12; Home Economics Club 9. Ambition: To become a secretary, open a record shop, and write music. Thoughts on High School: I think that high school is great. It has really neat teachers, and an all-right system. Holly Cross " Holly” Activities: Teen Counseling 12; Pep Club 11; FBLA 11. Ambition: To become a science major, be successful in the field I choose, and to one day marry Mitch! Thoughts on High School: It ' s been a lot of fun. My advice to those who follow is: Be as active in school as possible. Lea Crouch Activities: Basketball 9; Track 10, 11. Ambition: Stickin ' with my honey (David) for years to come!!! Maybe go to college and get a well-paying |ob. Thoughts on High School — WHAT A RELIEF! It’s almost over. Bye everybody . . . 180 SENIORS Robin Crouse Carrie Crum Susan Daigneau Dang Be Robin Elise Crouse " Kidlet " Activities: German Club 9, 12; FBLA Sub Chapter Secre tary 10; Pep Club 9 10; SGC Representative 12; Space Cat Fan Club 12 (manager). Ambition To attend Longwood College, ma|or in Elementary Education, and someday get married and have 2 kids. Thoughts about High School: These have been the best four years of my life. Thanks to Chuck, C, T, J for their undying friendship. Carrie Crum Activities: Beta Club; Anchor Club; Pep Club; Varsity Club; Student Coun¬ cil; Jr Class Board; Homecoming Committee; Volleyball Team; Basketball Team; Soft- ball Team; Track Team; Baseball Manager; Football Statistician. Ambition: Graduate with a degree in accounting. Marry some really neat Robert R edford looking guy some day and raise 24 beautiful babies. Thoughts about High School: One of the necessary evils of life. Scott Cutlip " Scott” Activities: French Honor Society. Ambition: To go to college and study aeronautical engineering, to make life easy, and to have a good time. Thoughts about High School: There were a lot of great times but I ' m glad it ' s over and I ' d never do it again. Susan Daigneau Activities: Varsity Choir 9; Concert Choir 10 12; Vocal Ensemble 11- 12; Gar Field Rifle Drill Team 12; FBLA 12, National Honor Society 12; Spanish Club 12; Regional Chorus Alternate 10. Ambition: SUCCESS and HAPPINESS!!! Carolyn Davis Activities: Band 9, Drama Club 10; Keyettes 10; Ecology Club 10, Var¬ sity Cheerleader 11, Keyettes 11; Indian Echoes 12; Smoke Signals 12; Teen Counsel¬ ing 12 Ambition To Graduate! Then go on to college for a degree in Sociology in order to become a social worker. Thoughts about High School: It was great, but I can ' t wait until it ' s over! Kelley Davis Activities. FBLA 10; Art Team 9 12; Flags 11. Ambition: To marry Mike Moore and continue to get better in art and fashion merchandise. Thoughts about High School: High School was a lot of fun, but I ' m glad I’m out! P.S. " Mike” was great! Kelli Davis " Kel " Activities: Class President 1112, Varsity Softball 1012; Homecom mg Princess 1112, SGC; Indianettes 10 11, Sophomore Beauty Contest. Ambition: To complete college and have a career in business. Thoughts about High School: I ' ve enjoyed all four years but my senior year with B.R. has made them complete. Karen Dawson " Sparks " Activities: FBLA 9 12; COE 12. Ambition: To be with Steve for¬ ever and to be his wife one day. To stay at the top without falling. To be a legal secre¬ tary and to go to college Thoughts about High School: High School has been an expe¬ rience for me! I have done so much and learned so much from high school. I had a great time when I went! John Cunningham Amy Davis Kelley Davis Nancy Davis Scott Cutlip Carolyn Davis Kelli Davis Karen Dawson SENIORS 181 Robert De Christopher Pam Delozier Walter Dennistou Jeff Dickinson Jackie Delaverson Paul De Meritte Anne Devaney Dale Diffenbaugh Jacqueline Delaverson " Jackie” Activities: Pep Club 10-11; French Club 11; Space Cat Club 12. Ambition: To be a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitator so I ' m able to understand what my friends have been trying to say for the past four years. Thoughts about High School: If it’s true that history repeats itself, I hope it ' s soon because these were four wonderful years. Thanks all! Pamela Delozier “Pam, Tina” Activities: FBLA 10-12; Treasurer Subchapter 11; National Honor Society 11-12; COE 12. Ambition: To obtain a secure and challenging job in the computer field; hopefully at IBM. Later on get married, raise a family and live happily ever after. Thoughts about High School: My four years at G-F have been chal lenging. It ' s been a long rough road with some great times along the way. Thanks to all the people who helped pull me through. Gonna miss ya ' G-F. Anne Teresa Devaney “Anne-bo, Anna Banana” Activities: Indianettes 9-11; National Honor Society 11-12; Class Representative 11-12; SGC 11. Ambition: To go to the Uni¬ versity of Notre Dame and graduate(l). Then go on to make lots of money and be happy!! Thoughts about High School: Gar-Field has given me a lot of memories and a lot of friends. I ' ll never forget all the fun(!) times I’ve had. I’ll miss a lot of special friends. Edgar Dick Ambition: To be successful in everything I do. Thoughts about High School: It was fun but I ' m glad it is over. Dale Diffenbaugh " Dale” Activities: Produced the first Rock Concert at Gar-Field in the place of a Disco; Video Tech 9-11. Ambition: To become the best motocrosser I can and to one day be able to destroy Ray Pulley!! Thoughts about High School: It wasn ' t as glorious as I thought it would be, too much wasted time! Craig Dill Ambition: To become a professional trumpet player. Thoughts about High School: Wouldn ' t trade it for anything. Keith Dixon Ambition: To be a professional carpenter. Thoughts about High School: It was one of the best schools I have been to. Edgar Dick Craig Dill William Di Cola Keith Dixon 182 SENIORS Diane Marie Donovan " Dede” Ambition: To find out what my ambition is and go to col¬ lege when I decide where. Thoughts about High School: It was fun while it lasted, but four years is long enough. Steve Donovan " Hawk” Activities: Football; Baseball; Teen Counseling. Ambition: Have a good, very well paying job and marry T.M. Thoughts about High School: All 4 years were great mainly the last 2! Jonathan Doran " Jon " Activities: Math Club, Sec. Treas. 12; Science Club Pres. 11 12; Newspaper Staff 11-12. Ambition: To become successful and happy at anything I attempt. Thoughts about High School: Glad to go on to new and better things. Janine Dorton “Nean” Activities: Marching Band 9 12; Girls Track 11-12; Ecology Club 12; Debate Team 12. Ambition: To go to college and study law. Thoughts about High School: I had a really great time and they were the four years I will NEVER forget. Leslie Allison DuBreuil " Babe " Activities: Varsity Chorus 9; Concert Choir 10-11; All County Chorus 10-11; French Club 9; Drama 9-12; Smoke Signals 9-11; Pep Club 9- 12; Video Tech 11; Fashion Show; SGC 9-12; NHS, Flag Corps 12; Indian Echoes 12; Teen Counseling 12; Powder Puff; Homecoming Committee 10-12; Class Float 9-12; Spirit Week 9-12; Junior Variety Show 10, 11 — M.C. Ambition: To attend a presti¬ gious medical college, major in nursing, later marry and travel all over the world. Thoughts about High School: I leave behind me many special friends, times and expe¬ riences, and now I look forward to a new life. TAKE CARE G-F! You’re the BEST! Joel Dudley " Mitch Dudley " Ambition: Go on to law school after college. Thoughts about High School: Thank God it ' s over. Regena Lynn Duncan " Dutus, Gena-Mere, Gena-Ray " Activities: Pep Club 9 11; FBLA 10-12; Space Cat Fan Club, (Secretary of Space), 12. Ambition: To go to college and maior in Business. Then, I would like to settle down and get married and live happily ever after. Thoughts about High School: If I was able to do it all over again I would. My 4 years at Gar-Field have been great. Thanks to Richard, Lisa, Kim, and Kathy. Don DuQuette Ambition: To go to college and become an architect. Thoughts about High School: High School is ok; but, the school is too crowded and the teachers are a little rough. Remember DAR. Frank Dorazio Janine Dorton Gena Duncan Don DuQuette Lorie Donley Steve Donovan Leslie DuBreuil Scott Durham Diane Donovan Jon Doran Joel Dudley Dwight Dunn SENIORS 183 Jean Anne Eckenfels " L’il Eck, Bean” Activities National Honor Society 1112; French Club 9 10, Secretary 11; Teen Counseling 11 12; Space Cat Fan Club 12 (Sgt. at Arms). Ambition To make it sanely through college, ma|or in ecological science, and do something worthwhile with my life. Thoughts about High School: High School wasn’t so bad. All the special friends I had made everything a little easier and a lot brighter! Ronald Elliot “Ron, Won” Ambition: To stay out of school and in trouble and to join the IRS and close down Gar Field Thoughts about High School: It was boring; but, I had some fun times. Karen Ellis Activities: Band 9 11, Marching Band 1 1. Ambition: To go on to college, then further on to law school. Thoughts about High School: It was O K. while it lasted. There were a lot of disappointments, but then again, a lot of great times. Wilton Shapard Elmore Jr. Ambition: To graduate from a college and make some money. Thoughts about High School: It’s been fun and I enioyed almost every minute of it. Susan Ann Emelio Activities: FBLA 1 0 1 2. Ambition: I plan to become a clerk typist or a secretary for a successful company. Thoughts about High School: I think high school was great for me, but I ' m glad I am getting out. I’ll miss my friends, and I ' ll always remember them. Ron Emmons " R.J. 5” Activities: J.V. Baseball 9, Freshman Football 9; J.V. Baseball 10, J.V. Football 10, Varsity Baseball 1112; Varsity Football 1112. Ambition: Go to college, become a baseball player, marry Dawn and live on an island away from the put ons. Thoughts about High School: It was alright. I ' m glad I’m out. It was fun shar mg my years with my little kitten. There’s more to come. John English “John” Activities: Marching Band, Law Enforcement Club. Ambition: Get the most out of my life and become the best police officer I possibly can! Thoughts about High School: I learned so much about people in my four years here that I will be able to use in the future. High School was great, but I don ' t mind taking the next step! Sara Erickson “Mother Jugs” Activities: Marching Band 9 10; Concert Band 9 10. Ambition: To become a pediatrician or an obstetrician, meet a rich doctor and have lots of kids. Thoughts about High School: It was alright, but I’m glad to be out and on to newer things. Robin R. Estes " Rob” Activities: FBLA 11, History Club 9; French Club 9. Ambition: I hope to finish LPN, then maybe go to college or — who knows! Thoughts about High School: I loved it! I made a lot of close friends, whose friendships, I hope, will last for¬ ever God Bless Everyone. Angles Lee Evans “Angel, Poo-da-da, Stony’s Chick” Activities: Concert Band 9 1 0; DE 10; DECA 10; School Store 9-11; FBLA 9-11. Ambition: To move to Fla. with ”TJ” and B.H., get married, become a beach bum and enjoy growing old with WB’s 1. Thoughts about High School: Your last years in high school should be spent learning, living, loving and growing. Well three out of four ain ' t bad. Again BOO thanxs for 1 4 79. Karen Ellis John English Wilton Elmore Sara Erikson Carter Dunning Debi Eldridge Susan Emilio Robin Estes Jean Eckenfels Ron Elliot Ron Emmons Angela Evans 184 SENIORS Thomas Evatt Michael Farish Larry Fehrenbach Luis Feliciano Karen Exline Vicky Farmer Michael Felber Kendall Ferguson James Failor Ann Farria Janet Fair Tom Fass Thomas Caroll Evatt " Tom, Joe Schlitz " Activities: Symphonic Band 9 10, FBLA 10; Cross Country 11-12; Indoor Track 10 12, Outdoor Track 10 12, Honor Roll 911, member of S.L.O. 10 12. Ambition: To go to college and ma|or in something where there ' s money, fame and women. Thoughts about High School: wild, calm, crazy, sane, fun, boring, hated, loved but glad to get out We’ll get you Mel! Karen Susette Exline " Muscles” Activities: Varsity Softball 9 12; Girls Varsity Club 1 1, VP 12. Ambition: My greatest ambition is to become the best woman race car driver, and or truck driver Thoughts about High School: No matter what I may say of school, the friends and memories will always be within reach in my mind. Jim Failor Activities: Freshman Football; J.V. Football; Varsity Football 1112, Varsity Wrestling 1112; Sophomore Beauty Contest Escort. Ambition: To go to college and pass. Thoughts about High School: I’ll miss the fun, but not the work Janet Fair “Fred” Activities: National Honor Society 11 12; Marching Band 10 12, Teen Counseling 11 12; Regional Band 11, Space Cat Fan Club — Treasurer 12; FBLA 10; Concert Band 9 10; Symphonic Band 1112 Ambition To go to college and major in Elementary Education. Thoughts about High School: My 4 years at G F were great! I ' ve met some very special people, and I ' ll always treasure the friendships. Michael James Farish Activities Indoor Track 10, Smoke Signals 10 Ambition To go to college, earn my master ' s in architecture, and one day have my own firm Thoughts about High School: It ' s been lots of fun and I have met a lot of great people Too bad it ' s coming to and end Ann Laurie Farria " Dumpling " Activities Math Club 10, FBLA 9 11 (Historian 11); SGC 9 11; Flag Corps 11; Concert Choir 10 12; Ensemble 12, Varsity Choir 9 Ambition: To attend Washington School for Secretaries, and become a legal secretary for two single lawyers. Thoughts about High School: I have really enioyed Gar Field. My friends made life worthwhile and I will always remember the good times I now know the meaning of friendship. I ' ll miss you. Tom Fass Activities Symphonic Band 9 12, Vice Pres 12, Boys Tennis Team 1112, Marching Band 9 11, Drum Major 12; County Band 9, Regional Band 10 12 Ambi tion: To become healthy, wealthy and wise Thoughts about High School The time went by quickly, maybe too quickly, but I ' m glad to be moving ahead Luis Feliciano “Mouse " Activities Watermelon Freers of America; Purse Snatchers Dale City Chapter, Foot Watchers of Virginia; Beer Drinkers of America Ambition: To die of old age while eating ai the YMCA Thoughts about High School Red Truck Kendall Ferguson " Ken " Activities Varsity Soccer; Video Tech Ambition To graduate from this school, stay out of school a year, go to college and see many beautiful women Thoughts about High School: It has been a great year I have had good times with all my friends. I will miss you all SENIORS 185 Teri Fetherolf Tom Flanagan Earl Foreman Ken Forster Suzanne Field Keith Flynn Ann Forrest Sherry Foster Lydia Fifield Cliff Fisher Julie Fochs Tom Foley Teresa Fetherolf “Chip” Activities: SGC Representative 9-12; French Club 10; FBLA 10; Regional Chorus 10; Junior Varsity Show; Vocal Ensemble 12; Indianettes 12. Ambition: To go into music performance. After college, I would like to become a voice teacher. Thoughts on High School: I thought that high school was a lot of fun. If I had it to do over again I would go to a smaller school, because you don ' t know all the people that you’d like to, because there’re too many. Marguerite Suzanne Fields “Suzanne” Activities: National Honor Society; Scholarship Federation; Varsity Softball. Ambition: Attend a 4 year college and do graduate work in either pharmacy or dental therapy. Thoughts about High School: We have the chance to mature, become more responsible, and act like kids all at the same time. It’s sort-of a transition period. Lydia Fifield “Speedy” Activities: 9, 10 Varsity Basketball; 10 Lettered in Stats; 10-12 FBLA. Ambition: To live the best life possible after I study secretarial engineering in college. Thoughts on High School: The moments may be temporary, but the memory is forever. Thanks to all my crazy friends. Julie Fochs Activities: French Club 11, 12; National Honor Society 12. Ambition: Attend college, become an engineer, and travel. Kenneth R. Forster “Ken” Activities: Freshman Basketball 9; JV Basketball. Ambition: To go to college and become a dentist or forester and have lots of money. Thoughts on High School: They’ve been some of the best years of my life. Sherry Foster “Shorty” Activities: Cosmetology 10-12; VICA 10, 11. Ambition: Go to college and then pursue my career in the field of “Black” Beauty. Thoughts on High School: It was an experience. If I had it to do over again, I wouldn ' t. I have come “too far” to look back now. 186 SENIORS Angela Freeman Natalie Friedland Tammy Gallihugh Linda Galluci Natalie Frieland “Nat” Activities: 10th Pep Club; Drama Club; 10 FBLA. Ambition: Go to college, do my best at whatever I do, live life to its fullest, and keep the friends I love. Thoughts about High School: I ' ve learned a lot about life, made friends I love and I ' ll never forget John J,P BBM. Julie Froom Activities: 10 11 Pep Club; Red Cross Club; Spanish Club; 12 Teen Coun¬ seling. Ambition: I want to go to Liberty Baptist College to obtain my goals in life. Thoughts about High School: My years at Gar Field were good but my senior year was the best. Tamara Elaine Gallihugh " Tammy, Batman " Activities: 9th Pep Club; 9 12 Varsity Softball; 11 J.V. Volleyball, 12 Girls Varsity Club. Ambition: Move to Colorado and get a good paying job, marry a cowboy and just be happy! Thoughts about High School: High School can be great at times but there are too many people that need to grow up. Linda Gallucci Activities: 11,12 FBLA; DE 9; COE 12. Ambition: To build my life like a pyramid and not stop till I get to the top, and have Ronnie by my side forever in love. Thoughts about High School: It ' s been something, what I’m not sure. I loved it, but I’m glad to get out. Patricia Gardiner " Patty” Activities: FBLA 10, 11. Ambition: I would like to go to a bus¬ iness college after I have a nice vacation in Greece. Thoughts about High School: I ' ve really enjoyed High School. I only wish people would accept everyone for who they are. It ' s the inside that counts. Muriel Dolores Garr Ambition: To become an accomplished black designer, looked upon like the great Givenchy and Dior Thoughts about High School: High School has enabled me to understand and relate to different people no matter what color or creed. David Todd Garrett " Todd” Ambition: To make it through 4 years of college and get a good paying job. Thoughts about High School: Not very good. I always got caught! David Garza “David” Activities: Concert Band 9, 10; Symphonic Band 11, 12; Stage Band 11, 12; Marching Band 9 12; County Band 11; Regional Band 11. Ambition: To become a professional musician and attain my personal goals. Thoughts about High School: A unique growing and learning experience which has a lot to offer for those willing to apply themselves. Janet M. Gaussiran " Gaussy " Activities: Yearbook 9, 10; Newspaper 11; Rifle Team 12; Teen Counseling 12; Fishing Team 11, 12. Julie Froom Patti Gardiner Todd Garrett Janet Gaussiran Becky Gallegos Muriel Garr David Garza Cathy Gerogosian SENIORS 187 Gisele Giroux “Gigi” Activities: Pep Club 9; Basketball 9; Drama 10; Photography 10 11; Citizen Advocacy 11; Student Teacher 11; Softball 9, Volleyball 11, Newspaper Staff 9. Ambition: To go on in the Nursing Field, Thoughts about High School It has been a total experience! Ayne Gonsowski Activities: Advanced Orchestra 9, 10; Drama Club 1 1; FBLA 10 12. Ambition: To make it out of Gar Field and be successful doing as little as possible. Thoughts about High School: Since it ' s almost over I guess I’ll make it But, it was pretty bad at times. But the friends and the weekends made it bearable. Joseph William Grafmuller " Joey” Activities: National Honor Society 11, 12 Ambition To go to college, then law school and become a lawyer. Also, to buy a Porsche 930, move to San Diego, buy a beach house, do a lot of surfing and generally just kick back and get rich. Thoughts about High School: In the begin ning it seemed like it would take forever to graduate, but now it seems like it all happened so fast. I met some great people and had some good times. High school life was great. It ' s an important time of life and we should enjoy it while we can. Betty Jane Graham Activities: FBLA 9-11. Ambition: To graduate, marry Steve McLaughlin, and become a secretary. Thoughts about High School: It was fun, but I ' m glad I ' m getting out. I ' ll miss all my friends. Good luck everybody! Deborah Gray “Speed " Activities: FBLA 10; DECA 12. Ambition: To go where the sun never sets. Thoughts about High School: I ' ll always remember the crazy times I had with Mother Jugs and Green M M. Linda Greene Ambition: To become a Secretary for the government. Thoughts about High School: It has been a lot of fun these past four years, but I ' m glad I ' m getting out Now I can start working on what I want to become. Gisele Giroux Zack Glasgow Ayne Gonsowski Ed Gonsowski Jeff Goodman Jose Gordon Michael Gravely Debbie Gray Joey Grafmuller Luchion Green Betty Jane Graham Linda Greene 188 SENIORS I Cynthia C. Greer “Cindy " Activities: Yearbook 1112. Ambition: To pursue a career as a lawyer. Thoughts about High School: Much of what you learn cannot be found in the books!!! Kathryn Greisen “Kathy” Activities: Pep Club 10-12; Mu Alpha Theta 10-11; FBLA 10. Ambition: To attend college and major in Marine Biology. Julie Ann Gressly " Strawberry, Julabelle” Activities: FBLA 11; Powder Puff 9; Rifles 12; Drama Club 12; Teen Counseling 12; DECA 12; School Store 12. Ambition: To be an Airline Stewardess or an elementary school teacher. Thoughts about High School: I have really enjoyed my years at Gar Field and will miss many people. Beth Griffin “Beth " Activities: Varsity Track and Field 9 10; J.V. Basketball 10; Varsity Basketball 11; Ecology Club 11-12; Girls ' Varsity Club 11-12; National Honor Society 11-12; Newspaper 10-12; Editor-in-Chief 12; English Department Award 11; Advanced Spanish Award 11. Ambition: To attend college and, majoring in biology, prepare myself for a satisfying job and, hopefully, a happy life. Jason M. Grooms “Gridder” Activities: Freshman Football 9; Indoor Track 10; J.V. Football 10; Weightlifting 11-12; Varsity Football 11-12; Chess and Battle Club 11; Gonzo Team 9-12. Ambition: To go to college and play football (I hope). If I don’t do this I will probably go to work for Giant Food. Thoughts about High School: I liked all of my math teachers through the years, like Tucker and Rowson and the discoes. Right Leo? A.M.F. Gar-Field! William Groves “Bill” Activities: None. Ambition: Who knows? Thoughts about High School: Very long, but fun. Susan Grow Activities: Ecology Club 11-12; FBLA 11; Junior Variety Show 10; First Place Junior Variety Show 11; Teen Counseling 12; Literary Magazine 11-12. Ambi¬ tion: To go to college, play music FOREVER and become a successful Psychologist. Thoughts about High School: If we were older and wiser things would have been eas¬ ier. A rewarding experience. Sally Haase “Big Sal” Activities: DECA II 11; FBLA 11. Ambition: My ambition is to become a Nurse and to get married after graduation. Thoughts about High School: I really enjoyed it, especially my freshman year. Beth Griffin Randy Grim Bill Groves Susan Grow Cynthia Greer Kathy Greisen Jason Grooms Sally Haase Joanne Gregory Julie Gressly Larry Grover Theresa Hall SENIORS 189 Mike Hancock " False-Alarm Hancock, Bardohl Breath " Activities: Concert Band 9 10; Symphonic Band 11; Marching Band 9-11; G-F Toilet Paper Team 9-12. Ambition: To stay in the area, become a Paramedic in either Prince William or Fairfax County, and invest my money in the Smegma Industry. Thoughts about High School: You really find out who your friends are and who you can trust. I had a great time, but I wouldn’t want to go through another four years. Gilda Hand " Gil” Activities: Girls ' Chorus 10; J.V. Basketball 11; Drama Club 10; FBLA 10. Ambition: My ambition is to go to a really good college and study to be a legal sec¬ retary and to make lots of money. Thoughts about High School: It was a great deal of fun and a wonderful experience. Gregg W. Haneklau Activities: All-School Prom Committee 11; Student Council 11; Varsity Club 10-11; Sec. Treas. of Varsity Club 11; Basketball 9; Track 9; Soccer 10- 11. Ambition: To be a professional soccer player. Donna Hapner " Happy " Activities: Varsity Basketball 9-12; Varsity Softball 9-12; Var¬ sity Club 10-12; Varsity Volleyball 11-12. Ambition: To become a Park Ranger and roam the wilderness and live forever. Thoughts about High School: I enjoyed playing sports for G-F and after meeting a lot of interesting people, I ' m ready to move on. Fred Harris “Manuel ‘Mex’ " Ambition: To become one rich " mother " and a spoiled " brat” with a lot of women. Thoughts about High School: Freedom at last! It was fun and I really enioyed it. Julie Harris " Muskie, Mazadich” Activities: Hiking Team 9-10; DECA 11; FBLA 11. Ambition: After graduation, to go to an art school and become a Commercial Artist. Thoughts about High School: It was great! But I’m glad it ' s over! Tracy Rena Harris Activities: FBLA 10 12; COE 12. Ambition: To be a secretary for the government. Thoughts about High School: It was a hard climb but I finally made it! Donna Hapner Michael Harpster Paul Hardesty Fred Harris Mike Hancock Greg Haneklau Rodney Harmon Julie Harris Gilda Hand Scott Hanson Denise Harp Tracy Harris 190 SENIORS Yvonne Hart Alicia Hayes Lisa Heiser Thomas Henniger Mohammad Hashemzadeh I Kenneth Hayes Art Hendrickson David Hertzog Joseph Hatchel Scott Haviland Alan Haymond Michael Hedrick Yvonne Hart “Corky or Spunky " Activities: Track 9 10; Drama 11; Human Relation 9 11; Varsity Club 9-10. Ambition: To become a dance teacher or secretary. Thoughts about High School: No Comment. Mohammad Hashemzadeh I Activities: I like tennis. I like to study as much as I can, because I like to know everything. I am a member of recreation center in Dale-City. Ambition: To get a high degree and then, serve people. I can ' t be separated from poli¬ tics, because politics is the decision of people ' s life and people should take part. Thoughts about High School: G.F. could be better, it’s too crowded. Joseph Hatchel Activities: National Honor Society; Math Club; Boys ' State; Symphony Orchestra 9-10; All County and All Regional Orchestra. Ambition: I plan to attend the University of Virginia and major in biology. I then will go on to study Medicine at the University. Thoughts about High School: We were the first class on year-round and the first back on traditional. We’ve been shuffled, transferred, switched color codes, switched grading scales and crammed in like sardines. I think I will remember these years for the rest of my life. Michael Hedrick “Head” Activities: Video Tech 9 10; Industrial Arts Club 9, Gar-Field Bong Hit Team 11-12; Junior Variety Show 11. Ambition: To move to Canada in the mountains, and become the Neil Young of the ' 80 ' s. Thoughts about High School: Set your goals and search for a Heart of Gold, and your sentence won ' t be so bad. Elisabeth Heiser “Lisa” Activities: Band 9; FBLA 10, 11 Treasurer, 12; Pep Club 10; Teen Counseling 11-12; Indianettes 10-12; Powder Puff 12; Who ' s Who Among High School Students. Ambition: To graduate from Virginia Tech and become a dietician or accountant. Thoughts about High School: I ' ve had some different times, some of them I won ' t forget but most of them I will. SENIORS 191 Sandy Hetrick Charles Hill Pam Holmgren Anthony Holtzhauer Daphne Hicks Danny Holcombe Deborah Holsenback Ramie Hooks Maria Hilario Belinda Hill Laurie Holley Deborah Holmes Sandra Hetrick “Sandy” Activities: Flag Mgr. Ambition: To Marry a millionaire (ooh babe). Thoughts about High School: It ' s great! Belinda Hill Activities: Drama Club 11-12; French Club 1 1. Ambition: To work with lit¬ tle kids. Whatever I choose to do I want to be happy and successful. Thoughts about High School: The past 4 years have been a lot of fun. I ' ll miss the friends I ' ve made, but I ' m glad it ' s over. Charlie Hill Ambition: To graduate. Thoughts about High School: I liked 2 out of 4 years. Not bad. William D. Holcombe “Danny” Activities: Marching Band 9-12; Concert Band 9-10; Symphonic Band 10-12; Orchestra 10-12; Regional Orchestra 11-12; All-Virginia Orchestra 11; Prince William Symphony 10-12; FBLA 10. Ambition: To c ontinue a very musical life, whether it ' s studying music at college, or just performing. Laurie Jo Holley “Woe”, Woethner, Lu-Lu” Activities: Math Club 10; Indianettes 10 12 (Treasurer 12); Senior Class SGC Representative. Ambition: My ambition is to com¬ plete college and pursue a career in either Fashion Merchandising, Business Adminis¬ tration, or working with deaf children. Thoughts about High School: These past four years will never be forgotten. The many memories of the great times and the wonder ful friends I ' ve made along the way made life bearable. Pluto and Mickie made me laugh at the things we had to go through. Deborah Holmes “Deb” Activities: Aviation Club 11; Spanish Club 12. Ambition: To become a criminal lawyer someday and to make as many friends in my lifetime as I possibly can. Thoughts about High School: Homework, test, people |ams, friends and my two favorite people Ms. Centola and Mr. D. will never be forgotten. Pamela Holmgren “Pam, Homegrown” Activities: FBLA 9-11; DECA 10 12; Pep Club 9; Sub-Chapter VP. Ambition: Go to college, get married and raise a family. I hope he knows who I ' m talking about. Thoughts about High School: At times it was hard, but I’ll never forget my 4 years at Gar-Field. Thanks Sally for being there when I needed you! Deborah Holsenback “Debbi " Activities: FBLA 9-12; COE 12. Ambition: My ambition is to go into the computer field and move to the mountains. Thoughts about High School: It was alright, but I ' m glad it ' s over. Anthony Holtzhauer “Scott " Ambition: To go to a four year college and get a |ob in the government, have a nice house and family. Thoughts about High School: I’ve had 4 great years at G-F and I met a lot of people, but I will be glad to get out. 192 SENIORS Denise Hopson Christine Hoy Patty Hoskin Bill Humphreys Rebecca Howard " Becky” Ambition: To be independently wealthy by the age ot 18! And entertain all my friends in the way we are accustomed. Thoughts about High School: School leaves a lot to be desired. If it weren ' t for A.W., I would have freaked. John Howard “King” Activities: Chess Club 9 12; FBLA 9. Ambition: To become an army officer, and incite widespread rebellion, setting myself up as a despotic king. Thoughts about High School: It ' s better than rope burn. Christine Hoy " Christie” Activities: French Club 1112. Ambition: To become a special ed. teacher and live each day to the fullest Thoughts about High School: The best time in my life or in anyone ' s life. But hard!! Gaye Hutt " Little One " Activities; Pep Club 10; FBLA 10; Secretary of Senior Class. Ambition: To become successful in the business field. Thoughts about High School: It ' s been great! and I ' m gonna miss it. Thanks to all my friends for getting me through. To Mr Bunn, you ' re still my favorite teacher. Maria Consuelo Bernade Isidro “Michelle " Activities: National Honor Society; March¬ ing Band; Concert Band. Ambition: To become a pediatrician, travel all over the world and live prosperously. Thoughts about High School: High School was a high point. Academics which will help me in college, and socially I had good friends who will, hopefully, be in touch in later years. A new school in my senior year was distressing at first, but it didn ' t turn out quite so bad Joni Lynn Jaeger " JJ " Activities: Ski Club 12; FBLA 9, 10, 11, 12. Ambition: Upon completion of high school, I would like to attend George Mason University and go on to become either an FBI special agent or make a million in the business world. Thoughts about High School: I learned a lot and I met a lot of nice people at Gar-Field. It was a great experience I will never forget. Becky Howard Terri Hunter Michelle Isidro Rose Marie Jacobs John Howard Gaye Hutt Susan Jack JoniJaeger SENIORS 193 Karen Jefferson Betty Jeffries Mark Jenkins Pamela Johnson Michelle Jefferson Sak Hing Jen Laura Jensen William Johnson Karen Jefferson Activities: FBLA 10. Ambition: To go into the Navy and become the best darn nurse that ever graduated from G-F. Thoughts about High School: Very enjoyable. Sometimes I wish that I could start all over again, but that’s impossible, so I look towards the future with optimism. Mark Jenkins Activities: Freshman Football; J.V. Football 10; Varsity Football 1112; Weightlifting 9-12; Wrestling 9; Teen Counseling 12; FBLA 1112; Prom Decorating 11. Ambition: For my buddy Steve D. and I to go to Florida and catch “JAWS. ' ' Thoughts about High School: I had a good time, learned a lot and made many wonder ful friends. Hi, K.B. Laura C. Jensen Activities: Indianettes 9-12; Teen Counseling 1112; DECA 11 12; SGC 9-12; Pep Club 9-12; Soph. Beauty Contest 9-11; FBLA 10; V.-Pres. Jr. Class; Powder Puff Football. Ambition: To become a child psychologist or a social worker. I hope to get married to Steve and make him very happy. Thoughts about High School: I ' ve got great memories and I’ve met some wonderful people. I ' ll miss the excitement, but I’m anxious to leave. Kenneth Johnson Activities: J.V. Baseball 9; J.V.-Varsity Baseball 10; Varsity Baseball 11-12; DEI 10; DE II 11. Ambition: To go to college and play Baseball and become good at everything I do. Thoughts about High School: Great for the first year thanks to Betty Kimbrough, who I love very much. The next three years were just O.K. Pamela Sue Johnson “Pam, Bo " Activities: Flag Corps 11-12, Lieutenant 12, (Let tered); FBLA 11; Yearbook Staff 11. Ambition: To be involved in mass media in some way; preferably as a writer, and to live a rewarding and fun life. Thoughts about High School: These four years have been terrific thanks to TeeCee and Shell, and Eileen and Walt. I know I ' m going to miss them, but I take with me some fantastic memories of the friends I have made and the good times we have shared. Amanda Jones Activities: FBLA 9; Teen Counseling 12. Ambition: To become a sociolo¬ gist or psychologist, and help those less fortunate than I. Thoughts about High School: It went by fast, but not fast enough. Brenda Denyse Jones “Bren, Tunafish” Activities: Girl ' s Track 9 12; Outdoor Track 9 10; Girl ' s Basketball 9, 11, 12. Ambition: To become an executive secretary and share my life with someone very special. Thoughts about High School: The greatest role in my life. If it wasn’t for the friends and teachers, high school would have been just another school instead of G-F High! Kenneth Johnson Amanda Jones Kenneth Johnson Brenda Jones 194 SENIORS Bryan Douglas Jones Activities SLO 1112, Lettered Indoor Track 10 12; Lettered Out door Track 10 12; Lettered Cross Country 11 12; (Team Slob). Ambition: To strike gold in my backyard and to be rich forever without having to punish myself by working. Thoughts about High School: Make up days, 45 15? or Traditional? overcrowding, I tried to make the best of it, but what ' s the use, I hated the system. We ' ll get you Holly wood!! Carla Jones ' ‘Truck " Activities: Pep Club 10; FBLA 11; Space Cat Fan Club 12. Ambi tion To live my life to fullest and have fun doing it Thoughts about High School: It was alright but it ' s a long four years. Little one and Elmo made it bearable. Monica Jones " Monz” Activities: VICA 11, DECA 12; Girl ' s Track 12; School Store 12. Ambition To go to college and mapr in Business Administration, and continue to be the person God would have me to be. Thoughts about High School: Although I did not spend a full four years at G F, I enioyed the days spent here. Good Luck to the under¬ classmen and may you achieve your every dream. Robert John Kane “Bob, Flash " Activities: Concert Choir, Drama Club Ambition: To mapr in theater and social work, go to California and to earn a lot of money for doing absolutely nothing Thoughts about High School: It was O.K. Not enough parties and too much discipline. Partying and school do not mix, but it was fun trying. Richard Karuzas Ambition: To get in the auto-mechanics field, after working in con struction as a roofer or a painter. Thoughts about High School: It ' s better than pulling teeth. Angela Katsarelis Activities: Indianettes 9 12, (Co-Captain 12); FBLA 11; Teen Coun¬ seling 12. Ambition: To go to college and go into accounting and business administra¬ tion Thoughts about High School: It ' s been really great, thanks to all my friends and especially Chris. Kevin Kelley “The Kid " Activities: Football 10 11, Tennis 10. Ambition: To become a demolition expert, get married, have kids and then die. Thoughts about High School: It was fun while it lasted. I wouldn ' t change it for the world. I wouldn’t have made it with out Wanda Newsom. Kimberlee Ann Kelley " Kim” Activities: National Honor Society; Newspaper (News Edi¬ tor Sr Year); Gymnastics Manager 9. Ambition: To be able to look back on life when I ' m old and grey. . and smile. Thoughts about High School: Does anybody else mind being called a " purple senior?! " Victoria Janelle Kelley " Vickie " Activities: Cross Country 9, (Captain); Gymnastics 9; Spanish Club 9; Art Club 9; School Store 10; FBLA 10 11. Ambition: To become suc¬ cessful in life, and most of all to be happy and never lose my smile. Thoughts about High School: It ' s hard, but it matures a lot of people. It helps those who accept it to be prepared for life. Life is what you make of it. Clay Jones Monica Jones Angela Katsarelis Kevin Kelly Bryan Jones Charles Jones Robert Kane Kim Kelley Carla Jones Christopher Jones Richa rd Karuzas Vickie Kelley SENIORS 195 Rhonda Kellogg " Ronnie " Activities: Pep Club 12. Ambition: I plan to go to art school to become a " famous " artist. I want to be rich, that ' s all!! Thoughts about High School: I ' ve learned a lot of helpful information that I will need for my future. It was fun. Vickie Kennedy " Vickie " Ambition: To go on to college and to do something important with my life. Thoughts about High School: I ' ll remember these days always. I ' ve met so many great people and made a lot of friends. I regret leaving these years behind me, but it ' s on to bigger and better things. James Sheldon Kent " Jimmy " Ambition: To become filthy rich and live the good life by the time I ' m thirty. Thoughts about High School: It was usually fun and sometimes interesting, but I don ' t think that I will miss it. Misty Meshelle Kepano " KP” Activities: Indoor Track 9; Girl’s Chorus 9; Outdoor Track 9; Homecoming Committee 1112; FBLA 11; Pep Club 11; Indianettes 12; Teen Counseling 12; SGC Representative 12; DECA Vice Pres. 12; School Store. Ambition: To become a professional model and actress, and fulfill my future dreams with Tom. Thoughts about High School: It was a fairy tale, unexpectant, unreal, I ' m glad it ' s over, and I know I’ll miss it, but it ' s time to leave the unreal and challenge the world of real¬ ity. Kathy Kerner " Heather Stevens " Ambition: To Graduate!!! If and when I do, marry Alvin, move out to the country to live. Thoughts about High School: I ' ve been here for four years and it ' s gotten considerably worse each year. I sure am glad that this is the end. Richard Clark Kilby “Butch” Activities: Industrial Arts Club 9; Freshman Football. Ambition: To become a Brick-mason. Thoughts about High School: it was alright, but now I can say AMF. James Kent Richard Kilby Misty Kepano Yong-Cho Kim Rhonda Kellogg Diana Kennedy Kathy Kerner Robert King Mike Kelly Vickie Kennedy Kimo Kersse Rachel Kinley 196 SENIORS Richard Kirby Michael Koger Jenise Koziol James Kyser Patty Kirk Leonard Koon Mike Kreiner Isabelle LaFosse Marin Lucille Klemn Karen Kornacki Tony Kline Robert Korzen Richard Kirby “RIP " Ambition: To go to college and to be the best at what I do Now I have to decide what to do. Thoughts about High School: It was a lot of fun, but I think I ' ve had all I can stand. College! Ugh! Lucille Klemn Activities: Marching Band. Ambition: To help and serve others In my career as a physical therapist. Thoughts about High School: It brought pleasures pains which will better my adult life. Michael Koger “Mike” Activities: Drama Club 9; Concert Band 10-11; Symphonic Band 12; Marching Band 12; Teen Counseling 12; It ' s Academic Team 12. Ambition: To attend college and major as a doctor. Thoughts about High School: It ' s where you learn many things and overcome many challenges. I will always remember the times I spent in high school. Leonard Koon " Lenny, Hulk” Activities: Track-Field; Baseball Ambition: To become an artist. Thoughts about High School: It’s not that bad, but I’m glad to get out Karen Kornacki “Knack Kornack” Activities: Freshman Cheerleading; Pep Club 9; FBLA 9-11. Ambition: To get out of Woodbridge and go to the mountains. Thoughts about High School: It has been alright, especially my junior year. I know this year was the worst, because they have been crackin ' down. Robert Korzen Activities: Orchestra 9-10. Ambition: To get out of high school. Thoughts about High School: Great, but it ' s good to be leaving!! Jenise Koziol Activities: French Club 9-10; Varsity Soccer; National Honor Society 11 12; Homecoming Princess 12. Ambition: To complete college and attend a graduate school of optometry. Thoughts about High School: Great. I’ll never forget any of the good times I’ve experienced while at G-F. Michael Kreiner “Mike” Ambition: To design my own car Thoughts about High School: I disliked it, but I needed it. J. Giles Kyser “The Kid” Activities: Freshman Footbail; J.V. Football 10; Concert Band 9; Symphonic Band 10 12; All County Band 9-10; Regional Outstanding Student Am. Studies 11; Outstanding Student German I; National Honor Society 11-12; Tennis Team 10-12 (Dist. Champ 10-11); President Tennis Club 12; Lettered 11-12, Boys ' State 11. SENIORS 197 Dale Lam Terrance Leake Jeff Leidy John Lewis Edward Land III Jackie Lear Michele Levesque Toni Lightfoot Colleen Lawlor Ernest Lawson Robert LeCompte Kathleen Leffler Dale Lam Ambition: To take off a year and rest; then maybe go to a small college. Thoughts about High School: Sure it was fun, but to all those freshmen and minorities,. . . suffer. Davis Lawson III “D.L., Dill, Ernest T.” Ambition: To go to a computer school and become a computer operator, or a pilot. Thoughts about High School: It has been great, but I would do things differently if I had it to go through again. Jacqueline Ann Lear “Jackie” Activities: Cheerleading 9-12; FBLA 9-12; Pep Club 9 12; Prom Committee 11; COE 12; Powder Puff Football 12. Ambition: To find a |ob in the government as a legal secretary. Thoughts about High School: These years have meant a lot to me. It was hard work, but it was worth it. Thanks G-FI! Jeff Leidy Ambition: To succeed in everything. Thoughts about High School: Different, Most exciting on weekends, best years of my life. Toni Lightfoot “Oscar, Shorti, Munchkin” Activities: Varsity Chorus 9; Concert Choir 10-12 (President 12); Vocal Ensemble 11-12; SGC 11. Ambition: To become a Pedia trie Therapist, get married, have 6 kids, live in Hawaii, and reach Five Feet Tall!! Thoughts about High School: Great!! It would have been better minus the work. Thanks from the bottom of my heart to Mom, Mike, Chris, Terri, Keri, Mr. Polly and everyone else who helped me. I ' ll really miss ya! 198 SENIORS Stephen Lincoln Julie Little Denise Lively Lisa Lohr Julie Little " Pee-Wee " Activities: Pep Club Ambition: To become a psychologist, and play a lot of tennis. Tracy Lynn Litwin Activities: Teen Counseling 11-12. Ambition: To go to college and be a success at whatever I choose to do Thoughts about High School: Boring! The friends were great. All worth remembering. Lisa Lohr ‘‘Hoover” Activities: Varsity Softball 9 12, J.V. Basketball 10 11; Teen Coun selmg 11; Class Representative 11. Ambition: To attend a four year college, and then go to the police academy. Thoughts about High School: Thanks for the fun times G F, but I won ' t miss ya. Mary Lotito " Dimps " Activities: J.V Basketball 9 10; Varsity Softball 10; Class Secre tary 9, Varsity Volleyball; Girls Track. Ambition: To be a policewoman, and someday become one of Chariie ' s Angels Thoughts about High School: It was a very long proc ess and I can ' t believe it ' s finally over, but I really enioyed myself. Karen Lutcher Activities: President of HERO Club 79 80. Ambition: To become a good Home Economics teacher, to be 5 ' 6 " , and to get hitched to Winky. Thoughts about High School: I liked school, the football games, making an A on a test which was a large part of my grade, and all the other fun times in Mrs. Aitkens class. It’s time to move on. Jeanne Ludwig Activities VICA, Powder Puff Football; Fashion Show 11. Ambition: To pursue a career as a cosmetologist and make enough to have a good time and live happily forever with my sweetheart Phil. Thoughts about High School: It was pretty good, with all the parties and friends that play hooky, but it’s my last year (my best). To my best buddy Barbie, who was always there. Hey buddy!! Tina Little Mary Lotito Robert Lovett Jeanne Ludwig Tracy Litwin Gary Loveland Karen Lutcher Brenda Lunceford SENIORS 199 Vickie Ann Maddox " Mickey” Activities Marching Band 10; Symphonic Band 10 12, Band; Council Secretary 12; Indianettes 11 12; Teen Counseling 1112; SGC Senior Class Representative 12. Ambition: To attend college and major in a field of work deal ing with children. Thoughts about High School: An unforgettable experience. Many happy memories, crazy times and a lot of super and special people. I ' ve had a terrific four years and although they ' ve gone by much too quickly, I don ' t think I ' d want to go through it all again. Geneva Martin “Gini” Activities: FBLA 9-12 (Sub Chapter Secretary 1 Year); Track 10, Modern Dance; DE 2 Years. Ambition: To go to school for Court Reporter and later on become a lawyer. Thoughts about High School: As I look back on my high school days I realize now that it was not the long hard journey I thought it would be. But a simple destination. Now all that is left are a few memories and this book. Martha Martin Activities: SGC 10 11; Teen Counseling 11-12; Junior Class Rep.; FBLA 11; Ski Club 11; Senior Class Rep. Ambition: I ' d like to get accepted to a good college in Va. — maybe Tech, and ma|or in Business Administration. Thoughts about High School: Gar Field gave me some great memories and some friends I hope I ' ll have for ever esp. Roytos. Robert Martin " Bob " Ambition: College education, marry Caroline, and work with computers. Suzanne Maruschak Activities: Concert Band 9; Marching Band 9 10, Varsity Track 9 12 (Co-Capt. 11-12); Symphonic Band 10-11; JV Volleyball 11; Varsity Volleyball 12; Varsity Club 11; Honor Society 1 112; Girl’s Varsity Club (President). Ambition: To get a good job as a secretary in the government and get rich!!! Iris Mason Activities: VICA 11; DECA 12; Fashion Merchandising 12. Ambition: To get into fashions, marry a sweet, sensible man and live a happy and meaningful life. Thoughts about High School: It’s been an experience filled with good times and hard times. I will miss everybody, but I ' m glad it ' s over. Patricia Ann Mason " Pam, Poo Bear” Activities: Chorus 9 10; Pep Club 9 10; Tennis 9-10; Varsity Chorus 9; FBLA 11; Powder Puff Football 12. Ambition: To be married to Frank, have a good life; nice, quiet home in the Montana Mountains, own lots of pets. Thoughts about High School: It ' s been an experience having good and bad times. I ' ve made lots of friends. Thanks to all esp. Frank. Kevin McConnell Activities: Freshman Football 9. Ambition: Go to college to major in business and have my own business. Thoughts about High School: School was great! I had a lot of good times in high school especially with Veronica. Gary McDaniel " Teddy, Teddy Bear” Ambition: My ambition was to marry Johelin Dymond and have a happy life until she falls out of love with me Thoughts about High School: My first year of Gar Field was terrific. This year has been miserable. This is where I met Johelin Dymond and this is where I lost her. Mike Luther Patty Malanka Geneva Martin Iris Mason Vickie Maddox Tracy Margonie Martha Martin Patricia Mason Robert Martin Suzanne Maruschak Kevin McConnell Gary McDaniel 200 SENIORS Debbie McDonald " Ronald " Activities: FBLA 9, 10, 11, 12, Concert Choir 12. Ambi tion I want to become a secretary for government, then settle down and start a family. Thoughts about High School: In a way I am glad to be getting out, but I have had a great time all four years. Kelly Elizabeth McFalls Activities: Who ' s Who Among High School Students. Ambition: I want to go to college and seek a career in nursing or theater. Thoughts about High School: I had to ad|ust to a new school, state, and people, I hope it ' s experience I will benefit from. Brian McGowan " Big Mack” Activities: Freshman Football 9, Varsity Football 10 12; Baseball 9 10; Chess Club 11; Wrestling 8, It ' s Academic 12; SGC President; Key Club 9 12. Ambition To receive a high school diploma and carry on my football career through college. Thoughts about High School: It was a real thriller, too bad I couldn ' t go through it again. Scott Frank McGrath " Scott " Activities: Drama Club; Signet Ambition: To own the world ' s fastest Jaguar XKE and a successful business in Palm Springs. Thoughts about High School Buy my forthcoming book McGrath: The Man and His High School Life. Robert McLean Activities: Wrestling Ambition: Work construction, as a Sub-Contrac¬ tor. Thoughts about High School: I think I should do my best and pass all my classes. Tamara Lee McNeill “Tammy, Bam” Activities: French Club 9; Pep Club 10; Indianette Mgr 10; Ski Club 1112; Teen Counseling 1112; Space Cat Fan Club (Pres.) 12. Ambition: Spend my first two years of college at N.V. C.C., then transfer to V.P.I. and maior in veterinary sciences Thoughts about High School: If I had the chance to do it all again, would I? Ves, but I wouldn ' t want to change one minute. For that I thank my closest friends. Maureen Candiee Mead “Mo” (Co mmand) Activities: J.V. Girls Basketball Team and Space Cadets. Ambition: To go into the health career or become a P.E. teacher with a rich husband. Thoughts about High School: It ' s been fun, but I wouldn ' t do all of it over, |ust some of it, but maybe all of it. Good luck and thanks to Gar-Field for 4 great years of parties, guys, friends and fun. Dee Meairs Activities: J.V. Cheerleader (in Germany) 10; V. Mascot (in Germany) 1 1. Ambition: To be some type of typist Thoughts about High School: I can ' t believe that my school days are almost over! It ' s been fun, I guess. Julia Melhorn Activities: French Club 10, National Honor Society 11 12. Ambition: I plan to attend Penn. State and major in Animal Bio-Science. Thoughts about High School: I like Gar Field, it is a really nice school. Brian McGowan Scott McGrath Mike McShane Maureen Mead Valerie McDewitt Kelly McFalls Robert McLean Dee Meairs Debbie McDonald Paul McGhee Tamara McNeill Julia Melhorn SENIORS 201 Rony B. Mentiply " Mr. SunShine” Activities: Bass Chorus 10- 1 2; Varsity 9-11; Concert Choir 10-12; Ensemble 9 12; Madrigals 12; DECA 10 11; Lettered Three Times. Ambi¬ tion: To |oin Coast Guard Shore Patrol and become an investigator for the FBI. Thoughts about High School: Fun, Exciting, the classes get boring sometimes, but over all the best 4 years of my life. Choir kept me in school. Brenda D. Miller " Little Miller " Activities: Girls Basketball 9-12; Girls Track 9-12; Stu¬ dent Govt. 10-12. Ambition: My ambition is to go to college and get a M S. degree in Engineering and Computer Science. Melissa Jeene Miller " Missi " Ambition: My ambition in life is to go to college, get a good |ob, and be independent. Thoughts about High School: My high school life has been spent in four different schools. One out of the country. My thoughts on high school life are " Que Pasa? " Justine Miller " Sunshine " Activities: FBLA 9-12; COE. Ambition: To become a com¬ puter programmer and get married. Thoughts on High School: It was fun but I wouldn ' t do it over. Sandra Milton " Sandy” Ambition: My ambition is to go to college, get into animal sci¬ ence, and have my own stable. Thoughts about High School: School was fun these past 2 years. I will always treasure the memories. Gregory Mitchell " Mitch” Ambition: To have a long and happy life and do whatever I do well. Thoughts about High School: School has been fun but I ' m glad I’m out. (P.S.) For Good! Stuart L. Mitchell Activities: Freshman Football; Indoor and Outdoor Track 9-12; Cross Country 11, 12; President of the Ham (Amateur Radio) Club 11, 12; Member of the SLO 11, 12. Ambition: To go to college, Ma|or in electrical engineering and parties, and one day to finally see Boston in concert! Thoughts on High School: What are the chances? What, Remember What? It ' s no use! We ' ll get you blood and guts. Mark A. Monk Ambition: I would like to be a Dozer operator, or a mechanic after I get out of school. Thoughts about High School: It is all right not a lot of people and hard fun. Sandy Milton Michael Montagne Greg Mitchell Mike Moore Rony Mentiply Justine Miller Stuart Mitchell Michael Moorer Brenda Miller Melissa Miller Mark Monk George Motley 202 SENIORS Karen Mullins Freda Mussomele Lisa Nattania Alan Nesaw John Murphy Kimberly Myers Linda Naylor Laurie Neth Terri Murphy Paul Murray Sandra Nair Lisa Narques John Murphy “Firer Flies " Activities: Birchdale Boo ers 9 12. Ambition To eat, drink and be merry. When I die, I want to die with a Budweiser in my hand and a woman beside me. Thoughts about High School: Very little. Paul Murray " Mercury” Activities Concert Band 9; DE I 10, DE II 11 (Straight A s in Both Years); G F Bong Hit Team 9 12. Ambition To become a rock n roll singer like " Ronnie Van Zant " of Lynyrd Skynyrd and to reach for higher goals than I ' ve achieved in school Thoughts about High School: I could take it or leave it School was just a part of my goal towards " Free Bird " and my " Rocky Mountain Way. " Freda Mussolmele Ambition To go to some type of trade school Thoughts about High School: It’s not very interesting. Linda Kay Naylor Activities: Pep Club 10, Flag Corps 11 12, DECA 12, Teen Counsel mg 12. Ambition To go to college, become an interior decorator or get a degree in the fashion field, and be rich and happy. Thoughts about High School: High School started out slowly and boring It went by quickly (too quickly) when it started getting fun and interesting. Alan Nesaw Activities: Freshman Football 9; Freshman Basketball 9, Varsity Football 10 12. Ambition: To go to college on a scholarship and then play pro football. Thoughts about High School: It was a lot of laughs and I ' ll never forget it SENIORS 203 Kari Newman Patrick O’Hearn Terri O’Quin Joe Otter Randy Nichols Chris O’Leary James Osborne Christie Overholser Richard Noble Barbara Norman Scott Olson Vernon O’Neal Kari Newman “Monkey” Activities: Concert Band 9-10; Symphonic Band 11-12; FBLA 12. Ambition: Go to college and become a medical examiner. Look out Tom Payton! Thoughts about High School: It was nice while it lasted, but I wish I would have met a certain person a lot earlier. Randall Wayne Nichols " Randy” Activities: Signet 9-12; Track 9-10; Collage 10-11; Governor ' s School for the Gifted 11; National Honor Society 11-12; Science Club 12; Mu Alpha Theta (Vice President 12). Ambition: To attend a good college, make a lot of friends, and figure out what I want to do the rest of my life. Thoughts about High School: It’s been a great experience. I ' ll never forget the teachers that kept me busy or the friends that kept me sane, Thanks! Barbara Anna Norman Ambition: To be a CPA and make lots of money. Thoughts about High School: It was nice while it lasted but I ' d hate to live through it again. Vernon Charles O ' Neal " Charlie” Activities: Concert Band 9, 12; Symphonic Band IQ- 12; Marching Band 9-11; Smoke Signals 9-10; Teen Counseling 11-12. Ambition: I intend to graduate from college with a major in Psychology and then attend Dallas Theological Seminary. Thoughts about High School: High School is the last chance to face up to the actual responsibility of accepting people and life. James Osborne “Jim, J” Ambition: To go on to college and then hopefully do some¬ thing in the field of broadcasting or communications. Thoughts about High School: High School was a good experience; sometimes, I hated it, sometimes I liked it, but I’m glad I ' m getting out. Christina Overholser " Christie” Activities: SGC 9-12; Cheerleading 10 12; Junior Class Representative; Pep Club 9; Powder Puff Football 12. Ambition: To attend col¬ lege and hopefully someday be a success at the career of my choice. Thoughts about High School: It was a wonderful experience filled with unforgettable memories. 204 SENIORS ♦ « ► Cissy Parker Danny Parker Sue Patrick Dianne Pauline Sarah Parker “Cissy " Activities: Indianettes; Teen Counseling. Ambition: To graduate from college with a degree in Business Administration. Donald E. Parsons " Don” Activities: Freshman Football; J.V. Football. Ambition: To go on and become a commercial pilot for a transatlantic airlines. Thoughts about High School: High School’s been a blast, having great friends and, learning to deal with peo¬ ple. It ' s been the best time of my life. Rebecca Pasquini " Becky " Activities: Drama Club 10; Treble Chorus 10; French Club 9 10; FBLA 9-10. Ambition: To see the bright side of everything, and enjoy partying with my friends. Thoughts about High School: It gets harder as you mature, but it ' s worth your time. Thanks to Mr. Clark, Mr. Moore, Mrs. Polk and Mr. Greer. Susan Patrick " Sue " Activities: Varsity Cheerleader (2 years); Varsity Track (2 years); Cross Country (1 year); Boys Varsity Soccer Manager (1 year); Class Representative. Ambition: Go to a 4 year college and become a stewardess or specialty teacher for the handicapped. Thoughts about High School: They were fun but I ' m glad it’s over. Dianne Pauline Ambition: To get married and have a family. Thoughts about High School: It was fun, but I look forward to getting out. Barry Payne: Ambition: To be an electronics technician and maybe go into the com¬ puter field. Thoughts about High School: I liked all of the people I met. I believe that school is where you meet most of your friends. Other than that, I hate it. Stephen Perry “Steve” Activities: Basketball; Track and Field; Signet. Ambition: To learn about the world, and perhaps influence it in some positive way. Thoughts about High School: High School is like a roller-coaster ride, it’s thrilling for awhile. But when you realize it can ' t take you any further, it’s time to get off. Denise Petrilli " Niecie " Activities: Mixed Choir 9 10; LHS; Treble Choir 11; A Capella Choir LHS; Concert Choir 12; Drama Club 12; Rifle Corps Manager 12. Ambition: My ambition is to become a professional singer. If that falls through, I always have my teaching. Thoughts about High School: If it was up to me. I’d start over again. There are so many things I didn ' t do. The best years of my life. Jolene Marie Pinna " Jo " Activities: Indianettes 12. Ambition: To become a secretary and hopefully someday marry Brian. Thoughts about High School: I had a good 4 years — especially the last 2. You should enjoy it while you can cause it goes by fast. Thomas Pishock Activities: Golf Team 9 12. Ambition: Go to college and become a suc¬ cessful businessman. Thoughts about High School: It was fun, but I ' m glad it ' s over. Donald Parsons Barry Payne Denise Petrilli Jolene Pinna Rebecca Pasquini Stephen Perry Kelly Phillips Tom Pishock SENIORS 205 Teresa Pixley Theresa Poillacci Liz Pollack Anthony Powers Susan Pluto Caroline Polansky Candis Pope Cheri Prater Susan Elizabeth Pluto “Plutey, Piute, Susie-Q” Activities: Rifle Drill Team 12, Co Capt.; Powder Puff 12; DECA 12; Color Guard 11, Treasurer; Law Enforcement Club 10; Pep Club 9, 10; SGC 9. Ambition: To get my M.S. in Fashion Merchandising, move to California, be disgustingly rich, and buy a Mercedes 450SL. Thoughts about High School: It was exciting thanks to Lulu and Friz. Theresa Poillucci “Poochie " Activities: DECA 10; FBLA 9, 11. Ambition: To become a successful business woman, marry Kenny, and live happily ever after. Thoughts about High School: High School wouldn ' t have been anything without friends like Patti and Sally to help me get through it. Elizabeth Pollack “Liz” Activities: Pep Club 12; Newspaper 10, 11. Ambition: To get out of high school with reasonably good grades, go to college and get a job involving Graphic Arts. Thoughts about High School: It ' s been fun, I’ve learned a lot, (some of it even from class) and I ' m ready to leave. Candis Sherryal Pope Activities: Debate Team 9; Spanish Club 11; Cheerleader 10; Roway Club 10; Student Council — Junior Class Treasurer and Girls’ Representative 11; Track 10. Ambition: My ambition in life is to be myself and live in harmony with God and his children. Thoughts about High School: High school is your stepping stone to life, only here you’re allowed a few mistakes. Susan Posey " Sue Po” Activities: Sophomore Beauty Contest 10, 11; Teen Counseling 11, 12; Powder Puff 12. Ambition: To attend Winthrop College, marry my rich, bush pilot, and have a well-established career. Thoughts about High School: The truest friends are those who give respect to one another. Thanks Scott, Page, and Mary Liz. Frank Potvin Activities: Orchestra 9-12; Cross Country 9, 10; National Honor Society 11, 12; Baseball Statistician 10-12. Ambition: I plan to pursue a career in forest man¬ agement. I love the outdoors and I want to protect it for years to come. Thoughts about High School: High school life has taught me that to learn is one step, but to benefit from it, is another. Kay Prater “Cheri” Activities: Clerical Manager for Varsity Football 12. Ambition: My ambition in life is to marry a millionaire. Thoughts about High School: I feel high school has been fun. I’ve met a lot of people and made many new friends. Andrea Price Ambition: I would like to be a certified Accountant. I plan to go to college for four years and maybe work part-time while I’m in college. Thoughts about High School: It was my worst time in school. Sue Posey Frank Potvin Andrea Price Tammy Prigmore 206 SENIORS Michele Renee Puletz ‘ ' Shell " Activities Pep Club 9 12, Sophomore Beauty Contest 11, J V Cheerleadmg 11; Varsity Cheerleading 12, Yearbook Staff 11,12 (Sports Edi tor 12), DECA 12, Green Vice President, Homecoming Queen 12 Ambition To go to George Mason University and maior in retailing and to be successful in the business world Thoughts about High School Life is a long and winding road and we have only just begun our Journey Ray Pulley " Rocket " Activities Motocross Club 9, 10, 11, 12, DECA I 10 Ambition: To be the fastest, richest and the best motocross rider in the world Thoughts about High School: They were good years, but I ' m glad to get out Michael Punke " Mike " Ambition: To go to college and become filthy rich. Thoughts about High School: Social life has been a blast, academic life has been a bummer. Tammy Purcell Activities FBLA 10 12 Ambition To go into modeling and government work Thoughts about High School I loved the games and the friends, and all the things that went with it. I had a good time and I ' m going to miss it. Dana Purdy Activities: National Honor Society, Girl ' s Tennis Team 9 12, Girl ' s Varsity 1112; Smoke Signals Staff; French Club 10-11 Ambition ' To attend the College of William and Mary, and then be successful (make a lot of money) in whatever field I choose Thoughts about High School: It has been quite an educational experience for me, but I am looking forward to the years ahead with optimism Laura Purdy “Laura” Activities: Girl ' s Varsity Tennis Team 9 12; Girl ' s Varsity Club 11 12, French Club 11, Rifle Team 10; Newspaper 10, 12; National Honor Society 11 12; Girls ' State 11 Ambition To attend the college or university of my choice and maior in psychology. Thoughts about High School G-F was quite an experience, one that I will not soon forget Robin Carden Quigley " Sniggly " Activities: Basketball 9 10, Teen Counseling 11-12, Powder Puff Football, Jr Class. Ambition To graduate from college and have a sue cessful career as a Respiratory Therapist Thoughts about High School: It ' s been an interesting four years. I ' ve met a lot of great people I won ' t forget. Daniel Quirin " D.Q. " Activities: Freshman Football, Indoor Track Ambition: Get rich and live long. Thoughts about High School: It was great, but I wouldn ' t do it again!!! Karen Lynette Reed " Sammi " Activities: FBLA 11, Social Studies Student of the Year 1 1, CHS, Wyoming; Rodeo Club 9 11, Queen 9 Ambition: To make it through law school and into politics Thoughts about High School: Fun and interesting I made a lot of new friends. I lived through it, and that in itself is an accomplishment. Tammy Purcell Mildred Queen Dana Purdy Robin Quigley Tommy Pringle Ray Pulley Laura Purdy Daniel Quirin Michele Puletz Michael Punke Mike Quattro Lynette Reed SENIORS 207 Billie Reeves “William” Activities: Symphonic Band 11-12; Marching Band 9-11; Girls Soccer 11; Girls Track and Field 9 10. Ambition: To go to college and ma|or in child psychology To be successful in my endeavors and fulfill my dreams. Thoughts about High School: I had some fun times in high school and I thank all my friends. I ' ll miss them. I ' m really excited though, about moving on to reach the goals I have in life. Melanie Rehanek “Mel, Miss Piggy” Activities: FBLA 10-12 (Vice President 11), Repre¬ sentative 12, Lettered; Pep Club 9; Band 9. Ambition: To become a successful secre¬ tary or fashion coordinator; to someday meet Rod “The Bod " Stewart and Mick Jagger in a bar, and to marry Jimmy! Thoughts about High School: I ' ve enjoyed all my friends and the fun, but now it is time to move down the road of life and start a new life with Jimmy! Laura Lee Remsberg Ambition: To raise a healthy baby. Michael Reyes “Mike” Ambition: To grow my hair long and become very successful in my music. Thoughts about High School: It ' s been a O.K. Brenda Rhodes “BJ” Activities: Outdoor Track 10 12; Indoor Track 12; FBLA 11; Ski Club 12. Ambition: To pass all 4 years of college. Thoughts about High School: I had fun getting away with a lot and making new friends. I ' ll never forget all the great times. Daniel Rice “Dan the Man” Activities: Football 9-12; Freshman Class Pres.; Basketball 10-12; Sophomore Class Pres.; Junior Class Pres.; Senior Class Pres.; Key Club 11- 12; It ' s Academic (Co-Capt.) 10-12. Ambition: I would like to graduate, pursue a career and become prominent in the world of business within 3 weeks. Thoughts about High School: It was grea t while it lasted, but I don ' t think it’ll be hard leaving. Thank you Mr. arid Mrs. Gar-Field. Larry Richards Activities: Science Club (secretary-treasurer). Ambition: Go to college and be successful the rest of my life. Thoughts about High School: It was fun. It will be great to get out. I ' ll miss it and all the friends I had. Debbie Richardson Activities: DECA I, II 11-12; Ecology Club 12. Ambition: To always have love and contentment to share and to travel and see the many beautiful things friends have told me about. Thoughts about High School: This generation that hates war will not bring peace! But, the generation that loves peace will bring peace! (C.S.) Kathy Renzo Michael Reyes Larry Richards Debbie Richardson John Reese Melanie Rehanek Brenda Rhodes Derek Richardson Billy Reeves Laura Remsberg Danny Rice Michael Rish 208 SENIORS John Rivera James Rogers Stuart Rose Laurie Roytos Tom Rivers Sandra Roger Lisa Royer Dallas Ruminer Charles Rodriguez Arthur Romano Bret Rogers Matthew Rose John Rivera “Salmon” Activities: Cross Country 1112; Key Club 1011; Lt. Gov 11, Lt. Gov. and President 12; Aviation Club 11; Spanish Club 9 10; Boys ' State; Who ' s Who Among American High School Students; Yearbook 10; Newspaper 10. Ambition: To get accepted to the U.S Air Force Academy, Buy a 427 Cobra and have a good time. Thoughts about High School: . . . Huh? Thomas Rivers “Tom” Activities: Motorcross 9 12. Ambition To become an honest politician and retire at an early age. Thoughts about High School: It was an experience I will never forget. Bret Rogers “Maverick” Activities: Freshman Football; Varsity Football 10 12, J.V. Baseball 10; Varsity Baseball 12 Ambition: To become rich and famous. Thoughts about High School: It was fun while it lasted. Sandra Roger “Ingy” Ambition: To be happy and successful. Thoughts about High School: It has ended too soon. I ' ve had a few bad times, but most of it was O.K Matthew Rose “Matt” Activities: Varsity Wrestling 9 12. Ambition: To go through col lege with friends like I have had in high school. Thoughts about High School: It was interesting and I won ' t forget it, but I ' m glad I’m leaving. William S. Rose “Stuart " Concert Band 9; Marching Band 9; FBLA 10 12 Ambition: To become a rich and famous drummer, form a band with Ann and David, and then Rock and Roll. Thoughts about High School: It ' s a nice place to visit, but I wouldn ' t want to live there. Lisa Marip o- IT n f k L C 9 Ir w B D ti al ' “ese, Activities: Girl ' s Chorus 10; Concert Choir 11 ban History in Prince William County, find a I. Thoughts about High School: I think it was ire time with feeling!! Thanks G F, and much dianettes 9; J.V. Cheerleading 11; Varsity oming Princess 9-10; Soph. Beauty Contest ; Teen Counseling 1112; Varsity Track 9; iney, and live a very happy and fulfilled life fs been a LONG four years, but SUNSHINE, fhwhile. Glad to finally get out! ightmg Crew 12; Concert Choir 12. Ambi College and become a preacher. Thoughts Hot of friends. i SENIORS 209 Pat Runion Beth Sadler Albert Saylor Joy Schaerr Sheila Russo Cory Saddler Susan Salvati Jenny Sams Patricia Runion “Pat " Activities: FBLA 9 12. Ambition: To be a secretary with the Gov ernment and attempt hang gliding. Thoughts about High School: Fun, however I ' m looking forward to no homework and a great future! Scott T. Russell Ambition: Go into the Navy. Thoughts about High School: Thank God it ' s over!!! Merle Elizabeth Sadler “Beth, Bethy, Sis, Sissy” Activities: Gymnastics 9; SGC 9 10; Yearbook 9; Pep Club President 11 12; Teen Counseling 11-12; French 9-12; Flags 1 1. Ambition: To go to the University of Smoketown for a year, then to WSS for a year, and hopefully get a job on Capitol Hill. Thoughts about High School: Really Great!! It was only four years. Thanks to all my friends. Scott Glenn Saffer Activities: Freshman Football; Law Enforcement Club; Indoor Track 10; Vice President DECA 11. Ambition: To be successful in the field I choose after col lege. Thoughts about High School: Fun sometimes, but I ' m glad to get out. I learned quite a bit in the last few years. Susan Salvati “Sal, Magoo” Activities: Freshman and Varsity Cheerleading (10 12, Co- Captain); Pep Club 9-12; Jr Class Secretary; Sr. Class Secretary; SGC Rep. 10-12; FBLA 10; Jr. Miss Pageant 12; Powder Puff Football; Teen Counseling 11-12; Soph. Beauty Contest 1 1. Ambition: To attend U.V.A., marry, move to the Caribbean and live happily ever after. Thoughts about High School: I really enjoyed these years at G-F. My friends and good times made it bearable. Goodbye G-F! Albert Saylor “Abbie " Activities: Tennis 9-11, (Lettered); J.V. Basketball 10; Varsity Baseball 12; SGC Rep. 10. Ambition: To become an accountant, make enough money to buy a brewery and live happily with my harem. Thoughts about High School: G-F has made the last four years worthwhile. I ' ll miss all my friends, but hello O.D.U., AMF G-F. Elizabeth Scallan " Frizz " Activities: FBLA 9 11, Flag Corps 12. Ambition: To become a successful lawyer, own a clothing boutique, become filthy rich, and own a 450 SL. Thoughts about High School: The best four years of my life, but I ' m glad to be going. I ' ll Always remember Scott. You gave me a lot of memories. Joy Schaerr Activities: Latin Club 9, Yearbook 9, 12; Newspaper Staff 9-10; Nat. Jr. Honor Society 9 10; Nat. Honor Society 11-12; Spanish Club; Math Club. Ambition: To go to college and get a career and a husband. Thoughts about High School: Some things are better left unsaid. 210 SENIORS Sean Shrader Janice Schultz William Schwenger Tammy Scites Sean Schrader “Surf” Activities: Freshman Football; Track and Field 9; Varsity Football 11 Lettered; FBLA 1112. Ambition: To decide what I want to do in life and then do it. Probably go to college, but whatever, I hope I can do it with Susan. Thoughts about High School: The wildest times of my life. I’ll miss it. Kim Schwarzenbach Activities: Cheerleading 7 8; Basketball 9-10; DECA 11 12. Ambi¬ tion I would like to become an airline stewardess. Thoughts about High School: It ' s fun but I ' m looking forward to graduation. Walter Schwenger Activities: Football 9 12, National Honor Society 11-12. Ambition: To go to Penn State Thoughts about High School: It was a lot of fun. William Schwenger “Willie " Activities: Freshman Football 9; JV Football 10-11; Varsity 12 Ambition To go to college and become an engineer. Thoughts about High School: It was fun but I ' m glad I ' m getting out. Steven Sexton “Steve” Activities Science Fair 10 11 (1st in Earth Science, 3rd in County); Art Workshop in Radford V. 11 Ambition: To attend Alabama A M and to ma|or as an engineer in aerospace technique for NASA Thoughts about High School: I ' ve learned a lot and seen a lot but I ' m glad it ' s over even though I ' ll miss some peo¬ ple. Mary Jane Sgroi Activities: FBLA 9 (reporter) 10 11, (vice president); Varsity Choir Let¬ tered; FBLA 12; Concert Choir 12. Ambition: My ambition is to lead a happy life. I want to share my happiness with the guy I love with all my heart. John Kearns Thoughts about High School: High School had its ups and downs, but overall it helped me to grow up and become the person that I am. Sandra Shannon “Sandy " Activities: Younglife 11, Band 10; Yearbook Staff 10. Ambi¬ tion To be happy Thoughts about High School: School was okay, it was just the classes I hated! Lisa Delayne Shelor Activities: Freshman Basketball 9; Varsity Basketball 10 12, FBLA 10 (vice president); Powder Puff Football 12. Ambition: Study Law and work Narcotics, get married (R.O.S.), raise a family and live a fulfilling life Thoughts about High School: It was an experience I can ' t forget! Thanks Tommy, Lori, parents and espe¬ cially Ron for making it happy! Kim Schwarzenbach Kathy Scrogum Steven Sexton Sandra Shannon Walter Schwenger Kevin Seidl Mary Jane Sgoi Lisa Shelor SENIORS 211 Kimberly Shelton Doug Sheppard Connie Shifflett Cynthia Simmons Dennis Shepherd Lance Sherrill Donna Shifflett Kelly Simpson Kim Shelton " Kimba” Ambition: Go to California and find a good-looking blonde Thoughts about High School: No thoughts — try not to think about it. Connie Shifflett: Ambition: To become good in the career I have chosen and to get married someday and raise a happy family. Thoughts about High School: It was fun and hard at times at Gar Field but I did enjoy it most of the time I was here. Donna Lee Shifflett “Half-pint” Activities: Marching Band 9, 10; FBLA 10 12; DECA 10. 11; School Store 10; Walk-a-thon 1 1. Ambition: To try to make my life as success ful and happy as possible in the years to come with the one I love, Bryan. Thoughts about High School: I have enjoyed the years that I spent with G-F. I ' ll always treasure the memories that I had at G-F but I am going to miss my friends and the good times that I had. Cynthia Simmons “Diedleg, Cindy” Activities: Indoor and Outdoor Track 9-12, Let tered; FBLA 9, 10; Girls’ Varsity Club 9, 10; DECA 9, 10; SGC 9, 10; Volleyball Team 11. Ambition: To go to college and become a Physical Therapist. Thoughts on High School: High school was fun but now it is time to move on. Kelly Simpson “Cool” Activities: Cheerleading 9-12; Indoor Track 9- 1 2; Outdoor Track 9-12; SGC 12; Senior Class Representative 12; French Club 9; Girls’ Varsity Club 11, 12. Ambition: The same thing almost everyone else wants: to succeed in what we attempt during our lifetime. To go out with Coach Bowden. Thoughts about High School: I loved it! I learned a lot from all my experiences. Thanks to all my friends! The last year with C.S. was the BEST!! Phillip Sims " Phil” Activities: Ski Club 11, 12. Ambition: I plan to go to college. Hope fully, I will become a commercial airline pilot. Thoughts about High School: I enjoyed G-F a lot! I met a lot of people and had some wild times. Sometimes it was hard, but I survived. Un San Shin Phillip Sims Pamela Shingler Mary Sisson 212 SENIORS Teresa Sizemore " Tee Cee, Top Cat " Activities: Flag Corps 11, 12; Captain Flag Corps 12 Ambition To be either a teacher or go into some kind of police work, and to be able to live my life without controversy To live and be loved Thoughts about High School High school brings life ' s experiences to you Like the first football game, first prom and first real love. High school has shown me these things and many more Now it is time to live what I have learned David Ewell Slade " Scrub” Activities: Marching Band 9 12; Concert Band 9, 10, Sym phonic Band 11, 12; GFA 12; Stage Band 10 12, Band Council Sgt, at Arms 12; Fish ing Team 12 (V.P.); All County Stage Band 11 12. Ambition: To live a full life Thoughts about High School: I had a lot of great times in the past four years, Lester Paul Slezak Jr. " Paul " Activities: National Honor Society 11, 12; It ' s Academic; Math Club, Marching Band 9 12, Chess and Battle Club, Regional Band; All County Orchestra; Symphonic Band 9 12, Stage Band Ambition: To be satisfied with what I do Thoughts about High School: It ' s something to occupy four years of your life. What a waste Ronald W. Sloan " Ron, Ronnie " Activities: Industrial Arts Club 1 1 . Ambition: I hope to be the richest man in the world, Ha! I plan to become a mason and eventually own my own business in the field Thoughts about High School: High school is something no one should miss. I had a lot of fun at G F and I hope all of my friends did too!! Glen Slocum Activities: It ' s Academic Team Captain 9 1 2, All District Football Team 9 12; Chess and Battle Club 9 12; Soccer Team 10 12 Ambition: My ambition is to go to UNC on a football scholarship and later go to the Pro ' s. Thoughts about High School: It was great while it lasted, but nothing lasts forever. Bottoms up! Alexander Smith " Sheemie " Activities: DEI 10; DE II 11; DE III 12; FBLA 11. Ambition I hope to take up a trade in business for about four years or play with Uncle Sam for awhile. Thoughts about High School: High school was a real drag, but I learned a H of a lot while I was here. Della Ruth Smith " Delphie, Del " Activities: Concert Band 10, 11; FBLA 10, 11; Flag Corps 11, 12; Teen Counseling 12, LPN 12. Ambition: To marry Jim, to continue my nursing career, to look back on these years and laugh, and to live far from Virginia. Thoughts about High School: It was fun I made some great friends. Memories are for ever. Good Luck Angels, Bunny, Legs! Julia Smith " Bootchie " Activities: JV Girls ' Track Team 9; Flag Corps 10; FBLA 9 12. Ambition To go to CDC, get a job in Computers, marry N.G. (my Honey) and live in a big house in the country happily ever after! Thoughts about High School: It was great thanks to the gang; S.S., K.E., J.B , E C., T.B., and K.T. Don ' t forget the good times and Penagartenagy Henagardenagy! Ronald Sloan Deborah Smith Glen Slocum Della Smith Teresa Sizemore Jeff Slezak Shawn Smart Julia Smith David Slade Lester Slezak Alexander Smith Kevin Smith SENIORS 213 Michael Smith Activities: Varsity Chorus 9; Concert Choir 10; Debating Club 12. Ambi¬ tion: To graduate from college, get a great job and make millions. Thoughts about High School: I wish I had started out better. I ' m glad it ' s over, but I had a great time. " Thanks! " Steve Smith " Smithy " Activities: Freshman Basketball 9; J.V. Basketball 10; Varsity Basketball 11, 12; Key Club 9 12; SGC Vice President 11; It ' s Academic 11; Chess Club 11. Ambition. My ambition is to receive a high school diploma and to go far in my basketball career in college. Thoughts about High School: It was great while it lasted but even though school is over the " Rippon Boys " will never part. Susan Snellings Activities: National Honor Society 12. Ambition: I ' d like to continue my education and become a registered nurse. Thoughts about High School: I enjoyed it, but I ' m glad to move on to bigger and better things. Susan Snider " Sue " Activities: French Club 9; National Honor Society 11, 12; Adminis¬ trative Aide — National Honor Society 12. Ambition: I ' d like to have my own riding sta¬ ble so I can raise and work with horses and teach people to ride. Thoughts about High School: I ' ve really enioyed my years at Gar-Field and I’ve met a lot of nice people. That means you too, Mr. Bunn! Susan Chris Soper " Chris, Rope, Wingnut” Activities: Pep Club 10; Indianettes Man ager 10; French Club 10; FBLA 11; Ski Club 12; German Club 12; Space Cat Club, Vice President 12. Ambition: To work with children, maybe become a child psychologist. Thoughts about High School: It’s been a lot of fun and I ' ll really miss all the special people that have made it even better — Tom! Susan Spence Activities: Indianettes 9 12. Ambition: To become a rich Interior Decora¬ tor, own a beautiful house on a piece of land and live a successful life with John. Thoughts about High School: Four years of memories to look back on, but I’m ready to meet the real world and its challenges. Susan Snider Susan Spence Patty Snipol Michael Sprague Marilyn Smith Steve Smith LeeAnn Sommers Paul Spuhler Michael Smith Susan Snellings Chris Soper Jenny Stanley 214 SENIORS Tammy Stearlings Robert Stewart Mary Lou Stirling J. K. Stringer Brenda Stearns Steve Stewart Lori Stone Conrad Stronko David Stewart Mark Stewart Michelle Stidham Sue Stillman Tammy Stearlings Activities: FBLA 9 12, Pep Club 10; Flag Corps 1 1 Ambition: To get a good job and travel the world. Thoughts about High School: Being close with friends and doing some of the nuttiest things imaginable. Four years I will never forget. Brenda Stearns Activities: DECA, Pep Club Ambition: To be a certified dental assist ant, then go on to dental hygienist and own my own office. Thoughts about High School: It ' s alright. I ' ve been to three high schools and all have been great. Can ' t wait to graduate. Mark Anthony Stewart Activities: Chess and Battle 11 12. Ambition To go into the computer field. Thoughts about High School: It ' s been fun but I ' m glad it ' s over Stephen Stewart Activities: Symphonic Band 9 12, Marching Band 9 12, All Virginia Band. Ambition: To major in music. Michelle Catherine Stidham Activities: FBLA 1112; Nat Honor Society 1112 Ambi tion: To become a special education teacher and live a Christian life. Thoughts about High School: I have enjoyed these fun and trying times and I praise the Lord that he has given me true happiness. Susan Stillman “Sue " Ambition I ' d like to be a volleyball, but my Mommy won ' t let me, so I guess I ' ll be a coroner Thoughts about High School: Crucifixion 77 ? Mary Lou Stirling Activities: Basketball 9 10, Swimming 9 10; Chorus 9 10, Student Council 9; Ecology Club 12, FBLA 12. Ambition: To get my master ' s in nursing and get married and raise a great group of kids. Thoughts about High School: I am not anxious to leave the friends and the fun, but I am looking forward to taking that big step which will lead to bigger and better things. J. K. Stringer Activities: Drama Club 1112 Ambition: To soar beyond the highest thought that man has pushed beyond his brain Thoughts about High School: I learned more from my friends than from any of the teachers. SENIORS 215 Jeffrey Stultz George Suggs Angelique Tainter Hercules Talastas Geoffrey Sturdivant Alan Sullivan Maria Tait Dana Talbot William Sturm Chris Sudmeyer Virginia Swaney Michael Sweeney William Sturm “Willbur, T” Activities: Football 9; Baseball 9. Ambition: To become a good printer and to eventually own my own print shop. Thoughts about High School: High School was alright. I met a lot of great people and had some good times. But I am glad to get out. Chris Sudmeyer Ambition: To work for a year or so. Then go to California to have some fun and start school again. Thoughts about High School: Most of the time it was pretty fun, but the other part of the time it was nothing but hard work. George Suggs Jr. “D.C. " Activities: SGC 9; JV Basketball 9; Varsity Basketball 10-12; FBLA 10-12; Key Club 11; Chess Club 11-12. Ambition: To go to college or university and become a computer specialist. I also would like to play college ball. Thoughts about High School: High School was a great experience. I had a lot of good times and a few bad, but I hope that all the people I came in contact with have benefited from their experiences with me as I have benefited from my experiences with them. I hope we can all keep in touch. Alan Thomas Sullivan Activities: Video Tech 10-12 (Pres. 12); National Honor Society 11-12; SGC 11-12; Orchestra 9, 10, 12; Science Club 9-10; Math Club 11 -12. Ambi tion: To become a neurosurgeon. Thoughts about High School: Hell, it was fun! Michael Sweeney “Mikey, Mickey” Activities: Intramural Softball 11; Stage Lighting 11-12; Specialized Electricity 12. Ambition: I wish to be a millionaire before I am 30. I also wish to be an electrician and of course, marry a beautiful woman. Thoughts about High School: High School has been fun socially, but boring when doing work. The women are going to be hard to find. Angelique Tainter “Angel” Activities: Orchestra 9-12; Smoke Signals 10-12; National Honor Society 11-12; FBLA 11; Signet 9-12. Ambition: To find happiness, love, and security and to excel in my career as a designer. Thoughts about High School: Four of the best years of my life on which to look back and smile. Maria Tait “Fire Plug, Spark” Activities: Gymnastics 9- 1 2; Indianettes 1 2; Powder Puff 12. Ambition: To be wealthy and not have a worry in the world and mostly, to be cared for Dad. Can i have my Porsche now? Thoughts about High School: I’m surprised I ' ve made it this far! It’s good to know I ' ve gotten through it. The bad part is that I have to work for the rest of my life and I ' m just a runny-nosed kid. 216 SENIORS Denise Tankins SuzyTarnai Barbara Taylor Deborah Taylor Suzy Tarnai Activities: Smoke Signals 10 12 (Sports Editor 12); French Club 10-11 (President 11); Teen Counseling 1112; Soccer Manager 1012; Ski Club 11; Pep Club 11; Debating Team 12, Yearbook 12. Ambition: To attend college and major in child psychology or |ournalism. Thoughts about High School: Graduation will force me to relinquish many of the ties to my friends. It brings a pang of sorrow, but also a feeling of excitement for what lies ahead. I don ' t know if I will make it, but I ' m willing to try!! Michele Tassitino “Shell” Activities: FBLA 10; DECA 12. Ambition: To become a nurse, marry a good looking guy and GAIN WEIGHT!! Tnoughts about High School: I ' ve had good times that I will never forget; especially with Mother Jugs and Speed, but college will bring better times. Barbara Taylor “Barbie ' ' Ambition: To get rich quick and buy me a four wheel drive truck Thoughts about High School: It was great!!! Got to know a lot of different kinds of people, especially " Red " (K.T.) Scott Taylor Activities: Marching Band 9, 12; Concert Band 9 10; Varsity Wrestling 10 12, All District Stage Band 1112; Symphonic Band 1112; G-F Fishin Team; Pres, of GFA Ambition: To become a composer and have my friends understand and enjoy my music. Thoughts about High School: I enjoyed G F very much, especially my |umor year, but I don ' t think I want to do it again. Tamela Rae Taylor “Tammy " Activities: DECA 10 11; FBLA 10-11 Ambition: To work for the government under the Navy program. Thoughts about High School: It was fun, but I ' m glad it ' s over. Nancy Templeton Activities: Band 9 12, Marching Band 9, 11, 12; Teen Counseling 12 Ambition: Go to college. Thoughts about High School: It wasn ' t always fun, but I had a lot of good times and I really liked the people here. Derrick Tarver Michelle Taylor Tammy Taylor Donna Tedeschi Michele Tassitino Scott Taylor Tricia Taylor Nancy Templeton SENIORS 217 David E. Testa " Dave” Activities: Varsity Choir 9. Ambition: Perhaps to enter the Air Force and make a life of the three things I love most: Science, Music and Beth. Thoughts about High School: G-F has taught me to learn from my past, live for today, and prepare for tomorrow. Now it’s time to move on. Dawn R. Thomas " Kitten ' ' Activities: Pep Club 9, 10; SGC 9; Freshman Float 9; Sopho¬ more Beauty Contest 9; FBLA 10-12; Teen Counseling 11; COE 12. Ambition: To go skydiving, become an airline stewardess, marry R.J. and live happily forever in a house on the beach. Thoughts about High School: It was fun spending it with Ron but I’m glad I’m out. Everyone was too fake. Debra Thompson “Deb” Ambition: To become an airline stewardess and then marry a millionaire. Thoughts about High School: I may not be the most popular student at G- F, but look out world ’cause here I come. Keith Thompson " Harris” Ambition: To enjoy life and get rich! Thoughts about High School: It was fun while it. lasted but I’m glad I am out. Suzanne Tierney " Suzy” Activities: National Honor Society 11, 12; Concert Choir 12; Governor ' s School 11; Annual Staff 11; Drama Club 12. Ambition: To go to college and major in Political Science and go into International Relations. Thoughts about High School: " In Xanadu did Kubla Khan a stately pleasure dome decree . . Mark A. Todd Activities: Boys Tennis Team 10-12; Junior Variety Show 9; J.V. Football 10. Ambition: I would like to try to get into a medical school. From there I will decide what kind of doctor I ' ll be. Thoughts about High School: Although I am looking forward to my future, I regret leaving Gar-Field. David Testa Dawn Thomas David Thoreson Suzanne Tierney Fredrick Thomas Debra Thompson Mark Todd Carl Tolbert Keith Thompson Lonie Thompson Krista Tillman Donald Tipton 218 SENIORS Victoria Lynn Toler “Vicky " Activities Teen Counseling 12; Flag Corps 11; FBLA 12; French Club 9, Flomecommg Float 12 Ambition: To attend college and study law and to meet Mick Jagger!!! Thoughts about High School: What a trip!! Now that it’s almost over, I realize what a special part of my life the people and times of G F have been. Kim Touch Activities Freshman, J.V., Varsity Cheerleader; Indianettes 12. Ambition: To become a hospital administrator Thoughts about High School: It was fun, but I ' m glad it ' s over Teresa Trundy “Risa Rowdy " Activities: Tennis 9, 12, Rifles Manager 12; Drama Club 12 Ambition: To go to Coastal Carolina to further my studies and hopefully find that special someone and marry. Thoughts about High School: I’ve learned to communi¬ cate with people and be a part of their lives as they are of mine. Doug Turner " Douggy” Activities: Basketball 9, Football 9 12 (Capt. 12); Teen Coun selmg 11 12; Chess and Battle 9; Ecology Club 10 11. Ambition: To become president of Drug Fair and drive a Pinto all my life. Thoughts about High School: I loved going to school? Well Almost. Long live Clint!! Sandra L. Turner " Sandy " Ambition: To become a legal secretary and en|oy my life. Thoughts about High School; It ' s been nice and I ' ve enioyed these years. Richard Van Curen " Rick, Scrub, Bouncer” Activities: Symphonic 9 12; Stage Band 10 12, Orchestra 9 12, SGC Rep. 12; All District Stage Band 11-12; Fishing Team 11 • 12; GFA 12; Band Council Pres. Ambition: To go to college, major in something worth¬ while, then become a member of OPEC, and also spend many happy years with Sheri. Thoughts about High School: It has been great. I made many friends and will always remember Jean, Robin, Tammy, and Williamsburg. Derek Verdeyen " Doctor D. " Activities: Baseball 9, Basketball 9 11; Football 9 12; Chess and Battle 9 Ambition: To go to college and become a successful businessman. Thoughts about High School: It ' s been great being Clint with DTO, Grid, and Big Lee. Those are the times I will remember. Mary Ann Elizabeth Vermilyea “Mar” Activities Indianettes 11 12 (co-captain 12); DECA 12; Pep Club 10; Teen Counseling 12. Ambition: To have a good, happy life, and to accomplish all my goals. Thoughts about High School: It was a fun part of my life, but G F has taught me something, never |udge people until you really know them. Jean Vest " Jeannie” Activities: DE II 11 Ambition: To go to college and study journal ism and criminology and then change the way in which we handle the criminal situa tion Thoughts about High School: I wasted a lot of time; most of it by being in school. I will miss what little fun there was, but will be more than happy to get out. Sandra Turner Dianna Velasquez Rick Van Curen Derek Verdeyen Victoria Toler Teresa Trundy Jeff Van Gelder Mary Ann Vermilyea Kim Touch Doug Turner Jeff Veil Jean Vest SENIORS 219 Jeffrey S. Via " Weasel, Coffee " Activities: Varsity Chorus 9-10; Bass Chorus 10-12; Concert Choir 11-12; Wrestling 12. Ambition: To become an International Playboy and make a cool million, or |oin the military for four years. Thoughts about High School: Fun, especially with the women!! Ha! Ha! Good-Bye G-F. Melody Vinson " Mel” Ambition: To graduate, start college, or find a way to get rich real fast. Thoughts about High School: Fun. Too bad a good thing doesn ' t last forever. Colin Virtue " Cool Colin” Activities: Track. Ambition: To be an electrician working in the Jamaican Defense Force, and to be a lady’s man. Thoughts about High School: A lot of happy and sad times, but now it’s Bye, cause I’ll never pass this way again. Sally Vis " Goldfish” Activities: Partying and going to the American Legion and coming out foreign. Ambition: To move away from Woodbridge with all my friends, and throw the biggest party Woodbridge has ever seen. Thoughts about High School: Thank God it ' s over. Goldfish are forever, Rebecca Vowell " Becky” Activities: Drama Club 9-10, (Historian 10, Secretary 11); Pep Club 10-11; Newspaper Circulation Manager 12; Girls ' State Alternate 11; Teen Counseling 11-12. Ambition: To survive college and become a nurse. Thoughts about High School: Fun while it lasted. I’ll miss the fun, but not the homework. Douglas Waggy " Wags” Activities: Football 9-12; Wrestling 9, 12. Ambition: To go to college, hopefully on a football scholarship and study math and later become a carpen¬ ter or computer tech. Thoughts about High School: It isn’t easy to get used to but once you do it’s alright. I’ll always remember my times at G-F, and always remember Steph. Peggy Sue Wainauskis “Peggy " Activities: French Club 9; Homecoming Float 9; Orchestra 9 (Lettered); All-County Orchestra 9; Drama Club 10; Indianettes 10; Girls ' State Alternate 11; Who’s Who Among American High School Students 11-12; Out¬ standing Young Americans 11-12; VICA 12; FBLA 12; Powder Puff Football; Teen Counseling 12. Ambition: To become a professional cosmetologist, travel, further my education by maioring in psychology or foreign language. Thoughts about High Sch ool: I enioyed it and will miss it. Thanks D for being there and Jeff whom I hope to grow with always. Eva Wainwright Activities: NAOPP 9-12; HOA 9-12. Ambition: To go N.V.C.C. for two years and become a dental lab tech. After college I plan to go into the Air Force. Thoughts about High School: A trip. Year-round, then traditional to avoid overcrowd¬ ing, It was so crowded anyway traffic lights should have been installed. Karen M. Walker Activities: FBLA Vice Pres. (Blue) 11; FBLA Homecoming Float and Mum Sale 11; Lettered in FBLA 11; Girl’s Varsity Soccer Team Letterman 11-12. Ambi¬ tion: To attend the Washington School for Secretaries and get a really good job. Also, to marry Scott Jones. Thoughts about High School: I made a lot of friends and I am going to miss the fun. Sally Vis Eva Wainwright Becky Vowell David Walker Jeffrey Via Melody Vinson Doug Waggy Karen Walker Kathy Via Colin Virtue Peggy Wainauskis Robert Walker 220 SENIORS Lori Walters Anthony Ward James Weakland Catherine Wendle John Walthall Mark Washburn Leslie Weaver Jason West Lura Kay Walthall Thomas Wanamski Herman Washington III Linda Watson John M. Walthall Activities: Freshman Football 9; J.V. Football 10. Ambition: To become as popular with my friends as they are with me, and to love as much as I am loved. Thoughts about High School: Corky, I am honored that you called me friend, Terri, I couldn’t have made it without you by my side. I ' ll miss Gar-Field. Lura K. Walthall " Kay " Activities: FBLA 11, Band 9-12. Ambition: To get married and have four kids. Thoughts about High Schooi: It was nice and I ' m going to miss it. Anthony Kyle Ward “Tony " Ambition: To become a professional mechanic and or race car driver. Thoughts about High School: It was a long war, but finally I’ve won. Herman Randolph Washington III Ambition: To go to college and become successful in life; be a someone, not a nobody. Thoughts about High School: Having spent my high school life in three different schools, I learned to adapt and get along with many peo¬ ple. Linda Watson Activities: Track 9-10; FBLA 10-12; Softball 9-10; Teen Counseling 11. Ambition: To go to college and major in accounting, and maybe an advisor for S.G. ' s love life. Thoughts about High School: It was wild getting to know the people, but I wouldn’t have made it without Suma G., and Breeze. James Weakland “Jim " Activities: Football 9, Track 9. Ambition: To do things when ever I want, however I want, and with whomever I want. Thoughts about High School: Fun while it lasted; glad it’s over, but sorry to leave. I ' ll miss it. Leslie Weaver Activities: Teen Counseling 11; Indianettes 12; Powder Puff Football. Ambition: To graduate and become a pilot. Thoughts about High School: It was fun, but I can’t wait to get out. Jason F. West Activities: J.V. Football 10-11; Varsity Football 12. Ambition: To have a happy family and to have a good medical practice. Thoughts about High School: It could have been better. SENIORS 221 Robin Wheeler Charles Williams Coatlen Wilson Debra Wilson Doug Whisler Kelly Williams Connie Wilson Jennifer Wilson Vicki White Michael Wilkins Wendall Williams Sandra Wilsey Robin Wheeler “Bird " Activities: Law Enforcement Club 10. Ambition: To finally finish high school, get my LPN and work for a little while, then get married, have lots of kids and a big house to put them all in. To go to Brazil and South America. Thoughts about High School: The work was a drag, but the social life was great! I ' ll never forget the good times. Vicki L. White Ambition: To gain an understanding of others through constant commu nication, respect, and love. Thoughts about High School: It’s only the beginning of a wonderful future. Michael Wilkins “Wilky " Activities: Freshman Basketball 9; J.V. Basketball 10; Varsity Basketball 11, 12; Orchestra 9-12; Pres. 12; Key Club 9-1 2; It’s Academic 9 12 Ambi tion: To go to the University of North Carolina and become the best, not necessarily the most honest, lawyer there is. Thoughts about High School: It was great while it lasted, but nothing lasts forever. Bottoms up! The guys on the wall were the greatest! Charles Williams Ambition: My ambition after graduating from high school is to go to college and get a degree in accounting. Thoughts about High School: My high school career has been a long road that has finally come to an end. I can look back at my high school days with pleasant memories. Wendall Williams Thoughts about High School: Wonderful! Sandra Wilsey “Sandy” Ambition: To become a rich and famous artist and to live a happy life. Thoughts about High School: It was sometimes fun and sometimes boring. Mostly boring! I ' m glad to be leaving. Connie Wilson Activities: FBLA 10, 11; Marching Band 9, 10; Track 10; National Honor Society 11, 12. Ambition: To go to college, to be a CPA, and to get a good job Thoughts about High School: High school was great, thanks to good friends and help ful teachers. Page Wilson Activities: Concert Band 9; J.V. Gymnastics 9; Varsity Gymnastics 10 12; Indianettes 11; Girls ' Varsity Club 12; FBLA 10, 11; Powder Puff Football 12. Ambi tion: To graduate from college and live a wonderful life with Jim (we ' ll reach our ambi tions!). Thoughts on High School: I will always treasure the memories of Gar-Field, especially the special people I ' ve met, (Jim and Sue — Love ya both!). 222 SENIORS Patti Wilson Kaye Wing Jan Wiseman John Wold Patti Wilson “Patti-Pooh” Activities: Going to the American Legion and coming out foreign-Goldfishing and Getting Rowdy Ya hoo!M Ambition: To get out on my own with a good job and a nice looking old ' 67 ' Mustang — preferably a convertible. Thoughts about High School: The teachers and rules were a big joke. But I loved seeing all my friends. Serge Wing Activities: Cross Country 9-10; Indoor Outdoor Track 9-10; Football 11- 12 . Diane Winslon “Dee " Activities: DECA I 10; DECA Mil. Ambition: Within my lifetime I will aim to be a success at any challenge, and to marry Robert Rainford. Thoughts about High School: It was great except for the cliques, snobs, and the grading scale. Stephanie Jann6 Wiseman " Jan " Activities: JV Cheer 9; Math Club 9; French Club 9; Freshman Cabinet; Art Club 11; French Club 11; National Honor Society 11; Pep Club 11; Sun Youth Forum Representative; Valhalla Staff 11, Model United Nations 11; Jun¬ ior Cabinet; Teen Counseling 12; Indian Echoes Staff; Ski Club 12; Powder Puff Foot¬ ball; National Honor Society 12. Ambition: To get back to the west coast and stay for¬ ever! Maybe one day become a Iwayer, but who knows! Thoughts about High School: Terrific! Bananas! Tears and laughter. Vikes, Demons, and Indians. Class of ‘80,1 love you all! The Way We Were .. . John S. Wold “Berd " Activites: Track for 3 years (9 11) “1” Fight each year!! Ambi¬ tion: To make the best of each day for the rest of my life. Thoughts about High School: It was great, but I am Happy I am out. Rudolph Eugene Woltner “Rudy " Activities: Natl. Junior Honor Society 9; Natl. Honor Society 11 12; (11 — Treasurer) Yearbook 9 11; Photographer in Chief 10-11; Liter¬ ary Magazine 10-11; Geometry Award 9, Trig, and Solid Geometry Award 11, Who ' s Who Amon g American High School Students 11; Golf Team 9 11; International Club 9 11; “It ' s Academic Team, " 1st Alternate 11; Tri-State Independent Conference Bas¬ ketball Tournament Concessions Manager 9-11; JV Basketball Manager 9; DECA 12; Junior Class Concessions; Prom Page Committee; French Team 10. Lori Ann Woodruff Activities: SGC Rep. 11; Indianettes 11-12; Teen Counseling 11-12; Powder Puff Football 12. Ambition: To be a legal secretary, get married and raise a family. Thoughts about High School: It was fun but it ' s time to move to better things. Serge Wing Rudy Woltner Diane Winslow Lori Woodruff 1 _ Katie Scruggs, Class of ’79 SENIORS 223 Julie Ann Wooldridge “Bug” Activities: Spanish Club; FBLA (president); Awarded Medal for One of the Most Active Members in FBLA (1978); Candidate for Regional Vice President for FBLA; Flag Corps Manager; COE. Ambition: To become a darn good secretary or whatever! Thoughts about High School: It has most definitely been fun and an experience!!! I finally learned how to speak n spel, and use’ puctuation. Warren Worthington Ambition: Go to college and become a rich commercial artist. Thoughts about High School: The years were hard but I’m glad it ' s over. Bernard Zwinak “B.J. " Activities: Lettered Football and Wrestling 10-12; All District, All Regional, 2nd Team State, Worst Driver. Ambition: Graduate, get out of high school, go to college and study medicine or be an electrician, have a wife and good family and fast car. Thoughts about High School: Learned how to grow up fast, had more demands made of me than I expected, a lot of sleepless nights for nothing. When I really think of it, they were all worth it. Julie Wooldridge Gary Yancoskie B.J. Zwinak Jr. Bonnie L. Ramey Warren Worthington Senior class of ’79 John Yates 224 SENIORS WATCH OUT WORLD, HERE WE COME! 225 Abler, Tina Abrell, Jeff Achenbach, Christine Adams, Doug Adams, Mike Adams, Quinard Ahern, David Ahern, Doug Anderson, Scott Aldrich, Andy Alexander, Anne Alvey, Jeffery Allega, Phillip Allen, Kari Anderson, Mike Anderson, Patrica Anderson, Vincent Armstrong, Billy Arvai, Jeff Asprey, Debbie Astrin, Scott Atkins, Joe Aubuchon, Nicole August, Annette Austin, Nina Baker, Sue Baker, Tanya Ballance, Brad Ballard, Lisa Bankson, Jeffery Barbour, Robin Barnes, Barbara Barnett, Carl Burnette, Angie Bartlett, Johnna Barrett, Spencer Barr, Arnold Bassett, Mike Batdorf, Lauren Bates, Tonya Battista, Maria Battista, Marie Baugh, Brett Baugh, Kathrina Baxter, Steve Beckler, Tim Beadle, Annette Bell, Karen Beasley, Jim Begley, Scott Bell, Jacqueline Beaver, David Benham, Beth 228 Juniors Bennett, Bill Bennett, David Bent, Sabrina Benton, Diana Bernhardt, Barbara Berdaus, Elaine Bergesen, Karen Bergesen, Sharon Beuley, Ken Bezanson, Angela Bieman, Steve Birk, David Blsgrove, Tina Black, Kim Bloxton, Trma Blanchard, Kevin Blarkeley, Donna Boggess, Curtis Bodolay, John Bohart, Leigh Bohi, Kathy Boland, Bob Bolk, Tobert Bonney, Karen Bonne,Jay Boodee, Mark Boone, Vicke Boulton, Brian Boutwell, Becky Bowman, Cindy Boyd, Robin Boyer, Jeffery Boyd, John Bradshaw,John Brayon, Larua Breeden, Tim Bridged, Valerie Brooks, Mike Brooks, Tracy Brosch, Tracey Brown, Frank Brown, Gary Brown, Pam Brown, Stephen Browing, Pam Bozena, Jeanne Bryant, Claire Bryant, Ernest Buck, Karnen Buckmaster, Lisa Buckin, Mark Bullard, Jason Burnett, Wayne Busdiecker, Roy Juniors 229 Butcher, Bill Suterbaugh, Awanda Butler, Andrea Butler, Mark Byrnes, Terrie Cabill, Dora Camm, Chris Campbell, Sharon Campbell, Toniko Canada, Rose Carrell, Emma Caudill, Melanie Cashwell, Leslie Cebula, Donald Cecil, Beverly Cecilio, Garrett Cephas, Margueri Cervarich, Andrew Chadick, Kathleen Chappell, Deborah Chance, Earl Chandler, Colette Childers, Richard Childers, Terence Childs, Brenda Childs, Linda Chrisholm, Haley Christie, Peggy Chucahla, Chris Claspell, Neal Clarke, Chery Clarke, David Clay, Natalie Clemons, Mark Colletti, Laura Collier, Bruce Collins, John Connlly, Doreen Conway, Dorothy Cooley, Timothy Cook, Cindy Cook, Sharon Corbin, Carle Corbin, Marcie Corbin, Sharon Cornell, Christine Costello, Jeff C " ' Y ' Chuck Couti Nick Coulboutn, David Cradlin, Melisa Crawford, Scott Crocker, Andy Crone, Dwight 230 Juniors Cropper, Carolyn Cross, Carolyn Crum, Mmdell Curran, Carol Daderio, Cheryl D ' arcangelo, Jim Darden, Carol Davey, Scott Davis, Kris Davis, Mike Davis, Relfe Dawson, Janet Dean, Wanda DeChristopher, Karen Delaney, Al Delap, Sherry DeMarca, Christina Dent, Karen DePoy, Beth Der, Istvan Destephanis, Mark Devenney, Patrick Dew, Rodney Diekmeir, Robert Dillion, Stephanie Dishmon, Beverly Dixon, Brian Dockery, Gary Donahue, Jim Donnelly, Andrew Doologhty, Patty Dorsey, Holly Dorsey, Kevin Driggers, Kevin Duckworht, Steve Duncan, Kathy Dwyer, Teresa Earman, Lynn Earman, Steve Earp, Jeff Eastman, Chris Eaton, Melisa Eaton, Echelbarger, Debbie Edwards, Carol Edwards, Edwards, Diane Eggeston, Debbie Ellenberger, Leigh Elliot, William Emmons, Sissy Enriquez, Rod Ensminger, Lizette Evans, Darren Juniors 231 Evatt, Jim Falce, Ted Failor, Mark Farrell, Jennie Farr, Felecia Fowley, Terry Fegley, Ficklin, Mike Field, Chris Fields, Monique Finegan, Mike Fisher, Laura Fisher, Ronnie Fisher, Tim Fitchelt, Troy Fleshman, Susan Fogoros, Angie Foley, Wendy Fontana, Charles Forgo, Jim Foster, Janet Fox, Kim Fox, Mike Frank, Washington Fretwell, Eric Fritter, Jay Gahn, Kim Galloway, Kathy Gandy, Janeat Gardner, Garland, Donald Garr, Marie Gazda, Julie Gentry, Bill Ghilonil, Cindy Gholson, Debbie Gieger, Susy Gillespie, Becky Gellespie, Lisa Giltner, John Gimmi, Nick Gladden, Craig Gonzales, Cindy Goodman, Terri George, Joy German, Karen German, George Gorsuch, Susan Goulla, Gary Gratmuiier, Mark Greaves, Bryan Bruce Gressly, Doug 71 232 Juniors Grigson, Dwayn Grimes, Robert Grimsley, William Haag,John Habullock, Karen Hager, Theron Hagerty, Kevin Hague, Stan Hamilton, Lenard Hands, Adrian Hannah, Kristy Hanny, Bill Hanson, Tidd Hans, Michelle Hanssen, Frita Hardy, Cindy Harman, Stephanie Harp, Debbie Harper, Donald Harper, Larry Harpe, Melisa Harper, Thomas Hashemzadeh, Vivia Harrell, John Harris, Gary Harris, Pimolpan Harris, John Harris, Pam Harris, Robert Harting, Kris Hassinger, Kathy Hawkins, Ralph Hawley, Kristin Hawthorne, Rick Hayes, Debbie Hayes, Susan Haynes, Dilar Haynes, Sandy Haywood, Chris Hazlewood, Jim Henderson, Scott Heininger, Eric Henley, Jeff Hensley, Donna Herrera, Mary Hinkle, Terry Hineline, Jim Hill, Tony Highberh, Robin Hidalgo, Kim Hobgood, Doris Hollar, Lori Holtan, Sheryl Holmes, Gary Juniors 233 Holtzman, Scott Horne, Debbie Hornsby, Maik Hosachar, Keri Hoy, Mike Hudson, Cindy Humphery, Tim Hunt, Leah Hunter, Donna Hurlbert, Michele Hutson, Deborah Hutt, Lisa Jackson, Charles Jackson, Charles Jackson, Duane Jacobson, Brian Jarrell, Deborah Jefferson, Michael Jefferson, Craig Jeffries, Ruth Jenkins, Chris Johnson, Brian Johnson, Dale Johnson, Jennifer Johnson, Kim Johnson, Lenard Johnson, Nathan Johnson, Steve Johnson, Sylverster Johnston, Bill Johnston, Ray Jones, Anthony Jones, Brenda Jones, Lisa Jones, Valeri Jordan, David Jordan, Gigetta Jordan, Sharon Karazas, Aliceex Kasik, Bob Kastl, Bob Keaton, Sharom Keiger, Sherri Keister, Karin Kemble, Joe Kent, Meschel Kepano, Tony Kidwell, Becky Kidwell, Richard Kidwell, Ronnie Kierstead, Dana Kile, Tony Killingbeck, Mary Kimbro, Nora 234 Juniors King, Annette King, Kevin King, James Kinnett, Ernie Kline, Hohn Knisel, Robert Komisar, Jim Koon, Gary Koziol, Jackie Krisner, David Kujawa, Dawn Kune, Chris Lacy, Joe LaMonds, Melvin Landry, Maurice Landry, Pat Lange, Julie Latulipe, Scott Lawson, Lori Lawrer, Theresa Leab, Gina Leckey, Debbie Ledoux, Frank Lee, Michelle Leone, Chris Levay, Nick Lew, Philip Lewis, Lisa Lichtenfels, Diane Ling, Steven Link, Mike Little, Bill Lockhart, Angie Lollar, Lynn Lombardo, Mike Long, Greg Long, Natalie Long, Tammy Lovelace, Tommy Lovett, Rick Lowery, Greg Luckett, Ruth Lungy, Russ Luchter, Susan Lyons, Dorlisa Mackissock, Pennie Mahle, Tish Maclagan, Tra Majeski, David Malanka, Terry Marbaker, Lori Martin, Carol Martin, Eric Martin, Mike Juniors 235 Martin, Rena Maruschak, Leo Mason, Sharon Mason, Tommy Matwiczyk, Leslie Maxwell, Lisa McCloud, Rita McCloud, Randie McCoart, Jimmy McCormick, Kelli McCormick, Shawn McDaniel, Deana McDonald, Madonna Mcelveen, Violet McGettiran, Davis McGraw, Sue McKinley, Kathy McMaster, Pat McLeod, Dan Mehr, Tom Melhorn, Elaine Messink, Kathy Michell, Joe Migliorini, Michel Miles, Tammy Millard, Richard Miller, Anna Miller, Gayle Miller, Joe Miller, Lori Miller, Stephenie Minor, Cheryl Mitchell, Debbie Mitchell, Mike Mitchell, Teresa Mitchell, Marcia Molinari, Linny Moore, Brian Moore, Donald Moore, Tom Mooney, Tricia Moriarty, Michele Moran, Wayne Mosley, James Maslo, Mary Morris, Barry Morris, Sherri Morrison, D. E, Moser, Sandy Mossey, Glen Mossier, Manana Mulgrew, Mickey Munsell, Desiree Murdock, James - { j ! I Juniors Sacra, Holly Safransky, Mark Santmyrf, Susan Salazar, Marlene Sanders, Kevin Sandldge, Michele Sargent, Any Saunders, Richards Saunders, Debbie Saupp, Patty Schaffer, Mark Schatz, Sharon Shawalder, Jams Schimpf, Diana Schlegel, Donna Schlenker, Mark Schmecht, Kathy Schnatterly, Richard Schinatterly, Robert Schneider, Steve Schrecangost, Miron Schwier, Robert Sebastian, Kim Secrist, Beth Seide, Lisa Seitz, Mike Semerjian, Linda Seminger, Dawn Shannon, Robert Shaw, Robert Sheinall, Sheldon Shepherd, Tammy Shick, Marian Sheridan, Debbie Shifflett, Pam Shin, Jae Un Shiner, Danny Shrader, Chris Siegel, Suzana Simmons, Arthur Simons, Lynn Sims, Dawn Sissons, Mary Sizemore, Kevin Slade, Susan Sloan, Kevin Smith, Diana Smith, Greg Smith, Jacquelin Smith, Kelly Smith, Lore Smith, Paul Smith, Maxine Smith, Ronald Juniors 239 Smith, Steve Smith, Thor Sniders, Trina Snow, Carolyn Snow, Cirtis Snyder, Criag Sprague, Danny Spronse, Mike Sprowls, Rhea Staggs, Lloyd Sylivia, Joann Swisher, Leslie Sweeney, Dean Sweatman, Edward Swaney, Virgina Swails, Tony Swabb, Kevin Sutherland, David Summers, Donna Suggs, Brian Stynes, William Stultz, Rhonda Stublef ield, Michele Strong, Don Stringer, Ashley Strokes, David Stoddart, Billy Stevens, Wilbur Steighner, Ken Stieidel, Cindy Staudinger, Dennis Staples, Donna Stanley, Richard Talley, Leander Tarnai, Bob Thomas, Liz Thomaidis, Maria Thomas, Sebrina Thomas, Stephania Thomas, Tracy Thompson, Jr. Thopson, Tersa Taylor, Cindy Taylor, John Taylor, Kathy Taylori, Wilma Tetu, Lisa Thomas, Carolina mas, David as, Mark S, mtt Thompson, Ram Thurston, Kathy Tiller, Betty 240 Juniors Torrice, Paul Townsend, Jay Tray, Pat Triggers, Tom Truitt, Tracy Turner, Denice Undercoffer, Cindy Ulrich, Brenda Uyeda, Mary Uy, Jerry Valliant, Geri Vanausdale, Debra Veil, Lisa Velasquez, Maria Verdeyen, Jill Vervena, Lisa Volk, Marsha Vetterick, Jett Wagus, Kim Wagnon, Jim Walder, Kirk Wallich, Laura Walker, Mary Walters, Bill Walters, Mark Walters, Steve Walvias, Beth Wart, Gary Ward, Sue Warren, Aaron Wasiuta, Myron Waterstraat, Mike Watson, James Watt, Watts, Debbie Waymire, Brian Weaver, Amy Webb, Lynn Webber, Dana Wes ex, Carolyn Welborn, Jerry West, Steve Wheet, Janice Wendt, Andera Wheeler, John Whisler, Wayne White, Vincent Withers, Deidre Whitlock, Doosey Whitmre, Steve Whitt, Lara Whiting, Frank Whiting, Shirley Wilkins, Mike Juniors 241 Wilson, Melissa Williams, Belinda Williams, Baron Williams, William, Karen Williams, Kim Williams, Luther Williams, Richard Willis, Marcia Wilson, Mike Wilson, Theresa Wimer, Tammy Windham, Kim Winston, Bobby Wiseman, Beth Witt, James Woltner, Mike Wolfe, Brian Woods, Mike Wood, Jo Ann Woodfork, Jonathan Worley, Cliff Worthen, Leanne Worthington, Paula Wright, Dan Wybersky, Stanely Yancost, Gary Yates, Kim Yliselam, Jareb Young, Dina Young, Mike Young, Rhonda Zehner, Darren • Wk m L i X u 1 Zeler, Edwin Wenter, Marsha 242 Juniors Rodney Harmon Melodi Martin, Beth Wiseman, Julie Gresslay, Kim Bates, Linnie Molinari. Junior Varsity Cheerleaders Sophomore Class Officers Cathy Crane SOPHOMORES ‘82 REBECCA WINGO 244 Achenbal, Lisa Alsrith, Chris Ackerman, Carl Akers, Jackie Altken, Jay Alexander, Sandy Allen, Theresa Anderso, Renea Andrejko, Tina Anderson, Kim Anderson, Tina Arbisi, Tim Arcaro, Bob Armstrong, Rick Arnold, Arnold, Chris Arrington, Connie Arthur, Kelly Artz, Bobby Ashline, Kathy Atseff, Ginny Avery, Natalie Ayala, Margarita Bagato, Jeff Bahorich, Mary Baker, Jacilyn Bakery, Bridget Baith, Kim Baldwin, Ben Baldwin, Valerie Banks, Brian Bardon, Robert Barnett, Louis Barnham, James Barnhill, Laura Barrett, Misti Barring, Lisa Bartee, Jerry Barth, Sandi Basham, Bill Baxter, Valerie Bazyk, John Beach, Mike Beagsma, Tim Beahm, Sandra Beckner, Brad Bedard, Ray Beggs, Robert Beglin, John Bellinger, David Benham, Peggy Bennett, Kim Sophomores 245 I Bernhardt, Bilbrey, Bon Bishof, Beverly Bishop, Lisa Bjorklund, Keith Blackwell, Ann Bland, Ellen Blankenship, Regina Blot, Tom Bloxton, Joe Bolk, Doug Booker, Fred Bradley, Angie Bradford, Gerard Brandt, Kirk Bratcher, Laura Breeding, Robert Brennan, Cindy Beightog, Lisa Britton, Calvin Brooks, Joe Brown, Beth Brown, Chris Brown, Collette Brown, Debra Brown, Diane Brown, Sharon Browne, Mike Brueser, Tracy Bryant, Dawn Bruant, Williams Buck, Stephanie Bugge, Steve Bullock, Carol Buchanan, Jan Bunton, Wayne Burgess, Marshall Burns, Donna Bush, Lisa Buterbaugh, Awanda Canada, Sharon Canady, Karen Cann, Mathew Cardinal, Mike Carlson, Erik Carpenter, James Carrol, James Carver, Carrol Castro, Bob Chace, Cindy Chandler, Leslie Chapman, Theresa Chastine, Debra Cheek, Debbie ' ohomores Chevalier, Letticia Childers, Terry Chiles, Jamie Cheek, Debbie Chirdon, Brian Choi, Helen Chrisholm, Heighen Christiansen, Anne Clark, Cindy Clark, Greg Clarke, Walt Clarson, Steve Clegg, Alvin Coker, Amanda Colcombe, Linda Coleman, Wayne Collins, Buch Collins, James Colna, Lisa Conahan, Kathy Cook, Gini Cooper, Sharon Corazzo, Christina Cornett, Jeffery Cornwell, Doris Corson, Richard Cosby, Arleta Costello, Brad Cousins, Bobby Cox, Cathy Craig, Linda Cramer, Tina Crane, Dathleen Crane, Keith Crawford, Darwin Creamer, Catherine Critlendon, Grady Crone, Dana Cronk, Patty Cronin, John Cropper, Leslie Croson, William Crotts, Kevin Crowell, Lori Crud, Linda Curran, Catherine Curren, Lisa Curtis, David Czulo, Elizabeth Dace, Kathy D’arcangello, Albert Davis, Craig Davis, Larry Sophomores 247 Day, Kim Dean, Ron Delverson, Dell, John Dellapenna, Debucca, Diana Dennison, Karen Denny, Kelly Diaz, Donna Dick, David Dickerson, Ned Dicola, Sam Diezel, Fred Dill, Brooke Dodge, Richard Dodson, Joanne Dodson, Kid Doe, Tony Donavan, Bob Doss, Billy Donnelly, Kelly Dorton, Jeffery Downs, Tony Dowd, Ketty Drotos, Mike Drummond, JoAnn Duarte, Margare Dugan, Kari Dueringer, Janet Duncan, Andy Duncan, Beth Dunlap, Cindy Duquette, Mike Durhami, Scott Dwyer, Diane Dyers, Crstal Dyers, Cathy Edward, Starrah Eichelberger, Noll Eichhorn, Tom Ehlers, Jane Elmore, David Ekren, Wendy Ellington, Tracy Elliot, Dale Embrey, Michele Emelio, Richard Enland, Ted Enos, Mark Ewing, Jr. Evans, Beth Evevberger, Factor, Stacey Falter, Jeff ■48 Sophomores Farley, Shea Farr, Jenni Farria, Mike Fass, Diana Fauth, Dawn Fegeley, Cheri Feliciano, Jordan Fertsch, Pam Ferri, Brenda Fick, Kathy Fields, Edwards Fesh, Theresa Fitzgerald, Flanerty, Vicki Flannigan, Kathy Flavin, Tim Fletcher, Mike Foshs, Steven Forgoros, Theresa Foley, Christa Folks, Marsha Foote, Bruce Forester, Devonna Fowler, Stacie Frasier, Lynn Freeby, Lois Fuchs, Jenny Fulkerson, David Fulkerson, Doug Funk, Bridget Gaddy, Dana Ganino, Anne Barr, Murrell Bary, Donald Bathof, Kim Gausiran, Mike Gay, Trudy Bayda, Mark Gee, Billy Gemgheim, Pat Giannoues, Steve Gibson, Sylvia Giles, Angele Gillis, John Giltner, Joe Bimmi, Mark Boode, Mary Goodrich, Julian Gould, Sandi Grafmuller, Mary Gram, Charles Green, Carol Green, Mary Greer, David Sophomores 249 Grega, Jeff Greiner, Tracy Gregory, Darlene Grimm, Lee Grove, Kim Cuba, Kim Gutierrez, Dave Haag, Lori Hadley, Cindy Halpin, Cris Halsey, Diane Gargrave, Steve Harmon, April Harris, David Harris, Sharon Harris, Stacey Harrison, Paula Harrison, Holly Hart, Cathy Hart, Raymond Harting, Kenny Hatchel, Ed Havener, Shelly Hawkins, Lisa Haymond, Andy Hayes, Kathy Heatwole, Juanit Hemby, Lawrence Hendricks, J. Henry, Chip Henry, Steve Herring, Rhonda Hershey, Trisha Hicks, Susie Hidallo, Jaye Higgins, Jim Hillins, Jim Hill, Robbie Hill, Soong Hilmer, Chris Hinchee, Harvey Huffman, Barbara Hollandsworht, Holloway, Henry Hopper, J. Hosfeld, Houck, Linda Houten, Pat Hoverter, Carol Hudson, Debbie Hudson, Ernest Huff, Dana Huggins, Lisa Huntsinger, Beck 250 Sophomores Hutson, Diane Hummer, Tom Humphries, Lisa Inchart eguis, Pete Jobs, Greg Jackson, Kerri Jackson, Mark Janecek, Kim Jarrel, Debbie Jarrett, Earl Jefferson, Sonya Jen, Pochun Joerger, Feff Jones, April Jones, Crys Jones, Dora Jones, Lome Jones, Kenvin Jones, Terance Joyner, Hubert Johnson, Jacguelin Johnson, Jeff Johnson, Ken Johnson, Laura Johnson, Lisa Johnson, Sharon Johnston, Jerri Joseph, Leonard Kanis, Jon Kaserman, Pete Kashanikhah, Majid Katsarelis, Susan Kaszczyk, R. Kautcman, Alan Kearney, Chris Keating, Bill Keene, Kathy Kellogg, Kristen Kelly, Shawn Kemble, Lisa Kenney, Robert Kepperling, Pete Kerem, Susan Kilby, Susan King, Gary King, Janne King, Natalie King, Steven Kiser, Kenny Kitchen, Brian Krock, Pam Kmocks, Pam Knotts, Marsha Komar, Kellie Sophomores 251 Kramer, Richard Krawczyk, Kathy Kreiner, Robert Kuhnke, Laurie Kuykendall, Stacey Labossiere, Penny Lacava, Sally Lacy, Tom Lamitte, Simone Lassiter, Jeff Latulipe, Lance Laurendeau, Lynn Laver, Debbie Lawson, Janet Lauson, Tammy Lee, Becky Lee, Ken Leeker, Noney Leiker, Warren Lesko, Ed Lester, Denis Lightman, Scott Light, Donna Link, Greg Liming, Brian Lippert, Jeff Lipscomb, Lisa Little, Tony □twin, John Lively, Holly Locklear, Becky Lockwood, Traci Lockwood, Lori Lohr, Sharon Long, DeAnna Loveland, Debbie Lowe, Carla Lucero, Terri Lukens, Bonnie Luna,Joey Lunceford, Ricky Lurty, Lisa Lyons, Austin Lynch, Joe MacDonald, Richard Maciver, Laura Maddox, James Madrid, Jeanette Mai, Ann Mai, True Majeski, Patsi Major, Lisa Malone, Tracy 252 Sophomores Maloney, Eddie Mallox, Robert Manning, Rhonda Manuel, Theresa March, James Marshall, Loue Martin, Anne Martin, Jeanne Martin, Melodie Martin, Rhonda Martin, Valerie Martin, Vernon Maruschak, Carol Massould, Joseph Mathena, Bill Matthews, Hank Mawani, Salim Maxner, Bobby Mayo, Sam McCarthy, Diane McCarthy, Suzann McCaslend, Debbie Mccency, Charlene Mcclendon, Paul McCoart, Cathy McColley, Robert Mccuin, Wendy McDaniel, Troy McDougal, Wanda McElwain, Lisa McFarrin, Milton McGee, Vandon McGinnis, Tom McGowan, Christian McHugh, Laurie Mclver, Kristian McManus, James Mcneese, Stephanie Mcbay, Jeff Meadow, Mike Means, Mark Mersing, Karen Melhorn, Chris Michael, Eric Mickens, Walter Miller, Tom Mills, Mike Minces, Donna Minor, Jimmy Miskin, Jeana Mockler, Dcribner Moore, Mike Molinari, Pat Monk, Lisa Sophomores 253 Moores, Donna Moorer, George Moore, Jeanette Mooros, Peggy Moore, Sharon Moore, Steve Moore, Troy Moorone, Lori Morris, Sheryl Motley, Donald Mott, Linda Motta, Kathy Motta, Tony Moye, Robert Muchler, Bill Muncy, Lisa Murphy, Yohn Murphy, Kathy Myers, Bryan Naylor, Helen Nejati, Hamid Neilson, Kathy Neth, Windy Newbold, Patty Newman, David Noel, Raymond Nokin, Cindy Norris, Tonya Novak, Eddie Nicely, Steve Nickie, Bruse Nix, Paula Nurgesser, Don O’Connor, Joan O’Donnell, Mary O’Hora, Lisa Oien, Paul Oliva, Anella O’neal, Kelly Oeth, Angela Oskovish, Kevin Osmga, John Otter, Brian Ohinger, Diana Ondo, Bill Owen, Gareth Padua, Becky Pahler, Tony Pallo, Loretta Paolino, Elaine Page, Jimmy Papa, Frank Papadakis, Anna Pa radio, Becky 254 Sophomores Parady, Lisa Parr, Dara Parrett, Stephanie Pena, Francis Perkins, James Perkins, Robin Perry, Sherry Peters, Mike Petrilli, Denise Pfleeger, Eric Phillips, Dean Phillips, Greg Pielmerer, Pat Peirpoint, Todd Piety, Jeff Piwowarski, Frand Plott, Angela Plumley, Ken Poehler, Tony Poff, Bill Pollack, Carl Prater, Kelly Froehie, Michele Prudot, Shaton Queen, Mike Queen, Chris Raffield, Dave Reese, John Reny, Donna Reynolds, Bobby Rhoades, Frank Richards, David Richardson, Charle Richard, Suzy Riley, Steve Ritz, Julie Roberts, Brenda Robinson, Dale Robinson, Elaine Robinson, Mark Robinson, Paul Robinson, Steve Rodgers, Bob Rojas, Yvonne Rolin, Bob Roltsch, Tom Robanski, Mike Rose, Kelly Rossomando, David Rothermel, Cindy Russo, Anthony Rutho, Jeanette Saddler, Jerry Samuel, Tina Sophomores 255 Sapp, Nick Sarsfield, Mary Schaeffer, Teri Schrecongost, Steve Schultz, Carl Scroggins, Leslie Schroyer, Amy Scites, Penny Scott, Mike Schubring, Stephanie Secrist, Peggy Selgelid, Laurie Seibert, Carol Sewell, Kelli Siegel, Fred Sigler, Barbara Simpson, Robert Singh, Nav Sizemore, Greg Shaffer, Sonya Shamaiengar, Ravi Shepherd, Greg Shockey, Tammy Shrewsbarry, Alcie Skidmore, Michele Skinner, Carol Skinner, Jeanette Sluss, Mark Smith, Alex Smith, Angie Smith, Barbara Smith, Donna Smith, Jon Smith, Lori Smith, Rick Smith, Steve Smith, Steve Smith, Tammie Smith, Troy Smith, Yolanda Spoon, Lisa Sprangue, Bill Sprinkle, Elizabeth Srock, Brian Stahl, Donna Stalcup, Janelle Stanbridge, Michele Steel, Oscar Steinnetz, Cynthia Stermer, Debbie Stiles, Judy Stirling, Julie Stoebe, Mark Stone, Lovella 256 phomores Strickland, Linda Stringer, Laura Strong, Imogene Stuart, Lynn Stuart, Julee Sturdivant, Sherry Sullivan, Jim Sullivan, Shannon Swagger, Wesley Swans, Todd Swoor, Patty Sykes, Jeff Talbot, Angie Talley, James Tassitino, Tammy Taylor, Buzz Tayler, Chris Tayler, David Taylor, Denis Teel, Donna Testa, Ricky Thomaidis, Irene Thomaidis, Theresa Thomas, James Thomas, Sherri Thompson, Charita Thompson, Monica Thompson, Rhonda Thoreson, Eric Thorne, Kasi Todd, Kort Toman, Barbara Toms, Mary Torrance, Shela Torres, Andy Trelinskie, Terre Troiana, Tony Trotter, Marshall Tuck, Douglas Tucker, Jeri Turley, Mike Turner, Steve Vanalstyle, Shelly Vanausdale, Susan Vernarelli, Carla Vervena, Cynthia Via, Bonnie Vinchiarello, Ann Volpe, Robert Wgner, Jr. Wagner, Tom Waldman, Kathy Walker, Philip Walker, Vince Sophomores 257 Walton, Alfred Walton, Chopper Walton, Roy Waltz, Tim Walvias, Susan Watkins, Wanda Ward, Diana Ward, Michele Watson, Denise Watt, Jose Weedon, Sherri Weiser, Allison Welch, Greg Welty, Sherry Wendle, Lee West, Brian Wiles, Melissa Wildie, Monnie Wilkins, David Williams, Brenda Williams, Charles Williams, Grant Williams, Jean Wolson, Mark Williams, Steve Williams, Suzy Williams, Todd Wilson, Leigh Wilson, Pete Weltschire, Mike Wingo, Becky Wheaton, John Wheeler, Jon Whitaker, Terri White, Austin White, Ferry Wold, Kim Wolford, James Worley, Lisa Workman, Cheri Wright, Angela Wyatt, Randy Yates, Lisa Yauss, Patty York, Milinda Young, Paula Young, Rebecca Young, Reginal Zawoiski, Karen Zoromski, Al Leathers, Kip 58 Sophomores Wb UU I UHA WHbN YA WbKbN I LUUKIN Top Lett: Michele Puletz shows her spirit. Top Right: Joy Schaerr. Center Left: Busy at work in Physics. Center: Uh-oh, we caught ya. Center Right: Conrad Stronko and Lance Sherrill at the Pep Rally. Bottom: Behind the scenes on the field. mm T » 259 GAR-FIELD’S GOOFY GALLERY Opposite Page — Top Left: Marge Arcaro and Veronique Bishop. Center: Bubbles Malanka and Doug Gressly. Top Right: “Our Favorite Couple.” Center Left: G-F Seniors. Center Right: Jason Grooms. Bottom Left: Bill Gentry and Ashley Stringer. Bottom Right: Jan Wiseman. This Page — Top Left: Terry Fawley and Michele Puletz. Center: Dawn Kujawa. Top Right: Mike Wilkins. Center Right: Jules Gressly and Beth Wiseman. Bottom Left: Sandy Haynes and Colleen O ' Mara. Bottom Right: Tish Mahle. 261 Addison, Vicki Aldridge, Kellie Alford, John Anderson, Kim Anderson, Erik Anger, Douglas Armstrong, Byron Arnold, Chris Arnold, Laura Arrington, Michael Aruta, Cathy Arvai, Kelly Atkinson, James Aub, Julie Avery, Fawn Ayala, Ina Azzouz, Khader Baber, Julie Bahr, Dee Baillargeon, Ken Baker, Val Baldwin, Tyrone Baltrip, Sylvania Barber, Ann Barnes, William Barrett, Marshall Bartels, Susan Battaglia, Mark Beams, Tom Beardsley, Peter Beaty, Sheila Beaty, Melissa Beaver, Randolph Beisley, Lorraine Benedict, Mary Benson, Colin Bernhardt, Lisa Bernosky, Robin Bills, Mark Blais, Colette Blanchard, Ted Bohannan, Cara Bohr, Ann Boland, Lisa Boling, Karen Boodee, Bart Booth, Charlotte Borough, Alan Bowen, Roger Bower, Greg Bowie, Kelly Bowles, Katrina Braun, Sara Breneman, Aaron 264 Freshmen Brewer, Linda Bridges, Maria Britton, Eileen Brockman, Eric Brooke, Brad Brooks, Patricia Brown, Bonnie Brown, Barbara Brown, Debra Brown, Daromea Brown, Mike Brown, Monica Brown, Paul Brown, Wallace Browning, Lisa Brozena, Linda Bryant, Jeff Bucknam, Jenny Bullard, Rebecca Bunn, Brendan Bunton, Kevin Burne, Rodney Burns, Maria Burton, Katrinia Butcher, John Butler, William Byram, Barbara Calhoun, Bob Cambell, Jackie Caprara, Tony Carlson, Eric Carlson, Wally Carper, Trima Carroll, Joe Carroll, John Carrubba, Tim Carter, Walter Cashwell, Jean Cate, Mary Cates, Kevin Cath, Glendolyn Cephas, John Chantelau, Chris Chapman, Boyd Chase, Ted Chesley, Ann Childress, Dale Cho, JoAnn Clark, Jenny Claspell, Sheryl Clegg, Adam Cleghon, Lisa Clinton, Barbara Clolinger, Kelly Freshmen 265 Clubb, John Coates, Debra Colby, Kent Collins, Pat Collins, Terry Combs, Robbie Conger, David Cook, Eddie Cook, Melissa Cook, Tommy Cooke, Melissa Cooley, Stephanie Cooper, Joey Cope, Lisa Copley, Leslie Cosand, Tracey Cotton, John Coughenour, Michael Counts, Darrell Coutts, Richard Craddock, Gary Craig, Laura Crawford, Eugene Creamer, Cathy Crocker, John Crowley, Cathy Cullop, Todd Cusati, James Dandar, Edward Davidson, LeeAnn Dawson, David Defrees, Renee Demsko, Robert Desmarais, William Destephanis, Renee Dickhute, Rodney Diffenbaugh, Drew Dimascio, Chris Dittmer, Theresa Donley, Rosanna Doran, Jayne Dowd, Stacie Doyle, Bobby Dragone, David Drury, Mike Dulaney, Kent Dyer, Lee Early, Rhonda Eirvin, Steve Embrey, Denise Engie, Danny Estabrook, Mike Fasmussen, David Faulkner, Pamela Freshmen Fayak, Michelle Fernandez, Edward Fern, Debbie Fields, Nicola Finlayson, Richard Fish, Jeff Flaherty, Mike Flinchum, Perry Flowers, Stacie Fowler, Deanna Fox, Brian Fox, Tammy Fraker, Susan Francios, Becky Fratzke, Kristine Frazier, Mike Freeby, Patty Fretwell, Eric Frisbie, Robin Fuchs, Judith Fulford, Kim Fuller, Michael Futrell, Zaddock Gainor, Rhonda Gallagher, Patrick Galloway, Bobby Ganino, Lisa Gardner, Chris Garland, John Gathrie, Kevin Gaymon, Crystal Gazda, Karen Geiger, Danny Good, Mike Good, Darren Graham, Kelly Gray, April Gray, Cathy Greene, Shannon Green, Ricky Gregbel, Cathy Greth, David Grevey, Julie Grieff, Karen Griffith, Susan Griffith, Vivian Grim, Debra Freshmen 267 Grow, Leigh Gundler, Denise Gwinn, Karen Hamlett, Robin Ha mliton, Betty Hall, Gray Hallam, Kim Harrington, Matthe Harris, Chotima Harris, Pat Harris, Tyrone Hasley, Julia Hayashida, Peter Hendley, Kenneth Henry, Brock Henry, Mark Herndon, Marcia Herrell, Cheryl Hileman, Cindy Hill, Angie Hill, Mark Hill, Susan Hinchee, Lynette Hiner, Michelle Hoerr, Mike Hoffman, Elizabeth Holley, Karen Hollis, Mark Houston, Alan Howard, Mark Howard, Mike Howard, Reginald Hubbard, William Jabs, Tim Jachimowicz, Ann Jackson, Lacricha Jacobsen, Julie Jacobson, Beth Jarboe, James Jenkins, Gordon Johnson, Casey Johnson, Stephanie Johnson, Tony Johnson, Velma Johnston, Marcus Jones, Pam Jordan, Diane 68 Freshmen Jozwiak. Tom Judy, Diana Kahrer, Renee Kalski, William Kastl, Dave Kay, Nina Keller, Stacy Kelley, Dan Kenned, Greg Kerney, Susan Kelgus, Dianne Kimbrough, Carla King, Avery King, Chris Kitchen, Janice Kittilstved, Dana Koziol, Joel Kranich, Christina Krein, Tami Kuykendall, Kim LaCava, Lori Landry, Maurice Lawler, Mike Lawrence, Gail Lawrence, Marcus Lee, Brigitte Leffler, Michelle Leiter, Kelli Lelaikes, Rhonda Lemieux, Craig Lemons, Laurie Lenhartzt, John Lepard, Julie Lerfald, Doug Lewis, Mike Lewis, Richard Lilly, tammy Lindsey, Traci Link, Randy Linkous, Ralph Litton, Scott Lovelace, Lynwood Lucas, Wayne Ludwig, Judi Lydell, Greg Maceachron, Sandy Mailey, Teresa Manchester, Steve Marshall, Tom Martin, Tommy Martin, Cathy Mason, Aaron Mason, Ivy Mason, Rod Freshmen 269 Masters, Scott Mathers, Jan Mathews, Crystal Malos, Nidia Mayes, Larry McCabe, Laurie McCain, Tom McCauley, Pat McClendon, Sheryl McClure, Pam McDaniel, Sandra McFadden, Romona McGinn, Linda McKelvey, Sara McLeod, Gale McLeod, Kim McMillan, Katrina McNabb, James Melcher, Mark Melhorn, Vane Mentiply, Stacey Miller, Debbie Miller, Mechelle Miller, Pam Miller, Susan Milton, Loyonne Mitchell, Alice Mitchell, Brenda Mitchell, Margaret Mitchell, Mark Mitrione, Michelle Mockler, Cheri Monk, Jean Moore, Angie Moore, Brenda Morel, Arleen Morgan, Dennis Morgan, Jennifer Morgon, Mike Morgon, Rusty Morris, Cheryl Morrissey, Janet Moyer, Ken Moyers, Chris Mullins, Perry Mullins, Tim Mullins, Walter Murdock, Jane Murphy, Debra Murphy, Sean Nagley, Chris Nanney, Steve C :sh, Robbie Neal Virgil freshmen Nelson, Irene Neuhaus, Diane Newbold, Peggy Nichols, Cary Nichols, Delpha Nichols, Robert Novitsky, Kathryn Nunez, Mark Nutt, Wayne Ogden,Jeanne Ois, Wendy O’keete, Greg Oliver, Joey Ondo, James Oneal, Darlene Oneal, Tim O ' quinn, Rebecca Paolino, Susan Parker, Dewayne Patdorf, Leslie Patton, John Pauley, Scott Peevy, Chris Pellien, Steve Pemberton, Pam Penman, Kolleen Pennington, Jill Perry, Paige Peschka, Deborah Pesco, George Pfohl, Cris Pheifer, Doug Phillips, Diana Phinney, Sara Piatt, Cheryl Plenty, Cheryl Polanskey, Deborah Polla, Connie Portell, Jim Portz, Mark Price, Gwen Priette, Debbie Pullem, James Putiyon, Ricardo Putnam, William Quash, Donald Reichenbach, Colleen Reinke, Theresa Renolds, Cynthia Richardson, Tammy Richey, Ruth Rider, David Ritter, Tiffany Robbins, Mathew Freshmen 271 Roberts, Karen Robey, Diane Rocha, Maria Rockhill, Lisa Rodgers, Robin Rodriquez, Conrad Roederer, Eric Rogers, Chuck Rogers, Timi Rood,Joey Roony, Laura Ross, Larry Royer, Stephanie Ruiz, Vivian Rutherford, Roby Safransky, Grace Sandidge, Becky Sarsfield, Bridget Saunders, Linda Scalia, Christine Scheider, Bill Schieffelin, Susan Schott, Wallace Schroider, Terri Scroggins, Greg Seger, Deana Sese, Chris Shea, John Sheinall, Thomas Sheloski, Jeff Shick, Faith Shiner, Donald Sholar, Kim Shrewsbury, Acie Siegel, John Simmons, Valerie Sims, Reeky Sisson, Elsie Sisson, Shawn Smith, Anthony Smith, Mike Smith, Pat Smith, Richard Smith, Susan Smith, Tony Snediker, Marc Snow, Jackie Sookshawee, Tippaw Soper, Amy Sosbee, Kim Spillmen, Cathleen Spring, Dwayne Stanford, Keith Starz, Sharon I Freshmen Steffey, Andra Stewart, Johnathan Stockman, Debbie Striker, Monica Stroud, Richard Summerfield, James Tait, Cheryl Tamony, Carole Taomas, Antrone Taylor, Greg Taylor, Mike Taylor, Lisa Teel, Kelvin Templeton, Sandra Tennant, John Testerman, Tammy Thibodeau, John Thilson, Jim Thompson, Carol Thompson, Chari Thompson, Kenny Thornton, Kennet Thurston, Mark Toman, Martin Townsend, Wade Tucker, Lajune Turner, Craig Turner, Kevin Turner, Sonny Turner, Randy Tutsock, Angie Underwood, John Valvo, Richard VanGelder, Jeff Vanover, Lee Vary, Lisa Ventre, Wesley VerBurg, Kevin Viers, Karen Vieth, Janet Vollmer, Joey Volpe, Michael Walker, Angie Walker, Barbra Walker, Jeannie Walker, Katherine Walker, Tam Wallace, Lori Walls, Cheryl Walter, Lynn Wanamaker, Charles Ward, Thomas Washington, Dietri Washington, Valerie Freshmen 273 Waterstraat, Tracy Watkins, Tiersa Watson, Myles Watt, Paul Webster, Karen Weiler, Fres Wheelchan, Debra Whelchel, Steve White, Janet White, Randy Whittaker, Brian Willet, Robert Williams, Jeff Willis, Erica Wilson, Donna Wilson, Dorothy Winget, John Wingler, Connie Winters, Kelly Wiseman, Myra Wyatt, Alan Yacobi, Michele Yates, Mark Young, Derrick Young, Kathy Young,Lance Young, Laurie Young, Shelly Zaldana, Gloria Zokomski, Neal Koontz, Ken Kotrady, Vince Meene, Cris Miable, Joana Riesenberg, Melinda Freshmen I 277 HOME CENTER PITKINSHOME CENTER IN DALE CITY CONGRATULATES THE CLASS OF 1980 inney The Great American Shoe Store Center Plaza Dale City 670 3798 Manager — Al Colbeck BOULEVARD SPORTS 4337 Center Plaza 670-3330 Manager — Mike Garber WE CARRY... SOCCER BALLS G-F LETTER JACKETS YORK WEIGHTS AND NIKE SHOES BLUE RIDGE, REALTY Woodbridge, Dale City, Stafford Springfield SALES RENTAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT NOTARY ASSURED SALES BLUE RIDGE REALTY 4375 Dale Boulevard Woodbridge, Virginia 22193 670-3121 and 690 1551 280 Woodbridge Opticians If you find our location you will find one of the finest Professional Tailors in Northern Va. Custom Tailoring and Alterations for Men, Women and Children Tuxedo Rental Prescription Sunglasses Contact Lenses Fitted Prescriptio ns Filled Lenses Duplicated Frames Repaired All Work Guaranteed PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER Dale City 670 9021 Glendale Plaza 4330 Dale Blvd. CLASS OF 1980 GAR-FIELD Sen ior High School BOOSTER CLUB " Providing support for the total Athletic Program of Gar-Field Sen ior High School " MORRIS CUSTOM TAILORING Featherstone Square Woodbridge, Virginia (703) 494-5050 Shopping Center Open Daily 10-6 ATTORNEYS AT LAW Raymond Morley Jr. 4326 Dale Boulevard Suite I I Wood bridge, Va. 22 193 (703)670-2189 and (703)690-1 159 Richard Pfi+zner 4326 Dale Boulevard Suite 4 Woodbridge, Va. 22193 (703)494-41 79 and (703)670-2189 Washington Metro Area (703)690-1 I 59 GOLDEN DRAGON RESTAURANT ta;§i Chinese and American Food Cocktails Accommodates Up to 100 People Available for Private Parties, Receptions, Business Lunches and Dinners Carry Out Available 491-4166 for Carry Out or Reservations Open Daily and Holidays I 1:30-10:00 Featherstone Square 14575 Jefferson Davis Hwy. Woodbridge, Virginia 0 $ The Most Complete Tailor Shop in the Area for Ladies and Men NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED • Fast Service • Excellent Workmanship • Fair Prices • Satisfaction Guaranteed We Specialize in Invisible Weaving • Expert Alterations • Largest Selection of Formal Wear • Wedding Specialist Save 20% to 40% on Famous Brand Name Men ' s Wear Suits, Sportscoats, Slacks, Shirts 14436 Jefferson Davis Hwy. Woodbridge, Virginia 22191 Golden Rule Press 13724 Jefferson Davis Highway Woodbridge, Virginia —Since 1955— JlUebirtng printing Sc JW 0001 0 Commercial Printing Advertising Office Supplies Furniture 25 YEARS OF SERVICE TO NORTHERN VIRGINIA —Publishers of The Northern Virginia Home-Garden News — MYERS HILL Realti :ors WOODBRIDGE JEWELERS CLARK INSURANCE AGENCY INC. POTOMAC PLAZA I 368 Jefferson Davis Highway Woodbridge, Virginia CALL.494-2332 State Farm Insurance Companies Marumsco Plaza Arcade I 3939 Jefferson Davis Highway Woodbridge, Virginia 22191 Business Phone: 494 3 I 16 Residential Phone: 339-7562 Gifts for any occasion Like a good Neighbor, State Farm is there. TRIANGLE JEWELERS TRIANGLE PLAZA Dumfries, Virginia CALL.221-201 I All types of precious and semi-precious stone rings. 283 ERA FRANK WALCROFT (Broker) H 17005 Dumfries Rd. Dumfries, Virginia 22026 703-221-4173 421 Dale Blvd. Woodbridge, VA 22193 703-670-3106 r BETHEM STUDIOS CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1980 CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF 1980 Dale City Records WOODBRIDGE PRINT SHOP 13624 Jefferson Davis Highway Woodbridge, VA 22191 494-6105 494-8500 FAMILY CHILD Development Services Center 284 Country music Raymond Woolfenden, Sr. President WPWC HAPPY BROADCASTING COMPANY INC. TOP SHOT COUNTRY SOUND 214 South Main Street, P.O. 189 Dumfries, Virginia 22026 NASCAR RACING STATION 221-1124 w P w C win People With Country WE ' RE PICKING With Country WE’RE Proud Were Country FROM WONDERFUL PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY " Cousin Ray ' 285 BOOSTER ADS M.A. Love Ya Forever Cowboy S.M. Sue — Sue, Remember JM and me! Love Ya Pouch Grr-Grr Cool Colin — keepondoinwhatyou’redoin JBR — thisyearhasbeengreat.thanks,lloveyo u,Kelli HeyDuckcomewaddleinmypondANYoletime.F iveyearslongtimenosee.Pondaboutdriedup.L oveYaAlwaysBRAT Nov9’79GGDBIDJR Steve, I know we were never what you wanted but the times we did share were times I’ll always remember. Good Luck next year since I ' m leaving. You have everything going for you — good looks, talent, intelligence and a heart, (which is the most important) with all of that you’ll make it just fine. Remember you have your whole life ahead to find “Miss Everything” so don’t rush it sign " The Good-Bye Girl” Baseball Bob — We finally made it! Wasn ' t it a Long Hard Climb? Thanks for being a really great friend all four years! Good Luck out there in the great big world. Have fun in College; and I’ll look for your picture on every bubble gum card! Luv, Becky A. ' 80 TNA, TER, RBN, — Good Luck T MY BST PALS THNX 4 BNG THER — LISA To Mr. Clemmons — Thanks for all your advice and encouraging words. You cheered me up a lot of times when I was feeling depressed. You are one very special teacher. To Sir with Love W.W. ' 80 Betty It’s been h_living with ya but I guess your ok. Sis! Luv Ruth. CATH — T.P.’NHOUSE ACROSYASTREETGO’NBACK4THAT,ATP.H., THEDARKAGES,2NUP.ITSBENGREAT,LET’S KEEPITGO’N — LIS SUZI —Sisters aren ' t supposed to get along — too bad — I love ya! Be good! Have fun next year —SHELL Freda and Karen I’ll miss you guy ' s next year but we had a good time in Hosters class even though we worked very little we all passed. Friends always Rodney D.L., J.L., P.Y., P.S. — THANKS for everything — M.B. MICKEY — SailinSonDANCINDARKISONAHIL LBRKUPSSteadyon 18th HAPPY 10 12 luv HoCom CarNations small carsher B7 1H 4x TOESDST LOVE — John Mom and Sis — tothebestmomleverhadanda wonderfulsisdonteverforgettheb-infourthper WeekendsweremadeforBudfromyourlovinBr oRob PARTI ERSofAmRom2BYOB:JB,MC, BO, BS,N L,NJHEREICOM JJ ' 80 THUMPERREM: LkAnnaTomatoesSkatingtoLk Rdge Deshi nations Daddy I nseperablepairDontfgtm otrcycIsBestfriendsalways? (itspsbl) BambiH eyBabe Rem; MakumlafBig4MentaltwitchLea ders Iwantnowl 5VaBeach6:00ldayobrkAntE aglesRwoksGunamisya;YorBabe Salyoragreatperson superfriendGonnamiss yaKel ToSumlspeshal.Thanx4thegreatxHopeitlasts 4everLuvKelly TinaMaryBarbStaceyDonna; Gonnamisyaso muchpleasedntfgtmecomeCmo; Kelly Karen—toagreatSis wonderfu I person Live it upLoveLaurie Mickie—RememberAllofThoseTimesWeSpen tLaughinLuvWoe Piute—CantforgetUmemberlgetthelstridein u’r450slLuvLuLu Mike—ThanksForAIITheGreatTimesWeHadL oveAlwaysLaurie TTSCFC:DONTEVERFORGE TTHEPASTFEWYEARSTHEYVEBEENGREAT! LOOKOUTWORLDHEREWECOME!(ILIKEELEP HANTS)THANKSKIDS!.LOVEJEAN SNU— You’reMyBestFriendIThanxForBeing ThereAl ways.’Mem berAIIOurStupidJokes,Th eParties,TheDates,TheGoodTimes! Love You Lots! Wish YouHappiness! SHELL DAD(T.F.) — ThanxForYourFriendshipA ndAIIYourHELP ! — LATEAGAIN — What Dead line?—WhoCare s?HateTheBoss! LoveMom AMY D. — ’80Vcaptain—Thanksforallthehard work—youdidagreatjob’80Vsquad EmilyO ' C—Thanks, you madeitgreat — ' 80 Vs qaudBO TeeCoe—Theschoolyearsareoverb uttherestofourlivesareaheadofusIBeHapp y! Love FriendshipAlways—SHELL MOM—ThanxforyourkindnessandLoveyoush owed me—I’mnotlate nowhatdeadline—llov etheboss-You rlying Father lea re. Remem berth epartylalmostfound—Guessltaughtyounotto doubtmypowerlTakeCare.Love Dad Snowman—RemebertheF Fparties, Santana, Regionals,ThetriptoHonorsChoir.Volkswago nIThanxforkeepingmecompany notturning meaway! — Red Hoschier—Tha nxforcomforting meat Reg iona Is.You’vebeenagoodfriendLoveTerry HeresToOnel 2From1 20fTheCrewFindThe SummersOf78 789lnTheNextPages Li I’Dumpling member BEACH back SEATbeaF utureCOPwithmeLUVUTEECEE BOmemberCFOthyFLAGSRULE fbhcwtswLOS EmyBOREmLYLASTEECEE SueboURTheBestFriendAny 1 CouldHaveLov eSisCheleboSk RemltAIIDancesGamesMcDu ckF—BrosBT’sSCUZ—PigsMD Sally—Pizza partybets$mostofthe6strawslsh ake2peJockets2flattireswowspareKingsDT B yourLFSandUI’llremberBigBro KEVIN I Love You Always Love Veronica, Lisa Me. HELP!!! Where are you when I need You?? BOFA sr GrovJumpforaPeanutButterCookieLUV LUC KW J Oscar Mark F. 83 I will luv U always 4 ever LUV Not PP Su eRonKimLinCin Letskeepthgoodtimesrolli nLuvChele LYDIA D-D-D-Defense (Clap) Suzy Give me some Drugs! Crud Lesliestartedoutkindofslowbutlth inkwecangetitalltogetherNlalwaysremberthe bestt i mest hatwehadThe Pa rkKings Dominion downstairsandyourbackyardYoura wonderful girlandlmgladyoufinallycaughtmelllneverfor getyourloveLovealways Don DUFTHEBESTSISIFSUNCSILLMISSYOUGOTO HICKSVILLEMYBESTFRIENDLUVBRUTUSRE ESEOceanCityMaltDuckWetFloorWatch YourS tepBADCOBEEGEES“BOOBOO”MattDavid To nyJohnRandyFunFunFunZ-28CobraGOFORIT ! GOFFER LULU—STICKSHIFT 450SLSPRINGMALLFB GAMESRINGSPAINSOFT LULU — HERIFLELUNCHCRAZYNAMESCONC ERTSREBELYELL—PLUTE FRIZ — TOUCHYFEELYSWEATERSQHYSICSI CESKATINGNES—PLUTO FRIZ —PHI NEASVANSON95TIEUPSINCHEM ISTRY2YRSINMATH — PLUTE JUGGS—JMCOMPETITIONBIGFOOTCLOWN HAIRPRACTICE—BUNNZY 286 Closing JUGGS — FARRELLSFASHIONTERRIBLECOL OREDCLOTHES—BUNNZY HEY BELL—PLUTO DEBBIEEIEFP:rememberMUR,REEB beingY NROHHIuv JOEPOC To GREG ;BABE I’llalwaysluvyaGreg Diane N ov. 9,1979 Moose Mem be rSoft Li psTooth paste CurtisDua neHickieParkCycleBedroomMusicFriendBro wnie Shorty—53TPBfl2ManyMDhrduweregoodTF ABTstood u pH mm H SWpool moon sSFMffSSu llivan MH — MorestopcheadTedsparty12manyoh The past 2 years have been great. Pep Club keep Cheeri ng Debby keepchasing Jason, John Ricky. The BakeryGang lets plan Lous Next wedding. David Thisyearand 1 has been great. Starting in Nov 78 thru June 80 and on totherestof our lives. Thanksforeverything Love, Beth Space — SAITC! BP! Mr. Brown !C PR! Good Luck Allison Boss—GladwemetRememberthisyearwishyo udstayLuckAlli Barry, The la keWest Beac h Dr ivina round Super fection! Aug ' 79 theBEST! HugskissesAlliso n LUVU CatWeekendsweremadeforBudCat c onnectiondoesittoperfectionNagsHeadVaBea chBridqesIqqyDoBrosSoftballTPBatmanTake CareTam 2 HooverdontforgetSoftballSS SecondBoywha tateamrememberSJboyshalwilltakecareofSir Galvin Dawn—whatcanadFEELINGSI ' vewante d2feel,LOVEI ' vewanted2knowhaveallhappen ed2mebecuzofU.We ' vegotsomuchbehindu s butwe’vegotourwholelifeaheadofus2gether It ' abeenadreamcometru it’lla wayskeepgett ing better. Tha ns4t he memories we ' vegot t ha nxforthelifewe’vepromisediachotherasl.lLYM TYBLTTALWAYS 4EVERPitaB,Yss HooverlL OVEYOU Lj801985 — CAN ' T WAIT MikeDougGrabTushmis4ever a chicken. Di s a big boy LoveRoni BROWN EYES, ILOVEYOUANDIALWAYAWILLF OREVER:YOURKITTENTOMYKITTEN:THEFI RSTYEARHASBEENWONDERFUL " ! IHOPET HERESTARETOOPLEASEBEMINE,FOREVERA NDALWAYSBROWNEYES Chris — Thanx4beingagreatfriend,gunamisy a. GLineverything Stac BER D, Spotsy,Coors, Weekdays, HittingKids,S now,Swanson KDW MDGreatFriends,BCBur d,TP,BDOA,KDwasgreat,MDgirls,Greattimes BestFriends JW BERD,YousackaSeedWooHooHooUnluckyWe dnesdaysWreckles — BC Bang Bang Bobby, Re memberSalt, Pepper. WogsAd ventures At Lake Ridge 95 Kid! Joe Fire man, Don tGetLockedlnA nyonesBedroom LO BDOAteam: JW,DT,SC,BC,JG,DV,CS,LS,BC,6 packattack!! Carol, Re memberWALK in Windows, B lac kWed nesdays,latebreakfast,windowsseals,Jim,1 —J,BFunRFK DC NorfolkCCmeets GOODLUCKINTHEFUTUREBESTOFFRIENDS ALWAYSJACKIEMICHELLESHERRIMARYAN DA LLMY FRIENDS ING — F DM SDD — YOU ' VEGOTAFRIENDALWAYS FORE VER — LAW BHB—FRIENDSLIKEYOUAREHARDTOCOME BY THANX —IL BOP — Firehydrants don ' t move do they? BH ' s to the end — WOO TISH Love you very much ALWAYS AND FOREVER Jul-Sha - Deb—Bet — Jo Doc — Deb — Mar—Cin — Lor — Kat—Dor—She — Bud- Mic — Hein—Stro-PBR — N — PEPCLUB — Do ntforgetILUVUALL-Daut Julie—Thanx4BngAGood FriendRememberL oLylas—Weezie Steffie —URNOK KID GOODLUCK —BeGood 1 Sis—LoveLISA A—Toba byoil body pa i nt Fruit Fla vorsK — Sexle veson—T T—J M U, PC MZ, jokes Hot Dates Seagrem7Vod kaWin eDrivelns —T T—A PMallHesSONiceThanksForBeingther etobetterdays—T WenMawJacBohiPapTracC ar Mich — Fun T rouble I’m Al way sGettingSN AGGEDILetRock Goodx’sRoll—SAL81 SS—ThanksForAIIYourLuv CARINGIIIMissU ILUVU:LilSis Kari—Chile?Naa—Anita Jani—AideDrivmgTypedNotes — Nanc BradBetDebKat—BaNaNa—TNTI don’t think so right Sal—snow,Bands Myeah — Nanc Jack—SB winsPoorMa — Nan Bonn — Ha Ha Ha — UHW SGT — Have Fun — N Jes—Next Year won’t be the same; Youre not a brat! — Love NET KHIunchleftonredbrainworksRMdrooloverBD JBMooluvFish TGvegoutCFMaltDuckMrGIluveUCCchurchSL slobSBsex!luvFish MSGROI—You ' remyBestFRIENDHetskeepitt hatway—luv Kar Jay — I loveyoucauseyou’respecial — I’ll never 4-get Uorour plans — Love Always KAREN 20 — My 1 VFBPlayera thecuteSS—heyK LUTZ — ILoveYou— Karen Blondie—IWATOYAS C 81 Rusty Sam — BOLWSSAJ Rusty GofferRememberth efunOCBadCoMDSummer Double Dates Pizza HutGOFOR ITAI most BreakingintoNewHouses andmoretocomeWhatablastResee MH — You’ve made me the happiest person on earth! I LOVE YOU FOREVER Sal Kel, I’m gonna miss ya so muchKAhave Fun! Sal Big Bro — THANKS so much! KO, MB, KD, DRUM MAJOR!! Sis Pam — “always and forever” I will Cherish the time we’ve had together. Love ya Mark Don P. — hasanadorableassHLoveyaalways Rides Chevy Pinto Truck BJ — HeyB.itsbeengreat!NFATFITCJG!tfbwin ya!!LoveYa,CAT CAT GALL ’’CONNECTION’’ Does it to PERFECTION! BJ Hey Baby its been great! NF ATF, TCORJG herTC LOVEYACAT Gall — ARNH,TP,PB,SBL W,BWATTGettingD SC R!LetsgrowuptobeCowboys!lcouldn ' thav emadeitwithoutyourhalfofthecommetionITha nksforbeingaTF ConfidantIThebestisyettoco me—Va.BMThisBUDisforyou allwe’vebeent hroughILoveYa Cat HOOVE R TJ — Heyfool’sitsbeenWILDINF Closing 287 B B, SB, BWATT G D!KeepThoseN BSCLEAN!YouguysarethebestL HerestoVaB.LoveYaCAT Kelly-AuntMTPoopscot ( slave,mycar,-VWscar edpoplovin touch insqueczinllrWierdbutOKwi erdusalikeu3rfoxssorryburp2dtug!Homecom ing 1 applesorangeM MeohlesbuddyMBmu stangmaybe,UandME...Imgonnamissyou Lov e Kenny Sally—Pizzapartybets$mostofthe6strawslsh ake2peJockets2flattireswowspareKingsDT B yourLFSandUI ' llremberBigBro KEVIN I Love You Always Love Veronica, Lisa Me. HELP!!! Where are you when I need You?? BOFA sr CAS Jr. Remisthenamesofmykid.Wegonethre wsomuch2getherU’IIALWAZBsome1 special2 meDont4getourGOODnbad2getherNanaswec ant4get! MyluvisU’rz4ever.Umeantheworld2 me.AlwazU’rsweetheart Stac " STILL” You ' reminealwaysbesidesILovecrewcuts Lov e Ya So Much Jee TrudyMarshaGiniSharonTeri—Thebestfrien dsanyonecou Id haveThanksfora lithegoodtime sMayweallbewildNcrazyforever Love Linda Steph We made it! Rem. our great memories LV Vikes We are Family JDKWSEPD Vibes parties F- B Games Macs Friday Nites SGTO?? Thanx 4 every thing I’ll miss ya next year Good Luck Your " Little Sis” Mickey You Are My Best Friend WE ' ve Been Through So Much Remember The GREAT Times We’ve Had BFA Karen Tracey You ' re So Special ToMeRememberFoot ballGamesDancesMoviesTKTM StayingOver WrestlingBFA Karen Jules — you’vemademylasttwoyearsatG-Fthe bestyourfriendshiphasmeantalottomeReme mberthetpslumberpartiesNBTFLDmarchingb andKATFCBIunchwithlennieandmorningsint helibraryposingforpicturesPizzaHutandHard eesHomecomingScottandRandy GoodluckBa belLOVEYOU Dawn Lennie Rememberallourgreatslumber partiesTPandFarrelsfrenchfriesandbirthdayp artiesGoodlucktoyoubothinthefuture Jenicelveenjoyedyourcompanyinmathlmglad wemadefriendsinthJr.MissPageantGoodluckt hakecareinthefuture MickeyM., LeoM., DonP., JeffA., Ruth.,NinaA ,andthegang. ItsBeenGreat wevemadealoto fH-LButwestillmadeitthroughonemoreye ar.Hopewellstayfriends4ever Rodney Janet L Sorry,0 Love You friends always — Misty B. J,T,C,G,C,J,J,D,S, V—thanksforbeingsuchg oodfriendsthepastfouryears—Good — Luc kin everything — Kidlet JEFF HOMECOMINGFLOWERSTRUNKNOV3C HURCHSTRAWBERRYWETLIPSCLOVERDAL EICANTGETENOUGHGAMESPARTIESEATSS PMALLHOUSESSONGSLETTER " 81 " THISISJ USTTHEBEGINNINGILOVEYOU! Breez 2mysisDont4getourwildtimes(TedPWP arkVodak)especiallylndianettesTheywereGre at lllnever4getourtalksThankx4beingtherel mgonnamissyalotsPleasekeepinTouch LuvSIi ckCool aspecialfriend acrazyatthatltsbeena wildyear wevehadsomegreattimesGonnamis syalotsLuv Slick BillldontknowhowIcanputalltheHappinessyo uhavegivenmeintowordsEversincelmetyoum ylifeisfullofsmiles LoveYouvemademydream scometrueandyouvealwaysbeenthereformeM emoriesofthispastyearwillneverbeforgottena ndneitherwillYou!wevehadmanywonderf ulti mesandlknowtherewillbemanymoreYouareve ryspecialtomeandlmhereforyouwhereyounee dmeLetsspendtherestofourlifeTogetherMyLo veforyou is Forever Remember Reunited Bab e ILoveYou, Becky Highs Silver Duck Mickey Even though high school has been nothing but just a hello in the hallway, I ' m glad we still stayed friends Hope maybe I’ll see you next year friends Rodney BYGF THANKS4THEMEMORIES:VM,LH,CPB N,TE,DG,BH,JLJ,80 Chuck Almost 2 years now! Its been great I’ll always need you and I ' ll never stop loving you. Holly Annie Sue F23M J2,AII our dreams, RW DJ (Luck Us) Beach, Apt8, All our memories Best Pals Love Ya Becky Lou Steve B. Iknowwewillprobablyneveragainbem orethanfriends,butlwillalwaysthinkofyouasso meoneveryspeciaLLoveLisaL. DrewPY — DblsIcT re RsBaro$LhcCkjRoDgR EDFAC4runsHagRDHoLOM LJ Kevin — All I ask is that you " Make It Last” Karen Hey Pooch Bow Wow! Eat a WB Jacket: Jr. Miss 4ever! Sal Dene — Take Carelils’sis — ILY SueSue Jackie Andrea Sissy—M Amer.Stud was a real trip Glad I got to know ya’II this year See ya Rodney Randy — I Adore You — Love Always, Becky Cindy — So much to remember — never 2 forget Love B Mark ... I Love You, etc . . . Toni MW to my bestest friend never forget all the crazy great times. Luv LF In’ettes—thebad theGreaftimeshaveallbeen worthit. Thanx, Youarea ways 1 2me Imgon namissya ' IllotsHLuv ya ' 80 Capt. Hey KID—Wevebeenthru ofs Rememberallof ourtalks dreamsaboutSC BCTheyWILLcom etrueltsgonnabehard2leavebutwevegotmem or esofthepast dreamsoftheFuture2share.AI lourcrying,laughing,talking sharing—itsall beenworthit.ThanksBeckJcouldn ' thavemade itw oulllmissya!GlldLuckALWAYS Luv LJ ' 8 0 PS. VODAK,lnetts,T.NugConRemember?lll beyourbestmaidifyoullbemine. Lisa Me. Wheresmybestpalwhenlneedher?BO FA sr Karen — Never forget the piss in the ear! Rodney Wari—C ry bcomSt ranged 85 wine birthca kPigoutDanspedtrukl • E-G — Smyluv—Strec h Mist—gymcampLaFBdchyBasbal$trebchkng Dom ESPFunluv—Janet SalyWahy—LakBerkngDomkenFlatirePigout gy2aprestmisenyaluv—Janet Chris—N01 reallyknowshowmuchILuvYa the sepastcoupleof month shavemademeloveyoue venmore LuvYaLots RonnieRRKWCCCDT TR DCUDBK— Never4getthewildcrazytimes2ge therKDPHUTOCITYpinkMilkShakeVABeachG REASYHEADEDLOBSTERMCDSDQWildPartie sBEERTPingFBGamesConfettiSTYXBAHAID ONTTHINKSO BubbaRetardoGoodtimesBadt imesThey Rallapartofuslllnever4getthemora nyofUThanx4alwaysbeingthereLoveYaChris Ronnie—Allthewordsintheworldcantdescribe howmuchlLoveUThanx4makingthepastcoupl eofmonthsthebest4meThanx4Smerf2! Lov e Ya Always Chris CBRRTRCDDCCCUP thisyearhasbeenmygre atestandmostcraziestofallanduallhavebeena partofitPleasedont4getallthegreatx’sweveha d—VaBeachKDSFMSTYXPFB BW CP LOT SMOREIIuvyouallalotandlllnever4getU Frien ds4ever Kaye 80 JoeyJohnnyDaisyLFT roopKIBIGLQuitStoppit AlwaysRowdyLove ya Joey Uncle Nerdyisaboozerhadlotsofuncrazytimes yaaregreat Glays ArtWa tty Juicy Feet Mot herGy rot hetwinsareco mingHELP! Joey 88 Closing Bethie — WELL IMADE IT THROUGH THIS YEAR WITHOUT VALLEY VIKES OR VEGAS I NEVER COULD HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU THOUGH, THANKS FOR BEING THE BEST FRIEND EVER!!! LUV YA SIS STEVE — ' ALWAYS AND FOREVER " I ' m Yours M’s Apart F.Fries May 14Jan 24 I Love You — Babes PTKHBNUDMIKESCARDOVESSTORYBOOK L ANDHAYFIELD 3AMSNEEKOUTSJAMESPAR TYMALLSUPRISECHATPOTATOCHIPSCOKE ATCHUPANDMDALWAYS WolfyDraggyCubby—NoMatterWhatHappen sIStillLoveYouAll Holly SemorKKIWell miss ya next year! Love Ya Holly Chuck " WE ARE FAMILY " . . . Forever JIMMYILOVEYOU WANTUSTOSTAYTOGETH ER4EVERLUVYARHONDA Holly and Sue — Remember Lunches, losers, lovelifes, graduation countdown, Virginia Beach!? Carolyn T he Way WeWe re... Vibes La keMeadMGM Pickle TinkBananaSPartiesSeanYSP95EQMtSkiDitc hVHSCHSLBGFTogasStrawHat Football Cham psTGIFFamilySun burnSisters M609— MayYouHaveAllTheWithdrawalForm s You Want—Barn Bomber KLM — Even If URNotSrsAndDontGiveMeCoco nutLSUHelpedMeSurviveThatExcitingClassJ T rudy— Remember AlwaysShareSeatsEqually OnTheBus—Steph P I Wuv U 621 79 O R E V F RMITB CP-11979 THANKS FOR KEEPING ME WARM!!! TB T mbfKimAlways,Right?UVA,Va-bherewecom e!HotD L, Jacob JG SC JA JW DG LM Will We ever 4 get all our wonderful times I love you all BW Tinny C HopelhelpedmakeyouryearsatG — Fe xc i ting Yea Remem be rt hat someone wantstosa yhello Jill, I really do love you. You ' re the best. K.C. RF — Remember JA Bud. HC was great. Good-Luck with your Draws!! Sorry if I’ve hurt you. I love you (“still”) DS Mark — You ' re 1 in my heart! “All of my Love”to you!Sharon(Babe) Greg Hey B Ball Star — YourmyEVERYTHING! IluvUsomuch— Lisa Cindy— Itsbeen2yrs youremyb fltsbeengre at lluvU — LisaJones — thanksfor all your help thru some rough times. I’ll never forget you. Love always — Mom’s INTWYY Rich — Pickups and Garbage cans are Forever! B Steve — Bring the plastic wrap — Rich gets the oil and I’ll get the whip antenna To All The Football Coaches have a Bud on me — B Cat — where ' s it at Cat! B Cissy P. Beauty and the Beast — I Love You! BJ It’s not the severity of the punishment that acts as a determent It ' s the inevitability. I should Know! BJ Tom—youmademysryearsospecialw oyoulw ouldntbeasgappyasiamnowrememberthebes ttimeswesharedtogetherandtheyearswestillh ave—I LOVE YOU — MK DSK — bowling, BW, hot calls, and the longest and best 4th of July ever! I ' ll miss you so much I love you KAK Jacob—YKHCIA, YAT BFIEH, UVAWNKWHIO SU!VBHWC!TFYPAUWMFAWD. GIF:IDYLBFF OK?L,MIK R. Rowdy — My Best friend, “mikes " house, the dance, singingX-mascarols,partyonthe23 rd,Floosie-Wiecie Fill — Bigger, younger brother. I ' ll miss ya! make me proud! West Point — luv DEECE Ms. R. “I need my air!” . . . and you always had it, thanks K.K.I. — Its been real; Cuni Bird Slocum, Turner, Patton, Noble, Heiser, Shelor You guys make it hard to leave but; think of the times when we ' ll return. F.A.D. — No room to write all, but quickly, Elmo is yours come this spring PLEZE treat him as wonderfully as you’ve treated me, you know I ' ll be back for both of you. Don’t forget our date: Aug 18, 1984 dont worry I’ll be around to remind you. “Dim all the lights baby cuz I love You, Janet EWING OIL RULES! I love Cliff, from SueEllen Ten — yes — bestest friend — youre special — Fr Duck (PE9) — thanks — A — jersey — luv ’em! — Secrets — “D” — R — Bet — watch yourself — I have more on you — Crush on K or J Nicky — thanks for being there — youre special — Luv Steph John — Kenny — Did ya know that Steph Teri have a CRUSH on you? Luv, S T HEYIRISHANDNEVFANOLLAHOMAWILLALW AYSBE 1FROMSOONER DUCK KIM S. nohairWench!ThinkyoucuteDarnella Missyou’ll!Harry,Bert,Von,Lisa,Bren,DC,Kev ,DarnellaLil ' BratNotbadReumonhuh?5yrlon gt i me!! Sag — —copspotlight.Ohno!C’ght. “At-noon Delite " LoveyaDUCK Hey Janetta, I told you I would make it out! AP BREZE SLIC —WTCAN lsayitsbeencrzy fnl llmisslndenettesletsstaytogether 308872 FO REVER—COOL LCJ — Always and Forever is our love 1985, cant Wait Laura J You turn me on to no end. ILY! FLG! Steve C. Richard — I ' ll always love you! — Teri Kieth — Love Ya Babe! Teri Linda —you reoneofmyc loses tfriens,Hopewe canalwaysbegoodfriensnomatterwhat happen si have to be me and you have to be you that the only way we can be us Love Teri Sean — Thanx for being such a good frien, hope we wont forget each other as time goes on Love Ya Forever — Teri Steph Hope we’ I lalwaysstaybestof friends, Ido n ' tthinkNleverforget3 8 79Youvebeenagre atfriend,Donteverforget“A " Jersey!Remem ber Springfield, Pizza Hut Hallowwen, lake, We ' vehadgreatfun Love Ya Always Teri " yes” GEM— Bridhemoviesftblgmslastdayofschltr ack MD20 20HBO! IWUVYOUIL.L. Donna SCUZ— We hateUsomuchLOVE the p oodle gangCheleYouremybestfriendeverHop euwillnever4geteverythingwevebeenthrewM ayallyourdreamscometruLuvSeiey Chele Rond K i mCindy Lin da You rthebestfr lend severLuvSue CheleHow DRY rU?HopeallRyearsRasgreatas thepast2 LuvSue MikeH.—TJ’sget’emLoveThem Bunsknowwhowrotethis?Anon(TKMH)Hosh —smiledummy there ' ss nowon thegrounddur nmyhart GIB Closing 289 JG — HeartacheTonightFRU ST RATION 1030 79 Istdate LTSLUV4ever KH PA—JSFANTASY 7by3TakePlates(21 most)6 thperiodDon ' tsimKH TM — FASTLANEMMSSTJGETWDSOMEDAYgi rltalkDon’tStopTilUGetEnoughLuv KH CollenYoumeanyoudontlikemyperfume?Late againLuvLea JHgettinstuckmmud,CGEmbrWaterbedShhh Party Lea Kim you mean more to me than I can say — Brian Neil Geddy never forger DISCO STINKS — Alex Sheri R. I Strike Again — BC " I couldvebeenlaidyea right " Beth S. Forget I ever lived SS dont forget those wold Dairy Queen nits Dara you know who I am Brian C. To my Special Friends, Thanks for the good times! Lov, Dorlisa Crud, you — leaving BUMMER I’ll miss you LOTS Lovya Thump Crudremember okay “just friends’’ — SHUCKS! lovya Thump Kurt — you your bike! I loved your jersey! Love — Denise RONICINDYREALKINITESMORMETOETUSHI TCHIKE 1269 GL KIMCINDYDONT4GETUSHITCHIKINGALLOU RLUVSALK 169 RomKRIS THANXALOTWDSPLATESHELP!TJ! M M!GETITSORRYTEARSDUNKIT4MEIDOL UVU TRISH MR MONSTER—(3-23-78)CMWWASNT BADA SUTHOUGHTSWEETLOVEYOURCOMMODER SHUGGERSCAR5455 1CRAZYMUGTHNX4 SMI LESBFRIENDS " STILL”LUVU—TRISH R.O. Iloveyou —FOREVER! DS J CTAcc ident, Fig htingw AM, Jea lousy DrunkA Iways ForeverLove Ya LVH JR.CIVITAN weregoingtoraie H-inOcean Citythisyear! MendyYouretheBestSISAPERSONCANHAV E STACYCRAZYDEE82 Mendy,Wanda We’IIMAKE INDIANETTES Nex tyearGoodLuck DEE J oey Sa ndy Di scoDi rty Pin Head IQues Juicy Feet Tea r Wa I ly?Gonna Miss You. Rhonda 80SherkR ANFASTASUGhTninALLEYYOODBURSTTING NITE TwinSrand,YBilly?RHONDA 80 MrO membergoodtimes3rdperiod whatwillU dowithoutUS— JG,MB Peach — MemberTpin gslumberparties,FarrelsFirecrackersecretsbr eyas is—Strawberry Bunzy—practicecompet i t ion FBgamesmatted ha irFar rets Friends—Ju ggs Daughter—goodkidlloveyouTpingbumpgoes thecar—mom Blue—greattimesjuniorsenioryear2getherTy pingslumberparties More loveya—Straw Jeff,RememberwhenyourFolkswenttoNC Pop MuzicJLuvYa Deb DilwontForgetthetimesweshared yourhelpT hanks BFA Deb SSRememberallthe FUN! SFM TP MH Moons 53 FF TMalanka MoFLetsMakeAlIRDreamsComeTrueRemMeA IwaysLuvMSF SKDyouFedlikeFrenchFryDontBSuchABC4f s K t MD BB-n-TT Ya’II have a wonderful high school life ahead and stay together always, I’m gonna miss you both, love the Pro Jeffro M i che lie. Good I uc with Mike, And in High School . IstillLuvya, ThePro Goodbye Choir — FRO Ms. B — Thanx Jeffro Head were still brs — JV PAUL H. Dont Bother DEENYthanxforthebesttimesofmylifelLotsmo retocomeforever!LUVUalwaysandforever’cuz youremywishcometrue. RichardsaysHi ’me m be rslave4-2days if nowedding by June SALM ON Leo M mmm-mmm ya look sooo good! 2 + 2 = 4 always God Bless Cheryl, you veshowedust he Best high ini if eand mademyseniorunforgettableweloveyouandw ealwayswilldontforgetrednippleSaturday love always Jimmy R. Ott — HavefunnextyearWillmissyaGoodluck —w MC LUV U Boss SLDENT KECU DC JMURLLDL The best friends in the workd — Beth Bunny J Thanks for making me so happy, I hope we make our goal Bunny D KD JRto2GREATfriendsneverforgetln-nette sBH Alltheothers—LuvMW LF LF—Neverforgetallthgdtimesln-ettes GDB H espeingBF—MW SCD—IKNOWALOTWASWRONGFORUSBUTI STILLCAREABOUTYOU—GMUHEB MITCH—AFTER 10YEARSYOUSTILLPUTUP WITHMEFRIENDSFOREVER—GMUHEB retturts-lt’sbeengreatlthanks AlotILove You, LelCS KS THE BANANA CLUB LIVES DEB PEG DebMistPatPeg — BahaMSPatPizaMalAnmIPi goutDebsPartysThanx4BmyFrienzLuvya—Ja netThe trips to McDonalds Kelly—Don’tEver4getTheGreatxsWelhadTha nx4BeingThereWhenlNeedU. Iwouldntmisse dlt4TheWorldGonnaMissULots—Cathy Gregg Ya made Am. Studies worth going to! Thanks for the GREAT TIMES! Take Care and Good Luck in IL Love, Jo Ann Beth —12 16PARADEPIZZA—N —PARADIS E—GWTW—Shoppin—SEALINRINGS—PR OM ' 79—WATERSKIING — SunBurnmovies — ParkPicnics—OURPARTIES—BANDR—S — B —N —ME —IF—WORKINBONBONS—F LT663 toSt.Toml wk. — U — N — ME6 1 3Mar B —ManiaP—FRAMPTOMMYDREAM—OUR LIFE2GETHER4EVER —I LUV U, DAVID Chris ' ‘CHIC " " Babe " —bestestmechanic " Ch evy " Re member; Drag racesFi reworks PWPark SwimmingMoviesG-FParkinglotRoadbehindA rcoDark courtRunningoutofgasDeadbatterie sEAGLESIgottasecreatTickling " Butmostofall remember MEca use I ’llalwaysrememberyou " Loveyalots-n-lots Tina LEAD’RDONTEV’R4GETTHESEXSMAK’NIT,G G.’SDONTVABEACH2NDDANCETHATSATNI TE,GUY,ISTDAYOFBREAKDOITORDY,SUMNI TEPEGPARTYBENTHREWALOT2GETHER.IM GONAMISYASOSOMUCHLEAD’R 290 Closing Ml KEY MLP?1 981 RIGHT?ILOVEYOUMOREA NDDONTARGUECUZIHAVEABLACKBELTINK ARATE HIYALANYWAYYOUVEMADEMYLIFEV ERYSPECIALTHANKSLOVEJEAN Liz,WearetheGopherGirls weliveintheTownh eartheMaltedSeaw yourBT myJB ourverys pecialmemories2-4coke Doublemintalways LovePinkElephants youCarol Shell(MOM)—HomecomingFarrellsBdaysDo ubleDatesDoPaperSecretsDreamsTHANKSB ESTFRIENDLuv,SNU Gerl — TalksNotesGamesTheBookFriendship. LuvyaSuzi BVNY CAIK! Ria — Float Roast Ugly Notes 7 -11 gasCheering ...MEMORIES! luv Ya,SuziDeb—letseatsome ravioli. Lockmeinacagesometi me. Cantwaittil I thissummer,VaBeach.(wasablast!thanxforev erything,Hopewehavemanymoregreattimes ! Dondi Ter—NashdiedlLetsbeblindsometime.Nags Headwasarealblast!(D G)wevereallyhadsom egreattimesandlllreallymissya. Jill Gang — RememberJr.float Wrappingpa per.Thedances PizzaHut ( Theparty’s playin gshotsinJiM ' sbasement.Thanxforlettingmebe apartofit—Terry CTRDJJJJGC — to us “the lunchroom groupies,” were as good as they come! Remember, we FOUND IT together! Thanx for it all! " cheers " and Luck — Suzi Myrtle — if you werent so KINKY maybe we could " shoot” it up together — Free -n- Easy RGJJJJSCD—Memberallthegoodtimesschoo UunchesandT-PjobskeepintouchLuvTam SCS — Thanx4 understanding All my luv and luck Tam Tom — I guess Niel Young isnt that bad Take care of her shes priceless Luv Tam RUSTY BLONDIEH H Y D B W T B O Y N Y SAM 81 Hi Love Moochies triangle herbie Oct. 12 H. monster Nov. 31 John Thanx forallth ela ugh sand memories—I loveyou Always Mich el le Karen Thanxforalwaysbeingtherelyouretheb est Forever Mickey Stars of the year John, Jim, Mickey Good Luck with it in the future TMBBMF DebbieDawnChrisJackieAndrea — remember ourfuntimestogetheritsmademyjunioryearth ebestOREO WIZARDOF OZ SHOOTINGCAR S MAKING FACES iloveyoulikesisters! mrand inyourespecialtoolletsmakeitbetternextyear.. " Teeth " Sissy Wen — memberallthegoodtimeswevehad.You rethebestestfriend.Thanks!Loveya,Li-Li R.Sr.-thispastyearhasbeengreatIThanksforal Ithegoodtimes.Memberthe wa kinthewoods;t hepark;eatanyspaghettilately?Thinkchocolat e,ourcheapshots!ILY!R.Jr! Cadis— Thanx4memories yourkindpatienc e help—Giggles Krista — Member all we did GoodLuck forget me not LA — Giggles Thisyearwasgreatthanks2Cheryl others.lLUV UJOE,DIANA Debbiethanksforbeingafriendtheyearhasbee ngreat afriend,Melanie ColleenRememberAIITheGreatTimesWeHadT hroughTheYearsLoveSandy DOCFPJHJW RememberWed.NightsPPGrave yards Nov. 10N.C.Deb Sandy—HellTherelsJustSoMuchToSaylllNev erForgetANYOFIt!Tanks FORINTHERELOV E " 0 " Bill, Bob, Larry, John It ' s been great! We enjoyed nerdsville U.S.A. in history, CSHDPC Don — The tears we ' ve shed, the laughter we ' ve shared, the love you ' ve shown me. How can I ever show you how much you mean to me? I need your love — I’ll be here for you Always — My love, Les DTO.AIImyLIFEITILoveYouMore—WB JA,TL,CP,LW,LH,LW,AS,LW,KS,LN,CO—I LO VE YA ' LL BABYFAILOR, LOVEIT! YOU DOAN DIDO. NOT HINGCANSTOPIFITSDIFFERENT.REMEMBE RALWAYS FOREVERPAM KEN 16IWANTY0UT0KN0WTHATIW0NTGI VEYOUUPTOPAULAILUVU Alan — I could tell you how much I cared, but I don ' t think I need to ruin it by trying to write it. Love, Jean Bubba — Indianettes 1 — BANANABREAD! Love, Jean Chris K. You ' ll always be someone very special to me! Love Ya Always Cindy M-n-M, Yowza, Max you guys are the greatest Luv Gonzo Becky—You ' vebeenagreatfriendl ' mgonnami ssya.Thanxfor corruptingmeLuvCindy To Warren J. 23 (class of 78) — Though you graduated two years ago, you have never graduated from my heart. You were no longer at GF but you were still as much a part of my high school life as you were when you were here. I’ll never forget all our great, BEAUTIFUL and memorable times of 1977-80. Now it’s time for me to choose and I think its been a little obvious what I ' ve chosen! Lets keep building castles in the sand . . . MAY GOD KEEP US TOGETHER!! Love, Becky " A. " To Laura (Lil Sis) — It is time for me to go away to Troy State and leave you here by yourself. Now its all up to you, you c an have it all if you really want — Its your choice. Give it all you’ve got and remember — DON ' T EVER GIVE UP! Always be in the know. Hope you make Indianettes cause we need another " Arnold” to carry on the great tradition! Good Luck at GF your remaining three years. So go get em BLONDIE!! Love, Becky, (Big Sis) P.S. Watch out for guys with one track minds and envious, snobbish girls! (Cause I had my share of each). To the Indian Echoes Staff of ' 80: Thanks to all of you for cooperating with me while using your individual talents to make this yearbook the best one yet. Good Luck to each of you next year; and for all those who will be returning to the staff again — KEEP UP THE GREAT YEARBOOK TREND! Luv, Becky " A.” (Your Editor) P.S. Thanks to Mr. Sawyer for all his help and dedication to the Indian Echoes Staff for 4 years! Beth UR 10fMyBestFriendsThanx4Alwa Janrememberhappinessnlvw jannatf riendsi wishucouldbethere!Luvmom. FighterJockUrTheBestF-1 5DriverAnywhere,L uvEaglell. Shell — Always Remember " Blind Dates " and Our “Fave” People in YB. Thanks for being such a sweet friend Luv ya, " Your Twin. " Bubbles—takegoodcareofRalphokay?butple asedon’tlethimgrowuplikehisparentscuzthew orldcouldn ' thackit!love,sisj. Jules " Gotoh — ! " Ya-ho7-1 1 Perfume New Yea r’sBugPizzaHutLaurenSAT 149ScottSenior sHooverGames Mac’s Dances... You ' resuchas weetie,friendsforever!Luvya,YourseniorPalln TheGang. DawnWrestlingmatchesandwrestlingsNewYe ar’stakingpicsFridaysjobhuntingperfumewor kingatMac’sdancinglandthoseotheroneinami llionmomentsluv,jw. Linnie Remember...Lunchtimemeetingthefir sttimebutyoudon’trememberexchangingsho esbraddgfanclubboo-fooetc.luv,auntiej. Closing 291 INDEX A Abler, Tina 228 Abrell, Jeff 228 Achenbach, Chrisfi 228 Achenbach, Lisa 245 Ackerman, Carl 245 Adams, Douglas 228 Adams, Jack Adams, Michael 88, 228 Adams, Quinard 228 Adams, Rodney Addison, Scoff Addison, Vicki 264 Ahern, David 228 Ahern, Douglas 146, 147, 150, 228 Ahern, Kenneth 15, 170 Aitken, Paul Akers, Jacquelin 245 Aldrich, Andrew 228 Aldrich, Christopher Aldrich, James Aldrich, Kellie 131,264 Alexander, Anne 228 Alexander, Sandy 245 Alford, John 264 Allega, Philip 139, 144, 151,228 Allen, Anita Allen, Kari 151, 170, 228 Allen, Theresa 245 Alsrith, Chris 245 Alston, Todd Aitken, Jay 245 Alvey, Jeff 25, 140, 152, 228 Anders, D. 148 Anderson, Barry Anderson, Erik 264 Anderson, Kimberly 245 Anderson, Kimberly 264 Anderson, Michael 68, 228 Anderson, Patricia 228 Anderson, Renee 148, 245 Anderson, Scott 228 Anderson, Tina 245 Anderson, Vincent 228 Andrejko, Christina 245 Andrejko, Joseph Anger, Douglas 264 Ann, L. 150 Anness, Patricia Apperson, Carlton Appleby, Anthony Arbisi, Timothy 64, 88, 245 Arcaro, Margaret 140, 260 Arcaro, Robert 245 Archer, Philip Archie, Adele Arcum, Janet 27, 136, 139, 140, 170 Arcuni, Jean 136, 170 Arendell, Gisela Arhart, Phillip Armstrong, Byron 264 Armstrong, Rick 245 Armstrong, Willi Arnado, John Arnette, Robyn Arnold, Christopher 129, 245, 264 Arnold, Laura 264, 136 Arnold, Lorie 170 Arnold, Margaret Arnold, Rebecca 21, 136, 154, 170 Arnoldi, Christine Arremony, Donna Arrington, Bonm Arrington, Conni 245 Arrington, Michael 264 Arthur, Kelly 245 Artis, Patricia 228 Artz, John 80, 245 Aruta, Catherina 171,264 Arvai, Jeff 139, 151,228 Arvai, Kelly 264 Asbell, John 62, 171 Ashline, Kathryn 245 Ashline, Margaret 171 Ashton, William Asprey, Debra 228 Asselin, Mark 82, 171 Astrin, Scoff 82, 228 Atkins, Gregory 171 Atkins, Joseph 228 Atkinson, James 264 Atseff, Virginia 142, 245 Attreed, Elizabeth 65, 139, 171 Aub, Julie 264 Aubuchon, Nichole 129, 228 August, Annette 228 Ausley, Mark 145 Austin, Todd 72 Austin, Nina 140, 153, 228 Avery, Natalie 245, 264 Ayala, Ina 264 Ayala, Margarita 131, 245 Azzouz, Khader 264 Azzouz, Sarah 148 B Baber, Julie 264 Babick, Robert 130 Bachert, Manfred 147 Bagato, Jefferey 245 Bahorich, Mary 245 Bahr, Dechaniel 264 Bailey, Brigitte 1 53 Bailey, Margaret 1 71 Bailey, Regina 1 71 Baillargeon, Kenne 264 Baillargeon, Lori 147 Baith, Kimberly 245 Baker, Everett 153 Baker, Janilyn 245 Baker, Michael Baker, Sue 228 Baker, Tanya 70, 228 Baker, Valerie 264 Bakery, Bridget 245 Baldwin, Benjamin 245 Baldwin, Tyrone 264 Baldwin, Valerie 245 Ballance, Martin 228 Ballard, Dawn Ballard, Lisa 139, 228 Ballard, Taras Baltrip, Sylvia 264 Banks, Angela 171 Banks, Brian 72, 88, 245 Banks, Brigette Bankson, Jefferey 228 Barber, Anne 140, 264 Barber, Julia Barber, Mark Barbour, Robin 228 Bardon, Robert 245 Barnes, Barbara Barnes, William 264 Barnett, Carl 228 Barnett, Kathy 171 Barnett, Louis 245 Barney, Rodger Barnhart, Barbara Barnhart, James 245 Barnhill, Laura 245 Barr, Arnold 22, 228 Barrett, Marshall 264 Barrett, Misti 131, 245 Barrett, Spencer 129, 130, 228 Barrett, Timothy 171 Barrino, Lisa 245 Barry, Darrella 4 Barry, Thomas Bartee, Jerry 245 Bartels, Susan 264 Bartels, Susan Barth, Sandra 245 Bartlett, Johnna 228 Barton, Philip Bartosavage, Blais Basham, William 245 Bassett, Michael 228 Batdorf, Lauren 228 Batdorf, Leslie Bates, Kim 70 Bates, Lolita Bates, Stephen 14 Bates, Tonya 228 Batres, Michael Batt, Peter 145, 171 Battaglia, Mark 228, 264 Battista, Maria 140, 151, 228 Battistone, Mari Baugh, Brett 90, 228 Baugh, Katrina 140, 151, 228 Baugh, Traci 172 Baxter, Steven 228 Baxter, Stuart 228 Baxter, Valerie 245 Bazyk, John 245 Beach, Michael 68, 245 Beadle, Annette 94, 228 Beahm, Sandra 245 Beams, Thomas 264 Beard, John 129, 130, 172 Beardsley, Alan Beardsley, Peter 264 Beasley, James 228 Beaty, Melissa 264 Beaty, Sheila 131,264 Beaumont, Leslie 172 Beaver, David 228 Beaver, Randolph 264 Becker, Mary Beckett, James 146 Beckler, Timothy 228 Beckner, Bradley 245 Beckwith, Chris Bedard, Raymond 88, 245 Bedell, Christine 172 Bedsole, Chuck Beer, Bill Beggs, Robert 245 Begley, William 68, 228 Beglin, John 245 Behart, Leigh Beightol, Lisa 94, 139, 246 Beisley, Lorraine 264 Belk, Terry 172 Bell, Christopher Bell, Christopher Bell, Jacqueline 74, 228 Bell, Karen 228 Bell, Monique 136, 140, 152, 172 Bellinger, David 17, 245 Benedict, Mary 264 Benham, Beth 65, 93, 152, 228 Benham, Catherine 3, 172 Benham, Margaret 74, 98, 99 Benham, Peggy 245 Benjamin, Ronald Bennett, Arthur Bennett, Chuck 172 Bennett, David 129, 229 Bennett, Glendora Bennett, Kim 245 Bennett, William 229 Benson, Colin 264 Bent, Amiel 172 Bent, Sarina 151,228 Benton, Diana 136, 228 Benton, Raymond 1 72 Beranek, Kara Berdaus, Elaine 136, 140, 229 Berdaus, Lois 21, 140, 172 Berfield, Rex 88 Berg, Rhonda Bergeson, Karen 229 Bergesen, Sharon 229 Bergsma, Randall 140, 172 Bergsma, Timothy 245 Bernard, John Bernhardt, Barbara 229 Bernhardt, Kyle 245 Bernhardt, Lisa 264 Bernosky, Randin 145 Bernosky, Robin 264 Berry, Darnella 22, 173 Besser, Teresa 173 Best, Rachel Betts, Willie Betz, Natalie 136, 173 Beuley, Kenneth 229 Bezanson, Angela 229 Bezanson, Timothy 140, 143, 150, 173 Biddle, Rex 1 73 Bidwell, William Bieman, Steven 229 Bilbrey, Donald 245 Bills, Mark 264 Bird, Laura 151 Birk, David 229 Bischof, Beverly 246 Bischof, Brett 8 Bischof, Troy Bisgrove, Julie 139, 173, 229 Bishop, Lisa 246 Bishop, Veronique 173, 260 Bittner, Julie 21, 140, 152, 173 Bivings, Cynthia Bjorklund, Keith 78, 246 Black, Kim 229 Blackburn, William Blackwell, Ann 246 Blackwell, Lawrence Blackwell, Loretta Blair, Stephanie Blais, Colette 264 Blakeney, James 173 Blakley, Donna 229 Blanchard, Christopher 144, 173 Blanchard, Kevin 144, 229 Blanchard, Ted 264 Bland, Ellen 246 Blank, Bill Blank, Russell Blankenship, Regin 246 Blatt, Donald 173 Bliss, John Blot, Michael Blot, Thomas 246 Bloxton, Cynthia 173 Bloxton, Joe 246 Bloxton, Trina 139 Bodolay, John 229 Bogges, Curtiss 72, 229 Bohannan, Cara 264 Bohart, L. 139, 229 Bohi, Robert 62, 174 292 CLOSING Bohi, Kathy 229 Bohr, Lee 264 Boik, Douglas 88 Boland, Lisa 264 Boland, Robert 229 Boling, Craig 150, 174 Boling, Karen 264 Bolk, Doug 246 Bolk, Robert 229 Bolton, Teresa Bonney, Karen 229 Boodee, Bart Boodee, Mark 129, 130, 229, 264 Booker, Frederick 246 Boone, Jay Boone, Vickie 229 Booth, Cecil Booth, Christopher Boothe, Charlotte 264 Boozton, Trina 229 Borough, Alan 264 Bortz, Deborah 174 Bosch, Virginia Boulton, Brian 229 Bourke, Lisa 131 Boutwell, Rebecca 136, 140, 229 Bowen, Gregory 264 Bowen, Kenneth Bowen, Roger 264 Bowens, Darryl Bowie, Kelly 264 Bowie, Steve Bowler, Randal Bowles, Katrina 264 Bowles, Michael Bowles, Ronnie Bowles, Terrence Bowman, Cynthia 229 Bowser, Laurie Boyd, D. 153 Boyd, James Boyd, John 140, 143, 144, 150, 151,229 Boyd, Robin 229 Boyer, Jeffrey 229 Boyle, Joseph 174 Bradford, Gerard 246 Bradley, Angela 246 Bradshaw, Dale 174 Bradshaw,John 229 Brandt, Kirk 131, 143, 246 Brann, Edward Brasch, Jordan 174 Bratcher, Laura 129, 246 Bratton, Brenda 174 Braun, Sara 93, 264 Brayon, Larua 229 Breeden, Tim 229 Breeding, Jo Ann 29, 154, 174 Breeding, Robert 246 Breland, Robert Breneman, Aaron 131, 264 Brennan, Cindy 16, 246 Breuser, T. 131 Brewer, Gary Brewer, Linda 265 Bridges, Maria 265 Bridgett, Kenneth 174 Bridgett, Valerie 153, 229 Brimage, Alton 174 Britton, Calvin 29, 246 Britton, Eileen 265 Britton, Steven Brockman, Eric 265 Brooke, Bradley 165 Brooks, Christina 174 Brooks, Joseph 88, 246 Brooks, Michael 229 Brooks, Patricia 129, 265 Brooks, Tracey 229 Brosch, Tracey 152, 229 Brown, Audrick Brown, Barbara 151,265 Brown, Bonnie 265 Brown, Colette 74, 137, 139 Brown, Cynthia 1 74 Brown, Deborah 265 Brown, Debra Brown, Debra Ann Brown, Diane Brown, Diane Leah 265 Brown, Dona 175 Brown, Frank 64, 229 Brown, Gary 229 Brown, James Brown, James Rodney Brown, Jerry 8, 72 Brown, Karen Brown, Karen Mae 175 Brown, Katherine Brown, Maureen 129 Brown, Michael 88, 265 Brown, Michele Brown, Monica 265 Brown, Pamela 136, 229 Brown, Paul 265 Brown, Russell Brown, Sharon Brown, Stacie 1 75 Brown, Stephen 68, 229 Brown, Wallace 90, 265 Browne, Alice 175 Browne, Michael Browning, Cathy 175 Browning, Lisa 148, 265 Browning, Pamela 229 Brownlee, Teresa 175 Brozena, Jeanne 129, 229 Brozena, Linda 265 Bruce, Jamie Brueser, Tracy 131, 144 Bruno, Connie 175 Bryant, Anne Bryant, Christine Bryant, Claire 229 Bryant, Dawn Bryant, Ernie 229 Bryant, Jeffrey 265 Bryant, Nathan Bryant, Tammy 175 Bryant, Wendy 175 Bryant, Willie Bryski, Daniel Buchanan, Ian Bucheit, Andrew Buck, Karen 229 Buck, Stephanie 131, 151 Buckingham, Cris 175 Buckingham, George Buckmaster, Lisa 229 Bucknam, Jennifer 265 Buckon, Mark 68, 225, 229 Bugge, Stephen Buhle, Patricia 139, 147 Bull, Susan 140, 175 Bullard, Jason 229 Bullard, Rebecca 265 Bullard, Rupert Bullock, Carolyn 129 Bullock, Lorye 175 Bullock, Rosetta Bunn, Brendan 265 Bunting, Cynthia 21, 176 Bunton, Kevin 265 Bunton, Wayne Burgess, Marshall Burke, Michael Burks, Hugh Burnette, Angela 228 Burnette, Wayne 229 Burnette, Regina 176 Burns, Donna 129 Burns, Marie 131,265 Burrage, David Burrow, Michael 176 Burton, Casaundra 7, 11, 147 Burton, Katrina 265 Busdiecker, Linda 153 Busdiecker, Michael 153, 229 Bush, Lisa Bush, Michael Bush, Wallace 176 Butcher, John 265 Butcher, William 129, 130, 230 doing homework??! Buterbaugh, Louann Butler, Andrea 230 Butler, Gerald Butler, Mark 230 Butler, Susie Butler, William 265 Bryam, Barbara 265 Byrne, Deanne Byrne, Rodney 90, 265 Byrne, Wayne Byrnes, Terrie 24, 140, 151,230 C Cabell, Dora 230 Caddigan, James 140, 176 Cadwallader, Tammy Cahow, Rodney Caldwell, Christina 176 Calhoun, Jay 265 Callahan, John Camm, Chris 230 Camp, Tracy Campbell, Bruce Campbell, David Campbell, Jackie 265 Campbell, Magdalen 148, 176 Campbell, Sharon 148, 230 Campbell, Tomko 230 Campbell, Bruce Canada, Rose 65, 93, 152, 230 Canada, Sharon 65, 93, 152 Cann, Andrew 1 76 Cann, Charles Cann, Matthew Canody, Karen 94 Caprara, Anthony 265 Caprara, Thomas 1 76 Cardinal, Michael 7, 147 Cardinal, Robert 176 Carlson, Eric Carlson, Erik 265 Carlson, Walter 265 Carney, Susan 1 76 Carpenter, Larry 176 Carpenter, Lisa Carper, Kenolyn 131 Carper, Trina 265 Carr, Valerie 27, 148, 177 Carrell, Emma 19, 230 Carrico, Lorri Carrino, Anthony Carroll, Billy Carroll, James Carroll, Joe 265 Carroll, John 265 Carrubba, Ronald Carrubba, Tim 265 Carter, June Carter, Karla Carter, Linda 177 Carter, Venetta 153, 177 Carter, Venita 177 Carter, Walter 265 Carver, Mary Ann Cashwell, Jean 74, 98, 99, 139, 147, 265 Cashwell, Leslie 230 Cassidy, Cindy Castro, Robert Catalano, Laura 139, 152, 177 Cate, Mary 265 Cates, Kevin 265 Catli, Evangeline Catli, Gelinoalyn 265 Caudill, Melanie 230 Cave, Michael Cebula, Donald 230 Cecil, Beverly 230 Cecilio, Garrett 230 Cecilio, Richard Cehen, Linda 153 Cekala, Darlene 177 Cephas, John 265 Cephas, Margueri 74, 230 Cervaric.h, Andrew 72, 98, 144, 230 Chace, Cynthia Chadick, Kathleen 230 Chance, Henry 230 Chandler, Colette 230 Chandler, Isabel Chandler, Leslie Chaney, Cindy Chang, Jennifer Channel, Betty 177 Chantelau, Christopher 265 Chapman, Boyd 265 Chapman, Celia 177 Chapman, Edward 177 Chapman, Marteena 74, 177 Chapman, Theresa 142, 147 Chappell, Deborah 230 Charleston, Leslie 1 77 Chase, Walter 265 Chastine, Debra 1 77 Cheek, Debra Chendorain, John 1 78 Chesley, Annemarie 149, 265 Chester, Bryant Chestnut, Thomas Chevalier, Letticia 247 Chichka, Barbara 129, 130, 178 Childers, Richard 14, 230 Childers, Terence 230, 247 Childers, Theresa Childress, Dale 129, 131, 178, 265 Childs, Brenda 230 Childs, Linda 230 Chiles, Jamie 88, 247 Chirdon, Brian 247 Chisholm, Steven 82, 178, 230 Cho, Joann 265 Choi, Hellen 247 Chong,Jae Chopin, Cindy Chopin, Karen 1 78 Chrisholm, Heighen 247 Christian, Deborah 149 Christian, Tammy Christiansen, Anne 247 Christiansen, Eric Christie, Peggy 230 Christie, Phillip 129, 139, 144, 178 Chucala, Christina 230 Claffey, Brian 178 Clark, Cynthia 247 Clark, Gregory 82, 247 Clark, Jeanette 95, 96, 265 Clark, Phillip Clark, Sharon 139, 148, 178 Clark, Thomas Clarke, Cheryl 140, 141, 144, 230 Clarke, David 230 Clarke, Walter 88, 247 Clarke, William 140, 143, 178 Clarson, Steve 247 Claspell, Neal 230 Claspell, Sheryl 265 Clay, Natalie 140, 230 Clegg, Adam 265 Clegg, Alvin 247 Cleghon, Debra 178 Cleghon, Lisa 265 Clem, Wanda Clemons, Mark 72, 98, 99, 230 Clinton, Barbara 265 Clolonger, Kelly 265 CLOSING Clubb, John 266 Coates, Debra 95, 96, 265 Coats, Lisa 147 Coats, William Coaxum, Crystal 178 Cochran, Ricki 178 Cochran, Tammy 179 Codispoti, Steve 129, 130, 179 Coker, Amanda 247 Colbert, Jacquelin 179 Colbert, Shirley Colby, Kent 265 Colcombe, Kenneth 82, 179 Colcombe, Linda 247 Cole, Alexis Cole, Heather 1 79 Cole, James Coleman, Carl Coleman, Lori 147, 179 Coleman, Wayne 247 Collazo, Marie Colletti, Laura Colletti, Teresa 179, 230 Collier, Bruce 72, 88, 140, 179, 230 Collins, Alexis Collins, Buch 247 Collins, Francis Collins, James 247 Collins, Jon 230 Collins, Patrick 266 Collins, Steven Collins, Terry 130, 131, 266 Collins, Willie 179 Colna, Lisa 247 Colon, Sylvia 179 Combs, Michael Combs, Robbie 266 Comings, Donna Conahan, Kathi 247 Condon, Debra 179 Condon, Robert Cone, Daniel 179 Cone, Gregory Conger, David 266 Conlan, Robert Conner, Michael Connoly, Doreen 101,230 Constable, David Conway, Camille Conway, Dorothy 230 Conway, Lisa Conway, Robin Cook, Benjamin 180 Cook, Cynthia 180, 230 Cook, Cynthia Ann Cook, Edward 266 Cook, Gini 247 Cook, Melissa 266 Cook, Susan Cook, Sharon 230, 247 Cook, Terri 180 Cook, Tommy 266 Cook, Virginia Cooke, Melissa Cooley, Stephanie Cooley, Timothy 130, 230 Cooper, James 82, 180 Cooper, Joseph 266 Cooper, Michele Cooper, Sharon Cox, Mary 67, 93 Cox, Cathy 70 Crouch, Lea 74 Cope, Lisa 266 Copeland, Cheryl 180 Copenhaver, Steve 180 Copley, Leslie 131, 266 Corazzo, Christine 148, 247 Corbin, Eric 230 Corbin, Martha 230 Corbin, Sharone 230 Cornelius, Gregory Cornell, Christine 230 Cornett, Jeffery 247 Cornett, Roger Cornwell, Doris 247 Corrick, Wm. Thurston Corson, Richard 247 Cosand, Tracey 266 Cosby, Arleta 139, 247 Cosgriff, Collee 98, 180 Cosgriff, Gary Costello, Bradley 247 Costello, Jeffery 230 Costello, Shelly 180 Cotton, Charles 230 Cotton, John 266 Couch, Nicholas 230 Coughenour, Michael 266 Coulbourn, David 230 Counts, Darrell 266 Counts, Gregory Cousins, Robert 247 Coutts, Richard 266 Coutts, Richard Cox, Catherine 247 Cox, Mary Craddock, Gary 266 Craig, Laura 266 Craig, Linda 247 Cramer, Tina 247 Crane, Cathleen 247 Crane, Keith 247 Crawford, Darwin 247 Crawford, Eugene 90, 266 Crawford, Michelle 180 Crawford, Monique Crawford, Robert 180 Crawford, Scott 139, 151, 230 Creamer, Catherine 247, 266 Creamer, Cheryl Critcheley, Donald Crittendon, Grady 247 Critton, C. 147 Crocker, Andrew 230 Crocker, John 266 Crone, Dana 247 Crone, Dwight 129, 230 Cronin, John 247 Cronk, Patricia 247 Cropper, Carolyn 231 Cropper, Leslie 247 Croson, William 247 Cross, Carolyn 231 Cross, Denise Cross, Harvey Cross, Holly 180 Cross, Sellwyn Cross, Steven Cross, Susan Crotts, Kevin 247 Crouch, Lea 180 Crou se, Robin 142, 181 Crowell, Lori 247 Crowley, Cathleen 266 Crud, Linda 247 Crum, Carrie 181 Crum, Mindell 231 Cullop, Todd 266 Cunigan, Tracy Cunningham, John 181 Cure, Linda Curran, Carol 231 Curran, Catherine 247 Curran, Lisa 247 Curtis, David 129, 247 Cusati, Jerry 266 Cutchin, Virginia Cutlip, Scott 181 Czul, Elizabeth 247 D Dace, Kathleen 247 Daderio, Cheryl 231 Daigneau, Susan 129, 130, 137, 140, 181 Dail, Barbara Dalton, Gregory Daluisio, Michael Dandar, Edward 266 Dang, Be 181 Dangerfield, John 82 Darcangelo, Albert 231, 247 Darcangelo, Mary 149 Darden, Carole 231 Daura, Henry Davenport, Julia Davey, Scott 231 Davey, Steven Davidson, Lee 131, 266 Davis, Amy 95, 96, 140, 181 Davis, Burnell Davis, Carolyn 140, 151, 181 Davis, Craig 247 Davis, Edward Davis, Franklin Davis, James Davis, John Davis, Keith Davis, Kelley 181 Davis, Kelli 65, 140, 181 Davis, Kristin 7, 231 Davis, Larry 247 Davis, Michael 231 Davis, Nancy 181 Davis, Relfe 231 Davis, Ronald Dawson, David 266 Dawson, Janet 131, 144, 231 Dawson, Karen 181 Day, Edgar Day, Kimberly 248 Day, S. 148 De Cao, Jacqueline Dean, Ronquillo 248 Dean, Wanda 139, 147, 231 Debucca, Diana 248 Decao, Stephen Decastro, Virginia DeChristopher, Karen 231 DeChristopher, Robert 182 Dedano, C. 139 Defrees, Kevin Defrees, Renee 266 Deharde, Helen Delaney, Alfred 130, 231 Delap, Sherrie 231 Delaverson, Jacquline 182, 248 Delaverson, Terri 129 Dell, John 248 Dellapenna, Albert Dellapenna, Jeane Dellapenna, Judy Delozier, Nancy Delozier, Pamela 182 Delozier, Tracy Delucca, Judina Demarco, Christine 129, 231 Demeritte, Paul 182 Demsko, Robert 266 Dennison, Karen 248 Denniston, Walter 182 Denny, Kelly 139, 248 Denny, Sidney Dent, Dennis 4 Dent, Karen 231 Depoy, Detha ny 136, 140 Depoy, Beth 231 Der, Istvan 231 Desmarais, William 266 Destephanis, Mark 98, 129, 231 Destephanis, Renee 129, 266 Destephais, Stephen 146 Detap, S. 148 Devaney, Anne 140, 182 Devenney, Patrick 231 Dew, Rodney 140, 231 Diaz, Donna 248 Dick, David Dick, Edgar 182 Dickerson, Norman 98, 248 Dickerson, Valerie Dickhute, Rodney 266 Dickinson, Jeffrey 131, 182 Dicola, Sam 248 Dicola, William 182 Diekmeier, Robert 68, 142, 231 Dierker, Mark Diezel, Fredrick 248 Diffenbaugh, Dale 182 Diffenbaugh, Drew 90, 266 Dill, Brooke 248 Dill, Craig 182 Dillon, Stephanie 231 Dimascio, Christopher 266 Dimascio, Laura Dishmon, Beverly 231 Dittmer, Theresa 266 Dixon, Brian 129, 231 Dixon, Charles Dixon, Donald Dixon, Keith 182 Dixon, Kent Dobson, Jerri Dockery, Gary 231 Dodge, Richard 248 Dodson, Harland Dodson, Joanne 248 Dodson, Kid 248 Doe, Tony 248 Dollarhide, James Donahue, John 72, 142, 231 Donley, Rosanna 266 Donley, Lorie 183 Donnelly, Andrew 78, 231 Donnelly, Kelly 24, 136, 151,248 Donovan, Diane 183 Donovan, Michael Donovan, Diane Donovan, Michael 81,82 Donovan, Robert 248 Donovan, Steve 183, 225 Doohan, Amy Doolaghty, Kathy Doolaghty, Patricia 231 Doran, Jayne 266 Doran, Jonathan 150, 183 Dorzio, Frank 183 Dorman, Sherry Dorsey, Holly 24, 136, 139, 140, 151,231 Dorsey, Kevin 68, 131, 141,231 Dorton, Jeffrey 142, 248 Dorton, Janine 183 Dorton, Karen Dorwaldt, Susie 67 Doss, William 88, 248 Doucette, Jacqueline Dove, Phyllis 4, 21 Dowd, Kerry 248 Dowd, Dysvor Dowd, Kerry Dowd, Stacie 266 Downs, Michael Downs, Tony 248 Doyle, Robert 266 Dragone, David 266 Dragone, Laura Drake, Beth Draper, Carole Dreischer, Mike Driggers, Kevin 231 Drotos, Mike 248 Drummond, Joann 248 Drury, Michael 90, 266 Dube, Ronald Dubois, Annette Dubreuil, Leslie 13, 140, 183 Dubuisson, Aimee Duckworth, Stephen 17, 231 Dudley, Joel 183 Dueringer, Janet 248 Dugan, Karen 248 Dulaney, Kent 266 Duncan, Andrew 248 294 CLOSING Duncan, Beth 248 Duncan, John Duncan, Kathryn 231 Duncan, Regena 183 Dunlap, Cindy 248 Dunley, C. 131 Dunn, Dwight 11 Dunning, Anneliese Dunning, Carter 184 Duquette, Don 183 Duquette, Michael 248 Durate, Margaret 144, 248 Durham, Scott 88, 183, 248 Dutton, Joanna Dveringer, Jackie Dveringer, Janet Dwight, Dann 183 Dwyer, Diane M. 139, 149, 248 Dwyer, Elizabeth Dwyer, Teresa 231 Dycus, Crystal Dyer, Carrie Dyer, Catherine 248 Dyer, Crystal 248 Dyer, Lee 266 E Earl, Hank Early, Janie Elaine Early, Rhonda Jean 266 Earman, Margaret 140, 142, 231 Earman, Steven 231 Earp, Jeffery Paul 231 East, Tammy Eastman, Christopher 231 Eaton, Milissa 129, 131, 231 Eaton, Vanessa 131,231 Eberly, Ronald Echelbarger, Debbie 140, 151,231 Echelbarger, Mark Eckenfels, Jean Ann 140, 184 Edwards, Anthony K. Edwards, Carol Ann 4, 231 Edwards, Crystal 231 Edwards, Diane 231 Edwards, Starranne 248 Eggleston, Debbie 67, 231 Ehlers, Jane 248 Eichelberger, Noll 248 Eichorn, Thomas 131,248 Ekren, Wendy Leigh 248 Eldridge, Debra 144, 184 Ellenberger, Kristine 231 Eller, Donna Ellington, Tracy 248 Ellinwood, Jamie Elliott, Dale 248 Elliott, Ronald 184 Elliott, William 231 Ellis, Karen 184 Elmore, David 248 Elmore, Wilton 184 Embrey, Denise 266 Embrey, Laura Embrey, Mark Embrey, Michele 248 Emelio, Richard 248 Emelio, Susan 184 Emmons, Rhonda 231 Emmons, Ron 82 Emmons, Ronald 184 England, Mark England, Teddy Engle, Daniel 90, 266 English, George English, John 184 England, Ted 248 Enos, Mark 248 Enriquez, Robert 72, 231 Ensminger, Lisette 129, 231 Erickson, S ara 184 Ervin, Kenneth Ervin, Steve 266 Eskew, Carol Espinal, Vicky Estabrook, Michael 266 Estes, Michael Estse, Robin 184 Evans, Angela 184 Evans, Darren 88, 231 Evans, Elizabeth 70, 248 Evans, Karen Evatt, James 232 Evatt, Thomas 128, 185 Evevberger 248 Ewing, J. R. 248 Exline, Karen 65, 152, 185 F Fabricius, Charles Factor, Stacey 248 Failor, James 82, 185 Failor, Mark 82, 232 Fair, Janet 29, 139, 140, 185 Fair, Vickie 129 Fairweather, Sandra Falce, Theodore 232 Falter, JeASS OF ' 79, EXECUTIVE BOARD Farish, Michael 185 Farley, Sherrie Farmer, Vicky 185 Farr, Felecia 232 Farr, Jennifer Farrell, Jennifer 232 Farria, Ann 129, 130, 185 Farria, Michael Farrington, James 88 Farrow, Spence Fass, Diana 137 Fass, Thomas 76, 185 Fasmussen, David Faszcza, Katherine Faszcza, Mark Faulkner, Pamela 266 Faulkner, Randall 145 Fauth, Dawn Favreau, Brad Fawler, C. 131 Fawley, Terry 129, 130, 154, 155, 232, 260 Fayak, Michelle 267 Fegley, Cheryl 139, 232 Fegley, Stuart Fehrenbach, Lawrence 185 Felber, Michael 146, 185 Feliciano, Jorge 68 Feliciano, Luis 185 Fellers, Russell 146 Fenter, Robert Ferguson, James Ferguson, Kendall 68, 185 Fernandez, Edward 267 Ferri, Brenda Ferri, Debra 267 Fertsch, Pam Fetherolf, Teresa 129, 136, 186 Feyling, Hanssen Fick, Kathleen Ficklin, Michael 232 Fields, Deelzer 88 Fields, Edwina 139 Fields, Marguerite 186 Fields, Monique 74, 93, 232 Fields, Nicole 267 Fields, Nina Fields, Robert Fifield, Lydia 186 Figueroa, Henry Figuerod, Jasmine Finegan, Michael 232 Finlayson, Richard 267 Fish, Jefferey 267 Fish, Therese Fisher, Clifton 186 Fisher, Laura 139, 151, 153, 152, 232 Fisher, Patrick Fisher, Ronald 64, 232 Fisher, Timothy 232 Fitchett, Troy 232 Fitzgerald, William 249 Flaherty, Michael 98, 267 Flaherty, Vicki 99, 249 Flanagan, Thomas 186 Flannigan, Kerry 249 Flannigan, Kevin Flavin, Timothy 249 Fleshman, Susan 232 Fletcher, Michael 249 Fletcher, Traci Flinchum, Perry 267 Flowers, Anastacia 267 Flynn, Keith 186 Flynn, Susan 5, 74, 98 Fochs, Julie 140, 141, 186 Fochs, Stephen 249 Fogoros, Angel 232 Fogoros, Theresa 249 Foley, Christina 249 Foley, Thomas 82, 186 Foley, Wendy 139, 151, 232 Folks, Marsha 249 Fontana, Charles 232 Foote, Bruce 129, 249 Ford, Brenda Foreman, Earl 186 Forester, Devona 18, 249 Forgo, James 27, 82, 232 Forrest, Ann 186 Forster, Kenneth 186 Foster, Janet 232 Foster, Sherry 186 Foster, William Fowler, David Fowler, Deanna 23, 267 Fowler, Stacie 129, 249 Fox, Brian 267 Fox, Kimberly 232 Fox, Michael 232 Fox, Tammy 267 Fraker, Susan 131,267 Francois, Rebecca 267 Francois, Thomas Frank, Sherry Fraser, Phillpi Frasier, Earlene 249 Fratzke, Kristine 267 Frazier, Michael 267 Freeby, Lois 70, 249 Freeby, Patricia 131,267 Freeman, Angela 187 Fretwell, Eric 232, 267 Fretwell, James Friedland, Natalie 187 Frierson, Victor Frisbie, Robin 267 Fritter, John 232 Froehle, Michelle Froom, Julie 131, 187 Fuchs, Jenny 147, 249 Fuchs, Judith 267 Fugate, Jackie Fugate, Mary Fulford, Kimberly 277 Fulkerson, David 249 Fulkerson, Douglas 249 Fullem, James Fuller, Donna Fuller, Jennifer 147 Fuller, Michael 267 Funk, Bridget 249 Futrell, Rodney 267 G Gaddy, Dana 249 Gahn, Kimberly 139, 140, 151,232 Gainor, Rhonda 267 Gaitwell, B. 139 Gallagher, Patrick 267 Gallegos, Rebecca 6, 136, 187 Gallihugh, Tamara 65, 187 Galloway, Bobby 267 Galloway, Kathleen 232 Galloway, Kenneth Gallucci, Linda 187 Gandee, Laura Gandy, Janean 232 Ganino, Anne 139, 249 Ganino, Lisa 267 Gankiewicz, Gary Gankiewicz, Kimberly 131 Gardiner, Albert Gardiner, Patrick 187 Gardner, Chris 232, 267 Garland, Donald 232 Garland, Johnny 267 Garr, Muriel 147, 149, 187,232 Garr, Murrell 249 Garrett, David 187 Garrett, Stuart Gary, Donald 249 Gary, Sandra Garza, David 187 Garza, John Gathof, Kimberly 249 Gathrie, Kevin 267 Gaussiran, Janet 137, 187 Gaussiran, Michael 249 Gay, Trudy 249 Gayda, Mark 17, 88, 249 Gaymon, Crystal 267 Gaymon, Robert Gazda, Julie 232 Gazda, Karen 267 Geary, David Gee, William 249 Geiger, Danny 90, 267 Geiger, Susan 136, 232 Gemsheim, Ron 249 Gentry, William 48, 151, 232, 260 George, Eugene George, Joy 232 Gerac, Tim 90, 267 German, George 232 German, Karen 232 Gerndon, M. 131 Gerogosian, Cathy 187 Ghiloni, Cynthia 232 Gholson, Debbie 137, 232 Giannoules, Stephen 249 Gibney, Brian Gibson, Sylvia 129, 249 Giddings, Gidget Gilbert, Richard Giles, Angela 249 Gillespie, James Gillespie, Laurie 267 Gillespie, Lisa 232 Gillespie, Rebecca 232 Gillette, Michael 90, 130, 267 Gilliam, Connie Gilliam, Nancy 267 Gillikin, Andreas Gillikin, Eric Gillis, John 249 Gilmore, Dovel Gilmore, Michael 267 Giltner, John 152, 232, 249 Giltner, Joseph Gimmi, Mark 249 Gimmi, Nicolas 232 Giroux, Gisele 188 Gladden, Craig 232 Glasgow, Zaxhary 188 Golembiowski, Scot 267 Gonsowski, Ayne 188 Gonsowski, Edward 188 Gonzales, B. 140 Gonzales, Cynthia 141, 232 Gonzalez, Frankie 267 CLOSING 295 Good, Darren 267 Good, Mike 90, 267 Goode, Mary 17, 249 Goodie, Terri 131 Goodman, Jeffery 188 Goodman, Teresa 232 Goodrich, Julian 129, 141, 249 Gooley, L. 129 Gordon, Jose 188 Gorham, George Gorsuch, Sandra Gorsuch, Susanne 232 Gossage, Cindy Gould, Sandra 249 Goulla, Gary 232 Grafmuller, Joseph 140, 188 Grafmuller, Mark 232 Grafmuller, Mary 151,249 Graham, Betty 188 Graham, Gina Graham, James Graham, Kelley 267 Graham, Robert Grantham, Mary 149 Graulau, Victor Gravely, Michael 188 Gravely, Sonia Gray, Angela Gray, April 267 Gray, Catherine 267 Gray, Charles 88 Gray, Deborah 188 Gray, James Greaves, Bryan 232 Green, Carol 249 Green, John Green,John Green, Lionel Green, Luchion 82, 188 Green, Mary 94, 249 Green, Ralph Green, Richard 267 Greene, Eric 96 Greene, Linda 188 Greene, Shannon 267 Greenhow, Anthony Greenwood, James Greer, Cinthia 154, 189 Greer, Harold 249 Grega, Joe 250 Gregory, Darlene 250 Gregory, Joanne 189 Greiner, Tracy 250 Greisen, Bruce 232 Greisen, Kathryn 189 Gressley, Douglas 64, 151, 232, 260 Gressley, Julie 136, 140, 144, 147, 189, 260 Gretencord, Tim 232 Greth, David 267 Greubel, Carin 267 Grevey, Julia 141,267 Grieff, Karen 267 Griffin, Elizabeth 140, 150, 153, 189 Griffith, Dale Griffith, Susan 267 Griffith, Vivian 267 Grigsby, Dwayne 14, 233 Grigsby, Michael Grim, Debora 267 Grim, Randolph 189 Grim, Renee Grimes, Robert 68, 233 Grimes, Robin Grimm, Lee Anna 131 Grimsley, Lawrence Grimsley, William 233 Grinnell, Cindy Grooms, Jason 82, 189, 260 Grose, Cameron Grove, Kimberly 250 Grover, Larry 32, 189 Groves, William 189 Groq, Leigh Ann 268 Grow, Susan 189 Grupe, Robert Guba, Rita 151, 250 Gullen, Paula 67 Gulli, Cristina Gulli, Patrick Gundler, Denise 268 Guthrie, Kevin Gutierrez, David 82, 250 Gwinn, Karen 268 H Haag, John 88, 233 Haag, Lori 151, 250 Haase, Cindy Haase, Sally 189 Habullock, Karen 233 Hadley, Cynthia 96, 141, 149, 152, 250 Hager, Theron 233 Hagerty, Kevin 233 Hagerty, Linda 148 Hague, Stanley 233 Hale, Daniel Hales, Donald Hall, Charles 268 Hall, Cindy Hall, Theresa 189 Hallam, Kimberly 268 Halpin, Christin 250 Halsey, Diane 250 Hamilton, Betty Hamilton, Leonard 233 Hamlett, Robin 144, 268 Hancock, Michael 189 Hand, Gilda 189 Hands, Adrian 233 Hancklau, Gregg 189 Hannah, Mark Hannah, Kristy 233 Hanny, William 233 Hans, Michelle 233 Hanson, Scott 189 Hanson, Todd 233 Hanssen, Frita 233 Hapner, Donna 65, 81,93, 152, 189 Hardesty, Paul 189 Hardy, Cynthia 95, 96, 139,233 Hargis, David Hargrave, Stephen 64, 250 Harland, Susan Harman, Stephanie 18, 233 Harmon, April 250 Harmon, Rodney 189 Harp, Debora 140, 233 Harp, Denise 189 Harpe, Melissa 233 Harper, Donald 233 Harper, Larry 233 Harper, Mark Harper, Sandra Harper, Thomas 233 Harpster, Michael 5, 225 Harrell, John 233 Harrington, Matthew 268 Harris, Chotima 268 Harris, David 250 Harris, Dodie Harris, Fredrick 189 Harris, Gary 82, 233 Harris, John 233 Harris, Julie 189 Harris, Pamela 130, 233 Harris, Patanochia 129, 268 Harris, Pimoipan 233 Harris, Robert 233 Harris, Sandra 150 Harris, Sharon 250 Harris, Stacy 250 Harris, Tracy 189 Harris, Tyrone 268 Harrison, Holly 250 Harrison, Paula 148, 250 Harsch, Michael Harch, Mary Hart, Kathleen 129, 136, 139 Hart, Freda Hart, Raymond 250 Hart, Yvonne 191 Harting, Kenneth 250 Harting, Kristine 233 Hashemzadeh, Moham 191 Hashemzadeh, Vivian 141, 233 Haskins, Franklin Hasley, Julia 268 Hasse, S. 148 Hassinger, Karen 233 Hatch, Pamela Hatchel, Edward 250 Hatchel, Joseph 140, 143, 191 Hatley, Debra Haught, Jill Haviland, Scott 68, 140, 191 Havner, Shelly 250 Hawkins, Jeffrey Hawkins, Lisa 250 Hawkins, Ralph 233 Hawley, Kristin 233 Hawthorne, Eric 233 Hawver, Charles Hayashida, Peter 268 Hayes, Alicia 191 Hayes, Carol Hayes, Catherine 149, 250 Hayes, Deborah 139, 144, 151, 233 Hayes, Kenneth 191 Hayes, Rebecca Hayes, Susan 233 Haymond, Alan Haymond, Andy 72, 98, 191,250 Haynes, Pilar 131, 142, 233 Haynes, Sandra 233, 260 Hayward, Christine 233 Hazlewood, James 233 Heatwole, Juanita 129, 250 Hedrick, Michael 191 Hedrick, Terry Heininger, Eric 233 Heiser, Elisabeth 136, 191 Heishman, Michael Heishman, Raymond Heishman, Raymond Hemby, Layrence 250 Henderson, Scott 151,233 Hendley, Kenneth 268 Hendrickson, Arthur 191, 250 Henley, Jeff 233 Henninger, Thomas 191 Henri, Steven 250 Henry, Brock 268 Henry, John Henry, Mark 268 Hensley, Donna 148, 233 Hensley, Gary 146, 148 Herd, Vicki 67 Herndon, Elecia Herndon, Marcia 268 Herrell, Cheryl 268 Herrera, Lionel Herrera, Mary 233 Herring, Rhonda 250 Hersam, Cheryl Hershey, Patricia 250 Hertzog, David 191 Hess, Beverly Hetrick, Sandra 192 Heydari, Noori Heydari, Noori Hicks, Dania Hicks, Daphne 147, 153, 192 Hicks, Susan Hicks, Terri Hidalgo, Jaye Hidalgo, Kimverly233 Higgins, James 88, 147 Highberg, Robin 18, 147, 233 Hilario, Cesar Hilarion, Maria 192 Hilburn, Joseph Hileman, Cynthia 268 Hilins, James Hill, Angela 268 Hill, Belinda 192 Hill, Chas. 192 Hill, Jirawat Hill, John Hill, Mark 268 Hill, Soong Hill, Susan 268 Hill, Tony 233 Hill, William Hilmer, Christopher Hinchee, Harvey Hinchee, Lynette 95, 268 Hineline, James 233 Hineline, Jon 76 Hiner, Michelle 268 Hiner, Stephen Hines, James Hinkle, Terry 148, 233 Hobgood, Donna 96 Hobgood, Doris 233 Hodge, Quentin Hodge, Timothy Hodges, Keith 88 Hoerr, Michael 268 Hoffman, Barbara 70 Hoffman, Elizabeth 268 Hogancamp, Michele 149 Hogsett, Sheiga Holcombe, William 129, 192 Hollandsworth, N. 148 Hollar, Lori 67, 129, 233 Holley, Karen 141,268 Holley, Laurie 11,25, 136, 139, 147, 192 Hollins, Mary Hollis, Mark 268 Holloway, Henry 147 Holloway, Willie Holmes, Deborah 140, 141, 192 Holmes, Walter 233 Holmes, William Holmgren, Pamela 147, 192 Holsenback, Deborah 192 Holtam, Sheryl 94, 233 Holtzhauer, Anthony 192 Holtzman, Scott 234 Holzinger, Shaun Homan, Chieko 93 Homan, Naomi 151 Hood, Glen 18 Hooks, Ramie 192 Hopson, Denise 193 Hopun, Carla 136 Horne, Deborah 234 Hornsby, Mark 234 Horswell, David 147 Hoschar, Keri 23, 129, 234 Hosfeld, Jeff Hosier, Mark 62 Hoskin, Patty 193 Hottinger, Mark Houck, Linda Houck, Steve Houston, Alan 268 Houten, William Hoverter, Carolyn 151 Howard, Donald Howard, Greg Howard, John 193 Howard, Mark 268 Howard, Michael 90, 268 Howard, Rebecca 193 Howard, Reginald 268 Howell, Lena Howell, Wanda 148 Hoy, Christine 193 Hoy, John 268 Hoy, Michael 234 Hubbard, William 268 296 CLOSING Hudson, Cynthia 23 Hudson, Daniel 129, 268 Hudson, Deborah 70, 95, 96, 141, 149, 152 Hudson, Ernest 88, 147 Hudson, Patric 139 Huff, Dana Huff, Lisa 131 Huffman, Patricia Huffstickler, Cynthia Huggins, Alisa Hughes, Angela Hughes, James Huhn, Tracy Hummer, Thomas Humphrey, Timothy 64, 234 Humphreys, William 193 Humphries, Lisa Hunt, Leah 234 Hunt, Melva 268 Hunter, Donna 148, 234 Hunter, Teresa 193 Huntsinger, Rebecca Hurlbert, Michele 234 Huskey, Laura 268 Hutson, Deborah 234 Hutson, Diane Hutson, Eric 268 Hutt, Gaye 193, 234 Inchauteguis, Pete Ingram, Jill 268 Irby, Andrea Irrera, Thomas 268 Irvin, Steven Isaacs, Keith 147 Isaacs, Lisa Iseminger, Daun Iser, Charles Isidro, M. Consuelo 193 Isidro, M. Teresa Istes, R. 148 J Jabs, Gregory Jabs, Timothy 268 Jachimowicz, Ann 268 Jack, Susan 193 Jackson, Carles 11,234 Jackson, Duane 234 Jackson, Jeffrey Jacson, Kerry Jackson, Lacricha 268 Jackson, Lisa Jackson, Mark Jackson, Sekethia Jackson, Steven Jacobs, Rose 148, 193 Jacobs, Vincent Jacobsen, Julie 95, 96, 268 Jacobson, Beth 268 Jacobson, Brian 154, 155, 234 Jaeger, Joni 193 Jalis, Randall James, L. 139 Janecek, Kim Januszonis, Anthony Jarboe, James 268 Jarrell, Deborah 234 Jarrett, Earl Jefferson, Craig 234 Jefferson, Karen 194 Jefferson, Michael 234 Jefferson, Michell 194 Jefferson, Sonya 131 Jeffries, Betty 148, 194 Jeffries, Ruth 234 Jen, Po Chun Jen, Suk Hing 194 Jenkins, Charles 145, 234 Jenkins, Gordon 90, 268 Jenkins, Mark 22, 82, 85, 194 Jenkins, Randall Jennings, James Jensen, Laura 136, 140, 147, 194 Joerger, Jeffrey Johnson, Anthony 9, 268 Johnson, Brian 129, 151, 234 Johnson, Brian Keith 129 Johnson, Casey 90, 268 Johnson, Christian Johnson, Curtis Johnson, Dale 147, 234 Johnson, Fredrick 129, 148 Johnson, Jacquelin Johnson, Jamell Johnson, James Johnson, Jeffrey Johnson, Jennifer 234 Johnson, Kendall Johnson, Kenneth 62, 194 Johnson, Kenneth J. 72, 194 Johnson, Kenneth 0. Johnson, Kim 234 Johnson, Laura Johnson, Leonard 234 Johnson, Lester 130 Johnson, Lisa Johnson, Nathan 234 Johnson, Pamela 24, 139, 140, 194 Johnson, Richard Johnson, Scott 146 Johnson, Sharella Johnson, Stephan 234 Johnson, Stephen 268 Johnson, Sylvester 234 Johnson, Velma 268 Johnson, Veronica Johnson, William B. 194, 234 Johnson, William J. Johnston, Jerri Johnston, Marcus 268 Johnston, Raymond 88, 234 Johnston, William Jones, Allen Jones, Amanda 194 Jones, Anthony 148, 234 Jones, April Jones, Brenda D. 194 Jones, Brenda L. 74, 234 Jones, Bruce Jones, Bryan 72, 98, 99, 195 Jones, Carla 147, 195 Jones, Charles 6, 72, 139, 195 Jones, Christopher 195 Jones, Christopher Jones, Clay 195 Jones, Crystal 11 Jones, Darryl Jones, Debra 148 Jones, Donna Jones, Dora Jones, Kevin Jones, Lisa 234 Jones, Lome Jones, Michael 147 Jones, Monica 195 Jones, Pamela 95, 131, 268 Jones, Terrell Jones, Valerie 234 Jones, Wanger Jordan, Diana 129, 144, 268 Jordan, Gigette 234 Jordan, Ralph 234 Jordan, Sandra 234 Joseph, Leonard Joyner, Hubert Jozwiak, Thomas 269 Jozwiak, Victoria Judy, Diana 136, 269 Jurjans, Linda K Kaba, Sabir Kahler, Debra Kahrer, Renee 269 Kalilimoku, Wendy Kalski, William 269 Kane, Robert 129, 195 Kane, Susan Kanis, Jon Karusas, Alice 234 Karuzas, Richard 195 Kaserman, Peter Kashanikhah, Majid Kasik, Robert 234 Kastl, David 268 Kastl, Robert Katsarelis, Angela 136, 140, 195 Katsarelis, Susan 129 Kautzman, Alan 68 Kay, Nina 269 Kearney, Chris 130 Keating, William Keaton, Sharon 234 Keefe, Carol Keene, Mary 151 Kegley, Rhonda Kehn, Gary Keiger, Kimberly Keiger, Sherri 234 Keister, Karen 234 Keller, Bradley Keller, Stacy 269 Kellerman, Terry Kelley, Kimberlee 140, 195 Kelley, Peggy Kelley, Victoria 195 Kellogg, Kristen Kellogg, Rhonda 151, 196 Kelly, Dan 269 Kelly, Kevin 25, 195 Kelly, Michael 78, 196 Kelly, Shawn 88 Kelski, William 90 Kemble, Joseph 234 Kemble, Lisa Kemp, Royce Kemp, Terri Kendall, Stephinia Kendall, Terry Kennedy, Allison Kennedy, Diana 196, 269 Kennedy, Greg 269 Kennedy, Vickie 196 Kent, James 196 Kent, Lolita 147 Kint, Meshelle 234 Kepano, Anthony 72, 82, 139, 234 Kepano, Misty 140, 147, 196 Kepperling, Peter Kerem, Suzan Kerner, Kathleen 196 Kerney, Susan 269 Kersse, James 196 Kibiloski, David 14 Kibiloske, Deborah 14 Kidwell, David Kidwell, Rebecca 136, 139, 147, 234 Kidwell, Richard 234 Kidwell, Ronald 234 Kierstead, Dana 234 Kilby, Richard 25, 196 Kilby, Susan Kile, M. Anthony 234 Kilgus, Dianne Killingbeck, Mary 234 Kim, Yong Cho 196 Kimbrough, Carla 269 Kimbrough, Nora 234 Kinard, James Kinard, Mary King, Annette 235 King, Avery 269 King, Christopher 269 King, Dwayne King, Gary Lelon King, Gregory King, James 235 King, Jannette King, Kevin 235 King, Natalie 131, 144 King, Robert 196 King, Roger King, Steve Kinley, Rachel 196 Kinnett, Ernest 235 Kinney, Robert Kirby, Richard 197 Kirk, Patricia 197 Kirk, Scott Kiser, Kenneth Kitchen, Brian Kichen, Janice 137, 269 Kittilstved, Dana 269 Klein, Susan Kleimdam, George Klemm, Karen Klemm, Lucille 197 Klemmer, Gregory Kline, Anthony 197 Kline, Christopher Kline, John 235 Kline, Michael Klopp, Craig Klotter, Brian Klugh, Denise Klugh, Melvin 88, 139 Knapp, Marie Knapp, Ralph Knehans, Gregory Knepper, Scott Knight, Wendy Knisel, Robert 235 Knock, Pamela Knotts, James Knotts, Marsha 129 Kochel, Timothy Koger, Michael 197 Kohrman, Gene Komar, Kellie Komisar, James 235 Koon, Gary 235 Koon, Leonard 197 Koontz, Kenneth 274 Kornacki, Karen 197 Korzen, Robert 197 Kotrady, Vincent 274 Kowatch, Mark Koziol, Jacqueline 235 Koziol, Jenise 27, 70, 197 Koziol, Joel 269 Kramer, Mark Kramer, Richard 252 Kranich, Christina 269 Krawczyk, Katherine 252 Krein, Tami 269 Kreiner, Michael 197 Kreiner, Robert 3, 82, 252 Krisner, David 235 Krismer, Mark Kroll, Buddy Kuhke, Laurie 142 Kujawa, Dawn 153, 235, 260 Kune, Chris 235 Kuykendall, Kim 269 Kuykendall, Stacey Kye, Denise Kyser, James 76, 140, 197 L Labossiere, Penney 14, 252 Lacava, Lori 269 CLOSING 297 Lacava, Sally 252 Lacey, Joseph 235 Lacy, Thomas 252 Lafosse, Marin 197 Lam, Dale 198 Lamitte, Simone 252 Lamm, Christopher Lamonds, Melvin 235 Land, Edward 198 Landry, Collette Landry, Maurice 235, 269 Landry, Patrick 235 Lang,Joyce 131 Lange, Julie 235 Lanning, Dianne Lapsante, Michelle Lassiter, William 252 Lathe, Nicole Latulipe, Lance 252 Latulipe, Sheldon 68, 81, 82, 235 Lauber, Lisa Lauer, Debra 252 Laurendeau, Lynda Lavigne, Linda Lawler, Michael 269 Lawler, Sherry Lawlor, Colleen Lawray, Adrian 88 Lawrence, Gail 269 Lawrence, Marcus 269 Lawson, Andrew Lawson, Ernest Lawson, Janet 129, 136, 151,252 Lawson, Lori 235 Lawson, Tammy 235, 252 Leab, Gina 235 Leake, Terrance 198 Lear, Jacqueline 95, 198 Leary, Kevin Leathers, Henri 76, 258 Leckey, Deborah 235 Lecompte, Robert Lecroy, Michael Ledbetter, Deborah Ledbetter, Douglas Ledoux, Frank 235 Lee, Brigette 269 Lee, David Lee, James Lee, Kenneth 154, 155, 252 Lee, Michelle 235 Lee, Rebecca 252, 16 Leeker, Nancy 95, 252 LeFourneou V, 129 Leffler, Kathleen Leffler, Michelle 269 Leidy, Jeffrey 198 Leiker, Warren 252 Leiter, Kelli 95, 269 Lelaikes, Rhonda 269 Lemieux, Craig 269 Lemons, Lauren 269 Lenar, Diana Lennartz, John 76, 269 Leone, Louis 140, 144 Lepard, Julie 269 Lerfald, Douglas 269 Lerner, Montgomery Lesko, Edward 252 Lester, Deanna 252 Letourneau, Valeri Levay, Nicholas 235 Leverstein, Robe Levesque, Mitchell 148, 198 Levine, Mark Lew, Philip 72, 235 Lewis, John 198 Lewis, Lisa 235 Lewis, Lydell Lewis, Michael 269 Lewis, Richard 269 Lichtenfels, Diane 235 Lichtman, Scott 252 Lieb, Janet Light, Donna 252 Lightfoot, Tonia 24, 129, 130, 198 Lillman, Ki 129, 130 Lilly, Tammy 269 Limbaugh, Joseph Liming, Brian 151,252 Liming, Francis Lincoln, Stephen 199 Lindsay, Traci 269 Ling, Steven 235 Link, Greg 143, 252 Link, Michael 235 Link, Randall 90 Lmkous, Ralph 90, 269 Lippert, Jeffery 129, 130, 252 Loppold, James Lipscomb, Lisa 147, 252 Little, Anthony 252 Little, Josh Little, Julie 199 Little, Lisa 129 Little, Tina 199 Little, William 235 Litton, Edward 269 Litts, Robert Litwin, John 151,252 Litwin, Tracy 140, 199 Lively, Denise 199 Lively, Hollie 252 Lockhart, Angela 22, 235 Locklear, Rebekah 252 Lockwood, Lori 252 Lockwood, Traci 252 Lohr, Lisa 65, 199 Lohr, Sharon 65, 252 Lollar, Lynda 235 Lombardo, Michael 235 Long, Deanna 252 Long, Gregory 72, 82, 235 Long, Katherine Long, Natalie 140, 235 Long, Tammera 235 Lotito, Mary 199 Lovelace, Alfred 72, 235 Lovelace, Lynwood 269 Loveland, Deborah 18, 70, 252 Loveland, Gary 199 Lovett, Ricky 15, 235 Lovett, Robert 199 Lovett, Sonya Lowe, Carla 252 Lowery, Gregory 235 Loy, Wendy 136 Lucas, Wayne 269 Lucero, Teresa 252 Luchter, Karen 153 Luchter, Susan Luckett, Ruth 235 Ludwig, Jeanne 148, 199 Ludwig, Judi 269 Lukens, Bonnie 252 Lukens, Brian Luna, Joel 252 Lunceford, Brenda 199 Lunceford, Ricky 252 Lundy, Russell 235 Lurty, Lisa 3, 139, 151, 252 Luther, Michael 147, 200 Luther, Karen 199, 235 Lybarger, Gregory Lydell, Gregory 269 Lyndon,Joseph Lynard, James Lynch, Joseph 17, 88, 252 Lyons, Austin 252 Lyons, Dorlisa 140, 151, 235 Lyons, Veronica 148 M Macdonald, Richard 252 Maceachron, Sandra 269 Machado, Rebecca Maciver, Laura 252 Mackissock, Pennie 235 Madagan, Lorinda Madagan, Michael Madagan, Sharon Madagan, Tara 235 Maddox, David 252 Maddox, Michael 88 Maddox, Vickie 25, 139, 140, 147, 200 Madrid, Jeanette 252 Mahle, Patricia 95, 96, 139, 140, 151,235, 260 Mai, Anh 252 Mai, True 252 Maine, Edward Majeski, David 235 Majeski, Patricia 70, 152, 252 Major, Lisa 147, 252 Malanka, Patricia 200 Malanka, Theresa 235, 260 Malley, Teresa 269 Malloy, Robert 130, 253 Malone, Tracy 139, 141, 252 Maloney, Eddie 78, 253 Manchester, Steven 269 Mancini, Marcello Manikas, Elizabeth 140 Mann, Paul 90 Manning, Rhonda 253 Mansour, David Manuel, Theresa 149, 253 Malos, Nidia 270 Marbaker, Lori 235 Marble, Jeffery March, James 64, 253 Margome, Tra cy 200 Marques, Lisa Marra, Michael Marshall, Kelly Marshall, Louis 253 Marshall, Thomas 269 Marten, Renee 236 Martin, Amy 131 Martin, Anne 147, 253 Martin, Carol 140, 235 Martin, Catherine 269 Martin, Clifton 88 Martin, Eric 235 Martin, Geneva 200 Martin, James Martin, Jeanne 253 Martin, Jimmy 269 Martin, Martha 140, 200 Martin, Melodie 95, 253 Martin, Michael 235 Martin, Rhonda 70, 253 Martin, Robert 140, 200 Martin, Robert K. 139 Martin, Ronda Martin, Valerie 253 Martin, Vernon 253 Martinez, Edward Maruschak, Carol 94, 148, 152, 253 Maruschak, Leo 82, 236 Maruschak, Suzan 74, 140, 151, 152, 200 Maslo, Mary Mason, Aaron 90, 269 Mason, Anthony 269 Mason, Iris 129, 200 Mason, Ivy 147, 269 Mason, Leon Mason, Patricia 200 Mason, Sharon 151,236 Mason, Tommy 13, 82, 236 Massowd, Joseph 253 Masters, Scott 270 Mateo, Frank Mathena, William 147, 253 Mathers, Janette 270 Mathews, Crystal 270 Matos, Nidia Matthews, Henry 253 Matwoczyk, Leslie 140, 236 Mawani, Salim 98, 145, 253 Maxner, Bobby 253 Maxwell, Lisa 141, 236 May, Aprille Mayes, Larry 270 Mayo, Samieleen 139, 253 McCabe, Laurie 270 McCain, Tom 270 McCarthy, Diane 253 McCarthy, Suzann 253 McCarty, Bryan McCasland, Debbie 253 McCeney, Charlene 189, 253 McClary, William 270 McClaude, Constance McClaude, Kevin McClaude, Steven McClendon, Paul 253 McClendon, Sherrel 270 McCloud, Randy 64, 236 McCloud, Rita 236 McCluney, Todd McClure, John McClure, Pamela 270 McCoart, Catherine 139, 253 McCoart, James 88, 139, 236 McColley, Robert 253 McConnell, Kevin 200 McCormick, Kelli 81,98, 101, 152, 236 McCormick, Shawn 98, 99, 236 McCoy, Charlie McCrea, Frank McCuin, Wendy 253 McDaniel, Deana 236 McDaniel, Gary 200 McDaniel, John McDaniel, Sandra 270 McDaniel, Troy 253 McDevitt, Valerie 201 McDonald, Andrew McDonald, Deborah 129, 201 McDonald, Madonna 236 McDonald, R. 153 McDougal, Wanda 253 McElveen, Violet 236 McElwain, Lisa 253 McFadden, Ramona 270 McFalls, Kelly 201 McFarren, Milton 253 McGarry, John McGarry, Patrick 29, 131, 150 McGee, Vandon 82, 253 McGettigan, David 236 McGhee, Robert 201 McGinn, Judith McGinn, Linda 270 McGinnis, Thomas 64, 253 McGowan, Brian 82, 201 McGowan, Christi 253 McGrath, Scott 144, 201 McGraw, Susan 236 McGuiver, L. 139 McHugh, Laurie 139, 253 Mclntire, Michael Mclver, Krista 144, 151, 253 McKelvey, Sara 131,270 McKinley, Carol McKinley, Kathle 236 McKinney, Danielle 148 McKinney, Troy McLean, Robert 201,236 McLeod, Daniel McLeod, Gale 270 McLeod, Kimberly 270 McManus, James 253 McMaster, Patrick 236 McMillan, Katrina 270 McMillan, Serena McNabb, James 270 McNeese, Stephanie 253 McNeill, Tamara 151,201 McQuain, Dwala McShane, Michael 201 McTver, K. 141 298 CLOSING McVay, Jefferey 253 Mead, Maureen 201 Meadows, Michael 64, 88, 253 Meairs, Kris 274 Meairs, Marii 201 Means, Mark 253 Mehr, Tom 72, 182, 236 Meixner, Robert Melcher, Mark 270 Melhorn, Christopher 253 Melhorn, Elaine 236 Melhorn, Jane 140, 210 Melhorn, Julia 201 Mentiply, Rony 130, 202 Mentiply, Stacey 270 Merideth, Mark Mergler, Donna Merritt, Gregory Mersing, Karen 253 Messink, Kathy 236 Mersonk, Kathleen Met, R. 129 Meyer, K. 131 Meyer, Wayne Mesde, B. 148 Miable, Joana 274 Micer, Dominic Micer, Mark Micer, Sharon Michael, Eric 253 Michell, Joseph 88 Michniak, Pamela Mickens, Walter 253 Migliorini, Michel 236 Miles, Angela Miles, George Miles, Tammy 67, 236 Millard, Richard 236 Miller, Anna 236 Miller, Brenda 202 Miller, Brian Miller, Clifford Miller, Deborah 270 Miller, Gayle 236 Miller, Gerald Miller, Joseph 72, 82, 131, 236 Miller, Justine Miller, Lori 139, 236 Miller, Milissa 202 Miller, Michelle 65, 270 Miller, Pamela Miller, Pamela 270 Miller, Pamela A. Miller, Stephanie 236 Miller, Susan 270 Miller, Toni 147, 253 Mills, Michael 253 Mills, Sandra Milton, Loyonne 270 Milton, Sandra 202 Mincey, Tracey Minor, Cheryl 74, 236 Mira, Minara 82 Minor, James 130, 145, 253 Mmzes, Donna 253 Miskm, Jean 253 Mitchell, Brenda 270 Mitchell, Deborah 236 Mitchell, Gregory 202 Mitchell, Marcia 236 Mitchell, Margaret 95, 270 Mitchell, Mark 236, 270 Mitchell, Michael 236 Mitchell, Ronda 270 Mitchell, Stuart 72, 98, 99, 146, 202 Mitchell, Teresa 236 Mitrione, Michelle 270 Mockler, Cheri 270 Mockler, Scribner 253 Mode, Nancy Molinari, Evelyn Molinari, Patrick 88, 236, 253 Monk, Jean 270 Monk, Lisa 147, 253 Monk, Mark 202 Montagne, Michael 139, 143, 153, 202 Montes, Fernando Monzon, Russell Mooney, Patricia Moore, Angela 270 Moore, Barbara Moore, Brenda 270 Moore, Brian 82, 236 Moore, Donald 68, 131, 236 Moore, Donna 254 Moore, George 254 Moore, Jeanette 254 Moore, Kendall Moore, Michael 202 Moore, Michael 253 Moore, Sharon 254 Moore, Sheri 15, 95 Moore, Stephen 254 Moore, Thomas 147, 236 Moore, Troy 147, 254 Moore, William 68 Moorer, Michael 202 Moores, Margaret 254 Mooney, Tricia 236 Moran, Wayne 64, 236 Morel, ' Arleen 95, 270 Morgan, Albert Morgan, Dennis 270 Morgan, Gary Morgan, Jennifer 270 Morgan, Kevin 270 Morgan, Michale 270 Moriarty, Michelle 21,236 Morley, Donald Moorone, Lori 254 Morris, Amy Morris, Barry 236 Morris, Cheryl 254, 270 Morris, Kelly Morris, Nancy Morris, Paula 147, 148 Morris, Sherri 70, 154, 236 Morris, Sherryl 148 Morris, William Morrison, Donald 151,236 Morrissey, Janet 270 Morrone, Lori Moser, Sandra 236 Mosley, James 236 Moslo, Mary 236 Moss, Charles Mossey, Glen 236 Mossier, Mariana 236 Motley, Donald 254 Motiey, George 147, 202 Motley, Linwood Mott, Linda 147, 254 Motta, Anthony 254 Motta, Kathryn 254 Moye, Robert 254 Moyer, Kenneth 270 Moyers, John 270 Muchler, William Mueller, K. 145, 254 Mulgrew, Michael 82, 236 Mullins, Karen 148, 203 Mullins, Perry 270 Mullins, Timothy 270 Mullins, Walter 270 Muncy, Lisa 254 Munsell, Desiree 236 Murdock, James 236 Murdock, Jane 270 Murphy, Deborah 270 Murphy, John 254 Murphy, John G. 203 Murphy, Randall Murphy, Sean 90, 270 Murphy, Terri 203 Murphy, Tom 88 Murray, Frank Murray, Kathleen 254 Murray, Paul 203 Muse, Michael 236 Musha, Mark 236 Mussomele, Freda 203 Mussomele, John 236 Mutz, Fred Myers, Bryan 88, 254 Myers, Donald 236 Myers, Kimberly 203 Myers, Laurie 236 N Naclerio, Jean 236 Nagley, Christine 141, 270 Nair, Sandra 203 Nanney, Constance 143 Nanney, Stephan 270 Napper, Sonya 236 Narques, Lisa 203 Nash, Robert 90, 270 Nast, Kenny Nattania, Lisa 140, 203 Nattama, Richard 139 Naylor, Helen 254 Naylor, James Naylor, Linda 140, 147, 203 Neal, Charles Neal, Robert Neal, Virgil 270 Neilson, Kathy 254 Neilson, Susan Nejati, Hamid 254 Nelson, Irene 271 Nentriply, R. 129 Nesaw, Alan 82, 203 Neth, Laurie 147, 149, 203 Neth, Susan 254 Neuhaus, David Neuhaus, Diane 271 Neuhaus, David D. Newbold, Margaret 271 Newbold, Patricia 13, 254 Newman, David 254 Newman, Erica 237 Newman, Gregory 98 Newman, Kari 204 Newman, Shelly 153, 237 Ngo, Co Phuc Ngo, Loan Hong 237 Ngo, Tam Co Ngo, Thein Co Nicely, Steven 254 Nichol, Michelle 237 Nichols, Delpha 271 Nichols, Cary 271 Nichols, Harold 237 Nichols, Randall 16, 143, 150, 204 Nichlos, Robert 140, 271 Nickle, Bruce 254 Niemiera, Michael 237 Nix, Paula 139, 254 Nizza, Francis Noble, Rhonda 148, 237 Noble, Richard 8, 82, 204 Noel, Raymond 254 Nolan, Cindy 254 Nolan, Lynn Norman, Barbara 204 Norman, Duane 88 Norman, Sherry Norris, Tonya 254 Norton, Donald 237 Norvelle, Joan 141,237 Novack, Edward 98, 254 Novak, John Novitsky, Kathryn 271 Nunez, Mark 271 Nungesser, Donald 254 Nutt, Wayne 271 O O ' barr, Timothy O ' brien, Donna O ' brien, Joseph 237 O’brien, Michael O’connor, Cynthia O ' connor, Joan 254 O’connor, Joseph 237 O’connor, Kevin O ' dell, Ronald 131 Odonnal, Anita 131 Odonnell, John Odonnell, Mary 254 Offley, Jon Ogden,Jeanne 271 Ogden, Scott 237 Ohara, Lisa 144, 254 Ohearn, Patrick 204 Ohop, Julie Ohop, Maria Oien, James 237 Oien, Paul 254 Okeefe, Gregory 270 Okeefe, John 131 Olbeter, Kurt 237 Oleary, Dennis 204 Olenik, Anna Oliva, Anella 254 Oliver, Susan 237 Oliver, William 271 Ols, Wendy 271 Olson, Marvin 204 Omara, Colleen 139, 151, 237, 260 Ondo, James 271 Ondo, Trisha 152 Ondo, William 254 O’neal, Darlene 271 O ' neal, Kelly 254 O ' neal, Timothy 142, 271 O’neal, Vernon 204 O ' quin, Terri 129, 204 O ' quin, Rebecca 94, 271 Orem, Joseph Orolfo, Leslie 129, 237 Orr, Wilson Ortega, Nydia Orth, Angela 151, 254 Orouke, P. 148 Osborne, James 204 Osborne, Patricia 237 Osburn, Christopher Oshea, Daniel 237 Osinga, Jonathan Oskovich, Kevin 254 Osmga, John 254 Ostander, Michael Otter, Brian 129, 254 Otter, Joseph 204 Otter, Michael 129, 237 Ottinger, Diana 70, 254 Outland, Richard 64, 82, 139, 151 Overholser, Chris 204 Owen, Gareth 254 P Pace, Deborah Pace, Ray 88, 144, 237 Pack, Tina 148 Padua, Rebecca 254 Page, Jerry 48, 254 Pahler, Tony 254 Pallo, Loretta 147, 254 Pallo, Veronica 237 Palmer, Lisa 237 Pannell, Regina 237 Pannell, Richard 237 Paolina, Susan 271 Paolino, Elaine 254 Paolino, John Papa, Frank 254 Papadakis, Anna 254 Pappas, Theresa Paradis, Rebecca 254 Parady, Lisa Pardue, S. 151, 255 Parish, Keith Parker, Cheryl 131, 136, 205 Parker, Danny 205 CLOSING 299 Parker, Dewayne 90, 129, 271 Parker, Mark 237 Parker, Philander Parker, Robert Parker, Sarah Parker, Stephen Parker, William 237 Parkhurst, Kelley Parkhurst, Kim Parkhurst, Robert Parr, Dara 151,255 Parrett, Stephanie 137, 255 Parsons, Donald 205 Pasaol, Natalie Pashkovsky, Pamela 139, 140, 151,237 Pasquini, Rebecca 205 Pastiva, Stephen Patdorf, Leslie 271 Patrick, Jean Patrick, Susan 205 Patterson, Clyde 82, 129, 237 Patterson, Terri 237 Patton, Beverley Patton, John 271 Patton, Tracey 140 Paul, Wanda Pauley, Scott 271 Pauline, Annette 237 Pauline, Dianne 205 Pavone, Donald 237 Paxton, Lonnie 129 Payne, Charles 205, 237 Payne, Robin 237 Payne, Valerie 237 Payton, Thomas 151, 237 Peevy, Chris 271 Pelletier, Pamela 237 Pellien, James 237 Pellien, Kenneth Pellien, Steven 6, 27, 271 Pelzer, Ronald Pemberton, Pamela 271 Pena, Frances 255 Penman, Kolleen 95, 96, 271 Pennington, Jill 271 Pennington, Katharine 237 Penny, Brent Peoples, Nicola 129, 237 Perkins, Christopher 131, 237 Perkins, Donnell Perkins, James Perkins, Lawanda Perkins, Paul Perkins, Robin 255 Perry, Cynthia Perry, Michelle Perry, Paige 271 Perry, Robin Perry, Sherry 255 Perry, Stephen 72, 205 Perry, Vernon 237 Peschka, Deborah 94, 271 Pesco, George 271 Peters, Michael 255 Petersen, Michelle 237 Petrilli, Denise 129, 205, 255 Petrilli, Frank Peverill, Angela 237 Pfeifer, Douglas 271 Pfeifer, Michael Pfeiffer, Greg 237 Pfleeger, Erich 255 Pfohl, Cris 271 Phillips, Anthony Phillips, Dean 129, 255 Phillips, Diana 271 Phillips, Gregory 255 Phillips, Kelly 205 Phillips, Sharon 238 Phillips, Wil 140, 143, 144, 153, 238 Philson, James Phinney, Juanie Phinney, Sara 271 Piatt, Barbara 238 Piatt, John 238 Piatt, Mary 271 Pielmeier, Laura 238 Pielmeier, Patrick 140, 255 Pieper, Laurie Pieper, Regina 148, 238 Pieper, Stephen Pierpoint, Gary 238 Pierpoint, Todd 32, 255 Pierson, Lynnett 238 Pieski, Stephan Piety, Jeffery 255 Pianna, Jean 136, 205 Pinna, Jolene Pishock, Thomas 78, 205 Pitts, Charentha Pitts, Stephen Piwowarske, Frank 255 Pixley, Teresa 206 Planey, Linda 238 Plenty, Cherelle 271 Plott, Angela 255 Plumley, Kenneth 255 Pluto, Susan 137, 147, 206 Podsiadlo, Michell 238 Poehler, Tony 255 Poff, William 255 Poellucci, Therese 206 Poher, T. 139 Polansky, Deborah 206, 271 Polla, Constance 271 Pollack, Carl 255 Pollack, Elisabeth 206 Poole, Kimberly Pope, Charles 72 Pope, Candis S. 206 Pope, George 72, 99 Pope, Kenneth Pope, Kenneth Porcari, Kimberly Portell, James 271 Portz, Mark 271 Posey, Stephen 143, 238 Posey, Susan 140, 206 Potter, Tracie 151,238 Potwin, Frank 62, 140 Potvin, Michael 98, 129, 206, 238 Powers, Anthony 206 Powers, Steven Powers, Steven D. Prater, Kay Prater, Kelly 255 Prater, Cheri 206 Preble, Lydia Preston, Patricia Price, Audrey 206 Price, Edmund 238 Price, Gwendolynn 271 Price, Jay 238 Price, Michelle Prince, C. 129 Prigmore, Tammy 206 Pringle, Tommy 207 Pritts, Connie 238 Privette, Debbie 271 Prudot, Sharon 67, 255 Publicover, Susan Puletz, Michele 21,24 87, 95, 140, 147, 207, 259, 260, 304 Puletz, Suzanne 85, 95, 129, 238 Pulley, Raymond 207 Pullem, James 271 Punke, Michael 207 Purcell, Tammy 207 Purdy, Dana 101, 140, 153, 152, 206 Purdy, Laura 101, 140, 153, 152, 207 Purdy, Robert Purifoy, Vi Putiyon, Ricardo 271 Putnam, William 131,271 Q Quash, Donald 271 Quattro, Michael 82, 207 Queen, Christopher Queen, Michael 70, 88, 147, 255 Queen, Mildred 207 Quigley, Barry 238 Quigley, Robin 140, 207 Quinn, Darlene 238 Quirin, Daniel 207 Quisenberry, David R Radovich, Michael 82, 85, 139, 144, 238 Radtke, Thomas 238 Raffield, David 72, 88, 255 Ragsdale, Jerry 238 Ramey, Bonnie Ramey, Brett Ramey, Jonathan 238 Raper, Glenn Rasmussen, Dale Rasmussen, Glen Rastatter, Joseph 238 Ratliff, Catherine Ray, Donald Ray, Richard Ray, Willie 147, 238 Raymond, Sheri 94, 140, 153, 154, 155, 238 Reager, Jim Reau, Michael Reed, Karen Reed, Lynette 207 Reed, Rhonda Reed, Robert Reese, Carlos 238 Reese, Catherine 238 Reese, John A. Reese, John E. 208, 255 Reese, Joseph Reeves, Andrew Reeves, Billie 70, 140, 208 Reeves, Gareth 238 Regis, Rayven 238 Rehanek, Melanie 139, 208 Reichenbach, Collen 44, 271 Reinke, Theresa 271 Remsberg, Laura 208 Rendino, Stephanie Reny, Donna 255 Renzo, Kathleen 208 Resto, Victor Reyes, Daniel Reyes, Michael 208 Reynolds, Cynthia 271 Reynolds, James Reynolds, Noel Reynolds, Robert 62, 64, 255 Reynolds, Robin Reynolds, Teresa Rhoades, Charles 98, 238 Rhoades, Franklin 98, 99, 255 Rhode, Robert Rhodes, Brenda 208 Rhodes, Lori Rhodes, Michele 238 Rice, Daniel 139, 208 Rice, Tim Rich, Lisa Richards, Charles 208 Richards, David 255 Richardson, Carlto Richardson, Charlene 255 Richardson, Deborah 21, 208 Richardson, Derek 208 Richardson, Lawrence Richardson, Mark Richardson, Susan 32, 255 Richardson, Tamara 271 Richey, Ruth 271 Riddle, Shandele 238 Rider, David 271 Rider, Donald 238 Rider, Jon Rider, Michelle Riidenour, Tracey 238 Rijfkogel, Ovid Rifjkogel, Roheleio Riley, Stephan 255 Risenberg, Melinda 274 Rish, Michael 208 Rish, Ronald 238 Risley, Debra Ritenour, Tina Ritter, Tiffany 129, 271 Ritz, Julie 21, 136, 255 Rivera, John 209 Rivera, Patricia Rivers, Robin Rivers, Thomas 209 Robbins, Matthew 271 Roberts, Brenda 147, 255 Roberts, James Roberts, Karen 272 Roberts, Laura 238 Robey, Diane 272 Robey, Marvin Robey, Ronald Robinson, Charles Robinson, Dale 255 Robinson, Elaine 255 Robinson, Jeff Robinson, Mark 129, 255 Robinson, Monique 238 Robinson, Patricia 238 Robinson, Paul 255 Robinson, Paul 88 Robinson, Susan 238 Robison, Steven 255 Rocchio, Jennifer 238 Rocha, Maria 272 Rockhill, Lisa 131,272 Rodgers, Mark 90, 238 Rodgers, Robert 82, 255 Rodgers, Sara 272 Rodriguez, Charles 209 Rodriguez, Conrad 272 Roederer, Eric 272 Roesler, Scott 238 Roesler, Steven 238 Rofblut, Laura 238 Roger, Sandra 209 Rogers, Alden Rogers, Bret 209 Rogers, Charles 272 Rogers, James 209 Rogers, L. 129 Rogers, Norman Rogers, Russell Rogers, Timi 272 Rogers, Wanda 238 Rojar, Yvonne 255 Rolin, Robert 146, 255 Rolley, William Roltsch, Tom 255 Romano, Arthur 209 Romanski, Diane 151, 235 Romanski, Michael 255 Rood, Joseph 272 Rooney, Laura 272 Rooney, Matthew Rose, Joel 238 Rose, Kelly 255 Rose, William 209 Rose, Wm. Matthew 209 Ross, Larry 272 Ross, Mitchell 238 Rossell, Melissa Rossomando, David Rotblut, Laura 139 Rothermel, Cindy Routh, Robin Roudsbush, C. 148 Royer, Lisa 209 Royer, Stephanie 95, 272 300 CLOSING Roytos, Laurie 95, 140, 209 Ruaff, P. 149 Ruff, Karen Ruffner, Diana 139, 238 Ruhren, Sonia Ruiz, Jeffrey 238 Ruiz, Vivian 272 Rummer, Dallas 129, 130, 209 Rumph, Wendi 129 Rumon, Patricia 210 Ruoff, Pamela 139 Russell, Scott 210 Russo, Anthony 255 Russo, Sheila 210 Ruszczyk, Kimberly Ruszczyk, Roxanne 147, 238 Rutherford, Roby 141,272 Rutherford, Scott 238 Ruths, Jeanette 147 Ryan, Michael Rye, Denise 238 S Sacra, Holly 239 Sacre, Tony Saddler, Cory 210 Saddler, Terry 147 Sadler, Merle 140, 210 Saffer, Scott 210 Saffer, Thomas 147 Safransky, Grace 272 Safransky, Mark 239 Sage, Allen Salazar, Marlene 239 Salvati, Christine 139, 140 Salvati, Susan 13, 81, 95, 96, 210 Samuel, Tina 255 Sams, Jenny 210 Sanders, Kevin 239 Sanderson, Edward Sandidge, Michele 239 Sandidge, Rebecca 272 Sanpietro, Robert 90 Santmyer, Susan 239 Santos, Dimas Santos, Pedro Sapp, Robert 256 Sargent, Amy 239 Sarsfield, Bridget 141,272 Sarsfield, Mari 255 Saunders, Janine Saunders, Debora 70, 239 Saunders, Linda 146, 272 Saunders, Richard 239 Saunders, Susan Saupp, Patricia 239 Sawyer, Kimberly Saylor, Albert 12, 210, 225 Scalia, Christene 272 Scallan, Elizabeth 210 Scallon, Timothy Schaeffer, Mark 239 Schaeffer, Teri 131, 156 Schaerr, Joy 210, 154, 259 Schalow, Shelley Schatz, Gary 78, 210 Schatz, Sharon 141,239 Schawalder, Janis 149, 239 Scheer, Joy 156 Schieffelin, Susan 272 Schimpf, Dianne 239 Schlegel, Donna 148, 239 Schlenker, Mark 239 Schmecht, Kathryn 239 Schnatterly, Richard 239 Schnatterly, Robert 239 Schneider, Steven 140, 143, 239 Schneider, William 272 Schott, Wallace 272 Schrader, James Schrader, Sean 139, 211, 225 Schrecongost, Myro 239 Schrecongost, Stephanie 256 Schroider, Terri 272 Schroyer, Amy 151,256 Schubring, Stephanie 256 Schultz, Carl 256 Schultz, Janice 139, 211 Schultz, Thomas 19 Schwarzenbach, Kim 211 Schwenger, Walter 6, 82, 140, 211 Schwenger, Willie 82, 211 Schwier, Robert 64, 82, 239 Scites, Penny 256 Scites, Robin Scites, Ronald Scites, Tammy Scott, James Scott, John Scott, Michael 256 Scott, Raymond Scroggins, Gregory 272 Scroggins, Leslie 256 Scrogum, Kathleen 148, 211 Sears, Cynthia Sears, Karen Sebastian, Kim 129, 130, 239 Sebring, Colleen Secrist, Beth 239 Secrist, Peggy 70, 256 Sedlacek, Scott Seger, Deana 272 Seibert, Carla Seidl, Kevin 211 Seidl, Lisa 239 Seikel, Erik Seiles, Tammy 21 Seitz, Michael 129, 239 Self, George Selgelid, Laurie 256 Semerjian, Linda 239 Sendek, Patricia Seminger, Dawn 239 Sese, Khalid 272 Sewell, Kelley 139, 256 Sexton, Steven 211 Sgroi, Mary 129, 211 Shackelford, David Shafer, Kenton Shaffer, Eric Shaffer, Raymond Shaffer, Sonya 256 Shallcross, Debbie Shamaienger, Ravi 256 Shannon, Robert 146, 239 Shannon,Sandra 211 Shartzer, Christine Shaw, Robert 239 Shea, John 272 Sheinall, Michael 145 Sheinall, Sheldon 239 Sheinall, Thomas 90, 272 Sheinall, Yevette Sheldon, Kathy Sheldon, Lisa Sheldon, Phillip Shelor, Lisa 211 Sheloski, Jeffrey 272 Shelton, Debra Shelton, Kimberly 212 Shepherd, Dennis 212 Shepherd, Gregory 256 Shepherd, Tammy 239 Sheppard, Douglas 212 Sheridan, Deborah 239 Sherial, Sheldon 88 Sherrill, Jeff Sherrill, Lance 72, 82, 85, 87, 212, 259 Shick, Faith 272 Shick, Marian 239 Shifflett, Betty Shifflett, Connie 212 Shifflett, Donald Shifflett, Donna 212 Shifflett, Larry Shifflett, Pansy 239 Shin, Jae 239 Shin, Un 212 Shiner, Daniel 154, 239, 272 Shiner, Donald Shingler, Pamela 212 Shipman, Tangula Shockey, Tammio 256 Sholar, Kim 272 Shotwell, Joseph Shrader, Christopher 82, 239 Shrader, Donald Shrader, Garth 147 Shreve, Timothy Shrewsbury, Acie 90, 256, 271 Shrewbury, Mitzie Siegel, Fred 256 Siegel, John 270 Siegel, Suzanne 239 Sifontes, Hilda 131 Sigler, Barbara 256 Siligato, Joseph Simmons, Arthur 12, 82, 239 Simmons, Bryan Simmons, Charles Simmons, Cynthia 74, 212 Simmons, Libby 239 Simmons, Valerie 272 Simmons, Velma Simon, Douglas Simon, John Simons, Lynn Simpson, Christi 65, 98 Simpson, Kelly 21, 74, 95, 139, 151,212 Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Robert 256 Sims, Dawn 239 Sims, Phillip 151, 212 Sims, Richard 272 Sims, Russell Sin, Chom Singh, Navmt 256 Sisson, Christopher Sisson, Edna 272 Sisson, Mary E. 136, 141, 212 Sisson, Mary M. 239 Sisson, Shawn 272 Sizemore, Faith Sizemore, Gregory 88, 256 Sizemore, Kevin 239 Sizemore, Teresa 213 Skidmore, Michele 256 Skinner, Carla 148, 256 Skinner, Jeannette 256 Slade, David 139, 213 Slade, Susan 21,65, 239 Staten, N. Slattery, Anita Slezak, Jeffery 213 Slezak, Lester 129, 143, 213 Sloan, Kevin 239 Sloan, Ronald 213 Slocum, Glen 68, 213, 225 Slocumb, Billie 151 Sluss, Mark 256 Smail, Julie Smart, Shawn 213 Smiley, Sandra Smith, Alexander 213, 256 Smith, Angela 256 Smith, Anthony 147, 272 Smith, Anthony W. 272 Smith, Barbara 148, 256 Smith, David Smith, Deborah 213 Smith, Della 213 Smith, Diane 129, 147, 239 Smith, Dianna 148 Smith, Donna 256 Smith, Gregory 239 Smith, Jacqueline 239 Smith, James A. Smith, James P. Smith, Jonathon 256 Smith, Julia 13, 213 Smith, Kelley 139, 239 Smith, Kevin 213 Smith, Loretta Smith, Lori 239, 256 Smith, Lynn Smith, Mariln 214 Smith, Maxine 239 Smith, Melissa Smith, Michael Smith, Michael A. 214, 272 Smith, Paul 27, 239 Smith, Pat 272 Smith, Richard 272 Smith, Ricky 256 Smith, Ronald 239 Smith, Stephen Smith, Steve C. 256 Smith, Steven 214, 256 Smith, Steve M 240 Smith, Susan 272 Smith, Tamera 256 Smith, Thor 240 Smith, Troy 72, 82, 88 Smith, Troy 72, 256 Smith, Yolanda 256 Snediker, Marc 272 Snellings, Susan 148, 214 Snider, Susan 140, 214 Snider, Trina 240 Smpol, Patty 214 Snow, Carolyn 129, 240 Snow, Curtis 240 Snow, Jacqueline 151,272 Snyder, Craig 240 Somers, Lee 214 Sookshawee, Komson Sookshawee, Tippaw 272 Soper, Amy 272 Soper, Susan 142, 214 Sosbee, Kimberly 272 Spalding, Leonard Sparks, Floyd Sparks, Vonda 141 Speaks, Jeffrey Spence, Susan 214 Spillman, Cathleen 272 Spivey, Bernhardt Spoon, Lisa 147, 148, 256 Sprague, Daniel 240 Sprague, Michael 214 Sprague, William 256 Spring, Alex Spring, Alex D. 131,272 Sprinkle, Elizabeth 148, 256 Sprouse, Michael 240 Sprowls, Rhea 137, 240 Spuhler, Paul 214 Sripol, Gita Sripol, Somina Srock, Brian 256 St. Clair, Janet Stableford, Bryan Staggs, Lloyd 240 Stahl, Donna 139, 256 Stalcup, Janelle 256 Stallworth, Lolita Stanbridge, Michele 256 Stanford, Keith 272 Stanley, Jacob Stanley, Jennifer 214 Stanley, Robert Stanley, Richard 240 Staples, Dee Staples, Donna 240 Starz, Sharon 272 Staten, Dealia 129, 140, 147 Staudinger, Dennis 240 Stealings, Tammy 215 Stearns, Brenda 215 Steede, Walter Steede, Wanda Steele, Michael Steele, Oscar 88 Steenhoek, Patrick 9 CLOSING 301 Steffey, Andra 273 Steidel, Cynthia 240 Steighner, Keith 240 Steinmetz, Cynthia 95, 256 Stephens, Kathleen Stephens, Michelle Stephens, Sherry Stermer, Debra 256 Sterns, Ralph Stevens, Wilbur 240 Stevenson, Kerwin Stewart, Benton Stewart, David 215 Stewart, Jonathan 273 Stewart, Julee Stewart, Mark 215 Stewart, Robert 215 Stewart, Stephen 129, 215 Stidham, Michele 215 Stiles, Joseph Stillman, Susan 215 Stirling, Julie 151,256 Stirling, Mary Lou 21 5 Stockman, Deborah 141, 272 Stoddart, William 239 Stoebe, Mark 256 Stokes, Andre Stokes, David 129 Stokes, Sharon Stone, Lori 215 Stone, Louella 256 Stanley, J. 148 Stover, Linda Strader, Joni Strahl, Dolly Strickland, Linda 257 Striker, Monica 272 Stringer, Ashley 68, 140, 151,240,260 Stringer, J. K. 215 Stringer, Laura 257 Strong, Donald 240 Strong, Imogene Stronko, Conrad 72, 82, 259, 215 Strokes, David 239 Stroud, Richard 131,273 Strychowshi, Cristine Stuart, Lynn 129, 154, 257 Stuart, Julee 257 Stublefield, Mic 240 Stull, Roger Stultz, Jeffrey 216 Stultz, Ronda 129, 240 Sturdivant, Edward 5, 216 Sturdivant, Sherri 144, 257 Sturm, William 216 Stynes, William 240 Sudmeyer, Christopher 216 Suggs, Brian 22, 82, 239 Suggs, George 216 Sullivan, Alan 139, 143, 216 Sullivan, James 257 Sullivan, Shannon 145, 146,257 Sullivan, Steven 151 Sullivan, Tommy Summerfield, James 272 Summers, Donna 67, 151, 240 Sutherland, David 240 Sutton, Pamela Swabb, Kevin 240 Swails, Todd Swails, Tony 240, 257 Swain, Sandra Swaney, Virginia 216, 240 Swang, V. 149 Sweatman, Edward 240 Sweeney, Dean 240 Sweeney, Michael 145, 216 Swenson, Susan 129 Swisher, Leslie 240 Swogger, Wesley 257 Swoope, Patricia 67, 139, 257 Sykes, David Sykes, Jeffrey 257 Sykes, Karen Sykes, Sandra Sykes, Willie Sylvia, Joann 240 T Tainter, Angelique 129, 140, 216 Tait, Cheryl 272 Tait, Maria 136, 216 Tajvidi, Ramin 68 Talastas, Hercules 76, 216 Talbot, Angela 131,257 Talbot, Dana 216 Talley, James 150, 151, 257 Talley, Leander 240 Tamony, Carole 272 Tang, Dao Tankins, Denise 4, 21,217 Tanner, Anthony Tardiff, Dana Tarnai, Robert 9, 68, 240 Tarnai, Suzy 153, 217 Tarver, Derrick 217 Tassi, Deidre Tassitino, Michell Tassitino, Tammy 217, 257 Tayloe, Denise Taylor, Ann Taylor, Barbara 217 Taylor, Beverly Taylor, Cindy 139, 240 Taylor, David 149, 257 Taylor, Deborah 70, 217 Taylor, Gregory 147, 273 Taylor, James 257 Taylor, John 240 Taylor, Katherine 240 Taylor, Lisa 273 Taylor, Michael 217, 273 Taylor, Patricia 148, 21 7 Taylor, Scott 217 Taylor, Sherrie Taylor, Tamela 217 Taylor, Thomas 257 Taylor, William 257 Taylor, Wilma 240 Tedeschi, Diane Tedeschi, Donna 217 Tedeschi, Sarah Teel, Donna 257 Teel, Kelvin 273 Templeton, Nancy 217 Templeton, Sandra 273 Tennant, John 273 Testa, David 218 Testa, Ricky 18, 257 Testerman, Tammy 273 Tetu, Lisa 140, 240 Thayer, Marco Thayer, William Thibodeau, John 273 Thison, Jim 273 Thomaidis, Irene 257 Thomaidis, Maria 95, 240 Thomaidis, Teresa 94, 257 Thomas, Antrone 273 Thomas, Caroline 240 Thomas, David 64, 240 Thomas, Dawn 218 Thomas, Donna Thomas, Elizabeth 4, 5, 142, 240 Thomas, Fredrick 129, 130, 218 Thomas, James 14, 257 Thomas, Mark 240 Thomas, Sabrina 240 Thomas, Scott 78, 240 Thomas, Sheree 257 Thomas, Stephanie 74 Thomas, Stephanie 74, 93, 151,240 Thomas, Tracy 240 Thomas, Wayne Thompson, Anthony Thompson, Bill Thompson, Carol 273 Thompson, Chari 273 Thompson, Charita 257 Thompson, Christine Thompson, Debra 218 Thompson, Keith 218 Thompson, Kenny 273 Thompaon, Jr. 240 Thopson, Teresa 240 Thompson, Pam 240 Thompson, Louie 218 Thompson, Monica 257 Thompson, Patricia Thompson, Rhonda 257 Thompson, Robert 147 Thompson, Susan 149 Thompson, Teresa 12, 17 Thompson, Thomas Thompson, Warren 82 Thoren, Allen Thoreson, David 130, 218 Thoreson, Eric 257 Thorlton, Michelle Thorne, Kassie95, 139, 257 Thornton, Kenneth 131, 272 Thorpe, Dawn Thorsteinsson, Eric Thurston, Kathryn 240 Thurston, Mark 273 Thurston, Steven Tierney, Suzanne 129, 140, 144, 218 Tiller, Betty 240 Tiller, Kristin Tillman, Krista 218 Tipton, Donald 218 Todd, Kurt 257 Todd, Mark 24, 76, 218 Tolbert, Carl 218 Toler, Victoria 139, 219 Toman, Barbara 257 Toman, Martin 273 Tompkins, Gayle Toms, Mary 257 Tondreau, David Torance, Sheila 257 Torres, Andres 139, 257 Torrice, Paul 15, 241 Touch, David Touch, Kimberly 136, 140, 219 Townsend, Jay 153, 241 Townsend, Wade 273 Tray, Patrick 241 Trelinskie, Therri 27, 74, 129, 130, 257 Trigger, Thomas 241 Trivett, Ben 88 Troiano, Anthony 257 Trotter, Marshall 88, 257 Truesdell, Doug Truesdell, Keith Truitt, Benjamin Truitt, Tracy 95, 241 Truitt, Todd 88 Trujillo, Rhonada Trundy, Teresa 129, 130, 219 Tuck, Douglas 257 Tucker, Jeri 147, 257 Tucker, Lajune 273 Turley, James Turley, Michael 257 Turner, Craig 90 Turner, Denise 241 Turner, Douglas 82, 85, 139, 219 Turner, James 273 Turner, Kevin 273 Turner, Merle Turner, Randall 273 Turner, Sandra 219 Turner, Steven 257 Tutsock, Angela 273 Tuttle, John U Ulriby, B. 147 Ulrich, Brenda 241 Undercofer, Cindy 241 Underwood,John 90, 273 Unger, Carletta Urioste, Patricia Uy, Jerry 131,150, 154, 241 Uyeda, Mary 241 V Valdez, Carlos Valliant, Geri 85, 95, 241 Valvo, Richard 273 Van Gelder, John 273 Vanalstyne, Shelly 129, 257 Vanausdale, Debra 241 Vanausdale, Susan 257 Vancuren, Richard 11, 129, 139 Van Gelder, Jeffrey 219 Vanover, Richard Vanover, Wm. Lee 273 Vantree, Tony 153 Vars, John Vary, Lisa 273 Veil, Jeffrey 219 Veil, Lisa 67,241 Velasquez, Dianna 219 Velasquez, Marie 241 Venable, Cynthia Venti, John Ventre, Wesley 273 Verburg, Kevin 273 Verdeyen, Derek 82, 87, 219 Verdeyen, Jill 67, 85, 139, 140, 151,241 Vermilyea, Mary 136, 140, 147, 219 Vernarelli, Carla 257 Vervena, Cynthia 131, 257 Vervena, Lisa 241 Vest, Jean 219 Vetterick, Jeff 241 Vea, Bonnie 257 Via, Cathy 220 Via, Jeffrey 4, 129, 130, 220 Viers, Karen 273 Vieth, Janet 273 Vinchiarello, Ann 257 Vinson, Melody Virtue, Colin 220 302 CLOSING Vis, Sally 220 Volk, Marsha 241 Vollmar, Joey 273 Volpe, Michael 273 Volpe, Robert 257 Vowell, Rebecca 140, 220 W Wadsworth, David Waggy,.Douglas 82, 220 Wagner, Charles 88 Wagner, Thomas 257 Wagnon, James 241 Wagus, Kimberly 139, 147, 241 Waibel, Joanna Wainauskis, Peggy 148, 220 Wamwnght, Eva 220 Waldman, Katherine 257 Walker, Angela 273 Walker, Barbara 13, 273 Walker, Beverly Walker, David 220 Walker, Jeannie 273 Walker, Karen 70, 220 Walker, Katherine 273 Walker, Kevin Walker, Kirk 241 Walker, Lyle Walker, Mary 241 Walker, Michael Walker, Michael L. Walker, Michael T. Walker, Michelle Walker, Phillip 257 Walker, Robert 220 Walker, Tam 273 Walker, Vince 257 Wallace, Daryl Wallace, Gregg Wallace, Gregory Wallace, Lori 273 Wallace, Phyllis Waller, James Wallich, Laura 70, 129, 241 Walls, Cheryl 273 Walraven, Timothy Walsh, Mark Walsh, Thomas Walter, David Walter, Lynn 273 Walters, Lori 221 Walters, Bill 241 Walters, Steven 241 Walthall, John 221 Walthall, Lura 221 Walton, David Walton, Leroy Walton, Roy 258 Walvius, Elizabeth 141, 241 Walvius, Susan 5, 258 Wanamaker, Charles 273 Wanamaker, John Wanamaker, Thomas 11, 145 Wanamski, Thomas 221 Ward, Anthony 221 Ward, Diana 258 Ward, Gary 145, 241 Ward, Michele 151,258 Ward, Susan 241 Ward, Thomas 273 Warren, Robert 62, 241 Washburn, Mark 221 Washington, Derrik Washington, Dietri 273 Washington, Ella Washington, Frank 232 Washington, Herman 221 Washington, Phillip Washington, Priscila Washington, Valerie 273 Wasiuta, Kenneth Wasiuta, Myron 241 Waterstraat, Chris 241 Waterstraat, Tracy 274 Watkins, Kenneth Watkins, Tiersa 274 Watkins, Wanda 74 Watring, Mark Watson, Denise 258 Watson, James 8, 64, 241 Watson, Leslie 129 Watson, Linda 221 Watson, Myles 32, 274 Watt, Joseph 241,268 Watt, Paul 274 Watts, Deborah 6 Waymire, Brian 241 Weakland, James 221 Weaver, Amy 241 Weaver, Leslie 136, 221 Webb, Carolyn 241 Webb, Donna Webb, James Webb, Ruby Webber, Dana 241 Webber, Stephen Webster, Karen 274 Weedon, Sherri 43, 152, 258 Weidman, K. 129 Weiler, Fred 273 Weiser, Allison 151,258 Weiser, Carolyn 241 Weiss, Scott Welborn, Gerald 241 Welch, Gregory 258 Wells, Cheryl Wells, John Wells, Mike Wells, Ronnie Welty, Sherry 258 Wendle, Catherine 221 Wendle, Lee 258 Wendt, Andrea 241 Wendt, Scott Wenner, Daniel West, Brian 258 West, James West, Jason 221 West, Steven 241 Wheaton, John 258 Wheeleham, Teresa 147 Wheelehan, Debra Wheeler, John 241,258 Wheeler, Karen Wheeler, Karen A. Wheeler, Robin 148, 222 Wheeler, Thomas Wheet, Janice 241 Whelchel, Steve 274 Whisler, Douglas 222 Whisler, Wayne 241 Whitaker, Terri 258 White, Austin 258 White, Janet 274 White, Jerry 258 White, Randy 88, 90, 274 White, Vicky 222 White, Vincent 241 Whiting, Frankie 241 Whiting, Lester Whiting, Shirley 241 Whitlock, Docie 241 Whitmore, Stephen 241 Whitney, Robin Whitt, Tara 129, 241 Whittaker, Brian 274 Whitty, Janice Wiggins, Karla 5 Wilburn, Mark Wiles, Melissa 136, 258 Wiley, Terry 88 Wilkie, Monnie Wilkin, Michael 241,260 Wilkins, David 258 Wilkins, Luther Wilkins, Michael 222 Wilks, Kimberly Willett, Robert 274 Williams, Baron 68, 242 Williams, Belinda 242 Williams, Billy Williams, Brenda 131,258 Williams, Carmelit Williams, Carmila Williams, Charles 222, 258 Williams, Chris Williams, Christopher Williams, Debbie Williams, Grant 88, 147, 258 Williams, Jeana 258 Williams, Jeffrey 274 Williams, Karen 242 Williams, Kelly 222 Williams, Kimberly 242 Williams, Lawren 90, 242 Williams, Lisa 148 Williams, Michael 148, 222 Williams, Neil Williams, Oliver Williams, Richard 242 Williams, Russell Williams, Shelly Williams, Suaznne 144, 258 Williams, Thomas Williams, Todd 258 Williams, Wendall 144, 153,222 Williamson, John Willis, Erica 273 Willis, Marcia 70, 140, 242 Wilsey, Sandra 222 Wilson, C. Othell 222 Wilson, Connie 140, 222 Wilson, Debra 222 Wilson, Delena Wilson, Donna 273 Wilson, Dorothy 273 Wilson, Jennifer 222, 225 Wilson, Johnnie 90 Wilson, Leigh 258 Wilson, Melissa 242 Wilson, Michael 242 Wilson, Patricia 140, 152, 223 Wilson, Peter 258 Wilson, Ray Wilson, Stephanie Wilson, Theresa 242 Wilson, Whitney Wiltshire, Clyde Wimer, Tammy 242 Windham, Kim 136, 242 Wing, Kaye 144, 223 Wing, Serge 8, 82, 223 Winget, John 273 Wingler, Connie 273 Wingo, Rebecca 5, 244, 258 Wisnlow, Diane 21, 223 Winston, Bobby 82, 242 Winter, Deborah Winter, Marsha 242 Winters, Kelly 273 Wiseman, Mary 131, 139, 151,261,242,260 Wiseman, Myra 273 Wiseman, Jan 140, 154, 155, 223, 261, 260, 304 Withers, Deidre 241 Witt, James 242 Witt, Ronald Wold, John 223, 258 Wold, Kimberly Wolfe, Brian 29, 242 Wolford, James 258 Wolson, Mark 88, 258 Woltner, Michael 242 Woltner, Rudolph 147, 223 Woltz, Timothy Wong, Pui Wood, Jo Anne 242 Wood, Rodney Woodfin, David Woodfin, Kathryn Woodfork, Jonathan 242 Woodruff, Lon 136, 223 Woods, Jeff Woods, Michael 242 Woolndge, Julie 19, 139, 224 Woosley, Craig Workman, Cheri 258 Worley, Clifford 242 Worley, Lisa 258 Worthen, Leanne 94, 242 Worthington, Paula 242 Worthington, Warren 224 Wright, Angela 258 Wright, John 242 Wright, Robert Wyatt, Alan 274 Wyatt, Ann 137 Wyatt, Randall 258 Wybersky, Stanly 68, 242 Y Yacobi, Michele 27, 274 Yancoskie, Gary 78, 224, 242 Yancoskie, Gregory 78 Yates, John 224 Yates, Kimberly 242 Yates, Mark 274 Yates, Theresa 258 Yauss, Patricia 129, 258 Yauss, Christopher Yenyo, Alexander Ylisela, Karen 242 York, Melinda 258 Yorker, Brock Young, Derrick 274 Young, Dina 242 Young, Kathy 274 Young, Lance 274 Young, Lauri 274 Young, Marchelle Young, Mary 274 Young, Michael 242 Young, Pauline 143, 258 Young, Rebecca 153, 258 Young, Reginald Young, Rhonda 242 Yousa, P. 129 z Zaldana, Gloria 274 Zavala, Martha Zawoiski, Karenn 258 Zehner, Darren 242 Zelek, Edwin 153, 242 Zmgg, Rosa Zoromski, Alois 258 Zoromski, Neal 274 Zwinak, B. J. 82, 87, 224 CLOSING 303 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT INDIAN ECHOES STAFF 1979-80 EDITORS: Rebecca Ann Arnold . Terry Fawley. Michele Puletz. Charles Jones, Sherry Morris Cindy Greer . Barry Morris, Danny Shiner . Sheri Raymond. Jan Wiseman, Rodney Dew . STAFF: Lois Berdaus John Boyd Jo Ann Breeding Leslie Dubreuil Victor Frierson Brian Jacobson Ken Lee Joy Schaerr Scott Stewart Suzy Tarnai Jerry Uy .Editor-in-Chiet .Student Life .Sports .Organizations .Seniors .Underclassmen .Closing .Business Distrib. SPECIAL THANKS TO: Mr. Bob Thompson of Taylor Publishing Co. George Deal of LaMont Studios George Brown Sponsor: Mr. Stephen Sawyer 304 CLOSING 02300556 PO VIR VA 371.8976 Gar Gar Indian echoes B PRINCE WILLIAM PUBLIC LIBRARY SYSTEM " REG LIE - 3 3159 00535 3953 For Reference This item for use in the library only. I ,V Prince William Public Library

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