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PillRW ' WMwmmm rn wmm fife LYDIA MARIA FERRAN LydUa. terra we© ' I ' LL BE YOUR FRIEND AND I ' LL LEND A HELPING HAND p O ' K W f $ L jA A ■ Mcu LsLcLa) lAsxs £yz « tde CUt%-£_ %AA A-i±J jtbytAhdJ pd syy -J A_g_s £Co -J : Y --A-J o ' - AxAZa , 2 Vi2L £j( jk a A: , A LaJCLajJI ' txxd y A— t -v 3 o43 ' 7 ' d d ‘ ' {i ' f ' 1 ' StJ ' t- n Xj ' —f u ' X ' O -at C Co r V jr $ Jo Cr 0r ' Cr .6 jf 5 V ' jj ,fcV " ' O’ O , 4 : V r 1 £ o „ V a I «-’ W 1 0 V " C?. C wv. ; 2 rl t %. iD :f =KXj 1 =, £f» V M f y A ' f , . V yi J V? xf y j£C f V ca f|‘ w y A 4 i v -0 - OPENING STUDENT LIFE TIONS ERTISEM jjwjlE M y JUO .cJL N ttio. 14000 SMOKETOWN ROAD WOODBRIDGE VIRGINIA 22191 answer the v can t estior n ' t kn v i yhat to fisw rs are ' somewhere st in the stars when light has turned to day i 4 Opening you ' re here today , no future fears this day will last a thousand years if you want it to and all at once you ' re lost within the emptiness of you and there ' s no one left who ' s near enough to tell you what to do . iJ-K tjft ' ft J ,, W . ofi „.k “j Kr " b Opening 5 wake up in the morning to yourself open your eyes and start to be you a smile takes but a moment but the memory sometimes last forever i can ' t sit here alone and i need to be free 6 Opening will you run the risk of being taunted by doing what you want to do or do you prefer your whole life to be haunted by the ones who choose to care for you r pW l ' , W M ■ . with racial pride sad hearts they hide Opening 7 : ' klfS WKr 1 f . : 1 is se « «■■ p ■ ■■■■■■■■I - . ■■ ' .V . ■ ■ IteMMli m §mm | ■■fl -: :J ; J| ■- J| I Rif ®® ®?- ' aSjE?,v;-V- tygj?: ritt p v.C v -j- rTL wjy A Determined not to teach, Mrs. Parr has been a teacher at G ' -F since 1946, be¬ coming Gar-Field ' s first full time guidance counselor in the fall of 1960. At that time, the senior class of ' 61 had only 67 stu¬ dents, a far cry from 525 students in the senior class of ' 74. When Mrs. Parr first came to Gar-Field there were 450 students and 35 members of the faculty. At that time, G-F included grades 8-1 2 and it was the only high school at this end of the county. There was no stadium, just the wooden bleachers. One of the problems that Mrs. Parr has seen while teaching at Gar-Field has been that the school " had so many stu¬ dents, because it was the only high school in the area. " In those days, she taught Math, General Science, and Spanish. The Woodbridge High School was later built and Gar-Field ' s enrollment was down for one year, but it was soon on the rise again. 1965, as Mrs. Parr recalls, was the beginning of the very rapid growth of G-F " Every morning there was a group of new students. " When asked about the size of the building as compared to the size of the student body, she laughed and replied, " Well, we ' ve had three additions, you know, to the old building. " The biggest transaction for the students has been the move into the new school, and the end of the three year long split shift history. Proportionally, G-F ' s school spirit and pride has not changed, considering the size of the school from year to year. It has always been here. To Mrs. Parr it has not changed simply because there is too much going on at the same time, so the involvement is spread out. G-F has not always had Mrs. Parr. Before she came to Gar-Field grounds, she attended college. Upon graduation she began her career in education, teach¬ ing three years before she married. That ended teaching for a while, for this was during the depression and few women were hired during this time. Jobs were scarce, and on the most part, men held the positions. Later, Mrs. Parr began substituting and finally taught for one full year in the Valley, where her husband was principal. World War II came and her teaching ended once more until her husband got out of the Navy in 1946. Then it was on to Gar-Field High School. What would Gar-Field do without Mrs. Parr? Well, next year we ' ll find out because this is Mrs. Parr ' s last year at G-F. All students, faculty, and administra¬ tors alike will miss her. She has been great for Gar-Field High School. Mrs. Parr Tells G-F ' s Story The many duties of Mrs. Parr never seem to cease. 10 Student Life Students find that Mrs. Parr is willing to take time out for their needs. Listening is the key word to learning as teachers practice what they preach. Gar-Field Dedicated At Last. Administration, parents and children congregate after dedication. Gar-Field Senior High School was opened for almost ten months before it was finally dedicated on September 30, 1973. Everyone was surprised when it was announced that the school was finally going to be dedicated because it had been put off for so long. The dedi¬ cation was postponed so many times because of scheduling of other events in the building filled the calendar. Administrators, parents, and students were welcomed by Lilo Frank, president of the Student Government Cooperation. Lilo introduced the Gar-Field High School Symphonic Band and also told the audience how great she thought the new school really is. Guest speaker for the occasion was Stewart Beville, former Supt. of Schools in Prince William County. Mr. Beville is currently the director of Off-Campus Affairs at Virginia Tech. The prayer was given by Rev. Duncan, pastor of Dale City Baptist Church. The dedication was a very simple ceremony even though the " new” Gar-Field Senior High School is not a very simple school. After the ceremony itself there were tours of the school and an open house for all those interested. Most of the discussion between guides, which were students at Gar-Field, and citizens were based on the open concept of teaching. Citizens expressed good views on this new concept of learning. They were mostly amazed at the open classrooms and how students and teachers could possibly work in them, especially in the Math and Foreign Languag e departments. Teachers were available in the pods for questions of any sort. They talked to parents, citizens, or just about anybody. The teachers wanted people of the com¬ munity to be pleased with Gar-Field and the new open concept of teaching. Although not many people showed up for the dedication, it proved to be a pretty big success. Gar-Field Senior High School has finally been dedicated. G-F students volunteer for dedication tour guides. Student Life 11 Row 1 Dave Samanie, Walter Jachimowicz, Jim McClure, Ricky Berry, Stanley Stephens, Dale Jones, Jim Ferraro, Russel Hora, Alan Miller, Gary Fravel Row 2 Rodney Roeske, Bob Weeks, Rossie Alston, Keith Thomas, Ernie Wilson, Robert Janiga, Bill Lambrun, Ken Sullivan, Dave Nixon, Winston Stanley, Paul Mahood Row 3 Joe Debaun, Mike Debaun, Leroy Humbert, Pudgie Nelum, Ralph Daigneau, Danny Lockett, Jim Wise, Allen Weeks, Danny Hurley. Row 4 Bill Ausley, Mike Mick, Daryl Gunn Glenn Hager, Dorin Moberg, Mike Martin, Mark Thomas, Klaus Schafer Row 5 Bobby Duncan, Steve Kaserman, David Larson, Scott Simpson, Mike Lawson, Don Courchene, Ray Cheshire. John Glenn, Mr Jordan (Coach), Mr. Campbell (Coach). Not Pictured: Bob Watt, Mike Ruitt, Ken Murray, Harvey Loveless, Carl Vernon, Colin Perry. Gerald Stanley, Bobby Pemberton, Woody Bergeria, Jeff Nixon y ' y V - , - With a loolhi f detenfimation Rick Clukey--Jails thru the air in the running brodd jump o ' v r t ■ ' ' t j t Y ' W . V W VI- Gar-Field 112 James Monroe 27 Stonewall 12 Gar-Field 79 Vi Albermarle Fauquier 13 Gar-Field 82 Handley Gar-Field 105 Woodbridge James Wood 16 Gar-Field 88 Woodbridge 66 Vi J 50 40 V J 43 Lynchburg Relays Dogwood Relays Tennessee Volunteer Classic Occoquan Relays Harringer Relays Alexandria Relays 1 st place 2nd place 3rd place 1st place 3rd place 4th place District Regional 1 st place 1st place 12 Student Life m . ■ ..._ jpmv OUTDOOR TRACK HAS BEST SEASON EVER Russell Hora gains a mere toehold on the track to victory Ernie Wilson. Dale Jones, and Paul Mahood compete in the 220 To about eighty-three guys at Gar- Field, spring ' 73 didn ' t mean flowers, new green leaves and warm sunny days. To them it meant sore calfs, shin splints and hard work, because those eighty- three guys were trying out for G-F ' s outdoor track team. More guys than Coach Mike Campbell knew what to do with came out for the team, and it looks like this trend will continue in the years ahead. Under Mr. Campbell ' s and Coach Aaron Jordan ' s direction, G-F has become a power to be feared in the D C. area. Gar-Field is ranked along with Edison, T. C. Williams and Cooldige as a top team. In 1973, the outdoor track team took first in the district and regional meets, but failed to place at state. In one of the largest invitational meets, the Tennessee Volunteer Classic, our team took a high third out of 102 teams from all over the south. Student Life 13 t ? V) o J 1 ® 4_ g, vyO. Z i »c “J ' tGIRLS TRACK ON THE MOVE rV O J3- £ co O ' o j: x rJ VP m ,. ., _ V . “ . _ Jmmr The 1973 Girl’s Track Team had what it takes to make a great team. Long, sweaty, hard practices, five and six days a week paid off, as the team rolled on to victories in the county and regional meets. They also made a good showing at the state meet, taking sixth out of sixty- three teams. This was only the second year that the girl’s team had been awarded a varsity letter, and along with this step up, the level of competition rose. The girls feel that they are up to it though. As most of the team will be returning in ' 74, everyone agrees with Paula Girven, voted the most outstanding team member, that " something bigger is in store.’’ d Row 1 Lois Grindle, Paula Girven. Kitty Johnston, Leigh Brigham. Debbie Summers, Lisa Smith, Merle Black, Denise Dawson, Janice Burkhart. Row 2 Shelia Weedon. Kay Tyrell. Julie Tyrell. Donna Bailie, Sherry Klopp. - -Janice Barksdale, Patti Swartz, Shawn Matthews, Ramona Darnell, Alma Wolverton, Christa Sommerfelt. Anna -— A Smith Row 4 Donna Hamilton, Cindy Jones, Amy Yingling, Shelia Johnson, Sherry Dawes, Marge McClurkin, Judy Lawhorne, Cheryl Dille Row 4 Coaches: Mrs. Lockett, Mrs White. 00 V r Gar-Field 52 Orange 48 Gar-Field 75 Woodbridge 22 Gar-Field 65 Culpepper 35 Gar-Field 82 Brentsville 5 Gar-Field 57 Osbourn 36 Gar-Field 61 Stonewell 39 County 1st place Sectional 1 st place State 7th place GIRLS SOFTBALL: WOMEN ' S LIB " STRIKES " Row 1 Co-Captions: Laurie Martocci, Susan Linaberry Row 2 Beth Schroeder, Yvonne Pennifill, Sally McDonald. Row 3 George DeHaven (Manager), Beth Jones, Barbara Smith (Coach), Kit Meagher Row 4 Wanda Martocci, Gina Miller, Patty Graham, Eileen English, Mark Murphy (Manager). Number 3, Beth Jones awaits the pitch The Girl ' s Softball team is one of the only teams the girls can call their own. With the help of their male managers, they proved they can handle it by ending the spring season of 1973 with six wins and four losses. The team, under the direction of Coach Barbara Smith, consisted of mostly juniors and sophomores, with two seniors. Gar-Field 16 Brentsville 5 Gar-Field 15 Stonewall Jackson 10 Gar-Field 6 Osburn 8 Gar-Field 8 Woodbridge 9 Gar-Field 6 Stonewall Jackson 6 Gar-Field 13 Osburn 16 Gar-Field 13 Woodbridge 11 Gar-Field 11 Quantico 3 Gar-Field 14 Quantico 2 Gar-Field 10 Brentsville 12 Laurie Martocci gazes intently at the game in progress. Student Life 15 INTEREST IN TENNIS INCREASES Row 1 Matthew Lorelli. Gordon Combs. Wade Wise. David Hanesworth. Row 2 Paul Lorelli. Paul Boots. Kim Deck, Stacy Rafetellis. Mike Seiger, Richard Marsden. Mr. Clemmons: Coach Not Pictured: Mike Sugar, Tom Gilroy Paul Lorelli and Mike Sugar work out during practice. Gar-Field 5 Stonewall Jackson 4 Gar-Field 5 Handley 4 Gar-Field 8 , James Monroe 1 Gar-Field 8 Quantico 1 Gar-Field 3 Fauquier 6 Gar-Field 3 Osbourn 6 Gar-Field 4 Albermarle 5 Gar-Field 9 Quantico 0 Gar-Field 4 Woodbridge 6 Gar-Field 3 Lane 6 Gar-Field 6 James Wood 3 Interest in the tennis team was visibly picking up last year. Twenty six students came out for the team, and fourteen players were taken to every match The ' 73 season was the second season that girls were on the team. When asked what effect five girls had on the team. Coach Clemmons commented, " Makes it more enjoyable. " The team was in the building process, with five lettering seniors returning for that year. These were the numbers 1,2, 3, 4, and 6 players. The goal for this year is to win the District Championship. Tennis has become a very strong sport at Gar-Field. 16 Student Life Tom Gilroy serves another ball. Mr. French (Coach), Jim Hill, Shane Havner, Glen Long: Not Pictured: David Reichert. Jim Hill prepares to putt another one in. It seems tnat the golf craze that affects most men hasn ' t hit Gar-Field yet. Only four guys represented the 1973 team; and even though Coach Rick French worked hard with the team, two main obstacles could not be overcome: 1) not much interest, and 2) no easy access to a golf course for practice. Because G-F has no course (or even a semblance of one), the team played and practiced at the Quantico Marine Base golf course. Gar-Field 396 Osburn 396 Gar-Field 433 Albermarle Lane 431 Gar-Field 401 Woodbridge 354 Golf Classic;Gar-Field 789 Dave Reichart concentrates on the ball while pre¬ paring for his drive GOLF SUFFERS LACK OF INTEREST Student Life 17 Junior Varsity Baseball in ' 73 had a very impressive season. The team, con¬ sisting of an equal amount of sophomores and freshmen, but with no juniors, ended in an eleven wins and one loss season. Coach Lookabill remarked, " I taught my players that the fundamentals were the key to winning.” Preparing his team for a future varsity squad. Coach Looka¬ bill trained them to play " just plain baseball " and to " just plain win. " JV Baseball Scores Gar-Field 5 Woodbridge 0 Gar-Field 7 Stafford 6 Gar-Field 9 James Monroe2 Gar-Field 4 Stonewall 2 Gar-Field 13 Fauquier 2 Gar-Field 15 Osbourn 3 Gar-Field 4 Osbourn 0 Gar-Field 2 Woodbridge 3 Gar-Field 3 Stafford 0 Gar-Field 7 Stonewall 6 Gar-Field 15 James Monroe3 Gar-Field 5 Fauquier 0 Another base hit for Bob DeLong JV BASEBALL 11-1 Row 1 Phil Ponder, Herbie Porter. Kerry Zavich, Keith Lunnen. Row 2 Bob De Long, Dennis Mulgrew. David Beaty. Row 3 Terry Donovan, Bill Mulgrew, Mike Sullivan. Doug Owens Row 4: Mike Fucuira, Randy Waite, Rick Ridderbush, Jay Arvai. Row 5 Gary Clark. Carlos Ferran, Duke Stableford Not Pictured: Mr Lookabill: Coach. Bench time gives guys a chance to plan strategy. 18 Student Life VARSITY BASEBALL Row 1 Don Turley, Mark Helser, Billy Myers, Mike McCellen. Wayne Underwood, Jimmy Mims, John Parks. Ray Lunnen Row 2 Lans Griffith, Robbie Canada, Dexter Green, Robert Campbell, Barry Beadle, Eddie Dent, Butch Irby, Mike Malley, Chuck Spencer. Not Pictured: Richard Meadows, Tim Orehowsky, Mr Moore: Coach Varsity Baseball Scores Gar-Field 3 Albermarle 9 Gar-Field 3 Lane 4 Gar-Field 4 Woodbridge 3 Gar-Field 11 Stafford 3 Gar-Field 2 Stonewall 7 Gar-Field 8 James Monroe9 Gar-Field 0 Lane 5 Gar-Field 6 Fauquier 2 Gar-Field 6 Osbourn 2 Gar-Field 0 Osbourn 2 Gar-Field 1 Woodbridge 2 Gar-Field 3 Stonewall 4 Gar-Field 0 Albermarle 2 Gar-Field 7 James Monroe4 Gar-Field 0 Fauquier 8 Gar-Field 0 Stafford 7 The 1973 Varsity Baseball team ended its season with a record of 5-1 1. The team was in a building process as most of its previous stars had graduated in 1972 Only four of the team members had varsity experience before the ' 73 season. Coach Moore explained, " We couldn ' t hit the close ones. Our hitting failed us at crucial times. " The Indians are dedicated players and constantly work towards improvement. An unidentified runner attempts to beat the ball to base. Players and fans watch game with interest. Student Life 19 SECOND BIG YEAR FOR GAR-FIELD GYMNISTS Coach Howard stresses unity in all routines. Even though Gar-Field has only had an all male gymnastic team for two years, interest is big among the guys. Many went out for the team, with a final fourteen making it. Because there are so few boy ' s teams in our area, our team was forced to compete with long-standing Annandale and Alexandria teams. They held their own though, showing that it doesn ' t take years of building before a team becomes good. Hard work and dedication are needed, and those two things definately showed up in the ' 73 team. Gar-Field 52 T.C. Williams 44 Gar-Field 70 Wakefield 87 Gar-Field 55.41 Annandale 54.19 W.T. Woodson 74.37 Gar-Field 73.7 Herdon 70.61 Gar-Field 86 J.E.B. Stuart 61 Gar-Field 59.38 Yorktow n 82 67 Gar-Field 74 Mount Vernon 84 Gar-Field 78 Hayfield 77.20 Row 1 Victor Carrell. Chris Baardse, Dennis Rogers, David Hauke. Fred Prior, Jay Nesmith, Pete Terczak; Row 2 Mr. Howard: Coach, Dave Turner, Mike Ducharme, James Ridley, Burt Karr, Danny Mason, Hank Hoagland, John Bowan Not Pictured: Ed Brown, Bob Nickeles, Jon Hinman, Bob Beagley, Cindy Larson: Manager. 20 Student Life 73 SGC CANDIDATES SPEAK; RACE RELATIONS BEGIN The first of many meetings to come for the Race Relations Council. Lilo Frank, presidential candidate. Mr. Cox opens the SGC assembly. Rossie Alston presents his speech to the students. With the school year coming to an end, certain matters concerning the upcoming year needed tending to Business wise, the SGC elections were at hand. Officers were partaking in their final major duty, the final assembly for the school year, their final meeting during their office to introduce the SGC candidates. Sara Cogan, former President of the Student Government, was not present. Barry Beadle presided over the meeting. Seth Brown and Lilo Frank were presented as the presidential candidates, this being their second time for they competed in Jr. High for SCA president. Next in line, the vice presidential candidates, Joy Raftellis, Sandy Schultz, and Rossie Alston were presented followed by Cathy Aldrich, unopposed for secretary. Candidates for Sgt. at Arms were Lydia Ferran, Mark McGowen, and Denise Crone. The presentation was concluded by the speeches of Tina Woods (Richard Clark spoke for Tina since she was away) and Craig Mosher for the Office of COMSTAC. The second half of the assembly was devoted to the Race Relations Council, formed to help ease the tensions which may arise within our school. In the fall of 1973, this council was to take its place among the many councils, committees, and clubs which make up Gar-Field Senior High School. Student Life 21 " Venice by Starlight " was the theme of the 1 973 Junior-Senior Prom. For the junior class things got off to a slow start, but the prom ended up quite a big success. It was held May 1 9 at the Marumsco Creek Park Community Center. Admission to the prom was $3 for junior couples and senior couples were admitted free. In February the junior class held a card sale to raise money for the prom. It wasn ' t quite as successful as expected but it still brought in some money. Other prom fund raising projects by the " Class of ' 74 " were the Male Beauty Contest and the Junior Class Variety Show. At first there was a lot of conflict between juniors on what the theme would be and finally " Venice by Starlight " was decided on. The entertainment for this occasion was by the " Starlights, " a well known band from the Woodbridge area. Many committees were set up within the junior class to take care of all the things that had to be done to get ready for the prom. The president of the junior class, Julie Wilson, was in charge of the whole prom in addition to being head of the entertainment committee and decoration committee. The refreshments were handled by Patti Case. Toni Nocifora took care of invitations. There was a change in tradition concerning the invitations at the 1973 prom. Instead of the traditional white or light blue with gold lettering they were purple with black lettering, far from being very traditional. Memory books were given out and in charge of this committee was Annie Cummings. Sponsors of the junior class were Miss Turner, Mrs. Scott, Mrs. Woods, and Mr. Davis. The community center is not very large. A lot of students did attend the prom and as a result there weren ' t enough seats for everybody and because of the lack of seats many girls ended up sitting on their date ' s laps. Eventhough it was quite a bit crowded, the 1973 Junior- Senior Prom turned out to be a most enjoyable and memorable evening for everyone. 04 MJ2 StaxLicjfit G-F students having dinner at Hogate ' s. Jim Freidy helps his date on with her coat. % 22 Student Life Sally McDonald and Jeannie Williams put finishing touches on mural, while Toni Nocifora and Annie Cummings help raise the ceiling. a Venetian mural adds atmosphere to the evening " The Starlights ' " Lee Stoffregen, Tom Ansink, Tim Powers, and Ray Elliott. Student Life 23 Another year and another awards assembly, but this one was different, maybe even special. It was the end of the first year in the new Gar-Field and our first awards assembly together in three years. In the past, this has been almost impossible due to the split shifts. Aside from the fact that it was a hot, muggy day and we were nearly packed into the gym like a can of sardines, there was an unusual amount of pep and excitement in the air. School was quickly drawing to a close and everyone hurried their final farewells to graduating senior friends. For the most part, students eagerly awaited the awards presentation in which the most deserving are recognized in the different fields. People that they them¬ selves may have voted for weeks before would win the coveted awards. Some of the recipitents were in Choir; Carolyn Aiken, outstanding newcomer. Penny Beard, outstanding senior girl, Rodney Freeze, outstanding senior boy and Kevin VanHutton, outstanding musician. These people, considered the most musically inclined among the group in Concert Choir. There were those fields in which two students were considered equally de¬ serving. D.E. awarded the outstanding girl award to two individuals, Jean Butler and Lee Anne Whittenburg, also, outstanding boy award was presented to Glenn Moore. Fashion Merchandising presented their awards to Lorraine Kreider and Cathy Bossemyer. Debate awarded Meritorius Award Letter to Jackie Mezaras and Mark Hindin, and Medallion to John Doldt. Library Awards went to Delynn Tennant and Mike Graber. Girls P.E. went to Joyce Gilbert and Sheila Wee- don. Industrial Arts award presented to William Reagle, and Robert Gillespie and the Indian Echoes presented their awards to Editor and Co-Editor, Christina Brown and Rita Thomas. Others saw it fit to present two awards, one for an upperclassman and one for an underclassman. Those which fell into this category are. Art, whose upperclass¬ man was Gail Wilson and underclassman was Robert Nichols. Business Ed pre¬ sented the upperclassman award to Joan Taboun and to Patricia Wade went the underclassman award. This year the English award went to upperclassman Susan Ritts and underclassman Suzanne Stephens. Debbie Scarbro was the upperclassman who received the award from the Home Economics Department and Wanda Gray was the receiving under¬ classman. The Mathematics Department presented their awards to upperclass- Rita Thomas presents Miss Pickens with a thankful gift. 24 Student Life man Susan Ritts and underclassman Robert Raybin The Science Departments ' upperclassman award went to Robert Coke and the underclassman award went to Bryan Pieritz. The most patriotic and community minded this year was Gwen Goretsas and Gregory Thompson, who received the American Legion Award. In Dramatics, Rodney Freeze received his award for acting and Ron Hall received his for stage manager. The History De¬ partment presented the award for American Studies to Paul Ross and Anna Smith was the recipient of the World Studies award. Rodney Freeze received a certificate for Forensics and Virginia Wilson lettered. The following people were singularly awarded in these areas; the Band De¬ partment awarded Gregory Thompson. Orchestra went to Ellyn Stewart. D.A.R. was awarded to Robin Dean. Soropti- mist was presented to Sara Cogan The I.C.T. award was presented to Maureen Walsh. The following were noted for their outstanding work in the Foreign Language Department. The French award went to Lilo Frank, Latin award went to Marc Wing, the Spanish award went to Debbie Scarbro, and the German award went to Barbara Saxon. Noted for his outstanding work in Boys P.E. was LaVerne Hovey. Leigh Brigham was awarded for her ability in Girl ' s Athletics and Jim Ferraro was awarded for his ability in Boy ' s Athletics. Stacy Raftelis was awarded the Student Council award. The L.P.N. award went to Debbie Boozier. Masonry pre¬ sented its award to John Westerland and Tim Hawks was awarded for his ability in Auto Mechanics. Food Services awarded Julie Tyrrell and Theresa Allen was the recipient of Cosmotology ' s award. This years ' Reader ' s Digest award went to Susan Ritts. The Varsity Club Scholarship went to Leigh Brigham and the Science Club Scholarship was awarded to Gwen Goretsas. Debate Medallion is awarded to John Doldt Marc Wing receives the Latin award. Miss Poindexter embraces Rodney Freeze Mr Mattice announces SGC awards. Hard Working Students Are Recognized For Their Efforts Student Life 25 C7 Z ' I7 k llomznti. ared UocjztpLzx cd fi£. (f ons. Mr Clark presents Julie and Susan Linaberry with Woodbridge Lion ' s Club Scholarship. One of the speakers of the " Class of ' 73 " was Susan Ritts. During her four years at Gar-Field she obtained a 4.0 average. It is a very distinguished accom¬ plishment and anyone who maintains it should be proud. A lot of work was put out by Susan during her high school years to be singled out as one of the most outstanding students in her class. Susan ' s speech was very touching to everyone who attended the commence¬ ment exercises. It brought tears to the majority of people who were there. It even brought tears to the speaker herself. The basis of Susan ' s speech was unity or the lack of unity. The " Class of ' 73 " began at old Gar-Field with split shifts separating the students. Everyone dreamed of the day when they would arrive at the new Gar-Field and could begin unifying the class. The move to the new building was postponed time and time again until they finally arrived in late November ' 72. The result of this was the failure of a dream. " As I stand here I don ' t know the people in front of me. As a class we are strangers. We have no unity. " " Class of ’73 " Speaker. Susan Ritts. " Our world is not wide enough it seems. To hold all the wonder of youthful dreams. " 26 Student Life Lj, ’ ‘7 nz LhJ Sara Cogan and Richard Clark predicting the future for fellow graduates. Graduation for the " Class of ' 73 " had finally come on June 8, 1 973. It is one of the most special occasions in the lives of these young people. The gym at Gar- Field was jammed with teachers, parents, relatives, friends, and of course graduates. There wasn ' t even standing room. Four long years of high school were coming to a close. Each person in that gym had a different thought going through his mind. Parents were shedding a few tears thinking about their little boy or girl growing up, but there was also pride in their faces. Little brothers and sisters were thinking it ' ll be great to get that ole big brother out of the house and off to college. Friends were remembering all the good times that were spent. Teachers were trying to remember which of these students they had in their classes in the past four years. The ones doing the most thinking though were the graduates. Most were probably wonder¬ ing about parties after graduation but they also had to be thinking about the new life they would be starting after tonight. What would life be like now? The future will answer that for all of them. Mr. Rampley, sponsor of the " Class of ' 73 " since their freshman year, fell short of words when asked his opinion of the class. " They were good as freshmen, as sophomores, a good junior and senior class, a hard working class with a tremendous amount of leadership material, as each year the offices were held by different people. " A lot of things were done during the commencement exercises. There is always the presentation of awards. They are as follows; The Eastern Prince William Professional Women ' s Club was presented to Laura Delozier ($200), Woodbridge Women ' s Club was pre¬ sented to Julie Linaberry ($500), American Legion Auxiliary was presented to Dorothy J. 3mith ($500), Woodbridge Lion ' s Club presented to $usan and Julie Linaberry ($500 each), $GC Award was presented David J. Nixon ($100), " It ' s Academic " was presented to $ara Cogan ($ 100), and Mu Alpha Theta was presented Margaret $uddarth. Two very distinguished awards were presented at graduation. No cash was given with them. The Citizenship Award was pre¬ sented to $ara Cogan and the Scholastic Award was presented to Susan Ritts. A few members of the graduating class gave speeches. Some of which were very touching. Giving speeches at the commencement exercises were Susan Ritts, Sara Cogan and Richard Clark, David Samanie, and Fonda Franklin. These graduates spoke of their years at Gar-Field and how they must prepare for the future and accept the things that go along with growing up. The most important event of the even¬ ing was each individual taking that long walk to the platform to receive that much dreamed of diploma Many faces were tear stained. Were they crying out of joy or out of sadness? Half and half, most likely. After twelve long years of waiting for this moment, the " Class of ' 73 " found that it was over all too soon. They soon found themselves in each others arms hugging, kissing, and crying. These graduates have just stepped into a whole new life. What does the future have in store for them? But Bl lsmoz t£l 1 M £cu± £ ozs. uzx Student Life 27 Students make good use of reference room. Summer school ' 73 was the first year of summer school held at Gar-Field. It had been previously held at Woodbridge High. The reason for holding summer school here was so that the facilities of the new school could be used more fully. There were about 1000 students from Gar-Field and Woodbridge attending the summer session. This year these students had more of a variety of subjects to choose from than in previous years. Most students enjoyed attending summer school in a new air-conditioned building, although it still meant getting up early. Having a new building made things a little better because the atmosphere was more pleasant for students and teachers alike. Summer school is just like attending regular school. The days aren ' t quite as long and the halls aren ' t quite as crowded because less students attend summer school. A day of summer school starts at 8 a m. and ends at 1 p.m. During this five hour period the students are given two 1 5 minute breaks. In the cafeteria the students were given an ala carte menu to choose from. Attending summer school isn ' t all that bad. It is another opportunity for students to further their education. - Debbie Collier and Eddie Moore take it easy during the long hours. 28 Student Life Summer school class appears to hold interest. First Summer School Held At G-F In 1973 Students find reading with their feet up is more stimulating ■. -mn xme ■ m 4 «t ' 3 V ■ -r, ’ - v. vim- ■ tm ' m Wti As always Mr Young is seen in and around the halls of G-F. The media center is a great place for relaxing. Student Life 29 Students receive lockers from SGC Lilo Frank keeps students in line for lockers. School Opens More Smoothly Than Ever The 1973-74 school year at Gar-Field High School started early on Monday morning August 27, too early for most students, teachers, and administrators. But somehow, someway everyone made it for the first day of school. Students were eager to see friends from last year and to make new ones. This year ' s stu¬ dent body numbered approximately 2800, which is the largest ever for G-F. Things got started with an assembly in the gymnasium with the whole student body attending. Lilo Frank, SGC president, led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Mr. Cox gave an opening prayer and then he spoke briefly to explain school policies and regulations. There are a few new rules at G-F this year but the thing Mr. Cox emphasized the most was that old rules were going to be enforced. He also took this opportunity to acquaint students on how classes were scheduled. Students were then dismissed to homeroom advisories to begin the school year. In advisory the teachers went over the student handbook and tried as best they could to answer any questions stu¬ dents had about anything. They also tried explaining schedules so the first day of school would go over smoothly. Sched¬ ules were hard to understand this year because of regular and alternate day schedules, but by the end of the first week students were getting along okay with their schedules. All in all things went quite well. It ' s the best start of a school year Gar-Field has seen in quite a few years. There was a new sense of pride and spirit thisyear as school began at G-F. The atmosphere was very friendly. Stu¬ dents felt as one, proud, and united once again at Gar-Field Senior High School. 30 Student Life " Keep Smiling " was objective of SGC when taking student I D. pictures. Subschools: Divided But United mm y j f iS ft - 5 Miff iSm Is m Judy Scheiner raises a question at subschool meeting Students listen attentively to speakers. This year ' s student body is divided into four sub-schools. The deciding factor of what sub-school you are in is what de¬ partment your homeroom is in. Each sub¬ school has a letter designation; G (Gar), F (Field), H (High), S (School). Each assis¬ tant principal is the dean of a sub¬ school. The deans are as follows; G — Mr. Clark, F — Mr. Parker, H — Mr. Ger¬ hard, and S — Mr. Young. At the beginning of every month each sub-school has its own assembly. The assemblies are for the purpose of discuss¬ ing matters concerning school policies, student issues, and anything else that in¬ volves that particular group of students. The deans also allow the students to ask questions and they do their best to answer them. At the first sub-school meeting each sub-school nominated students for the Dr. Grant explains his new duties as temporary vice principal. Student Advisory Board. From these lists students were elected for each sub-school with voting being done in the homeroom advisories. The board also includes some teachers and parents. Many problems will be solved because of this advisory board. Its chief responsibility is planning sub¬ school assemblies. Students were assigned to sub-schools so that the deans could get to know the students better and to be able to handle problems of the students more efficiently. Whenever a student has a problem of any sort he is able to go to his sub-school principal and get a little more personal handling of his problem. With the new idea of sub-schools and sub-school principals the school adminis¬ tration is able to run Gar-Field more smoothly than in previous years. Student Life 31 The feeling ran high in the visitor ' s stands, as well as down on the playing field. It was the opening game of the ' 73 season, and everyone from Gar-Field: players, coaches, parents, and fans expected to win the first game By the middle of the third quarter, after a touch¬ down scored by quarterback Billy Myers ' pass to Jeff Nixon, everyone not only expected to win, but knew we would win. This feeling was reinforced when Don Sears scored again in the fourth quarter. Screams and yells sounded as the G-F stands went wild with happiness, as did our team and cheerleaders. When the stands finally quieted down, it was realized that an attempt at a two point conversion had failed, but the two touchdowns and extra point gave us all we needed to win. The final score was 1 3-0, with Gar-Field recording the only shut-out of the night in the Common¬ wealth District. The game was Coach Bob Pruitt ' s first win at Gar-Field, and it was definitely a happy one. Bob Norman makes a shoestring tackle on an Osburn Yellow Jacket. 32 Student Life Pizzas and coke become G-F ' s students favorite foods after the games Student Life After Games i ’ B|g 7 ( jjjlplyj j t This year Gar-Field students have had a new sense of spirit. They like being together cheering for their teams. Even after the games are over the spirit Ijngers on. If you listen closely during the games, you ' ll be able to hear the discussion of where everyone is planning on going after the game. After the first few football games quite a few people would go to McDonald ' s, but then towards the middle of the season Family Pizzaria in Dumfries became a very popular gathering place. There was standing room only. The G-F students kept all the employees moving. After the Gar-Field vs Woodbridge foot¬ ball game there was a change in atmos¬ phere. Shakey ' s Pizza Parlor had just opened in Woodbridge, so that became the new place to go. Shakey ' s is still the most popular. Most everyone goes there after wrestling matches and basketball games. Every¬ body there is eating pizza, drinking coke, singing, talking, and just having loads of fun with their friends. Clapping and singing is one way everyone has fun at Shakey’s Student Life 33 NEW RULES KEEP CROSS Ken Sullivan still in his warm ups starts for the track. Walter Jachimowicz psycs himself up for the race. Mr. Szymonski takes down his runners ' times. The team ' s only girl. Candy Cone warms down after the race. Row 1 — Walter Jachimowicz, Tippy Stringer, Ken Sullivan, Dave Sindek. Row 2 — Coach Szymonski. Stan Soloman, Scott Marshall, Rodney Roske, Gary Fravel, Bob Ruit. Not Pictured — Jim McClure, Candy Cone, Allen Weeks. 34 Student Life COUNTRY TEAM FROM STATE MEET Holding on to seco nd place Gar-Field ' s runner strives to overtake the lead The 1973 Gar-Field Cross Country team got off to a good start, but injuries in the middle of the season badly crippled the harriers for some of their most important meets. The ' 73 team relied heavily on Walter Jachimowicz, whom they voted their most outstanding runner. It was felt that the best meet the G-F team participated in was the William Mary Invitational. In that important meet, Gar-Field finished tenth out of a total of 61 teams. Walter Jachimowicz finished first, and Jim McClure finished eighth. Mr. Paul Szymonski, the team ' s head coach, felt that the biggest disappoint¬ ment of the season was in failing to qualify for the state Cross Country meet by only two places. Any other year, the team would have qualified, but this year the standards were raised to the top four teams in the region. Crippled though they were, the G-F harriers still came in sixth in the regional meet. Mrs. Patricia Cone was a big help to the team in ' 73 by driving them to several of the meets. Mrs. Cone is the mother of Candy Cone, the first, and only girl so far to be on a Cross Country team at G-F. Not only was Candy the first girl on an all male team, she was a freshman too. Candy put out a valiant effort in every meet that she participated in. Course records were established by Walter Jachimowicz at Albermarle. Lane, Gar-Field and William and Mary. Jim McClure also set course records at Lane and Gar-Field. Walter Jachimowicz took seven first places and Jim McClure took two out of ten meets. Gar-Field Albermarle Lane Gar-Field 1st place Gar-Field Lane James Wood Gar-Field 1st place Gar-Field Stonewall Lane Gar-Field 1st place James Wood Invitational 6th place William and Mary Invitational 10 place Woodbridge Invitational 4th place District 4th place Regional 2nd place Junior Varsity Gar-Field 29 Vi Quantico 29 Vi Gar-Field 40 Quantico 21 They ' re off and running. Student Life 35 Things Are Really " Hot " At The Bon Fire The moon shines down upon a lone Colonel. Urn Ungowa Gar-Field ' s got the power! At long last the wood is a great blaze. All day Thursday, October 1 1, Key Club Rats were busy building the bon fire for the ' 73 Homecoming. They " worked hard and at long last the wood was ready for burning. People started arriving early. The spirit was high and everyone was anxious for things to get underway. Members of the Key Club were busy putting the gasoline on the wood, cheerleaders were running around with oversized football jerseys on, the band and majorettes, marching to a The marching band ' s drum section contributes a lot of spirit. drum beat, were on their way to the fire. Indianettes were brushing up on their routine, and students were hurrying to get to the bon fire on time. Finally at 8 p.m. the huge pile of wood was ignited. A tremendous roar went up from the crowd as the dummy, which represented the James Wood Colonels, went up in flames. The fire started out slow but at long last there was a fantastic blaze. The flames were very brilliant and hot. There was cheering, singing, and dancing all over the place. Everywhere one looked there were spirited people. At about 9:30 p.m. a fire truck from Dale City Vol. Fire Dept, went through the process of putting the fire out. Students were on their way home, but they would return Friday night, October 12, to show their spirit once more as the Gar-Field Indians hosted the James Wood Colonels for the 1973 Homecoming at Gar-Field Senior High School. 36 Student Life " THE MOST HEARTBREAKING GAME Gar-Field players surround a Colonel. " Great is the need of sympathy, great is the need of love Most people would not vote for the Homecoming game in 1973 as the best game of the year, although statistically the team performed excellently. What the game could be voted was " The Most Heartbreaking Game in 1973, " and indeed it was. Gar-Field outplayed the Colonels in nearly every category, and did especially well holding James Wood ' s offense. The Colonels managed to put only seven points on the board throughout the whole game. The extra point after James Wood ' s one touchdown proved to be the winning margin, as Gar-Field ' s attempt at a two point conversion failed. The conversion attempt was accompanied by a contro¬ versial play. It looked as if at least five James Wood linemen jumped offsides, but they were ruled not offside by the officials. The Indians had two more chances to score, but were unable to do so. An at¬ tempted field goal was wide to the left, and a fired up offense later drove down the field, but then stalled when quarter¬ back Billy Myers was sacked three times for twenty eight yards. G-F fans enthusiastically support their team Student Life 37 Sophomores Enter Winning Float Sophomores have winning float with Tammy Eller roasting a James Wood Colonel. Freshman class says BEAT COLONELS! The Spanish Club seemed to think shrinking the Colonels was a good idea. 38 Student Life The senior class was ready to " Burn the Colonels and Watch ' Em Pop! " Shake and Bake was the theme for the Class of " 75. One of the main events of Home¬ coming is the float contest. Many students from each class and club put hours of hard work into the floats. Meetings were held and decisions were finally made. Next came the process of finding a place to build the float, designing it, gathering the materials needed any way possible, and many hours of labor. Each float was very unique as a lot of hard work was put into every one. On the night of the game all the floats were brought to the stadium. Before the game they were driven around the track to be judged. This year there were six entrees in the float contest. They were the senior, junior, sophomore, freshman classes, VICA, and the Spanish Club. The winner of the float contest was the sophomore class and second place was taken by the senior class. During halftime the floats were driven around the track once more in the order of placement. As each float went by the stands cheers went up. Everyone was proud of the float that represented them. VICA club shows spirit by entering their float. Student Life 39 Sophomore princess Maureen Riley. Mary Ann Wilson and Toni Castro, freshman princesses, take their ride around the track. Jennifer Price Crowned ' 73 Homecoming Queen Halftime activities of the 1973 Home¬ coming football game were extensive and exciting as all homecoming ceremonies usually are. Everyone was eagerly await¬ ing the presentation of the Homecoming Court. The princesses of each class were driven around the track in convertibles. When they arrived in front of the press box each girl was introduced and escorted by her father to the football field. First presented were the freshman princesses Toni Castro and Mary Ann Wilson. Next to arrive were the sophomore princesses Maureen Riley and Joyce Gilbert. They were followed by the junior princesses Pam Anderson and Rosie Rivera. Finally the senior princesses were introduced, Mona Rader, Kay Tyrrell, and Jennifer Price. One of these three girls would be crowned the 1973 Homecoming Queen. Then Mr. Cox came onto the field with John Sawicki, carrying the crown on a velvet pillow and Missy Wilman with the long stemmed red roses for the queen. They are both three years old. All eyes were fixed on the middle of the football field. Principal, Mr. Cox then crowned.Miss Jennifer Price the 1973 Gar-Field Homecoming Queen. Applause and cheering were heard both on the field and in the stands. Happiness filled the faces in the stadium. The crowning of the queen was over, but the floats were yet to come. The following evening was also to be looked forward to as that was the night of the Homecoming Dinner-Dance. Senior Princesses Kay Tyrrell. Mona Rader, and Jennifer Price. Missy Wilman and John Sawicki are given last minute instructions by Mr. Mattice and Mr. Cox. Joyce Gilbert, Sophomore princess. Student Life 41 The 1973 Homecoming Dance was a great success. It was sponsored by the SGC. This year there was a change in tradition. Instead of just a dance it was a dinner-dance. The Holiday Inn in Dumfries was picked for the event. The cost was $ 1 5 per couple for both dinner and dance. If one planned to attend just the dance, it was only $3 per couple. Dinner started at 7:30 p.m. The menu was varied and the meal was served buffet style. The band " The Starlights " played soft music during dinner. Quite a few people didn ' t attend the dinner, but then came later for the dance. At 9 p.m. everyone went out to the lobby so that the tables could be cleared for dancing. " The Starlights " got the dance started with some fast music. As always the dancing started out slow with only a few couples on the floor, but it wasn ' t too long until the floor was jammed. About half way through the dance Mr. Mattice introduced the Homecoming Queen, Jennifer Price, with her escort Gary Stoffregen, and her court attendants. Soon things got going again. So many people were dancing that everyone couldn ' t fit on the floor. During the dance, punch and cookies were served. The evening was over all too soon but it would be remembered by everyone. The dance turned out to be one of the best Homecoming dances ever given by Gar-Field. The Starlights provided the entertainment for the dinner and dance. Homecoming attendants await the rest of the introductions. 42 Student Life Everyone enjoyed dinner including Mr. Cox. Gary and Jennifer lead the Queen ' s dance. Student Life 43 Date- To Business Manager of Yearbook: I agree to purchase--- 19 . copies of the Name of Yearbook at $_P er copy. It is understood and agreed that if I fail to pay balance, the advance payment is forfeited. DATE PAYMENT BALANCE PA YMENT RECEIVED BY PAYMENT TRANSFERRED TO RECAP SHEET Purchaser Sign Here. For the Yearbook (Signed)- MAKE TWO COPIES (FIRST COPY TO BE RETAINED IN THIS BOOK AS PERMANENT RECORD) 40 „ (SECOND COPY TO BE GIVEN TO PURCHASER) ■ m D « % r . ] y] Selling yearbooks gives Indian Echoes a profit The biggest job of the day for seniors was a dump truck. Students Use Many Ways To Earn Money Everyone lends a hand in washing Mr Ponstingel ' s car. 5 . . ,0 „. yyv y y y yy Rose Engel, Cindy Reed, and Laine Stewart sell bake goods for the Art Club I , %I CLEAN UP BIRTH DEFECTS By Buying fra h Bags VIRGINIA CHAPTERS FUTURE BUSINESS LEADFRS OF AMERICA PHI BETA LAMBDA National Foundation MARCH OF DIMES FBLA sold trash bags which were for the benefit of the March of Dimes. Every club and all the classes at Gar- Field are always trying to earn money to put in their treasury for use in future activities. Some examples of money making projects are car washes, bake sales, and candy sales. Probably the two most popular ways of earning money are bake sales and car washes. Quite often during a car wash the club will also have a bake sale at the same location. It has proven to be a good set up. This year the Indian Scripts earned money by selling Gar- Field tee shirts. Not only are the mem¬ bers of the clubs earning money but they ' re having loads of fun. There are some ways of earning money which are a one time thing during the year. Such things as the senior class powder puff football game The juniors sponsor three activities during the year. Two of them are the Junior Variety Show and Male Beauty Contest. The money earned from these are used to put on the Junior-Senior Prom. The Sopho¬ more Beauty Contest is of the ways the sophomore class earns money. One of the big activities of the year is the Homecoming Dance which is the way the SGC earns money. This year there was a new money making activity. It was a Valentine Sweetheart Contest sponsored by the Indian Echoes. By being a little different it is possible to make a larger profit. Student Life 45 The student body at Gar-Field Senior High School was presented with an optional 45-1 5 schedule for the up¬ coming year of 1974-1975. Subschool assemblies were held under the direction of Mr. Larson to inform the student body of the possi¬ bilities for next year. Many of us asked, " What is 45-1 5? " It is basically going to school for nine weeks and then being on vacation for three weeks Essentially it is going to school year-round; however you go the same amount of days as the traditional year with equal vacation time. 45-1 5 offers four color groups including blue, green, orange, red and a purple schedule which is traditional. The problem facing the administration, faculty and student body is that we are a student body of approximately 2,900 and next year we will be larger. We have already outgrown our building and something needs to be done. What? Mrs Scott is kept busy with the 45-1 5 plan G-F Administration Proposes 45-15 Plan Mr Cox and Mr Larson discuss 45-1 5 plan PRINCE WILLI pr COUNTY SCHOOLS r ' R-FIELD HIGH SCHOOL CALENDAR CHOICES Year Round School Calendars 1974-1975 HOLIDAYS FOR ALL CALENDARS July 4--Independence Day September 2--Labor Day October 14--Columbus Day October 28--Veteran 1 s Day November 23-29--Thanksgiving December 23 January 1--Christmas February 17 -Washington ' s Birthday March 28-31--Spring Holiday May 26- Memorial Day June 26-30--End of Year SCHOOL ATTENDANCE VACATIONS RED July 1 through August 30 September 24 through November 27 January 2, 1975 through March 7 April 1 through June 3 September 3 through September 23 December 2 throuah December 20 March 10 through March 27 June 4 through June 25 BLUE July 1 through August 9 September 3 through November f December 2 through February 12 March 7 through May 13 June 4 through June 25 August 12 through September 3 November 7 through November 27 February 13 through March 7 Hay 14 through June 3 GREEN July 1 through July 19 August 12 through n ctober 11 November 7 through January 22 February 13 through April 23 Hay 14 through June 25 July 22 through August 9 October 15 through November 6 January 23 through February 12 April 24 through May 13 ORANGE July 22 through September 23 October 15 through December 20 January 23 through Larch 27 April 24 through June 25 July 1 through July 19 September 24 through October 11 January 2 through January 22 April 1 through April 23 46 Student Life PURPLE This calendar has not yet been approved- however, it is (Sept.-June) basically the same as the regular 9-month school year calendar. There may be a few days difference so that this calendar could start and end with at least one of the other 4. Auditorium Used For Community Concerts The SVMPHONV Comes To Woodbridge Sunday. February 24,1974 Garfield High School - 3 p.m. The Celebrated Fairfax Symphony Orchestra will make their only Woodbridge appearance at Garfield High School All Profits from Concert go to Potomac Hospital One of many concerts held at Gar-Field this year The " Beach Boys " The Young Americans singing Seventy-Six Trombones from the musical " Music Man " Gar-Field High School is not only used for the benefit of the students but also for the benefit of the community itself. The Woodbridge Community Concerts Association sponsors the different con¬ certs that appear in the Gar-Field auditorium. Throughout this year many types and kinds of concerts were performed on the G-F stage. The most popular one could probably be said to have been " The Young Ameri¬ cans. " They are a group of young people that range from fifteen to twenty years old and come from all over the United States. Their concert was enjoyable to every type of person because they performed every type of music. Some kinds of music they did were spirituals, classics, nostalgia, love, musicals, and many more. They were even able to keep the children occupied by doing an act from " Sesame Street. " All of the community concerts have turned out to be quite successful and Gar-Field helped make it all happen. Student Life 47 The PSAT is the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitute Test. It is given to any junior who wants to take it for a fee of $2.50. This year it was given on Tuesday, October 23 during school time in the auditorium. This test gives students a chance to find out what SAT ' s are like. They are graded on the tests and the scores are then sent back to the school. If the student wants, these scores may be sent to the colleges of their choice. The scores will give the student some idea of how he will do on the SAT ' s. The SAT is the Scholastic Aptitude Test better known as the College Entrance Exam Board. This year they were given on Saturday, November 3, December 1, and April at 8:30 a m. These tests are sent to the colleges of your choice. They were given in the auditorium not only to Gar-Field students, but students from other schools. These tests are very important in that they help determine your entrance into college. PSAT SAT Are Given At G-F Miss Young and Mrs. Jones give instructions for PSAT. % M f 48 Student Life Mean Jeans” vs " Dougie ' s Dames " The fashionable cheerleaders add uniqueness to the game. Coaches for " poufli s_paja@i ' ' are doing the beflfTl A last minute pep talk is given to the " Mean Jeans. Sheila Weedon runs toward a " Mean Jeans " touchdown Friday, November 2 was the day many senior girls had been waiting for since their freshman year. It was the night of the powder puff football game when the “Mean Jeans " met “Dou gie ' s D ames ' ' The two teams consisted of a bunch of senior girls that were full of class spirit. The coaches of the teams were senior varsity football players. The coaches of the “Mean Jeans " were Billy Myers, Woody Bergeria, Bill Castro, Marc Urioste, Steve Sexton, and Mark Heiser. Doug F argo , Marty Griffin, Mark Murphy, Jim Hill, Russ Scott, Colin Parry, Tim Orehowsky, and Walter Munyan were the coaches for " nnugjp ' t pampc " Each team held practices and worked out hard. They had the bumps and bruises to show for it. All the girls were really up for the game and determined to win. Both teams had a squad of cheer¬ leaders, that were boys from the senior class. They dressed in the colors of the teams; the " Mean Jeans " red and " Dougie ' s Dames " blue. They showed a Tot of spirit and enthusiasm for their teams. The announcer for the game was Rossie Alston. He made the game that little bit more exciting. It turned out to be a rough, tough game. There were a lot of aches and pains after the game but it was all worth it. The senior class would use their profit to pay for their senior class trip in the spring. The final score was 22-0 with the " Mean Jeans " stomping " Dougie ' s Dames. " Gar-Field Used As An Election Poll A voting booth was set up in the hall Volunteers explain voting procedure to a woman voter. November 6, 1973 was election day in the state of Virginia. It was the election for state and local officials. This year Gar-Field Senior High School was used as a voting poll. It was set up in the hall by the lower auditorium. Tables were lined up along the walls and also a voting booth. There was one important outcome of the elections and that was that Virginia got a new governor. Mills Godwin. He was the governor of Virginia January 1 966 through January 1 970. This year a lot of students from Gar- Field were able to vote in the elections because of the 1 8 year old vote. Campaign signs were found in the yards of voters. 50 Student Life D E students collect coupons to benefit Muriel Humphrey School The swearing in of new D.E. officers. DECA Really Gets Involved DECA is one of the most active classes at Gar-Field. Besides being an educative class they are a club. They get involved with just about everything. Constructive activities are their main goals. Like any other club they too need to earn money for their activities. This year one of their means of earning money was a candy sale held October 1 through 1 3. It was a profitable deal. They also held bake sales throughout the year. A clean up of the school was conducted by DECA. Field trips are also one of the ways members of DECA have fun. Each year DECA gives a Halloween party and a Valentine party for the students at Muriel Humphrey School. It is an occasion that is looked forward to by all that are involved. The members of DECA enjoy giving these parties for the children but most of all the children have a wonderful time attending them. DECA is very much concerned with the welfare of children. This year they did something out of the ordinary. No club or group at Gar-Field has ever thought of such an idea. The DECA club adopted two deprived Mexican children; they are Luz Maria Gonzalez Dominguez, age 13, and David Leon Diaz, age 12. Each of these children receive $1 2 a month to help pay for food, clothes, and school supplies. The club got the idea by looking through magazines. They saw an ad for the Christian Children ' s Fund and decided that DECA would be able to adopt two children. They had no pref¬ erence of where the children came from. They have made two underprivileged children very happy and thankful. President of DECA, Patty Blakenship Student Life 51 Gar-Field Senior High School Marching Band Gar-Field Marching Band The Majorettes, Indianettes, and Marching Band are an important part of Gar-Field ' s football season. They add something extra by performing pre-game and halftime shows at the Indian football games. They also show their support for the team by traveling to most of the away games and showing their spirit from the stands. The Marching Band numbers 96 and is under the direction of Mr. Jones. With the help of Drum Major Ken DeLoach, Mr. Jones worked with the band every¬ day after school out in the parking lot in preparation for the games. In October, along with the Majorettes and Indianettes, the band traveled to Williamsburg, where after capturing first place in a parade as the best marching band, they performed at the halftime of the College of William and Mary football game against VMI. They took second place in the halftime competition. It was another accomplish- Drum Major — Ken DeLoach. ment of the band which G-F students can be proud. The band shows a lot of spirit from the stands. 52 Student Life Put On Great Halftime Shows The drill team, appropriately named the Indianettes, is under the direction of Miss Scripture. The group consists of 24 members. They spend their time after school practicing their routines in the gym lobby. Some of their practicing is done in the parking lot with the band, but no matter where their practicing is being held the Indianettes are working hard to make their routines perfect. To the accompaniment of the band the Indianettes perform at halftime. They make our games a little more unique. A squad of 8 majorettes was added to the band this year under the direction of Miss Gill. They practice hard every day after school in one of the downstairs halls. During several halftime shows, they displayed their skill by twirling batons which were set on fire at each end. The Majorettes have also performed by themselves in various parades and competitions, often gaining recognition by receiving some kind of an award. The Majorettes are a fine addition to the band. The newly formed majorettes display their talents during halftime. The Indianettes head the band in Williamsburg. Student Life 53 Spirit At Pep Rally Is Tremendous Debbie Brooks presents Gar-Field ' s new flag Everyone gets ready to yell for their class in the class yell. Friday afternoon ' s pep rally brought even more excitement to those who had made spirit week what it was. The school work was behind, and for about 45 minutes class competition came to a standstill with one thought on everyone ' s mind, and the crys " Beat Woodbridge " echoed throughout the school. The 3000 students that gathered in the gym that afternoon may, 10 years from now, re¬ member the crowds, the difficulty they had clapping their hands fearing they might slap the person standing next to them, or the heat. No one will soon forget the spirit that rang from the gym and sent shudders up the spines of those Vikings still in class some 5 miles away. November 1 6, was D-day for Wood- bridge, the Indians knew it and the Vik¬ ings may have sensed it. Hands burned, ears ached, and throats were parched, but spirit was high. Kay Tyrell and Jeannie Williams discuss cheers for the pep rally. 54 Student Life A great Indian head was displayed in the senior ' s hall. The outcome of Spirit Week was a sur¬ prise to everyone this year, with the Juniors walking away victorious in the hall competition. Spirit was overpowering with the football players and the rest of the student body, feeling like winners even before the Friday night clash with all time rival Vikings. Monday afternoon began the grueling, competitive, " funtastic” work between the classes. The turnout picked up as the days quickly passed — with so much to do in so little time. The anticipation of Friday afternoon ' s judging was so great, that it seemed to be a lifetime away. When the bells rang Friday afternoon, those who had worked so hard on their sections, took a deep breath, crossed their fingers and ran to take down the dec¬ orations, as time was a factor in judging. Before long, the halls were cleared and excitement was left to mound in the few hours before the Indians were to take on the Vikings in Indian ' s territory. " Class Of ' 75 " Takes Spirit Week Competition The football team receives a giant " good luck " from the sophomore class. Student Life 55 GAR-FIELD SMOKES WOODBRIDGE. AGAIN! At 6:45 p.m., Friday, November 16, 1973, Woodbridge Senior High School felt its first blow of impending doom. At that early evening time, a seemingly endless line of brightly decorated cars rolled out of the parking lot of Herb Saunders Middle School, along with a police escort. They were headed spiritedly towards the Gar-Field Senior High School parking lot. Most people were unaware of the annual caravan ' s existence, and they were awed by the huge amount of screaming and yelling and horn honking that was going on. Although this, to G-F students was only more evidence that school spirit was higher than it had been for many a game. The excitement of the players and students was helped by faithful parents and inspired visitors. Just as everyone was beginning to feel frostbitten and impatient, the G-F team and their parents were introduced to the stands. Then finally, at a few minutes past 8:00 p.m., the big game began. The Indians kicked off to Woodbridge, and after that, things went steadily down hill for the Vikings. Gar-Field received the ball after three plays, and drove close enough to the Viking end zone to get a three point lead from a Herbie Porter field goal. The second time the Indians got the ball, Dexter Green ran 24 yards for another score. At the end of the second quarter, the Vikings ran in for their only score of the night, and the half ended with the score Gar-Field 9, and Woodbridge 6. The people in the G-F stands expected to win 9-6, as the third quarter, and almost 11 minutes of the fourth quarter went by with neither team scoring. Suddenly though, the Indians exploded wildly, and drove 70 yards downfield to the Viking one yard line. With a mere 10 seconds left on the clock, quarterback Billy Myers ran into the end zone for another six points. Ronnie Norman kicked a successful extra point, to make the final score a beautiful 16-6, Gar-Field ' s favor. The clock had not completely run out yet, but exultant Gar-Field players and roaring fans ran on to the field. The adoring fans completely mobbed the successful Indian team. Amid the chaos, Mr. Saunders presented Coach Pruitt and the team with the annual Herb Saunders Trophy. Confetti snowed down, throats turned raw from screaming congratulations, and everyone decided that it was a fantastic ending to a triumphant season. The Indians stop for a temporary delay as they progress the ball down the field Our ' s again. Coach Pruitt holds Gar-Field ' s hard won trophy, the final victory. Fans Cheer G-F Indians On The stands are always filled with hundreds of people. Mr. Cox is one of the Indians many fans. Probably one of the most important factors of a football game is the fans. The football players need the screaming and yelling to get them up for the game. They need to know there is somebody supporting the team. This year there was loads of spirit for the Indians. At the games the stands were jammed with students and parents. At many of the away games Gar-Field ' s stands were more crowded than the home team ' s. That really shows how much the student body supported their team. One of the Indians most faithful fans is Mr. Cox. He attended all of the football games. One could always find him among the hundreds of people in the stands. He is one fan whose spirit for the Gar-Field Indians has never died. All types and kinds of fans come to cheer the Indians on to victory. Student Life 57 Gar-Field 6 Woodbridge 0 Gar-Field 44 Aylor 8 Gar-Field 6 Gayle 14 Gar-Field 36 Stafford 6 Gar-Field 20 Stonewall 0 Gar-Field 8 Handley 0 Gar-Field 44 Osbourn 0 Gar-Field 0 Woodbridge 6 Freshmen show there ' s more to football than the games. G-F ' S FRESHMEN TEAMS FINEST EVER Row 1: James Wilson, Grover Spencer, Fred Williams, Mike Hardaway, Craig Liedle, Kenny Ferraro, Mark Bertalasio, Tom Martinez, Mike Failor. Row 2: Coach Purnell, Coach Moore. Craig Van Skoick, Danny Lee, Matt Yadlowsky, Jim Jones, Pete Ruoff, Greg Robinson. Andy Tyrrell, Bill Glass, manager; Tim Smith, Coach Lookabill. Row 3: Ray Long, Robert Graham, Jim Gourdier, Jim Gazda, Jeff Gibbs, Ronnie Monk, Joel Campbell, Ike Fite. Not Pictured: John Simpson, Paul Fowler. 58 Student Life i Freshman team on the way to another first down. " Finest freshman football team Gar-Field has ever had.” The above statement was made enthusiastically by Assistant Coach Bob Lookabill, and just as enthusiastically seconded by Head Coach Bob Moore. It seems their statements were definitely true, as the " little " Indians fielded a record of 6-2, and a record of 3-2 for the " B " team. " A " and " B " teams were necessary because of the large numbers of freshmen with a desire to play good football. The " A” team had a rock hard defense that allowed their opponents to score only an average of 4.2 points per game, while a pro-like offense scored 20.5 points per game. The first year for a " B " team turned out very successfully. Never losing by more than seven points, and always winning by at least 8 points, the " B " team proved themselves well during the ' 73 season. Gar-Field 6 Woodbridge 0 Gar-Field 0 Lee 8 Gar-Field 24 Mt. Vernon 6 Gar-Field 32 Springfield 8 Gar-Field 0 Woodbridge 8 Row 1 — Jim Keenan, Bill Glass — manager, Steve Smith, Dave Denniston, Billy Woolfenden. Mark Banta. Danny Lydon, Robert Repine, Robert uranam, jonnny Meconey, Butch Jackson, Marty Wilhelm — manager; Row 2 — Coach Moore, Ed Nowlin, Dave Swope, Danny Lee, Ray Long, Don Shallcross, Pat Riggs. Willie La Francis, Jim Besser, Jessie Holbrook. Don Veemilyea. Coach Purnell; Row 3 — Ed Doucette. Drew Marshamn. Kirk Shanahan. Bill Wilson, Tom Jewel. David Pinna. Stan Falvey, Chester Smith, John Hilker, Skip Wolf, Coach Lookabill. Student Life 59 JV ' S WIN WITH SPIRIT AND HUSTLE JV football players practice their blocking techniques. JV Injuns watch over their fellow players. While the rest of the team is preoccupied, number 88 strives to get out in the open. Spirit line greets JV football players. 60 Student Life Number 25, Tim Darnley rushes to help the Indian team. Spirited and aggressive, the JV Football team marched on to victory after victory. With a strong and quick team. Coach Steve Hurl was able to lead his team to an impressive 6-2 season. Although many of the teams Gar-Field played were physically bigger and stronger, the Indians were able to win because of their great spirit and hustle. With the touchdown pass combination of Bob De Long to Tommy Myers, the JV team was able to rake in the scores. Altogether this was one of the best and most spirited JV teams Gar-Field has seen for a long time. Gar-Field 13 Woodbridge 6 Gar-Field 7 Stonewall 6 Gar-Field 22 Handley 0 Gar-Field 26 Monroe 20 Gar-Field 8 Stafford 20 Gar-Field 26 Faquier 6 Gar-Field 38 Osbourn 6 Gar-Field 8 Woodbridge 13 Row 1 — Dean Sinclair. Eltou Brooks. Chester White. Glen Long. Tim Darnley, Scott Shaw, John Dobson, Eddie Pitts Row 2 — Mike Birch, George Gordon, Mike Abel, Mike Wrabel. Marion Abel, Keith Lunnen. Mark Banta. Owen Keenan, Dennis Mulgrew. Lennie Wolfender. Row 3 — Bob DeLong. Bob Brown. Jim Jeffries. Tommy Myers Bob Begley, Rick Shaw, Rick Biddle. Greg Duncan, Steve Scarborough, Blake Schimpt. Row 4 — Kevin Carlisle, Rick Downs. Mike Ferguson, Pat Ramey. Gerald Stanley. Rick Ridderbusch, Bob Jones, John Hamilton. Mike Mosley. Not Pictured — Kenny Wagner. Tim Harron, Dewayne Huffstickler, Klaus Schafer. Robert Ryan, Tim Fawley. Student Life 61 THEY HAD HEART AND THEN SOME! Row 1 : Bill Mulgrew, Doug F argo. ay Arvai. Mark Heiser. Cliff Hardaway. Lenord Hollar. Ernie Wilson. Dexter Green. Herbie Porter. Ed Medders. Marty Griffin Butch Irby. Bill Myers.TToW -fWnnie Norman. Jim Artz. Jim Hill. Gary Clark. Joe Milbert. Rick Ridderbusch. Tim Orehowsky. Don Sears. Alan Johnson, Steve Sexton. Wayne Simpson, Robert Caprara. Row 3: Mark Urisoste. Danny Mehr, Walter Munyan. Ray Williams, Mike Malley. Winston Stanley. Robert Biddle. Jeff Nixon. Michael Murphy, Bill Castro. Colin Parry. Row 4: Mark Murphy, Eddie Howington. Alan Miller. Tom Gilroy. Gary Gunn. Horace Callwood. Mike Weedow. Mike Pluto. Mike Scaggs, Russel Scott. Not Pictured: Woody Bergeria. With surging spirits. Varsity football players practice to make the season a smasher. 62 Student Life Gar-Field 13 Osbourn 0 Gar-Field 8 Stonewall 19 Gar-Field 27 Handley 14 Gar-Field 27 Monroe 16 Gar-Field 0 Stafford 49 Gar-Field 6 James Wood 7 Gar-Field 14 Faquier 26 Gar-Field 20 Albemarle 15 Gar-Field 20 Lane 25 Gar-Field 16 Woodbridge 6 " Get fired up " , " You have to want to win”, and " You have to have heart! " These were just some of the sayings that inspired the 1973 Varsity Football team. This year proved to be the greatest ever since the team moved into the Common¬ wealth AAA District. The G-F Indians demonstrated their skills and power as shown by the winning of their closing, as well as their opening game. Most important of all was when Gar-Field defeated their archrivals, the Woodbridge Vikings. Three new coaches were added to the football staff for the 1973 season. They were: Head Coach Bob Pruitt, and assistant coaches Tony Williams, and Steve Herl. With the help of returning coaches Bob Greer, Clyde Washington, Mike Campbell, and James Artz, the backing of the spirited student body and cheerleaders, the team was able to achieve an important 5-5 season. The team was also helped by the managing of Merle Black and Sheryl Dille, the first girl managers for a football team at Gar-Field. JV TEAM SHOOTS INTO FIRST PLACE Pat Murphy dribbles around the edge of the court. The tradition of cutting the net by the winning district team is performed by Jeanne Duvall. The J.V. Girl ' s Basketball team, needless to say, had the best season the fans could want. The team, under the expert direction of Coach Barbara Smith, dribbled and ' shot their way to a 9-0 season. Defeating Woodbridge decisively, the J.V. Girl ' s jumped into the County title. The team was aided with the excellent talent of Pat Murphy, Paula Girven, and Joy Rafetellis. Miss Smith feels that, " All the girl ' s were excellent players, and should be even better next year. " Gar-Field 42 Jms. Monroe 16 Gar-Field 37 Stafford 23 Gar-Field 45 Quantico 11 Gar-Field 32 Osbourn 24 Gar-Field 26 Woodbridge 23 Gar-Field 32 Stonewall 28 Gar-Field 43 Brentsville 8 Gar-Field 23 Quantico 22 Gar-Field 34 Osbourn 19 County Gar-Field 29 Woodbridge 28 Row 1 : Joy Rafetellis. Paula Girven, Pat Murphy. Row 2: Ann Payne. Beth Jones, Terry Clark, Mitzi Artz, Donna Hamilton, Coach Barbara Smith. Row 3: Dee Dee Baggett, Jeanie DuVall, Joanna Drohan, Karen Winkler, Frieda Bole, Denise Dawson, Marsha Girven. Student Life 63 VARSITY GIRLS FIRST IN Row 1 : Joyce Gilbert, Nancy Vis, Pam Ansink, Yvette Baggett, Suzanne Jones. Sheila Weedon, Lori Cassasanta, Evelyn Kimbrough. Row 2: Luann Spicer. Pam Anderson. Janice Barksdale. Debbie Summers, Donna Rogers. Donna Beazley. Sheryll Dille. Dee Dee Baggett. Sally McDonald. Coach Ann Lockett. Judy Lawhorne, Lisa Smith Gar-Field 45 James 39 Monroe Gar-Field 75 Stafford 40 Gar-Field 103 Quantico 19 Gar-Field 61 Osbourn 49 Gar-Field 52 Woodbridge 48 Gar-Field 64 Stonewall 24 Jackson Gar-Field 71 Brentsville 46 Gar-Field 61 Quantico 21 Gar-Field 66 Osbourn 47 Gar-Field 54 Woodbridge 50 Gar-Field 67 Stonewall 25 Jackson County Gar-Field 56 Brentsville 31 Gar-Field 68 Osbourn 42 District Gar-Field 73 James Wood 32 Gar-Field 55 James 31 Monroe Sectional Gar-Field 49 Rappahanich 16 Gar-Field 62 Culpepper 37 Evelyn Kimbrough all the way down the court! 64 Student Life COUNTY, DISTRICT, AND SECTIONAL jump ball. Pam Ansink gets a boost from her teammates for a cut of the net. When talking about Girl ' s Basketball, one just can ' t help but mention the Gar-Field team. With a lot of support and enthusiasm from many fans who attended the games Coach Lockett led her fired up Varsity team undefeated where ever they went. Winning Fjjfcgames and losing none J — 3 the team proved their skill. When the team needed the points they depended on Yvette Baggett a nd Joyce Gilbert to come through. When the ball or a foul shot was needed Donna Beazley or Pam Ansink would come to make it. The team scored an average of 63.6 points a game and only allowed the opposing teams an average of 35.1. It seemed when the other team wanted to pass the ball or shoot there was always a G-F gal around Student Life 65 Academic 1973 Seth Brown Bryan Piertz Allen Weeks Seth Brown, Bryan Piertz, and Allen Weeks represented G-F in the 1973 It ' s Academic show. Gar-Field s It ' s Academic team was sent to WRC television studio on Saturday, September 29, for the taping of the show. Representing G-F were Seth Brown, Brian Piertz, and Alan Weeks. They were all seniors. Mrs. Martin, an English teacher is the It ' s Academic sponsor The cheerleaders, many students, and parents accompanied the team. They did a lot of yelling to show their support. The schools Gar-Field competed against were St. John ' s Military Academy, and Magruder High School from Maryland. Gar-Field placed third with 123 points. Everyone agreed they had a good time and that it was an occasion to remember. Gar-Field fans anxiously await the start of the show 66 Student Life Fall Sports Awards Cake and coke was enjoyed by all who attended the Awards Assembly On Wednesday, January 9, 1974, at 12:30 pm the Fall Sport Awards Assem¬ bly took place in the lower auditorium. It had previously been scheduled for De¬ cember 1 6, 1973, but because of a heavy snow it was postponed. The assembly was held during school time The lower auditorium was com¬ pletely full by 1 2:30 pm. Mr. Sherrill, the athletic director, started the assembly by speaking about all fall sports held at G-F this year. Gar-Field had two great girls basketball teams. Both teams went unde¬ feated. Miss Smith presented the junior varsity awards and the varsity awards were presented by Mr. Sherrill because Mrs. Lockett wasn ' t able to be present. The most valuable player for the varsity team was Yvette Baggett and her sister Dee Dee Baggett received the J.V. most valuable player. The cross country team was also at the assembly. Mr. Szymonski, the coach, passed out the certificates and letters. Walter Jachimowicz was the cross coun¬ try most valuable player. Next came the football awards. Things started out with the freshman awards. Mr. Moore presented the certificates, to the 59 members of the freshman team. The most valuable player for the freshman team was Craig Liedeel. Mr. Williams and Mr. Herl then handed out the awards for the junior varsity team. Quarterback for the J.V. team, Bob De- Long was presented the most valuable player trophy. Last but not least the varsity football team received their certificates, letters, and bars. The most valuable offensive player of the 1973 season was Dexter Green, running back. Don Sears, line¬ backer, was picked as the most valuable defensive player. The most valuable player of the Gar-Field Indians was tackle. Woody Bergeria. As soon as all awards were given out everyone went to the lower cafeteria for cake and cokes. The cake was donated by the Booster Club. It was a memorable happening for all the athletes involved. Students Life 67 Gar-Field Senior High School Dramatics Club NO TIME FOR SERGEANTS Ira Levin Produced and Directed by Mrs. Cheryl Washburn by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Services, Inc. Gar-Field Senior High School Auditorum .yfe . jo e on s.oc 68 Student Life " No Time For Sergeants " A Great Success Will tries to get Ben to read a magazine to calm his nerves. This year the drama club has put a lot of effort into all the things they ' ve done especially their play. Miss Poin¬ dexter is no longer the sponsor. It is now sponsored by Mrs. Washburn, an English teacher. She is really involved with the activities of the drama club and enjoys every minute of it. This year the play put on by the mem¬ bers of the drama club was " No Time For Sergeants " by Ira Levin. It was produced and directed by Mrs. Washburn. Held in the auditorium on November 30 and De¬ cember 1 at 8 o ' clock the two act play about a poor hillbilly boy who was drafted into the Army was put on. The boy was Will Stockdale played by Gary Palmer. The audience gave the cast a stand¬ ing ovation. Gary Palmer then presented Mrs. Washburn with a bouquet of red roses. It was a touching scene for every¬ one. The play turned out to be quite a big success for the drama club. It was also enjoyable for all those who attended the play. Will Stockdale solemnly shakes the hand of Sergeant King. " Stunt” techniques are practiced at rehearsal Student Life 69 Gar-Field ' s Many Bands Paul Messplay is ready for the All Regional Concert. Many hours of practice for the marching band are spent out on the parking lot Gar-Field has four different bands. They are the marching band, symphonic band, concert band, and beginning band. The marching band attends all the football games. At home they perform the pre-game and halftime shows. They also participate in marching competitions in various places throughout the state. It doesn ' t matter where the Gar-Field Senior High School Band travels their performances are always fine ones. The symphonic band mainly consists of members of the marching band. They perform after the season for marching band has ended. A Christmas concert and spring concert are given by the symphonic band. The concert band is made up of students who aren ' t quite ready for the symphonic band but are exceptionally good band students. The concert band also presents a Christmas concert and spring concert. The name speaks for itself in the beginning band. This band is for students just starting out in their musical careers. They practice hard so that in the rest of their high school years they can make it to the top. Christmas concerts were planned by the different bands but were cancelled because of snow. It snowed on the day of the concert. All the bands at Gar-Field are under the direction of Mr. Jones. Members of the All Regional Band from Gar-Field The Choirs At Gar-Field The Gar-Field Senior High School Concert Choir. The Madison College Choir was hosted by the G-F Concert Choir The Concert Choir and Ensemble are two organizations at Gar-Field of which everyone is quite proud. They are under the direction of Mr. Council. This year they hosted the Madison College Choir on November 6th, 1 973, at 6:30 pm, in the Gar-Field auditorium. Each member of the Concert Choir had one or two members of the Madison choir stay at their homes. The concert Choir and Ensemble gave a wonderful Christmas concert on December 12th, 1 973. They performed traditional and not so traditional Christ¬ mas music. Members of the Concert Choir try out for the district and regional choirs. After the tryouts the members put in many hours of practice and finally have a concert. The vocalists at Gar-Field are ex¬ ceptional therefore they are able to put on exceptional concerts. Attending the concerts of the Gar-Field Senior High School Concert Choir and Ensemble is a pleasant way to spend an evening. Student Life 71 First place winner, John Killrakis, begins his magic show. i I ' d Like To Teach The World To Sing If Jo Ann Curcio sings " Me and Bobby McGee. " 72 Student Life Natalie Parks and Connie Cox perform an African dance. The Junior Variety Show is one of the ways the juniors earn money for the Ju¬ nior-Senior Prom which is held in the spring of each year. A lot of preparation goes into the show. Everyone involved has a lot of work to do. The first thing to be done is the planning. A junior class meeting is held and during this meeting dates are set for tryouts and the theme is decided upon. This year the theme was " I ' d Like To Teach The World To Sing. " After tryouts the real work begins. There are many hours of practicing. All the participants do the best they can to perfect their acts so that they have a chance to place in the competition. January 26, 1 974 at 7:30 p.m. things got underway. There was a lot of tension but everything went smoothly. At the end of the show the winners were announced. First place was taken by John Killrakis with a magic act. Natalie Parks and Connie Cox took second with an African dance. " Me and Bobby McGee " was sung by Jo Ann Curcio who obtained third place. Many people attended the Junior Variety Show and all seemed to have an enjoyable time. It turned out to be quite a successful evening for the " Class of ' 75. " Carlos Ferran and Phyllis Painer help m.c. the show. Student Life 73 fear " 1 ies during the for work every secui 0. Some of his anon % ’ lake sure the may ight, check the free f there are to be singf 74 Student Life Lunch breaks are also used as social breaks Cafeteria Improves But Prices Rise Lunch money is collected by Mr. Shutt. Gar-Field ' s cafeterias improved greatly compared to previous years. They were well equipped with new and modern facilities for feeding the large student body. Meals were prepared quicker to meet the needs of the students. The atmosphere was pleasant and made lunch an enjoyable break from classes. There were three serving lines for hot lunches, two downstairs and one upstairs. An addition this year to the cafeteria operation was an " a la carte line " , upstairs where students could buy milk, cookies, potato chips and other inexpensive snacks. Along with the rising prices in our country, our school lunches went up also. This year our lunches were 50c as opposed to last years 40c. At one time this year, milk was raised to 10c exclud¬ ing a lunch, however, after many complaints the price went back down to 5c. The ice cream sales were also affected by the price increase going from last years 10c to this years 1 5c. The cafeteria situation went rather well this year, however, more improve¬ ments are planned. Pollution is a very big problem in tne world today and it is evident around the Woodbridge area. All one has to do is drive down any street to see the problem. This is land pollution. One street in Wood- bridge where pollution is especially noticeable is Rt. 1. There is trash all over. Many of the businesses, especially gas stations, are not being kept up. Grass is not being mowed and other little things that add up are not being taken care of. The shoulders of Blackburn Road and Minnieville Road are covered with trash, beer cans, coke cans, and other polluting objects. There is also an air pollution problem in Woodbridge. There are so many cars commuting out in the morning and com¬ muting in at night and students are driving to school. Our air is a very precious thing but it ' s being ruined. Gar-Field Senior High School also has a pollution problem. Outside the school especially in the bus arcade, there is loads of trash. The inside of the school is in bad shape too. The student commons area is always covered with cigarette butts, empty cigarette packs, ice cream wrappers, milk cartons, and much more. The cafeteria is also struck with a pollution problem. The tables are often covered with empty lunch trays and milk cartons. Unsightly trash is constantly being strewn about the halls. People Start Pollution. People Can Stop It. A beer can is one of many pollution objects seen frequently. Pollution is evident in the bag—beer cans Pollution Around The Woodbridge Area A very sad thing to look at 76 Student Life Some students prefer eating lunch to seeing movies Lunch Now Includes Free If a visitor had entered this school during the lunch breaks early in January, he might have been amazed, shocked, or puzzled to say the least. Why? Wouldn ' t you wonder if you walked into a senior high school where the administration was featuring major Walt Disney motion pictures? Stars including Mickey Mouse Donald Duck, Pluto, and all their friends flashed across the screen of Lecture Room 2, entertaining some, while simply being nostalgic to others. It wasn ' t that G-F students were regress¬ ing, and no, the athletic stars of football, basketball, and wrestling aren ' t suffering brain damage due to a blow to the head. These movies were just a few of many planned for the lunch breaks and are among a number of other activities which, if approved by the students through various polls and independent comments, will be conducted, free of charge, for the student body. The purpose is mainly to Mr Perhach sets up movie Standing room only is a common sight. Movies occupy the students minds with some¬ thing. Many people no longer roam the halls restless. On the most part these activities are going well but only time can tell just how successful this project will be. Various projects have been suggested, projects that may be both entertaining and educational. Life styles may be studied through suggested fashion shows depicting the 50 ' s and 60 ' s. Old fashioned " soc hops " , a favorite of the time, com¬ plete with a juke box and bobby sox, was also suggested and surprisingly enough the students are enthusiastic about the idea. There has also been talk of concerts. When asked Dr. Grant, organizer of the After Lunch Activity Program, he merely commented, " ... once the program gets under way, we may get a little combo thing going and later on we ' ll bring in some more music. " Dr. Grant has high hopes in the program. Student Life 77 I On Saturday, January 19, 1974 the Gar-Field Senior High School Com¬ munity Seminar was held in the upper cafeteria. It started at 9:30 a m. and ended at approximately 2:30 p.m. There was a " pot-luck " lunch to go along with the seminar. Each person or family was asked to bring either a main dish or dessert. A beverage was provided. Dr. Snyder from the Prince William County School Board was the speaker. The purpose of the seminar was to bring out and discuss the problems and short comings at Gar-Field. Parents, students, and teachers attended the seminar. This program provided them with information on the problems with the school as the community views them. The seminar turned out to be a very interesting and learning experience. Everyone waits patiently for things to get underway Community Seminar Held At Gar-Field Mrs. Jones tries explaining certain points to those who attended the seminar. 78 Student Life New Teachers L-R : Simone Walus, Bonnie Greeson, Edith Thurman, Ruth Lease, Ed Johnson, Diane Kastelic. Student Teachers One of the joys of returning to school in the fall is seeing familiar faces, stu¬ dents and teachers alike. For those who do not find this a joy, maybe you will find the break of seeing new faces a joyous one. This year, G-F not only saw the retirement of one of its long time veterans Mrs. Parr, and the loss of another long time veteran Mr. Bar¬ nette, but also a wave of new faces. Mid term brought a number of student teachers to the classrooms. From the P.E. department, Miss Wal¬ lace is a new face, and an old G-F graduate, Bill Brown, a senior at George Mason, has returned as a student teachei Another George Mason senior, Larry Swanson, will be helping out in April. The English department took on a staff of five new teachers; Mrs. Pulsifer, Mrs. Washburn, Mrs. Thurmand, Mrs. Hamachi, and Mr. Sauver. Lynn Miller, hailing from Ohio, was the only student teacher. Linda Murry, new to the Foreign Language department teaches Spanish as does Sail Cohn who comes to us from Stonewall Jackson. Mrs. Greeson, Miss Vuke, and Mr. Wheeler are new to the staff in the Science department. From VPI comes John Hawes and Mrs. Joan Macomber as student teachers. A number of replacements or fill-ins were seen in the History department. Mr. Larson, who is working on the 45 1 5 school plan, is replaced by Mrs. Kastellic. Mr. Barnette, who is replaced by Mrs. Becky Nunnaly. Both are teaching American History and have found the atmosphere of G-F to their liking. Ed Johnson joined the staff as a World History teacher. Two seniors from Virginia Tech, Miss Terri Simpson and David Lewicki, are the student teachers in the Math department. Ms. Mary Ann Rose and Mrs. Manderville are the new teachers in the General Business department. School is a little more bearable with new faces around. L-R : David Lewicke, Jeannie Macomber, John Harvis, Terri Simpson. Ronald Wollesen, Robert Bond. Student Life 79 Friends congratulate Dawn Mr Parker crowns Valentine Queen Dawn Curtis Crowned Valentine Queen This year a Valentine Queen contest was sponsored by the Indian Echoes. This was a new happening for Gar-Field. Approximately ten girls from each sub¬ school were nominated at the February sub-school assemblies. These girls re¬ ceived votes by collecting money. Each penny counted as one vote. The election of the queen ran from February 6th through the 1 5th. All the money was a profit for the Indian Echoes. On Saturday, February 1 6th, during the halftime of the Gar-Field vs Woodbridge basketball game the queen was announc¬ ed. Editors of the Indian Echoes, Lisa Ponstingel and Co Hilker, made the pre¬ sentation. Second runner up was Lisa Neal. Maureen Riley was first runner up. Mr. Parker crowned the 1974 Gar-Field Senior High School Valentine Queen, Dawn Curtis. There were tears amongst the winners. Each princess received pink carnations and one red rose and the queen received six red roses. It turned out to be a very happy occasion. Dawn Curtis is shocked when it is announced that she is the Valentine Queen. 80 Student Life Debbie Apperson and Linda Holbrook are dressed for the fifties. Each year fads and fashion are a big thing at Gar-Field. They come and go. Bow ties were a big thing among the guys and sweater vests were noticeable everywhere. Cuffed pants are really in for guys and girls. Long hair for the guys is going out and more of them are getting their hair styled. Around school you will find more girls with shorter hair too. Saddle shoes are found on guys and girls alike. High wa isted pants are also seen quite often around G-F. Sweater sets have become very popular among the girls. Blazers of solids and plaids are really a big thing too. And last but not least ' ' Levi ' s ' ' of all kinds, styles, and colors are found on guys and girls. This year fashions also took a big step backwards. It was plastered on bulletin boards, water fountains, walls, and also announced over the intercom. The 50 ' s came back to Gar-Field on February 28th. It was sponsored by the Fashion Merchandising class in honor of Mr. Cox. The guys slicked back their D.A. ' s, girls donned their bobby socks and pony tails. Teachers as well as students joined in on the fun. There were prizes for the best dressed guy, girl, and teacher. The best dressed guy was Mike Embrey. Debbie Tuell was the best dressed girl and Miss Vuke from the science department, won the best dressed teacher. Racing hats were a passing fad Drapes are traditionally worn for senior portraits Letter jackets are still a big thing Tradition Stays But Fads Come And Go Student Life 81 |t: t ’ IMSm Mfl ' flEft Members of the SGC selling tickets to the G-F Trotters basketball game Cathy Aldrich takes the minutes at a meeting Aside from the expected activities such as the issuing of student I.D. ' s, lockers, and meetings performed every year by the Student Government, the SGC went on an all out money raising campaign in order to purchase a Cigar Store Indian to display proudly in the main lobby. With the help of interested, school spirited students, the SGC basketball team was formed. A group of ten girls volunteered to be cheerleaders for the team and before long most of the rough edges were smoothed out. The G-F Trot¬ ters weren ' t as " fancy footed " or as skilled as the well known Harlem Globe Trot¬ ters, but they tried and came close. At any rate, the goal was to raise the money and after two games there was enough to look at a possible candidate — and all involved had fun in the process. A lot of time and effort went into this project, not only by its organizers, but also by the team members, its cheer¬ leaders, and even members of the faculty. Special interest at the meetings was greatly appreciated for that was where the original idea to purchase the Indian was born. Some may ask, " but why a Cigar Stor e Indian? " The answer is a simple one. G-F needed a little more pride and distinction, something original, and profound enough to make people stop and take notice. Students were enthused and some felt that our " mascot " would take stand as our school spirits ' focal point. As the years roll on, G-F students graduate, go their ways, and their time here fades. Their cheers and chants aren ' t heard in the halls, sounded at pep rallies, and dis¬ played at games, but their spirit can be remembered and respected by the future students and even outsiders by such a display of unity and pride by purchasing the Indian. With the new Woodbridge High identical to that of Gar-Field, others need to see and will remember distinc¬ tion — besides who ever heard of a " Cigar Store Viking? " Preparation was also made to familiar¬ ize the student body with COMSTAC. At the January meeting the SGC ' s Senate nominated students as possible members for the COMSTAC committee. These names were given to Mr. Cox for final approval. The committee is now in action helping to, perhaps, ease some tensions that may exist between students and teachers. The Cafeteria committee fell through a short time ago, but at least some action was taken towards the tray situation. On a temporary basis volunteer monitors remind people to return their trays or pick them up themselves. Mr. Cox is testing student reaction. A tentative plan to appoint monitors from 3rd or 4th periods for one to two weeks at a time is seen for the near future. Our long awaited " Clean-up G-F " com¬ mittee has been approved in the form of a group of volunteers, headed by the building and grounds committee. One Saturday every month a group of students as described above will meet at the school, clean mirrors, scrub walls, and in general, try to improve the condition of our school. Since our move to the new school students have awaited such an organization. Now the students have the opportunity to show school spirit in ways other than clapping and screaming. 82 Student Life Rossie Alston adds what he can to the meeting Lilo Frank gets the meeting underway. SGC Moves Into Action To Better G-F Members of the SGC Senate have guestions to ask. Lilo Frank consults Mr Mattice on a problem. Student Life 83 Ken Sullivan and Rodney Roeske warm up Walter Jackimowicz sets the pace for the mile INDOOR TRACK TEAM HAS BIG Row 1: Marcia Girven, LuAnn Spicer, Denise Brown, Joyce Gilbert, Susanne Jones, Paula Girven Row 2: Candy Cone, Rodney Roeske, Bill McCown, Rick Berry, Rick Clukey, Walter Jachimowicz, Jim McClure, Erin Riley Row 3: Debbie Summers. Bob Brown. Bob Ruit, Allen Weeks, Winston Stanley, Colin Parry, Paul Mahood, Marc Schwartz, Herbie Porter. Lynda Firey, Row 4: Rick Ridderbusch, Russ Scott, Mark Banta, Joe Milbert, ' Chip Pfhaler, Dave Hosfield, Ernie B esse r, Robbin Hendrix. Rossie Alston, Ken Sullivan. Wayne Simpson, Ramona Darnell Row 5: Mike Van Roo, Jim White, Bill Miller, Jimmy Duncan, Drew Mashburn. Dave Bocees, Joe Mait, John Dobson, Tommy Myers Row 6: Dave Lang, John Glenn, Danny Clark. Danny Lockett, Bobby Dawson, Eddie Pitts, Joe Berry, Rick Fawley, Bobby Duncan, Dave Sendeh, Bob Miller, 84 Student Life Trackmen take it easy between races. TURNOUT AT GAR-FIELD It seems that this year Indoor Track is more popular than ever with Indian runners. Over the last few years. Coaches Mike Campbell and Ann Lockett have been building great outdoor track teams, and the enthusiasm now carries the runners through the summer and fall, and into the winter-indoor track season. The girl ' s team was equipped with much the same talent as the 1973 out¬ door team, with few exceptions. Few meets could be scheduled for the girls, but in competition against some Wash¬ ington track clubs, our girls did well. Although the indoor boy ' s team lost many of its previous runners, the guys were well equipped enough to take sec¬ ond in District, second in Regionals, and for the first time went to state indoor competition. A handoff can make or break a race Student Life 85 GAR-FIELD IS DISTRICT CHAMPION! Row 1 : Mr Jordan, Jimmy Mims , Dexter Green, Mr. French Row 2: Mr Herl, Larry Kelly, Mark Casasanta, Greg Triplett, Mr Scott. Row 3: Mark Murphy, Jeff Nixon, Ernie Wilson, Greg Dunn. Row 4: Jerry Reed, John Flynn, Alan Miller, Bruther Humbert, Terry Donovan John Flynn shoots for two. S lorry vJiaXWns I C KtlYH LIAR, _, r io-jj i)ICTD C Q. JOtCJ.nn Hiin. IHt l| It V IJI JJf 3 o:v cha ups rothi I l list I » “1 ' vftbM.KJf »L£y G-Fs fovorife A wFi Gar-Field takes the floor at a game One of the highlights of the 1 973-74 sports season would have to be the Var¬ sity Basketball Team. Our team pounded and thundered throughout the season, and amassed a formidable seventeen win, and only three losses record. Gar- Field ' s starting lineup shot and rebounded past many difficult district teams, and then because of their team spirit and talent, the Gar-Field Indians romped over Lane, and won the Commonwealth District Basketball crown. The fans from Gar-Field went wild, then went even wilder with the anticipation of the regional tournament. Many people happily journeyed to Lynchburg to see Gar-Field play Halifax, but they came away less happily. The Indians were unable to get the baskets or the rebounds, and Halifax pulled ahead imSLr ht A. 5 £) -JOOtt Urntrii QA oOetoL, 04 d? iikid , DxZt ihdk Jh, Uhu} ot (dJi lr JuurvrrwL. Y " iQ " A Gar-Field 57 James Wood 50 Gar-Field 63 James Monroe 70 Gar-Field 87 Fauquier 71 Gar-Field 62 Osbourn 52 Gar-Field 71 Stonewall Jackson 53 Gar-Field 62 Woodbridge 57 Gar-Field 67 Albemarle 60 Gar-Field 57 James Wood 56 Gar-Field 94 Stonewall Jackson 79 Gar-Field 80 Lane 85 Gar-Field 96 James Monroe 68 Gar-Field 70 Fauquier 76 Gar-Field 87 Osbourn 52 Gar-Field 67 Stonewall Jackson 64 Gar-Field 76 Lane 74 Gar-Field 73 Handley 46 Gar-Field 73 Stafford 60 Gar-Field 63 Handley 53 Gar-Field 64 Albemarle 55 Gar-Field 68 Woodbridge 64 District Gar-Field 66 James Wood 55 Gar-Field 69 James Monroe 52 Gar-Field 77 Lane 60 Regional Gar-Field 48 Halifax 57 in the last two and one half minutes of the game to win by nine points. Experience helped the Indians all through the season, as all five of the starting lineup had had previous varsity experience. Mr. Scoot, the head coach, became more comfortable in his position, and he also gained two assistants — Mr. Herl and Mr. French. Overall, the Gar- Field team represented an excellent cross section of basketball playing and coaching talent. Student Life 87 JV INDIANS ARE CHAMPIONS TOO Row 1 : David Beaty, Blaine Davis, Tim Fawley, Darnell Kendall. Joe McFarlane, Charles Tisdale, Keith Lear, Bob De Long, Tippy Stringer Row 2: Larry Williams, Ted Rogers, Duke Stableford, Dwayne Folks, Don Kernan, Dave Himmel. Scott Marshall, Mike Cleary, Jay Arvai. Mr French. The determination of the Indians keeps the ball alive 88 Student Life Bob De Long attempts a half-court shot Gar-Field ' s defense prevents a Woodbridge basket Gar-Field 63 James Wood 29 Gar-Field 51 James Monroe 48 Gar-Field 67 Fauquier 51 Gar-Field 61 Osbourn 28 Gar-Field 58 Stonewall Jackson 39 Gar-Field 35 Woodbridge 40 Gar-Field 54 Albemarle 37 Gar-Field 49 James Wood 47 Gar-Field 61 Stonewall Jackson 51 Gar-Field 61 Lane 53 Gar-Field 60 James Monroe 42 Gar-Field 58 Fauquier 34 Gar-Field 60 Osbourn 48 Gar-Field 44 Stonewall Jackson 42 Gar-Field 65 Lane 54 Gar-Field 67 Handley 47 Gar-Field 48 Stafford 36 Gar-Field 37 Handley 28 Gar-Field 60 Albemarle 42 Gar-Field 42 Woodbridge 37 Once again, Gar-Field has come up with an outstanding JV basketball team. The Indians in 1973-74 recorded an astounding 19-1 win-loss record. With the help of outside shooting by Bob De Long and Wayne Folks, the Indian team bounded into first place in the district, and stayed there. Even though there is no district tournament for JV teams, our JV ' s were proud to be in first place, and to be proclaimed Commonwealth Cham pions. The Gar-Field JV ' s, and their coach, Mr. Rick French, worked long and hard to achieve their excellent record, and they deserve much recognition for that fact. Student Life 89 GIVE AND GO " OFFENSE IS SUCCESSFUL With a record of 1 2-2 you can hardly say that the freshman basketball team was anything less than great. Aided much by their coach, Mr. Aaron Jordan, the frosh team used their " give and go " offense to round out their victories. Coach Jordan stressed that " defense " was a big part of winning, but when the Indians obtained the ball, Mr. Jordan insisted that they play offense and not stall. For the end of the season, Mr. Jordan says that " the only thing that surprises me about this team is that we lost the two we did " . Even if the record was not perfect, it was close enough for the Gar- Field fans to be proud of their team. Gar-Field 30 Woodbridge 24 Gar-Field 54 Spotsylvania 48 Gar-Field 44 Stonewall Jackson 34 Gar-Field 42 Osbourn 29 Gar-Field 35 Woodbridge 30 Gar-Field 59 Stafford 42 Gar-Field 58 Stonewall Jackson 47 Gar-Field 45 Gayle 50 Gar-Field 46 Woodbridge 36 Gar-Field 50 Spotsylvania 27 Gar-Field 51 Stonewall Jackson 44 Gar-Field 49 Stafford 41 Gar-Field 44 Gayle 54 Gar-Field 58 Osbourn 40 Andy Tyrrell tries for an Indian basket Row 1: Greg Robinson, Steve Raybin, Jeff Lear. Andy Tyrrell. Otis White. Dean Folks Row 2: Mr Jordan, Jeff Gibbs, Julius Johnson. Paul Fowler, Jim Gazda. James Wilson. Matt Yadlowsky, Joel Campbell, Rick Downs ■ELL FALSE FIRE ALARMS INVADE GAR-FIELD A familiar scene of students going into the building after one of the false alarms Students leaving the building, because of false fire alarms, became a frequent sight. Gar-Field was stricken with a serious case of " false fire alarms " this year. The epidemic spread quickly leaving mixed feelings behind . Before the plague met its end, it had taken its toll on every period. Even lunch and the before and after hours of school were afflicted. Students and the administration alike dreaded the uncertainty and the antici¬ pation of when it would strike next. Some tried to shrug the unknown off with a laugh, others were struck with hostile attitudes. Even a few were affected so badly that there were reports of students and teachers " hiding " in darkened rooms to avoid being turned out into the bitter cold. Such attempts were of course fruitless and mobs of puzzled people huddled in the cold of the day, except Mr. Larson, who found the heater in his " old clunker " to his liking. False fire alarms cause a great in¬ convenience to the school, the county and surrounding counties. These " pranks " may mean that someone ' s house will burn to the ground, livestock and life " treasures " will be wasted and it could even mean death. Is that really worth a laugh or two with a few of your friends before you are carted off to jail? False alarms are punishable by law and just for the record every offender thus far, has been caught, arrested and punished to the fullest extent. Student Life 91 Varsity Cheerleaders waiting for the game to begin. This year ' s Varsity Cheerleading Squad worked hard to spread spirit and a sense of unity throughout the school. Nine girls are selected for the Varsity Squad. This year ' s squad consisted of six seniors, two juniors, and one sophomore. They began practice in April, and during the summer they attended a Golden Eagle Cheer¬ leading Camp. During each nightly evalua¬ tion they received a blue ribbon for su¬ perior performance and the spirit stick, which is only awarded to the most spirited squads. They also brought home a first runner-up trophy for the Golden Eagle Award which was given to the best all around squad out of the 78 that attended the camp. During the year the cheerlead¬ ers worked long and hard to support the Varsity teams. Their job is not only to cheer the teams on but to boost spirit and pep throughout the student body. They organized Spirit Week and prepared four pep rallies which were all met with high enthusiasm. The Varsity Cheerlead¬ ers certainly accomplished the goal of keeping spirit and enthusiasm alive at Gar-Field. Cheerleaders putting finishing touches on a spirit sign. CHEERLEADERS SPREAD Jennifer, Jeannie, Toni, and Kay have cheered together for three years. 92 Student Life c VncC P Muon . ct ua Jtx ' Juut aJtec ykjLTvUsn C uL 7U Svy cUdm£ o c XJL tc U frU. ct rCl uM dt jtdr CAasnyn hl mrUs dl aMcuJt Q Gr Q VUfi ' JUxtoy ? JUx Jl ' -Smut srinuL j srwML. L to R: Karen Smith, Lois Grindle , Kathy Shank, Rosemary Scruggs, Barbara Cummings, Jennifer Price, Kay Tyrrell, Jeannie Williams Not Pictured: Toni Nocifora Student Life 93 JV CHEERLEADERS A FINE PRECISION SQUAD JV cheerleaders help cheer the team on This past year, as in years before, the Junior Varsity cheerleading squad did an excellent job cheering and raising spirit. Under the leadership of Diane Moshgat and Pat Nofsinger, the JV cheerleaders developed into a fine precision squad. This helped them at camp last summer where they were awarded with a first runner-up trophy for best cheering squad at the camp. Because of the new Fresh¬ man cheerleading squad, the JV girls had a lighter work load. This allowed them to work harder on their cheers, to do more posters, to show support for their teams, and to help raise school spirit. Row 1 : Kim Comer Row 2: Mary Ann Wilson, Kathy Morris. Row 3: Terry Yauss, Judy Clement. Terri McGlothlin Row 4: Cindy Haragos, Pat Nofsinger. Cindy Haragos and Judy Clement jitterbugging before a game. 94 Student Life FIRST YEAR FOR FRESHMEN GIRLS IM | -tmi- ;. SSSSSSSB Row 1 : Laura Spooner, Susan Mattingly. Row 2: Tanya Sullivan, Toni Castro, Karen McConnell Row 3: Tracy Barksdale J nr u ui •-UJ fe This was the first year Gar-Field has had a Freshman cheerleading squad. With Freshman sports becoming so popular, it became necessary to also have Freshman cheerleaders. The squad consists of six vivacious, spirited Freshman girls. The Freshman squad attended cheerleading camp this summer with the Junior Var¬ sity and Varsity squads. During evalua¬ tion, they were awarded a white ribbon for outstanding performance, a red ribbon for excellent performance, a blue ribbon for superior performance, and the spirit stick. The squad cheers for the freshman football, basketball, and wrestling teams. The freshman cheerleaders have succeed¬ ed in increasing freshman spirit and build¬ ing interest in sports and various school activities. Freshman girls cheer on their team during the kickoff. Student Life 95 GAR-FIELD GRAPPLERS WIN CM 0 CD x 0 _Q O) X X o c o -Q X o c 3 o o o 0 X 0 0 £ 8 O if) D 0 JZ -c 0 0 CJ 0 c Q. 0 E ( 0 y= c 0 0 0 O 0 0 O- 8 c a- O ( ) U w 0 " vw " 5) 2 Id 5 E ' L0 ' C 3 0 CJ o c 0 0 o a 0 ■ u O o X 0 Q c S o 0 0 _c r— 0 CO 5 o E £ o _c o o oc h- CO 03 cm cn CD CN CD CO CO 0 0 coLOLOr-cMCsjLnco r aocD r— r- r- CM t— r- CM 7 i- 0 c 3 ”3 X S o o o 0 X c 0 0 2 03 c § 0 0 E 0 3 X 3 O H— k — 0 E 0 0 0 C o JC 0 0 X c 0 X 0 c 0 Li. CO LL ■ - CO § 0 X 0 _J 0 CD x X o o § O X c 0 k — o ) ' d o 4— 4— 2 -6 X 0 0 CO UJ LL CO c 0 0 0 C 3 0 0 0 CD £ D n O 2 Q CO T, o 11 - C 3 J= 0 0 C 0 t TO C o _0 X c 0 X 0 03 x x o o 0 03 x 0 _g CQ CM 3 o o 3 o O X LO 00 03 03 CO CM CM - CM LO 03 LO o 00 CM O 00 03 03 CO £ ID H o t— O _0 00 CM CO CM co LO 00 LO LO CM 00 00 LO 00 LO 00 CM 0 X c 0 X c 0 X X o 2 X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X E 0 E 0 E 0 £ S .s 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 JO LL X LL X LL O m- LL LL LL LL LL UL LL LL LL LL LL LL LL LL LL LL LL LL LL LL LL LL LL LL ( ) 0 u. vL 0 0 k- (0 0 il o iL V- k_ v_ W— vL k_ k_ k_ i— k_ • co CO 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 LL CO LL d LL cd CD a CD cd cd cd cd cd CO cd cd CD CD CD CD CD CD CD CD a e? CD CD CD 96 Student Life m mW i; - ' ' ' $ » .:|s|€ ' 0 ' 0 jflpgB Pg g ' " : Tr? ■? . Cii " ■ ■ V ’ V ' ., ' N ' _ « , ' |f ' ' •■ " ;; • ■ ’ ■Zf £■ tsv’ t lv " n r ' - - -.. : ‘ - ' ■- ' . W : . • ;• . asd ‘If CD X 0 E TO TO c 0 X 4k k- ■P 5 0 O 2 +-j co E § l_ . w, TO 2 f $WM ■ I i X c CD 0 x c ■ 3 X V. 03 CD 3 O to X P 05 m 3 CD n © 0 ■ c n x c co X TO X E § TO CO 0 TO +- ' m CD CD .£ 3 « TO 0 o o 3 TO _ - 0 E 0 x h- 0 c k- 3 Q. C X o X c TO E TO 0 1— X C CD x o X 5 X u. o o © TO 0 k- £ “3 0 JZ h- O 0 CD £ c ■ - c X o O TO CD (D O 0 O TO 0 0 X X 0 X 0 X 0 0 X c o 0 u. 0 § TO c o X CD c 0 £ X c x TO O 4 » O § 0 4k ■11 0 «4— CO M- 0 X c Lc k. +- c 4- 0 ( ) 0 . 0 0 4k c JD 4- 0 k. JZ + 4 0 P 4k C CD S 15 _0 D $ c c 0 X 4k c 0 05 " TO O X 0 E TO c O cc 0 0 E 0 4- 0 X f- 0 X CD a c § ® E a 53 hr +- 1 CO m O) 13 _ 0 £ 0 x § X I— O TO O x © X X C O TO X o TO O o 0 X •f-3 = o 3 X CD - C O TO 0 X £ 0 E 0 © P 03 0 x X 0 X © 73 CD P ° 0 £ 55 3 O X 0 JSC k. o X fc . 3 o o X 3 o k- X - k. 0 0 k- © - 0 X 0 TO o +-J X k_ CD X X 0 v k. o 5 o _TO 0 0 3 E x 0 a o c 3 Q si . u 0 ro 0 c k- 3 OL X o 0 TO 0 X 0 o o X CD 3 O X 0 0 X o 0 0 X 4k - X X o 3 E x 0 X TO C xxx 0X0 o X 0 CD § O 0 o E TO 0 3 X f 0 c TO X TO X c TO 0 0 5 I s I C CD j c X 3 O O CD C c ■£ CD V— •3 0 O S 3 © a x TO . ■ ' p c © X TO — 0 X TO 05 m C © kTO 4k +- TO TO 0 0 i_ £ © 5 JZ L_ T7 r “ - o c x 0 c £ TO •© n © L2 + __ 4- T3 CD 0) C ■q .5 ro X X c £ © TO X ■ rri 0 ©) x .E I— X 3 W X TO © X O X _ 0 TO E x _0 a o 0 a si I B is S o » -a C 0 0 X kt- X TO 0 TO 4-J £ g 5 a •= ? 0 x © -g X i= - 3 CD O JZ 0 TO TO CD 0 C o c X ' ? 3 O if) D E E TO 0 C ' o X 0 o c si o TO c § TO TO TO 0 TO X W 0 0 0 X 0 O 0 E ® i O O’ Wo " TO k. X O 0 H — 3 O O CD c TO 0 0 E o O w 0 £ TO O x a - a 3 TO © : . X ( ) 0 TO tJ 0 ® .1 _0 X Cm o _TO TO 0 X 3 X O ro ■ . o O o 0 o 0 o c TO X ' 3 .. CD TO C TO 4 - TO TO TO O a k. x c © o © U -fj E c Px 0 D o 0 k-. CD TO k— o TO TO 0 O O 3 TO X 3 Q ro 0 x TO 0 3 X C +-1 0 +- P © X o .92 CL | E - 0 £ © 2 o x 0 TO 0 0 X o TO 0 X o 0 o o TO 4-» c £ TO X 0 4k X c 0 X o X 4k c 0 X 3 4k TO TO X £ 4k TO 0 4k 4k TO c k. TO TO E C O X TO 0 X lk 4— 0 CD TO CO 0 CD 5 CO CO c TO CD 0 a £ 13 CO. TO 1— 0 k. ' 5 H— U. : 4 13 ik_ O CD V4— 0 O - C ■ . © 0 © ¥ X +3 _ C o TO TO X E TO 0 0 0 § O X TO k TO 0 - 0 0 0 X h- TO 3 o X c 0 E x 0 © k_ x 4k _Q TO TO £ TO 0 x 0 worked hard for their 3-0 record. They were runners-up at the Winchester Invitational where they were only 1 2 pt. behind the winner. We must admit, that’s great. VARSITY WRESTLING TRIUMPHS AGAIN! Alan Johnson using one of his quick moves to get the upper hand Don Sears sizes up his opponent before shootin ' for a takedown ■ V. IJ ' ' 98 Student Life Wrestlers never seem to stop practicing! Perry Bevels is indicated winner by the referee Student Life 99 JV WRESTLERS HAVE POWERFUL TEAM Dave Marascio triumphs over his Edison foe. Ed Thomerson struggles to pin the opposing wrestler. An Indian grappler lifts his adversary from the mat 100 Student Life GIRL ' S GYMNASTICS A DEDICATED GROUP Row 1 : Kathy Sullivan. Karen Hainsworth, Maureen Riley Row 2 : Lynn Simpson, Ashley Johnson. Jackie Wilson, Sherry Klopp, Diane Lester, Ann Barkulis, Kim Nocifora, Lisa Walters, Mrs Moorehead Row 3: Jennifer Ross, Teddy Jenson, Janis Rapp, Debbie Roytos Row 4: Sheila Weedon, Jan Roltsch, Angie Muse, Not Pictured Lisa Weaver Gar-Field 116 Stafford 118 Stonewall 85 Gar-Field 128 Broad Run 71 Gar-Field 127 Stafford 124 Osbourn 95 Gar-Field 141 Woodbridge 130 James Monroe 93 Gar-Field 159 Woodbridge 141 County 1 st place District 2 nd place Ann Barkulos tries for a perfect vault Student Life 101 With six seasoned performers missing from their ranks, you might think it would be hard for the Gar-Field girl gymnasts to equal their performance in 1 973, but the girls weren’t even phased. They breezed through the season, winning all but one meet, then took the Prince William County championship, and sec¬ ond in the district meet. These accomplishments were possible due to many things. One was the longer season. The girls could begin practice on November first instead of December first. Also, the fine coaching of Mrs. Carol Morehead helped spur the Indians on. Of course, if you add the hard work and dedication of the girls themselves, it can be counted as a major factor in their success. Judges watch Jan Roltsch perform on the unevens 102 Student Life GIRLS WIN COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIP Girls line up at the District opening ceremony. Sheila Weedon manuvers on the uneven parallel bars Student Life 103 Sub-School " G " Quite a few changes have occurred in our school over last year. Much more emphasis was placed on the sub-school system this year. With a school the size of Gar-Field, it is difficult to offer students the help and guidance needed with just one principal, and a handful of guidance counselors. Records are hard to keep track of and personal attention cannot be given to students to the extent to which the sub-school " division " has provided. The sub-schools were named as follows G-F-H-S. Subschool " G " is composed of busi¬ ness education courses and those courses which teach a trade or skill. The subjects included are Business Ed., Industrial Arts, I.C.T., Cosmetology, Masonry, L.P.N., Auto Mechanics, D.E., Home Ec., and Li¬ brary. All of the business courses have taken a turn. More is expected of the students now; the same things that will be ex¬ pected on the job. Spelling tests and weekly brush ups on loose ends are all things which future employers may appreciate. Everyone has a chance for involvement in their club ' s activities; now club activities begin in the classroom. Learning to rebuild an engine is part of auto mechanics The media center has once again become a place to study. Industrial art classes use the outdoors to improve their skills. Sub-school " G ' s " principal is Mr. Clark. Sub-School " F " Not only do students learn math in the math pod. they also learn how to play cards. You can be in the English pod, but also out. Subschool " F " includes the academic courses — Math and English. Probably the most prominent change was from an almost completely independent study concept to a choice of a more tradi¬ tionally taught one. Of course, the con¬ cepts and independent study courses still exist but students who found last year ' s concepts in Math difficult to learn, rest easy in a more traditional class. Differ¬ ent courses offered every nine weeks in English still have their advantages and disadvantages. Personal attention cannot be given to the student as much as in the past, because though the independent study courses a student may not have the same teacher twice, but in this way, variety is offered and interest isn ' t lost as easily. All the teachers seem inclined to believe that in giving a person more freedom and responsibility they are better prepared for life after high school. Most students agree. Student Life 105 The English department is just one part of Mr Parker ' s responsibilities Some of the problems Mr. Gerhard has to deal with concern the history department. Orchestra students practice hard. Subschool " H " is composed of the P.E., History, Music, Drivers Education, Art Department. P.E. is still traditionally taught but with the inclusion of class changes every two weeks and different teachers. This was carried over from last year and has proved successful. History follows the same concept as the P.E. department, with a little more independent studies. The history de¬ partment firmly believes that lecturing and testing is soon forgotten and does little to benefit a student. Life outside of high school isn ' t composed of ques¬ tions and answers from The American Experience text or any other for that matter. Life is really learning — there ' s no way to avoid it and the goal here is to teach one to learn and at the same time give one necessary background in¬ formation and explanations. Music and Driver Education have seen few changes in the department aside from the new facilities provided for them. Both are traditionally taught, for ' ' no one can learn to sing with quality or be a good driver on his own. " Art is the last course in this sub¬ school, carrying their program over from last year. First year students learn the basics through a traditional class, the ad¬ vanced students move on a little more independently. Driving on the range is part of the new driver ' s education program. Sub-School " H " Subschool " S " includes Special Educa¬ tion, Guidance, Science, and Foreign Language. The Foreign Language department is again trying their mini course offerings in the second semester preceded by a se¬ mester of basic teaching. As of now. this procedure will probably be carried into the future, for, tried last year, it proved successful. The Science department has taken a giant step away from the original text (used now only for some background in¬ formation), and has adopted the teaching of different concepts of science. This ap¬ plies to the advanced levels of science. Students find this easier to understand and are pleased with this concept. Teach¬ ers also find this better than the one text teaching. Miss Frazier teaching one of her German classes. Mrs. Watts tries to explain French to her class. Sub-School " S " Mr. Young speaks at an " S " sub-school assembly. Student Life 107 BMgg After 11 Mr. Cox makes presentation to Don Sears. This year Mr. Cox made an announce¬ ment to the students, faculty, and ad¬ ministrators of Gar-Field that took every¬ one by surprise, He has decided to leave Gar-Field and has agreed to take another job with the Prince William County School Board. Mr. Cox will help create a Task Force ' which will involve students, teachers, and parents. It will mainly be an alternative program for secondary schools and even¬ tually start in the middle schools. His job will be to work with students who do not attend class, those who are con¬ stantly in the office, dropouts, etc. He would also like to develop a program in or out of school where students take classes in auto mechanics, masonry, cosmetology, and other trade classes, but don ' t have to take english, history, math, and science. It will be much like a trade school. Mr. Cox feels that he could do more for the students of Gar-Field by being a 108 Student Life Years Mr. Cox Leaves G-F 1 1 § l —.»«( p Mr Cox spends a lot of time in his office working to better G-F. part of this ' Task Force! ' He has been a principal for twenty years. Eleven of those twenty years were spent at Gar-Field. He is looking for an opportunity to do some¬ thing different. Mr. Cox feels that Gar-Field has great¬ ly improved over last year. He says he can leave at anytime and be confident that everything will be fine. Mr. Cox believes the new principal should come with the understanding that he is principal and should rely on his (Mr. Cox ' s) past decisions. Mr. Cox feels strongly that students should have a say so in the school and should give full support to the staff and new principal. Mr. Cox has done a lot of things for Gar-Field that won ' t ever be forgotten. He watched it grow and handled the prob¬ lems that came along with growth. What is Gar-Field Senior High School going to be like without him? As principal of Gar-Field. Mr. Cox holds many meetings in his office. Mr. Barnette spends his spare time in the media center with Miss Poindexter. Ralph Leroy Barnette February 29, 1912-March25, 1974 When asking Mr. Greer about Mr. Barnette for yearbook, he broke loose with a hearty laugh, turned red and replied, " What can I say that the yearbook can print? " Mr. Barnette came to Gar-Field in 1958. He primarily taught Social Studies; however, he also taught math a few years. With seventeen years at Gar-Field he went through a lot more than any high school student has. As his son said, " He devoted his life to children. " Mr. Barnette ' s contributions to kids were immeasurable. From 1958-1962 Mr. Barnette served as head coach for the 8th grade basket¬ ball team. He and his assistant coach, Tom Osbourne, had five straight undefeat¬ ed seasons. Coaching isn ' t an easy task but Mr. Barnette loved it. There was no pay¬ ment for any of his coaching, but that didn ' t stop him. Mr. Barnette and Mr. Greer taught and coached together. They were like brothers and often called the " trouble-makers. " Mr. Greer once said that Mr. Barnette had that something extra in getting along with players that made him a winner. Mr. Greer feels that any success he has in coaching can be traced to his association with Mr. Barnette. From 1963-1965 Mr. Jim Raines was head coach for the JV basketball team while Mr. Barnette served as his assistant. Also during these three years, he was head coach for the JV football team. His team was unbelieveable considering that the squad consisted of only twelve play¬ ers. In 1 963 they were undefeated play¬ ing all the teams including James Monroe who had sixty-five players on their team. The question arose in many peoples minds, " How does he do it? " The coaches he worked with, for. and against all ad¬ mired him very much. Before coming to Gar-Field, Mr. Barnette even coached in West Virginia and Front Royal, Virginia. In his earlier years at Gar-Field, he worked in the book-room. This was indeed the place to go to catch up on all the latest gossip. Mr. Barnette was the one who started the night school program as well as teaching it. He also helped out with the home bound program. Teaching he loved but he also loved playing poker with his good ole buddies. Mr. Barnette was a part of a poker team along with Mr. Jim Raines, Mr. Herb Saunders and Mr. Tom Beavers. They were known as " The Brotherhood " . When they all got together, you had better watch out. They prayed for snow just so they could have snow days and play poker all day. They were certainly a wild bunch. Mr. Barnette was a witness to many changes here; change in the school, the old Gar-Field, its additions, and the final move along with changes in students, attitudes, and styles. He is someone we all loved dearly and who we will never forget. Donna Cryan finds Mr Barnette ' s affection amusing. A Witness To Many Changes Student Life 109 mmmt iMI i-MM ' i: ■ • ; ' ; ?f •. SiSsS ' -SSSSSSei « MppgMg p» g • -- ' " p MMMBMWM raBWSi wMIMiHWl illlS 8PP1| 4 tW$£ V ' S3; PBPPhH |fi . • |gH iiSiMilS iilBMBfiMft WMMM mtMimagf m mm 1 10 THE BUS DRIVERS ANDBUILDIIMG ENGINEERS The bus drivers played an important part in the transportation of over h alf of the student body this past year. Driving a school bus is not as easy as it seems. Hours of schooling go into the forming of a good bus driver. The bus drivers are a little recognized, important part of Gar- Field High School Chances are you ' ve heard the familiar announcement, " Mr. Fish to the office. " If you ' ve ever asked yourself who answered that call, here ' s your answer. . . Mr. Fish. He ' sour head building engineer and what a job he has. He ' s in charge of all of the building engineers which in essence means the whole school. Mr Fish The Building Engineers Row 1 L-R: D Triggs, L Santos, J Shafer, J Dickerson, A Often, J Geogheagan, R Edwards, N. Thompson Row 2: L. Wilson, M Turner, K Foster, B Matsuda, R Kendall. G Schlegel Row 3: B Young, S. Hawkins, D Fitzgerald, B Dye. G Dailey, N Cornell Row 4: J Cash, G SChawalder, B Cornwell, B Baker, D Cumberland, T Thomas Row 5: P Burdette, J Oaks, C Dwyer, B Bowman, L. Lawhorne, A LaRose, J Will. 112 Organizations THE CAFETERIA STAFF L-R : Christine Moore, Betty Wheaton, Christine Carney, Linda Litchett, Polly Carney, Mary Oleson, Barbara Thomas YWtfWPfa-l f lUSSf: ' { ■ DPI ami mi ‘Jk M 4 ■mvma m . r ,4 4 mmmm r ■ jt - 11 w 1 1 L-R : Elnoria Smith, Billie Simpson, Marie Ryan, Dorothy Staudinger. Julia Sipes, Effie Berry, Pearl Harney Lunch was prepared for a school body of approximately 3,000 by a team of 1 5 cafeteria workers. Some of the workers arrived at 6:30 A.M. and began prep ¬ aration of the food. All food was cooked downstairs and then part was sent on an elevator to the upstairs cafeteria where it was placed in warming dishes and served. An interview with Mary Oleson—Man¬ ager, and Polly Carney—Assistant Man¬ ager, provided the following information. There were three sections in the kitchens. They were, salad, cook, and bake divisions. Each worker was responsible for a certain task in one of these sections as well as working in the serving room or as cashiers. A proper balanced diet is required of all schools. This consists of 2 oz. protein everyday. Vitamin C everyday, and Vita¬ min A twice a week. As well as planning the menu, the cafeteria workers made their own baked goods. Monday through Friday, after completing their jobs for the day, cafeteria workers got off work at 2:30 P M. Organizations 113 The Student Government Cooperative this year started off with a bang. After issuing lockers, and struggling to get everyone their I D. cards before Home¬ coming, the Grand Gala had arrived. Homecoming took on a different twist this year and proved to be a successful event. The dance was held in the ball¬ room of the Holiday Inn and was com¬ posed of a buffet-dinner-dance. It was the first time in the memory of Mr. Mattice in which all expenses broke even; and then came out ahead! After the initial shock of such a success, the SGC moved on to install pride and unity in the student body. The purchase of a Cigar Store In¬ dian was at hand, an idea which, for the most part, the Student Body took to heart. The spirit of the school needed a focal point, and a Cigar Store Indian, displayed in the Lobby, was just the thing. The SGC basketball team was formed for the purpose of raising money for the Gar-Field Indian ' s keepsake. Their first game was played against the Godwin Faculty. Other games were played against Fred Lynn and Graham Park schools. As the song goes . . . " We ' ve only just begun . . . " SGC OFFICERS L Frank (Pres ). Mr Mattice (sponsor), R Alston (V -Pres ), T Woods (Comstac), C. Aldrich (Sec.), L. Ferran (Treas). STUDENT GOVERNMENT COOPERATIVE Rowl: L-R: T Woods, C Aldrich, L. Ferran, L. Frank, R Alston, Mr Mattice; Row 2: C. Hilker, L. Ponstingel, D. Brooks, C Blossey, C. Brown, A. Cummings, A. Battistone; Row 3: G Ivey, C. Anderson, R. Flora, J Hill, J Wilson. J Newett, R. Clukey; Row 4: J Meszaros, W. Martocci, E Gourdier, J Burkhart, P Anderson, B Crespo. D Keller, K Cloutier; Row 5: D Mills, V Dorsey, S. Beamer, D Young, K Lydon, S Stephens, P Cox, L. Bryant; Row 6: P Lorelli, L. Lopez, J Lealty, S Carter, L Stecher, T. Eller, S Vest, T. Stoddart, J Hurley. 114 Organizations FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA FHA: Row 1, L-R: K Comer (Pres ), J. Gray, K, Dalton, W Gray, C Cannon, L. Lopez (S G.C. Rep ); Row 2, L-R: K Wilshin (sponsor), T Simonds, C Miller (Sec ), M. Lydon, D Burdette, C, Elsey, S Urbanek, E Fleming (sponsor); Not pictured: E Auher (V.-Pres), L, Perdue (Treas.), T Lam (Historian), T Sullivan, K McKenzie PEP CLUB Row 1: L-R: L Sawicki, L Hemby, K Cloutier, L Myers, H Tuttle, J Powell, A Cummings, M Reeves, P Brady: Row 2: L-R: D Vest, D McClellan, K Loftus, P Mc¬ Lean, P Miller. J Mernin, C. Aldrich, C. Mills, R Rimbock: Row 3: L-R: K. Ruby, B Elmore, G Kuntzman, E Williams, C Gherke, E Kolk, D Foy, J. Wilson, K Cloutier, L Neal: Row 4: L-R: L Fehrenbach, R. Newman, L Greenwell. P Arnold, E Chait, P Hunter, N Atkins, M Lydon, S Urbanek, R Rivera: Row 5: L-R: P Anderson. D Quick, K. Huffman, P Haley, K. Bell, N Hayward, K Marada, T Lisenby, D. Levesque. D Brooks, D Alexander; Row 6: L-R: S Beamer, L Lopez, L Ferran, S Flanagan, L Stecher, C. Fite, R Alston, J Stephens, E English, P Cook, S Carter, P Levesque, Row 7: L-R : C Ferran, A Veniskey, D Lisenby, B Miller, J Ivey. T Jensen, D Lester, R. Spooner, E. Riley, Mr, Howard (sponsor), Mr Wheeler (sponsor). |A ■■ r A ' M W | 1 ' Ban INDIAN SCRIPTS Row 1, L-R : M St Clair. T Stringer, J. Killrakis. E Pitts, Row 2, L-R : M Manning (Sponsor), L Pegler (Sports Ed .), M Hindin (Asst Ed .). B Embrey (Ed in Chief), A Weeks (News Ed ), M Pulsifer (Sponsor); Row 3, L-R : R Miller, T. Beck, M King, P Smith, K. Kirby, D DeMartino; Row 4, L-R : B Anderson, K Shank, L, Grindle, P McLean, D Andrews, C. Dortch, K. MacGarrigle; Not Pictured: Barbara Cummings (Bus Man ), D Lisenby, C. Nickerson, G West, F. Munyan, Mr Beresh (Printing). Indian Scripts, the school newspaper, published twelve issues during the course of the past year. Hard work and diligence helped to form some of the most inter¬ esting articles ever written. In an effort to raise money, they sold Gar-Field t-shirts throughout the year. Al¬ though the t-shirts sold rapidly, money was still needed, so they sponsored cap and gown portraits for the senior class. @ MNBMAN sauam Published by the Journalism students,of Gaj-Field Senior High 89006 Smoketown Road, Woodbridge, Virginia 22191 Printed at Gar-Field High School’s Arts Department. Opinions expressed in feature articles are those of the individual writer; editorials reflect the opinion of the editorial staff and do not represent the official policy of Gar-Field High School. EDITOR ..uW ...... .BillEipbrey ASSISTANT EDITOR....... .Mark Hindin jgyffi...■•••• w k! FE ATURE EDITOR fjfc, .Lois Grindle SPORTS EDITOR .....;..... JidiO...Linda Pelger BUSINESS MANAGER. »....’ . Barbara Cummings NEWS STAFF: Davfct Andrews, Barbara Cummings, Denise QeMartlon, Mary Lou King, Krh| Kirby, Patty Smith. FEATURE STAFF: lerfi Beck, Jon Killrakis, Darlene Lisenby, Cricket Nikerson, Kathi Shank, Mmk St. Clair, Greg West. SPjpRjS STw %epda Anderson, Chris Dortch, Ken MAcGarrigle; Robert Milled, Frank Munyan, E ie Pitts, Tippy Stringer. (ytOGRAPHERS: David Andrews, Frank Munyan. ADVISORS: Mrs. Pulsifer, Miss Manning, Mr. Beresh. 11 6 Organizations Mr Vestal. Gar-Field ' s representative from the Del- mar Company, gave much help and endless patience to the ' 73- ' 74 staff including shooting organiza¬ tion pictures, struggling with the editors, and ex¬ perienced advice. The 1 973-1974 Indian Echoes Staff consisted of eight juniors and eleven seniors, with only three returning staff members from the previous year. Having so many newcomers on the staff proved to be advantageous in presenting a unique yearbook. To help become familiar with the mak¬ ings of a good yearbook, five staff members and a sponsor attended a year¬ book workshop held at Longwood Col¬ lege in Farmville, Virginia. During the four day stay at the college they attended sessions dealing with covers, themes, copy, photography, cropping techniques and the " do ' s and don ' ts " of proper journalism. Although a lot of work was ac¬ complished there was still time for fun including a mixer, a dance and plenty of free time. The Gar-Field Staff was known as the " wild ones " . The staff members who had attended the workshop shared all they learned with the rest of the staff. Throughout the year the staff somehow suffered through underclassmen and senior pictures, de¬ layed deadlines, complaints, multitudes of questions, and all the frustrations required for a good book. The 1973-74 yearbook staff hopes that the student body finds themselves some¬ where between the covers of the book. INDIAN ECHOES Seated on Floor, L-R : Mr. Barret, C Hilker, L Ponstingel; Seated at Tables, L-R : K Huffman, J Clark. B Norman. R Rimbock, C Aldrich, L Stetcher. M McClurkin, J. Price, G. Fiegle, T. Hayward. R Williams; Standing, L-R: P Robbins. D Crone, K Boyd. Miss Pickens. D Collins, S. Carter, D. Wheeler. M Reichelt. DRAMA CLUB Row 1 : R Hand, J Nicholson, P Lorelli. D Alexander, M Washburn, G Palmer, J Robbins, J Killrakis, K Cloutier; Row 2: D Wheeler, D Emerick, J Newett, J. Hamlet, D Payton. L Land, T Meagher, R Bockes, K Donovan; Row 3: P Keller. T Jensen, B Cryan, M Martin. A Hindin, K Ruby, D. Tennant, R Halderman, G West, P Snyder; Row 4: K Suddarth, G Hoss, A Sekulich, K Wolny, B Waters, K Loftus, D Sponder, S Stephens, L English, M Hindin; Row 5: L Land, D Graber, N Kelley, S Scott, M Reichelt, K Roberts STAGE CREW Row 1, L-R : J Meszaros, J. King. J Turner. M Dolinger, Row 2: B Daly, B Porto, E Kuhnke, D Gaines, Not Pictured: R Williams, N. Dailey, K Roberts, W R inker, G Hapner, T Banik, A Sekulich, T Jensen, (sponsors) Mr Barrett, Mr. Johnson, Mr Jones, Mr C. Cox, Miss Washburn FORENSICS Wh% ' V If you ever came to a play or a con¬ cert and wondered how the lights went on and off, it was due to the stage lighting crew. Students handle all the technical aspects of the lights from programming to changing bulbs. In addition to working school shows, the crew was responsible for the lighting of community activities. With the aid of sponsors Mr. Johnson and Mr. Barrett, the lighting crew filled their responsibilities successfully. The 1973-1974 Gar-Field Debate Club lead an active school year, attending tournaments set by District. The second semester, there was an elective course offered in the English Department, that was based on debate and open to any interested students. Row 1 : C. Edwards, L McKelvey, P Burke, P. Janiga. D Brooks, D Alexander; Not Shown: S Stephens DEBATE Row 1, L-R: J. Coon (Sgt -at-arms). M Hindin (SGC Rep ). S. Cronin (V -Pres.), L Bubernak (Sec ): Row 2, L-R: S Sawyer (Sponsor), A Farthing (Sponsor): Not Pic¬ tured: Jackie Meszaros (Pres.) Organizations 119 ART CLUB Row 1 : J Rapp, C. Franz, R Engel (Sec ), K Reutter Row 2: l Stewart (V-Pres). B Bays, R Ferraro, C Hanson (sponsor), B Franz (Pres ), G. Blackwell (sponsor), T Stringer, J Rodgers, L Wheeler The Art Club of Gar-Field Senior High School has sponsored many activities in the past school year. Their activities in¬ cluded Art and Craft Sales, Art Shows, Special entries activities, bake sales, field trips, picnics and a scholarship to an out¬ standing student. The Gar-Field Chess Club met every Tuesday after school throughout the 1973-1974 school year. Challenging playoffs were held to determine rankings of the members. Although the Chess Club has had inner school tournaments, they still hope of finding other schools to arrange meets with. The Chess Club was off to a slow start but they have accomplished a lot this year. CHESS CLUB Row 1 L-R : A Stallworth, A Longacre (sponsor), J English, M Sieger (V.-Pres ), C. Pryor, D Wheeler; Not Shown: D Stableford (Pres ). 120 Organizations MU ALPHA THETA nm N Row 1 : Kneeling: D_Earflo f J H Hoagland, C. Moon, M Battaglia, R Mait, K DeLoach, M Ator; Row 2: Standing: M Brown. S. Heller, C Choi, K Suddarth, J. Mait, B Paciocco, P Lorelli, K. Scott (sponsor); Row 3: Standing: J Meszaros, L Frank, J Mernin, J Ivey, D. Collins, M Heiser, S. Cronin. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Row 1 : C. Reed, W, Gray, J. Price, D Summers, S Weedon, L Ferran, A, Cummings; Row 2: M Heiser. L Pegler, B Anderson, A. Battistone, C Schlimgen, J Mernin, D Farqc L Steche r; Row 3: R Mait, J. Shera. P Ballenger, M Brown, S Heller, D Wilson, K DeLoach, B Paciocco Row 4: R Hendrix, J Wilson, B Myers, S. McDonald. S Fike, L Frank, K. Tyrrell, J. Williams; Row 5; G Triplett, M Robbins, J. Oliva, B Embrey, D Collins, P Lorelli, T. Nocifora FBLA Row 1 : D Andrews (V.-Pres), K. Suddarth, P Haley (Treas ), K Huffman (Sec), H. Tuttle, L, Masenas, D Payton, D Day, P Cotton; Row 2: P. Wade (Historian), W Gray, S Heller, L Lopez, D Howard, B Norman, J Clark, L Hemby, L Sawicki; Row 3: S Mockler, V Lawrence, C. Mills, P Putze, J Davis, M St. Clair, K. Ruby, G Kuntzman, D Daniels, T Lisenby; Row 4: W O ' Neill, P Janiga, S Beamer, M. Jones, P Shreve, V. Dorsey, S Johnson, F Stephens, M Scott, B Smith: Row 5: B Saperstein, L Thomas, M Robbins, J Komisar, D Tennant, T Tabourn, D Shamburg, B Elder, D. Haywood, V. Russ ell, V Wilkerson, Row 6: E English, C. Steward, C, Cebula. C Snowden, D Brooks, A Turner, J Duvall, F. Alibhai, T. Meagher, K Ashton, K. Lake, Row 7 : E Kolk, C, Gherke, H Darby, B Bowen, N, Miller (Reporter), R Roach, S Payne, M Payne, T Beck, R Taylor, C Heit, A Merrifield, Row 8: T. Eller, S Vest, D Tarlton, R Pacha, L, Rice, C Haragos, C Nickerson, C Fenter, E Mullennex, M Reeves, B Palmer, P Trance, L Greenwell; Row 9: F Kile, L, Foy, M Machado, D Brown, V McFarland, R Brown, D Summers, P Robbins, C Schu¬ macher, L Pierce, M Taylor, C, Hoffman, C Ferrell, J Smallwood Row 10: S Polanskey, W Martocci, S VanSchoick, A Placzkouski, T. Czul, D Stewart, D Graham, J, Daubenspeck, C Smith, A Veniskey, G Wing, R Mait, J. Petersen, D Ferguson; Row 11 : S Looney, K Lynch, B Reynolds, M Reed, H. Gibson, M. Karuzas. A. Hindin. The purposes of the Future Business Leaders of America are to: 1. develop competent, aggressive business leader¬ ship; 2. strengthen the confidence of young men and women in themselves and their work; 3. create more interest and understanding in the intelligent choice of business occupations; 4. encourage young men and women in the develop¬ ment of individual projects and in estab¬ lishing themselves in business; 5. en¬ courage young persons to improve the home and community; 6 participate in worthy undertaking for the improvement of business and the community; 7. de¬ velop character, prepare for useful citizenship, and foster patriotism; 8. par¬ ticipate in cooperative effort; 9. encour¬ age improvement in scholarship and pro¬ mote school loyalty; 10. improve and establish standards for entrance into busi¬ ness occupations. 122 Organizations DEC A Row 1: L-R: D Petrey. D Daniels. R McCurry. D Brunk. E West. C Laursen. R Swanson. P Blankenship, D Gring, K Schuster, C Garlough; Row 2: K Loftus, D Day, L. Staudinger, D Russell, J. Parsels, J. Johnson, M Scott, E Haywood. D Haywood. B Pringle, E Williams, J. Ledbetter; Row 3: D McClellan, P Cotton, C Denny, C, Guthrie, T Lisenby, T Tabourn, R. King, B Funk, K Dye, G Barkow, C, Spencer, E. Queen, Row 4; T Scardina, B Gibbons, D Lingway, L Sinclair, K Wainwright, D Hooks, T Stewart, D Goodman, V Scardina, C. Fite, B Smith, C Poteat, B Funk; Row 5: W Barnett, J Simmons, L Dixon, M Petitt, G, Dixon, R Brunner, M Thomas, S Short, M Mattingly, L Evans, M Spoon, G. Specht, B Shearer; Row 6; S Glenn, G Frayer, T. Torres, C Cosner, J. Kean, R Hora, D Thompson, G Dunn, E. Tabourn, C Heit, A Merrifield, P Hooks, B Gross; Row 7: R Ramey, T Daniels. D Tucker, H Turner, K Will, E Powell, R Dodge, R Turner, B Brown, R White, J Leary, L. Sullivan, P Kent, S Peacher, Row 8: D Green, D Ludwick, G. Cox, rf Sexton, J Costantini, G Carney, B Duncan, R Berry, P Yadlow sky, J. Hollins, G Kearney, K, Hainsworth, J. Jones, S Queen; Row 9: M Rains, J. Smallwood, J BUss, S. Lookabill, C Lanier, K. Sims, R Schultz, S Murray, V Shana¬ han, P Storie, C Fields, D Giampa; Row 10: L Gorham, C Woody, M Fisher, D Price, C Stover, S Chaffin, K Fleshman, S Houser, P Hoomes, D Fitzgerald, C. Dod¬ son, L. Anderson. The DECA Club was very active this school year. They started the year off with a generous helping hand. An organized group of DE students, called " Ask Me " helped the Freshmen find their way to their lockers and new classes. DE stu¬ dents proved their awareness of the Na¬ tural Environment with Campaign Clean¬ up. In this project the students cleaned up Smoketown Road. Helping others seemed to be one of the main goals of DECA. They collected $764.87 worth of food coupons for Muriel Humphrey. In February, on Valentines Day, DECA students gave a party for the students of Muriel Humphrey. The DECA Club visited an Old Folks Home and brought a moment of happiness to many forgotten people. Aside from their other activities, the DECA club members competed against each other by participating in District, State, and National Leadership Confer¬ ences. DECA students concluded the 1973- 1974 year the same way they started it, with a picnic. Organizations 123 VICA % | ' a Hi •- I TT ! ■ JT tMi hfjf m T 1 ■4? 1 J tfwJX at v - M s Cl i 1| ML Ilk ' A Ob ' Row 1: L-R: D Young, K Lydon, K Hilliard, L Denniston, C Alton, C Steward, Mr Artz (sponsor); Row 2: B Adams, D Beavers (Pres.), A Wolverton (Sgt. at arms), J. Potter, D Mills, V Dorsey, S Haase, Row 3: F. Crossley, C Cole, L Perdue, L McCall (Sec ), P Ruit, J Grooms, L Evans, R Bascue; Row 4: D Murphy, T. Hovey, S Early, E Bates, A Laton, J Rodgers, L Mosser, R Arrington; Row 5: D. Galioto, J Hendrix, D Allman, R Cunigan, P Thommarson, B Staudinger, S Moore, V. Somma; Row 6: W Moore (V -Pres.), T Gunter. J James, E Miller. T Bates, R Clark, D Gerogosian, D Zdan, D Wiley. 124 Organizations SCIENCE i y f ' t f J Hi Jmgi ■ Hu 7f mJH r - fc. 1 It 1 | -mg •! IWf d Row 1 : Seated: J Flanagan. B Embrey (SGC). D Andrews (Pres). K Suddarth (Sec ), M Reichelt (Treas). S Brown (Sgt at Arms): Row 2: Standing: G. Hoss, E Riley, L Bubernak, K. Wolny. R. Rivera, R Wright, R Courchene (SGC), A Guess: Row 3: Standing: D Wheeler, P McLean, D Winmgs, M Battaglia: Not Shown: B. Cox, R. Keller, B Pieritz (V -Pres ). The Science Club members were very active during the 1973-1974 school year with regular activities such as bake sales, car washes, and the Science Fair. On Wednesdays and Thursdays after school they sold doughnuts in the school snack bar. With the new ecology program this year, the Science Club members planted trees outside the school and participated in a Route 1 clean up. Science students present Mr and Miss Gar-Field of 1 722 Organizations 125 The Latin Club encourages both cul¬ tural and social activities. The cultural activities include speakers and field trips in conjunction with classroom pursuits. The social activities include parties, pic¬ nics, and skating. During the school year, Gar-Field ' s French Club went on many area field trips. Among these trips were several French restaurants and an exciting French movie. Aside from these activities, the French Club worked the school snack bar after school on Friday afternoons. This would aid them in their future plans. The members of the 1 973-1 974 Gar- Field German Club are proud of their achievements this year. They have earned money through bake sales, car washes, and stationery sales. They attended the Convention of the National Federation of German Students at T. C. Williams High School in Alexandria, Virginia. They even hosted their parents at a " Kaffee Klatch,” which was very exciting. They purchased german books for the school library and went on a camping trip visiting the Pennsylvania ' ' Deutsch " . They ended the year with a picnic. The German Club was active this year and they really look forward to next year with a lot of anxiousness. LATIN CLUB Row 1: L-R: C Blossey (SGC), D Brooks (Pres ), C Wells (Sec ), S Boulton (editor), V. Anderson (sponsor); Row 2: J Nowlin, W Golden, J Lambiasi, D Alexander, S Ivey, l Roberts, G Hoss; Not Pictured: R Rivera (V -Pres ), K. Wenzel (Treas.). FRENCH CLUB Row 1 : Sitting: L Bucknam, C. Warwick, G Koutsounadis (Sgt.-at-arms), P Ballenger (V.-Pres ). R Darnell (Treas ). C. Heedick (sponsor); Row 2: Standing: C. Jones. L. Bryant, D Tennant, C Mills, S. Ewart, P Janiga; Row 3: Standing: K Kightlinger, M Sieger, L Glenn. S. Stephens, G Dawes, J Mernin, K. Winkler; Not Shown: L DeLong (Pres ), L Paciocco (Sec ). 126 Organizations GERMAN CLUB Row 1 m L-R : D Brooks (SGC Rep ), S Polanskey (Pres ), F Bowell. L Hemby (Sec ), M Reichelt (Treas.), H Wheeler (Sponsor); Row 2, L-R: L Peck, V Thompson, V. Paciocco, P. Smith, C. Choi, J. Shaffer, A Hindin; Row 3, L-R: T Ries, P McLean, R Frank, B Bays, M Farley, D Wilson. SPANISH CLUB Row 1 : J Stefanick (sponsor), L Ferran (Pres.), C Aldrich (SGC), M Reeves (Sec ), K. Casteel (Treas ), L Lopez(V -Pres ), G DeHaven (Sgt at arms), A Naranjo (spon¬ sor); Row 2: D Arnold, T. Stringer, L. Stewart, C. Warwick, S. Heller, E. Chat, L Greenwell. M Robbins. J Killrakis; Row 3: M Heiser, B Crespo, R Caldwell. A Van- Leeuwen, C. Ferran, M Thomas, L. English; Not Shown: N. Marucci. Organizations 127 MAJORETTES Row 1: B Anderson; Row 2: L-R: C Farria, J. Griffin. J. Burkhart. C Anderson. D Stephens, L. Pegler, D Drake, D Harris. M Bullock, S. Lookabill, W Gray; Row 3: L-R: M Bendy. D Pegler, K Johlfs, L. Holbrook, S. Kearns. J Mernin, D Hilderbrand, S Fike. D Apperson, S Klapp, C. Schlimgen. M Raiselis. yj L-R: D. Gring. D Hardy. K. Nocifora. L. Clarke. L Walters. A. Gill. M Dymond. D Bramell vA Kv y INDIANETTES 4 . ar K iL W J - ' V . ' ‘ r 128 Organizations G-F CLUB Row 1, L-R : A. Weeks (Sec ). W Bergeria (Pres ). B Myers (V -Pres ), J Hill (S G C Rep ). E Howington. C Hardaway, T Orehowsky, R Greer (Sponsor); Row 2, L-R : W. Stanley, G Fravel, K. Sullivan, D Green, J. Mims. P Lorelli, W Jachimowicz. G Combs. C Spencer; Row 3, L-R : R Hora, R Clukey. D Fargo, M Murphy, S Sexton. J. Alvey, A Johnson, D Sears, M Heiser; Row 4, L-R : J Nixon. C Brown The G-F Club ran the Ice Cream sales for the office during the past school year. The club had candy sales to raise money for letter sweaters and gave a deserving Senior a scholarship to use toward col¬ lege. In the 1973-1974 school year the Girls Varsity Club worked at the girls basketball games and gymnastics meets selling re¬ freshments. During the year they also operated the school store. Among their activities were selling reminder boards and providing a poor family with food and presents for Christmas. GIRLS VARSITY Row 1 : A Lockett ( sponsor), K. Tyrrell (Sec. Treas ), S Weedon (V -Pres.), D Summers (Pres ), E English (SGC), C Moorehead (sponsor); Row 2: P Ansink, Y Baggett. S. McDonald. K Johnston, S Johnson, D Lester, E. Kimbrough; Row 3; M Black, N Vis, S. Klopp, J. Gilbert, Y Pennifill, W. Martocci, D Beazley Organizations 129 MARCHING BAND Row 1 : A Stallworth, G Cox, P Bowman, K DeLoach, P Lorelli, G Moseley, W Golden; Row 2: S Naclerio, P Schwartz, S Altschuler, L Young, J Kelley, A Mc¬ Daniel, B Gardner, D Wash, Row 3: D Stewart, N Kelley, S Scott, D Washburn, J David, T Messplay, P Ballenger, S Lucks; Row 4: T Johannsen, P Messplay, G Dawes, V Winingar, H Davis, J. Nesmith, V Clemons, M Battaglia, J Graham; Row 5: D Hawley, H Loveless, C Wadhams, M Shaffer, G Ross, P Cox, K Coon, C Jones, M Lorelli; Row 6: S Burks, L Palmer, J Goding, S Stephens, M Brown, L Frank, B Loveless, M Ator, L Harrison; Row 7: G. Johnson, R Wright, R Gra¬ ham, B Pemberton, A Guess, B Alford, B Melton, J Suddarth, D Opperman; Row 8: R Keller, V Baukman, D Sisson, D Ramsey, L Bryant, S Ewart, R Hand, L Hand, J King; Row 9: S Heller, D Ramey. V McFarland. D Shamburg; Row 10: B Shera, G Combs, H Hoagland. B Dymond, S Kersse, J Shera, M O ' Connor, D Hosfeld, J. Hipp The Gar-Field Band was very involved this year as well. Gar-Field Band at¬ tended: 1. William and Mary Band Day, 2. Manassas Christmas Parade, 3. Virginia State Fair Band Competition, 4. Gar-Field School Dedication, 5. Quantico Christmas Parade. 6. Winter Concert, 7. District Band Festival, 8 District Pre-Festival, 9. Spring Concert, 1 0. Montreal Spring Tour. Gar-Field ' s marching band captures first place in the parade competition at Williamsburg 130 Organizations SYMPHONIC BAND Row 1: L-R: M Brown, M Battaglia, N. Kelley, J. Meszaros, J. King, R J, Keller, K DeLoach, B Pemberton, H Davis; Row 2: C. Zwinak. L Bryant, S Scott, S Lucks, P Messplay, D. Washburn, T Messplay, B, Coz, P Bowman, M Lorelli; Row 3: D Sisson, T, Johannsen, R, Darnell, M Olson, S Ewart, J Goding, C. Wadhams, L Frank, H Loveless, B Bowman; Row 4: R Wright. B Riley, V Winingar, P Lorelli, S Graham, B Golden. J Moseley, L. Roderrer; Row 5: S Altschuler, D Baldwin, P Schwartz, B Loveless, M Ator, J. McFarlane, P Cox, J. Kelly, S Schlimgen; Row 6: T Gilroy, D Whittenburg, V McFarland, L Clarke, K Shaffer, P Ballenger, A Smith, D Ramey: Row 7: D Shamburg, G. Ross, T Riley, R Goding. D Stewart, W Little, D Mulgrew, D Hawley, G Cox, S. Heller, Row 7: M Shaffer, A Estes, J. Hamilton, D Nash, R White, V Sawson; Row 9: A Crespo, S Kersse, G Combs, B Dymond, J Shera, M Embrey CONCERT BAND OMf v Y - W f dL 1 } MM: ' j HXr r ( WCa Row 1: L-R : G, Dawes. R Hand, D Ramsey, C Denny, K. Cloutier, M O ' Conner, L Walters, J. Meek, C Jones, C. Coon; Row 2: P Erickson, A Hindin, V Baukman, K Rodgers, G. Johnson, L Palmer, J. Kelley, A McDaniel, L Young, V Hindershoft, S Stephens; Row 3: M Dymond, T Walton, S Burks, D Miesner, J Hipp, M Moore, M, Leiker, L. Sprague. T. Urbanek, V. Clemons, K. Rohlfing; Row 4: J. English, A Stallworth, M Partain, J Fullwood, H Jones, E Hovey, C Smith, R Graham, D Opperman, J. Hamilton, R Stecher; Row 5: M Kleinendan, J Pemberton, J. Coon, D Mashburn, J Mockabee, S Scarbourough, R Nunmaker, K Carlisle, C Battis- tone. J. Slattery, J Rodgers; Row 6: M Green, R Hardy, G Pieritz, B. Shera, D Hosfield, M Briggs, A. Guess, J Suddarth, L. Harrison, B Alford, S Naclerio; Row 7: L, Schmidt, P. Miller, B Melton, G. Lawson, M Hendrix, J. Damato, J. Rivera, E Kimbrough, R. Graham, K Wagner, G. Myers Organizations 131 ORCHESTRA Row 1 : B Begley, V O ' Neill, K Lynch, B Moorer, E Stuart, J. Stephens, A Muse, J Roush; Row 2: J Dortch, P Stoddart, J Jaruis, K Getsie, M Edwards, K Sud- darth. P Mahood. S, Stephens, D Clark, R Bahm; Row 3: G Gilker. C Linegar, A Green, G Stanley, P Conneen, S. Lescurt. VOCAL ENSEMBLE Row 1: R Bushey, C Anderson, K Nocifora, D Alexander, L Smith, M Lightfoot; Row 2: S Brown, C Colburn, D Keller, J Bowman, L. English, S. Foote; Row 3: J Codispoti, D Crone, D McCall. F Prior, G Novak, G Fravel. 132 Organizations CONCERT CHOIR vf-.-iii» AM IiT ■ f I rih I -i . j jt t . i K J rl 7 j n u m W? i B p yjiii Row 1: L-R : D Stephens. G Akers, C Anderson. S Foote, M Lightfoot, D Keller. D Alexander, G Novak. J. Codispoti, J Bowman; Row 2: L-R : R Bockes, S Beamer. F. Prior, D McCall. R Porto, T Yauss. E Stewart, S Dawes, R Bushey. S Keaner. B Duncan. T Orehowsky. K Smith, B Klopp. D Sponder; Row 3: L-R: J Lawhorne, M Sheppard, S. Bent, D Elliott, C Colburn, D, Crone, C McGowan, G Fravel, W Bergeria, J Duvalle, H Peterson, K Nocifora, B Dawson, K Schlimgen, C. Farria, A Gilroy, S Brown; Row 4: L-R : L English, L Smith, There are three phases in the Gar- Field Choral Program. A singer ' s first year is usually spent in a mixed chorus which contains mostly freshmen. Only students with exceptional talent can skip this step. The next phase is the Concert Choir. Finally, after hard work and much prac¬ tice, a singer can make it to Ensemble. This year all of the choruses parti¬ cipated in the Christmas Concert, Festival, and Spring Concert. In addition, the Con¬ cert Choir hosted Madison College ' s con¬ cert choir and performed with them in a joint concert. They also performed in All- County and at Baccaulaureate. Ensemble made numerous appear¬ ances for the Christmas Concerts through¬ out the community including the Kiwanis Club and two appearances at St. Francis of Assisi Church. They even performed at a midnight mass. There are many ways for a student to show off his talent outside of the school program. Through auditions they can go to Regional Chorus and All- Virginia Chorus. The Gar-Field Choruses, Choir, and En¬ semble have led a busy and prosperous year under Mr. James B. Council as director and Miss Norma G. Scripture as assistant director. The Gar-Field Orchestra was currently in its third year of existence and had ap¬ peared in two District Festivals, numerous concerts, and the 1 973 Jr. Miss Pageant. The string section met as a class during school and after school with wind, brass, and percussion players to create the full symphony orchestra sound under the direction of Cheryl Prince. At the 1 972 District Festival, Gar-Field ' s Orchestra was one of only two orchestras to earn a superior rating from each of the three judges. Individual members were consis¬ tently capturing top honors in All-County, All-Regional Orchestra, and District Solo and Ensemble Festivals. Organizations 133 MISS SCRICTURE ' S MIXED CHORUS Row 1 : R Deuell. L Sexton. T Cobb, M. Heeb. B Glass, R Allen, C Broadbent, R Joyner, J. Lee, C. Cox, K Callwood. S Olson, L Thompson, V. Martin, S Vaughn; Row 2: P. Snyder, N Peterson, R King, D Moberg, H Peterson, M St Clair, S, Cronin, B. Traywick, D Beazley, S. Beck, C. Strong, C. Cox, C. Cone, J Grant, B Fulton; Row 3: L Smith, T Sullivan, G Boozier, S Peterson, D Thomas, K Curtis, M Pepe, D Grey, R Robinson, D Morrison, D Deel, M Horton, D Tuell MR. COUNCIL S MIXED CHORUS Row 1: L-R: A Taylor, A Green, T Ferguson, K Estes, K Loftus, N Edens, T. Engler, M Crane, G Runion; Row 2: D Gandy, M Reeves. M Scott, J Drone, V. Nichols, C Thomas, T Burke, K Lawson, F Larenzo. Row 3: D Soseebee, K Fizer, B Freeze, P Canfield, D O ' Connor, L Palino, J Vinson, T Scott, M. Oyler, F Bowles; Row 4: B Kackley, N Belk, D Bailey, D Runion, R Frank, E Stein, D Dent, D Auman, L Williams, K Washburn 134 Organizations KEY CLUB Row 1: L-R : D Far go M. Murphy, B Myers, T Orehowsky, D Sears, W Bergeria, S. Naylor, l McDonald; Row 2: J. Nixon, M, Malley, J. Mims, J. Milbert, J. Artz, M. McGowan, A Johnson, W. Jachimowicz; Row 3: T. Myers, B. DeLong, J. Hill, J. Arvai, C McGowan, J. Alvey, C. Hardaway, C Ferran, L Meyers; Row 4: Mr Lookabill, W Munyan, B. Castro, M. Heiser, C. Brown, A Weeks. G-F ' s Key Club collected wood for the 1973 Homecoming Bonfire. The Key Club at Gar-Field is a service oriented group designed to aid in the smoother functioning of the high school. Building the bonfire for homecoming, rais¬ ing the flags every morning, operating the elevator for students who can ' t use the steps, and serving as fire drill monitors are among the many services the Key Club provides Activities planned for later in the year include a plant day around the school and fund raising projects in conjunction with the Kiwanis Club of Woodbridge. JAjiM A- w frnkxj ' OzT ' C- jA 7 v Organizations 135 mb : : s mm Ism wSM .fy ' . )$r vV .’ j_ " ■” ' ■ ' (Slf 7 M ■fg r ;iV--y V; 136 Student Life some better ways try to shine the old ways ,jk. f ■ W ' S tkTd ' Sj ■■ JIT -1 ' JT At j p : , f ■ |. ,; v . L ' H V •«» ' . »v EGA K fafi ' It H BBB A 1 i iwlf M7 || ■ • ' I ItJp 3 1 m ft a gR- £:. |V ' •■, .T ri ADMINISTRATION AND GUIDANCE Principal: Samuel Cox. Counselors: Rodger Fitzgerald. Joyce Jones, Arthur Longacre, Helen Parr, Thomas Shutt, Maude Young. V MEDIA CENTER STAFF wm®mtm jnl Row 1 : Mrs. Webber, Miss Poindexter Row 2: Mr. C Cox, Mrs. Templton. Mrs. Fairweather. SECRETARIAL STAFF Row 1 : Mrs. Dawes, Mrs. Hughes Row 2: Mrs. Peterson, Mrs. Fairweather, Mrs. Carr, Mrs. Leinonen, Mrs. Campbell. Mrs. Leonard. Mr. Thomas Barrett Miss Gwen Blackwell Mr. Russel Bowling Mrs. Mary Burton Miss Jean Cahall Mr. Michael Campbell Mr. David Carr Mr. Paul Chasteen Mr. Robert Clemmons Mrs. Sally Cohn Mr. James Council Mr. Charles Cox Mr. Paul Cummings Mr. Kirk Darrough Mrs. Patricia DiFrank Mr. Ray Dise Mr. Jack Duncan Mr. Charles Dyzak Mrs. Norma Early Mrs. Betty Evans Mr. James Flanagan Mrs. Evelyn Fleming Mr. Rick French Miss Sarah Garrigues Mrs. Patricia Ghiloni 140 Faculty Miss Christina Goeller Mr. Nelson Good Mrs. Sue Good Miss Catherine Gray Mrs. Sherry Greenwald Miss Joan Gunter Mrs. Linda Guide Mrs. Carol Hanson Mrs. Clara Harris Miss Cherry Heedick Mr. Stephen Herl Mrs. Orian Hight Mrs. Joann Hoagland Mrs. Alice Hosters Mr. Ron Howard Miss Rebecca Huddle Mr. James Huntly Mr. James Johnson Mr. Aaron Jordon Mr. Harold Larson Mrs. Ann Lockett Mr. Robert Lookabill Mrs. Virginia Lopez Miss Linda McKelvey Miss Martha Manning Faculty 141 Mrs. Ann Martin Mr. Harold Mattice Mr. Gary Moore Mrs. Linda Murray Mr. Adrian Naranjo Mrs. Jeanne Norris Mrs. Aria Orris Mr. Patrick O ' Shea Mr. Harry Partridge Miss Beatrice Pickens Mr. Richard Polly Mr. Bob Pruett Mrs. Melissa Pulsifer Mr. John Purnell Mr. William Rampley Mr. Gary Rodeffer Mr. Russell Rowson Mr. Stephen Sawyer Mrs. Kathryn Scott Mr. Paul Scott Miss Isabeth Scripture Mrs. Sarah Shack Mr. Guy Shafferman Mrs. Ida Simpson Mrs. June SuIIins 142 Faculty Miss Beatrice Smaugh Mrs. Gay Statler Mr. Paul Szymonski Mrs. Miriam Trimble Mr. Edgar Tucker Miss Jeannine Turner Miss Susan Vuke Miss Carolyn Wankel Mrs. Cheryl Washburn Mr. Clyde Washington Mr. Don Water Mrs. Myra Watts Miss Helen Wheeler Mr. Joe Wheeler Mrs. Darlene Whitfield Mr. Clake Williamson Mr. Tony Williams Mrs. Katherine Wilshin Mr. Albert Wisneski Mrs. Candy Woods JaJbi di (I JTf $0 Miss Darlene Wooley ' ' . ,, iiru lX iOVL (UamaP qet tf ' 1 CH - J ' io AZAa uA (UulL+Usisl Sj.tJn J Faculty 143 Miss Virginia Anderson (BA,MEd) Emory and Henry, University of Va. English, Latin Latin Club Mr. James Artz (BA.MEd) Shepherd. University of Va. ICT VICA Mrs. Caroline Bagley (BS) Columbia Union LPN Mr. Walter Bailey (AB,AM) Atlantic Christian, George Washington History Mr. Ralph Barnette (BA) Morris Harvey Glenville State History Mr. Thomas Barrett (BS) Virginia Polytechnic Institute State University Electronics, Photography, Communications Photo Club, Indian Echoes, State lighting Crew Miss Gwendolyn Blackwell (BS.MFA) Radford, Va. Commonwealth University Art Art Club Mrs. Mary Burton (BA) Madison. Mary Washington, Va. Polytechnic Institute Business Education FBLA Miss Jean Cahall (BS) Delaware State DE DECA Mr. David Carr (BS) Va. Polytechnic Institute DE DECA Mr. Paul Chasteen (BS.MS) Perdue University, Stanford University, Indiana University Math Mr. George Clark (BS,MEd, Diploma of Adv. Study) Va. Polytechnic Institute, University of Va. DE, Dean of Administration DECA, Coach - Football, basketball Mr. Robert Clemmons (BS) Vincennes University, Indiana State, University of Va. Science Mr. James Council (BA) Atlantic Christian College Choral Music Choral Dept. Chairman, Concert Choir, Vocal Ensemble Mr. Charles Cox (BS,Masters) Concord, University of Va. Art, Audio Visual Co-ordinator Mr. Samuel P. Cox (BA, MEd) Emory and Henry, University of Va. Principal Race Relations Council Mr. Paul Cummings (BS.MS) Virginia Polytechnic Institute State University Industrial Arts Vocational Education Industrial Arts Club Mr. Truman Darrough (BA.MEd) University of Va. History Miss Patricia Davies (BE,MEd) Madison, University Of Va. History National Honor Society Mrs. Patricia DiFrank (BA) D ' Youville, University of Va. English Mr. Ray Dise (BA,MBA) Arizona State University, American University DE DECA Mrs. Norma Early (BS) Concord College Business Education Sophomore Class Mr. Charles Edwards (AB) Guilford College English Forensics Mrs. Betty Evans (BS) Wingate Junior, Midwestern University English Mr. Andrew Farthing (BA,MA) London University, Atlantic Union, Andrews University of Va., University of Md. English Debate Team Mr, Rodger Fitzgerald (Ma,MEd) Virginia Virginia Union, Virginia Polytechnic Institute State University Guidance Mr. James Flanegan (BS) Frederick, University of Va., University of Maryland, North Caro¬ lina State, Virginia Polytechnic Institute State University, American University RMWC Mrs. Evelyn Flemming (AB) Glenville State, West Virginia Consumer and Homemaking FHA Miss Karen Frasier (BA,MA) Mary Washington, University of Maryland German Miss Sarah Garrigues (BA) Mi 11 saps College English J r. Class Mr. James Gerhard (BA.MEd) Bridgewater, University of Va. Dean Of Student Affairs Mrs. Patricia Ghiloni (BS.MA) Wisconsin State University Science Dept. Chairman Miss Christina Goeller Mary Washington Science Mr. Nelson Good (BA.MALS) Bridgewater, Clemson University, Wesleyan University Math Mrs. Sue Good (BS) Longwood College, Va. Commonwealth University Business Education Mrs. Judith Greer (BA) Milligan College English Mrs. Linda Guide Virginia State, Va. Polytechnic Institute Cosmetology VICA Miss Joan Gunter (BA) Radford College English Miss Dorothy Hamachi (BA) Cornell University English Mrs. Carrol Hanson (BA.MFA) University of California, George Washington University Art Art Club, Majorettes Miss Chery Heedick (BA) Meredith College French Mr. Steve Herl (BS) Virginia Tech Math Coach — Football, Basketball, Tennis Mrs. Orian Hight (BS,MS) Hampton Institute, Union College, Syracuse University Math Mrs. Jo Ann Hoagland ( BS, MS) Western New Mexico Umversity, Brigham Young University, Uni¬ versity of III., University of Maryland Science Chairman of Environment Committee Mrs. Alice Hosters (BS) Berea College, Va. Polytechnic Institute State University Business Education Mr. Ron Howard (BA) David Lipscomb College Math Miss Rebecca Huddle (BS) Radford College Science Mr. James Huntly (BA, MS) San Jose State College, Va. State College Special Education Mr, James Johnson (BS.MEd) Va. Polytechnic Institute State University, University of Virginia Communications, Drafting, Mechanical Drawing Jr. Class, Stage Lighting Crew, Industrial Arts Club Mr. Ed Jones (BS.MME) East Carolina University Instrumental Music Marching Band Mrs. Joyce Jones (BS.MEd) Appalachain State, East Carolina University Counselor Mr. Aaron Jordon (BA.MEd) St. Augustine College, University of Va. Physical Education Coach - Freshman Basketball, Track Miss Diana Kastelic (BA) University of Colorado History Mrs. Ann Lockett (BS.MEd) East Carolina University, University of Va. Physical Education Girl ' s Varsity Club, Girl ' s Athletic Association Mr. Arthur Longacre (BS.MEd, Adv. Prof.) Pennsylvania University; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Maryland Guidance Counselor Chess Club Mrs. Ginger Lopez (BA.MEd) Sweet Briar College, University of Va. English Mrs. Jane Manderville (BS.MS) State University of New York, Va. State Business Education Miss Martha Manning (BS.MA) Cardinal Cushing College, Radford, Virginia Polytecnnic Institute State University Math Indian Scripts Mrs. Ann Martin (BS,Masters) University of Tennessee, University of N.C. English It ' s Academic Mr. Harold Mattice, Lt. Col. U.S. (Army Ret.) (BS, MBA) University of Rhode Island, Hartwick, Syracuse University Math SGC Miss Linda McKelvey (BA,MA) Longwood, College of William and Mary English Forensics Mr. Gary Moore (BA) West Va. Institute of Technology English Sophomore Class Mrs. Linda Murray (BA) College of William and Mary Spanish Mr. Adrian Naranjo (Dr. of Law) Havana University, University of Va. Vanderbilt University Spanish Spanish Club Mrs. Sally Newman (AB.MAT) St. Mary ' s Jr. College, University of North Carolina English Freshman Class Mrs. Jeanne Norris (BS) Frostburg State Science Mrs. Aria Orris (BS.MEd) Mary Washington College, University of Virginia Science Mr. Patrick O ' Shea (BA) University of Maryland History Pep Club, Freshman Class Mr. Franklin Parker (BS.MEd.M— 30) Concord, Marshall University, College of William and Mary, Vir¬ ginia Polytechnic Institute State University, University of Virginia Dean of Instruction Mrs. Helen Parr (BA.MEd) Westhampton College, University of Rennes, College of William and Mary, University of Virginia Spanish, Math, Guidance Counselor Mr. Harry Partridge, Jr., LCDR USN Ret. (BS.MA) University of Puerto Rico, USNA, University of Virginia, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Roosevelt University Math Jr. Class Mr. Paul Perhach (BA) King ' s College French Dept. Chairman Miss Beatrice Pickens (AB) Lenoir Rhyne, University of Va. Math Indian Echoes Miss Ella Poindexter (Bs, Cert, in Lib. Sci.) University of North Carolina, Columbia University Music. Head Librarian Mrs. Jan Polk (BA) St. Andrews and Converse History Mr. Dick Polly (BA.MEd) Milligan, Randolph Macon, Virginia Polytechnic Institute State University Science Miss Melissa Pulsifer (BA) Mary Washington College English Indian Scripts Mr. William Rampley (BA) Lincoln Memorial University English Mr. Gary Rodeffer (BA) Bridgewater, University of Virginia, Virginia Polytecnnic Institute and State University Science Mrs. Mariaane Rose (BS.MEd) Ohio University, University of Va. Business Education Mr. Russell Rowson Lt. Col. Ret. (Bachelor of Architecture, Bach, of Civil Engineering, BS) Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USNA American University Math Freshman Class Mr. Stephen Sawyer (AB) Holy Cross History Debate Mrs. Kathryn Scott (AB.MEd) Clinch Valley, Radford, University of Va. Math Mu Alpha Theta, Senior Class Mr. Paul Scott (BS.MTS) Pikeville, College of William and Mary Math Varsity Basketball Team Miss Isabeth Scripture (BA) Randolph Macon Woman ' s College English Indianettes Miss Norma Scriptyre (BA, MA) Mary Washington, American University Music (Chorus, Theory, Piano) Choral Activities Mrs. Sarah Shack (BS) Madison Business Mr. Guy Shafferman (AB,BS) West Liberty State, Madison, University of Rhode Island Science Miss Hannah Shands (BS) St. Pauls ' s College Business FBLA Mr. Bob Sherrill (AB.MEd,Adv. Grad.) Lenoir Rhyne, Lynchburg, University of Virginia History Athletic Director Mr. Thomas Shutt, Jr. (BS) East Carolina University Guidance Counselor Mrs. Ida Simpson (AB) Eastern Kentucky University Art Department Chairman Miss Beatrice Smaugh (BS) Hampton Institute Science Miss Barbara Smith (BS, MA) Alabama College, University of North Carolina Physical Education Mrs. Gay Statler (BS) Virginia Commonwealth University Business Junior Class Miss JoAnn Stefanick (BA) Youngstown State, Universidad de Salamanca Spanish Spanish Club Mrs. June Sullins (BS) Longwood, Virginia Polytechnic Institute Business Mr. Paul Szymonski (BS) Bloomsburg State College History Cross Country Mrs. Vilma Templeton (BS) East Carolina University English, History, Librarian Mrs. Miriam Trimble (BS.MS) Madison, Virginia Polytechnic and State University Occupational Food Service FHA, HERO Mr. Edgar Tucker (BS) Emory and Henry College Math Department Chairman Miss Jeannine Turner (BA) Winthrop College English FT A Mrs. Ersala Vickers Virginia Polytechnic State University Cosmetology V.I.C.A. Miss Susan Vuke (BA) Indiana University Science Mr. Ferris Wafle (BS.MEd) William Mary University, University of Virginia, University of Georgia Guidance Counselor Mrs. Cheryl Washburn (BA) Texas Wesleyan College English Drama Club Mrs. Myra Watts (BA) Winthrop College French French Club Mr. Joseph Wheeler (BS) Virginia Polytechnic State University Science Pep Club, Science Club Miss Helen Wheeler (BA,MA) Antioch College, Ohio University, SUNY at Buffalo German German Club Mrs. Harriet White (BS) Norfolk State College Health and Physical Education Mrs. Darleen Whitfield (BS) Old Dominion University Special Education Mrs. Kathy Wilshin (BS) Mary Washington College Consumer and Homemaking Education FHA Mrs. Candace Woods (BA) Emory Henry College, Virginia Polytechnic State University Math Senior Class Miss Darleen Wooley (BA) Southern Illinois University Art Miss Maude Young (BA,MEd,AC) Longwood College, University of Virginia, Stratford College Guidance Counselor 144 Faculty Directory all your life you were only waiting for this moment to arrive all your life you were only waiting for this moment to be free Sergeant-at-Arms. Julie Wilson — President. Paul Lorelli — Vice SENIORS This was the first year in many that the seniors at Gar-Field were united for an entire year. This unity brought spirit and organization into their class. During their underclassmen years interest in class activities had been shared by a minority of the students. Each year interest picked up and their senior year proved to be the most successful. Activities were met with pride and enthusiasm. Spirit Week and the Senior Girl ' s Powderpuff football game were the highlights of the year, both of which helped to make this the best year for the Class of ' 74. They anxiously awaited the Class trip and Graduation which would be the last class activities of their high school years. The class sponsors changed throughout the years at Gar-Field each giving their all to help the class along. This year ' s sponsors were Mrs. Woods, Mrs. Scott, and Mr. Davis. The senior class will graduate knowing that Gar-Field Senior High will never forget them and that Virginia Beach is right down the road! Lydia Feran — Reporter, Rick Sponner - President, Patty Ballenqer — Secretary. Barbara Adams Christine Affleck Chari Aldrich Daniel Alexander Donna Almond Christina Alton Brenda Anderson Cyndia Anderson Kathy Anderson David Andrews Pamela Ansink Jill Archer 146 Seniors Peggy Arnold David Ash Virginia Ashley Yvette Baggett Debra Baldwin Patricia Ballenger Troy Banik Lillian Barnett Matthew Barron Barbara Bartlett Robert Bartlett Ricky Bascue Pamela Basista Jean Bates Mark Battaglia Ann Battistone Deborah Baxter Deborah Beavers Melinda Bendy William Bergeria Pamela Berry Ernest Besser Robert Biddle Candy Bishton Seniors 147 Elizabeth Black Cynthia Blossey Becky Bowen Kimberly Bowers David Bradley Christopher Brown Martha Brown Seth Brown Michael Bryce Linda Bubernak Cathleen Buckon Judy Buhle Helen Burge Lisa Burns Tracy Burroughs Alylene Bush Charlotte Bushong Colleen Bustam Judy Brewer Lee Ann Brady Deborah Brooks Sharon Broger Julie Caldwell Rosemary Cantillon 148 Seniors Robert Caprara Donna Carney Pam Carney Leah Carriger Mark Casasanta Patricia Case William Castro Michele Charron Mary Chase Esther Chergoskey Joan Clark Rick Clukey Carolyn Colburn Jeff Coldren David Cole Debra Collier Donetta Collier David Collins Deborah Collins Gordon Combs Robert Conrad Paula Conley Kay Cook Pam Cook Seniors 149 Cynthia Cosner Raymond Courchene Frank Coveleski Milton Cox Katherine Cramer Stacie Cronin Karen Crouse Diane Croxton Donna Cryan Annabel Cummings Barbara Cummings Raye Curtis Karen Daigneau Roseann Dalton Van Dangerfield Deborah Daniels Deborah Daniels Terry Daniels Denise Darnell J. Daubenspeck Janice Davis Rachel Davis Terri Davidson Dorothy Debnan 1 50 Seniors Joseph Debaum Diane Decarli Kimberley Deck Kenneth DeLoach Elizabeth DeLong Carl DeLucca Robert Deuell Robert Devine Carol Dickenson Cristol Dodson Marvin Dolinger Chris Dortch Donna Drake Kathy DuCharme Michael DuCharme Karen Dulin Nanette Duvall Robert Dymond Michael Eanes Jeff Early Michael Early Sharon Easley Jim Eckenfels Daniel Edens Seniors 151 Norma Edens Dale Edwards Joey Edwards William Embrey Kay Etheridge Theresa Everett Susan Ewart Douglas Fargo Linda Farria Lydia Ferra Connie Fields Susan Fike Cindy Fite .. Susan Fitzgerald Terrance Flanangan John Flynn, Lilo Frank Gary Fravel Everett Freeman Jacqueline Frejosky Bonnie Fridkis Beverly Funk 152 Seniors Asa Gardiner Patty Gardiner James Garlough Robin Garrett Deborah Giampa Dina Giles Thomas Gilroy Sharon Glenn Robert Goding Evelyn Gordon John Gould Carolyn Gray Wanda Gray Cindy Green Charles Grier Martin Griffin Stephanie Grote Darryl Gunn Dennis Haga Robert Halderman Ronald Hale Ken Haley Donna Hamilton Joe Hamlet Seniors 1 53 Barbara Hanks Greg Hapner Mary Hare Deborah Harris Richard Harris Steven Hayward Mark Heiser Sharon Heller Robin Hendrix Dacia Hess Colleen Hilker James Hill Phillip Hill Howard Hoagland Julie Hoagland Peggy Hooks Russell Hora Susanne Houton Tony Hovey Della Howard Lynn Humphries Keith Hutchinson Deborah Ijames Stephen Jackson 1 54 Seniors Linda James Denise Jenkins Catherine Johnston Deborah Johnson Terri Jones Suzanne Katsarelis Joel Kean Ken Kearney Charles Keller Jon Keller Nina Kelley Deborah Kelly Ronald Kersse Brenda Kiernan Jonathan Killrakis Jeffrey King Marylou King Lois Kitzmiller Steven Knepper Donald Knight Susan Knox Robert Koch Susan Koerner Theodore Kosek Seniors 155 Mara Kostro Janis LaFurney George Koutsoundais Kimberly Lake Michael Kroll Raymond Lam Kristine Kuntzman Scot Lang Allen Laton Diane Lester Harvey Lawrence David Levesque Vicki Lawrence Michael Liahtfoot Janet Leahy Deborah Little Allan Lock Barbara Loveless Lynet Lopez Ray Lunnen Paul Lorelli Patricia Lynch Danny Lorenz James MacDonald pAjJty fat -, ow. tfa -HOAXh -full Wi, OAU L II t aJ pi 156 Seniors M. dmsu M) M j{ fv hfw d f UMUiOMA- -X X Mi «. ' Mm OML J Ah UUi V. Ernestine Mack Mike Maddox Russell Mait Brenda Mallow Christopher Manikas Michael Martin Nancy Marucci Shirley Mathew Deborah McCall Mike McClellan James McClure Marge McClurkin Sally McDonald Valerie McFarland David McKay Kathleen McKenzie Peter McKinnon Richard Meadows Kathryn Meagher William Meders Monica Meekma Mary Mello Margaret Melton Joan Mernin Seniors 157 Lawrence Mervine Paul Messplay Rosanna Meteyer Cindy Miller Richard Miller Nancy Miller Sharon Miller William Miller Carol Mills James Mims Roberta Mitchell Sally Mockler Rick Montgomery Monica Moore Carol Morris Craig Mosher Walter Munyan Mark Murphy Michael Murphy William Myers John Newett Robert Nichols Toni Nocifora George Noteman 1 58 Seniors Marjorie O ' Conner Retha Ogden Janice Oliva Patricia O ' Neill Angel Ortez Patricia Owens Bryan Owings Rebecca Paciocco Jimmy Pack John Palastro Deborah Palmer Gary Palmer Colin Perry Pam Patterson Glen Pierce Bryan Pieritz Brian Pierpoint Susan Pishock Arlene Placzkouski Lisa Ponstingel David Post Linda Pegler Jennifer Price Ricky Pringle Cheryl Prue Cheryl Purdue Bonnie Pugh Monte Pugh Patricia Putze Michael Quirin Seniors 1 59 Ramona Rader Donna Ramey Mark Ray Michael Reidy Dan Richardson Robin Richardson Mark Riley Rhoda Rimbock Wyatt Rinker Mary Robbins Patti Robbins Rebecca Robinson Jimmie Rodgers Karie Roedel Dennis Rogers Pamela Rose Brenda Rowe Ronald Rush John Sandy Rebecca Saperstein Linda Sawicki Michael Scaggs Vicki Scardina David Scearce Catherine Schlimgen Ricky Schnell John Schwelm Walter Schultz Marion Sciascia Russell Scott 160 Seniors Stephen Scott Rosemary Scruggs Don Sears Gail Seiler Steve Sexton Richard Shade Marion Shaffer Virginia Shaulis Terry Shepherd Jeffrey Shera Michael Sieger Scott Simpson Larraine Slattery Cathy Smith Kim Smith Leroy Smith Mike Smith Michael Smith Patricia Smith Susan Smith Pam Snyder Vicki Somma Linda Spinner Rick Spooner Winston Stanley Mark St. Clair Elizabeth Stecher Deborah Stephens David Stewart Debra Stewart fjta «- Seniors 161 Laine Stewart Pam Storie Cheryl Still Michael Sugar Teresa Sullivan Deborah Summers Thomas Terczak Edward Tarleton Cecil Tatum Donna Taylor Rachel Tellis Lois Thomas Donald Thompson Kathy Thorpe James Tolbert Tony Torres Barbara Traywick Gregory Triplett Michael Trivett Theresa Turner Kay Tyrell Wayne Underwood Sylvia Urbanek Larry Urban Marc Urioste Gregory Valentine Allan Vena Kathleen Voit Patricia Wade Cliff Wadhams 162 Seniors Daniel Washburn Robert Watt Tina Webber Michael Weedon Allen Weeks Christine Wells Sharon Whitesell Wayne Whitely Marianne Wido Terrance Wilburn Daniel Wiley Edith Williams Jeannie Williams Raymond Williams Deborah Willis Constance Wilson Deborah Wilson Harvey Wilson Julia Wilson Daniel Winings Alma Wolverton Deborah Woods Robert Wright Mark Yauss Sheryl Yeo Seniors 163 Being a senior cheerleader means getting the traditional pie in the face Paul shows school spirit by cheering for powder puff football game Mr. and Miss Gar-Field are selected by the senior class for their dedication and contributions to the school throughout their years at G-F. MISS GAR-FIELD KAY TYRRELL Kay Tyrrell takes an active part in many school activities. She has been a cheerleader for three years and was cap¬ tain of the Varsity squad her senior year. Kay was also a valuable member of the girls ' track team. She belonged to the Girls ' Varsity Club and was elected to be a member of the National Honor Society her junior year. Kay has always been active in class activities. She was a prin¬ cess on the homecoming court both her junior and senior years. Kay was secretary MR. GAR-FIELD PAULLORELLI Paul Lorelli has actively participated in many phases of Gar-Field life. He has been active in sports, student govern¬ ment, the band, and class activities. In his sophomore year. Paul was elected " Most valuable tennis player " . He at¬ tended Boys State his junior year and was vice-president of the senior class. Paul was a member of Mu Alpha Theta and the National Honor Society. He has also devoted time and hard work to the Gar- Field band each of his four years at the school. Paul was also known for his friendliness towards everyone and his spirit for G-F. ADAMS, BARBARA Pep Club 9, 10; FHA 9, 10; Vica 9, 10, 11; Cosmetology 9, 10, 11. AFFLECK, CHRISTINE MARIE Art Club 9, 10; Spanish Club 10; Photography 11 . ALDRICH, CHARI CATHERINE Spanish Club 10, 11; SGC Representative for Spanish Club; Pep Club 11, 12; SGC Secretary 12; Yearbook 12. ALEXANDER, DANIEL STEWART Concert Choir 9, 10, 11, 12, President 12; Vocal Ensemble 9, 10, 11, 12; Boys Choir 9, 10; Men ' s Quartet 10, 11, 12; All County Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12; All Regional Chorus 11; Dramatic Club, Vice- President 12. ANDERSON, BRENDA LEE French Club 9; Pom Pom Girl 9; SGC Represen¬ tative 9, 10, 11; Indianette Drill Team 10, 11, 12, Co-Chief 11, Chief 12; Drill Team Camp—3rd Place 11; Pep Club 10, 11; Indian Scripts 12; Girls State Alternate 11; National Honor Society 11 , 12 . ANDERSON, CYNDIA ANN French Club 9; Spanish Club 10, 11, 12; Pep Club 10, 11, 12, Reporter 10; Girls Choir 10; Concert Choir 11, 12; Vocal Ensemble 12; All- County Choir 11, 12; Indianette Drill Team 11, 12; SGC Drill Team Representative 11, 12; Girls Track 12. ANDERSON, J. DOUGLAS German Club 10. ANDERSON, KATHLEEN ANDREWS, DAVID Mixed Chorus 9; Concert Choir 10, 11; Indian Scripts Photographer 9, 10, 11, 12; Indian Scripts News Reporter 11, 12; Science Club 10, 11, 12, Sergeant at Arms 10, President 12; FBLA 10, 11, 12, Reporter 10, 11, Vice-President 12. ANDREWS, TERRY W. VICA 12. ANSINK, PAMELA JEAN SGC Representative 9; Varsity Softball 9, 10, 11; JV Basketball 10; Varsity Basketball 11, 12; Girls Varsity Club 11, 12. ARMSTRONG, STEPHEN HOWARD Spanish Club 10. ARNOLD, PEGGY ANN Art Club 11, 12. ASHLEY, VIRGINIA ANN National Honor Society 11, 12. ALTON, CHRISTINE MARIE Pep Club 9; Fashion Show 10; VICA Club 12. AUMAN, DAVID C. Freshman Choir 9; Vocal Ensemble 10; Concert Choir 10, 11; County Chorus 10, 11; Drama Club 12 . AUMAN, KATHERINE NATALIE Science Club 9, 10; Marching Band 9, 10, 12; Symphonic Band 11, 12; Concert Band 10; Or¬ chestra 10, 11; Chorus 10. BAGGETT, MARIAN YVETTE J.V. Basketball 9; Varsity Basketball 10, 11, 12; Girls Varsity Club 11, 12; President ' s Physical Fitness Award 9, 10, 11. BALDWIN, DEBRA BALLENGER, PATRICIA FAYE French Club 10, 11, 12, Vice-President 12; S.G.C. Representative 11; Concert Band 11; All- County Band 11; Symphonic Band 12; Marching Band 12; Summer Music Camp 11; Junior Vari¬ ety Show 11; National Honor Society 11, 12; Powder Puff Football 12; Secretary of Senior Class 12. BANIK, TROY WAYNE Math Club 9; J.V. Football 9; All-County Band 9; Ensemble 11; Pep Club 10; German Club 11; Keep Virginia Green Club 12; Dramatics Club 11, 12; Sergeant at Arms 12. BARRON, MATTHEW JOSEPH Varsity Football Manager 9, 10; Varsity Basket¬ ball Manager 9, 10; G-F Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Key Club 9, 10, 11, 12. BASCUE, RICKY STEVEN BASISTA, PAMELA JONES BATTAGLIA, MARK WARREN Freshman Football 9; Concert Band 9; Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Symphonic Band 10, 11, 12; All-County Band 10, 12; Band Publicity Chair¬ man 11, 12; Stage Crew 11; Mu Alpha Theta 11, 12; Science Club 12. BATTISTONE, ANN DOMINICA FTA 9; Drill Team 9, 10; National Honor Society 11, 12; S.G.C. Representative 12; Gymnastics 12. BAXTER, DEBORAH ANN BEAVERS, DEBBIE LYNN French Club 9; Tri-Hi-Y Club 10; Cosmetology 10, 11, 12; V.I.C.A. Club 10, 11,12, President 12 . BENDY, MELINDA ANN French Club 9; S.G.C. Representative 9, 10, 11; Pom Pom Girl 9; Indianette Drill Team 12, Rank Leader 12; Pep Club 10, 11; Senior Class Trea¬ surer 12. BERGERIA, WOODY JOHN J.V. Football 9; Varsity Football 10, 11, 12, Tri-Captain 12; Indoor Track 10; Outdoor Track 10, 11, 12; Varsity Wrestling 12; Concert Choir 10, 11, 12; G-F Club 10, 11, 12; Key Club 10, 11, 12, President 12. BEVELS, DIONIS S.G.C. Representative 10, 11; E.R.A. 10, 11, 12; F.H.A. 11, 12; Office Aide 12. BIDDLE, ROBERT BENNETT Freshman Football 9; J.V. Football 10; Varsity Football 12; Science Club 12. BIRCH, KATHLEEN MARY Science Club 10; Spanish Club 10; F.B.L.A. Club 11 . BLACK, ELIZABETH MERLE F.H.A. 9; Science Club 9, 10; Drill Team 9, 10; S.G.C. Representative 9, 10, 11, 12; Pep Club 10; Girls Track 10, 11, 12, Lettered 11,12; Summer- In-Service 11; Varsity Football Manager 12, Let¬ tered 12. BOWEN, BECKY ELIZABETH S.G.C. Representative 12; Powder Puff Football 12 , BLODGETT, JEFF English Club 11,12. BOWMAN, JOHN MARK Spanish Club 10; Concert Choir 10, 11, 12; Vocal Ensemble 10, 11, 12; All-County Choir 11; All- Regional Choir 11; Gymnastics Team 11; Pep Club 12. BRADLEY, DAVID JOHN Auto Mechanics Crew 12. BROOKS, DEBORAH YVONNE Pep Club 9, 10, 11, Treasurer 11; $100 Sales Club 11; Ecology Club 11; Dimension Editor 11; Medical Careers Club 11; Wentworth Youth Council President 11; Junior Achievement Vice- President 11; Junior Classical League 11, 12; Latin Club 11, 12; Prseident 12; National Honor Society 11, 12; S.G.C. Senator 12; S.A.I.G. 12; Race Relations Committee 12; G-F Mascot 12. BROWN, CHRIS Freshman Football 9; J.V. Football 10, 11; Freshman Wrestling 9; J.V. Wrestling 10; Varsity Wrestling 11, 12; Tennis 9, 10; S.G.C. Represen¬ tative 10, 11, 12; Key Club 12; G-F Club 12; Track 12. BROWN, MARTHA NELL Chorus 9; Regional Chorus 9; F.T.A. 9; Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Symphonic Band 9, 10, 11, 12; All-County Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Solo En¬ semble Festival 9, 10, 11, 12; Orchestra 11, 12; Band Secretary 12; National Honor Society 11, 12; Mu Alpha Theta 11, 12, Finance Chairman 12; PSAT Letter of Commendation. BROWN, SETH P. Concert Choir 9, 10, 11, 12, Lettered 9, 10, 11, 12; All-County Choir 10, 11, 12; All-Regional Choir 11, 12; Madrigals 11, 12; It ' s Academic Team 10, 11, 12; S.G.C. Representative 11; Junior Class Reporter 11; Science Club 12, Ser- geant-at-Arms 12. BROWN, VIVIAN Mu Alpha Theta 9; Girls Chorus 9; Latin Club 10, 12, Secretary 10; Regional Science Fair 10; At¬ tended Governors School For Gifted 12; National Honor Society 12; Junior Classical League 10; American Classical League 10. BRYCE, MICHAEL A. BUBERNAK, LINDA All-County Orchestra 9, 10; Student Council 10, 11, 12; Debate Club; Drama Club; Science Club. BUCKON, CATHLEEN ELIZABETH French Club 10; Sophomore Beauty Contest 10; Mixed Chorus 11; Indianette Drill Team 10, 11, 12 . BUFFINGTON, WARREN EUGENE Freshman Football 9; E.R.A. 10; R.A.P. 12; S.G.C. Representative 11, 12; Race Relations Committee 11,12. BURGE, HELEN MARIE Pep Club 12. BURNS, LISA Symphonic Band 9, Lettered 9; Concert Band 10, 11; Marching Band 9, 11; Building and Grounds Committee 11; National Honor Society 11, 12. BURROUGHS, TRACY LEIGH D.E.C.A. 10, 12. BUSTAM, COLLEEN D.E.C.A. 10. CALDWELL, JULIE ANN I ndian Scripts 11; French Club 11, 12; Science Club 12. CARR, MICHAEL J. CANTILLON, ROSEMARY M. German Club 10. CASASANTA, MARK STEPHEN National Honor Society 11, 12. CASTRO, WILLIAM HENRY J.V. Football 10, 11; Varsity Football 12; Varsi¬ ty Baseball 12; Indoor Track 12; Pep Club 9, 10; Boys State Alternate 11; Male Beauty Contest 11; G-F Club 12; Key Club 12. CHASE, MARY CLUKEY, FREDERICK RUSSELL J.V. Basketball 10, 11; Varsity Track 10, 11, 12; G-F Club 11,12. COLBURN, CAROLYN LOUISE Choir 11, 12; Ensemble 11, 12; All-County Chorus 11; All-Regional Chorus 11; Most Out¬ standing Newcomer Award 11. COLDREN,JEFF Freshman Football 9; Band 9, 10. COLE, DAVID FRANCIS J.V. Football 11; Varsity Football 12; Key Club 12 . COLLINS, DAVID GLEN J.V. Basketball Manager 10; J.V. Track 10; Math Club 10, 11, 12; Yearbook 12; National Honor Society 11, 12; Attended Virginia Gove rnor ' s School For the Gifted 12. COLLINS, DEBORAH ANN Pep Club 10; Heart Association 10. COLLIER, DEBRAH ANN COLLIER, DONETTA LORENE Drama Club 9, 10; Spanish Club 9, 10; E.R.A. 10; Race Relation Committee 12; S.G.C. 11, 12; Pep Club 12; F.H.A. 12. COM8S, GORDON L. Symphonic Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Concert Band 10; Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Orchestra 10, 11, 12; All-County Orchestra 11, 12; Band Ensemble 11, 12; Tennis 10, 11, 12; G-F Club 12; Senior Class Senator 12. CONARD, ROBERT JOSEPH CONLEY, PAULA Math Aide 11; Business Dept. Aide 11,12. COOK, PAMELA DENISE Sophomore Beauty Contest 10; Pep Club 10, 11. COVELESKI, FRANK G. Film Seminar 9, 10. COX, MILTON DWAYNE CRAMER, KATHERINE VIRGINIA J.V. Basketball 9, 10; F.B.L.A. President 12; Junior Honor Society 9, 10; S.G.C. Represen¬ tative 12; Powder Puff Football 12. CRONIN, STACIE MARIE Jr. Class Variety Show 9, 10, 11; Jr. Class Play 11; Pep Club 11; S.C.A. Officer 11; Literary Society 11; Wrestling Manager 11; Math Club 11, 12; Debate Club 12; Drama Club 12; Concert Choir 12; Yearbook Staff 12. CROUSE, KAREN SUE Drill Team 10; German Club 11. CRYAN, DONNA MARIE CUMMINGS, ANNABEL LEE Drama Club 10; French Club 10, 11; Pep Club 10, 11, 12, President 12; S.G.C. Representative 10, 11, 12; National Honor Society 11, 12; Junior Class Vice-President 11; Girl ' s State Al¬ ternate 11; Powder Puff Football 11, 12. CUMMINGS, BARBARA CECELIA E.R.A. 9, 10, 11, President 10; Race Relations Committee 12; Science Fair 10, first place; French Club 10; Indian Scripts 11, 12; Junior Class Treasurer 11; Jr. Classical League 11; J.V. Cheerleader 11; Varsity Cheerleader 12; Business Manager 12; Powder Puff Football 12. CURTIS, RAYE LYNN DALTON, ROSEANN MARIA French Club 11; Pep Club 12; L.P.N. 12; Powder Puff Football 12. DANGERFIELD, VANCHESTER INEZ E.R.A. 10; S.G.C. 9; D.E.C.A. 12; Racial Rela¬ tionship Committee 12. DANIELS, DEBRA KAREEN Girls Track 10; D.E.C.A. 11,12, Reporter 12. DARNELL, DENISE AVIS Concert Band 9. DAUBENSPECK, JACQUELINE ANN V.I.C.A. Club 10. DAVIS, JANICE LYNN Art Club 9; S.G.C. Representative 9; F.B.L.A. 11, 12 . DAVIS, RACHEL DIANE Gymnastics 9; D.E. 9; V.O.T. 11, Vice-President. DAVIDSON, TERRI ANNE Art 9; Basketball Team 9; E.R.A. 10, 11; Race Relation Committee 12. DELLAPUCA, HOWARD JOSEPH DELOACH, KENNETH ALLEN Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Symphonic Band 9, Senior Directory 165 10, 11, 12, Lettered 9, 10, 11, 12; Drum Major 10, 11, 12; All-County Band 10, 11; Band Officer 10, 11, 12; Math Club 11, 12; National Honor Society 12. DELONG, ELIZABETH GAYE National Junior Honor Society 10; Indian Scripts 11; National Honor Society 11, 12; President of French Club 11, 12. DEUELL, ROBERT ARTHUR JR. J.V. Cross Country 10; J.V. Wrestling 11. DEVINE, ROBERT V.I.C.A.; Photo Club. DODSON, CRISTOL F.H.A. DOLINGER, MARVIN ANDREW Stage Crew 11, 12. DORTCH, CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL Baseball 9; Indian Scripts 12. DuCHARME, MIKE Varsity Wrestling Team 11, 12; Gymnastic Team 11 , 12 . DUVALL, NANETTE DENISE Drill Team 10, 11; F.H.A. 9, Vice-President 10, Historian 11. DYMOND, BOBBY Indian Scripts 9; Symphonic Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12; All County Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Solo Ensemble 9, 10, 11, 12. EANES, MICHAEL LEE Manager J.V. Basketball 10. EARLY, JEFFREY C. Freshman Football 9; Freshman Basketball 9. EASLEY, HOPE V.I.C.A. 11, 12. ECKENFELS, JAMES F. Freshman Football 9. EDENS, DANIEL MARTIN Library Staff 9, President; National Junior Honor Society 9; Indian Scripts 9; Drama Club 9, 11, President 11; French Club 10; Rifle Team 10, 11; French Newspaper Staff Editor 11. EDEMS, NORMAN LYNN Drama Club 9; National Junior Honor Society 9; Chorus 9, 10, 12. EMBREY, WILLIAM LEE French Club 10; Science Club 10, 11, 12;S.G.C. Representative 11, 12; Indian Scripts 11, 12, News Editor 11, Editor-in-Chief 12; Quill and Scroll Honor Society 11, 12; Mu Alpha Theta 10, 11, 12; National Honor Society 11, 12. ENGLISH, LYNDA DIANE French Club 9; Indian Scripts 11; Drama Club 12 , ENGLISH, MARIAN EILEEN Gymnastics Manager 10; J.V. Basketball Manager 9; Varsity Girls Basketball Manager 10; J.V. Bas¬ ketball 11; Varsity Basketball 12; Softball 9, 10, 11, 12; Girls Varsity Club 10, 11, 12; S.G.C. Representative for Girls Varsity Club 12; Pep Club 12. EVERETT, THERESA GAYLE National Honor Society 11, 12; Business Aide 12. EWART, SUSAN EVELYN Drama Club 9; French Club 9, 10; Pep Club 9, 10, 11; Girls State 11; Class Senator 10, 11; Junior Variety Show 11; Concert Band 9, 10; Marching Band 10, 11, 12; Symphonic Band 11, 12; Summer Music Camp 11; Powder Puff Foot¬ ball 12. FARGO, DOUGLAS A. Freshman Football 9; J.V. Football 10; Varsity Football 11, 12; Freshman Baseball 9; German Club 10, 11; National Honor Society 11, 12; Key Club 11, 12; Mu Alpha Theta 12; G-F Club 12. FARRIA, LINDA MARIE S.C.A. Representative 9, 10; S.G.C. Represen¬ tative 11, 12; Building and Grounds Committee 11; Senior Teacher 12; Powder Puff Football 12. FERRAN, LYDIA MARIA Spanish Club 10, 11, 12, President 12, S.G.C. Representative for Spanish Club 11; S.G.C. Ser¬ geant at Arms 12; Pep Club 11, 12; Senior Class Reporter 12. FERRELL, CHERYL ANNE FIELDS, CONNIE LOU D.E.C.A. 10, 12. FIKE, SUSAN MARCELL Pep Club 9; S.C.A. Representative 9; F.H.A. 10; National Honor Society 11, 12; Home Economics Award 10; F.B.L.A. 10; Indianettes Drill Team 12; History Award 9. FITE, CYNTHIA SUE D.E.C.A. 10, 12; Pep Club 12; Powder Puff Foot¬ ball 12. FITZGERALD, SUSAN ANN Secretary for Industrial Arts 11; Guidance Aide 11 . FLANAGAN,TERRANCE GLENN Varsity Football 11, 12. FLYNN. JOHN MICHAEL Freshman Football 9; J.V. Football 10; J.V. Baseball 9; Freshman Basketball 9; J.V. Basket¬ ball 10; Varsity Basketball 11, 12; Sub-school Advisory 12. FOY, LINDA FRANK, LILO KARIN Concert Band 9; Marching Band 10, 11, 12; Symphonic Band 10, 11, 12; Mu Alpha Theta 10, 11, 12, Special Projects Chairman 11, Executive Chairman 12; Class Senator 9, 10, 11; S.G.C. President 12; Senior Class Parliamentarian; Na¬ tional Honor Society 11, 12; French Award 11; S.G.C. Certi ficate 10, 11; Visitation Tour Guide 11; N.E.A. Committee for Teacher of the Year 12; Junior Miss Pageant 12; Race Relations Committee 12; Band Letter. TRAVEL, GAROLD WILLIAM Concert Band 9; Cross Country 9, 10, 11, 12; Boy Choir 10; Outdoor Track 10, 11, 12; Indoor Track 11, 12; Concert Choir 11, 12; Vocal En¬ semble 11, 12. FULLERTON, ROBERT CARL, II GARDINER, ASA BUDDY Spanish Club 10; Wrestling 10. GARDNER, PATRICIA ANN GARLOUGH, CLIFF GARRETT, ROBIN LYNN Pep Club 12; S.G.C. Alternate 12; Drama Club 12 . GIAMPA, DEBORAH SALADA D.E.C.A. Club 10, 11. GILES, DINO R. A.P. 12; Track; Equal Rights. Gl LROY, THOMAS JOHN Junior National Honor Society 10; Science Fair Honorable Mention 9, 10; Marching Band 9, 10, 11; Advanced Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Solo and Ensemble Festival 10, 11; G-F Tennis Team 11; German Honorable Mention 11; National Honor Society 11, 12; G-F Varsity Football 12. GORDON, EVELYN ALEXANDRA Decoration Committee of Senior Class; Business Aide; Foreign Language Aide. GOULD, JOHN F. Ill Chess Club 9, 10; Debating Team 9; Symphonic Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Marching Band 9, 10; All County Band 9; Stage Band 12; All County, Grade V-1 medal. GRAY, CAROLYN Pep Club 9, 10; F.H.A. Club 9, 10, 11. GRAY, WANDA JEANNE Drill Team President and Choreographer 9, 10; F.H.A. Club 9, 10; Social Studies Award 10; Awards Club 10; Pep Club 11; National Honor Society 11, 12; Indianette Drill Team 12. GILLESPIE, ROBERT EDWARD Industrial Arts Student of Year 11; Industrial Arts State Fair—First Place 11. GREEN, CINDY CAROLYN J.V. Cheerleading 10; Science Award 9; Presi¬ dential Physical Award 9, 10; Pep Club 10; French Club 10. GRIER, CHARLES VonLINNEAUS V.I.C.A. 11. GRIFFIN, MARTIN KEVIN Freshman Football 9; J.V. Football 10, 11; In¬ door Track 11; American Legion Boy ' s State; Varsity Football 12. GROTE, STEPHANIE ANN Science Club 9; Science Fair 9; Library Club 10; Building and Grounds Committee 11; German Club 11; Indian Scripts 11; S.G.C. Representative 11; French Club 11; Art Club 11, 12; Drama Club 11, 12; I. D. Committee. GUNN, DARRYL JAMES Track 11; Varsity Football 12. HAGA, DENNIS V.I.C.A. 11. HALDERMAN, DIANA F.B.L.A. 11; S.G.C. 12; D.E.C.A. 12. HAMILTON, DONNA MARIE Cheerleading 10, 11; Outstanding Cheerleader Award 10; Presidents Fitness Award 10, 11; Homecoming Court 11. HAMLET, JOE ROYCE Wrestling 11, 12; Pep Club 12. HAND, PAULA MARIE N.E.D.T. Certificate 10; PSAT-NMSQT letter of Commendation 11; Math Club 10, 11; Tennis 10, 11; Yearbook Staff 11. HANKS, BARBARA ANN F.B.L.A.; Pep Club. HAPNER, GREGORY LEE Freshman Football 9; J.V. Football 10; Va rsity Football 11, 12; Freshman Basketball 9; Stage Lighting Crew 11, 12. HARE, MARY JANE D.E.C.A. 10. HARRIS, DEBORAH KAY S. C.A. 9; Miss Sweetheart Pageant 10; Indianette Drill Team 12. HARTLEY, HARMON V.I.C.A. 11, 12. HAVOSTAL, BRUCE FRANK HAYWOOD, CHESTER III Race Relation 12. HAYWARD, STEPHEN ANDREW Science Fair, Honorable Mention 9, 10; Free Lance Photographer for Yearbook Staff 11; Year¬ book Staff 12. HENDRIX, ROBIN GRANT National Honor Society 11, 12; Track and Field 12 . HEISER, MARK JAMES Freshman Basketball 9; Freshman Football 9; J.V. Football 10; Varsity Football 11, 12; J.V. Baseball 9, 10; Varsity Baseball 11, 12; Pep Club 9, 10; Photography Club 11; Boy ' s State Delegate 11; Key Club 11, 12; G-F Club 11, 12; National Honor Society 11, 12; Mu Alpha Theta 12; Spanish Club 12; Who ' s Who In American High Schools 12; Indoor Track 12. HELLER, SHARON LYNNE 3rd place Prince William County Level 2 National Spanish Exam 10; First place Prince William County Level 3 National Spanish Exam 11; Symphonic Band 11, 12; Marching Band 11, 12; National Honor Society 11, 12; Spanish Club 12; Mu Alpha Theta 12. HESS, DACIA MARIA Science Award 9; F.H.A. 9; French Club 10. HILKER, COLLEEN LOUISE Science Fair—2nd Place—Honorable Mention at Regionals 9; Gymnastics 9; Talent Show 10; Free Lance Photographer for Yearbook Staff 11; Year¬ book Staff, Co-Editor 12; Senior Class S.G.C. Representative 12; S.A.I.G. Representative 12; Photography Club 12. HILL, JAMES DAVID Varsity Golf 9, 10, 11, Captain 11; Most Valu¬ able Player Golf 11; Varsity Football 12; G-F Club 10, 11, Secretary 11; S.G.C. Representative 12; Key Club 12. HILLIARD, CHARLES AMBROSE HINDIN, MARK German Club 11; Indian Scripts Co-editor 11, Assistant editor 12; Journalism Honor Society 11, 12; Debate Team 12; Drama Club 12. HOAGLAND, HOWARD CLAIR All County Band 10; Marching Band 10, 12; Symphonic Band 10, 12; Gymnastics 10, 12; Wrestling 10, 12; Mu Alpha Theta 12; It ' s Aca¬ demic Alternate 12. HOAGLAND, JULIE COLETTE Spanish Club 9; Choir 9, 10; Human Relations 12 . HOOKS, PEGGY ANN J.V. Basketball 9; D.E.C.A. 10, 12. HOOMES, BARRY KEITH HORA, RUSSELL ALBERT Indoor Track 10, 11, 12, Letterman 10, 11, 12; Outdoor Track 10, 11, 12, Letter 10, 11, 12; Indoor Track—District—2nd High Hurdles; Out¬ door Track—District—3rd 120 High Hurdles; G-F Club 11, 12. HOVEY, TONY Freshman Wrestling 9; J.V. Wrestling 10; Varsity Wrestling 11; J.V. Football 10; Varsity Track 10; Marching Band 9, 10, 11; V.I.C.A. 12. HOWARD, DELLA RUTH HUTCHINSON, KEITH BRADLEY Indoor Track Team 9, 10; Forensics 9, 10; Marching Band 9, 10, 11; Symphonic Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Orchestra 10, 11; All County Orchestra 11; Wind Ensemble 11; German Club 10, 11. ISON, MARY ANN F.B.L.A. 11. JACKSON, STEPHEN WILLIAM Science Fair 9. JAMES, DEBORAH ANN F.H.A. 9; Pep Club 9, 12. JAMES, LINDA Pep Club Treasurer 9. JENKINS, DENISE J. Business Club 9; F.B.L.A. 12. JOHNSON, DEBBIE JEAN Cosmetology 9, 10, 11; V.I.C.A. 9. JOHNSTON, CATHERINE ANN J.V. Basketball 9, 10; Varsity Basketball 11; Girl ' s Track Team 11; Girl ' s Varsity Club 12; Spanish Club 10. KEAN, JOEL DAVID J.V. Football 10; D.E.C.A. 11,12. KELLER. CHARLES Jr. G-F Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Band Festival Awards 10, 11, 12; Marching Band 10, 11, 12. KELLER, RONALD JON Marching Band 10, 11, 12; Symphonic Band 10, 11, 12; Lettered 10, 11, 12; Band President 12; Band Festival Award 10, 11, 12; Stage Band 12; Science Club 12. KELLEY, DEBORAH ANNE Symphonic Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12; National Honor Society 11, 12; Mu Alpa Theta 12; All County Band 12. KELLEY, NINA MARIE F.T.A. 9; Dramatics 9, 10, 11, 12; Advanced Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12; All County Band 10; National Honor Society 11, 12; Orchestra 10, 11; Finance and Chaperon Chairman 12; Assistant Quartermaster 11, 12. KERSSE, RONALD Freshman Football 9; Art Club; Race Relations 11, 12; Varsity Wrestling; J.V. Football. KIERNAN, BRENDA Regional Science Fair 9; Science Club 10; Latin Club Sergeant at Arms 11, President 12; F.B.L.A. 166 Senior Directory Vice-President 11; Problems and Solution Com¬ mittee 11; Building and Grounds Committee 11; National Honor Society 11, 12; Junior Classical League 10, 11, 12; American Classical League 10, 11 , 12 . KILLRAKIS, JONATHAN MEADOWS Drama Club 10, 11, 12, Lettered; Indian Scripts 11, 12; Spanish Club 12; Junior Variety Show 12 . KING, JEFFERY JAMES Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Symphonic Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Orchestra 10, 11; Band Quartermaster 10, 11, 12; Band Vice-President 12; Dramatics Club 10, 11, 12; National Honor Society 11, 12. KING, MARY LOU Mixed Chorus 9; S.C.A. 10, 11; Concert Choir 10; Math Aide 11; Journalism 12; Powder Puff Football 12. KNEPPER, STEVEN K. KNOX, SUSAN GREY Scholastic Award 9; Red Cross Club 9; Drama Club 10, 11. KOCH, ROBERT STANLEY Industrial Arts Club; Science Fair. KRESS, NICK J.V. Football 10, 11. KROLL, MICHAEL KOUTSOUNADIS, GEORGE NICK French Club 11, Vice-President 12; Science Fair 10, Fourth Prize. KUHNKE, ERVAN E. Ill Astronomy Club 9, 10; Yearbook 10; Soccer 10; Ciema 11. KUNTZMAN, KRISTINE LYNN Drill Team 9; Student Council Representative 9; Chorus 9; Home Ec Aide 9. LaFURRY, JANIS LYNN LAKE, KIMBERLY F.B.L.A. Secretary 12. LATON,ALLEN V.I.C.A. 9. LAM, RAYMOND ELWOOD Varsity Football 11. LAMBERT, KATHRYN A. F.H.A. 9. LAWRENCE, HARVEY LAWRENCE, VICKI LYNN LEAHY, JANET FRANCES Pep Club 9; Science Fair, 2nd Place 10; F.B.L.A. 11; D.E.C.A. 12, D.E.C.A. Representative to the S.G.C.; Class Representative to the D.E.C.A. 12. LEKITES, TERRY DAVID Freshmen Basketball 9. LESTtR, DIANE RENEE Spanish Club 9, 10; Pep Club 9, 10, 12; S.G.C. Representative 9, 11, 12; Drill Team 10, 11; Gymnastics 9, 10, 11, 12, letter; Girls Track 10, letter; Girls Varsity Club 10, 11, 12; Powder Puff Football 12. LEVESQUE, DAVID HENRY Wrestling 9, 10, 12; Cross Country 10; Outdoor Track 12; Pep Club 12; S.G.C. 12; Powder Puff Cheerleader 12. LITTLE, DEBBIE ANN D.E. 10; F.H.A. LOCK, PATRICK ALLAN D.E.C.A. 10. LOPEX, MARIA LYNET Spanish Club 11, 12, Vice-President 12; F.H.A. 11, 12; S.G.C.Representative 12; Pep Club 12. LORELLI, PAUL JOSEPH J.V. Football 9, 10; Tennis 9, 10, 11, 12, Most Valuable Player 10; Band 9, 10, 11, 12; S.G.C. 10, 12; Boy ' s State 11; National Honor Society 11, 12; Math Club 11, 12; Who ' s Who Among American High School Students 12; Powder Puff Cheerleader 12; Senior Class Vice-President 12; Mr. Gar-Field 12. LORENZ, DANNY THOMAS German Club 11; Race Relations 12. LOVELESS, BARBARA ANNE Choir 9; Concert Band 10; Marching Band 10, 11, 12; Symphonic Band 11, 12; All-County Band 11, 12; Band Publicity Committee 11, 12; Span¬ ish Club 12. LUNNEN, RAY J. Ill Band 9, 10; Marching Band 9, 10, Letter 9, 10; French Club 9; Student Government Class Repre¬ sentative 9, 10, 11; Track 9; Band Festival Award 9, 10; German Club 10, 11; S.G.C. Representa¬ tive for German Club 10; J.V. Football 11; Base¬ ball Manager 11; Science Club 12. MacDONALD, JAMES CARL Marching Band 9, Lettered. MAGOR, JOHN MAHOOD, PAUL DAVID Freshman Football 9; J.V. Football 10; Outdoor Track 9, 10, 11, 12; Indoor Track 9, 10, 11, 12; V.I.C.A. 12. MAIT. RUSSELL B. Freshman Track 9; National Honor Society 10, 11, 12; Mu Alpha Theta 12; School Math Team 11,12; Debate Team 12. MALLOW, BRENDA DIEANE Photography Club 11. MANIKAS, CHRIS MARTIN, MICHAEL RAY Band 9; Cross Country 10, 12; Science Club 10, 11, 12; Outdoor Track 11; Math Club 11, 12; Indoor Track 12; Drama Club 12. MARUCCI, NANCY SUZANNE Tennis 9; Yearbook 10; Spanish Club 11. McCALL, DEBORAH JEAN Varsity Chorus 9; Concert Choir 10, 11, 12; Vocal Ensemble 11, 12; All County Chorus 10, 11. 12; Dramatics 10, 11,12; S.G.C. Representa¬ tive for Dramatics Club 12; French Club 10; Pep Club 10. McClellan, michael guy J.V. Baseball 9, 10; Varsity Baseball 11, 12. McCLURE, JAMES THOMAS JR. Basketball 9; Freshman Football 9; Cross Coun¬ try 9, 10, 11, All State Team, Team Captain; Indoor Track 9, 10, 11, 12; Outdoor Track 9, 10, 11, 12; Member of Nationally Ranked 2 Mile Relay Team; G-F Club 9, 10, Vice-President. McCLURKIN, MARGARET ANN Chorus 9; S.G.C. Representative 9, 10, 11; Girl ' s Track Team 9, 11, 12, Lettered 11,12; Pep Club 9, 10, 11; French Club 9, 10; J.V. Cheerleading 10, 11, Co-Captain 11; Girl ' s State Delegate 11; Yearbook Sports Editor 12; Powder Puff Foot¬ ball 12. McCOWN, PATRICIA ANNETTE F.H.A. 9. McCOY, JANIS McDonald, sally ranae Pep Club 9; Concert Band 9, 10; Marching Band 10; Softabll 10, 11, 12; Varsity Basketball 11, 12; Girls Varsity Club 11, 12; National Honor Society 11, 12. McKAY, DAVID HUGH Freshman Football 9; Indian Scripts 9; Wrestling 10; Mixed Chorus 9, 10; Concert Choir 11; All County Chorus 11. McKinnon, pete MEADOWS, RICHARD WAYNE Freshman Football 9; J.V. Baseball 9; Indoor Track 9; Pep Club 9, 10; J.V. Football 10; Wres¬ tling 10, 12; Varsity Baseball 10, 12; Key Club 10, 12; G-F Club 10, 12; Powder Puff Cheer¬ leader 12; S.G.C. Representative 9. MEAGHER,KATHRYN JOY Science Fair 10; Library Club 10; Girl ' s Softball 10, 11; Art Club 11; Building and Grounds Committee 11; Intramural Committee 11; Girl ' s Varsity Club 12; Photography 12. MEDERS, WILLIAM EDWARD Freshmen Football 9; J.V. Football 10; Varsity Football 11, 12; J.V. Baseball 10; Varsity Base¬ ball 11; J.V. Basketball 10; Varsity Basketball 11. MEEKMA, MONICA Pep Club 9, 10, 11; Indianette Drill Team 10; German Club 11; Powder Puff Football 12. MELTON, MARGARET ELISE Choir 9, 10; Y-Teens 11; Spanish Club 10; Drama Club 11; Pep Club 10, 11. MERNIN, JOAN MARIE Junior National Honor Society 9, 10; Science Fair 9; S.C.A. Representative 9, 10; Pep Club 10; National Honor Society 11, 12; Alternate Girl ' s State 11; Mu Alpha Theta 11, 12; S.G.C. Repre¬ sentative 12; Indianette Drill Team 12; It ' s Aca¬ demic Team Alternate 12; French Club 12. MERVINE, LAWRENCE MESSPLAY, PAUL CRESCENT Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Band Festival Award 9, 10, 11; All County Band 11; Marching Band 10, 11, 12 . METOYER, ROSANNA MARIE Track 9; Pep Club 9; S.G.C. 9, 10, 11, 12; E.R.A. 10; R.A.P. 11; Race Relations Committee 11, Secretary 12; Student Commons Chairman 11; Junior Variety Show Committee 11. MILLER, CYNTHIA JEAN F.H.A. 9, 10, 11, 12, Secretary 10, 12; R.A.P. 12; Race Relations Committee 12; Subschool Committee 12; Tour Guide 11. MILLER, RICHARD W. MILLER, RONALD MILLER, WANDA S.G.C. 11, 12; Minorities Committee 11; Race Relations 12; Office Aide. MILLS, CAROL SUE French Club 9, 12; F.B.L.A. 11; Pep Club 12. MIMS, JAMES BRIAN Freshman Basketball 9; J.V. Basketball 10; Var¬ sity Basketball 11, 12, Lettered; J.V. Baseball 12; Varsity Baseball 11, 12, Lettered; National Honor Society 11, 12; G-F Club 11, 12. MITCHELL, ROBERTA LYNN MOCKLER,SALLY JEAN Girls Track Team 11, 12, Lettered; F.B.L.A. 11, 12; Powder Puff Football 12. MONTGOMERY, RICHARD J. Freshman Basketball 9; Freshman Football 9; J.V. Football 11; Spanish Club 10; Wrestling 11, 12; Baseball 11; Chess Club 9, 11; Computer Club 11. MOORE, MONICA Pep Club 10; V.I.C.A. 11,12. MOCHER, CRAIG C. MOSSER, LINDA V.I.C.A. 9, 10; D.E.C.A. MUNYAN, WALTER J. JR. Wrestling 9, 10, 11, 12; J.V. Football 10, 11; Varsity Football 12; Photo Club 11, 12; Key Club 12; Boy ' s State 11. MURPHY, MARK ANDERSON Freshman Basketball 9; Outdoor Track 12; J.V. Basketball 11; Softball Manager 11; Varsity Foot¬ ball 12; Key Club 12; G-F Club 12. MURPHY, MICHAEL JAMES Track 9; Freshman Football 9; Varsity Football 11 , 12 . MYERS, Wl LLI AM VINCENT Freshman Football 9; Freshman Basketball 9; J.V. Baseball 9, 10; J.V. Football 10, Most Valu¬ able Player 10; Varsity Football 11, 12, Tri- Captain 12; Varsity Baseball 11, 12; Indoor Track 11; Boy ' s State 11; Subschool Represen¬ tative 12; National Honor Society 11, 12; Pep Club 9, 10; Male Beauty Contest 11; Who ' s Who in American High Schools 12; Key Club 11, 12; G-F Club 11,12. NEWETT, JOHNNY LAWRENCE J.V. Baseball 9, 11; Spanish Club 11; Pep Club 12; Sub-School Council 12; Race Relation Committee 11,12; Race Relation Council 11, 12; S.G.C. Member 12. NEWMAN, BONNIE LYNN Choir 9; Hi-Tri-Y 9; Spanish Club 1 2. NICHOLS, ROBERT W. Gymnastics 11, 12; Art Club 12, Art Award 11. NOCIFORA, TONY LEE Treasurer of Freshman Class 9; Homecoming Court 9; Majorette 9; Sports Queen 10; J.V. Cheerleader 10; Varsity Cheerleader 11,12; Pres¬ ident ' s Physical Fitness Award 10; Girl ' s State 11; Pep Club 11; Sophomore Beauty Contest- First Place 11; National Honor Society 11, 12; Junior Miss Pageant Contestant 12; Girl ' s Varsity Club 12. NOTEMAN,GEORGE NOVAK, VIRGINIA Gymnastics 9; Chorus 9; Concert Choir 10, 11, 12; Vocal Ensemble 11, 12. O ' CONNOR, MARJORIE JEAN Softball 10; Beginning Band 11; Summer Music Camp 11; French Club 11; Concert Band 11, 12; Marching Band 12; Track Team 12; Powder Puff Football 12; Junior Variety Show 12. OLIVA, JANICE R. Junior National Honor Society 9; National Honor Society 11. OLSON, MONA LEE Symphonic Band 12. O ' NEILL, PATRICIA L. OREHOWSKY, TIMOTHY Freshman Football 9, Most Valuable Player 9; J.V. Wrestling 9, 10; J.V. Baseball 9, 10; Sergeant at Arms 9, 10, 11; J.V. Football 10; Varsity Football 11, 12; Varsity Baseball 11, 12; Key Club 11, 12; G-F Club 11,12; Wrestling 12. ORTIZ, ANGEL OSHOE, ANDREA GAY OWINGS, BRYAN PALMER, DEBBIE A. n f c A P PALMER, GARY LEE Symphonic Band 9, 10, 11; Marching Band 9,10, 11; Dramatics Club 10, 11, 12, President 12; German Club 11, 12. PARRY, COLIN K. Wrestling 9; Freshman Football 9; J.V. Football 10, 11; Varsity Indoor Track 10, 11, 12; Varsity Outdoor Track 10, 11, 12; Varsity Football 12. PATTERSON, PAMELA GALE Softball 12. PREACHER, SHEILA Band; D.E.C.A. 9, 12; F.B.L.A. 10; S.G.C. 12; Racial Committee 12. PEGLER, LINDA CAROL French Club 9; S.G.C. Representative 9, 10, 11; Pom Pom Girl 9; Indianette Drill Team 10, 11, 12; Drill Team Camp, 3rd Place 11; Sophomore Class Treasurer; Pep Club 9, 10, 11; Girls State Alternate 11; National Honor Society 11, 12; Indian Scripts 12, Sports Editor 12; Powder Puff Football 12. PERRYMAN, JEFFREY WILLIAM D.E.C.A. 12. PIERCE, GLEN WEST Symphonic Band 9, 10; Concert Band 11; All County Band 9, 10; Marching Band 9, 10; Span¬ ish Club 10; Band Quartermaster 10, 11. PIERITZ, BRYAN CURTISS Freshman Basketball 9; Math Club 10, 11; Sci¬ ence Club 10, 11, 12, Vice-President 12; It ' s Academic Team 10, 11, 12, Captain 11, 12; National Honor Society 11,12. PIERPOINT, BRIAN LEE PISANO, YVONNE A. PISHOCK, SUSAN ROSE Industrial Arts Student Secretary 11,12. PLACZKOUSKI, ARLENE RUTH PONSTINGEL, LISA MARIE Talent Show 9, 10; S.C.A. Representative 10; Valentine Sweetheart Contest 10; S.G.C. Senator 11, 12; Yearbook 11, Co-Editor 12; Building and Grounds Committee 11; Guidance Aide 11; S.A.I.G. Representative 12; Powder Puff Football 12; Senior Teacher 12; Girls Track 12. PRICE, JENNIFER SUZANNE Junior Variety Show 9; S.G.C. Representative 9, 10; French Club 10; J.V. Cheerleading 10; Sophomore Beauty Contest 10, 11; Varsity Cheerleading 11, 12, Lettered; Girls Varsity Club 12; Homecoming Queen 12; National Honor Society 11, 12; Yearbook Staff 12; Powder Puff Football 12; Drama 9, 10, Lettered; Band 9, 10, 11, Lettered. PRINGLE, RICKY C. Wrestling 12; Race Relation Committee. PRITT, GLENN L. J.V. Baseball 9; Art Club 10; J.V. Basketball 11. Senior Directory 167 PRUE, CHERYL Spanish Club 9, 10; Art Club 9, 10, 11; India- nette Drill Team 10; Powder Puff Football 12. PUGH, BONNIE ANN PUTZE, PATRICIA E. PACIOCCO, REBECCA MERLE Marching and Symphonic Band 9, 10, 11; All County Band 9, 10, 11; Math Club 11, 12; Na¬ tional Honor Society 12. QUIRIN, MICHAEL L. RADER, RAMONA Homecoming Court 12; F.B.L.A. RAMEY, DONNA LYNN Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Symphonic Band 10, 11, 12; Powder Puff Football 12. RAY, MARK Chess Club 11, 12; Varsity and J.V. Football Manager 12. RICHARDSON, ROBBIN S.G.C. 12; D.E. 10. RILEY, MARK STEPHEN RILEY, TERESA Marching Band 11; Powder Puff Football 12. RIMBOCK, RHODA BEATRIX Cosmetology 9, 10, 11; V.I.C.A. 10, 11, 12; Yearbook 12; Pep Club 12. ROBBINS, MARY ANN Spanish Club 12; National Honor Society 11. ROBBINS, PATRICIA ANN Yearbook 12. ROBINSON, REBECCA DIANE E.R.A. 9, 10, 12; F.H.A. 9, 10, 12; Track 10, 12; D.E.C.A. 10; V.I.C.A. 10; Talent Show 10, 12; Racial Committee 10. ROGERS, DENNIS LEE J.V. Gymnastics 10; J.V. Wrestling 10, 11; Var¬ sity Gymnastics 11, 12; Photography Club 11, 12; Yearbook 12. ROSS, BEVERLY Debate Club 9; Art Club 9; German Club 10; D.E.C.A. 12; National Honor Society 11, 12; Student Council 11, 12. ROWE, DIANE RUIT, PHILIP EDWARD V.I.C.A. 10, 12. RUSH, RONALD RAY German Club 11. RYAN, JOHN Freshman Football 9. SANDY, JOHN STUART SANTMYER, GWEN SAPERSTEIN, REBECCA ANN D.E.C.A. 9; F.H.A. 9, 10. SASS, JOHN Varsity Swimming Team 10. SAWICKI, LINDA MARIE Pep Club 12. SCAGGS, MICHAEL RAY Freshman Football 9; J.V. Football 10, 11; Var¬ sity Football 12; Wrestling 9, 10, 11; Track and Field 10. SCARDINA, VICKI-LYNNE Drama Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Business Club 10; Softball 10; S.G.C. Representative 10; Concert Choir 10, 11, 12; Pep Club 10, 12; Indian Scripts 10, 11; All County Choir 11,12. SCEARCE, DAVID D.E.C.A. 10; V.I.C.A. 11, 12; Track 9. SCHLIMGEN, CATHERINE DEVON Art Club 9; Choir 9, 11, 12; American Field Services Club 10; Future Teachers of America 10; Girls Hockey 10; S.G.C. 10; Pep Club 10, 11,12; French Club 11; National Honor Society 11, 12; Indianette Drill Team 12. SCHNELL, RICHARD A. SCI ASCI A, MARION ROSE SCOTT, RUSSELL ALLAN Football 9; Baseball 9; Yearbook 9; Varsity Foot¬ ball 10, 11, 12; Varsity Wrestling 10, 11, 12; Varsity Track 10, 11, 12; Block T. Club 11;G-F Club 12; Drama Club 11. SCOTT, STEPHEN MICHAEL Symphonic Band 10, 11, 12; All County Band 10; Orchestra 10; Marching Band 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 10; Drama Club 11,12. SCRUGGS, ROSEMARY FRANCES Varsity Chorus 9; Concert Choir 10; J.V. Cheer¬ leading 10, 11, Captain 11; Varsity Cheerleading 12 . SEARS, DONALD DEAN J.V. Wrestling 9; Varsity Wrestling 10, 11, 12; J.V. Baseball 10; Varsity Football 10, 11, 12, Tri-Captain 12; G-F Club 11, 12; Key Club 11, 12, President 12. SEXTON, STEVEN WILLIAM Fr eshman Football 9; J.V. Football 10; Varsity Football 11,12; Track 10, 11, 12; Key Club 11, 12; G-F Club 12; Race Relations Committee 12. SHADE, RICH Soccer Team 10. SHAFFER, MARION Hunting and Fishing Club 9; Symphonic Band 9, 11, 12; Marching Band 9, 11, 12; Concert Band 10; Wind Ensemble 11. SHAW, ROBERT WILLIAM II Freshman Football 9; French Club 12; Mu Alpha Theta 12. SHERA, JEFF A. Symphonic Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Marching Band 9, 10, 11,12, Lettered 11,12; Orchestra 11,12; All County Band 11, 12; Band Festival Award 11, 12; All County Orchestra 11,12. SHRIEVE, MIKE SIEGER, MICHAEL FREDERIC Tennis Team 9, 10, 11, 12, Lettered 9, 10, 11, 12; S.A.I.G. 12; Chess Club 9, 10, 11, 12; French Club 9, 10, 12; National Honor Society 11, 12. SIMPSON, SCOTT National Honor Society 11. SLATTERY, LORRAINE ALICE Marching Band 11. SMITH, CATHY LYNN Pep Club 9; National Junior Honor Society 9; National Honor Society 10, 11, 12; French Club 12 . SMITH, KIM JOYCE Gymnastics 9, 10; Art Club 9, 10, 11. SMITH, LEROY D. Art Club 9, 10, 12; Gymnastics 10, 12; Race Relations Committee 12. SMITH, MICHAEL A. Football 9, 10; Art Club 9, 10, 11; Track 11; V.I.C.A. 12. SMITH, PATRICIA ANN German Club 11, 12; Subschool Representative 12 . SMITH, SUSAN GAIL National Honor Society 11. SNYDER, PAMELA JO Drama Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Student Council 9,10; Student Representative 10, 11; Homecoming Junior Princess 11; Gymnastics Team 9, 10; Chorus 9, 12. SPINNER, LINDA MARIE F.H.A. 11, 12; Pep Club 11, 12; Mixed Chorus 11 . SPOONER, RICHARD WAYNE Football 10, 11; Wrestling 9, 10, 11, 12; Track 10, 12; Pep Club 11, 12; S.G.C. Representative 11, 12; Male Beauty Contest 11, 12; Pep Club Band 12; Sergeant at Arms 12; Who ' s Who Among American High School Students 12; Powder Puff Cheerleader 12; Key Club 12. STECHER, ELIZABETH G. Chorus 9, 10; French Club 10; National Honor Society 11, 12; Pep Club 12; S.G.C. Yearbook Representative 12; Yearbook Student Life Editor 12; Powder Puff Football 12. STANLEY, WINSTON NOLAN Freshman Football 9; J.V. Football 10; Indoor Track 10, 11, 12; Outdoor Track 10, 11, 12; Varsity Football 11, 12; F-R Club 11, 12; Key Club 11,12. STEWART, DAVID WAYNE Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Band Festival Award 9, 11, 12; Symphonic Band 9, 11, 12, Lettered 9,10,11,12; Stage Band 12. STEPHENS, DEBORAH MARIA French Club 10; Debate Club 10; Foreign Study League European Tour 10; Sophomore Beauty Contest 10, 11; Indianette Drill Team 10, 11, 12, Co-Chief 12; Mixed Chorus 11; Governor ' s School for the Gifted 11; Concert Choir 12. STORIE, PAM MICHELLE D.E.C.A. 10, 12. SUGAR, MICHAEL JOSEPH Tennis Team 10, 11, 12; Drama Club 11, 12; National Honor Society 11, 12; Powder Puff Cheerleader 12. SUMMERS, DEBORAH IRENE Presidents Physical Fitness Award 9, 10; Track 9, 10, 11, 12, Captain 10, 11, Most Valuable Player 10; Basketball 10, 11, 12; National Honor Soci¬ ety 11, 12; Girls Varsity Club 11, 12, President 12 , TARLTON, EDWARD S. TATUM, CECIL E. Photography 11, 12; V.I.C.A. 11, 12. TAYLOR, DONNA MARIE Indianette Drill Team 10, 11; F.B.L.A. 12. TELLIS, RACHEL PATRICE Talent Show 9, 10; E.R.A. 9, 10; Pep Club 9, 10, 12; Powder Puff Football 12; Race Relations 12. TERCZAK, THOMAS A. Gymnastics 10; V.I.C.A. 12. THOMAS, LOIS F.H.A. 9; D.E.C.A. 10, 11. THORPE, KATHY Art Club 9; Girls Chorus 9; J.V. Hockey Team Manager 9; Science Club 10; Problems and Solu¬ tions Committee 11; Building and Grounds Committee 11; Latin Club Editor 11, Secretary 12 . TOLBERT, JAMES EDDIE JR. TORRES, ANTHONY NORTALY J.V. Football; Class Vice-President; Varsity Track; Spanish Club; D.E.C.A. TRANCE, STEPHEN CHRISTOPHER TRAYWICK, BARBARA TRIPLETT, GREGORY FRANCIS National Honor Society 11, 12; Freshman Bas¬ ketball 9; J.V. Basketball 11. TUCHALSKA,BARBARA German Club 12. TURNER, TERI F.H.A. 9; Pep Club 9; English Award 9; Spanish Club; Race Relations Committee 9, 10. TYRRELL, KAY J.V. Cheerleading 10; Presidents Physical Fitness 10; Most Outstanding in P.E. 10; Secretary of Class 10, 11; Track 10, 11; Varsity Cheerleading 11, 12, Captain 12; Homecoming Princess 11, 12; Girls Varsity Club 11,12; Secretary-Treasurer 12; National Honor Society 12; Ms. Gar-Field 12. UNDERWOOD, MEREDITH WAYNE Freshman Football 9; J.V. Baseball 9, 10, Most Valuable Player 10; Varsity Baseball 11, 12. URBANEK, SYLVIA CECYLIA Pep Club 12; F.H.A. 12. URIOSTE, MARCUS MANUEL Teen of the Year 1971 in Vicenza, Italy 9; Trea¬ surer of Class 9, 10; Residential Hall Teen Coun¬ cil 9, 10; Wrestling 9, 10, 11,12, Co-Captain 10, 3rd Place in USDESEA Regional Tournament; Scholastic Award 9, 10, 11; Track 10, 11; S.N.H.S. 10, 11, 12; Residential Hall Advisor to COMSIXTHFLT 10; Vice-President of Class 11; Language Club President 11; International Youth Science Fortnight Delegate in London, England 11; Football 11, 12; It ' s Academic 12. VALENTINE, GREGORY R. S.G.C. 9, 10. VENA, ALAN FRANCIS Washington-Lee Crew Team 10; V.I.C.A. 12. VOIT, KATHLEEN ANN V.I.C.A. Club 10; F.H.A. 11,12. WADE, PATRICIA L. F.B.L.A. 12; Business Award 11. WATT, SUSAN MARIE French Club 9, 10; Pep Club 10. WASHBURN, DANIEL WARREN Band 9, 10, Lettered 9, 10, 11, 12; Band Festival Award 9, 10, 11; G-F Band 11, 12. WEEDON, SHEILA Girls ' Tennis Team 9; Gymnastics 9, 10, 11, 12, Lettered; J.V. Basketball 10; Varsity Basketball 11, 12, Lettered; Track 10, 11, 12, Lettered; Girls Varsity Club 10, 11, 12, Vice-President 12; National Honor Society 11, 12. WEEKS, ALLEN WESLEY Marching Band 9, 10, 11; Symphonic Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Outdoor Track 11, 12, Lettered; Indoor Track 11, 12, Lettered; It ' s Academic 11, 12; Cross Country 12; G-F Club 12; Indian Scripts News Editor 12; Quill and Scroll Society 12; S.G.C. Representative 12. WELLS, CHRISTINE SHIRLEY Office Aide 11; Math Aide 11; Latin Club 12. WHITE, KIM DeLAYNE National Honor Society 11; Teen Counselor 12. WHITESELL, SHARON LEE Art Club 9, 10; F.B.L.A. 12. WHITLEY, WAYNE D. E.C.A. 11, 12. WHITLOCK, ROSE ANN Spanish 9, 11. WILEY, DANNY WILLIAMS, DeLORIS ANN E. R.A. 10; Race Relations Committee 12; S.G.C. 12; Powder Puff Football 12; Pep Club 12. WILLIAMS, JEANNIE RAE Vice-President 9; Physical Fitness Award 9; S.G.C. Representative 10; J.V. Cheerleader 10; President ' s Physical Fitness Award 10, 11; Junior Miss Pageant 11; Pep Club 11; Varsity Cheer¬ leader 11, 12, Co-Captain 12; National Honor Society 11, 12; Girls Varsity Club 12. WILLIAMS, LEAONARD Freshman Football 9; Freshman Basketball 9; D.E.C.A. 10, 11, 12; R.A.P. 12; Art Club. WILLIAMS, MARY EDITH Chorus 9, 10; German Club 12; Pep Club 12. WILLIAMS, RAYMOND THOMAS Freshman Football 9; Track 9, 10; J.V. Football 10; Biology Club 10; Light Crew 11, 12; Varsity Football 12; Yearbook 12. WILLIS, DEBORAH KAY Library Aide 9; D.E.C.A. 11; Business Aide 12; Indian Scripts 11. WILSON, CONSTANCE ARLENE Varsity Chorus; Secretary of Chorus 9; E.R.A. 10; S.G.C. 10, 11, 12; Concert Choir 10, 11; R. A.P. 11; Treasurer of Choir 11; Junior Variety Show Committee 11; Chairman of Race Rela¬ tions 12. WILSON, DEBORAH EUGENIA Honorable Mention Science Fair 9; J.V. Basket¬ ball Manager 10; German Club 11, 12, President 12; National Honor Society 11, 12; Girls State 11; Pep Club 12; Powder Puff Football 12. WILSON, HARVEY ROBERT JR. WILSON, JULIA LYNNE S. G.C. Senator 9, 10, 11; Girls State 11; S.A.I.G. Representative 11, President 12; National Honor Society 11, 12; Powder Puff Football 12. WININGS, DANIEL IVES Science Club 12. WOLVERTON, ALMA JEAN Cosmetology 9, 10, 11; V.I.C.A. 10, 11, 12, Sergeant at Arms 11; Track 10, 11, 12. WOODS, DEBORA DEYONNE Track 9,11; F.H.A. 9; S.G.C. 9, 11,12; German Club 9; Science Fair 9; Race Relations Council 11, 12; Comstac Chairmen of S.G.C. 12; Teen Counselor 12; Counselor of Sub-School 12; Pow¬ der Puff Football 12; Student Advisory Interac¬ tion Group 12. WRIGHT, ROBERT L. Symphonic Band 9, 11, 12; Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Lettered; Concert Band 10; All-County Band 11; It ' s Academic 12. YINGLING, RALPH Freshman Football 9; J.V. Football 10, 11. ZASKOWSKY, STEVE ZETTS, JACQUELINE MAE F. H.A. 9. 168 Senior Directory like a good brew like a fine wine you improve with time ■ 1 J 9 1 i m jj En I ;vvfr i • _!f » With the sophomore and freshman years behind them, the juniors shrugged their title of the “foolishly wise " and took their stand of " lower upper classmen. " With that, came all the pomp and glory of the junior year; the Junior Variety Show, Homecoming, Prom and number one the anticipation of the day when classrings would become their trademark. Their sophomore year had proved to be a thrill with second place on the homecoming float, second place in Spirit Weeks ' hall competition, and a very successful beauty contest, but their junior year would long be remembered for their spirit. This year started out with a bang, jammed packed with excitement. No sooner had the juniors caught their breath from one activity before they started another Their busy schedule included bake sales, animal candle sales, entering an original float for Homecoming and don ' t forget the rewarding efforts made on Spirit Weeks ' hall competition. The triumphant juniors walked away with first place. The next big event was the Junior Variety Show held in January and the Junior-Senior Prom in May. With the help of their sponsors Mrs. Statler, Miss Garrigues, Mr. Johnson, and Mr. Partidge the junior class proved to have a good year. Brenda Abernathy Rossie Alston Jay Alvey Pamela Amidon Karen Anderson Pamela Anderson JUNIORS Pam Anderson — President, Terri McGlothlin — Treasurer. Larry Meyers — Sergeant-at-Arms, Ellen Gourdier — Secretary, Kim Comer — Vice President Susan Anderson Stephen Angel Debra Apperson Elizabeth Archer Mary Arnold Richard Arrination Jim Artz Deborah Atha Stanley Baber Adriane Baggett Debra Bailey Mark Banta 170 Juniors Melvin Barlow Gary Barkow William Barnett Ricky Barry Janice Barksdale Ricky Bartee Jackie Barton Eugene Bates Lina Bates Terrance Bates Philip Basiliko Lisa Battistone Linda Baugher Donna Beazley Terri Beck James Bell Laura Benda Sylvanus Bent Mark Bernard Dionis Bevels Deborah Bilbro Mike Birch Sherri Bittner Gerry Black Deborah Blackburn Patti Blankenship Mike Bourget Katherine Boyd Paul Boots Phillip Bowman Dian Braford Patricia Brady Henry Bradley Inga Bromley Darlene Brown Fred Brown Lloyd Brown Peter Brown Robin Brown Diane Bruce Raymond Bruner David Brunk Juniors 171 Myra Bullock Janice Burkhart Donna Burdette Michael Bushey Phyllis Butler Robert Caldwell Patty Calewarts Horace Callwood Barry Cain James Campagna Watt Campbell Wayland Campbell Billy Carmen Debora Carney Mark Carriger James Carter Sherry Carter Lori Casasanta Whatt Cekala Laura Chancey James Chapman George Cheshire Dale Childers Connie Christopher Debra Clark Gary Clark Joan Clark Melvin Clark Michael Cleary Eddina Clemons Kim Cloutier Cathy Cole Kim Comer Thomas Conlan Kevin Conneen Mary Ellen Cory Don Courchene Debbie Cox Angel Crespo William Crespo Denise Crone Frances Crossley 172 Juniors Tissie Cumberland Ronald Cunigan Jo Ellen Curcio Elaine Cyr Barbara Cryan Randy Cyrus Terri Czul Norman Dailey Ramona Darnell Edward Davidson Terri Davidson Howard Davis Richard Davis Sheree Dawes Patti DeCarli Tony Deemer George DeHaven Leann Delucca Denise DeMartino Pascuale DeMartino Stephen Dempsey Charles Dent Debbie Dent Denise Deshields Keli DeVan Richard Dille Sheryll Dille Glenn Dixon Lynn Dixon Mark Dobson Diane Dodge Roger Dolinger Diane Doner Kathy Donovan Retta Dotson Michele Drayer Donna DuBay Laura Dubois Kathy DuCharme James Duling Robert Duncan Nona Dyer Juniors 173 Bruce Elder Cindy Elsey Michael Embrey Dottie Emerick Laura English Brian Ennis Kristi Estes Deborah Fairweather Vickie Falvey Vicki Faught Cheryl Fenter Mark Ferguson Ronald Ferguson Teresa Ferguson Carlos Ferran Richard Ferraro Cheryl Ferrell Gary Fiegle Peter Firey Gabi Fillis Jeff Fitzgerald Kenneth Flynn Dwain Folks Kathy Foreman Gary Frayer Debbie Fulton Denise Furgason William Gaddis Nanci Gardner Randy Garlough Rhonda Gazda Ronald Geiger Michael George David Gerogosian Pam Gherke Richard Gibbs Kathie Gillette Joe Gillette John Glenn Deborah Goodman Norberto Gordon Ronald Gordon 174 Juniors David Goulla Ellen Gourdier Michael Graber Donna Graham Donna Graham John Graham Patricia Graham Kathy Grandt Jacqueline Gray Dexter Green Renee Gregory Ernest Grimsley Debbie Gring Joseph Grooms Herbert Groves Richard Grupe Susan Haase David Hainsworth Robert Halderman Patricia Haley Donna Hamilton Thomas Hamilton Larry Hand Douglas Hapner Cliff Hardaway Cynthia Haragos Kenneth Hare Florence Harlow Joe Hasselvander David Hauke Thomas Hayes Linda Hemby Norma Henderson John Hicks Dianne Hiestand Delinda Hilderbrand David Himmel Jon Hinman Christine Hoffman Linda Holbrook Leonard Hollar Warren Holley Juniors 175 Vernon Holloway David Holmberg Timothy Holzinger Barbara Hopewell Mary Hoss LaVern Hovey Scott Houser Denise Howard Edward Howington Kathy Huffman Floyd Humbert Kim Hyter Butch Irby Gerald Ivey Walter Jachimowicz Jennifer Jenkins Terri Jensen John Jewell Robert Jones Sandra Jones Karen Johlfs Allan Johnson Billy Johnson Lynn Johnson James Johnson Sheila Johnson Rebecca Kackley Donna Kanala John Kankel Steven Kay Gina Kearney Michael Kearney Donna Keenan Donna Keller Kenneth Keller Paul Keller Timothy Kelley Priscilla Kent Frances Kile Constance Kimbel Theresa Kimbrell Gregory Kitzmiller 176 Juniors Sherry Klopp Brian Knepper Jeannie Komisar Daniel Kornaki Kathy Kroner Teresa Lam Jo Lambiasi Tom Lambiasi Leslie Land Linda Langland David Larsen Cynthia Laursen Brenda Lawhead Judith Lawhorne Joe Ledbetter Steven Lewis Patricia Levesque David Lilly Ronald Lilly Gary Liming Michel Lineberger Darlene Lisenby Daniel Lockett Glenn Long Sharon Lookabill Nina Looney Sandra Looney Matthew Lorelli Connie Lowry Raymond Luckett Mary Lydon Dana Lyon Kenneth MacGarrigle Magdalena Machado Douglas Madrid Joseph Mait Mike Malley John Malone Stephen Manikas David Marascio Dennis Martin Wanda Martocci Juniors 177 Linda Masenas Charles Mason Shawn Matthews Mike Mattingly Lynn McCall Karen McClure Robert McCurry Mark McGowan Jack McReynolds Beaverly Meadows Jane Meek Daniel Mehr Matthew Mernin Ann Merrifield Jerry Mersing Jacqueline Meszaros Larry Meyer Joseph Milbert Allan Miller Dorsey Miller Edgar Miller Jerlene Miller John Miller John Miller Justine Miller Terry Miller William Miller Wanda Miller Wanda Mills Lory Mitchell Chris Modica Charles Moon Ricarla Moore Sandra Moore Wanda Moore Robert Morrison Jack Moseley John Moseley Diane Moshgat William Mulgrew Franklin Munyan Bill Murphy 178 Juniors Dan Murphy Patricia Murphy Randy Nageotte Steven Naylor Sheree Newberry Jon Nicholson Elizabeth Nickerson Jeff Nixon Kimberly Nocifora Brenda Norman Douglas Norman Steve Norputt Theresa O ' Leary Mary Oliva Vicki O ' Neil Michael Orehowsky Rita Pacha Lynda Paciocco Natalie Parks Phyllis Painter Ann Payne Marie Payne Dianna Payton Robert Pamberton Ronald Penland Yvonne Pennifill David Peoples Linda Perdue Paul Petrey Elizabeth Peirson Patsy Plowman Susan Polansky Faith Powell Janie Powell George Price Dorothy Quick Joy Raftelis Tom Ramey David Ramos Janice Rapp George Rockwell Michele Reichelt Juniors 179 Kim Reutter Richard Ridderbusch James Ridley Lynn Rice Erin Riley Nancy Kiselak Theresa Roakes Kent Roberts Rebecca Robinson Sherry Robinson Patsy Robertson Jerry Rebel Randy Rodgers Kenneth Rogers Albert Roltsch Neal Ross Thomas Ross Kenneth Salfelder Paul Saunders Karen Saupp Timothy Saxon Judith Scheiner Clara Schlegel Waltor Scholz Roberta Schultz Sandra Schultz Kim Schuster Andrew Sekulich Jeffrey Shaffer Vickie Shananhan Kathy Shank Richard Shaw Michael Shepard Mary Sheppard James Simmons Wayne Simpson Kim Sims Anna Smith Cindy Smith John Smith Lisa Smith Patty Smith 180 Juniors Terri Smith Susanne Solari Gary Sorensen John Sowell David Spellman Charles Spencer Raymond Spicer Mary Spoon Sharon Spring Russell Savatt Duke Stableford Bruce Staudinger Fonda Stephens Carlene Steward Edward Stithe Tippy Stringer Ellyn Stuart Kathleen Suddarth Kenneth Sullivan Ronald Swanson Michel Sweeney Everett Tabourn Briana Taravella Betty Tarlton Deborah Tarlton Donna Taylor David Taylor Marba Taylor Stephen Taylor Rachel Tellis Susan Templeton DeLynn Tennant Denise Thomas Martin Thomas Patrick Thommarson James Thompson James Tol son Pamela Trance Judy Trivett Melvin Trotter David Tucker David Turner Juniors 181 Gerald Turner Harold Turner Heidi Tuttle Melinda Tyrrell Sally Ulrich Billy VanHooser Mark Vanhutton Albert VanLeeuwen Michael VanRoo Sharon VanSchoick Ann Veniskey Nancy Vis Carl Wade Randy Waite Lisa Walters Cindy Warren Elizabeth Warren Michael Webb Bruce Weedon Denise Wehrenberg David West Evertt West Gregory West David Wheeler Chester White James White Ronnell White Sheree White Deborah Whitlock Richard Widdows Cathy Williams Charles Williams Mildred Williams Prentiss Williams Rowena Williams Stephen Wilson Thomas Wilson Thomasa Wince Beatrice Wing James Winget Vickie Winingar Kim Wolny 182 Juniors Vanessa Harper Lee McDonald V Osamu Wray Peter Yadlowsky Eddie Miller Jay Yingling Laura Yonkie Elizabeth Zumb rook Libby Dyott Juniors 183 and we all know it ' s better yesterday has past now let ' s all start the living for the one that ' s going to last SB ■mmm mW: MW 4 V 1 SOPHOMORES The sophomores started their second year off with a lot of enthusiasm. With a theme for homecoming of " Roast James Wood Colonels " , they took over 1 st place. Their float showed a colonel roasting over an open pit with bright streamers decor¬ ating it. Eagerness and the will to set forth much effort was shown by the class. Coming a long way since last year, class meetings, held several times throughout the months, seemed to be going uphill. Many plans were made for the spring and they were anxious to make their Sophomore Beauty Contest a great success. With the help and guidance of their class sponsors, who are Mr. Larson, Mrs. Early, Mr. G. Moore, Mrs. Good and Mr. Huntley, it was a great year for the class of 76! Sally Beamer—Secretary, Susan Kearns—Treasurer, Perry Cox—Vice President, Rodney Roeske—Sergeant at Arms, Joyce Gilbert—President, Karen Smith—Publicity Chairman Mike Abel Joann Adams Alicia Alacce David Albers Matthew Aldrich Linda Allen Pam Allen Richard Allen Fatima Allibhai Jerry Ansley Marsha Armstrong Marie Arnold Patrica Arnold Mitz Artz Jay Arvai Robert Ash Kathleen Ashton Mark Ator Sophomores 185 Nancy Atkins Steve Baker Ann Barbee Debra Barker Allan Bates Dan Barton Hildegard Bates Randolph Batt Brroks Bays Robert Bealey Sally Beamer David Belk Katherine Bell Tammy Bell Donna Benda Shelia Bennett Stephen Bergstrom Joseph Berry Perry Bevels Richard Biddle Julie Bigelow Audrey Blackman Donald Blankenship Chris Blazak Edward Blazek Terry Bond Kenneth Booth Stephen Boulton John Bowder Frederick Bowell Brenda Braden Cathy Braswell Arthur Broadbent Denise Brooks Elton Brooks Lynn Brooks Debra Brown Leslie Brown Phyllis Brown Robert Brown Tom Brueser Lesley Bryant 186 Sophomores Kimberly Buckman Frieda Bull Ed Burbage Paul Burke William Bush Ralph Bushey Charles Butler Harbey Callahan Kathryn Callwood Jeff Campbell Ray Campbell Richard Campbell William Campbell Carol Cannon Karen Carlisle Kevin Carlisle Deborah Carlson Gary Carney Tina Carr Victor Carrell Ellenor Carroll Terrie Carroll Casey Cebula Brenda Chaffin Edith Chait Mary Chakurda James Chastween Andrew Chavonelle Billy Chenoweth Barbara Chittum Chun-Young Choi Linda Clark Ralph Clark Wendy Clark Linda Clarke Thomas Cleahan Judy Clement Richard Cline Theresa Cobb Joseph Codespoti Michael Cole Cheryl Coley Sophomores 187 Denise Collier James Conard Kathleen Coon Frank Cooper Gary Cooper Joseph Costantini Patricia Cotton Brigotte Coulton Gary Cox Nina Cox Perry Cox Donald Cramer Shena Culley Jeff Cumberland Carolyn Cono Linda Daily Kathleen Dalton Joseph D ' Amato Aaron Dangerfield Donald Dapra Heather Darby Elisabeth Dardin Timothy Darnley Rusty Davenport John David Pamila Davis Peggy Davis Ronald Davis Gina Dawes Denise Dawson Robert Dawson Trisa Dean Robert DeLong Elaine DeMille Roy Dempsey William Denning Laura Denniston Claire Denny Robin Deuell John DeVan John Dobson Rusty Dodge 188 Sophomores 5a + IVaJ a ' , Calvin Dodson Donna Doke Karen Donovan Vanessa Dorsey Barry DuBois Gary Duncan Greg Duncan William Duncan Richard Dunnigan Jon Dunning Jeanne Duvall Donald Dye Mendy Dymond Robert Eckenfels Tammy Eller Elizabeth Elmore Terry Embrey Pamela Erickson Donna Esser Barry Estes Debbie Evans Diana Evans Randy Everett Elsie Ewald Mitchell Farley Carol Farria Michael Feciura Lori Fehrenbach Darleen Ferguson Dawn Fieale Lynda Firey Bob Fisher Margret Fisher Mike Fisher John Fitzgerld Susan Flanagan Kenneth Fleshmen Stephen Foote Brenda Ford Cheryl Franz Ronald Freitag Mark French Sophomores 189 David Fullerton Brenda Funk Sharon Gardner Mary Gearheart Cheryl Gherke Belinda Gibbons Sharon Gibbs Holly Gibson Joyce Gilbert Mike Giles Greg Gilker Steven Gill Anita Gilroy Paula Girven Joseph Gish John Gody William Golden Ernesto Gonzolas Lottie Gorham Charles Graham Scott Graham Joseph Grantham Alford Green Deborah Green Patricia Green Henry Greenhow Linda Greenwell Beverly Greenwood Sarah Griffin Teresa Gunter Carol Guthrie Marie Guy Jeff Hagadorn Glenn Hager Karen Hainsworth Gary Ham John Hamilton Deborah Hammond Rhoda Hand Stephen Harrison Tim Harrow Matthew Havener 190 Sophomores Donald Hawley Bruce Haynes Nancy Hayward Deborah Haywood Eric Haywood Christina Heit Michele Helms Valerie Hendershott Bill Hendrickson Frank Henrich Steve Hetrick Amy Hindin Mike Hinman Christina Hinte Janet Hollins Billy Holt Sherri Holzinger Duane Hooks Marilu Horton G inny Hoss Cherry Huffstetler Pam Hunt Patricia Hunter Susan Ivey Michael Jack Jacqulyn James Patrice Janiga James Jeffries Teddi Jensen Dean Jerkins Terry Johannsen Henry Johnson Phyllis Johnson Kenneth Toines Beth Jones Cindy Jones Margaret Jones Marilyn Jones Mary Karuzas Stephen Kaserman Phillip Katsarelis Donald Kearnen Sophomores 191 Kathy Kearns Susan Kearns Owen Keenan Mark Kees Roger Keesecker Kimberly Keller James Kelley Michael Kelly Thomas Kelly Leonard Kemp Steven Kersse Debra Kessler Michael Kesther Kimberly Kightlinger Evelyn Kimbrough Cynthia Kina Vivian King Gail Kirk Brian Klopp Edith Kolk Mike Kress Gina Kuntzman Michael Lacy Timothy Lake David Lana Willis Lane Connie Lanier Bruce Lanthier Karen Lanthier Robert Larsen Greg Lawson Kim Lawson Michael Lawson Keith Lear Dwight Lewis Carmen Lietha Stanley Limana Glenn Liming Carl Linegar Debbie Lingway Linda Lippaid Tamey Lisenby 192 Sophomores Kathy Little Walter Little Karen Loftus Michelle Lourenzo Susan Lucks William Ludwick Joy Ludwia Keith Lunnen Kelly Lydon Kathleen Lynch Joe MacFarlane Essamae Mack Tom Mackler Peter Madrid Cynthia Mahle Priscilla Mahood Frank Mallory Kathleen Malony Karen Marada Dennis Marques Scott Marshall Danny Mason Shabbir Mawani Donna McClellan John McClurkin Angela McDaniel Ramora McDaniel Gene McDonald Colin McGowan Paul McKinnon Patricia McLean Vanessa Meade Patricia Meagher Scott Medlin Deborah Melcher Margaret Mello Christine Meruine Tom Messplay Michelle Meszaros Richard Meyer Michael Mick Gina Miller Sophomores 193 Dolores Mills Timothy Mills Kathleen Minlionica Doran Mobera James Mockabee Brian Montaomery Sandra Moore Richard Morange Deborah Morehead Lori Morgan Cathie Morris Michael Moseley Gregory Mosely Jacob Mound Denny Mulgrew William Mullins Matt Murphy Michael Murphy Laura Myers Thomas Myers Douglas Nash Jay Nesmith Ruth Newman Victo ria Nichols Patricia Nofsinger Rick Nolan Bobby Norman Tina Norman Richard Nunemaker Donna O’Connor Stephen Olin James Olsen Deborah Olson William O ' Neill Fred Osbourne Kevin O ' Shea Mary O ' Shea William Owens Brenda Palmer Keith Palmer Kevin Pansons Peter Paradis 194 Sophomores John Parker Judy Parkhurst Ken Partlett Helen Payne Susan Payne Richard Paxton Debbie Pegler Calvin Perry Jennifer Peterson Happy Peterson Eberhart Pfaller Laurie Pfleeger Linda Pierce Edward Pitts Sheila Poke Phillip Ponder Ruben Porras Herbert Porter Sylvia Porter Robert Porto Jody Potter Ernest Powell Doris Price Joyce Price Brenda Pringle Brenda Puckett Linda Puckett Donald Purcell Peter Quick Richard Quintana Dawn Quirin Michael Radfern Marie Rains Marianne Raiselis Pat Ramey Steve Ray Robert Raybin Donald Reed Jerry Reed Michael Reed Macchell Reeves Rebecca Reynolds Sophomores 195 Randall Ridderbusch Brian Riggs Jeffrey Riggs Maureen Riley Virginia Riley Gregg Ringold Steven Rivers Randa Roach Mark Robbins Dianne Robinson Jerry Rodgers Robin Roedel Rodney Roeske Greg Ross Jennifer Ross Robert Ruais Kathryn Ruby Robert Ruit Debbie Russell Robert Ryan Robert Ryan James Sandy Richard Santmyer Susan Sass Steve Scarborough Tony Scardina Blake Schimpf Eddie Schimpf Stephen Schlimaen Roy Schmidt Linda Schramm Cathy Schumacher Jamie Schuster Marc Schwartz Terri Scott Myra Scott Ronald Shade Klaus Shaffer David Shamburg Cynthia Sharp Scott Shaw Dan Shay 196 Sophomores Ronny Shipley Renee Shunamon Diane Sigler Bruce Simmons Tami Simonds Diana Simpson Mike Simpson Lisa Sinclair Dawn Sisson Adela Smith Belinda Smith Cindy Smith Cynthia Smith Karen Smith Leslie Smith Lorraine Smith Melanie Smith Rita Smith Edwin Smoot Thomas Snellings Stanley Solomon Debbie Sosebee Ronald Spangler Gail Specht Janet Spellman Perry Spence Luanne Spicer Susan Spinner Mark Sponseller Debra Spruill Patricia Stallworth Nora Stambaugh Gerald Stanley Linda Staudinger Dean St. Clair Eric Stein Suzanne Stephens Edward Stewart Tracie Stewart Elizabeth Stith Kim Stitt Julie Stoffregen Sophomores 197 Jenny Stonemetz Frank Sullivan Michael Sullivan Theresa Sullivan Daniel Sweeney Debora Swisher Tina Tabourn Mary Tatum Vironica Taylor Thomas Tedrick Diann Tennant Peter Terczak Connie Thomas Eddie Thomas Mark Thomas John Thompson Steven Thorsteinsson Charles Thurston Alice Tiller Amy Traywick Richard Troutman Theodore Turley Arlene Turner Gary Turner Jacqueline Turner Robert Turner Terry Turner Randy Tyrrell Theresa Ulrich Larry VanHooser Patricia Vaughn Bonnie Vena Dennis Vermilven Petunia Vest Sharon Vest James Vinson David Vis Nancy Vitola Terry Wade Cheryl Wahlmeier Pat Walters Deborah Walters 198 Sophomores Andy York Brian Young Debbi Young Russel Zingg Cindy Zwinak Mike Warholak Brian Watt Becky Waymire Lisa Weaver Margaret Welsh Lorraine West Edward Wheeler Daniel Whittenburg Vickie Wilkerson Catherine Will Richard Williams Elizabeth Williams Larry Williams Julie Williams Lori Winchester Gail Wing Karen Winkler Michael Winnings James Wise David Wolford Robert Wolford Debra Woodring Dixie Woodward Gloria Woody Leonard Woolfender Michael Wrabell Darlene Wray Raymond Yates Teresa Yauss Amy Yingling Sophomores 199 starting all over again it ' s gonna be rough , so rough but we ' re all gonna make it FRESHMEN At the beginning it always seems to be a little nerve racking for freshmen. This year the freshman class got off to a fine start. Being their first year in high school and filled with uncertainty and fear it was hard for them to put things together. Their first major task was the float for Homecoming. They successfully accom¬ plished the task and it was enjoyed by many. The Gar-Field vs Woodbridge game brought on Spirit Week. Decorating the lower cafeteria sure was a job, but with the help and fantastic spirit of many of the freshmen, they got the job done successfully. The ways the freshmen raised money this year were bake sales and car washes. It must be said that the class of 1977 is a very highly spirited class. And this spirit has helped them make Gar-Field a better school for all We feel that they will leave a distinct mark on Gar-Field for years to come. The freshman class sponsors this year were Mrs. Newman, Mr Rowson, Mr, O ' Shea, and Mrs Harris. Michelle Quintana—Treasurer, Mary Ann Wilson—VP, Debbie Jones—Pres., Toni Castro—Sec., Patty Myers— Class Reporter, Bill Glass—Sgt. at Arms. Tammy Abernathy John Adams William Admans George Affleck Homer Aikin Joseph Alacce Sherry Albers Victoria Albritton Guy Andrew Linda Anderson Kathy Amidon Susan Altschuler Cathleen Alton Curtis Almond Michael Allibhai Ronnie Allen William Alford Ane Alexander Freshmen 201 Willia Anthony William Archer Jay Ard Mike Arnold Nora Arrington Rita Arrington Alison Aubuchon Donna Auman Lisa Ausley Robert Bahm Cathy Bailey Donna Bailey Ronda Bailey Mike Baldwin Mike Banta Cathy Barker Susan Barkow Tracy Barksdale Ann Barkulis Kevin Bartlett Maria Bartlett Tommy Bartley Bonnie Bascue Deborah Bates Carl Battistone Valerie Bauckman Linda Beagle Hugh Beard Robin Beaudoin Karen Benner Rita Beaumont David Beck Sandra Beck Diana Belding Nancy Belk Stephanie Bell Sam Bell Karen Benda Kathy Bennett Terry Bennett Bryan Bernard Mark Bertolasio 202 Freshmen James Besser Richard Betsill Gail Bigelow Conrad Bizik Tammy Blackburn Mary Bladen Donna Blankenship Kent Bliss Cynthia Blodgett Gregory Boozier Perry Botto Monica Botts Jeannean Bowell Peggi Bowles Trudy Bowles Rebecca Bowling Brian Bowman Marilyn Bowyer Rachael Boyd Patricia Bracy Cathy Bradford Deborah Bramell Robin Brant Paticia Brewer Michael Briggs Anita Britt DeNeil Brockwell John Broger Donald Bromley Jeanne Brown Joel Brown Kevin Brown Tami Brown Douglas Bryant Greg Bryant Theodore Bryant Jeffrey Buchanan Michael Buchanan Lisa Bucknam Maggie Buckon William Budimlya Steven Byers Freshmen 203 William Buhk Teresa Bunion Kathleen Burke Tracy Burke Susan Burks Cindy Bushey Barbara Campbell Joel Campbell Robert Campbell Charles Canaleton Sandra Canada Patricia Canfield Penny Capps Greg Carman Kevin Carpenter Jeffery Carter James Castle Toni Castro Bryan Cebula George Chakurda Cynthia Chancey Shane Chandler Wanitta Chaney Tracey Chapman Steven Chichkas Pamela Chittum Deanne Christan Vernon Clemons Karen Cloutier Avery Clark Danny Clark Robin Clark Theresa Clark Maureen Cleary Karen Clemons Robert Coder Tonna Cogan Lori Colcombe Angela Cole Darlene Collins Leonore Combs Harold Comei 204 Freshmen is Cindy Conard Candy Cone Patrick Conneen Frank Connors Pamela Conover Valerie Cook James Coon Roger Cornett Colleen Cory Lynda Costantini Gale Cotton Michael Cotton Erin Counts Susan Coveleski Connie Cox Mary Crane Roxanne Crespo Douglas Crone Bill Cross Amelia Cummins Bryan Cunnigan Dixie Cunningham Dawn Curtis Kevin Curtis Roberta Curtis Janeal Cyrus Michael Dailey Karen Davis Paul Davis Wesley Davis Michael Dawson Dennis Deal Darien Dean Betsy Deckow Diane Deel Rosemarie Deemer Donald DellaPuca Mary Demartino Joanne Dennison Kathy Dennison David Denniston Keith Dent Freshmen 205 Kenneth Dent Scott Dent Kathy DeRock Karen Desmond Margo Dodd Jeff Dortch Deborah Dotson Edward Doucette Richard Downs Joanna Droham Joseph Drone Debbi Dube Patricia Dubois Sherry Dulin Cari Duncan Deborah Duncan Mark Duncan Bernard Dunn Wendy Dunnington Steve Dunnigan Theresa Dupont Walter Kvey Kathryn Edwards Mary Edwards Terry Elder Erin Ellis Michael Ellis Dawn Elmore Jan Elsey Paul Emerick Paul Emerick Teresa Emmick Thomas Engler Jay English Helen Enos Tim Erickson Michael Failor Stanley Falvey Sheila Faught Paul Feciura John Ferguson Kenny Ferraro 206 Freshmen ifluH Perry Ferraro Irene Fick Thomas Fite Jesse Fitzgerald Brian Fitzgibbon Karen Fizer Mary Florence John Fogerty Jane Flynn Kevin Foley Dean Folks William Follin Paul Fowler Diane Foy Michael Fraley Rene Frank Paula Franz Jerry Frazier Sherri Frazier Brian Freeze Judy Freitag Patrick Frost Elmer Fulkerson Joann Fullerton Michael Fullerton Brenda Fulton Scott Fulwood Roland Gahn David Gandy James Gand James Gardner Douglas Garland David Gatson James Gazda Pamela George Carol Getsie Terri Gettis Arthur Giannopoulos Jeff Gibson John Gibson Andrea Gill Marcia Giruen Freshmen 207 John Gish Bill Glass Cathy Gmaz Joseph Gnoffa Johnny Good Nancy Gorman James Goudier Robert Graham Ronald Graham JoAnn Grant Leslie Green Denise Green Juanita Greenhow Donna Grey Rosemary Griffin Robin Grim Debra Grimsley Ronald Grupe Allan Guess Peter Gumpert Kathy Guthrie Martha Guy Diane Haga Karen Hall Vedenia Hall Larry Halloway George Hamilton Danica Hanson Michael Harbach Michael Hardaway Donna Hardy Ramona Hardy Leo Harrison Timothy Hart Rickey Hartzell Wayne Havastal Mary Hawkins Cheryl Hayes David Hayes Mike Hayes Linda Haynes Barbara Hayward ■Mm 208 Freshmen Therese Heatwole Marlyin Heeb John Heisler Susan Helbringer Debra Helsley Chris Hendley Mark Hendrix Debra Hert Greg Heureux Walter Hewitt Anna Higgins John Hilker Babette Hill Peggy Hill Richard Hill Steven Hill Michael Hillman Debra Hinderliter James Hipp Cathy Hisey James Hoak James Holbert Jessie Holbrook Lillie Hollowy Robert Holsenback Kellee Hoszinger David Hooks David Hosfeld Kimberly Houser Eddie Hovey Robin Howard Shawn Hughes Gerri Huhn Michael Humphries Janice Hurley Linda Huskey Al Hutcherson Jack Hylton Sharon Jachimowicz Butch Jackson Michael Jackson Ronald Jacob Freshmen 209 Ron Jacob Bobby James Julie Jarvis Judy Jeffries Thomas Jewell Laura Joerger Cynthia Johnson Gail Johnson Jeff Johnson Robert Johnson Shelia Johnson Wallace Johnson Debra Jones Herbert Jones Karan Jones James Jones Suzanne Jones Raymond Joyner Thomas Kahn Nick Katsarelis Tim Kearney Cheryl Keen James Keenan Dennis KeJIer Roshelle Kendall Janet Kelly David Kernen Paulene Kessler Jack Keys Sherry Kieffer Pat Kiernan Kirk Kightlinger Betty Kimbrough Billy King Raquel King Gary Kinser Carl Kirby Marie Kleineidam Julie Kramer Scott Kreider James Kress Ann Kohrs 210 Freshmen William LaFrankcis David Lam Judyth LaManna Susan Lambert Laurel Land Barbara Lane William Lantz Steve Lawrence Gary Lawson Jeffrey Lear Joanne Leddick Daniel Lee Jeffrey Lee Joseph Lennartz Steve Lescure James Lewis Craig Liedel Susan Lieh Christopher Lightfoot Joseph Liles Carol Lilly Margaret Lingway David Lindsay Valerie Lipscomb Sherry Lloyd Susan Lockett Raymond Long Caroline Lorenz Frank Latito Fred Lourenzo Harold Love Troy Luckett Mike Wawick Eric Lund Daniel Lydon Richard Lyon Linda Lyons Carol Macgarrigle Diane Mack Eric Mahle Katherine Malley Theresa Malone Freshmen 211 Kelly Marshall Debra Martin Sherry Martin Vickie Martin Lori Martinez Thomas Martinez Drew Mashburn Diane Mason Diana Massowd George Mathews Keith Mathis Susan Mattingly Lance Mattisz Darlene McCabe David McCoy Karen McConnell James McCormick Janice McDaniel Kenneth McDaniel Billy McKay Danita McKeigan William McKeigan James McKinnon Maureen McLaughin Michael McLaughlin Patricia McMillion Sharon McTague Peggy Meadows Melisa Medlin Brenda Mello William Melton Larry Menzie Tammy Merrill John Meroney Patricia Meroney David Messer Karen Midkiff George Miller Jeff Mille r Pamela Miller Robert Miller Randy Miller 212 Freshmen Robert Mingie Barbara Milionica Deborah Misner Danny Modica Ronnie Monk Desiree Moore Barry Moore Debra Moore James Moore Michael Moore Rebecca Moorer Debbie Morrison Jeffery Moseley Bridget Mound David Mowdy Doris Murafsk Angie Muse Glenn Myers Patricia Myers Susan Naclerio Keith Nance Kartez Napper Doug Nash Gregory Naylor Merrill Naylor Danny Neal Lisa Neal James Needham Pudgie Nelum Diane Newton Terri Nichols Lori Nicklin Robin Nolan Terry Nolton Jackie Norman Edward Nowlin Patricia O ' Brien Randy O ' Brien Catherine Oliva Sherri Olson David Opperman Rhonda Osborne Freshmen 213 Rosa Otruba Thomas Owens Mary Oyler Ute Paciocco Robert Pague Linda Palmer n Leslie Paolino Anna Papa Yvonne Papa Sandra Paradis Elizabeth Parker Joseph Parks David Parris Michael Parrish Michael Partain Samuel Patton Sherwin Peacher Linda Peck Delesa Peevy Judith Pemberton Sharon Penland Patrick Pennell Ken Pennington Mark Pepe Deborah Percival Nanette Peterson Scott Peterson John Peverill Robert Pharo Clark Phillips Mark Philpott Glenn Pieritz Robin Pierpoint Theresa Pierson Debra Pilcher David Pinna Cathy Pitts Tracy Poison David Porter Paula Pote Scott Potter Cynthia Powers 214 Freshmen Michael Powers Jeffery Pratt John Presti Evan Pritts Nancy Publicover Colleen Duffy Ginger Pulley Donald Quarton Princess Queen Michele Quintana James Radakovich Tina Ragen Wilma Rains Stephen Raiser Robert Ray Steven Raybin Lisa Reckitt Bradley Reed Daniel Reed David Reed Roy Reichelt Brad Reuter Michael Reutter Earl Richards Mike Reidl Thomas Ries Patrick Riggs Veronica Rison Kurt Risser James Rivera Sandra Rivers Leslie Roberts David Robertson Christine Robbins Ray Robbins Cynthia Robinson Gregory Robinson Warren Robinson Katherine Rodgers Leonard Rogers Theresa Rogers Ken Rohlfing Freshmen 215 Jan Roltch Eddie Rose Terry Rose William Rountree John Roush Kenneth Roweton Debbie Roytos Michael Ruais John Rueble Steven Ruff Gloria Runion Pete Ruoff Barry Russell Molly Scruggs Micki Scott William Scholz Laurie Schmidt Laurie Scheck Patty Scites David Sendek Donna Sessoms Michelle Settle Jean Severson Linda Sexton Matthew Sale Lavonia Shadrick Deborah Shaearer Mark Shaffer Donald Shallcross Kirk Shanahan Wayne Shelton Douuie Shepherd Ronald Shepherd Diane Shepphard Bruce Shera Barbara Shifflett Brenda Shunamon Brenda Simmons Kartrina Simmons John Simpson Regina Siron James Slattery 216 Freshmen £ Chester Smith David Smith Laura Smith Michael Smith Patricia Smith Sam Smith Steve Smith Terry Smith Timothy Smith Willyne Smith Pat Snyder Shelbe Solori Sharon Sorenson Susan Sowell Mark Spellman Grover Spencer Timothy Spencer Steven Spero Buddie Spicer Cathy Spinner Debra Spoon Laura Spooner Larry Sprague Aubrey Stallworth Lisa Stanley Douglass St. Clair Rodney Stecher Jennifer Stephens Richard Steward Pamela Stewart Terri Stith Patricia Stoddart James Stonemeta Kim Stoutamyer Ernest Stowe Sandra Street Ted Stuart John Suddarth Brenda Sullivan Carrie Sullivan Kathleen Sullivan Mike Sullivan Freshmen 217 Tanya Sullivan Mark Summers Mark Surkosky Sheila Surrey Darlene Swenson Julia Sweeney Ralph Swagger David Swoope Roger Sykes Angi Taylor Mary Ann Taylor Morris Taylor Pam Taylor Judy Templeton Daisy Thomas Daniel Thomas Matthew Thomas Patsy Thomas Cindy Thommarson Fred Thompson Larry Thompson Linda Thompson Linda Thompson Valerie Thompson Lee Tignor Deborah Tiller Romona Tisdale Bonita Tobey Cathy Tolbert David Tolson Gerald Tolson Linda Torres Alvie Tosh Kerry Triplett Dreamer Troxell Sheryl Truchinski David Tuck Deborah Tuell Cathy Tuttle Andrew Tyrrell Terry Urbanek Jeffrey Urioste 218 Freshmen Thomas Vanderark Craig Van Schoick Sherry Vaughn Robert Venable Donald Vermilyea Martha Vezina Wanda Vinson Keith Wainwright Julie Waite Wayne Walker Kirk Walter Teresa Walton Katherine Washburn Gregory Wasik Buck Waters John Waterstraat Cindy Watson Carolyn Watt Dennis Webb Kim Wehrenberg Maritza Welch William Welsh Mike Wenk Kim Wenzel Darlene West Debra Westerburg Donna Wheeler Lee Wheeler Kelly White Otis White Wayne Whitesell Wade Whitt Robert Wiggins Donald Wilhelm Charles Williams Denise Williams Dewell Williams Jane Williams Cynthia Wilson David Wilson Jackie Wilson James Wilson Freshmen 219 James Wilson Mary Ann Wilson Sandra Wilson William Wilson Lisa Winchester Timmy Winget Daniel Winslow Dean Wise Linda Wise Bob Whittman Harold Wollcott Skip Wolverton William Woolf William Woolfenden Leslie Woolfrey Robert Wozniak Shirobu Wray Keith Wrye Matt Yadlowsku Mary Yantz Doyle Yarbrough Lisa Yelle Robin Yoho Lisa Young -TH 1 Sabra Young Salina Young Anna Youngblood David Zumbrook David Bartee 220 Fres hmen jittotpoini :j 494-5678 " Buy With Confidence " Fine Furniture by Stephens ' Towne and Country Furniture Consultants Lynwood Shopping Center Woodbridge, Virginia 22191 Looking for a place to cycle? Well, stop in at Bikers and Hikers, grab a bike and head on down the trail. LON [.HAVENER ASSOCIATES, INC. PIPE LINE CONTRAC HEAVY MECH. PIP ORS NG 222 Advertisements Box Storage Fur Storage Insured Friendly Courteous Service. Mon. thru Fri.— Specials— In by 9 a m. Out by 3 p.m. Sat. — Specials until 11 a.m. 1 Hour service — 1 day service CREST CLEANERS ASHDALE PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER the Family PIZZERIA New York Style Pizza Subs Dumfries 269 S Fraley Blvd Woodbridge 1 4553 Jeff Davis Hwy 221-8200 Closed Tuesday 494-1700 Closed Monday Do you like my sexy pants? I bought them at Steven Windsors at Featherstone Square Mall If you’re out on a hot date and wondering where to park, stop in at Sunset Drive-In and enjoy yourself. Advertisements 223 Magnavox Sales and Service SHIRLEY R. GURTLER |m | Branch Officer 1 VI (703)670-2181 Oral Fugate UNITED VIRGINIA BANK Owner New Hours 9-9 M-F 9-6 Sat. United Virginia Bank Peoples National Dale City Office, 41 50 Dale Boulevard, Woodbridge, Virginia 22191 Woodbridge Television 14555 Jeff Davis Highway Woodbridge, Virginia Phone 494-2001 Business Office 4614 St Barnabas Rd. Marlow Heights, Md. 630-9386 14539 Jeff. Davis Hwy. Woodbridge, Va. 494-7447 HEALTH FOOD CENTER 1 1 5 S. Henry Street Alexandria, Va. 549-0379 706 Wilson Street Martinsburg, W. Va. 262-2055 Refinishing Restoring Insurance Claims B B UPHOLSTERING FABRIC SHOP 1 3505 Jefferson Davis Highway Woodbridge, Va 22191 Phone 491 -1 207 UPHOLSTERING 224 Advertisements Quality Dry Cleaning To Please You! THREE GENERATIONS OF DRY CLEANING EXPERIENCE J.P. CATALANO Professional Dry Cleaners And Self-Service Wash And Dry Centers 90 FEATHERSTONE ROAD Woodbridge, Va. 512 BROADWAY Quantico, Va. 800 OCCOQUAN RD. (OLD RT. 123) Woodbridge, Va. DUMFRIES SHOPPING CENTER Dumfries, Va. 74 GORDON BLVD. (NEW RT. 123) Woodbridge, Va. FULLER HEIGHTS ROAD Triangle, Va. Four (4) Can Ride For The Same Price As One (1) Dale City Taxi Service Inc. 670-9171 We offer 24-hour service 7 days a week to all points in Virginia or Metropolitan Washington including runs to and from Dulles or National Airports. On Airport runs up to three persons may accompany you and return at no extra charge. Does your child need to go to kindergarten, music lessons or what-have-you? Send him with us for safe dependable transportation. Locally established to serve the transportation needs of DALE CITY and adjoining areas INTEGRITY-COURTESY-RELIABILITY FORESTDALE PLAZA 670-9171 Dale City Resident DICK WOODS, US Army Ret—Owner-operator Advertisements 225 When prom time rolls around, Venus II is the place to go. They offer an out¬ standing Beauty Salon as well as their Wig Boutique 0 e 5 StoP SPORT CENTER The largest sports supplier in Prince William County ALL TYPES OF ATHLETIC SHOES SUCH AS: ALL TYPES OF CLOTHING • ADIDAS • WARM-UP SUITS • BROOKS • TENNIS-SHORTS, SHIRTS, . . • CONVERSE • GYM SHORTS, SHIRTS • NBA • NIKE • PUMA • HUNTING • TIGER ALSO FULL LINE OF FOLLOWING: • ARCHERY • FISHING • BASEBALL, BASKETBALL • GOLF • TENNIS FORESTDALE PLAZA MANAPORT PLAZA 670-6171 368-4088 Are you looking for something? 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Hey chickies, take a new look at yourself and hurry down to Nu Look Cleaners. 228 Advertisements Olympia Restaurant is open 24 hours a day, except Sunday 12-5. Specializing in Greek foods; Souflaki. Shish Kabob. Greek Salad Available for parties too Advertisements 229 Best Dressed John Newett, Annie Cummings Most Athletic Woody Bergeria, Shelia Weedon Most Likely to Succeed Mark Heiser, Lilo Frank Most Popular Billy Myers, Jeannie Williams Most Talkative Chris Brown, Marge McClurkin Friendliest ure, Becky Bowen Quietest Alan Weeks, Ann Battistione Most School Spirited David Levesque, Rosemary Scruggs Most Talented Danny Alexander, Debbie Stephens Wittiest Ron John Keller (Not Pictured), Barbara Cummings Most Attractive Rick Spooner, Jennifer Price (Not Pictured) SENIOR SUPERLATIVES 1973-74 Senior Superlatives, yes or no? The senior class voted among themselves whether to buy the pages for superla¬ tives or not. The Superlatives merely acknowledged certain seniors who were thought to be appropriate for the titles. Nominations for the Superlatives were made during a senior class meeting and final voting was done during lunch. Advertisements 231 SAM’S TAILORING CO. 14436 JEFF DAVIS HWY. WOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA VA. PHONE 494-5898 Hours: Monday - Friday, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Platforms, wedgies, sandals, sneakers, whatever; Miles at Tysons Corner is the place to shop. Carpet House is one of the largest carpet stores in Prince William County. Marumsco Plaza is Woodbridge and darn proud to be of service 232 Advertisements Cope Ford of Woodbridge would like to wish the best of luck to the class of " 74 " . IN MEMORIAM My Aim of Life I will live, not just exist; Love ' s call, I won ' t resist. My old friends I won ' t forget; And my work with people, I won ' t regret. To help others in this world survive; In the nick of time I must arrive. I ' ll be the most I can be. Because I ' ll do my best, you see. I ' ll do my best, you see; That statement means a lot to me. In life, be all that you can be; And do your best eternally. Robert S. Koch Nina Faye Looney Cole 1 1 1 54-1 2 74 Robert Stanley Koch 3 1 56-1 1 6 74 William Joseph Mulgrew 2 23 57-1 28 74 Keith James Ahers 2 20 52-9 73 Imp-pulse Tots-to-Teens 368-9224 " Where to buy it " Singer Sewing Co. , Tysons Corner Center Ann ' s Kiji Shop at Featherstone Mall 491-4350 To my favorite jock 83 C.F. " 74 " To my " Punkins " 50 Love ya lots, Libby Mr. Mrs. Paul W. Smith Hooray Gar-Field Indians! Kathy Smith Good luck Indians! Steve Smith I love " Noopy " Patty Smith Best Wishes from Smokey ' s Restaurant Fashion Footwear starts at Brown Sons Myers Hill, Inc. Realtors 491-2113 Prince-Wood Insurance Service Mr. Mrs. Robert L. Boyd, Sr. Wuv my Twetty 33, Cupcakes Chuck Collins Special Agent, The Equit¬ able Life Assurance Society of the United States. 13405 Kerrydale Road. Woodbridge, Va. Tel. 590-2688 LTC (USA Ret.) and Mrs. W. F. Stecher Tom, Linda and Shannon Sam and Achew Four and Five G ' s Russell, when you ' re 3rd you try lots harder. Love always. Marge Given in memory of Gar-Field students by those who remember them in love Advertisements 233 Abel, M. 61. Abel, M. 185, Abernathy, B. 170. Abernathy, T. 201. Adams, B. 124, 146. Adams, J. 185. Adams, J. 201. Adams, W. 201. Affleck, C. 146. Affleck, G. 201. Ahers, K. 233. Aikin, H. 201. Alacce, A. 185. Alacce, J. 201. Albere, D. 185. Albers. S. 201. Albritton, V. 201. Aldrich, C. 114,115,117,127,146. Aldrich, M. 185. Alexander, A. 201. Alexander, D. 115,116,119,126,132,146,231. Alford, W. 130,131,201. Allen, L. 185. Allen, P. 185. Allen, R. 185. Allen, R. 201. Allibhai, F. 122,185. Allibhai, M. 201. Almond, C. 201. Almond, D. 146. Alston, R. 12,21,83,84,114,115,170. Alton, C. 124,146. Alton. C. 201. Altschuler, S. 130,131,201. Alvey, J. 96,129,135,170. Amidon, K. 201. Amidon, P. 170. Anderson. B. 116,121,128,146. Anderson, C. 114,128,132,146. Anderson, K. 170. Anderson, K. 146. Anderson, L. 123,201. Anderson, P. 41,64,114,115,170. Anderson, S. 170. Anderson, V. 125,144. Andrew, G. 201. Andrews, D. 116,122,125,146. Angel, S. 170. Ann ' s Kiji Shop 233. Ansink, P. 64,65,129,146. Ansink, T. 23. Anthony, W. 202. Apperson, D. 81,128,170. Archer, E. 115,170. Archer, J. 146. Archer, W. 202. Ard, J. 202. Arnstrong, M. 185. Arnold, M. 185. Arnold, M. 170. Arnold, M. 202. Arnold, P. 127,185. Arnold, P. 118,147. Arrington, N. 202. Arrington, R. 124,170. Arrington, R. 202. Artz, J. 62,135,170. Artz, J. 124,144. Artz, M. 63,185. Arvai, J. 18,62,88,135,185. Ash, D. 147. Ash, R. 185. Ashley, V. 147. Ashton, K. 185,122. Atha, D. 170. Atkins, N. 115,186. Ator, M. 121,130,131,185. Aubuchon, A. 202. Auman, D. 134,202. Ausley, B. 12. Ausley, L. 202. Ausley, J. 185. Baardse, C. 20. Baber, S. 170. Baggett, A. 63,64,170. Baggett, Y. 64,65,129,147. Bagley, C. 144. Bahm, R. 132,202. Bailey, C. 202. Bailey, D. 170. Bailey, D. 202. Bailey, R. 202. Bailey, W. 144. Baker, B. 112. Baker, S. 186. Balden. M. 213. Baldwin, D. 131,147. Baldwin, M. 202. Ballenger, P. 121,126,130,131,146,147. Banik, T. 147. Banta, M. 59,61,84,107. Banta, M. 202. Barber, A. 186. Bares, D. 202. Barker, C. 202. Barker, D. 186. Barkow, S. 202. Barkow, M. 171. Barklow, G. 123,171. Barksdale, J. 64,1 71. Barksdale, T. 95,202. Barkulis, A. 101,102,103,202. Barnett, L. 147. Barnett, W. 123,171. Barnette, R. 109,144. Barrett, T. 117,140,144. Bartee, D. 220. Bartee, R. 171. Barron, M. 147. Bartlett, B. 147. Bartlett, K. 202. Bartlett, M. 202. Bartley, T. 202. Barton, D. 186. Barton, J. 171. Bascue, B. 202. Bascue, R. 124,137. Basil iko, P. 171. Basista, P. 147. Bates, A. 186. Bates, E. 124,171. Bates, H. 186. Bates, J. 147. Bates, L. 171. Bates, T. 124,171. Batt, R. 186. Battaglia 121,125,130,131,147. Battistone, A. 114,121,147,230. Battistone, C. 131,202. Battistone, L. 171. Bauckman, V. 130,131,202. B. and B. Upholstry 224. Beaugher, L. 171. Baxter, D. 147. Bays, B. 120,127,186. Beadle, B. 19. Beagle, L. 202. Beagley, R. 20,61,132,186. Beamer, S. 114,115,122,185,186. Beard. H. 202. Beaty, D. 18,88. Beaudoin, R. 202. Beaumont, R. 202. Beavers, D. 124,147. Beazley, D. 64,65,129,134,171. Beck, D. 202. Beck, S. 134.202. Beck. T. 116,122,171. Belding, D. 202. Belk, D. 186. Belk, N. 134,202. Bell. C. 186. Bell, J. 171. Bell, K. 115. Bell, S. 202. Bell, T. 186. Benda, D. 186. Benda, K. 202. Benda, L. 171. Bendy, M. 128,147. Benner, K. 202. Benneth, K. 202. Benneth, S. 186. Bennett, T. 202. Bent, S. 171. Beresh, P. 116. Bergeria, W. 12,62,96,129,135,147,230. Bergstrom, S. 186. Bernard, B. 202. Bernard, M. 171. Berry, E. 113. Berry, J. 84,186. Berry, P. 147. Berry, R. 12,84,123. Bertolasio, M. 58,202. Besser, E. 96,147. Besser, J. 59,96,203. Betsill, R. 203. Bevels, E. 171. Bevels, P. 96,98,99,186. Biddle, R. 61,96,186. Biddle, R. 62,147. Bigelow, G. 203. Bigelow, J. 186. Bikers and Hikers 222. Bilbro, D. 171. Birch, M. 61,171. Bishton, C. 147. Bittner, S. 171. Bizik, C. 203. Black, E. 129,148. Black, G. 171. Blackburn, D. 171. Blackburn, T. 203. Blackman, A. 186. Blackwell, G. 120,140,144. Blankenship, O. 203. Blankenship, P. 51,186. Blankenship, P. 123,171. Blazek, C. 186. Blazek, E. 186. Blise, K. 203. Bliss, J. 123. Blodgett, C. 203. Blossey, C. 114,126,148. Bockes, R. 118. Bole, F. 63. Bond, R. 79. Bond, T. 186. Booth, K. 186. Boots, P. 16,171. Boozier, G. 134,203. Botto, P. 203. Botts, M. 203. Boulton, S. 126,186. Bourget, M. 171. Bowder, J. 186. 8owell, F. 127,186. Bowell, J. 203. Bowen, B. 122,148,231. Bowers, K. 148. Bowles, P. 134,203. Bowles, T. 203. Bowling, R. 203. Bowling, R. 140. Bowman, B. 112. Bowman, B. 131,203. Bowman, J. 20,132. Bowman, P. 130,131,171. Bowyer, M. 203. Boyd, K. 117,171. Boyd, R. 203. Bracy, P. 203. Braden, B. 186. Bradford, C. 203. Bradford, D. 171. Brady, L. 148. Brady, P. 115,171. Bradley, D. 148. Bradley, H. 171. Bramell, D. 128,203. Brant, R. 203. Braswell, C. 186. Brewer, J. 148. Brewer, P. 203. Briggs, M. 131,203. Brigham, L. 24. Britt, A. 203. Broadbent, A. 134,186. Brockwell, D. 203. Broger, J. 203. Broger, S. 148. Bromley, D. 203. Bromley, I. 171. Brooks, D. 114,115,119,122,126,127,148. Brooks, D. 186. Brooks, E. 61,186. Brooks, L. 186. Brown Sons 233. Brown, B. 84. Brown. C. 114,129,135,148,230. Brown, D. 186. Brown, D. 122,171. Brown, D. 84. Brown, E. 20. Brown, F. 171. Brown, J. 203. Brown, K. 203. Brown, L. 186. Brown, L. 171. Brown, M 121,130,131,148. Brown, P. 171. Brown, P. 186. Brown, R 61,123.186. Brown, R. 122,171. Brown, S. 66,125,132,148. Brueser, T. 186. Bruce, D. 171. Brunner, R. 123,1 71. Brunk, D. 123,171. Bryant, D. 203. Bryant, G. 203. Bryant, L. 114,126,130,131,186. Bryant, T. 203. Bryce, M. 148. Buble, J. 148 Bubernak, L. 119,125,148. Buchanan, J. 203. Buchanan, M. 203. Buckman, K. 187. Buckman, L. 126,203. Buckon, C. 148. Buckon, M. 203. Budimlya. W. 203. Buhk, W. 203. Bull. F. 187. Bullock, M. 128,172. Bunion, T. 204. Burbage, E. 187. Burdette, D. 45,172. Burdette, P. 112. Burge, H. 148. Burke, K. 204. Burke, P. 119,187. Burke, T. 134,204. Burkhart, J. 114,128,172. Burks. S. 130,131,204. Burns. L. 148. Burroughs, T. 148. Burton, M. 140,144. Bush, A. 148. Bush, W. 187. Bushey, C. 204. Bushev. R. 132,187. Bushey, M. 172. Bushong, C. 148. Bustam, C. 148. Butler. C. 187. Butler, P. 172. Byers, S. 203. Cahall, J. 140,144. Cain, B. 172. Caldwell, J. 148. Caldwell. R. 127,172. Calewarts, P. 172. Callahan, H. 187. Call wood, H. 62,172. Callwood, K. 134,187. Campagna, J. 172. Campbell, B. 204. Campbell, J. 187. Campbell, J. 58,90,204. Campbell. M. 12,140. Campbell, R. 187. Campbell, R. 187. Campbell, R. 19. Campbell, R. 204. Campbell, S. 139. Campbell, W. 172. Campbell, W. 172. Campbell, W. 187. 234 Index Canaleton, C. 204. Canada, R. 19. Canada, S. 204. Canfield, P. 134,204. Cannon, C. 115,187. Cantillon, R. 149. Capp, P. 204. Caprara, R. 62,148. Carlisle, K. 187. Carlisle, K. 61,131,187. Carlson, D. 187. Carmen, B. 1 72. Carmen, G. 204. Carney, C. 113. Carney, D. 172. Carney, C. 149. Carney, G. 123,187. Carney, P. 149. Carney, P. 113. Carpenter, K. 204. Carpet House 232. Carr, D. 140,144. Carr, J. 139. Carr, T. 187. Carrell, V. 20,187. Carriger, L. 149. Carriger, M. 172. Carroll, E. 187. Carroll, T. 187. Carter, J. 172. Carter, J. 204. Carter, S. 114,115,117,172. Casasanta, L. 64,172. Casasanta, M. 86,149. Case, P. 149 Cash, J. 112. Casteel, K. 127. Castle, J. 204. Castro, T. 40,95,201,204. Castro, W. 62,135,149. Catatino, J. P. 225. Cebula, B. 204. Cebu la, C. 122,187. Cekala, W. 172. Chaffin, B. 123,187. Chait, E. 115,118,187. Chakurda, G. 204. Chakurda, M. 187. Chancey, C. 204. Chancey, L. 172. Chandler, S. 204. Chaney, W. 204. Chapman, J. 172. Chapman, T. 204. Charron, M. 149. Chase, M. 149. Chasteen, P. 140,144. Chastween, J. 187. Chavonelle, A. 187. Chenoweth, B. 187. Chergoskey, E. 149. Cheshire, G. 12,1 72. Chicka, S. 204. Childers, D. 172. Chittum, B. 187. Chittum, P. 204. Choi, C. 121,127,187. Christan, D. 204. Christopher, C. 172. Clark, A. 204. Clark, D. 84,204. Clark, D. 132,172. Clark, G. 18,62,172. Clark, G. 26,104,144. Clark, J. 149. Clark, J. 117,122,172. Clark, L. 187. Clark, M. 172. Clark, R. 124,187. Clark, R. 27. Clark, R. 204. Clark, T. 63,204. Clark, W. 187. Clarke, L. 128,131,187. Cleahan, T. 187. Cleary, M. 204. Cleary, M. 88,1 72. Clement, J. 94,187. Clemons, E. 172. Clemons, K. 204. Clemons, V. 130,131,204. Clemmons, R. 16,140,144. Cline, R. 187. Cloutier, K. 115,204. Cloutier, K. 114,115,118,131,172. Clukey, R. 84,114,129,149. Cobb, T. 134,187. Coder, R. 204. Codespoti, J. 132,187. Cogan, D. 204. Cogan, S. 27. Cohn, S. 140. Colburn, C. 132,149. Colcombe, L. 204. Coldren, J. 149. Cole, A. 204. Cole, C. 124,172. Cole, D. 149. Cole, M. 187. Coley, C. 187. Collier, D. 28,117,149. Collier. D. 188. Collier, D. 149. Collins, D. 204. Collins, D. 121,149. Collins, D. 149. Combs, G. 16,129,130,131,149. Combs, L. 204. Comer, H. 204. Comer, K. 94,115,170,172. Conard, C. 205. Conard, J. 188. Conover, P. 205. Cone, C. 34,84,134,205. Conlan, T. 1 72. Conley, P. 149. Conneen, K. 172. Conneen, P. 132,205. Connors, F. 205. Conrad, R. 149. Cook, K. 149. Cook, P. 115,149. Cook, V. 205. Coon, J. 119,131,205. Coon, K. 130,131,188. Cooper, F. 188. Cooper, G. 188. Cope Ford 233. Cornell, N. 112. Cornett, R. 205. Cornwell, B. 112. Cory, C. 205. Cory, M. 172. Cosner, C. 123,1 50. Costantine, L. 205. Costantini, J. 123,188. Cotton. P. 122,123,188. Coulton, B. 188. Council, J. 140,144. Counts, E. 205. Courchene, D. 172. Courchene, R. 125,150. Coverleski, S. 205. Cox, B. 125,131. Cox, C. 139,140,144. Cox. C. 73,134,205. Cox, D. 172. Cox, G. 123,130,131,188. Cox, M. 150. Cox, N. 188. Cox, P. 114,130,131,185,188. Cox, S. 21,41,43.46,57,108.139,144. Cramer, D. 188. Cramer, K. 150. Crane, M. 134,205. Crespo, A. 131,1 72. Crespo, R. 205. Crespo, W. 114,127,172. Crest Cleaners 223. Crone, D. 117,132,172. Crone, D. 205. Cronin, S. 73,119,121,134,150. Cross, B. 205. Crossley, F. 124,172. Crouse, K. 150. Croxton, D. 150. Cryan, B. 118,173. Cryan, D. 109,150. Culley, S. 188. Cumberland, D. 112. Cumberland, J. 188. Cumberland, T. 173. Cummings, A. 23.114,115,121,150.231. Cummings, B. 93,116,150,231. Cummings, P. 140,144. Cummins, A. 205. Cunigan, B. 205. Cunigan, R. 124,1 73. Cunningham, D. 205. Cuno, C. 188. Curcie, J. 72,1 73. Curtis, D. 80,205. Curtis, K. 134,205. Curtis, R. 150. Curtis, R. 205. Cyr, E. 173. Cyrus, J. 205. Cyrus, R. 1 73. Czul, T. 122,173. Daigneau, K. 150. Dailey, G. 112. Dailey, M. 205. Dailey, N. 173. Daily, L. 188. Dale City Taxi 225. Dalton, K. 45,188. Dalton, R. 150. D ' Amato, J. 131,188. Dangerfield, A. 188. Dangerfield, V. 150. Daniels, D. 123,150. Daniels, D. 122. Daniels, T. 123,150. Dapra, D. 188. Darby, H. 122,188. Dardin, E. 188. Darnell, D. 150. Darnell. R. 84,126,131,173. Darnley, T. 61,1 88. Darrough, T. 140,144. Daubenspeck, J. 122,150. Davenport, R. 188. David, J. 130,188. Davidson, E. 173. Davidson, T. 150. Davidson, T. 1 73. Davis, P. 144. Davis, B. 88. Davis, H. 130,131,173. Davis, J. 122,150. Davis, K. 205. Davis, P. 188. Davis, P. 205. Davis, P. 188. Davis, P. 150. Davis, R. 173. Davis, R. 188. Davis, W. 205. Dawes, G. 126,130,131,188. Dawes, L. 139. Dawes, S. 173. Dawson, D. 63,188. Dawson, M. 205. Dawson, R. 84,188. Day, D. 122,123. Deal, D. 205. Dean, D. 205. Dean, T. 188. Debaum, J. 12,1 51. Debnam, D. 150. DeCarli, D. 151. DeCarli, P. 1 73. Deck, K. 16. Deck, K. 151. Deckow, B. 205. Deel, D. 134,205. Deemer, R. 205. Deemer, T. 1 73. DeHaven, G. 127,173. DellaPuca, D. 205. DeLoach, K. 52,121,130,131,151 Delong, E. 126,1 51. Delong, R. 18,61,88,89,135,188. DeLucca, C. 151. DeLucca, L. 1 73. DeMartino, D. 116,173. DeMartino, M. 205. DeMartino, P. 173. DeMille, E. 188. Dempsey, R. 188. Dempsey, S. 1 73. Denning, W. 188. Dennison. J. 205. Dennison, K. 205. Denniston, D. 59,205. Denniston, L. 124,188. Denny, C. 123,131,188. Dent, C. 173. Dent. D. 134,173. Dent, E. 19. Dent, K. 205. Dent, K. 206. Dent, S. 206. DeRock, K. 206. DeShields, D. 173. Desmond, K. 206. Deuell, R. 151. Deuel!, R. 132,188. DeVan, J. 188. DeVan, K. 173. Devine, R. 151. Dickenson, C. 151. Dickerson, J. 112. DiFrank, P. 140,144. Dille, R. 173. Dille, S. 64,173. Dise, R. 140,144. Dixon, G. 1 23,173. Dixon, L. 123,1 73. Dobson, J. 61,84,188. Dobson, M. 173. Dodd, M. 206. Dodge, D. 173. Dodge, R 123,188. Dodson, C. 123,189. Dodson, C. 151. Doke, D. 189. Doldt, J. 24. Dolinger, M. 1 51. Dolinger, R 173. Doner, D. 173. Donovan, K. 173. Donovan, K. 118,189. Donovon, T. 18,86. Dorsey, V. 114,122,124,189. Dortch, C. 116,151. Dortch, J. 132,206. Dotson, D. 206. Dotson, R. 173. Doucette, E. 59,206. Downs, R. 61,90,206. Drake, D. 128,151. Drayer, M. 173. Drohan, J. 63,206. Drone, J. 134,206. Dube, D. 206. DuBois, B. 189. DuBois, P. 206. DuCharme, K. 151. DuCharme, M. 20,151. Dulin, K. 151. Dulin, S. 207. Duncan, B. 206. Duncan, B. 12,84,123. Duncan, C. 206. Duncan, D. 206. Duncan, G. 189. Duncan, G. 61,96,189. Duncan, J. 84,140. Duncan, M. 206. Duncan, W. 189. Dunn, G. 86,1 23. Dunnigan, R. 189. Dunnigan, S. 206. Dunning, J. 189. Dupont, T. 206. Duvall, J. 63,122,189. Duvall, N. 151. Dwyer, C. 112. Dye. B. 112. Dye, D. 123,189. Dymond, M. 128,131,189. Dymond, R. 130,131,151. Dyott, L. 183. Dyzak, C. 140. Eanes, M. 151. Early, J. 151. Early, M. 124,151. Early, N. 140,144. Easley, S. 151. Eckenfels, J. 151. Eckenfels, R. 189. Edens, D. 151. Edens, N. 134,152. Edwards, C. 119,144. Edwards, D. 152. Edwards, J. 152. Edwards, K. 206. Edwards, M. 132,206. Edwards, R. 112. Elder, B. 122,174. Elder, T. 206. Eller, T. 38,114,122,189. Elliott, R. 23. Ellis, E. 206. Ellis, M. 206. Elmore, B. 115. Elmore, D. 206. Elsey, C. 115,174. Elsey, J. 206. Embrey, T. 188. Embrey, M. 131,1 74. Embrey, W. 116,121,125,151. Emerick, E. 116,1 74. Emerick, P. 206. Emmick, T. 206. Engel, R. 115,120. Engler, T. 134,206. English, E. 115.122,129.152. English, J. 120.131,206. English, L. 118,127,132,174. Ennis, B. 174. Enos, H. 206. Equitable Life Assurance Society of the U.S. 233. Erickson, P. 131,189. Erickson, T. 206. Esser, D. 189. Estes, C. 131,189. Estes, K. 134,174. Etheridge, K. 152. Evans, B. 140,144. Evans, D. 189. Evans, D. 189. Evans, L. 124. Everett, R. 189. Everett, T. 152. Ewald, E. 189. Ewart, S. 126,130,131,152. Failor, M. 58,206. Fairweather, D. 174. Fairv «ather, M. 96,139. Fairweather, W. 139. Falvey, S. 50,206. Falvey, V. 174. Family Pizzeria 223. Fargo, D. 62,121,129,135,152. Farley, M. 127,189. Farria, C. 128,189. Farria, L. 152. Farthing, A. 140,144. Faught, S. 206. Faught, V. 174. Fawley, T. 84,88. Feciura, M. 189. Feciura, P. 206. Fehrenbach, L. 115,189. Fenter, C. 122,1 74. Ferguson, D. 122,189. Ferguson, J. 206. Ferguson, M. 1 74. Ferguson, M. 61. Ferguson, R. 174. Ferguson, T. 134,174. Ferran, C. 18,73,115,127,135,174. Ferran, L. 114,115,1 21,1 27,146,1 52. Ferraro, J. 12. Ferraro, K. 58,206. Ferraro, R. 120,174. Ferrell, C. 122,174. Fick, I. 207. Fiegle, D. 189. Fiegle, G. 11 7,1 74. Fields, C. 123,152. Fike, S. 121,128,152. Fillis, G. 174. Firey, L. 84,189. Firey, P. 174. Fish, H. 112. Fisher. B. 189. Fisher. M. 189. Fisher, M. 123,189. Fite, C. 115,123,152. Fite, T. 58,207. Fitzgerald, D. 123. Fitzgerald, D. 112. Fitzgerald, J. 1 74. Fitzgerald, J. 207. Fitzgerald, J. 189. Fitzgerald, R. 139,144. Fitzgerald, S. 152. Fitzgibbon, B. 207. Fizer, K. 134,207. Flanagan, J. 125,140,144. Flanagan, S. 115,189. Flannagan, T. 152. Fleming, E. 115,140,144. Fleshman, K. 123,189. Florence, M. 207. Flynn, J. 207. Flynn, J. 86,152. Flynn, K. 174. Fogerty, J. 207. Foley, K. 207. Folks, D. 90,207. Folks, D. 88,1 74. Follen, W. 207. Foote, S. 132,189. Ford, B. 189. Foreman, K. 174. Foster, K. 112. Fowler, P. 58,90,207. Foy, D. 115,207. Foy, L. 122. Fraley, M. 207. Frank, L. 21,83,114,1 21,1 30,131,152,230. Frank, R. 127,134,207. Franz, B. 120. Franz, C. 120,189. Franz, P. 207. Frasier, K. 107,144. Fravel, G. 12,34,129,132,152. Frayer, G. 123,174. Frazier, J. 207. Frazier. S. 207. Freeman, E. 152. Freeze, B. 134,207. Freeze, R. 25. Freidy, J. 22. Freitab. J. 207. Freitag, R. 189. Frejosky, J. 152. French, M. 189. French, R. 17,86,88,140. Fridkis, B. 1 52. Frost, P 207. Fucuira, M. 18. Fugate ' s, Oral Magnovox 224. Fulkerson, E. 207. Fullerton, D. 190. Fullerton, J. 207. Fullerton, M. 207. Fallwood, J. 131. Fulton, B. 134,207. Fulton, E. 1 74. Fulwood, S. 207. Funk, B. 123,152. Funk, B. 123,190. Furgason, D. 174. Gaddis, W. 1 74. Gahn, R. 207. Galiots, D. 124. Gand, J. 207. Gandy, D. 134,207. Gardiner, A. 153. Gardner, B. 130. Gardner, P. 153. Gardner, J. 207. Gardner, N. 174. Garland, D. 207. Garlough, C. 123. Garlough, J. 153. Garlough, R. 1 74. Garrett, R. 153. Garriques, S. 140,144. Gatson, D. 207. Gazda, J. 58,90,207. Gearheart, M. 190. Geiger, R. 1 74. George, M. 1 74. George, P. 207. Gerhard, J. 105,144. Geogheagan, J. 112. Gerogosian, D. 124,174. Getsie, C. 132,207. Gettis, T. 207. Gherke, C. 115.122,190. Gherke, P 174. Ghiloni, P. 140,144. Giampa, D. 123,153. Giannopoulos, A. 207. Gibbons, B. 123,190. Gibbs, J. 90. Gibbs, R. 174. Gibtps, S. 190 Gibson, H. 122,190. Gibson, J. 207. Gibson, J. 207. Gilbert, J. 41,64,84,129,185,190. Giles, D. 153. Giles, M. 190. Gilker, G. 132,190. Gill, A. 128,207. Gill, S. 190. Gillette, K. 174. Gillette, J. 174. Gilroy, A. 190. Gilroy, T. 16,62,131,153. Girven, M. 63,84,207. Girven, P. 63,84,190. Gish, J. 208. Gish, J. 190. Glass, B. 58,59,134,201,208. Glenn, J. 12,84,174. Glenn, S. 123,153. Gmaz, C. 208. Gnoffa, J. 208. Godmg, J. 130,131. Goding, R. 131,153. Gody, J. 190. Goeller, C. 141,144. Golden Dragon Restaurant 227. Golden, W. 126,130,190. Gonzolas, E. 190. Good, J. 208. Good, N. 141,144. Good, S. 141,144. Goodman, D. 123,174. Gordon, E. 153. Gordon, G. 61. Gordon, N. 1 74. Gordon, R. 1 74. Gorham, L. 123,190. Gorman, N. 208. Goudier, J. 58,208. Gould, J. 153. Goulla, D. 1 75. Gourdier, E. 114,170,175. Graber, E. 118. Graber, M. 1 75. Graham, C. 190. Graham, D. 1 75. Graham, D. 122,175. Graham, J. 130,175. Graham, P. 1 75. Graham, R. 58,59,96,208. Graham, R. 130,208. Graham, S. 131,190. Grandt, K. 1 75. Grant, J. 134,208. Grant, J. 31. Grantham, J. 190. Gray, C. 1 53. Gray. C. 141. Gray, J. 115,1 75. Gray, W. 115,121.122,128,153. Green, A. 132,134,190. Green, C. 153. Green, D. 123,190. Green, D. 208. Green, D. 19,62,86,129,175. Green, L. 208. Green, P. 131,190. Greenhow, H. 190. Greenhow, J. 208. Greenwald, S. 141. Greenwell, L. 115,122,127,190. Greenwood, B. 190. Greer, J. 144 Greer, R. 1 29. Greeson, B. 79. Gregory, R. 1 75. Grey. D. 134,208. Grier, C. 153. Griffin, J. 128. Griffin, M. 62,153. Griffin, R. 208. Griffin, S. 190. Griffith, L. 19. Grim, R. 208. Grimsley, D. 208. Grimsley, E. 1 75. Grindle, L. 93,116. Gring, D. 123,128,175. Grooms, J. 124,1 75. Gross, B 123. Grote, S. 153. Groves, H. 1 75. Grupe, R. 175. Grupe, R. 208. Guess, A. 125,130,131,208. Gumpert, P. 208. Guide, L. 141,144. Gunn, D. 12,62,153. Gunter, J. 141,144. Gunter, T. 124,190. Guthrie, C. 123,190. Guthrie, K. 208. Guy, M. 208. Guy, M. 190. Haase, S. 124,1 75. Haga, D. 153. Haga, D. 208. Hagadorn, J. 190. Hager, 12,190. Hainsworth, D. 16,175. Hainsworth, K. 101,123,190. Halderman, R. 153. Halderman, R. 118,175. Hale, R. 153. Haley, K. 153. Haley, P. 115,122,175. Hall, K. 208. Hall, V. 208. Halloway, L. 208. Ham, G. 190. Hamachi, D. 144. Hamilton, D. 153. Hamilton, D. 63,175. Hamilton, G. 208. Hamilton, J. 61,131,190. Hamilton, T. 1 75. Hamlet, J. 118,1 53. Hammond, D. 190. Hand, L. 130,1 75. Hand, R. 118,130,131,190. Hendrick, J. 124. Hanks, B. 154. Hanson, C. 120,141,144. Hanson, D. 208. Hapner, D. 1 75. Hapner, G. 154. Haragos, C. 94,122,175. Harbach, M. 208. Hardaway, C. 62,129,135,175. Hardaway, M. 58,208. 236 Index Hardy, D. 128,208. Hardy, R. 131,208. Hare, K. 175. Harlow, F. 175. Harney, P. 113. Harper, V. 183. Harris, C. 141. Harris, D 1 28,1 54. Harris, R. 1 54. Harrison, L. 130,131,208. Harrison, S. 190. Harron, T 61,190. Hart, T. 208. Hartzell, R. 208. Harvis, J. 79. Hasselvander, J. 1 75. Hauke, D. 20,1 75. Havastal, W. 208. Havener, Lon E., Inc. 222. Havener, M. 1 7,190. Hawkins, M. 208. Hawkins, S. 112. Hawley. D. 130,131,191. Hayes, C. 208. Hayes, D. 208. Hayes, M. 208. Hayes, T 1 75. Haynes, B. 191. Haynes, L. 208. Hayward, B. 208. Hayward, N il5,191. Hayward, S. 11 7,1 54. Haywood, D. 122,123,191. Haywood, E. 123,191. Health Food Center 224. Heatwole, T. 209. Heeb, M. 134,209. Heedick, C. 126,141,144. Heiser, M. 19,62,121,127,129,135,154,230. Heisler, J. 209. Heit, C. 122,123,191. Helbringer, S. 209. Heller, S. 121,122,127,130,131,154. Helms, M. 191. Helsley, D. 209. Hemby, L. 115,122,127,175. Hendershott, V. 191. Henderson, N. 175. Hendley, C. 209. Hendrickson, B. 191. Hendrix, M. 131,209. Hendrix, R. 84,121,154. Henrich, F. 191. Herl, S. 86,141,144. Hert, D. 209. Hess, D. 1 54. Hetrick, S. 191. Heureux, G. 209. Hewitt. W. 209. Hicks, J. 175. Hiestand, D. 1 75. Higgins, A. 209. Hight, O. 141,144. Hilderbrand, D. 128,154. Hilker, C. 114,117,154. Hilker, J. 59,209. Hill, B. 209. Hill, J. 17,62,114,129,135,154. Hill, P. 209. Hill, P. 154. Hill, R. 209. Hill, S. 209. Hillard. K. 124. Hillman, M. 209. Himmel, D. 88,1 75. Hinderliter, D. 209. Hindin, A. 118,122,127,131,191. Hindin, M. 116,118,119. Hinman, J. 20,96,1 75. Hinman, M. 191. Hinte, C. 191. Hipp, J. 130,131,209. Hisey, C. 209. Hoagland, H. 20,121,130,154. Hoagland, J. 141,144. Hoagland, J. 154. Hoak, J. 209. Hoffman, C. 122,175. Holbert, J. 209. Holbrook, J. 59,209. Holbrook, L. 72,81,128,175. Hollar, L. 62,175. Holley, W. 175. Hollins, J. 123,191. Holloway, V. 1 76. Hollwy, L. 209. Holmberg, D. 1 76. Holsenback, R. 209. Holt, B. 191. Holzinger, K. 209. Holzinger, S. 191. Holzinger, T. 176. Hooks, D. 209. Hooks, D. 123,191. Hooks, P. 123,154. Hoomes, P. 123. Hopewell, B. 1 76. Hora, R. 12,13.114,123,129,154. Horton, M. 138,191. Hosfeld, D. 84,130,131,209. Hoss, G. 118,125,126,191. Hoss, M. 1 76. Hosters, A. 141,144. Houser, K. 209. Houser, S. 123,176. Houton, S. 1 54. Hovey, E. 96,131,209. Hovey, L. 96,176. Hovey, T. 124,154. Howard, D. 154. Howard, D. 122,176. Howard, R. 209. Howard, R. 20,1 1 5,141,144. Howington, E. 62,1 29,1 76. Huddle, R. 141,144. Huffman, K. 115,117,122,176. Huffstetler, C. 191. Huffstickler, D. 61,96. Hughes, G. 139. Hughes, S. 209. Huhn, G. 209. Humbert, F. 86,176. Humphries, L. 154. Humphries, M. 209. Hunt, P. 191. Hunter, P. 115,191. Huntly, J. 141,144. Hurley, D. 12. Hurley, J. 114,209. Huskey, L. 209. Hutcherson, A. 209. Hutchinson, K. 154. Hylton, J. 209. Hyter, K. 176. Ijames, D. 154. Irby, B. 19,62,176. Ivey, G. 114,121,155,176. Ivey, S. 126,191. Ivey, W. 206. Jack, M. 191. Jachimowicz, S. 209. Jachimowicz, W. 12,34,84,1 29,135,176. Jackson, B. 59,209. Jackson, M. 209. Jackson, S. 155. Jacob, R. 209. Jacob, R. 210. James, B. 210. James, J. 124,191. James, L. 155. Janiga, P. 119,122,126,191. Janiga, R. 12. Jarvis, J. 132,210. Jeffries, J. 120. Jeffries, J. 61,191. Jenkins, D. 155. Jenkins, J. 1 76. Jensen, T. 191. Jensen, T. 115,118,1 76. Jerkins, D. 191. Jewell, J. 176. Jewell, T. 59,210. Joerger. L. 210. Johannsen, T. 130,131,191. Johlfs, K. 128,176. Johnson, A. 43,62,96,98,129,135,176. Johnson, A. 101. Johnson, B. 1 76. Johnson, C. 210. Johnson, D. 1 55. Johnson, E. 79. Johnson, G. 130,131. Johnson, H. 191. Johnson, J. 1 23,1 76. Johnson, J. 144. Johnson, J. 210. Johnson, J. 90. Johnson, L. 1 76. Johnson, P. 191. Johnson, R. 210. Johnson, S. 122,129,176. Johnson, S. 210. Johnson, W. 210. Johnston, C. 129,155. Joines, K. 191. Jones, B. 63,191. Jones, C. 126,130,131,210. Jones, D. 12,13. Jones, D. 201,210. Jones, E. 144. Jones, H. 131,210. Jones, K. 210. Jones, J. 58,96,123,210. Jones, J. 48,78,139,144. Jones, M. 191. Jones, M. 191. Jones, R. 61,1 76. Jones, S. 1 76. Jones, S. 64,84,210. Jones, T. 155. Jordon, A. 12,86.90,141,144. Joyner, R. 134,210. Just Looking 228. Kackley, R. 134,176. Kahn, T. 210. Kanala, D. 1 76. Kankel, J. 176. Karr, B. 20. Karuzas, M. 122,191. Kaserman, S. 12,191. Kastelic, D. 79,144. Katsarelis, N. 210. Katsarelis, P. 191. Katsarelis, S. 155. Kay, S. 176. Kean, J. 123,1 55. Kearnen, D. 191. Kearney, G. 123,176. Kearney, K. 155. Kearney, M. 1 76. Kearney, T. 96,210. Kearns, K. 192. Kearns, S. 128,185,192. Keen, C. 210. Keenan, D. 1 76. Keenan, J. 59.61.88,210. Keenan, O. 192. Kees, M. 192. Keesecker, R. 192. Keller, C. 155. Keller. D. 210. Keller, D. 114,176. Keller, J. 125,130,131,155,231. Keller, K. 176. Keller, K. 192. Keller, P. 118,176. Kelley, J. 130. Kelley, N. 130,131,155. Kelley, T. 176. Kelly, D. 155. Kelly, J. 192. Kelly, J. 210. Kelly, L. 86. Kelly, M. 192. Kelly, K. 118. Kelly, T. 192. Kemp, L. 192. Kendall, D. 88. Kendall, R. 112. Kenser, G. 210. Kent, P. 123,176. Kersse, R. 155. Kersse, S. 130,131,192. Kessler, D. 192. Kessler, P. 210. Kestler, M. 192. Keys, J. 210. Kiaffer, S. 210. Kiernan, B. 155. Kiernan, P. 210. Kightlinger, K. 126,210. Kile, F. 122,176. Killrakis, J. 69,72,116,1 18,127,155. Kimbel, C. 176. Kimbrell, T. 176. Kimbrough, B. 210. Kimbrough, E. 64,1 29,1 31,192. Kina, C. 192. King, B. 210. King, J. 130,131,155. King, M. 116,155. King, R. 123,134,210. King, B. 192. Kirby, C. 210. Kirby, K. 116. Kirk, G. 192. Kitzmiller, G. 1 76. Kitzmiller, L. 155. Kleinendan, M. 131,210. Klopp, B. 192. Klopp, S. 101,128,129,176. Knapper, S. 1 55. Knepper, B. 1 77. Knight, D. 155. Knox, S. 155. Koch, R. 155,233. Koerner, S. 1 55. Kohrs, A. 210. Kolk, E. 115,122,192. Komisar, J. 122,1 77. Kornaki, D. 1 77. Kornen, D. 210. Kosek, T. 155. Kostro, M. 156. Koutsunadis, G. 126,156. Kramer, J. 210. Kreider, S. 210. Kress, J. 210. Kress, M. 192. Kroll, M. 156. Kroner, K. 177. Kuntzman, G. 115,122,192. Kuntzman, K. 156. Lacy, M. 192. La Francis, W. 59,211. La Furney, J. 156. Lake, K. 122,156. Lake, T. 192. Lam, D. 211. Lam, R. 156. Lam, T. 115,177. La Manna, J. 211. Lambert, S. 211. Lambiasi, J. 126,177. Lambiasi, T. 177. Lambrun, B. 12. Land, L. 211. Land, L. 118,177. Lane, B. 211. Lane, D. 192. Lane, W. 192. Lang, D. 84. Lang, S. 156. Langland, L. 1 77. Lanier, C. 123,192. Lanthier, B. 192. Lanthier, K. 192. Lantz, W. 211. LaRose, A. 112. Larsen, D. 12,177. Larsen, R. 192. Larson, H. 46,141. Laton, A. 124,156. Laursen, C. 20,123,177. Lawhead, B 177. Lawhorne, J. 64,177. Lawhorne, L. 112. Lawich, M. 211. Lawrence, H. 156. Lawrence, S. 211. Lawrence, V. 122,156. Lawson, G. 131,211. Lawson, G. 192. Lawson, K. 134,192. Lawson, M. 12,192. Lawson, V. 131. Leary, J. 123,156. Lear, J. 90,211. Lear, K. 88,192. Lease, R. 79. Ledbetter, J. 123,177. Leddick, J. 211. Lee, D. 58,59,211. Lee, J. 211. Leiker, M. 131. Leinonen, N. 139. Leitha, C. 192. Lennartz, J. 211. Leonard, J. 139. Lescurt, S. 132,211. Lester, D. 101,115,129,156. Levesque, D. 115,156,231. Levesque, P. 115,177. Lewicke, D, 79. Lewis, D. 192. Lewis, J. 211. Lewis, S. 177. Liedel, C. 58,211. Lieb, S. 211. Lightfoot, C. 211. Lightfoot. M. 132,156. Liles, J. 211. Lilly, C. 211. Lilly, D. 177. Lilly, R. 177. Limana, S. 192. Liming, G. 177. Liming, G. 192. Linaberry, J. 26. Linaberry, S. 26. Lincoln Hardware 228. Lindgat, D. 211 Lineberger, M. 96,177. Linegar, C. 132,192. Lingway, D. 123,192. Lingway, M.211. Lippald, L. 192. Lipscomb, V 211. Lisemby, D. 115,116.177. Lisemby, T. 115,122,123,192. Litchett, L. 113. Little, D. 156. Little, K. 193. Little, W. 131,193. Lloyd, S. 211. Lock, A. 156. Lockett. A. 64,65,129,141,144 L- ' -kett. C. 12,84,177. Lockett, S. 211. Loftus, K. 115,118,123.134,193. Long, G. 17,61,177. Long, R. 58,59,211. Longacre, A. 120,139,144. Lookabil, S. 123,128,177. Lookabill, R 18.58,59,135,141, Looney, N. 177,233. Looney, S. 122,177. Lopez, L. 114,115,122,127,156. Lopez, V. 141,144. Lorelli, M. 16,130,131,177. Lorelli, P. 16,114,118,121,129,130,131,146,156. Lorenz, C. 211. Lorenz, D. 156. Lotito, F. 211. Lourenzo, F. 134,211. Lourenzo, M. 193. Love, H. 211. Loveless, B. 130,131,156. Loveless, H. 12,130,131. Lowry, C. 177. Luckett, R. 177. Luckett, T 211. Lucks, S. 130,131,193. Ludwick, 0. 123. Ludwick, W. 193. Ludwia, J. 193. Lund, E. 211. Lunnen, K. 18,61,193. Lunnen, R. 19,156. Lydon, D. 59,211. Lydon, K. 114,124,193. Lydon, M. 115,177. Lynch, K. 122,132,193. Lynch, P. 156. Lyon, D. 177. Lyon. R 211. Lyons, L. 211. MacDonald, J. 156. MacFarland, J 88,131,193. MacGarrigle, C. 211. MacGarrigle, K. 116,177. Machado, M. 122,177. Mack, D. 211. Mack, E. 157. Mack, E. 193. Mackler, T. 193. Macomber, J. 79. Maddox, M. 157. Madison College Choir 71. Madrid, D. 177. Madrid, P. 193. Mahle, C. 193. Mahle, E. 211. Mahood, P. 12,13,84. Mahood, P. 132,193. Mait, J. 88,121,177. Mait, R. 121,122,157. Malley, K. 211. Malley, M. 19,62,135,177. Mallory, F. 193. Mallow, B. 157. Malone, J. 177. Malone, T. 211. Malony, K. 193. Manderville, J. 144. Manikas, C. 157. Manikas, S. 177. Manning, M. 116,141,144. Marade, K. 115,193. Marascio, D. 96,100,177. Marques, D. 193. Marsden, R. 16. Marshall, K. 212. Marshall, S. 34,88,193. Marshman, D. 59. Martin, A. 142,144. Martin, D 212. Martin, D. 177. Martin, M. 12,118,157. Martin, S. 212. Martin, V. 134,212. Martinez, L. 212. Martinez, T. 58,212. Martocci, W. 114,122,129,177. Marucci, N. 127,157. Mosenas, L. 122,178. Mashburn, D 84,212. Mason, C. 178. Mason, D. 20,193. Mason, D. 212. Massowd, D. 212. Mathew, S. 157. Mathews, G. 212. Mathews, S. 178. Mathis, K. 212. Matsuda, B. 112. Mattice, H. 25,41,83,114,142,144. Mattingly, M. 123,178. Mattingly, S. 95,212. Mattisz, L. 212. Mawani, S. 193. McCabe. D. 212. McCall, D. 132,157. McCall. L. 124,178. McClellan, D. 115,123,193. McClellan, M. 19,157. McClure, K. 178. McClure, J. 12,34,84,157,231. McClurkin, J. 193. McClurkin, M. 117,157,230. McCoy, D. 212. McConnell, K. 95,212. McCormick, J. 212. McCown, B 84. McCurry, R. 123,178. McDaniel, A 130,131,193. McDaniel, J. 212. McDaniel, K. 212. McDaniel. R. 193. McDonald, G. 193. McDonald, L. 135,183. McDonald, S. 23,64,121,129,157. McFarland, V. 122,130,131,157. McGlothlin, T. 94,170. McGowan, C. 135,193. McGowan, M. 96,135,178. McKay, B. 212. McKay, D. 157. McKeigan, D. 212. McKeigan, W 21 2. McKelvev, L. 119,141,144. McKenzie, K. 115,157. McKinnon, J. 212, McKinnon, P. 193. McKinnon, P. 157. McLaugin, M. 212. McLaugin, M. 212. McLean, P. 115,116,125,127,193. McMillion, P 212. McReynolds, J. 178. McTague, S. 212. Meade. V. 193. Meadows, 8. 1 78. Meadows, P. 212. Meadows, R. 19,156. Meagher, K. 157. Meagher, P. 193. Meconey, J. 59. Meders, W. 62,157. Medlin, M. 212. Medlin, S. 193. Meek, J. 131,178. Meekma, M. 157. Mehr, D 62,178. Melcher, D. 193. Mello, B. 212. Mello, M. 193. Mello, M. 157. Melton, M. 157. Melton, W 130,131,212. Menzie. L 212. Mernin, J 11 5,121,128,1 57. Mernin, M. 178. Meroney, J. 212. Meroney, P. 212. Merrifield, A. 122,123,178. Merrill, T. 212. Mersing, J. 1 78. Mervine. C. 193. Mervine, L. 158. Messer, D. 21 2. Messplay, P. 70,130,131,158. Messplay, T. 130,131,193. Meszaros, J. 114,119,121,131,178. Meszaros, M 193. Meteyer. R. 158. Meyer, L. 115,135,170,178. Meyer, R. 193. Mick, M. 12,193. Midkiff, K. 212. Milbert, J. 62,84,135,178. Miles Shoe Store 232. Milionica, B 213. Milionica, K 194. Miller, A. 12,62,86,178. Miller, C. 115,158. Miller, D. 178. Miller, E. 124,183. Miller, E. 178. Miller, G. 212. Miller, G. 193. Miller, J. 212. Miller, J. 178. Miller, J. 178. Miller, J. 178. Miller, J. 178. Miller, N. 122. Miller, P. 115,131,212. Miller, R. 212. Miller, R. 158. Miller, R. 84,116,212. Miller, S. 158. Miller. T. 178. Miller, W. 178. Miller, W. 178. Miller, W. 158. Miller, W. 84,115,178. Mills, C. 115,122,126,158. Mills, D. 114,124,194. Mills, T. 194. Mims, J. 19,86,129,135,158. Mingie, R. 213. Misner, D. 131,213. Mitchell, L. 178. Mitchell. R 158. Moberg, D. 12,134,194. Mockabee, J 131,194. Mockler, S. 122,158. Mocre, D. 43. Modica, C. 178. Modica, D. 213. Monk, R. 58,213. Montgomery, B. 194. Montgomery, R. 158. Moon, C. 121,178. Moore, B. 213. Moore, C. 113. Moore, D. 213. Moore, E, 28. Moore, G. 19,58,59.142,144. Moore, J. 213. Moore, M. 131,213. Moore, M. 158. Moore, R. 178. Moore, S. 194. Moore, S. 124,178. Moore, W. 124,178. Moorehead, C. 101,129. Morrer, R. 132,213. Morange, R. 194. Morehead, D. 194. Morgan, L. 194. Morris. C. 158. Morris, C. 94,194. Morris, J. 142. Morrison, D. 134,213. Morrison, R. 1 78. Mosely, J. 131,178. Moseley, J. 213. Moseley, J. 178. Moseley, M. 61,194. Mosely, G. 194. Mosher, C. 158. Moshgat, D. 1 78. Mosser, L. 124. Mound, B. 213. Mound, J. 194. Mowdy, D. 213. Mulgrew, D. 18,61,131,194. Mu I grew, W. 18,62,178,233. Mullennex, E. 122. Mullins, W. 194. Munyan, F. 116,178. Munyan, W. 62,96,135,158. Murafsk, D. 213. Murphy, B. 1 78. Murphy, D. 124,1 79. Murphy, M. 62,86,129,135,158. Murphy, M. 194. Murphy, M. 194. Murphy, M. 62,158. Murphy, P. 63,179. Murray, K. 12. Murray, L. 142,144. Muse, A. 101,132,213. Museley, J. 130. Myers Hill Realtors 233. Myers, G. 131,213. Myers, L. 194. Myers. P. 201,213. Myers, T. 61,84,135,194. Myers, W. 19,62,121,129,135,158,231. Naclerio, S. 130,131,213. 238 Index Nageotte, R. 179. Nanee, K. 213. Napper, K. 213. Naranjo, A. 127,142,144. Nash. D. 213. Nash, D. 130,194. Naylor, G. 213. Naylor, M. 213. Naylor, S. 96,135,179. Neal, D. 213. Neal, L. 80,115,213. Needham, J. 213. Nelum, P. 12,96,213. Nesmith, J. 20,130,194. Newberry, S. 1 79. Newett, J. 114,118,158,231. Newlin, E. 59. Newman, R. 115,194. Newman, S. 144. Newton, D. 213. Nichols, R. 20,158. Nichols, T. 213. Nichols, V. 134,194. Nicholson, J. 118,179. Nickerson, E. 116,122,179. Nicklin, L. 213. Nixon, D. 12. Nixon, J. 12,32,62,86,87,129,135,179. Nocifora, K. 101,128,132,179. Nocifora, T. 23,92,93,121,158. Nofsinger, P. 94,194. Nolan, R. 194. Nolan, R. 213. Nolton, T. 213. Norbutt, S. 119. Norman, B. 32,194. Norman, B. 117,122,179. Norman, D. 1 79. Norman, J. 213. Norman, R. 62. Norman, T. 194. Noteman, G. 158. Nowlin, E. 213. Nowlin, J. 125. Nu Look Cleaners 228. Nunemaker, R. 131,194. Oaks, J. 112. O ' Brien, P. 213. O ' Brien, R. 213. O ' Conner, M. 130,131.159. O’Connor, D. 134,194. Often, A. 112. O ' Leary, T. 179. Ogden, R. 159. Oleaon, M. 113. Olin, S. 194. Oliva, C. 213. Oliva, J. 121,159. Oliva, M. 179. Olsen, J. 194. Olson, D. 194. Olson, M. 131. Olson, S. 134,213. Olympia Restaurant 229. O ' Neil, P. 159. O ' Neil, V. 132,179. O ' Neil, W. 122,194. Opperman, D. 130,131,213. Orehowsky, M. 179. Orehowsky, T. 19,62,129,135. Oris, A. 142. Ortez, A 159. Osborne, R. 213. Osbourne, F. 194. O ' Shea, K. 194. O ' Shea, M. 194. O ' Shea, P. 142,144. Otruba, R. 214. Owens, D. 18. Owens, P. 159. Owens, T. 214. Owens, W. 194, Owings, B. 159. Oyler, M. 134,214. Pacha, R. 122,179. Paciocco, L. 126,179. Paciocco, R. 121,159. Paciocco, U. 127,214. Pack, J. 159. Pague, R. 214. Palastro, J. 159. Palmer, B. 122,194. Palmer, D. 159. Palmer, G. 69,118. Palmer, K. 194. Palmer, L. 130,131,214. Painter, P. 73. Pansons, K. 194. Paolino, L. 214. Papa, A. 214. Papa, V. 214. Paradis, P. 194. Paradis, S. 214. Parker, E. 214. Parker, F. 80,106,144. Parker, J. 195. Parks, J. 19. Parks, J. 214. Parks, N. 73,179. Parr, H. 10,139,144. Parris, O. 214. Parrish, M. 214. Parsels, J. 123. Partain, M. 131,214. Partlett. K. 195. Partridge. H. 142,144. Patterson, P. 159. Patton, S. 214. Painter, P. 179. Payne, A. 63,1 79. Payne, H. 95 Payne, S. 122,195. Payton, D. 118,122,179. Paxton, R. 195. Peacher, S. 123,214. Peck, L. 214. Peevy, D. 214. Pegler, D. 128,195. Pegler, L. 72,116,121,128,159. Peirson, E. 1 79. Pemberton, J. 131,214. Pemberton, R. 12,130,131,179. Penland, R. 179. Penlartd, S. 214. Pennell, P. 214. Pennifill, Y. 129,179. Pennington, K. 214. Peoples, D. 179. Pepe. M. 134,214. Percival, D. 214. Perdue, L. 115,124,179. Perhach, P. 77,144. Perry, C. 195. Perry, C. 12,62,84,159. Peterson, H. 134,195. Peterson, J. 122,195. Peterson, N. 134,214. Peterson, S. 134,214. Peterson, S. 139. Petitt, M. 123. Petrey, P. 123,179. Pfaller, E. 84,195. Pfaller, L. 195. Peverill, J. 214. Pharo, R. 214. Phillips, C. 214. Philpott. M. 214. Pickens, B. 24,117,144. Pierce, G. 159. Pierce, L. 122,195. Pieritz, B. 66,125,159. Pieritz, G. 131,214. Pierpoint, B. 159. Pierpoint, R. 214. Pierson, T. 214. Pilcher, D. 214. Pinna, D. 59,214. Pishock, S. 159. Pitts, C. 214. Pitts, E. 61,84,116,195. Placzkouski, A. 122,159. Plowman, P. 179. Pluto, M. 62. Poindexter, E. 25,109,139,144. Poke, S. 195. Polansky, S. 122,127,179. Polk, J. 144. Polly, R. 142,144. Poison, T. 214. Ponder, P. 18,195. Ponstingel, L. 114,117,159. Porras, R. 195. Porter, D. 214. Porter, H. 18,62,84,195. Porter, S. 195. Porto, R. 195. Post, D. 159. Pote, P. 214. Poteat, C. 123. Potter, J. 124,195. Potter, S. 214. Powell. E. 123,195. Powell, F. 179. Powell, J. 115,179. Powers, C. 214. Powers, M. 215. Powers, T. 23. Presti, J. 215. Prett, J. 215. Price, D. 123,195. Price, G. 179. Price. J. 40,41,43,92,93,11 7,1 21,1 59,230. Price, J. 195. Prince-Wood Insurance 233. Pringle, D 123,159. Pringle, R. 96,1 59. Prior, F. 20,132. Pritts, E. 215. Prue, C. 159. Pruett, B. 56,61,142. Pryor, C. 120. Publicover, N. 215. Puckett, B. 195. Puckett, L. 195. Puffy, C. 215. Pugh. B. 159. Pugh, M. 159. Pulley, G. 215. Purcell, D, 195. Pulsifer, M. 116,142,144. Purnell, J. 58,59,142. Putze, M. 159. Putze, P. 122. Quality Motors 227. Quarton, D. 215. Queen, E. 123. Queen, P. 215. Queen, S. 123. Quick, D. 115,179. Quick, P. 195. Quintana, M. 201,215. Quintana, R. 195. Quirin, D. 195. Quirin, M. 159. Radakovich, J, 215. Rader, R. 40,160. Radfern, M. 195. Raftelis, J. 63,179. Raftelis, S. 16. Ragen, T. 215. Rains, M. 123,195. Rains, W. 215. Rainer, S. 215. Raiselis, M. 128,195. Ramey, D. 130,131,160. Ramey, P. 61,123,195. Ramey, T. 179. Ramos, D. 179. Rampley, W. 142,144. Rapp, J. 101,120,179. Ray, M, 160. Ray, R. 215. Ray, S. 195. Raybin, R. 195. Raybin, S. 90,215. Rebel, J. 180. Reckitt, L. 215. Reed, B. 215. Reed, C. 115,121. Reed, D. 215. Reed, D. 215, Reed, D. 195. Reed, J. 86,195. Reed, M. 122,195. Reeves. M. 115,122,127,134,195. Reichelt, M. 117,118,125,127,179. Reichelt, R. 215. Reichert, D. 17. Reidl, M. 215. Reidy, M. 160. Repine, R. 59. Reutter, B. 215. Reutter. K. 120,180. Reutter, M. 215. Reynolds, R. 122,195. Rice, L. 122,180. Richards, E, 215. Richardson, D. 160. Richardson, R. 160. Ridderbusch, R. 196. Ridderbusch, R. 18,61,62,84,180. Ridley, J. 20,180. Ries, T. 96,127,215. Riggs, B. 196. Riggs, P. 59,215. Riley, B. 131. Riley, E. 84,115,125,180. Riley, M. 160. Riley, M. 40,80,101,196. Riley, T. 131. Riley, V. 196. Rimbock, R. 115,117,160. Ringold, G. 196. Rinker, W. 160. Riselak, N. 180. Rison, V. 215. Risser, K. 215. Ritts, S. 26. Rivera, J. 131,215. Rivera, R. 41,115,125,126. Rivers, S. 215. Rivers, S. 196. Roach, R. 122,196. Roakes, T. 180. Robbins. C. 215. Robbins, M. 127,196. Robbins, M. 121,122,160. Robbins, J. 118. Robbins, P. 117,122,160. Robbins, R. 215. Roberts, K. 118,180. Roberts, L. 126,215. Robertson, D. 215. Robertson, P. 180. Robinson, C. 215. Robinson, D. 196. Robinson, G. 58,90,215. Robinson, R. 160. Robinson, R. 180. Robinson, S. 180. Robinson, W. 215. Rockwell, G. 179. Rodeffer, G. 142,144. Roderrer, L. 131. Rodgers, J. 124. Rodgers, J. 120,131,196. Rodgers, J. 160. Rodgers, K. 131,215. Rodgers, R. 180. Roedel, K. 160. Roedel, R. 196. Roeske, R. 34,84,185,196. Rogers, D. 20,160. Rogers, D. 64. Rogers, K. 180. Rogers, L. 215. Rogers, T. 88. Rogers, T. 215. Rohlfing, K. 131,215. Roltsch, A. 180. Roltsch, J. 101,102,216. Rose, E. 216. Rose, P. 160. Rose, T. 216. Ross, G. 130,131,196. Ross, J. 101,196. Ross, N. 180. Ross, T. 180. Rountree, W. 216. Roush, J. 96,132,216. Rowe, B. 160. Roweton, K. 216. Rowson, R. 142,144. Roytos, D. 101,216. R R Automotive 226. Ruais, M. 216. Ruais, R. 196. Ruby, K. 115,118,122,196. Rueble, J. 216. Ruff, S. 216. Ruit, P. 124. Ruit, R. 12,34,84,196. Runion, G. 134,216. Ruoff, P. 58,216. Rush, R. 160. Russell, B. 216. Russell, D. 123,196. Russell, V. 122. Ryan, M. 113. Ryan, R. 61,196. Ryan, R. 196. Saif elder, K. 180. Sandy, J. 160. Saintmyer, R. 196. Sale, M. 216. Samanie, D. 12. Santos, L. 112. Saperstein, R. 122,160. Sass, S. 196. Saunders, P. 180. Saupp, K. 180. Savatt, R. 181 Sawicki, J. 41. Sawicki, L. 115,122,160. Sawyer, S. 119.142,144. Saxon, T. 180. Scaggs, M. 160. Scarborough, S. 61,131,196. Scardina, T. 123,196. Scardina, V. 123,160. Scearce, D. 160. Schawalder, G. 112. Scheck, L. 216. Scheiner, J. 31,180. Schimpf, B. 61,96. Schlegel, G. 112. Schlimgen, C. 121,128,160. Schlimgen, S. 131,196. Schmidt, L. 131,216. Schmidt, R. 196. Schnell, R. 160. Scholegel, C. 180. Scholz, W. 180. Scholz, W. 216. Schramm, L. 196. Schultz, R. 123,180. Schultz, S. 180. Schultz, W. 160. Schumacher, C. 122,196. Schuster, J. 196. Schwartz, M. 84,196. Schwartz, P. 130,131. Schwelm, J. 160. Sciascia, M. 160. Scites, P. 216. Sckulich, A. 69,118,180. Scott, K. 46,142,144. Scott, M. 216. Scott, M. 122,123,196. Scott. P. 86,121,142,144. Scott, R. 62,84,160. Scott, S. 118,120,121,161. Scott, T. 134,196. Scripture, I. 142,144. Scripture, N. 144. Scruggs, M. 216. Scruggs, R. 93,161,231. Sears, D. 62,96,98.108,129,135,161. Seiler, G. 161. Sendek, D. 84,216. Sessoms, D. 216. Settle. M. 216. Severson, J. 216. Sexton, D. 123. Sexton, L. 134,216. Sexton, S. 62,129,161. Shack, S. 142,144. Shade. R. 161. Shade, R. 196. Shadrick, L. 216. Shaearer, D. 216. Shafer, J. 112. Shaffer, J. 127,180. Shaffer, K. 12,61,127,196. Shaffer, M. 130,131,161. Shaffer, M. 216. Shafferman, G. 142,144. Shallcross, D. 59,216. Shamburg, D. 122,130,131,196. Shanahan, K. 59,216. Shanahan, V. 123,180. Shands, H. 144. Shank, K. 93,116.180. Sharp, C. 196. Shaulis, V. 161. Shawn, R. 61,180. Shaw. S. 61,196. Shay, D. 196. Shelton. W. 216. Shearer, B. 123. Shepard, M. 180. Shepherd, D. 216. Shepherd, R. 216. Shepherd, T. 161. Sheppherd, D. 216. Sheppherd, M. 180. Shera, B. 130,131,216. Shera, J. 121,130,131,161. Sherrill, R. 144. Shifflett, B. 216. Shipley, R. 197. Short, S. 123. Shunamon, B. 216. Shunamon, R. 197. Shutt, T. 75,139,144. Siegar, M. 16,120,126,161. Sigler, D. 197. Simmons, B. 216. Simmons, B 197. Simmons, J. 123,180. Simmons, K. 216. Simmons, T. 115,197. Simpson, B. 113. Simpson, D. 197. Simpson, I. 142,144. Simpson, J. 58,216. Simpson, L. 101. Simpson, M. 197. Simpson, S. 12,161. Simpson, T. 79. Simpson, W. 62,84,180. Sims, K. 123,180. Sinclair, D. 61. Sinclair, L. 1 23,197. Sindek. D. 34. Singer Sewing Co. 233. Sipes, J. 113. Siron, R. 216. Sisson, D. 130,131,197. Slattery, J. 131,217. Slattery, L. 161. Smallwood, J. 122,123. Smaugh, B. 63,143,144. Smith, A. 197. Smith, A. 131,180. Smith, B. 144. Smith, B. 122,123,180. Smith, C. 161. Smith, C. 59,217. Smith, C. 122,180. Smith, C. 131,197. Smith, C. 197. Smith, D. 217. Smith, E. 113. Smith, J. 180. Smith. K. 93,185,197. Smith, L. 21 7. Smith, L. 161. Smith, L. 197. Smith, L. 64,180. Smith, L. 197. Smith, M. 198. Smith, M. 161. Smith, M. 217. Smith, P. 116,161. Smith, P. 217. Smith, P. 180. Smith, R. 198. Smith, S. 217. Smith, S. 59,217. Smith, S. 161. Smith, T. 181. Smith, T. 217. Smith, T. 58,96,217. Smith, W. 217. Smokey ' s Restaurant 233. Smoot, E. 198. Snellings, T. 198. Snyder, P. 118,161. Snyder, P. 217. Solari, S. 181. Solomon, S. 34,198. Solord, S. 217. Somma, V. 124,161. Sorenson, G. 181. Sorenson, S. 217. Sosebee, D. 134,198. Sowell, J. 181. Sowell, S. 217. Spangler, R. 198. Specht, G. 123,198. Spellman, D. 181. Spellman, D. 183. Spellman, J. 198. Spellman, M. 217. Spence, P. 198. Spencer, C. 19,123,129,181. Spencer, G. 58,21 7. Spencer, T. 21 7. Spero, S. 217. Spicer, B. 21 7. Spicer, L. 64,84,198. Spicer, R. 181. Spinner, C. 21 7. Spinner, L. 161. Spinner, S. 198. Sponder, D. 118. Sponseller, M. 198. Spoon, D. 217. Spoon, M. 123,181. Spooner, L. 95,217. Spooner, R. 115,146,161,230. Sprague, L. 131,217. Spring, S. 181. Spruill, D. 198. Stableford, D. 18,88,120,181. Stallworth, A. 120,130,131,217. Stallworth, P. 198. Stambaugh, N. 198. Stanley, G. 12,61,96,132,198. Stanley, L. 217. Stanley, W. 12,62,84,129,161. Statler, G. 143,144. Staudinger, D. 113. Staudinger, B. 124,181. Staudinger, L. 123,198. St. Clair, D. 198. St. Clair, D. 217. St. Clair, M. 96,116,122,134,161. Stecher, E. 114,115,117,121,161. Stecher, R. 131,217. Stefanik, J. 127,144. Stein, E. 134,198. Stephens, D. 128,161,231. Stephens, F. 122,181. Stephens, J. 115,132,217. Stephens, S. 12,114. Stephens. S. 118,119,126,130,131,132,198. Stephen ' s Town Country 222. Steven Windsors-Woodbridge 223 Steven Windsors-Springfield 222. Steward, C. 122,124,181. Steward, R. 217. Stewart, D. 122,161. Stewart, E. 198. Stewart, L. 115,120,127,162. Stewart, P. 21 7. Stewart, T. 123,198. Still, C. 162. Stith, E. 181. Stith, E. 198. Stith, T. 217. Stitt, K. 198. Stoddart, P. 114,132,217. Stoffregen, G. 43. Stoffregen, J. 198. Stoffregen, L. 23. Stonemetz, J. 21 7. Stonemetz, J. 198. Storie, P. 1 23,162. Stoutamyer, K. 217. Stove, E. 217. Stover, C. 123. Street, S. 217. Stringer, T. 34,88,116,120,127,181. Stuart, E. 132,181. Stuart, T. 217. Suddarth, J. 130,131,217. Suddarth, K. 118,121,122.125,132,181. Sugar, M. 16,162. Sullins, J. 142,144. Sullivan, B. 217. Sullivan, C. 217. Sullivan, F. 198. Sullivan, K. 101,217. Sullivan, K. 12,34,84,129,181. Sullivan, L. 123. Sullivan, M. 217. Sullivan, M. 18,198. Sullivan, T. 95,115,218. Sullivan, T. 162. Sullivan, T. 198. Summers, D. 64,84,121,122,129,162. Summers, M. 218. Sunset Drive-In 223. Surkosky, M. 218. Surney, S. 218. Swagger, R. 218. Swanson, D. 218. Swanson, R. 123,181. Sweeney, D. 198. Sweeney, J. 218. Sweeney, M. 181. Swisher, D. 198. Swoope, D. 59,218. Sykes, R. 218. Szymonski, P. 34,143,144. Tabourn, E. 123,181. Tabourn, T. 122,123,198. Taravella, B. 181. Tarlton, B. 181. Tarlton, E. 162. Tatum, C. 162. Tatum, M. 198. Taylor, A. 122,134,218. Taylor, D. 181. Taylor, D. 162. Taylor, D. 181. Taylor, M. 122,181. Taylor, M. 218. Taylor, M. 218. Taylor, P. 218. Taylor, S. 181. Taylor, V. 198. Tedrick, T. 198. Tell is, R. 162. Tell is, R. 181. Templeton, J. 218. Templeton, S. 181. Templeton, V. 139,144. Tennant, D. 118,122,126,181. Terczak, P. 20,198. Terczak, T. 162. Thomas, B. 113. 240 Index Thomas, C. 134,198. Thomas, D. 218. Thomas, O. 218. Thomas, D. 181. Thomas, E. 12,123,198. Thomas, K. 12. Thomas, L. 122,162. Thomas, M. 12. Thomas, M. 181. Thomas, M. 218. Thomas, P. 218. Thomas, R. 24. Thomas, T. 112. Thommarson, C. 218. Thommarson, P. 96,124,181. Thompson, D. 123,162. Thompson, F. 218. Thompson, J. 181. Thompson, J. 198. Thompson, L. 218. Thompson, L. 218. Thompson, L. 218. Thompson, N. 11 2. Thompson, V. 127,218. Thorpe, K. 162. Thorsteinsson, S. 198. Thurmon, E. 79. Thurston, C. 198. Tignor, L. 218. Tiller, A. 198. Tiller, D. 218. Tisdale, C. 88. Tisdale, R. 218. Tobey, B. 218. Tolbert, C. 218. Tolbert, J. 162. Tolson, D. 218. Tolson, G. 218. Torres, L. 218. Torres, T. 123,162. Tosh, A. 218. Tots-to-Teens 233. Trance, P. 122,181. Trawick, A. 198. Traywick, B. 134,162. Triangle Bakery 228. Triggs, D. 112. Trimble, M. 143,144. Triplett, G. 86,121,162. Triplett, K. 218. Trivett, J. 181. Trivett, M. 162. Trotter, M. 181. Troutman, R. 198. Troxell, D. 218. Truchinski, S. 218. Tuck, D. 218. Tucker, D. 123,181. Tucker, E. 143,144. Tuell. D. 134,218. Turley, D. 19. Turley, T. 198. Tu rner, A. 122,198. Turner, D. 20,181. Turner, G. 198. Turner, G. 182. Turner, H. 123,182. Turner, M. 112. Turner, J. 198. Turner, J. 143,144. Turner, R. 123,198. Turner, T. 198. Turner, T. 162. Tuttle, C. 218. Tuttle, H. 115,122,182. Tyrrell, A. 58,90,218. Tyrrell, K. 40,43,54,92,93,121,129,162. Tyrrell, M. 182. Tyrrell, R. 198. Ulrich, S 182. Ulrich, T. 198. Underwood, W. 19,162. United Virginia Bank 224. Urban, L. 162. Urbanek, T. 131,218. Urioste, J. 218. Urioste, M. 62,162. Valentine, G. 162. Vanderark, T. 219. VanHooser, B. 182. VanHooser, L 198. Vanhutton, M, 182. VanLeeuwen, A. 127,182. VanRoo, M. 84,182. VanSchiock, C. 58,219. VanSchiock, S. 122,182. Vaughn, P. 198. Vaughn, S. 134,219. Vena, A. 162. Vena, B 198. Venable, R. 219. Veniskey, A. 115,122,182. Venus II 226. Vermilyea, D. 198. Vermilyea. O. 59,219. Vernon, C. 12. Vest, D. 115. Vest, P. 198. Vest, S. 114,122,198. Vestal, D. 117. Vezina, M. 219. Vickers, E. 144. Vinson, J. 134,198. Vinson, W. 219. Vis, D. 198. Vis, N. 64,129,182. Vitola, N. 198. Viot, K. 162. Vuke, S. 143,144. Wade. C. 182. Wade, P 122,162. Wade, T. 198. Wadhams, C. 130,131,162. Wafle, F. 144. Wagner, K. 61,131. Wahlmeier, C. 198. Wainwright, K. 123,219. Waite, J. 219. Waite, R. 18,182. Walker, W. 219. Walters, D. 198. Walters, L. 101,128,131,182. Walters, P. 198. Walton, T. 131,219. Walus, S. 79. Wankel, C. 143. Warholak, M. 199. Warren, C. 182. Warren, E. 182. Warwick, C. 124,127. Wash, D. 130. Washburn, C. 118,143,144. Washburn, D. 130,131,162. Washburn, K. 134,219. Washington, C. 143. Wasik, G. 219. Water, I. 143. Waters, B. 118,219. Waterstraat, J. 219. Watson, C. 219. Watt, B. 199. Watt, C. 219. Watt, R. 12,163. Watts, M. 107,143,144. Waymire, B. 199. Weaver, L. 101,199. Webb, D. 219. Webb, M. 182. Webber, M. 139. Webbert, T. 163. Weedon, B. 182. Weedon, M. 62,163. Weedon, S. 49,64,101,103,1 21,129,230. Weeks, A. 12,66,84,116,129,135.163,230 Weeks, R. 1 2. Wehrenberg, D. 182. Wehrenberg, K. 219. Wells, C. 126,163. Welsh, M. 199. Welsh, M. 219. Welsh, W. 219. Wenk, M. 219. Wenzel, K. 126,219. West, D. 219. West, D. 182. West, E. 123,182. West, G. 116,118,182. West, L. 199. Westerburg, D. 219. Wheaton, B. 113. Wheeler, D. 117,118,120,125,182. Wheeler, D. 219. Wheeler, E. 199. Wheeler, H. 127,143,144. Wheeler, J. 107,115,143,144. Wheeler, L. 120,219. White, C. 61,182. White, H. 144. White, J. 84,182. White, K. 219. White, O. 90,219. White, R. 123,131,182. White, S. 182. Whitesell, S. 163. Whitesell, W. 219. Whitely, W. 163. Whitfield, D. 143,144. Whitlock, D. 182. Whitt, W. 219. Whittenburg, D. 131,199. Whittman, B. 220. Widdows, R. 182. Wido, M. 163. Wiggins, R. 219. Wilburn, T. 163. Wiley, D. 124,163. Wilhelm, D. 219. Wilhelm, M. 59. Wilkerson, V. 122,199. Will, C. 123,199. Will, J. 112. Williams, C. 182. Williams, C. 182. Williams, C. 219. Williams, D. 219. Williams, D. 219. Williams, F. 58. Williams, E. 115,163. Williams, E. 123,199. Williams, J. 219. Williams, J. 23,54,92,93,121,163,231 Williams, J. 199. Williams, L. 88,134,199. Williams, M. 182. Williams, P. 182. Williams, R. 62,117,163. Williams, R. 199. Williams, R. 182. Williams, T. 143. Williamson, C. 143. Willis, D. 163. Wilman, M. 41. Wilshin, K. 115,143,144. Wilson, C. 163. Wilson, C. 219. Wilson, D. 219. Wilson, D. 121,163. Wilson, E. 12,13,62,86. Wilson, H. 163. Wilson, J. 101,219. Wilson, J. 219. Wilson, J. 220. Wilson, J. 114,115,121,146,163. Wilson, L. 112. Wilson, M. 40,94,201,220. Wilson, S. 220. Wilson, S. 182. Wilson, T. 182. Wilson, W. 59,220. Wince, T. 182. Winchester, L. 220. Winchester, L. 199. Wing, B. 182. Wing, G. 122,199. Wing, M, 25. Winget, J. 182. Winget, T. 220. Winigar, V. 130,131,182. Winings, D. 125,163. Winkler, K. 63,126,199. Winslow, D. 220. Wise, D. 220. Wise, J. 12,199. Wise, L. 220. Wise, W. 16. Wisneski, A. 143. Wolensen, R. 79. Wolf, S. 59. Wolford, D. 199. Wolford, R. 199. Wollcott, H. 220. Wolny, K. 118,125,182. Wolverton, A. 124,163. Wolverton, S. 220. Woodbridge, J, 183. Woodring, D. 199. Woods, C. 143,144. Woods, O. 163. Woodward, □. 199. Woody, G. 123,199. Wooley, D. 143,144. Woolf, W. 220. Woolfenden, L. 61,199. Woolfenden, W. 59,220. Woolfrey, L. 220. Woolfrey, M. 183. Wozniak, R. 220. Wrabell, M. 61,199. Wray, D. 199. Wray, O. 183. Wray, S. 220. Wright, R. 125,130,131,163. Wrye, K. 220. Yadlowsky, M. 58,90,220. Yadlowsky, P. 123,183. Yarbrough, D. 220. Yates, R. 199. Yauss, M. 163. Yauss, T. 94,199. Yelle, t. 220. Yentz, M. 220. Yeo, S. 163. Yingling, A. 199. Yingling, J. 183. Yingling, R. 163. Yoho, R. 220. Yonkie, L. 183. York, A. 199. Young, B. 112. Young, B. 199. Young, D. 114,124,199. Young, L. 130,131,220. Young, M. 48,139,144. Young, R. 29,107. Young, S. 220. Young, S. 220. Youngblood, A. 220. Zavich, K. 18. Zdan, D. 124. Zetts, J. 163. Zetts, R. 163. Zingg, R. 199. Zumbrook, D. 220. Zumbrook, E. 183. Zwinak, C. 131,199. 242 Closing tL9 -fe U!tlQS lQj Z rcn (UJ jl I 0l CoeA Qxx jA ' Qqsj£l t Q r u- vi A© vQie uAk .it -A” VN ) J yvJfi- _A Y L. ' H lX 08 sea- GCW k 0=«Ua a pl 1_2 lQ. fl©© - JCsj o Q , ® ©a ws - fvk,3oO (_ A Vva C S- iCJ2 S vw j uobdk • uu ©to JL qjt oAv yA vApc-O w V- -X O cjtoO cDcfi ewScvV ) oAfi. ■aoo ' tUvA. jfooo 3uaA 3 ouv A»Sa iiOuj!_ o j- o-j o. - 3oA W C) mvJI roo c viAt - . oJA ' _a_cx JL cvvxJl AJUX3r oVaJX o Q : ;T . Staff 1973-74 Cathy Aldrich—Student Life, People Kitty Boyd—Advertisements Ed.. People Joan Clark—Directory, Index David Collins—Photographer Denise Crone—Organizations Editor Stacie Cronin—Faculty Gary Fiegle—Photographer Steve Hayward—Photographer Co Hilker—Co-Editor Kathy Huffman—Faculty Brenda Norman—-Directory, Index Marge McClurkin—Sports Editor Sherry Meders—Advertisements Lisa Ponstingel—Co-Editor Jennifer Price—Sports, People Michele Reichelt—Organizations Rhoda Rimbock—Student Life Patti Robbins—Faculty, People Libby Stecher—Student Life Editor David Wheeler—Sports Ray Williams—Sports, Photographer Special Thanks Miss Pickens, fondly known as " Aunt Bea " , proved to be, without a doubt, a valuable asset without which this yearbook could neve r have come about. Putting up with our crazy antics, incessant teasing, impromptu calls and always there with a shoulder to cry on, she is loved and appreciated by the entire staff we ll never forget that laugh! , I ► gf BE Mr. Barrett, who we kept ' in the dark ' as much as possible printing our pictures, developing our negatives, and delegating duties to any ' volunteers ' he could acquire was in his ' breaking-in ' period this year. Keep cool, " Uncle Tom " , things will be even darker next year for you and your red bow tie! V Mr. Vestal, always as close as the nearest telephone managed to find time for us despite his busy schedule to answer our many questions and keep us posted on our’deadline status ' . Mr. Bob Clay who assisted with the shooting of senior portraits is much appreciated for helping out in a time of need. Mr. Ponstingel whose darkroom hasn ' t been his own since spring of 1973 provided us with many of our pictures either by taking them himself, developing and printing our negatives, and the use of his darkroom. It ' s yours again. " Mr P " ! Cheers!! The Potomac News, especially Charlie Hines, Paul Lewis, and Cyndi Young, and the Journal Messenger provided us with those few ' missing pictures ' . $ ; ' $4 1§| v W VjW Hi I gpfp n if sp I i m Hr M Walter Munyan Curtiss B. Piertz Kent Roberts Dennis Rogers Debbie Daniels m mm %i Oft Ife ft mt 244 Acknowledgements iJjtrOO ' JUL j- » 5 4 y ' 4.- LUjt ”{ txx3 3 wiejz- v_Qa XC " O itcL oaj2jL. LaO rMJpt, l y l x+4 ' Jtjddk {§Aj-£ 3 U cQ , v_ 4 0 7u3tAC; 7, QyfoLO r ) y c t a— i -4 4 » 7 ' ™T i ’ s. lAjS ddy? AaTj avcw r ° 7j MJmy)-lViyu, £ ! C aM S drMu dd (72 CC 5 ? ) .ntpvi dZ zo fee cJLiM sr A n m f« lv.ucLa Ut ' . On ' QjOuam A- MjS C riot ' AJLKJL jOiXJL fU ViuOlMxj Lnn sisu JiJl rvu nunjujo LcuQt • it UjjLA J Llp Loud IfKUlsvdh oJfl 4 o 7 WX Lllmj CljL hjJLcJ oJ’ crOj Gtii IlAjulO ' ;• ✓ 7 a, v 1y xj Jlo x . Gam up-o . Qrt C1Xjl3 UT c _ ._0-3—v Jr0)0) vjuci Qa ' s to_Q_Q- A- vJUa po f _ . oa OY s- qJL OD A-5 J3vY ' .Gs A CO , JhVasl Jleo VxxGD GjCATVYAilJD . - O enCS OTNSL l J[ op£_o Cyw ■ Qr ' © Or Gup ._ o Loxl. o ii U HyNS -Gcocl Ua_a_cJC , cA apod s Sicu-j. ft tW y. c? i A VJ 1 A ' ; i if ' w - y (vT qJT X U I K i Vy u V,A j J ' v«r T:ri v w-a 1« tf ($ ' v Ax 1 v;« r gV Sr V, - S b, , Xr j - • b, X, -X fXXv A -. . = X. “X - i " X hXX XX Xi. ‘ o- X v ‘ XV-?- V j y ' ie a ? J xs did- Si-y?d ' -d- ' z- £- yZ ' SZtS ' e Le—. ' l L OLD Hcr Ov Jk rvwv ick 0 W£ , $ §£ QyuS)S wuXsl (vS T .inji .a ' chx • A j ' XJUJ ' jQ WM fchy% J ' Wc. |Wv .i n (xW tfO u eW A A + w - vtt ' x ypchx’ r -t) iises ' ..GcnMij O ' nM- oMi , oig .oM ' xfijLs ' irc A. Jbuvvko S Sb ■ £ WiMs IT TOO LATE NOT WHILE WE RE LIVING i Wj MSI •jp j .jv ' sSt r) tm MM I | I llliH " f Jnv _ — } vL 4 ■ ( r _ _ 1 »M] ’ j r "

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