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tssusweaR sunih. rTTTTv,- « ' «! • ?t««a«T iyS rSjnro : 1 ! 4v »a«mtt« Cnr» H r «• • i « KwUimW • M«« • " • ' • M W «•»» MUK »« jgZibllHHHHM I 4 " - Jfc JPtl ' jrS I ’ Ml TP ljl!’,u»| “ ' HiiiiBww tfr £ U ) H pjlMxw XJA X s JM k-f % CiA o ±X Uv 1972-1973 HALLS-OVER CAPACITY FLOWING B SHIFT COMING, A SHIFT GOING DETACHED IN SPIRIT WHEN SHIFTS ARE SPLIT FIGHTING WITH EACH OTHER AND YET SOMETHING MAKES IT HARD TO FORGET THE LAST FEW DAYS AT OLD G-F IUXU 1 ‘ WpC-p v n JJi 2 ' oyy ' O t o or ' O n ' qs- V)u)r p $ T U) poyoo 1 Vu ' Q -? ' OQuu V ' 00 1 ? l W 15 INDIAN ECHOES VOLUME 30 GAR-FIELD HIGH SCHOOL WOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA 2 OPENINGS . HAPPENINGS SPORTS . . PEOPLE . . The last days of the old Gar-Field. .2 .6 .26 .38 3 The first day of school is usually exciting, but this year the situation was different. A-Shift arriving at 6:30 a.m. and B-Shift departing at 6:00 p.m. put a different outlook on students and their school lives. School opened Monday, August 28th. As always, confusion was throughout the school. Schedules were submitted in the cafeteria this year as opposed to receiving them in first period classes as in previous years. Rows and rows of students awaited their sche dules in the intense heat with patience. This was the first day of the two month life remaining to the old Gar-Field. 4 Students wait for schedules in cafeteria. Approximately 2600 students were enrolled this year with 1300 students on each shift. Conditions were near to unbearable. Classrooms were greatly overcrowded and the student body as a whole was very depressed and carefree. Complaints of grades going down seemed to be the chief discussion. With the library being moved to the new school, history classes were conducted in the library of the old school. As many as five classes were combined together every period with all classes working on identical study concepts. All classes in general ran smooth, but students morales were very low as everyone awaited the opening of the new Gar-Field. Mr. Larson conducting his government class. 5 liiSISi PEP CLUB Mr. Szymonski aids in getting the pep club started. Mr. Szymonski, the sponsor of the pep club, heads the first meeting. The pep club was reorganized this year. Interest in this club had dwindled away in past years and finally last year was forgotten about. A few interested students held meetings before school this year and arranged for the club to begin again. A small fee was ask of the members who joined and thereafter every athletic event a member attended received points. This club has been a success this year and has helped to raise spirit at all athletic events. 8 PEP RALLIES J.V. and Varsity Cheerleaders prepare for a cheer. Students attend first pep rally of the year. Two pep rallies were held this year. One pep rally was before the first football game of the year, and the other was before the rival football game against Woodbridge. These two pep rallies built school spirit up to an unbelievable level. 9 FOOTBALL Mr. Newberry talks with team member Bob Weeks. Touchdown for G-F. Don Sears making his way up the middle. G-F is impossible to pull down. Don Newberry, head coach for Varsity football. Mr. Newberry using modern communications on the field. The Varsity Football team had a tough and hard season. They fought like warriors but ended with a 2 and 8 record. After the season ended, head coach, Don Newberry, hosted a dinner at Lazy Susan Inn in Woodbridge, for the entire team. 10 G-F receives a first down. Jackie Johnson breaking his way through for a touchdown. Varsity Cheerleaders wait anxiously for the team to enter on the field. G-F fans cheer their team on to victory. Varsity team stands tense for the last minutes in the game. 13 CROSS-COUNTRY Cross-country runners practice for a meet. This was the cross-country team ' s third year in AAA competition and by far the most rewarding. After placing 3rd in the District and Regional Meets behind powerhouses Handley and Woodbridge the determined harriers, under the guidance of Coach Harry Weinhoffer, advanced to the State Meet for the third successive season. Led by Jim McClure, Walter Jachimowicz, and strong running seniors Dave Nixo i and Danny Hurley they far outshone their previous performances of 19th and 21st by capturing 9th place in a great team effort. Had number five man Gary Fravel not been knocked down during the race, the team would have finished considerably higher. In the process Jim McClure and Walter Jachimowicz were named to the All-State squad. The team is expected to be of invaluable aid during the track season. 14 IT ' S ACADEMIC The 1972 It ' s Academic team for G-F was Seth Brown, Bryan Piertz, and Craig Schiele. G-F fans support our team at the studio. This years It ' s Academic took place on September 9, 1972 in Washington, D. C. at the channel 4 studios. Our team came in third with 265 points. The sponsor for this years team was Mrs. Martin, an English teacher at Gar-Field. 15 STUDENTS Male student learns homemaking. Students wait in long lines for lunch. Students take part in the pep rally. Mrs. Jones selling more schedules to students. Varsity Cheerleaders show their spirit for the football team. Gar-Field has students of all kinds. Everyone has his own interest. Some are active, others prefer to take it easy. But in whole, G-F people are happy people and that ' s how we like it. Students earning money for club activities. Students returning to the locker room after gym class. HOMECOMING 1972 18 G-F and Osbourn team captains make a pack. G-F closing in for the kill. Varsity cheerleaders cheer team on to victory. Cosmo Gooden runs with all his force for a G-F touchdown. The Gar-Field Indians met the Osbourn Yellow Jackets this year for Homecoming. The game was played on October 13th. The team captains for Gar-Field during this game were seniors Dale Jones and Jim Ferraro. The final score of the game was 10 to 12, Osbourn ' s favor. Disappointment spread through the stands after the defeat, but G-F did not give up spirit for their team. 19 SENIOR PRINCESSES MISS MISS MISS SARA ROBIN KITTIE COGAN DEAN FOLKS 20 HOMECOMING MISS QUEEN KITTIE Kittie Folks being crowned Homecoming Queen by Mr. Samuel Cox. 1972 FOLKS The Homecoming Queen for 1972, Miss Kittie Folks. 21 After the crowning of the queen, the princesses take a ride around the field. After long work collecting wood, the bonfire was ready for burning. The first hour of the Homecoming Dance on October 14th. The Starlights provide music for the dance. The Homecoming Dance has a good turnout. 22 The month of October is busy for Gar-Field because of Homecoming. This year ' s Homecoming honored the Class of 1967. Process for choosing princesses begin early in October when two girls from the underclassmen grades and three girls from the senior class are chosen to represent their class for Homecoming. Representing the Freshman Class were Joyce Gilbert and Karen Smith. Representing the Sophomore Class were Pam Anderson and Heidi Tuttle. Representing t he Junior Class were Toni Nocifora and Kay Tyrrell. Representing the Senior Class were Sara Cogan, Robin Dean, and Kittie Folks. Each princess was escorted on to the field by her father and after the crowning of the queen were driven to the visiting side in convertible cars. The 1972 Homecoming was a great success and a memorable night for the princesses on the court. I WOODBRIDGE GAME Mr. Newberry proudly accepts the Herb Saunders trophy for the victory of the Gar-Field vs Woodbridge game. Mr. Newberry and team admiring their trophy. Don Newberry, head coach for G-F, shakes with head coach Butch Farley, of Woodbridge. THE BEST MAN AND TEAM WON 24 I . Victory wreath bought for the team by the pep club. Jim Ferraro attacking from behind. Rick Rollison leads through the spirit chain. Allen Miller on the run for six points. Jackie Johnson holding on for dear life. The Gar-Field Indians gained their second victory of the season over the Woodbridge Vikings with a score of 6 to 0. The Indians last defeat over the Vikings was in 1969. Along with this victory came the Herb Saunders trophy and the satisfaction of killing our arch-rival. EAT IT ALL G F!!! 25 nisi VARSITY FOOTBALL Doug Fargo, Ralph Daigneau, Billy Meyers, Stanley Stephens, Dale Jones, Jim Ferraro, Dexter Green, Cliff Hardaway, Mark Heiser, Mark Cline, Cosmo Gooden, Robert Janiga, Kenny Strickland, Steve Sexton, Tom O ' Neil, Eddie Howington, Jerry McGovern, Robert Weeks, Bernard Green, David Ledbetter, Ray Ham, Mike Prior, Kevin English, Ernest Wilson, Rick Rollison, Mike Robinson, Winston Stanley, Robert Canada, Barry Beadle, Alan Miller, Don Sears, Woody Bergeria, Rick Flanagan, Ken Murray, Louie Lambiasi, Jackie Johnson. Head coach, Don Newberry. Assistant coaches, Mr. Campbell, Mr. Washington, Mr. Spivey, and Mr. Artz. The football season of 1972 was even more exciting than usual, because all of the home games were played in the big beautiful new stadium. Everyone turned out to support the football team during a rather tough season. The team got off to a rather slow start, but fought long and hard during every game, and their determination always showed through. The guys really pulled together and fought for every point, but the new stadium, the cheering fans, and the preserverence of the team did not seem to be enough to make a winning season. The final record was 2 and 8. The Indians built up their momentum by trampling Stonewall and then went on to win the most important game of the year, the " Gar-Field vs Woodbridge " game. This victory greatly made up for the other disappointments earlier in the season. Even though the team did not do well as far as points go, they made a terrific showing of H old on to it, Jackie! G-F hatchetman Alan Miller fights for the ball. Jackie Johnson tries for another G-F touchdown. Gar-Field 0 James Wood 20 Gar-Field 6 Handley 33 Gar-Field 12 Fauquier 14 Gar-Field 6 Archbishop Carrol 40 Gar-Field 7 Lane 15 Gar-Field 10 Osbourn 12 Gar-Field 6 James Monroe 12 Gar-Field 7 Stafford 14 Gar-Field 35 Stonewall 25 Gar-Field 6 Woodbridge 0 sportsmanship, determination, and team effort. We congratulate the football team, coaches, and managers for showing that they can come through on top in great team showmanship. 29 JUNIOR VARSITY Jimmy Artz, Mark Banta, Gerry Black, Chris Brown, Watt Campbell, Bob Caprara, Bill Castro, Ernie Cheatham, Dave Dole, Don Courhene, Pas DeMartino, Terry Donovan, Carlos Ferran, Ronnie Geiger, John Glenn, Marty Griffin, Leonard Hollar, Tim Holzinger, Robert Jones, Allen Johnson, Glenn Long, Ray Lunnen, Mike Malley, Richard Meadows, Danny Mehr, Larry Millar, Walter Munyan, Bill Simpson, Rick Spooner, Edward Smith, Melvin Trotter, Everett West, Ralph Yingling, Colin Parry, Jim Johnson, Mike Trivett, Mark McGowan, Bill Mulgrew, Gary Clark, Jeff Nixon, and Dale Childers and Larry Waite, Managers. Coaches: Mr. Greer and Mr. Lookabill. Coach Greer checking out the situation. Gar-Field 23 Woodbridge 0 Gar-Field 37 James Monroe 0 Gar-Field 0 Stafford 6 Gar-Field 8 Stonewall 26 Gar-Field 6 Osbourn 0 Gar-Field 14 Handley 0 Gar-Field 49 Woodbridge 0 The Junior Varsity football team had a successful season again this year. The final record was 5 and 2. The team met the arch-rival Woodbridge twice and left them scoreless both times. These boys worked hard this season and deserve much credit and recognition from the school. FRESHMAN Marion Abel, Mike Abel, Ronald Alig, Rex Anderson, Jay Arval, Bob Begley, Richy Biddle, Bob DeLong, Chris Douglas, Jon Dunning, Bob Fisher, John Fitzgerald, Bob Johnson, Ryan Jordon, Thomas Kelley, Mike Kelley, Owen Keenan, Mike Lopez, Walter Little, Mike Lawson, Keith Lunnen, Dennis Mulgrew, Tommy Myers, Edward Pitts, Pat Ramey, Richard Prior, Jeff Riggs, Blake Shimpf, John Sowell, Gerald Stanley, Klans Shaffer, George Thompson, Kenneth Wagner, James Wise, Mike Wrabel, Russel Zingg, Steve Baker, Jeff Campbell, Tim Harron, Dwayne Huffstickler, Donald Purcell, Adolphus Nelum, Gary Ham, Richard Paxton, manager. Coaches: Mr. Jordon and Mr. Moore. Freshman team perfection. Gar-Field 6 members work hard for Woodbridge 15 Gar-Field 6 Ayler 6 Gar-Field 14 Gayle 6 Gar-Field 30 Stonewall 0 Gar-Field 0 Stafford 6 Gar-Field 18 Fredrick Co. 12 Gar-Field 28 Osbourn 6 Gar-Field 14 Woodbridge 0 With six wins, two losses, and one tie, the Freshman football team exhibited their knowledge and skill in football this year. Although this teams cheering fans were few because of daytime games, they still pulled through with a winning season. The Freshman team was the first team to achieve a victory in the new football stadium. 31 CROSS COUNTRY MalvinChampton, Danny Conwell, Ralph Cooper, Gary Fravel, LaVern Hovey, Danny Hurley, Jamie Hylton, Walter Jachimowicz, Jim McClure, Bill Murphy, George Murphy, David Nixon, Larry Sams, Ken Sullivan, Clint McCraw. Coach: Mr. Weinhoffer. Jim McClure ' s hard work paid off for participation in state competition. Walter Jachimowicz, also a state runner, practices breathing techniques. Gar-Field Handley Albemarle 2nd James Wood Invitational 3rd Gar-Field Lane 1st Woodbridge Invitational 2nd District Meet 3rd Regional Meet 3rd State Meet 9th The victor ' s head is crowned with glory Because he o ' ercame all. The man who came across in second Not always stands so tall. Why most the men who comes in second Be always marked a loser, - Why do the eyes of men look down And say he gave not all. If man gives all his effort. What more can people ask? Can he take from what is not And still complete his task? God gave us all ability. To some he granted more. A winner uses all he has And has to give no more. 32 VARSITY GIRLS BASKETBALL Pam Ansink, Yvette Baggett, Leigh Brigham, Debbie Culley, Fonda Franklin, Joyce Gilbert, Kittie Johnston, Julie Linaberry, Susan Linaberry, Laurie Martocci, Sally McDonald, Stacy Raftelis, Debbie Summers, Nancy Vis, Shelia Weedon. Managers: Robin Bauchman, Kim Deck, Michele Havener, Shelia Johnson, Terri Winchester, Coach Mrs. Ann Lockett. Nancy Vis tries for two points. Gar-Field 64 Stafford 29 Gar-Field 38 Quantico 14 Gar-Field 48 Osbourn 34 Gar-Field 44 Woodbridge 51 Gar-Field 54 Stonewall 19 Gar-Field 49 Brentsville 18 Gar-Field 48 Quantico 21 Gar-Field 53 Osbourn 39 Gar-Field 40 Woodbridge 44 Gar-Field 35 Stonewall 13 Gar-Field 40 Brentsville 39 Tournament Gar-Field 39 Gar-Field 36 Osbourn Woodbridge 24 42 33 JUNIOR VARSITY GIRLS BASKETBALL Dede Baggett, LenaBates, Lori Casasanta, Sherry Dawes, Jeanne Duvall, Eileen English, Shawn Mathews, Ann Merrifield, Pat Murphy, Joy Raftelis, Donna Rogers, Beth Shroeder, Diane Spellman, Ann Veniskey. Managers: Julie Tyrell, Alicia Alecci, Mitzi Artz, Shena Culley, Judy Lawhorne, Kathy Suddarth Coach: Miss Barbara Smith. This year Girls Basketball was more exciting than ever as both our teams strove for better season records with Varsity having a final record of 10 wins and 3 losses and J.V. having a final record of 9 wins and 4 losses. This season brought out the true competativeness of our G-F girls as we battled it out in the tournaments. Although we lost to our rival, Woodbridge, we emerged 2nd in the county but first in spirit. Excellent coaching by Mrs. Lockett and Miss Smith, the aid of the ever dutiful managers, and the talent of the athletes, made the season both thrilling and successful. Gar-Field 28 Stafford 6 Gar-Field 25 Quantico 15 Gar-Field 33 Osbourn 28 Gar-Field 25 Woodbridge 26 Gar-Field 30 Stonewall 20 Gar-Field 30 Quantico 19 Gar-Field 25 Brentsville 15 Gar-Field 24 Osbourn 28 Gar-Field 19 Woodbridge 25 Gar-Field 13 Stonewall 7 Gar-Field 44 Brentsville 15 Tournament Gar-Field 19 Osbourn 15 Gar-Field 9 Woodbridge 16 34 JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Captain: Rosemary Scruggs, Co-Captain: Marge McKlurkin, Jean Bates, Barbara Cummings, Lois Grindle, Diane Moshgat, Sue Perrotti, Kathy Shank, Karen Smith. J.V. Cheerleaders preparing for a pep rally. The Junior Varsity Cheerleading squad has shown equal spirit to their teams this year. They all devoted their time and consentration to achieve perfection in cheering. Hours of practice and hard work were spent during the athletic seasons to present a better performance for the audience and the teams. 35 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Captain: Gwen Goretsas, Co-Captain: Susan Ritts. Seniors: Patti Coder and Susan Torrice. Juniors: Toni Nocifora, Jennifer Price, Kay Tyrrell, and Jeannie Williams. Sophomore: Kim Nocifora. 36 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS ■ .:.J3$SW- 1, vf WlMglWHMWM 1 . 11 Long hours of practice in the hot summer sun paid off. Waiting patiently to perform a cheer. Susan Ritts enjoys the traditional pie in the face from the junior to the senior cheerleaders. Jennifer Price says a small prayer for the team. Susan Torrice raising spirits in the crowd. The Varsity Cheerleading squad consists of nine girls. Four seniors, four juniors, and one sophomore. These girls have worked and slaved this year for the Varsity teams they cheer for. They spend their own money for small gifts for the teams and put endless hours of hard work into posters for boosting school and team spirit. They prepared two pep rallies during football season which lifted school spirit tremendously. Their hard work and smiling faces make Gar-Field a better place to be. 37 Wmwmm ■ tgS» JUNIORS President - Julie Wilson; Vice-President - Annie Cummings; Secretary - Kay Tyrrell; Treasurer - Barbara Cummings; Sergeant-at-arms - Tim Orehowsky Class Reporter - Seth Brown; Mascot - Boscoe Buns. Barbara Adams Brian Adcock Tina Affleck Toni Agee Carol Aikin Bob Alexander Danny Alexander Brenda Anderson Cindi Anderson Kathy Anderson Mike Anderson David Andrews Pam Ansink Jill Archer Peggy Arnold 40 JUNIORS p O o, ' CK (O -O ' rv o z % - w y v v - 4 ?V ' fo t vN o 6 °S 0, of " ' ' o ? ? ‘ y ' D f ° 0 !? r vs a , ys y ieO-f o X P V y This year the Junior class started off early with bake sales and a car wash to earn funds for the first prom to be held at the new Gar-field. They worked hard on their float to place in competition for the twenty-five dollar prize for the best float, but did not receive it. During spirit week for the Woodbridge game they showed much spirit in decorating the gym. The Juniors will be the second graduating class from the new school, but will be the first class to complete a full year in the new school. Toni Nocifora and Kay Tyrell are princesses representing the junior class for homecoming. Virginia Ashley Kathy Auman Yvette Baggett Diane Baker Debbie Baldwin Patricia Ballenger Richard Ballard Troy Banik Matthew Barron Robert Bartlett Jean Bates Ann Battistone Debbie Baxter Beverly Bayliss Debbie Beavers 41 Melinda Bendy Pamela Berry Woody Bergeria Ernie Besser Kathleen Birch Debbie Bishop Candy Bishton Merle Black Cynthia Blossey Terri Bowers John Bowman Lee Ann Brady Judy Brewer Sharon Broger Chris Brown Gene Brown Martha Brown Seth Brown Mike Bryce Marsha Buffington Warren Buffington Lisa Burns Alyene Bush Bustam Cathy Susan Calhoun Robert Caprara 42 Donna Carney Mike Carr Joe Carter Mark Casasanta Patty Case Bill Castro Mary Chase Esther Chergosky Gary Clark Joan Clark Anna Cline Rick Clukey Patty Cogan Karen Colassard Jeff Coldren Donetta Collier Deborah Collins David Collins Gordon Combs Paula Conley Kay Cook Cindy Cosner Raymond Courchene Milton Cox Kim Craigo Karen Cramer Students relax in the noon day sun. 43 Karen Crouse Diane Croxton Donna Cryan Annie Cummings Barbara Cummings Raye Curtis Karen Daigneau Roseann Dalton Debbie Daniels Deborah Daniels Terry Daniels Jacqueline Daubenspeck Ronnie Davenport Janis Davis Joseph DeBaun Kim Deck Danny Deibler Ken DeLoach Elizabeth Delong Linda Dillion Bob Divine Cristol Dodson Marvin Dolinger Donna Dorrell John Doyle Kurt Drumright 44 Mike Ducharme Robert Duell Nanette Duvall Bobby Dymond Jeff Early Sharon Easley Jim Eckenfels Dale Edwards Joey Edwards Micheal Edwards Billy Embrey Rose Engel Mike Engler Laura English Penny Ertel Kay Etheridge Lydone Evans Teresa Everett Susan Ewart Doug Fargo Lydia Ferran Susan Fitzgerald Susan Fick Terry Flanagan John Flynn Lilo Frank Varsity Cheerleaders preparing for a big game. 45 Gary Frave! Jaque Frijosky Bonnie Fridkiss Beverly Funk Mike Gallager Patty Gardiner Cliff Garlough Robert Gillepsie Thomas Gillroy Sharon Glenn Robert Goding Patricia Gordon Patty Gardner John Gould Wanda Gray Charles Grier Martin Griffin Terry Gross Stephanie Grote Donna Grubbs Dennis Haga Diana Halderman Ronnie Hale Ken Haley Greg Hapner Harry Harback 46 —a Debbie Harris Marcus Hawks Steve Hayword Chester Haywood Debra Heller Judy Hendrick Robin Hendrix Jimmy Hill Philip Hill Mark Hindin Charlie Hines Dave Holmberg Russ Hora Gordan Horton Tony Hovey Lynn Humphries Roger Hurt Keith Hutchinson Debbie Ijames Mary Ison Fred Jacobs Mary Jenkins Stephen Jackson Jim Johnson Alan Johnson Kitty Johnston When are we ever going to move? 47 Terri Jones Suzanne Katsarelis Tom Keesucker Charles Keller Jon Keller Nina Kelly Darnell Kendell Ronald Kersse Brenda Kiernan Jonathan Killrakis Mark Kime Marylou King Steve King Lois Kitzmiller Steven Knepper Susan Knox Robert Koch Susan Koerner Kathy Kopszyun George Koutdounadis Mike Kroll Kim Lake Scot Lang Raymond Lam David Leavitt David McKay 48 Terry Lekites Diane Lester David Levesque Mark Lewis Mike Lightfoot Allan Lock Paul Lorelli Danny Lorenz Brenda Loveless Jake Lydon Irene Mack John Magor Paul Mahood Brenda Mallow Chris Manikis Ricky Manning Linda Marin Debbie Marsden Mike Martin Debbie McCall Jim McClure Debbie McClure Marge McClurkin Sally McDonald Gail McFarland Valerie McFarland Mr. Longacre offering his aid to students. 49 Karen McKinny Gene McNerl Bridget McShane Monika Meeka Rosanna Metoyer Mary Mello Robin Mello Joan Mernin Lawrence Mervine Paul Messplay Cindy Miller Ricky Miller Carol Mills James Mims Lynn Mitchell Sally Mockler Monica Moore Carol Morris Walter Munyan Mark Murphy Michael Murphy Mike Murray Bill Myers John Newett Robert Nichols Toni Nocifora 50 G-F supporters show spirit at Stafford game. Marjorie O ' Conner Janice Olivia Tim Orehowsky Angel Ortiz Brian Owings Becky Paciocco John Palestro Gary Palmer John Parks Pamela Patterson Terry Patterson Shirley Peacher Linda Pegler Sue Perrotti Jeff Perryman Glen Pierce Bryan Pieritz Brien Pierpoint Sheri Pilson Sue Pishock Steven Poe Lisa Ponstingel Becky Pratt Jennifer Price Cherl Prue Monty Pugh 51 Pat Putze Sara Queen Mike Quirin Ramona Rader Donna Ramey Mark Ray James Raymer Dan Richardson Robin Richardson John Rider Mark Riley Theresa Riley Wyatt Rinker Mary Robbins Pat ty Robbins Richard Robertson Dennis Rogers Donald Ruby Ronnie Rush Annie Russel John Ryan John Sandy Gwen Santmyer Linda Sawicki Vicki Scardina David Scearce Cathy Schlimger Steve Scott Ricky Schnell Walter Schultz 52 ■ K- ' Don Sears Gail Seiler Bonnie Seville Rick Shade Jerry Shannon Mike Sieger Scott Simoson Lorraine Slattery Eliot Slaughter Louina Sliger Art Smith Lee Roy Smith Patty Smith Susan Smith Tanya Smith Vicki Somma Chuck Sossebee Diane Spellman Rick Spooner Winston Stanley Libby Stetcher Debbie Stephens Laine Stewart Pam Storie Cheryl Still Mike Sugar Eddie Tarlton Lois Thomas Donald Thompson Kathy Thorpe 53 Greg Triplett Tony Torress Steve Trance Barbara Tuchalska Terri Turner Gary Tyler Kay Tyrell Wayne Underwood Larry Urban Greg Valintine Kenneth Vanover Mike Vaughn Alan Vena Kathy Voit Patty Wade Cliff Wadhams Darylene Walke Richard Walker Kevin Wainwright Daniel Washburn Buddy Watt Tina Webber Mike Weedon Shelia Weedon Allen Weeks Christine Wells Shawn Whitesell Terry Wilburn Danny Wiley Deloris Willisam 54 David Williams Jeannie Williams Leonard Williams Ray Williams Stephen Williams Debbie Willis Connie Wilson Debbie Wilson Julie Wilson Daniel Winnings Alma Wolverton Marie Woods Tom Wright Robert Wright Mark Yauss Sheryl Yeo Ralph Yingling Colin Young Denis Zdan Jackie Zetts Robert Zetts Barbara Bartlett Lynda English Linda Farria Danny Giles 55 SOPHOMORES President — Pam Anderson; Vice President — Heidi Tuttle; Secretary — Patti DeCarli; Treasurer — Romona Darnell; Sergeant-at-Arms — Alan Miller. David Albers Cathy Aldrich Jo Ann Allport Rossie Alston Jay Alvey Pam Amidon Pam Anderson Scott Anderson Scott Anderson Susan Anderson Richard Andrews Steve Angel Ken Anible Elizabeth Archer Mary Arnold Richard Arrington 56 Wh i t! That Freshman year was wild! But, they made it to that slightly less than glorious level more commonly _ known as " upper lower classmen " — Sopho- ,, mores! Sounds great! Feels great, too! Our Sophomores started their second year off with a fine display of enthusiasm when they entered an original float in the annual Homecoming events. Later, our traditional Spirit Week approached and they came through again with highly spirited decorations in the lower hall. Spring brought the annual beauty contest and with it, a big success for the Sophomores. Their kind of spirit is a resounding example of ingenuity, hard work, onrl In+c rvf taom SOPHOMORES Pam Anderson and Heidi Tuttle are the princesses representing the sophomore class for homecoming. Jim Artz Melanie Atmore Stanley Baber Chris Baardse Ken Bagby Adrione Baggett Debra Bailey Gary Barkow Janice Barksdale William Barnett Mark Banta Jim Bartee Judy Barton Robert Bascue Eugene Bates 57 Hifdegard Bates Terry Bates Lisa Battistone Teresa Batton Nancy Baxter Terrell Beck Debbie Beigie Harry Bell Anthony Bell Laura Benda Robert Benda Sylvanu Bent Mark Bernard Joseph Berry James Berry Jeffrey Bery Dionis Bevels Mike Birch Cindy Bishop Ricky Bishop Sherri Bittner Debbie Blackburn Micheal Blair Patty Blankenship Roy Bonin Paul Boots 58 Rebecca Bouldin Mike Bourget Phillip Bowman Kitty Boyd Henry Bradley Brenda Bresch Victor Britt Inga Bromley Darlene Brown Robin Brown Fred Brown Lloyd Brown Vivian Brown Doreen Bruce David Brunk Bill Brunk Ray Brunner Suzie Buchanan Maura Buckon Myra Bullock Helen Burge Bobby Burke Lisa Burke Janice Burkhart Chariot Bushony Mike Bushey Mrs. Lockett rounding up her students for gym. 59 Traci Burroughs Cathy Batcher Barry Cain Robert Caldwell James Campagna Wayland Campbell Wayland Campbell Rosemary Cantillon Debbie Carney Mark Carriger Sherri Carter Lori Casasanta Katherine Casteel Brenda Castle Kathy Castro Laura Chancey Jim Chapman Ernie Cheatham George Cheshire Debra Clark Gary Clark Joan Clark Melvin Clark Paul Clark Robert Clark Rick Clayson 60 Micheal Cleary Thomas Cleghon Kim Cloutier Catherine Cole Kim Comer Tom Conlan Kevin Conneen Pam Cook Tom Cook Richard Cook Terrie Cornell Mary Ellen Cory Mara Costro Don Courcher Debbie Cox Karen Craigo Bill Crespo Francis Crossly Ricky Crowe Barbara Cryan Matt Culp Terri Cumberland Ronald Cunoigan Debbie Cutter Elaine Cyr Terri Czul Sue Perrotti and Karen Smith showing their spirit. 61 Normen Dailey Gwen Dangerfield Romana Darnell Carl Davis Glen Davis Howard Davis Susan Davis Dorothy Debram Patti DeCarli George DeHaven Brian Deibler Debbie Delozier Jo Ann Delucca Pas DeMartion Roy Dempsey Charles Dent Debbie Dent Denise DeShields Carol Dickinson Richard Dille Sheryll Dille Lloyd Dillon Larry Dixon Debbie Dodge Mary Dobson Mark Dobson 62 Debbie Doner Kathy Donovan Retta Dotson Debbie Drake Susan Driscoll Donna DuBay Laura Ann Dubois Kathy Ducharme Karne Dulin James Duling Bob Duncan Jim Duncan Cindy Elsey Dotty Emerick Laura English Brian Ennis Mark Erickson Kristi Estes David Evans Debbie Fairweather Debbie Falvey Sue Farria Cheryl Fenter Chris Ferguson Theresa Ferguson Carlos Ferran Sophomores planning float for homecoming. 63 Richie Ferraro Cindy Ferrell Gary Fiegle Peter Firey Jeffery Fitzgerald Donna Fitzpatrick Kenneth Flynn Dwain Folks Cathy Forman Linda Foy Pam Fraker Gary Frayer Deborah Fulton Denise Furgason David Baines William Gaddis Bill Galioto Danny Galioto David Gallagher Nancy Gardener Randy Garlough Gregory Gaskill Rhonda Gazdo Ron Geiger Pam Gherke John Gillette 64 Deborah Giampa Kathy Gillette John Glenn Debra Goodman Ronnie Gordon Norbert Gordon Bernice Gough David Goulla Ellen Gourdier Denise Graber Michael Graber Donna Graham Donna Graham James Graham Patricia Graham Cathy Grandt Dexter Green Lisa Grimes Ernie Grimesly Lois Grindle Debbie Gring Brenda Gross Herbert Groves Linda Grubbs Richard Grupe Susan Haase B shift loading to go home. 65 Johnny Hagan David Hainsworth Donald Halderman Pat Haley Lina Beth Hallock Donna Hamilton Lanny Hand Doug Hapner Cynthia Harados Cliff Hardaway Kenneth Hare Raymond Hargis Florence Harlow David Hauke Cliff Hawkins Donna Heflin Sherri Hefner Linda Hemby John Hicks Dianne Hiestand Delinda Hilderbrand Daniel Himmel Tom Hinderliter Jon Hinman Janet Hochgertle Howard Hoagland 66 tndianettes doing a routine for the pep rally. Chris Hoffman Linda Holbrook Lee Ann Holdsworth Warren Holley Sadie Holmes Tim Holzinger Julie Hooten Barbara Hopewell Marila Horton Giny Hoss Scott Houser Bob Houston Suzanne Houton La Verne Hovey Della Howard Denise Howard Eddie Howington Kathy Huffman Dwayne Huffstickler Leroy Humbert Irma Hylton Kim Hyter Butch Irby Mary Ison Gerald Ivey Walter Jachimowicz 67 Jennifer Jenkins John Jewell Karen Johnlfs Alan Johnson Bill Johnson Jean Johnson Lynn Johnson Sheila Johnson Sue Johnson Bob Jones Gordan Jones Pam Jones Sandra Jones Becky Kackley Donna Kanala Creig Karr Steve Kaserman Steve Kay Mike Kearney Tommy Keatts Donna Keenan Mark Keiser Donna Keller Ken Keller Paul Keller Tim Kelly 68 Cheerleaders raising spirits for football games. Constance Kimbel Theresa Kimbrell Nancy Kiselak Greg Kitzmiller Arthur Kilgore Sherry Klopp Brian Knepper John Konkel Daniel Kornacki Francis Kratcoski Karen Kroner Danny Kupfer Janis LaFurney Terri Lam Tom Lambiasi Linda Langland Bruce Lanthier David Larsen Cindy Laursen Brenda Lawhead Vicki Lawrence Harvey Lawrence Bill Leber Joe Ledbetter Clifton Leonard David Lilly 69 Gary Liming Terry Liming Mike Lineberger Darlene Lisenby Daniel Lockett Glenn Long Nina Looney Maria Lopez Matthew Lorelli Connie Lowry Raymond Luckett Mary Lydon Ken MacGarrigle Mike Malley Captain Marvel Steve Manikas Don Manviller David Marascio Richard Marsden Dennis Martin Gary Martin Wanda Martocci Linda Masenas Shawn Matthews Karen McClure Lynn McCall 70 Pat McCown Janice McClanahan Robert McCurry Lee McDonald Crayton McElveen Terri McGlothlin Mark McGowan Jim McGovern Micheal McKenzie Jack McRenolds Beverly Meadows Richard Meadows Danny Mehr Matthew Mernin Terry Mersing Jackie Meszaros Larry Meyer Joe Milbert Alan Miller Dorsey Miller Jerlene Miller Jim Miller John Miller Terry Miller Wanda Mills Laurie Mitchell Students returning to classes after lunch shifts. 71 Chuck Moon Ricarla Moore Sandra Moore Wanda Moore Bob Morrison Kenneth Morrison Diane Moshgat Bill Mulgrew Esther Mullennex Frank Munyan Bill Murphy Dan Murphy George Murphy Pat Murphy Bob Myer Randy Nageotte Carl Napper Steve Naylor Robert Neal Paula Neild Sheree Newberry Bonnie Newman John Nicholson Cricket Nickerson Vicki Nilson Jeff Nixon 72 Kim Nocifora Brenda Norman Doug Norman Ronald Norman Leah O ' Leary Tina O ' Leary Mary Oliva Pat O ' Neil Mike Orehowsky Gary Osnoe Vicki Overstreet Bobette Palmer Wendy Parks Linda Paciocco Bill Passmore Robin Pashkovsky Ann Payne Marie Payne Dianna Payton Sheila Peacher Beth Pearson Michelle Pekzarski Robert Pemberton Ron Penland David Peoples Linda Perdue Silence after a long day. 73 Karen Perrotti Mike Petitt Sharon Phelps Gabs Pillis Susan Polanskey Francis Powell Janie Powell William Prentiss Gerald Putze Dorthey Quick Joy Raftelis Curtis Rader Butch Ramey Roy Ramey Luther Ratliff Jerry Rebel Michelle Reichert Lynn Rice Patsy Riddle James Ridley Erin Riley Rose Ann Rivera Verene Rives Teresa Roakes June Robbins Kent Roberts Everyone brings their problems to guidance. 74 Patsy Robertson Rebecca Robinson Sherry Robinson Donna Rodgers Karie Roedel Becky Roger Beverly Rogers Joyce Rogers Ken Rogers Brenda Rowe Phil Ruit Jane Russell Vanessa Russell Julie Saltamachio Billy Sampson Doug Sams Debra Sandridge Paul Saunders Karen Saupp Steve Savana Tim Saxon Mike Scaggs Evelyn Schaefer Donna Scheiner Dale Schilders Clara Schlagel Walter Scholz Roberta Schultz Sandy Schultz Kim Schuster 75 Pat Schwartz Doris Scites Tom Scruggs Jeff Shaffer Vicki Shanahan Kathy Shank Richard Shaw Robert Shaw Brenda Sheppard Mary Sheppard Mike Sheppard Stephanie Sherrod Renee Shunamon James Simmons Wayne Simpson Steven Smirco Anna Smith Cindy Smith Davis Smith Elizabeth Smith Jim Smith John Smith Robert Smith Kijung Sohn Suzanne Solati Raymond Spicer Susan Spicer Mary Spoon Duke Stableford Bruce Staudinger 76 Fonda Stephens Carlene Steward Diane Stillwell Edward Stith Linda Story Kenny Strickland Tippy Stringer Ellyn Stuart Kathy Suddarth Ken Sullivan Linda Sullivan Linda Sullivan Ronald Swanson Patsy Slowman Virginia Smith Everett Tabourn Terry Tardiff Betty Tarlton Debbie Tarlton Marbo Taylor Steve Taylor Veronica Taylor Ratchel Tellis Susan Templeton DeLynn Tennant Denise Thomas Pat Thommarson James Thompson JoJo Thompson Charles Tisdale 77 James Tolson Russell Townsend Pam Trance Mike Trivett Marvin Trotter David Turner Harold Turner Heidi Tuttle Darlene Twigg Sally Ulrich Debra Upton Sylvia Urbanek Mark Van Dooser Billy Van Hooser Mark Vanhutton Mike Van Roo Sharon Vanschoick Ann Veniskey Carl Vernon Nancy Vis James Wainwright Randy Waite Tom Walker Frank Wallis Lisa Walters Paul Walters Elizabeth Warren Jackie Weaver Mike Webb Bruce Weedon 78 Denise Wehrenberg David West Everett West Greg West David Wheeler Jim White Rynell White Earl Whiting Wayne Whitley Deborah Whitlock Mary Ann Wido Rick Widdows Thomasa Wince Beatrice Wing Vicky Winningar Rowena William Cathy Williams Edie Williams Ernest Wilson Steve Wilson James Winget Wade Wise Kim Wolny James Woodbridge Mary Woolfrey Davara Worthy Peter Yadlowsky James Yingling Laura Yonkie Kerry Zavash 79 FRESHMEN President - Debbie Young; Vice-President - Colin McGowan; Secretary - Ginny Akers; Treasurer - Don Fiegle; Sergeant-at-arms - Judy Clement; Class Historian — Teresa Roakes. Marion Abel Mike Abel JoAnn Adams Ginny Akers Matt Aldrich Maurice Alexander Ron Alig Alicia Alacce Linda Allen Richard Allen Linda Allen Debbie Apperson Rex Anderson Carol Averson Michael Alvarrez 80 FRESHMEN Joyce Gilbert and Karen Smith are princesses representing the freshman class for homecoming. This year ' s Freshman class is the largest class ever in the history of Gar-field, with almost a thousand students. This class shows enthusi¬ asm towards the new concept of high school. Like every Freshman class it takes a while to accomodate to the new surroundings and atmosphere that they are presented with here at G-F, but they ' ll soon be just as active as the preceding classes. Lynn Archer Marsha Armstrong Hazel Arnold Patty Arnold Robert Arnold Mitzi Artz Jay Arvai Charles Ashley Mark Ator Greg Bailey Gwen Bailey Steve Baker John Banik Jeff Barber Aubrey Bailey 81 Debbie Barker Dan Barton Al Bates Lena Bates Randy Batt Robin Braker Brooks Bays Bobby Begley Anthony Bell Barbara Bell Kathy Bell Doug Belk Donna Benda Sheilah Benet Steve Bergstrom Leana Biberstein Ricky Biddle Audrey Blackman Chris Blazek Richard Bockes Terry Bolin Terry Bond Cliff Bonin Kenny Booth Greg Boots Joann Borth 82 Stephen Boulton Fred Bowel I Sally Beamer Bradford Bradleavitt Cathy Brasewell Patty Braty Chris Bristow Chip Broadbent Lynn Brooks Debbie Brown Leslie Brown Phyliss Brown Robert Brown Danny Browning Tom Brueser Cathy Brumbaugh Lesley Bryant Ray Campbell Jeff Campbell Mike Byrnes Ralph Bushey Ann Bushey William Bush Paul Burke Ed Burbage Freida Bull Gar-field Marching Band giving a half time show. 83 Richard Campbell William Campbell Carolyn Cannon Russ Cantrell Terri Carr Victor Carrell Tim Case Casey Cebula Brenda Chaffin Edith Chait Mary Chakurda Dennis Champion Toni Chapman Bruce Chappell Andy Chavonelle Billy Chenoweth Connie Christopher Linda Clarke Linda Clark Ralph Clark Wendy Clark Judy Clement Joe Codispoti Cathy Colassard Danny Conwell Kathy Cook 84 Frank Cooper Gary Cooper Joey Constantine Patty Cotton Gary Cox Perry Cox Donald Cramer Pam Creager Connie Cronwell Shena Culley Mark Culp Chris Cumberland Jeff Cumberland Caroline Cuno Linda Dailey Debbie Dalton Aaron Dangerfield Heather Darby Liz Darden Tim Darnley David John Karen Davis Peggy Davis Ronald Davis Kathy Davison Gina Dawes Pep Club members planning homecoming events. 85 Denise Dawson Diane Day Trisa Dean Patti Deans Mike Debaun Dave Diebler Bob Delong Elaine Demille Pam Dempsey Robbie Dempsey Laura Denniston Clare Denny Robin Deuell John Devan Rusty Dodge Calvin Dodson John Dobson Donna Doke Karen Donavan Doran Moberg Venessa Dorsey Cary Doyle Barry DuBois William Dodley William Duncan Anthony Dunn 86 S.G.C. Officers solving problems in the school. Jon Dunning Ricky Dunnigan Jeanne Duvall Keith Dye Mendy Dymond Robert Eckenfels JeAnne Edmonds James Edwards Dawn Eldridge Tommy Eller Elizabeth Elemore Steve Ellen Don Elliott Terry Embry Pam Erickson Richard Erotol Donna Esser Andy Estes Randy Everett Elsie Ewald Carol Farria Lori Fehrendoch Darlene Furgeson Dawn Fiegle Linda Fiery Bob Fisher 87 John Fitzgerald Bryan Fitzgibber Cheryl Fitzpatrick Susan Flanagan Kenneth Fleshman Steve Foote Brenda Ford Mike Fountain Cheryl Franz Chris Frater Bob Fuller David Fullerton Brenda Funk Sharon Gardener Rick Garza Cheryl Gherky Belinda Gibbons Holly Gibson Joyce Gilbert Dino Giles Greg Gilker Steve Gills Anita Gilroy Paula Girven Joe Gish John Goding 88 William Golden Ernie Gonzales Adrienne Gooch Tommy Gooch John Goodloe Lottie Gorham Robert Gourdier Scott Graham Joe Grantham David Gray Al Green Debbie Green Henry Greenhow Linda Greenwell John Grey Sarah Griffin Susan Grimes Sandra Gross Mike Gumpert Teresa Gunter Marie Guy Randy Haas Jeff Hagadarn Glen Hager Karen Hainsworth Gary Han Mrs. Neyhouse fitting in with the student body. 89 Debbie Hancon Rhoda Hand Glen Hardy Mary Harrell Tim Hart Shayne Havener Ross Haver Don Hawley Sue Hawk Bruce Haynes Debra Haywood Eric Haywood Kim Hefner Chris Heit Debbie Heller Norma Henderson Frank Hendrick Michele Helms Steve Hetrick Sandra Hill Phyliss Hill Karen Hillard Amy Hindin Margaret Hochgertle Clifton Hodges Gail Holloway 90 Billy Holt Sherri Holzinger Duanne Hooks Patti Hooper Ginny Hoss Donny Howard Brian Huhn Pam Hunt Debbie Hunter Pattie Hunter Peggy Hutchinson Susan Ivey Michael Jack Jackie Jame s Patrice Janiga James Jefferies Dean Jerkins Terry Johannsen Kenneth Joines Debbie Johnson Henry Johnson Robert Johnson Tina Johnson Cindy Jones Margaret Jones Marilyn Jones Dismal huts eliminated by the new school. 91 Beth Jones Ryan Jordan Janice Jorgensen Terri Just Mary Karuzes Phillip Katsarellis Kathy Kearns Susan Kearns Roger Keesucker Kim Keller Jackie Kelley Mike Kelley Larry Kelley Tom Kelley Leonard Kemp Mathew Kenayias Curtis Kendall Prisilla Kent Linda Kersse Steven Kersse Cebbie Kessler Owen Kevan Kim Kightlinger Frances Kile Kris Kirby Vivian King 92 Gail Kirk Brian Klopp Edith Kolk Brad Konopik Annette LaBrie Tim Lake David Laing Josephine Lambiasi Connie Lanier Karen Lanthier Robert Larson Greg Lawson Kim Lawson Mike Lawson Keith Lear Rod Leckemby Duane Leiker Patricia Levesque Brian Lewis Carmen Lietha Chris Lightfoot Glen Liming Stanley Liming Carl Linegar Debbie Lingway Linda Lippold G-F students having fun and earning money. 93 Tina Lisenby Darlene Liseney Kathy Little Walter Little Karen Loftus Sharon Lookabill Arvin Long Greg Long Mike Lopez Jesse Lore Michele Lorenzo Cheryl Lough Scott Love Harvey Lovless David Ludwick Joy Ludwig Keith Lunnen Kelly Lyden Kathleen Lyndh Dana Lyon Joe MacFarlane Thomas Mackler Pete Madrid Cindy Mahle Frank Mallery Karen Marada 94 Eladio Martinez Scott Marshall Sandy Marvel Danny Mason Donna McClellan Mike McClure John McClurkin Ramona McDaniel Angela McDonald Doris McElvey Meredith McGee Kevin McGovern Mike McKenney Patty McLean Vanessa Meade Patricia Meagher Scott Medlin Debbie Melcher Margaret Mello Kathy Melony Tracey Mentiply Anne Merrifield Tom Messplay Michele Meszaros Edie Metta Rick Meyer 95 Tom Meyers Vivian Meyers Mike Mick Joe Miller Gina Miller Dolores Mills Tim Mills Kathy Minlionica Jim MacKabee Debbie Moorehead Mike Moran Ricky Morange Lori Morgan Cathy Morris Terry Moulton Danny Mulgrew Greg Mullins Bill Murphy Matt Murphy Steve Murray Christine Murvine Laura Myers Chuck Nagle Doug Nash Arnold Neal Scott Neal 96 Students learning the art of homemaking. Podgie Nelem Jay Nesmith Lois Newitt Ruth Newman Vickie Nichols Pat Nofsinger Rick Nolan Steve Norbutt Bobby Norman Tina Norman Donna O ' Conner Don Oley Derek Olin Steven Olin Debbie Olson Jim Olsen William O ' Neill Fred Osborne Shelley Osborne Kevin O ' Shea Mary O ' Shea Tom O ' Shea Doug Owens Dan Owing Brenda Palmer Keith Palmer 97 John Parker Judy Parkhurst Johnny Parsels Jane Parsels Kevin Parsons Richard Paxton Helen Payne Susan Payne Shane Peacher Debbie Pegler Susie Pelczarski Susan Pennington Calvin Perry Happy Peterson Jennifer Petersen Laurie Pfleager Linda Pierce Eddie Pitts Mike Pluto Linda Polhemus Phillip Ponder Tina Pope Ruben Porras Herbert Porter Robert Porto Denise Post Paula Pote Jody Potter Ernie Powell Doris Price 98 Sheila Price Fred Prior Brenda Puckett Linda Puckett Donnie Pursell Emmanuel Queen Peter Quick Rick Quintana Dawn Quirin Peggy Radakouich Lennie Rager Ruth Ragland Maria Rains Mary Ann Raiselis Pat Ramey Eddie Ramos Steve Ray Robert Raybin Jerry Reed Mike Reed Macchell Reeves Jaye Reichert Becky Reynolds Brian Riggs Jeff Riggs Maureen Riley Virginia Riley Gregg Ringold Steve Rivers Rhonda Roach 99 Mark Robbins Ray Robbins David Robinson Diane Robison Jerry Rodgers Howard Rodgers Rodney Roeske Marianne Rogers Pennie Rold Kathy Rose Greg Ross Jennifer Ross August Rossomando Robert Ruais Kathy Ruby Bob Ruit Debbie Russel Robert Ryan Robert Ryan James Sandy Richard Santmier Susan Saas Russell Savatt Tony Scardina Blake Schimpf Steve Schlimgen Roy Schmidt Linda Schramm Cathy Schumacher Jamie Schuster 100 Myra Scott Betty Seitz David Sexton Rose Severson Ron Shade Klaus Shaffer David Shamburg Kim Shank Cindy Sharp Scott Shaw Ronney Shipley Bob Shoraga Sanora Short Beth Shroder Diane Sigler Bruce Simmons Tami Simmonds Lynn Simpson Lisa Sinclair Dawn Sission Adela Smith Belinda Smith Cindy Smith Karen Smith Lester Smith Robert Smith Stanley Smith Tom Snellings Debbie Sosebe John Sowell 101 Gail Specht Janet Spellman Luanne Spicer Mark Sponseller Patricia Stallworth Gerald Stanley Suzanne Stephans Tracie Stewart Ed Stewart Charles Stickler Elizabeth Stith Julie Stoffregan Chuck Stone Jenny Stonemetz Curtis Strickland Susan Lucks Donnie Sullivan Frank Sullivan Mike Sullivan Teresa Sullivan Danny Sweeny Debbie Swisher Trina Tabourn Mary Tatum Tom Tedrick Peter Terczak Connie Thomas Eddie Thomas George Thompson John Thompson 102 Steve Thorsteinson Charlie Thurston Linda Thurston Steve Tracy Amy Traywick Judy Trivett Richard Troutman Ted Turley Randy Tyrrell Mike Tecevia Diane Tenant Robbie Turner Theresa Wrich Karen VanDerArk Larry VanHooser Bonnie Vena Cindy Vena Dorothy Veniesky Jerry Ventrell Dennis Vermilyea Debbie Vest Sharon Vest David Vis Nancy Vitola Kenneth Wagner Frank Waterstriat Mike Watholak Bryan Watt Sue Watt Becky Waymore 103 Cheryl Wooley Lisa Weaver Lorraine West Ed Wheller Dan Whittenburg James Wrightenhour Sidney Wilkins Julie Williams Larry Williams Steve Williams Lori Winchester Gail Wing Mike Winnings Karen Winkler Kathy Will Bill Willis Steve Willison Jim Wise David Wolford Robert Wolford Marie Woods Gloria Woody Lenny Woolfenden Mike Wrabell Darlene Wray David Wright Emmie Yates Terry Yauss Amy Yingling Andy York 104 Brian Young Debbie Young Rick Zdan Susan Ziming Russell Zingg A single glimpse of beauty at the old Gar-Field. 105 4hfc) tGxld yOTL 4UV PUX jhjnuls OJUlOC ? ■ boct UAJC ' IO-0 OjA jQVuj yjU- ' ■ sP ' ZcklW ' to ' lo-boL " V 5X a£l . iWi CbQ flLCJO i UxlttG OloiqI c o m dlxxxmJ fcfi ■ ' u - UL LL di ' r jcVu 106 Beth Bailey, Michele Havener, and Christina Brown talk over conditions in the old school. Janie Powell giving her views of the old school to Rhonda Kotelly and Elaine Robichaud. As Thanksgiving holiday ap¬ proached, final plans were put into affect for the move to the new school. Teachers as well as students worked from the beginning of November packing books and moving furniture. Hildrup Transfer and Storage Co. handled the move and had vacated the old building by November 25th. The last week of school before the holidays was confusing. Classes were disrupted by the move and students were everywhere. Some happy, some sad from sentiment, for this was the last week of life remaining to the old Gar-Field. 107 108 Students try to work during the move to the new school. Move in date was set for November 28th. There was much to be done before the move. Student tours had to be conducted in the new school, arrange¬ ments for the move had to be fi¬ nalized, student schedules had to be rearranged, and the most important, A and B shift had to be united together. Bus schedules had to be arranged for the added stops, and parking permits had to be issued to the students. For many, the last days were busy, but for some, memories of the past prevailed until closing of the last day. Students leaving school the last day before the holiday with mixed emotions. 109 110 The student parking lot at the old school. Nearly twenty years have passed since Gar-Field High School first opened her doors to welcome those seeking educational fulfillment. November 28th marked the beginning of a new era as well as a new form — more stately and more beautiful — for Gar-Field High School. The memories of those twenty years remain forever embedded in the minds of all who entered her halls. But as those memories fade gently with the passing years, today ' s happenings will be tomorrow ' s memories, and so on into eternity. And though she may take new forms from time to time, Gar-Field will remain alive and strong as long as her students and faculty of today and tomorrow maintain her proud heritage set forth by those of pre¬ ceding years. Sections of the office in the old school. Memories - the echoes of our mind - eventually fade with the passage of time and may seem forever lost until we are suddenly faced with some nostalgic vision that brings forth the recollection of that which has been forgotten. 112 IS 1972-1973 A NEW LIFE. A NEW BEGINNING. A FORM EXPANDING TO CHANGES AND NEW FREEDOMS. IDEAL AND HOPES OF TWO SEPARATE PARTS FORMING HARMONY TO BECOME ONE, AS EACH INDIVIDUAL ENTERS WITH MEMORIES OF THE PAST. INDIAN ECHOES VOLUME 30 GAR-FIELD HIGH SCHOOL WOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA 2 r OPENINGS.2 HAPPENINGS C «■•■■■■■ ORGANIZATIONS ...... .24 SPORTS.46 FACULTY .62 SENIORS . .80 ADS ■ ■ ■ . j X ■ vT.112 • O ' 5 XyX X v Xv s 4 aX .o ' J The new school opened November 28th. The split shift, dawn to dusk school hours were finally over for Gar-Field. The school day begins at 7:45 a.m. and ends at 2:30 p.m. The student tours conducted before the opening of the new school had apparently been successful because students seemed to know where they were going. The attitudes of the faculty and students seemed to change as everyone began to enjoy the comforts of a long awaited blessing. 4 A classroom in the English pod. As the weeks passed, the new school became more like home. Traditions from the old school were carried to the new and students began to function as usual. A new atmosphere was formed. Music in the halls and media center and carpet throughout the building made school a happier and better place to be. The conventional school day is over. Now we learn in a new method and in new surroundings both working together to build a stronger and better society. The media center proves to be the center of all attractions. i 5 rfrtSM mmm §Wl:0 BASKETBALL Allen Miller plays hide and go seek with the opposing team. Team members wait anxiously to seize the ball. Varsity team listens attentively to Coach Scott. Allen Miller aims for two points. Allen Miller is taken by surprise by a Viking. 10 Jimmy Mims surrounded by trouble reaches for the ball. John Flynn hits the floor and fights for the ball. Robert Campbell jumps high to shoot for two points. ■a WRESTLING 12 KM Tom O ' Neil waits to make his next move. It ' s a pin!! Mark Cline sits in deep thought planning how to kill his opponent. Mark Cline kills his opponent!!! 13 «r Indoor track team spent many cold hours practicing. Dale Jones crosses line first and sets an indoor track record. , 4 » Walter Jackimowitz strives for first in the two mile. Dale Jones out front in relay. Indoor track boys take time out for some jokes. INDOOR TRACK row 0 0v_r Debbie Apperson does floor ex routine for judges and spectators. G-F tumblers practice cartwheels for routines. Shelia Weedon displays one of her many talents on the uneven parallel bars. Kathy Clement has excellent balance on the balance beam. GYMNASTICS 17 18 SENIOR TEACHING DAYS Once again the seniors took over the responsibility of running the school for two days. As every year, the seniors had their problems, but as a whole the two days went very well. Barry Beadle substitutes for Mr. Young during senior teaching days. Mass confusion in the office during senior teaching days. 19 ROSENCRANTZ GUiLDENSTERN ARE DEAD Tom Stoppard Produced and Directed by Ella L. Poindexter with permission of Samuel French Inc. Gar-Field Senior High School Auditorum U. 2 £ 3 4973 SVC 20 CAST Rosencrantz . Guildenstern ....... The Player . Alfred. Tragedians . Musicians.. . Hamlet . Ophelia. Claudius. Gertrude . Polonius. Courtiers and Attendants .Jon Killrakis .David Auman .Rodney Freeze .Richard Boggs .Troy Banik, Andrew Sekulich, John Doldt, Alex Sekulich. .Jeff King. Robert German, Mark Hindin. .Mike Sugar .Giny Wilson .Gary Palmer .Vicki Scardina .Robert Halderman .Kaye Etheridge, Nina Kelley, June Robbins, Roxanna Snyder, Dorothy Sponder, Danny Alexander, David Brunk, Kent Roberts, Mike Shepard, David Wheeler. COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Set and Stage Manager Make-up. Publicity . Props . Lights. Sound Effects . . . . Prompter. Costumes. .Ron Hall . . . . Giny Wilson . . . . Vicki Kelley .Nina Kelley . . . .Chuck Mason Robert Halderman, Cheryl Simenson. . . Linda Polhemus . Roxanna Snyder. 22 23 Wmm St-sfaS -vVi 1 .‘usT V j ■ ■ ■ • ; . ' ' ■■ ' ■• ■ ,. .• ■ v: ;■ ri ■ m ... -: ■ ‘ •• .... v ' • r w " v. ' ORGANIZATIONS j ' f 1 , ' ■ --v ; i ' • : • " .• :■ m y ‘ , ■ % ' • . ' rt V- ' ••.; . rv ■ ’ • ' . ’ ■• " ■■ . ' ■ .■■■■■-■ r ! . ■ ■ ■ . ■ ■t?m ■ ■ ■ mwm I I m " i WfUm. wafeaGaswask •ir.lifi ' m • w»v- « mmm mM ' m l flg ■ hSE MBl F.H.A Pres.; D. Scarbro, Vice-Pres.; B. Saxon, Sec.; E. Archer, Treas.; L. Perdue, M. Amidon, J. Barksdale, L. Bevels, N. Duvall, C. Kirk, P. Lee, C. Miller, D. Shank, L. Sliger, E. Tardiff, K. Comer, F. Person, K. Voit, G. Miller, L. Lopez, T. Lam, R. Robinson. F.B.L.A. M. Amidon, D. Andrews, L. Battin, B. Bayliss, K. Birch, L. Blazek, J. Brewer, A. Chait, J. Cornwell, K. Cox, K. Craig, D. Daniels, J. Davis, J. Della Puca, M. Eckenfels, D. Graf, D. Halderman, T. Huffstickler, M. Ison, B. Kiernan, G. Lynch, P. Lynch, S. Mathews, S. Mocker C. Morris R Pritts J. Publicover, G. Seiler, D. Shingler, S. Still, J. Tabourn, M. West, G. Wilson. 26 V.I.C.A. B Murafsky D. Hollandsworth, J. Lacy, T. Andrews, R. Deal, M. Brewer, R. Arrington, B. Smallwood, J. Shannon, C., R. English.S. Curtis, S Kirby D Yount, N. Bertolsio, B. Cornett, S. Haase, F. Crossley, J. Hylton, L. McCall, K. Jernigan, R. Dotson, M., N. Looney, B. Person, D Scites D. Beavers, A. Wotverton, E. Mack, S. Mathews, K. Casteel, L. Perdue, T. Guerra, T. Hauke, W., G. Najjum J Pubhcover B. Canelt M. Walsh, J. Specht, L. Guyton, M. Moore, S. Calhound, M. Johnson, D. Felice, J. Gnoffo, H. Hartley, M. Maddox, M. Winchester J Smith, J. Davis, J. Barton, L. Heatwole, R. Vest, W. Davis, R. Evans, G. Horton, D. Scearce, P. Sullivan. G. DeVan, W. Heathermgton. S. Eas e V_ R. Cook, R. Zetts, D. Sheperd, J. Johnson, T. Gross, R. Howard, H. Corbin.B. Hopkins, V. Santmyer, W. Schultz, T. Gainey. R. McKenz.e, M. Denas, G. Tyler. R.A.P. R. Metayer, C. Wilson, S. Johnson, M. Bullock, V. Dorsey, T. Chapman, L. Smith, W. Parks, T. Stevens, S. Jones, B. Banks, C. Pittman, D. Green. FHA is a national organization of girls and boys studying home economics in Junior and Senior High School of the United States and throughout the world. Their goal is to help individuals improve personal, family, and community living. The Gar-Field Chapter has carried out many different activities, such as, canned food drives for the poor, cookbook and placemat sales, bake sales and field trips. The Gar-Field Chapter of the Future Business Leaders of America has contributed greatly to the business world. The club enables you to develop leadership, increase your knowledge and skill in business, and enables you to serve your school and community financially and socially. R.A.P. is a newly organized club which stands for Reassessment of Attitudes and Personalities. The purpose of this group is to facilitate inter-student communication through group discussions and activities. 27 SPANISH CLUB M. Anderson, C. Anderson, D. Scarbro, B. Piertz, D. Bridges, M. VanDerKoi, A. Chait, G. Israel, F. Mervine, S. Katsarelis, W. Parks, F. Stevens, L. Ferran, G. DeHaven. FRENCH CLUB If . t • m t " . f|| ' fl pi [ M 1 ; : % K ' ' 1 iJem P. Ballenger, S. Bennett, K. Boyd, L. Bryant, J. Caldwell, L. DeLong, J. Duvall, K. Estes, S. Gardner, H. Gibson, P. Janiga, K. Jolfs, G. Koutsounaids, D. Larsen, R. Larsen, K. Loftus, L. Marin, C. Moon, L. Paciocco, R. Morange, S. Stephens, K. Saupp, C. Schlimger, R. Spicer, G. Wilson, A. Smith, R. Darnell. 28 GERMAN CLUB F. Bowel), R. Cantillon, K. Crouse, K. Haley, L. Hemby, T. O ' Leary, G. Palmer, S. Polansky, M. Reichelt, B. Ross, R. Rush, B. Saxon, R. Smith, B. Tuchalska, D. Wilson, Sponsor: Miss Wheeler. LATIN CLUB President: Marc Wing, Vice President: T. Saxon, Secretary: V. Brown, Treasurer: R. Deuell, S.G.C. Representative: C. Blossey, Editor and Publicity Chairperson: K. Thorpe, Parliamentarian: P. Helsley, Sgt. at Arms; Mike Engler. Members: P. Allen, S. Boulton, J. Friede, D. Gaines, D. Hiestand, B. Kiernan, T. Mackler, R. Penland, C. Sale, A. Spooner. The activities of the Foreign Language Clubs are very diversified and exciting. The Spanish Club sponsored a trip to Madrid, Spain and its glorius surroundings. The members co-operated with the Spanish Department in welcoming to Gar-Field the fa famous signing group from Madrid, " La Tuna. " They also had a traditional Spanish Christmas Party with a pinata. The French Club went on a field trip to Chez Andre in Arlington, Va. They also had a Foreign Language Banquet. The Latin Club encourages both cultural and social activities. The cultural activities include speakers and field trips in con¬ junction with classroom pursuits. The social activities were a Christmas part, a spring picnic, bowling and skating. One of the major activities of the Latin Club was a ten-day tour of Rome. This is the first year Gar-Field has had a German Club. The club attended the " o " oktoberfest " at the German Children ' s Orphanage in Upper Marlboro, Md.; gave a " laffe-Klatsch " for their parents; attended a national Federation of German students concention in Md.; and took a trip to the Pennsylvania Dutch country. 29 CONCERT CHOIR C. Aiken, C. Clayson, V. Scardina, L. Delozier, D. Deller, K. McKinnie, P. Case, J. Robbins, E. Robichaud, L. Smith, R. Snyder, D. Sponder, C. Anderson, G. Novak, P. Reny, R. Kotelly, G. Wilson, L. Bergerria, K. Hoschar, B. Bailey, S. Loerner, C. Lewis, P. Owens, L. English, C. Wilson, J. Shepherd, K. Van Hutton, M. Yauss, D. Alexander, D. Andrews, C. Campbell, W. Bergerria, D. Auman, S. Brown, G. Fravel, R. Freeze, M. Lightfoot, D. McKay, N. Parks, L. Waite, J. Bowman, C. Hines, T. Orehowsky, D. Samanie, P. Beard, C. Brown, S. Dille, M. Havener, L. Krueger, D. McCall, S. Ritts, K. Walker, D. Crone, K. Cloutier, L. Devore, K. Saupp, D. Johnson, J. Powell, L. Lambiasi, M. Prior, R. Thomas. MIXED CHORUS R. Engel, B. Loveless, P. Davis, D. Hunter, S. Dawes, J. Lawhorne, K. Smith, R. Luckett,, P. Neild, K. Little, J. Rebel, K. Keller, G. Akers, L. Archer, R. Bushy, R. Bockes, L. Brown, S. Foote, L. Spicer, N. Atkins, L. Feherenback, R. Porto, J. Trivette, E. Stewart, S. Beamer, J. Duvall, B. Klopp, K. Lawson, M. Prior, B. Bladen, B. Schroeder, F. Bowell, L. Lynch, M. Reeves, G. Specht, G. Najjum, J. Stonemetz, D. Daniels, K. Roberts, V. Riley, K. Nocirora, V. Dorsey, C. McGowan, D. Olson, L. Pierce, P. Rold, T. Lisenby, S. Payne, D. Barker, P. Deans, C. Cumberland, M. McGee, K. Davidson, D. Fulton, B. Weimer, D. Hunter, S. White, L. Spinner, R. Campbell, M. Johnson, S. Hill. 30 MADRIGALS D. Samanie, K. VanHutton, R. Freeze, D. McCall, S. Brown, C. Atkcen, D. Alexander, P. Beard, J. Bowman, C. Campbell, G. Fravel, M. Havener, D Keller, S. Kaerner, G. Navah, K. McKinnie, E. Robichaud. ORCHESTRA B. Begley, P. Mahood, C. Morris, E. Stuart, S. Stephens, C. Lingar, P. Gherke, V. O ' Neill, G. Stanley, W. Buffington, B. Leavitt, A. Green, S. Thorstemsson, S. Hawk, G. Giller, S. Gill, H. Payne, K. Lynch, K. Suddarth. The Choral Department has provided many an enjoyable concert under the direction of Mr. James Council. This spring the Concert Choir will go on tour to Greens¬ boro, N.C. and to Whiteville, N. C. The Choir also provided a Spring Concert for the student body. Members of all the choirs participated in the All-County, Regional, and All-State Choirs. The Chorus Department also supplied us with outside entertainment such as the Madison College Women ' s Concert Choir. 31 MARCHING BAND L. Slattery, B. Andrews, R. Bockes, C. Brice, L. Burns, K. Coon, L. Clarke, J. David, M. Dymond, A. Estes, B. Gardner, W. Golden, J. Graham, L. Hand, T. Hovey, C. Jones, S. Kersse, W. Little, H. Loveless, S. Lucks, T. Messplay, M. Mick, D. Mulgrew, J. Nesmith, K. Shaffer, D. Sisson, L. Walters, C. Zwinak, M. Ator, D. Baldwin, R. Baldwin, C. Battaglia, M. Battaglia, D. Boozier, P. Bowman, M. Brown, L. Bryant, G. Combs, A. Crespo, R. Darnell, H. Davis, S. DeBaun, K. DeLoach, B. Dymind, S. Ewart, L. Frank, K. Fravel, R. German, T. Gilroy, J. Goding, M. Goding, T. Goding, S. Graham, S. Heller, H. Hoagland, K. Hutchinson, C. Keller, J. Keller, D. Kelley, J. Kelley, N. Kelley, D. Kelly, J. King, D. Leacitt, M. Lorelli, P. Lorelli, B. Loveless, V. McFarland, J. McFarland, P. Messplay, J. Meszaros, J. Mosley, B. Paciocco, G. Palmer, S. Parker, B. Pemberton, K. Pollenz, D. Ramey, T. Riley, V. Riley, T. Ross, C. Sciele, P. Schwartz, S. Scott, M. Shaffer, D. Shamburg, B. Sharpe, D. Stewart, E. Stuart, M. Suddarth, G. Thompson, K. Turner, C. Wadhams, D. Washburn, A. Weeks, R. White, V. Wininger, R. Wright. CONCERT BAND B. Andrews, M. Alvarez, J. Barber, J. Berry, R. Bockes, C. Brice, C. Brice, L. Burns, M. Byrnes, A. Chavonelle, L. Clarke, M. Cleary, K. Coon, G. Cox, P. Cox, J. David, G. Dawes, C. Denny, C. Doyle, M. Dymond, P. Erickson, A. Estes, B. Gardner, W. Golden, J. Graham, J. Hamilton, L. Hand, R. Hand, D. Hawley, A. Hinden, T. Hovey, T. Johannsen, C. Jones, L. Kemp, J. Kelley, S. Kersse, W. Little, H. Loveless, S. Luck, K. Maloney, T. Messplay, A. McDaniel, M. Mick, J. Mockabee, J. Mound, D. Mulgrew, D. Nash, J. Nesmith, M. O Connor, B. Passmore, G. Pierce, J. Rodgers, G. Ross, S. Schlimgen, K. Shaffer, S. Sisson, A. Smith, C. Smith, K. Wagner, L. Walters, R. Widdows, D. Whittenburg, C. Zwinak, P. Ballenger. 32 r - Y :. P sy nic JdMt 0 olhCnjcL - . r °V ' JL V Goding, T. Goding, J. Gould, S. Graham, S. Heller, H. Hoagland, K. Hutchinson, C. Keller, J. Keller, D. Kelley, J. Kelley, N. a L y%yn yw ■xccy,, J. King, D. Leavitt, M. Lorelli, P. Lorelli, B. Loveless, V. McFarland, J. MacFarlane, P. Messplay, J. Meszaros, J. Moseley, B. Paciocco, G. Palmer, S. Parker, B. Pemberton, K. Pollenz, J. Price, D. Ramey, T. Riley, V. Riley, T. Ross, C. Schiele, P. Schwartz, S. L yM dJL Scott, M. Shaffer, D. Shamburg, B. Sharpe, J. Shera, D. Stewart, E. Stuart, M. Suddarth, G. Thompson, K. Turner, C. Wadhams, D. Washburn, A. . , B. Andrews, M. Ator, K. Auman, D. Baldwin, R. Baldwin, C. Battaglia, M. Battaglia, D. Boozier, P. Bowman, H. Bradley, C. Brice, M. Brown, L. Bryant, G. Combs, B. Cox, A. Crespo, R. Darnell, H. Davis, S. DeBaun, K. DeLoach, B. Dymond, S. Ewart, L. Frank, K. Fravel, R. German, T. Gil J. Goding, M Kelley, D. Kelly, | i Weeks, R. White, K. Winingar, V. Winingar, R. Wright. Ou d. J Jim u) JjjcruJJUL vuamx. Oleux,! IANETTls ' jUL wulka. Vn WriouAAjb! ETTES tocAc£$ jL v o- ' L, hACzy u_ 6L. ' -GsOLd yL- j ThCMarching Band has participated “fyrU (L » ft B. Anderson, C. Anderson, L. Bergeria, N. Bertolasio, C. Buckon, M. Buckon, M. Bullock, J. Murkhart, J. Cornwell, T. Fitzpatrick, K. Johnston, S. Joyner, K. Klopp, S. Klopp, C. Laursen, M. Nagle, N. Olenik, L. Pegler, D. Stephens, V. Uplinger. in local and nearby parades and provides the half time entertainment for the football games. This band has won several awards and trophies for outstanding performances. The Symphonic Band is a select • group of young instrumentalists chosen by audition. They received a “Superior’ aA rating in Grade 5 music at the 1972 • festival. JZdUX ii ' The Concert Band (ipnsists mainly of students with limited experience l T and are mostly freshmen. This band received a rating of “Excellent " in dtrux u_ Grade 3 music at the 1972 festival. The second year of the Indianette - Drill Team proved to be a very rewarding and exciting experience. With the help of the band, the Drill Team performed for half time during football season. Participation in the Springfield , . J Christmas Parade, with the reward of . ■ the second place trophy, was an extra highlight to the continuing activities, jJf ' kftlA This year, wrestling and indoor track J seasons were added to the busy calendar l ■ftho Hrill toarrVc artiuitipQ kJ[o ak, x jOJU nvyrax 33 C. Brown, T. Winchester, A. Sebulich, R. Daigneau, C. Schiele, G. Thompson, R. Dean, R. Weeks, K. Folks, C. Gates, A. Pepe, S. Koerner, L. Frank, J. Wilson, K. Ethridge, L. DeLong, S. Grote, M. Black, C. Brown, L. Ponstingle, L. Ferria, P. Anderson, T. McGlothlin, M. McGowan, L. Meyue, J. Powell, D. Baggett, J. Weaver, K. Saupp, H. Tuttle, D. Lisenby, J. Ferraro, D. Ledbetter, D. Pieritz, S. Ritts, G. Goretsas, P. Lorelli, L. Casasanta, D. Scarbro, M. Reichelt, K. Wolney, S. Brown, J. Cummings, M. Havener, L. Ferran, D. Lester, D. McCall, S. Klopp, R. Bocker, J. Meszaros, L. Battin, J. Barron, B. Ross, K. Fravel, D. Samanie, F. Mervine, R. Mereryer, J. Raftelis, M. Meszaros, V. Dorsey, S. Jones, T. Chapman, M. Wing, M. Suddarth, C. Sale, K. Suddarth, M. Amidon, R. Spooner, C. Blossey, A. Cummings, G. Migjjum, M. Hindin, R. Lunner, L. Pegler, P. Ballenger, L. Grindle, J. Robbins, R. Hall, K. Tyrell. The Student Government Cooperation has been very helpful this year. They provided the Freshman Orientation this fall for the incoming freshmen and new students. They also provided tours of the new school for all students so the students could get acquainted with their new surroundings and classes. The S.G.C. bought a Marque for the new school which is used to announce any school events or happenings. The members and officers of this Government work closely with the administration to try and help relieve some of their problems. They formed committees to help with the everyday problems of a school. Some of the committees are; Building and Grounds Committee, Student Commons Committee, Student Activity and I.D. Committee, Intramural Committee, and Cafeteria Committee. The Mu Alpha Theta is a math honor society. This club is based on scholastic achievement and the members must have a " B " average in Math and an overall " B " average in his other subjects to be asked to join. This club provides many interesting field trips and activities. Pres., S. Cogan; Vice-Pres., B. Beadle; Sec., P. Reny; Sgt. at Arms, R. Clark; Comstac Chairman, S. Raftelis, Advisor, Mr. Harold Mattice. 34 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY G. Goretsas, S. Torrice, S. Ritts, P. Reny, G. Thompson, R. Thomas, M. Suddarth, L. Delozier, D. Scarbro, E. Robichaud, C. Sale, K. Folks, J. Cummings, S. Raftelis, J. Publicover, K. Cox. MU ALPHA THETA L. Baffin, G. Goretsas, S. Linaberry, J. Linaberry, D. Mitchell, S. Raftelis, S. Ritts, C. Sale, M. Suddarth, C. Schiele, G. Thompson, B. Embrey, R. Dean, B. Piertz, L. Frank, D. Collins, J. Tabourn, T. Fowler, B. Pacicco, S. Anderson, T. Anderson, C. Cox, K. DeLoach, M. Martin, J Meimun, J. Meszaross, K. Sipes, K. Suddarth, K. Vanhutton, L. Pacciocco, L. Brigham, J. Curfis, J. Publicover, L. Delozier. 35 DECA Pres., V. Somma; Vice-Pres., G. Moore; Sec., D. Brown; Treas., M. Fick, T. Arbisi, C. Gooden, S. Hicks, D. Hollandsworth, G. Johnston, R. Sinclair, R. Brunner, G. Dixon, D. Green, J. Hicks, C. Napper, R. Ramey, A.Sekulich, H. Turner, W. Whitley, L. Dixon, M. Mattingly, B. Castle, D. Fairweather, D. Gring, S. Holmes, B. Shepherd, C. Bland, W. Barnett, R. Geiger, L. Hollar, J. Jewell, R. Frayer, E. Miller, J. Miller, E. Morrow, M. Orehowsky, M. Petitt, C. Vernon, E. West, P. Blankenship, L. Burke, L. Chancey, J. Evans, C. Fite, P. Hooks, B. Lawhead, J. Miller, C. Smith, M. Spoon, G. Daniels, R. Fullertin, R. Hora, J. Johnson, D. Knight, A. Lock, J. Perryman, D. Sprouse, D. Thompson, M. Weldon, D. Williams, L. Williams, C. Young, J. Garlough, T. Daniels, T. Beaumont, D. Brown, J. Butler, J. Butler, D. Carnery, R. Dean, B. Dyer, B. Funk, M. Hare, Y. Pisano, V. Smith, L. Whittenburg, L. Williamson, W. Ruff, M. Crace, M. Drinkwine, J. Berry, B. Bresch, D. Brunk, B. Bunn, T. Burroughs, T. Carter, R. Dotson, D. Dubay, G. Dunn, L. Dyott, D. Evans, C. Fields, J. Grey, R. Hanks, D. Holmberg, G. Kitzmiller, R. Ledbetter, G. Peaxher, P. Saunders, K. Schuster, R. Smith, P. Storie, E. Tabourn, G. Barkow, E. Bates, D. Carney, V. Dangerfield, S. Diriscoll, D. Galioto, R. Hale, K. Hare, M. Horton, G. Lining, R. Robinson, J. Rodgers, R. Rodgers, L. Sampoon, C. Spencer, B. Bayliss, J. Brown, B. Burke, C. Cosner, D. Daniels, E. Dent, L. Evans, M. Faulk, G. Hill, M. Kime, M. Lincheloe, S. Kirby, L. Lynch, R. Mackler, R. Miller, S. Miller, M. Murray, T. Torres, S. Van Hooser, P. Watson, M. Weedon, M. Weaver, S. Wright, P. Calewartsm, W. Cekala, T. Channey, D. DeMartino, D. Giampa, D. Goodman, B. Gross, B. Hopewell, T. Kimorell, C. Laursen, J. Lawhorne, S. Moore, D. IVIemzoff, D. Tarliff, R. Schultz, B. Shearer, J. Simmons, R. Swanson, J. Weaver, S. Waite, T. Andrews, S. Boeher, C. Denas, J. Early, B. Gardiner, F. Green, J. Kean, D. Richardson, J. Thompkins, M. Wile, C. Bouldin, S. Lang, P. Norbutt, R. Kirkman, D. Little, S. Queen, T. Shephad, V. Somma, L. Thomas, V. Uplinger, D. Parkhurst, S. Buhle, W. Smith, E. Gordon, T. Samanie, C. Hines, E. Baker, M. Buffington, B. Palmer, V. Rives, T. Roakes, D. Willis, M. Kessler, A. Kilgore, S. Moore, R. McCurvy, R Penland, D. Stabuleford, B. Staudinger, J. Thompson, D. Petry, J. Schaifer, R. Walker, P. Brown, E. Miller. FASHION MERCHANDISING C. Gates, L. Kreider, P. Flatford, K. Fullerton, S. IMolan, D. Ferral, B. Banks, F. Petkosen, K. Level, C. Speed. The Distributive Education Clubs of America are designed to develop future leaders in marketing and distribution. It is the largest youth organization of its kind. Members are encouraged to develop leadership by playing an active role in the community, as well as at school. Some of the activities of this club have been Officer Training, Valentine Party at Muriel Humphrey School, Open House for Parents and Employers, Employer-Employee Banquet, and New York Field Trip. Can you tell the difference? PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB T. Afflect, B. Mallow, W. Munyan, D. Rogers, G. Fiegle, D. Brunk, K. Murray, R. Devine, G. Hapner, S. Coleman, D. Bridges, B. Sharpe, L. Pegler, C. Mason, S. Yeo, T. Anderson, M. Heiser, K. Roberts, M. Havener. wff ' X l ' mEi N ■ 1 « 1 X ' , , I ’ %V, l ' k •» Some samples of photo club ' s work. 38 Sr n qlO h V LAJ y4C3onnipi ' ? inm Pres., J. Cummings; Vice-Pres., R. Kotelly; Sec., C. Brown; Treas., M. Havener; R. Clark, E. Robichaud, L. O ' Leary, A. Cummings, S. Lipscomb, P. Beard, K. Hoschar, C. Brown, D. Johnson, J. Powell, C. Clement, P. Clement, T. Nocifora, V. Williams, S. Cogan, G. Goretsas, R. Hall, J. Price, K. Shank, B. Karr, D. Jones, K. Folks, E. Wheeler, D. Scarbro, M. Amidon, B. Cummings, J. Clement, J. Ferraro, K. Gates. The Photography Club has been organized at Gar-Field for two years under the sponsorship of Mr. Barrett. The purpose of the club is to give interested students an opportunity to process film which they have exposed. The students also develop skills in darkroom techniques and special photographic processes. Every year the club holds a Spring Photo Show at Gar-Field. Students from throughout the area have an opportunity to enter and receive prizes. The Pep Club was more organized this year and promoted a great amount of school spirit. These people were behind the Gar-Field Indians all the way and showed it in their support. They were also in charge of Homecoming half-time activities which proved to be a great success and very enjoyable. The Pep Club at work. 39 GIRLS VARSITY CLUB F. Franklin, P. Ansink, Y. Baggett, L. Brigham, S. McDonald, S. Linaberry, J. Linaberry, R. Dean, E. English, K. Deck, L. Martocci, E. Anderson, S. Weedon, S. Raftelis, S. Ritts, D. Summers, G. Goretsas, M. Havener, D. Lester, T. Wimchester, R. Bauchman. G-F CLUB E. Ferrell, D. Jones, J. Ferraro, R. Rollison, S. Stephens, J. Milbert, R. Campbell, K. Murray, L. Lambiasi, L. Griffin, R. Canada, D. Hurley, R. i ' Veeks, D. Reichert, J. Hill, M. Prior, T. O ' Neil, D. Nixon, J. McClure, D. Samanie, R. Janiga, R. Hora, A. Miller, W. Bergeria, J. Johnson, C. Gooden. 40 KEY CLUB R. Canada, C. Gooden, D. Ledbetter, R. Rollison, J. Ferraro, L. Lambiasi, W. Bergeria, J. Johnson, S. Stevens, D. Jones, M. Prior, J. Barron, D. Sears, B. Karr, K. English, D. Fargo, A. Miller, M. Fick, R. Campbell, D. Nixon, W. Jocho, B. Myers, D. Green, E. Wilson, T. O ' Neil, L. Griffin, S. Sexton, M. Hieser, W. Stanley, E. Howington. CHESS CLUB M. Wing, T. Bell, H. Bell, S. Ray, M. Ray, R. Raybin, K. Palmer, D. Stableford, S. MacGarrigle, K. MacGarrigle, R. Bockes, M. Sieger, G. West, S. Armstrong. The Girl ' s Varsity Club helps at most of the sport events at school and operates the school store. They also help with Physical Education at Triangl e Elementary and Graham Park Schools. They also provide a Food and Toy Drive for a needy family. The members of the G-F Club must have earned two varsity letters to enter this club. The club holds a candy sale yearly to raise money for a club scholarship given in memory of A. T. Howard. The Key Club has been very active in the activities at school this year. They provided the wood for the Bon-Fire and the clean up detail. The boys in the club work in close association with the Kiwanis Club and they also provided a flag plaque for the lobby of the new school. The Chess Club is dedicated to the development of Chess, and other strategic games for recreational purposes and as a competitive sport. The games played include Chess, 3-D Chess, Contract Bridge, and war simulation games. The Chess Club has adopted a totally democratic system of club rule in order to promote a more honest system of gamesmanship. 41 INDIAN ECHOES H. Price, C. Simenson, D. Whitlock, T. Wimchester.C. Brown, R. Thomas, T. Fowler, T. Samanie, D. Howard, C. Braswell, R. Caldwell, S. Carter, L. Delucca, K. Folks, K. Gillette, C. Hilker, J. Hoagland, D. Lingway, J. Parsels, L. Ponstingel, L. West, J. Saltamachio, L. Saltamachio, B. Wing, C. Whittak r. The INDIAN ECHOES staff tried to make this year the best one for the yearbook. Faced with financial and publication problems, the yearbook staff never quit. Under the direction of Co-Editors Christina Brown and Rita Thomas and Advisor Miss Bea Pickens, this has to be the best yearbook for Gar-Field in years. There are color pages which are new to the book, and the different concepts of the new school are shown through the various pages of the book. Just as the New Gar-Field Senior High School gets better so does the INDIAN ECHOES. Mr. Vestal, Delmar Representative. 42 INDIAN SCRIPTS (INTERNATIONA INDIAN SCRIPTS 1st Place—Southern Interscholastic Press Association (1971) 1st Runner Up—Virginia Press Association Scholastic Award (1.971) International Second Place Award. Quill and Scroll Honor Society (1971) 2nd Place Award—Virginia High School League (1971) Member of the Quill and Scroll Honor Society and the Southern In¬ terscholastic Press Association Published by the Journalism Students of Gar-Field Senior High School, 89006 Smoketown Road, Woodbridge, Virginia 22191. Printed by the Potomac Newspapers, Inc., Dumfries, Virginia, 875-8700. Opinions expressed in feature articles are those of the individual writer; editorials reflect the opinions of the editorial staff and do not represent the official policies of Gar-Field Senior High School. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF.Robert Weeks ASSISTANT EDITOR. Mark Hindin NEWS EDITOR.Bill Embrey FEATURES EDITOR.Michele Drayer SPORTS EDITOR.Skip Ames CIRCULATION MGR.Adaire Pepe ADVERTISING MGR...Stephanie Grote NEWS STAFF: David Andrews, Annette Barron, Barbara Cummings. Liz DeLong, Darlene Lisenby, Pat O’Shea, Joy Raftelis, Karen VanDuser FEATURES STAFF: Lynda English, Lois Grindle, Jon Killrakis, Fofo Petkoson, Kevin Reinke, David Turner, Gregory West SPORTS STAFF: Julie Caldwell, Matt Culp LAYOUT STAFF: David Andrews, Bill Embrey, Chuck Mason, Pat O’Shea, Adaire Pepe, David Turner PHOTOGRAPHERS: David Andrews, David Bridges ADVISER: William P. Coyne The INDIAN SCRIPTS staff this year strove to build for the future without sacrificing the present. Hampered by the total loss of last year ' s staff due to graduation, thirty students, mostly sophomores and juniors, were handed a most difficult task and through hard work and newly acquired skills produced a sur¬ prisingly successful publication. Inheriting a large debt, the staff sponsored several projects including a rock concert and drawing which helped the newspaper to be both a monetary and artistic success. The Christmas issue, which featured many pictures and articles on the new school was the largest in the paper ' s 37 years and was bought by more people than any other. Due to the solid foundation and high level of journalism attained by this year ' s staff, the future of the newspaper looks much brighter. The interest and enthusiasm shown by the student body has made the INDIAN SCRIPTS more than ever a prominent part of Gar-Fieid High School. FORENSICS V. Wilson, R. Freeze, R. Snyder. Debate is a Forensic activity in which the students discuss various academic topics. The team also attends tournaments where they compete with other Virginia High Schools throughout the year. The purpose of the Science Club is to learn about science careers, and the opportunities, responsibilities, and important role science plays in our democracy. The Science Club gives a $100 scholarship to a needy Senior who is going to major in a field of science in college. The Drama Club, sponsored by Mill Ella Poindexter, puts on two plays a year for both the student body and the public. The clubs annual three-act play this year was " Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. " The one-act play, which is put on in Charlottesville for state competition was entitled " Next. " The members of this club are trying to make this the best year for Miss Poindexter as this is her last year as drama coach. DEBATE |tiy jj m | i f; Al If » V t S Sponsor, Mr. Farthing; Pres., J. Meszaros, C. Sale, D. Turner, M. Hindin, C. Moon. 44 SCIENCE CLUB Sponsors; Mr. Smith, Mr. Flanagan, Pres.; C. Sale, Vice-Pres.; M. Suddarth, Sec.; V. Smith, Treas.; K. Sipes, G. Thompson, K. Walny, B. Embrey, D. Andrews, M. Reichelt, C. Schiele, C. Suddarth, D. Wheeler, L. Grubbs, K. Mattingly, B. Peritz, W. Smith, D. Thomas, K. Thomas, D. Hilderbrand, M Martin, R. Courchen. DRAMATICS C Simenson N. Kelly, V. Kelly, D. Sponder, R. Hall, C. Mason, R. Halderman, J. Killrakis, J. King, D. Auman, R. Freeze, K. Privateria A Skeulich, A. Skeulich, T. Banik, J. Dolt, R. German, R. Baukass, G. Palmer, M. Sugar, G. Wilson, M. Sheppard, D. Alexander, J. Robbins, D. Brunk, V. Scardma, D. Wheeler, M. Hindin, K. Roberts, L. Palhimus, T. Merghan, D. Pieritz, C. Suddarth. 45 MB . ■ mmm VARSITY BASKETBALL B. Beadle, R. Campbell, J. Hynn, L. Griffith, J. Nixon, E. Wilson, D. Green, H. Humbert. Gar-Field 67 James Monroe 69 Gar-Field 70 Fauquier 58 Gar-Field 64 Osbourn 59 Gar-Field 50 Stonewall 58 Gar-Field 62 Handley 75 Gar-Field 58 Stafford 73 Gar-Field 44 James Wood 46 Gar-Field 37 Woodbridge 41 Gar-Field 56 Albemarle 52 Gar-Field 38 James Wood 32 Gar-Field 45 Lane 57 Gar-Field 89 Fauquier 65 Gar-Field 69 Osbourn 52 Gar-Field 65 Stonewall 55 Gar-Field 62 Handley 72 Gar-Field 67 Lane 69 Gar-Field 76 Woodbridge 57 Gar-F ield 59 Albemarle 74 TOURNAMENT Gar-Field 58 Stafford 59 Gar-Field jumps high for thetip off to start another game. 48 VARSITY BASKETBALL The basketball season for 1972-73 provided for the type of invigorating entertainment that comes from watching a young team shed its inexperience, and become tough challengers. The team this year, under the capable leadership of Coach Paul Scott, began with a rather weak season. This is partly due to a loss of strong players, and the necessity of building a new starting line-up. This extremely difficult obstacle however, seemed to be quite easily overcome. The team came back stronger than ever only now it was a mcuh younger team. These guys took on all challenges the sport could offer and ran away with them. They played fantastic games and their performances were outstanding. The climax of the season came when Gar-Field played Woodbridge for the final time of the season. Gar-Field ' s game was excellent, and the fans were filled with so much spirit that the gym practically exploded. The Indians scalped the Vikings with a score of 76-57. The final season record of the team was not outstanding but neither was it indicative of the great handling of the game that was displayed throughout the season. The final highlight of the season came in the tournament when Gar-Field, the last ranking team, lost to Stafford, the first place team, by only one point. Two points for Gar-Field?? Gar-Field gets another rebound. The Gar-Field cheerleaders lead the fans in another cheer. 49 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL T. Donovan, D. Beaty, M. Murphy, M. Cleary, J. Ivey, B. Norman, R. Clukey, D. Stableford, B. DeLong, G. Dunn, G. Triplett, R. French, Coach FRESHMAN BASKETBALL B. DeLong, J. Arvai, H. Porter, G. Long, C. Douglas, S. Marshall, P. Ramey, E. Pitts, D. Mulgrew, D. Kendall, E. Hayward, M. Kelley, E. Gonzales, W. Little, M. Fountain, A. Jordan, Coach. Freshman Basketball Scores Gar-Field 32 Woodbridge 53 Gar-Field 38 Stafford 52 Gar-Field 43 Stonewall 33 Gar-Field 47 Osbourn 38 Gar-Field 38 Woodbridge 41 Gar-Field 27 Osbourn 37 Gar-Field 31 Woodbridge 45 Gar-Field 33 Stonewall 27 Gar-Field 30 Osbourn 36 Jeff Nixon goes up for two. Look Coach, I finally learned how to dribble. He was here a minute age, now where did he go? 51 INDOOR TRACK R. Alston, E. Besser, R. Daigneau, J. Ferraro, G. Fravel, M. Griffin, R. Hora, D. Hurley, W. Jachimowicz, B. Jones, D. Jones, H. Lawrence, P. Mahood, J. McClure, B. Myers, D. IMixon, C. Perry, R. Roeske, D. Samanie, T. Saxon, W. Stanley, S. Stephens, K. Sullivan, K. Thomas, C. Vernon, A. Weeks, B. Weeks. Gar-Field 86 Allegheny 32 Brookville 26 Menchville 64 Gar-Field 41 E. C. Glass 36 Albemarle Gar-Field (B Team) 90 26 D. C. Invitational — Gar-Field 2nd William and Mary Invitational — Walter Jachimowicz 3rd in the Mile run Navy Academy — Dale Jones 5th in the 60 yd. dash CYO Meet — 2 mile relay 3rd (D. Nixon, J. McClure, W. Jachimowicz, G. Fravel) Mile Relay — 5th (S. Stephens, J. Ferraro, W. Jachimowicz, D. Jones) Regionals - Gar-Field 3rd District - Gar-Field 2nd State — Gar-Field 10th 52 INDOOR TRACK The three year old G-F Indoor Track team faced its stiffest com¬ petition every in this year ' s highly successful campaign. With a schedule of ten meets, the squad came up with a great individual performances, fine team efforts, and as a result, a con¬ sistent level of high performance. They took the number one slot in their first non-invitational meet and the runner up spot in their next two tri-meets. At the D. C. Invitational G-F finished second out of approximately 20 schools, missing the team championship by only three points. The team ' s one-mile relay had fine performances through the season and were invited to such meets as the CYO Indoor Invitational in Maryland, and the VMI Winter Relays where they both placed very high. At the District Meet Gar-Field placed a strong second and advanced ten men to the Regionals where they placed third. At the State Meet G-F placed tenth with over 60 schools competing. Two fine individual performances were by Dale Jones, who placed 4th in the long jump, and Walter Jachimowicz, who placed 2nd in the mile run. During the course of the season 14 school records were broken. WRESTLING J. Alvey, B. Andrews, J. Artz, R. Bartee, H. Bell, P. Bevels, C. Brown, T. Brueser, D. Champion, A. Dangerfield, R. Davenport, B. Deel, R. Deel, R. Dempsey, M. Fairweather, P. Fircy, G. Gordan, R. Gordan, J. Hamlet, L. Harvey, D. Hilderbrand, J. Hinman, H. Hogland, L. Hovey, J. Jeffries, A. Johnson, P. Keller, B. Konopik, T. Lake, M. Lineberger, D. Marascio, D. Martin, C. McGowan, M. McGowan, R. Meadows, W. Munyan, S. Naylor, J Nicholson, A. Nelum, D. Owings, G. Ringold, T. Ross, M. Scaggs, C. Spencer, R. Spooner, P. Thommarson, J. Thompson, D. Turner, T. Walker, R. Williams, D. Richert, T. O ' Neil, R. Rollison, J. Duncan, Coach, H. Weinhofer, Assistant Coach. This is the second year that the G-F matmen have won the Commonwealth District trophy. The team really showed a lot of determination and showmanship. The matmen could have never won the district championship without the supervision of their fine coaches. Coach Duncan and Coach Weinhoffer. All ten of the varsity wrestlers went to regional. Jay Alvey was the only grappler who captured a first at the regional tournament. The matmen did exceptionally well, but fell short of first place behind the North Side Vikings. Next year the G-F Matmen will stop at nothing to be both District and Regional Champs. 54 DISTRICT CHAMPIONS Ricky Bartee with that face of determination. The District Champs proudly display their trophy. Ronnie Deel in action against an Osbourn wrestler. 55 Lavern Hovey and his teammate are practicing in order to get ready for the real thing. Ronnie Deel is ready for his challenger. 56 GIRLS ' GYMNASTICS Girls ' Gymnastics Scores Gar-Field 121 Osbourn 4 Woodbridge 111 Gar-Field 76 Quantico 21 Stonewall 37 Gar-Field 61 Brentsville 30 Handley 41 Gar-Field 50 Stafford 57.5 James Monroe 27.5 Gar-Field 83 James Monroe 38 Prince William Gar-Field 117.5 County Meet Woodbridge 92.8 Stonewall 52.3 Brentsville 33.8 Osbourn 22.5 Quantico 5 Regionals — Gar-Field 3rd place D. Appearson, J. Clement, K. Clement, P. Clement, R. Dean, K. Deck, P. Girven, D. Lester, S. Klopp, D. Parkharst, R. Ragland, K. Tierney, L. Weaver, S. Weedon, T. Winchester. 57 58 All regional gymnastics gather at the new Gar- Field gym for regional meet. Kim Deck with the form of grace takes first on the balance beam. Hey wait a minute, what am I doing up here? With the face of determination Kim performs off the horse. Look coach, aren ' t I just great? 59 ATHLETICS AT GAR-FIELD 60 ATHLETICS AT GAR-FIELD %§ «! ADMINISTRATION The administrative staff of Gar-Field has the responsibility for the entire program for the school. Their responsibilities have been divided among the five members of the staff. As principal, Mr. Samuel Cox is responsible for the total school co-ordination. In addition, he supervises the English and Social Studies depart¬ ments; he interprets the program of the school for the community; he supervises the total staff relations. Mr. George Clark, Dean of Administration and School G, rs re¬ sponsible for all instructional supplies and equipment. He supervises the vocational departments; he is supervisor of the clerical person, substitute teacher program, and food services program. Dean of Instruction and School F, Mr. Frank Parker, is supervisor of the Mathematics department; he is re¬ sponsible for ail attendance records; he supervises the student teacher pro¬ gram and the adult education program. Mr. James Gerhard, Dean of Student Affairs and School H, is responsible for all student government and club activities, the intramural program, athletics, and student publications. He is responsible also for the student bus service and student-teacher-visitor parking. Mr. Gerhard supervises the curriculum of the following department: Health and Physical Education; Drivers Education, Music, and Art. As Dean of Community Affairs and School S, Mr. Robert Young is responsible for the school visitation program and for all community relations programs including the Parent Volunteer Program and Teacher Aide program. Because of the complexity of this job, a special office headed by Mrs. Jackie Dodge has been established. Mr. Young supervises the Science, Foreign Language, and Special Education departments as well as the school ' s homebound instruction program. He is responsible for school maintenance and buying of supplies and equipment. Mr. Samuel P. Cox, Principal of Gar-Field High School 64 Mrs. G. Hughes. Mrs. S. Campbell, Mrs. J. Carr, Mrs. W. Fairweather, Mrs. N. Leinonen, Mrs. K. Lipford, Mrs. J. Jeonard, Mrs. G. Cherry. Mr. R. Young Mr. F. Parker Mr. J. Gerhard ADMINISTRATION DEANS AND SECRETARIES 65 GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT The Gar-Field Guidance Department believes that its purpose is to serve each student in the school. Students are divided alphabetically between the six counselors for routine purposes. Each counselor tries to see every student at least twice during the year. For personal counseling, we maintain an open-door policy so that each student may talk to the counselor of his choice. Mrs. Jones answers questions for one of Gar-Field ' s students. Mr. T. Shutt, Mr. F. Wafle, Mrs. H. Parr, Miss M. Young, Mr. A. Longacre, Mrs. J. Jones. 66 MEDIA CENTER The Media Center, located on second floor, is responsible for supplementary materials and equipment for use in the instructional program of the entire school. The holdings as to materials consists of 18,120 books; 1,294 filmstrips both mono, and stereo; 85 periodicals and 4 newspapers. The center seats approximately 300 students. The Media Specialist is responsible for all audio visual equipment in the building whether used in the center, in various instructional pods, or in the technical materials center on the first floor. The center strives to be the lifeline of the curriculum, extending from the needs and desires of the students and faculty to their fulfillment in a well-rounded versatile source of materials and services. Students doing research in the Media Center for a history project. Mr. C. Cox, Mrs. M. Faireather, Miss E. Poindexter, Mrs. V. Templeton, Mrs. M. Webber. 67 The English studies at Gar-Field are geared toward helping the individual realize his role in a changing society. The curriculum is designed to give the student more freedom — freedom with responsibility. Within the framework of individual responsibility and freedom, the students choose from three types of study — broad thematic units, independent study, and traditional studies. Freshmen and Sophomores are locked into a traditional course for at least one quarter each year to insure the learning of basic fundamentals in grammar, literature, and composition. To further meet each individuals needs, a developmental reading program is offered. The goal of the staff then is to provide a balanced English program to best serve each student. English students find the Medi Center an essential part of their program. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Mrs. E. Browning, Mr. P. Coyne, Mrs. P. DiFrank, Mr. C. Edwards, Mrs. B. Evans, Mr. A. Farthing, Miss S. Garriques, Mrs. J. Greer, Miss J. Gunter, Mrs. C. Harris, Mrs. A. Martin, Miss L. McKelvey, Mr. G. Moore, Mrs. S. Newman, Mr. W. Rampley, Miss T. Scripture, Mrs. V. Taylor, Miss J. Turner, Miss C. Wankel. 68 FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT The foreign language department has students enrolled in Spanish, French, German and Latin. Both French and Spanish offer courses through the fifth year level. Latin and German offers courses through the third year level. We use audio-lingual teaching methods and texts. This method combines text and workbook exercises with listening and speaking drills on tape to provide the student with a complete language experience — speaking and listening as well as reading and writing. To enhance this program, we use films from the local embassies; song native to the foreign language, plays and stories written in the language. The advanced levels in French and Spanish are taught in series of 6-week “mini-course”. Areas concerning civilization and society, customs, history, literature, advanced conversation and advanced grammar are explored. Foreign Language students spend much of their time in small groups practicing their new language. mtetcotes enero j |H|i W-B ' r ‘ W 1 i 111 ’ i v w _ w f ; ftj K fi L jK’ f i 1 mf ,1 . Hi r iHr J 1 1 ' ■ . - |k Miss V. Anderson, Miss K. Frasier, Miss C. Heedick, Mrs. B. Hill, Mr. A. Naranjo, Mr. P. Perhach, Miss J. Stefanick, Mrs. M. Watts, Miss H. Wheeler. SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Mr. R. Clemmons, Mr. R. Ervin, Mr. J. Flanagan, Miss C. Goeller, Miss R. Huddle, Mrs. A. Orris, Mr. R. Polly, Mr. G. Rodeffer, Mr. G. Shafferman, Mr. D. Smith, Mr. J. Wileman, Miss J. Norris, Miss B. Smaugh. The Science Department has a very challenging program for students interested in the area of science. Students are allowed to elect nine-week mini courses in a variety of areas of interest. Among them are the following: Introduction to Science; Nuclear Chemistry; Consumer Chemistry; Applied Chemistry; Electricity and Magnetism; Mother Earth Has a Black Eye; and Space Science. Students also have the option of choosing a 36-week traditional program. Science students spend time in small group lectures and discussions as well as in the laboratory. 70 BUSINESS DEPARTMENT Mrs. M. Bruton, Mrs. J. Dodge, M rs. N. Earl y, Mrs. S. Good, Miss K. Gray, Mrs. A. Hosters, Miss Sarah Kaplan, Miss H. Shands, Mrs. G. Statler, Mrs. J. Sullins. The business education de¬ partment offers four basic oc¬ cupational clusters for which the program has been designed. These clusters are stenographic and related occupations, typewriting and related occupations, data processing and related occupations, and office services. There is also offered a broad course selection for general knowl¬ edge exploration, skill developement, or preparation for a career in business administration. Such courses include typewriting, business law, accounting, and survey of data processing and general business. Joan Tabourn is busy trying to work one of the new keypunch machines. 71 SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT Mr. W. Bailey, Mr. R. Barnette, Mr. M. Campbell, Mr. K. Darrough, Miss P. Davies, Mrs. B. Davis, Mr. B. Grier, Mr. P. Larson, Mr. B. Lookabill, Mr. J. Mabry, Mr. R. Moore, Mrs. J. Polk, Mr. J. Sullivan. Social studies is the study of man ' s social relationship in all their variations, both past and present, and draws its substance from the discipline of anthropology, economics, geography, government, history, sociology and social psychology. Man ' s physical environ¬ ment and his psychological and biological make-up are considered to the extent that they help explain these social relationships. Two major components of the social studies curriculum at Gar-Field are the World Studies and American Studies programs. World Studies incorporates World History and World Geography. Most students enroll in World Studies during the freshman or sophomore year. Students may elect two units of World Studies, but only one credit is required. American Studies encompasses United States and Virginia History as well as United States and Virginia Government. It is a required two year course. Most students enroll in American Studies during the junior and senior year to earn two required credits. History students busily working on independent study projects. 72 MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Mr. P. Chasteen, Mr. W. Davis, Mr. R. Fitzgerald, Mr. N. Good, Mrs. O. Hight, Mr. R. Howard, Miss M. Manning, Mr. H. Mattice, Mr. H. Partridge, Miss B. Pickens, Mr. R. Rowson, Mrs. K. Scott, Mr. P. Scott, Mr. E. Tucker, Mrs. C. Woods (Student teachers pictured: Miss B. Bradley, Mr. Steve Herl). To individual ize learning, the Mathematics Department has developed a continuous progress program. It is a personalized learning plan for each mathematical concept in Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II. The minimum course requirement for each course includes approximently forty concepts. Each concept consists of the following: a) the concept title and a list of objectives to be learned; b) a list of suggested activities and resources to help students achieve the stated objectives; c) a self-evaluation to let students determine if they are ready for the post-evaluation; d) a post-evaluation to measure the achievement on a certain concept; and f) in some concepts, a quest activity for those who may wish to examine the concept in more depth. Mr. Partridge works with one student while the remainder of the class works on their concepts. 73 CL ' 1 The music department has increased in numbers of interested students as well as in the variety of course offerings. Now available are vocal and instrumental ensemble periods which involve working in small groups and sectionals to better technique and tone while to better develop new facets of music. There are BEGINNING groups for singers, instrumentalists, and pianists to set forth the basic elements of each area and to prepare the student for more advanced classes such as Concert Choir, Vocal Ensemble, Orchestra, Symphonic and Concert Bands. Two years of theory are intended to meet the needs of those interested in creating original music by learning the hows and whys of composing. Plans for the near future include expansion of per¬ forming groups, the development of music history and listening classes, and independent study in the areas of composition, piano, voice, and instruments. Mr. Council works with a small vocal and instrumental ensembla MUSIC DEPARTMENT Mr. J. Council, Mr. E. Jones, Miss C. Prince, Miss IM. Scripture. 74 ART DEPARTMENT The Art program is divided into nine-week courses which provide them the opportunity to work in a variety of media. The courses include the following; painting, drawing, graphics, ceramics, sculpture, textile arts, film arts, commercial arts, jewelry, design, and crafts. The department sponsors an annual Spring Art Show in the second semester. Students in the Art Department working on a variety of projects. Miss G. Blackwell, Miss G. Flennor, Miss C. Hanson, Mrs. I. Simpson. 75 VOCATIONAL EDUCATION Mr. J. Artz, Mr. D. Carr, Mr. R. Dice, Mrs. J. Guide, Mrs. S. Greenward, Mrs. M. Trimble, Mrs. E. Vickers. COMMUNICATIONS Communication is an area of Industrial Arts dealing with Electricity, Electronics, Drafting, Printing, and Photography. The Electronics program has shifted emphasis toward a more practical type of experiment. Students will have experimental activities which lead to work on radiosand televisions. Clinics will be helped periodically on such electronic devices as eight-tracks, cassetts, and stereos. The students taking electronics will be able to take part in their " fix-it " activities. Graphic arts and photography are offered in a single unit, rather than as two separate courses. The new equipment in these areas is one of the most visible changes. Activities such as personal stationery, Christmas cards, decals, and note pads are offered. Production printing is also emphasized. Drafting facilities at this school allows the department to expand the types of activities the students do and to handle more students. Activities added are model work, and precision measurement. Further courses are offered in the Communications Pods. The first level, or " Pretechnical” courses in each area are Electronics, Pretechnical level courses, the students may decide to take a second year of Vocational level courses. MASONRY The masonry department is designed to prepare students for futures in bricklaying. A bricklayer must learn to mix and spread different kinds of mortar, to read blueprints and plans, and to handle many different types of masonry units. He will work on exterior and interior walls, on floors, patios, walks, columns, doorways and window openings. Modern masonry design frequently calls for him to handle special equipment such as welding tools, power-driven masonry saws and corner poles, in addition to the age-old tools of the trowel, brick hammer, level and plumb bob. FOOD SERVICES This two-year course was designed in response to the needs of junior and senior students interested in quantity food productions, service and management and who seek a career in the food service industry. Students learn the principles of food preparation, the use of commercial kitchen equipment and modern food production methods. Practical experience is obtained through catering luncheons, dinners and receptions for various student, faculty and civic organizations. LPN The Prince William County School Board and the Prince William Hospital jointly sponsor this program here at G-F. The purpose of this program is to provide qualified applicants the opportunity to train in a field which provides a needed service to the commun ity. The program is primarily for high school seniors but adults are accepted as class size permits. The course is eighteen months in length with the first half (the preclinical experience) taken here at G-F during the school day and the second (clinical experience) taken at Prince William Hospital, Manassas from June to March after graduation. Students who satisfactorily complete both the preclinical and clinical phases of this program may apply to the Virginia State Board of Nursing for permission to take the examination for the practical nursing license. High School seniors also receive three credits toward their high school diploma, upon satisfactory completion of the preclinical phase. Upon satisfactory completion of the whole 18 month course, each student will be awarded a certificate by the Prince William County School Board. 76 VOCATIONAL EDUCATION HOME ECONOMICS DE The Consumer and Homemaking Education prepares students for the vocation of homemaking, with emphasis on consumer problems. The stated areas of instruction are: Consumption of Goods and Services in the Family; Management in the Family; Individual Development in the Family; and Cultural Development in the Family. Capsule areas within each stated area are: the Individual and the Home; Foods and Nutrition; and Textiles and Clothing. The capsule is a short guide for independent study which follows through to evaluation and application of knowledge. COSMETOLOGY In the ICT work-study program, students attend school one-half day and work in the community the other half. Each student must acquire 540 hours of on-the-job training in the occupation of his choice. Two credits are given each year for ICT. This series of courses is designed to prepare students for entrance level employment in the field of Cosmetology. Students enter this course in the tenth grade and must complete a three-year-program. The course covers pedicuring and manicuring; shampooing and rinsing; permanent waving; scalp treatment; hair shaping and styling; hair coloring and bleaching; skin care and make up; and salon management. ICT The DE staff teaches all leves of Distributive Education with the addition of a class in Fashion Merchandising. DE cooperates with local merchants and businessmen who hire and train our students in the area of retailing wholesaling and service businesses. The department is trying to bring the school, student, job and employer closer together in a more meaningful relationship for all concerned. Mr. T. Barrett, Mr. P. Beresh, Mr. P. Cummings, Mrs. E. Fleming, Mr. D. Ferriole, Mr. J. Johnson, Mrs. C. Stokes, Mr. C. Washington, Waters, Mr. C. Williamson, Mr. K. Wilshin, Mr. A. Wisneski. Mr. D. 77 PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Mr. J. Duncan, Mr. R. French, Mr. A. Jordan, Mrs. A. Lockett, Mrs. C. Morehead, Mr. D. Newberry, Mr. B. Sherrill, Miss B. Smith, Mr. H. Weinhofer, Mrs. H. White. The Physical Education Program at Gar-Field is divided into a Four Phase Program. The four phases of the program are: 1) Required Freshman Health and Physical Education; 2) Required Sophomore Health and Physical Education; 3) Elective Program or students who have completed phases one and two; and 4) Physical Education Aide Program. In each phase, physical education consists of the following graduated skill development areas: team sports, in¬ dividual and dual sports, rhythms, recreational activities, and class organization and testing. Another aspect of the total physical education program is an adaptive physical education program which crosses all phases of the program. It is designed for any student who may need special assistance in the learning of a permanent, may work more effectively and efficiently in this type of program. A student may enter this program for a short period of time, or remain for an entire phase of instruction. 78 DRIVER S EDUCATION DEPARTMENT ri . Mr. J. Spivey, Mr. J. Sorrell, Mrs. C. Yowell PRE-VOCATIONAL DEPARTMENT Mrs. D. Whitfield, Mr. J. Huntley | 79 ■PH t M ??»$ ( SENIOR President—Gwen Goretsas, Vice-president—Julie Cummings, Secretary—Lynn O ' Leary, Treasurer—Pat Reny, Sgt-of-arms—David Ledbetter. Richard Acord Theresa Allen Donna Almond Michelle Amidon Mary Anderson Tommy Anderson Robert Andrews Thomas Ansink 82 SENIOR The princesses representing the Senior Class for Homecoming were Sara Cogan, Kittie Folks, and Robin Dean. The class of 1973 had one main dream to look forward to this year. The projected opening of the new school was November. Hopes and dreams were fulfilled as move in date went as scheduled. The seniors had the honor of being the first graduating class from the new school. Tom Arbisi John Arnold Susan Armstrong David Auman Bill Ausley Beth Bailey Ray Baldwin Brina Banks 83 Pam Barkow Anette Barron Jim Barton Cathy Battaglia Linda Battin Robin Bauckman Barry Beadle Penny Beard Ritha Bennett Lisa Bergeria Nancy Bertolasio Debby Boozier Michelle Bougett Georgia Bowman Debbie Braswell Wayne Breeding 84 Charles Brice David Bridges Leigh Brigham Robert Brinson Christina Brown Debbie Brown Denise Brown Ed Brown Richard Bussard Chuck Campbell Robert Campbell Robbie Canada Bernard Carr Gail Casteel Anna Chait David Chiara Seniors aid in giving out lockers in the new school. 85 Jimmy Clark Richard Clark Chris Clayson Cathy Clement Pam Clement Mark Cline Pat Cobb Patti Coder Sara Cogan Sylvia Coleman Debbie Coley Robert Connett Howard Corbin Brenda Cornett Judy Cornwell April Corrigan Mike Counts Kathy Cox Mianna Crouse Debbie Culley 86 Jackie Cunningham Virginia Curfiss Ralph Daigneau Glenna Davis Pat Davis Walter Davis Donna Dawson Robin Dean Janice Della Puca Laura Delozier Dennis DeMille Doris Dent Larry DeVore John Doldt Charles Duncan Barbara Dyer Marie Eckenfels Patsy Embry Kevin English Rosemary English 87 Zelmira Enriquez Terri Faber Walter Fairweather Marilyn Faulk James Ferraro Mac Fick Peggy Flatford Mike Fleshman Kittie Folks Patricia Ford Fonda Franklin Kathy Fravel Robert Frayer Cathy Gates Robert German Tony Giles 88 Mark Glover James Gnoffo Terri Goding Cosmo Gooden Gwen Goretsas Debbie Graf Susan Greenwalt Lans Griffith James Gunter Ron Hall Mary Hare Dee Harris Teresa Hauke Michele Havener Tim Hawk Thomas Haywood G—F marching band supplies music for half-time. 89 Larry Heatwole Pam Helsley Steve Hicks Dwayne Hildebrand Dan Himmel Mike Hite Debbie Hoffman Daniel Hollandsworth Brenda Hopkins Peggy Hopkins Karla Hoschar Tywanna Howard Debbie Huffman Teresa Huffstickler Danny Hurley Mike Jenkins Karen Jernigan Denise Johnson Sheila Johnson Glen Johnston 90 Kim Johnston Dale Jones Sharon Jones David Kackley Barbara Kameck Jimmy Kanala Burt Karr Vicki Kelley Virginia Kiernan Mary Kincheloe Jim King Cindy Kirk Ramona Kirkman Karen Klopp Rhonda Kotelly Lorraine Krieder Mike Kroner James Lacy Louis Lambiasi Delores Lane 91 Jackie Lawson David Ledbetter Patricia Lee Steve Lesperance Karen Level Cheryl Lewis Donna Linimg Julie Linaberry Susan Linaberry Sylvia Lipscomb Richard Lloyd Jeanie Lockwood Danny Luther Gina Lynch Linda Lynch Ed Manuel 92 Laurie Martocci Sisi Matthews Karen Mattingly Carmen Matos Frances Mervine JoAnn Mills David Mitchell Eddie Moore Glen Moore Brenda Mowdy Ken Murray Billie McCurry Elizabeth McGinn Robert McKenzie Gregory Najjum Kathy Neyhouse Students support G—F at first basketball game. 93 Karen Nilsson David Nixon Sandy Nolan Parker Norman James Novak Lynn O ' Leary Nestella Olenik Tom O ' Neal Dawn Orehowsky Sammy Parker Donna Parkhurst Debbie Patterson Robert Penland Paula Peoples Lisa Perkins Roberta Perry FoFo Petkosen Vivian Petrey Jarlene Phelps Doug Pieritz 94 Linda Presti Heidi Price Mike Prior Glenn Pritt Robin Pritts James Publicover Janet Publicover Stacy Rafetelis Bill Reagle Elaine Regan David Reichart Kevin Reinke Patricia Reny Susan Ritts Cindy Roach Elaine Robichaud Jeanie Rockwell Richard Rollison Paul Ross Teresa Ross 95 Cynthia Sale David Samanie Toni Samanie Barbara Saxon Dorothy Scanlan Debbie Scarbro Craig Schiele Alex Sekulick Debbie Shank Danny Shepard Debbie Shingler William Shingler Cheryl Simonson Kathleen Sipes Kenneth Skillen Shara Lee Skinner 96 Clyde Sliger Dorothy Smith Vanessa Smith Wendy Smith Richard Snyder Roxanna Snyder Tae Sung Sohn Sherri Specht Mike Spring Donna Stoffregan Charlotte Stone James Strickland Margie Suddarth Patty Sullivan Nancy Swoope Joan Tabourn Cheerleaders talk after a cheer at the basketball game 97 Eleana Tardiff Dawn Tennant Keith Thomas Rita Thomas Greg Thompson Janice Thompson Susan Thurston Kathy Tierney Sherri Trujillo Kevin Turner Doreen Tuttle Julie Tyrrell Virginia Uplinger Val Vance Maureen Van Der Kooi Karen VanDuser Sandy VanHooser Kevin Vanhutton Diane Vermilyea Robbie Vest 98 Virginia Vis Karen Walker Carl Wallis Pam Watson Robert Weeks Linda West Marie West Connie Whittaker Mike Will Barbara Williams Jerry Williams Gail Wilson Giny Wilson Terri Winchester Mark Wing Kristie Winingar Alfredia Winn Luann Wittenburg Virginia Wolverton Pat Woodbridge 99 Lilly Woolfrey Brenda Wortham Sandy Wright William Yauss Ronnie Yerkey Kathy Yoho Jim York John Young 100 MR. AND MISS GAR-FIELD Robin Dean and Jim Ferraro have attended Gar-field all four years of their high school education. They both have contributed endless time and devotion to sports and to making Gar-field the better school it is. 101 A Abel, A. I 80 Abel, M. I 80 Adams, B. I 40 Adams, J. I 80 Adcock, B.I 40 Affleck, T. I 40 Agee, T. I 40 Aiken, C. 40 Akers, G. I 80 Albers, D. I 56 Aldrich, C. 1 80 Aldrich, M. I 80 Alexander, B. I 40 Alexander, D. I 40 Alexander, M. I 80 Alig, R. I 80 Alacce, A. 80 Allen, L. I 80 Allen, L. 1 80 Allen, R. I 80 Allport, J. I 50 Alston, R. I 56 Alvey, J. I 56 Apperson, D. I 80 Amidon, P. I 56 Anderson, B. I 40 Anderson, C. I 40 Anderson, K. I 40 Anderson, M. I 40 Anderson, P. I 56 Anderson, R. I 80 Anderson, S. I 56 Anderson, S. I 56 Andrews, D. I 40 Andrews, R. I 56 Angel, S. I 56 Anible, K. I 56 Ansink, P. I 40 Averson, C. I 80 Alvarez, M. I 80 Arbisi, T. 11 83 Archer, J. 40 Archer, E. I 56 Archer, L. I 81 Armstrong, M. I 81 Armstrong, S. 11 83 Arnold, H. I 40 Arnold, J. II 83 Arnold, M. I 56 Arnold, P. I 81 Arnold, R. I 81 Arrington, R. I 56 Artz, J. I 57 Artz, M. I 81 Arvai, J. I 81 Ashley, C. I 81 Ashley, V. I 41 Atmore, M. I 57 Ator, M. I 81 Auman, D. 11 83 Auman, K. I 41 Ausley, B. 11 83 B Baber, S. I 57 Baarise, C. I 57 Bagby, K. I 57 Bagget, A. I 57 Baggett, Y. I 41 Bailey, A. I 81 Bailey, B. 11 83 Bailey, G. I 81 Bailey, D. I 81 Baker, D. I 41 Baker, D. I 81 Baldwin, D. I 41 Baldwin, R. II 83 Ballenger, P. I 41 Banks, B. II 83 Banik, J. I 81 Banik, J. I 81 Barber, J. 81 Barker, D. I 82 Barkow, G. I 57 Barkow, P. II 84 Barksdale, J. I 57 Barnett, W. I 57 Barron, A. 11 84 Barton, D. I 82 Barton, J. II 84 Banta, M. I 57 Barron, M. I 41 Bartee, J. I 57 Bartlett, R. 41 Barton, J. I 57 Bascue, R. I 57 Bates, A. I 82 Bates, E. I 57 Bates, L. I 82 Bates, H. I 58 Bates, J. I 58 Bates, T. I 58 Batt, R. I 58 Battagl ia, C. 11 84 Battin, L. II 84 Battistone, A. I 41 Battistone, L. I 58 Batton, T. I 58 Baukman, R. 11 84 Baxter, D. I 41 Baxter, N. I 58 Bayliss, B. I 58 Bays, B. I 82 Beadle, B. II 84 Beaad, P. 11 84 Beavers, S. I 83 Beavers, D. I 41 Beck, T. I 58 Begley, B. I 82 Beigie, D. I 58 Bell, A. I 82 Bell, B. I 82 Bell, H. I 58 Bell, K. I 82 Belk, D. I 82 Benda, D. I 82 Benda, L.I 58 Benda, R. I 58 Bendy, M. I 42 Benet, S. I 82 Bennett, R. II 84 Bent, S. I 58 Bergeria, L. II 84 Bergeria, W. I 42 Bergstrom, S. I 82 Bernard, M. I 58 Berry, J. I 58 Berry, J. I 58 Bery, P. I 42 Bertolasio, N. 1184 Bery, J. I 58 Besser, E. I 42 Bevels, D. I 58 Biberstein, L. I 82 Biddle, R. I 82 Birch, K. I 42 Birch, M. I 58 Bishop, C. I 58 Bishop, D. I 58 Bishop, R. I 58 Bishton, C. I 42 Bitner, S. I 58 Black, M. I 42 Blackburn, D. I 58 Blackman, A. I 82 Blair, M. I 58 Blankenship, P. I 58 Blazek, C. I 82 Blossey, C. I 42 Bockes, R. I 82 Bolin, T. I 82 Bond, T. I 82 Bonin, C. I 82 Bonin, R. I 52 Booth, K. I 82 Boots, G. I 82 Boots, P. I 58 Boozier, D. II 84 Borth, J. I 82 Bowers, B. I 42 Bouget, M. 11 84 Bouldin, R. I 59 Bouton, S. I 83 Bourget, M. I 59 Bowel, F. I 83 Bowman, G. II 84 Bowman, J. I 42 Bowman, P. I 59 Boyd, K. I 59 Bradleavitt, B. I 83 Bradley, H. I 59 Brady, L. I 42 Braker, R. I 82 Braswell, C. I 83 Braswell, D. II 84 Braty, P. I 83 Breeding, W. 11 84 Brewer, J. I 42 Brice, C. 11 85 Bridges, D. II 85 Brigham, L. 11 85 Brinson, R. II 85 Bristow, C. I 83 Britt, V. I 59 Broadbent, C. I 83 Brger, S. I 42 Bromley, I. I 59 Brooks, L. I 83 Brown, C. I 42 Brown, C. 11 85 Brown, D. I 59 Brown, D. 11 85 Brown, D. 11 85 Brown, E. 11 85 Brown, L. I 59 Brown, R. I 83 Brown, R. I 59 Brown, P. I 83 Brown, S. 42 Brown, L. I 59 Brown, V. I 59 Browning, D. I 83 Bruce, D. I 59 Brueser, T. I 83 Brumbaugh, C. I 83 Brunk, D. I 59 Brunner, R. I 59 Bryce, M. I 42 Bryant, L. I 83 Buchannan, S.I 59 Buckon,M. I 59 Buffington, B. I 42 Buffington, W. I 42 Bullock, M. I 59 Berge, H. I 59 Burke, B. I 59 Burke, L. I 59 Burkhart, J. I 59 Burns, L. I 42 Bush, A. I 42 Bushon, C. I 59 Bushey, M. I 59 Bussard, R. 11 85 Bustom, C. I 42 Burroughs, T. I 60 Batcher, C. I 60 C Cain, B. I 60 Calhoun, S. I 42 Campbell, C. 11 85 Caldwell, R. I 60 Campagna, J. I 60 Campbell, I 84 Campbell, R. 11 85 Campbell, W. I 60 Campbell, W. I 84 Canada, R. II 85 Cannon, C. I 84 Cantillion, R. I 60 Cantrell, R. I 84 Caprara, R. I 42 Carney, D. I 60 Carney, D. I 43 Carr, B. 11 85 Carr, M. I 43 Carr, T. I 84 Carrell, V. I 84 Carriger, M. I 60 Carter, J. I 43 Carter, S. I 60 Casasanta, L. I 60 Casasanta, M. I 43 Case, P. I 43 Case, P. I 84 Casteel, G. 11 85 Casteel, K. I 60 Castle, B. I 60 Castro, B. I 43 Castro, K. I 60 Cebula, C. I 84 Chaffin, B. I 84 Chait, A. II 85 Chait, E. I 84 Chakurda, M. I 84 Champion, D. I 84 Chancey, L. I 60 Chapman, J. 60 Chamman, T. I 84 Chappell, B. I 84 Chavonelle, A. I 84 Cheatem, E. I 60 Chenowith, B. I 84 Cheshire, G. I 60 Chiara, D. 11 85 Christopher, C. I 84 Clark, D. I 60 Clark, G. I 43 Clark, G. I 60 Clark, J. II 86 Clark, H. I 60 Clark, J. I 43 Clark, L. I 84 Clark, L. I 84 Clark, M. I 60 Clark, P. I 60 Clark, R. I 84 Clark, R. II 86 Clark, R. I 60 Clark, W. I 84 Clayson, C. 11 86 Clayson, R. I 60 Claery, M. I 61 Cleghon, T. I 61 Clement, C. 11 86 Clement, J. I 84 Cline, A. I 43 Cliny, M. II 86 Cloutier, K. I 6d Clukey, R. I 53 Cobb, P. II 86 Coder, P. II 86 Codispoti, J. I 84 Cogan, I 43 Cogan, S. 11 86 Collassard, C. I 84 Collassard, K. I 43 Coldren, J. I 43 Cole, C. I 61 Coleman, S. II 86 Coley, D. II 86 Collier, D. I 43 Collind, D. I 43 Colins, D. I 43 Combs, G. I 43 Comber, K. I 6d1 Conlin, T. I 61 Conley, P. I 43 102 Conneen, K. 1 61 Davis, P. 11 86 Connett, R. II 86 Davis, P. 1 85 Conwell, 1 84 Davis, R. 1 85 Cornwell, J. 11 86 Davis, S. 1 62 Cook, K. 1 84 Davis, W. 11 87 Cook, K. 1 43 Davisnon, K. 1 85 Cook, P. 1 61 Dawes, G. 1 85 Cook, T. 1 61 Dawson, D. 1 86 Cooper, F. 1 85 Dawson, D. II 87 Cooper, G. 1 85 Day, D. 1 86 Corbin, H. 11 86 Dean, T. 1 86 Cornett, B. II 86 Dean, R. II 87 Cornwell, T. 1 61 Deans, P. 1 86 Cory, M. 1 61 DeBaun, J. 1 44 Corrigan, A. II 86 DeBaun, M. 1 86 Cosner, C. 1 43 Debram, D. 1 62 Constine, J. 1 85 DeCarle, P. 1 63 Cotton, P. 1 85 Deck, K. 1 44 Counts, M. 11 86 Dehaven, G. 1 62 Courchene, R. 1 43 Deibler, V. 1 62 Courcher, D. 1 6d Deibler, D. 1 44 Cox, D. 1 61 Diebler, D. 1 86 Cox, G. 1 85 Deloach, K. 1 44 Cox, K. II 86 Delong, D. 1 86 Cox, M. 1 43 Delong, E. 1 44 Cox, P. 1 85 Deloizer, D. 1 63 Craigp, K. 1 61 Delouzer, L. II 87 Craigp, K. 1 43 Delucca, J. 1 62 Crammer, D. 1 85 Demartion, P. 1 62 Crammer, K. 1 43 DeMille, E. 1 86 Creager, P. 1 85 Dempsey, P. 1 86 Crespo, E. 1 61 Dempsey, R. 1 86 Cromwell, C. 1 85 Denniston, L. 1 86 Crossly, F. 1 61 Denny, C. 1 86 Crouse, K. 1 44 Dent, C. 1 62 Crouse, M. 11 85 Dent, D. 1 62 Crowe, R. 1 61 Dent, D. II 87 Croyon, D. 1 44 Deull, R. 1 86 Cryan, D. 1 61 Devan, J. 1 86 Cryan, D. 1 44 Devine, B. 1 44 Culley,D. II 86 Dixon, L. 1 62 Culley, S. 1 85 Dibson, J. 1 86 Culp, M. 1 85 Dobson, M. 1 63 Culp, M. 1 61 Dobson, M. 1 62 Cumberland, C. 1 85 Dodge, D. 1 62 Cumberland, J. 1 85 Dodge, R. 1 86 Cumberland, T. 1 61 Dodson, C. 1 86 Cummings, A. 1 44 Dodson, C. 1 44 Cuno, C. 1 85 Doke, D. 1 85 Cunoigan, R. 1 61 Donavan, K. 1 86 Cunningham, J. II 87 Doldt, J. II 87 Curfiss, V. II 87 Dolinger, M. 1 44 Curtis, R. 1 44 Doran, M. 1 86 Cutter, D. 1 61 Dorsey, V. 1 86 Cyr, E. 1 6d Dorell, D. 1 44 Czul, T. 1 61 Dodson, R. 1 62 Doyle, G. 1 86 D Doyle, J. 1 44 Drake, D. 1 62 Daigneau, K. 1 62 Driscoll, S. 1 62 Daigneau, R. II 87 Drumright, K. 1 44 Dailey, L. 1 85 Dubios, B. 1 86 Dailey, N. 1 62 DuCharme, M. 1 45 Dalton, D. 1 85 Dudley, W. 1 86 Dalton, R. 1 44 Duell, R. 1 45 Dangerfield, A. 1 85 Dulin, K. 1 62 Dangerfield, G. 1 61 Duling, J. 1 62 Daniels, D. 1 44 Duncan, B. 1 63 Daniels, D. 1 44 Duncan, C. 11 87 Daniels, T. 1 44 Duncan, J. 1 62 Darby, H. 1 85 Duncan, W. 1 86 Darnisn L. 1 85 Dunn, A. 1 87 Darnell, R. 1 62 Dunnigan, R. 1 87 Darnley, T. 1 85 Duvall, M. 1 54 Daubenspeck, J. 1 44 Duvall, J. 1 87 Davenport, R. 1 44 Dye, K. 1 87 David, J. 1 85 Dyer, B. II 87 Davis, C. 1 62 Dymond, B. 1 45 Davis, G. 1 62 Dymond, M. 1 87 Davis, G. II 87 Davis, H. 1 62 E Davis, J. 1 44 Davis, K. 1 85 Early, J. 1 45 Early, S. 1 45 Fridkiss, B. 1 46 Eckenfels, J. 1 45 Fuller, B. 1 88 Eckenfels, M. II 87 Fullerton, D. 1 88 Edwards, D. 1 45 Fulton, D. 1 64 Edwards, M. 1 45 Funk, B. 1 46 Elsey, C. 1 63 Funk, B. 1 88 Embry, B. 1 35 Furgeson, D. 1 87 Embrey, P. II 87 Furgason, D. 1 64 Emmerick, D. 1 63 Engel, R. 1 45 G Engler, M. 1 45 English, K. II 87 Gaines, D. 1 64 English, L. 1 45 Gaddid, W. 1 64 English, L. 1 63 Galioto, B. 1 64 English, R. II 87 Galioto, D. 1 64 Ennis, B. 1 63 Gallagher, D. 1 64 Enriquez, Z. II 88 Gallagher, M. 1 45 Erickson, M. 1 63 Gardener, M. 1 64 Ertell, P. 1 45 Gardener, S. 1 88 Estes, A. 1 87 Gardiner, P. 1 45 Estes, K. 1 63 Garlough, C. 1 45 Etheridge, K. 1 35 Garlough, R. 1 64 Evans, D. 1 63 Garza, R. 1 88 Evans, L. 1 45 Gaskill, G. 1 64 Everertt, R. 1 87 Gates, C. II 88 Everett, Y. 1 45 Gasdo, R. 1 64 Ewald, E. 1 87 Geiger, R. 1 64 Ewart, S. 1 45 Geman, R. II 88 Gerhke, C. 1 88 F Gerhke, P. 1 64 Gibbons, B. 1 88 Faber, T. 1 88 Gibson, H. 1 88 Fairhtweather, W. II 88 Gilbert, J. 1 88 Falvey, D. 1 63 Giles, D. 1 88 Fargo, D. 1 45 Giles, T. II 88 Farria, C. 1 87 Gilker, G. 1 88 Farria, S. 1 63 Gillepsie, R. 1 46 Faluk, M. II 88 Gillette, J. 1 64 Fehrendoch, L. 1 87 Gillette, K. 1 65 Fenter, C. 1 63 Gillroy, A. 1 88 Fergesson, C. 1 63 Gillroy, T. 1 46 Ferguson, T. 1 63 Gills, C. 1 88 Ferran, C. 1 63 Giampa, D. 1 65 Ferran, L. 1 45 Girvin, P. 1 88 Ferraro, J. 11 88 Gish, J. 1 88 Ferraro, R. 1 64 Glenn, J. 1 65 Ferrell, D. 1 64 Glenn, S. 1 46 Fick, M. II 88 Glover, M. 11 89 Fiegle, D. 1 87 Gnoffo, J. II 89 Fiegle, G. 1 64 Goding, J. 1 89 Firey, P. 1 64 Goding, R. 1 46 Fierey, L. 87 Goding, T. II 89 Fisher, B. 1 87 Golden, W. 1 89 Fitzergerald, J. 1 64 Gozales, E. 1 89 Fitgerald, J. 1 88 Gooch, A. 1 89 Fitzgerald, S. 1 45 Gooch, T. 1 89 Fitzgibber, B. 1 45 Gooden, C. 11 89 Fitzpatrick, D. 1 64 Goodloe, J. 1 89 Flanagan, S. 1 88 Goodman, D. 1 65 Flanangan, T. 1 45 Gordon, P. 1 46 Flatford, P. II 88 Gordon, R. 1 65 Fleshman, K. 1 88 Gordon, R. 1 65 Fleshman, M. 11 88 Goretsas, G. II 89 Flynn, J. 1 45 Gorham, L. 1 89 Flynn, K. 1 64 Gough, B. 1 65 Folks, D. 1 64 Gould, J. 1 46 Folks, K. II 88 Goulla, D. 1 65 Foote, S. 1 88 Gourdie, E. 1 65 Ford, B. 1 88 Gourdier, R. 1 89 Ford, P. II 88 Graber, D. 1 65 Forman, C. 1 64 Grabber, M. 1 65 Fountain, M. 1 88 Graham, D. 1 65 Foy, L. 1 64 Graham, J. 1 65 Fraker, P. 1 64 Graf, D. II 89 Frank, L. 1 45 Graham, P. 1 65 Franklin, F. 11 88 Graham, S. 1 89 Franz, C. 1 88 Grandt, C. 1 65 Frater, C. 1 88 Grey, J. 1 89 Fravel, G. 1 46 Gray, W. 1 89 Fravel, K. II 88 Green, A. 1 89 Frayer, G. 1 64 Green, D. 1 89 Frayer, R. 11 88 Green, D. 1 65 Frijosky, J. 1 46 Greenhown, H. 1 89 INDEX Greenwall, L. I 89 Greenwalt, S. 11 89 Grier, C. I 46 Griffin, M. I 46 Griffin, S. I 89 Griffith, L. II 89 Grimes, L. I 65 Grimes, S. I 89 Grimesly, E. I 65 Grindle, L. I 65 Gringe, D. I 65 Gross, B. I 65 Gross, T. I 46 Gross, S. I 69 Grote, S. I 46 Groves, H. I 65 Grubbs, D. I 46 Grubbs, L. I 65 Grupe, R. I 65 Gumpert, M. I 89 Gunter, J. 11 89 Gunter, T. I 89 Guy, M. I 89 H Haas, R. I 89 Haase, S. I 65 Haga, D. I 46 Hagadorn, J. 89 Hagan, J. I 66 Hager, G. I 89 Hainsworth, K. I 89 Hainesworth, D. I 66 Halderman, D. I 46 Halderman, D. I 66 Hale, R. I 46 Halen, K. I 46 Hall, R. II 89 Hallock, L. I 66 Hamilton, D. I 66 Han, G. I 89 Hancon, D. I 90 Hand, L. I 66 Hand, R. I 90 Hapner, G. I 46 Harados, C. I 66 Hardaway, C. I 66 Hardy, G. I 90 Hare, K. I 66 Hare, M. II 89 Hargis, R. I 66 Harlon, F. I 66 Harrell, M. I 90 Harris, D. I 47 Harris, D. II 89 Hart, T. I 90 Hauke, D. I 66 Hauke, T. II 89 Havener, M. II 89 Havener, S. I 90 Haver, R. I 90 Hawk, S. I 90 Hawks, M. I 47 Hawkins, C. 11 89 Hawl, T. II 89 Hawley, D. I 90 Haynes, B. I 90 Haywood, C. I 46 Haywood, D. I 90 Hayword, S. I 47 Hay word, T. 11 89 Heflin, K. I 90 Heatwide, L, II 90 Hefner, K. I 90 Hefner, S. I 66 Heiser, M. I 68 Heit, C. I 90 Heller, D. I 47 Heller, D. I 90 Helsey, P. 11 90 Hembrey, L. I 66 Hendrick, J. I 47 Hinderick, F. I 90 Helms, M. I 90 Hetrick, S. I 89 Hicks, J. I 66 Hicks, S. 11 90 Hustand, D. I 66 Hilderbrand, B. I 66 Hildebrand, 11 90 Hill, J. I 47 Hill, P. I 47 Hill, P. I 90 Hillard, I 90 Himmell, D. I 66 Hinderlighter, T. I 66 Hindin, A. I 90 Hindin, M. I 47 Hines, C. I 47 Hinman, J. I 66 Hite, M. II 90 Hoagland, H. I 66 Hochgertle, J. I 66 Hochgertle, I 90 Hodges, C. I 90 Hoffman, C. I 67 Hoffmann, D. II 90 Hollandsworth, D. II 90 Holbrooks, L. I 67 Holdsworth, L. 67 Holley, W. I 67 Holloway, G. I 90 Holmberg, D. I 47 Holt, B. I 91 Holzinger, S. I 91 Holzinger, T. I 67 Hooks, D. I 91 Hooper, P. I 91 Hopewell, B. 67 Hopkins, B. II 90 Hopkins, P. 11 90 Hora, R. I 47 Horton, G. I 47 Horton, M. I 67 Hoshar, K. II 90 Hoss, G. I 67 Houston, B. I 67 Horton, S. I 67 Hovey, L. I 67 Hovey, T. I 47 Howard, D. I 67 Howard, D. I 67 Howard, T. II 90 Howington, E. I 67 Huffman, D. II 90 Huffman, K. I 67 Huffman, T. II 90 Huffstickler, I 67 Huhn, B. I 91 Humbert, L. I 67 Humphries, L. I 47 Hunt, P. I 91 Hunter, D. I 91 Hunter, P. I 91 Hurley, D. II 90 Hurt, R. I 47 Hutchinson, K. I 47 Hutchinson, P. I 91 Hylton, I. I 67 Hyter, K. I 67 I Ijams, B. I 47 Irby, B. I 67 Ison, M. I 47 Ivey, G. I 67 Ivey, S. I 91 J Jachimowicz, W. I 67 Jacks, M. 91 Jackson, S. I 47 Jacobs, F. I 47 James, F. I 91 Janiga, P. I 91 Jefferies, J. I 91 Jenkins, M. I 47 Jenkins, M. II 90 Jernigan, R. II 90 Jewell, J. I 68 Joines, J. I 91 Johannson, T. I 91 Johlfs, K. 68 Johnson, A. I 68 Johnson, B. I 68 Johnson, C. I 91 Johnson, D. 11 90 Johnson, H. I 91 Johnson, J. I 68 Johnson, J. I 47 Johnson, L. I 68 Johnson, R. I 91 Johnson, S. I 68 Johnson, S. II 90 Johnson, S.I 68 Johnson, T. I 91 Johnston, G. II 90 Johnston, K. I 91 Jones, B. I 92 Jones, B. I 68 Jones, C. I 91 Jones, D. II 90 Jones, J. I 68 Jones, M. I 91 Jones, P. I 68 Jones, S. I 68 Jones, T. I 48 Jorden, R. I 92 Jorgensen, F. I 92 Just, T. I 92 K Kackley, M. I 68 Kackley, D. II 91 Kameck, B. II 91 Kanala, D. I 68 Kanala, J. II 91 Kare, B. II 91 Karr, C. I 68 Karuzes, M. I 92 Kaserman, S. I 68 Katsarellis, P. I 92 Katsarelis, S. I 48 Kay, S. I 68 Kearney, M. I 68 Kearns, K. I 92 Kearns, S. I 92 Keatts, T. I 68 Keenan, D. I 68 Keesucker, R. I 92 Keesucker, T. I 48 Keller, D. I 68 Keller, J. I 48 Keller, K. I 68 Keller, K I 92 Keller, P. I 68 Kelly, L. I 92 Kelly, N. I 48 Kelly, T. I 68 Kelley, J. I 92 Kelley, M. I 92 Kelley, T. I 92 Kelley, V. II 91 Kemp, L. I 92 Kenauias, M. I 92 Kendell, C. I 92 Kendell, B. I 48 Kent, P. I 92 Kersse, L I 92 Kersse, R. I 49 Kersse, S. I 92 Kessler, D. I 92 Kevan, O. I 92 Kiernan, B. I 48 Kiernan, V. II 91 Kile, F. I 92 Kilgore, A. I 69 Killrakis, J. I 48 Kimbel, C. I 69 Kimbrell, T. I 69 Kime, M. I 40 Kinchloe, M. II 91 King, M. I 48 King, J. II 91 King, V. I 92 Kirby, K. I 92 Kirk, C. II 91 Kirk, G. I 93 Kirkmen, R. II 91 Kiselak, N. I 69 Kitzmiller, G. I 69 Kitzmiller, L. I 48 Klopp, B. I 93 Klopp, K. II 91 Klopp, S. I 69 Knepper, B. I 69 Knepper, S. 48 Knox, S. I 48 Koch, R. I 49 Koerner, S. I 48 Kolk, E. I 93 Konkel, J. I 69 Konopik, B. I 93 Kopozyn, K. I 48 Kornacki, D. I 69 Katelly, R. II 91 Koutlounadis, G. I 48 Kratcoxki, F. I 69 Krieder, L. II 91 Kroll, M. I 48 Kroner, K. I 69 Kroner, M. 11 91 Kukins, D. I 91 Kupfer, D. I 69 L LaBrie, A. I 93 Lacy, F. II 91 LaFurney, J. I 69 Lang, D. I 93 Lake, I 48 Lake, T. I 93 Lakitas, T. I 49 Lam, T. I 69 Lambiasi, J. I 93 Lambiasi, L. I 91 Lambiasi, T. I 69 Lane, D. 11 91 Lang, S. I 48 Langland, L. I 69 Lanier, C. I 93 Lanthier, K. I 93 Lanthier, L. I 93 Karsen, D. I 69 Karsen, R. I 93 Lawrsen, C. I 69 Lawhead, B. I 69 Lawrence, H. I 69 Lawrence, V. I 69 Lawson, G. I 93 Lawson, H.11 92 Lawson, J. 11 92 Lawson, K. I 93 Lawson, M. I 93 Leavitt, D. I 48 Lear, K. I 93 Leber, B. I 69 Leckemby, R. I 93 Ledbetter, D. II 92 Ledbetter, J. I 69 Leiker, D. I 93 Leonard, C. I 69 Lesperance, S. 11 92 104 INDEX Lester, D. I 49 Level, K. II 92 Levesque, D. I 49 Levesque, P. I 93 Lewis, C. II 92 Lewis, M. I 49 Lietha, C. I 93 Lightfoot, C. I 93 Lightfoot, M. I 49 Liley, D. I 69 Liming, D. II 92 Liming, G. I 70 Liming, G. I 93 Liming, S. I 93 Liming, T. I 70 Linaberry, J. II 92 Linaberry, S. II 92 Lineberger, M. I 70 Linegar, C. I 93 Lingway, D. I 93 Lippold, L. I 93 Lipscomb, S. 11 92 Lisenby, D. I 70 Lisenby, T. I 94 Little, K. I 94 Little, W. I 94 Lloyd, R. II 92 Lockett, D. I 70 Lockwood, J. II 92 Long, A. I 94 Long, G. I 70 Long, G. I 94 Look, A. I 49 Lookabill, S. I 94 Looney, N.I 70 Lopes, M. I 70 Lopez, M, I 94 Lore, J. I 94 Lorelli, M. I 70 Lorens, D. I 49 Lorenzo, M. I 94 Longh, C.I 94 Love, S. I 94 Loveless, B. I 49 Loveless, H. I 94 Lowry, C. I 70 Luckett, R. I 70 Ludwick, D. I 94 Ludwig, J. I 94 Lunnen, K. I 94 Luther, D. II 92 Lyden, J. I 49 Lyden, K. I 94 Lydon, M. I 70 Lynch, G. 11 92 Lynch, K. I 94 Lyon, D. I 94 M MacFarlane, J. I 94 Mack, I. I 49 Mackabee, J. I 96 Mackler, T. I 94 Madrid, P. I 94 Magor, J. I 49 Mahle, C. I 94 Mahood, P. I 49 Mallery, F. I 94 Malley, M. I 70 Mallow, B. I 49 Manikas, C. I 49 Manikas, S. I 70 Manning, R. I 49 Manuel, E. 92 Manviller, D. I 70 Marada, K. I 94 Marascio, D. I 70 Marnin, L. I 49 Marsden, D. I 49 Marsden, R. I 70 Marshall, S. I 95 Martin, D. I 70 Martin, D. I 70 Martin, G. I 70 Martin, M. I 49 Martinez, E. I 95 Martocci, L. II 93 Martocci, W. I 70 Marvel, S. 95 Masenas, L. I 70 Mason, D. I 95 Mathews, S. I 70 Mathews, S. 11 93 Matos, C. 11 93 Mattingly, K. II 93 McCall, D. I 49 McCall. L. I 70 McClure, D. I 49 McClure, J. I 49 McClure, K. I 70 McClure, M. I 95 McClurkin, J. I 95 McClurkin, M. I 49 McClennan, D. I 95 McClanhan, J. I 71 McCown, P. I 71 McCurry, B. II 93 McDaniel, R. I 95 McDonald , A. I 95 McDonald, L. I 71 McElveen, C. I 71 McElvey, D. I 95 McFarland, G. I 49 McFarland, V. I 49 McGarrigle, K. I 70 McGee, M. I 95 McGlothlin, T. I 71 McGovern, J. I 71 McGovern, K. I 95 McGowan, M. I 71 McKenny, M. I 95 McKenzie, M. I 71 McKenzie, R. II 94 McKenney, K. I 50 McLean, P. I 95 McNeal, G. I 50 McShane, B. I 50 McReynolds, J. I 71 Meade, V. I 95 Meadows, B. I 71 Meadows, R. I 71 Meager, P. I 95 Meekma, M. I 50 Mehr, D. I 71 Melcher, D. I 95 Mellow, M. I 95 Mello, R. I 50 Mello, M. 50 Melony, K. I 95 Mentiply, T. I 95 Mervin, J. I 50 Matthew, Mernin, I 71 Merrifield, A. I 95 Mersine, T. I 71 Mervine, F. II 93 Mervine, L. I 50 Messplay, P. I 50 Messplay, T. I 95 Meszaras, J. I 71 Meszaros, M. I 95 Metoyer, R. I 50 Metta, E. I 95 Meyer, L. I 71 Meyer, R. I 95 Meyers, T. I 96 Meyers, V. I 96 Mick, M. I 96 Milbert, J. I 71 Miller, A. I 71 Miller, C. I 50 Miller, D. I 71 Miller, G. I 96 Miller, J. I 71 Miller, J. I 71 Miller, J. I 96 Miller, R. I 50 Miller, C. I 50 Mills, D. I 96 Mills, J. 93 Mills, J. II 93 Mills, T. I 96 Mills, W. I 71 Mims, J. I 50 Minlionica, K. I 96 Mitchell, D. II 93 Mitchell, L. I 71 Mitchell, L. I 50 Mackler, S. I 50 Moon, C. I 72 Moore, E. II 93 Moore, G. II 93 Moore, M. I 50 Moore, R. I 72 Moore, S. I 72 Moore, W. I 72 Moorehead, D. I 96 Moran, M. I 96 Moragne, R. I 96 Morgan, L. I 96 Morris, C. I 50 Morris, C. I 96 Morrison, B. I 72 Morrison, K. I 72 Moshgat, D. I 72 Moulton, T. I 96 Mowdy, B. II 93 Mulgrew, B. I 72 Mulgrew, D. I 96 Mullennex, E. I 72 Mullins, G. I 96 Munyan, F. I 72 Munyan, W. I 50 Murphy, B. I 72 Murphy, B. I 96 Murphy, D. I 72 Murphy, G. I 72 Murphy, P. I 72 Murphey, M. I 50 Murphey, M. I 96 Murypy, M. I 50 Murroy, K. II 93 Murray, M. I 50 Murray, S. I 96 Myers, M. I 72 Myers, B. I 50 Meyers, L. I 96 Marvine, C. I 96 N Nageotte, R. I 72 Nagle, C. I 96 Najjum, G. II 93 Napper, C. I 72 Nash, D. I 96 Naylor, S. I 72 Neal, A, I 96 Neal, R. I 72 Neal, S. I 96 Neild, P. I 72 Nelem, P. I 97 Nesmith, J. I 97 Newberry, S. I 72 Newett, J. I 50 Newitt, L. I 97 Newman, B. I 72 Newman, R. I 97 Neyhouse, K. II 93 Nicholas, R. I 50 Nichols, V. I 97 Nickerson, C. I 72 Nickolson, H. I 75 Nollsor, K. 11 94 Nilson, V. I 72 Nixon, D. 11 94 Nixon, J. I 72 Nocifora, I 73 Nocifora, T. I 50 Nofsinger, P. I 97 Nolan, R. I 97 Nolan, S. 11 94 Norbutt, S. I 97 Norman, B. I 97 Norman, B. I 93 Norman, D. I 73 Norman, P. II 94 Norman, R. I 73 Norman, T. I 97 Novak, J. 11 94 O O ' Conner, D. I 97 O ' Conner, M. I 51 O ' Leary, L. I 73 O ' Leary, T. I 73 Olenik, N. II 94 Oley, D. I 97 Olin, D. I 97 Olin, S. I 97 Olivia, J. I 81 Olivia, M. I 73 Olson, D. I 97 Olson, J. I 97 O ' Neil, P. I 73 O ' Neil, T. II 94 O ' Neill, W. I 97 Orehowsky, D. I 97 Orehowsky, M. I 73 Orehowsky, T. I 51 Ortiz, A. I 51 Osborne, F. I 97 Osborne, S. I 97 O ' Shea, K. I 97 O ' Shea, M. I 97 O ' Shea, T. I 97 Osnoe, G. I 73 Overstreet, V. I 73 Owens, D. I 97 Owing, D. I 97 Owings, B. I 51 P Paciocco, B. I 51 Paciocco, L. I 73 Palestro, J. I 51 Palmer, B. 73 Palmer, B. 97 Palmer, G. I 51 Palmer, K. I 97 Parker, J. I 98 Parker, S. II 94 Parkhurst, D. II 94 Parkhurst, J. I 98 Parks, J. I 51 Parks, W. I 73 Parsels, J. I 98 Parsels, J. I 98 Parsons, K. I 98 Pashkoisky, R. I 73 Passmore, B. I 73 Patterson, D. II 92 Patterson, P. I 51 Patterson, T. I 51 Paxton, R. I 98 Payne, A. I 93 Payne, H. I 98 Payne, M. I 73 Payne, S. 98 Payton, D. I 73 Peacher, S. I 98 Pearson, B. I 73 Pegler, D. I 98 Pegler, L. I 51 Pekgarski, M. I 73 Pelzarski, I 98 INDEX Pemberton, R. 1 73 Ragland, R. 1 99 Penland, R. II 94 Rains, M. 1 99 Penland, R. 1 73 Raiselis, M. 1 99 Pennington, S. 1 98 Ramey, B. 1 74 Peoples, D. 1 73 Ramey, D. 1 52 Peoples, P. II 94 Ramey, P. 1 99 Perdue, L. 1 73 Ramos, E. 1 99 Perkins, L. II 94 Ratliff, L. 1 74 Perrotti, S. 1 51 Ray, M. 1 52 Perry, C. 1 98 Ray, S. 1 99 Perry, R. II 94 Raybin, R. 1 99 Perryman, J. 1 51 Raymer, J. 1 52 Peterson, H. 1 98 Reagle, B. 11 95 Peterson, J. 1 98 Rebel, J. 1 74 Petkosen, F. 11 94 Reed, J. 1 99 Petitt, M. 1 94 Reed, M. 1 99 Petrey, V. 11 94 Reeves, M. 1 99 Pfenger, L. 1 98 Regan, E. 11 95 Phelps, H. II 94 Reichart, D. 11 95 Phelps, S. 1 74 Reichart, J. 1 99 Pierce, G. 1 51 Reichart, M. 1 74 Pierce, L. 1 98 Meinke, K. 11 95 Pieritz, D. 1 51 Reny, P. 1 99 Pieritz, D. II 94 Rice, L. 1 74 Pierpoint, B. 1 51 Richardson, D. 1 52 Pillis, G. 1 74 Richardson, R. 1 52 Pilson, S. 1 51 Riddle, R. 1 74 Pishock, S. 1 51 Rider, J. 1 52 Pitts, E. 1 98 Ridley, J. 1 74 Pluto, M. 1 98 Riggs, B. 1 99 Poe, S. 1 51 Riley, E. 1 74 Polansky, S. 1 74 Riley, M. 1 52 Polhemus, L. 1 98 Riley, M. 1 99 Ponder, P. 1 98 Riley, T. 1 52 Ponstingel, L. 1 51 Riley, V. 1 99 Pope, Tina, 1 98 Ringold, G. 1 99 Porter, H. 1 98 R inker, W. 1 52 Porto, R. 1 98 Ritts, S. 11 95 Post, D. 1 98 Rivera, R. 1 74 Pote, P. 1 98 Rivers, S. 1 99 Potter, J. 1 98 Rives, V. 1 74 Powell, E. 1 98 Roach, C. II 95 Powell, F. 1 74 Roach, R. 1 99 Pratt, B. 1 51 Roakes, 1 99 Prentiss, W. 1 74 Robbins, M. 1 74 Presti, L. 11 94 Robbins, M. 1 100 Price, D. 1 98 Robbins, M. 1 52 Price, H. II 95 Robbins, P. 1 52 Price, J. 1 51 Robbins, R. 1 100 Price, S. 1 98 Roberts, K. 1 74 Prior, F. 1 99 Robertson, P. 1 75 Prior, M. II 95 Robertson, R. 1 52 Pritt, G. II 95 Robichard, E. II 95 Pritts, R. II 95 Robinson, D. 1 100 Prue, C. 1 51 Robinson, R. 1 75 Publicover, J. 11 95 Robinson, S. 1 75 Publicover, J. 11 95 Robinson, D. 1 100 Puckett, B. 1 99 Rockwell, J. 11 95 Puckett, L. 1 99 Rodgers, D. 1 52 Pugh, M. 1 51 Rodgers, D. 1 75 Purrell, D. i 99 Rodgers, H. 1 100 Purvas, R. 1 98 Rodgers, J. 1 100 Putze, G. 1 74 Roedel, K. 1 75 Putze, P. 52 Roeske, R. 1 100 Roger, B. 1 75 Q Rogers, B. 1 75 Rogers, J. 1 75 Queene, E. 1 99 Rogers, K. 1 75 Queen, S. 1 99 Rogers, L 1 75 Qucik, D. 1 74 Rogers, M. 1 100 Quick, P, 1 99 Rold, P. 1 100 Quintana, R. 1 99 Rollison, R. II 95 Quirin, M. 52 Rose, K. 1 100 Quirin, D. 1 99 Rossomondo, A. 1 100 Ross, G. 1 100 R Ross, J. 1 100 Ross, P. II 95 Rader, C. 1 74 Ross, T. II 95 Rader, R. 1 52 Rowe, B. 1 75 Raftelis, J. 1 74 Ruais, R. 1 100 Raftelis, S. 1 95 Ruby, D. 1 52 Ruby, K. 100 Sherrod, S. 1 76 Ruitt, P. 1 75 Shingler, D. II 96 Rush, R. 1 52 Shingler, W. II 96 Russell, A. 1 52 Shepley, R. 1 101 Russell, D. 1 100 Shoraga, B. 1 101 Russell, J. 1 75 Short, S. 1 101 Russell, V. 1 75 Shunamon, R. 1 76 Ruitt, B. 1 100 Sieger, D. 1 101 Ryan, J. 1 52 Sieger, M. 1 53 Ryan, R. 1 100 Simmons, B. 1 101 Simmons, J. 1 101 S Simmonds, T. 1 101 Simonson, C. II 96 Sass, S. 1 100 Simonson, S. 1 53 Saltamachio, J. 1 75 Simpson, L. 1 101 Sampson, B. 1 75 Simpson, W, 1 76 Sams, D. 1 75 Sission, D. 1 101 Sandridge, D. 1 75 Skillen, K. II 96 Sandy, J. 1 100 Skinner, S. 11 96 Sandy, J. 1 52 Slattery, L. 1 53 Santmier, R. 1 100 Slaughter, E. 1 53 Santmier, O. 1 52 Sliger, L. 1 53 Saunders, P. 1 75 Smirco, S. 1 76 Saupp, K. 1 75 Smith, A. 1 76 Savana, S. 1 75 Smith, A. 1 53 Savatt, R. 1 100 Smith, A. 1 101 Sawicki, L. 1 52 Smith, B. 1 101 Saxon, B. 11 96 Smith, C. 1 101 Saxton, T. 1 75 Smith, C. 1 76 Scaggs, M. 1 75 Smith, D. 1 76 Scanban, D. 11 96 Smith, D. II 97 Scarbro, D. 11 96 Smith, E. 1 76 Scardina, T. 1 100 Smith, J. 1 76 Scardina, V. 1 52 Smith, J. 1 76 Scearce, D. 1 52 Smith, K. 1 76 Schaefer, E. 1 75 Smith, L. 1 53 Schiele, C. II 96 Smith, L. 1 101 Schimpf, B. 1 100 Smith, P. 1 53 Schuner, D. 1 75 Smith, R. 1 76 Schilders, D. 1 75 Smith, R. 1 101 Schlagel, C. 1 75 Smith, S. 1 53 Schlimger, C. 1 52 Smith, S. 1 101 Schlimger, S. 1 100 Smith, T. 1 53 Schmidt, R. 1 11 Smith, V. II 97 Schnell, R. 1 52 Smith, W. II 97 Scholtz, W. 1 75 Smith, V. 1 77 Schramm, L. 1 100 Snyder, R. II 97 Schultz, R. 1 75 Snyder, S. 11 97 Schultz, S. 1 75 Sohn, K. 76 Schultz, W. 1 52 Sohn, T. II 97 Schumacher, C. 1 100 Solati, S. 1 76 Schuster, J. 1 100 Somma, V. 1 76 Schuster, K. 1 75 Sossebee, C. 1 53 Schwartz, P. 1 76 Sossebb, D. 1 101 Scott, M. 1 101 Sowell, J. 1 101 Scott, S. 1 52 Specht, G. 1 102 Scruggs, T. 1 76 Specht, S. 11 97 Sears, D. 1 53 Spellman, D. 1 53 Seitz, B. 1 101 Spellman, J. 1 102 Sekulick, A. 11 96 Spicer, L. 1 102 Severson, R. 1 101 Spicer, R. 1 76 Seville, B. 1 53 Spicer, S. 1 76 Sexton, D. 1 101 Sponseller, M. 1 102 Shade, R. 1 53 Spoon, M. 1 76 Shade, R. 1 101 Spooner, R. 1 53 Shaffer, J. 1 76 Spring, M. II 97 Shaffer, K. 1 101 Stableford, D. 1 76 Shamburg, D. 1 101 Stallworth, P. 1 102 Shanahan, V. 1 76 Stanley, G. 1 102 Shank, D. II 96 Stanley, W. 1 53 Shannon, J. 1 53 Stauding, B. 1 76 Shank, K. 1 76 Stecher, 1 53 Shank, K. 1 101 Stephens, D. 1 53 Sharp, C. 1 101 Stephens, F. 1 77 Shaw, R. 1 76 Stephens, S. 1 102 Shaw, R. 1 76 Steward, C. 1 77 Shaw, S. 1 101 Stewart, E. 1 102 Shepard, D. II 96 Stewart, L. 1 53 Sheppard, B. 1 76 Stewart, T. 1 102 Sheppard, M. 1 76 Stickler, C. 1 102 Sheppard, M. 1 76 Still, C. 1 53 106 INDEX Stillwell, D. I 77 Stith, E. I 102 Stith, E. I 77 Stoffregan, D. II 97 Stoffregan, J. I 102 Stone, C. II 97 Stone, C. I 102 Storie, P. I 53 Story, L. I 77 Stonemetz, J. I 102 Strickland, C. I 102 Strickland, J. II 97 Strickland, K. I 102 Stringer, T. I 77 Stuart, E. I 77 Suddarth, K. I 77 Suddarth, M. 11 97 Sugar, M. I 53 Sullivan, D. I 102 Sullivan, F. I 102 Sullivan, K. I 77 Sullivan, L. I 77 Sullivan, L. I 77 Sullivan, P. II 97 Sullivan, T. I 102 Swanson, R. I 77 Sweeney, D. I 102 Swoope, N. II 96 T Tabourn, E. I 77 Tabourn, J. II 97 Tabourn, T. I 102 Tardiff, E. II 98 Tardiff, T. I 77 Tarlton, B. I 77 Tarlton, E. I 53 Tarlton, E. I 53 Tatum, M. I 102 Taylor, M. I 102 Taylor, S. I 102 Taylor, V. I 102 Tecevia, M. I 103 Tedrick, T. I 101 Tellis, R. I 77 Templeton, S. I 77 Tennant, D. I 77 Tennant, D. 11 98 Tenant, D. I 103 Terczak, P. I 102 Thomas, C. I 102 Thomas, D. I 77 Thomas, E. I 102 Thomas, K. II 98 Thomas, L. I 53 Thomas, R. II 98 Thommarson, P. I 77 Thompson, G. I 102 Thompson, J. I 102 Thompson, J. II 98 Thompson, J. I 77 Thorpe, K. I 53 Thorsteinson, S. I 103 Thurston, C. I 103 Thurston, L. I 103 Thurston, L. I 103 Tisdale, C. I 77 Tierney, K. II 98 Tolson, J. I 78 Townsend, R. I 78 Torres, T. I 54 Tranee, P. I 78 Tracy, S. I 103 Traywick, A. A. I 103 Triplett, G. I 54 Trivett, J. I 103 Trivett, M. I 78 Trotter, M. I 78 Troutman, R. I 103 Trujillo, S. II 98 Tuchalska, B. I 54 Turley, T. I 103 Turner, D. I 78 Turner, J. I 78 Turner, K. II 98 Turner, T. I 103 Turner, R. I 103 Tuttle, H. I 78 Twigg, D. I 78 Tyler, G. I 54 Tyrell, J. 11 98 Tyrell, J. I 54 Tyrell, R. 103 U Ulrich, S. I 78 Underwood, W. I 54 Upton, D. I 78 Urban, L. I 54 Urbanek, S. I 78 V Val, V. II 98 Valentine, G. I 54 VanDerArk, K. I 103 VanDerKooi, M. II 98 VanDuser, L. II 98 VanHooser, B. I 78 VanHooser, L. I 103 VanHooser, S. 11 98 Vanhutton, K. II 98 Vanhutton, M. I 78 Vanover, K. I 54 VanRoo, M. I 78 Vanscheick, Sharon, I 78 Varmilyea, D. II 98 Vaughn, M. I 54 Vena, A. I 54 Vena, B. I 103 Vena, C. I 103 Veneskey, A. I 78 Veneskey, D. I 103 Ventrell, J. I 103 Vermilyea, D. I 103 Vernon, C. I 78 Vest, D. I 103 Vest, R. II 98 Vest, S. I 103 Vis, D. I 103 Vis, N. I 78 Vis, II 99 Vitola, N. I 103 Voit, K. I 54 W Wadhams, C. I 54 Wagner, K. I 103 Wainwright, J. I 78 Wainwright, K. I 54 Waite, R. I 78 Walke, D. I 54 Walker, K. II 107 Walker, R. I 54 Walker, T. I 78 Wallis, C. II 107 Wallis, F. I 68 Walters, L. I 78 Walters, P. I 78 Warren, E. I 78 Washburn, D. I 54 Waterstriat, F. I 103 Watson, P. II 107 Watt, B. I 54 Watt, B. I 103 Watt, S. I 103 Watholak, M. I 103 Waymore, B. I 103 Weaver, J. I 78 Weaver, L. I 104 Webb, M. I 78 Webber, T. I 54 Weedon, B. I 78 Weedon, M. I 54 Weedon, S. I 54 Weeks, A. I 54 Weeks, R. II 107 Wehrenberg, D. I 79 Weoley, C. I 104 Wells, C. I 54 West, D. I 79 West, E. I 79 West, G. I 79 West, L. II 107 West, L. I 104 West, M. II 107 Wheeler, D. I 79 Wheller, E. I 104 White, J. I 79 White, R, I 79 Whiteshell, S. I 54 Whiting, E. I 79 Whitley, W. I 79 Whitlock, D. I 79 Whittaker, D. II 107 Whittenburg, D. I 104 Wido, M. I 79 Widdows, R. I 79 Wilburn, T. I 54 Wiley, D. I 54 Wilkins, S. I 104 Will, K. I 104 Will, M. II 107 William, R. 179 Williams, B. 11 107 Williams, C. I 79 Williams, D. I 55 Williams, E. I 79 Williams, E. I 79 Williams, J. II 55 Williams, J. II 107 Williams, J. I 104 Williams, L. I 104 Williams, L. I 55 Williams, R. I 55 Williams, S. I 54 Williams, S. I 55 Willia, B. I 104 Willis, D. I 55 Willson, S. I 104 Willisan, D. I 54 Wilson, C. I 55 Wilson, D. I 55 Wilson, II 107 Wilson, II 107 Wilson, J. I 55 Wilson, S. I 79 Wince, T. I 79 Winchester, L. I 104 Winchester, T. II 107 Wing, B. I 79 Wing, G. I 104 Wing, II 107 Winget, J. I 79 Winingar, K. II 107 Winkler, K. I 104 Winningar, V. I 79 Winnings, D. I 55 Winnings, M. I 104 Wise, J. I 104 Wise, W. I 79 Wittenburg, L. II 107 Wolford, D. I 104 Wolford, R. I 104 Wolny, K. I 79 Wolverton, A. I 55 Wolverton, II 107 Woodbridge, J. I 79 Woodbridge, P. II 107 Woods, M. I 104 Woods, M. I 55 Woody, G. I 104 Woolfenden, L. 104 Woolfrey, L. II 108 Woolfrey, M. I 79 Wortham, B. II 108 Wothy, D. I 79 Wrable, M. I 104 Wray, D. I 104 Wright, D. I 104 Wright, R. I 55 Wright, II 108 Wright, T. I 55 Y Yadlowsky, P. I 79 Yates, E. I 104 Yauss, M. I 55 Yauss, T. I 104 Y auss, W. 11 108 Yeo, S. I 55 Yerkey, R. II 108 Yinling, A. I 104 Yingling, J. I 79 Yingling, R. I 55 Yoho, K. II 108 Yonkie, L. I 79 York, A. I 105 York, J. II 108 Younh, B. I 105 Young, J. 11 108 Youndt, D. II 108 Z Zavish, K. I 79 Zdan, D. I 55 Zdan, R. I 105 Zetts, J. I 55 Zetts, R. I 55 Zining, S. I 105 Zingg, R- II 108 Zingg, R. I 105 Zwinsk, C. I 105 Bartlett, B. I 55 English, L. I 55 Farria, L. I 55 Giles, D. I 55 SENIOR DIRECTORY Allen, Theresa Alice V.I.C.A. Club Member 10, 11, 12. Ames, Kenneth Carlton, Jr. 10, Freshman Basketball; 11, Indian Scripts. Amidon, Michelle Naydean Pep Club 9, 10, F.H.A. 10, 11, 12; F.B.L.A. 11, 12;S.G.C. 12; F.H.A. Representative. Anderson, Eva Sue Softball Team 9, 10, 11; Girls Varsity Club 9, 10 , 11 , 12 . Anderson, Thomas A. Math Club 12. Arnold, John Dale Baseball 9. Arrington, Richard Wayne Freshman Football 9; V.I.C.A. 12. Auman, David Charles Varsity Chorus 9; Concert Choir, Vocal En¬ sembles 10; Concert Choir 10, 11, 12; Dramat¬ ics Club 12. Bailey, Beth A. F.H.A. 9; Student Council 9; N.H.S. Girl ' s State Alternate 11; Concert Choir, N.H.S. 12. Baldwin, Jessie Ray, Jr. Junior Varsity Football 9; Band 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 10. Barton, James Thomas Choir 9, 10. Beadle, Barry Joseph JV Football 9, 10, 11; J.V. Baseball 9, 10; J.V. Basketball 9, 10, 11; Spanish Club 10, 11; S.G.C. Rep. 10; Jr. Class Sgt-at-Arms 11; S.G.C. Vice-President 12; Varsity Baseball 11; Ameri¬ can Legion Boy State 11; Varsity Football 12; Varsity Basketball 12;Tri-Hi-Y 12. Barron, Annette French Club 9; Pep Club 11, 12; Indian Scripts 12 . Bartley, Cathy Mae Pep Club 9; Band 9, 10; F.H.A. 12. Battin, Linda Cay Mu Alpha Theta 9, 10, 11, 12; Intramural Girl ' s Tennis 9; S.G.C. Rep. (Math Club) 11, 12; F.B.L.A. 12. Bauckman, Robin Kay Softball 9, 10, 11, 12; Basketball 10, 11 Mgr.; Girl ' s Varsity Club 12. Beard, Penny Pep Club 9, 10; All Regional Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12; All County Chorus 9, 12; Concert Choir 10, 11, 12; Madrigals 10, 11, 12; Science Club 10, 11; Festival Chorus 10, 11, 12; Outdoor Track Mgr. 11, 12; Drama Club 11,12; S.G.C. Rep.; Library Club 11; P.W. Summer in Service prog. 11; Cafeteria Committee S.G.C. 12. Bergeria, Lisa Ann Varsity Choir 9; Mixed Choir 10; Concert Choir 11, 12; JV Cheerleader 11; Indianettes Drill Team 12; All County Choir 12. Bertolasio, Nancy Drill Team 11, 12; Secretary 11; V.I.C.A. 10, 11, 12; Vice President 10; Treasurer 12; F.H.A. 9, 10, 11; S.G.C. Rep. 10, 11,12; Powder Puff 12; Cosmetology 10, 11, 12. Bevan,Jean Rochelle Basketball Team 9, 10, 11; Jr. Beta 9; Sr. Beta Club 10, 11; F.H.A. 9, 10. Blazek, Mary Lou F.B.L.A. Member 10; F.B.L.A. Historian 11; F.B.L.A. Parliamentarian 12; Girl ' s Softball 11, 12 . Bozzier, Deborah Jean Symphonic Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12; All-County Band 9, 11; French Club 10. Bossemeyer, Catherine Anne GAA 9; Drama Club 10, 11; American Field Service 10, 11; Speech Club 11. Bouldin, Chris J. Track 10, 11, 12. Bowling, Catherine Jane Spanish Club 10, 11, 12. Brewer, Morris Aubrey Bridges, David George Spanish Club 10,11,12; Newspaper 10, 11, 12. Bristow, Joyce Mae Braswell, Debra Lynn Reporter 9. Brown, Denise Dale Spanish Club 9, 10; Softball 10. Brigham, Leigh Frances J.V. Basketball 9, 10; Girl ' s Track 9, 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 9; Gymnastics 10, 11, 12; Varsity Basketball 11, 12; National Honor Society 11, 12; Math Club 11, 12; Girl ' s Varsity Club 11, 12 . Brown, Christina Marie Yearbook Staff 9, 10; Bus. Mgr. Yearbook Staff 11; Editor Yearbook 12; Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Secretary Future Teachers of America 10; Concert Choir 11; S.G.C. Rep. 11, 12; Pep Club Treasurer 12. Bruce, Doreen Mae Science Club 9; History Club 9, 10, 11; Art Club 9; Pep Club 9, 10; Future Teachers of America 10; F.H.A. 11. Campbell, Charles A. All County Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12; Festival Cho¬ rus 9, 10, 11, 1 2, Concert Choir 10, 11, 12; All Regional Chorus 11, 12; All State Chorus 11; Barbershop Quartet 12. Casteel, Gail Lynn Spanish Club 9, 10, 11, 12. Castro, Lacea Spanish Club 9, 10, 12; S.G.C. Rep. 10; Art Club 11. Chait, Anna R. Spanish Club 10, 11, 12; F.B.L.A. 12. Cobb, Charles David Coder, Patricia Ann S.G.C. 10, 11,12; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 10; M.C. Soph. Contest 10; JV Cheer¬ leader 10; Varsity Cheerleader 11, 12; M.C. Male Contest 11. Cogan, Sara Inez Pep Club 9; Freshman Class Rep. to S.G.C. 9; Sophomore Beauty Contest; S.G.C. Rep. 10; Soph. Sgt. at Arms; Mu Alpha Theta 10; Gym Manager 10; Mu Alpha Theta 11; National Honor Society 11; S.G.C. Rep. 11; Junior Class Co-President; Tennis Manager 11; National Honor Society 12; S.G.C. President 12; Pep Club 12; Powder-Puff Football 12. Cornett, Brenda Gail Gymnastics 9; Cosmetology I 10; Cosmetology II 11; Cosmetology III 12; V.I.C.A. Club, Teacher ' s Aide. Cornwell, Judy Kay Library Club 10; F.B.L.A. Club 11, Secretary 12; Indianettes Drill Team Member 11, 12. Cox, Kathryn Lee Indianettes Drill Team Member 11, 12; French Club 11; F.B.L.A. 11, 1st Place Regional F.B.L.A. Exhibit Award, 3rd Place State F.B.L.A. Exhibit Award; National Honor Soci¬ ety 11, 12; Mu Alpha Theta 12; F.B.L.A. His¬ torian 12. Crouse, Marianne Joyce Culley, Deborah Ann Basketball 9, Letter in Basketball 11, 12; Soft- ball 10, Letter in Softball 11. Cummings, Julie Diane French Club 9, 10, 11, President 11; Pep Club 10, 11, President 12; Girl ' s State Alternate; National Honor Society 11, 12; Yearbook Staff 11, Section Editor 12, S.G.C. Rep. Yearbook Staff 12; Sr. Class President. Cunningham, Jackie Joseph, Jr. D.E. 9, 10, 11. Daigneau, Ralph H. J.V. Basketball 9; J.V. Football 10; Varsity Basketball 10; S.G.C. Representative 10, 11, 12; Class Historian 11; Var. ity Football 11,12; I ndoor Track 11, 12; Outdoor Track 11 .12. Darby, Dawn Marie Davis, Glenna Kathrine Art Club 9, 10. 108 SENIOR DIRECTORY Davis, Patricia Eileen Gymnastics 9; D.E. Secretary 11, 12; Mixed Choir 12. Davis, Walter Lee J.V. Football Certificate 9, 10; P.E. Aide 11; I.G.T. 12. Deal, Billy Jeff Wrestling 9,10,11,12. Dean, Robin Lee Varsity Chorus 9; Class Senator 9, Class Senator to S.G.C. 10, S.G.C. Class Representative 11, 12; County Chorus 9; Concert Choir 10, 11; Class Secretary 10; Co-Captai n J.V. Cheer¬ leaders 10; Gymnastics Team 10, 11, 12; Mu Alpha Theta 11,12; Alternate Girls State Choir 11; D.A.R. Citizenship Award 12; National Honor Society 12; Girls Varsity Club 12; Girls Varsity Club Secretary Treasurer 12; Pep Club 12. Delozier, Laura Phyllis Varsity Choir 9; Honor Roll 9, 10, 11, 12; All County Choir 10,11,12; Concert Choir 10, 11, 12; National Honor Society 11, 12; Mu Alpha Theta 11,12. Duncan, Charles E.R.A. 10, 11, 12; V.I.C.A. 12. Dolan, Michelle Donna Drama 9, 11; Badminton Tournaments 10; Choir 11. DeVore, Lawrence F. Math Club 9, 10, 11; Art Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 9; DeMolay 9, 10, 12; Mu Alpha Theta 10, 11, 12; Dramatics 11, 12; National Honor Society 11, 12. Eckenfels, Marie Patricia F.H.A. Parliamentarian 9, Secretary 10; Pep Club 9; F.B.L.A. 11, 12. English, Kevin Timoty Freshman Football 9; K.V.G. 9; Pep Club 9; J.V. Football 10; K.V.G. 10, Pep Club 10; J.V. Football 11; K.V.G. 11; Pep Club 11; Varsity Football 12; K.V.G. 12; Pep Club 12; Key Club 12; Class Representative 12. Embrey, Patricia Marie Band 9, 10; F.H.A. 11. Evander, Kerry J.V. Football 9; J.V. Basketball 9; Student Council Representative 9; Chef Club 9; Bas¬ ketball 10; Lettermans Club 10; J.V. Football 11; Yearbook 11; Lettermans Club 11. Erickson, John Jeff English, Ann Rosemary Art Club 9; Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Art Club 11; V.I.C.A. 12; S.G.C. Committee 12. Fick, Mac Jackson Golf 9, 10; K.U.G. 9, 10, 11, 12; Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Varsity Football 11; Indoor Track 11; D.E. Club Treasurer 12; Key Club 12; S.G.C. Class Representative 12. Ferraro, Steven James J.V. Football Certificate 9, 10; J.V. Wrestling Certificate 9; Varsity Track — Letter 9; Indus¬ trial Arts Club 9; J.V. Football Certificate 10; Varsity Indoor Track Letter 10; Varsity Out¬ door Track Letter 10; G-F Club 10; S.G.C. Senator 10; Spanish Club 10; Industrial Arts Club 10; Varsity Football Letter 11; Varsity IndoorsTrack Letter 11; Varsity Outdoor Track Letter 11; S.G.C. Senator 11; Spanish Club 11; Key Club 11; G-F Club 11; Pep Club 11; Va. Boys ' State Representative 11; American Legion Merits Whose Who Among American High School Students 11; Varsity Football Letter 12; Varsity Indoor Track Letter 12; Varsity Out¬ door Track Letter 1 2; S.G.C. Senator 12; Span¬ ish Club Sgt. at Arms 12; Pep Club 12; Key Club Secretary 12; G-F Club 12. Freeze, Rodney Blaine Varsity Chorus 9; French Club 9; All County Chorus 9; Concert Choir 10; Ensemble (vocal) 10; Drama Club 10; Concert Choir 11, Sargeant at Arms; Vocal Ensemble 11; All Regional Chorus 11; Drama Club 11; Forensics Club - 3rd place Regional Competition 11; Concert Choir 12; Vocal Ensemble 12; All County Cho¬ rus, All Regional Chorus 12; Drama Club Vice President 12; Forensic Club 12. Fravel, Katherine Virginia Symphonic Marching Band 9; All County Band, 2nd Chair Bass-Clarinet 9; Symphonic Marching Band 10; All County Band, 1st Chair Bass-Clarinet 10; Symphonic Marching Band 11; All Regional Band, All County Band 11; Letter in Softball 1st Base 11; Symphonic Marching Band 12; All Regional Band, All County Band 12. Franklin, Fonda Charlene J.V. Basketball 9; Track 9; J.V. Basketball 10; Gymnastics Team Manager 10; Track 10, Var¬ sity Basketball 11; Gymnastics Team Manager 11; Track 11; Girls Varsity Club 11; E.R.A. 11; Varsity Basketball (Captain) 12; Track 12; Girls ' Varsity Club (President) 12. Fowler, Terri Lynn French Club 9; Yearbook 11; Math Club 11; Sophomore Beauty Contest 11; National Honor Society 11; Yearbook 12; Math Club 12; Na¬ tional Honor Society 12; Powder Puff Football 12 . Folks, Kittie Pep Club 9; Mu Alpha Theta 10; S.G.C. Class Representative 10; Sophomore Beauty Contest Contestant 10; Mu Alpha Theta 11; Pep Club 11; Alternate to Girls State 11; National Honor Society 11; S.G.C. Class Representative 12; Pep Club 12; Yearbook 12; S.G.C. Committee 12; Sports Queen 12; Homecoming Queen 12; Na¬ tional Honor Society 12; Tour Guide for new G-F 12. Fogner, Sabrina Spring Festival Play 11; Indianettes 12; E.R.A. 12 . Fleshman, Michael Nelson Flatford, Peggy Lynn Band 9, 10, 11. Fullerton, Karen Sue Science Fair 9; Art Club 10, 11. Gates, Cathyjo Pep Club 9, S.G.C. 9; Spanish Club 10; Pep Club 10; S.G.C. Rep. 10; Class Treas. 11; Pep Club 11; S.G.C. Rep. 11; Soph. Class Beauty Contest; Pep Club 12; Powder Puff Football 12. German, Robert Donald Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Symphony 10, 11, 12, Marching Band 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 10; Dramatics Club 11, 12; All-County Band 11, 12 . Goding, Terri Lee Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Wrestling 10; All-County Band 11, 12. Gooden, Cosmo Varsity Wrestling 9; Basketball 9; Track 9; D.E. 10 11; All-County Football 11, 12; Key Club 1 l ' 12; G-F Club 11, 12; M.V.P. 12; Trophy by Lions Club 12. Goretsas, Gwen Dee Cheerleading 9, 10, 11, 12; S.G.C. 9, 12, Inter High Council 9; Soph. Class Vice-Pres.; Girls Track 10; Gymnastics 10; Concert Choir 10; J. Science Academy 10, 11, 12 ; Junior Class Vice- Pres.; Mu Alpha Theta 10, 12; National Honor Society 11, 12; Girls Varsity Club 11; Senior Class Pres. Gray, Melogy Anne Art Club 9, 10, 11; F.H.A. 10; Band 11; Raiderettes 11. Green, Bernard R. Track 9, 10, 11, 12; Football Varsity 9, 10, 11, 12; E.R.A. 10, 11, 12. Green, Fred Najjum, Gregory Ernest I. C.T. 11,12; VICA 11,12; Chorus 11,12. Griffith, Harry Lansdale J. V. Basketball 9, 10, 11; J.V. Baseball 9; Span¬ ish Club 10, 11; Varsity Baseball 11, 12; Key Club 12; G-F Club 12. Gunter, James Constantine Spanish Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Honor Roll 9, 10, 11; Science Fair 9. Hall, Ron W. French Club 9, 10, 11; Drama Club 10, 11, 12; S.G.C. 10, 11, 12. Harris, Dehlia Ann S.C.A. 9, 10; Miss Autumn Pageant 11. Havener, Michele Karen Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12; All Regional Chorus 9, 10,11,12; Varsity Chorus 9; Concert Choir 10, 11, 12; Madrigals 10, 11, 12; Mu Alpha Theta 10; Girls Quartet 10, 11; S.G.C. 11,12; Varsity Basketball Mgr. 11, 12; Girls Varsity Club 12; Photography Club 12; All-County Chorus 12. Hawk, Timothy Wade Varsity Track 11. Hayward, Tom Helsley, Pamela Gale Latin Club Officer 12. 109 SENIOR DIRECTORY Hemmer, Morna Katherine F.H.A. 9; Honor Roll 10, 11; F.B.L.A. 12. Hilderbrand, Dwane Steven Wrestling 10, 11, 12; Science Club 12. Hill, Kay Sue Pep Club 9, 10, 11. Hoffman, Deborah Kay Band 9, 10, Drill Team 11,12; L.P.N. 12. Hoschar, Karla Anne Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12; French Club 9, 10, Concert Choir 9, 12; All-County Chorus 9, 12; J.V. Basketball 9; Freshman Class Treasurer 9; S.G.C. 10; Mixed Chorus 10; Va. Regional Choir 12; Powder Puff Football 12. Howard Tywana V. E. R.A. Club 10, 11, 12. Huffman, Deborah Ann Dramatics Club 9; Chorus 9; Award for One Act Play 9; Award for Prose Reading 9; Award for Public Speaking 9. Huffstickler, Teresa Ann F. B.L.A. 12. Hurley, Danny Track 10, 11, 12; G-F Club 12. Irby, Doris Ann F.H.A. 10; E.R.A. 11, 12; Jernigan, Karen Ann F.H.A. 9; VICA 12. Johnson, Althea Denise Chorus 9; Concert Choir 10, 11, 12; E.R.A. 10, 11; Pep Club 12; R.A.P. 12. Johnson, James Basketball 9, 10, 11; E.R.A. 10, 11, 12; Key Club 11, 12; G-F Club 12. Johnson, Michael H. E. R.A. 10, 11, 12; D.E. I 10, I.C.T. 12. Johnston, Glen E. Chorus 9; Concert Choir 10; D.E. 10, 11, 12. Kackley, David Chorus 9, 10; Wrestling 10, 11. Kameck, Barbara L. F. N.A. 9; F.H.A. 9, 10, 11; G.A.A. 10, 11. Karr, Burt Edward Soccer 9, 10; Gymnastics 9, 10, 11, 12; Track 9, 10; Wrestling 11,12; Key Club 12. Kelley, Victoria Lenore Drama Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Art Club 9; French Club 11. Kennedy, Bobby Kiernan, Viroinia Carol F.B.L.A. 12. Kimney, Christine A. F.H.A. 9; Guidance Aide 11, 12. Kincheloe, Mary M. DECA Club 11, 12. King, James L. Science Fair 9, 10; Spanish Club 9, 10; Smoking Monitor 11. Kirkman, Ramona A. Home Economics 9; Pep Club 9, 10, 11; Medi¬ cal Careers Club 10; Latin Club 11; D.E. 12. Klopp, Karen F.H.A. 10, 11; French Club 10; Drill Team 12. Kotelly, Rhonda L. Science Club 9; French Club 9, 10; Pep Club 9, 12; Girls ' Chorus 11; Concert Choir 12; All County Chorus 12. Kreider, Lorraine F. History Award 9; Jr. National Honor Society 10; National Honor Society 11, 12; French Club 11; F.B.L.A. 11. Lacy, James R. Spanish Club 11, 12; Photography 11, 12; V.I.C.A. 12. Lawson, Jackie R. Chorus 9, 10; S.C.A. Secretary 9. Ledbetter, David W. J.V. Football 9; Varsity Football 10, 11, 12; J.V. Wrestling. Lewis, Cheryl Band 9; Band Club 9; Math Club 9; Spanish Club 9; Band 10; Junior Class Representative 11; Band Club 11; Science Fair 11; D.E. Club 11; Choir 12. Lewis, Mark Art Club 9, 10, 11, 12. Liming, Donna Mae Linaberry, Julie Mu Alpha Theta 9, 10; J.V. Basketball 10; Softball 10; Mu Alpha Tneta 11; National Honor Society 11; Varsity Basketball 11; Softball 11; Girls ' Varsity Club 11; Mu Alpha Theta 12; National Honor Society 12; Varsity Basketball 12; Softball 12; Vice-President Girls ' Varsity Club 12. Linaberry, Susan Mu Alpha Theta 9, 10; J.V. Basketball 10; Softball 10; Mu Alpha Theta 11; Varsity Bas¬ ketball 11; Softball 11; Girls ' Varsity Club 11; National Honor Society 11; Mu Alpha Theta 12; National Honor Society 12; Girls ' Varsity Club 12; Varsity Basketball 12; Softball 12; Vice-President Girls ' Varsity Club. Lipscomb, Sylvia E.R.A. Club 10, 11; Pep Club 11; R.A.P. Club 12; Pep Club 12. Little, Freda Sue Gymnastics 9; F.H.A. 9, 10; D.E.C.A. 10. Lockwood, Jeannie German Club 12. Luther, Daniel James French Club 9. MacGarrigle, Stephen Lindsay Mu Alpha Theta Club 11; German Club 11; Chess Club 12; German Club 12. Manuel, Edward Chorus 9, 10; Manager—Football 11. Martocci, Laura Audrey J.V. Basketball 9; Gymnastics 9; Girls ' Track 9; Girls ' Varsity Club 9; J.V. Basketball 10; Gymnastics 10; Softball 10; Girls ' Varsity Club 10; Varsity Basketball 11; Gymnastics 11; Soft- ball 11; Girls ' Varsity Club 11; Varsity Basket¬ ball 12; Girls ' Varsity Club 12. Mathews, Sidi Ann F.B.L.A. 10; Softball 10; F.B.L.A. 11; Softball 11; State F.B.L.A. Conference 11; F.B.L.A. 12; Softball 12. McCury, Billie Lynn McGinn, Elizabeth Ann Mervine, Francis Edward Spanish Club 12; S.G.C. Representative 12. Mills, Joann Carllotta German Club 12. Minto, Thomas Judson J.V. Football 9; Baseball 10, Mitchell, David F. Golf Team 9, 10, 11; Mu Alpha Theta 10, 11, 12; National Honor Society 11, 12; Golf Team 12 . Moore, Eddie J.V. Football 9; J.V. Basketball 9, E.R.A. Presi¬ dent 9, 10; D.E. Club 10; Varsity Basketball 11; G-F Club 11; E.R.A. President 11; G-F Club 12. Murafsky, Buddy V.I.C.A. 12. Murray, Kenneth Roy J.V. Football 9, 10, 11; Wrestling 9; Varsity Wrestling 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 10, II, 12; G-F Club 11, 12; Varsity Football 12; Photo¬ graphy Club 12. Mawani, Naznin Art Club 12; Debate Club 12; Science Club 12. Nixon, David Jonathan Freshman Senator 9; All County Chorus 9; Cross Country 9; J.V. Basketball 9; Outdoor Track 9, 10, 11, 12; National Honor Society 11 , 12 . Nolan, Sandra Kim Science Fair 9. Norman, Calvin Parker, Jr. J.V. Basketball Manager 9; E.R.A. 10, 11, 12; J.V. Basketball 10, 11; D.E. 10, 11; Track 11; Varsity Basketball 12; Varsity Baseball 12. Nuttall, Pat D.E. 9, 10; Chorus 9, 10. O ' Neill, Thomas Joseph Wrestling 9, 11, 12; J.V. Football 11; Varsity Football 12; Key Club 12; G-F Club 12. Olenik, Nestella Irene Chorus 9. 10; F.B.L.A. 11; Pep Club 12; Drill Team 12. O ' Leary, Lynn Ann Drama Club 9, 10, 11; S.G.C. Representative 9, 11; Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12, F.B.L.A. 11, 12; Yearbook Staff 11; Senior Class Secretary. Orehowsky, Dawn Track 9; Pep Club 9, 10, 11; Spanish Club 9. 110 SENIOR DIRECTORY Parker, Samuel Wesley Band 9; Symphonic Band 9, 11; French Club 10, 11; Marching Band 10, 11, 12; Concert Band 11, 12; Ensemble Band 12. Parkhurst, Donna Marie Gymnastics 9, 10, 11, 12; Softball 9; Cheer¬ leading 9. Patterson, Deborah Paige Tri-Hi-Y 9, 10; F.T.A. 9; Latin Club 9, 10; Junior Classical League 12. Penland, Robert Doyce, Jr. Latin Club 12. Peoples, Paula Felle Track 9, 10, 12; Track Team Manager 11. Pepe, Adaire Theresa Concert Band 9; Marching Band 9; Drama Club 10; Pep Club 11; Indian Scripts 12; S.G.C. Representative 12. Perry, Roberta Marie Choir 9; Yearbook Staff 10, 11; Head Photo¬ grapher for Yearbook 11. Petkoson, Florence Perfect Attendance Award 10; Indianettes 11; Indian Scripts 12; F.B.L.A. 12. Petrey, Vivian Loraine Gymnastics 9, 10; Majorette 9; Drama Club 12; L.P.N. 12. Phelps, Jarlene Elizabeth Spanish Club 10,11,12; Honor Society 11,12. Pieritz, Douglas Curtiss Drama Club 11, 12; Spanish Club 11, 12, S.G.C. Representative. Pritt, Glenn Lee J.V. Baseball 9; Art Club 11. Pritts, Robin Ann F.B.L.A. 12. Pratt, Rebbecca Dorene Spanish Club 9, 10. Price, Heidi Michele French Club 9, 10, 11; Pep Club 9; Drama Club 9; Sophomore Beauty Contest 10, 11; National Honor Society 11,12; Yearbook 11,12. Publicover, Janet Lynn Chorus 9, 10; Science Fair 9, 10; Pep Club 9; Math Club 10, 11, 12; National Honor Society 11, 12; F.B.L.A. 12; Citizenship Leadership Award 11. Purdue, Cheryl German Club 9. Raftelis, Anastasia Tennis Intramurals 9; Science Fair 9; Mu Alpha Theta 10; J.V. Basketball 10; Tennis Intramu¬ rals 10; Mu Alpha Theta 11; National Honor Society 11; Boys ' Tennis 11; Sport Queen Cam¬ paign Manager 11; Pr. Wm. Research Devel¬ opment Workshop (summer) 11; Jr. Goya (Greek Orthodox Youth of America) 11; Girls ' State 11; Mu Alpha Theta 12; National Honor Society 12; Comstac Chairman 12; Jr. Goya 12; Tour Guide for New G.F. 12; Tennis Team 12. Reagle, William E. Spanish Club 10, 11. Reichert, Dave Allen Wrestling 9; Golf 9; Wrestling 10; Golf 10; J.V. Football 10; Wrestling 11; Golf 11; G-F Club 11; Wrestling 12; Golf 12; G-F Club 12. Reid, Thurman Lucius E.R.A. 9; Varsity Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12; E.R.A. 10, 11, 12; G-F 10,11.12. Reny, Patricia Lee Winner of Sophomore Beauty Contest 9; Soph¬ omore Class Reporter 10; Jr. Class Senator 11, Va. Girls ' State 11; National Honor Society 11; Mu Alpha Theta 11; Girls Chorus 11; S.G.C. Secretary 12; Senior Class Treasurer 12; Mu Alpha Theta 12; National Honor Society 12; Pep Club 12; Concert Choir 12. Rice, Patricia Ann Spanish Club 9; Pep Club 9; Honor Society 11; Pep Club 11; National Honor Society 12; Span¬ ish Club 12. Ritts, Susan Ann Pep Club 9; Varsity Chorus 9; Mu Alpha Theta 9; English Award 9; All-County Chorus 9; Sophomore Class Treasurer; Mu Alpha Theta 10; J.V. Cheerleading Captain 10; Concert Choir 10; All-County Chorus 10; All-Regional Chorus - Alternate 10; English Award 10; Na¬ tional Honor Society 11; Mu Alpha Theta 11; Varsity Cheerleader 11; Concert Choir 11; All- County Choir 11; Girls State 11; Varsity Cheer¬ leader, Co-Captain 12; Regional Chorus 12; Prince William Junior Miss 12; Concert Choir 12; All-County Choir 12; Mu Alpha Theta 12; National Honor Society 12. Simensen, Cheryl Ann Band 9; Drama Club 10, 11, 12; Yearbook 12. Smith, Wendy Marie Spanish Club 10, 11; Drama Club 10; Science Club 12; D.E. 12. Snyder, Richard A. Honor Society 11, 12. Snyder, Roxanna Concert Choir 10, 11, 12; Drama Club 11, 12; Forensics Club 12; Tour Guide 12; Student Council 12. Spares, Fred Thomas J.V. Football 9, 10. Spoon, Darlene Honor Roll 9. Stephens, Stanley O. Football 9, 10, 11, 12; Track 9, 10, 11, 12; Basketball 9, 10; E.R.A. 10, 11, 12; Key Club 11, 12; G-F Club 11, 12. Stoffregen, Donna Pep Club 10; Softball Mgr. 10; Honor Roll 11, 12 . Stone, Charlotte Denise Chorus 9; G.B.C. 9, 10, 11; Math Club 9, 10; Library Club 9; Honor Roll 12. Suddarth, Margaret Joanne Track, 9; Mu Alpha Theta 9, 10, 11, 12; Sci¬ ence Club 9, 11, 12; Band 10, 11, 12; Pres. Physical Fitness Award 10; National Honor So¬ ciety 11, 12; Regional Science Fair 11; S.G.C. 11; Girls State 11. Thomas, Keith Wayne J.V. Football 10, 11; Science Club T2; Indoor Outdoor Track 12. Thomas, Rita Kay Yearbook Staff 10, 11, 12; National Honor Society 11,12; Chorus 9; Concert Choir 10, 11, 12; All-County Chorus 11, 12; Honorable Men¬ tion in County Essay Contest; Yearbook Editor 12; Yearbook Business Manager 11; Pep Club 12 . Thomas, Robert D.E. 10, 11; V.I.C.A. 12. Thompson, Gregory Concert Band 9; Marching Band 10, 11, 12; Symphonic Band 10, 11, 12; Mu Alpha Theta 11, 12; National Honor Society 11, 12; All- County Band 9; Science Club, Sgt. at Arms 12, S.G.C. Representatives 12. Tierney, Kathleen R. S.G.C. Representative 9, 10, 11, 12; Gymnas¬ tics 9, 10, 11, 12; Girls Varsity Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12; C.C.O. 9, 10, 11, 12; J.V. Cheerleader 10; Sophomore Beauty Contest 10; E.R.A. 11. Tompkins, John Alan Band 9; D.E. 12; Photography Club 12. Toni, Samanie Band 9, 10; Regionals 9; All-County 9, 10; Yearbook 12; D.E.C.A. 12; D.E. District Con¬ test 12. Tuell, Douglas Curtis E. R.A. 9, 10,11, 12. Turley, Don Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12; Wrestling 9; Debate 11. Twigg, Wayne Denver D.E. 10. Tyrrell, Julie Elizabeth Girls Track 9, 10, 11, 12; S.G.C. Representative 10; Manager Girls J.V. Basketball 12. Thurston, Susan Denise F. H.A. 9; D.E. 12. VanDuser, Karen Lynn Choir 9; F.B.L.A. 11; Pep Club 11; Indian Scripts 12. Walker, Karen Cecilia D.E. 9; F.T.A. 9; Art Club 9; E.R.A. 9; Concert Choir 12; All-Regional Chorus 12. Winingar, Kristie Ann Concert Band 9; Spanish Club 10, 11, 12, Symphonic Band 10, 11, 12; Marching Band 10, 11; All-County Band 10, 11, 12. Wing, Mark Stanley S.G.C. 9, 10, 11, 12; Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12. Winn, Alfreda J.V. Cheerleader 9; Varsity Chorus 9; E.R.A. 10 , 11 , 12 . Whittaker, Connie French Club 9; Pep Club 9, 10, 12; National Honor Society 11,12; Yearbook 11, 12; Poetry in YOUNG AMERICA SINGS; S.G.C. 12; Se¬ nior Class Vice-Pres. York, James Michael Football 9, 10, 11; Wrestling 9, 10. Ill r - t. ' .v . . . , - ' v , - v V V ' v ' cVV ' ' IV H . ' ,• •. ’ ■: t’V " ‘.: - , V ,-V. ' .V ' V- ' V ' W ' i. ' ■ ■ ' H - ' v-fv ' t ADVERTISEMENTS ; - - . ■ - : ■ ■; . - ■ • ' ... ' . . . r . . ■ - : ■ ' ' ■ .... WMSmgXmM mSmSm fcffg Ah» 5; .1} . • Say it with flowers, Mr. Gerhart, from Brandon ' s in Woodbridgel Located on US 1 in Woodbridge. Blythe ' s Karate Studio in Dumfries has something for everything . . . call 221-1919, anytime. If you ' re in the market for some indoor-outdoor carpet, just visit Carpet Gallery, Inc., in Woodbridge. 114 The Foto Shop — Greenwood Studios can help preserve the memories. Quality Dry Cleaning To Please You! THREE GENERATIONS OF DRY CLEANING EXPERIENCE J.P. CATALANO Professional Dry Cleaners And Self-Service Wash And Dry Centers 90 FEATHERSTONE ROAD Woodbridge, Va. 512 BROADWAY Quantico, Va. 800 OCCOQUAN RD. (OLD RT. 123) Woodbridge, Va. DUMFRIES SHOPPING CENTER Dumfries, Va. 74 GORDON BLVD. (NEW RT. 123) Woodbridge, Va. FULLER HEIGHTS ROAD Triangle, Va. 115 There ' s a Holiday House of Beef too, located on 1-95 and 234. 116 At the intersection of US 1 and 234 in Dumfries. PLAZA T.V. IMC. 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DELICATE, CARE OF OUR EXPERT CRAFTSMEN! GEE, THANKS! I got it down at Marty ' s Men ' s Shop in Dumfries. Econo-Travel ' hotel STATE RT. 123 AT U.S. RT. 1 (LOCATED JUST OFF 195 AT WOODBRIDGE INTERCHANGE! WOODBRIDGE, VA. 22191 (703)491 5196 ©Copyright 1 9 70 Econo-Travel Corp. y uh, paA6p ytfc to DUALITY-COMFORT-ECONOMY ( fi, 50 ' l (1150 ' Y piooo y - SINGLE J I DOUBLE ) 1 5 3 OR 4 y SAME FAMILY SAME FAMILY Featuring: Double Bed for 2 Double Beds for 2,3 or 4 • LARGE ROOMS • DRESSING ROOM • BATH • • 2 DOUBLE BEDS • SIMMONS MATTRESSES • . ELECTRIC HEAT AIR CONDITIONING • • TELEVISION • TELEPHONE Woodbridge Pringing Company, where else? YOU KNOW - 13317 Gordon Blvd. 119 Keep it in shape at Triangle Body Shop. 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Business Phone 703 221-2606 BLEWITT ' S TEXACO I 95 and 234 Dumfries, Va. AAA 24 Hour Wrecker Phone 703 875-1151 VIC ' S DRAPERY CENTER Specializing in wall to wall carpeting, wallpaper slipcovers, custom drapery, custom upholstery decorating advice. Free Estimates — —Excellent Service Featherstone Square Shopping Center, Woodbridge Phone 494-7711 (next to Dart Drug) 123 SENIOR SUPERLATIVES Most Attractive—Susan Torrice, David Ledbetter Most Intelligent—David Samanie, Susan Ritts Most Likely to Succeed—Robert Campbell, Stacy Raftelis Most Athletic—Fonda Franklin, Rick Rollison Most Talkative—Burt Karr, Patti Coder Quietest—Paul Ross, Julie and Susan Linaberry 124 Best Dressed-Barry Beadle, Kittie Bolks Most Popular—Richard Clark, Sara Cogan Friendliest—Ralph Daigneau, Pat Reny Most School Spirited-Larry Waite, Gwen Goretsas Wittiest-David Nixon, Eva Anderson Most Talented—Elaine Robichaud, Rodney Freeze 125 126 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS 1973 YEARBOOK STAFF Christina Brown - Co-Editor, People Section, Directories. Sherry Carter — Sale of Yearbooks. Richard Clark — Sports Editor. Kittie Folks - Copy Writer. Terri Fowler — Organizations Editor. Co Hilker — Photography. Denise Howard — Business Manager. Bea Pickens — Faculty Editor. Lisa Ponstingel — Photography. Heidi Price — Directories. Toni Samanie — Organizations. Rita Thomas - Co-Editor, Opening, Happenings, People, Sports, Closing. Toni Thomas — Closing Copy. Debbie Whitlock — Business Manager. Connie Whittaker — Ads. Terri Wincheste r — Sports Editor. We would like to thank the following people for their aid in putting this yearbook together. Mr. Ausley for the use of his airplane to take the pictures for our cover. Mr. Vestal for his never ending patience and knowledge in this yearbook. Potomac News for supplying us with the majority of our pictures. Mr. Ponstingel for the use of him and his picture developing equipment. Mark Riley for his ingenious design on our divider pages. Miss Pickens, our beloved sponsor who has done more than equal to publish this yearbook. Thank you! A NEW LIFE. A NEW BEGINNING. A FORM EXPANDING TO CHANGES AND NEW FREEDOMS. IDEALS AND HOPES OF TWO SEPARATE PARTS FORMING HARMONY TO BECOME ONE, AS EACH INDIVIDUAL LEAVES WITH MEMORIES OF THE PAST. III i I KH| 1111 t " HH pail Ml lliiil IflB iiiill lliiil |H|h 1111 !!M

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