Gar Field High School - Indian Echoes Yearbook (Woodbridge, VA)

 - Class of 1969

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Gar Field High School - Indian Echoes Yearbook (Woodbridge, VA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 224 of the 1969 volume:

GAR-FIELD HIGH SCHOOL p A ' Zi W1L 4 fr I ! 1 ' ‘‘ii » • 0 SPORTS 9 F ootball 10 Varsity Football 9 - 13-68 Gar-Field 45 Loudoun County 13 9 - 20-68 Gar-Field 12 Orange County 28 9 - 27-68 Gar- Field 14 Stafford 28 10 - 4-68 Gar-Field 20 Spotsylvania 12 10 - 11-68 Gar-Field 27 Stonewall Jackson 6 10 - 18-68 Gar-Field 26 Brentsville 0 10 - 25-68 Gar-Field 13 James Monroe 31 11 - 1-68 Gar-Field 7 George Mason 7 11 - 8-68 Gar-Field 14 Osbourn o 1 1 - 15-68 Gar-Field 0 Woodbridge 15 Junior Varsity Football 9 - 12-68 Gar-Field 7 Woodbridge 0 9 - 19-68 Gar-Field 43 George Mason 0 9 - 26-68 Gar-Field 54 Brentsville 0 10 - 10-68 Gar-Field 26 Stonewall Jackson 0 10 - 17-68 Gar-Field 33 Woodbridge 6 10 - 24-68 Gar-Field 35 George Mason 0 10 - 31-68 Gar-Field 20 Osbourn 6 11 - 7-68 Gar-Field 7 Brentsville 0 Junior Varsity Football District Champions 12 Our Cheerleaders Were There ’ 68-’69 Boys’ Basketball Record Date Gar-Field 12-10-68 V- 88 JV-39 Spotsylvania V—73 J V—34 12-13-68 V- 70 J V—32 James Monroe V —81 JV-64 12-17-68 V- 83 JV-41 Orange V—7 1 J V—47 12-20-68 V- 71 J V—37 Orange V —55 JV-31 1-3-69 V—105 J V —50 Spotsylvania V—81 JV-59 1-7-69 V- 86 J V—55 James Monroe V—94 J V—93 1-10-69 V- 94 JV-57 Stafford V —54 JV-51 1-17-69 V— 102 J V—42 Brentsville V —39 J V—27 1-22-69 V- 80 JV-39 Stafford V —54 JV-51 1-24-69 V- 60 J V—35 Stonewall Jackson V—46 J V—40 1-25-69 V- 72 JV-42 George Mason V—41 JV-36 1-31-69 V- 75 JV-33 Woodbridge V—61 JV-46 2-4-69 V- 87 J V—43 Osbourn V—68 JV-45 2-7-69 V —105 J V—59 Brentsville V —57 J V— 50 2-1 1-69 V- 91 J V— 53 Stonewall Jackson V—74 JV-57 2-14-69 V- 87 J V—60 George Mason V—7 1 J V—44 2-18-69 V- 69 J V—48 Woodbridge V—72 JV-46 2-21-69 V— 103 JV-42 Osbourn V—74 JV-41 G-F—Tournament Champions 2-27-69 V- 48 George Mason V—44 2-2 8-69 V—76 Woodbridge V—65 3-3-69 JV-51 Brentsville JV-25 3-4-69 J V—50 Stonewall Jackson JV-48 3-5-69 JV-45 Osbourn JV-38 3-7-69 V—71 James Monroe V—96 - 15 : y Girls’ Junior Varsity Basketball Record 10-1-68 Gar-Field 24 Stonewall Jackson 14 10-3-68 Gar-Field 25 Osbourn 17 10-8-68 Gar-Field 21 Woodbridge 19 10-10-68 Gar-Field 19 Stonewall Jackson 8 10-15-68 Gar-Field 29 Quantico 13 10-17-68 Gar-Field 8 Woodbridge 12 10-22-68 Gar-Field 26 Brentsville 28 10-24-68 Gar-Field 23 Quantico 6 10-29-68 Gar-Field 11 Osbourn 27 10-31-68 Gar-Field 23 Brentsville 25 16 Girls’ Varsity Basketball Record 10- 1-68 Gar-Field 41 Stonewall Jackson 22 10- 3-68 Gar-Field 19 Osbourn 32 10- 8-68 Gar-Field 25 Woodbridge 24 10-10-68 Gar-Field 32 Stonewall Jackson 27 10-15-68 Gar-Field 27 Quantico 8 10-17-68 Gar-Field 37 Woodbridge 33 10-22-68 Gar-Field 45 Brentsville 33 10-29-68 Gar-Field 43 Osbourn 63 10-31-68 Gar-Field 45 Brentsville 35 District Tournament 11- 7-68 Gar-Field 42 Stonewall Jackson 32 11- 9-68 Gar-Field 41 Woodbridge 35 17 18 20 21 Gar-Field - Gar-Field - Gar-Field - Gar-Field — Gar-Field - 1969 Gymnastics Woodbridge Culpepper Yorktown Yorktown T. C. Williams Home Invitational Invitational Regional State ■ ■■ 22 23 i “V r I iP " ] i -’ 4 » r 7 ' V w V Hit ®v -.„ v , April 2 5,6 April 9 Arpil 12 April 16 ril 19 April 23 April 26 April 30 Away Home Brentsville Brentsville Home Rapp’nock rrea. S. Jackson Home P.W. Relays Home Geo. Mason Away Occ. Relays W’bg. Woodbridge Away Dist. Meet || ► G.M. State Meet VMI 11969 Track pQuantico Easter Holidays Osbourn Osbourn Brentsville 24 1969 Gar-Field Gar-Field iiar-Field GardField Cross Country 35 Osbourn 22 24 Quantico 33 15 Osbourn 49 54 Culpeper 28 54 Stonewall 41 24 Woodbridge 32 42 Geo. Mason 17 » • Hi ■ 27 28 Girls’ Softball Quantico Home Osbourn Away Stonewall Home Woodbridge Away Brentsville Home Osbourn Home Stonewall Away Woodbridge Home April 15 April 24 April 25 April 29 3 May 16 May Ma ' 29 Apri 1 22 Apr! 1 25 Apri] 1 29 May 2 May 6 May 9 May 13 May 16 May 20 May 23 JV Baseball Osboui Stone WoodbrjBge Geo. Malpn Brentsvqp Osbouri Stonewall Woodbridge Geo. Mason Brentsville Away m 30 Varsity Baseball Mar. 28 Stafford April 1 Culpeper April 3 Quantico April 8 Culpeper April 15 Quantico April 22 Osbourn April 25 S.Jackson April 29 Woodbridge May 2 Geo. Mason May 6 Brentsville May 9 Osbourn May 13 S.Jackson May 16 Woodbridge May 20 Geo. Mason May 23 Brentsville Away Away Away Home Home Home Away Home Away Away Away Home Away Home Home 31 1969 Golf April 1 Quantico Away April 7,8 Quantico Invitational April 12 Culpeper Away April 14 Woodbridge Away April 15 S.Jackson Away April 18 Osbourn Home April 21 S.Jackson Home April 24 Osbourn Away April 28 Brentsville Away May 3 Dist. Tournament May 9,10 State Tournament 1969 Tennis April 1 Quantico Home April 22 S. Jackson Away April 3 Geo. Mason Home April 25 Geo. Mason Away April 8 Woodbridge Home April 29 Brentsville Home April 10 Quantico Away May 1 Osbourn Away April 11 S.Jackson Home May 10 Reg. Tournament April 15 Osbourn Home May 17 State Tournament April 18 Woodbridge Away 1 34 FEATURES 35 SENIORS 36 SENIORS SENIORS 38 SENIORS 39 40 Junior Class • 41 Sophomores 44 Sophomores Freshmen 46 CaL A Working . ■■ : 48 S.C.A 49 The S.C.A.’s Fine 51 G-F Students Publication Staffs m «C3» : Organizations Aimed 56 Toward The Future Academically Oriented Organizations Chess, Forensics, Debate French, and Spanish 58 A Union of Superlative Athletes 60 Citizens The Fine 62 t 69 70 71 I : 75 76 WBm .. • . N- „ %■ i i. ? ; ' ;: » ■ : . , , y . v v: ,1. •••• . - ' . ■» 3 V C. ' v M a . ' 0 • ■ £ • JV - • i j ' ; ' . ' I ' -. : K . Ai .h • 78 CLASSES SENIOR I Donald Abel Rick Alvey Nelson Applegate Danny Arnold Richard Arnold Dee Avey Barbara Bagley Carter Bailey On each page of this senior section is a candid picture of each of the senior class members who were voted “Most Outstanding” by the 1969 graduating class. Kenny Casteel is an up-standing member of the Gar-Field student body. He excells in football, basketball, and baseball. Kenny is involved in many areas of student life. Linda Bakaysa Sigrid Baker Bill Bancroft Linda Barbe 80 CLASS Penny Barlow Lee Barron Linda Beaumont Lyn Bennet Nancy Bennett Beverly Birdsall John Boggs Don Boozier Mike Boyce Carl Black Karen Muse has established herself as an outstanding person through her constantly high academic status during her time here at G-F. She is active in clubs, also. Steve Block - Mike Brassell Clifton Brigham Charles Brown Gail Wingfield is a spirited Gar-Field student. She is involved in numerous clubs. Gail has been on the homecoming court for the past two years. She is liked by all of the G-F students. Martha Burns Robert Bushey Martin Butcher A1 Butler Judy Butler Glenn Cain 82 John Cardelli Wanda Carney Beatrice Campbell Ronnie Campbell Cynthia Cash Kenny Casteel Douglas Cheshire Rhonda Cole Mike Collette Ronnie Collette •! Scott Fraley, a public minded student of Gar-Field, has aided in programs of the students. He is a member of the 1968 It’s Academic team. Sandra Chase 83 Regina Combs Kari Cowan Sandy Cox Mike Cundiff has been one of the more outstanding students at Gar-Field in his three years here. He has proven to be a very good athlete in his participation in such sports as football and wrestling. He has held offices in the S.C.A. and classes. Kathy Davis Buddy Day Gilda Deal Marsha David 84 nWB TOiy Belajiey Helen DenaS " «» Barbara Bagley is an active student at G-F. She is involved in sports and the S.C.A. as well as other dubs. Robert Dixon Jimmy Dodson Debbie Eckleberry Terry English David Emmerick Tom Doty Jay Duehring Joe Dency Kathy Denning 85 I i t i i$ ■ i John Kaila is an interested student of Gar-Field. He has participated in all phases of this schools’ student life. He has been a state champion wrestler for two years. John has played football, also. He is ’69 vice-president of the S.C.A. and involved in other organi¬ zations. Pat Florence Linda Ford 86 Ricky Grayson Steve George Gerri Garber Eddie Fulford Tommy Greene Linda Grimsley Allen Hall Sheila Hajek Jim Henson Jennie Hodges has become renowned to all Gar-Field students through her constant participation in school programs. She has put forth a great deal of effort in the student government. She is very active in the Dramatics Club. Jennie has performed in a great many plays. David Harold James Hargrove Coley West has been a participant in Gar-Field in his three years here. He was elected to be the president of the 68-69 S.C.A. along with holding other offices. Coley has also maintained a high scholastic standing. He was a member of the 1968-69 It’s Academic team. Jesse Harrison Wayne Heatwole Nina Hefli n Greg Henderson 88 mmm Charlene Jennings Betty Johnson Bill Johnson Darla Johnson Mary Ann Jones John Kaila David Kane Ann Johnson Mike Trotter is one of Gar-Field’s fine athletes. He has been an outstanding football player while at G-F. Mike has become well-known to the student body for his many activities. Mike Johnson Wanda Johnson Cindy Jones 89 Penny Barlow has maintained a very high academic standing, while, at the same time she works hard as co-editor of the newspaper, the Indian Scripts. Penny is an outstanding band , member and she is involved in other organizations. John Knickerson Cathy Lamb Sharon Lee Harry Katserelis Linda Kerr David King Darlene LeKites Otis Kelly Van Keys Lloyd King Donna Lemaster Dean Lester 90 Betty Liming Ronald Liming Russell Liming Steve Lineberger Kenny Mathews Stephen Morris Barbara Lindsay Eunice Lisenbee Miriam Litchfield William Logan Chuck Lohman Buddy Lurch In the past three years, Linda Ford has become well-liked by all of her fellow students. She has been a cheerleader for three years and was made captain of the squad in her senior year. Linda was the 1968-69 Homecoming Queen. She has many other activities, also. f 91 Lawanna Mabray Alan Mahood Linda Mansfield Preston Marks Joyce Martin Butch Mason Agnes MacDonald Charles Williams stands out among Gar-Field students as an exceptional athlete. He has done especially well in basketball. He has been active in many events during his years here. 92 Ann Mullins Margaret Murphy Karen Muse Blanche Myers Yvonne Naylor Bill Nelson Tim Nixon Sue Nuttall Marcia Treado has excelled in athletics for the past three years she has been at Gar-Field. She has played basketball and softball as well as being on the gymnastics team. She is the secretary of the 1968-69 S.C.A. Barbara O’Brien Barbara Palastro 93 Janet Peters is another of the G-F seniors who stands out because of her service to our school. A member of the senior homecoming court, she has been in many organizations. She has served as photographer for the school newspaper. Eileen Peters Janet Peters Celia Parker Frank Pashkovski Linda Pellen Tawn Pennington Teddy Petts Lyn Polachouski |§jj§ Sandy Philpot Harry Prior Larry Puckett Gloria Purvis 94 Bill Reid Charles Reid Ernie Reymer Peggy Ridenour Bonnie Saunders Sharon Sayward Joe Scalici Richard Rudder Pat Sears John Cardelli has served G-F well in his years here. He has excelled in sports as well as being active in numerous clubs and the S.C.A. Don Segars 95 Sue Shaver Barbara Shivak Kathy Sidam Frank Simmers Joe Simmons Gary Sims Sandy Cox has excelled in many areas while at G-F. She has been a first string basketball player for two years. She has been active in many clubs. Perhaps her greatest achievement is her high academic standing. Sandy is first in the 1969 graduating class. Linda Sponder Pearl Stanley Joseph Staples 96 Mike Trotter 4m - Marsha Treado Charles Reid is well-known to all Gar-Field students as an excellent athlete. He has brought honors to his school in this field. Tim Traywick Shelly Steele Wesley Stott Larry Swanson Steve Towne Stanley Turner Sue Umbarger William Venisky Pat Waddick 97 Janice Waite Joyce Waite Charles Walsh Gary Watson Mickey Webb Kathy Weeks Steve Welch Sharold Brown has been an outstanding student throughout her three years at Gar-Field. In this, her senior year, she worked for the class as secretary. Sharold has been active in the S.C.A. and numerous clubs. Willie West Susie Westerberg Charles Whisnant Kathleen Wilburn 98 Shanon Winfree Gail Wingfield Larry Wolfenbarger Leona Young Arthur Zetts Eric Zumwalt ■ ps V - Charles Williams Donna Williamson Steve Welch, in his three years at Gar-Field, has been very active. He has done well in athletics and he has worked with the S.C.A. In his junior year, Steve was the class president. Glenn Wilson Charles Wood Sabra Wolfe Jeff Yesionowski ■ - f 1 I | f I 99 JUNIOR Donna Adams Debbie Allen Kathy Anderson Tim Ansink Linda Antill Cheryl Applegate Sherry Arnold Carol Baczuk Rosa Baez Charles Baggett Mark Barbee Vickie Barnett Marci Barros Denny Basista Harold Bates Gina Baxter Linda Beaty Mike Becker Sharon Blackburn Mary Ann Blazek David Bockes Joann Bonsignore Trudy Booth Janice Boyce Patti Boyd Bev Birdsall Mike Bradford Warner Brewer Linda Brice Brenda Brigham Joan Bristow Brenda Brogdon 100 CLASS Bill Brown Cheryl Brown Mike Brown Mike Bushey Gary Bussard Lanny Burt Lynda Cain Frank Calewarts Frank Cardo Diane Carey Bob Carlson Curt Cave Sharon Cekala Carol Chadwick Johnny Chaffin Wayne Champagne Linda Church Karen Cline Judy Cole Frank Conneen Vickie Cooper Mike Cowan Nancy Cronin Betty Culberson Mark Culbertson Beverly Culley Perry Cumberland Bruce Darland Joan Davis Kathy Davis Linda Davis Debbie Dawson 101 Susan Dawson Collette Degrasse Gary De Mille William Dent Bobby Derrah Vivian Deslandes Kathy Doane Mickey Dobson Donna Dodson Linda Doldt Carole Dunn Pat Duvall Conrad Ealie Mike Earl Tom Echenfek Jim Elliott David Ennis Walter Estes Jim Weart Mike Fees Jeri Foley Judy Fontenot Marianne Fotiadis Connie Fowler Debbie Foyle Rick Franklin Debra Frisbie Jeff Frisbie 102 Carol Garland Jeff Garrison Len Gervinski Sue Gilley Jack Glenn Brenda Gooden Vickie Goodwin Bob Gordanier Greg Gordon Mike Goretsas Steve Gough Barbara Griffin Debbie Griffin Gary Gross Jim Grubbe Donna Guffey Diane Hale David Hall Steve Hall Bonnie Hammond r- Donna Hartman Steve Harper Vicki Hauke Aubrey Hawkins Gail Harwood Julia Heggenstaller Gary Helsley Gary Henley Bel Henshaw Holly Hicks Tina Hilderbrand Jim Hinderliter 103 Cory Liming Eugene Liming Pam Lingenfield Larrie Linhart Gary Lockett £ W VvY v, Kevin Hoschar Jimmy Hunt Linda Hutchinson Leona Ingram Gwen Jacobs Greg Johnson Louise Johnson Charles Jones Marcia Jones Chris Kaila Kathy Keene Nila Kemp Susan Kemp Debbie Kelley Robert Killeen Van Kirk Elaine Kosek Alex Ksanznak Chip LaFurney 104 Lois Lynn Linda Mahle Tony Marascio Rita Markey Michele Marks Toni Marrucci Dennis Martocci Debbie Mason Lee Ann McCartney Pat McClein Bill Meadows James Medley Suzanne Mensinger Dan Meyer Susan Miller Billy Milona Deborah Milstead Mike Minlionica Sam Moore Karen Mountjoy Mary Mowdy Elizabeth Mullins Pamela Muse John Nary Gisela Neubert Skip Niehoff Karen Nichols Scott Nicklin Dale Norman 105 Greg Oakley Ron Oby Donna O’Connor David Pope Sammy Pope Claudine Porter Jerry Powell John Oliver Bonnie O’Neill Roger Orrock Cheryl Ottot Ricky Owens James Parker Mike Patton Thomas Payne David Perkins John Perks Brenda Persell Barbara Phillips Rita Pierce J. Pirhock Joe Pluto Cathy Pritt Sherry Pruitt Kath Publicover Frances Pulley Vickie Queen Ed Quidley Greg Ramey James Rank Ricky Reymer Margie Rhodes 106 Brenda Riddle Wayne Rinker John Roberts Piper Rold iizabeth Rollison Bill Ross Sandra Rumford Craig Russel Brenda Sandige Donna Satterwhite Debbie Sears John Scanlan Nancy Schauer Wendell Shingler Mary Sietz Nick Skliris Darlene Skinner Mary Slis Barbara Smith Carolyn Smith Catherine Smith Cathy Smith Leslie Smith Judy Smith Tom Smith Charlotte Sosebee Wayne Spencer 107 Diane Schroeder Brenda Schultz Scott Seger Barbara Shank Pamela Shearer Edith Spratley Vickie Spring Bill Stanley Barbara Stephens Frank Stephens Barbara Stershic Anna Szluiga Linda Szluiga Anthony Tasto Greta Tate Robin Taylor Dianne Terree Margie Tews Cherie Thompson Jeanie Thomas Ronnie Thompson Cheryl Thurston Jerry Thurston Sigrid Tidmore Linda Tolson Willie Tolson 108 James Ward James Watson Mike Webb Barbara Wells Jay West Shirley West Ronda Wilkinson Nancy Williams Celeste Winfree Charlotte Wingo Tracy Woods Patty Woody Ruby Woolfrey Bill Yarn all Christine Zdan Carolyn Torrice Stephanie To’Teff Linda Totten Karen Tracey Daniel Treat Judy Tucci Judy Turner James Tyrrall Lisa VanSant Beverly Villarreal Terry Vogel Mike Wade 109 SOPHOMORE Charles Agee Ben Alvey David Almond Janice Allport Cynthia Albin Beaver Anderson Aharon Anderson Sue Bailey Rick Barg Taya Barnett Henry Barratt Mike Barron Joe Bartlett Benford Bartley Robert Basista Gregory Bates Judy Bates Robert Bayliss Jeanne Beaumont Kathie Beaver Jerry Becket Grant Begley Mike Bishop Steve Blackman « Dolly Blake Joe Blazek Sharon Bleakly Diane Bockes Vickie Boggs Ricky Booth Mike Bourgeois Sue Boyd Joe Braden Mike Bradley Teresa Bradley David Brewer 110 CLASS Don Brown Elizebeth Brown Freddy Brown Phillip Brown Susan Brunk Terri Brygger Donnie Buffalo McCharles Buffington Vicki Burch John Burgess Frank Burns Lu Ann Bushey James Cain Pat Campbell Cheryl Canfield Debra Carter Robert Casteel Sharon Catale Claire Charron Bruce Chase Ernest Chico Karen Church Frank Clark Robert Clark Bruce Clifton Kenneth Cobb Stephen Collins Brenda Conley Lorraine Connaughton Lawonne Cook Deborah Cooper Pat Cooper Dennis Cornwell Linda Cornell Willie Cornett Skip Cosner 111 Delores Cronin Reba Crossley Norman Crowden Bill Cryan Paula Cunningham Pam Curfiss Beverly Cutter Janet Daily Mike Davis Steve Davis Julie DiCarli Robert Deckon John Delaney Barbara Dency Carol Denning David Denny Allen Dent Eddie Denten Dee Dee Desarmeaux Robert DiCola Tony DiCola Kathy Dillaber Steve Dodson Jan Dorcis Steve Duckworth Brenda Durham Jay Dyer Stephen Dyroff Ed Eanes Robert Earl Phil Eckelberry Steve Espanosa Bill Essary Walter Ethridge James Eubanks Kim Fairweather 112 Robert Ford Roger Ford Steve Fairweather Mike Falvestock Debbie Fetterhoff Mark Fiegle Stephen Fike Patty Fishbeck Jean Fisher Mary Fisher Mary Ann Flinn Ray Fontaine Donna Fugate Mary Gallager Art Goding Larry Goins Susan Fotiadis Robert Foyle Ben Fravel Jeanine Fredette Neil Fricke Larry Garland Michael Gibbs Betty Gilbert Debbie Gish Sherrie Gladu Richard Goodchild Bill Goodman Debbie Graves Robert Graves Harold Haley Wanda Hall Julia Hammond Furman Hammonds Tenley Hanson Debbie Harbach 113 Wayne Hargrove Harold Harmon Rudy Harner John Harrell Pansy Harriss Cyndy Heebner Karen Hellbringer Bill Henderson Keith Henderson Laird Hicks Mike Hill Pat Hill Michael Hinderliter Charles Hines Delmer Hines Steve Hirsch Robert Hollar Mike Holmes Dianne Holmgrem Rhonda Honeycutt Linda Hooker Gayle Hoomes Andrew Howard Barbara Humphries Dolores Jackson Jay Javier Tekesia Jamorski Jim Janiga Celestine Jefferson Doug Jennings Bruce Joiner Gail Johnson Sandy Johnston Kathy Jones Patti Katsarelis Debbie Keefer 114 Bill Kelley Diane Kelley Martha Kelley Richard Kelly Charlene Kendall Linda Kendall Richard Killeen Garth Kirk Gabriel Kisner Tim Lamb Eddie Lambert Mary Landis Marilyn Leber Willie Lee Arthur Leiker Mike Leonard Donna Level Don Levy Frank Lewis Bruce Liette Judy Liming Linda Lindsay Jeannie Lipscomb Jamie Little James Little Bev Long Danny Looney Robert Loose Marc Lorelli Bonnie Lynn Maxine Mahon Steven Mahood Terry Marascio James McCormick Doug McDonald Shawn McGowan 115 Pam McGuire Venette McKnight Neil McNabb Donna Meadows Thomas Meekma Ginny Merrifield Jim Merritt Fred Millar Clarence Miller Sandi Miller Darlene Mills Beulah Mitchell Gary Mullennex Shirley Mullennex Martin Murafsky Butch Murphy Ronald Musolino Dena Myers Tim Naylor Buddy Nixon Craig Nixon Suzanne Moody Patty Markes David Morris Kathy Marie Morrison John Mottich Daryle Novak Noble Okaes Robin Oakley Sheila O’Hearn Charles Olsick Elaine Oswald Myra Pawnee Doris Pearsin Kim Pennington Mary Perrotti 116 I «■ Sharon Johnny Susan Rank Cindy Rapp Pat Peters Douglas Phelps Gail Philpott Judy Pierce Renee Pippins Dee Plowman Karl Ponstingel Richard Powers Sheri Pulley Lura Putnam Pat Reidy Dee Reigle Lynn Reville Steve Richards Vickie Rives Ricky Rose Cathy Roy Larry Rumford Morgan Ruther Gary Sams Ronnie Sandidge Geraldine Satterwhite Robert Sauer Elaine Saunders Linda Say ward Freddie Scaggs Carl Scalici Sheila Scroggins Connie Sedmock Lynn Seiler Mike Sexton Melvin Shaffer 117 Steve Shaver Debbie Sheets Debbie Shephard Marion Shivers Karen Sims Diane Sinclair Beverly Skinner Karen Smith Kenneth Snyder Chris Solomon Richard Solomon Gail Somerville Herbert Stanley Janie Stanley Tom Stanley Pam Stephens Kathi Stewart Sharon Stewart Nate Spenser Mike Spicer Bev Spiker Susan Stillman Ken Stott Susan Straud Sheila Straugens Tim Strickley John Stout R oger Summers Doris Sullivan Mary Anne Surbaugh Tom Sutter Eddie Sutterland Herbert Swoop Patti Taylor Tim Taylor Elaine Thomas 118 David Thurston Jay Thurston Darlene Todd Janie Tolson Anna Traywick Steve Treado Cleo Tretyak Gail Trivett Debbie Trujillo Don Truslow Lester Tuell Brenda Turner Chester Turner Sara Van Arsdel Donald Waite Pat Walsh Bruce Watkins Pat Webb Billy Webber Charles Welborn Betty Welch Virginia Welch Allen Wheeler Chuck Whitlock Deloras Wieland Barbara Williamson Philip Williamson Alice Wiltse Patricia Wiltse Karen Wolford Leslie Wolverton Vera Woolfrey Brenda Yesionowski Mike Yoho Bill Yount Dennis Zeets 119 FRESHMAN Karne Allen Fred Alverson Mike A Ivey Debbie Anderson Juanita Anderson Robert Arrington Roy Arrington Pattie Arthur Inge Bachert Jeanie Baczuk Steve Bagley Fred Bahm Linda Ann Bailey Jeff Baird Barbara Baker Kathy Ball Sharon Bardon Mike Barg Valerie Barratt Linda Barron Harold Battin Sammy Bauckman Sally Bauserman Donald Beaty Gene Beaty Rheaford Bell George Berry Anna Bladen Beth Blazek Billy Blewitt Debra Bock Sue Boggs Kathy Boone Gary Bourne Goldie Bowles Ronnie Bowman Steven Bowman Carol Bradley Ronnie Brinson Patty Brooks 120 CLASS Maigaret Bryant Benjamin Buffington Sherry Burgess Stephen Cain Mike Carraher C. T. Campbell Dottre Campbell Zorah Campbell Shirley Canada Michael Carriger Donna Cash Cheryl Castro Donna Cebula Joe Cekala Steven Chapman Melvin Cheshire Jerry Clark Mark Clark David Clemet Linda Coldren George Cole Juanita Cole Diane Connaughton Cindy Cornell John Cory Barbara Cowan Vicki Cox Thomas Cox Linda Croxton Debbie Cryan Martha Cunningham Elaine Curran Donna Curtis Jake Cutter Andy David Donna Davidson Linda Davis Robert Davis Sheryl Davis Shirley Davis Susan Davis Gary Dear Chris DeCarli Kevin Delaney Mary Jane DeLoach Jeff Dickerson Ruth Dicks Sharon Dille Oscar Dillon Benita Dixon Robert Dobson Mike Donovan Lynn Doyle Frank Drohan Gary Duckworth Karla Duehring Roy Duncan Vera Duncan Steve Earty Jerri Eby Dale Eckelberry Julie Eckhardt Brenda Edler Raymond Elliott Sheila Ends Greg Erickson Kellie Essary Margaret Ewart Cindy Fahnestock Mike Faulk Millie Fenwick Denise Ferree Roland Ferteno Dudley Fetterhoff Jim Fields Carleen Fink Mike Fishbeck Mike Floyd Mike Ford Tim Ford Kathleen Foote Barbara Fouts Tina Fox Fay Franklin Mike Franklin Vicki Frazier Gary Freeze Richard Garnett Doug Garrison Anna Garza Cecelia George David George Anthony Gerogosian 122 Debra Getsie Sandra Gibbs Donna Gilbert Frank Gillespie Robert Glenn Bill Gibbs Baxter Gilley Joyce Gnoffo Cynthia Goding Marilyn Goad Brenda Good Warren Gramley Carl Grant Janice Grayson Antone Gregory Peggy Grimsley Bill Griffin Jim Griffin Kathy Grubbe Diane Guess Mary Anne Guffey Robert Guidry Gary Haga Allen Haight Randal Hall Roemilda Hall Susan Hall Stan Hamlet Sheila Hammond Linda Hand Terry Hanlin Duane Hapner Bess Hardway Philip Hardison Brian Hart Joe Harmon Pamela Hawington Carol Hawkins James Haynes Claudia Heggenstaller Bob Helbringer Felix Hernandez Flora Hernandez Diana Hilgartner Van Hill Arthur Hines Debbie Hines David Hobbs Kent Hochgertle Alan Hodges 123 Gray Hodges Martha Horan Cindy Holmgren Gail Holton Gary Hooks Doug Hopkins Bobby Horner Mary Lou Houten Roberta Howard Trevea Humbert Judi Hunter Jimmy Hylton John Ingram Margaret Ingram Judy Jackson Terry James Tim Janiga James Jones Gloria Johnson Larry Johnson Jeanette Johnson Ricky Johnson Norma Johnson James Jones Larry Jones Stella Jones Larry Just Mark Kaila Bobby Kane Middy Keatts Mike Kellams Dewy Kemp Sandra Kemp Victor Kemp Cleo Kendall Ted Kennedy Joyce Kiernan Roger Kile Paula Kirby Cathy Kline Jim Kling Helmut Klinginger Robert Khopp Kathy Knightlinger 124 Brenda Knepper Karen Korbs Jeff Krueger Robbie Kuhuns Mike Ksanznak Carol Lambiasi Diane Lane James Leach Ted Lanthier Lorraine Leiker Bill Lester Cathy Lewis Brenda Lewko Michael Liedel Mike Linaberry Caroline Linegar Danny Lipscomb Tom Little George Lockwood Vicky Loose Mitchell Mager Clayton Mahle Richard Mahood Debbie Mallou Kathy Manikas Gay Maracio Peter Marks Melissa Martin Vickie Mason James Masterton David Mattingly Cynthia Maurice Nancy May Joey McCartney John McDonald Michelle McDowell Virginia McDowell Bill Mclnteer Pete McLeod Raymond Mercer Michael Meyer Fred Milbert Betty Millar Danny Miller 125 Debbie Miller Debbie Mills Patsy Minelionica Lewis Mims Shelle Mobley Debbie Monk Robbie Moran Richard Morris Tim Movlton Chris Murphree Michael Murray Frank Nalls Lander Napper Lennie Napper Janet Neihord George Neyhouse Dennis Newman Debbie Nicewarner Greg Nicklin Gary Niehoff Darryl Norman Mike O’Brian Neil Oleson Ramona Oliver Tim Osborn George Otoii Mike Painter Tom Paciocco Mike Parker Mike Pawnee Barbara Peed James Penny Jenny Perks Donna Perrotti Matt Peters Lissa Peterson Mary Alice Pishock Mike Powers Tim Powers Bill Pratt Mike Price Kay Privitera Debbie Proffitt Leslie Prue Richard Puckett 126 Steve Queen Harold Quidley Craig Raper Roy Redman Debbie Reed James Reed Ronda Reid Linda Reynolds Jimmy Riddle Mike Ritenhour Anita Roach Pat Robbins Lewis Roberts Debby Robinson Patsy Robinson Mark Rogers Steve Rollison Susie Roop Rebecca Rousseau Thomas Ruit Mike Running Bradley Rumph James Rutledge Bill Ryals Jimmy Sammons Beth Saltamchio Wayne Sanburn Fran Scarcille Christine Schaefer JoAnne Schlegel Bill Schoonover Linda Schultz Diane Schuartz Mike Scott Andrew Sciascia Andrew Scrascia Jene Scroggin Julius Scroggins Patti Scruggs Donna Seller Debra Sgroi Roger Shaffer Dewey Sherrod Bob Sidam 127 Rita Simmons Edward Sipes Barry Smith Michael Smith Leo Smith Weed Smith Wiley Smith Clara Snyder Russell Soloman Don Sparks Joe Specht Jeanette Spero Scott Stallard Janna Stegall Michael Stephens Kathy Stewart Mark Stewart Perry Stillman Gary Stoffregen Deborah Stout Fulton Strathern Deborah Strauss Maryellen Suddarth Diane Sullivan Patty Sullivan Linda Swoope Frank Tate Gail Tate Barbara Taylor Judy Taylor June Taylor Steve Taylor Ernie Theiss James Thomas Jo Ann Thompson Richard Thomas Sharon Thomas Willie Thomas Robert Thompson Garth Todd Sandra Todd John Tomasinsky Nancy Tonnesen Joseph Torrice Jack Totten Barry Townsend Tom Tray wick Mitchell Trotter Sue Ann Tucker Rhonda Tuell 128 Tom Turlip Kathy Turman Ronnie Tyler Jo Ann Tyrrell Stephen Tyrrell Valerie Van Brocklin Kenny Vander Ark Eric Van Sant Teresa Veniskey Patricia Vermilyea Kenny Voit Billy Ward Steve Warehime Suzanne Warson Jeff Watkins Burnette Watson Gary Watson Pat Watson Joe Weaver Martin Weldon Karen Weisskopf Catherine Wells Deborah Wells Michael Welsh Diane Wheeler Evans White Timothy Wilburn Hilda Wiley Margaret Williams Debbie Wilson Debbie Wiltse Theresa Wimer John Winand Jeanne Wineholt Cathy Wolfe Mark Wolfe Gary Wood Jerry Woodward Rose Woolfrey Sandra Wrabell Mike Yarnall Kathy Y auss Jonny Yerkey Louise Young Marty Young Bob Zajkowsky Connie Zelt Elizabeth Zdan Frances Zeets Marta Zumwalt I 129 ORGANIZATIONS 131 Student Cooperative Association The Student Cooperative Association of Gar-Field High School is an exercise in self-government. Each member of the Gar-Field student body is encouraged to participate, to utilize his perogative as a voter, to better his understanding of the democratic process. The S.C.A. is presided over by President Coley West who is advised by Miss Patricia Davies. 132 Pep Club The duty of Gar-Field’s Pep Club is to encourage spirit and interest in all school athletic contests. One of the largest organizations, the Pep Club is responsible for the buses which provide transportation to many away athletic events. Indian Scripts Collage Indian Scripts is the title of our school newspaper. The staff always manages to turn out an issue with something of interest to every member of the student body. Sponsored by Mrs. Maxine Crane, Indian Scripts is an asset to our school. For the first time, Gar-Field has undertaken the production of a scholastic magazine, Collage. Contributions in the form of poems, short stories and cartoons are solicited from the students and it is the aim of the staff to publish two editions a year. This publication has proven to be an outstanding success. The student body has accepted it with enthusiasm. 134 Indian Echoes Art Club The 1968-69 Indian Echoes staff has worked to produce a yearbook which the students of Gar-Field High School will enjoy looking at for many years. This year, the theme of the annual is “Passing Tides of Youth”. Throughout the book this theme is presented through candid photographs. Though the art club is small, the club is a very active one. This year, the members have designed and painted stage sets and props for plays, they have given a party and made gifts for underprivileged children. They have also designed and made decorations for a formal dinner. 135 Library Club This year, the Library Club is very large in membership. Sponsored by Miss Poindexter and Mrs. Blake, the club works very hard to maintain the library’s outstanding condition. These students care for the books and make sure that all visitors do the same. They work at the front desk of the library during their free periods, checking books in and out for students and returning books to the shelves. This is the reason for the constant increase in study and reference materials available to the students of Gar-Field. Dramatics Club The Gar-Field High School Dramatics Club has always been characterized by fine performances on stage. This year, the group has, again, displayed hard work and outstanding talent. The largest production of the year was the three-act play Teahouse of the August Moon. This play was a great accomplishment. The production was complimented by many. Later the club sponsor-director, Miss Poindexter, coached students from the freshmen, sophomore and junior classes to present three class plays consecutively for school and evening performances. Then came the competition play. Gar-Field’s performers received a superior rating. 13 - G-F Club The G-F Club is made up of those boys at Gar-Field High School who have met the requirements by receiving a letter in a sport. To get a letter an athlete must reach a standard set by the athletic department. Key Club To become a member of the Key Club, a student must perform a service to his school and show an interest in his fellow students and the activities of the school. Each fall, new members are initiated into the club. The senior members force the new ones to perform hysterical feats for the student body. 138 Girls’ Varsity Club The Girls Varsity Club at Gar-Field is an organization dedicated to school and community service. To gain membership to the club, a girl must earn a letter in a sport. At Christmas, these girls have a toy drive for underprivileged children. During football games they run the concession stand at all home games and they also are in charge of the school store throughout the school year. The Gar-Field F.B.L.A., or Future Business Leaders of America Club, is another school service organization which is open to all business and commercial students. All of the clubs activities are exercises in business leadership. This club sponsors numerous activities throughout the year, including the sale of mums at homecoming and a Christmas toy drive. Future Business Leaders of America 139 Future Teachers of America The goal of F.T.A., or the Future Teachers of America, is to help prepare young people to meet the requirements of the teaching profession in the future. The members of this group occasionally help out in regularly scheduled G-F classes when the teachers need assistance. In the spring, the club members also go to local elementary schools for two days and resume the roles of those teachers. This gives the future teachers experience for their own future benefits. 140 Future Homemakers of America The F.H.A., or the Future Homemakers of America, is for girls interested in homemaking and the domestic arts. The club members often listen to guest speakers on the different aspects of homemaking. The club also provides material for one of the hall bulletin boards. 141 l_____ Debate The Debate and Forensics teams have similar interests. Mr. Charles Edwards sponsors the Forensics team while Miss Virginia Anderson coaches the team of debators. Both groups enter into competition with other schools after spending a great deal of time in preparation for these meets. Both teams hold very fine records in their Fields. Forensics 142 Science Club The Science Club, open to interested science students, has projects of interest to the members. The club takes field trips to places of scientific value to its’ members. The primary interest is to aid those students planning to enter a scientific field. To them, the club gives a great deal of assistance. K.Y.G. The K.V.G. (Keep Virginia Green) Club, is newly formed this year. The members are a group of students interested in the conservation of Virginia’s beautiful outdoors. They work toward this goal through the activities of this club. 143 Chess Club It’s Academic Team The Chess Club is made up of students interested in the game of chess. They compete in informal games among themselves. They study the history of chess and develop their ability. The IT’S ACADEMIC team (below) is a group of students who have been selected on the basis of their overall knowledge. They compete against other schools on television for scholar¬ ships. 144 Beta Club The Beta Club is the only scholastic honorary society at Gar-Field High School. To be in this club, a student must maintain a high scholastic average. The group sponsors the Male Beauty Contest held each year in order to raise club funds. In the spring of each year, members attend a convention ot many school Beta Clubs. This is held in Charlottesville, Virginia. At the end of the school year, the Beta Club offers a scholarship to a student showing outstanding academic promise. The Club of Industrial Cooperative Training is geared to train young people for successful business activities. The students are taught in the classroom and given on-the-job experience in local places of business. 145 Spanish Club It is the aim of the Spanish Club to develop in its’ members an interest in and appreciation of Spanish speaking countries’ culture. The club takes field trips and centers all of its’ activities around this purpose. 146 French Club The French Club, again composed of those students taking French, takes field trips and has meetings with the idea of furthering an interest in France and its culture. The club members have been very active this year. They have sponsored candle sales at Christmas and Valentine sales to raise funds for their various club activities. 147 Band The Gar-Field High School Band is composed of student musicians who enjoy performing and encouraging school spirit. The band is aided by our majorettes and newly formed color guard. Together, they work as a unit in representing Gar-Field in parades. The band has performed concerts on numerous occasions and it has competed and faired very well. The majorettes have also won honors. 148 Majorettes Color Guard 149 WM Choirs Concert Choir Gar-Field has a many faceted choral group composed of the Concert Choir, the Varsity Choir, the Boys’ and Girls’ Choruses and the Madrigal Singers. In competition, these groups always rate highly and they always present an Outstanding performance before the student body. The groups are sponsored by Mr. Jim Council who has done a fine job in working with the students his first year at Gar-field. He aided the students in a production of a musical this spring. It was entitled Oliver. Varsity Choir 150 Girls’ Chorus Boys’ Chorus Madrigal Singers 151 Industrial Arts Club 152 Distributive Education Club The Distributive Education Club is an organization dedicated to producing business leaders. It is made up of those students who take D.E. in school. The members are always involved in money making drives of one sort or another. This all aids in the students’ understanding of management and business affairs. 153 Varsity Football Team Junior Varsity Football Team 154 Varsity Wrestling Team Junior Varsity Wrestling Team 155 Girls’ Basketball Varsity 156 Boys’ Basketball V arsity Junior Varsity 157 Cross Country Team Gymnastics Team 158 G-F Cheerleaders V arsity Squad Sponsors Junior V arsity Squad 159 1969—Golf 1969—Tennis 160 Girls’ and Boys’ Track 161 Baseball—Varsity Junior Varsity 162 Girls’ Softball 163 FACULTY 164 165 ADMINISTRATION Principal, Mr. Cox and Assistant Principal, Mr. Pitt seem to enjoy the game. The rain didn’t bother Assistant Principal, Mr. Crane. Mrs. Mary Webber Secretary Mrs. Kathleen Lipford Secretary 166 FACULTY IN ACTION to Miss Patricia Davies Government Mrs. Shirley Jones Science Mr. Thomas Shutt and Miss Maude Young English Caught by the camera is a surprised Mrs. Aubry. Art 167 168 Miss Suzanne Galvin French Mrs. Ann Pierce Art Miss Brenda Compton Business Mr. Edgar Tucker Math Mr. Harold Mattice Math Miss Betsy Ross P. E. 169 •-SB.. Mr. Ralph Barnette hides away in the bookroom for a chance to grade papers. Government Mrs. Kathleen Mouzakis English Miss Billie Colley Math Mrs. Cherie Hardisty Secretary 170 Mr. Norman Norfleet Science 171 Mrs. Ann Lockett P. E. Mrs. Barbara Davis History Mr. Guy Shafferman Science Mr. Gary Rodeffer Science 172 Mr. Paul Cummings Industrial Arts There’s no end to grading papers, is there Mrs. Polk? History Mr. Kirk Darrough History Mr. Pitt and Mrs. Anita Cummins Administration and French Mr. Roger Fitzgerald Math 173 Miss Rebecca Huddle and Mr. Richard Polly Science Mr. Rick Dodge Business Mr. James Lawler Science No locker is a problem for Mr. Moore History 174 Mr. Howard Gholson Science Mrs. Elizabeth Miller Spanish Mr. Ferris Wafle Guidance Mrs. Carole Clark Science Mr. Paul Scott Science 175 Mr. James Johnson Industrial Arts Mrs. Cynthia Keppel English MM Mr. Clemmons Science Mrs. June Sullins and Miss Doris Koehler Business Mr. George Clark D.E. Miss Virginia Anderson Latin 178 Mr. Robert Greer in a thoughtful moment. Government Mrs. Mary Fehl History 179 Miss Doris Koehler Business Mr. Ralph Minnick has other duties besides teaching. Band a v Mrs. Candace Woods Math 180 Mr. James Mabry History Mrs. Helen Parr Guidance Mrs. Maxine Crane Journalism Miss Linda Hudgins P.E. 181 Miss Sue Wieting Home Economics Mr. Brownie Cummins History Mrs. Jean Canter carefully watches the work of her students. Home Economics Mr. Charles Edwards English 182 Miss Barbara Rector Business Mr. Bill Rampley, Mrs. Greta Raines and Miss Rebecca Stevenso n English Miss Ferguson P. E. Mrs. Karen Darrough English 183 No fair, Miss Poindexter, on warning Mrs. Blake. Library Mrs. Liesel Witzel Guidance Miss Margaret Milona English 184 Julia Siper and Betty Tucker-cafeteria workers Mary Olsen and Peggy Martin-cafeteria workers 185 Robert Juggins custodian custodians (not pictured) Mrs. Helen Keys Mrs. Anna Neyhouse Mr. John Bicus Mrs. Susie Richardson Pearl Harvey, manager and Francis Davis, assistant mgr.-cafeteria Natalie Messer—cafeteria worker Mr. John Stefco-custodian 1969 Junior-Senior Prom f i t 186 187 : p%- Fanfare Processional Philip Hunsicker Invocation Introduction Speaker Samuel P. Cox Address to Graduates.. Hon. W. Pat Jennings Clerk, United States House of Representatives First Suite in E Flat G. Holst Benediction .Father Alexius Mulrenan Fanfare Recessional.G-F Band The Graduation of June 13. 188 189 190 woodbridge CORNERS OF HORNER ROAD AND OLD ROUTE 123 Phone 494-3333 DON CAREY GORDEN ARMSTRONG 194 KEEPSAKE DIAMONDS WOODBRIDGE JEWELERS BULOVA ACCUTRON WATCHES R. H. Hamilton Jeweller Fisher Shopping Center Phone: 494-2332 MONDAY - FRIDAY SATURDAY 9 A.M. To 9 P.M. 9 A.M. To 6 P.M. GLAMOUR CURL BEAUTY SALON DUMFRIES SHOPPING CENTER DUMFRIES, VIRGINIA For Appointments 875-5575 QUALITY COURTS MOTEL TRIANGLE, VA. 221-1115 NEWEST MOTEL ON ROUTE 1 95 ACROSS FROM IWO JIMA STATUE 80 Rooms And Meeting Rooms Available 195 VIRGINIA’S FINEST PIZZA RESTAURANT AND CARRY-OUT 494-6550 § Mannyj Moon Pi a ' Hani A FULL MENU OF ITALIAN AMERICAN CUISINE Pizza Hand-Rolled to Suit YOU From Our Own Dough Sauce We’re Famous For Our Steak and Cold Cut Submarines OPEN DAILY TO 11 P.M., 12 ON FRI. SAT. Community Shopping Center Rt. 123 Horner Rd. Woodbridge, Virginia Dumfries Discount House FURNITURE CARPETS Phone TRojan 5-7921 U.S. Route 1 Dumfries, Va. Sales And Service Parts — Rentals QUANTICO APPLIANCE CENTER SALES SERVICE RENTALS U.S. 1 Triangle, Va. Phone 875-9361 BEST WISHES Marty’s Men’s Shop Dumfries Shopping Center Dumfries, Virginia 22026 Area Code 703 Telephone 875-9900 196 Come see the making of power Vepco’s first commercial atomic power station is now under construction in Surry County, Virginia. In the new Information Center overlook¬ ing the site, you will see an excellent slide presentation, fascinating exhibits, and a working model of the reactor. (And from the balcony, you can watch them assemble the real thing.) Open 10 AM to 4 PM Monday through Sat¬ urday and 1 PM to 6 PM on Sunday. For tour information call 771-3194 in Richmond. Vepco more power to you ... at less cost JIM’S BARBER SHOP 304 Potomac Avenue Quantico, Va. TRIANGLE RECAPPING Just Minutes SERVICE Fuller Heights Away From Rd. Woodbridge Triangle, Va. Quantico PHONE TIRE 875-6195 RECAPPING One Day Service Distributors MOHAWK TIRES RADIATOR REPAIRING Wheel Balancing Bear Wheel Alignment Hours — 8 AM to 5:30 PM Daily Saturdays 8 AM to 12 N SALES - SERVICE - SATISFACTION LA ROSE TV Radio—Television—Stereo 1222 Jefferson Davis Highway Next To 7-11 Store Woodbridge, Virginia Call Anytime 494-3927 197 aaddnidye ' Secucttf rfcadentcf, WOODBRIDGE, VA. BEST OF LUCK FROM EDDIE’S PIZZA SHOP TRIANGLE SHOPPING CENTER Phone 875-5000 We Bake—You Take Open 7 Days A Week EDDIE McGLOTHIN, Owner 198 for PLYMOUTH SI MCA And Other Chrysler Products Complete Repairs — All Makes - Body Repairs Try the Conveniences of Our NITE OWL SERVICE two days a week Mon. Wed. Tues., Thurs., Fri. Sat: Service Parts Closed 7:30 AM-10 PM 7:30 AM-5 PM Sales Open All Day Woodbridge 1410 Jefferson Davis Hwy (US 1 494-9121 HW00DBRID6E CHRYSLER ■ PLYMOUTH CORPORATION THE TREASURE HOUSE FURNITURE LYNWOOD BOWLING LANES DUMFRIES, VA. 24 A.M.F. Lanes Open For Groups And Parties Specializing in 3 Room Groupings TRIANGLE SHOPPING CENTER Next to Bon Dept. Store Phone 875-3545 BOB BURKE, Mgr. 494-9191 199 Louise’s HOUSE OF BEAUTY • STYLING • CUTTING • COLORING • WE SELL RESTYLE WIGS, FALLS WIGLETS 875-6370 HOURS: MON. 9 AM - 5 PM TUES. THURS. FRI. 9 AM - 9 PM SAT. 9 AM - 5 PM 307 POTOMAC AVE. QUANTICO, VA. ALL AMERICAN SPORTS AWARDS Dumfries, Va. Phone 875-9449 Trophies and Awards for any Event. CAY ' S FABRIC CENTER CAY BRENNER Triangle Shopping Center Dumfries, Virginia 875-6272 DUMFRIES PHARMACY DUMFRIES, VA. Liggett Rexall Agcy. 875-3000 Alex Colletti Kernmize Luke Stephens 200 CAMPBELL MUSIC CO. MARUMSCO PLAZA WOODBRIDGE, VA. PIANOS BY-STEINWAY-SOHMER KIMBAL-GULBRANSEN STEROS-FISHER-KHH-SYLVANIA BAND INSTRUMENTS-SERVICE RENTAL REPAIR GUITARS- ORGANS-HAMMOND-KIMBAL. CAMPBELL MUSIC CO. BELVOIR REALTY CO., INC . 331 JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY (FISHER SHOPPING CENTER) WOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA PENTAGON, ALEXANDRIA MT. VERNON AREAS QUANTICO AREA CALL 703-221-1111 WOODBRIDGE CALL 703494-2131 DALE CITY AREAS WE KNOW YOUR NEEDS WE BUY-SELL-TRADE-RENT CASH FOR YOUR HOME Notary Public Open 9-9 Daily DEALER Your Home Owned Family Store MRS. CLARENCE R. CARTER, Owner U.S. Route No. 1 Phone: 875-1805 “HUNTING FISHING LICENSES SOLD HERE.’ TRIANGLE, VIRGINIA Compliments of BARLOWE’S SINCLAIR SERVICE Sinclair i jmf FULLER HEIGHTS ROAD TRIANGLE, VA. 201 NAMCO APPROVED REAL ESTATE TO BUY-TO RENT-TO SELL OR PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Phone 494-9181 REAL ESTATE INSURANCE - CONSTRUCTION Phone 875-5070 TRIANGLE MOBIL SERVICE Triangle, Virginia P. 0. Box 234 24 Hour Burner Service Lock Printing Meter Fuel Oil Delivery Where Real Quality Is Not Expensive Fisher Shopping Center (Next to Acme)-491 -1111 Many Pleasant Payment Plans-Prompt Delivery Compliments of BON’S FOOD AND DEPARTMENT STORE DUMFRIES, VA. 202 Congratulations Seniors! Come to CATALANO CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY for professional care and quality in Quantico, Virginia with two locations in Woodbridge, Virginia COMPLIMENTS of WOODBRIDGE FLORIST 617 U.S. ROUTE 1 Woodbridge, Va. 22191 Phone 494-2334 FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS HOMECOMING, PROMS, GRADUATION See Fred Fees or Joe Wilks " The Complete OUTDOOR SPORTS SHOP " MARINE SUPPLIES REPAIRS - ST0RA6E FINANCING Pickup Delivery In Northern Vo Wash. Met. Area. 2810 Jeff Doris Hwy (US 1) Woodbridge, Va 494-2711 Authorized Sales Service EVINRUDE BOATS MOTORS ALUMA-CRAFT, ALPEX, MFG FABUGLAS, SILVERLINE BOATS OMC — MERCRUISER STERN DRIVES TRADE WINDS CARLISLE CAMPERS GATOR ATLAS TRAILERS WHITE STAG SPORTING GOODS MARINE PAINTS 1 FINISHES " Where Boating Is A Ploaturo — Not A Butinots " 203 Compliments of GENERAL RADIO TV SERVICE Triangle, Virginia WSM PIEDMONT FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION Assets Over $36 Million INSURED SAVINGS HOME LOANS • MANASSAS, VA. N Grant S Lee Avs Across From Court House 361-2121 • WEST GATE West Gat© Plaza Shopping Center 361-2121 • WOODBRIDGE, VA Woodbridge Center 494-5101 irh if B.F.Goodrich {4 SmHeacje ...Always A Good Deal On B. F. GOODRICH TIRES BATTERIES - ACCESSORIES - SEAT COVERS TUBES - TUBELESS TIRES - WINTER TIRES TIRE CHAINS - AUTO and HOME SUPPLIES A P MUFFLERS CUSTOM OR STOCK AUTO SEAT COVERS We Also Carry Used and Recap Tires Just 10 Minutes From Woodbridge; 5 Minutes From Quantico WAYS TO CHARGE IT 30 Day Charge or BUDGET TERMS 204 Congratulations To the Class of ‘69’ From Congratulations Class of 1969 KEN’S Compliments of OF QUANTICO CLOE ESSO SERVICE WILEY’S DRIVE IN Hamburgers Hot Dogs French Fries Barbecues Shakes - Etc. 875-9085 6 Miles South of Woodbridge 2 Miles North of Dumfries US HIGHWAY 1 DUMFRIES, VA. 205 Compliments of HOLLY ACRES Camper Trailer Sales Stanley and Manley Garber Area Code 703 130 Jefferson-Davis Hwy. Office 494-5600 Woodbridge Home 494-6433 Virginia STEPHENS j gttOf l WaiGSTOBg) Call Us Or Have Your Doctor Call Us FREE PICKUP DELIVERY ON PRESCRIPTIONS. ENTER FROM U.S. HWY. 1 OR RT. 1110 TRIANGLE, VA. DIAL 875-8805 If No Answer Coll 875-4090 HOURS: DAILY 8 AM - 9:30 PM; SUN 11 AM - 7 PM Convenient for the TRIANGLE QUANTICO DUMFRIES and STAFFORD Areas 206 Compliments of HAYES ATLANTIC Dale City DALE CITY ESSO 494-6283 Located at entrance to Dale City Best Wishes Compliments of from CREST CLEANERS, INC. 0,he 7 .Shoppe 6704500 Washington Dale City Virginia Maryland 207 We members of the 1968-69 staff of the Indian Echoes, would like to express our appreciation to our publishers and especially to Mr. A. Overby for their unending assis¬ tance and understanding. Quality Makes the Difference The cover photograph was taken at the 1968 Homecoming game for the 1968-69 Indian Echoes. Our most sincere thanks goes to Mrs. Myra Watts, our sponsor, without whose help and support this edition of the Indian Echoes would not be possible. 209 Editor Kathleen Wilburn Assistant Editor Mary Ann Jones Business Manager Gerri Garber Subscriptions Manager Gwen Jacobs Photographers Preston Marks Harry Prior % Assistants 210 In Memoriam The time you won your town the race We chaired you through the market-place; Man and boy stood cheering by, And home we brought you shoulder-high. Smart lad, to slip betimes away From fields where glory does not stay And early though the laurel grows It withers quicker than the rose. Michael Beaumont So set, before its echoes fade, The fleet foot on the sill of shade, And hold to the low lintel up The still-defended challenge-cup. To-day, the road all runners come, Shoulder-high we bring you home, And set you at your threshold down, Townsman of a stiller town. John Zeets Eyes the shady night has shut Cannot see the record cut, And silence sounds no worse than cheers After earth has stopped the ears: Now you will not swell the rout Of lads that wore their honours out, Runners whom renown outran And the name died before the man. And round that early-laurelled head Will flock to gaze the strengthless dead And find unwithered on its curls The garland briefer than a girl’s. .. . A. E. Housman 212 VIR $71 8976 Gar Gar Indian echoes . • 7 ' ■■■-ml Prince William Public-Library

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