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Dedication.10 Faculty.12 Classes.24 Organizations.90 Athletics.122 Features.158 Advertisements.180 A diamond is forever, and the staff of the 1967 Indian Echoes has tried to make the mem¬ ories of this past year just as permanent. We have tried to bring back the laughs, cheers, trials, and errors of this year of our lives. We hope that this annual will help you recall these memories again and again in the coming years. Suzie Croasman.Co-Editor Barbara Pulley.Co-Editor Debbie Shaffer.Assistant Editor Pati Stewart.Business Manager Gar-Field High School Woodbridge, Virginia is Forever . . . A diamond has many facets which reflect its beauty. Likewise, a school has many facets which reflect its purpose. Through an examina¬ tion of these sides—the traditions, innovations, dreams, disappointments, studies, memories, people—we receive a greater appreciation for our school—Gar-Field High. 3 so are our • • • 4 Memories of Gar-Field Fond memories will never be forgotten—such as jammed lockers, missing books, dirty dishes after spaghetti dinners and fab soc-hops after games. Remember all that homework that was piled upon our desks every night? Remember all the rainy trips to the huts and pre¬ dicaments of G-F life? To be sure, G-F won ' t forget us and we will certainly not forget G-F. 5 These are the Faces Gar-Field High School is the students themselves. The students form its spirit, its achievements, its activities, and its traditions. School wasn ' t all w o rk—extra-curricular activities and school functions gave students a much needed break from the hum-drum of everyday school life. Gar-Field is proud of a great year and a great student body for making this year one year we won ' t forget. 6 and Activities 7 1967 meant many things to many people. To our Seniors it meant the end of twelve years of hard work; to Juniors it meant one step closer to their senior year; to Sophomores it meant new experiences; to Freshmen it meant a new way of life; to Gar-Field it meant another year of learning. The huts were put back into use, due to the crowded conditions; and new teachers were introduced to Gar-Field High School life. 1966- 67 was a rewarding year which none of us will forget. 8 We will Remember Indian Echoes Proudly Dedicates 10 Its 66-67 Edition . . . We, the Indian Echoes staff, dedicate this 1966-67edition to a member and lead¬ er of our faculty. His friendliness and con¬ stant striving to improve the quality of ed¬ ucation are well known to all students and parents. He endeavors to know all students by name, and his office is always open to students and faculty alike. As a Methodist layman he shows his faith by opening the assemblies with a prayer. His sincerity and friendliness win the heart of everyone, and his never-ending interest in the school is self-evident. His personal concern in every club and activity proves to the student body that he has their best interests at heart. Through the long-remembered good times and the hard-to-forget bad times, his patience and perseverance have shown through. It is with great pride that we dedicate this 1966-67 Indian Echoes to MR. SAMUEL P. COX. 11 FACULTY 12 a s • " 13 MR. SAMUEL P. COX PRINCIPAL Principal ' s Message It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by dust and blood; who strives valiantly, who errs and comes short again and again; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, and spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement; and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly; so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory or defeat. —Theodore Roosevelt 14 The Administration MRS. MARY WEBBER SECRETARY MRS. DOROTHY PARKER SECRETARY MR. JAMES B. ADDINGTON ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Key Club Sometimes office work gets so tiring ! 15 Teachers Set MISS VIRGINIA ANDERSON Debate Department Head MRS. MAXINE CRANE Gar-Field ' s Foreign Language Department provides for the students the ability to communicate in languages other than English. In these classes the students are introduced to different customs and cultures. Three years of French and Spanish and two years of Latin are offered at Gar-Field. In the English classes the students are given a solid back¬ ground in grammar and literature. During the junior and senior years students study American and English literatures respectively. The literature studied by freshmen and sopho¬ mores is varied in order to prepare them for the last two years. MRS. PATRICIA DiFRANK MR. THOMAS SHUTT JR. MRS. GRETA RAINES Cheerleaders MR. WILLIAM RAMP LEY Sophomore Class MISS PEGGY JONES Indian Scripts Department Head MRS. SHEILA KRULL Indian Echoes MRS. ELIZABETH BROWNING Indian Echoes Grading English papers doesn ' t seem to bother Miss Milona. Deportment of Languages MR. ADRIAN NARA T 16 High Goals IRS. MARGARET THORPE Forensics MR. RALPH BARNETTE Bookroom Supervisor MRS. BARBARA DAVIS Department Head MR. ROBERT GREER Athletics MISS JEANNINE TURNER Pep Club Department of History In order to understand the present and interpret the future a knowledge of the past is necessary. Gar- Field ' s History Department is well prepared to back¬ up this premise. By offering courses in American History, U. S. Government, World Geography, and World History, the students are given a well-rounded and thorough knowledge in this field. MR. JAMES MABRY Junior Class MR. IVERSON WARINNER MISS PATRICIA DAVIES S.C.A. MRS. JUDITH GREER MRS. MYRA WATTS Sophomore Class MR. JOHN SULLIVAN MR. ROBERT MOORE Athletics 17 Students are Department of Mathmatics Mathematics is the language of scientists. In order to meet the demands of the Space Age " math must be mastered. " Algebras I and II, Geometry, and Advanced Algebra and Trigo¬ nometry are among the courses offered by the Math Department. MISS NANCY SHIDELER F. T. A. MRS. CANDACE WOODS Junior Class MR. EDGAR TUCKER Department Head MR. ROGER FITZGERALD MISS VICTORIA MASON Art Club MR. JOHN PITT Senior Class Physics MR. JAMES RAINES Athletics Art The Art Department uses many means to develop the talents of its students. Field trips of varied cultural inter¬ ests are organized throughout the year. MISS FAYE MEADS Mrs. Aubrey, new this semester, " officially " decorates a basketball. 18 Challenged MR. HOWARD GHOLSON MISS REBECCA HUDDLE Department Head Senior Class Home Economics MRS. JEAN CANTER Sophomore Class Ours is called the Space Age. Scientists are asked to meet new and different problems daily. Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, offered to Gar-FieId stu¬ dents, furnish an introduction to the basic steps for the scientists of tomorrow. Department of Science Miss Stinson seems to enjoy this phase of English. The girls at Gar-Field are well aware of the advantages that the Home Economics Department offers them. By learning the proper procedure to cook and sew, they are acquiring very useful and necessary skills. MRS. ELLEN TUNNICLIFF F. H. A. MR. JAMES JAMIESON Senior Class MRS. SHIRLEY JONES MR. RICHARD POLLY MR. JOSEPH WILEMAN Senior Class 19 Individual Talents By offering a wide range of courses from book¬ keeping to typing, the Business Department is able to prepare those who plan to enter the business world after graduation. Available to the second year typing students for the first time are electric typewriters. Students also work in the office as part of their education. Deportment of Business MISS PHYLLIS GIVEN Junior Class MISS JACQUELINE REBEL F. B. L. A. MISS BETTY BARNES MR. JAMES BLEVINS Junior Class MR. GEORGE CLARK D. E. Club MRS. JUNE SULLINS Department Head Distributive Education As a relatively new department, Distributive Education offers Gar-Field students an opportunity to work and receive an education at the same time. The local businessmen co-operate with this venture by employing the students part-time. Mrs. Lockett presents a tro¬ phy to Mary Ann Ridings and Carla Ennis at an awards assembly. MR. ROGER HAYES Sophomore Class 20 are Emphasized Department of Physical Education The Physical Education Department plays an impor¬ tant role in directing not only classes but many of our athletic events. Three years of gym and health are re¬ quired at Gar-Field. During this time the students par¬ ticipate in sports such as baseball, basketball, tennis, track, and tumbling through which they acquire sports¬ manship and co-ordination. MR. DANIEL CRANE MRS. ANN LOCKETT Department Head Girls ' Varsity Club Athletic Director G-F Club MR. HOWARD DUNCAN Athletics MR. RALPH MARR ATHLETICS Mrs. Bailey, new this semester, directs the chorus. Miss Clements geograph¬ ically illustrates a point in History. Music The goal of the Music Department is to provide Gar-Field students with an enduring and enjoyable appreciation of music. The Gar-Field High School Band, under the direction of Mr. Ivan Bowling, entertains the student body during assemblies and football games. The highlight of the musical year is the spring concert. The Glee Club, directed by Mrs. Bailey, presents itself in concert at the annual Christmas Concert. Throughout the year it provides musical enjoyment at other functions. 21 Citizenship is Stressed Industrial Arts offers students the opportunity to develop manual skills. During the course of a school year students learn the operational use of various machines. Also offered is a course in mechanics. Industrial Arts MR. THOMAS OSBORNE MR. PAUL CUMMINGS Isometrics is important in Physical Education. Library Guidance Relaxing after a hard day. MRS. MILDRED BLAKE Librarian MR. JOHN DURHAM Athletics MRS. HELEN PARR Beta Club MISS ELLA POINDEXTER Librarian Library Club Dramatics Club 22 The Custodians MRS. AUSTRA BICUS MR. JANIS BICUS MR. ROBERT JUGGINS MRS. HELEN KEYS The Cafeteria Staff MRS. MARY CASTEEL. MRS. ROSAMUND RIVERS, MRS. PEARL HARVEY, MRS. NATALIE MOSSER, MRS. FRANCIS DAVIS, MRS. BETTY TUCKER, MRS. JULIA SIPES. 23 CLASSES 24 25 Pati Stewart Treasurer Theresa Pisano Secretary Eugene Harris Vice-President Suzie Croasman Representative Sponsors: Mr. Jamieson, Miss Huddle, Mr. Wileman, Mr. Pitt. Senior Class Officers 26 Do you always study like that, Bob Ames? In time out from studying, David Cline casually reads the newspaper. Seniors proudly show their rings for the photographer. 27 Alexander, Sandy- Sophomores Class-Secretary -10; Forensics-10; County Federation Senator- 11; Girls ' State-11; Debate-11; FTA-10, Presi¬ dent-11,12; Girls ' Varsity Club-11; President-12; J.V. Basketball-Co-Captain-10; Varsity Basket¬ ball-11, 12; Softball-10, 11, 12; Pep Club-10, 11, 12; library Club-11. Alvey, Sandie- Dramatics Club -12; Pep Club-12; Indian Echoes- 12; Ways and Means Committee- 12; House Committee-12; Publicity Committee- 12; Homeroom Chairman-12. Ames, Robert- S.C.A. Amidon, Charleen- FBLA-10, 11, Reporter-12; Homeroom Chairman-12. Anderson, Mike-J. V. Football-10. Anderson, Ruth- DE Club-Secretary-11, 12; li¬ brary Club -11,12; FBLA-12; Pep Club -12; Home¬ room Chairman-12. Angel, Grant- DE Club-12; Pep Club-10, 11, 12. Ant ell, Shirley- Band-10, 11, S e c r e t a r y-12; Majorette-10, Captain-11, 12; Pep Club-10, 12, Treasurer-11; Glee Club-10, 11; Beta Club-10, 11 , 12 . Bal, Frank-J.V. Baseball-10; J. V. T r a c k-10; J.V. Basketball-10; Varsity Wrestling-Manager- 12; Varsity Track-11; Building and Grounds Committee-12. Ball, Janice- AFS-10; Indian Echoes -Junior Class Editor-11; Beta Club-10, 11, 12; Pep Club-12. Barg, Arnold- Varsity Basketball-10,11,12; Var¬ sity Baseball-10, 11, 12; Varsity Track-10, 12; Key Club-Vice-President-12; G-F Club-Secre¬ tary-11, 12; KVG-10, 12. Barnett, Debbie- S.C.A. Barr, Martin- Glee Club-10, 11, 12. Bastien, Susan- Softball-10, 11, 12; Pep Club- 10, 11, Council Representative-12; Girls ' Varsity Club-10, 11. Bauckman, Claudia- Softball-10, 11; Indian Echoes -10, 12; Girls ' Varsity Club-10, 11, 12. Baxter, Paula-AFS-10,11; FBLA-10; Hall Patrol- 12 . Beard, Janet- Beta Club-10,11, Club Representa¬ tive-12; Glee Club-10, 11; Band-10, 11, 12; Var¬ sity Cheerleader-11, 12; Dramatics Club-10, 11, 12; Girls ' Varsity Club-11,12; House Committee- Chairman-12; County Federation Senator-12; Pep Club-10, 11, Vice-President-12; Alternate Homeroom Chairman-12. Beavers, James-J.V. Basketball-10; J.V. Foot¬ ball-10; D.E. Club-12. Money-Making MARY CHARLEEN AMIDON SANDRA FRANCES ALEXANDER SANDRA ELIZABETH ALVEY MIKE FREDRICK ANDERSON RUTH ANN ANDERSON ROBERT LEE AMES 28 Activities Provide Funds PAULA JEANNE BAXTER JANET ELIZABETH BEARD JAMES BEAVER GRANT RODWAY ANGEL SHIRLEY ANN AN TELL FRANK ROBERT BAL » JANICE MARIE BALL CALVIN ARNOLD BARG DEBORAH DAWN BARNETT MARTIN VAN BUREN BARR, JR. CLAUDIA DU SHANE BAUCKMAN SUSAN LYN BAS TIEN 29 Plans are Discussed FREDERICK LEE BRAMELL Billings, Mark- KVG-lljJ.V. Football-10; Var¬ sity Wrestling-10; AFS-10, 11; Pep Club-10, 11, 12; Sophomore - Class-Sergeant-of-Arms-10; Junior Class-Sergeant-of-Arms-11; DE Club- President- 12. Blevins, Hugh- DE Club-11, 12. Bolen, John- S.C.A. Bramell, Fred- J.V. Football-10; Varsity Track- 10, 11, 12; J.V. Baseball-10; Key Club-10, 11, President-12; Varsity Baseball-11, 12; Junior Class-Treasurer-11; Boys ' State-11; Cross Coun¬ try Team-12; Buildings and Grounds Committee- 12; Auditorium Committee-12. Brewer, Butch- Varsity F o o t b a 11-10, 11; J. V. Basketball-10; Varsity Baseball-10, 11; Varsity Track-10, 11; G-F Club-11. Brookover, Bill- FBLA-10; Library Club-11; KVG-11; J.V. Wrestling-10; J.V. Football-10. Bryant, Mildred- Beta Club-10, Vice President- 11, President-12; Library Club-10; Forensics- Secretary-11; Activity Code Committee-Chair¬ man-11; Program Committee-Chairman-12; Homeroom Chairman-12; AFS-10, 11; Pep Club- 12 , Buffington, Virdell- S.C.A. Butcher, Sandra- Dramatics Club-11; Beta Club- 10, 11, Secretary-12; Homeroom Chairman-12; AFS-11. Cain, Ellen- Pep Club-11,12; AFS-11,12; FBLA- 11, 12; House Committee-12; Indian Scripts- 12. Campbell, Judy- S.C.A. Carney, Maurice- Library Club-11. Carpenter, Debora- S.C.A. Chaffin, James- Varsity Football-10, 11; Varsity Track-10, 11; Varsity Wrestling-10; G-F Club- 11, 12; DE Club-12. Charron, Barbara- Pep Club-10; Dramatics Club- 11 . Clark, Donald- DE Club-11, 12; Pep Club-12. Clark, Glenda- Softball-10; Pep Club-11,12; FHA-12; Hall Patrol-12. Clifton, Paul- Alternate Homeroom Chairman- 12; Alternate County Federation Sena tor-12; India n Echoes -Photographer-12. Cline, David- S.C.A. Connaughton, Barbara- Beta Club -10,11,12; Pep Club-11, 12; AFS-11; Hall Patrol-12. Cowan, Dianne- FBLA-11, 12. 30 in a Class Meeting VIRDELL BUFFINGTON JR. SANDRA SUE BUTCHER MARY ELLEN CAIN MAURICE WILSON CARNEY, JR. BARBARA ELLEN CHARRON DONALD RAY CLARK BONNIE LOU CLARK CONNAUGHTON GLENDA MARIE CLARK 31 Seniors Prepare For College JANEEN CRABB VENABLE DANCE MARY ANN DENAS DIANNE MARY COWAN SUSAN ELAINE CROASMAN OWEN LEROY DENT HOWARD RANDOLF CRAVEN PATRICIA ALLEN DAVIS DAVID LEE CUNDIFF JOYCE AVIS DESLANDES JOSEPH JEROME CRIBB DUDLEY ATFIEY DAWSON 32 Craven, Howard- S.C.A. Cribb, Jerome- J. V. Baseball-10; Varsity Basket- ball-Manager- 11. Crossman, Susan- Indian Echoes -Co-Editor-11, 12; Senior Class-Council Representative-12; Activity Code Committee-11; Art Club-11; Dra¬ matics Club-11,12; AFS-10,11; Alternate Home¬ room Chairman-12; Majorette-12. Cundiff, David-J.V. Baseball-10; J. V. Track- 10; Varsity Baseball-11; Varsity Track-11; Var¬ sity Football-12; Pep Club-12; Key Club-12; G-F Club-12. Davis, Pat- Softball-11, 12; Girls ' Varsity Club- Secretary- 12. Dawson, Dudley-Beta Club-10,11,12; Key Club- 10, 11, 12; KVG-11, 12; Indian Echoes -10, Assis¬ tant Editor-11; J. V. Wrestling-10; Alternate Boys ' State-11. Denas, Mary Ann- Band-12, Librarian-10, Presi¬ dent and Librarian-11; Dramatics Club-10,11,12; Glee Club-10; FHA-Vice-President-11, 12; Li¬ brary Club-11, 12. Dent, Leroy- J.V. Basketball-10; Pep Club-12. Deslandes, Joyce- Sophomore Class-Vice-Presi¬ dent-10; Pep Club-10, 11, 12; FBLA-10, 11, 12; Majorette-Captain-10; Dramatics Club-10, 11, 12; Glee Club-10, 11, 12; Indian Scripts -10, Cir¬ culation Manager-11, Reporter-12; J.V. Basket¬ ball-10; Junior Class Secretary-11; AFS-Trea- surer-11; Band-11, 12; S o f t b a 11-Manager-11; Varsity Cheerleader-11, Captain-12; Girls ' State-11; S. C. A.-Secretary-12; Girls ' Varsity Club-12. Dillon, Walter- S. C. A. Dubbins, Daniel- Alternate Homeroom Chair¬ man-10, 12; J.V. Football-10; J.V. Track-10; County Federation Senator-12; Indian Echoes - Boys ' Sports Editor-12; Spanish Club-10, 11. Doty, Paty- Indian Scripts -10,11,12; AFS-10,11; County Federation Senator-12; Pep Club-10, 11, 12 . Dudek, Peggy- Homeroom Chairman-12. Dunn, Delores- FBLA-10, 11, 12; Pep Club-10, 11, 12; AFS-11. Dyroff, Chris- Pep Club-12. Ealie, Stephanie- AFS-10, 11; Pep Club-10, 11; Indian Echoes -12; Indian Scripts -12. Earnest, Gay- Pep Club-11, 12; FBLA-11, 12; AFS-11. Enos, Bill- S.C.A. GENE WALTER DILLON DANIEL WAYNE DOBBINS PATRICIA ANN DOTY DELORES CLAIR DUNN CHRISTOPHER PAUL DYROFF 33 Seniors Receive Their MARY KATHERINE EASLEY CAROL ANN ESQUE SANDRA EVANS DONNITA JEAN FERGUSON SHARON MARIE FERLAZZO THERESA MARIE FISHER MARY LOUISE FLOHR GEORGE WAYNE FORD THOMAS HARRISON FRAZIER 34 Rings ROBERT LYNN GARRISON JEAN ANN LOUISE GAUDET CHRISTINE ANNE GEFRICH MADELINE FRANCES GEORGE TERESA ELIZABETH GEORGE Esque, Carol- Beta Club-10, 11, 12; FBLA-11, Secretary-12; AFS-11. Ferguson, Carole- Pep Club-10, 11; AFS-10; Softball-10; Hall P a t r o 1-10, 11; Girls ' Varsity Club-11, 12; FBLA-11; House Committee-11; Girls ' State-11. Ferguson, Donnita- S. C. A„ Ferlazzo, Sharon- J.V. Basketball-10; Pep Club- 10, 11, 12; AFS-10, 11; Varsity Basketball-11; Indian Echoes -11; Varsity Cheerleader-12; Indian Scripts-12; Homeroom Chairman-12. Fisher, Terry-S.C.A. Flohr, Louise- Majorette-12; FTA-12. Ford, George- Dramatics Club-11, 12; KVG-11, 12; AFS-10,11; Indian Echoes -Photographer-12. Frazier, Thomas- J. V. Wrestling-10; KVG-10, 12; AFS-10, 11; Varsity Football-11, 12; Varsity Track -11; Library Club-12; Varsity Wrestling-12. Fread, Susan- Pep Club-10; AFS-10, 11; Hall Patrol-11; Library Club-11. Garland, Sandra- S.C.A. Garrison, Robert- Varsity Track-11. Gaudet, Jean- Library Club-10,11,12; Dramatics Club-11, 12; Glee Club-Librarian-10, 11; Band- 10; Indian Scripts -Photographer-12; Activity Code Committee-Chairman-12; Beta Club-12. Gefrich, Christine- D r a m a t i c s Club-Council Representative-10; Pep Club-10, 11, 12; Indian Echoes -10; AFS-10, 11; FTA-10, Treasurer-11, Cou ncil Representative-12; J.V. Basketball-10; Varsity Cheerleader-11, Co-Captain-12; Girls ' Varsity Club-11, 12; Indian Scripts -12; Home¬ room Chairman-12. George, Teresa-J.V. Basketball-10; Pep Club- 10, 11; Library Club-10; DE Club-12. Gerlach, Bill- Varsity Football-11, 12; Varsity Wrestling-11; G-F Club-11, 12; AFS-10; Key Club-12; Pep Club-10, 11, 12; Assistant Home¬ room Chairman-12. Grant, Linda- AFS-11; FBLA-10, 11, 12; Pep Club-10,11,12; Library Club-12; Program Com¬ mittee-12; Publicity Committee-12; Glee Club- 12; FTA-12; FHA-10; Indian Scripts -12. Gressman, Gerhard- S. C. A. Gustin, Beth-Pep Club-10; Debate-11; Glee Club-10, 11, 12; Dramatics Club-10. Hall, Colleen- FBLA-10; Indian Scripts- 12; Indian Echoes -12; Pep Club-10. 35 Harris, Eugene- Health and Welfare Committee - 11; J.V. Football-10; Sophomore Class-Trea- surer-10;Pep Club-10, 11, 12; J.V. Baseball-10; Junior Class-Vice-President-11; Senior Class Vice-President-12; Varsity Football-11, 12; Var¬ sity Baseball-11; Key Club-11, 12; G-F Club-12; S. C. A.-Sergeant-at-Arms-12; Auditorium Committee Chairman-12; Homeroom Chairman- 11 , 12 . Hearn, Gerald- Pep Club-11; AFS-10, 11; Band- 10, 11, 12; Glee Club-10; Dramatics Club-11,12; Indian Scripts -12; Forensics-10,11,12; J.V. Wr e s 11 i n g-10; Varsity Wrestling-11, 12; J. V. Track-10; Varsity Track-11, 12; Cross Country Team-12. Herrmann, Clifford- DE Club-11. Hill, Paul- J. V. Baseball-10; Pep Club -10,11,12. Hill, Octavia- Pep Club-12. Hill, Sylvia- Pep Club-10; FHA-10, 11. Hofmann, Phyllis- Pep Club-10, 11, 12; AFS- 10, 11; Indian Scripts- 12. Holley, Bryan- DE Club-11, 12. Hora, Wendy- J.V. Basketball-10; AFS-10, 11; Pep Club-12; Indian Echoes -12. Hosey, Marsha- Pep Club-Treasurer-10, Presi- dent-11, 12; Art Club-11; AFS-10, 11; Indian Scripts -10, Assistant Ed it or-11, Art Staff-12; Dramatics Club-11,12, Treasurer-10; Girls ' Varsity Club-11, 12; Beta Club-10, 11, 12; Ways and Means Committee-Chairman-11, 12; Soft¬ ball-10; J.V. Basketball-10; Varsity Basketball- 11, 12; Library Club-10, 11. Howard, George- S. C.-A. Hard Work Is Jenkins, Earl- J. V. Football-10; J. V. Basketball- 10; Varsity Wrestling-11; Key Club-10, 11, 12; DE Club-12; Auditorium Committee-11. Jennings, Mike- J. V. Football-10; J. V. Baseball- 10; Varsity Wrestling-11; Key Club-10, 11, 12; KVG-10; Auditorium Committee-11. Johnson, Betty- Pep Club-12. Johnson, Carolyn- Dramatics Club-10, 11;FHA- 11; Glee Club -10,11; FBLA-10,11; Library Club- 10, 11, 12; DE Club-12. Johnson, Daniel- S. C. A. Johnson, Kenneth- Varsity Football-12. Johnson, Margaret- Beta Club-10, 11, 12; AFS- 10; Pep Club-10, 11, 12; Indian Echoes -10, 11; Dramatics Club-10,11; J.V. Basketball-Man¬ ager-10,11; Softball-10; FHA-10; Publicity Committee Co-Chairman-11; Girls ' Varsity Club-11, 12. LINDA JEAN GRANT BETH ELAINE GUSTIN GERALD ALEXANDER HEARN 36 Put Into The Class Carnival PHYLLIS ANN HOFMANN WENDY JEAN HORA MARSHA ANN HOSEY CAROLYN MARIE JOHNSON EARL CLIFTON JENKINS ROBERT WAYNE JOHNSON DAVID CHANCELLOR JOHNSON MICHAEL FRANKLIN JENNINGS JAMES ALLEN JONES KENNETH EARL JOHNSON 37 Senior Teaching Johnson, Bob- Dramatics Club-12; Homeroom Chairman-12. Jones, James- J. V. Baseball-10; J. V. Basketball - 11, 12; Pep Club-12. Jones, Shelia- Glee Club-10; AFS-10, 11; FHA- 10, Historian-11; FBLA-11, 12. Kelley, Danielle- Band-10,11,12; Glee Club-10; Beta Club-10,11; Vice-President-12; Homeroom Chairman-12; Ways and Means Committee Chairman-12; Indian Echoes -Faculty Editor-11, 12; AFS-10, 11. Kelley, Frances-Varsity Basketball-12; Girls ' Varsity Club-12; DE Club-12; Glee Club-12; Pep Club-12. Kelley, Pam- Pep Club-10, 11, 12; Majorette- 10, Drum Majorette-11, 12; Dramatics Club-10; Beta Club-10, 11, 12; FTA-10, Secretary-11, 12; Band-10,11, Vice-President-12; Glee Club-10, 11; Indian Echoes -10, 12. PAMELA RAE KELLEY SHELIA EUDORA JONES DANIELLE ETHA KELLEY FRANCES ANN KELLEY SANDRA LEE KELLEY ELIZABETH ANN KIELP INSKI Kelley, Sandra- Homeroom Chairman-11, 12; FBLA-10, 11, 12; Glee Club-Treasurer-11; Pep Club-11, 12; Dramatics Club-10, 11. Kielpinski, Liz- Softball-10, 11; Pep Club-10, 11, 12; Art Club-11; Indian Scripts -11, 12; Girls ' Varsity Club-12. King, Steve- Indian Scripts-12. Knapp, Pam- Pep Club-10; Art Club-11. Knotts, Arika- AFS-10, 11; Dramatics Club-10; Softball-10,11,12; J. V. Basketball-10; Varsity Basketball-11; Varsity Cheerleader-12; Girls ' Varsity Club-10, 11, Treasurer-12; Glee Club- Secretary-12; Pep Club-10, 11, 12. Kotelly, Rosemary- Pep Club-10, 11, 12; AFS- 10, 11; Homeroom Chairman-10; Dramatics Club-10; FTA-10; Indian Echoes -10, 11; Beta Club-12; Girls ' Lavoratory Committee-10, 11. Landes, Barbara- FBLA-10; Softball-10; Pep Club-12. Levan, Brenda- Pep Club-12; FBLA-12; FHA-1 l. Lewis, Gary- Varsity Basketball-11, 12; Varsity Baseball-11, 12; Varsity Football-12; G-F Club- 12; DE Club-12. Leyda, Bob- Lost and Found Committee-Chair¬ man-10; Health and Welfare Committee-Chair¬ man-11; S. C. A. President-12; Dramatics Club- 10, 11, 12; Library Club-10, 11, 12; Pep Club-12. Liming, Belinda- FBLA-10, Treasurer-11, Vice- President-12; Beta Club-10, 11, 12; Pep Club-11, 12 . 38 Liming, Jane- FTA-11; Library Club-12. Liming, Larry- KVG-11, 12. Days Are Enjoyed by All ROBERT STEVEN KING PAMELA LYNN KNAPP A RIKA KNOTTS ROSEMARY CHRISTINE KO TELLY BARBARA ANN LANDES GARY PATRICK LEWIS _ A JANE MARIE LIMING LARRY WINFIELD LIMING BRENDA CAROL LEVAN ROBERT CURTIS LEYDA MARJORIE ANNE LIMING BELINDA KAY LIMING 39 Enthusiasm Makes the Class Play MARSHALL LEWIS LIMING HOWARD PAUL LINEBERGER JOLEEN LIPFORD ROBERT ALVIN LOCKARD RANDIE LEE LOONEY GEORGEANN LYNN CARLA RENEE McCartney MARTHA LEONA McCartney LINDA ELAINE McGUIRE GEORGE JOHN McKNIGHT PATRICK LEE McNULTY NANCY GAYE MERWIN 40 Liming, Marjorie- S. C. A. Liming, Marshall- J. V. Football-10; Building and Grounds Committee-11; DE Club-12. a Success Lineberger, Paul- S.C.A. Lipford, Joleen- Band-10, 11; Majorette-12; Pep Club-12; Indian Echoes -Organizations Editor-12. Lockard, Robert- Dramatics Club-11,12; County Federation Senator-12; J. V. Football-10; Varsity Wrestling-10; Varsity Football-11; Pep Club-10, 11, 12; AFS-10, 11. Looney, Randie- Key Club-10,11,12; G-F Club- 11, 12; Pep Club-10, 11, 12; J.V. Football-10; Varsity Basketball-11, 12; Varsity Track-10, 11, 12; J.V. Baseball-10. Mays, Michael- Varsity Football-10, 11; Pep Club-12. McCartney, Carla- Pep Club-10,11,12; Program Committee-Chairman-11; Indian Scripts -11,12; Publicity Committee-12; County Federation Senator-12; Homeroom Chairman-12; Glee Club-Vice-President-11, 12; FBLA-12. McCartney, Martha- Girls ' Varsity Club-11, 12; Pep Club-10,12; Vice-President-11; Indian Scripts -11, 12; Varsity Basketball-Manager-11, 12; Glee Club-11, 12; J. V. Basketball-Manager- 10 . McGuire, Linda- Indian Scripts -Typist-11, 12; AFS-10, 11; FBLA-11,12; Glee Club-10,11; House Committee-12; Pep Club-10, 11, 12. McKnight, George- Pep Club-10, 11, Sergeant- at-Arms-12; Dramatics Club-10. McNally, Richard- S. C. A. McNulty, Pat- Pep Club-12. Merwin, Nancy- FBLA-10, 11, 12. Mills, Marcia- AFS-10, 11; Beta Club-10,11, Treasurer-12; FTA-12; Indian Echoes -11. Mirro, Bill- KVG-11; J.V. Baseball-10; DE Club-12. Montgomery, Bobbie- Indian Scripts -10, 11; AFS-10; Pep Club-10, 11, 12; FBLA-12. Moore, David- S.C.A. Morkes, Bill- Varsity Wrestling-11, 12. Morris, Cindy- FHA-10, 12, Secretary-11; Band- 10, Vice-President-11, President-12; Pep Club- 10, 11, Treasurer-12; J.V. Basketball-10; Home¬ room Chairman-12. WILLIAM ALTON MIRRO WILLIAM LEE MORKES MINNIE LUCINDA MORRIS JAMES RAY MORRIS WILLIAM HOWARD MOUNTJOY, JR. KATHERINE CECILIA MOSS Morris, James- Library Club-10, 11, 12; Dra¬ matics Club-11, 12; J.V. Wrestling-11; Varsity Wrestling-12; KVG-11. 41 The Major Event of the Year - The BLANCHE ESTELLE MULLINS JANET SUE NEWBERRY MICHAEL JOSEPH NAJJUM JANET SUE NIXON WILLIAM NEWBERRY LARRY RAE MULLINS JAMES BERRY MURPHY THOMAS NARY BRIAN WILLIAM NILSSON MICHAEL CORRELL OLIVER WILLIAM NEDZEL ERNESTINE OSBORNE 42 Senior Class Trip MIRIAM HENRIETTA ELZA OSINGA LARRY EDWARD PAULEY DORIS ANN PERKS THERESA MARIE PISANO CAROL ANN POWELL JAMES JAY POWELL Mountjoy, Bill- Library Club-10, 11, 12; Radio Club-10, 12; Auditorium Committee-Chairman- 11 . Mullins, Blanche- FBLA-10, 11, Historian-12. Murphy, Jim- J.V. Track-10; Pep Club-10, 12. Najjum, Mike-J.V, Baseball-10; Homeroom Chairman-11. Nary, Tom- Varsity Wrestling-11; SpanishClub- 10 . Nedzel, Bill- Varsity Wrestling-10; Varsity Foot¬ ball-11, 12; Alternate Homeroom Chairman-12; Building and Grounds Committee-12. Newberry, William- DE Club-10, 11, 12; Varsity Football-11. Nilsson, Brian- Varsity Basketball-10, 11; J.V. Baseball-10; Library Club-11; Dramatics Club- 10, 11; Cross Country Team-12; Homeroom Chairman-12; J. V. Track-10; Indian Scripts -12. Nixon, Janet- Band-10, 11, 12; Softball-10; Pep Club-10, 11, 12. Oliver, Mike- Radio Club-12. Oliver, Norman- S. C. A. Osborne, Ernestine- S. C. A. Osinga, Miriam- Beta Club-12; Pep Club-12. Owens, Peggy- S.C.A. Pauley, Larry- Radio Club-12. Perks, Doris- J.V. Basketball-10; Varsity Basket¬ ball-11, 12; Girls ' Varsity Club-10, 11, 12; Pep Club-12. Pisano, Theresa- Pep Club-10,11,12; Beta Club- 10, 11, 12; FBLA-10, 11, President-12; Senior Class-Secretary-12. Powell, Carol- Dramatics Club-11,12; Art Club- 11; AFS-11; Beta Club-11, 12; Debate-11. Powell, James-J.V. Football-10; Varsity Base¬ ball-10,11,12; J. V. Basketball-10; Varsity Foot¬ ball-11,12; Varsity Basketball-11,12; Key Club- 11,12; G-F Club-11, 12; KVG-12; DE Club-12; Auditorium Committee-11, 12. Prior, David- S.C.A. Privitera, Mary Ann- Art Club-11; DE Club- Vice-President-12. Pulley, Barbara- Band-10,11,12; Indian Echoes - Co-Editor- 11,12; Beta Club -10,11,12; Dramatics Club-11, 12; Art Club-11; Majorette-10, 11, 12; Pep Club-11, 12; AFS-11. Quinn, Frank- FBLA-11. 43 Randall, Kathy- FBLA-10, 11, 12; Library Club- 10, 11, 12; Hall Patrol-10, 11; AFS-10, 11; Pep Club-10, 11; Indian Echoes -11, 12. Seniors Work Reale, Kathy- FBLA-10,11,12; Pep Club-10,11, 12; Indian Scripts -12. Ridings, Mary Ann- J.V. Basketball-10; Varsity Basketball-11, Co-Captain-12; Girls ' Varsity Club-11, Vice-President-12; Beta Club-10, 11, 12; Homeroom Chairman-12; Softball-10,11,12. Riggs, Carrie- Majorette-12; Dramatics Club- 12; Pep Club-12. Robinson, Paul- Varsity Basketball-12. Rogers, Susan- S.C.A. Rumph, Mary- Hall Patrol-11; Dramatics Club- 10; FHA-10. Russ, Claude- J. V. Football-10; J. V. Basketball- 10; Varsity Track-10, 11; Varsity Football-11; Varsity Basketball-11. Ryals, Robert- Varsity Football-11; Varsity Wrestling-10, 11, 12; Varsity Track-10; Beta Club-10, 11, 12; Library Club-10, 11, 12; County Federation Senator-11; Pep Club-10, 11, 12. Salisbury, Barbara- AFS-11; Art Club-11; Beta Club-11, 12. Sampson, Ronnie- Pep Club-10,11; KVG-11; DE Club-11, 12. Scarbro, Linda- Band-10, 12, Secretary-11; Dra¬ matics Club-10, Council Representative-11, President-12; Pep Club-11, 12; Majorette-11, 12; Lost and Found Committee-Chairman-12; Indian Scripts -10; Indian Echoes -12; Glee Club-10. Schlegel, Bruce- J.V. Football-10; Varsity Wrestling-10, 11, 12; J.V. Track-10; Key Club- 10, 11, 12; Varsity Football-11, 12; G-F Club- 11, 12; S. C. A.-Sergeant-at-Arms-ll; Pep Club- 11, 12; Senior Class-Sergeant-at-Arms-12. Sciascia, Christine- Art Club-10, 11; DE Club- 12 . Sears, Ronnie- Sophomore Class-President-10; Junior C 1 a s s-President-11; Senior Class-Presi- dent-12; Key Club-10, 11, 12; J.V. Track-10; Varsity Track-11; Varsity Wrestling-11; KVG- 10,11,12; Dramatics Club-12; Homeroom Chair¬ man-10; Indian Echoes-Reporter-10; Pep Club- 10 , 11 , 12 . Seawell, Allen- Library Club-10, 11, 12. Shaffer, Lewis- Varsity Wrestling-10. Sipes, Bill- Pep Club-10, 11, 12; J. V. Track-10; Varsity Track-11; Cross Country Team-12. DAVID CHARLES PRIOR MARY ANNA PRIVITERA BARBARA KAY PULLEY GLORIA ELIZABETH PURVIS KATHLEEN REGINA RANDALL KATHLEEN VIRGINIA REALE Sisk, Marchia- Band-10, 11, 12; AFS-10, 11; Pep Club-11, 12; Indian Echoes-12; House Commit¬ tee-12. 44 Hard to Make Good Grades BARBARA SALISBURY RONALD LEE SAMPSON CHRISTINE ELSA SCIASCIA RONALD EDWARD SEARS PAUL ANTHONY ROBINSON LINDA ANN SCARBRO 45 ALLEN REID SEAWELL WILLIAM ROBERT SIPES MARCHIA GAIL SISK JAMES KENNETH SMITH MICHAEL A. SMITH EVERETT CHRISTOPHER SOUDER Smith, Ken- Pep Club-10, 11, 12; Building and Grounds Committee-12; Varsity Football-11, 12; Varsity Track-10, 11, 12; Cafeteria Committee- 12; G-F Club-10, 11, 12; Auditorium Commit¬ tee-11, 12. Smith, Mike- J. V. Football-10; Band-10,11,12; Dramatics Club-12. Smith, Ronnie- J. V. Track-10. Smith, Terry- Dramatics Club-12; Beta Club-12. Sommerville, Steve- J.V. Wrestling-Manager- 10; KVG-10, 11, 12; Varsity Wrestling-Manager- 11 . Souder, Chris- J.V. Football-10; J.V. Baseball- 10; DE Club-12. Spence, Linda- Library Club-12; Dramatics Club-12. Spero, Eva- Band 10,11,12; Girls ' Varsity Club- 11, 12; Varsity Basketball-11,12; AFS-10,11; Pep Club-10, 11, 12. Spotts, Victor- Varsity Football-11, 12; Varsity Baseball-11, 12; Pep Club-11, 12. Stevens, Dennis- J.V. Wr e s 11 i n g-10; Indian Echoes -11; KVG-11; Varsity Track-11, 12; Pep Club-12; DE Club-Treasurer-12; G-F Club-11, 12 . Stewart, Pati- Majorette-12; Beta Club-12; Pep Club-10, 11, 12; Treasurer-11, Council Repre¬ sentative-12; Lost and Found Committee-12; Senior Class-Treasurer-12; J.V. Basketball- Manager-11; Indian Echoes -Business Manager- 12 . Stewart, Pati- Majorette-12; Beta Club-12; Pep Club-10, 11, 12; AFS-10, 11; Homeroom Chair¬ man-11; Dramatics Club-10, Treasurer-11, Council Representati v e-12; Lost and Found Committee-12; Senior Class-Treasurer-12; J.V. Basketball-Manager-11; Indian Echoes - Business Manager-12. Sullivan, Judy- Softball-10, 11, 12; FBLA-11; Girls ' Varsity Club-11, 12; Pep Club-12. Swanson, Doreena- FBLA-10; Art Club-11. Swett, Lysa- AFS-10, 11; Indian Echoes -12; Pep Club-12. Taylor, Richard- S. C. A. Thomas, Brenda- S. C. A. Thomas, Toni- Beta Club-10, 11, 12; Indian Scripts -10, 11, Exchange Editor-12; AFS-11; Forensics-11, Vice-President-12; Alternate Homeroom Chairman-11; Homeroom Chairman- 12; Publicity Committee-Chairman-12 Thomas, Wade- Pep Club-12. Thompson, Linda- Indian Scripts-11; Homeroom Chairman-12; FTA-11, Vice-President-12. 46 The Class Joins Together STEPHEN WILLIAM SOMMERVILLE EVA MARIE SPERO HAROLD DENNIS STEVENS PATRICIA EILEEN STEWART VICTOR PATRICK SPOTTS ALYSON VAUGHAN SWETT TONI RAE THOMAS WESLEY WALLACE TIMMONS 47 Graduation is Here JANICE LEE TOONE JEFFREY LEE TYRRELL ROBERT CLAYTON WALKER GENEVIEVE WASHINGTON MARY HARRIET WATHEN JUDY DIANE TURNER KALI JOHN TYFLOS GERALD EMORY WADE BETTY MARIE WATSON GEORGE WILLIAM WEAVER DONALD GOVIN WEBBER 48 Timmons, Wesley-J.V. Football-10. Toone, Janice- Beta Club-10, 12, Secretary-11; FTA-10,11; AFS-10,11; S. C. A.-Vice-President- 12; Forensics-10,12, President-11; Indian Echoes - 11,12; Indian Scripts -Copy Editor-10; Glee Club- 10 , 11 . Turner, Judy- FHA-President-11; Glee Club-10; Health and Welfare Committee-Chairman-12; Pep Club-11, 12; AFS-11. Tyflos, Kali- Glee Club-11; AFS-11. Tyrrell, Jeff- Dramatics Club-11, Vice-Presi- dent-12; Library Club-11, 12; Pep Club-12. Wade, Jerry- AFS-10; Varsity Wrestling-11. Wade, Lynda- Beta Club-10, 11, 12; Pep Club- 10, 11, Secretary-12; FTA-10, 12, Council Rep¬ resentative-11; Homeroom Chair man-11, 12; Indian Echoes -11, 12; Ways and Means Commit¬ tee-11. Walker, Bob-J.V. Football-10; J.V. Baseball- 10; Library Club-10,11; Varsity Football-11; Varsity Track-11; Varsity Wrestling-12; Alter¬ nate Homeroom Chairman-12. Washington, Genevieve- Glee Club-12; Pep Club-12. Wathen, Mary- FHA-10; FTA-10; Art Club-10; AFS-10, 11; Pep Club-10, 12; County Federation Senator-11; Indian Echoes -12. Organizations Editor-11; Program C o m m i 11 e e-12; Indian Scripts -12; Beta Club-12; Health and Welfare Committee-12. Watson, Betty- Pep Club-12; Debate-12; FBLA- 11,12; Indian Scripts -12; AFS-10, 11; Program Committee-11, 12; Indian Echoes -11. Art Editor and Senior Class Editor-12. Weaver, George- DE Club-12. Webber, Donnie- J.V. Football-10; J.V. Track- 10; Varsity Football-10,11,12; Varsity Wrestling- 11, 12; Band-10, 11, 12; G-F Club-11, 12; Pep Club-10, 11, 12; Mental Health Committee-12. Wells, Mike-J.V. Basketball-10. Welsh, Carolyn- Library Club-11, 12. West, Betty- Glee Club-11; DE Club-12. West, James - Pep Club-11; Glee Club-12. Wieland, Bill- J. V. Football-10; J. V. Wrestling- 10; Varsity Football-Manager-11, 12; Varsity Track-11; Pep Club-12; Indian Echoes -12. Young, Mike- Pep Club-12. MICHAEL WELLS CAROLYN WELSH BETTY ANN WEST JAMES ROY WEST WILLIAM ALLEN WIELAND LINDA ANNA YOURAVICH Youravich, Linda- AFS-10, 11; FBLA-10, 11, 12; Dramatics Club-10, 11, 12; Hall Patrol-11, 12; DE Club-12. 49 Bob Leyda received the first Senior ring for the entire Senior Class from Ronnie Sears. A talented Senior, Gerry Hearn, plays a piano solo for the Junior Variety Show. 50 Jeff Tyrrell answers questions for his students on Senior Teach¬ ing Days. We, the SENIOR CLASS of Gar-Field High School, have many memories which will have a lasting effect. These memories began to form on our first day at G-F. Some of us began our stay in eighth grade; others only came this year. Still, they are filled with spirit and patriotism to school and class. Memories have different meanings to dif¬ ferent people. To some they are of sports: an exciting touchdown, a last minute basket, a home run, or a slacking runner surpassing his fellow runner or a wrestler pinning his man. To others special memories involve club activities: Library Club " Crazy Hat Contest, " Beta Club " Male Beauty Contest " , Dramatics Club play productions, Indian Echoes " Valentine Dance " and Indian Scripts " Slave Sale. " Not only club activities but class activities are things to re¬ member. The Junior-Senior Prom sponsored by the Junior Class also adds to the year ' s fes¬ tivities. For the Seniors, our foremost memories are of the Senior Class Carnival, Senior Class Play and of course the Senior Class Trip to New York. As we now leave Gar-Field, as the class of ' 67, we have our memories of these past years to hold. As these unforgotten events crowd our minds, we are on the brink of a new and excit¬ ing world. We enter this world with enthusiasm fora new life and responsibilities and leave Gar-Field High School with the traditions we ' ve helped to uphold and those we may have helped to create. The Seniors, themselves, enjoyed a delicious meal at the Senior Class Ham Roast Beef Dinner. Some of the Senior boys who gave out letter sweaters at the assembly were Wendy Hora finds that serving for the Donnie Webber, Ken Smith, and Arnie Barg. Senior Dinner is tedious work. 51 Robby Tolson Vice-President Ray Tolson Sgt. -at-Arms Mr. Mabry, Miss Givens, Mrs. Woods, and Mr. Blevins, Sponsors. 52 Bev Bagley Secretary Donna Ham Council Representative Junior Class Officers Junior Class Carl Abel Paul Abramson Carol Ash Beverly Bagley Mike Baird Ava Barbee Debbie Barros Linda Barros Leroy Bates Pam Bauckman David Blanchard Larry Brackett Hans Branham Rita Brewer Robert Brewer Nancy Bridges One More Year to Go 53 Juniors Prepare Stanley Brooks George Brown Mike Bryant Danny Bushey Manuel Campos Mike Carney Mary Case Wilbert Chapman Brad Chinn Dawn Clark Ronnie Clark Susie Clifton Carol Coke Dorothy Conley Ron Conte Norma Cornell Donna Courtney Pat Cummings Pam Davis Shelly Dawson 54 for College Juniors Susie Clifton and Joan Flatford participate actively in school activities. Johnna DeGrasse Gail Dent Kathy Derrah Bill Dials Kay Dicks Phillip Dixon Janis Drake Bill Durham Anni Easterly Debbie Etheridge Tom Eubanks Sarah Everett Linda Fairweather Susan Fayard Pat Fees John Fick Danny Fisher Ricky Fitzgerald Joan Flatford Mary Fletcher George Ford Jim Ford Buddy Fredette Diane Frye Garlene Garcia Chris Giannis Kenny Gibson David Gilley Jim Goad Nancy Gofton Pattie Goomeer Mason Gough Anthony Grayson Marion Griffin Keith Gustin Donna Ham SCAT tests seem to puzzle Ricky Fitzgerald. Belinda Harris Larry Havener Bob Hawkins Don Helbringer Claude Henderson Steve Henderson Gary Henley Catherine Hess David Hibbard Jim Hinkle Lee Hise Bob Hopkins Diane Horner Debbie Ifwin Walt Ivey Johnny Jenkins Calvin Johnson Jerome Johnson Russell Johnson Yvonne Johnson Juniors Anxiously Await Senior Trip 57 Juniors Show Much School Spirit Danny Jones Joyce Jones Mike Jones Brenda Joye John Katsarelis Eugene Kiernen Pat Kimbrel Pat Kincheloe Linda Kirby Larry Klebart Judy Lamb John Lee Karen Liming Glenna Lipford Charles Litchfield Tina Looney Kathy Lyons Jody Mahle Merton Marley Judi Marlowe 58 Jim Meeks displays his talent in the Variety Show. Donna May Linda May Eddie McDonald Randy McFarland Jim Meeks Gertie Miller Art Milona Faye Minter Larry Moore Dennis Morgan Brenda Morris Raymond Mowdy Nancy Muir Wade Najjum Sue Newberry Janet Nogle Jackie Noland Terri Norman Pat O ' Brien Larry Osborne Boudy Osinga Ronald Oswald Shirley Owens Diann Parker Tom Parker Frank Pashkovsky Joe Penwell Checking passes—a daily routine performed by Maureen Tierney. Larry Peoples Sheila Phillips John Porter Bruce Radlinski Sandy Ramsey Jenne Raper Jeanne Rebel Suzanne Ridings Emma Jo Robinson Juniors Participate in Homecoming Festivities John Rollison Bill Roth Stanley Rumph Larry Runion Janice Ruple Nancy Sawyer Nancy Scarbro Bobby Schlegel Debbie Shaffer Ellen Sherlock Carol Simmons Gary Sipes Bob Skillin Julie Slis Glenn Smith Pat Smith William Smith Mike Snyder Dianne Sprinkle Leslie Stallknecht 61 Terry Strathman Brenda Swain John Swain Terry Swartzfeger Sharon Tate Mike Taylor Ray Taylor Shirley Thomas Jerry Thompson Maureen Tierney Ray Tolson Robby Tolson Mike Treat Ronnie Treat Mary Ann Tucci Sherwood Tuell Brenda Turner Dennis Turner Linda Kirby, an active junior, works hard at cheering. Hard Work By Junior Class Pays Off Maye Van Arsdel Craig Van Brocklin Frances Wathen Scott Watson Allen West Kathy West Carolyn Whisnant Sheila White Cindy Williams Paul Williamson Steve Wilson Joe Winters Kathy Wrabell Richard Yates Ricky Zingg 1 63 Sandy Cox President Linda Ford Representative Sophomore Class Officers Mike Cundiff Sergeant-at-Arms Barbara Bagley Vice-President Sponsors: Mr. Hayes, Mrs. Canter, Mrs. Watts, Mr. Rampley. 64 Sophomore Class Donald Abel Claudia Abramson Jim Anderson Richard Alvey Danny Arnold Richard Arnold Barbara Bagley Carter Bailey Linda Bakaysa Bill Bancroft . Linda Barbee Penny Barlow Rebecca Barnett Lee Barron Troy Bartlett I Linda Beaumont Sharon Beck Carl Black John Boggs Don Boozier Mike Boyce Julie Boyer Mike Brassell Steve Brenner Cliff Brigham Sophomores are welcome at Gar-Field 65 G-F Sophomores Are as Hardworking as Ever Joey Brooks Charles Brown Matthew Brown Sharald Brown Margaret Browning Hairy Burner Richard Burner Robert Bushey Marty Butcher Albert Butler Glenn Cain Rhonda Cale Beatrice Campbell Ronnie Campbell Dianne Canaday Dale Candelora John Cardelli Wanda Carney Joseph Carter Cynthia Cash Kenny Castell Cassandra Chatman Douglas Cheshire Robbie Clark Tommy Clark 66 Charlie Stiles rides high during Homecoming ' 66. Bruce Clifton Lois Cole Mike Collette Ronnie Collette Regina Combs Evelyn Conley Pat Cornell Valerie Cornwell Robert Costlow Kari Cowan Sandra Cox Betty Ann Cribbs Mike Cundiff Carolyn Curran Gary Curry Rachelle Daigneault Mary Dailey Tom Davenport Marsha David Kathy Davis Linda Davis Gilda Deal Helen Denas Joe Dency 67 Kathy Denning Ellen Denny Nancy Dively Bobby Dixon Edward Dixon Kathy Doane Frank Dorcsis Tom Doty Pat Ely Lauretta Engle Connie Pair aids in school beautification New Spirit is Added to the G-F Halls Steve George Joyce Goforth Ricky Grayson Tommy Greene Linda Grimsley Sheila Hajek James Hargrove David Harold Linda Harris Jesse Harrison Wayne Heatwale Nina Heflin Jim Hinson Kathy Hibbard Donna Hite Jennifer Hodges Vicki Hoffman DiAnne Hogan William Hogan Mike Jay Karen Holly Mark Hoomes Donald Howard Bill Hudson Christine Hughs The Sophomore Dance Proves a Big Success Anne Johnson Bill Johnson Deborah Johnson Wanda Johnson Mike Johnston Mary Ann Jones John Kaila David Kane Harry Katsarelis Otis Kelley Denice Kendall Linda Kerr Van Keys Bill Kimbrel Dave King Michelle King Storm e King Eddie Kinney Erick Knotts Cathy Lamb Sharon Lamberton Sharon Lee Darlene Lekites 70 Sophomore participation is shown by Kathy Davis, a member of the majorette squad. Dean Lester Betty Liming Ronald Liming Russell Liming Barbara Lindsey Steve Lineberger Miriam Litchfield Charles Lohmann Donna Lomaster Gary Lyons Agnes MacDonald Alan Mahood Kit Marston Joyce Martin Barbara May Jeff Maynard Janice McAvoy Pam McBride Roger McFarland Reese McKnight Charles McNabb Pat Messick Mary Miller 71 Linda Mills Gail Moody Robert Moore Steven Morris Virginia Mowdy Ann Mullins Lonnie Mullins Blanche Myers Janice Myers Yvonne Naylor Bill Nichols Tim Nixon Sue Nuttal Barbara O ' Brien Mike O ' Hearn Connie Pair Bill Parker Celia Parker Frank Paul Tawn Pennington Roger Peoples Teddy Petts Nancy Pied Harry Prior 72 Sophomores Bring in New Additions to Sports Donna Proffitt Bill Reid Charles Reid Steve Reynolds Peggy Ridenour Pat Robbins Danny Robinson Michael Sampson Janice Saperstein Bonnie Saunders Joe Scalici Donna Scarber Karen Schwartz Pat Sears Vernice Shaffer Rebecca Shiffield Frank Simmers Joe Simmons Gary Simms Doris Smith Eddie Smith Tommy Smith David Soghoign Etta Stanley Joe Staples 73 Efforts Toward The Class of 69 Are Successful Robby Stevens Charlie Stiles Wesley Stott Lynn Straughn Larry Swanson Alice Thomas Leona Thompson Norma Thurston Ken Todd Stephen Towne Timothy Traywick Marcia Treado Becky Triplett Ruth Triplett Stanley Turner Sue Umbarger Edward Van De Car Jack Veax William Venisky Pat Waddick Gary Watson Mickey Webb Kathi Weeks Steve Welsh Willard West 74 Willie West Susie Westerburg Kathleen Wilburn Charles Williams Donna Williamson Glenn Wilson Cindy Windsor Gail Wingfield David Winhold Sabra Wolfe Charles Wood Jeff Yesionowski Arthur Zetts The 1966-67 Sophomore class was one of the best ever at Gar- Field. They had tremendous spirit and enthusiasm as well as ambition. Their first big success was the class dance held after the basketball game against Spotsylvania on January 6, 1967. Everyone danced and enjoyed the music by Rot and the D. K. ' s. The Sophomore class spon¬ sored a beauty contest and a play later in the year. The class officers Sandy Cox, Barbara Bagley, Linda Ford, Leona Thompson and Mike Cundiff have -(along with many others) put much time and effort into making their class this year the best possible at Gar-Field. We hope that the 1966-67 Sophomore Class will keep high spirits and have as much enthusiasm in the years to come at Gar-Field as they have had this year. 75 Freshman Class Leroy Abel Donna Adams Kay Allen Kathy Anderson Michael Armstrong Sherry Arnold Rosa Baez Charles Baggett Sonny Baldwin Kathy Balia Mark Barbee Vickie Barnett Marci Barros Denny Basista Harold Bates Gina Baxter Linda Beaty Bob Becker Mike Becker Sharon Blackburn Jill Blair Mary Anne Blazek Robert Blevins David Bockes Trudy Booth Joyce Borden Janice Boyce Patti Boyd Bob Boyer Warner Brewer 76 A New Class Arrives at Gar-Field Linda Brice Brenda Brigham Joan Bristow Billy Brown Cheryl Brown " f 1 Sue Brunk ' A ; ,y McCharles Buffington Lanny Burt Mike Bushey Mike Buttner Bob Cameron C.T. Campbell Julius Campbell Billy Candelora Frances Caprio Dianne Carey Darcy Carlson Robert Carlson Cynda Carter Sharon Cekala John Chaffin Rebecca Chambers Leroy Chapman Sandy Chiera Linda Church Audrey Coates George Conley Frank Conneen William Conway Eileen Coughlin 77 Freshmen Participate in Mike Cowan Jerry Cribb James Cribbs Nancy Cronin Wayne Crowson Mark Culbertson Beverly Culley Perry Cumberland Robert Curry Bobby Darrah Joan Davis Debbie Dawson Sue Dawson Gary Demille Randy Dennis Newton Dent P,T. Derrah Vivian Deslandes Robin Diveley Micky Dobson Donna Dodson Jody Drake James Ducatte Carole Dunn Andy Durden Tammy Durden Patty Duvall Conrad Ealie James Elliot David Ennis 78 Many Activities Eddie Estes James Ewart Mike Fees Billy Ferguson Debie Ferguson Jeff Ferlazzo Anita Ferrell Toni Ferrell Barbara Fink Robert Fink Jane Fisher Jean Fisher Carol Fletcher Jeri Foley Judy Fontenot Mark Fread Linda Frisbie Edward Fulford Carol Garland Jeff Garrison Ruth Gaulman Sue Gilley Jack Glenn Greg Gordon Bob Goranick Mike Goretsas Steve Gough Harold Gray Vicki Gray Vickie Lee Gray 79 Freshmen Are Introduced To Barbara Griffin Debbie Griffin Linda Grissom Gary Gross Jim Grubbe Walter Gunther Terry Gustin John Haarde Dianne Hale Dave Hall Lynn Hamilton Tobin Hamilton Beatrice Hand Donna Hartman Gail Harwood Vicky Hauke Aubrey Hawkins Terry Hayes Linda Hedgepeth Aubrey Heflin Gary Helsley Bell Henshaw James Hinderliter Gene Hollins Frank Hood Linda Hooks Kitty Hoorn es Barbara Hopkins Kevin Hoschar Georean Hull 80 High School Life Helen Hull Jimmy Hunt Jimmie Hurst Linda Hutchinson Lee Ona Ingram Raymond Jackson Gwen Jacobs Joe Jayroe Betty Johnson Greg Johnson Louise Johnson Vianne Johnson Marcia Jones Ronnie Jones Kathy Keens Debbie Kelley Susan Kemp Bob Kiline Karen Kline Kenny Knotts Elaine Kosek Alex Ksanznak Chip Lafurney Sharmon Lawson Cory Liming Eugene Liming Pamela Lingenfield Larrie Linhart Ingrid Litterell Gary Lockett 81 Sports Show Improvement Delores Long Mac Lucas Margie Lucas Lois Lynn Linda Mahle Rita Markey Dennis Martocci Toni Martocci David May Lee Ann McCartney Cathy McFee Christine McNulty Bill Meadows Suzanne Mensinger Danny Meyer Jack Meyer Bill Milona Susan Miller Debbie Milstead Mike Minilionica Nancy Moody Andrew Moore Mike Moore Karen Mountjoy Mary Mowdy Mike Muir John Nary Skippy Nichoff Karen Nichols Vickie Nogle 82 Through Freshmen Lorraine Orledge Roger Orrock Joe Orton Pete Osinga Ricky Owens Diana Pankey Jimmy Parker Cecil Parrish Tom Payne David Perkins John Perks Brenda Persell Donna Petitt Rita Pierce Fred Pippin Joe Pluto Sammy Pope Claudine Porter Ronnie Porter Jerry Powell Barbara Price Kathie Publicover Frances Pulley Vicky Queen Marc Radlinski Greg Ramey James Rank Mark Raper Mike Richards Brenda Riddle 83 First Year Is Taken Dale Rison John Roberts Randy Robinson Donnie Rogers Ronnie Rogers Piper Rold Lizzie Rollison Nancy Roth Nellie Rumph Mary Ruple Janet Russ Brenda Sandidge Donna Satterwhite Gary Saul John Scanlan Jerry Schaefer Dianne Schroader Lynn Schwarzenbach Debbie Sears Margaret Sedmock Mary Seitz Ronnie Sereduick Barbara Shank Sue Shaver Pam Shearer Wendell Shingler Brenda Shultz Buster Simpson June Simpson Darlene Skinner 84 at a Fast Pace Nick Skiler Mary Slis Mary Smallwood Carolyn Smith Cathie Smith Cathy Smith Judy Smith Tom Smith Charlie Spencer Wayne Spencer Edith Spratley Vicki Spring Barbara Stershic Mary Ann Stevenson Bob Stewart Lee Stoffregen Karen Stokes Chuck Straff man Billy Stratton Billy Suddarth Linda Swain Paula Swick Margaret Szluiga Tony Tasto Robin Taylor Margie Tews Jean Thomas Brad Thompkins Cheryl Thompson Ronnie Thompson 85 Freshmen Get Set for Homecoming Cheryl Thruston Jerry Thurston Ronnie Tolley Linda Tolson Willie Tolson John Tompson Carol Torrice Linda Totten Danny Treat Judy Tucci Judy Turner James Tyrrell Angela Valandingham Susan Vander Ark Lisa Van Sant Mike Wade Janice Waite Joyce Waite Melvin Waite Thomas Walls Mary Walton Jamie Ward James Watson Mike Webb Steve Weisner Gloria Welborn Jay West Shirley West Charles Whisnant Ronda Wilkinson 86 Nancy Williams Mike Williamson Walter Wilson Celeste Winfree Sharon Winfree Charlotte Wingo Tom Wolfe Ruby Wolfrey Tracy Woods Bobby Wright Bill Yarnell April Young Even though the freshman class at Gar-Field this yeardoes not have officers, they have proven that they do have school spirit. The freshman class presented " The Plot to Assassinate the Chase Manhattan Bank " by Carl Larson, as their project for the year. Direc¬ ted by Miss Poindexter, the one-act play ' s cast was as follows: Piper Rold portrayed Miss Jones, Ronda Wilkinson, as Miss Smith; Joe Pluto as Mr. Dickenson, and Chip La- Furney as Mr. Wilbur Fuddle. The participants in the play put forth many hours of their time to make the play a great success. Many of the freshmen partici¬ pated in the sports that are offered here at Gar-Field, while others joined the various clubs. Although high school life is new to the freshmen, they have made a good attempt at becoming better students. Gwen Jacobs, Sharon Cekala, and Donna Hartman were J.V. cheer¬ leaders from the Freshman class. 87 Class Autographs o?ee i oil T —L r urv .. 88 Class Autographs ■ ORGANIZATIONS 90 agm 91 Student Government Teaches Bob Leyda President Joyce Deslandes Secretary Eugene Harris Sergeant-at-Arms The Student Cooperative Association is the body around which our school activities revolve. They spon¬ sor many projects throughout the year, such as Home¬ coming. After Homecoming they begin working on the annual Christmas project, collecting canned goods. Members of this organization meet and share ideas for the benefit of the school. One of the SCA ' s major pro¬ jects this year was the writing of an alma mater for Gar-Field. Janice Toone Vice-President Donna Ham Treasurer SCA Officers 92 Leadership Committee Chairmen Miss Davies Sponsor Turner, Linda Scarbro, Marsha Hosey, Toni Thomas, Janet Beard, Mildred Bryant. Row 1: Ricky Fitzgerald, Danny Bushey, Mike Goretzas, Eugene Harris, Craig Van Brocklin. Row 2: Charleen Amidon, Jean Gaudet, Julie Slis, Danielle Kelley, Judy Each year we select delegates from our school to take part in the County Federation. There they meet with delegates from other schools and interesting ideas are presented for possible school im¬ provements. The SCAhasten standing com¬ mittees this year. These commit¬ tees help the council officers to have a better understanding of ac¬ tivities directly controlled by the SCA. County Federation Row 1: Carla McCartney, Jeanne Rebel, Martha McCartney. Row 2: Bob Lockard, Debbie Shaffer, Patti Doty, Janet Beard, Danny Dobbins. 93 Cooperation Today Develops Each year every homeroom selects a representative and al¬ ternate representative who they feel are responsible to represent them in SCA council meetings. The chairman brings back the minutes from the meetings and presents them to the homeroom so they will know what is hap¬ pening in their school. Homeroom Chairmen Row 1: Randy Looney, Robby Tolson, David Blanchard, Coley West, Eugene Harris, John Cardelli, Bill Brown, Walter Dillon. Row 2: Suzie Croasman, Sandy Alvey, Linda Wade, Leona Thompson, Christine Sciascia, C a r 1 a McCartney, Debbie Irwin, Chris Gefrich, Charleen Amidon, Connie Pair, Pat Davis, Sandy Kelley. Row 3: Maureen Tierney, Peggy Dudek, Sandy Alexander, Mary Ann Ridings, Mildred Bryant, Sandy Ramsey, Sandy Butcher, Danielle Kelley, Sharon Ferlazzo. Row 1: Bruce Schlegel, Robert Leyda, Mike Goretzas, David Blanchard, Joe Winters. Row 2: Suzie Croasman, Pati Stewart, Donna Ham, Faye Minter, Linda Kirby, Phyllis Hoffman, Patti Doty, Janet Beard, Chris Gefrich. Each club at the beginning of the school year picks a club mem¬ ber to represent them in the SCA Council. The representatives share the ideas of their clubs, bringing back the happenings of the SCA. Club Representatives 94 Leaders of Tomorrow This year ' s Girls ' Varsity Club has excelled in pro¬ moting sportsmanship qualities in girls ' athletic activit¬ ies. After a girl has lettered in basketball, softball, or cheerleading, she is eligible for membership in the club. The club earns its money by having bake sales, sell¬ ing refreshments at the football games, and charging admission to the girls ' basketball games at school. The Girls ' Varsity Club members presented their sponsor, Mrs. Lockett, with a gift during the sports award assembly. Girls ' Varsity Row 1: Sandy Alexander, President; Judy Sullivan, Representative. Row 2: Mary Ann Ridings, Vice-President; Arika Knotts, Treasurer; Mrs. Lockett, Sponsor; Pat Davis, Secretary. Row Is Margaret Johnson, Claudia Bauckman, Martha Kielpinski, Debbie Shaffer, Carla Ennis, Mrs. Lockett, McCartney, Terri Norman, Doris Perks, Bev Bagley, Pam Chris Gefrich. Bauckman, Joyce Deslandes. Row 2:EvaSpero, Liz 95 Working to Create Standing: Carol Esque, Blanche Mullins, Diane Cowan, Theresa Pisano, Belinda Liming, Charleen Amidon. Seated: Miss Rebel, Sponsor. The soc hop sponsored by the F. B. L. A. was a hugh success. Future Business Leaders of America 96 Interest and Understanding The Future Business Leaders of America work to become better citizens of their community. The club hopes to create more interest and understanding in the choice of a business career. Any student taking a commercial course is eligible for membership in the club. This year, the club sold mums for Homecoming and sponsored the F. B. L. A. Talent Show in April. As a major project for the year, they collected items of various sorts to send to the men in Vietnam. The club is very proud of their letter of thanks for these supplies. An additional activity of the club is the workshop in the spring which mem¬ bers attended. Waddick, Gail Wingfield, Mary Ann Tucci, Gay Ernest, Sandy Ramsey, Faye Minter, Miriam Litchfield, Pat Messick, Joe Dencey. Row 1: Betty Watson, Emma Jo Robinson, Claudia Abramson, Nancy Merwin, Pat Kinchloe, Linda Beaumont, Sharon Lee, Nancy Fick, Donna Courtney, Kathy Wrabell. Row 2: Kathy Randall, Linda Grant, Diane Frye, Pat 97 Promoting School The Pep Club, under the su¬ pervision of Miss Turner, promoted schoolspiritby making posters, and sponsoring pep rallies. The buses to away games are also provided by the Pep Club. The enthusiasm the members show throughout the football and basketball seasons does much to strengthen student interest and school spirit. Pep Club Miss Turner, sponsor; George McKnight, Cindy Morris, Linda Wade, Marsha Hosey, Janet Beard, Sue Bastien. 98 Spirit is the Pep Club’s Job Row 1: David Blanchard, Melvin Meadows, John Rollison, Nancy Gofton, Jenny Raper, Donna Ham, Sandy Ramsey, Kathy Wrabel, Sandie Alvey, Debbie Shaffer, Linda Kirby, Linda Fairweather, Marion Griffin, Kari Cowan. Row 2: Ellen Sherlock, Jim Jones, Maureen Tierney, Arika Knotts, Eva Spero, Penny Barlow, Sandy Cox, Gilda Deal, Janice Saperstein, Linda Kerr, Caroline Curran, Pat Florence. Row 3: Sarah Everett, Glenna Lipford, Suzanne Ridings, Colette DeGrasse, Cheryl Thompson, Sharon L ee, Terri Norman, Dianne Horner, Terry Strathman, Yvonne Evans, Anne Johnson, Kathy Weeks, Pam McBride, Gail Moody. Row 4: Leslie Stallknecht, Joan Flatford, Bill Wieland, Eugene Harris, Dee Long, Mary Miller, Lynn Straughn, Marsha Treado, Tawn Penington, Peggy Ridenour. Row 5: Pamala Lingenfield, Mary Ann Stenerson, Barbara Pulley, Janet Nogle, Craig Van Brocklin, Chris Giannis, Bev Bagley, Christie Hughes, Connie Pair, Linda Bakasya, Donna Petitt, Janice Drake. Row 6: Susan Vander Ark, Yvonne Naylor, Mary Slis, Debbie Frisbie, Ruth Gallman, Dennis Turner, John Fick, John Lee, Robert Gordanier, Mark Raper, Steve Welsh, Charlene Jennings, Leona Thompson, Michelle King. Row 1: Mary Lou Angel, Diane Frye, Mary Ann Tucci, Pat Kinchloe, Sue Dawson, Debbie Sears, Gail Harwood, Debbie Ferguson, Sharon Ferlazzo, Linda Beaumont, Gerri Garber, Kathy Hibbard, Merton Marley. Row 2: Barbara Shank, Mary Ann Jones, Beatrice Hand, Mark Radlinski, Joan Davis, Liz Kielpinski, Nancy Durham, Gay Earnest. Row 3; John Perks, Barbara Connaughton, Donna Williamson, Loretta Engel, Marci Barros, Rhonda Wilkinson, Nancy Peed, Etta Stanley, Ruth Triplett, Rita Pierce. Row 4: Maureen Tierney, Arika Knotts, Judy Turner, Nancy Scarbro, Dean Lester, Marge Sedmock, Julie Slis, Lisa Van Sant, Eugene Harris, Christie Hughes, George Ford. Row 5: Pam Abramson, Debbie Johnson, Vicki Nogle, Agnes McDonald, Gerry Hearn, Frank K a n i n e, Chuck Strathman, Lanny Burt, Kenny Gibson, David Hall, Mike Goretsas. Row 6: Bill Brookover, Ken Smith, David Cundiff, Mike Jennings, Terry Fisher, Nick Skilaris, Ronnie Collette, David Segoya, Scott Nicklin, Michael Muir, Sabra Wolfe, David Cline, Bill Meadows. 99 Interest in Sports Row 1: Mary Wathen, Betty Watson, Wendy Hora, Marsha Sisk, Sandy Kelley, Tommy Smith, Don Boozier, Arthur Zetts, Ernestine Osbourne, Donnie Webber, John Bolen, Mark Radlinski. Row 2: Linda Harris, Marcia Jones, Kathy Anderson, Linda Hutchinson, Tracy Woods, Kathy Balia, Joyce Jones, Kathy Derrah, Chuck Strathman, Tim Ansink, Row 3: Brenda Levan, Charles Stiles, Judy Sul¬ livan, Eddie Dixon, Jeanne Rebel, Eva Barbee, Shelia Hajek, Brenda Fugate, Pat Ely, Ronnie Treat, Ken Smith. Row 4: Louise Flohr, Pam Kelley, Suzanne Ridings, Carla Ennis, Martha McCartney, Charles McNabb, Coley West, Carla McCartney, Theresa Pisano, Belinda Harris, Joyce Goforth, Marsha Davis, Bill Brookover, Nick Skiliris. Row 5: Eugene Harris, Lee Hise, James Boyce, Kathy Davis, Barbara Bagley, Pam Bauchman, Jody Mahle, Linda Ford, Mike Jones, Mike Jennings, John Fick. Row 6: Debbie Griffin, Brenda Sandidge, Marsha David, Tommy Parker, Bill Roth, John Roberts, Ronnie Collette, Reese McKnight, Linda Frisbie, Linda Grant, Scott Fraley, Jackie Noland, David Cundiff, Robbie Tolson. Pep Club 100 and Education Forensics is comprised of students who are interested in public speaking, prose and poetry reading, spelling, debating, and creative writing. The members then com¬ pete with students from various other schools and their performance is then judged. Forensics Leslie Stallknecht, Linda Kirby, Toni Thomas, JanToone, Linda May, Mrs. Thorpe, sponsor. Mrs. Thorpe, Cynthia Carter, Linda May, Leslie Stallknecht, JanToone, Linda Foster, Linda Kirby, Toni Thomas, Gerry Hearn, and Frank Kanine. 101 Debate Team Offers Challenges; Pat Cummings, Representative; Miss Anderson, Sponsor; Vicki Gray, Affirma¬ tive Captain; Betty Watson, Negative Captain. Debate Club The debate proposition for 1966-67 is " Resolved: That the foreign aid program of the United States should be limited to non-military assistance. " Debators participate in a competitive interscholastic program, leading to district, regional and state champion¬ ships. Debators observe and comply with all rules and reg¬ ulations set forth by the Vir¬ ginia High School League. Debates are conducted in accordance with an adaptation of the cross-examination plan. This is designed to bring out weaknesses or inconsistencies. Emphasis is placed on teamwork. Every effort is made to stimulate independence of thought. Encouragement is given for direct, forthright speaking, informality, and ease and good humor in delivery. Row 1: Betty Watson, Pat Cummings. Row 2: Nancy Dively, Dave Segoya, Celia Parker. Row 3: Vicki Gray, Miss Anderson. 102 Library Club Offers Aid To Fellow Students The Library Club has been helpful to the librarian and her assistant by helping to establish control over student activity in the library. The major functions of the club were collecting passes and checking out books. The boys assisted the teachers in the showing of films and the playing of records. Their money-making activity for the year was a successful spaghetti dinner held last fall. Library Club Officers, Standing: Jeff Tyrrell, Miss Poindexter, Sponsor; Bob Leyda. Sitting: Susie Clifton, Donna Ham, Jeanne Rebel. Standing: Miss Poindexter, Suzanne Ridings, Sandy Ramsey, Sheila White, Tommy Parker, Skip Neihoff, Mike Jay, Frosty Thompson, James Morris, Jane Liming, William Mount joy, Carolyn Welsh, Bill Enos, Jean Gaudet, Bob Ryals, Christie Hughes, Ronnie Sears, Jenne Raper, Lillette Kissell, Bill Durham, Bill Roth, Mike Cundiff, Craig Van Brocklin, Mike Goretsas, Mary Ann Tucci, Ellen Sherlock, Debbie Irwin, Mike Treat, Mrs. Blake. Sitting: Maureen Tierney, Kathy Wrable, Brenda Joye, Cathy Derrah, Norma Thurston, Mary Dailey, Mary Ann Denas, Linda Grant, Tina Looney, Kathy Denning, Joyce Goforth, Linda Foster. 103 Gar-Field Clubs Train Students The purpose of the Gar-Field High School Radio Club is to establish an informational service to the sur¬ rounding community as well as to the student body of Gar-Field. At the present time, WQVA Radio in Quantico do¬ nates free time each week as a public service to make this program possible. Members of the club write reports of various activi¬ ties around school and make these announcements each Tuesday at 4:15 P. M. Joe Winters, Representative; Lillette Kissell, Secretary; Mr. Cummings, Sponsor; Bill Mount joy, President; Bill Enos, Vice-President; Larry Pauley, T reasurer. WQVA Radio Club Row 1: Lillette Kissell, Bill Mountjoy, Becky Chambers. Row 2: Larry Pauley, Bill Enos. Row 3: Joe Winters, Mr. Cum¬ mings, Sponsor, Mike Collette. 104 hr Future Careers Distributive Education Club members are trained in the various aspects of business. The members are trained for future careers by on-the-job experiences, and class¬ room activities. Members attend class in the morning and work in local stores during the afternoon and eve¬ ning. As a project the members sold candy. D.E. Club Row 1: Mark Billings, President; Dennis Stevens, Trea¬ surer. Row 2: Mary Anna Privitera, Vice-President; Linda Wade, Secretary. Row 1: Mr. Clark, Sponsor; Linda Wade, Mark Billings, Dennis Stevens, Mary Anna Privitera, Mr. Hayes, Spon¬ sor. Row 2: Mike Young, Christine Sciascia, Raymond Mowdy, Steve Hamlin, Charles McNabb, Lawrence Runion, Grant Angel, John Bolen, Sandy Garland, Michelle Davenport, Joe Winters, Chris Souder. Row 3: David Gilley, Carolyn Johnson, Betty West, Madge Westerburg, Russell Johnson, Ronnie Liming, Troy Bart¬ lett, Steve Henderson, Jerry Wade, Bill MacAvoy, Tony Grayson, Frances Kelly, Linda Youravich, Mike Wells. Row 4: George Weaver, Claude Russ, Jim Powell, Skipper Bushey, Russell Liming, Billy Reed, Danny Robinson, Robert Ferrell, Frank Pashkovsky, Ronnie Sampson, Earl Jenkins, Gary Lewis. Row 5: John Avgo- laus, Larry Galenski, Randy Gaige, Roger Embrey,. Jim Goad, Ed Vandercar, Pat Cornell, Leroy Bates, Willie West, Mike Oliver, Johnny Jenkins. Row 6: Hugh Blevins, Rick McNally, Bill Mirro, Mike Knapp, Jim Chaffin, Joe Brooks, Jim Beavers, Marshall Liming, David Moore, Martin Barr, Frank Simmers, Sonny Newberry. 105 G-F Students Display Comedy and Tragedy Row 1: Miss Poindexter, Sponsor; Pati Stewart, Representative; Linda Scarbro, President; Jeanne Rebel, Secretary. Row 2: Allen West, Treasurer; Jeff Tyrell, Vice-President. Dramatics Club Row 1: Ronnie Treat, Tommy Parker, John Roberts, Jerry Hearn. Row 2: Kenny Gibson, Kathy Wrabell, Jim Meeks, Piper P.old, Cindy Carter, Maye Van Arsdel, Linda May, Sandy Alvey, Sandy Cox, BellHenshaw, Rhonda Wilkenson, Debbie Frisbie, Carol Powell, Janet Nogle, George Ford. Row 3: James Morris, Mike Smith, Bob Lockard, Rick Yates, Scott Nicklin, Bill Enos,. Craig Van Brocklin, Bill Roth, Mike Treat. 106 Row 1: Miss Poindexter, Sponsor; Jenny Hodges, Sue Dawson, Mary Ann Denas, Linda Youravich. Row 2: Coley West, Debbie Irwin, Julie Slis, Linda Fairweather, Janet Beard, Joyce Deslandes, Marsha Hosey, Mary Anna Privitera, Nancy Scarbro, Frosty Thomp¬ son. Row 3: Danny Dob¬ bins, Bob Leyda, Jean Gaudet, Linda Foster, Kay Dicks, Marion Grif¬ fin, Shelley Dawson, Joe Pluto. This year ' s Dramatics Club was one of the best ever. The club was responsible for putting on two of the plays enjoyed this year: " You Can ' t Take It With You, " and " The Octogenerian. " The club tries to promote interest in high school dramatics by encouraging the production of plays by the various classes at Gar-Field. Tommy Parker as Mr. De Pinna in a scene from " You Can ' t Take It With You. " 107 This Was Gar-Field’s ' Members of the band are as follows: Shirley Antell, Barbara Bagley, Beverly Bagley, Penny Barlow, Sarah Everett, Joan Flatford, Brenda Fugate, Kenny Gibson, Charlene Jennings, Joyce Jones, Michelle King, Sharon Lee, Blanche Myers, Gail Moody, Janet Nixon, Barbara Pulley, Carrie Riggs, Bonnie Saunders, Pat Sears, Leona Thompson, Becky Triplett, Kathy Weeks, Dani¬ elle Kelley, Gwen Jacobs, Linda Scarbro, Sandra Cox, Leslie Stallknecht, Lanny Burt, John Fick, Tommy Greene, Pam Kelley, Ronald Liming, Nancy Scarbro, Mike Webb, Tom Foust, Diane Hale, Jim Meeks, Willie Tolson, David Hibbard, Pete Osinga, David May, Jean Gaudet, Robert Gordanier, John Haarde, Greg Johnson, Debbie Kelley, Van Keys, Jo Orton, Boudy Osinga, Sammy Pope, John Rollison, Eddie Sams. Chris Giannis, Captain; Leslie Stallknecht, Treasurer; Pam Bauck- man, Librarian; Pam Kelley, Vice-President; Cindy Morris, Presi¬ dent; Shirley Antell, Secretary; Ricky Fitzgerald, Sgt-at-Arms. 108 Greatest Band Pam Kelley Drum Majorette Shirley Antell Head Majorette Band and Majorettes Row 1:. Suzie Croasman, Nancy Scarbro, Marie Flohr, Debbie Kelley. Row 2: Pati Stewart, Barbara Pulley, Janet Nogle, Louise Flohr, Carrie Riggs, Gertie Miller, Linda Scarbro, Kathy Weeks, Kathy Davis. This year ' s band pro¬ vided the school with numerous styles of music. They presented a spring concert, participated in state competition, played at assemblies, and pep rallies. At football games, both home and away, they provided excellent march¬ ing routines. The majorette squad was enlarged to fourteen this year; and under the leadership of Shirley An¬ tell, the girls did much to promote school spirit. The effort and hard work of Mr. Bowling, spon¬ sor and director of the band, helped the members advance their skill and appreciation for music. 109 Beta Club Members The Beta Club is a service organization that repre¬ sents and recognizes the scholarship, character, and leadership in our school. For anyone needing it, our Beta Club offers tutors; and on college night, they provide guides. This year, as a special gift for the school, they presented a flag to the S.C. A. At the end of each school year, a $25 scholarship is given to a deserving senior. Their only means of making money is the Male Beauty Contest. Under the guidance of Mrs. Parr, the club has served the school well this year. Danielle Kelley, Vice-President; Janet Beard, Representative; Sandy Butcher, Secretary; Marcia Mills, Treasurer; Bob Ryals, Sergeant-at-Arms; Mildred Bryant, President; Mrs. Parr, Sponsor. 110 Are Leaders of Tomorrow Row 1: Ricky Fitzgerald, Coley West, Pat Fees, Charles Wood, Glen Cain, Mike Bryant, David Kane, Mike Snyder, John Rollison, Danny Fisher. Row 2: Kay Dicks, Donna May, Sharon Tate, Terry Strathman, Dianne Horner, Pati Stewart, Marcia Mills, Barbara Connaughton, Carol Powell, Sandy Cox, Shelly Dawson. Row 3: Toni Thomas, Janice Toone, Lynda Wade, Marsha Hosey, Jeanne Rebel, Beverly Bagley, Barbara Pulley, Jean Gaudet, Sandy Butcher, Theresa Pisano. Row 4: Frances Wathen, Joyce Jones, Mary Ann Jones, Nancy Dively, Linda Ford, Linda Frisbie, Mae Van Arsdel, Rosemary Kotelly, Janice Ball, Margaret Johnson, Mary Ann Ridings, Mary Wathen. Row 1: Gary Sipes, Chris Giannis, Dennis Turner, Danielle Kelley, Janet Beard, Terry Smith, Gary Watson, Kenny Gibson. Row 2: Sheila Hajek, Leslie Stallknecht, Shirley Antell, Belinda Liming, Kathi Hibbard, Marsha David, Sharron Cekala, Mary Miller, Pat Cummings. Row 3: Larry Peoples, Bob Ryals, Mildred Bryant, Linda Beaumont, Pam Kelley, Julie Slis, Mrs. Parr, Pat Ely, Sara Everett, Terry Swartzfeger, Miriam Osinga, Carol Esque, Dudley Dawson. Ill While Glee Club Is Making Music Carla McCartney, Arika Knotts, Jim Meeks, Patty Goomeer, Martha McCartney. Glee Club The Glee Club has had a very successful year under the direction of Miss Bollinger and Mrs. Bailey. The group performed at assemblies and went from school to school giving concerts. They sang at the Christmas and Easter assemblies. Their money-making activity for the year was a Spring Concert. Row 1: Sue Nuttal, Martha McCartney, Maye Van Arsdel, Judy Lamb, Terri Norman, Carla McCartney, Tawn Pennington, Ernestine Osbourne. Row 2: Betty Johnson, Linda Grant, Ellen Denny, Louise Rumph, Janice Myers, Robin Dively, Kathy Smith, Lynn Hamilton, Yvonne Evans. Row 3: Terri Gustin, Susan Fread, Lois Cole, Rita Pierce, Janice Saperstein, Claudine Porter, Shirley West, Garlene Garcia. Row 4: Frances Kelley, Linda Kirby, Arika Knotts, Joyce Deslandes, Carol Ernbrey, Barbara Stershic, Beth Gustin, Linda Beaty, Toni Marucci. Row 5: James West, Brad Chinn, Jim Meeks, Arthur Zetts, Mike Moore. Row 6: Jessie Carter, Jerome Johnson, Myron Hardy, Martin Barr, Mickey Croce, Jackie Noland. 112 the FTA Encourages Future Teachers FTA The purpose of the F. T.A. is to stimulate cooperation between students and teachers and to show the students the importance of education. The club sponsored bake sales, a computer dance, and took part in the F.T.A. State Convention. Pam Kelley, Secretary; Chris Gefrich, Representative; Sandy Alexan¬ der, President; Linda Fairweather, Treasurer; Miss Shideler, Sponsor. Row 1: Leona Thompson, Linda Kirby, Joan Davis, Strathman, Sarah Everett, Pat Florence, Janet Nogle, Lillette Kissell, Brenda Sandidge, Linda Grant. Row 2: Bev Bagley, Pat Sears, Michelle King. Gail Moody, Louise Flohr, Mary Ann Denas, Terry 113 Working to Promote Unity in Under their sponsor, Mr. Addington, the Key Club serves both the school and community. The members sell ice cream at lunch, raise the flag each day, and perform other worthy tasks around the school. Candidates for the Key Club undergo a week of hilarious initiation before they become actual members. A branch of the Kiwanis Club, the Key Club does much to promote goodwill in the community also. Key Club Arnie Barg, Vice-President; David Blanchard, Representative; ' Freddie Bramell, President; Danny Bushey, Secretary- Treasurer; Danny Fisher, Sgt-at-Arms. Mike Cundiff, Mr. Addington, Russell Liming, Freddie Bramell, Tom Eubanks, Eddie Smith, Mike Bryant, Bill Gerlach, David Blanchard, Eugene Harris, Danny Bushey, George McKnight, David Cundiff, Danny Fisher, Bruce Schlegel, Randie Looney, Ray Tolson, Jim Powell, Dudley Dawson, Melvin Meadows, Robby Tolson, John Cardelli, Ricky Fi tzgerald, Arnie Barg. 114 the Community Row 1: Mr. Crane, sponsor; Bruce Schlegel, Donnie Webber, David Cline, Randy Looney, Ken Smith, Bill Gerlach. Row 2: Brad Chinn, David Cundiff, Claude Henderson, Arnie Barg, Melvin Meadows, Calvin John¬ son, Fred Bramell, Jerry Thompson. Ken Smith and George McKnight buy G-F Club candy from David Cundiff. The primary purpose of the G-F Club is to promote scholarship and athletics. The boys assist with all of the athletic contests. Each boy must earn two letters at Gar- Field to become a member of the club. The boy is then given a blue sweater with the G-F monogram on it. The club offers a $100 scholarship each year to a deserving boy in the club. This is the A. T. Howard Memorial Scholarship. Jim Powell, Vice-President; Bruce Schlegel, Represen¬ tative; Ken Smith, Treasurer; Arnie Barg, Secretary; Randy Looney, President; Mr. Crane, Sponsor. 115 Leslie Stalknecht Assistant Editor Susie Clifton Editor Gerry Hearn Sports Editor Liz Kielpinski Cartoonist Newspaper Staff Publishes a Row 1: Steve Wisener, Linda May, Chris Gefrich, Bob Lockard, Ellen Cain, Linda McGuire. Row 2: Barbara Shank, Vicki Nogle, Linda Grant, Colleen Hall, Ellen Sherlock, Toni Thomas. The Indian Scripts staff has worked hard this year in publishing a newspaper of facts and events for each monthly report to the student body. Due to the leadership of Miss Jones and the hard work of the staff, the paper has been a great success. The money-making project of the year was the Slave Sale on Janu¬ ary 6. Members of the Girls ' Var¬ sity Club and Key Club served as slaves. The guest auctioneer was Mr. Sonny Laws. He led the slave sale to a huge success, with a profit of $325. 116 Indian Miss Jones Sponsor Bigger and Better Edition Julie Slis Business Manager Scrip ts Pam Bauckman Circulation Manager Joan Flatford Advertising Manager Row 1: Mike Treat, Steve King, Charles Litchfield, George Ford. Row 2: Kay Dicks, Suzanne Ridings, Maye Van Arsdel, Lillette Kissell, Martha McCartney, Joan Davis. Row 3: Phyllis Floffman, Mary Wathen, Betty Watson, Margaret Johnson, Sharon Ferlazzo, Penny Bar- low, Delores Long, Terry Strathman, Marsha Hosey, Joyce Deslandes, Carla McCartney, Jean Gaudet. 117 Gathering Debbie Shaffer Assistant Editor the Moments Barbara Pulley Pati Stewart Suzie Croasman Co-Editor Business Manager Co-Editor Row 1: Joleen Lipford, Organizations Editor; Barbara Bagley, Sophomore Editor; Debbie Shaffer, Girls ' Sports Editor; Linda Kirby, Junior Class Editor; Frances Pulley, Freshman Class Editor. Row 2: Danielle Kelley, Faculty Editor; Paul Clifton, Photographer; Mrs. Browning, Sponsor; Betty Watson, Senior Class Editor; Danny Dobbins, Sports Editor. 118 of the Year The Indian Echoes yearbook staff has done its best to produce a pictorial history of the year 1966-67. The staff members have taken their time in extra-curricular ac¬ tivities to meet the deadlines that are necessary to pro¬ duce a good yearbook. The money-making project for the year was the semi-formal dance on February 11, for the Queen of Clubs. The work begins early in the summer when staff members meet and get their assignments. Ads must be sold and the layouts drawn, soon after school begins. During the fall months, the staff collects pictures to be used in the yearbook and votes on the dedication. The winter months are spent getting the material ready for publication. Finally, late in spring, the results are seen as the staff distributes yearbooks. But, the work is not yet completed — a new staff has to be trained and plans for a new year have to be developed so that the cycle will continue. Indian Echoes Row 1: Connie Pair, Bonnie Saunders, Leona Thompson, Donna Hartman, Mary Ann Tucci, Linda Beaumont, Linda Scarbro, Sandy Alvey, Linda Fairweather, Faye Minter, Saisdy Ramsey, Brenda Sandidge, Sharon Beck, Lynn Straughn. Row 2: Rita Pierce, Pam Kelley, Glenna Lipford, Janice Toone, Mary Wathen, Marchia Sisk, Cindy Morris, Kathy Hibbard, Norma Thurston, Barbara Griffin, Debbie Griffin. Row 3: George Ford, Wendy Hora, Lysa Swett, Gertie Miller, Diane Horner, Belinda Harris, Brenda Swain, Kathy Randall, Gerri Garber, Jerry Dunham, Merton Marley, John Rollison. 119 ATHLETICS 120 121 A New Spring Row 1:Danny Fisher, Charlie Wood, John Kaila, Harry Katsarelis. Row 2: Scott Fraley, Pat Fees, Mr. Mabry, Steve Mathews, Walter Dillon. Scott Fraley, manager; Mr. Mabry, coach. Spring 1967 brought a new sport to Gar-Field. Tennis, one of the oldest sports in history, recently arrived at our school. Coached by Mr. Mabry, the seven boys won their first and second matches against QuanticoHigh School. The team sponsored a soc hop on April 14th to raise money for their equipment and uniforms. Charlie Wood 122 Sport . . . Tennis Pat Fees Steve Mathews Tennis Walter Dillon Team John Kaila Danny Fisher Harry Katsarelis 123 Row 1: Tom Eubanks, David Blanchard, Bob Ryals, Melvin Meadows, Bill Gerlach, John Cardelli, Eugene Harris, Danny Dobbins, David Cline, Bill Brown, Teddy Petts. Row 2: Amie Barg, Jim Powell, David Cundiff, Ken Johnson, Ray Tolson, Mike Snyder, Phillip Dixon, Danny Bushey, Robby Stevens, Brad Chinn, Robby Tolson, Buddy Fredette. Row 3: Vic Spotts, Frank Dorcsis, Bill Smith, Mike Cundiff, Bruce Radlinski, Ronnie Treat, Larry Havener, Greg Johnson, Bruce Schlegel, Calvin Johnson, Randie Looney. Indians Strive for Better Record Standing: Mr. Duncun, Mr. Crane, and Mr. Raines. Kneeling: Mr. Greer, and Mr. Moore. Gar-Field 0 7 Gar-Fi eld 7. 12 Gar-Field 7. 42 Gar-Field 30. 10 Gar-Field 0. 19 Gar-Field 28. 7 Gar-Field 20. • ••••••••• Culpeper 7 Gar-Field 6. 46 Gar-Field 13. 35 Gar-Field 0 . 26 124 Calvin Johnson and Randy Looney Co-Captains This past year the Varsity Football squad of Gar-Field High School has shown outstanding athletic ability. Under the supervision of Mr. Crane, the head coach, the boys fought like a Gar-Field Indian should to make Gar-Field High School one of the best. Even though all their wishes did not come true, the other teams could always say Gar-Field played a good game. From a total of ten games, the Indians came out with a record of three wins and seven losses. They took sixth place in the Battlefield District. Bill Nedzel and Bill Wieland Managers Bill Wieland and Coach Raines help an injured player. 125 Garfield ' s Gridiron Ronnie Treat Junior, Halfback Brad Chinn Junior, Linebacker Buddy Fredette Junior, Tackle Frank Dorcis Sophomore, linebacker Mike Cundiff Sophomore, Tackle David Cundiff tries for a first down. Ken Johnson Senior, Guard Jim Powell Senior, Center David Cundiff Senior, Quarterback Melvin Meadows Junior, Tackle Bruce Schlegel Senior, Tackle 126 Heroes In Action Teddy Petts Sophomore, Halfback Robbie Stevens Sophomore, Fullback Larry Havener Junior, Tackle Coach Raines and Gary Lewis discuss a possible play. Bill Gerlach Senior, Tackle Ray Tolson Junior, Guard Randy Looney Senior, Safety David Blanchard Junior, Guard Victor Spotts Senior, End John Cardelli Sophomore, End 127 And the Fight Goes On David Cline Senior, End Robby Tolson Junior, Quarterback Bill Brown Freshman, Center Eugene Harris Senior, End Mike Snyder Junior, Guard It ' s a tough but rewarding sport. Tom Eubanks Junior, linebacker Phillip Dixon Junior, End Calvin Johnson Junior, Fullback Danny Bushey Junior, Wingback 128 J.V. Football Up and Coming ■ - . - -r • ■ ■ ' .. Row 1: Gary Watson, Charlie Stiles, Robert Dixon, Ja nies Rank, James Hinderliter, Bill Meadows, Ricky Owens, Leroy McCharles, Jerry Powell, Albert Butler, Mark Culbertson, Ed Dixon. Row 2: Marty Butcher, Russel Liming, Kenny Casteel, Mickie Webb, Steve Gough, Greg Gordon, Danny Treat, Robert Bushey, David Bockes, Scott Nicklin, Terry Hayes. Row 3: Jay West, Marc Radlinski, Jim Grubb, Alex Ksanznak, Andy Durden, Joe Pluto, Gene Hollins, Leroy Chapman, John Zeets, Don Boozier, Rick Alvey. Gar-Field 21.Loudoun 0 Gar-Field 21.Woodbridge 13 This year the J. V. Football squad proved Gar-Field 12.Osbourn to be very successful. With a record of seven Gar-Field 6. Stafford wins, one loss, and one tie, they captured Gar-Field 26.Spotsylvania 6 the title of second place in the Battlefield Gar-Field 6. Orange District. The boys of the Junior Varsity Gar-Field 26.Stonewall Jackson 6 Squad would like to express their thanks for Gar-Field 7.James Monroe 7 the very fine job that their head coach, Mr. Gar-Field 20.Culpeper 12 Bob Greer, has done, and also to the assistant coaches: Mr. Clark, Mr. Marr, and Mr. Moore. Jerome Johnson, Mike Baird, Robbie Tolson, Calvin Johnson, Jesse Carter, Brad Chinn, Arnie Barg, Ray Tolson, Gary Lewis, Randie Looney, and Jim Powell. The G-F Basketball team worked hard this year and should be congratulated on a job well done. The team showed a lot of effort and team spirit and were backed by a lot of school spirit. The team had a rough beginning but finished the season with a 10-8 record. Under the superb coaching of Mr. Jim Raines, this year ' s team went up the necessary notches of the ladder of success. The boys put in long hard hours at practice and showed their ability during each game. Their suc¬ cess was achieved by teamwork and co-operation on the part of the team as well as the coaches. Varsity Basketball Coach Jim Raines 130 G-F’s 1966-67 Basketball Jim Powell Senior, Guard Arnie Barg Senior, Center Jesse Carter Junior, Forward Randie Looney Senior, Guard Ray Tolson Junior, Forward Mike Baird Junior, Guard Squad Robby Tolson Junior, Guard Brad Chinn Junior, Forward Jerome Johnson Junior, Guard 131 A Great Varsity and a Gar-Field 45. Gar-Field 49. Gar-Field 64. D 37 Gar-Field 53. Gar-Field 57. j S3 Gar-Field 74. Oj Gar-Field 53. oo Gar-Field 85. DD Q3 Gar-Field 61. 3 1 Gar-Field 73. 3D Gar-Field 70. DU 7Q Gar-Field 62.. 33 Gar-Field 61. J D 7S Gar-Field 79. O 7D Gar-Field 68.. S3 Gar-Field 61.. O J A Q Gar-Field 93. Jt Js SS Gar-Field 76. OO 3S Tournament Do Gar-Field 57. 64 Calvin Johnson Junior, Forward Gary Lewis Senior, Guard J. V. and Varsity Basketball Managers: Jerome Cribb, Paul Williamson, Jerry Thompson, Ronnie Campbell, and James West. 132 Championship J.V. Team Jerry Powell, Bob Costlow, Alex Ksuzmak, Greg Johnson, Newberry, Mark Radlinski, Kenny Casteel, DiDi Mike Becker, Chuck Strathman, John Cardelli, Cecil Williams, and Ricky Owens. Congratulations to the District Champions of Prince William County! Due to a lot of hard work and determination, this year ' s J.V. Basketball team has shown what it ' s made of and what material the future Varsity squads will be made of. The team went a long way and fought hard for their success. Throughout the season the boys only lost 3 games and had 16 wins. At Fort Hunt, Virginia, the boys won a great victory for the team and for the school! Under Coach Clark, the boys proved to their school their outstanding athletic ability. J.V. Basketball 53 32 53 32 54 30 43 38 50 . Osbourn 49 47 33 5 1 43 44 .Tames Monroe 75 37 38 62 .Stonewall Tackson 19 51 .Woodbridqe 39 49 .Culpeper 43 52 .Tames Monroe 47 53 .Oranqe 51 qq .Osbourn 56 48 41 61 .Spotsylvania 42 54 .Stonewall Tackson 32 Vj dl " 1 idu Gar-Field Tournament 53 133 Outstanding Wrestlers Lead ' Row 1, left to right: Chris Kaila, Mike Bryant, John Zeets, David Harold, Joe Shaffield, Bob Ryals, Danny Bushey, Donnie Webber. Row 2: Mike Brassell, Bill Morkes, Mike Cundiff, Bruce Schlegel, Melvin Meadows, David Cline, Pat Kimbrel, Steve Lineberger, Jack Veax, John Kaila, Danny Fisher. Row 3: Perry Cumberland, James Morris, Scott Nicklin, Tim Nixon, Gary Saul, Tom Nary, Bobby Schlegel, Eric Knotts, Aubrey Hawkins, Harry Katsarelis, Bruce Radlinski, Melvin Waite. Coach Jack Duncan Varsity Wrestling This year ' s wrestling team is the best Gar-Field has ever seen. The team placed third in the State, and Danny Fisher and Bruce Schlegel remained un¬ defeated. This was also Coach Duncan ' s first season as wrestling coach at Gar-Field. The hard work and enthusiastic spirit of the team lead the students of Gar-Field to expect another great team next year as most of the squad will be returning. Gar-Field.Stonewall Jackson Gar-Field.Culpeper Gar-Field.Osbourn Gar-Field.Colonial Heights Gar-Field.Herndon Gar-Field.Osbourn Gar-Field.Orange Gar-Field.Douglas Freeman Gar-Field.Loudoun Valley Gar-Field.Spotsylvania Gar-Field.Herndon Gar-Field.Thomas Dale 134 G-F to Victory Danny Fisher 95 lbs. 20-0 Jack Veax 120 lbs. 2-4 Mike Brassell 103 lbs. 13-4 John Kaila 122 lbs. 16-4 Bruce Schlegel tackles with his opponent from Culpeper. Steve Lineberger 127 lbs. 7-8-1 Bill Morkes 133 lbs. 14-2-1 135 Gar-Field Places Third Bruce Schlegel and Danny Fisher, with Coach Duncan, display their trophies. Teddy Petts 138 lbs. 10-7-1 A Gar-Field wrestler and his Culpeper opponent. 136 in State Melvin Meadows 180 lbs. 12 - 1-1 Bruce Shlegel unlimited 20-0 Coach Duncan and Melvin Meadows practice after Coach Duncan is surrounded by the team. school. 137 Gymnastic Row 1: Nancy Cronin, Marci Barros, Donna Hartman, Linda Hutchinson, Vivian Deslandes. Row 2: Terrie Norman, Susan Fayard, Carrie Riggs, Brenda Levan, Karen Liming. Tumbling Row 1: Linda Ford, Yvonne Naylor, Donna Hartman. Row 2: Susan Fayard, Johnna DeGrasse, Carrie Riggs, Kathy Russell. Balance Beam Trampoline Row 1: Marcia Treado, Marsha Hosey, Barbara May, Connie Pair, Terri Fisher, Mary Ann Jones. Row 2: Carrie Riggs, Susan Fayard, Sue Bastien. 138 Team Row 1: Johnna DeGrasse, State Champion. Row 2: Linda Hutchinson, Rhonda Wilkinson, Carrie Riggs, Susan Fayard, Vivian Deslandes, Donna Hartman, Collette DeGrasse. Parallel Bars Bottom row: Mick Lemaster, Mary Daley, Marcia Treado, Gail Moody, Barbara May. Top row: Carrie Riggs, Sue Bastien, Susan Fayard. This is Gar-Field ' s second year of spon¬ soring a gymnastics team. Mrs. Lockett has done a great job coaching these girls. The girls range from freshmen to seniors, with each girl putting out 100% effort to main¬ tain a superior rating in her class. Practices were held three mornings a week, as well as a number of night practices. The State Gymnastics Meet, held at Yorktown High School in Arlington, Virginia, proved to be a great success for Gar-Field. Johnna DeGrasse placed first in her event. The team put on an exhibition for the student body on April 7, sponsored by the Girls ' Varsity Club. This match was held to raise money for gymnastic trips. The team should be congratulated on a job well done, and G-F is looking forward to another gymnastics team next year. Mrs. Ann Lockett Gymnastics Coach 139 :.i ■ «•• ?? " ■■•m tv : i ■ mu v to ,« x asstst- ' ■ ■ - «sc i ar. m z z:.. :Jfe» 8ST»w JOSW » Si ■ mr s ■ ' at n rmv r . t-sau ■« • £«,• ,- • ? „• ' •: vunoi - atafVMuuBtryvy ' c ;w sn a U-. . r -. ' ■ ;t31H 9 t-i-t • ' z?rxiT« a«w S’i„,tK ' A lfcOT ifc .r- I ' : ' : a»SEL 3 ss - .-’•’« ' •:■’?« ' !■ - . vr: : . WRS»® 4WB8iig. »W » ' .afc :;,;v ■? mv %iaa i -. :».irir?.:araaaa as Mam? ■ ■ MMCM • tit .: ' ' -i ' • « . i ■ Row 1: Bob Coslow, Gerry Hearn, Gary Sipes. Row 2: Charles McNabb, Bill Sipes, John Rollison, Fred Bramell. The Cross Country Team is a new addition to the sports of Gar-Field. For their first year, they really proved a worthy addition. These boys worked along with Coach Marr and came up with third place in the state. Practice every day and a determination to succeed drove these boys to where they are. Our boys have proved that a first year sport can be as successful as any other. We are proud of our Cross Country Team for their performance and are hoping for the same next year. Cross Country Freddie Brammel, one of Gar-Field ' s Cross Country runners. 140 Second Place is Tops for Girls’ Varsity Standing: Kathy Derrah, Carrie Riggs, Debbie Shaffer, Kay Dicks, Mary Ann Ridings, Co-Captain; Carla Ennis, Co-Captain; Frances Kelly, Marsha Hosey, Brenda Levan, Diane Horner, Mrs. Lockett, Coach. Kneeling: Eva Spero, Pam Bauckman, Sandy Ramsey, Susan Fayard, Doris Perks, Marian Griffin, Sandy Alexander. Girls ' Varsity Basketball The Girls ' Varsity Basketball team has gone a long way this year. With a 4-4 league standing and two wins over Quantico, Gar-Field tied with Woodbridge for third place. By beating Stonewall Jackson, Gar-Field moved into a sure third. Going into the tournaments, Gar-Field defeated Stonewall for second place. After losing to Osbourn, Gar-Field remains in second place in the Prince William County League. The team showed a lot of spirit and excitement with every win and should be congratulated on a tremendous year of hard work. 23 53 Gar-Field Gar-Field Gar-Field 35. 33 31 37 26. 33 Gar-Field 32. 15 30 48 Gar-Field Gar-Field Gar-Field Gar-Field 32. 28 35. 34 38. 41. • ••••••••••••••••••••••• Qucintico 33 15 Tournament Gar-Field.Stonewall Jackson Gar-Field.Osbourn Time-outs were supposed tobe serious. How about sharing the joke with us, Mrs. Lockett? 141 Girls’ Basketball Team Excels In Sportsmanship Brenda Levan shoots two points. and Ability A Gar-Field basket awaits two points. Debbie Shaffer shoots while teammates Carla Ennis and Mary Ann Ridings look on. 142 Mary Ann Ridings Co-Captain, Forward Marsha Hosey Rover Carla Ennis Co-Captain, Forward r Frances Kelly Guard Debbie Shaffer Forward Kay Dicks Guard Carrie Riggs Guard Marsha Hosey attempts to make two points against Stonewall Jackson. 143 Standing: Joyce Jones, Charlotte Wingo, Lizzy Rollison, Claudine Porter, Barbara Bagley, Kathy Davis, Mary Slis, Carie Cowan, Barbara May, Barbara O ' Brien, Norma Thurston, Mr. Durham. Kneeling: Joan Davis, Beverly Culley, Mary Daily, Mary Ann Blazek, Marcia Treado, Sandy Cox, Joyce Goforth, Charlene Jennings. J.V. Squads Show Possibilities Gar-Field 12.Osbourn 26 Gar-Field 19.Brentsville 16 Gar-Field 10.Woodbridge 16 Gar-Field 27.Stonewall Jackson 12 Gar-Field 11.Osbourn 19 Gar-Field 29.Brentsville 16 Gar-Field 8.Woodbridge 16 Gar-Field 32.Stonewall Jackson 15 Girls ' Basketball With a 4-4 record, Gar-Field ' s Junior Varsity Girls Basketball team has shown us that they could play basketball. Their coach, Mr. Durham, has worked hard and is very proud of his team. This is the first year these girls have played for Gar-Field and they have shown us that we will have a good team in the coming years. Mr. Durham Coach 144 Top: Linda Bakaysa. Middle: Donna Hartman, and Linda Ford. Bottom: Gwen Jacobs, Sharon Cekala, and Connie Pair. J.V. Cheerleaders Being a cheerleader isn ' t " all work and no play, " but willingness to work, pep, and am¬ bition are all ingredients of a J. V. Cheerleader. These girls have done much to inspire the en¬ tire student body by promoting school spirit and backing up the J. V. teams. Many hours were spent learning new cheers and sponsoring bake- sales. They did much to instill spirit in the team and fans. The J. V. cheerleaders for this year were: Linda Bakaysa, captain; Gwen Jacobs, Connie Pair, Linda Ford, Sharon Cekala, and Donna Hartman. Cheerleaders Excel At the heart of school spirit are our cheerleaders, who spread enthusiasm during every pep rally and game. This Year ' s Varsity Cheerleaders have out done all cheerlead¬ ing squads of the past and will be a tough squad to surpass in the future. Under the excellent leadership of Joyce Deslandes, Captain, and Mrs. Raines, Sponsor, the girls have really taught Gar-Field the true meaning of spirit! The girls have worked hard and many times stayed after school to make posters and learn new cheers. Even when we were defeated they were the ones who yelled, " What ' s the good word? " and rekindled our hopes. By having to earn money for their uniforms, the girls have learned the meaning of responsibility. The squad had several bake sales and sold booster ribbons and pom¬ poms during football and basketball seasons. Each girl had a responsibility to show up and " sell, sell, sell! " G-F is proud of these tireless girls who cheered our teams on. So " Two bits, four bits, six bits, a dollar... " Let ' s hear it for our cheerleaders! Varsity Cheerleaders Mr s. Raines Sponsor 146 in Conveying School Spirit Maureen Tierney, Linda Kirby, Arika Knotts, Chris Gefrich, Joyce Deslandes, Janet Beard, Sharon Ferlazzo, and Jeanne Rebel. Row 1: Charles McNabb, Mike Cundiff, Ray Tolson, Jones, Chris Giannis, Jim Powell, Ricky Fitzgerald. Row Leroy Dent, Freddie Brammel, Eddie Dixon, Bill Brown. 3: John Fick, Amie Barg, Robbie Tolson, Mike Jennings, Row 2. Calvin Johnson, A1 Butler, Danny Bushey, Jimmy Buddy Fredette, Victor Spotts, Jim West. Coach Bob Greer The 1966-67 baseball team has worked hard for a successful season. They have proven that long hours of practice are worthwhile. Cooperation, among team members and with the coaches, also adds to the success of the team. We can really be proud of our team on the fine showing they made during the season. From the showing this year, we anticipate a great team next year since many players will be returning. 148 First baseman, Arnie Barg while on defense, prevents a Culpeper player from stealing second base. Baseball - Skill. Success Robbie Tolson attempts a bunt while at bat against Culpeper. 149 Eddie Dixon slides into second base in play against Culpeper. G-F Seeks Gar-Field Gar-Field Gar-Field Gar-Field Gar-Field Gar-Field, Gar-Field, Gar-Field, Gar-Field. Gar-Field. Gar-Field. Gar-Field. Gar-Field. .Culpeper .Osbourn , .. . . Spotsylvania .Woodbridge , ... James Monroe Stonewall Jackson . Stafford .Osbourn .Orange .Nokesville Stonewall Jackson .Woodbridge .Nokesville John Fick 150 Eddie Dixon, while on first base, contemplates stealing base in the Gar-Field-Culpeper game. A Successful Season James West A tense moment occurrs when a G-F player attempts to reach home safely. 151 The Girls’ Softball Row 1: Marsha Treado, Vivian Deslandes, Terri Norman, Kathy Wrabel, Judy Sullivan, Donita Ferguson, Mary Ann Blazek. Row 2: Margaret Johnson, Arika Knotts, Susan Fayard, Beverly Bagley, Linda Hutchin¬ son, Denise Kendell, Barbara Bagley. Row 3: Carla Ennis, Sandy Alexander, Mary Ann Ridings, Linda Evans, Lynn Schwartzenbach, Sandy Ramsey, Carrie Cowan. Row 4: Lynda Fairweather, Maureen Tierney, Martha McCartney, Ellen Sherlock, Becky Triplett. Softball The girls ' softball team has shown good sportsmanship and cooperation during this season. They put in many hours of practice to leam their game and to be able to play it well. Through the leadership of their coach, Mr. Osborne, they have shown that they learned the patience as well as the skill needed for their sport. Softball is not a new sport to G-F, but each year the girls go out and give their best with enthusiasm as if they were trying something new. Our girls really did their best and we are very proud of them. 152 Team Worked Hard For Victory Seniors: Row 1: Margaret Johnson, Arika Knotts, Judy Sullivan, Donnita Ferguson. Row 2: Martha McCartney, Sandy Alexander, Mary Ann Ridings. Susan Fayard Terri Norman 153 i Marcia Treado Mary Ann Blazek Spring Sports Bring I Vivian Deslandes Kari Cowan Bev Bagley Connie Pair Barbara Bagley Lynn Schwarzenbach Kathy Wrabell 154 Excitement to G-F Row 1: James Hinderliter, James Tyrrel, Tim Nelson, Ken Smith, Jack Veax (Manager), Alan Mahood, Bill Nichols, Gary Watson, Jerry Dunham. Row 2: Freddie Bramell, Joe Staples, Cliff Brigham, Gary Sipes, John Rollison, Eddie Smith, Jim Cuff, Bill Veniskey, Bruce Schlegel, Tom Eubanks, Bob Coslow. Row 3: Paul Abramson (Manager), Arnie Barg, Bill Sipes, Melvin Meadows, Bill Wei land, Dave Blanchard, Bobby Bal, Dennis Stephens, Steve Welsh, Jay West, Teddy Petts, Ricky Reyma. Row 1: Coach Crane and Coach Duncan. Row 2: Co-captains, Ken Smith and Fred Bramell. Track The track team had a very successful season. The pole vault record was raised to 11 feet 1 inch by Arnie Barg in the second m eet of the season. The outstanding fields of the team are: 440 relay, 100 yard dash, mile relay, and pole vaulting. We really have reason to be proud of our track team. 155 Dennis Stephens James Hinderliter High Hurdles 220 Ken Smith Low Hurdles | Dave Blanchard, Bobby Bal, Bill Weiland, Melvin Meadows Mile Relay Steve Welsh High Jump 156 Bill Sipes 440 Arnie Barg Bruce Schlegel Pole Vault Shot Put Bill Sipes, Ken Smith, James Hinderliter, Bill Weiland 440 Relay Fred Brammel, Bob Coslow Mile Melvin Meadows Shot Put Dave Blanchard 440 158 159 Junior Class Scores Another Hit The annual Junior Variety Show, presented by the Junior class, was an outstanding success. Approximately 600 people attended and had a wonderful evening of entertainment. Acts other than those pictured were: a comedy skit by Craig Van Brocklin and Alvin Ware, piano solos by Gerry Hearn, and Bonnie Lynn, Yvonne Evans, Jim Meeks, Jody Mahle, Tom Paine, and Maye Van Arnsdale sang, and Johnna DeGrasse danced variations of " Sleeping Beauty. " These were just a few of the many acts enjoyed that evening. Emcees, Mike Oliver and Bev Bagley, introduced all of the acts. Barbara Pulley, one of G-F ' s majorettes, twirled before the large crowd. Juniors, John Rollison and Ricky Fitzgerald, played two trumpet duets. A rising local band- " The Rising Sons " -displayed their talent. 160 Kenny Winfree, a student from Graham Park, played with the Guardsmen. Junior Variety Show The audience seemed to enjoy all of the acts presented. Mr. Mabry, one of the class sponsors, introduces the behind-the-scenes crew that made the show possible. Donna Hartman was one of the go- go dancers who danced with the various bands. Pattie Goomeer portrayed a cleaning woman who for one moment wishes she could be a star. Senior Judy Turner, sang " The Cruel War " , appropriately dedicated to all the men in Vietnam. 161 Homecoming Means Excitement G-F students preparing for the Homecoming parade. Joyce Deslandes, the 1966-67 Homecoming Queen. Homecoming —a special mixture of anticipation, pep and hurried preparation, all preceded by the floats and cheering crowds. Students and teachers worked late into the night preparing their floats for judging or decorating for the dance to be held Saturday, Oct. 22, 1966. Cheer¬ leaders and majorettes practiced new routines, and boys made certain they had dates for the dance. The bonfire touched off the weekend activities. A nervous football team awaited the kickoff time, and anxious candidates awaited the halftime ceremonies. The most exciting moment was when the final whistle sounded and everyone knew our team had won. The next night, Gar-Field ' s Homecoming Queen, Joyce Deslandes, and her court were presented at the Homecoming dance, the Silver Fizz, marking the end of an exciting weekend. The Queen ' s crown goes to Joyce Deslandes. Cheerleader, Arika Knotts, dis¬ plays school spirit. A good time was had by all at the Silver Fizz. Homecoming 162 and Anxious Crowds The 1966-67 Homecoming Queen and her court. Music was provided by the Marine Corps Band. Queen Joyce Deslandes and her escort, Randy Looney, dance. Hut G ' s winning float was en¬ titled " Expecing a Victory. " Calvin Johnson trying hard for a touch¬ down. BHSNJiN fllff IKS f 5E ' IT . ! urBhHl amp MSp fom 8 Connie Pair, Arika Knotts, and Lee Thompson prove G-F has school spirit. 163 Gar-Field’s 1966-67 Homecoming Court Joyce Deslandes escorted by Randy Looney. Charlene Drohan escorted by David Cline. Christine Gefrich escorted by Eugene Harris. Maureen Tierney escorted by Eddie Smith. Bonnie Saunders escorted by John Cardelli. Cathy Smith escorted by Mike Cundiff. Delores Long escorted by Bill Gerlach. Faye Minter escorted by Ray Tolson. Sabra Wolfe escorted by Pat Kimbrel. 164 Planning . . . Working . . . Scheduling . . . Janice Toone found that keeping everyone re¬ freshed is a full time job. The Senior Class of Gar-Field held its annual Carnival on March 3-4, 1967. Starting immediately after school on Friday, the car¬ nival ran until 12:00 midnight on Saturday. All of the Seniors contributed time and effort to make it a great success. A total of 26 games were available for everyone ' s enjoy¬ ment. Among these were Roulette, Coke Toss, Zoo Dip, Hoopla, and the Bear Platter. Along with the Senior Class Play, the Class Carnival helps raise funds for the class to go on their annual New York trip. The more money raised on the carnival and play, the less each individual has to pay in the end. To add to the ga-la affair, a dance was held both nights. On Friday " The Rising Sons " provided music, and the " Congressionals " did so on Saturday. On Saturday night a hearty meal featuring ham or roast beef was enjoyed by all who attended. To the Seniors, working on the carnival is one of their most important activities of the year. It not only gives them a feeling of pride in knowing they are contributing to the class, but also a feeling of satisfaction in helping the carnival to be a success. With her menagerie of stuffed animals, Cindy Morris worked at the Zoo Dip. Mr. Jamieson, one of the Senior Sponsors, and Jeff Tyrrell sell tickets and count money. Painting in the Round, run by James West, was a splattering mess as well as fun. 166 Result: A big Profit and a New York Trip Dancing is always fun after an afternoon at a carnival. " Sitting down, smiling, cuddling a stuffed animal, and thinking of New York makes you forget all the hours put into the carnival, " says Chris Gefrich. i |V WET During a break, Joyce Deslandes chats with " The Rising Sons " performed for the Friday night dance of the a friend at the carnival dance. Senior Class Carnival. 167 Miss Gar-Field Joyce Deslandes Eugene Harris Mary Ann Ridings Janice Toone 170 Outstanding Seniors Amie Barg Bob Leyda Marsha Hosey Randy Looney 171 Jim Powell Mildred Bryant Bruce Schlegel Pati Stewart 172 Outstanding Seniors Suzie Croasman Ronnie Sears 173 Indian Echoes Presents " Catch a Falling Star " was the theme of the Queen of Clubs dance this year. Linda and her escort Bob Leyda dance the royal dance. 1st runner-up: Maureen Tierney, sponsored by the Library Club; 2nd runner-up: Sharon Ferlazzo, sponsored by the Pep Club; Queen of Clubs: Linda Scarbro, sponsored by 174 the Dramatics Club; 4th runner-up: Chris Gefrich, spon¬ sored by the Key Club; and 3rd runner-up: Delores Long, sponsored by the D. E. Club. $ Queen of Clubs Mr. Addington gives the Queen - Linda Scarbro - a con gratulations kiss. The annual Valentine Dance, sponsored by the Indian Echoes , was held on February 11, in the school cafeteria. Catch a Falling Star " was the theme of this year ' s dance and the master of ceremonies was David Blanch¬ ard. The Queen was Linda Scarbro, sponsored by the Dramatics Club and escorted by Bob Leyda. Thirteen girls from various clubs competed and this year was the first time the Dramatics Club had sponsored the winning candidate. Mnsic was provided by the Shadows. A happy Queen holds her bouquet and trophy. The Shadows provided the music for the dance. 4th runner-up, Chris Gefrich, receives a bouquet of carnations. Row 1: Joyce Jones, Bev Bagley, Glenna Lipford, Jody Mahle, Susie Clifton. Row 2: Jeanne Rebel, Leslie Stallknecht, Linda May, Terry Strathman, Sandy Ramsey, and Pam Bauckman. Each year the faculty of Gar-Field nominates a number of Juniors to be candidates for Girls ' and Boys ' State. The nominations are based on leadership, charac¬ ter, cooperation, honesty, scholarship, and physical fitness. After the selections are made by the faculty, the candidates are rated by the Junior Class and then selected by the various sponsoring groups and organiza¬ tions. Representatives from Gar-Field this year will be: Bev Bagley, Susie Clifton, Jeanne Rebel, Pam Bauckman, Glenna Lipford, Joyce Jones, Jody Mahle, David Blanch¬ ard, Danny Fisher, Danny Bushey, Robby Tolson, and Buddy Fredette. Boys ' State is held at the College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia. Girls ' State is held at Radford College, Radford, Virginia. These programs are a citizenship training program to educate our youth in the duties, privileges, responsibilities, and rights of American citizens. Row 1: Danny Fisher, David Blanchard, Robby Tolson, and Buddy Fredette. Row 2: Mike Baird, Rick Yates, Tommy Parker, Gary Sipes, David Hibbard, and Danny Bushey. 177 Faye Minter, 1st Runner-up; Diane Canaday, Queen; Bev Bagley, 2nd Runner-up. Miss Fredericksburg crowns the queen. The six finalists: Bev Bagley, Linda Ford, Diane Canaday, Susan Fayard, Faye Minter, Donna Hartman. Sophomore Beauty Contest The Gar-Field High School au¬ ditorium was the setting for the beauty contest on April 1, 196 7, The Sophomores worked hard on the contest, their main activity of the year. The theme, " An Eve¬ ning in Venice, " was carried out in their scenery — a gondola and gon¬ dolier. Mr. Bob Greer, the Master of Ceremonies, be¬ gan the pageant promptly at 8:00. The girls, one from each home- r o o m, were judged on poise, grace, and beau¬ ty. Miss Fredricks- burg crowned Di¬ ane Canady the winner. Faye Minter placed second and Bev Bagley third. The photographer finds the judges hard at work. Mr. Greer served as emcee for the pageant of lovely ladies. 178 ,r 3 UHtETICDfPr. Standing: Mr. Addington, Mr. Pitt, Mr. Greer, Mr. Jamieson, Mr. Raines. Kneeling : Mr. Clark, Mr. Shutt, Mr. Crane, and Mr. Moore. Faculty-Varsity Basketball The members of the Girls ' Varsity Club and the G-F Club decided once again to meet the G-F faculty. The games as usual turned into another ex¬ citing and humorous affair. The women faculty, in their dazzling outfits, decided once again to lose to the girls, and so did not harm their los¬ ing streak. The score of 29 to 16 shows how the girls easily beat the happy-go-lucky women teachers. The men, once again, de¬ cided to win. The game went into overtime and everyone watched spell-bound as Mr. Clark shot the last basket to take a one-point lead with no time remaining. This game was a hard one with lots of laughter. The game was a success for the G-F Club and the Girls ' Varsity Club, and each club would like to thank the mem¬ bers of the faculty for helping make their school year more enjoyable. 1 ! i Standing: Miss Barnes, Mrs. Woods, Miss Meads, Mrs. Parr. Kneeling: Mrs. Crane, Mrs. Aubry, Miss Milona, Jenkins, Miss Isenhower, Miss Turner, Mrs. Watts, Mrs. Miss Shideler. 179 Two Great Plays Chip LaFurney and Jim Hinkle portray the old man and his hospital room companion. Under the direction of Miss Poin¬ dexter the Dramatics Club presented a new type of play. " The Octagenarian " was performed using a Girls ' and Boys ' Chorus and a minimum amount of props. The play received a superior rating at Play Competition at Nokes- ville, on March 4th, and favorable comments at the State Competition at Charlottesville. This play won a superior rating at Competition. The Girls ' Chorus: Jennie Hodges, Shelley Dawson, Linda Scarbro, Sandy Alvey, Linda May, and Carol Powell. The old man ' s last few minutes on earth draw to a close. 180 Competition Play Display Talent and Humor The cast of " You Can ' t Take It With You. " Jennie Hodges, Bob Leyda , Maye Van Arsdel and Mary Ann Denas in a scene from the play. Three Act ploy This year ' s three act play was " You Can ' t Take It With You, " a comedy by Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman. The play revolved around a family whose only normal member is Alice. Alice ' s mother writes plays because a typewriter was delivered to her home by mistake, and her father makes fireworks in the basement. When Alice falls in love, the house¬ hold becomes a real madhouse. Cost Penelope Sycamore Essie. Rheba. Paul Sycamore. . . . Mr. DePinna. Ed. Donald. Martin Vanderhof. . Alice. Henderson. Tony Kirby. Boris Kalenkhov. . . Gay Wellington.. . . Mrs. Kirby. Mr. Kirby.. oiga. . . Mary Ann Denas .Jennie Hodges .. . . Shelly Dawson ... Danny Dobbins , . . . Tommy Parker .Coley West .John Roberts Craig Van Brocklin .... Linda Scarbro . . . . Chip LaFurney .Gerry Hearn .Robert Leyda . . . . Cynthia Carter .Carol Powell . Bob Lockard . Maye Van Arsdel 181 1 I ADVERTISEMENTS 182 183 Compl iments of FOTORAMA located in Marumsco Plaza Shopping Center Woodbridge, Virginia 184 For the best in sports goods and equipment rs of Horner Road and Old Route 123 494-3333 Gordon Armstrong Compl i merit ' s GAR-FIELD CITGO and CITIES SERVICE OIL COMPANY 186 The members and coaches of this year ' s basketball squads would like to take this opportunity to offer our thanks to the following people in our community for their much appreciated support during the 1966- 1967 basketball season. THE COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Fredericksburg, Va. CREST CLEANERS Woodbridge, Va. WILLIAMS FURNITURE COMPANY Woodbridge, Va. STRINGER ' S ESSO SERVICENTER Woodbridge, Va. ROCK-A-LLEW REALTY Woodbridge, Va. DUMFRIES DISCOUNT HOUSE Dumfries, Va. TRIANGLE MOBIL SERVICENTER Triangle, Va. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF QUANTICO Quantico, Va. CATALANO CLEANERS Triangle, Va. GRANINGER AGENCY Triangle, Va. PRINCE WILLIAM SAVINGS AND LOAN CO. Woodbridge, Va. COPE FORD, INC. Woodbridge, Va. STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANY Woodbridge, Va. MARUMSCO TEXACO Woodbridge, Va. POTOMAC NEWS PUBLISHING COMPANY Dumfries, Va. QUANTICO AUTO SALES Dumfries, Va. MOON PIZZA RANT Woodbridge, Va. WIZCAYA RESTAURANT Woodbridge, Va. PARK N TEL RESTAURANT Dumfries, Va. BLEWITT ' S TEXACO SERVICENTER Dumfires, Va. COLIGAN ' S HESS SERVICE STATION Woodbridge, Va. MRS. LOLA WOODYARD Occoquan, Va. WOODARD REAL ESTATE COMPANY Woodbridge, Va. SAUNDERS JEWELRY COMPANY Woodbridge, Va. E. J. GREENBERG Woodbridge, Va. WATSON ' S SUNOCO SERVICE STATION Woodbridge, Va. BURGER CHEF Woodbridge, Va. COMMONWEALTH LUMBER AND HARDWARE Triangle, Va. D. J. MARTIN CHEVROLET CO. Triangle, Va. POOLE RAMBLER Triangle, Va. LYNWOOD LANES Woodbridge, Va. WOODBRIDGE CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH CO. Woodbridge, Va. LYNWOOD 66 SERVICE Woodbridge, Va. THE BANK OF PRINCE WILLIAM Woodbridge, Va. PIEDMONT FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN Woodbridge, Va. STEPHENS TOWN AND COUNTRY FURNITURE Woodbridge, Va. DUMFRIES DODGE SALES AND SERVICE Dumfires, Va. STORYBOOK LAND OF VIRGINIA Woodbridge, Va. BILL ' S BARBER SHOP Woodbridge, Va. BON ' S FOOD AND DEPARTMENT STORE Dumfries, Va. DUMFRIES LIGGETT DRUG Dumfries, Va. TRIANGLE SUNOCO Triangle, Va. MRS. ROWENA LEARY Occoquan, Va. LUCIEN B. YARBOROUGH, D.D.S. Woodbridge, Va. Our very special thanks go out to: HALL ' S FUNERAL HOME IN OCCOQUAN, VA. BaSs etbaiii " C 1966-1967 Coach 187 CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES FOR THE FUTURE The FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF QUANTICO, VIRGINIA Five Convenient Offices Quantico Marine Corps School Triangle Woodbridge Dumfries " Your Local National Bank " 188 Congratulations Seniors! Come to Catalano Cleaners And Laundry for professional care and quality in Quantico, Virginia with two locations in Woodbridge, Virginia The Coca-Cola Company Fredericksburg, Virginia 189 Congratulations to the Class of " 67 " from the PEEBLES DEPARTMENT STORE in the Marumsco Plaza Shopping Center Visit Peebles, the full-time department store Art Beauty Salon Fisher Shopping Center Woodbridge, Virginia Phone: 494-4948 190 Compliments of D. J. MARTIN CHEVROLET In Triangle, Virginia For the best deal in town visit D. J. MARTIN Watches Diamonds Jewelry Woodbridge Jewelers Watch and Jewelry Repair Fisher Shopping Center Woodbridge, Virginia Robert Hamilton Watchmaker and Jeweler Compliments Bon’s Food and Department Store Triangle Shopping Center Dumfries, Virginia 191 BUSY BEAUTY SALON 316 Jefferson Davis Woodbridqe, Virginia 494-6002 Hours: Tues. 9-5 Wed. Thurs. Fri . 9-9 Sat. 8:30-4:30 Four Operators to Serve You Shirley Seymour Swoboda Lynda Wolfe Smith Roxy Ripley Jan Fussell Permanents start at $10.50 Zeil Zell Music Studio " B” Fisher Shopping Center Woodbridge, Va. 192 MANNY’S MOON PIZZA’RANT Home of Virginia ' s Finest Pizza " Manny " Grontas Community Shopping Center Owner Woodbridge, Virginia 494-6550 Compliments of TRIANGLE RECAPPING Triangle, Virginia Be satisfied, try our professional service. 193 Stephens Cay’s Fabric Center Rexall Drug Store Cay Brenner Dial 875-8805 Triangle, Virginia Triangle Shopping Center Dumfries, Virginia 875-6272 Frank Stephens, Reg. Druggist Compliments of Compliments of Graninger Treasure Insurance Agency House U. S. Hwy. 1 Furniture Triangle, Virginia Triangle Shopping Center HOME AUTO BUSINESS Dumfries, Va. 194 Barlow Sinclair Service Station 875-5965 Full er Heights Road Triangle, Virginia Where Beauty Is a Luxury You Can Afford " Dumfries Beauty Salon 875-7445 U. S. Hwy. 1 Dumfries, Va. La Petite Hairstylists Speciali zi ng in al I beauty aids 103 Horner Road Woodbridge, Virginia next door to Handy Dandy Phone 494-5533 for your appointment Hours Mon . -Tues. -Sat. 9-6 Wed.-Thurs. — Fri. 9-9 All American Sports Awards DUMFRIES, VA. Phone 875-9449 Trophies and Awards for any Event. 195 One Stop Service Kennedy’s Shell Service Official State Inspection Mechanic on Duty All Types of Mechanical Work Performed CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of 1967 Compliments of Storybook Land Tires Batteries Accessories Hours 6 A.M. to 1 1 P.M. Phone 494-5500 494-9230 U. S. 1 Woodbridge, Virginia JAMES L. DECK P.O. Box 4735 Richmond 29, Virginia Representative for Gar-Field High School Class Rings and Caps and Gowns 196 Good luck to the Class of ' 67 Leonard-Splaine Co. Inc. 300 Occoquan Road Woodbridge, Va. Your local Mobil gas station in Woodbridge Woodbridge Beauty Academy Mr. Frank Logandice, director 619 Jefferson Davis Highway Woodbridge, Virginia 494-7800 All work is done at reduced rates by students Congratulations Class of ' 67 General Radio TV Service Fu I ler Heights Rd . Triangle, Virginia 875-6400 Triangle Pizza Shop We Make Our Own Pizzas. We Bake, You Take Two Locations Triangle Shopping Center 1705 Princess Ann St. Fredericksburg, Va. 197 " Virginia ' s fastest growing weekly newspaper " The Potomac News Dumfries, Virginia 875-8700 Quantico Appliance Center HOTPOINT MAYTAG NORGE Serving Triangle, Quantico, Woodbridge, Dale City and Stafford Areas. U. S. Hwy. 1 875-9361 WILSON PRES BROWN’S 1 15 West Ne I son Street Lexington, Virginia Telephone 463-3521 SPALDING RAWLINGS We Carry all Major Lines MACGREGOR 198 Best of Luck to the Class of ' 67 MELROSE GARDENS Triangle, Virginia Compliments of Holly Acres Camper and Trailer Sales 130 Jefferson Davis Highway Woodbridge, Virginia Phone: 494-5600 199 The staff of the Indian Echoes yearbook wishes to express its thanks to the advertisers and Boosters for their help in financing this 1966-67 edi tion. Boosters Janis Drake Jay Duhring Debbie Kelly Debbie Sears Pete ' s Meat Market Danny P. Jones-Marjorie A. Liming Pattie Goomeer Mary " Legs " Slis Christine S. Harold O. Ron Sears Larry Pauley Joe Pluto Ronnie Pattie from " The Vandels " Rick Patsy Barb Pete " Flying Five " Mole P. C. Possum Walt Smitty Mr. Greer ' s 5th period fan club Jimmy Offen Linda Scarboro Sandie Ramsey Bill Sipes Lawrence E. Runion, Jr. Jim Mary Coach Marr Cross Country Donna Courtney Rusti Mansour De Bill " Changing Times " Jean Gaudet Sh aron Ferlazzo Brenda Sandidge R. C. Leyda 202 Boosters Joan Flatford Vickie Gray Debbie Irwin Cheryl Applegate The Distributive Education Club Linda Brice Linda Spence Pat Florence " Francy " Coach Marr Lover Boy-Ronnie Coach Duncan Brian Ruth Ni Isson Carla Ennis Norma Maurince " Palo " John Zeets Charles McNabb Christine Bernie Kathy Doane Mr. Mrs. Raines Jim Hinkle Uncle Sam wants you Join the army Sara Lindsey Super Giant Barbara Streisand Beef Chorus C. J . Boggs 111 Mr. Sullivan Sandie Alvey Marge Sedmock Desi Barnie Arg Miss Mi Iona Marsha Hosey Marsha David Carla McCartney John Nary Gerry Hearn wwl lift 1 ' ' : ‘ gp- ' if- ftmt . - a mm " " " " ' " J. ,.,. ., P ’• jqgg - »■» . ■pdL J m - ' llfr ji Sfej £j. JS F Bli t _ If t:Mf § pBHH Hf; J§ Ji T ' " ■ ! fH _ - -•y’ A wm , i » rS 1 fK " ' ySK- ? £ ££“% As the 1966-67 school year comes to a close, the students of Gar-Field become joyful over graduation and summer vacation. Many look forward to college in the fall or a job and others look forward to the coming year. Never has any other year been any more ful¬ filling than this one. We, the students, have dedicated our time and effort to our school and extra - curricular activities. Through this work we have grown a little more towards being re¬ sponsible adults. This younger generation, the students of Gar-Field, will be the adults of to¬ morrow; and as adults we will be expected to help create a better world. As adults we will look back on the time when we were at Gar- Field looking forward not knowing what was to come, but ready for it. The Indian Echoes would like to thank Mrs. Elizabeth Browning for the leadership she has given us as our sponsor. The staff is sincere in wishing you, the stu¬ dents of Gar-Field, the best of luck in whatever you do in years to come. ■ I Autographs • Winston-Salem HUNTER PUBLISHING COMPANY » North Carolina CHARLES R. PERRY, CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA 208 VIR 02150016 VA 371.8976 Gar Gar Indian echoes _ ■ PRINCE WILLIAM PUBLIC LIBRARY SYSTEM 3 3159 00329 8051 RELIC 371.8976 Gar 1967 Gar-Field Senior High School (Woodfc Indian echoes For Reference tv This item for use in the library only. - ■ V ,4»

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