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ance ,,. , ., .A,. ,-, I . in 11" x V X., AMA4 1 ,, fq, .. X . 7 , , . . n l . ' 1 . , - y 1 .Q JJ 1 1 A -1 .J x 0 1 k I ' fe 4 U .1 'V r f X Y "E If ' is 3' nineteen hundred sixty-six annon ollege Erie, Pennsylvania .ww , ....m,v my im N -WHOIS-1+ .gwoxgxf Q, J- Ag YN fgwjbq L . .. ,fl W W X N xx: x NX EX 5 53519 QS X, X-hg:1" ' Kiwi? 5'i1iQs--Q X Q, gs' Xa Q ,KX X XX X A,,.,AMQw NQYN , . mwwx fig , .Qyx w gwgxis Axixkw xxxs-,Q k Y k wgwfg, Q x 'wk E H Q by Q X X X 5 X Tl xx 'X X XXX xxkx X 0 AN: mf x x X Q W Xhpiiivum + xx wx, X A' Y V ,... E , x5:,a5::.gg2Ksgg::5:5::s 1- vs: X ---- S ns 5 ,5 Q63 2 CONTAINED WITHIN STUDENT LIFE DANCE QUEENS FRATERNITY SWEETHEARTS ORGANIZATIONS FRATERNITIES I SOCIAL HONORARY ATHLETICS ACADEMICS ACADEMIC LIFE ADMINISTRATION FACULTY SENICRS PATRCNS , GENERAL INDEX SENIOR INDEX UABOUT THIS BOOKH Sr N WN x ,K 2 ...I s ,,-?s:s:E: Q-' Q N ' Q ai RM? k wg -3 . X XX 3 'NN' hiv-www -ww " 1 v anuwmwwuu-N X,+X..+xww.Q,1Q.-wpwwxwgyhmwg ,w Je 3' x-' 'N . ie- M7 5 -i XF ' Hi Q J? , ,N U1 .3 sh' 5 ,E w w wx w '. ,w .-f ,- fiffffggq X Q M r 1.1 , ,r .N ,,,,1 ,, .,I, v 1- wuz: W w 115' 'FIV ff, 1 X, 55 ,X M . W L.: 1' K N w 1,111 wwwvu Vdu f ' I f ,ff 57 Vx: W ,QNX S x-AQXY KN A 'N , wg .Y N. TXQL xi X S -fig sy a Y W , . ..-: Q X 2 , 4' Kg, . P X , A S . X F wx Amy, X SX F2 91995 " K m x-.,: ' Y S 'Q wk X xii-fg3,9 'Si- wwf. f Q xx xx OX XRS K NNN t . ,, ::. SHN Q X R SH Z X my 1 X Nw 6 Q S xx . ...., S. X T X +455 WN ' WM.. m N 5 , m 2 Y 'y ' :-33 1 Q W ' X X X wsu: Q V R .: s .N -X 'IRQ .jf ff :::Eiv. S -3 . xglq. n xilwfk , mv, xxx W M-, X.Q. WA M ,. WNW., wg!! . . ? . mf Waflfwz jg gsriuiggg x 'libs' " 'w.b.::.1::f:a:ffgS W wx . Rx - rx VXTQQ- ' X SS X ., Sir' ' K ' i':: I' ' 5 L? X XSXX Q ff SQ? -I Q X Ns X X X X x fx , X ' +3 w VX x Q X Q M X I 39 X I xx X fx xg 3 Xx Q Q Q X X X I Q X X Q I X S gb X I I I I. I' I Y 4 I Q . Ik , :QQ IN -M I ' fi ,X 1 I I X. I xx ' I I I I N . I , Iw 5 I . Y I I - 'sm I I v I X . I 33 I - 1 L I I I I I I IN I I P. I 1 1 ,IQ fx X f I - XX X X w Q x V xkx 2' I 4. x ' s. ,fs QI :::., X I Swiss: ,N - NS S X je . mxbmxwx-. ww wwf? I .fi - wx. K xv' ,N I,- SX H. fx I RQ. X, Y MW ...Xxiwg , v .X .X ,. . F , .XX-xX V KQKK XR XR. X w-,QXk,gXxI' xg, NI WX . x ES: V 'F XI I IIS 3 'Nw I .3 X,,i1X1 X .X I " QM I X: 'AQXXT I T- .I -,X -.Q-sw mil , I-ff.,v:Q!vM .-.vm -1 210' " Sei, I I X 9 ,. -... XX . www X X wkk -I Nwwwvwwwfl NWN" VX Awww: X ,N , ,. M: A X x Ig-gy ,pw-wyd 5 -4 .x Vwlnd' ...W,a Av?-'WY '1 a',,- X: Q S s R v. ?i -ifil QANKTSI Q A , - ,QQ XX- Q5 . x X ' Q 1 xi. . gym . . FSE 1 WX- QR XX -L.. X 1 sw . X X' X . - ww. . 1.-N AQ, . ww Q , WN Fw x x.,. . A :S .X azz ,. W 'f ' .y,,.:xe:f:5'?, i, ' x . .1ag'F1af.yg i . x WX X . X .X Q-figgf X fm Ni X -w N: .. NX X X gx , vi ,N bn Awww is -ww W bww A , ..--..... ,,..--f ...ff Q-www-ww ...Ah-was "w x ie gg is fm, xxx.. , . X - -- - 1 EWMW-W-wnvqw-MWQQ XX X et us pray an epportunity to hsten, to learn, to question, to return to the Almighty-a jazz mass- active participation-more questions. Then prayer- meditation-adoration-- unity-peace. I2 if Qi 1113? xg W1 1 ,wigs , A",wuX"fx"3 A Q ,K 5' , 'X '- WN " ,, as - sl F lu 5 . A, s .. 2 T Sl ,.. I 4 1 . , xg, GNN X x ,f J ,, ,un VV ff V fwfr. ,MN A Y? A Ny w X Q, . M A. 'Xxx' .wmwvw " my MMM' ' JA W' -wx ,mf Ax w,.,,,W.,, A X QI '23 , -' " .'-ig. '. ' wi . , 3-, ' 'X Wm "wk f -A -"' '-W-Si1Q,'f-Y wp - ' Awww 1 X , S EM x .H 1 0 R N I' , , Ns- 'xl X xx Ni QQ N Rx X N N wi ws X M x X . Nw V .5 113 N -g, ww W, N- w M -X, iff g ff XX-wysgzgfxi. .M ,. X 2 'ex' ,xv " X 'NW' N w N A- x X W A A . X Q? XX .QV ' K , X , C . A ,,. Q xx xr . 5 3 5 . -v.4 I , 3 T. X ww X MN , K Nw ' -' -X , N as ,. ' fx-ggk x -qv N -Mu' X X, 5 1. X X X x x " K bil Ya. 5, Mm 0 gg X X1 Em if .. O Gil 'Wi ml W3 w f a Q is 5 ? wi M if Q. max ' 1 .MA bi fp .N 1 xi ml' ' , ,vw .Q .. . .af 1.. 1? 'QW ki Q .six .Q 'ff we as K . QYMQ. x Sdzivp- ?'E5. F X .XT .ms Jil-Siffig X SEYPQE-iw? ,W Sw ' Ei- - l X. W . kv-1 x .:-.ET ez? ' Q N Xu -- fgy-rg ri, iii'- X. 83' l .wgrfw Es- ill? 'E W., . 122 ' A Sf X- A k xxx. -N.: K X ag, ...ya xx My-K 1... Y' b X x s . . A. X :gm x QM ini: fi iff 12 2 A .M xx. 31 .. fir. 'S xw 'Ar - L eff W X . M xz ir. N S R ,.,.. . X 5 'R 4 W A. A - ..... st? f . M .ir ' y ' .lk v 5' r ' X ,lx 1 . ,. ' .F ' f"9' .1 MH 1 NNNN . M. QM! W 5 W ,Ly A v, w ld .. kqw' W , X J , 1, X W M fm w V H ,ff W 1 1 V vi ml h .,, - 9 I .,!! fy, . ai ,Elf , x X Ye XI, G, M ,M , "THF M"' F ,,,,. 'L ' 'G"jkw.1. , X ' ""'w F' .' ' X k'pf:,1dgL"-Lf WJ, 1 "M W vm, ww: ' M - X pm 'L 11,5 M, Y W. f 1 W' ' ' ' HL5H A l. '?'?:?- ' . ' ffl! in ' ' N WW a 5Wg':,P1h, ,, V V . 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M fm'--'S iw I W N,-N.f X b .S X fa QM NSR linux MQ ex Q X ,N Am! fa., S N .iv ., ff .exe f . . W S MM, 3 X' M S t: ,S s -'NF x 34 f X. ,X fx 3 K, ,X 3 X xg .ax f UN? xg l. xt Q" Q , ,fiqptk ,. s V f . , m' 1 ff x gl if ' P K - X J, :J 55 ig f 4, 7 .Q 5 ww wif? A . N - F is - ., A ' Q NNN 4 fx ,wmmmwfk J 'S R X 1 X' Si' X x N UXNX A Q mmauwf' 'N Q Q X K 'K w S QA E mi ,,, 'Q A F il W f Q IE Q 3 S lf V 5. . s X Q X sw Rig Q 1 'X' X. .. K ,',"5""Xve 3 if 'S K Km- l 3 wubiq ard . 1 if F :Q XX? 5 'dig g E rw X - -QS s X ., , s ,ig-.N W Q - A 9 X. .Nw . ,,. .N Q 0. N. f WNWNN mmwxvwXx,,XMX.,x. l -QQ W , Q x Mwx 4A . MQ- NK K .N x' Kg E 1 wggii-.X 'N x 6 Q N Q' wmgg NN-X NS' Rx Nw S? 'x X Darlene Long St. Patrick's Dance Suzanne Phelps Winter Carnival Kathleen Brigid McDowell Delta Sigma Phi X if A .. ' Ql: 41,352 Geraldine Rutkowski Tau Kappa Epsilon 4 N 4 I N 1 1 J N , . . Xwrgan1zat1ons I v father somers always decisions Student Council The school year 1965-56 saw a rebirth of interest in the affairs of stu- dent government at Gannon. Through its many committees, members shouldered the responsibility for many projects deemed essential by the executive board. Under the leadership of Jim Meko, Joe Heavy, George Thompson, A1 Lubiejewski, and Bob Allison, the Student Council, besides its many routine duties, collected over a ton of text books in its "Books for Equal Education Drive" in May, sponsored freshman orientation, held the largest Eight Ball in the college's history, directed a basketball rally, conducted a course evaluation program, sponsored a tri-state student government congress, revitalized the dormant Student Union, and re- wrote its constitution. As a result of unselfish efforts by men like Stan Twargowski, Bill Steger, Ernie Wright, Joe Bauer, Stan Fronzaglia, Mike Sylvester, Carl Rizzo, Tom Galla, and Tom Doyle, this year marked a vital step forward for student government at Gannon. dissenting opinions in LL,,,kxbk K N NA.q...x N X . , n X is .,...,.. , ...,. l , ., ' .. Q i -. Q 1 ,.f:.s... Q NY SES i:.,Q,l,5mSQLM ,..,, . - M V x,,xx sms Qpfx L M L ""' "" x '- x "- " Y . , A A 11" , 'init kk"k "" '1 ,,x, x Ll'IlllQ.Qw. ,x.. Mgr fr' gi b t t I " ul' "I: WX' S - T ...x . ,..., .x ,.,.,, K ' L' H -1' "-'--- .,1,- " A . "MUGS, . W 1 ., ""' , we A ' " kk,k N ' Xx'X W X'xXx'xX'xX ' A 2 xxX'XX W J in X Mx- ' iw f x.11::1Qg:2g R ' ,, ., "' "' S N s5,w, ,lillyW,M,,QQlQg,, X,XXxx N 'K X WSW - Q In , uw . iff xxb P N, ....X - X, xX.x.,,x N x.xX , xXx.... W -KW .... f MK ,-xXx. ,xAXx L " W , ' K WW f k--M KQKKK 1 "W f mf, Xxxxx My---WWQLXL wiv: .xX,.x - ' ' f- V V! . ,. . - T M .x,,,x ,W ...,, , M , Q W X.1 . N535 W ,, ' K ' ff V M , ' if::,f,! jiwkmwiw W vqwm, M N - A--.uf an ' -.,,Q.Q, V- - L - ,,... M' M 'W' x if ,,,, M x WW' mxwiifif- Q... , A - W" "' 'W Vw g21z:.., g2,1M M, i . A "' 1117 'L-2 , . .... L.: ..., A .A.. ,,M,,Qf ,"'..Q,w .X M - H A , ' ix: i..i.:WV T, ,.., W V K W M - x--x - J- ,M ,Q U- WU, ., K U V ' ' ' 53 N.-Q.. ..., , ' " " '- ' kyQ,Xx?,.g::....x1:,..,.:g: .... . .. ' V Mr ,,,,, A ,. . . . x xx M ,... X K V W V L , ..,. . . - ..,.,. ----- .ag-Q.. """"""""" .. ,. ., . . 1 Q x ,A Q X X ---nv x, qv? 5 .1 A -:F M' W A 5 -W-...,., 1-- S-V-f - f -' ..,, . ,... , . N Q, .......,,. V J g .... .... ML X bm X... ........ ., f--w------ g , xx L M W , Q x A ----M ..., s NWNX - ., M -Xx-x- Z, -gxx at X ....-WM., K jjj, MR Ag? ff----ww .. W- x XL xg ------' ,,,,,, X . X x..kXx I I i X ...L N ., X: . . Q ,MN ........... ,, A b xmwmmwwwwwwx M. XL W F 1 T 3. K . 2 X X Q .......Q........s wiy xi N ---b ......... P r , "A "" ' .1'.AZSQm3,'s"" 'NS ' L 1 X X X A K H... mix M ..-.......,.,............g ' WE F N- h. , I kk ww K . qw l.-i.EIi:.f2!- mm li' . W Q I .P S' SIN R L - ...slag .R TQ on . '-s:g:- J, 5 0 in ..x. ,, EW N ,QM X -::f:.I',,:,QEQ.l,,::-N it A E3 :z H I-SY x , w:N.w V X ,x SNXNN if K 253 , " Q f-sqxksgx ,, A 9 xi, K Q me . 1 S X L " Q xg S , E ML V X X -2 W E V5 if Eg . -SM Q Xxxsv 1 NNN X . N S-ww MM v EXW , ' ww, f A ' 4 Q 'Y ,. ' N, , X ww-x V K X X YQ? -- INS WW N 3 f Ne x t . 1 msg. ,. -...M.h - . 3 X X 4 ssociation of annon Coeds The association of Gannon Coeds grew to 18 members this year in its second semester on campus. In November the coeds received their Alpha Gamma Chi pins. As a service organization, this year the girls were hostesses for the Model United Na- tions guided tours, the Winter Carnival Talent Show, and the high school debate tournament. In the Spring the coeds held their second tea for the faculty wives. FROM LEFT, FIRST ROW: MaryAnn Mandeville President, Kathy Treg- ler Parliamentarian, Sylvia Mrozkowski Treasurer, Judy Trambly Secre- tary. SECOND ROW: Donna Jankauski, Janet Hoderny. THIRD ROW: Gracy Kasrneric, Rosemary Wall, Nancy Rutkowski. FOURTH ROW' Eileen Chaffee, Karen Cardman, Marlene Santia, Sharon Long. david is our real leader merican Chemical Society The Gannon College Chemistry Club is a chapter of student affiliates of the American Chemical Society. Through it, students in chemistry and related fields are given a sense of belonging to a professional society in which they will also participate after graduation. In its short history at Gannon, the Chemistry Club has become an active organization on and off campus. Under the very capable guidance of Dr. Gert Schlessinger, faculty advisor, the club has been cited once as oneof the top 30 in the nation. From the beginning, Mercyhurst College has been in close cooperation with the club and plans are being made to explore cooperation with other area colleges. Members of this society in the future can hope to experi- ence a true spirit of being an active part of the migration into the frontiers of science. , -fffsxvxw t ff N .r.c . r.., X X FROM LEFT, FIRST ROPV: Dennis Agostini, Tom Pacansky Vice President, Gerry Hausenhuettl President. SECOND ROW: Doctor Schlessinger, Donald Smith, Bob Guerreen, Ray Glowaky, Rich Courtney. FROM LEFT: Ed Murphy-Advisor, Levant Morton 5 Don Thayer, John Hogan, Angelo Stabile, Ron Olo- o win-President, Bob Klemetsmog Thomas Sundy. II1C1'1C2l1'1 t . t t Properly corresponding to the modern ns 1 u C American movement towards the develop- . ment of the natural sciences, the Gannon Of h College Student Section of the American Y Institute of Physics was organized chiefly for the advancement of Physics. This year, the members organized a Physics Sympo- sium for high school students in the sur- rounding area who were inclined towards the sciences, especially Physics. The object of the symposium was to introduce the high school student to the world of Physics, its needs, ideals, and enthusiasms. A second- la- ,NK flint 1 D D , "ffl "ll :,' 2,1 gil , ary objective of the meeting was to ac- I H I -u-:.,::.,.:gg,g.. ' -iq, 1 - .jg sin' Q ' quaint the student with the Physics pro- li gram here at Gannon, with the aim being to interest him in our present curriculum .i l- r. '-1,- and ultimately, the college itself. While in- !' lu HL 7 lf .. .,,. . .. troducing students to the modern world of Physics, with its Laser Devices and X-Ray Spectroscopy, it also served in summoning future physicists to the college, and hope- fully to the membership of the Institute itself. inf' 28 1 FROM LEFT, THIRD ROW: Lawrence DeMonaco, Presidentg Joseph Clemmg Dean Mannag Frank Gennusog Peter Allang Robert Juniag David Phelpsg Ronald Volpe, Secretary. SECOND ROW: Mr. Measen, guest speakerg Mr. Peter Smaltz, Advisorg Rudy Dubovecg Vincent Salottig Charles Becktoldg Lee Wolfeg James Robertsong William Lientzg Roger Allenbaugh. FIRST ROW: Cecil Ortallono, Treasurerg Robert Hrindag Joseph Gloseg Thomas Haines, Vice President g Robert Klietg Gerald Pekarek. American Marketing ssociation The American Marketing Association is in its first year on the Gannon campus. The purpose of the Club is to promote and foster an interest and development in the field of marketing. Under the guidance of the Sale Executive Club of Erie, the A.M.A. hopes to establish firm and lasting contacts in the fields of industrial and retail marketing. The Marketing Association invited to Gannon some of the most successful and prominent businessmen in Erie to lecture. It also has coordinated plans with the Erie Chapter of the Sales Execu- tive Club to attend their monthly evening meetings at various places. The long-range plans of the American Marketing Association are to inaugurate events such as business day at Gannon. The goal of this day would be to acquaint underclassmen at the college with the various opportunities available to them in the world of business. Another entertained idea for the future is affiliation with a national marketing fraternity which is sponsored by the National Sales Executive Club. A bright and successful future is in store for the American Marketing Association at Gan- non. mister measen lectures 29 Biology Science lub FROM LEFT, FIRST ROW: J. Donnelly, T. Alleruzzo, B. DiTul1io SECOND ROW: C. Young, D. Rowicki, W. Kalista, P.'Walsh, President, J Boris, J. Sedwick, Secretary-Treasurer, G. Calo, THIRD ROW: J. Fedele R. T. N. Ambron, W. Kobel. W. Naccarado, C. Dieteman, Vice-President, Dr. Gammon, Advisor, B. Woodie, Salvatore, FOURTH ROW: B. Schaefer, E. Sivak, D. Barnes, R. Lopin, Grandinetti, J. Daniele, B. DiSantis, M. Andrae, J. Kulju, J. McFadden, The Gannon College Biology Science Club is designed to promote interest in the field of scientific study and encourage student endeavors in biology. In fulfilling its function, the club regularly presents lecture series featuring medical doctors and research biologists. Reviewing scientific films are an integral part of its activity. This year the club recorded its greatest achievement to date by adopting charter membership into the Beta Beta Beta National Honorary Fraternity in Biology and by sponsoring a field trip to Roswell Park Memorial Institute of Buffalo, one of the largest cancer research centers in the world. 30 SENIOR OFFICERSg SEATED: Bill Cichoski, Vice-President, Bill Steger, Presidentg STANDING: Dan Neckel, Treasurer, Frank Hagan, Secretary. Class flicers SOPHOMORE OFFICERS5, FIRST ROW: John Rossi, Vice-President, Tom Galla, Presi- dentg SECOND ROW: Rich Heibel, Secre- tary, Bob Alex, Treasurer. JUNIOR OFFICERSg From left: Rich Geraci, Treasurerg Bill DeSantis, Secre- taryg Carl Rizzo, Presidentg Tom Nash, Vice-President. FRESHMAN OFFICERSg SEATED: Dave VanAmburg, President, Dave Gesue, Vice-Presidentg STANDING: Robert Pagni, Secretary, Bob Kujaw- 31 inski, Treasurer. onfraternit of hristian Doctrine "Go, therefore, and teach all nations" is a message that becomes action in the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine. The members of the C.C.D. dedicate them- selves each week to teach Catholic theology to students in the local public high schools. These weekly classes in Scripture and Catholic Doctrine are taught in more than a dozen parishes throughout Erie and the sur- rounding area by the members of the C.C.D. LEFT TO RIGHT: James Fatter, Richard Gies, John Bernauer, Michael Stephany, Robert Collman, Ken Suto, John Cross, Thomas Haines, President Richard Amann, Joseph Bauer. Y X Qs Q , i "K ,gs K X. 5 . X-SSR X N K b . s.s.1..sQ annon Knight The 1965-66 Gannon Knight, under the editorial direction of Lawrence DeMonaco developed into an active and interesting paper. Mr. DeMonaco and his staff achieved interest without resorting to controversy for the sake of controversy. This year's Knight became a forum for the discussion of legitimate issues of collegiate and national interest. A new spirit of unity was apparent among the staff members as teamwork met dead- line after deadline with unheard of ease. This spirit of teamwork drew more and more interested students to the staff as the year progressed. Michael Sylvester continued his one man campaigns for a Student Union and against student apathy, while "Poor Benjamin" continued to chagrin the Mercyhurst and Villa girls and to delight the Gannon guys. Throughout the year the Knight was the watchdog of Student rights within the college and the voice of the student body. FROM LEFT, FIRST ROW: Sharon Long, Thomas R. Sukalac, Feature Editor, Karen Cardmang Lawrence DeMonaco, Editor-in-Chief, Cecil Ortallono, Busi- ness Manager, Michael Sylvester. SECOND ROW: Charles Dietemang Keith Lane 5 Robert Daly 5 A. T. Valencicg Robert E. Marcus 5 Mr. Edward Murphy, Jr., Advisor, Ronald Volpe, Sports Editor. 33 Sflfilixi. Q R it it was SNK gi Historical Society Geared ,to the investigation of the records of the past, the Gannon College Historical Society believes that the knowl- edge and understanding of the past is the key to the patterns and problems of the future. Organized for the achievements of these goals, the club offers to all students the opportunity of Held trips, lectures, and individual research in hopes that through these, a greater awareness of the past and future will be properly instilled in its members. FROM LEFT, FIRST ROW: R. Thaler, K. May, President, Mr. Daniel Willirnang SECOND ROW: H. Rose, H. Tipping, J. Chisholm, Dr. Richard Beyer, J. Hansen, D. Wagner. , f, ,..-- ' J .4 f ..--ff " I ..-ftfi ' E'T't'FVgr H P ll 1 V111 -Q VWSS Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering FROM LEFT, FIRST ROW: E. Schauble, D. Parsh, T. Boss, SECOND ROW: T. Chiota, D. Lutzenheiser F Lall man, T. Sosey, Treasurer, L. Lepkowski, Vice-President, John Sechrist, President, R. Wagner, Secretary J Dolce Mr. Groskiewicz, Moderator, THIRD ROW: F. Niebauer, K. Blackburn, R. Frye, J. Mussner, T. Tyczkowskx J Meara, J. Baumcratz, T. Vanderwort, F. Haraburda, J. Cunningham, J. Henke, D. Cantoni, R. Schoenfeld. cantoni 35 The Gannon College student branch of I.E.E.E. has as its purpose the scientific and educational advancement of the theory, practice, and research of electrical engineering, radio, electronics, and connected branches of engineering. To attain these goals, the club sponsored Held trips, lectures, and educational films, showing the students the prac- tical applications of his field of concentration. Mem- bership in the club is open to all students enrolled in the division of Pure and Applied Science. mister gavin jim boris joe zalenski X bob swanson Lance NXYNSSYVTS mike chiteman Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor Literary Editor Photographer Coordinating Editor Editorial Assistant Staff Advisor LANCE STAFF Michael Chiteman Charles Cammarata Gerald Squeglia Joseph Koper James Boris Joseph Zalenski John Henderson, Frank Jordan Mr. Joseph Gavin ,.-I. I L,i' irving lloyd jerry squeglia , t MM ' chuck cammarata it h S 2 S ! Laureate spenser who FROM LEFT, FIRST ROW: Chip Wagner, Editor Mike McGraw, Joe Crossen, Associate Edi- tor, SECOND ROW: Mr. David Palmer, Mark McCloskey, Associate Editor. The precedent set by the overwhelming suc- cess of the LAUREATE'S iirst publication in 1965, was met equally well this year by the staff . Under the conscientious direction of Mr. David Palmer of the English Department, the production achieved its goals of presenting to the student an outlet for his writing ability, and likewise giving him entertaining and edu- cational work to add to the library. With this immediate success, the LAUREATE can look forward to a future of increasing perfection and popularity. FROM LEFT, FIRST ROW: D. Wagner, C. Burton' SECOND ROW P 1 . t W. Cichoski, M. Ferrara, President, T. Matusiak, Vice-President, G Rizzo af C Secretary-Treasurer, THIRD ROW: Mr. Adams, Advisor, M. McGraw G Education Association 39 Atzert, J. Heavey, T. Doyle, D. Blul, W. Smith, J. Scotch, P. Cann. The Student Pennsylvania State Education Association helps Gannon students realize the importance of the teaching career they have chosen. By making the students aware of professional problems through group discussion and lectures, and by various periodical publications, the P.S.E.A. is in- strumental in orientating the prospective teacher in his future profession. In past monthly meetings, P.S.E.A. members heard interest- ing and informative lectures by Mr. George Grignol, a guest panel of local educators, Miss Ann McGill, a student teacher who presented color slides on Russia and its edu- cational system, and a panel of Gannon student teachers who related their first impressions in the classroom. Pennsylvania Society of Professional ngineers FROM LEFT: Doctor Arthur Seligmang Marty Ridge Robert Karpmskx James Liebel, President, Tom Hecker, Secretary, A1 Whitney Vice president Fred Guech. The purpose of the student chapter of the Pennsylvania Society of Pro- fessional Engineers is to instill professional thinking among engineering students and to bridge the gap found between classroom applications and those techniques used in the industrial world. The student chapter at Gannon fulfills its purpose through professional guest speakers, per- sonal contacts with businessmen, and tours of industry. Through these means of communication with industry, the engineering stud-ent obtains information pertaining to various fields of engineering, job opportunities, salaries, and has an opportunity to see on the spot engineering practices. In past years, the student chapter has made these industrial tours a definite part of its yearly activities. During the past academic year, the student chapter has also become afliliated with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, which fulfills the need of a technical organization as well as a professional one. 40 Political Science Club come south for the winter FROM LEFT, FIRST ROW: C. Niebauer, E. Romito, G. Schultise, L. Szymanowski. SECOND ROW: David Kozak, W. Morocco, R. Falk, Bob Marcus, D. Girard, P. Lyons, D. Erdely. "From the spoils burns the flame" is the governing principle behind the newly organ- ized Political Science Club. Its membership is open to all interested students and faculty. The purpose of the club is to make the mem- bership aware of the sphere of politics and how it influences today's society. Academic knowledge acquired in the classroom is put to practical use in the club's projects, such as providing advisors to the Mock United Na- tions 3 conducting mock elections, conducting opinion polls on questions of current interest, and bringing prominent speakers to the cam- pus. Mr. Martin Gildea serves as moderator. Psychology Club FROM LEFT, FIRST ROW: B. Jost, P. Temple, Treasurer, R. Bickel, T. Macioge, Secretary, L. Decker, Vice-President. SECOND ROW: M. Sylvester, J. Bauer, Cathy Cook, J. Trocki, President, Jean Trocki, Janet Hoderny. THIRD ROW: W. Becker, T. Stadtmiller, R. Rossi, E. Gulnac, D. Shupenko, J. DeFazio, J. Kloecker, J. Griz- zanti, D. Smith. Intending to unite students sharing a common interest in psychology as a professional science, the Psychology Club offers the opportunity to discuss psychologically pertinent subjects. Through these discussions, the club enables its members to establish pro- grams stimulating the sponsorship of a variety of lectures, discussion groups, motion pictures, and other special features related to this science. Future plans include field trips to institutions connected with 'psychology and a group project designed to bring practical experience to the club members while serving a community need. 42 R.0.T.C. Band One of the intellectual outlets for talented students in the R.O.T.C. program is the Band under the direction of Mister Joseph Sulkowski. It aH'ords that necessary outlet for the army musician to demonstrate his pro- ficiency in the field of music and still serve in his army capacity. The R.O.T.C. program consists of hard prac- tice in both concert music and marching. The end result of this practice was demonstrated at the concert presented by the band during the spring semester. FROM LEFT, FIRST ROW: F. Kantz, T. Will, R. Berchtold, N. Green, W Rosswog, D. Olszewski, R. Brady, L. Colecchia, R. Seigleg, A. DiScipio. SECOND ROW: Mister Joseph Sulkowski, Director, D. Hammett, J. Grippe, J. Brace, J. Nickell, D. Chulick, J. Crinko, J. Miller, A. DeFranco, D. Powell, F. Spaeder, M. Misler, J. Nieme, B. Marks, William Steger, Company Commander. REAR ROW: A. Faranda, P. Kuhn, T. McCarthy, A. Micksch, T. Dacy, R. Pagni, G. Lockard. FROM LEFT, FIRST ROW: J. Wingerter, W. Rosenthal, J. Cross, R. Castro SECOND ROW: D. Bleil, D. Greco C. Niebauer, J. Schmitt, Father James Peterson, J. Mikula. THIRD ROW.' M. Heher, D. Hadberg, J. Gloy- stin, L. Button, R. Rossi, P. Krauja. FOURTH ROW: D. Hanes, E. Cuzman, J. Mando, R. Amann, J. Casas R. Wingerter. FIFTH ROW: J. Hogan, K. May, J. Globa, J. Fatter, O. Holzmann, K. Currie, L. Morton, J Wiedt. The Saint Thomas More Club is a group of 30 active members who are committed to the development of the qualities essential for acceptance of the responsibility of lay Christian leadership. Since its establishment on the Gannon campus in 1957, the More Club has been encouraging its members and the student body to foster an s individual committment in one's own personal life 5 a committment involving some type of participation in the active lay apostolate. Consequently the club's programs are geared to the participation role each of its members may take in order to develop leadership abilities. These include the Latin-America program, and the Saint Joseph Home project. The club also brings guest speakers to Gannon to lecture on the responsibility and awareness needed for leadership in daily Christian life. St. Thomas More Club a long way from home 44 -' . Q - f FA s ' ' t . s Q 2 Q . Sociolog lub The Sociology Club, this year, has undergone a tremendous expansion pro- gram ofliering many aids to the Gannon student., Because of a tireless effort upon the members of the club, there have been numerous speakers concentrat- ing on different sociological problems along with a wide variety of Films. Also, part of the expansion program is the new intramural team in football, basketball and softball. The Club has also entered in the Blue Keyls Winter Carnival with a pie throwing booth. Keeping up with the modern dances, the Club sponsored a dance featuring Durkheim and the Mores in order to raise funds for a well known speaker to come in the spring. Because of all these achievements, the Sociology Club has gained a laudable new name on campus. l l r rorrrrr C sweet I'eVCl'1gC FROM LEFT, FIRST ROW: Roger Kuligowski, Evo Rugzzi, Tom Feldman. SECOND ROW: Mary Sajew- ski, Dave Graves, Jerry Kozak. THIRD ROW: Bob Ducato, Bob Wiesen. FOURTH ROW: Dave Patterson Chick Russo, John Huber, Secretary, Pat Sandanoto, Treasurer, Ed Collins, Vice President, Frank Hagan President, Mr. Koenig, Advisor. 'N-v-N., .ag 7 7 Ski lub i a typical meeting FROM LEFT: Ron Hamilton, In- structorg Bill Carverg Jim Stephany, Presidentg Mike Sullivang Jim Mar- ceca. The Gannon College Ski Club was oflicially organized this year to promote Gannon College in the Tri-State area and to offer as many out- door winter activities as possible. With the co- operation of Peak N' Peak Ski Center, Gannon College Ski Club was able to offer to its members ten weeks of professional ski instruction. Benefits reaped by the ski members were far beyond anyone's expectations. With 85W of the mem- bers being totally unacquainted with skiing, a remarkable 906k of the initial class were taught the American technique successfully enabling them to ski in the upper and lower advanced intermediate class. Spanish lub -"- . . ,.r.e,ig.,...M ..,.., ....,.. W ,.,, , .... . ,.,....., M. .x.. ,,..,,.. r..r.:.r.l,.., ..,, ., X , . .r ,,,, f QfI2:rg:,1,,,,,w,MiW,, Al.. FROM LEFT: Doctor Sague, Jim Montero, Max Murray Tom Leno wich, Dan Splain, Greg Repoff, Tom Sheldon, Den Hadberg, Grace Kaczmarek, Pat McQuiston, Bonnie Ruef, Pat Scherrer, Tom Flaherty The Spanish Club at Gannon College is under the supervision of Mr. Eron DeLeon- Sotto and Dr. Miguel Sague. The chief purpose of the club is to foster a speaking capacity in Spanish and thus to afford enjoyment to its members. By doing this, the students are able to apply classroom knowledge to practical use and also to gain in- sights into cultures of various Spanish countries. 47 Having the control of 835,000 and being able to intelligently man- age that amount is quite a task for anyone. But for the members of the Student Investment Trust, that is exactly what they do at their weekly meetings throughout the school year. Beginning with S12,500, the S.I.T. members have invested and manipulated their capital to its present value of better than 335,000 By using the information they have learned in the classroom, and by fully analyzing stocks, the club has been able to make this gain. The S.I.T. is solely run by students and all the final decisions are made by them. The club donates the dividends that are earned from the stocks to the college to be used as financial aid to any worth student in the School of Business. Two of the club's best investments have been, Charles Pfizer Chemical which pays them a 2065 yield on their original in- vestment, and RCA Victor which was one of the most active stocks on the New York Stock Exchange in 1965, having increased in price over 60? in that period. These are some of the reasons why the club likes to boast that it is the richest club on campus, and makes one of the biggest contributions to the college and the student body. Student Investment Trust FROM LEFT, FIRST ROW: Dave Benton, Ernie Wright, Jim Ronan, Treasurer, Oscar Covell 5 Robert Heim, Vice-president, Robert Bausch, President, Mr. Robert Keim, of Paine, Webber, Jackson and Kurtis, Mr. Wright. SECOND ROW: Robert Oliver, Harry Tipping, Richard Davis, Secretary, Warren Hull, John Brugger. 48 It is true of most aesthetic things that they improve with age, and the Gannon College Stage Band is no exception to this rule. Now in its second year on campus, the organization is looking towards new horizons, new musical vistas in the realm of big band jazz. Music has been carefully selected and gleaned to utilize only the best of todayis finest arrangers so that their talent will in turn inspire and invigorate the band and hence provide a unique atmosphere in which the student musician can express himself and mature in his musical ideas. Solo, ensemble, and section work are the three modes of artistry employed in this- maturation process. The availability of solo passages in arrangements give the artist-musician the freedom to express his own ideas, to be, in a sense, a creat- ing artist. The ensemble and section work evolve a discipline in playing with others which is so inherent in the development of new musical talent. The background is solid 5 the methods, proven and tried. With the help of its dedicated and hard-working musicians, the Gannon College Stage Band cannot help but perform the best of todayis music in a style dictated only by the ingenuity and talent of its members. FROM LEFT, FIRST ROW: D. Cantoni, B. Marks, J. Dolce, E. Sivak SECOND ROW: D. Chulick, T. Nicotra. THIRD ROW: R. Sunseri, D. Fosco J. Sanfratello, G. Matthews. Stage Band if 2 'xx X 11 . -X, ' X - ---'- XX 1. "ok -:4'1:,f"'if5f'X'5' ' N x K ' X X X X Q gg., .XXWXZ X X X' 3 ' 1 X ' Q 13331 N as if X Q E 8. , X 'I x 1 Xi 2, '- X R X ' 5 xQXiS KN W i X X- X..:.:X:5:,x NW Q ' XV XX : XX XXX: X X .wx mei? fx' ' f X N X - X iX.L1 X X A A ' if-Tv XX 'L N .. YN V vis? X-ff' XL XQXXQQXXXX' L ' .aw A - , X X X X , XXXXQ X K Rmb we, X A XX X Q- - X X Y ,NX ' Xx bww' :EYES X X A .w-1: vw-fx ax ' .. :A .15-fs' ' . - ,X "X1:X' X N X x M Wm' x if ii: '11-XX 2 1 xfiiayi: X wg-f ' fax - was Y '-I Y ' f X J 5 3 . . wx X-X X R X gsbfgi ,XA ,N Q N X XX x -. X.,X.::. N A A8 1 X X XX This year six Gannon men received one of the highest honors attainable in collegiate life, the selection to Whois Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. These men were chosen for their outstanding qualities of leadership and academic achievement and in recognition for their service to the college and inspiration to their fellow students. The selection committee consisted of the Dean of Students, the President and Vice-Presi-dent of the Student Council, The President of the Senior Class, and the President of the Blue Key National Honor Fraternity. Whois Who Among Students in merican Colleges and Universities FROM LEFT, FIRST ROW: James Meko, William Steger, SEC- OND ROW: Lawrence Pongonis, Carl Rizzo, Stanley Fronzaglia, Michael Chiteman. 4 1 4 J v 1 Y 1 w 1 1 1 1 1 I raternities FRONT ROW: Larry DeMonaco, Ernie Wright, Joe Anselmo, Tony Sivillo, John Spillane. BACK ROW: Joe Watters, Andy Dutkowsky, Bob O'Connell, Mike Kellard, Keith S-ivillo, Joe Cargioli, Tony Alleruzzo. lpha Phi Delta Beta Rho Chapter of Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity came to Gannon College in November of 1959. Based on the belief that a small organization gives its members a greater opportunity for personal development and for developing lifelong friendships, Alpha Phi Delta has re- mained restrictive. Even while remaining small, Alpha Phi Delta has become prominent within the functions of the school and the community. Each year the fraternity publishes the Gannon basketball schedules, sponsors a Christmas Party for the orphans at St. Jost-:ph's Home, provides refreshments at Gannon's High School Invitational Track Meet, and also sponsors an annual activity at Saint Paul's Italian Day festivities. The chapter also participated actively in intramural sports, placed three brothers in Blue Key and four brothers in Student Council. One of its greatest achievements is the distinction of attaining the highest fraternity average among Gannon's four fraternities for the third year in a row. l l FROM LEFT, BACK ROW: Ray Fiorelli, P1edgemastergCeoi1 Ortallonog Roger Allenbaughg Vince Salottig Fran LungergDennis Agos- tini, David Sivillo. FRONT ROW: Carl Daniele, President, Chuck Phillips, Vice-president, Joe Daniele, Secretary, Mike Caputo, House Man. a time for song 3 time f0I' WOI'k hello, my name is carl 55 NSW fi! Xx gm Q: ' KN? x N? . ,, 5 Nw x SKK Q40 'wks 4 :: i N N .le- -fs-...M 0, ,- M x Swxxxg Mfg Awbna' xx Q 'f 5 ,Q v XXXX ,A .,xx. A X xx ..,.:. . M K if 'SV -. if . Y wax Q SR? I fa' :,,,-: -1522, xi ,Q Lx Q U 4? -. 5 as Q X' Q: W v A"- b ff' A X X if Q yy J ,J Xxx QI ' Q--iii mi? x. INNER' , ww... Delta Sigma Phi and then we destroy . . . FROM LEFT: SEATED: T. Pacansky, J. Hughey, S. Mikos, D. Diggins, K. Lane. SECOND ROW: S. Piotrowski, R. Geraci, J. Pagonie, D. McGraw, B. DiTul1io, G. Klebes, R. Boccanfusko, J. Heavey, R. Donahue. THIRD ROW: G. Thompson, D. Koehler, P. Wineland, J. Anke, W. DeSantis, R. Johnson, R. McMillan, T. Munn, M. Casey, J. Rice, E. Graff. lu... ..... Y -s--urY Y Y YY1 W-Mwmmue-ww ss-ssxw ww s..'mmm.n..snsmemsrcf4.m..iiw........... well doc, then I told her . . . Gamma Rho Chapter of Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity continued to be one of Gannon's most outstanding organizations this past year. At the Fraternity's International Convention the chapter was selected to receive the Phi Award for outstanding campus leadership from among one hundred chapters participating. Dur- ing the year the brothers published the Fast Break basketball program, sponsored the Basketball Festival, erected the famous "Golden Knightf, and held a Christmas Orphan's Party for the children of St. Joseph's Home. While many members were Class ofhcers and Student Council representatives, others were named to Who's Who, Blue Key, and Beta Beta Beta. In intramural athletics the fraternity participated as vigorously as ever and set their goal on retiring the All-College Trophy. The fraternity maintains their home at 547 W 6th Street. Here, the sixty-seven active members spend much of their time,in the spirit of true fraternalism striving for the qualities of scholarship, leadership, and Christian living. nothing ventured, nothing gained Pi Kappa lpha High point in this year for Pi Kappa Alpha was the acquisition of a fra- ternity house. Located at 515 West 7 Street, the structure houses some twenty brothers. Formal occupancy began at the beginning of the Spring semester, but much work is still being done. All the brothers and pledges are putting their backs into the remodeling. The Pikes are still keeping up their reputation as the friendliest fraternity, they supplied the student body with the annual information blotter, address and phone cards, and social calender. Something new was added this year in that PiKA co-sponsored the Gannon College Invitational Debate Tour- nament. Participation in all intramural sports, the Winter Carnival, campus politics, as well as brothers in virtually every campus organization give a good indication of the spirit of brotherhood which prevails among the members. Social events ranging from the informal parties to the semi-formal Found- eris Day to the black-tie Spring Weekend round out the Pike social calendar. FROM LEFT: FIRST ROW: Rick Grifiith, Pete Reyburn, Lou Cicerone, Joe Heirnbold Secretary, Mike Eisert. SECOND ROW: Tom Wozniak, John Qimber, Ray Glowaky, Phil Pleszewski, Jim Beech. THIRD ROW: Ron Sunseri, Denny Gaysetti, Dave Graves, Tom Mclntire, Dave DiCarlo. FOURTH ROW: Tom Haines, Mike Carroll, Rich Heibel, Carl Anderson, Dom Fosco, Tom Unger, Rich Malamphy. is . 2 s We-5 s FROM LEFT, FIRST ROW: Mike Visnosky, Jeff O'Hara, Clem Stolinski President, Jack Reisenberg Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Gary Ehlers, Charles Pasquale, Bill Giacomelli, Gill Flanagan, john Paytash. THIRD ROW: Rich Courtney, Mike Kopczynski, Paul Schierberl, Joe Karwowski, Lee Wolff. the new house il l E..- 1gg,3.,.xgms.ggg.g 1 4 I 1 1 1.g.4.1.g,n-1 1 --- 1 1 u -v v 4-H -1.1 u. m--A-'me FROM LEFT: FIRST ROW: Jim Flynn, Jim Dolce Vice-President, George Geary President, Tony Gigliotti Treasurer, Jed Duryea. SEC- OND ROW: Bob Rojik, Torn Giess, Mike Zezulevich, Torn Sipple, Carmine Solomita, Mike Ambrosino, Bob O'kiki, Lou Warren, Nick Hejaily, Harry Tipping, Dennis Rowlands, Bob Wallace, Semih Senik, Ed Gulnac, Bob Klemetsmo, Bruce Masters, Bob Wasylson, Ron Gerono, Tom Curcio, Tony Deverse, Paul Siembida, Ron Kushner, Norman Plante, Carl Rizzo. Tau Kappa Epsilon PAPER BACK5 S , as s s W Ls .K A S 53 N .Qs , R s ss -,L X ,- . X F X , ,fc 5 SE,s'iwj,ss, X J - K J-X Q 3 X L- xXx is we T -K , f,?,5ii,,xrgs:s R R tke in paper back X tipping is allowed Oscar? TKE is the world's largest fraternity with well over two hundred chapters. It is represented at Cannon by Delta of the largest and most active fraternities on campus. Delta Chi, representing TKE for eleven years, asserts its main function to be the promotion of scholastic achievement and fellowship within its members. Chi, one TKE has accomplished much this year. It has grown from forty-two members to sixty+Hve members. It has served Gannonis social life with a very successful concert featuring the Highwaymen. It also constructed a huge wreath in conjunction with the Winter Carnival. P 2 i 3 i x 3 i F Benton, Chuck Szcymanwicz, T. Janecki, Tom Wiza, Pete Serzikas, Bob Larkin. THIRD ROW: Paul Fuller, Dan DeF1oria, Bob Woodie, Dennis De- h . . n . c ant, Torn Jablonskl, Ed Slbolt, Craig Stamp. FOURTH ROW. Joe Palmer, Jim Masolotte, Jack Walter, Terry Craig, Peter Kostic, Earl Scott. FIFTH ROW: Dennis Horrigan, Ted Esders, Thomas Gress, Tom Kager, Joe Guiden. ROM LEFT: FIRST ROW: Ben Wiley, Steve Simon, Tony Klancher, Bob Koster, Tom Schime, Bob Gallo, Tony Cigliotti. SECOND ROW' Dave lpha Phi mega One of the largest and most active organizations on the Gannon campus this year was the new service fraternity. Alpha Phi Omega was founded at Gannon in the Fall of 1965. Dedicated to the principles of leadership, friend- ship, and service, the brothers provided needed assistance for the Cultural Series, the Winter Carnival and the Eight Ball. Membership is open to any student in the college who shows an earnest desire to be of service to others and who has the necessary academic qualiiications. FROM LEFT, FIRST ROW: B. Marcus, W. Hulla, R. Olowin SECOND ROW: D. Avery, Treasurer, W. Casey, Secretary D. Strohmeyer, President, S. DiGrammarino, Vice-President THIRD ROW: J. O'Brien, R. Dunfee, L. Morton, T. Stikalac M. Zachs, J. Henke, D. Neckel. A FROM LEFT, FIRST ROW: Len Masseneo, Vice Presi h I f d I dent, Michael Zachs. SECOND ROW: Bud Gehrlein Tom sc O0 or Scan a Nardone, President, Mr. Anthony Schmitt, Advisor Carolyn Schodt, Secretary, Mike Ferralli, Dave Parsh. lpha PS1 Gmega Membership to Alpha Psi Omega, Gannon's National Honorary Dramatic Fraternity is awarded to those students who show outstanding achievement and ability in any of the facets of dramatic art. The purpose of this organization is to stimulate interest in the theatrical arts and to pay honor to college men and women who have contributed to the dra- matic programs of their respective colleges. This past year, an original one-act play written by Len Messeneo toured the local high schools. In the future, plans include a faculty talent show, an art exhibit, and an evening of one-act plays. MN:- Q. k ig 51134 ' R EW A ffl,-wi 3 NR lifiii?-13133. ,,i,f.L',xS25.X.X1,, .. . 1.,.: 5- ., , Q X . fx X 1 N o X . xx , -X .mx N Q., ti . V . . . A 5 .X - N ' - 5 x s , X X I 2 O X 3. my .:.4. ' ,Nww Q 3 f xx N .W X 5 . X 1 S .. X Q sim " as . X Xib X . X .N N i Q' Q x 1 5 Nw! Aw x X XE X my Nixxxxx XNK fn.. XX NNN w""'--N .. gli 5- sw .Q Q N. X .. . X X w..,,.NN X: 1 . N, ,R if 5 ,X ' xv. is M ., QM x -.Q MN-....., NN"""m-N, lue Key FROM LEFT: KNEELING: Stan Fronzaglia, Carl Daniele, George Thompson. SEATED: Charles Cam- marata, Mike Chiteman Secretary, James Dolce Treas- urer, Lawrence Pongonis President, George Geary Vice-President, Monsignor Lorei Advisor. STANDING: Thomas Sukalac, Al Lubiejewski, Terence McCarthy, Emmett Kraus, Clem Stolinski, Lawrence DeMonaco, Carl Rizzo, John Sechrist, James Meko, Mark Horan, William Steger, Dennis Agostini. Suzanne wins . . . and larry crowns. The Gannon College Chapter of the Blue Key National Honor Fraternity this year evidenced a rebirth in organization under the leadership of President Larry Pongonis. The cohesion of the group was responsible for making the l965 presentation of the Winter Car- nival the most successful in its history. Signifying the quality of this year's membership, the Key had the distinct honor of having six of its members appointed to Whois Who, the only appointments made at the college this year. The members of Blue Key are men who are selected on the basis of scholastic excellence, leadership and contribution to the advancement of the college. This year, these men have fulfilled the requirements of their membership while becoming working models of their motto-"Serving I live." vmxufszmmsmwltwmxmmwmmwwsiw ui it wmumm s1 a Interfraternity Council Dorm Council mamma FROM LEFT, SEATED: Jeff O'Hara Vice- President, Tony Sivillo President. SECOND ROW Standing: D. Horrigan, B. DeSantis, N. l Hejaily Treasurer, P. Reyburn, J. Smith Secre- 1 tary. 1 e ,.-,.:.. t .. .ml i .wlnu-A ,,,,, fe Q. M , ,, -. ,,,, ,wmmnmannm ,,,, L., X-A .mffxeevig . 1 Q 5 5 1 FROM LEFT, FIRST ROW: J. White, G. Kellar, W. Snyder, Father Susso. SECOND ROW: C. Piazza, C.. White, D. Suppo, P. Wilderotter. FROM LEFT: H. Pietraszik, R. Volpe, D. Diggins, T. Scime. Lambda Iota Tau was organized this year under the guidance of Mr. David Palmer, the newly appointed Moderator of the fraternity. The group decided to become a more active member of student life, realizing that its proper function was to serve the student body. With this goal in mind, L. I. T. undertook the extensive task of revamping the periodical room of the library by suggesting new and better publications to the library staff. By so doing, its members believed that the organization was serving the student body to the degree expected of them and likewise best suited for their type of organization. With this new-found idea of service, L. I. T. has achieved the purpose for which it was established, the creation of ideas through literature. FROM LEFT, FIRST ROW: Mr. David Palmer, Nancy Rutkow- ski, Charles Cammarata, Michael Chiteman. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Merski, Raymond Gagnon. THIRD ROW: Larry Pongonis, John Brady, Al Lubiejewski, Joe Zalenski. Lambda Iota Tau Pershing ifles Since its initiation on the Gannon campus in 1957, Com- pany O of the Fifth Regiment, National Society of Per- shing Rifies, has distinguished itself in many ways. It has been regarded for many years as one of the Outstanding Organizations on campus. This year under the capable direction of Cadet-Captain John W. Ceranic Company O-5 represented the State of Pennsylvania in the National Intercollegiate Drill Team Championship in Washington, D.C. Company O-5 returned to the match as the reigning State Champions. The P!R's furthered their campus activities this year by holding a most successful party for the orphans at Saint Joseph's at Halloween, by selling more tickets for the Winter Carnival than any other organization, and by con- tinuing to participate in the Living Rosary. From left, FIRST ROW: Specialist McE1hinney, S. Fronzaglia, J. Cer- anic, Father Strohmeyer, Advisor. SECOND ROW: K. Lininger, E. Hill, J. Schwartz, D. Lynch, B. Cichoski, J. Langoski. THIRD ROW: G. Turos, R. Slornski, B. Edwards, A. Rohaley, P. Smith, G. Carver, J. Guerrin, F. Pandora, L. Nelson, T. Sundy. FOURTH ROW: S. Bryant, L. Angel, J. Bednarski, K. Reiter, D. Hosford, J. McCallister, C.' Schroeck, L. Magrath, T. Brock, H. Boback. FIFTH ROW: D. Schwartz, D. Stacer, F. Malinowski, J. Hutzler, T. Gregurich, B. Allison, E. Wisniewski, G. Kellar, B. Ott. SIXTH ROW: T. Jiargello, B. Hoderny. 3 Y a few trophies 68 trick OI' treat Scabbard and lade The Scabbard and Blade Military Honor Society rec- ognizes junior and senior ROTC Cadets who have maintained a superior average in both Military and Academic subjects, and who have exhibited a proli- ciency in the military arts. Gannon's Chapter, D Co., 14th Regiment, is one of 200 in the national society. The Cadet elected to the Society must be an officer and a gentleman, and possess the qualities of leader- ship, patriotism, efficiency and honor. He then under- goes a period of class and field training to prepare him for ROTC Summer Camp. Scabbard and Blade annually sponsors the Gannon Military Ball and co-sponsors the Gannon Invitational Drill Meet. The members continued the operation of the Gannon College Blood Bank and the society's Sabre Team presented demonstrations at several cam- pus social events, including the Winter Carnival and Military Ball. 1 . 1 s. mv -Xbbskxsg. -. W From left, A. Dutkowsky, W. Cichoski, E. Kirsch, J. Henke, W. Steger, D. Neckel, W. Hull, R. Dunfee, P. Caldwell. xxN 1 i'm not goin' noplace hey, what's a guerilla? . , 4 :M G, 4, , .E- P P V X . --' 4 1 V 1 FW Y 4 J thleucs . . :Lan -X Q. 0 www? , W fx SEYFQ SQ - nf, NS R,i15k'l' n ---xx 'wp 1? ' x Q QQ. mi.. , the runners an invitational ross Countr Y 'Gigs 'X . S I XF r ii ixx , Sw R X :Wx ' 9 952, Ss sits x A N YS! X s isis c d ., W X .A wr X X Sw X N sw zl, X s , V s s x rx s ix X QS Gannon Gannon Gannon Gannon Gannon Gannon Gannon Gannon Gannon Gannon Gannon Gannon Gannon Monroe College Erie County Tech Grove City Ashland' Rochester Tech Niagara University Thiel College Fredonia State Malone College Buffalo State Slippery Rock Geneva College Univ of Pittsburgh Bradford Campus Gannon College's young gang of Knights clearly established them- selves as one of Western Pennslyvaniais outstanding college-divi- sion Cross-Country teams as the harriers cut a swath through the 1965 schedule to finish two outstanding seasons back to back. Although not quite as formidable as the 1964 squad which won 17 of 19 meets, the Knights this season went 12-4 in dual meets and won two trophies in Invitationals. The Knights best showings were a First place tie in the Carnegie Tech Invitational, a third in the District 18 N.A.I.A. Meet, and an 8th place in the 20 team Canis- ius College Invitational, one of the toughest college-division meets in the East. Finishing first for Gannon every time out was Tony DiPasquale, who lowered the Gannon school record to 23:59 for the 4.4 mile Frontier Park course. He was consistently pushed by classmate Lou Qualtiere and Captain Dave Anderson. With no graduates on the team, the growing group of Gannon Cross- Country fans can look ahead to next season. FROM LEFT 5 FIRST ROW: Dave Anderson John West Jack McLaughlin, SECOND ROW: Coach Howard El well, Lou Qualtiere, Tony DiPasquale, Gary Hull T Qi I :f'xy i.. Q. X , 1 msgs ,S 'r 4 x , is S 1 A as l N 1 1 .5 -yearn, X ,.,. N , s s X l l Basketball From left, FIRST ROW: Ben Wiley, J. Yoakam, Larry Peacock, Cal Graham, Mel Witherspoon, Tom Balen, Tom Quinn, Don Mackey. SEC- OND ROW: Coach Jim Harding, Asst. Coach Willie Alford, Don Rumin- ski, Madison Purvey, Frank Hurley, Al Lawson, Lou Warren, Joe Glass- macher, Jim Chatterton, J.V. Coach Bill Wilson, Managers M. Kellard and J. Kerner. Home OF THE s GANN N C LLEG N N i . f E Q E 3 X n, 2 5 Q S s i '- Q N S S 3 X X 3 is if t .S ,xx M , - fix . j , W Si Ky, N.. J. Q 4, N , S Xwwss wks ks wks wks Nwfwk fans so QNV wixs- W BASKETBALL AM WND 45 5ANNUN 77 K: Y. Q XXX L my X 'F .5--i' if f 'hwfff , MSM .J 9 905 7 3 , S X Qi' 'iii Sr haf " X, x :. 'Q X X X QQX, -' ---K XXX- ,W in ik 1 ,X s if 1 Te., MQ: aw 5? X an ,XXX X X 1- . Q 1 S SMG? 5' X X X X XX Q1 , X : -1 59 XX-mmm-W Q i s Q X 3 3-5X X Xi .ZS TAN by ,SXQQQ XX X k B Q x N. Sk I X ' Pr f f X 'ff .1 1140111 N "i .K MFL' K . XX XX eff., xo- X NX 6 . ,Q 1 5 NX SE X S X X ,X . X X X XX X xy K s X , 5 1. f at Q ,Ai X gf g 4 . J X X X X ' e, 5' ' , x A I fi a 1 r ' 'EX X ' 0 . X X XX .2 X . ',. 5 Q XX -xtl mx V .f XG XX . 1 V. X ..4,... zxz N :X :X ,XM .. :,- Q93 f NX X X :SSN 1 X Y 8 X ww XXX k XX X XX A -NX w 3 ff N. afffv i 3 W L X ,Q .XS X ' X X?-9 Vx :E S w,.i"'x X . x.Q. 4 if - I wigs w X SX sg Sis fa .3 .ff f gay. .- My x :mg- Qi? is N 3 , -M iii fix R x.hx , Xb X . W5 ., XM QA X . .x 1-QQFSQX xi iff 'XE5 Q K X X Mfibv .. , x A A gsm .- X Mxmff S X X x o X X Q Q F TS 5 is S X Fw X YB 'S . . - QL N 3 -igsfx, f 5 fx wx E xx, K ' ' 9 1955? ' -W Q ,,.... x Q ix N ,W-yi xx WWSM - I .L:,.:. :N y ww W Sf: 1 . ni 1 '- X S - N, . ., X . x w 1 X X x .. x. Sgxxiiwf .wx x . W . ,. X wvx 1..L,, .. .,.., X, , HX., cal graham madison purvey add two more 80 The snows continued in February. Buffalo State was cancelled. The Knights had a week to rest-and it did them good. Michigan Lutheran, Walsh, and Geneva fell victim to the Knight express. Then Steubenville returned. and blemished the Knights' mark for the second time. Re- bounding magnificently, the Knights captured the big game-a two point victory over fifth-ranked Youngstown. This marked the first time in eight years that Gannon had beaten Youngstown on the Penguins home court. Looking for that elusive NCAA bid, the boys streaked on to some hard victories. Alliance forced Gannon into overtime be- fore bowing to the Knights by four and Parson's College fought on an even basis until the Hnal buzzer found them down by live. In the last regular game of the season, Youngstown's Penguins invaded the audi in an attempt to prove that the Knightsi earlier win was a fluke. The Knights felt differently and proved their ability with a spectacular 71 to 69 win which came after a record six overtimes. 20-3 for the season, the Knights looked forward to a post-season NCAA bid. Gannon Gannon Gannon Gannon Gannon Gannon Gannon Gannon Gannon Gannon Gannon Gannon Gannon Gannon Gannon Gannon Gannon Gannon Gannon Gannon Gannon Gannon 1 Detroit College Fredonia State College Villa Madonna College Niagara Indiana State College San Francisco State Illinois Wesleyan University St F rancis College of Loretto Belmont Abbey College Rio Grande College Alliance College Steubenville Central State College Michigan Lutheran Walsh Geneva College Steubenville Bellarmine Youngstown University Alliance College Overtime Parson s College Youngstown University C SIX OVERTIMESQ 03 ' 96 ' 99 ' 71 ' 63 ' 6 87 ' 70 ' ' ' ' 76 . ' 81 91 ' , 65 ' Gannon 78 Southwest Missouri St. College 52 ' 73 97 ' ' 91 73 56 ' 83 ' 72 ' ' 73 ' I c ' u 68 ' 83 71 i 0 I hit it Gannon U. of Buffalo 14 Gannon Clarion 'State 5 Gannon Youngstown U. 8 Gannon Canisius College 2 Gannon California State 5 Gannon California State O Gannon 6 Alliance College 0 Gannon 5 Alliance College 1 Gannon 2 AYoungstown U. 4 Gannon 2 Youngstown U. 3 Gannon 5 Fredonia State 6 Gannon 1 St. Bonaventure U. 2 Gannon O Slippery Rock State 10 Gannon 4 Case Tech 1 Gannon 6 Case Tech 0 they said he was fast Coach Ivan George's baseball charges managed only six wins against nine losses in a losing 1965 season. High- lighting the season were the double victories over Alliance and Case Tech. Gannon blanked the Eagles 6--O and took the second game 5--1. Gannon's diamond men shut out Case 6-0 and claimed a 4-1 repeat victory. A brighter season is forecast for this season with the re- turn of catcher Tom Grandinetti and the capable ex- perience of Jim Chatterton and Gary Sohultise. Q Xxx. xxxgx we QQQQNXQXSBXXNX sorry bout that, coach Baseball FROM LEFT, FIRST ROW: D. Wall, J. Maohn, J. Izzy, B. Manila, B. Pacci, G Schultise, R. Matlakg SECOND ROW: Coach Ivan George, P. Hoydic, M. George D. McGraw, C. Pora, J. DeFazio, J. Anderson, P. Heckler, B. Heverley. 3 sf-'gf Golf The 1965 season proved to be the best in the history of Gannon College Golf. Under the capable direction of Ho- ward Elwell, the team wrapped up the season with a record of 15 wins against only 2 losses. Impressive wins over St. Bonaventure, John Carroll, Youngstown, Canisius and Al- liance proved the efforts of the team. Heading the Knights again this year were lettermen Bill Brown and Rolf John- son who continued with their sterling performances on the green. FROM LEFT: Coach Howard Elwell, Rolf Johnson, Bill Brown Tom Nash, Bill Krauza, Phil Harler, Joe Barley, Mike Sullivan 17! ' W 11 A ' an 15 f ' 2V 16 2 1 l ' 7 l 1 ' 7 M ' 1 f 12 f . . 5 W Gannon Gannon Gannon Gannon Gannon Gannon Gannon Gannon Gannon Gannon Gannon Gannon Gannon Gannon Gannon Gannon Gannon I2 1 12 I2 16 12 9 17 nn 3M un, 10 15M All1ance College Edinboro State Slippery Rock State Walsh College Edmboro State Clarion State Grove City College St Bonaventure U John Carroll U. St. Bonaventure U. Alliance Fredonia State Youngstown U. Kent State U. Youngstown Kent State Canisius College 2 012 2 6 o 1 ion 20M 5M 8 2M , From left, SEATED: Robert Respecki, Frank Parise, Steve Simon, I Tom Casey. STANDING: Paul Caldwell, Norm Schutte, M. Sgt. Sundie, Bob Fielder, George Scherrer. This yearis Rifle Team suffered the loss of several lettermen from last sea- son's squad. Undaunted by this fact, the team finished high in the Texas A 8L I national matches and continued on to the NRA regional matches in Cincinnati where they captured sixth place. Much of the team's success is due to the coaching of Captain John Blewett and Sergeant William Sundie. The future outlook of the squad will depend on the abilities of newcomers Rich Fielder, Bob Respecki, Norm Schutte, and Ray Slomski. 87 X X f f Q mga AW X 5 XXX " X XXX vw if l f gr Hx: L Xu X Q 6 X . K... Q I n si Wa: um, f Qisf K K KK KX-KKK. V . . WW, xx . uf' . .Xi .1 .y V ' ' ::-.. Xxixs' N ,X QQ E .X 'E Y: rv'- M' Q' .,- Mm Wm W Wlilym Www . XX, K X X X xx SR, X- 3 i 5 5 K X X lx X Q sq X Y 3 fa x Y X if X X Y Y S g X 3 X Y Q X51 .1 i Q Q' vc X S X X 8 X K X 4' Q XX xi g k X xg s ' f 1 ' s 'fix X S X ES xi? X R, X xx 5 X xx X S ' iq 3' fin. SM its X f as X Aff? X x sf X X A x x Q X X .X 5' R? x X F, S 'X S 2 X xx xx REX T 9 X X gk A S X Q X xx X N if X X W X X X X K Sari xx 3 XM A X S Vg X wx it 1 X it XXX XX YQ SX 3 X N Q K X QNX . iw K.. X ' - QQS XK XVXSXXHHGY ' Wf.. Q , n X XX S f . s.3X... Q l1"XiX.f Qlxkfs 2 X QAS' E ll . X .X X wx .X ' X f 5 O I U I .Xp -I iv ... -X xx? . X Ep. . x A .X - -X jsgzg SXQKXXX X' .- XK X 4:gxX..K,Kirq, KK Xx-.XXX-tx f" PXSYYX X f Qizxxx Xi ' ff . . 'ixxw ggxgr f.jfR:S'1 SX 'i.,QNiiX X S9555 Jxxxxx q. X aux-12 . L A X- Q11 Q kj-wxXr1X-i -' X. x -KN-f.. X AQXXXX. K Q-W5 X NX X 1 " i - F3 -f X, .. .X . . rxxxX:g.'-Kmg, K. X K-ffrf xx Xl X - 'VX NNQQEAX K XXX ...X .. EXIQQS KK 5-5 . X -X f. X-SX-X. r' Q na2iQ4f5 X 'SQ hx? wr L .XX- .19 ,,...zJ :gg-': X. Sxsffg XX: Xue. . X, QKXXM X. ,ff x ,L .M z C. Q fm 4 . ., XKXX ,NS . fx 5. S K - XX -X XX -2:5 .XX -S ' 0 .K QXQ fix XX K E ,4 N' "'2iEff . 'i-5: X x X. 5 N Q X NR' X W X 3 px N wx X w X NX X XX Y. X X X km xixw SQ -f '1' 15:59 Q XSQENQ X X NX X , wi. Qs Q X X N Qs X 5 S ., X Q Xsx E N Q R Q E R K x x .. .iisax . wx X QQ :Six in X - . -ax f:2- . X R 5 E s sf Q M Q 5 N29 .X L. SK R xxx N X X wwuwix V M Xi! ?900 ,. ,f f l ' . X' X football no offense meant Beginning the intramural year was football. It was not long before several people felt the pangs of the simply "touch" game. The faculty was nearly destroyed. Messrs. Schmitt, Palmer3 and Elwell kept the local hospitals in touch with Gannon. In the winning department, Alpha Phi Delta reigned as fraternity champs. A Football Team won the dorm with Budweiser A.C. capturing the independent crown. Delta Sigma Phi won in the playoffs against Budweiser. .N . is .Q Q . 1. X - A. X Qs-X W if NL: - fbxkt: ..-. .f . .N N, K mb ' '- 'S - Y 'WR " X 21.3 ., :ESX . S' .'.g'1f:1..s?i.fa'if 1 J X 1 - 139: QYNES . ' -...x .N B xx . . X. X an I K .- 2 2 YS R ff N K Ng.. gsqvg.. 'QW-w . .Q .6-ig. if 5 1 xxx. . A X X U . is Q' ,. -2 ' . Q x X 1 x, k 'Q' 9 x -. Q A M' A Q . ., - J N' ' . 'Q xx Q ' S 3 ,S .. ,WN . w ,, . if jx? X 5 , X W 1 . . -Q SSSFEXRXWS is S Q. mx . P 3 gf.. .. Q ws g wwf- s. yw.fN. Q . R: ,, .Qi ,, ,N TY Q, - - s, x51-vii Qin QWXSQS: ' Q11 H-NN,5i-fflw 1 SM. 'x 4- QP YS -xy -,R wgfs- Nm J W9-Q. .Q x- X. . Cyp v. 'XSS : Q: 1 xff wix N v X is Jas X3 f t A 'Ss-x ,Sf--.Xb .Q s . 5. U-.,sg,,,f .N A fijg., Q QX3'X'S?lN1 "'5xf5fff'i, Q-Q 952 iw -2 .. 5 . x ., . . 1 iw..,.v?L:'Q ' w .xv Q... S' .5 Q ,R xx x Xxx X SE SX x wwf ww :mx X X QQQ SX X Xa x 'Nm Ns X X , X vw NE ' R QW MMX Q, .. 1. .sw ww NNW' wmv .www .MX sim ,591 V ext X Q X .few XX AX .XX X x xx xx Xf ' . -:av x gg X V .3 ...... . S -QNQ: .Q if wx wx. W W - .Ns-wwfkg . Ngg . Nik A lfffxsf f.jYf'Sgw v- x -3. C . A x X J. Q -nn G gi ' xy Q X' g- ., hw - ,X SMWQQQ Q Q A . ESS .Xi .5 NX gm, basketball The intramural basketball season was just underway as the LANCE went to press. At the outset of the season, the fore- cast looked like this would be the largest congregation of teams in Gannon history. Everyone was taking advantage of the Gannon court and a chance to participate in an athletic endeavor. We r'ecord some of the hot and heavy action in these following pages. 92 5 s + 4 i b K 2 foul! how about that! r 1 l 5 cademics W ontmuatlon t e aeademle year underwa the bookstore to Jom ln the trad1t1onal battle of the books next to the first class and first ass1gnments on over to the hbrary for research once ln a Wh11C reaehmg for a volume of relaxatlon then the test continuation . . -students scatter to S. . u - h i I 3 . i!5fiwQ,l L wk " X S Wm XM QSS3 . ":, -: 'W Q W -an , M ' ' ! R .w N- S SEN. ig xma- R Kg .NUM ws N ,Q ,gm 1 R, 1 l 1 r Y 1 ,aff 4 , -11 1:-155153 E.. . 1 . .W ,, u F 11111 .X E-5 " --1' 121: 1? "ws 'xi 1 x .1x1:g s 1 ,11 x x x X xxx W x xx 1,5 ,711 'WN x 1 115 3,215 e1.1a5 1 xxx x if SRE 31x W Rx 11 X 1 I x 1 1111 1 .1 11:1 ., 5 xxx xx Q x 1 XX? X x 1 xxx. x x 11 X gy: 21 1 X 1 2 x ,,'x x X x x X E11 Q 31 x x x x x x 1 :xg x x x x x x x 'SSM xg A R33 X x x x Q x x x X x x x 1 if ' XSS 1 ,iz x . ' -- - 1125 . X 1 125131. ,-'x 1 1312 11111111 Q xx 1,11 X' si TX 111-111111111 11 X5 .11,s11? 1 1E1g1g2gf5Q5"Ql"1'l QSE ESS 1 - 5 XX11 1 XY xw? Yxfi X 'Q x X 11X . 1x .gag ,Q X R111 1 ,, 5 -1' :,:,,,1 :1-,1,-, ., XX, K1 S111 W X Xa, xi x H 1 X xi Xxxxsg 'k X1 1 x., Ex :SE . XXX. jfiisiii-E 1X1 .3111 .. X. 3 :111,.gQg1 x 5?-L -:Ns 11. X? x ,1 sa 5 1539 1 -- ,gXX,, 1 xxx A 1 1 Signs! X 11 1151115 fix X1 7:11 E1 xi 3 Psgii 1' 1 1516 N Niki? 1112 1 X11 13 Si' Q, X.: X115 3 iid 1,1111 X .1 11X 1 5:11 XX. Q xxx S ix Ms: "Qs: , X .11,.,X3gX .1 , 1 +1151 afar'-,,. Q1- ,,1? X51 1 .X 1 X Xi X ,XX VE g X11 :1 xx ..,1x:E12E 11-1115.2 11-151111 11q1s111',1,1U311e115a1 A Q .X gi 1 , Q15 Q-11 1 x1?E1s-SSE Q1 wg 11321 EFX 1--11 wx 111 A ,' as 1, XX .. ' E' 'X",f1 T11 " fi XY X E' XSVXEXNYV WEB ' ' ,I 'K N X W' " XX, N 1 ,211,Xf11x1x1: Wx!115112-11s:2ss'.I'i1Ys1'2Sfiix - 'i1fl:1f1?s111 11 11112 W1 x-ja"x3sgS31E 1. fs 3"f'EiEiSf'1'Exgiihxix'SK as XS "" xz,3Xa1a1S51,,,,1Qg1S2 ,wiki Xlyisfsxf xgiix 1 1 1 X 1111111 111111 111 ..1 '1?xx::f1fss 211.1111 1 111 2 1'11 .1xxs:11x1f1111 1 1111131111 -X,111.1X-xx.,. .X Q.. .XX.-N, N5--1-11 x - 3 ., , NNI 11 Q:,.,1fm- -511.- X.: NX 1, gX:.:,.:,3, , .w ,-.x x 1 Q3 5 iirx, 5 S 'x'. ,...:.::.::.:':'::'::.: ..... 1 .5f5's1x'1 N . xx - N '-.5 ' S ff' 'W N551 W XM. I " TN 'SX ' W "-- - 1 55, 15 Q R Eff? 015152 Eg A ' S MES' ' 31113133 1-1 se 153 A S 11.2115 N R F21 1 51113 1 xg, 1 1x 13 Q A 111- : X, x x 1 X 'X SXYENQTEF E 'fissiisiiif ESX 1? .X x X1 Nx11x21115?x 'j,XiE11:gsyg5xxS' XX 1 11 5' 81.0 11 2, 11 F 1 111x111 11,11 1,,1X 11 11 1. ,1-1.1 11 1 15 -AN 111311 N . 11 - - XFN X 1 1 1 X X X X : 1 1,1151 rx -1. -1 1X X -"- EW - -J 1 221- -10 1'- J 155012: -'fi Xi - 2 ' -1' . 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Tx .:.s: S 5 1: ,X X 5 ,Q fs' X X RE:- I I N K 2 X" X X X XX .v If N "" 2: S 6 ,X XX h 0 lof tot e p 0 talisman to the astm- P xplicitl the new. W wx N Xw S Q Ng X My X O X b a Q if 5 9 A N Q 3 3 s e v Q 4 F Xi 'fliffwxx I, Nw hancellor HIS EXCELLENCY MOST REV. JOHN MARK GANNON ARCHBISHOP, BISHOP OF ERIE 110 Mmummwmmm x N President RT. REV. MSGR. WILFRID NASH Board of Trustees MOST. MSGR. MSGR MSGR. MSGR. MSGR. From left, SEATED: Auxiliary Bishop Alfred Watson Archbishop John Mark Gannon, Msgr. John Gannon STANDING: Msgr. Wilfrid Nash, Msgr. Paul Gooder Rev. Joseph Ceblinski, Rev. Otto Pisoni. Selected clergy of the Erie Diocese compose the Board of Trustees of Gannon College. The Board acts as the governing body of the College with duties similar to those of trustees in any business corporation. Among these are the selection of the College President, the budgeting of the school year, and the solution of legal problems which the College may encounter. BISHOP ALFRED M. WATSON MSGR. PAUL E. GOODER REV. JOHN MARK GANNON JOSEPH K. WEHRLE EDWARD J. FISCHER REV. JOSEPH CEBLINSKI JOHN W. MURPHY REV. ENNIS A. CONNELLY JAMES F. MURPHY REV. MARTIN A. GRADY JOHN M. GANN ON REV. OTTO PISONI H2 V P I I I . IM Lay Advisor Board FREDERICK A. BLASS EDWARD P. BOYLE PHILIP COGHRAN JAMES CURRIE JOHN H. DEVITT JOHN w. ENGLISH G. RICHARD PRYLIN WILLIAM P. GARVEY SAMUEL BREENE G TRACY GRISW OLD PAUL POUX, M.D. CHARLES L. JONES JUDGE SAMUEL J. ROBERTS ROBERT KEIM JOHN SHARKEY, JR. VINCENT F. LECHN ER J. LEGRAND SKINNER RICHARD C. LY ON S, M.D. MICHAEL J. VESHECCO WILLIAM F. MERWIN EVERETT D. WALKER SUMNER H. NICHOLS LOUIS E. WENGERT JOHN PERKINS MELVIN A. ZURN H3 Administration MR. THOMAS BATES-DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC RELATIONS MR. JACK BELL-ALUMN I DIRECTOR FR. RICHARD SULLIVAN DIRECTOR OF RELIGIOUS ACTIVITIES FR. LAWRENCE SPEICE-ASSISTANT REGISTRAR DR. RICHARD HERBSTRITT-REGISTRAR MR. JAMES HARDING-DIRECTOR OF ATHLETICS zz IQ. .2 FR. JOHN SLATER MR. HOWARD ELWELL ASSISTANT TO THE PRESIDENT 115 DIRECTOR OF INTRAMURAL ATHLETICS MR. KEVIN QUINN--COMPTROLLER MR. JOHN HYNES-BUSIN ESS MANAGER FR. NORBERT WOLF -TREASURER ,WW - X :xvw-' 9 5? X A FR. ELDON K. SOMERS-DEAN CF STUDENTS FR. JOSEPH HIPP-FINANCIAL AID OFFICER DR. JOSEPH SGOTTINO-DIRECTOR OF GRADUATE AND EVENING STUDIES MR. GENE DEINER-DIRECTOR OF DATA PROCESSING FR. GASIMIR LUBIAK--LIBRARIAN MR. JOHN HYN ES JR.-DIRECTOR OF GANNON PRESS 2. ,Q 3iI.y?fggf:i"X ' X sg Xs- I I ! DR. JOHN E.WALDRON,DEAN OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION W W S k ii ag . b-il fu-nm!!! X We A Q , P eff: 'Q 6 .. X X ...X , :fl M N MR. JOSEPH W. MCLAUGHLIN-M.Ed. 120 ,i .ww you won't uidance MR. OWEN T. FINEGAN-M.S. ,pf z.1'rYNrgu5il2E.m U :N-r:aw5 55954. IVV f Wav!! 5' QS! your father owns what 121 faculty usinc-:ss Administration ACCOUHt1Hg MR. JOSEPH BRESSAN-C.P.A. MR- FRANCIS WEITHMAN-M-A Economics and Finance MR. WILLIAM LATIMER-M.B.A. I CHAIRMAN, DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE MR. ADDELRAHMAN ABURAOHI S-M.A. MR. THOMAS MON AHAN-M.A 'Q il. N 2 S MR. RICHARD DUNFORD-M.S. DR' JUHN SUSKO-PhD' CHAIRMAN, DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS FR. ROBERT SUSA-B.A. MR. JOHN LEE-M.A. DR. CEORCE McCALLUM-Ph.D. Management A and Marketing MR. WILLIAM DARGAN-M.A. MR. ERNEST WRIGHT-M.B.A. MR. PETER SMALTZ-A.B. MR. JAMES HANES--LL.B. umanities Education DR. CHARLES CCLVIN- D.Ed. CHAIRMAN, DEPART- MENT OF EDUCATION DR. CHARLES LUNDY-Ph.D. MR. CHARLES ALCORN--Ed.M. I23 English MR. CHARLES SMITH -M.A. 3 MR. DAVID PALMER-M.A. MR. JOHN GREEN-M.A. MR. J. JACOB YOUNG-M.A. ENGLISH DR. J. CARTER ROWLAND-Ph.D. CHAIRMAN, DEPARTMENT OF DR. JOHN S. RCUCH-Ph.D. ACTING CHAIRMAN MR. JOSEPH GAVIN-M.A. MR. THOMAS WOODS-M.A FR. PAUL DESANTE -Ph.D. 1 MR DANIEL WILLIMAN FR. ROBERT BARCIO-M.A. Fine Arts MR. RAYMOND CLOUGH-M.A. DR. ATTILIO CICCOZZI- Ph.D. MSGR. BONAVENTURE CIUFOLI-J.U.D. CHAIRMAN, DEPARTMENT OF FINE ARTS History DR. RICHARD L. BEYER-Ph.D CHAIRMAN, DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY DR. ERON DELEON-SOTO--Ph.D. v DR. ALMUTH GROOS-Ph.D. 125 DR. BERTL WEBER--Ph.D. DR. PAUL w. PETERSON- Ph.D. CHAIRMAN, DEPARTMENT OF LANGUAGE Language and Linguistics MR. HANS FUNK MR. GEORGES AGADJANIAN Philosophy FR. JOHN THOMPSON-M.A. FR. ROBERT FIN--Ph.D. DR. MIGUEL A. SAGUE-Ed.D. FR. JOHN BURKE--M.A FR. ALPHONSE CRISPO-Ph.D. CHAIRMAN, DEPARTMENT OF PHILOSOPHY FR. ALFRED GIBBONS-M.A. 'S , . A-. ,Y ,pf-W FR. GILIO DIPRE- DR. JAMES KELVINGTON--Ph.D. ' 126 .41 A FR. JOSEPH BARR-Ph.D. CHAIRMAN, DEPART- J MENT OF POLITICAL A SCIENCE Political Science 1 J MR. MARTIN GILDEA-M.A. MR, KENNETH GAMBLE--M.A DR. JOHN FLEMING-Ph.D. P holo CHAIRMAN, DEPARTMENT SVC gy OF PSYCHOLOGY DR. JOSEPH SCOTTINO--Ph.D. I i FR. FRANCIS HAAS-B.A. Public 5PCakiHS Kiwis E :mm 5 MR. ANTHONY SCHMITT- M A CHAIRMAN, DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SPEAKING il MR. ROBERT FALKEWITZ- A M.Ed. .1 J MR. JAMES TRISTSCHLER- 1 M.A. Sociology MR. JOSEPH TASCONE- M.A. CHAIRMAN, DEPART- MENT OF SOCIOLOGY Theology FR. I AMES PETERSON-M.A. CHAIRMAN, DEPARTMENT OF THEOLOGY MR. DANIEL KOENIG-M.S. FR. ROBERT LEVIS -Ph.D. I I FR. JOSEPH PETULLA-M.A. Sciences FR. JOHN SCHANZ Ph.D. MR. JOHN MALINOWSKI-M.A. FR. RICHARD SULLIVAN--B.A. MR. WILLIAM SCHUBERT-M.S MR. THADDEUS GORSKI--M.S. 128 ' Biology DR. RICHARD GAMMON-Ph.D. Chemistry DR. ROBERT BECKER --Ph.D. f-"""'4 Engineering and Mathematics DR. HALIT KOSAR -Ph.D. DR. ELMER KOHLMILLER -Ph.D. CHAIRMAN, DEPARTMENT OF BIOLOGY DR. CERT SCHLESSINGER -Ph.D. FR. ADDISON YEHL-M.S. CHAIRMAN, DEPART- MENT OF CHEMISTRY L MR. JOHN GILEWICZ-B.SgE.E. Earth CHAIRMAN, DEPARTMENT OF EARTH SCIENCE Science MR. FRANK GROSZKIEWICZ- MR. LEONARD B.E.E. VETRONE-M.E. 129 MR. JERRY SELVAGGI -M.S. CHAIRMAN, DEPART- MENT OF ENGINEER- ING 1 MR. EDWARD ROGERS -M.A. Physics MR. JAMES F REEMAN-M.S. CHAIRMAN, DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS MR. JOHN FITZGERALD-M.s. MR. ARTHUR COOK-B.S. FR. BERNARD RUSSELL-M.S CHAIRMAN, DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS . FR. ROBERT SCIAMANDA-M.S. MR. EDWARD MURPHY-M.S. FR. GIOVANNI FR. JAMES IMPEDUGLIA-Ph.D. '30 MCCULLOUGH-M.S. SFC JUNIOR GRAGG CAPT. JOSEPH MORABIT-B.S. Military Science MR. THOMAS MILLER--B.E.E. SP 5 THOMAS MCELHINNEY LT. COL. HENRY KI RK-B.S MSG. WILLIAM SUNDIE SGM. THOMAS CAPT. JEREMIAH SHELDON COUNIHAN-B.S. 131 CAPT. JOHN BLEWETT-B.s. MAJOR FRED OZMENT 1 1 1 ' ' I 1 N I 1 14 W N l L eniors VALIANT D. ADAMS JAMES E. AKRE DONALD E. AMANN MICHAEL JOSEPH AMBROSINO DENNIS E. AGOSTINI ROGER ALLENBOUGH JOHN AMANN MICHAEL J. ANDRAE VALIANT D. ADAMS-Batavia, New York. Sociology. Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Glee Club, Lance. DENNIS E. AGOSTINI-- Erie, Pa. Chemistry. Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity, Blue Key Honor Fraternity, Chemistry Club. JAMES E. AKRE--Erie, Pa. Sociology. ROGER ALLENBOUGI-I-Portage, Pa. Marketing. Alpha Phi Del- ta Fraternity, American Marketing Association. DONALD F. AMANN-Erie, Pa. Sociology. R.O.T.C. Band, Sociology Club, In- tramurals. JOHN AMANN-Erie, Pa. Economics. Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Cross Country, Intramurals. MICHAEL JOSEPH AM- BROSINO-Brooklyn, N.Y. Finance. Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Student Investment Trust, Intramurals. MICHAEL J. ANDRAE--Erie, Pa. General Science. President of Science Club, Intramurals. GERALD J. ANGELO--Pittsburgh, Pa. Finance. Gannon College Band, Gan- non R.O.T.C. Band. NICHOLAS J. ANTHONY--Conneaut, Ohio. Industrial Management. Pershing Rifles, Intramurals. I'1tI'a1'1CC GERALD J. ANOELO NICHOLAS J. ANTHONY 134 JOHN AQUINO GREGORY F. ATZERT JAMES H. JAMES P. BECK BAUMERATZ Confusion a place for peace SAMUEL M. BARONE ROBERT S. BAUSCH WILLIAM S. BECK JAMES A. BENOIT JOHN AQUINO-Erie, Pa. Marketing. American Marketing As- sociation, Intramurals. GREGORY F. ATZERT--Riverside, New Jersey. English. Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity, Gannon Knight, In- tramurals. SAMUEL M. BARONE-Batavia, New York. Genexf- al Science. Intramurals. ROBERT J. BAUSCH-Batavia, New York. Economics. C.C.D., Student Investment Trust, Student Tutoring Program. JAMES H. BAUMCRATZ-Erie, Pa. Electrical Engineering. Member IEEE. JAMES P. BECK--Belle Vernon, Pa. Sociology. Sociology Club, Intramurals, Glee Club. WILLIAM S. BECK-Pittsburgh, Pa. Accounting. JAMES A. BENOIT- Erie, Pa. General Business. Advanced R.O.T.C. KENNETH BLE- SSEL-Kersey, Pa. Chemistry. JAMES BORIS--Erie, Pa. Biol- ogy. Pershing Rifles, Science Club, Lance. KENNETH BLESSEL JAMES BORIS 754. JOHN BRADY JOSEPH WM. BROOKS CHESTER J. BURTON THOMAS J. BUTO djustment JOHN BRADY-Erie, Pa. English. Lambda Iota Tau, St. Thomas More Club. JOSEPH WM. BROOKS-Pittsburgh, Pa. Foreign Languages. Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity, Blue Key National Honor Fraternity, Who's Who. JAMES E. BUCH- HEIT-St. Marys, Pa. Industrial Management. Intramurals. RICHARD F. BURNS-Willoughby Hill, Ohio. History. Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Gannon Lance, Historical Society. CHESTER J. BURTON-Brocton, New York. General Sci- ence. American Mathematical Society, P.S.E.A. Club, Intra- murals. THOMAS J. BUTO-Erie, Pa. Industrial Manage- ment. Intramurals, Student Investment Trust. JOSEPH R. BUZANOWSKI--Erie, Pa. General Science. Science Club, Pershing Rifles, C.C.D. DENNIS CANTONI-Erie, Pa. Electrical Engineering. Intramurals, Gannon College Band, Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers. PAUL CAP -Erie, Pa. Industrial Management. RICHARD T. CARDO -Bronx, New York. Business Administration. Intramurals, Glee Club, Sociology Club Tutor Program. JOSEPH CAR- GIOLI--Erie, Pa. General Science. Intramurals, Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity. G. MICHAEL CARROLL, JR.-Erie, Pa. Industrial Management. Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Cultural Committee, Intramurals. I 4 JAMES E. EUCHHEIT JOSEPH R. EUZANCWSKI PAUL CAP JOSEPH CARCICLI RICHARD F. BURNS DENNIS CANTONI RICHARD T. CARDO C. MICHAEL CARROLL JR. larry, you have to kiss the queen. LEONARD M. WILLIAM G. CARVER CARROLL MICHAEL D. JAMES CHATTERTON CHITEMAN Association LEONARD M. CARROLL-Emlenton, Pa. 'Accounting WIL- LIAM G. CARVER--Erie, Pa. Marketing. Student Council, Scab- bard and Blade, Intramurals. JOHN WILLIAM CERANIC, III -Pittsburgh, Pa. Political Science. Pershing Rifies, United Na- tions, Political Science Club. LOUIS JOSEPH CESA-Erie, Pa. MATHEMATICS. Pershing Rifles, Gannon Knight, Raider. JAMES CHATTERTON--Rochester, New York. Accounting. Varsity Basketball and Baseball. MICHAEL CHITEMAN-Erie, Pa. English. Editor of the Lance, Blue Key, Whois Who, Lambda Iota Tau. LOUIS CICERONE-Erie, Pa. Finance. Advanced R.O.T.C., Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Intramurals. WILLIAM CICHOSKI--Pittsburgh, Pa. English. Alpha Phi Delta Frater- nity, Pershing Rifies, R.O.T.C. Advanced Corps. GARY D. CLO- USER-Erie, Pa. Mathematics. EDWARD COLLINS--Butler, Pa. Sociology. Intramurals, Sociology Club. JAMES W. COTTER JR.-St. Marys, Pa. Chemistry. Intramurals, Chemistry Club, American Chemical Society. JOHN A. CROSS-Erie, Pa. Mathe- matics. St. Thomas More Club, Glee Club, Intramurals, C.C.D. JOHN WILLIAM CERANIC, III LOUIS CICERONE GARY D. CLOUSER JAMES W. COTTER, JR. LOUIS JOSEPH CESA WILLIAM A. CICHOSKI EDWARD coLL1Ns JOHN A. cRoss l WILLIAM CHANDLER JOHN W. THOMAS L. CURCIO GERALD J DAMOND CROSS CUNNINGHAM LAWRENCE ANTHONY DEVERSE DAVID DEFAZIO COSMO DELLO DEMONACO WILLIAM CHANDLER CROSS-Madison, Ohio. Industrial Manage- ment. Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. JOHN W. CUN- NINGHAM-Manstield, Pa. Electrical Engineering. Soccer Club, In- tramurals, I.E.E.E. THOMAS L. CURCIO-Schenectady, New York. Sociology. Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Intramurals, Sociology Club. GERALD J. DAMOND--Warren, Pa. Mechanical Engineering. P.S.P.E., Intramurals. DAVID DEFAZIO-Erie, Pa. Marketing. COSMO DEL- LO-Erie, Pa. General Science. LAWRENCE DEMONACO-Pitts- burgh, Pa. Marketing. Blue Key National Honor Fraternity, Alpha Phi Delta Franternit Gannon Kni ht. ANTHONY DEVERSE--Greens- Y, S burg, Pa. Accounting. Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, S.I.T. 138 was it her or... Thought I L RONALD R. JOHN DIVINS DiFRANGO ROBERT L. DONNELLY JAMES L. DOLCE DANIEL M, NORBERT P- DRISCOLL DOWDALL ANDREW D. RUDOLPH DUBOVEC DUTKQWSKY XXX Q .M ss. Experimentation RONALD R. DiFRANGO-Turtle Creek, Pa. Business Adminis- tration. JOHN DIVINS--Erie, Pa. Industrial Management. Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Intramural Sports. JAMES DOLCE- Erie, Pa. Electrical Engineering. Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Blue Key National Honor Fraternity, I.E.E.E. ROBERT L. DON- NELLY-Freeport, Pa. Finance. Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity, Stu- dent Counoil, SIT. NORBERT P. DOWDALL--BuiTalo, New York, History. Intramurals, Student Recruiting Service, Pershing Rifles. DANIEL M. DRISCOLL--Erie, Pa. Biology. Science Club, Intramurals. RUDOLPH DUBOVEC-North Kingsville, Ohio. Marketing. St. Thomas More Club, SIT, American Marketing Association. ANDREW DUTKOWSKY-Pittsburgh, Pa. Science. Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity, Student Council, Advanced R.O.T.C. JOHN EDWARDS SAM EINFELDT JOHN G. EDWARDS-Oil City, Pa. Biology, Biology Club. SAM EINFELDT-Girard, Pa. Marketing, Raiders. JOHN W. ENG- LISH JR.-Erie, Pa. Political Science. Debate Team, Model Unit- ed Nations. JOSEPH F. ERTL-Erie, Pa. Accounting. JOHN EVANS-McGuire AFB, N.J. Management. Pershing Rifles. JOHN A. FARINELLI-Prospect, Pa. Accounting. MARK P. FERRARA-Erie, Pa. English. Pershing Rifles, Lance, C.C.D. MICHAEL J. FINLEON-Detroit, Mich. Marketing. Ameri- can Marketing Association. RAYMOND A. FIORELLI-Erie, Pa. Social Studies. Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity, Historical Society, In- tramurals. THOMAS A. FLAHERTY-Erie, Pa. Foreign Lan- guages. Spanish Club, N .D.E.A. Discovery ,Z JOHN W. ENGLISH, JOSEPH F. ERTL JR. MICHAEL J. FINLEON MARK P. FERRARA 1 1 l l A 1 JOHN EVANS JOHN A. FARINELLI '40 RAYMOND A. THOMAS A. FLAHERTY FIORELLI Jg J l f . f 1 I. - I I JEFFREY E. FLYNN RAYMOND C. GAGNON Belief JEFFREY E. FLYNN-Pittsburgh, Pa. Business. Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity, Intramurals. STANLEY N. FRONZAGLIA- Erie, Pa. Math. Blue Key National Honor Fraternity, Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity, Student -Council. ROBERT J. FRYE-Erie, Pa. Elec- trical Engineering. I.E.E.E. RAYMOND C. GAGNON-Erie, Pa. English. Lambda Iota Tau. PATRICK GALLAGHER-Pitts- burgh, Pa. English. Gannon Knight, Laureate, Glee Club. GEORGE J. GEARY-Pittsburgh, Pa. Mathematics. Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Blue Key National Honor Fraternity, Golf Team. NORMAN J. GEHRLEIN-Erie, Pa. Psychology. Talis- man Players, Alpha Psi Omega, Psychology Club. ROBERT W. GEISLER-Corapolis, Pa. Finance. Intramurals. FRANK NIC- HOLAS 'GENNUSO JR.-Buffalo, New York. Marketing. Tennis Team, American Marketing Association, Intramurals. RONALD A. GERONO-Pittsburgh, Pa. English. Tau Kappa Epsilon Fra- ternity, Intramurals, Gannon Knight. hu... STANLEY N. FRONZAGLIA PATRICK GALLAGHER NORMAN J. GEHRLEIN FRANK NICHOLAS GENNUSO, JR. hm , ROBERT J. FRYF. GEORGE J. GEARY ROBERT w. GEISLER RONALD A. oERoNo Ad KAROL W. GLOVER THOMAS D. GRANDINETTI ANTHONY M. GRIECO EDWARD S. GULNAC bg. JAMES A. GRAHAM DAVID GRAVES JOHN o. GUENTHER FRANK E. HAGAN Prayer KAROL W. GLOVER-Belle Vernon, Pa. Finance, SIT. JAMES A. GRAHAM--Erie, Pa. Chemistry. THOMAS D. GRANDINETTI--Pittsburgh, Pa. General Science, Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity, Student Council, PSEA. DAVID GRAVES--Nis- kdyons, N.Y. Sociology, Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Sociology Club. ANTHONY M. GRIECO, JR.--Asbury Park, N.J. Account- ing, SIT, Sociology Club, Glee Club. JOHN C. GUENTHER -Meadeville, Pa. Business Administration, Delta Sigma Phi Fra- ternity, Cheerleader, Dorm Council. EDWARD S. GULNAC-- New Castle, Pa. Psychology, Tau Kappa Epsilon Frate-rnity, Raiders, Psychology Club. FRANK E. HAGAN--Pittsburgh, Pa. Sociology, Class Officer, Sociology Club, Student Counselor. PAT- RICK 'D. HALEY--Erie, Pa. Business Administration. JORN G. HANSEN-Findley Lake, N.Y. History, PSEA, Historical Society. JOHN P. HARTMAN-Erie, Pa. Industrial Manage- ment, Tennis Team. GERARD L. HASENHUETTL-Erie, Pa. Chemistry, Chemistry Club, Intramurals. JORN G. HANSEN PATRICK D. HALEY GERARD L. JOHN P. HARTMAN HASENTHUETTL I I I l LAWRENCE D. HAYNES JOSEPH F. HEAVEY THOMAS HECKER ROBERT J. HEIM JOSEPH L. JOHN D. HENKE HEIMBOLD, JR. RICHARD F. HERR STEPHEN G. HENRY LAWRENCE D. HAYNES-Wattsburg, Pa. Industrial Manage- ment, Intramurals. JOSEPH F. HEAVEY-Altoona, Pa. General Science, Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity, Student Council Vice-Presi- dent, PSEA. THOMAS HECKER-Edinboro, Pa. Mechanical Engineering, PSPE, Intramurals. ROBERT J. HEIM-Pittsburgh, Pa. General Science, SIT. JOSEPH L. HEIMBOLD, JR.-Mom mouth Beach, N.J. Psychology, Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Gannon KNIGHT Editor, French Club. JOHN D. HENKE- Erie, Pa. Electrical Engineering, Scabbard and Blade, Raiders Pershing, Rifles. STEPHEN G. HENRY-Erie, Pa. Mathematics, American Mathematical Association. RICHARD F. HERR--Ken- more, N.Y. Industrial Management, Advanced ROTC, Scabbard and Blade, Intramurals. J Hope sl Q' si IE- XR L. L.. MARK HORAN ROBERT HRINDA JAMES JANSEN GABRIEL JASKOLKA ommunication EUGENE R. HOGE-Erie, Pa. Industrial Management. Pi Kap- pa Alpha Fraternity, Gannon Knight. CHARLES E. HOMAN- Oil City, Pa. Mathematics, Intramurals. MARK HORAN-But- ler, Pa. English. Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity, Blue Key National Honor Society, Student Council. ROBERT HRINDA-Lake City, Pa. Finance, Alpha Phi De-lta Fraternity, SIT, Intramurals. JOHN D. HUGHEY-Oil City, Pa. Finance. Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity, Intramurals. JOSEPH P. ILACQUA, JR.-Syracuse, New York. History. Gannon Tutoring Program, SIT, Historical Society. JAMES D. JANSEN-Erie, Pa. Sociology. Advanced R.O.T.C., Scabbard and Blade, Sociology Club. GABRIEL JAS- KOLKA--Erie, Pa. Psychology. Psychology Club. JOHN L. JOHNSTON-Punxsutawney, Pa. Mathematics. IEEE, Dorm Council. EARL R. KEEFNER-Oil City, Pa. Biology, Science Club. STEPHEN D. KERCHANSKY--Erie, Pa. Industrial Man- agement. Scabbard and Blade, Bowling League, IEEE. RAY- MOND J. KISSINGER--Oil City, Pa. Science. GERALD T. KLAVON WILLIAM KLEINER DAVID KOZAK EMMETT KRAUS LAWRENCE KREIT RONALD ROGER KULIGOWSKI RONALD KUSHNER KROTOSZYNSKI n 0 m C n t FREDERICK KWIATKOWSKI GERALD T. KLAVON--Pittsburgh, Pa. Accounting. SIT, Amer- ican Marketing Association, Intramurals. WILLIAM M. KLEIN- ER-Erie, Pa. History. PSEA, Historical Society, Intramurals. DAVID C. KOZAK--Lackawanna, New York. Political Science, Model U.N. Secretary General, History Club, Talisman Players. EMMETT KRAUS-Erie, Pa. Mechanical Engineering. Dean's List, Blue Key, Debate Club. LAWRENCE W. KREIT-Hagers- town, Maryland. Marketing. Marketing Club, Intramurals. RON- ALD J. KROTOSZYNS-KI-Erie, Pa. Industrial Managemnt. ROGER KULIGOWSKI-North Tonawanda, New York. Socio- logy. Intramurals, Sociology Club. RONALD A. KUSHNER-- Carnegie, Pa. Accounting. Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, SIT Intramurals. JEROME R. KWIATKOWSKI-Erie, Pa. Finance. WALTER KALISTA--Erie, Pa. Biology. Science Club. FRED- ERICK J. LALLMAN-Erie, Pa. Electrical Engineering, IEEE. DAVID E. LANNON-North Tonawanda, New York. Market- ing. CCD, Soccer Club, Intramurals. 7 LAWRENCE LEPKOWSKI RICHARD D. LUTZ ROBERT E. MARCUS BRUCE A. MASTERS THOMAS J. LENOVICH THOMAS M. LYONS ANDREW G. MAREK GLENN W. MATTHEWS i JAMES F. LIEBEL ALOIS LUBIEJEWSKI TERRY D. MACIOGE JOHN P. MANDO Laughter LAWRENCE LEPKOWSKI-Erie, Pa. Electrical Engineering. IEEE, Pershing Rifles, Intramurals. THOMAS J. LENOVICH -Oil City, Pa. Spanish. Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity, Advanced ROTC, Scabbard and Blade. JAMES F. LIEBEL-Erie, Pa. Mechanical Engineering. PSPE President. ALOIS LUBIEJE- WSKI-Erie, Pa. English. Student Council Treasurer, Blue Key, LIT. RICHARD D. LUTZ-Pittsburgh, Pa. Industrial Manage- ment. Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity, Varsity Baseball. THOMAS M. LYONS-Erie, Pa. General Science. TERRY D. MACIOGE -Ellwood City, Pa. Psychology. PSEA, Fencing,'NEA. JOHN P. MANDO-Erie, Pa. Philosophy. St. Thomas More Club, CCD, Gannon KNIGHT. ROBERT E. MARCUS-Sharon, Pa. Politi- cal Science. Political Science Club, Gannon KNIGHT, Intramu- rals. ANDREW G. MAREK--Duquesne, Pa. Business. Intramu- rals. BRUCE A. MASTERS--Niagara Falls, N.Y. Sociology. Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Intramurals. GLENN W. MAT- THEWS-Erie, Pa. Business. Stage Band. Love THOMAS J. MATUSIAK-Erie, Pa. History. Historical Society, PSEA, CCD. JAMES McCALLION-Erie, Pa. Finance. Varsity Basketball. TERENCE MCCARTHY-Islip, N.Y. History. De- bate Team, Dean's List, Blue Key. JOHN P. MCCORMICK-Erie, Pa. General Business. Marketing Club, Ski Club, Intramurals. JOHN C. McFADDEN-Erie, Pa. Biology. Dean's List, Science Club. THOMAS J. MCINTIRE--Erie, Pa. Business. Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Intramurals. THOMAS R. MCMILLAN-Canonsburg, Pa. Accounting. Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity, Intramurals. ROB- ERT J. McWILLIAMS-New Castle, Pa. English. Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity, PSEA, LAUREATE. a koper development THOMAS J. MATUSIAK TERENCE MCOARTHY JOHN O. MCFADDEN THOMAS R. MCMILLAN JAMES MCOALLION JOHN P. MCCORMICK THOMAS J. MCINTIRE ROBERT J. McWILLIAMS JAMES A. MEKO MARILYN F. MERSKI JAMES A. MEKO--Erie, Pa. Sociology. Student Council Presi- dent, Blue Key, Advanced ROTC. MARILYN F. MERSKI- Erie, Pa. English. PSEA, LIT. JOSEPH A. MEYER-St. Marys, Pa. Science. ALEXANDER MICZO-Erie, Pa. Mathematics. WILLIAM J. MORSCHHAUSER-Erie, Pa. Industrial Mana- gement. LEVANT T. MORTON-Erie, Pa. Physics. Omega A1- pha Phi Service Fraternity, St. Thomas More Club. DANIEL A. NECKEL-Erie, Pa. Accounting. Senior Class Treasurer, Scab- bard and Blade, Raiders. MARY NEFF-Erie, Pa. Spanish. Gan- non KNIGHT, Talisman Players, PSEA. JOHN F. NOAL-Erie, Pa. Accounting. ROBERT N. O'CONNELL-Pittsburgh, Pa. Fi- nance. Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity, SIT, IFC. Stud ten more minutes JOSEPH A. MEYER ALEXANDER MICZO WILLIAM J. LEVANT T. MORTON MORSCHHAUSER MARY NEFF DANIEL A. NECKEL ROBERT N. JOHN F. NOAL O'CONN ELL l JEFFREY M. O'HARA ROBERT L. OKICKI RAYMOND J. ROBERT P. PARMARTER PICCIRILLO PHILIP PLESZEWSKI RICHARD S. KENNETH J. POLIAK PLESLUSKA JOHN L. PRICE CECIL S. ORTALLONO V. JAMES PALMERI JEFFREY M. O'HARA--Erie, Pa. Accounting. Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, IFC, Advanced ROTC. ROBERT L. OKICKI-Euclid, Ohio. Accounting. Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, SIT, Intramu- rals. CECIL S. ORTALLONO-Monessen, Pa. Management. Gannon KNIGHT Business Manager, Alpha Phi Delta Frater- nity, SIT. V. JAMES PALMERI-Newark, N. Y. General Sci- ence. Intramurals, Fencing Team. RAYMOND J. PARMARTER --North East, Pa. English. PSEA, Gannon Tutoring Program. ROBERT P. PICCIRILLO-Ridgway, Pa. Accounting. Alpha Phi Delta F raternity, Intramurals. PHILIP PLESZEWSKI-Dum kirk, N.Y. Finance. Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Gannon KNIGHT, Intramurals. RICHARD S. PLESLUSKA-McKees Rocks, Pa. Accounting. Intramurals. KENNETH J. POLIAK-Creighton, Pa. Chemistry. Chemistry Club, Intramurals. JOHN L. PRICE- Erie, Pai.. Accounting. Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity, Glee Club, In- tramura s. Development I hope I'm grounded. ROMAN RAKOWSKY PETER W. REYBURN HOWARD E. ROSE JOHN REISENBERG g ff! Q - SXSSAQ ss QS QSQAQ .X .. D s mx-ss WILLIAM RICHARD W. ROEHRL ROEHRIG, III ROBERT ROYER DAVID J. RICE Absorption ROMAN RAKOWSKY-Bronx, N.Y. History and Russian. His- torical Society. PETER W. REYBURN-Erie, Pa. Accounting. Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Soccer Team, Intramurals. WIL- LIAM J. ROEHRIG, III--Corry, Pa. Biology. Glee Club, Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Intramurals. RICHARD W. ROEHRL -Erie, Pa. Finance. Men's Choir, SIT. HOWARD E. ROSE- Erie, Pa. History. Pershing Rifles, Advanced ROTC, Historical Society. JOHN REISENBERG-Erie, Pa. Economics. Blue Key, Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Intramurals. DAVID J. RICE- Union City, Pa. Industrial Management. IEEE. ROBERT ROY- ER-Erie, Pa. Biology. Intramurals. l50 CLARENCE G. RUPPRECHT NANCY E. RUTKOWSKI JOHN SARBAK ALBERT R. SCHLESINGER DONALD R. RUSSELL VINCENT A. SALOTTI JOHN SAWICH RICHARD E. SCHOENFELD CLARENCE G. RUPPRECHT-St. Marys, Pa. Accounting. In- tramurals. DONALD R. RUSSELL-Buffalo, N.Y. Manage- ment. SIT, Intramurals. NANCY E. RUTKOWSKI-Erie, Pa. English. LANCE, LIT, PSEA. VINCENT A. SALOTTI-Mones- sen, Pa. Marketing. Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity, SIT, Intramu- rals. JOHN SARBAK--Erie, Pa. Biology. Intramurals. JOHN J. SAWICH-Donora, Pa. Accounting. MICHAEL SCHACK- Ashtabula, Ohio. Chemistry. Men's Choir, Chemistry Club. ED- WARD W. SCHAUBLE--Erie, Pa. Electrical Engineering. IEEE. ALBERT R. SCHLESINGER-Pittsburgh, Pa. Accounting. RICHARD F. SCHOENFELD--Erie, Pa. Electrical Engineering. Dean's List, IEEE. JAMES F. SCHWARTZ-Erie, Pa. History. Pershing Rifles. JOHN F. SECHRIST, JR.-Erie, Pa. Electrical Engineering. Blue Key, IEEE President, Pi Kappa Alpha Frater- nity. I I rogresslon EDWARD W. SCHAUBLE MICHAEL SCHACK JOHN F. SECHRIST, JAMES F. SCHWARTZ JR. SEMIH 1. SINIK THOMAS J. SMITH JoHN P. SPILLANE THOMAS J. STASIAK EDWARD D. SIVAK WILLIAM B. SMITH DAVID STANCZAK THOMAS K. SIPPLE DONALD M. SMITH JOHN F. SMOLINSKI RAYMOND W. SOWINSKI Education SEMIH I. SINIK-Erie, Pa. Industrial Management. Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Soccer Team, Intramurals. EDWARD D. SIVAK-Erie, Pa. Biology. ROTC Band, Science Club. THOMAS K. SIPPLE-Erie, Pa. Accounting. Tau Kappa Epsi- lon Fraternity, Advanced ROTC. DONALD M. SMITH-Shen- andoah, Pa. Chemistry. American Chemical Society, Intramurals. THOMAS J. SMITH-St. Marys, Pa. Accounting. Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity, Intramurals. WILLIAM B. SMITH-Windsor, Conn. General Science. PSEA, Science Club, Intramurals. JOHN F. SMOLINSKI-Erie, Pa. Accounting. RAYMOND W. SO- WINSKI-Natrona, Pa. Mechanical Engineering. Intramurals. JOHN P. SPILLANE-Ridgway, Pa. Accounting. Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity, SIT, Intramurals. DAVID J. STANCZAK- Erie, Pa. Science. Gannon Tutoring Program Director, PSEA, Tennis Team. THOMAS J. STASIAK-Lakeview, N.Y. General Science. Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity, Science Club, Intramurals. WILLIAM J. STEGER-Erie, Pa. Accounting. Senior Class Pres- ident, Blue Key, Advanced ROTC. CLEMENS A. STOLINSKI --Erie, Pa. Industrial Management. Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity President, Blue Key, Who's Who. ARVIN C. STOTESBERY --Pittsburgh, Pa. Accounting. GEORGE R. STROHL, JR.- Northampton, Pa. Psychology. Psychology Club. DANIEL J. STUBLER-Rouseville, Pa. Accounting. SIT, Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity, Intramurals. THOMAS R. SUKALAC-Mentor, Ohio. Industrial Management. Alpha Psi Omega Honorary Fra- ternity, Talisman Players, Blue Key. EUGENE P. SYMONS- Oil City, Pa. Mechanical Engineering. Intramurals. PHILIP A. TEMPLE-Erie, Pa. Psychology. Psychology Club, Intramurals. HARRY A. TIPPING-Oil City, Pa. History. Tau Kappa Epsi- lon Fraternity, SIT, Historical Society. RAYMOND J. TOBO- LEWSKI-Erie, Pa. Accounting. Advanced ROTC, Scabbard and Blade, Intramurals. JOSEPH A. TORMA-Ashtabula, Ohio. Philosophy. Spanish Club. Preparation GEORGE R. STROHL, DANIEL J. STUBLER. CLEMENS A WILLIAM J STEGER JR. HARRY A. TIPPING STOLINSKI ARVIN C PHILIP TEMPLE THOMAS R SUKALAC STOTESBERY JAMES E. TROCKI STANLEY TWARGOWSKI JAMES E. 'TROCKI-Erie, Pa. Psychology. Psychology Club President. STANLEY TWARGOWSKI, JR.-Erie, Pa. Account- ing. Student Council, Dean's List, Intramurals. THOMAS J. TY- CZKOWSKI-Erie, Pa. Electrical Engineering. IEEE. MI- CHAEL E. TYSON-Sharon, Pa. Business. Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity, Intramurals. ANTHONY T. UMPIROWICZ-Erie, Pa.. Accounting. Advanced ROTC, Scabbard and Blade, Intra- murals. THOMAS VANDERVORT-Erie, Pa. Electrical Engi- neering. IEEE. MICHAEL H. VARHOLA-Erie, Pa. Foreign Languages. Advanced ROTC, Gannon Tutoring Program, Intra- murals. LEWIS VESPOLI-Webster, N.Y. Accounting. Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity, Student Council. ROBERT S. VETERA- Erie, Pa. Finance. Glee Club, Baseball Team, SIT. JAMES L. WALDINGER-Erie, Pa. General Science. Science Club, PSEA, Intramurals. Graduation THOMAS J. THOMAS TYCZKOWSKI ANTHONY T. VANDERVORT MICHAEL H. MICHAEL E. TYSON UMPIROWICZ JAMES L. VARHOLA LEWIS VESPOLI ROBERT s. VETERA WALDINOER PHILIP WALSH I LOUIS WARREN Anticipation PHILIP R. WALSH-Pittsburgh, Pa. Pre-Medical. Science Club, Pershing Rifles. TERENCE J. WALTON--Ridgway, Pa. Account- ing. EDWARD T. WARD, JR.--Pittsburgh, Pa. Psychology. Stu- dent Council Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity, Intramurals. LOUIS WARREN--Erie, Pa. Industrial Management. Varsity Basketball, Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity. ROBERT J. WASYLSON-Johns- town, Pa. Electrical Engineering. Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, IEEE. O. ROGER WATROUS--Corry, Pa. Industrial Manage- ment. Bowling. ALFRED WEGMILLER-Lake City, Pa. Market- ing. CHARLES J. WESCHLER--Erie, Pa. General Science. Ski Club, Intramurals. WILLIAM G. WEST, JR.-Pittsburgh, Pa. Ac- counting. ALBERT WHITNEY-Clyrner, N.Y. Mechanical. En- gineering. PSPE. TERENCE J. WALTON ROBERT J. WASYLSON ALFRED WEGMILLER WILLIAM G. WEST, JR. EDWARD T. WARD, JR. o. ROGER WATROUS CHARLES J. WESGHLER ALBERT WHITNEY I RICHARD D. WHITING EDWARD WISNIEWSKI THOMAS WONZNIAK ELMER YACOBOZZI ROBERT WIESEN MELVIN WITHERSPOON ERNEST WRIGHT, JR. ROBERT ZAMPOGNA PAUL WINELAND JOHN WINGERTER 1'1tI'2lI1CC . . . RICHARD D. WHITING-Erie, Pa. Finance. ROBERT WIES- EN-Erie, Pa. Sociology. ROTC Band, Gannon KNIGHT. PAUL L. WINELAND-McKeesport, Pa. Biology. Delta Sigma Phi Fra- ternity, Glee Club, Intramurals. JOHN D. WINGERTER-Erie, Pa. Sociology. St. Thomas More Club, Sociology Club. EDWARD WISNIEWSKI--Erie, Pa. Mathematics, Advanced ROTC, Scab- bard and Blade, Intramurals. MELVIN WITHERSPOON-New wark, N.J. Marketing. Co-captain Basketball Team, Delta Sigma Phi- Fraternity. THOMAS J. WOZNIAK-Erie, Pa. Manage- ment. Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Intramurals. ERNEST WRIGHT-Erie, Pa. Accounting. Alpha Phi Delta Treasurer, S.I.T., Student Council. ELMER YACOBOZZI-Erie, Pa. Social Sciences. Historical Society, P.S.E.A. ROBERT ZAMPOGNA- Mt. Jewett, Pa. Accounting. Intramurals. MICHAEL J. ZEZU- LEWICZ-Pittsburgh, Pa. Business Management. Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, I.F.C., Intramurals, S.I.T. MICHAEL ZEZULEWICZ , x, ,LN N , f V As Q .mam - . K 'A + K WIRES ' . N, .N W Wk :gr-J :,g- ME .I Fxaikimwsmm' T,,,.,v-Am-A . ,. .M-M., .x,x. ,, Gr W Q. nmrmnmavr REVOLVER. bytha6averumeat H RBMGTDKAEHS, milhsf gfiy -9 fs? 3 wa swgerirrrtosnyotherfiiwlofthakimd. ka.tmsiBeRRevoiven. Sowhythsfradoges- Y 3 . K,-4 " 4 :S I 5 .rlsfv -, 1 'S 1.21-K L LM' - X555 Wbxexv 'X Q .QA .X . .. ., F9 ARIS- if' if--frf ,S 1..x,QN gg . . x - ' X P- - 1 .. W 1: X-rfawl y ,rw . W Sv W Y , X X A ' A x X 'ff A :AF ,,-- 1 + xx A . . A , P' I i I 4 I .ww -um , Q if-1 Z E QD i 'D KN AX n G' 1 M 1 3t1"OI1 8: MRS 8: MRS 8: MRS 8: MRS 8: MRS Parent Patrons P AMBROSINO W J ATZERT FRED H BAUMCRATZ J ALBERT BAUSCH WIN TON H BECK JR MR 8: MRS VITO A CARDO MRS MAJORIE B CARROLL MR 8: MRS FRANK CHATTERTON MRS AGNES CHITEMAN 8: MRS 8: MRS 8: MRS 8: MRS 8: MRS 8: MRS R MRS EARL J R MRS R MRS THOMAS P COLLINS PHILIP DOLCE JAMES E GEARY G GEGENF URTN ER CHARLES F GUENTHER FRANK L HASENHUETTL CYRILJ HEIM KEEFN ER BERNARD KLAVON LOUISJ LENOVICH CALVIN A LOUTZENHISER 8: MRS HAROLD W LUTZ 8: MRS JOHN B MANDO 8: MRS ANDREW MAREK 8: MRS BERNARD MCCARTHY MR. . . MR. . . . MR. . . MR. . . MR. . . . MR. . . MR. . MR. . . MR. . . MR. 8: MRS. JOHN L. GRIECH MR. . ' . MR. . . MR. . . MR. . MR. . MR. . . MR. . MR. . . MR. , . MR. . MR. . PATRICK McKAY 8: MRS JAMES R MCWILLIAMS ALBERTF MEYER 8: MRS ALBERT O'CONNELL 8: MRS. JOHN OKICKI 8: MRS. SAM ORTALLANO DR 8: MRS V JAMES PALMERI MR 8: MRS. STEVE PLESLUSKA MR 8: MRS MARTIN POLIAK C FIRST SGT 8: MRS WALTER N PRI MRS ROSE MARIE RICE MRS BRUNO ROEHRL MR 8: MRS JOSEPH J. SALOTTI DR MICHAELV SIVAK MR 8: MRS GEORGE A. SMITH MRS GERTRUDE STASIAK . 8: MRS MICHAEL VARHOLA 8: MRS A P WALDINGER 8: MRS. ROY WINELAND MAX A WOLFF MRS CECELIAL ZETTLE MR 8: MRS STEVE LEZULEWICZ MR FRANK ZMYSLINSKI USMC 1 1 1 MR. MR. . . MR. . MR. . MR. MR. MR. 8: MRS. THOMAS W. STUBLER MR. . MR. . . . MR. MR. . mo 1 1 V ' -E Boston Store Portrait Studio 718 State Street , Erie, Pennsylvania I Isaac Baker SL Son 629 State Street Erie, Pennsylvania 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I i P r 4rrnr S P erre S an anne H E Y L Physician Supply Co 419 State Street Erie, Pennsylvania The Erie Sport Store 709 State Street Erie, Pennsylvania 1 1 - Wesch1er's Shoes For Men 924 Peach Street Erie, Pennsylvania X xmX.,,-Xx--- Rolen Jewelers A921 State Street Erie, Pennsylvania Trask's Red Carpet Shop 827 State St. Erie, Penna. Seymour's Jewelers 708 State Street Erie, Pennsylvania 1 Duggan-Rider Office Supply 729 State Street Erie, Pennsylvania Sanner Office Supply Co. 1119 Peach Street Erie, Pennsylvania the business man's department store" " ' ' 1 1 I Darling's Florists 109 West 7th Street Erie, Pennsylvania ccspecializing in corsages and wedding bouquets Y General Index Academic Essay .... .--. 9 8 Administration .......... . . . 110 Alpha Phi Delta Fratemity . . . . . . . 54 Alpha Phi Delta Sweetheart .... .... 2 1 Alpha Phi Omega ......... .... 6 2 Alpha Psi Omega ........ .... 6 3 American Chemical Society . .. Q . . . 27 American Institute of Physics .... .... 2 8 Athletic Section ............. .... 7 2 Association of Gannon Coeds .... .... 2 6 Baseball .... .... 8 4 Basketball ......... .... 7 6 Biology Science Club .............. .... 3 0 Blue Key National Honor Fraternity . . . . .. 64 Board of Trustees .... . . . . . . 112 Class Oflicers ................... .... 3 1 Confraternity of Christian Doctrine . . . . . . . 32 Cross Country .................. . . 74 Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity .... .... 5 6 Delta Sigma Phi Sweetheart . . . . . . . 20 Eight Ball Queen . . . . . . . 18 Faculty ........ . . . 122 Faculty Roster . . . . . . 169 Fraternity Section .... .... 5 2 Gannon Knight .... .... 3 3 Golf . . . . . . 86 Guidance . . . . . . 120 Historical Society . . . , , , , 34 I.E.E.E. ............... .... 3 5 Interfraternity Council . . . . . . . 66 Intramural Sports . . . . . . . 88 Lambda Iota Tau Lance .... Laureate .......... Lay Advisory Board .... Military Ball Queen Organization Section . . . Patron Section ..... P.S.E.A. .... . P.S.P.E. .... . Pershing Rifles .......... Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity . .. Pi Kappa Alpha Dreamgirl . . . Political Science Club .... Psi Club ............ R.O.T.C. Band .... Rifle Team ...- ....... St. Patis Dance Queen St. Thomas More Club . . . Senior Section ..... Scabbard and Blade .... Ski Club ..... Sociology Club . .. Spanish Club .... Stage Band ..... , ....... . Student Investment Trust .... Student Life Essay . . . Talisman Players ..... Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity Tau Kappa Epsilon Sweetheart Who's Who ................ Winter Carnival Queen .... F acult Albanese, Rev. Anthony L., S.T.D., Philosophy, Theology Alcorn, Charles L., Ed. M., Education Barcio, Rev. Robert, Ph. D. History Barger, Lawrence E., B.S. Accounting Barr, Rev. Joseph J., Ph. D. Political Science, Director Bates, Thomas F., B.B.A. Public Information Becker, Robert H., Ph.D. Chemistry Bell, Jack T., B.A. Alumni Director Beyer, Richard L., Ph.D. History, Director Bressan, Joseph L., B.S., C.P.A. Accounting Burke, Rev. John AR., M.A. Philosophy Burke, Paul G., B.S. Accounting Carney. Melvin E., M.A. Psychology Cicozzi, Attilo Ph.D. Italian Ciufoli, Rt. Rev. Msgr. Fine Arts Clough, Raymond J ., M.A. French Colvin, Charles R., D.Ed. Education, Director Cook, Arthus H., BES. Engineering Counihan, Captain Jeremiah M.B.A. Military Science Crispo, Rev. Alphonse F. Ph.D. Philosophy, Director Dapprich, Aloysius E., M.S. Engineering Dargan, William E., M.B.A. Management Davis, John B., Ph.D. Chemistry DeLeon-Soto, Eron, Ph.D. Spanish Dipre, Rev. Gilio L., M.S. Philosophy DeSante, Rev. Paul J., Ph.D. English Descoteaux, Albert R., B.A. French Dunford, Richard J., M.S. Management Elwell, Howard J., M.A. Athletics Falkewitz, Robert J., M.Ed. English, Speech Fin, Rev. Robert G., Ph.D. Russian Finegan, Owen T., M.S. Guidance and Placement Fitzgerald, John M., M.S. Mathematics Fleming, John J., Ph.D. Psychology, Director Freeman, James J., M.S. Mathematics, Director Gammon, Richard P., Ph.D. Biology Gavin, Joseph A., M.A. English Geier, Roger A., B.S. Accounting Gibbons,- Rev. Alfred B., M.A. Philosophy Gildea, Martin M., M.A. Political Science Gilewicz, John P., B.S.E.E. Physics Gorski, Thaddeus M., M.S. Chemistry Groszkiewicz, Frank W., Jr., B.E.E. Engineering Haas, Rev. Francis W., B.A. Theology Hanes, James G., LL.B. Management Harding, James F., M.A. Athletics, Director Heinlein, Albert C., M.B.A. and dministrative Roster Registrar Herbstritt, Richard L., M.A. Registrar Hesch, George P., M.S. Chemistry Heibel, Edward, M.D. Health Services Hipp, Rev. Joseph E., M.B.A. Financial Aid Holly, Patricia M., M.A. English Huang, Yun K., Ph.D. Engineering Impeduglia, Giovanni S., Ph.D. Physics Jiamg, Thomas J. Y., M.E. Electrical Engineering Kahl, Alfred L., M.B.A. Management Karcic, Mary,sM.S.L.S. Library Kelvington, James R., Ph.D. Philosophy Kennedy, Roger J., M.B.A. Marketing Loenig, Daniel J., M.S Sociology Kohlmiller, Elmer F., Jr., Ph.D., Biology, Director V Kosar, Halit M., Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering Kraus, Gerald R., M.S., Dean of Sciences Kroncke, Charles O., M.B.A. Management Latimer, William N., M.B.A. Management and Marketing, Director Lee, John T., M.A. Economics Levis, Rev. Robert J., Ph.D. Theolo SY Lore-i, Very Rev. Msgr. Louis H., M.A. Dean of Humanities Lubiak, Rev. Casimir J., M.S.L.S. Librarian Lundy, Charles L., Ph.D. Guidance and Counseling McCallum, George E., B.A., Ph.D. Economics McCullough, Rev. James M.S. Mat'hematics McCully, Captain Calvin R., B.S. Military Science McLaughlin, Joseph W., M.Ed. Guidance and Placement McNelis, Gerald A., Jr., LL.B. Management Malinowski, John P., M.A. Theology Meehan, John L., M.A. English Miller, Thomas C. III, B.E.E. Engineering Mollenhauer, James, J ., M.A. Spanish Monahan, Thomas A., B.S., C.P.A. Accounting Murphy, Edward F., M.S. Physics Myers, Norman G., M.S. Mathematics Nash, Rt. Rev. Msgr. Wilfrid J. President Niebling, Rev. Howard V., M.A. Fine Arts Nies, Rita A., B.S.L.S. Library O'Toole, Rev Austin, B.A. Biology D Palmer, David D., M.A. English Palmer, James E., M.S. Engineering Pelkowski, Jerome M., M.S.W. Sociology Peterson, Rev. James W., M.A. Theology, Director Peterson, Paul Ward, Ph.D. Languages, Director Pizzat, Frank J., Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist Quinn, Kevin, B.S. Comptroller Rogers, Edward, Ma. Mathematics Rouch, John S., Ph.D. English Rowland, J. Carter, Ph.D. English Director Russell, Rev. Bernard M., C.S.V., M.S. Mathematics, Director Russo, Peter O., B.A. Athletics Sague, Miguel A., Ed. D. 'Spanish Sala, Frank, B.A. Mathematics Saraiinski, Sister Mary Jude, O.S.B., M.A English Scalise, Frank N., M.S. Management Schanz, Rev. John P., Ph.D. Theology Schlessinger, Gert. Ph.D. Chemistry Schmitt, Anthony B., M.S. Speech, Dramatics Schubert, William A., M.S. Biology Sciamanda, Rev. Robert, M.S. Physics, Director Scottino, Joseph P., Ph.D. Director of Graduate School Seligman, Arthur M., Dr. Ing. Engineering Selvaggi, Jerry A., M.S. Engineering, Director Shu, H. Hunter, Ph.D. Engineering Slater, Rev. John J., M.A. Asst. to the President Smaltz, Peter R., A.B. Marketing Smith, Charles R., Jr., M.A. English Somers, Rev. Eldon K., Ed.D. Dean of Students Speice, Rev. Lawrence T., S.T.B. Asst. Registrar Strohmeyer, Rev. George E., B.A. Sociology Sullivan, Rev. Richar J., M.A. Theology Susa, Rev. Robert P., B.A. Economics Susko, John P., Ph.D. Economics and Finance, Director Tascone, Joseph F., M.A. Sociology Thompson, Rev. John, M.A. Philosophy Tullio, Robert J ., B.S. Finance Vetrone, Leonard, M.E. Engineering Wainwright, Rev. Harry, Jr., B.D. Theological Waldron, John E., Ph.D. Dean of Business Administration Wallach, John S., M.A. Education Weber, Bertl M., Ph.D. German Weidle, Paul, B.A. Management Weithman, Francis G., M.A., C.P.A. Accounting Wesley, Joseph L., M.A. English Williman, Daniel H., M.A. History Wolf, Rev. Norbert G., M.A. Treasurer Wright, Ernest, G., M.B.A. Finance Yarbenet, Michael R., B.S., C.P.A. Accounting Young, John J., M.A. English Yehl, Rev. Addison, M.S. Chemistry, Director Yochim, George J ., M.S. Education Adams, Valiant D. 21 Hutchins Street Batavia, New York Agostini, Dennis E. 917 East 27 Street Erie, Pennsylvania Akre, James E. 2640 Poplar Street Erie, Pennsylvania Allenbaugh, Roger D. RD 2, Box 981 Portage, Pennsylvania Amann, Donald F. 914 East 27th Street Erie, Pennsylvania Amann, John G. 519 East 9 Street Erie, Pennsylvania Ambrosino, Michael J . 349 Lenord Street Brooklyn, New York Andrae, Michael J. 909 Raspberry Street Erie, Pennsylvania Angelo, Gerald J . 544 Highland Place Pittsburgh 2, Pennsylvania Anthony, Nicholas J. 142 West Main Street Conneaut, Ohio Aquino, John E. 219 East 32nd Street Erie, Pennsylvania Atzert, Gregory Franklin 130 Madison Street Riverside, New Jersey Barone, Samuel M. 126 State Street- Batavia, New York Baumcratz, James H. 833 East 10th Street Erie, Pennsylvania Bausch, Robert J . 61 South Main Street Batavia, New York Beck, James Phillips 732 Broad Avenue Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania Beck, William S. 348 Evaline Street Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Benoit, James A. 620 West 8th Street Erie, Pennsylvania Blessel, Kenneth W. R. Dah? 1 Kersey, Pennsylvania Boris, James R. 712 Pennsylvania Avenue Erie, Pennsylvania Brady, Robert James 3110 French Street Erie, Pennsylvania Brooks, Joseph W. 1728 Luty Avenue Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Bucheit, James E. Fillmore Road St. Marys, Pennsylvania Burns, Richard F. 35405 Dixon Drive Willoughy Hills, Ohio Senior Director Burton, Chester J. 189 Lake Avenue Brocton, New York Buto, Thomas J. 2821 Wayne Street Erie, Pennsylvania Buzanowski, Joseph R. 536 East 23 Street Erie, Pennsylvania Cantoni, Dennis Arthur 1530 West 25 Street Erie, Pennsylvania Cap, Paul 2819 Wayne Street Erie, Pennsylvania Cardo, Richard T. 1562 Unionport Road Bronx 62, New York Ca-rgioli, Joseph D. 3819 Elmwood Avenue Erie, Pennsylvania Carroll, G. Michael Jr. 270515 Liberty Street Erie, Pennsylvania Carroll, Leonard M. Rd:,li'3- Emlenton, Pennsylvania Carver, William G. 3909 Marion Street Erie, Pennsylvania Ceranic, John W. 922 Chestnut Street Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Cesa, Louis J. 1127 West 7th Street Erie, Pennsylvania Chatterton, James L. 66 Andover Street Rochester, New York Chiteman, Michael D. 824 East 10th Street Erie, Pennsylvania Cicerone, Louis Robert 2532 West 35th Street Erie, Pennsylvania Cichoski, William A. 3813 Bonaventure Street Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Clouser, Gary D. 1202 Brown Avenue Erie, Pennsylvania Collins, Edward RD Q3 Butler, Pennsylvania Cotter, James W., Jr. 589 Brussells Street St. Marys, Pennsylvania Cross, John A. 1821 Oxford Street Erie, Pennsylvania Cross, William Chandler Dock Road Madison, Ohio Cunningham, John W., Jr. 54 7th Street Mansfield, Pennsylvania Curcio, Thomas L. 1743 Albany Street Schenectady, New York Damond, Gerald J. 627 Beech Street Warren, Pennsylvania Defazio, David M. RD 5 Donation Road Erie, Pennsylvania Dello, Cosmo S. 3830 Lewis Avenue Erie, Pennsylvania Demonaco, Lawrence J. 217 South Millvale Avenue Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Deverse, Anthony P. 1517 Broad Street Greensburg, Pennsylvania Difrango, Ronald R. 103 Peffer Road Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania Divins,,, John Edward 348 West 9th Street Erie, Pennsylvania Dolce, James L. 422 Beverly Drive Erie, Pennsylvania Donnelly, Robert L. 310 Fourth Street Freeport, Pennsylvania Dowdall, Norbert P. 41 Highgate Avenue Buffalo, New York Driscoll, Daniel M. 1249 West 9th Street Erie, Pennsylvania Dubovec, Rudolph J. 753 Lake Street N Kingsville, Ohio Dutkowsky, Andrew D. 28 East Orchard Avenue Pittsburgh 2, Pennsylvania Edwards, John G. 509i Hoffman Avenue Oil City, Pennsylvania Einfeldt, Samuel W. RD i151 Girard, Pennsylvania English, John Wm. 2050 South Shore Drive Erie, Pennsylvania Ertl, Joseph Francis 1315 Oregon Avenue Erie, Pennsylvania Evans, John 1414 Custer Drive Erie, Pennsylvania Faranda, Anthony R. 86 Longspur Road Yonkers, New York Ferrara, Mark P. 1106 West 6 Street Erie, Pennsylvania Finleon, Michael J. 20422 Coventry Detroit 6, Michigan Fiorelli, Raymond 5337 West Lake Road Erie, Pennsylvania Flaherty,Thomas A. 1144 West 7th Street Erie, Pennsylvania Flynn, Jeffrey 219 Arborwood Drive Gibsonia, Pennsylvania Fronzaglia, Stanley N. 2424 Raspberry Street Erie, Pennsylvania Frye, Robert J. 2708 West 26th Street Erie, Pennsylvania Gagnon, Raymond C. 2916 East 7th Street Erie, Pennsylvania Gallagher, Patrick T. 3006 Landis Street Pittsburgh 4, Pennsylvania Geary, George J. 146 Jamaica Avenue Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Gehrlein, Norman J. 1044 West 20 Street Erie, Pennsylvania Geisler, Robert W. 1824 Dovonshire Road Coraopolis, Pennsylvania Gennuso, Frank N., Jr. 698 Seventh Street Buffalo 12, New York Gerono, Ronald A. 981 Industry Street Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Glover, Karol W. 137 Greenwood Avenue Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania Graham, James Allan 906 Poplar Street Erie, Pennsylvania Grandinetti, Thomas D. 93 Westwood Street Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Graves, David Donald 2369 Alganquin Road Niskayons, New York Grieco, Anthonly Jr. M. 311 Sixth Avenue Asbury Park, New Jersey Guenther, John C. 646 William Street Meadville, Pennsylvania Gulnac, Edward S. 218 W. Garfield Avenue New Castle, Pennsylvania Hagan, Frank E. 722' Evergreen Avenue Pittsburgh 9, Pennsylvania Haley, Patrick 630 Tacoma Road Erie, Pennsylvania Hansen, Jorn G. Shady Side Findley Lake, New York Hartman, John P. 711 Japan Street Erie, Pennsylvania Hasenhuettl, Gerard L. 255 East 9th Street Erie, Pennsylvania Haynes, Lawrence D. RD ii'2 Wattsburgh, Pennsylvania Heavey, Joseph F. V. A. Hospital Altoona, Pennsylvania Hecker, Thomas P. RD .712 Edinboro, Pennsylvania Hein, Robert J . 304 Dunlap Street Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Heimbold, Joseph Louis J . 21 Monmouth Pkwy. Monmouth Beach, New Jersey Henke, John D. 220 Goodrich Street Erie, Pennsylvania Henry, Stephen G. 2814 Nagle Road Erie, Pennsylvania Herr, Richard F . 34 Marjann Terr. Kenmore 23, New York Hoge, Eugene R. 804 Chestnut Street Erie, Pennsylvania Homan, Charles E. 935 Beach Street Oil City, Pennsylvania Horan, Mark E. 303 East Brady Street Butler, Pennsylvania Hrinda, Robert J . 313 Twin Oaks Drive Lake City, Pennsylvania Hughey, John D. 317 Washington Avenue Oil' City, Pennsylvania Ilacqua, Joseph P. 184 Durston Avenue Syracuse, Pennsylvania Jansen, James D. 146 East 32nd Street Erie, Pennsylvania Jaskolka, Gabriel A. 642 East 19th Street Erie, Pennsylvania Johnston, John L. P. O. Box 8 Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania Kalista, Walter T. 313 East 7th Street Erie, Pennsylvania Keefner, Earl R. R.D. .ffl Oil City, Pennsylvania Kerchansky, Stephen D. 809 West 23rd Street Erie, Pennsylvania Kissinger, Raymond J . 103 Walnut Street Oil City, Pennsylvania Klavon, Gerald T. 339 44th Street Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Kleiner, William Michael 335 East 33rd Street Erie, Pennsylvania Kozak, David C. 89 Nason Parkway Lackawanna 18, New York Kraus, Emmett 1155 West 54th Street Erie, Pennsylvania Kreit, Lawrence Wayne 149 W. Franklin Street Hagerstown, Maryland Krotoszynski, Ron J . 3833 Wood Street Erie, Pennsylvania Kuligowski, Roger 599 Ward Road North Tonawanda, New York Masters, Bruce A. Twargowski, Stanley Jr. Witherspoon, Melvin Kushner, Ronald A. 243 Ignatius Avenue Carnegie, Pennsylvania Kwiatkowski, Jerome R. 817 East 28 Street Erie, Pennsylvania Lallman, Frederick J . 3238 Burton Avenue Erie, Pennsylvania Lannon, David E. 434 Woodlin Ave. North Tonawanda, N .Y. Lenovich, Thomas J . 121 Alcorn Avenue Oil City, Pennsylvania Lepkowski, Lawrence R. 546 East 28th Street Erie, Pennsylvania Liebel, James F. 755 Rosedale Avenue Erie, Pennsylvania Lubiejewski, Alois E. 540 East 19 Street Erie, Pennsylvania Lutz, Richard D. 240 Chester Avenue Pittsburgh, Pa. 15214 Lyons, Thomas M. 1134 West 8th Street Erie, Pennsylvania Macioge, Terry Dom 827 Todd Avenue Ellwood, Pennsylvania Mando, John P. 108 East 38th Street Erie, Pennsylvania Marcus, Robert E. 1420 Glenwood St. Sharon, Pennsylvania Marek, Andrew G. 609 Viola Avenue Duquesne, Pennsylvania Senior Directory Meko, James A. 4020 Cochran Street Erie, Pennsylvania Merski, Marilyn 3408 Schaper Avenue Erie, Pennsylvania Meyer, Joseph A. 544 Center Street St. Mary's, Pennsylvania Miczo, Alexander 1234 W. 10th Street Erie, Pennsylvania Morschhauser, William J . 1266 Boyer Road Erie, Pennsylvania Morton, Levant T. R.D. .1153 Erie, Pennsylvania Neckel, Daniel A. 413 Dunn Blvd. Erie, Pennsylvania Neff, Mary 3930 Station Road Erie, Pennsylvania Noal, John F. 2626 Brandes Street Erie, Pennsylvania O'Connell, Robert N. 3946 Cloverleaf Street Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania O'Hara, Jeffrey M. 306 Craig Street Erie, Pennsylvania Okicki, Robert L. 22651 Hadden Road Euclid 17, Ohio Ortallono, Cecil S. 11 Anderson Court Monessen, Pennsylvania Palmeri, Vincent J. 509 East Avenue Newark, New York 14513 Parmarter, Raymond James R.D. il, North Gulf Road 924 93rd Street Niagara Falls, N.Y. Matthews, Glenn W. 324 West 6th Street Erie, Pennsylvania Matusiak, Thomas J. 2921 Wayne Street Erie, Pennsylvania McCallion, James W. 316 East 34th Street Erie, Pennsylvania McCarthy, Joseph Terence 23 Rose Street Islip, New York McCormick, John Philip 918 Washington Place Erie, Pennsylvania McFadden, John C. 2921 Hastings Road Erie, Pennsylvania Mclntire, Thomas John 3034 Glenwood Ph. Ave. Erie, Pennsylvania McMillan, Thomas Jr., R. 56 McClelland Road Canonsburg, Pennsylvania McWilliams, Robert J. 1004 Maryland Avenue New Castle, Pennsylvania North East, Pennsylvania Piccirillo, Robert P. 136 Gront Road Ridgway, Pennsylvania Plesluska, Richard Steve 1027 First Street McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania Pleszewski, Philip 35 Courtney Street Dunkirk, New York Poliak, Kenneth J. 1038 Parsonage Street Creighton, Pennsylvania Price, John L. 1459 West 43st Erie, Pennsylvania Rakowsky, Roman J. 541 East 147 St. Bronx, N.Y. Reisenberg, John R. 103 Hillcrest Avenue Erie, Pennsylvania Reyburn, Peter Watson 4810 Wolf Road Erie, Pennsylvania Rice, David J. Still Road Union City, Pennsylvania Roehrig, William 92 Snyder Circle Corry, Pennsylvania Roehrl, Richard W. 626 Mohawk Drive Erie, Pennsylvania Rose, Howard E. 4425 Wood Street Erie, Pennsylvania Royer, Robert E. 1837 West 50th St. Erie, Pennsylvania Rupprecht, Clarence G. 432 Maple Street St. Marys, Pennsylvania Russell, Donald 281 Whitfield Avenue Buffalo, New York Rutkowski, Nancy 2132 East Lake Road Erie, Pennsylvania Salotti, Vincent A. 1325 Leeds Avenue Monessen, Pennsylvania Sarbak, John J. 1142 West 54th Street Erie, Pennsylvania Schack, Michael R. 3807 Lake Avenue Ashtabula, Ohio Schauble, Edward William 411 Huron Street Erie, Pennsylvania Schlesinger, Albert R. 845 Sheridan Avenue Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Schdenfeld, Richard F. 3005 State St., Apt. 14 Erie, Pennsylvania Schwartz, James F. Box 253, R. D. 414 Erie, Pennsylvania Sechrist, John F. 6062 Moraine Drive Erie, Pennsylvania Sinik, Semih Gannon College, Box 153 Erie, Pennsylvania Sipple, Thomas K. 2653 Cherry Street Erie, Pennsylvania Sivak, Edward Daniel 239 East 27th Street Erie, Pennsylvania Smith, Donald Michael 32 E. Lloyd Street Shenandoah, Pennsylvania Smith, Thomas Jay 420 Maple Street St. Mary's, Pa. Smith, William J. 510 Kearsarge Avenue Ridgway, Pennsylvania Smolinski, John F. 5506 Fulda Drive Erie, Pennsylvania Sowinski, Raymond M. 19 Kuntz Road Natrona, Pennsylvania Spillane, John P. 604 Oak Street Ridgway, Pennsylvania Stanczak, David J. 813 E. 10 Street Erie, Pennsylvania Stasiak, Thomas J . 84 Pinehurst Ct. Lakeview, New York Steger, William J. 2252 West 32nd Street Erie, Pennsylvania Stolinski, Clemens A. 656 East 25th Street Erie, Pennsylvania Stotesbery, Arvin C. 214 National Drive Pittsburgh, Penna. Strohl, George Richard R.D. :lil Northampton, Pennsylvania Stubler, Daniel J. 414 Main Street Rouseville, Pennsylvania Sukalac, Thomas Ruddolph 7581 Johnnycake Ridge Mentor, Ohio Symons, Eugene P. 58 Pearl Avenue Oil City, Pennsylvania Temple, Philip A. 941 West 24th Street Erie, Pennsylvania Tipping, Harry A. 814 Allegheny Ave. Ext. Oil City, Pennsylvania Tobolewski, Raymond J. 3436 Hershey Road Erie, Pennsylvania Torma, Joseph Andrew 2922 Eureka Avenue Ashtabula, Ohio Trocki, James Edward 2672 Peach Street Erie, Pennsylvania 1111 Reed Street Erie, Pennsylvania Tyczkowski, Thomas J. 951 East 30 Street Erie, Pennsylvania Tyson, Michael E. 928 Linden Street Sharon, Pennsylvania Umpirowica, Anthony T. 2716 Pear Street Erie, Pennsylvania Vandervort, Thomas L. 610 East 23 Street Erie, Pennsylvania Varhola, Michael H. 948 West 5th Street Erie, Pennsylvania Vespoli, Lewis H. 25 Anytrell Drive Webster, New York Vetera, Robert Scott 1239 West 8th Street Erie, Pennsylvania Waldinger, James Leonard 6801 Peach Street Erie, Pa. CXO J. E. Will Walsh, Philip R. 1216 Woodbourne Avenue Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Walton, Terrence 324 Rock Street Ridgway, Pennsylvania Ward, Edward T. 3656 Harbison Street Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Warren, Louis S. 415 Plum Street Erie, Pennsylvania Wasylson, Robert J. 101 Burk St. Johnstown, Pennsylvania Watrous, Orlo R. R.F.D. 4 Corry, Pennsylvania Wegmiller, Alfred B. 107 Maple Avenue Lake City, Pennsylvania Weschler, Charles J. 521 Connecticut Drive Erie, Pennsylvania West, William G. Jr. 1407 Hodgkiss Street Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Whiting, Richard Dennis 5241 W. Lake Road Erie, Pennsylvania Whitney, Albert G. R.D. 412, Box 118 Clymer, New York Wiesen, Robert Harvey 1926 West 6th Street Erie, Pennsylvania Wineland, Paul L. 749 Memory Lane McKeesport, Pennsylvania Wingerter, John D. 521 W. 7th Street Erie, Pennsylvania Wisniewski, Edward P. 2411 Lakeside Drive Erie, Pennsylvania 282 Renner Avenue Newark 3, New Jersey Wozniak, Thomas Joseph 1241 East 27th Street Erie, Pennsylvania Wright, Ernest Jr. C. 3030 Ash Street Erie, Pennsylvania Yacobozzi, Elmer M. 2909 Emerson Avenue Erie, Pennsylvania Zampogna, Robert . Boyd Street Mt. Jewett, Pennsylvania Zezulewicz, Michael J . 4610 Carlton Street Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - bout this book The 1966 edition of the Gannon College LANCE was printed by the American Yearbook Company in Hanni- bal, Missouri, on 90 pound superfine enamel stock with a gold silk screen cover. The cover design emphasized the theme of the LANCE with the blending of the American eagle on a typical Mondrian pattern. Creative professional photography was provided by MR. IRVING LLOYD of Belleville, Michigan with the Boston Store Portrait Studio, under the direction of MRS. ANNABELL BUCKEL, preparing the senior por- traits. Under the editorial policy of Michael Chiteman and Charles Cammarata, this year's LANCE changed little over the previous year. The editors attempted to forego change in order to concentrate on improving last year's shell. The major breakthrough came with the introduction of duotone color in the student-life essay and with the continuation of a theme throughout the entire book. The theme of this year's LANCE demonstrated the complexity and paradox of modern man-a man produced within the tradition of the old interwoven with the reality of the new into an integrate and complete balance- a man striving to retain the sacredness of his tradition in a society that desires it to perish. American Heritage prints, reproduced from OUR LITERARY HERITAGE by Van Wyck Brooks and Otto Bettmann P. Dutton 8a Company, New Yorkj and from FAMILY ALBUM FOR AMERICANS by Mich- ael and Vera Kraus CGrosset 8t Dunlap, New Yorkj along with the use of the ornate 60 pt. Romantique capi- tals, graphically portrayed our land's traditions. The contrasting view-the severity of reality-was presented through the use of Mondrian layouts and patterns combined with the Baskerville type body copy and natural light creative photography. The essays. of Mr. Cammarata complemented the-se divergent elements and created the mold for our theme. The editorial staff of the LANCE would like to offer a special public thank-you to MR. JOSEPH KOPER, whose never-ending work and photographic creativity made these pages possible. His ability and genius rival that of nationally acclaimed Irving Lloyd. We offer to you his photographs in this annual as a monument to his excellence. l72 Auuuca nu.-u.. R .fx is ff 4 X N I 5 L i K V M . r 2? 2 l X i 1 4 V 1 i 1 -war-4 f - fn-1-in '- '1-duhnMldnhuh-r- L ' f, ,,-,Q 1., 1 -,r , 1 FEW if 5 fi.g.-Q1 5.11 f 1 Q f-frpg.. . Eli' QQi5Ctf:1'?'5ffw'?- . 1 '.If'11,:-'r7',f1.v1' 1 'UJ11' 1 1 u 1 as 1 5 1 1 1 . '4 V 1 Q1 4:1 , 173 1 V 1 'f1 4 'X u ' 1 ' 1 A 1 w 1 1 Li 1 , Ak. . nf 1 . Mr fi 4 ,1 ii 5 I 1 1 ,i il .1 1 1 1 I 1 V 11 3 . ll ' I1 .4 2 r .i 1 .1 .1 1 . v 1 - 1 3 3 Q31 .9 A 41 . 5 1 11 1 ff? 5 9. 1"' 52 sf 1 1 I I 1 'I 1 Q 1 .2 1 - I W jj K , 1 LT If lf

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Gannon University - Lance Yearbook (Erie, PA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 152

1966, pg 152

Gannon University - Lance Yearbook (Erie, PA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 78

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1966, pg 72

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