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" H, ' J. aua. ' BKPif ' aur JQ ' 1 M ' m 9 M smm Each year, You meet a new face, Recall the good times. Or a favorite place. And you carry these memories. As you grow old, And recall each picture. When the story is told. So if you forget. In your old age. What college was like, Just turn the page. It goes like this. . . -Lori Nichols " It Goes " ikg TtiiS 7 53 7 Table of Coqtetits Opening 1 Clubs Activities 18 Seniors 70 Sports 82 Underclassmen 124 Faculty Special 140 Closing 160 4 It goes like this. 1 _ ■ -9 ■ i _ j _ H | Kd H 21 B||| p 9rOS 2 3l£ H£ HHM I r ' ' ' i. j[i ' i»wil - : ;.|i i - SS 5LJ, - • " ■■ - " ' ' ■ • " ■ _ It goes like this We have all gathered here on this one acre to share the fullness of experience, the richness of tradition and the promises of tomorrow. Some of us have come a long way to study here, some have known this place all our lives, but for each of us there is nothing quite as exciting as discovering the " home " we will share during this encounter called learning. -David Gustafson 6 It goes like this. -»», •wtjs m 1 M«li Wk ' S 1,5IH? , 4. f . V: v ' -:,; Vv ' " •. , tB_ V iT. : v- ' - ' -f ■ ' ■ . v - % II goes like this 7 8 It goes like this. It goes like his 10 It goes like this It goes like this 1 1 12 It goes like this. It goes like this. i It goes like this. It goes like this 16 It goes like this. It goes like this. , r- ' , •- yv , » - W " ► » ■ un Zone I adyT Set Go! ABOVE RIGHT: " Mmmmmmm good. " RIGHT: Orientation leaders and frosh get to know each other Infornnally over banana splits. 20 September Banana Split Bash c nd " We ' re Off ... To Frosh Camp TOP LEFT: Frosh Camp was an experience that held opportunities, as Steve Gregory and Bob Neher explain a few of the many areas of interest available at La Verne. MIDDLE LEFT: Students had time to get to know one another through activities such as volleyball (shown), tetherball, foursquare, and frisbee. BELOW: Twenty able-bodied Sophomores. Juniors, and Seniors welcomed Frosh to Pilgrim Pines and L.V C , sharing a weekend with them to show them what college life is all about (Sometimes!) ABOVE RIGHT: Andrew Green and Rhonda Woods had time to contemplate what the Ujture year held for them September Frosh Camp. . . 21 RIGHT: Delayed reaction by Carl, Keith and Aaron to attending LVC. ABOVE: Randy Miller and Cathy Linberg take a break from journalism and magazine assignments. ABOVE: Orientation leaders Don Boatwright and Karen Brandt, Freshmen Nancy Boyden and Liz Northup, all In search of each other. 22 September Frosh Camp. TOP LEFT: Among the many things Frosh enjoyed doing at camp was EATING! TOP RIGHT: Discussions were held at various times to give Frosh opportunities to ask orientation leaders questions they had concerning La Verne. (L-R: Sarah Smith, D. A. Smith, Rebecca Fry, Craig Teter) ABOVE: Campus minister, Steve Gregory and Rhoda Kachuck enjoyed meeting Frosh and getting to know them better. BELOW: While getting to know each other, Johnny Hunt and Lieschen Trumpf enjoyed a game of tetherball. BOTTOM LEFT: Kathie Glover stepped o(1 the bus with hope and expectation of adventure that awaited her on her Frosh Camp weekend. September Frosh Camp. 23 TOP LEFT: Sophomore Brad Frick stands prepared with a hose in hand, just waiting for a freshman to come along and get al un-dried up. TOP RIGHT: Mr. Underexposed (Alex Gallardo) got more than he bargained for when freshmen retaliated and turned the hoses on the upper classmen. BOTTOM LEFT: Jeff Pence carries Debbie Romaos off to a refreshing experience. 24 September Freshman Initiation ABOVE LEFT: Dave Downey searches for an open person to pass the Irisbee to. iOVE RIGHT: George Mueller attempts to gain possession o( the frisbee as John Prokop throws it to Alex Gallardo ABOVE: Jim and John both make attempts (or the frisbee. The Ultimate Frisbee Tournament lasted about a week with six teams competing against one another on different days. The games were held on the lawn between Brandt Hall and the Law Center. The final game was played on October 4, with John Prokop ' s and John Moon ' s teams competing for first place. After two overtimes and a sudden-death John Moon ' s team emerged victorious. First place was a large pizza from the Warehouse. Frisbee teams consisted of six people on a team; the game is played in two ten-minute halves. In order to score, the frisbee has to be thrown over the goal line to a person on the other side of the line. " Jts a ' lbSS " p September Frisbee Tournament 25 n Bodies Building If you ' ve seen a student wearing a green T-shirt that reads " Build La Verne " across the front, then most likely he or she was a participant in " Build La Verne Day. " That day students grabbed big plastic bags, lined up on " D " Street and swept across the library parking lot on to the grounds of LVC picking up trash, working to better the campus appearance. After students completed their rounds they joined work crews they themselves signed up for. Whether it was painting, raking up trash, cleaning windows, or working on the bleachers they all did their jobs and did them well. October Build La Verne Day 27 Sylva Barsoum homecoming The Big Event 30 October Homecoming Homecoming 78 began with the announcement of candidates for queen, followed by voting. Students were informed which club had nominated which candidate, what the candidate had participated in throughout his or her years at La Verne, and why he or she would like to be chosen Homecoming " Queen. " No offense Dennis!) October 21 was the Campus Illumination, with the presentation of candidates. October 22 was the big event. A parade started oft the activities with floats from various clubs. The football game was next, with the half-time announcement of this year ' s Queen, Sandy Ingersol. Later, in the evening, came the Faculty-Alumni basketball game followed shortly by the Homecoming dance. 31 BELOW: Ted shoots for the stars during a day of archery. RIGHT: Scott Haywood taking a moment to reflect upon fresh at Pilgrim Pines. ABOVE: This " unidentified " class knows how to make use of its time by taking in the outdoors and their teachers. i(iiai - LEFT: Jim Davis thumbs through a book and soaks up some good ol ' fashion sunshine on L.V.C. campus. Wild and Wet On September 21, 1977 about 30 students and various faculty members met at the rock to go spend a day at the beach. It was a beautiful sunny day at Corona Del Mar and everyone enjoyed themselves. Volleyball games and tossing a frisbee around kept people occupied all afternoon. (Above Left) Aaron Kekoolani keeps things up in the air. (Above Right) Dean Butrus demonstrates his masculine charms to Anna Zamudlo. (Left) Lindsay Brewer and Debbie Baughman gaze upward as the sun shines down. September Beach Day 33 " Mean Machine Possessed The Green " (Right) Karen Knowlton and Camille Brunsdon huddle up with team members to go over a strategy play. (Below left) Stanley Dill is crowned Powder Puff king by Mrs. Ortmyer. (Below right) Linda Peterson successfully runs out of reach from Denice Colembero. Team captains randomly chose powder puff team members by pulling names out of a hat. ' .Kii ' i.-: r«8 ri ' . — y L SL. . i MHM On Sunday, Novennber 26, the first annual Powder Puff game was played between the " Owners " and the " Mean f achlne. " The " fvlean Machine " won the game, 20-6. During the game, eight of LaVerne ' s sexiest cheerleaders were present. For the " Owner ' s " , Randy Lewis, Lindsey Brewer. Ralph Boaz and Rueben Guzman took the spotlight. The " Mean Machine " were accompanied by Don Boatright, Tom Robinson, Rob Hog an and John Shyldemyer. (Top Left) Shelley Hanson and Debbie Webber break tackles and guard against opponents, but Priscllla Picero Is still In hot pursuit. (Lower left) Masked Christie HInes and Karen Knowlton laugh over the mixup in the offensive line. (Lower right) Angle Mitlag successfully blocks Lecian Trump just in time for quarterback Dorsey Johnson to let a bomb fly. Chess Playing Around L.V.C. students concentrate on the boards in a mind blowing game of chess during the chess tournament held on Wednesday, November 2, 1977, in the Armenian center. Participating in the games were, from left to right Hrayar Sayad, Vaskin Demerjian, Fred Diver and Shahe Garabedian. 36 nmuwfniiin. ' n HALLELUJAH! Every year La Verne holds an annual holiday music progrann, THE MESSIAH, the Oratorio written by George Frederic Handel. T his year ' s production featured the La Verne College Choir and the La Verne Community Choir and Orchestra. Soloists included Delphine Fahringer, Mary Frinchaboy, Debra Gratz, Linda R. Lovelace, Diane Shively, and Wendy Sousa (Soprano); Carol Bowman, Caria Cadzow, Cathy Craft and Norma Snell (Alto); John C. Dunbar and Greg Stout (Tenor); John Gingrich, John Perrine, and Rand Stallings (Bass). The program was directed by Dr. James Fahringer. Once again the Christmas festivities captured a spirit of warmth, love, and happiness as students and faculty gathered for dinner in Davenport Dining Hall. After dinner came the traditional hanging of the greens in the Student Center, accompanied by carols from the Chamber Singers. Joining in the singing, everyone helped to decorate the Christmas tree. A dance followed, and both students and faculty enjoyed each other ' s company, ending the festive evening, p.s. Sniper which attacked police station was mistaken as a LVC student when a firecracker went off around Brandt Hall. 38 Hanging of the Greens In keeping with tradition Christmas carols were sung by the Chamber Singers in the Student Center after the Student Faculty Dinner. Students and Faculty alike joined in and enjoyed this tradition. Time Out Top Left: Margaret Kennedy and Sue McClure laugh about sweater designs while Chris Pickett rocks on and on. Bottom left: Carl Noda and Karen Knowlton are taking care of business. Bottom Right: Dennis Munoz is found contemplating his next move. ■n B W R H E E A N K ? ■ F A S T The time had come late in December when the pressure was building and studying for finals got to be a bit too much. One December morning, coffee and doughnuts were served in Davenport Dining Hall to students who were willing to get up from their books for a quick mid-nite snack. 42 OPPOSITE PAGE: Top, Dave Serrano and Joe Muscato enjoy the food and company Bottom Left. Tfie gang takes time to say HI! " Bottom Rigfit, Angie Avila lends a smile to ttie pfiotographer. THIS PAGE: Top Left. Gus Ryan and Dave Serrano just fiappen to be caugfit by the pfiotograptier. again. Bottom Left. Lesian. Jofinnie and Deby come for a snack dressed in their PJs. Bottom Right. Vasken Kaladyiian and Bob Weaver discuss tomorrow ' s test. December Midnite Breakfast 43 " Volleyball ForT ' izza Top left: A little celebration at Warehouse Pizza after the games. Top right: Yubl goes for the return. Bottom; A good demonstration of teamwork. This year ' s Volleyball for Pizza was held January 19th. Teams met on the basketball court and were divided into four groups. Each group of teams then played one another until only the first, second, third and fourth placed teams remained. The teams that came out on top in each group then had playoffs. First, second and third place prizes were three, two and one large pizza. Winners were: First place - " Mikasa, " second - " The Cosmo Kids and their dog Blippo, " third - " Hot Dogs and Jelly. " 44 Volleyball For Pizza Top left: The winning team ( Mikasa ) and friends enjoying first prize. Bottom left: A flying twosome spiking the ball in unison. Bottom right: Norma sets up the play. 45 Dance To The Music Top Left: Rich Buttery and his partner move to the sounds of the music. Top Right: A shot from a photographer who is really on top of things. Bottom: Everyone seems to have boogie fever as they dance the night away. 46 January Dance One wet afternoon a few of the guys got together for a friendly game of football. They seemed to be enjoying their mudc fun as we can all see. The results of the game were: Top Left, Alex Gallardo blocking Robby Hogan; Top Right, Alex chasing Randy Lewis; Bottom, Alex looking for intended receiver who was somewhere behind all the mud. Splish Splash, It ' s A Mud Bath January Fun In The Ram 47 ome %wS}r rdm ome The ceaseless sound of running feet, the crunching of someone finding something to eat the chug-a-chug sounds of the washing machine, the rolling noise of first floor ' s billiard green, twenty nine stereos playing full blast, More running water — a sauna at last! the crash of a body banging into the wall. All these and more are the sounds of Brandt Hall. A frisbee flying off into space. Empty drink cans all over the place, half-clad men running from room to room, indecent sights that make visitors swoon, plants hanging from ceilings, clothes from the drawers, people sleeping in lofts, people sleeping on floors, dartboards, nerf hoops, Farrah on the wall, All of these and more are the sights of Brandt Hall. Brandt Hall is " home away from home " for Ray Ayala (top) and John Barbarino (bottom). 48 Where It All Happens Every year exciting experiences are shared in Studebaker - Hanawalt, the dorm fondly called Stu - Han. Though Stu - Han is not exactly home, with a little imagination a room can be fixed up to your desire. A stereo here, a few plants there, a favorite rug off in one corner plus all the friendly faces adding to the warmth, and it becomes a wonderful home away from home. The Dorm Council (not shown) worked hard this year, sponsoring many successful events Including dances, a powder puff football game, Interdorm secret pals and many more memories. Left: Stu - Han residents Juire Ewens and Denice Colonbero make the most of living on campus and decorate their own way. 49 A.S.F. The Associated Student Federation (ASF) consists of thirteen members of the La Verne College student body. During the year ASF is responsible for planning and funding the majority of the student activities. These activities include weekly movies, concerts, dances and guest speakers. ASF also funds the Student Resource and Referral Committee, LVC cheerleading squads, the LVC yearbook, and the Student Awards presentation. Aside from handling the student body ' s money, ASF also acts as a forum for student problems. The chairman of ASF is Jim Davis; chairman pro-tempore is Alfred Scaife. Serving as advisor for ASF Is Steve Lesniak. Right: ASF advisor, Steve Lesnaik takes charge at one of the many activities. Below: ASF Members: Front row left to right: Debbie Baughman, Judy Daly. Second row: Tino Lozano, Diane Garcia, Janice Morrison, Jim Saige, Tami Smith. Third row: Amilcar Exume, Steve Lesniak, Richard Keeler, Jill Wilkinson, Cathlyn Craft, Alfred Scaife, Jim Davis, Vic Roe. 50 Clubs ASF Delta Phi Pi Delta Phi Pi is the only sorority on the La Verne College Campus. The sorority consists of approximately thiry young women who live both on and off campus. Delta Phi Pi has been responsible for the following activities throughout the year: a Homecoming float and candidate (Cory Rytterager), dances, Val-0-Grams on St. Valentines Day. Left: Robin Agajanian. Joanna Gomez and Lori Rytterager lead the way tor Delta Phi PI Homecoming Queen candidate. Cory Rytterager Below: Delta Phi Pi Members: Front row left to right: Sue Dewitt and Marcie Soden. Second row: Robin Hart, Robin Agajanian, Patti Ollar, Lindy Germain and Lori Rytterager. Third row: Shannon Moore, Cheryl Aiken and Margaret Kennedy. Fourth row: Judy Baughman. Nan Lovelady, Acia Francis, Idalia Luna. Sara Young. Lorraine Powell and Cindy Erby. Clubs 0« la PM Pi 51 All Togeather Now Top right: Debe Ulmer. Angle Mittag, and Debbie Castonguay encourage the crowd in a cheer. Middle: Yearbook photographer Dona Bilyeu breaking trom picture taking. Bottom left: Alex Gallardo passes a muddy football to Rich Yengst before Robbie Hogan gets in to block. Bottom right: Colleen Merwin, Lynn Bowman, Robin Merwin, and Nancy Boydon just hangin ' around. 52 Clubs Candids Top left: Angle Mittag shows a burst of school spirit Top right: Letlcia Salazar cheers (or victory Bottom left: JoAnne Banks helps arouse a cheer from the crowd. Bottom right: Debl Ulmer leads a cheer. Clubs Candlds S3 Yes It Does Snow In Southern California! Snow in La Verne? Well, technically it was only hail, but for LVC students it was good enough to turn the streets white and supply material for snowball fights. Two hours of non-stop fun were the highlight of February 13th as the rain seemed to freeze before our eyes. Snowballs flew from every rooftop to passing people, cars, and trucks, as students stood knee-deep in puddles, enjoying the " snow " to the fullest. I 54 Snow ULV Style! OPPOSITE PAGE, Top Left; LVC students take their umbrellas out (or walks. Top Right; The tents show a snow slide. Bottom; LVC students get Into it out in the snow THIS PAGE. Top: Foot prints leave a melting impression of the day it really did snow at LVC Bottom Left George Keeler looks determined as he enioys himself in the " perfect " Southern Calilornia weather Bottom Right; LVC student lets one fly — a snowball, that is. Snow ULV Stylei 55 La Verne College Food Committee Every second Wednesday of each month is the rendezvous date for the Food committee. It is the concern of the food committee to listen to complaints and recommendations from the student body and to try to improve the food and service in the College Cafeteria. The committee consists of six students and Saga Food manager, Al Seino (Right). The Food Committee also organizes the various special meals such as International Night, Havi aiian Night, Mexican Night, Soul Food Luncheon and the holiday dinners. Students are asked to participate and speak with the food committee members, since it is through the students that opinions are gathered. Right: food Committee members, left to rigfit. Row 1, John Moon, Camille Marroquin, Celis Madariaga. Row 2, Debbie Macl , Al Seino (advisor), Debra Schaffer, Amilcar Exume. 56 Food Committee The American Armenian International College rop Left: Fr. Yeghia Babikian, Director of AAIC. Top Rigfit: Armenian students, left to right: Soma Ashkarian, Anahid VIouradian, Auo Keshiishian. Asbed Sayadian, Hrir Sayadian. 3arbis Der Yegfiiaiou. Bottom Left: Garbis Der Yegmiaian, sslstant to Directior. Bottom Right: Garbis Der Yegmiaian helps inroll two new students. The AAIC, the first Armenian College in the United States, was established in La Verne, California, in September of 1976 with 25 Armenian students. For many years, Dr. Kevork A. Sarafian had envisioned the establishment of an Armenian College in the United States. His son. Dr. Armen Sarafian, now President of University of La Verne, has helped make his father ' s dream a reality. AAIC operates in consortium with University of La Verne (ULV). AAIC and LVC students have the privilege of reciprocal cross-registration, satisfying the graduation requirements of both Colleges. Dr. Yegia Bavikian, Director of the Armenian College, says that the college has successfully lived through its first academic year, probably the most critical period of its life. In the second year, the AAIC consists of 54 students, nine staff members, 31 Board members, hundreds of benefactors and thousands of friends. k r Model United Nations The Model United Nations club was designed to inform students of the working of international relations. Advised by I Green, the club participated in both the Southern Regional conference held at Occidental College, and the meeting of Model U.N. ' s of the Far West held in Seattle, Washington. The club met once a week and was open to all students. C credit was also available. Below: Model United Nations members Front row left to right, Camille Marroquin, Sherry Takacs. Back row left to rigf Del Stewart, Ross Barrons, Richard Barber, and advisor Biff Green. 58 Clubs Model United Nations International Students Association The International Students ' Association, advised by Glen and Florence Crago, meets throughout the year and is open to anyone at anytime. With over fifty members from various national backgrounds, the club was led this year by president Silva Barsoum and the rest of her cabinet elected in September. The club sponsored many activites including an open house in the Student Center and a float entry in the Homecoming parade. Above: International Students ' Association members: Front row left to right. Dorea Lin, l 1ohammed Nowrouzian. Second row, Mehri Hedayte, Dorthy Sun, Estalita Hendra, Kevork Boghosian, Nshan Lachinian. Garased Baderjian, Vachig Bayian. Sarkis Abajian, Silva Barsoum, ISA president. Third row, Ahmed Ispahani, Virginia Manley, Foreign Student Advisor, Jack Sheh, Florence Crago, ISA Advisor, Monteza Khulaj, Densu Ryanto, ISA Vice-President. Wei Na Hwei, Adnan Ammar, Claudia Espinosa, Ray Shen, Philips Liu. ISA Treasurer, Shinobu Kono, Anna Ontivero - Cash. Fourth row, Clark Lewis, Glen Crago, ISA Advisor, Mohammed Alan Khan, Don Clague, Baharam Zand. Hrayr Sauadian. standing. Mohsen Khalaj. Hassen El Saba ' , Dona Filmore (Cal Poly). Clubs lntarnattonal Stud«nt$ ' Associatton 59 Campus Times 10 The CAMPUS TIMES, a weekly publication, is an activity for which most students receive c s credit. Advised by Agnes Leung and led by editor Ellen Gonzalez, the CAMPUS TIMES co rs sports, social, and academic news around campus and includes editorials on subjects of n state, and local interest. At the end of each year the current editor nominates his or her successor. The staff includes writers, photographers and publicity workers. Below: CAMPUS TIMES staff members left to right, Row 1, Alex Gallardo, Julie Ewens, Ricfer Keeler, Jason Noyes. Row 2, Agnes Leung, Richard Yengst, Nora Nelson, Julia Scalise. Ro Bill Campa, Charles Bentley, Dave Nelson. 3 60 Campus Times Radio Station KULV 550 AM The super sounds from the Super Tent characterize La Verne College ' s own radio station. KULV. Supplemented by a variety of courses for both professional and amateur, the station is headed by Roy Lunel. KULV broadcasts sports events, interviews, and news, as well as music ranging from jazz to pop to rock. Above: First row, Ty Snelling. Second row, left to right: Jim Farino, Ruby f ontano. Radio Specialist Record Librarian: Roy Lunel, Station Manager Program Director. Third row: Steve Rutkin. Aaron Bitran. Gary Johnson. Chief Engineer General Manager. (Not shown) Eric Johnson, Radio Specialist. KULV 61 1978 Yearbook Staff Editor-in-Chief Lindy Germain Activities and Clubs: Editor Julie Garcia Copy Editor Lori Nichols Layout Editor Rhonda Smith Photography Editor Dona Bilyeu Sports: Editors Nancy Boyden, Chris Salazar Copy Editor Nancy Lowe Photographer Randy Tyndall Faculty: Editors Camille Marroquin Copy Editor Robin Merwin Photography Raffi Zinzalion Seniors Ann Bustamante, Shelly Hanson Underclassmen Tricia Limon Cover, special headlines Dave Gustafson 88The 1978 Yearbook staff was headed up by Lindy Germain as Editor-in-Chief, with Kathi Irace as adviser. Despite the usual yearbook difficulties, headaches and frustrations the staff worked well together to produce Lambda ' 78. The staff would like to express thanks to the following people: Gary Colby, Richard Yengst, Alex Gallardo, Scott Braxton, Carol Gardner, Sara Young, Randy Miller, Sona Ashkarian, and Sherry Takacs. The staff would also like to express apologies to the clubs and sports not included in the 1978 yearbook due to a series of miscellaneous mix-ups as well as the unusually early final deadline. Right: 1978 Yearbook staff members. Row 1, left to right: Shelly Hanson, Nancy Lowe, Camille Marroquin. row 2: Lori Nichols, Ann Bustamante, Nancy Boyden. Row 3: Robin IVIerwin, Julie Garcia, Rhonda Smith Top right: Yearbook Editor-in-chief Lindy Germain. 62 Yearbook Staff Below: Yearbook staff members: left to right. Tricia Limon, RaffI Zinzaiion, KathI Irace advisor), Lindy Germain (editor), Dona Bilyeu. NOT SHOWN) The Press Club is one of the new clubs on our campus this year. It unites the photography staff, the CAMPUS TIMES and the LA VERNE MAGAZINE Staffs behind a common " cause, " a carefully guarded mystery to anyone who does not belong to the club. On campus the Press Club has been responsible for the following activities: a Homecoming float and queen candidate (Sylva Barsoum), several softball games and parties and even an Awards Banquet for the entire journalism department. In addition the Press Club is responsible for the monthly publication of a journalism newsletter entitled " The Deadline. " Off campus the Press Club is a recognized member of the California Newspaper Association and the Associated Press Association. The La Verne College Press Club Officers are President, George Keller; Vice President, Randy Miller; Secretary, Ellen Gonzalez; Treasurer, Robin Campbell; Deadline Editor, Steve Simmons and advisor. Dr. Esther Davis. Left: Ptiolography adviser Gary Colby focuses in for a mystery stiot. Yearbook Press Ctub Photography M Students In Greece For the months of September through December, 36 qf La Verne ' s students lived and studied in Athens, Greece. The experience of living in Greece, including adjustments for new money, customs, food and language can amount to quite a case of culture shock. But the experience of making new friends, living with history, accepting and being accepted by a different culture - and the opportunity to travel - more than made up for it. (Top): Left-Right, Row 1: Cindy Shaw, Coriis Belcher, Sarah Young, Jeff Allred, Lisa Rayner. Row 2: Frank Salazar, Patti Carrera, Lyndell IVIorgan, Cristy Beli, Gigi Roussou, Jim Henderson, Kara H loore, Kim Ricketts, Theresa Shaw, Val McCleilan, Mark Flora. Row 3: George Tenney, Renee Daniels, Micki Everage, Monique Powell, Audrey Schoenteld, Sherry Takacs, Jaime Delion. Row 4: Dave Fonseca, Chuck Tiedman, Brian Boyer, Marci Soden, Corlan Ortmayer, Walter Howell. Flow 5: Sue DeWitt, Tracy Taylor, Stephanie Carlson, Don Boulter. (Right) Jeff Allred finds that although the Hotel Achilleus was nice, it did lack a few of the comforts of home — a washing machine, for instance. (Above) Coriis Belcher prepares a sea-side lunch for Steph Carlson and Cindy Shaw at their class picnic. 64 Students in Greece Top Left: Sara Young gets her head together with Alexander the Great at the Acrpolis Museum. Top Right: Monique Powell. Lyndell Morgan and Cindy Shaw are dwarfed by the background of the mighty Partheon Bottom Left: AH HA! Dave Fonseca Is caught inside a Greek bakery. Top Right: Mark Flora makes friends with a couple of residents pigeons outside the Greek Capitol building. Clubs Students in Greece 65 Top Left; Cindy Shaw and Lyndell Morgan make friends witfi some " Evzone " (national fionor) guards. Top Right: Monique Powell tries on an oversized sea sponge as a sunbonnet to guard against the Greek sun. Bottom: Sara Young gets help in picking out her postcards from one of the many " friendly natives " OPPOSITE PAGE: Top Left; Cindy Shaw, Lyndell Morgan and Monique Powell wave greetings ftf the entrance of one of Athens ' Byzantine churches. Top Right: marcie Soden enjoys playing in ts Aegean Sea at historic Marathon Beach. Bottom: Instructor Jack Matalaga lectures to the groupn modern Greek culture. 66 Students in Greece Students in Greece 67 London Here We Come! For Dr. and Mrs. John Woodruff and twenty-three La Verne students who visited London during January interterm, tli month was filled with unforgetable nnemories. For some it was their first plane, trip; for many it was their first time at « and for all it was an exciting experience. New people were met and old friends grew closer, as the old cities of Lond Canterbury, Stratford and Winchester were visited. Much was learned and enjoyed during the short month the LVC travelers were gone and much is remembered after their return home. I, Top Left: Greg Triggs, Mike Norwine, Tim Warrell, Denise Columbero. Top Right: Tim Worell, Mike Norwine, Greg Triggs Denise Columbero, Karen Sctirimph, Jim Wilkinson. Bottom Right: Denise Columbero, Palace Guard, Lynn Bowman. 68 London LaVerne College University of La Verne For many. Founders Hall and the Super Tent have symbolized the complementary elements of the tratitional and the progressive at La Verne, as the College has grown and expanded over the years. This school year brought still another change, as expanding programs both in La Verne and worldwide made it clear that La Verne College was no longer a " college " but had gradually transformed itself into a university. Through the undergraduate, on-campus sector is still La Verne College, the University of la Verne now includes the undergraduate on-campus college, the Armenian College, the Law College, the Graduate Division, and the Continuing Education and Field Studies sectors in Athens as well as other parts of the world. The University of La Verne 69 Sep; ' ' tw ' -f ' ■■ ■■ :■■■■: rwm. ' 4 " % " %- Class Of 1978 Seniors 71 Femi Abe Econ Business Cheryl Aiken Diversified Anastasia Adams Behavioral Science Sandy Ingersoll and friend. Danny Anady Accounting Christopher C. Arnold Business Sona Ashkarian Education Chelia Yvonne Bailey Behavioral Science Doris Barnes Behavioral Science Sylva Barsoum Connmunication Michele Beckles Sociology Psychology 72 Seniors Pat M. Belschner Psychology Scott Bowser Phys Ed Social Science John Blickenstaff Speech Pathology « ; Debra Ann Canody Business Administration ft r ' ' Carol Bowman Music Lynn Bowman Diversified Elem Ed Tim Burzette Phys Ed Hsin-por Chen Business Administration Seniors 73 Jacqui Bee Lewis, Mike and Dennis Mufloz enjoying ultimate frisbee Janice Ching Recreation Soc Manuel Contreras Business Administration Rick Crockett IVIath Physics Carl Davis Phys Ed Art Carol De Bie Diversified Diana Dempster Sociology Stanley Dill Phys Ed Estella Duncan Behavioral Science Ole Ellingson Business Economics Brian Embery Phys Ed 74 Seniors Shannon Foley Recreation Phys Ed Renee Fuller Government Sylvia Garcia Diversified Mike Gassner History Behavioral Science Kaspar Gazanan Physics Steve Goggans Phys Ed B everly Guthrie Recreation Cherie Hanawalt Diversified Rhys Ed Raynetta Green Behavioral Science David Gustafson Journalism — -. Pi " 5 Carl Oavis loves Saga lood. S««lor8 75 Joy Hokama Behavioral Science William Hopkins Business Administration Cathy Hyndman Diversified Saridy Ingersoll Behavioral Sci. Rec. Eric Stuart Johnson Television Production Hank Johnson Biology William E. Hughes Recreation Phys Ed Gwen D. Humphries Speech Pathology Renae Lau forgets which glass she put it in. 76 Seniors Vasken Kaladjian Business Administration Renae Lau Behavioral Sci. Rec. Ken Lawrence Phys Ed Jaqui Bee Lewis Biology Charlene Littleton History Idalia Luna Biology Phys Ed Sossy Manoushagian Business Government Jaynealyce T. Masaki Business Administration Soc Paul McGuire Phys Ed Randy Tyndall needs |ust one more to win Seniors 77 William H. Marshall Business Administration Glen Mayer Phys Ed Recreation Randy Miller Journalism Ben Morrow Behavioral Science Willie R. Mays Speech Pathology Becky McPeek Phys Ed Recreation Dennis Munoz Phys Ed Social Science Barbara Nahin Diversified Elem Ed Copenhagen is Steve Goggan ' s brand. 78 Seniors Ken Neher Outdoor Ed Env. Bio Jerry Paredes Spanish Behavioral Science James Pearson Education Steve Polan Phys Ed Lynn Bowman refuses to eat an orange ttiat isn t Sunkisl. David Poling Patrick Proulx Kim Radford Sheri Rand Social Science Business Management Art Diversified Seniors 79 Cory Rytterager Social Science Phillip Salazar Pre-Med Biology I " ■ r I Alfred Scaife Bus. Ad. Ace. Rand Stallings Music Art Randy Tyndall Business Harry Andrew Wade English Tanya Westblade Diversified Debbie Wilson Liberal Stu. Behavorial £, w Raffi Zinzalian Journalism Chuck Lovelace studies while Linda Lovelace takes time out to smile for the camera. 80 Seniors " Who ' s " Wlio n (lAmerican Colleges Each year Senior students are chosen to represent La Verne College in " Who ' s Who In American Colleges and Universities " Students are selected on the basis of academic standing, campus and community activities, and other contributions to the campus Chosen this year are: Top Left, left to right. Alfred Scaife. Idalia Luna, Glen Mayer, Sylva Barsoum Top Right. Randy (filler. Park Southworth, Gerardo Paredes, Sandy Ingersoll. Bottom, James Henderson, Carol Bowman, Sara Young. Ken Neher. Jacqui Bee Lewis, Chuck Lovelace. Walter Howell, Robin Skoien Bradley, Carol Petty, Steve Simmons. Not Pictured: Michasl Gassner, Cory Ryterrager. I nd Zone ootqptes Although the record was somewhat disappointing, the La Verne Leopards ended another satisfying season. The competition was stiff but the players enjoyed the season under the " having fun is important " tutelage of head coach Roland " Ort " Ortmayer. With many outstanding players the Defense was traditionally tough. The Offense was tenacious but had trouble moving the ball. At La Verne it ' s not whether you win or lose, it ' s how you play the game. This year ' s Leo team consisted of: 1st row-(bottom) Dave Poling, Dave Maloof, Luther Curtis, Ben Morrow, Glen Mayer, Doug Sullivan 2nd row-John Rome, Lucio Sagasta, Michael Moss, Randy Tyndall, Roy Cardenas, Scott Bowser 3rd row-Steve Goggans, Ron Levise, Mike Snelling, Ole Ellingson 4th row-Carl Davis, Scott Fineberg, Ted Pedvin, Dean Buttress 5th row-Aaron Kekoolani, Harry Wade, Gary Huff, Randy Lewis 6th row-Steve Hines, Craig Teter, Don Boatright, Brad Frick 7th row-Bill Lambert, Geno Quash, Dave Serrano, John Schildmeyer, Lindsay Brewer 8th row-Mark Rutherford, Bruce Hines, Steve Cundy, Robbie Hogan 9th row-Brett Kofford, Robert Lopez, Andrew Ford, Pat Wade, Clint Heald, Greg Setlidge, Joe Muscato 10th row-Kevin Davis, Roy Brandt, Matt Keetle, Scott Haywood, Robert Poling Not Shown: Mark Beaty, Mike Bustos,Brett Dody, Frank Esparza, Dana Lanier, Tim Lehor, Alan Melkesian, Bob Pacho, Paul Reed, Mike Rhoades.Dale Stern, and Bernie Wendling. The Leo team played under the coaching of: Bottom, left- Emmett Terrell, Joe Davalos, Rex Higgins, Ben Johnson. Top, left- Dwight Hanawalt, Roland Ortmayer, Ben Hines. 84 Football Seniors«Seniors«Seniors •Seniors •Seniors«Seniors» Seniors Seniors •Senior; Seniors Seniors •Seniors Seniors •Seniors«Seniors»Seniors«Seniors«Seniors Above: Leo players intent on the game. Above right: Hank giving Ole a helping hand. Right: Even on the sidelines. Leo players got involved in the action. Football 85 left- Robert Lopez in good football form. right- Mike Bustos receiving a pass. bottom- Ben fwlorrow in for the score. 86 Football left- Ben Morrow carrying the ball with Brad Frick leading the way. right- Dave Maloof throwing to a potential receiver, bottom right- Brad Frick turning up the field, bottom left- Attempting to score, Brad Frick is aided by Dave Serrano. Just forI ck§ This Years Team was: 1st row- Coach- John Gingrich, Matthew Wamalwa, Brian Parliman, Jose Torres, Edward Park, Vazken Kalaydjian, Alex Gallardo, Mike Gassner. 2nd row- Jesus Her- nandez, Michael Henderson, Jim Davis, Chris Root, Park South- worth, Katsuyoshi Kondo, Edwin Marquez, Bob Weaver, Dale Stern. Not Shown- Sarfis Agadjian, Vahe Babikian, Arthur Cruz, Djember Hussein, Raff! Zinzalian. Left- Dale Stern showing his technique of heading the ball. Right Vazken Kalaydjian dribbling the ball downfield. 88 Soccer % % ■fH ' " - The Leo soccer team kicked their way through one of the best seasons in soccer history at La Verne. Leo soccer players could be given much credit for their great determination and accomplishments. Our proud team tied with Pomona for third in the league. This was also the first year the La Verne team was victorious over Claremont and Pomona. The team just missed district playoffs, but all in all, as soccer coach John Gingrich stated, " the season couldn ' t have been more fulfilling. " Upper Left- Edwin Marquez allempllng to gain control of the ball. Upper Right- An attemptive kick by Jesus Hernandez. Lower Left- A shot took by Edward Park. Soccer 89 taking ife Cross Country- The 1977 Cross Country season can be described by saying not too many people wished to participate. Tliere were, however, three fine individuals who can look back and feel good about their accomplishments. Bill Hopkins was an intense, mature, third year runner. Mike Valdez ran for his first year in competitive college sports. Freshman Kevin Morse also turned in good results. Coach Marc Jackson (below) said his hopes for the future were " for more concerned people who wish to do something not only for La Verne but for their health. " 11 " gtridi 90 Vo}i6yt aft Women ' s Varsity and J.V. Volleyball Women ' s Varsity Volleyball team, (left to right) - Coach Jim Paschal. Becky McPeek, Lily Rubio. Chris Kuehl. Sandy Ingersol. Julie Ewens, Jacqui Lewis, and Nancy Snyder. he women ' s volleyball program had a building year, with many new players added. The Varsity team, under loach Jim Paschal, had a split season, performing well when they played before an enthusiastic home audience. ti h Jeri Anady as their new coach, the Junior Varsity was very successful. Outstanding Varsity performances ere turned in by captain Becky McPeek and seniors Sandy Ingersoll and JacquJ Lewis. Sophomore Julie Ewens nd freshmen Chris Kuehl, Lilia Rubio, Nancy Snyder and Donna Brantley provided good support. All the girls njoyed the competitive season and both teams show promise for next year. J.V Volleyball team (left to right) - Standing: Norma Herrera. Donna Brantley. Emilia Olguin. Nancy Lowe. Linda Peterson, Jeanne Arnold, and Coach Jeri Anady Kneeling: Pricilla Piceno. Kathy Barton. Sophia Villanueva. Barbara Muenchausen. Denise Colombero. and Bertha Hernandez m f They All Play The Game " Hooping " If p The varsity basketball team played this year ' s season against seemingly Insurmountable odds. With only five returning varsity lettermen and an obvious lack of height they had to find ways to compensate for their disadvantages. Basketball ' s new head coach, Jim Blake, believes that the solutions to the height problem primarily lie in the use of the fast-break, block-outs and over play. Instead of only five starters, Coach Blake used eight rotation starters, Al Garnica, Tim Jarvis, Dean Katzelis, Hector La Marque, John Moon, Tom Robinson, Michael Sharp, and Anthony Varquez. This tactic worked well to tire out the opponents and bring them down to size. Above Right- Mike Sharp going for a lay up. Far Right- Tim Jarvis going for a difficult shot, burns his man again. This year ' s varsity team was manned by: Back Row- Greg Gracey, Tim Jarvis, Al Garnica, Mike Sharp, Anthony Vasquez, Dean Katzelis, John Moon. Front Row- Tom Robinson, Dave Villa, Stan Crom, Hector La Marque. 96 Basketball Above: Tom Robinson doing a breakaway lay up Top Right: John Moon shooting for " two " . Bottom Right: Anthony Vasquez attempting to block Basketball 97 i ,w J.V. Basketball This year ' s junior varsity was cliaracterized by full court scrappiness and hustle. Both the lack of height and the many injuries hurt the team, but the players ' aggressiveness and determination helped make up for them. Every member of the team contributed, with Stan Groom, Ron Levise, Dave Serrano, Alan Mozee, Aaron Bitran, Richard Henry, and Greg Gracey sharing starting assignments. The team improved with each game and hopes to continue this improvement next year. Left to right- Coach Rex Huigens, Joe Muscato, Leroy Brandt, Richard Henry, Aaron Bitran, Alan IVIozee, Scott Braxton, Andrew Ford, Gregg Gracey, Doug Sullivan. Bottom row - Katsuyoshi Kondo, David Villa, Ron Levise, Dave Serrano. 98 J.V. Basketball Leo Ladies Women ' s Basketball 99 Women ' s Varsity Basketball Women ' s varsity basketball (left to right) - Back row: Angle Mittag, Beth Welch, Christie Mines, Chris Kuehl, Maur een Delaney, Sandy Ingersoll, and Nancy Matza. Front row: Cheri Hanawalt, Lorraine Balthazar. Lyndell Morgan, Sandy Smith and Mikki Everage. Women ' s varsity basketball began the season a lot of strength and promise. With five returning players, seniors Sandy Ingersoll, and Cherie Hanawalt, and sophomores Kristi Mines, Lyndell Morgan and Mikki Everage. Coach Blickenstaff feels that these five returning players, combined with the six talented newcomers, will make the most well balanced team she has coached in several years. Of the newcomers, the two top prospects are freshmen Chris Keuhl and Sandy Smith. Kuehl at 5 ' 11 " played both center and forward. With Ingersoll, who played center, La Verne grossed rebound after rebound. Smith, a great ball handler, quick and good jumper, played guard, stealing the ball time after time to drive in for lay ups. Vomen ' s J.V. Basketball The women ' s junior varsity teann was plagued by a series of handicaps this season. Many of the league teams did not have J.V. teams this year, forcing the Leos to schedule games outside their league. Through injuries benched players, those remaining played hard and well. The two stand outs on the J.V. team were Julie Evans, using her height to her advantage to give the Leos its strength, and Carol Gardner, whose outside shot have her an average of 14 points per game. Women ' s J V Basketball 101 ody Coqtact 102 Wrestling Once again the wrestling team at La Verne College experienced a building year. Led by returning lettermen Lindsey Brewer and Ross Barons, the team was under the direction of a new coach, Reed Gratz. Plagued by injuries, schedule conflicts, and lack of interest, the team was frustrated because they lacked school support. However, individually the wrestlers found their sport rewarding and the traditional La Verne element of surprise an asset. This year ' s wrestling team consisted of: (Opposite page) Top row: Coach Reed Gratz. Gary Huff. Jim Robinson. Lindsey Brewer. Kevin Davis, Randall Lewis, Hank Johnson (Trainer). Bottom row: Ross E Barons, Bill Battle, Clint Heald. Dale Davis. Wrestling 103 Claws Cheering Leos Am The Cheering Leos and Wild Screamers, better known as CLAWS, is made up of a group of students who wished to join a club to support the L.V.C. Basketball teams. For a fee of $2.00 the student was given a T-shirt with CLAWS printed across it and a ticket to ride the rooter bus which left at 6 p.m. to the basketball game against Redlands on Feb. 11. The cheering Leos showed lots of spirit, led in cheers by Vic Roe, Bruce Mines and John Shyldmeyer. As Vic roe Shouted out the appropiate letters, some of the CLAWS put on a half time show forming the work La Verne across the floor. Although La Verne went down to defeat, everyone had a good rowdy time, and they all had plenty of opportunity to cheer and scream as much as they liked. 104 Fans ild Screamers Fans 105 Stiaping Ut 106 This year the La Verne gymnastics team had only two girls competing, buy many more were interested in participating next year, a spring semester course in competitive gymnastics offered by Coach Jesse Staples should provide good prospects for next year ' s team. The two returning girls. Debi Ulmer (BOTTOM) and Linda Pederson, competed in the unattached category, while Suzanne Tokamaru (LEFT) and Anna Zamudio looked forward to next year to compete. The team was coached in the dance aspects of gymnastics by Carmen Staples. OPPOSITE PAGE — Team picture, left to right; Suzanne Tokamaru. Debi Ulmer and Anna Zamudio. » h Si ( 108 Tennis Coached by Jim Paschal, this year ' s men ' s tennis team was looking good going into the new season. The team, tempered by determination, enthusiasm and unquestionable talent, looked forward to giving their tough opponents some stiff competition. This year ' s team included (LEFT TO RIGHT. BELOW) Brian DeWoiff. Coach Jim Paschal. Ken Neher and Arnie Van West. Tennis 109 TOP — John Schildmeyer, " Guahhhhh! " BOTTOM LEFT — Robbie Hogan posing for a picture BOTTOM RIGHT — Track team: Carol Gardner, Juan Gonzales. Robbie Hogan, John Schildmeyer, Don Boatright. OPPOSITE, BOTTOM — Carol Gardner and Roland Ortmeyer looking over schedules. 110 Track and Field ' w niiiiiiiiiiiil ' " i i :iiimiimf ' !itiffilt ' " i mmm Once again a La Verne College team found its success hampered by lack of adequate facilities and by student apathy. However under Coach Roland Ortmeyer a few standouts found track a rewarding Individual sport. Robbie Hogan, Don Boatright and John Schildmeyer were among the participants who worked diligently at their events in the many invitational, dual and triple meets of the season. faking rack§ Track and Field 111 " B " — Pitcher " Waldo Center ■Jet " — Pitcher " Bosco " — Pitcher " Fong " — Right 112 Varsity Baseball " Hawk " — 1st ' Doc " — Catcher ' Mex " — Pitcher Mark LeVler gets ready to toss the ball. i " Goggs " — Pitcher ff Mjm ' i Mac " — Pitcher ■George " — 3rd " Phantom " — 1st ■Noda ' — 3rd N.S. Baugh " — Right Marty Davis swings lor a homerun. Varsity BsMball 113 The La Verne College Varsity Baseball team looked forward to another excellent season after finishing third in the national play-offs last year. With returning ail-Americans Tim Burzette and Bob Waldusky and a national record of the most home runs in one season, once again La Verne ' s power was with the hitters. Starting off the season with tough non-conference games, including one in Arizona, the team got off to a good beginning. Head Coach Ben Mines and assistant Rick Olvier continued to follow the La Verne tradition of fielding a team of national contenders. 9 V , 0 » • 1 OPPOSITE PAGE TOP — Pat Proulx tries to steal second base. MIDDLE LEFT — Garl Noda takes a few practice swings. MIDDLE RIGHT — Dennis Vasquez sits casually in the dug-out before game time. BOTTOM — Top row left to right: Dave Rucker. Tim Behler, Marty Davis, Brian Embery. Paul McGuire, Brent Jetton, Stve Goggans, Joe Preciado, Dennis Vasquez, Ralph Boaz, George Brunson, Mark LeVier, Jim Wilfong, Bob Waldusky, Bottom row: Coach Ben Mines. Richard Ortega. Pat Prowlx, Billy Hughes, Tim Burzette, Bruce Nines, Jerry Mendoza. Fritz Lagergren, Carl Noda, Jim Pearson, Todd Hutcheson, Nile Sensabaugh, Assistant Coach Rick Oliver. THIS PAGE TOP LEFT — Jerry Munoz winds up for a toss. BOTTOM LEFT — Nile Sensabaugh swings for a hit. BELOW RIGHT - BOTTOM RIGHT game. Paul McGuire pitches for a srike. - Bob Waldusky stretches his muscles before a TtiW- ' " — ■■-- rrrr ' -r --■ ■■• ' ' - ' ■ ' - J.V. Baseball Coached by Danny Anady, the J.V. baseball team showed good prospects for the years to come. A young team, it had many freshman players as well a few players who participated on both J.V. and Varsity. Coach Anady said that although it was hard to get games scheduled, he anticipated a good season. Of course, the good crowd support is always helpful to this team of ten to fifteen players. TOP — Chris, Joe and Mike waiting for returning pitches. BOTTOM — Top row left to right: Ralph Boaz, Chris Kerber, Ron Picklnpaugh, Gregg Handy, John Viereck. Bottom row: Coach Danny Anady, Gregg Gracey, Todd Hutcheson, Dave Ochoa, Mike Munoz. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP —Mike Munoz and Nile Sensabaugh prepare for the game. OPPOSITE BOTTOM LEFT — Ralph Boaz at batting paractlce. 116 J.V. Baseball J.V. Basketball 117 118 J.V. Baseball -vli Golf 120 Golf mm The golf team consisted of a group of eight men, including four returning members. Jim Lacey, Ed Garcia, Bret Dody and Frank Lizarraga. Coached by Rex Huigens, the team plays at IVIountain Meadows, participating in twenty games and four tournaments. They compete in the SCIAC with such teams as Redlands, Claremont, and Pomona. Golf 121 " " ' ' A-Jf ;.,. , Dennis Arranaja Vatche Babikian Bill Battle Debbie Baughman Don Boatright Karen Brandt Mary Jo CImino Cathlyn Craft Art Cruz Shakeh Danielian Jim Davis Scott Fineberg Brad Frick Cindy Friday Debbie Fulmer Nancy Gaibler Alex Gallardo Ed Garcia Carol Gardner Andrew Green Juniors Linda Halstead Al Harris Robing Lee Hart Robbie Hogan Theodore Inouye 126 Juniors Brent Jetton Dean Katzelius Jan Klilehua Hector La Marque Randy Lewis Nan Lovelady Tino Lozano Liz Magana Carmen Martinez Patti McKellip Kathy Morrison Isa Neitlander Mike Norwine Genaro Ocampo Anita Page Juniors 127 Linda Pederson Pan Pontoriero Suzanne Prudhomme Tom Quarley Marcie Roberts Herayer Ashot Sayad Julia Scalise Karen Schrimpf Andrea Silva Pamela A. Smith Wendy Souza Margaret Stewart Craig Teter Gregg Triggs Richard Yengst Bernie Wendling Jill Will inson 128 Juniors Dave Serrano and Joe Moscato, " We ' re just two crazzzy guys. ' Sophomores Joey Aguilar Bonnie Anderson Adnan Ammar Vane Babikian Ross Barrens Marie Bennett Mary Ann Bergen Ozzle Blackman Lindsey Brewer Karen Cofer Denise Colombero Stan Croom Heather Gumming Dale Davis Dean Davis Vasken Demirdjian Mike Duffy Lucy Dukmejian Cindy Eller Rachel Enberg Frank Esparza Ron Fattal Pier Fearonce Mary Fitzpatrick Houry Fodoulian Sophomores 129 Shahe Gaobedian Lindy Germain Debbie Glover Donna Griffith Annette Gunski Carol Hannawaldt Tracey Harnish Estelita Hendra Jesus Hernandez Bruce Mines Kristi Mines Pornpote Ingakul Kim Jabara Deborah Jankins Karen Jarvis Kathleen Johnson Ann Kaneko Knodo Katsuyoshi Richard Keeler Margaret Kennedy Tia Kitch Karen Knowlton Shino Kono Barbara Landaal Bill Lambert 130 Sophomore I • Lindel Morgan vi Bws Greece. ■ • Tricia Limon Doria Lin Nancy Lowe v ' ' Debra Mack I ' kw Edwin Marquez III Janna Martindale Levon Matossian Ik r Jack Mauldi • Heidi Mayer 1 Tony Meraz Sophomores 131 I ■ ■i p Robin Merwin Marsha Miller ■Kr r J . HffiS " SS£E S-SS Bi? ' " V HlST T J H , 1 Marianne Moust Barbara Muenchausen Georg Muller Rosa Navarro Pam Nichols Peter Nichols Jason Noyes Tom O ' Leary Patti Ollar Becky Ortega Jeff Pence Francie Poling 132 Sophomores Frank Quintana Stephen Rayburn Jim Robinson Tom Robinson Vic Roe Jim Saige Ed Samaha John Schlldmeyer Carol Slemmons Tami Smith Ty Snelling Dale Stern Doug Sullivan Beth Tabur Debi Ulmer Anthony Vasquez Cheryl Valtz Dave Villa Debora Weathersby Beth Welch Michael Wheeler Yzette Williams Bryan Wolf Rhonda Woods Dale Zook Sophomores 133 Frtshmen Robin Agajanian Jeanne Arnold Donna Ashdown Laila Al. Badauir Samia Al. Baduir Joanne Banks Silva Bardakjian Kathy Barton Debbie Belcher Julie Belcher Dona Bilyeu Ralph Boaz Nancy Boyden Roy Brandt Donna Brantly ■ Cynthia Brown Linda Buchner Bill Campa Jennifer Cantu Debbie Castongway Leeanne Castro Humphrey Chang Tammy Cobb Fred Cook Kelly Crawford 134 Freshman Ada Francis Myra Gamboa Diane Garcia Julie Garcia Muriel Gillls Kathie Glover Matt Goodrich Joanna Gomez Zvart Grdodian Ubellia Guterrez Freshnrief 135 Ruben Guzman Kim Hams Shelly Hanson Kathy Hauger Scott Haywood Marcia Head Leanne Heiny Lisa Hendren Richard Henry Bertha Hernandez Elizabeth Hernandez Norma Herrera Djembar Hessein Wendy Hotf Joe Hoffman Todd Hutcheson Cheryl Jennings 136 Freshmen Dave Villa and Al Garnica congratulate each other on passing their histop ' final. Brad Joplin Peggy Jordon Colleen Kelly Aaron Kekoolani Chris Kerber Arlene Krause Chris Kuehl Nanette Leyua Cathy Linberg Rosa Lopez Delphia Lynch Sheryl Lyile Celia Madariaga Max Mahoney Cindy Maib Ed Maglione Bobbi Mannasmith Camille Marroquin Cecilia Martinez John McAvoy Dominique McCullough Evangelina Mercado Colleen Merwin Angie Mittag Shanna Moore Freshmen 137 Julie Morris Kevin Morse Kim Moulton Cindy Mowatt Jon O. Neher Nora Nelson Lori Nichols Carl Noda Liz Northup Ana Ontiveras Linda Owens Lernick Panosian Liz Penalver Priscilla Piceno Brent Poe Joseph Quinn Debbie Ramos Steve Robinson Densy Rijamto Rachael Rivas Maria Rodriguez Rosa Rodriguez Terl Resales Bill Ruh Lori Rytterager 138 Freshmen 1 |f,. 1 HI 1 TEj • yier 1 i B Ih BL H low much longer Is this going to take? Leticia Salazar Greg Sellich Theresa Scalfe Debbie Schatler Zulka SIreger Cathy Smith Rhonda Smith Sandra Lee Smith Pamela Thatcher Jose Torres Arnie Van West Matt Van Winkle Evelyn Vega Sofia Villanueva Pal Wade Doreen Walker Theresa Walker Matthew Wamalua Debbie Wilmoth Ana Zamudio Avo Zaytounian Freshmen 139 f ' 4 : ■• ■4 •% SX W, ' J.. N c dministration acultyr iLS£ Administration La Verne College is truly a well-rounded educational experience. Students are not only instructed and educated in academic areas, but they are also urged to examine their relationships with the people they encounter, andthe world in which they live. Here at La Verne, professors, students, and administrators are alive with the true spirit of community living. 142 Administration Top right - Armen Sarafian, President Top left - Wayne Miller, Vice President of Undergraduate Affairs. Bottom left - Edward Jakowezyl , Controller. Bottom rigfit - Donald Clague, Vice President of Graduate Affairs. Top left - James Carter, Coordinator of Counseling Center. Top right - Lowell Brubaker, Director of Financial Aid. Bottom left - Jacqueline Powers Doud. Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs. Bottom right - Sharon Agler, Dean of Students. Administration 143 Top right - Marlin Heckman, Librarian. Middle left - MaryAnn Johnson, Director of Student Housing. Middle right - Biff Green, Director of Admissions. Bottom left - Steve Gregory, Campus Minister. Bottom right - Arliss Johnson, Director of Development. 144 Top left - Clark Lewis, Assistant to the Dean of Graduate Studies. Middle left - Virgil Wilkinson, Director of personnel, f iddle right - William Wagoner, Registrar. Bottom left - Steve Lesniak, Assistant Dean of Student Services. Bottom right - Michael Welch, Associate Director of Admissions. Administration 14S Resident Directors of Stuclebal er Hanawait, Brandt Hall and DeLoin serve as caretakers, advisors and friends to the three hundred and three on-campus students at La Verne. While living, eating and interacting with students and administrators alike, Debi, Chris and Dan work together to better housing and living conditions at the college. Another important part of La Verne is the bookstore. Ably run by Cindy Rapoza-Riegel, the bookstore sells t-shirts, souveniers, candy — and, of course, books. Resident Directors Bookstore Top left - Debbie Krug, R.D. - Stu-Han. Top right - Chris Picl ett, R.D. - DeLoin. Bottom right - Dan Holford, R.D. - Brandt Hall. Bottom left - Cindy Rapoza Riegel, bookstore. 146 I Resident Directors Bookstore Humanities The Fine Arts Department at La Verne includes Art, IVIusic and Performing Arts. Students are encouraged to discover and develop their own creative abilities through acting, painting, drawing, ceramics, photography or vocal and instrumental expression. Top left - Douglas Moorehead, Music. Middle left - Gary Colby, Photography. Middle - James Fahringer, Music. Middle right - Steve Nagler, Art. Bottom left - Joella Mahoney, Art. Bottom right - Reed Gratz, Music. im ' i 147 Language And Literature Language and literature studies at La Verne are designed to help students sharpen their understanding, enhance their enjoyment and heighten their awareness of themselves and their world. Students are shown how to relate these studies to personal and social concerns and have the opportunity to learn in English, Spanish, German and French. Top right - Roswitha Brooks, German. Middle left - Kattileen Irace, Englisti. Middle - Joan Arias. Spanish. Middle right - Katharine Hoskins, English. Bottom left - Rhoda Kachuck, English. Bottom right - Virginia Manley. English as a Second language. 148 Faculty Language Philosophy And Religion Personal beliefs are examined and formed by students within the Philosophy and Religion Department. Students become aware of basic problems of human existence and learn to adapt rather than follow predefined tracts. Communication La Verne ' s flexible Communications Department allows students to design their own majors in order to satisfy their professional objectives in theater, radio, television and other related fields. Students have the opportunity to gain experience while working on KULV, La Verne ' s own radio station. Top left - Agnes Lueng. Jouralism Roy Lunel. Radio Telivision Gary Johnson, Radio Television Middle left - William Willoughby. Philosphy Middle - John Woodrut), Drama English Middle right - Esther Davis. Journalism Bottom left - John Gingrich, Religion. Katharine Hoskins, English Vernard Eller, Religion. 149 Education One of the largest departments at La Verne, the Education Department places Its main emphasis upon developing new capacities In human relations and new skills in establishing a humanistic climate. Students experience classroom education as well as field work. Top right - Ester Chicaferro, Educatic Bottom left - Robert Burns, Educatic Bottom right - Joan Call ins, Educatic 150 Education 1 L. ' Id I ♦ ' i . Top left - Yvonne Davis. Education. Middle - Ruth Hersch. Education. Bottom left - Jan es Coleman, Education. Right - Cheryl Givens. Education. Not pictured - Glenda Walther, Education. Education tsi 1 52 Education Social Sciences The History and Government Departments offer a variety of courses whiich enable students to satisfy their own interests and attain professional objectives. Students strive to better understand and appreciate the fields of history and government and to determine their place within various cultures. Top left - Nick Polos. History. Middle left - Herbert Hogan, History. Middle right - Jon Jang, History Government. Bottom - Andria Fletcher. Government. HI«tory Gov«mm«nl 153 Top left - Carl Davis, Political Science. Top right - Albert Kay, History Government. Bottom left - Tom Tomlinson, History. Bottom right - Alfred Clark, History Government. Not pictured - Alfonso Nava, History. 154 History Government Business and Economics The Business Administration and Economics Program has a two-fold purpose at La Verne. It offers students formal on-campus academic training as well as valuable off-campus practical experience. Top left - William Mitchel, Economics Business. Middle left - Richard Baker, Business. Middle right - Ahmed Ispahani, business Economics. Bottom left - Beth Armstrong, Business. Bottom right - Htein Han, Economics. Bu«n«ss Econonitcs ISS La Verne ' s Biology Department encourages and enables students to understand biological processes and their functions in the environment. Student ' s awareness of the unseen world around them is increased within La Verne ' s Chemistry Department. The Math and Physics program at La Verne teaches of the coordination of theoretical and physical properties within our world. Difficult principles are taught through disciplined learning on a personal level. §ciences Top left - Ernest Ikenberry, Chemistry. Top right - Robert Neher, Biology. Bottom left - Jay Rhee, Chemistry. Middle - Harvey Good, Biology. Bottom right - Sheridan Merritt, Biology. 156 Faculty Natural Science The Speech Pathology Program is an academic and clinical professional training program that is expanding rapidly here at La Verne. This department offers basic and advanced course work in the field of cummunicative disorders. Top left - George Arnold. Physics. Middle left - Al Herbst. Mathematics Middle right - Barbara Dabul. Speech Bottom left - Robert Borghi. Speech. Math Physics Speech 157 Behavioral Science Behavioral Science courses at La Verne instruct students in human behavior and its causes and effects. Students are encouraged to engage in research which cuts across disciplines or areas which now exist. Top left - Catherine Cameron, Sociology. Top right - Dayton Root, Psychology. Middle left - Bob Fulmer, Behavioral Science, fy iddle right - Harry Schrickel, Behavioral Science. Bottom left - Glen Crago, Sociology. Bottom middle - Florence Crago, Sociology. Bottom right - George Pipkin, Behavioral Science. 158 Behavioral Science I Physical Education Theory courses, activity classes and intercollegiate programs all combine to make the Physical Education Department one of La Vernes most popular departments. Top left - Ben Hines. Physical Education and coach. Middle left - Jim Paschal Physical Education and Coach. Bottom left - Roland Ortmayer, Physical Education and Coach. Middle - Rex Huigens. Physical Education and Coach. Top right - Nancy Bhckenstaff. Physical Education and Coach Bottom right - Dwight Hanawall Physical Education and Coach. Physical Education 159 ' ■. Wi L it w.. W -y- A 1 III i ' . The sun fades into the horizon an quiet creeps through the hallways, once again silence captures the campus for another restful but all to short siege. The night fills with stillness richly mingled with an anxious anticipation for the day we call tomorrow. f • ■ ' • ' i Jf ' i .; ,K ' -- ' i .,Ar» »- ' ' i ' r T. • ». ' . s K r ' " ?- ' ■ ' • :i ' •5i ' il : ;• ' .• ' ■ ' ■■, .••..• " ' «S ' . { •. A-v..„ •■■■■ ' ' I, ' ' " • ' ■■i ' ' " ' 1 " ■ .1 ■ ■ ' • ' , yAtv ' - ■■ ■if. Vii V. %•;■ L- ' J ' ' " ii ' v .. ■■ ' ■ ' . 1 fe t i ■, i •K J, ;. • '

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Ganesha High School - Titan Yearbook (Pomona, CA) online yearbook collection, 1989 Edition, Page 141

1989, pg 141

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