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 - Class of 1988

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Ganesha High School - Titan Yearbook (Pomona, CA) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Cover

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fb ' N0fg0l 7D5f5W ff ?a1O35QQ?g-Siwil M We TU Z 515555 ,Jwyfigl 2-W 5512556-5 W W7 W6 Qgggw 09 5 C7 , . Q-S ,Mm A bi M V 5 P D A Jr ,rf F jf M9 Fififfg ,ff fflr ,Qi ,. fvbyanw ff' Kf ,fiif lf ffUMJf M 5 VJQJCNJB lfwy JON WM fy vs A H WM ff WM 5 V Jxf My QM J W W , QV v AU ',, ' W J' SY W PW 5 by WWW My W WW WWW M wia s g3m Q f SK ffiw' Q X Q A FW 3? MQW' 5273? N gx xi , M E -5 G f 5 iffy 713 E if Q E M WWW QWYEFSQNSE 1 wqflgliw ESX MW S 3 EQ X - will ' ak R W W Q i Ri -54A'NS?Qp Q xg, QR . , 3 If vm ' M , M , ,, 1 A JSA f' 5, :I 1.55: GANESHA HIGI-I SCHOOL TITAN L VOLUME NO. 29 I987-I988 II5I GANESHA BLVD. PGMONA, CALIFORNIA 9I767-2427, C7I4D 623-525I 2 ? l OUR WORLD IS A WORLD OF CHANGE AND A WORLD OF PROGRESS. "LIFE GOES BY SO OUICKLK IF YOU CLOSE YOUR EYES FOR A SECOND, YOU COULD MISS ITL" IT SEEMS LIKE ONLY YESTERDAY WHEN WE WERE CLINGING TO OUR MOTHERS' HANDS BEGGING HER NOT TO LEAVE US AT KINDERGARTEN. TODAY WE'RE READY TO GRAB OUR DIPLOMAS AND RUN OUT INTO THE REAL WORLD, WITH NOBODY'S HAND TO HOLD ONTO. ,ss .W QL Q I ,M I A I I f ' 4- MW' "f'WWW'W :B f ffm Q QIW' "V WW X' M" WWW W ' 'I' """L ' WE'RE MOVING AHEAD SO QUICKLK AND GROWING AND CHANGING AT AN UNBELIEVABLE RATE RIGHT NOW4 IT SEEMS LIKE NOTHING IN THE Wo STOP us, AS LONG AS WE HOLD ONTO THE INITIA DETERMINATION AND CONFIDENCE THAT IS THE THE CLASS OF we QQ. VERY SOON WE'LL BE BREAKING INTO THE WO AHEAD: ONCE WE'RE THERE THERE WILL BE NO YOU HAVE A CHOICE YOU EITHER SIT BACK AND WE TAKE THE WORLD BY STORM, OR YOU, ONE D US. . .IF YOU CAN! A T W ,, W ,Www K . , f , - A I I I A , W , ,, , b g : X ,, ,, ,, f 3, mm T Q: IKQDPWEN L T51 od GFX? M HW 6+ if , 0 A 'V U t 1 .f .gr Q f ' . ,, 's Q 5 . 'Q , x If ix' F- ""!"'j'i"8.' P 1 -ff -1 Pr' 1 1:-f 've .Q .R : N 5 . f. .Q Q, L -f .I . o',' I. xx ' 'Nl' -1 O h -L, ',.- M ' IW 1 S ,o 1' ' .' , A 'f"" v -4 . 'if' '-A' .5-.4 . LQ' WC"-M T' N -ff" " ' I O ' , . 1- N' ll X .sp f if . M , . s , 1 , X 6 sl 'j X W , nts ft . I . ' l I 1+ 4, 5 . 1 .GZ O' ,L ,I Q... I X f 'f-'nl u I V. 1 "K T 1 I 'Q 4' 40 -In 4 5. v' I 'Q x'- 9. 'Sail 4 N.'. 4' -C I 2. N' 1 U s wf N., X! mm W 17, wa Lbfuwfy f 4.5 " fu' 7 f f fri f .sl fm Sw ,S ff ,LW W- fw N QW., - +L! wx ,Rfk W A A M41 -- ..., N 3 7 M wwf --N mf Jim! ,,,,,, SEE J UAN PREPARE! QJUAN LOCOCOJ J E , THE HALLOWEEN PEOPLE: CLOCKWISE: JILL BROWN, SUSAN MAR- TINEZ, SHERL TUPKER S QUINN HERNAN- DEZ, JODY FRAZER SEE JUAN HIT! SEE JUAN DESTROY! ARE WE COOL OR WHAT? WE BAD!!! QRODDY LATYON 5 STEVEN ,. ,..,.,....,,..,... .,.,., .,.,...,. ,.,....:,,.,,,.,.., , , .. . . ,, UASON THOMPSON, STEVE MAGANA, 8 JASON IRWINQ EV ,i , ,,,. H Q , ww ww ' vm We-M - f ' ' Mr. I f W-W mwmwm ,A 5353. .inf WE BE JAMMlN!!!! A + O HI THERE! QRAUL RODARTEJ CHEZZE!!! LOOK AT THAT!! CMARICELA FELIX, VERONICA FELIX 5 MARISELA DELGADILLOQ MARICELA AYON 5 ADRIANA PONCE C 12 J CI af' GINA SANIIGO. ROBIN PADLEFORD. GLORIA VARELA. LISA RICHARDS. MICHELLE SHROEDER BRYAN JONES, KEN STEELE, STEVE MAGANA, RAUL RODARIE, CHAWN LEMMONS. fhzlgldk it Crum A NIGHT OF EX CITEMENT, GLAMOUR AND INTENSITY IS HOW YOU COULD DEFINE GANESHA 'S HOMECOMING, OCTOBER 30, AT THE MOUNT SAN ANTONIO S TADIUM, THE EXCITEMENT OF THE GAME WAS PROLONGED WHEN HALF TIME BEGAN. THE HOMECOMING COURT CONSIS TED OF: ROBIN PADELFORD, LISA RICHARDS, REGINA SANTIAGO, MICHELLE SHROEDER, AND GLORIA VARELLA. THEY CAME INTO THE STADIUM BY WAY OF CHEVROLET COR VETTES. I 'ff , jf f l THE PRINCESSES WERE ESCORTED BY SOMEONE OF GREA T IMPORTANCE TO THEM. ELECTED BY THE STUDENTS OF G HIGH, GLORIA VARELLA WAS ANNOUNCED QUEEN OF I987f88. THE NEXT NIGHT OCTOBER 31, THE HOMECOMING DANCE BEGAN AT 8:00. IT WAS HELD AT THE VELVET TURTLE IN COVINA. THE DANCING AND THE CROWNING OF THE KING WERE THE HIGHLIGHTS OF THE NIGHT. OUR FINALISTS FOR HOMECOMING KING WERE: BRIAN JONES, SEAN LEMONS. STEVE MAGANA, RAUL RODARTE. AND KENNY STEELE. WITH HAPPINESS IN THE AIR, STEVE MA GANA WAS CROWNED KING. THE NIGHT ENDED WITH TIRED FEET BUT SMILING FACES. ' ,,,, H EE! -5 ' Y H ,. R , X aux' ,gr , N2 Dy xl' I v Cy 255,399 WJ A a?Y'f5f455f X539 gmfiw ' .,.3f"f?'Mr yy ' N-5 TH THERE JUNIO THIS THIS TWO CLASS THOMPSON LAYTON ssmsm ODYSSEY PONCE KENNETH STEELE 0L!7D!ilWJ7Kf77 - '17 Here I Come to save the day!! "I Got You Babel!" 'IB STHID . Sy ? EDITOR IN CHIEF Julie L. Parks Advisor Editor-in-Chief Page One Page Two Page Three Page Four Photographer Business Manager Reporters: ' Brian Coulter Jeff Haddock Etinelle Lanclos Ginean Lewis Amber Moody Dora Moreno Elise Parkin Lee Schwartz Julie L. Parks Julie L. Parks Tracy A. Pierce Darin Safford Brian Coulter Clifton Tiddle Aaron Lesky Amber Moody The I9S7-88 school brought the Ganesha student newspaper. many changes to Mrs. Lee Schwartz took on the feat of advisor for the first time and Julie L. Parks stepped in as editor over a small staff that is made up mostly of new reporters. In order to improve the Ganesha Giant Stride, Julie spent two weeks in New York studying editorship and journalism skills at Columbia University. Changes in layout and type styles were also made in hopes of a sharper and more profes- sional look. All in all, the newspaper staff has worked hard in an attempt to reorganize and create a more informative and interesting periodical. Julie Parks Tracy Pierce Darin Safford Nathan Shriver Laurie Stone Tonya Thone Clifton Tiddle Jennifer Wiese n My ,DOOKfQCL"V3' i i X vw CQ bk W: QE! , fYgQwgQ6w RQXSS M g ww MM . " ily NV' .fffl goyywg WQPNW fx . 3 cf tg, Mrs, Nelson smiles as her R.O.P. students work toward their future careers. R.O.P. The Baldy View Regional Occupation Program is designed to train individuals in entry-level job skills. While R.O.P. is aimed primarily at high school students, it is also designed to accomodate adults. Regardless of whether you're a student or Q adult, R.O.P. offers a variety of classes which are helpful to your career and enriching for your mind, The program, which is, consequently, free of charge, offers courses ranging from animal health care to fashion merchandising to word processing. The benefits of these courses include learning new skills, exploring various careers, and acquiring valuable experience. For high school students, there is the added advantage of earning school credits. l98S marks the l5th anniversary of the Baldy View R.O.P. They are currently serving over 6,000 students per year and offering approximately fifty job-training classes. P Eu Mrs. 'late turns to show a student some paper-work regarding his current employment. The Work Experience Education Program is a combination of related work experience education instruction and paid employment designed to assist the student in acquiring desirable work habits and attitudes. N 1 X v . r " , 'i 3,1 f 5 if ' .L Sf- '69, QQ. B, ,N ix , dv f I 1 K f Y is 9 X X Q I Kirk asked, "ls this V necessary?" . -xii! qy 5 K ox Q J.. 1 f L, f gfxli r X M, "We know we look good!" says Liz. Darrel. and Jessica. ,fl f .,X 7 x , LQ f' ' ls Mrs. Groendyke's class fun or what? "I'm just sitting here waiting for my egg to hatch." ,f tv" ' 9 xt VV I "OOH Doesn't this x-E950 fp I k Hd sf r' "Oh ,aaaag wg, t ' aww g?gss?jgAnng?i can't Qflkw QD, QLOW bl' 1 II ,X-A swgfx 3, giifliliitafiaiilua Y C NAT do fm N QQBSQ 5 if wife, vb N Rt fi ' t X t 1145 ws Ov is 0 , 1 U is K X XQU O hw ' J' W at U Kms we Ngka vi XF ,LL N i Mxxi , .X w W as Q it Cube Q W itgj gyqil g v M 1 , Q MNLiVQYQ5ifmWm p XX A ,, G L Xixx 3 KQJVI I f f kj i fsssfxuff N1 ff V lm Cbgx, f s L X ff' J f'f'M W, L19 A fl s fjw5 ZW 25 A U T 0 G R Af P I1 S - 1 f1lQ"5 PA q my 0 A, , wht' X Nxxlif ,, Nfifx 5 V! M I KIYCWH MJ ,LF LLlJl't1dU5 My U MLMBJQJ 1' C522 .J G V A-0 JLJQ r I I qlqbpx fm J W X M Mm wx ew 'M ' ww woWJk f U' Q luxdk WWA iq LOAN QM RX' L f. ui www! UUA I LKCMCN 5f,3UJU' W W , b fx gh NU N Rn: X.. Il, ,V ,xv I f EU 1, x' Mx AGM Lu - kxxi wwyg W f jfj'LlfLJ0JO WOW A Xxx 4 U' A :VQCWA K 'Y , YLCLLA f. 1f . Nw W 1 JMWU ,Now MM A A N qc ' VL' ,A A , X07 Ly? QW fb, f 47f7L. J-' f ,MWC flffwlf K Hwy. M WW Q1xUfbDM ww MQwJwfwW,f,Ql'Sfj 5MTl5p75iwwfQ,'QA, N055 bw f Nfblsbwwiwwfpywwwfwwww fb Wwswwwbyp WWW QSWVWDMSWXWWMWR j?PQwf59'H, QP fjwm Www MMM M www bWw3?mMmgg, 3j3HQZgQ7g3 , K 26 DW flfwvwwkffoxifg A U ET, 0 wz W, G s bQowQ,w1Wf. X mgUwMJ2ObVenM1nLwi0wWpwPUn'VQ0W' CjnOJpqQN91.mqQ!l0x9RxjY'YLUf1xj0'Wf1-xj MOMUWMJQSUM vmL,JpQU5,Qgq0VlLDywg1U,wMlWOvuQJuLQ,l3mJ0N0L!15L9P4 no no QJWOLUHOW www. Qopab mm Awww ' Ugwwwwwwwwwgwfwmwvffwmw UJJUWOVU wiwmguwliwxwnw' DRUM' VQUBVW ow UM mow WM. Swxffk WCW ww- glgfv UXDW1 Q9 ROQUWU Q5 VS. Qiffwyswflj ww-DYW JLOJQJQH . QNMJWOX Eg Qoffw-Qfwgf' UU bm N M3 AM if ' iff W5 Rf , fwgywgww wi' M -Mwvb5QMW O5-uwf ogg m Ywb Wg? iiEK?f5gTw NWN x NXALJ ' V fiijfff jC ?A AM OK ' MEA, wwf f W W 45116753 fn VOLUNTEER ORGANIZERS: QLEFT TO RIGHTQ GINEAN LEWIS, JENNIFER WIESE, TRACY PIERCE, AMBER JAIME BLOOD THE AMERICAN RED CROSS APPRECIATES ALL OF THE TIME AND SUPPORT VOLUN- TEERED BY GANESHA HIGH SCHOOL ON DECEMBER I4, I987. A SPECIAL THANKS GOES OUT TO THOSE WHO TOOK TIME OUT OF THEIR DAY TO HELP SAVE LIVES BY DONATING ONE PINT OF BLOOD f QR V6 DENISE COFFIN GRINS AND BARES IT! TONYA AND MR, DEAL GET A GRIP ON THINGS! HAVING SECOND THOUGHTS, MR. LOPES?? 28 D Mzvb If X D nw 7 f i DP i A A .1 ,.,. " q"' Q L .A , A 1 9 A ll N5 WW ' 0596 Njulk, M f 4!ff5 4 1' x,bx yd 171 RX XX F A ' "' ji Y I . Q ,uf Y QM 62 , 'fl ' W f Q -A ff' - Q Lgujffwi- f 5 VW if A 3 Y I ' - 1 ,fa .Ae , 5, Egg 1 v Q I KN J ,. 2 AA ' l L quf W W wMawb 'IVFMWV : wif Xwy W WMM? 'WWW' wx wk L.Jlfxx K f E Zlpojlli vbw W VM' 1 4 X xpljy M f V. MMS H1 lj fl ,ffl 2 'VE X uf l '4 f if JM J f uf yffm Q ' I W A if MJ H 4 ,, A JMU f .JW X f - 0, N I fwffuj MLP" 4 i L ,V cl f 1,311 f I I bww f- f' VR ' cxvvl ' Q , ff YV f N , ,L I C QV' 2 K wif! ffl f X 'X 1 3 xwf' I f fl' w YL X L, ,L X ff W M! , X f , cwuv 4, V fw U I X ,L aff! Q J 5' I J B f A f H ,, 7 X I X Juni Q fq' ,,! Q M D I 0 X fx, 'QV X .1 V! if f , ,23 A A L X iwimxf 1 1 lv! I fl, X livw 1 L ' I I lf! 'X I , , X I J K If I ,, x ll it V Xi In 'MJ x ffim ,'17jZl!!L' - wfX W J X A 4 1 ix nyxf . ,Q ,M kk'f if inf! K-XJ-Z f N H! X1 ,I f 4 + + w I Ulwflffl f ' V ! RX 1 X M 46 M f ,WW V Um W tflwf L 11' U! MXN 8 , Jfeefav W AW ,Vi xl: BX , Q f , fl!! f Qlvx M blip X' ww..-f Q N X N 5 ' N XX 7 -J K XX xx r Q X I X I X i N K Tracy demonstrates to us how to make wine! Carrie is wondering who did it? Bottoms up, Mrs. Sutton! Moody, Kirk, Mark, and Steve are captured by view from their ring-side seats. 4'-lr Y f-.S Z A 65 "Well, Angela, its like this. . .not everyone is as lucky as l am!" 3 5 I WOULD LIKE TO THANK GOD MY PARENTS FOR LETTING ME EXIST ON THIS EARTH. CTO MY BEST FRIEND NEE NEE HARDY fB.K,A,j MS. LASHAE, "KEEP CLOCKIN THE DALLAS HOMEGIRL" CT.E.T.j FOREVERQ TO THE I987-88 PEP SQUAD "FINE, JUST FINE" QMONEY CREW, MC, MONEY, B. BANK, SAV- INGS AND LOAN AND MC. DOLLER BILLJ TO MY TEACHERS THANKS A BUNCH ESPECIAL- LY MR. CHOPRA, CWE MADE ITD WE WORKED HARD AND WE LOOK GREAT, WE'RE THE CLASS OF "88"! I WOULD LIKE TO THANK MY PARENTS FOR BEING THERE WHEN I NEEDED THEM THE MOST. TO ALL MY FRIENDS THANKS FOR BEING THERE, TO AN- DREW THANKS FOR BEING THERE. I LOVE YOU! TELICHA KIRK I WOULD LIKE TO THANK MY PARENTS FOR ALL THEIR LOVE AND SUPPORT. I LOVE YOU. A SPECIAL THANKS TO MY FRIENDS WHO HAVE MADE THESE YEARS MEMORABLE. I LOVE YOU ALL! GOOD LUCK CLASS OF "88". LENEE HELGESON THANKS TO GOD, I COULDN'T HAVE MADE IT WITHOUT YOU! THANKS TO MY PAR- ENTS, JENS, ANTHONY, SUSIE, AND JENNI- FER-NO ONE COULD TAKE YOUR PLACES. I LOVE YOU ALL. LOUIE-MAY WE CONTINUE TO GROW EVERLASTING IN CHRIST. GOOD LUCK. ANGELICA BRORSEN CXO 88!! I WOULD LIKE TO THANK MY PARENTS FOR THEIR SUPPORT AND ESPECIALLY MY BROTHER. I WOULD ESPECIALLY LIKE TO WISH SHERRI THE BEST OF LUCK IN HER SENIOR YEAR. I'LL ALWAYS LOVE YOU. TREVOR NASH 32 MOM AND DAD. I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH. I CAN'T EVEN BEGIN TO THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU'VE DONE FOR ME. YOU'VE GIVEN ME ALOT IN MY LIFE AND I HOPE SOME DAY I CAN REPAY YOU IN SOME WAY YOU'VE SHOWN ME HOW TO BE A MAN AND I SHALL SHOW MY SON HOW TO BE A MAN. AIDE, YOU'VE PUT UP WITH A LOT FROM ME AND ONLY TRUE FRIENDS WOULD DO THAT. I LOVE YA. LINDA, YOU'VE REALLY MADE ME HAPPY YOU'VE MADE THIS YEAR SPECIAL FOR ME. IT WOULD'NT HAVE BEEN COMPLETE WITHOUT YOU. LIONEL RODRIQUEZ 5 FIRST OF ALI., I WOULD LIKE TO THANK THE LORD ABOVE ANDKMY FAMTLY. ESPECIALLY MY MOM FOUR SUPPORTING AND GUIDING ME THROUGH THE YEARS. AND A SPECIAL THANKS T0 MARTIN, ANGELA, KIM, TELI- CHA, NIKOL, NIKKITA AND THE REST OF THE CREW FOR BEING THERE WHEN I NEED- ED THEM, WE ALL HAVE BEEN THROUGH HARD TIMES BUT NOW IT'S ALMOST OVER. CLASS OF "SS" IS GREAT! LOVE YOU GUYS! -JANICE LYNELLE MOORE I WOULD LIKE TO THANK MY MOM AND DAD FOR THEIR SUPPORT THROUGHOUT THE YEARS, AND ROBERT, BRYAN, MIKE AND JEFF FOR MAKING IT FUN AND WORTH GOING HERE. ALSO A SPECIAL THANKS TO MY GIRLFRIEND. TAMI, WHO MADE THIS PART OF MY LIFE SO MEMORABLE. P.S. I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO THANK MY BROTHER SEAN, FOR CAUSING ME SO MUCH TROUBLE IN MY LAST 2 YEARS AT GANESHA. VB I0-I2, VBB 9-IO, ASB SECRETARY OF ATHLETICS. SHANE PALMER I WOULD LIKE TO THANK MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS. ESPECIALLY MY PARENTS FOR GIVING ME THE SUPPORT I NEEDED THROUGH SCHOOL AND THROUGHOUT MY LIFE. I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO THANK GOD FOR WATCHING OVER MY FAMILY AND ME. MY LOVE TO ALL OF THEM. LOS QUIERO MUCHO, GRACIAS. CARLOS S. GOMEZ BKA THE MASTER FATHER AND MOTHER. I JUST WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT I LOVE YOU BOTH VERY MUCH. EVEN IF WE HAD SOME BAD TIMES. KIM AND SANDY JUST HANG IN THERE AND ALWAYS DO WHAT YOU THINK IS RIGHT IN LIFE. SO NOW YOU GUYS CAN FIGHT OVER MY ROOM AGAIN. TO THE REST OF MY FAMILY, WELL I SHOULD SAY THE BROTHERS THAT I NEVER HAD, ANTWAUN, LIONEL, DAVE, WARREN, I CAN'T WRITE WHAT I THINK ABOUT YOU GUYS. SELINA, YOU'VE REALLY BEEN MY ONLY LOVE AT THIS SCHOOL! RAUL RODARTE HIGH SCHOOL WAS A CHALLENGE TO ME WHEN I ENTERED AS A FRESHMAN, NOW AS A GRADUATING SENIOR, I HAVE MET THE CHALLENGE, BUT NOT WITHOUT HELP FROM MY PARENTS AND HENRY. THANK YOU. GAIL VITZTHUM I WOULD LIKE TO THANK GOD, MY FAMILY, AND ALL THE LITTLE PEOPLE FOR THE HELP AND SUP- PORT YOU GAVE ME. LOVE YOU ALL "CHILL" ... ROBERT BUTLER I'D LIKE TO THANK GOD, MY FAMILY, AND ALL OF MY FRIENDS FOR HELPING ME THROUGHOUT MY HIGH SCHOOL YEARS. I APPRECIATE ALL OF YOU FOR BEING THERE FOR ME IN THE BAD TIMES AND THE GOOD TIMES. THANKS A MILLION FOR EVERY- THING. TO THE CLASS OF 88. "GOOD LUCK, IT'S A TOUGH WORLD OUT THERE, AND THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES." LOVE YOU ALWAYS. LAURA RAZO THERE ARE MANY PEOPLE THAT DESERVE TO BE THANKED. BUT THE MOST IMPOR- TANT ARE GOD AND MY PARENTS, MY MOM AND DAD HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THERE FOR ME WHEN I NEEDED THEM. FOR THAT I AM GRATEFUL. THE TEACHERS THAT I HAVE TO THANK ARE MRS. NORTHART, MRS. DARROW, MRS. WATTERSON, AND MRS. LEPP. THESE TEACHERS HAVE BEEN VERY HELPFUL TO ME. THEN THERE ARE ALL OF MY FRIENDS. ADOLFO, LALO, SANDRA. MARILYN, AND ADRIAN. THANKS TO EV- ERYONE WHO MADE IT POSSIBLE FOR ME TO GRADUATE. JESUS GAMBOA C! O 88 MIREYA Acsvss DANA ACOSTA DORA M5105 A f ficwei QQQIZKL QUMYAKL Tbqixiigiogl MINERVA AVILA MICHAEL BARBERA L "4'k Mfwww QQWPOD MMM ZMMC' WWW BRENDA BASS ERIC BEASLEY KAREN BERRY if .-'F ' PAUL BONNER DONNA BOOTH TOME BRINSON W Qi? Qmnqlfbeidi 76m O AM n Wal VERONICA ALVAREZ LXOmCCQJkXQCDmgx L .L JEANETTE BARTLEY SCOTT BERTRAND fl if ,415 fx ,YM Ty ,'7, A M- , X2'CtJ"fL- LM!-Cff- -UA" ML LSABEL amz MMM p 33 ANGELICA BRORSEN AARON BROWN KIMBERLY BROWN DIEDRA BUMB Rf,-,,..... Y . ' f LQMX II.. I -YI JMB M UQ ,dw X 'Mm 91,.'Jfw..A. aww ROBERT BUTLER ROXANE CABEZA FERNANDO CANALES GUILLERMIN CANALES L,f"'j'P ,"""2 I, I r ,f ,?.' ' 1 ..- , y , fy Z, X! ' "A" f ff ff' X , W - . : 1,1 fa' .,,f '24 cfl., gf, K0 L7 6 JA? V Ll QQQ,y,fyyu,y7C.. GLHQIQQGQ, TODD CARSEY BRIAN CARTER LINDA CASTILLO TONIA CAUSEY Z J I J mlm 'bmw 7,5213 -JU W0 cwvzixif V Rumi ENRIQUE CEIRILLOS NORMA CERVANTES ARTHUR CHAPMAN JEFF CHAPMAN filffmw fmwfcm Jfffdf Zfwvmffi ,Z rib if 1 - IE A Y ,Q ' 3 , if if I . ' II 93653551 'limi If ADRIAN CHARLEY DAVID CHASE BENJAMIN CHAVEZ KENDRA CHURCHILL K 5 671 QM I' fl W Ch CL Mel- kggndfo. CKmA.M.w.Lb CARMEN CORTEZ ANA CRESPO KATHLEEN DAILEY UM? Aw Cwfa I 1Wgj70QlW'TE PHILLIP DAVIS MICHAEL DE GELIA DEBESDDEWIT-L QIIIIQMD WM H Om flgwl QM HUGO DOMINGUEZ PEDRO DOMINGUEZ JAIME DONOVAN MANUEL DAVILLA DINA DoMINGuI5Z GINA DUNANN WW ' - Pwgfmw QWDPMM HEATHER EBBERT JACQUELINE EDWAR-DS ERICH EICKMEYER GPEiELl-ZEKWELIZALDE W QUCQ UJ ficlwcefc1S MM . JYWFTCIJLULX , xx IL A ' , fa29?0ff JAM? pu ,f plye ehuvbcicniu, Q E DAVID EMFINGER OSCAR ESCOBAR KATHERINE EUSTAQUIO BRIDGETTE EVERITT SALLY FAVIA ADELINE FERNANDEZ VERONICA FELIX ISABEL FLORES l ' Q ,fe X ,f ,ff N . 1 L MARILYN FLORES CATHERINE FOUNTAIN ANN FOWLER CHQ'-IQ FRESCA5 Nw N'LWH L5 WlfU01J'6Qm MMM QM WM M iw GARY FULGHAM JESUS GAMBOA EDGARDO GARCIA MICHAEL GILBERT --4----f' ' . QM if W, M 5 M I IWW TF! NIKOL GILMER IRENE GLIDDEN CARLOS GOMEZ CARLOS GQMEZ Q 5 V -5 '74 A QW 2 I Q ANTHONY GREEN JAMAL GREEN VICKI GREGORY JENNIFER GRIFFITH H f Www um eww Jwwgm :gra- DINA GUERRERO MEREDITH GUTCTHEON ANNE GUTSHALL RANDY HABIUW Dm I Lfgiwzo QQMQHQLMW 37 JEFFERY HADDOCK A MICHEAL HARRIS MICHELLE HICKS M5311 JONATHAN HOLLINQUEST KEMIA HALL CHRISTINA HAMILTON NINA HARDY 1 mm 7ffLL""fV I LENEE HELGESON MILITZA HERNANDEZ QUINN HERNANDEZ f' 1' I A f ' V 1' - iff 7 I f -' !', , , V 5 MLC W1 CHANDRA HILL DAVE HOBSON RICKY HOLLIFIED ,fx 1. ff X cummmww I -'IL QI LIL.1l if Mlcnms 1urzAuruRm suLvuA mleuez Akous JAcKsoN L,f JESSICA JACKSON AMBER JAIME MONIQUE JOHNSON BRYAN JONES ,.......,- ,- -,,,,,.,-- M, jqfwblwxjgjwgf M0mQUCj,E.,Q554, -gudofn Qwmr in.. . 1 eff? J Jw.. MICHEAL JONES T CLAUDIA JUAREZ TELICHA KIRK '74 X-427120-'L C,Qcu,Lc'U6L f K M x, . A ffwc bw 57,19 QZQALGUMZQ6, 'RZ '46 ' pu: 'fA" C, A MATILDA LANDA VALERIE LARES JULIE LARSON ,n J . ,f .4 . I 6,lfggfiLfjCL! 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WMM Www Vw 4 'I 42 AMY PENZES VERONICA PEREZ NATAUSSA PERRY TRACY PIERCE ' 5 F l ,ffMy7:L4,czxE EA Q?.X1f-l..i.2x7l'vCJ0'- C7 - ' ,ff 1 ffm. 5 U G'kJ4ZA,i:513, i512Jx,lx,E.1?,i fl LLLCZ2 'Q BRIAN PLEASANT JEROME POINTER MARLON POLLARD NESTOR PORRES QAM? O A 'Y Qing Z luma, E, wif DARLENE PRADO NIKITIA QUINN DOLORES QUIRARTE DEBORAH RAMIREZ f 3 A - -Y E . E xgx..,ri,+,Q2fwg K L7Wfff5 5451 Q M 49,1 Z Q 4,5 1 .DLLWKYXYLJG Haw Luulg if Army Qpiaaffff, 'E I 4 LAURA RAZO TARA REILFORD JAMAL RHINEHARDT LISA RICHARDS KJ' I E Qwfffwi fafm , E ' I 5450 ' ' RUDY RIVAS MARIA RIVERA SUNNY RIVERA JY Af? 'MOm"Ig07saaLaJ X - U. 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If ,Iv CYNTHIA WISEMAN ADOLFO ZAVALA DENISE ZULLO DEMETRA CARR Q f QMZH I3 Gm TQIULM A diff' RASHIMA DRAPER JUSTINA GONZALEZ ADRIAN LOPEZ DANILE MEZA I I 4 f- RW MI UZZQ MARIBEL REYES MICHELLE SCHROEDER MICHEAL TURNER MW , ful! X d14fi 4QaEf R 0 X r 9 4 'X 7 L x M 'Q 1 1 , 1 1 1 111 1 ZE31g1Zj: THANKS TO MA 8 PA FOR THEIR LOVE AND HELP. THE THINGS I LIKE ABOUT SCHOOL IS THE 'GIRLS', THEY ARE ALI. I CAM FOR. TO BAD THE OLD SAYING SAYS "CAN'T LIVE WITH THEM CAN'T LIVE WITH OUT THEM" IT'S TRUE. I LOVE HEAVY METAL MAIDEN RULES MARK MARRUF SPECIAL THANKS AND LOVE TO MY PARENTS FOR BELIEVING IN ME AND GIVING ME THAT EXTRA PUSH WHEN I REALLY NEEDED IT. TO THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE . . . BOBBY. THANKS THANKS FOR BEING THERE FOR ME WHEN I NEEDED YOU MOST. I LOVE YOU LOTS. MARTHA BURROCAL 111' 111. I WOULD LIKE TO THANK MY FAMILY FOR THEIR LOVE. SUPPORT. AND ENCOLIRAGEMENT THROUGH OUT MY YEARS OF HIGH SCHOOL. P.S. A SPECIAL THANKS TO MY BEST FRIEND BARBA FOR THE GOOD TIMES. 111113113111111111112111?111,1W 11 111111111511111'1?11W1111W? 11 ,111111111111111111Z1111111'111111111 , 111,11111111111111111111111'111111 1 1 111111111p111111,1111111131111111111112 111111111111-11,111111,1111111111,111111111111 1 1 1' 11 1111,111'111,Q 1,11 ,1 1111-'11 11 , 11 111111113 W1111111111111 1 ,,1 1 1 1, 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 111111 1 1 1 1 1 , 111r11111111111111.11111 1 1,.1.1,1,1,1.1111, 1.111.11...1 11,11 111.11111111111111 1-1111111111,11111,.1 1111.111 ,1,,1. ,,,,,, 1,,, 11 , , ,, ,, ,,, 11.,g,,1,1,111,1,,1,,, 1 111111111'1111:11,11111111'111111'1'17111711:111111-1111111 ,1111111,,,1111111:11111111,111115,1,1l11111.11l11111111111111 1311111111 1 1 111.,1', 1,1111 11,1 1 111111, 1111111111111,1,11.1-1111111111111111,111111,,11Q11g1111 1,1111 1111 1 131.111 1 111111111111111111,'11111,1111111'111111111111 1, '1 X13 11111111111'11111:,111:51 ,111 111111111111 11f11111111"E111111121111111511111':,,1111111111131111 1 2121151111 111,1,1I'1I111 11 ,14,11.1,11111 11 111111, 1111 1111?1111'1111,1111111I11'1'111,11.1'11w'111:1l11g1111' 1 1111.1111.111.111111.11'1111111,11 1 11' 11-1 1 111 I111111111111111111'Q1111l11111111111111M1111'11-11,1 ,1 1-11111111111111111111111111119111111111111111111W111'1l111'11111111'111 1 1 111111.11,1.1,,,111,,,11,.1.1,11.11.11 1,,1 111 1 111111W11, 1111111311,1111111111111111-1111111111 1 11111111111111w11111111.1 11131111 ,1H1111111,111i: Wh, , , 1 1,1111,1,.,,,,1, ,1 , , 7 I 1 LOVE ALWAYS. DOLORES QUIRATE 11, 1 11 1, 1 1 1 , 1 11 C G 'SS' so Patrick Limon l would like to thank all of my family for the love and support that they have given to me through all these years. To all of my friends take care of yourselves and keep in touch. "CLASS OF 88 RULES" l'm very thankful to my mom and these teachers because ihey've helped ine to make it through here. Thank you Mr. Mingus, Mr. Johnson. Mrs. Alcia. Mrs. Gonzales, Mr. Herrera, Mrs. Hunt, Mrs. ' Darrow. God bless you! Ana Dora Crespo The Hottest Show inTown 'IJ.f'9r- 5 3 EEE., S1 Ng, 1 -f-- V - N'N,sSM fiffffiz. k 5428 S+.-. ' ,, 51 'f-- - :L fi-if-. 1 it lj., 1 , A 'WY - . ..-. Q .zmx-, m M , , W,......,,, nm t.,,. ,... , .. Bed-Wetters Just what Is He Up To? THE SPCJRTING LIFE .. fi, ' Gooting oft M-.V 431 WNV 1,3 L W.. W ei., 2: 54' ' M: ' nv M ., M' J ' ' Q 5"'7 QW m R W Wm 'W :af I 1 K 23 XM M ,M M W W 4- . erm T . .MTL ll. 420:35 3 Q .. 1 -ff-, W 'l .fu AV - V 1221 f V F? S Q34 W 'fu' V W mgwgi MVK? ik m -4.F ,, ' Ur E+: I ,wil 1 1 W xr LEW! 1 ww ' , pr' W, A ,N ,, Al, l M 2fj, wr Y N, M aww 15515 3 Q ll Km W wr M as gb ' V ' T MW, l , ., W -H L M V wf ' Q 5' N " Q1 41,4 -R W gx ' sk M W , A, 'IQ my X v IK M stgg' ,V,we . fy gf M W, M f A? ...J 'N W M NME I,',Q I M M db ,i 6 im f I K5 mi f if ' 3 fm: X M mm' fl' was ' ' fiaagi f, , M Q W t I lv ZW? A W m, IW' U 5 I' V ff' A ,H N " X ,gr ww 431 gi: 'MY ' . 71 'awdwfh 4 N' if , ,' 214' ' .lim- ,',,. ..-H 4 WV '1' M ML. 1 ' A H' :ff 7553 '5 . V11 Wm , H fH?i:J:1,i e1:apm2g1gig55"wrp . , 1 My X , FM?mT1M1"15s'1 ex rw, '445::'1'?Si?,' 3 "4 mfMF1WwumWH 1 Wgjgvlfligfghiinefi- N 1 -1 1 A1 9 51I5"'f1'?'31" 1- M N ' ,Nw e -1 SENIOR CLASS AVGRITE ILE l rl, Prettiest Eyes: Dave Mateus. Julie Larsen Cutest Couple: Amber Moody, Nestor Porres Shortest: Mike Mudrak, Karen Berry Best Dressed: Anthony Greene, Mi- chelle Schroder Tallest: Denise Coffin, Shane Palmer Most likely to Succeed: Linda Castillo, Jeff Walker Best Smile: Rudy Rivas, Gina San- tiago Class Flirtsz Steve Magana Crissy Gibson loudest: Dion McGuire, Karen Berr Y Most Unique: Aaron Lesky, Denise Zullo 1- E sf' ff is Q lzgig 1 3 Best Friends Male: Todd Carsey. Brian Pleasant Class Clowns Ricky Holi field Karen Berry Most Outrageous Quinn Hernandez Marla Salazar I' Shyest: Mike Harris, Sunny Rive a y G Most Sophisticated: Aaron Brown, Adrian Char- ley Qbottom rightj Best Friends Female: Kemia Hall, Nina Har- Most Athletic: Monique Johnson dv 'v l w ! Gopdbye High The World is Waiting The possibilities are endless Farewell, Graduates f , M W ,,,,.w- 'gm 9. -. v K. mm E V ,, ' V nw W .,-.M 'n RWM I -5 -1 fm E!!! ' Zijmti W 4-f s Z . 'AV L , E,-.1 A 'Q' i w I ,fx W fx ' xkwm, Alf as L TUE E 5 if -ww 45,1 -Y Sf, 9 I my - ,pw '- Q .. A , A qA W I , Q ill ! 33: W I , A, ,. mv' , Q? 1, A, .Yr 4- , W, 1 Q M 4.54 , jg' Ls wk Aw s. 3 ' . K W1 'W X " Y' -E11 ,mit M, mf, W .,,, :FE I , in , M E H X W 9, a r am nu f' Q A ima ' A f what 4. Wm W' Q V 01, K is ' i W - , ' M, qw :xv b Eg fi 3 s U. I 1 an if 5 X 4, We 1 .Sw w, S 1 3 E Nu +1 Jax if 5 .1 1-fmt' Y S '. fm rm, 1. FXVH' 'W I 'NX 'M Nw W ' 'HW' :A ww 3 1 3 Wou you like to name ld IS Puppy? fferent Kind of Terror ll ETSU S ome Study I Can't Take Anothe D A QQ fx f W , J, fw? WSQg5?NyQQwM if 1fWff5gi2W wif fp if Wfwjiffgffi CWM QWSQQQMJAQQMQNEWHEQ 0 wh xp Nm W Q ww ww jgiwifswfnlggwo QQWJCWJNYEQVQQ JW f QM WJ' m3Q sw W' ,wavy QW 23552 dbgffgifgffw Wfwwfwf KVWTAQQ ,N 'W sw KW Nw L wxwyw Wm www W WL ww - sf MW W NNW WM MLDwWf5Wi MW W W WW? OD W J fwpffyg QEOWQ W AS YOU TURN THE NEXTIFEW PAGES ONEE vou SEE Juwwncmss. EE COMPRISED OF A ' ATHLETES, SCHOLARS, AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN. "OUR REEE FUTURE MAY BEYOND OUR VISIONQ BUT IT'S NOT COMPLETELY BEYOND OUR CONTROL." WE ARE THE CLASS S9!I CLASS PREZ. EEJE OUR CLASS PREZ, ISRAEL MACIAS Cr W rw? 4 5? N NATALIE ABASTA LILLIAN ALVAREZ BILL AMES ERIKA ANTHONY ....-i.-.?..,--' "I KNOW I HAVE IT IN HERE SOMEWHEREV' I. V - I,,. I I 2 f , ,... 2. mgggv, ,,2a::my:,aaas E I I , f - ...-1 L 1 RAMON BARAJAS TANEY BATISTE L ! z I OFELIA ARZOLA MARICELA AYON DEREK BERRY AND EI JODI ASHTON f,,mII :. fm:--a55'1 ,nil 'W p1-,:,f'..v ' 11 ,,, I f IX I5 k Ry- U 8 Qm f 7 If r f , ms, a f 4 f S, S f 45 1 J iff ff Q A fffwf WW " 4' ' A J f Q 3 X ' f Lf, .. ....., , ,, V M, 2 W W 41 W M f 53 f fi , fff f 95:1 7 I ' Wig 55, W Q M M 1 7 I- W f K I , I E Mp 46 Z Ag I E L X I 5 wi, wi x ,f f gl V Jr A' 5: V ,, ..,. Y a V X , fryyk , , I I ,W A A , , V? I .ff Q A KEN BAKER YESENIA BLANCO 52 ERIKA BOONE ANGELIQUE BRIZ DION BROOKS MICHAEL BROWN STEVE BUGG I 5 5 DARRELL BURNS ,,,, . ,AEM BIEN CAI SCOTT CAMPBELL ADOLPH CAROSONE ,r." ' A 'Q LORI CARTER TIM CHERMS ERIC CHAGOLLA USHA CHOWBAY CHRISTOBAL COBO ROSALYN COLE Fl MICHELLE COIE LATRICE CHAMPEN ROGER CHASE LEONARDO CARRILLO JEROME CHEATHAM "COME ON HOSS, SMILEI' E .IAIME CONTRERAS E EDUARDO CRESPO WILLIAM CRIGLER if JEREMY DARETT -d-6-'i'Y SHEILA DAVIDSON JOHNNY DAVIS f,,, , ,,,, 3 ff' Qi ' ' 'w2,,Wii 2111322 5" V, I f PATRICIA DELGADO STEVE DIAS LEIA DRAKE - I -x YOLANDA DURAZO JUDITH DAVIS V 'am fi RAOUL DORSEY "DORA'S OBVIOUSLY HAPPY. . ..i?.5T- TRENT EDGE BERONICA ESCOBAR JANET ESTRADA HENRY FERREYRA CHRISTINE FORTIER LAY ,Z-1 JUAN ESPINOZA BENJAMIN FRANK il 55, H' I? JAY FRANKLIN TOM FRISBY MARIO GANDARA RICARDO GARCIA SYLVIA GARZA WAYNETTE GLEISBERG "SHERYL'S OBVIOUSLY NOT!!" fm PAULA GRAHAM STEP EQKAHLYL. ,zanmw:fm,f.-wf-W .. . A, W I.,,,,,5Wgi-J, I ,Q"gmm,,,-::gi:2fzmw 1 ff 3 ',,,','..:,,,,, , fM,,,, AL-- A I EAP' ,, Q 26 WWW ,. J , A , f I f W! 4 4 f Q W 1 2 L 2 V ff J if fa ffm f 1 M M , WW I QW? I 'wi ,M f , W1 , 5 QW! X f Q f ik ..,,,,f,,.... , 'S ,,,, my ,,,, i ,W M I 'K Cu S f f Z X f' I X f . an Xa 6 .. G - , ,f E 5 1 Ja if, v lf ' 1' , I ' W 0 f 1 Q7 I . svigfggg KAREN HALDEMAN MARION HAMM SAM GLOVER LUIS GONZALEZ CORIE GREEN MICHAEL HARRINGTON VICTOR HOPPER. ROBERTO HURTADO JASON IRWIN MARIA GOMEZ JOANNA GORMAN MARCUS GREENE JACQUALY JACKIE JATIP JUSTINA GONZALEZ MELISSA GRAHAM x :M , W ,,,, . ,,,, L , 7 -f I XZ ZX 3 , Iiyi ff? ' ..,., A -L',, 1,,, I,I ' W1Es1fIZ,, 'EE' If' 'ilifkl f H MARK GREENE - .,,, "" ,, I J ,,. I , f Z ,M ,W , V mi, , 4 4 ,I , BRANDIE HOLLIGER A. 1, I 'if "EW dy 2 , z .M "" 1 I 11.1 Wg, 'iiijjf ' - S155 jf' E CHRIS I X, : JOHNSON 55 STEVE JONES KIRK KENNEDY fi h,, K I' V ,' MICHELLE LARSEN BRENDA L ,f, f 14,4 E nm , . .. 5 ,:2.. KRISTIN KLIEWER fww I ,V ' 5 K V, VL ag: ,J mf DARIN LAW A LLL LfLLLfLQL I S'LL 'runway WENDY KRUPA GABRIEL LA wg. I ,M W , .,,f RODDY LAYTON ANICETO LEANDA f4'4"'h'-I me sy W ,,, DAVID LEE RICHARD LITTON ATLAS LOMELI ROBERTA LONG CHRISTINA LONGBERRY MARYSOL LUNA NHI LUU ISRAEL MACIAS MARTIN MADRIGAL ERIC MARQUEZ 3.1 57' ,Wk DAMON MARTIN KAREN MARTIN MARNI MARTIN DAWNETTE MARTINEZ EVELYN MARTINEZ S6 if '1 A-9" f k. ,P bv-4-'F' 'ilu-W MAGGIE MARTINEZ MINERVA MARTINEZ SUSAN MARTINEZ SHAN MATHEWS SHANNON MCDUFF ww 'Lax 'wr' H in-W-'f' Wmm RAUL MEDINA CARI MELGOZA JOSE MENDEZ GUADALUPE MENDOZA EDNA MIRANDA i SUSAN MOODY DORA MORENO MARIO MOTA SHOUA MOUA ROBERT NIELSEN W X f wi, , f f W I I wa ff M f W Wx 7 f 41 f ,.,?7f W, f Vgff W 7 V f , X J 1 DEENA OCON ADAM OLESNIEWICZ MARY ONG DEREK OZEKI ELISE PARKIN , ,,,,, M ,,,. ,, V ,Rx WARREN PARROTT BRIAN PARVIN JAVIER PEREZ JOHN PERKLES MARTHA PRECIADO MIN Q F z il? gi: ' 1 , I I .aff fi . M Q Mt Nw NvA.xw,,,-4nwMM,,,, I A , C1 Fiifaairnwzfwrw ' fiifff . 4.LVV ,s Mfgiwww I Clin MARICELA RAMIREZ PABLO RAMIREZ STACI RAMIREZ LETICIA RP-NGEL 'mf' MARIA INEZ RAZO 5 GEGETT REESE mxwm.: LAURA REYNOSO DONALD RIDLEY L "BEST FRIENDS FOREVER: MICHELLE, SHERYL, BRIDGETTE S DOOWAV' JAMES ROBERTS ,, vlll . , V - , I ,V, v'f:,-' , I: A 14 L L ! ,QA 7 , L 58 SYLVIA RUSH CHRIS SALAZAR VANESSA SANCHEZ VANESSA SAAVEDRA ROBERTO RIVAS HECTOR ROMERO ...M MICHAEL SCARTH ff W '1 siz w ? IISS V. K 4 " "" M y' '1,,?,,e,5f- , IK KRISTINE SCHNEIDER JOHN SHERIDAN ANDREA SILICEO DEANNA STAFFORD LAURIE STONE I P ' ff- . 1, ,f EAAA RRRR 5 RRRRR "" ff M W, ,yyy V 'I' ",,, I , , PATRICIA SUAREZ CORETTA TAYLOR ERNESTINE TAYLOR SCOTT TEGTMEIER DAWN THOMAS I , ,, ,, , 1 , . A I M II J IIIII ' I IIIII , ' W IT,T I ITTTT I , , ,,,... , f f A I ' ,Q 2' W ' I. I ,,I,' I ' f 7 JASON THOMPSON CLIFTON TIDDLE LLOYD WALTERS JAMES WASHINGTON x Z TAWNYA TOMANINI CRYSTAL WEATHERALL BRYANT TORREGANO Z ROSS WEAVER SHERYL TUPKER -L5 Y MARTIN WILLIAMS RICHARD WILLIAMS DON WILSON SHALINA WINEGAR MALIRICE WOODS TAMARRA YOUNG 59 HERE IN THESE PICTURES, THE JUNIOR CLASS IS REPRESENTED BY MANY. SOME SMART, OTHERS ATHLETIC, AND STILL SOME WHO RALLY THE STUDENTS FOR SCHOOL SPIRIT. ALTHOUGH EACH CLASS IS SPECIAL IN THEIR OWN WAY, THE .IUNIORS HAVE THAT EXTRA SOMETHING THAT HAS OUR EXPERIENCES BUILDING OUR CHARACTER!! "ARE WE COOL OR WHAT?" -'fi ' ,I-, f - ' , , ,,,,... 2 . , ::::m::.,f mr.:s":2 M:: A: - . 5 'ia-W , , ,J ,,,,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, ,,, , ,. . -w ,,,,J5If,,,:w12 , f N , , si A , 2 3 , , s, ,, , 1 vl l 2 AE VVVVVVVV . .I ,,..., W V ,,,V "THE GREEN BROTHERS' I I EE, 7"if5: ' L I 1-ff ---,',, Q ,,,,,,, ,,...-, - ,,,,,, . ' "A MAN AND HIS BABY SAY CHEESE RICKY M M if Wm 1? S 2 A ff 2 ,X Q W, f 1, 1 Vw if 1 ' ggi , ,,. ,f,,,:' ' 1' "FLASH ...1" 9 5 am "COME ON GUYS, GET IT TOGETHER!" Qgixui Tmfxc wp pn MW H ,,,. , " , "HOW ABOUT THOSE LEGS?" VN, 2 ,, ,,,, ..... ' 1 A V, ..... - ww f ff w ., A rf L,--, , - W 'E K' I - 1 L.-"1 f 1- ri , V b .. W ,, W ,,,, V I I W yi K. 5 ,..,,, X1 ffff ff V 4 7 V S52 J Z, 1 gf , gy A 1 Wy? jf- KZ 2 f 5 , ,iw , ,,,,,, . ,V ,, f -f , M ff 44354 Q ug A 04 a! I gf wr 4' Z, , 5 ,, W , X Vf I f . I f , X' 3' , X Z J f ' ,,f f , AX 4 M fy' X f 1 11. 7 Y iw 1 WW f f ? W ff f ,Q --" , V .. ,... " " ' "h" 7 A- " - "" A , A Ah" ' , . f - ' ,L V. .. .M ,,,,,, .,,,. , ,,,,,. ., , '- ' 1 , m V ' y i Q I -wg 'fZf'H:t, 'inn W 11 1 'E ,ff"H53wan:fffwniiigi-V"f?'1f'1::EE,:5vwiiV2if J"fE1vM 'f Em . ,LL ' 'WF' 2 Y ,W ' Y W J 3? ViN,e'.-.::i 5'fEWL13'5I5m".f'V'i mf.:4E:f:i5?555iW'SifI:M.: f 9'5'ii,fTM ,,,, 4' f, ii:ZS5J345iEEf55TiW .. H ,., , " -fi? ff if ' , "" ' ,, ' 'm':"" wr '7f f ' , f i' -if? ' 4 Q- Q1 ?K'e4'1' VA Q, Sw KW 62 FRIENDS TOGETHER :lf 41 ef WV 4 ki 2 W wx' gg FA CES I? ar A WW Um? 14 fzmw "I KNEW I WAS RIGHT! HA!" Q, , ,Wg f W: my f all :- A ii WHAT EVERY STUDENT NEEDS . ,. COCA-COLA, CANDY AND BOOKS!" "YES, WE'RE HAVING A GOOD TIME!" UW QUE I5 f V V ff I "I AM THE FUTURE SHAKESPEARE OF AMERIAV' TELL ALI. "THIS STUFF IS BORING!" NPONDERING THE FUTURE, RODDY?" H- 2 ,,,,,. . , if , ,,. 1 ',-, , "" I I - . U E 5, 7' J.. "', 4' 4, ' 1, wa ' f if if I ff , ni: 5 K ,N ,,,, , V 'Z ' ' Sw m a I "" ,, ,,,, : f ' ff W ,,,,,,1,w,,-: W: 'iW7e,,,"Ii?M 'f' :fa V, "I REALLY HOPE THIS PICTURE COMES OUT!" 020, "WE'RE JUST KICKIN' BACK!" :qw TOP: VICE-PRINCIPALS MR. DANIELS, MR. HERRERA, AND MR MELVIN TAKE A MOMENT TO SMILE MIDST THEIR EXTREMEL BUSY DAY OF KEEPING OUR STUDENT BODY HERE AT GANESH IN ORDER. ABOVE: MR. CHOPRA AND MR. MINGUS CONCENTRATE ON LATE AFTERNOON BOYS' VARSITY SOCCER GAME. THE GAN SEEMS TO HAVE DIVERTED THEIR THOUGHTS OF THE CLAS ROOM INTO THOUGHTS OF WINNING THE GAME. K .-C ' --'-- if 4,5 I . K 0-5 A 'I yx Cf' I If 'Xa-H - ANT VN 'XXAGI -fu , F' if 'W If? Af-M ff? -ff W V' - f -Q--M W av lrwxic fit! -jk frog-Ni? JN Q - ' F If ' if 0- Nbokipkdap 0'Vxp'? fkidnogwpx. xl L 4-'ff .Je .454 A 1' mah 'ff ,fb ' via --:ME fy 'f"',2f Y, ,xr .R CJ ,fi fl- 'YT If - -If v 3 20' X 1 f "5 Q baL'bvf'f ww - 4- I WLT. xl33"'7i. 54" 0' Xgcw' 'V-VLA 'YV xp? 30.92 xref ' 45' BXPQIJTEB V95 APP 65' ca L Oxy fi 1' ' L - f ., " , :N 1 ' 'ag c-'XA aaa AYP 2 .15 S-6" QLGSX X0-fp! .L.A"I .ff M ,M-f S 6 wwf au -fl J' xv-L ' 5 an 6 9,7 vi WI L .pun DJ' pa . Y on 54- I6 7 'GT 1 r 'J V ,yr Y 'YV' Ji' ' A4' - 02' ' +05 Q- Sf we 0-Tx s-is W' -'f I -I0 X305 vc' IA Af Q :Y ,ma NPV? ffxf A 'Sf 50 -X fum W- ,fl -f Lv , as XYXW-GTS., SJ-X WLABDJ K Qbfikxw Nluf BQ' rlNoLJbQi0l,f'5 f f cs -JJXX 4' 5 f, kv IX , ' W ' w '07 1 bak ,- ,S J 'fbi Tiixkafwaofx pcb? r-I ,L 5- if OA rhofifx Qui gxoi QJRII Xpilf Nz QD ,ivy ,ax fa wxx-I ok If api m OAK I JL' s vc Q GIRAQ7 Skull SAX gslfcf' A Nr i' gravxbymgioa 6 5-563 ,X WP 5300 U'-'N CUB' LX 60165 J I I0 1 I ' , 309' 0 .Xia J- x 'N Your XLSS -If Pb! A4'.kQ v axx . VV, YL J TOP: MR. HACKETT KEEPS Busv WITH THE jc, W I7 goof J VARIED RESPONSIBILITIES AND NEEDED OR- GANIZATION REQUIRED FROM HIS POSI- TION AS THE DIRECTOR OF ATHLETICS. MIDDLE: GANESHA'S HALLS QUIET DOWN AS STUDENTS SETTLE INTO THEIR CLASS- ROOMS. BOTTOM: WHAT IS A TEACHER'S FAVORITE PART OF THE DAY? THEIR PREP-PERIOD, OF COURSE! I I If Iniznzniina I if :.: Wm I M WWW MT ll T .II I I FM W M .:,,:,,:,,:, "" I wfm iei ' K EEE K . 1 l M W -f Ii W-1 W ,-2 Q :.,,. ..,. .,,.,,..,,., 3 5 l M555 ':":":'2 -':":' 2 EE 1 .M A"::': :'f51:'?"'f""" ?:'2:'1 . .--N .. M s W ii a s. Q yr 5 I ,,, , , "V"' I T I S ,.,5.,V Q ,A.,., W EH 'ft I file ' -IQ ll M as W KILL "ss ' IVQVIIEIE ,, 'mm pd, "" M W Wm I It f s.,.W:,giz,,, . ....., ,,, -..mmm ...1 ,.,, W ,,, , me --- -- is lg :.: H 1 213 55 I Iii! 5 E E i 5 S Last spring I was approached by Dr. Leonard Duff, Area II Superin- tendent, about my re-assignment as principal to Ganesha High School, needless to say, I was excited. My experiences at the high school level in the Bay area had been challenging but pleasurable and I was eagerly looking forward to returning to the high school level in Pomona. I have always enjoyed the sophistication of the young adults in high school. The students have always responded to my style of leadership and this fall has been no exception. I'm impressed with the leadership of our A.S.B., Stride, and yearbook staffs, as I've had the opportunity to meet and share with them my expectations. The class meetings that were held following each grading period and the responses from the students indicate we are heading in the right direction. The atmosphere has been extremely pleasant. Most of the students are self-motivated, also, most ap- proached the school year on an "up" note. I'd be remiss if I did not acknowledge the tremendous coo- peration and teamwork shown during the opening weeks of school when the air conditioning units were being installed. I believe we appreciated each other's responsibilities and rights during this unsettling time. ' QWWWYWHT4 f'i' 9 A W ?Eii3S?SI M 'ff f Lf I ma M ...i,..,..W. ,Egg -may Jw-S-M-e g Q i g - -:,s.,?,s, 1 ,Wm L mas? mmm ,W M, 2asa-atm-Q:-: mme - - H mm ,MW mm ... M.. 5: IW "":::-,:,,:, --" msmmmmmewvm Q--W f-M-.-17' :rr Wav-wa 1: Nw- wt., in ,gi ""' -'W ...TZ M .asm .3 M, WM? We K M M.: Mmxwwmmwtgl s Mm N-M.. WMM' M MW W M W M 3 .. ,mms -M W A-M N' Miwmwimm W. www W 2 .mm :WW maww... N H- t , N md... imma 4 RWE . WMWWMW ,,,, wwf' ,M , Mm , ,,,, ' - A I ww " My two years at Marshall Junior High School prepared me well for the task at Ganesha. A number of freshmen and sophomores had experienced "The Lopes Approach" and made the transition smooth for both themselves and my- self. Finally, you have made my first year a memorable one. 1,5 lnq 'lf' Us Q Um? ' L E Hszefssffmwggggigtgggiui ggg mmw.Lsga wixgtmy. 2, W fm -X ml?LWfcm.w rcs u,,wwwmssu1.l W wmsm ummm swim? gmsff rsr,w,.mz.P:ma.fsslQmg5ms ww5w5gmsw 'wvvveummmvlilxc mxwm 2:12 W mamma WWW M, J 1 .1-:xiii m.Mwf'W"":4,,:,. W-mf-ymmgw mm wlwwmfmmmmsw M :f .f3'?M:-fwmflelagmlw' N W M M we W mmm sxmwffww-M5235 mycmws M-MW Mme! W M ,....:- W ,M W W xx... W WN W :figs ... ,M -M-gseglrw., ..W.:1W W W-W ,sa . ,,,.,g,:frf':fsr:i:::?.:fwm: MW ,. E 5? t Il i L3 .5 g gl 5' A. Melvin gi li gi EE I is 3 5" f s """i'W FM' Daniels . Deal . Lepp Senior high assistant principals per- form a variety of duties to assist the principal in the administration of a secondary schools organize, coordi- nate and develop the instructional curriculum, the school testing pro- gram and other activities related to instructions coordinate and direct the implementation of policies relat- ed to student conduct. attendance, discipline and safetyg and supervise and evaluate the performance of staff. The guidance department at Ganesha is here to serve the needs of the entire student body. Mrs. Lepp is the college counselor and is responsible for all college. scholarship, and financial aid counseling including college applications and information regarding college entrance exams such as the SAT. Students desiring information or counseling in these areas will see Mrs. Lepp regardless of grade level. Mr. Simmons, Mr. Deal, and Mr. Demetrion are responsible for the other areas of counseling. Their primary concern is to work with their counselees in an attempt to see them graduate in four years. Presently, Mr. Simmons handles all students whose last names begin with A-G, Mr. Deal covers H-O, and Mr. Demetrion takes P-Z. This includes all grade levels. These men are also available to help their counselees with school-related and class difficulties as well as personal and family problems. W M un M y s 5 s J. Herrera N. Demetrion .l. Simmons s 3 y :ll f E s 93 E L 7 WW A29 NW 4 GSS S. MARTIN ATTENDANCE CLERK E. BERG C. YRIGOLIEN ATTENDANCE CLERK E. LLOYD ATTENDANCE CLERK ATTENDANCE CLERK LOST BUT NOT FORGOTTENI. D. HANDERHAN CLERK TYPIST fiv- A. ANDERSON J. FRAZE D. BOGARDUS OFFICE MANAGER NURSE LIBRARIAN 4 , , , C. OLIVER TYPIST CLERK D. VOGHTS HEALTH CLERK S. OLIVER MEDIA TECHNICIAN C. BATY E. LOPEZ P. LUGENBEEL SECRETARY SECRETARY REGISTRAR wg W fa M. Darrow L. Demeli V. Green V. Hunt M. Lindsay -111.1- L Newhan L. Schwartz N. King All students at Ganesha High School are required to successfully complete four years of English for graduation. Students take two semesters of English 9, English IO, English I I, and English l2. Most of these classes are literature based. In addition to these required courses, students may elect to take Journalism, Yearbook or Drama within the department. Nine of our teachers taught all English courses. Three of them taught English as well as other subjects. The Ganesha English curriculum follows Model Curriculum standards established by the state and includes a variety of reading, writing, listening, and speaking activities. N. King English Unit Leader cosqzx- SirH2.X Z. Crabtree I-,... M. Hopwood 1 ln R. Mingus G. Watson : I l I U61?,Df644F A. Hatcher G. Henry S. King G. Mack J. Sandhu K. Sutton B. Wong " it T . :fff " xi A The Math Department is expanding! The number of stu- dents taking upper level math courses is growing and the . classes offered in the Honors program are increasing. Gan- esha now offers Honors Geometry. Honors Algebra Two and Advanced Placement Calculus. Next year we will add Honors Math Analysis to the roster. There has been a Math Club at Ganesha for the past two years and there are plans to form a Consumer Math Club in the near future. - finger w.'.:'Ss+-EE 'Top A SOR:-2. Yggueg, LAQDXG 'I tlsmfg H1AQg:2l'el:i"Zh LL La-303 J VZ. AYQQQJ 31M QLATQLS .' EP QQL H-Avg A , V,,,, W L. Armstrong C. Brown R. Chopra B. Gf06I1dYk2 E' l-0PeZ .P , 09- Z' Vw 1 if Q 53 91-, ,Syl 2 """ " M. Martin G. Norvell Q s fn'-"""""1 Karp. The main objective of the Social Science De- partment is to help students acquire the knowledge and understanding they need to function intelligently as citizens in an ever- changing, interdependent world. To help meet this objective all students are required to take World History, U.S. History, Govern- ment, and Economics. Other course options include: Anthropology, Psychology, Sociolo- gy, and Marriage and the Family. The department offers college preparatory courses for students who plan to attend a four year college. B. Groendyke Social Science Unit Leader ...' ' l' .---l' - ,,,., . V... sss' ,... J 4 ,,--- . sssl ,---' , 'ffi ' il , ' . ' ,...,, - H J E "il I E. Skinner D. Westlake av Hs SCIENC , DEPT. I I R. Holtzman Our Science Department offers eight different courses and is serviced by I I different faculty members. lt has the potential of providing a four year sequence in the Biological Sciences, and can also provide a two year sequence in the Physical Sciences. Therefore, a stu- dent can not only easily fill graduation requirements and his or her university requirements, but still is able to select electives in science. The Science Department now affords the opportunity to be part of two Science Clubs. It also provides encouragement to participate in regional academic contests such as: The L.A. Coun- ty Science Fair, The Academic Olympiad, The Aca- demic Decathlon, and M.E.S.A. Day Competitions. It is hoped that in years to come Physical Science will be able to provide a more comprehensive pro- gram and a four year sequence, or possible A.P. courses in both the Biological and Physical Sciences. John Seaman Unit Leader-Science M. Rivera G. Perry P. Wright D. Huey' C. Kline La Pfade Seaman PHYSICAL EDUCATIO -,mf B. Revis "Giants" are required to take Freshman P.E. which includes tennis as well as other team sports. After the Frosh Year, students may elect activities such as. Dance, Weight Training, Body Conditioning and Racket Sports. These classes are very popular. All classes are coed and often there are boys in Dance Class and girls lifting weights. Barbara Revis Unit Leader thi 76 G . P L. Andrews G, Freeman The Fine Arts Department includes foreign languages as well as the visual and performing arts. This year many students are enrolled in Spanish III, French Ill, and Humanities, an enrichment course for the arts. Music, Art and Drama, with 752, of the instructors new to Ganesha, continue to involve our creative students, giving them the opportunity to explore another spectrum of their personalities. French Club and Drama Club are active campus organizations. Mrs. Meg Northart Fine Arts Unit Leader l.. Johnson M. Northart If' :iffEYffLE::22l:..fif EE: y --H I' .sf - , gggpy. r 5 3.1, " ' f 4,,, f 57.1 is J rrrr G. Taylor N. Trullin er S. Ugezene WJC,,1lifltJ7M1X!.., Euucm' xv sf B, Wiese J. Hagemann Z,-,,- S. Banning B. Mason D. Fackler The department includes Business Education, Home Economics and Industrial Tech- nology, Many changes are occurring in the department. Courses have been rewritten in most areas to recognize more academics. Vocational Education courses have always been a practical way of showing the students how to use or apply their Math, English and reading skills. Moreover, to calculate, compute and communicate. We hope students recognize the need for higher level courses when applying their skills. We're using computers in the business courses, drafting, electronics, graphics for desktop publishing and automotive for tune-ups. Home Economics has one for design and child development profiles and has expanded to include teen and family living, fashion design and HERO CHome Economics Related Occupationsj, Foods is being rewritten into the curriculum next year. We hope the juniors, sophomores and frosh utilize the courses in the future. Dave Fackler Unit Leader 1 S. Schmitz if ff an y Mx! 495 M 2 2 fm , ' .1 C. Wisdom PECIAL ED J. McCarty P. Trosper 5. Wallerson LISTGDIA S Standing: Bully Lane, Albert Romero, Harold Gomez Bottom: Robert Lakes, Donald Bunker HEAD CUSTODIAN: SAM PARM CAFETERI HEAD CAFETERIAN: HATTIE HARRIS Beathey Almos, Thelma Caleman, Sandra Goodwin, Clentis Flournor, Ethel Heath, Dian Lake, Maria Linares. Virginia Martinez, Vergie M. Belknap, Barbara Meeks, Pat Mueller, Kathleen Newsone, Pat Smith. al my lllvl lfwill M SKA mgfllii-Svf,4?lgHimlfRm'EA """"""""" -": WL WWA :": V E: :--:- :-, ll l c ":' lklaf ::-l :.:: .... 15 .-..-: :-- -..-.--.-,.-.:-: 2 5 mi 3 9 XE ' limi? f 555 .Naam I ,ig A F g f llllf iggf i 2 M We 1 A W, -M ef: if mm at ffm ,,,.,, is is ,ire I :': ::":'f:' ':':': E an 2 M M , if W W , M ef, i :M 'ii M 2 D . ""' 2-2:-:--:-Q2-:'- 1 was ,M im Mi g ..., ,.,.,,. , ,..,., , mmm W I as Q QEME, ,,ee,... ao. -arm me ,,-,,,g,, .... .E WN ,a.,,,,,,-Mm 4 M W 5 a ,sq Jerry Blaylock Given Everitt Walter Jenkins William Sims Lorraine Thornhill Brian Terry Robert Ochoa gf-f, r PROCTORS r M M AQWL A 1 2 5 L . gif'-.1...,, 4 343 4-f A. 4 5 ,1,':E4'3i' ww,-,w W? wffaww ,w'g1x1,w,, gg I Q :ww 3 f W aw f Cf 221, we SEMI 3. :Vlfiiif W, HDNJ3 OF 'IHLEZ LEADERS, SC?-IDL,-HRS, AND C3-TAZJVLPTONS I I 'N'N'N IIII 'N'N'N'N'S's IIIIIIII III-'IIII IIIIIIIIII NN'N"'LN"N'i-X XNKXSYXSKS ffffffffffffffffffff "N.N"'N'N"sSN't'W'X'XX'S'N"NX"N'N'X'S"N IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII X1 Q K' Q' .-f"'.v II . I 'NN 1' N N'N 'N 'NK II I' I I MXN XR NNN 5N'u'N'N S "N-"N IIIIIIIIII 'N'N'N'N'N'N'NNN.'N'N IIIIIIIIII 'NS'NS'NX'N'N'NN'N IIII III IIIIIIIIIIIIII N.'NX'N'NNX'NN'N'N'.'K IIIIIIIIIIIIII N'NN'N'NN'N'N'N'N'N'N'N III IIIIII II "-'N X 'N 'N N. S 'N 'N N 'N X N N. N X 'N III II III IIII N.'N 'NN X 'NN N'N'N'N'N I I I 1.1 If IQ' I I 'N'N'N'NX'N'NX'N'KX'NN'N'N'N'N IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 'N 'N 'N 'N 'N 'N 'N 'N 'N 'N S 'N 'N 'N 'N 'N 'N N I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I S 'N 'N 'N 'N 'N 'N 'N 'N 'N N N 'N 'N 'N S S 'N 'N N 'N I I I I I I I I I 'N 'N S 'N N N- 'N ' - 'N 'N 'N I I I I I I I I I 'N 'N 'N 'N 'N 'N 'N 'N N 'N 'N 'N 'N 'N 'N 'N 'N 'N 'N 'N IIIIIIIII' 'NN'N'N'N'NNE'N IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 'I.'N'N'N'NN'N'H.'N'NN'N'N'N'N'N'N'X IIIII I 'N'N'N'N Sk IIII I IIIIIIIII ROP CERTIFICATE WINNERS 9lJTSTAND'NG AWENDANCE OUTSTANDING STU-DENTS DANA A C C ST A EDWARD GOUBRAN M gm GRADE GENE OOLLINS EACATAEOQERNSYUXEN JANALYN BLOCEMFIELD ISABEL FLORES SHAWNIE GLZAK .. AARGN CROW ANN MARIE FOWLER GREGORY TIDDLE ., EDNDND GOUBRAN ' RRARDO GARUA ERNESTINA ANGULO SHAD' 'MAN' i MARTHA GONZALEZ ANGELA BARLE NEY NESHAN ' NINA HARDY INGRID GIBBS BICH LOAN NCUYEN f STEVE JONES BEVEBLY-HACKET PHOUNG NGUYEN "' WENDY KRUPA JENNIFER HENNIIGAN SANJEEV SHAH i SROIIA MOUA LUIS HQRTA SARAH STOCK f DQLQRES QUIRARTE APRIL I-CBO XOCHITL ALVIZO AUCUSTIN RESENDEZ NESRAN NEY EMILY ANTWIH LIONEL RODRIGUEZ KIMBERLY UDELL NANETFE ATHUAHENE JAMES WASHINGTON ADRIAN RUR CHERI BISHOP EDWARD FOX ANTHONY FERGUSON 11 TH GRADE 12 TH GRADE GABRIELA CAMIZ HENRY EERREYRA ' BRENDA BASS I FREDY GARAY ANT0N'0 TOLENRNO ' DEIDRA BUMB f JENIFER GORMAN ANDREW ANTW'R LINDA CASTILLO I ERIC HURST JOD' ASHTON JOYCE FRANKLIN ' MILDRED ICK ER'KA ROCNE JULIE PARKS ' MITIOLA IONGI R'EN CA' SUNNY RIVERA IRENE JUAREZ CRRTORAL C030 JEFF WALKER LEMUEL LEOASPI SRE'LA DAWDSON JEANETTE BARTLEY JOSE LOVATO W'LUA'V' GREER TONIA CAUSEY THOMAS MIKUS 'WCREAL RARR'NGT0N ANA CRESPO ADRIAN RUIZ ROBERTA LONG " KAREN EUSTAQUIO JULIUS TEOPACO RNPRARD LRTON CATERINE FOUNTAIN GREGORY TIDDLE NH' LUU CARLOS S. OOMEZ RICARDO TRIMILLIOS DEENA OOON MARCO CUTIERREZ CATALINA vALD EZ EUSE RARV'N MICHEAL HARRIS CENAVIE WRIGHT RR'AN RARV'N EDUARDO MAZARIEGOS BRYAN YORK MARICELA RAMERIEZ AMBER IVDODY DERRICK REINA TONYA THONE TH GRADE CUEVON RDDLE GAIL YITZTHUM MARIO ZARAGOZA RNA TORRES ARMANDO YANEZ ROLINDA KIMBLE I E NOT ONE PERIOD MISSED I E 4.o cs . P . A , 10 TH GRADE MAGDELENA AOUIRRE ' CATHERINE BORBON f STEPHAN BRIM I MARJAN ARNANI I TIEN NOUYEN I GILBERTO RUIZ f DARIN SAFFORD I BRIAN SHIU f KIRK TGME CHERI ADAMS PATRICK AGUILERA FLORENCE ALANI DALENE BUMB THU CAI ERNESTO CASTRO TRISTAN COFFIN BRIAN COULTER LYNN DIAZ SCOTT FLORES ROBGTLE"' KATHY HOANG LUCIA HORTA THUY TRAN HUYNH KIYA JACKSON TFHCIA BEEN JOSHUA LAWRENCE SHIRLEY LIN TODD MAC GILLVRAY MARTHA MARTINEZ L AARON RESCHMAN MICHELLE RIVERA BRIAN SALCIDC REx SANCHEZ DANIEL UDELL KIM YECA IAN WEST DFRIF WII SON I WOULD LIKE TO THANK EVERYBODY WHO HAS MADE MY LAST FOUR YEARS FUN, ESPE- CIALLY MY PARENTS WHO PUSHED ME THROUGH HIGH SCHOOL. TO MY BEST BUD- DY JEFF THANKS DUDE, FRIENDS FOREVER. QITALIAN BROSD ALSO THANK YOU TO ALL YOU OTHER CLOSE FRIENDS THANKS FOR BE- And just how many candy bars are you planning on eating Mike? "I AM THE EGGMAN. I AM THE WALLRUS. KOOKOOKACHOOKAKOOKOOOKACHOO'' JOHN LENNON- I'D LIKE TO SAY ADIOS AND GOOD LUCK TO ALL AND TO ALL A GOOD LIFE! WHO KNOWS MAYBE ONE OF US MAY BECOME A PALO DI DONO, A PETER TOSH, A GERTRUDE STEIN, OR MAYBE A GEORGE PEPPARD. WE'LL SEE. DRINK ROOT BEER, LOOSEN YOUR TRUNKS AND ALWAYS CLEAN YOUR PLATE QTHERE ARE STARVING PEOPLE IN THE WORLDQ REMEMBER "MY DAD IS MY DAD" LANCE, INC. "IT'S KIND OF HOT TO SEE A LIZARD FEED, BUT THEY NEVER SEEM TO WANT TO BE MY FRIEND." CHRIS MILLER C.D,P, WONDER DOG, RIN TIN TIN, MIGHTY DOG, AND CHILI DOG. SMILE IT COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE! AARON LESKY ING THERE. V.F. 5352, i7fl0, Jill, ifll. MIKE DEGELIA CLASS OF "SS" .IAMS FOREVER! ,i , Don't get too excited Gloria. MOTHER, BARRY, DAD AND CHERYL- THANK YOU FOR BEING THE BEST PARENTS THAT HAVE EVER WALKED THIS EARTH. I LOVE YOU. I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO THANK THE MOST SPECIAL FRIENDS IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD: CARE, VAL, ROB, HEATH, LYNN, AND KEN. YOU GUYS KNOW YOU ARE LOVED! TO RUDY, YOU ARE A VERY SPECIAL PERSON IN MY LIFE AND I'LL NEVER FORGET THE WONDERFUL TIMES WE'VE SHARED TOGETHER!! "O" IS'NT THAT SPECIAL? AND NOW TO THE CLASS OF 87' "YOU BROUGHT THIS ON YOURSELF, DON'T MAKE US DO IT- AGAIN!!! LUANA ORTIZ I THANK ALL MY TEACHERS THAT I HAVE HAD THROUGH THE 9TH-I2TH GRADE. I THANK A.S.B. FOR MAKING THE MOST OUT OF MY HIGH SCHOOL YEARS. I ESPECIALLY WANT TO THANK Pl!!! MY DAD AND GRANDMOTHER FOR HELPING ME THROUGH THE ROUGH TIMES AND FOR CHEER- ING ME ON THROUGH THE GOOD TIMES. I WANT TO THANK MY MOM FOR LETTING ME USE HER CLOTHES TO MAKE MY SENIOR YEAR APPEAR- ANCE THE BEST! SPECIAL THANKS TO KL, IB, GL. LC, CF, AF, CW, AND JE. LOVE MAIRLYN FLORES CLASS OF "SS" O.K. now who can recite their ABC's? "LIFE MOVES TOO FAST IF YOU DONT STOP AND LOOK AROUND YOU MIGHT MISS IT" FERRIS BEULAR I WOULD LIKE TO THANK MY PARENTS FOR ALL THEIR HELP AND ADVICE. I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO THANK JEN- NIFER HOLLADAY FOR ALWAYS BEING THERE FOR ME. I LOVE YOU! AND THANKS TO AARON AND QUINN FOR ALL THE LAUGHS, FABIAN FOR ALL THE RIDES TO SKATE. THANKS TO DENISE AND EVERYONE ELSE FOR ALL THE FUN! REMEMBER "MY DAD IS MY DAD." LANCE, INC. No Shane. I don't have any f d y b ow. Go ahead punk. make my day. What do yo D I I p h fqnge? 83 Ooh Mike, you're so sexy. Ready Aim Smilg Pefdy, Ready to throw down? The homeboys. Bizzare love triangle if f v if S Fire!!! PSYCW' Giddy-up!! P-U-H We didn't mean to kill the puppy, 3 Achoooo!! Big Palmer. Little Palmer. Q FIRST OF ALL, I WOULD LIKE THANK MY FAMILY FOR SUPPORTING ME. SECOND, I WOULD LIKE TO THANK ALL MY FRIENDS KENDRA, KIM. NIKITIA, ANGELA, GRAZY. GINEAN, JANICE, NIKOL. TELICIA, TRACY, NINA. KEMIS, LIZ, BRIDGETTE. AND MI- CHELLE, I'LL MISS YOU ALL. AND TO THE CRAZY BOYZ MAC MAC, DMC, PAUL, ROD- NEYS, MERDOCK. SLICK, RICK, WILLIE, AND ARTHUR: HOPE YOU GUYSKSTAY OUT OF TROUBLE. TASHIEL AND TERRY HOPE YOU BOTH HAVE FUN NEXT YEAR. KAREN BERRY "CI-IEEKS" C-YA! MARCIE, THANX FOR EVERYTHING. I WOULDN'T HAVE MADE IT WXO YA! GOOD LUCK TO YOU IN THE FUTURE AND I LOVE YA! MARIA, WHAT COULD I SAY WE'RE BEST FRIENDS, AND WE'VE BEEN THROUGH EVERYTHING: THANX AND I LOVE YA! ADRIAN, DON'T EVER FORGET SENIOR YEAR GIRL. GOOD LUCK! OH YA, THANX MOM AND DAD, I LOVE YOU TOO! MICHELLE GIANELLA CXO 88 THE TIME HAS GONE SO FAST! I'LL MISS ALL YOU GALS IN CHAOS! SPECIAL THANKS TO MY BOY- FRIEND JOHNNY WHO'S HELPED ME TO COPE WITH THE PROBLEMS OF THIS WORLD. I'LL NEVER FORGET YOU. GOD BLESS MY PARENTS FOR PUT- TING UP WITH ME I7 YEARS. SOMETHING TO REMEMBER: "HOW MUCH BETTER IT IS TO WEEP WITH JOY THAN TO JOY AT WEEP- ING." -SHAKESPEARE CATHIE FOUNTAIN I WOULD LIKE TO THANK MY PARENTS FOR ALL THE LOVE AND SUPPORT THEY HAVE GIVEN ME, I LOVE YOU BOTH! TO MY TER- RIFIC FRIENDS, DINA, GAIL, ANDREA AND BILL THANKS FOR THE FUN TIMES TOGETH- ER. TO AARON. I'LL NEVER FORGET YOU, YOU'RE VERY SPECIAL TO ME. DANIELLE AND RAUL JR. I LOVE YOU TOO! TALL FLAGS GOOD LUCK NEXT YEAR!-BAND "84- 88" TALL FLAGS "86- 87" T.F. CAPTAIN "87- 88 MICHELLE ILIZALITURRI 36 FIRST OF ALL, I WOULD LIKE TO THANK THE LORD FOR BLESSING ME AND MY MOTHER AND REST OF MY FAMILY FOR THEIR SUPPORT. SPECIAL THANKS TO COACH ARMSTRONG FOR BEING THE WON- DERFUL PERSON HE IS. I LOVE YOU ALL. DEREK DEWITT M mmgwmm. . .....,. ....W.w,S.a .: z!2.::Q:'.2ew::2:g5eg.::gg :gg ww -as--gf-W "HOPE FOR THE FUTURE, DON'T DWELL IN THE PAST, LIVE IN THE PRESENT AND MAKE TODAY LAST, PRAY FOR TOMORROW, LET YOUR LIFE LIVE ON, HOPE FOR THE FUTURE, 'CAUSE YESTERDAY'S GONE!" I WOULD LIKE TO THANK MY FAMILY FOR THEIR LOVE, PATIENCE. AND ENCOURAGEMENT THROUGH' THE YEARS. I ESPECIALLY WANT TO THANK MY FRIENDS FOR ALWAYS BEING THERE IN THE GOOD TIMES AND THE BAD. I LOVE YOU ALL DEARLY! CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '88, AND GOOD LUCK TO ALL WHO FOLLOW! AMBER JAIME FOR ALL GIANTS TO COME- KEEP HITTIN' AND BATTLIN' FOR THE G! ROMUS SIMPSON 370 THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO HELPED ME AND SUPPORTED ME THROUGH MY YEARS, MOM, DAD, AND TIM, I LOVE YOU, THANKS FOR EVERYTHING. GOOD LUCK IN LIFE BRO! ARLENE. MEREDITH, GINA, JUDEE, AND MELISSA, I COULDN'T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU! I LOVE YOU ARTHUR, THANKS FOR YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT. NI- CHOLLE: YOU ARE MY WORLD, IT'S A ROUGH WORLD OUT THERE BUT DON'T GIVE UP BECAUSE MOMMY LOVES YOU. VALERIE OWNBEY I WOULD LIKE TO THANK MY PARENTS AND DANA FOR HELPING ME THROUGH THE ACADEMIC AND ATHLETIC STRUGGLES OF SCHOOL. IT'S BEEN A LONG HARD STRUGGLE, BUT I MADE IT. I THANK ALL OF YOU. P.S. I LOVE YOU DANA 4 YEARS V WRESTLING C.J. SIMPSON FIRST, I WANT TO THANK GOD FOR MAK- ING THIS DAY POSSIBLE. ALSO MY FAMILY ESPECIALLY MY MOTHER FOR HER SUP- PORT. ADRIAN, WE FINALLY MADE IT!! TO RACHAL, CORIE, DINNIA AND LE SHELL, STAY SWEET AND COOL. LOVE ALWAYS AND FOREVER MONIQLIE L. PEEVY THANKS TO MY MOM fl LOVE YOUJ FOR PUSHING ME ALL THROUGH THESE YEARS AND FOR MY FAMILY'S SUPPORT I WOULD LIKE TO SAY "THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE FOR ME." AND FOR MY SISTER LISA I WISH YOU LUCK IN HERE AND TAKE CARE OF MY CAR. I WILL BE THINKING OF ALL MY CRAZY AND WILD TIMES WITH MY FRIENDS WHILE I AM GONE. THANKS YOU GUYS! SCOTT BERTRAND I WOULD LIKE TO THANK GOD AND MY MOTHER FOR BEING BY MY SIDE THROUGH ALL THE GOOD AND BAD TIMES, I'VE COMPLETED A PHASE IN MY LIFE THAT'S GOING TO HELP ME ACHIEVE ALL MY GOALS. AND WITH ALL MY HEART I WOULD LIKE TO THANK "THE ADORETTE POOSE", KIM AND STEPHANIE. MRS. LUKE, MARSHA AND LIANA, MY GUIDE, MY FRIEND. MY LIFE, MY MOTHER BRENDA PERRY. AND TO MY HEART, MICHAEL HUNT, THANX FOR BEING THERE WHEN I NEEDED YOU. I LOVE YOU ALLI NATAUSSA PERRY TO ALL MY BROTHERS GARY, KEN, NESTOR. RUDY, CHRIS, JEFF, MARK, DAMON, MAGIC, PAUL. RAUL. WILLIAM, AND SISTER JO, GOOD LUCK! CLASS ACT LIVES ON ALWAYS! MIKE BARBERA THE PEOPLE I WOULD LIKE TO THANK. FIRST OF ALL I'D LIKE TO THANK GOD. BECAUSE IF IT WASN'T FOR HIM I WOULD'NT BE HERE. I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO THANK MY MOTHER AND BROTHER FOR STICKING BY ME THROUGH ALL MY DIFFICULT AND CONFUSED TIMES. OH, AND I CAN'T FOR- GET ADRIAN BECAUSE HE HELPED ME GET THROUGH THESE LONG HARD MONTHS. I WON'T FORGET YOU AND I LOVE YOU! AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST TO THE HOMIES TELISHA AND JANICE. WE FINALLY MADE IT! P.S. MICHEAL T. I CAN'T LEAVE YOU OUT. STAY SWEET. ' B.S.U.-PEP-AND FHA CXO 88 NIKOL GILMER I WOULD LIKE TO CONGRATULATE MYSELF FOR GETTING THROUGH THE LAST YEAR AND OF COURSE MY FRIENDS TONYA, BRYAN. SHANE, ROBERT. AARON, AND OSCAR. THANX GUYS! A SPECIAL THANX TO MY MUM, LYNNE, MY EXTRA SPECIAL SIS. AND BOB, MY BOYFRIEND. I LOVE YOU. JAYNE GREENWOOD HEY GUYS! EUROPE CXO 88 HERE WE COME. numwe MY foul: vXEAR5i'A1QGANesHA. mv mmnv, TEAC!-IERSJ.,ANDSIFRIENDS Haven ME TO ReAcH. ,Mi,ggQQAgsi3-.SEOR rms. I wouw uns TO,-THANKIHEMQ Fon MY FEL-A Low cLAssMArEs,X, -I-,WISH f,!,! mm Gooo Luck IN WHATEVERTHEY-CD01 A - LLL. JEFF wmxsn FIRST, I WOULD LIKE TO THANK GOD FOR BLESS- ING ME THROUGH THE YEARS. I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO THANK MY PARENTS, AND MY SISTER FOR THEIR ENCOURAGEMENT AND SUPPORT THROUGH MY FOUR LONG YEARS AT GANESHA. TO NAME A FEW OF MY G-HIGH BUDDIES: AN- GELA. KAREN, MICHELLE, GINEAN, NINA, JANICE. JAMES, KEMIA, KENDRA. WE'VE HAD OUR FUN AND GAMES AND ITS AT AN END. I WANT TO SAY GOOD-BYE UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN. TO MY BXL SIS KIM THANKS FOR EVERYTHING EVEN THE ATTI- TUDES. I LOVE YOU ALL! CXO 88. LOVE NIKITIA QUINN I WOULD LIKE TO THANK MY BUDS, SHANE. ROBERT, MIKE, JEFF, DEENA, PEP CJOAN- NAJ, AND JAYNE FOR MAKING MY SENIOR YEAR GREAT. I WOULD ESPECIALLY LIKE TO THANK MY PARENTS AND BROTHER AAR- ON FOR ALL THEIR SUPPORT. BRYAN JONES CXO 88 l'D LIKE TO THANK GOD, MY PARENTS. AND MY FAMILY FOR BEING THERE WHEN I NEEDED THEM. ALSO TO MR. MACK, MR. WONG, MR. HERRERA, AND MR. SANDHU FOR GIVING ME BREAKS. SPE- CIAL THANKS TO JOHNNY FOR HELPING ME THROUGH MY SCHOOL YEARS AND FOR KEEPING ME GOING. THANKS TO ALL MY FRIENDS FOR THE GOOD TIMES AND MEMORIES. GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 'SSE GOOD LUCK HERE, KEEP THOSE GRADES UP. I LOVE YOU ALL!! JOSE L. VILLALOBOS LE DOY GRACIAS A MIS PADRES POR TODA SU AYUDA Y LA OPPORTUNITAD QUE ME BRIN- DARON DURANTE LOS ANOS DE MI ESTUDIO. SIL- VIA THANKS FOR ALWAYS BEING THERE, LIFTING MY HOPES AND DESIRES AND FOR UNDERSTAND- ING THEM, YOUR MY GREATEST FRIEND. TO MY LONG LASTING LOVE, THANKS FOR ALL YOUR TENDER LOVE YOU GAVE ME. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE A PART OF MY LIFE. CARMEN THANKS FOR BEING SO CARING AND HELPFUL. WE MADE IT CARMEN! ISABEL FLORES I WOULD LIKE TO THANK MY MOM. MY STEPDAD, MY DAD AND MY STEPMOM, MY BROTHERS AND ALL THOSE WHO HELPED ME TO GET WHERE I AM. THE SENIORS THIS YEAR ARE GREAT BECAUSE THEY'RE GRADUATING WITH THE CLASS "88". BRENDA BASS 87 TOP RIGHT: THREE FRIENDS SHOW ENTHUSI- ASM TOWARD THE CAMERA AS THEY BUNDLE AGAINST A COLD GANESHA DAY. BOTTOM RIGHT: LISA BERTRAND FINDS A SHOULDER REST ON ERIC BEASLEY. QfN . I TOP LEFT: JENNIFER HOLIDAY AND GINA SANTIAGO FIND A HAPPY MOMENT TOGETHER INBETWEEN FIRST AND SECOND PERIODS. BOTTOM LEFT: JENNIFER GORMAN CHATS WITH HER FRIENDS, JALE MCBRIAN AND DEANNA STAFFORD. BEFORE GOING TO SOFTBALL PRACTICE. ,W ,f '??f5f, I L , ,,,,' 4,4 -. 57' , A ' , f ,fn M.. ,. ,wwgiff L, Z: ZW W , Q hf,' wg L K' , - ff 7. q ,,,, , Alf W , iw V 1 , Q N J , J -1, W if If T 4 A f irimfg T M5 f 0 , .V I MM ,ff, ,wwf wf M wif WW, X W Dye? if W 'V if 1 I C KW 1 ,f A sf A, . zwggggk A W.. Vg ,f,,1,,, , f M, ffl ,gr Q TOP: STEVE MAGANA SHOWS SOME FORCEFUL AFFECTION TO GINA DUN- NAN, WHO DOESN'T SEEM TO WANT TO RESIST. BOTTOM: RAOUL DORSEY DOESN'T SEEM TO UNDERSTAND MUCH AT THE MOMENT! My Ekf fs? U-,Q - Wg Mr em A JUL- T ww . 335: WMM LQ3m9Luv5wJG ima W ... AfwfM ! g.yyg,pQQ14L, KZ. gp 860' 0 7 77 NE W Mfffl 7M5fQfQ S, NE W fmffffafa C WQNS 1 'i Q M . 1? ug, ,,, MMW ft, " fyf, ' f ' ' p ,. , ky , , J .,., A wJW5W6f -v-- f ' rx 4, aff iii "' A, Q ,L Q ,W -f , ig, rf ' ' K 2 ' 4. 5 Ev W I M V 2 ,V Q' , 4 , ,M ,y 'lf M' W 'MM M: ' ' ' ,,,,, -.. f, :I 3 7 T ' G 'fs X6 . W 2 f A' X . E A K k ggi f ' Q4 f' X A mi' 1 TCW f W f Z, gf-A , Q 4 fi ,. ,Q 1' , . viii? 1' gy 1-1 as "7 'Z W r., egg, S QM if .A 1 M nf YU: ' ' 1 NY: ' , 1 K A' ., x, , an S s r .a 'f ' Wk MY -1 W MW as W ' f . ii 1 f 41 ,4 f A W4 ff, ,ff Q . K ff ! Y fi, X Zi K X S. , ,rg U: x I fx U .j ' 5 .M J. ,.., f pf f' vfmw f, -:ff , wm:'wmm ff , , pgaw ,j' .x , 4 4 Vo 4 f 1 , 7 ffl: f f Z X fr f f " my WMM! ' C SLQ g Gwiimg My 4 'QM 2 QEWWQWMW 2 WWEMQM , ,,, Y? K L: ,W 6 f ' QWWQW ' .U 'AL W- , V2 KJ 42 M, 15,54 f f Q Z, y ,4 f 1 4 w ,, V' Cheri Adams Aaron Aguilera Patricia Aguilera Magdaelena Aguirre Florence Alani Roger Albarran Jason Alexander Angelica Alonzo Lillian Alvarez Maria Anaya Vanessa Bastion Lisa Bertrand Catherine Borbon ghiree Bowen Angie Brawn Stephanie Brim Billy Brown Chirstina Buerger Dalene Bumb Galene Bumb Cynthia Bundy Laura Burger Stephanie Cabeza Kim Cavin Ernesto Castro Joe Castro Roman Castro Hector Cerda Monica Charley Tristan Coffin Joseph Cohn Tenesha Cole ue Brian Coulter Darrell Dahme Peter Davis Jr. rata M152 Erik DeJesus Jerry Dunann Joseph Dunann Daniel Eichmeyer A Pricilla Espinosa Linda Evans Ralph Felix Evette Flores Luis Flores 3,011-we James Fortier 1-f- 4, 1 ,, WMM 7, . 2, mi' ,wiafaw fYaaz212:5fE,1215"f' f , WW un' 'aw w wg Elf ew, My -N ,,,,, :,, , A . . . wr 7 W 4 if ad, -it f f . 2 Q .km X ei pf f ff"f ' ,, W ,W ,Z ,., ,g,,m " f w g eu , V Y, fs .W ff , , ff 'S XX XXQXYX e"e,, Xxx. yyyy l f f Qwfsa, my i f,L, . Vyy.. ' f lien w ,, 'm , ' tt reie 1 ,f an 5 ir w SW f " l 1 K 1 if f sf Z W' Q! X 4 4' ,,,,. . F if f S , Z , is :, f' ' ' , J In' 'J .. 1- K g .. E ,il V aa. J B mggfe.. - , 1 L -eee .gt 2 I Za 55,7-',,, rf a kig W f ,i,, A ,,,,,,,, A . .... , H, W f 5 V x 1 f , , , f J .. , 4, f Z3 f': .,,h :Lf ms.. 1 my .xzsx 5 '2 f V A v. rv ,, f ,xy , f S .. J ie ,,,, .. , W 2' T I " ' MM 4 :Wf,tf!9i,3i332 ff ,M 9 f . f ,, ,H , .. iz , ,, H f M iiiifi ' f 'Zi' X f Q X , 3 sf K f i 'fi 7 1 65932 ? 1 5 f 1::1:,g,,, -,V zy, -1 J X ' i f 224 , .V its 4 . f ' 5. WM ' L , . , , , ,. 1 , ' 1, if rs: ggy . , 5 2 fy, 5 2 Z MA' X M 5 fr, , ss-1: X i 1 W f 62 " V f ,f,,, X1 ,V 9 , , f", it it- . , fr V. .31 H M' "Fr A M , . ,, M .Z J iff f if f 4 WZ f S41 K gi A f " ' lll j ff, ,. JZ' 'F , V ,, ,,,, , f i .V ' i a M4995 ., s f r A ,,,, , .,,.. ,T ,,,,, , 'W ..., 'W EW E' Q f s W A X f , Ms f f H3 ff X fly W Q f f if ,f eff M . Q X V 5 , ,, . 754 - f as 'isa , f, , , ' f b . W' 76 41, Jim Fran Gina Franco Dolores Frescas EE Ian Gaston Javier Gaxiola Andrea GebhardtQ Robbie Gill Shannon Gilmore Eelurra Gonzales Ile Ann"Gonzales Lupe Gonzales Paul Gonzales rant N'Lg! iGrsg.,ss tre, Mile Guafderas ,5 'G'Y5ii'nzi?GifTi6'Edi Joseph Hagan Kischa Hall Jennifer Halliday lrf,,'li!.P.Jll,9Qlm1, Steve Hart Maria Hernandez Tina Hernandez I Wilma Hernandez Mike Hetrick Kathy Hoang Issac Houston E350 Huereca Robert Hunt Ryan Hussey Thieg Trang Huynh Kenya Ingram Jesus Ivens Kiya Jackson Elizabeth Jauregui John Jauregui Wesley Jefferson Maria Jimenez Brian Johnson Brian Johnson Jennifer Johnson Stanley Johnson Aaron Jones Brian Jones Laura Juarez Mary Juarez Tina Keefer J Belinda Kimble Tana Kissinger 2l'3!i,L4.'E2'S!1S Josh Krahl MiSlv.,.Las59" fffcia Larson Joshua Lawrence lgmlwla Minor Ligorra Shirley Lin Delbert Longberry Rebecca Loomis TLNLBP Felisa Lopez mammal Leonardo Lopez Zulema Lovata Lisa Love Ethel Lynn Vern Lynn Guillermo Leslie Maki uel Raul Manus Monica Martin Stephanie Martinez Art Marquez Mark Marquez Martha Martinez Jale' McBrain Kevin McClure Donna McWorte EH!-M159 Saul Medina Tanya Menjivar Aaron Meyers Ryan Milligan 'ff David Moore f Cellia Moreno S ' Sakina Moss Monigue Myles . , Wilbur Mze V , Darryl Nakamura VV" Linda Nava Ng-y Neshan Tien'g Nguyen Conde Ortiz Laurie Ortiz LUISOTYE' ' 17,12 - ' aw Z, 2 , 4316 1. fy, , , ,W , ,,, , I -,.x YS if X Q., 3 W if f 22 Q f L , , if f f 4 414 W f me aQ"f"Iv Snr 5 yd X, 'S llyy L I, V y fy me we -wr ,A ttf I , 4 Q, 1. 1 I ,Q -me ta Wy 'fffff' I ,f 4-MW ,V V44 N7 ,- ' L A V A' 1 Xi ' , if "'l ,zz jj ', L MV' ,,f Wa W5 I lx f I WZ 1 , ' , f 4 f ,aw f , f ff 7 zr z n e i , -' ' ,V - 'W 'ef ay' mi ,..n., Alb' ,pw-. 1: fur .,f M ,J 1. fp at if ' 1 P Qi Q A 2 av K ,, W 7 X , 4,021 I f 1 it S L 1 S ' , f 'V", 'M . ffl fn: rw ,',, 5 -..,,, - ' MQ , -.aus ff J " 54 I K M N y ' ' ff P X f , ii VZ ,fihsi-lm "5 www! 2 5, ldv-0 'W w-,Hz-H I I , :yy , W .- 1 f , A VZZZ, .a , , , , 5 if E Wi' ',f..iL - 1 5 5 ' , H A V 1 , ,xL,,, V,:,,. A ::.., , , . ,,,,f , ...,. la , gb, ,, fi' , 'J ' W M "" , - X PB if if 7 f is f 1 l 1 X 1 7' f 4 f Ev 41 f f M gif Q f A 7 f W ff'!f'!f, Mfr. V" N 4, ,wzzaffzw 11 I QR qy if '92, - Y-. grx' L A 4 Y A L his A-at I V ' ' Y 1. Ph: f fi f - If-mf, , ,g f , ff f , .... , I 4 If U ,,,, , L p, if y af 2 , V ,,,, . I I H W7 ' K ,ky f, 7 2 ' ' ' wx ,NV ,W y" 2 7 f f Q7 f J X W f 3 , 72 1 J , ,tw W nw' "' ,,6, '-v4-V. :iff In 1 if V .VL,, 1 W1 1., gif, W, f Gabriel Pacheco Andy Padilla Ana Pae Geremy Palmer Janelle Parenteau Albert Parish John Patenis Carlos Perez Ryan Perry Kevin Pleasant Adam Poe Adriana Ponce fcgfdfnq Pccogll Grelghen Powers Darren Prudholme Tam Quach Clavin Ransom Angela Reeves. Augustine Resendez R Saul Rivera Sonia Rodriguez Dawn Romero Efona Rosal Paul Ross Miguel Rubio Gilberto Ruiz Maria Ruiz Nathan Ruple Darrin Safford Brian Salcido Edward Scale Jermaine Shiver Brian Shui Roberlynn Sims Lisa Skank QjLS.mil11 Quentin Smith Regina Smith Windol Smith Tony Solario Christine Stock John Stoddard Ronnie Tannery Kenyon Taylor George Thomas Tonya Thompson Tylla Thompson Melinda Todd Jeffery Tol Nicole Truesdell Leilani Tuason Daniel Udell Jerry Van Rooy Manuel Valle Mike Vallely Araceli Vasquez Anthony Walden Tameela Washington Bekki Vega Kim Vega Martin Villagama Teresa Villalobos Ethel Villamiter 'l3:6ETWW- Christine Welch Ian West Gary Wickershamgo Heathclifford Williams Timothy Williams Ophrah Wilkate Debbie Wilson Kevin Wilson Shervan Wilson Chris Wilt Demetrius Wright Oscar Ybarra David Zucconi f ,uf , , in I, Q , ,,,,, 4 s V i , be , 5' I .fig I '-" saa , yyy K QW ,, , , iii rmmw 2 J S 3 , E ,M ,M VV, , , . hi , .f A f , f X ,725 W 2+ Z fm f W I ' f ,, ,,: Nj, ,.,. A , fx 1 f f' ' 5 X Q ff fy! W Jflffw K y M ,W J f ff 12 5 W y at ' , f 1 3 5 X , f fx S 5 .3 .. ty X X fir W i f f 7 v W f in , K V wwf, f 1" I "Q?.,.,5h ' V it 4,,, 5 3 - ..,,. ' 'f :GWQEI f A , ' .1 v 1, if ' ' "" ,,,, S0391 i ECC M ICC I 21 ES CLASS OF 1990 "" . , U' ' , 9 , T W. V, Y A , at ' ..., A A.. K H A' f ,I W y A ,,,, W ,,,,, if f 2 IENQCJ X "MIX:-A X 7 fe HYHWHWQLU 'uh Manx Hbdq W, fff' " "" I don't know? WWW' SOPHOMORE? Q, Q, IQ!! TEASE MEM!!! 5 al , , MA Dave! Where are you? Caged wgmen Gel along little doggy. YE R T0 REMEMBER Pope visits L.A. Stock Market crash. "Black Monday" Reagan and Gorbachev have Arms Treaty Summit in Geneva. IRANXCONTRA hearing. Oliver North cover up. Persuian gulf war. Mining of the Stork. Jim and Tammy Bakker - PTL scandal. Gary Hart quits democratic campaign twice. Andy and Fergie visit California. Whittier Quake Oct!l!l987 between 5.9 - 6.I Jessica Hahn - affair sjlyteviy Gary Hart and Donna Rice scandal Rock Hudson, Liberace, and John Holmes die of A.l.D.S. Baby Jessica survives well. Mexican aliens granted amnesty. Jimmy Swaggert steps down from pulpit onnational T.V. AI Canpanis gets fired from the Dodgers. Jimmy the Greek gets fired from C.B.S. America wins back America's cup 98 L.A. cracks down on gangs. Burt Reynolds announces engagement to Loni Anderson. Jesse Jackson runs again. Winter Olympics begin in Calgary, Canada. Debbie Thomas, figure skater wins bronze medal. N.F.L. strikes Washington Redskins win Super Bowl. Vanna White hits the scene. U2 sells 2 million Joshua Tree albums in two months. Cosby show still iflll Fatal Attraction iflj l Soul Train has 400th birth day Skateboarding outlawed in Diamon Bar, Montclair, and Upland. CFrom an official source, Dave Mateusj Pomonas's centenniel. Pomona gets first female mayor. Kgcn.: Ganesha Park gets new pool, finally. we-w Elizabeth Ponce reads up on Current Events Maybe lt's time you had one Meet Uur Neighbors My , 5 , I J ,f What, No Pool I x , 3 A ,W ,.,,, ,.,. 1, ,fc WWW ,W U, M VVVV ,,,. MEM, fm W, Eff, .- ef H ' M' h"" mmm , M Z, -4M Wi" "fff V M -mmf 2 3 W , WW ' 1 , ,W f ---ff A ' V ,LM , WWW QW w W M M 5 Zh ,,., , , I V . ,,..,, H ,w 9, Q ' , ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, 5 Q ,,,, Q ,,,, ,,,h ' , "" fy fh, " W QW ""f' , """ A - " 'ft """ f f X 'M M ,m.L A ? 1 " ,m., H ,, ' 'ff"' : Q fi ZW" if- V V A,A., H " on 1.1 1 rw' E ,JM , , , mu D UR IFE P sch o Q 1 I P1251 E Q 5 12, Wi 5 5 1 f i 'Z N H Y WV if A QWZZ , A X !M4ififW.. QV' ' 41 A 'WIS' , t I f f 5, W' -rv ' 7 , 1 W ' f.f. , ...,,., , ,V f ' --ff M KH H f Wm 7 X ,z 4' f f - DQHEDC-It I WOULD LIKE TO THANK MY PARENTS FOR THE SUPPORT THROUGHOUT MY YEARS OF SCHOOL AND MY SISTERS FOR JUST BEING THE BRATS THEY ARE. A LOT OF MY THANK- YOU'S ALSO GO TO ALL MY FRIENDS THAT HAVE PUT UP WITH ME AND ALWAYS BEEN THERE. WITHOUT THEM MY LIFE WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN BEARABLE. SPECIAL THANKS TO DEDE AND SUNNY FOR JUST BEING THERE AND TO DAMARIS CMY BEST BUDDYJ FOR ALL THE ENCOURAGEMENT. LOVE YOU ALL! MILITZA M. HERNANDEZ DEAR LORD, THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME SUC- CEED IN WHAT I DO. MOM AND DAD, MY LOVE IS YOURS FOR LIFE! KENDRA, WANDA, AND STANZA. "THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES." TO MY FAMILY. FRIENDS, AND BUDDIES, AND GEORGE JR., THANK YOU. I LOVE YOU ALL. GINEAN LEWIS I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO HAPPY TO LEAVE SOME- PLACE WHERE I'VE BEEN SO LONG AND MADE SO MANY FRIENDS, BUT I'M HAPPY TO MOVE ON AND MAKE A LIFE FOR MYSELF. GANESHA'S A GOOD PLACE IF YOU LOOK BEYOND THE RUMORS AND BECOME PART OF IT. IT HAS GIVEN ME THE STRENGTH AND KNOWLEDGE TO SOMEDAY BE SUCCESSFUL, AND I WILL BE. MOM AND DAD, YOU'VE BEEN GREAT. BRIAN, GOOD LUCK KID! AMBER, YOU'RE THE SISTER I NEVER HAD. AND KEVIN, I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING. GOOD LUCK CLASS OF I988. V. SONG 86. 87,88: ASB 87, 88 TRACY PIERCE BEFORE I GET STARTED I'D LIKE TO THANK GOD. MY MOTHER, FATHER, GRANDMOTH- X ER, AUNT AND FRIENDS. I KNOW I CAUSED A LOT OF PROBLEMS DURING MY FOUR YEARS HERE, BUT I'M GONE NOW! EVERY- BODY TAKE A KOOL AID DRINK AND CHILL OUT! OH "YEAH" I'D LIKE TO SAY BYE TO ALL MY HOMEBOYS AND HOME GIRLS FROM W.S.M. MERDOK, LOK, D-MAC. GRAPEJAY, DOG. DOTTIE, SAMMY, STONE, WALT, MELLY MEL, MOE, SMITTY, GOO- DENS, CHOMEGIRLSJ ANGELA, DEE. DEN- DRA, TELISHA, LEANDRA. CHRISTIAN, MI- CHELLE. I'D LIKE TO ESPECIALLY THANK DUTCH, P.P, VALERIE, ROOKIE AND MYS- TRO. WITHOUT THESE PEOPLE I DON'T THINK I WOULD HAVE MADE IT. JEROME POINTER FIRST OF ALL. I WOULD LIKE TO THANK MY FAM- ILY AND ALL MY HOMEBOYS AND HOMEGIRLS FOR BEING THERE WHEN I NEEDED THEM. I WOULD LIKE TO THANK THE LORD FOR GETTING ME THROUGH THE SCHOOL YEARS. ALSO, MY MOTHER AND FATHER FOR HELPING ME OUT WHEN I NEEDED THEM. THANKS CLASS OF Ass., KEITH LAMAR SCOTT I WOULD LIKE TO THANK MY MOM, DAD, AND UNCLES FOR SUPPORTING ME. I'D ALSO LIKE TO THANK COACH WATTERSON AND ALL MY SPE- CIAL FRIENDS FROM CROSS-COUNTRY AND TRACK. LAST BUT NOT LEAST. I'D LIKE TO THANK THE LORD FOR GETTING ME THROUGH ALL THESE YEARS. FAREWELL "GIANTS." STAY VICTORIOUS!! HUGO DOMINGUEZ CXO "SS" FIRST OF ALL. I WOULD LIKE TO THANK THE TWO MOST IMPORTANT WOMEN IN MY LIFE! MY 'MOTHER AND .GRANDMOTH- ' I En. You.-som MEAN THEIWORLD TO ME AND REMEMBER l'LL ALWAYS Love You I nom!! I woum ALSO LIKETO THANK ALL me Homesovs AND or coukse me ONE AND ONLY uxvsovzn vo DRAKE. ws 40 ummm f , ,gfouas TRULY. I .A.! f LAYBOY STEVEN MAGANA7-X P.s. NINO,ITHIS oNE's Fon You! . I'D LIKE 2 DEDICATE MY GRADUATION 2 MY FA- THER, ALBERT JACKSON. DAD, I LOVE YOU!! MOM. GEORGE. BRANDY. I MADE IT - FINALLY! ALTA, JOHNNY, AND RONNIE, I TRUELY ADORE YOU! WEANIE GOOD LUCK W! YOUR 4 AT G-HIGH. BUDDY. RAY-RAY. TREVOR U GUYS 'R' MY BEST FRIENDS AND I LOVE YA! NOW, FELLAS, IT'S TIME 2 PARTY!! T.J. I LOVE YA MUCH! 2 ALL THE UNDER- CLASSMEN . .. GOOD LUCK! 2 THE CLASS OF '88 ... THE FUTURE IS OURS! JESSICA JACKSON QUIERO AGRADECER ESPECIALMENTE A MI MADRE TODO EL APOYO QUE ME BRINDO DUR- ANTE ESTOS CUATRO ANOS Y A MIS AMIGOS SU SINCERA AMISTAD QUE COMPARTIMOS DURANTE ESTOS ULTIMOS ANOS. A MIS MAESTROS EL HA- BERME SOPORTADO ESTOS ULTIMOS ANOS SIN- CERAMENTE. DORA ALICIA ALEJOS TO MY PARENTS, WHO HAVE REALLY STRUGGLED FOR SEVENTEEN YEARS TO MAKE MY LIFE THE BEST BY SACRIFICING THEIR NEEDS FOR MINE. TO MY GRAND- MOTHER WHO WAS ALWAYS THERE WHEN I WAS ABOUT TO GIVE UP A NUMBER OF THINGS. BUT KEPT PUSHING ME. TO MY YOUNGER SISTERS, JERELYN AND RONESHA, WHOM I LOVE WITH ALL MY HEART, AND WHO'S NAGGING I COULD NOT LIVE WITH- OUT. I LOVE YOU ALL VERY MUCH. TONIA CAUSEY MOM-THROUGH EVEN THE HARDEST TIMES. WE ALWAYS FOUND SOLUTIONS TO OUR PROBLEMS: I LOVE YOU. TO: CMG, GG, TN, JD, PD, TO. SB, TTD THANKS. I LOVE EACH OF YOU IN MY OWN WAY. SPECIAL THANKS TO YOU, STEVE, FOR PUSHING ME THROUGH MY LAST YEAR IN HIGH SCHOOL. I LOVE YOU! GINA SANTIAGO TO MY PARENTS, AND MY BROTHERS, STEVE AND JOEY. I LOVE YOU GUYS! THANKS FOR PUTTING UP WITH ME, OVER THE YEARS. GOOD LUCK. JOEY, YOU'LL NEED IT! BOOKIE, I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH. YOU ARE A VERY SPECIAL PERSON IN MY LIFE. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! ALSO, TO MY BUD- DIES, CRISSY, LISA, MICHELE. ROBIN. AND TRISTA MY NEW BUDDY!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS, AND I WISH YOU LUCK IN THE FUTURE! HEY! WE MADE IT!!! LOVE GINA DUNANN CXO 88 I'M VERY THANKFUL TO MY MOM AND THE TEACHERS FOR HELPING ME TO MAKE IT THROUGH HERE. THANK YOU. MR. MINGUS, MR. JOHNSON. MRS. ALICIA. MRS GON- ZALES. MR. HERRERA, MRS. HUNT. MRS. DARROW. GOD BLESS YOU! ANA DORA CRESPO!!!!! QUISIERA PRIMERO AGRADECER A MI MADRE Y PADRE POR SU APOYO.USTEDES DO ME HAN DADO AMOR. CARINO, Y COMPRESION. LE DOY GRACIAS A DIOS POR HABERME DADO UNOS PA- DRES COMO USTEDES. LOS DOS HAN SIDO UNA INSPIRACION PARA MI. SECONDLY. I WOULD LIKE TO THANK MY SISTERS FOR THEIR SUPPORT. I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO THANK ALL MY TEACHERS AND FRIENDS. ISA THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE WHEN I NEEDED SOMEONE TO TALK TO. BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF "88" CARMEN SALCIDO x N X NX v :iq 4: UNDUM5 mapa Dfzqjrx, 35 3 WJ w, FRESHM 3 ,, L - i ,ir vw, W ' 7 Vryy H "'M friir 5 W AA. 1 ,1 A ,4-Q., 'Wh My VM , , H , , , A f, 5 ,gf -f H -. gi, ,B w ff V M W 1, A A A ,f ilk 5 V J in f f W 'W 'WU' ,f 5 MM ff , X Z X 14, , J x , V, 5? Q? 1 Q N 1' ...,... 'yea 7 4 ?i- f ff IVV, M :II Vrg, , ,, - 1 Nm. N mfx ,J Crow Aaron Samantha Acevedo Mike Adams Tanya Adams Monica Aguilar Socorro Alejos Kristina Alverez Letieia Anaya Laura Angel Ernestina Angulo Jacquette Anitra E 7-Li.. Chanel Antonio Christine Ashcroft Damion Atkinson Nanette Atuanene Emerrudo Avila Jose Avila Helen Ayala Lug Ayala Luia Ayala Carmela Ayon Willie Aztec Woody Bailey Veronica Banales Mark Batman Larry Batson Brandy Bethel Cheri Bishop Janalyn Bloomfield Mark Bottom Kim Bouchey Damon Boykin A'm'y7BFEfT Thyias Bro n anesha Broyard Alfonso Buenrostro Pinto Bumb Shawn Burkel Amy Calder Rachel Camacho Scott Campbell Alfredo Ca pa rete Bmmo Carsey, fYfPj7LLg Jenny CasTaned-ae.. Ceila Castro Tonie Castro Carmen Cervantes Tim Cherms ,Dontraneil Clayborne Jimmy Cricket Tikeo Cobb Jacqueline Cobb Adam Condee Ruben Cortez Marvin Cruiss Yolanda Culvert Davied Curiel Tammy Curry Tracy Davis Tina DeGelia Carlos DeLaRosa Fernando Deleon Julie Delgado Mike Diaz Rachel Douge z-,.,e-l? Rudy Dingle Yourai Edwards Manfred Elich Eugene Eldredge Christin Ellis Sammy Elzar a LaGarya Emerson Richard Espana Anita Espinoza Emilia Espinoza Anthony Ferguson Geraldine Floris Mike Flores Fiiiiit' John Francisco Daniel Franco Kegan Franklin Christy Gallegos Z"""'----i.,.. ..,.. Richard Gallos Marilyn Gamm Gustava Gamboa Ana Garcia Jason Garcia Shoung Garcia Matt Georgy Tony Gingolani Jonae Gladney Anna Glidden Albert Gonzalez Martha Gonzalez K X YV "2 WW, , 'iff ,,,, ,T V 4 ' f ,, 1' 'iff , 45 x f .H K 1 fw A " Z? W f f X v ,, f t , E, ,1, , V ,ii f fx 7 YM ef , W ff WM A 4' E' f Z f , 2: ff f A W A X 7,3 M ,4 15 X y ,ff f W Q45 A 10 2 l if f . Wi .1 v , ,i V f fi lf ,V ' fy Z JE H 7 V , f . f f " .. ' ' . , fff .... 1, ,.,, , V' V ,L ,,,mL , wffzfsas:-1, "' ' ,,f- Af" -' 1: - 0 Q A ' 5 ,,.. K V k, . ,-h' . HW, ,, H ff MW - - Af H H U L. if K, A 554 ' MW Qi f f f 146,31 , Wing QIZJQH! 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Charis'Hoowver Allen Horney Jenifer Hooyboer P'ii Shadi lmani Mitoila longi Jason lrwin Irene Juarez Gissel Juarez Candy Juarez Joseph Jenkins Keenan Jackson Teoni King Jody Keeler Michelle Keatley Jim Kabich Jamaar Love Jesus Lopez Gilberto Lopez Frederico Lopez Kevin Loomis Brenda Longberry April Lobo Audi Laurence George Landa Lisa Lacaging Tamika Murphy Pang Moua Filiverto Mota Emily Moreno Dionne Moore Eva Montesa Cindy Montes Elizabeth Mike Elena Meza Carol Mendoza Sonia Mendez Gabriel Mendez Juan Marquez John Marquez Lawrence Marquez Alex Marin Patrick McQueen Gelda Mena Diana Mena Bashanda McKeever Veronica Martinez Mararita Martinez Maegari Martinez Enrique Marin Ray Marchetti Taneia Manuel Tannis Manning Tannis Manning Alana Madrid Dawnette Martinez Dominique Nelson Nancy Nguyen Vinh Nguyen Henry Nixon Kimberly O'Dell Rosie Ornelas Martha Ortiz Alexander Padilla Jeanne Paramo Stacy Park Randy Pascual Anecia Pate terson Humberto Paz Wilbert Pearson l' 4 l f ii .,, irr , .. w " A L A I ' A ff' L X ,, , ,, , H' f E X ggi f fi J 5 f g ,W f 4 '59, 'V 'il Ziff UN .t, bv' ' ' ff' 'li E. 5 ,,,, P , i ga , f Q f . , .... itz 3 -:M A , nr? W' Miguel Pena Rosa Pena Nathan Penzes Tony Perry Brian Pierce Eduardo Ponce That Quach Luis Porres Anthony Quiroz Juan Lococo Sammy Ramirez Theresa Ramirez Maria Ramos Gabriel Rangel Dana Rawlings Ereda Rayfus Nancy Razo Melvin Reed Reuben Rentena Kenise Rhea Lori Rhinehardt Scott Riley Carlos Rivas Hector Rivas Clifford Robinson David Rodriguez Harrel Roy Petra Rubio Joel Ruiz Andrea d Elizabeth Salcido Otis Sanchez Yvonne Santillan Elisa Satterlee PQ Xa lkdenoe Saunders Lotus Seal Jorge Serrano Donna Smith Jonathan Smith Leotis Smith Monica Sotelo Carla Standifer 4 jvlg wx, Parris Stevens Sarah Stoch 'Yvonnia 'Sroud Lovita Teopaio Brian Thompson Bryan Thompson X f W Y W' f x J .. 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I 3 5 25 1 555 5555 55 'z Cheese! an .L ..... 5 5,51 35, ..... ..,., ,Q ..... ,,,,, . ..... . ..., . .,.. . , .,..,.... ..,., Sf" , V3 ,5 55,j4,r.,p' 8 L EQWWEQ -52555-55.5-5.5f..:-5:551.::'.5-.aaa5-5355-555:5.,5:55.5 , ,,,, M .55,5gf5w51:5ez f 5 .... ..5w5.5555,.5,5..5.,5.,5.5.5..5.,5.5 .55,555 ......, ........ 5 5.55,-,-5-.55-5,5 . .5 I H I 5 .,.5 -.-.-f.-f5.,..55...55..-..-5-----. ---55 -.5-5.-5 5-.-55. 5 .. .5 .,555,..,5.,.,5 ....,..,............... 5 55... 2 .ii :55555 55 55 f 5 wg , 5 Q ue 1515, 5 Z 15 if M I A-'ii fa Q 3 5515 szgkgzwfggg E E25 5? 2 Eiisim E 3 5 5 i 5' ai F 5 a 52 iv . 53 S. S! S: ii ww 5...55 5555 5 P1 3 E - LTU Q. K9 1 1 T 1 From Bottom io Top - Left to Right: Robert Melgoza, Angelique Briz, Cathy Fountain. Katy lee. Clxawn Lemons, Sythia Alvarez, Cylhia Wisemen, Jackie Edwards. Israel Macias, Mireya Aceves. Jeff Rini, Joanna Gorman, Giean Lewis, Linada Castillo, Tracy Pierce, Susan Mariinez. Chrisxine Fortier. Deana Own, linda Stoddard. Shane Palmer. Tami Robinson. Brandi Holliger, Bryan Jones. Mike DeGeIia. Guillermo Macias, Maricela Ramirez. Simmon Moore. AHH!l!I Here they Come fi f me .'A"af' ,,,,,, , ,M in,,nn. ...M nnnr W JL www-mmfwm ww-mmm 4 K u-.,,,,,W.,,,.,.. Shane, Mike, Jeff will not let any one come near iheir valuable possession. T f -w ww " My l ni ad 1 X T 4 .. , is X also GET IT GlRL!!!! Executive Council Top Row: Cathy Fountain- Sec. of Activities, Katy A.S.B,: Whose intials stands for Association Student Body. ls an organization made up by students who are eager to learn and achieve new ideas. lt's headed by Robert Melgoza with advice from Mrs. Sutton. Robert at the beginning of the year promised to make this year better then ever. So far, he has succeeded with the help of Cathy Fountain, Katy Lee, Ginean Lewis, Shane Palmer and of course everyone else in it. A.S.B. is the organization for the students of Ganesha. They help to make dances and off-campus entertainment possible, as well as all lunch activities. As you can see, this is hard work! But once in awhile, there is some fun to it. For example, they go to retreats, they have car washes, garage sales, they paint the walls that run all the way down Ganesha Blvd., and they go to other schools to meet the other members of A.S.B. Here they compare notes as well as make new friends. So you see A.S.B. has something to offer each member in the group. Lee- Treasurer, Ginean Lewis- Secretary, Bottom Row: Shane Palmer- Sec. of Athletic, Robert Melgoza- President, Bryan Jones- Vice-Presi- dent limi lil- 5 4 ,Wt ' More Members 2553 W s SDFT B LL Back row: Jale McBrian, Jenni- Front row: Cilu'iLBaYrrares, Shei- g e3g-. Joanna Ia Davidson, Pricilla Mgumeg, Gloria Varela, Janet Moore, Jennifer Gorman, and Odyssey and Deanna Stafford. Hartung. Not shown. the advi- sor Mr. Wiese, G r a P h i c new S flfrom left to rightj Stand- ing: Fernando Canales. Es- teban Samora, Eddie Garcia, Condy Ortiz, Marilyn Flores Terry Teague, Pablo Ra mirez. Mr. Factder fadvisorj, photography and offset printing. The club members are enrolled in the advanced production class fall andMa'C0GU"e"f1-Knee" and spring. They do printing for Ganesha and other schools. The trips planned this year are to: the ' , Q ' H d d t , , , ' 0 Hfctoruazlergfnan ez an Gutenburg Festival in Long Beach. a local, privately owned print shop, Magic Mountain, and Disneyland. Students also meet graphics instructors from C.S.L.A., Pasadena CC, and Fullerton JC. Q The Graphics Art Club are advanced students that enjoy desk top publishing, screenprinting, The Drama Club has several objectives for this year, First. they will be actively involved in presenting noon skits in the center quad. These skits will center around school pride, clean campus, academic achievements, and many other subjects. They will also be involved in the Drama Department's Production of the play "Addict". They will help with making scenery, props, and other things needed for the play. Standing: Robert Riveas, Mr. Ban ning QAdvisorj, Henry Ferreya Mario Gambora, Chris Johnson, Billy Greer. Andrew Jaurequi, Jim my Roberts, Laurie Stone. Kneeling, Elise Parkin, Shannon Mathews, Nhi Lu, Aaron Lesky. DR MA CLUB Standing: Simone Klemons, Natalie Abasta, Usha Choway, Rhonda Smith, Peter Davis. Kneeling: Nhi Lu, Angie Orantes. and Elise Parkin. ACADEMIC DECATHALO peec Club The Speech Club is a club that is made up of students with special talents in writing and thinking. The students pick interesting topics to talk about and compete in against other students. Each student has some speaking talent. Mr. Chopra, not shown, is the advisor and he really takes part in helping his students-members. The Speech Club takes alot of time and commitment. lt is a great learning experience that the students remember for a long time. 120 " The Academic Decathlon is a unique contest of academic strength for junior and senior high school students. The team consists of A, B, and C students, making it a contest for everyone. Many times the C students are motivated to perform the best. The Decathlon tests the students' knowledge in economics, mathematics, science, fine arts, social science, and language arts. The students also write an essay, deliver a speech, and participate in an interview. The most fun of the club is the Super Quiz which is the culminating part for each students. QFrom left to rightj Standing: Linda Castillo, Isabel Briz, Jacqui Edwards, Henry Ferreya. Cathy Fountain and Beronica Escobar. Kneel- ing: Maribel Reyes, Katy Lee, and Cynthia Wi- seman. Also Angelique Briz fnot showny. Veronica Felix, Jesus Gamboa ARATE The Karate Club is a club in which you learn self- defence and other techniques in karate. They practice twice a week, have their own uniforms and their own pads. The club has one tournament each year, the last tournament was held at Garey High School. To get warmed up, they do various kinds of pushups and situps. It isn't hard, but it isn't easy either. The club always welcomes newcomers. At the top: Hector Cerda. QFrom left to rightj: Jamal Rhine- hart. Luis Flores, Phillip Davis, and Eduardo Mazarregos. LITERATURE CFrom left to rightj Standing: Rox- anne Cabeza, Jeanette Bartley. Anita Madrid. Beronica Escobar, Lenee Hegelson, Katy Lee, Isabel Briz. Kneeling: Amy Tappe, Etinelle Lanclos. Not shown. Michael Brown. 5 Q QV ,six HM sw Smile! Freda Rayfus fFrom left to rightj Back row: Al- phonso Bvenrotso, Joel Harrison. Freda Rayfus. Cheri Adams, Rayshawn Langston, Lalo Onsurez, Michelle llizz- liturri, Elizabeth Mike. Drum Major: George Thomas Front row: Nelson Grant, Kenneth Licto-Shares, Sherven Wilson, Steven Draper. Henry Nixon. I f , V "Mimi :Nl " Z ""+2'f?ZQfmy,,,, ,,, ,,,, f, ' - H14 w w.f1yg,::wfxs:mg1 5 f EEFYE A 4, ' EV P x if If V4 Vw V-.Lx , 9 ig I VV V CFrom left to rightj: Gary Fulgham. Mike Barbera. Guillermo Macias, Israel Macias, William Crigler, Scott , Bertrand. Chawn Lemons, Adam Olesniewicz, and Brian Parvin. V :Am W :V ,,,,' -, frhh ,V ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .W ' NW, ,,,a , ,, V 'f'f f' 'f X , ,V f f " """ ' ' " " ' W ,,,,.-V f:f - f ff VVMMVWVQVVV VV V V fff' af ff Vg, f,,. WW, VVVVVMV 'f" -' A arr' , ,V la. . ,,,. A feqfgvge . M' 1 iw.: W,-,V V Vai H - 1- "3,VyV V V Awe SCIENC QFrom left to flghlj Back row Mr Holtzman f3dVIS0l'D Cherl Adams fPresldentJ Laurl Ortrz Rex Sanchez Amy Calder Ale jandro Hernandez Jennlfer Johnson CVrce Presldentj Vlc tor Hopper Jennifer Belnere QSecretaryj Marlo Zaragosa Paul Ross Ricardo Tremlllos Kevln McClure Aaron Reschan Wlllle Rasmus Second row Rayshawn Langston Mlchelle Rivera Wesley Jefferson Taw nya Adams Delores Frescas Lupe Flores Laura Jauregl and Catalma Valdez MAT TOP Brian Shru Cathy Foutam Josh Lawrence Lmda Castrllo Cynthia Wiseman Trrstan Coffm Brran Colter, Mlchael Sherater Henry Ferreya Mrs Duane Klnch Bottom Sunny Rivera Katy Lee, Isabel Bnz, Nh: Lu, Cathy Barbone, Ellsee Parkm, and Maxjan Narghr The yearbook staff apologlzes for anyones names mnssmg The Math Club IS In Its second year of existance The computatlve calculatlve and very flgurltlve Math Club have kept up the same roads on which their forefathers walked only two years ago These young wizards of math headed by the exuberant master mlnd of Mrs Duane Klnch not shown have continued the tradltlon of the tutoring program competing rn the American Scholastic Mathematics Contest and have created an even better Haunted House than last year And If you were wondering If they stlll have the brains of their forefathers well the answer IS YES lf you want them to they can figure out how many blades of grass John cuts In a 43 67 acre lot wlth a 3 5 horse powered mower with 2 25 Inch wheels taking Into conslderatlon the 30 newton drag force on the handle with respect to the horizontal, No problemlll r 1 ' I - 1 . , ' 5 A 1 n ' . . . , e , . . . , . . . . . , , . . 1 n 1 r I 1 ' ' T FRENC The French Club IS a club that conslsts of students who have been rn French ll and lll The Club helps the students learn more about French talent and culture especlally French food' This club plans to do some actlvltles In the future but for now they are stlll m the plannmg process Phrlllp Samuels Letty Rangel Jesus Gamboa Ashley Elkm Bryan Tutt Henry Ferreya Sylvra Salcldo Klm Calvm Mlchelle Rivera Patncla Aguilera Aaron Brown Tonla Cansey Tam Quach Josh Krahe Caren Salcldo Wllllam Crlgler Susie Martinez QPresldentj Marlbel Reyes Tonya Thompson Lupe Flores Wendy Krupa ETWO RK fFrom left to rrghtj Mr Bogardus QBCJVISOIJ Jeremy Darett Danlel Bray Jodi Ashton Davrd Chas e and Michael Turner 126 The Media Network Club rs a group of young men and women who tape games and classroom productlons for coaches and teachers They are headed by President Jodl Ashton and Vlce Presldent Davrd Chase Danlel Bray IS the Secretary and Elise Parkm not shown rs the Treasurer Together thus club helps students learn how to use a vrdeo camera and the equlpment that s used with It - - . - .. ' 1 Q , , , , , . . f . . , , v , . . J . , , - z . f l J . , . v , . . , . . X. K YQ, " 5 .. ..,. .. . A- A Q - 1 is -1 ' :SJ - s N. T ss . fi . ssh T K 9 a s an T R a i ' r A r ,.,. Q .f 5 QLLL - -Q X T X ..... is T 1 gssxtwtssific- . . K is . . Q-- 4 ' ' is . T Es ' 5 T 1 ' is T? I ' 5 T mmmxy ,, LLLL T in as T r N The B.S.U. performs in activities which help ' to bring about Black awareness. lt helps A build communication with each other as ' . - . which is what we desire to do. Our artlcl ation is for our own benefit and . . involvement. Our plans for this year are to 'KH -A N i' ,,-: iss f , Www be able to achieve our personal goals, to gain community awareness and to expand , . . I . our enrlchments of Black culture. This will enable us to grow within ourself and A T aaare . . X' sseef others. This is the purpose of our club: to 352 1 . 1 X ,SWS X X WWE help us understand who we are and to be able to attend a college and become someone. 127 " ..... . ,mT EgiE:EiE:2I,2Eg:2E ::e:a::sg:f-:r w 127222 , . " i """ " ' .... ,N '-" ' 1 WWW ' .,., .,... : ""' -.-.- , New -.-.-.- , Y or c'f1--at!-:a:,a,,agg,g:,::g::g, . W :E:E:E,5:55:,5.:, 'ff frtfrwsff 4 4-D . W7 W is 1, + W wwe H r fr 5 9 lw -x Waw UP ar hd Ita 'E El' swma.MGM Row From Left to Rug vo Claudia Hernande den Adriana Ponce Garcia Sophia Gallg ht Miguel Rublo Mr da Lupita Lerma Mir M595 ht Dawnette Martinez Alma Mendez Grnea Franco Dawn Romero Mary z Araceha Ayon George Figueroa Jaime Hueta Gina Santrgu Andrew I U T Elizabeth Salcrdo Carla Mendoza Anna Glidden Helen Ayala Stephanie Y A if ous Veronica Perez Martcela Ayon Nina Defln Bottom Row From Left to 2:1454 Lopez Cadvrsorj Steve Magana Loretta Pomllo Joel Placecra Hector ""'rffl jg eya Aceves Irene Glidden Elizabeth Ponce Letly Rangel Sandra Cernlos mm WNW mma WNW' WW if Elma lhmmlim kisser gi waggmaiif, M We age ff! 5,5 WWW W5 wa MW ff Ks S W as L if 1, mm Mm 4 M gk V x smffwg QW '4l' l' 5 am W xW' Wi f 5 M me are W ,eff rv!! 1? M.E.C.H.A.: whose intials stand for Chicano Student Move- ment of Aztlan QThe Southwest, Mecha serves for Latino students on campus and as an aw conscious building force rn Political Science as a vehicle areness and and educa- tional and cultural activities It provides a great opportunity emphasize their beautiful ethnic Identity. A M E C H A to you VIA LA RAZA for the students to take greater pride rn their heritage and to realize that education can serve as a mea hrmfher self Mecha helps the community to maintain and ns to better quote from W' a3f ggwmmmmsmN gems , MQ mm,,3g .N W ?'f',,Q5'E: Mac. C ma, ,.,. affwff rpm A , -W ww...,.W,ej5.,a.m,."rm mm ,lim E so The Biology Club is a very fun and bene- ficial club to its' members. lt consists of Biology ll students that have already or are taking the class. Every year they try to raise enough money for trips to the wildlife area and to camp for a couple of days. Not just anyone can go, you must have at least a C average in the class and participate in all fund-raising activities, These trips aren't just for fun, but for learning and experiencing nature and all the living creatures that live in the wild- life. The advisor is Mr. Spiteri who is also the teacher of Biology l and ll. fFrom left to rightj First row: Kristen Kliewer, Brian Shiu, Simone Klemenz, Angelique Briz, Michelle Larson, Crystal Weatherall. Aaron Lesley, David Mateus. Jennifer Halladay. Robert Melgoza. Marian Naraghi-Arani, Sheryl Tupker, Trang Huynh, Beronica Escobar, Michael Gibson, Siouxe Martinez. Guillermo Macias, Leticia Ran- gel. Second row: Jose Serrano, Rhonda Smith, Scott Bertrand. Adam Olesniewicz. Roddy Layton. Deanna Stafford. Odyssey Hartung. Christine Hamilton, Shance Bat' son. Catherine Borbon. Carmen Cortez, Nhi Lu, Usha Chowbay, Natalie Abasta, Maria Riveria. Sylvia Garza. Maribel Reyes, Middle row: Tania Mendiaual, lisa Richards. Julie Larson. Third row: Tom Frisby. Jason King. Darrel Burns. Michelle Hooks, Mark Greene, Misha Alice. Adam Poe, Cliff Williams, Tim Curry, Phillip Samuels, Michael Rodriguez, Bryan Jones, Israel Macias, Mr. Spiteri Cadvisorb. Fourth row: Ryan Hussey. Brian Coultier, Steve Magana, Dion McGuire. Warren Taylor, Jason Thompson. Shane Palmer. Tammi Robinson, Dale Aleshire, Michael Harring- ton, Darin Safford, Joe Hagan, Todd McGuilvery. Ginean Lewis, Top: Deena Ocon. Joanna Gorman, Tall Flag is a group of young ladies, whose colors reflect that of the band and of Ganesha High School. They do field shows with the band during the half-time of Ganeshas' football games. Tall Flag has nine members led by Senior Michelle llizaliturri, and Junior Co-Captain, Danieal Bray. The rest of the members are the following: Jodi Ashton, Sonya Cohen. Roberta Long, Kathy Tilton, Jennifer Johnson, Jody Keeler, and Kim Bouchy. These ambitious and well-off young ladies are Ganeshas' l987-l988 Tall Flag, whose spirits are for Ganesha. its band and its football team. TALL First row: Jodi Ashton. Second row QFrom left to rightj: Roberta Long, Michelle llizaliturri, Danieal Bray, Jody Keeler. Third row: Sonya Cohen, Kathy Tilton, Kim Bouchy, Jennifer Johnson. FLAG Being Lazy fo JA f .Wh m 2,4 The Titan Club is a group of young students who come together everyday during sixth period to create, compose. and lay-out the yearbook for Ganesha High School. They are a group of enthusiastic. talented learn- ers who combine their artistic ideas with their practical applications. This year they hope to put together a yearbook that re- flects the pride that exists in student-body of Ganesha. Section Editors 'SW fl N 1 A .EZ it V H Nw? V , Z" 9 I X " s W Q 4 VV L, fmwgilkrgry W L I Wah, 1' Q 3 ,,,k,, ,Z 3 wwf, I aw Y L H J one H M Q ,,. - 'ft " ' I, if ' -9 ,J V V CFrom left to rightj Standing: Quinn Hernandez, Sheryl Tuplcer. Jodi Ashton. Jeff Tol. Michael Brown, Chris Simpson, Mireya Aceves, Amber Jaime, Lori Carter, Elaine Frescas, Veronica Felix. Miss Andrews Cadvisorj. Kneeling: Fabian Calderon, Lisa Richards. Aaron Lesky. Julie Larson, Denise Zullo, David Mateus, Michele Schroeder, Nlaricela Ayon, Linda Catillo. Maricela Ramirez, Cynthia Wiseman. Sitting: Dora Moreno, Jacqui Edwards, Michele Soto, Chawn Lemons. Tracy Jones. Being one of the three editors was alot of fun. but also alot of work! Even though we had a slow start, we managed to get things going by pulling together and working as a team. We all had our different opinions but in the end. we were able to compromise with some good ideas. After working with for four the i987 88 dedicated Titan Jaime. Main Editors Chief w .t To our super dedicated yearbook staff: l can see you, And you can see me. l can hear you. And you can hear me. l can feel you. And you can feel me. l'm Co-Editor and you're not. In the immortal words of ,lim Dandy, "Do you believe 'n the here after then you know hat l'm here after." T ks Titan. lt's been fun! Senior Editor S Co-Editor Denise Zullo Class of I98S Jacqui Edwards As the editor-in-chief to the Titan, l've had quite an experience. My experience includes staying after school until the cows come home, crying from frustrations until my eyes are ready to pop out of my head and screaming until my voice goes out. Yearbook has been three successive years of my high school life. but it's been three years l wouldn't have changed for the world. Yearbook is a joint effort and something that takes alot of energy and effort. Although I work on the overall success of the yearbook. l couldn't have done without a little help from my friends. Thank you Yvonne Frame for your strength and belief in me. Thank you Lori Andrews for being there when the bricks fell. Thank you Titan staff for helping put together a great yearbook. Thank you faculty for your support. And a special thanks for not asking me for a pass six period. Editor-in-Chief Jacqui Edwards. Class of I9SS Aaron, Veronica, Lisa, Fabian, Lisa, and Sheryl pretend like somethings happening. ,,V,M,n,,, nitty gritty. Yvonne and Miss Andrews get to the l YEARBOOKI THEM KI Q la' Zi , L I f f s of , f' , 4 4, 5, f' 5, ,Az f' Z , if ' 99 at 1 4 Ze v x E Z 'I' 'i w : , Mfi'i2?J55 Jacqui, Chawn, and Cynthia show what it's all about, The Yearbook class in action 0 W. ,,,,,. WM Mmm T"'h.. W1 C5PY, cow, COPY 'MQ N . Denise. Chawn, and Elaine actually get it done. 1 heck Us Out! The Titan staff is more than meets the eye: We meet our deadlines. fw 2 S H..,. Wien X uf W MESA M.E.S.A., Mathematical Engineering Science Achievement, is a club here on Ganesha's campus to help minority students achieve in their goal as engineers and associated math careers. This benefits students by preparing them for the prerequistes of applying to an engineer-specialized college. M.E.S.A. is sponsored by the Harvey Mudd College: the representative that comes here to Ganesha to see how the club is doing is Linda DeI'osso. Mr. Seamen, the advisor of this ambitious club, takes club members to field trips to places like: Lockheed, UC Irvine, UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara, and other sites that help in making the decision for a college for them to attend. If you are interested, this could be your ticket to a career. TOP ROW: JACQUIE EDWARDS, NATALIE ABASTA, ISRAEL MACIAS, MICHAEL RODRIGUEZ, DARELL BURNS, MARK GREENE, MICHAEL BROWN, ANDREW ANTWIH, ELISE PARKING, SUNNY RIVERA, CARMEN SALCIDO, KIM CALVIN, SHANNON MATHEWS, MARICELA RAMIREZ BOTTOM ROW: MARICELA AYON, CYNTHIA WISEMAN, CATHIE FOUN- TAIN. ISABEI. BRIZ, LINDA CASTILLO, ADELINE FERNANDEZ, CHAWN LEMONS, DEENA OCON, ERIC MEADERS C.S. . CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDER TIO The California Scholarship Federation QCSFQ is a state chartered organization which supports excellence in academic achievement at the high school level. A Student may become a CSF member by earning at least three A's and one B each semester. If they are a member for at least four semesters, one semester being in the senior year, they become eligible for "SeaIbearer Status" and "Honors" at graduation. Sealbearers may also qualify for college scholarships. CSF is a service club plan two weekend ret on campus. They usually reats each year. One retreat is in the mountains and the other at Catalina Island. W 4 , ,A 'L Pri I , A 1 IKM . x Q' L' A mqAV 7 imf I e e a e v Caron Chu I0th grade, Catalina I987 People change. Seasons change. Friendships last forever. I'd sacrifice tomorrow just to have you here today. It's yesterday. It's hard to believe you're gone. You came into our lives from Hacienda Heights with so much to offer. What a wonderful, beautiful, outstanding person you showed us you were. C.S.F. can't forget the joy you brought to Catalina. On the court we remember you as Huckleberry. You always gave IOOW: and a smile to go along with it. ln your Honors Algebra ll class your seat is saved, just as in our hearts your memory is saved. i A139 LOS LAU RELES GLOFUA Goss N Resta U l'3 nt VICE PRESIDENT 4. MANAGER lk, , Mexlcan Food S Seafood ink EAT IN TAKE OuT DIAMOND BAA OFFICE 47 I4D622 3607 SECURITY PACIFIC NATIONAL BANK f"" as-1 s DIAMOND BAR Bwo may sea 3911 DIAMOND BAR CALIFORNIA 91765 if Ofella Ehl'IIICh IO84 W MIssIon Blvd OWIICI' Pomona CA 9I766 IIPOIFEIOINA UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT Member Amlercan Assoclatlon of Orthodontlsts xv 5794? 4 RONALD C MADDOX D D S PRINCIPAL gr OrthodontIcs Excluslvely SHIP S GANESHA HIGH SCHOOL I75 W I 9I767 f7I4j 593 I376 1921 Amzovo AVENUE C7143 623 5251 POMONA CALIFORNIA 91768 Exr 2468 S CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL STAFF I E 5 ANTHONYJLOPES I.N.C.o.'R.p.o.R.A.1.2.D' ' ' C 0 C N I L G T A R O S A S T T U H O I- E F A T I I 9 0 8 N 8 Mila Linda, Once there was a daughter who was so very dear and who I seemed to grow more proud of through each and every year and to you. that special daughter this comes with love to say may every happiness be yours -- today and every day +5------- 1.-.-ui.. Dearest Isabel. flza, as we all call you at homej God blessed us when He sent you to us Thank you God lza, your Dad and l love you and we only want the best for you. I know we don't always say or show It but parents make mistakes too. May God grant you every wish' FIRST OF ALL. I THANK GOD FOR THE WIS- DOM AND KNOWLEDGE HE GAVE ME THROUGHOUT THESE YEARS. THANKS MOM FOR YOUR LOVE. RUTHY FOR YOUR GUID- ANCE AND ELFIE WE MADE IT INDEEDII PE- TER AND GEORGE TAKE CARE. THANKS TO ALL MY TEACHERS FOR THEIR PATIENCE AND UNDERSTANDING LIFE IS GOOD! ENJOY IT!!! MATTY LANDA FIRST OF ALL, I WOULD LIKE TO THANK MY GRANDPARENTS FOR PUTTING UP WITH ME FOR ALL OF THESE YEARS. LOVE YA! SECONDLY, I WOULD LIKE TO THANK ALL OF MY FRIENDS, GIN- EAN, WANDA, KIM, TINA, ANGELA, TRACEY, NIKKI, NINA. KEMIA. BRIDGETTE. MICHELLE, TARA. KAREN, STANZA, JANICE, NIKOL, AND TELICIA FOR BEING FRIENDS. AND TO ALL OF THE W.S.M. DMC, SLICK RICK, MAC-MAC, MERDOK, PAUL, WILLIE, ARTHUR. STAY OUT OF TROUBLE! TA- SHIELA, I HOPE YOU CAN SURVIVE WITHOUT US! KENDRA CHURCHILL I WOULD LIKE TO THANK MY MOTHER AND FATHER FOR HELPING ME THROUGH. MOST OF ALL I WOULD LIKE TO THANK MY AL- MIGHTY GOD FOR KEEPING ME STRONG. AS FOR BRIDGETTE AND MICHELLE FINE, JUST FINE, BYE CLASS OF 88 IT HAS BEEN FUN! TARA RELIFORD 35.2 "GOD, I COULDN'T HAVE MADE IT WITHOUT YOU ... THANK YOU! I JUST WISH EVERYONE AT SOME TIME IN THEIR LIFE WILL GIVE YOU A CHANCE." MICHELLE CHAPOY THANK YOU-GODIFOR PARENTS Tm-To wane vsnv UNDERSTANDING. Lovme AND PA- HENT WITH. ME?LI!3K.QU5H5 THESE YEARS ANU 1THANKfi5Yf?i??iMC?M-.AND DAD FOR Just nsrwaxugngigexzme. TO! MY anus snznaerm. NucfTA.gTAT:A, NINA. ucENuaA. KTM, KEMIAQ ANogANGfT.A. ns asm Tun. econ Lucy: IN TIEIBFLSTURE AND nsmsm. sen T Love You ALLQ . smcsmv. . Mscums mcucs cuss or -'ssn T womb LIKEJTOTHANK ALL or FAMILY Fon THE LOVE ANDSUPPORT THAT THEY HAVE Gwen TO me THROUGH ALL THESE vEAn's. T0 ALL OF mv memos TAKE CARE or vounsewfs, Am: xssv IN TOUCH. "CLASS OF ss names" A PATRICK uMoN I CAN'T BELIVE I FINALLY MADE IT. MOM AND DAD IT LOOKS LIKE YOUR LITTLE GIRL FINALLY REACHED THOSE STARS, BUT I'VE JUST BEGUN. LOOK OUT WORLD HERE COMES THE CREW. BRID- GETTE. MICHELLE, AND TARA. LOVE YA, GUYS. CLASS OF 88, ROCKS THE HARDEST. BRIDGETTE EVERETT I'M MOST GRATEFUL TO GOD FOR GUIDING THE PATHS WHICH I TAKE. THANKS MOM FOR BEING SO EASY WITH ME. RUTHY, THANKS FOR BEING SO GIVING AND UNDERSTANDING. MATTY IT WASN'T EASY, BUT WE MAKE IT. GEORGE AND PETER, GOOD LUCK AND BE GOOD. LIZ AND MARY. I LOVE YOU. ELFIE LANDA I DON'T BELIEVE IT! I'M ACTUALLY OUT OF THIS PLACE FOR GOOD. I THINK? I NEVER THOUGHT THAT I WOULD MAKE IT. I'D LIKE TO THANK ALL OF MY FRIENDS WHO HELPED ME THROUGH MY FOUR YEARS HERE AT GANESHA. TO MY BUDDY DEE THANKS FOR PUTTING UP WITH ME. MR. GREEN AND MR. WRIGHT THANKS FOR PUTTING UP WITH ME. MR. GREEN AND MR. WRIGHT THANKS FOR PUTTING UP WITH MY BAD SELF. TO MY SON S.M.D.B.S. ONE OF THESE DAYS YOU'LL FIND YOUR FATHER. QHA-HAD CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF I988. DEBBIE-DEB DEBBIE RAMIREZ D.O.D.-T.W.C.C. I WOULD LIKE TO THANK ALL MY FRIENDS FOR BEING THERE. ESPECIALLY MICHELLE I. AND DANIEAL B. AND MOM AND DAD. I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO WISH THE FUTURE TRACK TEAMS OF GANESHA GOOD LUCK. I'D ALSO LIKE TO THANK MY TEACHERS FOR HELPING ME THROUGH THE YEARS. THANK YOU MICHAEL TURNER I WOULD LIKE TO FIRST OF ALL THANK GOD FOR GIVING ME STRENGTH TO KEEP STRIV- ING FOR THAT RISING STAR. SECOND, THANK YOU MOM AND DAD AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST I WANT TO SAY THANK YOU TO ALL MY TEACHERS AND ESPECIAL- LY MY GOOD FRIEND MR. UNDERWOOD. LOVE ALWAYS, DELIA SMITH I MADE IT! IT'S BEEN A LONG HARD LIFE BUT I'M PROUD OF MYSELF, I WANT TO THANK A FEW PEOPLE. FIRST, MY MOTHER. I NEVER WOULD HAVE MADE IT WITHOUT YOUR HELP, THANKS FOR PUSHING ME AND PUTTING UP WITH ME. I LOVE YOU. TO MY BEST FRIEND KAT, YOU HAVE HELPED ME THROUGH A LOT. MOST OF ALL YOU MADE MY SCHOOL YEARS GREAT WHILE YOU WERE HERE. THANKS. TO MY BOYFRIEND, KEVIN, YOU ARE A VERY SPECIAL PERSON IN MY LIFE, YOU MEAN THE WORLD TO ME, THANKS FOR HELPING ME THROUGH THESE YEARS AT SCHOOL. I NEEDED YOUR PUSH TOO! WE'VE HAD A LOT OF PROB- LEMS THIS YEAR, BUT WE MADE IT THROUGH THEM AND I'M SO HAPPY FOR THAT. I LOVE YOU BABE. DAD. I'M GOING TO COLLEGE! THANKS FOR THE LECTURES, LOVE YA. CHANDRA HILL CXO 88 MOM AND DAD, THANK YOU FOR CARING AND PUTTING UP WITH ME WHILE I'VE BEEN GROWING UP, I LOVE YOU BOTH A LOT. ALSO TO MY BOYFRIEND FRANK, THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE THESE PAST THREE YEARS, I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART. TO MY GOOD FRIENDS, WE FINALLY MADE IT! DONNA BOOTH DOY GRACIAS A MIS PADRES POR EL GRAN CAR- INO Y APOYO QUE ME HAN BRINDADO DURANTE MIS ESTUDIOS. THANKS TO ALL MY TEACHERS AND SPECIAL FRIENDS FOR PUTTING UP WITH ME, GOOD LUCK SAUL. THANKS TO MR. HERRERA FOR ALL YOUR HELP, HERE AT GANESHA. BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 88 MARIA LUCRECIA RIVERIA V LES DOY ALS GRACIAS AMI MOM AND-DAD - POR HABER ME APOYADO EN ES ESTOS CUATRO ANOS DE HIGH SCHOOL, Y HA- CERLES SABER QUE LES ESTOY AGRADECIDA POR TODO LO QUE HAN HECHO POR MI. LOS QUIERE MINERIA AUILA I'D LIKE TO THANK MY Mom AND DAD FOR ALL THEv'vE DONE FOR ME AND FOR Go- ING THROUGH THE TROUBLE I'VE CAUSE EOR THEM, I LOVE You Rom VERY Mucu. TO ELAINE AND Rum, You TWO MEAN A TI-IE WORLD TO IvIE.,To MY GRANDNIAVAND A IAIINT JENNIE. TI-IANRS FOR EVERYTI-LING, I LOVE You. TO MY VERY SPECIAL COUSIN, MARIA. I DON'T KNOW WHAT ro DO WITHOUT You. I LOVE You RICH AND TRINA. DANA ACOSTA THANKS TO MA AND PA FOR THEIR LOVE AND HELP. THE THING I LIKE ABOUT SCHOOL IS THE GIRLS. THEY ARE ALL I COME FOR. TOO BAD THE OLD SAYING SAYS, "CAN'T LIVE IWTH THEM CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT THEM". AND THATS TRUE! I LOVE HEAVY METAL MAIDEN RULES MARK MARUFFO DON'T KNOW WHY I WAS MADE TO WAN- DER, BUT I'VE SEEN THE LIGHT AND I'VE HEARD THE THUNDER. SOMEDAY I'LL COME HERE AGAIN, AND I KNOW THEY'LL TAKE ME IN. THANKS MICHELLE FOR MAKING MY SEN- IOR YEAR NOT SO LONELY! MONIQUE, MAYBE I'LL SEE YOU OUT AT 3 A.M. IN THE MORNING!!! GLAD TO HAVE GIVEN YOU THE PRIVELAGE OF KNOWING ME. BYE! ADRIAN V. CHARLEY I WOULD LIKE TO THANK ALL OF MY TEACHERS FOR ALL THE TIME AND HELP. THANKS TO ROXI FOR BEING THE BEST FRIEND A PERSON COULD HAVE. AND MOST OF ALL, A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO THE TWO MOST IMPORTANT PEOPLE IN MY LIFE, MY MOTHER AND MY FATHER. I LOVE YOU BOTH SO VERY MUCH. I WOULD NEVER CHANGE YOU FOR THE WORLD.: AMY TAPPE I WOULD LIKE TO GIVE SPECIAL THANKS TO MY MOTHER AND FATHER WHO I LOVE VERY MUCH AND WHO SUPPORTED ME THROUGH HIGH SCHOOL. ALSO THANKS TO MY FRIENDS IN TRACK AND CROSS COUN- TRY. THESE YEARS WERE GREAT FOR ME. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL. PEDRO DOMINGUEZ 143 J.V. SOCCER 9. IO, I I V. SOCCER I2, SOPH FOOTBALL. TO MOM AND DAD I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH, AND MY BROTHERS TROY. PAT, AND LANCE, THANKS FOR PUTTING UP WITH ME. TO MY BOYS, DELANO, JOHN H.. CHAWN, BRIAN, CLIFF, MIKE, AND ALL THE REST, THANKS FOR BEING THERE AND MAK- ING MY SENIOR YEAR "QUE", TO THE REST OF THE PEOPLE. "YOU" KNOW WHO "YOU" ARE, I DIDN'T FORGET ABOUT YOU, AND I NEVER WILL. GOOD LUCK CXO A.D.8.. B.S.U, II, Il, BIOLOGY, MESA CLUBS IO, I I P.S. I'M GOING TO BE A PROFESSIONAL LOTTERY PLAYER "LIL" JOHN EDWARD LITTLEJOHN THERE'S A TIME FOR LEARN'N THERE'S A TIME FOR LAUGH'N AND THERE'S A TIME FOR LOVE'N AND NOW THAT OUR SCHOOL DAYS ARE OVER WE CAN LOVE AND LAUGH FULLTIME, P.S. THANKS TO ALL MY TEACHERS FRIENDS AND FAMILY FOR THESE LAST ENJOYABLE YEARS. MAY EVERYONE REACH THE GOALS THEY'VE SET FOR LIFE AND SURPASS THEM. SUCCESS IS THE KEY TO HAPPINESS. SHANE A. LOCKETT I THANK THE LORD FOR ALL HIS BLESSING, MY FAMILY FOR THEIR ENCOURAGEMENT AND MY FRIENDS FOR THEIR SUPPORT. SPE- CIAL THANKS TO THE TEACHERS AT GANE- SHA FOR BEING THERE WHEN I NEEDED THEM. DANIEL MEZA THERE ARE A NUMBER OF THINGS YOU CAN DO DURING YOUR LIFE TIME. IF YOU DO THEM ALL AT ONCE THERE WON'T BE ANYTHING NEW LEFT TO DO. LIVE ONE DAY A TIME, REMEMBER IF YOU LIVE FAST YOU DIE FAST. MARCO A. GUITERREZ T44 ME GUSTARIA DAR LAS GRACIAS A MIS PADRES JOSE Y LUZ MARIA POR SU CARINO Y SU APOLLO. I WOULD LIKE TO THANK MY CRAZY FRIENDS FOR BEING THERE WHEN I NEEDED SOME HELP. WITH LOVE. MARIA Fgxst or ALL, I Wouw LIKE- TQITTHANKI ,soon Fon GIVING ME me srnswsm. AND me xwowuensrs TO FINISH men scnoor, I wouw ALSO LIKE THANK ALL me TEACHERS Fon mem suvvozu AND Mos: OF ALL MY PARENTS, Moms. AND Mom- cA. THANKS ron CARING. '-I Love You ALL! sooo-ave GANESHA MICHEAL Jones First I would like to say Goodbye, espcially you SEN- IORS. Its been great. Special thanks to God for letting me finish High School. With the help by my parents, brother, sister, friends, relatives, and of course all the teachers I had during my four years term at Ganesha. With more special thanks to Mr. Mack for letting me use the computer during 4th and 6th. Mrs. Watter- son, Coach Hackett and Mrs. Sutton thank you all for the hard work and friendship. To end all this Good luck SENIORS at college or where ever you end up and you underclass take care. Love always Mireya Aceves. P.S. V-X Country Syrs V-Track 3yrs Yearbook 2 Vzyrs A.S.B. lyrs FIRST OF ALL, I WOULD LIKE TO THANK MY PARENTS. THANKS FOR ALL THE HELP. SEC- ONDLY, I WOULD LIKE TO THANK MY GIRL- FRIEND. SHERL. THANX FOR STICKING BY ME THROUGHOUT THE PAST TWO YEARS. I LOVE YOU. ALSO SPECIAL THANX TO DAVE. AARON, "STEVE S DORA", MIKE, TIM, AND ALL THE OTHER GIRLS 8 BOYS. "MY DAD IS MY DAD" REMEMBER THE BOBOE MOVE- MENT. -QUINN HERNANDEZ- I WOULD LIKE TO THANK MY PARENTS FOR ALL OF THE SUPPORT THEY HAVE GIVEN ME ATHLETICAL- LY AND ACADEMICALLY. I WOULD ALSO LIKE TOTHANK BRIAN FOR HELPING ME THROUGH HIGH SCHOOL. 1368 VXFI II, I2 BRAD WENDEL I WOULD LIKE TO THANK MY FAMILY FOR ALL THE LOVE AND SUPPORT THEY'VE GIV- EN ME. TO MY BELOVED GRANDMA. PURA A. GONZAGA. WHO I'LL ALWAYS REMEM- BER. A VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO EVER- ARDO FOR BEING THERE WHEN I NEEDED HIM. GOOD LUCK TO, ELFIE, AND MATTY. YOU GUYS WILL ALWAYS BE MY BEST BUD- DIES. I LOVE YOU ALL. GISSELLE MARIE ELIZALDE I WOULD LIKE TO THANK MY PARENTS FOR PUSH- ING AND SUPPORTING ME THROUGHOUT MY HIGH SCHOOL YEARS. I LOVE YOU BOTH. GOOD LUCK TO ALL MY FRIENDS AND MAY ALL OUR DREAMS COME TRUE. TO COREY, MY SPECIAL FRIEND WHO MADE MY JUNIOR-SENIOR YEARS MEMORABLE. LOVE YA! WATCH OUT WORLD!! MICHELLE L. SCHROEDER Living it up at CAMP!!! On our way home. Get it Lisa! Top row: Dora Moreno, Laura Lopez. Sheri Klevenz, Laura Juarez, Elise Parkin. Bottom row: Nicole Trusdell, LeeAnn Gonzalez, Lisa Love. Enjoying our lunch time at summer camp. Gettin' Down! 4 Q52 KW Lisa Rank. Gretchin Powers, Tawnya Tomanini, Sheila Davidson, Vanessa Bastion. Andrea Gebhardl. Daw- nette Martinez, Kristin Shneider. Top row: Jennifer Fujimoto. Linda Stoddard, Maricela Ramirez, Mary Ong. Bottom row: Becki Loomis, Stefanie Grahan, Top row: Katie Dailey. Gloria Varela, Claudia Juarez, Rebecca Rivas. Bottom row: Edna Miranda, Luana Ortiz, Tracy Pierce, Cari Melgoza. Christine Welch. Carebearl Kristin Schneider Gretchin Powers Lisa Rank VARSITY HEER 5-fgjwva MP Eafs,..r,.m E513 CAPTAIN CAPTAIN Dawnette Martinez Sheila Davidson f 3, ' 'ap' N on WH VX Andrea Gebhardtg? Tawnya Tomanini Vanessa Bastion S935 U .. in 4 w W ff, i ' r 3 I 'fi' " a i 4 I ,Q f ,ff X Q 3 1 4' ,, ii 3, W - Hz i is if am vi nf V f f Q M 4, if 8 X lv- . .X Q F'AQ.51Iv2L'1lIl, . - ,W fa , To 'Im PYQQ The I987-88 Junior Varsity Cheerleaders had a great will to learn and experience new things, this showed their deep dedication to their school. They would not only cheer at J.V. Games, but also at freshman games! This was much appreciated. This experience that they received from being J.V. will help them next year. Good luck girls!!! Lisa Love Nicole Trusdell Lee Ann Gonzalez kk 5, 'xx 4 W , ML Vx' . 'x 5 45, ,Q 'U' V., si' ' , , . xmcl .9 if! 4 5,, 3.53457 M 'asf gs is 1 ' - f' 'N' Q f ' f ' , 'N K ' U Law w 7 xy N K 5 1 A if 'K Z I If 'QQ-x bv W : rl N1 I H ,-.W 1 'T .mi Q I u ' f , ' ,Www y 5 , 4,11 ,f , ,, V -. ,ff A, ,Jfm Q wg L,,f V 'Y JV 3 4 il 4:5524 , I 5 j 3. V ' nw I ' f 1' " ' 25 ' ' if ff W 5 f ,X , f,,,.,, ,,u..4 4 "Maw , Z if 2 f " QV X 'I ., ,L , 'if rf' ., ,.z'.1-4 , , if , A . V 6, , 4 1 . ' Je ' ,,,, 'A " ff',f,MfzW H WM Edna Miranda Rebecca Rivas Cari Melgoza Claudia Juarez VARSITY SONG CAPTAIN CO-CAPTAIN Tracy Pierce Heather Ebbert Gloria Varela Christine Welch Katie Dailey Luana Ortiz CRTC!-K Tiki: Q "Groove" This is definitely a word that describes what our l987-88 Varsity Songleaders had. They enjoyed having the "groove" and trying to make others catch it. Now, this doesn't mean it was all "grooving", There was some hard working and much perfecting to do also. This was all accomplished during summer practices and camp. But all in all, if you know they've got the groove. and want to catch it! ,t ef Q' s ,,4a f:,t i W ru N F' ' 4 x 'f L. A ff, PM lm f p T 52 452125, KAW 5, Way R 0 , , ? .,.,-MW.,-K ' 4 S- an iffy, T '5 1 f my I . f il 5 ,, .7 A .V , - V : sb mc' 4-. Atxx , Q -s cur... 6 S321-xi. """ v.,:f, ,S :sir , seas-wsfrg -f .r s H "'.A:,' 1 Q sf 53 .I v t' y'54N"x " 5'-Q. X' -'QQ v 4- ,r x 15.9 " x.'2 ...f p I 3:1 I 4 I 1 f in gg ,-,Q is x .1 ' s s1 o "'w..,f " I ' v n ' . . . 1 " '- ' - -4 - .- a- , k f ' ..f:'5? .- .. -- ' "Em 3 4'-1 . ' "2 - , .- ' "- .,. .. -"1 L-5-f--' 'E-e-.ff .NT 1. ': - : .- ' -: - - - 9'---. tv 'f. ' ' . . . ' ..' - 0" "'f-,- ' -. - --1..., J. tu L ' , -L 1 5. I . " fi ' - -. . ... , - - . V- - - .. - .5 .-.. . .. . ag .1 ., . .- -. ,r - ., - - . gg , .u L. -' - ".h. QS' : by s - .- . N , .'-.,. .' . .-, ' ' ' ':'-f- 1" 'Wi'-'.-.. L'-FY 'I:-rx A 11- -' "'1'..-L M .' ' fi' -J: ' . H?--2 .'f'.hf:.v'. ., U. - , '.': 1 .' -.I-'E ',-,' '-" .3-E"'5 5 x,f!'."-3: . " Q 2313:-et" :TF-33:43 - 'glggaz'--5-T,-, ,. , , . y..,., , ...,. , -. .,.--.. , -A, , ,- ,.e..r 4 .,...-, -. . .-.:. . - ' --. .-.' , "-.1 - 'I4 . . . N'-ar -' - .A -' '-- .,-.Q 'QD' - -1 g' .'.,- -,Lf-.' -,Q I . . D-.--.'.' -'. Q -' . - - -, --'.' . . '. -. . "'-' -'1'. '. ' . "1 1 , -. Q - ffl- -csv.. . ' . -, 3 . . A 1 :.:.:3-'sz---1-,. - ---,.- ,Q .',- . I t. ' Q 'C ' " Q .'-- -.,-. U- '. x '- . 0.1:--D'-..iz1l Q. .'." , 5" ' '- -.1 -'x ', .f':, ,.:.,-,g-"1 '.. 11.1" v 1 -Q , ', u' L . ' v , a 5 s ' . . In ' f ' D 1 A K' J H." v ' 8 ' ,IA x A .'.. x ' " . '. D-' ', "0 , r . K Q. Q A 1. 4 It K 1 - ' - 5 V 1 QQ 99 o 4 CAPTAIN Elise Parkin Dora Moreno Sheri Klevens Laura Juarez 154 rf . 4 ii l 1 . N 3 s '?Ffff"' :ju . ' ' v "QW V A ' .,77"42l!'.Z' - W ' ' fm wk T T LY e rrrrr 2 l T -,,,. 41' , f 3 -W 5 , l i w , fy? fs mf M- -bfi 1 - y l A , 1, li in .. xg! , 1 3 if, ' W1 f nfl T 'iw 2' f --v-v-'MMV e.,-Y. ' J a -1 1 Our I987-88 Junior Varsity Songleaders were filled with rhythm and were dedicated to make everyone feel it. Their main goal was to promote the Z X much-needed spirit at J.V. games. They went through quite alot learning Z, new cheers and routines during summer practices and spirit camp. These five young ladies represented Ganesha High School's Ist ever J.V. Song ,, squad. The experience they receive will help them for next year, "Get it , ' girls!" trr T wrwh , mmm! fu , T TH-M "" T 9 ",,,, ,f -5-2 1 v eer'r WTT , ,.,h, I M , I ,ip T ,,,V, , A irilii T Y ,rf A i " m"w :,"7uE'W'Q r T Y " ii , l A V , f aw, 'PMT 5' f 'ug p T TT W , Wann-.,' , J , , Tr ttt T , . TT r 24 r N 'Nu " T 'uf , , V' vvv . Tr 2 ,. Q , ' , '- y W? :,V ,ff ', X' 'T . ' 4 f , ' , TT "" my , J V1 V ,V xt 7,5 avl, , an - T T f 'xffjl Q e ff rffiff " ii u Wm T . ,,rr TTTTV is 'FQ ' f T ,h,, 'J T gl 4, J I ,414 155 156 f Becky Loomis Jennifer Fuiimoto VARSITY FL G CAPTAIN CAPTAIN Maricela Ramirez Linda Stoddard I Stefanie Grahan Mary Ong f9Y fr t 91 .f ' ! , ' 1' la 4 4 , I . '- 9 ' fi V VV,, 1 5 ' W , ,ww wp fr J 3 Our Ganesha High School Varsity Flagleaders are filled with "pride" this year. They have worked very hard this year and have perfected many cheers and routines that they were taught at the U.S.A. Spirit Summer Camp in Santa Barbara. Being a Flagleader is loads of fun. but also takes alot of patience. dedication and skill. There is only one senior leaving the squad this year. So you will see many of these young ladies next year. fi as Q Q a ,, L aaaa 'liil 1 A' -' Q,as 4 1.. W t? SME a s 4' -- r 3 at I V . Q 1:S...t -.swf ll x T ----N e i f ry 57 ' e or . ze Y K 1 .-Agfa f fw 1 1 t ttrs ls' f Ak,' ' - M i Lew.-.ian K ., H- 1 l LL V ,Z As ML Ex -ka. A . f A --rr - I ' - f. fs' S - X -z ' of gs Q N a2 ,, V as wifi-S r s s y i :1 a '2 a X .S ' I ' at f J Qi ffs f a',.,. 4 .M a 3 at it ,.,,, A1., , , MS? W V ,,fl',' ' ff ' x ,f Hit, y yyyay y if ,JG h ? i 1 " Ji 157' .M f ff at ins" QQ "Seniors" Capta Top Row: Linda Stoddard, Sheila Davidson, Dawnette Martinez, Maricela Ramirez. Bottom Row: Heather Eb- bert, Elise Parkins, Tracy Pierce. Being a captain takes alot of hard work and dedication. These girls have ful- Our leaving seniors are: Gloria Varela, Heather Ebbert. f-H d h rf- ' G d J bl Tracy Pierce, Claudia Juarez, Luana Ortiz, Linda Stod- I e t ess qua I 'canons' oo 0 ' dard, and Katie Dailey. GOOD LUCK GIRLS! af Lu-Lu and Carebear "Kidnapped" .QM "Ready To Go!" y Vyy y yy ,,..,,,.,V,y.,, dw l 5 I, I V ,,. . A i .. 2 . A if xx . ,, , ,,, V.- ,,.. K Z i i if Michelle Hicks Tara Reliford Bridgete Everitt ff- Tssstx rr PEPQ LUB New to Ganesha was our l987-88 Pep Club, five greatly spirited young ladies who were at every game promoting spirit in the stands. They really encouraged the spirit at the games and made a much more exciting game. Thanks girls! Regina Williams Kemia Hall 1 lf.,-' in-Q.,,.,,, Together with SPIRIT Ready to go home. V' United to be the BEST!! "A TOUCHDOWNH! 160 Rally Advisor Rally. . ,we do it because it's fun! We cannot make ourselves work hard. . .we are fascinated by what we do! Our Rally!PeP Club has quality. We are quite content to grow slowly, but we are determined to be just a little better today than we were yesterday. ROW .I IRWIN J GUIRE,P YLOR, E. BEA SLE Y TOP M.BA RBERA, A.MARSHALL,R. AKING THE PASS COMPLETE KENNY STEELE TO GAIN A FEW EXTRA YARDS BEFORE THE CRUNCH BY SOME CA VLIERS. CA rcrlus nv THE HACIENDA LEAGUE - I-IIGH'S FOOTBALL TEAM HAS A REPUTA TION FOR EXCELLENCE. THOUGH NU- MERICALUC THIS SEASON, THEY HA VE BROKEN NO RECORDS, THEY HA VE CER' TAINLY IMPRESSED UPON US THE TRUE EXTENT OF THEIR DEDICA TION TO G- HIGH AND THEIR FANS. OUR TEAMS HA VE AN ABUDANCE OF TALENT.AND WHAT WAS LACKING IN SCORES THIS PAST YEAR WAS MADE UP WITH EFFORT AND SA CRIFICE COA CH I-IUEK THE FOOTBALL COA CH A T GANESI-IA FOR THE PAST I 7 YEA RS FELT THE TEAM HELD TRUE ABILITYAND SKILL. THERE HAS ONI. YBEEN SOME TROUBLE IN "EXECU- TION" OF THOSE SKILLSJ-IE COMMENDS THE MANY FINE PLAYERS ON THE TEAM AND EMPHASIZES THE EXCEPTIONAL TALEN TS OF RODDY LA YTON,KENN Y S TEELE. AND WILLIE WARREN THE RECEIVERSAND PAUL BONNERQUARTERBA CK. HUE Y OFFERS SPECIAL THANKS TO THE FOOTBALL COACHING STAFF fIRWIN.D!AZ,MUSSACK,AND MACIASQ FOR THEIR PERSEVERANCE, TO THE TEAM MEMBERS WHO POSSESS THE COURAGE AND THE INITIATIVE TO "STICK IT OUT" FOR THE ENTIRE SEASON. "IT 'S EASY TO QUIT WHEN WE'RE LOSING,BUT IT'S DIFFICULT TO STAY AND SWEAT IT OUT" REGARDLESS, THE FOOTBALL TEAM IS, SHOULD BE, AND AL WA YS HAS BEEN A SYMBOL FOR EXCELLENCE AND PRIDE. THE PLAYERS EXEMPLIFY THE SUPREME KIND OF COMMITMENT OWED TO GANESHA HIGH SCHOOL, f , ,, ,f7'5hff, Ly Lf ... '-'Ai 'V POISED AND READY FOR ACTION THE GIANT DE- FENSIVE LINE A WAITS THE SNAROPPOSING TEAM IS BONITA BEARCA TS. MUSSACK HARD AT WORK:WHILE SWEATY BRAD 368 PAYS CLOSE ATTENTION. 'an .Q R. LA YT ON MAKES THE CA TCH DESPITE THE EFFORTS OF THE BLUE AND BLACK MONTCLAIR CA VA LIERS DEFENDER5. 4 ' v I B ' HJ ,. "N u A - I , f r , f S L. 1, ,G A .Lax Lf!! CA TCH ME IF YOU CANE YOU BEARCAT SUCKERI I FEEL A HIT CRUNCH! TION. THEY VE HELD THEIR WELL THIS YEAR. BRIAN PARVIN GETS THE BALL OFF EVEN WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGHJ 4 V11 5' ,Q PAUL BONNER TAKES THE SNAP AND THE GIANTS ARE IN ACTION. I I BEHOLD, AARON BROWN A WITH YET ANOTHER SPEC- rAcuLAR ONE MAN TA CRLE. COACH HUEY ON THE I I FIELD: THE LAW IN THE ELESH. OH OH! "THE 3 S WEE TES T RECEIVEBRS ARE SALT 8 PEPPER AND OUR TIGHT END SUGAR. " RODDY LA YTON '89' "I PLAYED WI TH A GROUP OF GUYS THIS YEAR. I WAS PROUD OF THE CLOSENESS WE HAD. OUR LINKS WILL STA Y INTACT THROUGHOUT OUR LIVES." R.SIMPSON if 7 UOTES FROM THE EART. . . "1 wfouw LIKE ro Gzvf THANKS ro ALL THE OFFENSIVE LINE 5 TO ALL THE HOME- sovs fwsfw FOR MAKING My SEASON WHAT IT wfAs. AND A srfcmz THANKS ro SALT" PEPPER mn WARRENQ " THE HOGS, THE BADEST LINEMEN AROUND." J. THOMPSON 476. , ,, .,,. -. f mm l vi 17 e 5 ? , QM T SHE fr ,,? L Wh 6 iw 556 ,ip W "ii A, 4 ,MEX .V ? w,1,Q': .Mm ,- f fax f"a"f' ,W , , is I J pg, sm .W S '3- U, if 2 I fi 'SEM fi" li TL L SL' 2 I if 'i ,, ff 1 if 3' I ' T' I: Mi A L df ' BOTTOM ROW : ANGELA REEVESJALE MC BRAIN- ,DEANNA STAFFORD,MI- CHELLE CHAPOK MELISSA GRAHAM. NOT SHOWN: PRISCILLA ESPINOZA, GLORIA VARELA, 4-iff roP Row I CoA CH SMI TH. SHERYL IUPKER. QQHRIS liA,QE!EAi.I,, SHALNIVZUIV' MA TTHEWS, Glssfuf Eu- ZALDE, NICK. S: X X X 4, I , CHRIS BARRERAS IS ONE OF OUR CAPTAINS - ' AND ALSO ONE OF OUR SENIORS. SHE HAS PLAYED VARSITY VOLLEYBALL FOR 3 YEARS . A-ND WAS ONE OF OUR SETTERS THIS YEAR, F , .L- . Y xfkx 5 J X X X Anf. x.4' x A T3 168 L24 A .1 , ,Q SHE HAS SHOWN EX CELLAN T LEADERSHIP AND GREAT GANESHA PRIDE ! GLORIA VARELA IS ANOTHER ONE OF OUR CAPTAINS AND IS ALSO A SENIOR. SHE HAS PLA YED ON THE GANESHA VARSITY VOLLEY- BALL TEAM FOR 3 YEARS AND HAS BEEN LOOKED UP TO BY MANY GLORIA IS AN EXAMPLE OF A TRUE GIANT! Lx . GISSELLE ELIZALDE - 932 DEANNA STAFFORD - 48 MICHELLE CHAPOY - 46 Y,.....-'-- - MELISSA GRAHAM - II5 SHERYL TUPKER - ifll JALE MC BRAIN - IH2 ANGELA REEVES - iii ,,.i.i...N...L.-Q, SH-ANNON.MA.TTHE-W5 - 44 COACH TEYANNA SMITH " I WAS HIRED ON THE IST OF SEP- TEMBER I 98 7, SO GANESHA IS VERY MUCH NEW TO ME.I FEEL THA T I'M ADJUSTING WELL TO GANESHA. I THINK THE PLA YERS AND I GET ALONG WELL, INFA C T, THE NEW- NESS WORE OFF AFTER A COUPLE OF WEEKS. I'M EXCITED ABOUT BE- ING A PART OF GANESHA HIGH AND PRODUCING A WINNING VAR- SITY TEAM FOR THE FUTURE!" GIVE? ross-country is a tough sport. It requires dedica- tion,perserverance,and hard work. The runners as their title states are expected to run cross-country during practice and for meets. .lust because it is a tough sport,doesn't mean it isn 't fun too. "I 've stayed in cross country for all of my four years at Ganesha high school be- cause it is one of the few sports where the team is like a family. We suppon each othensweat together, but best of all we share each others happiness when we win. CC is great, join, and learn what being part of a team is all about. . . " 5ays,Cathie Fountain. "Ganesha 's IH Cross-Country team" this year through their hard efforts have had the biggest pay off Both the girls and the boys team made it to C I F "This was the Hrs! Ganesha 's I I I A A girls CC team to ever have that privilege. "says, Mrs. S. Watter- tirr son,their coach. The boys varsity team on the other hand has . ,,,, ,,,. I I :V K earned that glory three years pending. Ganesha 's Cross Country you've made us proud. all W 'MLK ,ij HA CKE TT. GA NESHA. E TI WANDA, AND BONITA WAIT PAI TEN TL Y FOR THE RESUL TS. VARSITY GIRLS : BOTTOM ROW - MARICELA A YON, LISA LAC- QUANINA, ROSELA TORRE5, CLA UDIA HERNANDEZ, YO- LANDO DURAZO. TOP ROW - MARIA 5ALA5,Ml5 TY LARSEN- ,DORA ALEJO5, AMBER HOCH,RI TA TORRE5, JA UNI TA LA WER- ENCE. +A ADWFFLVLR ANDREA GETS UP THERE AND GETS THE BALL. HER HEIGHT IS REALLY A HELP. IHAD IT, THE GANESHA GIANTS GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAM HAS COME A LONG WA Y YET STILL HAS A WAY TO GO, WE'RE SURE THAT INCOMING FRESHMEN 6'0 AN- DREA RUTLAND WILL SUCCESSFULLY CARRY THE HEAVY LOAD AS CENTER. ALONG WITH THE 3 YEAR VARSITY EXPERIENCE OF MONIOUE JOHNSON WE'RE BETTING THAT THE 87-88 SCHOOL YEAR WON'T BE TOO MUCH FOR THESE FINE YOUNG LADIES TO HANDLE. TRACE Y JONES IS ANOTHER VE TERAN TO THE VARSITY LEVEL. SHE HAS A LOT OF POTENTIAL AND HAS THAT SPECIAL SPARK FOR US THAT WE NEED. ALSO NE WCOMERS CARMEN ARMONES AND LA TRICE BENJAMIN DEFINI TEL Y BRINGS STRENGTH TO OUR TEAM. TOP ROW : COA CH C BROWN, ALVDREA RUTLAND, BE VERL YHA CKQI, DEENA OCON, TRICE Y BENJAMIN, QRMENEAMONES, BOTTOM ROW : DENITA QOYKLMMONIOUEYJOHNSQN, SHON TEL PA TTERSOJV, S YL VIA RUSH, PICTURE NOT SHOWN TR! CE Y JONES. 'Y-"- MONIOUE SUCCESSFULLY RE- BOUNDS THE BALL. . ' ,, 11 fE',TP,l , .. ,Wi GIRLS BASKETBALL HAS COME A LONG WAY THIS YEAR. WE HA VE A LOT OF TALENTED PEOPLE ON THE TEAM. I THINK WE HA VE A CHANCE FOR C.I.F . BUT IT'S GOING TO TAKE A LOT OF HARD WORK. I FEEL THA T WE HA VE A WINNING SEASON THIS YEAR IF WE TAKE BASKETBALL SERIOUS. SENIOR, KIM BROWN. WILL ANDREA 'S SHOT MAKE IT? TAKE A LOOK AT US NOW ! . ,, .5 , I 1- , 1 N HOLD ON TO IT KIM. D "'v Z ,Xi-171, 1 ' 'Y CATCH DEENA. . ,rf ,Q wg-. yy '1 , A N X- Vg QQ-4M93515Gi3fgq4g5i31g1rg1fy?E4:awry31 ,N X L :"i51.'.1 xnJ...im7" H -D. X H' 1' V4.1L,w,w:.JN1xi112,Lf...'.l.Fv Hw',,,w.v X u www THE SENIORS ON THE TEAM WOULD LIKE TO THANK COACH BROWN FOR ALL HER LOVE AND SUPPORT THA T SHE HAS GIVEN US. NOW I T'S TIME TO SAY GOOD BYE.LOVE YOU. KIM BROWN, TRA CE Y JONES, DENI TA BOYKINS,CARMEN AMONES. AND MONIQUE JOHNSON. ww... .4 1 1 . 'A,z"irLg-3nili2fQiQif.e'5.1 v Lf., XXX X I .I E,IE LLLLSLI, I X WITH ALL EYES ON HER, DEENA SUC- XCESSFULLY GETS THE SHOT OFF. WR SUM 1 . QNX X.f'a..Csj,LVr.- 1 fptlkr fx ' swf: L f 377 F I ,Jw f V X X Sirk" . . , x -4 ' - . ,fx ,Hi I. ff' X. K . r 'C X X .X 1? ' X V 'L-X 5 D-' '- X Y L g, fr -5- A 2 fx., X -1. 4. , 4' nl R xx ,NJ K2 . X . . 1 ,L f 'JN n, N? ' S! If V, -XL. V .MV xx Q nv Y gi -9 9- if f 57. V' , z ' N x -gif P s . QC-' I C A ' . Y ' X. K y , ' . A - f Kiwi- 4 I -vw fi. x' M3 - Y P. f I .X lm ,fl X: L y Umy ' -1 A., N. N4 VAR. 1:3 -- Q, ,X A M f 2' Ev ' NU A - -.,, If. mf A 1 ' 1 5 l 'x,.1f'J"N"N al wx' , Iv X I A 'X xx, fkk-f" J XLW 4 i, AA"-V. ,Q sb H 2 2 7, 5 fl 1 v I ! 1 ia. Qu, I 175 X! -: i' W f 1 ,fi if :Q K f f f f , mm JU IOR VARSITY FOGTBALL Alphabetical order: Tim Adams. Jason Alexander, Hector Cerda, Eric De Jesus, Danny Eickmeyer, Scott Flores, Paul Gonzales, Mjkeggggeras, Mike Hetrick, Aaron Jones, Mar- cus Manuel. James Mayers. Geremy Palmer, Albert Parish, Andy Pena, Ryan Perry, Adam, Poe, Willie Rasmus. Saul Rivera, Brian Salcido. Phillip Samuels, Terry Scott, Ed Seals, Jermaine Shiver, Rex Sanchez, Tony Solorio, Kenyon Taylor, Tony Walder, lan West, Kevin Wilson, Shervan Wilson, Nel- son Grant. uumnl-nw mm , ARE WE WINNING YET?????? This year our sophomore players have demonstrated their talents as well as their spirit. Most Spirited: Ed Seals. Most Dedicated: Danny Eickmeyer. Most Valuable Player: Best Deffensive Player, Andy Pena and the Coaches Award went to Aaron Jones. Just standing around catching the action!!! Ei! 22 2 "OUR VARSITY BASKETBALL SEASON WENT AS WELL AS WE COULD HAVE EXPECTED- ACTUALLY IT EXCEEDED MY OWN EXPECTATIONS. WE WERE AN INEXPERIENCED TEAM WITH ONLY TWO VARSITY LETTERMEN RETURNING FOR THIS SEASON. WITH NO STARTERS BACK FROM THE PREVIOUS YEAR, AND NINE OUT OF ELEVEN PLAYERS HAVING .l.V. EXPERIENCE OR LESS, I FEEL WE GREW TREMENDOUSLY AS A TEAM AND PLAYED VERY WELL ALL THE WAY DOWN THE STRETCH. OUR LACK OF BIG-GAME EXPERIENCE HURT US IN OUR QUEST FOR A LEAGUE TITLE. WE DID ACCOMPLISH OUR GOAL OF BUILDING A COMPETITIVE TEAM. WE SET HIGH STANDARDS FOR ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT AS WELL AS IMPROVED DISCIPLINE ON AND OFF THE COURT." COACH HOPWOOD TOP RIGHF TEAM CAPTAIN DEREK DEWITT EXHIBITS HIS POWERS WITH AN EXPLOSIVE DUNK! BOTTOM RIGHT? SHANE PAI.MER'S HIGH .IUMP-SHOTS MAKE HIM ONE STEP ABOVE THE BONITA BEARCATS! BOTTOM LEED GARY PARRISH SCORES ANOTHER BASKET AGAINST THE CHINO COWBOYS. A TOP: NOTHING CAN KEEP PAUL BONNER FROM WALKING ON AIR IN THIS SHOT OF HIM DRIVING TO THE HOLE! LEFT: SHANE PALM- ER SOARS ABOVE HIS OPPO- NENTS, THE ONTARIO JAGUARS. ABOVE: DEREK DEWITT SKILLFUL- LY MANEUVERS THIS DIFFICULT SHOT INTO THE BASKET. ,Wx , f 2 vii: 'K , A MUST! KIYA JACKSON HITS CRUCIAL FREE THROWS IN GAME AGAINST GAREY. A BIG VICTORY GAME WON BY GANESHA MONICA HITS A LAY UP MONICA HICKS SHOWS GOOD FORM IN HITTING THIS LAY UP AGAINST BONITA DEANNA STAFFORD, JALE MC BRAIN, MRS. MEL VIN, COACH HUEY FRONT ROW: LISA DA WSO , ENDA LARSEN, TR LARSEN, MELISSA GRAHAAM, SHANNON MA THEW5 "THIS YEAR HAS DEFINITELY BEEN A WINNING SEASON FOR THE GIRLS VARSITY SOCCER TEAM. BESIDES MAKING THE C.I.F. CHAMPIONSHIPS, THEY ALSO HAVE RUN UNDEFEATED THE WHOLE LEAGUE SEASON WITH THE EXCEPTION OF A LOSS TO BONITA HIGH SCHOOL. WITH THE EXPERTISE OF GOALIE SHANNON MATHEWS, THE GIRLS HAVE WON FIRST PLACE IN THE HACIENDA LEAGUE! THIS YEAR'S TEAM CONSISTS OF TWO FRESHMEN, THREE SOPHOMORES, SIX JUNIORS, AND ONLY TWO SENIORS. THE MVP OF THE I986-87 SEASON, DEANNA STAFFORD, HAS BEEN A BIG HELP THIS SEASON, LEADING THE TEAM WITH THE MOST GOSLS, BUT THIS CHAMPIONSHIP HAS BEEN BASED ON THE EFFORT OF EVERY TEAM MEMBER." LEFT TO RIGHT: BACK ROW6 COACH WRIGHT, GENEVIE WRIGHT, SIMONE KLEMENZ JENNIFER WIESE, BRENDIE CARSEY, LUANA OR I ,,,,. 5 M X ," " Www ,Q ' WM, www suvlv 'isvlvf WM M Q 183 7 Coach Steve talking to a member to pick fense and finally realizing the team CChawnj to rightforward. UP Top left to right: Coach Steve Tori, Adam Oles- niewicz, Michael Salazar, Anthony Cingolani, Ed- mond Gubraun, Mike Harrington, Greg Tiddle, Ernie Castro, Dan Eickmeyer, Coach Brian Wen- del Bottom left to right: George Landa, Neil Mendez, Shawn Burkel, Sammy Elzarka, Joe Hagan, Louis Ortiz, Christobal Cobo, Brian Shiu, John Stoddard if M901 will SOC Go Dave go!! Top L-R- Bryan Jones, Dave Ma- teus, Mike Hetric, Brad Wendell Aaron Jones, Jose Villallobos, Cliff Williams, Coach Beasley Bottom L-R- Miguel Fagosso, Brian Parvin, Josh Lawrence, Ascencion Pena, Miguel Pena, Alex Hernandez, Hector Do- minguez, Brian Coulter Bryan get the head butt! Lill 'IF ITTFZTIEFK W... mmr'-f"""' TEAM CAPTAINS: SCOTT BERTRANO U32 LBS.O MARCUS MANUEL U93 LBSQ BACK ROW: QSTATSQ MARY BRAVO, NIKKI TRUESDELL, DAWN ROMERO, JASON ALEX- ANDER, MIKE FLORES. CONDE ORTIZ, WIL- LIAM CRIGLER, RAMON BARAJAS, VICTOR HOPPER, KENYAN TAYLOR, MARCUS MAN- UEL. TIM M., JAMES MEYER, TIM ADAMS FRONT ROW: SCOT BERTRAND, MIKE MU- DRAK, ART ROMERO, ERIK DE JESUS, FRANSESCO ALONSO UORQ, GABRIEL SAN- CHEZ, RON WILBUR "THIS YEAR'S WRESTLING TEAM ENDED THEIR SEASON WITH GREAT EFFORT. THEY DEFEATED GAREY AND CHINO WITH EFFORT BY THE WHOLE TEAM, ESPECIALLY BY I75 LB. DAVID MOORE AND BY THE I93 LB. TEAM CAPTAIN MARCUS MANUEL. BOTH SOPHOMORES, MOORE AND MANUEL, REPRESENTED GANESHA AT THE C.I.F. CHAMPIONSHIPS. WE HOPE TO SEE MORE RETURNING VETERANS AND NEW FACES NEXT YEAR!" s I , .,,,,,,,,,,, ,, -NH I My al Ie 2.22. 3 I .. 1 A M f 22 .MNMf'T?WW , --fr f ,,,,. ,z ,,,,,, M...,,.f-M ,,,, A ,,,,, - ,,W,m,,Wf QBELOWD "WILLIAM CRIGLER DISPLAYS GREAT EF- FORT" CRIGHTJ "RICH WILLIAMS GIVES BONITA A TASTE OF HIS FOREARM" waz ' ' , ,QL "f225I4+fi-??5ne4,.' ' I "H 'W 'I' 9 " ' If, S ' vW"Ii53uL,ffIi59., ' ' "UT ' '1. ' A"' ,ffW Y ' I' " -fi fff Y ' wi L' ' 'A 12025 , X45 QABOVEJ "JOE ALONSO CHARGES HIS OPPONENT" QLEFTJ "CONDE ORTIZ SAYS "YOU BETTER NOT HAVE BEEN LOOKING AT LAURIEIII QS, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: 54 BRIAN THOMPSON 20 DANTE WILLIAMS 24 PEDRO LANDA 40 TERANCE FLOWERS 42 LEEJOHA FRANCISCO COACH ROBER 22 DIONE MOORE 50 RICHARD ALVAREZ 34 JAY 44 DONALD 30 ADRIAN CHAPPLE r 1 I I I I 1 X 4 S .TBM F 031 IOOTE L 188 X Team members not in order, Da- mion Atkinson, Alfonso Buenros- tro, Jason Campbell, Manuel Car- los, Adrian Chapple, Anthony Cin- golani, Tikeo Cob, Mike Diaz, Manfred Ehrilch. Eugene Eloredge. Mike Flores, Lee John Francisco, Daniel Franco, Kegan Franklin, Jonae Gladney, Jim Grey, Richard Grab, Patrick Lee, Jesus Lopez, Ron Lupica, Craig Martinez, Reggie Miles, Dionne Moore, Ralph Mor- eno, Louis Porres, Adrian Ruiz, Ga- briel Sanchez, Jonathan Smith, Aaron Urearon, Damon Washing- ton. . . SOCCER 3 ,2 I, I 'f!9F?', .5g. Q-2" g 3 1 .'rg':?f" - .ff ,AFI I N 41. TOP ROW: COACH FRESCAS, BRENDA BASS. TINA DE GELIA, LORY ORTIZ, JENNIFER GORMAN, JUANITA, CHRIS BAKRERAS. ODYSSEY HARTUNG, COACH HUEY. BOTTOM ROW: SHAWNA WINEGER, MARICETA AYON, NIKKI GRAY, JANALYN BLOOMFIELD, SHERRI KLEVENS, PRISILLA ESPINOZA .V. S V. TENN S J.V. GIRLS' SOCCER GANESHA'S JUNIOR VARSITY GIRLS' SOCCER TEAM CAN BE DESCRIBED AS ENTHUSIASTIC, TALENTED AND HARD- WORKING. THEY ARE A GROUP OF GIRLS DEDICATED TO SCHOOL SPIRIT AND TEAMWORK. THEIR NOBLE EFFORTS OUT ON THE FIELD TO REPRESENT GANESHA WITH DIGNITY AND PRIDE HAVE GAINED FOR THE TEAM A REPUTATION AS AN ENERGETIC AND DETERMINED GROUP OF GIRLS, THEY ARE TRULY COMMITTED TO THE IDEAS OF "GIANT PRIDE" AND HIGH SCHOOL SPIRIT. THANK YOU J.V. GIRLS SOCCER TEAM FOR BEING SO TRUE TO YOUR SCHOOL! FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: LINH HUYNH, MIKE HETRICK, BRIAN SHUI, KIRK KENNE- DY, JOEY DUNANN. SIMON MOORE. BRI- AN COULTER, ISRAEL MACIAS, PETER DAVIS, MIKE SCARTH. BOTTOM ROW: KENNY LICHEA, GUILLERMO MACIAS. JOSH LAWRENCE, ADAM OLSHEBEC, DARLY NAKAMURA, TOP: Kathy Hoang, Trang Huynh. Mr. Banning Bottom: Tam Quace. Not Pictured: Lisa Bertrand.,Sylvia Salcido, Sandra Nunez 1 . 5-,ggi L AHL yy ,z1,, f li L . -'90 Enjoying dinner Mr, Banning? Elizabeth Nicholes, Laura Raze Girls Tennis had an upswing year. We have become competitive with other schools in our conference. The trick now is to keep all the team members healthy. We were plagued with injurys throughout the season. The following are the results of each individual and the fine playing that they did. Kathy Hoang: Team Captain: Kathy kept the team under strong leadership with her great attitude and fine leadership skills. Kathy's playing style is to hit everything she can get her raquet on. Kathy is a slow but steady player this sometimes frustrates the opponent because they can't get anything by her. Trang Hunhy: Trang has improved tremendously from last year, Trang is now competing for number one singles with Kathy. Trang's style of play is to hit hard and never look back. Trang has an excellent attitude both on and off court. l'm looking for some great games from her for next season. Lisa Bertrand: Lisa has been underestimated by a lot of opponents and it always seems to work to her advantage, Lisa's style of play is to run around her backhand and hit a wicked forehand that you would not expect from her. Lisa has one of the more decent serves on the team. Sylvia Salcido S Kim Calvin. Sylvia and Kim were the number one doubles team. These two worked well together. Sylvia and Kim's style of play compliments each other. Kim is aggresive where Sylvia is more passive put the two together and you have a dynamite doubles team, Elizabeth Nichols S Sandra Nunez: Sandra and Elizabeth were my number two doubles team. These two used steady play through out the season and I look forward to having them back next year so we can show other teams that we mean business. Tam Quach S Laura Razo. Tam and Laura were new to the team this year and did a remarkable job on the tennis courts. Laura is our only graduating senior it's just too bad that she didn't play as a freshman. Tamis is a strong player and will be looking real strong for next year, Girls tennis at Ganesha needs to grow. We need girls who are willing to put forth an effort in bettering themselves mentally and physically so we can be the number one team in our conference. See, Ya, next year: Coach Banning l Having loads of fun at our ban- A winning moment! quell I ' v ,, xvry I I 8,7 - SYLVIA SALCIDO SANDRA NUNEZ KATY HOANG LAURA RAZO LISA AND LAURA WATCH INTENTLY AT THE MATCH KIM CALVIN TAM QUACH LISA BERTRAN GOLF LEFT TO RIGHT: MINOR LIGORNIA, CHRIS MAR VIN, RYAN MILLIGAN, DARIN SAFFORD, TRIS TAN COFFIN KNEELING: AARON JONES LEFT: RYAN MILLIGAN PRACTICES SHOTS IN THE DRIVING RANGE BEFORE A MATCH. BOTTOM RIGHT: TRISTAN AT THE DRIVING RANGE. TOP RIGHT: DARIN SHOWS HIS EXCELLENT FORM IN THE PRACTICE. COACH ARMSTRONG EXPECTS THE GOLF TEAM TO BE VERY COMPETITIVE IN THE VALUE VISTA LEAGUE. RYAN MILLIGAN IS EXPECTED TO BE THE GIANTS' TOP GOLFER. DARIN, AARON AND TRISTAN ALSO ADD STRENGTH TO THE TEAM. THIS IS COACH ARMSTRONG'S FIFTH YEAR AS GOLF COACH. HE IS ASSISTED CAPABLY BY MR. RON MINGUS. VARSITY SGP TB LL TOP QLEFT-RIGHTJ: SHEILA DAVIDSON, JOAN- NA GORMAN, GLORIA VARELA, REBECCA RI- VAS, DEANNA STAFFORD, ODYSSEY HARTUNG, SHANNON MCDUFF BOTTOM CLEFT-RIGHTQI CHRIS BARRERAS, JEN- NIFER GORMAN, PRICILLA ESPINOZA, JENNIFER WIESE, JANICE MOORE, JALE McBRAIN NOT PICTURED: SHANNON MATHEWS COACHES: BERNIE WIESE. JOHN TEIKEN SWINGSI SPRI f 4-c-45 , . T0 A J.v. sorrn LL TOP ROW CLEFT-RIGHTJ: COACH CYNTHIA KLINE, RHONDA SMITH, STEPHANIE TURN- SHOK. JANALYN BLOOMFIELD, MARTHA REYES SECOND ROW: DELORES FRESCAS, NATALIE ABASTA, MARICELA RAMIREZ, GABRIELA LU- PIAN BOTTOM ROW: DEDE SAUNDERS. CECE- LIA MORENO, LISA BERTRAND, LUPITA LERMA NOT PICTLIRED: JODI DALTON, TANA KIS- SINGER, SHARI KLEVENS, JACKIE RAMIREZ. TE- RESA RAMIREZ, CONSLIELO SALCIDO, SYLVIA SALCIDO. CHRISTINE STOCK, GENAVIE WRIGHT AMW Wfciflmici ilu, +I E3J..SELBJLLln H3123 JUIIFI! J-I v-l1l-I ' J S6936 if! Players: 4754 Roddy Layton +'f5 Antwan Stuart 46 Adrian Lopez JW- Rick Holifield 9?'l0- Anthony Hurtado ffl I- Trent Edge ifl4- Nestor Porres i7fl5- Brian Parvin 5416- Joel Plascentia 9lfI7- Jason Irwin FIS- Ben Chavez ifl9- Lionel Rodriguez 420- Jaime Contreras Jose Durazo Coaches: 428- Bob Irwin ifl3- Mike Villalba Rod Garner Safe by a mile! Mirror Images """"""- 1, ,, f Hwfamu-L.,'zaca.,,..,.wwg ww .WH ,,,, 6, .A I . ,.,,,,N , , I QQ, Tag! Your it! Way to go guys!! f 'va AA d':i""W ,f I 'f , W.. V My l VW 4 N A I I W A , , I My ,,, M A Q' I ' .. W, ,,,,, ww H V ,, ,rm ,W I A r. j,-..,fA'.. ' A ' ' -4 1 V V , V ' '37 M " M , , H M ' ,, , , W if 7 I, , ' ,, H ' 4 iw A W' ' V' 'ff M ff 2 ' 'mu 1' ff ff 'W - ' ' f N RIGHT: AMBER HOCH IS ON HER WAY TO FIN- ISH IN FIRST PLACE IN THE FRESHMAN SOO ME- TER BRONCO RELAYS. BOTTOM LEFT: ARTHUR BROWN PRACTICES HIS SHOT-PUT IN AN AGGRESSIVE STYLE! BOTTOM MIDDLE: TIM CHERMS, GANESHA'S ifl POLE-VAULTER, LINES UP TO COMPETE AT THE BRONCO RELAYS. TRACK w WWW? ' wg ' I H W Y A,A,,I I W WS W A ff' f gf f f W va , ,mg gg? ff? 141 , W W ,Q -- , I y, 'Z W ww daw- ff H, if I CIIIPP iff II ,-," f ' VII I S f' IIIILIII IS BII,E I I PIPI, ' Q-hula. ?" 4 In J3 M2fW MQ Ev . 1, ' W 7237 ff 4: 4, Q 4 L ? 2 L.- M57 4 J., Zip www. Y BOTTOM RIGHT: HUGO DOMINGUEZ PULLS AHEAD OF THE COMPETITION TO WIN THE VARSITY 800 METER. TOP RIGHT: GERMAINE SHIVER HEAVES THE SHOT-PUT DUR- ING PRACTICE. am M W if ,nw W, ,, f uf f " L' , .. ,, few , , ,wr ww ' -ff v w .. H 2 'f . : " f ' ' A I -- ' f f, , 4 ,222 WM N NMWMWWEWMWWWWWWVVW I ms , ff ww km, ,Nf l 44 ,,,, M ' - mmm, www ,, ,, K .. W JVIA1 " f""'?Illjinw TOP LEFT: GERAMY PALMER LINES UP FOR THE FROSH-SOPH 400 METER RELAY. HIS EFFORT HELPED TO BRING IN THE BRONZE. BOTTOM LEFT: HURDLES ARE STACKED UP READY FOR NEW FRESHMAN HURDLE TALENT- ANGELA REEVES. 98 ,, Hwmomw NVL. L.,, A , ...,,,,,, W, , ,,, H LLFALMLYWL LLF 2 my . ,,ff ww 4291 I I Q , ,f TOP LEFT: WARMING UP FOR DISTANCE-PRACTICE ARE QFROM LEFT TO RIGHTJ MANNY GARCIA, GABRIEL LACAGNINA, JEFFREY DUCHANE, HUGO DOMINGUEZ AND NEIL MENDEZ. BOTTOM LEFT1 THE ISOO METER RACE STARTS WITH GANESHA DOMINAT- ING THE FRONT. BOTTOM RIGHT: DORA ALEJOS AND ROSELIA TORRES WORK OUT THEIR LONG-DISTANCE RUNNING DURING PRACTICE. 199 ZA was new wif Wm ,U W1 ww was Y Ji. R , 5 WW , L. ,V Waww W2 WWW? ai f' Hi I f ,, ,Jw-Qmw . f ., ,f , HZ I 'f 'Q awww-w.W,,W,,,,v S, I , wi J, ,U, N n ,-,,, LEFT: LANI MAKES SURE ALL THE ATTEN- DANCE SHEETS ARE GATHERED FOR SIXTH PERIOD. BELOW: BEN FRANK, MURAL ARTIST. DE- SIGNED THIS LOGO OF GANESHA ON ONE OF THE PORTABLE'S NORTH WALLS. W - ,, W"f'ia+1-M ' ' ,qw . , ", ,ww , ' A .aggirxkfww 3. 7' ' .HQ f,w"'4' A. I V4"b'f+" ' " 7' S' , N , 'W I I f 5" -' ,L' V. kj ffgvw my V,,, V, ww U 4 .AA My VV K I I 7,7 N V In I ,V , ,, rm N, , . I ,. , ,VM ,, V A ,M ,,. .,, ""' Www, I , ,Ap -'L M, , Q, V ,.f, If .V ,, . ., I W A V ,,, ' vfwf"M"V-4' "V, 1 I' 'IAWMIQQI I3"'fWV9. ff I LA H "JM, . ' I fwf'f',', Vuyr 2 2,37 ' wmv raw VV WARM L ,,glv"',,i,,f'P,u ., "" fthyf V'Img1L3':'Q'fj,D,.f,Q.,,,nMfgkg1?i,,, 17 fi' ' " Q H,,k',,W,' - Mfg: .:f:'4g.ZwQfruf:fj, V4 , K I I xVf"'1wg,w' If 1 AMN' A W wg, Lf I , V X Q H I ff w.Wy , ,413 'Eh mil' ff' A, g, W I f ,, I .f,,ig I M , . W I pp 4 I vsmm, ,'1LL,3 M , fig f w,1.m,gf': ,gg ,W M' V ,,,, V-jf-,yffy .ATWI If , M V, -, f " f Y ,,f.., , ,J ,M . A . , , - A , .uf If ,X + ., y 15 f ,H 'awww - , ' 'fc L, gh .MM ' ff- imma' 5,, acffzfff'fp,ff'?- , H I 'f f 1" ' . f.WM,,B5 Ahh V pf uk I X - Mm,dsA, .. N I 7. , G In 'W K, 2 2 . ?,,,- Z!! ff ' i E sg wnfwmi s 5 ,c if 11 nn UH' , , ,QQ Q 1 I X liens., ,, ,f,,fffMmQff"e ' , ri iffzifiafilf ' . , ,, ,,,, . . ' in '::-' .,,, H MM . . . - W, H , ,,W,,. ,,0.1.-gg' f ' , ,, 'W 'ffiff-127' " ' .. "W " f ' .f ' M, , ,, ,,,,,, , .. ,eff z.. ' " :Q . ,,,,, ,,,, , YQ ui .Q " , , wa., 'cf' ' V -- ' Top row Cleft to rightj: Denise Zullo gets her chance at the "Car Wack" during Fall Festival. Michelle Hicks seems to be directing traffic. They call themselves the curb-dog posse. Middle row Qleft to rightjz Carl's Donuts still seems to be a popular hang-out during lunch. Is this a friendly wrestle or a fight? Good friends, Cynthis Wiseman and Linda Castillo, seem to hide nothing for the camera. Mr. Mack directs his students in computer programing. Bottom row fleft to rightj: Scott Flores shoots some baskets with friends after school. Shawn Lemons arranges time for a nap during what should be a productive yearbook hour! QA PATRONS Weise Family Kim Sutton Joe Sandhu .loe Simmons Mary's Bakery Margaret Northart .lohn Herrera dmndra. From the days of wearing bows scotch-taped to your bald little head, to the days of graduation- well, as the saying goes "you've come a long way, baby"! We love U you and are very proud of you. Enjoy your life and may you succeed at whatever you choose in life! L , Mr. and Mrs. .IOIII1 Mom, Grams and Chrislllhea LSPP YO MARIO I GIVE THANKS TO MR. HERRERA AND MR. LOPEZ FOR HELPING ME THROUGH ALL MY FOUR YEARS AT GANESHA AND THANKS TO MY FAMILY FOR SUPPORTING ME. I WISH THAT MY FRIENDS WILL NEVER FORGET ME BECAUSE I WILL ALWAYS HAVE THEM IN MY HEART. 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ATHELETES - FALL SPORTS ILQLLEXML EQQ.EAU Y JENNIFER GORMAN ADRIAN RUIZ CRISTOBAL COBO CATALINA VALDEZ AARON CROW RON WILDE .EDIMLL QB R ITY F T ALL SCOTT FLORES KATHY HOANG BEN CAI BRIAN PARVIN WINTER SPORTS FREQHMEN BASKKE ZEALL V ,L M, BASKETBALL JULIUS TEOPACO STEPHAN BRIM CHERI ADAMS SCOTT FLORES KIYA JACKSON V I ' K T JJLSQQQEB MABLSLIILSEQEB NADINA POWELL ERNESTO CASTRO BRIAN COUTLER CRISTOBSAL COBO JOSHUA LAWERENCE A ' MIKE HARRINGTON BRIAN PARVIN BRIAN SHIU BRENDA BASS GREG TIDDLE QE JANALYN BLOOMFIELD TRICIA LARSEN JENNIFER GOORMAN l 5 'if ' . 'N 355 Q 1'-5 . D a w ' X. wx V , ri if 'K V1 4 . Dear Julie, Last the best of all the game. CONGRADULATIONSI L Good Luck and God Bless you in your ove, future. We love you very much! Marti, Kerrie. Kevin, Mike, Joe, Jim, David, Carol, .lon and Mom Love Mom and Dad. Know that our love exists to support you in your choices. And most of all, know that we love you unconditionally. yesterday, today and always. In light and love, Your family, QDad. Mom, Elisa and Matty z CONGRATULATIONS Know that our lives have been blessed and TO filled with love and happiness because of your being a part of our lives. Know that all dreams are possible and available to you as you possess all the necessary qualities to achieve them. Mm KAREN iw O Always a winner and our champ forever. We love you, Mom, Dad, Dinky S Peewee Q W,,wf.,f......,,,k -.ffm K Jw wif f uf, sf , g , "1 iff ' 4, v + , L G rm ak ymimavki I w X " Q ' 2 'f 41- ' 'L ' A " 5 ' 'my iz ' 'EW ,Q 'f H , F 3, , 5, 3 i M my 'H 5, ,, 'i.nVW,u4A ' f 7- ' . ' y 7 " V . ' T " X K H' av""A3Wf -"' ,VV rx , Ag fum ,M , - , Q, . ' f - 1 f V, ,N -L -ak. kfhpsvv W ,ff ,, ' , , 'J if ' f 1 vfzfw L ' , W ' n ,K ff f A 'Why' slr ,H - , , fwyfgw my M- - A .km 1 , L- W ' 71,-ws si M - A 1 V V ,V Aw.- W 'A H gms. " A A+, I pmffrw, 'M-H". ,- V, F 4 M 'F'-2, A , A x ' A - - 'f?"4 -- f'M :lf J' " , ugh- 1,1 ' 5 g . 'A V, Q5 -. Ja . 'HD 6, , W ,, L fry? 7 " ,Mk , " . , W X A W V""w V X, r ' ,, . A , W W ,, MH uw -' M ' ' " A -W? -s..,,,,.zg an --K l fi Z? ar, TWRN .V 1 5,1 44"- nmy.,hQvf,,.y,v,, va , MWF , AW fy in 54,263 'ww ff, W .1 2,' ' -, Q 4 -f' Q T 5 M M Q, ,y,Tffjf'1 Z www , 1 , W, In ' ' W N, ,Q V W, Qi , M, .,,, Z IM sf K" ,r ' 'L -sz Q 1. iQ,""s, xv A V , f an f ki L r V , X gl, LM." M' L ,W qqmfiawg 'WJ ' 34' ',,,,, ' ' wnwvrwk G , , WW A Mm, '-Q , , I5 ma U me "'fMu'fal Artnst and W ,fi mmm-www' , 'W ' , A Y , 4 1 ,QW , w 174,77 ,f 44 M ' V wk, ' img W ' , g I0 -I szssmsszssgsszssis C-4,-ZQJv'UOmZr-rn vaxzj, 2EF:2E23gSQ?8g2hz Z' Z C AMWQMERSXPWSQE-zi WIS QSUPEPHE Hema gmikwf-pmgmmsf-mg?-ug vi . xfaog g3,EEZgm-423-0 rifsswmsme-Sssewa Zeeman' 55214525 9, - 2z23221PFmZ25Qs5 b,9QPrrl3,vzg:'y8w,u,,,mgr- fs-5-59P1'Is32'5Eef'5 ,.f"'r-8QZNpf1xmx:mO U00 w EmOS Snot Q2 W O X O 'g4y7uS7UZ ua PTB' V' rn as -4-4-e,E'25xf4x"'g?,0Jvg9 .MUS-'-I 5: PW 053,-4 :O PPL.: -mgomwxx rn mzrEgf5w:nU3'r0Q om ,rn O- 'uogrmgo 3,-QS . -Coq-:urn rn Z mOV'47S'r:O' n-:Pogo mOy2CO' 3,:C57yn"l'4m7! 2OE""'QEE'UZU-40-QBQUU JPQPQ?-aZrrirr1g?'l"'Q?l:FOU'l"' sl. SPECIAL THANKS TO CHRISTOPHER MICHEALS PHO- 52235 xggxm vs pr! S5155 seems xxxgg. H2222 ,wow Cr-QU 'ETS 3414 zgim ri 1' nmlrn :' GX 4365'- :Z-ig EUS vm Z0 OPO7u -WFP xl' -u mm'-I 0-40- -iWr1'lfW 2:4r'v'b an-32 025-e 5 700.5 . 0 l Q 0' : Q sl. .S 'DQS 'Q Staff members Ms. Lori Andrews Jacqui Edwards Amber Jaime Denise Zullo Mireya Aceves Julie Larsen Lisa Richards Maricela Ramirez Maricela Ayon Jodi Ashton Chris Simson Judi Davis Michele Soto Linda Castillo Aaron Lesky David Mateus Fabian Calderon Cynthia Wiseman Michael Brown Chawn Lemons Lori Carter Dora Moreno Sheryl Tupker Jeffery Tol Lisa Bertrand Michelle Schroeder ADVISOR EDITOR-IN CHIEF CO-EDITORXCO-EDITOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY CO-EDITORXCO-EDITOR OF SENIOR SECTION EDITORS ASSISTANT! CLUBS S SPORTS EDITOR OF ACTIVITIES EDITOR OF MISCELLANEOUS EDITOR OF RALLY EDITOR OF SPORTS EDITOR OF CLASSES EDITOR OF STAFF 8 FACULTY BUSINESS MANAGER COPY EDITOR CO-EDITOR OF COPY CO-EDITOR TO CLASSES CO-EDITOR TO CLASSES MISCELLANEOUS ASSISTANT ASSISTANT TO COPY E SPORTS ASSISTANT TO CLUBS ASSISTANT TO STAFF S FACULTY ASSISTANT TO SPORTS ASSISTANT TO RALLY ASSISTANT TO SPORTS ASSISTANT TO PHOTOGRAPHY ASSISTANT TO STAFF 5 FACULTY ASSISTANT TO SENIOR SECTION 3 'Q 'Q O 4 f IOQ, 00" .'L ' Z 'Q . Q Q .. Q 0 Q FOOTPRINTS One night a man had a dream. He dreamed he was walking along the beach with the LORD. Across the sky flashed scenes from his life. For each scene he noticed two sets of footprints in the sand: one belonged to him, and the other to the LORD. When the last scene flashed before him he noticed then many times along the path of his life there was only one set of footprints. He also noticed that .0 it happened at the lowest and saddest times in his life. 0 This really bothered him and he questioned the LORD about it. "LORD, you said that once I decided to follow you, you'd walk with me all the way. But I have noticed that during the most troublesome times in my life there is only one set of footprints. I don't understand why when I needed you most you would leave me." The LORD replied, "My precious, precious child, I love you and would never leave you. During your times of trial and suffering. when you see only one set of footprints. it was then that I carried you." UNKNOWN ARTHOI We AMW' .Q .W 7 , 'Lek JVMm03Vwv3m'ywW3ZYfJiHM6MvwAJ JUJK Qi? fgfagcwnum' M YQWAMWM' f?fb'DQJWrMf3wk0LMfQ wBETwJwwb3wwiKm Qdgjyygwwhwddwfiio WM ,md wwf! qi VUULLQA ,ACAD-A74 T! 8iOf07C1 9 ggfk Q4f DW Mvgwgfkmfm CO 4' M M W IQ, M, 5 vglydmff ,SHO 7910 jp lewd MJQSQL MPG

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