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THE ANNUAL STAFF Editor .... . . Dolores Novosad Assistant Editors. . . . Mildred Vonderau Roland Liberda Business Managers ....... Lyn Pape Marvin Morrow Feature Editor . . . . Homer McLean Vaughn Williams gy DEDICATION We, the Seniors of '48 grate- fully dedicate this annual fThe Tomahawk, to our Senior Spon- sors, Mr. Talley and Miss Par- ker and to our annual sponsor, Mrs. Wood, for helping and sup- porting us throughout the year. lx- U 5 C? MZ' SUPERINTENDENTS MESSAGE Dear Friends: ' This annual represents the efforts of the Senior Class of 1948. I hope in the future you can better remember the school activities and friends by this annual. Seniors of 1948, we extend our best wiahes in the undertakings that lie ahead of you. We have confidence in your ability and willingness to meet your responsibilities in business and industry. May you have happines and success. Sincerely, Robert A. Allen as Sw he 151 ' if f i"2 '14 -:.-Q-,V-1 1 ,, - . Y ,1 -N I " V , 0+ , 5131, f wmfegi, k , ' - ' ww -W j yiwgl .. V , wk, , , U ig, Z 70 2 9 mf' 3 5 A 7 5 fl11:f11i,fM1fg,,,,mW ' 5 N WEP I 1 4 Hxxv 1 QALLY? I .'!f"1LN3 I VO iz fig 1? 'mfffgi f . l M23 S W T 1 3Cff6Ol J -, ll' SENIOQ' Aweekn UEENK gil wmv TES, 5 F5 1 -4 I . ' I Pgrglop, i' , : fzxibfxf' Q Er? TJ ,KX f YI J 4' cl' Robert Allan Delbert Overstreet Rebecca Parker Superintendent Principal English, P.E. HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY Bw - 1 n. iicwf I . .fy nw 9 K .gr i 3 f if " sg Torn Talley Curtiss Daniels Coach Band t sr X Mrs. C. L. Wood James Little English Social Science Assistant Coach Elizabeth Pfluger Home Economics ii g M5 J a C z C Q6 5 Charles' Speer Vocational Agriculture T . -sa- if , , s 8 R aymond R eue Principal Eighth Grade .Lf 'B' Mrs. T. Talley Third Grade Winifred Harang Fourth Grade F M 5 a, D Jean Walker Seventh Grade FOOIOU3 ITIUIPFUGW Mrs. R. Reue First Grade Mrs. C. Brewer Third Grade 2. M ' Tn'n'i fain Wi . ' .I Mrs. D. Overstreet Fifth Grade Robert Greer Seventh Grade CFNJPTI -IF' og-4 Mrs. R. Anderson Second Grade A.. -X 38 s,1 i?,..,.. Q 1-A X , IA-HN K Mrs. H. Williams Fourth Grade 158K Mary Landry Sixth Grade Latin-American First 8: Second Grades NNN L ? ' 32 yf' by Nlwxwl, 13 ,lf 2 N X 11 ii .j , i.v-5' f f ff pl 'W i f" is Q1 . , Z' fi-Mu .J fy X Q31 JD CLASS HIS TOR Y September 6, 1937 eleven years ago, many small tots climbed the steps of the Ganado Public School to begin one hard struggle with Mrs. Lambert as our teacher. That group of small, scared tots consisted Of: Evelyn C81'i1Ota. J. D. Ashley, Jack Boepple, Anton Bures, Fred Jaap, Frances Padilla, Georgia Surovec, Josephine Matus, Rita Lib- erda, Lorraine Mae Pheffer, Arnita Koudelka, LeRoy Liberda, Leon Srubar, Lyn Pape, Elbert Farris, and Dolores Novosad. In our second year, which was taught by Mrs. Jordon, we were happy to have added to our class Lorraine Scheel and Mary Ann Webel. That year many of us were in the rhythxn band, and some took part in the various programs that were held. Our third year, taught by Mrs. Head,was ayear inwhichwe learn- ed many new things. That year we had to rack our brains trying to figure out how 9 X 9 could be 81. As the days rolled by, we finally solved the problem. We were glad to have one more new member to join us: he was Raymond Tristan. The fourth year was a jolly year because the teacher thoughtwe were smart enough so she taught us how to dance. Miss Ross was our teacher that year. Again we had some new students to join us - Elsie Olsovsky, Bennie Olsovsky, and Roland Liberda. Lest we forget, the fifht year was the most exciting because we skipped it and became sixth graders. Our. sixth grade teacher was Miss Daisy Janica, now Mrs. Jim Strauss. That year we were joined by a cute blond, Lonie Fleeman. Our first year of Spanish was taught us in the seventh grade by Mrs. Woodrow Brown. We had four new students join us - Elsie Dus- ek, Lillie Mae Englemohr, Betty Jean Meloy and Marvin Morrow. Our next year of school we thought we were grown up because we moved from grade school to high school. That year the new students kept pouring in, and before we knew it, they were putting double seats in the room. The grade book of Mrs. Walch, our teacher that year, showed the grand number of sixty-one students. Some of those new students were Evelyn Janssen, Christine Nixon, Elizabeth Kaspar, Homer McLean, Wanda Dulaney, Annie Huseman and Lonie Fleeman, who after leaving us for a year, came back. We were all looking fo.r- ward to a large graduation exercise but were disappointed to find we would not have one. At last we had become "fish" with Mrs. Winstead as our sponsor. The initiation and the change in our routine made the year exciting. The extra "fish" to join us that year were Lucille Roehl, B.W, Hicks, John Wesely Hicks, Elroy Wiese, Vaughn Williams, and Elbert Farris, who joined us after leaving us for several years. CLASS PROP!-IECY We were disappointed not to be able to initiate the Freshmen when we became Sophomores. That year Mr. Varnell, our sponsor, enter- tained us with an ice cream party at the Navidad Park. Buddy Oliver was our only new student. The eleventh year of schoolwas spent making money for the Junior- Senior Banquet. After a lot of discussion we decided to sponsor a cake walk. Under the direction of' Mr. Cheek, our sponsor, the J'unior-Sen- ior Banquet was a great success. The cafeteria W8-S decorated as a flower garden.. In the latter part of April, we ordered our senior rings. Mildred Vonderau and Robert Willoughby were the two new faces added to our class. Now as we enter the twelfth year we think of all the wonderful times we have had and regret having to leave them behind. On September ZZ, we were proudly showing off our new rings. We sold soda water and sandwiches at the football games and at the basketball tournament that was held on January 10. KN 1 f , Q fig? V? -:J ,gf "V THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1948 Sophie Stephany - Elsie Dusek's and Dolores Novosad's A's. Dorothy Roehl - Lucille Roehl's A in English. .T. D. Henske - Buddy Oliver's dark handsomeness. Marvin Tomas - Leon Srubar's so innocent expression. Marvin Kubicek - Vaughn William's technique for getting ahead. Joe Selby - Roland Liberda's charm for the fairer sex. Paul Scheel - Anton Bures' fighting football spirit. Alice Macha - Lonie Fleeman's timidity fability to win friends and influence people.l Geraldine Zacharias - Wanda Dulaney's cooperativeness. Elizabeth Pratka - Elsie Olsovsky's figure. Lexie Kaspar - Frances Padilla's "spiking" ability. Pauline Kaspar - Arnita Koudelka and Evelyn Cernota's combined scholastic efforts. Eddie Stephenson - Robert Willoughby's grace and agility. Cassell Buckley - J. D. Ashley's quiet manner. Flo Russell - Christine Nixon's blase' manner. Shirley Fowler - Lillie Mae Englmohr and Elizabeth Kaspar's shyness. Greta Nelson - Irene Mukusek's typing ability. Barbara Bauknight - Mildred Vonderau's all-round popularity. Louise Lester - Loraine Scheel's perfect student tag. Dinisio Tristan - .Tack Boepple's "cowboy" stetson. Sheldon Green - Lyn Pape's indifference to the fairer sex. Jessie Garcia - Elroy Wiese's blushes. Billye Reeves - Josephine Matus' volley ball "know how" Ida Ann Stahala - Georgia Surovec's winning way. Alice Zajicek - Annie Huseman and Evelyn .Tanssen's ladylikeness. Elizabeth Barwick - Rita's vim and vigor. Walter Dierschke - Lorraine Pheffer's blue eyes, Ralph Bufkin's blond curls. Earl Frels - Marvin Morrow's physique. Billy Hill - Leroy Liberda's helplessness. Leonard Galow - Homer McLean's basketball prowess. Marcus Estrello : Elbert Farris' unending search for trouble. Robert Billings - Fred .Taap's superiority. CLASS PROP!-IECY Lonnie Mae Fleeman, we are told, is a mathematics teacher in some high school. Can't you just see her trying to make some hard- headed child understand that 4 sq. y sq. cannot be factored? Rita Mae Liberda is living on the outskirts of Sugar Land, Texas and will be .for quite some time. She was finally caught killing fleas and stuffing ticks. Georgia Surovec and Dolores Novosad will not be plotting and plan- ning to go to a dance but how to keep their daughters from going. Homer McLean, a successful business man. will 0Ve1'100k the mis' takes of his titan-haired stenographer, Arnita Koudelka, but will seek every false step made by his assistant manager, .Tack Boepple. Roland L" erda, aprominent citizen and merchant, will in a polite way explain e merit of some cotton material to a grandmother which she believes to be silk or try to fit a young lady with a number two shoe when she should wear size six. Wanda Dulany's natural talent is her voice. It will not be many years before a new star will rise in the Grand Ole Opera. As we travel down the road of time we learn that Frances Padilla and Raymond Tristan were happily married a few years back. They own a little Mesa shop. Elroy Wiese is a public surveyor and has been seeing quite a bit of Evelyn Cernota, now majoring in domestic art and science in a girl's college. Why they were barely on speaking terms was back in 1948. Bachelor Elbert Farris owns a rattle snake farm. He has a small cafe and specializes in rattle snake sandwiches. Well, if it isn't J. D. Ashley, still wearing his cowboy hat and that little fellow beside him with the matching hat sure looks a lot like him. Who would have thought way back in '48 that Lillie Mae Englemohr and J. D. would settle down on his big ranch. Speaking of movies we understand that Lola Lazula, originally Lucille Roehl, is thinking of giving up her career and marrying. Josephine Matus is now modeling as Venus for Marvin Morrow, that successful young artist who is certainly coming up in the world. Robert Willoughby, the mayor of White Hall City, was telling us about him trying to get street lights for the city but has not succeeded so far. 1 Lyn Pape, Still Shy and serious as ever, has finally settled down with his sweet wife Elsie Dusek and their two sets of twins. Elsie started out to be a secretary until she met Lyn and decided to settle down with him. CLASS PROP!-IECY Lorraine Mae Pfeffer will be a concert pianist famous not only on the concert stage of the U. S. but all over the world her playing is known and admired. Vaughn Williams, so we are told, has been playing professional football in the East but has now retired to a small ranch. Lorraine Scheel, his special cook and housekeeper, and Annie Huseman, his private secretary, say that he goes to the theater every night just to buy a ticket from that cute cashier Evelyn Janssen. Word comes that LeRoy Liberda entered the Priesthood and is ser- ving as a missionary in China. Anton Bures, local owner .of the gin says that Benny Olsovsky, a prosperous cotton farmer, made the first bale this year. Also, that Leon Srubar, local cotton buyer, is going to build a recreation hall for the teen-agers. Elizabeth Kaspar who couldn't even make a table rise way back in '48 is now the only woman world-famous magician. Further along Buddy Oliver, announcer for KVIC, is advertising the wonders of television. Fred Jaap, who loved dancing while he was in high school, is now a partner of a dancing team touring the country. 'aFeet", Ralph Bufkin, who is still loafing around in Ganado, but all the girls have become wise to that line he hands them. Irene Mikusek has taken over the Gregurek Orchestra and is now conducting it. Elsie Olsovsky has recently been employed at the local telephone office as chief switchboard operator. SENICDRS J. D. Ashley Football 45-46, Manager 47, FFA 46-48. Jack Boepple FFA 45-48, Manager 47. Ralph Bufkin Football 47, Track 48. Anton Bures FFA 45-46, Football 47. Evelyn Cernota FFA 45-46, Pep Squad 45-48. Wanda Dulany FHA 45-48, Pep Squad 45-48. 'HW ,ff 'MX f L x SENICDRS Elsie Dusek FHA 45-47, Band 45-48, Pep Squad 47, Student Council 47 Lillie Englmohr FHA 45-47, Pep Squad 47, Choral Club 48. Elbert Farris FFA 45-47, Cheerleader 47, Band 48, Basketball 48. Lonie Fleeman FHA 45-48, Pep Squad 45-47 Majorette 48. B. W. Hicks Track 45, Football 45-46, Captain 47, FFA 45-46, Basketball 45-46 Choral 48. J. W. Hicks FFA 45-47, Football 45-47. SENICDRS Annie Huseman FHA 45-47, Pep Squad 46-47. Fred Jaap FFA 45-47, Football 46-47, Choral 48, Band 44-45, Basketball 45, Manager 47. Evelyn Janssen FHA 45-46, Pep Squad 46-48, Choral 48. Elizabeth Kaspar FHA 45-46. Arnita Koudelka FHA 45-47, Pep Squad 44, Volleyball 47-48. Leroy Liberda Football 45-47, Basketball 45-48, FFA 45-46, Band 44-45. -Q35 Lia? SENIORS Rita Liberda FHA 45-48, Pep Squad 45-47, Majorette 48, Favorite 48, Reporter 48. Roland Liberda Football 44-47, Basketball 44-48, FFA 45-46, Band 44-45, As st. Editor Tomahawk Josephine Matus Pep Squad 44, Band 46-48. Band Pre sident 48 Choral Club 48, FHA 45-48. Homer McLean Football 46-47, Basketball 46-48 FFA 45-47, Choral Club 48, Feature Editor of Annual Betty Meloy FHA 45-46, Pep Squad 44-46, Choral 48. Irene Mikusek FHA 46-47, Secretary 47-48, Pep Squad 47, Volleyball 47-48 SENIORS Marvin Morrow FFA 45-46, President 48, Class Favorite 46 48 Football 46-47, Co- Captain 47, Track 46, Asst. Business Mgr Choral 48. Christine Nixon FHA 45-48, Pep Squad 44-46, Cheer Leader 46, Choral 48. Dolores Novosad Band 45,46,48, FHA 45-46, Pep Squad 47, Favorite 46, Editor Tomahawk Buddy Oliver Choral 48, FFA 46-47. Bennie Olsovsky FFA 45,46,48. Elsie Olsovsky FHA 45-46, Pep Squad 45. SENICDRS Frances Padilla FHA 45-46, Volleyball 47-48, Pep Squad 46. Lyn Pape FFA 46-48, Band 45-46, Cheerleader 45-47, Football Mgr. 46. Lorraine Pheffer FHA 45-46. Lucille Roehl FHA 45-46, Pep Squad 45-47. Lorraine Scheel FHA 45-46, Pep Squad 46-47. Georgia Surovec Band 45-48, Vice Pres. Band 48, FHA 45,46,48, Pep Squad Cheer Leader 46-47. VN. SENIORS Leon Srubar FFA 45-48. Mildred Vonderau Junior Favorite Volleyball 47, Captain 48, Pep Squad 46, Chief Cheer Leader 47, Treasurer 48, Football Sweetheart 47, Asst. Ed. Tomahawk 48. Elroy Wiese FFA 46-48. Vaughn Williams FFA 45-47, Football 45-47, Track 46, Basketball 45-48, Favorite 47. Robert Willoughby FFA 46-47, Basketball 47-48, Football 47. BML! JUNIORS Barwick Barbara Bauknight Walter Dierschke Secretary 'Q' rxwrg l A 'i:" Marcus Estrello Shirley Fowler Earl Frels . o A fffzf Lag?-5" W wr , k ,,.. , A .' .:5,.,.,- . w-:. :.v:.'z, I I f , W, ,M-3, V . -. , in o I Leonard Galow Sheldon Green J. D. Henske K H1 W 9' 7 F I i Bluy. H111 Lexia Kaspar Pauline Kaspar Pre gjg nt or 're 1'5- -x5 or . F ,gk I Ma1'ViI1 Kllbiflek Louise Lester Alice Macha Greta Nelson :A Me Flo Russell T 1' 9 351-115 C W. Paul Scheel " .. ' to I a i g, ,,ssfVV . Eddie Stephen x mi Q., Alice Zajicek JUNIORS 25' ek Q W W V Elizabeth Pratka Dorothy Roehl J. Reeves Joe Ida Ann Stahala Sophie Stephany F if iiii i son Marvin Tomas Geraldine Zacharias ' A V. E :IA fi A V KV1: 5 Cassel Buckley Bobbie Burkholder Sally Christ Vice President Barbara Dierschke Clem Gregurek SOPHOMORES Robert Billings Marvin Chytka Vivian Faktor Doris Hahn Reporter Aa Edward Boehm Sylvia Denyer 4 . E K James Gaskamp John Ha jovsky SCP!-IOMORES Johnny Hajovsky Fred Hubanek Dorothy Kaspar Rose Marie Kaspar Roy Koenning Nelda Knapp my x Joyce Nixon Gladys Olsovsky Dor othy Hubane k Marvin King Secretary Janie Matula Merlene Pagel Arnita Paradez August Spalek Fred Valentz Joe Williams President SOPHOMCDRES Pauline Quebe Jerry Scarpa Irene Sulak D. Tristan a s u assa Iris Vordick Jack Walzel Treasurer A f z Eg' , 1,1 A+? E 5 FRESI-IMEN Dolores Benitz Alice Bufkin Virginia DeVille Ruth Galow Vivian Hicks , Louis Janca ,. JM, 2+ : ish , 4 Ar Q , Lg K 45 Rita Praigni Jerome Sablatura Frances Cie slewicz if- A Ruby Hicks Vice President Thersa Liberda Erwin Skalinsky to 51 ,. Louis Stephenson Lillian Tupa A t Wilda Walker FRESI-IMEN Ernest -Tipton Wayne Vanderhider Ray Etta Walzel Sec. - Treas. Mikie Trcka x 5 . f s 3 MTX. Edward Vonderau President Erwin Zacek VM., x,fS,Ww ,..b,, Qvfmffgaftwx fl ,M E ,WA,3Kw, M?QTm ,X 5 QREAM NGO fr H-w"""1 f m3'x 'M if 9 Mm Q .SM 1 L fsffl SE NIORS has-Q Marvin Morrow Rita Liberda F A V O R I T E S I UNIORS Flo Russell Billy Hill SOPHOMOR ES Doris Hahn Joe Billy Williams F A V O R I T E S FR ESI-IMEN Edward Vonderau Ray Etta Walzel SWEETHEARTS FOOTBALL Mildred Vonderau FFA xi' f N A 5 'O f Nm ia.. Flo Russell BASKE TBALL EN KL Shirley Fowler . "Jef" 3 fs T 5 ,V i ? W... A.,,.W4.,,,,,.,,,,,1 H1 'Mg LM A, W, ..,,. , .www .MJ PEP SQUAD Cheerleaders: Farris, Surovec, Vonderau, P-ape. Bottom row: Parker, Sponsor, Walzel, Bufkin, Hicks R., Hicks V., Quebe, Matual, Hahn, Pfluger, Sponsor. Middle row: DeVille, Liberda, Cernota, Englemohr, Denyer, Russel, Valigura, Sablatura, Mikusek, Burkholder. Top row: Reeves, Cieslewicz, Walker, Tupa, Dulany, Pratka Zajicek, Faktor, Benitz. C HORAL Top row: Daniels, Director, Liberda R., Hicks B.W., Mor- row, McLean, Liberda L. Middle row: Stephany, Cernota, Matus, Walker, Tupa, Cies- lewicz, Walzel, Bu.fkin, Pratka, DeVille. Bottom row: Benitz, Meloy, Janssen, Barwick, Liberda, Hahn Burkholder, Faktor, Nixon. Top row: Middle row: Bottom row: F. H. A. Dierschke B., Bauknight B., Liberda R., Dulaney W., Benitz D., Wa1ze1R., Hicks R., Hicks V., Bufkin A., DeVille V., Pratka R., Nixon C., Sur- ovec G., Vonderau M., Jurek A., Walker W., Cieslewicz F. Tupa L- , Deyner S., Russel F., Faktor V., Stahala I., Nelson G., Christ S., Pfluger, Sponsor, Matus I., Barwicke, Liberda T. Reeves B., Hahn D., Burkholder B., Quebe P., Knopp N., Nixon J., Bottom row: Middle row: Top row: F. F. A. Galowl, Vonderhider, Thomas, Henskex Sweetheart - Russel Walzel, Sablatura, Vonderau, Sponsor: Speer. McLean, Farris, Scheel, Wiese, Bures, Boepple, Stephenson, Pape, Stephenson. K09I1I1iIlg. Hajovsky. Velenta, Hubenak, Olsovsky, Gregurek, Srubar, Skarpa, King, Williams. BAND Director - Curtis Daniels Majorettes: Bottom row: Second row: Third row: Fourth row: Liberda R., Bauknight B., Knopp N., Fleeman Vordick I. Matus G., Sablatura I., Sablatura M., Peters C., Hubbard L., Pheffer E., Christ S., Cleveland A., Hardy I., Petrash A. L. Vonderau C., Walzel L., Vonderau E., Surovec G. Novosad D., Selby J., Sablatura L., Jaap J., Mau itz P. Nixon J., Matus J., Bauknight C., Nelson G., Dusek E., Lester L., Smith C., Zetka V. Meloy D., Zetka M., Hubbard R., Dierschke S., Koenning R., Barwich E., Dierschke B., Stahala Boehm E., Williams B. 1' I. . E , ff f 5 1 I ' is F O O T B A L L Bufkin - Center, Bures, Dierschke - Back, Frels, Galow, Green - Back, Gregurek, B.W. Hicks - Back, J.W. Hicks, Hill - Back, Jaa L. Liberda, R. Liberda, McLean - End, Morrow, E. Stephenson, L. Stephenson, P. Scheel, Vanderhider, Vonderau, Walzel, J. Wil- liams - Center, V. Williams, Willoughby, Boepple - Mgr., Selby - Mgr. Top row: Middle row: Bottom row: FOOTBALL Galow, Willoughby, Williams, Bufkin, Williams, Frels, Dierschke. Little, Asst. Coach, McLean, Liberda L., Hicks P., Morrow, Hicks B. W., Hill. Selby, Mgr., Stephenson L., Walzel, Jaap Liberda R., Bures, Green, Stephenson E. Tom Talley, Coach. Jack Boepple, Mgr. Qaoffdffogcmmez The Lettermen: Starting Line Up LE Homer McLean . LT J. W. Hicks . . . LG Marvin Morrow . C Ralph Bufkin . . . . . RG Fred Jaap ,,,, RT Eddie Stephenson RE Roland Liberda . GB Walter Dierschke LHB B. W. Hicks . . FB Vaughn Williams RHB Dugan Hill . , Other Lettermen: E Anton Bures . . T Leonard Galow , T Robert Willoughby G LeRoy Liberda ,,,, C Cassel Buckley , C Joe Williams . . B Sheldon Green ,,,, B .Tack Walzel ,,,,, 15 13 23 30 17 35 14 Z0 18 Z1 ZZ 16 31 33 19 12 34 26 Z5 The Managers were: Jack Boepple, Joe Selby and J D Ashley The Games Scheduled Were as Follows Yoakum 0 I St. Joseph . . . 13 Edna ..... 25 Port Lavaca . . 32 Bloomington . . . 0 Hallettsville . . . 7 Goliad ..... O Yorktown . . 0 Palacious . . 0 Runge . . . 6 I I 0 Ganado Ganado Ganado Ganado Ganado Ganado Ganado Ganado Ganado Ganad o 950?Z:2!fofZ4m4ndfz y Kcwv nj Under the very capable coaching of head Coach Tom Tally and the line coaching of Jim Little, the Ganado Indians out second in the district after being wrecked in the first of the season. The team was one of the greatest teams Ganado has ever had. Two Indians earned All-District honors. They were Marvin Mor- row, le.ft guard, Vaughn Williams, fullback. Co-Captains for 1947 were: Marvin Morrow and B. W. Hicks. There will be 8 lettermen back next year. There will be 4 backs, Z tackles and 2 center backs. We suffered a blow in the second game of the season when Joe Wil- liams got his leg broke and was put out for the remainder of the season. We are hopeful that he will be back on the main line at center. FIRST TEAM Hill, Williams, McLea.n, Liberda R., Liberda L., Dierschke B STRING BASKETBALL Gaskarnp, Green, Stephenson, Willoughby, Galow, Koen ning, Tally, Coach, Frels, Farris, W-alzel. VOLLE Y BALL Top row: Parker, Coach, Vonderau, Mikusek, Matula Bottom row: Kaspar, Hicks D., Hicks V., Reeves. EIGHT!-I GRADE H. Ashford, J. Buckley, T. Bures, B. Girndt, E. Gonzales, J. Gregurek, M. Hajovsky, J. Jaap, F. Kaspar, D. Koudelka, G. Kramer, D. Meloy, L. Mercer, L. Newell, L. Pagel, A. Petrash E. Pfeffer, M. Sablatura, A. Scheel, L. Slovak, C. Smith, M. Strauss, L. Sulak, J. Valigura, K. Walleck, L. Webel, M. Zetka, V. Zetka.. i F ..g52:Lw B if x P' ii-1 mfKf-- A . , K 'f5gi4?'..f 5.3 .lil F . . ... P . , E 2 ' , E E A Vn : ' K ' 1 - , 5' X A ,vb ' .K 5 I " at Q. A Ai . f-EQ .. F ,, my '22 . Q Q I , A . Q. 1 , k,,,': .,,,gfy,Q ii, ,Q i 'Z E g - 1..,'ia:.g' -. E 'Q I :X.a 2 jg KL K V VV v f U 1... A. SEVENTH GRADE W. Adler, C. Bauknight, M. Boepple, F. Brothers, B. Calaway, O. Cleveland, S. Dierschke, E. Estrello, E. Estrello, J. Est- rello, E. Figueroa, B. Fowler, D. Fowler, G. Gonzales, C.Gre- gory, B. Hahn, R. Hahrn, L. Hubbard, R, Hubbard, J. Hubenak, G. Jimenez, A. K'aspar, F. Kaspar, B. Kopecky, H. Long, G. Matus, G. Newell, M. Olsovsky, I. Padilla, A. Perez, F. Perez, C. Peters, E. Quebe, I. Sablatura, L. Sablatura, J. Skoruppa, M. Sulak, D. Tullos, J. Tullos, M. Sternadel, P. Verver, B. Walch, J. Walleck, M. Williams, O. Wishert, R. Zella. 'if if an SIXTH GRADE M. Alvarez, L. Anderson, H. Baker, B. Brown, L. Brown, J'. Burkholder, B. Burns, L. Cernota, E. Cihal, B. Dulaney, L. Engelmohr, M. Estrello, L. Faktor, L. Garza, L. Janca, P. Jendry, V. Hahn, M. Hubenak, S. Husak, C. Kaspar, E. Kas- par, I. Kunetka, R. Macha, J. Mamerow, E. Matus, E. Olson, D. Pratka, G. Tegeler, A.R. Rogers, M. Sablatura, M. Sch- eel, L. Sternadel, L. Walzel, L. Wiggins, B. Williams, C, Zajicek. QA" f?p l!! ggi .- J . l C. 1 f HFTH GRADE W. Bandy, B. Benitz, C. Boehn, M. Cieslewicz, W. Cihal, B. Dulany, L. Earl, B. Elias, A. Estrada, G. Estrello, D. Gon- za1eS, B. Hicks, v.Hi11. M. Jimenez, F. Kanba, A. Koonce, R. Luckemeyer, R. Martinez, P. Maurifz. B. Meloy, J. Meloy J. Moffett, M. Padilla, S. Pheffer, D. Raminez, A. Rodriquez, E. Rodriquez, J. Skorruppa, G. Slovak, S. Spa1aCk. C. Supak. B. Surovec, J. Tomas, V. Tristan, C. Vonderau, D. Webel. 366, i D FOURTH GRADE G. Adler, J. Alvarez, M. Bacek, P.A. Benitz, M. Bock, J.P. Boepple, C. Burns, G. Bures, K. Chytka, A. Estrella, F. Gar za, E. Gonzales, G. Gregurek, J. Gregurek, G. Hicks, J. Hi- cks, B. J. Hill, J. A. Jaco, F. Jimenez, A. Kaspar, K. King, S. Knopp, A. Koenning, E. Koudelka, B. Kubicek, L. Kucera, M. Kuhlman, C. Kunkel, E. Lopez, M. L. Lopez, A. Mach- ycek, V. Martinez, J. McLean, H. Mercer, P. Midkiff. jxi . , M v-.y.Ql, . .QE Q FOURTH GRADE R. Morales, G. Myers, S. Nelson, J. Novak, E. Olsovsky, C. Peters, M. Perez, A. Quebe, C. Ramilez, L. Rodriquez, D. Sablatura, R. Scheel, H. B. Slusher, B. Srubar, B. R. Smith, I. Sulak, E. Tegeler, L. Tipton, I. Tjerino, T. Tigueroa, J. Tomas, T. Tullos, J. Tupa, R. Valenta, L. Vyvial, J. Walker J. Williams, L. Wishert, J. Zajicek, G. H. Zella T- Zetka , x 'Z Q ! !,x Nh 5: r X v . A 1 .f ' we alla, L' km M B . B B lea M 1 an M , - , , nr, or ., - f i 1 Q f , s. . -. Q .Q W .L . G .Q ,B 1-, L . 1 .B Ee. l i . 6 ,h ,, b - , ir M .K Avg, . x K K AW- . 'bk , . L - Q " E A 7 1 Eff? S . ,C -,I ..-- 1 5 . hrkx -'it K K 2 NAS L .if - I K 12- -, , I L .5 Q Q .xl xx S' N KN, , , v . k r . Qffyiiiffif X.A- , -..:. B . ,f::,A.. 1 5 A - .f.. 5, ,V 'W L3 E 'gt M H 5 Gif H in is C B L F f if L 4 E ' if 1 K 'xxx' A M 4 THIRD GRADE J. Basquez, L. Basquez, J. Bauknight, B. Boepple, C. Brothers, W. Cihal, K. Cleveland, T. Clingingsmith, L. Cook, B. Dybala, D. Elias, M. Estrello, I. Garcia, O. Garcia, R. Gonzales, R.Gon- zales, S. Gonzales, R. Iiminez, A. Kaspar, R. Kaspar, I. Kneske D. Kocian, M.-Kocian, E. Koliba, M. Koenning, L. Lesak, C. Li- berda, L. Long, E. Marroquin, J. Mauritz, I. Miller, M. Newell, T. Parker, E. Peters, L. Rab, N. Ricks, I. Rodriquez, B. Smith, J. Sternadel, W. Supak, C. Tomas, C. Valenta, I. Verver, L. Vil- lareal, B. Williams, F. Williams, F. Ysidro, H. Yoas, L. Zacek, L. Zacek, L. Zajicek, E. Zella. 4 N' f :W H K Sw- A SECOND GRADE B Anderson B Baker P Benmtz B B1111ngs R Bures A A , Aq 'A Dornak, W. Fleniken, E. Frysak, A. Hahn, D. Henderson, E. Hubanek, G. Hubbard, J. Husak, w. Jackson, G. Janna, R. Ku- Qflf Qcera, W. Kuretsch, B. Lesak, L. Macha, B. Mamerow, D. Mu- ennik, G. Myers, F. Oliver, L. Orsag, D. Overstreet, K. Pape, F. Psencik, J. Sampson, G. Scheel, C. Schomburg, P. Skoruppa B. Spacek, L. Sulak, W. Webel, .T. Williams, A. Zajicek. 1 t 1 rw. . f.1gfq'1.iillH1,!1,1'f , ' 3 "A'l' 5 mxh' if Q' ' M y H v ' X 2'A Q., , , is I FIRST GRADE Danny Dybala, Mary Ann Faktor, Ruby Lee Faltysek, Frank Falt- x' ysek, Janey Bess Fowler, Marie Freeman, Lorene Gaskamp, Car- olyn Gregurek, Bobby Joe Hahn, Kenneth Hahn, Raymond Hohense, John Holasek, Donald Wayne Husernan, Florence Kaspar, .Teralynn Labay, O. F. Matus, L. R. Menn, H. Moffett, B. G. Novosad, L. Oehl D. Otto, L. Otto, R. Peterek, F. Quebe, M. Rab, D. Ricks, T. Ross, J'. J. Sablatura, G. Schrimsher, M.E. Sampson, C. J. Shomburg, G. W. Skalicky, D. A. Skoruppa, J. Slusher, M. Spalek, D. Stavinoha, Sternadel, S. Stevenson, G. Tipton, J. Tomas, B. Tupa, L.V. Vor- dick, G. Vyvial, C. Weidner, N. Weidner, K. Wells, A. Wiggins, B. Zetka. . ' I Pfbi., vi' xxiisi 11' 111 FIRST AND SECCDND GRADES Castillo, A. Estrello, B. Estrello, D. Estrello, R. Estrello, R. Estrello, Cigueroa, Gonzales, Jirninez, J. Padillo, A. Padillo, Perez, Rodriquez, L. Riogas, G. Riogas,Pete Tijerima, E, Tri stan, Verver, Vasquez, Verver, Vasquez. ..m.MW WWE! caan: V 4 Q W2 H I KAR QQSQAKK I xx' Wlpfw UW WW MMM! . 77225, :fd 5 5 if difwfcf Jm f,66Q7"7 , M29 j4fZ "124.Ay S AR w ff ww ' ziwq., 5234 fm Zdf' Qmzffzf ideal! 77mffx.721WLgg, ff.-450-41,41 fgyffzmf. k,,2 f2ff',,TX-2 Azzmafifh ,fu WWI, ZT??'5A0ffp 4? Amen y dal Qc! of fzccazzfbn Dr. J. M. BAUKNIGHT, President E. B. FRELS , Vice President M. W. MAURITZ , Secy. - Treasurer WILLIE ZAJICEK OTTO MATUS M. L. DeVILLE WILLIAM VORDICK .Hy- F. C f wg K PARENT TEACHERS Sffqllwo 0 bb C FQWMYA O25 90 Cqi V ' fwyabvzewzrif cuzwnuz-E12 or commence fiom black? 4 372511238 dnl fyfdiff Mei fiwwfuzfzify Qowvgo QMQMLQR Q39 Fl I2 E DE PAQTMENT Zum? M554 45, -FIRE m2avaNTuoN Z4-2:4 L 025 6 A A D O 1Qfafz?:ff l uv. rp.-4 l Cwmffhwng 5 ALBEKMSUMJ . Mmm QQ l ff LO? - ffff ff! f is . ,Qi bf JM. BAUKNIGI-IT, MD Qfwffyjuzwfgfgf T.N. MAUQITZ. AND 5011! QowpQm0vx'QZ ok DQ. l2.E.. LEE, D.D.5. DQ. BOB L.EE,'D.'D.5 . 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J l 1 I 1 I Z vzggasw Uerosize EMIL EGG ofzocffzffs - cormfv GANADO M A C I-I I N E S I-I O P Oil Field Welding Ganado, Texas - n ln- , W Quyfme WW Wazjelw MAC DOW!-ILL ,5-6TUDlOx Edna, Texas gn NE 5 TOP SERVICE fad" 'Q 'TEXAS 5envlcs QTATION No.1 O. C BAIZBEQUE We Specialize In Barbeque Dishes Home Made Pies Wash and Grease 9 oe' T . esszvnce ewnou Ganado, Texas Phone 15 wi? We Meet Service With A Smile J We Come On, Folks, Give Us A Trial K IN TOWN 62 op M W me? 12 Ze Ganado, Texas L. J. Newell, Prop. KJ!! 5.32 Qwfwfafimeadi 0 73 9551! In-B12 Expuf L: I I I S HO E Bring Your Shoes For Repair Q E PAI RING At The Right Time To The Right Place For The Right Price R 1 1 - nn - -HENSKE-KURETSC!-I HARDWARE Kuhn's Paints - Varnishes e 42 G d T NYM Gu B E A U T Y S I-I O D 5? J K Our Permanent Waves Make S' Y P g1aneintSJrLlit::1ers A Elenor B Skl 'k Ph 69172 'WF wsersrm Amo Assoume 910:25 I David Tires L Tubes AQ' ical Wizard Ba eries - acuurn eaners 'T' Refr g tiers - Wajhing Maiiines M T etone Radio S A H H tf 1d G d T O 4 S 1 1 I YOU - X56 , l A, .315 1 'K 1 z z su ' SES? CG. EDNA.TEXAs F02 A ffnsr Oz A Smficfi Something Superior For Your Interior Steaks - Mexican Food ED'S CAFE QWV BA K E Q Y I ff-X Bread - Pastries - Candy "-Q". x 1 ,gg-Q-, Cakes Made To Order Phone 94 Ganado, Texas FOX? FXNE JEWELQY 7634? Q fnimm V Qs we by . IT PAY5: -'fa Iwi! wiefw M5 .7 9TAVl NDF-lA'9 DTZY GOCDD5 Qoay 9?'?L2fna7!y MAGNOL A4 Q ag M0"i!99S e- gba -n-lu BA 1. E sa SERVICE STATION Tires - Tubes - Batteries Candies - Cigars Wvwfh Ha 'zafwn 'ze Chambers Ranges Stewart - Warner Radios Sherwin - Williams Products Qswwimwilh off MODERN C l..E.ANE.l2S Ganado, Texas infix HM js j7eMmfemf 0772 fm Your yearbook is a store of treasured memories. The oft repeated thrill of recollection which accompanies each new search through its pages will many times repay you for the care and consideration which has gone into its creation. We are publishing l948 Annuals for more than 900 Colleges and High Schools. This patronage indicates a wealth of ideas and service which has no doubt made possilole the long record ot our school annual achievement. V . Q I

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