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Caldwell Historical Society 8. Heritage Museum 112 Vaiden Street SW Lenoir, NC 28645 ':1.2g..if,9f Q--. .gj,,fu:"'ry.-M gm 1- iq, jlmu f 1 - ,. 7' , ' " :' W , If "' kj! " gg, 51 y . ,-, ,, 13, ,..Q .1 ' W W W Q X 1 iw ,, .f , ,, ', ,um 1 p . , , ., i A 1 W 1 ,,,, 'v , , R , .., ,f is-'4 . - -1 ' ,f ' , '1 ,fu ,, - ,, R R. ,,,, x , fl ., . Q K A. L, 4, ,, ,, 1 , .r, wr Jw" Q'- ,,m ,Y a-' L ,, , .X , ..,, 5 . M-, M ,V W, , i 3 rx! -,, .' 1 v' 'I u tg rr ,: .f, ge H .g.1,.:A7,gM fig ,.,,, -s, , .,.' w. mm 1: -' "HL, .'r4"4 - , 1,-,M If kay? .X 1,.- :, 1' lgihn .' -T 4. I if 'BL ' -UK N 5, ,V ,N w 'sl' , L, I '.,, V fi , ' 1- 'jg ' 4 1 1 , ,, '.,, 4 X f - 115 A, ' xx' ww, " -,NH , 1. ,u. ,,, -,w ,, L 1 xle, BN- pi ww: , rf- 3.1 ' 15 1 -- 'am' -1 a- s.Niiwf.v,,wx.-f'w1"f'. , ., pg, Y", -tin' .W-',,! f K I 1 L A ,, --' '.w'- ', G,, A. 1. 'E,q."f'yj ".27'1- . , , - . , -w , ' ,bv-wr. TQDAY THE PATHS THAT WE WILL TREAD TCMORROW 8. Heritage Museum 1 2 Vaiden Street SW 5. .u H EIEVILS Mau Annual Publication Of The Students Of GAMEWELL HIGH SCHOOL Lenoir, North Carolina TABLE OF CONTENTS Title .... Introduction . . Dedication . . Administration Classes .... Seniors . . For Seniors Juniors . . Sophomores Freshmen . Activities . . Features . . Athletics .... Advertisements img ighting the paths of F E nl Z? Meaningful classroom displays are the result of hard- working Future Teachers. Participation by the high school student in activities provides training in leadership for the future. Development of character and interests are carried out through classroom activities. 4 Dressmaking is as well as - Self-assurance speaking is classroom. knowledge through work and experience -an-4"" challenging Experience gained in wood-working may lead to skilled being practical. craftsmanship. in public attained in the Valuable knowledge is gained through intensive re- search. 7 , s ' Q., 1 '-f A . V - -l J , , .A ' ,1 N ' rv .. ,r v Wg , nterest is spotlighted by All our hopes and joys were finally realized the night of the Junior-Senior Banquet. Our all-night decorating sessions were tiring as well as rewarding. The success of our Junior Play was the result of long practices. Lunch-time table tennis is a challenging pastime which creates interest and excitement. N. ,, A -, 54 A I V' su, A M 'ww nw' 'vu WN' 2 'W 't-N W . W , -fm, ,V 4,,,y lvwinf- 1777 L44 . , 5 i 0 yr 4 x'X , k . A 2 S s Yi' 1 1, ,- M m, 'u-J - V,,, , 32' ,dw . . 4 x ,. 121. ,:,,,..1Q, "'.6,:m.,w 'kms Y vt -yn g2s" ' ,,,iwg1, ' M- I f ,, , fn' , sn, ' f E .1 w w . v Q , , 7 ' -- , ' ' v I EEL 5 l -ian h E -K E ? s I' ? gif Q Y Q ff f ,. Q ,, r . , . , ,, , , f F " ': Sw-i:w'Z.," ff4,i.xx'.-www.'J-WVw?,.,w' 4' ff " , ' J ' ,,wM ,fQ,5Qh.. v, -, .. w,,.Wf.,f W , , ' 8 L Q 3 54.-Y? " ' f,,,T-dp -r y- . , -MAQMSM' ' 3 1, ...Vx Time is not measured by minutes, hours, and days, but by happiness. Ours is gained through extra-curricular activities such as basketball, Junior Class Play, and "informal hall activity." 8 iving rf ,a V1 W light to happiness at G.H.S. PJ . F1 - sf S 2. 1 , W 4' ' fi' 45 1 ,f A'1'- Ml 1 Z ,, 1 s :sun fb ttyl Q . 0 ,f iw ii Af FJ 7 D in saga-.5 Q Q ge, K 1 n ,f , I 50? Q I 'glfx j' 'A . XX n'Q "Twas a rough night"---but the Civil War still rages. Teachers, during regular meetings, endeavor to eliminate school problems. eachers enlighten students The Freshmen are being introduced to the "finer points" of American Shirley Hoke and literature by Miss Carter. th e ir knowledge of X15 f it !aex7'i ,i,.,'i,.,,M, X W. , -"""5'Nun..,. Mr. Chadwick teaches the practi- cal application of Trigonometry. Mr. Buchanan, faculty chairman. directs the dis- cussion. .through knowledge and leadership Arnold Wh it e show Physics. Mrs. Correll uses a French card game to enlighten students of French 57 , IA? I-x.. , gi! X 4 Q Friendliness and efficiency are demonstrated by Accomplishments in Doris Greene, our principa1's part-time secretary. Cgffey build his Ngo- George Curtis and Eugene Moore capably represented Gamewell School at the National FFA Convention at Kansas City. tudents light their paths Dennis Mikeal is getting practical experience as a Future Teacher. ,a,1 .,,,t so ,M , 'c ff iff' , , Ki, :L , 5, , If 2 X 1 5552-'F-E 'Qi' .V 'Q .. -. , , sf. 5, 55 is 1, V l,,V,-Jig., Qssfggf-gjt--fs T .,,, '-I lg fl , A f,,, , ,V,, A, Q, 5 4 in ii' if shop h elp e d Wayne Talent and diligent study may very well determine cart." Diane Buchanan's future. to the future by accomplishments During Mr. Knight'siabsence for Teddy Bear Foot- ball games, Future Teachers conduct his classes. i 5 'u 'lv 2 3 Z ' Q wif Students nominated Elva Sue Hall "Miss Citizenship" of Gamewell High. In 1915, in a one room school in Kansas, a colorful and interesting teaching career began for a petite lady. She is a graduate of the Uni- versity of Kansas and has taught in five states of the United States--Tennessee, Kansas, Okla- homa, Virginia, and North Carolina, as well as Puerto Rico. Of all her tenures--Patterson School for Boys with thirteen years has been her longest and Gamewell High School ranks second with twelve years. She is finishing her thirty-seventh year of teaching. The library is her responsibility and she also teaches civics, math, and English I. Students enjoy playing ping-pong and the piano in her room at lunch time and after school. She gives freely of her time to the school. One of her big accomplishments has been her 'learning to drive'. We all believe that she is really enjoying her little car and is an especially careful driver. i N 'f"i iw .,,.,.,, If 5 AQ' -- -L+-. , ' ' V' iii? DEDICATION -'sim ' -,..fZa-2 I ,l 5...-. ,' 'W ,..,.-4 it . f-s..-v 'f ' a LJ... Q .':, ,- 1 gl.-,' ,, .-1-.,v"""1Y,fv Q ...-1 To one who is a scholar of books, to whom the fear of God is implanted in her heart and upon 'whom he has bestowed a long and interesting teaching career--we dedicate this nineteen hundred sixty-one DEVIL'S DIARY to you--Miss Frances B. McNulty. I7 e light our candles from their torches." Mnpunwvww ,.,,,.,--a' -45 4- ' .4-.5 v . "N 'A C. M. Abernethy COUNTY SLIPERINTENDENT Poe Andersong M. R. Corpening, Principalg Melvin Lutz, Sr.g Lee Warnock, Secre- taryg Henry Clay, Vice Chairmang A. D. Williams, Chairman. GAMEWELL SCHOOL COMMITTEE PHY EPS FN .sumscr 20 0 P' A akin TW ' 'S 1 ' 1 f "f, ,I if '4 g f .,Z9"r,: 2' I A' J ,,,, 6 if, . . , ,YV f f 1, 13'f z 4 f f W1 ,Z ,ap 1 , 7- M Mn f , z -1 . ,4 ,f4:,.W W QW KMAW? www.. .Lf Wwws 1 lv! 6 v i Q 6 1 I 1 ' -n Mi MR. Corpening Principal -'-fi-',, , ,,- X Eh .Byw- -N4 . , ' fl K 'N M' , X '- x fl j f :,..q", ' L l Miss Ruth E. Kesler "Gather ye rosebuds while ye may. W 2 1 gal 31 WI mi ll I1 H L FACULTY H Mr. Wnnam c. Link "Every noble deed dieth, if suppressed in silence." Miss Frances B. McNulty "The soul takes nothing with her to the other world but her education and culture." fw Mr. Jack W. Buchanan "Seriously I am not fit for the Presidency." Mr. Glen C. Richards "In all abundance there is lack." Mrs. Margaret H. Correll I "Whatever Ido is either illegal, immoral or fattening." ill 5 tw 1, Ag .ng .liz W , 4 WL. MEMBERS Mrs. Harriet P. Lipe "I have no other than a woman's reasong I think it so because Ithink it so." irflug r HowardW Holman 5 ANU y WILL rucligggp, M . . "The bookslread and the life I lead are sensible, sane, and mild." ,W Q. ,. . ..,, M F, AM Mr. Benjamin R. Setzer "The American system of rugged individualism! i Mr. Robert L. Amick "For man is man and master of his fate." Miss S. Rhuemma Carter "It is not only fine feathers that make fine birds." Mr. William D. Chadwick "The truth is, we are all caught in a great economic system which is heartless." ,, f of M . if ff? -Aga ap f i President Harold Huffman presides at as sembly. Larry B. Houck Pat A. McCall Henry H. Courtney Vice-President Secretary Robert L. Amick Advisor STUDENT COUNCIL A-Y "'QZZ.f"" an-r W' lwlvfw Margaret R. Herold Tommy B. Maynard Dennis K. Mikeal Reporter Senior Representatives Members: Dennis Mikeal, Henry Courtney, Hugh West, Tommy Maynard, Pat McCall, Wilford Beane, Harold Huffman, Barbara Clark, Jerry Anderson, Diane Buchanan, Larry Houck, Jerry Cloer, Joyce Hall, Margaret Herold, R. L. Amick. .B . :ff-H 1 ,M A g i ? Q 1 W ,, 5 v ,,,,. .WWA , T , I-V, I' W .. ma ,fa W., f- Wimm.f-wfmsmmw..-am,,,a ,. hui ' M - A f XWWW 7 ,nr -,W-,,,,. --aw., , ight is the symbol of knowledge T ll E4 SENIOR CLASS Larry Houck President J 0 Buckner Treasurer .-i Gene Story Reporter Doris Greene Secretary Jim Watson Vice President KENNETH E. ANDERSON "I have not slept one wink." BRENDA A. BRYANT "Born with a gift of laughter and sense that the world is mad." THE SENIOR CLASS BILL T. BENFIELD "I have laid aside business, and gone a-fishing." SYBIL J . BRYANT a "No one is in such demand as a good sport." WILLIAM R. BROWN "What can't be cured, must be en- dured." JOANNE P. BUCKNER "Ne'er saw her match since first the world began. W 491' 29 ff' anlilb' T. LARRY CAMPBELL "Can build castles in the air." FRANCES L. CARVER "Give the worldthe best you have and the best wi11,come back to you. H GARY D. CHANDLER "His mind his kingdom, his will, his way." LINDA S. CLAY "Her worst she keptg her best she gave." MARY L. CLAY "Sweet as a primrose peeps beneath the thorne." W. HAROLD CLONTZ "The world knows nothing of its greatest men." I96I 1 THE SENIOR CLASS SANDRA Y. CROWE TED C. CROWE HERBERT D. CRUMP "Her charming way, her friendly "Who wooed in haste and means to "What he lacked in up and down, he smile make her friendship well wed at leisure." had in round about." worthwhile." JAMES L. CRUMP ADA M. CURTIS FLOYD E. CURTIS "When my tongue blabs, let mine "Quiet in appearance with motives "Let every man be master of his time eyes not see." unknown." till seven at night." IV?" 31 Y, f fx' mf Q "5 , . 1 Q r 5- ? -,w RZ' wwhw' ,1 Qui?-' , ,Q ' 1 vvvv , 2. . ,- ew 6 W 'E GEORGE W. CURTIS "Yet, I love very lightly now, in self-defense." W. LARRY EARP "Man consulted God, and then me." DORIS K. GREENE "A dish fit for the gods." ROCKY E. GREENE "But, as you know me all, a plain blunt man." W. ROGER GREENE "A harmless, necessary cat." ELVA SUE HALL "Obliging and cheerful, industrious and kind." STEVEN L. HELTON "Tis not what man does which ex- aults him, but what man would do." LARRY B. HOUCK "A foremost man of all this world. THE SENIOR CLASS SHIRLEY M. HOKE "Every woman has her fault, and honesty is hers." HAROLD D. HUFFMAN "He works and blows the coals and has plenty other irons in the fire." .4-1""" 33 NANCY J. HOLLAR "A perfect woman, nobly planned, to warm, to comfort, and command DANNY C. KLNCAID "Goes his own way, does his own deeds. VY -nv-1' ' 'A+ ""-.. V m,,l, b A - - 'gpg-wt, aiiillm Mm MARTHA G. KINCAID "Long loved, long wooYd and lately won." B. KAYE MABE "Poor harmless fly." TOMMY B. MAYNARD "You may relish him more in the soldier than in the scholar." My good will is great, though the gift small. PATRIf2IA.A. MCCALL 3 X' ' " "Tw DENNIS K. MIKEAL "Let the world slide." BILLY B. MOORE "A little learning is a dangerous thing." KENNETH H. MOSS "He wears the rose of youth upon him." CONNIE D. PHILLIPS "The joy of youth and health, her eyes displayed." THE SENIOR CLASS LINDA L. NELSON "Eyes that dance, a heart that's free." MARTHA F. PRITCHARD her troubles are light as the foam." . , "Her joys are deep as the ocean, LOUISE W. PEAGRAM "How hard it is for a woman to counsel." PHYLLIS R. ROBERTSON "Do you know I am a woman?" 41 35 we keep ROY A. SANDERS "Nature, that is the seal to mortal wax." NANCY M. SHATLEY "Thy head is as full of quarrels as an egg is full of meat." U. KAREN SHERRILL "I will not budge an inch." JO ANNE SOUTHARD "I am the very pink of courtesy." .4 EUGENE B. STORY "Man has built a coach and has lost the use of his legs." J. STEWART STORY "He'dsigh'd to many though he loved but one." THE SENIOR CLASS KARREN E. WATSON "To have- -to hold,--and,--in time-- let go!" MARTHA J. WINCHESTER "A little, pot, and soon hot." LLOYD J. WATSON JUDY A. WHITE "Six feet o' man, A-1, clear grit and "And what she thought to do, she dare an athlete unexce11ed." Judy Lynn Klepfel and escort, Ed Jones at Jr. Sr. banquet 1960. would do ." Garden scene from Jr. Sr. banquet of 1960. A 4 mm, . 4't':'f" 37 41 or sensors only SENICR CLASS HISTORY When we started out in the great organization of Gamewell High School back in 1957-58, we were simply fascinated by the wonders of high school. Of course, we thought we were as important as the rest of the high school classes, but they soon let us know that they didn't think so. Mrs. Correll and Mr. Link were our leaders in our Freshman year. We enjoyed a few parties and activities during our first year in high school. In 1958, we entered the Sophomore Class finding we had lost several students. 'Our teachers this year were Mr. McGirt and Mr. Allen, who were both new faculty members. The enrollment was fewer than that of the year before. In 1959-60, everyone was excited because there were only two years to go. We were Juniors and we knew that there would be a Prom in which the Juniors would play host to the Seniors. Only sixty members were left that year because of various reasons. Some went to different schools and some were lost by route of matri- mony. The Prom, sponsored by our Junior Class, was enjoyed by the Juniors and Seniors on May 10, 1960. Several Juniors participated in the program in the way of announcements and other interesting items. Our special guest for this occasion was the famous Miss North Carolina, Miss Judy Klepfel. Special music was furnished by Hal Ferguson and his band. This Prom will be long remembered by everyone who partici- pated and those who had the privilege of seeing the beautiful decorations, done in an Evening in Paris theme. Our sponsors that year were Mrs. Basinger and Mr. Allen. We truly appreciated the many things that they did for our Junior Class and the things that made our Junior year one of our greatest years in high school. On August 31, 1960, the former Juniors trooped into the classroom withajoyous ring of laughter and talk. Our leaders and sponsors, Mrs. Correll and Mr.Setzer let themhave their fun for a few minutes and then attempted to quiet them. Everyone was glad to talk with their chums. There were fifty-two students in the Senior Class. Our enrollment had dropped from ninety- six members in our Freshman year to fifty-two members in our Senior year. The highlights of our Senior Year were the exciting trip to Washing- ton, D.C., the Junior-Senior Prom, and the long-awaited graduation. In our burst of joy, we must not forget to thank our friends, teachers, and our principal for all the many happy hours which we had in our high school days. But most of all, we must not forget to thank our parents. They have been more than just a supporter or a helper, they have been our Guiding Angels through our whole life. To these and all we say, "Thank you." Class Historian, Nancy Hollar 39 CLASS PROPHECY On this night of May 29, 1975, I was very tired. I had just returned home from my delivery job at Sears, Roebuck and Company. To this day I remember the good and the bad times that I had during my school years at Gamewell High School. Tonight, Ihad invited all the graduates of the Senior Class of 1961 to attenda party at my home in Greensboro, North Carolina. The doorbell rang, and my sister, Ada Curtis, who is an accountant at Sears, answer- ed it. As the door opened, Brenda Bryant and Sybil Bryant stepped in- side. Brenda has been employed as a hair stylist for two years. Sybil married a "certain" sailor several years ago. Next to arrive were George Curtis and Herbert Crump, who both own large cattle ranches in Texas. By this time, the guests were arriving steadily. Stewart Story, famous sports announcer, and his wife, Joanne Southard, arrived. Linda Clay and Nancy Hollar, accountants for Binkley -Kaufmann-Roth Accountancy Firm of Chicago, Illinois, arrived. As I was greeting all of the arriving guests, I heard the sound of skidding tires outside. 'Midst the commotion, I could hear the voices of Steve Helton, Roger Greene, Larry Earp, Rocky Greene, and Dennis Mikeal. Steve was driving his "STELTON" which he designed and now manu- factures. Multi-millionaire Roger Greene is financing Steve's business venture. He was driving his solid gold Cadillac. Dennis, a famous race driver, hadjust won the "Darlington 500." Larry and Rocky are present- ly test drivers for General Motors. Next to arrive were Roy Sanders and Bill Moore. Both are now experienced truck drivers for Bottoms-Fiske Trucking Lines. Kenneth Anderson, owner of a chain of Center Theaters, soon came in. Every state is represented in his chain. His motto is, "Good Movies For Every State." His wife, Diana, is presently starring in "Love Me or Leave Me." While the guests were getting settled, Martha Kincaid, Phyllis Robertson, and Jo Anne Buckner walked in. Martha married Claude Kincaid while in high school, and they are now living at Nome, Alaska, where Colonel Kincaid is Post Commandant. Jo Anne married another Kincaid, CTimJ, who is a Major and is chief pilot for the President of the United States. Phyllis is the wife of a rich businessman, who is First Vice President of Kaiser Aluminum. Suddenly, through a roar of cheers, the "top" sports stars of the year were gloriously welcomed. First came T ed Crowe, Tommy Maynard, and then Harold Huffman. All sports fans-know these star football players for the Baltimore Colts. Next to come were Bill Benfield, Larry Campbell, Ken Moss, and Jim Watson. The New York Yankees consider these players as their best. Larry Houck, the Champion Typist of the year, soon followed. He 40 also was one of the "speediest" during typing classes at Gamewell. Next came Bill Brown, national salesman for the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. Like most of the high school boys of his class, Bill always enjoyed a good cigarette. Danny Kincaid, owner of a large chain of Winn Dixie Stores, soon came in. The most famous model of the year came next. She is, as everyone knows, Judy White. Suddenly another Cadillac entered the driveway with Gary Chandler at the wheel. Presently, he holds the title of the "World's Top Bowler." Doris Greene and Pat McCall, two experienced and well-liked pro- fessors at Woman's College, U.N.C., were warmly welcomed. Doris is instructor in Business while Pat teaches U.S. History. Among the arrival of instructors were Mary Lee Clay, Shirley Hoke, Elva Sue Hall, and Kay Mabe. Shirley and Elva Sue teach Physics and Math at Lenoir Rhyne College. Mary and Kaye teach Bookkeeping and .Accounting at Appalachian State College. Martha Winchester and Sandra Crowe soon drove up. Martha and Sandra are stewardesses for Trans WorldAirlines. These girls have "high" hopes and ideals. Next to arrive were Frances Carver, Nancy Shatley, and Connie Phillips. Frances is married to a rich factory owner, and Nancy is editor of "Woman's Day." Connie is author of a new book, ADVICE TO THE NEWLY WEDS. Soon after Connie arrived, Dr. Karen Sherrill, an eminent Psycholo- gist, arrived, with three of her patients: Karen Watson, a psycho neurotic because of the lack of an ever-loving husband, Linda Nelson who is psychopathic because she has six children less than five years old, who are about to make her insane, and, Martha Pritchard, who is psycho- somatic--sick in mind and body since Danny has left her for his career in the Senate. Now that all of the guests had arrived, we sat down to a banquet that would tease the palette of the most discriminating gourmet. Following the banquet, we danced, talked, laughed---and relived many of the ex- periences of our days at Gamewell. In the "wee hours" of the morning it was proposed by Jim Crump that another meeting of the class be held ten years from this date. All droopy-eyed guests became enthusiastic about another Class Meeting and the date was set. Reluctantly, the guests slowly left for their homes. I am sure they were thinking what this country would have been without the 1961 Senior Class of Gamewell High School---for many had already left their "mark in history" in the short span of years since graduation. Floyd Curtis Class Prophet 4l SENIOR STATISTICS KEN ANDERSON: FFA 15 Class Treas. 25 Fr. Club 25 Superlative 4. BILL BENFIELD: Baseball 2 ,3,4, Marshal35 Fr. Club 35 Basketball 45 Superlative 45 Store Worker 4. BILL BROWN: FFA 1,25 4-H 1,2,3. BRENDA BRYANT: 4 - H 1 5 Store Worker 4. QI-B-H.-. BRYANT: FTA 3,45 Library 4. JO ANNE BUCKNER: Miss Game- well 15 Ch. Sweetheart 15 Waitress 2, Fr. Club, Officer 25 Student Coun- cil 25 Class Pres. 2,35 Treas. 45 FTA 45 Annual Staff 45 Superlative 45 Prom-Com. 3. LARRY CAMPBELL: Baseball 2,3, 45 Basketball 253,45 Football 3,45 Bus Driver 4. FRANCIS CARVER: GARY CHANDLER: Baseball 25 Bas- ketball 2. LINDA CLAY: Student Council 25 Waitress 25 Homecoming Att'nt 25 Class Rep. 35 Prom-Com. 35 Basket- ball Mgr. 3,45 FTA Pres. 45 Annual Editor 4, Sr. Play 45 Beta Club 3,45 Superlative 4. MA.-RY L., CLAY: 4-H 1,2,3,45 Bas- ketball 25 Waitress 25 FTA 45 Fr. Club 4. HAROLD CLGNTWZI FFA 15 Fr. Club 45 Store Worker 4. SANDRA CROWE: Basketball 15 Waitress 25 Miss Gamewell 25 Home- coming Queen 45 Superlative 4. TED CQQWE: Football1,2,3,45 Bas- ketball 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1,2,3,45 FFA 1,25 Class V. Pres. 25 Bus Driver 45 Superlative 4. HERBERT CRUMP: F FA 1 , 2, 3 , Treas. 4. JIM- QRUMP: Class Reporter 1,25 Football 1,2,3,45 FFA 15 Bus Driver 42 3,45 Baseball Mgr . 45 Basketball Mgr. 45 Store Worker 45 Sr. Play 45 4-H 1. -A-QA CURTIS: FTA 3,45 Library Staff 3,45 FHA 45 Store Worker 4. FLOYD CURTIS: Fr. Club 2,35 Bus Driver 3,45 Beta Club 4. GEORGE CURTIS: FFA 35 Pres. 45 4-H 3, Pres. 45 Beta Club 3,45 FTA 45 Superlative 4. LARRY EARP: J.V. Football 15 Baseball 15 Superlative 4. DORIS GREENE: Waitress 25 FTA 3, Timekeeper 45 Beta 3, Sec. 45 Marshal 35 Prom-Com. 35 Fr. Club, Pres. 45 Annual Staff 45 Miss Hi Miss 45 Class Sec. 45 Superlative 45 Office Sec. 4. ROCKY GREENE: FFA 15 Football 15 Mgr. 2,35 Bus Driver 35Store Worker 4. ROGER GREENE: ELVA SUE HALL: Class Sec. 25 Li- brary Staff 25 FTA 3,45 Beta Club 3, 45 Prom-Com. 35 Scholastic Award 35 Store Worker 45 Superlative 45 Annual Staff 45 Fr. Club, V. Pres. 45 Miss Citizenship 4. STEVE HELTON: FFA 1,25 Football 1,2. SHIRLEY HOKE: Library Staff 25 FTA 3,45 Beta Club 3,45 Fr. Club, Treas. 45 Store Worker 4. NANCY : 4-H Club 1,25 Waitress 25 Basketball 35 Fr. Club 35 Store Worker 45 Office! Worker 3,45 FTA, Sec. 45 Superlative 4. LABBIHQILQK: Band15Fr. Club 2, 35 Waiter 25 Prom-Com. 35 Chief Marshal 35 FTA 3, V. Pres. 45 Beta Club 3, V. Pres. 45 Student Council 3, V. Pres. 45 Class Pres. 45 Annual Staff 45 Sr. Play 45 Superlative 4. HAROLD HUFFMAN: FFA 15 Student Council 1, Pres. 45 Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Class Sec. Treas. 1,35 Waiter 25 Jim Hoover Award 25 Boys State Rep. 35 Lions Bowl Rep. 45 Beta Club 3,45 FTA 3,45 Bus Driver 35 Store Worker 45 Superlative 45 N.W.N.C.D.A. Rep. 45 Rotary Club Att'nt 4. DANNY KINCAID: MARTHA G. KINCAID: Basketball 1,25 Student Council 25 Homecoming Att'nt 25 Majorette 1,25 Waitress 35 Bus Driver 35 Prom-Com. 35 Store Mgr. 45 Superlative 4. TOMMY MAYNARD: FFA 15 Foot- ball 1 , 2 , 3 , 45 Bus Driver 35 Beta Club 3,45 Fr. Club 35 Student Coun- cil 45 Store Worker 45 Annual Staff 45 Sr. Play 45 Superlative 4. KAY MABE: 4-H 2,35 Fr. Club 4. PAT McCALL: StudentCounc il 1, 3, Sec. 45 FHA Award 25 Prom- Com. 35 Waitress 25 FTA 3,45 Beta Club 3, Treas. 45 Fr. Club 45 Annual Staff 45 Office Worker 4. DENNIS MIKEAL: Fr . Club 2,35 FTA 45 Student Council 4. BILL MOORE: FFA 1,25 Football 2, 3,45 Baseball3,45 Basketball Mgr. 45 Bus Driver 4. MOSS: Football 2,3,45 Superla- tive 4. I LINDA NELSON: FHA 15 Glee Club 25 Band 2,35 Dramatics 3. CONNIE PHILLIPS: MARTHA PRITCHARD: Fr. Club 25 Waitress 25 Cheerleader 35 Prom- Com. 35 Office Worker 35 Superla- tive 45 Store Worker 4. PHYLLIS ROBERTSON: 4-H-15 Fr. Club 25 Basketball 1,25 Band 1,25 Waitress 25 Homecoming Att'nt 45 Beta Club 45 Store Worker 45 FTA 45 Superlative 4. ROY SANDERS: Library Staff 1,25 Baseball1,2,35 Bus Driver 3,45 FTA 3,45 Beta Club 3,45 Fr. Club 4. NANCY SHATLEY: 4-H 1. KAREN SHERRILL: Cheerleader 1, Chief 2,35 Library Staff 25 Fr. Club 25 Waitress 25 Prom-Com. 3 5 Store Worker 45 Sr. Play 45 Superlative 4. GENE STORY: Baseball 1 , 25 FFA 1,2,35 Class Reporter 45 Store Work- er 45 Superlative 4. STEWART STORY: FFA 15 Fr. Club 25 Football 35 Basketball 3,45 Super- lative 4. JO ANNE SOUTHARD: FTA 45 Su- perlative 4. KARREN WATSON: Basketball 1 5 4-H 1, 25 Homecoming Att'nt1,25 Majorette 1,2,35 Glee Club 3. JIM WATSON: F FA 1 , 25 Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball l,2,45 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Class V. Pres. 1,3545 Student Council 35 Athletic Award 35 Super- lative 4. a JUDYWHITE: 4-H 1,25 Band 35 Store Worker 4. - LOUISE WHITE: MARTHA WINCHESTER: Basketball 15 4-H 15 Waitress 25 Bus Driver 3, 45 Cheerleader 2,3,45 Sr. Play 45 Store Worker 45 Superlative 4. CLASS SONG They tell us there are battles In high school to be fought, With lessons hard and mirey In which we may be caught, But we're out to conquer Every high school foe, And we'll fight for honors As we onward go. Ever upward, onward marching, Playing well the game, Marching on through high school This shall be our aim. CLASS PO EM Here's to our teachers For all that they taught us, Many the scolding They gave when they caught us, But that we forgive, Forever they'll live In memory for knowledge they brought us Here's to our schoolmates, Their friendship we prize, Here's to the old school, Where we have grown wise. Here's to the patrons Who stood by our side, And saw that our school needs Were fully supplied. Here's to the eighth graders, Here's to their future days, May they travel upward By bright and sunny ways. Here's hoping they'll never slight The lessons they must learn, And meet as on they journey Success at every turn. Here's to the good times We've oft had together, Here's to the future-- May fair be its weather, May the good times we've had Fail to compare With the good times coming That together we'1l share. 44 C. -S. , 11- r ' wif wg' U M MM, I w2:,w, , H14 Yi Alf, 1 A wjlgff Q L2 mfg, 4 J V 1 1 1 1 ' 5 ff: Q X Q xggx ZW lfYK BEST SPORT MOST COURTEOUS Jo Anne Buckner Tom Maynard Jo Anne Southard Stewart Story MOST INTELLECTUAL LI P E R L A T I V E S Elva Sue Hall Larry Houck FRIENDLIEST Sandra Crowe Jim Watson MOST ATHLETIC Nancy Hollar Ted Crowe SUPERLATIVE Martha Kincaid Harold Huffman PRETTIEST AND MOST HANDSOME BEST PERSONALITY Phyllis Robertson Ken Moss Martha Winchester Bill Benfield 3 M A l-- 1'-fw-' H11... .,-,-A Y ,.. NEATEST CUTEST AMartha Pritchard Larry Earp Doris Greene Ken Anderson U P E R T I V E MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Karen Sherrlll George Curtis MOST POPULAR Linda Clay Gene Story x1 -5 1. -mf. Icnxfx-SMH 'UN' 'Mis Con? f -W.. . , Show Great Grimm, X Q kk 2 JUNIOR CLASS Diana Wootton Treasurer Eugene Moore President Sarah Moore Vice President ....,. l96l JLINIORS Byerly Cannon Cheek Clark Clay Cloer Courtne Crump Crump Crump Curtis Curtis an Davis Davis Earp QM-r Estes Gentry Greene Haas Hahn Hall Herold Holloway Houck Hoyle Lail Littlejohn MC Call S Moore M. Oliver P Parton G Powell Price Reichard Ross Shatley Sherrill Streater Townsend West I96I SCPHOMORES CLASS CJFFICERS Juanita Southard Secretary Diane Buchanan President Hugh West Reporter Gerald Sipes Treasurer John Hightower Vice Presiden R. Adams J. Anderson E. Barnette C. Beane T. Bohler D. Brown D. Buchanan W. Bumgarner I96I SOPHOMGRES E. Butler T. Cantelmo B. Cardwell J. Cardwell J. Carlton B. Carswell Chester Clarke Coffey Crowe Crump Earp Earp Greene Eller Hamrick Friesland Haney Gilbert Haney Gragg . Helton Greene J. Hightower r 4 724 4. m 'N a 53 ,, ,-x. Wax inw- -we 'GW -dzzai Jenkins Kincaid Kincaid King Lail Ledwell upon- Link Main McGee McKinney McMillan Medford I96I SOPHOMORES Melton Melton Moore Moss Nichols Oliver Osborne Osborne Parsons Payne Pilkenton Robertson lQf"""'f't" fmx. M- ilu-an GLM' 'Lf' ui 9' ffl- I96I SOPHCDMORES Sanders Sanders Saunders Shatley Shook Sipes -L S mith Southard Spears Stewart Storie Story Summerow Townsend Triplette Walker Walker Ward 43 Nav h '91-' JUN W Watson Watson S. Watson West Winebarger Wootton W S - V I i - ttr an Q I A, yn- ,. fa 'EK' .Zh V' 'anna 1' 'w j a., 'ff' ff 1 A- I Tun! QW may v-4611-n pv- quo-v ,,,A 'H 2 S53 X if 1-1 ss 3 'r 2 I f .,., if Q SSNYLIZP' S-..,,,,- FRESHMAN CLASS Wilford Beane President Michael Douglas Vice President Karen Sanders Secretary Peggy Saunders Treasurer J. Anderson W. Beane B. Bentley L. Bentley J. Blankenship B. Bohler V. Branch C. Brown N. Bruns G. Bryant J. Bryant M. Bryant S. Buckner R. Bumgarner R. Byerly, Jr. tr' 'km EQ. Earp M. Forte S. Foxx B. Francum T. Frieslancl L. Garland J. Golds N. Gragg L. Greene W. Greene D. Haas J. Hall J. Hamby B. Helton G. Helton I 445, ' 6 Qrgf' sw, 2 .b Q 5, E' ll ml .' , pw., 1 . n gs' x ii" ing.-X Q.. -- B , K . I 6 . JG V ,ff 1 1 'V' my . fx his 'M' 1 FQ ni'-' :A,., Q.. I 7 ,, 'nxx -..f ' , "lf 1... :ff 'S-us,..,,,, J. Calloway M. Cardwell R. Cardwell S. Cardwell A. Carswell B. Carver L. Chester B. Clark D. Clay D. Cloer C. Cloninger P. Crump J. Davis S. Dill M. Douglas I96l FRESHMEN A Herold Holman Holman Johnson Jones Kincaid L aws Letterman M. Lewis Looper Mc Call Mc Call I96I FRESHMEN L .1 li' . Ag 4- 1' I' 'y L , "Ci" A . : . I uw-A "N, 17 C-YG: J. McCall J. McCall F. McMillan J. McMillan M. Mikeal D M ss . o L. Pennell I. Phillips L. Pitts N. Powell L. Prestwood J. Price Spears Suddreth Summerow Swanson Triplett Webb West Whittington D Wilcox B Williams B Winebarger Rector Reece Reichard Richards Roberts Sanders Sanders Saunders Shoemake Simmons Smith I96I FRESHMEN 41 WL' if xi 7 et your good works be light unto all the world."' Q X 1 Q 410, A XXX Z! - X , , , W ,ffp gf K ii Linda Clay Editor in chief Pat Mc Call Business Manager SPONSGRS eff' ' Mrs. Harriet Lipe Mr. Howard Holman -Sie- ANNUALSTAFF Howard Holman, Henry Courtney, Barbara West, Tommy Maynard, Harriet Lipe, Jo Anne Buckner, Pat McCall, Doris Greene, Elva Sue Hall, Gerald Sipes, Linda Clay, Larry Houck. 63 E r FRENCH CLUB BETA CLUB f - f 4 64 T, -.aa A . FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Linda Clay . . . ........................................ Presideni Larry Houck ....................................... Vice President Nancy Hollar . . . ..... Secretary Barbara West . . ......... . . . . . . . Treasurer Doris Greene . ................ . . .Timekeeper OFFICERS 65 FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA 4-H CLUB I I P' - W 1 I -'Y -an --4 3 H.. V B1 A -' +5 ' N 1 fr . ,Aw e,:nu,,.m- ' ar fm"fi1:l' 21451 H' - www-ivan-img,-aw?-ev.-,. y , 3,,4lf?5?4f. f 11g ,ff l""1iU 'X Store Workers: Martha Kincaid, Jo Anne Buckner, Sandra Crowe, Bill Benfield, Phyllis Robertson, Martha Winchester, Jim Crump, Brenda Bryant. Store Workers: Harold Clontz, Karen Sherrill, Tommy Maynard, Martha Pritchard, Gene Story, Shirley Hoke, Harold Huffman, Elva Sue Hall. . 4 ,V , mv' 5 , E G1 El ,p""l E my vi n I F ' t wav, ...w S , FWS- , ' . , jg in W ww--W, Martha Kincaid Manager Q ' 5 fs Q fl- - -:ywiw ,,,,,2 3 i giifgrg-Ngxy 3 W GQ, 2'5f-v'2fS:21 ' an sy Larry Campbell Bill Moore BUS DRIVERS 'Qty X Roy Sanders his-N Tommy Cannon w-2 Darrell Cheek brag '95 K 68 Floyd Curtis me Martha Winchester 195 K,"Qa 4 Larry Oliver FUTURE HOMEMAKERS CDF AMERICA MARSHALS OF I96O Larry Houck, Chief - Linda Clay - Bill Benfield George Curtis - Doris Greene 69 old thy lighted lamp on high be a star in someone? sky." ,fx ' f wx oy a 9 as we .ti VW' , A y .f-,AQ x "fl .4 if i"-17' g if A, x , W. f ff .1 ef ,MQW ', 2--1 I NJ- 's ,ml f ,nay - ygm.. . , X, , .,.., H i, T W 4 f Y ,zwif f --fb' ' 6354- U ,-1971551 K ' 1- 6 Ii if ,- . 'zqfi .,,, W nf ff , , ,, ' Q , ' K 7 4 ty K ,fx Yarra, H ,tiyfom-. , ' egg. W 7 - , ' f M, 7 . IARY M si' 'Sf a A 4 M011 ,.-1 .,.1.!4' , 'Z 'f'5f5srfJl 1 iv-,A fe, 2 ' ge f '71 if , ' Ae- ,, 5, Ms... , ' l4,.AQ.Q- 3: ,??,y,,dg iff ' Mf I 44 fl n , f U Q 21 x 1 3 7' fe ,V 1, -U ,, W X I? f, Q fa 4 W "' 0iS2tAg,.g 4 Af . ,H 45, v 1 ff 1, ff ,, ,WW Q' fW 'WM 'V 2 f 15 if f ,ff 4 5 Q' f f A aff li WM .1 'A' W' 'X 768 ' Li ' Q, ' 2 ' ,., 4-5-hi, ,, , ' mf. 2 15,4 41' . . Q , f ' ' -A QW 9 ,gg ,-if U , ag yy Sf, ' W Q, f ' L 'fi new . , M 1' '-Q' .iff ,f 4 Q , I f - ,, 6 if , ,Q ff 944' if 'yy - ff fzw A f 11 5 Miss Hi 5 Qffjf 21 V ' ,X-'UW' . ' . ' ff- Dorls We M, W 1, 4 Q-, gf. . , f , f '3i5fW"1, , 4 ,ff . mzwfgfff 4, A Miss CITIZLHIP MISS Cit1zensh1p Elva Sue Hall W if , .fy , 2 SEQ X -, ygifv 3, , , xy 5' ,QF M QV? r R' ,, E2 fa. of x ' 1, qw ' f' Q :Q , 'X LION S BOWL P NCESS Lion's Bowl Princess A Rita Robertson 1-f 76 KING AND QUEEN King and Queen Curtis Land Sandra Walser PRINCE AND PRINCESS Prince and Princess Paul Craig Peggy IQ mf :pf he olympic torch-the symbol of good sportsmanship and skilled athletes." .47 4. Q vs f' QR S- -isi NI' , EFS Q-5.555-V Xi-'vf 3 X -JS 4 QW 1 I' . at I 7 es I , 1 i L 1 ik flu ai- -i 17 QQ. Q HOMECOMING 2 UEEN Sandra Crowe Crowned by I96l HOMECCDMING QUEEN tif M. R. Corpening Sandra Crowe Sponsored by B111 Moore Escorted by Jerry Cloer " f ff T " in Q! ' 1 .4 gzf ' ff if E? f Q SSW'-k , 1 M 'fx ' .f ATTENDANTS Brenda Clark Sponsored oy: Ted Crowe Escorted by: John McCall Linda Earp Sponsored by: Jim Crump Escorted by: Richard Kincaid Diane Buchanan Sponsored by: Larry Estes Escorted by: Larry Earp 'iff' ,,..-4" ff, 4 2, ,, .1 -4,2 ,Styx . , ,MM W M e3,,,,.r V 5? id ng' - ,aff M., ,,. V' 6551- ' "'-Q.xg:f:.:.-'f-vg--v- --- .,.,. ,..w...x. ...,,.. f -M- 'Wf """'-.M-....,,, ,.. -0.---....,,.' iw mmm ' is 221 !+"f-4-If Q. GAMEWELL BLUE DEVILS Our 1960 Football season ended withawon-lost record of 6-3, which assured the Blue Devils of a third place standing in the conference. This year Coach Link had as his assistant, Coach Bill Chadwick, who did an excellent job of scouting the Blue Devil opponents. 52 . 5 A ff' A " MANAGERS . Boyd Haas 4 Gerald Sipes M 'pn .... V ,., R L COACHES Q Bill Link U Bill Chadwick First Row, L to R: Tommy Maynard, Ken Moss. Second Row: V Doug Triplett, David Eller, Jack Lail, Tom Bohler. Third Row: X ff f 1 :L -,M ' Jim Davis Jim McMillan Coach Bill Chadwick. 9 9 Mun V- 3 N N 5-:nv Larry Oliver, aggressive as usual, gets his man--a nine yard loss! X! Fha: 1 i 5 rv Marr 'husmwvnir ' im' 515'-at if-19-.e .,T"" WW , ,ff 3- ,gf Bill Moore Harold Huffman Ted Crowe Larry Campbell Eugene Moore THE West Wilkes Bunker Hill Bandys Kenneth Ward Fred T' Foam Hildebran Granite Falls Maiden Glen Alpine St. Stephens Larry Estes Darrell Cheek David Eller Tommy Bohler Wayne Shatley "Q"""W-- J 1m Watson Ken Moss Tommy Maynard Jim Crump Larry Oliver Aff Hr- 5 iinigwg SCOREBOARD Gamewell Gamewell Gamewell Gamewell John Hightower Gamewell Gamewell Gamewell Gamewell Gamewell Jack Lail Paul Moore Tom Crump Douglas Triplett Richard Holloway Lg. 759 ,B 0 x 43 Qgvvv-.r--nf Emma Shatley Linda Lail Mary Oliver Eva Butler Pat Townsend JoAnn Curtis I96O-I96I BLUE DEVILETTES Jackie Clay Joyce Ledwell Sarah Walker BASKETBALL TEAM Linda Sherrill Rita Robertson vQi"'Wf s..! M. R. Corpemng Coach Janic e Anderson 511,21 Stewart Story Harold Huffman Jim Watson Ted Crowe Gearld Sipes BLUE DEVIL 15 jdivff W1 Jerry Story one X 'ET' 'wgdfrans lcxfh ,,-4 -4r,:gv- Doug Crowe Bill Benfield Johnny Hightower BASKETBALL TEAM 0. .. ,,, W, VM, , pawns., Larry Campbell Larry Estes Bill Chadwick Coach Wilfred Beane F98 im, 'Uh Bill Link Coach l96I BASEBALL TEAM Ted Crowe Harold Huffman Larry Campbell Tommy Maynard Roy Sanders B111 Benfield Jim Watson John Hightower Larry Oliver -.1 4 I9 I S ., H -fz1.a':, .v,.. J unie Bradshaw Captain 6l TEDDY BEAR Paul Payne Junior Bishop James Clay John Amick Gary King ry W gg 'JV -is , ' ,,.. I ,. h , A 'f-me . ,J f -' .'fgf'.'w4,. , .hu ,. ff H. , v- 'vga .ax , . 1::'j"'5f1:vgf,ff'.,-'y. -"f 3 fr Y f ,-f?"'f .. ffm- W . 1 f if-f - f V 'ra--if he -, ,- . Zimfy -. w-1f,f1- , .za x,,4f..w" .,,,, ,, . ,.a -,-W - ' ' ,,.. .,. x ...Y e, . do , , f,,f.lY'Qf: Yi, Vw"Qv2 flu'-f - :ip . F , V A Jaffa 3.1- f.T'7Lgf4v , ff:-as My W: M., K -- . wan- f" ,- M .. a .. 1' ,,.Acff'f,4..- fp-fy-4,-sf' ffff- ,Aman . ., 1145 12 'uf :fjf 141, gi'f"!f V L Ji:-j.-f,, ' -: - Q' ' -M.-' ff, W, , ,, 0 .- v.....3,.. . .' . W- 1, .-if W off-: if 4 "' 7' Q3LT"'Q"1f1'1'?'y', fr5,gTLfN,g.'f V W .fa V 1 4 , X.- -f -W . .f---,ff ,,f,., ff - . - 1 1,1 ,fvsJ1'vf-i- . 4 rr., 1 f if ,fg:a.fjk5f.,g,::?5., 44 .fi :CQVILG zzfififw ef-323 ff 4 , 4 , . if .,, ' ,.., ff ,-, , J . 5 ,.,.,nfrJ Q55 1fi,,'.,qff 1. .12 " f mf 1 2 M fm ifgii? -J . on -ar i , If '.:i f ,- . Y., 'A Kenneth Shook Dennis McCa11 Howard Walker Kenneth Moore ! Oli vis V .'fw.x 'n, -gg 1 f V yu, ,ily 'Q , f Gary Knight Coach FOOTBALL TEAM Gary Bumgarner VN! Tommy Byerly Larry Moss Curtis Land Charles Bumgarner David Eggers Luther Setzer David Davis, Jr I '71 I " M f 1 -if Billy Tripietr . if ,M- i X l urn 124' Gary Kmght Coach Paul Payne Luther Setzer Gerald Summerow JR. HIGH BASKET J unie Bradshaw James Clay ,,......-..I l Bill Triplett Manager Charles Bumgarner Gary Bumgarner B A L L T E A M Tom Byerly Max Hoke Junior Bishop , 3 1 V 4 Q A . V M ' X x x x , A Y Q Y' X , Q Pat Ingram Linda Setz er Elizabeth Holman Gail White Brenda Lail Janet Hollar Margaret Setzer EUWQQ Cora Shatley Linda Main Mrs. Lillian Setzer Coach ,fn Nan Crump Linda Gentry JR. HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM E r WJ rf? 'f yi' Shirley Chester Yvonne Moore Brenda Maynard Rachel Rose Shirley Story Faye Combs Barbara Auton 'lv "wx 'X 'v- asm ' 0- . 5 , X w 1 K 'X UV' V . ' W v' uf ' 'i 'ww M T7 W 3 ii ji I A U B Q H3 2 X JUNIOR HIGH COACHES Mrs. Lillian K. Setzer - Mr. Gary Knight JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS Frances Houck - Libby Mikeal - Shirley Chester - Chief Mary June Clay - Brenda Lail - Janet Hollar ,4- 'he fn L, ' -Q-,1,Xz'5gvL.' ..:. - .-J' in-. M M ,A -.V 111.44 f2u:J,r-M., rdf. I. . k ta- CUSTODIANS Stella Kincaid - Thermon Penley LUNCHROOM STAFF Ruby Hollar, Mgr. - Anne Butler - Zora Greene Marie Chester - Mary Clay - Lonie Teeters x, l et your light so shine that others may see your good works ....... " no vexrrsrfve Compliments of THRIET FOOD CENTER "Quality Foods" Lenoir North Carolina Courteous Dependable Service Service Compliments of KENTWOOD GULF SERVICE Roger Craig, Owner Lenoir North Carolina Compliments of BLUE RIDGE ELECTRICAL MEMBERSHIP CORPORATION Dial PL 4-9439 104 North Mulberry Lenoir North Carolina Compliments of Compliments of DAVIS WOOD PRODUCTS CALDWELL FREIGHT LINES Lenoir, North Carolina Lenoir, North Carolina THE PRINTING HOUSE "Caldwell County's Own" "Printers---Publishers" LENOIR NEWS TOPIC 326 West Avenue Lenoir, North Carolina NEWTON TRANSFER CDMPANY Z 'E v ' PL 4-4516 Lenoir North Carolina milk 'o yakooh 45s fx .-fn fje fd jmw We M f cturing jewelers and Stationer E. L. HEDRICK EPRESENTATI CALOEWELL FURNITURE CCMPANY f 0 9 E F ' L Dial P1 4-4581 North C arlna SKYLAND TEXTIlE COMPANY "Home of Buster Brown Shirts" Morganton North Carolina DAYVAUlT'S DRUG STORE "Located Just Across From The Post Office . . . And Just As Reliable." Lenoir North Carolina DAVIS WOOD PRODUCTS COMPANY Manufacturers of Plywood and Dimension Stock PL 4-3032 P.O. Box 277 Lenoir, North Carolina PENNELL Sz HAIGLER, INC. General Contractors Lenoir, North Carolina PRICE'S FLOOR COVERING CO. Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of T HOMPSON- LIPE WHOLESALE Lenoir, North Carolina When you think of watch repair, engraving or jewelry think of BROTHER PEARSON J EWELER Compliments of EFIRDS' DEPARTMENT STORE Lenoir, North Carolina GL OBE HARDWARE Hunting Sz Fishing Licenses Lenior, North Carolina Compliments of HOME ELECTRIC COMPANY Electrical Contractors G. E. Appliances And T V 200 W. Harper Lenoir Compliments of WELCHES' MARKET Compliments of W. L. CLAY INS. COMPANY Compliments of THE FASHION SHOP Quality Fashions For Ladies W. Harper Avenue, Lenoir Compliments of LERNERS STORE "Buy MORE for LESS" Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of BOST LUMBER COMPANY Lenoir North Carolina Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of ARMY-NAVY STORE Jack Branche, Proprietor Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of HOOVER'S GULF SERVICE "Go-Gulf" E. Harper Avenue, Lenoir Compliments of MEN'S SHOP Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of LEFLER SEWING MACHINE CO Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of W. B. LINDSAY FURNITURE CO. Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of COURT HOUSE CONCESSIONS Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of A. D. HUFFINES Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of TEAGUES' FURNITURE Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of ECONOMY ATTTC SUPPLY Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of SASLOW'S CREDIT J EWELERS Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of CRUMPS BARBECUE Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of CROWELL'S Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of CENTRAL BARBER SHOP Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of ROCKI-IAVEN GARDENS Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of FOX TOLBERT CHEVROLET Granite Falls, North Carolina Compliments of HOUCK'S TRIM SHOP Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of PETERSON'S SHOE STORE Lenoir, North Carolina' Compliments of BRAWLEY'S JEWELRY Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of DOME DRIVE-IN Hudson, North Carolina Compliments of CALDWELL FARM SUPPLY Whitnel, North Carolina Compliments of BARRINGER OIL CO. Lenoir, North Carolina. Compliments of RAINEY JEWELRY Whitnel, North Carolina Compliments of EARL HALL USED CARS Lenoir, North Carolina. Compliments of E. Si W. MOTORS Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of LENOIR WOOD FINISHING CO. Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of NELSON OIL CO. Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of DIXIE PIG BAR-B-Q Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of COURTNEY'S DEPT. STORE Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of WINN-DIXIE Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of BUSH'S BARBER SHOP Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of LENOIR CLEANERS Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of CRUMP'S BARBECUE Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of COLLINS DEPT. STORE Lenoir, North Carolina. Compliments of ROSE'S 5- 10-159 STORE Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of BERNHARDT FURNITURE COMPANY Lenoir, North Carolina. Compliments of HAMMARY MANUFACTURING COMPANY Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of CARTER'S FRIENDLY FURNITURE MART "A Store of Values" Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of lENOIR ICE 8. FUEl COMPANY Ice-Coa1- Fuel Oil Kerosene Phone PL 4-7291 Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of HUIISUN CIITTIIN MANUFACTURING IIIIMPANY Hudson North Carolina CALDWELL IIUTTIIN MILL CUMPANY Hudson North Carolina. MIIIIRE IIIITTIIN MILL IIIIMPANY Lenoir North Carolina HAYES IIIITTIIN MILL CIIMPANY Lenoir North Carolina NIU-I-UAL SAVINGS 8. IDOAN CITIZENS SAVINGS 8. LOAN ASSOCIATION ASSOCIATION Lenoir The Home Builders' Friend North Carolina Savings Insured to 310,000 Accounts insured to S10,000. Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of CITY-SERVICE CLEANERS AND SMITHEY'S DEPARTMENT LAUNDRY STORE Lenoir, North Carolina Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of FIRST UNION NATIONAL BANK OF NORTH CAROLINA Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Lenoir North Carolina f Reach for 5 SW Ifs "'fff, -rg Tender Tested ,pile WSunbeam we ti W WALDENSIAN BAKERIES BAKERS OF SUNBEAM BREAD f" f I ' I ' -A b Compliments of BROYHILL FURNITURE FACTORIES Representing Lenoir Chair Co. Lenoir Furniture Corp Conover Furniture Company-Harper Furniture Company O. L. Broyhill Furniture Corporatio Lenoir, North Carolina Stampings Tools SL Dies Plating CIARANDUE MANUFACTURING COMPANY, INC Lenoir, North Carolina BLUE Bill INC. World's Largest Producer of Work and Play Clothes N PLaza 4-5371 Lenoir, N. C. NATIONAL VENEER COMPANY Manufacturers of Rotary Cut Veneers and Plywood Panels of Superior Quality Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of TRY-ONE SANDWICH COMPANY Hickory North Carolina Compliments of GREER FUNERAL HOME Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of CLAY CONSTRUCTION CO. Lenoir, North Carolina .it-i , ,YLALL 7,A, Meat Processing ---- Pork Curing Locker Service Freezer Supplies WEST AVENUE FOOD LOCKERS 8. MARKET Wholesale Ki Retail Meats PL 4-6101 .Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of BERNHARDT-SEAGLE CO. Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of TEAGUE FURNITURE CO. Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of BELK'S DEPT. STORE PL 4-5631 Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of NICK'S DRIVE-IN GRILL Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of SMITH PRINTING COMPANY, INC. Arts, Office Equipment, and Supplies Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of LENOIR ICE AND FUH COMPANY Ice-Coa1- Kerosene- Fuel Oil Phone PL-4-7291 Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of SHADOWLINE, INC. Morganton, North Carolina Compliments of Compliments of SMITH CROSSROADS, INC. STEELE RUI-ANE C0 Lenoir, North Carolina Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of Compliments of LENOIR STATIONERY STORE LENOIR DRUG co. Lenoir, North Carolina. Lenoir, North Carolina Plaza 4-9543 CARTFR'S FRIENDLY FURNITURE MART Factory Show Room Foster Carter South Bypass - 18 Highway Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of W. E. SHAW FURNITURE CO Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of BARGER-ASHE ROOFING CO Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of GUARANTEE STORE Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of ERVIN'S MEN SHOP Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of LENOIR INDUSTRIAL BANK Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of CALDWELL FREIGHT LINES Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of DAVIS' WOOD PRODUCTS Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of OAKBORO LUMBER CO. Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of HIBRITEN CHAIR CO. Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of LENOIR VENEER COMPANY Lenoir North Carolina Compliments of FAIRFIELD CHAIR CO. Lenoir North Carolina FAIRWAY SUPER MARKET, INC. FAIRWAY COIN LAUNDRY "One Stop Shopping" PL 4-7581 PL 4-9222 Compliments of ESTEP OIL CO. Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of OAKBORO LUMBER CO. Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of l QUALITY SUPER MARKET "Quality Foods" Lenoir, North Carolina Compliments of TOM BROOKS CHEVROLET, INC. Highway 321-A Whitnel Lenoir, North Carolina GAMEWELL RURITAN CLUB Fellowship -- Community Service -- Good Will Robert L. Amick Robert Poe Anderson John W. Clarke N. Henry Clay Grayson Coffey M. R. Corpening Clyde H. Goble Lloyd G. Helton Howard W. Holman Melvin R. Lutz Hughes R. Moore Ben R. Setzer N. Sharpe Sherrill W. Earl Storie Davis F. Tuttle Arthur D. Williams W. Wallace Davis Dorth Reichard Brown Whisnant J. Kincaid Stewart Robert Houck Charlie Melton Don Jensen Gary Knight Olin Storie William C. Link Arnold Spears W. Howard Beamon Lee Warnock Jack Swanson Ray P. Watson Bill Teague Howard C. Kincaid Roger McGirt Wallace Mikeal Keith S. Snyder Leonard Andrews Charlie L. Osborne Tracy H. Streater Willie F. Houck James C. McGarr Daniel Nelson Lewis Buchanan Joe Hoover James Melton Fredrick Beane Robert Crisp Roger Craig .J Qegumarm 1 ,1'1" 1' I I'1.i,: luxivm " 1 1 1 ,r -.v 1. 1 1 1 7 Q ij-"lf .Sw . 421121. fff 4 1' -"5 Q , :'11'.,f '1' 1,,1:ux. 1. !Qf": '51, 'mx-g.,1 1 1 1 ,Y , .15-34 ,. .. 15' ls,.-K .1 iff 1 " 1.1 .,,. 2 315.515 52.1 J if 'S .ny '4 . . FH' .L - 1 1.1 .- HN' . u,1v, an , 1. 'H, E, O1 ,,, I 'fm I I- J 1 ,MW ',,,:,,. ',.,: L, , 1 1 A ", '1,' 1 1-If 1 .' M1111 1 71111 lf.: - 1 1 R,-IIQQY '. 1'::Q-f, N ' 1.' 0.1.1 4 lx: " " .WW ,yI4"':'.,,-'ww 1 1:4 x . -v1 '- f , ..1..- I 1 1, .. 1 1 1 1 1 1 11' 114'J 1.1-ny-.. - 1 1 1 II11 1 X 11 , 1 1,1 1 I W tw 1 x 1.,1 X , -11 L, ,1 1 1z., 1 1 1 1' A Y x 1 ' ',111.1f1'.'- at 2 . ,. 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Suggestions in the Gamewell Collettsville High School - Devils Diary Yearbook (Lenoir, NC) collection:

Gamewell Collettsville High School - Devils Diary Yearbook (Lenoir, NC) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Gamewell Collettsville High School - Devils Diary Yearbook (Lenoir, NC) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Gamewell Collettsville High School - Devils Diary Yearbook (Lenoir, NC) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Gamewell Collettsville High School - Devils Diary Yearbook (Lenoir, NC) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Gamewell Collettsville High School - Devils Diary Yearbook (Lenoir, NC) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


Gamewell Collettsville High School - Devils Diary Yearbook (Lenoir, NC) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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