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Gamewell Collettsville High School - Devils Diary Yearbook (Lenoir, NC) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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4: - Eiyg '4' ' . , P in ggi' Tfffjbz- wi ,iid ' . E gtk 1-iff I ,, ,L G--lun, -. I - J-1, . , , r '5 I , A.. vi " f r rg... A 'rx ,, ,Q J., 5 - 1. .1 4- . 1 , " ,.g- . . '. A X i f-+1 f , ,g:,.:vf.-1:55 ,F 4? 3 f 4 xv- 3-QL. Q YA ,,. 'Y V .LA ' m H e V W L f N . , . ,L 5 we J 1 A J M i Q Y :ni . PQ" , I I Q F Q V A 4 ll I h 1 1 :- A Q Q Q Y 2 'Q 3- f'5-,lo-1. - ,.,., . f 142. ' 4 "fn 'Ya -"BZ: Ji-.v-pa-,..., . - ' P ,J 1.:4""if' 1.-. 131 , -..... ,'f:'lf'4'-.1 5 ,,5t,,'ffaf L- , , ., ..,,, -,., ., .U , 1 -- H. Ag, .-1. 3.-1 1 -- ,- QW-'x4'f!R, , - E " fc . gf?!',f:1' 1 ilj. -T.-f55QfI'fvL3,gg,' fg 5 . , if-1:5 -- r 'x.-If 1 xiii' - "5 ' 'Fi-' 5"f' 'I ' 'Z ' rx A ff FY A j4 4f - ,. ' ' ' "' ' - V'-QFQEQ .Jgii -7 M Q- .1 - Mhz:-1,32 -Y-.f.-1, .P -.f'f" .fi--"P 3 'f' -lQ',Q1,L . . Q iiffgiwgg 1 !"""'.., ,. , ., , QF'-I L Q 1,5145 5.3 'ff -2' -- ,gi ' s .gi 'Higgs ' . V -g'.y, gf- Iii Y ' f .V 1: w , J. -- Aif' ,F ,. ',,'v:-.s' 'y-ug r. 14:4 ' .ffZi"T'f'2f A 3,r.,s..' :i xl Y :' , . . .5 . ,w ' y ,' 4' l .- Toi- .I ,A W Nz w ' Q-gP.', 3-,fl ,M W U WQXOIZGJ Hfvfnpcavbg xg? Mig? . Q X? XT WMM 1 giyffiwe if Ei M 3 gf 2 3 EK Q2 SS? if 2 E UL, S 2? E Wai EQQOCQ5 i.WmE9J,A,,jAJE Rik E? FEW Us Cf 32,1232 ig 352 gg li S ELS 22 Q E QWWW 24.0 .9 36.4, ,427-.5,,g, up 1 E Jia-Jyf-M. 6144? min L77 fd MW, 2 W ff? ! fd Z AMW 4,-0 74- 715 XM, LW WJ' M755 ' fAff'0f?fiZ 'MM V w34fz ,f fAp fw7J9N7,fgf3fiif,,f'T,g1'ZN7flJLfWfM fM62'h? fp. ww 'W ,f,Sx.f X47 Aff! Pvfafaql' 7 J AQQ, 2, gin ,MV M0f.fd J WM W fZf,Lf WV ,ffdfakodff AQMCQQQEF A wwf' ,Q2p,40,4 M, 4l,.f g,,,, P 1 , .e 1 I xx! Him ,.... THE GULDEI1 EH6 E pum,4.,.1 12, 7fae Senlcm GZLZ44 of GAMEWELL HIGH SCHOOL Lenoir, Norih Carolina X f - .f Jw, nf Lawe Leap. ,V4-LQ! ff 1f3.,7Q,f-k ff' v 5 lf' . Vgffivn Lib' ,X f yifvfgjcgfji?-f4!f ' 1-Af" fx , ' v4 I A A X' 'MQ-X KJ- X X , ,V , f Q fc X xg' f tw! Q NX 1 - Y V X, . S fl. N5' . X Q. 1, f Rx, Q6 - ,. K 'H ffm- - E V In ' ' sr' N a t ff--A ff gtg' fl 'r . H M, - 5 ' K my - "1 f' vl l if ll l I ml t I If "xx LS 5. ff -I' lb X" ,fl ,I rf 4 7 f' 'tl ' ,W I l - Y Q . . . . . ill I x nl MP ,X FUREIUURD We the Semors of Gamewell H1gh School leave thls Annual ln the hope that lt w1ll m latter years return to all a true plcture mamfested ln the achlevements of our hlgh school days. Every one who owns th1s, the 1954 "GOLDEN EAGLE, " should handle lt tenderly because 1n It are v1v1d memones of your most cherlshed moments at Dear Ole Gamewell I-hgh. W To a talented teacher who has given freely of his time and energy to make this annual possible . . . to a sympathetic and understanding friend who has helped us overcome many problems . . . to a real pal who has made our senior year interesting and worthwhile . . . to a wise guide who has helpedus become better citizens. In grateful appreciation for his sympathetic interpretations of the thoughts of youth, we, the Class of 1954, gratefully dedicate this edition of THE GOLDEN EAGLE to Mr. Howard William Holman, GOLDE EAGLE OFFICERS Bob McGarr Editor -In-Chief Burla M. Clay Assistant Literary Editor Rayvaughn Kincaid Photo and Art Editor Bobby Watson Photo and Art Editor Freeda Greene Assistant Editor-In-Chief Norma Jean Moore Business Manager Shirley W. Church Literary Editor L HDIHIHISTHHTIUH Q I, Q rl I' I, ,gg-as--- M.. V-I -W 'wg L X XJ x PRINCIPAL MARY SUE MCCURRY Home Economics JOHN L, MCCURRY Citizenship World History Mathematics FRANCES B. McNULTY English, Spanish LENA MAYBERRY English JOHN C. RADER JOHN R. HEWAT BENJAMIN R. SETZER HOWARD W. HOLMAN Chemistry Science, Citizenship Geometry Commercial Science, Biology Physical Education English, History ' X Xett Doris Trip 'NI ice -?r e sident Bob NYcGarr ?residexw OYYXCERS B1 akeiie OraXee Reporter L-oxyce 'Y r easur ST DE TCO UNCKL John L Faculfyniccufrv dvisor Ralph Winc he ster, Jr. Claude T. Greene Edward M. Eller Pauline Gough Hele n Robbins Aretta White Nixon Williams Emily Moore Georgia S. Crump Jerry McFe1ea 9 NING ROOM PERSONNEL Luc Setzer D1 rs. Ann Butler, Mrs. Ruby Hollar, Mrs. y Mrs Clarisa Clay, Mrs. I.-onia Teeters. scx-10 Mrs, ,g:gCIlJISToD1ANs E ' rs- Kincaid rnest Penley sfmuras LEM ,PH R P75 n.'i ' 'F ,ff , -,- . 'V ..1 . Iv . 'xldia MASCOTS , I 'lb' 3 ,7- ink. ' TY? l Donna Triplett SENIOR CLASS Bob McGarr ......... President Doris Triplett .... Vice -President Helen Bryant ....... . Secretary Norma Jean Moore .... Treasurer Jerry Triplett Shirley Campbell , , Store Manager OFFICERS Nu .v fi' RV 'A f. . 155' l 'H f' :Eua- Fri" -1 rim 6 ,.,. ag 1 '-ry ' S K 681' we - ' i.-:,"':r'A-KEbik,. pa - -, V, A ,, ,rw , f W vm "Lightning" JAMES BENFIELD Allied Youth 3,45 Spanish Club 4. ie' "Cowboy" 'I Iulmiull 3 IIN NED M. BOYD 4-H Club 1,25 Class Officer 25 Football 35 Baseball 3,45 Bus Driver 45 Homecoming Escort 4. l ! ,f-,, 4 f . 1 3 5 N "Angel" 54 LOIS BROWN Allied Youth 3,45 Spanish Club 4. 105553 C9 "Tomato" And what a IOTIIBTO SHIRLEY CAMPBELL Basketball lg Allied Youth 3,45 Beta Club 3,45 Senior Store Manager 45 Marshall 35 Glee Club 35 lka- matics 35 Miss Gamewell High 15 Homecoming Attendant 45 May Day Attendant 25 Miss Hi Miss 4. c "S "Baby-Face" ALMA BOWMAN 1-'Q' qi -gr 11 n,l', i " Dominecker' ORALEE BRAKEFIELD Allied Youth 3,45 Basketball 1,2,35 Student Council 45 Class Officer 25 Cheerleader 3. tilt "Right Approach" BRYAN T 2,3,45 Class Officer 4 Buck H' ' Conference 4. EW "Chickenneck" snmmr crxmsx Glee Club 1,2,3. to ill Falls Allied "Rub " 3 5 Y mfs, N SHIRLEY CHURCH Allied Youth 2,3,45 Beta Club 3,45 Cheerleader 35 Dramatics 35 Class Officer 15 Glee Club l,2,35 Marshall 35 Annual Staff 45 Paper Staff 3,45 Senior Store Clerk 4, f ba f ,t I "Tater" CLAUDE GREENE 4-H Club 15 Student Council 2,45 Football 35 Baseball 3,45 Bus Driver 3,45 May Day Escort 35 Homecoming Escort 4. i "Hiawatha" WATHA HENSLKY Allied Youth 3,45 Glee Club 3, 'Moose Face" 0 f y QW WILLIAM KENT Allied Youth 3,45 Giee Club 1,2,a5 4-H Club 1,25 Bus Driver 3,45 Foot- bali l,2,3,45Basebal1 1,2,a,45Basker ball l,2,3,45 Delegate to Buck Hill Falls Allied Youth Intemational Conference 4. sus, Q 3 "Six Cell" BURLA M, CLAY Allied Youth 2,3,45 Beta Club 3,45 Basketball 1,25 Cheerleader 35 Class Officer 25 Dramatics 35 Glee Club 2, 35 Assistant Store Manager 45 Annual Staff 45 Paper Staff 354, - - i "Tackle" FREEDA GREENE Glee Club 2,35 Beta Club 3,45 Allied Youth 3,45 Annual Staff 45 Senior Store Clerk 4, ,f ..Kaw1ige.. l l-, vw ,' 1 'N if ty. mfr., 7 ' , at , .','f,' 11751411 1 v ,,-421,27 ., 1, ,V , 2 44 A ' X r, s F' ' , NWT,- gm IAMES HIGHTOWER 4-H Club l, 25 Dramatics 35 Beta Club 3, 45 Class Officer 15 Allied Youth 3,45 Football 3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Baseball l,2,3,45Paper staff 45 Assistant Football Manager 2. tv ill iulluli 1 " Toy Soldier' DONALD KINCAID Allied Youth 3,45 Beta Club 45 4-H Club 1,25 Annual Staff 45 Assistant Store Manager 45 Paper Staff 45 Bus Driver 3,45 Baseball l,2,3,45 Basket- ball 1,2,3,45 Football 2,3,45 Glee Club l,2,35 Delegate to Buck Hill Falls Allied Youth lntemational Conference 4. ' Q - -V 4" 0 'Vitamin 'D"' I' VIAVDEE KINCAID Cheerleader 35 Allied Youth 2,3,45 Spanish Club 45 Dramatics 35 Glee Club 1,2. "Kit Carson" GINGER MCCALL Allied Youth l,2,3,45 Basketball 1, 25 Cheerleader 35 Delegate 'to Buck Hill Falls Allied Youth International Conference 45 Dramatics 3, Home- ioming Attendant 35 Class Officer "Yea! Zack's Fork" DOROTHY MOORE Allied Youth 2,3,45 Beta Club 3,45 Cheerleader 3,4, 57. 'l F-'46 fl' '-'U , VU- "' .s - r ' ru ul. tx I ' . .. 1 fr V FY. I . tl. -, As H 1 I "Sammy" DOUGLAS OLLIS Dramatics 35 Bus Driver 3.4. lf ,,, f' nu " s "Engaged" HARLENE KI.NG Allied Youth 3 ,45 Dramatics 35 Spanish Club 4, HICKORY ,5,..fs -1: -nv--9 - -L in ,,, Y I, ' nr yff .1 --f ff ' er, I -gi vw- - mf fxfrfufxi "Fruit Cake" BOB MCGARR Class Officer l,2,3,45 Student Council 2, V-President 3, President 45 Allied Youm 3,45 sem Club a, 45 Football 3,45 Chief Marshall 35 4-H President 25 Senior Store Clerk 45 Editor-in-Chief Annual 45 Paper Staff 3,45 Assistant Football Manager 25 Spanish Club 4. ,ii n edits ' NORMA J, MOORE ClassOfficer 1,3,45 Student Council 2,35 Beta Club 3,45 Allied Youth 3,45 Glee Club l,2,35 Cheerleader 1 , 2 , 3 , 45 Marshall 3, Girl's State Representative 35 Homecoming Queen 35 May Day Attendant 1,35 Homecoming Attendant 45 Annual Staff 45 Paper Staff 3,45 Senior Store Clerk 4, If '-, If I ,' ' 8 D' I V- ! V lsr- ' 1 'Old Maid' SHIRLEY REICHARD Allied Youth 3,45 Glee Club 2.3. "Su'ing-bean" PAUL M. SORRELLS Vice President 3,45 Beta Club 3,45 Future Teachers Club 45 Delegate to Beta Convention 35 Language Club 35 Music Club 15 Presidentlr, Business Club 35 Project chairman of Beta Club 45 Franklin High School 1,2,3. 1 35, iw " Slick Chick" WAYNE TRIPLETT Allied Youth 3,45 Football 1,2,35 Baseball 1,25 4-H Club 1,25G1ee Club l, 1 P ,1 , lg v .W ,,. L f , , in--f ,wif "Man Bait" DORIS TRIPLETT Class Officer 1,3,45 Allied Youth 2,3,4g Beta Club 45 Dramatics 35 Basketball 1,25 Delegate to Buck Hill Falls Allied Youth International Conference 45 Cheerleader 35 Marshall 35 Student Counci12J,3,45 Miss Gamewell High School 45 May Day Attendant 1,31 Paper Staff 4g Homecoming Attendant '2. if 4' 1 sg? L, "Hot Rod" Escort 4. 0,1 Z:-1-.. b ln, ii'-iff 1'1- nspeedy.. BOBBY WATSON Beta Club 3,4g Dramatics 35 Bus Driver 3,45 Allied Youth 3,41 Foot- ball2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,45 Base- ball 1,2,3,45 4-H Club 1,25 Annual Staff 45 Paper sraff 4. f if I A I 'Nl " HI:-gvyl 5 RALPH L, WINCHESTER, IR. 4-H Club 1,2,35 Dramatlcs 35 Student Council 4. DAVID L. WARREN Student C o u n c il 25 Homecoming .lunmns V af A " V X Thomas Saunders , C7 My Y Pre sident ' Q H54 M V' , I 'A f' Q Robert Littlejohn V. 1Ce -President Wilma Buchanan Reporter Jane Watson Secretary-Treasurer SS OFFICERS l Dorothy Adkins Wayne Buchanan Wilma Buchanan Herbert Bumgarner UN IOR Eugene Campbell Loyce Clay Peggy Coffey Louise Conley John Corpening Shelby Crowe f,.,,nm ,X U QQ 55+ 'hr it, Si! John Davis Edward Eller Billy Gragg Doris Greene be UNIGR John T. Greene McCall Greene Sylvia Greene Loretta Hollar Linda Houck Margaret Jones in.. 'De Robert Littlejohn James L. Martin Dllell MCCBJ1 Mary Alice McCall UNIOR Mary Melton Doris Mikeal Ethel Naile Charles Prestwood Robert Sanders Thomas Saunders . x " 42- ,- J ii- reel Hazel Setzer Bill Sherrill Pauline Spicer Marilyn Stafford knu- i JU IORS Martha Walker Floyd Watters Mary Jane Watson Jane Watson Aretta White Shirley White 43 N SUPHUIHUHES Robert Chandler Secretary-Treasurer Wilma Beach Walter Benfield Georgia Nell Bowman Martha Rae Brakefield Louise Branch Grady Bumgarner Betty Jean Campbell Billy Campbell OFFICERS Ruth Lutz Wayne Kincaid President Vice-President SOPHOMORE CLASS has i Macon Holloway Reporter 'fhzw' 'N-0. 705 SOPHO ORES Shirley Caudle Shelby Cheek Carolyn Clark James Clark Barbara Coffey Davis Coffey Mary Ellen Coffey Alan Craig Shirley Earp Charles Eckenrod Christine Friesland Pauline Gough Wx Q ii K, 2 Lois I-Iarnby Wanda Harris Charlie Harrison Robert Hendrix Peggy Houck Joyce Kincaid Kay Kincaid Kenneth Kincaid Wayne Kincaid Mary Sue Lefevers Ruth Lutz Faye Mabe he 1 A ,51 1 .,:gi,,Lf:fEi':g5,:E5:ifff' . ,155- S ' Jfn., bi f , If E, , ill,"-ri K4LK.M x V W x is 1 Shirley Sanders Charles Smith Bruce Staten Ray Storie Carl Story, Jr. Edward Townsend Larry Ward Clyde Warren Geneva Webb Nixon Williams Richard Winkler Shelby Winkler 1 Yly 7' F may 01, .. "fl v, K xl. 35, "PN 'vu ri. 'W 15 ATN 4 fs-vi 4,-V1 'gsm if W K Q. fm' 'I Q! SOPHO ORES Carolene McCall Flora Mae McCall Juanita Mikeal Linda Mikeal Mary Moore Sue Nichols Lois Oliver Louise Ollis Iris Poarch Mary Alice Pope Edward Richards Helen Robbins if mi, if Z?-5 ua, 'QM' K X' 'lr S is . ip, -X FHESHHIEH Tzu v 4 FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS 4" Georgia Sue Crump-Reporter Syretha Weatherford-V.-President Bw f' Q .,,, ,A Jerry McFe1ea-President Lewis Buchanan-Sec.-Treasurer FRESH E James Anderson Mavis Beane Kenneth Benfield Marlene Brooksh Dennis Brown Eloise Brown Lewis Buchanan Joanne Cardwell Sue Cardwell Billy Carswell Jewel Cikanek Lora Collins ire L 'EK qt f w 'wP"SV5,'l,, wa, 4: Q.. , 3, 09 . '.Zilf"' Q, 2 :Wray L Y xggglsig if Ai ,B f. M . ' ir'-w . , "uf ' L nsars C ..,:.,.., 'Qin .NZ , . ,LJ I .a,. it 5 B -, ...M ' ' f Q43 :L mv- 1, MAA, ill? n W bg ' l 1... ' aw' wal M 'CT' 'N-Q, FRESHMEN 1'r' aa Joanne Conley Georgia Sue Crump Hunter Crump Anne May Eckenrod Jean Forte June Forte Kenneth Gragg Judy Greene Nell Greene Roy Greene Shirley Greene Izola Hamby Claude Hampton Allan Hartley John Herold Paul Hightower James Hinson Arvie Houck Willie Sue Houck Shirley King Duane Kirby Wilma Kirby Dennis Looper Danny McCall FRESHMEN lei! , F ,Filing 4, ,,5gef,-,E V, if V- je ,gk Mm . A Q lax . 4, is x Q 5 S t S 5, af ra- ,A5 . n "'I4lii ,f ':ifsQ:f:,:f. , 'r..'5"' Mary Mikeal Emily Moore Stella Parsons 'T' Rachel Pope Billy Shatley ia 45 M Q, Sw ,,, xx ,- S W - ,lt Q Q ' s. 1 llol .. l Magalene Shatley Billy Shuffler Carl Smith Emma .lane Smith Mary Lou Southard Dorothy Suddreth Peggy Surnmerow f Mary Ruth Taylor Billie Sue Teague John Truesdale fth- - K.. William Turnmire Clyde Walker John Warren Evelyn Watson Myrna Watson Rebecca Watson Syretha Weatherford Howard Winkler Carolyn White FEHTURES ' n I , P P ' n r I r 1 , . 1 r 4 L 1 u I 1 J V 4 - f - Y --1 - - - v v HOME CGMING uf XERCISES HOECOI g.,J,.'r5 ,"x . 'i f ' lv- ' v ' v.Ug,g,., fl , "Mi 'W' 4 ,Va '4- EX ,, fs ,bm Q . ERCISES WMMWMQQ Gm - A '- EMW THQ: SM sww wg - M1 2m3"gww fi wg ' " . gjiiff if ' 373 - 'Q' 'Q f '! kw 'qbww JF, V N'-4' f QA V A S K' , f 1 4 - ' . ,f I., t , .,. ,-"JL rt ! is M Hi .i w 5 5 i 4 1 f K is .. , A "J-flf' wwf.. ,,,gg1,1 A 1 ,L A ? L K H 4 ' ..., K W?Q, yjqf' xffggv. 1 Q ' i in -'mi r -rw. L . HW was fel, k gg! ' xv X 9 x AEKJK, xr' J? :in ' . igmy -z , - af Hx 53 5 3 5 x fi, fi 'ik l D wwf 1' 4 . , N .. is , an KM' ' P31 Q f. '1' J w .4 Q wx - Q X .W-xx wx Q f fm " if ,VLII is 'T K 2 'QS " Q CLASS HISTORY In the fall of 1942, seventy-four starry-eyed boys and girls assembled to begin their tasks as students at Dear Ole Gamewell. We were all strangers to each other at first, but after the first few days we were as one big family. We learned the three important R's whichare Readin, Ritin, and Rithmetic and were then ready for our grammar grades which meant harder work but also more parties and participating in school athletics. These grades required more study and harder work than the previous primary grades but with determination we moved on with only one goal in mind--to reach the top. We entered the eighth grade in the fall of 1949. This was to be our last year in grade school. The highlight of this year was our trip to Asheville by bus. We had a wonderful time. Our re- turn trip by train was an exciting and new experience for most of us. In the fall of 1950, sixty-nine students started a new phase in school life, our first year in high school. We began this year in practically the same manner as in the fall of 1942. We were all anxious and had waited a long time to hear ourselves be called Freshmen. We had to adapt ourselves to the new system of studying. We began the process of changing classes and having a number of teachers which was all new to us. During this term we lost thirteen of our fellow students. We began our Sophomore year with a bang. We had a total of fifty-five boys and girls. During this year we had a greater number of parties and began to participate in more activi- ties. We became members of different clubs. One of the most important events of this year was a trip to Asheville, where we visited the Biltmore Estate and Dairy. The grounds, furnish- ings, and buildings were fascinating and it proved to be a trip we will never forget. We went by bus and returned tired but enthused and excited. We left for our summer vacation anxious for our return when we would be Juniors, another step higher toward our goal--the top. In the month of September, 1952, we entered our third year of high school with a class of forty-six. We were Juniors now with more determination and eagerness to go on. During this year some of us had ability enough to meet the requirements for the Beta Club. This is an Hon- or Club and we were very proud to be among its members. The highlights of this year were our Junior Play and the Junior-Senior Banquet. Our play was a big success and drew a huge crowd. We had a great deal of fun presenting the play. We worked like busy bees preparing for the banquet and it proved to be worth all the efforts we had put forth. The night of May 14th will always hold a special place in our hearts because it was our first formal party. This was a thrill-packed night for everyone. It was a big success, although, while all of this was going on, our thoughts were of the next year, the biggest of all--our Senior year. Now, the great day we had waited for, September Z, 1953. We were Seniors! We began the year with thirty-two students. We lost three during the year, but we also gained one. We had a great deal of fun this year, more parties and thrill-packed events. But our biggest aim now is our trip to Washington, which will be our last trip together. We had the Senior Store to help us toward this trip. We worked very hard but it was worth the effort. With the help of our teachers, friends, husbands, and parents,we are getting ready for our long awaited graduation day. We want to show them that their help and advice has not been in vain and has been deeply appreciated. As we graduate, our old friend, determination, is still with us, and we will never part with it. As we leave we want to say that we feel that we have reached our goal--the top! We are prroud oil our principal, faculty, parents, and friends who have done so muchin helping us achieve is goa . To the "uprising" Senior Class of '54 and '55 we leave our hope and wishes for their success as Seniors and on through life. SHIRLEY CHURCH BURLA CLAY .51 . l CLASS PROPHECY It was a fearful, stormy night when Rayvaughn Kincaid, a traveling salesman for the Fuller Brush Company, was traveling from the Carolinas through California on a business tour. He was just approaching the outskirts of the city of San Francisco when he ran out of gas. He got out of his 1964 Cadillac and made his way through the bad storm to the nearest house. It was an elaborate cottage surrounded by beautiful grounds. He rang the door bell, and to his sur- prise, who answered but Ralph Lacy Winchester, Jr! Ralph invited him in and Rayvaughn, being so surprised, forgot his car. They went into the den, where Ralph's wife and freckled faced twins were watching television. After the introductions the butler brought the tea and then they began talking over old times. Rayvaughn said, "What kind of business are you in out here, Ralph? " "Oh, I'm the president of the First National Bank in San Francisco now. This is my fourth year with the bank. And by the way, what are you doing out here ?" replied Ralph. "The company I am working for, which is the Fuller Brush, sent me out here on a business tour of the West coast," answered Rayvaughn. "Oh yes," said Ralph, "I received a letter from one of our old classmates last week, Doug OlIis." Rayvaughn asked, "What did he have to say and what is he doing now? I haven't seen him since we finished school." "He and Ned Boyd own a chicken farm in Wilkes County. I understand by his letter that they have a very profitable business," said Ralph. "Oh, that reminds me, while Iwas on vacation inMexico a couple ofweeks agoI ran across Shirley fCampbelll and Bill Kent who were also vacationing there with their three children," said Rayvaughn. "Well, so Shirley and Bill did get marriedg I always figured they would. And, by the way, what is Bill doing now?" asked Ralph. "He is working for the Southern Railway and has been for some time." replied Rayvaughn. "They told me they flew down by way of the T, W. A. Airlines--and guess who was stewardess on their plane ?" "I don't know," said Ralph, "Who'? " "Doris Triplett. You remember how she use to dream of having that job. They said that Doris said she was still keeping in contact with Ginger McCall, who is now a head nurse at the City Hospitalin New Orleans, Louisiana. Neither of them is married yet." answered Rayvaughn. Ralph said, "Did you know that Bob Watson also lives near here ?" "No, I didn't," said Rayvaughn. "Is he in business out here ?" "Yes," said Ralph. "He is head football coach at San Francisco High School." Rayvaughn said, "When I was home last, in Lenior, Ora Lee Brakefield and her husband dropped by the house just for a brief visit. They said they were on their way to pick up little Roy, Jr. who was attending kindergarten. Ora Lee said Freeda Greene was the teacher there now." Rayvaughn said, "Did you know Helen Bryant and her husband own a ranch in Colorado?" No, I didn't," answered Ralph. Well they do, and I hear that they are doing very well, "That sure is fine," said Ralph. "Does Alma Bowman still work at Rose's ? " asked Ralph, "No," said Rayvaughn. "She isn't in Lenior any more. She has been transferred to Greens- boro, where she is manager. Oh, and by the way--you remember Burla Clay, don't you? Well, she has worked herself up to a head nurse at the John Hopkins Hospital in Maryland." "I think that is a wonderful occupation." said Ralph. "I think so too," replied Rayvaughn. "Come to think of it, when have you seen Shirley Church?" asked Ralph. "Oh! yes, I met her while I was in New York last month," said Rayvaughn. "She won a talent show, and from that she is now under contract with Perry Como. She also has her own Television Show." Ralph asked, "Did Paul Sorrells ever become a minister ?" "Yes, and a very fine one, I understand," said Rayvaughn. "He is pastor of the First Baptist Church in Charlotte at the present." Rayvaughn said, "I went to see Wayne Triplett in the hospital the other night. I heard he had an accident in his car, but was not seriously injured. CLASS PROPHECY While I was there, Watha Hensley and Shirley Reichard came in. I was surprised to see them, and I found out that they were working as telephone operators in Char1otte." Ralph asked, "Did Jim Hightower ever get married?" "Oh yes," replied Rayvaughn. He married a girl from Elizabethton, Tennessee, where he was working onaproject for the Government. He is still in Government work. They have a home on the out-skirts of Elizabethton and have one little boy." Rayvaughn said, "I read in the paper that Norma Jean Moore had been home on a short visit with her family. She is working as a private secretary for some big company in Raleigh,N. C." Ralph answered, "That's good. I always figured she would be good for that type of work." Ralph asked, "Whatever became of Bob McGarr?" "Oh! he is a professor in an ROTC College in Georgia," said Rayvaughn. I understand he is married also. "Where are Viavdee Kincaid and her husband living now?" asked Ralph. "Roy has become an Admiral in the navy and Viavdee is living at a navy base in Virginia," replied Rayvaughn. Rayvaughn said, "While on one of my trips through Asheville, I delivered some products to Dorothy Moore. I didn't know she lived there, but I found out she had been living there for some time and is also married with six kids." Ralph said, "Oh! I read in the paper that Lois Brown was among the missionaries that went to China last month." "Yes, thats right," said Rayvaughn. "I think it is wonderful, don't you?" "I sure do," replied Ralph. "I was in the Thrift Food Center when I was home last," said Rayvaughn, "and guess who is the manager there now?" "James Benfield. He has been the manager there for the past two years and he sure makes a good one. All the boys like to work for him, I understand," said Rayvaughn. Ralph said, "Last summer I took the twins to the city swimming pool for swimming lessons and guess who was the instructor ? " "I wouldn't know," said Rayvaughn. "Who was it?" "Claude Greene. I know you remember him, the one who always sat in the back ofthe class- room and worried and aggravated the teachers," replied Ralph. "Oh, yes," said Rayvaughn. "I sure do remember. We had a lot of fun with him." Rayvaughn said, "I saw Shirley Cikanek the other day. She told me she had just returned from Europe with her husband, who is a foreign correspondent for a New York newspaper. They have a home in New York and are raising a big family." "Ralph, Harlene King married a doctor from New Hampshire and is now occupied as a laboratory technician in a hospital where he works." said Rayvaughn. "'Ihat's remarkable," said Ralph. "By the way, what in the world ever became of David Warren, Rayvaughn? " "Oh, he is a Buick-Cadillac dealer in Michigan, That is where I bought my car. My good- ness, speaking of cars, that is what brought me here in the first place. Mine is sitting down the road not far from here out of gas," explained Rayvaughn. "Oh, well, then, we must do something about itg but won't you spend the night with us, since it is so late ? " asked Ralph. "That's very nice of you," replied Rayvaughn, "but I'm afraid I'l1 have to turn down the offer, since I haven't long to stay and was just passing through." Ralph helped him get his car started and Rayvaughn drove off with memories fresh in his mind of his old school days at Ole Gamewell High. SHIRLE Y CHURCH BURLA CLAY CLASS WILL We, the Senior Class of 1954, wish to leave to Mr. Corpening our deepest appreciation for his help and understanding throughout our school years. To the faculty we leave the rising Senior Class, hoping that they will make an outstanding class. We also leave our thanks to the teachers for their advice and guidance throughout our school life at Gamewell. The Seniors wish to leave their most treasured traits to the following students: I, Lois Brown, do will my quiet ways to Marilyn Stafford. I, Rayvaughn Kincaid, sadly will my pearly white teeth to Bill Sherrill. I, Doris Triplett, do will my ability to eat waffers to Peggy Coffey. I, Bob McGarr, do will my short, graceful figure to Thomas Saunders. I, Shirley Campbell, do will my blond hair to Mary Melton. I, Bill Kent, do will my burr haircut to Wayne Buchanan. I, Claude Greene, do will my curly hair to Grover Eller, 1 I, Helen Bryant, do will my height to Linda Houck. We, Dorothy Moore and Freeda Greene, do will our giggles to Margaret Jones and Louise Conley. I, Oralee Brakefield, do will my ability to get married young to Loretta Hollars. I, David Warren, do will my 38-Ford to Duell McCall, I, Burla Clay, do will my short hair to Wilma Buchanan. I, Alma Bowman, do will my mischievious ways to Mary Alice McCall. I, Ned Boyd, do will my 40-Ford coupe and my ability to drive it to Robert Sanders. I, James Benfield, do will my seat in the back of the room to Floyd Watters. I, Shirley Church, do will my ability to play the piano to Sylvia Greene. I, Norma Moore, do will my position as head cheerleader to Mary Jane Watson. I, Watha Hensley, do will my Geography notes to Dorothv Adkins, I, Jim Hightower, do will my athletic ability to Charles Prestwood. I, Bob Watson, do will my tremendous speed to Mac Greene. I, Wayne Triplett, do will my hot-rod ways to Herby Bumgarner. I, Ralph Winchester, do will my ability to drive 57 to Bobby Littlejohn. I, Douglas Ollis, do will my ability to take them and bring them back safe to John Corpening. I, Ginger McCall, do will my grouchy ways to Doris Greene. Shirley Reichard, do will my ability to eat all I can without getting fat to Doris Mikeal, Viavdee Kincaid, do will my wedding band to Pauline Spicer. I, Paul Sorrells, do will my long legs to James Martin. I, Shirley Cikanek, do will my short figure to Jane Watson. I, Harlene King, do will my diamond ring to Pauline Spicer. I. I. 7 F LL FESTIVA 4 F ,www ,, 5 ? f 7,71-. Jana! Wim ameweff .!Ji9A Paul Hxghtower Dons Trxplett LTY MR. AND MISS PRIMARY GRADE Mary June Clay Dick Waddell MR. AND MISS GRAMMAR GRADE Brenda Houck Darius Anderson 1. 5 if .3 f Best Personality Most Popular E B est Lo uf Quiete st X. Best Sport Most Original Most Athletic mos' Co uf 'eos S Best A11 Around Most Ambitious Most Likely to Succeed Most Intelligent :rv Ye- lnm' ffitfff' 41 QW' Wx 1x14 TIES k . Q, 1 x -' ,Www - ,K Y 4 X 0 s , 'M Q K' r L 4 s K Q I n 5? 7 m P QP' Q0 8 ,fl in Rx EQ' idx W, 5. U rn 70 LF 'L 1 ! 'O F ind A CHARACTER 5? I" Z I-I-I E U-I A i' Y - , , Q4 ' I W.. u ' xx' WKVV,-:VV VNV, LVW1, ,. X , 35- 'W' H .W sift: 1 V . , ,V K , .V,,-V,-,W -K .Vg .,-. ,, WW 21-Sifvlsiievffkw w. 'VV X X N i 5 4 sf 5: ni V z.fV-4:-'sz-V,-V, '5 ' X5 K viliqi 'wgpifi' , L ,V ..,, .,,. V , . .,..,.,.VVMfw :V V V V -K:f:S.f9f2:ew9i2Ew1-VVV- -Tfi i ' 2..,L..ff1V5fL., ' ,. -. K Mm , V Q ,,.:,"' igisff 555337 if X V may qu 3 as 2 1 QE f M, X i E J V V 5 tw jug ' Ka rd fp , M , V V , V ' rf Qmfxlg V Y Q 1: VLH 2 at 'I 6 5? V? , ViVV,VV,QVVVVm MVf iifgyvr ,... V Vmzlii is Wx, V ,, K af V W5 " wane! ' Iwffv-. 4' ff ..--, ,,Qgf?w,:5V5XxQ 1 E Q4 4 - I 'I' 2. Aw . VV f ,.:, W-gp fs: x,. XX A X? ig A ,VN 6 X Q my ,M 5 M, K ll if k ALLIED YOUTH iw fe: g o 3 'WW if i I -za . 'Q- X H -x X L QW .thy vw -, . av Lx X 4 h 'I . ' X , F 1:-:ai iv' sy LJ Q 1 : Y 4 4 1 81 .' I' iw Q 145, e w 4 'L af M 'fu 5 Yeh! Team! Yeh! Fight! JY, Peggy Coffey-Ethel Naile-Pauline Spicer-Marilyn Stafford- jf Moore, head cheerleader-Mary Moore-Martha Walker-Dorothy Moore to ' -fame '.z.1-yfvsf raw - 4... ' , dm , 49 '--,y ' n.,j',a ' 33' , iv,-'Q wwffaff-f M 4 - ' ,. 4 ' ,-.e,4A Yf.,-4 f.,,JJ,',.1 . .givin N j.,14ar 4. Q V. , ,- l 'Z P' - ff A--5' ,h Q '- 15 .MW 5!.'l.x-a.f- no' I 'J . ..,'I'-.V-"K+" "1-f' . ,P 1' pg v' IU . , x f E -gf, L. ,'- , - O Q ' 'X-' Z ,V . . 1 il, I. . . 'M K. , gg , 99 lk. guyz hiv .yy Q.-N 24, fx exwi 1 Esggivg: .rf " Y 'Y MMA ,Q EL I 1, K. QF.. 4 ,pe Q, W ,K , :K , Q. 2. -' 1 I A' , f- ' M, 4-' , ,H ' h fx ' Z'?'+:' . 6332 al 'x K, -' ,Mm A 5 5 iagfi? UB TORE Shirle Y Cam b .awx P ellhllflanagel.. Ra A G lu-la C1a ' Yvaughn . S yr Asst Klllcaid A ' ' Sst, hmmm BUS DRI ERS , Z3 Bobby Ned Boyd, 58, Claude re , , Watson, 635 Ralph Winchester, 57, Floyd Watters, 273 Bill Kent, 335 Rayvaughn Kincaid, 15. G ene 49- Douglas Ollis yr I. I 31 3, W5 .- -- J, A X i M4 M' :mugs xi H eu 1.,,. 11 'Y 1 PM 2, Q " s Q N D . ff: I as K1 iffy ...lx xx" R1 In rf :., ' ii - 4 5- 3 4-. My N S w 'xi X X X X, .. . 5? X Q I 42 Sy M iw X 'v 'K K X N .3 W X Q' . HTHLETICS IN FOOTBALL LEADERS ,asm Ann.. "5 'Hn Cs, 3,15- K ..,A Dru-rw-v i RaYVauShn Kincaid Bob MCGGTI' Edward Eller Jim H1ghtower P-lshf End Center Left End Left Half back CATA A VALLEY C0 FERE CE Garnewe ll Salem Gamewell Cliffside Gamewell Alexander Gamewell Drexel Gamewell Scotts Gamewell Hilde bran Gamewell Patterson Gamewell Tri-High Won 6 Lost 2 B111 Sherrlll Howard Wmkler Wayne Kincaid James Clark Rxght Half back Quarterback Left End Left Half back Bob Watson Bill Kent Herby Bumgarner John Corpening Quarterback Right Half-back Left Half-back Center 19 3 BL E DE IL FOOTB LL SQUA John R. Hewat Coach Richard Winkler Davis Coffey Bill Shatley Charlie Eckenrod Right Half-back Left End Right End Left Half-back - ni' ,:x.355f:i. A 1953-195114 BLUE DEVILETTS BASKET BALL SQUAD WV 1953-1954 BLUE DEVIL BASKET BALL SQUAD 1954 Baseball First Team Roster of Players Bob Watson, Pitcher Bill Kent, Catcher Rayvaughn Kincaid, First Base John Davis, Second Base James Hightower, Short-Stop Thomas Saunders, Right Field Robert Sanders, Center Field Edward Eller, Left Field John T. Greene. Third Base COACH AND PLAYER .ff V 6 ii:- , if Q if Hn' in DW' WM Univ . V'-M All ,Q- K ff f A wax f' ,if wwf 5,9 Q X sissx ,bask ' fx, W.. KETBALL T 1 was . ' V I f gy .aggxlfgsgb ..,. ,, ,, -wwldl L, - 1 in , f .M , I ,. I ' 'Saw' Y' V. . 1: w1sm,qg fwfr. Ham .gliff A, gm, K , , : iff? ywvlsw, K Y if 'Y su ., Vlvisif-',:- ,fe 1-gm, ,bg . MSW ug, r . . we Q, , Q'iw??58 -fx WQXIQWK ,4- M v? iff-L 5 iwiiiiigf S 'LX '1 ixiwf f K f-3: - . .fwff mmf 553985523 :J 1 Fifi? ss Q mmm QQ f A Yi? ' QQ? I - New Mg Xml 1' .A Y LM l, 4.1 V ..., .. . -if 2 +,. 'ew fb 1, 8.3 1 i X A. ,., Wm s 'R C ww -2 -5 al , H35""'r we '1-- Era. .., x W in K 1 'L 3- ' sf 1 4 '55, Y- Q Tr' an ' 4' mf HDVEHTISHHEHTS 'O lo' J' I ' 'Q pf U , 5 . .ggi 00 lf? 'B THANKS! If I would be allowed to anticipate the reactions of you, the readers of the 1954 Golden Eagle, to this section of your Annual, Iwould say that you plan either to omit entirely or skip over it lightly in the hope that you'll find some enticing or laudatory autographs. If this be your intent, may Icause you to reconsider and give it more careful study, because in this section you see not a colorless, uninteresting series of advertise- ments, but an index of those individuals and businesses in and around Lenoir who consider your Annual important enough to warrant their support. In so doing, they become worthy of your support, if it be nothing more than your gratitude, because in contributing to your Annual, they have contributed to your future enjoyment. To you businessmen who have made possible the publication of a larger and more elaborate Annual than perhaps any comparable high school in the State, the Staff and I extend our most sincere thanks and the hope that our appreciation will make itself felt in your tangible, as well as your intangible, Assets. Bob McGarr Editor-In-Chief Norma J. M B . OOTC 1151118 SS Manager Compliments of BROYHILL FURNITURE FACTORIES Representing Lenoir Chair Co, Lenoir Furniture Corp. Conover Furniture Co. Harper Furniture Company O, L., Broyhill Furniture Corporation Your Key To Greater Values Len0i1' North Carolina Complimenfs of COBLE DAIRY PRODUCTS INCORPORATED MH Phone 4-7481 L N th C 1 BANK OF LENOIR O g d 1893 M b Fd 1Dp tI C p t L N thC 1 Compliments of HIBRITEN CHAIR COMPANY Lenoir North Carolina Compliments of BLUE BELL INCORPORATED W5 BELL Lenoir North Carolina MUTUAL BUILDING Er LOAN ASSOCIATION Compliments of Home Builders 8: Investors CHARLES MCLEAN AUTOMOBILES Since 1912 Savings Insured to 510,000 Lenoir North Carolina Lenoir North Carolina Compliments of KENTWOOD GRILL "Where Friends Meet to Eat" Lenoir North Carolina. BUSH TRANSFER INC. "Motor Freight Lines" P. O. Box 551 Dial 4-5391 Len0ir North Carolina Compliments of WALDENSIAN BAKERIES Lenoir l Baker s of Delicious 'SUNBEAM ' ' Bread and Cake s North Carolina Food to Delight Any Discrirninating Gourmet Compliments of THE BLACK MARKET Operated by the Senior Class Compliments of CALDWELL FURNITURE COMPANY Compliments of GAlVlN'S STABLES fx' Builders ff of Quality Furniture 'L f X -, 1 , Miss Joan Galvin Lenoir North Carolina Lenoir North Carolina Compliments of Compliments of 'f0M'5 THRIFT PEANUT COMPANY FOOD CENTER 7 1S ri u or I D' r 'b r My Tom's Toasted Peanuts A T A ,':,V,.'- nfl I Alvaffx.. Tom s Peanut Butter A g- Sandwiches ..Qua1ity Foods., and Dial 4-7571 Tom's Candies Pennton Avenue Lenoir North Carolina Lenoir North Carolina Compliments of CITY DRY CLEANERS Odorle s s Dry Cleaning Compliments of AMERICAN 81 EFIRD MILLS INCORPORATED NELSON 8: SPUN FIBERS Cash and Carry PLANTS and Delivery Service Lenoir North Carolina Lenoir North Carolina Compliments of SPAINHOUR FURNITURE CO. Lenoir North Carolina Compliments of L E N OIR ICE 8: FUEL CO. Phone 4-7291 Ice -Coal-Fuel Oil-Kerosene "All Quality Products" Lenoir North Carol ina Compliments of HICKORY FIBRE COMPANY Manufacturers of Hickory Broom Splints Plant Located Four Miles South of Lenoir on U. S. 321 Lenoir North Carolina Compliments of UNION NATIONAL BANK Capital Surplus Profit Over S500,000 Dial 4-3181 Lenoir North Carolina Compliments of KE T COFFEY UFACT RI AG COMPANY Manufacturers of Quality Bedroom Furniture Since 1907 L611Oi1' North Carolina BOST LUMBER COMPANY Quality Building Materials Compliments of SANDERS CHEVROLET CO. Telephone 4-9411 Lenoir North Carolina ' c 1' A. C. MCCORMICK JEWELER amp 'mms of "On the Square" BRASWELL SHOE SHOP Dial 4-3341 Lenoir North Carolina Lenoir North Carolina Compliments of Compliments of EAGLES 515 and 1095 STORE SASLOW'S JEWELRY Lenoir North Carolina Lenoir North Carolina GREER FUNERAL HOME, INC. TUTTLE JEWELRY Dial 4-4521 123 South Main Street 300 West Avenue Lenoir North Carolina Lenoir North Carolina Compliments of K Compliments of HOME ELECTRIC COMPANY SERVICE CLEANERS Lenoir North Carolina Lenoir North Carolina Compliments of ERVIN'S MEN SHOP Lenoir North Carolina Compliments of CAMPBELL 8: CARSON ESSO SERVICE Lenoir North Carolina Compliments of REESE AND GRAHAM DENTISTS Lenoir North Carolina Compliments of PRICE'S FLOOR COVERING CO. Lenoir North Carolina Compliments of COLLINS PRIDMORE Lenoir North Carolina AVON BARBER SHOP "Air Conditioned" Lenoir North Carolina W, T. Carpenter V. D, Guire James C. Taylor, Jr. President Vice-President Secretary Sc Treasurer CITIZENS BUILDING 8: LOAN ASSOCIATION J. H. Beall - Chairman of Board Lenoir North Carolina Compliments of BERNHARDT FURNITURE CO. Lenoir North Carolina Compliments of SMITHEY'S DEPARTMENT STORE Grocery and Market 132 W. Harper Avenue Dial 4-5041 Lenoir North Carolina Compliments of W. E. SHAW FURNITURE CO. Frigidaire Appliances Rugs, Ranges, and Furniture "Frigidaire ' ' Lenoir North Carolina Compliments of FAIRFIELD CHAIR COMPANY MANUFACTURERS Lenoir North Carolina Compliments of ROSE'S FIVE 5 TEN Lenoir's Most Popular Shopping Center Lenoir North Carolina Compliments of OAKBORO LUMBER COMPANY Dial 4-5301 Cornplimenfs of FARMER'S FEDERATION COOPERATIVE Feed - Seed - Fertilizer Baby Chicks 4 SHERRILIJS ICE CREAM TheYe R dH 1hF d Mo1dsForA O G C Compliments of RAY COFFEY'S CO CESSIGN STA D Caldwell County Courthouse Cigars Novelties Cigarettes Cold Drinks Lenoir North Carolina WALDENSIAN BAKERIES M 917, Ssleglrtmi xx . Z Bakers of Delicious 45'- ifft' ff"f T7f .- ' "SUNBEAM" 5, ,I . "" Bread and Cakes Better Baked By - SUNBEAM Valde se North Carolina as COTnf7llmentS of DEPARTMENT STORE LENOIR ROOFING COMPANY Lenoir North Carolina Lenoir North Carolina Compliments of BEACI-I'S BEAUTY SHOP Lenoir North Carolina Compliments of CEN TRA L CAFE Lenoir North Carolina Compliments of THE GOLD SHOP Wearing Apparel Compliments of B. C. 8: S. HARDWARE Whitnel North Carolina Compliments of W. G. CANNON PAINT COMPANY Lenoir North Carolina. Compliments of LERNER'S DEPARTMENT STORE Lenoir North Carolina TORRENCE SERVICE STATION Sinclair Products 496 West Harper Avenue Lenoir North Carolina .TOHNSIE HACKNEY FLORIST "Say It With Flowers" Lenoir North Carolina Compliments of HO DGES C LEANERS Lenoir North Carolina Compliments of WESTERN AUTO Lenoir North Caiiolina Haviland China RAINEY'S JEWELER Fostoria Crystal Whitnel North Carolina Compliments of GRANITE DRY CLEANERS Granite Falls North Carolina Compliments of LENOIR OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. Lenoir North Carolina W. L. CLAY INSURANCE Bank of Lenoir Building Dial 4-6962 Lenoir North Carolina J. P. FEED Er GROCERY Woodruff-Tuxe do -Northrupking "Feeds" Statesville "Seeds" Quality Vegetables 8: Flowers A11 Grades of Fertilizers Custom Grinding "Better Baby Chicks" 243 1f2 W. Avenue - Dial 4-4271 Compliments of COURTNEY'S .DEPARTMENT STORE Compliments of TEAGUE FURNITURE co. 3 1! "Philco 8: Norge Appliances" i I il Dial 4-6211 Lenoir JI- North Carolina Lenoir North Carolina it L Compliments of GLOBE HARDWARE COMPANY Lenoir North Carolina Compliments of CENTRAL BARBER SHOP Lenoir North Carolina Compliments ot FIDELITY INSURANCE AGENCY INCORPORATED L. E. Dimmette President 8: Treasurer Fidelity Building Dial 4-9371 Lenoir North Carolina Compliments of Dr. Paul E. Hedrick Compliments of THOMPSON-LIPE WHOLESALE Dr. Paul P. Yates COMPANY Lenoir North Carolina Compliments of COMPANY Lenoir North Carolina Compliments of CITY CABS---FRIENDLY CABS PILKINGTONS Dial 4-3434 or 4-3436 Reasonable Priced Shoes 120 S. Church Street Lenoir North Carolina Operated by DAN MCLEAN Compliments of FAIRWAY SUPER MARKET Compliments of SHIELD'S REFRIGERATION Lenoir North Carolina Lenoir North Carolina Compliments of YQUR CENTER THEATRE THE FASHION where Lenoir North Carolina The Better Pictures Show Week after Week after Week Compliments of , LENOIR CURB MARKET Lenoir North Carolina Compliments of YELLOW CAB COMPANY Phone 4-5345 Lenoir North Carolina LENOIR STATIONERY STORE Smith-Corona 81 Royal Portable Typewriters Lenoir North Carolina LENOIR DRUG STORE Prescription Druggists Dial 4-4532 Lenoir North Carolina TIRE SALES AND BATTERY CO. Compliments of CRUMP 'S BARGAIN Goodyear Tires and Batteries CENTER Dial 4-73 11 Lenoir North Carolina Lenoir North Carolina ECONOMY OIL COMPANY Washing Greasing Tire Repairing 419 W. Harper Ave. Compliments of THE APPLIANCE CENTER Lenoir North Carolina WEST HARPER SERVICE STATION Washing Greasing Gulf Products Ray Hoover and Mark Watson Compliments of THE JEWEL SHOP Elgin and Bulova Watches West Harper Avenue C-omplgmems of Compliments of BELK'S DEPARTMENT STORE B L O W I N G R O C K 45222153355 5Ef?v!hZeF1e?J! v- F U R N I T U R E Lenoir North Carolina C O M P A N Y BEAVER TRANSFER COMPANY 543 W. Harper Avenue Dial 4-9391 Joyceton North Carolina Lenoir North Carolina LENOIR HOSIERY M LLS' INCORPORATED Manufacturer s of ,. F Y X 1 il J CJ A. , J X--,-,-,l.r.. T in Hose Lenoir North Carolina BERNHARDT CY SEAGLE Compliments of oAvls woon PRooucTs co. Sporting Goods Hudson North Carolina Lenoir North Carolina -Q47 Qi, tif M, . AUTOGRAPHS . E24 9 Q-,m,,,, Usbu- CLCLA fx0M-+6 fb Afd-vrJL 11333311 'fp W' MW EJ M Mm WMM WW M1555 SLM W MNV Compliments of T. S. WATSON'S CONCRETE PIPE C H I N E 0 New and Rebuilt Machinery Morganto R. d N C 1 Expert Q Machine To 1 Compliments of Special Work LENOIR AUTO SALES INC whimel North c 1 Ph 44661 C . "m"""'e"tS of 113 Mill sn-e 1 THE GUARANTEE STORE L N th C 1 L N th C 1 -" A 1 " ' Y "" , H H: ' - " f' .1 ' , H ' Q If 2 3 '- N , "" fa" 1 ' 1 " ' "" ' "L"' 'w 3-z,"'fw7w, , 'Ml' A M- N I A , , ,, 1 , 1 faq., . M , M 1' A. + fy 44 I . , V . . ,. ' il 'M ffm ffwf' M fm- fm 'ww ,' , - 4 . -" 252 L 0.64147 7444, W:-o .,4 af-M , WW! 2'-520 wb A WZ -LZ 2,,,yZffm7w!Q?gdWq j l , , ,gf ,fpzu QM ' ,g ,,a,e.a,uf , . WMU 4, :!',:4,45,g,zQ4A W H .fig jZz3z7,,2'Z'-W wwf:-KML ' - ' . ,ap ' fi! f 1 Eb , of ' c'l,.,c 5 gp c3,Qa.4,4.0cf4'-fff0U"""'Z' ,ww ' , 'V 1, in Hx- Willem M J n X, ' MWF N ' Mqfffw,-, f ww WM f..W21...l B 25 ,C"'ef'2T, ,wfeiffg - Q 7fZN ' Mauww A f ' W c' 8 , 11,1 ' il Tl r w ffwvf W W MT? M W Z ffzfffkx, wi i Q4 V A -37.5 W 4 . 1 q ,A fav l'2f21f',ff? A 7 Q, ' . M - , x Q Q rf- I lf' 1 FF' , 4- .4 f 1 M -5 1 i on lt, ,H Q .L an-T ,ig 1 , , + x ff ix, I, J 4 f. . ,nz ,J ', , - ' . , , Y, -tw ' Y - ' 1.. . ' .1 1- - -.-- "f , .72 , . . -1- , ' iff.-1 f. - ' f..:. 5 - -'g-PL., 1 -x -' 'K' ' .w ffi- 1 fv ,, 's iv -A-Lu. , k - . , , -z 'I "rv 'v. . - -f 'A v , '- A ' 41.5.1 M4441 -'. . ', , ,wg ,Y -V .L.L.. V. 5, , - 1 . I .15 3 A - I - -.113 f 1 3 .525 I , ' 'cn Q VSV-2 'fffafi L41 .-. 'r 1, E-, 5 fi, 5 fi,9 CL, X, . Q 60'-f CV EQ F ' . 5: , as , ,Q f, "5 an - ' u"s2.'fLW 1-'Q M X ig, Q fm? 25 . mf RQ S db T5 E ff? LQ i 3 if 'T' A' . Q, ' - . T Leg -1,11 . ,1 Q ' 'Q A Q ' -N Q '11 ,gf ,N ,Ss I Traci .',, f , .43 ' s - . EES? E M 'S Q i . 3 in 5 0 if if . ' . Mk N A' . ' ..., Q Q .ji M-' U Jlzilfa - ZA? , '- - - , nw! ' .fi " .Q,, L' 'fur' - , '. .Y , A , . f . '43 577' .lr 1 ' 1 X fs ' W. K P 7 f ', . A .-, i, " I J 5 ,. Www 'W - a..4gs4..z.....f51na.n.....a.Q,.,,...g:A' .--.4., P H+ - ,

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