Gamewell Collettsville High School - Devils Diary Yearbook (Lenoir, NC)

 - Class of 1951

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Gamewell Collettsville High School - Devils Diary Yearbook (Lenoir, NC) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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N, '5?'Zf1'Y!f:S 5 f"iV F ' ' 2? XTAT' "il ?' j'W 24 , 1 x If 19 !, i . N, U R. 'x ,H 5, X X ,iw .y Li I' Y x K - N4 45. N. .. '-1 X: nw ' K'7Qf?' PY X V , v"""?' "F"T:""""7"?'Fff"Y': , 313,151-g,,,,g5gf,f 1 -, . -1. - .ff V, . 5- Wk. N . -- .166 C I u . 1 S4 , N - - -1 I . ' X Y .K . S. EY .1 'x 2,-"" ' 1 '- " 'Y ' f2.'i3f.:ue::f1-ra'-s-,vm ...,. ., fn , V-v---1-ww :H ' 32 f mv -, fs 3. Q., Q.,--5 4. Wm ....... ,, , , X W .,f.f.ff-'Q' :.,f::..,fy--.,.3'iQsf13q75-..5N.?Z:5'i4fw x x ff X fi! z xx X , X xx X jf!! f XX x f ff xx Wim 'FX xi CLASS of 50 51 ,, .Ay f N Xu ' ,. X X X ,K K ' , X, XX A ' X xx , x X ' ' , 'ff , X RXX TAX vu I A ,f X X X, h Xxx , 'S , ' I . X 1, , x P Vi , ff f X A ' Q xx N XX XXX' H!! X , ,: , , X xr! K X X N 1 " I, 'V ,K f X X N . X I ,lf X 5 X, Q ,f , A A ' -. X ' M7 ir ' f 'K X. r 4 5 f I X.. Xxsxx IK!! W' j X . X 1 I -x . X ff 7 xx xx X I r, 33N ' .X , V 'ifffl K: X ' ..- --f 2213 :xgr Y , - ' ", ffgfl ' , - X i- f ' 'ff " ' 1 f k fy , I, aduns . 4 f I ', I, A ,I X f 3- --Q XXAN ,1 Av., ' ' 1 X - 1 1 0l'elfU0l' 1 1 I we mx-, 4fCR I:'ll.f'gm1u'x '4'..lwml'.1.1-4'l11'1f'-1 1 i1KJI.YrI'.N Pl,-'XkkI,I', 0511, Jmvv '.x'u1'l-f-11 1' 4 Tu x s Im V1 A Hmm' .1c'I",1!1v-X, Lw.p1!'.1Y1: :H VJ I ,pp 11 S -I I1 nl.:-wxvk 'Z kQ.1Z'I.'v'l il'3JfxHslxn1nH I:,1:1t'.v1,t."- .vL1I'S.'.'11l1f' ' lr Ir. 1 ymsgv, -M-31 LMW, --uw'-1 w I Ill Awful. fm., ,Y-Q-r1'Akx,v:z, ir 1-11 I 11 iv'.'wI1wl1 iw NIJ' .fr s lQ.1rr:z.'.1'I1 .lm A f School Kulllllllg '41 M, ,ff if W---13 emenlarg Em! ang 1 ,JI ,ra-I .lleclica tion fu? 1 ax We the Senlor Class can thxnk of no one to whom more honor 15 due than to Mrs Correll who has been our Frxend throughout our hxgh school days Because of her co operatmon wxth the students her mtex-est m our act1v1t1es and her strxvlng to help students reach the hmghest goals ln l1fe we the Senxor Class of 1951 ded1cateth1s the thxrd volume of the annual and the flrst volume ofthe Golden Eaglp to her lg, ' ff? ' , :ff ,S 5. e l . Lift! ' ' , ' 4, 12- , ' ' ' nf '13, H 1 "5 ,' F1 . rs . 1 '-' W -:Elf - f' ',l-Zim - ' f I , ' V' " 'gf ' M' -1 ' Q gl" ' . K ,K X K K ,' Jr vm? if Affl kr , D . k . . . . . , , rincipa uperintenzfenl V. nnuaf Sf sr 4 IL Mrs Robert Correll Advlser Jean McCall Lmterary Edmtor Anme Rae Martm Edxtor mn Chmer' Paul Wmlson Eusmv:-ss Manager Jeraldme Watson Art and Photo Edltor . I "1 ll 'r k. ,", gg u 6 C Q C ,, ' '- , . . 7-W' QQ if .High clzool acufly MRS. ROBERT CORRELL French, Health and Phy. Ed. Citizenship and Biology MR. BENJAMIN R. SETZER History and English Geometry avi' MISS FRANCES MCNULTY English and Library MR JACK ARNEY Commercial MRS MARY SUE MCCURRY Home Ecfonomics MR LINTON MCCURRY Math and Health Citizenship rammar rude gacu ty MISS MCCOURY MRS GREER MRS PENNELL MISS ANDERSON lst Grade lst Grade Znd Grade 2nd Grade MRS HAYMAKER MRS KNOTTS 2nd Grade 3rd Grade '17 MRS FERGUSON MRS STIMSON MRS MCCORKLE MRS BARLOW 3rd Grade 3rd Grade 3rd Grade 4th Grade MRS WILLIAMS MRS MOORE 4th Grade 4th Grade Q I , 4. is S X 'X Lx , M M , ' af "'v rammar racfe gacuftg MISS CRAIG MRS BARKER MRS TUTTLE MRS JANNY Sth Grade 5th Grade 5th Grade 7th Grade MR WARDEN MISS KENT 7th Grade 8th Grade M Jim 451' gun- MISS DAGENHART MISS COWLES MISS BUMGARNER MRS BARLOWE Musm and Glee Club lst Grade 6th Grade lst Grade MR. LOVE MISS COURTNEYN' ' 8th Grade 6th Grade ' 'Q' 4 3 ., 3 r 'l A , - w 'mt '1 . 4-.X ix 1 2 1 ww-41 HSS 0 SIEQMDR5 l95l SN 'Ui 'bk LORETTA MARGARET ATKINS A cheerful guer of smzles A med Youth 3 4 4 HClubl 2 SY BIL ANN BOYD As swlft as a shadow short as any dream All1ed Youth 2 3 4 Glee Club l Z MARGARET LOUISE CIKANEK Character ms the Crown of glory of l1fe Be a Club Z 3 4 Alhed Youth 3 4 4 H C ub 3 4 Dramatlc 3 Paper Staff 3 4 Annual Staff 4 Cheerleader 4 MARJORIE EVE LYN CRAIG It matters not how long we lne but how Annual Staff 4 Allled Youth Z 3 4 Muslc l Glee Club l 2 MARY ETHEL CRUMP Her ab1l1ty IS not as falnt as her VOICE Allled Youth 4 Glee Club Z 4 H Club l Soft b l 2 3 Class Ofhcer Z 3 NORMA JEAN HIGHTOWER Her Blue eyes sought the west afar For lovers love the western star Allxed Youth 2 3 4 Glee Club Z Softball 1 Z 3 Basketball 4 BETTY RUTH HOLMAN Purmty of mmd 15 the fxrst glory of woman All1ed Youth 3 4 Class Offxcerl MUSIC Annual Staff 4 Glee Club 2 MARCUS JOE HOOVER A truer gentleman one never sees All1ed Youth 2 3 4 BoySCouts l 2, Glee Club 4 ass 0 S Nlfllx l95ll we-f 114' sa su.. W it BETTY LOU HOUCK Sxlenee IS the work of wmsdorn Glee Club l Z HORATIO MILLER KENT Amxable people are reflected mn all apprematu hearts of Youth and Age 1QdY uth2 34 34 P315 4 Foo a Llbrxrxanl Boy Scou ROY DENNIS KINCAID A Clean mouth and a honest hand wlll take a man through any land Dramatmcs 2 Allxed Youth Z 3 4 Lmbrarlan 2 Boy Scout l Z Bus Drner 4 CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH LE FEVRE All 1s gentle naught st1rs rudely 4 H Club DENNIS WADDE LL MACKIE He has a merry tw1nkle xn h1s eyes Dramatlcs 2 3 Allled Youth 1 4 H Club Basketball Z 3 4 Football 4 Bus Drner 4 seball I 2 ANNIE RAE MARTIN Effmcency an attractne personalxty and good works are the lngredxents of a Top Notch stu dent Beta Club Z 3 4 Dramatms 3 4 Allled Youth 4 Pap taff 3 4 ub 1 Class Offxcerl 2 3 4 Basketball Z 3 4 L1brar1an I 2 Music l Z Cheerleader 2 4 Annual Staff 3 4 SYLVIA .TEAN MCCALL She IS pretty to walk wmth wltty to talk w1th and pleasant to thtnk of Beta Club Z 3 4 Drarnatxcs 3 4 Allxed Youth Z 3 4 Paper Staff 3 4 4 H Clubl 2 3 Basket ball Z 3 4 Llbraxanl 2 Musxcl Z Cheerleader 2 4 Softball 2 Annual Staff 4 RACHEL IRENE MCCALL Very quxet and unassummg Beta Club 2 3 4 Alhed Youth 3 4 Paper Staff 3 4 Dramatxcsl Asst Store Mgr 4 Annual Staff 4 Q-Q B-w. Q . 2-1 1 f 3 S ' 4 A 1 4 35,3 . . ,, . P . . .Ie 4 , . fe' X All" 0 , , 54-H Club 1,z, , 5 1 ker- Ji A , M ball ls, 1 tb'll 41 ' Q ' 5 r I I f N ,4 ht l, 2, 3g Bus Driver 41 Baseball Z, 3,4. J 4 V , 'W l 5 , . 3 , Nw 1 , g 1 I 6 I ' ,. , . ., Q--Q , , 1 ' . 2 ' 5 - Z: A i I ., Ba, , ,3,4. A" 1,z,s, 4 er s , 34-H Cl ,z, sg V I , . . , .' , , . . , . X ELSS 0 SENHURS 119511 MARGARET E LIZABETH MIKEAL Her Ready Sympathy and Gentle Manners have won her Hosts of frxends Dramatmcs 3 4 Allxed Youth 3 4 Lxbrarlan Glee Club Z Annual Staff 4 WILLIAM WALLACE MIKEAL lmpropnety IS the soul of wzt Dramatlcs l 2 4 Allled Youth 2 3 4 4 I-I Club 2 3 4 Basketballl 3 Boy Sco JAMES HARRY PARSONS Vxrtue ls Luke A Rlch Stone Best P1a1n Set Allxed Youth l 4 Boy Scout 1 2 JOHN CARTER PARSONS Knowledge IS more than equ1valent to force 4 H Club 1 Boy Scout 1 Dramatlcs l 4 Allxed Youth l 3 4 Beta Club 3 4 Glee Club 4 Paper Staff 4 Bus Drxver 4 SARAH JANE PRESTWOOD One Who Says Llttle But Takes In Everythmg Allmed Youth Z 3 4 Softball 1 Z 3 GWYN LEE REICHARD There IS Manhood mn h1s look Baseball l 4 H Club 1 Boy Scouts 1 2 L1brar1an 2 Alhed Youth Z 3 4 Class Offlcer Z 3 4 Beta Club 3 4 Dramatlcs Z 3 Paper Staff 3 4 Glee Club 4 Annual Staff 4 Bus Drxver 4 JANIE RICHARDS KNIGHT Her E,es are lxke the shxnmng stars that make each moment bnght Softball l Home EC Club 1 Span1sh Club Z Beta Club 3 4 Dramat1cs 3 4 Paper Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Class Offlcer 4 Basketball Mgr KEITH SPURLING SNYDER The movements of wxt survmve the movements of power Allled Youth I 2 3 4 Beta Club 3 4 Paper Staff 4 Class Offxcer 3 4 Dramat1cs Z 3 4 Boy Scout l Z Cheerleader 3 Glee Club 4 Football Mgr 4 Basketball Mgr 4 L1brar1an 2 '-.v ass 0 SLNIORS 'Q I 1 DORIS WILI ODEAN SUDDRETII She Meets Thee Lake a Plewsint Thought Whc re Such Are Wanted A led Youth 2 3 4 4 H Club 3 Drxma IC Annual Staff 4 Cheerleader 4 LEWIS JACKSON SWANSON I Am As Free As Nature s Fmrst Made Man Dramatxcs Z Allxed Youth I 4 Basketball l Z Football 4 Lxbrarmn 2 Baseball l Z Clee Club 4 4 H Club 3 CHAR LOTTE CHRISTENE TURNMIRE Her Purpose ls To Do Rlght Beta Club 3 4 4 H Club l Z 3 4 Alhed Youth Z 3 4 Paper Staff 3 4 Dramatlcs 3 Lxbrarman 3 4 Asst Store Mg 4 Cheerleader Annual Staff 4 Glee Club Z THOMAS HILL WATSON Devxnely tall and most demnely fa1r H15 qualx tles are as beauteous as hxs form Beta Club 3 4 Allxed Youth 3 4 Paper Staff 4 Llbrarlan Z Bus Drlver 4 Cvlee Club 3 Dra matics Z 4 Ass t Store Mgr 4 .IERALDINE ELIZABETH WATSOIN The Only Way To Have a Frxend Is Be One Beta Club Z 3 4 4 H Club l 2 3 4 Allxed Youth 3 4 Dramat1cs3 Paper Saff 3 4 Cla xfer 4 Glee Clubl Z Lxbrarmn l Z Senlor Store Mgr 4 Cheerleaderi Annual Staff 4 JOSEPH PAUL WILSON There Is Always Hope In a Man Who Actually And Earnestly Works Beta Club Z 3 4 Paper Staff Z 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Bus Drlver 3 4 Baseball Z Dramatxcs Z 3 4 Annual StaIf4 Mascot BRENDA HOLLAR BRUCE HAYES ll95ll 'w-wmsevgg-vw-sv ing- XX 6. 1 ' Q. J?" cfadd .Hia tory September 4, 1030, was a very important day, at least for 72 yougsters. This was our first day of school. We were shy but eager to find out about this new and exciting thing, school. Somehow we got through the primary grades with only a few fights and with the aid of our teachers we learned our Readin, Ritin, and 'Rithmetic. Then we entered in our school activities and our studies were more difficult, but through the patient and understanding guidiance of our teachers we passed through the grades. In the fall of September 1046, we began our last year in the grammar grades. Basket- ball became our main sport and we had tournaments just like the high school. We seem to live, breathe and speak basketball. This couldn't go on forever, so on that night in Juneg 64 students received diplomas which was the passport into high school. Oh, we were really happy now we had become Freshmen In 1947 48 students began their first ye ar in higu school Everything was new and d1f ferent changing classes new teachers and new subjects We we re thrilled but that only went so far and we settled down to the one thing necessary for high school studying This year was full of fun with parties and the trip when we explored Chimney Rock The Freshmen year over we began our Sophomore year We felt as if we we re one step closer to what we wanted most to be the Seniors of Garnewell Hi This year was filled with more parties and trips and we gave our first negro minstrel This was to help raise money for the Junior Senior Banquet so you see we were thinking about it a long time before we were Juniors In 1949 we became Juniors Every year put us closer to the top and the nlw fan ulty this year inspired us on Hay rides started the year off with a bang parties oxermght trips followed The Junior Senior Banquet on which we had worked so hard finally came and formally dressed we felt so grown up Our banquet was a huge success NOW the great day we had waited for September 6 1950 We were Seniors' Our hearts were light and full of happiness for this our last year We chose our leaders and started immediately on the task of raismg money for our Washington trip Christmas cards class play and the Senior Store afforded the money for the trip This trip to Washlngton meant a great deal to us because it was the last trip together This is what we shall refer to as the good ole school days Then came graduation We had looked forward to this for 12 years and now we marched down the aisle to receive our diplomas Our hearts were sad but we were backed by our parents teachers and friends We were eager to show them that their efforts put forward had not been in vain and that we appreciated their advice and unceasing help So we departed leax ing behind our dear ole Gamewell Hi and a group of boys and girls that took our place We sincerely hope they will reach their goal and help others to obtain the highest Cj o .4 B65 an--Y 2' 1. . A 4, 1' Y V y. . A A sl!! I' V, - 4 I A .Q 5 q . U N 7 ' . X grins. fix 10 , A 1 ' lk 2 VV QL A Y Y as Q 1- ' Q X Clam Woem N1 4 X l Swnwf S 1 1'wfl Q VT frm 1 L ,rr wth: Tlt For v. For fmt 1. Q L UTM L X I '11 Ona 1 '1 l I s KTS X ngmg If IUI tu: LU wh w hed Q "cvWr' r X nh hthr 9015 d spnm tu I' i A N 1 strnnv r XA X I' 1 A 1 Just M A N N If 'Alu D rx .V r r x L0 4 S llux vmcld mnci to xour niwghburs Sax one cm the gwlc rule- ! wc Wxll md n 1 e Urn? "ou" Anothq mx s sz ur tudaw sm: mfxynm on n vx plin D X r ,vs s An Un Ln 1 S 1 T1 1 to gum km rq Lb, rrel 17 O1 V' -xg-XL. vfnxe t 1 Y' f J 1 It T11 Pmlmtmc r J l' :- Put ux dped H Frrs dm P Gnd Qu the Ch 11 I' R 1: 0 1I f'eer'nm 11 Q m hve 1ot1nt1 DQS male dx? Me Q cure c purpjs for serum, wmw 1 w end 41 I :Tl x r I H1 ' I' im tc , v Y FAI f HIL IU I' Av f 1 r 1fL Cf ll HU lr I' sw S Q 1 tr- L A w w 1 UNO lng X Tr' k1lA1,1'J1 V - , . . V v YUI . 'X3ll',lHCK UI' .X A'-.H vim "ff , -1!nrl11'mt!1'v' hr: rn, I.1l1v ': v iufd: 1, ,3,4p1r1gH1rfi, 'WL' fwNr'.x'm"fH1Tft'.4Cfi' " i7x2tt".x ' Ii. 'v'v'1- I. wg UY1Yhe'it' 1- 'ffrjx '.vu:'dg Nut 11 vw '.u"rv jo mg rue-n and zufm ' .4 'tirwxs' r-bullv h' 1" .it '4-'ve' X' rl. FX1f"v1."UHzi1e'S guri iw 1dSf.:n"Q. . P-nrt'J.'r'r11'1S1'Jxk" .p wir Z4 "- Ijkzirng If-1' Nn'vciS'.'w1.?1,1'.'v'v"n, "5rvlz'fv'fig-k:T1lxx-rr1,"xl.e'qwk- Tf, Q-,gy-ry fwur pa nt' the- lmmrl WH'-Y, r-'11 4 1Tlff.4'SL'ptlT'ffl1N' v'vv Ulu: On, xfvzm- 1fv'.1SZ1f'l"J ' , Y-Q, an . xl' 1 .1rQ-gay, 'ri life 'full J 'Iai- ,,' S .1 triflv gg fx' -',vf,w4tl.P'k1,01xlLtyi!1Z2.1I'xr'6'- A "dnt and se-rs-rw fife- . 7' trP:1r11'.r11n-rw, tgfrxs ,uri ' rn rw -, T. -rn-K :moi me-r, m f JT th ' . trxfr- ' xx'PLf'J.'wv1lfi strive' with his fe- vs, :Yuri rie-:wr '.r.'1-r mr 'ivffig Sf '.ir'sjlmx':1T U ' grim! g4 uri fur fall, Elk'-rv wh' of " milf' Liu-'ci ' X . 1- K ,1' I, - ,"L,!,S ,Y "Full ' . v iwn N. 1 dll that is go 1 1'f " C' ix. x 1.. tc: yO.1. " , 'r xvrv ld fh' ' k7Ci?11i11S ' A', If pn "I IQ, ' E-, up 51 1" . vi. Hr Urlid-A ui' Un- ,p. 1' 'iw' " Un' hm'rn':1mi thx' I ' .A,rriI.fvpf','Ih.4It?11're"ll'u' -mm Lx shlp !ln1tw1l1 spm I 'Nhat 4-we-r '.'iv'.x'p4+1r1tw4' rum, ixwlrl, Ov r life' :sir if. frm- 'U Of :mr Ewqt, 0' M. vlv' tu rw. ' lows- T Fzzfvs' . , t .tri'.'H, Y ' . Y,'.t..z f' I ' T: i. ' frial, AQ ' hf ' ii, to I ,Q . -- Nut in :1 rn nfs- Q " 1- PM this 'H ' 'cu ld give, wvxlri - ixrv. lxhlqiflfl '.1.'Pwo.gIr15,c'g 'I' cur P'1fii'TS Tm gizz' xi of hrmlfi if -IIU tim .EX n kl- H- ps:-f,!'w1r srxwxlifif Exewmtfxilwf Lulu- fur 1111 I 'n fm rs rtix tr, vmhfnraf . 1 'izirx'-. ic not lurigv 'cmfl 32, W--'rv riotle-Ching ir1Cr.-gra , A r Strfv, v 51 'c 15' " rl tr" t'S wc tr. Ex' "ing 1 pf- ' I the flea gift of 1' '. ' "v 'Q-. z "v 4 do im! tu clam-, N4 tw -.Hx CJ if r. img and i-zfrtip linttwi,r1r.utr,thv.r'tr'.v main fi Ur sr xx. -f Qui Afl t..v ax 4-. xrfpU,1't'nI'l?1Q An, r.:-1-film, th-'Umrnggv1.,prm-,w-H.rtf1 P. Vw' 121 N'1p 1 rf, mf h, rm- H,1Uxe'r'!n.1T1,r1I'1n-ffmwt g 1. v Ifxv r-rv pix' 'lvwry' fl' I'.1:rk+-. Ihus v.v Nfiiflfi with 1,.:':1r,pAs, Uhr yearmzlgs, o.r2fcz1r5 Tin- tic, tm' sgrm-.m-, lm- pr'T1S.'.'E', 1111- gay, I.ff,,k1:.:- .Q 'ZYIELIS land'.v:.1te'tU1r1vr,:1r'.'s-at wfspr Ami ve- :rig , few xr. ui '1vf'.I." A Y"I'1Qf fx' ' Cds 'J' Clan fr-oplzecy As we look m on a certa1n traxn depot 1n Hxckory North Carohna 1n the fall of 1960 we f1nd H111 Watson rushxng along at a h1gh rate of speed toward the tram Suddenly he almost knocked off hxs feet by someone who xs also try1ng to catch the tra1n He begxns make h1s apologles and looks stra1ght mto the face of Keath Snyder h1s old school chum Well can you xmagme' exclaxmed Kenth What mn the world are you domg here I ve been home for a V1S1t and I m returmng to my w1fe and Job 1n Ohxo replxes H111 My goodness Ive been home too' It s funny that I dxdn t see or hear of you whmle I was xn Gee am I glad I bumped mto you here though Ke1th and H111 are not conscxous of the porters call All Aboard and when the tra1n pulls out It IS too late Oh gosh we ve mxssed our tram and It s another hour untxl the next one Let s just s1t down over there and talk over old t1mes for a wh1le says H111 Good ldea replxes Kelth as they move over to a bench and cont1nue ta1k1ng FITSI tell me about yourself Ke1th Where are you goxng now? I m open1ng a new law offzce 1n Ph111delph1a They say busxness IS good there H111 you said somethmg about a w1fe Who d1d you marry? Why Jean of course d1dn t you know? N0 I dxdn t says Ke1th Congratulatlons' Oh we have a son now' Aren t I the proud father '7 Keith laughs and say You know It seems as though I ve heard that somewhere before Whxle I was xn I heard that Roy Kmcazd was xn the Memorxal Hosp1tal so I went to see h1m Guess who some of h1s nurses are I can t 1mag1ne who says Ke1th Sarah Prestwood Mary Ethel Crump and Lou1se Cxkanek I th1nk that Louxse 15 the head nurse there Howwas Roy? asks Ke1th He was gettmg along f1ne He has a b1g farm on the W1lksboro road He fell off one of h1s tractors and broke h1s leg He adopted MBYJOTIC from the Old Mald Socxety and marrxed her Betty Lou st11l belongs to the soczety though She 15 personnel manager the Blue Bell Say what s happened to Annze Rae 'P 1nqu1res Kelth I haven t seen her 1n ages She s teachlng at Western Carolma now They say she s one of the best Dld you see any o f the others semors of 51 whxle you were 1n'7 asks Ke1th Yes I saw Joe Hoover 1n the drug store one day He IS manager of the Center Thea ter Say H111 D1d you know that John Parsons IS a Cert1f1ed PU.b11C Accountant? I saw hxm on one of my tr1ps to Washzngton last year I knew that s what he wanted to be Oh there s our tram We d better not mass xt thxs t1me They get on the tram and f1nd a seat I guess we can r1de most of the way together we re headed 1n the same d1rect1on says H111 , . , . 15 . . .- . . . . . . ,, , . . . .. . . . . . , . ' - u . , , ' ' ' ln I1 1 , .. . - - .. . . . , . . . . ., . , . . . . .. - . . .. , . . ,,. . . . .. . . . ,, ,, . . . . . .. , . . .. . . .. , . , , . . , . . . ,, . . .. , . . . . .. ,, . . . . . , , - .. .. .. . ,, . . . . . . . - . at .. . . . . , . ., , . . . .. - - . - - .. - ,, . . . - , . .. , . . . .. . , . . . ,. , as Guess who the Phys1ca1Educat1onteacher1s atG1mewe1l says H111 It couldn tby chance be Denny Mack1e could 1t P asks Ke1th That s rxght He and Jerry are marr1ed and have tw1n boys I th1nk they started to school fhlS year Boy txme sure does fly doesnt 1t' exc1a1ms Ke1th Rachel and Gwyn are marrxed too aren t they? Yes they were marr1ed the year after we graduated repl1ed H111 I read lh a re11g1ous magazme that Margaret M1keal 15 1n Air1ca doxng M1ss1onary work says H111 Yes I knew that she was study1ng to do that type of work I ran 1nto Norma Jean H1ghtOWCf the other day She 1s a secretary at the Leno1r F1nance Co She told me that Horry and Mary W1lma were marr1ed He IS an announcer on W J R I Have you heard anyth1ng about the three g1rls that were marr1ed 1n our sen1or year I saw Charlotte Powell 1n Ch1cago about three weeks ago She and Robert 11ve there now and they have two ch1ldren mforms Ke1th Ith1nk that Jan1e and B111 are 11v1ng 1n V1rg1n1a now The last I heard they had a boy Betty Ruth and Wayne are st1ll l1v1ng 1n Leno1r They have a boy and a g1rl say H111 H111 says I read 1n the LCHOIT News Top1c that the A 81 PStore was gett1ng a new manager Would you bel1eve 1t9 The new manager IS to be Jack Swanson D1d Dor1s and Paul ever marry" asks Ke1th No I don t th1nk so but they are plann1ng to soon I read about the engagement 1n the paper Paul IS the sales manager at Sm1th Cross Roads He Jomed the Navy for twenty years rep11es H111 He Just has about eleven more years and then he w1ll ret1re Harry Parsons 15 runn1ng a dry c1ean1ng bus1ness 1n Hudson I hear that he IS c1o1ng very well states Kexth I saw h1s advert1sement on the screen at the mov1e the other mght I saw Margaret Atk1ns 1n Rose s D1me Store the other day She 15 floor lady I talked to her for a 11ttle whxle She sald that Charlotte Lefevers 1s a floor g1r1 too but she was downstalrs and Id1dn t get to see her says Ke1th D1d she ever marry the boy that she was dat1ng when she was a SCHIOY7 Yes Margaret told me that she d1d She sa1d that he was st1ll 1n servxce though H llked lt and made a career of xt The conductor calls out the st 1t1on where 11111 IS supposed to change H111 beg1ns to get h1s belongmgs together It s been mee ta1k1ng about our classmates w1th you he says but guess that all th1ngs must come to an end They say good bye for the years had separated them so that they were not able to see one another very often H111 moves toward the door I 11 be see1ng you says Ke1th Have a Tl1CCfI'1p calls H111 as he leaves the tra1n Kelth leans back as the traxn beg1ns to pull out from the statlon HIS m1nd beg1ns to wander back to the good ole days at Gamewell and there IS a b1t of sadness IH h1s heart because those days are gone forever '1 ,, . , . ,. , , A , , , . "Wonder what ever happened to Wallace Mikeal?" asks Keith. ' Y ,, . 1 . . Y . -. ,, , . A . . . . t e I ' " 8 'Q Best Sports ANNIE R MARTIN fm uperla lived 9? ,ml I wa 54? ga JACK SWANSON Blggest Fhrts JACK SWANSON ANN BOYD 'X Most Intelhgent JOHN PARSONS JANIE KNIGHT ff Most Courteous C 1 JOE Hoovl-:R 4 P RACHEL MCCALL 'I Best LOOk1hg JACK SWANSON BETTY RUTH HOLMAN l x uperfa ta ved 99 ,f Class Babies JOHN PARSONS MARY ETHEL CRUMP ff? 'I ps. Most Studmous JOHN PARSONS CHARLOTTE LeFEVER Neatest 'PAUL WILSON MARY ETHEL CRUMP Most Ambxtxous KEITH SNYDER LOUISE CIKANEK Cutest 81 Pretnest Teeth RACHEL MCCALL GWYN REICHARD uperfa tc ved 5 Prettmest Hau- DENNY MACKIE BETTY' LOU HOUCK Bxggest Pests ANN BOYD KEITH SNYDER Most Ongxnal KEITH SNYDER JANIE KNIGHT Most Helpful CHARLOTTE POWELL HILL WATSON S v B1ggest Grouch PAUL WILSON MARGARET MIKEAL ,jug uperfalwed 'T Best A11 Xround JOE HOOVER ANNIE RAE MARTIN I L hm. Most Athletxc JEAN MCCALL JACK SWANSON "Most Popular" ANNIE RAE MARTIN KEITH SNYDER Most Concexted PAUL WILSON JERRY WATSON "Biggest Gigglersu MARGARET ATKINS HARRY PARSONS C au ll We the graduahng class of 195lw1sh to leave the followxng xaluxbles to the followlng people We the entlre class wmsh to bequeath upon our flne prmclpal Mr Corpenlng our everlastxng frxendshxp loyalty and devotxon To the faculty whom we deeply appreclate we leave the rxsmng Senlor class whxch we thmk can cause them as much worry and as many gray halrs as we have FUTHERMORE We the following Semors belng as we thlnk of sane mlnd wlsh to leave to the followlng students our most treasured possessxons I Wxlma Jerry Watson leave my posltlon as Senlor Store Manager to Mary Church Charlotte Powell leaxe my ab111ty to get marrled xn the month of January to Mary Mxkeal Janle Knxght do leave my posxtlon of Senxor Class Secretary to Frances Holder Betty Holman do leave my attractlve fmgurc to Mary Wxlma Mlkeal Paul Wxlson leave my pos1t1on as Center of the Gamewell Basketball team to Ezar Walser I James cheste bell Greene John Parson do leave my abmlxty to learn Geometry and Chemxstry to Bobby Kent Jack Swanson do leave my posltmon as statxonery guard of the Basketball team to Greene Rachel McCall do leave my sweet personallty to Jean Ollls Denny Mackle do leave my flve years of Basketball experlence to Buddy Kmcaxd Charlotte Lefevre do leave my ab1l1ty to study all my subjects to Barbara W1n Doris Suddreth do leave my job as Chairman of the Cheerleaders to Helen Perklns Annie Rae Martin do leave my good sportsmanshlp to Marcellne Olmver Jean McCall do leave all my Boy Frxends to Polly Parson Mary Ethel Crump do leave my place as class pet to Dorls Trxplett Margaret Mmkeal do leave my d1sl1ke for all men to Cnnger McCall Norma Jean Hxghtower do leave my love for the French language to Paulme Camp Marjorme Craxg do leave my posltlon as Presxdent of the Old Maxd s Club to Nladme I H111 Watson do leave my fast ways wmth the women to Carl Bryant I Keith Snyder do not leave any thlng because 1 am a mzser I Harry Parson do leave my mascullne shape and body to .lxm Buchanan I Gwyn Rexchard do leave my place as Boss of the prmtmg shop at Gamewell to Amy Lee Watson I Louxse Cxkanek do leave my short chunky fxgure to Claud1ne McCall Ann Boyd do leave my place as Mr Corpemng s pet to Helen Atklns Roy KlhC31d do leave all my knowledge of Bookeepmg to B111 Hlghtower Horry Kent do leave my place as Manager of the Gamewell theatre to N1ran K1HCB1d Joe Hoover do leave my lcmd dxsposxtlon to Bruce Hood Wallace Mlkeal do leave my two year old decreplt Hxstory Book to Jxm McGarr Margaret Atkxns do leave my gmgglmg spells to Betty Sue Kxrby Betty Lou Houck do leave my quxetness to Leona Robblns Sarah Prestwood do leave my love for Setzer s htstory class to Barbara Ann Moore I . L I, , .A . 1, , A T. I, . , , H I' l , , , h I, , ' ' . ff .g,pv' ueu wh 7 h XUUI' 1 A2 Dqus 1 I 2 'Y V71 1 I ww' if-fi ,sir 2? 5 111 :Hi 'nn-vi" qlms-wi-up 'Il -12' Q'-9, X J LJ KH? up EN sr' lv-U'eJ..f-. 7 l 464 1 I unior Clay Ufficerd -an LEFT TO RIGHT Leona Robbms Vxce Pres Bobby Kent Pres Mary Church Treas Nadmne Greene Sec retary Mm PAUL BOWMAN CARL BRYANT JIM BUCHANAN HELEN ATKINS PAULINE CAMPBELL MARY CHURCH JAMES GREENE NADINE GREENE BILL HIGHTOWER FRANCES HOLDER BOBBY KENT BUDDY KINCAID NIRAN KINCAID BETTY SUE KIRBY CLAUDINE MCCALL MARY WILMA MIKEAL MARCELINE OLIVER POLLY PARSONS HELEN PERKINS JEAN OLLIS LEONA ROBBINS EZRA WALSER AMY LEE WATSON BRUCE HOOD JIM MCGARR UNLOI' 61055 A L .I FAIN ARINEY N. PN op 0I1'l0l'e Clad! BETTY JE +4 14 A BRAKEFIELD BILL BRANCH HAROLD CANNON WANDA CAUDLE JACKIE COFFEY MARY ELLEN CORPENING MARY CRAIG ROGER CRAIG ROBERT ELLER NANCY EVERHART TELLAS GREEN MELBA GREEN SHIRLEY GREENE ALEEN HARWOOD FLOYD HENSLEY RAY HINSON DALLAS HOLLEMAN V I' ' , .4 Vi N . W ., I G' Y Q' 3 ia : I A g 'xx , ' gi LJ, K, , .4 I J x f, , JIM I-IOOVER BETTY ANN HOUCK TI-IELMA R HOUCK BRUCE I-IOYLE TROYAL KINCAID BILLY LITTLEJOHN BLAINE MARTIN EDITH MIKEAI.. TINCY MIKEAL BARBARA MOORE HARRIET MOORE CLIFFORD NAIL NORMA PARSONS MIRIAM PITTS LOLA RICHARDS EVELYN SETZER BESSIE SPICER FLETUS SUDDERTI-I WILMA TURNMIRE E N WATSON NORMA R WATSON VIA VDEE WATSON BETTY WHITE CAROLYN WILSON Sophomore fadd E. 4 in f sg, f J A f L 5 ,L Ja-, 52 ls grealzman Claus .av 'QU vm., -..,y 3 'xx T K. if,-N' MARY ANDERSON LOUISE BRANCH J D BRITT LOIS BROWN ALMA BOWMAN NED BOYD WAYNE BUCHANAN HELEN BRYANT PAUL BRYANT SHIRLEY CAMPBELL MILLARD CAUDLE HAROLD CAUDLE SHIRLEY CIKANEK ZEB CHESTER SHIRLEY CHURCH BURLA CLAY HILLARD COFI-'EY ALEX COFI-'EY CLAUDE GREENE I-'REDA GREENE JOHN GREENE RUTH GREENE EFI-'IE GILBERT RUBY HALL CATHERINE HAMMOND FRANCES HARWOOD WATHA HENSLEY JIM HIGHTOWER BILL KENT HARLENE KING ELMER KINCAID RALPH KINCAID RAY VANGHAN KINCAID MABLE MASAGEE WANDA MARTIN GINGER MCCALL OLEN MCCALL ROBERT MCGARR SHIRLEY MCLEAN CHARLSIE MELTON rea man laaa 's Z' I""' X +I nf Q-10' 9:-ealunan Claus 'G-.- 'Qs x "" ,ag sg, ff' Z 'Wear ORA LEE MELTON FRAZIER MIKEAL BOBBY JOE MCGARR DOROTHY MOORE GERALD MOORE NORMA JEAN MOORE DOUGLAS OLLIS SY LVIA JEAN OWENS CLARENCE PERKINS DANIEL PRICE RAY PRICE SHIRLEY REICHARD E' '- X334- ima "'v,,., TY'-.,,,s tr 1 QS X Q, 3 M MARY RICHARDS SHIRLEY ROBBINS FRANCES ROBINSON MAC ROBINSON CAROLYN SIDES BETTY SMITH VIRGINIA SWANSON DORIS TRIPLETT WAYNE TRIPLETT DANIEL WARREN BOBBY WATSON RALPH WINCHESTER W t six - Qi, I , t 1 - f Iiyfvwgj ki X Q MMM, -4 M , .4 51 ,7 ' lg V N . -1, . M V, . VL in H Q' f ,A I Lkr , ,. X t W4 I j I MA I ' my E X E2 1.1 1 X A Ax .X QA 1 V gl J f 'I I I fs. Q- ia?s X ,S ,Dj K? 'x Y' Q i if 1-Q5 as K. lla - 1 'W 'X ell KW SEATED Left to Rmght .hm Buchanan V1ce Pres Anme Rae Martxn Pres1dent Rachel McCall Secretary ,Tame R1cha1-ds Treas glee cz 1, ec! youll: H111 Watson Presldenl Jeraldmne Watson SPC ,Cabrary Si I SEATED: Left to Right: Officers: Charlotte Turnmire, Tre-sg Jean McCall, Vice Pres U C eer aceacferd QAM L LEFT TO RIGHT Marv W M1kea1 JeanMcCa11 Mary Church Anme Rae Martm and Leona Robb1ns W I-JW s 5 x -A., J sl LEFT TO RIGHT: Louise Cikanek, Norma Jean Hightower, Doris Sudderth, Helen Perkins, Norma Jean Moore, 5221 R, Xfy, , , , . .. I N E0 '39 flxlllhv 7: R f' Q . l 1 'Q-W W 91' 0' 18007 oola -If " '-f-11EA. la?-dak Q qafa 1 new FIRST ROW Left to Rlght Clmfford Nalle Mgr ,hm MCGarr Horrv Kent .hm Buchanan Jack Swanson Jlrn Hoover Bob Kent Denny Markle Carl Fry mt SECOND ROW Xlex Coffey Asst Mgr Dallas Holleman Bull Kent Roby rt Eller Xerm W11l1iYNS lllllard Coffey James Greene Mr Love Coach THIRD ROW Iell QS Grec ne Hogs r Cr ng., Ray Hmson X VK!-2, I nn 14 in ogd Kadkeibaff SEATED Left to Rxght B111 Kent Bobby Watson Horry Kent I-hllard Coffey Jlm Ho over Bobby Kent Jack Swanson STANDING Ben Setzer Coach Ray Vaughn K1nca1d Wayne Buchanan Paul Wxlson Jlm Hxghtower Alex Coffey Bruce Hood Kelth Snyder Mgr Jlm Buchanan Conference games played and scores are Gamewell Gamewell Gamewell Gamewell Gamewe 11 Gamewe ll Gamewell Gamewell Gamewell Gamewell Rotary To Gamewell urnament Patte rson Co1lettsv1l1e Kmgs C reek Oak I-1111 Happy Valley Patterson Granlte Falls Collettsvllle Hllderbran Oak H111 Granlte Falls 'k Carl Bryant Denny Mackle . .................. 43 ' .................. 13 Gamewell ..................... 8 Hutlson ....................... 34 W girld Kadkelbalf SEATED, Left to Rxght Forwards Sh1rley Campbell Betty Whxte Anme Rae Martln, Dons Tnplette Mary Church Gmger McCall Leona Robbuxs Wanda Caudle Jerald1ne Watson Ass t Mgr STANDING Guards Mr M R Corpenxng Coach Burla Clay Jean McCall Betty Houck Edlth Mlkeal Shlrley Robbxns Nancy Everhart Paulme Campbell Betty Klrby Jean 1-hghtower Mary W Mlkeal Janle Knlght Mgr Conference games played and scores are Gamewell Collettsvllle Gamewell K1ngs Creek Gamewell Gamewell Gamewell Gamewell Gamewell Gamewell R otary Tournament Gamewell Gamewell Oak H111 Happy Valley Granxte Falls Collettsvmlle H1lderbran Oak H111 Kmgs Creek Hlckory Gamewell ................... 37 Hudson ..... 'k gzglzllz grade ......x...1A.4lJ.f.KJA Il? Cheer .feaclerd Ethel Nail, Linda Wooten, Marilyn Stafford 59141, g 4 g 1, Anna zz fyglzllz Q de 5 yd E dk tb 414616 ar cfibrarg Siaf! f"l Zag fund rammar gfee 61616 Cooled ,av 'Y' LEFT TO RIGHT Mrs W E Ward Mrs C1ar1sa Clay Mrs Ne111s Greene Mrs Bob Setzer Mrs Paralee Sanders Mrs Ruby Hollar anzlord LEFT TO RIGHT Mrs Stella Kmcaxd Mrs Ella Kxng Ernest Penley 4 15:-wer-4 Finn JH? NDRT5 CARQMNA PUBLIC SCHOOLS CALDWELL COUNTY Q-A rf :HM as iv'y4:"n-QF' I LEFT TO RIGHT Gwyn Remchard Bruce Hood Paul Wllson Roy K1nca1d Denny Mackze H111 Watson John Parsons Horry Kent eluor lore anagerd .315 YN, vv- fv -of 'TZ V227 if' J ,Q Q Rachel McCall, Ass't ,Jeraldme Watson, Manager, Charlotte Turnmmre, Ass t B ' , VV - 7 . . . W Yr E . 'U' fr VF N A A , . 1 ., 1 ' "r' ., " 'A ' A A V1 ' , ' V 3 .V y',f "-Q, '41 .,v:',, 1 Q ,g,,, 7- i 'f ' v,wf:'1 ' ' .' 1 5-.I-,A .'.f ' ' . : , ' . Y ' , ' ' , ' . , l I . 5 n a, 2 4 , ,, f ' 'fr--QW' , , -. ,N , 'QQ - 1 ij Q V' I, " 1 I Complzments of Complzments of CATO'S Your Fr1end1y Store Leno1r North Carollna L GERMAN MOTOR CO Granlte Falls North Carolma Complzments of LENOIR OFFICE EQUIP CO Agency For Portable Typewrlters Commerc1al Typewr1ter s Servlce Rentals Com plzments of FIDELITY INSURANCE AGENCY Incorporated F1del1ty Bu1ld1ng Phone 98 Leno1r North Carolma Complzments of Compliments of BERNHARDT FURNITURE CO UNION NATIONAL BANK Leno1r North Carolma Leno1r North Carolma .4- Remington Rand Products I... E. Dirnrnette, Pres. 8: Treas. Complzments of HIBRITEN CHAIR CO No th C rol Compliments of COURTN EY S STORES tf tters fo Me 81 Women e 1 Leno North Carol Complzments of MOONEY PLUMBING 85 HEATING CO N th Carol C omplzments of SANDERS CHEVROLET CO Le o North Carol C om plzments of CALDWELL CIN DER BLOCK -CO C omplzments of SHADY OAK Tee age Ha gout No th Ca ol Joy eton North Carolina 9 Ou i r n Sinc 872 Lenoir r a ina i in Plumbing gl Heating Contractors Sales Sr Service Lenoir or ina n ir in , n n Joyceton r r ina Q ' Complzmcnts of Comphments of R G WHITE GROCERY 7UP BOTTLING CO Amoco Gas 81 O11 2027 N Tryon St Phone 2803 Phone 3 569 Leno1r North Carol1na H1ckory North Carol1na Complzmcnts of Comphmcnts of CRUMP S BARBECUE ICENHOUR FABRIC SHOP Qeverythmg 1D f1ne fabrlcs Leno1r North Carolma Leno1r and H1ckory N C Complzments of Complzmcnts of TIRE SALES and BATTERY CO ERVIN S MEN S SHOP Crowell s Ser Sta Leno1r North Carol1na Compliments of Complzments of Say It Wxth flowers TEAGUE FURNITURE CO ROCKHAVEN GARDENS Phone 42.4 Leno1r North Carol1na Leno1r North Carohna Complzments of LENOIR PAD and PAPER CO INC excels1or packmg pads LENOIR STATIONARY CO cotton battlng Phone 192. Leno1r North Carol1na Leno1r North Carol1na Complzments of Complzments of REECE and GRAHAM PILKINGTON SHOE STORE Dent1sts Leno1r North Carolma Leno1r North Carol1na Complzments of C0mPl1m671lS of RABB NELSON GULF SER WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Leno1r North Carol1na Leno1r North Carol1na Complzments of Compliments of CRUMP S BARGAIN CENTER THOMPSON LIPE WHOLESALE CO Leno1r North Carol1na Leno1r North Carohna . . 5 , . . 1 1 i 7 - 1 AA ' - 11 , - v C omplzmrnts 0 IHE REMNANT 51 ORE Leno1r North Carolma C nmplzmtnts 0 ED b MEAT WHOLESALE Leno1r North Carolma Complxmcnts of MIMObA CAFE MARKET Morganton North Carolma Cornpfzmcnls of KENTWOOD FLORIbT 400 Mt Vnew bt Leno1r North Carolma C omplzmcnts of LENOIR MOTOR COACH CO INC H D McLean Pres Complzments of QUA LIT Y GRO CERY I-hckory Road LENOIR MANUFACTURING Bmldmg Mater1aI D D SUDDRETH FURNITURE COMPANY Leno1r North Carolma Complzments of .I C PENNY CO Quahty Merchand1se C omplzmcnts of HOME ELECTRIC COMPANY Leno1r North Carolma Complzmcnts of O P LUTZ FURNITURE CO Leno1r North Carolma Complzmcnts of SASLOW S Leno1r North Carolma C omplzmcnts of GRANITE DRY CLEANERS Granlte Falls North Carolma C omplzments of TUTTLE JEWELRY IOI W Harper Ave Leno1r North Carolma C omplzmcnts of LERNERS STORE Leno1r North Carolma Complnncnts of LENOIR ICE 81 FUEL CO Phone 140 Leno1r North Carolma , . f . . ' f Complimrnls of Compliments of C pliments of Galvln Furnlture C0 Sherrllls Ice Cream Compliments of Kent-Cof f ey Manufacturlng Co Manufacturers of QUALITY BEDROOM FURNITURE Since 1907 Lenoir North Carolina Complzments of Bro hill Furniture Factories Repre senting Conover Furniture Co O L Broyhill Furniture Corp Harper Furniture Company Lenoir North Carolina 0 0 Lenoir Chair Co. Lenoir Furniture Corp. Complzmcnts of W E SHAW FURN CO s R No th Ca Complzments of THE FASHION L d e at Complzments of DAYVAULT S DRUG STORE th C Complzments of HIBRITEN FURN CO Le o t Complzments of LEN OIR FUNERAL HOME Pho e 1400 Le o N th Ca I Complzments of EFIRD S DEPT STORE Le o thC Complzments of BANK OF LENOIR Le o r No th Ca ol Complzments of HICKORY FIBRE CO Joy eto N th C I . O O I Rug , anges, 81 House Furn. "Smart a i s Misses Wear Lenoir r rolina Lenoir North Caroh ! I I Lenoi Nor arolina n ir Nor h, CaroI - I 9 L I n n i or ro ina n ir Nor arol O n i r r ina C n or aro L - N Complzments of RABB MOTOR CO Your Plymouth and Desoto Dealer Leno1r North Carol1na Complzments of LUCILLE S SEWING SHOP Room 200 Hedmck Bldg Leno1r North Carol1na Complzments of THRIFT FOOD CENTER Pennton Ave Leno1r North Carol1na C omplzments of FAIRWAY SUPER MARKET The bldg extend1ng from H1ghway 321 to Hmghway 321A Complzments of EKENRODS STUDIO 81 CAMERA SHOP 109 W Harper Ave Leno1r North Carol1na Complzments of H1ckory Road Leno1r North Carol1na Complsments of CITIZENS B Sr L ASSOCIATION Leno1r North Carol1na Complzments of BUSH TRANSFER INC Phone 827 828 Leno1r North Carol1na Comphments of HEDRICK S CUT RATE Leno1r North Carol1na C omplzments of WHITNEL FIVE gl TEN CENT STORE Wh1tnel North Carolma Comphments of BOWERS Leno1r North Carolma Complzments of JOHNNY S BLUE BELL RESTAURANT Phone 9124 Lenoxr North Carol1na C omphments of CAROLINA TIRE 8z APPLIANCE C0 U S Royal T1res Recapp1ng SCIVICC Crosley Sz Hotpomt Apphances 207 E Harper Avenue Leno1r North Carol1na C omplzments of BELK'S DEPARTMENT STORE Belks Sell It for less Leno1r North Carol1na JERRY'S BARBER SHOP "Motor Freight Lines" C 1 zplz ncnts 0 Complzmcnts of CITY DRY CLE AINILRS T myp H MUTUAL BUILDING 8L LOAN ASSOC B d Ln 1912 COB L Complz ncnts of LE DAIRY PRODL CTS INC Complzments of BLOWING ROCK FURN CO N thC y othC S111 '1 j ' T N Owners om arsons 81 Joe oyle Home uiI ers 81 vesto Phone 179 Since Lenoir North Carolina Lenoir North Carolin .7 . T w , I P O Phone 12 enoir or arolina Jo ceton N r arolin l 1 Compliments of Waldenslan Bakerles Inc WALDENSIAN SUNBEAM ed dCe Complzments of BERNHARDT SEAGLE C0 l ld gSp e Spo t g Good He dq a ter Complzments of APPALACHIAN MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE C0 Atoo e a t c I Th Pe ple of Cald ell Co ty Complzments of LENOIR HOSIERY MILLS NC a uf t e s RITA Nylo Sto k g Complzments of GREER FUNERAL HOME INC Pho e 5 L o North C l 0 0 0 Br a an ak s " c I Mil and Bui in u pli s Fire-- u m bil Hardware and Furniture A Lenoir Company Serving r in s P r i u arly a u r s e o w un , I . M n ao ur r Of n c in S n en ir aro ina Complzments of Hlckory Sportlng Goods Co play more hve longer Sportsman s Headquarters for Western N C For Natlonally Known Brands Athletlcs F1Sh1Dg Huntmg 1212 11th Avenue Hlckory North Carohna Complzments of Complzments of BLUE BELL INC A 8a P TEA C0 Lenou- North Carohna Lenoxr North Carolma O I C at ' il 1 . 0 Compliments of Senior Store Fa1r Trade Gamewe115choo1 North Carolma Compliments of Cnty Barber: ue Cafe Over 17 Years ID Lenou' Lenolr North Caro11na LEFTWICH ELECTRIC CORP Westmghouse Apphances LS'1O1I' North Caro11na FOARD INSURANCE AGENCY A complete msurance berwte Room 8 1.,eno1r Hardware Bldo Telephones 190 and 1190 L.eno1r North Carolma Complzments of Stroupe Grocc ry Lenolr North Cdrolma App1. Store 1180-Shop 1234.1 ., M ,, "ff me .1-'-1 '-N.X,' ' X 'N,YlXX. X -L -N? HJXXR' W ' Y, - uf f f ' .K ' ',-'Q' Zfif '-Q,f' " '- ., ., .X ,, J. .r 'L' 51'--G--Qxx -, ' ,.'L:, JU' Eixexx?xa1f'i9f6?Zf:?iQxxS:m,zlbbbmfws-.fxnxwlgfswaQwN!1?1w7A1!er:.g1. - Emi mu, rffazfaeiwsfif r-:si x , HSI , X xx X X. bg . Li-- xx ,,,, .., , ' -, ' 9 HX. ' A 251 -ex: re., 5 ,gifiizlsilii 'i v 2" H1 " ' 1 'fn X ' ' " ' ' xxx X.. ,,,s,fn'.i-'Cf-'14 galifiwfifagh-SSEQQ :Lv.N51'N 703- ?KXfN?ff3f'FM

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Gamewell Collettsville High School - Devils Diary Yearbook (Lenoir, NC) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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