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TI-IE IVICDO THE END OF AN ERA 'I 980 l Q 1 Published By The Sehior Closs Of Holsieih High School Holsieih, lowo Volume 63 Th l98OlVl Cl1'h Cl ld y e oo 'f , fl Tih Clf fHlT Hgh Sh lThT hp I f 0 y T d These memorles dlffer ds much GS The people who mode Them' The people voices dnd ldughTer will sTlll full The hdlls So much hds We ve Idughed dnd crred loved dhd hdTed mosT of dll we ve grown up Experlences we ve ehcouhTered here wall never be forgoTTen hdppened here?good dnd bod. We hope The words ond phoTos in This book will remind you of your doys oT H.H S We dediooTe This MOC To The people who were here before us wiTh oll Their memories of HoIsTein High School. ,E 1 ,J NV My y-qiiifi f LCJST I-IoIsTelr1 Homecoming Q wi' A- V I' iwrff I ' '11 ' 7- I M "' 'WI knit , , A U N x vt' ' 'YL if -" -W' .'. " F' - A 5 .., vfl""'W'?:w 5 .,, Q Z if 3, A . 3 in H ,ii W '1,"lz , A I V 7. f 'N inf-, A I, V, mi Q3 I Y a ff: ,ig N1 - 4- ' 1 finfijpy, C ? ., - , V. V K E 2 f,.,,mw c4 1 if If! If I War ng lm, g-, ,.5 ' g ' , ,,,, Mi' ' 1 JE? ,f ,A 3, 'QW7 A Q. 1 III III r b X g- , 5 ' "'K fry .. ,f 'L , Lg ' e , 11 qxhw ,, - A a 'x'- " -'4 - ' ' ' -- . "fl u ' " 5, if-' - Gia" HN' M ' F iff 1 1, 'W I., Q., h X ,Vx L 'QQ 'WA 1 jf: , 94 W EE! , JY Ve. .155::, ,F . I K . A f ' ,. ,,,, H , wif? "M ' ' xi ZlL,s':f?gg ,,W,w ' ,' -A' A-fH'- "" A " if?-2rQf11s."m 'if ' . J f gi rwzfff-.X-, , h , he h 1+ ,- f ,, . - -'wi '- mf-mmf . , -'1 ww " - -Q f V, . 1 .. . , , . NO WATER MQW U it cu L... M ..- 4 n rw: I We ,:W,. -, ...,i-M 7 W 'I A V A as ag 3 A I 0 ' o ... a A" MMV A M1 Q ,I mg! 1 ,lx Y? 'fb L WFS: Vlftglf "" M , , - .vi M.. , , M. , N . mm 4, V ,, 1 K' W ,. M 5 S V , 45 girikgn ff V - gf.: ,V .W 'QQ EJ MJ' . ,AX,f'.,Qv W-5j:,fyfi3i1i.,usm is A 'Hf141,'lJ 1 1 .. ' Q ' 'tr Formal Forowoll Hours of planning and preparation resulted in a Successful Prom lor the juniors and seniors on Saturday, April 'l2th. The banquet was served in the Methodist Church by Greg Graff, Cheri Bruning, Steven Billings, Steph Drury, Melanie McGuire, Kevin Koeppen, Michelle McGuire, and Brod Goettsch Geoff Lohff gave a prayer before the roast beef and hom dinner. The traditional welcome was given by Torn German with Don Ellerbusch responding The Senior Class History was read by Nancy Dittmer and Laura Cronin read the Wills. The banquet drew to a close with Micki McGuire and Liz Soseman singing the theme song, "Sharln' the Night Together" "Suade" played for the dance at the Country Club. The highlight of the evening was the crowning of Clair Schubert and Tom Lamp as our Prom Queen and King. After the dance, the Music Mothers provided the movie 't'lOA'l", and Q tavern lunch The Seniors will surely hold onto the last Prom as one of their very special memories of their high school years W1 ll W, 'W affix -.. 5,1'.x LN - , 1 ' lr l i l ez 4 0 I Q Y' 0 F I , , , 129 , at f' .Nm if , f ' w Q W. 4 XM 'Lf A fs. 'H if f, gk. ' A mf gr O U . +f Wan' 3 , ,Nam V .21 fue? ff , L- 2 , w,,.,, Y , 'W - , 33 " f , ' M f ,Mm lJflT.W'r2"f1QW47!7'9" MWVMR ' r 4 .am mmwrw f W KM' 9 4 f Y v 4- 2 Wi an "ZA , -A Y , ! Y ,LM . ,L W A "f M 3 4' E I, I M, ., ,A bf. .1 ff ' M 1 , s 22 , V Wy If 5 4, , I I x A 4 ,JV Q 4 ff ' Q. "-lk ff' 1 . . Q' 1 ., 5 4 f Jus L 3 Am -if' Y f JW jf! EFA Q 3 H Wififf' We A ' 4-4 If , ' 5 75 ' K'--A Q W Wen, P wfiiip--V ,--.,., FWHM g X " ,111 W -- , W ' ' '- ' www. W ' ' n. - YA- . ., . 1' .4 ' f i N I., ,- 'iw v 1 yu., ,. f .w ,. MI.-, X, A if ' ' " iw . 'wx if , .3 Le Liss A .L . ,, f I , W I N. 2 WM'YW 3 wi 3' , i ff-Q 'Fx 5 f 1 Q 545 'xr 5 , Il f 4 ,, .f ' i ' gg : 'MW I .1 gqfgfl' 32' 4 ' V -' .gr -1.-Q f 7 -fi 5,9 Q - 5' , W f A :W 'ww ,,j1If'r' .' J. 3 , , W , ft : 1, . gf W fri. ' . A' 5E,f ",., if gl A J' ' " .' 1 x M A V ,J - YT Q N ,,,gf'fia5gr:f'7' 'I 'Q ", fx if i A W y . " ,f if ,41 'J A 5. f f ,'- 'F 'fwfr " wif Wfkfr.-f vf ' f - 'M .11 af m" V1 4 - f t K :E 3413- ' gi 'I ' ' -f , ,?K'.....f, : Q41 - ' -.Q ' 'if ff, f' Q A , f - may i A' F 'Qu-Q , .V ,fag ' V .1 -. xi. 4 32 1 "-fag' '15 X5 1 , , Hf -ML 1, - W1 wr ' ' A AW ' Y ' x"w" F1 ,v 'A M! I mf 0 ww . ev- A ' X ,' , f Y. M , I v jf, 2" , . fy!! ' N f M wwf , ' f -4 nf: xv: I ' Q, A 5 t .' L V 'QW' - " mp- . ,VF . Ry l ' nf' f :.'V..fV: fwf 'L ' 1 , 5-,J P, ff f. -r 1, , , . ., A wf,4 f?' X , v + I- V ,, X .1 wifi 1.931 ' , FEMWTWQ' Vw in ' ff ' ' W f L W 2 M.-an if " Y' - R W 1 3 f Ai' In ' 'Le My f' 'Y' V MY M' Mme-ww" ' 3'-FW ,,.f 2 ,f CLASS CDF 4980 x'The End Cf An Ero." Go oonfidenrly in The clirecfion of your dreoms. Ivy Green And Ivory Whire Rose-green Tipped r Tomro DCIvid K. BOKSI' Betty Ronoe Boock L Holstein Cooperorive Elevoror 1 -1 In if 'nn-Ar., ,g sql' ,AV L My W... "arf 4 ,M , any , M " Jn. qzfrmx A -w W 1 ,W . H- A 7 ' 4 K 1 .q Carrie Lynn Breyfogle Michael K. Carsfens ' r 1 r Kelly Joe Conover Chris C. Coppa Jacqueline Jean Crawford N Laura Ann Cronin Karen Sue DuTIer Conover 81 Bauer Oil Company 1 Donald Orris Ellerbusch Becky Marie Endrulal Marilyn Sue Friedrichsen Mitchell James Fritz Daniel Dean Gebers Michael L. Glawe KOFGFI SUS Goellsch L 84 J Catering Service-Lloyd 84 Janilh Glawe Timothy Dale Hamlin Randall Dean Hargroves Kenneth E. Hettinger Wendy Jo Jensen Linda R09 Johnson Kevin W. Kaslner Nancy Ann Kislenmacher Arnies Elecfric 84 T.V. xv t ' 'fx ,Q mi to r M r -2. I ii TTIOFTTCS L99 I-UVTWD Keith J. Leonard 5 r 4' in Sara Jean Marsh Steven Dale Meyer Mary Margaret Oakley Kent R, Peterson Kama Jo Pfalzgraf Dale Meyer Vita Perm Products J Ardylhe E. Regenniller Jeffrey Allen Regennitfer DOHOIO E- WCS Ronald C. Rice David Dean Schmidt Robert James Schmid? Clair Ann Schubert Oscar Rice Family Lindo Sue Schuetr Timothy George Sokolowski i 1 T T Steven A. Sorensen Mark Thomas Sfines Terri Lynn Streck T Suzonne Marie Voss Timothy Fronk Yofes Crory, Huff, Yofes, ond Clem-P.C. .fix in iViemoriom Of Koryn Kohl The eorihiy sunshine ond orighi oioys ore gone. ii seems o ioss. Boi ooys ore iorighier onci eorihiy sunshine unimporioni. She sioried school wiih us She'll Qroduoie wiih us in our heoris. T 84 I STuaenTs GeT Jump On Careers This is The eIevenTh year for The Traaes ana InausTry program which offers The sTuaenTs The opporTuniTy To learn apouT The worla of work. By combining classroom acTiviTies, discussing areas of safeTy, workmen's compensaTion laws, invesTing, creaiT, empIoymenT ana labor laws, ana career invesTigaTion, ana acTuaI work experience, The sTuaenTs opTain a well rounaea knowleage of whaT The worla of work is all apouT. ThirTeen HoisTein businesses Took parT in This cooperaTive eaucaTion program. Mr. Euchner was The Teacher ana aavisor of These TifTeen seniors. s ss T s T' : Li hb .f,. ,.'i M WVVVV M : .. .s,W. K --,... 1 ' ' I f N L . ' :Sf ::,..1 ,- sf Qlflfffifiifffif g ' T.:-,.,sr' ' 2 ,mum . Communicarions Class Tries New Adveniure CreaTiviTy was The goal of The CommunicaTions Class which mer during The second semesTer This T year. Sixieen seniors signed up for The class To learn a liTTle abouT boih speech and journalism. There was no hierarchy in The group and all of The sTudenTs shared eaually in The Tasks of producTion. The newspaper has been called 'lThe PiraTeer" since The laTe 4950's and before ThaT Time exisTed under The TiTle of "The Hi'LariTy." The publicaTion hasn'T been around under any name for nearly Two years, buT The l-lolsTein high school communicaTions class hopes To change ThaT wiTh "The PiraTeer" 1980, being published every Two weeks. David Faris-advisor 84 Teacher s.l Journalslm Stott: FronT Row: Randy Hargroves, Wendy Jensen, Linda Johnson, Tammy Albers, Karna Jo Pfalzgraf, Sara Marsh, KenT Peterson. Row 2: Mary Oakley, Tim YaTes, Suzy Voss, Karen GoeTTsch, Laura Cronin, Don Ellerbusch, Tim Sokolowski, Linda Schue-TT, Becky EndrulaT. 19 Vern's Machine Shop Nlhe Moe' She is a I-IOLSTEIN and Seh Can 1917 Annual Slaff Frederick Klolz Editor in Chef Roberl Steffen Assoc ale Ed Tor Hugh McGuire Business Manager Wilbur Hansen Assoc ale Bus ness Manager EUITOVS Alberl Kohl Arl Harry Vule Alhlelics Nna Carsrensen Hslory Edna Wil Soc al Raymond Toedl Drarnallcs Class Ed Tars Edilh C-reve Edna Pleper lf? John Winter 20 Edward McGure 2 MGVQOIGT Wllarnson Bertram Fenn Cornrnerc al Deparlmenr , - Y i , l i , i i i V , l i , i Alber? Hyde, Humorous I , , '18 I i , ' 'l i l , '22 , I 1980 Annual Staff The Class of 4980 submil for your approval The final edilion of "The MOG". Georgie Myrlue, Advisor Keilh Carslens, Advisor Pholography Linda Schuell, Edilor Marilyn Friedrichsen, Business Manager Mike Carslens 81 Nancy Kislenrnacher, Pholographers Ken Hellinger, Senior Edilor Working Slaff: Ron Rice Don Rice Wendy Jensen Tammy Albers Clair Schuberl Don Ellerbusch Randy Hargroves Carrie Breyfogle , s . ,qs , 4 , ,M . ,E - M' .lf ,swrraw-If sz ww wv'1ivM'i.sW'sRWL'11wil"1LQ,s'k'9Lawns,,-,gfwQqPL.sWWffeNQlwszi,.,1, U:,,,sLfrf2ml gg, ., QfbzfiitliisflbriiWsfilszsilmirziwz-W vswviv-7 .ws:wf:4:s?P1s142M j',QQf1Q,x:,,,i3e,,,,, ,J ,W ik, 4, 5 g2,,3,,,sl, ,K,wry5,Q.g,,,.sk,.Qq1zsgggassmrhrgyg-wr:sAgg,:rwsws.?s's 7 kmgwwf s '?l?59?1W?5i,Pl??5f53?S?al: was Q 7 1 r1ermQrienf:,wmes:sQfrrflw ff , -Mil be is slnerslsfsri effihe ririsl fsssnlsssifl lsls f,lrisr i v sirsls T , R' 1 A E Q x fir, l A' Q ig ' j wif, giwmj W by n S X' g 4 R ss A y 9 A ,K ,W il 1 5 Q s E x if 3 XSS iz2fli0l?Ts2lf'alif1r:l5:?4Zi?swiss .Y S Fronl Row: Linda Schuell, Nancy Kislenmacher, Marilyn Friedrichsen, Karna Jo Pfalzgraf. Row 2: Sieve Meyer, Don Ellerbusch, Ron Rice, Terri Slreck, Karen Duller, Belly Boock, Ardy Regenniller, Jackie Crawford, Row 3: Chris Coppa, Don Rice, Mike Carslens, Clair Schuberl, Karen Goellsch, Sara Marsh, Linda Johnson. Row A: Kenl Pelerson, Tammy Albers, Suzy Voss, Becky Endrulal, Wendy Jensen, Carrie Breyfogle, Laura Cronin, Row 5: Mitch Fritz, Tim Yales, KenHellinger, Randy Har- groves, Mike C-Blawe, Kelly Conover, Tom Lamp, Mary Oakley, David Baker, l-lolslein Lumber Co, 84 Slruclual Designs FACULTY AdminisTroTion A A School Bodrd: Bev Meyer, SecreTdry: De WiTT Gries, PresidenT: Tom YoTes: Dowd 959' 5Up9"me"dem Dove Else: Row 2: Col Leonord: Eldridge Drury: Vol Wiese The foculTy ddrninisTroTors ond sToff ore The people behind The scenes ThoT keep our school running Even Though These people do noT geT d wiThouT Them So here They ore in recil life slTuoTions The wciy Their sTudenTs know Them loT of crediT, The school could noT funcTion XS, - Bill Kruse, Junior-Senior High School Principdl Wdrren Losher, ElemenTory School Principal l-lolsTein SToTe Bonk Ruin Fennerno, School Nurse i 5 lb Q X Cuslooions: l-lilmo Wiflrock, Sheryl Ehlers. Row 2: Russ Osiermonn, Horlon Freclrichsen, Lyle Schoffer. Eloine Homplond, Priniing Deporirnenl Cooks: Borb Horgroves, Joyce Nelson, Dorothy I-lenrichsen, Wilmo Hon- sen, Horriei Michoelson, l-Ieod Cook. Row 2: Jonilh Glowe, Mory Wiese, Eileen Rohlk. lv? Bev Meyer, Secreiory Sloff Lydio Horgens, Jr.-Sr, High Secre- Tory - mx ,ug W ,. Deb Joslin, Supifs Secretory Bookkeeping Dept.: Cindy Porks 81 Goil Schmidt Firsl Trusl 84 Sovings Bonk, Golvo Dale BOIUVWQGV, Biology Dixie Brueck, Grade Music Keith Carstens, Industrial Arts 1 Norman Euchner, Business Education Patsy Kaus, Physical Edu- cation 24 Faculty Marilyn Ferrin, Vocal Musg Russ Kraai, Athletic Direc- tor 84 Physical Education l Mr. Trieber Betty l-loman, Instrurnenl tal Music l Donn Leach, Art Miss Hornan and Stage Band Mr. Ohde David Faris, English 84 Speech l Rita McGuire, Librarian 84 French Bonnie Acres Berkshires-Tom Conover Ken Mentzer, Social Stud- ies Georgie ivlyrlue, Business Euld Nook, Jr. High English Educolion Mr. Vollrolh Dennis Ohde, Jr, High Sci- ence. Hecillh Neil Phipps, Sociol Studies Mrs. Myrlue, Advdnced Accounting Cldss Deb Porker, Speech Theropisi 1 Horold Posl, Moth ! 'WD Horold Treiber, lnduslridl Arfs 1 gm Jirn Crow, G-uiddnce Counselor Mrs. Porker Sa Mr, Ufechl Food Locker Service 81 Weslern Corner-Bob 84 Thod Bdhenslos X XJ CZ 'ivy fig, Q, Sdro Pedersen, Redding Speciolisl GCIYY Schrdge, English Bill Ulechl, Jr. High Molh l Phyllis Von Buskirk, Home Economics Vic Vollrdih, Physicdl Sci- ence 25 f Bus Drivers: Claude Conover, Harold Bremer, Melvin Bauer, Deon Lingle, Bill Jcckes, Mr, Else Russ Pruehs, Bus Mosferp Woyne Michoelsen. Mr. Corsrens Tug of Wor-They los1! Mr. Schroge Mrs. Von Buskirk 26 Boofhby Hordwore 84 Ehler Emplemenf Co. 49' 'li- XZ zu U-Q' 'M N7 F V 4 1 if s Q J V : J . ' f " ' 1 'si P ' SPDRTS Excmmg Year For Jr. I-hgh W' 1 w . N 4 Z, : Zz 442 A J' Aw MP' may mi? M pa A V. . 1. 1 N .., Y ar N J ,. 3 ,L if Q -f vf K .- . A :s.R'xX. Dr. Paul Sumner, Omomefrisf, Ido Grove -is MW ff W F' 'if , Q-,, in Lag? wifi me 'W vi if fi'3y",5g1a"' S A gi A gwiififf ,,, if xi K' Qfwjzwxuavytzfilr-'iii wa'-F31 W-vifwig Q Wan 1 Q M JS 4? r fun gm? xil , .... m. 7 ' ' ' 55.19. ,LV ' . 'igin I ' K "i'i"f' ' ' 5" AZ- ' ' M, V v- f k Vw fi 31' ' 1- , ' i-'KV'Ifin.'-1Iiz1T15'1:??1?E1sii2EEi2iiiT 4 . . 4 KL " ,V , :V I f I l . - :f: 4 DOnnosFoshlons 19 Ja Vamty SW"ebM"" Maha" BOvs'BoskefbQs1 T2ecord 7-6 , Q Hdvsfein Gps5onem ' '?eCGfd M91 2 1 A WQS+ mMOnORG 9 . , , wQoowfvCenfrQf M HOWD 0DQwfff - 5 Kingsiey-PAie rson. 8 '36 MQFCUS 49 3 -Aufam 5 A8 Monte Valley 77 1 8! Q LQ WtQn,BfQn5Qn 4 70 Ku'aQsIeypPlers,Qn 54. 42 C1aeban:Affmf . 5 59 , AWG ' 50: '41 Westwooci, 40 55 9'1feb01"'AFmUf 1 Q43 om ' GQunW TGvfff0AmeQf RTUES nf 4'kkkV -'fVV K i 4. .kk - K I K G:-czetvo G 54 Wooc:1bury Central 40 W j lcio Grove 3 64 Lcxwfon-Bronson 48 , 52 A West Monom 58 2 Nm 8 giicuonois A Sghcaiier 534 a ' , A Q' ' ' Cfes?rk:zncf 42 64 Soc Ciiy A 63 1 . Dis'fric:Ts L , ,38 , Bc:Ttie4Creek 49 FoQ1bQ1u f ' m ' gf ' 1 , ' VVresfrHn Ho'STem Qppgnem , QuqR9wfm cgo Q H0fSfein ,?fp?n3'311 :V VKI. ,Q k4,k xc.kk J 'iyi , .kkxi A In in til ,V.Vtk N If VK gi- ,A.k x kr ,K i. K VV kk ViVk,kV,k krttk- t if .riy F ci,k,V-k,k,i k,iVAV . A,kV.,V lkkg iii JkVV,.V, kkkk fir? AV H kifkkrk , K fr . V- , 3 I K4 21 f ln f , fn Ag cg mescica1 e 25- W w EF '0VQ ' ?3f'9Y 'V 5 W WGSTW00f5 24 -6 'f f f 1dQ F3-SIDVG . 7 '4 L l 'rournumems' V PrQce Poinfs , G l l . WoQdbQfv Cenfrnf 7+ L ' ,r3simore 'Qs'fyfBrcdQQre sth osw fLGwi0mfBronsoAn ? i Coon .RmpidS ' iqgf Wes1' Mofwc5no 4d Q CZQnferenf:e 6141 Q Sec'fionc:Is Q . Stiff 58 W. JDis'fric'rs g 42th ' Holstein Qpponent f . 43 3Chi9SwiQ , 24 148 A idea ' Q. rover, -45 42 A Sc:hc:r 21 I k,if A H K '.m'i wV,'h '.' W ,h1 i' V 5 4g45cfgirf.s sg 35 Q5sff1s C0DSffQCTiCfrDV.1lUii.?V No of Girls' Basketball Record 5-45 Holstein Opponent 621 Scnaller 52 Marcus 39 Maple Valley Crestland Kingsley-Pierson A a Gdebolt-Arthur Westwood Anthon-Ota Aurelia lda Grove Wall Lake Woodbury Central Lawton-Bronson Willow Battle Creek West Monona Eastwood Sectionals Woodbury Central Kingsley-Pierson Boys Golf l?9COfd Record 7-7 Holstein 'l 4 S ectionals Volleyball Opponent Storm Lake Eastwood Galva Woodbury Central lda Grove Scnaller Eastwood Cherokee Aurelia Marcus Galva Aurelia Ata lda Grove Grils Track , Pace Record Ramblerette, Mapleton Trojanette, Odebolt nd Atom, Aurelia l' - - Pantnerette, Kingsley DUO' Compellhon Comette, Wall Lake 10-6 . Rockette, Scnaller Conference Tied for Ain Conference, Maple Valley nd Boys Track Glfls Record Record Dual Competifron A-2 Conference r Sectionals District Arn Holstein Bulldog Aurelra Tomahawk Cherokee Trojan. Odebolt Esterville A a Tornado, Storm Lake Conference Holstein District Holstein State, Des Moines Place na n 36th 3 3 No, of Teams Teams 63 60 3 l 60 76 l 3 as it 63 3 2 an ao 4 3 42 73 0 3 65 27 3 2 47 63 3 O 60 68 0 3 AO 59 3 O no 54 2 l 46 63 3 l O 55 72 as 69 0 3 54 44 52 78 as A4 65 74 Pts l I 50 5m in 64 2 Q 511 3 d 'ld 75 3rd 7 216 5th 9 37 5th 20 , 48 2 9 Arn I Pts. ' 21 oth 'Ill . . , ' 24 Oth 12 , 38 5th 7 l aa 2 12 56 lst 7 3 d lt 33 lb am 40 81 2 d 6 'lst , 36 5m Q , 27 5th 20 A George W. Leonard--Farm Mutual lns. Agent 2 i E r s 5 i 9 2 1 I Ol-El T lN .S.., C tiff Luken is a fan. He is the bat boy the team and all the boys chipped in and bought him a baseball shirt just iike theirs. He has to be the best dressed bat boy in Maple Valley fi 5 Michaelsen Motor 84 implement 4979 very one. was first Holstein Conference ist eam. e distinction of pitching three games this year by blanking West and Meriden-Cleghorn 5-0. Several other factors made the year a success The team had a very fine team batting average of .309. This was caused by these players strong averages: Tom Lamp .4295 Steve Meyer .3811 Mitch Fritz .3595 Tim Yates .3435 John Myrtue .3105 and Steve Cipperiey 286. The team will be ehtact next year except for senior, John Myrtue, who will be a loss as he was the ace pitcher and a stabllzing influence in the infield. But with only one loss, the boys should have plenty to build from next year. Other honors were to Tom Lamp. Most Valuable Player, Tim Yates, Most improved Player. Steve Meyer, 2nd Team all-conference. Tom Lamp, 2nd Team All-conference, and Mitch Fritz, honorable-mention all-conference. Galva A-0. Seniors Lead Holstein T Football Cheerleaders Laura Johnson, Patsy Witt, Wendy Jensen. Melanie McGuire, Sara Marsh. Cindy Leach, mascot. his 1 N Seniors Front row: Don Ellerlausch. Kent Peterson. Mitch Fritz, Steve cocapfalns Meyer, Tim Yates, David Baker. Row 2: Ron Rice, Mike Glawe, Sfeve Meyer 8, Mitch Fritz Rice, Chris Coppa, Tom Keith Leonard. Absent: Randy groves. - ss Xxx, The Team Front row. Corey Bremer, Kevin Koeppen, Randy Rolfs, Greg Graff, BYOG Kelley, Steve Baker, Joe Nordstrom, David Specht, Jim Bendixen, Dave Ehler, Medical Asst.: Gene Galvin, Asst. Row 2: Neal Phipps, Asst. Coach: Ken. Mentzer, Asst. Tom German, Kyle Schubert. Steve Conover, Dan Baker, Jeff Drury, Harry Oakley, Ken Lamp, Carey Kolb, Jay Sokoiowski, Kevin O'Neal, Chris Werner. Row 3: Dennis Ohde, Coach: Rob Blenner. Todd Vohs, Brad Westphal, Rich Degen, Kirby Leonard, Doug Leonard, Jeff Conover, Tom Kotmehl, Randy Luken, Dave Baker, Steve Cipperley, Don Freese, Mgr. Row A: Keith Borohers, Keith Leonard, Tom Lamp, Don Rice, Don Eilerbusch. Ron Rice, Mike Glawe, Steve Meyer, Tim Yates, Mitch Fritz, Kent Peterson, Dave Scherner, Randy Koeppe, Chris Coppa. Absent: Greg Goettsch, Randy Hafgroves, Steve Billings, Jay Breytogle, Jim Jensen, Brad Goettsch, Kelly McGuire. Second At Main, inc. 84 Drs. Rognes, Peuse, 81 Smith Veterinarians Touchdown oQonnsT Ido Offensive Assoulf, ,az 5 Ts PIFSUD OTWGIGVWCS, Most improved Pioyer mention, Girls lmprove Skills Spiking, seT ups, and bumps were Techniques which were pracTiced by The Volleyball girls. Coach Kaus sTarTed working ouT wiTh The girls aT The beginning of The school year and helped Them improve on Their game. One of The highlighTs of The season was aT The final game before secTionals when They honored Their molhers, The Team won over AlTa 46-TA, 45-9, and 15-8. This was The firsT season with a full schedule of volleyball and was a winning season. AlThough five seniors will be graduaTing, There are many members reTurning who will have a loT of experience. PosT season honors wem' To The following girls: Clair SchuberT, Co-capTain, TST Team lcia CounTy Courier, mosr ace spikes, Marilyn Friedrichsen, Co-capialn, Honorable menTion lda CounTy Courier. scored The mosT poinTs. Lisa Sorensen, TsT Team Ida CounTy Courier, scored The mosT ace serves. Nina Barringer, Honorable menTion lda CounTy Courier, mosT recephon of serves. mosT seTs for ace spikes. Nancy DiTTmer, besT percenTage of serves. Mgrs.: Tammy Albers, Laura Cronin, Michelle Jensen. Seniors FronT row: Tammy Albers, Suzy Voss. Karen C-5oeTTsch, BeTTy Boock. Row 2: Marilyn Friedrich- sen, Clair ScnuberT. Row 3: Laura Cronin. PracTice Session saga . .rs H4 Mai Varsity Starters FronT row: Linda WhiTham, Clair Schubert Sandy Voss. Row 2: Marilyn Friedrichsen, Nina Barringer, Nancy DiTTmer, Lisa Sorensen, The 1979 Volleyball Team FronT row: Shari STreck, Laura Vollrath, Lisa Sorensen, Nina Barringer. Karen Wiese. Row 2: Lori HinTz, Laurie Lohafer, Marilyn Friedrichsen, Karen GoeTTsch, BeTTy Boock, Brigid Forrisial. Row 3: Lori Timmerman, Nancy Ditfmer. Suzy Voss, Clair Schubert Julie Galvin, Linda WhiTham, Sandy Voss. Wiese Home Bakery-Mrs. Roger Wiese 'U 3 Q " M ,pm M VM,-in . ,, 4 " v N K: ' wb. U Q J-vwfwf N ui " UH in "fiL'vf653u 3? SSi'f"323VS32sw33i'ii A-3.2230-f?iiJ:'-1 53:11 H we ZZ'f'M'5: :za mg 555553 www':'--fsfwxqz-:HQwww.,Mvw.fQ:ws:'ff3?Siw. - W,-fwgww: 0,4-wwzmv 'mqzfwmcf-.,Mfm-X,W.. M,,,:,Qq,,,U9.UU Q.mmm,w,, vm mwmwfnw. Q,,,fJMqbwqmu.MQNU-,'w,,N,g .,H,,,,Mw,, may. ESPN WM-s'fUwwswmwwswefzbw?wz:w,i'Qf.:fm:efw'fwf5afh.QzfbmffwfgzUw,iMW.,ig:Q.,3.W,, ' D , .UQ. M qh.,ng an k,..v A 4.qQQ , an , . b , ,Q w D, 3 ,Wq ww?" , ., L. ,, Linda makes o great offempf To re-Tum the boil. NW' 13e5mW T3f35On Pirates Capture Sectional Honors The boys tried something different this year before the season's first game, they had an all-night practice session, spent the night in the gym, and then had an early morning practice before school. Good results were received from this concentrated coaching program. The Pirates finished the season with a 'l i-9 record and a 5-3 finish in the Maple Valley Conference. Highlighting the season were victories over Alta, a feat that had not been accomplished for many years, victory over Woodbury Central, who at the time of the defeat was surging for the conference lead. Finishing the season as sectional champions, the Pirates performed very well with wins over Crestland and a thrilling victory over Sac City in the finals, The Pirates were taken out of the district tournament by a fine Battle Creek team, With a team field goal average of A696 and with the defense holding the opponents to an average of 40 points per game, the Holstein team was in the action of every game. Basketball is exciting, fun, and a great game, so with a large group of lettermen returning the outlook is good for next year. Honors going to the Plratesi Kent Peterson, Co-Captain, 2nd Team All-Conference, Courier All-star tearn. Most Valuable Player Steve Meyer, Co-Captain, Honorable Mention Ali-Conference, Honorable Mention Courier All-star team Tom Lamp, Honorable Mention Courier All-star team Mike Lorenzen, Courier All-star team Tom Kotmehl, Most Improved Player --........ M ' ww -.Q-Q." 'N m.....,,,,,..,, t Q g N MTWMNWW M .. ,,,. Basketball Cheerleaders Sara Marsh, Peggy Osterrnonn, Patsy Witt, Liz Soseman, Cheri Brun- ing. Seniors: Chris Coppa, Mitch Fritz, Mike Carstens, Torn Lamp, Kent Peterson, Steve Meyer. The Pirates leading playmaker, Kent shows his ability of getting that ball down the court. Varsity Basketball Team Front row: Chris Coppa, Mike Carstens, Mitch Fritz, Kent Peterson, Tom Lamp, Steve Meyer, Row 2: Don Freese, Mgr.: Steve Cipperley, Randy Koeppe, Kelly MCG-uire, Mike Lorenzen, Randy Luken, Doug Leonard, Tom Kofmehl, Coach Kruse. McGuire Auction Company, lnc. Auctioneers, Reaitors, Appraisers Tom Kofmehl shoots for 'rwoh Mitch aided in scoring. 1531325796 Q key me m Two more! Mike Lorenzeh reaches high. Steve fakes curefui sim. ' Against Ido Grove Worm-up Time. Tom's Super Vatu fain if QA A K, K, 4 mf M22 WV' IIVVL Addang depth To The team care Mike Cor- sfens Chris Compo, and Doug Leonard Post season honors: Berry Boock, Trl-Captain, Honorable Menrion All- Conference, Courier All-Slar learn, Mosr Valuable Player Becky Enaruior, Tri-Caplain, Honorable Menrion All- Conferencge, Honorable Menlion Courier All-Siar Team Marilyn Friearichsen, Tri- Caprain, Honorable Menrion Courier All-Siar Team Varsity Basketball Team Fronl row: Karen Goerisch, Berry Boock, Suzy Voss. Linda Schuetl. Marilyn Friearichsen, Becky Endrular. Row 2: Ronda Butcher, Mgr: Sandy Voss, Nancy Diiimer, Julie Galvin, Linda Wnilham, Carrie Breyfogle. Mgr. Row 3: Asst. Coach, Jane Hammer. Nina Barringer, Tammy Huenecke, Marlys Gehris, Lisa Sorensen, Joni Kay, Coach Lasher. Jirn's Discount Cas Play By Play ST. Pau! s Lufher League 'W T, ' iff isis , Sirain TT was a good season-a fun season. The PiraTes showed sTeady improvemenT Through The season and The sTaTisTics prove iT. The Team won 4113 maTches during The year up 50 from The previous year s ToTal. ln addiTlon The PiraTes nearly doubled The number of pins They earned during The previous year and gained 115 more Takedowns. STeve Sorensen placed firsT in The secTional TournamenT and Ron Rice grabbed second place allowing boTh To compeTe in The disTricT. During The season much of The Team s sTrengTh came from The five seniors. NexT year The squad should be larger because of The C-Balva-l-lolsTein reorgonizahon. Also The Team should improve Through weighT-liTTing free-sTyle wresTling and wresTIing camps. A new weighT machine was received This spring as a memorial To Ke2T Pick a graduaTe of The Class of lf? 7. Phipps MenTzer l T i Varsity and J.V. Wrestlers FronT row: Bryan Davis, Dan Baker, STeve Baker, Brad Kelley. Brian RegenniTTer. Row 2: Randy Hargroves, Harry Oakley, Gregg Graff, Jay r Sreve Sorensen. Row 3: Kevin Koeppen, Myron GehrTs, David Baker. Sokolowski, STeve Conove Dan Rice, David Scherner, Row 2: Ron row Randy David Baker h My S 3, M si i" Steve Sorenson: '19-6, Co- Don Rice Ron Rice Bryan Davis CapTain, All-Conference, Co-CapTain Mr, l-lusTle Most improved lvlosT Valuable Wrestler 42 Chucks Body Shop, Snapper Mowers, Polaris 84 Rupp Recreahonal Vehicles Individual Effort Shown .Z ,QQ 5......4ol 7 9 rdy Regan rker Lou Jx, Mgrs Mory Oakley Am Lorry's Barber Shop erence Meer Shot 2nd 84 3rd-Co- melre, 51h-Dislrici Discus lsr-Ramblerelle, lsr-Panlhererle. 2nd-Comerle, lsl-l?ock- elle, lsf-Conference, 3rd-Disfricl l-llgh Jump 51h 8i orh-Ramblerelle, 2nd 84 A'rh-Trojan- elle, Alh-Alom. 2nd-Panfherefle, 3rd-Co melfe, 3rd-Roclcerle, lsl-Conference, 2nd-Disfricl Long Jump Arh-Rarnblerelfe, lsr-Trojanelre, 'Isl-Afom, 2nd-Panlhererle, 2nd-Comerre, 3rd-Rocle elle, 3rclfDislrlcl 100 Meler Dash Arn 84 6'rh-Rarnblererle, 2nd 84 3rd-Trojan elle, lsr-Panlherefle, 3rd-Cornelle, Alh- Conference 440 Yd. Dash 5lh-Trojanerle 100 Meter Hurdles Afh-Panfhererfe 880 Yd. Run 5th 84 6'rh-Ramblerefle, Slh-Trojanefle, Aih 81 Srh-Panrherelre 220 Yd. Dash 2nd-Trojanelle, 2nd-Panlherelre 400 Meter Hurdles Slh-Trojanerle, 5lh-Panlhereife Mlle Run 2nd-Ramblerefre, 2nd-Troianefle, 3rd- Aforn, 2nd 8a 3rclePcinihere1Te, lsr 84 5fh- Conference 1500 Meier Run 3rd-Rockerre, 2nd-Dlslricf 2-Mile Relay lsl-Rarnblerelfe. lsr-Trojanelfe, lsr-Atom, 'lsr-Alam 1st-Panrherefle, Afh-Comelle, 3rd-Rock- erfe, 2nd-Conference. Arn-Dislricf Distance Medley Slhiroianelle, Arh-Panlherelfe, 3rd-Co- metre, 5th-Rockelre, lsr-Conference 880 Yd. Relay bln-Ramblerefle, lsr-Trojanelle, Ath- Aiorn, lsr-Panlhererfe, 2nd-Comelre, 3rd- Conference, dfh-Disrricl S rlnl Medle P Y ofh-Ramblerelfe, Ain-Aforn, 3ra-Panlher- elle 440 Yd. Relay 51h-Ramblererle, 'lsr-Trojanelfe, Alh- Arorn, 'lsl4Panlherefle, dfh-Corneffe, Alh- Rockerle, Afh-Conference, 3rd-District J N , in if Jf?"lf5-S ii 'Q' e, fri jf X S row Deb Karen Barker, Phyllis and Assl. Coach Kaus Ready. . ,Self . ,Gol The frack squad losl lwo leflerrnen and re- rained len for This The fifrh season wiih girls' track. The squad ser goals and performed well, finishing The season 2nd in The Maple Valley Conference Meer. New School Records: Shar Put: Karen Goeffsch 366' Discus: Karen Goellsch 'llO'1l" Mile Run: Laurie Lohafer 5:30 Distance Medley Qelay: Lisa Soren- 4 Q. " aww' Steph Drury, Crawford , Mlckr McGuire. E er.. L BQNSMW , :sf x,.,f Johnson, Marilyn ar., Mlgrfrggghefeffe sen., Amy Barker, Micki McGuire, . D Q shume Hwang Relay Laurie Lohafer A1378 5fh-Panfherelfe Karen Goeflsch 44 M 84 E Crafl Bouliaue Ten Le1Termen PUT Pnrcxfehkes On Track AMW 'fi ka ai 'Nu' f , X 2MIle Rela Tomm Huenecke Loune Lohofer L 880 Relay Lnso Sorensen Amy Barker Mack: Y Y do Whlthom Mornlyn Fnednchsen ew if f in W I 'ks Q, 111 ye 1-Lv-15""'+' " ve ffm' Tommy sfomng 2 Mole Re-icy rf U 'Nifv Awww -z ' i 'k v X Loune MCG-usre Steph Drury l 'Q MM 'Il r al 951 Lindo diff? l Moruyn Steph Mox:ne's Cotenng 84 Blue Eagle M 4 ff 11314 W1 4"f Foriy-second Annual Holsiein Relays When we Think of Track, The HolsTein Relays imrnediaiely come To mind because iT is "The BesT Run Track MeeT in iowa." This meeT always runs ahead of schedule which proves The superb organizaTion by Coach Kraai and all involved in The meei. Frank Buckin ham of Cherokee sporis announcer Q . for KCHE was The Honorary Referee. Kelly sei a new Holsiein MeeT Record in The high hurdles wiih a :15.8 clocking. ln The rain, in The pouring rain. five TracksTers qualified in The DisTricT Track meeT To send Them To The STaTe MeeT in Des Moines. KenT in The long jump. Kelly in The 120 yd. high hurdles and The M0 relay Team of STeve, MiTch. KenT and Ron. HolsTein had The Third-besT Time among schools aT 146.3 and Kelly ranked fiffh as They deparTed for Des Moines. AT The sTaTe meeT Kelly's Time of :159 was 3rd in his heai, ouT was QTh overall and jusT eighi qualified for The finals. Our AAO Team brought home Ain place honors in Class C wiTh a Time of 14152. The boys made The enTire school proud of Them all and The fuiure does look brighi. Some best individual performances during The season: Discus - 117'3" - Don Ellerbusch ShoT PuT - 3817" - Don Elierousch Long Jump - 1Q'11" - KenT Peierson High Jump - 5'10" - Mike Lorenzen Pole VaulT - 12" - Kyle SchuberT 120 Ya. High Hurdles - 15.6 - Kelly McGuire A40 Yd. Low Hurdles - 62.1 - Tim Yaies 100 Vd. Dash - 10.5 - Keni Pererson 220 Ya. Dash - 24.6 M Dave Stocking AAO Yd. Dash - 54.7 - Ron Rice 880 Yd, Run - 2214.9 - Ken Lamp Mile Run - 5100.5 - Sieve Cipperley 2-Mile Run - 11:O7.5 - Don Ellerbusch 2-Mile Relay - 9:03.45 - Sieve Cipperley. Carey Kolb, Jeff Drury, Todd Vohs 880 Relay - 1:37.2 s Ron Rice, STeve Billings. KenT Peierson, Mitch FriTz Medley Relay - 3159.5 - Kelly McGuire, STeve Billings. MiTch FriTz, STeve Cipperley AAO Relay - 245.2 - STeve Billings, MiTch Friiz. Keni Peterson. Ron Rice Mile Relay - 3115.9 - Mike Lorenzen, Kevin Koeppen. Kelly McGuire, Ron Rice, Shuiile Hurdle Relay - 66.7 - Daron Heilman, Randy Luken. Kelly McGuire, Tim Vaies 46 Relays Royaliy Wendy Jensen: Laura C Queen: Becky Endrulai 1 43 .4 W -fs, 6 is A T .,,,... is Tl 1 1. sw 6 K ., .1 ,I . i X- 3 W I V K i ,, X . ' I , I Q55 A C if f - 'o S i A iff. :L k ff? A . ' . 'R- J' 'I ' A ,fs Siafe Qualifiers: Kelly McGuire, Ron Rice, MiTch Fritz, KenT Peierson. Sieve Billings. iq LLx'i' ' i "":""""""""l'i" i""' u""'T" """' ' "T" "'- 's"sss- - - WM ..., Weil-s.... ..... L ' mi' . ' ..., .. .. , " s M ff-fx YL . . 'si' A .L .t K 7 -. ..., slr. srrsess . s T K 1 L. ..... ' 1 A -A vr 0 - Q4 .f A .--"e'wTL57' - 4 - N""Tfif- .J . ' 97 ' .. 'Z' " i"" ' 1 ' fir T-T my ' ii TT iii s"i T A ' .. T' . 'T iiilsfr- ' ---l - "--- TM N "T in 5 . ....l -is if "" i g ' il A 'If Ii i ,L:-f. - - -- -- - " . . - - A -:.:-. ff we . Q y if s T f : . ..J 'V ' FronT row: Kelly McGuire, Tim YaTes, MiTch FriTz, KenT PeTerson, Don Ellerbusch. Ron Rice. Row 2: Daron Hellman, STeve Billings, Randy Luken. Mike Lorenzen, Sieve Cipperley, Kirby Leonard, Gregg Graff, Row 3: Don Freese. Mgr., Harry Oakley. Kyle Schubert Kris Werner, Dave STocking. Jeff Drury. Row 4: Kevin Koeppen, Todd Vohs, Carey Kolb, Ken Lamp. Jeff Kay. Jeff Jensen. Coaching STaff: Denny Ohde and Russ Kraai, Simonsen Feed-Dale A. Nook, Agri-Services Gel Oula f? LAY5 FTOOT row Don Pefersan 1 Yates Row 2 Mulch ffwfwabvvsdvm- The Way Fm-B... - azz: ly-f me plum ...kv-i"- Tomahawk Relays Darly 3rd Esfervrlle Sfh Tornado Afh Bulldog lsf Tomahawk 3rd Trojan lsr 2nd Tornado Afh Conference 2nd Dlsfrrcf 5m Tomqnqwk lsf Trojan lsf Esferyllle Ain Br Slh Alfa 2nd 8: 3rd Tornado 2nd Conference POLE VAULT 2nd Tomahawk 2nd Trojan 'lst Tornado 3rd HURDLES zlfh Bulldog lsf Tornado Afh Esfervllle Sfh Alfa 2nd Trojan Afh Esfervrlle 2nd Alfa Afh Tornado Sfh Esfervrlle Sth Alfa Afh Tornado RUN 84 41h Tomahawk 2nd Esfervllle 3rd Alfa Sfh Conference Sfh Drstrrcf RUN Trojan 3rd Esfervrlle Afh Tornado Sfh Sth Alla 3rd Tornado Afh Conference Slh Tomahawk Afh Trojan 3rd Esfervllle 'lsr 51h Dlsffrcf Tomahawk Afh Trojan Afh Esfervllle 3rd AAO RELAY 3rd Tomahawk 2nd Trojan lsr Esfervrlle 2nd Alla lsr Tornado lsr Conference 2nd Dlsrncl Arn Slate MILE RELAY Sth Holsfeln Slh Bulldog 3rd Trojan Sfh Eslervrlle 2nd Tornado Sfh Conference SHUTTLE HURDLE RELAY 3rd Trojan lsr Tornado X! ,, N T ri rad? 1 2 I l , 1 O L HS I " I I g u ' ..,g...., K ,. I ,...,. Q ....... W R - L 'xsffagf ....... .L ' . 1 'f A R rerl S i ! - -is-L -W r L , r VV,,y - , 'V M ' 4 ri, Vf,. ff 1'V T i ' ' A ' ' A ' ,'. V 4 H . ? Q ' I -' I ' 4 - v . Q9 L I 4 +1 , , 1 K ' f ' ' 4 ' 1 ' W - L T Q T 3rd-Disfricf I Tryk, I I H"-kwa 'rf-, L,,' , ,T , wfm,.L,.,.w'w.4...,,,..i - 4 w qst- Q 5, K , I fl Q , X jc Arn- ' , - T , - , - I ' . 7 ' f ' ' f ' Slmonsen Mull Inc Marv Whlfham f -4 MUSIC Musical Talent Surfaces With Northwest Iowa Chorus The Northwest Iowa Choral Association sponsored its 20th annual Festival at Storm Lake High School, on January 26. Chosen to take part in the aay's activities were Betty Boock, Mike Carstens, Tim Sokolowski, and Carrie Breyfogle. Swing Cholr First Row: Jay Sokolowski, Wendy Jensen, Mike Carstens, Ronda Butcher, Laura Vollrath, Ron Grell. Row 2: Sara Marsh, Tim Sokolowski, Betty Boock, Michelle McGuire. Keith Borchers, Tammy Albers, Elizabeth Soseman, Don Ellerbusch, Micki McGuire, Palsy Witt, Robert Blenner, Geoff Lohff, Karen Wiese, Carrie Breyfogle, Jeff Jensen, Miss Ferrin, vocal director. V.T. Industries, inc. Activie Participation 1, Q- J A J- Glrls' Gloo First Row: Bonnie Todd, Shelly Jensen, Linda Johnson, Tammy J 4 4 2 Q Albers, Steph Drury, Laura Johnson, A Kris Sander, Tammy Huenecke, Amy Barker, Pam Kay, Ronda Butcher, Miss Ferrin. Row 2: Amy Scherner, Morlys Gehrts, Lori Luscombe, Shari Streck, Brigid Forristal, Sara Marsh, Denise Jo- hannsen, Karen Wiese, Karna Jo . . Pfalzgraf, Patsy Witt, Mary Zobel, Ter- ! rie Streck. Row 3: Michelle McGuire, Melahie McGuire, Betty Boock, Phyllis Petersen, Mary O'Neill, Micki McGuire, Elizabeth Soseman, Julie Galvin, Carrie Breyfogle, Wendy Jen- : . - X sen, Laurie Lohafer, Lori Timmerman, - f Staci Kistenmacher, Karen Dutler, Ju- l lie Schuett. fwsqrzs sis, 5' ,,,,Q,i I ' ,. . ,IN , :Ls QS. Q Concert Cholr First Row: Shelly Jensen, Linda Johnson, Tammy Albers, Kris Sander, Steph Drury, Denise Johannsen, Tammy Huenecke, Amy Barker, Ronda Butcher, Marilyn Friedrichsen, Accompanist: Miss Farin, director. Row 2: Amy Scherner, Morlys Gehrts, Lori Luscombe, Betty Boock, Elizabeth Soseman, Sora Marsh, Laura Johnson, Brigid Forristal, Jay Sokolowski, Karen Weise, Karna Jo Pfalzgraf, Patsy Witt, Mary Zobel, Terrie Streck. Row 3: Michelle McGuire, Melanie McGuire, Phyllis Petersen, Mary O'Neill, Julie Galvin, Carrie Breyfogle, Jeff Jensen, Don Ellerbusch, Geoff Lohft, Mike Carstens, Steve Billings, Tim Sokolowski, Wendy Jensen, Laurie Lohafer, Lori Timmerman, Staci Kistenmacher, Karen Dutler, Julie Schuett. Absent: Robert Blenner, David Stockin . 9 Sioux Valley Savings 8a Loan Ass'n. Creotiveness Develops Concert Band Front Row: Brigid Forristal, Jeff Jensen, Lisa Sorensen, Nina Barringer, Patsy Witt, Susie Carnes, Julie Schuett, Denise Johannsen, Kama Jo Pfalzgraf. Row 2: Deb Boysen, Betty Boock, Lori Luscombe, Phyllis Petersen. Joni Kay, Cheri Bruning, Peggy Ostermann, Bobbi Jo Clausen, Marlys Gehrts, Jaynine Crawford. Liz Soseman, Tim Sokolowski. Row 3: eoff Lohff, Cindy Fritz, Rebecca Liebenow, George Schmidt, Harry Oakley, David Schmidt, Shelly Jensen, Staci Kistenmacher, Mary Zobel, Stacy Vollmar, Steph Drury, Mary Oakley, Ronda Butcher. Row A: Micki McGuire, Jeff Drury, Carey Kolb, Barb Huth, Kris Sander, Keith Borchers. Richard Degen, Mike Euchner, Myron G-ehrts. Row 5: Jay Barringer, Korey Conover, Laura Vollrath, Ardy Regennitter, Jay Sokolowski, Randy Luken, Ron Grell, Don Ellerbusch, Miss Homan, director. l Jacklo Crawford, Senior Baton Twirler Front Row: Baton Twlrlers: Cheri Bruning, Michelle McGuire, Nina Barringer, Standing: Drum Moloretto, Ardy Regennlttor, Senior. Myron L. Murphy, D.D.S. Through Music Northwest Iowa Band Top ranking musicians from approximately 90 Northwest iowa High Schools combined talents for the annual Band Concert at LeMars High School on January 19. Karna Jo Ptalzgrat on flute and Ron Grell on percussion were chosen to represent the Pirate Band. Band ,P membership was Royal Scot Sales, lnc. chosen on the basis of outstanding merit and musicianship. Auditions gci for chair placement 1 sisi were held in Cherokee. as The band members S rehearsed throughout the day and presented a concert in the f evening. ' Jazz Band The Holstein High School Jazz band took third place in the Jazz Band Competition held at the Iowa Lakes Community College in Esterville, January 12. Twenty-two bands were present for the competition. Ron Grell and Micki McGuire, received outstanding soloist awards. The band also competed in February at the Tri- State Jazz Festival at Morningside College in Sioux City. Front Row: Mary Oakley, Liz Soseman, Tim Sokolowski, Ronda Butcher, Stacy Vollmar. Row 2: Ron Grell, Harry Oakley, David Schmidt, Geoff Lohff, Laura Vollrath. Row 3: Jay Sokolowski, Don Ellerbusch. Micki McGuire, Jeff Drury, Carey Kolb, Miss Ho- man, director. . M ip .Moe mann.-W ,T K. in -J A +A ,v if . X 5 7 W L A 1- - , f- .Wea 2- ' xx X' G N - , , .LIL I ,, A 14- ,5.,g1ggQg,,g:, - wb M: H f As 5 A K f . ,Q - '2 'i..f' gg sg " MW H' ' - -5'2" V 0... U K. we-f 4 1 Q Qymi lb 3 my k Of The School Year J M 1 - I at State Contest Percusslon ensemble: Laura Vollrath, Jay Barringer, Jay Sokolowski, Ron Grell e Instrumental l's at State Contest Trumpet solo: Micki McGuire 84 Trumpet duet: I at State Contest Kama Jo Plolzgral, Flute solo Micki McGuire 84 Don Ellerbusch Das Schnapps Hous-Tom 84 Donna Baker Flag Twlrlors Front Row: Peggy Oster- rnann. Row 2: Mary Oakley, Betty Boock. Row 3: Mary Zobel, Staci Kistenmacher. Shelly Jensen. All-State Tryouts-Band Micki McGuire, Don Ellerbusch, Worm A Note All-State Tryouts-Vocal Front Row: Geoff Lohff, Karen Instrumental Accompaniest Wlese, Jay Sokolowski. Row 2: Betty Boock Laura Vollrath Stacy Vollmar, Brigid Forristal, Ron Grell, Karna Jo Pfalzgraf. ' as Steve's Electric Service STUDENTS km' ,ff M 1W?sf ,. , mn 95 5 z if Ch-An, Inc, Q, 5 W .Q , Zi WF'- Sarah Pease, Tricia Mohrhauser, Chad Wienerr, Alan Friedrichsen, Erin Wiese, Allan Schmidf, Mrs, Morsh, Jason Szumifo Todd Heiiman, Ronald Williams, Kenyon Brown, Jason Tircomb, Aaron Pefferman. 5 Front Row: Joson Siroifon, Dennis Gries, Kevin Niemeier, Mrs, Marsh, Justin Clousen, Moilhew Vollroih, Dustin Schiern- beck. Row 2: Rachael Henry, Eiizobeih Leonard, Shannon O'NeilI, Coder Rolfs, Naihan Conover, Shelly Scott, Prairie Farms Dairy-Dove Tiicomb, Disiribuior fi Front Row: Arlo Leach, Laura Grell, Carrie Ehrp, Anthony Leuschen. Jennifer Wadsley, James Brown, Shawn Hansen. Belinda Lanning, Lindy Barringer. Row 2: Christan Hamann, Travis Else, Jeremy Murphy, Mari Tarbill, Mrs. Sorenson, Christa Hall, Matthew Alexander, Melissa Hassebroek, Jason Gross. Absent: Timothy Peuse. Front Row: Jeff Collins, Marty Schmidt, Troy Hellman, Scott Neumann. Nicole Fahlk, Anthony Sindt, Travis Crum. Michelle Jochims, Stephanie Burns, Row 2: Craig Baker, Jeremy Parks, Tucker Else, Amy Wittrock, Chad Morrow, Beth Lili, Julie Senhen, Michael Conover, Tori O'Neill. Row 3: Mrs. Wellendorf Holstein Manufacturing, inc. Q Front Row: Kami Menlzer, Michael Yanacheak, Krisri Blade, Timolhy Endrulai. Jeff Mason, Slephanie Gries, David Freese, Michele Pickell, Row 2: Terri Clausen, Michelle Loof, Scorf Gebers, Susan Krueger, Kathleen Wiese, Mrs. Jorgensen, Ryan Wiese, Sheila Wulf, Jean Crum, Darcy Breyfogle. Jimmy Vincent. Y-vw 'S 'Nw Froni Row: Dawn Schmidl. Angie Pefferman, Jennifer Brummer, Chad Conover, Amy Orlner, Keith Bremer, Darlene Truelsen, Melinda Dreeszen. Row 2: Charlie Reiss, Michele Droegmiller, Alan Williams, Maureen Wiese, Nick Clausen, Shari Dose, Jason Larson, Rebecca Hansen, Slacy Schaffer. Row 3: Miss Hammer Piccadilly Circus Pizza Fronl Row: Mallhew Armlger, John Bendixen, Kelly Kolb, Jamie Sfralion, Mark Orrner, Trenl Nelson, Lonnie Luscombe, Clark Conover, Angie Pickeil. Row 2' Keirh Koeppen, Joe Heflinger, Jarrod Leonard, Audra Volkerl, Brenda Schueli, Kindrd Kruse, Rae Ann Schmidl, Brian Droegrniller, Michele Ehlers. Row 3: Scoii Niemeier, Ann Blenner, Mark Johnson, Lance Wiese, Collin Breyfogle, Mrs. Brosarnle, Michael Morrow, Carrie Schmidi, Chad Jocnims. Alosenl: Brandon Hueschen, Ted Boysen, Miss Pederson. Fronr Row: Mrs. Lill, Tracey Nelson, Brian Breyfogle, Danelle Johannsen, Patrick Yonacheak. Carolyn Kislenmacher, Brenda Brookbank. Todd Conover, David Kennedy, Mrs. Breyfogle. Row 2: Kevin Bremer, Michael Gross, Kimberly Nierneier, Oren Posi, Karen Werner, Michelle Perkins, Kristin Kruse, Kelly Bruning, Jason Brown, Shannon MCG-urie. Absenl: Marry Lisler, Laura Jensen, Merlin Miller. Jeri's Shampoo Bowl 5 Front Rowi Tamara Schmidt, Lance Luscornbe, Rodney Regennitter, Susan Petersen, Paul Vincent, Jimmy Kisten- macher, Michael Brown. Row 2: Lisa Blade, Tonya Stratton, Michelle Dreeszen, Delane Galvin, Michele Brummer, Jennifer Else, Donald Ortner, Row 3: Michael Schmidt, Douglas Conover, Amy Pefferman, Brenda Clausen, Mrs. Goettsch, Wendi Wiese, Denise Droegmiller, Kimberly Post, Absent: Curt Graff, Rebecca Jensen, Dennis Johnson. Front Row: Robert Luken, Donald Wiese, Michael Breyfogle, Lonny Kay, David Jahannsen, Kevin Streck, Robert Sorensen. Row 2: Timothy Schuett. Darin Gebers, Mary Pat McGuire, Jill O'Neill, Gail Dose, Mrs. Waller, Michelle Robie. Jeffrey Wiese, Steve Kelley, Denise Conover, Absent: Jodi Krueger, Sarah Peterson, Karen Zabel. Brummer Construction vy-v-4' Ollleon of the Class of 1985 Darrin Schmidt. Sec.. Chuck Orfner, Vice- Pres.: Sean O'NeN, Pres.: Jim Else. Trees. 1--' W 579950059 Afmiilef Pau! Birklnbhe Jeff Blade l Bf9Df Ehiers Linetfe Boysen Joni Clausen Massachusetfs Muiuai Life--Doa Fennema and Pau! Larson Jay Fennema 81 8: Jon: Ciausen Hamifn: 71h Grade Otlloon ol the Clan of Pres Scott Graf! Sec Pres Martha McGuire Treas Jim Albers 70 J- 1 fum lu Olilcers of ihe Class of 1983 Korey Conover, Sec.-Treos.: Cindy Fritz, Pres.: Kris Sander, Vice-Pres. Sieve Boker Joy Borringer Jim Bendixen Qreve Billings imeoro Bovsen Corey Bremer iiov Breyfogle Cnerie Bruning 'hrsgn Carnes Tom Cornes Bobble JO Clousen Korev Conover Downo Cooper Denise Cooper John Cope Srepnonie Drury Cindy Fritz 72 Brodley Goefisch Greg Goeriscn Greg Graff Doron Heilmon Sieve Heitinger Borb Hurn Sorci ond Roger Cope 13 3 4 g . QOFOGS Jensen OUVO JOVWDSOTW USO Johnson Brad Kelley Keyrn Koeppen Crndy Kolb Rebecca Lneoenow Melanre McGurre Mrcnelle McGurre Randy Nordstrom Mary O'NerlI Peggy Osterrnann Pnyllas Petersen Brran Regennnter Brran Rerss Wandy Rolfs Kristi Sander Amy Scherner George Schmidt Randy Spechf David Stocking Susan Streck McGuire Oil Company X N Offlcor of the Class of 1982 Tommy Huenecke, Vice-Pres.: Corey Kolb, Treos.: Gregg Wesfphol, Sec.: Jeff Drury, Pres. Donny Boker Amy Barker Nrno Borrrnger Robert Brenner Steve Conover Joynoine Crowford Jeff Cronin Bryon Dovrs Rlchord De-gen Jeffrey Drury Mrchoel Euchner Morlys Gehrfs Myron Gehrfs Tommy Huenecke Jeffrey Jensen Mronene Jensen Denise Jononnsen 'hx usp x N we W' "s Y ,- Q we .x Ri ., 1 3 -A F " .V .' 3. 'r iq . , W, - , +1 7 1 v 11, , s w 4' ' L V1 'V 1 ' Q w, f 5 G,W , 1 . I 9 ,X , 1+ X , u an vi- Q z 5 r nm U ' . f 4f"a ffm S? ? 4 ,W e Q We I I . "' -f' A . - ,f1Z:.E5: - Q Q? W --15 155 :S xgziglf E11 , x X3 . 14' - X ff si M f J 5 3 .-P' MZ k X2 5 K 1 hx 4. ff A 2 4 1 5 I fn P , 'L wif ff: 0 myw 5 ,K ,- Q 'K We 5 E i QQ L , . 'b'A W' if f"' ' H ,",, f yi 1 Y V 'A ' ,-. ' f WI' w. . , - I , ,W ,,, , 'Bw K :A ,V 'L v , l V 1 N I ARM I 7:1 . N V, , .. K , .4- e. 'f M., ix Jeffrey Kay , 14:3 Kenneth Lamp ,.1 ' 'f I 15, ,I O fl tw w-.,,fl'f,j V 'ln ,A .Z -. lf5?Q'Y43'..' ...-Q... rf -5,51 4 iw QQ 'K If kk rv M L 1 4- 1. 1 x L r 'if V f Aff! f 2 3 bk 7 49" " 1 " 5 " 4 x Z' gs 4 1 5 1 se e' ,X Q V Y 1 ' 4 1, I k W , . 4 de A ' 5g1,. A 1 L iii! f K 1 H yr... V R 5 Q! I il Officers of the Class ol 1981 Tom German, Pres.: Linda Whitham, Treas.: Sandy Voss, Vice-Pres.: Michele McGuire. Sec. 4 C 2 .- ,K P s 3 GU! 'ltr Ken Bendixen Keith Borchers Ronda Butcher Steve Cipperley Jeff Conover Debbie Cooper Nancy Ditfrner Mary Brigid Forristal Donovan Freese Julie Galvin Tom German Ron Grell Lori Hinrz Pam Kay Randy Koeppe Doug Leonard KWDY LSOVWGFG LOUN6 I-Ohflfef K. C., LTD.-Kenneth Borchers i , I 3 I i f 5 , L '11 , A, ' v ..', K f ,M HHH ? fy W1 li , V i' .N5 N -' - ' V ? ' af ' ' - ,, "" L" Q yKg?"',G ' W ' by ' i""1 ' VL Ki tw--Mft V lf: .. ,W .ze Y i, i I A l lift' ,a 3' Geoffrey Lonff Mike Lorenzen Rdndy Luken Kelly McGuire Michele McGuire Kevin O'NeiIl Jerry Rochou l new Dcvid Scherner Eiizobeth Sosemon Kurt Stomp Snort Streck Lori Tirnmerrnon Bonnie Lu Todd i Stccy Voilmdr Ldurd Vollrdtn Sdndro Voss Lindo Wnithdm Kdren Wiese PCJTriCiO Witt Agnew 84 Sosemdn Insurdnce Agency ff, x ' uf , v I fh ,sg ' 4 19" ACTIVITIES Couniry Brunch Miss Ferrin High School Chorus Tommy Albers, Corrie Breyfogie, Wendy Jensen Kris Sonder Geoff LOW .ioy Sokolowski, Don Eilerbusch, Tim i Swing Choir 80 i Micki McGuire, Julie Golvin, Kris Soncler, Koren Wiese i ld li Y Sonder Phorrnocy Is Welcome! Miss Ferrin 81 Miss Homan Mr. Faris A Small World"-Shelly Jensen, Marlys "Crystal Lullaby- Joni Kay 84 Lori Luscombe "-CGHIG Bfevfogle the Beasis and the Children"-Swing Choir 'Flnal Dress Rehearsal"-One-Act Play Variely Show The fine arls deparlmenl presenled ils variery show, Salurday, March 8, in The high school gym. The program included presenlalions by The swing choir, slage band, some soloisls and small vocal groups, and by speech and drama groups presenling a one acl play and a choral reading. The variely show was direcled by drama coach Dave Faris, band inslruclor Belly Homan, and vocal music Teacher Marilyn Perrin. "Romeo, Jullei, and Others"-Choral Reading "LIHle Children"-Jay Soko "The Boogie-Mon-Boo"-Sara U lowski Marsh . tn? 5 . :ga gs 2 ' V "I WIII Survive"-Liz Soseman 84 Mi- 81 chele McGuire CE'1OfQCT9r: T 'Connie Tuffordi ,T Anastasia Amber' . . O Q Wiiiiomf Uggims 4 Madge 'Kemprors Shirley Amber Jq Francis' Amber Eugene Boyer. . T. 'Valerie Rogers Litfie Rogers Jimmy Newon lVleeT " e CdsT . ,Wendy Jensen' .T .... Pcaisy WHT . .- ..,.. Jeff Drury , .... ' ..JulieGo5vin . .Rondo Bmchefu Randy l-lorgroyes . , ... . . .Corey Kolb T Brigid' Forristoi T. . .Geoff Lohff Q, .Tim 'Bok oiowski UTBU QUDHGGITNY To Be UDDIGCISODTD wos d whocky orgdnizdTioh dedicdTed To righTihg The world's ills by exTerrhihdTioh of dll The rldsTy people in iT. This Two-dcT comedy erTTerTdined The dudiehce oT The l-lolsTeih High School, November lo. STdcy Vollmor was The sTudehT direcTor, ond Gory SChrG e wds Q The fdculTy direcTor, 82 Rohdy Hdrgroyes, Tim Sokolowski, Julie Gclvin, Corey Kolb, Jeff Drury, Rondo BuTcher, Wendy Jehseh, PdTsy WiTT, Brigid ForrisTdl, Geoff Lohff. l Bdumohh Gdroge Performances Thrill Audiences Ronda BuTcher, Wendy Jensen, Laura VollraTh, Nancy DiTTmer. Gregg Vefa Louise Simmons Myrtie Mae Simmons Wendy Jensen Randy Horgroves Tim Sc-kolowslcf Mfssiieifv, - p Laura Voitrafhr is AWS- Cliumlsvi 4 gflsflfs, Chauvenetz nc ?ffE7QmCYs?9TTfm9Fi5. .r f c crrn ir Graff, Tim Sokolowski, Jeff Drury, Jay Sokolowski, STeve Billings, Randy Hargroves. AbsenT: PaTsy WiTT. W 'V 'sy . T r'7L' v 'Q ',LL 3-ff cci. i cdye f i cg iencr'rlc Q Dr HolsTein high school's fine arTs deparTmenT presenTed "Harvey" as iTs spring dinner TheaTer producTion, The play was presenTed Friday, April 25 and The dinner TheaTer producTion of SaTurday, April 26. This was The Third year for The dinner TheaTer producTion in HolsTein. The evening began aT 7 p.m. wiTh a roasT beef dinner caTered by Maxine Arney. Members of The casT, in make-up and cosTume, g escorTed TheaTer goers To Their Tables and served coffee and milk during The meal. AT 8 p.m. The play began. Harvey is The siory of Elwood P. Dowd, who believes he sees a six fooT rabbiT he calls Harvey. Elwood's sisTer and her daughTer live wiTh him buT They neiTher see nor appreciaTe Harvey. The play was direcTed by drama insTrucTor, David Faris. Nancy DiTTmer was The sTudenT direcTor, The Ida CounTy Courier 84 Reminder 83 Characters r Eiwood P Dcfwci T Rondo Butcher T Dr Chumley s Judge Gaffney s .FFUTSV Wifi. ss.. A lrig ri., T A Science Is Fun An Ind AHS in Apr-rl thirteen Holster-Q srucre-mls traveled ro me stole science folr in Des Moines. The students rlnoludede Seventh onolf eighth 'QfCJC5Gl'S'Gf1d'hiQh5GhODl students. Qonooi Butcher with on excellent rating, received o S25 oword from the lowo Methodist World Hunger Foundotlonfm' her project on Plant Cloning. Other protects one ratings were Steph S Armiger, Good-bye Todpole Hello Frog - Superior: Keren Vollroth E-low Sweet lt ls - Superior: Downo Steve Hettinger How Do You Spell Relief - Excellent' Lise Specht, Epilepsy ' ls lt Really o Loughing Matter? - Excellent: Liso Schmidt, Acne - Teenage Torment - Excellent'Tom'Hueneci1e Oh Give Me Cl' Home Underground - Excellent: Sherrie Warren Astrology - Foot Of Foliecyi- Excelient:'Pehnyfl4ielhorn A Scent r Wsthlove - Excellent: Rowdy Kolb 84 Mike Rupert ' When Will The Balloon Burst? - Honorable Mention. V instructors for the students ore Dole Borringer, Denny Ohde OOC! ViC'VOIlfOfh. V S A-'2 I Cooper 81 Suson Streck. Diaper Powder - Excellent: First row: Sherrie Worren, Downo Cooper, Rondo Butcher Row 21 Koren Vollroth, Steph Arrniger, Penny Klelhorn, Liso Schmidt, Liso Specht. Row 3: Steve Hettlnger, Mike Rupert Rondy Kolb, Torn l-Iuenecke. Absent: Suson Streck. .. , ...,, .... . .. . ...... rlc..... ..,.. N c ,.,, .... T : .... i A J .... . 5 V. :S i , " 4 S . E r 1 :fr -' Sig. 5 .. .- - ,. ,ee ' ,ff 1 it 1 1' Home Town Cleoners 8i Mr Ken s Noutllus Ido Grove To Slate One-Act Play "The Final Dress Rehearsal" First Row: Michelle McGuire, Melanie McGuire, Amy Barker, Cindy Fritz. Row 2: Laura Vollrath, Ronda Butcher, Patsy Witt, Brigid Forristal, Julie Galvin. Row 3: Clair Schubert, Tammy Albers, Wendy Jensen, Suzy Voss. State I Group Mime Original selection set to Music "Come Passion" Sara Marsh, Geoff Lohff, Kristy Sander, Susan Streck, Debbie Boysen 1 Nxsewsgq To State Solo Mime "The Infernal Machine" Sara Marsh Long Hours Of Work Are Recognized Thesspeechdepaftment included thirty members coached by David Faris, Etghteerystudents, somewhat of a record for the school, participated at the state large group contest at AIQODQ in February. Theifour included, the group mime. which came home with c l rofinggthe one-act play: duet acting: and a solo mime, Bfigld Ferrtstai and Laura Vollrath received certificates of excellence .4 , ' bn s il"l,fhQ'df0m0-il'lf9fDl'9'1'0Ti0l'l category at a speech tournament for s about Aiiischoals in Mason City in December. Sara Marsh brought home a trophy from the Cherokee invitational . .speech Tournament for being named one of the top three contestants inthe, solo mime competirlrlon with her entry The infernal Machine! Two small group entries went to state competition in March at Forest Ci? and received l s. Ronda Butcher read a prose select 6'hT5H6d ,y alent ' and Dan Elterbusch participated in radio news announcing. Don was named an outstanding performer at the state contest and advanced tothe All State Festival in April at UNE at Cedar Falls. and received cr medallion for his participation. He was among 2852studems chosen to attend. , 'iii-sv To stare y A M Duet Acting "BIiTh Spirit' Wendy Jensen 84 PGTSY Wiff 4 s 2 i 3 ss. 4 State I Don Ellerbusch, Radio News Broadcasting 81 Ronda Butcher, Prose selection, "Talent" Richard F. Bronco as Q' i Siuclenls Work To Improve School Office Help Firsi Row: Jeff Cronin, Jeff Kay. Row 2: Korey Conover, Sandy Voss, Laura Cronin. Row 3: Ron- dy Luken, Clair Schuberl, Kelly McGuire, Darin Hellman. Teacher Aids Student Council Firsl Row: Milch Fritz, Louro Cronin, Clair Semi- Firsl Row: Marilyn Frieclrichsen, Barb HuTh, Horry Oakley, Bobbie Jo Clausen. bert Row 2: Karen Goerisch, Suzy Voss, Jaynine Row 2: Nancy Diiirner, Linda Whiiham, Vice-Pres.: Don Rice, Pres.: Ronda Crawford, Joni Kay. Butcher, Sec: Mary Oakley. Row 3: Doug Leonard, Jeff Drury, Keith Leonard. Row A: Susie Carnes, Torn Kofrnehl, Cindy Frilz, Amy Barker. 86 CYO QCalholic Youlh Organizoliony SENIORS -- , The Eno Of The Era e Dial we ever believe we would arrive? Perhaps we came loo fosf. To some of us, ifseems like we just siorled. Q . a i l Sui here we ore. We have seen a lor, been many places, and mei new friends on our away. li is now The end of our high schooidciys and we have To begin a new journey. i i e i i l l i i i e Yes, most seniors have had if pretty good over the IGS? 43 years, Bur ine True meaning ofiour high school years has evolved from clay 'ro clay experiences thai have occurred in school. i i a Even Though many days seemed To drug by, ihe knowiedge accomplished air the years usuoiiy siuck with us. Learningio shore, mink, ond underslancl was analher ospecf of our school life we ooauired, although some of us fought against These experiences. a r i Q i i Our senior year was filled with a lot of fun and now we .find it hero lo leave These iirnes behind. Now ihe school yeor is over for us onowe have many memories To look book io. Perhaps the most memorable wili be the foci Thai we had The honor of being The lasl class of seniors ia gfacluoie from Holsieini-ligh SCUOOI, i e l i i ff ii' . ew,ow:-rffexxzeii ,EiQfz,,fgzf"fZs1zgg,E . '- ' "' 3 ' U X 1- K '14 M V f e 1 , , .1 Senior Class Officers Laura Cronin, Sec.: Nancy Kisfenmacher, Vice-Pres. Don Ellerbusch, Pres.: Tom Lamp, Treas. Whlz Kids For The fourfh year in a row a malh Team from Holstein look lop Team honors of Wesrmar Math Day ln Le-Mars. A learn consisting of Don 8i Ron Rice and Marilyn Frleclrichsen placed flrsf in the Alge- brofPre-Colculus Tests, while Don Rice look The lop individual honors ln The same Tests. Plclured are Mr. Posl, instructor: Ron Rice, Marilyn Friedrlchsen, Mike Carslens, and Don Rice. I kzig , ,...,,,.,,,,. egg! 4? 5 3 My Great Plains Supply Company Reaching The Tala H fig fi-9 ,b,,.m.,.,:, V " r . M iiiy 4, ,,,.LL ggitfrg 53 r' ,g?c."E4 N , I Hcncrs Achieved h Frm Row: Mrcnere Mceurfe, Bonnie road. Karen eoefvscn. Becky Endfurcn, sara Marsh. Row 2: Lori Timmerman, Lori Hiniz. Nancy Difirner, Laura Cronin, Mariiyn Friedrichsen, Nancy Kisrenmacher, Linda Schuefi, Ronda Butcher, Linda Whifham, Julie Schueif. Row 3: Tom German, Geoff Lohfi Laura Voliraih. Mike Carsiens, Don Eilerbusch, Ron Rice, Don Rice Ron Greil, Jay Sokoiowski. Absent: Nina Barringer, Tom Kofmehi. Ndflonal Honor Socieiy f S 1 Q . , ., y x K 3' 4 ? ' "" ' a "" A . ' b in . K Z 5 T .. K if is if it 3 4. ff r 1 3 E is rl t E 1 5 i 4 kg gif :ii K 5 i 5 r f u Z, 33,31 g Ig. Si E Q we 5 g 31, Ju 3 ,gi 5 Q. if Q 1 if 'E if ,E x s ,f ai I Q if Q 'F Q 'e-r Q Honor Cords HQHOI' MQUGIIIOHS at 5fCf8 Of Iowa Scholars -'-I K, , A fi! ., r mf mar , ru ' e if c First Rowz Becky Endruiar, Laura Cronin, Suzy Voss, Karen Goeiisch, Nancy Kisrenmacher, Row 2: Karna PfOiZQfOf, David Schmidt, Mike Carsfens, Don Eiierbusch. Sara Marsh, Don rerce, Linda Sci-ruefr, Ron Rice, Marilyn AWGN DOWNS-UUSUVGDCG AQGUCY 34 PUOTOQVODUY Friedrichsen ' 3 Q l Q f ' A sf YE 1 5 , ' f h ! Sm 1M6f'f1QfiUf S9hG1QrSMS: Q A 5 w f Q Q if - V+ ' ' V ,G Z : i 'Rui E L , 1 5 .Q ,:,' I , : f -". , " If ' . i Q 2 'L :. .- l ".. 5 1 .. f 4 ',..' f ff . ,, , 1 ' l ' A ' 1 ' E g N E nm snkommm Q hcii r-lafmvuf f vow Music Award 'Dfc?mt:mQ 1?wcra 5 ' 4 5iQCifGCF19, CDU1mUGfTY'Cf1DFGfSW1Q QBwfMQmQf?dgAv?iHvfY fSQbswf?P Holstein High School Commencement Exercises for the Graduating Class of 1980 at the . . I-G Holstein High School Auditorium Sunday, :May 18, 1980 2:00 p.m. Q PRGCESSIONAL i'Pomp and Circumstenceh, . . , . , ,Elgar Holstrfrn High School Band Director, Berry Hornan WVOCATION . . ,,., , . . . X , .Father Hz-irpenau Paerar or Our Larry of Good CounSelCDtl1olsC Church "BATTLE HYMN OF THE REPUBLIC". . . , , , .Roy Rmgvvalq l-lolsrem High School Chorus Director, Marilyn Fmrin HONOR NIEDALLIONS, HONOR CQRDS and RECOGNITION OF SCHOLARSHIPS. L . . , . ,Bill Kruse High School Principal EXALTATION , . . , , ,..., . , . Swearuigern Hrlleriam Hrgrr Sr'haoiBa41Cl Direcmr, Berry Hamann INTRODUCTKJN OF CLASS SPEAKERS , . Dave Ere.- Suimrrrmzncusni of Srglxmils ADDRESS ,Srzaakrprv Don Eilerbixscn, Nancy Kmruiriiracliur A Tm, Yarns, Laura Cvmxm PRESENTATION DF CLASS, . . . . , . . Bill Kruse CONFERFHNG OF-DQPLOMASQ . , . . , . ,Devvirr Grim Prrzeirirrirr, Bmw! or Erlurzrrtiuxl TIMES OF YOUR LIFE. , K. . r , Nichols Harywmrl Hulisirmx High Srgnrml Chorus Dixrerxiorr Marilyn Perrin BENEDICTION , ' ' , . . , ,Forlwr Hmnenau RECESSIONAL , , Halsrum High Salma? Blum kiwi ri f A ,frrrfw .-rriiiizrr-ke Firsl Raw: Tim Yates, Chris Coppo. Terri Streak, Lindo Johnson, Tammy Albers, Belly Boock, Sieve Sorengen, Randy Horgroves. Marilyn Frieorichsen, Nancy Kislenmacher. Row 2: Clair Schubert, Karen Duller, Tom Lamp, Ardy Reggnniirer, Karen Goellsch, Mitch Fritz, Becky Endruial. Kent Peterson. Krona Jo Pfalzgraf. Mary Oakley. Row 3: Jackie Crawford, n Rice, Ron Rice. Wendy Jensen, Carrie Breyfogle, Laura Cronin, Kelly Conover. David Baker, Suzy Voss, Linda Schueir, Sofa Marsh, Steve Meyer. Row 4: Roberl Schmidt, David Schmidt, Mike Carslens, Don Ellefbusch, 'lim Sokolowski, Mike Glawe, Tim Hamlin. Ken Heliinger, Dan Gebers. Kevin Kaslaer, Keith Leonard, Jeff Regenniller, Absent: Mark Slines. The Shoe House 8: Pele's Shoe Repair ' K wgfsrfr A . ,,4Z:2s?irm:ffSf K i 1 L z E 2 2 is 2 f Mir FST F1 gfWw?i??w' M 1 Si 'WV? f Wfi 9'?fQf Gf9f i W W 5i F3?? 9?'e99'?9'7 W f Q 9555 2T'Tf9Q45 Senior Activities Tammy Albers Daughter 4 or Mr., 481 Mrs, , Lowell 4 , 4 , Albers , Basketball 4, 2: Volleyball Mgr, 4: reins Glee 4, 2, 4: Concert Choir 2, 4: Madrtgai 2: Swlngflhoir 4: Chamber Choir 4: Musical 4, 2, 3: Flag Twirler 3: Pep Club 4, 2: Piroteer Staff 2, 3: Moo Staff rl: Speech 3: Prom Server Q 4 4 4 David Baker 4 Son of Mr. 81 Mrs. Jerome Baker 4 Football 4, 2, 3, 4: Wrestling 4,2, 3, 4: C-Boll 4, 2, 3: Baseball 4, 2, 3: T 8rl4: Moo Staff 4: Student Council 3 4 4 Betty ,Boock Daughter ofMr. 84 Mrs, :Eugene Gehrts ' Basketball 4, 2, 3, 4: Traci: 4, 2: Vol' leyball 3. 4: Girls Glee 4, 2, 3: Con- cert Choir 2, 3. 4: Madrigal 4: Swing Choir 8, 4:gChamber Choir, fl: Cori- cert ,Band 4, 2, 3, ll: Pit Orchestra 2, 3: Pep Band 4, 2, 3: 4: Flag Twirler A: Pep Club 4, 2:Piroteer Staff 3: Moo Stott rl: Explorer Scouts 2 S Carrie Breyfogle 4 T Daughter of Mr. 81 Mrs. :Jim Breyfogle , Basketball Mgr. 4, 2, 3, 4: Girls Glare 4, 2, 3, 4: Concert Choir 2, 3, -rl: lvtadrigol 4: Swing Choir 4: Chamber Choir 4: Variety Show 4: Musical 4, 3: Musical Crew 2: Pep Club 4, 2: Pira- teer Staff 4, 2, 3: Moo Staff A: Ex- plorer Scouts 2: Class Officer 2: Gracluotionl usher 3: Nacirema Community Schoiarshipszl, a 4 Q g y Mike Corstens 4 , , Son of Mr. sg Mrs. 4 keith Carstens Football 4:Goll' 4, 2, 3, A: B0yS:Gle9 rl. 2: Concert Choirr2, 3, 4: Madrigal A: Swing Choir 2, cl: Chamber Choir Azivarlety Show2: Musical 4, 2: Musi- calyCrewf3: Moo Staff: 4: Explorer Scouts: 2: Eagle Scout 2: :National Honor Society 44, , 4 , Kelly Conover Son of Mr. 84 Mrs. :Claude Conover Wrestling: 4, QICMOQ Staff 4: T 84 l -fl s Chris Copba Son, of Mr. Sr, Mrs. Asperino Coppa Football 2, 3, 4iiTrack 22 Basketball 4: Moo Static: T 84 I 4 , Jacqueline ,lean Crawford s Daughter, at Mr. 8m Mrs, John Crawford Track 4, 2, 3:GirIs Giee 4, 2: Concert Choir 2: Cohcertmhcl 4, 2,4 3: Pit 94 Orchestra 2, 3: Twirler 4: Speech 4, 2: Explorer Scouts 2: Moo Staff Zi: Class Officer 4, 2 Laura Cronin Daughter of Mr, 81 Mrs, Lloyd 5 Cronin Basketball 4, 2: Wrestling Mgr. 3, 4: Track 2, 3. 4: Volleyball Mgr. A: Girls G-lee 4, 2: Concert Choir 2: Musical 4: Pep Club 4: Pirate-er Staff 4, 2, 3: Moo Stott -4: Speech 4, 2, 4: Student Teacher Aide 4: Explorer Scouts 2: Prom Server 4: Class Officer 4: Re- lays Queen 4: National Honor Soci- ety Al Karen Dutler Daughter of Mr. 84 Mrs, Harold Dutier Track Mgr. 4, 2: Girls Cleo 4, 2, 3, 4: Concert Choir 3. 4: Musical Crew 3: Concert Band 4, 2: Pep Band 4, 2: Pep Club 4: Moo Stott A Don Ellerbusch Son of Mr. Sf. Mrs. Lester Ellerbusch Football 4, 2, 3, rl: Track 3, 4: Boys Cleo 4: Swing Choir 4: Concert Choir 4: Variety Show 2: Musical 4: Jazz Band 3: Bond Officer 2, 4: Con- cert Band 4, 2, 3, 4: Pit Orchestra 2, 3: Stage Band 2, 3, A: Moo Staff A: Student Council 2: Class Officer 4: National Honor Society 2, 3, 4: Cindy Kolb Fine Arts Memorial Scholarship 4: Outstanding Speech Award 4: Outstanding Bond Award A Becky Endruiat Daughter of Mr, Be Mrs, l-larry Ehdrulat Basketball 2, 4: Girls Glee 4, 2: Con- cert Choir 2: Modrigal 2: Musical 4, 2, 3: Flag Twirler 3: Pep Club 4, 2: Plrateer Staff 2, 3: Moo Staff 4: Speech 4, 2: Student Teacher Aide 3, A: Cheerleader 4: Relays Attens dantzl: National Honor Society 4: Hom Memorial Auxiliary Scholarship 4 Marilyn Frleclrichsen Daughter of Mr. 84 Mrs. Richard y Friedrichsen Basketball 4, 2, 3, Al: Track 4, 2, 3, 4: Volleyball 3, dl: Girls Cleo 4, 2: Con- cert Choir 2: Musical 4, 2: Accom- panist 4, 2, 3, ll: Student Council 2, 3, A: Student Council Officer 3: Pep Club 4, 2: Piroteer Stott 2, 3: Moo Stott 4: Graduation Usher 3: Horne- corrling Attendant 4: Citizenship Award 4: National l-lonor Society 2, 3, rl: Explorer Scouts 2: Class Officer 4: Stale of iowa Scholar Ll: DAR Award 4: lowa State Bar Associ- ation Citizenship Award rl: Roger Nook Memorial Scholarship -4: Out- standing Senior Giri Athlete fl: Out- standing Molh Award A: Outstand- ing Science Award il: Arthur Gerber Memorial Scholarship A Mitch Fritz Son of Mr. 81 Mrs. Don Fritz Football 4, 2.3.41 Basketball 4, 2, 3. 4: Track 4, 2, 3, -fl: Baseball 4, 2, 3, A: Moc Staff 4: Student Teacher Aide 3, 4 Dan Gebers Son of Mr. 8: Mrs. Darrell Gebers Football 4, 2: Baseball 4: T 8: l A Mike Glawe Son of Mr. 81 Mrs. Lloyd C.-Slawe Football 2, 3, 4: Basketball 4, 2, 3: Track 4: Moo Staff fl: T Sc l fl Karen Goettsch Daughter of Mr. 84 Mrs. Verdean Goettsch Basketball 4, 2, 3, 4: Track 4, 2, 3, 4: Volleyball A: Girls G-lee 4, 2, 3: Con- cert Choir 2, 3: Variety Show 2, 3: Musical Crew 4, 2, 3: Pep Club 4: Moo Staff 4: Explorer Scouts 2: Na- tional Honor Society 4: Albert Lage Masonic Memorial Scholarship 4 Tim Hamlin Son of Mr. Bi Mrs, Richard Hamlin Football 4, 2: Track 2: T 8: l 4 Randy Hafgroves Son at Mr. Si Mrs. Rex Hargroves Football 4, 2, 3: Wrestling 4, 2, 3,41 Track 3: Baseball 4, 2, 3, 4: Boys C-Slee 4, 2: Concert Choir 2. 3: Madri- gal 2: Swing Choir 3: Musical 4, 2, 3: Concert Band 4, 2, 3: Pep Band 4, 2, 3: School Play 3, 4: Class Officer 4: Prom Server 4: Explorer Scouts 2: Moo Stott Al: Outstanding Dramatic Award A Ken Hettinger Son of Mr. Br. Mrs, Wayne Hettinger Boys Glee 4: Musical 4: Camera Club 4: Explorer Scouts 2: Moo Staff fl:T Sr l 4: Prom Server 4: Class Offi- cer 2 A lwendy Jensen Daughter of Wendell or Joyce Jensen Cheerleader 4, 2, 3. 4: Girls Glee 4, 2, 3, 4: Concert Choir 2, 3, A: Madri- gol rl: Swing Choir 4: Chamber Choir 4: Variety Show 3, 4: Musical 4, 2, 3: Musical Crew 3: Concert Band 4, 2, 3: Pop Band 4, 2, 3: School Play 3, 4: Pep Club ll: Piroleer Stott 4, 2: Moo Stott 11: Speech 4, 45 Explorer Scouts 2: Prom Server 4: Homecoming At- tendant A: Relays Attendant A: Out- standing Speech Award A Linda Johnson Daughter of Mr. 84 Mrs. Arnold Johnson Track 4, 2, 3, A: Volleyball 3: Track Manager 4, 2: Cheerleader 4, 2: Glris Glee 4, 2, 3, A: Concert Choir 2. 3, A: Pep Club 4: Explorer Scouts 2: Moo Staff A Kevin Kastner Son of Mrs. Wendell Kastner Football 2: Golf 2: T 8a l A Nancy Kistenmacher Daughter of Mr. 81 Mrs. Curtis Kistenmacher Volleyball 3: Girls Glee 4, 3: Concert Choir 3: Concert Band 4, 2, 3: Pit Orchestra 2: Stage Band 4, 2: Pep Band 2, 3: Moo Staff A: Explorer Scouts 2: National Honor Society 2, 3, A: Class Officer 3, A: Student Council 2 r Tom Lamp Son of Mr, 8a Mrs. Herbert Lamp Football 4, 2, 3, A: Basketball 4, 2, 3, A: Track 3: Baseball 4, 2, 3, A: Moo Staff A: Class Officer A: Student Council 4: Prom Server 4: Home- coming King A: Prom King A Keith Leonard Son of Mr. 8a Mrs. Ransom Leonard Football 4, 2, 3, A: Student Council 4, A: Class Officer 2 Sara Marsh Daughter of Mr. 8: Mrs. Lee Marsh Gott 4, 2, 3, A: Cheerleader 4, 2, 3, A: Giris Glee 4, 2, 3, A: Concert Choir 2, 3, A: Madrigal A: Swing Choir A: Con- cert Band 2: Student Council 4: Pep .Club 4, 2: Moo Staff A: Speech 4, 2, A: National Honor Society A s Steve Meyer Son ot Mr. Sr Mrs. Dale Meyer Football 4, 2, 3, A: Basketball 4, 2, 3. A: Baseball 4, 2, 3, A: Student Coun- cil 4: Prom Server 4: Graduation Ush- er 3: Moo Staff A: Homecoming At- tendant A Mary Oakley Daughter of Mr. 84 Mrs, Harry Oakley Track 4, 2: Wrestling Mgr. 3, A: Cheerleader 4: Girls Glee 4, 2: Con- cert Choir 2: Variety Show 2, 3, A: Musical 4, 2, 3: Concert Band 4, 2, 3 A: Pit orchestra 2: Stage sand 2, 3, A: Pep Band 4, 2, 3, A: Flag Twirler 3, A: Student Council A: Pep Club 4, Pirateer Staff 4: Moo Staff A: Speech 4, 3: Explorer Scouts 2: Graduation Escort 3: Class Officer 3: Homecoming Queen A: English Award--School Writing Contest- -FictionA Kent Peterson Son ot Rev, 84 Mrs. Roger Peterson Football 4, 2, 3, A: Basketball 4, 2, 3, A: Track 3, A: Baseball 4, 2, 3, A: Moo Staff A: Homecoming Attendant A Karna Jo Pfalzgraf Daughter of Mr. 84 Mrs. Virgil Pfalzgraf Cheerleader 4: Girls Glee 4, 2, 3, A: Concert Choir 2, 3, A: Concert Band 4, 2, 3, A: Pit Orchestra 4, 2, 3: Pep Band 4, 2, 3, A: Northwest iowa Band 3: Pep Club 4, 2: Moo Staft A: Speech 4: Citizenship Award 3: Out- standing Biology Award A Ardy Regennltter Daughter of Mr. 84 Mrs. Jim Regennltter Track 2: Volleybail 3: Cheerleader 2, A: Girls Glee 4, 2, 3: Concert Choir 3: Musical 2: Concert Band 4, 2, 3, A: Pep Band 4, 2, 3: Drum Majorette A: Flag Twirler 3: Pep Club 2: Moo Staff A Jeff Regennltter Son of Mr. 84 Mrs. Jim Regennltter Wrestling 2: T 84 l A Don Rice Son of Mr. 84 Mrs. Oscar Rice Football 4, 2, 3, A: Wrestling 4, 2, 3, A: Student Council 3, A: Student Council Officer A: Class Officer 4: State Winner AmvetfDodge Driver exceltence 2: National Honor Soci- ety 2, 3, A: Moo Staff A: State of iowa Scholar A Ron Rice Son of Mr. 84 Mrs. Oscar Rice Footbalt 4, 2, 3. A: Wrestling 4, 2, 3, A: Track 3, A: Boys Glee 4: Concert Choir 3: Musical 4: Moo Staff A: Class Officer 3: National Honor Society 2, 3, A: Outstanding Senior Boy Athlete A: State of Iowa Scholar A David Schmidt Son of Mr. 84 Mrs. Roger Schmidt Boys Glee 2: Concert Choir 2, 3: Swing Choir 3: Musical 2, 3: Musical Crew 2, 3: Concert Band 4, 2, 3, A: Pit Orchestra 3: Stage Band 2, 3, A: Pep Band 4, 2, 3, A: Jazz Band 3: Explorer Scouts 2 Robert Schmidt Son of Mr. 8a Mrs. James Schmidt T 8: l A Clair Schubert Daughter of Mr. 84 Mrs. Charles Schubert Basketball 4, 2: Golf 4, 2, 3, A: Vol- leyball 3, A: Girls Glee 4, 2: Concert Choir 2: Musical Crew 2, 3: Pep Club 4: Pirateer Staff 2, 3: Moo Staff A: Student Teacher Aide A: Explorer Scouts 2: Prom Queen A Linda Schuett Daughter of Mr. 84 Mrs. Loren Schuett Basketball 4, 2, 3, A: Girls Glee 4: Concert Choir 2: Musical Crew 2, 3: Accompanist 4, 2: Student Council 2, 3: Pirateer Staff 4, 2, 3: Moo Staff A: Prom Server 4: Explorer Scouts 2: Student Teacher Aide 3: Citizenship Award 2: National Honor Society 2, 3, A: State of iowa Scholar A Tim Sokolowski Son of Mr. 84 Mrs. George Sololowski Wrestling 4: Golf 2, 3, A: Boys Glee 4. 2: Concert Chair 2, 3, A: Madrigal 2. 3, A: Swing Choir 3, A: Chamber Choir 3, A: Variety Show 2, 3, A: Musi- cai 4, 2, 3: Musical Crew 4, 2, 3: Concert Band 4, 2, 3, A: Stage Band 2, 3, A: Pep Band 4, 2, 3, A: Jazz Band 3: Northwest Iowa Band 3: Band Of- ficer 4, 3, A: Explorer Scouts 2: Class Officer 3: Outstanding Vocal Award A Steve Sorensen Son of Mr. 81 Mrs. Wendell Sorensen Wrestling 4, 2, 3, A: Concert Choir 2: Musical 4, 2: Boys Glee 4, 2: Explorer Scouts 2: School Play 3: T 84 l A Mark Stines Son of Mr. gl Mrs. Homer Stines T 84 l r Terri Streck Daughter of Mr. Ronald Streck 84 Mrs. Jan Rowe Girls Glee 4, 2, 3, A: Concert Choir 3, A: Moo Staff A Suzy Voss Daughter of Mr. 84 Mrs. Don Voss Basketball 4, 2, A: Track 2: Volleyball A: Girls Glee 4, 2: Concert Choir 2: Musical 4, 2: Musical Crew 3: Pira- teer Staff 3: Moo Staff A: Speech 4, 2, 3: Student Teacher Aid A Tim Yates Son of Mr. 8: Mrs. Tom Yates Football 4, 2, 3, A: Basketball 4, 3: Track 2, 3, A: Baseball 4, 3, A: Moo Staff A: Speech 4: Explorer Scouts 2 95 School Superiniendenis: W.F. Juciiesch .. Regina Gombs. . OG. Donhogue. T.S. Lyfie ....... Henry Oeirich Jr TG. McDerrnoff H.H. Schroeder . EP. Beffengo .. RA. Griffin ..... M.H. Hoffmann . FR. Ketchum W.C. Huff .... DD. Evans SA. Lorr . . , MR. Sofh ...... H.H. Honson .... when he wenf info service MF. Chrisfie .... H.H. Hcinson .... MF. Chrisfie .... H.H. Hanson .... P.VV. Fcihlk ... D.K. Else . . . ....................4979TO ...4884 fo 4886 . . .4886 TO 4888 ...4888 TO 4889 ... 4889 fo 4894 ...4894 TO 4893 ... 4893 TO 4895 . . .4895 TO 4898 . . .4900 TO 4903 . . .4903 TO 4908 ...4908 TO 4944 ...4944 TO 4945 ... 4945 TO 4948 ...4948 To 4924 . . .4924 To 4922 . . .4922 To 4939 ...4939 TO 4943 ...,49L13 To 49146 ... 4941610 4953 ....4953 TO 4962 ... 4962 TO 4978 . . .4978 TO 4979 H.H. Hokrson 'rue Holstein Iowa High School sand muww mm-rw hmmm. mmf mm. GSMHA. new uw cancun: ummm a mm mu rocmmmw :mm mwmmm- aw maxaman amaim :mx www. 4-anus mazxa mmm ummm mam mm avant :user my mama mms: mx WWW!! H1113 KUHML lm'-'Tfifffi nun neun uimvs uw, Mm, ,,6,m,,m2maxa.s amz: uomzmim mm. fsamm-:www mwmm stan., ILM ME wamww mmm nam um 1.31196 armies remix: ' f . , , ' smnmua maawn umm mms mln mm., gqwwp Mm., 1010 Ml-fm' fum, nm luamsuza new-xr muon mln rum may-.x wxmms miss nm:-ara raw zz..-x iuaaua una: nm urine rm mfwlzaas Qzmzm mzww. auww parvum. mr- A um-rr 1-1'u'm mmm. was:-u. mm, um wma mx an :mann Bond ond Swing Choir. 4976 Koren's Hoir Sheff 'fir fa? T E LSTLIN IUOIBAII Ill! 'X MAPLE VALLEIY CVJNFI-Qllfifkhl-Q'S wr? Y A I l Rafe 2nd in iowa Hi v ri nf ? if f.. on ' ' Q' if fi' 5 .Wgf 'if O, .Y H . I 4 4 , .A www 'PP O ., O ' I . V Q :A t -A bi:-. ' ' Y V 1 :farm if ' u u 1 ,, ,ur , ,oo orr A A E A 1? , e O v j Q Q11 Y 5555 1960 HOL-STEIN BLACK PIRATES MAPLE VALLEY CONFERENCE CHAMPS 1959 - 1960 A A 13 CONSECUTIVE VICTORIES RATED ZND NORTHWEST IOWA GROUP TWO RATED 6TH IN LITTLE TEN IN IOWA ' P3 9351.654 . ii H3 A' 4 1 ,M Q1 'WALLQ 'Lv' Q14 Junior High Football Squad in 1968 1 Wrestlers in 19711, undefeated in dual competition. . . . 99 Wilbur Wieneri Trucking 84 Hog Buying Station x 7. BdskeTbdII 4. STdTe FindIisTs 4934-4935 2. To STdTe in 491141 3. STdTe Rumnerups 4955 11. A Tedm from The IdTe ThirTies. 5. STdTe Rurwnerups 49114-d Two yedr record of 62-2. 6. Fred Bdrghols, Timed mdny gdmes. I 7. 4972 VdrsiTy-47-3 Sedson ' ' T 21 3 an-mi 4. 4947, 880 Yd. Relay Team of Meyer, Pfolzgraf, Hunt 84 Mighell 2. 4977, Mile Relay Team smashed state record 84 school record in time of 3:28. Myrtue, Kolb. Carnes 84 Rusch. 3. 4974, Keith Whitham, State Champion Mile Run AY? Lis. l L When the cinder season started in March 4976, there were a few more curves on the Track! This was the year that girls added track to their schedule of activities. Although there have been many boys going to state meets, Laurie Lohofer has been our lone qualifier. Laurie qualified in the 4500 Meter Run in 4979. A fall program of volleyball was established in 4979. 5. 4976, the first Track Squad 6. Laurie Lohofer, State Qualifier 7. 4979, the first Volleyball Team Baseball 4967-Record 40-5 Front row: Dan Ehler, Mike Radke, Rob- ert Leinbaugh, Marc Michaelsen, Mark DeSutter. Row 2: Rick Ehler, Bob Keitges, Mark Brosamle, Bruce Branco, Paul Boock, Ed Hansen, Rick Eckerman. Golf started as a school sport in the late 4960's, and in 4979, the first team from Holstein went to a State Golf Tournament and competed against Q some of the big schools in iowa. Mem- bers of this girls' team were Kris Voll- mar, Clair Schubert, Stacy Vollmar, Lori '- ...- Lasher, and Nina Barringer along with their Coach, Mr. Lasher. This boys' team of 4973, finished third in district play after winning sectionals, but lost a state berth by eight strokes. Their total was lower than some state qualifers, but only first and second place finishers advance to state. This squad of Kirby, Randy, Doug C., Scott, Mike and Doug S. concluded the golf season with a dazzling 8-0 record. Shown in the picture: Bob Heser, Kirby Goettsch, Bob DeSutter, Rick Fouts, Augie Hanson. Row 2: Mike Hanson, Doug Clausen, Scott Hompland, Doug Soseman, Randy Vollmar, We would like to thank the Alumni Association for the help we received in updating all the addresses of all who graduated from Holstein High School. The last list was published in the 4945 MOO. From 4893 to 4980 there have been 2,282 graduates. We have done our best to obtain an accurate address for all of them. An asterick by the names of the 23, who we were unable to trace, indicates their last known address. A special thanks must be given to Gladys Weede Raabe, Class of 4929, for all the help she gave us with this list. Her many hours of work helped make this list possible. Gladys has been a friend to many as she worked in the business office from the time she graduated until her retirement in 4976-a total of 47 years. Thank you Gladys for all you've done! 102 ,Q-, W7 '11 3 X These, too, have wandered Through our halls. 1893 Nelson Edgar: deceased. Anna Edgar: deceased. Mable Rea fAxlineJ: deceased. 1894 Rose Munz fRauj: deceased. Nellie Ordway qHornerj: deceased. Ferdinand Paustian: deceased. 1896 Alfred Haas: deceased. Maggie Hotzel qBlackburnj: deceased. Eva Johnson: deceased. Inez Smith qSeitz5: deceased. 1897 Lillie Hotzel fBrowningj: Rialto, CA Christina Janns fBuettne0: deceased. Fred Judiesch: deceased. Carl McCutcheon: deceased. Edith Norton fLasherj: deceased. Lulu Norton QGrevey: deceased. Lillie Von Doehren qZemany: deceased. 1898 Nellie Baumgartner QAIlenj: Spooner, WI Maude Gilmore qSchroede0: deceased. Alice Judiesch: deceased. Thomas Judiesch: deceased. Mary Munz QMuellerj: deceased. William Vohs: deceased. 1899 Bessie Brenton qMorlandj: deceased. Stacia Hart: deceased. Florence Judiesch Uourgeey: deceased. Blanche Rausch CDansbyj: Midland. TX Nora Sindt CLoomisj: Davenport, IA 1900 Nellie Allen fMCCUfCh9ODDj Washington, IA' Alma Thode fEdgary: Los Angeles, CA Eunice Watters qBrownJ: deceased. 1901 Hattie Mccufcneon CKeCkj: otrumwo, IA' 1902 Laura Bertelsen qGlennyj: deceased. W.F. Hutton: deceased. Florence Rea qMcCormickp: deceased. Carrie Seitz QMillerj: Mercedes, TX' Olive Seitz CHarmonj: Mexico. MO' 1904 Albert Berger: deceased. Linda Thode qJonesJ: Laingsburg, MI Cora Von Doehren: deceased. 1905 Arthur Bertelsen: deceased. Leida Loop qNakesj: deceased. John Schippman: deceased. Marguerite Schroeppel qBradley3: Syracuse, NY Alice Winter: deceased. Erma Wohlenberg QFoxy: Fort Lauderdale, FL 1906 Mary Calhoun qBilbyj: deceased. Annabel Mentzer3 deceased. Mamie Mentzer: Storm Lake. IA Alfred Paustian: deceased. Julia Rusch fMarksj: Lake Park, IA Alice Wents qPhiIIipsy: Anaheim, CA 1907 Henry Bartelt: St. Paul, MN' Oscar Buettner: deceased. Grace Harvey fGrosvenorj: Sioux City, IA Paul Jess: deceased. Ervin Kranz: deceased. Ella Lohff: deceased. Herman Meier: deceased. Ray Norton: deceased. Daisy Rennfeldt fBleasdelly: deceased. Leo Winter: deceased. 1908 Frank Burns: deceased. Edith Cizek fMerkleyJ: Los Angeles, CA Blanche Gearhart fSmithQ: deceased. Albert Lohft: deceased. Mary McCutcheon QCaryJ: deceased. Joy Melbourne qBrownellj: Oklahoma City, OK' 1909 Kathryn Carstensen QSIateO: deceased. Austin Henyan: deceased. Clara Jatho qEwoldtj: deceased. Irene Kranz QChrischiIIisy: deceased. William Lohff: deceased. Annetta Stelck QKeefej: Carroll. IA Harriet Stewart fHawnj: deceased. Albert Thode: deceased. 1910 Maurice Galvin: deceased. Alfred Knuth: deceased. Ruth McGuire fMattImorej: deceased. Ina Schroeppel QSmithj: deceased. Bertha Stoltenberg qBonhamj: Silver Springs. MD Edna Thode fvoelkersj: Oklahoma city, OK Grace Winter QDorothyJ: deceased. 1911 Phillip Burns: deceased. Ray Galvin: deceased. Walter Meier: Orange City, IA Tillie Rochau fEhrpJ: deceased. Josie Sindt CStrickerJ: deceased William Watters: deceased. 1912 Minnie Freeseman qKittermanJ: deceased. Viola Giese qWalshj: San Diego, CA Susan Nelson CHansenJ: deceased. Carl Wohlenberg: Fort Lauderdale, FL 1913 Iva Carmer QMurphyj: Denver. CO' Milda Cizek CWaIIacey: Los Angeles, CA Bernice Greve QHansenJ: Holstein, IA Arthur Hansen: deceased Harriet Knuth: Boone, IA Zoa McGuire QMurphyj: Dubuque, IA Ruby Thompson qAdamsj: Spencer, IA Leona Wheatly qLavelyj: Sunnyvale, CA Muriel Wolf flurnerjf intercession City, FL 1914 Edna Allen fLenzy: deceased. Marie Andersen QHicksj: Salt Lake City, UT Martha Bertelsen fHansenj: deceased. Lowell Butcher: deceased. Emma Giese qShaverj: deceased. Edward Hansen: deceased. Ida Thielmann: deceased. Edna Wents fDunIapD: Placentia, CA 1915 Orpha Bleasdell qButcherj: Shorewood, WI Alfred Hansen: deceased. Rudolph Knuth: deceased. Elsie Paustian: deceased. Edgar Rice: deceased. Mack J. Schroeppel: deceased. Betty Untiedt QLingIeJ: Walnut Grove, MN Elsie Untiedt fStevensony: Quimby, IA John Will: deceased. 1916 Edward Arp: deceased. Leona Hansen fKingj: Estes Park, CO Fred Jess: deceased. Emma Lemke fLampD: deceased. Allegra Schroeppel QBennettj: Spirit Lake, IA Lenora Sieh fBeachle0: Sarasota, FL Hilda Thielmann qFieselerj: Clearwater, FL Lester Thode: Dundurn, Saskatchewan, Canada Franklin Van Patten: deceased. Lloyd C. Walters: Winterset. IA' 1917 Nina Carstensen qYoungy: Omaha, NE Albert Heyde: North Platte, NE' Albert Kahl: deceased. Frederick Klotzq deceased. Hugh McGuire: deceased. Raymond Toedt: Miles, IA' Edna Will fwoodruffj: deceased. Harry Yule: Holstein, IA 1918 Glenn Arp: Sioux City, IA Edith Greve fwoodsidey: deceased. Wilbur Hansen: deceased. Walter Klotz: Holstein, IA Leonard Lohff: deceased. Alfred Schuett: Holstein, IA Robert Steffen: deceased. HOISTGID AIUI"Tll'1I Association 1919 Edgar Bleasdell: deceased. Blanche Cooley qKockJ: deceased. Annetta Hansen QHiIIyerj: Long Beach, CA George Hutton: deceased. Edna Jess fBetsworthj: Grant's Pass, OR Fred Michaelsen: Ida Grove, IA Edna Pieper fRoehrj: Inglewood. CA Vera Rice qPetersenj: deceased. 1920 Pearl Bagenstos: deceased. Dolly Fritz fHeIkennj: Holstein, IA Elfrieda Hueschen fMigheIIj: Holstein, IA Jennie Johnson CLewisj: Anderson CA Ronald Mighell: Silver Springs. MD Hilda Sindt QBIeasdellj: Rockwell City, IA Geneva Steffen fBarwickJ: deceased. Dortohy Thielmann qBrancoy: deceased. Mildred Williamson qPortery: Davis, CA' John WIDTGIZ GSCSOSSG. 1921 Viola Bleasdell qLuthe0: Sioux City IA Minnie Brechwald qHuntQ: Council Bluffs, IA Evelyn Crane CSternj: deceased. Elnora Eden qWilIj: deceased. Dorothea Forthmann qLanningJ: Cleveland, OH Frances Hansen qFosterj: Cedar Rapids, IA Margaret Jess fChapmanJ: Cedar Rapids. IA Helen Johnson fRadkeJ: Aurelia, IA Ruby Johnson: Cherokee, IA Berneta Kopplin QMcArthurj: deceased. Florence Lamp qKastnerJ: Holstein, IA Stephen Langkammerer: San Bernadino, CA Edward McGuire: deceased. Arthur Meyer: deceased. Alice Mighell: deceased. Margaret Mighell fRosendahlj: Portland, OR Hulda Neubauer qWinkJ: Kingsley, IA Luella Schmidt fWulfJ: Holstein, IA Sidney Williams: San Jose, CA 1922 William Bauer: deceased. Frances Cooley fKockQ: deceased. Clarence Eden: deceased. Bertha Faden QBIeasdellj: Holstein, IA Edna Hansen fMoserJ: deceased. Alice Hueschen CEdenj: Holstein, IA Carl Langkammerer: Wilmington, DE Laura Lette QSchaberj: deceased. Harry Meyer: deceased. Elwayne Peterson: deceased. Gladys Peterson: deceased. Frances Price QGamblej: Minneapolis. MN' Margaret Williamson: deceased. 103 1923 Bernice Agnew Uonesy Cherokee. lA Lester Bauer: deceased. Wendell Crane: deceased. Alvena Faden fl-lallj: Madison, SD Edward Hass: Hopkins, MN John Hass: Santa Barbara, CA Herbert Knuth: deceased. Frances Kuehnle qWhitej: Canon City, CO Fred Lohff: deceased. John Lohff: Des Moines, IA Winifred Mighell rlvlatnewsyg Danville. IA Yula Mighell fParkerj: Lampasas. TX John Palmer: Lansing, IL Bernadine Prahl fwilliamsj: San Jose. CA Salina Rice fvan Hemertp: Sioux City. IA Edward Schippman: deceased. Eugenia Schoer fCaItonJ: deceased. Harriet Van Patten QChurchilIj: Kankakee. IL Raymen Wienert: Davenport, IA Lillian Wulf: deceased. 1924 Lucille Asmussen CBlennerj: Denver. CO Ruby Bagenstos QMcCoyy: deceased. Marion Belson: Holstein, IA Evelyn Brockman qHansenj: Fort Stockton, TX Annetta Goettsch Uhomsenj: Holstein, IA Hazel Joslin: Holstein. IA Earl Kolb: deceased, Eacho Lingle: deceased. Winona Lohff: Holstein, IA Teresa McDermott qNoonanj: Anaheim. CA Lydia Meyer qGehrtsj: Holstein, IA Helen Mighell fHoddej: deceased. Marie Miller Cwoodyj: Studio City. CA Edith Rambo QBarkerj: Des Moines. IA' Josephine Sorensen: Holstein. IA Lorena Van Winkle qPiccoloj: Stockton, CA Gerdaline Vollmar qDierksj: Holstein, IA 1925 Edith Barron: Kalamazoo, Ml' Mabel Bauer fEllerbuschj: Holstein, IA Adele Belson qKoIbJ: Albany. CA Harriet Beyer qCarstensj: Holstein, IA Wayne Geer: Los Angeles, CA Hilda Hueschen qHansenj: Huron. SD Ervin Kuchel: Glenview. IL Myrna Kuchel QKnuthj: Holstein, IA Irene Lemburg fKasterj: Holstein, IA John Mattlin: Jefferson, IA Roland Paulsen: deceased. Frank Rice: Sioux City, IA Blondina Schmidt qKistenmacherJ: Galva. IA Alvin Schroeder: Holstein, IA Melvin Sindt: Ida Grove, IA Hilda Thede fSteenj: Storden. MN Arnold Untiedt: Alhambra, CA Clara Will fRohrj: Anthon, IA 104 Mabel Will qEwoldty: Holstein, IA Vernon Williams: deceased. Margaret Wulf: Holstein. IA 1926 William Armiger: deceased. Arnold Asmussen: Eaglewood, CO Melina Belson fweinhoferj: Alexandria. VA Howard Blenner: deceased. Bernetta Bumann qErvinJ: Pasadena. CA Asmus Drews: Sun City, AZ Harry Endrulat: Battle Creek, IA Esther Ericksen CJenseny: Alta, IA Francis Galvin: Galva, IA Leora Giese CLatchawj: Hopkins. MN John Haas: deceased, Loren Hartwell: Minneapolis, MN Gertrude Hass qvogelaary: deceased. Katherine Hass qwiesep: Holstein, IA Lurene Kaus fStampJ: Holstein, IA Howard Kopplin: Holstein. IA Jesse Leonard: Holstein, IA Francis McDermott: deceased. Edward Mears: deceased. Dorothy Peterson qAndersony: Cedar Rapids. IA Elmer Rice: Sioux City, IA Philip Rohlk: deceased. Vonita Schliintz CStevenson5: deceased. Erwin Zeman: Lincoln, NE 1927 Harriet Bauer CStephensj: Bellevue. WA Leona Baumann qLorenzenj: Danbury. IA Harold Conover: Holstein, IA Harvey Droegmiller: deceased. Bernette Gebers: Holstein. IA O'Dell Geer: Vancouver. WA Helen Hansen fLudingtonQ: Bethesda. MD Ralph Hartwell: Metairie, LA Clayburn Klotz: Howard. SD Malinda Kuehl Uensenj: Holstein, IA Thomas Lingle: deceased. Eleanor Lohff fStonekingj: Holstein. IA Walter Lohff: deceased, Allen Meier: Denver, CO Raymond Miller: deceased. Alice Myren fwilliamsonj: Bellflower, CA Herman Raukohl: Long Beach, CA Helen Roehlk: Holstein, IA Irving Satin: Sioux City. IA' Henrietta Schmidt fMeierj: Holstein. IA Alphild Seglem fKitchenQ: Galva. IA Lauren Soth: West Des Moines. IA Raymond Werner: deceased. Louella Wienert CLingleQ: Holstein, IA Zelma Will qSchugj: deceased. Virginia Williams fBrandnerj: Sacramento, CA 1928 Alfred Armiger: Waverly. IA Paula Arp fPetersj: Pinole, CA Harry Buell: Holstein, IA Arman Buettner: McLean, VA Kenneth Doyle: deceased. Louise Ewoldt fWoIlardQ: VpslIanti.MI Laura Faden qLoweryj: deceased. Irene Gebers fKistenmacherj: deceased, Hazel Goettsch: deceased. Evelyn Hansen CCormackj: Pinehurst, NC Otto Hueschen: deceased, Ervin Klema: deceased. Evelyn Klotz CMillerJ: Pico Rivera. CA John Kuchel: Wall Lake. IA Edna Lohff: Holstein. IA Alice McDermott fMasonj: Walnut Creek, CA William Sorensen: deceased. Charlotte Stratton COrtj: Los Angeles, CA George Will Jr.: deceased. 1929 Arthur Bagenstos: deceased. Beatrice Bochmann Guppy: Washta, IA Marjorie Ehrp fMethodj: Downey. CA Lawrence Fritz: Storm Lake, IA Loretta Galvin qCIiftonj: Naples. FL Edna Gosselin fRoehIkj: Los Angeles. CA LaVina Helkenn qSaueressigJ: LaMirada, CA Jeanette Krager qweltej: Cushing. IA August Kuchel: Holstein, IA Alice Kuhlmann CBreyfogIej: Storm Lake, IA Viola Leonard qSinnsj: Holstein, IA Frances Lorenzen QCarlbergQ: Holstein, IA Esther McDermott: Santa Barbara. CA William Moeller: Hot Springs, AR Arthur Paulsen: deceased. Verna Raukohl qMurphyJ: Paramount, CA Geneva Rice fBurowj: deceased. Lois Rice CBrownQ: Ida Grove. IA George Roehlk: deceased. Evelyn Rothfork Uochimsp: deceased. Gladyce Seglem QSchmidJ: Beresford, SD Ervin Sindt: Denver, CO Verona Sindt CRuppertJ: Ida Grove. IA Kathryn Soth fwisdomj: Des Moines, IA Robert Stratton: Los Angeles, CA Gladys Weede fRaabej: Holstein, IA 1930 Norma Arp qLarsonj: Sioux City, IA William Bayer: Holstein. IA Clement Butcher: deceased. Ruth Clark qGrossj: Kingsley, IA Cathleen Conover Qanssenj: Ida Grove. IA Ellen Fellom qOtty: Soap Lake. WA Dorothy Flanagan: deceased. William Gauger: Tucson, AZ Elvin Goettsch: deceased, Helen Goettsch fChristensenj: deceased. Laura Goettsch CChastainj: Los Angeles, CA Erwin Groepper: Holstein. IA Carlton Hansen: Kansas City, MO Gertrude Hansen fKragery: Ida Holstein Alumni Association Grove, IA Annie Jackes qLorenzenj: Holstein. IA Clarence Kiesling: San Diego, CA' Harry Kuchel: deceased. Corrine Leckband qMichaelsenj: Holstein, IA Martha Lemburg qNieIsenJ: Mesa, AZ Clarence Lorenzen: Holstein, IA Glenn Neubauer: Kingsley, IA Martha Paulsen CHQIIJ: Le Mars, IA Ronald Ruser: Holstein, IA Myra Schmidt fMcNicholsJ: Phoenix. AZ Orville Schroeder: Bonanza, OR Florence Schuldt qSandinej: Alta, IA Dorothy Sindt QRogersj: Ida Grove. IA Sidney Sorensen: Holstein, IA Kenneth Untiedt: Alhambra, CA William Van Hemert: Fort Worth. TX Ruth Walker qBayer5: Holstein. IA Gordon Werner: deceased. Wanda Wickey Uohnsonj: deceased, Lloyd Wiese: Los Angeles, CA Edmund Will: Holstein, IA 1931 Clara Bergman fLauJ: Sturgis, Ml Verna Brickman QSindtj: Morrison. CO Raymond Clausen: deceased. Kenneth Conover: Holstein, IA Opal Crane fBlackmerj: Rockford. IL Warren Curtis: Cherokee. IA Verdine Ehrp: Remsen. IA Emily Ericksen CCurtisy: Cherokee. IA Orville Ericksen: Halifax, Nova Scotia. Canada Berdelia Fell Qiiimonsmajg Inwood, IA Irene Frahm Qensenj: Holstein. IA Mabel Fritz QSchoeberIj: Odebolt, IA Joe Galvin: deceased, Carlyle Gauger: Columbia, MO Herbert Hueschen: deceased. Marjorie Kaus qlngy: Cuyahoga Falls. OH Elvin Leonard: Holstein, IA Gordon Micheel: deceased. John Miller: Springerville. AZ Alberta Nelson qColemanQ: Lexington, KY Joyce Porterfield QSIikej: Compton, CA Earle Sindt: San Francisco. CA Florence Sorensen fSchlinzj: Cushing, IA Max Soth: Bettendorf, IA Harold Stricker: Des Moines. IA Lola Voge qSchmidtQ: Newell. IA Luverne Watters: Holstein, IA 1932 Dorothea Borchert qMcCubbinp: Springfield. MO Ben Buckley: Oakland. CA Bruno Bumann: Sioux City, IA Willis Butcher: deceased. Douglas Carnes: Northwood, IA Rozella Ewoldt QHanoverj: Westfield. NJ Marie Fell: Omaha, NE Lavonne Hansen flflintjg deceased. Marvin Hansen: deceased. Irene Helkenn qLeonardj: Holstein. IA Helen lhms CCarIsonj: Aurelia, IA William Jackes: Holstein, IA Floran Johnson: deceased. Evelyn Kuchel qkiertznerj: Holstein, IA Kenneth McCrea: San Bernadino, CA Ruby Munz CLagej: deceased. Margaret Niemeier fRayj: San Lorenzo, CA Alfred Petersen: deceased. Wm. James Putnam: New York, NY Arthur Rice: Red Oak, IA Harlan Roehlk: Alhambra, CA LuVerne Sindt: Boulder. CO Maurine Watts CGrossmanj: deceased. Charles Wood: deceased. 1933 Burnelle Bauer: deceased. Erma Bremer qKitchenj: Galva, IA Maxine Clausen fKeIIeyj: deceased. Gertrude Claussen fDu Vallj: deceased. Gladys Ehrp QHaywardJ: Streamwood, IL Lily Eicherly fGeIIertJ: Holstein, IA Virgil Ericksen: deceased. William Ericksen: Holstein, IA Robert Fairchild: Manteno, IL Phillip Fell: Cherokee, IA Ruth Fick qNiemeierp: San Gabriel, CA Mable Gellert fGrothausj: Holstein, IA George Giese: deceased. Marjorie Goettsch CJohnsonJ: Higginsville, MO Clayton Hamil: deceased. Dorothy Hass fLowej: South Sioux City, NE Ruby Helkenn fKinkadeJ: San Gabriel, CA Vernon Kahl: Rogers, AR Melvin Kieslingg Chicago, IL Bethany kracnt qsmitnpp Battle Creek, IA Geneva Leonard fvogejg Galva, IA Ransom Leonard: Holstein, IA Marvin Lohman: Phoenix, AZ Frederick Mattheis: Newton, IA Robert Nicklas: Holstein, IA Elizabeth Petersen qwittj: Sioux City, IA Jack Porterfield: deceased. Marvel Rothfork CHaggeQ: Burbank, CA Miriam Sacquety qMeyerj: Holstein. IA Marie Sindt qBriggsj: Richland. WA Pauline Soellner QSorensenj: Holstein, IA Erma Sorensen qGrelIj: Washta, IA Zeta Stolley QNoelJ: Santa Barbara. CA Wanda Stricker qReidj: Sioux City, IA Marion Van Hemert: Dallas, TX Helmuth Voge: deceased. Paul Watters: Cedar Falls, IA Evelyn Will qBrinkJ: Sun City, AZ 1934 Charles Armiger: Holstein, IA Elna Boe fHughesj: Norfolk, NE Beverly Briese qGeoghasj: Dixie Hills. New York, NV Mabelle Conover qKuchelj: Wall Lake, IA LaVaughn Curtis QDyerQ: Conova Park, CA Ruth Dancker Qvan Vlietj: Amarillo. TX Marilyn Ewoldt QSimontonj: Colorado Springs, CO Nadine Fowles CChurchj: Atlantic, IA Gladys Fritz CSchiffbauerj: Long Beach, CA Minnie Fritz CSchmidtj: Holstein, IA Dorothy Goettsch fKruIIj: Holstein, IA Mildred Goettsch CLeonardJ: Holstein, IA Henrietta Hoeck qLarsonj: Chandler, AZ Phyllis Jatho fHansenj: Fayette, MO Clarence Joslin: Oak Forrest, IL Lester Moeller: Holstein, IA Esther Newman fHollisj: deceased. Lorraine Paulsen fMolIerj: Kiron, IA Merle Sorensen: Eldorado Springs. MO Gene Steffen: Santa Clara, CA Mildred Thielmann qLuscombej: Cushing, IA 1935 Arnold Albers: deceased. Victor Andresen: Holstein, IA Evelyn Bauer Qochimsj: Holstein, IA Alfred Bayer: Colorado Springs, CO Delbert Carmer: Lisbon, IA Catherine Clark CLouthanj: Los Angeles, CA Maurine Clausen: Los Angeles, CA Marie Drews qHassj: Holstein, IA Lester Eicherly: Arcadia, CA Robert Gale: Sac City, IA Vincent Galvin: deceased. James Hronek: Omaha, NE Dorothy Kiesling qGibbsj: Sioux City, IA' Clarence Lohff: Holstein, IA Kermit Nanninga: Portland. OR' Norton Nelson: Overland Park, KS Evelyn Rathert qliissingerj: Washta, IA Deloise Schroeder: Spanaway, WA Elna Seglem qMoeIIerj: Hot Springs, AR Mildred Sindt qCosbyj: Downey, CA Maxine Smith fBoockj: Holstein. IA Erma Sorensen qDroegmillerJ: ' Holstein, IA Marjorie Stewart fGaIvinj: deceased. Donna Stolley: deceased. Norma Utesch fRostQ: Longmont, CO Alick Warrender: Bellevue, NE Wilma Wickey CBueIIj: Holstein, IA 1936 Velma Adams Uorgenseny: Hanford, CA Martha Bayer: Holstein, IA Harold Bremer: Holstein, IA Ann Bruning QConIeyj: Sioux City, IA Homer Clark: deceased. Blossom Ewoldt fMcCreaj: Holstein. IA Phyllis Fick: North Platte, NE Myrtle Fritz fDoakj: Springfield, MO Wilma Goettsch qClarkJ: Johnson City, NY Norma Groepper fHansenD: Holstein. IA Earl Hansen: deceased, Kenneth Jensen: deceased. June Johnson qLottridgey: Sioux City, IA Chester Kahl: Petaluma. CA Harriet Kordt QMichaelsenJ: Holstein, IA Mary Leonard CConoverj: Holstein. IA Floyd Lohoferi Fort Dodge, IA Donovan McCoIlough: Ida Grove. IA Irene Meyer CSchroederj: Gold Hill, OR Eileen O'Furey CReedj: deceased. Edward Paulsen: Minneapolis, MN Alzada Peters QHartmanj: Webster city, IA George Pingrey: Sac City, IA Dora Ruth Porterfield fNorcuttQ: Longview, WA Oscar Rice: Holstein, IA Marcella Schmidt fwehdej: Early. IA Verdonna Sindt QAIexanderJ: Lakewood. CO Esther Sorensen fBreyfoglej: deceased. Vera Sorensen qMartelD: New London, CT Florence Utesch: Huntington Beach CA 1937 Alice Albers qllonsnornpp Bishop, CA Merlin Albers, Sioux City, IA Ida Andresen CRectorj: Holstein, IA Carol Carmer fBeersj: Cedar Rapids, IA' Burroughs Conover: Dickens, IA Pearl Friedrichsen CHenrichsenj: Rogers, AR Ralph Gaedicke: Eureka. CA Hildegard Godbersen fPetersenj: Storm Lake, IA Ethel Goettsch CBondQ: Rockwell City, IA Gordon Hansen: Springfield, IL Lois Hansen fMichaeIsenj: Holstein, IA Lorraine Hermecke fSeIImanj: Odebolt, IA Donald Jatho: Austin, TX Marjorie Johnson fMahonj: Akron. IA Florence Kahl QMeyery: Galva, IA Herbert Lamp: Holstein, IA Wilma Leckband CFlanniganJ: Aurelia, IA Lois Leonard fSinnsj: Alta, IA Willard Lohff: Lytton, IA Richard McCrea: Holstein, IA Wayne Michclelsen: Holstein, IA Wendell Mohr: Washta, IA Freddie Nicklas: Reno, NV Evelyn Haabe qZimmermanj: Holstein, IA Esther Schroeder CSeversikej: Ottawa, IL Ervin Stamp: Holstein, IA Duane Sullivan: Spencer, IA Anna Thomsen QSivertj: Alto, IA Kramer Von Doehren: deceased. Evelyn Wehde fBennettp: Des Moines, IA Holstein Alumni Association 1938 Doris Carnes fEricksenj: Holstein, IA Lois Clausen fRichardsj: Houston, TX Samantha Conover qPutensen5: Holstein, IA Donald Dutler: Holstein, IA Earl Fick: deceased. Earl Fritz: Albert City, IA James Galvin: South Sioux City, NE John Galvin: Holstein, IA Harold Goettsch: LaMirada, CA Lowell Hansen: Cherokee, IA Vanita Hogrefe qFoutsj: Holstein, IA Viola lhms CBarryj: Marcus. IA Marie Indorf QSchmidtj: Holstein, IA Mildred Jackes: Holstein, IA Gordon Joslin: Ames, IA June Kahl fMasseyj: deceased. Arlene Kuchel Cwilliamsj: deceased. Maurice Leonard: Storm Lake. IA Walter Lohafer: Holstein, IA Raymond Lohff: Holstein, IA Wilfred Lohff: Yankton, SD Charles Everett McDermott: Wayne, NE Willard Olson: Galva, IA Geraldine Rohlk qLoganj: Calmar, IA Gilbert Rothfork: deceased. Joe Schlecht: Vancouver. WA Marion Smith fGrothausj: Cherokee, IA Vernette Sorensen qBakerj: Fresno, CA Vernon Stamp: Holstein, IA Francine Steffen QChristianj: George, IA Robert Still: deceased. Lloyd Wienert: Fort Branch, IN 1939 Lloyd Bagenstos: deceased. Phyllis Benning: CKeisJ: Odebolt, IA Robert Brickman: Sharpsville, PA Eileen Christenson qBrenne0: Schaller, IA Cornelius Conover: Holstein, IA Francis Fell: Holstein, IA Harriet Gaedicke fOgIej: Burbank, CA Gilbert Godbersen: deceased. Elaine Gries QArmigerJ: Holstein, IA Harold Hamil: Ballwin, MO Donald Huegerich: Birmingham, MI Clifton Klotz: Holstein, IA Mildred Krager QHansenj: Holstein, IA Wyman Leinbaugh: Holstein, IA Lloyd Lemke: Holstein, IA Marian Lorenzen qJohnsonj: Holstein. IA Wayna Micheel fBeaudriej: Bay Shore, Long Island, NY Ethel Munz fPuruckerj: Galva, IA Frances Rohlk QPopeJ: Sioux City, IA Harold Rothfork: deceased. Francis Wayne Schmidt: deceased. Ruth Schroeder QBochmannj: Gilbert, IA James Sones: Fountain Valley, CA James Sorensen: deceased. Robert Stolley: deceased. Phyllis Stricker qHedbergj: Lincoln, NE Mildred Thorborg fBeyerj: Holstein, IA Elayne Utesch qOIsony: deceased. Gerritt Veehoff: Storm Lake, IA Fern Wehde CSchiffery: San Antonio. TX Marvin Will: Bailey, CO 105 1940 Clarence Andresen: Gasquet, CA Russell Benning: Holstein, IA Donald Buell: Holstein, IA Ferne Bumann fCombsJ: Sioux City, IA Stanley Christenson: Rantoul, IL Lois Clausen QEbertj: Washta, IA Niefa Dimaria QBuIletshetj: Portland, OR Fred Ellerbusch: Blair, NE Rozella Endrulat fBauman5: Holstein, IA Henrietta Fritz fPerkinsj: Sioux Rapids, IA Wayne Goettsch: Urbandale, IA Barbara Jean Hansen CPhillipsj: deceased. Edward Hansen: deceased. Wilma lhms CSteineckej: Quimby, IA James Jatho: Edmonds, WA Eugene Kahl: Holstein, IA Lowell Lohff: LaPuente, CA Eldon Mau: deceased. Donald McCrea: deceased. Robert McCrea: deceased, Minerva Mercer: deceased. Alice Mohr fOsborneQ: West Hollywood, CA Arleen Mohr QWiesej: Holstein, IA Patricia Parker QSorensenQ: Holstein, IA Clifford Perkins: Longwood, FL Howard Rohlk: Holstein, IA Harriett Schellinga QFisherj: Sioux City, IA Donna Belle Schmidt qFickJ: Holstein, IA Vernette Serk flmhoffj: Melvin, IA Betty Mae Watts Cvickeryjr Sacramento, CA Wilbur Wienert: Holstein, IA Clifford Wiese: Holstein, IA Roger Wiese: Holstein, IA Dorothy Wink QLiebj: Fairfield, CA Edward Witt: Knoxville, IA 1941 Norma Arp QHammerj: Holstein, IA Gene Asprey: Iowa City, IA Merlin Bagenstos: Akron, IA Melvin Bauer: Holstein, IA Ferne Bruning QSchernerj: Washta, IA Laverne Bruning: deceased, Alfred Buck: Cherokee, IA Donnabel Christenson: Roseville, CA Claude Conover: Holstein, IA Opal Conover fHardingj: Colorado Springs, CO Tom Conover: Holstein, IA Raymond Dau: Holstein, IA Arlene Dittmer qMohnj: Cherokee, IA Mildred Drews QGosselD: Princeton, IA Delores Dutler fParkerj: Holstein, IA Florence Endrulat Uhornhillj: Cherokee, IA Elona Jean Ewoldt fPontiffj: Denver, CO Loren Friedrichsen: Alto, IA Robert Frledrichsen: Ida Grove, IA Verdean Goettsch: Holstein, IA Rodney Hansen: Holstein, IA Paul Huegerich: Raleigh, NC Elwayne Jatho: Hartley, IA Earl Kahl: Storm Lake, IA 106 Shirley Kahl fBaIdingp: Jefferson, IA Dale Kelley: South Gate, CA Laveene Larson: Odessa, FL George Leonard: Holstein, IA Paul Meier: Holstein, IA Wendell Michaelsen: Ida Grove, IA Louis Niemeier: Holstein, IA Wendell Olson: Cottage Grove, MN Mary Beth Porterfield CSchuppertJ: Iowa City, IA Everly Rohlk: Holstein, IA Helen Smith fPopej: Tulsa, OK Donald Sorensen: Le Claire, IA Marie Sorensen qSponesj: La Porte. TX Eldon Steen: Alden, IA Betty Stolley Uhompsonj: Scottsdale. AZ Harold Thomsen: deceased. Wilbert Vohs: Holstein, IA Ray Wehde: Santa Rosa, CA Roy Wehde: Normal, IL Winola Wiese fwienertj: Holstein, IA Robert Wittrock: Holstein, IA 1942 Gladys Benning qGroszkrugerj: Belle Plaine, IA Laverne Blagof: North Hollywood, CA Fern Clausen CKoeppenj: Farmington, MN Joe Di Maria: Des Moines, IA James Drager: Fairfield, CA Lester Ellerbusch: Holstein, IA Adaline Ewoldt CSchuettj: Holstein, IA Lois Ewoldt qLudvigsonj: Cushing, IA Bessie Gaedicke qBisseIIj: Van Nuys, CA Margaret Jane Galvin Uounglovej: Omaha, NE Geraldine Gehrts fBruningj: Holstein. IA Lavonne Goettsch CCampbeIIJ: Mariposa, CA Robert Goettsch: Waterloo, IA Donald Hammer: Arthur, IA Verdean Helkenn: Holstein, IA Luverne lndort: Fayetteville, AR Robert Jackes: Laconia, NH Russell Kahl: Cherokee, IA Sherman Larson: LeCanto, FL Eunice Lemke fCreelj: Albuquerque, NM Louis Lili: Storm Lake, IA Minnie Ida Lorenzen fOsnowitzJ: Bloomington, IL Lois McCubbin fConleyj: Sioux City, IA Lorraine Meyer QMoserj: Santa Barbara, CA Harold Rathert: Des Moines, IA Irene Rice qMauJ: Holdrege, NE Lois Roehlk CFreesej: Galva, IA Winifred Rohlk QKucheIj: Holstein, IA Lloyd Schlinzi Holstein, IA Howard Sindt: Quimby, IA Darlene Stamp qBradtkej: Galva, IA Harold Steen: Sioux City, IA Leslie Steen: Storm Lake, IA Mildred Thomsen qCarlsonj: Kiron, IA Burdell Vohs: Battle Creek, IA John Whitehouse, Tallahassee, FL 1943 Norine Arp fLorenzenj: Holstein, IA Glen Bauer: Alta, IA Shirley Brechwald fStevensJ: Hastings, MN Elaine Brodersen qMcLeanJ: Pensacola, FL Carol Buck qLarsonj: Odessa, FL Glenn Clausen: Alta, IA June Cole fBremerj: Holstein, IA Jean DeKay: Lakewood, CA Lois Dittmer qBoldraj: Holstein, IA Edna Ferne Endrulat qwiesej: Holstein. IA Clifford Frledrichsen: Holstein, IA Clare Galvin: South Sioux City, NE Jeanette Gries QBauerj: Holstein, IA Jacqueline Hansen fMahnJ: deceased, Dorothy Lemke QSteenJ: Storm Lake, IA Forrest Lenz: Cherokee, IA Katherine Lenz fLingIej: Holstein, IA Lloyd Lill: Holstein, IA Robert Lorenzen: deceased, Pat McGuire: Holstein, IA Robert Mohr: Cushing, IA Phyllis Musselman fHuegerichj: Raleigh, NC Donald Phillips: Chicago, IL' Harry Rice, Jr.: Ulmer, IA Florine Schuett CWeaverj: Ida Grove, IA Richard Still: Dakota City, NE Robert Watters: Mahtomedi, NM Lester Wienert: Vichy, MO Dorothy Wiese fDutlerj: Holstein, IA Wayne Williams: Holstein, IA Helen Wink CLangJ: Suisun City, CA 1944 Dolores Bagenstos fChinnJ: Sioux City, IA Robert Bagenstos: Holstein, IA Charlotte Barghols CSchmidtj: Minneapolis, MN Richard Branco: Holstein, IA Mary Buchholz QHansenj: Holstein, IA Clarkson Carnes: Holstein, IA Florence Clausen CFriedrichsenj: Holstein, IA Roger Clausen: Holstein, IA Forrest Conover: deceased, Myrtle Dau fGoettschj: Holstein, IA Harry Endrulat: Holstein, IA Esther Ewoldt QConoverj: Holstein, IA Lila Mae Fell fSeitej: Ida Grove, IA Arlene Goettsch QSuIlivany: Cedar reoplos, IA Darlene Goettsch Uansenj: Cedar Rapids, IA Doris Hermecke QEhlerj: Holstein, IA Dorothy Hermecke fEhlerj: Mesa. AZ Earl Husen: Spirit Lake, IA Kathleen Irwin fBrommerJ: Rochester, MN Evelyn Kay fCarIsonj: Longmont, CO Arlene Krambeck CGrayjg Moville, IA Martha Leinbaugh QHartmanj: West Des Moines, IA Jack Lenz, Jr.: Holstein, IA William Leonard: Holstein, IA Hugo Lorenzen: Carter Lake, IA Reynold Martens: Cedar Rapids, IA Mary McGuire qvenrickj: Longmont, CO Eileen Moser fRohlkj: Holstein. IA Frances Petersen qRohlfj: Odebolt, Holstein Alumni Association IA Donald Roehlk: deceased. Dorothy Rohlk fvolkertj: Aurelia, IA Lois Rohlk qKlotzj: Holstein, IA Rolland Setchell: West Des Moines. IA Arlene Schubert qCriftelj: Storm Lake, IA Dorothy Schubert qGreIlj: Washta, IA Eugene Schuett: Holstein, IA Francis Stoneking: Holstein, IA Clifford Joe Terry: Holstein, IA Evelyn Wiese fSchugQ: Lake San Marcos, CA Jack Witt: Holstein, IA 1945 Lloyd Agnew: Minneapolis, MN Darlene Albers fLenzQ: Holstein, IA Duane Brosamle: Moville, IA Robert Butcher: Holstein, IA Lavonne Carstens qKeIIeyj: Omaha NE Bette Christenson fSchmidtj: Battle Creek, IA Wayne Christophersen: deceased. Alys Coleman qCoreyJ: St, Louis: MO' Wayne Daugaard: Fort Collins, CO Loren Dittmer: Holstein, IA Raymond Ellerbusch: Cushing, IA Dorothy Endrulat fSnyderj: Des Moines, IA Charles Ewoldt: Storm Lake, IA Dale Ewoldt: Sioux City, IA Joyce Ewoldt qAIbersj: Holstein, IA Russell Ewoldt: Wayzata, MN Orville Frledrichsen: Holstein, IA Galen Gehrts: Sioux City, IA Floreen Goettsch CSchroederJ: Minneapolis, MN Lois Goettsch qFoutsy: Lakewood. CO Wilma Grell fLasherj: Sioux City, IA Joanne Hansen qBagenstosJ: Holstein, IA Glenn Helkenn: Copper Center, AK Robert Jensen: Storm Lake, IA James Kiesling: Dixon, IL Dean Lemke: Des Moines, IA Herman Lohafer: Avoca, IA Darrell Miller: Holstein, IA Wilson Rice: Omaha, NE Vvonne Setchell qStonekingJ: Holstein, IA Florence Thorborg fHareJ: Holstein, IA Lester Vohs: Galva, IA Lahore Wienert CBubkej: Kingsley, IA Arlo Will: Sioux City, IA 1946 Wayne Conover: deceased. Robert Dittmer: Holstein, IA Donald Ewoldt: Holstein, IA August Goettsch, Jr.: LaMirada, CA Harry Johnson: Quimby, IA Mary Anne Kahl fBarghoIsj: Urbandale, IA Jack Leinbaugh: Cherokee, IA lngeborg Lembcke qShererj: Des Moines, IA Arlene Libke qMiIdensteiny: Battle Creek, IA Patricia McArthur qMilIerQ: Sioux City, IA Irma Obitz CSIotaj: Marcus, IA Delbert Rohlk: Ida Grove, lA Alma Scherner fHaseJ: Kansas City, MO Shirley Stoneking CMcCallj: Temple. TX Lorene Terry fSchmidtj: Schaller, IA Frances Vohs fEarnesty: Holstein, IA Meredith Whitehouse fLorenzenJ: Battle Creek, IA Donna Wiese Uohnsonj: Storm Lake, IA 1947 Betty Bagenstos Qwittj: Webster City, IA Stanley Bagenstos: deceased. Phyllis Bachmann fWiesej: Holstein, IA Frederick Brickman: Carroll, IA Blaine Camarigg: Holstein, IA Leslie Dau: Paullina, IA Dorothea Daugaard fMillerj: Holstein, IA LaVera Ehler CPtalzgra0: Holstein, IA Marjie Endrulat QBetzj: Spencer. IA Robert Frahm: deceased. Richard Friedrichsen: Holstein, IA Arlen Goettsch: Holstein, IA Loren Goettsch: Holstein, IA Shirley Goettsch qRowletJ: Storm Lake, IA Rayman Grellg Holstein, IA Sterling Hansen: Holstein, IA Vernon Helkenn: Valdez, AK Betty Irwin QPetersonj: Greeley, CO Loretta Jensen QRathj: Aurelia, IA Joanne Kolb QNelsonj: Aurelia, IA Anna Lembcke fLorenzenj: San Antonio, TX James McGuire: Holstein, IA Roger Mighell: Russell, KS Elizabeth Obrecht QSchmidtj: Columbia, MO Harry Petersen: Hinton, lA Roger Sorensen: Mammoth Lakes. CA George Whitehouse: Florence, AL Henry Witt: Webster City, IA 1948 Dorothy Arp qHendersonJ: Cushing, IA Verdean Bremer: Holstein, IA Audrey Breyfogle fSchubertJ: Holstein, IA Verla Breyfogle Uhampsonj: Sioux City, IA Gerane Camarigg QGoettschj: Holstein, IA Gordon Carstens: Cherokee, IA Doris Ewoldt CMurphyj: Colona, IL Robert Fritz: Anaheim, CA Delores Goettsch fwittj: Holstein, IA Robert Goettsch: LeMars, IA Arlene Gries fFlaskeyQ: Brookings, SD Mary Ann Hansohn QLewisj: Vancouver, WA Dale Huenecke: Holstein, IA Herbert Hunt: Shawmut, AL Virgil Jensen: Cushing, IA James Langland: Stuttgart, Germany Delores Lemke qGrothausJ: Kingsley, IA Loren Lorenzen: San Antonio, TX Elwayne Maser: LeMars, IA Dale Meyer: Holstein, IA Lorna Meyer Cvollmarj: Holstein, IA Dolores Michaelsen QMeyerj: Holstein, IA ValGene Moeller: LeMars, IA Virgil Pfalzgrafq Holstein, IA Delores Ruhser QKeIIeyQ: Omaha, NE Esther Scherner fEndruIatj: Holstein, IA Harold Schubert: Holstein, IA Floyd Soseman: Holstein, IA Russell Stamp: Holstein, IA Don Vollmar: Holstein, IA Robert Vollmarg LaJolla, CA Kenneth Wulf: Holstein, IA 1949 Robert Bergmann: Holstein, IA Eloyis Bachmann qSterkj: Silverlake, IN Jack Breyfogle: Commack, Long Island, NY Byrdella Buell fCamariggJ: Holstein, IA Vonita Bumann QShebilskyj: Dallas. TX Beverly Daugaard QO'Mearaj: Storm Lake. IA Lauretta Dittmer CSkarinj: Arthur, IA William Endrulat: Browntown, WI Lenore Ewoldt CBrosamIeQ: Moville, IA Elva Frahm CGebersy: Holstein, IA Dorothy Friedrichsen Uhornhilly: Tucson, AZ David Geske: deceased, Alvin Hammer: Holstein, IA Betty Jensen qGuinnj: Loveland, CO Walter Johnson: Washta, IA Delores Kistenmacher Uaddj: Washta, IA Lyle Leinbaugh: Independence, IA Elaine Leonard fvollmarj: Holstein, IA Dean Lund: Denver, CO Mary McArthur qHamzlikj: Davis, CA Celia McGuire qForristaD: Holstein, IA Norton Obrecht: Fonda, IA Alice Rex QMillerj: Holstein, IA Dean Ruser: Holstein, IA Lyle Schubert: Stratford, IA Glenn Vohs: Battle Creek, IA James Vohs: Schuyler, NE Dean Vollmar: Holstein, IA Dari Wienert: Holstein, IA Beverly Wiese QRuschj: Holstein, IA Ardyce Will qwienerty: Holstein, IA 1950 Harald Arp: Holstein, IA Judith Bagenstos qwilsonjf Sacramento, CA Phyllis Bergmann fHammerj5 Holstein, IA William Bienlienj Ann Arbor, MI Betty Bremer qwallery: Holstein, IA Darlean Bremer fLongj: Sac City, IA Florence Bumann qMiesnerj: Ida Grove, IA Joan Carnes qKennedyy: Chico, CA Howard Dittmer: Oskaloosa, IA Dean Earnest: Pocahontas, AR Eugene Gehrts: Holstein, IA Maxine Hansohn QPetersonj: Fort Collins, CO Robert Hintz: Cushing, IA Donna Jensen QGodbersenj: Galva, IA Wendell Kastner: deceased, Jean Kolb QMonsory: Irvine, CA Delaine Lemke: Urbandale, IA LaVaughn Lill fMeiskej: Hartley, IA Orville Miller: Cushing, IA Lyle Munz: Caralville, IA John Rochau: Holstein, IA Duane Ruhser: deceased. Louise Scherner CDobsonj: Denver, CO James Sindt: Pleasant Hill, CA Francis Sokolowski: Claremont, CA Marvin Wiese: Holstein, IA Shirley Wiese fHeiImanj: Washta, IA 1951 Eldon Blenner: Holstein, IA Doris Breyfogle CPetersenQ: Holstein, IA Joan Brodersen qSlackJ: Carrollton. TX Mary Dau CHahnQ: Cherokee, IA Gene Ehler: Barrington, RI Theone Ehrp fBremerj: Holstein, IA Patsy Ellerbusch fHueneckey: Holstein, IA Robert Endrulat: Murray, IA Donna Faye Ewoldt qMeierj: Holstein, IA William Fahan: Blauvelt, NY Verlyn Friedrichsen: Alton, IA Evelyn Gebers fBakaIyarj: Cherokee, IA Dean Goettsch: Flemington, NJ Alvin Kay: Sioux City, IA Wayne Kiesling: El Cajon, CA Ruth Kistenmacher fBergmannj: Holstein, lA Janet Kolb qPhillipsy: Durango, CO Joelle Lemke fHoopsj: Galva, IA Joyce Myrtue Uensenj: Holstein, IA Roger Petersen: West Des Moines, IA Shirley Ptalzgraf fHansenj: Aurelia, IA William Rickard: Carroll, IA Bonnie Rochau qwiesej: Holstein, IA Francis Ruhlow: Phoeniz, AZ Beverly Sager QKnaakJ: Scottsdale, AZ Don Schneckloth: Cushing, IA Delane Schroeder: Holstein, IA Charles Schubert: Holstein, IA Mary Walker fGrefeJ: Washta, IA Marcene Wilson QI-lommelj: LeClaire, IA Bette Wittrock QMeyersj: Colfax, WI 1952 William Agnew: Worthington, OH Mary Ann Arp fSheverj: Cushing, IA Lou Ann Bumann fGIickQ: Sioux City, IA Betty Carstens: Wichita, KS Donna Lu Conover fJonesJ: Ames, IA Shirley Conover qRickardj: Campbell, CA Shirley Daugaard CKuxhausenj: Longmont, CO Donald Ewoldt: Burnsville, MN Kenneth Goettsch: Holstein, IA Richard Hintz: Holstein, IA Lauren Kistenmacher: Holstein, IA Mary Lou Kolb CMessickJ: Collinsville, IL Betty Krambeck fHansonJ: Ida Grove, IA Holstein Alumni Association Dorothy Krambeck fRuse0: Ida Grove, IA Margaret Lembcke qDursty: Des Moines, IA Calvin Leonard: Holstein, IA Zoe Ann McCubbin QHuffmanJ: Bossier City, LA Harold McDermott: Sioux City, IA Thomas Petersen: Holstein, IA Don Porterfield: Plant City, FL Carol Schlumbaum QCarrasco3: Sauk Village, IL Lawrence Schroeder: San Antonio, TX Maxine Schroeder Qwatersj: San Pedro, CA Bill Schultz: Tustin, CA Harland Timmerman: EI Paso, TX Mary Vohs qSamuelson3: Kearney, NE William Weber: Wheat Ridge, CO Lorraine Wiese fRochauj: Holstein, IA Mary Jo Wittrock CEpplingj: River Falls, WI 1953 Merle Andresen: Oshkosh, WI Donna Bauer fCooIey7: Storm Lake, IA Shirley Bergmann qFriedrichsenj: Holstein, IA Diane Blenner fEndahD: Fort Dodge, IA Bonnie Breyfogle fWirkusD: Ames, IA Marie Dittmer CDundenej: Cherokee, IA Gary Gerber: Galesburg, IL Donna Gries QKornerj: Ida Grove, IA Carole Kolb fBielenbergj: Dakota City, NE Florence Kruse fGreIIy: Galva, IA Lois Leckband Uensenj: Millard, NE James Lenz: Quimby, IA David Leonard: Omaha, NE David Lund: Cherokee, IA Nancy Nelson fLenzj: Quimby, IA Kenneth Obitz: Huntington Beach, CA Carman Petersen fvos Geraujz Hawthorne, CA Donna Ruhlow qSchubertJ: Holstein. IA Gloria Ruhser fMarotzy: Omaha, NE Duane Ruser: Marissa, IL Joan Schroeder fShahanj: San Jose, CA Marlene Schroeder: Waverly, IA Mary Lou Schubert CSorensenJ: Holstein, IA Loren Schuett: Holstein. IA William Striepe: Waverly, IA Normadyne Weiland qEhlerj: Barrington, RI James Werner: Holstein, IA Denton Wirkus: Ames, IA 1954 Joyce Armiger qHiID: San Diego, CA Harlan Arp: Eugene, OR Robert Bleasdell: EI Macero, CA Daniel Branco: New Haven, MO Marlene Bumann fRobinsonJ: PIGnO, TX Joanne Carstens QClineJ: Shell Knob, MO Dorothy Conover QJahnstonj: Osceola. IA 107 Janice Conover QHechtnerj: Sac City. IA Gaylen Galvin: Ida Grove, IA Darrell Gebers: Holstein, IA Marilyn Goettsch CDrumj: Remsen. IA Donna Green QKayj: Sioux City, IA Earl Heilman: Holstein, IA Otto Hueschen: Kansas City, MO Dorothy Irwin QKapIerJ: Spring Valley, MN Helen Jones fLaceyy: Sioux City, IA Samuel King: Estes Park, CO Curtis Kistenmacher: Holstein, IA Shirley Krambeck CAndersonj: Cushing, IA Mary Ann Kreutz CGerjetsj: Cherokee, IA Martin Lohff: Omaha, NE Robert Martin: Cherokee, IA Shirley Michaelsen qChapmanJ: Glidden, IA Shirley Miller CDruivengaj: Battle Creek, IA Darlene Prosch CSchmidtj: Holstein, IA Kay Rice QBlakelyj: San Diego, CA Darlene Schuett Qliranzkowlakj: Schaller, IA Betty Scott Uylerj: Schertz, TX Shirley Scott QMescejij: Omaha, NE Shirley Thorp Cwanbergj: Denver, CO K9I'1fl9Tl"l Walker: OTTTCJIWC, NE 1955 James Bleasdell: Enumclaw, WA Gerald Breyfogle: Sioux City, IA Willis Buell: Sioux City, IA Ardis Cipperley CJensenj5 Cherokee, IA James Clausen: Holstein, IA Jerri Jean Cole QLinkej: Spicer, MN Carol Dittmer Qwolfy: Waynesboro, VA Dixie Freese QAndersonj: Bloomington, MN Elvera Godbersen Uoddj: Holstein, IA Donald Goettsch: Cedar Rapids, IA Mary Ann Goettsch: Holstein, IA Roger Hass: Omaha, NE Nancy Janssen fMartinj: Cherokee, IA Kenneth Kruse: Des Moines, IA Gerald Langland: deceased. Verna Leckband QPucelikj: South Sioux City, NE Gary Leonard: Austin, MN Hiram Leonard: Lamar, CO Mary Jane Leonard QOehn9: Lake Wood, CO Janice Lohff qwalkerj: Omaha, NE Jean Moser qwengj: Fort Collins, CO Margaret Nelson: Augusta, GA Wayne Nelson: Chicago, IL Charles Noneman: lsmir, Turkey Joyce Obitz fMcFarIenej: Cherokee, IA Wendell Reineke: Phoenix, AZ Joan Rolfs Uohnsonj: South Sioux City. NE Shirley Scherner CPersingerj: Onawa, IA Lois Schroeder Uohnsonp: Conroe, TX LaVonne Schuett Uuttlej: Aurelia, IA 108 Lois Striepe fNiewohnerj: Fairbanks. AK Craig Vollmar: Minneapolis, MN Marilyn Wagner qOgleQ: Des Moines. IA Dorothy Werner fOlsonj: Cherokee, IA Robert Will: Omaha, NE 1956 Francis Bienlien: Rockford, IL Carol Breyfogle qKoIbergj: Riceville, IA Larry Bumann: Washta, IA Joan Cipperley fFredrickj: Iowa Park, TX Roger H. Clausen: Missouri Valley, IA Clark Conover: Holstein. IA Kay Conover qMajorj: Des Moines. IA Stephen Curtis: Palm Springs, CA Andra Lee Ewoldt fHintzj: Holstein, IA Donald Gerber: Ankeny, IA Lloyd Glawe: Holstein, IA Roger Gade: Holstein, IA' DeAnna Goettsch qNelsonJ: Aurelia, IA DeWitt Gries: Holstein, IA Connie Halvorsen qSnyderj: Kingwood, TX Dean Hammer: Ida Grove, IA George Hueschen: Adel, IA Wendell Jensen: Holstein, IA Charles Jones: Sioux City, IA Mary Kruse qRohlkj: Ida Grove, IA Jo Ann Lasher CBaIdridgeJ: North Platte, NE Carol Leonard fSchmidtj: Ida Grove, IA Mary McBride Qwiesej: Holstein, IA Nancy Michaelsen Uoyp: Marshall, MN Wayne Saxon: Tempe, AZ James Schmidt, Holstein, IA Mary Ann Schweitzberger fPowelD: Newport, WA Marilyn Stoneking qRyanj: Dallas, TX 1957 Diana Applegate fPetersenJ: Sioux City, IA Richard Bagenstos: Washington, D.C. Ruth Bergmann fDormanj: Yankton, SD Sally Blackmer Uammesj: Rockford, IL Richard Boothby: Stilwell. KS Ray Brandt: Burnsville, MN James Breyfogle: Holstein, IA George Brown: Holstein, IA Virgil Bumann: Sepulveda, CA Harold Butcher: Calumet, IA Curtis Conover: Holstein, IA Janet Dittmer qNielsenQ: Harlan, IA Rodson Ellerbusch: Lakewood, CO Verle Jean Frahm qCIausenj: Holstein, IA Donald Fritz: Holstein, IA Mary Godbersen qGebersQ: Holstein, IA Margene Goettsch QFritzj: Holstein, IA Roger Goettsch: Moorhead, MN Louise Halvorsen CWhitej: Altoona, IA Barbara Irwin qCaIderony: Ventura, CA Patricia Keitges fPotterj: saoux City, IA Patrick Keitges: Scottsbluff, NE Dennis Kolb: Holstein, IA Lowell Kruse: Russelsheim, West Germany Larry Leinbaugh: Odebolt, IA Janice Leonard fRupertj: Ida Grove, IA Julie Leonard QSorensenj: West St. Paul, MN Marvel Loof fwalckj: Blytheville, AR Richard Lorenzen: Holstein, IA Sandra Madsen fSnyderJ: Kansas City, MO Ronald Meier: Utica, NE Joyce Rolfs CGreenwaldJ: Merrimack, NH Richard Schmidt: Annadale, VA Joyce Scott fBurrellj: Omaha, NE Daniel Sorensen: Mountain Home, AR Lowell Thomsen: Council Bluffs, IA Janith Williams QGIaweQ: Holstein. IA 1958 Karen Barghols fAIlenJ: Sioux City, IA Bonnie Blackmer fKillinge0: Sioux City, IA Carol Boothby qSchuersp: Rochester, MN William Brandt: Sloan, IA Karen Butcher CHammerj: Ida Grove, IA Wendell Conover: Milford, NE Lorraine Griffith qBoothp: Petersen, IA Alfred Hass: San Diego, CA Nancy Henrichsen qRawlingsj: Harlan, IA Dennis Hueschen: Holstein, IA Steven Janssen: Redbook, NV Merlin Jensen: Holstein, IA John Leckband: Holstein, IA Kurt Leonard: Raleigh, NC Myrna Niemeier qNuesej: Marshalltown, IA Lloyd Reineke: Paullina, IA Darlene Rice CMueggenbergJ: Sac City, IA Marjorie Schubert fMadolej: Grimes, IA Luella Schuett fNydeneJ: Storm Lake, IA Reta Scott CHiIImanQ: Carter Lake, IA Dolores Steen Uohnsonj: Cushing, IA LaVonne Timmerman CPetersonj: Denison, IA Shirley Timmerman qChristensenj: Anaheim, CA Phyllis Vohs: Las Vegas, NV 1959 William Armiger: San Diego, CA Loren Bergmann: West Plains, MO Dean Breyfogle: Holstein, IA Bonnie Christiansen Gorgersonj: Marysville, CA Donald Clausen: Schleswig, IA Loretta Clausen Qwolthausj: Mankato, MN Holstein AIUFTWFII ASSOCIGTIOI1 Julie Ewoldt qBuehIerj: Omaha, NE Dean Gerber: Jackson, MS Janet Godberson fRehsej: Ida Grove, IA Sandra Hahne qBredmanj: Iowa City, IA Camilla Hanson fliolbj: Holstein, IA Clifford Heeney: Lee Summit, MO Larry Johnson: Omaha, NE Gloria Kennedy CNicholsj: Tulsa, OK Mary Knuth fOttoy: Katonah, NY John Kolb: Holstein, IA Robert Kraai: Twin Bridges, MT Mary Ladewig CStantonj: Galva, IA Albert Leonard: Quimby, IA Rodney Madsen: Ennis, MT Thomas Mohr: Greybull, WV Warren Nelson: Chicago, IL Charles Putensen: Spencer, IA Bruce Schmidt: Holstein, IA Gary Schuett: Holstein, IA Donna See fPrice3: Pierson, IA Lawrence Timmerman: Holstein, IA Nordyne Vickery: Storm Lake, IA' Maximo Vohs fCoyney: Fremont, Saundra Wagner CLeonardj: Quimby, IA 1960 Orrin Armiger: Holstein, IA Daniel Bienlien: Springfield, VA Dennis Bochmann: Rapid City, SD Roberta Boothby: Sioux City, IA Robert Brown: Holstein, IA Donald Butcher: Merrill, IA Joanne Bye fBusselj: Wilmette, IL Janice Carstens fMurryj: Algona, IA Marilyn Christiansen CGodsoej: Pawiing, NY Elaine Cipperley fBrownj: Hubbard, NE Veryl Droegmiller: Holstein, IA Kathryn Gehrts qBickingQ: Sioux City, IA Diane Gellert fEvansJ: Marion, IA Freddie Goettsch: Sioux City, IA Sonja Heeney CMortenseny Council Bluffs, IA Faye Janssen qGreenway3: Independence, MO Jerry Jochims: Burlington: IA Joelle Jochims Uohannsenj: Holstein, IA James Johannsen: Holstein, IA Gary Johnson: Holstein, IA Elaine Kaus qHahnJ: Missoula, MT Thomas Keitges: Kerby, OR Nancy Kolb qRupertj: Holstein, IA Kathleen Krull fBlockj: Slayton, MN Catherine Lingle fMcNamaraJ: North Platte, NE Stephen Madsen: Palo Alto, CA William Meyer: Holstein, IA Mary Mohr QCrawfordj: Greybull, WV Wilda Putnam QBoothbyJ: Cherokee, IA Larry Radke: Lake City, FL Wendell Rolfs: Holstein, IA Janet Sass qMcNabbj: New Port Beach, CA Janice Steen fLundsguardj: Cherokee, IA Doris Timmerman: Des Moines, IA James Wingert: Eagle Lake, MN 1961 Lois Albers fSzarmachJ: Rochester, MN Carol Bergmann QVohsj: Sioux City, IA Marcia Beyer CAndersonj: deceased. Dale Breyfogle: Holstein, IA Don Breyfogle: Holstein, IA Brian Bruning: Holstein, IA Marjorie Burkhardtg Omaha, NE David Bye: Fort Collins, CO Janet Cipperley: Holstein, IA Joe Clausen: Holstein, IA Loren Clausen: Manning, IA Mary Ann Conover fShuItzJ: Mapleton, IA Harold Freese: Holstein, IA JoAnn Heitmann qGraffj: Holstein, IA Mabel Heydt Uewellj: Schaller. IA Donald Hungerford: Hull: IA Virginia Koster qEnnisj: LaCrosse, WI Judith Leonard fHansenj: Algona, IA Ronda Ludvigson CMoranj: Holstein, IA Karen Michaelsen CBreyfoglej: Holstein. IA Kay Nordstrom CSpechtj: Holstein, IA Carol Reimer fBrummerJ: Holstein. IA Oliver Reineke: Hutchinson, KS Daniel Schmidt: Cherokee, IA David Schmidt: Holstein, IA Dale Tharp: New York, NY David Vohs: Sioux City, IA John Wagner: Vancouver, WA Gary Weiland: Powell, TN Sharon Wiese QRiedigerj: Merrill. IA Carole Wittrock qCarstensj: Holstein, IA 1962 Betty Ann Agnew CVanierj: Lincoln. Sarrliitra Baumann Uensenj: Holstein, Befty Bergmann Uensenj: Holstein, Coeinie Beyer qOgierJ: Woodbridge, VA Sue Blackmer Uhompsony: Barrington. IL Linda Brandt CBowdenD: Altoona. IA Lorna Brandt: Sioux City, IA Bryan Brosamle: Mt. Horeb, WI Michael Brosamle: deceased. Dan Cipperley: Omaha. NE Ronda Clausen qGibneyJ: Polo, IA Judith Cowan QDavisj: Holstein, IA Mary Jo DeWit CKindtj: Vilas. NC George Dreeszen: Washta, IA Harold Droegmiller: Holstein, IA William Ericksen: St. Joseph, MO Earl Dean Fick: Grinnell, IA Sharon Fell Qohnsonb: Holstein. IA Dennis Fritz: Huron. SD Mary Gehrts: Omaha. NE Judy Godbersen fJohnstonj: Malcolm, NE Karen Hahne Uuckerj: Miami, FL June Hansen QLoofj: Holstein, IA Janet Harbour: Lake Jackson, TX Linda Hueschen fSchmidtD: Holstein, IA Mary Ina Hueschen qPetersenj: Vermillion, SD John Johannsen: Rockford, IA Caroll Lake fFethkenherj: Ten Sleep, WY Mary Wyleen Leinbaugn fBrosamlej: Mt. Horeb, WI Christine Leonard qwiesej: Holstein. IA Albert Loaf, Jr.: Holstein, IA Wayne Loof: Rapid City, SD Janiver Meyer fAnthony7: Lincoln. NE Roger Nicklasj Hamel, MN Paul Niemeier: Sioux City, IA Twila Olson CBorIandJ: Plano. TX Gary Putensen: Holstein, IA Gary Ruhser: Holmen, WI Nina Ann Schmidt qVan Gorpj: Des Moines, IA Don Schroeder: Albuquerque, MN Gary Schuett: Trenton, MO Donna Sinns: Temple Hills, MD Paul Striepe: deceased. Lorine Timmerman QNewmanj: Arthur, IA LaDon Wiese: Holstein. IA Judy Williams: Omaha, NE 1963 Sandra Bartels QLibkej: Sac City, IA Robert Bauman: Peru. IA Dennis Breyfogle: Holstein, IA Elaine Brown fRoIfsj: Holstein, IA Vicki Bruning qArmigerJ: Holstein, IA Joyce Butcher QZimmerQ: Tipton, IA Sandra Conover QGetzmeierj: Schaller. IA Marsha Fell CClausenj: Manning, IA Sharon Frahm fClausenj: Holstein, IA Lynn Hansen: Omaha, NE Harland Scott Hanson: Dover, DE David Heeney: Parkersburg, IA Jeannette Helkenn fBruningj: Holstein, IA Mary Ann Henrichsen fGoettschj: Lincoln, NE Jim Keitges, Fresno, CA Milan Krambeck: Virginia Beach, VA Betty Lingle CAnfinsonJ: Cushing. IA Ron Ludvigson: Holstein, IA Sheryl Parker QBarnesj: San Diego, CA Connie Putensen fMcDermottQ: Ida Grove. IA Shirley Reimers: Omaha, NE Dennis Rohlk: deceased. Curtis Sorensen: Woodland Hills. CA Dennis Sorensen: Sioux City, IA Donna Timmerman CMilIerj: Alta, IA Dan Van Hemert: Sioux City, IA Ralph Verrone: Sioux City. IA Lester Wiese: Holstein, IA 1964 Roletta Albers qGoettschj: Bettendrof. IA Larry Armiger: Okoboji, IA Steve Bauer: Danbury, IA Karen Bauman CLewonj: Holstein, IA Paula Beyer qLuze3: Sioux Falls, SD Paulette Beyer QWahlj: Sioux City, IA Roger Brown: Holyoke. CO David Buck: Oxnard, CA Steve Buck: Phoenix, AZ Kenneth Buell: Golden Valley, MN John Burkhardt: Omaha, NE Charles Carlberg: Greenfield, IA Charles Cipperley: Sioux City. IA Marion Conover: Van Meter, IA Diane Dexter qSpainQ: Sioux City. IA Diane Doxtad qMattisj: Clayton, MO Wayne Freese: Worthington, MN Jacquelynn Goettsch: Sioux City. IA Larry Goettsch: Lincoln, NE Doreen Gries qStevensonj: Lincoln. NE Shirley Gronlund QGiIsonj: Nemaha, IA Karen Hansen qwinchesterj: Des Moines, IA Janice Heitmann qEIledgej: Omaha. NE Kenneth Henrichsen: Audubon, IA Kenneth Hogrefe: Kingsley, IA Carol Johnson QMaymonj: Schaller. IA Terry Johnson: Denver, CO Ronnie Leckband: Holstein. IA Dennis Leinbaugh: Seeley Lake. MT Irene Leonard QRichardsonj: Kirksville, MO Joyce Loof CNeIsonj: Holstein, IA Larry McBride: Las Cruces, NM Gary Moser: Grand Junction, CO Curtis Opdahl: Bayfield, CO Vernette Reimer QHaasj: Omaha, NE Donald Sams: Dearborn. MO Ronald Sass: St. Augustine. FL Bradley Schoer: Marshalltown, IA Nancy Seite qMichaeIsenj: Holstein, IA Trudy Sinns Qohnstonj: Turin, IA Donna Steen fPernoJ: Spokane, WA Donald Vohs: Holstein, IA Larry Volkert: Holstein, IA James Wienert: Clinton, IA Duane Williams: Omaha, NE Sheryle Wlttrock QEhlersj: Holstein, IA Wilbur Wlttrock: Battle Creek, IA 1965 Joann Beyer qAbbotty: Sergeant Bluff, IA Margaret Breyfogle QPetersenj: Ida Grove, IA Ted Bruning: Spencer. IA Ben Bye: Craig, CO William Carstens: deceased. Burdette Conover: Holstein, IA Craig Conover: Mapleton, IA Kathy Conover fGrellj: Altoona, IA Neal Conover: Sigourney. IA Van Conover: Sutherland. IA Mark DeWit: Plano. TX Roger Dreeszen: Cushing, IA David Ehler: Holstein, IA Robert Ericksen: West Port, CT Diane Fick QRinderknechtJ: Vinton, IA Jeanne Frahm QFreesej: Holstein, IA Paul Goettsch: Yankton, SD Ronald Goettsch: Fairfield. IA Bonnie Hansen QConoverJ: Van Meter, IA Christine Hansen QGorycnkaJ: Austin. TX Duane Heeney: Storm Lake, IA Samuel Heydt: Larrabee. IA Vicki Irwin Uheisj: Maryland Heights, MO HOISTSID AIUFTIDI ASSOCIOTIOTT Jeffrey Jochims: Holstein, IA Donald Johannsen: Sherrill, IA Marillis Johnson QBoddIckerJ: Sioux City, IA Douglas Kahl: Rogers, AR Marigene Kahl QPetersenj: Phoenix, AZ Alan Kuchel: Denver, CO Carol Lingle fKrenkj: North East, PA Cathy Jo McCrea QHansonj: Dover, DE Mary Michele Michaelsen qBruningj: Spencer, IA Mike Michaelsen: Holstein. IA David Niemeier: Holstein, IA Richard Parker: Nevada, IA Diane Reiff fKoIbOj: Ames, IA Luann Rice: Sioux City, IA Roy Rice: Manhattan, KS Rene Ruhlow: Muscatine, IA Paul Scherner: Dubuque, IA Gary Stamp: Ida Grove. IA Roger Stocking: Battle Mountain. NV James Striepe: Clinton, MO Kenneth Vohs: North St. Paul. MN Dave Walden: Provo. UT Robert Wienert: Pryor. OK Valgene Wiese: Holstein. IA 1966 Betty Bauman QMeyerj: Holstein, IA Terry Bauman: Cherokee. IA Pamela Baumann qKeisj: Omaha, NE James Beyer: Independence. IA Robert Bremer: Kansas City, MO Gary Brodersen: Holstein, IA Dan Buck: Cherokee. IA Dale Clausen: Holstein, IA James E. Clausen: Holstein. IA Linda Conover fweddenji Madrid, IA Peggy Conover QBauerj: Danbury, IA James Cronin: Blue Spring, MO David Dexter: Houston, TX Lanyce Dreeszen qMiIIsJ: Grand Rapids, Ml Donald Dutler, Jr.: Winthrop, IA Cynthia Ehler QBeersQ: Mesa, AZ Anthony Ehrig: Cleghorn, IA Danny Ellerbusch: Holstein, IA Elaine Eriksen: Wauwatosa. WI Keith Fick: Oskaloosa, IA Judy Fraser qPetersenJ: Sioux City. IA Robert Freese: Holstein, IA Connie Friedrichsen CLudvigsonJ: Holstein, IA Roderick Hansen: Buffalo Center, IA Bryan Phillip Hanson: Ida Grove, IA Susan Hass: Denison, IA Marlys Helkenn QBarwickj: Bloomington, IL Dennis Hoaglund: Holstein, IA Anna Hogrefe qLorenzenJ: Holstein, IA William Jackes. Jr.: LeMars, IA Lynda Johnson qSommerfeldj: LeMars, IA Tamela Johnson QHIIIQ: Dear Park, WA Margaret Jones qMcDowellj: Phoeniz, AZ Susan Kahl: Shore View, MN Joseph Keitges: Des Moines, IA 109 Bruce Klotz: North Liberty, IA Connie Kraai: West Vancouver, British Columbia. Canada Linda Krager qunglej: Holstein, IA John Kuchel: Des Moines, IA Roger Larsen: DeKalb. IL Claire Leinbaugh: Shoumberg. IL Jeffrey Lenz: Pittsburgh. PA Melissa Leonard fHaIsteadj: Rhinebeck. NY Betty Lorenzen qwienertj: Clinton, IA Reas Madsen: Littleton. CO Patricia Nuzum Uohnsonj: Calumet. IA Dennis Sams: Leavenworth, KS Dennis Schuett: Charleston, SC Pamela Sears Uanssenj: Bloomington, IL Dennis Seite: Omaha, NE James Sorensen: Mapleton, IA Luane Wiese: Holstein. IA Jerel Wittrock: Correctionville. IA 1967 Sandra Albers: CMenwarrenj: Spencer. IA Thade Bagenstos: Holstein, IA Stanley Bauer: Duluth. MN Craig Beyer: Holstein, IA Peggy Bachmann fRossj: Omaha, NE Paul Boock: Forest City, IA Bruce Bronco: Perry. IA Donald Bremer: Battle Creek. IA Mark Brosamle: Rapid City. SD Thomas Bruning: Winnetka, IL Carole Butcher qBruningj: Winnetka. lL Steve Clausen: Kansas City, MO Bruce Conover: Hillsdale, NY Cary Conover: Holstein, IA Keith Conover: Iowa Falls, IA Terry Conover: Amity, OR Judy Diana Coppa: Holstein, IA John Cronin: Holstein. IA Mark DeSutter: Hawarden, IA Christine DeWit QKeitgesj: Tempe, AZ Beverly Dutler qFickj: Oskaloosa, IA Cynthia Dutler QKIineJ: Winthrop, IA Rick Ehler: Mesa, AZ James Fell: Albany. OR Kent Fick: deceased. Diane Gebers fHeeneyj: Storm Lake, IA Margaret Goettsch QSteffenj: Minneapolis. MN Scheryl Goettsch fGoettsch- Weinbergj: Washington, DC Carol Gronlund qSheIbournj: Valentine, NE Dennis Grothaus: Holstein. IA Peggy Hammer Uohannsenj: Sherrill, IA Cynthia Hansen QLutzy: Ashland, NE Pamela Hansen: Dallas, TX Harold Hare: Lake City, IA Judith Heitmann fFoIsamj: Manchester. IA Steven Hoppe: Charleston, SC James Irwin: Clinton, IA Timothy Jackes: Sioux City. IA Pamela Kohl fGreeny: Roger, AR Robert Kaus: Holstein, IA Douglas Krager: Bellvue, CO Joleen Lamke fGrawj: Denison. IA 110 Yvonne Leonard fDownsj: South Sioux City, NE Bruce Lingle: Holstein. IA Douglas Lohafer: Mountain View. CA Bonnie Lorenzen qBarkemay: Holstein, IA Kenneth Niemeier: Holstein. IA Larry Rector: Holstein, IA David Reiff: Fairfield, IA Charles Reiss: Holstein, IA Raymond Rice: Huntsville. AL Marcia Rognes CSaurezj: Miami, FL David Rohlk: Cherokee, IA Rheta Schlinz QGroffy: Woodbine, IA Linda Seite CNitchalsj: Willmar, MN Linda Stamp Qudkinsy: Lacona. IA Link Stoneking: San Diego, CA Rodney Vohs: Richardson, TX Lane Volkert: Holstein, IA Larane Volkert fCampbelD: Lawton. IA John Werner: Holstein. IA Linda Wittrock QReinekej: Denison. IA Lyle Wittrock: Holstein, IA 1968 Bonita Acuff qRohretj: Denver, CO Rolan Albers: Ute, IA Helen Alpers CAugustj: Marshalltown, IA John Bauman: Blaine. MN Connie Boldra qEvans5: Webster City, IA Allen Conover: Holstein, IA Barbara Jean Conover QDeSutterj: Hawarden, IA Alice Cronin Cwittrockj: Holstein, IA Linda Cronin CNiemeierQ: Holstein, IA John DeSutter: Olive Branch, MS Daniel Doxtad: Galva, IA Mary Ann Ehrig QNewquistj: Ida Grove, IA Sandra Eriksen qHoIIemwegue0: deceased. Charlotte Fouts qLuIlmanQ: Central City. IA Connie Fouts QBoccaccioJ: Arvada. CO Thomas Fraser: Laurens, IA Gail Gebers: Holstein, IA Kathy Goettsch: Minneapolis, MN Kristin Goettsch CSweetmanj: Norwalk, CA Susan Goettsch Uhompsonj: Billings, MT Larry Hansen: Holstein, IA Nolan Hellman: Holstein. IA Wayne Hoppe: Chicago. IL Patsy Irwin QHoImanJ: Salt Springs Island, British Columbia, Canada David Jackes: Sacramento, CA Connie Johnson fAnfinsonj: Cushing. IA Marlene Johnson qJepsenj: Battle Creek, IA James Kay: Holstein, IA Robert Keitges: Tempe, AZ Steven Klotz: Holstein, IA Linda Kuchel Qwrightj: Correctionville, IA Kristine Larsen qKatzj: Kent, OH Laura Larson fGesmej: Daly City. CA Robert Leinbaugh: Holstein, IA Cheri Logan fSiebrecht5: Alta. IA Phil Lohafer: Milpitas, CA Daniel Niemeier, Lavista. NE Patricia Reinecke Uwitoj: Hawarden, IA Gordon Reiss: Storm Lake, lA Wayne Schoer: Holstein, IA Jerry Sindt: Holstein, IA Nancy Stocking fDavisJ: Sioux City, IA Sandra Susie: Hinton, IA Nancy Timmerman fMeyerj: Storm Lake, IA Kim Walden: Carrollton, TX Merritt Wiese: Alta. IA Janelle Wittrock qDahmj: Storm Lake. IA 1969 Gary Albers: Maquokota, IA Mary Jo Bagenstos: Sioux Rapids, IA Randy Bachmann: Sioux City, IA Linda Boock fWeIpottj: Wilmette, IL Robert Brown: Homer, NE Linda Cipperley fGreIlj: Galva, IA David Conover: Cushing, IA Debra Conover fHogrefej: Kingsley, IA Michael Croxell: Galva, IA Clair Downs: Holstein, IA Rick Eckerman: deceased. Paul Fell: Knoxville, IA Cathy Friedrichsen QConoverj: Iowa Falls, IA Teresa Galvin: Lawrence, KS David Grellj Galva, IA Dianne Hammer fwirthj: Kingsley, IA Edward Hansen: Jesup, IA Janet Heeney qvolkertj: Holstein, IA Dian Iwen qJensenj: Enid, OK Kenneth Johnson: Spring Mills, PA Randall Kay: Fort Dodge, IA Linda Lenz qlsuckp: Hamilton, Mi Billee Leonard fMadsenQ: Littleton. CO John Leonard: Sioux City. IA Sharleen Leonard: Milwaukee, WI Jim Loof: Holstein. IA Marc Michaelsen: Urbandale, IA Patricia Otto qBanwortj: Adel, IA Ronald Parker: Holstein, IA Kellye Pfalzgraf: Monana. IA Michael Radke: Galva, IA Jo Lynn Rognes Qliokkenj: Kingsley. IA Jerry Ruser: Holstein, IA Barbara Scherner fRasmussenj: Manning, IA Craig Schlinz: Agoura, CA Brian Schuett: deceased. David Scott: Holstein. IA Connie Steen: Des Moines. IA Sonja Strandberg: Minneapolis. MN Kenneth Watters: Norfolk, NE Maribeth Weis: Garden Grove, CA Janine Wellendorf qBaumanj: Cherokee, IA Rozann Wiese fSeelaj: New Market, IA Richard Williams: Holstein, IA Robert Wittrock: Cherokee, IA 1970 Debra Albers fWeilandj: Aurelia. IA Bradley Bauer: St. Joseph, MO Ronald Bergmann: Des Moines. IA Bruce Boock: Correctionville. IA Holstein Alumni Association Cole Bremer: Washta. IA Ellen Buck fMcEIderryy: Carroll, IA Robert Butcher: Holstein, IA Dwight Conover: Albion, IA Grant Conover: Baxter, IA Gerald Cronin: Holstein, IA Colette DeSutter Uensenj: Correctionville. IA Randall Dreeszen: Cushing, IA James Dutler: Galva, IA Lorna Dutler: Sioux City, IA Daniel Ehler: Holstein, IA Leona Ehrig qMasonQ: Odebolt, IA Harry Endrulat: Ozone Park, New York, NY Barbara Eriksen qGriffiny: Lakewood, CO Debra Gebers fwoody: Ida Grove, IA Marsha Gehrts: Des Moines, IA Charles Goettsch: Larrabee, IA Dale Goettsch: Arlington, NE Terry Gross: Washta. IA Daryl Hammer: Laporte, CO Jane Hammer: Holstein, IA John Hammer: Holstein, IA Rena Hargens QRaeckerj: Tulsa. OK Jean Heitmann qBreme0: Battle Creek. IA Julie Heser fWaresj: Pella. IA Delane Hogrefe: Cushing, IA Nancy Irwin fFeddersonj: Harrisburg. OR Patricia Johannsen qSchuIkeJ: Nevada, IA Magnus Johansson: Trekanten. Sweden Gregory Johnson: Holstein, IA Marlo Johnson QSchoerj: Holstein, IA Lowell Joslin: Libertyville, IA Eduardo Leal: San Paulo. Brazil Vickie Lenz CHansenj: Holstein, IA Timothy Lohafer: Minneapolis. MN James Miesner: Ames, IA Karla Nicklas CHoIIemwegue0: Rochester, MN Vickie Otto QDolde3: Ida Grove, IA Curtis Rector: Holstein, IA Diane Scherner qlfiueranj: Holstein. IA Angela Schuett qRosej: Graettinger, IA Gary Seite: Huxley, IA Bradley Stamp: Shelten, CT Cathy Steen: Des Moines. IA Kathleen Susie: Ames. IA Kaija Tilus: Pajales Himanka, Finland Steve Vohs: Galva, IA Connie Wiese CBrockj: Omaha. NE Merrill Wittrock: Battle Creek, IA 1971 Timothy Andresen: Holstein, IA Barbara Beyer fPetersonJ: Council Bluffs, IA Gary Boldra: Sioux City, IA Kendall Brodersen: Holstein, IA Gary Brosamle: Galva, IA David Clausen: Dallas, TX Clay Conover: Paso Robles. CA Kent Conover: Bayfield, CO Douglas Cronin: New York, NY Mark Croxell: Anamosa, IA Connie Downs: St. Cloud, MN Janet Droegmiller qLohaferj: Brooklyn Park, MN Curtis Eckerman: Boscobel, WI Teresa Ehler fGeorgj: Hubbard, NE George Ehrig: Ida Grove, IA Donna Fouts fBalderstonj: Wheat Ridge, CO Paul Freese: Bloomfield, IA Kristin Friedrichsen qHargensJ: Hudson. IA Barbara Galvin Uellessenj: Houston. TX John Georg: Hubbard, NE Carmen Goettsch QMaddoxj: Hesperia. CA Cathy Goettsch fLoofy: Holstein, IA Thomas Goettsch: Galva, IA Lorene Grell CSmithj: Cherokee, IA Edward Gronlund: Manilla. IA Lois Hammer qRoepkej: Laurel Bay. SC Erica Hellman QBriggIej: Akron, OH Thomas Irwin: Holstein. IA Mark Johnson: Pinellas Park. FL Michael Johnson: Red Oak, IA Robert Johnson: Ft. Mitchell. KV Kathleen Kay: Cherokee, IA Steven Kay: Holstein, IA Brian Lamp: Holstein. IA Vicki Lang fBucky: Kingston Springs, TN Janet Leonard: Britt, IA Dean Loof: Watertown. SD Dennis Miesner: Ida Grove. IA Larry Miesner: Coon Rapids. IA Jackie Moller QNeIsonj: Phoeniz. AZ Kathleen Nelson qMohrj: Fargo, ND Helen Nicholds qButcherJ: Holstein, IA Brian Reiff: Tempe, AZ Mary Ann Reineke: Rock Island, IL Gloria Reiss fNeIsonQ: Woodbine, IA Daniel Roepke: Laurel Bay. SC Jeffrey Rognes: Anchorage. AK William Rohlk: Holstein, IA Jean Ruser Q Cipperleyj: Ida Grove. IA Marilyn Scherner QConoverj: Albion, IA Greg Stocking: Bancroft, IA Jon Stoneking: Tempe, AZ Tony Sevesson: Palo Alto. CA Frances Wiebe qCranstonQ: Florissant, MO Mike Wienert: Holstein, IA Janice Wiese: Sioux City, IA Roy Williams: Holstein, IA 1972 Joni Askeland: Ocheyedan. IA Linda Bergmann fSusiej: Spencer. IA Donna Beyer Uohnsonj: Holstein, IA Perry Bochmann: Sioux City. IA Jeffrey Bremer: Emmetsburg, IA Lana Bremer qConoverj: Holstein, IA Andrew Buell: Algona. IA John Butcher: Holstein. IA Clifton Conover: Stockton, IA Kevin Conover: Holstein, IA Kurt Conover: Ames, IA Mary Cope fSmithj: Correctionville, IA Anita Cronin CRadkej: Holstein. IA James DeWit: Starkville, Ml Sandra Earnest fPaplowj: Milford, IA Debra Eckerman fLeithj: Laurens, IA Julie Ehler QRohlkJ: Holstein, IA Susan Endrulat: Grinnell, IA Diane Ericksen: Cherokee, IA Gail Eriksen: Wauwatosa, WI Daniel Friedrichsen: Holstein, IA Nancy Gehrts QMohrJ: Pacific Junction, IA Roger Goettsch: Abilene, TX Mary Grell CDeWitj: Starkville, MI Norma Hare qSharpey: Denver, CO Brian Hargens: Hudson. IA Douglas Hoaglund: Holstein, IA Joel Jensen: deceased. Barbara Joslin: Ames, IA Deborah Kahl qJohnstonj: Hubbard, IA Mary Lou Kay qGrossj: Washta, IA Timothy Koeppe: Selfridge, MI Luann Kroger: Sioux City, IA Barbara Lamp: Jasper, MN Kent Livermore: Phoenix, AZ Kent Madsen: Ames, IA Hollis Meyer QDunnj: U.S. Navy Kurt Meyer: Holstein, IA Steve Myrtue: Traer, IA Dan Prescott: Sheldon, IA Suzanne Roepke Uorreyj: Cherokee, IA Marcia Schepers CBuengorj: Aurelia, IA Chris Sokolowski Uitcombj: Holstein. IA Vickie Steen: Denison, IA Jean Susie qwilliamsj: Holstein, IA Joel Wellendorfg Ames, IA Patrice Wienert fCroninj: Holstein, IA D9bI'O WIBSGI AFTISS, IA Joylyn Wiese: Holstein. IA 1973 Tom Andresen: Holstein, IA Alan Bauer: Holstein. IA Katherine Billings qLorenzenJ: Ogden, UT David Borchers: Holstein, IA Barbara Bronco: Omaha, NE Jean Buell QBahneyj: Sioux City, IA Douglas Clausen: Holstein. IA Vickie Downs qMeyerQ: Holstein, IA Carolyn Dreeszen fChantryJ: Minneapolis. MN Gene Dutler: Galva, IA Janis Ehler fMardenj: Poulsbo, WA Linda Ellenberger fMiesnerj: Coon Rapids, IA Pamela Ewoldt qLeinbaugh3: Holstein, IA Teresa Fell: Omaha, NE Linda Fraser QGroepperj: Sioux City. IA Carole Friedrichsen: LaCross, WI Carmen Gebers fCompbellj: Ankeny, IA Gary Goettsch: Holstein. IA Darrell Gronlund: Fort Dodge. IA Marc Hamann: Ida Grove, IA Bill Hamm: Spearfish, SD Randy Hammer: Holstein, IA Karla Hansen: Ankeny, IA Mike Hanson: Holstein, IA Gary Hompland: Moscow. ID Joni Huenecke: Des Moines. IA Angela Jessen: Cherokee. IA Paul Johnson: Algona, IA Debra Kastner fPlattj: Holstein, IA Debra Kay fMoretJ: Washta, IA Steve Kofmehl: Holstein, IA Greg Leonard: Aurelia, IA Randall Leonard: Spencer, IA Camelia Logan: Mount Prospect. IL Mark Lohafer: West Bend, IA Molly McGuire: Sioux City. IA Duane Miesner: Holstein, IA Teresa Neal: Des Moines. IA Lynn Ploeger: Grandview, MO Tom Radke: Ames, IA Debra Reimers qHassebroekJ: Holstein, IA Steve Rochau: Holstein. IA Edward Rohlk: Holstein, IA John Rusch: Cherokee, IA Barbara Ruser: Denison, IA Angela Schepers fwadsleyy: Alto. IA Kent Schlinz: Holstein, IA Lori Schroeder qvolkertj: Holstein, IA Elizabeth Sokolowski Qwiesej: Alta. IA Douglass Sosemon: Iowa City. IA Sandra Stamp QBisgardj: Estherville. IA Cindy Todd CCIarky: Holstein, IA Ardell Volkert: Cherokee, IA Sheree Vollmar fvohsj: Galva, IA Jean Wiese: Ida Grove. IA Lori Wiese CKyley: Ames, IA Richard Wittrock: Holstein, IA 1974 Jerry Andresen: Holstein, IA Pamela Blenner Qwestphalj: Larrobee, IA Teresa Borchers: Iowa City. IA Steven Bremer: Ankeny, IA Larry Brosamle: Holstein. IA Mary Buell: Austin, TX Brian Conover: Omaha, NE Darlene Conover fStiIIj: Galva, IA Patric Coppa: Omaha. NE Brian Cronin: Holstein, IA Joseph Cronin: Holstein, IA Owen Davies: Hollywood, CA Sheila DeSutter CBauerj: Holstein, IA Vincent Dittmer: Holstein. IA Shari Earnest QKothy: Galva, IA Kim Ehler qCarninej: Storm Lake. IA Lynette Ellerbusch: Worrood, MN Joanie Ericksen fCIausenj: Holstein. IA Colleen Fouts qHarej: Battle Creek, IA Kim Friedrichsen qSchmidtj: Arthur, IA Tom Galvin: Holstein. IA I Kirby Goettsch: North Platte. NE Lori Hammer CButche0: Holstein. IA Marvel Hammer CHomplandj: Des Moines, IA Candace Hansen: Wayne, NE Kathy Hanson: Des Moines, IA Jon Heitmann: Holstein, IA Mary Heser: Santa Monica. CA Diane Hoaglund QMurphyj: Holstein. IA Scott Hompland: Des Moines, IA Jeri Huenecke qHoffertj: Holstein, IA Sue Irwin Qenkinsj: Clarinda, IA Jodee Jensen fwilliamsj: Tucson, AZ Susan Kay: Holstein, IA Billy Joe Koeppe: Holstein, IA Bradley Leonard: Evanston, IL Mark Leonard: Holstein, IA Julie Lister QBoxterj: Sioux City. IA Peggy McGuire: Evanston, IL Wally Moller: Red Feather Lakes, CO HOISTSID AIUITWDI ASSOCIOTIOD Andrew Myrtue: Murray, NE Debra Parker: Waukegan, IL Julie Paulsen qModrellJ: Washta, IA Kerrie Sue Pfalzgraf: Ames, IA Kent Rice: Norwalk, IA Merlin Sands: Holstein, IA Marilyn Schepers fwanbergj: Red Oak, IA Twila Scherner CWebbj: Des Moines, IA Lori Sorensen qHeitmannj3 Holstein, IA Becky Stocking fwienertj: Holstein. IA Michael Stout: Holstein. IA Rosemary Susie qvisserj: Cedar Rapids, IA Brenda Wienert qSchumacher3: Ida Grove, IA Diane Wittrock CScottj: Holstein, IA Kevin Wulf: Holstein. IA Peter Zwanzger: Meisenweg, Germany 1975 Ann Barker: Iowa City, IA Clint Bremer: Holstein, IA Michael Bremer: Holstein. IA Luann Brodersen: Holstein. IA Debra Carstens fHasseQ: Sioux City. IA Kim Conover: Holstein, IA Roger Cope: Moville, IA Elizabeth Davies: Hollywood, CA Robert DeSutter: Davenport. IA Denise Jayne Dittmer: Holstein. IA Cynthia Ellenberger fStampJ: Brooklyn, IA Robin Endrulat qKoeppe7: Selfridge, MI Rick Fouts: Denver, CO Jody Fraser: Holstein. IA Brian Friedrichsen: Holstein, IA Leo Eugene Galvin: Ida Grove, IA Donald Gebers: Storm Lake. IA Gary Gebers: Holstein, IA Karen Gebers: Holstein. IA Robin Goettsch: San Diego, CA Daniel Grell: Cedar Falls, IA James Gross: Spencer, IA Lynne Hammer fGronIeyj: Kalispell: MT Karen Hansen QShauj: Storm Lake. IA August Hanson: Holstein. IA Laura Heeney fCroninj: Holstein, IA Robert Heser: Cedar Falls. IA Randy Hintz: Holstein, IA John Ruth: Holstein, IA Kristine Kastner QWallerj: Holstein. IA Cindy Kielhorn QSchoItyj: Ida Grove. IA Laura Lister QSkebeyj: Horseheads, NY Tonya Logan QStifflerj: Mitchellville, IA Daniel McGuire: Omaha, NE Teresa Meyer CNobIesJ: Holstein. IA Lonny Miesner: Kamrar, IA Pamela Neal: Shenandoah, IA Roger Nook: deceased Joan Paulsen: Quimby, IA Barbara Reimers fFredrichseny: Cherokee. IA Susan Robie qBremerj: Emmetsburg, IA Jerry Rollefson: Seattle. WA 111 Cary Rusch: US Navy Carolyn Schepers QYoungj: Denver, CO Anthony Schmidt: Holstein, IA Patrice Sokolowski: lmaha, NE Lance Spence: Upton, WY Mary Stamp rRowleyj: Holstein, IA Sherry Stout QGebersQ: Storm Lake, IA Steven Terry: Galva, IA Carolyn Todd qKeckj: Washta, IA Randall Vollmar: Holstein. IA Keith Whitham: Dubuque, IA Richard Wlese: Galva, IA Sherrie Wittrock Uoddj: Holstein, IA Kelby Wulf: Holstein, IA 1976 Linda Andresen QKIotzj: Holstein, IA Michael Bauer: Clark Airfield, Philippine Islands Sandra Bergmann: Cherokee, IA Jerry Blenner: Holstein, IA Renea Butcher: I-lolstein, IA Elizabeth Clausen QHanschj: Janesville, WI Blake Conover: Holstein, IA Robert Cougill: Aurelia, IA Kent Dittmer: Holstein, IA John Fell: Holstein, IA Cynthia Friedrichsen: Denison, IA Alan Graham: Cedar Falls, IA Cindy Hansen rBeckmanj: Wayne. NE Any Huth: Cushing, IA Christopher Kiertzner: Holstein, IA Kristine Kofmehlj Walterioo, IA Rhett Leonard: Holstein, IA Mark Nook: Ames, IA Dean Niemeier: Holstein, IA Martha Oakley QStoutj: Holstein, IA Wesley Parker: Holstein, IA Marion Regennitter fLindenj: Riverside, IA Kent Reiff: Holstein, IA Karen Rochau: Holstein, IA Bruce Ruser: Sioux City, IA Kristi Schroeder: Garfield, NJ I-lomer Stines: Holstein, IA Katherine Stocking rwilliamsonbx Battle Creek, IA William Terry: I-lolstein, IA Wayne Todd: Holstein. IA Kimberly Waller rChristensenj: Wall Lake, IA Paul Waller: Sioux City, IA Jane Whitham fHoguej: Odebolt, IA George Wienert: Beaumont, TX Thomas Yates: Holstein, IA 1977 Timothy Blenner: Holstein, IA Mark Borchers: Holstein, IA Linda Carstens: Holstein, IA James Clausen: Holstein, IA Cheryl Cougill: Aurelia, IA Roberta Dittmer: Holstein, IA Derek Drury: Holstein, IA Jean Eckerman: Storm Lake, IA Joni Ehler CHansonj: Holstein, IA Roy Endrulat: Battle Creek, IA Robert Frahm: Holstein, IA Patrick Galvin: Holstein, IA Robert Galvin: Holstein, IA Delia Jo Hamm rOttoD: Rapid City, 112 SD Kevin Hellman: Holstein, IA Patti Hogrefe: Holstein, IA Kimberly Joslin: Holstein, IA Anne Kiertzner: Holstein, IA Mark Koeppe: Holstein, IA Linnae Krull: Holstein, IA Teresa Kuchel rBlennerj: Holstein, IA Bryon Logan: Ft. Gordon, GA Sean Oakley: Holstein, IA Barton Otto: Rapid City, SD Julie Otto fWienertj: Beaumont, TX Miri Peterson: Holstein, IA Lisa Radke CCroninj: Holstein, IA Gay Rector: Holstein, IA Barbara Robie CSoelIner3: Storm Lake, IA Joseph Rohlk: Fort Dodge, IA Thomas Rohlk: Overland Park. KS Brian Rusch: Holstein, IA Brenda Ruser: Cherokee, IA Douglas Schmidt: Holstein, IA Sara Schmidt rCopej: Moville, IA Carl Schoer: Holstein, IA Kendall Schuett: Davenport, IA Amy Soseman: Holstein, IA Debra Stocking QAndersonJ: So. Sioux City, NE Cynthia Voss QHoagIundy: Holstein, IA Kathlene Waller: Holstein, IA Kent Waters: Holstein, IA Kim Werner: LeMars, IA Scott Wlese: Rose Hill, IA Susan Wlese: Holstein, IA Margaret Witt: Holstein, IA Steven Yates: Holstein, IA 1978 Willard Albers: Vallejo Valley, CA Wendy Askeland Qlfellj: Holstein, IA Debra Baker filriedrichsenji Holstein IA Karl Barker: Holstein, IA Bruce Bauer: Holstein, IA David Bauer: Holstein, IA David Billings: Mather Air Force Base, CA Clark Carnes: Holstein, IA Rosemary Challman Qloyj: Longview, TX Janet Cronin: Spencer, IA Julie Cronin: Sioux City. IA Jeannine DeSutter: Holstein, IA Kevin Drury: Holstein, IA Mark Dutler: Holstein, IA Suzanne Ehler: Holstein, IA Bradley Engraf: Victoria, TX Janet Ewoldt: Des Moines, IA Matthew Forristal: Holstein, IA Gene Fouts: Arvada, CO Debra Freese: Holstein, IA Timothy Friedrichsen: Holstein, IA Michael Fritz: Holstein, IA Terry Gebers: Holstein, IA Carla Glawe: Fort Dodge, IA Ann Goettsch: Holstein, IA Kirk Goettsch: Holstein, IA Thomas Grell: Holstein, IA Gregory Hartman: W. Des Moines, IA Thomas Heser: Holstein, IA Martin Huenecke: Holstein, IA Curtis Kay: Holstein, IA David Kofmehl: Holstein, IA Bonnie Lamp: Holstein, IA Dennis Leonard: Holstein, IA Stephanie Leonard: Holstein, IA Paul Liebenow: Holstein, IA Kathy Lister: Sioux City, IA Rolan Logan: Edsel, Scotland Joel Lohafer: Holstein, IA Michael Luken: Holstein, IA Timothy McGuire: Holstein, IA Janet Miesner: Sioux City, IA Kimberly Miller rifraserj: Holstein, IA Deanna Niemeier: Holstein, IA Brian Nook: Holstein, IA Russell Ostermann: Holstein, IA Gary Perkins: Holstein, IA Tracey Petersen: Holstein, IA Kari Peterson: Holstein, IA Jimmy Regennitter: Holstein, IA Randall Reift: Holstein, IA Donna Rollefson qRiedellj: Ida Grove, IA Gregory Sander: Holstein, IA Myron Sands: Holstein, IA Sue Schroeder: Sioux City, IA Lori Schuett: Holstein, IA Beverly Stines: Holstein, IA Bryan Stocking: Holstein, IA Craig Todd: Washta, IA Marvin Todd: Holstein, IA Tamber Vohs: Holstein, IA Mark Whitham: Holstein, IA Malea Wienert: Holstein, IA 1979 Pamela Bergmann: Holstein, IA Timothy Billings: San Diego, CA Cindy Brosamle qJohnsonj: Holstein, IA Donna Buell: Holstein, IA Pamela Carstens: Holstein, IA Jerri Clausen: Holstein, IA Kirby Conover: Holstein, IA Diana Cooper: Holstein, IA Valerie Dittmer: deceased. Jeffery Downs: Holstein, IA Joseph Fell: Holstein, IA Cherie Fennema: Holstein, IA Ann Forristal: Holstein, IA Larry Frahm: Holstein, IA Carla Fraser: Holstein, IA Kirk Friedrichsen: Holstein, IA Brian Goettsch: Galva, IA Joan Graham: Holstein, IA Mark Grell: Washta, IA Tamara Hamlin: Holstein, IA Tammy Hintz: Holstein, IA Cindy Huth: Cushing, IA Carol Johannsen: Holstein, IA Terri Kay rBrownj: Cherokee. IA Koby Kielhorn: Holstein, IA Shaun Kistenmacher: Holstein, IA Eileen Koeppe: Holstein, IA Jeffrey Kolb. Holstein, IA Lori Lasher: Holstein, IA Lori Leonard: Holstein, IA Rachel Liebenow: Holstein, IA Maureen McGuire: Holstein, IA Sheila McGuire: Holstein, IA Meridith Miller: Holstein, IA John Myrtue: Holstein, IA Barbara Ostermann: Holstein, IA Jerry Paulsen: Washta, IA Dana Schmidt: Holstein, IA Russell Schmidt: Holstein, IA Bruce Schoer: Holstein, IA Barbara Schubert: Holstein, IA Kerry Schubert: Holstein, IA James Sedlachek: Holstein, IA Bryan Terry: Holstein, IA Holstein Alumni Association Kristin Vollmar: Holstein, IA Charles Voss: Holstein. IA David Waller: Holstein, IA Matthew Waller: Holstein, IA, Kent Werner: Holstein, IA Mary Ellen Wlese: Holstein, IA 1980 Tamra Albers: Holstein, IA David Baker: Holstein, IA Betty Boock: Holstein, IA Carrie Breyfogle: Holstein, IA Michael Carstens: Holstein, IA Kelly Conover: Holstein, IA Chris Coppa: Holstein, IA Jacqueline Crawford: Holstein, IA Laura Cronin: Holstein, IA Karen Dutler: Holstein, IA Donald Ellerbusch: Holstein, IA Becky Endrulat: Holstein, IA Marilyn Friedrichsen: Holstein, IA Mitchell Fritz: Holstein, IA Daniel Gebers: Holstein. IA Michael Glawe: Holstein, IA Karen Goettsch: Holstein, IA Timothy Hamlin: Holstein. IA Randall Hargroves: Holstein, IA Kenneth Hettinger: Holstein, IA Wendy Jo Jensen: Holstein, IA Linda Johnson: Holstein, IA Kevin Kastner: Holstein, IA Nancy Kistenmacher: Holstein, IA Thomas Lamp: Holstein, IA Keith Leonard: Holstein, IA Sara Marsh: Holstein, IA Steven Meyer: Holstein, IA Mary Oakley: Holstein, IA Kent Peterson: Holstein, IA Karna Jo Pfalzgraf: Holstein, IA Ardythe Regennitter: Holstein, IA Jeffrey Regennitter: Holstein, IA Donald Rice: Holstein, IA Ronald Rice: Holstein, IA David Schmidt: Holstein. IA Robert Schmidt: Holstein. IA Clair Schubert: Holstein. IA Linda Schuett: Holstein, IA Timothy Sokolowski: Galva, IA Steven Sorensen: Holstein, IA Mark Stines: Holstein, IA Terri Streck: Holstein, IA Suzanne Voss: Holstein, IA Timothy Yates: Holstein, IA mg in B' gil, iff -5. , 1 mi' li ia ' lg r? i 1 5 i , L. Q. ai' fl 2. rv 5. 'sw , , V: ,,A ,lair iQ, Ll. ,. -,. ,.v v 1 ,,: -L 3-. .gg-411,-Vi 6, . .-' r JJ.. Q" '- '1'j-sgAf?f:':-fffze-1,,,ygw:..u4q,? , , . u , K 1 I .v

Suggestions in the Galva Holstein Community School - Moo Yearbook (Holstein, IA) collection:

Galva Holstein Community School - Moo Yearbook (Holstein, IA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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Galva Holstein Community School - Moo Yearbook (Holstein, IA) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


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