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 - Class of 1964

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.WH H H1MxiK4Mm MA Y nm iffttiliiif tlHhHlKiM 'M if-M-T1 n v-"f"h as 'i l V 'N N QE: Y ' 'Q X l ii 37 1, ' jim .- 1' SAW lf., A ' ' .7Ae .slnior C4166 of .zlrlozifein Communifg .szlwof we me 1964 nfen fo ADMINISTRATION ADMINISTRATION SENIORS .......... UNDERGRADUATES . . . MUSIC . . . SPORTS ............ 9 Sam of OO I I fo Q o Go O SPECIAL FEATURES . . . 0 I ,Eeckcafion I J 5 .1 i . -, We, the members of the graduating class of 1964, respectfully dedicate this forty-seventh edition of the Moo to our junior high teacher, Mr. Warren Lasher. .p.,. . g- , , , ',? X. L.,,,. 4 ,-l F .SWA . ..-L.. f- 4.01.-. ,.-4-1 -,1-::- . A . J :rf- FJ 4 ... .B---.k..... Q.. 'L 1:32. -5- w ,av urmusv. -i.m.f,.-,-,-f-::- rimcrwzz---E-32 -.,4:f52,1, Nr- -' - JG hu: ' - ,, f'j'QZ.i?i?"::':"f,3, 'fl' 3" .. , - ,.w.--1 J 2- ...Q J.. ,Hsu 'Wu .fgolminidfrafion Hoare! of gzclucafion 1 Top Left to Righty: Mr. Harold Schernerg Mr. Jesse Leonard, Presidentg Mr. Floyd Doxtadg Mr. Harland Hanson, Super- intendent of Schoolsg Bottom Left to Right: Mrs. Gladys Raabe, Secretaryg Mr. Clement Butcherg Mr. Henry Frahmg Miss Mildred Iackes, Treasurer. HARLAND H. HANSQN GLENN O. HOMPLAND stare College of Iowa, B.A. ,Gaza High School University of Iowa, M.A. UHIVGTSIW Of Iowa, M- A- SUPERINTENDENT PRINCIPAL BERNICE KUCHEL Marathon High School St. Olaf University of Minnesota Buena Vista, B. A. ENGLISH, PIRATEER Auvison ALYS-IA PREUL Clarion High School University of Iowa, B. A. Cornell University, New York ENGLISH, SPEECH FRANCES ANDERSON Sioux City Central Morningside, B. A. FRENCH, IR. HIGH SPELLING, LIBRARIAN CRAIG RULE Denison Community High School State College of Iowa, B. A. In. HIGH AND HIGH SCHOOL SPEECH AND DRAMATICS GEORGE KRSNAK Wagner High School Yankton College, B. M. E. University of South Dakota INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC DENNIS IOHNSTON Lake City High School Grinnell College, B. A. VOCAL Music Q 15 HAROLD TREIBER Danbury High School Iowa State College, B. S. University of Ohio Northwestern University SCIENCE HAROLD WENTE Ponca High School Ponca, Nebraska Wayne State College BUSINESS EDUCATION Moo ADVISOR SENIOR SPONSOR ROBERT LISTER Eagle Grove High School Eagle Grove Ir. College Iowa State University, B. S. GENERAL SCIENCE, GUIDANCE ANN MEIN Hartley High School Wayne State College, B. A. E HOME ECONOMICS HOYT ACUFF Morrisville, Missouri High School Bakersfield Ir. College Southwest Missouri State University of Arkansas Wayne State JUNIOR HIGH SCIENCE KEITH CARSTENS Hartington High School Hartington, Nebraska Wayne State College, B. A. INDUSTRIAL ARTS AND DRIVERS TRAINING 'S' x F L, ARTHUR GERBER Karnrar High School Iowa State Teachers College, B. . Iowa State College University of South Dakota MATHEMATICS RUSSELL KRAAI Orange City High School Morningside College, B. A. SOCIAL STUDIES AND ATHLETICS SHERMAN WOLLESCN Wall Lake Community High School Buena Vista College, B. A. ATHLETICS AND JUNIOR HIGH IVIATH RON T ERHARK Clarion High School Buena Vista College, B. A. BUSINESS EDUCATION AND ATHLETICS WARREN LASHER Lake City High School Buena Vista College, B. A. JR. HIGH SOCIAL STUDIES IR. HIGH ATHLETICS WILLIAM BERRY Boone High School State College of Iowa, B. A. SOCIAL STUDIES, ATHLETICS QF. ..- fn 9 I gp LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Carl Branco, Lunchroom Supervisorg Mrs. Gladys Raabe, School Secretaryg Mrs. Mabel Grothaus, Assistant Secretary. -v .rm f W H I A H W 'IPI' 1 fEWa:""' ego--Ill ? -F 5 ' " I5 ,.,., K . .Q Yi . 1 I '55 r H r. .. , sl - fsli rig " ' 1- ' ' I LUNCHROOM STAFF: LEFT TO , - bg , 1 F? - I' RIGHT: Mrs. Stewart, Mrs. Barghols, If if , V, ,v-i' .- ri' Mrs. Blefnner, Mrs. Michaelsen. , X , f . ,- H r- . An ' ' " . . ,,. on -. .k wg, 3,-.,.. - H., ,yi'1e?!-5" 6X5 : y .5l.5i.1i'.j,,mf ru ' - I Q.,-,,ilM.5'. U ,, in .Q Jbflsr . .fgra .-,-gr, '4-- rw., H: Q. ., -, 1, gg, -V ., A5 ya.: l A r f' eb. - , W ' ' 4" " -5. J - -4, 5.5 1 Q - , , 11, 'am www-.arf . . 1- wifiv s-Mmrasziez ff" :FRI . W :W - v Yi .Q .ir ws" ., .1-f"a1a5" .xg G f-4, C BUS DRIVERS, LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Lyle Raabe, Homer Stines, jim Wer- ner, H. A. Grothaus. SECOND ROW: John Kiertzner, Harold Bremer, Fred Barghols, Claude Conover, George Friday. f 1 .f . 1 f In "1 L--'N A4- cUsToD1ANs., LEFT . r . y y . . . ,.+,. TO RIGHT: Louie Bar- NX -.0 ghols, Fred Barghols, Bill Blenner. ff? Ml!! Lv- . .f K , L. 4- ' V - . 11' ' ' JV' - I- -'., T, ,, i s 5... n I ,G ff- Lb Lea' N. gas 1 cv, 1 g W 'L A' V' ' 'I f , - ff I 4, K' .fit .V Tf his ir V, 71. v f 115 I N - 'w.H'l7451.- ' U1 I , .. . vm . .-. , 3 I-,'-'57-fl'-3.-'iii X VM- W. f S '- g , -,-H .- . -' A:-1.1 ' 'xr id -'55.f:1,, .zu sslfssaf A I - GQ ' ' - . Gif - 4.2 11'-' ,155 X X rr M X H' Q H 'ix f ifea- .-W u lfg-Q! ' .5 Q igigia 5 ' . . is 1 faslgmrf' N? Q I E I f 'Ji mu E I li E I q Ig .3 rw 'I I i N .. ,,,,,LY,.,, -W, I I ' ' -1 li' 'rl 5' 23" iq. 1 eg ' , J ul ! H -gf :-rg' Q -i -N V 1' ., +1 " -L -: -. 1 4 " 591 f .1 5: , -, 121 r. li sr 'UF WMM 5. ,- f X I fr of 4-,. ! g ' - fi' ' A ' X2 u ' e 2 9 'QWN f,.- H , -E N, if v ' A J N - "- 4- ' ' I - . v .N A .. .w 5 H I Y 5 5 W: . YT? lf N . V " 1-' 'L - ' f I ,, in I, S ., H, 'T' V . . 5 ' Q' 'I ' If - V '1'.'7-5 3- T Q35-rIf'5 'iw 4,4 xf .qu . - 1 ,EIL ,1"",' -dn fi L p min" .1,,,,t.2v'!",,, ,E: ,pf 2' 1 .J 'A 1.-5,pff::,ffgf,41 +1- -. :E im 'T-ri:-',:3 13411. -554 f , ,V v . ,' -n. 1 y., .V - . ur-' I 1 V' - Q K 'iil ,K N5 .t Ek: ' 113 5 111' ,A L- E 'nn 5, 'W " ' - ' v . I ' L. . X Tia: L ,Q , L " 515:11 Ari- K' Q-'nag sen.. ,A gn 1, Q -, 5' M'-1, 'x.. ' " , -L .L-L"i:,Tgrs ,q- -FQ: - - :Agn ,F ..3' -. rf. . ,iT V, hx " ' V, if 4 zfL " v L' - I V fr - , 311,-4: ' :V - . kg L' , 'A -.12 'W 'T' -aM ' '. ' Y "' m L. . - 4" -nf. V -lm, . .'!"" if ,lr I .!'I?"T'l:--5 'E "Q N- "- - I.. In t.11.:n rr .bum , um ,U 5.01 Ti. M -'?"5. -.1 5 1 m L'-et.. xL..1 : ' ,,' 5' -'l3- . , . I X . lk ' Lim .- " QL' " " . 1 A L A X f 1 Lin, ., ' 'T ussx- -..w, . ,X ,N . ,SQ cknfri 1 b K -- w .- i 3 LARRY ARMIGER Son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Armiger ' 'J "Who is the smartest boy in our class and why am I?" ROLETTA ALBERS Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Albers "Why stay home and study if you can be having a good time?" PAULA BEYER Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur 'Beyer "Full of fun 81 mischief too, doing things she shouldn? do." KAREN BAUJNIAN Dzmghtcl' of Mr. and Mrs. john W. Bauman "The mildest manners and the great- est heart." 'ml' m Ai"'in kf-3:1 YV' ' -mls 1' l? in sig.. i JOHN KIERTZNER, MOBIL TANK SERVICE i' Q PAULETTE BEYER Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Beyer "You -might as well listen, because Z'm going to talk anyway." Roman BROXVN Son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brown "Roger is a f!ll'f7l0I',-S' son, drives a car and has his fun." Dfwm BUCK STEVE BUCK Son of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Buck Son of Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Buck "School breaks up my wlzole day." "Why fake life seriously? W'e never get out alice." ETHEL 8. HELEN'S NICKLAS CLOTHING 8. SHOES KENNETH BUELL Son of Mr. and Mrs. Hurry Buell "Early to bed, early to rise, and you miss all the fun," JOHN BUHKARDT Son of Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Burkardt H , . Because a man doesnt talk, as no rsign he has nothing to say." if CHARLES CIPPERLEY Son of Mr. and Mrs. Marlin Cipperley "One guy who never worries about those long dull weekends." CHARLES CARLBEIIG Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Carlberg "Never let studying interfere with your education." DIANE DOXTAD Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Doxtad "A small town girl, with big town ideas." DIANE DEXTER Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Dexter "Look at that gleam in her eye- What's she looking at? Boys!" -Q 5, vm 'I " M" wg' MARION C'oNovEn of Mr. and Mrs, Wendell Conover deck has its joker." WAYNE FREESE Shu of Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Freese "Greater men have lived but I doubt it D CRARY a. YATES, ATTORNEYS AT LAW DR. 0. A. LANGLAND, DENT. Q9 .,,.,, y . JACQUELYNN GOETTSCH Daughter of Mr. Zmd Mrs. Murlen. Goettsch "Wind her up and all she'll do is giggle." LARRY GOETTSCH 1 Son of Mrs. Freddie Goettsch ' Men of few words are the best men." SHIRLEY CRONLUND Daughter oi? John Cries Daughter of Mrs' Donald "I often laugh, but Fd rather giggle." "A quiet royal little lass who adds so much to the senior class." KAREN HANSEN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rolyn Hansen "They say blondes are dangerous- you never can tell." IANICE HEITMANN Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Heitmann gal with personality and ability." JIM'S GARAGE WIEBE MACHINE SHOP DR. L. H. WAGNER, DENT. ' KENNETH HENRICHSEN Son of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Henrich- KENNETH HOGREFE Son of Mrs. Arline Hogrefe "It's no use crying ooer spilt milk, 'it Qonly makes it salty for the cat." CAROL JOHNSON if :x- Dlaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Iohnsou "Carol's future is all planned, she's found her man." sen DENNIS LEINBAUCH "Work fascinates meg I could sit and Son of Mr. and Mrs. Wyman look at it for hours." Leinbaugh "Beware! I might do something sensa- tional yetf' TERRY JOHNSON Son of Mrs. Lavira Johnson "Why run if walking will get you there?" BONNIE LEOKBAND Son Of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Leckband "I go to school because I have to." BQ W SORENSEN CLOTHING FUNERAL HOME ,sw A IRENE LEONARD Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elvin Leonard "Study is her occupation, with one exception." GARY MOSER Son of Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Moser "A silent youth is he, it's hard to tell what he will be." JOYCE Loor Daughter of Mr. Albert Loof, Sr. "Quiet and nice but has lots of spice." LARRY MCBRIDE Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed McBride "I like to come to sohoolg it's the staying that bothers me." CURTIS OPDAHL Son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Rohlk "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing-I refuse to be a danger." W VERNETTE Rowman Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Reimer "Looks like an angel, acts' like an angel, but you never can tell what an angel will do." -:Q F wc lu....,.::1r-,., ,JE ,5.EE,..EE,... .J Q DONALD SAMS Sbn of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Kahll "School would be nice without books." , RONALD SAss Son of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford H. Sass "Put your sorrows and cares on the shgclfi I come to school to enjoy my- se . u BRADLEY Scuomn 1 of Mr, and Mrs. Henry Schoer 'l the world is on audience and I a three-ring circus." DONNA STEEN Daughter of Mrs. Lawrence Steen Tl'l07'6,S no sport like a good sport." NANCY SEITE Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Martin TRUDY SINNS Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Sinus "Although she talks but little, 'tis a great deal she thinksf' Seite "Life is too short and so am I." r'1efEyf,77l ll 1 A dai? 5 1, g1m","': ' f. u :-,,,, 1: wr.. w- ., Na . w W wx 43' H I J 5 AL M: Q I' .:'fI" :Z - ' Q12 ' w W:-35m ww! . w MARY'S BEAUTY SHOP WM. WALKER CORN SHELLING +"'? DONALD Vor-rs Son of Mr. and Mrs. Emest Vohs "He's the only one of his kind. A nicer guy is hard to find? LARRY VOLKERT Son of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Volkert "My ambition is just around the cor- ner." JAMES WIENERT Son of Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Wienert DUANE VVILLIAMS "If brains were money, he'd never be Son of Mr. and Mrs. Jess WVilliams in debt' "AthleticsP Sure, but why mix school with them." SHERYLE Wrrrnocx Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Wittrock "She seems quiet, but maybe we don't know her." INVESTORS nlvensmsn ssnvlcss S soon-:BY HARDWARE s. PLUMBING VVILBUR WITTROCK Sou of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wittrock "As easily excited as the Rock of Gibraltar." HU UR PAGE 1963 FOOTBALL TEAM 5 Wins - 3 Losses. Co-Captains - Wayne Freese, Ken Buell, Duane Williarns. Most Valuable Playezr - Ken Buell. Maple Valley Conf. First Team - Larry Goettsch. Maple Valley Conf. Second Team - Wayne Freese. 'I964 TRACK TEAM Co-Captains - Larry Goettsch, Wayne Freese. State Contenders - Wayne Freese - Discus. Duane Williams - 880 yd. run. Duane Heeney, Ron Sass - High Hurdles. Don Vohs, Larry Goettsch, Ken Hogrefe, Marion Conover - Mile. 'I963-64 GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM 20 Wins - 6 Losses A Co-Captains - Cathy McCrea, Shelley Michaelsen. Maple Valley Conf. First Team - Sue. Leonard, Connie Kraai Honorable Mention on Maple Valley Conf. Team - Jeanne Fralim, Cathy McCrea, Shelley Michaelsen. Honorable Mention on I.D'.P.A. Honor Roll - Sue Leonard, Connie Kraai. Jack North's Honor Roll - Sue Leonard, Connie Kraai. 1963-64 BOYS' BASKETBALL TEAM 18 Wins - 2 Losses Co-Captains - Larry Goettsch, Marion Conover. Maple Valley Conf. First Team-Ken Buell, Larry Goettsch. Jack North's Honor Roll - Larry Goettsch. D.A.R. Citizenship Award - Janice Heitmann. HOMECOMING ROYALTY Queen - Diane Dexter. King - Wayne Freese. Attendants - Janice I-Ieitmann, sen, Ken Buell. Larry Goettsch, Karen Han- RELAYS ROYALTY Queen - Diane Dexter. Attendants - Karen Hansen, Janice Heitmann. JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM ROYALTY Queen - Karen Hansen. King - Larry Goettsch, HOLSTEIN SPEECH STUDENTS District - Seven Division I Ratings: Carole Butcher, Chris Hansen, Bill Carstens, Diane Gebers, Sue Leonard, Rodney Vohs, Diane Doxtad. State - One Division I Rating: Rodney Vohs. STATE SMALL GROUPS AND SOLO CONTEST Instrumental Small Groups - 6 I,s: INoodwind Choir, Clar- inet Trio, Mixed Clarinet Quartet, Flute Duet, Brass Sex- tet, Drum Ensemble. Instrumental Soloists - 6 I's: Pam Hansen, Pam Kahl, Lynn Goettsch, Joyce Loof, Marcia Rognes, Christine DeWit, Vocal Small Groups - 4 I's: Madrigal A, Madrigal B, Girls' Trio, Mixed Duet. Vocal Soloists - 8 I's: Janice Heitmann, Marillis Johnson, Linda Krager, Christine DeWit, Kathy Conover, Roletta Albers, Jeff Jochims, Mark DeWit, STATE MUSIC CONTEST FOR LARGE GROUPS Girls' Glee Club - I. Boys' Glee Club - II. Mixed Chorus - I. Concert Band - II. NORTHWEST IOWA CHORUS Jeanne Frahm, Susan Hass, Tom Bruning, Jeff Jochims. NORTHWEST IOWA BAND John Burkardt, Lynn Goettsch, Don Johannsen. ALL-STATE CHORUS Mark DeWit, Janice Heitmann, Kathy Conover, Ken Henrich- sen. ALL-STATE BAND Larry McBride. COMMENCEMENT AWARDS Nominated for membership in the National Athletic Scholar- ship Society: Steve Bauer, Kenneth Buell, Charles Cipper- ley, Marion Conover, Wayne F reese, Larry Goettsch, Ken- neth Hogrefe, Dennis Leinbaugh, Gary Moser, Curtis Op- dahl, Ronald Sass, Donald Vohs, James Wienert. High School Citizenship Award-Nancy Seite, Marion Con- over. Iowa State Bar Ass'n. Award - Larry Goettsch. High School Activities Award - Karen Bauman, Marion Conover, Diane Dexter, Diane Doxtacl, Lynn Goettsch, Karen Hansen, Janice Heitmann, Gary Moser, Ronald Sass, Nancy Seite, Duane Williams. Black and Orange Honor Cord Awards KB average or better in scholarshipl - Irene Leonard, 3.04 Diane Doxtad, 3.03 Wilbur WVittrock, 3.0, Karen Hansen, 3.1, John Burkardt, 3.15 Karen Bauman, 3.15 Charles Carlberg, 3.23 Ken Henrichsen, 3.2, Donna Steen, 3.2, Marion Conover, 3.3, Wayne Freese, 3.3, Ken Buell, 3.35 James Wienert, 3.4, Vernette Reimer, 3.4g Larry Armiger, 3.75 Nancy Seite, 3.8. SCHOLARSHIP Larry McBride, Roletta Albers, Marion Conover, Momingside College. PERFECT ATTENDANCE IN HIGH SCHOOL Wayne Freese and Duane Williams. CZW .Slew ...EE 4, J gs f' -5 P' 7 A A TED BBUNING President in A3 R' .,.'l 'V' X I U vu I ' A- ' ' . " 9 gee g e -- :Wu ,,wr'Wn,, ,vpfw In I I 'A Mhz' BEN BYE RICHARD PARKER ICANN BEYER Vice President Treasurer Secretary f E' ,A rw v --is 1 'I .R I e.., Q X I es, 11' Ike fn ,Q fa fu- 5 an :"? FI. .W ,K ,I .I f L , 3, ,L if 7 X ,A avyal fem A uniorfi MARGARET BREYFOGLE BILL CARSIENS BURDEITE CONOVER CRAIG CONOVER KATHY CONOVER NEAL CoNovER VAN CONOVER MARK DEWIT ROGER DREESZEN DAVE EHLER Bon ERICKSEN DIANE FICK JEANNE FRAHM PAUL GoEI'rscH ET.-11-1NIE GOETFSCH DR. R. K. HESER, CHIRO. BONNIE HANSEN CHRISTINE HANSEN DUANE HEENEY SAM HEYDT VICKI IRWIN JEFF JOCHIMS MARILLIS JOHNSON DON JOHA1-:HIQEN DOUG KAI-IL NIARIGENE KAHL ALAN KUCHEL CAROL LINGLE CAT!-IY JO MOCREA MIKE MICHAELSEN SHELLEY MICHAELSEN DAVID NIEMEIER DIANE REIFF LUANE RICE ROY RICE RENE RUHLOW PAUL SOHEBNER GARY STAMP ROGER STOCKING JIM' STRIEPE KENNETH VOHS DAVID VVALDEN BOB WEINERT VAL WIESE TOM'S SUPER VALU 4 W5 if , X F' N . X Ir xx I Y? if ,I 'Ctr 1 . -v .-. I !-- ', W I ,V cs xg. A A J - g Q ' , 4 . x ...' . V I . 'I ' if 4:":'A V :ff ,a ' , 1 1 I-1 ' 4. A - Jr' 'T If .. 'af T If-:I EAW? u I " T 1.,..4n A 1 fw 19 6. 'fav , L L5 N ax 4773? PEGGY President A f lv-x 1 I ' A , 'Y' 3 'N 7? K A 'Q '35, 4' - Q x -. I ey cw Nm ' E- mf 1 ,X U m J -s T, af' . :I ,, .Q- CONNIE KRAA1 ROGER LARSEN DAVE DEXTER V100-Pre-Wdenf Secretary Treasurer 9 'J J .R , P 'E' ' rf A L M f R , - ef T A T T A ,X A J Af 'AJ fvicf' .ui- 1 I X 1 1? .S70l0A0l'l'L0I"Q6 PAM BAUMANN BETTY BAUMAN TERRY BAUENIAN JIM BEYER MONTE BEYER GARY BRODERSEN DAN Bucx DALE CLAUSEN JAMES CLAUSEN LINDA CONOVEE JAMES CEONIN LANYCE DBEESZEN DON DUTLEE CYNDIE EHLER TONY EHRIG DANNY ELLERBUSCH BRUNING REPAIR SAXON LUMBER CO ELAINE ERIKSEN KEITH FICK JUDY FRASER ROBERT F REESE CONNIE FRIEDRICHSEN RODERICK HANSEN PHILLIP HANSON SUSAN HAss MARLYS HELKENN DENNIE HOAGLUND ANNA HOGREFE BILL JACKES LINDA JOHNSON TAMELA JOHNSON MARGARET JONES SUSAN KAHL JOE KEITGES BRUCE KLOTZ LINDA KRAGER JOHN KUCHEL CLAIRE LEINEAUGH JEFF LENZ SUE LEONARD BETTY LORENZEN REAS MADSEN SHIRLEY MADSEN KATHERINE NIEMEIER PATSY NUZUM DENNIS SAMS DENNIS SOI-IUETT PAMELA SEARS DENNIS SEITE JAMES SORENSE?-T LUANE WIESE JEREL V'1fArr-':c'1: BLUE EAGLE DON'S TAVERN I 5.F"".- ' 7' If .--5 J -.I ,- TI." if I J? 4 I. s.-, W1 414' , . p A 'UN I , ,l I N rigjvg x N - Y Y HE ' 'Z fws 'STP 22- ,A X , I 5 I 52 , . J - 'X .A ,A F DEN. xiii! rm A .1 5- ,. A I 3 gi JE M, 3,4 O - A , 'ww J ,Q J . I J. X . gtg? 1 I Q km' 1 FEI 2"i 9 I-l'f?lliQ'2' ToM BRUNING TIM JACKES CARY CONOVER President Vice-President Secretary P, I 1 4 rf I ii: L- f- A. " 331, . . -' " 5, ' ART' laik :Q L -'Q T WU' 4' I V Q: . . 1 . - - 'G' ' Az.:-.11 MARK BROSAMLE Treasurer QPQJAWQQFL THADE BAGENSTOS STANLEY BAUER CRAIG BEYER PEGGY BOCHMANN GLORIA BONAR PAUL BoocK BRUCE BRANCO IOEL BUCK CAROLE BUTCHER STEVE CLAUSEN BRUCE CONOVER KEITH CONOVER TERRY CONOVER DIANA COPPA JACK CRONIN MARK DESUTTER CHRISTINE DEWIT BEVERLY DUTLER CYNTHIA DUTLER RICK EHLER JAMES FELL KENT FICK DIANE GEBERS MARGY GOETTSCH SCHERYL CoETrscH CAROL CRONLUND KEITGES MARKET FARMERS ELEVATOR DENNIS GROTHAUS PEGGY HAMMER CINDY HANSEN PAM HANSEN HAROLD HARE JUDY HEITMANN JIM IRWIN PAM KAHL ROBERT KAUS DOUGLAS KRAGER YVONNE LEONARD JOLEEN LEMKE BRUCE LINGLE DOUGLAS LOHAFER BONNIE LORENZEN KEN NIELIEIER SI-IELLEY NOEL LARRY RECTOR DAVID REIIFF CHARLES REISS QRAYMOND RICE DAVID ROHLK MARCIA ROGNES LINDA SEITE RI-IETA SGHLINZ GARY SORENSEN LINDA STAMP MARK STILL MIKE STILL LINK STONEKING RODNEY VOHS LARANE VOLKERT LANE VOLKERT JOHN WERNER LYLE WITIROCK MICHAELSEN MOTOR 8. IMPLEMENT ,QR cm , -A "-fr mn-I 34- xx?-,vw , X I ,lfiflk 12 57 ,E .3 1 X A ie. 1- .. . V 4, KVI 0, fx I I, 3 1' 3' Yu 8' an X .K PI. rn' K., - I .J M vg' . EN! X4 I ? x M 'HY' A' ,I 'VV XX xxx. y will I My , 4 ' T P- JGHCJQP ClJ"tQl'l -in . . 1-'Z :df ROW ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Pete Stines, Renea Butcher, Kimberly Miller, Elizabeth Clausen, Terri McCutcheon, Jane Whithan, Cynthia Friedrichsen, Barbara Daugaard, Kristine Kofmehl, Loraile Kahl. ROW TWO: Blake Conover, Jeffery Krayenhagen, Billy Terry, George Wienert, Christopher Challman, Michael Bauer, Ray Endrulat, Todd Molitor, Douglas Krsnak, Chris Kiertzner, Thomas Yates, Timothy Phillips. TEACHER: Miss Dunn. ROW ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Teresa Schoer, Amy Huth, Kimberly Waller, Linda Andresen, Donna Jensen, Kristi Schroeder, Karen Rochau, Marsha Sipes, Joni Johnson, RONV TVVO: Donald Dittmer, Bruce Ruser, John Fell, Wesley Parker, Rhett Leonard, Jerry Blenner, Kent Dittmer, Timothy Schoer, Junior Reineke, Wayne Todd, Dean Nierneier. TEACHER: Miss Dunn. AGNEW 8. SOSEMAN, INS. AGENCY gI"6l,6!8 Q08 ' 'x . tx 1 ROW ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Lila Sipes, Ann Barker, Lynn Crary, Patrice Sokolowski, Sherrie WVittrock, Angela Ehrig, Kristine Kastner, Susan Robie, Pattie McCutcheon, Jaynie Dittmer, Jolene Codberson, Carolyn Todd, Karen Gebers, Cindy Hansen. ROWV TXVO: Shawn Heilman, LuAnn Broderson, Robin Endrulat, Kim Conover, Kelby W'ulf, Robert DeSutter, Keith Whitham, Clinton Bremer, Leo Galvin, Anthony Schmidt, John Huth, August Hansen, Ricky Wiese, Cabsentj Sonya Logan. TEACHER: Mrs. Carstens ROVV ONE, LEFT TO- RIGHT: Mary Ann Stamp, Debra Carstens, Lynne Hammer, Lorie Lister, Robin Goettsch, Reta Lingle, Suzan Krambeck, Terri Meyer, Janice Unclerriner, Cindy Ellenberger, Debra Wiebe, Dixie Dittmer, Joan Paulsen, ROWV TWO: Roger Cope, jerry Rollefson, Randy Vollmar, jody Fraser, Brian F riedrichsen, Laura Heeney, Karen Hansen, Karen Miller, Kimberly Moller. ROVV THREE: Dean Hutchins, Mike Bremer, Kenneth Durham, Gregory Sorensen, Donnie Gebers, Bobby Heser, Ricky Fouts, Gary Cebers. TEACHER: Mrs. Rule. VOLLMAR MOTORS glnade jwo ROW ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Iodee Jensen, Jeri Huenecke, Ioanne Iwen, Joni Benger, Candace Hansen, Pamela Blenner, Lori Sorensen, Cathy Mitchell, Twila Scherner, Kathleen Hanson, Patricia Daugaarcl, Teresa Phillips. ROW TVVO: Wally Moller, Patrick Coppa, Larry Brosamle, Debra Parker, Diane Hoagliuid, Shari Earnest, Susan Hirschman, Susan Kay. ROVV THREE: Herbert Sears, Kent Rice, Brian: Conover, Mark Leonard, Douglas S'Cl1lI'I'1T12l.Cl161', Vincent Dittiner, jerry Andresen, Ricky Lewis, Bradley Dixon. TEACHER: Mrs. Jorgensen ROW ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Larry Volkert, Kerrie Pfalzgraf, Lori Hammer, Peggy McGuire, Susan Irwin, Ioanie Erick- sen, Teresa Borchers, Brenda Emick, Clint Heilman. ROW TWO: Brian Cronin, Mary Heser, Debra Heydt, Colleen Fouts, Connie Wittrof, Iulie Paulsen, Becky Stocking, Rosemary Susie, Thomas' Calvin. ROW THREE: Billy Ioe Koeppe, Kirby Goettsch, Steven Terry, Andy Myrtue, Ion Heitmann, Steven Bremer, Bradley Leonard, Scott Hompland, Mitchell Ehler, Ierry Kahl. TEACHER: Mrs. Fick ROBERT E. UNDERRINER, M. D. QIACLCIQ 31110 '5 47 ROWV ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: David Carnes, Leanne Johnson, David Krsnak, Kevin lVulf, Brenda Weinert, Darlene Conover. ROW TWO: Kim Ehler, Sheila DeSutter, Kim Friedrichsen, Lynette Ellerbusch, Mary Ann Buell, Joseph Cronin, Judy Lister. TEACHER: Mrs. Havick glad Je jklnee .v-e,,! D- ,RX Q f X X -, X . V . - . RONV ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Susanlee NVillrotl1, Ioan Buell, Angela lessen, Karla Hansen, Linda Fraser, Carole Fried- richsen, Kathy Miller, Beth Sokolowski, Cindy Lee Todd, Toni Coppa, Sheila Sorensen, Connie O'Meara, Iean WViese, Susan Brownlee. BOW TVVO: David Seite, Peter Larson, Kent Schlinz, Duane Miesner, Edward Rohlk, Tom Andresen, Robert Moeller, Bobby WVittorf, Greg Leonard, Alan Bauer, Gary Hompland, Darrell Gronlund, Randall Hammer, Paul johnson. TEACHER: Mrs. Breyfogle BYE 8. BYE, INC. GIACLCJQ j A1082 Tsai ROW ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jani Huenecke, Carolyn Dreeszen, Lori Schroeder, Ellen Kramheck, Pamel-a Ewoldt, Sandy Heilman, Vicki Downs. ROW TWO: Ardell Volkert, Janis Ehler, Lori Wiese, Barbara Ruser, Sheree Vollmar, Sandra Stamp, Iudy Underriner, Molly McGuire, Gene Dutler. ROW THREE: Kevin Reiss, Mike Hanson, Thomas Cehrts, Michael Mitch- ell, Randall Leonard, Steve Rochau, Douglas Soseman, Dennis Miller, Tom Radke, David Borchers, Marc Hamann. TEACHER: Mrs. Crell "5--""'3E:'-"W f. . .r -, -U' f - ----sf?---H f ff xv S .. ..4...,....h ROW ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Camelia Logan, Doug Clausen, Elden Krambeck, Steven Kofmehl, Susan Daugaard, Debby Kay. ROW TWO: Linda Ellcnherger, Mark Lohafer, Cary Coettsch, Carmen Gebers, Teresa Fell, Barbara Branco. TEACHER: Mrs. Havick DEXTER'S APPLIANCES gl"Cl,6!9 j0U,I" sk MS- ,- fu-f ROW ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Kathleen Daugaard, Diane Schoer, Sandra Earnest, Dfebra Kastner, Vickie Steen, Hollis Meyer, Mary Cope, Debra Wiese, Susan Enclrulat, Gail Eriksen, Theresa Unclerriner. ROWV TXVO. Kevin Conover, Jim DeWit, Steven Myrtue, Ieffrev Bremer, Perry Bachmann, Steven Rieneke, Greg Emick, Barbara Lamp, Nancy Gehrts, Iulie Ehler. ROW THREE: Kurt Meyer, John Butcher, Howard Dittmer, Mark McCutcheon, Randy Schmidt, Ioel Welleu- dorf. ROW ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Donna Beyer, Deborah Kahl, Debra Eckerman, Ioylyn Wiese, Leslie Hutchins, Barbara Ioslin, Patrice WVienert, Diane Ericksen, jean Susie, Mary Lou Kay, Denise Schoer, LuAnn Krager. ROWV TYVO: john Crary, Clifton Conover, Brian Hargens, Andy Buell, Dale Miller, Daniel Friedrichsen, Douglas Hoagluncl, Hoyt Acuff, Dennis Wiebe, Kurt Conover, Anita Cronin. ROW THREE: Timothy Koeppe, Roger Goettsch, Joel Jensen. TEACHER: Miss Streed. MCGUIRE AUCTION CO. gl"Cl,6!Q jill? l l l f' E ' v ROW ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Kathleen Kay, lean Ruser, Janet Droegmiller, Marilyn Schemer, Donna Fouts, Ianice Wiese, Connie Downs, Gloria Reiss, Barbara Galvin, janet Leonard, Christine Sokolowski. ROW TWO: Curtis Eckerman, Kent Conover, Paul Freese, Mark Iohnson, Gary Brosamle, Frances Wiebe, Kristin Friedrichsen, Carmen Goettsch, Cathy Goettsch. ROW THREE: Steven Kay, Eldean Gehrts, WVi1lian1 Rohlk, Dean Loof, Warren Mitchell, Brian Reiff, Mark Larson, Thomas Goettsch, Robert Johnson, Jeffrey Dixon. TEACHER: Mrs. Goettsch ROW ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Scott Schmidt, Michael Iohnson, David Clausen, Clay Conover, Kendall Brodersen, Ed- ward Gronlund, Patty Dittmer, Roy NVilliams, Rhonda Lewis, George Ehrig, Steven Seite, Mike Wienert, Jeffrey Rognes. ROW TWO: Greg Stocking, Thomas Irwin, Timothy Andresen, Barbara Beyer, Mark Croxell, Ann Underriner, Mary Ann Reineke, Dennis Miesner. ROW THREE: Ion Stoneking, Lois Hammer, Brian Lamp, Teresa Ehler, Jackie Moller, Erica Heilman, Douglas Cronin, Linda Sears. TEACHER: Miss Jones, DEE'S BEAUTY SHOP QPCLCJQ .STX k ff- ,, ,1 , . x , .. ROVV ONTE., LEFT TO RIGHT: Marsha Cehrts, Collette DeSutter, 'Karla Nicklas, Ellen Buck, Connie WViese, Angela Schuett, Jacqueline Brodersen, Jane Hammer, Linda Kramheck, Cathy Steen, Vickie Lenz, Leona Ehrig. ROXV TXVO: Delane Hogrefe, Timothy Lohafer, Merill YVittrock, Dwight Conover, Gregory Johnson, Daniel Ehler, Harry Endrulat, John Hammer, Bradley Bauer, Barbara Ericksen. ROW THREE: Curtis Rector, Bruce Boock, Bradley Stamp, Ronald Lingle, Keith Logan, Gary Seite, Steven Cames. TEACHER: Miss Kitchen ii ROW ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Vicki Otto, Dianne Scherner, Marlo Johnson, Jackie Sears, Nancy Irwin, Renae Hargens, Debliie Gebers, Jean Heitmann, Patty Johannsen, Loma Dutler, Kathleen Susie. ROWV TWO: Grant Conover, Mike Dau- gaard, Wayne Buck, Cole Bremer, Lowel Joslin, Robert Butcher, Debbie O'Meara, Julie Heser, Jeanne Kahl. RONV THREE: Randy Dreezen, Chuck Coettsch, Dale Goettsch, Kim Dutler, Darryl Hammer, Denzil Acuff, Steve Vohs, Pat Kennedy. TEACHER: Mrs. Bennett FOOD LOCKER SERVICE gl"6l,J0 .SQUQIQ F 'AIA 4 :Ek :Egg E755 Psi? 'fx 122 ROWV ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Connie Steen, Ianet Heeney, Linda Cipperley, Mary Io Bagentos, Linda Lenz, Debra Con- over, Janine Wellendorf, Danelle Sorensen. ROW TWVO: Robert Brown, James KRSUIGT, Ricky Williams, Sonja Strandbeffl Patty Otto, Craig Schlinz, Randy Bochmann, Jerry Ruser. ROW' THREE: Randy Lewis, Ronnie Lewis, Kellye Pfalzgraf, James Loof, David Conover, David Scott, Randall Kay. TEACHER: Mr. Acuff iw T .,. rl 'cv ROW ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Rebecca Carnes, Diane Iwen, Linda Boock, Billee jean Leonard, Teresa Galvin. ROVV TWO: Edward Hansen, Gary Albers, Michael Croxell, Diane Hammer, Rozann Wiese, Io Lynn Rognes, Ronald Parker, Iohn Leonard, Ricki Eckennan. ROW THREE: Clair Downs, Marc Michaelsen, Paul Fell, Brian Schuett, Kenneth Iohn- son, Michael Radke, TEACHER: Mr. Rule. K Not Picturedj Kenneth Watters. CONOVER AND BAUER "66" SERVICE grade cf2gAf e.-.ei . , M , 13153 , ,Q lbw, 9 . ae,- 'Y UP' T ' Ya-V ,-. Y .asf 73549 " J ll' rio! f ROWV ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Alice Cronin, Kristine Larsen, Helen Alpers, Kathy Goettsch, Sandra Susie, Bonita Acuff, Mary Ann Ehrig, Judy Pash. ROVV TIVO: Barbara Jean Conover, Susan Goettsch. Patricia Irwin, Laura Larson, Kim Wal- den, Rolan Albers, Marlene Iohnson, Patricia Reineke. Elizabeth Sears. ROW THREE: Phillip Lohafer, Daniel Doxtacl, Thomas Fraser, Gail Gebers, VVayne Schoer, Merritt Wiese, Steven Klotz, Larry Hansen. Qffl' , ,J - p:-15 Wei -122-. "W ,Z V A, V I 'X ffufli K A J Q viii . -. kv' ri-ef 5, - of Rafi ."' E "' irvm ROW ONE LEFT TO RIGHT: Janelle WVittrock. Nancy Stocking, Linda Kuchel, Barbara Madsen, Connie Johnson. Kristin Goettsch, N,ancy Timmemman, Charlotte Fouts. ROXV TNVO: Robert Leinbaugh, Daniel Niemeier. Cheri Ann Logan. Eliza- beth Heydt, Linda Cronin, Connie Fouts, Sandra Eriksen, Gordon Reiss. RONV THREE: Michael Kennedy, David Iackes, Robert Keitgexs, john Bauman, Nolan Heilman, John DeSutter, james Kay. SIMONSEN FERT. 8. LIME, CHESTER HANSEN unior joofdaf - 51 7 E, -f , Ld' J fe. ifa fi 1' K l I 'Hd Layla C, N . ii iv, ', n. N369 J e,f1f:f4i1, i'ifi0s"i lj39i'f'MllijlQ 3963 XL! wink. 'bmxixk -. l 3 l Q 4 I -xa- F IRST' ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Michael Croxell, John Bauman, Thomas Fraser, Wayne Schoer, Robert Keitges, Rolan Albers, Gail Gebers, Daniel Doxtad, Ronald Parker, David Jackes. SECOND ROW: john DeSutter, Michael Kennedy, Eddie Hansen, Phillip Lohafer, Richard Williams, Kenneth Watters, john Leonard, Nolan Heilman, Craig Schlinz, Steven Klotz, Allen Conover. THIRD ROW: Ricki Eckermzui, Randy Bochmann, Robert Leinbaugh, Marc Michaelsen, Brian Schuett,Iarnes Kastner, Kenneth johnson, Michael Radke, Jerry Ruser, David Conover, Mr. Lasher, COACH. lunior Cyzeergcwfem l LEFT TO RIGHT: Connie Steen, Rozann Wiese, Connie Johnson, Bonita Acuff. DRS. ROGNES 8. MCCUTCHEON 'U O C RKRSNA M11.1oHNsToN MUSIC IOWA PUBLIC SERVICE ROW ONE: Christine Larsen, Linda Krager, Diane Reiff, Vickie Irwin, Connie Friedrichsen, Carol Lingle, Diane Doxtad, Bonnie Hansen, Karen Baumann. ROW TWO: Janice Heitmann, Roletta Albers, Pam Hansen, Laura Larson, Margy Goettsch, Joleen Lemke, Sheryl Goettsch, Chris DeWit, Sue Leonard, Mark DeNVit, Patsy Irwin, Joyce Loof, Margaret Jones, Pam Kahl, Pam Baumann, Lynn Goettsch. ROVV THREE: Helen Alpers, Sandra Susie, Judy Pash, Shelley Noel, Patricia Reinke, Bonnie Lorenzein, Elizabeth Sears, Betty Lorenzen, Cyndie Ehler, Mary Ann Ehrig, Marlene Johnson, 0l'lC2l"i 36.1168 gall! LEFT TO RIGHT: Janice Heitmann, Pam Kahl, Joyce Loof, Pam Baumann, Lynn Goettsch, John Burkardt, Ken Henrich sen, Jeff Jochirns, Don Johannsen, Cary Moser, Jim Sorensen, Bob F reese, Kathy Conover, Jeanne Frahm. HU'-STEIN STATE BANK lKaren Hansen, Larry McBride, Jeanne F ralun, Susan Goettsch, Chuck Carlberg, Dave W'alden, Val Wiese, Galy Albers, 1Diane Hammer, Gary Moser, Don Iohannsen. RONV FOUR: Jeff Iochims, John Burkardt, Marcia Rogues, Roger Drees- zen, Merritt Wiese, John Kuchel, Kim Walden, Rodney Vohs, Craig Beyer, Doug Lohafer, jim Irwin, Bob Freese, Claire 1Leinbaugl1, Kathy Conover, Sue Hass, Carole Butcher. l 5011461 pep guna! Flute Trio A Flute Trio B Misc. Woodwinds Woodwind Trio Clarinet Trio Trumpet Trio Sax Quartet Brass ' Q - ff 5' wQ ' E I -l Q" v if QE X V. w 4. f- xfQ: 9a' A xXfX,A.j a??f"'Q f 5 J 5 fi ' . Ex fi EX fa -EX ' "4'Xi Qu it n 1 Q23 S fJg VfZfQ-? . Ca. vc' 'L'dS' X A :J":""' fix NI V ' '-1' N X l I4 l f X M1 'f" W JE Iqvxf! if -R' r wi-' A ajoreffed FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Karen Hansen, Bonnie Hansen, Jeanne Frahm, Carol Lingle, Claire Leinbaugh, Diane Doxtad. unior guna, ROW ONE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Cathy Frieclriclwen, Jo Lyn Rogues, Mike Radke, Kenny Watters, Grant Conover, Mike Croxell, Billie Jean Leonard, Linda Boock. ROW TWO: Diane Iwen, Teresa Galvin, Sharleen Leonard, Jacqueline Sears, Jean Heitmann, Cheri Logan, Julie Heser, Diane Scherner, Kathleen Susie, Debbie O'Meara, Marlo Johnson, Rozann Wiese, Patty Johannsen, Ronnie Parker. ROW THREE: Marc Miohaelsen, Brian Schuett, Dalyl Hammer, Robert Butcher, James Miesner, Michael Dauganrcl, Lowell Joslin, Jeanne Kahl, Rebecca Carnes, Loma Dutler, Rena Hargens, John Leon- ard, Dale Goettsch, Charles Goettsch, James Dutler, Gary Albers, Diane Hammer. ALL-STATE MEMBERS: Larry McBride, Mark De1Wif, Kathy Conover, Janice Heitmann, Ken Henrichsen. BAND OFFICERS: Karen Hansen, Ken Henrichsen, Janice Heitmann. BOYS' GLEE CLUB OFFICERS: Marion Conover, Chuck Carlberg, Ken Henrichsen. NORTH-WEST MEMBERS: Tom Bruning, Jeanne Frahm, Sue Hass, Jeff Jochims, Lynn Coettsch, John Burkardt. CONCERT CHOIR OFFICERS: Janice Heitmann, Ken Henrichsen, Marion Conover. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB OFFICERSJ: Diane Dexter, Donna. Steen, Nancy Seite. poncerf Cdoir ROW ONE: Cathy McCrea, Joann Beyer, Pam Kahl, Pam Baumann, John Burkardt, David NValclen, Duane Williams, John Kuchel, Don Sams, Phil Hanson, Linda Stamp, Joyce Loof, Linda Krager. ROWV TWO: Linda Johnson, Jacquelynn Coettsch, Pam Sears, Janice Heitmann, Carole Butcher, Roger Dreeszen, Marion Conover, Don Dutler, Don Johannsen, Tom Bruning, Neal Conover, Marsha Rognes, Kathy Conover, Roletta Albers, Nancy Seite. ROVV THREE: Marigene Kahl, Carol Lingle, Pam Hansen, Shelley Michaelsen, Cindy Hansen, Ron Goettsch, Rick Ehler, Dave Dexter, Ben Bye, Jim Beyer, Ted Bruning, Mark DeNVit, Ken Henrichsen, Dave Ehler, Christine DeWit, Susan Hass, Karen Bauman, Beverly Dutler. ROW FOUR: Jeanne F ralim, Karen Hansen, Diane Dexter, Marillis Johnson, Susan Kahl, Sue Leonard, Christine Hansen, Bill Jackes, Larry McBride, Tim Jackes, Chuck Carlberg, Cary Moser, Richard Parker, Valene NViese, Jeff Jochims, Jim Striepe, Cindy Ehler, Donna Steen, Bonnie Hansen, Vernette Reimer. E' e -ea a f: - . lk. : - ,, 'E 'Q 2 '- gs we " nfl?-4.2 . 5 ' Ugg -.g Z-'Im 1. -eff , Q G, .,. 2. x ACCOMPANISTS: Jeanne Frahm, Connie Kraai, Christine Hansen gm ' ga 64.4 I. I , ' H ., I ' 'C 'I' -' l . P',ll' 'H . . 'f ' , 11 ' l 1' a ' F . 2, , - J - - A- , f . if -fl QPU F.. ', Q - ' A, - ' U ' . - ' . - ' .' p J- - ' J. I 7? ..r.. Q -' - . A V A 1" ,. . ' , -.' 'B' ROWV ONE: Diana Coppa, Shirley Cronlund, Pam Baumann. Cathy McCrea, Claire Leinbaugh, Shelly Noel, Pam Kahl, Lynn Coettsch, Joann Beyer, Linda Conover, Joyce Loof, Linda Krager, Nancy Seite, Diane Cebers. ROW TWO: Peggy Bochmann, Margy Coefttsch, Linda Johnson, Janice Heitmann, Gloria Bonar, Margaret Jones, Linda Srtamp, Joleen Lemke, Marlys Hellcenn, Rheta Schlinz, Karen Bauman, Betty Bauman, Scheryl Coettsch, Kathy Conover, Carol Cronlund, Linda Seite. ROW THREE: Connie Friedrichsen, Cindy Dutler, Yvonne Leonard, Carol Lingle, Carole Butcher, Mari- gene Kahl, Diane Fick, Sheryle XVittrock, Lanyce Dreeszen, Susan Hass, Betty Lorenzen, Judy Heitmann, Bonnie Lorenzen, Doreen Cries, Beverly Dutler, Marcia Rognes, Roletta Albers, Peggy Hammer. ROW FOUR: Pam Hansen, Tammy John- son, Jeanne F rahm, Marillis Johnson, Karen Hansen, Vickie Irwin, Carol Johnson, Trudy Sinns, Diane Dexter, Chris Han- sen, Connie Kraai, Cindy Hansen, Susan Kahl, Elaine Eriksen, Chris DeWit, Cyndie Ehler, Donna Steen, Vemette Reimer, Bonnie Hansen, Shelley Michaelsen. og! Le CAA juli 'JT I-Eh fd ' 'Qu h grin bu, 43, ge, In-I-if If I 'rv-'.gf',j'ylag-W Elf .Q J 4- ia ' - -if' -f'- r- "o. ii-'ly 2 ROW ONE: Doug Krager, Rodney Vohs, Terry Conover, Ben Bye, Jim Clausen, Cary Conover, Dave Walden, John Burk- ardt, Robert Dreeszen, Jim Fell, Don Sams, Tom Bruning. RONV TWO: Phil Hanson, Bruce Conover, Ted Bruning, Jim Striepe, Bill Jackes, Ken Vohs, Don Dutler, Don Johannsen, Ron Goettsch, Harold Hare, Marion Conover, Duane Williams, Jeff Jochims, Larry McBride. ROW THREE: Bruce Branco, John Kuchel, Lyle Wittrock, Joe Keitges, Cary Moser, Val WViese, Tim Jackes, Chuck Carlberg, Mark DeNVit, Bob Freese, Rick Ehler, Jim Beyer, Craig Conover, Paul Schemer, Ken Henrichsen. is rg M W-, ,I K. K, 1- I ffm! W , 'J A ,SI .I 'L' , ' 'J' V+?-A-, I . g- vt ,V . 5 f. 3- ,pt I . - Q ,"', - ' Q -wm- ' 435 ' ' 2' I we ' U rm" Nt , I ay T7 U 7 ROW ONE: Linda Iohnson, Roleftta Albers, Pam Sears, Kathy Conover, Jeanne Frahm, John Burkardt. ROW TWO: Marillis Johnson, Ted Bruning, Ken Henrichsen, Chuck Carlberg, Vemette Reimer, Donna Steen, Duane Wil- 7!Wac!riga A anal K . 5 es- he 15' -2 5 3 . S-,a.' i 1 Er ROW ONE: Linda Krager, Carole Butcher, Susan Hass, Ben Bye, Tom Bruning, Roger Dreeszen. ROW TWO: Susan Kahl, Sfue Leonard, Jeff Jochims, Mark DeYVit, Larry McBride, Chris DeWit, Cindy Hansen. I iiamn in I ill :F Mixed Duet Girls. Trio I E! I 1' I I 1 il 4 Girls' Sexfef "B" Girls' Sextet "A" ,iili V yy'-yy -vw-www-w'wNr'lI'1 Soloists Boys' Octet CDouble Quartet, -N Q . -15. lunior gow , gadgefgaf FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Lasher, Coach, Michael Kennedy, Daniel Doxtad, Robert Keitges, Rolan Albers, Kim Walden, Gail Gebers, Wayne Schoer, Steven Klo-tz, Larry Hansen. SECOND ROW: Allen Conover, John De- Sutter, Eddie Hansen, John Leonard, Richard YVilliams, Ronald Parker, Brian Schuett, Gary Albers, Robert Leinbaugh. THIRD ROW: Marc Michaelsen, Ricki Eckennan, Michael Croxell, David Iackes, Michael Radke, Randy Bochmann. lunior Qld A , ga6Lefda! FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Lasher, COACH, Susan Goettsch, Patty Reineke, Linda Kuchel, Laura Larson, Kristin Goettsch, Marlene Johnson, Charlotte Fouts, Alice Cronin. SECOND ROW: Debbie Conover, Cathy Friedrich- sen, Libby Sears, Jean Conover, Mary Ann Ehrig, Connie Fouts, Linda Boock, Janine Wellendorf. THIRD ROW: Bar- bara Schemer, Joey Rogues, Billee Leonard, Mary Io Bagenstos, Linda Lenz, Linda Cipperley, Dianne Hammer, Janet Heeney. Dian Iwen. GLADYS RAABE INS. AGENCY and DESSEL SCHMIDT POST 225 '.1."'-.' v. w :I A -. ,.- ..-nf-H 1 Q 1 K W FF l D, .A 1 h 71.2-' . "L: 'MA 5 faf,5,.L5.4. .,- Y - 1.5 -Af. , - L .QL ggi, nl ' 'if 'J QQ v, - " Q 1 ,J.P,' IN , ij. 5 ,, 2, fr .L........ . ' ' ' ' "' .1 wwe uf -.. 1 4 'Qs' L NQCL FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Gary Sorensen, Mark Still, Bruce Conover, Keith Conover, Kent Fick, Ray Rice, Mark Brosamle, Tim Iackes, Linl Stoneking, Mark DeSutter, Cary Conover, Stanley Bauer, Joel Buck, Tom Bruning, Charles Reiss, SECOND ROW: Mike Still, Bob Kaus, Dennis Schuett, Dave Dexter, Cary Brodersen, Donald Dutler, Danny Eller- busch, Dale Clausen, Keith Fick, James Beyer, Rick Ehler, Terry Baumann, Ieffrey Lenz, Roger Larsen. THIRD ROW: Roderick Hansen, Manager, Donald johannsen, Bob Ericksen, David WValden, Roy Rice, Mark DeWit, Bill Iackes, Luane The Black Pirate football team, under the command of Coaches Wolleson, TerHark, and Berry, finished the 1963 season with a respectable 5 and 4 record. The club lacked experience and size, but gave a good account of itself in the rugged Maple Valley competition. The season was started on the wrong foot when the Pirates dropped the opener 0-20 to Ida Grove. The next game was with a surprising Correctionville club, and ended with a 19-12 win for Holstein. Homecoming was next, and it was here that Holstein unleashed its powerful passing game against Westwood. The Pi- rates trounced Westwood 39-6, to complete a perfect Homecoming. The Kingsley-Pierson game was the low point of the season as the Pirates dropped their second game 6-25. Traveling to Anthon-Oto, Holstein was anxious to make up for the last game. The defense was outstanding as the Black Pirates easily turned SPONSORED BY CHUCK'S BODY SHOP Mm fea g 4 Wiese, joseph Keitges, Dave Ehler, Douglas Kahl, Ben Bye, Roger Dreeszen, Alan Kuchel, Robert Freese, Manager. FOURTH ROW: Curtis Opdahl, Dennis Lcinbaugh, Burdette Conover, Duane Heeney, Roger Stocking, Mike Michaelsen, Gary Stamp, Ted Bruning, Bob Wienert, Donald Sams, jim Wienert, Ronnie Coettsch. FIFTH ROW: Duane Williams, Marion Conover, Kenneth Hogrefe, Charles Cipperley, Don Vohs, Larry Coettsch, Kenneth Buell, VVayne Freese, Ronald Sass, Steven Bauer, David Buck, Steve Buck. back the Hawks 12-0. Holstein lost the next game to Odebolt-Arthur by the score of 6-7 after nearly tying the conference leaders in the last quarter. In spite of the loss, the game was considered one of the Pirates' best of the season. In the game against Maple Valley, a late rally failed, and the Pirates lost a heaitbreaker, 7-19. A week later, Holstein came from behind to defeat a big West Monona team 19-7. Again the passing attack blazed the way for the victory. In the final game of the season, the Pirates rolled over Woodbury Central 32-0. This was the best effort of the campaign as the Pirates moved easily on the ground and through the air and displayed a crushing defense. The Holstein Black Pirates ended the season in a tie for fourth place in the Maple Valley Conference. Next year will find many returning letterrnen to bolster the Pirate attack. GOOD SAMARITAN CENTER .ibekndiue ciuaol 'le ,lrfhsf .... 1 -, . . V, . E , , , . it -H., ,, , 1 I . ,, , ,' ,. E., . 551 5 -we ' - 4 . 1.",'.u 4,47 .4 - .. X . T- ' , .v..,n,,, 1 an A I . nk'-v' V - - H. :gr rn F 'A ,WP l ,vi Q ,:Qqw,.w' f Kg A ll. E A' ' " , -1:51 - . . . , , . ' fi ,-v.,'4q:,1EA.u, vw :X I W if 1 I V - -.15 r' Z A .AA ,. A. - i U il 2 I W LEFT TO RIGHT: Dave Ehler, FB Juniorg Mark DeWit, RE, Iuniorg Duane- Heeney, FB, juniorg Don Sams, RT, Seniorg Keith Fick, LG, Sophomoreg David Walden, RG, Iuniorg Burdette Conover, LC, Iuniorg Curtis Opdahl, RG, Seniorg Roy Rice, LT, Iuniorg Iim Wienert, RH, Seniorg Ronald Sass, LE, Seniorg David Buck, LG, Senior. HEAD COACH: LINE COACH: FFLESHMAN COACH: Sherman Wolleson Ron TerHa.rk Bill Berry DR. JAMES W. MARTIN, ROYAL CLEANERS O Lrwiue .gygucwf 1 ..4 l ' M I'g!? 'l ' W kv xr i ' 3 n I - ' LEFT TO RIGHT: Larry Coettscli, RE, Senior, Kenneth Buell, RT, Senior, Steven Bauer, RG, Seniorg Duane Williams RH, Seniorg Chuck Cipperley, C, Seniorg Wayne F reese, QB, Senior, Kenneth Hogrefe, FB, Senior, Ben Bye, LG, Junior Marion Conover, LH, Senior, Ted Bruning, LT, junior, Don Vohs, LE, Senior. 15.1 CAPTAINS Wayne Freese Ken Buell Duane Williams VAN TOP, INC. 1 h QW? 1: 54" xA . N VVilliams clears the last man, I '4 - 9? 'V .6 :sf - ' S ' 5 1 'Q F1 ' x X T xi i 1 ET! - O faqs 1 .. +- - - .3 . ng .725 ' 51-Nj in , ' SE. I N , if - ,, I F ., A ,, ,M ff-35 M' 7' ' 1 fi W ' J' ' I ' Big? I I se Q .. ,-fs QA Fluff' ' -,Mgr we W' V353 ' ,uw 3,6 if I , all 'H' ' I ,X ,g :I Q ma! W. Ngxil. 1 'Q 31" ,lp U1 gm U --44 ru- ,I . 5 u 1 r 1 .. . L . ' .Ww- x. Goettsclz gets ready to snare one FRONT ROWV, LEFT TO RIGHT: Marion Conover, Wayne Freese, Kenneth Buell, Larry Goettsch, Don Vohs. SECOND EOVV: Dave Ehler, Craig Conover, Duane Heeney, jim Striepe, Ron Sass, Bob Ericksen. LAST ROW: Burdette Conover, en Bye. Holstein Opponents Game 49 37 Alta 78 25 Woodbury Central 87 55 Aurelia 86 44 Ida Grove 64 45 Correctionville 74 46 Lakei View 31 29 Westwood 87 Klngsleyefiilgon The Holstein Black Pirates enioyecl one of the finest 47 An h ang seasons in HHS history. They rolled 18 wins against only 2 68 49 t On' to losses and earned the titles 'of Maple Valley Conference Co- MLAPLE VALLEY TOURNAMENT Champions and Maple Valley Tournament Champions. Their 72 44 Woodbury Central fast and aggressive play accounted for the. number of vic- 69 57 Maple Valley tories and made them an exciting team to watch. Six sen- 7ll 44 Correctionvllle iors graduate from this squad and in the future several cF-INAI-'Sl will undoubtedly see action for their respective colleges. 59 54 l1Vi1low 67 72 Odebolt-Arthur 84 41 Galva 83 57 Maple Valley 79 69 West Monona 75 55 Wall Lake Sectional Toumament 43 60 Willow HOLSTEIN PLUMBING 8. HEATING, CENTRAL TELEPHONE CO. Ken Buell, C, Senior Larry Goettsch, F, Senior QI? Marion Conover, G, Senior Wayne F reese, G, Senior Don Vohs, F, S6I1i01' Bill Bemfy, Coach 675' W. E. JACKES, STANDARD OIL Freese QW ,Ek Conover Freese Goettsch from the h UOEUSCH EHLER 8. EWOLDT IMPLEMENT 8- HOLSTEIN ADVANCE ze FRONT ROM ? DEFT TO RIGHT: Jeff Lenz, joe Keitges, Tim Iackes, Paul Boock, Dale Clausen. SECOND ROVV: Gary Conover, Manager, Robert Freese, Keith Fick, jim Beyer, Gary Stamp, David Dexter, Mark Brosamle,-Alan Kuchel, Man- ager. THIRD ROW: Terry Conover, Ken Niemeier, Reas Madsen, Paul Schemer, Bruce Branco. THE RECORD Gan-le Holstein Opp, The Reserves had a season's record of seven wins and no Alta ..... ...82 .....,.. 29 losses. Good speed, height, and hustle were the keys in Moviue " ' 'H38 "A""' 23 this undefeated season. The team was composed of fresh- Willow ,,... . . .43 ....,.. .36 Odebolt-Arthur A V A 51. A r V H I Q I 39 men and sophomores who give a bright outlook for Hol- Maple Valley ' ' A ' - '66 -----'-- 43 stein's basketball future. Schaller ,..,.. .... 5 8 ........ 25 Schaller . . ,.,, 46 ....,... 41 LINGLE TRUCKING SERVICE 1963-1964 lldafeffes ROW ONE: Kathy Niemeier, Shelley Michaelsen, Bonnie Hansen, Sue Leonard, Christine Hansen, Connie Kraai, Paulette Beyer, Jeanne Frahm, Cathy McCrea. ROW TWO: Trudy Sinus, Manager, Pam Baumann, Cindy Dutler, Christine DeWit, Cindy Hansen, Diane Fick, Peggy Conover, Linda Conover. ROWV THREE: Pam Hansen, Diane Cebers, Linda Iohnson, Connie F riedrichsen, Betty Lorenzen, Pam Sears, Bonnie Lorenzen, Peggy Hammer, Linda Stamp. We lgefml Holstein Oppqnent Holstein Opp01'1e11t M9-YCUS 47 58 West Monona 88 WOOClbuIy Central 74 Wall Lake 42 Rockwell CKY 76 Anfhon-om 54 Aufella 1 66 C01-wcaonviiie 57 Ida Grove 61 Kingsley-Pierson 53 Sechalleg ,H 60 Westwood 66 Lglllgecjgzizrxu e 51 Kingsley-Pierson 41 Westwood Kingsley-PierSOl1 The Holstein Piratettes finished the Everly 1963-64 season with a successful 20 wins VVhiting and seven losses. Offensively they pumped Anthon-Oto in 1865 points, making an average of 69 Correctionville per game, while defensively they held their Ida Grove opponents to 1590 points making 59 points West Monona per game. Both the forwards and guards Willow did a good iob on the rebounds. Odebolt-Arthur As there were no seniors on the souad, Galva the Piratettes should have a strong squad Maple Valley in the seasons to come. FOUTS DAIRY, BORDENS PRODUCTS li- in can CATHY MCCREA Forward BONNIE HANSEN Guard O O 'G ,QFLCLULJLLMZ5 CONNIE KRAA1 Forward qi? , ,,-r. L,-P 1 YZ? r IEANNE FRAHM Forward SHELLEY MICHAELSEN Guard SUE LEONARD Guard KERSLAKE SUNDRIES LEONARD 8. BRANCO, ATTYS. Jdcfion .Syllabi JEANNE F. CATHY M. P'IRATETI'E VARSITY A! N S. S1 5 7 A 'ivifflniwf :s i COPPA STANDARD STATION, JlM'S BAKERY .fdcfion .Slab ERICKSEN STANDARD SERV. 8. STAR MOTEL qua Row 1-Linda Conover, Kathy McCrea, Shelley Michaelsen, Sue Leonard, Connie Kraai, Bonnie I-Iansen, Jeanne F rahm Kathy Niemeier. Row 2-Linda Johnson, Connie Frieclrichsen, Pam Sears, Margaret Breyfogle, Christine Hansen, Diane Fick, Peggy Con- over, Betty Lorenzen, Pam Baumann. Season's Record We They Marcus . . . ..... 41 20 Wana?e'5 Moville . . ,.... 31 28 Schaller , . r.... 41 24 Willow ...... ..... 4 8 26 Everly ........ ..... 8 9 29 Odebolt-Arthur . ...., 47 26 Maple Valley . . . ..... 57 37 Schaller ....... . , .37 22 Schaller ..... . . .34 24 BLANCWS BEAUTY SHOP SCHWAN'S ICE CREAM CO. Manager. Paulette Beyer, Managerg Mrs. Ann Mein, Chaperoneg Trudy Sinns, flag FIRST ROW, LEFT 'ITO RIGHT: Duane Williams, Ken Hogrefe, Marion Conover, Val Wiese, Larry Goettsch, Don Vohs, Cary Moser, Ron Sass, VVayne Freese, Roger Dreeszen, Bob Kaus. SECOND ROW: David Nierneier, lim Striepe, Ken Heruichsen, Charles Cipperley, Duane Heeney, Larry Anniger, James Wienert, Douglas Kahl, Jeff Lenz, Dfale Clausen. THIRD ROW: Joe Keitges, Burdette Conover, Craig Conover, Ben Bye, Ken Buell, jim Beyer, Keith Fick, Tim jackes, Mark Brosamle, Steve Buck, Mark De-Sutter, Link Stoneking, Bob Freese. FOURTH RONV: Phil Hanson, Kent Fick, David Dexter, Ted Bruning, Rick Ehler, Roger Stocking, Danny Ellerbusch, Cary Broclersen, Jeff jochims, Don Dutler, Bob Wienert, Bruce Klotz, Roderick Hansen. FIFTH ROXV: Steve Clausen, Donald Johannsen, Bob Ericksen, David Reiff, Raymond Rice, Van Conover, David Walden, Ioel Buck, Stanley Bauer, Keith Conover, Mark Still, Bruce Lingle. SIXTH ROW: Dan Buck, Alan Kuchel, Terry Bauman, Paul Boock, Gary Stamp, Dennis Schuett, Roy Rice, james Irwin, Ken Niemeier, Jim Fell, John Werner. 2-Mile Relay: lst-Orange City, 2nd-Alta, Estherville, 3rd-Maple Valley, Odebolt, Mile Relay Team: 2nd-Estherville, Orange City, 3rd-- Storm Lake, Odebolt, 4th-Maple Valley. Medley Relay: 2nd-Orange City, 4th Estherville, 5tl1- Maple Valley. 880 Relay: 4th-Storm Lake, District, 5th-Estherville, Maple Valley. 440 Relay Team: 2nd-Maple Valley, 3rd-Storm Lake, District, 4th-Estherville, Odebolt, Orange City. Low Hurdles: CLarry Coettschl Znd- Stonn Lake, Std- Odebolt, CMarion Conoverj 3rd-Storm Lake. High Hurdles: CRon Sassj lst-Odebolt, District, Orange City, 3rd-Aurelia, 4th-Sac City, fDuane Heeneyj 3rd- District. Mile Run: CBob Kausj 2nd--Orange City. 880 Yard Run: fDuane Williamsj lst-Maple Valley, Ode- bolt, 2nd-District, 4th-Sac City. 440 Yard Dash: fKen Hogrefel 3rd-Maple Valley, 4th- District. 100 Yard Dash: Him Striepej 4th-Orange City. Discus: CLarry Goettschj 2nd-Orange City, Maple Valley, 3rd-Odebolt, 4th-District, 5th-Sac City, fWayne Freesej lst-Maple Valley, Odebolt, Orange City, 2nd-- Storm Lake, District, Aurelia, Estherville, 3rd-Alta, 4th- State. Shotput: fWayne Freesel lst--Maple Valley, Orange City, 3rd-Estherville, Odebolt, 4th-Storm Lake, CKe'n Hen- richsenj 2nd-Orange City, Grd-Maple Valley. Pole Vault: C Dale Clausenl 3rd-Maple Valley, 4th- Estherville. High jump: fRon Sassl lst--Estherville, 5th-Sac City, Maple Valley, fChuck Cipperleyl 4th-Odebolt, fWayne Freesej 4th-Storm Lake. Broad Jump: CLar1y Goettschj 4th-Estherville, fWayne Freesej 4th-Storm Lake. STATE QUALIFIERS: MILE RELAY TEAM: Don Vohs, Marion Conover, Kenneth Hogrefe, Larry Goettgch. STATE QUALIFIERS: Wayne Freese and Duane Williams. Ron Sass and Duane Heeney. 2-MILE Moser, RELAY TEAM: Val Wiese, Gary Roger Dxeeszen, Duane Williams. V ' A 440 RELAY TEAM: Ron Sass, Jim Striepe, Jim Wienert, Marion Conover. . -.1 "BM 1 RELAYS' ROYALTY: Diane Deziter, Janice Heitmann, Karen Hansen. Wayne Freese throws the discus. DJ glw-2. , I EH frmrzmiffg Y ..... .. R... ....., vin ig ' -'aiu ' "" ,i 11 !!!, 5 i?,,'Eg?i Q Q: 'li' A F .1 - n N nAn, - wewgm i-.. sz Ron Sass runs the High Hurdles. Goettsch hands off to Hogrefe in the Mile Relay. 16 - ' 51-zigrg. -, Val Wise hands off to Gaxy Moser in the 2-Mile Relay. Q 0 Ig A Q55 Q " N , -4 - 2 r Y Q B Cggxn ii' ', .- r. .M . 7 I f l Q 1 ., f T wi f WA - wr ., ,iW Z,l'f Qi '. ff .' ' 75 :Q r ff M 1 ff 1 ' 1 'N 1 W ', ' 3' , 'v b A . 0 440 N K M I .Slwlmf ji " 4, ' A PRESIDENT: Kern Buell -Q5 SECRETARY: Janice Heitmann , VICE-PRESIDENT: Wayne Freese ounci . '1- s TREASU RER: Ben Bye SEATED: Connie Kraai, Bonnie Hansen, Chris Hansen, Chris DeWit, Peggy Conover. STANDING: Rodney ' Nancy Seite, Jim Fell, Dave Dexter, James Striepe, Judy Heitmann, Roger Larsen. ,,,, swf V e 4' '- 'f X ' -af? EQ? l -r " . a pw, mu L u L.. W me M if l 4' - ,Z FRONT ROW, left to right: Karen Bauman, Karen Hansen, Ken Buell, Donna Steen, Paulette Beyer. SECOND- BOW Diane Doxtad, Janice Heitmann, Terry johnson, Lynn Coettsch, Shirley Cronlund. Business Manager . . . jim Wienert, Mr. Gerber Special Features . . . Donna Steen Faculty . . . Diane Doxtad Music . . . Lynn Coettsch, Janice Heitmann Students . . . Karen Hansen Girls' Sports . . . Paulette Beyer Boys' Sports . . . Ken Buell Advisors . . . Mr. Wente, Mr. Hompland Photographer . . . Terry Iohnson Advisor and Co-editors Mr. Wente, Vemebte Reimer, and Nancy Seite KING 81 BLEASDELL, INC., BAUMANN, 8. THARP GARAGE ' afeefz PIRATEER STAFF Co-Editors - Vicki Irwin, Di- ane Reiff Business Managers - Nancy Seite, Linda Johnson Feature Writers - Irene Leon- ard, Diane Dexter, Diane Doxtad, Kathy C o n o v e r, Lanyce Dreeszen, Marlys Hel- kenn, Sue Leonard Reporters - Claire Leinbaugh, Cynthia Dutler, Linda Seite, Christine DeWit, Linda Kra- ger, Paula Beyer, Paulette Beyer Typists-Karen Bauman, Kar- en Hansen, Donna Steen Sports - Ken Buell Advisor - Mrs. Kuchel MYRTUE TRUCKING SERVICE oggrariand FRONT ROW: Left to right, Paulette Beyer, Karen Bauman, Shirley Gronlund, Susan Kahl, Paula Beyer, Vemette Reim- er, Irene Leonard. BACK ROW: Cindy Dutler, Betty Bauman, Elaine Eriksen, Beverly Dutler, Diane Reiff, Linda Seite, Diime Gebers, Mrs. Anderson. .J e qt, i Librarian at work s Sf fq 'L ml, 1, LQ Gill K is C . 5, M pn' 15.2, : fi :sl if "T" ,gm 5. 'u ,ypi . n""'fWiiisQ n Q 11.4 X n x""" ,Q- - ' 581-J .ggi- .111-L I ,A I --4 pw' 'Q Jw, "-T? IQQQCA Left to right: Rodney Vohs, Bill Carstens, Christine Hansen, Sue Leonard, Carole Butcher, Mrs. Preul. 'L W2 LI Y s :e1vzNc" Left to right: Doug Lohafer, Yvonne Leonard, Scheryl Coett sch, Diane Gebers, Diane Doxtad, Mr. Rule. WNQ . y N J' uhm, s Left to right: Shelley Noel, Linda Stamp, Paula Beyer, Pam Hansen, Lanyce Dreeszen, Diana Coppa. MOSER IMPLEMENT CO., CORREGOUX GARAGE glvlre mnzarlwcdd Lgnciclenf af Common ornerd v The students of Carson Corners nave gathered on the stage of the high school auditorium to present a resolution to a problem that began with the death, of a fellow student who fell from the fire escape. They believe that the school janitor murdered the boy to cover up a lesser crime, but what ensues is an entanglement that involves the Whole town population. Dr. Caldwell .................. Duane Heeney Mrs. Woodbridge . .Betty Lorenzen Mrs. Caldwell ,,... .... L inda Conover Alice Woodbridge .Carole Butcher Susan Caldwell ..... Diane Gebers Mr. Kovalesky .... ..,. D onald Dutler Mr. Prince ...... ..... D ouglas Kahl Miss Frank ....... ..., S ue Leonard Mrs. Prince ..... ..... N ,ancy Seite Mr. McGinnis .... David Dexter Tommy Prince .,... .... R oger Larsen Mrs. McGinnis .... ...,... P aula Beyer Mr. Rogers ..... ...,. D avid Ehler Billy McGi.nnis .. ...Neal Conover Mrs. Rogers . . . ...... Pamela Sears Bob McGinnis . . . ........ James Beyer Joey Rogers . . . ........ Rodney Vohs janet ......... Claire Leinbaugh Mr. Wright ..... ..,.. K en Henrichsen Carol ,,,,,,,,. ..... L inda Krager Mrs. Wright ...... ..... D iane Doxtad Madge .......... .... L anyce Dreeszen Elizabeth Wright .... ..,.. C hristine DeWit Mr. Woodbridge .........,...... Mark DeWit Burt Hendricks .... . . . Painter .................... .Roderick Hansen . . . . .Gary Stamp WIENERT TRUCKING SERVICE 0I'l'LQC0l'l'l,U'lg E KING AND OUEEN: Wayne Freese and Diane Devter. FIRST ATTENDANTS Larry Dean Goettsch and Tanlce Heit mann. SECOND ATTENDANTS: Ken Buell and Karen Hmsen CROWN BEABERS Donnie Gebers and Susan Robie The Homecoming events began Thursday eve- ning in the school gymnasium with ra skit pre- sented by the junior and senior classes' showing the meeting of the Holstein and Westwood foot- ball squads. Following the skit, the cheerleaders lead the crowd in several inspiring cheers. Next, the night of the game was depicted in the fresh- man and sophomore skit. The climax of the evening came with the coro- nation of the 1968 Homecoming royalty. The reigning couples walked down a candlelighted aisle formed by the honor guard as the band played "Stardust," - The royalty was serenaded by the dance band playing "Moon River." As a conclusion to the coronation, they then walked down the aisle to "Holstein,s Royaltyv sung by the audience with the accompaniment of the band. A bonfire with the burning of the Westwood dummy and several more cheers brought the evening's events to a close. The next evening the Pirates won the football game. CO-OP INC. ' w f . , ., w " , 1. H W." V ,, - .1331 . r X , N' ' H 4' f , 1 1 .... x 7 ff ,, s 'Tn' . ',' 4 iff , qiuh. H ' '. A. U QJS YUMW? ' Q . N w 51.1 +I-'Z-id 1 9' if 1 . 5 l l X1 . ' Y ,gl .L .-. -. 'C' I . , :if 'Zo L , i J 5 A , F. .G av. H Q., W 9 E x f I I, ,,, N 1 1 'f ' z if Q Y' 1 1 .ft 11. Q muff' ,' l' ' 1 via.-LL 1' 54Q 2' 1'n"' - . If' 'f UIVIJM fy., .., 7' ff 1 if . J .5 "' ' Z K ' I My ., ' A . . ," E155 ' q I . Q Q ,,,,...2.g..5,g5" 7 ' pf .,z . ' 1 XV K. E5 Z I li I ' ,,u,,....,,. ' -4- ' ' Y L Q - . ' On Friday evening, April 17, 1964, the juniors and some- what sentimental seniors enjoyed an evening in the atmos- phere of "Shangri-La." Before dancing to the music of Bob Conley, the guests were served a delicious banquet. Mr. Harland H. Hanson, Superintendent of Holstein High School, and Larry Coettsch, President of the senior class, presented speeches at the con- clusion of the banquet. Entering through Chinese doors, guests viewed a white garden house, surrounded by colorful flowers. In one secluded corner was an ingenious rickshaw. In the center of the gym was a bright red bridge with a small stream running beneath. The bridge led from the refreshment area to the dance floor. The climax of the evening was the crowning of Karen Hansen as queen and Larry Coettsch as king by the junior class officers. After the midnight show, the Band mothers sponsored a smorgasbord and dance at the gym. unior- enior rom i'fX"3'l FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Rodney Vohs, Diane C-ebers, Craig Beyer, Ioleen Lemke, Tom Bruning, Carole Butcher, SECOND RONV Tim Irckes Judy Hertmann, Stanley Bauer, Sheryl Coettsch, Joel Buck, Bonnie Lorenzen, Mark Brosamle Marufi Rognes Mark DeSutter, Beverly Dutler. -?""l 1 1 -2'7" ' 732' ,. Banquet i.. X, Dancing Refreshments glue guriouri cwage On Tuesday, May 5, an all high school cast presented the play "The Curious Savage." The leading character, Mrs. Savage, inherited ten million dollars from her husband and Wants to make the best use of it. Her grown-up step-children seeing they cannot get hold of the money, commit her to a sanatorium hoping to "bring her to her senses." CAST OF CHARACTERS Florence .................................. Pam Sears Hannibal . . . .....................,..... Bill Carstens Fairy May . .... Connie Friedrichsen Jeffery .... ........ M ark DeWit Mrs. Paddy ,..... Linda Stamp Titus ,....... .,.. D uane Heeney Samuel .... . .,.... Ron Sass Lily Belle ..... ..., C hris DeWit Mrs. Savage Miss Willie Dr. Emmett . . . .... Sue Leonard ...,.PamHansen . . . . . . . .David Dexter lil 1,-ZHNEQ' 41 --VQTAQLMD U 2, ll I"if25f 1 ie oil? 'fm iw A . 7 I . R , 5, i , A H , ,Q ll QL-ii lvl-A ll' El all at CLASS NIOTTO "In Ourselves Our Future Lies" CLASS FLOWER CLASS COLORS Chfysanfhemum Light Blue and White COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES PROKILSSIONAL -"PoMr AND CIRCUMSTANCIE' ..,......,..A.,. Algar Holstein High School Band-Dmncnon, Gnoncr-: KnsNAx INVOCATION .,......................4. The Rev. William Str-iepc "I'u. WAI! WITH Con' .......................A..,... Brodszky Miss Ianice Heitmann, Soprano and Miss Roletta Albers, Contralto "No MAN Is AN ISLAND' .....,................... Roy Ringwald Concert Choir-Dmnzrron, DEN'NlS IoHNs'noN Animas 'False Values" .,................ Dr. Leonard C. Murray Director, Division of Health Education, State Department of Health MUNIVERSAL jvncsmx-:N'r" .........4.....,..... DeNardis-Cafarella Holstein High School Band "THE HALJS or Ivy" ...oo.,................... . .Russell-Knight Senior Class Choir PRESENTATION or-' THE CLASS . .s....,.,........ Glenn Hompland High School Principal CONFERRING OF DIPIDMAS ...................... Jesse H. Leonard President, Board of Education BENEDICTION ............................ The Rev. E. W. Larson RECESSIONAL .... ,... H olstein High School Band BHCCHIHUTGMC Slieakel' Commencement Speaker REV- WM- STNEPE DR. L. C. MURRAY Salutatorian Larry Armiger receives his medal and con- Valedictorian Nancy Seite receives her medal and con- gratuations from Principal Glenn O. Hompland. gralvlafions from Principal Glenn O- Hnmplnnd- We would like to express our thank you to all those who gave their whole-hearted support to this year's annual, especially the businessmen for their aid. Mr. Hompland, Mr. Wente, the senior class sponsors, Mr. Gerber, business manager, and M00 advisors, are worthy of praise for their hard work and enduring patience. Because of this loyal support we are able to present to you this, our MOO of 1964. Q21 im-ff,-nr? I M mm hB17fni1Fk!m.Mk-Y nm 1 5 Z . ,L . I i . I , iii!!! II! IQHW f NM ff! Q ' l , ' V - V ' 1 5 N A1 K ,' . ' 1 ' l f P .I . 1. V ,L N . . I . , . , , If' . -1 .,a Q' I' f , -. ' .,,, , . 5 F if -' -T " 1 , ' 1 . T ' . f 1, J 'JN I A. Q , X A I Y. , :Y 4 Q - i A kr Y .. I C f - , ,, , A . -. . .V - -. f- ,. . Y . . ,,, . 1, ,, , . j, , . .V . . - -- 'U '- 7:7 -"-- --..', 11 - , '- '. " " , ' ' ' ,YJ ,.4' -.-...H-..-.1-g.q....--M..-g... ' ' , ' "' ""' , I ' I -ff. ,gf I J , ,. ,-, '- ' , - f - gf- I I ' ' , L . qi. . . . Q Wing, , FE 1 -'I Q I J-if ,I 1 1 ' if Y ' 'V' 5,.q ,A . H ,J - ,, K F: fi. E ' I1x II I' 4 'E I ,A 'x . up . ,:.- ij, , Q ,I,ri.L, 1 ku 'yu I Q H.- 'I ' ! - ' P r-1 ' lu ...VI ,I 3' .u,,-Q 11. 4 - Q I f: Jig. I: t 5 . Qt.. x I f .psy 'n 'fy Q I W I I Y fs' -'I I I J, M I I I I I I1 IS.-f ,. 'i. Il' ., Q-auf " 11' . TJ" 5 f ' I fr-37 ,J ' , I' 'ul 11 JJ A 5 I 3 4' if E E ff ' , Q J I I I I 1 ,A 1 ge I .' ' ' fi 1 F -ij , ' 5 N II -nk in . I .L F I

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