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 - Class of 1962

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1? da , , sa., - '- Hack '-1-'-V124-lr.q,yh,,,-.V 4 ,HM 1. A n --1161 I ll Za' ff X E?"-IN ig.. , ,,..- ,,..--...- dr ' W F -,-. .,,l f, - ,QV . b , . . - g si- , ,.-...- Holstein High School Comes to Life As "Puig flwfphnfef' Leads You Through the M00 06 '62 P-6 nior Class of ty School x 3 ' as if vQh., Sr" 53: 1 In Memoriam W., ,.1'l' I-ll. . . xl -.fl , ,lg X i .- . .QW , , "HTL, . in L"' .. ,ltr V 1 'W-' .7 . IWW: , W "lm-' 1, , gmgat., A -, I 'Inq IE- '1..- ga-nt.- Ii'-2T?f'-Wi' fl, kg 5-'J Bruce Ladewig We, the members of the graduating class of 1962, dedicate this volume of the Moo to our deceased classmate, Bruce Ladewig. 2 A n Table of Contents ADMINISTRATION . . . . 5 . SENIORS ....... . . ll UNDERGRADUATES . . . . 21 ATHLETICS . . . . .37 MUSIC . . . . . .57 ACTIVITIES .... . . 69 f! 2 .si-P ?!"":'I Sponsored by the BLUE EAGLE Ga DEE'S BEAUTY SHOP 3 -ia. ......l. 29,1- k l. A. 1 i'3,-ffm-D .2 X 1 .x .Q I i l L nm... 1 ' ,- ' 97 ' Q T LF"Y"', 'hi' ' W' If ,r Y- - 171' Yugi fi Ph -1-H gif. .-.1 W: UBC! ob lbw Clcrssicisfs S575 Fil l"l H1221 2- ' ..1'A'-1..-,,, -2 ADMINISTRATION Board of Education FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Mr. M. F. Christie, Superintendent of Schools, Mrs. Gladys Raabe, Secretary, Mr. Clement Butcher. SECOND ROW: Mr. Jesse Leonard, President, Mr. Harold Schernerg Mr. Floyd Doxtadg Mr. Henry Frahmg Not Shovsm: Miss Mildred J ackes, Treasurer. Y i .x M. F . CHRISTIE GLENN O. HOMPLAND Superintendent Principal Buena Vista College, B.A. University of Iowa, M.A. University of Michigan University of Colorado, M.A. Sponsored by BRUNING REPAIR 8: NICKLAS CLOTHING 'fi Ji 3 x"5 ga,- HARLAND HANSON Jr. High Principal Mathematics State College of Iowa, B.A. University of Iowa, M.A. WS ANN GROFF Home Economics Wayne State Teachers College, B.A.E. RUSSELL KRAAI 1" ---' - Social Studies, Athletics Morningside couege, BLA. ,Ag x ,Vg aiiigi 'rx' .gi-:B Z gel, V WILLIAM MCKNIGHT I 6 Science 4 i tti e L Clemson couege I I eetc elei College of Charleston, B.S. , I ' .Q University of Iowa it f I' ii University of South Dakota if I V lg 1 I M.E. if ' ifgljfgi' ' .. ,U Q , 1 if gf is .I WILLIAM BERRY I A Social Studies, Athletics I , , State College of Iowa, B.A. f g , - '-si 1. 4? " I' P iz- Y Q RUTH HARBOUR L English, Speech, Librarian Morningside College, B.A. University of South Dakota State College of Iowa I N iQA ,, Sponsored by CAROL'S BEAUTY SALON and STORM KING HATCHERY ARDITH HOHBACH Business University of South Dakota, B.S. University of Wisconsin KEITH CARSTENS Drivers Training and Industrial Arts Wayne State Teachers College, B.A. , ARTHUR GERBER Mathematics and Athletics State College of Iowa, B.A. Iowa State College University of South Dakota CATHERINE CI-IRISTIE English, Speech, and Pirateer advisor Clark College Buena Vista College, B.A. University of Iowa JAMES GAUL Latin, Jr. High Reading and Spelling Loras College, B.A. DENNIS JOHNSTON Vocal Music Grinnell College, B.A. GEORGE KRSNAK Instrumental Music Yankton College, B.M.E. University of South Dakota JOHN NAPOLI Jr. High Science Upper Iowa University, B.S State College of Iowa D 1 - ,V -, ,,.. rl .rf r, I 1 xi NI .., A , .VR--MA I tltltlgl- ' I I f , f 'E , -.x 1 NNT." ". . B., x. wx ss.. X sv fnxfqfkxx f f- Riga i. 1.-- , fy'v,1r4QMff" I fL 145 WARREN LASHER Jr. High Social Studies Jr. High Athletics Buena Vista College, B.A. CRAIG RULE Jr. High English High School Speech and Dramatics State College of Iowa, B.A. 3 lei! 2,16 4,- re 41' g ,fame '- - 'T' f ,gd fr! 7 . :W "" ' 0 -,M I X r-'S Nj.. rl ,.: gk Mrs. Gladys Raabe Mrs. Mabel Grothaus Mrs. Carl Branco School Secretary Assistant Secretary Lunchroom Supervisor 'el vuv 1 r Q, -Nf- - I n' or F, . ...if Louie Barghols, Fred Barghols Bus Drivers--Left to Right, ROW 1: Lyle Raabe, Harold Bochmann, Jim Custodians Werner, Merlin Jensen, George Friday. ROW 2: Harold Bremer, Fred Barghols, John Kiertzner, David Schmidt. Cooks--Left to Right: Mr. Lenz, Mrs. Leinbaugh, Mrs. Blenner, Mrs. Carnes, Mrs. Barghols, Mrs. Stewart. Not Bill Blexmer shown: Mrs. Steen. CUSf0di21H L ,... X .NL xx 1'ff"' .1 N gi la k I 'I L N. MX ,. .1 NEYNGFQ Q U- xi STUDENTS -'ii' sffffiin-fry-an-f 1, -gi 4'5- I 59 BETTE AGNEW ............. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Agnew "She may seem quiet at a glance, but wait until she gets a chance" Basketball 1,25 Athletic manager 3,45 Girls' Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,45 Girls' Sextet 2,35 Moo Staff 45 Junior Class Play5 Senior Class Play. SANDRA BAUMANN ..... Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Francis Barmiann "Heights were made to be looked at, not to be looked from" Basketball 1,25 Cheerleader 3,45 Pirateer Staff 1,2,3,45 Librarian 45 Speech 15 Pep Council Secretary 35 Junior Class Play5 Senior Class Playg Prom Server. BETTY BERGMANN .... Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Bergmann "Life without men would be fine, if you just leave me mine" Girls' Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,45 Girls' Sextet 2,35 j Madrigal 45 Pirateer Staff 2,3,45 Senior Class Play. CONNIE BEYER .............. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Beyer "I love life but I love men better" Basketball 1,2,3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Instrumental Small Groups 1,2,3,45 Girls' Glee Club 1,2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,45 Vocal Small Groups l,2, 3,45 Moo Staff5 Pirateer Staff 45 Junior Class Playg Senior Class Play. SUE BLACKMER ....... 4 ....... Daughter of Mrs. Opal Blackmer "Life is just a bowl of cherries andl do like cherries!" Basketball 1,2,3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Instrumental Small Groups 1,2,3,45 Girls' Glee Club 152, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,45 Vocal Small Groups 1,2, 3,45 Sec.-Treas. Girls' Glee Club 45 Moo Staff, Pirateer l,2,3,45 Speech 15 Class Treasurer 35 Class Secretary 15 Junior Class Playg Senior Class Playg Homecoming lst Attendant5 Prom Server. 12 ' LINDA BRANDT .................. Daughter of Mrs. Vera Brandt "An ounce of loyalty is worth a pound of cleverness" 5 g,1, Basketball 1,25 Girls' Glee Club l,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,45 Vocal Small Groups 2,35 Pirateer 2,35 Library Staff 15 All-State Chorus 3. LORNA BRANDT ................. Daughter of Mrs. Vera Brandt "lt's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice" Girls' Glee Club l,2,35 Mixed Chorus 2,35 Pirateer Staff 1,2,3,45 Library Staff 1,25 Speech 1,2,3,45 Junior Class Playg Senior Class Play. BRYAN BROSAMLE .......... Son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brosamle "Personality is his middle name" Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Track 1,2,3,45 Moo Staff5 Class Vice President 1,2,35 Class Secretary 45 Pep Council Officer 45 Junior Class was me-ae M wa-ag? Play5 Senior Class Play5 Homecoming King. MICHAEL BROSAMLE ............ Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Brosamle "It's not what a man stands for that counts5 it's what he falls for" Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Track 1,2,3,4g Junior Class Playg Senior Class Play, Prom Server5 Homecoming lst Attendant. DAN CIPPERLEY ............ Son of Mr. and Mrs. Marlin Cipperley "He was cut out to be an angel, but somebody lost the pattern" W Football l,2,3,45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Track 1,2,3,45 Class Secretary 35 X Class Treasurer 1,25 Senior Class Play5 Homecoming 2nd Attendant. Compliments OLROSARY SOCIETY ,JF W ,aegis l 5 5 iaazrw X N rr" J " '31 ii' Q as .x df' ff? .1 ,ff ' ah--ff 'R RONDA CLAUSEN ......... Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Clausen "She's the kind of girl we'd choose, to always keep and never lose." Basketball l,2,3,43 Girls' Glee Club l,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,45 Pirateer Staff 2,3,4g Class Vice-President 45 Moo Staffg Pep Council Of- ficer 4g Junior Class Playg Senior Class Playg Prom Serverg Vice-President of Girls' Glee Club. JUDITH COWAN ......... Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Cowan Who said I didn't like boys? That was yesterday." Basketball l,2,3,45 Girls' Glee Club 3,45 Junior Class Play. MARY JO DeWIT .......... Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James DeWit "Let us say what we feel, and feel what we say." Basketball 1,2,3,43 Band l,2,3,45 lnstru. Small Groups l,2,3,4g Girls' Glee Club l,2,3,43 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,45 Vocal Small Groups l,2,3,45 Prom Serverg Speech 1,2,3,4g Junior Class Playg Senior Class Playg All- State Band 1,2,3,45 Northwest Band l,2,3,4g Girls' Glee Club President 3. GEORGE DREESZEN .......... Son of Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Dreeszen "All the world is an audience, and I'm a three ring circus." Football 1,2,3,4g Track 1,2,3g Boys' Glee Club 3,45 Speech 3. HAROLD DROEGMILLH1 .... Son of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Droegmiller "Just like a broken mirror in the sun, I'm full of bright cracks" Band 1,2,3,43 Instru. Small Groups 1,2,3,45 Boys' Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4g Vocal Small Groups 3,45 Junior Class Playg Senior Class Play. Sponsored by IOWA PUBLIC SERVICE 14 Accompanistg Moo Staffg Pirateer Staff 2,3,4g Homecoming 2nd Attendantg 1 ... r T,-, - . 5 1 E-5 NVNXQNK lo fx E . ' . " XI 5 .Alf-rr-. 1, f -9- FM' ' 1, Y - .f , rat? C I . .1 14 ,. f . ,v ' ' rl. I WILLIAM ERICKSEN ......... Son of Mr. and Mrs. William Ericksen "Generally speaking, he's generally speaking. Football l,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,4g Track 1,2,3,4. EARL D. FICK ................ Son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl F. Fick "If you haven't heard, l'll tell you." Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball lg Track 1,2,3,43 Band l,2,3,45 Boys' Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 2,3,45 Vocal Small Groups l,2,3,45 Junior Class Playg Senior Class Playg Secretary of Boys' Chorus 43 All State v Chorus 3 . SHARON FELL .......... Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Fell, Jr. "Her quiet nature conceals a pleasant personality." fig- V, Girls' Glee Club 1,2,3,43 Mixed Chorus 45 Pirateer staff 45 Junior Class ' ' Playg Senior Class Play. ,. ,r '1 DENNIS FRITZ . . . ............. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Fritz "If school is Liberty, give me death." Football 1,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,45 Track 1,2,3,4. MARY CEI-IRTS .......... Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Gehrts "Her humor will cause any pessirnist to laugh." Band 1,2,3,43 Instru. Small Groups 1,2,3,-45 Girls' Glee Club 1,2,3,43 Mixed Chorus 2,3,45 Pirateer Staff 4g Junior Class Playg Senior Class Play. 131' ' 'fi '3 I v ,n. , JUDY GODBERSEN ..... Daughter of Mx. and Mrs. Theodor Godbersen "Gentle and shy, but the twinkle of mischief is found in her eye" Girls' Glee Club 1,2,3,43 Junior Class Playg Senior Class Play. KAREN HAHNE ........... Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hahne "Worry? Not in my dictionary" Band 1,2,3,43 Instru. Small Groups 1,2,3,4g Girls' Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,45 Vocal Small Groups 1,2,3,45 Pirateer Staff 45 Junior Class Playg Senior Class Playg All-State Chorus 3. JUNE I-IANSEN "Efficient, Sufficient, she fills the bill" Girls' Glee Club 1,2,3,-43 Mixed Chorus 3,45 Library Staff 2,3,4g Speech 1,25 Junior Class Play. NY-1 I JANET HARBOUR . . .. ........ Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Harbour "Life is what you make it, and am I busy building!" Band 1Y,2'k5 Girls' Glee l'Y,2'k,3,4g Mixed Chorus l1k,2W,3,45 Vocal Small Groups 35 Yearbook Staff lPk,2Pkg Pirateer Staff 45 Library Staff 1,2,45 Speech 1,2,3,45 Pep Club lflfg Senior Class Playg 'FPa1-ticipation at Correctionville High School. LINDA HUESCHEN ....... Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Hueschen "Hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst" Basketball l,2,3,4g Girls' Glee Club l. .,. es km E -. . W -hm his Epi' MARY INA HUESCI-IBN ............ Daughter of Mrs. Ina Schubert ' 5 "Poise, popularity, personality has she5 our queen she was and queen she'l1 bell Basketball l,2,3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Instru. Small Groups 1,2,3,45 Girls' Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,45 Vocal Small Groups 1,2,3,45 Moo Staff 45 Pirateer Staff 1,2,3,45 Junior Class Play5 Senior Class Play5 Home- coming Queen5 Secretary-Treasurer Band 45 Girls' Glee Club Secretary- Treastu-er 25 President 45 Mixed Chorus Secretary-Treasurer 3,45 All- State Band l,2,3,4. JOHN JOHANNSEN .......... Son of Mr. and Mrs. Orville Johannsen "If I didn't do it, it was my idea" Football l,2,3,45 Basketball 15 Track l,2,3,45 Boys' Chorus l,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 2,3,45 Vocal Small Groups 3,45 Junior Class Play5 Senior Class Play5 Band l,2,3,45 Instru. Small Groups l,2,3,45 Pep Ba.nd5 President Band 45 President Boys' Chorus 45 Vice President Mixed Chorus 45 All-State Chorus 2,3,4. .f .L lf .5 ,. CAROLL LAKE .............. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Luft "Peaceful, thoughtful, and refinedg always modest, sweet and kind" Girls' Glee Club 35 Pirateer Staff 253,45 Library Staff 45 Speech 2,3,45 Junior Class Playg Senior Class Play. we MARY LEINBAUGH ...... Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wyman Leinbaugh I "I don't say alot, but oh I can think" ,gf Basketball 15 Cheerleader 45 Girls' Glee Club 15 Pirateer Staff 2,3,45 Library Staff 45 Junior Class Play5 Senior Class Play. CHRISTINE LEONARD ....... Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elvin Leonard "Happy smile and winning way, never gloomy and always gay" Basketball 1,2,35 Athletic Manager 45 Band 1,2,3, 45 Instru. Small Group 3,45 Girls' Glee Club 15 Pirateer Staff 2,3,45 Library Staff 15 Speech 253,45 Class Treasurer 45 Pep Council Officer 45 Junior Class Play5 Senior Class Play. 17 1 'Y' " ' .." 4.1 ' ' ' Z'-A-E5 :vsrwi A asf! if F' 'y T' T' I in-, A-,Ys'n'w ,411i , : ggi 'ny V Mui.: 1 :H ki' X M5 E l X T ,, 4""1f o wi W f iw-A -N V i ALBERT LOOF, JR ......... ...... S on of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Loof EVEN ' ' l "I seem to know more and more about less and less" Q -- Q Basketball 1,2g Track 1,2,3,4. W' l 1 wr? WAYNE LOOF . . . ............ Son of Mr. a.ndMrs. Albert Loof My H "Don'1: think, ir hurts" Track 2,3,4. JANIVER MEYER .......... Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Meyer "Hit is unusual, I'll try it" 1 Basketball lg Band l,2,3,45 Instru. Small Group 35 Girls' Glee Club 1,2, 3,45 Mixed Chorus 2,3,4g Speech 2. ROGER NICKLAS ............. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nicklas ' "Ask him the time, and he'll tell you how to make a watch" 1 Football 1,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,45 Track 1,2,3,4g Moo Staffg Junior Class Play. PAUL NIEMEIER . . . . ..... . . . . . Son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Niemeier "They said it cou1dn't be done, and I believe them" Boys' Chorus 1,2,3,43 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4g Vocal Small Groups 1,2,3,4g Junior Class Playg Senior Class Play. Sponsored by PASH OIL dz MILLING 18 l D 'T 33 .. fag ze TWILA OLSON ................. Daughter of Mrs. Dorothy Olson "Neat--Sweet--from head to feet Basketball 14',2'k,3,4, Band 1,2,3,4, Instru. 1,2,3,4g Basket-Glee Club 1'k,24',3,4g Mixed Chorus 12k,2PY,3,4g Vocal Small Groups 1fk,2Plf,3,4g Moo Staff, Speech 22,45 Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play. 'kParticipation at Galva High School. Il GARY PUTENSEN ........... Son of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Putensen "I thought I saw him studying, but lo--it was a dream" Football 1,2,3,4g Basketball 1,35 Track 1,2,3,4g Senior Class Play. GARY RUHSER ............... Son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ruhser "Long, lean, and likeable" rtr V we Football l,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,4g Track l,2,3,43 Moo Staff, Class President 1,2,3,4g Pep Council 45 Junior Class Play. g ,lr .gl 55.31 IU A Z J i ' five? f,.jrz 4L1-,,,, - 1 NINA ANN SCHMIDT ............ Daughter of Mrs. Marie Schmidt "I didn't like the grade curve so I made a point of it" is Basketball 1,2,3,45 Band 1,2,35 Girls' Glee Club 2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 45 , Moo Staff, Pirateer Staff 1,2,3,4g Library Staff 1,2,45 Junior Class Playg Senior Class Play. DON SCX-IROEDER ............ Son of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Schroeder 1 "I favor a five-day week-end" Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball 15 Track 1,2,3,4, Band 1,2,3,4g Instru. Small Groups 1,2,3,45 Boys' Chorus 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 3, 45 Vocal Small Groups 3,43 Moo Staff, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Pep Bandg President Mixed Chorus 4. -Q-f' Sponsored by the FARMERS ELEVATOR CO. 19 Z. . :n"1-r L 1, , :K 5 i: mf GARY SCHUETT . . . Son of Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Schuett "There is two sides to every arguement my side and the wrong side. Football 1,2,3,4g Basketball l,2,3,4g Track 1,2,3,4g Junior and Senior Class Play. i Il DONNA SINNS . . . Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Sinns "Silence is one great art of conversation." Basketball 1,2,35 Speech lg Senior Class Play. PAUL STRIEPE . . . Son of Rev. and Mrs. William Striepe "I a.m a woman hater, but the Bible says 'Love thine Enemies." Football l,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,45 Track 1,2,3,4g Class Treas. 25 Senior Class Play. .. T f f -45 .,-- QS 5 f ' Fx . i LORINE TMMERMAN . Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Timmerman "All work and no play is not the life for me." Girls' Glee Club 2,3,4g Library Staff 1,4. LaDON WIESE . . . . Son of Mr. and Mrs. Loran Wiese Whatever the problem, somebody else will have the answer." Basketball 13 Band 1,25 Track l,2,35 Athletic Mgr. 45 Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 3,43 Junior Class Play, Basketball 141 Participation at Cushing High School JUDY WILLIAMS . Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jess Williams "Her laugh would incite a riot in a morgue." Basketball 1,2,3,4g Band 1,2,3,4g Instru. Small Groups 33 Girls' Glee Club l,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4g Vocal Small Groups 2,3,45 Junior and Senior Class Play. ay X' l ' r . N .E 5 H, y w 4 AS, l I Junior Class at V ' ..3 A in 1 if KY? FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Sandra. Conover, Betty Lingle, Vicki Bruning, Shirley Reimers, Donna. Timmerman, Mary Hem-ichsen, Connie Putenson, Jeanette Helken, Marsha Fell. SECOND ROW: Joyce Butcher, Sheryl Parker, David I-Ieeney, Dennis Sorensen, Sandra Bartels, Dennis Rohlk, Lester Wiese, Elaine Brown, Sharon Frahm, Ralph Verone. THIRD ROW: Lynn Hansen, Curtis Sorensen, Daniel Van Hemert, Milan Krambeck, James Keitges, Dennis Breyfogle, Scott Hanson, Robert Bauman, Ronnie Ludvigson. Class Officers fifi! w":g1 - e L FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Freshman--Ted Bruning, Bob Ericksen, Christine Hansen, James Striepe. SECOND ROW: Sophomore--Steve Bauer, Marion Conover, James Wienert, Irene Leonard. THIRD ROW: Junior--Mary Henrichsen, Vicki Bruning, Betty Longle, Jeanette I-Ielken. FOURTH ROW: Senior--Gary Ruhser, Ronda Clausen, l Brian Brosamle, Christine Leonard. All the above are arranged as the following: president, vice-president, sec- retary, treasurer respectively. Sponsored by KEITGES FOOD MARKET and ROGNES 8zMcCUTCI-IEON, Veterinarians Sophomore Class FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Diane Doxtad, Sheryle Wittrock, Irene Leonard, Paulette Beyer, Diane Dexter, Vernette Reimer, Doreen Cries, Joyce Loof, J acquelyn Goettsch. SECOND ROW: Steven Bauer, Charles Cip- perley, Larry McBride, Donald Vohs, Kenneth Buell, Ronald Sass, Wayne Freese, Marion Conover. THIRD ROW: David Buck, Romaie Leckband, Bradley Schoer, Duane Williams, Donald Sams, Dennis Leinbaugh, Larry Volkert. " JI-'EYES' I FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Nancy Seite, Janice Heitmann, Karen Hansen, Trudy Sinns, Carol Johnson, Paula Beyer, Roletta Albers, Patsye Iwen, Shirley Cronlund. SECOND ROW: Donna Steen, Roger Brown, Larry Goettsch, Gary Moser, Larry Killough, Larry Anniger, Charles Carlberg, Karen Bauman. THIRD ROW: Wilbur Wittrock, Terry Johnson, Kenneth Hogrefe, James Wienert, Kenneth Henrichsen, Curtis Opdahl, John Burkardt. Sponsored by the CENTRAL TELEPHONE CO. 8: R. K. HESER, Chiropractor 22 Freshman Class E'-ill Y Vf"'T ' V M e V .'.-'xii ',li2L..J: - I 'iO." ' 3 ' 'F' ,qs FHXST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Roger Dreeszen, Dennis Perkins, Margaret Breyfogle, Laurel Harbour, Mike Dusak, Christine Hansen, Jeanne Frahm, Ronnie Goettsch, Bob Ericksen. SECOND ROW: Craig Conover, Bob Wienert, Rene Ruhlow, Marvin Timmerman, Gary Stamp, David Ehler, Paul Scherner, Mark De Wit, Richard Parker, Roger Stocking. THIRD ROW: Neal Conover, Roy Rice, Burdette Conover, Bill Carstens, Ben Bye, Mark Scott, David Niemeier, Ken Verone, Ken Vohs. Absent from the picture is Marillis Johnson. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Cathy Jo McCrea, Marigene Kahl, Carol Lingle, Shelley Michaelsen, Karen Wittrock, Luann Rice, Diane Reiff, Bonnie Hansen, Kathy Conover, Beth Cowan, Joann Beyer. SECOND ROW: Eldon Reimexs, Marcia Lemburg, Victoria Irwin, Jeffrey Jochims, James Striepe, Valgene Wiese, Mike Michael- sen, Colleen Ludvigson, Diane Fick, Charlotte Vickery. THIRD ROW: Donald Johannsen, Douglas Kahl, David Walden, Duane Heeney, Paul Goettsch, Samuel I-leydt, Ted Bruning, Van Conover, Alan Kuchel. Sponsored by FOSSELL WATKINS PRODUCTS 8: ETHEL and HELEN'S Honor Page 1961 FOOTBALL TEAM 8 Wins--O losses--Undefeated Maple Valley Confer- ence Champions Co-Captains--Dan Cipperley, Bryan Brosamle Most Valuable Player--Dan Cipperley All-Northwest First Team- -Dennis Fritz All-Northwest Honor Roll--Gary Ruhser, Dan Cipper- ley Maple Valley Conf. First Team--Bill Ericksen, Dennis Fritz, Dan Cipperley, Mike Brosarnle Maple Valley Conf . Honor Roll--Gary Schuett, Paul Striepe, Gary Ruhser, Don Schroeder Des Moines Register 7th Team--Dennis Fritz Des Moines Register Honor Roll--Gary Ruhser, Bryan Brosamle, Gary Schuett, Mike Brosamle, Dan Cipper- ley 1960-61 BOYS' BASKETBALL TEAM 5 Wins--15 Losses Co-Captains--Bill Ericksen, Gary Schuett Maple Valley Conf. First Team--Bill Ericksen Maple Valley Conf. Honor Roll--Gary Schuett 1962 TRACK TEAM Co-Captains--Bryan Brosamle, Gary Schuett State Contenders Mike Brosamle--Shot Put Dan Cipperley--Discus--lst place in state Gary Ruhser--High Hurdles Gary Schuett--Low Hurdles--2nd place Ron Sass--High Jump Mile Relay Team 2-Mile Relay Team--5th in State 1961-62 GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM 24 Wins--1 Loss--Maple Valley Champions and Run- nersup in District Tourney Co-Captains--Mary Hueschen, Nina Schmidt State Free Throw Competitor--Sue Blackmer I.D.P.A. First Team--Sue Blackmer I.D.P.A. Honor Roll--Mary DeWit, Mary Hueschen Des Moines Register First Team--Sue Blackmer Des Moines Register Honor Roll--Mary DeWit, Mary Hueschen Maple Valley Conf. First Team--Sue Blackmer, Mary J o DeWit Maple Valley Conf. Second Team--Mary Hueschen D.A.R. Citizenship Award--Caroll Lake BETTY CROCKER HOMEMAKER OF TOMORROW- J aniver Meyer HOMECOMING ROYALTY-- QUEEN- -Mary I-Iueschen KING--Bryan Brosamle ATTENDANTS--Sue Blackmer, Mike Brosamle, Mary Jo DeWit, Dan Cipperley RELAYS ROYALTY QUEEN--Mary Ina Hueschen ATTENDANTS--Sue Blackmer, Mary Jo DeWit JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM ROYALTY QUEEN-Mary I-Iueschen KING-Bryan Brosarnle STATE SMALL GROUPS AND SOLO CONTEST Instrumental Groups--11 I's, Misc. Group of Wood- winds, Brass Quartet, Trombone Quartet, Brass Choir, B-Flat Clarinet Quartet, Mixed Clarinet Quartet, Clar- inet Trio "A", Brass Sextet, Flute Trio, Woodwind Choir, Saxophone Quartet. Instrumental Soloists--5 I's: Mary Jo DeWit, Mary Hueschen, Larry McBride, Karen I-Iahne, Joyce Loof. Vocal Soloists--3 I's: Mary DeWit, Karen Hahne, Kathy Conover Vocal Small Groups--3 I's: Madrigal A, Girls' Sextet, Girls' Quartet. ALLSTATE BAND--Mary Jo De Wit, Mary Hueschen, John Johannsen ALL-STATE CHORUS--Mary Ann Henrichsen, Kathy Conover, Kenneth I-Ienrichsen, Duane Williams. NORTHWEST IOWA BAND--Mary Jo DeWit, Mary Hueschen, Karen I-Iahne, John Johannsen. NORTHWEST IOWA CHORUS--Janice Heitmann, Lind Brandt, Dean Fick, Mark DeWit, STATE MUSIC CONTEST for LARGE GROUPS Girls' Glee Club--I Boys' Glee Club--II Mixed Chorus--I Concert Band--I HOLSTEIN SPEECH STUDENTS District--Seven Division I Ratings: Caroll Lake f2l, Diane Doxtad, Mary Ann Henrichsen, Laurel Harbor, Jeanne Frahm, Twila Olson, Mary Jo DeWit, State-Four Division I Ratings: Caroll Lake, Twila Olson, Mary Jo DeWit, Mary Ann Henrichsen. COMMENCEMENT AWARDS--Nominated for mem- bership to the National Athletic Scholarship Society: Bryan Brosarnle, Mike Brosamle, Dan Cipperley, Wil- liamson Ericksen, Dean Fick, John Joharmsen, Albert Loof, Jr., Roger Nicklas, Gary Putensen, Gary Schuett, Paul Striepe. High School Citizenship Award--Bette Agnew and John Johannsen. Iowa State Bar Ass'n. Award--Roger Nicklas. High School Activities Award--Connie Beyer, Sue Blackmer, Bryan Brosamle, Ronda Clausen, Mary Jo DeWit, Dean Fick, Karen l-Iahne, Janet Harbour, Mary Hueschen, John Johannsen, Christine Leonard, Twila Olson, Nina Schmidt, Don Schroeder, Judy Williams. Black and Orange Honor Cords Awards QB average or better in Scholarshipj: Karen I-Iahne, G.P. 3.0, Mary Gehrts, G.P. 3.0, Bette Agnew, G.P. 3.035 Janet Harbour, G.P. 3.06, Bryan Brosamle, G.P. 3.063 Mary Hueschen, G.P. 3.09, Christine Leonard, G.P. 3.135 Ronda Clausen, G.P. 3.20, Gary Schuett, G.P. 3.475 Nina Schmidt, G.P. 3.50, Sharon Fell, G.P. 3.5585 Sandra Baumann, G.P. 3.5623 Sue Blackmer, G.P. 3.6563 Gary Ruhser, G.P. 3.667 fSalutatorianj5 Roger Nicklas, G.P. 3.697 fValedictorianj. SCI-IOLARSHIPS Nina Schmidt--Amvets Auxiliary State Scholarship Bette Agnew--Freshman Merit Scholarship at State College of Iowa Gary Ruhser--Freshman Merit Scholarship at Iowa State University PERFECT ATTENDANCE IN HIGH SCHOOL Ronda Clausen, Gary Ruhser, Judy Williams. 24 21 Kindergarten l IH"':!i :Sai 5 ! l"1EiiE E 'Q' vw -Pt W ,s .,.. .- mmm -rfmrvr l 'Q LA! Y' a 933511 A W Bl E we l W i zf- T I 5,-d FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Paul Werthman, Sheila De Sutter, Clint Heilman, Lori Hammer, Brenda Emick, Jeanette Schultzen, Susan Kay, Scotty Carnes. SECOND ROW: Jeri Huenecke, Greg Sorensen, Larry Volkert, Julie Paulsen, Susan l-Iirschman, Sharie Earnest, Debra Heydt. THIRD ROW: Ricky Lewis, Jerry Kahl, Debra Susie, Bradley Leonard, Scott Hompland, Teresa Borchers, Joanie Ericksen, Kim Ehler, Mitch Ehler, Mark Leon- ard. FOURTH ROW: Connie Wittorf, Billy Joe Koeppe, Debra Parker, Kim Friedrichsen, Lynette Ellerbusch, Miss Halleen, Pamela Blenner, Jerry Andresen, Kerrie Sue Pfalsgraf, Tommy Lancaster. .in Ml slwe W mf 1 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Kathy Hanson, Patricia Daugaard, Leanne Johnson, Colleen Fouts, Rosemary Susie, Diane Wittrock, Teresa Phillips, Darlene Conover, Jodee Frahm, Joanne Iwen, Mary Heser. SECOND ROW: Brenda Wienert, Lori Sorensen, Twila Scherner, Lu Ann Libke, Candi Hansen, Mary Ann Buell, Susan Irwin, Diane Hoag- lund, Peggy Mc Guire, Becky Stocking, Karen Miller. THIRD ROW: Miss Halleen, Kent Rice, Tom Galvin, Steven Terry, David Krsnak, Andy Myrtue, Wally Moller, Kirby Goettsch, Jody Fraser, Pat Coppa, Herbie Sears, Brian Conover. Sponsored by CONOVER'S 66 STATION 8cWAGON and STATE THEATRE Grade One FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Vickie Downs, Janis Ehler, Sandra Heilxnan, Pamela Ewoldt, Barbara Branco, Lori Wiese, Carolyn Dreeszen, Cindy Todd, Sandra, Joni Huenecke, Molly McGuire, Debra Kay. SECOND ROW: Barbara Ruser, Mark Lohafer, Lori Schroeder, Sheree Vollmar, Marc Hamman, Larry Brosamle, Mark Werthman, Judy Underriner, Randall Leonard, Douglass Soseman. THIRD ROW: Miss Van Vickle, Steven Kofmehl, Steven Rochau, Dennis Miller, Thomas Radke, Ellen Krambeck, Carmen Gebers, David Borchers, Douglas Clausen, Michael Hanson, Thomas Gehrts. Not Available For Picture: Debra Reimers. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: David Seite, Camelia Logan, Peter Larson, Connie O'Meara, Angela Jessen, Susan Daugaard, Jean Wiese, Sheila Sorensen. SECOND ROW: Susan Brownlee, Gregory Leonard, Duane Miesner, Alan Bauer, Randall Hamm er, Gary Hompland, Eldon Krarnbeck, Kent Schlinz, Jean Ellenberg, Mrs. Carstens. THIRD ROW: Steven Bremer, Thomas Andresen, Mitzi Munz, Carole Friedrichsen, Terry Schultzen, Teresa Fell, Linda. Frazer, Jean Buell, Darrell Gronland. FOURTH ROW: Toni Coppa, Edward Rohlk, Jon I-leitrnan, Gary Goettsch, Kathy Miller, Bobby Wittorf, Karla Hansen, Elizabeth Sokolowski. Sponsored by AGNEW 6: SOSEMAN INS. 8: BONDING SERVICE 26 Grade Two FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jean Susie, Denise Schoer, Diane Ericksen, Terry Munz, Darnell Ludvigson, Joylyn Wiese, Suzanne Roepe, Mary Lou Kay, Lu Ann Krager, Deborah Kuhl, Donna Beyer. SECOND ROW: Kurt Conover, Ardell Volkert, Clifton Conover, Danny Friedrichsen, Dale Miller, Andy Buell, Brian Hargens, Richard Wittrock, Gene Dutler. THIRD ROW: Mrs. I-Iavick, Larry Weber, Timothy Koeppe, Roger Goettsch, Patrice Wienert, Barbara Joslin, Debra Eckennan, John Crary, Mark Lancaster, Joel Frahm. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Kathleen Daugaard, Nancy Gehrts, Sandra Earnest, Diane Schoer, Debra Wiese, Barbara Lamp, Debra Kastner, Gail Ericksen, Julie Ehler, Theresa Underriner. SECOND ROW: Douglas Hoaglund, Steven Myrtue, Vickie Steen, Mary Cope, Hollis Meyer, Susan Endrulat, Kent Madsen, Jeffrey Bremer, Kevin Conover. THIRD ROW: Kurt Meyer, Howard Dittmer, James DeWit, John Butcher, Mark McCutcheon, Steven Reineke, Greg Emick, Joel Wellendorf. Miss Marlene Fairley. Sponsored by BEYER ELECTRIC 8: CORREGOUX'S GARAGE 27 Grade Three FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Janet Leonard, Janet Droegmiller, Connie Downs, Kathleen Kay, Donna Fouts, Connie Schultzen, Jean Ruser, Janice Wiese, Barbara Galvin, Christine Sokolowski. SECOND ROW: Steven Wever, Eldean Gehrts, Kent Conover, Paul Freese, Gary Brosarnle, Perry Bochmann, Mark Larson, Curtis Eckerman, Brian Reiff, Bill Rohlk. THIRD ROW: Steven Kay, Dean Loof, Kathy Goettsch, Kristin Friedrichsen, Carmen Goettsch, Marilyn Scherner, Tom Goettsch, Robert Johnson, Mrs. Rule. 5-tru FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Rhonda Lewis, Jackie Moller, Lois Hammer, Erica Heilman, Mary Ann Reineke, Barbara Beyer, Terri Ehler, Patty Jo Dittmer, Linda Sears, Linda Werthman. SECOND ROW: Jon Stoneking, Jeff Rognes, Tim Andresen, Greg Stocking, Mark Croxell, Ann Underriner, Dennis Miesner, David Lancaster, Tom Irwin, Mike Wienert. THIRD ROW: Miss Dandy, Steven Seite, David Clausen, Roy Williams, Daniel Roepke, Edward Gronlund, Kendall Brodexsen, Clay Conover, George Ehrig. sponsored by CHESTER HANSEN, SIMONSENS at DEAN LINGLE TRUCKING SERVICE 28 Grade Four FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Janice Werthman, Ellen Buck, Cathy Steen, Barbara Ericksen, Marlo Johnson, Connie Wiese, Angela Schuett, Karla Nicklas, Vicki Otto, Leona Ehrig, Julie I-Ieser. SECOND ROW: Steven Vohs, Grant Conover, Merrill Wittrock, John Hammer, Lowell Joslin, Daniel Ehler, Michael Daugaard, Cole Bremer, James Dutler, Bradley Stamp. THIRD ROW: Robert Butcher, Gary Seite, Brian Lamp, Nancie Irwin, Rena Hargens, Jean Heitmann, Curtis Rector, Dale Goettsch, Miss Streed. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Lorna Dutler, Vicki Lenz, Diane Scherner, Lea Harbour, Kathleen Susie, Jacqueline Sears, Colette De Sutter, Marsha Gehrts, Debra O'Meara, Jeanne Kahl. SECOND ROW: Randall Dreeszen, Ronald Lingle, Timothy Lohafer, Harry Endrvlalz, Dwight Conover, Gregory Johnson, Daryl Hammer, Bradley Bauer, Delane Hogrefe, Keith Logan, Pat Kennedy. THIRD ROW: Stephen Carnes, Chuck Goettsch, Linda Krambeck, Debra Gebers, Patricia Johannsen, Jane Hammer, Jacqueline Broderson, Carol Schultzen, Bruce Boock. Mrs. Gorman. Sponsored by BLANC!-IE'S BEAUTY SHOP 8: THE GOOD SAMARITAN HOME 29 5 Grade Five FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Linda Boock, Teresa Galvin, Janine Wellendorf, Billee Jean Leonard, Cathy Friedrichsen, Debra Conover, Connie Steen, Diane Iwen, Rebecca Carnes. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Drury, Ricky Williams, Sharleen Leonard, Rozann Wiese, Mary Jo Bagenstos, Jo Lynn Rognes, Dianne I-Iammer, Edward Hansen, Paul Fell. THIRD ROW: Randy Lewis, Kellye Pfalzgraf, Marc Michaelsen, Randy Bochmann, Craig Schlinz, Kenneth Johnson, Clair Downs, David Scott. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Patty Otto, Danelle Sorensen, Barbara Scherner, Linda Lenz, Linda Cipperley, Janet I-leeney, Beverly Schultzen, Sonja Strandberg, Miss Jones. SECOND ROW: Ricki Eckerman, David Susie, Kenneth Watters, Ronald Parker, Brian Schuett, John Leonard, Gary Albers, James Kaster, Michael Croxell. THIRD ROW: Ronnie Lewis, David Conover, Robert Brown, Michael Radke, Robert Wittrock, James Loof, Jerry Ruser, Randy Kay. Sponsored by NATIONAL COUNCIL OAK STORE 8: BOY SCOUT TROOP NO. 144 30 Grade Six .xxf FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Kristine Larsoen, Patricia Reineke, Kathy Goettsch, Linda Kuchel, Nancy Stocking, Connie Johnson, Helen Alpers, Sandra Susie, .Betsy Lancaster. SECOND ROW: Gary Wiese, Daniel Doxtad, Thomas Fraser, Laura Larson, Barbara Madsen, Rolan Albers, Wayne Schoer, David J ackes, Miss Kitchen. THIRD ROW: Cheri Logan, John De Sutter, Robert Leinbaugh, Marlene Johnson, Mary Ann Ehrig, Dennis Ludvigson, James Kay, Elizabeth I-Ieydt. 3 N-'R-i -1 , Nl, . R113-I . 1 1 'i FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Sandra Eriksen, Connie Fouts, Elizabeth Seam, Barbara Jean Conover, Judy Pash, Janelle Wittxock, Rhonda Vickery, Charlotte Fouts, Susan Goettsch, Carol Jean McKnight. SECOND ROW: Robert Keitges, Gail Gebers, Nancy Timmerman, Kristin Goettsch, Sally Kuder, Patricia Irwin, Kim Walden, Merritt Wiese, Mrs. Preul. THIRD ROW: Allen Conover, Larry Hansen, Steven Klotz, Nolan I-Ieilman, John Bau- man, Michael Kennedy, Pl1il1ip Lohafer, Daniel Niemeier. Sponsored by WM. JACKES, STANDARD OIL 8a KERSLAKE SUNDRIES 31 Grade Seven 1 , I Y , ' F4 fight 7 . rn Gin , P"j- , 9. A li D, IIN " " FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Linda Seite, Craig Beyer, Terry Conover, Gary Sorensen, Robert Wiese Jr., Shelly Noel, Rheta Schlinz, Robert Kaus, Douglas Lohafer, Rodney Vohs, Larane Volkert. SECOND ROW: Thade Bagenstos, Bonnie Lorenzen, Yvone Leonard, Paul Boock, David Rohlk, Timothy J ackes, Larry Rector, Raymond Rice, James Irwin, Stephen Schultzen, Mr. Napoli. THIRD ROW: Linda Stamp, James Fell, Cary Conover, Carol Gronlund, Kent Fick, Linda Wittrock, Peggy Ann Bochmann, Diane Gebers, Bruce Branco, John Werner. - CN .IIS J PM '-9 U FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Douglas Krager, Steven Clausen, Bruce Conover, Stanley Bauer, Scheryl Goettsch, Judith Heitmann, Beverly Dutler, Peggy Hammer, Michael Still, Bruce Lingle, Mark Still, Lane Volkert. SECOND ROW: Margy Ann Goettsch, Link Stoneking, Dennis Grothous, Christine DeWit, Cynthia Dutler, Cynthia Hansen, Pamela Hansen, Robert Kastner, Rick Ehler, Marcia Rognes, Mr. Rule. THIRD ROW: Joleen Lemke, Carole Butcher, Lyle Wittrock, Mark Brosamle, LeRoy Goettsch, David Reiff, Keith Conover, Pamela Kahl, Mark De Sutter, Thomas Bruning. Sponsored by the DESSEL SCHMIDT POST NO. ZZSSLTHE ROYAL CLEANERS 32 Grade Eight FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Phillip Hanson, Bruce Klotz, Connie Strandberg, Linda Conover, Linda Johnson, Marlys Helkenn, Pamela Sears, James Sorensen, Dennis Sams, Monte Beyer. SECOND ROW: Mr. Hanson, Susan Kahl, Tamela Johnson, Shirley Madsen, Connie Kraai, Anna Hogrefe, Elaine Eriksen, Peggy Conover, Lanyce Dreeszen. THIRD ROW: Reas Madsen, Robert Freese, Gary Brodersen, Joe Keitges, David Dexter, Danny Eller- busch, Dennis Hoaglund, Roger Larsen. 3: aff ' . , X ffxi r" - I' , n. rt. , I 5' 2: PQ, " . ,' I -. ..,, . . -- - .. - , 'F A.,-se it - ff, -Q 1 ""' , . QL," fox , '.l,e"N"f' l 1 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dan Buck, Tony Ehrig, Rod Hansen, Claire Leinbaugh, Pam Baumann, Jeff Lenz, Linda Krager, Margaret Jones, J erel Wittrock, John Kuchel. SECOND ROW: Mr. Lasher, Don Dutler, Bill J ackes, Jim Beyer, Luane Wiese, Dan Schultzen, Cindy Ehler, Sue Leonard, Susan Hass, Betty Lorenzen. THIRD ROW: James Clausen, Terry Bauman, Dale Clausen, Connie Freiclrichsen, Keith Fick, Dennis Seite, Betty Bauman, Dennis Schuett, Judy Fraser. Sponsored by WILLIAM WALKER, SHELLING 8: HOLSTEIN LUMBER CO. 33 Jr. Hi h Football ' sa? :.:a..Jf'38e33f f 1 gn K 11- " P- -b li' vii., ' se, Q it it - e, l FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Craig Beyer, Bruce Lingle, Bruce Klotz, Phil Hanson, John Kuechel, Dan Buck, Dennis Seite, Dennis Schuett, Mark Brosamle, Cary Conover, Thad Bagenstos, Robert Wiese, Steven Clausen. SECOND ROW: Rodney Vohs--Mgr. Monte Beyer, Mgr. Bruce Branco, Bruce Conover, Dennis Sams, Rod Hansen, Roger Larsen, Terry Bauman, Jim Clausen, Link Stoneking, Rick Ehler, Dale Clausen, Reas Madsen, Jeff Lenz, Tom Bruning, Mike Still. THIRD ROW: Mr. Napoli, Mr. Lasher, Paul Boock, Keith Fick, Dave Dexter, Joe Keitges, Bill Jackes, Tim J ackes, Luane Weise, Jim Beyer, Dan Ellerbusch, Don Dutler, Bob Freese, Gary Broder- son. FOURTH ROW: Terry Conover, Gary Sorensen, Kent Fick, Larry Rector, Robert Kastner, Ray Rice, Keith Coover, Doug Lohafer, Mark DeSutter, Stan Bauer, Mark Still. Jr. Hi h Cheerleaders LEFT TO RIGHT: Claire Leinbaugh, Marlys Helkenn, Judy I-leitmann, Linda Seite. Jr. High Basketball X 'XX X 22,-FH f 2l'D 'ZRNH ,1"-7.91 , 1 lrnilli 1 ll I-'X'-fd'-! l-13131 lzl .'. , X X FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Lasher, Pam Baumann, Peggy Conover, Betty Lorenzen, Connie Kraai, Cyndie Ehler, Sue Leonard, Linda Kxager, Linda Conover, Mr. Napoli. SECOND ROW: Carol Butcher, Shelly Noel, Linda Johnson, Elaine Ericksen, Pa.mela Sears, Lanyce Dreeszen, Diane Gebers, Linda Stamp. THIRD ROW: Pam Kahl, Marcia Rognes, Bonnie Lorenzen, Christine DeWit, Cyndie Dutler, Pam Hansen, Cyndie Hansen, Peggy Hammer. M M fi 1 gfzw 'az l55,2f:31 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Lasher, Keith Fick, Joe Keitges, Dave Dexter, Jim Beyer, Dale Clausen, Jeff Lenz, Rod Hansen, Mr. Napoli. SECOND ROW: Bruce Branco, Mark Brosamle, Roger Larsen, Bob Freese, Bill J ackes, Reas Madsen, Phil Hanson, Robert Wiese, Jr. THIRD ROW: John Werner, Link Stoneking, Rick Euler, Tim Jackes, Paul Boock, Thad Bagenstos, Bob Kaus, Steve Clausen. Sponsored by MCGUIRE AUCTION CO. Lie' L. h ,f3'N-fx - -12-X P' FQQ A '34, -it lee... 'ka 1--Don who??--2--The Caffeine kid--3--I was a 57 lb. weakling!--4--"Gone With the Wind"--5--Our own Miss America's--6--What do you mean the line was busy?'?-7--"The Clan"--8--Cheese 'Z--9--The blast of the year! --10--What have we done??--11--Miss Photogenic of '02--12--Timber!--13--Oh, to be a freshman again!--l4- But there has to be a Santa Claus!-15--Rotton eggs are delicious! --16--Oh, don't embarass me!--17--Come and get me ladies!--18--King of the Icicles--19--The Lineup--20--Smile! You're in the Moo--21--You ca11ed?? f X - 91 A ATHLETICS Maple Valley FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Kenneth Verrone, manager, Neal Conover, Ronnie Goettsch, Dave Walden, Eldon Reimers, Roy Rice, Bill Carstens, Ted Bruning, Duane Heeney, Douglas Kahl, Robert Ericksen, Alan Kuchel, Jim Striepe, manager. SECOND ROW: La Don Wiese, manager, Donald Johannsen, Burdette Conover, David Ehler, Richard Parker, Mike Dusak, Gary Stamp, Mike Michaelsen, Craig Conover, Bob Wienert, Mark De Wit, Roger Stocking, Van Conover. THIRD ROW: Ben Bye, Kenneth Hogrefe, Wayne Freese, Larry Killough, Larry Goettsch, Donald Vohs, Ga.ry Moser, Kenneth Buell, Marion Conover, Jim Wienert, Charles Cipperley, Steven Bauer. FOURTH ROW: Duane Willims, Dave Buck, Mark Scott, Don Sams, Milan Krambeck, Dan Van I-Iemert, Dennis Sorensen, Jim Keitges, Dave Heeney, Curtis Sorensen, Ronnie Leckband. FIFTH ROW: Dennis Leinbaugh, Ralph Verrone, Scott Hanson, Robert Bauman, Roger Nicklas, Dean Fick, Bryan Brosamle, Dennis Breyfogle, Curtis Opdahl, Ron Ludvigson, SIXTH ROW: George Dreeszen, John Johannsen, Paul Striepe, Donald Schroeder, Gary Ruhser, Dennis Fritz, Bill Ericksen, Gary Putensen, Mike Brosamle, Dan Cipperley, Gary Schuett. Not shown in picture--Head Coach Russ Kraai, Line Coach Art Gerber and Freshman Coach Bill Berry. Sponsored by JAMES W. MARTIN, Physician8a Surgeon 38 Champions An all senior ball club with the exception of one junior on the defensive team, Holstein ended its third undefeated season in four years . During these four years Holstein never lost a home game and with this year's record ran its winning streak to 21 games . Lacking experience in their first game, the Pirates, nonetheless, defeated Alta 26-l3 . F or the second game of the season Onawa journeyed to Holstein hoping to overtake the rugged club, but they were turned away 20 to l3 . Although foggy weather cut visibility to a minimum Marcus failed to elude the Pirates and fell 40-O. Homecoming was made complete as Holstein trounced Correctionville by the score of 46-0 . Gaining in prowess and confidence the Black Pirates totaled a score of 33 points while the seemingly power- ful Mapleton team attained seven points. The highlight of the season came when Kingsley made a strong bid to end Holstein's winning streak, The Pirates drove nearly the full length of the field in the last four minutes and attained the final touchdown to clinch the victory 18-13. The score of 33-6 over Moville was made possible by Holstein's very strong second half. Tension ran high as Holstein met a tough Odebolt team in an attempt to gain 21 victories in a row and an undefeated season. Defeating Odebolt by 20-0 in the final game of the season, Holstein finished this year as Maple Valley Conference Champions for the 7th year, Sponsored by CHUCK'S BODY SHOP 8a DAVID CRARY, Attorney at Law 39 fa ' 4. ' ' ,. WT' -' i " '- ir V ' S - - 1 , lt'5f4i3':f A N , f 4 1 o e Dan Cipperley FB, Senior . Aff? Z: AA Z Dean Fick LG, Senior N fun na., I, f Q1-g,.'xvfz-:V f' i f w Mike Brosamle Gary Schuett RI-I, Senior LH, Senior """X S 1 if-y 0. .CLF g- -ff" 1 4 454 'wh ' V ' - x f 5 ' ' - . f 13 ,, , 1 ' ' M- e f or ' .S ri ' A' 1 '. f55'f'7'?fi'-'Y A , ' ' Wifi?" Mu -,gg ,W . V ' ' ' 'A Q. . '41 N f -5 F 'mx 1 1' ,4 'Z "fJf'?iL REI ull K, ' 1 . fi.: -.-' 1' - ,I 1 , l-1'i'i'E 'A 'iii' ' ' 2 i lffx' S- .07 Ni" ' ,S , il me S , Don Schroeder Bryan Brosamle Gary Ruhser Paul Striepe RT, Senior QB, Senior RE, Senior LE, Senior E J , I I . , 1 is 1' 'V ve 5 X -fs? SQ- f - We 'W' J. " '- 1' g 'F 'y I v X-5 jr Q . Y ' xl I , L I E xiii - Qs if, ' W 1-J " 'fir' -f. . x f' " ' ' ' . f V 1 ,"?'-"' , NWI' h .4 . -- ' WHT y t 4, -'1-gf A-"' ' -1 , ' ' .,.+ Y Q Af". . l X ' ' ' ' 'L QQ 3 ' Y. Y L. J , Roger Nicklas George Dreeszen Dennis Fritz Bill Ericksen RG,Senior LT, Senior C, Senior LG, Senior Sponsored by THE HOLSTEIN ADVANCE - if -v ' "-wg . ,, ,,-. .,.,,. v. 'v. '.t-,..-,--.- Axim. 4 ,f---' I ,- K ,f - J V . , av 'mf ' 'V' f 4-15. 5 X ev.-Q 4, 4 XA I - 1 V -'4v'bg ' '- 1: " ' 4 , . - J A . 1 V - 1, Am -nn: ' "H 1 'E '-Q ok , Q-C lf . ' - 1 . 1- .' ,V fi , CJ- J 5, 5 , A , N f fit wap,-'A --.l'vqJ,iv4-pl i - - -. S 31 - - 5' 1 i J nr'-if J , , 1, ' . effff - Jr --2 -:f' Y- 4 91" if -J A V . 1 J ' .W 1- in V, i V X Hg, - L V ' , W ,Vi , if - K Q I ii' 'E' ' V f' H V535 V Zi .MILE . John Johannsen Gary Putensen Dennis Breyfogle Jim Keitges LE, Senior C, Senior FB, Junior QB, Junior X V V , S 'rs I - ,c V - I 39, . . ' - - f' 1 x' if V L V g -L " ' I 1 J N Vu 3-I4 I I V, , J - -new " N J ist- ' - Mfq ' ,f - xg. J ,V Y I wg U V -. is me V 1 a+5i . i-- C J,-an .-sfxuf -Q , F H23 1 ' - ,- r4L:f?jf?'fgr 7 'Q F 'U' . ' ,:' , .' r- gift: ' ' 'fir .V is ,l.' V V ., C' ' HEEL? - 5 u 3' - X' 1 . , ,ij ,Q .. ,, . I , Milan Krambeck LH, Junior Curtis Sorensen RH, Junior Dan Van Hemert C, Junior Dennis Sorensen LT, Junior K -rv : ' N ' - I' . ' Q - - .- - ,lp-, -. - V..f-F - -- - , 'X - If U' ,, pf-, .- - .- Q.. 1 ,A - "-'X -'Yi 1:35 ,Q-A V V ' T275 x av' vu ' ,- X . ' 'Uv , " .- . ' -2,5 ' V M '. . Y . - . , ? J X ' ' ' , 'A V V V 1 V ', msn jf" . ' 1 - -- - 'D ' ' "if "- " ' ' 1' . V . - V i ,V-V , -Q , . A In al!! ' 'lid'-"'::!"u . -vi V iii' f SQQQ 4, X 7 5 ' -111' ' ' Af-Wifi-1 ' f-V4 V55 lv-fw,.,, -if X '7!f.T"TiI1 "i:Q.5- T' 2'-'if -033 - " -1152 'H .nffififff 57" - '- +3511 - "-. Q-1-' - ' -i ' 'Q ' - 1 ' nxeizf ' Q' 'f-'fi-' -' ' ' ...... . 'Q f. is .. f 1 - ' -1, .-,. f-1'-.QM ff af- W .- . 1- Ju 1. - V. .. f., ' -1 "' 1-ff: ' , If fl? ' ' K Hr? -' - , - J- ' l,,-- ir! K Sfsszfffi ' rkfn. l i g Lf gl - . ' , ggi V, ,-,,, LA '31 , fi- Vg!! ' -J Tm Y L V, iigigj 54211: Scott Hanson Bob Bauman Ron Ludvigson Ralph Verrone Dave Heeney RE, Junior ' RG, Junior C, Junior LG, Junior LE, Junior Sponsored by WIENERT TRUCKING 2 , ' A I r 1-f ., f -3 .I I .," . Y?- T ,--. Q.. Cipp erley closes in. X69 I-1:1 lx Ss fp' Qs ! 5 V . if 1 ., Q , ,, - 1-1 A ,F .,", X ' ,S ffjji. wx wr r' ' '9.: . vf , -4.-Agww , f L5 x,g"FH-.QfT'in,f?,g 2 si" ' . W D 'SM- . 1 wr .gf M 53 2 Trouble looms ahead. -1' ,, ' :Wu ' 'MHP I-4 . ' fain. fiifa 'f'2vgX??,. , Wg? L 'fu' 2.42 ' 1 Y! .Q Y S1 1' ' 7 .. 1 rf .A 3- .rv L .f ,Lu A . A V wr 1? ii. M it J. A -il Q A' I.-K ,' , , V- . ur i . , 'J x x . K x 1 ff - ' ' 7 ' N ! K 33335 Li q I 2' P aim ' A if X. A- 4 2 4 Y ,A I x 1 . , Y i . I ' v Black Piratettes LEFT TO RIGHT: Judy Williams, Nina. Schmidt, Judy Cowan, Sue Blackmer, Mary Hueschen, Mary Jo DeWit, Ronda Clausen, Connie Beyer, Vicki Bruning, Sandra Conover, Linda I-lueschen, Twila Olson. SEAS ON 'S RECORD Holstein Opponent 60 .... . . Westwood ....... ..... 5 2 69 . . . . . Odebolt-Arthur . . . . .39 85 . . . . . Anthon-Oto .... . . . 65 88 . . . . . Everly fClinicj . . . . . 78 76... ..Aure1ia ...... ...57 81 . . . . . Correctionville . . . 50 72... ..Batt1eCx'eek... ..25 100... ..Ma.rcus ..... ...74 71... ..La.keView... ...33 70... ..Washta ...... ...26 75. .. ..MapleValley. . . ..55 89 . . . . . Moville ..... . . . 41 69 . . . . . Kingsley-Pierson . . .60 86... ..Onawa ...... . ..55 50... ..Ga1va ...... . ..46 85 . . . ..... Battle Creek . . . . . 48 Conference Tourney 92 . . . .... Moville ...... . . 34 63 . . . . . Westwood .... . . . 55 76 . . . .... Kingsley-Pierson . . . . 58 Sectional Tourney 88... ..Galva ....... . ..51 88... ..Cushing ..... . ..20 78 . . . .... Correctionville . . . . 77 District Tourney 91... ..Lawton ....... ...73 78... ..Whiting ..... . .. 60 59 . . . . . Kingsley-Pierson . . . . 77 Since the 1951-52 season the Holstein Black Piratettes have Won 241 games and Were defeated in 30 games . The 1961-62 Piratettes contributed a 24-1 season. Their only defeat came in the finals of district tournament play . With three returning regulars from the previous roster, Coach Russ Kraai built a strong squad. Offensively the team scored 1939 points for the season with an average of 77 .6 points a game . Defen- sively the guards held the opponents to a total of 1309 points--a 52 .4 point average . Regular season and conference play found the Orange and Black on top every game . They seized the Maple Valley and Sectional Tournament crowns . Defeat came their way for the first time in twenty-five starts in the finals of the District Tourney. They were beaten by Kingsley-Pierson, Whom the Piratettes had downed two times earlier in season play. Congratulations, Piratettes on another very successful record for I-l.l-l.S . Mary Hueschen Post Forward .--ng Sue Blaclqn er Forward LQ f Sandra Conover Forward 31" Mary Jo De Wit Post Guard Nina Schmidt 44 Linda. Hueschen Guard Guard A Blackmer swish DeWit pulls one down. Linda drives left, Hueschen leaps high. Mary scores from the side. Mary Jo rebounds again Sponsored by STOLLEYS AND SAXON LUMBER COMPANY Defense in action Sandy sinks one. x l X H 1 J e Blackmer jumps and shoots. It's a toss-up. L. Nice rebound, Mary Jo Hueschen racks up a jumpshot Sponsored by the FIRST METHODIST CHURCH Piratette "B" Squad FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bonnie Hansen, Shelley Michaelsen, Christine Hansen, Laurel Harbour, Dianne Dexter, Jeanne Frahm, Cathy Jo McCrea. SECOND ROW: Diane Fick, Marillis Johnson, Carol Johnson, Margaret Breyfogle, Trudy Sinns, Joann Beyer. THIRD ROW: Kathy Conover, Donna Steen, Paulette Beyer, Paula Beyer, Joyce Loof. "B" SQUAD RECORD Holstein Opponent 43 . . . .Anthon-Oto . . . . 33 37 . . . . Odebolt-Arthur . . . 16 30 . . . .Correctionville . . .48 49 . . . .Battle Creek . . . 39 46 . . . .Aurelia . . . .37 51 . . . .Mapleton . . . . 35 51 . . . .Anthon-Oto . . . 26 1 . . Y f .QQ A, Q 4 5 A nf- - ea? 1 v- , Q., g X - is 1-1-X K M :qu ar - I Q, .- X, as img ' -S A f e 'N psf 2 1 Q 1' Q. , 'J f-3.5 ,"' ' N' It ' R fig "- " .. ES an 'Qi Q I 3 A ff 1 - , MGfii?2?1,n W' ' K' - .- J. f ' if 22 ,N at . B ' W , ., ' ,- 2' meeiwl ' - -' 'fl' .' -59 f w 1: . ,' Q A. fY,!NYi5,:j '.p1j,43, gigs ' j NME 4 V 1 ,- Wg my M"fg?:ij53'1i's.W it .. . V mi ff ,,, Y, YY gg.. , l- - S ' I-7,27 by -1 'ig frifxfiu vw, v. W 1 k ' ' 12, 'A rx! I' M" rv M avi' Lael. , 'U' -1 fi ,ga .J WIA :fra ' Mai- .1 U X f ,55,lf,5w11'-V57 :Saw sw- W I v 0 3 A m"E-5 , .VI f 'Veena 15,351 '21 I ' X I f H' 5 ' , Y .Mgw e.efats1ff':- ' ' . f' 1- ' I ' WSH " ' Q 4 'T I if ' g 323551 T2 E-2 - '-. -J ' Q ' X mgrm ' Mg W f . , 5 .7 . V I il :F-' .. -in 1,14 f gf' ' A ytgfefss-fa?:"faT ,nf , V , 0 1'5" , Ax -3: N H- 1. rn -,,,, . I . .- 5:3 7,2- Christine Leonard, mgr., Miss Ann Gx-off, chaperone, Bette Agnew, mgr. Sponsored by BOOTHBY PLUMBING 8: HEATING and KING 8x BLEASDELL, INC. Boys' Varsity Basketball FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bill Ericksen, Dan Cipperley, Mike Brosamle, Paul Striepe, Gary Schuett, Coach Bill Berry. SECOND ROW: Dave Heeney, Wayne Freese, Jim Keitges, Larry Goettsch, Ken Buell, Don Vohs, Marion Conover. THE RECORD Game Holstein Opponents Alta .... .. .... 27.....49 Westwood.. ...41.....48 Odebolt... ..68.. ,.39 Anthon-Oto . . . . . 38 . . . .49 Aurelia ...... . . 42 . . . .70 Correctionville . . ...6O . . . .71 Battle Creek . . . . .70 . . . .52 Marcus .... . . 62 . . . .73 Lake View . . . . .46 . . . .57 Willow .... . . .52 . . . .54 Maple Valley ...... 51 ..... 59 Moville ......... 63 ..... 44 Maple Valley Tournament Correctionville ..... 61 ..... 52 Anthon-Oto ....... 39 ..... 51 Kingsley-Pierson .... 36 . . . .52 Onawa ....... . .54 . . . .84 Galva ...... . . 68 . . . .39 Battle Creek ...... 61 . . . .63 Willow .......... 51 ..... 66 Sectional Tournament Aurelia ......... 47 ..... 69 The Holstein Black Pirates finished the season with 5 wins and 15 losses . The boys played well in most games, but were never able to get a sustained string going. Nevertheless, Holstein's sharpshooters were quite adept and they handled the ball well . Lack of height, along with inexperience, was a major handicap. This did not dampen the boys spirits which carried them through the tough- est of games . 'mf TW er:-.I-, J 4 kt I m mm!! Paul Striepe 1?-'ix LJ Q 'si Gary Schuett .v V I Mike Brosamle Dan Cipperley Bill Ericksen Sponsored by EHLER AND EWOLDT, IMPLEMENT S and THE BARKER FUNERAL HOME .,,W ,. . , .,,. ,...., ,N B622 L. A l v V 2 u f Qian? L5f:E"'iI I N V' ,j , g' 1: ' jffii EQ' N p Ugg 1 ,W 1 Fm Maw Schuett drives in. Where's the ball? P4 Q' M4 .' 44, ' jg: F' he ff' Cip pushes it in. Make it Striepe! n w im A N N -fail' Mike attempts a shot Reach for it, Boys. Sponsored by ARNIE.'S RADIO AND T.V. REPAIR and VAN TOP, INC. .1 fm kilv .A,, R Get that Ball, Men! Will it or won't it? ff Fight for it! Ericksen ponders his next more. Q.. , ,Q ,J Watch your step, Sam! ,.f' V4 I Yo That light touch. Sponsored by DR. UNDERRINER 8: ERICKSEN'S STANDARD STATION Reserves FIRST ROW, LEFI' TO RIGHT: Wayne Freese, Larry Goettsch, Ken Buell, Don Vohs, Marion Conover. SECOND ROW: Bob Ericksen, Ronnie Sass, Ben Bye, Craig Conover, Dave Ehler, Manager: Dennis Leinbaugh. THE RECORD The second team finished the Game Holstein Opp . season with a record of 5 wins Alta .... . . .27 . . . . 43 and 4 losses. The boys played Anthon-Oto ..... 35 . . . . 36 Well in most games but seemed Odebolt .. .. 45.. ...48 to be a second half team . The C'ville... ...67.. ..3l team had good over -all height Battle Creek. . . .69 . . . . 32 and speed. The team was Aurelia . . . 57 . . . . 50 mostly composed of sophomores Mapleton . . . . 38 .... . 36 who will form the nucleus for Anthon-Oto . . . 42 ...... 46 next year's varsity team. Willow. . . .50 . . . . 43 Sponsored by VOHS-JOHNSON PRODUCE 8: HATCHERY and J lM'S BAKERY 52 Track 531741 A VT T FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Duane Williams, Bryan Brosamle, Dan Cipperley, Ron Sass, Gary Ruhser, John Johannsen, Bill Ericksen, Mike Brosamle, Dennis Breyfogle, Albert Loof, Gary Schuett. SECOND ROW: Marion Conover, Scott Hansen, Wayne Freese, Paul Striepe, Lester Wiese, Larry Goettsch, Gary Moser, Jim Keitges, David Heeney, Dean Fick. THIRD ROW: Jim Wienert, Roger Nicklas, Curtis Sorensen, Dennis Sorensen, Gary Puten- sen, Don Schroeder, Wayne Loof, Dan Van Hemert, Bob Bauman, Bob Wienert, Ralph Verrone. FOURTH ROW: Mark Scott, Ben Bye, Rene Ruhlow, Mike Dusak, Val Wiese, Don Vohs, Ken Buell, Mark DeWit, Ken Hogrefe, Chuck Cipperley, Lynn Hansen, Bill Carstens. FIFTH ROW: Paul Goettsch, Don Johannsen, Ken Vohs, Ted Brun- ing, Mike Michaelsen, Larry McBride, Burdette Conover, Curtis Opdahl, David Niemeier, David Walden, Wilbur Wittrock. FIFTH ROW: Dennis Leinbaugh, Gary Stamp, Craig Conover, Larry Armiger, David Ehler, Roger Stock- ing, Duane I-leeney, Steve Bauer, Douglas Kahl, Roy Rice, Bob Ericksen. Not shown on picture, Dennis Fritz. 2-mile Relay Team: lst--District, 2nd--Holstein Relays, Odebolt, Alta, Estherville, 3rd--Maple Valley Conf., Aurelia, Sth--State. Mile Relay Team, lst-District, 2nd-Odebolt, 3rd- Sac City, Maple Valley, Estherville, Tomahawk Re- lays. Medley Relay Team: 3rd-District, 4th-Estherville, 5th-Maple Valley. 880 Relay Team: 4th-Maple Valley, 5th-Estherville. 440 Relay Team: 3rd-Sac City, Maple Valley, Dis- trict, 4th Estherville, Aurelia, 5th Odebolt. Shot Put: QMike Brosamlej lst-Odebolt, District, 2nd- Maple Valley, Estherville, 5th-Sac City, Aurelia. fDennis Fritzj 5th-Maple Valley. Discus: fDan Cipperleyj lst-Maple Valley, District, State, 2nd-Aurelia, 3rd-Estherville, fWayne Freesej 5th-Maple Valley. Football Throw: fMike Brosarnlej lst-Maple Valley, 2nd-Estherville, 3rd-District. High Jump: fBill Ericksenj 3rd-District, fRon Sass, lst-Maple Valley, 2nd-District. 53 Pole Vault: QDennis Breyfoglej 5th-Estherville. Broad Jump: fMarion Conoverj 4th-Estherville. High Hurdles: QGary Ruhserj lst-Odebolt, Estherville, Maple Valley, District, 2nd-Alta, Aurelia, 3rd-Sac City, fRon Sassl 4th-District. Low Hurdles: QGary Schuettj lst-Odebolt, Alta, Mapl Valley, District, 2nd-State, 3rd-Sac City, Aurelia, QGary Ruhserj 2nd-Odebolt, Alta, Maple Valley, Estherville. Mile Run, QAlbert Loofj 2nd-Odebolt, Maple Valley, Estherville, 4th Aurelia, District. 880 Yard Run: QJohn Johannsenj 2nd-Odebolt, 5th- District. fDennis Breyfoglej 3rd-Odebolt, Estherville, 5th-Maple Valley. 220 Yard Dash: fGary Schuettj 3rd-Estherville. 100 Yard Dash: QGary Schuettj 3rd-Odebolt, QPaul Striepej 4th-Estherville. 6 440 RELAY TEAM: Mike Brosamle, Bill 2 MILE RELAY TEAM: Albert Loof, Bryan Brosamle, Duane Wil Ericksen, Paul Striepe, Gary Schuett. liams, Dennis Breyfogle, John Johannsen. EV bert Loof, Bryan Brosamle, Gary Schuett. , 6 f""f""' A HURDLERS: Gary Schuett, Gary Ruh- ser, Ronald Sass. MILE RELAY TEAM: Danny Cipperley, A1- rig- rv? si-izfan -i WEIGHT MEN: Mike Brosamle, Dennis Fritz, Danny Cipperley, Wayne Freese. 1- ' ' 1 . ' . ., 1 -'-r '- ' - A . . , - - M . . . - Ley .vm . 4, --V'-'M 1 .. . W , r gf," 'WLI' f 1. E. J SQL?-mf'-'.'.:1 f7'5'..'3fiQ V fi' 7 ,' 'V . f ' 51l'i"fq1if1.--'-,-4wi. ..-...-Cg.'.F'L?" ' 5-'S - v'Fe-'JR 11'-1" V A9?'f53" ' fi -22:21----A-.N.': -'r- wi-' .- ' f'.'L,H - -1 ' 3 V H 4451 - -f , LG v, . ' WV' 'hq v -'.,,1QfL aww., 1 f -:sm . .:::43"..f'affff-549. we- X' S95 . ""',"v. YM . 4. ww-W-:W a V- A- A -'f ' ' rf --1 ,-Q-, ' .. -"'w G-ff" ' - . - .. .w T 1 '- - V vs-ww .15 is -we .Jr .J"'vvf.-+-- X " 3.1 " 1" E ,v 7 11- ' V: - rf..-K '-sur H""." -Y -' - f ------1. -'---W e Twin ' i. ,T!-,.. w- ., by - wr, 'f , 'gLT""Z'2lQf-lgfif' V "'.r:Hi' ' Pb X x 1 A 'f'-.5 880 RELAY TEAM: Mike rl., ... .7-:w.,ff1'xf J X " .',"l.'J'TF . . W.. ,f . T f3:.?g1SHf2.ii' , 'E , 4 5 ' Brosamle, Paul Stnepe, B111 -- ' y U A V , 1 I - . .f. . "f '- ' 'fism1L. f V. 'ffl . Emcksen, Ralph Verrone, Mar- 51.1173 ,-.' I. gg ,X 11 'Lg . LC-3f....f2' . .. J . .aff ' , s - ron Conover. My.-A" -V fx .vigvglg D . vf- V ' fe 1' , T., ' X- , ' ' I, ' A xg. ' Y - mv- 'v 5 4' , ' 45 x Q. K, .-I f e- . .. V ' ww X-f -mae. . ru- Q. - x ,, - ' fifejifif f -ei'--5: -'ff3.-5? . , -br -L . D YQGQ T T U A sys- if Stix-'UIQ-gb...F,.,.tg15E3.A 1. , .. -Q, I in 1 --fi v.-5: . -F!jgT,5'55f7'a?E'9lQi1"'f+. ?. KWt5' ' A. ' aa- have orare.-swf:-.ff,fa2w-Q 1:-1 f-of-Q.:-'c-..+' is -.iii,e-g,,+'.f1Qfu:f-N,:::3:'-1"'-'f+11veff-. fl 'f fr 3?I'-4.vfaiiznnsrxiijrw-f'r,.eg2!1g.I-,gg-15f"f.-" -2.Pg:f-5-'ilu-1 1'-wg.Ja+7f,.,.f.' ' ' .- fe ,. !?E:s:2i?'1'li37'4 V'?1i?54i51'D'-'f::fV 'Zfii'-i:"FiiF'f 'f"f -'PZ' -. . -. -- - - -'5: '.'ri'Q'f:fA. .-F 'U--r 'E-fu .wiv ff f -'-Y' -f- r va-A 4, . .-'f - 4.1. Q-,asa -, -':-:fr '--2.2 V- -1 .vga rp: ' I M-5:-I-' L1. df, 9. :VM !'m+.55'.Hi.f:fs-vffifffi J.:':"f"L:4.r'3'iF-1fJ,::. '-.- 'I-.f -tl., fr:zZu".'1- --1 "tm xi "-va... - - I .. T , J Q . Q 1 , - A w fl :IJ N. ' .I 1 ,- C' .1 , . i J, , x 0 0 D J sl - ' 1' ' ' K 1 x y X y Q. ' N F7 , L J MEDLEY RELAY TEAM: Gary Ruhser, ester Wiese, Bill Ericksen, Duane Wil- liams, James Wienert. Sponsored by DR. O. A. LANGLAND 8: SORENSON CLOTHING fel' 4? 5235, Left to rightg Mary Jo DeWit, attendantg Mary Ina Cipperley thrgws the discus, I-Iueschen, queeng Sue Blackmer, attendantg Les Davis of KVTV. . ' - ' 1 W. w ' an ,N I .M ,li Brosamle tosses the shot. Ruhser races to qualify. fa! " Schuett shows form. Holstein passes off. Sponsored by MOSER IMPLEMENT and I-IOLSTEIN PLUMBING AND HEATING A v 13 I .V--1"1 , 'E s . Y W' .I L, ., - Q ni 512' p,:,y,51fv..,-qx.,.x.,5i . L Q W, 4 ' S.x.1,xgfRjijg!lfl:QTf'1' ig. S w - AW .mp N1-1--nf:-1.11 My N., X X. V ls ,zu was 'll , sew E ,A ,wx + , Af, Q ' ,.5.,..'.'-Iv' 'L,Jt.fk9. ' 1 TH ' A .. 'mats' - I-'2i,?fHC,'4f-v -. - .- Lfvj Q A ijxg-.,?'f 0 ' -'-'1 N f-4. fr- " 's-'FT .! ,gpg M . -. J 1 X ' z.- 1 u.. A li-X' 3 5' "4 '73 l ,N ffbx 'flilf 3'f41.,i"- I -. ' wg .V I 5"-fu ii,-'PPA QA-Tiff v' " Q , , N . V-4, bk:,L.,:.-5.,.!:Lg ,-,1'.,Y, I. .- .,, fu,-u-wx 1.-K, Q N xv- ' 4 I - . ., . X- : Y I . , , - . I . z f' ' . H ,I V N A' x-.H , . n . X V L - 1 , .X 4 .1 l 'A F Lb. i Vi . 1 .Al ,N . I J , I i ,, f "" -f-1"" V' , " -4 ' '5 xg ' '-'iii X ,VV X2-A . I rl -v-gf --... -L 1 r.- 'L QV L27 JK x ' ww a ' x ,xl w L ,cg V, K- '.:-s.u'- . X, ,. : aww rp., -ff.--f nu....4 MUSIC Holstein Hi h chool Band -' A if ' ' - 1 1' FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Jo DeWit, Mary Ann Henrichsen, Vicki Irwin, Bonnie Hansen, Karen Bau- man, Diane Doxtad, Diane Reiff, Connie Putensen, Irene Leonard, Sue Blackmer. SECOND ROW: Janice Heit- man, Joyce Butcher, Rolettza Albers, Mary Gehrts, Karen Hahne, Cindy Ehler, Mark DeWit, Christine DeWit, Christine Leonard, Joyce Loof, Pam Kahl, Pam Baumann, Ben Bye, Lynn Goettsch. THIRD ROW: Judy Wil- liams, Pam Hansen, Jolene Lemke, Margie Goettsch, Sheryl Goettsch, Jim Beyer, Karen Hansen, Twila Olson, Lester Wiese, Jeanne Frahm, Larry McBride, Valgene Wiese, David Walden, Mary Ina Hueschen, Paul Goettsch, Laurel Harbour, Gary Moser, Ted Bruning, Don Johannsen, Connie Beyer, John Johannsen. FOURTH ROW: Dean Fick, Harold Droegmiller, Don Schroeder, John Burkhardt, Ken I-lenrichsen, Roger Dreeszen, Jeffry Jochims, Cur- tis Opdahl, Charles Carlberg, Ronnie Ludvigson, Vicki Bruning, Kathy Conover, Betty Lingle, J aniver Meyer. AB- SENT: Carol Lingle . Sponsored by the FOOD LOCKER SERVICE 8: GRIGGS COMETS 58 The Holstein I-ligh School Band, under the capable direc- tion of Mr. George Krsnak, has shown its fine ability at several public appearances . The sixty members have joined together to produce entertainment at the annual Christmas Program, the "Pops" Concert, and the Spring Concert. The marching band appeared at every home football game, participated in the Vermillion Homecoming, and marched in the Memorial Day Parade. R' The band officers that were elected early this fall are the following seniors: President--john johannsen, Vice- President--Mary Ina I-lueschen, and Secretary- Treasurer --Don Schroeder . P' This year at contest the band received an unanimous l for their rating. Many instrumental small groups also re- ceived l's . 2 INSTRUMENTAL DIRECTOR: Mr. G. Krsnak Sponsored by the BAUMANN 8: THARP GARAGE and GREEN 'S DAIRY I . Q 4 f 4 iii'-'E V wH,,wng5 Ex .,' ' -'fr 134394 1 . , , 14, x ix In X 1 f v . .u Z .Qt .2 '. ii-H, 'Q'- ,Y XX , XXX V' Y :. 42 X 'E 'Nfif 4- .R K' . E YW , ,,A,fii-,W .,,, ., Isp , ,E ,s.fgx-wrv,:- Y ,-f ,., f T' Tf - "' W0 '47 rw vwiAQ-N 5-A A I ' xl T -' ' I I , Y .' Ni 0, Y I ' . " Y W' Q -'fl-1'-21. . . 1 ' ' 1' 'I ' . , , -. . , . A H , ,, A my F, v , , .. -- .v , , ' . L A- ., a . - 4 n .A .XJZJ QL 4 'A - 'Y ' 1 9' " ' ' ,XIX 4 1' " . .L...- -1. if - . I V - ' ' Q A U - - 1' ...D ML W V' --- .1 6 pf- --Y' Q. ,, ,,:,,..If, S. Q "- , , o 4 , q ' ' ' If o A . ' a , - , . - IQ 41- ,' A-F QWHEM I K v ' 5 . 1 W ' I " ' g 5'-.i f 1' LQ. l'i xx.. 'N 5 Q I Q 0 2' ' x ' ' N . . -' 'B 1- ' I, J. . 5 X1 F 59:-V , A -' 'Al-ax' l wx EIN .1 :'- I 75'-N A-:'g"',u -,v q 1 -fa -it .Q F B 7 '.-5? , .Q T9 X Q. kv , ,- Q , 'N ta M 5 a Q l.t ' ' ' 1 .. liil.. . 1 V-Egfr' K g U' 1 ' A1 :M - " W? """A p 1 f. 'L 0 'l' 4 .Q Q I its I . . . ,,..:. A 1' ' ' f 39' . I . . . is H1 I W . . Q -Q E X -. x. " 1 Na- ,,, ' .... Q1 Q-El' I 'I' . qi .AY i Girls' Glee Club l ' ' 'fi ' '1 C .41 I-. 'ir V 0 eaggfre I Q, e i S1 ll ll fir 'Q '1 gn' " V W FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT--Cathy McCrea, June Hansen, Patsy Iwen, Judy Godbersen, Connie Putensen, Betty Lingle, Sandra Conover, Twila Olson, Judy Williams, Joyce Loof, Nancy Seite, Joanne Beyer, Shirley Gronlund, Beth Cowan. SECOND ROW: Janiver Meyer, Lynn Goettsch, Marsha Fell, Karen Hansen, Mary Henrichsen, Linda Brandt, Karen Bauman, Mary Gehrts, Vicki Bruning, Janice I-Ieitmann, Jeanette Helkenn, Sheryl Wittrock, Roletta Albers, Diane Doxstad, Kathy Conover. THIRD ROW: Jeanne Frahm, Carol Lingle, Marigene Kahl, Karen Hahne, Doreen Gries, Diane Fick, Vernette Reimer, Elaine Brown, Donna Timmerrnan, Sue Blackmer, Judy Cowan, Charlotte Vickery, Diane Reiff, Bette Agnew, Connie Beyer, Sharon Fell, Betty Bergmann. FOURTH ROW: Trudy Sirms, Nina Schmidt, Vicki Irwin, Mary DeWit, Marillis Johnson, Sheryl Parker, Marcia Lemberg, Luanne Rice, Lorine Timmerman, Christine Hansen, Laurel Harbour, Donna Steen, Diane Dexter, Mary I-Iueschen, Janet Har- bour, Ronda Clausen, Sharon Frahrn, Bonnie Hansen, Shelly Michaelsen. The sixty -five voice girls' glee club, under the direction of Mr . Dennis A , Johnston, was organized soon after the opening of school in the fall. Its officers were Mary Ina Hueschen--President, Ronda Clausen--Vice -President, and Sue Black1ner--Secretary- Treasurer , They sang at the Homecoming show, the Christmas concert, and the Spring Concert. From the seventeen girls' glee club entries, Holstein was one of the honored three to receive a I at the large group contest. 6 5 T if . 1,7 i 'is I sl, I x x L I ' A GIRLS' SEXTET: Judy Williams, Patsy Iwen, Twila GIRLS' QUARTET: Laurel Harbour, Mary Hueschen, Olson, Betty Bergmann, Marillis Johnson, Sheryl Karen Hahne, Lynn Goetmch. Parker. Sponsored by CO-OP., INC. 8: I-IANSEN FUNERAL HOME Boys' Glee Club FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Alan Kuchel, Roger Dreeszen, Marion Conover, Duane Williams, David Walden, John Burkhardt, Donald Sams, Ken Henrichsen, David Ehler, Steve Bauer, Terry Johnson, Neal Conover, Don Jo- hannsen. SECOND ROW: George Dreeszen, Ben Bye, Mark Scott, Valgene Wiese, Dean Fick, Harold Droegmiller, Mark DeWit, Charles Carlberg, Richard Parker, Paul Scherner, Craig Conover, Paul Niemeier, Ronnie Goettsch, Kenneth Vohs. THIRD ROW: James Striepe, LaDon Wiese, Jim Keitges, Don Schroeder, Larry McBride, Don Vohs, Ken Buell, Dennis Rohlk, Larry Goettsch, Jeffry Jochirns, Larry Armiger, John Johannsen, Ron Sass, Wayne Freese, Gary Stamp. The boys' glee club, under the direction of Mr . Dennis A . Johnston, also organized early in the year and elected the following officers: john Johannsen, Presidentg Don Schroeder, Vice -Presidentg and Dean Fick, Secretary-Treasurer . The group of forty-two members met every Monday and Wednesday morning at 8:50 for rehearsal. The boys made appearances at the Homecoming show, the Christmas Concert, and the Spring Concert. At the large group contest the boys' glee received a high II for their rating. ke,- BOYS' QUARTET A--Duane Williams, Dean Fick, Don BOYS' QUARTET B--Ron Sass, Ken Henrichsen, Neal Schroeder, John Johannsen. Conover, Ben Bye. 63 ,LL Mixed Chorus FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT--June Hansen, Patsye Iwen, Cathy McCrea, Neal Conover, Roger Dreeszen, Don Johannsen, Ronnie Goettsch, John Burkhardt, Donald Sams, Duane Williams, Diane Reiif, Twila Olson, Joyce Loof, Roletta Albers. SECOND ROW: J aniver Meyer, Janice I-Ieitmann, Lynn Goettsch, Carol Lingle, Charles Carlberg, Richard Parker, Ben Bye, Paul Niemeier, Steve Bauer, Marion Conover, Vernette Reimer, Shelly Mi- chaelsen, Bette Agnew, Mary Gehrts, Kathy Conover, Judy Williams. THIRD ROW: Jeanne Frahm, Mary Hen- richsen, Marigene Kahl, Karen Hahne, Dean Fick, Harold Droegmiller, Ron Sass, Larry Armiger, LaDon Wiese, James Striepe, Mark Scott, Sue Blackmer, Sharon Frahrn, Nina Schmidt, Sharon Fell, Betty Bergmann, Linda Brandt. FOURTH ROW: Marillis Johnson, Diane Dexter, Sheryl Parker, Jim Keitges, Don Schroeder, Ken Hen- richsen, Mark DeWit, Larry McBride, John Johannsen, Jeffry J ochims, Valgene Wiese, Gary Stamp, Christine Hansen, Laurel Harbour, Donna Steen, Janet Harbour, Ronda Clausen, Mary Hueschen, Connie Beyer. The mixed chorus, under the excellent instruction of Mr . Johnston, consisted of seventy members selected from the boys' and girls' glee clubs . The mixed chorus made their first appearance at the Homecoming variety show . They also sang at the Christmas Concert, the Spring Concert, and the Baccalaureate Service and Com- mencement . They appeared on television during the Christmas season . The mixed chorus received an unanimous I rating at contest. Al N VOCAL INSTRUCTOR: Mr. Dennis A. Johnston fa , Y so MADRIGAL A--FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT--Ben Bye, Mary I-Ienrichsen, Dean Fick. SECOND ROW: Ron Sass, Connie Beyer, Sue Blackmer, Mark DeWit. THIRD ROW: Don Schroeder, Mary Jo DeWit, Laurel Harbour, Mary I-Iueschen, Larry McBride. .3-. I., BOYS' OCTET--FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT--Dean Fick, Harold Droegmiller, John Burkhardt. SECOND ROW: James Striepe, Jeffry Jochims, Mark DeWit. THIRD ROW: Charles Carlberg, Larry McBride. MADRIGAL B--FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Betty Bergmann, Roletta Albers, Judy Williams, Patsy Iwen, Kathy Con- over, Jeanne Frahm. SECOND ROW: Duane Williams, Ken I-Ienrichsen, Charles Carlberg, Karen Hahne, Sheryl Parker, James Stxiepe, Jeffry Jochims, John Burkhardt. INSTRUMENTAL SOLOISTS: FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Karen I-Iahne, Joyce Loof, Lynn Goettsch, Karen Baumann, Vicki Irwin, Diane Reiff, Mary Jo De- Wit. SECOND ROW: Mary Hues- chen, Jeffry Jochims, Don Sch- roeder, Larry McBride, John Jo- hannsen, Donald Johannsen, Kathy Conover. ?,,,,, DIVISION ONE SOLOISTS: LEFT TO RIGHT: Karen Hahne, Joyce Loof, Mary Jo DeWit, Mary Hueschen, Larry McBride. VOCAL SOLOISTS: FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Patsye Iwen, Kathy Con- over, Janice I-Ieitmann, Roletta A1- bers. SECOND ROW: Dean Fick, Karen I-Iahne, Ken Henrichsen, Marillis John- son, Mark DeWit. THIRD ROW: Don Schroeder, Mary Jo DeWit, Larry Mc- Bride, Sheryl Parker, Jeffry Jochims. Sponsored by GLADYS L. RAABE, INSURANCE and HOME TOWN CLEANERS Junior Musicians - if ff ii 'I ll r ' A JUNIOR BAND--FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Laura Larsen, Elizabeth Sears, Bonnie Lorenzen, Connie Friedrichsen, Yvonne Leonard, Christine Larsen. SECOND ROW: Helen Alpers, Shelly Noel, Judy Pash, Cynthia Dutler, Sandra Susie, Patricia Reineke. THIRD ROW: Betty Lorenzen, Patsy Irwin, Ronda Vickery, Margeret Jones, Susan Goettsch, Phil Hanson. FOURTH ROW: Mary Ann Ehrig, Marlene Johnson, Larry Rec- tor, Gary Sorensen, Jim Sorensen. FIFTH ROW: Merritt Wiese, Kim Walden, John Kuchel, Rodney Vohs, Craig Beyer, Marsha Rognes. SIXTH ROW: Carol Butcher, Su- san Hass, Claire Leinbaugh, Kathy Goettsch, Betsy Lancaster, Douglas Lohafer. SEVENTH ROW: Jim Irwin, Bob Freese. 1 JX1 :if- .1 DIVISIONI SOLOISTS--FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT--Shelly Noel, Patsy Irwin, Laura Larsen, Bonnie Lorenzen, Connie Friedrichsen, Pam Hansen, Sandra Susie. SECOND ROW: Marlene Johnson, Marsha Rognes, Christine De- Wit, Sue Leonard, Susan Hass, Pam Kahl. Sponsored by ROYAL SCOT SALES and DR. L. H. WAGNER Left to Right: Caroll Lake, Christine Leonard, Irene Leonard, Dianne Doxtad, Lorna Brandt . Not pictured: Mrs. Christie, Mrs . Harbour, and Mr. Rule, the speech instructors, P '. . - RIBBO lr- -ff - . 55.211 f , Ny, I N A if , 5, -A I .771-S4" ' - -'C-:TL Qi , -., 157 T?" -59 ACTIVITIES Moo Staff FRONT ROW, left to right: Ronda Clausen, Bette Agnew, Twila. Olson, Connie Beyer, Nina Schmidt. SECOND ROW: Roger Nicklas, Gary Ruhser, Bryan Brosamle, Mary Hueschen, Don Schroeder. Business Manager . . Roger Nicklas Special Features . . . Don Schroeder, Connie Beyer Faculty . . . Bette Agnew Music . . . Nina Schmidt Students . . . Ronda Clausen, Twila Olsen Girls' Sports . . . Mary Hueschen Boys' Sports . . . Bryan Brosamle, Gary Ruh- ser Advisors . . . Mr, Hompland, Mr. Gerber Co-editors and Illustrators Sue Blackmer and Mary Jo DeWit Sponsored by MICI-IAELSEN'S MOTOR 8x IMPLEMENTS and MEYER'S TAVERN 70 . Ulia vzafeefz K video taped at shown at 4:35 D. that appeared were Chorus singing "Fan hristmas" "Fu eak Forth O' Light," "He Is ramus Te." The n singing "Good Rejoice," "Behold lTl Tha .xx NUMBER 3 HOLSTEIN iOWA THURSDAY DECEMBER 8, l96l IOC A COP' ' ' " ' IT 5 SPRING TIME! -In umes Clinic Girls' Clinic Successful official northwest Iowa basketball clinic of 'the Iowq High School Athletic Unioi 2:15 Saturday afternoon 2. The gymnasium wa. with many teams, coaches various spectators. M. F. Christii opened the clinic bl all present. Wayne Coq Executive Secretary of tht +I-n-4:,. 1'r...:-.. ...,.l 'CJ Q "Gloria" The -F singing "No Room, ' 1. Noel." The 'Now Is 'My Erries Red and Berrie d "Wassail Songf' an I Come Unto Him," bg 'f, .V ' "-I sq H -I oewn. + i " , , X :.i'5f',Qt ' rehearsals were lim - yi V' M, -. U ., -N 2' ' ' ' "" 3gI'1,- 1 work was put into thi . X A Nl' irq. iii A I .h the capable direction. C? ,mis A. Johnston' Ev- considered one of the mostdilti- ,'l'he annual g1rls'Ic5lin1c it 1105- two years. Seed that the hot lights Culttdlfxlslqfs asduge particclpunff 5136111 fag. held t equi' The festival concert included a Slight case of nervous- miis epiilpare h otspeal on. :J ownsig il lingsplaru ms lel ci I c perfow, . A 200 piece or, this fine opportunity naiona an inteina iona topics. were ver y, c a er, c eswig, C, ,Erection of , be worthwhile and a At the contest each. speaker and Holstein: The guest speaker ,onductor ,essu draws a topic and is given. 45 was Les Davis, sports comments ,Y Or, minutes to prepare his final tor from Channel 9, Sioux Cv ll!! -.-an-.k t. al , , .iv ,mile PIRATEER s'rArr' S522 Honor Ro - ' cog , Kam Co-Editors-Sue Blackmer, Mary ning -, . ie Jo Dewjt :ents Last six weeks the senio ba, nday, - HPC -had 16 students on the- hom ' ,yvg - t rein H Business Managers-Mary Ina :S 0, Those ,baking me subject .D .Y Se mdgs Hueschen, Sandra Bauman.. Roger N igklag, 5 Ars, ' V fer, Ent a C Feature Writers-Ronda Clausen, keen Svhuctt 3 NS: Garb: Ruhser :pf by Mr, The L Lorna Brandt, Christine Leon- and Don Schmedcr' 2 AS and 3 - ' ' A EG act ard Ire Le n d busy and John Johannsen, 1 A and Abel. 24 a poor Re mit neN, 0 Srh -dt , d B's. Sue Blackmer, Sharon Fell, and ich? Eraniiwciiiie CBIQHET' LuBe'tta 2455025522312 ii2i2idB?2T2?35a i- iwm-ey fo the cz A ne ' J n t H b y 'S dre 2. A's and 2 B's each. One A and L?ke CNY 'mere 'MTI Johnstcln aughte g W, 3 e 31' OU-1' an 8. 3 BS wen, ,,,,,.ne,d by Loma Joined them for the Journey o rt ofl Conover, Mary Ann Henrich Bram-l Non Cal-011 Des MOIHCS Viese sen, Marsha Fell Betty Lingle a Janet After feglsfeflng at th? Maria with ad 4 Fort Des Moines an 1 Mar Sears :layed fthe c s sta ATE Anthc Girls Aurelia Sharon Frahm Diane Dexter, Vicki Irwin, Diane Relff Kathy Conover Circulation Caroll L a k e Betty Be1'8'mann, Wyleen Leinbaugh Typists Mary Gehrts Sharon Fell Karen Hahne, Linda Hueschen Advisor Catherine Christie there er than thc girls average lance r ir e njfn era I which Vocal Groups Tclecast was 97992 unxor High Party Scully Chfisfmaf' Paf- DECEMBER Bmw-roars Correctionville here Dec. 4-Connie Beyer mis eflletle Reimer B Chuck Cailbcrg Ken Henrichsen and Diane Doxtad 1 A and 3 B s Ken Buell 1 A and 4 Bs and Wilbur lunch the group met tednously toward p the final concert mate rehearsal tir days in Des Mon' and one half hou lasted approxima While not rehe dents shopped ate eral all staters fou at a dance given for members at the Hote The All State group Davis spoke about his experienlcj in coaching and his actual p ' osophies of the game of basket ball. This speech concluded th afternoon meeting. Dinner for Union officials and the competin teams was served in the hotlunc- room. The afternoon activities of girls clinic were climaxed wi the playing of two games th evening. A capacity crowd con pletely filled the Holstein gyn' nasium. At seven o'clock Schaller a Schleswig met. The Schlesw squad was one of the Sweet Si teen in the State Tourname last year. Schaller put in a g 1 season last year, and having be defeated by Schleswig previous season was looking for r half tune score as Schleswig 3 'iller fell short e final score Bury of Sch ints and M t Sehles ame prov hat the f 1 Piratet of the int is match d Holstein h C3 e State Tourn y is a well kno home from Des Moines nout the state Sunday morning ugh scoring forward CONGRATULATIONS ALL Peterson playing for 'Lhem. STATERS Piratettes were eager to play determined to win The first ' , ' . +u:.- . . - W ' Z 2 - -no . . D . 7 ' lf' , 1 ,N - ,' I I u 1 , ' ' , . . . . U . - a th . ts . ' . I l 99 2 . I- . z . - , f de . - ' -, h lv . I 23. - , ar ' , - 1 ' I . - :fn ft, . ' . . Y if. " . h 4 - - him 4 it - ' I , - ...,.....-... ...- ,. .... v . , 5. ,N the A tj- .:Q:A . l ' L , Ar- , qv uit F' 5:1 ' ' -T 1 1 - . -' 1- ' -A .. .... .. A 1 n.. .... ., .,..... - ' ,. , . ' U - ' Pep Council 1 i 'T N : U ' .A 3 7 ' AY 1 5 1 Z fi ' ,X ' iff if , J .1 .Z X I I ' 3 1 1 ' 4 cf J, . its FRONT ROW: Left to right, Gary Ruhser, Christine Leonard, Ronda Clausen, Bryan Brosamle. SECOND ROW, Jim Wienert, Marion Conover, Bob Ericksen, Betty Lingle, Sandra Baumann, Wyleen Leinbaugh, Dianne Doxtad, Mary Ann I-Ienrichsen. THIRD ROW, Vicki Bruning, Ted Bruning, James Striepe, Christine Hansen, Sharon Frahm, Irene Leonard, Jeanette Helkenn, Steve Bauer. n eerleaders 8 4 1 v w .1 A - z,: 1, " '. ,Q- L-L '.-tem. ' 2 'H' V T Y " J " :-.MT fe-A ' -L .. .', . I 'sic-:,'Q21f?, " f A 5 Ai . in , "V if'1 :f-iw'-:Qes. A, . " rw - 1 - .. ' K , '. .' ma?f!173" f1 fi' iw. 'JH', ' ' ., ' .If w Q ' I , . iii: 72" ' J- V' .- fp W ,r fy, f Q-E 611-2 an 2 - 'T ' 5 ,',,-3115 epe4 . e!fi' e. , -eg Q. O A - Y gn, 1 i A Left to Right: Sandra Bamnann, Jeanette Helkenn, Sharon Frahm, Wyleen Leinbaugh. Librarians 1 Left to Right: Patsye Iwen, Sandra Baumann, Joyce Butcher, Nina Schmidt, Lorrine Timmerman, Mrs. Harbour, head librarian, Janet Harbour, Paula Beyer, June Hansen, Diane Dexter, Caroll Lake, Wyleen Leinbaugh. L Wk- n . V S-,, -11" .4 ya. , 4 , , xx A I' 'vo I Vg i M- , my 1 4 'I A Typ Sponsored by the LUFT B :'x ical Scene in the Library ARBER SHOP and LEONARD QBRANCO, Attorneys at Law 73 Q. i J 4, , z l I - 0 .1 ig y lui 1 ,Z . uni The Junior Class Presents "Three Blind Mice" - H LEFT TO RIGHT: David Heeney as Conrad Harrington, Sheryl Parker as Mrs Bramber, Lynn Hansen as Steve Harrington, Sharon Frahm as Moira Mason, Scott ansonxas lbert DuPont, Marsha Fell as Pamela Mason, Ron Ludvigson as Henry Trowbridge, Vicki Brgming as xizabeth Maison, Curtis Sorensen as Mr Cord and Sandra Con over as Edna Parker. This is the story of three young girls in Search of a man, but not just any man. Tired of life on a chicken farm, the three sisters set out for the most expensive vacation resort in Miami, where each one hopes to snare a rich and unsuspecting male . Owning only one exclusive set of clothes, determination, plenty of friends, and many hills, the girls find themselves in trouble with only embarrassing explana tions on hand. WX Rest Assured Q 1 Left to right: Sue Blackmer, Paul Striepe, Mary Jo DeWit, Bryan Brosamle, Mike Brosamle, Twila Olsen, Karen Hahne, Dean Fick, Ronda Clausen, Caroll Lake, Don Schroeder, John Johannson, Mary Hueschen, L:LDon Wiese. "Rest Assured" was a very entertaining play which was centered about the life of one man, Philip Morlock. Mr . Morlock, Vice -President of a large business firm, had money on the brain. For this reason, he refused to give his daughter Mary permission to marry joe, the son of a meat -cutter. I-low he finally changes his mind makes this story very amusing. Us Mi X, haul .1--1 .QUE I"I J ' A 4' ,r if' ffl WUI' P f S. .Lux -5 King and Queen: Bryan Brosamle and Mary Huescheng First Attendants: Sue Blackmer and Mike Brosamle Second Attendants: Mary Jo DeWit and Danny Cipperlyg Crown Beavers: Jean Ellenberger and Steven Kofrnehl Homecoming Festivities The annual Holstein I-ligh School Home- coming activities began on Thursday, October 5, at 8:00 p.m. The theme for the evening's entertainment presented by the vocal music department was "I Love Paris The stage Was set in a scene of blue sky and the Eiffel Tower. Below the stage was an open air cafe. The climax of the evening's entertainment was the coronation of the 1961 Home- coming royalty. While the dance band played "Star Dust, " the royalty moved down the aisle formed by the mixed chorus members . Friday afternoon the high school held a pep rally at which skits and speeches were given. That evening, the Royalty was again presented at the Pirates' victorious foot- ball game . Sponsored by the WERTHMAN MACHINE SHOP 8: RATH PACKING CO. q-.. VW 0, 1 W aj T171 3 r','Z'5.i?J' 5 .1 Q' 'AJS W6 . - .- ga. .T...m.f..1 QQ Love Paris" 'inns' irc Junior-Senior Prom April 27 was the big night for the juniors, seniors, and faculty--for that was the night of the junior- senior prom. The entrance was decorated in bright crepe paper, adorned with funny faces and masks . In the center of the dance floor was a huge jack-in-the -box. In one se- cluded corner was a dazzling foun- tain surrounded by multicolored roses . In the center of one side was a recessed platform with a huge crown in the middle for the king and queen. Entertainment was provided by the Symphonians . They played in the shadow of the large dragon with firey eyes . The evening was climaxed with the coronation of Bryan Brosamle and Mary Hueschen as King and Queen of . . . MARDI GRAS. After the Prom, the Bandmothers Club sponsored a midnight show and a delicious breakfast, These helped to make the entire evening more enjoyable for everyone. I Q., I, -'11 - v aa 5 -:!'g.Jf I' P' :STIJLQ pgs: -QL, V, . - Y s . .1 , . I ,,-xx Graduation T'5"I'f"f"3 V'l't'f'Q 7 Y ii' Fil I iCf',.- v 'IJ . 'Ja' JR -V1 I ra 'FTW-Tl M IU 216,13 mi -K Ye if Q 3 ,X if ' "' my I.: ini-I A V . .1 ll.: i. Q- I CLASS MOTTO "Climb as tho you were to live forever, live as tho you were to die tomorrow CLASS FLOWER CLASS COLORS Purple Mum Royal Purple and White COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES PROCESSIONAL--"Pomp and Circumstancen .......... Elgar Holstein High School Band--Director, George Krsnak INVOCATION ......................... . Rev. E. W. Larsen "THE TWENTY-THIRD PSALM" ................ Malotte Mary jo DeWit, Soprano ADDRESS "EDUCATED YOUTH" ............... Russell M. Eidsmoe Head Department of Education, Morningside College "NABUCCO" OVERTURE SINPHONIA ............. Verdi Calliet Holstein High School Band PRESENTATION OF AWARDS ................. Glenn Hompland High School Principal IOWA STATE BAR ASSOCIATION CITIZENSHIP AWARD . . . David R. Crary "HE WATCHING OVER ISRAEL" ............... Mendelssohn Mixed Chorus--Dennis Johnston, Director PRESENTATION OF CLASS ................. Glenn Hompland CONFERRING OF DIPLOMAS ................. .Jesse H . Leonard President of the Board of Education BENEDICTION ......................... Rev . William Striepe Pastor St . Paul Lutheran Church RECESSIONAL ........................ Holstein High School Band PROGRAM CHAIRMAN--Supt. M. F. Christie Commencement Speaker Baccalaureate Speaker Russell M. Eidsmoe Rev. William Striepe Vale dictori an S alutatori an Roger N icklas Gary Ruhser The seniors of 1962 say good -bye to their high school days and the many memorable events we have had . We would like to say thank you to Mr . I-lompland and Mr . Gerber, our class sponsorsg and to all who have made the 1962 MOO possible . A special thanks is extended to the teachers who have instructed and guided us throughout the years . . . May we "Climb as tho we were to live forever, and live as tho We were to die tomorrow Q7 80 ' ' 7 i' V 1 K . in U1 I ,i km, QQ 4: f- F f- ff- Q' 'S I . i W 2 1 . v j' fi L I " n-I uv. I w

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