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I960 M00 A TION 5-12 STUDENTS 13-25 S This is Our Story Published by THE SENIOR CLASS l Holstein Community High School Holstein, Iowa Volume 43 ATHLETICS 35-56 MUSIC 57-64 ACTIVITIES 3 FEATURES 65-80 Mrs. M. F. Christie-English teacher, speech instructor, and Pirateer advisor- has given generously of her many talents, counsel, and time both in and out of the classroom. To this gracious lady we, the Class of 1960, respectfully dedicate our Moo. ADMINISTRATIUN Board of Education Front Roux lv!! to right: M. F. Christie. Superiniendent of Schools? MTS- Gladys Raabe, Fecretaryg Miss Mildred Jackes. Treasurer Clement Butcher. Svronrl Row: Harland Hanson, Presidentg Jesse Leonardg Harold Schernerg Floyd Doxtad. M. F. CHRISTIE. superintendent. graduated from Escan- QLENX' O. YHOBIPL-NND. I9FifjCiIlf1l- Was grad'-laied from aha Hiuh School. Esvanaha. Michigan. and attended Buena 93411 Hllih 5UhU"l H1111 1116 LUNCTFIU' Of IHW3- Vista College. the University of Michigan. and the Uni- versity of Clulnrado. Sponsored by FARMERS ELEVATOR COMPANY WILLIAM McKNICI-IT teaches science. Mr. McKnight graduated from Manning High School. Manning. South Carolina: he went to Clemson College, Charleston College, the University of Iowa. and the University of South Da- kota. CATHERINE CHRISTIE, a graduate ot' Lake View High School who attended Clarke College. Buena Vista College. and the University of Iowa, teaches English and speech. ARTHUR GERBER. a Kamrar High School graduate, at- tended lowa State Teachers College and Iowa State Uni- versity. He is the mathematics teacher and assists with football. RUSSELL KRAAI teaches social studies and coaches football, track and girls' basketball. He graduated from Orange City High School and Morningside College. KEITH CARSTENS graduated from Hartington High School. Harlington, Nebraska. and Wayne State Teachers College. Mr. Carstens teaches industrial arts and driver training. Sponsored by ACNEW 8 SOSEMAN INSURANCE COMPANX "Complete Insurance and Bonding Service" IJENNIS JOHNSTON, the vocal instructor, is a Lake City High School and Grinnell College graduate. KEITH NASH graduated from Torrance High School, Los Angeles, California, and attended Santa Rosa .Iunior College and the Chicago Conservatory of Music. He Teaches instrumental music. Sponsored by IOWA PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY DAN HUNCERFORD teaches social studies and coaches boys' basketball. He is a graduate from Stuart High School, Stuart, Nebraska, and Wayne State Teachers Col- lege. ARDITH OLIVER graduated from Whiting High School and has attended the State University of South Dakota and University of Wisconsin. She teaches commercial subjects. TERESA GEORGE is our home economics teacher. Miss George- graduated from Johnson Township Consolidated School, Barnum, Iowa, and Briar Cliff College. She has attended Iowa State University. -as . C A ff- ' Q fa I yt mat t -- .ev .n Em ga . 4- BETTY SHORT -graduated from Correctionville High Schriwol and Morningside College. She teaches the sixth gra e. JEAN AUSTIN, teaches .lunior high English and is our librarian. She was graduated from Athabasca High School, Athabasca, Alberta,'Canada. and attended college at Cen- eral Beadle, Madison, South Dakota, and Morningside. WARREN LASHER teaches junior high math, science, and athletics. He graduated from Lake City High School and Buena Vista College. MAUREEN 0'ROURKE graduated from St. Mary's High School, Storm Lake and went to Colorado State College and Buena Vista College. Mrs. O,R0urke teaches English in junior high and high school. BERNICE KUCHEL has attended Buena Vista Col- lege, St. Olaf College, and the University of Min- nesota. She teaches junior high reading, spelling, and English and is the high school librarian. DALE ROSENBERG, a Carpenter High School graduate went to Mankato State College and the University of South Dakota. He teaches high school dramatics and junior high social studies and health. f .. ..,-f ,wf...:..2fswtmffe.sH.-Wtitamfsmsnaiaaf ,. , trvsssvftz g2.,ga,ggi,gvg53533g5,1f..z I , aisfii-it si is 2.f...g.... N? MARY LASHER, who teaches third grade, is a Lake City High School and Buena Vista College graduate. KX'l'llAl.liliN .Nlt-CLARX. our kindergarten teacher, grad- uated from Winside High School. Winside. Nebraska, and XY ayne State 'l'eat'hers College. XIX RNA KU?4'l'liR graduated from St. Bernard High School, Breda. lowa. and Briar Cliff College. She teaches fifth grade. SARAH JONES. a fifth grade teacher, is a Pomeroy High School graduate. She went to Iona State Teachers Col- lege. Colorado Unixersity, and Buena Vista College. PEARL KITCHEN, a sixth grade teacher, went to Galva and Central High Schools and graduated from Morning- side College. CAROLYN RINGCENBERG is a Lytton High School and Buena Yista College graduate. She teaches the second grade. KFFHEQ 2 3 ' 4 2.4 25 MARGARET CARLSON. a graduate of Cherokee High bullool and Wavne State Teachera College. is a fourth grade teacher. ALICE STREEIJ ha- graduated from Calva High School and liuena Yieta College. Nliis Streed teaches the fourth grade. ETHEL VAN YICKLE. a first grade teacher. graduated from XX aelita High Fchool and Buena Yista College. MARLENE FAIRLEY is a second grade teacher. Miss Fairley graduated from Sanborn High School and Morn- ingside College. WILBIA CARSTENS. who is a first grade teacher. haf graduated tronl Hartington High School. Hartington. Ne- lpraxlga, and Wayne State Teachers College. KIARCCRITE XMCOWAN. a third grade teacher. is a graduate of Jackson High School in Nebraska and Wayne Slate Teachers College. 9 10,1112 I3 tense I7 re 1920 Mrs. Carl Branco BUS DRIVERS Firs! Row, lsffl to right: Earl Fick, Carl Huyfeldt, Allen Olson, Lyle Raabe. Second Row: Fred Rarghols, Harold Bremer. Bill Wiese, Louis Barghols. Merlin Jensen. LUN CHROOM SUPERVISOR COOKS Lv!! In riglzl: Mrs. llill lllenner. Mrs. Fred Rarghols, Mrs. Olga Carnes, Nlrs. Verne Stewart. SCHOOL SECRETARIES Mrs. Gladys Raalme and Mrs. Mabel Crothaus CUSTODIANS CUSTODIAN "Bunn Leinbaugh, Bill Blenner Fred Barghols ,M .ff han STUDENTS hinder arten P othy Koeppe. Amy Johnson. Daniel Friedrichsen. Brian Hargens. Miss McClary. I O V 1 Y Sefonfl ROILY James DeWit. John Butcher. Nancy Gehrts. Kult Meyer. Diane Ericksen. Douglas Hoaglund. Howard Dittmer, linger Coettscll, Debra Eckermann. Third Row: Mary Jean Cope, Mary Lou Kay. Jacqueline Petersen, Debra Wiese, Patrice Wienert, Sandra Earnest, Diane Schoerg Denise Schoer. First' Row, L. to R.: Jeffrey Bremer. Clifton Conover. Lu Ann Krager. Kathleen Daugaard. Laura Nash. Steven Reineke, Gene Dutler, Lawrence Weber. Theresa Underriner. Mark McCutcheon. Kent Madsen. Miss McClary. Sfronrll Row: Kathy Jean Miller. Terry Munz. Suzanne Roepke. Vicki Steen, Jean Ann Susie, Joel Wellendorf. Barbara Lamp. Third Row: Susan Endrulat. Debra Kastner. Barbara Joslin. Darnell Ludvigson, Richard Wittrock, Wayne Kevin Conover. Steven Myrtue. Absent: Andrew Buell. Sponsored by CHUCK'S BODY SHOP and DAVID R. CRARY, ATTORNEY Grade Une First Row, L. to R.: Dean lmof. Billy Rnhlk. .lanet Leonard. Janet, Drneniiller. Steven Weller. Mike Wienert. Robert John- son, Christine Sokoluwski. Steven Kay. Tommy Coettscli. Miee X311 ViClil6. Svroml Row: Perry Buclinrann. Curtis Eckerman. Kent Ctmmer. Jean Ruser. Barbara Calxin, Janice Wiese. Kathleen Kay, Connie Downs. Eldean Gelirts. Donna Fouts, Brian Reiff. Third Row: Carmen Guettsch. Marilyn Scherner. Dale Miller. Cary Brosamle. Paul Freese. Cathy Cuettsch. First Row. L. to R.: Jun Stuneking. .leflrey Rngnes. Stexen Seite. Clay Conmrer, Linda Sears. David Clausen. Patty Din mer. Kendall Hrmlersen. George Elirig. Timothy Antlresen. Mis. flarstens. Svroml Row: Rny Williams. Eclwarcl Cronluncl. Hollis Meyer. lfriva Heilinan. Daniel Roepke. Jean Rosenliergi. Tlrirrl Row: 'l'et'6fa Elller. lxiarlvara Beyer. Ann l'nclerriner. Mark Crnxell. Dennis Miesner. Mary Ann Reineke. Lois Hain lller. Absent: Thmnas lrwin. .lavliie Moller, Wanda Svhirrmacher. 15 Sponsored by EHLER IMPLEMENT COMPANY and sCOTTY's TAVERN Grade T First Row, L. to R.: Bradley Stamp. Merrill Wittrock, Gary Seite, Grant Conover, Robert Butcher, Leona Ehrig, Mary Nash, Second Row: Vicki Otto, Ellen Buck, Connie Wiese, Angela Schuett. Curtis Rector, Karla Nicklas- Julie Heser, Cole Bremer. Miss Ringgenberg. Third Row: Michael Daugaard, John Hammer, Steven Vohs, Marc Wilson, Rena Hargens, Daniel Ehler, Lowell Joslin, Nancie lrwin, Marlo Johnson, James Dutler. Absent: Dale Goettsch, Jean Heitmann. Brian Lamp, Cathy Steen. Rirsi Row, L. to R.: Keith Logan. Timothy Lohafer, Bruce Boock, Craig Ruring, Marsha Cehrts, Pat Kennedy, Jeanne Kahl Steven Carnes, Charles Goettsch, Randall Dreeszen, Miss Fairley. Second Row: Lorna Dutler, Diane Scherner, Delane Hogrefe, Linda Kramheck, Bradley Bauer. Third Row: Cary Wilder. David Johnson, Harry Endrulat, John Mohr, Dwight Conover, Gregory Johnson, Jacqueline Broder- sen, Patricia Johannsen, Jane Hammer, Debra Cehers, Jacqueline Sears, Kathleen Susie, Ronald Lingle. Sponsored by CONOVER OIL COMPANY and BLUE EAGLE LANES Grade Three First Row, L. to R.: Randy liochmann, Paul Fell, Rebecca Carnes. Connie Steen, Linda lioock. Cynthia Johnson. David Scott Craig Schlinz, Richard Williams, Miss McGowen. Second Row: Kellye Pfalzgraf, Kenneth Johnson, Marc Michaelsetl, Dian lwen, Teresa Calvin. Third Row: Jo Lynn Rognes, Mary Jo Bagenstos. Ronald Andr8SCI1, Cathy Friedrichserl. Sharleen 'Leonard. Rozann Wiese Janine Wellendorf. Debra Conover, Clair Downs. First Row, L. to R.: Michael Croxell, James Kastner Michael Radke Qonja Qxrandberff Janet Heeney Part Otto Jerr R , A f , L - 1-t , Y , Y us- er. Ronald Parker, Mrs. Lasher. Secoml Row: Robert Wittrock, Jr., David Conover, Danelle Sorensen, James L00f. Third Row: Linda Cipperley, Ricki Eckerman, Kenneth Watters, Eddie Hansen, John Leonard, Brian Schuett, Gary Albers, Barbara Scherner. Absent : Randall Kay. 1 7 sponsored by ROGNES st MCCUTCHEON, VETERINARIANS and VAN-Toe, INC. s Grade Four First Row, L. to R,: Robert Keitges, Daniel Niemeier, Susan Goettsch, Barbara Jean Conover, Connie Fouts, Carol Jean Mc- Knight, Steven Klotz, Allen Conover, Kim Walden, Merritt Wiese. Second Row: Janelle Wittrock, Charlotte Fouls, Judy Pash, Phillip Lohafer, Elizabeth Sears. Third Row: Patricia Irwin, Rhonda Vickery, Nancy Timmerman, David Wiese, Nolan Heilman, John Bauman, Gail Gehers, Kristin Goettsch, Nlichael Kennedy. Miss Streed. First Row, L. Io R.: Rolan Albers, Thomas Fraser, Kristine Larson, Patsy Conover, Barbara Nash, Kathy Goettsch, Cheri Ann Logan, Gary Wiese, Miss Carlson. Seronfi Row: Daniel Doxtad, Patricia Reineke, Dennis Ludvigson, David Jackes, Robert Leinhaugh, Richard Ruring. Tlzirrl Row: Elizabeth Heyclt, Sandra Susie, Connie Johnson, Linda Kuchel, Marlene .l0hI1S0l'l, Wayne Scheer, L0l1iS Mildell- stein. Alnsrfnt: Helen Alpers, Mary Ann Ehrig, James Kay. Sponsored by BRUNING REPAIR and KEITGES FOOD MARKET Grade Fi e First Row, L, rn R.: Keith Conover, Steven Clausen, Gary Bore r, Bruce. Lingle, Rodney Vuhs, Craig Beyer, Douglas Krager Mark Still, Lane Volkert, 'Larry Hector, Mark Brosamle, Link Stoneking. Seroml Row: Peggy Hammer, Stanley Bauer, Shelley Noel, Linda, Stamp, Gary Sorensen, Margy Coettsch. Third Row: Robert Kaslner, Dennis Crothaus, David Reiff, Lyle Wittrock, Beverly Dutler, Marcia Rogues, Bruce Conover, Di- ane Hungerford, Thomas Bruning, Vicki Conover, Cynthia Han sen, Judith Heitmann, Rick Ehler, Christine DeWit, Miss Jones First Row, L. to R.: Cary Conover, Douglas Lohafer, David Rolllk, CSV HUIUY- Raymond RFC- Jllhn Werner. Mlfllilel Slill, Junior Wiese, Terry Conover, Timothy Jackes, Paul Boock, James Irwin. Svrond Row: Larane Volkert, Robert Kaus, Carol Gronlund, Scheryl Coettsch, Carol Butcher, Linda Seite. Third Raw: Linda Wittrock, Donnie Lorenzen, Bruce Branco, Kent Fick, Diane Cebers, Pamela Kahl, Cynthia Dutler, Yvonne Leonard, Peggy Ann Dochmann, Joleen Lemke. Fourth Row: Rhela Schlinz, Pamela Hansen, Thade Bagenstos, James Fell, Miss Koster. Sponsored by ROYAL SCOT SALES and L. H. WACNER, DENTIST 19 7 Grade ' First Row, L. lo R.: William lackes. Jr., James Clausen, Donald Dutler, Daniel Buck, Linda Krager. Claire Leinbaugh, An- thony Ehrig, ,Ierel Wittrock, Keith Fick, Miss Kitchen. Second Row: James Beyer. Connie Friedrichsen, Susan Hass, Dale Clausen, Dennis Schuett, Roderick HHIISCU- Mlifgiifef jones, Dennis Seite. Third Row: Melissa Sue Leonard. Cynthia Ehler, Betty Ann Lorenzen, Judy FTHSCT, BBUY Bauman- Absent: Terry Bauman, Pamela Baumann. First Row, L. to R.: Gary Brodersen, David Dexter, Robert Freese, Ricki Radke, Bruce Klotz, Roger Larson, Reas Madsen Phillip Hanson. Dennis Sams. James Sorensen, ,loseph Keitges. Miss Short. l Third Row: Susan Kahl. Marlys Helkenn. Tamela Johnson, LanyCe Dreeslen, Anna Marie Hvgrefe, Connie Kraai, Linda Con- Second Row: Peggy Conover, Monte Beyer, Dennis Hoaglund, John Kuchel. Linda Johnson. over, Pamela Sears. Sponsored by DEE'S BEAUTY SHOP and C-REEN'S DAIRY i ,, W., Grade Se en Ya: Wfv First Row, L. to R.: Samuel Heydt, William Carstens, Alan Klwhel, DCHIUS COHUVCT- Rfllleff ETiCkSCU, Cafhi' -ll' MCCTCH, Beih Cowan, Ronald Goettsch, Van Conover. Neal Conover, David Ni6l1161C1'. MTS. 0'R0l1rk6. Second Row: Kenneth Vohs. Kenneth Verrone. Michele Michaelsen. JOHN Beyer, Duane Heeney. Margaret Breyf0g1e. Third Row: Richard Parker. David Ehler, Craig Conover, Michael Michaelsen, Charlotte Vickery, Diane Fick, Victoria lrwin, Christine Haneen. Marvin Timnieiman, Paul Scherner. Robert XVICIICTT. Y -J I ,Wy I K Q. 1-.iam First Row, L. to R.: Mark Scott, Roy Rice, Ted Bruning, Douglas Kahl, Sue Holtry, Carol Lingle, Donald Johannsen, Roger Dreeszen, Cary Stamp, Hr. Lasher. Second Row: Paul Coettsch. Marigene Kahl, Karen Wittrock, Burdette Conover, Eldon Reimers. Tllirrl Row: Valgene Wiese. Ben llye, Kathryn Conover, Rene Ruhlow, Mark Dewit, Jeffrey Jochinis, Jeanne Frahni, Coleen Ludvigson, Marcia Dee Leinberg. james Striepe, Diane Reiff, Nlarillis Johnson. Absent: Dave Walden, Luann Rice. Sponsored by FIRST METHODIST CHURCH and SAXON LUMBER COMPANY WM Grade Ei ht First Row, L. to R.: Larry Armiger, Kenneth Henrichsen, Larry Volkert, John Burkardt, Roletta Albers, Joyce L00f, Terry Johnson, Curtis Opdahl, Leon Ruhlow, Mrs. Austin. Second Row: Kenneth Hogrefe, Diane Doxtacl, Patricia Iwen DOHHH Steen WHYUC FYCCSC- Tlzirrl Row: Kenneth Buell, Cary Moser, Paulette Beyer, Cay Mohr, lrene Leonard, Larry McBride, Charles Carllserg, Janice Heitmann, ,lacquelyn Coettsch, Karen Bauman. Fimr Row, L, io R,g Charles Cipperley, Marion Conover, Ronnie Leckband, Curtis Wiese, Shirley Cronlund, Nancy Seite, Den- nis Leinlraugh, David Buck, Donald Sams, Mr. Rosenberg. Sw-nm! Row: Bradley Schoer, James Wienert, Larry Coettsch, Ronald Sass, Sheryle Wiltrock, Trudy Sinns. Tliirrl Row: Duane Williams, Doreen Cries, Diane Dexter, Carol Johnson, Paula Beyer, Vernette Reimer, Donald Vohs, Wilbur Wiltrock, Steven Bauer. sponsored hy FOOD LOCKER SERVICE .md c1onREc:0Ux GARAGE Fre hman Cla S Front Row: Shirley Reimers, Ralph Verrone, and Sheryl Park- er. Back Row: Gary Andresen and Dennis Breyfogle. Front Row: Donna Timmermau and Sandra Bartels. Back Row: Curtis Sorensen, Dennis Sorensen, and Robert Bauman. Front Row: Connie Putensen, Sharon Frahm, and Elaine Brown. Back Row: James Keitges and Milan Krarnheck. Z3 Frorzt Row: Joyce Butcher and Vicki Bruning. Back Row: David Heeney, Lynn Hansen, and Ronnie Ludvigson. Front Row: Jeanette Helkenn and Mary Ann Henrichsen. Back Row: Daniel Van Hemert and Scott Hanson. Front Row: Dennis Rohlk and Lester Wiese. Bark Row: Betty Linule. Marsha Fell. and Sandra Conover. Sponsored by BAUMANN 81 THARP GARAGE and SORENSEN CLOTHING ophomore Class Front Row: Janiver Meyer, Lorine Timmerman, Christine Leonard, and June Kaus. Back Row: Lorna Brandt, John Jo- hannsen, Cary Schuett, and Roger Nicklas. Franz Row: Nina Ann Schmidt, Mary Jo DeWit, Mary Ina Hue- when. and Ronda Clausen. Back Row: Bill Ericksen, Paul Slriepe and Brian Bmsamle. Front Row: Donna Sinns, George Dreeszen, Harold Droegmil ler, and Dean Fick. Back Row: Judy Cowan, Mary Gehns Connie Beyer, and Sue Blackmer. Front Row: Paul Niemeier, Wayne Loof, Don Schroeder, and Albert Loof. Back Row: Linda Hueschen, June Hansen, Sharon Fell, and Karen Hahne. Front Row: Cary Ruhser, Dennis Fritz, and Dan Cipperley. Bark Row: Wyleen Lemlxaugh, .ludy Codhersen, Caroll Lake, and .ludy Williams. Front Row: Cary Putensen, Michael lirosamle, and David flneltewh. Harh' Row: lletly Bergmann, Linda Brandt, Sandra Baumann, and Belle Agnew. Junior Class l Front Row: Oliver Reineke, David Schmidt, and Dale Brey- fogxle. Bark Row: Mabel Heydt, Ronda Ludvigson, and Mar- jorie Burkarclt. Front Row: Daniel Schmidt and Brian Bruning. Back Row: Janet Cipperley, JoAnn Heitmann, and Karen Michaelsen. I Q r lr 0 J Front Row: Lois Albers and Marcia Beyer. Back Row: Harold Freese, .loe Clausen, and Don Hungerford. CII? Front Row: Loren Clausen and Cary Weiland. Bark Row: Carol Reimer, Mary Ann Conover, and ,Indy Leonard. Front Row: Don llreyfogle and David Volis. Bark Row: Carol Bergmann, Virginia Kaster, and Sharon Wiese. Front Row: David Bye, Dale Tliarp, and John Wagner. Bark Row: Kay Nordstrom and Carole ,lean Wittrock. Sponsored by LEGIONNAIRE CLUB and EHICKSENS STANDARD STATION enior JAMES JOHANNSEN Son of Mr. 8 Mrs. Orville Johannsen, "Not as innocent as he appears." Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Band President 4, Dance Band 3, 4, Junior Class Crew 3, Basketball Man- ager 2, 3, 4, Boys' Octet 3, lnstrumental Solo 1, 2, 3, 4, Brass Quintet 2, 3. ,IOANNE BYE Daughter of Mr. S Mrs. Bruce Bye "A gal whose abilities are hard to beatf, Moo Staff 4, Cheerleader 4, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Speech 2, Pep Council 4, Pirateer 1, 2, 4, Girls' Sextet 2, 3, Girls' Trio 3, 4, Dance Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Home Ec. Style Show 1, Junior Class Play 3, Vocal Solo 1, 2, 3, 4, Instrumental Solo 1, 2, 3, 4, All State Band 1, 2, 3, Bottle Band 3, Woodwind Quintet 1, 2, Woodwind Trio 1, 2, 3, 4, Woodwind Quartet 1, 2, 3, 4, Clarinet Choir 1, 2, 3. ORRIN ARMIGER Son of Mr. 81 Mrs. Charles Armiger, Jr. ':The woman who gets me is luckyf, Track 1, 3, 4, Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4. JOELLE JocHIMs Daughter of Mr. 8 Mrs. LeVerne Jochims "Her smile is worth a million, but it rloesn,t cost a centf' Moo Staff 4, Basketball 1, 2, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3. 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Band Vice Presi- dent 4, .lunior Class Crew 3, Home EC. Style Show 1, 4, Basketball Man ager 3, 4, Mixed Quartet 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Octet 1, 2, 3. 4: Vocal Solo 1, 2, 3, 4, lnstrumental Solo 1, All State Chorus 3: Clarinet Quartet 3, Mixed Chorus President 4. VERYL DROEGMILLER Son of Mr. Sz Mrs. Harvey Droegmiller "My ambition is just around the cornerf' Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Dance Band 2, 3, 4, Junior Class Crew 3, Boys' Octet 3, lnstrumental Solo 1, 2, 3, 4. 2 Class ROBERT BROWN Son of Mr. 81 Mrs. George Brown "All the worId's an audience and lim a three-ring circus." Track 2, 33 Boys' Glee Club 43 Mixed Chorus 4g Junior Class Crew 3. JANICE CARSTI-INS Daughter of Mrs. Willna Carstens "A sparkle that is ziifferentf, Girls' Glee Club li, 323 Speech lslg Home Ec. Style Show 2x13 Lunchroom Staff 4. iiParticipation at Valley and Hartington, Nebraska. JERRY JOCHIMS Son of Mr. S4 Mrs. LeVerne ,lochims "Talent and personality-a winning combinationf' Moo Staff 43 Track 1, 23 Basketball 13 Boys' Clee Club 1, 2. 3. 43 Boys' Clee Club Secretary 43 Mixed Chorus 1. 2, 3. 43 Marching Band 1. 2. 3, 43 Pep Band 1. 2. 3. 43 Dance Band 1, 2, 3. 43 Junior Class Play 33 Concert Band 1. 2, 3. 43 Pep Council 3. 43 Pep Council President 43 Pirateer 1, 4: Class President 33 Class Vice President 43 Harmaniacs 1, 2, 3. 43 Vocal Solo 2. 3. 43 Instrumental Solo 1, 2, 3. 43 All State Band 3. 43 Brass Quintet lj Brass Sextet 1. 2, 3. 43 Brass Choir 13 Second Attendant to the King 43 Northwest Iowa Band 4. ROBERTA BOOTHBY Daughter of Mr. 8 Mrs. Lloyd Boothby "Poise, personality, and popularity? A100 Staff 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chqrus 2, 3, 43 Marching Band 1, 23 Concert Band 1, 23 Maj0rCiI6 23 PCP COUUCI1 1, 2, 3. 43 Pep Council Vice President 43 Pirateer 1. 2, 3, 41 PCP Band 1, 23 Dance Band 1, 23 Junior Class Play 33 Class Secretary 33 Class Treasurer 2, 43 Saxophone Quartet 1, 23 First Attendant to the Queen. WENDELL ROLFS Son of Mr. X Mrs. Albert Rolfs 'cDon,t fence me inf' Moo Staff 43 Basketball 1, 23 Track 1. 2. 33 Junior Class Play 3. DONALD BUTCI-IER Son of Mr. 84 Mrs. Eldon Butcher "I bear a charmed Iifef, Basketball 1: Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Class Crew 3, Prom Server 1. DIANE GELLERT Daughter of Mr. X Mrs. Henry Gellerl "lf brains were money, she would never be in deblf, Moo Staff 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club President 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Band Treasurer 4, Pep Council 1, 3, Pirateer 1, Dance Band 2, Junior Class Crew 3, Pep Band 1, Home Ec. Style Show 1, Class Vice Pres- ident 3, Instrumental Solo 1, All State Band 1, All State Orchestra 2, North- west lowa Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Woodwind Quintet 1, 2, 3, 4, Woodwind Trio 1, 2, 3, 4, Woodwind Ensemble 1. SONJA HEENEY Daughter of Mr. 81 Mrs. Eugene Heeney "Sweet and refined like granulated sugarf' Cheerleader 4, Speech 1', Pep Council 4, Pirateer 4, ,lunior Class Crew 3, Prom Server IV, Class President 23, Basketball Manager 2"'. 'Participation at Mondamin, Iowa. FRED11115 GOET'rscH Son of Mrs. Lillian Goettsch Come what may, he,s the same good sport every day." Moo Staff 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys' C166 Club ,1, 35 .lunior Class Crew 3, Boys' Octet 3, Football Captain 4: .lack Norths Honor Roll 3, Mixed Chorus 3, First Attendant to the King. KATHRYN GEHRTS Daughter of Mr. 81 Mrs. Herbert Gehrts "The way to be happy is to make others sof' Speech 2, 3, 4, Pirateer 2, 3, 4, Librarian 2, 3, Junior Class Play 3, Home Ec. Style Show 2. DENNIS BOCHMANNN Son of Mr. 8: Mrs. Vernie Bochmann "Bashful-except on the gridiron." F00ll?ll41, 2- 3, 4: Track 1, 2, 3, 4: Junior Class Crew 3: Basketball Man- ager , . CATHERINE LINGLE Daughter of Mrs. Louella Lingle "Love is a flreamg gosh, lim sleepy." Cirls' Clee Club 2. 3. 4: Girls' Clee Club Secretary 4: Mixed Chorus 4: hlarclling liantl 1. 2. 3. 4: Concert Hand 1. 2, 3. 4: Nlajorette 2. 3. 4: Pira- teer 2. 3. 4: Pep liand 1. 2. 3. 4: Junior Class Play 3: Home Ee. Style Show 1. 4: Yvoodwincl Choir 1, 2, 3. 4. MARILYN CI-IRISTIANSEN Daughter of Mr. 3: Mrs. Harry Christiansen "Not a queen for a day but a queen always." Moo Staff 4: Basketball 1: Cirls' C-lee Club 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 4: Mixed Chorus Secretary 4: Pep Council 1, 2, 4: Pep Council Secretary-Treasurer 4: Pirateer 1, 2, 3. 4: Junior Class Crew 3: Home Ee. Style Show 1: Prom Serv- er 1: Class Vice President 2: Class Secretary 4: Basketball Manager 2. 3. 4: Homecoming Queen 4. GARY JOHNSON Son of Mr. 8 Mrs. Harvey Johnson "There's room at the top, but who wants to climbf' Football 1. 2, 3, 4: Track 1. 2, 3, 4: Boys' Clee Club 1. 2: Mixed Chorus 1, 2: Junior Class Crew 3: Jack North's Honor Roll 3. FAYE JANSSEN Daughter of Mr. K Mrs. Raymond Janssen "A petite blond with winning ways." Moo Staff 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3. 4: Girls' Clee Club 2, 3, 4: Marching Band 1 2, 3. 4: Concert Band 1. 2. 3: Majorette 2. 3, 4: Pirateer 1. 2: Junior Class Crew 3: Home Ee. Style Show 1. 3: Prom Sewer 1: lnstrumental Solo 1, 2: Woodwind Quintet 1. 2. 3: Northwest lowa Band 2. v DANIEL BIENLIEN Son of Mr. 8: Mrs. Walter Bienlien "Greater men have lived but I doubt it.', Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 43 .lunior Class Crew 3g Class Vice President lg Jack North's Honor Roll 3. NANCY KOLB Daughter of Mr. Sz Mrs. Leslie Kolb "A loving heart is the truest wisdomf, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 33 Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Concert 1, 2, 3, 4g Majorette 3, 4, Prom Server 1: Instru- mental Solo 1, 2, Clarinet Quartet 1, 2, 3, 4. ELAINE KAUS Daughter of Mr. Sz Mrs. Harry Kaus "She seems quiet, but maybe we don't know her " Moo Staff 4-g Basketball 2g Pirateer 13 Junior Class Crew 33 Home Ec. Style Show 1, 3, Lunchroom Staff 2, 3, 4. THOMAS KEITGES Son of Mr. 81 Mrs. R. C. Keitges "Definitely a ladies' manf, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Boys' Clee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 43 Junior Class Crew 3, Prom Server 1' Mixed Octet 4, Vocal Solo 1 2. 3. 4, Football Captain 43 Jack North's Honor, Roll 4, Homecoming King. KATHLEEN FRULL 'Daughter of Mr. Sz Mrs. William Krull, Jr. If I can t do great things, 1'll do small things in a great way." Moo Staff 43 Basketball 1, 2, Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Concert Band 1, 2, 3. 43 51066011 1, 2, 3, 4, Home EC. Style Show lg Pirateer 1, 2, 3, 4, Librarian E525 l'1ep2B'zE-intl 1, 4g ,lunior Class Play 3, Clarinet Quartet 1, 2, 3g Woodwind oir , , , . STEPHEN MADsizN Son of Mr. 8, Mrs. William Madsen "Imli11i1l1talily is the salt of lifef' Football 1, Basketball 1, Track 1, 2, 4, Boys' Clee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Clee Club President 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Marchinv Band 1 2' C cert Band 1, 2, Pep Council 1, 3, 4, Pep Band 1, 2, Tjance Bzind,1,021, Junior Class Play 3, Class President 1, 4, Class Treasurer 3, Football Man- ager 2, Mixed Quartet 3. 4, Boys' Quartet 1, 2, 3, 4, Vocal Solo 2, 3, 4, Instrumental Solo 1, 2, All State Chorus 3, Brass Quintet 2. JANICE STEEN Daughter of Mrs. Edna Steen "Bright as a ray of sunshine." Moo Staff 4, Cheerleader 4, Girls' Clee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Qpeech 2, 3, 4, Pep Council 4, Pirateer 2, 3 4, Junior Class Crew 3' Home hc. Style Show 1, Lunchroom Staff 2, Cirls"Sextet 3, Mixed Quartet, 4, Vo- cal Solo 3. JANET SASS Daughter of Mr. 8 Mrs. Clifford Sass nCome on now gang-a little pepf' . Moo Staff 4, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Girls' Clee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Cll0Tl1S 2, 3, 4, Speech 2, 3, 4, Pep Council 4, Junior Class Play 3, Home EC- SWIG Show 1, Vocal Solo 1. WILLIAM MEYER Son of Mr. St Mrs. Edward Meyer "Exercise? Why I peeled an orange for breakfast. Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, Boys' Clee Club 1, 23 Mlxed Chorus lv 23 Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4- MARY MOHR Daughter of Mr. St Mrs. Amandus Mohr "Mild manners and a gentle heart are hersf' Moo Staff 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Cirls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 4: Pirateer 1, Librarian 1, .lunior Class Play 3, .lack Norths All-State Team 3: IDPA Honor Roll 2, 3, Second Attendant to the Queen. JAMES WINGERT Son of Mrs. Thecla Wingert "Some think the world is made for fun and frolic-and so do I!', Moo Staff 4, Football 3, 4, Basketball 1":, 2'::, 3, 43 Track 3, 43 Boys' Glee Club 12, 2'iig Mixed Chorus 13, 223 Speech lk, 25 Pirateer 4, Junior Class Crew 3. ,l'Participation at Duncombe, Iowa. ELAINE CIPPERLEY BROWN Daughter of Mr. gl Mrs. Glen Cipperley "Dark Hair and Laughing Eyesf' Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Speech 2, 3g Pirateer 1, 2, 3, 4, Librarian 2, 3g Junior Class Crew 3g Home Ec. Style Show 1, 3. LARRY RADKE Son of Mr. 8 Mrs. Harold Radke '6He's little but heis wise, quite a cut-up for his sizef, Football 31:5 Basketball 1. 2, 33, Track 12, 24, 3, 4, Boys' Clee Club lg, 22, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 13, 22, 3, 4. Zljarticipated in Alta and Aurelia. WILDA PUTNAM Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Luverne Watters "Care sits lightly on her shouldersf, Basketball 1, Girls, Glee Club 15 Speech 1, 2, 33 Junior Class Crew 3g Home Ec. Style Show 1. DORIS TIMMERMAN Daughter of Mr. Sz Mrs. Elmer Timmerman "Silence is golden, but it has no charms for me." Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Speech lg Pirateer 1, 2, 33 Junior Class Crew 3, Home Ec. Style Show 1, 44 Lunchroom Staff 1, 2. Honor Pa e 1959 FOOTBALL TEAM HOLSTEIN SPEECH STUDENTS 6 Wins - 2 Losses - Maple VSHCY C0HfCfCHCe ChaH1Pi0nS- SUB-DISTRICT - I1 Division I Ratings - Lorna Brandt, Janice TOYU KCUECS - V0ff?d Most Valuable PIUYCV- Steen, Kathleen Krull 123, Mary Ann Conover 125, Mary JO TOHI KCUECS, Fred G0ClfSCh - C0'CGPf0i'2S- DeWit QZJ, Janiver Meyer, Janet Sass, Mary Ann Henrichsen. ALL-NORTHWEST THIRD TEAM - Dan Biefllien- DISTRICT -- 8 Division I Ratings - Mary Jo DeWit C2J, Mary ALL-NORTHWEST HONORABLE MENTION - Fred Goetrsch, Tom Ann Conover 425, Mary Ann Henrichsen, Janet Sass, Lorna Keitgei- Brandt, Kathleen Krull. I- D- P- A- HONORABLE MENTION - Dan Bieflliefl- STATE CONTEST - 6 Division I Ratings - Mary Ann Henrich- ALL-STATE HONOR ROLL - Dan Bienlien, Dennis Bochmann, Sen, Loma Brandt, Mary Jo Dewit, Kathleen Krull, Mary Tom Keitges. MAPLE VALLEY CONFERENCE FIRST TEAM - Dan Bienlien, Fred Goettsch, Dennis Bochmann, Tom Keitges. MAPLE VALLEY CONFERENCE SECOND TEAM - Jim Johannsen, Joe Clausen. MAPLE VALLEY CONFERENCE HONORABLE MENTION -- Gary Johnson. 1959-1960 BOYS' BASKETBALL TEAM I6 Wins - 7 Losses - Maple Valley Tournament Runners-Up - Sectional Tournament Runners-Up. . Tom Keitges, Fred Coettsch - Co-Captains. MAPLE VALLEY CONFERENCE FIRST TEAM - Tom Keitges. ILIAPLE VALLEY CONFERENCE SECOND TEAM - Dan Bienlien.' I. D. P. A. HONORABLE MENTION - Tom Keitges, Dan Bren- lien. 1960 TRACK TEAM Dan Bienlien, Fred Coettsch - Co-Captains STATE CONTENDERS - Dan Bienlien - SHOT PUT Tom Keitges - FOOTBALL THROW David Bye - POLE VAULT Fred Goettsch, Dan Bienlien - HIGH HURDLES Don Hungerford, Dan Bienlien, Tom Keitges, David Vohs - MEDLEY RELAY TEAM Tom Keitges - LOW HURDLES Jim Wingert -- BROAD JUMP 1959-1960 GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM 23 Wins - 3 Losses - Maple Valley Tournament Champions - State Contenders. Roberta Boothhy, Mary Mohr - Co-Captains. STATE FREE THROW COMPETITOR - Roberta Boothhy. I. D. P. A. THIRD TEAM - Mary Mohr. I. D. P. A. HONOR ROLL - Roberta Boothby, Nancy Kolb. DES MOINES REGISTER SEVENTH TEAM - Mary Mohr. DES MOINES REGISTER HONOR ROLL - Roberta Boothhy, Mary Ina Hueschen, Doris Timmerman. MAPLE VALLEY CONFERENCE FIRST TEAM - Roberta Boothby, Mary Mohr, Doris Timmerman. MAPLE VALLEY CONFERENCE SECOND TEAM - Mary Ina Hue- schen, Nancy Kolb. D. A. R. CITIZEN AWARD D. A. R. CITIZEN AWARD - .loanne Bye. BETTY CROCKER HOMEMAKER OF TOMORROW Diane Cellert. STATE SMALL GROUPS AND SOLO MUSIC CONTEST INSTRUMENTAL GROUPS - 9 Division I Ratings, 2 Division Il Ratings. INSTRUMENTAL SOLOS - 9 Division I Ratings, 5 Division II Ra- tings: Don Schroeder, David Bye 123, Joanne Bye, Karen Hahne, Mary Jo DeWit, Jerry Jochims, James Johannsen, Mary Ina Hueschen. VOCAL GROUPS - Boys' Octet, Division I Rating, 4 Division II Ratings. VOCAL SOLOS - 4 Division I Ratingsg Mary JO DeWit, Joelle Jochims, Jerry Jochims, Tom Keitgesg 2 Division II Ratings. Ann Conover 121. SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS FRESHMAN MERIT SCHOLARSHIP AT THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA - Diane Gellert. IOWA FEDERATED WOMEN,S CLUB SCHOLARSHIP - Diane Gellert. APPOINTED T0 THE UNITED STATES NAVAL MILITARY ACADEMY - Dan Bienlien. FRESHMAN TUITION SCHOLARSHIP AT UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH DA- KOTA - Jerry Jochims. NOMINATED FOR MEMBERSHIP IN THE NATIONAL ATIILETIC SCHOL- ARSHIP SOCIETY - Dan Bienlien, Dennis Bochmann, Fred Goettsch, James Johannsen, Gary Johnson, Jim Wingert. HIGH SCHOOL CITIEENSHIP AWARD - Diane Gellert, Fred Goettsch. IOWA STATE BAR ASs'N CITIZENSHIP AWARD - Jerry Jochims. HIGH SCHOOL ACTIVITIES AWARD - Roberta Boothby, Joanne Bye, Diane Gellert, Fred Goettsch, Faye Janssen, Jerry Jochims, Joelle Jochims, James Johannsen, Tom Keitges, Janet Sass. STATE SPEECH CONTEST AWARD PIN - Kathleen Krull. BLACK AND ORANGE HONOR CORD AWARDS CSB" average or better in scholarshipl - Diane Gellert Ufalellictorianl G. P. 4-.003 Kathleen Krull lSalutatorianJ G. P. 3.94-g Marilyn Christian- sen, G. P. 3.675 Jerry Jochims, G. P. 3.593 Joanne Bye, G. P. 3.382g Roberta Boothby, C. P. 3.283 Stephen Madsen, C. P. 3.272g Dan Bienlien, G. P. 3.2723 Janet Sass, G. P. 3.00. ALL-STATE BAND Mary Ina Hueschen, Karen Hahne, Mary Jo DeWit, Jerry Joch- Ims. ALL-STATE ORCHESTRA David Bye. STATE MUSIC CONTEST FOR LARGE GROUPS Boys' Clee Club - II Girls' Glee Club - II Mixed Chorus - I Concert Band - I NORTHWEST IOWA BAND Mary Jo DeWit, Mary Ina Hueschen, Joanne Bye, John Johann sen, David Bye. PERFECT ATTENDANCE Doris Timmerman, James Johannsen, Fred Goettsch, Jerry Joch- Ims. HOMECOMING ROYALTY QUEEN - Marilyn Christiansen. KING - Tom Keitges ' ATTENDANTS - Roberta Boothhy, Mary Mohr, Fred Goettsch Jerry Jochims. RELAYS ROYALTY QUEEN - Marilyn Christiansen. ATTENDANTS - Roberta Boothhy, Mary Mohr. JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM ROYALTY QUEEN - Marilyn Christiansen. KING 5 Tom Keitges. Campus Scene STUDY HALL TY PEWRITING CLASS CHEMISTRY LABORATORY SENIOR ENGLISH CLASS IN THE LIBRARY INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLASS Sponsored by JIM'S BAKERY and TYRRELL STUDIO ATHLETICS 1 Conference Champ First Row, left to right: David Bye, Dennis Bochmann, Don Hungerford, Mike Brosamle, Tom Keitges, Joe Clausen, Jim Johann- sen, Gary Johnson, Danny Schmidt, David Vohs. Second Row: John Wagner, Loren Clausen, Harold Freese, Dan Bienlien, Jim Wingert, Fred Goettsch, Dennis Fritz, David Schmidt, Brian Brosamle. Third Row: Paul Striepe, Brian Bruning, Gary Ruhser, Bill Meyer, Gary Weiland, Danny Cipperley, Dale Breyfogle, Don Schroeder. Fourth Row: Don Breyfogle, Gary Schuett, Billy Ericksen, Oliver Reineke, Gary Putensen, George Dreeszen, Roger Nicklas, John Johannsen. Fifth Row: Dean Fick, Milan Kramheck, Daniel Van Hemert, Jim Keitges, Gary Andresen, Dennis Sorensen, Curtis Sorensen, Robert Bauman. Sixth Row: Scott Hanson, David Heeney, Ralph Verrone, Dennis Breyfogle, Ronnie Ludvigson. THE RECORD Holstein Alta 27 Holstein Moville 0 Holstein Onawa 14 Holstein Logan 0 Holstein Marcus 6 Holstein Correctionville 7 Holstein Kingsley 19 Holstein Odebolt O The Holstein Black Pirates concluded their 1959 sea- son with the Maple Valley conference championship. The Pirates were defeated in the first game of the season by Alta 27 to 7. This game was non-conference. Coming to the next game, Holstein swamped Moville 34 to 0. Onawa won over the Pirates by a score of 14 to 13. This game was also non-conference. Logan fell to Holstein by a score of 28 to 0 on the local gridiron. This game was postponed once because of bad weather. Marcus was the second biggest game of the year and Holstein Won 7 to 6 on the local field. A fine exhibition of playing was shown in this game. Neither team scored during the second half of this game. Correctionville fell to the Pirates with the score ending 48 to 7. The Kingsley game was the highlight of the season. Until the time they played, both teams were undefeated and the winner of this game would decide the conference championship. The Pirates, from the very first of the game, held the upper hand. They played very good ball and made an impressive victory with the score 41 to 19. Due to adverse weather conditions, the final game of the season was cancelled, making the game an automatic forfeit. The Pirates concluded a most remarkable season, one that will be remembered by them for some time. Mem- ories of winning the Maple Valley Conference once more will stand with them for some time. Head Coach Russ Kraai and Line Coach Art Gerber Sponsored by RATH PACKING COMPANY and Wm. JACKES, STANDARD OIL TANKWAGON SERVICE Dan Bienlien, LE, Sr' Dennis Bochmann, LT, Sr. Fred Goettsch, RE, Sr. James Johannsen, LG, Sr, Co-Captain if? l Cary Johnson, C, Sr. TOTH KCUEGS, RH, Sr. William Meyer, RE, Sr. Jim Wingert, RE, Sr, Co-Captain Dale Breyfogle, RG, Jr. Brian Bruning, LC, Jr. Sponsored by ROYAL CLEANERS and VOHS Sz JOHNSON PRODUCE David Bye, QB, Jr. Joe Clausen, FB, Jr. NSCTSRY Harold Freese, LT, Jr. Don Hungerford, LH, Jr. Daniel Schmidt, RC, Jr. David 5ChmidL RT, Jr. . Loren Clausen, RG, Jr. David Vohs, QB, Jr. John Wagner, RG, Jr. G-ary Weiland, LE, Jr. Brian Brosamle, QB, Soph FW' Mike Brosamle, RH, Soph. Gary Schuett, RH, Soph. Dennis Fritz, C, Soph. DHD CHJPSFJCY, FB, Soph. Gary Ruhser, LE, 38 Junior Var it First Row, left to right: David Bye, Roger Nicklas, Brian Bruni ng, Gary Ruhser, Dennis Fritz, Danny Cipperley Paul Striepe Dale Breyfogle, John Wagner, Gary Schuett. Second Row: Dean Fick, John Johannsen, Gary Putensen, Danny Van Hemert, George Dreeszen, Don Schroeder, B111 Encksen Don Breyfogle, Ralph Verrone. Thzrd Row: David Heeney, Robert Bauman, Curtis Sorensen, Milan Krambeck, Gary Andresen, Jim Keitges, Dennis Breyfogle Dennis Sorensen, Scott Hanson, Ronnie Ludvigson. THE SECOND TEAM THE RECORD Holstein 0 Aurelia 19 Holstein 13 Odebolt O Holstein 18 Storm Lake 20 Holstein 33 Kingsley 0 The Holstein "B" squad got off to a had start in the 1959 season. They were beaten by Aurelia 19 to 0. The next game with Odebolt proved to be a very rugged de- fensive battle. Holstein allowed them only three first downs the whole game and came out on top 13 to 0. The next game with Storm Lake, which was played on the local field, was very exciting. Holstein led all the way until the last seconds of the fourth quarter. The Torna- does took the kick-off and went the distance for the win- ning touchdown. The game ended 18 to 20. The last game of the season with the Kingsley Bombers, was the high- light of the season, the "Little Pirates" coming out on top 33 to 0. Freshman Coach Dan Hungerford Sponsored by J. W. MARTIN, M. D. Piratette Champion Left to right: Faye Janssen, Sue Blackmer, Diane Gellert, Marcia Beyer, Roberta Boothby, Nancy Kolb, Doris Timmerman, Mary Jo DeWit, Mary Mohr, Judy Leonard, Mary Ina Hueschen, Virginia Kaster, Carol Bergmann. SEASON'S RECORD Aurelia Marcus 39 59 Odebolt 36 37 Anthon 43 45 Danbury 36 52 Rockwell City 64- 43 Correctionville 45 52 Battle Creek 31 92 Lake View 24 67 Quimby 18 59 Mapleton 8 76 Moville 39 50 Marcus 23 50 Moville 31 58 Kingsley 41 53 Kingsley 42 39 Onawa 35' 76 Galva 36 65 Battle Creek 21 70 SECTIONAL Correctionville 35 55 Grand Meadow 37 89 Calva 43 64 DISTRICT Hinton 36 61 Kingsley 48 49 Galva 31 50 STATE Ida. Grove 69 63 Marilyn Christiansen, mgr., Miss Theresa George, chap- erone, .loelle .1 ochims, mgr. OPPONENT HoLs'rE1N 22 50 The Holstein Piratettes put in a very good sea- son this year. They were state contenders, coming through with 23 wins and 3 losses. The Piratettes sank 42 per cent of their field goals and 53.3 per cent of their free throws total- ing 1,524 points for the year. The offensive av- erage was 58.6 points per game. The guard court held their opponents down to an average of 35.9 points per game. Their oppo- nents totaled 933 points for the season. The guards snagged many rebounds which helped pull the team through many victories. Compliments of HOME TOWN CLEANERS and GOOD SAMARITAN HOME ROBERTA BOOTHBY Senior Front Forward Maple Valley - First Team IDPA Honor Roll Jack North's Honor Roll Sectional Free Throw Champion District Free Throw Champion Co-Captain DORIS TIMMERMAN Senior Front Guard Maple Valley - First Team Jack North's Honor Roll YE? MARY INA HUESCHEN Sophomore Post Forward Maple Valley - Second Team Jack North's Honor Roll- FAYE J AN SSEN Senior Front Guard CAROL BERGMANN Junior Front Forward Sponsored by STOLLEY DRUG and Wm. WALKER, SHELLING MARY MOHR Senior Post Guard Maple Valley -- First Team IDPA Third Team Jack North's Seventh Team Co-Captain F 1 i i 1222? NANCY KOLB Senior Front Guard Maple Valley - Second Team IDPA Honor Roll Y I . 1 " ggA ,I 3 X .., Ili any WW! gg 1.,,x Yi feb' 'ii' ' 5 Q rf 2 4 mf L 'H' if 1 'W L n. h- fe. Y ,X . ,HU .uw . I -K K 1. ., if .La H 2 ' , f ff. , 1, 9- .V ff M-M' " fa' if-Y 1,5 'Q Lf? r'1'53Fffw 'I 1 J ffm ' wi V ,. 7 , x ,W A h ls ' if avi! I L Q ' 5 ' R ,J 'r .iw tem' sv g 2+ 'twin'- WQ. Vis? safwx-wen, . .wqwa . mamma X x- . f, ww, X ' W 3 1 xg, ,fn x uh mgqg Ii 25' U I nr wang , ms fmm. V 'W .' ' i , s , gF' Q I W V , A. , r. -wi' A-In .S 5 JL -. fha. if in 1 w., am mul.: pw-.J . Q Q 1. ,x M an 1- ,.Q,, ,, bf -unuwm, sw- 1 ' Wm 4 ,NSI g .J K 'xl - Tp Q.. 7' .M 1 'V 1 ma- fm i i 32 wg wwf-vo-..,. if un S! wwgii Piratette B quad y First Row: Sandra Conover, Ronda Clausen, Nina Schmidt, Marcia Beyer, Mary .lo DeWit, Judy Leonard, Sue Blackmer, Virginia Kaster, Mary Ann Conover. Second Row: .loelle Jocllims Qmanagerl, Sandra Baumann, Linda Hueschen, Judy Cowan, Christine Leonard, Lois Albers, Con- nie Beyer, Judy Williams, Marilyn Christiansen Qmanagerl. Back Row: Wyleen Leinbaugh, Sharon Frahm, Connie Putensen, Vicki Bruning, Donna Timmerman, Linda Brandt, Jeanette Hel- kenn, Donna Sinus, Bette Agnew. Cheerleader - ., V -.H --V --- -V , - H V- -,-. B0 ' Varsit Front Row: Tom Keitges, Harold Freese, Dan Bienlien, Jim Wingert, Fred Goettech Joe Clauqen Back Row" Dave BYE, D011 Hungerford, Gary Weiland, Mike Brosamle, Paul Striepe, Dave Mohs, The Holstein Black Pirates were very successful through the 1959-1960 basketball season, winning 16 games and losing 7. The Pirates first six av- eraged 6' 1" in height and scored an average of 61.2 points a game while their opponents scored 51.1 points a game. The shooting percentage was 40.6 per cent for field goals and 54.4 per cent for free throws. The great height of the Pirates came in handy and they grabbed 1121 rebounds to their opponents' 727. The Pirates opened their season on the wrong foot when they lost to Aurelia 51 to 71. They bounced right back and won the next three games, but then they were defeated by Anthon-Oto by three points. The Pirates won the next three games with Danbury, C'ville, and Battle Creek but were stopped by Lake View and Quimby. They came back to beat Mapleton and Moville by margins of 67 to 42 and 93 to 48. In the Maple Valley Tourn- ament Holstein defeated Moville and Marcus but lost the championship game to Anthon-Oto. The Pirates won 4 out of their last 5 regular season games. In the first round of the sectional tourna- ment the Pirates upset the Braves of Cherokee 59 to 60. In the second round they defeated Alta 81 to 59, while in the regular season Holstein won by 1 point. ln the final round of the tournament the Pirates could not keep up with a strong Storm Lake squad and lost 48 to 54. 46 SEASON'S RECORD WE Tm-:Y 51 Aurelia ..................... .... 7 1 39 Alta . . . . . 38 76 Marcus . . 69 69 Odebolt . . . 42 47 Anthon-Oto . . 50 56 Danbury ..... 41 59 Correctionville . 32 67 Battle Creek . . . 33 50 Lake View .... 67 55 Quimby ..... 76 67 Mapleton . . 42 93 Moville .... 48 78 Kingsley . . . 42 62 Onawa ...... 66 56 C-alva ......... 55 67 Battle Creek ....................... 24 52 Onawa .............................. 46 MAPLE VALLEY TOURNAMENT 68 Moville ................. ............. 5 8 60 Marcus ............................ 47 48 Anthon-Oto ........................ 59 SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT 59 Cherokee .......................... 50 81 Alta ............................. 59 48 Storm Lake . . 54 Sponsored by HOLSTEIN STATE BANK 1 DAN BIENLIEN, Senior JIM W1-NGERT, Senior f TOM Sem' COACH DAN HUNGERFORD FRED COETTSCH, Sem, Co-Captain .. 1 --'. I W Q , K v- -- ff R , K 5 D AVID VOHS, Junior DON HUNGERF ORD, Junior Sponsored by KERSLAKE SUNDRIES arid LUFT BARBER SHOP I 47 J A ' L L ' -v.' ' -y...,1m5,,-,mm , 'F N-4 ' k '1 5, W iwwig s 1 :ui 5 Q 1 'E X22 5 X 'fx ' Q El .ii -H ' My Af I I 1' 7 ,F ff L.: N 1 v il ?,1f' 15155, - E5 Epi Vi fig fi WCW - ',..,......., .. .A-- pf. MW- Ezztsal 4, WMM' F X .4 ll 4 if --..,,, fi uns ,va 'X W K .A ,J . Fred smks a cr1pple ,gm .1 A99 Reser e Squad First Row, left to right: David Heeney, Dennis Breyfogle, Ralph Verrone, Dan Cipperley, .lim Keitges, Cary Schuett Second Row: Dan Van Hemert, Loren Clausen, Dennis Fritz, Gary Ruhser, Roger Nicklas. Third Row: Scott Hanson, Brian Bruning, Albert Loof, Jr., Bill Ericksen, John Wagner, Larry Radke. "B" SQUAD SCHEDULE H V Nov. 20 Alta Here 37 51 Nov. 23 C'ville There 32 38 Nov. 30 Calva Here 31 57 Dec. 7 Kingsley Here 57 35 Dec. 21 Odebolt Here 51 26 Jan. 4 Mapleton Here 34 36 Feb. 1 Quimby Here 68 56 Feb. 8 Anthon There 61 29 Feb. 17 Onawa Here 46 30 NB" SQUAD The Holstein second team ended another season of play with five wins and four losses. The team's total number of points for the year was 415, with a game average of 46 points a game. The total num- ber of points that the opponents teams made was 328. A margin of 89 points was scored over the rival teams this year. Many of the boys on the "B" squad showed much im- provement this year and, no doubt, will be a great aid to the regular varsity team next year. Managers, Dennis Bochmann and Jim Johannsen Sponsored by BRECHWALD MEAT MARKET and BEYER ELECTRIC 50 Track Kitt. in 'Sul fl lf-M' A '1 N ' -Q"-"J" 'v , -.t Front row, left to right 5 Ralph Verrone, Scott Hanson, David Heeney, Dan Van Hemert, Dennis Sorensen, Jim Keitges, Lester Wiese, Milan Krambeck, Curtis Sorensen, Lynn Hansen, Ronnie Ludvigson. Second row: John Johannsen, Albert Loof, Dale Breyfogle Harold Freese, Dan Bienlien, Jim Wingert, Fred Coettsch, Joe Clausen, Tom Keitges, Don Hungerford, David Vohs, David Bye, Larry Radke. Third row: Roger Nicklas, Dennis Breyfogle, Orrin Armiger, Jim Johannsen, Paul Striepe, Gary Ruhser, Gary Weiland, Dan Cipperley, Mike Brosamle, John Wagner, Gary Schuett, Dean Fick. Fourth row: Wayne Loof, Don Breyfogle, David Schmidt, Gary Putensen, Dennis Fritz, Gary Johnson, Don Schroeder, Daniel Schmidt, George Dreeszen, Oliver Reineke, Loren Clausen, Billy Ericksen. ESTHERVILLE RELAYS HOLSTEIN RELAYS Discus - Fred Goettsch, lst. High Hurdles - Fred Goettsch, 3rd. Shot Put - Dan Bienlien, lst. Shot Put - Dan Bienlien, 5th. Broad Jump - Jim Wingert, 2nd, POCAHONTAS RELAYS High Jump - Fred Goettsch, lst. Shot Put - Dan Bienlien, lst. Pole Vault - David Bye, lst. Pole Vault - Dale Breyfogle, Tie for 4-th. Football Throw - Tom Keitges, 4th. Mile Relay - 3rd. Two-Mile Relay - 3rd. Two-Mile Relay - 3rd. CHEROKEE TOMAHAWK RELAYS High Hurdles - Fred Coettsch, 5th. High Jump - Joe Clausen, Tie for 3rd. Football Throw - Tom Keitges, 4th. SAC RELAYS High Hurdles - Fred Coettsch, 4-th. Shot Put -- Dan Bienlien, 2nd. ALTA RELAYS Shot Put - Dan Bienlien, lstg Mike Brosamle, 5th. High Hurdles - Fred Coettsch, 2ndg Dan Bienlien, 3rd. High Jump - Fred Coettsch, Sth. Pole Vault - David Bye, 4-thg Dale Breyfogle, 5th. Two-Mile Relay - 3rd. Mile Relay - Sth. MAPLE VALLEY CONFERENCE MEET Shot Put - Dan Bienlien, lst. Discus - Fred Coettsch, 2nd, Harold Freese, 4-th. High Jump - Fred Goettsch, lstg Joe Clausen, 4th, Pole Vault - Dale Breyfogle, Tie for 2ndg David Bye, 4th Broad Jump - Jim Wingert, 2nd. Football Throw - Tom Keitges, 4-th. Mile Run - Albert Loof, lst. 120-Yard High Hurdles - Fred Coettsch lst, Dan Bienlien, 2nd, 180-Yard Low Hurdles - Tom Keitges, 2ndg Gary Schuett, 3rd. Medley Relay Team - 3rd. Two-Mile Relay Team - 4th, Mile Relay - 3rd. 880 Relay - 5th. Medley Relay - 3rd. 4-40 Relay - 3rd. Mile Relay -- 3rd. 120-Yard High Hurdles - lst. AURELIA RELAYS Shot Put - Dan Bienlien, lst. Broad Jump - Jim Wingert, 5th, High Jump - Fred Goettsch, Tie for 3rd, Pole Vault - David Bye, Tie for 3rd. Football Throw - Tom Keitges, 3rd, Mile Relay - Sth. Mile Run - Albert Loof, Sth. Low Hurdles - Tom Keitges, 3rd, High Hurdles - Fred Goettsch, lstg Dan Bienlien, 3rd. DISTRICT TRACK MEET Shot Put - Dan Bienlien. 2nd, Discus - Fred Goettsch, Srdg Harold Freese, 4th. High Jump - Joe Clausen. Tie for 3rdg Fred Goettsch, Tie for Sth. Pole Vault - David Bye, 2ndg Dale Breyfogle, Tie for 4lh. Broad Jump - Jim Wingert, lst. Football Throw T Tom Keitges. 3rd. Mile Run - Albert Loof, 5th. 120-Yard High Hurdles - Fred Coettsch, 2ud1 Dan Bienlien, 3rd. 180-Yard Low Hurdles - Tom Keitges. lst. Medley Relay - 3rd. Mile Relay - 3rd SIATE CONTENDERS: Jim Wingert Broad ,lumpy Fred Coettsch, 120-Yard High Hurdlesg Dan Bienlien Shot Put' Tom Keitges, 180-Yard Low Hurdlesg DavidyBye, P0lg Vault. MEDLEY RELAY TEAM: Davxd Vohs, Tom Keitges, Dan Bienlien, Don Hungerford. Mike Brosamle, Joe Clausen, Harold Freese, Danny Cip- perley, Albert Loof, Dale Breyfogle, Cary Ruhser, Jim Johannsen, Cary Schuett. Paul Striepe, Gary Weiland, Dennis Breyfogle, Orrin Armiger, John Wagner. .wp Q . 1 f Dan Bienlien throws the shot. Q Dale Breyfogle goes over the bar. Left to right: Roberta Boothby attendantg Marilyn Christiansen, queen: Mary Mohr, attendant. Fred is Ahead! Run'1Dan Run' Sponsored by MCCUIRE AUCTION COMPANY 53 Jim Wingert leaps to qualify for the State Meet . , JL' IUPLHIQH FUUTBALL , Row 1, left to right: Don Johannsen, Alan Kuchel, Curtis Wiese, John Burkardt, Bill Carstens, Dave Buck, Paul Coettsch, Roger Dreeszen, Dennis Conover, Van Conover. Row 2, Ted Bruning, Bobby Ericksen, Steve Bauer, Ken Verrone, Jim Striepe, Jim Wienert, Mark Scott, Dave Walden, Neal Conover, Dennis Leinbaugh, Ronnie Leckband. Row 3, Ben Bye, Duane Heeney, Don Sams, Burdette Conover, Dave Ehler, Ron Sass, Ken Hogrefe, Roy Rice, Larry Armiger, Mr. Lasher, Row 4, Duane Williams, Chuck Cipperley, Mike Michaelsen, Marion Conover, Don Vohs, Ken Buell, Bob Wienert, Larry Coettsch, Craig Conover, Wayne Freese. Row 5, Douglas Kahl, Eldon Riemers, Jeffrey Jochims, Rene Ruhlow, Marvin Timmerman, Richard Parker, Cary Stamp, Mark DeWit, Ken Vohs. Absent: Ronald Coettsch and Kenneth Henrichsen. JU, IUR HIGH CHEERLEADER Left to right: Mary Radke, Carol Lingle, Palsy lwen, Nancy Seite. Sponsored by ALICE HUEGERICH 81 CO., and MYRTUE TRUCKINC IH IUP1 HIGH BUYSBASHETBALL Front row, loft to right: Marion Conover, Larry Coettsch, Don Vohs, Ken Buell, Craig Conover, ,lim Wienert, Wayne Freese, Mr. Lasher. Second row, Charles Carlberg, Mark DeWit, Steve Bauer, Chuck Cipperley, Dave Ehler, Ken Henrichsen, Duane Wil- liams, Rene Ruhlow. Third row, Dennis Leinbaugh, Ken Hogrefe, Mike Michaelsen, Ken Verrone, Ron Sass, Burdette Conover, Larry Arm- iger. Fourth row, Bob Ericksen, Duane Heeney, Ben Bye, ,lim Striepe, Paul Scherner, Ted Bruning, Mark Scott. ILI IGH HIGH GIRLS' BASKETBALL Front Row, loft to right: Donna Steen. Jeanne Frahm, Diane Dexter, Shelly Michaelsen, Cathy ,Io McCrea, Mr. Lash- er. S4-ronzl row, Paula Beyer, Guy Mohr, Carol Johnson, Irene Leonard. 77l1'7'll row. Kathy Conover. .loyce Lnof. l'auletle Beyer. Christine HQIIISCII. Diane Fivk. sponsored by PA'r's BliAl,l'l'Y snot' and NlItIllAlCl.Sl'IA x som lXlI'l,liNlliXI'S Junior High Class Officers Front row: Nancy Seite and Michael Michaelsen, treasurersg James Striepe and Gay Mohr, secretary-treasurers. Second row.' Diane Dexter and Christine Hansen, secretaries. Front row: Steven Bauer, Robert Ericksen, and Kathy Conover, vice-presidents. Front row: Ted Bruning, Cathy Jo McCrea, presidents. Second row: Wayne Freese and Marion Conover, presidents. Irene Leonard, vice-president, was absent. lunior l-ligh Musicians Front row, left to right: Irene Leonard, Diane Doxtad, Karen Baumann, Diane Reiff, Colleen Ludvigson, Kathryn Conover. Sw-onrl row, left to right: Sue Holtry, Janice Heitmann, Cay Mohr, Jacquelyn Coettsch, Joyce Loof, Ben Bye, Mark DeWit Third row: Donald Johannsen, Charles Carlberg, Jeanne Frahm, Larry McBride, Ted Bruning, Paul Coettsch. Fourth. row: Kenneth Hogrefe, Rene Ruhlow, Kenneth Henrichsen, Jeffrey Jochims, Terry Johnson, Roger Dreeszen. Sponsored hy KING 81 BLEASDELL, INCORPORATED and ROBERT E. UNDERHINER, M. D. 56 Musw 'gif' '-:iii-E 'Q' Zia ' W- fx: X' 4 , :F 'K -Y fff ,. - X 0 0 ,.., -t.N ,'--E: S II 1 C U EIII 3 5- Wav, Q QW" . f g 1 . gg M fs 'sl 'R Ai! Ri XXV ,gm 4 'Ev A A' HI L ,-'- 1 :M-.9 in 12: n-:mf 1 :- .. mf: - f.:f ,::g,-'F' - 15 W f iff -ip., 5 ? V A . fl 13122 We-', ,f A2 sv' f M iwwm wfgr Ai' Q Q QM Wav? f'QX19"1EQn ,MV 1 gm-61' ,kb ww . .S Q 5, si5, ,aging S J frm Q 5 X, A J X f 4+ s fw- ' , Wamwf' , A M ' ' ,, tg is ,f fax K3 A 5:1 U A 1 . ef? , V , , X- ' EQ Q E! Q 12 :E 3 is M gif 'S f f l ,Q ,f fif- ,4 ,V W ,- K Aw.. V, gl , Q fx MAJORETTES: Virginia Kaster, Mary Jo DeWit, Mary Ina Hueschen, Sue Blackmer, Cath erine Lingle. FLAG TWIRLERS: Diane Doxtad, Karen Hahne, Cay Mohr, Nina Schmidt, Carol Lingle. Absent when picture was taken: Joyce Butcher. Sponsored by WIENERT TRUCKING and 0. A. LANCLAND, DENTIST 59 BRASS SEXTET: Don Schroeder, Mary Ina Hueschen, Harold Droegmilier, Jerry Jochims, John Johannsen, Larry McBride. TRUMPET TRIO: John Burkardt, Harold Droegmiller, Don Schroeder. TROMBONE CHOIR: Paul Coeltsch, Ted Bruning, David Bye, Gary Moser, William Meyer, John Johannsen, Mary Ina Hueschen, Gary Schuett, James Striepe, Connie Beyer, Don Johannsen. TROMBONE QUARTET "AH: John Johannsen, David Bye, Connie Beyer, Gary Schuett. i 1 AN r T 2 TROMBONE-BARITONE QUARTET: Mary Ina Hueschen, David Bye, John Johannsen, Gary Schuett. Compliments of ROSARY SOCIETY MIXED CLARINET QUARTET: Mary Jo DeWit, Karen Hahne, Mary Gehrts, Marjorie Burkardt. TROMBONE QUARTET "B": Don Johannsen, Ted Bruning, Paul Coettsch, James Slriepe. BRASS QUINTET: Larry McBride, Mary Ina Hueschen, Jim Johannsen, Don Schroeder, Harold Droegmiller. SOLOISTS: Front Row, left to right: Connie Putensen, Mary Ann Henrichsen, Joanne Bye, Mary Jo DeWit, Virginia Kas- ter, Karen Hahne. Second Row: Harold Droegmiller, Don Schroeder, Mary Ina Hueschen, Sue Blackmer, David Bye, John Johannsen. Third Row: Veryl Droegmiller, Jim Johannsen, Jerry Jochims, Lester Wiese. Sponsored by NATIONAL COUNCIL OAK STORE CLARINET TRIO: Joanne Bye, Mary Jo DeWit, Marjorie Burkardt. Girl' Glee Club Front Row, left to right: Connie Putensen, Virginia Kastner, Marsha Fell, Marjorie Burkardt, June Hansen, Judy Godbersen, Mary Ann Henrichsen, Vicki Bruning, Carol Reimer, Judy Williams, Faye Janssen, Catherine Lingle. Second Row: Jeanette Helkenn, Sharon Wiese, Carol Bergmann, Ronda Ludvigson, Lorna Brandt, Joelle Jochims, Janet Cipper- ley, Sharon Fell, Betty Bergmann, Joanne Bye, Mabel Heydt. Third Row: Carole Wittrock, Janice Steen, Janet Sass, Nina Schmidt, Karen Hahne, Connie Beyer, Sue Blackmer, Mary Cehrts, Bette Agnew, Elaine Brown, Linda Brandt, Jo Ann Heitmann. Fourth Row: Marilyn Christiansen, Sharon Frahrn, Mary Jo DeWit, Lorine Timmerman, Doris Timmerman, Mary Mohr, Sheryl Parker, Ronda Clausen, Diane Cellert, Roberta Boothby, Mary Ina Hueschen. The Girls' Clee Club consisted of forty-six members selected from those who tried out at the beginning of the year. They selected for their officers: Diane Cellert, Presidentg Catherine Lingle, Secretary-Treasurer. Under the baton of Mr. Dennis Johnston this glee club performed in the Homecoming S-how, the Christmas Concert, and in the annual Spring Concert. They did a beautiful job this year and hope to do as well next year. B0 ' Glee Club Front Row, left to right: John Wagner, Paul Niemeier, Milan Krambeck, Harold Droegmiller, Dean Fick, Ronnie Ludvigson. Sw-and Row: Loren Clausen, Jim Johannsen, Stephen Madsen, Orrin Armiger, John Johannsen, Larry Radke. Third Row: Veryl Droegmiller, Robert Brown, Tom Keitges, Gary Weiland, Jerry Jochims, Lester Wiese. The eighteen members of the Boys' Clee Club under the capable leadership of Mr. Dennis Johnston did a very commend- able job this year. They elected their officers at the beginning of the year. They were: President, Stephen Madsen, Secretary- Treasurer, Jerry Jochims. They gave excellent performances in the Homecoming Show, the Christmas Concert, and in the annual Spring Concert. Mixed Choru Front Row, left to right: Marjorie Burkardt, Virginia Kaster, Connie Putensen, Joelle Jochims, Mary Ann Henrichsen, John Wagner, Paul Niemeier, Harold Droegmiller, Dean Fick, Ronnie Ludvigson, Vicki Bruning, Carol Reimer, Catherine Lingle. Second Row: Sharon Wiese, Lorna Brandt, Carol Bergmann, Ronda Ludvigson, Milan Kramlieck, Jim Johannsen, Stephen Mad- sen, Orrin Armiger, John Johannsen, Betty Bergmann, Jo Ann Hcitmann, Bette Agnew, Judy Williams. Third Row: Karen Hahne, Connie Beyer, Janet Sass, Jeanette Helkenn, Janice Steen, Loren Clausen, Robert Brown, Lester Wiese, Veryl Droegmiller, Sue Blackmer, Mary Gehrts, Linda Brandt, Mary Ina Hueschen, Joanne Bye. Fourth Row: Carole Wittrock, Marilyn Christiansen, Mary Jo DeWit, Doris Timmerman, Tom Keitges, Cary Weiland, Jerry Jochims, Mary Mohr, Sheryl Parker, Ronda Clausen, Diane Gellert, Roberta Boothby. The fifty-two members of the Mixed Chorus were chosen from the members of the two glee clubs who tried out. They in turn chose Joelle Jochims for their president and Marilyn Christiansen as secretary-treasurer. Under the skillful direction of Mr. Dennis Johnston the Mixed Chorus gave fine performances in the Homecoming Show the Christmas Concert, the Easter Sunrise Service, and in the annual Spring Concert. GIRLS' SEXTET "Aw: Linda Brandt, Bette Agnew, Shar- ondW1ese, Carole Wittrock, Janice Steen, Marjorie Burk- ar t. GIRLS' SEXTET HBH: Judy Willialiis, Carol Bergmann, gegy Bergmann, Sheryl Parker, Joelle Jochims, Karen a ne. GIRLS' TRIO: Connie Beyer, Sue Blackmer, Karen Hahne. ACTIVITIES FEATURES M00 taff Left to right: Wendell Rolfs .. Business Manager Jerry .lochims .... ......... A ctivities Kathleen Krull .... ........ S tudents Mary Mohr ..... .. . Girls Sports Joanne Bye ..... ........ Q Music Jim Wingert ........ . . . Boys Spprts Fred Goettsch ........ Boys Sports Marilyn Christiansen . . . ...... Students Janet Sass ............ ....... A ctivities Janice Steen ........ .... D ivision Pages Faye Janssen .. ...... Students Assistant Editor -- Roberta Boothbyg Editor - Diane Gellert. Sponsored by GLADYS L. WEEDE RAABE, INSURANCE and DR. R. S. PORTERFIELD 66 :fra te?1iS2i? 1 fu.: .'1-632.55 Pirateer taff as- . 1. mf,-.2 F l 1 ewsvssgs? ai' :. g WQ?1.zfT - 2 . ...neil Er if . . its . L , me Jef 522352 . tmf.gff.' i54e,if:.-1, U - 7255:-fii ' ' 5 gif., wr . 37.55.51 .ik A ,.,,5.,, s we agilaiilffii I . " iiifkisof ri.'esi"5Z 1 I i g . " f ' " l' ' ' ' fi. i , 1 f. . . ..,, ,gt ,V ..,, ,I . 'Kai v . 4, fl,-Q... ,- fist ,X W JM! ir ll . , , QL .81 y 5 x -mi 'ff ge .re f . .. 5 ff .WVY K -. .. F99 . .. .T K , ,se X with First row, left to right: Feature Writers - Marjorie Burkardt, Mary Ann Conover. Sports - Jim Wingert. Feature Writers - Kathy Cehrts, Virginia Kaster. raaapegs- .r.e.:rar.. rm--,, ti 1 W Q rfiftfggsggizlirigfgfzslii i We C si t Second row: Typists - Sonja Heeney, Jerry Jochims, Joanne Bye. Business Managers - Catherine Lingle, Janice Steen iabsentl . Associate Editors - Marilyn Christiansen and Roberta Boothbyg Editor - Kathleen Krull. Front row, left to right: Reporters - Sandra Baumann, Carol Bergmann. Ronda Ludvigson, Sharon Wiese. Circulation - Betty Bergnlann, Wyleen Leinbaugh, Caroll Lake. Second row: Reporters - Sue lilavkmer, Ronda Clausen, Christine Leonard, Nina Sclnnidt. Mary Inu Hnesvlien, lilnry Jo DeWit, Sandra Conover. Lorna Brandt. Sponsored Ivy CHESTER HANSON. SIMONSEN and LESTER MOELLER, PAINTING and PAPERHANGINC Librarian Left to right: Nina Ann Schmidt, Jeannette Helkenn, Christine Leonard, Marcia Beyer, and Karen Michaelsen. 391'?1? lm an mn: mmap '- RTs .mia-ef iiE Imax "P: i FQ ,--an Pep Council p...-...- .-.,......... 'W' ii nr ii tale-r .-6.--4.--A 'F QM? +1-ww--i ...... mam TBLHSEQ, -25 fwQi1?.sE-A-xt ,t ,,,....,.i...... -mfwiikw 'QZQBBSM -i 'WQ Q dk tim """"X""""'Ymwi'2'k3'wLiX ea ago -aa Fimz row, If-ft to right: Janet Sass, Sonja Heeney, Janice Steen, Joanne Bye. Sw-onrl row: Roberta lioothliy, Marilyn Christiansen Jud Leonard M A C d Sh , y , ary nn onover, an aron Wiese. Tlzirrl row: Scott Hanson, Dan Van Hemert, Jeannette Helkenn, Mary Ann Henrichsen, Loren Clausen, Jerry Jochims, Steve Madsen, Cary Weiland, Cary Ruhser, Dan Cipperley, Brian Brosamle, and Paul Striepe. The l'ep Council is czmnposecl of the Class officers and th che rl d r. Th 'lm e e ea e s ey are responsi le for the planning of pep meet- l f I k l ings ie ure mas etiall and football games, and also for the organization of the variety show during Homecoming. Qu, l Parties 2 fm: E lm . Ah. 5 . W 'N v -1 , E Q Q-4, "Girl Are Like That" Virginia Poole patiently awaits the time when her fianve. Tommy Davis. rturns home from col- lege for the marriage that Aunt jane has for years been planning for the two. Vvhen Tommy wires home that he has decided against marriage, things really lwounee and Mary Jane. Virginia's little sis- ter. 'fii-tes, another marriage with a famous radio announver. lack lfverett. whom Virginia has never met. There is more help than is really needed when Lillian Root. a helpful girl friend. also arranges for Virginia a marriage with Lillianls find, a new lvoy. jimyy Shields. from Chicago. Everyone is try- ing to help Virginia to pose as a girl ready for a successful marriage. 4Aunt Jane has promised a large sum ol money to Virginia on her marriage.l The play hecomes very exciting and hilarious when Virginia tries to pose with two fiances and Ei three when Tommy Davis finally decides to return home for the marriage. There is much confusion and entertainment hut the audience finally sees that Virginia ends up with ,lack Everett just before Aunt jane sprains her ankle, and Mary Jane is chastized for her meddlesome pranks. CAST OF CHARACTERS Mary lane Poole ............ JoAnn Heitmann Essie ......... .... C arol Bergmann Mom Poole ..... . . . Mary Ann Conover Virginia Poole . . . . . . Ronda Ludvigson Lillian Roo! .... . . . . . Carol Reimer Aunt lane .... . . . Virginia Kaster lack Everett jimmy Sliielrls .. ., John Wagner . . . . Dale Tharp .. Judy Leonard Tommy Davis .. .... David Bye Helen ........ CAST OF CHARACTERS "For The Le e of Pete" "FOR THE LOVE OF PETE" Holstein High School auditorium was in a spirit of gaie- ty on the evening of April 5 when the senior class play. i'For the Love of Pete," was presented. The setting of the play was in a school called Hudson High School and the cast members all portrayed seniors in high school. The story centered around an irrepressible news hound, Scoop Cramer, who cared little or nothing about girlsi a new girl in Hudson High School. Eugenia Patrick, who tnanaged to win Scoop's love. and the trouble caused by the class bookworm. Pete Anderson. when he tried to teach the star football player. Spider Kowalski, how to throw passes lfootliallt. In the action of Spiders fake pass practice in the high school counseling room, the high school principal. Mr. Norris. was socked and Spider's par- ents. Mr. and Mrs. Kowalski, had to "get him off the hook," when he was suspended. i Other characters were: Pete's girlfriend. Paulineg Spi- der's ex-girlfriend. Sally Ann Marting Sally's two nosy classmates, .leannie Everett and Norah Laneg and one of the "odd-balls" of the H.H.S. faculty, Miss Bertha Collins. The play was enjoyed by a very large and amused audi- ence. Scoop Cramer ......................... Pauline Schneider ....... Spider Kowalski . . Sally Ann .llartin . .lcannie Everett . . . Pete Anderson ..... glfliss Bertha Collins . Jlr. Norris ........ Norah Lane ......... Eugenia Patrick ...... Mr. Henry Kowalski .... Mrs. Henry Kowalski . . . Sponsored by NICKLAS CLOTHING S SHOES and YOLLMAR MOTORS .. .Jerry Jochims .. . .Janice Steen .Thomas Keitges Catherine Lingle ..Wilda Putnam .Stephen Madsen . .Kathleen Krull . . . . . .Wendell Rolfs . . . . .Joanne Bye Roberta Boothby .Daniel Bienlien . . . . .Mary Mohr HO ECOM NG The Royalty ffrom left to iight? Jon Stoneking, Mary Mohr, Roberta Boothhy, Marilyn Christiansen, Tom Keitges, Fred Goettsch, Jerry Jochims, Connie Downs. At 8:00 p. m. on October 8 the 1959 Homecoming fes- tivities at Holstein High School began. The evening's show consisted of a series of pep skits presented by the various high school classes. The first skit, presented by the sophomores and also the prize winning skit for originality, was entitled the Night Before Homecoming, and was very amusing and enjoyable. The freshmen presented the second skit, portraying a hi- larious group of spectators at the Holstein-Marcus football game. Next was the skit presented by the senior class which was a replica of the TV show, Person to Person, and staged an interview with Coach Kraai and his family. Last. but not least, was the skit presented by the juniors, entitled, The Mummy, which was also enjoyed immensely. The second part of the program featured several of the Holstein High School music groups. Those performing were the dance band, mixed chorus, and boys' and girls' glee clubs. The music was especially chosen to supplement a A narrative reading and provided a large amount of enjoy- able listening entertainment. Finally, and perhaps the most spectacular part of the program was the coronation of the royalty. The royalty entered the auditorium through an aisle of chorus mem- where each member of the royalty took his or her place to be presented and crowned. Tom Keitges was crowned King of the 1959 Homecoming festivities and Marilyn Christiansen was crowned Queen of The Homecoming. Crowned as first attendants to the king and queen were Fred Coettsch and Roberta Boothhy. Sec- ond attendants to the king and queen were Jerry Jochims and Mary Mohr. The royalty was serenaded hy the dance band and left the stage to the music of Holstein High School's coronation song. The next day, Friday, October 9, at a high school pep assembly, guest speaker, Mr. Bernie Saggau, addressed the students in a rousing speech to send the football team that night to a decisive 7-6 victory over Marcus. It was ' the Sth straight win of the season. At the half-time of the game, the Homecoming game, the royalty was again presented to the spectators, After the game that evening the pep council sponsored a fl2,lHf'ff for the high school students at the Legion Hall to bers holding lighted candles. They then walked to the stage kt vi celebrate the football victory and also to bring to a close Sponsored by BOOTHHY PLUMBING, HE5TIN? 8 HARDWARE and the festivities of the 1959 Holstein High School Home- CENTRAL TELEPHONE COMIANY coming. 72 h lsr n Ve . FRESHMAN SKIT - Came Spectators e ff 2 ri ,W W V, SOPHOMORE SKIT - Day Before Homecoming TTTRTYAD C'Tff"l1 7151 ll ' SENIOR SKIT - Person to Person Interview Sponsored by MOSER IMPLEMENT COMPANY and LEONARD Sa ISRANCO, ATTORNEXS Junior-Senior Prom as-mafvtlml 3 1-M r At 7:00 on April 22, the date nf the 1960 Junior-Senior Prom, the many spectators started pouring in to see the beautiful decorations which the junior class had created under the theme, "Under the Sea." As one entered the auditorium from the northwest he passed in front of the mouth of a large whale: or, if en- tering from the southwest entrance, one would pass under the tail of the large whale that almost covered the entire west side of the decorated 'ballroom' Continuing eastward front the tail of the whale. to the south one could enter a small cove with a very beautifully painted mountain facing the entrance and numerous fish along the sides. Farther east was the refreshment and lounge area in the frame or hull of a sunken ship and also lined with aqua crepe paper and many more beautiful deep sea fish. On the stage was seated the Johnny Calvin Dance Or- chestra. A large anchor lead from the stage to the gym floor. To the north of the stage was located a large sea chest filled with sunken treasure. M sox s gc To the west again. in front of the mouth of the whale. was another large area beautifully decorated for lounging. Perhaps the most unique and intriguing part of the decorations, was the very large, black octopus in the center of the dance floor, with eight moving limbs and two large red eyes. The dancing began at 8:30 with the use of signed dance programs and continued until 11:00 when Tom Keitges and Marilyn Christiansen were crowned Prince and Prin- cess of the 1960 Junior-Senior Prom. Tom received a tie clasp and cuff links and Princess Marilyn received a beautiful smoked pearl ring and a rose bouquet. The dancing continued until 12:30 when the eventful evening led the juniors and seniors and their dates to the State Theatre where the Band Mothers were ready to entertain them with a movie. Later the party moved to the Legion Hall for dancing and a very delicious break- fast. also served by the tireless Band Mothers. The Junior-Senior Prom of 1960 was an event that will he long remembered in the minds of the juniors and seniors of H.H.S. 5 In Sponsored by FOSSELL WATKINS I'ROIJl'lI'l'S and Ii'l'HEl. 8 lIlCl4lCN'S peach ki 'Q aw, ' - 2 ' A Q3 , ' 'W' ' Y ' :W f 1 ff-Hr5 ii?Q.f ffQEs'.f.-'ff f 4' I .K GP 4 , , f sf ' i i n .fe Q V ' - ' " .L-A, P I , ' wsgmjyzif' , A f J ' , . . - -1 . , 1 1, - -L.- ,, - A K . J T y . Mfr, . 6 A I f -2 ,aff S'-f , f Q, V93 ff Mfr .H MX- . 5+ fr ,, ' M . . .fi f M fr , ' " "W , ,fir 1--1 me K3 . I -Gigi? Hiffgx f 5 ' if 1 S mswxwswehiwmw ,.5, , 35:5 ,i JA .f I K2 '- Q - ' ,, ,fx . io, f., 1 - .ky ,lf as i-,ogiefg , ""o'WrW' , , in M g3gQ,f Q Q V M' 5-I-, W Q "' i i Ni if 4 i Y ': M ix i ' U VKVL VLL VV - f' 5. 7 1 -i M My . I J T - Left to right: Mary Ann Conover - Radio Speakingg Kathleen Krull - Radio Speaking and Original Oratoryg David Bye - Extemporaneousg and Mary Jo DeWit - Extemporaneous. Lvfl to right' lanet Sass ,Ianiver Vleyer and Mar ' ' . - - - , y JO DeW1t - Inter retive Po t ' S d ' ' and Donna Smns F- Interpretive Prose. p e ry' an ra Conover' Chnstme Leonard' -no W. ,gyms 'iiffmii sf! H egqmwzr-an,, .:. - he--r ' Q , ip " 4,1 ' X mx? A, Xlngmi E, X6 M ,Q fi Q Air Mg 1 i A A W wi . Wifi we Lfft to right: Lorna Brandt, Caroll Lake, and Janice Steen - Humorousg Kathryn Cehrts and Mary Ann Henrichsen - Dm. mulicg Mary Ann Conover - Oratory. M n ii X ,ig igfgfi! 2 enior Skip Da On Wednesday, May 18, thirty-four seniors left for Omaha by chartered bus at 6:30 a. m. Upon reaching their destination, their first stop was the Union Pacific Museum. Here they saw many in- teresting relics of the old railroad days. Their next stop was the Omaha Airport where they watched planes reload and take off. Also, they visited the control tower. After lunch they went to Boy's Town. Here they saw the boys learning different trades, the gymnastic facilities, and the chapel. The seniors found Boyls Town to be interesting and educational. Upon returning to the city, they had one half-hour to shop. Then they returned home, stopping at the Biltmore at Sioux City for sup- per. They arrived home feeling very tired but with many pleasant memories of their exciting day. Sponsored by DEAN LINGLE TRUCKING SERVICE LENZ AND LINGLE FEED AND SUPPLY COMPANY 77 Graduation QV' I ,Q r 51 rl In 'J ,. Q0 K 'SS ff! it CLASS HULL ORRIN E. ARMIGER DANIEL E. BIENLIEN DENNIS L. BOCHMANN ROBERTA M. BOOTIIEY ELAINE C. BROWN ROBERT F. BROWN DONALD D. BUTCIIER J OANNE BYE JANICE M. CARsTENs MARILYN L. CIIRIsTIANsEN VI-IRYI. H. DROEGMILLER KATIIRYN C. GEIIRTS DIANE L. GELLERT I-'REIIIIIE H. COETTSCII SONJA M. HEENEY FAYI-I ANN JANSSEN JERRY L. JOCIIIMS JUELLE A. JOCIIIMS JAMES S. JOIIANNSEN GZARY L. JOHNSON ELAINE M. KAUS JOHN T. KllITGES NANCY L. KOLB KATHLEEN K. KRULL CATIIERINE ANN LINGLE STEPHEN H. MADSEN WILLIAM E. MEYER MARY JO MOIIR WILDA F. PUTNAM LARRY F. RADKE WENDELL E. ROLFS JANET JEAN SAss JANICE K. STEEN DORIS MAIIIE TIMMERMAN JAMES J. WINGERT CLASS FLOWER CLASS MOTTO CLASS COLORS Red R036 "Our greatest victory is not in never falling but in rising Red and White every time we fallf, Sponsored by BARKER FUNERAL HOME and PASH MILLING SERVICE PRESENTATION OF AWARDS ADDRESS - "NEW PATHS 1-'OR NEW P1oNEERs,' ...Phil E. Connell CONFERRING OF DIPLOMAS Sponsored by STATE THEATRE and HANSEN FURNITURE and FUNERAL HOME 79 With fond memories of the past and dreams of the future we, the Class of 1960, pause to express a sincere "thank youu to Mr. Hompland and Mr. Gerber, our class sponsors, and to everyone who has helped to make the publication of our Moo pos- sible. To the end of an era-to Mold" H.H.S., which has served this community for forty-three years-we, the seniors, say, 'Tarewellf' f - 41. -3, J N Q 'Y 54, gui! Y .av ,,-1 -,wk , X. 4 XF' W J 1 1 M 41:9 mr my "?f:1r W Z, n 1 v 'L . ,L 1x,.., Id , V A A - -,. 4 4 . -0,5 , A A . "w,:1f1, ,Wi -V ,yr L VN ,S . ir Y Y ,EL L f i , L ,,, .,, ,, ., ,'s', - -

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