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i Q i 5 w l 7 1 2 H Z E w u 5 Q E E H 5 z li i We X L V I V I f X 1- L6 elevator to success lS not A-I take the stazrs A-7 A-7 If 1' Presented by ilu, SENIOR CLASS of HOLSTEIN COMMUN1'1'Y SCHOOL HOLSTEIN, IOWA VOLUME 42 JA fi If running eolication To our Mothers and Fathers-whose interests have been in the improvement of our lives-whose love and encouragement have been inspirational-and whose never ending sacrifices have made possible these four years of high school-we respectfully dedicate 'The Moo" of 1959, The Class of 1959 WAHM AWE ADMINISTRA1 10N SLNIORS UNDERGRADUA1 ES MUSIC A1 HLE1 IC 5 ACTIVI1 ILb FEA1 UREb N k W E I I i 1 P l V W x v 5 fl . 1 . , i ' + 'sf' K A ,av 1- rf N1 JCzUCl1tOW1M'll Shop, Ygand cmd grades Qownpus Scenes Sponsored by A. HUEGERICH AND COMPANY and MYRTUE TRUCKING 6 'N N , ' mmwfrafion lgoowfol Cf Colocation Front Row, Left to Right: Mr. M. F. Christie, Superintendent of Schoolsg Mrs. Gladys Raabe, Secretaryg Miss Mildred Jackes, Treasurerg Mr. Clement Butcher. Second Row, Left to Right: Mr. Jesse Leonard, President, Mr. Harold Scherner, Mr. Harland Hanson, Mr. Floyd Doxtad. s -1 W . S -195 s .W X 3 , N N Wu N 'Wi Li New 'wr 'fu M. F. CHRISTIE llscanaba High School GLENN HOMPLAND Esranaba. Michigan Gaza High School Buena Vista College University of Iowa University of Michigan Hobby .......,.,................... .... C olf University of Colorado Principal, English Hobby ............,. I ................ Reading Surperznlamient Sponsored by CECIL LUND, INSURANCE ond ROYAL SCOT SALES SARAH JONES Pomeroy High School Iowa State Teachers College Colorado University Buena Vista College Hobby ......................... .... R eading Fifth Grade MYRNA KOSTER St. Bernard High School Breda, Iowa Briar Cliff College Hobby . . ..................... .... M usic Fifth Grade MARGARET CARLSON Cherokee High School Wayne State Teachers College Hobby ............................. Swimming Fourth Grade ALICE STREED Galva High School Buena Vista College Hobby ........................... .... F ishing Fourth Grade PATRICIA HEILAND Panora High School Simpson College Hobby .......................... Playing Piano Third Grade Sponsored by COUNCIL OAK STORES 9 TERESA GEORGE Johnson Township Consolidated Barnum, Iowa Briar Cliff College Iowa State Teachers College Hobby . .,................. Reading and Sewing Home Economics DAN HUNGERFORD Stuart High School Stuart, Nebraska Wayne State Teachers College . Hobby ............................... Reading Social Studies and Athletics Sponsored by IOWA PUBLIC SERVICE 1 0 KEITH CARSTENS Hartington High School Hartington, Nebraska Wayne State Teachers College Hobby ........,..................... Industrial Arts and Driver Tra CATHERINE CHRISTIE Lake View High School Clarke College Buena Vista College University of Iowa . . .Sports irzing Hobby ......................... Writing Poetry English and Speech ARTHUR GERBER Kamrar High School Iowa State Teachers College Iowa State College Hobby .. Mdiheimiiiii ' aid' Fbkiibdli Tinkering Qi ir A X 1 SL -is S if k .. 1 W P1 X i X3 . , NV., . ,gf Q z V X 435: ,, mx "4 JEAN AUSTIN Atlialiasca. Alberta. Canada General Beadle, Madison. South Dakota Nlorningsimle College Hobby .........,............ Knitting, Baseball Junior High English and Reading DALE ROSENBERG Carpenter High School Mankato State College University of South Dakota Hobby ......,................ Historical Fiction fzmior High and High School Dramatics WARREN LASHER Lake City High School Buena Vista College Hobby ...............,....,.......... Hunting funior High flflrzlh and Sdvrzce BETTY Snom' Correctionville High School Nlorningsirle College lloliliy ............................... Reading Sixth Grmlf' Sponsored by HOLSTEIN STATE BANK 1 Z PEARL KITCHEN Calva High School Central High School Morningside College Hobby .. ............................ Reading Sixth Grade 1 I 1 ! L. P E I XA - . S xii, L 4 Q A rff--. X, ew W 'wk ima X A A, KN x-6? ev. f A www. . B k XX an N Q K' S.. xi g f 'NA A ff-X 'AX 1 N.J f' f N liwx . NX J 1 X , X Y x sx fx X .sf-Q - k FN Xb if f 3 XMQQ 'jj BUS DRIVERS-Leif! to Right, Row 1: Earl Fick, Allen Olson, Bill Weber, Harold Bremer Second Row: Fred Barghols, Carl Hayfeldt, Bill Wiese, Lyle Raabe, Verdean Bremer .-l..i.L... ........ if fs. J ,c,,,, Q. SCHOOL SECRETARIES-MTS. Mabel Crmhaus and Mrs. Gladys Raahe Cooxs-Left to Right: Mrs. Olga Carnes, Mrs. Carl Branco, Mrs. Fred Barg- hols, Mrs. Verne Stewart CUSTODIAN--Fred Barghols CUsromANs-- "Bun,' Leinbaugh, Bill Blenner LUNCHROOM SUPERVISOR Mrs. Mabel Obrecht Guided - X BONNIE CHRISTIANSEN Daughter of MI. 81 Mrs. Harry Christiansen "She puts her worries clown in the bottom of her heart, sits on the lid, and srnilesf, Hoo Staff 43 Cheerleader 1, 23 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Girls' Glee Club 1, 2 3, 43 Girls' Clee Club President 4g Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 43 Marching Band l. 2, 3, 43 Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Club lg Pep Council 2, 3g Pirateer 1, 2, 43 Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Dance Band 1, 2, 3: .lunior Class Play 3g Home Ec. Style Show 13 Prom Server l3 Class Secretary-Treasurer 2g Class Vice President 33 Homecoming Oueen 4. DONALD CLAUSEN "I never trouble trouble, 'til trouble troubles me." Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, 33 Mixed Chorus 2, 3g Junior Class Crew 33 Boys' Octet 2g Mixed Quartet 33 Mixed Octet 3. Sponsored by PAT'S BEAUTY SHOP and MICHAELSEN AND SONS IMPLEMENTS WILLIAM ARMIGER Son of Mr. Sz Mrs. William Armiger "As easily excited as the rock of Gibralter." Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball l, 23 Track l, 2, 3, 43 Boys' Glee Club l, 23 Junior Class Crew 3. LOREN BERGMANN Son of Mr.'8r Mrs. Alfred Bergmann "Yes, even a Ford helps oneis social standing." Moo Staff 43 Track 2, 3, 43 Boys' Clee Club 1, 2g Junior Class Crew 3. DEAN BRIJYFOGLE Son of Mr. SI Mrs. Harold Breyfogle "A quiet, bashful gent until you get to know him!" Moo Staff 43 Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 23 Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Junior Class Crew 3. Son of Mr. 81 Mrs. Harry Clausen ,. to the Queen 4. JANET GODBERSON Daughter of Mr. 81 Mrs. Theodore Godberson "My hearfs not my own. but I don't care. 1t's in good hands." Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 13 Pirateer Typist 43 Junior Class Crew 33 Class Secretary 1. SANDRA HAHNE Daughter of Mr. 81 Mrs Samuel Hahne "There's no man in the world worth spending all your tzme M00 Staff 43 Basketball lg Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Pep Club 1 Plrateer 43 Junior Class Crew 3. Sponsored by TOM'S SUPER VALUE ond SAXON LUMBER COMPANY 17 LORETTA CLAUSEN Daughter of Mr 8. Mrs Lester P Clausen "A winner never quzts and a qattter never wms Moo Staff 43 Basketballl 2 3 4 Cirls Glee Clubl 2 3 4 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4g Marching Band 1 2 3 4 Concert Band 1 2 3 4 Pep Club 1 Pirateer 1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Baud Z 3 4 Dance Band 2 3 4- Junior Class Crew 3g Home Ee. Style Show 1 Prom Server 1 Class Secretary 3 Saxophone Quartet 23 Second Attendant to the Queen 4 JULIE EWOLDT Daughter of Mr 81 Mrs Peter Ewoldt "Generally speakzng, she s generally speakmg Moo Staff Editor 43 Cheerleader 3 4 Basketball 1 Girls Glee Club 1 2 3 43 Girls' Glee Club Vice President 4 Mixed Chorus 2 3 4 Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Concert Band 1 2 3 4 Band Vice President 4 Speech 3, 4 Pep Club 13 Pep Council 4 Pep Council Secretary Treasurer 4 Ptrateer 1, 2, 3, 4g Pep Band 1 2 Junior Class Play 3 Home Ee Style Show 1 Girls' Sextet 3, 43 Instrumental Solo 1 2 Clarinet Quintet 1 2 Clarinet Quartet 1, 2g Clarinet 'lrio 1 2 Woodwind Ensemble 1 2 First Attendant DEAN GERBER Son of Mr 81 Mrs Arthur Gerber "l'm after the man who invented work Moo Staff4g Football 1, 2 3 4 Basketballl 2 3 4 Boys Glee Clubl 2 3 Mixed Chorus 33 Pep Club 1 Pep Council 4 Pep Council Vice President 4 Junior Class Crew 33 Prom Server 1 Class President 2 Class Vice President 43 Boys' Octet 1, 23 Second Attendant to the Km Football Co captain 4 CAMILLA HANSON Daughter of Mr. Sr Mrs. Harland Hanson "Give me a man but don't teli Mama." Moo Staff 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Concert Band 1, 2, Majorette 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 1, Pirateer 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 1, 2, Dance Band 1, 2, Junior Class Play 3, Home Ec. Style Show 1, Girls' Sextet 3, Mixed Quartet 3, 4, Mixed Octet 3, 4, All State Chorus 4, Saxophone Quartet 1, 2. CLIFFORD HEENEY Son of Mr. 84 Mrs. Eugene Heeney "If you itch for success, keep on scratching." Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Glee Club 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Junior Class Play 3, Prom Server 3 tMondamin, lowal , Boys' Octet 3. LARRY JOHNSON Son of Mr. Sz Mrs. Victor Johnson "Not as innocent as he appears." Moo Staff 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Glee Club President 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Junior Class Crew 3, Class President 1 tGalva, Iowal. GLORIA KENNEDY H -V Daughter of Mr. gl Mrs. Glen 1. Kennedy "The harder I try the gooder to be, the worser I am." Xloo Staff 4, Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 1, Pep Council 2, 4, Junior Class Play 3, Home Ev. Style Show 1, Girls' Sextet 4, Mixed Quartet 1, 2, 4, Mixed Octet 1, 2, 4, Girls' Trio 2, Vocal Solo 1, 2, All State Chorus 2, 4. JOHN KOLB Son of Mr. 81 "Every deck has its joker." Moo, Staff 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Mrs. R. J. Kolb Glee Club Vice President 3, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, Marching Band 1, 2, 3, Concert Band 1, 2, 3, Pep Club 1, Pep Council 4, Pep Council President 4, Pirateer 4, Pep Band 3, .lunior Class Play 3, Prom Server 1, Class Treasurer 4, Boys' Octet 2, Mixed Quartet 3, Mixed Octet 3, Instrumental Solos 2, All State Chorus 3, Brass Quintet l, 2, 3, Brass Choir 1, 2, Woodwind Choir 1, 2, State Track Meet, First Attendant to the King. Sponsored by SCHUETT CONSTRUCTION COMPANY and STOLLEY'S 18 ALBERT LEONARD Son of Mr. Sa Mrs. Luverne Leonard "I favor a five day week enrlfi Moo Staff 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball. 1, 2, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 1, Junior Class Play 3, Prom Server 1. MARY KNUTH Daughter of Mr. 8 Mrs. H. P. Knuth "A most competent lassief, Moo Staff Assistant Editor, Cheerleader 3, 4, Basketball 1, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Band President 4, Speech 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 1, Pep Council 4, Pirateer 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 1, 2, Junior Class Crew 3, Home Ec. Style Show 1, Girls' Sextet 4, Girls' Trio Acconipanist 2, Instrumental Solo 1, 2, All State Band 2, 3, 4, Brass Sextet 1, 2, 3, 4, Woodwind Quintet 1, 2, 3, 4, Brass Choir 1, 2, 4, Woodwind Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Northwest Iowa Band 1, 2. ROBERT KRAAI Son of Mr. Si Mrs. Russ Kraai "Basketball man, football man, last but not least a ladies' manf' Moo Stafi 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Boys' Glee Club President 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Pep Club 1, Pep Council 3, 4, Pirateer 4, Junior Class Crew 3, Prom Server 1, Class President 1, 3, 4, ,lack North's Honor Roll 3, State Track Meet 3, Northwest Iowa First Team Football 4, Football Co-captain 4, Homecoming Kin,-1 4. MARYSPADEWIG Daughter of Mr. St Mrs. Fred Ladewig They say blondes are dangerous-you never can tell." gb? Staff 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Pirgteer taf1,4, Pep Band 1, 2. 3, ,lun Cl C '3, H E,S . Marching Band 1, 2, 3, Concert Blijdd 11152, slew Ome C lyle Show 1' RODNEY MADSEN Son of Mr. 81 Mrs. Elary Madsen "Lead me not into temptation but show me where it is." Moo Staff 4, Football 1, 2, 4, Track 1, 2, 4, Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Boys' Glee Club Secretaiy 3, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, Pep Club 1, Pep Council 2, 3, 4, Junior Class Play 3, Class Treasurer 1, 3, Class Vice President 2, Class Secretary 4. Sponsored by FARMERS CO-OP OIL ASSOCIATION ond SCOTTY'S TAVERN 19 , s THOMAS MOHR Son of Mr. Sz Mrs. Amandus Mohr "Of all my admirers, Fm the greatestf, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4g Junior Class Crew 33 State Track Meet 3g Northwest Iowa Third Team 4. WARREN NELSON Son of Mr. Glenn Nelson "You cion't have to be a farmer to raise Cain." Pep Club 1. CHARLES PUTENSEN Son of Mr. Sz Mrs. Arnold Putensen 6'Sometimes 1 sir and think and sometimes I just sit." Moo Staff 43 Track 1, 2, 3, Junior Class Play 3. BRUCE SCHMIDT Son of Mr. 81 Mrs. Emil Schmidt "Men of few words are the best men." Moo Staff 4, Basketball 1, 23 Track 2, 3, 4, Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Marching Band 1, 2, 3, Concert Band 1, 2, 3, Speech lg Pep Club lg Pep Band 1, 2, 39 Junior Class Crew 35 Football Manager 35 Instrumental Solo 2. GARY SCHUETT Son of Mr. 8 Mrs. Everett Schuett "If brains were money he'd never be in debtf' Moo Staff 4, Boys' Clee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4g Pep Club 13 Junior Class Play 33 Mixed Quartet 3, 4, Mixed Octet 3, 4g Vocal Solo 3, 49 All State Chorus 4 Sponsored by EMIL EHLER AND SON ond HOLSTEIN LUMBER COMPANY DONNA SEE . "Intelligence is not her only virtuef, Librarian 3, 4g Pirateer Typist 4g Junior Class Crew 3g Lunchroom Staff 4. LAWRENCE TIMMERMAN Son of Mr. 81 Mrs. Fred Timmerman "My ambition is just around the corner." Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Junior Class Crew 3. "She is not shy or bolrl, but a friend to all." Moo Staff 43 Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Librarian 33 Junior Class Play 33 Home Ec. Style Show 1, 25 Lunchroom Staff 1, 2, 3, 4. MAXINE Vous Daughter of Mr. 81 Mrs. Henry Vohs "Quiet? I doubt it!', Moo Staff 45 Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 44 Girls' Glee Club Secretary 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 44 Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Band Secre- tary-treasurer 45 Pirateer 1, 2, 3. 43 Junior Class Crew 49 Prom Server lg lnstrumental Solo 1. SAUNDRA WAGNER Daughter of Dr. 81 Mrs. L. H. Wagner "It's nice to smile-but it's more fun to laugh." Moo Staff 43 Cheerleader 2g Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Marching Band 1, 23 Concert Band lg Pep Club lg Pirateer 1 2 3 4' Librarian 3, 4g Pep Band lg Junior Class Crew 33 Home Ec. Style Sliovsi 1: 33 Girls' Sextet 3, 4 Sponsored by BUD EHLER, MOBILGAS TANKWAGON and GEBERS MOBILGAS SERVICE NORDYNE VICKERY Daughter of Mr. 8: Mrs. Lester Vickery Glass of I Q60 First Row, L. to R.: Kirk Fitzner, Donald Butcher, Orrin Armiger, Stephen Madsen, Dennis Bochmann. Second Row: Tom Keitges, Cathrine Lingle, Gary Johnson, Faye Janssen, Freddie Coettsch, Roberta Boothby. Third Row: Janet Sass, Diane Cellert, Kathleen Krull, Doris Tinimerman, Veryl Droegmiller, Joelle Jochims, James Johann sen, Marilyn Christiansen, Jerry Jochims, Mary Mohr, Elaine Cipperley, Wilda Putnam. Fonrrlz. Row: Wendell Rolfs, Janice Steen, Kathy Gehrts, Sonja Heeney, William Meyer, Jim Wingert. Daniel Bienlien Nancy Kolb, Elaine Kaus, Joanne Bye, Robert Brown. CLASS OFFICERS: Diane Cellert, Roberta Boothby, Jerry Jochims, Stephen Madsen. Sponsored by FOSSELL WATKINS PRODUCTS ond ETHEL AND HELEN'S A Qlass of I Q6 First Row, L. to R.: Albert Loof, Linda Hueschen, Danny Cipperley, Betty Bergmann, Bill Ericksen, Caroll Lake. Second Row: Wyleen Leinbaugh, June Hansen, Lorna Brandt, Rae Dean Timmerman, Paul Niemeier, Mike Brosamle, Brian Brosamle, Wayne Loof, Larry Vesgaard, Sharon Fell, Sandra Baumann, Judy Godbersen. Third Row: June Kaus, Linda Brandt, Lorine Timmerman, Ronda Clausen. Judy Cowan, Bette Ann Agnew. CLASS OFFICERS: Danny Cipperley, Brian Brosamle, Gary Ruhser, Sue Blackmer. Sponsored by HANSEN FURNITURE AND FUNERAL HOME 24 Glass of I Q5 First Row, L. to R.: Mary Ina Hueschen, Paul Striepe, Mary Jo DeWit, Gary Ruhser, Nina Schmidt. Gary Putensen. Second Row: Mary Gehrts, .Ianiver Meyer, Donna Sinus, George Dreeszen, Larry Jons, Dennis Fritz. Don Schroeder, David Coettsch, Christine Leonard, Connie Beyer, Karen Hahne. Third Row: Judy Williams, Gary Schuett, Roger Nicklas, Dean Fick, John Johannsen, Harold Droegmiller, Sue Blackmer. Scene from a moment than will live forever in the minds of the freshman class. Sponsored by BOOTHBY PLUMBING, HEATING 81 HARDWARE ond CENTRAL TELEPHONE COMPANY 2.5 OMO1' Ctgt-3 NORTHWEST IOWA BAND Mary Jo DeWit. Mary Ina Huesehen, Joanne Bye, f Jerry Jochims, John Johannsen, Diane Gellert. ALL STATE BAND David Bye, Mary Jo DeWit, Mary IIIa Iiucschen. Mary Knuth. ALL STATE ORCH ESTRA Joanne Bye, Jerry Jochims. ALL-STATE CHORUS Joelle Jochims, Camilla Hanson. Gary Schuett, Steve Madsen. Karen Hahne. Gloria Kennedy, Loren Clausen. .lerrv Auvlezzate. STATE MUSIC CONTEST FOR LARGE GROUPS Boys, GLEE CLUI: - Division 1 Rating. GIRLS, GLEE CLUB - Division I1 Rating. Mix:-in Cnonus - Division I Rating. CONCERT BAND -- Division I Rating. 1958 FOOTBALL TEAM 9 Wins, 0 Losses, Maple Valley Conference Cham- 10115. Robelit Kraai - Voted Most Valuable Player. Dean Gerber, Robert Kraai - Co-Captains. Des Moines Register All-State Football Fourth Team - Robert Kraai. All-Northwest First Team - Robert Kraai. All-Northwest Third Team - Tom Mohr. 1958-1959 GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM 25 Wins, 1 Loss, Maple Valley Conference Cham- pions and Tournament Champions, Dis- trict Runner-up. All State Fourth Team Guard - Bonnie Chris- tiansen. District Free Throw Competitor - Roberta Boothby. Mary Ladewig, Bonnie Christiansen - C0- Captains. 1959 TRACK TEAM State Contenders Dean Gerber, John Kolb - Co-Captains. SHOT PUT - Dean Gerber - First Place. DISCUS - Robert Kraai. FOOTBALL THROW - Robert Kraai. POLE VAULT - Albert Leonard - Tie for Fourth Place. HIGH JUMP - Fred Goettsch, Dean Breyfogle. HIGH HURDLES - Fred Goettsch. 2 MILE RELAY TEAM - Tom Mohr, Bruce Schmidt, Cha1'les Putensen, John Kolb. HOMECOMING ROYALTY QUEEN - Bonnie Christiansen. KING - Robert Kraai. ATTENDANTS - Julie Ewoldt, Loretta Clausen, Jolm Kolb. Dean Gerber. RELAYS ROYALTY QUEEN - Bonnie Christiansen. ATTENDANTS - Loretta Clausen, Julie Ewoldt. JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM ROYALTY QUEEN - Bonnie Christiansen. IXINC - Dean Gerber. BETTY CROCKER HOMEMAKER OF TOMORROW Saundra Wagner. SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS National Merit Scholarship Corporation Certificate of Merit - Rodney Madsen. Alumni Association Scholarship at Iowa State Col- lege - Rodney Madsen. N. R. O. T. C. 4-Year Scholarship at Iowa State College - Dean Gerber. Nominated for membership in the National Athletic Scholarship Society - William Armiger, Dean Breyfogle, Loren Bergmann, Don Clausen, Dean Gerber, Larry Johnson, John Kolb, Bob Kraai, Albert Leonard, Rodney Madsen, Tom Mohr, Charles Putensen, Bruce Schmidt. High School Citizenship Award - Bonnie Chris- tiansen, Loretta Clausen. Iowa State Bar A'ssn Citizenship Award - Rodney Madsen. High School Activities Award - Bonnie Christian- sen, Loretta Clausen, Julie Ewoldt, Mary Knuth John Kolb, Bob Kraai. Black and Orange Honor Cord Awards t"B', aver- age or better in Scholarship! - Sandra Hahne, fVaIedictorianl G. P. 3.845 Rodney Madsen, tSalutatorianI G. P. 3.793 Loretta Clausen, G. P. 3.72g Bonnie Christiansen, 3.68, Julie Ewoldt, 3.593 Dean Gerber, 3.53, Robert Kraai, 3.4-7g Mary Knuth, 3.223 Gary Schuett, 3.17, Saundra Wagner. 3.12. 9 1958-1959 BOYS' BASKETBALL TEAM 14- Wins, 4 Lossesg Maple Valley Conference Cham- pious. Dean Gerber, John Kolb - CoCaptains. PERFECT ATTENDANCE Robert Kraai - 4- Years of High School. STATE SMALL GROUPS AND SOLO MUSIC CONTEST INSTRUMENTAL GROUPS - 6 Division I Ratings, 6 Division ll Ratings. INSTRUMENTAL SOLOS - 6 Division I Ratings: David Bye, Mary Ina Hueschen, Ziary Jo DeWit, Joanne Bye, Jerry Jochims, Jim Johannseng 6 Division Il atings. VOCAL GROUPS -- Mixed Octet, Division I Ratingg 6 Division II Ratings. VOCAL SOLOS -- 5' Division I Ratings: Mary Jo DeWit, Steve Madsen, Tom Keitges: 8 Division II Ratings. HOLSTEIN SPEECH STUDENTS SUB-DISTRICT - 8 Division I Ratings: Elaine Cipperley, Virginia Kaster, Mary Jo DeWit, Mary Ann Conover, Janice Steen, Kathy Gehrts. Wilda Put- nam t2l, , DISTRICT - 4 Division I Ratings: Kathy Gehrts, Janice Steen, Wilda Putnam, and Mary Ann Conover. STATE CONTEST - 2 Division I Ratings: Kathy Gehrts and Wilda Putnam. Kindergarten 'fdf 51 First Row IL. to RJ: Carmen Coettsch, Dean Loof, Christine Sokolowski, Brian Reiff, Janice Wiese, Patty Dittmer, Billy Rohlk. Tommy Goettsch, Connie Downs, Steven Kay, Kristin Friedrichsen. Second Row: Donna Fouls. Curtis. Eckermun, Erica Heilman, Ross Feddersen, Eldean Gehrts, Kevin Fitzner, Marilyn Scherner. Back Row: Janet Leonard, Janet Droegmiller, Lois Hammer, Kent Conover, Perry Bochmann, Dale Miller, Cary Brosamle, Cathy Coettsch, Kathleen Kay. Barbara Calvin, Kendall Brodersen. TEACHER: Miss McClary First Row KL. to RJ: Mary Reineke, Roy Williams, David Clausen, Steven Seite. Clay Conover. George Ehrig, linda N-ur Jackie Moller, Paul Freese. Second Row: Holly Meyer. Daniel Roepke. Steven Weber, Jeffrey Rognes, Teresa Ehler, Jean Ruser, Jean Rosenberg. Back Row: Barbara Beyer, Wanda Schirrmacher. Rhonda File, Ann Underriner, Mark Croxell, Jon Stoneking, Timothy Anrlresen. Dennis Miesner. Thomas Irwin. TEACHER: Miss McClary sponsored by CHUCK'S BODY SHOP and DAVID CRARY, ATTORNEY First grade First Row KL. to RJ: Randall Dreeszen, Charles Goettsch, Jeanne Kahl, Craig Ruring, David Johnson, Bruce Boock, Pat Ken- nedy, Lorna Dutler, Steven Carnes, Timothy Lohafer, Delane Hogrefe. Second Row: Kathleen Susie, Marsha Gehrts, Danny See, Jacqueline Sears, Diane Scherner, Linda Krambeck, Bradley Bauer. Back Row: Verletta Kelsheimer, Debra Cebers, Jane Hammer, Jacqueline Brodersen, Patricia Johannsen, Gregory Johnson, Dwight Conover, John Mohr, Harry Endrulat, Ronald Lingle. Absent: Cary Wilder TEACHER: Miss Skinner First Row IL. to RJ: Marc Wilson, Brian Lamp, Leona Ehrig, Vicki Otto, Julie Heser, Mary Nash, Robert Butcher, Connie Wiese, Cole Bremer, Allen Miesner, Grant Conover. Second Row: James Dutler, Gary Seite, Angela Schuett, Cathy Steen, Dale Coettsch, Kirk Rosenberger, Curtis Rector. Back Row: Steven Vohs, Karla Nicklas, John Hammer, Linda Ewoldt, Lowell Joslin, Jean Heitmann, Nancie Irwin, Rena Har- gens, Daniel Ehler, Marlo Johnson, Bradley Stamp, Merrill Wittrock. TEACHER: Miss Van Vickle Sponsored by ROYAL CLEANERS and VOHS AND JOHNSON PRODUCE Second grade Us 40 :gn J 4 gli' Q First Row IL. to RJ: Jerry Ruser, Sonja Strandberg, James Loof, Janet Heeney, Patty Otto, Randy Kay. Second Row: David Conover, Michael Radke, Danelle Sorensen, Debra File, Barbara Scherner. Robert Wittrock, Michael Croxell. Back Row: Ricki Eckerman, Linda Brosamle, Gary Albers, Brian Schuett, Eddie Hansen, John Leonard, Ronald Parker, Linda Cipperley. Absent: Kenneth Watters TEACHER: Miss Fairley First Row IL. to RJ: Janine Wellendorf, Dian Iwen, Linda Boock, Teresa Galvin, Becky Carnes, Cynthia Johnson, David Scott, Kellye Pfalzgrai. Second Row: Connie Steen, Clair Downs, Marc Michaelsen, Randy Bochmann, Craig Schlinz, Debbie Conover. Back Row: Mary .lo Bagenstos, Paul Fell, Richard Williams, .lo Lynn Rognes, Rozann Wiese, Ronald Andresen, Sharleen Leonard, Cathy Friedrichsen. TEACHER Miss Ringgenhefs sponsored by DR. L. H. WAGNER Third grade First Row KL. to RJ: James Kay lsittingl, Elizabeth Heydt, Kathy Goettsch, Patricia Reineke, Mary Ann Ehrig, Kristine Larsen, Barbara Nash, Patsy Conover, Richard Ruring lsittingl. Second Row: Dennis Ludvigison, Robert Leinbaugh, Daniel Doxtad, Cary Wiese, David Jackes, Charles Bumann. Back Row: Sandra Susie, Thomas Fraser, Linda Kuchel, Rolan Albers, Connie Johnson, Marlene Johnson, Wayne Schoer. 'I'r-:Acm-:Rx Mrs. Lasher I First Row KL. zo RJ: Carol .lean McKnight, Allen Conover, Danny Niemeier, Susan Goettsch, Connie Fouls, Janelle Wittrock Libby Sears, Jean Conover, Steven Klotz. l S Back Row: Mike Kennedy, Kristin Goettsch, Kim Walden, Merritt Wiese, Johnny Bauman, Gail Cebers, Bob Keitges, Patsy Irwin, David Wiese. econd Row: Phillip Lohafer, Charlotte Fouls, Nancy Timmerman, Nolan Heilman, Rhonda Vickery, Judy Pash. TEACHER: Miss Heiland SpOrlS0l'ed by LEGIONNAIRE CLUB and ERICKSEN STANDARD STATION 30 Fourth grade First Row KL. to RJ: Stanley Bauer, Peggy Hammer, Bruce Lingle, Mark Still, Steven Clausen. Bruce Conover. Craig Beyer, Janis Dorr, Douglas Krager, Lane Volkert, Marcia Rogues. Second Row: Diane Hungerford, Beverly Dutler, Margy Coettsch, Shelley Noel, Cary Sorensen, Rodney Vohs. Linda Stamp, Vicki Conover. Back Row: Cynthia Hansen, Rick Ehler, Judith Heitmunn, Tommy Bruning, Larry Rector, Dennis Crollmus, Christina- Dewit, David Reiff, Keith Conover, Mark Brosamle, Lyle Wittrock, Link Stoneking. TEACHER: Miss Carlson F' . . : ' ' Szilst Row KL to Rl Linda Seit , h ers, 0 en Kaus' Carole Butcher c eryl Coettsch. Joleen Lemke, Cay Holtry, Terry Conover, Junior Wiese, ' Second Row: Douglas Lohafer, James Fell, Bruce Branco C th' D e, Larane Volkert, Pamela Kahl Linda Wittrock Diane Geb R b , yn ia utler, Michael Still, llayi I R' . P 1 H Baek Row: Peggy Bochmann, ,Iohn Werner, Kent Fick, Yvonne Leonard, Timothy .lackes,nDiii'id lgiolllkanliaaill ,lame Irwin, Thade Bagenstos, Bonnie Lorenzen, Gary Conover, Rheta Schlintz. . l S TEACHER! Miss Streed Sponsored by FIRST METHODIST CHURCH and GOETTSCH STUDIO Fifth grade First Row KL. to RJ: Dennis Schuett, Jerel Wittrock, Tony Ehrig, James Clausen, Margaret Jones, Donald Dutler, Linda Krag- er, Claire Leinbaugh, Roderick Hansen. Second Row: Connie Friedrichsen, Susan Hass, Keith Fick, Dennis Seite, Pamela Baumann, Betty Bauman. Back Row: Terry Bauman, Dale Clausen, Billy Jackes, James Beyer, Cynthia Ehler, Donald Miesner, Betty Ann Lorenzen, Melissa Sue Leonard, Judy Fraser. TEACHER: Miss Koster First Row KL. to RJ: Bruce Klotz, Dennis Sams, John Kuchel, Lanyce Dreeszen, Reas Madsen, Monte Beyer, Roger Larsen, Phil- lip Hanson. Second Row: Linda Conover, Peggy Conover, Dennis Hoaglund, James Sorensen, Marlys Helkenn, Pamela Sears. Back Row: Gary Brodersen. David Dexter, Jo Keitges, Anna Hogrefe, Connie Kraai, Robert Freese, Susan Kahl, Tamela John son. TEACHER: Miss Jones Sponsored by FOOD LOCKER SERVICE and HOLWEIN BAKERY Sixth gifowle xxx K ' SSRN , - X ..s R f .ey First Row IL. to RJ: Shelly Michaelsen, Robert Ericksen. David Niemeier, Sue Holtry, Dennis Perkins, Kenneth Vohs, Douglas Kahl, David Walden, Carol Lingle, Kenneth Verrone. Dennis Conover, Coleen Luclvigson. Second Row: Ben Bye, Rene Ruhlow, Mike Michaelsen, David Ehler, Paul Scherner, Neal Conover. Back Row: Linda Jons, Dianne Reiff, Robert Wienert, Mark DeWit, Richard Parker, Marvin Tinnnerinnn, Christine Hansen, Diane Fick, Victoria Irwin, Craig Conover, Charlotte Vickery. TEACHER: Miss Short First Row KL. lo RJ: Ronald Uoettsch, Joan Beyer. Roger Dreeszen, Paul Goetlsch, Karen XY iltroi-k. Teil liruning, Samuel Heydl, Van Conover, Alan Kucliel, Cathy .lo McCrea, Eldon Reimers. Second Row: Burdette Conover, James Striepe, Mark Scott, Gary Stamp, Hoy Rice. Daniel Dorr. Back Row: Marigene Kahl. Duane Heeney. Nlarillis Johnson, .leanne Frahm. Valgene Wiese. Jeffrey Joi-hinis. Marcia Dec Lem- hurg, Margaret Breyfogle, Donald Johannsen, lieth Cowan, Kathryn Conover, Absent: Luann Rice TEACHER! Miss Kitchen Sponsored by AGNEW AND SOSEMAN, "If it's insurance, we write ir." Phone Il A .t.s...x,. Seventh gmglg Xxx First Row IL. to RJ: Nancy Seite, Kenneth Hogrefe, Donald Sams, Ronnie Leckband, Wilbur Wittrock, Curtis Wiese, Curtis Opdahl, Charles Cipperley. Second Row: Kathlene Bumann, Trudy Sinus, Ronald Sass, Paula Beyer, Vernette Reimer, James Wienert, Sheryle Wittrock. Back Row: Larry Dean Coettsch, Charles Carlberg, lrene Leonard, Gay Mohr, Diane Dexter, Carol Johnson, Donald Vohs, Kenneth Henrichsen, Wayne Freese. TEACHER: Miss Austin First Row KL. to RJ: John Burkhardt, Dennis Leinbaugh, Larry Volkert, Larry Armiger, Patricia Iwen, Diane Doxtad, Steven Bauer, Terry Johnson, Bradley Schoer, Duane Williams. Second Row.' Donna Steen, Mary Molumby, Joyce Loof, Larry McBride, Marion Conover, Roletta Albers, Karen Bauman. Back Row: Cary Moser, Doreen Cries, Karlene Bumann, Leon Ruhlow, Kenneth Buell, Paulette Beyer, Janice Heitmann, Lynn Goettsch. TEACHER: Mr. Lasher Sponsored by KERSLAKE SU-NDRIES and Lurr BARBER SHOP 34 eighth grade X 1 Y. lf""'N First Row IL. L0 RJ: Scott Hanson, Dennis Breyfogle, Ronnie Ludvigson, Lynn Hansen, Shirley Heiiners, Ralph Verrone, Betty Lingle, Cheryl Fitzner. Curtis Sorensen. Robert Bauman, David Heeney. Second Row: Kama Bergzniann. Mary Ann Henrichsen. Dennis Sorensen, .lames Keitges. Milan Kramhevk. Vicki Bruning. Sandra Conover. Back Row: Connie Putensen. Jeanette Helkenn. Elaine Brown, .loyce Butcher, Daniel Van Hemert. Donna Tinnnerman, Dennis Rohlk, Lester Wiese. Sheryl Parker. Sharon Frahm, Marsha Fell. Gary Andresen. TEACHER: Mr. Rosenberg if. High glass Qfficeifs - -- -- ---- -J -V -- ---- f--W -----4---1 -4--W f----inn Second Row: Diane Doxtad. Patricia Iwen, Marion Conover, Ronald Sass. Back Row: Jeanette Helkenn, Wayne Freese, Irene Leonard, Diane Dexter, Mary Ann Henrichsen. 35 L s i r P 7 utnior High Boys lgcisketluall Left to.Riglit, First row: Dennis Rnhlk. Marion Conover. Ronald Sass, Don Vohs. Jim Keitges. Dennis llreyiogle, Milan Kram- heuk, Wayne Freese. Cary Andresen. Lynn Hansen. Mr. Lasher. Svroml row: Dave4Heeney. Charles Cipperley. Ralph Verrone, Kenneth lluell, Kenneth Henrichsen. Dennis Sorensen. Larry Cnettsch. Duane Williams. Svott Hanson. Rohert llauman. Tliirrl row: Terry johnstm. Steve Bauer. llramlley Scheer. Dennis Leinhaugh. Wilbur Wittrock. John Burkardt, Ronnie Leck- hancl. Curtis Weise. Larry Volkert. Fourth row: Ronnie Lurlvigson, Don Sams. Larry Armiger, Larry McBride, Dan Van Helnert. Cary Moser. Kenneth llogrefe, ,lim Wienert, Curtis Sorensen. amor High Football Front How, L. to R.: ,lohn llurkhardt, Steve Bauer, James Wienert, Cary Moser, Larry Arllliger. Bradley 5Cll0CI', R0lllli8 Lefrk- hand, Curtis Wiese. u Second row: Dave Heeney, Scott Hanson. Ronald Sass, Kenneth Buell, Dennis Breyfogle, Don Vohs, ltary Andresen. Milan Kramheck, Kenneth Hogrefe. I Third mwg Dennis Rnhlk. managerg Lynn Hansen, Charles Cipperley. ,lim Keitges, Dan Van llemert. Dennis Sorensen. Curtis Sorensen. Larry Coettsvh. Don Sams. Fourth row: Mr. Lasher. Duane Williams. lloh Bauman. Wayne Freese, Ralph Verrone. Marion Conover. Ronnie Ludvigson, Dennis Leinhaugh. Sponsored by CORREGOUX GARAGE ond RUHLOW HARDWARE 37 1 4 + 1 ,Q ' .r 'W iirilfsf 1 K 5755" A W- - " Q YQ' L 112+ f ,vi ,M mg -A if, gg, 2? EWQQN ki 'R S sus' -is a . ...A Q Q 5 ,...,:, : ".,, -,..t , -' 2:1 , KR L ' , lag, i' Q ,,., ' Qi 33 'E 5 H -Q 55 gfgf QW W-A g A Q G I l A, X3 i .ll L Q' L A : x,.'l I. ., I. fi Q ew pw ,. Q WX W . Xu? NA S 2' fl Q fr 5 V ft X 4 W Qs i fm',4 ' W 22 1 4 E 'I I I Sponsored by WILL majozfettes Nl.-UORE'li'l'E5: Faye Janssen. Catherine Lingle, Mary ina I-luesvhen. Camilla Hanson, Nancy Kolh, Sue Blackmer. The Holstein High School Band. under the capalvle direction of Mr. Keith Nash. turned in very fine performances this year. The sixty-three members have joined together to turn in good perform- ances at the annual Christmas llrogram, the "Pops, Concert, and the Spring Concert. The hand was privileged to have an exchange concert with the Denison High School Band this year. The Denison Band played a very fine concert for the entire student hotly. hut he' cause of a snow storm the Holstein Band was nnahle to play a return concert at Denison. The marching hand marched at all the home football games and took band trips to Band Day at Ames and the annual Pop Corn Day at Ida Grove. The band officers that were elected early this fall are the following Seniors: President, Mary Knuth: Vice-President. Julie Ewoldtg Secretary-Treasurer, Maxine Vohs. IAM WALKER, CORN SHELLING, and CHESTER HANSEN, SlMONSEN'S COMMERCIAL FERTILIZER 41 instrumental Clarinet Quartet: Mary Ju lJeWit, Joanne Bye, Marjorie Burk- ardt, Nancy Kolb. .1fII:x!'f1 Clarinet Ouartvt: Mary Jo DeWit, Karen Hahne, Mary Cehrts. Joanne Bye. Woodwind Trio: Joanne Bye, Diane Cellert, Marv Jo DeWit. Woodwind Quintet: Mary Knuth, Diane Cellert, Mary Jo DeWit Sue Blackmer, Faye Janssen. Sponsored by HOME TOWN CLEANERS cmd BRUNING REPAIR AND WELDING, Authorized Clinton Dealer 42 Ensembles Trombone Ouarlvt: David Bye, John Johannsen, Gary Schuett, Connie Beyer. HWS-Y SHIP!-' MUTE' Ilia HUCSCIICII. John Johannsen, Don Schroe- der. Harold Droegmiller, Mary Knuth, Jerry Jochimg, Clarinet Chair: Marjorie Burkardt, Catherine Lingle, Joanne Bye, Cay Mohr. Mary Jo DeWit. Mary Gehrts, Karen Hahne, Nancy Kolb. Kathleen Krull, Maxine Vohs, ,Ioelle Jochims, Julie Ewoldt. Trombone- Bariloru' Quarter: Mary Ina Hueschen, Dave Bye John Johannsen. Gary Schuett. sponsored by ROGNES AND MCCUTCHEON, VETERINARIANS and VAN Top INCORPORATED 43 k m a'f"W . KW W Lmk Q Q-ff 459 49 46 W W iw ' an is x il, 9 h 'WV E Wi' 122 2, If vL 5 if 52,3 ' g ' "' K Qi, df -9 Sb 4 W 'rf W I . X ,LRA 3 9 .. , W Y v S' Q K S wk. ' L, ' ' x Q .0 Az , .i ak 5 ' - ji Q' is K , ' ' Ye- i X I f ."H 1-Wi V - A W, . is fi? is Q if sm Q N K - 9 f- k 5' ,ws 5. 5 4 ,S Ns-1' x, f 'V' , W X, , V. W K 1. hir Us Q . V ff v , v W wi any , ,,.,,, M31 'W V . get-1 h SW .55 S x f " fTQ-5 1:1 " 0, W L W W V 'lf' w -W W W ., 'km U SEQ 'Ri mf sa. . WS' Y' QI jig, X9 -vw .,f,.,.-,...JS 1 :UW A wg? H Q K ' ' . gig Y V, 13 -4' ,M few ,Rx .. - lfldaple Valley Champs of lQ58 Front Row, L. to R.: Billy Ericksen, Cary Putensen, Brian Brosamle, Dave Coettsch, Don Schroeder, Cary Schuett, Roger Nicklas. Dean Fick, John Johannsen. Second Row: Manager Bruce Schmidt, Dean Breyfogle, Don Clausen, Larry Johnson, Dean Cerber, Fred Coettsoh, Tom Mohr, Dan Bien- lien, Bob Kraai. Rodney Madsen, John Kolb, Tom Keitges, Bud Leonard. Thirrl Row: Loren Clausen, Dennis Bochmann. ,lim Johannsen, Gary Johnson, Bill Meyer, Jim Wingert, ,loe Clausen, Cary Weiland, Don Hungerford, Dave Schmidt. .lerry Applegate. Bill Armiger, Harold Freese. Bark Row: Dave Bye. Don Breyfogle, Dale Breyfogle, George Dreeszen, Mike Brosamle. Cary Ruser. Dennis Fritz. Dan Cipperley, Brian Bruning. Dave Vohs. Oliver Reineke, Paul Striepe, John Wagner. THE RECORD Holstein 20 .............. Alta 6 Holstein 19 .. Moville 6 Holstein 39 .. . . . Onawa 6 Holstein 49 .. . ....... Logan 13 Holstein 12 . .. ..... Ida Grove 7 Holstein 58 ...... Correctionville 6 Holstein 27 ...... Kingsley 13 Holstein 48 . .. ...... Marcus 0 Holstein 47 . .. ..,. Odebolt 7 The Holstein Black Pirates of 1958 finished the season as the third undefeated Holstein team in four years. The Pirates started the season with a 20 to 6 revenge victory over a strong Alta team. Moville was the toughest early season rival but the Pirates won a hard fought 19 to 6 victory. Onawa fell victim by a 39 to 6 score, and Logan was swamped 49 to 13. The Ida Grove game was the highlight of the season. The Pirates came from behind to upset the favored Hawks 12 to 7. The Pirates overpowered their homecoming rival. Correctionville, by a score of 58 to 6. Kingsley was the second lmiggest game of the year and again Hol- stein had to come from behind to win 27 to 13. The Marcus game was easily won 48 to 0, and in the final game of the season the Pirates tromped Odebolt 47 to 7. M the season's end the Pirates were ranked seventh in Northwest Iowa in a poll conducted by the Sioux City .lournal-Tribune, and fourth in Class II in Iowa by the Des Moines Register. Freshman Coach Dan Hungerfordg Head Coach Russ Kraaig Line Coach Art Gerber Sponsored by J. W. MARTIN, M. D. A-35-Y .Q m x 'Q 4 5 NW' R Nfl: 41 up 3 'ff si X .W my 40 ' 5 ,E af K A. U M - up , I QHE 14 Q Y qty 1 nf ,, 1 I A '-if : ' C QF J A , , ' .S ? Q-.4 N ' 'S ., V ,3'2 1 , ' - +513 3 ' 'y " ? if 5 -gn , X ,. 1 A .Q we ' " 1 , - K 4 W 'h 'Rf ' .b 1' .- . W ffhf ff V' Glifbay f .. fnx . 1 hx . qi! -Q 'Q i ix K 3 Q 'raw " 4 V f K ,ga g F A ,su 'L 4 ' ' gl A ig" , ,L A' X K .Q h 1 x 5 X A ' S gt W K ' Ak A ., ' xx, , S 'fl F' if wi dx xfwmn-A ,AQ x - v , ,A ' . ' "1 fm-"m " 13 F, , A Kg 1 .mx N ' ' K ' 'iffy 7 " 'S Dean Breyfogle gains that extra foot. M5 If .' A ' . 'L-' A Bud Leonard breakg through, K, X 4:34 ff xy ,"f-5 ,yin , f. .X 4, -i' 'S "4"l'9Vw4R,Ql H , 3 1 fvfq .Q 1f'PQ - ,abfiif-Z' ' 14+ ,vw ' JFLA , Jrrf, . , x Q . W ! ,ww . ew K Q a .Q A T9 J. g K ,R - Ke' 7?-QQE K fx SQ" i mv 4 5 b A 5 fx 'F 5 A .-g, . ww' I Q gg, 35- .-0 nl-EW , :Myra . 1 'N 'Q Q . 'iw 5 X x 'ws' TX 1 5 Q N, 2.3. Ill 9 . Y S-O ly..f,:' .i 'r . l l x Q v C 'S ' I 1 n, sly! , Q, , ,. wr , ' X Q gg if "' Ji' 'e Q rfb' " "" 2 f ,., tim '- . V ML "-: SL'-:F f- f:.-X-,rn,4-- fg ff:-X fx A S' ' i x 9,55 W 5 ' h, W 1 . 1 X E I g Q53 sk D I ,, 'Wav - ,- SSN? . :yi N H HH 6 H 1 WU lull IA1-muml www Illl'1lllLLll thc lim- again. ' ' x f I av Q , f 1 'Y I . ' Q 23. 5 Q kj, ' ' 1' ,K L,.! JV' A , N ff'-.ix , gr Lf' . IWYL 4 . we ,K L any I 1- 'r run Xkllll 11' ye: "1 4? I. , A A N. , N ,P-Ag., In . H1377 S l'ront Row L lu R DHVld Bye Don Breyfogle, Dale Breyfogle, Harold Freese Joe Llausen bary Werland Don Hun erford Second Row Bllly ETlClxSBIl Loren Clausen George Dreeszen, Gary Ruhser, Denms Fr1tL Dan Clpperley Ollver Remeke Davxd Coettsch Ro er Nxcklas, Tlzml Row john Johannsen Cary Putensen Brian Brosamle, Mike Brosamle, Paul Strlepe Don Schroeder Cary Schuett THE RECORD Holstein 0 Holstein 20 Holstein 14 Holstein 18 Holstein 20 Holstein 20 . . Alta Odebolt Marcus Odebolt Aurelia . . .. ... Kmgsley I1HlIllfl,VSl!LlIIl llr I W 'Nlartin Sponsored by BLUE EAGLE LANES and O. A LANGLAND DENTIST Yfgimtette Qlwzmplons First Row, L. to R.: Faye Janssen, Judy Leonard, Diane Cellert. lluris 'lliIIllNCl'Illilll. Nanvy Kolb, Camilla Ilanwn Second Row: Carol Bergmann, Bonnie Christiansen, Loretta Clausen. Mary Muhr. Hulmerla lhmtlilxy. Mary Laslewigr. THE RECORD We ThCY 47 .,.. . . Aurelia .... ...... 1 9 61 .... .. Anthon .. .. . .54 31 .... ..... 1 lrnver ..... .... 5 2 79 .... ..,.... C lalva ....... .... 3 2 15 .... .... C lllarter Oak .... .... 3 7 65 .,.. ... Correctionville ... . . . .37 64 ..... ... Danlmury ... ... .19 73 .... ...... K Ioville ...... .... 3 4 69 .... .... l latlle Creek .... .... 51 .... ..... O nawa ..... .... 28 25 17 .... ...... 1 Jflelmlt ...... .... 3 3 80 .... .... l lattle Creek .... .... 2 2 77 .... ..... C alva ..... .... 4 0 60 ..... . .. Kingsley .... .... 5 4 57 ..... ....... L ake View ................ 46 77 .............. Correctionville .............. 63 ...............,. Danbury ..,.............. NIA PLE VALLEY. TOURNAMENT 50 ........,..... CUTl'6Cll0IlVll1C .............. 18 66 .... ............ N loville ................. 37 48 ................. Alllllflll ................. 44 SECTIONAI. TOURNAMENT 80 .................. Calva ............ .... 2 9 63 .... .......... F cllaller ......... .... 4 0 65 .... .........,. I Iayes ............ .... 3 3 DISTINCT TOURNAMENT 37 ...... ........... 1 linton ............ ..., 3 5 46 ..... ....... fl Inorlieacl ..,..... .... 4 5 61 .... ... lfla Grove . .. . .52 Llwperun Nlisi George anal managers Marilyn Christiansen. .llvelle .10c and Sharon Wiese. Sponsored by FARMERS ELEVATOR COMPANY The 15 igl ting Sextet 'these and the rest of the girls on the squad made our tcaln the 4'llilIllltltlI1S they ywre--not only in basketball abil- ity, but in slltll'lHIllilIlNlllIt and desire. lzavlt was an inspiration and an asset to the ball wlub, both as a player and as an individual. HOIiliR'l'A ISOOTHBY Junior Front Forwzrrtl -- 2 L1'ttf'rs St1t:TlowxL Fam: Tuaow CttAN1l'lltN Starlet' for two years . . . deadly set shot from the floor . . . bevause of her determination to be versatile, she ended up st-oring many points with left-handed set ups . . . vonsistenvy at the charity line . . . will be a great asset to the team next year .... UUNNHC CI-lliIS'l'IANSEN S:-nior Front Guard PI l,1'tIr'rs .l nik NouTu's ALI. S'lux't'r: l'itll'lK'l'll 'l'i-:AM lllll.-N Horton ROLL Co-Cifa ptain No girl has a bigger vompetitive heart , . . put out IOOW effort regardless of score . . . dependable when the whips were down . . . quivkness and speed made her a great defensive player. re- bounder. and ball stealer . . . trould be vounted on to get the ball into the front 4-ourt . . . will be missed next season , , . , Continents by Coarh Russ Kraai NIA RH LAIJEWILL Senior Poxt Forward - 2 Lvltrrs ,lack Noa'ru's ALI. Srwiz Howou ROLL Co-Captain Converted to a post forward her senior year . . . did a remarkable jolt in suvh a short time . . . worried opponents with het left and right handed hook shots . . . fine season's record at the free throw line . . . team player . . . will be greatly missed in next year's line-up .... MARY MOHR Junior Post Guard - 2 Letters .l-'mx NOR'l'lI,S ALL STATE Honon ROLL IDPA Horton ROLL On starting line-up for two years . . . fine ability in playing her chosen posi- tion . . , uses height and arm reach to a terrific advantage . . . blocked many shots . . . rebounding ability gained many points for the team . . . a com- petitive player who never gives up . . . Xlary will star again next season . . CAROL BERCMANN Soplmmore Front Forward -- I Letter A little girl who uses her smallness to an advantage . . . developed clever fake . . . quick in driving for the board, picking up basket after basket . . . poise and Competitive spirit . . . will be even tougher for opponents to handle in years to come .... LORETTA CLAUSEN Sr-nior Front Guard -- 2 Letters .hex Nouruls ALL STATE Horton ROLL Her first year as a starter, she worried about mistakes, but ended up making very few . , . blocked many shots after the ball had'left the forward's hand . . . rebounding abilities valuable to the team . . . adept at taking the ball into front court on the left side . . . con- sistent, quick-thinking, and dependable . . . will be greatly missed at the guard position nexlt year . . . Sponsored by MAX'S PRODUCE and BOY SCOUT TROOP NO. 144 .E ,Mum lg :V The Maple Valley Champs are all smiles. Qi? 3 TI.- 3 . ni- 1 T if .nl Xiicf- .ew - N. . x .l ,l-Q ,Y K R i . . S QL 1 ISN' ul ,-95" S F5 ima. l Q Q is N 3 5 . .1 .P fl X A I A 4 ' .- lll Nl l 4 X Jump hall! e x l , l, E . J: XE XR ,ll. f 4 W A lll l EJ ' T1 E22 l.ll. l l . QR 'Qlt QV- Ti L' ll', l l . 1 .F ." is A L ll A A l J' vi I l. A. g ' Q my Y, N V . in I B.. A 15 " REX M ff i xi I NA ' .x fw -m ivmk QL .mr ,..--5 A I x af' ff RQ 2 cf: ef' fp fm 4 'Qi , JZ-"T ' E' 6 XE fi Q , 1 . f 4134 L A sncak pass! SF., V ir Sign M, . E53 ' x, f i . B 't 1. .. i K . , J : - Nei? ,. ,X R+, 1 .. ,gl Y 'Q AN V 7 .Q pv-Q. W I Ch llk up 1:1 ilu: xxrlmx' fan! 4 mt quite leaf I1 S PORTERFIELD VEFERINARIAN ond GLADYS RAABE L 1 x W 1 I 4 ' w maple Valley Qowfeifence Qhozmps Left to Riglll: David lfye, David Vohs, Cliff Heeney, Don Hungerford, Gary Weiland, Don Clausen, Tom Keitges, .lohn Kolb, Joe Clausen, liob Kraai, Dean Gerber. Dan Bienlien. Tom Mohr, Fred Coettsch, ,lim Vlfingert. THE RECORD We They 36 .... ... Aurelia .. . . . .44 51 .... .... A nthon .... .... 4 7 64 .... .... C alva .... .... 3 0 54 .... ... Charter Oak ... . . . .40 50 .... . . Correctionville . . . . . .48 B5 .... Danbury ....3l 53 .... ...... M oville ...... .... 3 7 59 .... . . . Battle Creek . . . . . . .43 46 .... .... O nawa ..... .... 5 5 58 .... . . . Odeholt .... . . . .40 2O"... .... Anthon .... ....36 47 .... ..... Q uimby ..... .... 4 3 50 .... . . . Battle Creek . . . . . . .48 64 .... .... C alva ..... .... 3 3 73 .... ..... K ingsley .... .... 5 3 69 .... .... L ake View ... .. . .67 46 .... .. Correctionville .. .. . .43 63 ................. Danbury .... .... 3 5 3943 .......... X ..... Aurelia .. . . . .56 ::: ag Maple Valley Tourney Sectional Tourney The Holstein Black Pirates completed a very successful season, ending up with a record of fif- teen wins against only four losses. Two of these losses were to the strong Aurelia Bulldogs. They defeated the Pirates in the first game of the season and again in the first round of the Sectional Tour- nament at Cherokee. The third loss went to Onawa. They were an- other strong ball club, probably the best the Pirates played. Onawa showed their strength by staying in tournament play until the finals of the district. The poorest showing for the Pirates was in the first round of the Maple Valley Tournament when they were upset by Anthon. The Pirates could not hit the basket and managed to score only twenty points the entire ball game. To offset this showing the Pirates bounced back the very next game and upset the highly favored Quimby five. This was probably the highlight of the season for all the players and the coach as well. Sponsored by THARP'S GARAGE ond SORENSEN CLOTHING John Kolb Dean Gerber Tum Mohr Don Clausen Dan Bienlien Fred GOCHSCII 59 Bob Kraai Tom Keitges Jim Wingert 'W w.-V-. .N fi-33 ff? s S S 5 X ,X ,W f Xin if I -M.-fkSf'i:jr Lzih 4 Q f fi . .--,:,- it if If Q A 5 '::' - H 7 L 215 if L 'L:? . f ,V i K .+,' ' 5 73 . ' M l1 sg . 5 Q Q 1 i gfL,4 in V ..,'.V Qt Q . 7 s 'Y X H X 2 M A '.,. -9 ' It's anybody's lm H, ,-'P Vx J ' K ,Q X ' L X L . ?S5w2EfiQ .. fn' I E : .f ,W V ' T k . K.. fam :Z i f AW: e 1.-au pi Nl? lm: ' Dean drive' around 'W .Nw Q g ,, A... - Q E 1 wi, 3 is H M is M TQ... 1G1f'ESlflW1flf14 -SOP lfl O W OW? lTQ6l1flfl, First Row, Left to Right: David Bye, David Vohs, Don Hungerford, Gary Weiland, Joe Clausen, Harold Freese, Loren Clausen, Jerry Applegate. Second Row: Brian Brosainle, Gary Putensen, Michael Brosamle, Dennis Fritz, Gary Ruhser, Dan Cipperley, Brian Bruning. Tlzirfl Row: Don Schroeder, Roger Nicklas, Albert Loof, Paul Striepe, Cary Sehuell, Dean Fick. John Johannsen, Bill Ericksen. - - . Dennis Bochniann lim -lohafmsen Klrctcle cmd Field hcmzps . ?i?fT?'i'f i-tag sic:-,, U. - ,sf . .W .. ,. X' 0 .. sf at . . , .. ,. . .,..,...t.,...,... ,. , W., A"i'i"'Wi"i First Row, Left to Right: Billy Ericksen, Don Schroeder, David Goettsch. Gary Putensen, Paul Striepe. Dan Cip- perley, George Dreeszen, Dean Fick, Roger Nicklas, Johnlohannsen. ' Second Row: Loren Bergmann, Bruce Schmidt, Charles Putensen, Dean Breyfogle, Dean Gerber, Tom Mohr, ,lim Wingert, Fred Goettsch. Dan Bienlien. Bob Kraai, .Iohn Kolb, Tom Keitges, Albert Leonard. David Volts. David llye. Third Row: Steve Madsen, Dale Tharp, Brian Brosamle, Albert Loof, ,lim lohannsen. Don Clausen. .loe Clausen. Har- old Freese, Don Hungerford, Dale Breyfogle, John Wagner, Bill Artniger, Don Dreyfogle, Cary Schiiett. Larry Radke. Fourth Row: Oliver Reineke, Don Butcher, Brian Bruning, David Schmidt, Cary Weiland, Robert Brown, Dennis I Fritz, Gary Ruhser, Gary Johnson, Wendell Rolls, Mike Brosamle, Dennis Bochmann, Orrin Arniiger, Danny Schmidt, Loren Clausen, 2-MILE RELAY TEM!! lst- - P0l'RhfmlHS, SHG CNY- Maple lou: VAULT: tllud Leonard! lst. - Estherville: 2nd, - Valleyg 2nd, - Holstein Relays, Alta, District: 3rd. -- Aurelia: 3rd, -- t'l'iel Maple Valley. Tomahawk Relays, Aurelia: 4th- - Esthewille. District: 4th, - 4TieJ Alta. State. MILE RELAY TEAM: 2nd. - Holstein Relays. Tomahawk tDale lireyfoglel 3rd. - lTiel Maple Val- Relaysg 3rd, - Maple Valley, Estherville: 4th. - Sac ley, City. Alta, District: Sth. - Aurelia. BROAD JUMP: ljohn Kolb? lst. - Pocahontas: 2nd. - Mi-:DLm' RELAY TEAM: flth. - Maple Valley, Estherville. Maple Valley, Estherville, Aureliag Sth. - District. 880 YARD RELAY TEAM: 3rd. - Maple Valley: 4th. - lllud Leonard? 4th. - Maple Valley: 5th lfstherville. Tomahawk. Q Aurclia. 440 YARD RELAY TEAM: 2nd. - Esthervillel 4lh- -- TOIH- HIGH Huunmzsz lFred Coettscht lst. - Maple Valley ahawk Relays: 5th. - Sac City. Estherville: 2nd. M District: 3rd, - Aurelia: 4th, - 5HOT PUT! tDean Cerberl lst. - Pocahontas. Alta, Maple Alta, Valley. Estherville, Aurelia. District, State: 2nd. - Hol- fllob Kraail 3rd, - Maple Valley: 4th stein Relays, Tomahawk Relays: 3rd. - Sac City. - Am-elia. tDan Bienlienl 2nd, - Alta, Maple Valley: Low HURDLES: tllud Leonardl 2nd, - Estherville: 3rd, - 3rd. - Pocahontas, Aurelia: 4-th. - District: 5th. - Sac Maple Valley. Aureliag 4th. -- District: 5111. - Alta. City. QTUHI Keitgesl 4th. - Maple Valley Discus: tllob Kraait lst. - Maple Valley: Esthervilleg Amelia, 2nd, -- District: -lth. - Aureliag 5th. - Alta. l00 YARD DASH: tDean Gerber! 4th. -- Estherville. tFred Goettscht 3rd, - Maple Valley. 220 YARD DASH: 1Dean Cerberl 4th. M Maple Valley. FO0TllAl.l. Tlmow: lBoln Kraail 2nd, - Estherville: 3rd. 440 YARD DASH: t.lohn Kolb? lst. Maple Valley! 3Td- - -- Pocahontas. Maple Valley, District: 4th, - Aurelia. Aureliag 4th, -- District. t'l'om Keitges? 2nd. - Maple Valley, fDean Cerberl 3rd. -H Maple Valley. Aurclia: 4Fh- - Pocahontas. District. 880 YARD RIINZ 1Tom Mohrl 2nd, - Maple Valley. Hiott JUMP: tFred Goettschl lst. W- Maple Valley, Esther- fDave Vohsl 5th, - Aurelia. ville. fTiel Sac City: Zntl. - 4Tiel District: 5th. - Alta. lxllLl:1 RUN: tCharles Putensenl lst. - Maple Valley. lDean llreyfoglet 2nd. -- Maple Valley, fAlbert Loofl 4th. M Maple Valley. t'l'iel District. 5.3, swf . I A Y fa, A t Q ,st 'Wk Es 4 K K A545-f 1 l 2 K ll Y I W'TffiQQ5g . . 4, I , . ,Q. ,. wi A W A , Yi 5 f ' A Q, - 5 an Mx gi we is 35 - ai, Q, 2,5 M, ez. WS ' 1- Av V '-ai g ,Ik sg fy 5- , Q3 K M- J Q F I E. P u Freshmen N onoif Qayv First Row KL. to RJ: Harold Droegniiller, Paul Nieineier, Rae Dean Tinimerman, Judy Williams, Judy Codbersen, Karen Hahne, Nina Schmidt, Betty Bergmann, Donna Sinns, Wyleen Leinhaugh, Albert Loof, Jr., Don Schroeder Roger Nicklas, Cary Putensen, Paul Striepe. Second Row: Lorna Brandt, Judy Cowan, Mary Jo DeWit, Linda Brandt, June Hansen, Sharon Fell, Rhonda Clau- sen, Lorine Tinimernian. June Kaus, Mary Cehrts, Christine Leonard, Connie Beyer, Janiver Meyer, Linda Huesch- en, Caroll Lake, Billy Ericksen, Dan Cipperley. Third Row: Cary Schuetl. Larry Vesgaard, Bette Agnew, Sandra Baumann, Sue Blackmer. Mary Hueschen, George Dreeszen, Dennis Fritz, Larry Jons, Wayne Loof, Mike Brosamle, Earl Dean Fick, Bryan Brosamle, David Coettsch, John Johannsen, Cary Ruhser. The social life of the school year began on Fri- , day, September 5, 1958. The seniors initiated the freshmen with the boys dressed as babies and the girls as uhoodsn or hoodlums. The egg throw, ' moth ball rolls, and expressions of love for the seniors were just a few of the stunts the freshmen did for the seniors. The paddle contest was won by Mary Hueschen for the girls and Gary Schuett for the boys. They received a "pie-in-the-face." ln the evening the seniors sponsored a dance for the whole high school with the freshmen as the guests of honor. Again the Hfreshiesv entertained for the seniors with the seniors' favorite stunts. Although the freshmen had dreaded their ini- tiation, the whole high school had a good time at the first big social event of the new year. 1 ep Qouncil Firsl Row, L. lo R.: Sue Blackmer, Sharon Wiese. Julie Ewoldl, Gl0fib1 Kelllledbl Sc-cond Raw: Bryan Brosamle, Mary Knuth. Carol Bergmann, Janet Sass, Roberta lloothlmy. Diane llellerl, Danny Cipperlcx Dave Bye. ' Tlzirzl Row: Gary liuhser, Bob Kruai, Rodney Madsen, Dean Gerber, .lohn Kolb, Jerry .lovllilllx Steve Madsen. The pep council is composed of the class officers anrl the cheerleaders. lts big project this year was the planning of the variety show at homecoming. The pep council was also in charge of the pep meet- ings before home football and basketball games. Librarians Left to Right: Lorine Timmerman, Lorna Brandt, Nina Schmidt, Elaine Cipperley. Linda llrancll, Mrs. Auwlin Qaundra Wa-' ner. E ' T " Sponsored by STATE THEATRE ond R. E. UNDERRINER, M.D. 67 he pi cufeetf Staff C0-EDITORS .......... ......... B onnie Christiansen, Luretla Clausen BUSINESS Mwacults .... Saundra Wagner, Julie Ewoldt. Xlary llnntli FEATURE Wmrsns .. ....... Kathleen Krull, Marilyn ChriSti'-nsen. Roberta Boothhy, Kathy Cehrts. Mary Ann Conover, Camilla HanSon SPORTS .... ............................. B oh Kraai. John Kolb CIRCUI.-X'I'ION .. .... Janice Steen, Catherine Lingle, Doris Timmerman SUllSClill"I'lOXS ............... Virginia Kaster, Marjorie Bnrkardt Rl-zvonrrzlts ....... Mary Latlewigr. Ronda Ludvigson, Betty Fajmon, Sandra Bauman, Lorna Brandt, Sue Blackmer TYPISTS .. ...Maxine Vtths. Donna See. Janet Codbersen, Sandra Hahn Anvlsoit .. . . . ..... . . . . . ....... . . . . . . .. .... . . . .Catherine Christie EDITOR ........ ASSISTANT EDITOR ACTIVITIES ...... DIVISION PAGES . NIUSIC ........ GIRI.s SPORTS BOYS SPORTS FACULTY ....... STUDENTS ......... ADVISORS ............ Art Gerber, Glenn Hompland Knuth .. . .John Kolb, Saundra Wagner Kraai ....................Maxine Vohs .Gloria Kennedy, Sandra Hahne BUSINESS ZHANAGER ............... Rodney Madsen moo Staff ..............Julie Ewoldt . . . , , ........ Camilla Hanson . . ..... .Loretta Clausen 4 . . .Bonnie Christiansen Sponsored by VOLLMAR MOTORS ond CLAUDE'S TAVERN 69 omecoming l oyalty Queen Bonnie Chr Thursday evening, October 16, Bob Kraai and Bonnie Christiansen were named King and Queen of the annual homecoming festivities. They were crowned in the impressive ceremony following the variety show. The Royalty was again presented during the half-time activities of the HlJlSt6iIl-CO1'- rectionville game. The coronation followed the very well presented variety show, f'Flying Highfi The mixed chorus, holding lighted candles, formed the entrance for the Royalty, giving an impressive effect. Loretta Clausen and Dean Gerber. second attendants to the Queen and King, were first to enter. Next were Julie Ewoldt and John Kolb. first attendants. They were followed by Queen Bonnie and King Bob, who preceded the crown bearers, Julie Heser and Ran- dall Dreeszen. The group advanced to the beautifully decor- ated stage and their reign began. Queen Bonnie and King Bob were crowned by Mr. Christie, super- intendent of Holstein schools. The attendants were crowned by lVlr. Hompland. principal of Holstein Iligh School. After the ceremony the group was serenaded by the Holstein Dance Band. Queen Bonnie, Julie and Loretta wore corsages of red, white and pink carnations, respectively. istiansen and King Bob Kraai ln the glory of their reign, the Royalty walked through the aisle to the strains of 4'Holstein7s Roy- altyw sung by the Mixed Chorus as they lighted the way. On Friday at 3:30 p.m. there was a pep rally with Bernie Saggau as the speaker. By the time the program was finished the Black Pirates of Hol- stein were ready to sink the Correctionville War- rlors. The Pirates celebrated homecoming night with a 58 to 6 gridiron victory over an outmanned, but willing, Warrior eleven Friday evening. It was the sixth win of the season without a loss and our sec- ond conference win. Before the game the Black Pirates ranked fourth in Class II in the latest pub- lished Des Moines Register football poll. The Pi- rates kept up the good work for at the half the score was 33 to 0 in Holsteinis favor. During the half-time activities the Royalty was again presented to the spectators. Their attire for the evening was dress suits for the girls with their corsages and football uniforms for all the boys, very unlike the formals the girls wore and the suits the boys wore Thursday evening. After the football game the cheerleaders spon- sored a dance in the Legion hall, adding a final highlight to the wonderful Homecoming of 1958. sponsored by COAST-TO'COAST srorass, Hotsreun, uowfx 70 '--ns, "ff ,4f" 5" , 6 V The QVOOIWII Social llo. llrs. Inv: f.lUll!'l'UlI Przlty ff11n11'r0n . hirgif' fffzfzwrwi Slew I.'IlI7H'l'Ull llr. Wi!! f.i!lNl!'fUlI llrx. Snrwlixon Willie Wifl1'r11nx llary .f4l1'1'f' Smith fflnm l.lIlI'fi.Y ,,,,,,, Livul. Sliirlzqi' Alirlvrsofi E11 Smith .......,. CA5'l' ....Kalhy liehrts ...Mloanne Ilye .,....lanet Sas- .....lerry ,lochims .,..Nv8Il1lCl Rolfs . . . .Kathleen Krull ....5Ieve Nlarlsen ..,...Cathy Lingzle ....Hoherta Boothhy ........Mary Mohr . . .Rodney Madsen On Nou-niher ll. the junior class presentefl the play. "Tire Groom Said Nolli. hy Ruth ancl Na- than llale. This is the story of a young man. Steve Cameron. who returnetl from the army to fincl his family planning his marriage to the girl he left he- hincl. Sinn' he no longer loves her. he is at his witis enrl trying to get out ol this marriage. l-le has fallen in love with one ol the nurses, liieut. Anderson. whom he knew while recuperating in the hospital. To stall for time he pretends to have a relapse ancl says that he must return to the hospital. Not wanting this they arrange to have his nurse come and take care of him. Clara, the girl left behind, is suspicious of the nurse from the minute she arrives. In the conflict for Steveis affection the two girls were on an even hasis hut Lieut. Anderson finally wins out. Some of the other characters who added inter- est to the play were Patty and Virgie Cameron, Willie Williams, Mrs. Inez Cameron, Mr. Will Cameron, Mary Alice Smith, Mrs. Sorenson and Ed Smith. Sponsored by NICKLAS CLOTHING ond R. K. HESER, CHIROPRACTOR fights Qui nik sf Sits n Agnes l'larwootl Doris Harwood Carl Emerson . Vicky Way'1ie . ,lohn Bates .. Nell Parker ............. . . . Ella Tucker ............... . . Benny King .. . . .Mary Knullz .Mary Ladewig .Larry johnson . . . .Camilla Hanson .Bruce Schmidt Loretta Clausen Susan Bates . . . ....... . . . . .Rodney Madsen William Patterson Vaughn . .. . . .Cliff Heeney . , .Maxine Volts ....................folm Kolb On April 7. 1959, the Senior Class presented the play, HLights Outf' by Paul S. McCoy. It was the story of the Harwood family trying to sell their mansion. Agnes Harwood invites some prospective buyers in for a house party and then strange things start happening. Lights going out, voices in the clark. anfl disappearing people marie the play most exciting. STAGE CREWW Left to l'igll,f.' Lawrence Timmerman Bonnie Christiansen. Charles Putensen, Dean Breyfogle. Julie Ewoldt, Albert Leonard, Janet Godbersen. and Loren Bergmann. Whatis behinrl the picture tmioff-Senior prom---IQ5Q On Monday evening, April 20, 1959, the proud juniors and the somewhat senti- mental seniors enjoyed an evening in the atmosphere of a "Southern Plantation," as they and the invited guests enjoyed the social highlight of the school year-the Junior-Senior Prom. The music of Bob Conley's Combo and the Southern atmosphere made the evening an unforgettable experience. The honored freshmen who were dressed as Negro maids and servants were Sue Blackmer, Mary Jo DeWit, Ronda Clausen, Sandra Baumann, Mike Brosamle, Paul Striepe, John Johannsen, and Billy Ericksen. The Southern atmosphere was created by rows of cotton bushes. a colored sur- rey, a paddle wheel, and two southern-furnished sitting rooms. During intermission Dean Gerber, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Gerber, and Bonnie Christiansen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Christiansen, were crowned King and Queen of the 1959 Prom. The dancing came to an end at 12:30 a.m. and everyone left, awed by the past festivities. The Seniors would like to thank the juniors tor the effort. time, and worry put into "Southern Plantation." I A! of ,lr ,v, A ,xxx . . kg, " gptf? - . 5--u. n Fifa - bm. Uk i",f 1,1 if - , ' Q , H' If I 4 ,t --X, I K g A 2 ' N Q W . . ii! fr fig! we ffg. I I a ' Wm-'Q IL 1.5 S-asks 'Q F..." I I 1 l 5 , - xmh, - ' , L im ? ,gf f. faq S Speech ozfrztestamts L. to R.: Julie Ewoldt, Interpretive Readingg Mary Jo Dewit, Interpretive Readingg Mary Ann Conover. Radio Speaking: Wilda Putnam. Interpretive Reading. L. to R.: Bruce Schmidt, Oratoricalg Julie Ewoldt, Oratoricalg Mary Knuth. Oratoricalg Kathleen Krull. Oratorical. L. to R.: Wilda Putnam, Dramaticg Elaine Cipperley, 'Dramalici Kathy Cehrts, Humorousg Janet Sass, Humorousg Janice Steen, Humorous Virginia Kaster, Dramatic. Sponsored by MOSER IMPLEMENT CO. and LEONARD 81 BRANCO, ATTORNEYS Senior Skip Day On Monday, May 18, 1959, twenty-nine seniors left for Omaha at 6:00 a. ni. It took approximately three hours to reach their des- tination. Their first stop was the Union Pacific Museum. Here they saw many relics and other articles of interest that helped tell the story of the history of the railroad. Their next stop was the Swift Packing Plant. They watched the complete process of preparing meat for the market. After lunch the class journeyed to Boys' Town. The rainy weather took some of the fun out of this stop. Some of the more interesting things were the Oscar won by Spencer Tracy when he played the part of Father Flanagan in the movie Boys' Town, the 600 pound globe of stamps, and the interesting trades the boys can learn. KMTV was the final stop. A lady gave us a guided tour of the studio and explained the mechanisms of television. After this we had free time to shop until 5:00 p. in. We returned home through Sioux City and had supper at the Biltmore. Our day of enjoyment and fun ended at approximately 10:00 p.1n. Sponsored by BRECHWALD MARKET ond BEYER ELECTRIC 77 Vx f Q it s jk tp., Graduatin Class of l9f 9 HOLSTEIN HIGH SCHOOL AUIDITOIIIUM Thursday, Moy Zl, l959 8:00 P. M. PR01:ESSl0NAL - '5Pomp and Ciroumstam-ni' . .. .. ........ Edgar Holstein Srhnol Hand INVOCATION .............. .......... T he R012 William Strirpe Pastor of St. Paul Lutheran Church "You'LL NEVER WAI.K Arms" ....... ....... . ...... R ogers Mixerl Chorus Ammr:ss........... ..... ........ ..Don Reid Managing Director. Iowa Press Association PRESENTATION or AWARDS .......... ........... G lenn Hompland High School Principal GGWALK WITH ME" ..................... . ........... Welk B0y's Quartelte PRESENTATION or THE CLASS or 1959 ..... . . ...... Glenn Hompland CONFERRING or DIPLOMAS .......... ........ H arland H. Hanson President of the Board of Education BENEDICTION ................. ......... T he Rev. Arthur Holtry Pastor of First Methodist Church Iir:cEss1oNAL .................. .......... H olstein School Band 1 K get -, R :QQ 1- IW 'fs S1 .. -Q all -fi: Es N QR .. 5? Pictured above is a scene from one of the highlights of the 21st Annual Holstein Relays held on April 10, 1959. From left to right: Supt. M. F.Christie, relays directorg attendants Julie Ewoldt and Loretta Clauseng relays queen Bonnie Christianseng and Les Davis, sports director for station KVTV, Sioux City, who initiated the festivities with the Coronation of the queen and her attendants. We would like to express our thank you to all those who gave their wholehearted support to this yeafs annual. especially the busi- ness nien for their aid. Mr. Gerber and Mr. Hounpland. the senior class sponsors and Moo advisors, are worthy of praise for their hard work and enduring patience. Because of this loyal support we are able to present to you this, our Moo of 1959. The Moo Staff ic im. 5551 5 . 35 9-,. :JL 1 ' - mx A 34 'E' T , A . .am - Q? ,1 ,fi 9 :Q ,V f. Ray 1 W . w , -4 'I 1 gf Q, 1 f .- Y Ai I x F Ex. ,kai

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