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, I 1 Published by the Class of 1957 Dianna Applegate Richard Bagenstos Ruth Bergmann Sally Blackmer Richard Boothby Ray Brandt James Breyfogle George Brown Virgil Bumann Harold Butcher Curtis Conover Janet Dittmer Rodson Ellerbusch Verla Frahm Donald Fritz Mary Godbersen Margene Coettsch Roger Goettsch Louise Halvorsen Barbara Irwin Patricia Keitges Patrick Keitges Dennis Kolb Lowell Kruse Larry Leinbaugli Janice Leonard Julie Leonard Marvel Loof Richard Lorenzen Ronald Meier Joyce Rolfs Daniel Sorensen Lowell Thomsen lanith Williams 1 621 'lllll llllll CONTENTS Activities and Features . . . . 7 Music . ......... ..... 2 1 Sports ........ ..... 2 9 Administration . . ,.... 4-9 Grades ....... ..... 5 5 High School . . .... 65 STAFF Editor : Ruth Bergmann Executive Staff: Business Manager: Dick Bagenstos Production : Verla Frahm Barbara Irwin Volume 40 - 1957 Holstein, Iowa High School CWQ MQ the load og Qtge Qfootpnmts . . they come and go each year. Willing . . . hesitant . . . indifferent interested Busy people . . . studying . . . growing . . . learning . . . improving see ing . . . finding. Years of fun . . . excitement . . . disappointments elation OUR SCHOOL . . . second-home to many . . varied . . . Grade school happy . . . new . . . inspiring . . . H. HS .... school spirit . . . treks to the gym . . . conference championships . . . the prom . . . the noon hours. THE TEACHERS . . . friendly . . . helpful . . . inspiring. New avenues . . . new adventures. This, then is the Jlfloo og 1957 "Tis a chronicle of day by dayf' -SHAKESPEARE Sponsored by FARMERS ELEVATOR CO ,Mfr go the buildms 0 our patlmwag To our community-those who have whole-heartedly supported our school activities by their attendance at athletic events, plays, and music presentations, those who have made possible the publication of THE PIRATEER, the school paper, and this book, our annual, by subscriptions and advertisements, this, the 1957 M00, is dedicated. Without you, the people of our community, our education would not be of such a high standard. As we the graduating class of 1957 dedicate this M00 to our friends and parents and supporters of our community, we promise to leave footprints that will be worthy of the faith and confidence of our community. May these footprints be big enough for those who are to follow in them "0 brave new world, that has such people in'tl', SHAKESPEARE un. ' Ah ' b 1 ,, Q? W ' Y V13 1 r I ez: wlM,X..11 , Q w i rg - az F' ,F fa. Q E74 Elly F W 2 k "fd A Z S 24 .f K Q "'?"'w. 1gf 1 Q f fffl' W A In 5 ,A V b 3 is l , Lia r Z M , ...f , , gil A. x . -1-un' K tgp! ' 1 15,3 . . V kk f. J 5' ' ., 1 , W, an " if? M . .A 'AV K' ,. . A .A W Am ui u,Q "?-fi? yQ,Hf,,g1,, ..,.l V Burgh -nn, ' K sf' I' QUE . ,Q 5-WQ Amd mtQnQQtmg Qtdeliglts along tlma Wag hurrying to extra-curriculars. . .The pep council . . . planning pep meetings . . . selling pencils . . . lifting school spirit. . . The Pirateer . . . organizing the staff . . . the sub- scription campaigns . . . rushes to meet deadline . . . the senior issue . . . yearbook plans . . . evening play practices . . . the higlllight of the fall--Homecoming and the Coronation. "1 have no .YllIM'l'flll0IlS leisure." ESHAKESI mm. ,SI ff-' Plans for the 1957 Moo got under way when the advisor, Miss Ston- er, and the executive staff, Ruth Bergniann, Verla Ffillllll, Dick Bagenstos, and Barbara Irwin, at- tended a yearbook clinic in Storm Lake in Septeniberf The informa- tion and ideas picked up there were brought back and transferred to the publishing of the best Moo possible. Financing of the book was accomplished by selling subscriptions and sponsor lines in our own and neighboring communities. Assignments to write an d type the stories and copy as well as to take and identify the pictures were given to willing and capable workers. The seniors again decided to go into summer pro- duction with their book so that the entire story of the 1956-1957 school year could be told in story and pictures. 4 L !f , A ' Qfykykk S2 fff if CWQ mcond out progress CWB have a pfkzasamt mtQnQudQ The Homecoming festivities began on Thursday evening, October 25th. A program entitled "Off the Rec- ordv and presented by the vocal groups cleverly portrayed the records in the shop coming to life in song and dance. Following this excellent variety show came the most breath-taking event of the evening-the coronation. The mixed chorus, garbed in blue choral robes and carrying lighted candles, lined the aisle which led to thc stage. The Royalty proceeded down this aisle to the music of "Stardust" played by the Holstein High School Dance Band. The stage represented a beautiful blue heaven with silver stars twinkling in the back- ground. As the Royalty ascended the stairway to this heaven, they reached a green carpet strewn with red roses and rose petals, in front of two white thrones. When the Royalty reached their places, Mr. Christie pre- sented Queen Patsy Keitges with a bouquet of yellow and bronze mums. Miss Stoner then crowned the attendants, Margene Goettsch, Larry Leinbaugh, Verla Frahm and Don Fritz. Next, Mr. Christie crowned Pat and Patsy Keitgcs, the King and Queen of the 1956 Homecoming. After the coronation the mixed chor- us sang the "Holstein Royalty Songi' as the king, queen, and attendents left the auditorium. To climax the evening the traditional bonfire was lighted and Kingsley was burned in effigy. On Friday afternoon a parade was led by the Holstein High School Marching Band through town. Follow- ing the band were the four class floats and the three convertibles carrying the Royalty. Friday evening the Homecoming was made complete with the winning of the Homecoming game. .E M sponsored by SIMMONS BEAUTY SHOPPE AND BARBER SHOPg STONEKING, HARRY, TRUCKINGQ THE CAVE and CORREGEOUX GARAGE Left to Right: Don, Verla, Queen Patsy, King Pat, Margene, Larry. E is fs l M F M y , V: to F it Ii JDS?-W DEW .wbizgi ' .- vx.....4. . Top Left: Sophomore Float "They Smell De-feet"g Top Right: Freshmen Float 'Tloating to Vic- tory"g Center Left: Junior Float "Choppin' Down No. 20,2 Cvrztefr Right: Senior Float "Dial 'V' for Victory"g Lower Left: Coronation Processionalg Lower Right: The Bonfire. Sponsored by COUNCIL OAK ond ECKERMAN CONSTRUCTION CO. fs i Q 5 i "Look Uut Lizzie" -an-if ii T"fffj' CAST OF CHARACTERS Silas Long. an olrl farmer ..... Dennis Huffsclien Sarah. his wife ............... .llyrna Niemeier Hazel, their daughter ....... Nancy Henrichscn Lizzie Blanks, the hired girl .Shirley Timmerman Hunk Blinks, the hired man ..... Loyd Reinekc Minnie Hall. the neighborhood gossip .................... Janet Petersen Richard Biltmore, a stranger ..... Kurt Leonard Dave Hinkle, an old miser .... Steven Janssen HLook Out Lizzie" was presented by the junior class to a large audience on November 13. Hazel Long, the only child of a backwoods farmer, tires of country life, but her father refuses to move be- cause he thinks some Eastern men are interested in a rock quarry which lies partly under his farm. Hazel meets Richard Biltmore, a stranger from the city and they fall in love. Hazel gets her family to try to act like society people so they can receive Richard in style. To make matters more con- fusing, Minnie Hall, the neighborhood gossip, comes in and besides making a nuisance of herself, she reports the whole thing to all the neighbors. Next morning Lizzie, the hired girl, and Richard are missing, and the whole country is up in arms. ln the meantime Dave Hinkle comes to collect the mortgage on Long's farm. Richard, who is really a representative of a quarry company, returns and buys rights to the quarry, and Silas pays off the mortgage with the money. Richard marries Hazel and to make the ending complete Lizzie and Hank and Dave and Minnie also get married. file lumens: lolllow a MQW path f 5,2 If iii 2 at Q X -' V ' 'iff .ah 'Ne if is 6 .. 41 A kv Stranger 4 ln The 1 ht Sylvia Lee, part owner of the hotel gift shop . . .Ruth Bergmann Mable Crane, Sylvia's Lee's partner ...... Julie Leonard Grant Terry, a young newspaper columnist . .Rodson Ellerbusch J. T. Rutledge, a retired executive ....... Ronald Meier Velda Stevens, his secretary ......... Margene Coettsch Clifford Newkirk, a law student ..... Richard Bagenstos Nona Pollard, an elevator operator ........ Joyce Scott Eddie Beach, a hotel bellhop ...... . . .Virgil Bumann Bose Jordan, a successful buisnesswoman .. ...Barbara Irwin Sam Fisk, the hotel detective .... .... D ick Schmidt Marcella Bender, who teaches physical culture ...... Sandra Madsen A policeman ...................... Larry Leinbaugh On April 9 the senior class presented the mys- tery-comedy, STRANCER IN THE NIGHT, which was aptly directed by Mr. Dale Rosen- berg. The story of two girls who ran a book and gift shop took place in a small shop off the lobby of the Boulevard Hotel. Sylvia Lee and Mabel Crane learn from the I., enterprizing young newspaper columnist, Grant Terry of a plot to murder someone in the hotel. Everyone thinks he is the intended victim. Eddie Beach, the bellhop, believes he is. the victim because he is in possession of a suitcase ' which Nona Pollard gave him. He thinks the suitcase contains stolen property but in reality it is Nona's hope chest. W 2 Mable is positive she is the victim because she has taken Cliff Newkirk away from Sandra King, a lady wrestler, who is actually his aunt. .t . Velda believes she is to be murdered by a man at. to whom she was once engaged and who was . involved in a blackmail plot. Now she is the N5 -A secretary to J. T. Rutledge, a retired business- i man. Because she is the author of a book, How To , Capture The Mart of Your Choice, Sylvia is sure , she is the victim. Rose jordan insists her fears are foolish, but she refuses to be consoled. Marcella Bender, the physical education teacher heightens the plot when she hires Sandra King, the lady wrestler to liven up her classes. ln the end Grant Terry captures the would-be murderer, Sam Fisk, and everyone is happy. Soma 9cQmQng with loud mewronws April 22, 1957, marked the end of constant activity and busy preparations for the Juniors, and a night of fantasy for the gay but sentimental Seniors of Holstein High. Eight harem girls and servants escorted the guests into the splendor of "Kismet.', These honored few were: Nancy Kelley, Nancy Kolb, Marilyn Christiansen, and Faye Janssen, Bob Kelley, Tom Keitges, Donald Butcher, and David Lohff. A refreshing oasis of green grass, slender palms, and a cool, quiet pool greeted us as we passed through an archway of pale greens and browns. Separating it from the desert were large, stately pyramids. At the edge stood a magnificent palace, basking in a splash of sunlight. Aladdin's golden lamp captured the center of the dance floor. Issuing from its spout was a misty vapor reflecting a myriad of colors. Magic carpets carrying their robed masters sailed serenely above. Cratefully we turned to the massive Arabic tent, for here were found cool green punch and a variety of tasty snacks. Veiled slave girls hurried back and forth serving the tired dancers. The dreamy music of the Bob Conley Combo drifted over the swaying couples from 9 until 12:30. Dur- ing intermisson Margene Goettsch and Pat Keitges were crowned Queen and King of the 1957 Prom. To the Juniors the Prom was a climax of a busy year of planning. To the seniors, it was the high point of four long and eventful years. As they drifted away from the glittering lights and gay decorations, each carried treasured memories to add to his chest of Pirate treasures . . . a highlight of H. H. S. Sponsored by PAT'S BEAUTY SHOPPEg ROBINSON'S SUPER VALU ond SCOTTY'S TAVERN QNOH MWOXI ROW - CWQ move wttli Qtvcztg steep Something new is added to H.H.S., a girls' pep council. Twelve members make up the council, four girls from each class. Of these twelve, one is chosen as the president and one as the secretary and treasurer. It is the duty of the council to plan and to direct the pep activities so that they run smoothly. Everyone in high school is made to feel a part of the planning and executing of the activities when they are asked to give help and suggestions to the members of the council when needed. Some of the duties that this council has carried out are the following: planned the homecoming ac- tivities, sold school pencils, prepared a program for the undefeated football team, and planned a regular pep meeting each week. For assignments or enjoyment the library is a high school necessity. The library proper is in a room adjoining the assembly. Two north windows overlooking tht high school parking area provide natural illumination in addition to the florescent lights overhead. A long table surrounded by chairs gives a student opportunity to sit down and read or write. In the library are books of adven- ture and romance, biographies and CWQ stop tot tmlotmatiom Shelves in the front and rear of the assembly contain reference books of law, economics, the sci- ences, English, literature, history and general reference. Approximately 3300 books of var- ious shapes, sizes, and contents fill our library shelves. This year 50 new fiction books were added, enlarging the collection. Two daily and one weekly paper are subscribed to by the school in addition to s e v e r a l magazines. These are available to the stu- dents at the reading table and stand at the front of thc assembly. The librarians, under the direction of Miss Stoner carry out the li- brary routines. l,iln'urians: Mary Mohr, Kathleen Krull, ,I a n i c e Leonard, B a r b a r a Irwin, Ruth Bergmann, Julie Leonard. Sponsored by PHILLIPS 66 STA. 81 TANK WAGON X Editors: Julie Leonard and Rodson Ellerbusch. Associate Editor: Dick Bagenstos. Feature Writers: Barbara Irwin, Mary Godber- sen, Ianice Leonard, loyce Rolfs, Kathleen Krull, Diane Ge-llert. Columnist: Janet Dittmer. Reporters: Lowell Kruse. Bonnie Blackmer, Karen Butcher, Carol Boothby, Karen Barq- hols, Nancy Hcnrichsen, Mary iQnuth, Mari- lyn Christiansen, Bonnie Christiansen, lulie Ewoldt, Roberta BoothbY, loanne Bye, Faye lanssen, Mary Mohr, Camilla Hanson. Sports: Dick Baqenstos. Circulation: lanith Williams, Phyllis Vohs, Sandra Madsen, Marvel Loot, Luella Schuett, Darlene Rice, Doris Timmerman, Elaine Kaus, Ierry Iochims, Elaine Cipperley. Subscriptions: Mary Ladewia, Loretta Clausen, Margie Schubert, Ianet Peterson, LaVonne Timmerman, Shirley Timmerman, Rita Scott, Maxine Vohs, Saundra Wagner. Typists: Marqene Goettsch, Verla Frahm, Ioyce Scott. Advisors: Catherine Christie and Ruth Wilson. CDtmtQQt For the second year under the name of Pirateer, our paper came out every two weeks with news and views ol' Holstein High. Under the leadership of editors Julie Leonard and Rodson Ellerbusch we printed sixteen issues. Two of these, the Christmas and graduation issues, included two-page supplements. Our staff included 47 students and two advisors, Miss Wilsoxi and Mrs. Christie. The staff covered such events as the All-State Music Festival, the basket- hall tournaments, Northwest Iowa Band, the Pirates, football season. music contests, and all other news events. The Pirateer had a circulation, this year, of about 300 copies. Approxi- mately 70 of these were mailed to advertisers and 17 to out of town subscribers. Sponsored by MARTIN, J. W., M. D. Q steep to time tout Group I: Wilda Putnam, jan- et Dittmer, Doris Timmer- man, Karen Butcher, Nancy Henrichsen, Shirley Timmer- man, and Virgil Bumann. 'K Group 2: Bruce Schmidt, Barbara lrwin. Bon- nie Blackiner, Bill Brandt, Kathleen Krull, and Mary Knuth. Group 3:Rodson Ellerbuscli. Julie Leonard. Dick Bagenstos. tm 9pQQCll Sixteen students entered in eighteen events in speech contest work this year. Since only three in each division may enter the contest from each school and there were seven contestants in Interpretative Reading. a home elimination contest was held in this division. The discontinuation of the preliminary contest led the remaining twelve students directly into the subdistrict contest at Nloville, where they were entered in fourteen events: Radio Speaking, Rodson Ellerlausch, Julie Leonard, Richard Bagen- stosg Oratorical, Mary Knuth, Bruce Schmidtg Original Oratory. Kathleen Krull. Barbara lrwing Interpretative Reading, Nancy Henrichsen, Virgil Butnann, Janet Dittmerg Dramatic. Julie Leonard, Nancy Henrichsen: Humorous. Bill Brandt, Bon- nie BlaCkI1'l6r- Coached by Mrs. M. F. Christie nl am Sir Oracle, And when I ope my lips, ict no dug lzarlffu --SHAKESPI-:Alu-3 Sponsored by HOLSTEIN TIN SHOP, IOWA HOTEL, JIM'S BAKERY and LUFT BARBER SHOP Salle smarts go agtnag gon a dag fi QW 'NK' 'ts V--Lau '41 Slap CDW Early on the sunny. windy morning of May T, thirty-seven seniors and the two sponsors, Miss Stoner and Mr. Gerber. boarded a chartered bus and headed for Omaha, Nebraska, for their annual Skip Day. The first stop was at lloys' Town. Some of the highlights of this stop were a fabulous coin and stamp collection. and a tour through all the various departments, which proved very enlightening. The seniors had planned to visit WOW-TV next, but complications arose and they were not admitted. By 11:40 they arrived downtown. The Brandeis Department Store provided a delicious lunch and a very informative tour through the behind-the-scenes section of the store. Their next stop brought them to the stock yards. Here they got a very good picture of how meat is processed. A bit later the group split up, some to go shopping, and some to visit radio station KOWH. Meeting at the Greyhound Bus Terminal, the seniors started their last lap, the trip home. By the close of the day the happy, but tired seniors had added another wonderful chapter to the story of their lives. .., ku A 1 , E . F as 'RON PHARMACY, IDA GROVE, IOWA 5- 3' Qui: Qggictent mamtQmamcQ dQpantmQmt --a-n.....,.,4 , , 1 H' 'S me .5975 g ii,,,, v,.: ...wif ' .gg ,A Morning and evening the nine buses must roll. DRIVERS: Verdene liremer, Carl Huy- feldt, Fred Barghols, Harold Bremer, Lyle Kaabe, Bill Wiese, Earl Fick, Bill Weber. tl Q .fu as """" - ,1'S 2,jsf wf s, . . 425 , ..V,.,,,5...5 ,:,. g , ,, 'ws -we f .. ' 5' "i t H: ' ,, 57153. if Msg,-f wm mafzsqr.-ggf.. , , f , z -- Ufbovel The hot lunch supervisor, Mrs. Obrecht fcenterl, and the four best cooks in Holstein, Mrs. C. Braneo, Mrs. F. Barghols, Mrs. Vern Stewart and Mrs. O. Carnes take time out to eat and talk over tomorrowis menu for 360 hungry people. CLeftJ Nordyne, Steven and Wendell preparing for the noontime invasion. Other student helpers include Darlene Rice, Shirley Timmerman, Verla Frahm, Ruth Bergmann. custodians, one lunchroom. CLefLD Mr. Fred Barghols. custodian, in his shop. CWQ step to the music Qiootpnimts . . rushing to the music activities . . . girlsl and boys' glee club . . . treks to the band room . . . the Homecoming show . . . the football shows . . . the Christmas mu- sical . . . early morning small group practices . . . the trip to All State Chorus and Band . . . the concerts and contests . . . harmony in music, harmony in working. "Tlzere's zz time for all thingsf' SHAKESPEARE Sponsored by I-IoLsTEIN OIL Co., BILL MADSEN5 HOME TOWN CLEANER - LUND, CECIL, INSURANCE ond MILLER, C. E., TRUCKING S' Clflfttlt song l First Row flwft Io rightl: Reta Scott, Sandra Madsen, Gloria Kennedy, Nancy Henrichsen, Julie Ewoldt, Joanne Bye, Saundru Wagner, Patsy Keitges, Dick llagenstos, Bob Kraai, Virgil Bumann, John Kolb, Steve Madsen. Sf-ronrl Razr: Dianna Applegate, Joyce Scott. Julie Leonurcl. Louise Halvorsen, Karen Butcher, Ruth Bergmann, Bonnie Christian- sen. Mary Knuth. Cary Schuett, Ronalfl Meier, Hotlney Maclscn, Harold Butcher, Jerry Jochims. Tlzirrl Row: Myrna Niemeier. Marvel Loof, Phyllis Vohs, Bonnie lilackmer. Shirley 'l'immcrman, Karen llarghols, Camilla Han- son, Loretta Clausen, Joyce Kolfs, Sally lilackmer. Lowell Kruse. Bob Kelley, Rodson Ellerbusch, Dick Schmidt, Donald Clausen. The mixed chorus, clirectecl by lVlr. lloscnberger, in as mafle up of 38 members selec- tetl from the boys, ancl ffirls' flce clubs. This rou J iructicecl on Tuescla f and Frida ' , . -Q Q, g 1 1 i mornings from 23:50 to 9:40. The mixetl chorus made their first public appearance at the Homecoming variety rhow. rl hey also sang at the Christmas musical, at the gantl uniform benefit concert, at the Easter Sunrise Service, anfl at the Spring Concert. lflixerl flllIlf!l'fZ Gloria Kennedy, Julie Leonard, Roclson Ellerbusch 11111 flllllllll 1.511114 rl! lxotlson hllerbu ch lwnaltl Xleier Sflllllllllhl Harold butcher Nlirna Niemcier tlorii Kennerly loviell Nanulra xllll en Julie ltnfllldlfl 4-6 sponsored by PORTERFIELD, R. S., VETERNARIAN, HANSEN corvsraocriom co. ond THARP'S GARAGE Row Om' lL. to RJ: Wilda Putnam, Myrna Niemeier, Reta Scott, Diana Applegate, Julie Leonard, Mary Knuth, Julie Ewoldt, Nancy Kolb, Nancy Henrichsen, Joelle Jochims, Janith Williams, Nancy Kelley, Dianne Cellert, Margene Coettsch, Marvel Loof. Row Two: Mary Ladewig, Janice Steen, Nordyne Vickery, Delores Steen, Karen Butcher, Joyce Scott, Sandra Madsen, Louise Halvorsen, Verla Frahni, Ruth Bergmann, Patsy Keitges, Phyllis Vohs, Sally Blackmer, Joyce Rolfs, Bonnie Christiansen, Saun- dra Wagner. Row Three: Luella Schuett, LaVonne Timmerman, Janet Sass, Margie Schubert, Janet Petersen, Shirley Timrnerman, Karen Bar- ghols, Camilla Hanson, Gloria Kennedy, Loretta Clausen, Sandra Hahne, Darlene Rice, Bonnie Blacknier, Roberta Boothby, Carol Boothhy, Maxine Vohs, Janet Godhersen, Mary Codbersen. Instructor: Mr. Rosenberger. Accompanistz Joanne Bye. The 49-voice girls, glee club, under the direction of Mr. llosenberger, was organized soon after school started in thc fall. The group elected Sally Blackmer president, Louise Halvorsen vice-president, and Margene Goettsch secretary-treasurer. Practicing every Monday and Thursday afternoon from 3:17 to 3:59, they soon were ready to sing at the- variety show on the night of the Homecoming coronation, at the Christmas musical, and at the Spring Concert. Mixed Quarter: Harold Butcher, Ronald Meier, Sandra Madsen, Myrna Girls' 771.02 Sfmfifil Maflwn, 0101561 Kemledy- Myrna Nielileiell KHCCOHI Niemeier, panistl Mary Knuth. Sponsored by ARNlE'S RADIO AND T.V. SERVICEQ CENTRAL TELEPHONE CO.g CHUCK'S BODY SHOP ond COAST TO COAST CMIII pheasant iImtQnQudQ I"i'rst Row Ileft to righzlz Stephen Madsen, Loren Bergmann, Dan Sorensen, Lawrence Timmerman, Dick Bagenstos, Donald Clausen. Pat Keitges, Virgil Bumann, Bill Armiger. Secmzrl Row: Orrin Armiger, Gary Johnson, Larry johnson, John Kolb, Dennis Huescheu, Lowell Kruse, Rodney Madsen, Rods on Ellerbusch, Cary Schuett. Freddie Goettsch, Ronald Meier. Third Row: Veryl Droegmiller, James johannsen, Tom Keitges, Jerry Jochims, Harold Butcher, Bruce Schmidt, Dean Gerber, Bob Kraai, Richard Lorenzen, Bob Kelley, Dick Schmidt, Larry Leinbaugh. The boys? glee club, under the drection of Mr. Tom Rosenberger, organized early in the year and the following officers were elected: Richard Bagenstos, president, Ronald Meier, vice president, and Virgil Bumann, secretary-treasurer. The club of 30 members met every Monday and Wednesday morning at 8:50 for rehearsal. The boys made their first public appearance of the season in the Homecoming Variety Show, singing 6'Tenderly,' and '6Rock around the Clockf' Other appearances the Boys, Octet, First Row: Virgil Bumann, Donald Clausen, John Kolb, group made Were at the Chfi5tma5 Pat Keitges. - - - Second Row: Richard Bagenstos, Richard Schmidt, Ronald Meier, Muslcale' the Band Beneflt Con Dean Gerber- cert, Baccalaureate, and the large group contest held at Sioux Cen- ter on May 4. f M35 B X- -I 5 Nlfsfif Sponsored by ERICKSON'S STANDARD STATION, GOETTSCH STUDIO ond IOWA PUBLIC SERVICE Cwttlt ovcitunc First Row ilc-It lo righlt: Nlary Jo Dewil. Karen llutcher. Carol Doothby. Nancy Kolb. Faye Janssen, Christine Leonard. Sue lllackmer, Sally lllackmer, Louise Halvorsen. Scronrl Row: Nancy Henrichsen, Maxine Vohs, Margene Goetlsch. Marjorie lgurkharrll, Detle Ann Agnew, Larry Jong, Nina Ann Schmidt. Judy Williams, Karen llahne. Nancy Kelley. Dianne Cellert. Veryl Droegmiller. Marvel Loof. Camilla Hanson, Loretta Clausen. Roberta lloolhby. Third Rnw lxwzlv-dl: Joanne llye. Kathleen Krull. Julie liwoldt, ,loelle Jochims, Catherine l.ingle. Mary Gehrts, John Kolb, Nlary Knuth. Phyllis Vohs. lionnie lllackiner. Jerry ikppleglate, Mary lna Hueschen. Dick llagenslos. Cary Schuett, Dianna Apple. gate. Slew Madsen. Iiruce Schmidt. Loren Clausen. Fnnrllz Now: llruce Larlewig. Virginia Kasler. Mary Ladewig. Janiver Meyer, Jerry Jochinis. James Johannsen, Uean Fick, Bonnie Christiansen. Daxid Bye. Connie lleyer. John Johannseu. ltill Meyer. David Vohs, Don Schroeder, Harold Droegmiller. Roger Nicklas. The Holstein School Band. numbering 553 pieces and composed of students from Junior High and Senior High School, was organized in September under the direction of Mr. Harold Halvorsen. The officers for the year were: president. Dick Bagenstos: vice-president. Margene Goettschg and secre- tary-treasurer, Sally Blackmer. The marching band got underway with the football season. participating at all of the home games, the Homecoming parade, as well as a few out-of-town events. These included the annual "Pop-Corn Dayw in Ida Grove and Sioux City Band Day. Two members of the Holstein Hand were candidates for the Sioux City Mr. and Miss Band Day: Dick Bagenstos and Sally Blackmer, both making the top six. After the football season. concert hand members were then selected by Mr. Halvorsen. Four members from this band made All-State Band this year: Mary Knuth. Joanne Bye, Mary Jo DeYVit. and Dianne Cellert. Seven members were selected for the Northwest Band: Dick Bagenstos, Jerry Jochims. Mary Jo DeWit. Nancy Kelley. Dianne Cellerl. Louise Halvorsen and Diana Applegate. The concert band gave a series of concerts this year. The first being the Student Assembly program. The second concert was the fifth Annual Pops Concert. held March 3rd with many visiting band direc- tors and sludcnls as guests. The third was a Band Uniform Benefit concert, which was held March 17. The fourth concert was the Annual Spring Concert. The concert band also performed at the Christ- mas Program by playing "The Nutcracker Suitei' by Peter Tschaikowsky as the opening number. Some of the numbers that were enjoyed the most by both the band and audiences were "Panis Angel- icusf' by Cesar Franck. s'Themes from the Nutcracker Suitev by Peter Tschaikowsky, L'The Man Who Invented Musicw by Don Gillis. and "The Pearl Fishersi' by George Bizet. Six seniors graduated from the band this year. sponsored by ARMIGER, CHAS., ROYAL scor SALES, BEYER A BRECHWALD MEAT MARKET ' RTHUR and 7'l'lllllII1'f Ounrlvl: Bruce Svhmirit. Diana Applegate. Lnren Clausen. Stephen Madsen. I SIIXIIIIIIIPIII' Olmrtvl: Vllyllis Vfrllx. Ronnie Wuorlwiml Trio: Louise Halvorsen. Sally Ulucknmer. Carol Boulllhy. E i i Q S 3 ,ww t 3 Brass .Start-11: Bruce 5UlllllikIl. Mary Inu Huesuhen. Jerry Jmzlnimb, Richard Bagenstos Mary Knuth, Diana Applegate. FF' Sponsored by TODD NuRs1NO HOME, VOLLMAR MOTORS ond A FRIEND Hlill'klIICT. Lurgmq Clan-.,-H, H,,5,,3,-ya HW-rlmhy Wuorlwinrl Quizzrvlz Faye Janssen, Joanne Bye, Diane Cellert. fW1aryKnulh. Louise Halvorsen. ,,, ,547-1 Brass Qzzinlvl: Stephen Madsen, David Bye. James Juhunnsen, john Kolb. David Vohs. Fluff' Duo: Imuiae Hulvnrsen, Sally Hlavklner. Sponsored by HOLSTEIN STATE BANK Worllllvillrl Trio: Mary ,lo Dewil 'ane Cellerl. Joanne Nye. E Brass Quartet: John Kolb Richard Bagenstos, Diana Applegate, Stephen Madsen. Trunlpvf Trio: Diana Applegate, Bruce Schmidt. Stephen Madsen. Clarinet Trio: Carol Boothby, Karen Butcher, Julie Ewoldt. Trombone Quarter: Cary Schuett, Connie Beyer John johannsen. David Bye. Sponsored by KGS CAGE LAYER CO,, KAHL MOTOR CO. ond PASH, FRANCIS, GRINDING qootpnimte "' individual marks of the athletes . . . second undefeated football season . . . Maple Valley Con- ference champs . . . Girls' bas- ketball clinic . . . close games . . . bus rides . . . the tourna- ments . . . trip to State tourna- 1 CWQ condition GLUISQQVQS 6011 out tmp ments. The marks of the thin clads . . . months of training . . . Holstein Relays . . . medals and ribbons. C. 'x s 'n g 7 1: 'fb "All his successors gone before him have acne 'tg Ig.: ,1,',Y 'Q , And all his ancestors that come after him mayf, 'lr' ,O 41 '.,,.. -SHAKESNJARE X'.04 O O Q 1 4' ' ' ,A lg. Y.. 'ol dl K " Q 'f'f' 5 :..,. ' anmmnsmu4sun1smni .mimswnt,asmaisi:misssam.. - wmm a2:,,:-smmwmmm Tami. Cpaata Champions CUUQ ciiatga aiieaa First Row fieft to rightjz Daniel Sorensen, Dean Breyfogle, Virgil Bumann, Ronald Meier, Curtis Conover, James Breyfo le Roger Goettsch, Lowell Thomsen. Second Row: Richard Schmidt, Dennis Kolb, Kurt Leonard. William Brandt, Donald Fritz, Rodson Ellerbusch. Third Row: Merlin Jensen, Patrick Keitges, Robert Kraai, Richard Bagenstos, Richard Boothby, Larry Leinbaugh. Continuing where they left off a year ago, HOLSTEIN'S BLACK PIRATES of 1956 went through undefeated for the second consecutive season. Favored against every opponent, the PIRATES withstood the pressure to gain second place among Iowa's Class II schools in a poll conducted by the DES MOINES REGISTER. The PIRATESE with thirteen veteran lettermen back from last year won the annual season-opener with ALTA, 33 to 13. They then romped over both MOVILLE and ONAWA. 38 to 6 and 48 to 0 respectively. In the DUNLAP game the PIRATES met the seasons toughest opposition. but pulled out a 25 to 18 victory. IDA GROVE was the "big" game of the year. so the PIRATES were mentally and physically ready. They racked up a 34 to 13 win in a hard-fought ball game. After trouncing CORRECTIONVILLE 47 to 13. the PIRATES disposed of KINGSLEY 48 to 18 in the homecoming game. MARCUS was turned back 41 to 6 and ODEBOLT walloped 49 to 6 in the seasons finale to advance the PIRATES' winning streak to 22 in a row and cinch the MAPLE VALLEY CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP. Statistics compiled at the close of the season showed that a total of 4741 yards was gained on offense for an average of 12 yards for each of the 387 plays run from scrimmage. 4467 of these yards were acquired through rushing for an average of 12 yards for each of the 353 ground attempts. Passing ac- counted for the other 274 yards. The PIRATES completed 16 out of 34 or 47W of their passes. Average total offense per game was 526 yards per game in rushing. In the DES MOINES REGISTER'S annual all-state high school football selections, edited by Jack North, Don Fritz was ,named on the first team. Larry Leinbaugh was chosen for a sixth team berth and Pat Keitges, Dick Schmidt and ,lim Breyfogle received recognition by being named on the All- State Honor Roll. CPictures below.J 1956 iaaiiwag Holstein Opponents 33 . . . ..... Alta 13 38 . . . .... Moville 6 48 . . . ...... Onawa 0 25 . . . ........ Dunlap 18 34 . . . ..... Ida Grove 13 47 . . . ....... C'ville 13 48 . . . ..... Kingsley 18 41 . . . .... Marcus 6 49 . . .... Odebolt 6 W J CQQKQRQ 111425 one THE CENTER SPOT Rodson Ellerhusch 1195 lb. SLI, Curtis Conover 1230 lb. SLD, and Bill Brandt 1225 lb. ,lr.J shared offensive and defensive center duties on the varsity while Larry Johnson and Rodney Madsen served in the middle of the "B" squad line. THE WINGMEN PIRATE ends Dennis Kolb 1149 lb. SLD, Tom Mohr, Kurt Leon- ard 1155 Ib. .Ir.J, and Merlin Jensen 1170 lb. .Ir.J blocked out the opposition and smashed the opponents hopes of skirting the ends of our line. TACKLE ASSIGNMENTS These tackles made our line a ubrick wall" on defense and a "steam roller" on offense. Row I: Dick Schmidt 1217 lb. SLD, Don Fritz 1230 lb. SLP, and Dennis Hueschen. Row 2: Roger Coettsch and Richard Bagenstos. Sponsored by HOLSTEIN PRODUCE 8. HATCHERY BALL CARRIERS Our "four horsemen"-Merlin Jensen 1170 lb. Jr.l, Virgil Bumann 1171 lb. Sr.l. Lur- ry Leinbaugh 1177 lb. Sr.l. and Pat Keitges 1170 lb. Sm very aptly performed the ball-toting duties for the PIRATES. GUARD JOBS Guards ,lim Breyfogle 1155 lb. Sr.l, Virgil Ilumann, Don Clausen, Wendell Conover, and Ronald Meier 1196 Ib. Sr.l opened up the holes on offense and made sure the opponents did not go "up the gut" on defense. FUTURE BALI.. CARRIERS These "pony" backs took care of the ball- carrying assignments on the "B" squad with Breyfogle backing up the varsity line on defense. Row 1: Bill Armiger and Albert Leonard. Row 2: Dean Breyfogle 1152 lb. Soph.l, Dean Gerber, and Steve Janssen. QUARTERBACKING ASSIGNMENTS Ball-handling responsibilities were ef- feciently carried out by these quarter- backsg Dan Sorensen, John Kolb, Dick Boothby 1155 lb. Sr.l, and Bob Kraai 1180 lb. Soph.l. Sponsored by FOOD LOCKER SERVICE ond HOLSTEIN LUMBER CO. 7 1956 CES .fi gl. f - W5 ' sa, K Q, in .....A.:x.:m. OH First Row tleft to righll : Duniel Sorensen, Gary Johnson, Melburne Griffith, William Meyer, Freddie Coettscll, James Johunnsen, Dennis lioclnnnnn, Stephen Madsen. Svmrzzl Row: William Arrniger, l.arry johnson, John Kolb, Dean Gerber. Robert Kelley, Daniel liienlien, Thomas Keitges, Yvendell Conover. Third Row: Dennis Hucschen, Rodney Madsen, Dean lireyfogle, Robert Kraai, Thomas Mohr, Donald Clausen, Stephen Janssen, Albert Leonard. Varsrty Coaches ii' A. Cerller and R. Kraai Freshman Couch K. File . K' ' ' ""' W" ' ' Team, l'lLysician 34 .lzunes Martin. Nl. D. Sponsored by STEAK HOUSE, STORM LAKEg WOMAN'S SHOP, STORM LAKE and SPORTSMAN'S INC., STORM LAKE CWQ stop high Row One lLefl to Rightl: Reta Scott, ,Ianice Leonard, Marjorie Schubert, Patsy Keitges, Julie Leonard, Sally Blackmer, fstandingl Margene Coettsch lmanagerl, Bonnie Blacktner, Phyllis Vohs. Verla Frahm, Carol Boothby, Janet Peterson, Joyce Scott. Row Two fLeft to Rightic Bonnie Christiansen, Mary Ladewig, Loretta Clausen, Camilla Hanson. fDhatQttQ Chaihptohs The PIRATETTES of 1956-57, with a veteran lineup back, finished a very successful season with a record of 24 wins and one loss. Although possessing only average height they pumped in 1604 points offensively, an average of 64.1 per game, while holding their opponents to 707, an average of 28.3 per game. The Piratettes opened the season with easy victories over Aurelia, Galva and Anthon before meeting a rugged Albert City outfit in a clinic game. The Piratettes proved their determination by pulling out a 42 to 41 victory in the final seconds of that contest. Menlo and Kingsley offered the strongest opposition in the remainder of the season schedule but the Piratettes, polished offense and brilliant defensive play turned back the oppon- ents' bids. The Piratettes claimed both the MAPLE VALLEY CON- FERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP and the MAPLE VALLEY TOURNAMENT crown. On the climb up the tournament trail the Piratettes downed C'ville, Danbury and Moville to annex the sectional cham- pionship and gain a berth in the district tournament held in Sioux City. The Piratettes advanced to the finals of the dis- trict with wins over Kingsley and Moorhead before being stopped by a sharpshooting Ida Grove sextet in the finals. 59 to 70. 35 Holstein Opponent 72 .... ..... A urelia 35 72 ..Calva 23 60 .... ....... A nthon 40 42 .... .... A lbert City 41 65 .... ..... C harter Oak 27 68 .... ........ C lville 26 66 .... ....... D anbury 37 69 .... .......... lt loville 38 78 .... ..... B attle Creek 16 61 . . . ........ Quimby 22 51 .... ........ lt lenlo 44 75 . . . ........ Cushing 35 86 .... ..... B attle Creek 15 61 . . . ...,...... Galva 24 61 .... , ...... Kingsley 4-8 71 .... ..... L ake View 37 Holstein 62 Holstein 57 Holstein 71 Holstein 78 Holstein 53 Holstein 58 Holstein 51 Holstein 57 Holstein 59 TOURNAM EN TS Maple Valley C'ville Danbury Moville Sectional Washta Anthon G. Meadow District Kingsley ..... , .... .. Moorhead ..... Ida Grove Sponsored by OLSON SPORTING GOODS CO. ond AGNEW, BILL, INSURANCE CPUtatQttQ CQ9 Row Om tLvjt to Rzghtlz Camilla Hanson, Bonnie Christiansen, Roberta Bootliby, Loretta Clan en Mary Iaclewi Nlary 'Vlohr Nancy Kelley. Row Ywo Marilyn Christiansen, .loelle Jocliinis, Kathleen Krnll, Diane Gellert, Nancy Kolli Dori Inninernian laye Jansen Wilda Putnam, Margene Coettscli tmanagerl. The fifteen young ladies above topped off a very fine eight-ganie season, winning eight out of eight games played. Their competition began with a game with Odebolt on November 19 and wound up on February 11 at Calva. Holstein scored a total of 387 points while holding their opponents to 243. The B gals have height, scoring punch, and a desire to play ball. They should give a good account of themselves when they step into the footprints of their predecessors. SEASON'S RECORD Holstein 50 .................... Odebolt Holstein 4-0 ..................... C'ville Holstein 52 .... ..... A nthon Holstein 54 . . . . . . Kingsley Holstein fl-7 . . . .... Galva Holstein 41 . . . . . . Anthon Holstein 55 . . . . . Odebolt Holstein 48 . . . . . . Galva Sponsored by EMIL EHLER 8. SON, HANSEN, TH. 81 SON HARDWARE ond KERSLAKE'S SUNDRIES 36 is fx!! it 'i- 6,12 Q fyw ,QQ 35? I' as NF .4 'if' W ff"'x N. Group One lAbo11cJ Guards: Janice Leonard, Julie Leonard, and Verla Frahm. All seniors and a tough back-court combination. Scoring against them proved dif- ficult. Rebounding good, and al- ways brought that ball down to the forwards. Janice-fourth all- state team choice. Julie-honor- able mention guard. Group Two, Forwards: Bonnie Blackmer, junior, Patsy Keitges and Sally lilackmer, seniors. Lots of scoring power via jump- shots, scoops, lefthanded hooks and freethrows. The six forwards in groups 1 and 2 poured in 64 points per game. Late in the , season Sally was converted to a post guard and there did a cred- itable job also. Sally-honorable mention guard, Patsy and Bonnie, honorabe mention forwards. Group Three, Forwards: Joyce Scott, senior: Phyllis Vohs and Reta Scott, juniors. Joyceis speed and passing ability, Phyllis' work in the pivot spot and off the boards, and Retals swishers from out front bolstered that offensive attack very nicely. Group Four, Guards: Carol Boothby, Marjorie Schubert, jun- iors. Both girls saw action regularly, and their sound defen- sive work helped the regulars in group 1 to hold the oppon- ents' scoring average down to 28 points per game. tJVlapQQ Champions Sponsored by HUEGERICH, ALICEQ NICKLAS CLOTHING: RUHLOW HARDWARE ond SORENSEN CLOTHING f s iff' --..,,s-N 1 X 2 X A .W win! ' ' f K , a N, 1 18 ww , 633 5554934 ' xi 5 " - . , , . . , A-,gnu-fn, : vii f fi! ,. m 'fi' 'Vh 1 M wif at . ! Z' . . V, , .,, L q ?!f'?35 EW n P: .WL?'m: Ii. 53,12 K M ,K Q?- A1 155:13 1. -T' . V A I 'A X ' ! t " '. 6 , Q 5 1 i Q! ' W 'is ,ff ifffli 1. in , 1515 CUUQ steep widfe First Row: Dean Cerber, Lowell Thomsen. Mgr. Hudson Ellerbusch. Wendell Conover, Steven Janssen, Second Row: Pat Keitges, John Leckband, Richard Boothby, Robert Kraai, Kurt Leonard. Dennis Kolb, Donald Fritz. Alfred Hass, Larry Leinbaugh. Jlflapfce Uflntiets THE BLACK PIRATES finished the 1956-57 bas- ketball season with an above average record of 11 wins out of 21 games. Averaging 5' 11" in height, the Pirates scored 1060 points to their opponents, 1018. In the Maple Valley Tournament the Pirates defeated Calva in the first round, but then were turned back by a fast-breaking Battle Creek ball club, 40 to 44. The Pirates finished second in the Maple Valley Conference race behind Battle Creek. In the first round of the sectional tournament held at Cherokee the Pirates met Aurelia and after a very even first half, 23 to 23, were put out of the running, 42 to 57. Holstein Opponent 54 .... ..... A urelia 43 59 .... ....... G alva 24 36 .... ....... A nthon 54 71 . . .... Charter Oak 39 49 .... ........ C 'ville 24 68 .... ...... D anbury 51 50 .... ......... M oville 39 71 .... .... B attle Creek 73 38 . . . ....... Quimby 44 52 .... ....... C ushing 72 46 . . . ......... Odeholt 40 45 .... .... B attle Creek 64 58 .... ......... C alva 38 43 . . .... Kingsley 42 38 . . . .... Lake View 72 64 ...... ....... . . .... Danbury 70 46 ............................... Alta 56 51 ............................. C'ville 37 Qllapln Valley Tournament 39 ............................. Calva 35 40 ....................... Battle Creek 44 42 .. Sectional Tournament .....Aurelia 57 Sponsored by AMERICAN LEGION, BESORE 81 CRARY ond BOOTHBY PLUMBING shared lay lioli Kraai. Sophomore, 16'l, grime ting ance Kurt Leonard, Junior 16' 3"l and Don Fritz, Senior, 16' 1"l were the Pirate pivotmen, responsible for working: the boards and getting tip-ins. Forward duties such as rebounding and getting the lmall through the net were Dick lioolhliy, Senior. 16' lvl. and Dennis Kollm, Senior, 16' lvl. Pirate guards Lowell liilUlIl5CIl. Senior, 15' 701. Pat Keitges, Senior. 15' l0"l. l,arry Lein- lnaugli. Senior 16'l and Vifendell Conover. .lunior. 15' Til. set up plays and worked the Pirates! press system. sponsored by LEONARD ai BRANCO ond VOHS a JOHNSON, PRODUCE if pl t 1 , , A Q Z! sv W A XA 4 1 4 , 'R , Q 54 5m B. sl ww, Q ,- ,. . --fs Vx' H -' K A Ev. -ian M f , A 453, 374 , 3 i 5 i 5 QA: ff T, - ,Q 7. 5 ' 5255? ,Q A x 1 Y we , - X3 . j 'ii I 1 M-..,.,,,, . - 4, Q . W Q1 A f 'L' v531 5Q3Qg3gM.,k:' wsu 5i,.g,:f- V K ' - M CUUQ motte highlights og out CEC First Row: Albert Leonard, Donald Butcher, Mgr. Rodson Ellerhusch, Wendell Rolfs, James Johannsen. Second Row: William Armiger. Bruce Schmidt, Larry Johnson, Tom Keitges, Donald Clausen, John Kolb. Third Row: Daniel Bienlien, Freddie Coettsch, Robert Kraai, Robert Kelley, Thomas Mohr, Dean Gerber. Dean Breyfogle. The seventeen Sophomore-Freshman g r o u p above was used during the 1956-1957 basketball season to round out a 12 game schedule, meet- ing seven different teams. They reached their 11th game before they met defeat at the hands of Alta contingent from Buena Vista county, to the tune of seven points. Next season should see a number of these boys giving a creditable account of themselves on the varsity squad. Holstein Anthon Holstein Odebolt Holstein . C'ville Holstein K'ng ley Holstein .... lGilva Holstein 54 .. Odebolt 29 S -, - D 1 ,, Holstein 35 .. Anthon 31 .k ff " ,Q,JL Holstein 64- .... Odebolt 32 "' --A 'k Holstein 45 Danbury 31 'if 'f lk Holstein 4-1 .... Galva 31 15:1 ' Holstein 36 .... Alta 43 vf t ,. Holstein ss .... cwiue 32 ,I W .-V,-.,. J 5 i V- p igs? X 4 .v SW - SAVING Sponsored by FARMERS CO-OP OIL ASS N' GROTHAUS 8- BOCHMANN' HANSEN FURNITURE ond JACK'S TAVERN I 5-We step qnchlg AT' +R- 12 CT Q First row tl m rj Bruce Schmidt, Larry Johnson, Dan Bienlien, Bob Kelley, Freddie Goettsch, Mellmurne Griffith, Jerry Jochiins, William Armiger. Second Rrow tl to rl Orrin Ariniger, Donald Butcher, Wendell Rolfs, Dennis Bochniann, James Johannsen, Cary Johnson, Charles Putensen, Loren Bergmann, David Lohff, Steve Madsen. Third row 1 I to rl Dan Sorensen, Alhert Leonard, John Kolb, Dean Rreyfogle, Dick lioothhy. Don Fritz, Dennis Kollm, Dick Schmidt, Larry Leinbaugh, Pat Keitgres. George Brown, Lowell Thomsen. Fonrtlzv row tl lo rt Roger Coettsvh tnianagerl, ,lini Rreyfogle, Donald Clausen, Virgil liuinann, Ronald Meier, Kurt Leonard, Dick Lorenzen. Doh Kraai, Dean Cerher, Harold Butcher, Wendell Conover, 'lloin Keitges. Fifth row tl to rl liill llrandt, Merlin Jensen, Ray llrandt, Rodney Madsen, Alfred Hass, john Leckhand, Tom Mohr, Loyd Reineke, Dennis Hueschen, Lawrence TillUllCI'l'!l8Il, Steven Janssen, Curtis Conover. SEASON'S HECUBIJ Team Team Standing Points Standing Points Holstein Relays ........ 5 12 listherville Relays ...... l 64 U2 Pocalionlas Relays ....., 2 20 U2 :Xurelia Relays ..... 2 39 Cherokee Relays .. .... 4 15 Sioux City .... . .. Sac City Relays ........ 2 35 District Nleet .... ..... 2 55 3X5 Alta Relays ............ l 34 U2 State Meet .... Nlaple Valley Relays ..... l 76 3f5 Sponsored by IDA COUNTY CREAMERY ond HARTLEY-BICKLEY, IDA GROVE, IOWA 2 Albert Leonard, Vaulting Verla Frahm, Les Davis, Queen Margene Goettsch and Patsy Keitges Holstein Relays Coronation, April 12, 1957 ZA" 8 R 1 gh. Cjnoplties, Jlfledals, and Qtbhoms Trarl: Team Captains: Larry Leinhaugh, Dennis Kolb Maple Valley Conference Winner 4th Straight Year. Estherville Relays Winner 4th Straight Year. Medley Relay Team: lst-Cherokee, Alta, Sac City, Esthervilleq 2nd-Holstein Relays, Maple Valleyg 3rd-Pocahontasg 4th-Anrelia. .llilc Relay Team: lst-Estherville. Maple Valleyg 2nd-Holstein Relays. Cherokee, Sac City, Pocahontas. Aurelia, District. 140 Yard Relay Team: lst-Altag 2nd-Esthervilleg 3rd-Poca- hontas. Maple Valleyg 4th-Sac City. .llilv Ran: 1Luwell Thomsen? lst-Pocahontas, Maple Valley, Districtg 2nd-Alta, Estherville, Aureliag 5th-Cherokee. 1Dan Sorensen! 2nd-Maple Valley. lliglz Hunllvs: lDick Boolhbyl lst-Esthervilleg 2nd-Alta, Sac City, Maple Valley, Districtg 4-th-Aurelia. tlioh Kraaij Sth-Sac City. scred by SWEZEY HAMBURGER SHOP, PENNEVS, GiLDNER AND SAJER ond ST. CLAIR 8. KOVALESKE CHEROKEE IOWA ix- Milers-Danny Sorensen, Lowell Thomsen Qanopltws, Jl!lQdalQ, and Qibbome Low Hurdles: lPat Keitges? lst-Esthervilleg 2nd- Sac City, Alta, Maple Valley. lVirgil Bumann? 5th--Maple Valley, District. Shot Pnl: fDon Fritz? lst-Estherville, Maple Valley, District: 4th-Aureliag 5th-Pocahontas, Sac City. 4.Dick Schmidt? 2nd-District: 3rd-Pocahontas, Maple Valley: 5th-Alta. Discus: 1Don Fritz? lst-Estherville, Maple Valley: 3rd-Sac City, Aurelia, District: 5th-Alta. LRona1d Meier? 4-th-Sac City: 5th-Aurelia, Maple Valley. Football Throw: lLarry Leinhaugh? lst-Estherville, Sac City, District. lPat Keitges? 3rd-Aurelia, District: 4-th-Maple Valley. 440 Yard Run: lLarry Leinbaugh? lst-Alta, Maple Valley, District: 2nd-Aurelia. lDennis Kolb? 2nd-District. 880 Yard Run: lDick Boothby? lst-Aureliag 2nd- Maple Valley: 3rd-Alta, District. Pole Vault: iAlberL Leonard? 2nd-District: 3rd- Estherville, Maple Valley. 2-Mile Relay Team: 4-th-Maple Valleyg 5th-Sac City, Estherville. Sponsored by IDA COUNTY R.E.A. Gnd BOB'S DX. STATION, IDA GROVE, and LING'-E TRUCK I-'NE 2-Mile Relay-Harold Butcher, Dean Breyfogle, John Kolb, Don Clausen A A139 "- TPC my A tl' lotion E3-fltgl Qpontg If-L Row QL. to RJ: Paul Nietneier. llarold Droeg- Wayne Loof, Brian lirosautle, Cary Sehuett, Lar- Vesgaard, Dean Fick, Larry jons, Albert Loof, Rae Row: Mike llrosatnle, David Coettscli, George John Joliannsen, Billy Erioksen, Eugene Reim- I fi 12 gX.5'Tl'j W BOY'S BASKETBALL First Row: ,Ierry Applegate, Loren Clausen, llrian liruning. David Dye, Veryl Robinson, john 1Vagner, David Volis, Mike Kelley. 50501111 Row: Allmrt Loof, llilly Ericksen, Don Drey- 'oglc, John Joliannsen, liruee Ladewig, Dan Cipperley, ioger Nicklas. Dale llrzylogle. Vliirfl Row: David Schmidt, Harold Freese, Cary Ruh- eer, Dennis Fritz, Mike llroszunle, Danny Scluuidl, Joe Clausen, Cary Weilund. Wort-6 Lost-4 Holstein 27 ...... ..... , .. . Alta 21 Holstein 39 ... ... Cushing 13 Holstein 26 . . . . . . Odeholt 15 Holstein 48 .. .. C'ville 18 Holstein 22 .. .. Alta 20 Holstein 34 . . . . . . Clville 29 Holstein 16 ... .... Anthon 27 Holstein 44 . . . . Kingsley 50 Holstein 24 . . . ..... C'ville 25 Holstein 12 .,.. ......... A nthon 13 Sponsored by WIENERT, WILBUR, TRUCKINGQ WALKER, WILLIAM, SCHULZ BARBER SHOP ond CURTIS, WARREN, C. P. A. on, Bruce Ladewig. coach. Holstein 0 .... ....... A lta 6 0 . . .... Marcus 21 0 . . . .... Kingsley 24 0 . . . ....... Alta 12 0 . . .... Udelnol! 40 GlRL'S BASKETBALL First Row lL. to RJ: Sharon 1Viese, Sure llluektner , . Jud Leonard, Karen Michaelsen Carol liergtnann, Vit'- , . ginia Kaster. Scconrl Row: Connie Beyer, Nina Schmidt, llelly Ag new, Ronda Clausen, Saundra Baumann, Janiver Meyer, Wyleen Leinliaugh. Tlzirrl Row: Mary Hueschen, Mary Conover, Lois Al hers, Mary ,lo De Wit, Marcie lleyer, Linda Hueselien Won-11 Lost-1 Holstein 38 ....... ...... 0 delmolt 32 Holstein 35 ..... . . . Kingsley 9 Holstein 48 . . . .... Cushing 30 Holstein 30 .... .... C 'ville 22 Holstein 40 . . . . . Odelmolt 26 Holstein 28 .... .... L Yville 24 Holstein 48 ............... Anthon 38 Holstein 29 ............... Anthon 34 lilaple Valley TOIIFILIZIIIUIIL Holstein 31 ................ C'ville Holstein 29 Holstein 43 Holstein 48 ... . . . Marcus Anthon 24 Moville 19 26 45 Roger Nicklas, Paul Striepe, Don Schroeder, Gary Row: Don Ureylogle, llrian llruning, John Wag- David Bye, David Vohs, Jerry Applegate. ,loc Clau- Dennis Fritz, Danny Cipperley. Dale llreyfogle. ourglt Row: Mike Kelley, Cary Ruliser. Loren Clau- Veryl Robinson, Danny Selitnidt. Harold Freeze, Weiland. David Schmidt, Dale Tharp, Mr. Carina- Jldvnmistnatiom . . UIQ IQQQpQIQ 0 our map 'mardi .f .. I -Ii ' I 'MIYIQEQEI H ggsifi figqri fvfgtrgssiiaiif Qg ffgim we:SQISLEISSQISFZEQEH5s.,'igif71f.iiei1iei22:1s?5a'?Ie5ZI3 .R Q -' Qki- 2 -'f1 g l , K evra?-gg w i K 5, i,W,g-S I ww .- 12,23 L X , , '55 o o o K those of our administrative group . . . efficient, interested, seeking the best . . . setting examples, giving a helping , I hand, guiding young minds, strengthening. I' A Q3 : so ff, ' ' In - f ":' ' .IlS,e:--552555 T5 42 , ,. .Q ,- an ,. Q- -I-3.5, . , . ..,, -.sq A . M. F. CIIRISTIIC , . . 22fsf 1,eriwffls1-. ., .Superznlemlent RM , Q""Q"' ' it Sponsored by CI-IESTERMAN COMPANY, SIOUX CITY, IOWA ond EI.LERBROEK'S, CHEROKEE, IOWA E ,. ., ,. ESV, ,- ,X ai- f. -M-W -f -., ,g ig f1',,+ ff5,f,..fg:f:- I ff' t W 1 ' W' e It I, of Ni 1: F wwf wif . Qian p 'Mew at t S 5 , ,,, Mat :- U if dis gy' 5-I Y ,x 5 Q ,ix .M sm , I-t.,..,, ,,,-,.:. A ,. S 5 1 7' L f Iv' iiiliiltiifia-'fiIIEf' I I . L ., f' A i gixf i j' K' ' ' I - . L A, 1 . I asap- " X 1 - f .. 1 we '.. hi s fx ' ,sf 9, I , -gif? I I ifillif Wi' Ulteg slow us the Wag M. F. CHRISTIE Escanaba High School, Escanaba, Mich. Buena Vista College, Storm Lake la. University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Mich, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colo. Superintendent MARIE STONER Corydon High School, Corydon, la. University of lowa, lowa City, Ia. University of Colorado, Boulder, Colo. Iowa State Teachers College, Cedar Falls, lowa Principal, English CATHERINE CHRISTIE Lake View, lowa Clarke College, Dubuque, Ia. Buena Vista College. Storm Lake. la. University of lowa, lowa City, Ia. English, Speech CHRISTA VOLLSTEDT Denison High School, Denison, la. lowa State Teachers College, Cedar Falls. lowa University of Iowa, lowa City, Ia. Typing, Office Practice, Bookkeeping RUTH WILSON Lytton Consolidated High School, Lytton, Ia. Morningside College, Sioux City, la. University of Colorado, Boulder, Colo. Home Economics, Consumers Education, Personal Acljustrnent ARTHUR E. GERBER Kamrar High School, Kamrar, Ia. Iowa State Teachers College, Cedar Falls, Iowa Algebra I Sc II, Geometry W. G. MCKNIGHT Manning High School Manning, South Carolina Charleston College, Charleston, South Carolina University of Iowa, Iowa City. Ia. General Science, Biology, Physics KENNETH FILE Rock Rapids High School Rock Rapids, Ia. Morningside College, Sioux City, la. World History, American History, General Business, American Government, Boy's Basketball Coach Russ KRAAI Orange City High School Orange City, Ia. Morningside College, Sioux City, Ia. Sociology and Economics, American Government and Law, Physical Education, Football, Girl's Basketball, Track Coach HAROLD HALVORSEN Westby High School, Westby, Wis. Luther College, Decorah, Ia. Instrumental Music TOM ROSENBERGER Eldora High School, Eldora, Ia. Buena Vista College, Storm Lake, Ia Vocal Music, High School and Grades RICHARD HUGHES Sheldon High School, Sheldon, N. D Westmar College, Le Mars, Ia. Industrial Arts, Driver Training A. E. CAMARIGG Cushing High School, Cushing, Ia. Westmar College, Le Mars, Ia. Junior High Teacher Sc Coach Sponsored by ADVANCE PUBLISHING CO. null' 39" I MARY JANE GRAY Calumet High School, Calumet, Ia. Buena Vista College, Storm Lake, Ia University of Colorado, Boulder, Colo Junior High D. N. ROSENBERC Carpenter High School Carpenter, la Mankato State College. Mankato, Minn funior High, Dramatics PEARL M. KITCHEN Galva High School, Calva, Ia. Central High School. Sioux City, Ia Morningside College, Sioux City, la. Sixth Grade BETTY Lou SHORT Correctionville High School, Correctionville, la. Morningside College, Sioux City, Ia. Sixth Grade SARAH E. JONES Pomeroy High School, Pomeroy, Ia. Iowa State Teachers College, Cedar Falls, Iowa Buena Vista College, Storm Lake, la. University of Colorado, Boulder, Colo. Fifth Grade PEGGY BRINKER Auburn High School, Auburn, Ia. Iowa State Teachers College, Cedar Falls, Iowa University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn. Fourth Grade ALICE A. STREED Galva High School, Galva, Ia. Buena Vista College, Storm Lake, la. Iowa State Teachers College, Cedar Falls, Iowa Fourth Grade SANDRA LACKAS Beldon High School, lieldun, Neh. Wayne State Teachers College, Wayne, Neh. Third Grade Sponsored by ST. PAUL LUTHERAN CHURCH BARBARA DAHM Sacred Heart High School, Early, la. Buena Vista College, Storm Lake, Ia. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn. Third Grade MARLENE FAIRLEY Sanborn High School, Sanborn, Ia. Morningside College, Sioux City, Ia. Second Grade DONNA VER HOEF Rock Valley High School, Rock Valley, la. University of Colorado, Boulder, Colo. Northwestern Junior College, Orange City, Ia. Second Grade ETHEL VAN VICKLE Washta High School, Washta, la. Buena Vista College, Storm Lake, Ia First Grade MARLYS KOWALKE Early High School, Early, la. Buena Vista College, Storm Lake, la First Grade KATHALEEN MCCLARY Winside High School, Winside, Neb. Wayne State Teachers College, Wayne, Neb. Kindergarten Sponsored by HUEGERICH, ALICEQ NICKLAS CLOTHING, RUHLOW HARDWARE ond SORENSEN CLOTHING Qlmeg smooth out path Seated CL. to RJ: Mr. Jesse Leonard, President, Mrs. Gladys Raabe, Secre- tary, Mr. M. F. Christie, Superintendent of Schools. Standing: Mr. Henry Frahm, Mr. Harland Hanson, Mr. Harold Conover. Mr. Ray Bagenstos. Miss Mildred Jackes, Treasurer fAbsentJ. Cgoand og Qducattom These citizens, interested in everything good for the growth and development of our school, have been very generous with their time and talents. We deeply appreciate these folks who care so much whether we have a good school and the best education possible. The members of this board have varied occupations: Mr. Leonard, at- torney, Mr. Frahm, retired farmer, Mr. Hanson, newspaper editor. Mr. Conover, oil distributor, Mr. Bagenstos, food locker operator, Mrs. Raabe, school secretary, and Mildred Jackes, bank cashier. Re- gardless of their week-day occupations or business, these citizens take time to make our school their business in 1956 and 1957. Sponsored by MOSER IMPLEMENT, RATH PACKING CO., ROGNES 81 MC CUTCHEON, VETERINARIANS ond WEBER 8. BERGMANN 5-UUQ pmpane gon a Qomg tmp Qfootpnmte small, but mighty . . . young minds seeking, finding, learning, follow- ing . . . new experiences . . . a new world of adventure. Q 0 arc' such stuff as dreams are made onf -Snnmgsvmlu. nadce Qcllool l lftinder arten Ad-1 OI! xi S,-N... E First Row IL1'-fr lo Righll: Connie Steen, Karen Toutges. Danelle Sorensen, Sonja Strancllrerg, Kellye Pfalxgraf. Dian lwen. Klart' Nlicliaelsen. Randy Kay. Svronrl Row: Ronalrl Parker. Craig Svhlinz, Cathy l"rierlrif-hfen. llarlmara Sclierner, Xlivliacl Haclke. Tlrirrl Row: John Leonard, Eunif-e Stamp, Sliarleen Leonard. Kenneth Watters. Coni Lemke. Linda Lenz. Fuurllz Row: Jo Rogues. liicllarcl Williams, Paul Fell. Brian Schuelt, Lenis Todd. Miss Nlcfllary. MF!! First Row tLvjt to Rightl: Diane Bauer, Clair Downs, Patrinia Otto, James Loof, David Con- over, Jerry Ruser. David Scott. Randy Bochmann. Second Row: Linda lloock. Teresa Galvin, Tom Huegerich. Janine Wellendorf. Linda Cipperley. Tlzirzl Row: Cary Albers. liozann Wiese. Debra File. Karen Ellerlausch, Mary Jo Bagenstos, Ricki Eckerman. Fourth Row: Linda Broaatnle. Etlwarcl Hansen. Jacqueline llrotlersen. Robert Wittrock, Jr.. Miss Mclllary. Sponsored by FIRST METHODIST CHURCH cmd HANSEN FUNERAL HOME Fir t Grade First Row lLeft to Rightlz Lorna Stamp, Patsy Conover, Jimmy Kay, Kristine Larsen, Debra Wright, Deanna Wright, Brian Lohff. Second Row: David Jaokes, Linda Kuchel, Tommy Fraser, Kathy Goettsch, Charles Bumann, Orrin Olson. Third Row: Mary Ann Ehrig, Larry Prokop, Cynthia Kuntzelman, David Hansen, Connie Johnson. Fourth Row: Elizabeth Heydt, Cary Wiese, Patricia Reineke, Marlene Johnson, Rolan Albers, Wayne Schoer, Daniel Doxstad, Kathleen Voge, Robert Leinbaugh, Dennis Ludvigson, Miss Kowalke. it i First Row fLeft to Rightlz Kim Walden, Allen Conover, Connie Fouts, Charlotte Fouts, Susan Goettsch, Jean Conover, Charles Schlumbauni, Kristin Goettsch. Second Row: Rhonda Vickery, Steven Klotz, Phillip Lohafer, Elizabeth Sears, Ronald Andresen. Third Row: David Wiese, Nancy Timmernlan, Judy Pash, Janelle Wittrock, Carol Jean McKnight, Danny Niemeier, Anne Fairchild. Fourth Row: Miss VanVickle, Patsie Irwin, Johnny Bauman, Nolan Hielman, Kritin Ellerbusch, Bobby Keitges, Merritt Wiese, Michael Kennedy. Soonsored by UNDERRINER, DR. R. E. and WAGNER, DR. L. H. W. , 4 Second Grade First Row tLeft to Rightl: Linda Stamp, Lyle Witlrock, Rodney Vohs, Bobby Rahn, Bruce Lingle, Douglas Krager, Craig Beyer, Harold Hare. Second Row: Marcia Rogues, Steven Clausen, Janis Dorr, Beverly Dutler, Vicki Conover, Shelley Noel. Third Row: Judy Heitmann, Margy Goettsch, Stanley Bauer, Bruce Conover, Gary Sorensen, David Reiff, Larry Rector, Mark Brosamle. Fourth Row: Miss Fairley, Link Stoneking, Cynthia Hansen, Dennis Crothaus, James Huegerich, Stephen Ellerhusch, Keith Conover, Tommy Bruning, Rick Ehler, Christine DeWit. First Row fLeft to Rightlz Rodney Jensen, Joleen Lemke, Carole Butcher, Terry Conover, Linda Petersen, Linda Seite, Bobby Kaus, Louis Mildenstein, Mark Still. Second Row: Junior Wiese, Cay Holtry, Dwayne Toutges, Rhela Schlinz, John Werner. Third Row: Diane Gebers, Raymond Rice, Scheryl Coettsch, Pamela Hansen, Kent Fick, Jimmy Fell, Yvonne Leonard, Linda Wittrock. Fourth Row: Bruce Branco, Douglas Lohafer, Cynthia Dutler, Bonnie Lorenzen, Peggy Bochman. Fifth Row: Miss VerHoef, Thade Bagenstos, David Rohlk, Jimmy Irwin, Timmy Jackes, Paul Boock, Marlan Todd, Cary Conover. Sponsored by MCGUIRE AUCTION CO. and STATE THEATRE Third Grade First Row lLeft to Riglztjz Billy Petersen, Bruce Klotz, Christine Voge, Pamela Sears, Delane Bauer, Linda Conover, Monte Beyer, Gerry Olson. Second Row: Dennis Hoaglund, Gary Brodersen, Phillip Hanson, Peggy Conover, Marlys Helkenn. Third Row: Reas Madsen, Roger Larsen, David Dexter, Bobby Freese, Jeffrey Lenz, Jimmy Sor- ensen. Fourth Row: Miss Dahm, Danny Ellerbusch, Taniela Johnson, Anna Hogrefe, Susan Kahl, Kaye Prokop, Connie Kraai, Joe Keitges. First Row lLeft to Right! : Bliss Lackas, Donald Driller, Claire Leinbaugh, Dennis Schuett, Linda Krager, ,lanies Clausen. Louise Friedriclisen, Connie Frierlriclisen, Tony Ehrig. Second Row: Jerel Wittroek, Betty Iiauman, Terry Bauman. Connie Strandberg, Dale Clausen, Susan Hass, Rex Moser, Michael Still. Third Row: Melissa Sue Leonard, Margaret Jones, Keith Fick, Allen Todd, Dennis Seite. Fourth Row: Roderick Hansen, Pamela Rae Baumann, Betty Ann Baumann, Donald Meisner, James Beyer, Billy Jackes, Cynthia Ehler. Sponsored by HESER, R. K., CHIROPRACTOR and MICHAELSEN 8- SON Fourth Grade ,f ik "1 First Row lLeft to Rightl: Carol Lingle, Terry Albers, Dennis Conover, Sue Holtry, Robert Ericksen, Lee Olson, David Niemeier. Second Row: Linda Jons, David Walden, Jerry Saueressig, Kenneth Veronne. Third Row: Ben Bye, Ray Prokop, Craig Conover, Charlotte Vickery. Fourth Row: Michelle Michaelsen, Dianne Reiff, Mark DeWit, Kenneth Vohs, Rene Ruhlow, Neal Conover, Robert Wienert, Diane Fick, Paul Scherner. Fifth Row: Miss Streed, Christine Hansen, David Ehler, John Fairchild, Michael Michaelsen, Richard Parker, Kenneth Toutges, Colleen Ludvigson, Victoria Irwin. Absent: Marvin Timmerman. .1 Z. GQ.-S First Row tLc-ft to Riglztlt Karen Wittrock, Cathy Jo McCrea, Judy Fraser, Kathryn Conover, Danny Dorr, Samuel Heydt, Joan Beyer, Ronald Coettsch, Dennis Perkins, Van Conover, Alan Kuchel. S1-rorirl Row: Mark Scott, Cathy Hansen. Roy llice, Cary Stamp, Ted Bruning. Third Raw: Nlarigene Kahl, Paul Coettscli, George Huegerich. Donna Marie Schelldorf, Valgene lviese, hlarillis Johnson, Margaret llreyfogzle, Eldon lleimers. JoAnn Bumann, Donald Jollannsen. Fourth Raw: Luann Rice, Marcia Dee Lemlvurg, James Slriepe, Burdette Conover, Roger Griffith, Jeanne Frahm, Jeffery Jochims, Miss Brinker. Fifth Grade Fifst Row fLeft to Rightlz Wayne Quandt, Marilyn Jensen, Patsy Iwcn, Roletta Albers, Dennis Leinbaugh, Curtis Olson, Marion Conover. Second Row: Bradley Schoers, Steven Bauer, Joyce Lool, John Burkhardt. Third Row: Diane Doxtad, Terry Johnson, Larry Armiger, Janice Heitnian, Doreen Cries. Fourth Row: Miss Short, Lynn Coettsch, Donna Steen, Karen Bauman, Leon Ruhlow, Paulette Beyer, Karlene Bumann, Duane Williams. Fifth Row: Larry McBride, Kenneth Buell, Douglas Lill, Kenneth Robinson, Gary Moser. ixth Grade Seventh Grade First How 1L1'ft lo Riglstzk Linda llranfll, Ruger Nicklas, Cary Schuelt, Mary Cehrts, Sue Black- nier, Betty Agnew, Sandra liaumzxnn. Sffwurl Row: Lurry Vf5SjLL12ll'fi, Hun Sl'ilFUCfiCl'. liryun llrusumle, W'iilizun Ericksen. Tlzirrl Row: Paul filrirzpe, Hue IJ. Tillllllifflllilll. Allrcrl Lnmf, John Juhanneen. Fnurffz Kuw: ffzirul Luke. .lunivcr Meyer. ,lime Kaus. Connie Ueyer, Christine Leonard, Dennis Fritz, Danny Cippcrley. Lorna liranclt, Janie Sklll6I'C':15ig. Linda Hueschen, Mr. Rosenberg. Sponsored by BARKER FUNERAL HOME onci L,Rl:SSON'S CAFE Se enth Grade Eighth Grade N3 figff 5 me .n':t4X' l First Row fLcft to Right! : ,lucly Godhersen, Betty Bergmann. Paul Nienieier. Nina Ann Schmidt Wyleen Leinbaugh. Second Row: Judy Ann Williams, Dean Fick. David Coettsch. Karen llahnc. Third Row: Sharon Fell, Wayne Loof, Cary llntenson. l-larold Droeginillcr, Larry jans. Roma Clausen. Fourlli Row: George Dreeszen, Bruce Ladewig, Lorine Tiinmernian, Eugene Heiniers. Shirley Scliweitzherger, Miss Cray. i A Fifth Row: Cary Ruhser, Mary Ina Huesclien, Mary .lo DeWit. Donna Sinus. Mike llrosanrle. E' gn. First Row lLz'ft to Righll: Don lireyfogle, Veryl Robinson, David Bye, Betty Fajman, Ronda Luclvigson, Carol Reimer. John Wagner. Swtoml Row: Dale lireylogle, Brian llruning. David Vohs, l,oren Clausen. Third Row: Oliver Reineke, Karen lh'll'fll3.ClSCI'l, Mabel Hcytlt, Marjorie Burkhardt, Sharon Wiese. Fourth Row: Mariann Griffith, ,Indy Leonard, Dale Tharp, Mike Kelley, Virginia Kaster, Carol Bergmann. Mary Conover, Julia Petersen, Marcia Beyer, Janet Cipperley. Fijtlr Row: Mr. Calnarigg, Lois Albers. Carol Wittrock, ,loan Heitmann, Cary Weiland, ,Ioe Clau- sen, Harold Freeese, .lerry Applegate, David Schmidt, Daniel Schmidt. says Miss VerHoef. A lrusy l1fICl'lllb0Il in Miss LLllZkZl5' 3r4l grade. Quark Qc01oo Q jou nmQg qoolpnmis . through the halls of H.H.S .... busy flags . .. hurriefl classes . . . residential election . . . xarif-t ' show . . . homecoming . . . Je meet IJ l ' za l P ings . . . the green freshmen . . . the mighty seniors . . . grligl Qcliool Sponsored by KING 81 BLEASDELL, GREEN GABLES, SIOUX CITY and DWIGHT I-IAUFF SPORTING GOODS, SIOUX CITY glue gmslwvtem First Row lLeft to Righzj: Faye Janssen, Betty Lou Olson, Marilyn Christiansen, Janice Steen, David Lohff, Stephen Madsen, Catherine Lingle. Second Row: Jerry Jochims, Orrin Armiger, Veryl Droegmiller, James Johannsen. Third Row: Joelle Jochinis, Janet Sass, Elaine Cipperley, Elaine Kaus, Donald Butcher, Dennis Bachmann, Cary Johnson, Wilda Putnam, Joanne Bye. Fourth Row: Kathleen Krull, Mary Mohr, Nancy Kolb, Nancy Kelley, Dianne Gellert, Roberta Boothby, Doris Timmernian. ' Fifth Row: Melburne Griffith, Wendell Rolfs, Freddie Goetlsch, Robert Kelley, Daniel Bienlien, Thomas Keitges, Wiliam Meyer, Robert Brown. The fall of the year found 35 freshmen beginning their high school career. And to become full-fledged students of H. H. S. they had to pass the ordeal of initiation which came on September 7. Dressed as stage celebrities, they took their initiation in good spirit and found it to be their highlight of the year. Under the careful guidance of Mr. File and Mr. McKnight they began their adjust- ments to high school life. A large number entered extra-curricular activities. They topped the list for the number out for band and tied the sophomores for the number in football and boys' basketball. ln their Iowa State Tests they re- ceived a fine score, ranking above 90.5 of all other freshman class- es in the nation who were tested. Class Officers: Stephen Madsen, President Daniel Bienlien, Vice-President David Lohff, Secretary-Treasurer 66 Sponsored by CHEROKEE CREAMERY Ultra 9opl1omotQs First Row lLejL to Riglztlz Mary Knuth, Charles Putensen. Janet Codbersen, Saundra Wa ner Maxine Vohs. Julie Ann Ewoldt, Donna See. Second Row: Nordyne Viekery, Mary Ladewig. Gloria Kennedy, William Armiger. Tlzirrl Row: Warren Nelson. Albert Leonard, Larry Johnson. Sandra Hahne. Fourth Row: Loren Bergmann, Camilla Hanson, Bruce Schmidt, Bonnie Christiansen, Loretta Clausen, Lawrence Timmerman, John Kolb. Filth Row: Dean Breyfogle, Donald Clausen. Dean Gerber, Thomas Mohr, Robert Kraai Cary Sehuett, Rodney Madsen. Although the sophomores sometimes seem to be the most forgotten class in high school, this class definately made themselves a vital part of our high school. Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Christie and Miss Wilson they became very active in sports, vocal groups, and instrumental music and they sponsored the traditional Christmas Party. The lunchroom was gayly decorated in Christmasy fashion and everyone said this was one of the nicest parties of the year. As a class the sophomores ranked highest in the Iowa State Tests of all the Holstein classes. They outdid 99.3 of the rest of the sophomore classes in the nation. Class Officers: Dean Gerber, President Rodney Madsen, Vice-President Loretta Clausen, Secretary-Treasurer Sponsored by LANGLAND, DR. O. A. ond CLAUDE'S TAVERN CWQ mow alead First Row lLcjt to Rightlz Luella Qchuett, Marjorie Schubert, Carol Boothlny, Karen liarghols, Dolores Steen, Janet Peterson, Reta Scott. Carolyn Coettsch, Lorraine Griffith. Svronrl Row: Wendell Conover, Myrna Niemeier. Karen liutcher, Nancy Henrichsen. Third Row: Steven Janssen, Merlin Jensen. Bonnie lllackmer, Phyllis Vohs, Shirley Timmerman. Fourth Row: Alfred Hass, John Lecklmand, William llrandl, Kurt Leonard, Dennis Hneschen, Loyd Reineke, Darlene Rice, La Vonne Timmerman. Moving up another step on the ladder of learning, the juniors lmecame an important part of Hol- stein High School. Under the sponsorship ol Miss Vollstedt and Mr. Hughes, they excelled in activities such as sports, vocal groups, instrumental music, and speech work. Encouraged and directed by Mr. Rosenberg, tho juniors ventured into the dramatic field. uluook Out, Lizzie," a three-act comedy, was successfully presented on November 13 before an cn- thusiastic audience. The highlight of the year will he, of course, the junior-senior prom which will take many long hours of tedious work but will afford treasured memories for many a year to Ciillle. Not all of the school year is spent in extra-curricular activities though, and to prove that, the juniors, as a class, ranked aliove 98W of the rest of the junior classes in the nation in the Iowa State 'Vests of llclucational Development. l'rr'sl'dr'lzl ........ ......... B ill Brandt View-l'rc.siflcr1L . . . . . .Bonnie Blackmer Sefrrwiary ...... ...... C arol Boothhy Trcasurrr .... ..... K aren Barghols fJllQ jumofts Sponsored by MOELLER, WM., PAINTERg MORGAN 81 MULLINSQ CATHOLIC CHURCH ROSARY SOCIETY and RAABE, GLADYS WEEDE, INSURANCE flake sermons RONALD E. MEIER Parents: Mr. 81 Mrs. Julius Meier "Continual cheerjnlness is a sign of wisdom" DIANA M. APPLEGATE Parents: Mr. 81 Mrs. Leonard Applegate "If you cannot be happy in one way, be in another" RICHARD N. BAGENSTOS Parents: Mr. 81 Mrs. Ray Bagenstos "I had rather be right than Presi- dent" RUTH D. BERGMANN Parents: Mr. 81 Mrs. Theodore Bergmann "None preaches better than the ant, and she says nothing" M. LOUISE HALVORSEN Q Parents: Mr. 81 Mrs. Harold Halvorsen "Do you know 1 am a woman? When I think I must speak" SALLY J. BLACKMER Parents: Mr. 81 Mrs. Ivan Blackmer "Of all the girls that are so smart, there's none like pretty Sallyv RODSON E. ELLERBUSCH Parents: Mr. 81 Mrs. Earl Ellerbusch S'Popp,d in between the election and my hopesv RICHARD F. BOOTHBY Parents: Mr. 81 Mrs. Lloyd Boothby "Hold that tigern Sponsored by BLUE EAGLE ' 1: :ami-:s .2f-fiaf : +1 f il. T inlil l L ., , , ,.-1... ,.. , .. fl, w.1fge,,w: f- -if si, H-3-3jsl5,,ii " 31: , 1 g 2.1.f,',f'5f":2W -"-' A . . rv - ' . - .f - : '1fs,.1. iw ? 5" :.: 'fyffffafi iixfaf 3:17 :ll V, K: k,,g,.f . Wf,., . , - gi, L, In - , , ....f-::- 5lk.5:uM 'K ' figfiff'-i " A .iwfiiff fi K ' is A - ' Iv ' . , 1,f1,4s,:f : ,,f-.- - ,W -- ' - ,A 9 ' Ks-efAA,.,A,eIl.A H I . V , . wf.,,,,.A.,5.fI2i.,5 .L . A ' 41" A ' l. J r N 1 - w Y- ,-,-' 1-Asrfvi., - .S - . -7Jf"i-l,'.1Q-T5127153, ' If , 1 ,, ' I K K i,gA.,:: ., ,K pmifsnfwa RW.. ,,. ..1..f,w..m.w.r.- ,, .L,.,, ,. ,,k ' S.r,,,,, M1 .111 . ,,.1,-'rg , L K ,"-k, ., ., H fl 1. fY1is5ws 5,'i, Q, :PS .5 3121 , . 'NLs?EKQ1ff5 L- 1 . 54 .... ' ..1-1,- 3 55. 1-1..as1.f.s2g.f544159123122. - - . 225. , . 1:'L-f5li5t'.'vfi.f53fL.5f1egg "1 'L 1 rg . w:.g513gi1,fVgQ3'r?i.11153,1 . we 1. HIL: V251 Sf?Sei1:a1,Vifz?.'Ef Y, W" - ,,..5rs.,..,..,-1., -' -.wi .Y K 'PES rr fffvgSRi2f1i5,gi.'eif4. , - -T y r ..-:" K . 'JZ' :' -... LS, 3 1 ,- aff -Xa 1: U 1. psf f , 3' . M .41 ff R - fl ww- WR..-5 , ' , ' ff' gg. -1 il' . J 1: 1 A 1 ' j ' ' 1 fag U ,, .xi W .. L. mm , -fy qw Eiiifl P 8 1 1, ww N VLV5 A 1' ...J .Q " :y i waxy I 1 .kg Q .3 , ' if 9' if 1 yi ,MX 5? 'x 1 ..,., ' 3 Si A iw 31 1 K if if RAY H. BRANDT Parent: Mrs. Vera Brandt 4'Tl1c first tlzing we do, let's kill all the lrzwyf-rs" HAROLD E. BUTCHER Parents: Mr. 8: Mrs. Eldon Butcher "I think I will not hang myself lo- dayn JAMES H. BREYEOGLE Parents: Mr. 8 Mrs. Harold Breyfogle "Yon ai1z't lmarrl Illlfllilly yvt, folks" CURTIS A. CONOVICR Parents: Mr. 81 Mrs. Kenneth Conover g'He is a great observer" GEORGE W. BROWN Parenls: Mr. 8 Wrs. George Brown 'QH1' Ihinlcs loo 111zzr'l1. Suvlz 111011 arc' fla11gc'ro11s', JANET J. IJITTMER Parents: Mr. 8 Mrs. Frank Dimmer 'gWo1mz1z is the last thing that will ln' vivilizerl by manl' VIRGIL C. BUMANN Parents: Nlr. 8 Mrs. Ervin Iiumann 'Sl have .l'0lIlI!I ll cure for wlrirflz tlwrzf IS no fZlSI'll5f'7, VERLA J. FRAIIM Parent: Mrs. Currie Frahnl "I saw and loved" DONALD C. FRITZ Parenl:-: Mr. Sz Mrs. Carl Fritz "By junzping at tlzv stars you may rlll in zlw nmzl" BARBARA J. IRWIN Parents: Mr. SI Mrs. Harold Irwin "1 ziisagrvu with that" lVlAliY A. COIIIIIQRSIQN Parents: Mr. S Mrs. Theodore Comlbersen 'illy lIllIlI,S as trzu' as steely PATRICIA C. KEITGES Parents: Mr. 81 Mrs. Raymond Keitgzes "She movvs a goddess, and slzv loolfs zz queen" MARGENE K. GORTTSCII Parents: Mr. S Mrs. William Coeltscll .mln is a friendly llvart that has plenty of friends" PATRICK R. KEITGES Parents: Mr. 8 Mrs. Raymond Keitges "Short is my date but cleatllless my renown," ROGER A. GOETTSCII Parents: Mr. 84 Mrs. Alfred Coettsch xv "Su great a poet and so good a friuncl DENNIS C. KOLB Parents: Mr. 81 Mrs. Roscoe Kolb "Bait the hook well-this fish will bitcl' ...i.I..V.5..,.f:f...SV Mf,,m , , . K : ' M ...f I ff D . .wwf Q- -, - Q' 3:2 . J 2. ' ' 1 . A ..A... .A A . ..A" gd .5 'M fi -3 . .o . . , m: V, :L + :'--:f il l K .- .. 1 fag :" If ..: , gj5 Q.:',' .xml I ,lu 1 I vs, I .Q ' ' ,I Aff! I , 1 Q C 45 . 42: . I. , . .... ,Af xv " . K. U we A A.. .O " rye: 'fl-, 1 V 5 I. k . . . if -- .-. rf A- fwfr fig I I . K . Us ' S' 3 " i.-vi vfifi' R X gi ' Q - I. 5fNi'753?'57E!fi ji. lli saf iEiliev55L5iiif?fIf l QAMQRA-,fs Q,..o,,y..,QL.1 I- .A gaggeIiSg3f5 efIi5f1Lsfslg1Q--'.-IQ? Ml, . sg-55.151- 5i.:5,f'Qfi ??'-ff . 'kj I-9 ,- . W .... 2 . I L , A A , . I mix, I . 1 - . F" . I ' I, -Af , g .. 5 fi :Ri , I LY? I we A In E R 5.,!.QQ,..--.Q-1.-. ., W . I . f v M3 I I mf' E . -W V V if . in 4 if if ., R - XJ gs , As A 'ff ww. A . L A .za-Q X rl.. .ily ,ferv- ww J , W A-an-nf LOWELL A. KRUSE Parents: Mr. 8 Mrs. Hans Kruse "I am as sober as a judge" MARVEL J. Loor Parents: Mr. S1 Mrs. Albert Loof "He serves me most who serves his country best" LARRY L. LEINBAUGH Parents: Mr. 81 Mrs. James Leinbaugh "1 bear a charmed life" RICHARD C. LORENZEN Parents: Mr. 81 Mrs. Clarence Lorenzen "Nothing succeeds like success" JANICE A. LEONARD Parents: Mr. 8 Mrs. LaVerne Leonard HA jest breaks no bones" SANDRA L. MADSEN Parents: Mr. 81 Mrs. Erivan Madsen "Speak low if you, speak love" JULIE A. LEONARD Parents: Mr. 81 Mrs. Jesse Leonard "1 lauglfrl and danc'1l and fdlltyfl and sungh' . JOYCE E. ROLFS Parents: Mr. Sz Mrs. Albert Rolfs "Give me your hand and let me feel your pulse" WN yi LOWELL L. TIIOMSEN Parents: Mr. SI Mrs. Harry Thomsen "Had enough?-vote Republican" RICHARD L. SCIIMIDT Parent: Mrs. Minnie Schmidt "I shall laugh myself to death" JANI-:TH K. WILLIAMS Parents: Mr. SI Mrs. Jesse Williams "They do not love that do not show their love" JOYCE J. SCOTT Parents: Mr. 81 Mrs. Harold Scott nl have not slept one wink" . t ii. i DANIEL D. SORENSEN Parents: Mr. SI Mrs. Sidney Sorensen "Heights were mazle to be loolrerl at not to be loolferl from" CLASS Morro: Life is like a- bankg you get out of it what you put into it-with interest. CLASS COLORS: Turquoise and Silver CLASS FLOWER! Yellow Jonquil BACCALAUREATE - May 19, 1957 SPEAKER - The Rev. Wm. Striepe COMMENCEMENT - May 21, 1957 SPEAKER - Glen Holmes, Iowa State College CLASS OFI-'ICI-LIIS: Rielzarzl Bagenstos, V. PreS.g Louise Halvorsen, Sponsored by HUEGERICH FURNITURE STORE Sec'yg Rodson Ellerbuseh, T1'eaS.g Ronald Meier, Pres. DIANA M. APPLEGATE Moo Staff: 4: Girls' Glee Club: 1, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus: 1, 2, 3, 4: Marching Band: 1, 2, 3, 4: Con- cert Band: 1, 2, 3, 4: Speech: 1: Pep Band: 1, 2, 3, 4: Dance Band: 4: Junior Class Crew: 3: Home Ee. Style Show: 1: Instrumental Solos: 3, 4: Brass Quintet: 3: Northwest Band: 4: Hungary-Five Band: 1: Senior Class Play: 4. RICHARD N. BAGENSTOS Moo Staff: 4: Football: 1, 2, 3, 4: Track: 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club: 1, 2, 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club Presi- dent: 4: Mixed Chorus: 1, 2, 3, 4: Marching Band: 2, 3, 4: Concert Band: 2, 3, 4: Band President: 4: Speech: 4: Pep Club: 3, 4: Pep Club President: 3: Pirateer: 3, 4: Pep Band: 2, 3, 4: Dance Band: 4: Junior Class Play: 3: Class President: 2: Class Vice-President: 4: Boys' Octet: 1, 2, 3, 4: Har- maniacs: 1: Vocal Solos: 1, 2, 3: Instrumental Solos: 3, 4: Trombone Quartet: 2, 4: Brass Quintet: 3: Senior Class Play: 4. RUTH D. BERGMANN Moo Staff: 4: Girls' Glee Club: 1, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus: 3, 4: Pep Club: 1, 2, 3, 4: Librarian: 3, 4: Junior Class Play: 3: Home Ec. Style Show: 1: Prom Server: 1: Class President: 1: Lunchroom Staff: 2. 3, 4: Girls' Sextet: 3: Senior Class Play:4. SALLY J. BLACKMER Moo Staff: 4: Basketball: 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club: 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club President: 4: Mixed Chorus: 1. 2, 3, 4: Marching Band: 1, 2, 3. 4: Concert Band: 1, 2, 3, 4: Band Secretary-Treas- urer: 4: Majorette: 1, 2, 3, 4: Speech: 1, 2: Pep Club: 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Council: 4: Pirateer: 1, 2. 3: Junior Class Play: 3: Home Ec. Style Show: 1: Prom Server: 1: Class Treasurer: 2: Mixed Quar- tets: 3: Mixed Octets: 3: All State Chorus: 3: Bottle Band: 2: Flute Trio: 2, 4: Woodwind Trio: 3. 4: Flute Quartet: 4: Flute Duet: 4: Head Drum Majorette: 4: Senior Class Play: 4. RICHARD F. BOOTHBY Moo Staff: 4: Football: 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball: 2, 3, 4: Track: 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Club: 2, 3, 4: Junior Class Play Crew: 3: Prom Server: 1: Senior Class Play: 4. RAY H. BRANDT Moo Staff: 4: Football: 3: Basketball: 1: Track: 1, 2, 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club: 1: Mixed Chorus: 1: Junior Class Play: 3: Boys' Octet: 1: Senior Class Play: 4. JAMES H. BRI':YrocI.I: Moo Staff: 4: Football: 1. 2, 3, 4: Track: 2, 3, 4: Boys' Cleo Club: 1: Junior Class Play Crew: 3: Jack North's Honor Roll: 4: Senior Class Play: 4. GEORGE W. BROWN Moo Staff: 4: Football: 2: Track: 2, 3, 4: Junior Class Play: 3: Senior Class Play: 4. Sponsored by PAT'S BEAUTY SHOPPE: ROBlNSON'S SUPER VALU and SCOTTY'S TAVERN VIRGIL G. BUMANN Moo Staff: 4: Football: 1, 2. 3, 4: Basketball: 2: Track: 1. 2, 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club: 2, 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club Secretary: 4: Mixed Chorus: 2, 3: Pep Club: 3. 4: Junior Class Play: 3: Class Vice-Presi- dent: 3: Boys' Octet: 4: Senior Class Play: 4. HAROLD E. BUTCHHR Moo Staff: 4: Basketball: 1, 2. 3: Track: 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club: 1, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus: 4: Pep Club: 3, 4: Junior Class Play Crew: 3: Class Secretary: 2: Mixed Octets: 4: All State Chorus: 4: Senior Class Play: 4. CURTIS A. C0NovI:R Moo staff: 4: Football: 1, 2, 3, 4: Track: 1, 2, 3, 4: Junior Class Play: 3: Senior Class Play: 4. JANET J. DITTMER Moo Staff: 4: Pep Club: 1, 2, 3, 4: Pirateer: 3, 4: Junior Class Plav Crew: 3: Home Ec. Style Show: 1. RODSON E. ELLERBUSCH Moo Staff: 4: Football: 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball: 2: Track: 1, 2, 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club: 1. 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus: 2. 3, 4: Speech: 2. 4: Pep Club: 3. 4: Pirateer: 2, 3, 4: Junior Class Play Crew: 3: Class Vice-President: 2: Class Treasurer: 4: Bas- ketball Manager: 3, 4: Boys' Octet: 2: Mixed Quartets: 3, 4: Mixed Octets: 3. 4: All State Chor- us: 4: Senior Class Play: 4. VERLA J. FRAHM Moo Staff: 4: Cheerleader: 3, 4: Basketball: 1, 2. 3. 4: Girls' Glee Club: 3, 4: Pep Club: 1, 2, 3. 4: Pirateer: 3, 4: Junior Class Play Crew: 3: Home llc. Style Show: 1: Class Secretary: 3: Lunchroom Staff: 2. 3, 4: Basketball Captains: 3. 4: Home- coming Second Attendant: 4: Senior Class Play: 4. DONALD C. FRITZ .Nloo Staff: 4: Football: 1, 2, 3. 4: Basketball: 1, 2. 3, 4: Track: 1. 2. 3, 4: Pep Club: 2, 4: Junior Class Play Crew: 3: Prom Server: 1: Football Captain: 4: Jack Nortb's All-State Team: 3, 4: IDPA Team: 4: IDPA Honor Roll: 3: Homecoming Second At- tendant: 4: Senior Class Play: 4. MARY A. GODBIQRSEN Moo Staff: 4: Girls' Glee Club: 4: Pep Club: 1. 2. 3, 4: Pirateer: 3, 4: Librarian: 3: Junior Class Play Crew: 3: Home Ec. Style Show: 1. MARGHNIJ K. Goiarrscu Moo Staff: 4: Basketball: 1: Girls' Glee Club: 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club Secretary-Treasurer: 4: Marching Band: 1. 2, 3, 4: Concert Band: 1, 2, 3, 4: Band Vice-President: 4: Pep Club: 1, 2, 3, 4: Pirateer: 3. 4: Librarian: 2: Junior Class Play Crew: 3: Home EC. Style Show: 1: Prom Server: 1: Class Treasurer: 1. 3: Basketball Manager: 2, 3, 4: Clarinet Quintet: 2: Homecoming first Attendant: 4: Senior Class Play: 4. ROGER A. GOETTSCII Moo Staff: 4: Football: 3, 4: Track: 3, 4: Pep Club: 3, 4: Pirateer: 3: ,lunior Class Play Crew: 3: Football Captain: 4: Senior Class Play: 4. M. LOUISE HALVORSEN Moo Staff: 4: Girls' Glee Club: 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club Vice-President: 4: Mixed Chorus: 2. 3. 4: Marching Band: 1, 2, 3, 4: Concert Band: 1, 2. 3. 4: Pep Club: 2. 3, 4: Pep Band: 1. 2. 3. 4: Dance Band: 3, 4: Junior Class Play: 3: Class Secretary: 4: Girls' Sextet: 3: Instrumental Solos: 2, 3, 4: Bottle Band: 3: Woodwind Trio: 3: Northwest Band: 3: Senior Class Play: 4. BARBARA J. IRWIN Moo Staff: 4: Marching Band: 3: Speech: 2, 3, 4: Pep Club: 1, 2, 3, 4: Pirateer: 2, 3, 4: Librarians: 2. 4: Junior Class Play: 3: Home Ec. Style Show: 1: Senior Class Play: 4. PATRICIA C. KEITGES Moo Staff: 4: Cheerleader: 1, 3, 4: Basketball: l, 2. 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club: 3, 4: Mixed Chorus: 4: Marching, Band: 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Club: 1, 2, 3- 49 Pep Club Treasurer: 3: Pirateer: 3: Junior Class Play: 3: Home Ec. Style Show: 1: Prom Server: 1: Class Secretary: 1: Band Manager: 2: Basketball Captain: 3, 4: Jack Nortlfs Honor Roll: 3: Home- coming Queen: 4: Senior Class Play: 4. PATRICK R. KEITGES Moo Staff: 4: Football: 1. 2, 3, 4: Basketball: 1, 2, 3, 4: Track: 1. 2, 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club: 2, 3, 4: Marching Band: 1, 2: Concert Band: 1, 2: ,lunior Class Play: 3: Prom Server: 1: Boys' Octet: 4: Trombone Quartet: 1: Football Captain: 4: ,lack North's Honor Roll: 3. 4: IDPA Honor Roll: 4: Jack North's Honor Roll: 3: IDPA Honor Roll: 3: Homecoming King: 4. DENNIS C. KOLB Football: 1. 3. 4: Basketball: 1, 2, 3, 4: Track: 1. 2, 3. 4: Boys' Glee Club: 1, 2: Pep Club: 2. 3: ,lunior Class Crew: 3: Class Vice-President: 1: Moo Staff: 4. LOWELL A. KRUSIC Moo Staff: 4: Boys' Glee Club: 1, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus: 2, 3, 4: Marching Band: 1. 2. 3, 4: Con- cert Band: 1, 2, 3: Drum Major: 3: Pep Club: 1. 2, 3: Pirateer: 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Band: 1. 2. 3: Dance Band: 1, 2: Junior Class Play Crew: 3: Mixed Quartets: 3, 4: Mixed Octets: 3, 4: Vocal Solos: 1. 2, 3, 4: All State Chorus: 4: Saxophone Quartet: 2. 3. LARRY L. LEINBAUCH Moo Staff: 4: Football: 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball: 1, 2, 3, 4: Track: 1, 2, 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club: 1, 2, 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club Vice-President: 4: Mixed Chorus: 2. 3: Pep Club: 3: Junior Class Play: 3: Prom Server: 1: Football Manager: 2: ,lack North's All- State Team: 3: IDPA Honor Roll: 3: Jack North's All-State Team: 4: IDPA Honor Roll: 4: Home- coming First Attendant: 4. 5-We melt ci lttglen QQUQQ .IANICE A. LEONARD Moo Staff: 4: Basketball: 1, 2, 3. 4: Marching: Band: 2: Concert Band: 2: Pep Club: 1. 2, 3. 4: Pep Council: 4: Pep Council Secretary-Treasurer: 4: Pirateer: 1, 2, 3, 4: Librarians: 3, 4: Junior Class Play: 3: Home Ec. ,Style Show: 1: Jack North's Honor Roll: 3. JULIE A. LEONARD Moo Staff: 4: Basketball: 1. 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club: 1. 2. 3, 4: Mixed Chorus: 2, 3, 4: Marching Band: 1, 2: Concert Band: 1, 2: Speech: 1. 2, 3, 4: Pep Club: 1, 2, 3, 4: Pirateer: 1, 2. 3. 4: Librar- ians: 2, 3. 4: Pep Band: 1, 2: Dance Band: 1, 2: .lunior Class Play: 3: ,lunior Class Play Crew: 3: Home En. Style Show: 1: Mixed Quartets: 3. 4: Mixed Octets: 3, 4: Vocal Solos: 1, 2: All State Chorus: 4. MARVEL J. Loor Moo Staff: 4: Girls' Glee Club: 1, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus: 3, 4: Marching Band: 1, 2, 3, 4: Concert Band: 1, 2. 3, 4: Pep Club: 1, 2, 3: Pirateer: 1, 4: Home Ee. Style Show: 1: Lunchroom Staff: 1, 2: girls' Sextet: 3: Vocal Solos: 1, 3: Woodwind Trio: RICHARD C. LORENZEN Moo Staff: 4: Track: 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club: 1. 2. 3- 42 .lunior Class Play Crew: 3. SANDRA L. MADSEN tLong Beach, Calif.: 3.1 Nloo Staff: 4: Cheerleader: 2, 4: Girls' Glee Club: 1. 4: Mixed Chorus: 1. 2, 4: Marching Band: 1. 2: Cont-ert Hand: 1, 2: Pep Club: 1, 2: Pep Coun- oil: 4: Pep Council President: 4: Pirateer: 4: Pep Band: 1, 2: Dance Band: 1, 2: Home EC. Style Show: 1: Girls' Sextet: 2: Mixed Quartets: 4: Mixed Octets: 4: Vocal Solos: 1, 2, 4: Girls' Trio: 4: All State Chorus: 4: Saxophone Quartet: 2: So- cial Dance Club: 3: Guard of Honor: 3: Girls' League Friendship Committee: 3: Y Teens: 3: Fu- Eire lgurses Club Treasurer: 3: Jr. Girls' Glee um: . RONALD E. MEIER Moo Staff, 4: Football: 1, 2, 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club: 1. 2, 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club Vice-President: 4: Mixed Chorus: 2, 3. 4: Speech: 1: Pep Club: 3: junior Class Play: 3: Class President: 3. 4: Boys Octet: 3, 4: Mixed Quartets: 4: Mixed Octets: 4: Vocal Solos: 3, 4: All State Chorus: 4. JOYCE E. ROLFS Moo Staff: 4: Girls' Glee Club: 3, 4: Mixed Chor- us: 4: Marching Band: 2: Concert Band: 2: Pep Club: 1, 2, 3, 4: Pirateer: 4: Junior Class Play: 3: Home Ec. Style Show: 1. RICHARD L. SCHMIDT Moo Staff: 4: Football: 1, 2, 3, 43 Track: 1, 2, 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club: 1, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus: 2, 3, 4: Pep Club: 3, 4: Junior Class Play Crew: 3: Boys' gcH:t:44: Jack North's Honor Roll: 4: IDPA Honor 0 : . Jovcs J. Scorr Moo Staff: 4: Cheerleader: 3, 4: Basketball: 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club: 1, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus: 2, 3, 4: Marching Band: 2, 3: Concert Band: 2, 3: Pep Club: 1, 2, 3, 4: Pirateer: 1, 2, 3, 4: Junior Class Play: 3: Home Ec. Style Show: 1. DANIEL D. SORENSEN Moo Staff: 4: Football: 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball: 1: Track: 1, 2, 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club: 1, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus: 2, 3: Pep Club: 1, 2. LOWELL L. THOMSEN Moo Staff: 4: Basketball: 1, 2, 3, 4: Track: 2, 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club: 1, 2, 3: Junior Class Play Crew: 3: Basketball Manager: 2: Football Manager: 2, 3, 4. JANETH K. WILLIAMS Moo Staff: 4: Cheerleader: 4: Basketball: 1: Girls' Glee Club: 3, 4: Concert Band: 2: Pep Club: 1, 2, 3, 4: Pirateer: 2, 4: Junior Class Play Crew: 3: Home Ec. Style Show: 1. Out Qggonts ate nQwandQd Salomon HOLSTEIN SPEECH STUDENTS Sub-District -7 Division I ratings: Kathleen Krull, Virgil Bumann, t2J Nancy Henrichsen, 127 Julie Leonard, Bonnie Blackmer. District - 4 Division I ratings: C21 Julie Leonard, Q21 Nancy Henrichsen. State Contest - 2 Division I ratings: Julie Leonard, Nancy Henrichsen. STATE SMALL GROUPS AND SOLO MUSIC CONTEST Instrumental groups - 5 Division I ratings, 6 Divi- sion II ratings. Instrumental Solos -- Division I Ratings: Nancy Kel- ley, Louise Halvorsen, Faye Janssen, Mary Knuth, Joanne Bye, Jerry Jochims: 6 Division II ratings. Vocal Solos - Myrna Niemeier, Division I. 4 Division II ratings, Girls' Trio, II. NORTHWEST IOWA BAND Mary Jo Dewit, Nancy Kelley, Dianne Gellert, Mary Knuth, Louise Halvorsen, Diana Applegate, Jerry Jochims, Dick Bagenstos. STATE MUSIC LARGE GROUP CONTEST Boys' Glee Club - Division II Girls, Glee Club - Division II Mixed Chorus - Division II Concert Band - Division I 1956 FOOTBALL TEAM - 9 wins, 0 losses Don Fritz - All State First Team. Don Fritz - Voted Most Valuable Player. 1956-'57 GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM - 24 wins, 1 loss Janice Leonard - All State Fourth Team. Patzy Keitges - Free Throw Champ. 1956-'57 BOYS' BASKETBALL TEAM - 11 wins, 10 losses 1957 TRACK TEAM - First Place Winner at Alta Meet, Esthe rville Meet, Maple Valley Meet. STATE CONTENDERS: Larry Leinbaugh - 440 Yard Dash CWon lst Placel. CPagQ Lowell Thomsen - Mile Run. Albert Leonard - Pole Vault. Richard Boothby - High Hurdles, 880 Yd. Run. Mile Relay Team lBrown, D. Kolb, Boothby, Leinbaughl. Dick Schmidt - Shot Put. Don Fritz - Shot Put. Larry Leinliaugh - Football Throw. HOMECOMING ROYALTY Patsy Keitges. Queen: Pat Keitges, King. Attendants: Margene Goettsch, Verla Frahm, Larry Leinbaugh, Don Fritz. JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM ROYALTY Margene Goettsch, Queen: Pat Keitges, King. D.A.R GOOD CITIZEN AWARD - Ruth Bergmann. BETTY CROCKER HOMEMAKER OF TOMORROW - Barbara Irwin. BETTER AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP AWARD - Rodson Ellerbusch. ACTIVITIES AWARD - Sally Blackmer, Julie Leonard. MERIT SCHOLARSHIP CERTIFICATE - Richard Bagenstos. CHARACTER-EDUCATION AWARD - Julie Leonard. SCHOOL CITIZENSHIP AWARD - Richard Bagenstos. ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIP AWARD - Richard Booth' hy, Roger Goettsch, Virgil Bumann, Lowell Thomsen, Rodson Ellerbusch, Ronald Meier. SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS Firsth Sally Blackmer 4.000 Second - Rodson Ellerbusch 3.812 Third - Ruth Bergmann 3.781 Fourth - Richard Bagenstos 3.750 Fifth - Janet Dittmer 3.647 Sixth - Julie Leonard 3.636 Seventh - Ronald Meier 3.437 PERFECT ATTENDANCE Four Years: Ruth Bergmann, Marvel Loof, Janith Williams. Sponsored by SIMMONS BEAUTY SHOPPE AND BARBER SHOP: STONEKING, HARRY, TRUCKING: THE CAVE ond CORREGEOUX GARAGE -f M -wzyf--wr-wzwmW:vaEmv:1mmmamdqnwrMn':fv' '-www' w'v"""fy4f':1"4f1?'Swm 5-We taIQQ time to IQIMQWIIJQIL GENE ALLEN WILL 'We, the SENIOR CLASS of I957 pay respectful tribute to our classmate, GENE ALLEN WILL who passed away on August 8, 1954. 77 Wh' I rm' - . "ln the midst of life, we are in death." -Loan 'BYRON CUUQ receive our gmail directions t ' H E 4, . A Holstein High School lliaccalaalfeate Services HOLSTEIN HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM Sunday, May 19, 1957 PROCESSIONAL .. . ........... Mrs. Thomas Rosenberger INVOCATION ............................. The Rev. Arthur Holtry Pastor of First Methodist Church HBUILT ON A ROCKN ............................... Christiansen Boyls Glee Club READING or THE SCRIPTURE ............... The Rev. William Striepe Pastor of St. Paul Lutheran Church SERMON .... ....................... T he Rev. William Striepe "A Lesson For Living" HPRAYER PERFECT7, ...................... ..... S tenson Girl's Glee Club BENEDICTXON .... ..... T he Rev. Arthur Holtry RECESSIONAL .... ..... M rs. Thomas Rosenberger W "The true beginning of our cndf' Sponsored by DEE'S BEAUTY SHOPPEQ FOSSELL, GUS, WATKINS' PRODUCTSQ GEBERS 8. MYRTUE, TRUCKING and GREEN'S DAIRY SHARES! Emu-. CWQ novo onto logos mom htglmwog iw Qommencewzent Exercises Class oi 19 DIANA APPLEGATE RICHARD BACENSTOS RUTH BERGMANN SALLY BLACRMER RICHARD BOOTHBY RAY BRANDT JAMES BREYEOCLE GEORGE BROWN VIRGIL BUMANN HAROLD BUTCHER CURTIS CONOVER JANET DITTMER RODSON ELLERBUSCH VERLA FRAHM DONALD FRITZ MARY GODBERSEN MARCENE GOETTSCH ROGER GOETTSCH LOUISE HALVORSEN BARBARA IRWIN PATRICIA KEITGES PATRICK KEITGES DENNIS KOLB LOWELL KRUSE LARRY LEINBAUGH JANICE LEONARD JULIE LEONARD MARVEL LOOP RICHARD LORENZEN SANDRA MADSEN RONALD MEIER JOYCE ROLFS RICHARD SCHMIDT JOYCE SCOTT DAN SORENSEN LOWELL THOMSEN JANITH WILLIAMS Tuesday, May 21, 1957 8:00 P. M. PROCESSIONAL - '4Pomp and Circumstancev ..... ........ E dgar Holstein High School Band INVOCATION ............................ The Rev. William Striepe Pastor oi St. Paul Lutheran Church uYOU,LL NEVER WALK ALONEU ...... . . .. ..... . . .. .... Waring Mixed Chorus ADDRESS .... . ........................ "The Destiny of Decision" Dr. Glenn Holmes of lowa State College 'tELSA's PROCESSION TO THE CATHEDRAL,, ............. . . . . .Wagner Holstein High School Band TATION OF AWARDS . . . ............... . . . .... Marie Stoner X Us 2 High School Principal OF IVY,' . ....................... . . .Russell Mixed Octet TATION OF THE CLASS OF 1957 ................ Marie Stoner RING OF DIPLOMAS ......................... Jesse Leonard President of the Board of Education ITION ............................ The Rev. Arthur Hollry Pastor of First Methodist Church IONAL ......................... Holstein High School Band HAI! his .szizfzfssors goin' before him have done 'lg And all his rrnrcslors Ihal worm' ofler him may." -Sli.-1KESl'l5Alll'L Sponsored by VICKERY GAS AND ELECTRIC cmd HARTLEY CREAMERY, IDA GROVE, IOWA Jima! Q0 STQHQWQQQ The end of this hook marks the end of the old and the beginning of the new As the seniors leave this school hehind, their footsteps lead them down the path of the future. The footprints they leave in H. H. S. are a symbol of the knowledge they have gained in preparation for facing this new life. The staff of this 1957 M00 extends its hearty thanks and gratitude to Miss Stoner and Mr. Cer- luer. whose aid and guidance played a vital role in this publication. ,fl Psalm of Life Lives of great lnen all remind as We can make our lives sublime, Anll, rleparting, leave lieliinrl us Footprints on the sanrls of timeg Footprints that perhaps another, Sailing o,er lifeis solemn main, fl forlorn anrl sliipwreelfefl brollier, Seeing shall take heart again. - LONGFELLOW Sponsored by MOSER IMPLEMENT RATH PACKING CO ROGNES 8- MC CUTCHEON VETERINARIANS ond WEBER 8. BERGMANN iv , W , an ' ex, K. , V - .nl - A1 'J' - - ,.,.. '- ,. .. W,- . s V. .Ei X: V , 5 ., ,lug ,uf 1 V, ' ,L '54 "ia-IA'-, - A .... , Jj-f:A::,l,4.5' -ff: 'ii-'f' Hfswf "L , ' .Wiz '.'Zif1- 1- , , -- ' 11-"?fS . " W' ' . -L Q , f ' Y' ': A -:pa " r f . . 'e , J ya.,-,iM-u "f".. - J : , , , ,.5'-.,g'Qi . 4 . ,V .f. , K. 4 .- -bi ,zfgw-k , f . 2 Y-..,,,:rg.,:w'-' ,B ', .5-A" , ' mjv., . L' qjff' L f, V . ' --f,,i,' ,A -ff',,,'Q,1' ' 1 ,,.y gn.: 5.. , 3.7. - . :asf . 521 L-

Suggestions in the Galva Holstein Community School - Moo Yearbook (Holstein, IA) collection:

Galva Holstein Community School - Moo Yearbook (Holstein, IA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Galva Holstein Community School - Moo Yearbook (Holstein, IA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Galva Holstein Community School - Moo Yearbook (Holstein, IA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Galva Holstein Community School - Moo Yearbook (Holstein, IA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Galva Holstein Community School - Moo Yearbook (Holstein, IA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Galva Holstein Community School - Moo Yearbook (Holstein, IA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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